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OCTOBER, 1901 

;}"Lii.t Li. RARY: 

f-VR. tFNOX ANfJ j 


TTo title pan© or index published 

brarian f 

anuary 26 , 1904 • 



» i 


llMiRT.V T TT.^KDV! 

te. - 


OCTOBER, 1901 1 





j ' 

•• . * „•/ 


* .. ■ 

• • • * ♦ • ... 

VOL. VIH. No. 1 

Brookline, Mass. 


■ tHfi JfcW Y&ME 

752358 | 
Public Library of Brookline 



Charles H. Drew. 
Daniel Dulany Addison, Tappan E. Francis, 

R. G. F. C and age, J. Emory Hoar, 

James M. Codman, William H. Lyon, 

Prentiss Cummings, S. N. D. North, 

Desmond FitzGerald, Edward Stan wood, 

Leonard K. Storrs. 


. \ JHLtilft 4$. WELLMAN. 

• * • 
• ■ » • 

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• . • « * • 
* t « 

The library* fe-opftn* from* 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. daily (except Sundays 
and WasttnjgJ^'^BVr'tlrtty, Patriots' Day, Memorial Day, Seven- 
teenth of Jraiei fourth'* of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, 
and Christmas). 

The library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 


= indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


Appletons' annual cylopeedia, and register of important events 
of the year 1900, embracing political, military, and ecclesias- 
tical affairs; public documents; biography, statistics, com- 
merce, finance, literature, science, agriculture, and mechanical 
industry. Ref. 80.65 

Boston directory. 1901. R. L. 

Brookline, Mass. Blue book, 1901. R. L. 

Donald, Robert, editor. The municipal year book of the United 
Kingdom for 1901. Ref. 60.23 

Kackey, M. S. and JUL. G. The pronunciation of 10,000 proper 
names, giving famous geographical and biographical names, 
names of books, works of art, characters in fiction, foreign 
titles, etc. 1901. Ref. 25.78 

Massachusetts year book and business directory of every town 
and city in the state. 1901. Ref. 60.20 

Poole, W. F., and Fletcher, W. I. Poole's index to periodical 
literature. Abridged edition, covering the contents of 87 
important periodicals, 1815-99. 1901. Ref. 15.4 

St. Nicholas. A complete, comprehensive index and dictionary 
catalogue to the first 27 volumes. [1901.] Ref. 15.19 

Statesman's year-book : statistical and historical annual of the 
states of the world for 1901. Ref. 60.25 

Who's who in America: a biographical dictionary of notable 
living men and women of the United States, 1901-1902. Ref. 50.75 


Babington, J. A. The reformation : a religious and historical 
sketch. 1901. 270.6 812 


Columbia University. Studies in history, etc., — continued. 

Vol. 5. Doable taxation In the United 8tatet, by F. Walker.— Separation of 
governmental powers, by W. Bondy.— Municipal government in Michigan 
and Ohio, by D. F. Wilcox. 

Vol. 6. History of proprietary government in Pennsylvania, by W. R. 

Vol. 7. Transition from provincial to commonwealth government in Massa- 
chusetts, by H. A. Cashing.— Speculation on the stock and produce exchange* 
of the United States, by H. C. Emery. 

Vol. 8. Struggle between President Johnson and Congress over reconstruc- 
tion, by C. £. Chadsey.— Reoent centralizing tendencies in state educational 
administration, by W. C Webster.— Abolition of privateering, and the 
Declaration of Paris, by F. R. Stark.— Public administration in Massachu- 
setts : the relation of oentral to local activity, by R. H. Whitten. 
Vol.9. English local government of today: a study of the relations of 
oentral and local government, by M. R. Maltble.— German wage theories, 
by J. W. Crook.— Centralisation of administration in New York state, by 
J. A. Fairlie. 

Vol. 10. Sympathetic strikes and sympathetic lockouts, by F. S. Hail.— 
Rhode Island and the formation of the Union, by F. G. Bates. — Centralized 
administration of liquor laws in the American commonwealths, by C. M. L. 

Vol. 11. Growth of cities in the nineteenth century : a study in statistics, by 
A. F. Weber. 

Vol. 12. History and functions of oentral labor unions, by W. M. Burke. — 
Colonial Immigration laws, by E. E. Proper.— History of military pension 
legislation in the United States, by W. H. Glasson.— History of the theory 
of sovereignty since Rousseau, by C. E. Merriam, jr. 

Donnan, Laura. Our governments : brief talks to the American 
youth on our governments, general and local. [1900.] 342 D72 

Federalist: a commentary on the constitution of the United 
States, by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. 
Ed. by P. L. Ford. 1898. 342.7 F31f 

Flickinger, J. R. Civil government as developed in the states 
and in the United States. 1901. 342 F64 

Girdner, J. H. Newyorkitis. [1901.] 177 G44 

The author contends that a large part of the people of New York,— and 
perhaps other urban Americans as well,— lead an artificial life, producing a 
disease of mind, body and soul which he terms " Newyorkitis." He inquires 
into the causes and discusses remedies for this condition of affairs. 


Heart of the empire : discussions of problems of modern city 

life in England, with an essay on imperialism. 1901. 881.8 H85 

Contents:— Realities at home, by C . P. G. Mastennan~— The housing problem, 
by F. W. Lawrence.— The children of the town, by R. A. Bray. — Temper, 
anee reform, by N. Buxton and Walter Hoare.— The distribution of industry, 
by P. W. Wilson.— Some aspects of the problem of charity, by A. C. Plgou.— 
The church and the people, by F. W. Head.— Imperialism, by G. P. Gooch.— 
The past and future, by G. M. Trerelyan. 

" Alike in method, tone, and practical and theoretical Ideals, It is of great 
value."— JfaeiuMfm. 

Hill, Mabel, comp. Liberty documents with contemporary expo- 
sition and critical comments drawn from various writers. Ed. 
by A. B. Hart. 1901. 842.7 H55 

" The design of this book is to direct students to the evolution of constitu- 
tional government from the time of the declared policy of Henry 1. towards 
bis subjects to the present day." 

Following the text of each document is a selection of " contemporary expo, 
sition " and another of " critical comment." 

Hobson, J. A. The social problem, life and work. 1901. 801 H65 

Jones, R. J. G-. The British merchant service : being a history 
of the British mercantile marine from the earliest times to 
the present day. 1898. 887 J7S 

Kelly, Edmond. Government or human evolution. 1900-01. 320 K29 
Vol. 1. Justice. 

2. Individualism and collectivism. 

McVey, F. L. The government of Minnesota, its history and 

administration. 1901. 358.9 M17 

Massachusetts. Board of Education. Sixty-fourth annual 

report, 1899-1900. = 1357.1 

Metropolitan Water Board. Sixth annual report, Jan. 1, 
1901. = 1186.19 

Rh£s, John. Celtic folklore, Welsh and Manx. 1901. 2 v. 398 R34 

Robinson, C. M. The improvement of towns and cities ; or, the 
practical basis of civic aesthetics. 1901. 352.9 R56 

Ross, E. A. Social control: a survey of the foundations of 
order. 1901. 301 R78 

The author examines the various forces,— law, custom, public opinion, 
etc.,— which result in the domination of society over the YndWY&uaA. 


Swan, 0. H., jr. Monetary problems and reforms. 1897. 

[Questions of the day.] = 332 S97 

Tsao Tai Xu. Chinese book of etiquette and conduct for women 

and girls. [1900.] 895 T79 

" In China eighteen centuries ago the learned lady Tsao wrote a book of 
etiquette and conduct for women and girls. Her little manual has ever 
since been the vade mecutn of the maidens and wives of the Middle Kingdom 
which gave letters, art, and civilization to the eastern half of Asia. It is 
still a standard work."— Nation. 


Matthews, Brander. Parts of speech : essays on English. 1901. 

420.4 M48 


Arnold, A. F. The sea-beach at ebb-tide : a guide to the study 
of the seaweeds and the lower animal life found between tide- 
marks. 1901. 591.92 A75 
Blount, Bertram. Practical electro-chemistry. 1901. 542 B62 
Clute, W. N. Oar ferns in their haunts : a guide to all the native 

species. [1901.] 587.3 C62 

Dana, J. D. Manual of geology, treating of the principles of 
the science with special reference to American geological his- 
tory. [Cop. 1894.] 550 D19 
Dexter, Almon. And the wilderness blossomed. 1901. 500 D52 
Dickenson, M. O. Moths and butterflies. 1901. 595.78 D55 
Hasluck, P. N., editor. Taxidermy, comprising the skinning, 

stuffing, and mounting of birds, mammals and fish. 1901. 579.4 H27 
Headley, F. W. Problems of evolution. 1901. 575 H34 

Herrick, F. H. The home life of wild birds : a new method of 

the study and photography of birds. 1901. t 598.2 H43 

Howard, L. O. Tbe insect book : a popular account of the bees, 
wasps, ants, grasshoppers, flies, and other North American 
insects, exclusive of the butterflies, moths and beetles, with 
full life histories, tables, and bibliographies. 1901. 595.7 H88 


Howard, L. O. Mosquitoes : how they live, how they carry dis- 
ease, how they are classified, how they may be destroyed. 
1901. 695.77 H83 

Since the discovery of the agency of mosquitoes in transmitting yellow-fever 
and malaria, interest in this insect has increased remarkably. Id this book 
is given an account of the mosquito from the biological and medical point 
of view, as well as of successful attempts to destroy the pest. 

Howe, B. H., jr., and Allen, Q. M. The birds of Massachusetts. 
1901. 598.2 H85 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. The life of the bee. Translated by 
Alfred Sutro. 1901. 595.79 M18 

Bemsen, Ira. Inorganic chemistry. 1899. 546 R28 

Sargent, 0. S. Forest flora of Japan. 1894. f Art Case 

Sergi, O. The Mediterranean race: a study of the origin of 
European peoples. 1901. [Contemporary science series.] 

572.94 S48 

Serviss, O. P. Pleasures of the telescope : an illustrated guide 
for amateur astronomers, and a popular description of the 
chief wonders of the heavens for general readers. 1901. 523 S49 

Smithsonian Institution. Annual report for the year ending 
June 30, 1899. 1901. 2v. = 2469.3 

Part 2 is the report of the National Museum. 

United States. Department of Agriculture. Division of fores- 
try. Bulletin no. 17. Check list of the forest trees of the 
United States, their names and ranges. By George B. Sud- 
worth. Prepared under the direction of B. E. Fernow, chief 
of the division of forestry. 1898. = 582 S94 

Wright, M. O. Flowers and ferns in their haunts. 1901. 580.8 W93 


Burrell, O. B. Gala-day luncheons : a little book of suggestions. 

1901. 643 B94 

Foster, Sir Michael. Lectures on the history of physiology 

during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. 

1901. [Cambridge natural science manuals : biological series.] 

612.09 F81 


Hasluck, P. N., editor. Bamboo work, comprising the con- 
struction of furniture, household fitments, and other articles 
in bamboo. 1901. 684 H27 

Practical gas-fitting, Including gas manufacture. 1900. 696 H27 
Hiscox, O. D. Horseless vehicles : automobiles, motor cycles, 
operated by steam, hydro-carbon, electric, and pneumatic 
motors. A practical treatise for automobilists . . . including 
a special chapter on how to build an electric cab. 1901 . 625.6 H62 

Hopkins, N. J. Telephone lines and their properties. 1901. 

654.6 H79 

Pyle, W. L., editor. Manual of personal hygiene ; proper living 
upon a physiologic basis, by American authors. 1901. 613 P98 

Sachse, H. V. How to cook for the sick and convalescent ; 
arranged for the physician, trained nurse, and home use. 
1901. 641 S12 

Sandeman, E. A. Notes on the manufacture of earthenware. 
1901. 666.6 S21 

Schmidt, F. A., and Miles, E. H. The training of the body 
for games, athletics, gymnastics, and other forms of exercise, 
and for health, growth, and development. 1901. 613.7 S35 

Walker, Mrs. L. Instructive and ornamental paper work: a 
practical book on making flowers and many other articles for 
artistic decoration, together with a graduated course of paper 
folding and cutting for children from five to twelve years of 
age. 1901. 646 W15 

Waters, Mrs. W. G. The cook's Decameron : a study in taste 

containing over two hundred recipes for Italian dishes. 1901. 

641 W31 

Wordingham, O. H. Central electrical stations, their design, 

organization, and management. 1901. 537.84 W89 


Amsler and Ruthardt, publishers. Verzelchniss von Photo- 
graphien nach Werken der Malerei bis zura Anfang des XIX 
Jahrhunderts ; nach kunstwissenschaftlichen Gesichtspunk- 
ten geordnet, mit beigeffigten Verkaufs-Preisen. [1896.] Art Case. 


Crowe, J. A., and Oavalcaselle G. B. The life and times of 

Titian, with some account of his family. 1881. 2v. 760 T61c 
Raphael, his life and works; with particular reference to 
recently discovered records, and an exhaustive study of 
extant drawings and pictures. 1882-'85. 2v. 750 R21c 

Dresden. Konigliche Gem&lde Galerie. Die Konigliche Gem&lde- 
galerie zu Dresden. Text yon Hermann Lticke. 2 v. Folio Case. 

Tell 1. Die UaJleniache Schule. 

Teil 2. Die niederlindische Schule dea 15. nnd die deutache dea 16. Jahr- 
hunderta.— Die nlederlandlache Malerel dea 17. Jahrhunderta.— Die fran- 
zBalache 8ohule dea 17. and 18. Jahrhunderta.— Die deatsohe Malerel dea 18. 
Sumptuously Illustrated. 

F., F. O. A guide to pyrography or woodburning for the use of 
students and amateurs. [1900.] 745.1 F 

Florence. Galeria Imperiale. Catalogue. 1869. = 708 F63 

Foord, J. Decorative flower studies for the use of artists, 
designers, students, and others: forty coloured plates, 
accompanied by studies of detail from each subject, and des- 
criptive notes. 1901. Art Case. 

Gilchrist, J. G. An itinerary of the English cathedrals for the 
use of travelers. Rev. and ed., with an introduction on 
cathedral architecture, by T. Perkins. 1901. 726 E58g 

Hirn, Yrjd. The origins of art : a psychological and sociological 
inquiry. 1900. 701 H61 

Hurll, E. M. Murillo: a collection of fifteen pictures and a 
portrait of the painter, with introduction and interpreta- 
tion. 1901. [Riverside art series.] 750 M97h 
Titian : a collection of fifteen pictures and a portrait of the 
painter, with introduction and interpretation. 1901 
[Riverside art series.] 760 T61h 

Jackson, H. E. Benjamin West, his life and work. With a 
letter by Henry Van Dyke. 1900. 750 W51j 

Leiningen-Westerburg, K. E, Graf zu. German book-plates : 
an illustrated handbook of German and Austrian exlibrte. 
1901. Wl \Jofc 


Masse, H. J. L. J. The abbey church of Tewkesbury, with 
some account of the priory church of Deerhurst, Glouces- 
tershire. 1900. 726 Tdlm 
The cathedral church of Bristol : a description of its fabric 
and a brief history of the episcopal see. 1901. [Bell's 
cathedral series.] 726 B77m 

Masters in art : a series of illustrated monographs. 1900. 759 M42 

Vol.1. Van Dyck.— Titian.— Velasquez.— Holbein.— Botticelli.— Rem. 
braDdt.— Reynolds.— Millet.— Giovanni Bellini.— Murillo.— Hals.— Raphael. 

Miller, Fred. Art crafts for amateurs. 1901. 746 M61 

Morse, E. S. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Catalogue of the 

Morse collection of Japanese pottery. With 68 photogravure 

plates, of which 40 are accompanied by guide plates drawn by 

the author, and 1545 potters' marks in text. 1901. Art Case. 

Munich. Pinakothek. Catalogue of the pictures. Original 

edition accompanied by notes both biographical and historical 

and critical, by R. Marggraff. [1871.] = 708 M96 

Perkins, T. The abbey churches of Bath and Malmesbury, and 

the church of Saint Laurence, Bradford-on-Avon. 1901. 726 B32p 
Phillipps, E. M. The frescoes in the Six tine chapel. 1901 . 708 R66p 
Plunkett, O. N., count. Sandro Botticelli. 1900. Art Case. 

Pythian, J. E. History of art in the British Isles. 1901. 709.42 P99 
Bobson, P. A. The cathedral church of Saint David's : a short 

history and description of the fabric and episcopal buildings. 

1901. [Bell's cathedral series.] 726 S13r 

Boutledge, G. F. The church of St. Martin, Canterbury : an 

illustrated account of its history and fabric. 1898. 726 C16r 

Steinmann, Ernst. Botticelli. Translated by C. Dodgson. 1901. 

750 B75s 
Sturgis, Russell, and others. Dictionary of architecture and 

building, biographical, historical, and descriptive. Vol. 2. 

F-N. 1901. Ref.70.36 

Sweeting, W. D. The cathedral church of Ely : a history and 

description of the building, with a short account of the former 

monastery and of the see. 1901. [Bell's cathedral series.] 

726 £52s 

MTJ8IC. 13 

Ware, W. B. Modern perspective: a treatise upon the prin- 
ciples and practice of plane and cylindrical perspective. 1900. 

742 W22 


Borodin, A. Eine Steppenskizze ans Mittel-Asien. Fur Piano- 
forte zn 4 Hftnden vom Componisten. 187.7 6 

Bruch, Max. Das Lied yon der Glocke. Fur Chor, Tier Solo- 

stimmen, Or cheater, und Orgel. 184.6.1 B2 

Odysseus. Fttr Chor, Solostimmen und Or cheater. 184.6.1 B3 

Cornelius, Peter. Der Barbier yon Bagdad : komische Oper . 182.1 C 

De Koven, Reginald. Don Quixote : a comic opera in three 

acts founded upon Cervantes' novel. 182.1 Dl 

The fencing master : a comic opera. 182.1 D8 

The Knickerbockers : a comic opera. 182.1 D4 

Rob Roy : romantic comic opera. 182.1 D2 

The three dragoons : comic opera. 182.1 D5 

Delibes, Leo. Lakme* : opgra en 3 actes. 182.8 D 

Donizetti, G. Don Pas quale : opera in three acts. 182. D8 

L'e'lislr d'amore : comic opera. 182. D4 

La favorita: opera in four acts. 182. D2 

Goldmark, Carl. Ouverture de Sakuntala. 187.1 Gl 

A very good arrangement for four hands of a delightful overture, and not 
too difficult to play. 

Gounod, Charles. Mireille : opera en 3 actes. 182.1 G2 

Sapho : opera en 3 actes. 182.1 G3 

Liszt, Franz. Etudes. 6v. in 1. 186.1 LI 

Contents : —Etudes d'extcutlon transcendante.— Grandes 6tudes de Paga- 
ninl transcrltes pour le piano.— Concert-etudes, No. 1, Waldesrauschen.— 
Concert -4 tude, No. 2, Gnomenreigen. 

Symphonische Dlchtung. Les preludes. Arrangement vom 

Komponisten ftir Klavier zu 4 H&nden. 187.1 L 

Marchesi, Mme. M. de 0. Ten singing lessons. Preface by 

Madame Melba; Introduction by W.J. Henderson. 1901. 181.6M 

Ten chapters describing the methods of Mme. Marchesi, who is perhaps the 
world's most famous teacher of singing. 


Massenet, Jules. Manon : opera comiqoe. 182.1 M2 

Thais : comedie lyrique. 182.1 M8 

Werther : drame lyrlqoe d'apres Goethe. 182.1 Ml 

Mees, Arthur. Choirs and choral music. 1901. [Music lover's 

library.] 181.5M 

Saint Saens, Oamille. Concertos poor piano, avec accompagne- 

ment d' or chest re. 5 v. in 2. 186.7 S 
Vol. 1. Nos. 1-8. 
2. Nos. 4-5. 

Smetana, B. Mein Vaterland: symphonische Dichtung fur 
grosses Orchester. Arrangement fiir Piano zu 4 H&nden. 
67. in 1. 187.6 S 

No. 1. Vysehrad. 

2. Vltava (the river Moldao). 

3. &rka. 

4. Ant Btthmen's Haln and Flar. 

5. Tabor. 

6. Blanik. 

Die verkaufte Braut : komische Oper. 182.6 S 

Strauss, Johann. Waltzes. [1901.] 186.6 SI 

An attractive handy edition of a few of the best waltzes of the younger 
Johann Strauss, with an interesting sketch, by Henry T. Finck, of the 
talented family of the Viennese "Waltz -king." 
Tschalkowsky, P. I. Symphonien, 1-5. Fiir Pianoforte zu 4 

H&nden. 187.T 

The library already has the sixth, the " Pathetiqne." 


Boardman, W. H. The lovers of the woods. 1901. 799 B62 

Tales of woodcraft and camping. 

Coup, W. 0. Sawdust and spangles : stories and secrets of the 
circus. 1901. 791 C83 

Downs, T. N. Modern coin manipulation, embracing every 
sleight and subtlety Invented and known. [1900.] 791 D76 

Knight, E. F. Small-boat sailing : an explanation of the man- 
agement of small yachts, half decked and open sailing-boats 
of various rigs ; sailing on sea and river ; cruising, etc. With 
drawings by H. W. Smyth. 1901 797 K74 


Lyttelton, B. H. Out-door games: cricket and golf. 1901. 

9[Haddon Hall library.] 796 L08 

Paret, J. P. The woman's book of sports : a practical guide to 

physical development and out-door recreation. 1901. 796 P21 

Qualtrough, S. F. The boat sailor's manual: a complete 

treatise on the management of sailing boats of all kinds. 1900. 

656 Q2 
Travis, W.J. Practical golf . 1901. 796 T69 

Wells, H. P. Fly-rods and fly-tackle : suggestions as to their 

manufacture and use. 1901. 799 W45 


Arber, Edward, editor. British anthologies. 1899-1901. lOv. 

821 AG6 
Vol. 1. Dunbar anthology* 1401-1508. 

2. Surrey and Wyatt anthology, 1600-1647. 

3. Spenser anthology, 1548-1601. 

4. Shakespeare anthology, 1602-1616. 
6. J on son anthology, 1617-1687. 

6. Milton anthology 1638-1674. 

7. Dryden anthology, 1676-1700. 

8. Pope anthology, 1701-1744. 

0. Goldsmith anthology, 1745-1774. 
10. Cowper anthology, 1775-1800. 

Oraahaw, Richard. English poems. Edited, with introduc- 
tions, etc., by J. R. Tutin. 1900. 2 v. in 1. 820 C89 

"We hare here a well-printed, well-bound, and above all, carefully-edited 
recension of all that is worth preserving in a poet who, In these days of 
multifarious reprinting, has •• come tardily off indeed." .... For the judg- 
ment and care with which the editor has fulfilled his task, he will secure the 
gratitude of all students of English poetry."— The Daily Chronicle. 

Dryden, J. Essays. Selected and edited by W. P. Eer. 1900. 

2v. 824 D79 

Field, Eugene. A little book of Tribune verse. 1901. 820 F45t 

Grower, John. Complete works. Ed., with introductions, notes, 

and glossaries, by G. C. Macaulay. Vols. 2-3. The English 

works. 1901. 820 G72 

Vols. 2-3. Confessloamantis; In praise of peace. 
Higginson, T. W. Concerning all of us. 1892. f 824 H63c 


Hovey, Richard. Launcelot and Guenevere : a poem in dramas. 
1898-1900. 3v. 822 H841 

Vol. 1. The quest of Merlin : a masque. 

2. The marriage of Guenevere : a tragedy. 

3. The birth of Galahad : a romantic drama. 

Ibsen, Henrik. Brand : a dramatic poem in five acts. Trans- 
lated in the original metres, with an introduction and notes, 
by C. H. Herford. 1901. f 839.82 lb 

Kernahan, Ooulson. Wise men and a fool. 1901. 824 K45 

Content*:— The soul of an artist [R. L. Stevenson].— A child of the kingdom 
[George MacDonald]. — A society poet [Frederick Locker- Lampson]. — One 
aspect of Browning.— Tennyson and some others.— A nature-poet [Theodore 
Watts-Dunton]. — A haunted house : [Charlotte Bronte's home at Ha worth 
as shown to us by Mr. Shorter.]— Mrs. Browning and the " ever- womanly."— 
A poet who was not a poet [R. W. Emerson]. 

Lang, Andrew. Helen of Troy. 1882. f 820 L27h 

Lord, John. Beacon lights of history. Vol. 8. Nineteenth cen- 
tury writers; also, The life of John Lord, by A. S. Twombly. 
[1896.] 909 L88 

Sketches of Rousseau, Scott, Byron, Carlyle, and Macaulay. 

Macaulay, Thomas Babington, 1st baron. Complete writings. 

[With introduction by H. D. Sedgwick, jr.] 1899-1900. 20v 

824 M117 
Vols. 1-10. History of England. With bibliographical note by W. Dawson 

Vols. 11-16. Critical and historical essays. 

Vol. 11. Criticisms on the principal Italian writers: Dante, Petrarch.— 
On the Athenian orators.— On Mltford's History of Greece.— Milton.— 
Machlavelll.— Dryden.— History.— Hallara's Constitutional history. 
Vol. 12. Mill's Essay on government.— Westminster reviewer's defence of 
Mill.— Utilitarian theory of government.— Southey's Colloquies on society.— 
Mr. Robert Montgomery's poems.— Moore's life of Lord Byron.— Sadler's 
Law of population.— Civil disabilities of the Jews.— Sadler's refutation 
refuted.— Boswell's Life of Johnson.— John Bunyan. 

Vol. 13. Lord Nugent' a Memorials of Hampden.— Burleigh and his times.— 
Mirabeau.— Lord Mahon's War of the succession in Spain.— Horace Wal- 
pole.— William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.— Sir James Mackintosh. 
Vol. 14. Lord Bacon.— Sir William Temple.— Gladstone on church and 
state.— Lord Cllve. 

Vol. 15. Ranke's History of the Popes.— Leigh Hunt's comic dramatists of 
the Restoration.— Lord Holland.— Warren Hastings.— Frederic the Great. 


Macaulay, Thomas B. Complete writings, — continued. 

Vol. 16. Diary and Letters of Madame d'Arblay.—LAte and writings of 
Addison.— Harare.— The Earl of Chatham. 
Vols. 17-20. Miscellanies. 

Vol. 17. Speeches : Parliamentary reform.— Anatomy bill.— Repeal of the 
Union with Ireland.— Jewish disabilities.— Got ernment of India.— Edin- 
burgh election of 1839.— Confidence In the ministry of Lord Melbourne.— 
War with China.— Copyright.— The people's charter.— Gates of Somnauth.— 
State of Ireland.— Dissenters' Chapels bill.— Appendix: Treaty of Wash- 
ington.— Post office espionage.— Opening letters In the post office. 
Vol. 18. Speeches and legal studies: The sugar duties.— Maynooth.— 
Church of Ireland.— Theological tents in the Scotch nnlTersltles.— Corn laws. 
— Ten hours bill.— Literature of Britain.— Education.— Inaugural speech 
at Glasgow college.— Reelection to Parliament.— Exclusion of judges from 
the House of Commons.— Indian penal code. 

Vol. 10. Biographies: Francis Atterbury.— John Banyan.— Oliver Gold- 
smith.— Samuel Johnson.— William Pitt.— Poems: Lays of ancient Rome, 
etc. Appendix: Extracts from Hannah More's letters.— Pompeii.— Evening. 
Vol. 20. Excursions in literature : Fragments of a Roman tale.— On the 
Royal Society of Literature. — Scenes from Athenian revels.- Great lawsuit 
between the parishes of St. Dennis and St. George In the Water.— Conversa- 
tion between Mr. Abraham Cowley and Mr. John Milton touching the great 
civil war —Grand national epic poem to be entitled The Welling toniad, and 
to be published A. D. 2824. 
Letters.- Index to Essays, etc., vols. 11-20. 

Mitchell, W. B., editor. School and college speaker. 1901. 1365.63 

Morris, William, and Magnusson, Eirikr. The Saga library. 
Done into English ont of the Icelandic. Vols. 1-5. 1891- 
1895. 5v. 839.6 M87 

Vol. 1. Story of Howard the Halt.— Story of the Banded Men.— Story of 

Hen Thorlr. 

Vol. 2. Story of the Ere-dwellers : (Eyrbyggja saga) ; with the Story of the 

Heath- slay ings as appendix. 

Vol. 3-6. Stories of the kings of Norway, called the Round World (Helms- 

kringla), by Snorrl Sturluson. Map of Norway. (Vols. 1-3.) 

Moulton, O. W., editor. Library of literary criticism of English 
and American authors. Vol. 2. 1639-1729. 1901. Ref. 40.35 

Nevinson, H. W. The plea of Pan. 1901. 824 N41 

Contents: — A new Pheidlppides. — A priestess to Apollo.— The fire of 
Prometheus.— Vertlcordia. 


Phelps, E. J. Orations and essays. With a memoir by 0. W. 

Stewart. 1901. 826 P51 

Rand, T. H., compiler, A treasury of Canadian verse; with 

brief biographical notes. 1900. 821 R 16 

Saintabury, George. History of criticism and literary taste in 

Europe from the earliest texts to the present day. 1900. 

801 S15 Vol. 1. 
Vol. 1. Classioal and medieval criticism. 

Waller, Edmund. Poems. Ed. by G. T. Drury. 1893. 820 W19 


Ames, Azel. The May-Flower and her log, July 15, 1620 — May 6, 
1621 ; chiefly from original sources. 1901. 973.22 A61 

Botsford, G. W. History of Rome for high schools and 
academies. 1901. 937 B65 

Boulger, D. G. India in the nineteenth century. 1901. 954 B66 

Bradford, Laurence. Historic Duxbnry in Plymouth county, 
Massachusetts. 1900. 674.6 D8 

Callahan, J. M. The diplomatic history of the Southern con- 
federacy. [Albert Shaw lectures on diplomatic history, 1900.] 

973.72 C13 

Charlevoix, P. F. X. de. History and general description of 
New France. Trans, and ed. with notes, by J. G. Shea; with 
a memoir and bibliography of the translator by N. F. Morri- 
son. Vol. 4. 1900. 971 C38 

Child, F. S. The colonial parson of New England ; a picture. 
[1896.] 973.29 C53 

Clinton, Mass. Semi-centennial celebration of incorporation, 
Mar. 14, I860, June 17-18-19, 1900. 674.6C1 

Cromwell, Oliver. Speeches, 1644-1658. Ed. by C. L. Stainer. 
1901. 942.063 C88 

Fuller, F. W. Egypt and the Hinterland. 1901. 962 F95 

" We do not know of a better work to put in the hands of anyone who 
wishes to know generally what has been done In Egypt In the past twenty 
years, and what reforms are still desired."— Athenceum. 


Gloucester, Mass. Memorial of the celebration of the 250th 
anniversary of the incoporatlon of Gloucester, August, 1892. 
1901. 674. 1G4 

Gregory, Lady, editor. Ideals in Ireland. 1901. 941.58 G8 

CorUerUi:— Nationality and imperialism, by A. E.— The battle of two civil- 
izations, by D. P. Moran.— Literature and the Irish language, by George 
Moore.— What Ireland Is asking for, by Douglas Hyde.— " The return of the 
Fenians ", by Douglas Hyde.— The great enchantment, by Standlsh O'Grady . 
The literary movement in Ireland, by W. B. Teats.— A postscript, by W. B. 

Hamilton, P. J. Colonial Mobile : an historical study, largely 
from original sources, of the Alabama-Tombigbee basin from 
the discovery of Mobile bay in 1519 until the demolition of 
Fort Charlotte in 1821. 1898. 976.15 M7 

Indian, French, British, Spanish dominions, and finally the resulting Amer- 
icanism, . . . have given the author a splendid chance to restore a varied, 
romantic, and interesting past. He has spared no pains to get at original 
sources, and has unearthed much absolutely new material. Moreover, he has 
exhibited the selecting power of a trained scholar in presenting this material 
in his work. This kind of preslstent and scholarly research has heretofore 
expended Itself for the most part upon New England history. It is gratify- 
ing to find a similar expenditure of history and scholarship upon a new field 
in the South. Gayarre did it for Louisiana, and his work, and this of Mr. 
Hamilton for Alabama, are permanent contributions of a most valuable 
kind to a complete knowledge of the origin and growth of the whole 
country.— Life. 

Hart, Sir Bobert, bart. " These from the land of Sinim :" 
essays on the Chinese question. 1901. 951 H25 

Harvey, Bev. Moses. Newfoundland in 1900 : a treatise of the 
geography, natural resources, and history of the island, 
embracing an account of recent and present large material 
movements. 1900. 971.5 N45h 

Henderson, J. B., jr. American diplomatic questions. 1901. 

327.7 H38 
Contents:— The fur seals and Behrlng sea award. — The interoceanic canal 
problem. — The United States and Samoa. — The Monroe doctrine. — The 
northeast coast fisheries. 

Hume, M. A. S. The Spanish people, their origin, growth, and 
influence. 1901. QI&YK& 


Hume, M. A. S. Treason and plot: struggles for Catholic 
supremacy in the last years of Queen Elizabeth. 1901. 942.055 H88 

Johnston, Alexander. High-school history of the United 
States : being a revision of the *' History of the United States 
for schools ". Rev. by W. M. Daniels ; farther rev. by W. Mac- 
Donald. 1901. 973 J73 

King, Bolton, and Okey, Thomas. Italy today. 1901 945 K58 

Kingston, Alfred. The romance of a hundred years : remark- 
able chapters in the social and public life of the nineteenth 
century. 1901. 942.08 K61 

An entertaining and gossipy account, rather than a serious history, of various 
happenings in England during the past century. 

Landor, A. H. S. China and the allies. 2v. 1901. 951 L28 

" This is in many respects the most oomplete history of the recent crisis in 
China that has yet appeared. Those circumstances of which the author 
has personal cognizance are accurately described, and he has carefully col- 
lected the facts relating to the episodes (of the siege of the Legations for 
example) of which he has only second-hand knowledge."— Athenaeum. 

Lea, H. O. The Moriscos of Spain, their conversion and 

expulsion. 1901. 946.04 L46 

L'Estrange, A. G. K. Baghdad during the Abbasid caliphate, 

from contemporary Arabic and Persian sources. 1900. 956.5 Bll 
Lodge, B. The close of the Middle Ages, 1273-1494. 1901.. 

[ Periods of European history.] Vol. 3 of 940 P41 

Lucy, H. W. A diary of the unionist parliament, 1895-1900. 

328.42 L96u 
Maclay, E. S. History of the United States navy from 1775 to 

1901. 1894-1901. 3v. 973.09 M22 

The third volume, which is new, is devoted almost entirely to the War with 
6 pain. 

Marvin, A. P. History of the town of Winchendon, Mass., 
from the grant of Ipswich Canada in 1735 to the present 
time. 1868. 674.19 W 

History of Worcester in the War of the Rebellion. 1880. 

674.18 W10 
Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. 2d series, 
vol. 14. 1900, 1901. 627.7 vol. 14 


Milton, Mass. Milton records, births, marriages, and deaths, 
1662-1848, alphabetically and chronologically arranged. 1900. 

674.11 Ml 

Mowry, W. A. Marcus Whitman and the early days of Oregon. 
[1901.] 979.5 M87 

Oliphant, Nigel. A diary of the siege of the legations in Peking 
during the summer of 1900. With a preface by Andrew Laug. 

951 047 

Schwab, J. O. The Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 : 
a financial and industral history of the South daring the civil 
war. 1901. 978.7 839 

Sharpies*, Isaac. Two centuries of Pennsylvania history. 

1900. 974.8 S53 
Sichel, Edith. Women and men of the French renaissance. 

1901. 944.02 S56 
Smith, E. G-. The story of Bruges. 1901. [Mediaeval towns.] 

949.8 S64 
Sternberg, Graf. My experiences of the Boer war. Trans, from 
the German by G. F. R. Henderson. 1901. 968.2 S88 

Stubbs, William. Seventeen lectures on the study of mediaeval 

and modern history and kindred subjects; delivered at 

Oxford, under statutory obligation, 1867-1884; with two 

addresses given at Oxford and Reading. 1900. 904 S93 

Contentg: — Inaugural.— On the present state and prospects of historical 
study.— On the purposes and methods of historical study.— Learning 
and literature at the court of Henry II.— The medieval kingdom fof 
Cyprus and Armenia.— On the characteristic differences between mediaeval 
and modern history.— The reign of Henry VIII.— Parliament under Henry 
VIII.— The history of the canon law in England.— The reign of Henry 
VII.— A last statutory public lecture.— Address on church history to the 
Oxford diocesan church history society.— Address on the opening of a 
course of lectures on England under the Stewarts. 

Thorpe, F. N. A history of the American people. 1901. 978 T61 

Ulmann, Albert. A landmark history of New York, also the 
origin of street names, and a bibliography. 1901. 974.75 N4u 

Volkonski, Sergi, prince. Pictures of Russian history and 
Russian literature. 1898. [Lowell lectures.] 947 W83 


Watertown records. Vol. 2, comprising the third book of 
town proceedings and the second book of births, marriages, 
and deaths to end of 1737 ; also plan and register of bnrials 
in Arlington Street burying ground. 1900. 674.3 Wl 

Willson, Beckles. The tenth island: being some account of 
Newfoundland, its people, its politics, its problems, and its 
peculiarities. With an Introduction by Sir William Whiteway. 
1897. 971.5 N45w 


Ball, E. A. Br. Paris in its splendour. 2v. [1900.] 944.5 F2b 

Benger, G. lioumania in 1900. Trans, by A. H. Keane. 949.8 B43 

A description of the material resources at well at the political Industrial, 
and educational condition. 

Borcngrevink, O. E. First on the Antarctic continent : being 
an account of the British Antarctic expedition, 1898-1900. 999 B64 

Candler, Edmund. A vagabond in Asia. 1900. 959 C16 

Carmichael, Montgomery. In Tuscany : Tuscan towns, Tus- 
can types, and the Tuscan tongue. 1901. 945.5 T8c 

Gave, H. W. Golden tips : a description of Ceylon and its great 
tea industry. 1900. 954.8 C31 

Conway, Sir W. M. The Bolivian Andes : a record of climbing 

and exploration in Cordillera Real in the years 1898 and 1900. 

1901. 984.C76 

** Sir Martin Conway is the greatest mountain climber In the world, and this 
volume covers his two years' experience among the high peaks of the Andes 
in Bolivia, as well as his observations upon the political conditions of 
Bolivia and neighboring states." 

Deasy, H. H. P. In Tibet and Chinese Turkestan : being the 
record of three years' exploration. 1901. 951.5 T3d 

Dewar, Q. A. B., and others. Hampshire, with the Isle of Wight. 
1901. 942.5 Hl8d 

Dutt, W. A. Norfolk. 1901. 942.5 N7d 

Dwight, Timothy. Travels in New-England and New- York. 
4v. 1823. 974.11 D96 


Edwards, Osman. Japanese plays and playfellows. With IS 

coloured platts by Japanese artists. 1901. 952.6 E26 

Gissing, George. By tbe Ionian sea: notes of a ramble In 

southern Italy. 1901. 945.6 G44 

Harper, 0. G. The Dover road : annals of an ancient turnpike. 

1895. 942.5 K4h 

The Great North road : the old mall road to Scotland. 1901. 

2v. 942.6 H23 

Vol. 1. London to York. 
2. York to Edinburgh. 

Henry, Alexander. Travels and adventures in Canada and the 

Indian territories between the years 1760 and 1776. Ed. by 

James Bain. 1901. 971.6 H39 

Henry was one of tbe first English far-traders to penetrate into the north- 
west after the conquest of Canada in 1760. He was attacked by Indians, 
escaped the massacre, and after living for nearly a year with the Indians 
who rescued him, he returned to take part In the relief of Detroit. 

Historic Boston: sight-seeing tours around the Hub. [1901.] 

974.45 B43hi 

Little, A. J. Mounl Oroi and beyond : a record of travel on the 

Thibetan border. 1901. 951.5 891 

KcOlure, A. K. To the Pacific and Mexico. 1901. 972.6 MIS 

Letters written for the Philadelphia Times. 

Our islands and their people as seen with camera and pencil. In- 
troduced by Joseph Wheeler ; with descriptive matter by Jose 
de Oil v ares. The islands lately acquired from Spain, including 
Hawaii and the Philippines. [1899.] Art Case. 

Palmer, F. H. S. Russian life in town and country. 1901 . 947.6 P18 

Percival, Olive. Mexico City : an idler's note-book. 1901. 972.5 M5p 

Pilchard, Hesketh. Where black rules white : a journey across 
and about Hayti. 1900. 972.94 P93 

Rrjnhart, Mrs. S. O. With the Tibetans in tent and temple: 
narrative of four years' residence on the Tibetan border, and 
of a Journey into the far interior. 1901. 951.5 T3r 

Santa-Anna Nery, F. J. de, baron. The land of the Amazons. 
Trans, from the French by G. Humphery. 1901. 981 823 

Scudamore, Cyril. Belgium and the Belgians. 1901. 949.8 843 


Stoddard, J. L. Lectures. Supplementary volume. [1901.] 910 886a 

Contenti:— Ireland.— Denmark.— Sweden. 
Subaltern's letters to his wife. 1901. 968 S94 

Wellby, M. S. 'Twixt Sirdar and Menelik: an account of a 
year's expedition from Zeila to Cairo through unknown Abys- 
sinia. 1901. 963 W46 

Wilkin, Anthony. Among the Berbers of Algeria. [1900.] 965 W65 

"Mr. Wilkin Is evidently a oorapetent anthropologist, and has the right 
scientific spirit. . . . We like to hear how he measured the skulls of a whole 
Tillage and what he thinks of the origin and nature of the Berber race in its 
divisions, and of the Arabs in their very different way."— Nation. 



Greene family in England and America, with pedigrees. 

1901. = E.G842 

Meredith, G. E. The descendants of Hugh Amory. 1605-1805. 

1901. = E.Am75 

Pierce, F. G. Field genealogy : being the record of all the Field 

family in America, whose ancestors were in this country prior 

to 1700. 2v. 1901. = E.F463 

Waters, H. F. Genealogical gleanings in England. 1901. 2v. R. R. 

11 A series of perhaps the most brilliant achievements in the whole history 
of genealogy.' 



Lamb's biographical dictionary of the United States. Ed. by 
J. H. Brown. Vol. 4. Hench-Leaming. 1901. Ref . 55.78 

Lighten, W. R. Lewis and Clark, Meriwether Lewis and William 
Clark. 1901. [Riverside biographical series.] E.L595.1 

Pas ton, George, pseud. Little memoirs of the eighteenth century . 

1901. 920 P26 

Contents : — Lady Hertford and Lady Pomf ret.— Richard Cumberland.— 
Lady Craven, Margravine of Anspach.— James Lackington.— Mrs. Grant of 
Laggan.— Romance of John Tweddell. 



Anselm. Welch, A. C. Anselm and his work. 1901. [World's 

epoch-makers.] E.Ad85.w 

Augusta, empress of Germany. Tschudl, Clara. Augusta, empress 

of Germany. 1900. t 943.08 A9t 

Baahkirtaeff, Marie. Last confessions, and correspondence with 

Gay de Maupassant. With a foreword by J. L. Gilder. 

[1901.] E.B2965.C 

Bonaparte. Tschadi, Clara. The great Napoleon's mother. 

Trans, from the Norwegian, by E. M. Cope. 1900. E.B6452.t 
Cromwell. Gardiner, S. R. Oliver Cromwell. 1901. 942.068 C8ga 

Dante. Toynbee, Paget. Dante Alighleri. 1900. E.D286.t 

The author Is one of the leading Dante scholars. His small volume " is ad- 
dressed rather to the so-called general reader than to the serious student." 

Dodge, M. A. Gail Hamilton's life in letters. Ed. by H. A. 

Dodge. 1901. 2 v. E.D672 

Dreyfus, Alfred. Five years of my life, 1894-1899. 1901. E.D8S4 

Duff, Sir Mountstuart E. Grant. Notes from a diary, 1889- 
1891. 1901. 2v. E.D877 

Edwards. Gardiner, H. N., editor. Jonathan Edwards ; a retro- 
spect : being the addresses delivered in connection with the 
unveiling of a memorial in the First church of Christ in 
Northampton, Mass., on the 150th anniversary of his dismissal 
from the pastorate of that church. 1901. E.Ed95.g 

Contents : — The place of Edwards In history, by A. V. G. Allen.— The Influ- 
ence of Edwards on the spiritual life of New England, by E. C. Smyth.— The 
significance of Edwards to-day, by O. A. Gordon.— Greetings from Yale 
university, by G. P. Fisher; from Princeton university, by A. T. Ormond.— 
Edwards In Northampton, by H. T. Rose.— The early idealism of Edwards, 
by H. N. Gardiner. 

Eliot. Thomson, Clara. George Eliot. 1901. [Westminster 
biographies.] E.El38.t 

Elizabeth, empress of Austria. Tschadi, Clara. Elizabeth, 
empress of Austria and queen of Hungary. 1901. 943.6 E4t 

Emerson. Albee, John. Remembrances of Emerson. 1901. 



Francis. Francis, B., and Keary, E., editors. The Francis letters, 
by Sir Philip Francis and other members of the family. With 
a note on the Junius controversy by C. F. Keary. [1901] 2 v. 


Gillespie, Mrs. E. D. A book of remembrance. 1901. E.G415 

Goethe. Grimm, Herman. Life and times of Goethe. Trans, 
by S. H. Adams. 1893. E.G555.g 

Jones, H. W. A chaplain's experience ashore and afloat ; the 
«• Texas " under Are. [1901.] E.J721 

Lincoln. Choate, J. H. Abraham Lincoln: address delivered 
before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution, November 
13th, 1900. = 

Lowndes. Ravenel, Mrs. H. H. R. Life and times of William 

Lowndes of South Carolina, 1782-1822. 1901. E.L961.r 

William Lowndes was a prominent figure in public life in the early part of 
the last century. He served in Congress from 1810 until his death In 1822. 
For four years he served as chairman of the committee of ways and means, 
was a general favorite, and was looked upon as a probable candidate for 
the presidency at the time of his death. 

Marshall. Thayer, James Bradley. John Marshall, 1901. 
[Riverside biographical series.] E.M8615.t 

Marx. Liebknecht, Wilhelra. Karl Marx: biographical memoirs. 
Trans, by E. Untermann. 1901. E.M3715.1 

Meade. Pennypacker, I. R. General Meade. 1901. [Great 
commanders series.] E.M4665.p 

O'Connell. Dunlop, Robert. Daniel O'Connell and the revival 
of national life in Ireland. 1900. [Heroes of the nations.] 


Paracelsus. The life of Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of 
Hohenheim, known by the name of Paracelsus, and the sub- 
stance of his teachings. Extracted and translated from his 
works by Franz Hartmann. 1896. f 189.5 P2h 

Bamabai. Dyer, Mrs. H. S. Pandlta Ramabai. [1900.] t E.RU5.d 

Richardson. Thomson, C. L. Samuel Richardson: a biograph- 
ical and critical study. 1900. E.lU04.t 

Steele, Palmer, Mrs. A. C. Joel Dorman Steele, teacher and 
author. 1900. E.St368.p 



Temple, D. 0., lady. The love letters of Dorothy Osborne to 
Sir William Temple, 1652-64. Ed. by B. A. Parry. 1901. 

Whittier. Barton, Richard. John Greenleaf Whittier. 1901. 

[Beacon biographies.] £.W6185.b 

Tribulations of a Princess. By the author of Themartyrdom of an 
empress. 1901. E.Z35 


Alien, pseud. Another woman's territory. AS99.2 

Altsheler, J. A. The wilderness road : a romance of St. Clair's 

defeat and Wayne's victory. A475.6 

Anthony, Geraldine. A victim of circumstances. A 682.1 

Bacheller, Irving. D'ri and I : a tale of daring deeds in the 
second war with the British, being the memoirs of Colonel 
Ramou Bell, U. S. A. B 125.2 

Bailey, H. C. My lady of Orange. B162.1 

Benson, E. F. The luck of the Vails. B446.7 

Boldrewood, Rolf, pseud. In bad company, and other stories. B636. 16 
Boothby, Guy. The mystery of the clasped hands. B648.10 

Oay, Nowell. The presumption of Stanley Hay, M. P. C819.1 

Champney, Mrs. E. W. Anneke, a little dame of New Nether- 
lands. C863.17 
Churchill, Winston. The crisis. C482.8 
Oolton, Arthur. The delectable mountains. C728.2 
Croker, Mrs. B. M. Mr. Jervis. C878.4 
Cromie, Robert. Kitty's Victoria cross. C882.1 
Drummond, Hamilton. For the religion : being the records of 

Blaise de Bernauld. D848.8 

Duncan, Norman. The soul of the street : correlated stories of 

the New York Syrian quarter. 
Ellis, J. B. Garcilaso. 

Erskine, Payne. When the gates lift up their heads. 
Flandrau, C. M. The diary of a freshman. 
Foster, M. L. The story of Sarah. 
Fowler, E. T. Sirius, a volume of fiction. 



Francis, M. E., pseud, Flander's widow. F849.6 

Fuller, Anna. Katherine Day. F957.6 

Gerard, Dorothea. The supreme crime. G814.8 

Gibbs, George. In search of Mademoiselle. G856.1 

Gissing, George. Our friend the charlatan. G452.9 

Gray, Maxwell, pseud. Four-leaved clover. G808.8 

Hains, T. J. The crnise of the Petrel : a story of 1812. H129.2 

Hancock, A. E. Henry Bonrland : the passing of the cavalier. 

Harris, F. B. The road to Ridgeby's. H2478.1 

Harrison, Mrs. C. C. A princess of the hills : an Italian romance. 

Hinkson, Mrs. K. T. Three fair maids. H578.5 

Hope, Anthony, pseud. Tristram of Blent. H77S.28 

Howells, W. D. A pair of patient lovers [and other stories]. H848.88 
James, Henry. The soft side. J239.80 

Keats, Gwendoline. The white cottage. K230.1 

Kennedy, Mrs. 8. B. Joscelyn Cheshire : a story of revolution- 
ary days in the Carolinas. K388.1 
Kester, Vaughan. The manager of the B. & A. K493.1 
Lant, A. C. Lords of the north. L385.1 
LeQueux, William. Her majesty's minister. L565.5 
Lush, C. K. The autocrats. L979.2 
McCarthy, Justin. Mononia : a love story of 'forty-eight. M133.10 
McCutcheon, G. B. Graustark: the story of a love behind a 

throne. M 142.1 

MacGrath, Harold. The puppet crown. M 180.2 

McLaws, Lafayette. When the land was young. M2225.1 

Marchmont, A. W. The heritage of peril. M3372.4 

Merriman, H. S., and Tallentyre, S. G. The money-spinner, 

and other character notes. M559.15 

Moore, J. T. A summer hymnal : a romance of Tennessee. M789.1 
Morris, M., and Congdon, L. B., editors. A book of Bryn Mawr 

stories. M886.1 

Mowbray, J. P. A journey to nature. M875.1 

Munro, Neil. Doom Castle. M928.8 


Norris, Frank. The octopus : a story of California. [The epic 

of the wheat.] N796.2 

Fhillpotts, Eden. The good red earth. P550.4 

Pidgin, C. F. Blennerhassett ; or, the decrees of fate: a 

romance fonnded upon events in American history. P598.2 

Preston, S. H. The abandoned farmer. P935.1 

Bichards, Mrs. L. E. Geoffrey Strong. R387.23 

Robertson, Morgan. Masters of men : a romance of the new 

navy. R554.2 

Hopes, A. B., and Hopes, M. E. On Peter's island. R682.1 

Shiel, M. P. The lord of the sea. S555.1 

Shipman, L. E. The curious courtship of Kate Poins. 8558.3 

Skinner, Mrs. H. D. Heart and soul. S629.2 

Slosson, Mrs. A. T. White Christopher. 8684.8 

Stanley, H. A. The backwoodsman .- the autobiography of a 
continental on the New York frontier during the Revolution. 

Stephens, B. N. Captain Ravenshaw ; or, the maid of Cheap- 
side : a romance of Elizabethan London. 8835.5 
Stevenson, B. E. A soldier of Virginia: a tale of Colonel 

Washington and Braddock's defeat. 8846.2 

Swan, Myra. Ballast. 8974.1 

Toxnlinson, E. T. Elder Boise. T595.16 

Townsend, E. W. Days like these. T664.4 

Venable, W. H. A dream of empire. V555.1 

Viller, Fredrik. The black tortoise : being the strange story of 
old Frick's diamond. V716.1 


Alkin, John, and Barbauld, Mrs. A. L. Evenings at home ; or, 
the juvenile budget opened. JA290.1 

Atkinson, G. F. First studies of plant life. 1901. j680 A87 

Baldwin, James. Fifty famous stories retold. [1896.] J808 B18 
Old stories of the East. [1896.] J220 B18 

Bignell, Efne. Mr. Chupes and Miss Jenny : the life story of 
two robins. [1901.] M* A fete 


Billinghurst, P. J. A hundred anecdotes of animals, with 

pictures. 1901. j590 B49 

Brown, A. F. The book of saints and friendly beasts. 1900. 

J291 B81 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. The ingenious gentleman 

Don Quixote of La Mancha. Ed. by Clifton Johnson for 

school and home reading. C337.4 

Crawford, A. B., and Chapin, A. A. Letters from great 

musicians to young people. 1897. J780 C85 

Onoe upon a time a little girl was struggling with her music lesson, and she 
found It so hard to interpret the thought of the composer that she was about 
to give It up in despair. Suddenly she had a vision of all the great masters 
who promised to help by sending her letters describing their lives and work. 
Here are the letters. 

Eggleston, Edward. Stories of American life and adventure. 

Third reader grade. [1895.] j973 E29s 

Stories of great Americans for little Americans. [1895.] 

j920 E29 
Eggleston, Q. C. Camp Venture: a story of the Virginia 

mountains. JE308.5 

Harlan, Esther. The story of a little beech tree. jH 239.1 

Heath's Home and School Classics : — 

Aikin, John, and others. Eyes and no eyes, and other stories. 

Ayrton, Mrs. M. C. Child-life in Japan and Japanese child 

stories. j915 A98 

Book of nursery rhymes : being Mother Goose's melodies. 

J811.8 M91 
Brown, John. Rab and his friends, and other stories of 

dogs. J590 B87 

Dole, C. F. Crib and Fly : a tale of two terriers. J590 C92 

Edgeworth, Maria, and others. Waste not, want not; and 

other stories. JE235.18 

Ewlng, Mrs. J. H. Jackanapes. jE955.4a 

Story of a short life. jE955.12a 

Goldsmith, Oliver. The history of little Goody Two Shoes. 



Heath's Home and School Glassies, — continued. 

Hamerton, P. G. Chapters on animals, dogs, cats, and horses. 

J590 H21 

Ingelow, Jean. Three fairy tales. jI465.ll 

Martinean, Harriet. The Crofton boys. jM369.1a 

Motley, J. L. The siege of Leyden. ]949 M91 

O'Shea, M. V., editor. Six nursery classics. J808 082 

Raspe, R. £. Tales from the travels of Baron Munchausen. 


Raskin, John. The king of the Golden River. jR885.1a 

Segnr, Mme. S. R., comtesse de. The story of a donkey. j590 S45 

Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's travels. JS977.2 

Trimmer, Mrs. Sarah. History of the robins. j598 T83 

Illustrated ditties of the olden time. 1900. J811.8 129 

Jackson, G. E. Pretty Polly Perkins. j J 128.1 

Johonnot, James. Stories of heroic deeds for boys and girls. 

[1887.] J808 J74 

Stories of other lands. [1888.] j940 J74 

McMurzy, Charles. Pioneer history stories of the Mississippi 

Valley, for fourth and fifth grades. 1899. J917.7 M16 

Madison, L. F. A maid of King Alfred's court : a story for 

girls. JM264.2 

Marden, 0. S. How they succeeded : life stories of successful 

men told by themselves. [1901.] J920 MS8 

Contents .-—Marshall Field.— Alexander G. Bell.— Helen Gould.— 
Philip D. Armour.— Mary E. Proctor.— Jacob Gould Schorman.— John 
Wanamaker.— F. Wellington Ruckstnhl.— Darius Ogden Mills.— Nordlca. 
—William Dean Howells.— John D. Rockefeller.— Julia Ward Howe.— 
Thomas A. Edison.— Lew Wallace.— Andrew Carnegie.— John B. Her- 
reshoff.— Amelia £. Barr.— Theodore Thomas.— John Burroughs.— 
Herbert H. Vreeland.— James Whitoomb Kiley. 

Winning ont : a book for young people on character building 
by habit forming. [1900.] j374 M33 

May, Sophie, pseud. Lucy in Fairyland. [Little Prudy's chil- 
dren, no. 6.] JM452.30 

Miller, O. T., pseud. Second book of birds : bird families. 1901. 

J698 M61s 

Pierson, C. D. Among the pond people. [1901.] j590 P62 


Pratt, M. L. Stories of colonial children. [1894.] J973.2 P91s 

St. John, T. M. The study of elementary electricity and magnet- 
ism by experiment, containing two hundred experiments 
performed with simple home-made apparatus. 1900. J537 S14 

Things a boy should know about electricity. 1900. J537 Slit 

Tappan, E. M. In the days of Alfred the Great. JT165.1 

Tate, L. S. Child's cookery book. 1900. J641 T18 

Wesselhoeft, L. F. Doris and her dog Rodney. JW515.9 

Williams, M. E., and Fisher, K. B. Elements of the theory and 

practice of cookery : a text-book of household science for use 

in schools. 1901. m J641 W67 

Wright, Mrs. J. M. Sea-side and way-side. 4v. 1900. [Nature 

readers.] J500 W95 


List of Photographs of Paintings. May, 1901 05 

In this catalogue are listed nearly a thousand photographs of 
masterpieces of painting by one hundred and seventy different 
artists, — the Italian schools having much the largest repre- 
sentation. These photographs are mounted on uniform cards 
measuring 14 x 18 Inches, and are kept in convenient cabinets 
where they may be easily examined. They are also loaned for 
home use, by special permission, in portfolios provided for the 

Catalog uk of English Prose Fiction. New and enlarged 

edition, containing additions to Jan. 1, 1901. 348 pp. . . .10 

The new edition may be obtained free of charge, by persons 
returning the old edition. 

Books for Boys and Girls. 1900. 128 pp 03 

French and German Books. 1900. 20 pp 02 

Bulletin. Issued Feb. 1, April 1, June 1, Oct. 1, Dec. 1. Free 

The Riverdale Press : C. A. W. Spencer. 








VOL. VIII. No. 2 

Brooklike, Mass. 


x '; ' 

Public Library of Brookline 


Charles H. Drew. 

Daniel Dulany Addison, 
R. G. F. Candage, 
James M. Codman, 
Prentiss Cummings, 
Desmond FitzGerald, 

Tappan E. Francis, 
J. Emory Hoar, 
William H. Lyon, 
8. N. D. North, 
Edward Stanwood, 

Leonard K. Storks. 

Hiller C. Wellman. 

The library is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily (except Sundays 
and Washington's Birthday, Patriots' Day, Memorial Day, Seven- 
teenth of June, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, 
and Christmas). 

The library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 


= indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


Fletcher, W. I. The A. L. A. index : an index to general litera- 
ture. Second edition, greatly enlarged and brought down to 
January 1, 1900. Ref. 15.35 

This index is similar to Poole's Index to Periodical Literature which 
catalogues the articles in a great number of magazines, reviews, and jour- 
nals, while the present work indexes under the appropriate subject headings 
the articles contained in several thousand volumes of essays, reports, and 
publications of various boards, societies, etc., etc. 

Handbook of proverbs for readers, thinkers, writers, and speak- 
ers. 1901. Ref. 35.6 

Iippincott's universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and 
mythology, by Joseph Thomas. New 3d ed., thoroughly re- 
vised and brought up to 1901. Ref. 55.93 

Webster, Noah. Webster's international dictionary of the 
English language ; to which is now added a supplement of 
twenty-five thousand words and phrases, W. T. Harris, editor 
in chief. 1900. Ref. 6.12 


Cobbe,F.P. The peak in Darien, with some other inquiries 

touching concerns of the soul and body. 1882. 204 C63 

Content$ ; — Magnanimous atheism.— Hygelolatry.— Pessimism, and one 
of its professors.— Zoophlly.— Sacrificial medicine.— The fitness of women 
for the ministry of religion.— The house on the shore of eternity.— The peak 
in Darien.— The riddle of death. 

Driver, 8. B. An introduction to the literature of the Old 
Testament. 1900. [International theological library.] 221 D83 


Everett, C. C. Essays, theological and literary. 1901. 204 B93 

Contents : — Reason in religion .— The historic and the ideal Christ.— Dis- 
tinctive mark of Christianity .— Kant's Influence in theology.— " Beyond 
good and evil " : a study of the philosophy of Frledrich Nietzsche.— Natur- 
alism and its results.— Instinct and reason. — The devil.— Poems of Emer- 
son.— The "Faust" of Goethe.— Tennyson and Browning as spiritual forces. — 
The philosophy of Browning. 

Fiske, John. Life everlasting. 218 F54 

The Ingersoll lecture for 1900. Mr. Fiske argues along the line of evolution, 
inferring from what man has already become by the play of infinite force 
that the next logical step In his progress is the attainment of life everlasting. 

Gomperz, Theodor. Greek thinkers : a history of ancient phil- 
osophy. Vol. 1. 1901. 1327.45 

Groos, Karl. The play of man. 1901. t 158 G89 

A psychological study. 

Haeckel, Ernst. The riddle of the universe at the close of the 

ninetenth century. 1901. t 147 H12 

Hersey, H. E. To girls. 1901. 173.6 H43 

A budget of letters about education, social relations, and personal conduct. 
Kant, Immanuel. Critique of pure reason. Trans, by F. Max 

Miiller. 1900. 193 K13 

Lillie, Arthur. Buddha and Buddhism. 1900. 294 L62 

McConnell, S. D. Essays, practical and speculative. 1900. 204 M18 
Nippold, Friedrich. The papacy In the 19th century : a part of 

The history of Catholicism since the restoration of the papacy. 

Trans, by L. H. Schwab. 1900. 282 N62 

Sully, James. The human mind. 1892. 2v. f 150 S95 

Taunton, E. L. The history of the Jesuits In England. 1580- 

1773. 1901. 271.5 T19 

Wood, Henry. The symphony of life : a series of constructive 

sketches and interpretations. 1901. 131 W85 


Blake, John. How sailors fight : an account of the organisation 
of the British fleet in peace and war, with some tactical 
illustrations of the behaviour of modern fighting ships In 
action. 1901. 859 B58 


Bourinot, Sir J. Q. A manual of the constitutional history of 
Canada. 1901. 842.3 B66 

Freeman, J. B. Report upon New York's water supply, with 
particular reference to the need of procuring additional 
sources and their probable cost, with works constructed under 
municipal ownership, made to Bird S. Coler, Comptroller. 
1900. = 628 F87 

Grinnell, Q. B. The punishment of the stingy, and other Indian 
stories. 898 G88 

Headland I. T. The Chinese boy and girl. 1901. 961.6 H34 

A study of child-life in China, by the author of Chinete Mother Ooote 

Jones, E. D. Economic crises. 1900. 830 J71 

Lockwood, H. C. Constitutional history of France. 1890. 

342.44 L81 

Massachusetts. Bureau of Statistics of Labor. Census of 
Massachusetts, 1895. Vol. 7. Social statistics and general 
summaries. 1900. = 1144.1 

General Court. Acts and resolves. 1901. = 1218.1 

General Court. Journal of the House of Representatives. 

1901. = 1134.1 

General Court. Journal of the Senate. 1901. = 1134.3 

Municipal affairs : a quarterly magazine devoted to the considera- 
tion of city problems from the standpoint of the taxpayer and 
citizen. 1897-1900. 4v. 352 M92 

Bae, John. Contemporary socialism. 1901. ' 335 R12 

Boberts, O. A. History of the Military company of the Mass- 
achusetts, now called the Ancient and honorable artillery 
company of Massachusetts, 1687-1888. 1895-1901. 4v. = R.R. 

Scott Stamp & Coin Co. Standard postage stamp catalogue ; 
giving date of issue, color, shape, and value of every postage 
stamp that has ever been issued by any gov't in the world. 
60th ed. 1901. t 383 S42 

Stong, Frank and Schafer, Joseph. The government of the 
American people. 1901. 342 S92 

Intended for younger readers than those to whom Flake's Civil Govern- 
ment is adapted. 



United States. Department of Labor. Fifteenth annual report. 

1900. 2v. = 2065.3 

Wells, D. A. The theory and practice of taxation. 1900. 386.2 W46 

Wilson G. Q. and Tucker, G. F. International law. [1901.] 

341 W89 

Wyckoff, W. A. A day with a tramp and other days. 1901. 

381.8 W97d 

Contents .— A day with a tramp.— With Iowa farmers.— A section-hand on 
the Union Pacific railway.— "A burro-puncher."— Incidents of the slams. 


Boutwell, G. 8. Thoughts on educational topics and institu- 
tions. 1859. = 870.4 B66 
Hadley, A. T. The education of the American citizen. 1901. 

820.4 H12 
Hinsdale, B. A. The art of study. [1900.] 371 H59 


Fitzgerald, Joseph. Word and phrase : true and false use in 

English. 1901. 420 F57 

The author was successively assistant editor of the North American Re- 
view and of the Forum. "No article, except two or three, was published 
In the Forum In Its first four or five years that was not corrected or 
revised by him before it went to the compositor; and thus was formed a 
habit of scrutinizing words and phrases in books and other publications and 
making notes, the outcome of which i* the present work." 

Greenough, J. B., and Kittredge, G. L. Words and their ways 

in English speech. 1901. 420 G85 

After a brief account of the theories of the origin of human speech, the 
poetical nature of language is explained. Different kinds of language are 
distinguished,— literary, technical, and colloquial. Slang is discussed, and 
the identity of its processes with those of legitimate discourse. Special 
chapters are devoted to fashions In speech, to tracing the pedigrees of 
words, etc. 



Coulter, J. M. Plant 8 tract ares. 1900. 581 C88 

Foster, M. In the forest : tales of wood-life. 1901. 591 F81 

Eraser, W. A. The outcasts. 1901. 591 F86 

Stories of wild animals by the author of Mooewa and others of the boun- 

Giberne, Agnes. The mighty deep, and what we know of it. 
1901. 651.4 G86 

Grinnell, Morton. Neighbors of field, wood, and stream. [1901.] 

591 G88 

Morgan, C. L. Animal behaviour. 1900. 591.5 M82 

New York (State). Commissioners of Fisheries, Game, and For- 
ests. Annual reports. lst-4th. 1895*181)8. 4v. = 639 N42 
These reports are illustrated with excellent colored plates of fish and game. 

Sharp, D. L. Wild life near home. 1901. 591 S58 

Thompson, E. Seton-. Lives of the hunted, containing a true 
account of the doings of five quadrupeds and three birds, and 
in elucidation of the same, over 200 drawings. 1901. 591 S491 

United States. Fish Commission. Bulletin. Vol. 19 for 1899. 
1901. 2062.7 


French cookery for American homes : 684 recipes of simple and 
easy dishes. 1901. 641 F88 

Harrington, Charles. A manual of practical hygiene for 
students, physicians, and medical officers. [1901.] f 613 H24 

Manning, A. B. First principles of nursing. 1901. 610.73 M32 

The author hopes that her book will "assist all whom it may reach in 
acquiring sufficient ability in nursing to take care of patients in ordinary 
Illness, and to render first help in emergencies and accidents." 

Oppenheim, Nathan. The care of the child in health. 190CU 



Baldry, A. L. Hubert von Herkomer, R. A. : a study and a 
biography. 1901. Art case 

Berenson, Bernhard. The study and criticism of Italian art. 
1901. 759.5 B46 

Contend:— Vasari In the light of recent publications.— Dante's Tlsual images, 
and his early illustrators.— Some comments on Correggio in connection with 
his pictures in Dresden.— The fourth centenary of Correggio.— Amico dl 
Sandro.— Certain copies after lost originals by Giorglone.— Venetian paint- 
ing, chiefly before Titian, at the exhibition of Venetian art. 

Oram, R. A. Church building : a study of the principles of 

architecture in their relation to the church. 1901. 726.5 C84 

Gibson, C. D. A widow and her friends. 1901. Art case 

Hallett, Cecil. The cathedral church of Ripon. 1901. [Bell's 

cathedral series.] 726 R48h 

Hartmann, S. A history of American art. 1902. 2v. 709.7 H26 

Holme, Charles, editor. Modern British domestic architecture 

and decoration. 1901. 728 H73 

Hoppin, J. M. Great epochs in art history. 1901. 709 H77 

" Professor Hoppin, who for more than a score of years held the chair of 
Art In Yale University, here brings his knowledge and enthusiasm to treat- 
ing four Important epochs in the art of the world, namely, the periods of 
Italian religious painting, Greek sculpture, French Gothio architecture, and 
English Pre-Raphaelitism." 

Mathews, C. T. The story of architecture : an outline of the 
styles in all countries. 1896. f 720.9 M42 

Morris, William. Art and its producers, and the arts and crafts 
of today : two addresses delivered before the National Asso- 
ciation for the advancement of art. 1901. 704 M83 

Singleton, Esther, editor. Romantic castles and palaces, as 
seen and described by famous writers'. 1901. 728.8 S61 

Strange, E. F. The cathedral church of Worcester. 1900. 
[Bell's cathedral series.] 726 W89s 

Tallack, J. C. The book of the greenhouse, with a special 
chapter on the little town greenhouse. 1901. 716 T14 

Weir, J. F. John Trumbull : a brief sketch of his life, to which 
is added a catalogue of his works. 1901. 750 T86w 

MUSIC. 41 

Williamson, G. O. Francesco Balbolini, called Francia. 1901. 
[Great masters in painting and sculpture.] 750 F81w 


Bach, J. 8. Mass in B minor for soli, chorus, and orchestra. 
Ed. by Frank Damrosch. Vocal score. 183. B8 

Gerard, Frances. Wagner, Bayreuth, and the festival plays. 
1901. 780 W18g 

Hearts, H. W. Miss Simplicity : a musical comedy, f 182.2 HI 

Ludars, Gustav. The Burgomaster : an original musical com- 
edy, t 182.1 L 

Mason, William. Memories of a musical life. 1901. 780 M41 

A Yolume which the Nation says must be Included in the small list of musical 
books that have a permanent value. Dr. Mason has been a piano-teacher for 
half a century. His reminiscences are of many eminent musicians: Liszt, 
Wagner, Rubinstein, Brahms, Schumann, and many others, and of these 
perhaps not the least interesting to Bostonlans is his father, Lowell Mason, 
one of the most prominent figures in the history of American music early in 
the last century, 

Massenet, Jules. La terre promise : oratorio. 188.1 M 

To be giren during the present season by the Cecilia Society. 

Stanford, O. V. Phaudrig Crohoore (Patrick Connor) : an Irish 
ballad for chorus and orchestra, t 184.6. SI 

Music for Organ. 

The following works are adapted to parlor and Liszt organs, or to 
the harmonium. Much of it is also available for a church organ, 
having suggestions for pedaling, and directions for registration and 

Batiste, Edouard. Gordon's collection of organ voluntaries. 


Last series of voluntaries for the organ. Ed. by J. G. Len- 
non. 18G.5.B8 

Elliott, J. W., comp. Voluntaries arranged for the harmonium. 

2v. 186.5.E 

Hiles, John, camp. Short voluntaries for the organ. &v. \^ft.VW. 


Jackson, Samuel, comp. Gems for the organ. 186.5. J 

Le£6bure-Wely, L. J. A. La Salute Chapelle : vade mecum de 

l'organlste. Vol. 2. 186. 5.L 

Schnecker, P. A., comp. The organist at home : a collection of 

classical and modern compositions arranged for the parlor 

organ. 2v. 186.5.86 

Shelley, H. R., comp. Gems for the organ. 186.5.S8 

Simpson, J. W., comp. Parish harmonies : a collection of organ 

music for church and home use. 186.5.S 

Tritant, Gustave. L'ofUce pratique de l'organlste. Vols. 2, 8, 

and 5. 186.5.T 


Doe, John, pseud. The bridge manual : an illustrated practical 
course of instruction and complete guide to the conventions 
of the game. 1901. 795 D67 

Gasper, Howland. The complete sportsman : a manual of 
scientific and practical knowledge designed for the instruction 
and information of all votaries of the gun. 1893. f 799 G21 

Leffingwell, W. B. Shooting on upland, marsh, and stream : a 
series of articles written by prominent sportsmen, descriptive 
of hunting the upland birds of America, shooting ducks, 
prairie chickens, grouse, wild turkeys, wild geese, wild 
pigeons, snipe, quail, woodcock, and plovers. 1890. f 799 L52s 

Orvis, C. F., and Cheney, A. N. Fishing with the fly : sketches 
by lovers of the art, with illustrations of standard flies. 
1898. t 799 079 

Van Dyke, T. 8. The still-hunter. 1901. f 799 V28 


AJden, R. M. The art of debate. 1900. 808.5 A86 

Arnold, Sir Edwin. The voyage of Ithobal. 820 A75v 

" A narrative poem, relating to the circumnavigation of Africa by a Phoe- 
nician seaman at the command of Pharaoh." 

Bates, Arlo. Talks on writing English. Second series, 1901. 

808 B31 


Candage, R. Q. F. Gathered autumn leaves, by Versicus. 
1901. = 820 C21 

Deechamps, Gaston. La vie et les livres. 1894-1900. 5v. t 

840.1 D45 

Harrison, Frederic. George Washington and other American 

addresses. 1901. 824 H31g 

Content* : —George Washington and the republican Ideal.— Abraham Lin. 
ooln.— Millenary of King Alfred.— Writing* of King Alfred.— The Dutch 
republic— Recent biographies of Cromwell.— Republicanism and democ- 
racy.— Personal reminiscence*.— Municipal government.— The nineteenth 

Hay, John. Poems. 1899. 820 H41 

Higginson, T. W. American orators and oratory, being a 
report of lectures delivered at Western Reserve university, 
under the auspices of the Western Reserve chapter, Daughters 
of the American Revolution. 1901. 808.5 H68 

Iiamb, Charles). Complete works. With introduction and notes 
by Alfred Alnger. 
Essays of Ella. 1899. 824 L17a 

Poems, plays, and miscellaneous essays. 1895. 824 LI 7b 

Mrs. Leicester's school, and other writings in prose and verse. 

1897. 824 L17C 

Tales from Shakespeare, by Charles and Mary Lamb. 1899. 

824 L17d 
Letters. Newly arranged, with additions. 1897. 2v. 824 L17e 

Iiamb, Charles) and Mary. Tales from Shakespeare. With in- 
troductions and additions by F. J. Furnivall; illustrated by H. 
Copping. 1901. 2v. Art Case 

Meredith, George. Poems. 1899. 820 M55 

Phillips, Stephen. Marpeesa. 1901. 820 P56m 

Shakespeare, W. Tweife night, or, what you will. Ed. by H. 
H. Furness. 1901. [Vol. 13 of A new variorum edition of 
SKaketpeare.] 1869.26 

Shepperd, E1L Plantation songs for my lady's banjo, and other 
negro lyrics and monologues. With pictures from life, by 
J. W. Otts. 1901. 898.8 854 


Shields, O. W. The reformer of Geneva : an historical drama. 

1898. = 822 855 

Smith, Alice Dew-. The diary of a dreamer. 1901. 824 864 

Essays by a cultured English wo man. 

Wallace, H. B. Literary criticisms, and other papers. 1866. — 

824 W19 

Alger, B. A. The Spanish- American war. 1901. 978.89 A89 

Auburn, Mass. Vital records of Aabnrn (formerly Ward). 
With the inscriptions from the old burial grounds, collected 
and arranged by F. P. Rice. 1900. 674.7 A 

Biggar, H - P* The early trading companies of New France : 
a contribution to the history of commerce and discovery in 
North America. 1901. 971 B48 

Boston, Mass. History of the Boston Massacre, March 6, 1770 ; 
consisting of the narrative of the town, the trial of the sol- 
diers, and a historical introduction, containing unpublished 
documents of John Adams, and explanatory notes, by Frederic 
Kidder. 1870. 974.45 B41 

Bourne, E. G. Essays in historical criticism. [Tale bicenten- 
nial publications.] 1901. 904 B66 

. Contents: — The legend of Marcus Whitman.— The authorship of the 
Federalist. — Madison's studies in the history of Federal government.— 
Prince Henry the navigator.— The demarcation line of Pope Alexander VI. — 
Seneca and the discovery of America. — The proposed absorption of Mexico 
in 1847-48.— Leopold von Ranke.— Ranke and the beginning of the seminary 
method In teaching history. — Francis Parkman. — James Anthony Fronde. 

Boylston, Maaa. Vital records. 1900. 674.17 Bl 

Brady, C. T. Colonial fights and fighters : stories of explora- 
tion, adventure, and battle on the American continent prior to 
the war of the revolution. 1901. 978.2 B79 

Burgeaa, J. W. The civil war and the constitution, 1859-1865. 
1901. 2v. 978.71 B91 

Cambridge, Maaa. The records of the town of Cambridge 

(formerly Newtowne), Massachusetts, 1680-1703. 1901. = 



Oodman, John, 2nd. Arnold's expedition to Quebec, [1775-76.] 
1901. 973.33 C64 

Bmery, Edwin. History of 8 an ford, Maine, 1661-1900. 1901. 664.2 

Fitegibbon, Maurice. Arts under arms : an university man in 
khaki. 1901. 968.2 F57 

Florence, of Worcester. The chronicle of Florence of Wor- 
cester, with the two continuations; comprising annals of 
English history, from the departure of the Romans to the 
reign of Edward I. Translated from the Latin, with notes 
and illustrations, by Thomas Forester. 1854. = 942.01 F66 

Frothingham, Richard. The centennial: Battle of Bunker 
Hill. 1875. 973.83 F93 

Gorren, Aline. Anglo-Saxons and others. 1900. 901 668 

Contents: — Certain sociologists and the Anglo.Saxons.-The new empire.— 
The gospel of action. — Anglo~8axon humanitarlanlsm.— The religious- 
commercial instinct. — The higher civilization. — Relative ethics. 

Hart, A. B., editor. American history told by contemporaries. 
1897-1901. 4v. 973 H32a 

Vol. 1. Era of colonization, 1492-1689. 

2. Building of the republic, 1689-1783. 

3. National expansion, 1783-1845. 

4. Welding of the nation, 1846-1900. 

These volumes contain contemporary material extracted from books, news- 
papers, letters, periodicals, government documents, and other sources. 

Hemstreet, Charles. The story of Manhattan. 1901. 974.75 N4h 

Jacobs, Joseph. Jewish ideals, and other essays. 1896. 933 J 15 

Contents:— Jewish ideals.— The God of Israel: a history.— Mordecai: a 
protest against the critics.— Browning's theology. — The true, the only, 
and the common solution of the Jewish question.— Jchuda llalevl, poet and 
pilgrim.— Jewish diffusion of folk-tales. — The London Jewry, 1290. — Little 
St. Hugh of Lincoln.— "Aaron son of the devil."— Jewish history, Its alms 
and methods. 

Latimer, E. W. Italy in the nineteenth century and the making 

of Austria-Hungary and Germany. 1898. 945.08 L84 

Lilly, W. 8. Renaissance types. 1901. 940.6 L6S 

Contents:— Genesis of the Renaissance. — Michael Angelo, the artist.— 
Erasmus, the man of letters. — Reuchlln, the savant. — Luther, the revolu- 
tionist. — More, the saint.— The results of the Renaissance. 


Massachusetts. Secretary of the Commonwealth. Massachu- 
setts soldiers and sailors of the revolutionary war. Vol. 8. 
Hme-Jyp. 1901. =* R. B. 

Mereness, N. D. Maryland as a proprietary province. 1901. 

952.2 M54 

Northborough, Mass. Vital records. 1901. 674.14 N 

Pennsylvania, University of. Department of History. Trans- 
lations and reprints from the original sources of European 
history. Vols. 1-6. 1897-1900. 940 P88 

Phillips, W. A. Modern Europe, 1815-1899. 1901. 940 P41 Vol. 8 

Bobbins, Chandler. The regicides sheltered in New England. 
1869. = 942.062 B54 

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Mejico. 1822. 5v. = 972 868 

Taylor, H. O. Ancient ideals : a study of intellectual and 

spiritual growth from early times to the establishment of 

Christianity. 2v. 1900. 901 T21 

"An attempt to treat human development from the standpoint of the Ideals 
of the different races, as these races disclose themselves in the art and litera- 
ture, in the philosophy and religion, and in the conduct and political fortunes 
of each race."— Preface. 

Its sterling merits "have been generally recognised both in this country and 
in England."— barton. 

Tomlinson, Everett. A short history of the American revolu- 
tion. 1901. 978.8 TBS 
The author aims especially at presenting a readable narrative. 

Townsend, Meredith. Asia and Europe : studies presenting the 
conclusions formed by the author in a long life devoted 
to the subject of the relations between Asia and Europe. 
1901. 950 T66 

The author was for twelve years editor of The Friend of India, and is now 
joint editor of The Spectator. 

Worcester County, Mass. Worcester county warnings, 1737- 
1788. With an introduction by Francis E. Blake, and an index 
of surnames. 1899. 674.14 W5 




Bacon, Mrs. Henry. Our houseboat on the Nile. 1901. 962.5 N6b 

The itorj of a voyage between the first and second cataract. Mrs. Bacon 
tells of the difficulties of hiring and fitting the dahabeyah, the character of 
the crew, and the incidents of daily life on board, and describes the explora- 
tion of old temples, excursions into the desert, and the natives as she saw 
them. Mr. Bacon's illustrations are what might be expected from an artist 
of snob distinction. 

Beavan, A. H. Imperial London. 1901. 942.5 L8be 

A series of sketches of modern London with numerous excellent Illustrations. 

Bradley, A. Q. Highways and byways in the lake district. 
1901. 942.6 B72 

Edwards, M. Betham-. France of to-day : a survey compara- 
tive and retrospective. 1892-94. 2v. 944.6 E26 

Fox, John, jr. Blue-grass and rhododendron : out-doors in old 
Kentucky. 1901. 976.96 F83 

Hearn, Lafcadio. A Japanese miscellany. 1901. 952.6 H35j 

Strange stories, folk-lore gleanings, and studies here and there. 

Merriam, C. H., editor. Alaska. 1901. 2v. [Harriman Alaska 

expedition, with cooperation of Washington Academy of 

Sciences.] Art case 

Vol 1. Narrative, glaciers, natives. By John Burroughs, John Muir, and 
G. B. Grinnell. 
2. History, geography, resources. By W. H. Dall, Charles Keeler, 
B. E. Fernow, Henry Gannett, W. H. Brewer, C. H. Merriam, 
G. B. Grinnell, and M. L. Washburn. 

Stevenson, R. L. In the South Seas: being an account of 
experiences and observations in the Marquesas, Paumotus, 
and Gilbert Islands in the course of two cruises on the yacht 
Casco (1888) and the schooner Equator (1889). 1899. 996.3 S84 

Treves, Fratelli, publishers. Rome and the environs, with plans. 
1891. = 945.5 H6t 

Van Dyke, J. C. The desert : further studies in natural appear- 
ances. 1901. 978 V28 
" My book Is only an excuse for talking about the beautiful things in this 
desert world that stretches down the Pacific Coast, and across Arizona and 
Sonora. The desert has gone a-begging for a word of praise these many 
years. It never had a sacred poet; it has in me only a lover.' 



Dictionary of National biography. Ed. by Sidney Lee. Supple- 
ment. 1901. 3v. Ref. 66.96 


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Badminton hunt; with a sketch of the rise of the Somerset 
family. 1901. E.B3806.d 

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scendants, 1620-1901. 1901. = E.B4375 

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Luther Blanchard, Acton minute-men, 1775. 1899. E.B5965 

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1886. = E.C3485.ra 

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1651-1715. 1901. E.F358.S 

Francis, Saint. Herkless, John. Francis and Dominic and the 
mendicant orders. 1901. E.F847.h 

Glyndwr. Bradley, A. G. Owen Glyndwr, and the last strug- 
gle for Welsh independence ; with a brief sketch of Welsh 
history. 1901. E.G525.b 

Goethe, J. W. von. Conversations of Goethe with Eckermann 
and Soret. Trans, by John Oxen ford. 1898. t E.G555.e 

Green, J. R. Letters of John Richard Green. 1901. E.G825 

Haile. In memoriara, William Henry Hailc, born September 23, 

1833, died February 13, 1901. = E.H1825 

Mr. Haile served two terms In the Massachusetts Senate and was elected 
Lieutenant-Governor in 1WJ9, 1690, and 1891. 


Herschel. Sime, James, William Herschel and his work. 1900. 

Jefferson. Curtis, W. E. The true Thomas Jefferson. 1901. 

" Not a formal biography. ... A series of sketches as graphic and as 
accurate as possible, without partisanship or prejudice."— Note. 


Leo XIII. McCarthy, Justin. Pope Leo XIII. [1896.] E.L554.m 

Longfellow. Mc II wraith, J. N. A book about Longfellow. 1900. 
Luther. Lindsay. T. M. Luther and the German Reformation. 

1900. E.L968.1 

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Marlborough, Duchess of Molloy, J. F. The queen's comrade : 
the life and times of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. 1901. 


Marshall. Dickinson, M. F., editor. John Marshall: the trib- 
ute of Mass., being the addresses delivered at Boston and 
Cambridge, Feb. 4, 1901, in commemoration of the 100th an- 
niversary of his elevation to the bench as Chief Justice of the 
Supreme Court of the United States. 1901. E.M3615.d 

Mary I., Queen of England. Stone, J. M. The history of Mary I., 
queen of England. 1901. 942.054 M3s 

Mary, Queen of Scots. Lang, Andrew. The mystery of Mary 

Stuart. 1901. f 941.05 M891 

Mignet, F. A. M. The history of Mary, Queen of Scots. 1899. 

941.05 M39mi 

Maude, Aylmer. Tolstoy and his problems, essays. 1901. E.T588.m 

Content* : — Leo Tolstoy.— Talks with Tolstoy.— What is artf (1) An 
introduction, (2) Tolstoy's theory of art. — How Tolstoy wrote Resurrec- 
tion.— Introducton to The slavery of our times.— After the Tsar's coro- 
nation.— Right and wrong.— War and patriotism.— The Doukhobors : a 
Russian exodus. 

Moody. Moody, W. R. The life of Dwight L. Moody, by his 
son. 1900. E.M7785.m 

Morris, Clara. Life on the stage: my personal experiences 
and recollections. 1901. E.M8868 


Mowbray, Sir John, bart. Seventy years at Westminster. 1900. 

Palmer, John M. Personal recollections : the story of an earn- 
est life. 1901. E.P192 

John M. Palmer, born in 1817, served as State senator in Illinois, 1882-6; as 
presidential elector on the Republican ticket, 1840; a? delegate to the peace 
convention In Washington, 1861 ; and as major-general In the Civil War. 
From 1*69-73, he was Republican governor of Illinois. He later rejoined 
the Democratic party and was In the United States Senate from 1891-7. In 
1896 he was the presidential candidate of the " Gold " Democrats. He died 
Sept. 25, 1900. 

Bossetti. Cary, E. L. The Rossettis : Dante Gabriel and Chris- 
tina. 1901. 

Savonarola. M' Hardy, George. Savonarola. 1901. E.Sa955.m 

Smith. Beavan, A. H. James and Horace Smith, joint authors 
of Rejected addresses : a family narrative based upon hitherto 
unpublished private diaries, letters, and other documents. 
1899. E.Sm570 

Stevenson. Balfour, Graham. The life of Robert Louis Ste- 
venson. 1901. 2v. 

Tuckwell, W. Reminiscences of Oxford. 1900. 378.42 09t 

"[His] youth was passed in Oxford; and after he took his degree he was 
for many years Headmaster of the New College choir school. His reminis- 
cences, therefore, up to 1804 .... are particularly full and interesting . . . 
A great many of Mr. Tuckweli's sketches belong to the early history of the 
scientific and musical movements in Oxford . . . These chapters are proba- 
bly what will make the book of some permanent value." — Spectator. 

Webster. Hillard, G. S. t editor. A memorial of Daniel Webster, 

from the city of Boston. 1853. = E.W3986.DO 

Wesley. Snell, F. J. Wesley and Methodism. 1900. E.W5155.8 


Arnim, M. A. B., Grajin von. The benefactress, by the author 

of Elizabeth and her German garden. A749.4 

Bangs, J. K. Over the plum-pudding. B222.17 

Bankes, Nugent. An Eton boy's letters. B224.1 

Amusing experiences naively told, presenting a vivid picture of life at Eton. 



Barr, Mrs. A. B. The lion's whelp 9 . B 275. 38 

A story of Cromwell's time. 

Barr, Robert. The victors. B2754.9 

A political novel. 

Barr, Walter. Shacklett. B2758.1 

Showing the evolution of a Western statesmen. 

Becke, Louis. Yorke the adventurer, and other stories. B3927.9 

Benson, B. K. A friend with the countersign. B445.2 

A stirring story of the Civil War. The hero Is a spy for Meade and Grant. 

Besant, Sir Walter. The lady of Lynn. B469.34 

Blanchard, A. E. Because of conscience. B595.6 

The adventures of certain Huguenots in old New York. 

Brady, C. T. The Qaiberon touch. B734.6 

Brown, Alice. Margaret Warrener. B814.5 

Bullen, F. T. The apostles of the southeast. B862.1 

Bullock, Shan F. Irish pastorals. B8G8.3 

Burnett. Mrs. F. H. The making of a Marchioness. B939.18 

Cable, O. W. The cavalier. 0117.9 

A tale of the Civil War. 

Calkins, F. W. My host the enemy, and other tales. C134.1 

Sketches of life and adventure In the West. 

Cambridge, Ada. The devastators. C145.8 

Carey, B. N. Herb of grace. C193.24 

Catherwood, Mrs. K. H. Lazarre. C287.14 

Chambers, B. W. Cardigan. C3591.8 

Frontier life in colonial New York and Pennsylvania, ending with the Con. 

cord fight In 1775. 

Chesnutt, C. W. The marrow of tradition. C4345.4 

A story dealing with present-day problems at the South. 

Connor, Ralph. The man from Glengarry : a tale of the Ottawa. 


Cooke, G. M., and McKinney, A. B. Mistress Joy. C778.1 

A tale of Natchez In 1796. 
Couch, A. T. Q. The laird's luck, and other fireside tales. C835.9 
Crawford, F. M. Marietta : a maid of Venice. C857.32 

Crockett, 8. B. Love idylls. C875.22 

Crowley, K. 0. A daughter of New France, with some account 

of the gallant Sieur Cadillac and his colony on the YtetaoW. C$ft^.\ 



Daskam, J. D. The imp and the angel. D268.3 

Devereux, Mary. Up and down the sands of gold. D499.2 

Douglas, A. M. A Sherburne inheritance. D749.86 

Farjeon, B. L. The pride of race. F227.22 

Flaubert, Gustave. Salammbo. F618.1 

Gilliat, Edward. God save King Alfred. G415.8 
Hewlett, M. H. Life and death of Richard Yea-and-nay. H498.3 

Hichena, R. 8. The prophet of Berkeley Square. H526.4 

Hornung, E. W. Raffles. H793.12 
Further adventures of the Amateur Cracksman. 

Jacobs, W. W. Light freights. 

Delightfully humorous delineations of " the trials, the pleasures and the 

point of view of the sailorman." 
Janvier, T. A. In gieat waters. 

Four stories of the sea, by the author of The Patting o/Thomat. 
Jewett, S. O. The Tory lover. 

A love story of the Revolution. 

Jordan, E. G. Tales of the city room, f 

Newspaper stories. 
Tales of the cloister. 
King, Basil. Let not man pat asunder. 

Kipling, Budyard. Kim. 

Kipling's latest work shows " a marvelous knowledge and intuition of the 
multitudinous and infinitely varied life of India." 

Kirk, E. O. Oar Lady Vanity. K635.14 

Lassie, by the author of Miss Toosey's mission. M697.22 

LeFeuvre, Amy. Heather's mistress. L630.1 

Lefevre, Edwin. Wall street stories. L5305.1 

Lloyd, Nelson. A drone and a dreamer. L783.2 

Looney, L. P. Tennessee sketches. L882.1 

Lyall, Edna, pseud. In spite of all. L985.13 

Macdonald, Ronald. God save the king. MU6.2 

Mackie, P. L. The Washingtonians. M215.4 

Washington official society in the early sixties. 

Kalet, Lucas, pseud. The history of Sir Richard Calm ad y. M297.6 

Mason, A. E. W. Clementina. M381.5 

A romance of the early part of the eighteenth century when James Stuart 
was young. 



J 559. 15 







Mathews, F. A. My Lady Peggy goes to town. 

Merwin, Samuel. The road to Frontenac. 

Mitchell, J. A. The pines of Lory. 

Mitchell, 8. W. Circumstance. 

Montreeor, F. F. The alien : a story of middle age. 

Moore, F. F. A nest of linnets. 




An eighteenth-century romance In which appear Sheridan, WaJpole, 
8elwyn, Dr Johnson and Goldsmith. 

Morris, Gouverneur. Tom Beanllng. M835.1 

Mowbray, J. P. The making of a country home. M875.2 

" The record of an ordinary man's experience and success In his efforts to 
make a home lor himself in the country ."—Preface. 

Noble, A. L., and Collin, G. L. A crazy angel. N667.2 

Paine, A. B. The van dwellers : a strenuous quest for a home. 

Parker, Gilbert. The right of way. P227.15 

Pemberton, Max. Love, the harvester : being a story of the 

gleaners in the winter of the year, and of those that went a 

hunting in the days when George III. was king. F872.12 

Prichard, K. and Hesketh. Karadac, Count of Gersay. P946.2 

Robertson, Morgan. Shipmates. R554.8 

Blosson, Mrs. A. T. Story-tell Lib. S634.4 

Somerville, Henry. Jack Racer. S725.1 

A story of a western prairie town. 
Spearman, F. H. Held for orders. 

Stories of railroad life. 

Sturgis, Julian. Stephen Calinari. 

Scene,— Oxford, London and Constantinople. Time,— the RuflflO -Turkish 

war of 1877. 
Taylor, M. I. Anne Scarlett. 

A story of Boston in the days of witchcraft. 
Thompson, Maurice. Rosalynde's lovers. 
Thruston, L. M. Mistress Brent. 

A tale of Lord Baltimore's colony In 1038. 

Van Dyke, Henry. The ruling passion : tales of nature 

human nature. 
Van Vorst, Bessie and Marie. Bagsby's daughter. 







Wells, H. G. The first men In the moon. W468.5 

Westcott, E. N. The teller. W5325.2 

Followed by a few letters of the author relating chiefly to the rejection of 
the manuscript of David Harum by various publishers, and a brief biographi- 
cal sketch by F. Heermans. 

White, E. O. John Forsyth's aunts. W589.8 

Winter, J. S., pseud. The price of a wife. W787.21 

Yeats, S. L. The traitor's way. T188.4 


Appleton, Daniel, and Co. Elementary geography. [1880.] = 

J910 A64 
Avery, Harold. Heads or tails. JA954.1 

A good story of schoolboy life. 

Barbour, R. H. Captain of the crew. JB235.8 

Brooks, Noah. First across the continent. 1901. 978 B79 

The story of the famous exploring expedition af Lewis and Clark in 1803- 
1806, when the West was an untiavelled wilderness. 

Brown, H. D. Her sixteenth year. JB817.4 

Continues the story of Little Mist Phoebe Gay. 

Brunei, George. Fan with magic: am using experiments in 
physics, chemistry, and geometry. 1901. 791 B88 

Cheever, H. A. Madame Angora. [1901.] j590 C41 

About a cat. 

Cochrane, Robert, editor. More Animal stories. 1901. J590C64 

Companion series. Oar country : west. J974 C78a 

Articles reprinted from the Youth's Companion, relating to Alaska, the 
Rockies, and the Plains. 

Crompton, F. E. Gatty and I. JC887.3 

Doubleday, Russell. A year in a yawl. JD789.2 

A true story of the voyage of four boys in a thirty-foot yawl, from Lake 
Michigan, down the Mississippi, up the Atlantic ooast to Norfolk, Philadel- 
phia and New York, up the Hudson, through the Erie Canal and the lakes, 
reaching home after a 7,000 mile journey. 

Drysdale, William. Pine Ridge plantation. 

The trials and successes of a young cotton planter. 


French, Allen. The junior cap. JF887.1 

A story of schoolboy athletics. 

Gibbon, J. M. The true annals of fairy land : Old King Cole. 

Hammond, T. W. On board a whaler. jH 195.1 

Henty, G. A. At the point of the bayonet : a tale of the Mah- 

rattawar. JH405.76 

To Herat and Cabnl : a story of the first Afghan war. JH405.75 
James, Martha. My friend Jim : a story of real boys and for 

them. JJ235.1 

Johnson, Bossiter. Phaeton Rogers : a novel of boy life, j J 634. 2 
Johnston, A. F. The story of Dago. 1900. J590 J64 

About a mischievous monkey. 

Lang, A., editor. The violet fairy book. JL255.13 

Long, W. J. Secrets of the woods. 1901. 591 L85b 

Sketches of wildlife, by the author of Ways of Wood Folk and Wilderness 

Lucas, E. V. and E. What shall we do now? A book of sug- 
gestions for children's games and employments. 1901. J790 L96 
Macdonald, M. P. Trefoil : a story of a girls' society. jM 148.1 
Maclaren, Ian, pseud. Young barbarians. JM222.5 

Moffett, Cleveland. Careers of danger and daring, 1901. J614.8 M72 
Morrison, C. E. The adventures of the pixies and eialnes. 

[1900.] JM838.1 

Monroe, Kirk. The belt of seven totems. JM929.27 
A story of Massasolt. 

A son of Satsuma; or, with Perry in Japan. JM929.28 
Patmore, C. K. D., compiler. The children's garland from the 

best poets. 1899. J811.8 P27 

Patteson, 8. L. Pussy Meow. [1901.] J590 P27 

The autobiography of a cat. 

Reynolds, Cuyler. The Rosamond tales : sixteen short stories 
intended for children . j R335 . 1 

Robins, Edward. A boy in early Virginia; or, adventures 
with Captain John Smith. JR552.1 


Sharp, Evelyn. Round the world to Wympland. J8582.4 
The youngest girl Id the school. JS682.3 
Smith, Mrs. M. P. W. Four on a farm. j 8656. 13 
Tappan, E. M. England's story. [1901.] J942 T16 
In the days of William the Conqueror. jT 165.2 
Thompson, A. E. Betty Seldon, patriot. JT373.1 
Thompson, E. S. Lives of the hunted, containing true accounts 
of the doings of five quadrupeds and three birds, and in eluci- 
dation of the same, over 200 drawings. 1901. 591 S491 
True, J. P. Morgan's men. JT765.4 

The ad ventures of a captain of cavalry daring the Revolution. 

Tucker, E. 8. The magic key. JT805.1 

Wade, M. H. Our little brown cousin. 1901. ]990 W12 

Our little Indian cousin. 1901. J970.1 W12 

Our little Japanese cousin. 1901. J960.6 W12 

Our little Russian cousin. 1901. J947.6 W12 

Wells, Carolyn. The merry-go-round. 1901. j811 W46 

Nonsense jingles, with Illustrations by Peter Newell. 

Wesselhoeft, L. F. High school days in Harbortown. JW515.10 

Zollinger, G. Maggie McLanehan. jZ 186.2 
By the author of The Widoio O'Callaghan't Boys. 


List op Photographs of Paintings. May, 1901. . . . Free 

Catalogue ok English Prosr Fiction. New and enlarged 

edition, containing additions to Jan. 1, 1901. 348 pp. . . .10 

The new edition may be obtained free of charge, by persons 
returning the old edition. 

Books for Boys and Girls. 1000. 128 pp 03 

Frkncii and German Books. 1900. 20 pp 02 

Bulletin. Issued Feb. 1, April 1, June 1, Oct. 1, Dec. 1. Free 

The Rivkrdale Prpss: C. A. W. Spencer. 





Free t 


.0, [-Vf/sic* /'or Me Orytttt, pp. 7J-74.~\ 

■c FEBRUARY, 1902 




VOL. Vin. No. 3 




Public Library of Brookline 



Charles II. Drew. 
Daniel Dulany Addison, Tappan B. Francis, 

R. G. F. Candage, J. Emory Hoar, 

James M. Codman, William H. Lyon, 

Prentiss Cummings, S. N. D. North, 

Desmond FitzGerald, Edward Stan wood, 

Leonard K. Storrs. 



The library is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily (except Sundays 
and Washington's Birthday, Patriots' Day, Memorial Day, Seven- 
teenth of Jane, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, 
and Christmas). 

The library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 


' v"N 

o 4 


A borrower who is desirous of obtaining a book — whether fiction 
or other work — which Is "oat" at the time of application, may 
receive notice when the book is next " in," by filling out and leaving 
at the delivery desk a printed postal card, which can be procured at a 
cost of one cent. 

In order to furnish home reading for children nnder twelve yeara 
of age, who cannot take ont regular library cards, a collection of 
books suitable for boys and girls nine, ten, or eleven years old has 
been placed in the Children's Reading Room in the rear part of the 
library building, where the books may be read at the tables or may 
be borrowed for use at home. 

This room is open every afternoon, except Sunday, from two till 
six o'clock, and also from ten until twelve o'clock Saturday mornings. 

Persons Interested in the fine arts will find enjoyment in examining 
the library's photographs of masterpieces of painting. The collec- 
tion already contains about a thousand photographs, and is being 
enlarged rapidly. At present the Italian schools have the largest 
representation, although there are many examples of Dutch, Flemish, 
English, French, German, and Spanish art. The photographs, on 
mounts measuring fourteen by eighteen inches, are kept in con- 
venient cabinets in the art alcove, where they may be freely examined 
by adults. They may also be borrowed for study at home. 

A printed catalogue of the collection may be obtained free of charge 
upon application at the delivery desk. 


indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


American book-prices current : a record of books, manuscripts, 
and autographs sold at auction in New York, Boston, and 
Philadelphia, from Sept. 1, 1900, to Sept. 1, 1901, with the 
prices realized. Compiled by L. S. Livingston. 1901. K. L. 

Ohamplin, J. D., jr. The young folks' cyclopaedia of litera- 
ture and art. 1901. Kef. 80.24 

Engineering Magazine. The engineering index. 1896-1900. 

Ref. 15.12 
An index to the contents of nearly 200 technical journals of the United 
States, Europe, Great Britain, and her colonies. The monthly continuation 
from the close of 1900 is to be found in the successive issues of the Engineering 

Harvard University. Catalogue. 1901-1902. = Ref. 75.81 

Lamed, J. N. History for ready reference from the best his- 
torians, biographers, and specialists, — their own words in a 
complete system of history. Vol. 6. Recent history. 1894-5 
to 1901. Ref. 30.87 

Minerva. Jahrbuch der gelehrten Welt. 1901-2. Ref. 60.17 

New York Tribune. Index to the New York Daily Tribune for 

1900. Ref. 15.16 

Fhyfe, W. H. P. Fire thousand facts and fancies. 1901. 

Ref. 25.90 
A cyclopaedia of important, curious, quaint, and unique information, in 
history, literature, science, art, and nature. 

Richardson, E. C. Classification, theoretical and practical. 

I. The order of the sciences. II. The classification of books. 

With a bibliographical history of systems of classification. 

[New York state library school association alumni lectures. 

1900-1901] 025.4 R39 

Skeat, W. W. A concise etymological dictionary of the English 

language. New ed. 1901. Ttet.^A^ 


Sturgis, Russell, and others. Dictionary of architecture and 
building, biographical, historical, and descriptive. 1901-1908. 
3v. Ref. 70.86 

Whitaker, Joseph, publisher. Almanack. 1902. Ref. 60.88 


Baldwin, J. M., ed. Dictionary of philosophy and psychology, 

giving a terminology in English, French, German, and Italian. 

With illustrations and extensive bibliographies. Vol. 1. 1901. 

Ref. 22.1 

Black, Hugh. Culture and restraint. [1901.] 248 B56 

The author discusses the varied relations of development through expression 
and repression, culture and asceticism. It is the old question of Hellenism 
versus Judaism, clothed in the garb of modern everyday life. Is man's 
nature to be thwarted, limited, or expanded? The conclusion reached is 
that, while each is good and even essential, the ideal of development is 
higher than that of repression. 

Calkins, M. W. An introduction to psychology. 1901. 150 C18 

Cams, Paul. The history of the devil and the idea of evil from 
the earliest times to the present day. 1900. t 235 C25 

Cheyne, T. K., and Black, J. S., eds. Encyclopaedia biblica : a 
critical dictionary of the literary, political, and religious his- 
tory, the archaeology, geography, and natural history of the 
Bible. Vols. 1-2. 1899-1901. Ref. 20.72 

Drake, S. G. Annals of witchcraft in New England and else- 
where in the United States, from their first settlement. 1869. 

133.4 D78 

Graham, R. B. C. A vanished Arcadia : being some account of 
the Jesuits in Paraguay, 1607 to 1767. 1901. 271.5 G76 

Great Religions of the World. 1901. 270.8 G79 

Contents:— Confucianism in the nineteenth century, by H. A. Giles.— Bud- 
dhism, by T. W. R. Davids. — Mohammedanism in the nineteenth century, 
by Oskar Mann.— -Brahmlnlsm, by Sir A. C Lyall.— Zoroastrianlsm and the 
Far si s, by D. Menant — Slkhlsm and the Sikhs, by Sir Lepel Griffin.— Posi- 
tivism : its position, aims, and ideals, by Frederic Harrison.— Babism, by B. 
D. Ross.— Jews and Judaism in the nineteenth century, by M. Gaster. — The 
outlook for Christianity, by Washington Gladden.— Catholic Christianity, 
bjr Cardinal Gibbons. 


Hutchinson, H. G. Dreams and their meanings. 1901. 135 1197 

Jackson, A. W. Deafness and cheerfulness. 1901. 179.9 J13 

A sympathetic book which will help not only the deaf, bat those who have 
to deal with them. 

Jastrow, Morris, jr. The study of religion. 1901. 201 J31 

Lang, Andrew. Cock lane and common-sense. 1896. 134 L25 

Content^ : Savage spiritualism.— Ancient spiritualism.— Comparative psychl- 
cal research. — Haunted booses. — Cock lane and common-sense.— Appari- 
tions, ghost*, and hallucinations.— Scrying or crystal-gazing.— The second 
sight.— Ghosts before the law.— A modern trial for witchcraft.— Presbyte- 
rian ghost hunters.- The logic of table-turning.— The ghost theory of the 
origin of religion. 

I#arned, J. N., ed. Multitude of counsellors: a collection of 

codes, precepts, and rules of life from the wise of all ages. 
1901. 170 L32 

I«owrie, Walter. Monuments of the early church. (Handbooks 

of archaeology and antiquities.) 1901. 246 L95 

Mitchell, H. G. The world before Abraham, according to 

Genesis i-xi., with an introduction to the Pentateuch. 1901. t 

222.1 M69 
Palmer, G. H. The field of ethics and the opinions of ordinary 

life. 1901. 170 P18 

** The object of the volume is to determine the place of ethics In a rational 
scheme of life, to distinguish it from ot her provinces of knowledge, and to 
consider what kind of beings the subjects of its study must be. The distinct 
charm of style makes the reading of it us fascinating as it is instructive." 

Pearson, Karl. The ethic of freethought, and other addresses 

and essays. 2d ed. 1901. 211 P31 

Content*:— Freethought.— Maimonides and Spinoza.— Meister Eckehart the 
mystic— Humanism in Germany.— Note on Jacob Wirapfellng.— The Influ- 
ence of Martin Luther on the social and intellectual welfare of Germany.— 
The kingdom of God in Mtinster.— The moral basis of socialism.— Socialism 
in theory and practice.— The woman's question.— Sketch of the relations of 
sex in Germany. — Socialism and sex. 

Rogers, A. K. A student's history of philosophy. 1901. 109 R63 

Stevens, G. B. Teaching of Jesus. 1901. 230 S84 

Strong, Joaiah. The times and young men. [1901.] 173.6 S92 

A short but practical philosophy of life to aid young men in adjusting their 
Ideas amid the conflicting changes of modern thought. 


Twentieth Century New Testament: a translation into modern 
English, made from the original Greek (Westcott & Hort's 
text). [1898-1901.] = 225.5 T92 

Part 1. The five historical books. 

2. Paul's letters to the churches. 

3. The pastoral, personal, and general letters ; and the Revelation. 

Vivian, O. and H. Romance of religion. 1901. 282 V83 

Worcester, Elwood. The book of Genesis in the light of modern 

knowledge. 1901. t 222.1 W89 

Wylie, J. H. The council of Constance to the death of John 

Hus. 1900. 270.5 W97 


Abbott, Lyman. The rights of man : a study in twentieth cen- 
tury problems. 1901. 321.4 A13 

Contents:— The conflict of the centuries.— The growth of democracy. — Politi- 
cal rights.— Industrial rights.— Educational rights.— Religious rights.— The 
American democracy. — American domestic problems. — American foreign 
problems.— The perils of democracy.— Safeguards.— The goal of democracy. 

Bayles, G. J. Woman and the law. 1901. 396.2 B3 

Not an every-man-his-own-lawyer manual, but a discussion of the present 
status before the law of women in the United States. 

Boies, H. M. The science of penology : the defence of society 
against crime. 1901. 364 B63 

The appendix contains statistics relative to crime In the United 8tates. 

Bucher, Carl. Industrial evolution. 1901. 330.4 B85 

" It would be hard to find a more thorough, stimulating and interesting vol. 
ume for the beginner in industrial history." — Nation. 

Clews, Henry. The Wall street point of view. 1900. 332.6 C59 
A series of essays upon modern business and finance. 

Clouston, W. A. Popular tales and fictions, their migrations 
and transformations. 1887. 2v. 398 C62 

Clow, F. B. Introduction to the study of commerce. With an 
introduction by F. W. Taussig. [1901.] 380 C62 

"The aim has been to produce a working manual for students whose grade 
of scholarship is that of the last year in a good secondary school or the first 

year thereafter, and who are *oou to pass from school Into practical life." 


80CI0L00T. 66 

Fairlie, J. A. Municipal administration. 1901. 352 F16 

Freeman, S. A. History of federal government, from the 
foundation of the Achaian League to the disruption of the 
United States. Vol. 1. General introduction; History of the 
Greek federations. 1863. = 342.38 F87 

This volume, which is all that Freeman finished of the work, was revised and 
enlarged by J. B. Bury and published in 1803 with the title History of 
Federal Government in Greece and Italy. 342.38 F87b. 

Giddings, F. H. Inductive sociology: a syllabus of methods, 
analyses, and classifications, and provisionally formulated 
laws. 1901. 300 G36 

fc, A. B. The foundations of American foreign policy; with 
a working bibliography. 1901. 327.7 H26 

Jeffery, W. A century of our sea story. 1900. 359 J36 

A readable narrative of the maritime history of England in the 10th century, 
describing the development of the navy, the merchant marine, and the life- 
saving service, trade exploration, wrecks and pirates, with new matter 
on sea-customs and language. 

MacCracken, H. M. The Hall of Fame. 1901. 378.7 N4m 

" The official book authorized by the New York University Senate as a state- 
ment of the origin and constitution of the Hall of Fame, and of its history 
np to the close of the year 1900." 

Macleod, H. D. History of economics. 1896. 330.9 M22 

Mason, A. G. Woman in the golden ages. 1901. 396 M38 

Mowry, A. M. The Dorr war ; or, the constitutional struggle in 
Rhode Island. 1901. 342.2 R3m 

Miinsterberg, Hugo. American traits from the point of view 
of a German. 1901. 974 M92 

Contents .—The Americans and the Germans.— -Education.— -Scholarship.— 
Women.— American Democracy. 

National Conference of Charities and Correction. Proceed- 
ings at the 28th annual session held in Washington, D. C, May, 
1901. = 360 N21 

Bowntree, B. 8. Poverty : a study of town life. 1901. 331.8 R79 


Shuey, E. L. Factory people and their employers. [1900.] 

331.8 S56 
" The author of this book does not consider the question of wages, strikes, 
union*, and arbitrations, but confines himself to a narration of the various 
methods devised by enlightened employers for Improving the lives of their 
humble coadjutors. The record, which is chiefly confiued to this country, 
is impressive and exhilarating."— Nation. 

Skeat, Walter. Fables and folk-tales from an eastern forest. 

1901. 398 S62 

" The Tales contained in this little volume were taken down from the lips of 
the Malay peasantry, in the twilight of their own tropical Jnnglo, during the 
progress of the Cambridge expedition of 1899 through the remoter states of 
the Malay Peninsula." — Introduction. 

Smith, Edward. England and America after independence: a 
short examination of their international intercourse, 1783- 
1872. 1900. 327.7 S64 

Stubbs, William. Select charters and other illustrations of 
English constitutional history from the earliest times to the 
reign of Edward I. 1900. 342.42 S93s 

Walker, Timothy. Introduction to American law. 10th ed. 
1895. 347 WIS 

Whibley, Leonard. Greek oligarchies, their character and 
organization. 1896. 342.38 W57 


, L. B. R. School, college, and character. 1901. 378 B76 

Contents: — Fathers, mothers, and freshmen. — Some old-fashioned doubts 
about new-fashioned education.— College honor.— tforae aspects of grammar, 
school training. — The transition from school to college. 

Chenery, Susan. As the twig is bent: a story for mothers 
and teachers. 1901. 649 C42 

" A book of special interest to parents of young children. It treats of the 
first peven years of the child'* life, and dealt) largely with the cultivation of 
character, the teuchiug of truthfulness, obedience, honor, and reverence." 


Forbush, W. B. The boy problem : a study in social pedagogy. 
With an introduction by G. Stanley Hall. 2d ed. 1901. 372 F74 

Contents : — Boy-life. — By-law* of boy-life. — Ways In which boys spontane- 
ously organize socially. — Social organizations formed for boys by adults. — 
Some i-uggestions as to how to help boys.— The boy problem in the church.— 
A directory of social organizations for boys. — A list of books and pamphlets 
about work with boys. — A reading course on the boy problem. 

Richmond, Ennis. The mind of a child. 1901. 372 R41 

A suggestive essay on the education of children, by the author of Boyhood. 

Search, P. W. An ideal school. 1901. [International educa- 
tion series.] 371 S43 

Sheldon, H. D. Student life and customs. 1901. [Interna- 
tional education series.] 371.8 S54 
A select critical bibliography on student societies, pp. 307-361. 

White, E. S. The art of teaching. 1901. 371 W58 


Dabney, J. P. The musical basis of verse. 1901. 426 D12 

*' A scientific study of the principles of poetic composition." 

Oertel, Hanns. Lectures on the study of language. 1901. [Yale 
bicentennial publications.] 404 029 


Bolton, Mrs. S. X. Our devoted friend, the dog. 1901. 636 B63 

Carpenter, Edward. Civilisation : its cause and cure, and other 

essays. 1900. t 604 C22 

Contents : — Civilisation : Its cause and cure.— Modern science. — The science 
of the future. — Defence of criminals.— Exfoliation : Lamarck versus Dar- 
win. — Custom. 

Groos, K. The play of animals. 1898. 591.5 G89 

Huntington, A. O. Studies of trees in winter. With an intro- 
duction by Charles S. Sargent. [1901.] 582 H92 
A description of the deciduous trees of northeastern America. 


Xirby, W. F. Familiar butterflies and moths. With 18 special 
plates containing 216 illustrations in colour. 1901. 595.78 K63 

Lounsberry, Alice. Southern wild flowers and trees, together 
with shrubs, vines, and various forms of growth. With 
coloured plates. 1901. 580.8 L98 

Morehouse, G. W. The wilderness of worlds : a popular sketch 
of the evolution of matter from nebula to man and return. 
The life-orbit of a star. 1898. f 528.1 M81 

Newcomb, Simon. The stars : a study of the universe. 1901. 

523.8 N48 

Peters, F. N. Modern chemistry, with its practical applications. 

1901. 540 P44 

Bepplier, Agnes. Fireside Sphinx. 1901. 686 B29 

" Miss Kcppllcr is an authority and an enthusiast on oats, and here traoea 
their history from their first appearance on the Nile down to the present 

Bice, Wallace. Animals: a popular natural history of wild 
beasts. 1901. 590 R36 

Richards, E. H. The cost of food : a study in dietaries. 
1901. 643 R39 

Serviss, G. P. Other worlds. 1901. 623.4 S49 

A readable, and at the same time, accurate presentation of the known facta 
and latest theories regarding the planets. The Nation says, " The chapter 
on the moon is ... . the most satisfactory presentment of that subject, 
always new and never exhausted, that has appeared in any modern popular 

Torrey, Bradford. Footing it in Franconia. 1901. 500 T63 

" Mr. Torrey describes the vacation doings of some enthusiastic nature* 
lovers in the beautiful valle.y-iiud-iuountain Franconia country. It has to do 
with nature as these happy people saw and enjoyed it." 

United States. Department of Agriculture. Division of Bio- 
logical Survey. Legislation for the protection of birds other 
than game birds, by T. S. Palmer. 1900. = 598.2 U5 

Warner & Swaaey. A few astronomical instruments from the 
works of Warner & Swasey, Cleveland, Ohio. 1900. = 522 W24 



DeVinne, T. I*. The practice of typography. Correct composi- 
tion : a treatise on spelling, abbreviations, the compounding 
and division of words, the proper use of figures and numerals, 
italic and capital letters, notes, etc., with observations on 
punctuation and proof-reading. 1901. 655 D49 

With a comparative list of variations In spelling complied from the best 
known English and American dictionaries, by P. J. Cassidy. 

James, G. W. Indian basketry. 1901. 689 J23 

Massachusetts. Board of Agriculture. The brown-tail moth. 
1898. Bound with The brown-tail moth : special bulletin of 
the Hatch Experiment Station of the Mass. Agricultural Col- 
lege. ^1897. 632 M37 

These pamphlets describe and picture the pest which has lately appeared in 

Sheldon, Samuel. Dynamo electric machinery, its construc- 
tion, design, and operation; direct current machines. By 
Samuel Sheldon, assisted by Hobart Mason. 2ded. 1901. 621.8 S54 

" Well adapted to meet the wants of the general reader who is seriously look- 
ing for information concerning dyuumo electric machinery." 

Thompson, Sir Henry. Diet in relation to age and activity, 

with hints concerning habits conducive to longevity. 1901. 613 T37 
Tunzelmann, G. W. de. Wireless telegraphy : a popular exposi- 
tion. 1901. 654.2 T88 
United States. Department of Agriculture. Division of Entomo- 
logy. The imported elm leaf-beetle. 1895. Bound with 
The imported elm leaf-beetle : circular of the Mass. Agri- 
cultural College. Hatch Experiment Station. 1901. 632 M38 
Geological survey. Water-supply and irrigation papers. Nos. 
10-U, 15-18. = 2079.16 
Usher, J. T. The modern machinist : a practical treatise on 

modern machine shop methods. 1900. 621.9 U85 

Worcester, Mass. Commission on abolition of grade crossings. 
Report by Rudolph llering, Desmond FitzGerald, F. A. Mc- 
Clure, March, 1899. = 625 W89 



Bell, Mr 8. Arthur. Lives and legends of the evangelists, apos- 
tles, and other early saints. 1901. 765 B41 

Bell, Malcolm. Rembrandt van Rijn. 1901. [Great masters in 

painting and sculpture.] 750 R38b 

Sir Edward Burne-Jones : a record and review. 1901. 750 B96b 

Berenaon, Bernhard. Lorenzo Lotto : an essay in constructive 
art criticism. 1901. 750L88b 

Bing, S., compiler. Artistic Japan : illustrations and essays, with 

coloured plates. [1888.] 709.52 B52 

Contents: — A Japanese drama; by A. Lequcux.— The Industrial arts and 
manufactures of Japan; by A. Lasenby Liberty.— Hints upon th* formation 
of a collection of Japanese art; by Marcus B. Huixh— On the role and influ- 
ence of the arts of the Far East and of Japan ; by Roger Marx. 

Oaffin, C. H. Photography as a fine art. 1901. 770 C12 

The author, Ignoring the technical side, devotes his text, accompanied by 
over a hundred illustrations, to showing the artistic possibilities of the 

Ghampney, £. W. Romance of the Renaissance chateaux. 
1901. 728.8 C36 

Clark, J. W. The care of books. 1901. 022 C55 

"An essay on the development of libraries and their fittings from the 
earliest times to the end of the eighteenth century." 

Cruttwell, Maud. Andrea Mantegna. 1901. [Great masters 
in painting and sculpture.] 750 M29c 

Earle, A. M. Old time gardens, newly set forth by Alice Morse 
Earle : a book of the sweet o' the year. 1901. 716 E13 

Hastings, Charles. The theatre, its development in France and 
England, and a history of its Greek and Latin origins. With 
an introductory letter from Victorien Sardou. [1901.] 792 1127 

Hatton, R. Q. Perspective for art students. [1901.] 742 H28 

Hurll, E. M. Land seer ; a collection of fifteen pictures and a 
portrait of the painter, with introduction and interpretation. 
1901. [The Riverside art series.] 750 L26h 

MUSIC. 71 

Jekyll, Gertrude. Wall and water gardens. 1901. 712 J38 

"A new book by Gertrude Jekyll is a delight to garden lovers. . . . Her 
catholicity of taste Is remarkable. She has an eye for the best In every style, 
and a happy faculty of pointing out just what it is that makes for real excel- 
lence. . . But, design aside, it is the class that cares about the growing 
of flowers for their own sake that finds the deepest satisfaction in Miss 
Jekyll's books."— Nation. 

Kalan, A. H., ed. Other famous homes of Great Britain, and 

their stories. 1901. Art case 

Murray, A. S. A history of Greek sculpture. 1890. 2v. 733 M96 

Strutt, E. C. Fra Filippo Lippi. 1901. 750 L76 

Whitman, Alfred. The print-collector's handbook. With 80 

illustrations. 1901. 760 W59 


Bach, J. 8. 371 vier8timmige Choralgesfinge. 186.B6 

Boise, O. B. Music and its masters. 1901. 780.2 B63 

Elson, Arthur. A critical history of opera ; giving an account 
of the rise and progress of the different schools, with a 
description of the master works in each. 1901. 781 £49 

Henderson, W. J. Richard Wagner, his life and his dramas. 
1901. 780 W13h 

" A biographical study of the man and an explanation of his work." 

Kevin, Ethelbert. Album of songs. 1899. 184.N3 

Maggio in Toscana (May in Tuscany): suite for piano; Un 

"Giorno in Venezla" (A day in Venice), for the pianoforte. 186.N2 

Piano compositions. 12 nos. in 1 v. 186.N3 

Songs. 8 nos. in 1 v. 184 N5 

Songs. 9 nos. in 1 v. 184.N6 

Songs. 12 nos. in 1 v. 184. N4 

Stuart, Leslie. Florodora: a musical comedy, f 182.7S 

Tschaikowsky, P. I. Concert, no. 1, B moll fUr Pianoforte mit 
Begleitung des Orchesters. Op. 23. Neue vora Componisten 
revidirte Ausgabe. Piano fortestimme (mit unterlegtem zweiten 
Pianoforte als Ersatz des Orchesters). 186 .T2 


Music for Organ. 

The following works are adapted to parlor and Liszt organs, or to 
the harmonium. Much of it is also available for a church organ, 
having suggestions for pedaling, and directions for registration and 

Andr6, Johann, publisher. Album f fir Harmonium. 186.5. A 

Bach, J. S. 101 chorals a 4 parties, reduits pour l'orgue on 
piano, par Auguste Durand. 186.B7 

Batiste, Edouard. Gordon's collection of organ voluntaries. 186.5.B2 

Last series of voluntaries for the organ. Ed. by J. Q. 

Lennon. 186.5. B8 

"One of the most noted organists of our time," " a musician of severe 
and unswerving ta«te," according to Grove's Dictionary of Music. Many of 
the numbers in the two volumes are familiar organ-pieces ; but it is not 
generally known that with two or three exceptions they do not require a 
separate p»dal register. 

Battman, J. L. Gems for the cabinet organ. 186.5.B4 

Le trSsor des organistes : cent morceauz pour orgue-harmon- 
ium, divis£s en dlx offices, dont deux offices fnnebres. 186.5.B5 

Burton, G., comp. Select voluntaries for the pipe or reed 
organ, by renowned French authors. Vol. 1. 186.5.B6 

Works by Mourlan, Rousseau, W61y, Loret, and Salome. 

Diebold, J. 175 neue Orgelstucke ftir anfangende und forge- 
schrittenere Organisten, zum Gebrauch beim Gottesdienste 
und zum Studinm komponicrt, gcsammelt und herausgegeben. 
Mit vielen Original beitiagcn liervorragcnder Tonkiinstler der 
Gegenwart. 186.5.D1 

Elliott, J. W., comp. The St. George's voluntaries for Ameri- 
can organ, harmonium or organ, suitable for church and 
home. 186.5.E1 

Voluntaries arranged for the harmonium. 2v. 186.5.E 

A good collection by a well-known Knglinh organist of selections from 
classical composers, and also from the work of the best modern English 
writers of sacred music. 

Fique, Carl, comp. The new practical organist: a collection of 
preludes, offertories, and postludes. 1892. 186.5.F 


Gigout, Engine. Album Gr6gorien poor orgue on harmonium 

en deux volumes. 1895. 186.5.G 

Hiles, John, comp. Short voluntaries for the organ. 8v. 186.5.H 

Jackson, Samuel, comp. Gems for the organ. 186.5. J 

An excellent oollectlon, largely from classical sources, of melodious and not 
difficult compositions for the parlor organ. 

Janaen, F. G., comp. Harmonium-Album : 100 transcriptions de 
morceaux classiques. 18G.5.J2 

Lefebure-Wely, L. J. A. La Sainte Chapelle : vade mecum de 
Forganiste. 2v. 186.5.L 

One of the most noted of modern French organists,— 1817-1809. Organist at 
the Madeleine, 1847-1858; at St. Sulpice, 1863-1809. He has been called " the 
Anber of the organ." His services in popularizing the reed organ were 
great, and the two volumes, La Sainte Chapelle, are made up of a scries 
of short voluntaries specially composed for that instrument. Some of them 
are very brilliant. 

Leybach, J. L'organiste pratique : 120 morceaux f aciles pour 
harmonium ou orgue. Vol. 2. 186.5.L2 

Murray, J. B., comp. Murray's 100 organ voluntaries : a special 
collection of easy and tasteful organ music, selected and 
arranged from the best writers. 186. 5.M 

Binck, J. 0. H. Rinck-Album : Sammlung der beliebtesten 

Orgelcompositionen. 186. 5. R 

The works of this composer are always solid and dignified, and are a safe 
guide to the formation of good taste in form and execution. 

Bchnecker, P. A., comp. The organist at home : a collection of 

classical and modern compositions arranged for the parlor 

organ. 2v. 186.5.S6 

Simple arrangements of well-known clussics, as well as selections from 
the works of modern composer*, such as Wagner, Tschaikownki, 
Moskowskl, Bizet, Gounod, and others. 

Seeger, 0., ed. The practical organist, consisting of a choice 
collection of classical and modern organ-compositions. 
Vols. 3-4. 186.5.S9 

Shelley, H. B., comp. Gems for the organ. 186.5. S3 

A collection of classical and modern music transcribed for the parlor organ. 
The arrangement Is unusually satisfactory. 


Simpson, J. W., comp. Parish harmonies : a collection of organ 
music for church and home use. 186.5.S 

Stearns, G. C, comp. The organists' sketch book : a new collec- 
tion of pieces for pipe or reed organ. 1895. 186.5.S8 

Tritant, Gustavo. L'offlce pratique de l'organiste. Vols. 2, 8, 
and 5. 186.5.T 

Vilbac, Renaud de, comp. Perles de l'harmonium : 80 transcrip- 
tions de morceaux classiques. 186. 5. V 

Wachs, F., comp. La chapelle catholiqae: offer to ires, eleva- 
tions, communions, sorties, marches, antiennes, etc., pour 
toutes les c£r6monies da culte. Vol. 1. 186. 5. W 


Dalton, W. Bridge abridged : or, practical bridge. 1901. 795 D17 

H., H. The scientific education of dogs for the gun. f 636 H 

Marbury, Mrs. M. O. Favorite flies and their histories, with 
many replies from practical anglers to inquiries concerning 
how, when, and where to use them. Illustrated by 32 col- 
ored plates of flies, etc. 1896. f 799 M38 


Archer, William. Poets of the younger generation. 1901. 813 A67 

Bennett, E. A. Fame and Action : an enquiry into certain popu- 
larities. 1901. 814 B43 
Light essays on modern fiction-writers and various recent popular novels. 

Birrell, Augustine. Essays and addresses. 1901. 811 B53e 

Contents : —John Wesley.— \\ hat, then, did happen at the Reformation.— 
The Christian evidences.— The ideal university — Walter Bagchot.— James 
Anthony Froude.— Robert Browning.— Is it possible to tell a good book 
from a bad one? — The House of Commons. — Sir Robert Peel. 

Burroughs, John, ed. Songs of nature. 1901. 821 B94 

Carman, B., and Hovey, B. More songs from Vagabondia. 
1899. t 820 C28m 


Downer, 0. A. Fr6d£ric Mistral : poet and leader in Provence. 

1901. [Colombia University studies in romance philology, 

and literature.] 849 D76 

Contents : — The revival of the Provencal language. — The poetical works of 
Mistral — Conclusions.— Appendix : Translation of the Psalm of Penitence; 

Drummond, W. H. Johnnie Conrteaa, and other poems. 

1901. f 820 D79 

Garnet, Richard. Essays of an ex-librarian. 1901. 811 619 

Contents : — On translating Homer.— The date and occasion of The tem- 
pest.— The poetry of Coleridge. — Shelley and Lord Beaconsfield. — The 
story of Gycia.— The love-story of Lulgi Tansillo.— Beckford's Vathek.— 
Thomas Moore.— Thomas Love Peacock.— Matthew Arnold.— R. W. Emer- 
son. — Shelley's views on art. 

" Bookish essays of the best class, by a writer who is more than a book- 
man ." — Nation. 

Geikie, Cunningham. The vicar and his friends. 1901. 824 G81 

Gibb, E. J. W. A history of Ottoman poetry. Vol.1. 1900. 894 G35 

" My chief purpose In writing this book is not to supply Orientalists with a 
sketch of the development of Ottoman poetry, but to place within reach of 
English readers some account of a literature which has as yet hardly been 
touched upon by any writer In our language." — Preface. 

Gilder, Richard Watson. Poems and inscriptions. 1901. 820 G46p 

Hardy, Thomas. Poems of the past and present. [1901.] 820 H27 

Harrison, Frederic. George Washington, and other American 

addresses. 1901. 824 H31g 

Harrison, J. L., comp. In college days : recent varsity verse. 

1901. 821 H24 

Howells, W. D. Heroines of fiction. 1901. 2 v. 814 H88 

" These two volumes constitute Mr. Howells's most extensive and Important 
contribution to critical literature. Though the Heroines receive particular 
attention, he really passes in review the whole work of the most distin- 
guished English novelists, from Richardson to Mrs. Ward, including in their 
company a few Americans." — Xation. 

Markham, Edwin. Lincoln and other poems. 1901. 820 M341 

Moody, William Vaughn. Poems. 1901. 820 M81 

Newcomer, A. G. American literature. 1901. 815 N43 

The appendix contains a classified list of late and contemporary writers, 
chronological and bibliographical information, aud suggestions for reading 
and study. 


Onderdonk, J. L. History of American verse, 1610-1897. 
1901. 818 068 

Paul, Herbert. Men and letters. 1901. 811 F28 

Contents .—The classical poems of Tennyson.— Matthew Arnold's letters. 
— The decay of classical quotations.— Sterne.— Gibbon's life and letters. — 
The Victorian novel.-— The philosophical radicals.— The art of letter-writ- 
ing.— The great tractarlan (George Savile, Marquis of Halifax).— The 
father of letters (Cicero).— The prince of Journalists (Swift).— Macau lay 
and his critics.— The autocrat of the dinner table (Selden). 

Peabody, J. P. Marlowe : a drama in five acts. 1901. 822 P35m 

Rawlings, G. B. The story of books. 1901. 010 B19 

A brief sketch of the history of books beginning with clay tablets and papy- 
rus rolls, continuing with the mediaeval vellum manuscripts, and summaris- 
ing the facts relating to the invention and spread of the art of printing. 

Santayana, George. A hermit of Carmei and other poems. 
1901. 820 S28 

Scudder, V. D. Introduction to the study of English literature. 
[1901.] 810 848 

Seccombe, T. The age of Johnson, 1748-1798. 1900. 810.6 S44 

"A good Introduction to the English literature of the Georgian era .... 
describes the work of the essayists, autoblographers, political writers, econ- 
omists, philosophers, naturalists, geographers, classical scholars, theolo- 
gians, historians, novelists, dramatists, poets, the tradition of Pope, Allan 
Ramsay's school, Robert Burns."— Jr. D. Johnston. 

Shorter, C. X. Victorian literature : sixty years of books and 
bookmen. 1897. 810.8 855 

Stebbina, G. L., comp. Harvard lyrics and other verses. 1899. 


Selections of the best verse written by Harvard undergraduates within the 
last ten years, compiled " with the hope of creating in the public mind abet- 
ter impression of the standard of undergraduate literary work." 

Stopes, Mrs. G. 0. Shakespeare's family : being a record of the 
ancestors and descendants of William Shakespeare: with 
some account of the Ardens. 1901. 822.8 C86 



Andover, Mass. Proceedings at the celebration of the two hun- 
dred and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the town, 
May 20, 1896. 674. 3A5 

Bates, S. A. The early schools of Braintree. 1899. 674. 7B8 

Borland, Robert. Border raids and reivers. 1898. 941 B64 

A gossipy account of Scotch forays over the Border, with a history of the 
preventative measures taken by the governments concerned and the final 
suppression of rugging and riving, 

Charlevoix, P. F. X. de. History and general description of 
New France. Trans, from the original edition, and ed. with 
notes by J. G. Shea; with a new memoir and bibliography of 
the translator by N. F. Morrison. 1900. 6v. 971 C38 

Clowes, W. L., aud others. The royal navy : a history from the 
earliest times to the present. Vol. 6. 1812-1856. 1901. 942 Z18 

Cook, E. T. Rights and wrongs of the Transvaal war. 1901. 

968.2 C77 
" Historians and those who like to go to the bottom of a subject will prize It 
as a repertory of information, and as a temperate but earnest argument in 
support of the proposition that Great Britain has, on the whole, been in the 
right."— Nation. 

De Costa, B. F. Pre-Columbian discovery of America by the 
Northmen, with translations from the Icelandic Sagas. 1901. 

973.1 D35 

Fitchburg, Mass. Old records of the town of Fitchburg. Com- 
piled by Walter A. Davis. Vol. 4, 1796-1809. 1901. = 674. 8F2 

Funck-Brentano, F. The diamond necklace: being the true 
story of Marie-Antoinette and the Cardinal de Rohan, from 
the new documents recently discovered in Paris. 1901. 944.03 M4f 

"Never has an intricate story been more lucidly explained. From the mo- 
ment when Marie Antoinette arrived in Strassburgin April, 1770, to August, 
1843, when the French courts were still perplexed by a lawsuit springing out 
of the too famous Jewels, each figure and each Incident are brought forward 
at the proper moment, given their place in the development of the drama, and 
dismissed when no longer needed. By combining the critical methods of the 
jfcoole des Cbartes with the talent of a raconteur, M. Funck-Brentano creates 
a vivid effect, while at the same time the bounds of sober fact are not 
transgressed."— Nation. 


Garner, J. W. Reconstruction in Mississippi. 1901. 976.2 G19 
Green, S. A. Three military diaries, kept by Groton soldiers in 
different wars, with introductions. 1901. 674. 5G13 

" Tho first diary was kept by Lieutenant Dudley Bradstreet at the siege of 
Louisburg, during King George's War, 1746—1746; the second by Serjeant 
David II olden, during the latter part of the French and Indian war, 1/60; 
and the third by Amos Farnsworth during the early part of the Revolutionary 
War, 1775-1779. 

"These Diaries illustrate the military customs and camp life of the last 
century and show how our ancestors were taught the art of war and 
acquired that skill in military affairs which was so valuable to them later 
when fighting for their independence." 

Hassall, Arthur. The French people. 1901. 944 1127 

A sketch of French history from the accession of Clovis, marking the suprem- 
acy of the Franks, down to the present. 

Haven, S. F. An historical address, delivered before the cit- 
izens of the town of Dedham, on the 21st of September, 1836. 
1837. 674. 2D9 

Hopkins, E. W. India old and new. 1901 .[Tale bicentennial 
publications.] 954 H77 

Contents ;— Memorial address in honor of Professor Salisbury. — The Rig 
Veda. — The early lyric poetry of India.— Sanskrit epic poetry. —A study of 
gods.— Christ in India.— Ancient and modern Hindu guilds.— Land-tenure 
In India.— The cause and cure of famine. — The plague.— New India. 

Hosmer, J. X. Short history of the Mississippi valley. 1901. 

977 H79 
Johnston, R. M. The Roman theocracy and the republic, 1846- 

1849. 1901. 945 08 J65 

Lynch, G. The war of the civilisations : being the record of a 
44 Foreign devil's " experiences with the allies in China. 1901 . 

951 L98 
McCarthy, G. H. Lincoln's plan of reconstruction. 1901. 

973 xl M13 
McCurdy, J. F. History, prophecy, and the momimeuts ; or, 

Israel and the nations. 1898-1901. 3v. 933 M 13 

Vol. 1. To the downfall of Samaria. 

2. To the fall of Nineveh. 

3. To the end of the Babylonhiu exile. 


Kalian, A. T. Types of naval officers drawn from the history 

of the British navy ; with some account of the conditions of 

naval warfare at the beginning of the eighteenth century, and 

of its subsequent development during the sail period. 1901. 

942 Z55 
Contents : — Introductory. Conditions of naval warfare at the beginning of 
the eighteenth century. — Progress of navul warfare during the eighteenth 
century; Uawke: the spirit — Rodney: the form. — Howe: the general 
officer, as tactician. — Jervis : the geueral officer, as disciplinarian and strate- 
gist. — Saumarez : the fleet officer and division commander. — Pellew: the 
frigate captain and partisan officer. 

Martin, W. A. P. The lore of Cathay; or, the intellect of 

China. 1901. 951.6 M361 

Contents: China's contribution to arts «nd sciences.— Chinese literature. — 
Religion and philosophy of the Chinese.— Education in China.— Studies in 
Chinese history. 

Michie, A. The Englishman in China during the Victorian era 

as illustrated in the career of Sir Rutherford Alcock, many 

years consul and minister in China and Japan. 1900. 2v. 951 M58 

" Vastly more than a biography, however, are Mr. Mlchle's two portly vol- 
umes, rich in text and historic illustration. In terse and nervous English 
he reviews the mutual action of Chinese and foreigners during sixty years. 
Volume II. Is virtually his summary of the history of Japan, Korea, and the 
Chinese Empire since I860, at least in their foreign relations." — Nation. 

Pepper, M. S. Maids and matrons of New France. 1901. 971 P31 

Contents: Pioneer women of Acadia.— Pioneer women of Quebec.— Maids 
of Montreal.— Advent of the Carignan regiment. 

Phinney, Elias. History of the battle at Lexington. 1825. 973.33 P55 

Pollard, E. A. Southern history of the war : the first year of 
the war. 1863. 973.7 P76s 

Pope, G. H. The pioneers of Massachusetts, a descriptive list, 
drawn from records of the colonies, towns and churches, and 
other contemporaneous documents. 1900. R.R. 

Powell, L. P., ed. Historic towns of the western states. 1901. 
[American historic towns.] 977 P87 

Contents : — Marietta. — Cleveland. — Cincinnati. — Detroit. — Mackinac. — 
Inriianap »lls. — Vincennes. — Chicago. — Madison. — Minneapolis and St. 
Paul. — Des Moine*. — St. Louis.— Kansas City. — Omaha. — Denver.— Santa 
Fe. — Salt Lake City.— Spokane.— Portland.— San Francisco.— Monterey.— 
Los Angeles. 



Rambaud, Alfred. The expansion of Russia : problems of the 

East, and problems of the Far East. 1900. 947.08 B14 

Reid, W. M. The Mohawk valley, its legends and its history. 

1901. 974.75 M7r 

Ridgeway, W. Early age of Greece. Vol. 1. 1901. 938.6 R48 
Robinson, Sir John. A life-time in South Africa: being the 

recollections of the first premier of Natal. 1900. 968.4 R66 

Rogers, R. W. A history of Babylonia and Assyria. 2d ed. 

1901. 2v. 986.4 R63 

Nearly a quarter of the work deals with travels, explorations, and excava- 
tions In Persia, Babylonia, and Assyria, and the story of the decipherment 
of the cuneiform script. 

Russell, 0. 0. E., Lady. Swallowfield and its owners. 1901. 

Art case 

Russell, T. W. Ireland and the Empire : a review, 1800-1900. 

1901. 941.58 R9S 

This work " is believed to be a disinterested attempt to throw light upon the 
wrongs Ireland has suffered during the last hundred years." 

— New York Timet. 

Simcox, E. J. Primitive civilizations; or, outlines of the his- 
tory of ownership in archaic communities. 1894. 2v. 901 S68 

Vol 1. Ownership In Egypt. — Ancient Babylonia.— From Massalla to Mai* 
abar. Vol. 2. Ownership in China. 

Sloane, W. M. French revolution and religious reform : eccle- 
siastical legislation and its influence in France, 1789-1804. 
1901. 944.04 S68 

Smith, Arthur H. China in convulsion. 951 864 

" The difference between a personal and even romantic narrative of adven- 
ture written hastily on the spot by an enterprising traveler, and the sober 
record of one who has had twenty-eight years of experience and close obser- 
vation, with accurate scholarship and leisure to correct hasty judgments, Is 
shown when Laudor and Smith are compared. Those who waut reading for 
pleasure only inuat and will read Landor's ' China aud the Allies.' Those 
who would know just what did happeu will read ' China In Convulsion.' Dr. 
Smith's equipment fur his work Is sufficiently stated when the fact is grasped 
that he Is the author of 'Chinese Characteristic*' and 'Village Life In 
China.' The element of personal adventure is sufficiently prominent." 



Terry, G. 8., ed. The Chevalier de St. George, and the Jacobite 
movements in his favour, 1701-1720. 1901. 941.07 St8t 

United States. Congress. Report of the joint select com- 
mittee to inquire into the condition of affairs in the late 
insurrectionary states. Feb. 19, 1872. = 978.81 U5 

United States. Department of War. Lands held for ecclesias- 
tical or religious uses in the Philippine Islands : message from 
the President transmitting a report from the Secretary of War 
with accompanying papers ; also certified copies of the acts 
of the Philippine Commission, nos. 66-68, inclusive. 1901. = 

991.4 U59 

Walton, J. S. Conrad Weiser and the Indian policy of colonial 

Pennsylvania. [1900.] 970.5 W17 

"As a whole, the work It far less a biography of Conrad Weiser than it is an 
exposition of the practical Indian politics of the colonies."— Nation. 

Wheildon, W. W. New chapter in the history of the Concord 

fight : Groton minute-men at the North Bridge, April 19, 1775. 

1885. 973.33 W57c 

Appendix: 1. Towns engaged in the fighting and movements, losses, etc. 
2. Monuments, memorials, etc., erected to commemorate the 
events of the day. 

Wildman, Edwin. Aguinaldo, a narrative of Filipino ambi- 
tions. [1901.] 991.4 A2w 


Allen, Grant. Florence. 1901. 2v. 945.5 F6a 

Baedeker, K. Italy : handbook for travellers. 946.4 B14 

Vol. 1. Northern Italy. 11th ed. 1809. 

2. Central Italy and Rome. 13th ed. 1900. 

3. Southern Italy and Sicily. 13th ed. 1900. 

Baker, R. S. Seen in Germany. 1901. 943.4 B17 

Contents: —Common things seen In Germany.— The Kaiser.— The German 
private soldier. — A view of the German workingman. — A German professor 
[Krnst Haeckel].— A typical scientific institution [the Iteichsanstnlt at 
Chariottenburg]. — How the Germans created a new industry [the glass 
and lens manufactories of JenaJ — A German venture In practical philan- 
thropy [Prof. Abbe and his profit-sharing system]. — How the Germans 
build ships. — Some new educational ideas in Germany. — A glimpse of Ger- 
man student life.— The new Germany. 


Banks, Sir Joseph. Joarnal of the Right Hod. Sir Joseph 
Banks, bart., K. H., P. R. S., during Captain Cook's first voy- 
age in H. M. S. Endeavour in 1768-71 to Terra Dei Faego, 
Otahite, New Zealand, Australia, the Dutch East Indies, etc. 
Ed. by Sir Joseph D. Hooker. 1896. 910 B21 

Biddle, A. J. D. The land of the wine : being an account of the 

Madeira Islands at the beginning of the twentieth century, and 

from a new point of view. 2d ed. 1901. 2v. 946.98 B47 

Vol. 1. History.— Information fur the traveler and visitor.— A treatise on 
the geography, geology, and climate. 
2. The natives, their characteristic'*, religion, laws, and customs.— The 
commerce.— The flora.— The vin« and the wine.— The fauna. 

Burton, Sir B. F. Wanderings in three continents. 1901. 910 B97 

" This volume covers the most fruitful yeais of Sir Richard Burton's career 
and gives, In hi* own words, a survey of his most important expeditions in 
three continents. He was a many-Hided man, possessing great energies, 
with a knowledge of more than a score of languages and an unrivaled expe- 
rience of Eastern life and literature. His long and dangerous expedition 
into Central Africa showed In a marvelous mauner his resource, courage, 
and powers of endurance." 

Dodd, Mrs. A. B. On the Broads. 1896. 942.5 N7do 

Fountain, Paul. Great deserts and forests of North America. 
1901. 978 F82 

Haggard, H. R. A winter pilgrimage. 1901. 933.6 H14 

" An account of travels through Palestine, Italy* and the island of Cyprus." 

Hayden, E. G. Travels round our village : a Berkshire [Eng- 
land] book. Illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke. [1901.] 942.6 B4h 

"Miss Hayden's sketches are devoted to certain village types, and the tales 
of their struggles are pathetic and interesting."— Nation. 

Hough, P. M. Dutch life in town and country. 1901. 949.26 H81 

Johnson, O. Isle of the shamrock. 1901. 941.8 J62 

Johnston, Charles. Ireland, historic and picturesque. 1902. 

941.5 J64 

Lanciani, Bodolfo. New tales of old Rome. 1901. 945.5 R61c 

Contents : — The new discoveries iu the Forum.— The uew discoveries on 
the Sacra Via.— The sacred grove of the Arvales.— The truth about the 
grave of St. Paul.— Strange superstitions In Rome.— Jewish memorials in 
Rome.— English memorials in Rome. — Scottish memorials In Rome. 


McCormick A. D. An artist In the Himalayas. 1895. 954.5 H5m 

" Illustrated by over 100 original sketches made on the journey." 

Meakin, A. M. B. A ribbon of iron. [1901.] 947.8 M46 

An account of a trip over the trans-Siberian railway, with sketches by the 

Morley, George. Shakespeare's greenwood : the customs of the 

country. 1900. 942.5 W3m 

Content*: — The language.— The superstitions.— The customs.— The folk- 
lore.— The birds and trees.— The parson [Samuel Parr].— The poets [Wil- 
liam Shenstone, Richard J ago, William Soinerrllle].— The novelist [George 

Steevens, G. W. Glimpses of three nations. Ed. by Vernon 

Blackburn ; with a preface by Christina Steevens. 1901. 942.5 L8st 

Part 1. London. 

Part 2. Paris of today, its charms, mysteries, and possibilities. 

Part 3. Under the iron heel : impressions of Germany and the Germans. 

Tweedie, Mrs. Alec. Mexico as I saw It. Illustrated from 

photographs by the author. 1901. 972.6 T91 

Wood, 0. W. Glories of Spain. 1901. 946.6 W85 

Ab&ard. McCabe, Joseph. Peter Abelard. 1901. £.Ab87.m 

Allen. Clodd, Edward. Grant Allen : a memoir. 1900. E.A154 

M Describes his career as a poet, teacher, journalist, novelist, scientist, and 
historian, his work as evolutionist upon botany and upon the origin of 
religion, his publications upon the marriage question, etc.; including corres- 
pondence with Darwin and Spencer."— FT. D. Johnston. 

Beaconsfield. Gorst, H.E. The Earl of Beacon sfleld. 1900. E.B8555.g 

" The chief aim has been to trace the political development of the 

Conservative statesman."— Preface. 

Booth. Copeland, C. T. Edwin Booth. 1901. [Beacon biog- 
raphies.] E.B6525.C 

Caroline of Ansbach. Wilkins, W. H. Caroline the illustrious, 
Queen-Consort of George 11. and sometime Queen -Regent : a 
study of her life and time. 1901. 2v. f m&VfcCfr* 


Ooleridge, S. T. Anima poetse, from the unpublished note-books 

of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 1895. E.C6756.a 

Letters. 1896. 2v. E.C6766 

Field. Thompson, Slaaon. Bugene Field: a study In heredity 

and contradictions. 1901. 2v. E.F465.t 

Frederick the Great. Whit tall, Sir J. W. Frederick the Great 

on kingcraft, from the original MS. ; with reminiscences and 

Turkish stories. 1901. 943.05 F8w 

Contents : — Explanatory Introduction to Let Matinies du roi de Pruste, 
tcrites par lui-m&me, A. D. 1764.— Translation of Les Mutinies.— Lts 
MatiiUes in the original French. — Family reminiscences of Sir J. W. 
Whlttall.— Turkish stories and parables. 

Gibson. Adams, J. C. William Hamilton Gibson, artist, natu- 
ralist, author. 1901. E.G858 

Goelet, Francis. Extracts from the journal of Capt. Francis 
Goelet, merchant, relating to Boston, Salem, Marblehead, etc., 
1746-1750. With notes by A. II. Hoyt. 1870. E.G548 

Grant. Allen, Walter. Ulysses S. Grant. 1901. [Riverside 
biographical series.] 

Hale. Johnston, H. P. Nathan Hale, 1776: biography and 
memorials. 1901. E.H1885.J 

Hamilton. Conant, Charles A. Alexander Hamilton. 1901. 
[Riverside biographical series.] E.H1845.C 

Hawea. Lawrence, E. A. Life of Joel Haw es. 1871.= E.H3159.1 

Houghton. Bradish, Alvah. Memoir of Douglass Houghton. 
1889. = E.H8165 

Ibsen. Jaeger, H. Henrlk Ibsen : a critical biography. From 
the Norwegian by W. M. Payne. 1901. E.Ib75.j 

Lowell. Scudder, IC. E. James Russell Lowell. 1901. 2v. E.L956.8 

Marenholtz-Bulow. Biilow, Baronesse von. Life of the Baroness 
von Marenholtz-Bulow, by her niece. 1901. 2v. E.M3355 

Napier, Ijuly Sarah. The life and letters of Lady Sarah Lennox, 
1745-1826, daughter of Charles, 2d duke of Richmond, and 
successively the wife of Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury, bart., 
and of the Hon. George Napier; also a short political sketch 
of the years 1760 to 1763 by Henry Fox, 1st Lord Holland. 
Edited by the Countess of Ilchester and Lord Stavordale. 
1901. 2v. E.N165 


Newdigate. Newdigate-Newdegate, A. E., Lady. Cavalier and 

Puritan in the days of the Stuarts : compiled from the private 

papers and diary of Sir Richard Newdigate, second baronet, 

with extracts from MS. news-letters addressed to him between 

1675 and 1689. 1901. E.N435 

" Some echoes of the past, tending to illustrate the lighter side of public, 
private, and social life In the days of the Stuarts."— Introduction. 

Pestalozzi. Pinloche, A. Pestalozzi, and the foundation of the 
modern elementary school. 1901. E.P442.p 

Putnam. Livingston, W. F. Israel Putnam, pioneer, ranger, 
and major-general, 1718-1790. 1901. [American men of 
energy.] E.P988.1 

Riis, J. A. The making of an American. 1901. E.R448 

The papers forming this autobiography were originally published in The 
Outlook and other periodicals. 

" Pen and pencil here reveal matters over which a veil is usually cast; but If 
the author has little regard for personal dignity or domestic privacy, the 
thorough goodness of the man, his naive sincerity, his forceful disinterested- 
ness, command no less respect than his public services. He has no pre- 
tences and no reserves; in his view, apparently, * each man's life is all men's 
lesson/ " — Nation. 

Bussell. O'Brien, R. B. The life of Lord Russell of Killowen. 

1901. E.R898.0 

Shelley. Marshall, Mrs. Julian. The life and letters of Mary 

Woilstonecraft Shelley. 1889. 2v. E.Sh484.1 

Smith. Woods, K. P. The true story of Captain John Smith. 

1901. E.Sm595.x 

Campaigns In the Netherlands fighting against the Turks, travels and 
adventures in Tart aria, pioneering in Virginia, voyages of discovery in the 
New World, captivity among the Indians,— could a biographer desire more 
engaging and romantic incidents? 

Tennyson. Lang, Andrew. Alfred Tennyson. 1901. E.T290.1 

Victoria. Argyll, Duke of. V. R. 1. Queen Victoria, her life 

and empire. 1901. 942.08 V61 

A life of the Queen by her son-in-law, better known as the Marquis of 

Gurney, Mrs. Gerald. The childhood of Queen Victoria. 

1901. 942.08 V6gu 



Warwick. Palgrave, Mary B. Mary Rich, Countess of War- 
wick. 1901. E.W2675.p 

Washington. Hamilton, S. M., ed. Letters to Washington, 
and accompanying papers, published by the Society of 
the Colonial Dames of America. Vol. 4. 1770-1774. 
1901. E.W2766.ha 

Hapgood, Norman. George Washington. 1901. E.W2766.hb 

Wolsey. Taunton, E. L. Thomas Wolsey, legate and reformer. 
1901. E.W8390.t 

" The following monograph on Wolsey as an ecclesiastic Is a slight addi- 
tion to the study of the causes which led up to the Reformation."— Pnftxce. 
Tills author is a Roman Catholic priest. 


Adeler, Max, pseud. Captain Bluitt: a tale of Old Turley, 

Andrews, Charlton. A parflt gentil knight. 

A romance of the days of Charles IX. of France, although the 
derived from Chaucer. 

Bangs, J. K. Mr. Munchausen. 

Davis, R. H. In the fog. 

Davis, W. S. « God wills it 1 " 
A tale of the First Crusade. 

Dunne, F. P. Mr. Dooley's opinions. 

Garden of a Commuter's Wife. Recorded by the Gardener 

Green, A. K. One of my sons. 
A detective »tory. 

Ludlow, J. M. Deborah. 

A tale of the times of Judas Maccabeus. 

Mason, C. A. A lily of France, f 

Merriman, H. S. The velvet glove. 

A tale of the Carlists In the Pyrenees about 1870. 

Raymond, W. Fortune's darling. 
Rhys, Grace. The wooing of Sheila. 


tide is 












Savile, Frank. Beyond the great south wall : the secret of the 
Antarctic. £437.2 

Silberrad, U. L. Princess Puck. S582.2 

A lore story by the author of The Lady of Dreams, 

Stories by American Authors. Vols. 3, 5, 8 and 10. S884.4 

Stories of the Colleges : being tales of life at the great Ameri- 
can universities told by noted graduates. S884.85 

Weyman, S. J. Count Hannibal. W647.16 

" A romance of the court of France." 

Wilkins, M. E. The portion of labor. W657.15 

Williams, F. 0. J. Devlin, boss. W675.1 

*' A romanoe of American politics." 

Woods, M. L. Sons of the sword. W872.1 

A story of the Peninsular war. 

Wyatt, Edith. Every one his own way. [Short Stories.] W975.1 


Brewster, Mrs. F. S. When mother was a little girl. ] B761.1 

Ohanning, B. K. Winifred West. j C868.2 

Elisabeth, Queen of Houmania. A real queen's fairy tales. By 

Carmen Sylva. ] E489.2 

Johnston, Mrs. Annie Fellows. The little colonel's holidays. 

j J648.8 
Obex, F. A. Tommy Foster's adventures among the southwest 

Indians. j 0126.2 

Quigley, Dorothy. Two of the best. j Q455.1 

Richards, L. E. Fernley house. j R887.24 

Bocheleau, W. F. Great American industries. [1896.] j 600 R58 

Vol. 1. Coal.— Gold and silver.— Granite.— Iron.— Marble.— Natural gas.— 
Petroleum.— Slate. 
2. Products of the tail. Cereals : Indian corn ; cultivation of Indian 
corn; harvesting; uses.— Cotton: history; manufacture In 
United States; uses.— Lumber.— Sugar.— Wheat. 

Wells, 0. Folly in Fairyland. j W465.2 


List of Photographs of Paintings. May, 1901. 82 pp. . Free 

Catalogue of English Prose Fiction. New and enlarged 

edition, containing additions to Jan. 1, 1901. 848 pp. . . .10 

The new edition may be obtained free of charge, by persons 
returning the old edition. 

Books for Boys and Girls. 1900. 128 pp 03 

French and German Books. 1900. 20 pp 02 

Bulletin. Issued Feb. 1, April 1, June 1, Oct. 1, Dec. 1. Free 

The ItiVhRDALK Prfbs: C. A. W. Spenckr. 


[Spanish Literature, pages O8-il0jfri]<.-so< *^o 


APRIL, 1902 




VOL. VIII. No. 4 




Public Library of Brookline 


Charles H. Drew. 

Daniel Dulany Addison, 
R. O. F. Candaqe, 
Jambs M. Codman, 
Prentiss Cummings, 
Desmond FitzGerald, 

Tappan E. Francis, 
J. Emory Hoar, 
William H. Lyon, 
8. K. D. North, 
Edward Stanwood, 

Leonard K. Stours. 


The library is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily (except Sundays 
and Washington's Birthday, Patriots' Day, Memorial Day, Seven- 
teenth of June, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, 
and Christmas). 

The library is free. Residents of Brookline oyer twelve years of 
age may take out books. 


indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


Bailey, L. H. Cyclopedia of American horticulture, comprising 
suggestions for cultivation of horticultural plants, description 
of the species of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental 
plants sold in the United States and Canada ; together with 
geographical and biographical sketches. 1900-'02. 4v. Ref. 65.34 

Galium, G. W. Biographical register of the officers and gradu- 
ates of the United States Military Academy at West Point 
since its establishment In 1802. Supplement. Vol. 4. 1890- 
1900. Ed. by E. S. Holden. Ref. 45.91 

Harper's Encyclopsddia of United States history from 458 A.D. 
to 1902. Based upon the plan of B. J. Losslng ; with a preface 
on the study of American history by Wood row Wilson. Vols. 
1-5. 1902. Ref. 80.1 

Muret, Eduard, and Sanders, Daniel. Encyclopaedic English- 
German and German-English dictionary, giving the pronuncia- 
tion according to the phonetic system employed in the method 
of Toussaint-Langenscheidt. Unabridged ed., revised. 1900. 
4v. Ref. 10.20 

Caldecott, Alfred. The philosophy of religion in England and 
America. 1901. 201 C13 

" That which Dr. Caldeoott has chiefly, though not exclusively, aimed to do 
has been to take up each writer of any importance — perhaps a hundred and 
twenty or thirty of them — and, without entering into the merits of the con- 
troversy, to state intelligibly what that writer's position, method, and 
style are, to exhibit sufficient of his argument to show his place in the discus- 
sion, to give a critical estimate of his thought, and to inform the reader as 
to his reception and following; in short, to produce a sort of book-notice of 
the works of each writer, such as a thoughtful evening newspaper might like 
to give. In this aspect of the work It is simply admirable. The author has 
a remarkable power of finding out just what is in a book, and what is not in 
It, and what Its idiosyncrasy Is. He is accurate, careful, calm, appreciative, 
many-aided."— Nation. 



Oomenius, J. A. The labyrinth of the world and the paradise 
of the heart, by John Amos Komensky (Comenius). 1901. 244 C78 
A religions allegory. 

Ferguson, Oharles. The affirmative intellect : an account of 

the origin and mission of the American spirit. 1901. 801 F88 
The religion of democracy : a memorandum of modern prin- 
ciples. 1900. f 240 F88 

Lewis, A. H. Sunday legislation, its history to the present 
time and its results. 1902. 268 L58 

" A timely and complete compendium of Sunday legislation for sixteen hun- 
dred and eighty years."— Preface to new edition. 

Marshall, H. R. Instinct and reason : an essay concerning the 
relation of Instinct to reason, with some special study of 
the nature of religion. 1898. f 150 M85 

Pain, pleasure, and aesthetics : an essay concerning the psy- 
chology of pain and pleasure, with special reference to 
aesthetics. 1894. f 150 M85p 

Paulsen, Friedrich. Immanuel Kant, his life and doctrine. 
1902. 198 K14p 

Royce, Josriah. The world and the individual : Gilford lectures 

delivered before the University of Aberdeen. 2d series. 

Nature, man, and the moral order. 1901. Ill B82 

Contents.— The recognition of facts.— The linkage of facts.— The temporal 
and the eternal.— Physical and social reality.— The interpretation of na- 
ture.— The human self . — The place of the self in being.— The moral order. — 
The struggle with evil.— The union of God and man. 

Warneck, Gustav. Outline of a history of Protestant missions 
from the Reformation to the present time. 1901. 266 W24 

Wundt, W. M. Ethics : an investigation of the facts and laws 
of the moral life. 1897-1901 . 170 W96 

Vol. 1. Introduction.— The facts of the moral life. Translated by Julia Qui- 
liver and £. B. Titchencr. 

2. Ethical systems. Translated by M. F. Washburn. 

3. The principles of morality; and the departments of the moral life. 

Translated by M. F. Washburn. 



Adams, O. B., and Stephens, H. M., eds. Select documents of 
English constitutional history. 1901. 342.42 A21 

K. N. Municipal engineering and sanitation. 1902. 

352.5 B17 
rce, James. Studies in history and jurisprudence. 1901. 

342.9 B84 

Content*.— The Roman empire and the British empire in India— The ex. 
tension of Roman and English law throughout the world. — Flexible and 
rigid constitutions.— The action of centripetal and centrifugal forces on 
political constitutions.— Primitive Iceland.— The constitution of the United 
States as seen in the past.— Two South African constitutions.— The cont>ti- 
totlon of the commonwealth of Australia.— Obedience.— The nature of 
sovereignty.— The law of nature.— The methods of legal science.— The rela- 
tione of law and religion.— Methods of law-making in Rome and in Eng- 
land.— The history of legal development at Rome and In England.— 
Marriage and divorce In Roman and in English law.— Inaugural lecture.— 
Valedictory lecture. — Index. 

Ghapin, C. V. Municipal sanitation in the United States. 1901. 

614 C36 

Clarke, J. B. The control of trusts. 1901. 338.8 C55 

••An argument In favor of curbing the power of monopoly by a natural 

Columbia University. Faculty of Political Science. Studies in 
history, economics, and public law. Vol. 13. 1901. 806 C72 

Contents.— The legal property relations of married parties, by Isidor Loeb.— 
Political nativism in New York State, by L. D. Scisoo.— The reconstruction 
of Georgia, by E. C. Woolley. 

Cornish, F. W. Chivalry. 1901. [Social England series.] 394.7 C81 
Cashing, F. H. Zuni folk tales. Recorded and translated by 

Frank Hamilton Cushing. With an introduction by J. W. 

Powell. 1901. 898 C96 

The author, a well-known ethnologist, discovered the Seven Cities of Cibola 

and later the extensive remains of a sea-dwelling people in the Gulf of 


"These Zuni tales, besides having a scientific value, open for the writer of 

fiction a new and fantastic field of Inspiration." 


Hackett, F. W. The gavel and the mace; or, parliamentary 
law in easy chapters. 1900. 828.1 HIS 

"Few books on a matter-of-fact subject are on the whole more entertaining 
than The gavel and the mace, and the person who has read It knows a good 
deal, in a desultory way, about parliamentary law."— Nation. 

Henderson, C. R. The social spirit in America. 1901. 800 H88 

Hirsch, Max, (Melbourne.) Democracy versus socialism. 1901. 

835 H61 

"A critical examination of socialism as a remedy for social injustice, and an 

exposition of the single tax doctrine." 

Hubbard, G. H. The why of poverty. [1901.] 881.8 H86 

James, J. A., and Sanford, A. H. Government in state and 

nation. [1901.] 842 J28 

MacroBty, Henry W. Trusts and the state : a study of competi- 
tion. 1901. [Fabian series, 1.] 838.8 M24 

"The Fabian series, of which this is the first Issue, will be written mainly by 
active members of the society, and will consist of volumes dealing from the 
Fabian point of view with politics and economics in a more detailed manner 
than is possible within the narrow limits of a tract, a leaflet, or an es^ay." 

—Editor's Note. 

Massachusetts. General Court. Revised laws, enacted Nov. 21, 
1901, to take effect Jan. 1, 1902. 2v. = Ref. 45.20 

Patten, S. N. The theory of prosperity. 1902. 330.1 P27 

Waples, Rufus. A handbook of parliamentary practice. 1901. 

328.1 W19 

Webster, Sidney. Two treaties of Paris, and the Supreme 

Court. 1901. 342 W39 

"An outline of the course of authoritative opinion upon the constitutional 
relations of the Federal Government, and especially the legislative power of 
Congress, to acquired territory." 

Willis, H. P. A history of the Latin monetary union : a study 
of International monetary action. 1901. 382 W67 

"Professor Willis has laid all students of monetary science under lasting 
obligations by this remarkable work. We hold it to be remarkable for its 
insight and grasp on economic principles, but still more for Its laborious sift- 
ing of all the documentary and contemporaneous evidence available in the 
several countries forming the Latin Union. Much of this material will be 
new to French and Italian as well as to English and American readers. No 
such history of the Latin Monetary Union has hitherto been produced In any 
language, nor, it seems to us, will any future one be needed."— Nation. 


THE N£V*' ^ 

PUBLIC !>:-■. ■ 


* r 



Bulow-Wendhausen, Bertha, Baroness vonj r Greeting to 
America : reminiscences and impressions of my. travels. - Kin- 
dergarten suggestions. 1900. 372.2 B87 

Canfleld, J. H. The college student and his problems. 1902. 

378.1 C16 
Kemp, E. L. History of education. [1901.] 370.9 K32 

A sensible, readable history of educational methods which will Appeal not 
only to the professional educator but will also interest the lay reader. 

i, Paul. Source book of the history of education for the 
Greek and Roman period. 1901. 870.9 M 75 

Ware, Fabian. Educational foundations of trade and industry. 
[International education series.] 1901. 607 W22 


, MMMe^^v. The soul of a cat, and other stories. With 
illustrations by Henriette Ronner and from photographs. 
1901. 591 B44 

Calkins, G. N. The protozoa. 1901. [Columbia University 
biological series.] 593 C13 

*Tht* object is to set forth the main characteristics of the protozoa without 
undertaking an exhaustive description. It is intended for students and 
general readers who wish to know what the protozoa are and what their re- 
lations are to current biological problems." 

Dame, L. L., and Brooks, Henry. Handbook of the trees of 
New England, with ranges throughout the United States and 
Canada. [1901.] 582 D18 

Fabre, J. H. Insect life : souvenirs of a naturalist. 1901. 

596.79 F12 



Huntington, H. W. The show dog. 1901. €S6 H92 

"The arrangement of Mr. H. W. Huntington's The Shaw Dog (Providence, 
R. I.; Remington Printing Co.) is simple and excellent, the dogs being de- 
scribed in their alphabetical sequence, beginning with the Airedale terrier, 
the biggest and certainly not far from the least desirable of its kind, and 
ending with the Yorkshire terrier. There is a good illustration (and often 
more than one) of every breed of dog described. The text begins with the 
origin and uses of each breed, followed by the 'standard* and 'scale of 
points adopted by the specialty club of that particular breed,' concluding 
with the 'Comments,' which give the general information of use to the 
large body of mankind that takes no particular interest in 'show dogs.' 
There is, apparently, no dog that is not treated in the work, and the 
numerous illustrations, which are all portraits, are very good Indeed. The 
last few pages contain excellent advice for the 'treatment of the dog, in 
health and in Blckness' — brief, sensible, and plain, and applicable alike to 
the highest bred and most useless toy terrier and the cur of low degree." 


Minnesota. Geological and natural history survey. K. H. Win- 
chell, state geologist. Geology of Minnesota: final report, 
made in pursuance of an act of the legislature of the state, 
March 1, 1872. Published under the direction of the board of 
regents of the University of Minnesota. 1901. = 557 M66 

Yolo. 1-2. Geology. 

3. Pts. 1-2. Paleontology. 

4. Geology. 

6. Structural and petrographic geology of the Taconlc and Archean. 
6. Geological atlas, with synoptical descriptions. 

Peckham, G. W. and E. G. On the instincts and habits of the 
solitary wasp. 1898. f 595.79 P84 

Poole, Hermann. The calorific power of fuels. 2d ed., 1901. f 

536 P78 

Porter, J. G. The stars in song and legend. With illustrations 
from the drawings of Albrecht Durer. 1901. 528.8 P8S 

"I have attempted in this little volume to present the legendary lore of the 
heavens in such a way as to attract the unprofessional reader. By numerous 
poetical quotations I have tried also to show the intimate connection of the 
stars with the best and highest in literature."— Preface. 

Schwarz, G. F. Forest trees and forest scenery. 1901. 582 841 


Shipley, A. E., and MacBride, E. W. Zoology : an elementary 
text-book. 1901. [Cambridge natural science manuals: bio- 
logical series.] 690 S55 

Starr, Frederick. Indians of southern Mexico : an ethnographic 
album. 1899. 141 plates. Art case 

Zittel, K. A. von. History of geology and palaeontology to the 
end of the nineteenth century. 1901. [Contemporary science 
series.] • 550.9 Z6 


Oockerell, Douglas. Bookbinding, and the care of books. 1902. 
[The artistic crafts series of technical handbooks.] 095 C64 

M A handbook for amateurs, bookbinders and librarians." 

Hasluck, P. N., ed. Tailoring : how to make and mend trousers, 
vests, and coats. With numerous engravings and diagrams. 
1901. [Work handbooks.] 687 H27 

Hiscox, Q. D. Compressed air : its production, uses, and applica- 
tions. Comprising the physical properties of air from a 
vacuum to its liquid state, its thermodynamics, compression, 
transmission and uses as a motive power. With 40 air tables 
and 545 illustrations. 1901. 621.4 H62 

Chap. 38. Patents issued by the U. 8. Patent Office on compressed air and 
its appliances, from 1875 to July, 1901. 

Springsteed, A. F. The expert waitress. 1901. 647 S76 

" A manual for the pantry, kitchen, and dining-room." 

White, Mary. How to make baskets ; with a chapter on " What 
the basket means to the Indian," by Neltje Blanchan. 1901. 

689 W58 

Tale, L. M., and Pollak, Q. Century book for mothers : a 
practical guide in the rearing of healthy children. 1901 . 649 Yl 

" A collection of extraordinarily Beuslble essay* upon the general care of 
young children, supplemented by a large number of anxious questions and 
intelligent answers received and given by the conductors of a magazine 
{Babyhood) devoted to that subject."— Nation. 



Armstrong, Sir Walter. 8ir Henry Raeburn. With an introduc- 
tion by R. A. M. Stevenson, and a biographical and descrip- 
tive catalogue by J. L. Caw. 1901. Art case 

Blackburn, Henry. The art of illustration. Revised to date, 

together with a chapter on colored illustration by J. 8. Eland. 

1901. 741 BM 

** Mr. Blackburn explains the processes— line, half-tone, and ao forth— exem- 
plifying each by the drawing! of artist* more or leu skilled In the modern 
work of Illustration. They are well ohosen as a whole, to show the possibil- 
ities of process work In trained hands."— Safwdas; Review. 

Book of a hundred houses. 1902. 718 BM 

" A collection of pictures, plans, and suggestions for householders." 

Oorlette, H. 0. The cathedral church of Chichester: a short 
history and description of its fabric, with an account of the 
diocese and see. 1901. [Bell's cathedral series.] 726 C48c 

Oust, R. H. H. The pavement masters of Siena, 1869-1562. 
1901. [Handbooks of the great craftsmen.] 729.7 C96 

Dilke, E. F. S., Lady. French furniture and decoration in the 
18th century. 1901. Art case 


"As the volumes of this extraordinary series succeed one another, the stu- 
dent's admiration must needs increase for the intelligent view of the subject 
taken by the author, and her well -directed diligence. There is nowhere a set 
of books more worthy, each of the other, and all of a great and many-sided 
subject. There appeared, In 1884, an octavo volume devoted to the epoch of 
Louis XIV. and entitled ' Art in Modern State.' Then, after a lapse of fif- 
teen years, appeared the first of the illustrated quartos — ' French Painters 
of the Eighteenth Century/ which in its turn was succeeded by * French 
Architects and Sculptors of the Klghteenth Century ' in 1900. Now, with 
only the lapse of one year, comes the present work, and it is to be followed 
by a final volume on the engravers and the draughtsmen of the time." 


Freeman, L. J. Italian sculpture of the Renaissance. 1901. 734 F87 

" What Mr. Freeman attempts is criticism, pure and simple; his interest Is 
with the work of art ' as in itself it really is ', not with those who produced 
It or with what it can tell us of the time when it was produced."— Nation. 

Grower, Lord B. 0. S. L. Sir David Wllkle. 1902. [Great mas- 
ters in painting and sculpture.] 750 W68g 


Holt, R. 8. Bugs, oriental and occidental, antique and modern. 
1901. Art case 

"Ortaim facta that may enable a novice to appreciate the beauty and interest 
attaching to rags, and assist a prospective purchaser in Judging of the merits 
of any particular rag he may desire to possess."— Introduction. 

Hurll, B. M. Correggio : a collection of fifteen pictures and a 
•opposed portrait of the painter, with introduction and inter- 
pretation. 1901. [Birerside art series.] 760 C82ha 

Lamb, Charles. A masque of days, from the last essays of Ella, 
newly dressed and decorated by Waiter Crane. 1901. 750 C89 
The illustrations are in color. 

Loekwood, L. V. Colonial furniture in America. 1901. Art case 

The purpose is to show *' the natural derelopment of the Tarlous styles, ar- 
ranging them in such a way as to enable any one at a glanoe to determine 
under what general style and date a piece of furniture falls.'*— Preface. 

National Portrait Gallery. London. [Illustrated catalogue.] 
Ed. by Lionel Cust. Vol. 1. 1901. Art case 

F. M. Giotto. [1901.] [Great masters in painting 
and sculpture.] 750 G51p 

Booses, Maximilian. Fifty masterpieces of Anthony Van Dyck 
in photogravure selected from the pictures exhibited at Ant- 
werp in 1899, described and historically explained, with a 
sketch of the life of the artist by Max Rooses. Ed. under the 
protection of the committee of the exhibition. Trans, by 
Fanny Knowles. 1900. Art case 

M The real value of the hook lies in the magnificent series of heliogravures. 
They never err in the sacrifice of the artist's detail in return for a hardness 
and evenness of effect, *o often the characteristic of German photogravure. 
In every case a faithful translation of the picture is given, and much of the 
colour and tone is preserved. Altogether It Is a noble gallery."— Pall Mall 

Ward, James. Progressive design for students. With 42 illus- 
trations. [1901.] 745 W21 ^ 



Brahms, Johannes. Sonate fiir Violine und Pianoforte nach 

dem Qulntett, op. 115, bearbeitet von Paul Klengel. f 188.4B2 
Trio ftir Pianoforte, Violine, und Waldhorn (oder Bratsche, 

oder Violoncell). Op. 40. f 185.1.B5 

Ungarische Tftnze nach Brahms ftir Violine und Pianoforte 
bearbeitet von Joseph Joachim. 4v. In 1. f 188.4B1 

Godard, Benjamin. Suite de trois morceaux, op. 78 ; 8ceues 

ecossaises, op. 188 ; ponr viol on avec accompagnement de 

piano. 6 nos. in lv. f 188.8G 

Contents :— Intermezzo.— Berceuse.— Tarentelle.— Legend* pastorale.— Se- 
renade a Mabel.— Marchedea Highlanders. 

Heartz, H. L., and Oorliss,E . W. Cap of fortune: the show 
girl : a musical play, f 182.2 H2 

Oxford History of Music. Ed. by W. H. Hadow. Vol. 1. The 
polyphonic period. Part 1. Method of musical art, 830-1880. 
By II. E. Wooldridge. 1901. 780.2 097 

Different parts of the work hare been distributed among different hands in 
order to secure for each period a treatment which shall be not only full, but 

in a special degree sympathetic. 


Saint-Saens, Oamille. Compositions pour violon avec accom- 
pagnement de piano. 4 nos. in lv. f 188.48 

Contents:— Le cygnc.— Romance, op. 37. — Prelude du Deluge, op. 45. — 
Romance, op. 48. 

Sarasate y Bavascues, P. M. M. de. Compositions pour violon 
avec accompagnement de piano. 7 nos. in lv. f 188.53 

Contents; — Confidence : romance sans paroles, op. 7. — Souvenir de Domont : 
valse de salon, op. 8. — Sommell: melodie, op. 11. — Priere et berceuse, op. 
17. — Zigeunerwelaeu, op. 20.— Jot a Aragonc8n,op.27. — Airs 6cos8als, op. 34. 

Schubert, F. P. Bagatelles : morceanx detaches pour violon 
avec accompagnement de piano. 12 nos. in lv. f 188.6S 

Tartini, Giuseppe. Six sonates pour violon. Accompagnement 
de piano d'apres la basse del'auteur, doigter, nuances et coups 
d'archet par II. Leonard, f 188.T 


Wallaschek, Richard. Primitive music : an inquiry into the 
origin and development of music, songs, instruments, dances, 
and pantomimes of savage races. With musical examples. 
1893. f 780.2 WIS 


Gallwey, SirB,. W. Payne. Letter to young shooters. (First 
series) On the choice and use of a gun. 5th ed., revised. 

1899. f 799 G13 
Grinnell, George Bird. American duck shooting. 1901. f 799 G88 


Beers, H. A. A history of English romanticism in the 19th 
century. 1901. 810.7 B89 

Content* : —Walter Soott.— Coleridge, Bowles, and the Pope controversy.— 
Keats, Leigh Hunt, and the Dante revival.— The romantic school In Ger- 
many.— The romantic movement in France.— Diffused romanticism In the 
literature of the ltfth oentury.— The Pre-Raphaelite*.— Tendencies and results. 

Blackstone, Harriet, comp. New pieces that will take prizes 

in speaking contests. 1901. 808 B56 

Blaze de Bury, Yetta. Les ronfanciers anglais contemporains. 

1900. f 814 B61 

Contents:— Margaret Woods.— Sarah Grand.— Georges Egerton. — Georges 
Moore.— Thomas Hardy.— Georges Meredith.— Olive Shreiner.— Mai lock.— 
Rhoda Broughton.— Benson.— Rudyard Kipling.— Grant Allen.— Georges 
du Maurier.— Mrs. Humphry Ward.— Elisabeth Browning.— Une Marguerite 
d'&cosse [Mrs. Ollphant]. 

Brownell, W. 0. Victorian prose masters. 1901. 810.8 B88 

Contents:— Thackeray.— Carlyle.— George Eliot.— Matthew Arnold.— Rus- 
kln.— George Meredith. 

Carrington, Henry, translator. Anthology of French poetry, 
10th to 19th centuries. [With a preface by E. Martinengo- 
Cesaresco.] 1900. 841.1 C23 

Selections from a much larger collection of translation* privately printed In 

Gumxnere, F. B. The beginnings of poetry. 1901. 808.11 G95 


Haleey, F. W., editor. American authors and their homes. Per- 
sonal descriptions and interviews. 1901. 815.4 H19 

Harkins, E. F. Little pilgrimages among the men who hare 
written fa mo a 8 books. [1901.] 815.4 H28 

Short sketches of American authors of today. 

Henley, W. E. Hawthorn and lavender, with other verses. 

1901. 880 H51h 

Ibsen, Henrik. Prose dramas. Ed. by William Archer. 

Authorised English ed. 1890-1901. 4v. 889.881 

Vol. 2. Ghosts.— An enemy of the people. The wild duck. 

3. Lady Inger of Ostrat.— The Vikings at Helgoland.— The pretenders. 

4. Kmperor and Galilean. (1. Csssar's apostasy. 2. The Emperor Julian.) 
6. Sosmersholm.— The lady from the sea*— Hedda Gabbler. 

Keller, A. G. Homeric society. 1909. 888 H9k 

" A sociological study of the Iliad and Odyssey." 
Xyd, Thomas. Works. Ed. from the original texts, with intro- 
duction, notes, and facsimiles by Frederick S. Boas. 1901. 

822 K98 
Contents: — The Spanish tragedie. — Cornelia.— Sollman and Parsed*.— 
The housholders philosophic.— The murder of John Brewen.— Fragments of 
Kyd's lost works.— The first part of Ieronlmo. 
Appendix I. Verses of prayse and loye. 

II. The Spanlnh tragedy : a ballad. 
III. Tragcdla tod dem grlegischen Keyser su Constantlnopel. 

Le Roux, Hugues. Gladys. [With a prefatory letter from Panl 

Bourget.] 1894. 848 L56g 

Marios et soldats. 1892. [Les gens d'aujonrd'hui.] 848 L66ra 
Tout pour I'honneur. 1892. 848 L56t 

Lounsbury, T. B. Shakespeare as a dramatic artist, with an 
account of his reputation at various periods. [Yale bicen- 
tennial publications. Shakespearean wars.] 1901. 822.8 D58 

Matthews, Brander. An introduction to the study of American 
literature. [1896.] 815 M48 

Monroe, James. Writings : including a collection of his public 
and private papers and correspondence, now for the first time 
printed. Ed. by S. M. Hamilton. Vol. 6. 1807-1816. 1901. 



Phillips, Stephen. Ulysses : a drama in a prologue and three 
acts. 1902. 822 P56u 

Saintsbury, O. B. B. The earlier Renaissance. 1901. [Periods 
of European literature.] 1375.4.5 

Stevenson, B. L. Poems and ballads. 1899. 820 S84 

Contents:— A child's garden of verses.— Underwoods (Book III. contains 
more than forty additional pieces of Terse, written since the publication of 
the separate volume).— Ballads. 

Theobald, B. M. Shakespeare studies in Baconian light. 1901. 

822.8 A88 
Whiting, Lillian. The world beautiful in books. 1901. 028 W59 

Spanish literature. 
Alarcon, Pedro Antonio de. Bl sombrero de tres picos : historia 
Terdadera de on sucedido que anda en romances escrita ahora 
tal y como pas6. 1901. 863 A32s 

Oalderon de la Barca, Pedro. Teatro. Con un estudio critico- 
biografico y apuntes hist6ricos y blbllograficos sobre cada 
comedia por Garcla-Bamon. 4t. 1882-1883. 862 C18 

Vol. 1. Estudio critloo-blografloo.— La vida es sueno.— La derodon de la 
eras.— £1 medleo de su honra.— Amar despues de la muert*.— A 
seereto agrario, seoreta vengansa. 
2. £1 alcalde de Zalamea,— El magico prodigloso.— El major m6nstruo 
loscelos. — La nlna de Gomez Arias.— No hay cosacomo callar.— 
Apendloe: Loa sacramental delostitulos de las oomedlas de Lope 
S. Case eon dos puertas mala es de guardar.— Guardate del agua 
mans*.— Luis Peres el Gallego.— Las manos blancas no of enden. 
—El alcaide de si mis mo. 
4. La dama doende.— Hombre pobre todo es trazas.— No slempre 
to poor es derto.— Antes que todo es ml dama.— Dlcha y desdlcha 
del nombre. 

Palacio Valdee, Armando. La fe. 863 P18f 

Marta y Maria. 1895. 863 P18m 

Pardo Basan, Bmilia. Una Christiana ; La prueba. 863 P21c 

Peres Galdos, Benito. Gloria. 1900. 863 P41g 

Marlanela. 1899. 863 P41m 

Trafalgar. 1901. 863 P4lt 

Zsragoza. 1901. 863 P4lz 



Bomancero del Oid. 1897. 861 C48 

Solis y Ribadeneira, Antonio de. Historia de la conqulsta de 
Mexico, poblacion y progresos de la America septentrional, 
conocida por el nombre de Nueva Espafia. 5v. = 972 868 

Valera, Juan. Dona Luz. 1900. 868 V28d 

Pepita Jimenez. 1901. 868 V38 

Vega Oarpio, Lope Felix de. Obras escogldas. Con pr6logo 
y notas por Ellas Zerolo. 4v. 1886. 862 V52 

Vol. 1. Notlca de la Tida y escrltos de Lope de Vega.— £1 oastigo Bin ren- 
gania.— Porflar hasta morir.— La Ettrella de 8erilla.— £1 mejor 
alcalde el rey. 

2. Lo cierto por lo dud* so.— £1 aoero de Madrid.— £1 premlo del blen 

bablar.— Por la puente, Juana.— La esclara de tu galan. 

3. £1 perro del hortelano.— 81 no vieran las mujeret !— Lot mllagrot 

del despreclo.— La herraosa fea.— Lamosa de cantaro. 

4. Laurel de Apolo. — Arte nuevo de haoer comedias.— Romances. — 

Romancillos, etc.— Sonet os.— Epistolas.— NoYclas: Las fortunas 
de Diana, £1 desdichado por la honra, La mas prndente vengania, 
Guzman el bravo. — Justa po4tlca. — Relaci6n de las fiestas de 8. 
Isldro.— rapal de la nueva poesia. 


Archbold, W. A. J., ed. Essays on the teaching of history. 

1901. 907 A66 

Contents:— Introduction, by F. W. Mai Hand.— The teaching of ecclesiastical 
history, by H. M. Gwatkin.— The teaching of palaeography and diploma- 
tic, by R. L. Poole. — The teaching of ancient history, by W. £. 
Heitland.— The teaching of economic history, by W. Cunningham.— The 
t( aching of constitutional history, by J . R. Tanner. — The teaching of history 
in schools — alms, by W. II. Woodward. — The teaching of history in 
schools— practice, by C. H. K. Marten.— The teaching of history in America, 
by W.J. Ashley. 

Barton, G. A. A sketch of Semitic origins, social and religious. 

1902. 930 B28 

Botsford, G. W. History of the Orient and Greece. 1901 . 938 B65a 

" The writer is well known as an historian of Greece and Rome, and we 
need nut say that the work is, as far as It may be, scholarly and in all respects 
up to date. While his style lacks Mr. Mahafiy's brilliance and rigor, his 
statements are, on the whole, more sound."— Nation. 


Brinton, D, O. The American race: a linguistic classification 
and ethnographic description of the native tribes of North and 
South America. [1891.] 970.1 B77 

Coman, Katharine, and Kendall, E. K. A history of England 
for high schools and academies. 1901. 942 C73 

Oonklin, V. A. American political history to the death of 
Lincoln, popularly told. 1901. 973 C76 

Edwards, O. M. Wales. 1902. [Story of the nations.] 942.9 £26 

litchett, W. H. The tale of the great mutiny. (The Sepoy 
rebellion.) [1901.] 964 F55 

Freytag, Ouatav. Bilder aus der deutschen Vergangenheit. 
1898-1901. 4v. in 5. 943 F89 

Vol. 1. Aus dem Mlttelalter. 

2. Parti. Vom Mlttelalter zur Neuzeit, 1200-1500. 

2. Aus dem Jahrhundert der Reformation, 1600-1600. 

3. Aus dem Jahrhundert des grossen Krieges, 1600-1700. 

4. Aus neuer Zeit, 1700-1848. 

George, H. B. The relations of geography and history. 1901. 

911 G29 
Green, J. B. Oxford studies. Ed. by Mrs. J. R. Green and K. 

Norgate. 1901. 942.5 08g 

Grey, J. G. Australasia old and new. 1901. 994 G86 

Hanna, 0. A. The Scotch-Irish ; or, the Scot in North Britain, 

North Ireland, and North America. 1902. 2 v. 941 H19 

Bibliography, pp. 629-651. 

Head, F. W. The fallen Stuarts. 1900. 940.7 H34 

This essay, which gained the Prince Consort Prize at Cambridge, deals with 
the part played by the fallen House of Stuart in the Intricate diplomacy and 
history of Europe for three-quarters of a oentury ; and shows " how far the 
great courts of Europe were busy in the different parts of the continent, in 
order to explain why they made use of the fallen dynasty at the particular 
times that they did." 

Hebberd, S. S. The philosophy of history. [1901.] 901 H84 

Contents: — The nature of thought.— The civilization of India.— Classical 
civilization. — Mediaeval civilization.— The reformation and the genesis of 
science.— Modern art and morality.— Social revolution since the Reforma- 


Kidd, Benjamin. Principles of western civilization. 1902. 901 KM 

Contents:— The close of an era.— The shifting of the centre of significance 
in the evolutionary hypothesis.— The principle of projected efficiency.— 
The position in modern thought.— The phenomenon of western liberalism.— 
The problem.— The ascendency of the present.— The passing of the present 
under the control of the future.— The development of the jireat antinomy In 
western history.— The modern world-conflict. — Towards the future. 

Lansdale, M. H. Scotland historic and romantic. 1902. 2v. 

941.4 U9 
Lord, W. F. England and France in the Mediterranean, 
1660-1880. 1901. 940.8 L89 

Parti. Gibraltar.— Algiers. 

2. The struggle for Egypt. 

3. The struggle for Italy. 

Marindin, O. E., editor. Our naval heroes. With an introduction 

by Admiral Lord Charles Beresford. 1901. 942 Z56 

8hort biographical sketches extending from the time of Edward III. to the 
middle of the nineteenth century. 

Massachusetts. Court of Assistants. Records of the Court of 
Assistants of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, 1630-1692. 
Printed under the supervision of John Noble. 1901. = 978.22 M38 
Vol. 1. Record, 1673-1692. From the original book of records in the clerk's 
office of the Supreme Judicial Court. 

Odysseus, pseud. Turkey in Europe. 1900. 949.6 027 

Contents:— Historical — Before the Turkish conquest.— Southeastern 
Europe after the Turkish conquest.— The Turks. — On Mohammedanism. — 
The Orthodox Church.— The Greeks.— The Bulgarians and Serbs.— The 
Albanians and Vlachs. — The Armenians. 

Parmele, M. P. A short history of Rome and Italy. 1901. 945 P24 

Schurman. J. G. Philippine affairs : a retrospect and outlook. 

1902. 991.4 839 

" This address, though somewhat curtailed, was delivered before the mem- 
bers of Cornell University on the morning of Founder's Day, January 11th. 
It was repeated in substance before the Reform Club of Boston on the even- 
ing of January 20th [ IW2]." 

United States. Department of War. Military governor of 
Cuba. Civil report of Major General Leonard Wood, military 
governor of Cuba, Dec. 20, 1899, to Dec. 31, 1900. 12v. = 972.91 U5 


Wright, Mrs. M. R. The new Brazil, Its resources and attrac- 
tions, historical, descriptive, and industrial. [1901.] 981 W93 

•■ She has method, and has Inquired into ejery detail of the national life. 
In thli respect the work is eminently satisfactory, for it answers in its fashion 
every question that a foreigner might ask. She has not taken the gossip of 
the port cities, but has seen the things she writes about, and consequently 
aires in the main an accurate account of the social and industrial life of 
Brazil from Rio Grande de Sul to Pari and Manaos."— Xation. 


Allen, Grant. County and town in England, together with some 
annals of Churn side [Dorset], 1901. 942.6 A42 

Barnard, Lady Anne. South Africa a century ago : letters writ- 
ten from the Cape of Good Hope, 1797-1801. Edited, with a 
memoir and brief notes, by W. H. Wilkins. 1901. 968.7 B26 

"The war in South Africa has brought death and oblivion to countless human 
beings, but to one it has brought immortality. For had not the struggle 
aroused interest in South Africa, Lady Anne Barnard would perhaps never 
hare become known to the world; by whom now, we do not hesitate to say, 
she will never be forgotten so long a* letters are cherished."— Nation, 

Bourget, Paul. 8ensations d'ltalle. (Toscane. — Ombrie. — 
Grande-Grece.) f 945 6 B66 

A collection of letters written in 1890. 

Harper, 0. G. The Norwich road : an Bast Anglian highway. 
Illns. by the anthor from old-time prints and pictures. 1901. 

942.6 H23n 

Hole, B. B., Dean of Bochester. Then and now. 1901. 942.6 H71 

Horton, George. Modern Athens. Illustrated by Corwin 

Knapp Linson. 1901. 949.55 A8h 

Lynch, H. B. F. Armenia : travels and studies. 1901. 2v. 956.5 A71 

Vol. 1. The Russian provinces. 
2. The Turkish projinces. 

Mackinder, H. J. Britain and the British seas. 1902. 942.6 M21 

Menpes, Mortimer. Japan: a record in color by Mortimer 

Menpes, transcribed by Dorothy Menpes. [1901.] 952.6 M52 

Huir, John. Our national parks. 1901. 711 M89 


Smith, F. B. The real Latin Quarter. With illustrations by 
the author, introduction and frontispiece by F. Hopklnson 
Smith. 1901. f 944.6 P2sm 

Van Bergen, Robert. A boy of old Japan . . . Illustrated with 
original Japanese color pictures. 1901. 952.6 V27 

Historical fiction Illustrating Japanese manners and customs. 


Aubrey, John. ' Brief lives/ chiefly of contemporaries, set 
down by John Aubrey, between the years 1669 and 1696. Ed. 
from the author's MSS. by Andrew Clark. 1898. 2v. E2.A89 

Brooks, Geraldine. Dames and daughters of the young re- 
public. 1901. £9. B79 

Contents : — Dorothea Payne Madison.— Sarah Jay.— Theodosia Burr.— 
Elizabeth Patterson.— Martha Jefferson.— Rachel Jackson.— Dorothy Han- 
cock.— Emily Marshall. 

Le Boux, Hugues. Portraits de cire. 1891 E4.L56 

Contents ;— Villiers de l'lsle-Adam.— Francois Coppee.— Alphonse Dau- 
det.— Guy de Maupassant.— Jean Rlchepln.— Jules Lemattre. — Melchlor de 
Voprtife— Puvis de Chavannes.— Cabanel.— Th. Ribot.— Jules Gamier.— 
Rodin.— Jules Cheret.— L'abbe d'Hulst.— L'abbe Garnler.— Le cardinal 
Lavigerle.— La relne Nathalie.— Le petit rol de Segou.— Marie lere.— Rotella 
Roussell.— Worms.— Edouard Colonne — Le brigadier Rosaignol.— Leczin- 
ski.— Chadwick.— Mademoiselle Seraphln.— La Belle Fatma.— Y vettc Gull- 

Marden, O. S. Talks with great workers. 1901. E9. MSS 

National Cyclopaedia of American biography. Vols. 10-11. 
1900-1901. Ref.55.80 

Smith, Joseph Jencka, oomp. Civil and military list of Rhode 
Island. 1800-1860. A list of all officers elected by the General 
assembly from 1800 to 1850. Also, all officers in revolutionary 
war, appointed by Continental congress, and in the regular army 
and navy from Rhode Island, to 1850. Comp. from the rec- 
ords. 1901. R.R. 

Who's Who, 1002 : an annual biographical dictionary. Ref. 50.80 



Brunswick. Fltzmaurice, Lord Edmond. Charles William 
Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick : an historical study, 1735-1806. 
1901. E.C3906 

Craven, Mme. Augustus. Recit d'une soeur: souvenirs de 
famille. 48th ed. 1901. 2v. B.C8565 

Crosier, J. B. My inner life : being a chapter in personal evolu- 
tion and autobiography. 1898. t E.C8916 

Sdes. Boardman, Samuel Lane, ed. Peter Edes, pioneer printer 
in Maine : a biography, his diary while a prisoner by the British 
at Boston in 1775, with the Journal of John Leach, who was a 
prisoner at the same time. 1901. = E.Ed25 

Fitzgerald, Edward. More letters of Edward Fitzgerald. 
[1889-1888.] 1901. E.F575.b 

Freneau. Austin, M. 8. Philip Freneau, the poet of the revolu- 
tion : a history of his life and times. 1901. E.F905 

Henry V. Kingsford, C. L. Henry V., the typical mediaeval 
hero. 1901. [Heroes of the nations series.] 942.042 H3k 

t^wi 1 >w>v Packard, A. S. Lamarck, the founder of evolution : 

his life and work ; with translations of his writings on organic 

evolution. 1901. E.L155 

"The rise and rehabilitation of the Lamarokian theory of organic evolution, 
so that It has become a rival of Darwinism; the prevalence of these views In 
the United States, Germany, England, as well as in France, where its author 
Is jastly regarded as the real founder of organic evolution, has Invested his 
name with a new interest, and led to a desire to learn some of the details of 
his life and work, and of his theory as he unfolded it in 1800 and subsequent 

Malet, Sir E. B. Shifting scenes ; or, memories of many men in 
many lands. 1901. E.M2925 

Murray, James. Letters of James Murray, loyalist. Ed. by N. 
M. Tiffany, assisted by S. I. Lesley. 1901. E. M9628 

Napoleon I. Rose, J. H. The life of Napoleon I, including 

new materials from the British official records. 1901. 2 v. 


The multitude of biographies of Napoleon does not include "any work which 

can rival this in oomprehennlveness and scientific thoroughness 

The special new feature in Mr. Rose's work is the use he has made of the un- 
explored records of the British Government."— Academy. 



Faston Letters, 1422-1509, A. D. A reprint of the edition of 
1872-5. which contained upwards of 500 letters, etc., till then 
unpublished, to which are now added others in a supplement 
after the introduction. Ed. by James Gairdner. 1900-1901. 
Introduction and supplement. B.P371 

Vol.1. Henry VI., 142M461 A. D. ) 

2. Edward IV., 1401-1471 A. D. $ B.P271* 

3. Edward IV.— Henry VII., 1471-1509 A. D. J 

Robespierre. Belloc, Hilaire. Robespierre: a study. 1901. E.R549.b 

Schiller. Thomas, Calvin. Life and works of Frledrich 8 chiller. 

1901. E.8ch885.t 

Stiles, Ezra. The literary diary of Ezra 8tiles, president of 

Yale College. Ed. under the authority of the corporation of 

Yale University by F. B. Dexter. 1901. E.St565 

"Students of American manners and history, and of the early days of Yale 
and Harvard, Princeton and Dartmouth, have long known of the exlstenoe 
of this remarkable collection of memoranda, correspondence, and dally rec- 
ords of life in the latter part of the eighteenth century, but no attempt has 
been made nntll now to put it within the reach of students unable to examine 
it in its original form."— New York Time*. 

Whitefield. Gledstone, J. P. George Whitefleld, M. A., field- 
preacher. 2nd ed. 1901. E.W5896.h 

" A good story of Whltefleld's life told in an easy and attractive style." 


Winslow. Ellicott, J. M. Life of John Ancrum Winslow, rear- 
admiral, United States navy. 1902. E.W7865 

Admiral Winslow was in command of the Kcartargc In her famous action 
with the confederate cruiser Alabama. 

Wolcott. Massachusetts General Court. Public services in mem- 
ory of Roger Wolcott, Symphony Hall, Boston, April 18, 
1901. = E.W8315 

Contents : — Remarks by W. Murray Crane.— Prayer by Edward Everett 
Hale.— Address by Henry Cabot Lodge.— Programme.— Resolutions of the 
legislature, etc . 


Amber, Miles. Wistons. A491.1 

Burnett, Mrs. F. H. The methods of Lady Walderhurst. B989.19 



Cooper, E. H. A fool's year. C787.4 

Flower, Elliott. Policeman Fly nn. F682.1 

Humorous sketches, several of which are reprinted from The Century Mag- 

Horuung, E. W. At large. H793.18 

Horton, Oeorge. The tempting of Father Anthony. H795.2 

Hotchlriss, 0. 0. The strength of the weak. H808.4 

Johnston, Mary. Audrey. J646.8 

Larimer, N. O. By the waters of Sicily. L891.1 

McCarthy, J. H. If I were king. M134.2 

Morvan, Louis. The secret of Foogereuse : a romance of the 

15th century. Trans, by Louise Imogen Guiney. t M852.1 

Bobertson, Morgan. <( Where angels fear to tread," and other 

tales of the sea. R554.4 

Robinson, B. E. Danvis folks. R5G9.5 

Scollard, Clinton. The cloistering of Ursula. S4 1 6.2 

Sibley, Mrs. L. L. A lighthouse village. 8567.1 

Skrine, M. J. H. The world's delight. S6305.1 
Stories about children. 

Wharton, Edith. The valley of decision. W556.4 

White, Michael. Lachmi Bai, Rani of Jhansi : the Jeanne d'Arc 

of India. W5905.1 


Brownell, E. B., ed. Dream children. JB828.1 

A collection of prose and poetry by famous authors concerning child life. 

Foster, M. H., and Camming*, M. H. Asgard stories : tales 
from Norse mythology. 1901. j291 F81 

Jenks, Tudor. Galopoff, the talking pony : a story for young 
folks. JJ427.3 

Long, W. J. Beasts of the field. Illustrated by Charles Cope- 
land. 1901. 591 L85c 
This volume includes many of the animal sketches from the author'* 
Wood Folk Series, with some new material. 



Poulsson, Emilie. Holiday songs and every day songs and 
games. Music by various composers. 1901. 184. IP 

Pyle, Katharine. As the goose flies. 1901. JP9973.8 

Busaell, W. B. The sea children. JR922.1 

Wahlenberg, Anna. Swedish fairy tales. jW 132.1 


List of Photographs of Paintings. May, 1901. 32 pp. . Free 

Catalogue of English Prose Fiction. New and enlarged 

edition, containing additions to Jan. 1, 1901. 348 pp. . .10 

The new edition may be obtained free of charge, by persons 
returning the old edition. 

Books for Boys and Girls. 1900. 128 pp. 
French and German Books. 1900. 20 pp. . 
Bulletin. Issued Feb. 1, April 1, Jane 1, Oct. 1, Dec. 1. 




The Rivbrdalb Pbiss : C. A. W. Spencer. 



[List of Good Novels.'] 

JUNE, 1902 

- "'"'■7 




VOL. VIII. No. 5 

Brookline, Mass. 


'*:- - 

Public Library of Brookline 


Charles H. Drew. 

Daniel Dulany Addison, 
B. Q. F. Candaoe, 
James M. Codman, 
Prentiss Cummings, 
Desmond Fitz Gerald, 


William H. Lyon, 
S. N. D. North, 
Edward Stan wood, 
Leonard K. Stokrs, 

Moses Williams. 

Louisa M. Hooper. 

The library is open from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. daily (except Sundays 
and Washington's Birthday, Patriots' Day, Memorial Day, Seven- 
teenth of Jane, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, 
and Christmas). 

The library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children nnder twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Reading Room. 


Vacations are approaching, when time for reading is plenty, and 
new books are very scarce. The Library is always ready to offer 
suggestions as to interesting books from its stores of standard 
literature to anyone wanting something entertaining to read, whether 
a novel, a biography, a book of essays, a book on outdoor life, or 
travels in foreign countries. 

A bulletin board near the Desk calls attention to some of the best 
recent books, giving descriptive notes about them, and we are 
indebted to several other libraries for suggestive printed lists on 
various subjects, to which we add our own shelf -numbers. 

As a help to those wanting a good story, a list of 50 novels is 
printed in this bulletin. 

There is a practical advantage in old books for summer reading; 
they may be kept fourteen days, and then renewed for as much 
longer, so that one may take them off on trips to the country, sending 
cards with book-numbers to the Library for renewal. 


A book not tl tV will be reserved for the borrower who pays for 
and fills out a printed postal card, which may be obtained at the 
Delivery Desk for one cent. 

This card will be mailed when the book Is again available, and the 
book will be held for the borrower for one day. 



Austen. Persuasion. 

Pride and prejudice. 
Balestier. Benefits forgot. 
Black. Princess of Thule. 

Strange adventures of a phaeton. 
Brush. The colonel's opera cloak. 
Burnett. Fair barbarian. 

That lass o' Lowrle's. 
Gable. Dr. Sevier. 

The Grandissimes. 
Oatherwood. Romance of Dollard. 
Gholmondeley. The Danvers jewels, and Sir Charles 
Couch. Ship of stars. 
Crawford. Roman singer. 
Daudet. Fromont junior and Rlsler senior 
Ebers. The Burgomaster's wife. 
Feuillet. Romance of a poor young man. 
Foote. The led-horse claim. 

Chosen valley. 
Frederic. In the valley. 
Fuller. One of the pilgrims. 
Gaskell. Mary Barton. 

North and South. 
Gissing. Paying guest. 
Hardy, A. S. But yet a woman. 
Hardy, Thomas. The trumpet-major. 
Howard. Guenn. 
Howells. Lady of the Aroostook. 

Rise of Silas Lapham. 
Jewett. Country doctor. 












Danvers. C459.2 





















Lynde. The helpers. 

Mitchell. Amos Judd. 

Page. Red Rock. 

Prince. Transatlantic chatelaine. 

Beade. Cloister and the hearth. 

Peg Wofflngton. 
Roberta. Mademoiselle Mori. 
Russell. Wreck of the Grosvener. 
Smith. Caleb West, master diver. 

Colonel Carter of Cartersville. 
Stevenson. Black arrow. 
TautphoBus. The initials. 

Taylor, Story of Kennett. 
Trollope. Doctor Thorne 

Framley parsonage. 
Wilkina. Jerome, a poor man. 
Woolson. Anne. 

East Angels. 
Yonge. Chaplet of pearls. 






















indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


Almanach de Gotha : annuaire genealogique, diplomatique et 
statlstlque, 1902. Kef. 60.5 

Appleton's Annual Cyclopaedia and register of Important 
events of 1901. Ref. 80.65 

Bardsley, 0. W. A dictionary of English and Welsh surnames, 
with special American instances. Revised 1901. Ref. 25.74 

"A dictionary of some eight hundred closely printed page*, which attempt* 
for the first time to deal in a fairly inclusive way with the history of English 
surnames. The introduction, written by the author in 1896, discusses briefly 
methods of investigation, and provides a general clarification of the materi- 
al In the dictionary. A preface, giving some account of Mr. Bardsley's life 
and work, is contributed by Ids brother, the Bishop of Carlisle."— Xai ion. 

Fletcher, W. I., and Bowker, B. B., eds. The annual literary 
index, 1901, including periodicals, American and English; 
essays, book-chapters, etc. ; with author-index, bibliographies, 
necrology, and index to dates of principal events. Ref. 15.2 

Harper's Encyclopaedia of United States history from 458 A.D. 
to 1902, based upon the plan of B. J. Lossing. With a preface 
on the study of American history by Wood row Wilson. 1902. 
lOv. Ref. 80.1 

Hazeil's Annual for 1902. A cyclopedic record of men and 
topics of the day. Revised December 6th, 1901. Ref. 60.15 

Statesman's year-book : statistical and historical annual of the 
states of the world for 1902. Ref. 60 25 

World Almanac and Encyclopedia. 1902. Ref. 60.45 

Yale University. Catalogue of the officers and graduates. 1701- 
1901. = Kef. 75.75 



Bible. The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, 
translated out of the original tongues, being the version set 
forth A. I). 1611, compared with the most ancient authorities 
and revised A. D. 1881-1885. Newly edited by the American 
revision committee A. D. 1901. 220.5 R8 

Brooks, Phillips. The law of growth, and other sermons. 9th 
series. 1902. 252 B791 

Cambridge Bible for schools and colleges. General editor, 
J. J. S. Perowne. General editor for the Old Testament, 
A. F. Kirkpatrick. 1895-1901. 45 v. 
Joshua. Ed. by G. F. Maclear. 222.2 M22 

Judges. Ed. by J. J. Lias. 222.3 L62 

I. & II. Samuel. 2 v. Ed. by A. F. Kirkpatrick. 222.4 K68 

I. & II. Kings. 2 v. Ed. by J. R. Lumby. 222.5 L97 

Chronicles. Ed. by W. E. Barnes. 222.6 B26 

Ezra and Nehemiah. Ed. by H. E. Ryle. 222.7 R98 

Job. Ed. by A. B. Davidson. 223.1 D28 

Psalms. 3 v. Ed. by A. F. Kirkpatrick. 223.2 K68 

Proverbs. Ed. by T. T. Perowne. 223.7 P42 

Eccleslastes. Ed. by E. H. Plumptre. 228.8 P73 

Isaiah. 2 v. Ed. by J. Skinner. 224.1 S62 

Jeremiah and Lamentations. Ed. by A. W. Streane. 224.2 S91 
Ezekiel. Ed. by A. B. Davidson. 224.4 D28 

Daniel. Ed. by S. R. Driver. 224.5 D83 

Hosea. Ed. by T. K. Cheyne. 224.6 C42 

Joel and Amos. Ed. by S. R. Driver. 224.7 D83 

Obadiah and Jonah. Ed. by T. T. Perowne. 224.9 P42o 

Micah. Ed. by T. K. Cheyne. 224.9 C42 

Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah. Ed. by A. B. Davidson. 

224.9 D28 
Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. Ed. by T. T. Perowne. 224.9 P42 
I. Macabees. Ed. by W. Fairweather and J. S. Black. 229 F16 
Matthew. Ed. by A. Carr. 226.2 C23 

Mark. Ed. by G. F. Maclear. 226.3 M22 

Luke. Ed. by F. W. Farrar. 226.4 F24 


Cambridge Bibles for schools and colleges, — continued. 

John. Ed. by A. Plummer. 226.5 P73 

Acts. Ed. by J. R. Lumby. 226.6 L97 

Romans. Ed. by II. C. G. Moule. 227.1 M86 

I. & II. Corinthians. 2 v. Ed. by J. J. Lias. 227.2 L62 

Galatians. Ed. by E. H. Perowne. 227.4 P42 

Ephesians. Ed. by H. C. G. Moule. 227.5 M86 

Philippians. Ed. by H. C. G. Moule. 227.6 M86 

Colossians and Philemon. Ed. by II. C. G. Moule. 227.7 M86 

Thessalonians. Ed. bv G. G. Findley. 227.8 F49 

Timothy and Titus. Ed. by A. E. Humphreys. 227.8 1188 

Hebrews. Ed. by F. W. Farrar. 227.8 F24 

James. Ed. by E. H. Plumptre. 227.9 P73 

Peter and Jude. Ed. by E. II. Plumptre. 227.9 P73p 

John. Ed. by A. Plummer. 227.9 P71 

Revelation. Ed. by \V. H. Siracox. 228 S58 

JTichte, J. O. Popular works, translated from the German by 
William Smith, with a memoir of the author. 4th ed. 1889. 2 v. 

193 F44 
Vol.1. Memoir of Fichte.— The vocation of the scholar.— The mture 
of the scholar.— The vocution of man. 2. The characteristics of the 
present age.— The way toward the blessed life, or the doctrine of religion.— 
Outlines of the doctrine of knowledge. 

Harnack, Adolf. Monasticlsm, its ideals and history ; and the 

Confessions of St. Augustine: two lectures. Translated 

into English by E. E. Kellett and F. H. Marseille. 1901. 271 H23 

What is Christianity? Lectures delivered in the University of 

Berlin during the winter-term, 1899-1900. Translated into 

English by T. B. Saunders. 2d ed., revised. 1901. f 230 H23 

Professor Harnack expresses himself in a simple, straightforward, and in- 
tercstiug manner. In a succession of chapters, " we have the teaching* of 
Jesus considered in their relations to asceticism; to the social question, 
especially a«j affecting the poor; to queetions of law and order; to civiliza- 
tion in general; to Chrlstology; aii'J to mutters of doctrine and creed." 

Harris, W. T. Hegel's logic. A book on the genesis of the 
categories of the mind : a critical exposition. 2d ed. 1895. 

193 H3tih 


Hodgkins, L. H. Via Christ! : an introduction to the study of 

missions. 1902. 266 H66 

James, William. Psychology. 1900. t 150 J23a 

Jordan, W. G. The kingship of self-control ; individual prob- 
lems and possibilities. 1901. f 179 J76 
Kedney, J. S. Hegel's aesthetics ; a critical exposition. 8d ed. 

1897. 193 H86k 

Ladd, G. T. The doctrine of sacred scripture : a critical, his- 
torical and dogmatic inquiry into the origin and natnre of 
the Old and New Testaments. 1888. 2 v. 220 L12 

Vol. 1. Exogetlcal : the claims of the Bible.— Critical : the phenomena of 
the Bible. 
2. Historical : the teaching of the Church.— Synthetic : the doctrine 
of the word of God. 

Outlines of descriptive psychology: a text-book of mental 
science for colleges and normal schools. 1900. 150 L15o 

Philosophy of conduct: a treatise of the facts, principles, 
and ideals of ethics. 170 L12 

Philosophy of knowledge : an inquiry into the nature, limits, 
and validity of human cognitive faculty. 1897. 121 LIS 

Philosophy of mind : an essay in the metaphysics of psychol- 
ogy. 1895. 150 L15m 

Primer of psychology. 1901. 150 L15p 

Principles of church polity illustrated by an analysis of 
modern Congregationalism and applied to certain important 
practical questions in the government of Christian churches. 
Southworth lectures delivered at Andover Theological 
Seminary in the years 1879-1881. 1882. 285.8 L12 

Psychology descriptive and explanatory : a treatise of the 
phenomena, laws, and development of human mental life. 
4th cd. 1899. 150 L15d 

A theory of reality : an essay in metaphysical system upon the 
basis of human cognitive experience. 1899. 110L12 

Michie, Alexander. China and Christianity. 1900. 275.1 M58 

Morris, G. S. Hegel's philosophy of the state and of history : 

an exposition. 1902. 193 HS6m 


Morris, G. 8. Kant's critique of pure reason; a critical exposi- 
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1894. 193 K14po 

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system In origin, principle, form aud matter. New ed., 
revised. 1898. t 193 H36s 

Sunderland, J. T. The Bible, its origin, growth, and character, 
and its place among the sacred books of the world ; together 
with a list of books for study and reference, with critical 
comments. 5th impression. 1901. f 220 S95 

Ward, James. Naturalism and agnosticism. The Gilford lec- 
tures delivered before the University of Aberdeen in the years 
1896-1898. 2 v. 149.7 W21 


Addams, Jane. Democracy and social ethics. 1902. 304 A22 

Contents:— Charitable effort.— Filial relations.— Household adjustment.— 
Industrial amelioration.— Educational methods.— Political reform. 

"Any work has distinct value which intelligibly presents the point of view of 
a cla»s in the community other than our own, and In Democracy and social 
ethics Jane Addams, the well-known head of the Hull House Settlement, Chi- 
cago, has given us such a book. What Miss Addams ha4 to say in regard to 
concerted movements for social betterment and the attitude of the poorer 
classes thereto deserves a wide hearing."— Life. 

Ashley, B. L. The American federal state :j a text-book in civics 
for high schools and academies. 1902. 342 A 82 

Blauvelt, M. T. The development of cabinet government in 
England. 1902. 854.42 B61 

Brewer, D. J. American citizenship. 1902. 172 B75 

The first course of Tale lectures on the responsibilities of citizenship, for 
which course provision was made in 1900 by the Hon. Willium E. Dodge of 
New York. 

Barton, T. E. Financial crises and periods of industrial and 
commercial depression. 1902. 332 B95 


Clark, J. B. The distribution of wealth : a theory of wages, 
interest, and profits. 1899. f 331 C55 

Dunning, W. A. A history of political theories, ancient and 
mediwval. 1902. 320.9 D92 

Elliot, Jonathan. Debates in the several state conventions on 
the adoption of the federal constitution, as recommended by 
the general convention at Philadelphia in 1787; together with 
the journal of the federal convention, Luther Martin's letter. 
Yates's minutes, congressional opinions, Virginia and Ken- 
tucky resolutions of '98-99, etc. 1901. 5v. 342.02 E46 

The first edition was published in 1830, and the second, of which this Is a 
reprint, iu lb:n>. 

Gum mere, A. H. The Quaker: a study in costume. 1901. 391 G95 

"When I'enn was asked by the King to define the difference between their re- 
ligious beliefs, the Quaker replied : ' The difference Is the same as between 
thy hat ond mine; mine has no ornaments.' .... Tills then is the 
secret of the Quaker dress : it was not meant to be a uniform, but was merely 

the prevailing mode, with all the superfluous adornments left out 

Mrs. (iummere's book is a work that, less than fifty years ago, would proba- 
bly have caused her prompt expulsion from the Society. Today it will be 
read with interest even by the most orthodox Quaker. As a real contribu- 
tion to the minor antiquities of the Victorian era, it will appeal to a far 
wider audience. The full-page illustrations are excellent reproductions of 
old portraits, and there are numerous sketches of the details of Quaker cos- 
tume. " — Xation. 

Harrison, Benjamin. Views of an ex-president : being his 
addresses and writings on subjects of public interest since the 
close of his administration as president of the United States. 
Comp. by Mary L. Harrison, f 1901 -] 304 H24 

Johns Hopkins University studies in historical and political 
Vol. 18. Taxation in southern states; Church and educa- 
tion. 1900. 306 J6 
Contents:— Studies in *»tat© taxation, with particular reference to the 
southern stilts, by graduates and students of the Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity, edited by J. II. Hollander. — The colonial executive prior to the 
Restoration, by I*. L. Kayo. — Constitution and admission of Iowa into 
the I'lilou, by J. A. J nine*. — The church and popular education, by II. B. 
Adams.— The struggle for religious freedom iu Virginia: the Baptists, by 
W. T. Thorn. 


John Hopkins University studies, etc. — continued. 

Vol. 19. Diplomatic and constitutional history. 1001. 306 J6 

Contents .—America In the Pacific and the far East, by J. M. Callahan.— 
State activities in relation to labor in the United States, by \V. F. Wil 
loughby.— History of suffrage In Virginia, by J. A. C. Chandler.— The 
Maryland constitution of 1804, by W. S. Myers.— Life of Commissary 
James Blair, founder of William and Mary College, by D. E. Motley.— 
Governor Hicks of Maryland and the civil war, by G. P. L. RadeliffV 

Leonard, E. H. The early history of English poor relief. 
1900. 361 L55 

"Miss Leonard has not only done a remarkably substantial piece of original 
work, based throughout on contemporary, and for the most part un;«rlnted, 
evidence; she has made a notable contribution to the Interpretation of Eng- 
lish history She declares that it was to the action of the 

Privy Council during the period of " personal government " (lfl29-lft*>) that 
England owes the very existence of an effective poor law in later centuries. 
It is not commonly remembered that, until very recent times, the English 
poor law was quite unique in Europe."— Nation. 

Massachusetts. Secretary of the Commonwealth. Public docu- 
ments of Massachusetts: being the annual reports of various 
public officers and institutions for the year 1900. = 1139.1 

Meyer, E. 0. Nominating systems : direct primaries versus con- 
ventions in the United States. 1902. 324 M57 

Parsons, Frank. The city for the people; or, the municipaliza- 
tion of the city government and of local franchises. Revision 
August, 1901. 352 P25 

Pascoe, 0. E. The pageant and ceremony of the coronation of 
their Majesties King Edward the Seventh and Queen Alexandra. 
1902. 394.4 P26 

Robert, H. M. Pocket manual of rules of order for deliberative 
assemblies. 1888. 328.1 1154 

Taylor, Hannis. A treatise on international public law. 1901. 

341 T21 

United States. Census Office. 12th census, 1900. Vol. 1. Popu- 
lation. Part 1. Prepared under the supervision of \V. C. 
Hunt. = 2029.60 

Webb, S. and B. Industrial democracy. 1897. 2v. 331.88 W38 



Dartmouth College. The proceedings of the Webster Centen- 
nial. The commemoration by Dartmouth College of the 
services of Daniel Webster to the college and the state, held 
upon the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary of the 
graduation of Mr. Webster. Ed. by E. M. Hopkins. [1901.] 

378 D2d 

McMurray, C. A. The elements of general method, based on 
the principles of Herbart. 8th ed. 1901. f 371 M22 


Arnott, S. The book of bulbs, together with an lntrodnctory 
chapter on the botany of bulbs by the editor. 1901. 71G A76 

Campbell, D. H. A university text-book of botany. 1902. 580 C15 

Dixon, Charles. Birds' nests : an introduction to the science of 
caliology. 1902. 598.2 DC4 

French, L. H. Hezekiah's wives. 1902. 598.8 F88 

The story of the author'* pet canaries. 

Ganot, Adolphe. Elementary treatise on physics, experimental 
and applied, for the use of colleges and schools. Trans, and 
ed. by E. Atkinson. 15th ed., revised and enlarged. 1899. 580 G15 

Hodge, C. F. Nature study and life. 1902. 507 H66 

"The amount of u*eful iu formation packed into this book Is extraordinary. 
There is not a dull page to be found between the covers, and the illustrations 
admirably supplement the text. It is the work of a practical teacher who Is 
wont to iuspire his pupils to use their faculties of observation for practical 

Hulbert, W. D. Forest neighbors : life stories of wild animals. 
1902. 591 H88 

Parsons, Mrs. F. T. According to season: talks abont the 

flowers in the order of their appearance in the woods and 

fields. 1902. 580.8 PS5 

A new edition with colored plates. The author was perhaps better known as 
Mrs. William Starr Dana. 


Pearson, T. O. Stories of bird life. 1901. 598.2 P32 

Ripley, W. Z. The races of Europe: a sociological study 

(Lowell Institute lectures). 1899. 672.94 R48 

Supplementary bibliography of the anthropology and ethnology 
of Europe [to accompany the above]. 1899. 572.94 R48a 

Ross, Ronald. Mosquito brigades, and how to organize them. 

1902. 595.77 R73 

Smithsonian Institution. Annual report of the Board of Re- 
gents, showing the operations, expenditures, and condition 
of the institution for the year ending June 30, 1900. = 2469.3 
Miscellaneous collections. Vols. 42-46. The Smithsonian 
Institution : documents relative to its origin and history, 
1835-1899, by William Jones Rhees. = 2468.1 

Bureau of American Ethnology. J. W. Powell, director. 
Eighteenth annual report, 1896-97. In two parts. Part 2. 
Indian land cessions in the United States. Comp. by C. C. 
Royce, with introduction by Cyrus Thomas. 1899. = 2422.22 
Weed, C. H. Nature biographies : the lives of some every -day 

butterflies, moths, grasshoppers and flies. 1901. t 595.7 W42 
Wilcox, H. A. Pocket guide to the common land birds of New 

England. 1901. 698 2 W66 

Williams, Martha McCulloch. Next to the ground : chronicles 
of a countryside. 1902. 500 W67n 

Contents : — Foreword. — Ploughing. — Wasps and ants. — The ragged 
month.— The hog.— Shooting.— Quail and partridge.— The possum.— Night 
noises.— The big snow.— Clearing.— The horse.— The oaks.— Fox-hunting— 
The cow. — Feathered folk.— Insects. 


Badt, F. B. Bell hangers' handbook. 3d ed. 1901. 621.8 B14 

Incandescent wiring handbook. 5th ed. 1901. 621.3 BUi 

Emerson, E. B. The story of the vine. 1902. 663 E58 

Hew York (state): Commissioners of Fisheries, Game, and 

Forests. Fifth annual report, 1899. = 639 N42 

Hewell, F. H. Irrigation in the United States. [1902.] 631 N44 


Porry, J. F. Dogs : tlicir management and treatment in dis- 
ease : a study of the theory and practice of canine medicine, 
by Ashmont. 2d ed., revised and enlarged. 1891. t 619 1**3 

Seely, Mrs. L. Mrs. Seely's cook book : a manual of French and 
American cookery, with chapters on domestic servants, their 
rights and duties, and many other details of household manage- 
ment. 1902. 641 S45 

Southworth, H. E. One hundred and one saudwlches. 1902. 

641 S72o 
Ofthe merit* of this little paper-covered brochure— it Is worthy of a more 
durable binding — we can speak in unqualified praise. The) amateur has 
presented to him in a condensed form a aeries of delightful preparations 
suitable for luncheons or al-fresco entertainments. 

United States. Commission of Fish and Fisheries. Report of 

the commissioner for the year ending June 30, 1900. = 2062.6 
Wheeler, Mariaxma. The baby, his care and training. 1901. 

649 W57 

"A little volume upou cart' and training, is plain and sensible in the last de- 
gree. If the chapter on measles and scarlet fever alone were absorbed by 
parents, the Having of life should be great, and the limitation of sickness 
greater."— Nation. 


Brochure series of architectural illustration. 1895-1901. Vols. 

1-7. 720.5 B7 

The library also subscrilM* to the current issues of this very attractively 
illustrated magazine. 

Emerson, E. R. Nature and human nature. 1902. 701 E63 

Goodyear, W. H. Roman aud mediaeval art. Revised and en- 
larged with many new illustrations. 1900. 709.45 G63 
Hoyt, D.L. The world's painters and their pictures. 1902. 759 H8S 

A concise handbook on the history of painting, especially suited to ycung 
students of the subject. 

Hurll, E. M. Tuscan sculpture of the fifteenth century: a col- 
lection of sixteen pictures reproducing works by Donatello, 
the Delia Robbia, Mino da Ficsolc, and others, with introduc- 
tion and interpretation. 1902. 734 H93 

MUSIC. 129 

j, Pauline. American mural painting : a study of the im- 
portant decorations by distinguished artists in the United 
States. 1901. 759.1 K58 

Illustrated description* of the principal specimens of mural painting at the 
Columbian exposition, in the Boston Public Library, the Congressional 
Library, the Appellate Courts building, New York, and some private resi- 
dences in the United States. 

Lowell, Guy, ed. American gardens. 1902. Art case 

Martin, W. Gerard Dou. Trans, from the Dutch by Clara Bell. 

1902. 750 D72m 

Pictures by popular American artists. Fifty pictures selected 

from Scrlbner's Magazine. [1900.] Art case 

Some of the artists represented are C. D. Gibson, A. B. Frost, Ernest Scton- 
Thompson, Howard Pyle, F. HopKinson Smith, and Maxfield Parrlsh. 

Rosengarten, A. A handbook of architectural styles. Traus. 

from the German by W. Collett-Sandars. [Ed. by T. Roger 

Smith.] Newed. 1901. 720.9 R72 

Scott, Leader, pseud. Sculpture: Renaissance and modern. 

[1886.] [Illustrated hand-books of art history.] 735 S42 

Wheelright, E. M. School architecture : a general treatise for 

the use of architects and others. 1901. 727 W57 


Curwen,J. S. Studies in worship music. 2v. 781.1 C94 

Humphreys, F. L. The evolution of church music : with pre- 
face by H. C. Potter. 1896. 781.1 1188 
Pratt, W. S. Musical ministries in the church : studies in the 
history, theory, and administration of sacred music. 1901. 

781.1 T88 
Dr. Pratt understands perhaps better than any other the problem of church 
music both from the point of view of the minister and from that of the musi- 
cian. He is thoroughly sane in his treatment, and his discussion is entirely 
nntechnical. This book will be found full of hints and suggestions und of 
helpful exposition of great priuciples with which both ministers and church 
musicians should be familiar.— The Westminster (Toronto). 


Shuttleworth, H. 0. The place of music in public worship. 

2d cd. 1893. 781.1 S56 

Taunton, E. L. The history aud growth of church music. 781.1 T19 
Young, Filson. Mastersingers ; appreciations of music and 

musicians, with an essay on Tlector Berlioz. [1902]. 780.3 Y8 

Contents: — The pastoral symphony. — Tristan and Isolda. — Bach's organ 
fugues.— Mozurt's ltequiein.— Tschuikowsky's sixth symphony.— The com- 
poMTin Kngland.— Charles Halle.— Cumille Salnt-Saens.— An Irish musi- 
cian.— Hector Berlioz.— Postscript. 


Atkinson, B. W., and Carter, E., comps. Songs of the eastern 

colleges. 184. 3 A 

Bassford, W. K., comp. Album for piano four hands: original 

compositions and arrangements, Gade, Jensen, Moszkowski. 

Rubinstein, and others. 2v.ini. 187.8B 

Brown, J. D., ed. Characteristic songs and dances of all nations. 

The music arranged for the piauoforte by Alfred Moffat. 184. 10B 
DeKoven, Reginald. 22 songs with pianoforte accompaniment. 

For high and medium voice. 184. 1D2 

Denison, A. W. Queen Philippine : comic opera in two acts. 

Presented by the Pi Eta Society. 1902. 182. 4D 

Elliot, Q. E., comp. Elliot's collection of favorite dances by 

Fahrbach, Metra, Ganne, Waldteufel, Strauss, and others. 186. 1. E 
Grieg, Edvard. Forty-five pieces for pianoforte. 2v. 186.2G1 

Jensen, Adolf. Twenty-five pieces for pianoforte. 2 v. 180 JJ 

Joseify, Rafael, comp. fitudes for the pianoforte. 186. U 

"As for Mr. JonefTy's collection of Etudes, it would be Impossible to speak of 
it too highly. Mr. Joseffy unfortunately ha* but seldom played in public in 
recent years; but he has taught regularly at the National Conservatory, and 
has thus ascertained what is most needful to student* of the pianoforte. . 
. . . The studies are carefully fingered, and the editor's helpful notes are 
printed on the same pages as the music."— Nation 

Klee, L., and others. Sonatina album : a collection of favorite 
sonatinas, rondos, and pieces for pianoforte. 186.3K 

Lang, Malcolm. Hi Ki Ta : operetta in three acts. Presented 
by the Hasty Pudding Club of Harvard University, 1902. 182.9L 


MacDowell, E. A. Compositions for pianoforte. 1 86. 1M4 

Content*:— &tade de concert, op. 36.— Les Orientate*: 1. Clair delune. 
2. Dans le hamac. 3. Danse andalouse, op. 37.— 12 etudes, op. 39.— Sechs 
kleine Stflcke nach 8ki»en yon J. S. Bach. 

Six idyls after Goethe, composed for the pianoforte ; Six 

poems after Heine; Marionettes; Fireside tales. 186. 1M3 

21 Songs with pianoforte accompaniment. For high and 
medium voice. 184. 2M1 

Moszkowaki, Moritz. Twenty-six pieces for pianoforte. 2 v. 

Oeeterle, Louis, comp. Album of transcriptions for piano four 

hands: 24 pieces. 187.0 

A book of piano duets for two equally advanced players. 187.02 
The pianist's second and third year : a collection of pieces 

carefully graded and fingered. 186.102 

Recital pieces: original pieces for two performers on one 
piano. 187.01 

Bcharfenberg, W., comp. Album for piano four hands : 47 easy 

pieces by various composers in progressive order. 2v. 187.7S 
Modern sonatina album : a collection of sonatinas and miscel- 
laneous pieces in progressive order. 2v. 186.8S 
The pianist's treasury : a collection of moderately difficult 
pieces for the piano. 186. 8S1 
Schirmer. Album of popular piano music : 29 selected pieces. 186.9S 
Anthology of sacred song: celebrated arias selected from 
oratorios by old and modern composers. Ed. by Max 
Spicker. 4v. 183.3S 
Vol. 1. 8oprano.— 2. Alto.— 3. Tenor.— 4. Bass. 
Shepard, 8. O., comp. School marches for piano. 186. 1.8 
Strauss, Richard. Songs with pianoforte accompaniment. 184.8S 

Delightful songs by a modern German composer whose talent Is recog- 
nized to be of the very first order. 

Tennyson's Enoch Arden : ein Melodram fur Pianoforte com- 

ponirt. 186. 10S 

Any one who has been fortunate enough to hear this given by Mr. Lang 
and Mr. George Riddle will be glad to take the music home and know it 
better still. 



Parker, Arnold. Ping-pong (table-tennis) : the game, and how 
to play it. 1902. 794 PBS 

Smith, L. H. A sportsman's taxidermy, and a sportsman's 
photography. 1901. f 799 S66 


Austin, Alfred. A tale of true love, and other poems. 1902. 

820 A98 

Balzac, H. de. The personal opinions of Honors de Balzac. 

Trans, by K. P. Wormcley. 1899. 844 B21 

This volume contains some of the personal opinions of Balzac as he has 
given them elsewhere than in the Comidit Humaine. They arc taken 
chiefly from his essays and letters. 

Berdoe, Edward. The Browning cyclopaedia: a guide to the 
story of the works of Robert Browning, with copious explana- 
tory notes and references on all difficult passages. 1898. Ref . 85.78 

Contains a list of books, essays, etc., which are especially useful to the 
Browning student. 

Capps, Edward. From Homer to Theocritus: a manual of 
Greek literature. 1901. 880 CI 7 

"The style is easy and interesting, the proportion and perspective well pre- 
served, the scholarship thorough and accurate. The chapters on Tragedy 
and Comedy arc particularly strong, as might be expected from a scholar 
who has made special researches in the history of the Drama and the ques- 
tion of the Stage. Very useful, also, and informing is the treatise on the 
lost literature of the fourth century B. c, as well as the bibliographical ap- 
pendix." — Nation. 

Cook, T. A., ed. An anthology of humorous verse. 1902. 828 C77 
Copeland, 0. T., and Hideout, H. M. Freshman English and 
theme correcting In Harvard College. [With specimen 
themes.] [1901.] 808.1 C79 

Dante Alighieri. La dlvlna commedia di Dante Alighieri, illus- 
trata nei luoghi e nelle persone a enra di Corrado Ricci ; con 80 
ellotlpie e 400 zlncotiple. 1898. Art case 


Esenwein, J. B. How to attract and hold an audience : a popu- 
lar treatise on the nature, preparation and delivery of public 
discourse. 1902. 808.5 E75 

Fitch, Clyde. Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines: a fantastic 
comedy in three acts. 1902. 822 F55c 

Fleming, W. H. Shakespeare's plots: a study In dramatic 
construction. 1902. 822.3 D30 

Gosse, Edmund. Gossip in a library. 1901. 811 G69 

Short studies on the history and contents of certain famous or curious 

Hypolympia, or the gods in the island : an ironic fantasy. 1901. 

828 GG9 
"The scene of this fantasy is an island, hitherto inhabited by Luthe runs, 
in a remote bat temperate province of Northern Europe. The persons 
are the gods of ancient Greece. The time is early in the twentieth cen- 
tury."— Preface. 

Graham, H. G. Scottish men of letters in the eighteenth cen- 
tury. 1901. 810.6 G73 
Harford, Oliver. More animals. With pictures by the author. 

1901. 828 H42m 

Ibsen, Henrik. John Gabriel Borkman. Trans, by William 

Archer. 1897. [Green tree library.] 839.83 Ij 

Little Eyolf . Trans, by William Archer. 1895. [Green tree 

library.] 839.83 JU 

Love's comedy. Trans., with an introduction and notes, by 
C. H. Herford. 1900. 839.83 Ilo 

Kalidasa. Sakoontala; or, the lost ring: an Indian drama, trans- 
lated into English prose and verse, from the Sanscrit of 
Kalidasa, by Monier Williams. 3d ed. 1856. f 891.2 K12 

Lovers of music will be Interested In the original legend on which Gold- 
mark's famous overture is based. 

Lincoln, J. C. Cape Cod ballads and other verse. 1902. 820 L73c 
McSpadden, J. W. Shaksperian synopses: outlines or argu- 
ments of the plays of Shakspere. 1902. 822.3 1154 
Moulton, O. W., ed. Library of literary criticism of English 
and American authors. Vol. 3. 1730-1784. 1902. Ref. 40.35 


Reed, Edwin. Bacon and Shake-speare parallelism. 1902. 829.3 I73b 
Francis Bacon our 8hake-speare. 1908. 822.3 I73f 

Schelling, F. E. The English chronicle play : a study in the 
popular historical literature environing Shakespeare. 1902. 

813.5 S32 

Trent, W. P., and Wells, B. W., erf*. Colonial prose and poetry . 
[1901.] 3 v. 815.1 T79 

Vol. 1. The transplanting of culture, 1607-1060. 

2. The beginnings of Americanism, 1A5O-1710. 

3. The growth of the national spirit, 1710-1775. 

M Attempts to present mainly in modernised spelling such passages from the 
works of colonial authors as reveal most of literary art, of individual genius, 
and of the national mind in the process of its differentiation. . . Brief ac- 
counts are given of each author, and essays at the beginning of the several 
volumes endeavor to gather up the characteristics of each period and to draw 
from them their lessons with regard to national evolution."— iV^/bce. 


Bangs, J. K. Uncle Sam trustee. 1902. 972.91 B22 

Burgess, J. W. Reconstruction and the constitution. 1902. 

973.8 B91 
" The nationalization of civil liberty by placing it under the protection of the 
Constitution and the national Judiciary, and holding the districts of the 
•South under Territorial civil government uutil the white race in those dis- 
tricts should have sufficiently recovered from ite» temporary disloyalty to the 
Uuiou to be Intrusted again with the power* of Common wealth local govern, 
nient." This, the author hold*, would have been the proper course in recon- 

Clinton, George. Public papers of George Clinton, first Gover- 
nor of New York, 1777-1795, 1801-1804. Military. With an 
introduction by Hugh Hastings, state historian. Published by 
the state of New York, as appendix "N" — third annual report 
of the state historian. 1899-1900. 4v. = 973.34 C61 

Vol. 1. May 23, 1775— .luue 2, 1777. 

2. June 4, 1777— March 8, 177-S. 

3. March b— Sept. 7, 177b. 

4. Aug. 31, 177^— May 31, 1779. 

HI8TORY. 135 

Golquhoun, A. B. The mastery of the Pacific. 1902. 990 C71 

Contents : — Introduction.— The United StateB in the Pacific.— Great Britain 
in the Pacific— The Dutch in the Puciflc— Japan in the Pacific— Other 
powers in the Pacific— Conclusion. 

Field, Edward, ed. State of Rhode Island and Providence Plan- 
tations at the end of the century : a history. 1902. 3v. 974.5 F45 

Vol.1. General history of the state. By C. S. Brigham.— The wars and the 
militia. By E. Field.— The sea force in war time. By II. P. Smith. 

2. Epidemics and medical institutions. By ('. V. Chapin.— Religious 

societies, their history and present condition. By D. Goodwin.— 
Growth of publio education. By H. P. Smith.— The sea trade and 
its development; travel and transportation. By K. Grieve. — The 
printer and the press. By II. P. Smith. — The growth of the 
library. By U. P. Smith and W. E. Foster. 

3. The political development of the towns. By G. G. Wilson.— The 

struggle for Judicial supremacy. By E. C. Stiness.— Public and 
private finance. By II. K. Stokes. — Industrial development. By 
J. B. Bowditch.— The poor, the defective and the criminal. By 
J. H. Nutting.— Free-masonry and Odd Fellowship. By H. P. 
Smith.— Early habits and old landmarks. By E. Field. 

Grregorovius, Ferdinand. History of the city of Rome in the 
Middle Ages. Trans, from the 4th German edition by A. Ham- 
ilton. 1894-1902. 8 v. in 13. 945.5 R6g 

Grundy, Q. B. The great Persian war and its preliminaries ; a 
study of the evidence, literary and topographical. 1901. 

938.03 G92 

Helmolt, H. F., ed. The history of the world : a survey of 
man's record. With an introductory essay by James Bryce. 
Vol. 1. Pre-hlstory ; America and the Pacific Ocean. 1902. 909 H37 

Lederer, John. The discoveries of John Lederer, in three 
several marches from Virginia, to the west of Carolina, and 
other parts of the continent, begun in March, 1669, and ended 
in September, 1670. Together with a general map of the 
whole territory which he traversed. Collected and trans- 
lated out of Latine from his discourse and writings, by Sir 
William Talbot, baronet. 1672. [Reprinted, 1902.] 975 L51 

McKee, Lanier. The land of Nome : a narrative sketch of the 
rush to our Bering sea gold-fields, the country, its mines and its 
people, and the history of a great conspiracy 1900-1901. 979 £ MA$ 


MacLehose, S. H. The last days of the French monarchy. 
1901. 944.03 M16 

"Nothing hitherto published in English supplies the exact equivalent of 
this Simple yet detailed account' of the French institution* before the Revo- 
lution. Miss MacLehose's work Is conceived in the spirit of a scholar, and 
is written in an interesting, but unpretending style." — Athcnceum. 

Morflll, W. B. A history of Russia from the birth of Peter the 
Great to Nicholas II. 1902. 947 MSlh 

Morgan, L. H. League of the Ho-dG-no-sau-nee or Iroquois. 
New edition, with additional matter, ed. and annotated by H 
M. Lloyd. 1901. 2 v. 970.3 r71m 

Morris, J. E. The Welsh wars of Edward I. : a contribution 
to mediaeval military history, based on original documents. 
1901. 942.9 M83 

Peters, M. C. The Jew as a patriot. With an introductory essay 
by Oscar S. Strauss. 1902. 933 P44 

The author's "object is* to furnish u thesis in reply to Murk Twain's maga- 
zine article, which presented the Jew iu* ' charged with a patriotic disinclina- 
tion to stand by the flag a.s a soldier,' etc." .... "Mr. Peters's rapid 
summary of the patriotic record made by the Jews in the American Civil War 
merely states facts which were well known to those engaged in that war. — 
3Ir. Peters shows, further, an equally creditable record of Hebrew patriot- 
ism, military, civil, political, and financial in the earlier wars of the Ameri- 
can Republic, and also in several of the leading states of Continental Eu- 
rope."— The Dial. 

Thwaites, B. G. The story of Wisconsin. Revised and enlarged. 
[1899.] 977.5 T42 

Wells, H. G. Anticipations of the reaction of mechanical and 
scientific progress upon human life and thought. 1902. 901 W46 
Contents ; — Locomotion in the twentieth century. — The probable diffusion 
of great cities.— Developing social elements.— Certain social reactions.— The 
life-history of democracy. — War in the twentieth century. — The conflict of 
languages.— The larger synthesis.— Faith, morals, and public policy in the 
twentieth century. 


Carey, William. Adventures in Tibet, including the Diary of 
Miss Annie R. Taylor's remarkable journey from Tau-Chau 
to Ta-Chien-Lu through the heart of the " Forbidden Land." 
[1901.] 951.5 T3c 


Hogarth, D. O. The nearer East. 1902. [Apple ton's world 
series.] 950.6 1168 

Hosie, Alexander. Manchuria : its people, resources and recent 
history. 1901. 951.5 M3h 

Xeane, A. H. Central and South America. Ed. by Sir Clements 
Mark ham. 1901. 2 v. [Stanford's compendium of geo- 
graphy and travel, new issue.] f 980 K19 

Tol. 1. South America.— 2. Central America and West Indies. 

Lottie, W. J. London afternoons : chapters on social life, archi- 
tecture and records of the great city and its neighborhood. 
1902. 942.5 L81a 

"There is no need for Mr. Loftie to apologize for adding to the list of books on 

London this delightful volume We have chapter* on London five 

centuries ago, and at the beginning of the century Just ended ; on Newgate, 
St. Paul's, Old and New; the older city churches, and on other subjects scarce- 
ly less interesting Another Interesting chapter is that on the 

ancient rivers of London, now imprisoned as underground sewera."— Nation. 

Meakin, Budgett. The Moors : a comprehensive description. 

1902. 9G4 M46a 

Soot, F. A., and Connelley, W. E. The overland stage to Cali- 
fornia: personal reminiscences and authentic history of the 
great overland stage line and pony express from the Missouri 
river to the Pacific ocean. 978 R67 

Mr. Root was messenger in charge of the express and agent of the Post-office 
department to look after the transportation of the mails over the great stage 
line across the plains to California. This volume treats particularly of that 
portion of the route extending from the Missouri river to Denver. It 
abounds in incident and adventure. 

Bheppard, Edgar. The old royal palace of Whitehall. 1902. 

942.5 L8sh 

"The old Palace of Whitehall has great claims to public Interest, both by rea- 
son of its antiquity and of its historical associations, to say nothing of its 
intimate connection with the lives of the Tudor and Stuart sovereigns, and 
the dramatic events of which it was the scene."— Preface. 

Story, A. T. 8wiss life in town and country. [Our European 

neighbors.] 949.46 S88 i 


Thwaites, B. Q. Down historic waterways : six hundred miles 
of canoeing upon Illinois and Wisconsin rivers. 2d ed., revised. 
1902. 977 T42d 

Walker, J. W. G. Ocean to ocean : an account, personal and 
historical, of Nicaragua and its people. 1902. 972.8 W15 



Tallentyre, S. G. The women of the salons, and other French 
portraits. 1901. E4.T14 

Contents: — Mine. du Deffand.— Mile, de Lespinasse. — Mine. GeoflVin. — 
Mme.d'jfcpinay.— Mme.Xecker.— StaiH.— Mine. Rfecamier.— Tronchin, 
a great doctor.— The mother of Xapolcou.— Mme. de Se>igne\— Mme. Ylgfte 
Le Brun. 


Barrow. Powicke, F. J. Henry Barrow, separatist, 1550?-1593, 
and The exiled church of Amsterdam, 1593-1622. 1900. E.B2775 

"An essay upon the origins of Congregationalism; describe* Barrow as 
founder of English Congregationalism, his doctrine of the church and view* 
of the ecclesiastical powers of princes; with valuable chapters upon the 
church at Amsterdam, and criticism of Arber's Pilgrim fathers.'' 1 — W. Daw- 
son Johnston. 

Black. Re id, Sir T. W. William Black, novelist. 1902. E.B5660 
Ohamplain. Sedgwick, H. D. Samuel de Champlain. 1902. 

[Riverside biographical series.] E.C3615.S 

Clarke, Mary Cowden. Letters to an enthusiast : being a series 

of letters addressed to Robert Balmanno, Esq., of New York, 

1850-1861. Ed. by A. U. Nettleton. 1902. EC5585.a 

Douglas. Brown, W. Q. Stephen Arnold Douglas. 1902. 

[Riverside biographical series.] E.D748.b 

Edward I. Jenks, Edward. Edward Plantagenet (Edward I.), 

the English Justinian ; or, the making of the common law. 

1902. [Heroes of the nations series.] 942.085 E2] 


Erasmus, Desiderius. The epistles of Erasmus from his earliest 
letters to his fifty-first year, arranged in order of time. Eng- 
lish translations from the early correspondence, with a com- 
mentary confirming the chronological arrangement and supply- 
ing further biographical matter by F. M. Nichols. 1901. E.Erl5 

A very important contribution to the subject of Erasmus, being the first 
systematic translation of his letters into English. 

Fithian, P. V. Philip Vickers Fithian, journal and letters 
1767-1774: student at Princeton College 1770-72, tutor at 
Nomini Hall in Virginia 1778-74. Ed. for the Princeton His- 
torical Association by J. R. Williams. 1900. E.F562 

"The general interest of the Journal lies in the copious daily observations of 
unfamiliar surroundlugs while the writer was a private tutor in Virginia. . 
.... Many of Flthian's notes were merely of the conduct of the chil- 
dren under his care, some of his toothache, some of the weather, but there is 
hardly a page but sheds light upon his surroundings, and we get views of 
the plainness as well as the costliness of Virginia country life."— Nation. 

Grey. Bartlett, D. W. The life of Lady Jane Grey. E. 6874 

Hale. Partridge, W. O. Nathan Hale, the ideal patriot : a study 
of character. With views of the author's statue of Nathan 
Hale, portraits of Hale's contemporaries and of kindred char- 
acters; also three drawings by W. R. Leigh, together with an 
introduction by G. C. Eggleston. 1902. E.H1385.p 

Hamilton. Schouler, James. Alexander Hamilton. 1901. [Bea- 
con biographies.] 

Xinglake. Tuck well, W. A. W. Kinglake: a biographical and 
literary study. 1902. EK605.t 

Morse. Trowbridge, John. Samuel Finley Breese Morse. 1901. 
[Beacon biographies.] E.M8425.t 

Peter HI. Bain, R. N. Peter III., Emperor of Russia: the 
story of a crisis and a crime. 1902. 947.06 P4b 

Buskin. Colling wood, W. G. The life of John Ruskin. 1902. 
A revised and abbreviated edition of the author's life of Ruskin in two vol- 
umes, published in 1803. 

Sheridan. Personal memoirs of Philip Henry Sheridan. New 

and enlarged edition, with an account of his life from 1871 to 

his death, in 1888, by Michael V. Sheridan. 1902. Tv. 'fe&Y&Ub.*. 



Thoreau. Sauborn, F. B. The personality of Thoreau. 1901. 

Whitman. Bucke, R. M. Walt Whitman. 188S. f 
Burroughs, John. Whitman : a study. 1900. 
Symonds, J. A. Walt Whitman : a study. New ed. 



1896. f 


Aitken, J. B. Love in its tenderness: idylls of Enochdhu. A812.1 
Alexander, Mrs., pseud. The yellow fiend. A 3 75. 34 

Atherton, Q. F. The conqueror : being the true and romantic 

story of Alexander Hamilton. A866.8 

Balzac, Honore de. La come'die humaine. Translated by K. P. 
Beatrix. — A commission in lunacy. B219.15 

Brotherhood of Consolation. — Z. Marcas. B219.16 

Cousin Bette. B2 19.21 

Cousin Pons. B219.22 

Deputy of Arcis. B219.28 

Eugenie Graudet.— Pierrette. B219.7a 

Fame and sorrow. — Colonel Chabert. — Atheist's mass. — La 
Graude Breteche. — The purse. — La Grenadiere. — Double 
Life. — Rural ball. — Deserted woman. B219.25 

Great man of the provinces in Paris. B219.26 

Historical mystery. — Episode under the Terror. B2 19.27 

Juaua. — Adieu. — Drama on the seashore. — Red Inn. — Re- 
cruit. — El verdugo. — Elixir of life. — Hated son.— Mattre 
Cornelius. B2 19.28 

Last incarnation of Vautrin. — Ferraijus, chief of the D6- 

vorants. — Gob seek. — Comedies played gratis. B2 19.29 

Lesser bourgeoisie. B2 19.80 

Lily of the valley.— Gallery of antiquities. B219 8a 

Lost illusions.— Illustrious Gaudissart. B219.82 

Louis Lambert. — Facino Cane.— Gambara. — Melmoth absolved. — 
Jesus Christ in Flanders.— Exiles. B2 19.88 


Balzac, Honor6 de,— continued. 

Lucien de Rubempre\ — Duchesse de Langeais. B2 19.34 

Modeste Mignon. — Daughter of Eve. — Peace of a home. B219. 10a 
Pere Ooriot. — Marriage contract. B219.13* 

Rise and fall of Cesar Birotteau. — Nucingen and Co., bankers. 

— Another study of woman. B219.4 

Sons of the soil. B219.41 

Start in life. — Vendetta. — Study of a woman. — The message. — 

Paz.— Madame Firmiani. B219.42 

Two brothers. — An old maid. B219.43 

Ursula.— Vicar of Tours. B219.44 

Village rector. B219.45 

Barlow, Jane. At the back of beyond. B252.8 

Bourget, Paul. Monica, and other stories. B665.2 

Brady, 0. T. Hohenzollern : a story of the time of Frederick 

Barbarossa. B734.7 

Brooks, Hildegard. The master of Caxton. B806.2 

Bullen, F. T. Deep-sea plunderings. B862.2 

Stories by the author of The cruise of the Cachalot. 

Burrow, 0. K. Patricia of the hills. B946.2 

Crockett, S. R. The dark o' the moon. C875.23 

Crosby, £. H. Captain Jinks, hero, f C887.1 

Crowley, M. C. The heroine of the strait : a romance of Detroit 

in the time of Pontiac. C896.2 

Daskam, J. D. The madness of Philip, and other tales of 

childhood. D268.4 

Dixon, Thomas, jr. The leopard's spots : a romance of the 

white man's burden, 1865-1900. D655.1 

Doyle, A. Conan. The hound of the Baskervilles : another ad- 
venture of Sherlock Holmes. D 775 .23 
Dunbar, P. L. The sport of the Gods. D905.5 
Bggleston, G. C. Dorothy South : a love story of Virginia just 

before the war. E308.6 

Garland, Hamlin. The captain of the Gray-horse troop. G189.8 
Glasgow, Ellen. The battle-ground. G466.4 

Godfrey, Elizabeth, pseud. The winding road. G547.3 



Harland, Henry. The Lady Paramount. IT238.5 

Harris, J. C. The making of a statesman and other stories. H248.15 
Harte, Bret. Openings in the old trail. [Stories.] H261.34 

Hegan, A. C. Mrs. Wiggs of the cabbage patch. H364.1 

Henry, Arthur. An island cabin. 11402.2 

Hopkins, H. M. The fighting bishop. 117791.1 

Hough, Emerson. The Mississippi babble. H812.2 

Howells, W. D. The Kentons. 11843.34 

Huneker, J. G. Melomaniacs. H905.1 

Latimer, Mrs. E. W. The prince incognito. L851.6 

Liljencrantz, 0. A. The thrall of Lelf the lucky : a story of 

Viking days. L683.1 

Linnet, Brown. Widow Wiley and some other old folk. [Short 

stories.] LG385.1 

Long:, J. L. Naughty Nan. L85G.4 

Major, Charles. Dorothy Vernon of Iladdon Hall, M294.2 

Merwin, S., and Webster, H. X. Calumet "It." t M564 2 

Moore, F. F. A damsel or two. M785.14 

Murray, C. T. Mile. Fouchettc. M9C2.1 

Palacio Valdds, Armando. Jose. Trans, by M. C. Smith. V235.5 
Peck, S. M. Alabama sketches. P345.1 

Pemberton, Max. Tne giant's gate : a story of a great adven- 
ture. T372.13 
Phillips, H. W. lied Saunders: his adventures west and east. 

Price, E. 0. Angelot : a story of the First Empire. P938.3 

Rathbone, Anne Manning. Colloquies of Edward Osborne. 

= R191.ll 
Deborah's diary. = R191.10 

Two "little classics" by the author of The maUUn and married life of Mary 
PotceH, and of The household of Sir Thomas Afore. All true lovers of 
good literature will enjoy these quaint storie*. 

Roberts, Harrison. The opponents. R552.3 

Robinson, R. E. Sam Lovel's camps : Uncle Lisha's friends 
under bark and canvas. A sequel to Uncle Lisha's shop, f R5G9.7 
Uncle Lisha's shop : life in a corner of Yankeeland. R569.6 


Russell, W. 0. A sailor's sweetheart, f R923.28 

Sears, H. None but the brave. S439.1 

Shackleton, Robert. Many waters. S524.2 

8haw, A. M. The coast of freedom : a romance of the adventur- 
ous times of the first self-made American. S533.1 
8tockton, F. R. Kate Bonnet : the romance of a pirate's daugh- 
ter. S8GC.32 
Walford, L. B. Charlotte. W 147.25 
Whitby, Beatrice. Flower and thorn. W585.10 
White, S. E. The blazed trail. W5934.2 
Wiggin, X. D. Diary of a goose girl. W641.9 
Winter, J. 3., pseud. The magic wheel: a novel. W737.23 


Jewett, S. O. Play days : a book of stories for children. JJ550.17 
Pierson, C. D. Among the night people. [1902.] j590 P62u 

8hute, K. H., compiler. The land of song. Selected by K. H. 
Shute, ed. by Larkin Dunton. 1899-1900. 3v. J811.8 S5G 

Vol. 1. For primary grade*.— 2. For lower grammar grade*.— 3. For up- 
per grammar grades. 

Tiddeman, L. E. Celia's conquest. JT438.1 


List of Photographs of Paintings. May, 1901. 32 pp. . Free 
Catalogue of English Prose Fiction. New and enlarged 

edition, containing additions to Jan. 1, 1901. 348 pp. . . .10 

Books for Boys and Girls. 1900. 128 pp 03 

French and German Books. 1900. 20 pp 02 

Bulletin. Issued Feb. 1, April 1, June 1, Oct. 1, Dec. 1. Free 

The Rivkrdale Press: C. A. W. Spencer. 






>To title pa~e or index pxiblished. 


Jan. 26, 3.904. 










VOL. IX. No. 1 

Brooklixe, Mass. 


■ * 

a ■ 

"J . ■ « <•■■ 

\ ■ 

Public Library of Brookline 


Chaklk8 H. Drew. 

Daniel Dulany Addison, 
R. G. F. Candage, 
James M. Codman, 
Prentiss Cummings, 
Desmond Fitz Gerald, 

Tappan £. Francis, 
William H. Lyon, 
8. N. D. North, 
Edward Stan wood, 
Leonard K. Storrs, 

Moses Williams. 

Louisa M. Hooper. 

The library is open every week-day (legal holidays excepted) from 

9 A. M. tO 9 P. M. 

The library is free to all residents of Brookline. Children under 
twelve may borrow books from the collection in the Children's 
Reading Room. 

Two books may be drawn on a card, provided that not more than 
one be English fiction. To persons needing more than two books for 
study, special privilege cards will be given. 

Books may be kept 14 day a, and renewed for the same period, 
except new fiction, which is issued for 7 days only, and is not 
renewable. If the borrower's card is left at the library, books may 
be renewed by postal, by giving book-number, date of issue, and 
name and address of borrower. 

A book not "in" will be reserved for the borrower who pays for 
and fills out a printed postal card, which may be obtained at the 
Delivery Desk for one cent. This card will be mailed when the 
book is again available, and the book will be held for the borrower 
for one day. 

During the afternoon and evening au assistant is at the desk in the 
Reference Room. It is hoped that patrons of the library will call upon 
her freely for any information or help that she can give them. 

The library has a collection of photographs of famous paintings, 
and also of music scores, both of which are for circulation. 

Printed catalogues of English fiction, Books for boys and girls, 
Photographs of paintings, aud French and German books, may be had 
on application at the Delivery Desk. 


= Indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


Brookline directory. 1902. B.R. 10.11 

Chambers's cyclopaedia of English literature. New edition by 
David Patrick. A history critical and biographical of authors 
in the English tongue from the earliest times till the present 
day, with specimens of their writings. Vol. 1. 1901. Ref. 40.45 

Soyt, J. K. Cyclopedia of practical quotations, English, Latin, 
and modern foreign languages ; names, dates, aud nationality 
of quoted authors, with copious indexes. New edition revised 
and enlarged. 1896. Ref. 35.23 

International year book : a compendium of the world's progress 
during the year 1901. Ref. 80.20 

learned, J. N., ed. Literature of American history: a biblio- 
graphical guide, in which the scope, character, and compara- 
tive worth of books in selected lists are set forth in brief 
notes by critics of authority. 1902. Ref. 15.83 

The purpose of this work, prepared under the auspices of the American 
Library Association, is to give to the public an expert Judgment of all books 
relating to American history. Each book named is the subject of a brief 
descriptive and critical note, generally written and signed by a special student 
of the subject to which it relates, but sometimes drawn from books or 
reviews of critical authority. Mr. Larned, who has had general editorship 
of the work, has won a high reputation for scholarship In American 
history, and is a librarian of wide experience. 

Moulton, C. W.» ed. Library of literary criticism of English 
and American authors. Vol. 4. 1785-1824. 1902. Ref. 40 35 

Reynolds, Cuyler. The banquet book : a classified collection of 
quotations designed for geueral reference, and also as an aid 
in the preparation of the toast list, the after-dinner speech, 
and the occasional address; together with suggestions con- 
cerning the menu and certaiu other details connected with the 
proper ordering of the banquet. With an introduction by 
Elbert Hubbard. 1902. 808.8 R33 


Smith, C. J. Synonyms discriminated: a dictionary of syn- 
onymous words in the English language, illustrated with 
quotations from standard writers. With the author's latest 
corrections and additions. Ed. by H. P. Smith. Ref. 5.67 


Bixby, J. T. The new world and the new thought. 204 B55 

Contents : — The expansion of the universe and the enlargement of faith. — 
The sanction for morality In nature.— The agnostic's difficulties and the 
knowabllity of divine realities.— The scientific validity of our religious 
instincts. — Evolution and Christianity. — The Old Testament as literature.— 
Christian dlscipleship and modern life.— Modern dogmatism and the uube- 
lief of the age. — Union of the churches in one spiritual household. 

Brooks, Phillips. Sermons. 1897. Vol. 6 of 252 B79 

Sermons for the principal festivals and fasts of the church 
year. Ed. by J. C. Brooks. 1895. Vol. 7 of 252 B79 

Bullen, F. T. With Christ at sea : a personal record of religious 
experiences on board ship for fifteen years. 1900 t 232 B87 

Clarke, W. N. An outline of Christian theology. 1901. 230 C55 

Contents : — God.— Man.— Sin.— Christ.— The Holy Spirit and the divine life 
In man. — Things to come. 

Cox, Mrs, M. M. Home thoughts : series 2. 1902. 173 C83 

Dawson, W.J. The life of Christ. 1901. 232.9 D32 

Flammarion, Camille. The unknown. (L'inconnu.) 1900. f 130 FG1 

Gladden, Washington. Social salvation. 1902. 304 G45 

Contents : — Religion and the social question.— The care of the poor. — The 
stute and the unemployed. — Our brothers In bonds. — Social vices. — Public 
education. — The redemption of the city. 

Guerber, H. A. Myths of northern lands, narrated with special 
reference to literature and art. 1895. 293 G93 

Harnack, Adolf. What is Christianity? Lectures delivered in 

the University of Berlin during the winter-term 1899-1900. 

2d ed. revised. 1901. t 230 H28 

" In a succession of Interesting chapters we have the teachings of Jesus con- 
sidered in their relations to asceticism; to the social question, especially as 
affecting the poor; to questions of law and order; to civilization in general; 
to Chrlstology ; and to matters of doctrine and creed. In several of these 
chapters, were Tolstoy never mentioned, we should know that Professor 
Harnack had him vividly in mind."— Nation. 


Heriord, Brooke. The small end of great problems. 1902. 204 H42 

Hudson, T. J. The divine pedigree of man ; or, the testimony 

of evolution and psychology to the fatherhood of God. 

1899. f 210 H87 

A scientific demonstration of the future life. 1901. t 218 H86 

James, William. The varieties of religions experience, a study 

in human nature : being the Gifford lectures on natnral religion 

delivered at Edinburgh in 1901-1902. 201 J23 

" It is safe to predict that the incomparable style and freshness of Professor 
James's new book will assure the position of a classic as rapidly to this (his 
Edinburgh Gifford Lectures) as to his Principle* of Psychology, and bis 
many admirers may well hope that it will prove no less epoch-making. For 
behind the fascinating flow of his narrative Professor Jamett's art conceals 
far-reaching novelty of method, of temper, and of philosophy." — Nation. 

I*add, O. T. Outlines of physiological psychology : a text-book 
of mental science for academies and colleges. 1898. 150 L15a 

Laurie, Henry. Scottish philosophy in its national develop- 
ment. 1902. 192 L87 

Content* : — Francis Hutcheson. — Andrew Baxter. — David Hume. — Lord 
Karnes. — Adam Smith. — Thomas Reid. — George Campbell.— Oswald and 
Beat tie. — Lord Monboddo. — Adam Ferguson.— Dugald Stewart.— Thomas 
Brown. — Thomas Chalmers. — Sir William Hamilton. — James Frederick 
Ferrler. — JSsthetlc theories. — Recent developments. 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. The buried temple. Trans, by Alfred 
Sntro. 1902. 170.4 M46 

Maulde la Olaviere, M. A. R. de. The art of life. Trans, by 
G. H. Ely. 1902. 170 M44 

Minto, William. Logic, inductive and deductive. 1901. f 1G0 M66 

Myers), F. W. H. Science and a future life, with other essays. 
1901. f 218 M99 

Bainsford, W. S. The reasonableness of faith, and other 

addresses. 1902. 252 R13 

>, D.G. Plato. 1902. [The world's epoch-makers.] 184.1 H 51 

;, Henry. Philosophy, its scope and relations: an 

introductory course of lectures. 1902. 104 S56 

The principles of political economy. 3d ed. 1901. 830 S56 

81icer, T. R. One world at a time : a contribution to the incen- 
tives of life. 1902. 204 S63 


Washington, B. T. Character building: being addresses de- 
livered on Sunday eveuings to the students of Tuskegee 
Institute. 1902. 204 W27 

Witmer, Lightner. Analytical psychology: a practical manual 
for colleges and normal schools, presenting the facts and 
principles of mental analysis in the form of simple illustra- 
tions and experiments. 1902. 150 W78 


Abbott, F. F. History and description of Roman political insti- 
tutions. 1901. 342.37 A18 
Ballagh, J. C. A history of slavery in Virginia. 1902. 326 B21 
Carnegie, Andrew. Empire of business. 1902. f 330.4 C21 
Cobb, 8. H. The rise of religious liberty in America. 1902. 322 C68 

" The aim of the present work Is political rather than religious. It attempts 
a systematic narrative — so far as the author is aware, not hitherto pub- 
lished—of that historical development through which the civil law In 
America came at last, after much struggle, to the decree of entire liberty of 
conscience and of worship. It is thus purely historical, and confines Itself 
rigidly to those incidents in colonial history which are closely related to 
this special theme." — Preface. 

Oroly, Mrs. J. C. Thrown on her own resources ; or, what girls 
can do. 1891. 396.5 C87 

Hancock, H. I. Life at West Point. 1902. 355.07 H19 

Hinds, W. A. American communities. Revised edition, en- 
larged. 1902. 335.9 H58 

Johnston, M. F. Coronation of a king; or, the ceremonies, 
pageants and chronicles of coronations of all ages. 1902. 394.4 J64 

Kovalevsky, Maxime. Russian political institutions: the 
growth and development of these institutions from the begin- 
nings of Russian history to the present time. 1902. 342.47 K8 

Leland, C. G. Algonquin legends of New England ; or, myths 
and folk lore of the Micmac, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot 
tribes. 1898. t 970.3 A391 

McKinley, William. Speeches and addresses. Comp. by J. P. 
Smith. 1894. f 826 M21 


Kacy, Jesse. Political parties in the United States, 1846-1861. 
1900. [Citizen's library.] 329 M25 

Meyer, A. K., ed. Womau's work in America. With introduc- 
tion by Julia Ward Howe. 1891. 396 M57 

Peters, J. P., ed. Labor and capital : a discussion of the rela- 
tions of employer and employed. 1902. 331 F44 

Contents.— General questions.— Combinations of employer and employed— 
are th»y mutually beneficial? — Trusts and labor unions from a legal 
aspect. — Conciliation and arbitration. — Model industries. — Socialism and 
■ingle tax.— The unemployed. 

Keinsch, P. S. Colonial government: an introduction to the 
study of colonial institutions. 1902. 325.3 R27 

M Unless we are to insist on making our own blunders for ourselves it is 
worth while to profit by what others have learned in the same field. To this 
end, the study of Professor Keinsch's volume, with its clear account of the 
forms and institutions of colonial government as established by other nation?, 
will be found helpful and illuminating."— Living Age. 

8mith, Goldwin. Commonwealth or empire: a bystander's 
view of the question. 1902. 329 S64 

" No one can deny that Goldwin Smith Is a true friend of this country; and 
his wounds are faithful. Up to the close of the last century, he tells us, the 
United States, if not the United States alone, represented the ideals of 

M Although this is a book of but eighty pages, it contains a whole arsenal 
of arguments against the abandonment of the principles on which our 
government was founded. Perhaps the argument as a whole is too con- 
densed; it would be more effective with ordinary readers were it a good deal 
expanded. Professor Smith has history at his fingers' ends, to to speak, 
and he could fill in the framework here erected so as to make a splendid and 
impressive treatise. As It Is, his book should be read by all thoughtful 
citizens, as containing the views of a bystander who is not only friendly, 
but also competent beyond most other men to understand our situation." 

— Nation. 

White, S. J. Business openings for girls. 1891. 39G.5 W58 

Yale University Law School. Two centuries' growth of 
American law, 1701-1901 ; by members of the faculty of the 
Yale law school. 1901. 340 Yl 




Bennett, C. E., and Bristol, O. P. The teaching of LatlD and 

Greek in the secondary school. 1901. 470.7 B48 

Bourne, H. E. The teaching of history and civics Id the 

elementary and secondary school. 1902. 871 B66 

Corbin, John. An American at Oxford. 1902. 878.42 09c 

Laurie, S. S. The training of teachers and methods of instruc- 
tion; selected papers. 1901. 371 L3 7 
Henderson, C. H. Education and the larger life. 1902. f 870.1 H38 
Shaw, E. R. School hygiene. [Teachers' professional library.] 
1902. 871.7 S58 


Ball, Sir R. S. The earth's beginning. 1902. f 523.1 B21 

Chapman, F. M. Bird-life : a guide to our common birds. 

With seventy-five full-page colored plates after drawings by 

Ernest Seton-Thompson. 1902. 598.2 CS6 

Emerton, J. H. The common spiders of the United States. 

1902. 595.4 E53 

Flower, Sir W. H., and Lydekker, Richard. An introduction 

to the study of mammals living and extinct. 1891. 599 F66 

French, N. S. Animal activities: a first book in zoology. 

1902. 590 F88 


Gilford, J. C. Practical forestry for beginners in forestry, 
agricultural students, woodland owners, and others desiring a 
general knowledge of the nature of the art. 1902. 582 G36 

Gray, Elisha. Natures miracles: familiar talks on science. 
1899-1900. 500 G79 

Vol. 1. World-building and life: earth, air, and water. 

2. Energy and vibration : energy, sound, heat, light, explosives. 

3. Electricity and magnetism. 

Ingersoll, Ernest. Wild life of orchard and field : papers on 
American animal life. 1902. 591 147 

Jackson, D. C. and J. P. An elementary book on electricity 
and magnetism and their applications : a text-book for manual 
training schools and high schools, and a manual for artisans, 
apprentices, and home readers. 1902. f 687 J18 


Job, H. K. Among the water-fowl: observation, adventure, 
photography. A popular narrative account of the water-fowl 
as found in the northern and middle states and lower Canada, 
east of the Rocky Mountains. 1902. 598.2 J57 

Leavitt, R. G. Outlines of botany for the high school laboratory 
and classroom, based on Gray's Lessons in Botany. Prepared 
at the request of the Botanical Department of Harvard Uni- 
versity. 1901. 580 L48 
Lindsay, B. Story of animal life. 1902. 590 L64 
Long, W. J. Fowls of the air. 1902. 598.2 L84 
McKim, W. D. Heredity and human progress. 1901. f 575.1 M21 
Mathews, F. S. Field book of American wild flowers. 1902. 

580.8 M42 
Miller, M. R. The brook book: a first acquaintance with 
the brook and its inhabitants through the changing year. 
1902. 500 M59 

Roberts, 0. O. D. Kindred of the wild : a book of animal life. 
1902. f 591 R54 


Bidder, M. G., and Baddeley, F. Domestic economy in theory 
and practice : a text-book for teachers and students in train- 
ing. 1901. 640 B58 

Oalder, F. L., and Mann, E. E. A teachers' manual of elemen- 
tary laundry work. 5th ed. 1899. 648 C12 

Curtis, I. G. Left-overs made palatable : a manual of practical 

economy of money, time, and labor in the preparation and use 

of food. 1902. 641 C94 

Tells how to utilise foods which in an American household usually go to 
waste. The book stands almost alone in Its class and is so eminently practi- 
cal as to be of Importance. 

De Salis, Mrs. H. A. A la mode cookery : up-to-date recipes. 
1902. 641 D45 

Stolen, T. K. Poultry culture : how to raise, manage, mate, and 
judge thoroughbred fowls. 1898. 636 F33p 

Virtu, Annie. Cane basket work : a practical manual on weav- 
ing useful and fancy baskets. 1899-1901. 2v. $& TO>\ 


Fisher, Herbert. How to build a model yacht. 1902. 699 F53 

Goes, W. F. M, Bench work in wood : a course of study and 
practice, designed for the use of schools and colleges. 
1902. 694 G69 

Greene, R. H. Healthy exercise. 1900. 613.7 G81 

Kimber, D. K. Text-book of anatomy and physiology for 
nurses. 2d ed. 1902. 611 K56 

"We reiterate our former comment that to limit the use of this admirable 
book to nurseo would be to neglect other deserving students, especially those 
In high-grade schools and colleges for young women, where It might be 
studied to great advantage.*'— Nation. 

Mower, C. D. How to build a knockabout. 1902. 699 M87 

Rosevear, Elizabeth. A manual of needlework, knitting, and 
cutting out for evening continuation schools. 1894. 646 R72 

Sedgwick, W. T. Principles of sanitary science and the public 
health, with special reference to the causation and prevention 
of infectious diseases. 1902. f 614 S44 

Snyder, Carrie, and Thurston, £. L. The universal system of 
practical bookkeeping. 1902. 657 S67 

Spons' Mechanics' own book : a manual for handicraftsmen and 
amateurs. 6th ed. 1901. 680 S76 

The contents include mechanical drawing, casting and founding, carpentry, 
upholstery, painting, mechanical movements, masonry, plastering, roofiug, 
house-construction, etc. 

Thompson, Sir Henry, hart. The motor-car: an elementary 

handbook on its nature and management. 1902. 656 T37 

Wright, Lewis. The practical pigeon keeper. 1901. 636 W9Sp 


Art Journal. The art annuals. Great masters of decorative 
art. 1900. Art case 

Contents : — Sir Edward Burne-Jones, by Aymer Vallanee.— William Morris, 
by L. F. Day.— Walter Crane, with notes by himself. 

Bayliss, Sir Wyke. Five great painters of the Victorian era ; 

Leighton, Millais, Burne-Jones, Watts, Holm an Hunt. 1902. 

759.2 B85 

Bell, Mr$. Nancy B. E. Masterpieces of the great artists, A.D. 

1400-1700. 1895. Art case 

FINE ART8. 13 

Oaifin, Charles H. American masters of painting : being brief 

appreciations of some American painters. 1902. 759.1 C12 

Contents: — George Innesa.— John La Farge.— James A. McNeill Whist- 
ler.— John Singer Sargent —Winalow Homer.— Edwin A. Abbey.— George 
Fuller— Homer D. Martin. — George de Forest Brunh.— Alexander H. Wy- 
aut.— Dwight W. Tryon.— Horatio Walker.— Gilbert Stuart. 

Clapp, H. A. Reminiscences of a dramatic critic, with an essay 

on the art of Henry Irving. 1902. 792 C52 

Cundall, Joseph. Brief history of wood-engraving from its in- 
vention. 1895. 761 C91 
Oust, A. M. The ivory workers of the Middle Ages. 1902. 

[Handbooks of the great craftsmen.] 730 C96 

Day, L. F. Nature in ornament : an enquiry into the natural 
element in ornamental design and a survey of the ornamental 
treatment of natural forms. Profusely illustrated. 3d ed. 
1902. 745 D27 

Goldsmith, Oliver. She stoops to conquer ; with drawings by 
Edwin A. Abbey, decorations by Alfred Parsons, and intro- 
duction by Austin Dobson. 1899. t Art case 
Goodyear, W. H. Renaissance and modern art. 1900. f 709 GG3 
Haxnerton, P. G. Imagination in landscape painting. 1895. 758 H 17 
Harrison, J. £. Introductory studies in Greek art. 1897. 709.38 H24 
Headlam, Cecil. Peter Vischer. 1901. [Handbooks of the 
great craftsmen.] 735 V82h 

A sketch of the life and worka of the great bronze- worker, of bis father, and 
of his three sons,— great craftsmen all. 

Heaton, Mrs, M. M. K. A concise history of painting ; new 
edition revised by Cosmo Monkhouse. 1893. 759 1144 

Henley, W. E. Views and reviews: essays in appreciation. 
Art. 1902. 759 H51 

Hiatt, Charles. Westminster Abbey : a short history and 
description of the church and conventual buildings, with 
notes on the monuments. 1902. 726 W52h 

Holiday, Henry. Stained glass as an art, with a coloured re- 
production of the drawing for "The Creation," 20 collotypes, 
and many illustrations in the text from designs by Burue- 
Jones, W. B. Richmond, and the author. 1896. 748 H72 


Jacquemort, Albert. A history of furniture. Trans, from the 
French; ed. by Mrs. Bury Palliser. 1878. Art case 

K&roly, Karl. Raphael's madonnas, and other great pictures 
reproduced from the original paintings, with a life of Raphael, 
and an account of his chief works. 1894. Art case 

Lanteri, E. Modelling: a guide for teachers and students. 
1902. 731 L29 

Lindsay, A. W. C, earl of Crawford and Balcarres. Sketches of 
the history of Christian art. 2 v. 1885. 709 C85 

Litchfield, Frederick. Illustrated history of furniture from the 
earliest to the present time. 4th ed. 1899. 749 L71 

Manson, J. A. Sir Edwin Land seer, R. A. 1902. 750 L26m 

Martineau, Gertrude. A village class for drawing and wood 
carving: hints to teachers. 1891. 736 MS6 

Meyer, F. S. A handbook of art smithing for the use of practi- 
cal smiths, designers of ironwork, technical and art schools, 
architects, etc. Trans, from the 2d German edition by J. S. 
Gardner. 1896. 745.2 M57 

Very fully illustrated. 

Thomson, Arthur. A handbook of anatomy for art students. 

1KD9. 743 T38 

Viollet le Due, E. E. Habitations of man in all ages. Trans. 

by B. Bucknall. 1876. 728 V81 

White, Gleeson, cd. Practical designing : a handbook on the 

preparation of working drawings. 1899. 745 W58 

Chapters on carpet designing, woven fabrics, pottery, tile*, metal work, 
stained glass, drawing for reproduction, book-binding, printed fabric*, floor- 
cloth*, and wall papers. 

Photographs of Paintings by English and American 


A catalogue of the library's whole collection of photographs may 
be had on application at the delivery desk. 

Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence. A lover of art. Eng. A 44. 80 


Burne-Jones, Sir Edward, bart. 

Danae and the brazen tower. Eng. B93.21 
The days of creation. (6 pictures.) Eng. B93.22-27 

The golden stairs. Eng. B93.31 

The hours. Eng. B93.30 

Love among the ruins. Eng. B93.35 

The merciful knight. Eng. B93.32 

The mirror of Venus. Eng. B93.20 

Portrait of Dorothy Drew. Eng. B93 6 

The prioress' tale. Eng. B93.28 

Spes. Eng. B93.29 

The star of Bethlehem. Eng. B93.34 

Teraperantia. Eng. B93.30 

The wine of Circe. Eng. B93.33 

Constable, John. Hampstead heath. Eng. C75.5 
Gainsborough, Thomas. Portrait of the honourable Mrs. 

Graham. Eng. G13 7 

Hollyer, Frederick. John Ruskin, a photograph from life. 

Eng. H72.1 

Hoppner, John. Portrait of a lady. Eng. H77.5 

Killais, Sir John Everett. The knight errant. Eng. M61.50 

Orchardaoa, William Quiller. The farmer's daughter. Eng. 064.15 
Raeburn, Sir Henry. Portrait of Lady Hume Campbell of 

Marchmont, and child. Eng. R12.6 

Rossetti, Gabriel Charles Dante. 

The blessed damozel (detail). Eng. R73.10 

Dante's dream. Eng. R73.12 

The girlhood of Mary, Virgin. Eng. R73.ll 

Portrait of himself. Eng. R73.1 

The salutation of Beatrice : the meeting in Florence. Eng. R73.7 

The salutation of Beatrice : the meeting in Paradise. Eng. R73.8 

Sargent, John Singer. Carnation, lilly. Am. S24.40 

Turner, Joseph M. W. Modern Italy. Eng. T85.00 

Walker, Frederick. The vagrants. Eng. W15.15 

Watts, George Frederick. The happy warrior. Eng. W34.22 

Hope. Eng. W34.23 

16 r.KouwuNi: rrni.ic i.iukmjv. 

Watts, George Frederick. Love aud death. Kim. wm.L'n 

Love and life. Eng. W;J4.21 

Portrait of himself. Eug. W34.7 

Portrait of Lord Tennyson. Eng. W34.6 

Portrait of Robert Browning. Eug. W34.9 

Portrait of Sir Edward Burne-Jones, hart. Eng. W34.6 

Portrait of William Morris. Eng. W34.8 

Sir Galahad. Eng. W34.24 

Whistler, James Abbott McNeill. Portrait of Thomas Carlyle. 

Am. W57.10 


Dickinson, Edward. Music in the history of the western 
church, with an introduction on religious music among primi- 
tive and ancieut peoples. 1902. 788 D56 

Fuller-Maitland, J. A. English music in the 19th century. 

1902. 780.22 F95 

Tills 1«, according to the Nation, by far tbe beat book ever written on music 
In Knglaml. The author is musical critic to the London Timet. 

Goetz, Hermann. Sinfonie (in F dur) fur grosses Or Chester. 

Op. 9. Arrangement ftir Pianoforte zu vier Hftnden yon Fr. 

Hermann. 187.46 

Jensen, Adolf. Song albums. 7 v. in 3. 184.2J1 

University song book. 1901. 184.V 

The editors hope that their collection may become the 'Varsity song book of 
the ItrltNh Empire. 


Deer family; by Theodore Roosevelt and others. 1902. 599.7 K67 

Contents : — The deer and antelope of North America, by Theodore Roose- 
velt.— The deer and elk of the Pacillc coast, by T. S. Van Dyke. — The 
caribou, by D. G. Klliot. — The moose, by A. J. Stone. 

Hewett, Q. M. A. The open-air boy. 1901. 796 H49 

Perry, J. F. Kennel secrets : how to breed, exhibit and manage 

dogs. By "Ashmont." 1893. f 636 P+S 

Rhead, Louis, ed. The speckled brook trout ; by various experts 

with the rod and reel. 1902. 697.6 BM 


Roosevelt, Theodore, and Grinnell, G. B., eds. American big- 
game hunting. The book of the Boone and Crockett club. 
1901. 799 R69a 

Content* : — The Boone and Crockett club, by the editors— A buffalo story, 
by O. S. Anderson. — The white goat and his country, by Owen Wister.— 
A day with the elk, by Wlnthrop Chanler — Old times in the Black Hill*, 
by R. D. Williams. — Big game in the Rockies by Archibald Rogers.— 
Coursing the prongbuck, by Theodore Roosevelt.— After wapiti in Wyom- 
ing, by F. C. Crocker. — In buffalo days, by G. B. Grinnell. — Nights with 
the grizzlies by W. D. Pickett. — The Yellowstone Park as a game reser- 
vation, by Arnold Hague. — A mountain fraud, by Dean Sage. — Photo- 
graphing wild game, by W. B. Devereux. 

Hunting in many lands. The book of the Boone and Crockett 
club. 1896. 799 R69h 

Contents : — Hunting In East Africa, by W. A. Chanler.— To the Gulf of 
Cortez, by G. H. Gould. — A Canadian moose hunt, by Madison Grant — 
A hunting trip In India, by D. M. Barringer. — Wolf-hunting in Russia, 
by H. T. Allen. — A bear-hunt in the Sierras, by Alden Sampson.— 
The ascent of Chief mountain, by H. L. Stlmson. — The cougar, by C. W. 
Whitney. — Big game of Mongolia and Tibet, by W. W. Rockhlll.— 
Hunting in the cattle country, by Theodore Roosevelt. — Wolf-courslng, 
by R. D. Williams.— Game laws, by C. E. Whitehead.— Protection of the 
Yellowstone National Park, by G. S. Anderson. 

Salmon and trout. By Dean Sage, C. H. Townscnd, H. M. 
Smith, and W. C. Harris. 1902. 597.5 S17 

Shields, G. 0. Camping and camp outfits : a manual of instruc- 
tion for yonng and old sportsmen. 1890. 799 S55 

Upland game birds. By Edwyn Sandys and T. S. Van Dyke. 
1902. 598.2 S22 

Contents : — Upland game, by Edwyn Sandys.— The quail and grouse of the 
Pacific coast, by T. S. Van Dyke. 

Vaux, O. B. Canoe handling ; the canoe, history, uses, limita- 
tions and varieties, practical management and care and rela- 
tive facts. 1888. 797 V46 


Bagot, Mrs. Charles. Links with the past. 1902. 824 B14 

Branch, A. H. The heart of the road. [Poems.] 1902. 820 B81 


Bridge, Norman. The rewards of taste, and other essays. 
1902. 884 B85 

Collins, J. 0. Ephemera critica; or, plain truths about current 
literature. 1901. 810.8 C71 

" In these essays, mainly reprints of reviews that appeared in the Saturday 
Review and the Pall Mall Gazette, we welcome the fearless speech and 
unerring scholarship that have raised Mr. Collins above the mediocrity of 
the modern English-speaking critic. When this rare combination of literary 
honesty, good taste, and sound learning is effected, a classic in the literature 
of criticism may be hoped for, and, as in the case of Matthew Arnold's On 
the Art of Translating Homer, a touchstone, found to which the man of 
letters can safely appeal. It should sound like a trumpet-call in the ears 
of the slothful and cowardly reviewer whose trade is to write puffs that 
contain no word of criticism, in language that would be hyperbole if applied 
to Shakspere or Shelley."— Nation. 

Couch, A. T. Quiller-, comp. Oxford book of English verse, 
1250-1900. 1901. f 821 C88 

Daskam, J. D., ed. The best nonsense verses. 1902. 828 D26 

Day, H. F. Pine tree ballads : rhymed stories of unplaned human 
uatur' up in Maine. 1902. 820 1)33 

Dobson, Austin. Miscellanies. Second series. 1901. 824 D63 

Content* : — Essay <s and introductions : Mrs. Wofflngton. — The "Grub 
Street" of the Arts. — A paladin of philanthropy. — The story of the 
" Spectator." — " Dear Mrs. Delany." — The Co v»«nt -Garden journal. — On 
certain quotations in Walton's Angler.— " Vader Cats." — Occasional rentes 
and inscriptions. 

Dunbar, P. L. Candle-lightin' time. 1901. 820 D89 

Espenshade, A. H. Forensic declamations for the use of 
schools and colleges. 1901. 808 £77 

Genung, J. F. Practical elements of rhetoric, with illustrative 
examples. 1902. 808.1 G28 

Gibson, W. H. Highways and byways ; or, saunterings in New 

England. 1882. f 820 G45h 

Pastoral days; or, memories of a New England year. 
1886. f 820 G45p 

Holyoake, G. J. Public speaking and debate: a manual for 
advocates and agitators. 1897. 808.5 H74 


Homer. The Odyssey of Homer done into English prose by 

S. II. Batcher and A. Lang. 1900. 883 H7b 

The Odyssey of Homer done into English verse by William 
Morris. 1897. 883 H7m 

Horder, W. Garrett, comp. The treasury of American sacred 
song. With notes explanatory and biographical. Revised and 
enlarged edition. 1900. 245 H78 

Jebb, B. C. Homer: an introduction to The Iliad and The 
Odyssey, 6th ed. 1898. 883 II9j 

Leaf, Walter. A companion to The Iliad for English readers. 
1892. 883 H91 

Kabie, Hamilton W. Under the trees and elsewhere. 1901. 

824 M112u 
Works and days. 1902. 824 M112 

HcLellan, Isaac. Poems of the rod and gun ; or, sports by 
flood and field. 1886. f = 820 M16 

Meredith, George. A reading of life, with other poems. 
1901. 820 M55r 

Koody, W. V., and Lovett, B. M. A history of English litera- 
ture. 1902. 810 M81 

Pater, W. H. Essays from The Guardian . 1901. 824 P29e 

Contents ; — English literature.— A Intel's Journal intime.— Brown\ng.— 
Robert Elsmere. — Their Majesties' servants.— Wordsworth.— Mr. Gosse's 
poems. — Ferdinand Fabre. — The Contes of M. August in Filon. 

The Renaissance: studies in art and poetry. 1901. 824 P29 

Reese, L. W. A quiet road. 1896. t 820 R32 

Riley, James Whitcomb. Afterwhiles. t 820 R57 

The flying islands of the night. 1895. 820 R57f 

Neighborly poems. 1899. f 820 R57n 

Roberts, 0. G. D. Poems. 1901. 820 H64 

Robertson, J. M. Modern humanists: sociological studies of 
Carlyle, Mill, Emerson, Arnold, Ruskin, and Spencer, with an 
epilogue on social reconstruction. 1895. t 810.8 R65 

Russell, O. S. Such stuff as dreams. 1901. 820 K96 


Spencer, Herbert. Facts and comments. 1902. 824 S74 

Contents: — A business principle. — Some regrets.— A problem.— A few 
Americanisms. — Presence of mind. — The corruption of music— Spontane- 
ous reform.— Feeling versus Intellect. — The purpose of art. — 8ome ques- 
tions.— The origin of music— Developed music— Estimates of men.— 
State education.— The closing hours.— Style. — Meyerbeer.— The pursuit of 
prettiness. — Patriotism. — Some light on use-inheritance. — Party govern- 
ment.— Exaggerations and mis-statements. — Imperialism and slavery. — 
Re-barbarization. — Regimentation.— Weather forecasts. — The regressive 
multiplication of causes.— Sanitation in theory and practice. — Gymnastics. — 
Euthanasia. — The reform of company-law. — Some musical heresies. — Dis- 
tlngulrhed dissenters. — Barbaric art. — Vaccination. — Perverted history.— 
What should the sceptic say to believers? — Ultimate questions. 

Tennyson, Alfred. Select poems. Ed. with notes by W. J. 
Rolfe. Revised and enlarged edition. 1896. 820 T81s 

Thomas, Edith M. Fair shadow land. 1893. 820 T45f 

In Sunshine Land. 1899. 820 T451 

In the young world. 1896. 820 T45] 

The inverted torch. 1890. 820 T45k 

Lyrics and sonuets. 1900. 820 T451 

The round year. 1886. 820 T45r 

Tileston, Mrs. M. W. F., comp. Heroic ballads. 1887. 821 T57 

Valentine, E. TJ. The ship of silence, and other poems. 
1901. 820 V15 

Warner, C. D. Fashions in literature, and other literary and 
social essays and addresses. 1902. 824 W27 

Webb, C. H. Vagrom verse. 1888. 820 W86v 

With lead and line along varying shores. 1901. 820 W36 

Wheatley, H. B, How to make an index. 1902. [The book- 
lover's library.] 029.5 W56 

Wheeler, Candace. Content in a garden. 1902. 824 W56 


Adams, C. F. Lee at Appomattox, and other papers. 1902. 904 A21 

Contents : — Lee at Appomattox.— The treaty of Washington; before and 
after.— The British "change of heart."— An undeveloped function.— A plea 
for military history. 


Adams, C. F. — continued. 

"Taken as a whole, the volume before us is a good Illustration of Air. Adams's 
powers as a historian. He has command of his material, and is always read- 
able. Principally, however, one notes the deflniteness — at times, the aggres- 
siveness — of his opinions, and the consequent freshness and vigor of much 
of his discussion. It is the downright expression of a well-equipped student, 
never obtrusive or brusque, and not always carrying conviction, but care- 
fully fortified, interesting, and every way worthy of attention."— Sottou. 

Brodrick, Mary, and Morton, A. A. A concise dictionary of 
Egyptian archaeology : a handbook for students and travellers. 
1902. 932.6 B78 

Brown, P. H. History of Scotland. Vol. 2. 1902. 941 B81 

From the accession of Mary Stewart to the revolution of 1089. 

Brown, W. Q. The lower South in American history. 1902. 975 B81 

"The author of this volume has judgment. Insight, imagination, scholar- 
ship, and a great subject. No one else has done the work so well before." 

— Outlook. 

Bury, J. B. A history of Greece to the death of Alexander the 
Great. 1902. 2v. 938 B951 

Chittenden, H. M. The American fur trade of the far West : a 

history of the pioneer trading posts and early fur companies 

of the Missouri valley and the Rocky Mountains, and of the 

overland commerce with Santa F6. 1902. 3v. 978 C44 

" The trade in furs, as thus concentrated within four decades, will seem to 
many too small a matter to be spread over a thousand pages. Such, how- 
ever, cannot be the sober second thought of thorough readers, who must lav- 
down the book asking for more words regarding a necessary and critical 
stage in our history, both path finding and epoch-making— preparative for 
domestic expansion and trans-Paciflc relations — and not without influences 
on both. The subject has never before been treated in its entirety, and It la 
here dealt with by Capt. Chittenden so well that, as to all prominent feat- 
ures, his volumes must be a finality. We cannot emphasize enough the 
national importance of this elaborate work. No one can pass it by on the 
other side who seeks to understand the rise and progress of Americanism in 
the larger half of our territorv."— Xation. 

Ooman, K., and Kendall, E. A short history of England for 

school use. 1902. 942 C73s 

Dicey, Edward. Story of the Khedlvate. 1902. 962 1)55 

Einstein, Lewis. The Italian Renaissance in England: studies. 
1902. 942.05 E35 


Henderson, E. F. A short history of Germany. 1902. 948 H88 

Vol.1. 0A.D. to 1648. 
2. 16is to 1871. 

Holdich, Sir T. H. The Indian borderland. 1901. 958 H71 

Hosmer, J. K. History of the Louisiana purchase. KK)2. 978 H79 
Parznele, M. P. A short history of France. 1899. 944 P24 

Paton, L. B. The early history of Syria and Palestine. 1901. 983 P27 
Russell, O. W. E. Onlooker's note-book. 1902. 942.08 R91 

Seignobos, Charles. History of the Koman people. Transla- 
tion edited by W. Falrley. 1902. 937 S45 
Smeaton, Oliphant. The Medici and the Italian Renaissance. 

1901. [The world's epoch-makers.] 945.05 S63 

Tarver, J. 0. Tiberius, the Tyrant. 1902. 937.06 T48 

" Working the materials over into a clear, straightforward (though some- 
times too colloquial) narrative, he has accomplished his purpose by showing 
once again, and more conclusively, perhaps, than any other writer, that the 
Kmperor Tiberius was a far-sighted, just-minded, and patriotic statesman, 
and that, as regards his character as a man, we have no reason to believe, 
but many reasons to disbelieve, the foul aspersions with which it has been 
besmirched."— Nation. 

Villari, Pasquale. The barbarian invasions of Italy. Trans, by 
Linda Villari. 1902. 945.01 V71 


Alldridge, T. J. The Sherbro and its hinterland. 1901. 966.4 A42 

Belloc, Hillaire. The path to Rome. 1902. 945.5 R6b 

Bliss, W. B. September days on Nantucket. 1902. 974.45 N15 

De Windt, Harry. Finland as it is. 1901. 947.1 D51 

" Little known as Finland is to the average reader, this journal gives a super- 
ficial but interesting account of how the country appears to a tourist, of the 
unexpected prosperity and even wealth of a people with relatively slender 
resources, but which furnishes England with the greater part of what sells 
as "Danish" butter and "Stockholm" tar; besides the less notable supplies 
of wood-pulp paper and flr timber. The illustrations are numerous and ex- 
ceptionally good, and the book will serve a useful purpose In familiarizing 
readers with the characteristics of that country which the natives call Suomi, 
and the rest of the world knows as the Grand Duchy of Finland."— Nation. 


Doughty, Marion. Afoot through the Kashmir valleys. 1902. 

954.5 Kl 

Dwight, H. O. Constantinople and its problems, its peoples, 
customs, religions, and progress. 1901. 949.6 C7d 

Frederiksen, N. 0. Finland, its public and private economy. 
1902. 947.1 F87 

Gould, 8. Baring-. A book of Brittany. 1901. 944.5 B7g 

Gray, J. A. At the court of the amir. 1901. 958.6 G79 

Hemstreet, Charles. When old New York was young. 1902. 

974.75 N4hm 

Higgin, Louis. Spanish life in town and country, with chap- 
ters on Portuguese life in town and country, by £. £. Street. 
1902. 946.6 H53 

Howard, B. D. Prisoners of Russia : a personal study of con- 
vict life in Sakhalin and Siberia. 1902. 947.8 H83 

"Among the many books and articles that have been written upon the treat, 
ment of Russian prisoners and exiles, Dr. Howard's work is unique in that 

it is written from Inside knowledge of that which it describes The 

descriptions of the life of the officials in their remote places of exile, as well 
as of the soldiers, and the convicts of various grades, are most interesting, 
and there are many things well worth quoting if space allowed."— Dial. 

Lilly, W. 8. India and its problems. 1902. 954 6 L62 

Content* : — Physical characteristics.— Races, languages, and literature.— 
History.— Religions.— India of today. 

Kallary, B. BeW. Lenox and the Berkshire highlands. 

1902. 974.45 L54m 

Worman, F. M. " Martello Tower " In China and the Pacific in 

H. M. S. " Tribune," 1856-60. 1902. 951.6 N78 

Bussell, Norman. Village work in India : pen pictures from a 

missionary's experience. 1902. 275.4 R91 

Bykes, P. M. Ten thousand miles in Persia ; or, eight years in 

Iran. 1902. 955.6 S983 

Thomas, Margaret. Denmark, past and present. 1902. 948 T36 




Paston, George, pseud. Little memoirs of the nlnteenth century. 
1902. E1.P3 

Content* : — Benjamin Robert Haydon.— Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson).— 
Nathaniel Parker Willis. — Lady Hester Stanhope. — Frinoe Fuckler- 
Muskau in England.— William and Mary Howitt. 

" It is a pleasure to renew In these pages one's acquaintance with Lady 
Morgan the ebullient, Nathaniel Parker Willis the irrepressible, and the 

Indefatigable Ilowitts The freshest of these memoirs, perhaps, are 

Prince PttcklerMuskau's, most inveterate of heiress-hunters. His verdict, 
given in the late twenties, that the art of conversation had been extinct in 
England since the days of Charles II. was based no doubt on insufficient 
evidence, since he never penetrated Holland House, and Rogers never 
Invited him to Breakfast."— Athenaum. 


Amalia. Gerard, Frances. A grand duchess ; the life of Anna 
Amalia, duchess of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach and the classical 
circle of Weimar. 2v. 1902. E.AnH 

Asoka. Smith, V. A. Asoka, the Buddhist emperor of India. 
1901. [Rulers of India.] E.AsoS 

Austen. Hill, Constance. Jane Austen, her homes and her 
friends. 1902. E.Au75. 

Boutwell, G. 8. Reminiscences of sixty years in public a flairs, 
by George S. Boutwell, Governor of Massachusetts, 1851- 
1852; Representative in Congress, 1863-18G9; Secretary of 
ttie Treasury, 1869-1873; Senator from Massachusetts, 1873- 
1877. 2v. 1902. E.B67! 

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Boyle. 1901. E.B71! 

" Her recollections, though dictated in old age, and when blindness pre- 
vented her from revising, rearranging, or supplementing what had been 
written, are pleasant to read and to remember. They will assuredly add to 
the number of her friends, so attractive in its gay good humor, its sweetuess, 
and sanity is the personality revealed in these sketches for an autobiog- 
raphy." — Atlantic Monthly. 


Chateaubriand, F. A. R., vicomte de. The memoirs of Francois 

Ren6, vicomte de Chateaubriand, sometime ambassador to 

England: being a translation by A. T. de Mattos of the 

Mimoires cToutre-tonibe. Vols. 1-4. 1902. E.C3955 


It is the fascinating record of a life varied beyond the lot of most men, and, 
in spite of its many errors and its all-devouring egotism, animated by a 
loftiness of ideal principle which remains associated with the memory of the 
best of the old nobbise."— Nation. 

Eliot. Eliot, C. W. Charles Eliot, landscape architect. 

1902. f E.E137 

"This work partakes of the character of biography and also of art. It 
describes the short bnt fruitful life of Charles Eliot; how he got his 
training as landscape architect; the enjoyment of landscape at homo and 
in travel; the physical features of enjoyable landscape; the landscape 
art— what it can do, and what it should aim to do; the means of pro- 
moting and carrying on public landscape works; and, as illustration of the 
above, the methods and achievements of the Metropolitan Park Commission 
(Boston), to which he was landscape adviser during its first five years." 

Eliot. Stephen, Sir Leslie. George Eliot. 1902. E.E138.S 

" In his account of George Eliot Sir Leslie Stephen supplies an interesting 
specimen of that art of biographical criticism of which he must always 

remain an acknowledged master lie Is keenly alive to her defects. 

He separates, with no sparing hand, the wheat from the chaff in her 
literary production. But his tribute to her intellectual power of observation 
and to the richness of her emotional nature i« ample enough to satisfy all 
reasonable admirers of her achievements."— Athenaum. 

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Emerson. 1898. t E.Em35.s 

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11 It might net be impossible, but it certainly would be difficult for Mr. 
Birrell to write a dull book. At all events he has not done so in this ca*e. 
The chequered career and voluminous literury productiveness of Hazlitt 
have given him a congenial theme .... Mr. Birr ell's volume is acceptable 
for itself, and It will be doubly valuable if it turns readers anew to the 
really noble eloquence and fruitful criticism which are to be found in 
Hazlltt's essays."— Living Age. 

Ingelow. Some recollections of Jean Ingelow and her early 
friends. 1901. E.In38 



Jefferies, Richard. The story of my heart : my autobiography. 

1901. 824 Jiff 

" A writer of a perfectly original type, and at the tame time Intensely 
English .... he is unparalleled, unless by Shelley, for the eloqnent expres- 
sion of the mere rapture of living, of the Joy of existence In fresh air and 

clear light amid lovely landscape The Story of my Heart 

idealises the feelings and yearnings of his youth; it is hardly what the lad 
really thought, but embodies all he was to think when he should hare 
Intellectually come to man's estate. The one fixed point in It Is Its intense 
pantheism."— Richard Garnet t. 

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bridge on August 10, 1900, In connexion with the summer 
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The Westcotes. 







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ii m. 






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Brook line, Mass. 



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" It would be difficult to give a full impression of the Interests of this admir- 
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extracts for which we have no space. The 40,000 Irish Friends of those 
days have shrunk to 3,000. Mr. Myers should be capable of Interestingly 
tracing the fortunes of the society that remained in Ireland and of invest! - 
gating the causes of their decline in numbers and Influence."— Nation. 



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IS. Trusts and Industrial com bl nations, Tol. 2. 
H. Relations und eon'iiiloiif ot capital tod libnc employed In m*nu 

li'l'j-lmlini iiiLiiii-rr jill'.'fliiippi-n 
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2. Siegfried. — The twilight of the gods. 


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1901. 820 T31ql 

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Vol. 1. Prometheus the flregiver. — Eros and Psyche.— The growth of lore. — 

2. Shorter poems.— New poems.— Notes.— Index of first lines. 

3. The first part of Nero.— Achilles in Scyros.— Notes. 

4. Pall do.— The return of Ulysses.— Not«*s. 

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1899. [Columbia University : studies in literature.] 809.3 C86 
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Contains also a number of Chinese poems and proverbs. 
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lectures delivered in Oxford, 1895-1900. 813 C83 

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1899. 851 1)28] 1 

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A translation of Da$ Frieetens/est. 

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defects; the elements of gesture . . . with many exercises, 
forms, and practice selections. 1899. 808.5 LSI 

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The death of Tintagiles: three little dramas for marion- 
ettes. 1899. 842 M27a 

The translations are by Alfred Sntro and William Archer; the former has 
also written an introduction to the whole. 

Pelllas and Mllisande : a drama In five acts. Trans, by E. 

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Sister Beatrice, and Ardiane and Barbe Bleue: two plays. 
Trans, by B. Miall. 1902. 842 M27s 

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Cotton. An entirely new editiou formed from a collation of 
the foreign quotations : a fresh English rendering, and a care- 
ful revision of the text throughout, to which are added some 
account of the life of Montaigne, notes, a translation of all the 
letters known to be extant, aud an enlarged index. Ed. by 
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a number of classic works. With notes. 1894. 810 P14 

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Contents: — A prince of court painter*.— Deny 8 l'Anxerrols.— -Sebastian van 
Storck.— Duke Carl of Rosenmold. 

Riley, J. W. The book of joyous children. 1902. 820 R57b 

Seen by the Spectator; being a selection of rambling papers 
first printed in The Outlook, under the title The Spectator. 
1902. 824 S45 

Contents:— Seeing u city.— At the Virginia Springs.— In the Virginia hill*.— 
An East side political outing.— Concerning the sense of humor. — Johns 
Hopkins' quarter century. — At Bereft college. — "Be not too tidy." — Uncle 
Sam's big guns.— One kind of mind cure.— Heard on the trolley-car. — A day 
in Oxford.— A glimpse of New York's Chinatown.— San Francisco's China- 
town.— The art of shoplifting. — Umbrella tales.— The woman's page. 

Shaw, G. B. Three plays for Puritans, being the third volume 

of his collected plays. 1901. 822 S53t 

Contents: — Prefaces : Why for Puritans? On dtablonian ethics, Better than 
Shakespear ? — The devil's disciple : a melodrama.— Caesar and Cleopatra : a 
page of history. — Captain Brasshound's conversion: a play of adventure. 

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Toynbee, Paget. A dictionary of proper names and notable 

matters in the works of Dante. 1898. Ref . 35.68 

Contents : — Proper names and notable matters. — Genealogical tables. — 
Chronological table. — Index of first lines of the Canzoniere. — Chapter- 
divisions In various editions of the De monorchia. — Numeration of the 
Epistola in various editions. — List of articles dealing with notable matters 
other than names of persons or places. — Index of English or Anglicised 
names which differ from the Italian or Latin. 


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840 V74 

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biography, variorum readings of the poems, and a department 
of Gathered leaves. 1900. f 820 W59 

Wiener, Leo. Anthology of Russian literature from the earliest 
period to the present time. Vol. 1. 1902. 891.7 W63 

Extract?, bat more often complete productions, from all writers who have 
had an important part in the development of Russian letters from the 
earliest times up to the present. These extracts are accompanied by 
biographical and such critical and textual notes as make each author com- 
prehensible without reference to any other work. The Introduction is a 
rfsume' of the whole history of Russian literature. 

Winalow, H. M. Literary Boston of to-day. 1902. 815.4 W73 

German and Italian Literature. 

Annunzio, Gabriele d\ La citta raorta: tragedia. 1902. f 852 A61c 
Francesca da Rimini : tragedia. 1902. f 852 AG If 

La gioconda : tragedia. 1902. f 852 AGlg 

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von W. Hertz. Zweite, durchgesehene Auflage. 1894. f 831.2 G68t 
Hauptmann, Gernart. Das Friedensfest, eine Familienkatas- 
trophe: Btihnendicbtung. 1897. 832 H29f 

Fuhrmann Henschel : Schauspiel in fttnf Akten. 1899. 832 H29fu 
Die versunkene Glocke : cin deutsches Mftrchendrama. 1902. 

832 H29v 
Die Weber: Schauspiel aus den vlerziger Jahren. 1902. 832 H29w 
Sndermann, Hermann. DieEhre: Schauspiel in vier Akten. 

1901. 832 S94e 

£s lebe das Leben : Drama in fiinf Akten. 1902. f 832 S94es 

The English translation is entitled The Joy of living. 
Heimat : Schauspiel in vier Akten. 1900. 832 S94h 

The English translation is entitled Magda. 
Johannes : Tragddie in fiinf Akten und einem Vorsplel. 1901. 

832 S94j 
Johannlsfeuer : Schauspiel in vier Akten. 1900. %%l &Q«A* 


Sudermann, Hermann. Morituri. 1897. 882 S94m 

Three dramas : Tcja, Frttzchen, and Dtu Etrtg-Manrdiche. 

Die Schmetterlingsschlacht : Komddle in vier Akten. 1897. 

882 S94f 

" The position which he [Sudermann] holds in contemporary German litera- 
ture is quite unique. We must account him the foremost of contemporary 
Teutonic novelist* and dramatists. And his works, if carefully studied, 
throw a flood of light upon the existing state of society in his country." 

— W. 8. Lilly in Fortnightly Review. 

Wolzogen, Ernst, Freiherr von. Der Kraf t-Mayr : ein humori- 
stischer musikanten-Roman. 1897. f 888 W88 


Benton, C. E. As seen from the ranks : a boy in the Civil war. 

1902. f 978.74 B44 

Bolton, O.K. The private soldier under Washington. 1902. 978.8 B68 

Eastman, C. A. Indian boyhood. 1902. 970.1 B63 

A Sioux Indian, a graduate of Dartmouth, a writer of many articles and 
stories, here tells of his own boyhood, giving a vivid picture of Indian life. 

Fea, Allan. Secret chambers and hiding-places: the historic, 
romantic, and legendary stories and traditions about hiding- 
holes and secret chambers. 1901. 942 F81 

Firth, C. H. Cromwell's army : a history of the English soldier 
during the Civil Wars, the Commonwealth and the Pro- 
tectorate. Being the Ford lectures delivered in the University 
of Oxford in 1900-1. f 942.063 F51 

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for use in secondary schools. 2nd ed. 1901. f 938 G62 

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occupation of North Africa. 1902. 937 G76 

Hall, R. N., and Neal, W. G. The ancient ruins of Rhodesia. 
(Monomotapre imperium.) 1902. 967.9 H14 

This volume sets forth the theory that the "gold of Ophir" came from If avi. 
lah (Rhodesia), and that Ophir in South Arabia was merely the distributing 


;, A. B., camp. Camps and firesides of the Revolution; 
selected and annotated by A. B. Hart, with the collaboration 
of Mabel Hill. 1902. 973.2 H25 

Henderson, E. P. A short history of Germany. 2 v. 1902. 943 H38 
Hodgetts, J. F. Older England, illustrated by the Anglo-Saxon 
antiquities in the British Museum in a course of [twelve] lec- 
tures. 1884. 2v. 942.6 H66 

The second volume contains a paper read before the British Archaeological 
Association, entitled The myth of the week. 

Hodgson, F. C. The early history of Venice, from the foundation 

to the conquest of Constantinople, A. D. 1204. 1901. 945.5 V5ho 
Ireland, Alleyne. China and the powers : chapters in the his- 
tory of Chinese intercourse with western nations. 1902. 951 165 
Jesse, John Heneage. Historical Memoirs. 

Memoirs of the court of England during the reigns of Wil- 
liam and Mary, Queen Anne, and the First and Second 
Georges. 1901. 4v. 942.07 J49 

Memoirs of King George the Third, his life and reign. 1902. 

6v~. 942.073 J49 

Memoirs of celebrated Etonians. 1902. 2v. E2. J49 

Memoirs of the city of London and its celebrities. 1902. 
3v. 942.5 L8jm 

Vol. "3 contains hit Last war of the Roses, an historical drama. 

Historical and literary memorials of the city of London . 1901 . 
2v. 942.5 L8j 

London Times. The Times history of the war in South Africa, 
1899-1902. Ed. by L. S. Amery. Vol. 2. 968.2 L84 

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lution, 1780-1783. Vol. 2. 1902. 975.7 M13b 

Kalian, A. T. Retrospect and prospect: studies In interna- 
tional relations, naval and political. 1902. 904 M27 

Contents : — Retrospect and prospect.— Conditions determining the naval ex- 
pansion of the United States. — The influence of the South African war upon 
the prestige of the British empire.— Motives to imperial federation.— Con. 
ilderatlons governing the disposition of navies.— The Persian Gulf and Inter. 
national relations. — The military rule of obedience.— Admiral Sampson. 


Mitchell, Dugald. A popular history of the Highlands and 
Gaelic Scotland, from the earliest times till the close of the 
'forty-five. 1900. 941.01 M69 

O'Byrne, W. L. Kings and Vikings: stories from Irish his- 
tory. 1900. 941.5 014 

Oman, C. W. C. A history of the Peninsular War. 1902. 

Vol. 1. 946 06 054 

" During the past two generations a vast amount of new material has 
been disclosed, and upon this Mr. Oman's history is largely based. The 
author trusts that 'it will not be considered presumptuous for one who 
has been working for some ten or fifteen years at the original sources to 
endeavor to summarize in print the results of his investigations.' " — Xation. 

Seven Komau statesman of the later republic: the Gracchi, 
Sulla, Crassus, Cato, Pompey, Cassar. 1902. 937.05 054 

The Athenaeum says the author has made a trite subject not only inter- 
esting, but often new, by his insight, his lively style, and the independ- 
ence of his judgments, and calls it a suggestive and most delightful book. 

Seignobos, Charles. History of the Roman people. Transla- 
tion ed. by William Fairley. 1902. 937 S45 

Ward, J. The sacred beetle: a popular treatise on Egyptian 
scarabs In art and history. 500 examples of scarabs and cyl- 
inders, the translations by F. L. Griffith. 1902. 932.6 W21 

" The author of * The Sacred Beetle' Is an amateur, but his book is a distinct 
contribution to a branch of a large subject of growing importance. It is 
dedicated to that Indefatigable explorer, Prof. Flinders Petrie, whose words 
serve as a motto : ' The distinction of the styles of scarabs is as much a spec- 
ial subject as the discrimination of the manner of painter*, and as invisible 
to those who are unfamiliar with the study.' "—Nation, 

Wright, G. F. Asiatic Russia. 1902. 2v. 947.8 W95 

Vol. 1. Physical geography.— Russian occupation. 

2. Russian occupation (continued).— Political divisions.— Social, eco- 
nomic and political conditions.— Natural history 


Bacon, A. M. Japanese girls and women, llcv. and enl. ed. 
with Illustrations by Keishu Takenouchi. 1902. 9.~>2.6 IU3a 


Balch, E. S. Antarctica. 1902. = 999 I? 18 

Content 8 :— The legendary "Terra Australia incognita" and voyages leading 
from a belief to a disbelief in It.— Voyages up to and including the discovery 
of the continent of Antarctica. — Voyages subsequent to the discovery of the 
continent of Antarctica. 

Bourget, Paul. Days in the Isle of Wight. English version by 
M. C. Warrilow. 1901. 942.5 W6b 

Some impressions of Oxford. English version by M. C. 
Warrilow. 1901. 942.5 08b 

Denton, Daniel. A brief description of New York, formerly 
called New Netherlands. Reprinted from the original edition 
of 1670, with a bibliographical introduction by Felix Neu- 
mann. 1902. 974.75 N4de 

Ditchfleld, P. H. English villages. 1901. 942.6 D68 

Headlam, Cecil. The story of Chartres. 1902. [Mediaeval 
towns.] f 944.6 C3h 

Hemstreet, Charles. When old New York was young. 1902. 

974.75 N4hm 

Hooker, K. Wayfarers in Italy. 1902. f 945.6 H76 

LiitBOW, F. H. H. V., Graf von. The story of Prague. 1902. 
[Mediaeval towns.] 943.7 L97 

Kacnab, Frances. A ride in Morocco among believers and 
traders. 1902. 964 M23 

Xalabari, B. M. The Indian eye on English life ; or, rambles 
of a pilgrim reformer. 3d ed. 1895. 942.5 L8m 

Morse, E. S. Glimpses of China and Chinese homes. Illustrated 
from sketches in the author's journal. 1902. 951.6 M83 

Norman, Henry. All the Kussias : travels and studies in con- 
temporary European Russia, Finland, Siberia, the Caucasus, 
and Central Asia. 2nd ed. 1902. 947.6 N78 

"The author has taken four Journeys — one of nearly 20,000 miles — in 

European and Asiatic Russia The impressions ga hered are set forth 

with so graphic a pen that the book seems to present a moving panorama of 
the whole Russian world.— Contemporary Review. 

Poole, Stanley Lane-. The story of Cairo. 1902. [Mediaeval 
towns.] 962.5 Clp 


Potter, H. C. The East of to-day and to-morrow. 1902. 950 P85 

Contents:— Chinese traits and western blunders.— The problem of the 
Philippines. — Impressions of Japan.— Impressions of India.— Impressions 
of the Hawaiian Islands.— India : Its people and its religions. 

Rawnsley, H. D. A rambler's notebook at the English lakes. 
1902. 942.6 B19 

Singleton, Esther, ed. London as seen and described by famous 
writers. 1902. 942.5 L8si 

Stoddard, J. L. Lectures, Illustrated and embellished with views 
of the world's famous places and people, being the identical 
discourses delivered during the past eighteen years. Supple- 
mentary volume, No. 2. 1902. 910 S86a 
Content* : — Canada.— Malta.— Gibraltar. 

ViUari, Luigi. Italian life in town aud country. 1902. [Our 
European neighbors.] 945.6 V71 

Willard, A. B. The land of the Latins. 1902. 945.6 W66 

Contents :— The Vatican.— Palazzo Kuspoll.— The races.— Country houses.— 
Royal homes. — The theaters.— The studios.— The book-shops.— On the 
heights. — By the sea. 



Frothingham, Jessie Peabody. Sea lighters from Drake to 

Farragnt. 1902. 359 F93 

Contents:— Sir Francis Drake.— Admiral Martin Harpertzoon Tromp.— 
Admiral Michael Adrlaanszoon de Kuyter.— Marshal Anne-Hilarion deTour- 
vllle.— Vice- Admiral de Suffren Saint-Tropez.— Vice- Admiral Paul Jones.— 
Viscount, Lord Horatio Nelson.— Admiral David Glasgow Farragut. 

Jesse, J. H. Memoirs of celebrated Etonians. 1902. 2v. 

[Historical memoirs of John Heneage Jesse.] E2..T49 

Marston, Edward. Sketches of booksellers of other days. 

1901. 055 M35 

Sketches of some booksellers of the time of Dr. Samuel John- 
sou. 1902. G55 M35s 
Watt, Francis. Terrors of the law : being the portraits of three 
lawyers l *Bloody Jeffreys," "The hluidy advocate Mackenzie," 
The original Weir of Hermiston. 1902, 340 W34 



Alfred, the Great. Besant, Sir Walter. The story of King 
Alfred. 1901. [Library of useful stories.] 942.01 A39be 

Arnold. Paul, H. W. Matthew Arnold. 1902. [English men 
of letters.] E.Ar65.p 

Besant. Autobiography of Sir Walter Besant. With a prefatory 
note by S. S. Sprigge. 1902. E.B4G35 

Chateaubriand, F. A. R., vicomte de. The memoirs of Francois 
Bene, vicomte de Chateaubriand, sometime ambassador to 
England : being a translation by A. T. de Mattos of the Me- 
moir es d'outre-tombe, with illustrations from contemporary 
resources. 6v. 1902. E.C3955 

Cromwell. Merriman, B. B. Life and letters of Thomas Crom- 
well. 1902. E.C8865 
Cuyler, T. L. Recollections of a long life. 1902. E.C974 
F., A. M. Tales of my father. 1902. E.F112.b 
By the author of Foreign court* and foreign homes. 

Fenelon. Northcote, S. H., Viscount St. Cyrts. Franc, ois de 
Fenelon. 1901. E 

Groftseteste. Stevenson, F. S. Bobert Grosseteste bishop of 
Liu coin : a contribution to the religious political and intellec- 
tual history of the thirteenth century. 1899. E.G910 

Hawthorne. Woodberry, G. E. Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1902. 
[American men of letters.] E.H3255.W 

Joline, A. H. Meditations of an autograph collector. 1902. E.J685 

Longfellow. Higginson, T. W. Henry Wads worth Longfel- 
low. 1902. [American men of letters.] E.L855.h 

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. S my the, L. C. The guar- 
dian of Marie Antoinette: letters from the Comte de Mercy- 
Argenteau, Austrian ambassador to the court of Versailles, to 
Marie There se, Empress of Austria, 1770-1780. 2nd ed. 1902. 
2v. 944.03 M4s 

Bhodes. Hensman, H. Cecil Rhodes: a study of a career. 
1902. E.R347.U 



Bossetti, G. P. G. A versified autobiography. Trans, and sup- 
plemented by W. M. Rossctti. 1901. B.R737 

The appendix contains letter* of Gabrlcle Bossetti, also six poems by him In 
the original I tali n. 

Buskin. Harrison, Frederic. John Ruskin. 1902. E. R895.h 

Walpole, Horace, 4Ui carl of Orford. Some unpublished letters 
of Horace Walpoie. Ed. by Sir Spencer Walpole. 1902. E.W1670.a 


Adams, F. U. The kidnapped millionaires. 
Adams, Mary, pseud. Confessions of a wife. 
Aldrich, T. B. A sea turn, and other matters. 
Bagot, Bichard. Casting of nets. 
Barlow, Jane. The founding of fortunes. 
Besant, Sir Walter. No other way. 


Brady, C. T. Woven with the ship: a novel of 18G5; together 

with certain other veracious tales of various sorts. B734.8 

Burnham, C. L. The right princess. B94S.15 

Carey, B. N. The highway of fate. C193.25 

Carling, J. B. The shadow of the czar. C214.1 

Chambers. B. W. The maid-at-arms. C3591.9 

Cholmondeley, Mary. Moth and rust, and other stories. C469.5 

Comstock, H. T. Tower or throne : a romauce of the girlhood 

of Elizabeth. C7383.1 

Connolly, J. B. Out of Gloucester. [Short stories.] t C7674.2 

Crawford, F. M. Cecilia : a story of modern Rome, t C857.33 

Crockett, S. B. The banner of blue. C875.24 

Dahn, L. J. F. A captive of the Roman eagles. Trans, from 

the German by M. J. Safford. 1)125.1 

D ask am, J. D. Whom the gods destroyed. [Short stories.] P2C8.5 

Daudet, Alphonse. Numa Routnestan. Trans, by C. De Kay. t 


Davis, B. H. Captain Macklin, his memoirs. D291.12 

Dickens, Charles, and Collins, Wilkie. The lazy tour of two 

idle apprentices; No thoroughfare; The perils of certain 

English prisoners, f D655.83 



By the author of 





Sarle, M. T. The flag on the hill-top. 
Faithful ; to which is added Wards Cross. 

Mis* Toosey's mission. 
Ford, P. L. Wanted — a chaperone. 
Foster, M. G. The heart of the doctor. 
Fowler, E. T. Fuel of Are. 
Francis, M. E., pseud. The manor farm, f 
Hall, Bath. A downrenter's son. 
Harris, J. 0. Gabriel Tolliver : a story of reconstruction. 11248.16 
Harte, Bret. Condensed novels, 2nd series ; new burlesques. 

If 261 .36 
Hope, Anthony, pseud. The intrusions of Peggy. H773.24 

Humphrey, Zephine. Uncle Charley. H893.1 

King, Charles. The iron brigade : a story of the army of the 

Potomac. K587.37 

Lee, K. C. Lois Mallet's dangerous gift. L521.4 

McCutcheon, G, B. Castle Craneycrow. t Ml 42.2 

Mackie, P. B. The story of Kate : a tale of California life for 

girls. M215.5 

McLean, S. P. Winslow Plain. M225.6 

Kartin, G. M. Emmy Lou, her book and heart. M3682.1 

Kerriman, H. S., pseud. The vultures. M559.17 

Morris, Gouverneur. Aladdin O'Brien. M835.2 

Nesbit, Edith. The red house. N365.3 

Parker, Sir Gilbert. Donovan Pasha and some people of Egypt. 

Phelps, E. S. Avery. P515.28 

Phillpotts, Eden. The river. P550.5 

Roberts, 0. G. D. Barbara Ladd. R542.6 

Silberrad, U. L. The success of Mark Wyngate. S582.3 

Slosson, Mrs. A. T. Aunt Abby's neighbors. 8634.5 

Smith, P. H. Fortuues of Oliver Horn. S647.7 

Stuart, B. McE. Napoleon Jackson, the gentleman of the plush 

rocker. S932.9 

Sudermann, Hermann. Regina; or, the sins of the fathers. S942.1 

Translated from the German of Der Kaizensteg. 



Tarkington, Booth. The two Van revels. 

Van Dyke, Henry. The blue flower, f 

Watanna, Onoto. The wooing of Wistaria. 

Wells, H. G. The sea lady. 

Weyman, S. J. In kings' byways. [Short stories.] 

Winter, J. &., pseud. A blaze of glory. 

Yeats, S. L. The lord protector. 









Baldwin, James, comp. Harper's school speaker. 3 v. 1891. 808 B 19 

Vol. 1. Arbor day. Memorial day. 

2. Graded selections. 

3. Miscellaneous selections. 

Bridgman, Glare. The bairn's coronation book. J942.6 B76 

Chase, J. A. Mayken : a child's story of the Netherlands in the 

sixteenth century. JC398.2 

Clark, S. H., ed. Handbook of best readings. 1902. 808 C54 

Companion series. Our country : east. 1900. j974 C73 

Contents : — The Great Lake Country— On the gulf.— Along the Atlantic— 

In New England. 

Articles reprinted from the Youth's Companion. 

Connolly, J. B. Jeb Huttou : the story of a Georgia boy. JC7674.1 
Craddock, C. E. The champion. JC848.17 

Du Chaillu, P. B. King Mombo. JD862.7 

Greene, Homer. Pickett's Gap. JG837.4 

Haley, M. M. A Dornfleld summer. JH139.1 

Hamlin, Mrs. M. S. Catharine's proxy. JH194.3 

Henty, G. A. With Kitchener in the Soudan : a story of Atbara 

and Oindurman. JH405.77 

Holder, C. F. The adventures of Torqua. JH710.1 

Howells, W. D. The flight of Pony Baker : a Boy's Town story. 

Industrial School Association of Boston. Woodworking tools, 

how to use them : a manual. 1896. 690.7 W87 

Johnston, Mrs. A. F. The little colonel's hero. JJ643.5 



Jordan, D. S., td. True tales of birds and beasts. 1902. j590 J 76 

Contents .-—Brute neigh ho rs, by H. D. Thorcau.— The bobolink, by Welling- 
ton Irving.— -The story of a salmon, by D. 8. Jordan.— The quail of (iavilan, 
by Dane Coolldge.— The story of Kutha, by G. A. Clark.— The little blue fox 
by D. 8. Jordan.— Pico Coyote and Swivel-cars, by Dane Coolldge.— Twin 
babies, by Joaquin Miller.— The battle of the auts, by llallcy Millard.— A 
family of Murres, by Charles Keeler.— The dog that lied, by Jean A i card. 

Kipling, Rudyard. Just so stories for little children. JK629.13 

Lang, A., ed. The book of romance. 1902. j291 L25 

The legends of King Arthur, of the Holy Grail, of Itoland, Robin Hood, Gret- 
tlr the Strong, etc. Charmingly illustrated, partly in colour. 

Nash, H. A. Polly's secret : a story of the Kennebec. JM168.1 

Reed, H. L. Brenda's consin at Radclifle : a story for girls, j 11253.2 
Bobbins, Edward. Chasing an iron horse ; or, a boy's adven- 
tures in the Civil war. JK552.2 
Sharp, Evelyn. The other boy. JS532.6 
Smith, N. A. Three little Marys. JS659.2 
Tomlinson, E. T. Under colonial colors : a tale of Arnold's expe- 
dition in 1775. JT595.16 
True, J. P. On guard! against Tory and Tarleton. Containing 
adventures of Stuart Schuyler, major of cavalry during the 
Revolution. JT765.5 


The library is open every week-day (legal holidays excepted) from 
9 a. m. to 9 P. m. 

The library is free to all residents of Brookline. Children under 
twelve may borrow books from the collection in the Children's 
Reading Room. 

Two books may be drawn on a card, provided that not more than 
one be English Action. To persons needing more than two books for 
■tody, special privilege cards will be given. 

Books may be kept 14 days, and renewed for the same period, 
except new fiction, which is issued for 7 days only, and is not 
renewable. If the borrower's card is left at the library, books may 
be renewed by postal, by giving book-number, date of issue, and 
name and address of borrower. 

A book not "fn" will be reserved for the borrower who pays for 
and fills out a printed postal card, which may be obtained at the 
Delivery Desk for one cent. The card should be filled out with 
author, title, and book number, plainly addressed, and left at the 
Delivery Desk. It will be placed on file, and mailed to the borrower 
when the book is again available, and the book will be held for the 
borrower for one day. 

During the afternoon and evening an assistant is at the desk in the 
Reference Room. It is hoped that patrons of the library will call upon 
her freely for any information or help that she can give them. 

The library has a collection of photographs of famous paintings, 
and also of music scores, both of which are for circulation. 

Printed catalogues of English fiction* Books for boys and girls. 
Photographs of paintings, and French and German books, may be had 
on application at the Delivery Desk. 

Thk Rivkrdalk Pkess: C. A. W. SrENCKR. 


£*■<> 8 Q s FEBRUARY, 1903 ^*v£ 1 ;! 

» i .1 * 





VOL. IX. No. 8 

Brookunr, Mass. 


. t 


> n - 


A collection of books has been placed in the store of Miss O'Brien 
on Upper Boylston street, just above Saint Lawrence's Chnrch, for 
the benefit of the people living in that neighborhood. The collection, 
which will be changed constantly, includes novels, books for boys 
and girls, biography, history, science, and the useful arts. Borrowers 
who want any books not included in the deposit should leave a 
written application for them with Miss O'Brien, who will forward it 
to the library. If available the books will be sent at once to the 
Deposit Station. The applicant should call for them in two days 
from the time of making his request. 

For the benefit of those who have never had borrowers' cards, 
registration blanks are kept at the Deposit Station, where they may 
be signed. Tne cards will then be ready for use in from two to 
three days. 


In a few days we shall Issue a handbook of the library, which will 
give the rules and regulations as well as much Information of interest 
to readers. The rules will be plainly stated in the hope that, when 
fully understood, they will seem reasonable, and will help persons 
unacquainted with the library to use it to the best advantage. 

The handbook will be given to anyone who applies for it at the 
Delivery Desk. 


During the afternoon and evening the desk in the Reference Room- 
is in charge of an assistant who is at the service of the public. Wc 
hope that persons who are unfamiliar with the library will ask he J 
help freely. She will be glad to explain to them the use of the ca 
catalogue, of the indexes to periodical literature, as well as of thv< 
reference books in general. Those who wish to go directly to thv 
books themselves will be shown the general arrangement of the alcov 



Andersen, H. O. Wonder stories. JA544.20 

Aldrich, T. B. Story of a bad boy. JA365.6 

Dodge, Mr$. M. M. Hans Brinker. j 1)674. 2 

Da Chaillu, P. B. Land of the long night. 948.6 085 

Swing, Mrs. J. H. G. Jackanapes. JE955.4 

The story of his life as a boy la an English country village and of bis heroic 
dVath as a soldier. 

French, Allen. Junior cup. JF887.1 

American boy at boarding-school. 

Grimm, J. L. and W. X. Household stories. JG885.4 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Tangle wood tales. j 118 15 14 

Wonder book. JHS15.13 

Hughes, Thomas. Tom Brown's school-days. JH877.1 

Kellogg, Elijah. Good old times. JK297.16 
Mory of the hard and courageous lives of early settlers of New England. 

Xingsley, Oharles. Heroes; or, Greek fairy tales. 1029.3 

Kipling, Rudyard. Jungle book. JK629.8 

Second Jungle book . j K629 . 1 1 

XiOng, W. J. School of the woods. 591 L85s 

Ways of wood folk. 2425.34 

Wilderness ways. 591 L85a 

Kacaulay, T. B. Lays of ancient Rome. 1825.20 

Martineau, Harriet. Crofton boys. JM369.1 

English boarding-school. 

Honvel, L. H. Boutet de. Joan of Arc. E.J575.m 

JParkman, Francis. Oregon trail. 978 P23 

Pyle, Howard. Merry adventures of Robin Hood. JP997. 2 

Boberts, O. G. D. Around the camp-fire. R542.1 

Slorif s of adventures with wild animals. 

Scudder, H. E. Children's book. JS436.8 

Fables, myths, classic fairy tales, stories from I Tans Andersen, from the 
Arabian Nigktt, such tales as Goody Two Shoet, Watte not, want not, etc. 

Buskin, John. King of the Golden River. JR885.1 

Smithy M. P. W. Jolly good times at Hackmatack. JS656.2 

More good times at Hackmatack. JS656.4 

Hew England country life tome sixty years ago. 



Spyri, Johanna. Heidi. 

Life of a little Swiss Kir! . 

Stevenson, R. L. Child's garden of verses. 
Thompson, Ernest Seton-. Biography of a grizzly. 
Trail of the sandhill stag. 

Wyss, J. B. Swiss family Robinson. 


1828 SO 


jW 998.1 

Books for Older Boys. 

Blackmore, B. D. Lorna Doone. B571.7 

Brooks, Noah. First across the continent: the story of the 

exploring expedition of Lewis and Clark in 1803-4-5. 978 B79 

Chiefly told in the words of th«> explorers themselves. 

Catherwood, Mrs. M. H. Romance of Dollard. 

Coffin, G. C. Abraham Lincoln. 

Craddock, G. E , pseud. Down the ravine. 
Story of a boy in Tennessee,. 

Custer, Mrs. E B. Boots and saddles. 
Following the guidon. 
Army life in the West. 

Custer, G. A. My life on the plains. 
Dana, B. H. Two years before the mast. 
Dickens, Charles. Tale of two cities. 
French Revolution. 

Famous adventures and prison escapes of the Civil War. 

Froude, J. A. English seamen in the 16th century. 

Fiske, John. War of Independence. 

Written to explain to young people the causes and problems of the war. 

Hale, E. E. Man without a country. HI 35.28 

New England boyhood. E.H1865 

Personal reminiscences. 
Homer. Iliad. 1877.6 

Odyssey. 1877.8 

Bryant' a translation. 

Parkman, Francis. La Salle and the discovery of the great 

West. 971 P23c 

8cott, Sir Walter. Quentln Durward. 8431.80 



E. C9735.CS 

970.1 C96 
910 1)19 


942 Z31 





Scudder, H. E. George Washington. 

Smith, M. P. W. Young and old Pnritans of Hatfield. 

Story of Indian captives and their rescue, based on facts of early 
setts history. 

Stevenson, B. L. Black arrow. 

Wars of the Roses. 

Tennyson, Alfred. Idylls of the King. 

Thompson, Ernest Seton-. Lives of the hunted. 

Wild animals I have known. 

Williams, G. F. Bullet and shell. 
Reminiscences of the Civil War. 

Williams, J. L. Ad veu tares of a freshman. 

Wister, Owen. U. S. Grant. 



820 T311 

591 S491 

2426 58 




indicates gifts. f indicates books bonght by request. 


^iiHftnai>]i de Gtotha. Annuaire genealogique diplomatique et 

statistique. 1903. Ref . 60.5 

American book-prices current : a record of books, manuscripts, 
and autographs sold at auction in New York, Boston, and Phil- 
adelphia, from Sept. 1, 1901, to Sept. 1, 1902, with the prices 
realized. Cora p. by L. S. Livingston. Lib'n's room 

University. Catalogue, 1902-1903. = Ref. 75.31 

r, A. B. Guide to the study and use of reference books : 
a manual for librarians, teachers and students. 1902. [A. L. 
A. annotated lists.] Ref. 15.67 

Massachusetts. General Court. Index to the Revised laws 
of the commonwealth of Massachusetts. [Comp. by Charles 
N. Harris ] 1902. = Ref. 45.20.1 

Secretary of the Commonwealth. Massachusetts soldiers 
and sailors of the Revolutionary war : a compilation from 
the archives. Vols. 9-10. 1902. = R. R. 


Minerva : Jahrbuch der Oelehrten Welt. Herausgegeben von 

K. TrOhner. 1902-1903. Bef. 60.17 

United States. Congress. Official congressional directory, 

57th Congress, 2d session. 1902. = Ref. 45.12 

Whitaker, Joseph, publisher. Almanack. 1908. Ref. 60.88 

Whitaker'8 peerage for the year 1902 ; being a directory of 
titled persons, and containing an extended list of the royal 
family, the peerage, with titled issue, dowager ladies, baro- 
nets, knights, and companions, privy councillors, and home 
and colonial bishops, with a comprehensive introduction, 
and an index to country seats. 1902. Ref. 60.16 

Who's who : an annual biographical dictionary. 1908. Ref. 50.80 


Baldwin, J. M., ed. Dictionary of philosophy and psychology, 
giving a terminology in English, French, German, and Italian. 
With illustrations and extensive bibliographies. Vol. 2. 
1902. Ref. 22.1 

Barry, W. P. The papal monarchy, from St. Gregory the Great 
to Boniface VIII. (590-1303). 1902. [The story of the nations.] 

270 B27 

Bartlett, E. T. y and Peters, J. P., eds. Scriptures Hebrew 
and Christian, arranged and edited as au introduction to the 
study of the Bible. 1886-1894. 3 v. 220 B28 

Vol. 1. Heb cw story from Creation to the Exile. 

2. Hebrew literature. 

3. Christian scriptures. 

Black, Hugh. Friendship. With an introductory note by W. R. 
Nicoll. 1902. t 177.6 B56 

Carpenter, Edward, ed. lolftns: an anthology of friendship. 
1902. 177.6 C22 

Cheyne, T. X., and Black, J. 8., eds. Encyclopaedia biblica : a 
critical dictionary of the literary, political, and religious his- 
tory, the archaeology, geography, aud natural history of the 
Bible. Vol. 8. L to P. 1902. Ref. 20.7* 

Coe, G. A. The religion of a mature mind. 1902. f 204 C65 


Oolagrove, P. W. Memory: an Inductive study. With an intro- 
duction by G. Stanley Hall. 2d ed., rev. 1901. 164 C68 

Gooley, 0. H. Human nature and the social order. 1902. 170 CT7 

FaJrbairn, A. M. The philosophy of the Christina religion. 
1903. f 201 F 18 

Hallaek, B. P. The education of the central nervous system : 
a itndy of foundations, especially of sensory and motor train* 
log. 1899. t 150H15* 

Hyde, W. DeW. Ood'a education of man. 1901. 280 H79 

Content!: — The recrajanliatlon of the faith. — Control by law. — ConTenlon 
by grace. — Charaetar through service. — Two typri of ideal lata. 

Mtfllock, W. H. Doctrine and doctrinal disruption: being an 
examination of the intellectual position of the Church of Eng- 
land. 1900. t 230 M29 

luou, 0. A. Lux Chrlati : an outline study of India, a twilight 
land. 1903. 266 M38 

Modern Boadar's Bible. Bzeklel. edited, with an introduction 
and notes by R. G. Moulton. 1901. 221.4 M8S 

Spalding, J. L. Religion, agnosticism and education. 1902. 20* S 78 
Contenti : — Religion.— Agnoitiolam.— God Id the constitution — a reply to 
Colonrl Ingeraoll.— Education and the future of religion. — Progresa In edu 
cation.— The victory of love. 

Von Dyke, Henry. The poetry of the psalms, for readers of 
tbe English Bible. 1900. 223.27 V28 


Arthurian Bomancea unrepresented In Malory's Mortt 
d' Arthur. Gulngainor, Latival, Tyolet, Blsclaveret: four 
ills rendered Into English prose from the French of Marie 
de France and others by J. L. Weston. 1900. 893 M38 

Morien ; a metrical romance rendered into English prose from 
the medlars! Dutch by J. L. Weston. 1901. 398 W52 

Butts, L. W. The leaven In a great city. 1902. 881.8 B*6 

Content!;— At the bottom.— The development of aocla] centrra — Thehomta 
nudrr one roof.— Slow-d.wnlng conMiouaness.— Worklng-glrla" cluba.— A 
•octal experiment.— Within the nil* of borne — Financial relation! In 
famlllea Horns nandarda.— When Ilea the responsibility? 


Bosanquet, Mrs. H. D. The strength of the people: a study 
in social economics. 1902. 831.8 B66 

Collet, 0. E. Educated working women: essays on the eco- 
nomic position of women workers in the middle classes. 
1902. 896.5 C68 

Contents:— The economic position of educated working women.— Prospects 
of marriage for women.— The expenditure of middle class working women. 
—The age limit for women.— Mrs. 8tetson's economic ideal.— Through fifty 
yearn : the economic progress of women. 

Devine, E. T. The practice of charity ; individual, associated 
and organized. 1901. 361 D49 

Fustel de Coulanges, N. D. The origin of property In land. 
Trans, by Margaret Ashley. With an introductory chapter 
on The English manor by W. J. Ashley. 2d ed. 1892. 
t 321.2 F98 

Hobson, J. A. Imperialism : a study. 1902. 327 H65 

Jessett, M. G. The bond of empire. 1902. 354.42 J49 

Kingsland, Mrs. Barton. The book of weddings : a complete 
manual of good form in all matters connected with the mar- 
riage ceremony. 1902. 395 K61 

Lee, Joseph. Constructive and preventive philanthropy. With 
an introduction by J. A. Riis. 1902. [American philanthropy 
of the 19th century.] 331.8 L61 

Lowell, J. B. Anti-slavery papers. 1902. 2v. 826.4 L95 

Martin, G. H. Civil government in the United States. 1902. 

320 MS6 

Nicholson, J. 8. Strikes and social problems. 1896. 331 N51 

Contents:— Strikes and a living wage.— Labour combinations and competi- 
tions.— Profit-sharing.— rhe reality of industrial progress.— The living 
capital of the United Kingdom.— Capital and labour: their re'athre 
strength.— A plea for industrial liberty.— Political economy and Jour- 
nalism.— The reaction In favour of the classical political economy.— Old 
age pensions versus an old commandment.— A voyage around Africa.— 
Slavery in Zanzibar. 

" The author considers that the only effective remedies for strikes are recog. 
nitloo of identity of interest*, and a real grasp of the difference in dispute. 
He thinks in many cases the men do not know exactly what it Is they are 
striking tor— neither do their employers — neither does the public I' 



Biis, J. A. The battle with the slam. 1902. S318 R44b 

The author calls this a sequel to How the other kal/Uvts. 

Spalding, J. L. Socialism and labor and other arguments, social, 
political, and patriotic. 1902. 304 873 

The author is Bishop of Peoria, and a member of the Coal Strike Commis- 

Stimson, F. J. Labor in its relations to law : four lectures de- 
livered at the Plymouth School of Ethics. July, 1895. 331 S85 

Contents:— History of the law of labor.— The eraplo> ment contract.— 
Strikes and boycotts.— Forecast of the future. 

United States. Civil service commission. Reports, July 1, 

1900, to June 30, 1902. = 2054.4 

Congress. Comparison of the customs law of 1888 with the 
new law of 1890, with index, to which is appended the ad- 
ministrative customs laws of 1890. = 837 U58 

Congress. Congressional Record, containing the proceedings 
and debates of the 57th Congress, first aension; also special 
session of the Senate. Vol.35. 1902. = 1129.1 

Congress. United States bankruptcy law of 1898. Uniform 
system. With marginal notes and index. 1898. = 347.7 U58 

Congress. War-revenue law of 1898, with revised Index, 
marginal and foot notes. 1898. =» 336.2 U58 

Department of Labor. Sixteenth annual report of the com- 
missioner, 1901. Strikes and lockouts. = 2055.3 

Department of State. Commercial relations of the United 
States with foreign countries during the year 1901. Vol. 
2. = 2038.2 

Philippine Commission. Report of the Philippine Commis- 
sion to the President. January 81, 1900. 4v. = 2042.6 
Vol. 2 contains testimony of witn^nses from all classes of the Filipinos. 

Wood, 8. T. A primer of political economy : an explanation of 
familiar economic phenomena, leading to an understanding of 
their laws and relationships. 1901. 830 W85 


Wooda, B. A., td. Americans In process : a settlement 8 trjdj. Dj 
residents and associates of tbe South End House. North and 
West Ends. Boston. 1902. t 831.1 Wl 

Thli book in thr result uf study, by experienced settlement woriwrt, of the 
prm^ii of turning forelg.ienlnlo Americans in the If firth and West Ends, 
tbe two principal Immigrant districts of Bo'oh. Hen, within the last 
flfieru years, an Irish population hn given way before a large Influx M 
Jews, Italian?, and Negri*.. Tbe chief iralta of Ihe twenty or more dll- 
firent nationalities arc aiialyied and their capacity for American (allien, 
ihlp estimated. The t Hurts on the part of Hie city to cope with Ihe Mnllarr 
arils of these crowded quarters are traced and further ilepa iugguted. 
There arr chapters on Industrial conditions, the technique of local polities, 

Wright, C. D. Some ethical p 

s of tbe labor question. 1903. 

Zueblin, Charles 

American municipal progress: chapters In 

municipal soclolr 

By. 1JI02. 3SJW 

Contents:— Hunicipf 

1 -iiirj.ilojri'.— Trnii'jjortstlon.— Public works. — Sautta- J 

t Ion.— thiol 1c MhO* 

boulevards.— Public 

r.'cri'Btion.— 1'ubllc control, ownership, and tifrtltm. 


Hale, E. E. AiidJ 

hfKtml essays on sobjectl^ffl 

Cation, and gcflH 


Ka&pp, E. 8. ^ — 

Briil reed wenvln^^^J 

board Nin.i pf_^H 

Htnt'.'ii'.Ti a pradj^H 


Hit). 1909. M 

Monrom. W.^H 

■oKt.q.liy of^H 

tlonal edt^H 


National E^H 





Barle, Mrs, A. M. San dials and roses of yesterday : garden 
delights which are here displayed in very truth and are more- 
over regarded as emblems. 1902. 529.7 E12 
Faunce, Linus. Descriptive geometry. 1902. f 615 F27 
Hall, George. The common sense of commercial arithmetic. 

1901. f 511 H14 
Hopkins, G. M. Experimental science : elementary, practical, 

and experimental physics. 23d edition, revised and enlarged. 

1902. 2v. 530 H77a 
Hunter, S. J. Elementary studies in insect life. 1902. 595.7 H91 
Jordan, D. 8. The blood of the nation : a study of the decay of 

races through the survival of the unfit. 1902. 575 J76 

Keyser, L. 8. Birds of the Rockies. With a complete checklist 

of Colorado birds. 1902. 59H.2 K52 

Lanier, Sidney. Bob: the story of our mocking-bird. 1902. f 

598.2 L27 

Loomis, Eliaa. A collection of algebraic problems and examples, 
for the use of colleges and high schools in examinations and 
class instruction. 1878. f 512 L87 

The elements of analytical geometry. Rev. ed. 1898. f 516 L87 
Elements of plane and spherical trigonometry, with their ap- 
plications to mensuration, surveying, and navigation. Re- 
vised edition. 1886. Tables of logarithms of numbers, and 
of sines and tangents, with a transverse table, etc. 76th 
edition. 1883. 2v.ini. 5U L87 

Lubbock, Sir John, 1st baron Avebury. The scenery of England 

and the causes to which it is due. 1902. 554.2 A94 

Lucas, F. A. Animals before man in North America, their lives 

and times. 1902. 560.7 L96 

Miall, L. G. Injurious and useful insects : an introduction to 

the study of economic entomology. 1902. 595.7 M58i 

The natural history of aquatic insects. 1895. t 595.7 M58 

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tion of the wonders of the heavens. 1902. 520 N43 
Ostwald, Wilhelm. The principles of inorganic chemistry. 
Translated by A. Findlay. 1902. f 546 085 


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with original experiments. 1767. = 587 P93 

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Smithsonian Institution. Annual report of the board of regents 
for the year ending June 30, 1901. = 2469.3 

Spencer, Herbert. Essays : scientific, political, and speculative. 
Library edition, containing seven essays not before republished, 
and various other editions. 1899. 3v. 504 S74 

Vol.1. Development hypothesis.— Progress, its Uw and cause.— Transcen- 
dental physiology.— Nebular hypothesis. — Constitution of the suo. 

— Illogical geology.— Bain oo the emotions and the will.— Social 
organism.— Origin of animal worship.— Morals and moral senti- 
ments.— Comparative psychology of man.— Dr. Martlneau on evo- 
lution.— Factors of organic evolution.— A counter-criticism. 

2. Genesis of science.— Classification of the sciences.— Reasons for 

dissenting from the philosophy of M. Comte.— On laws in general, 
and the order of their discovery.— Valuation of evidence.— What 
is electricity? — Mill versus Hamilton.— Test of truth. — Replies to 
criticisms.— Prof . Green's explanations. — Philosophy of style.— 
Use and beauty. — Sources of architectural types.— Gracefulness. — 
Personal beauty.— Origin and function of music— Physiology of 

3. Manners and fashion.— Railway morals and railway policy.— 

Morals of trade.— Prison-ethics.— Ethics of Kant.— Absolute polit- 
ical ethics.— Over -legislation.— Representative government, what is 
it good for?— State-tampering with moueyaud banks.— Parliamen- 
tary reform: dangers and safeguards.— "The collective wisdom." 

— Political fetichism.— Specialized administration.— From free- 
dom to bondage. — The Americans. 

Swoope, C. W. Lessons in practical electricity ; principles, ex- 
periments, and arithmetical problems: an elementary text- 
book. 1902. f 530 S97 

United States. Fish Commission. Report of the commissioner 
for the year eliding June 30, 1901. — 2062.6 

Wells, Webster. A complete course in algebra for academies 
and high schools. 1901. f 512 W46 

Wheeler, W. H. The sea-coast. (1) Destruction, (2) Littoral 
drift, (3) Protection. 1902. 551.6 W56 

Zahm, J. A. Evolution and dogma. 1896. 575 Zl 



Butterick Publishing Co. The art of knitting. 1897. 646 B98 

Chapin, H. D. The theory and practice of infant feeding, with 

notes on development. 1902. 618.2 C86 

11 A bo<>k with a wMe range of possible usefulness. For the physician, for 
the members of health boards and milk commissions, for dairy farmers, for 
nur*es and mothers, it contains valuable hints and practical advice." — Lift. 

Council of Supervisors of the Manual Arts. Year books, 1901- 

1902. 607 C88 

DeVinne, T. L. The practice of typography : a treatise on title- 
pages, with numerous illustrations in fac-simile and some ob- 
servations on the early and recent printing of books. 1902. 

655 D49a 

Gerrish, F. H., ed. A text-book of anatomy by American 
authors. 2d ed., rev. and enl. t 1902. 611 682 

Graham, Douglas. Manual therapeutics: a treatise on mas- 
sage, its history, mode of application and effects; indications 
and contra-indications. 3d ed., rev. enl. and illustrated. 1902. 

615.8 076 

Greene, B. H. Healthy exercise ; in three parts. 1900. 613.7 G81 
Part 1. Theory of exerciite, baths and bathing. 

2. The choice of an exercise. 

3. Exercises. 

Harland, Marion, and others. 365 luncheon dishes : a luncheon 
dish for every day in the year. 1902. 641 H22t 

Hannsworth, A. C, and others. Motors and motor-driving. 
1902. [The Badminton library.] 625 6 H22 

Hill, Mrs. J. McK. Practical cooking and serving : a complete 
manual of how to select, prepare, and serve food. 1902. 641 H55p 

Lafar, Franz. Technical mycology : the utilization of micro- 
organisms in the arts and manufactures; a practical hand- 
book on fermentation and fermentative processes for the use 
of brewers and distillers, analysts, technical and agricultural 
chemists, pharmacists, and all interested in the industries de- 
pendent on fermentation. With an Introduction by £. C. Han- 
sen. Trans, by C. T. C. Salter. Vol. 1. Schizomyce tic fer- 
mentation. 1898. f 668 LIS 

\\- ^ 

USEFUL ARTS. \ ^%^^ll 

Le Oonte, J. V. An elementary treatise on the metfhanics of 
machinery, with special reference to the mechanics of the 
steam-engine. 1902. 621 L49 

Lincoln, Mrs. M. J., and Barrows, Anna. The home science 
cook book. 1902. 641 L63h 

Miles, E. H. Avenues to health. 1902. 618 M59a 

Content* : — Introductory.— Tbe physical basis and external helps ("pare, ac- 
tive, and strong blood"). — The mental basis : pare, active, and strong thought. 
—Common diseases aud complaints.— Other obstacles to reform. — Conclusion. 

New York State. Commissioners of Fisheries, Game, and 
Forests. Sixth annual report. 1901. = 639 N42 

A public document of which any state might well be proud, beautifully illus- 
trated, with many half tone* and colored plates of fishes, birds, Insects, etc. 

Patton, W. M. A practical treatise on foundations, explaining 
fully the principles involved, with descriptions of all the most 
recent structures, accompanied by numerous drawings ; also 
an accurate record of the bearing resistances of materials as 
determined from the loads of actual structures. 1902. f 728.9 P27 
Beagan, H. 0. Locomotives, simple, compound, and electric. 

1902. 621.1 R22 

Thornton, J. A manual of book-keeping for the use of stu- 
dents. 1901. 657 T39 
Thurston, R. H. A text-book of the materials of construction, 
for use in technical and engineering schools. Abridged from 
Materials of engineering. 6th ed. v rev., with a complete index. 
1900. f 691 T42 
United States. Congress. Alcohol in the manufactures and 
arts : report of the joint select committee of Congress. 1897. 
= 2058.12 
Department of Agriculture. Message from the President 
of the United States transmitting a report of the Secretary 
of Agriculture in relation to the forests, rivers, and moun- 
tains of the southern Appalachian region. 1902. 975 U58 
Department of War. The use of the Rootgen ray by the 
medical department of the United States army in the war 
With Spain. Prepared by W. C. Borden. 1900, 6UMTO 


Watson, G« 0. Farm poultry: a popular sketch of domestic 
fowls for the farmer and amateur. 1901. 686 WS8 

Wheeler, M>8. O.T. How to make rugs. 1902. 677 WW 

Williams, Archibald. The romance of modern invention ; con- 
taining interesting descriptions In non-technical language of 
wireless telegraphy, liqnid air, modern artillery, submarines, 
dirigible torpedoes, solar motors, airships, etc. 1902. 608 W67 

Wright, 0. D. The industrial evolution of the United States. 
1902. 609 W98 

Content* : — The evolution of industry : the colonial period.— The evolu- 
tion ofin<1u*try : 17110-1800.— The labor movement.— The influence of ma- 
chinery on labor. 


Bartlett, F. W. Mechanical drawing : written for the use of 
the naval cadets at the United States Naval Academy. 1901. 

744 B28 

Berenson, Bernard. The study and criticism of Italian art. 
Vol. 2. 1902. 759 5 B45 

Contents : — The Csen " Sposalizto." — AIe*sio Baldovinettl and the new 
" Madonna " of the Louvre. — The British Museum " Raphael " cartoon. — 
The drawings of Andrea Mautrgna. — A word for Reissuance churches.— 
Certain unrecognized painting* by Ma*olino. — An unpublUhed masterpiece 
by Fillppino Llppi.— An altar-piece by Girolamo da Cremona. — Rudiments 
of connolsseurship. 

Brown, F. C. Letters and lettering. 1902. 745 B81 

Brown, Glenn, ed. European and Japanese gardens: papers 

read before the American Institute of Architects. 1902. 710 B81 

Contents :— The Italian formal garden, by A. D. F. Hamlin.— English gar. 
dens, by R.C. Sturgis. — French gardening and its masters, by J. (i. Howard. 
—Japanese gardens, by K. Honda. — Notes on a Japanese garden in Cali- 
fornia, by C. H . Townsend. 

" The papers, in spite of their diverge origin, hang together well. The 
book is worth having, not only on aocouut of its beautiful illustrations, bat 
because It treats its subjects t*nely an«i intelligently."— The Nation. 

Butterick Publishing Co. The art of drawn-work. 1901. 746 B98a 
Modern lace-making : advanced studies. 1901. 746 B96 

FINK ABT8. 78 

Oadness, Henry. Decorative brush-work and elementary design : 

a manual for the use of teachers and students in elementary, 

secondary, and technical schools. Illustrated. 1902. 745 Oil 

Ooolidge, C. E. Manual of [mechanical] drawing. 1902. 744 C77 

Gross, A- K. Free-hand drawing : a manual for teachers and 

students. 1898. t 741 C88 

Mechanical drawing: a manual for teachers and students. 

1898. f 744 C88 

The author Is instructor In the Massachusetts Normal Art 8chool and In the 
School of Drawing and Paiutlng of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 

Dugmore, A. B. Nature and the camera : how to photograph 
lire birds and their nests ; animals, wild and tame; reptiles; 
Insects; fish and other aquatic forms; flowers, trees, and 
fungi. 1902. 770 D87 

Elliott, J. W. A plea for hardy plants; with suggestions for 
effective arrangement. Reprinted from the Transactions of 
the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, with additional plans 
and illus. by J. II. McFarland and others. 1902. 710 E46 

"In Mr. Elliott's volume the photograph* have been excellently chosen, and 
their execution is nearly perfect. AH the working plans seem to be practi- 
cable, and the descriptions are lucid. Any person of taate ought, with a little 
leisure, and with the duggestions offered in this book, to be able to arrange, 
fitly and harmoniously, around a country-bouse, plants adapted to our out- 
door conditions." — The Nation. 

Gibson, G. D. The social ladder: drawings. 1902. Art Case 

Hasluck, P. N. Practical draughtsmen's work, with numerous 

engravings and diagrams. 1901. 744 H27 

Holme, Charles, ed. Modern design In jewellery and fans. 1902 

648 H78 
Content* : — Modern French jewellery and fan*, by Gabriel Mourey.— Mod- 
era British jewellery and fans, by Aymer Val lance.— Modem Austrian jew. 
ellery, by W. Fred. — Modern German Jewellery, by C. F. Morawe — Modern 
Belgian jewellery and fans, by F. Klinopff.— Modern Danish jewellery, by 
Georg Brochner. 

Huddilaton, J. H. Lessons from Greek pottery, to which is 
added a bibliography of Greek ceramics. 1902. 738 H86 

Jackson. F. G. Wood-carving as an aid to the study of elemen- 
tary art. 1^ *Y*> 


Jekyll, Gertrude. Home and garden : notes and thoughts, prac- 
tical and critical, of a worker in both. 1900. 716 J88 
With delightful illustrations from photographs by the author. 

Leighton, Frederick, 1st baron. Addresses delivered to the 
students of the Royal Academy. 2d ed. 1897. 709 L68 

Mann, William. The art of shading : a complete and graduated 
guide to the principles and practice of drawing in light and 
shade for the use of art and technical classes, manufacturers' 
draughtsmen, and self-taught students. 1902. 741 M31 

Maxwell, Sir Herbert. George Romney. 1902. [Makers of 
British art.] 750 R76m 

Monkhouse, W. 0. A history and description of Chinese porce- 
lain. With notes by S. W. Bushell. Containing 24 plates in 
colours and numerous illustrations. 1901. 788 M74 

44 The text of this book is very readable indeed. The history Is intelligible, 
and the constant reference to other authors shows plainly enough upon what 
foundation It has been built up. The descriptive part is necessarily of the 
nature of a catalogue, but this is interspersed with frequent critical and de- 
scriptive passages sometimes more than a page long, and all very interest. 
Ing." — The Nation. 

Morse, F. 0. Furniture of the olden time. 1902. 645 M83 

Contains an interesting chapter on spinets, harpsichords, and pianos; and 
many good illustrations. 

Nichols, B. S. English pleasure gardens. 1902. 716 N52 

Saward, B. 0. Decorative painting: a practical handbook on 
painting and etching upon various objects and materials for 
the decoration of our homes. 751 S27 

Strang, L. 0. Players and plays of the last quarter century : an 
historical summary of causes and a critical review of condi- 
tions as existing in the American theatre at the close of the 
nineteenth century. 1902. 2 v. f 792 S89p 

Vol. 1. The theatre of yesterday. 
2. The theatre of to-day. 

Taylor, 0. M. Why my photographs are bad. 1902. 770 T21 

Witt R. 0. IIow to look at pictures. 1902. 750.1 W78 

44 Intended for those who have no special knowledge of pictures and painting 
but are interested in them and find themselves from time to time in public 
and private galleries and exhibitions." — Preface. 



Boston Symphony Orchestra. Programmes of rehearsals and 

concerts: with historical and descriptive notes by Philip Hale. 

1901-1002. = 181.6B 

Lehmann-Kalisch, Mme. Lilli. How to sing:- [Meine Gesangs- 

kunst.] Translated from the German by K. Aldrich. 1902. f 

781.2 L52 
Mason, D. G. From Grieg to Brahms : studies of some modern 

composers and their art. 1902. 780.1 M88 

Contents:— Introduction: The appreciation of music— Grieg — Dvorak. — 
8aint-Sa8ns.— Franck.— Tschaikowsky.— Brahms.— Epilogue : The meaning 
of music. 

Oxford history of music. 780.2 097 

Vol. 3. The music of the seventeenth century, by Sir C- 11. H. Parry. 
4. The age of Bach and Handel, by J. A. Fuller- Malt land. 

Schoelcher, Victor. The life of Handel. [1857.] 780 H28s 

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op. 66. Suite fUr das Orchester, op. 89. 187. Dl 

Arranged as piano duets. 
Slavische Rhapsodien ftir grosses Orchester, op. 45. Nos. 1-3. 
Slavische T&nze, op. 46. ltes Heft. 187.D2 

Arranged as piano duets. 
Zigeunermelodlen (Gipsy songs), op. 55 ; Liebeslleder, op. 83 ; 
Good night. 184.3 Dl 

Pranck, 0. A. Sonate pour piano et violon. f 186. 2F 

Henschel, Georg. [Sonars; chiefly for high voice.] 2v. 184. 2H 
Holer, M. R., comp. Music for the child world : a collection of 
pianoforte music from the masters and modern writers, espec- 
ially adapted to the needs of the kindergarten. 2 v. f 186. 4H 

Vol. 1. Characteristic scenes and sketches. 
2. Rhythms, marches, and games. 

MaeDowell, B. A. Three sonatas for pianoforte. \ \ft&.Ytt& 


Massenet, J. E. F. Eve : a mystery In 3 parts for soli and 
mixed chorus, with piano accompaniment. 188.1 Ml 

Stillman, D. F., ed. Tbe organist's album: a collection of clas- 
sical and modern music for the organ in the church and home. 
4v. 186.5 82 


Apollonius Rhodius. The tale of the Argonauts. Trans, by A. 

S. Way. 1901. 883 A4 

Bates, K. L. The English religious drama. 1902. 813.5 B32 

Contents : — Latin passion plays and saint plays.— Miracle plays, description, 
enumeration, and dramatic values. — Moralities. — Topical outline and refer- 

Besant, Sir Walter. The art of Action. 1902. 808.3 B46 

Brooke, S A. The poetry of Robert Browning. 1902. 820 B88b 
Browne, E. G. A literary history of Persia, from the earliest 

times until Firdawsi. 1902. 891.5 B81 

Carman, Bliss. A seamark: a threnody for Robert Louis 

Stevenson. 1895. 820 C28s 

Dante Alighieri. The divine comedy of Dante AHghieri. Trans. 

by C. E. Norton. Rev. ed. 1902. 3v. 851 D23jz 

Vol.1. Hell— 2. Purgatory.— 3. Paradise. 
Dante' 8 divine comedy. The Inferno. A literal prose trans- 
lation, with the text of the original and explanatory notes 
by J. A. Carlyle. 7th ed. 1899. 851 D23kz 

The new life. Trans, by C. E. Norton. 1902. 861 D23nz 

Contents ; — The new life.— Essays : On The New life.— The Convito and 
the Vita Nuova.— On the structure of the Vita Nuova.— Notes. 

Dinsmore, C. A. The teachings of Dante. 1901. 851 D23b 

"Only a reading of the book itself can give an idea of the ease and vigor and 
attractiveness with which he diHCusses his great themes."— W. JR. Thayer. 

Ford, J. L. and M. K., eds. Every day in the year: a poetical 
epitome of the world's history. 1902. Ref 35.37 

Hapgood, T. F. A survey of Russian literature, with selections. 
1902. [Chautauqua literary and scientific circle.] 891.7 H21 

Herrick, Robert. Poems: a selection from Hrgperidez and 
Noble numbers. With an introduction by T. B. Aldrich. 1900. 

820 H56 


Higginson, R. L. Four addresses. The Soldiers' Field.— The 

Harvard Union. I. The Harvard Union.— II. Robert Gould 

Shaw. 1902. 824 H63 

"Those who value strong, direct, lucid English diction for its own sake, will 
find in these address** a genuine source of pleasure. Harvard men, In addi- 
tion, will value them for their author's xake, to whom they owe the Soldiers' 
Field, and, In great measure, the Hurvard Union."— The Outlook. 

Johnson, R. U. Poems. 19o2. 820 J69 

Lawless, Hon. Emily. With the Wild Geese. 1902. 820 L42 

" 'Wild Geese' Is the name given to those Irish exiles who, 'like the wild 
birds and ihelr wailing cry, migrated to the Continent before and after the 
battle of Auglirim and the surrender of Limerick In 1*91.* 'No words that 
I have read,' says Mr. Stopfoi d Brooke, 'have realized with more inoight 
and sympathy the temper of these daring, high-bred, honorable, reckless, and 
sorrowful men than those with which Miss Lawless ha* clothed the bitter- 
ness of their exile, their passion for fighting, and their longing for their 
na ive land.' "— The Nation. 

Lewis, 0. DC. The beginnings of English literature. 1901. 810 1 L58 
Kabie, H. W. Parables of life. 1902. 824 M112p 

Contents : — The inflexible jruide.— The waiting figure.— The last Judgment. 

— Behind the ma>k. — At the end of the Journey.— That which abides. — The 

touch of nature.— Out of the agony.— Dream and reality. — Out of pain. — 

The awakening. 

Meynell, Mrs. A. 0. T. Later poems. 1902. 820 M571 

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American authors. Vol. 5. 1825-1854. 1902. Ref. 40.85 

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820 C23 

Perry, Bliss. A study of prose Action. 1902. 808.3 P42 

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ludes: specimens of the pre-Elizabethan drama. With an in- 
troduction, notes, and glossary. 3d ed., rev. 1898. 823 P77 

Contents :— York play: The B irkers.— Chei-ter plays: Noah's flood, Sacri- 
fice of Isaac. — Tow» eley play: Secunda paotorum. — Coventry play:' The 
salutation and conception.— Mary Magdalene. — Cast* 11 of perseverance. — 
Everyman. — Interlude of the four elements. — ««ki-lton's M <gnyfycence. — 
Heywood's The pardoner and the frere — Thersytef. — Bale's King John. — 
Appendix: Mysterium resurrrctiouls D. N. Jhesu Chiifti, Lurius .- uper 
Iconla Sanctl Nicolai, The harrowing of hell, Brome play of Abraham and 


Saintsbury, George. A history of criticism and literary taste 
in Europe from the earliest texts to the present day. Vol. 2. 
From the Renaissance to the decline of eighteenth century 
orthodoxy. 1902. 801 S15 

Seaman, Owen. Borrowed plumes. 1902. 828 848 

Extremely clever parodies on the style of Maeterlinck, Hardy, Meredith, 
James, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Meynell, and others. 

Sears, Lorenzo. American literature In the colonial and national 

periods. 1902. 815 848 

Shaw, G. B. Plays, pleasant and unpleasant. 1902. 2v. f 822 S53p 
Vol. 1, containing the three unpleasant plays: Preface, mainly about myself. 
— Widowers* houses.— The philanderer.— Mrs. Warreu's profession. 
2, containing the four pleaxant plays : Preface —You never can tell.— 
Arms and the roan.— Candida.— The man of destiny. 

Skinner, 0. M. Flowers in the pave. 1900. 824 862 

Street, G. S. A book of essays. 1902. 824 891 

Tasso, Torquato. Amyntas : a sylvan fable. Now first rendered 

into English by Frederic Whitmore. 1900. 851 T18ks 

Jerusalem delivered : a poem. Trans, by Edward Fairfax. 
Ed. by Henry Morley. 1890. 851 T18mz 

Vincent, L. H. Moliere. 1902. [Brief studies in French 

society and letters in the XVII. century.] E.M7315.T 

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Ballard. 1902. 873 V5b 

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by M. L. Hen dee, with an introduction and biographical sketch 

by Grace King. 1902. f 844 W12 

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Modern German literature. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 1901. 830 W46 
Wells, Carolyn, comp. A nonsense anthology. 1902. 828 W46 

Whitman, Walt. Complete prose works. 1897. 824 W61 

Literature in Foreign Languages. 

Bentzon, Th. t pseud. Questions americaiues. # 1901. 844 B44 

Contents : — Vn radical de la prairie: Hamlin Garland.— L'Amerlque 
d'autrefoie : Virglnie et Louisiane. — Reclts du Kansas.— Un America in repre- 
sent at if: Thomas W. Hljrginpon — L'armee anglaise pelnte par Kipling.— 
he conteil International des femmea. 


Ooulevain, Pierre de. Ave victoriense. 1900. f 843 C88e 

Dante Aligbieri. Tatte le opere dl Dante Allghieri, nnova- 
mente rivedate Del testo dal E. Moore. 1897. 851 D23f 

Contents : — Powle : La dirlna ooramedla.— Inferno, Purgatorlo, Paradise 

— II canzonlere.— Ejrloghe Latine — I sctte Salmi, ec— Prosa: La vita 
nuova.— II convlto. — De monarchia. — De vulgarl eloquio. — Eplstolai. — 
Quaestio de aqua e terra.— Indice dei nomi proprl e d*»lle cose notablll con- 
tenute nelle opere dl Dante, compilato da Paget Toynbee. 

Goethe, J. W. von. Werke. 1887-1893. 46v. = 832 0591 

Natorwissenschaftliche Schriften. 12v. = 832 6592 

Tagebttcher. 12v. 882 G593 

Briefe. 25v. => 832 0694 

Goethe-Oesellschaft. Schriften im Anftrage des Vorstandes. 
Heraasgegeben von Erich Schmidt. Vols. 2, 4-8. 1886-1893. 
= 882 062d 

Ooethe-Jahrbuch : heraasgegeben von Lndwig Oeiger. Vols. 
1-14. 1880-1893. = 832G62e 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. La sages 8 e et la destinee. 1902. 844 M266s 
Le temple enseveli. 1902. 170.4 M26 

Contents : — La ju»tice.— Involution du my* tare.— La regne de la matlere. 

— Le paue. — La chance.— L'avenlr.. 

Le tresor des humbles. 1902. 844 M26t 

Content*: — he silence.— Le revell de 1'ame.— Lea averts.— La morale 
mystique. — Stir lesfemmes.— Ruysbroeckl'adralrable. — Emerson. — N oralis. 
— Le traglqae qnotldlen.— L'etolle.— La bonte invisible.— La vie profonde. 

— La beaute interieure. 

La vie des abeilles. 1902. 595.79 M26 

Sudermann, Hermann. Der Katzensteg. 1902. Translated 
aider the title Regina; or, the sins of the fathers. 838 S94k 


Abbot, W.J. American merchant ships and sailors. 1902. f 

978.09 A12 

▲dams, Brooke. The new empire. 1902. 901 A19n 

" An attempt to deal, by Inductive method*, with the consolidation and dis- 
solution of those administrative masses which we call empire*."— Iw&TQdw&Vm. 


Barnard, F. P., ed. Companion to English history (Middle 
Ages) 1902. 942 B25 

Contents :— Ecclesiastical architecture, by Arthur Gal ton.— Domestio archi- 
tecture, by J. A. Gotch.— Military architecture, and art of war, by C. W. C. 
Oman.— Costume, military and civil, by A. Hartshorn*.— Heraldry, by F. 
P. Barnard.— Shipping, by M Oppeuheim.— Town life, by L T. Smith.— 
Country life, by G. T. W rncr.— Monastinli>m, by Augu»tu« Jes«opp. — Trade 
and commerce, by I. 8. Lead am.— Learning and education, by R. 8. Rait.— 
Art, by G. McN. Uushforth.— Glossary.- Index. 

Bolton, 0. K. The private soldier under Washington. 1902. 

978.3 B63 

Oreighton, Mandril. Historical essays and reviews. Ed. by L. 
Crelghton. 1902. 904 C86 

Contents : — Dante.— Aeneas Sylvius.— A schoolmaster of the RenaWance 
(Vittorino <ia Felt re).— A man of culture (Gismondo Malatesta).— A learned 
lady of the '0th century (Olympiu Fulvia Mot at a).— John Widif.— The Ital- 
Ian bishops of Worcester.— The Northumbr an border — The Fenland. — 
The Harvard commemoration. — The imperial coronation at Moscow. — ' 

Dyer, T. H. A history of modern Europe from the fall of Con- 
stantinople. Third edition, revised and continued to the end 
of the XlXth century, by Arthur Hassall. Vol. 6. 1815-1900. 
With a bibliography and index. 940.6 D98 

Ficklen, J. R. History and civil government of Louisiana; and 
The government of the Uulted States, by B. A. Hinsdale. 

1901. 976.3 F44 

Fisher, S. G. The true history of the American revolution. 

1902. f 973.3 F58 

Fiske, John. Essays historical and literary. 1902. 2v. 904 F54 

Vol. 1. Scenes and characters In American history: Thomas Hutchinson, 
last royal governor of Ma* t«achu setts. — Charles Lee, »oldIer of for- 
tune— Alex m ler Ha>niliou and the federalist party. — Thomas 
Jtflerson, the conservative reformer. — James Madison, to* 
constructive statesman. — Andrew Jacks»n, frontiersman and 
soldier.— Andrew Juckt«on and American demttcracy >>eventy 
yearn ago— Harrlnon, T}ler, and the Whig coalition ("Tippe- 
canoe and Tyler too" ).— Daniel Webster and the senti- 
ment of union. 


Flake, John. Essays, — continued. 

Vol. 2. In favorite fields: Old and new ways of treating history.— John 
Milton — The fall of New France.— Connecticut's influence on the 
federal constitution —The deeper significance of the Boston Tea 
Party.— Remlnls ence* of Huxley.— Herbert Spencer's service to 
religion.— John Tyndall.— Evolution aud the present age.— Kosh- 
ohei the deathless. 

New France and New England. 1902. 973 2 F64 

Funck-Brentano, Frantz. Cagliostro and company : a seqnel 
to the story of The diamond necklace. Trans, by George 
Maidment. 1902. 944.03 M4fa 

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Hall, O. D. The rending of Virginia : a history. 1902. 975.5 H14 
Hart, A. B., omp. Camps and firesides of the revolution. Sel- 
ected and annotated by A. B. Hart, with the collaboration of 
M. Hill.. 1902. [Source-readers in American history.] 973.2 H25 
Helmolt, H. F., *d. The history of the world : a survey of 
man's record. Vol. 4: The Mediterranean countries. 1902. 

909 H37 
Knhns, L. O. The German and Swiss settlements of Colonial 
Pennsylvania: a study of the so-called Pennsylvania Dntch. 

1901. f 974.8 K95 
Lacombe, J. P. The growth of a people : a short study in 

French history. A trans, of the Petite histoire du people firan- 
cais, by L. A. Stirason. 1883. 342.44 L12 

Lodge, H. 0. A fighting frigate, and other essays and addresses. 

1902. 904 L82 

Content* : — A fighting frigate.— John Marshall.— Oliver Ellsworth.— 
Daniel Webster : his oratory and his influence.— Three governors of Massa- 
chusetts : Frederick T. Greenhalge, George D. Robinson, Koger Wolcott.— 
The treaty-making powers of the Senate — Some impressions of Russia.— 
Roohambeau.— Appendix: Letter from Hon. George F. Hoar. 

KcOarthy, Justin. The reign of Queen Anne. 1902. 2v. 

942.0K9 M12 
"The present volumes possess the excellent qualities which characterize Mr. 
McCarthy V work on the Georgian period: accurate and lively presentment 
of facts, sound judgment* based on the be-t authorities, and a particular 
interest on the biographical side of the narrative.** — Contemporary Reotan. 


Martinengo Oesaresco, E. L. H., Contesaa. Lombard studies. 

1902. 945.5 L8m 

Contents : — Benacus, the poets* lake (Lake of Garda).— Memorials of a 
Lombard house.— Vlttoria Accoramboul.— In the FrancJaoorta.— The lake 
of Iseo.— Ix>mbard agriculture.— Arthur Young's North Italian journey.— 
Rimini to-day.— Historical Klmlnl.— The popuNr stage.— La Scaia. 

Marvin, W. L. The American merchant marine, its history and 
romance from 1620 to 1902. f 973.09 M36 

Massachusetts Historical Society. Collections. Seventh series. 
Vols. 2-3. Trumbull papers, Parts 3-4. 1902. 617.7 

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of three states leading to the latter, from Connecticnt, by way 

of Wyoming, its Indian wars and massacre. 1902. 977.1 M4S 

Mowry, A. M. First steps in the history of England. 1902. 

942 M87 

Mowry, W. A. The territorial growth of the United States. 

1902. 973 M93 

Parkman, Francis. The conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian 

war after the conquest of Canada. Frontenac edition. 1902. 

2v. 971 P23 

France and England in North America. Frontenac edition. 

Part 1. Pioneers of France in the new world. 2v. 971 P23a 

2. Jesuits in North America in the 17th century. 2v. 971 P23b 

3. La Salle and the discovery of the great west. 971 P23c 

4. The old regime in Canada. 2v. 971 P23d 

5. Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV. 

971 P23e 

C. A half-century of conflict. 2v. 971 P23f 

7. Montcalm and Wolfe. 3v. 971 P23g 

"In the volumes of Mr. Parkman we have the most graphic and most 
truthful of all our American writings, and the ones likely longest to 
retain a place not alone on library shelves, but lu living contact with the 
ejes and hearts of men.— The Xation. 

The Oregon trail : sketches of prairie and Rocky-Mountain 
life. Frontenac edition. 1901. 978 P23 

The struggle for a continent. Edited from the writings of 
Parkman by Pelham Edgar. 1902. 970 P23 


Smith, Ooldwin. Canada and the Canadian question. 1891. 971 S64 
Victoria history of the counties of England. Ed. by H. A. 
Cumberland. Ed. by James Wilson. Vol. 1. 1901. 942.6 C9w 
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Ed. by H. A. Doubleday. 

Vol. 1. 1900. 942.6 H18do 

Hertfordshire. Ed. by William Page. Vol. 1. 1901. 942 6 H4p 
Norfolk. Ed. by II. A. Doubleday. Vol. 1. 1901. 942.6 N7du 
Northamptonshire. Ed. by W. R. D. Adkins and R. M. 

Serjeant son. Vol.1. 1902. 942.6 N8a 

Surrey. Ed. by H. E. Maiden. Vol. 1. 1902. 942.6 S8m 

Worcestershire. Ed. by J. W. Willis-Bund and H. A. Double- 
day. Vol. 1. 1901. 942.6 W9b 
Wet, O. B. de. Three years' war. 1902. 968.2 W63 

•• Gen. De Wet's story of the Bo^r-British struggle of 1899-1902, is told with 
a grave simplicity, lighted up by touches of humor, and is devoid of the 
passionate declamation which might not unnaturally be looked for in the 
account of a war fought with such sacrifices, at such odd.*, and with so many 

grounds for bitter criticism of his adversaries The appendixes are 

Interesting with their detailed reports of the discussions which eventuated 
In peice."— The Notion. 

Wilson, Woodrow. A history of the American people. 1902. 
6v. 973 W76h 


Beaant, Sir Walter, ed. The fascination of London : — f 

Chelsea, by G. E. Mirton. 942.6 C3m 

The Strand district, by Sir Walter Besant and G. E. 

Mltton. 942.6 L8bd 

Westminster, by Sir Walter Besant and G. E. Mitton. 942.5 Wobe 

Fraser, J. F. The real Siberia, together with an account of a 

dash through Manchuria. 1902. 947.8 F86 

Gardner, E. A Ancient Athens. 1902. 938.6 G166 

Gautier, Theophile. Journeys in Italy. Trans, by D. B. Ver- 

milye. 1902. 946.6 G23 

Gould, Sabine Baring-. Book of the West. 1900. 942.6 G73b 

Vol. 2. Cornwall. 

3. Book of Dartmoor. 


Harper, 0. Q. The Holyhead road: the mall-coach road to 
Dublin. Illus. by the author and from old-time prints and 
pictures. 1902. 2v. 942.6 H28h 

Vol. 1. London to Birmingham. 
2. Birmingham to Holyhead. 

Hartahorne, A. 0. Japan and her people. 1002. 2v. 952.6 H25 

Hearn, Lafcadio. Kotto : being Japanese curios, with sundry 
cobwebs. With illus. by Genjlro Teto. 1902. 952.6 H35ko 

Janvier, T. A. The Christmas Kalends of Provence, and some 
other Provencal festivals. 1902. 944.6 P8c 

Other Festivals :— A fea-t-day on the Rhdne.— The Comedle Fran jalse at 

Kelman, John. The Holy Land. Painted by John Fulleylove, 

described by John Kelman. 1902. 938.6 F97 

Lansdale, M. H. Vienna and the Viennese. 1902. 943.66 V61 

Loti, Pierre, pseud. The last days of Pekin. Trans, by M. L. 

Jones. 1902. 925.5 P31 

Mead, Mrs. L. T. A. Milton's England. 1902. 942.6 M46 

Menpes, Mortimer. World pictures : being a record in colour 

by Mortimer Menpes; text by Dorothy Menpes. 1902. 910 M54 

Nichols, F. H. Through hidden Shensi. 1902. 951.6 N61 

The author "went to China to carry the benevolent contributions of Ameri- 
cana to the sufferers by the famine in Sheu*l, and was on the move most of 
the time. He had observing eyes, an alert mind, and a ready purpose to 
enjoy everything he possibly could, and he certainly known how to make his 
story thoroughly interesting. ***** Mr. Nichols was charmed wlrh 
the humanity and good morals of the average Chinaman- His previous 
notions, instilled in the Sunday-school and by the American newspapers, 
were all set awry by the kindness which he received, and of which among 
the natives he was a constant witness." — The Xation. 

Saussure, Ce'sar de. A foreign view of England in the reigns 
of George I. and George II. The letters of Monsieur Cesar de 
Saussure to his family. Trans, and ed. by Mme. van Muyden. 
1902. 942.6 S25 

The*e letters "depict English life as it was seen, more or less from the out. 
side, by an intelligent and weil-educated Swiss. At one time he became 
first secretary to the British Embassy at Constantinople, and at another he 
was made secretary to Lord Cathcart, then commanding a portion of the 
British fleet In the war with Spain. The most valuable feature of these 
letters Is their dose observation of national eccentricities, or of those habits 
which to a foreigner must have reemeA %weu\x\fc."— Tfc* Hatfo*. 


Sparroy, Wilfrid. Persian children of the royal family: the 
narrative of an English tutor at the court of H. I. H. Zillu's- 
Sultan, G. C. S. I. 1902. 955.6 S78 

Stead, Alfred. Japan to-day. With preface by Marquis Ito. 
1902. f 952.6 S79 

Wharton, A. H. Social life in the early republic [in Washing- 
ton]. 1902. 973.29 W55s 

Williams, J. L. New York sketches. 1902. 974.75 N4wi 

Contents : — The water front.— The walk uptown.— The cross streets.— 
Rural New York City. 



Fitchett, W. H., editor. Wellington's men . some soldier auto- 
biographies. Kincaid'8 Adventures in the B>Jle Brigade; " Rifle- 
man Harris"; Anton's Military life ; Mercer's Waterloo, 1900. 

942 Z28 
Contents : — The soldier in literature.— From Torres Yedras to Waterloo.— 
One of Craufurd's veterans.— A royal Highlander.— With the guns at Water- 

Joy, J. B. Ten Englishmen of the nineteenth century : Welling- 
ton, Canning, Stephenson, Russell, Cobden, Peel, Shaftesbury, 
Palmerston, Gladstone, Disraeli. 1902. [Chautauqua literary 
and scientific circle.] E2.J84 

Hew England Historic Genealogical Society. Vital records 

of Montgomery, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. 1902. = 


Bait, B. 8., ed. Five Stuart princesses : Margaret of Scotland, 

Elizabeth of Bohemia, Mary of Orange, Henrietta of Orleans, 

Sophia of Hanover. 1902. 942.06 R13 


Adam, Mme. J. L. Romance of my childhood and youth. 1902. 

11 The first of a series of autobiographical recollections covering the years 
from the author's infancy to her marriage . . . The Atormy times when the 
French monarchy fell and the republic was established are depicted with 
wonderful dash and rigor." 


Audubon. Burroughs, John. John James Audubon. 1902. 

[Beacon biographies.] E.Au28.b 

Bowditch. Bowditch, V. Y. Life and correspondence of 

Henry Ingersoll Bowditch, by his son. 1902. 2v. E.B6825 

The memoirs of one of Boston's most eminent physicians. Dr. Bowditch 
wat« long the recognized authority on consumption and pulmonary diseases. 
The army system adopted In the civil war of 1861-66, and the es- 
tablishment of a State Board of Health for Massachusetts were due to bis 
initiative and unceasing effort. As an ardent anti-slavery man, Dr. Bow. 
ditch took an active part in all the exciting fugitive slave cases which 
agitated Boston in the forties and fifties of the last century. 

Charles V., Emperor of Germany. Armstrong, Edward. The 
emperor Charles V. 1902. 2v. 943.03C3a 

Dickens. Forster, John. Forster's life of Dickens. Abridged 
and revised by George Gissing. 1902. E. 1)555. fa 

Doffed Coronet, A. By the author of The martyrdom of an em- 
press. 1902. f E.Z35.d 

Dumas. Davidson, A. F. Alexandre Dumas (pere), his life and 
works. 1902. E.D895.d 

Gower, LordB,. C. S. L. Old diaries, 1881-1901. E.G762.a 

Hertslet, Sir Edward. Recollections of the old Foreign Office. 
1901. EH4465 

Kielmansegge, Graf Friedrich von. Diary of a journey to 
England in years 1761-1702. Trans, by Countess Kielman- 
segg. 1902. E.K555.d 

Kruger, 8. J. P. The memoirs of Paul Kruger, four times pres- 
ident of the South African Republic, told by himself. 1902. 


Lake, W. 0. Memorials of William Charles Lake, Dean of Dur- 
ham, 1869-1894. Ed. by his widow, with preface by G. Raw- 
linson. 1901. E.L145 

Contents : — Autobiography and reminiscence* : Rugby and Arnold, Balllol, 
Newman and the Oxford movement, General life and teaching at Oxford 
from 1846-65, A fragment of foreign travel, Friends, contemporaries, and 
pupils at Oxford, 1836-66, Education comml.»slons : Huntspill, Archbishop 
Talt.— D*-an Like at Durham, by a member of the University. — Corres- 
pondence.— Appendix: A sketch of the history of Durham College of 
Science at Newcastle, by II. P. Uurney. 


Lieven, Dorothea, Princess. Letters of Dorothea, Princess 
Lleven, daring her residence in London, 1812-1884. Ed. by 
L. 6. Robinson. 1902. £.L629.a 

" The letter* cover the whole period of Count (afterwards Prince) Lleren's 
embassy in London. On his arrival, of all the allies of Great Britain the 
Bosnians were the most popular, socially and politically. Before his de- 
parture, on more than one occasion It needed the greatest tact and caution 
to prevent war breaking out between the two powers." — Prefatory note. 

Lincoln. Nicolay, J. G., and Hay, John. A short life of Abra- 
ham Lincoln. 1902. E. 
Condensed by J. G. Nicolay from the large work on Lincoln. 

Luther. Audln, J. M. V. History of the life, writings, and 
doctrines of Luther. Trans, from the last French ed. by W. 

B. Turnbull. 1854. 2v. f E L968.a 
Xartineau. Drummond, James. The life and letters of James 

Mariineau, and a survey of his philosophical work by C. B. 

Upton. 1902. 2v. E.M8698.d 

Morris. Cary, E. L. William Morris, poet, craftsman, socialist. 

1902. E.M8405.C 

Percy, Hugh, 2d duke of Northumberland. Letters of Hugh, 

Earl Percy, from Boston and New York, 1774-1776. Ed. by 

C. K. Bolton. 1902. E.N885 

" The originals of the letters were discovered in the Library of Alnwick 
Ca«tle during a visit made by the Kev. Edward G. Porter, of Lexington, in 
1878; by permission of the late Duke of Northumberland they were copied 
and with the consent of the present Duke they are now first published." 

Smith. Roberts, E. P. The adventures of Captain John Smith, 
captain of two hundred and fifty horse, and sometime Presi- 
dent of Virginia. 1902. E.Sm595.r 

Stevenson. Strong, Mrs. Isobel, and Osbourne, Lloyd. Mem- 
ories of Vailima. 1902. E.St 545.8 

Stoddart, J. H. Recollections of a player. 1902. E.St 655 

Tennyson. Lyall, SirA.C. Tennyson. 1902. [English men 
of letters.] E.T290.1y 

Washington. Letters to Washington and accompanying papers. 
Published by the Society of the Colonial Dames of America. 
Ed. by S. M. Hamilton. Vol. 5. 1774,1775. General index. \m. 



Webster, Daniel. The letters of Daniel Webster ; from docu- 
ments owned principally by the New Hampshire Historical 
Society. Ed. by C. H. Van Tyne. 1902. E.W8986 

Webster. Mc Master, J. B. Daniel Wester. 1902. 
Whittier. Higginson, T. W. John Green leaf Whittier. 1908. 

[English men of letters.] E. 

Wolcott. Lawrence, William. Roger Wolcott. 1902. f 


Austin, Alfred. Haunts of ancient peace, t A985.4 

Barrie, J. M. The little white bird. BS77.1S 

Couch, A. T. Quiller. The White wotf, and other fireside tales. 

Dunne, F. P. Observations by Mr. Dooley. 
Gielow, Mrs. M. S. Old plantation days. 
Higginson, Ella. Mariella; of Out- West. 
Keeling, Elsa D'Esterre. A return to nature, f 
Kent, Elizabeth. The house opposite : a mystery, f 
K aeon, A. E. W. The four feathers. 

Ollivant, Alfred. Danny. By the author of Bob, son of battle. 


Sartoris, Mrs. A. K. A week in a French country-house. Il- 
lustrated by Lord Leighton, with a portrait and a preface by 
Mrs. Richmond Ritchie. S249.1 

Shaw, O. B. An unsocial socialist, f S585.1 

Stevenson, B. E. The heritage. S846.8 



The library has subscribed to the following periodicals from 
January 1, 1903:— 

House and Garden. 
Manual Training Magazine. 
The Spectator. 

Current numbers are on file in the Reading Room ; back numbers 
may be had on application at the Delivery Desk, either to be read in 
the building, oi for home use. 

The Riverdale Press : C. A. W. 8FEircsa. 


A}\ [Bookt on Mechanical Engineering.'] 

APRIL, 1903 




VOL. IX. No. 4 

Brookline, Mass. 


^ - 

r n 

Public Library of Brookune 


Charles H. Drew. 

Daniel Dulany Addison, Tappan B. Francis, 

R. G. F. Candagk, William H. Lyon, 

James M. Codman, S. N. D. North, 

Prentiss Cummings, Edward Stanwood, 

Desmond FitzGerald, Leonard K. Storrs, 

Moses Williams. 

Louisa M. Hooper. 

Deposit Station — Upper Boy Is ton Street, near Reservoir Lane. 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 

The library is open from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. daily (except Sundays 
and Washington's Birthday, Patriots' Day, Memorial Day, Seven- 
teenth of June, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and 

The library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Reading Room. 

A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 


The librarian wishes to call the attention of all who are interested 
in Mechanical Engineering: to the following valuable set of books. 
It is intended that they shall form the nucleus of a first-rate collection 
of books on the subjects which they treat, which have been heretofore 
poorly represented in the library. The librarian will be very glad to 
receive suggestions as to the purchase of books for this collection 
from any one Interested in the subject. 

For other books on mechanical engineering see the division Useful 
Arts, pages 99-101. 

American School of Correspondence. Reference library, 
modern engineering practice: steam, electricity, mechanics. 
A reliable guide for engineers, mechanics, machinists and 
students, illustrating and explaining the theory, design, con- 
struction, and operation of all kinds of machinery. Diagrams, 
working drawings, plates and exgravlngs of machines and 
tools. Editor-in-chief, Frank W. Gunsaulus. 1903. 620 A78 

Vol. 1. Mathematics : arithmetic, elementary algebra and mensuration, 

2. Geometry, trigonometry and logarithms, navigation, mechanics, 


3. Pattern making, foundry work, forging, machine shop work, tool 


4. Machine design, construction of boilers, types of boilers, boiler 

accessories, flying machine, gas engines. 

5. Chemistry, metallurgy, the steam engine, parts 1-2, steam engine 

indicators, valve gears, automobiles. 

6. Marine boilers, marine engines, locomotive boilers and engines, the 

air brake, high speeds upon American railroads, development of 
American railway cars. 

7. Elements of electricity, electric current, theory of dynamo-electric 

machinery, direct current dynamos, design of direct current 
dynamos, direct current motors, electrical measurements, electric 
telegraph, electric telephone, wireless telegraphy. 

8. Types of dynamo-electric machinery (direct current), alternating 

current machinery, electric lighting, electric railways, central 
stations and power transmission, storage batteries, 

0. Heating and ventilation, plumbing. 

10. Mechanical drawing. 




Alcott, L.H. Jack and Jill. JA855J 

Andersen, H. 0. Wonder stories. JA544.K) 

nights' entertainments ; ed. by Andrew Lang. JA669.S 

a story of 8hskespere v s 

Barlow, Jane. Irish idylls. 

Bennett, John. Master Skylark: 

Blackmore, B. D. Lorna Doone. 

Brown, H. D. Her sixteenth year. 

Brown, John. Bab and bis friends. 

Burroughs, John. Wake robin. 

Campbell, Helen. What-to-do club. 

Oaroll, Martha, pseud. How Marjory helped. 

Oatherwood, M. H. Romance of Dollard. 

Orompton, F. B. Gentle heritage. 

Curtis, G. W. Prue and I. 

Ouster, B. B. Boots and saddles. 

Following the guidon. 
Bwing, J. H. Daddy Darwin's dovecot. 

Mary's meadow. 
French, L. H. Hezekiah's wives (canaries). 
Gaskell, B. 0. Cranford. 
Hale, B. B. A man without a country. 

A New England boyhood. 
Harris, J. 0. Uncle Remus ; his songs and sayings. 
Howells, W. D. My year in a log cabin. 
Hughes, Thomas. Tom Brown's schooldays. 
Jewett, 8. O. Betty Leicester. 

Country doctor. 

White heron. 

Kipling, Budyard. Just-so stories. 

La Bedollierre, B. G. de. Story of a cat. 

Lang, Andrew. Book of romance. 

Knight* of the Bound Table, Bobin Hood, Battle of BonoeraUet, Waylaad 
the smith, etc 

Mathews, F. 8. Familiar features of the roadside. 3414.4! 














598.8 F88 















Mitchell, 8. W. Hugh Wynne. M708.6 

Konvel, L. M. Boutet de. Joan of Arc. E.J575.m 

Mulock, D. M. Little lame prince. JM917.17 

Parkman, Francis. La Salle and the discovery of the great 

west. 971 P23c 

Parsons, F. T. According to season : talks abont the flowers in 

the order of their appearance. 2483.36 

Peary, J. D. My Arctic journal. 998 P31m 

Pyle, Howard. Wonder clock. JP997.7 

Bathbone, A. M. Maiden and married life of Mary Powell 

(wife of John Milton;. R191.6 

Boberts, 0. G. D. Kindred of the wild. (Animal stories.) 591 R54 

Scudder, H. B. George Washington. 

Seawall, H. B. Little Jarvis. 

Smith, M. P. W. Jolly good times at Hackmatack. 

More good times at Hackmatack. 

Tonng and old Puritans of Hatfield. 
Spyri, Johanna. Heidi. (Life in Switzerland.) 
Swett, Sophie. Bilberry boys and girls. 
Whitney, A. D. T. We girls. 
Whittier, J. G., ed. Child life in prose. 
Wiggin, K. D. Polly Oliver's problem. 
Tonga, 0. M. Book of golden deeds. 






indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


Fletcher, W. I., and Poole, Mary. Poole's index to periodical 
literature. 4th supplement, 1807-1902. Ref. 15.1 

Mayhew, A. L., and Skeat, W. W. A concise dictionary of 
Middle English, from A. D. 1160 to 1680. 1888. Ref. 6.41 

New York Daily Tribune. Index for 1901. Ref. 15.16 

Nield, Jonathan. A guide to the best historical novels and tales. 
1902. Ref. 15.71 

Reeve, J. X. Practical authorship : a work designed to afford 
writers an insight into certain technical, commercial, and 
financial aspects of the profession of letters as followed by 
the general writer for current publications. 1900. 029 B25 

United States. Board on Geographic Names. Second report. 

1890-1899. 2d ed. 1901. = Ref. 80.84 

Special report, relating to the geographic names in the Philip- 
pine Islands. 1901. = Ref . 80.85 

Wells, P. P., ed. Literature of American history. Supplement 
for 1900 and 1901. Ref. 15.84 


Binet, L. A. A. The psychic life of micro-organisms : a study 

in experimental psychology. 1897. f 150 B51 

Bradford, A. H. The ascent of the soul. 1902. f 218 B72 

Oooke, G. W. Unltarianism in America : a history of Its origin 

and development. 1902. f 288 C77 

Evans, E. P. Animal symbolism in ecclesiastical architecture. 

1896. = 246 E92 

Everett, 0. O, Immortality, and other essays. 1902. 204 E98i 

Flint, Robert, Agnosticism. 1908. 149.7 F64 

Griggs, E. H. A book of meditations. 1902. 104 G67 


Hillie, N. D. Foretokens of immortality : " studies for the hoar 

when the immortal hope burns low in the heart." 1900. 218 H55 
The quest of happiness : a study of victory over life's troubles. 
1902. 171.4 H55 

KaeDonell, Anne. Sons of Francis. 1902. 271.3 M14 

Haclaren, Ian, pseud. The homely virtues. 1902. 170.4 M22 

Content*:— StnightneM.— Thoroughness.— Kindness.— Thrift.— -Gratitude. 
— Reverence.— Moral courage.— Courtesy. 

Nott, O. O., ed. The seven great hymns of the mediaeval church. 

Rev. and enl. ed. 1902. 246 N84 

Contorts:— The celestial country.— Dies ins.— 8tabat Mater and Mater 
Sptetosa.— Venl Sanotl 8pirltus.— Veui Creator Spirttus.— Vexllilla Regis.— 
The allelolatio sequenoe.— Appendix. 

Peabody, F. G. Afternoons in the college chapel : short ad- 
dresses to young men on personal religion. 1900. 252 PS la 
Mornings in the college chapel : short addresses to young men 
on personal religion. 1896. 262 P31 

Potter, H. O. The citizen in his relation to the Industrial situa- 
tion : Tale lectures. 1902. 172 P85 

Bobinson, J. A. The study of the gospels. 1902. 226 R66 

Sidgwick, Henry. Lectures on the ethics of T. H. Green, Mr. 
Herbert Spencer, and J. Martineau. 1902. 171 S56 

Walker, Williston. A history of the Congregational churches 
in the United States. 4th ed. 1899. f 285.8 W15 


Brooks, J. G. The social unrest : studies in labor and socialist 

movements. 1908. 801 B79 

There Is frequent reference in this volume to problems arising in the coal 

Clark. 8. 8. The government; what it is, what it does. 1902. 

858 C64 

Ely, B. T. The coming city. 1902. 852 £52 

The author "aims simply to point out tendencies in the past and present and 
to describe and illustrate the progress in the spirit of municipal reform." 

talks, J. W. The trust problem. Rev. ed. 1901. 8ft& A 311 


Massachusetts. General Court. Acts and resolves, public and 
private, of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Vol. 10, being 
toI. 5 of the appendix, containing resolves, etc 1780-1726. 
1902. = 1817.99 

National Conference of Industrial Conciliation* Industrial 
conciliation : report of the proceedings. 1902. 881 N21 

Pratt, 8. 8. The work of Wall Street. 1908. 882.6 F88 

Van Vorst, Mn. John, and Marie. The woman who toils. 1908. 

896.5 V87 

The experiences of two ladle* m f aotory girls in a Pittsburg pickle factory, 
making clothing in Chicago, making shoes at Lynn, working In the southern 
cotton mills, etc. 


Brown, E. B. The making of our middle schools : an account of 
the development of secondary education in the United States. 
1908. f 878 B81 

United States. Bureau of Education. History of higher edu- 
cation in Kentucky, by A. F. Lewis. 1899. = 1854.25 


Bailey, F. M. Handbook of birds of the western United States, 
including the great plains, great basin, Pacific slope, and lower 
Rio Grande valley. 1902. 598.2 B15 

Benjamin, Park. A history of electricity (the intellectual rise 
in electricity) from antiquity to the days of Benjamin Frank- 
lin. 1898. f 587 B48 

Bottone, S. B. Galvanic batteries, their theory, construction 
and use; comprising primary, single and double fluid cells, 
secondary and gas batteries. 1902. 587.86 B65 

Britton, N. L. Manual of the flora of the northern states and 
Canada. 1901. 581.97 B77 

Child, O. T. The how and why of electricity : a book of infor- 
mation for non-technical readers. 1902. f 587 C43 

8CISNCS. 97 

Denton, 8. F. Moths and butterflies of the United States east 
of the Rocky Mountains. With over 400 photographic illus- 
trations in the text and many transfers of species from life. 
1900. Art case 9.2.10 

Voll. Themothi. 

2. The butterflies. 
For hall use only. 

Duncan, J. Applied mechanics for beginners. 1902. 531 D91 

Yernow, B. B. Economics of forestry: a reference book for 
students of political economy and professional and lay stu- 
dents of forestry. 1902. 582 F89 
Flaming, J. A. Waves and ripples in water, air and aether: 
being a coarse of Christmas lectures delivered at the Royal 
Institution of Great Britain. 1902. 580 762 
Gosae, P. H. Romance of natural history. 1902. 590 G69 
Greenaway, Kate. Language of flowers. Printed in colors by 
B. Evans. 1902. Ref. 25.65 

Houston, B. J. Electricity one hundred years ago and to-day, 

with copious notes and extracts. 1894. 587 H81 

Hunter, 8. J. Elementary studies in insect life. 1902. 696.7 H91 
Jonas, H. O. Principles of inorganic chemistry. 1908. 546 J71 
Jordan, D. 8., and Heath, Harold. Animal forms: a text- 
book of zoology. 1902. 590 J76 
Little K&sterpiecee of Science. Ed. by George lies. 1902. 

Bxplorers. 910 E96 

Conlenti :— Wintor, J. Columbus discovert America.— Lewis and Clarke. 
ArrlTal at the Pacific ocean, 1806.— Pike Z. M. The source* of the Missis- 
sippi, 1806,— Wilkes, C. Manila in 1842.— King, C. The ascent of Monnt 
Tyndall.— Powell, J. W. The Grand Canon of the Colorado is explored. 

Health and healing. 610 H34 

Contents:— Paget, 8ir James. Escape from pain : the history of a discovery. 
—Bennett, 81r J. R. Jenner and Pasteur.— Geddes, Patrick, and Thomson, 
J. A. Pasteur and his work.— Prodden, T. M. Tuberculosis and Its preven- 
tion. — Sternberg, O. M. Malaria and mosqultos. — Roose, Bobson. Art of 
prolonging life.— Richardson, B.W. Natural life and death. Rules of 
health, — Colton, B. P. Care of the eyes.— Billings, J. 8. Progress of medi. 
cine in the ninteenth century. 


Little Masterpieces of Science, — continued. 

Invention and discovery. 606 I6S 

Content* : — Franklin B. Lightning identified with electricity.— Faraday, M. 
Preparing the way for the electric dynamo and motor.— Henry, J. Invention 
of the electric telegraph.— Ilea, G. The first Atlantlo cablet. — Bell, A. O. 
The invention of the telephone.— Dam, H. J. W. Photographing the unseen. 

— lies, G. The wireless telegraph. — Dei, G. Electricity, what Its mastery 
means: with a review and a prospect. — Rumford, Count (B.Thompson). 
Heat and motion identified.— Stephenson, G. The " rocket " locomotive and 
Its victory. 

Mind. 150 M66 

Content* : — Flake, J. The part played by infancy in the evolution of man. 

— Sully J. The new study of children.— Galton, F. Twins, their history as 
a criterion of the relative powers of nature and nurture. — Hudson, W. H. 
Sight in savages.- Holmes, O. W. Mechanism in thought and morals. — 
Maudsley, H. Memory.— Carpenter, W.B. Common sense. — Huxley, 
T. H. A liberal education. — Huxley, T. H. Sclenoe and culture. 

Naturalist as interpreter and seer. 508.1 N21 

Contents : — Darwin, C. The origin of species in summary.— Darwin, C. 
How " The origin of species " came to be written. — Darwin C. The descent 
of man : the argument in brief. — Wallace, A. FL Mimicry and other protec- 
tive resemblances among animals.— Huxley, T. H. Evolution of the horse. 

— Howard, L. O. Fighting pests with Insect allies.— Des, G. The strange 
story of the flowers : a chapter in modern botany. 

Skies and the earth. 520 868 

Contents: — Proctor, R. A. What we learn from the sun.— Newoomb, 8. 
The problems of astronomy.— Young, C. A. The astronomical outlook. — 
lies, G. The photography of the skies.— Lyell, 8ir C. Uniformity in geo- 
logical change. — Shaler, N. S. Rivers and valleys. — Huxley, T. H. The 
sea and its work. — Huxley, T. H. Earthquakes and volcanoes. 

Lucas, F. A. Animals of the past. 1901. 566 L96 

Maunder, E. W., ed. The total solar eclipse, 1900 : report of the 
expeditions organized by the British Astronomical Association 
to observe the total solar eclipse of 1900, May 28. f 623.78 M44 
Muir, M. M. P. The story of alchemy and the beginnings of 

chemistry. 1903. 540.1 M89 

Newcomb, Simon. Astronomy for everybody : a popular expo- 
sition of the wonders of the heavens. 1902. 520 N43 
Quayle, W. A. In God's out-of-doors. 1902. 500 Q2 
Remsen, Ira. An introduction to the study of chemistry. 
6th ed., rev. 1902. 540 B26a 


Sargent, 0. 8. Silva of North America: a description of the 
trees which grow naturally in North America exclusive of 
Mexico. Vol 8. 13-14. 1902. Art case 9.5 

Vol. 14 contains an index to the whole work. 

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Oontenti :— Ancient civil-engineering works. — Bridges. — Water- works for 
cities and towns.— Some features of railroad engineering.— The Nicaragua 
route for a ship canal.— The Panama route for a ship canal. 

Bntterick Publishing Co, The art of crocheting, from rudi- 
mentary to elaborate work. 1901. 646 B98a 

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able information and advice on the sale of patents : an elucida- 
tion of the best methods employed by the most successful in- 
ventors in handling their inventions. 1902. 608 C86 

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working drawings for each design. Reprinted from the 
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2d ed., rev. and extended. 1898. 621.34 E54 


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Electrical engineering leaflets ; intermediate grade. 1901. 

621.6 H8U 

Electrical engineering leaflets; advanced grade. 621.8 H81b 

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art, with or without the aid of an instructor. Practical hints 
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Macgillivray, B. J. A treatise upon the law of copyright. In the 
United Kingdom and the dominions of the crown, and in 
the United States of America ; containing a full appendix of 
all acts of Parliament, international conventions, orders in 
council, treasury minute and acts of Congress now in force. 
1902. 666 M17 

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economic and legal questions created by the growth of irri- 
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1902. 657 M78 

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information relating to the latest improvements and experi- 
ence both in this country and abroad. 4th ed., rev. and enl. 

1901. 614 T37 
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progressive arrangement of the essentials of Graham phonog- 
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modern working of sheet metals: a treatise on the design, 
construction and use of dies, punches, tools, fixtures and de- 
vices, together with the manner in which they should be used 
in the power press, for the cheap and rapid production of 
sheet metal parts and articles. 1903. 736 W87 


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of Lepaysage au fusain by S. D. Waring ; with an introduction 
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time of Constantlne to the dawn of the Renaissance. 1901. 

2v. t 721.5 C91 

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With pictures of the garden. 

Fuchs, Otto. Handbook on linear perspective shadows and re- 
flections. 1902. 742 F95 
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Contents : — Modern etching and engraving in Great Britain, by A. L. Bal- 
dry; America, by Will Jenkins; France, by Gabriel Moarey; Germany, by 
H. W. Singer; Austria, by Wilhelm Scheuermann; Hungary, by Anthony 
Tahi; Holland, by Philip Zilcken; Belgium, by Fernand Khnopff; Denmark 
and Norway, by George Brdchncr; Finland, by Loula Sparre; Italy, by 
Romualdo l'antlni; Switzerland, by Robert Mobbs. 

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practical and critical, of a working amateur. 1901. 716 J88a 

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a compilation of examples from various sources, of German, 
Swiss, Italian, French, English, and American Iron-work from 
mediaeval times down to the present day. 1888. 745.2 K41 

Xnowlton, H, M. Hints for pupils in drawing and painting [in 
oils]. 1887. 741 K76 


Koare, 0. H. Examples for elementary practice In delinea- 
tion : designed for the nse of schools and Isolated beginners. 
1883. 741 M78 

Horri*, William. Architecture, industry, and wealth : collected 
papers. 1902. 704 M83a 

Contents /—The history of pattern-designing.— The lesser arts of life.— Art, 
wealth, and riches. — Art and socialism : the aims and Ideals of the English 
socialists of to-day. — Textile fabrics. — Art under plutocracy. —The revival 
of architecture.— The revival of handicraft.— Art and Industry in the four- 
teenth century.— The Influence of building materials upon architecture.— 
On the external covering* of roofs. 

Parkhurst, D. B. The painter in oil : a complete treatise on the 
principles and technique necessary to the painting of pictures 
in oil colors. 1898. 751 P22 

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value to all interested in the development of art among the 
children. Illus. by author. 1892. 741 R46 

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painting and etching upon various objects and materials for 
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notice by B. F. Russell. 1901. 710 844 

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1902. 759.4 S64 
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Van Dyke, J. 0. The meaning of pictures: six lectures given 

for Columbia University at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

1903. 750.1 V28m 
Contents : — Truth In painting. — Individuality or the personal element. — 
Imagination of the artist.— Pictorial poetry.— The decorative quality.— 
Subject in painting. 

Walker, William. Handbook of drawing. 1899. 741 W15 

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and workers in metal. 1908. 789 W69 

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Broadwood, L. E., and Fuller-Maitland, J. A., edf. English 

county songs, words and music. 1893. 184.5 B2 

A collection of traditional songs of different periods and styles, nearly all of 
which are still current among the people. 

Crowest, F. J. The story of the art of music. 1902. 780.2 C88 

Patterson, A. W. The story of oratorio. 1908. f 781.1 PI7 


Burt, E. W. Camp fires in the wilderness : valuable information 
for campers and sportsmen, with an account of travels and 
adventures in the wilds of Maine, New Brunswick and Canada. 
1902. 799 B9ft 

Evans, H. E. Magic and its professors. 1902. 791 E9S 

Miles, E. H. Racquets, tennis, and squash. 1908. 796 M59 

Neil, C. 8. The modern conjurer and drawing room entertainer. 
1902. 791 N81 


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1902. f 820 A42s 

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Bonnell, H. H. Charlotte Bronte, Qeorge Eliot, Jane Austen : 
studies in their works. 1902. 810.7 B71 

Brandes, G. M. C. Main currents in nineteenth century litera- 
ture. 809 B78 

Vol.1. The emigrant literature. 1901. 

2. The romantic school in Germany (1873). 1902. 

Bridges, Robert. Poetical works. Vol. 5. 1902. 820 B85 

Brink, B. E. C. ten. History of English literature. 1898-1896. 

3v. 810 B8* 

Vol. 1. Early English literature (to Wicllf). 

2. Wyclif, Chaucer, earliest drama, Renaissance. 

3. From the fourteenth century to the death of Surrey. 

Burroughs, John. Literary values and other papers. 1902. 804 B94 
Oarryl, G. W. Grimm tales made gay. 1902. 828 C28 

Qawein, M. J. A voice on the wind, and other poems. 1902. 820 C88v 


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from the Latin by E. S. 8huckburgh. 1900. 878 C45 

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Old English poetry. With notes and indexes. 1902. 829.1 C77 

Dante Alighieri. Selections from Dante's Divina commedia. 
Chosen, trans, and annotated by R. J. Cross. The original and 
translation on opposite pages. 1901. 851 D28ja 

Dawson, W. J. Literary leaders of modern England : selected 
chapters from Makers of modern poetry and Makers of modern 
prose. 1902. 810.8 D27 

Dobson, Austin. Side-walk studies. 1902. 824 D68s 

Bison, L. O. 8hakespeare in music: a collation of the chief 
musical allusions in the plays of 8hakespeare t with an 
attempt at their explanation and derivation, together with 
much of the original music. 1901. t 822.8 Q25 

Euripides. Plays : translated into English prose from the text 

of Paley with notes by E. C. Coleridge. 1900. 2v. 888 E82c 

Vol. 1. Memoir of Euripides.— Rhesus. —Medea. — Hlppolytus. — Aloestls.— 

Heraoleidc. — The suppliants. — The Trojan women. — Ion.— 


2. Andromache. — Eleetra. — The Bacchantes. — Hecuba. — Heracles 

mad.— The Phoenician maidens.— Orestes.— Iphigenia among the 

Tauri.— Iphigenia at Aulis. — The Cyclops. 

Grarnett, Richard. The age of Dry den, 1660-1700. 1901. 810.4 028 

Ooldsmith, Oliver. The deserted village. Illus. by Edwin A. 

Abbey. 1902. 820 G62d 

Gosse, E. W. Northern studies. 1890. 889.5 G69 

Contents .—Introduction, by Ernest Rhys.— Norwegian poetry since 1814.— 

Henrick Ibsen. — The Lofoden islands. — Runeberg.— The Danish national 

theatre. — Four Danish poets. 
Oower, John. Complete works. Edited from the manuscripts 

with introductions, notes, and glossaries, by G. C. Macau lay. 

1902. 820 072 

Vol. 4. Latin works:— Introduction.— Epistola. —Vox clamant! s. — Cronica 
tripartita. — Rex cell deus etc.— H. aqulle pullus etc. — Oreco- 
lende etc. — Carmen super multlplicl viclorum pestllencla.— 
Tracatus deluols Scrutlnio.— Ecce patet tensus etc— Est amor etc. 
— Quia vnusqulsque etc.— Eneidos Bucolls etc— O deus Immense 
etc — Last poems. — Notes. — Glossary. Index to the notea. 


HaUeck, R. P. History of English literature. 1900. 810 HIS 

Hope, Laurence, pseud., camp. India's lore lyrics. 190*. 891.4 H77 
Housman, Laurence. Bethlehem : a nativity play. 1909. 829 H84S 
Lee, G. 8. The lost art of reading. 1909. f 894 L47 

Life. Rhymes and roundelays from Life. 1909. 898 LB 

Lincoln, Abraham. Lincoln : passages from his speeches and 

letters; with an introduction by Richard Watson Gilder. 

1901. 824 L78 

MacManus, Anna (Ethna Carbery). The four winds of Blrinn : 

poems. Ed. by Seumas MacManus. 8d ed. 1909. 890 M167 

"I do not know bow the listener to mafic like this, however bound by the 
poetical conventions of his own race, can deny that it p o ss e s ses the genuine 
lyric rapture. ... It is tad that the flrat collected work of to delicate a 
poet should have been published posthumously. The recent death of Mrs. 
MacManus will be felt as a genuine loss by lovers of poetry."— <4ffa*tie 

Masterpieces of Greek literature ; Homer : Tyrtaeus : Archilo- 

chas: Callistratns : Alcaeus: Sappho: Anacreon: Pindar: 

JSschylus: Sophocles: Euripides: Aristophanes: Herodotus: 

Thncydides: Xenophon: Plato: Theocritus: Luclan. With 

biographical sketches and notes; supervising editor, J. H. 

Wright. 1902. 884 W98 

" The selections of this volume were made, and the biographical and other 
notes written, by Miss C II. Seymour." 

Monroe, James. Writings : Including a collection of his public 
and private papers and correspondence now for the first time 
printed. Ed. by S. M. Hamilton. Vol. 6, 1817-1898. 1902. 1477.2 

Muller, F. Max. Last essays. 1901. 2v. 824 M94 

1st series. Essays on language, folklore, etc.— Simplicity of language.— My 
predecessors.— Can we think without words?— On thought and language.— 
Literature before letters.— The savage.— Prehistoric antiquities of the Indo- 
Europeans. — Kant's Critique of pure reason. — Coincidences.— How to 
work.— Dean Llddell, as I knew him.— The Sohleswlg-Holstein question and 
its place in history. 

Sd series. Essays on the science of religion. Forgotten Bibles.— Ancient 
prayers.— Indian fables and esoteric Buddhism.— The alleged sojourn of 
Christ in India.— The Kutho.Daw.— Buddha's birthplace.— Mohammedanism 
and Christianity.— The religions of China.— The parliament of religions at 
Chicago.— Why I am not an agnostic— Is man immortal? 



Old Song*. With drawings by Edwin A. Abbey and Alfred Par- 
sons. 1889. Art case 4.2.1 
Biley, J. W. An old sweetheart of mine. 1902. f 820 R67a 
Bobertoon, J. G. A history of German literature. 1902. 880 R54 
Seaman, Owen. The battle of the bays. 1902. 828 S43b 
In cap and bells. 1900. 828 S481 
Parodies, many of which have appeared In Punch. 
Shakespeare, William. Works. Ed. by W. A. Wright. 1894- 
1902. 9v. [The Cambridge Shakespeare.] Bef. 40.65 

Vol. 1. Tempest.— Two gentlemen of Verona.— Merry wives of Windsor.— 

Measure for measure.— -Comedy of errors. 
2. Much ado about nothing.— Love's labor's lost.— Midsummer night's 

dream.— Merchant of Venice.— As you like It. 
8. Taming of the shrew.— All's well that ends well.— Twelfth night.— 

The winter's tale. 
4. King John.— King Richard II.— King Henry IV.— King Henry V. 
6. King Henry VI.— King Richard III.— King Henry VIII. 

6. Troilus and Cressida.— Coriolanus.— Titus Andronlcus.— Romeo and 


7. Tlmon of Athens.— Julius Caesar.— Macbeth.— Hamlet. 

8. King Lear.— Othello.— Antony and Cleopatra.— Cymbellne. 

9. Pericles. — Venus and Adonis. — Rape of Lucreee. — Bonnets.— 

Lover's complaint.— Passionate pilgrim.— Phoenix and turtle.— 
Reprint*.— A pleasant conceited comedie, of Syr Iohn Falstaffe, 
and the merry wives of Windsor.— The chronicle historic of 
Henry the flft.— The first part of the contention of the two f amovs 
houses of Yorke and Lancaster.— The true tragedie of Richard duke 
of Yorke, and the good king Henry the sixt.— The most excellent 
tragedie of Romeo and Iullet.— The tragioall historie of Hamlet, 
prince of Denmarke. 

Steele, tfrBichard. Essays. Selected by L. B. 8 teele. 1902. 824 881 

Content* .'—Spectator Club papers.— Personal and domestic— Humours of 
the town.— Humours of fashion.— Theatrical essays.— Various essays. 

Stephen, Sir Leslie. 8tudies of a biographer. 8econd series. 
1902. 811 882 

Vol. 3. The Browning letters.— John Donne.— John Raskin.— William God. 
win's novels.- Walter Bagehot.— Thomas Henry Huxley.— James 
Anthony Froude.— In praise of walking. 
4. Shakespeare as a man.— Southey's letters.— New lights on Milton.— 
Emerson.— Anthony Trollope.— Robert Louis 8tevenson.— The 
cosmopolitan spirit in literature. 


Streamer, Col. D. Baby's Baedeker: an international guide- 
book for the young of all ages. Peculiarly adapted to the 
wants of first and second childhood. 1902. 828 891 

Swift, Jonathan. Prose works. Edited by Temple Scott. 
1901-1902. 1417.4 

Vol 6. Historical and political tract*— English. 

9. Contributions to The Taller, The Examiner, The Spectator, tad 

The Intelligencer. 

10. Historical writings: The history of the four last yean of the 

queen.— An abstract of the history of England : from the lnraston 
of It by Julius Caesar to the reign of Henry the Second.— Remarks 
on the characters of the court of Queen Anne. — Remarks on Lord 
Clarendon's History of the AeftelKo*.— Remarks on Bishop Bur- 
net's History of hie own tfme.— Notes on the Freeholder. 

Swinburne, A. O. Laus Veneris, and other poems and ballads. 

1866. = 820 89781 

Poems and ballads. 2d and 3d series. 1899-1901. 820 8978 

Thackeray, W. M. Stray papers : being stories, reviews, verses, 

and sketches, 1821-1847. Ed. by Lewis Melville. 1901. 824 T86s 
Thomas, E. M. The dancers, and other legends and lyrics. 

1903. 820 T45d 

A winter swallow, with other verse. 1896. 820 T45w 

Van Dyke, Henry. The builders, and other poems. 1902. f 820 V24 
Walker, Hugh. The age of Tennyson, 1880-1870. 1900. 810.8 W18 
Wells, Carolyn. A phenomenal fauna. Pictures by Oliver Her- 

ford. 1902. 828 W46p 

Wolfram von Eschenbach. Parzlval : a knightly epic. For the 

first time trans, into English verse by Jessie L. Weston. 

1894. 2v. 881 W88 


Daudet, Alphonse. Numa Roumestan: moeurs parisiennes. 

1900. f 843 D26n 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. Theatre. 1901-1902. 3v. 842 M26 

Vol. 1. La prlncesse Maleine.— L'intruse.— Les aveuglea. 

2. Pelleas et Mtlisande.— Alladlne et Palomldes.— Interleur.— La mort 

de Tintagiles. 
8. Aglavalne et Selysette.— Ariane et Barbe-Bleue.— Sceur Beatrice. 

Monna Vanna : piece en trois actes. 1902. 842 M26m 


Velhagen nnd XI airing. publishers. Roman-Bibliothek. Beiga- 

ben zn Monatsheften 14-16. 1899-1902. 1199 V64 

Vol. 10. Der Roman elnes Bauernjungen, Ton Moritz tod Reichenbach.— 
Die Fraa Patronln, yon Franz Rosen.— Friedrlch and Fritz 
Sohlflrsen, Ton Adelheid Weber. 

11. ThBnerne Ftlsze, yon Agnes Harder. — Erldschenei Licht, von 

Franz Rosen.— Brumaire, yon Ernst Mttllenbaoh. 

12. Die paplerene Macht, yon Fedor yon Zobeltitz. Ein unprakti- 

scher Mensch, yon Rudolf Hirshberg-Jura. 

Zola, £mile. La debacle. 1901. f [Lea Rougon-Macqaart.] 843 Z7d 

Lea troU villes. f 

Lourdes. 1901. 848 Z71 

Borne. 1901. 843 Z7r 

Paris. 1902. 843 Z7p 


American Historical Association. Annual report for 1900. 

2v. 973.06 A51 

Barnes, Mrs. M. D. 8. Studies in general history. Student's ed. 

1900. f 909 B26 

Studies in general history: teacher's manual. 1901. Aids 

for teaching general history: including a list of books 

recommended for a working school library. 1901. 2?. in 1. f 

909 B26a 
Bemont, Charles, and Monod, G. J. J. Medieval Europe, from 

395 to 1270. Trans, by M. Sloan, with notes by O. B. Adams. 
1902. 940.1 B42 

An exoellent book for the student whose view cf the Middle Ages must be 
restricted to a brief survey. 

Botsiord, G. W. An ancient history for beginners. 1902. 938 B65b 
Cambridge Modern History. Planned by Lord Acton. Ed. by 

A. W. Ward, G. W. Prothero, Stanley Leathes. 1902. 940.6 C14 

Vol. 1. The Renaissance. 
Douglas, Langton. A history of Siena. 1902. 945.5 S6d 

>, A. B., camp. Colonial children. Selected and annotated 

by A. B. Hart with the collaboration of B. E. Hazard. 1902. 

973.2 H25c 
How our grandfathers lived. Selected and annotated by A. B. 

Hart with the collaboration of A. B. Chapman. 1902. 973 H32h 


Hill, F. 8. Twenty-six historic ships. With introd. by G. B. 
Belknap. 1908. f 978.09 H65 

Content* .—Beginnings of the American nary.— The Alfred, Ranger, and 
Bon Homme Richard.— The Reprisal.— The Hornet.— The Watp.— The 
Enterprise.— Old Ironsides. — The Constellation.— The United States.— 
The Essex.— The Lawrenoe.— The Saratoga.— The Fulton.— The Hartford. 

— The Monitor.— The New Ironsides.— The Kearsarge.— The Sumter— The 
Alabama.— The Merrimac— The Arkansas.— The Tennessee.— The Maine. 

— The Olympia.— The Oregon. 

Kelly, Mrs. Tom. From the fleet in the fifties : a history of the 
Crimean war. With which is incorporated letters written in 
1854-5-6 by the Rev. S. K. Stothert, chaplain to the Naval 
Brigade. ^Preface by Vice-Admiral Powlett. 1902. 947.07 K29 

Lang, Andrew. A history of Scotland from the Soman occupa- 
tion. Vol.2. 1902. 941 L25 

Mann, W. J. America in its relation to the great epochs of 
history. 1902. 978 M28 

Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. Second series. 
Vol. 16. 1902. 627.7 

Parker, E. H. John Chinaman and a few others. 2d ed. 1902. 

951.6 P22 

Paaton, George, pseud. Side-lights on the Georgian period. 
1902. 942.07 P26 

Peel, George. The enemies of England. 1902. 942 P34 

Poole, 8. Lane-. Mediaeval India under Mohammedan rule, 712- 
1764. 1903. 954 P783 

Richards, L. 8. History of Marshfleld. 1901. 974.45 M27r 

Bichman, I. B. Rhode Island, its making and its meaning: a 
survey of the annals of the commonwealth from its settlement 
to the death of Roger Williams, 1686-1683. With Introd. by 
James Bryce. 1902. 2v. 974.5 R41 

Robinson, W. 8. A short history of Rome. 1908. 937 R5$ 

Sons of the American Revolution. National Society. National 
register of the society. Comp. by L. H. Cornish. Register 
list ed. by A. H. Clark. 1902. = 978.06 S69 


Stubbs, William. Historical introductions to the Bolls series. 
Collected and ed. by Arthur Hassall. 1902. 942 S98 

Content*:— Memorials of Saint Dane tan, archbishop of Canterbury.— The 
historical works of If aster Ralph de Dioeto, dean of London.— The chronicle 
of the reigns of Henry II. and Richard I., A.D. 1109-1102; known commonly 
under the name of Benedict of Peterborough, vol. 2.— The chronicle of 
Roger of Hoveden, vols. 2-4.— Chronicles and memorials of the reign of 
Richard I. : vol. 1. Itinerarium: vol. 2. Eplstolss Cantuarienses, A. D. 1187- 
1199. —The historical collections of Walter of Coventry.— Chronicles of the 
reigns of Edward 1. and Edward II., vols. 1-2. 

Wilson, D. M. Where American independence began : Quincy, 
its famous group of patriots, their deeds, homes, and descen- 
dants. 1902. 974.46 Q4w 

Wolfaon, A, M. Essentials in ancient history from the earliest 
records to Charlemagne. 1902. 938 W83 


Bacon, B. M. Literary pilgrimages in New England to the 
homes of famous makers of American literature and among 
their haunts and the scenes of their writings. 1902. 974.11 B13 

Baedeker, Karl, publisher. Spain and Portugal: handbook for 
travellers. 2d ed. 1901. f 946.6 B14 

Conway, Sir W. M. Aconcagua and Tierra del Fnego : a book 
of climbing, travel and exploration. 1902. 982 C76 

Bdwards, M. B. Betham-. East of Paris: sketches in the 
Gatinais, Bourbon nais, and Champagne. 1902. 944.6 E26e 

Gordon, Lady L. A. Doff. Letters from Egypt. Rev. ed., with 
memoir by her daughter, Janet Boss ; introd. by George Mere- 
dith. 1902. 962.6 G64 
" Lovers of some of the best letters In English literature will rejoice that 
Lady Doff Gordon's from Egypt have been reprinted in a single volume. The 
first series appeared in 1866, the second (*Last Letters') in 1876; and both 
are now brought together, and some other letters are added. The present 
writer knows of no other Englishwoman's letters that compare with these, 
and he questions whether the letters of many Englishmen daring the past 
generation will be read longer, or with more delight."— The Nation. 

Heilprin, Angelo. Mont Pel6e and the tragedy of Martinique : 
a study of the great catastrophes of 1902, with observations 
and experiences in the field. 972.98 H86 


In a Tuscan Garden. 1902. f 945.6 T81 

Jackson, Mrs. H. M. F. H. Glimpses of California and the mis- 
sions. With illns. by H. Sandham. 1902. 979.46 J1S 

Content* : — Father Junipero and his work. — The present condition of the 
mission Indians in southern California.— Echoes in the City of the angels.— 
Out-door industries in southern California.— Chance days In Oregon. 

Lubbock, A. B. Round the Horn before the mast. 1902. 910.4 L96 

Lumholtz, K. 8. Unknown Mexico : a record of five years' ex- 
ploration among the tribes of the western Sierra Madre : in 
the Tierra Caliente of Teplc and Jalisco ; and among the Tar- 
ascos of Michoacan. 1902. 2v. 972.6 L96 

" This elaborate work, without any question the most important contribu- 
tion to the literature of exploration and discovery on this oontinent for many 
years, is the result of five years of research in northwestern Mexico under 
the auspices of the American Museum of Natural History and the American 
Geographical Society." 

Bawnsley, H. D. Notes for the Nile ; together with a metrical 

rendering of the hymns of ancient Egypt and of the Precepts 

of Ptah-hotep (the oldest book in the world). 1892. 962.5 N6r 

Contents :— Precepts for travellers.— On tombs.— With Flinders Petrie at the 
MSdfim pyramid.— How I saw the great Pharaoh in the flesh : a reminiscence 
of the Bulak Museum.— Sett I., the father of Pharaoh the Great : an histori- 
cal sketch.— First impression of Thebes.— Hymns of ancient Egypt.— The 
precepts of Ptah-hotep. 


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of Archibald, 8th earl, and 1st and only marquess of Argyle, 
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Bismarck. 1903. E.B5485.W 

Boone. Thwaites, R. Q. Daniel Boone. 1902. B.B6485.t 

" Boone's strange career has been chronicled in a dozen books, which all 
have a Robinson Crusoe charm, and about his hairbreadth 'scapes clouds of 
legends or lies have gathered, which a sketch like the present, the outcome 
of long and earnest search, was needed to clear away." — The Nation. 

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510.9 866 

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E. Michaelis and H. K. Moore. 1901. E.F928.a 

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papers of Bnfns W. Griswold. 1898. E.G895 

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Orleans, deliverer of France : being the story of her life, her 

achievements, and her death, as attested on oath and set forth 

in the original documents. 1902. 

M The book, as It stands, Is at onoe a fascinating romance and a work of the 
greatest historical Interest. . . . Here the myths are cleared away, and we 
can follow the wonderful story of her life and death as attested by herself, 
by the simple peasants of her native Tillage of Domremy, and by the soldiers, 
nobles, and churchmen who were eye-witnesses of her marvellous career." 

— Contemporary Review, 

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Pascal. Clark, William. Pascal and the Port Royalists. 1902. 
Plant. Smyth, G. H. The life of Henry Bradley Plant, founder 

and president of the Plant system of railroads and steamships 

and also of the Southern Express Company. 1898. — E.P705 
Biehardson. Dobson, Austin. Samuel Richardson. 1902. E.R404.d 


i, H. A. Life and letters of H. Taine, 1828-1852. Trans. 
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biography. 1903. 942.08 V61e 

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Wesley, John. Journal. Abridged by P. L. Parker; with an 
introduction by H. P. Hughes, and an appreciation of the Jour- 
nal by Augustine Blrrell. 1902. E.W5155 

Birrell calls Wesley ** the greatest force of the 18th oentary In England. No 
man lived nearer the center than John Wesley. Neither dire nor Pitt, 
neither Mansfield nor Johnson. Yon cannot cat him out of oar national life. 
No single figure influenced so many minds, no single voice touched so many 
hearts. No other man did such a life's work for England." 


Avary, M. L A Virginia girl in the Civil War, 1861-1865 : being 
a record of the actual experiences of the wife of a Confeder- 
ate army officer, f A967.1 
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hunt. S723J 

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Williams, O. F. Bullet and shell : a soldier's romance, f W676.1 



Barbour, R. H. Behind the line : a story of college life and 
football. JB285.4 

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tures of Captain Gustavus Conyngham. JB266.9 

Beard, Lina, and A. B. What a girl can make and do : new 
ideas for work and play. 1902. J793 B38 

Bible for children, arranged from the King James version. 
[Compiled by Mrs. J. B. Gilder]. With preface by Francis 
Brown and introd. by H. C. Potter. 1902. J220 G38 

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Butterworth, Hezekiah. Traveller tales of the Pan-American 
countries. 1902. j980 B98 

Church, A. J. Stories of Charlemagne and the twelve peers of 

France, from the old romances. 1902. 398 C47 

An excellent series of tales for boys of fourteen who are hungering after ad- 

Connor, Ralph, pseud. Glengarry school days, f JC7676.4 

Devi, 8. H. History of India for boys and girls. Trans, by 

M. S. Knight. 1902. J950 D49 

Dewey, Mrs. J. M., comp. Stories for home and school. 1891. f 

J808 D51 

Swing, Mrs. J. H. O. Old-fashioned fairy tales. JE955.20 

Foster, Charles. The story of the Bible from Genesis to Reve- 
lation ; told in simple language adapted to all ages, bat es- 
pecially to the young. 1901. j220 F81 
Holden, E. 8. Real things in nature : a reading book of science 

for American boys and girls. 1903. j500 H71 

Howard, B. W. A battle and a boy. jH835.ll 

Jefferies; J. B. Wood magic -. a fable. JJ363.2 

Mackie, P. B. The flight of Rosy Dawn. JM215.6 

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tory. 1902? J942 014 
Peary, Mrs. J. D. The snow baby : a true story with true pict- 
ures. 1901. J998P81 

' f m 



Pyle; Katharine. In the green forest. JP9978.5 

Queen Hab's fairy realm. JQ4SS.1 

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Youth's Companion series. Northern Europe : Norway, Rus- 
sia, The Netherlands, France, Germany, and Switzerland. 
1902. J940.96 Y8n 

Toward the rising snn : sketches of life in eastern lands. 

1902. J950.6 Y8t 

Under sonny skies. 1902. J940.96 Y8u 

Wiggin, K. D., and Smith, N. A., comptten. Golden numbers : 
a book of verse for youth. 1902. 821 W68 

Wilson, O. D. The story of the Cid, for young people. 1901. 

]860 W61 

The Rivkbdalb Press : C. A. W. Spbhceb. 

JUNE, 1903 




VOL. IX. No. 5 

Brookumi, Mam. 


Public Library of Brookline 


A 8 in former years books will be Issued on special permits to per- 
sons wishing to take them away to the country for a period longer 
than the usual two weeks. No definite limit has been set to the 
number of books which may be taken in this way, prorided, how- 
ever, that they are not popular books, for which there is constant 
demand, and provided that they will be returned promptly to the 
library by mail or express in case of some special request for them. 

From June 29 to September 11, the library will be closed at 6 p. if., 
except on Saturdays when it will be kept open until 9 p. m. as usual. 

The library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Reading Room. 

A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 

Deposit Station — Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane. 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 


= indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


Appleton's Annual Cyclopaedia and register of important 

events of the year 1902. Ref. 80.65 

Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography. Ed. by J. G. 

Wilson. Vol. 7. 1900. Ref. 55.87 

This volume forms a supplement to the earlier work. 
Dictionary of National Biography : index and epitome. Ed. 

by Sidney Lee. 1903. Ref. 55.96.1 

Every name about which substantive biographic information is given in the 
63 volumes of the Dictionary or in the three, supplementary volumes finds 
mention here in due alphabetical order. An epitome is given of the leading 
facts and dates that have been already recorded at length in the pages of 
the original work, and there is added a precise reference to the volume and 
page where the full article appears. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica. New volumes, constituting in com- 
bination with tbe existing volumes of the 9th ed., the 10th ed. 
of that work, and also supplying a new, distinctive, and inde- 
pendent library of reference dealing with recent events and 
developments. Vols. 25-31. 1902. Ref. 80.50 

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book-chapters, etc.; with author-index, bibliographies, 
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topics of the day. Ref. 60.15 

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prior to March 1, 1902. = Ref. 15.86 

World Almanac and Encyclopedia. 1903. Ref. 60.45 



Abbott, Lyman. The other room. 1903. 218 A18 

Contents : — The other room.— In darkness.— The Llght-brlnger.— The 
first-fruits of them that slept.— God shall give it a body.— How shall we 
think of the dead?— The practice of immortality.— Picture-teaching. 

Adler, Felix. Life and destiny ; or, thoughts from the ethical 

lectures of Felix Adler. 1903. 170.4 A23 

Contents : —The meaning of life— Religion.— Immortality.— Moral ideals.— 
Ix)ve and marriage.— Higher life.— Spiritual progress.— Suffering and con- 
solation.— Ethical outlook. 

Oasson, H. N. The crime of credulity. 5th ed. 1901. = 133 C27 

Contents : — The pedigree of mysticism.— Superstitions veneered with 
science.— The recrudescence of medievalism.— An analysis of Christian 
Science.— The victory of medical science.— The rational basis of optimism.— 
A plea for rationalism. 

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New and enl. ed. 1889. 261 E52 

Other essays : — The Church and the world.— Philanthropy.— Ethics and 
economics.— The social crisis and the Church's opportunity. 

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Contents : — Atheism.— A ncient materialism.— Modern materialism. — Con- 
temporary or scientific materialism.— Positivism.— Secularism.— Are there 
tribes of atheists? — Pessimism.— History of Pantheism.— Pantheism. 

Sermons and addresses. 1899. 262 F64 

Theism: being the Baird lecture for 1876. 10th ed., rev. 
1902. 211 F64 

Frothingham, O. B. Transcendentalism in New England: a 
history. 1908. 141 F93 


Hilty, Karl. Happiness : essays on the meaning of life. Trans, 
by F. G. Peabody. 1903. 171.4 H56 

Contents : — Art of work.— How to fight the battles of life.— Good habits.— 
Children of this world are wiser than the children of light.— Art of having 
time.— Happiness.— Meaning of life. 

Howison, G. H. The limits of evolution and other essays 
illustrating the metaphysical theory of personal idealism. 

1901. 104 H84 
Other essays .*— Modern science and pantheism.— Later German philos- 
ophy.— The art-principle as represented in poetry.— The right relation of 
reason to religion.— Human immortality: Its positive argument.— The 
harmony of determinism and freedom. 

Jones, J. P. India's problem : Krishna or Christ. 1903. 275.4 J71 
Jowett, Benjamin. Select passages from the theological writ- 
ings of Benjamin Jowett, late master of Balliol College and 
professor of Greek in the University of Oxford, doctor in the- 
ology of the University of Leyden. Ed. by Lewis Campbell. 

1902. 204 J83 
IiOrimer, G. H. Letters from a self-made merchant to his son : 

being the letters written by John Graham, head of the house 
of Graham & Company, pork-packers in Chicago, familiarly 
known on 'Change as "Old Gorgon Graham," to his son 
Pierrepont, facetiously known to his intimates as " Piggy." 

1903. f 173.6 L89 

Myers, F. W. H. Human personality and its survival of bodily 

death. 1903. 2v. 130 M99 

Vol. 1. Glossary.— Explanation of plan of arrangement and system of ref- 
erences.— 8yllahases.— Introduction.— Disintegrations of person- 
ality.— Genius.— Sleep.— Hypnotism.— Sensory automatism. 
2. Syllabuses. — Phantasms of the dead.— VIotor automatism.— Trance, 
possession, and ecstasy.— Epilogue. 

Newman, J. H., cardinal, ed. Lives of the English saints, 
written by various hands at the suggestion of J. H. Newman. 
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Podmore, Frank. Modern spiritualism : a history and a criti- 
cism. 1902. 2v. 133.9 P76 
" The world must acknowledge in Mr. Podmore an investigator and critic of 
rare power. He is thorough, he is precise, and yet he can keep an even mind 
and not be led away by scorn for and indignation at the squalid and the 
foolish into a position of Injustice or of blindness." — The Spectator. 


Prideaux, S. T. Bookbinders and their craft. 1908. 095 F93 

Rogers, A. K. A brief introduction to modern philosophy. 
1902. 140 ReS 

Contents: — Dualism, pantheism, and theism.— Materialism and subjective 
ideuliHin. — Rationalism and sensationalism. — Kant. — Hegel. — Agnosticism 
and the theory of knowledge.— Thetstic Idealism.— Scepticism and the 
criterion of troth. 

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Allegories by the author of Story of an African farm. 
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1902. 160 S75 

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1902. 150 S95a 

Studies of childhood. 1901. 372 S95 

Sumner, Charles. Addresses on war. With introd. by E. 1). 

Mead. 1902. 172.4 S95 

Content a : — The true grandeur of nations. — The war system of the common- 
wealth of tuition*. — The duel between France and Germany. 


Anderson, R. B., trans. The Younger Edda : also called Snorre's 
Edda, or the Prose Edda. An English version of the Fore- 
word; The fooling of Gylfe, the afterword; B rage's talk, the 
afterword to Brage's talk ; and the important passages in the 
poetical diction Skaldskaparmal ; with introduction, notes, 
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Vol. 14. Loyallsm in New York during the American Revolution, by A. C. 
Flick.— The economic theory of risk and insurance, by A. H. 
Willett.— The Eastern question, by 8. P. H. Duggan. 
15. Crime in its relations to social progress, by A. C. Hall. 

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Massachusetts Bay, 1682-1720. 1902. 882 D29t 

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with its historical events and festive celebrations during nine- 
teen centuries. 1902. 894 D82 

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DuBois, W. E. B. The souls of black folk : essays and sketches. 
1908. 826 D85s 

The author, who is perhaps the most scholarly representative of his race in 
America, takes issue with Booker Washington's policy in Its insistence 
upon the industrial and the elementary in negro education. The ultimate 
aim of both men is the same, the uplifting of their race, physically, material- 
ly, mentally, morally and spiritually. Only their methods are at variance. 

Bly, B. T. French and German socialism in modern times. 

1908. 885 E52 

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of Pope Leo XIII. on the condition of labour. 1895. 881 G29 

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By"Ublque." 1908. 855 G41 



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science. Vol. 20. Colonial and economic history. 1902. 806 J6 
Conienti :— Western Maryland in the Revolution, by B. C. Steiner.— State 
banks since the passage of the national bank act, by O. B. Baraett.— Early 
history of internal improvement in Alabama, by W. E. Martin.— Trust com- 
panles in the United 8tates, by George Cator.— The Maryland constitution 
of 1861, by J. W. Harry.— Political activities of Philip Frencan, by 8. E. For- 
man.— Continental opinion regarding a proposed Middle European tariff- 
union, by G. M. Fisk. 

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Often called on the continent the " Bible of the working class." 

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1903. 829 M55 

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A story of the Wandering Jew. 

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331.8 S82 
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826 T46 
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Germany: a discussion of German military and other laws 
which may affect German- Americans temporarily in Germany 
together with some comment upon existing treaties. 1903. 

349.48 T49 
United States. Board of Indian Commissioners. 83d annual 

report. 1901. = 2058.1 

Department of State. Commercial relations of the United 

States with foreign countries during 1901. Vol. 1. = 2038.2 
Department of War. Drill regulations for cavalry, United 

States army. 1902. 357 U58 

Life-saving Service. Annual report for year ending June 80, 
1902. = 2034.4 

Wallace, A. B. Land nationalisation, its necessity and its 
aims: being a comparison of the system of landlord and 
tenant with that of occupying ownership, in their influence on 
the well-being of the people. With appendix on the nation- 
alisation of house property. 1902. 383.1 W15 
Ward, L. F. Pure sociology : a treatise on the origin and 

spontaneous development of society. 1903. 301 W21 

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English metrical romances rendered into prose. 1902. 898.2 W52 
The three days' tournament : a study in romance and folk- 
lore ; being an appendix to the author's Legend of Sir Lance- 
lot. 1902. 398W52t 
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republic. 1903. 342 W68 

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and its government : an analysis of the government of the 
United States with a consideration of its fundamental prin- 
ciples and of its relations to the states and territories. 
1908. 842 W86 


Woodburn, J. A — continued. 

American politics. Political parties and party problems in 
the United States : a sketch of American party history and 
of the development and operations of party machinery, 
together with a consideration of certain party problems in 
their relations to political morality. 1903. 329 WS5 


Butler, N. K. The meaning of education, and other essays and 

addresses. 1903. f 370.1 B97 

Other etiay$ : — What knowledge is of most worth?— Is there a new educa- 
tion?— Democracy and education.— The American college and the American 
unirernlty.— The function of the secondary school.— The reform of seoon- 
dary education in the United States. 

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of the history of manual training, and a biography of Herr 
Salomon. 2d ed. 1900. 871.42 S17a 

Salomon, Otto, and others. The teacher's handbook of slojd as 
practised and taught at Nft&s, containing explanations and 
details of each exercise ; with practical directions for making 
the models. Trans, and adapted for English teachers by M. R. 
Walker and W. Nelson. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 1898. 371.42 817 

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Bureau of Education. Reports on introduction of domestic 
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1900-1902. =■ 979.8 U12 



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Contents ; — Physiographic processes; Physiograpblo features; Physio- 
graphic regions of the United States, by J. W. Powell.— Present and ex- 
tinct lakes of Nevada, by I. C. Russell.— Beaches and tidal marshes of the 
Atlantic coast, by N.S. Shalor.— The northern Appalachians, by Bailey Wil- 
lis.— Niagara Falls and their history, by G. K. Gilbert.— Mount Shasta, a 
typical volcano, by J. 8. Dlller.— The physical geography of southern New 
England, by W. M. Davis.— The southern Appalachians, by C. W. Hayes. 

Parkhurst, H. E. Trees, shrubs and vines of the northeastern 
United States, their characteristic landscape features folly 
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shrubs and vines cultivated in our country, and found in 
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Amateur Work : a monthly magazine of the useful arts and 
sciences, containing illustrated articles descriptive of electri- 
cal and mechanical apparatus, furniture and other useful 
articles, games, photography, astronomy, book-binding, 
mechanical drawing, etc. Vol. 1. 1902. 605 A49 

American Technical Society. Cyclopedia of engineering: a 
complete manual of steam and machine-shop practice designed 
to afford practical help in the every-day problems of the engi- 
neer, the machinist, the mill superintendent and foreman, the 
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634 Blop 

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691.1 B66 

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612 F81a 


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methods in recording business transactions. High school ed., 
single and double entry. 1900. 657 G25 

Grimshaw, Robert. Shop kinks : a book entirely different from 
any other on machine-shop practice ; it shows special ways of 
doing work better, more cheaply and more rapidly than usual, 
as done In fifty or more leading shops in America. 2d ed. 
1900. 621.9 G88 

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details. 1903. 699 H77 

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689 J23h 

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reference-book of rules, tables, data, and formulas, for the 

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C. T. C. Salter. Vol. 2, part 1. Eumycetic fermentation. 
1903. t 663 L13 

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treatise for engineers. 1903. 621.35 L99 


Meloy, D. H. Progressive carpentry ; embodying results of a 
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of framing roofs by which every stick can be fitted perfectly 
without making extra drawings to obtain cuts, bevels, etc., 
for the work. 1902. 694 M48 

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Appended to the above Is a steam-table : a table of the thermal and physical 
properties of saturated steam-vapor and of the specific heat of water. 

Sogers, W. S. A book of the poster. Illus. with examples of 

the work of the principal poster artists of the world. 1901. 

t 659 R63 

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sharpie for racing or cruising. 1902. f 699 H83b 

How to build a motor launch. By C. D. Mower. 1901. f 699 M87b 

How to build a racer for $50 : Lark. 1899. t 699 H83 

How to build a racing sloop. By C. D. Mower. 1902. f 699 M87a 

How to build a skipjack. 2d ed. 1898. t 699 H83a 

Practical books on boat building with many diagrams and Illustrations, re. 
printed from The Budder. The library already has the books belonging to 
the series on How to build a knockabout, and How to build a model yacht. 

Smith, A. K. Proof-reading and punctuation. 2d ed. 1903. 655 S64 

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1908. 621.1 S78 

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struction, operation and manipulation, including both hand 
and machine tools. 1903. 621.9 V28 

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from photographs and drawings by the author. 1903. 689 W58m 


Willets, Gilson. Workers of the nation : an encyclopedia of 
the occupations of the American people, and a record of busi- 
ness, professional, and industrial achievement at the begin- 
ning of the twentieth century. By 6. Willets, with the assist- 
ance of a board of editors. Illas. by F. Remington and 
others. 1903. 2v. 608 W66 

Williams, G. F. The diamond mines of South Africa: some 
account of their rise and development. 1908. 622 W67 

"The story of diamonds, diamond seeking, catting, and poii*hing, from 
legendary times through historical periods, ending with the method of 
operating the consolidated mines of 8onth Africa of to-day," of which the 
author is general manager. Chapter 2 contains much interesting speculation 
as to the location of King Solomon's mines, the home of the Queen of Sheba, 
and the Land of Ophir. 


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and Rome : a sketch of its historic development. 1902. 722.8 A65 
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lain. 1902. 738 B95 
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centuries. 1902. 709.45 C76 
Contents:— The first Impulse. — Francis of A Ml si and the popular revolu- 
tion.— Giotto.— The 8ienese school.— The effect of the Dominicans upon art 
in the 14th century.— Fra Angelico. 

Cook, T. A. Spirals in nature and art : a study of spiral forma- 
tions based on the manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci, with 
special reference to the architecture of the open staircase at 
Blois, in Ton rai ne, now for the first time shown to be from 
his designs. With a preface by E. R. Lank ester. 1903. 729.3 C77 

Crofton, Mr 8. Caldwell. My roses, and how I grew them; by 
Helen Mil id an. 2d ed. 1900. f 716 C87 

Daviea, G. 3. Frans Hals. 1902. Art case 6.3.16 

Dilke, E. F. 8., Lady. French engravers and draughtsmen of 
the XVIIIth century. 1902. Art case 6.2.19 

FINE ABT8. 183 

Ootch, J. A. Early Renaissance architecture in England : a his- 
torical and descriptive account of the Tudor, Elizabethan, and 
Jacobean periods, 1500-1625. 1901. 724.1 G71 

Haddon, A. 0. Evolution in art: as illustrated by the life- 
histories of designs. 1902. 740 Hll 

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of technical principles and practice. 1892. 760 H17 

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methods of reproduction. 2d ed., rev. 1901. 741 H28 

Hatton, B. G. Design : an exposition of the principles and 

practice of the making of patterns. 1902. 745 H28 

Figure drawing and composition : being a number of hints for 
the student and designer upon the treatment of the human 
figure. 1902. 743 H28 

Holland, A. M. Clay modelling for schools: a progressive 
course for primary and grammar grades. 1899. 731 H71 

International Art Association. The fine arts: a course of 
university lessons on sculpture, painting, architecture and 
decoration, in both their principles and history. Prepared by 
a corps of specialists. [Ed. by Edmund Buckley.] 1900. 709 161 

Jackson, F. G. The A B C of drawing and design. 1900-1901. 
2v. 746 J12b 

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gardens. 1902. 716 J38b 

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painters. 1901. 742 L86 

Miller, L. W. The essentials of perspective. With illus. drawn 
by the author. 1899. 742 M61 

Murray, A. 8. The sculptures of the Parthenon. 1903. 733 M96a 

With many beautiful illustrations, including the Frieze as exhibited in the 
British Museum, with copies of Carrey's drawings from parts now missing. 

Noyes, 0. E. The enjoyment of art. 1903. f 701 N87 

Contents : — The picture and the man.— The work of art as symbol.— The 
work of art as beautiful.— Art and appreciation.— The artist. 



Parker, Barry, and Unwin, Raymond. The art of building a 

home : a collection of lectures and illustrations. 2d ed. 1901. 

[With plans and Illustrations.] 728 P22 

Contents:— Of the smaller middle-class house.— Of the dignity of all tine 
art.— Of our education in art.— Of art and simplicity .— Of furniture.— Of 
building and natural beauty.— Of co-operation in building.— Of the art of 
designing small houses and cottages. 

Poore, H. B. Pictorial composition and the critical judgment 
of pictures: a handbook for students and lovers of art. 
1903. 741 P79 

Bernhardt, 0. W. The technic of mechanical drafting : a prac- 
tical guide to neat, correct and legible drawing. 1900. 744 R27 

Roger-Mile*, L. Atelier Rosa Bonheur. Preface et catalogue 
analytique. 1900. 2v. = Art case 6.8.19 

Tome 1. Tableaux. 

2. Aquarelles et dessins. 

Rosenberg, Adolf. Leonardo da Vinci. Trans, by J. Lohse. 

1903. 750 B77ro 

Soule Art Company. Complete art reference catalogue. 1902. 

Ref . 55.18 

Contents:— Paintings: Known masters, unknown masters.— Architecture.— 

Sculpture.— Views.— Portraits. — Addenda. 

Streeter, A. Botticelli. 1903. 750 B75st 

Taylor, £. B. Drawing and design : a class text-book for be- 
ginners. 1902. 745 T21 

Technical Drawing Series. 

Anthony, Q. C. Mechanical drawing. 1902. 744 A62 

Machine drawing. 1902. 744 A 62m 

Essentials of gearing. 1897. 621.8 A62 

Daniels, F. T. Free-hand lettering. 1901. 745 D22 

Waldstein, Charles. The Argive Heraeum. By C. Wald stein, 

with the cooperation of G. H. Chase and others. 1902. 

Art case 8.5.1 
Vol. 1. General introduction. — The geology of the Heraeum region, by 

II. 8. Washington.— The architecture of the Argive Heraeum 

by E. L. Tilt on. — Marble statuary from the Heraeum, by C. 

Waldstein.— Inscriptions from the Argive Heraeum, by R. B. 

Richardson and J. B. Wheeler. 

MTJ8IC. 185 

l, Charles. Art in the nineteenth century. 1908. 709 W14 
Contents : — Introduction. — Age of expansion in art. — The literary art*.— 
Music— Fainting.— Sculpture.— Architecture.— Decorative art. 

Ward, James. Colour harmony and contrast, for the use of art 
students, designers, and decorators. 1903. 752 W21 


Dole, N. H. A score of famous composers. 1891. 780.1 D68 

Contents : — Palestrlna.— Pur cell.- Bach.— Handel.— Gluck.— Haydn.— 
Mozart.— Beethoven.— Rossini.— Weber.— Schubert.— Spohr.— Meyerbeer.— 
Mendelssohn.— Schumann.— Chopin.— Glinka.— Berlioz.— Liszt.— Wagner. 

Grey, Robin, ed. Studies in music, by various authors. Re- 
printed from * The Musician.' 1901 . 780.8 086 

Contains an essay on Brahms by Spltta, letters from Brahms to Schumann, 
Bach and the organ by Widor, as well as articles on Cesar Franck, Vincent 
d'Indy, Wagner, etc. 

Jafen, Otto. Life of Mozart. Trans, by P. D. Townsend, with 
a pref. by George Grove. 1891. 3v. 780 M98J 

Pirro, A. Johaun Sebastian Bach, the organist, and his works 
for the organ. With pref. by C. M. Widor ; trans, by Wallace 
Goodrich. 1902. 780 Bllpi 


Finck, H. T., ed. Fifty mastersongs by twenty composers. 184.6F 

Franck, Cesar A. L'organiste: pieces pour orgue-har- 
monium. , 186.5 F7 

Henschel, Georg. Requiem (Missa pro defunctis) ftir Chor, 
Solostimmen und Orchester. Op. 59. 183.6H 

Liszt, Franz. Selection of favorite pianoforte composi- 
tions. = 186.1 L2 

Contents : — Grand galop chromatlque, op. 12.— Le rossignol (M61odle 
russe).— La regatta veneziana (Rossini).— La carapanella (Paganini) .— Rig. 
oletto (Verdi).— Spinnerllcd (The Flying Dutchman).— March (Tann- 

Luders, Gustav. The Prince of Pilsen : a musical comedy in 
two acts, t 182.1 LI 

Moscheles, Ignaz. Studien ftir das Pianoforte. 186.4M 

Includes also Douze grandes etudes pour le piano by F. W. Grand. 

186 BROOKLnre public ubraby. 

Reinecke, Carl, comp. Die Schule der Technik : Studienaamm- 
luug ffir das Pianoforte aui den bew&hrteaten Werken ilterer 
und neuerer Componlsten gewahlt. 2 v. in 1. = 186.BS 

Sousa, J. P., comp. National, patriotic and typical airs of all 
lands. 184.98 

Thomas, Ambroise. Hamlet : opera en cinque actes. t 182.1 Tl 

Verdi, Giuseppe. Requiem composed in memory of Alessandro 
Manzoni, for four solo voices and chorus, t 188.V 


Gutter, S. J., comp. Conundrums, riddles, puzzles and games. 

1901. 798 C98 
Elwell, J. B. Bridge, its principles and rules of play. With 

illustrative hands and the club code of bridge laws adopted 

November, 1902. 795 E52 

Hammond, S. T. Hitting vs. missing with the shotgun. 2d 

ed. 1900. f 799 H18 

Hill, L. E., ed. Athletics and out-door sports for women: 

each subject being separately treated by a special writer. 

1903. 796 H55 

Woodbury, W. E. Photographic amusements: including a 

description of a number of novel effects obtainable with the 

camera. 3d ed. 1898. 770 W85 


Beale, Dorothea. Literary studies of poems, new and old. 

1902. 81S B36 

Contents:— Dante and Beatrice.— Britomart, or Spenser's Ideal of woman.— 
King Lear; relation of parent and child. — Theology of Paradise lost; 
Imaginary conversations. — Religious teaching of Browning.— Browning's 
Christmas eve.— New wine.— Connection of literature with history.— A 
vision of many dimensions. 

Byron, G. G. N., 6th baron. Works. A new, rev. and enl. ed. 
1898-1903. 12v. 
Letters and journals. Ed. by Rowland E. Prothero. 6v. E.B9965 


Byron, O. Q. N.,— continued. 

Poetry. Edited by Ernest Hartley Coleridge. 6v. 820 B99 

Carman, Bliss. Pipes of Pan. 1902. No. 1. From the Book of 
myths. 820 C28p 

Oawein, M. J. Kentucky poems. Introd. by Edmund Gosse. 
1902. 820 C88 

Chesterton, G. K. Twelve types. 1902. 811 C42 

Contents:— Charlotte Bronte.— William Morris and his school.— Optimism 
of Byron.— Pope and the art of satire.— Francis [of A sslsl]. — Rostand.— 
Charles II.— Stevenson.— Thomas Carlyle.— Tolstoy and the cult of sim- 
plicity.— Savonarola.— Position of 8ir Walter Scott. 

Cooke, G. W., ed. The poets of transcendentalism : an anthology. 
With introductory essay and biographical notes. 1903. 821 C77 

Oraik, Sir Henry, ed. English prose selections; with critical 
introductions by various writers, and general intioductions to 
each period. 1898-1900. 5v. 825 C84 

Vol. 1. 14th to )6th century. 

2. 16th century to the Restoration. 

3. 17th century. 

4. 18th century. 
6. 19th century. 

Dante Alighieri. The divine comedy. Trans, into English 
verse by T. W. Parsons ; with pref . by C. E. Norton and a 
memorial sketch by L. I. Guiney. 1893. 851 D23Jt 

Dennis, John. The age of Pope. 1901. 810.5 D41 

Dobell, Bertram. Sidelights on Charles Lamb. 1903. 824 L211d 

Content* : — Lamb and the London Magazine.— Horace Smith's Imitation 
of Lamb. — 8ome newly discovered contributions by Lamb to the London 
Magazine.— Some poetical tributes to Lamb from the London Magazine.— 
More about Walnwright and Lamb. — Gleanings from The Monthly Re- 
poritory.— Gleanings from various sources.— List of Lamb's contributions 
to the London Magazine. 
Dobson, Austin. Collected poems. 5th ed. 1902. 820 D63a 

Dole, N. H., and Walker, B. M., eds. Flowers from the Persian 
poets. 1901. 2v. 891.5 D68 

Vol. 1. General introduction.— Firdausl. Sohrab.— Omar Khayyam. Selec- 
tions from the Rubaiyat.— Nizaml. The loves of Lalll and Majnun. 
— Rumi. The Maanavl. Poems. — Essedi. Day and night. 
2. Sadi. Gulistan; or, Rose Garden. Selections from the Bustan.— 
Uaflz. A Persian song. Odes.— J ami. Yusuf and Zulalkha. 

Dunbar, P. L. Lyrics of love and laughter. 1908. 820 D891y 



Gissing, George. The private papers of Henry Ryecroft. 1908. 

824 068 
" The Interest in Mr. Glsstng's latest work will largely be due to the natural 
assumption that a good deal of it is autobiography. It is a miscellany of 
rambling reflections and arguments, dictated entirely by chance and circum- 
stance. There are in It wit, philosophy, a feeling for learning, shrewd com- 
mon sense, and literary style, tempered by a long experience, and quickened 
by an emotional nature. 1 


Guiney, L. I. The white sail and other poems. 1887. 820 G96w 

Herford, 0. H. The age of Wordsworth. 1899. 810.7 H54 

Kipling, Mrs. A. M., and Fleming, Mrs. A. K. Hand in hand : 

verses by a mother and daughter. 1902. 820 K569h 

The authors are the mother and sister of Kipling, the title-page was deslgued 
by his father. 

Mangan, J. 0. His selected poems. With a study by the editor, 
Louise Imogen Guiney. 1897. 820 M27 

Masterman, J. H. B. The age of Milton. With introd. by J. B. 
Mulllnger. 1901. 810.4 M42 

Morris, Richard, and Skeat, W. W., eds. Specimens of early 
English, with introductions, notes, and glossarial index. 
1898. 2v. 821 M88 

Vol. 1. From "Old English homilies*' to "King Horn," A. D. 1160-1300. 
2ded., rev. 
2. From Robert of Gloucester to Gower, A. D. 1298-1393. 4th ed. 

Pancoast, H. S. Representative English literature from Chaucer 
to Tennyson ; selected and supplemented with historical con- 
nections and a map. 1901. f 810 P18 

Pope, Alexander. Complete poetical works. Cambridge ed. 

820 F82b 

A student's history of English literature. 

810 S59 

Specimens of English literature from the 
" Ploughmans crede" to the •• Shepheardes calender," A. D. 
1394-1579; with introd., notes, and glossarial index. 6th ed. 
1892. 821 S62 


Simonds, W. E. 


Skeat, W. W., ed. 


Stevenson, B. L. Essays and criticisms. 1903. 824 884 

Contents: — On the road: Roads.— On the enjoyment of unpleasant places.— 
An autumn effect.— A winter's walk in Carrlck and Galloway.— Forest 
notes. — A mountain town in France. — Literary papers: The morality of 
the profession of letters.— On some technical elements of style In literature.— 
A note on realism.— Books which have influenced me. — Swiss notes : Health 
and mountains. — Davos in winter.— Alpine diversions. — The stimulation of 
the Alps. 

Stubbs, 0. W., dean of Ely. In a minster garden : a canserie. 

3ded. 1902. 824 898 

Wiener, Leo. Anthology of Russian literature from the earliest 

period to the present time. Vol. 2. 1903. 891.7 W63 

Wither, George. The poetry of George Wither. Ed. by Frank 

Sidgwick. 1902. 2 v. 820 W82 

Worsfold, W. B. The principles of criticism : an introduction to 

the study of literature. New ed. 1902. 801 W89 


Beyle, M. H. (Stendhal, pseud.). La Chartreuse de Parme. 843 B46c 
Daudet, Alphonse. Contes cholsis: la fantaisie et l'histolre. 

1902. 843 D26c 

L'immortel : moeurs parisiennes. 1888. 843 D261 

Port-Tarascon : dernieres aventures de l'illustre Tartar in. 
1890. = 843 D26p 

Soutlen de famille : moeurs contemporaines. 1898. 843 D26s 

Hauptmann, Gerhart. Der rote Hahn : Traglkomodie in vler 

Akten. 1901. 832 H29r 

Souvestre, fimile. L'homme et Targent. 1870. = 843 872 

Sudermann, Hermann. Das GlUck im Winkel: Schauspiel in 

drei Akten. 1900. 832 S94g 

Verlaine, Paul. Choix de podsies. Avec un portrait de l'auteur 

par E. Carriere. 1900. 841 V68 

Zola, Emile. Le r@ve. 1898. [Les Rougon-Macquart.] = 843 Z7re 


Abbott, William. The battle of Pell's Point or Pelham, October 
18, 1776 : being the story of a stubborn fight. With a map, 
and illus. from original photographs and family portraits. 
1901. f ^73.33 A12 


Adams, 0. K. y and Trent, W. P. A history of the United States. 

1903. 978 Ail 

Bevan, E. B. The house of Seleucus. 1902. 2v. 939 89b 

Bostonian Society. Proceedings. 1882-1903. = 974.45 B46b 

Budge, £. A. T. W. Egyptian magic. 1899. 932.6 B85e 

A history of Egypt from the end of the neolithic period to the 
death of Cleopatra VII. , B. C. 30. 1902. 8v. 932 B85 

Vol. 1. Egypt in the neolithic and archaic periods. 

2. Egypt under the great pyramid builders. 

3. Egypt under the Amenemhata and Hyluos. 

4. Egypt under her Asiatic empire. 

5. Egypt under Rameses the Great. 

6. Egypt under the priest-kings, Tanltes, and Nubians. 

7. Egypt under the Saltes, Persians, and Ptolemies. 

8. Egypt under the Ptolemies and Cleopatra VII. 
Vol. 8 contains a complete index. 

Burckhardt, Jacob. The civilisation of the Renaissance in 
Italy. Trans, by S. G. C. Middlemore. 1898. 945 B89 

Butler, A. J. The Arab conquest of Egypt, and the last thirty 
years of the Roman dominion. 1902. 962 B97 

Dahlinger, 0. W. The German revolution of 1849 : being an 

account of the final struggle, in Baden, for the maintenance of 

Germany's first national representative government. 1903. 

943.07 D13 
Fitchburg, Mass. Old records of the town of Fitch burg. Comp. 

by W. A. Davis. Vol. 5. 1810-1829. 1902. 674.3F2 

Flint, Robert. History of the philosophy of history. 1894. 901 F64 
Part 1. Historical philosophy In France and French Belgium and Switzer- 

Fowke, Gerard. Archaeological history of Ohio; the Mound 

Builders and later Indians. 1902. 977.1 F82 

Frye, A. E. Complete geography. 1902. 910.7 F94 

With supplement : The New England States, by W. M. Davis. 
Giglioli, 0. H. D. Naples in 1799 : an account of the revolution 

of 1799 aud of the rise and fall of the Farthenopean Republic. 

1903. 946.6 Nig 

Goodspeed, G. S. A history of the Babylonians and Assyrians. 

1902. 935.4 G62 


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man's record. Vol. 7 : Western Europe. Parti. 1902. 909 H87 

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history from the Reformation to the Revolution. [1550-1695.] 
1902. 2v. 941.05 M42 

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1896. f 944 M58 

Abrgge* d'Histolre de France. Temps modernes. 1890. f 944 M58a 

Hilner, Sir Alfred, 1st viscount. England in Egypt. 9th ed., 
with additions summarizing the course of events to the close 
of the year 1898. 1902. 962 M63 

Philippine Information Society. The Philippine review. Vol. 
2. Nov., 1901, to May, 1902. 991.4 P64 

Becords of the past : being the English translations of the 

Assyrian and Egyptian monuments. Published under the 

sanction of the Society of Biblical Archaeology. Ed. by 

Samuel Birch. 1875-1881. 12v. 935 R24 

Vols. J, 3, 6, 7, 0, 11, Assyrian texts. 
2, 4, «, 8, 10, 12, Egyptian texts. 

Bhode Island Historical Society. Publications. New series. 
Vols. 1-6. 1898-1898. 974 5 R34 

Schierbrand, Wolf von. Germany : the welding of a world 
power. 1908. f 943 S38 

Of particular value to those who wish an intelligent Interpretation of cur- 
rent Berlin dispatches and news letters. 

Smith, E. B. A chronological record of the principal events 

that have occurred in Amesbury, Massachusetts, from the 

organization of the township of Merrimac in 1638 to 1900. 

974.45 A44s 
Van Middeldyk, B. A. The history of Puerto Rico, from the 

Spanish discovery to the American occupation. Ed. by M. G. 

Brumbaugh. 1903. 972.95 V33 

Parti. Historical. 

2. The people and their institutions. 


Victoria History of the Counties of England. Ed. by H. A. 

Essex. Ed. by H. A. Doubleday, and William Page. Vol. 1. 
1903. 942.5 E7d 

Vignaud, J. H. ToscanelH and Columbus. The letter and chart 
of Toscanelli on the route to the Indies by way of the west, 
sent in 1474 to the Portugese Fernam Martins, and later 
on to Christopher Columbus : a critical study on the authenti- 
city and value of these documents, and the sources of the cos- 
mo<rraphical ideas of Columbus, followed by the various texts 
of the letter, with translations, annotations, etc. 1902. 973.1 V68 


Allen, Grant. Venice. 1903. 2v. t 945.6 V5al 

Bacon, E. M. The Hudson river from ocean to source, histori- 
cal, legendary, picturesque. 1902. 974.75 H8b 

Baker, Harold. The collegiate church of Stratford-on-Avon and 
other buildings of interest in the town and neighborhood. 
1902. 942.6 S7b 

Balch, T. W. The Alaska frontier. 1903. 979.8 B18 

Bartholomew, J. G., comp. International student's atlas of 
modern geography : a series of 105 physical, political, and 
statistical maps compiled from British and foreign surveys 
and the latest results of international research. 1902 ? 910.8 B28 

Brandes, G. M. C. Poland : a study of the land, people and lit- 
erature. 1903. 943.8 B73 

Contains chapters on the expulsion of the Poles by Prussia, a Polish manor- 
house, and the romantic literature of Poland In the lUth century. 

Carter, C. F. Some by-ways of California. 1902. 979.46 C24 

Colquhoun, Mrs. E. M. C. Two on their travels. 1902. 950.6 C71 

The author is the wife of the well known traveller, Archibald Rosa Colqu- 

Curtis, W. E. The Turk and his lost provinces : Greece, Bul- 
garia, Servia, Bosnia. 1903. 949.6 C94 

Del Mar, Walter. Around the world through Japan. 1902. 952.6 1)38 


Dellenbaagh, F. S. Romance of the Colorado River : the story 
of its discovery in 1540, with an account of the later explora- 
tions, and with special reference to the voyages of Powell 
through the line of the great canyons. 19#2. f 978.8 D38 

Friedlander, Ludwig. Town life in ancient Italy: a transla- 
tion of [his] Stadtewesen in Italien im ersten Jahrhundert, by 
W. E. Waters. 1902. 946.6 F91 

Furness, W. H. The home-life of Borneo head-hunters : its 
festivals and folk-lore. 1902. 991 F98 

Gerrare, Wirt. Greater Russia : the continental empire of the 
old world. 1903. 947.8 G31 

The author wishes to convey an adequate idea of Russia's advance : her In- 
dustrial progress, commercial prospects, the openings presented for both 
capital and labour, the markets closed to foreign enterprise. Particularly 
Interesting and timely are the chapters on Manchuria, and on ** Russia's 
Manifest Destiny." 

Hilprecht, H. V., ed. Explorations in Bible lands during the 
19th century. 935 H56 

Contents: — The resurrection of Assyria and Babylonia, by H. V. Hil- 
precht. — Researches in Palestine, by J. Benzlnger.— Excavations in Egypt, 
by Georg Hteindorff.— Exploratious in Arabia, by Fritz Homrael.— The so- 
called Bittltes and their inscriptions, by P. Jensen. — General index.— Script- 
ural index. 

Hutton, Edward. Italy and the Italians. 1903. 945.6 H97 

Illustrated London News. Record of the coronation service 
and ceremony. King Edward VII. and Queen Alexandra, 
June 26, 1902. With 25 coloured and other plates and 
illns. Art case 8.1.10 

Jerrold,W. D. Surrey: with special articles on the bird life, 
flowers, entomology, geology, cycling, etc., of the country , by 
J. A. Bucknill and others. 1901. 942.5 S8je 

Kennan, George. The tragedy of Pelee : a narrative of personal 
experience and observation in Martinique. 1902. 972.98 K36 

King, L. W. Assyrian language : easy lessons in the cuneiform 
Inscriptions. 1901. 935.2 K58 

Kovalevsky, Maksim. Modern customs and ancient laws of 
Russia: being the Ilchester lectures for 1889-90. 1891. 947.6 K84 

Contents : — Matrimonial customs and usages of the Russian people. — State 
of the modern Russian family. — Past and present of the Russian village com- 
munity.— Old Russian f olkraotes.— Old Russian parliaments.— Origin, 
growth, and abolition of personal servitude in Russia. 


Rawnsley, H. D. Literary associations of the English lakes. 
2d ed. 1901. 2v. f 942.6 R19m 

Vol. 1. Cumberland, Keswick, and Sonthey's country. 

2. Westmoreland, Windermere, and the haunts of Wordsworth. 

Scidmore, E. B. Winter India. 1903. 954.6 841 

Shoemaker, M. M. The great Siberian railway from St. Pet- 
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1902. 910 T17 

Triana, Perez. Down the Orinoco in a canoe. With introd. by 
R. B. C. Graham. 1902. 987 T78 



Bryce, James. Studies in contemporary biography. 1903. E2.B84 

Contents .'—Benjamin Disraeli, earl of Beaconsfield.— Arthur Penrhyn Stan, 
ley, dean of Westminster.— Thomas Hill Green.— Archibald Campbell Talt, 
archbishop of Canterbury.— Anthony Trollope.— John Richard Green.— 
Sir George Jessel.— Hugh M'Calmont Cairns, earl Calms. — James Eraser, 
bishop of Manchester.— Stafford Henry Northcote, earl of Iddesleigh. — 
Charles Stewart Parnell.— Henry Edward Manning, archbishop and cardi- 
nal.— Edward Augustus Freeman. — Robert Lowe, viscount Sherbrook. — 
William Robertson Smith.— Henry Sldgwick.— Kdward Ernest Bowen.— 
Edwin Lawrence Godkin.— John Emerioh Dalberg. Acton, lord Acton.— 
William Ewart Gladstone. 

Fitchett, W. H. Nelson and his captains : sketches of famous 
seamen. 1902. 942 Z29n 

Contents: — Nelson : a character study.— Men of Nelson's school.— Sir Ed- 
ward Berry.— Captain Edward Rlou— Sir Henry Blackwood.— 8ir Thomas 
Troubrldge.— Sir Benjamin Hallowell (Carew).— Sir Alexander Ball.— Sir 
James Saumarez. — Sir William Farker.— Sir Edward Pel lew (Lord Ex- 
mouth).— Sir Thomas Foley.— Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy. 

McCarthy, Justin. British political portraits. 1908. E2.M12 

Contents : — Arthur James Balfour.— Lord Salisbury. — Lord Rosberry. — 
Joseph Chamberlain. — Henry Labouchcre. — John Morley. — Lord Aber- 
deen. —John Burns. —Sir Michael Hicks- Beach. — John E. Redmond.— 
Sir William Harcourt.— James Bryce.— Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. 



New England Historic Genealogical Society. Vital records 

974.45 A38n 

974.45 M41n 
974.45 P36n 
974.45 P43n 

974.46 W16n 

942 Z81 

of Alford to 1850. 1902. = 
Vital records of Hinsdale to 1850. 1902. = 
Vital records of Medfleld to 1850. 1903. = 
Vital records of Pelham to 1850. 1902. = 
Vital records of Peru to 1850. 1902. == 

Vital records of Walpole to 1850. 1902. = 
The above are all Massachusetts towns. 
Shand, A. I. Wellington's lieutenants. 1902. 

Contents: — Lord Hill.— General Crauf urd.— Sir Thomas Plcton.— Marshal 
Beresf ord.— Lord Lynedoch.— Earl of Hopetoun.— Marqols of Anglesey.— 
Lord Combermere. 

Systematic History Fund. Vital records of Princeton, Massa- 
chusetts, to the end of 1849. 1902. 974.45 P93v 
Vital records of Westborough, Massachusetts, to the end of 
1849. 1903. 974.45 W37v 
Todd, W. 0. Biographical and other articles. 1901. E9.T56 
Contents : — Daniel Webster.— Caleb Cushlng.— Rev. Stephen Peabody and 
wife.— Thomas Hart Benton.— Timothy Dexter.— Knapp's Life of Timothy 
Dexter.— Gen. Nathaniel Peabody.— A summer In Norway.— Some persons 
I have seen. 

Arnold. Todd, C. B. The real Benedict Arnold. 1903. E.Ar60.t 
Augustine. McCabe, Joseph. Saint Augustine and his age. 

1902. E.Au44.m 

Augustus OaBsar. Firth, J. B. Augustas Caesar and the orga- 
nization of the empire of Rome. 1908. 937.07 A92f 

Brooks. Lawrence, William. Phillips Brooks : a study. 1903. 


Oarlyle, Mrs. Jane Welsh. New letters and memorials. Anno- 
tated by Thomas Carlyle and ed. by Alexander Carlyle, with 
introd. by Sir James Crichton-Browne. 1903. 2v. f K.C2095.a 

Oarlyle. Chesterton, G. K., and Williams, J. E. H. Thomas 
Carlyle. 1902? E.C2126.C 

Ohanning. Chadwick, J. W. William Ellery Channing, minis- 
ter of religion. 1903. 

Ourzon. Lipsett, H. C. Lord Curzon in India, 1898-1903. With 
[his] speech justifying the Delhi Durbar. 1903. E.C9495.1 


Darwin, 0. B. More letters of Charles Darwin ; a record of 
his work in a series of hitherto unpublished letters. Ed. bj 
Francis Darwin and A. C. Seward. 1903. 2v. B.D259.C 

Greeley. Linn, W. A. Horace Greeley, founder and editor of 
the New York Tribune. 1903. B.G815.1 

Gurney, Emelia Buasell. Letters. Ed. by her niece, E. M. 
Gurney. 1902. E.G972 

Hamilton, Alexander. A few of Hamilton's letters, including 
his description of the great West Indian hurricane of 1772. 
Ed. by Gertrude Atherton. 1903. E.H1845.S 

Harte. Pemberton, T. E. The life of Bret II arte. 1903. E.H255.p 

Johnson. Dewitt, D. M. The impeachment and trial of An- 
drew Johnson, seventeenth president of the United States : a 
history. 1903. E.J623.d 

Keller, H. A. The story of my life. With her letters, 1887- 
1901, and a supplementary account of her education, Including 
passages from the reports and letters of her teacher, A. M. 
Sullivan, by J. A. Macy. 1903. E.K295 

Laasalle. Bernstein, Edward. Ferdinand Lassalle as a social 
reformer. Trans, by E. M. Aveling. 1893. E.L388.D 

Lespinasse, J. J. E. de. Letters of Mile, de Lespinasse : with 
notes on her life and character by D'Alembert, Martnontel, de 
Guibert,etc.,and an introduction by C.-A. Sainte-Beuve. Trans, 
by K. P. Wormeley. 1903. t E.L568 

The original of iAuly Rose's daughter. 

O'Brien, Capt. D. H. My adventures during the late war : a 
narrative of shipwreck, captivity, escapes from French 
prisons, and sea service in 1804-14. Ed. by Charles Oman. 
New ed., illus., with a preface, notes, and a biography of the 
author. 1902. E.Ob65 

Orleans, A. M. L. d', duchesse de Montpensier. Vincens, Cecile. 

La Grande Mademoiselle, 1627-1652, by Arvede Barine (psend.) 

Authorised English version by H. E. Meyer. 1901. E.M7743.V 

The personal affairs of the subject of this biography occupy but a small por- 
tion of the book. Her life is used as a thread to fasten together a miscella- 
neous mass of material Illustrative of the French court and society in the 
first half of the 17th century. 



Owen. Jones, Lloyd. The life, times, and labours of Robert 
Owen. Ed. by W. C. Jones. 3d ed. 1900. E.Ow28.J 

Oxford, 1st earl of. Roscoe, E. S. Robert Harley, earl of Ox- 
ford, prime minister, 1710-1714: a study of politics and 
letters in the age of Anne. 1902. E.Ox25 

Palmer. A service in memory of Alice Freeman Palmer, held 
by her friends and associates in Appleton Chapel, Harvard 
University, January 31st, 1903. E.P186.S 

Palmerston. Trollope, Anthony. Lord Palmerston. 1882. f 


Bom, H. J. Letters from the East, 1837-1857. Ed. by his wife 
Janet Ross. 1902. E.R728 

Stevenson. The personality and style of Robert Louis Steven- 
son, by W. R. Nicoll. The characteristics of Stevenson, by G. 
K. Chesterton. 1903. E. St545.n 

Stevenson, R. L. Some letters. With introd. by II. Townsend. 


Barr, Mrs. A. E. Thyra Varrick. B275.40 

>, Louis. Strange adventure of James Shervinton; and 

other stories. B3927.10 

BJdrnson, Bjdrnstjerne. In God's way. B557.10 

Brady, 0. T. The Southerners. B734.9 

Brown, Alice. The Mannerings. B814.6 

Carry 1, G. W. The lieutenant-governor. C245.1 

Oastle, Agnes and Egerton. Star dreamer. C277.6 

Conrad, Joseph. Touth ; and two other stories. C768.5 

Crockett, S. B. Flower-o'-the-corn. C875.25 

Crowninshield, Mrs. Schuyler. Valencia's garden. C898.7 

Daskam, J. D. Middle aged love stories. D268.6 
Daudet, Alphonse. Letters from my mill ; to which are added 

Letters to an absent one, etc. D269.15 

Monday tales. D2G9.14 

Port-Tarascon ; Studies and landscapes. D269.13 

Douglas, A. M. Little girl in old Detroit. D749.40 

Gates, Eleanor. Biography of a prairie girl. G222.1 

Green, A. X. The filigree ball, f G825.19 

Henderson, C. H. John Percy field. H383.1 

Hornung, E. W. No hero. H793.14 

Jackson, Mrs. M. D. A daughter of the pit. J135.1 

Lawson, Elsworth. From the unvarying star. L452.1 

Maclaren, Ian, pse ud. Our neighbors. M222.5 

"1,8. W. Comedy of conscience. M708.12 



Morrison, Arthur. Tales of mean streets: Lizerunt; Squire 
Napper ; Without visible means ; Three rounds, and others, t 

Mowbray, J. P., pseud. Conquering of Kate. If 875.8 

Murray, W. H. H. How John Norton the trapper kept his 

Christmas. M978.9 

Rice, Mrs. A. 0. H. Lovey Mary. RS75.9 

Stephens, B. N. Mystery of Murray Davenport. 8686.6 

Sudermann, Hermann. Dame Care. 8949 J 

Thurston, Mrs. X. 0. The circle. T495.1 

Webster, Jean. When Patty went to college. W896.1 

White, B. E. Conjuror's house. W5984.8 

Wilkins, M. E. Six trees: short stories. W657.16 

Wind in the rosebush, and other stories. W 667. 17 


Baldwin, James. The conquest of the old Northwest, and Its 

settlement by Americans. 1901. J977 B19a 

The discovery of the old Northwest, and its settlement by the 
French. 1901. J977 B19 

Brown, A. F. In the days of giants : a book of Norse tales. 

1902. J291 B811 

Dix, B. M. A little captive lad. JD645.4 

Djurklo, G. Fairy tales from the Swedish. JD658.1 

Eggleston, G. 0. Bale marked circle X. JE808.9 

Fox, F. M. What Gladys saw. JF884.1 

French, Allen. Sir Marrok : a tale of the days of King Arthur. 

Grifibs, W. E. Toung people's history of Holland. 1908. J949.2 G87y 
Jerrold, Walter, ed. True annals of fairyland : the reign of 

King Oberon. JJ4899.1 

Lane, Mrs. M. A. L., ed. Triumphs of science. 1908. J500 L94 

Leonard, M. F. Mr. Pat's little girl. 1L559.1 

Linn, W. A. Rob and his gun. JL6388.1 

Lucas, E. V. The visit to London. Pictures by F. D. Bedford : 

verses by £. V. Lucas. 1902? J942.4 L96 

Morrison, S. E. Chilhowee boys. JM889.9 

Pyle, Katharine. Where the wind blows. JP9973.6 

Thompson, A. E. Brave heart Elizabeth. JT878.9 

World and its people. Ed. by Larkin Dunton. 

Smith, M. C. Life in Asia. 1897. f J950.6 865 

Knapp, Adeline. The story of the Philippines. 1902. J950.6 K72 

Note. — For books on boat-building for amateurs see Useful Arts on 
page 129 of this bulletin. 

THB KlYEBDklA ?vbk&\ ^. k*^l.%tiaa«» 

"i to 


OCTOBER, 1903 

v .■ i. 

34J.382 , 

1906 ™* 




VOL. X. No. 1 

Brooklink, Mam. 



Public Library of Brookline 


Charles H. Drew. 

Daniel Duulny Addison, 
B. Q. F. Candagr, 
Jambs M. Codman, 
Prentiss Cummings, 
Desmond FitzGkrald, 

Tappan B. Francis, 
William H. Lyon, 
Edward Stanwood, 
Leonard K. Stores, 
Moses Williams. 

Louisa M. Hooper. 

The library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Reading Room. 

A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 

Deposit Station — Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane. 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 


Bailey, F. A. (Merriam.) My summer in a Mormon village. 979.2 B15 
Banks, L. A. An Oregon boyhood. E.B2845 

Bishop, T. L. (Bird.) Lady's life in the Rocky Mountains. 978 B54 
Brooks, Noah. First across the continent. 978 B79 

Burnett, P. H. Recollections and opinions of an old pioneer 

[the first governor of California]. E.B9882 

Ohittenden, H. M. The American fur trade of the far West. 

8v. 978 C44 

Ouster, Elizabeth. Boots and saddles. E.C9785.C 

Following the guidon. E.C9785.a 

Tenting on the plains. E.C9785.b 

Ouster, G. A. My life on the plains. 970.1 C96 

Davis, B. H. The West from a car window. 978 D29 

Grinnell, G. B. Story of the Indian. 648.28 

Bastman, G. A. An Indian boyhood. 970.1 E18 

Forsyth, G. A. The story of the soldier. 978.09 F77 

Hosmer, J. K. History of the Louisiana purchase. 978 H79 

Short history of the Mississippi Valley. 977 H79 

Hough, Emerson. Story of the cowboy. 978 H81 

Howells, W. D. My year in a log-cabin. E.H8896 

Irving, Washington. Astoria. 978 172 

Laut, A. G. The story of the trapper. 689 L37 

Iiighton, W. B. Lewis and Clark. [Riverside biog. series.] E.L595.1 
IiUmmis, G. F. Some strange corners of our country. 979 L97 

Tramp across the continent. 978 L97 

Moore, Charles. The Northwest under three flags, 1686-1796. 

977 M78 
Kuir, John. Mountains of California. 979.46 M89 

Our national parks. 711 M89 

Parkman, Francis. La Salle and the discovery of the great 

West. 971 P28c 

Oregon trail. 978 P23 

Powell, L. P., ed. Historic towns of the Western States. 977 P87 
Balph, Julian. Our great West. 978 B18 


Boosevelt, Theodore. Hunting trips of a ranchman. 799 B69 

Wilderness hunter. 799 R69w 

Winning of the West. 4v. 976 B67 

Roosevelt, T., and Grinnell, O. B., eds. American big-game 
hunting : the book of the Boone and Crockett clnb. 799 R69a 

Boot, F. A., and Connelley, W. E. The overland stage to Cali- 
fornia : personal reminiscences and authentic history. 978 B67 

Shinn, G. H. Story of the mine, as illustrated by the great Coin- 
stock lode of Nevada. 2489.7 

Smythe, W. E. Conquest of arid America. 979 866 

Stevenson, B. L. Across the plains ; with other memories and 

essays. 1464.18 

Silverado squatters. 979.46 884 

Thompson Seton, Grace. A woman tenderfoot. 978 T87 

Thwaites, B. G. Down historic waterways: 600 miles of 

canoeing upon Illionis and Wisconsin rivers. 977 T42d 

Father Marquette. E.MS526.t 

Wyckoff, W. A. A day with a tramp and other days. 881.8 W97d 

Stories of Western life. 

Adams, Andy. Log of a cowboy. 
Gatherwood, M. H. Mackinac and Lake stories. 
Poote, M. H. Coour d'Alene. 

Led-horse claim. 
Fuller, H. B. The cliff-dwellers. [Chicago.] 
Oarland, Hamlin. Boy life on the prairie. 
Harte, Bret. Luck of Roaring camp. 
Lynde, Francis. The helpers. 
Norris, Frank. The octopus : a story of California. 

The pit : a story of Chicago. 
Tarkington, Booth. Gentleman from Indiana. 
Thompson, Maurice. Alice of old Vincennes. 
White, S. E. Blazed trail. 
Wister, Owen. The jimmy John boss, and other stories. 

The Virginian : a horseman of the plains. 
















■= indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 

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critical dictionary of the literary, political, and religious 
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the Bible. 1899-1908. 4v. Ref. 20.72 

Contemporary Review, vol. 88. Jan. -June, 1908. Per. C60 

Oorahill Magazine, vol. 87. Jan. -June, 1908. Per. C70 

Encyclopaedia Britannica. New volumes, constituting in com- 
bination with the existing volumes of the 9th edition, the 10th 
edition of that work, and also supplying a new, distinctive, 
and Independent library of reference dealing with recent 
events and developments. Vols. 82-86. 1902-1908. Ref. 80.60 
Fortnightly Review, vol. 79. Jan. -June, 1908. Per. F60 

Forum, vol. 84. July, 1902-June, 1908. Per. F66 

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International Year Book : a compendium of the world's pro- 
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Abbott, A. H. Religious life in America : a record of personal 

observation. 1902. 877.8 A18 

Contents : — The workingman and the Church.— The Church and the work- 
ingman. — A Virginia country rector. — Religions tendencies of the negro.— 
New tendencies in the old South. — New Orleans.— The edge of the Sooth. 
west.— Kansas.— The eastern West.— The revolt against convention.— The 
leaven and the lump.— New sects and old.— Colorado.— Satis saperque. 

Andrews, 8. J. The life of our Lord upon the earth considered 
in its historical, chronological, and geographical relations. 
A new and wholly revised edition. 1908. f 282.9 A56 

Bell, Mrs. Hugh. The minor moralist : some essays on the art 
of everyday conduct. 1908. 177 B41 

Contents: — A plea for the minor moralist.— On the better teaching of 
manners.— On some difficult lei incidental to middle age.— Concerning the 
relation between mothers and daughters.— •• Si jeunesse voulalt."— On the 
merits and demerits of thrift and of certain proverbs regarding it. — The lot 
of the servant. 

Ghanning, W. E. Discourses on war. With introduction by 

K. 1). Mead. 1908. 172.4 C86 

Channlng's services in the cause of peace and better international relations 
were couspicuous. He was one of the founders of the Massachusetts Peace 
Society, which was the first influential Peace Society In the world, and an 
earnest worker for the cause during his whole life. 

Clarke, J. F. The Lord's prayer: being [his] last eight dis- 
courses. 1891. f 226.9 C65 

Oladden, Washington. The Lord's prayer: seven homilies. 
1880. f 226.9 G46 

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ing the mysteries of life and mind.— The newest ideas as to what is life.— 
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1 T 


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Content*: —A defenoe of vagabondage.— Art of walking.— Am as com- 
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— Roadside fire.— Roadside cookery.— Wild food.— Fruits and herbs of the 
hedgerow.— Mushrooms and truffles.— Night under the stars.— Weather wis- 
dom.— What o'clock Is it ? — List of books.— Short vocabulary of Romany 
and travellers' oant. 

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22 brookuneJpublic library. 

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stock were altogether of a business nature; but he was on the most intimate 
terms with KSrner, Schiller, Wleland, and many writers who are now little 
known, but enjoyed a wide reputation in their day. Lord Goschen, who has 
devoted considerable space to this portion of his subject, has found it advis- 
able to give pretty full accounts of several of these authors, and he Is to be 
congratulated on the excellent judgment with which he has accomplished 
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The author of these delightful letters Is a daughter of the late Charles King, 
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Rufus King the second Minister sent to England by the United 8tates after 
the adoption of the Constitution. Mme. Waddington accompanied her hus- 
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Alexander III., and to England as Ambassador at the Court of 8t. James. 
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The Rivbrojo.* Fra&&: C. A. w. Spkhckr. 

J,^ '-w». 





VOL. X. No. 2 

Brooklinr, Mam. 




Public Library of Brookline 


A list of books suitable for Christmas presents for children was 
published in The Chronicle for November 28. These books hare 
been brought together in the School Reference Room where they may 
be looked over. The list is arranged according to the ages of the 
children for whom the books are Intended, and is briefly annotated. 


A Deposit and Delivery Station is to be established at Coolldge's 
Corner in Hay man's Drug Store, on or before January 1, 1904. 
Several hundred volumes of fiction, history, biography, ete., new 
and old, will be placed there in an open case from which they may be 
drawn for home use. There will be two or three deliveries of books 
each week to and from the Public Library, so that all books which 
may circulate from the central library may be drawn as well through 
the station. 

Dkposit Station — Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane. 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 

The library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Reading Room. 

A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 



indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


Annual Register : a review of public events at home and abroad 

for the year 1902. Ref . 80.70 

Funk, I. K., and others. Supplement to A standard dictionary of 

the English language. Rev. to July, 1903. Ref. 5.15.1 

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enl. 1902. 020 P73 

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Dennis, J. S. Centennial survey of foreign missions : a statis- 
tical supplement to Christian missions and social progress, being 
a conspectus of the achievements and results of evangelical 
missions in all lands at the close of the nineteenth century. 

1902. 266 D42a 
Donehoo, J. D. The Apocryphal and legendary life of Christ : 

being the whole body of the Apocryphal gospels and other 
extra canonical literature which pretends to tell of the life and 
words of Jesus Christ, including much matter which has not 
before appeared in English. In continuous narrative form, 
with notes, Scriptural references, prolegomena, and indices. 

1903. 232.9 D71 
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Translations from approved sources. With pref. by J. J. 

Wynne. 1903. f 282 L55 

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11)03. 177 M42 

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Pioneers of religious liberty in America; being the Great and 

Thursday lectures delivered in Boston in nineteen hundred 

and three. 277.3 P65 

Contents : — William Brewster and the independents, by E. D. Mead. — 
Roger Williams and his doctrine of soul liberty, by W. H. P. Faunce. — 
Thomax Hooker and the principle of congregational independency, by W. 
Walker.— William Penn and the gospel of the inner light, by B. B. True- 
blood.— Thorna* Jefferson and the Influence of democracy upon religion, by 
T. R.Slioer.— William Kllery Channing and the growth of spiritual Chris- 
tianity, by W. W. Fenn. — Horace Buahnell and progressive orthodoxy, 
by W. Gladden. — Hosea Ballou and the larger hope, by J. C. Adams. — 
Ralph Waldo Emerson and the <ioctrine of th*» divine Iramauence, by F. G. 
Peabody.— Theod>re Parker and the naturalization of religion, by J. Eells. 
— Phillips Brooks and the unity of the spirit, by S. A. Eliot. 

Richards, Mrs. L. E. H. The golden windows : a book of fables 
for young and old. 1903. 244 H39 

Schopenhauer, Arthur. The basis of morality. Trans, with 

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Contents: — Critique of Kant's Basis of ethics.— The founding of ethlca.— 
The metaphysial explanation of the primal ethical phenomenon. 

Smith, A. H. Rex Christus : an outline study of China. 1903. 
Published for the Central committee on the united study of 
missions. 275.1 S64 

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French by M. L. Hendee. 1903. f 170.4 W12 

Warner, B. B. The young woman in modern life. 1903. 173.6 W24 


Adams, 0. F. The constitutional ethics of secession, and " War 
is hell " : two speeches delivered respectively at Charleston, 
8. C, Dec. 22, 1902, and New York, Jan. 26, 1903. 342 A21 



Booth, Mrs. M. B. 0. After prison — what ? 1903. 864 B64 

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Contents : — General introduction, by Mrs. B. W. Bellamy.— Literature of 
philanthropy, by Mrs. F. A. Goodale.— Criminal reform, by Mrs. J. 8. 
Lowell. — Tenement neighborhood idea, by Mrs. J. F. Spar and F. W. Mc- 
Lean.— Tenement neighborhood idea: University settlement, by H.Moore. 
— Tenement neighborhood Idea: Medical women in tenements, by M. E. 
Damon. — The trained nurse, by A. L. Brennan. — Society of the Red Cross, 
by Mrs. L. M. Doollttle.— The Indian, by Mrs. A. S. Quinton.— The Indian : 
a woman among the Indians, by Mrs. E. (J. Kastiuan.— The anti-slavery 
struggle; extracts from various writers.— The untl-alavery legacy, by Mrs. 
M. W. Goodwin —The negro and civilization, by Mrs. J. M. F. Lloyd. — 
Education of the blind, by Mrs. F. II. Jone*. 

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332 H41 

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1898. 2v. 398.471 A14 

The Magic songs are In vol. 2. 

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" They were gathered at odd times and in different places, as the exigencies 
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and of many a winter's night they were veritably the entertainment, when, 
after duty was over for the day, and dinner had been duly despatched, we 
lighted our pipes and sat listening and scribbling, while a group of Muham- 
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omical nature of physical Inquiry.— Transformation and adaptation in 
scientific thought.— Principle of comparison in physics.— Part played by 
accident in invention and discovery.— Sensations of orientation.— Pheno- 
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Tradition, convention, and the gods.— The Individual impression.— Bee- 
thoven and his earlier sonatas.— Beethoven : his later sonatas and his 
symphonies.— The art of life.— Notes on the art of life.— Manners as a fine 
art.— The simplification of life.— The return to nature. 

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Contents: — Memoir of the author. — Address. — English sculpture.— 
Egyptian sculpture.— Grecian sculpture.— Science. — Beauty. — Composi- 
tion.— Style.— Drapery.— Ancient art.— Modern sculpture.— Address on 
the death of Thomas Banks. — Address on the death of Canova. 

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Vol. 2. Burne-Jones.— Corot.— Oorreggio.— Dilrer.— Gainsborough .—Delia 
Robbia. — Rubens. — Del Sarto. — Ter Boorch.— Da Vinci.— 
3. Giotto.— Hogarth.— Holbein: drawings. — De Hooch.— Lulnl.— 
Nattier. — Perugino. — Phidias. — Potter. — Praxiteles. — Tinto- 
retto.— Turner. 

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Wedgwood, lustre, and other English pottery and porcelain. 
1903. t 738 M78 

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726.2 M31p 
The cathedral church of Saint Albans; with an account of the 
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L l^.'-■ 





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summary of her musical compositions, in the different 
countries of the civilized world ; and an estimate of their rank 
in comparison with those of men. [1903.] 780.1 £48 

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Vol 3. brings the life of Wagner down to 1853. 

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780 24 H44 
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Vol. 1. Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher.— The maid's tragedy. — Phil- 
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knight of the burning pestle. 
2. Shirley's address.— King and no king.— Bonduca.— The Spanish 
curate.— The faithful shepherdess.— Valentlnian. 

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Contents. — Mis* Doulton's orchids.— The burglar. — The kleptomaniac. — A 
pipe of prace.— A Christmas chime. — The committee on matrimony. — Her 
neighbor's creed. — Unexpected guests. — The P. A. I. L. W. R. — In a street 
car.— A patron of art. [The last four are dialogues.] 

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Contents: — Four books of airs.— Songs of mourning. — Masque at the mar- 
rlage of the Lord Hayes — A relation of the entertainment given by the 
Lonl Knowles. — The Lords' masque. — Masque at the marriage of the Earl 
of .Somerset .— Observations in the art of English poesy. — Scattered verses. 

Carman, Bliss. The kinship of nature. 1903. 824C28k 

Contents : — The art of life.— On being strenuous. — The crime of ugliness. 

— Miracles and metaphors.— Haste and waste. — At the coming of spring. 

— The vernal Ides.— The seed of success. — Fact and fancv. — Easter eve. 

— The cost of beauty.— Rhythm.— Apr. I in town. — Careless nature. — The 
wandering word. — Tne friendship of nature. — Subconscious art. — Sea- 
board and — The courtesy of nature. — The luxury of being poor. 

— M Solitary the thrush." — Trees.— The ritual of nature.— Concerning 
pride.— Of breeding.— Of serenity.— Play.— The scarlet of the year.— 
Good fortune.— The debauchery of mood.— Of moderatlou.— Atmosphere. 

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Vol. 2. From the green book of the bards. 
3. Songs of the sea children. 

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Ref. 40.45 

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Vol. 1. Annals of the stage to the death of James I., 1025. 

2. Annals of the stage from 1025 to the closing of the theatres in 1647. — 
History of dramatic poetry, (Miracle-pluys, Moral plays, Inter- 
lodes, etc.) 

3. History of dramatic poetry to the time of Shakespeare. — An account 
of the old theatres of London.— Details connected with the perfor 
mance of plays. 

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Nearly all the numbers contained in the present volume are reprinted from 
A book of verses (1888) and London voluntaries (1892-3). 

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drama in five acts. Trans, freely adapted [from the original 
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Vol. 1. Ben Johnson, [by C. H. Herford]. — Editor's preface. — Every man 
In his humor.— Every man out of his humor.— The poetaster. 
2. Bartholomew fair.— Cynthia's revels; or, the fountain of self-love. 
— Sejanus, his fall. 

3. Volpone; or, the fox.— Epioaene; or, the silent woman.— The 

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sketches and notes. 1903. 874 L14 

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824 L21 
Vol. 1. Miscellaneous prose, 1798-1834. 

6. Poems and plays. 

Leo XIII. pope. Poems, charades, inscriptions of Pope Leo 
XIII; including the revised compositions of his early life in 
chronological order; with English trans. and notes by H. T. 
Henry. 1902. 851 L55 

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Trans, by A. I. DuP. Coleman. 1903. 842 M27m 


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a general introduction on the English drama during the reigns 

of Elizabeth and James I., by J. A. Symonds. 822 M34a 

Contents : —Christopher Marlowe.— Tamburlaine the Great.— A tragical 
history of Doctor Faustu*.— The Jew of Malta. — Edward the Second. 

Maasinger, Philip. [Plays]. Ed., with an in trod, and notes, by 

Arthur Symons. 1889. 2v. 822 M41a 

Vol.1. Philip MasHinger.— The Duke of Milan.— A new way to pay old 
debts.— The great Duke of Florence.— The maid of honour.— The 
city madam. 
2. The Roman actor.— The fatal dowry.— The guardian.— The virgin, 
martyr. — Believe as you list. 

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New ed. 1888. 815.5 M72 

Contents : — Congreve's Love for love.— Addison's Cato.— John Gay's 
Beggar's opera.— Dr. Johnson's Irene.— Oliver Goldsmith's She stoops to 
conquer,— Richard Bnnaley Sheridan's Rivals and School for scandal. — 
Sheridan Knowles' Virginius, and The hunchback.— Lord Lytton's plays. 

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Contents: —Greek oracles.— Virgil.— Marcus Aurellus Antoninus. 

Essays : modern. 1897. 809.09 M99 

Contents : — Giuseppe Mazzini. — George Sand. — Victor Hugo.— Ernest 
Renan. — Archbishop Trench's poems. — George Eliot. — Arthur Penrhyn 
Stanle\.— A new eirenicon (Seeley's Natural religion) .— Rossetti and 
the religion of beauty. 



NorriB, Frank. The responsibilities of the novelist, and other 

literary essays. 1908. 809.8 N79 

Other essays : — The true reward of the novelist.— The novel with a ••pur- 
pose."— Story-teller* vs. novelists.— The need of a literary conscience.— A 
neglected epic— The frontier gone at last.— The great American novelist.— 
New York as a literary centre.— The American public and " popular " fiction. 
Child stories for adults.— Newspaper criticisms and American Action.— 
Novelists to order, while you wait.— The " nature" revival In literature.— 
The mechanic* of fiction.— Fiction writing as a bu«iness.— The volunteer 
manuscript.— Retail bookseller: literary dictator.— An American school of 
fiction ?— Novelists of the future.— A plea for romantic fiction.— A problem 
in fiction.— Why women should write the best novels.— Simplicity in art.— 
Salt and sincerity.— Bibliography, essays, articles, letters. — Short stories. — 
Poems published. — Books published. 

O'Reilly, E. B. My candles, and other poems. 1908. f 820 0658 
Paris, Gaston. Mediseval French literature. Trans, by Hannah 

Lynch. 1903. 840 P81 

Saintsbury, George. Loci critic! : passages illustrative of criti- 
cal theory and practice from Aristotle downwards. Sel., 
partly trans., and arr. with notes. 1903. 801 S15a 

44 A selection of the most practically valuable and Indispensable passages on 
criticism from the works of the chief Greek and Latin authorities; from 
Dante and the foreign critics of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries; and English 
critics from Elizabeth's time to the present day. Foreign writers are 

Santayana, George. Sonnets and other verses. 1896. f 830 S23& 
Contents : — Sonnets, first and second series. — Odes. — Various poems. — 

Sidgwick, H. D. Essays on great writers. 1903. 809.09 S44 

Contents: — Lockhart's life of Scott.— D'Annunzio, novelist.— Montaigne.— 
Macau lay.— English and French literature.— Don Quixote.— A holiday with 
Montaigne.— Some aspects of Thackeray. 

Shakespeare, William. Works. Ed. by Israel Gollancz. 1899- 
1900. 12v. [The larger Temple Shakespeare.] 822.3 K34 

Vol. 1. The tempest.— Two gentlemen of Verona.— Merry wives of Wind- 
sor. — Measure for measure. 

2. Comedy of errors. — Much a<1o about nothing.— Love's labour's 
lost. — Midsummer night's dream. 

3. Merchant of Venice.— As you like it.— Taming of the shrew.— All's 
well that ends well. 

4. Twelfth night.— Winter's tale.— Cymbeline. 



Shakespeare, William. Works, — continued. 

5. King John. — Richard II. — Henry IV., part 1. 

0. Henry IV., part '.— Henry V. — Henry VI., part 1. 

7. HenryTI., part 2— Henry VI., part 3 — Richard III. 

8. Henry VII I — Trollus and Cresslda.— Coriolanus. 

0. Titus An>ironicus.— Romeo and Juliet.— Tlmon of Athens. — Julius 

10. Macbeth. — Hamlet.— King Lear. 

11. Othello. — Anton v and Cleopatra. — Pericles. 

12. Life of Shakespeare.— Venus and Adonis.— Passionate pilgrim.— 
Rape of Lucrece. — Lover's complaint.— The phoenix and turtle.— 

Spofford, Mrs. H. P. Id Titian's garden, and other poems. 
1903. 820 S7581 

Stoddard, 0. W. Exits and entrances : a book of essays and 
sketches. 1903. 824 S86 

Content*:— Stevenson in the South sea*.— Nights of travel.— A humorist 
abroad.— A Shottery tryst — The strolling players in Stratford.— In old Ha- 
waii.— George Eliot.— Charles Kingsley and Westminster Abbey.— The 
Pasha of Jerusalem. — Concerning an old Australian. — La Contessa. — A fair 
anonymous. — The poet of the Sierras. — Early recollections of Bret Harte — 
Within four walls.— London sketches.— Once and again. 

Traherne, Thomas. The poetical works of Thomas Traherne, 
B. D. 1636 ?-l 674; now first published from the original 
manuscripts. Ed. by Bertram Dobell, with a memoir of the 
author. 1903. 820 T76 

Trent, W. P. A history of American literature, 1607-1865. 1903. 

815 T72 

Wendell, Barrett. Ralegh in Guiana; Rosamond; and A 
Christmas masque. 1902. 822 W46 

Weston, J. L. The legend of Sir Gawain : studies upon its 

original scope and significance. 1897. 829.5 G24 

The legend of Sir Lancelot du Lac : studies upon its origin, 
development, and position in the Arthurian romantic cycle. 
1901. 829.5 L22w 


Yeats, W. B. Ideas of good and evil. 2d ed. 1903. 824 Y4 

Content* : — What is popular poetry?— Speaking to the psaltery.— Magic 
— The happiest of the poets.— The philosophy of Shelley's poetry. — At 
Strat ford-on- A von. — William Blake and the imagination.— William 
Blake and his Illustrations to The divine comedy.— Symbolism in paint- 
ing.— The symbolism of poetry.— The theatre.— The Celtic element in 
literature.— The autumn of the body.— The moods.— The body of the 
Father Christian Rosencrux.— The return of Ulyt&t*.— Ireland and the 
arts.— The Galway plains.— Emotion of multitude. 

Poems. 1901. f 820 Y41 

Where there is nothing : being vol. 1 of Plays for an Irish 

theatre. 1903. 822 T4w 


Daudet, Alphonse. Theatre. 1896-1901. 3v. 842 D27 

Vol 1. La derniere ldole. — Les absents. — L'oeillet blanc. — Le frere ain4. 
Le sacrifice.— L'Arlesienne. 
2. La lutte pour la vie.— L'obstacle.— Numa Roumestan. 
3 Sapho.— J ack.— Le nabab. 

Les rois an exil. 843 D26r 

Ebers, G. M. Die Sch western : Roman. 1902. f 833 E16s 

Fulda, Ludwig. l)er Talisman : dramatisches Marchen in vier 

Aufzttgen,mlt teilweiser Benntznng eines alten Fabelstoffes. 

1900. 832 F95t 

Unter yler Augen : Lustspiel. — Der Prozess : Lustspiel von 

Roderich Benedfx. Ed. with notes and vocabulary by W. 

A. Hervey. 1902. 832 F95u 

Die Z willingssch wester : Lustspiel in vier Aufztigen. 1901. 

832 F95z 

Hauptmann, Gerhart. Der arme Heinrich : einedeutsche Sage. 

1902. 832 H29a 

Heyse, Paul. L' Arrabbiata ; with introd., notes, and vocabulary 

by M. A. Frost. 1896. 833 H51a 

Im Paradiese: Roman in sieben Bilchern. 1899. 833 H511 

Kinder der Welt: Roman. 1903. 2v. 833 Hoik 

Novellen vom Gardasee. 1902. 833 1151 

Content*:— Grfangene Singvoflel.— Die Macht der Stunde— San Vijrlllo. 
EnU&gende Liebe.— EUve, venerianiache Nacht.— Antlquarisehe Brief©. 




Andrews, B. B. The United States in our own time : a history 
from reconstruction to expansion. Being an extension of 
The history of the last quarter century. 1903. 973.8 A56a 

Andrews, G. M. A history of England. 1903. 942 A56 

Botsford, G. W. and L. S. The story of Rome as Greeks and 
Romans tell it : an elementary source-book. 1903. 937 B65a 

Orozier, J. B. Civilization and progress. 4th ed., rev. and enl. 

1898. 901 C88 

This work peeks " to determine more accurately and scientifically than 
has hitherto been attempted, the relative parts played in civilization by 
the great organic factors of religion, government, science, and material 
and social conditions generally, and to connect thene factors by such 
stringent laws and relations that the whole would be seen to form one 
single and harmonious scheme"— Preface, 

History of intellectual development on the lines of modern 

evolution. 1897-1901. 901 C88a 

Vol. 1. Greek and Hindoo thought. — Greco- Roman paganism.— Judaism. 
— Christianity down to the closing of the schools of Athens by 
3. Political; educational; social; Including an attempted recon- 
struction of the politics of England, France, and America for 
the twentieth century. 

Davidson, J. W. The island of Formosa, past and present: 
history, people, resources, and commercial prospects; tea, 
camphor, sugar, gold, coal, sulphur, economical plants, and 
other productions. 1903. 951.6 F7a 

Emmet, T. A. Ireland under English rule ; or, a plea for the 
plaintiff. 1903. 2v. 941.5 £54 

Fischer, Joseph. The discoveries of the Norsemen in America, 
with special relation to their early cartographical representa- 
tion. Trans, by B. H. Soulsby. 1903. 973.1 F52 

Foster, J. J. The Stuarts : belug illustrations of the per- 
gonal history of the family, especially Mary Queen of Scots, 
In XVIth, XVIIth and XVIIIth century art; portraits, minia- 
tures, relics, etc., from the most celebrated collections. 1902. 
2v Art ca&* 4.&A.V 



Godfrey, Elizabeth, pseud. Home life under the Stuarts, 
1603-1649. 1903. 942.06 G54 

Gordon, J. B. Reminiscences of the Civil War. 1903. 973.78 G688 

Gulick, 0. B. The life of the ancient Greeks, with special refer- 
ence to Athens. 1903. 938 G95 

Hart, A. B. Handbook of the history, diplomacy and govern- 
ment of the United States, for class use. 1903. f 973.02 H25 

This book is Intended to form a ground-work for three lecture course* in 
Harvard University, History 13 and 74, and Government 12. 

Hassall, Arthur. The history of France. 1903. 944 H27a 

Helmolt, H. F., ed The history of the world : a survey of man's 

record. Vol. 3: West Asia and Africa. 1903. 909 H37 

McCarthy, Justin. Ireland and her story. 1903. 941.5 M 13 

Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. Second series. 

Vol. 16. 1903. 974.41 M62 

Mathew, John. Eaglehawk and Crow : a study of the Austral- 
ian aborigines, including an inquiry into their origin, and a 
survey of Australian languages. 1899. = 994 M42 

Maxwell, Sir H. £. British soldiers in the field. 1902. 942 Z57 

Contents : — Bannockburn. — Agincourt.— The campaign of Blenheim.— 
Assaye.— The passage of the Douro. — The Guards at Hougoumont.— Inker- 
man. — The siege and storm of Delhi.— Two famous marches. 

Pears, Edwin. The destruction of the Greek empire and the 

story of the capture of Constantinople by the Turks. 1903. 

949.5 P31 
Pollock, John. The Popish plot : a study in the history of the 

reign of Charles II. 1903. 942.066 P76 

Putzger, F. W. Historischer Schul-Atlas zur alten, mittleren 

und neuen Geschichte. In 234 Haupt- und Nebenkarten. 

Bearbeitet und herausgegeben von A. Bald am us und E. 

Schwabe. 25te Anfl. 1901. Ref. 30.66 

Beich, Emil. A new student's atlas of English history. 1903. 

Ref. 30.61 

Attempts to be a cartographic complement to Green's History of the Eng- 
lish people. 


Robinson, J. H. An introduction to the history of western 
Europe. 1908. 940 R56 

Schouler, James. Eighty years of union, being a short his- 
tory of the United States, 1783-1865. 1903. 973 S37a 
Comprises selections from the author's more comprehensive History of the 
United States. 

Semple, E. 0. American history and its geographic conditions. 

1903. 973 847 

Sharpless, Isaac. A Quaker experiment in government : history 

of Quaker government in Pennsylvania, 1682-1783. 1902. 

974.8 S53a 
Smith. W. R. South Carolina as a royal province, 1719-1776. 

1903. 975.7 S66 

Somerville Historical Society. Historic leaves. Vol. 1. April 

1902-January 1903. 974.45 S65so 

Tower, H. M. Historical sketches relating to Spencer, Mass. 

1901-1902. 2v. 974.45 S74t 

Victoria History of the Counties of England. Ed. by H. A. 

Doubleday. Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Ed. by H. A. 

Doubleday and William Page. Vol. 2. 1903. 942.5 H18do 


Abbott, K. M. Old paths and legends of New England : saunter- 
ings over historic roads, with glimpses of picturesque fields 
and old homesteads in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New 
Hampshire. 1903. f 974.11 A13 

Amateur Angler, pseud. Dove Dale revisited, with other holi- 
day sketches. 1902. 942.6 A48 

Other Sketches:— In the Vale of the White Horse.— A day on the Teme.— 
On the Wye.— Huuting for fishing.— A day on the Lea. — Fishing in the 
Isle of Wight. 

Austin, Mrs. Mary. The land of little rain. 1903. 979.46 A93 

Content*:— The land of little rain.— Water irails of the Ceriao.— The 
scavengers.— The pocket hunter. — Shoshone land. — .limvilte, a Bret Harte 
town. — My neighbor's field.— The Mena trail — The basket maker.— The 
streets of the mountains. — Water borders.— Other water borders. — Nurs- 
lings of the sky.— The little town of the grape vines. 


Bayne, S. G. On an Irish jaunting-car through Donegal and 
Connemara. 1902. 941.8 BS4 

Bradley, A. G. Highways and byways in Sooth Wales. 1903. 

942.9 B72a 
Browning, Oscar. Impressions of Indian travel. 1903. 954.6 B82 

Burrill, £. M. The State House, Boston, Massachusetts. 1901. 

= 974.45 B44stb 

Chittenden, H. M. The Yellowstone National Park : historical 

and descriptive. 4th ed.. rev. and enl. 1903. f Copy 2 of 978.7 C44 

Cook, Mrs. E. 0. Highways and byways in London. 1902. 

942.5 L8co 
Curtis, W. B. Denmark, Norway and Sweden. 1903. 948.6 C94 

Dodd, Mrs. A. B. B. In the palaces of the sultan. 1903. 949.6 D66 

Gardner, E. G. The story of Siena and San Glmignano. 1902. 

945.5 S6g 
Gulick, S. L. Evolution of the Japanese, social and psychic. 
1903. 952.6 695 

Herbertson, F. D., comp. Europe. Ed. by A. J. Herbertson. 
1903. 940.96 H41 

Heywood, William, and Olcott, L. M. Guide to Siena ; history 
and art. 1903. 945.5 S6h 

Higgins, C. A. To California and back : a book of practical 
information for travelers to the Pacific. With some notes on 
Southern California, by Charles Keeler. 1903. 979.46 H53 

Home, G. C. What to see in England : a guide to places of 
historic interest, natural beauty, or literary association. 
1903. 942.6 A75 

Hyett, F. A. Florence, her history and art to the fall of the 
Republic. 1903. 945.5 F6hy 

James, G. W. The Indians of the painted desert region : Hopis, 
Navaboes, Wallapais, Ilavasupais. 1903. 970.1 J23 

Johnson, Clifton. The land of heather. 1903. 941.4 J62 


in, Charles. Reconnoitriug Central Asia : pioneering ad- 
ventures in the region lying between Russia and India. 3rd 
ed. 1886. 950 M36 

Contents:— Armlnius Vambery's journey In disguise to the khanates of Cen- 
tral A «ia.—Capt. Marsh *u ride from the Caspian to India.— Col. Valentine 
Baker's visit to the I'erso-Turcoman frontier.— J. A. MacGahan's cha*e of 
Gen. Kaufmann's array.— Capt. Napier's secret mission.— Col. C. M. Mac- 
Gregor's survey of Khorassan. — Capt. Barnaby's ride to Khiva. — Gen. 
Petrusevitch and the Turcomans.— Capt. Butler, the secret English agent. — 
Pa* hi no, the secret Russian agent.— GrodekofTs ride to Herat.— O'Dono- 
van's dash to Merv.— Col. Stewart's watch over skobeiefTs army.— Lieut. 
.AlikhanofF* Journey with a Russian caravan to Mt rv.— Lessar's discovery 
of the easy road to India.— The past and future of pioneering in Central 

Massachusetts. Secretary of the Commonwealth. A record of 
the dedication of the monument on Dorchester Heights, South 
Boston, built by the Commonwealth as a memorial of the 
evacuation of Boston, March 17, 1776, by the British troops. 
March 17, 1902. 1903. = 974.45 I)51ma 

Mitton, G. £. The fascination of London : Kensington. Ed. 
by Sir Walter Besant. 1903. 942.5 K38m 

Parker, Sir Gilbert, and Bryan, 0. G. Old Quebec : the fortress 
of New France. 1903. f 971 5 Q28p 

Partsch, Joseph. Central Europe. 1903. 940.96 P25 

Rhodes, D. P. A pleasure-book of Grindelwald. 1903. 949.45 G8r 


Barre, Mass. Vital records of Barre to the end of the year 

1849. 1903. = 974.45 B14a 

Bedford, Mass. Vital records of Bedford to the year 1850. 1903. 

974.45 B17 
Gladden, Washington. Witnesses of the light: being the Wil- 
liam Belden Noble lectures for 1903. R1.G45 

Contents: —Dante, the poet.— Michelanirelo, the artist.— Fichte, the phil- 
osopher.— Victor Hugo, the man of Utters.— Klchard Wagner, the musician. 
— Kuskin, the preacher. 

Lamb's biographical dictionary of the United States. Ed. by J. 

H. Brown. Vol. 6. 1903. Ref . 55.78 


Millbury, Mass. Vital records of Millbury to the end of the 

year 1849. 1903. = 974.45 M67 

Sudbury, Mass. Vital records of Sudbury to the year 1850. 

1903. = 974.45 S98a 

Topsfield, Mass. Vital records of Topsfleld, to the end .of the 

year 1849. 1903. 974.46 T62 

Tyringham, Mass. Vital records of Tyringham to the year 

1850. 1903. — 974.45 T98 

Who's who in America : a biographical dictionary of notable 

living men and women of the United States. 1903-1905. Ed. 

by J. W. Leonard. 1903. Ref. 50.75 


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of the nineteenth century. 1903. = E.B2123 

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Oarlyle. Froude, J. A. My relations with Carlyie. Together 
with a letter from Sir James Stephen, dated Dec. 9, 1886. 
1903. E.C2125.fb 

Oockerell, G. R. Travels in southern Europe and the Levant. 
1810-1817; the journal of C. R. Cockerell. Ed. by S. P. 
Oockerell. 1903. E.C6475 

Crabbe. Ainger, Alfred. Crabbe. 1903. E.C8455.a 

Duffer in. Black, C. E. I). The Marquess of Duffer in and Ava, 
diplomatist, viceroy, statesman. 2nd ed. 1903. E.D878.b 

Fox. Hammond, J. L. LeB. Charles James Fox: a political 
study. 1903. E.F837.h 

Gladstone. Morley, John. The life of William Ewart Glad- 
stone. 1903 3v. t 

Harte. Boynton, H. W. BrctHarte. 1903. E.H255.b 

Jefferson. Watson, T. E. The life and times of Thomas Jeffer- 
son. 1903. E J365.W 

Leo XIII., pope. O'Reilly, Bernard. Life of Leo XIII., from 
an authentic memoir furnished by his order, written with the 
encouragement, approbation, and blessing of His Holiness the 
pope : the complete life of the venerable father. 1903. E.L554.o 



Hassall, Arthur. Mazarin. 1908. E.M4593.h 

Kead, E. D. The Influence of Emerson. 1903. E.Em35.m 

Contents: — The philosophy of Emerson.— Emerson and Theodore Parker. 
— Emerson and Carlyle. 

Midhat, Pasha. The life of Midhat Pasha : a record of his ser- 
vices, political reforms, banishment and judicial murder. 
Derived from private documents and reminiscences, by his 
son Alt Haydar Midhat Bey. 1908. E.M5857 

Morris. Oberholtzer, E. P. Robert Morris, patriot and finan- 
cier. 1903. E.M8395.0 

Newcomb, Simon. The reminiscences of an astronomer. 1903. 


Olnhausen, M. P., Baroness von. Adventures of an army nurse 
in two wars. [Civil war and Franco-Prussian war.] Ed. 
from [her] diary and correspondence, by James Phinney Mun- 
roe. 1903. E.0148 

Orrery. Boyle, E. C, Countess of Cork and Orrery, ed. The 

Orrery papers. 1903. 2v. E0r75 

Pater. Greenslet, Ferris. Walter Pater. 1903. E.P*2716.g 

Porter. Soley, J. R. Admiral Porter. 1903. E.P838.S 

Rowlandson, Mrs. M. W. The narrative of the captivity and 
restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. First printed in 1682 
at Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, England; now 
reprinted in facsimile. Whereunto are annexed a map of her 
removes, biographical and historical notes, and the last sermon 
of hei husband, Rev. Joseph Rowlandson. 1903. = E.R799 

Buskin, John. Letters to M. G. and H. G. [Mary and Helen 
Gladstone.] With preface by G. Wyndham. 1908. E.R895.b 

Contents ;— Buskin at Hawarden in 1878.— Ruskiu's letters to M. O.— Ras- 
kin's letters to H.G.— Rimkin and Gladstone. — The dead Ruskln [by Canon 

Schuyler. Tucker man, Bayard. Life of General Philip Schuy- 
ler, 1733-1804. 1903. E.Sch945.t 

Scott. Barnes, James. The giant of three wars : a life of 
General Win field Scott. 1903. E.Sco884.b 



Stevenson. Genung, J. F. Stevenson's attitude to life; with 

readings from his essays and letters. 1901. E.St545 g 

Kelman, John, jr. The faith of Robert Louis Stevenson. 
1908. E.St545.k 

Stewart. Field-marshal Sir Donald Stewart : an account of his 
life, mainly in his own words. Ed. by G. K. Elsmie. 1903. 


Stoddard, R. H. Recollections, personal and literary. Ed. by 
Ripley Hitchcock: with an introd. by E. C. Stedman. 1903. 

Story. James, Henry, jr. William Wetmore Story and his 
friends, from letters, diaries, and recollections. 1903. 2v. t 

Trowbridge, J. T. My own story ; with recollections of noted 

persons. 1903. f E.T755 

Webster. Pillsbury, A. E. Daniel Webster, the orator: an 
address delivered before the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and 
Sciences and the New England Society of Brooklyn. 1903. 

= E.W3985.P 
White. Edwards, H. S. Sir William White G. C. B., K. C. M. G., 
for six years ambassador at Constantinople, his life and 
correspondence. 1902. f E.W5892.e 

Whittier. Carpenter, G. R. John Greenleaf Whit tier. 1903. 
Addison, Mrs. J. de W. Florestane the Troubadour. A227.1 

Barr, Mrs. A. E. The black shilling : a tale of Boston towns. 

Barr, Robert. Over the border: a romance. B2754.ll 

Bashford, H. H. Tommy Wideawake. B 29 7.1 

Benson, E. F. The relentless city. B446.8 

Briscoe, M. S. The change of heart : six love stories. B777.4 

Brown, Alice. Judgment. B814.7 

Brown, Caroline, pseud. On the We-a trail: a story of the 

great wilderness. B8146.2 

Carey, B. N. A passage perilous. C198.26 



Chambers, R. W. The maids of paradise. C3591.10 

Converse. Florence. Long Will : a romance. C771.8 

Crawford, F. M. The heart of Rome: a tale of the "Lost 

water." C857.35 

Deland, Margaret. Dr. Lavendar*s people. [Short stories.] 

Doyle, Sir. A. C. The adventures of Gerard. D775.24 

Dunbar, P. L. In old plantation days. D905.6 

Fernald, C. B. Under the Jack-staff. F405.1 

Foote, Mrs. M. H. A touch of sun, and other stories. F739.ll 

Fowler, E. T. Place and power. F8293.7 

Fox, John, jr. The little shepherd of- Kingdom Come. F836.5 

Fraser, W. A. The blood lilies. F866.2 

Garland, Hamlin. Hesper. G 189.9 

Gray, David. Gallops : 2. G796.2 

Gwynn, Stephen. John Maxwell's marriage, f G998.1 

Harraden, Beatrice. Katherine Frensham. H243.8 

Hugo, V. M. The story of the bold P6copin : a legend of the 

Rhine. Done into English by E. and A. Birrell. 1902. H879.ll 

Extract from his Le Rhin. 
King, Charles. An Apache princess. K587.38 

Kirk, E. O. Good-bye, proud world. K635.16 

Long, J. L. Sixty Jane [and other stories]. L856.5 

Mason, C. A. Holt of Heathfleld. M385.5 

Merriman, H. 8. Barlasch of the Guard. M559.18 

Merwin, Samuel. The whip hand : a tale of the pine country. 

Nesbit, Edith. The literary sense. [Short stories.] N365.4 

Norris, Frank. A deal in wheat, and other stories of the new 

and old West. N796.4 

Csbourne, Lloyd. Love, the fiddler. 0815.2 

Overton, Gwendolen. The golden chain. 0955.2 

Oxenham, John. Barbe of Grand Bayou. 0983.4 

Phillpotts, Eden. The golden fetich. P550.6 

Seawell, M. E. Fortunes of Fill. S442.15 

Sherwood, Margaret. Daphne : an autumn pastoral. S552.4 



Smith, F. H. Colonel Carter's Christmas. S647.9 

Somerville, E. <E., and Boss, Martin. All on the Irish shore : 

Irish sketches. 8728.8 

Watanna, Onoto. The heart of Hyacinth. W289.4 

By the author of Miss 

M 697. 24 


W5945 3 

W 737. 25 


Weyman, 3. J. The long night, t 
Whitaker, Evelyn. Gay: a story. 

Tww-y"* mission. 
White, E. O. Lesley Chilton. 
Whiteing, Richard. The yellow van. 
Winter, J. S., pseud. Little Joan. 
Yechton, Barbara. Honor D'Everel. 


Barbour, B. H. Weatherby's inning : a story of college life and 

baseball. JB235.5 

Barnard, Charles. Tools and machines. 1903. j<>21 B25 

Blodgett, Mrs. M. L. F. The giant's ruby, and other fairy tales. 

Ohamberlain, J. F. How we are fed : a geographical reader. 

1903. j600 C36 

Ohanning, Edward. First lessons in United States history. 

1903. J978 C36 

Du Chaillu, P. B. In African forest and jungle. 1903. J960.6 D85 
Frink, H. A. The new century speaker for school and college. 

1900. Sp26 

Harris, J. C. Wally Wanderoon and his story telling machine. 

Holden, E. 8. The sciences, a reading book for children : as- 
tronomy, physics — heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism 
— chemistry, physiography, meteorology. 1903. J500 H71a 

Hughes, S. F., and Faucon, 0. W. Lessons on practical sub- 
jects. 1902. j320 H87 
Short essays on finance, taxation, corporations, and strikes. 
Lang, Andrew, ed. Crimson fairy book. JL255 14 
Bichards, Mrs. L. E. H. More five minute stories. JR387 27 
Sandys, Edwyn. Trapper •* Jim." j796 S22 
Seton, E. T. Two little savages : being the adventures of two 

boys who lived as Indians, and what they learned. JS505.1 

Wesselhoeft, L. F. Jack, the tire dog. JW515.12 

Wiggin, Mrs. K. D. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. JW641.9 

Wiggin, Mrs K. D., and Smith, N. A., comps. The posy ring: 

a book of verse for children. 1903. J811.8 W88 

This book is a companion voAume lo Golden munber%. 

i Ts 






VOL. X. No. 8 

Bbooklinb, Mass. 


^■r- ^ 

Public Library of Brookline 

Louisa M. Hooper. 


A Deposit and Delivery Station was established at Coolidge's Corner 
In Hay man's Drag Store on January 1, 1904. Several hundred volumes 
of fiction, history, biography, etc., new and old, have been placed 
there in an open case from which they may be drawn for home use. 
There will be two deliveries of books each week, on Mondays and 
Thursdays, to and from the Public Library, so that borrowers may 
leave requests for special books at the Deposit Station, and, If the 
books are available, receive them by the next delivery from the 
central Library. Such books must be called for at the Deposit 
Station. Books may be returned to the Station whether taken from 
there or from the central Library ; but books drawn from the Deposit 
Station must be returned there only. 

Residents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers, may 
make application for cards at the Deposit Station. 

Deposit Station — Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane. 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 

The Library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Reading Room. 

A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 


— indicates gifts. f indicates books bought by request. 


United States. Congress. Official congressional directory, 
58th Congress, extraordinary session. Special ed. 1903. = 

Ref 45.12 

United States. Library of Congress. Division of bibliography. 
A list of books with references to periodicals, on the Philip- 
pine islands, In the Library of Congress, by A. P. C. Griffin . 
With chronological list of maps in the Library of Congress, 
by P. L. Phillips. 1903. « Ref. 15.94 


Benham, W. G. The laws of scientific hand reading : a practi- 
cal treatise on the art commonly called palmistry. 1903. 133.6 B43 

Billings, J. 8., ed. Physiological aspects of the liquor problem : 
investigations made by and under the direction of W. 0. At- 
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W. H. Welch, sub-committee of the Committee of fifty to 
investigate the liquor problem. 1903. 2v. f 178.1 B49 

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system of Christian belief. 2d ed. 1902. t 252 C15 

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osophy of religion and in constructive idealism. 1903. f 201 D81 

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Trans, by A. E. Kroeger. [To which is added Kroeger's 
Essay on Kant's system of transcendental idealism.] 1869. 193 F44ka 

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Rev. ed., in great part rewritten. 1902. 239 F53 

Oilman, Mrs. C. P. S. The home, its work and influence. 1903. 

178.7 G42 


Hutton, W. H. The influence of Christianity upon national 
character, illustrated by the lives and legends of the English 
saints : being the Bampton lectures preached before the Uni- 
versity of Oxford in 1903. 271 H97 

Jocelin, ofBrakelond. The chronicle of Jocelin of Brakelond: 
a picture of monastic life in the days of Abbot Samson. 
Newly ed. by Sir E. Clarke. 1903. 271 J58 

Jordan, D. 8. The call of the twentieth century : an address to 
young men. 1903. 173.6 J76 

Keller, Helen. Optimism: an essay. 1903. 171.4 K28 

Ketler, I. 0. The tragedy of Paotingf u : an authentic story of 
the lives, services and sacrifices of the Presbyterian, Congre- 
gational, and China inland missionaries who suffered martyr- 
dom at Paotingf u, China, June 80th and July 1, 1900. 1902. t 

275.1 K49 

Lindsay, T. M. The church and the ministry in the early cen- 
turies : the 18th series of the Cunningham lectures. 1902. t 

270.1 L64 

Martineau, James. National duties, and other sermons and 
addresses. [Sel. by James Drummond.] 1903. 252 M36 

Mead, £. D. The principles of the founders : oration before 
the city government and citizens of Boston, at Faneuil Hall, 
July 4, 1903. 172 M46 

Millin, G. E. Evil and evolution : an attempt to turn the light 
of modern science on to the ancient mystery of evil. 3d ed., 
with additional chapters. [Anonymous.] 1899. f 235 M62 

Miner, Luella, ed. Two heroes of Cathay : an autobiography 

and a sketch. 1903. 275.1 M66 

Gives experiences of two Chinese men, Fay Chi Ho and Kung Hsiang Hsl, 
during the Boxer uprising, and subsequently in the United States. 

Moulton, R. O. The literary study of the Bible : an account 

of the leading forms of literature represented in the sacred 

writings. Intended for English readers. Revised. 1900. 

220.88 M86 

Oman, J. C. The mystics, ascetics, and saints of India : a study 

of sadhuism, with an account of the Yogis, Sanyasis, Bairagis, 

and other strange Hindu sectarians. 1903. 275.4 054 



Palmer, Q. H. The nature of goodness. 1908. 179.9 P18 

Contentt : — The double aspect of goodness. — Misconceptions of goodness.— 
Self -consciousness. — Self -direction. — Self -development.— Self-sacrifice.- 
Nature and spirit. — The three stages of goodness. 

Peabody, F. G. The religion of an educated man. 1903. 204 P81 

Contents : — Religion as education.— The message of Christ to the scholar. 
— Knowledge and service. 

Procter, Francis. A new history of the Book of Common 
Prayer, with a rationale of its offices, on the basis of the for- 
mer work by Procter, rev. and rewritten by W. H. Frere. 
1902. f 264.03 P94 

Bussell, Walter. The bending of the twig. 1903. 173 U91 

" The purport of this book Is not to tell ' grown-ups ' how to mould the lives 
of little ones, but how the little ones mould the lives of * grown-ups.' " 


Smith, Henry Preserved. Old Testament history. 1903. 221.9 S64 

Van Dyke, Henry. Joy and power : three messages with one 

meaning. 1903. 252 V28a 

Contentt : — Joy and power.— The battle of life.— The good old way. 


Bolen, O. L. Getting a living : the problem of wealth and pov- 
erty — of profits, wages and trade unionism. 1903. 331 B68 

Brown, W. G. The foe of compromise and other essays. 1903. 

304 B81 
Contentt: — The foe of compromise. — A defence of American parties. —The 
task of the American historiun.— The great occasions of an American uni- 

Dasent, Sir G. W., trans. Popular talcs from the Norse. New 
ed., with a memoir by A. I. Dasent. 1903. 398.48 D26 

DeForest, B. W., and Veiller, L., eds. The tenement house prob- 
lem, including the report of the New York State tenement 
house commission of 1900. By various writers. 1908. 2v. 

f 331.8 D36 

Barle, Mrs. A. M. Two centuries of costume in America, 
1620-1820. 1903. 2v. 391 £12 

Very fully Illustrated. 


Fustel de Ooulanges, N. D. La cite" antique : 6 tode sur le culte, 
le droit, les institutions de la Grece et de Rome. 4ieme 6d. 
1872. = 842.88 F98 

Hale, E. E. *' We, the people" : a series of papers on topics of 

to-day. 1903. 804 H18a 

Contents : — Nation and state: America. — Co-operation and coal.— 
Women's clubs.— The new century.— Anniversaries.— Sunday and Sunday 
schools.— The five great duties of the twentieth century. 

Jenks, Edward. Parliamentary England : the evolution of the 
cabinet system. 1903. 342.48 J42 

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1903. = 1217.99 

Morison, G. 8. The new epoch as developed by the manufacture 

of power. 1903. 304 M82 

Contents:— General conditions.— Business.— Capital.— Government.— Civil 
engineering.— The university.— Education.- Conclusion. 

Skinner, C. M. American myths and legends. 1903. 2v. 398.73 S62 

Smith, G. Armitage. The free-trade movement and its results. 
2nd ed. 1903. 837 S64 

United States. Department of Navy. Official records of the 
Union and Confederate navies In the war of the rebellion. 
Series 1, vol. 16. 1903. -= 2069.2 

Watterson, Henry. The compromises of life, and other lectures 
and addresses, including some observations on certain down- 
ward tendencies of modern society. 1903. 304 W84 

Wellman, F. L. The art of cross-examination ; with the cross- 
examinations of important witnesses in some celebrated cases. 
1903. 340.4 W46 



Boston Collection of Kindergarten Stories. Written and coll. 
by Boston kindergarten teachers. 3d ed. 1902. 372.2 B65 

Colombia University. Faculty of Political Science. Studies in 
history, economics, and public law. 1902-1903. 306 C72 

Vol. 16. The past and present of commerce In Japan, by Yetaro Kinosita.— 

The employment of women in the clothing trade, by H. H. Wil- 

lett.— The centralization of administration in Ohio, by 8. P. Orth. 

17. Centralizing tendencies in the administration of Indiana, by W. 

A. Rawles.— Principles of Justice in taxation, by 8. F. Weston. 

Button, 8. T. School management : practical suggestions con- 
cerning the conduct and life of the school. 1903. 371 D95 

Harvard University. Catalogue, 1903-1904. Ref . 75.81 

Jordan, D. 8. The voice of the scholar, with other essays on 
the problems of higher education. 1903. 878.1 J76 

Content $: — The voioe of the scholar.— The building of a university.— An 
apology for the American university.— Relative values in knowledge.— Re. 
cent tendencies In college education.— The personality of the university.— 
The higher education of the business man.— A business man's conception of 
the university. — The university and the common man. — The woman and the 
university.— The university of the United States.— College spirit.— Politics 
in the schools.— 1 he lessons of the tragedy.— The hopes of Japan. 

Markham, F. Recollections of a town boy at Westminster, 1849 
-1855. 1903. 873.42 M84 

Interesting reminiscences of life in the famous English school. 

Massachusetts. Board of Education. Massachusetts public 
school system. 1908. = 879.74 M88 

Minerva : Jahrbuch der Grelehrten Welt. Herausgegeben von 
K. Triibncr. 1908-1904. Ref. 60.17 

National Educational Association. Journal of proceedings 
and addresses of the 42nd annual meeting, held at Boston, 
Mass., July 6-10, 1903. 370.6 N21 

Yearbook and list of active members, July 1, 1903- June 80, 1904. 

370.6 N21a 


Present College Questions : six papers read before the National 
Educational Association, at the session held in Boston, July 6 
and 7, 1903, by C. W. Eliot, A. F. West, W. R. Harper, N. M. 
Butler. 1903. 378.1 P92 

Contents:— A new definition of the cultivated man, by President Eliot.— The 
present peril of liberal education, by Dean Wait.— The length of the college 
course, by President Eliot, Dean West, President Harper, President Butler. 

United States. Bureau of Education. Report of the commis- 
sioner of education for the year 1902. Vol. 1. = 2051.1 


Clifton and Monteverde. Manual of conversation and epistolary 

style for the use of travellers and students. English-Russian. 

1877. 491.7 C61 

Delbos, Leon. John Bull in France : or, French as it is spoken. 

1903. 448.2 1)37 

Lipmanson and Witcomb. New guide to modern conversation 

in Swedish and English. [18-.] 439.78 L66 


Armstrong, H. E. The teaching of scientific method, and other 
papers on education. 1903. 507 A73 

Baldwin, W. A. Industrial-social education. 1903. 507 B 19 

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Rev. cd. 1897. 530 C19 

Chapman, F. M. Color key to North American birds. 1903. 

598.2 C36a 

Furneaux, W. S. The sea shore. 1903. 593 F98 

Holland, W. J. The moth book : a popular guide to a know- 
ledge of the moths of North America. 1903. 595.78 H71 

Lydekker, Richard. Mostly mammals : zoological essays. 
1903. 599 L98 

Maunder, E. W. Astronomy without a telescope : a guide to 
the constellations, and introduction to the study of the heavens 
with the unassisted sight. 1902. 523 M44 


Pickering, W. H. The moon : a summary of the existing know- 
ledge of our satellite, with a complete photographic atlas. 
1903. 523.3 P58 

Btenhouse, Ernest. An introduction to nature-study. 1903. 

507 882 
Part 1.— Plant life. Part 2.— Animal life. 

Wallace, A. B. Man's place in the universe : a study of the 
results of scientific research in relation to the unity or 
plurality of worlds. 1908. 523 W15 


American Electrician. Diagrams of electrical connections, 

with explanatory text. 1903. 621.3 A51 

Beavan, A. H. Tube, train, tram, and car ; or, up-to-date loco- 
motion. With many illus. and introd. by Llewellyn Freece. 1903. 

621.33 B38 
Boston Transit Commission. 9th annual report. 1903. = 

974.45 B48t 
Bottone, 8. R. The amateur electrician's workshop : a hand- 
book of practical instruction in the making of electrical models 

and appliances. 1902. 621.3 B65 

Contents : — An electro-motor.— A Lalande-Caperon battery.— A chromio 
acid battery .—A one-inch Ruhmkorff spark coil.— A wireless telegraph.— 
How to use a wireless telegraph.— Sparking colls for motors. 

Bright, Charles. The story of the Atlantic cable. 1903. 654.5 B76 

Budd, J. L. American horticultural manual. By J. L. Budd, 

assisted by N. E. Hansen. 1902-1903. 2v. 634 B852 

Orabtree, J. B. The marvels of modern mechanism and their 

relation to social betterment. With special chapters by C. 

D. Wright and Willard Smith. 1901. 608 C84 

Contenti :— Modern machinery.— Power.— Transportation.— Electri- 
city.— Iron and steel working.— Military art and science.— Mineral 
industries. — Means of communication. — Photography and printing. — 
Advance in agricultural machinery.— Miscellaneous.— Appendix : 
Man's work and training.— Modern occupations for women. 

1500 questions of interest to all, answered by The marvels of 

modern mechanism. 608 C84a 


Diseases of rabbits : their causes, symptoms, and cure : a band- 
book for all fanciers. To which is added a chapter on the 
diseases of cavies. 1889. 636 D62 

Earle, Mrs. 0. W. A third pot-ponrri. 2d ed. 1903. 635 E12b 

Content $. — Health.— Health of others.— Supplement.— Goats.— Whole- 
some food on three shillings a week.— Eighteen hundred a year.— February : 
notes from nine months of a scrappy journal, 1901-1002.— March.— April.— 
May.— June.— July.— August.— September.— October.— The journal of a 
tour In the north of Europe in 1826-26.— The last letters, of Capt. Sydney 
Earle, Coldstream guards. 

English Household Furniture, mainly designed by Chippendale, 
Sheraton, Adam, and others of the Georgian period. 100 
plates, Illustrating 348 examples. 1900. Art case 6.1.5 

Howard, Montague. Old London silver : its history, its makers 

and its marks. 1903. f Art case 7.5.6 

Kemp, Dixon. Yacht architecture : a treatise on the laws which 
govern the resistance of bodies moving in water; propulsion 
by steam and sail; yacht designing ; and yacht building. 3d 
ed., largely re-written and rev. 1897. 2v. f Art case 5.5.19 

Vol. 2 consists entirely of plates. 
Marshall, Percival, ed. Simple electrical working models : how 
to make and use them : a practical handbook for electrical 
amateurs and students. 3d ed. 1902. 621.3 M35 

Simple mechanical working models : a practical handbook for 
young mechanics. 2d ed. 1902. 621.1 M35 

Moore, Mrs. N. H. The old furniture book ; with a sketch of 

past days and ways. 1903. 645 M78 

New York State. Commissioners of Fisheries, Game, and 

Forests. Seventh annual report. 1902. = 639 N42 

Bayson, Charles. The general management of rabbits; con- 
taining full directions for the proper management of fancy 
rabbits in health and disease, for pets, or the market. Being 
pt. 1 of Babbits for prizes and profit. 2d ed. [18-.] 636 RSlb 

Exhibition rabbits, describing all known varieties and how to 
breed good specimens. Being pt. 2 of Babbits for prizes and 
profit. [18-.] 636B2U 


Boberte, E. W. Gas engines and their troubles. With additional 
chapters on design, construction, powering and propulsion 
of launches, by W. F. Durand. 190S. 621.4 R54 

On marine motors and motor launches: a handy book for 
yachtsmen. 1901. 359.8A R54 

Singleton, Esther. French and English furniture : distinctive 
styles and periods described and illustrated. 1908. 645 S61 

Smithsonian Institution. Annual report of the board of regents 
for the year ending June 30, 1902. = 2469.3 

Strange, T. A. An historical guide to French Interiors, furni- 
ture, decoration, woodwork and allied arts, during the last 
half of the 17th century, the whole of the 18th century, and 
the earlier part of the 19th. 1903. 645 889 

Triggs, O. L. Chapters in the. history of the arts and crafts 
movement. 1902. f 609 T73 

Contents: — Carlyle's relationship to the new Industrialism.— Raskin's con- 
tribution to the doctrine of work.— Morris and his plea for an industrial 
commonwealth.— Statement of principles of the Hammersmith socialist 
society.— Ashbee and the reconstructed workshop.- Rook wood: an ideal 
workshop.— The development of industrial consciousness.— Appendix I. A 
proposal for a guild and school of handicraft.— Appendix II. The indus- 
trial art league. 

United States. National Museum. Proceedings. Vols. 25-26. 
1903. = 2469.4 

Watson, E. P. How to run engines and boilers ; with a new 
section on water-tube boilers : practical instruction for young 
engineers and steam users. 1902. 621.18 W33 


American Art Annual. Ed. by F. N. Levy. Vol. 4. 1903-1904. 

Ref . 55.20 

Anonimo : notes on pictures and works of art in Italy made by 
an anonymous writer in the 16th century. Trans, by Paolo 
Mussi. Ed. by G. C. Williamson. 1903. 709.45 A61 

Content* : — Padua. — Cremona. — Milan. — Paria. — Bergamo. — Crema. — 


Barozzio, Giacomo (called Vignola). The Ave orders of architec- 
ture, the casting of shadows, and the first principles of con- 
struction , based on the system of Vignola. Seventy-six 
plates, drawn and arranged by Pierre Esquie. [190-?] t 

Art case 5.5.13 

" The Bible and primer of architecture." 

B re ret on, Austin. The Lyceum and Henry Irving. 1903. 792 B75 

Crane, Lucy. Art and the formation of taste: six lectures. 
With an introd. by C. G. Whiting. 1885. 701 C85 

Day, L. F. Pattern design : a book for students, treating in a 
practical way of the anatomy, planning and evolution of 
repeated ornament. 1903. 745 D27p 

Gower, L>>rd R. C. S. L. Thomas Gainsborough. 1903. 750 G14g 

Hodgson, Mrs. Willoughby. How to identify old china. 1903. 

738 1166 
How to make a flower garden: a manual of practical informa- 
tion and suggestions. 1903. 716 H83 

Jack, George. Wood-carving : design and workmanship. 1903. 

736 Jll 
Jones, H. S., trans, and ed. Select passages from ancient writers 
illustrative of the history of Greek sculpture. 1895. 733 J71 

LeBrun, Mmr. M. L E. Vigee. Memoirs. Trans, by Lionel 
Straehey. 1003. 750 L45a 

Lindsay, David, Lord Balcarres. Donatello. 1903. 735 D71b 

Mach. £. R. O. von. Greek sculpture: its spirit and principles. 
1903. 733 M18 

Mantzius, Karl. A history of theatrical art in ancient and 
modern times. With introd. by William Archer. Trans, by 
L. von Cossel. 1903. 2v. 792 M31 

Vol. 1. The earliest times:— Author's introduction. — The Chinese theatre. 

— The .Japamse theatre.— The Indian theatre.— The Greek theatre. 

— The Roman theatre. 

2. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance :— Ecclesiastical plays. — 
S«cular plays. — Italian comedy and the professional actors. — The 
development of the stage of the Renaissance. 

MUSIC. 78 

Marks, Montague, ed. Home arts and crafts: how to teach 
yourself modelling in clay, in gesso, wood carving, fret sawing, 
poker work, leather decoration, saw-piercing, etching on 
metal, metal hammering, ornament, wall-paper, textile, and 
tile designing, damaged china restoring, ** grange rising," 
taxidermy, etc. 1903. 745 MS4 

Provost, 0. H. A treatise on how to illustrate for newspapers, 
book 8, magazines, etc. 1903. f 741 P94 

Singleton, Esther, ed. Historic buildings as seen and described 
by famous writers. 1903. 728.8 S61a 

Tait, Lorado. The history of American sculpture. 1903. 735 T12 

Way, T. B., and Dennis, G. R. The art of James McNeill 
Whistler : an appreciation. 1903. 750 W57w 

Wilson, V. T. Free-hand lettering : being a treatise on plain 
lettering from the practical standpoint for use in engineering 
schools and colleges. 1903. 744.3 W69 

Wdlfflin, Heinrich. The art of the Italian Renaissance : a 
handbook for students and travellers. From the German, 
with a prefatory note by Sir Walter Armstrong. 1903. 759.5 W83 


Boston Symphony Orchestra. Programmes of rehearsals and 

concerts : with historical and descriptive notes by Philip Hale. 

1902-1903. = 781.3 B66 

Hnckel, Oliver. Parsifal : a mystical drama by Richard Wagner, 

retold in the spirit of the Bayreath interpretation. 1903. f 

781.01 W12h 
Potocka, Angele, comtesse. Theodore Leschetizky : an intimate 

study of the man and the musician. Trans, by 6. S. Lincoln. 

1903. 780. L62p 

Williams, O. F. A. The story of the organ. 1903. 781.5 W67 

Burns, Robert. The songs of Robert Burns, now first printed 
with the melodies for which they were written : a study in 
tone-poetry. With bibliography, historical notes, and glos- 
sary by James C. Dick. 1903. 784.1 S42b 


Burns, Robert. The songs of Robert Barns, — continued. 

" Mr. Dick's book It a rehabilitation of Barns in the capacity of musician. 
Every one knows that some, indeed the vast majority of Bnrns's Immortal 
lyrics, were written by the poet to be sang to pre-existing tunes. . . . 
Burns was, in short, a pioneer of that excellent Folk Song Society which in 
our own time does such admirable work in the same direction ; bat with this 
difference — that whereas our modern collectors confine their efforts to noting 
down and recording the melodies which they discover, those which Burns 
found he ' married to immortal verse.' For the rest, Mr. Dick's work is a 
monument of erudition and research, one which no student of Barns can 
possibly afford to overlook." — The Academy and Literature. 

Elgar, Edward. The dream of Gerontias, by Cardinal Newman ; 

set to music for mezzo-soprano, tenor, and bass soli, chorus 

and orchestra. Op. 38. 782 E41d 

French songs. 2v. == . 784.1 F81a 

Songs by Bourgeois, Chaminade, Dellbes, Dimmer, Gelli, Qodard, Gounod, 
UaI6vy, Holmes, Lenepveu, L^on, Massenet, Saint-Sae*ns, Thomas, Vidal. 

Graun, 0. H. The passion of Oar Lord. (Der Tod Jesu.) _. 

782 G77p 

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Recitative and Chore aas 
dem unvollendeten Oratorium Chrlstus. Op. 97. Klavieraus- 
zag. = 782 M58c 

Nicholson, 8. H., ed. British songs for British boys : a collec- 
tion of one hundred national songs, designed for the use of 
hoys in schools and choirs. 1903. 784.1 E5Sn 

Schumann, R. A. Album [for the pianoforte] Ed. and fingered, 
by Max Vogrich. 1896. = 785 S39b 

Songs by Bach, R. Becker, H. Bemberg, Bolto, Brahms, Glnck, 
Henschel, Clayton Johns, MacDowell, Mascagni, Victor Masse*, 
Mendelssohn, Meyerbeer, Nevin. = 784.1 S69c 

Songs by Rossini, Schlcsinger, Schubert, Schumann, Spon- 
tlni, Tosti, Verdi, Wagner, Weber. = 784. lS69b 

Songs with obligato: violin, cello, horn, and violin and 
cello. = 784.1 869 

Weber, 0. M. F. E., Freiherr von. Euryanthe: grosse roman- 
tische Oper in drci Aufzugen. Partition complete ponr chant 
et piano. = 783 W87e 



Aldrich, T. B. Ponkapog papers. 1903. 824 A36 

Contents .-—Leaves from a notebook.— Asides: Tom Folio.— Fleabody and 
other queer names.— A note on "L'Aiglon."— Plot and character.— The 
cruelty of science.— Leigh Hunt aud Barry Cornwall.— Decoration Day.— 
Writers and talkers.— On early rising.— Un podte manque.— The male 
costume of the period.— On a certain affectation.— Wigh maker's town.— His- 
torical novels.— Poor Yorlck.— The autograph hunter.— Robert Herrlck. 

Burgess, William. The Bible in Shakspeare : a study of the 
relation of the works of William Shakspeare to the Bible, 
with numerous parallel passages, quotations, references, 
paraphrases and allusions. 1903. f 822.3 D12 

Oaulfeild, 8. F. A. House mottoes and inscriptions, old and 
new. 1902. 808.8 C31 

Ooar, J. F. Studies in German literature in the nineteenth cen- 
tury. 1903. 830.1 C63 

Oourthope, W. J. A history of English poetry. 1903. 813 C86 

Vol. 3. The intellectual conflict of the seventeenth century.— Decadent in- 
fluence of the feudal monarchy.— Growth of the national genius. 
4. Development and decline of the poetic drama.— Influence of the 
court and the people. 

Orothers, 8. B£. The gentle reader. 1903. 824 C95 

Contents :— The gentle reader.— The enjoyment of poetry.— The mission of 
humor.— Cases of conscience concerning witchcrafts.— The honorable points 
of Ignorance.— That history should be readable.— The evolution of the 
gentleman.— The hinter-land of science. — The gentle reader's friends among 
the clergy.— Quixotism.— Intimate knowledge and delight. 

Dyer, John. Poems. Ed. by Edward Thomas. 1903. 820 D99 

Geikie, Sir Archibald. Types of scenery and their influence on 

literature. 1898. 801 G27 

Graham, R. B. O. Success. 1902. 824 G738 

Contents : — Success.— The Guallchu tree.— Los Seguidores.— Un Infelia. — 
From the mouth of the Sahara. — At Utrera.— Might, majesty and dominion. 
— Sursum corda.— The pyramid.— Terror.— Postponed.— London. — Beat- 
tock for Moffat.— A fisherman.— The impenitent thief.— The evolution of a 
village.— Castles in the air. 

Hale, E. E., and others. New England history in ballads. By 
E. E. Hale and his children, with a few additions by other 
people. 1903. 820 H16 


Joubert, Joseph. Pensges. Sel. and trans, by Henry Atwell. 
4th ed. 1898. f 844 J86a 

Lamb, Charles and Mary. Works. Ed. by E. V. Lucas. 1908. 

824 L21 
Vol. 2. Elia and The last essays of Ella. 

3. Hooks for childre n : Tales from Shakc&peare.— The adventures of 
Ulysses.— Mrs. Leicester's school. — The king and queen of hearts. 
— Poetry for children.— Prince Dora*.— Beauty and the beast. 

"The student of literature will find this admirable and definitive edition 
of Charles Lamb an indispensable guide. Mr. Lucas has long been known 
as a faithful and enthusiastic student of Lamb, something of whose quaint 
and delicate humor survives In his kindred sons. It is impossible to over- 
estimate the debt which all lovers of Lamb owe him for the conscientious 
and artistic work apparent in these handsome volun es, beside which the 
work of all previous editors appears casual and perfunctory. Mr. Lucas has 
undertaken, In the first place, to grapple with the task of collecting and 
arranging everything printed by Lamb or by his editors which can possibly 
be traced; and In the second place, to supply such a critical apparatus, as be- 
tt<s an acknowledged classic, and is especially needed in the case of so allu- 
sive and suggestive a writer as Lamb. In both respects we have only praise 
and thanks for the skill and enthusiasm which he has brought to bear upon 
the so far successful completion of his task."— The Spectator. 

Lee, Sidney. The alleged vandalism at Strat ford-on- A von. 1903. 

822.3 G51 

Ley land, John. The Shakespeare country ; [together with The 
English homeland of George Washington and Benjamin Frank- 
lin] illustrated. 1903. 822.3 G52 

Locker-Lampson, Frederick, ed. Lyra elegantiarum : a col- 
lection of some of the best specimens of vers de soctete* and 
vers d'occasion in the English language, by deceased authors. 
1891. f 821 L79 

Mabie, H. W. Backgrounds of literature. 1903. 804 Ml la 

Contents : — The Lake country and Wordsworth.— Emerson and Concord.— 
The Washington Irving country.— Weimar and Goethe.— The land of Lorna 
Doone — America in Whitman's poetry.— The land of Scott. 

Mac Lean, Magnus. The literature of the Celts, its history 
and romance. 1902. 891.6 M22 

i, Lloyd. Castaliau days. 1903. 820 M63c 


Kinto, William. Characteristics of English poets from Chaucer 
to Shirley. Authorized American ed. 1901. f 813 M66 

Moore, Edward. Studies in Dante. First and second series. 

1896-1899. 2v. 851 D23b23 

Vol. 1. Scripture and classical authors In Dante. 

2. Miscellaneous en a ays : Dante as a religious teacher, especially in 
relation to Catholic doctrine.— Beatrice.— Classification of sins in the 
Inferno and Purgatorio.— Danle'e personal attitude towards different 
kinds of sin.— Unity and symmetry of design in the Purgatorio.— Dante 
and Sicily.— Genuineness of the Quaestio de aqua et terra, 

Phelps, W. L. The beginning of the English romantic move- 
ment: a study in eighteenth century literature [1700-1765]. 
1902. f 813.3 P54 

Biley, J. W. His pa's romance. 1903. 820 R57ha 

Ronsard, Pierre de. Songs and sonnets of Pierre de Ronsard, 
gentleman of Vendomois, sel. and trans, into English verse 

by C. H. Page, with an introductory essay and notes. 1903. 

841 R661 

Buskin, John. Comments on the Divina commedia. Comp. by 

Q. P. Huntington, with an in trod, by C. E. Norton. 1903. 

851 D23J2 
Bkelton, John. A selection from [his] poetical works. With 

introd. notes, and glossary by W. H. Williams. 1902. 820 S62a 
Tennyson, Alfred, 1st baron. Poems. Chosen and ed. with an 

introd. by Henry Van Dyke. 1903. 820 T31ha 

Trowbridge, J. T. Poetical works. 1903. 820 T858 

Walkley, A. B. Dramatic criticism : three lectures delivered at 

the Royal Institution, February, 1903. 809.2 W18 

Contents : — The ideal spectator.— The dramatic critic.— Old and new 

Watson, William. For England : poems written during es- 
trangement. 1903. 820 W33fo 
Woodberry, G. E. America in literature. 1903. 816 W88 

Contents : — The beginnings.— The Knickerbocker era.— The literary age 
of Boston.— The South.— The West.— The achievement.— Results and 

Poems: My country, Wild Eden, The players' elegy, The 

North Shore watch, Odes and sonnets. 1903. 820 W88 



French Fiction. 
Dumas, Alexandre, per*. 

With a few exceptions the following booki are recent aooeation* to the 


Ascanio. 2v. in 1. 843 D89a 

Le B&tard de Mauleon. 8 v. in 2. 843 D89b 

La bouillie de la comtesse Berthe ; [et] A ventures de Lyderlc, 

comte de Flandre. 
La boule de neige. 

Le comte de Monte Cristo. 6v. in 3. 
La femme au collier de velours. 
Les freres corses. 
La guerre des femmes. 2v. in 1. 
Jacquot sans oreilles. 
Les louvcs de Machecoul. 3v. in 2. 

Le testament de M. Chauvelin. 
La tulipe noire. 

Henry II. Romances : 

1. Les deux Diane. 3v in 2. 

2. Le page du due de Savoie. 2v. in 1. 

Valois Romances : 

1. La reine Margot. 2v. in 1. 

2. La dame de Monsoreau. 3 v. in 2. 

3. Les quarante-cinq. 3v. in 2. 

D'Artagnan Romances: 

1. Les trois mousquetaires. 2 v. in 1. 

2. Vingt ans apres. 3v. in 1. 

L'e>asion du due de Beaufort. 
A selection from the preceding. 

3. Le vicomte de Bragelonne. 6v. in 3. 

Regency Romances : 
1. Le chevalier d'Harmental. 2v. in 1. 
2. Une fllle du regent. 

843 D89bo 

843 D89bu 

843 D89c 

843 D89fe 

843 D89fr 

843 D89g 

843 D89h 

843 D89i 

843 D89] 

843 D891u 

843 D891y 

843 D89me 

843 D89mu 

843 D89n 
843 D89na 

843 D89p 
843 D89pa 
843 D89pb 

843 D89ra 
843 D89rb 

848 D89rc 

843 D89s 
843 D89sa 



Dumas, Alexandre, ptre, — continued. 
Louis XV. Romance : 

Olyrape de Cleves. 8 v. Id 2. 
Marie Antoinette Romances : 

1. Memoirs d'un m6decln : Joseph Balsamo. 5v. 

2. Le collier de la reine. 3v. in 1. 

3. Ange Piton. 2v. in 1. 

4. La Comtesse de Charny. 6v. In 3. 

5. Le chevalier de Maison-Roage. 2t. 
Napoleon Romances : 

Les compagnons de J6hu. 3v. in 2. 
Les blancs et les blens. 3 v. in 2. 

Swedish Fiction. 

Blanche, August. Flickan i Stadsgarden. 

Yalnaden : roraan. 
Carl 'n, Fru. E. 8. F. Rosen pa tlsteldn. 2 v. 
Hedberg, F. T. Fran Sk&rgarden och fastlandet. 

Verner von. 

843 D89sc 

in 3. 843 D89t 
843 D89ta 
843 D89tb 
843 D89tc 
843 D89td 

843 D89v 
843 D89ra 

839.73 B59f 
839.73 B59v 
839.73 C19r 
839.73 H35f 

Hellga Birglttas pilgrlmsffird. 

839.73 H36h 

839.73 K54a 
839.73 K54s 
839.73 L52 
839.73 S39a 
839.73 S39e 
839.73 S39m 
839.73 S39s 
839.73 S91b 

Kielland, A. L. Arbetare : roman. 

Skeppar Worse. 
Letter, A. 0. Ur lifvet. Femte samlingen. 
Schwartz, M. 8. Arbetet adlar mannen. 

Enkan och Hennes barn. 

Mannen af BOrd och qulnnen af volket. 

Skald och nnsknld. 
Strindberg, J. A. Bland franska bonder. 


American Historical Association. Annual report for 1901. 2v. 

= 973.06 A51 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachu- 
setts. The historic booke; done to keep in lasting remem- 
brance the joyous meeting of the Honourable Artillery Company 
of London and the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company 
of Massachusetts in the towne of Boston, A. D. 1903. Ed. by 
J. H. Smith. 1903. =» Art case 8.1.1 


Beveridge, A. J. The Russian advance. 1903. f 947 B46 

Bigelow, Poultney. History of the German struggle for liberty. 
Vol. 3, 1815-1848. 1903. 943.06 B48 

Blanchard, Rufus. Documentary history of the cession of 
Louisiana to the United States till it became an American 
province; with an appendix. 1903. 978 B59 

Banker Hill Monument Association. Proceedings at the annual 
meetings, June 17, 1902, and June 17, 1903. = 974.45 C33 

Ohamberlin, W. J. Ordered to China : letters of Wilbur J. Cham- 
ber 11 n written from China while under commission from the 
New York Sun during the Boxer uprising of 1900 and the in- 
ternational complication which followed. 1903. 951 C35 

Fea, Allan. After Worcester fight; being a companion volume 
to The flight of the king. [1908.] 942.066 C3fa 

This volume contains the five Important contemporary narratives of Charles 
II. 's escape after the Battle of Worcester, which were issued collectively in 
1830, under the title of The Boscobel tracts, viz.:— The King's narrative, 
Blount's Boscobel, Whitgreave's Narrative, Ellesdon's letter, and the Claus- 
trum regale reseratum. 

Gallichan, W. M. The story of Seville. With three chapters on 
the artists of Seville by C. 6. Hartley. 1903. 946.5 S5g 

Hall, Henry Fielding. The soul of a people. 1903. 950 H14 

The author of this book has lived for many years in Burma and has studied 
with deep insight the religion, manners, customs and legends of the people. 
He tells of the Buddha, and the very vital part which allegiance to the relig- 
ion of their fathers plays in the daily life of the Burmese; of their govern, 
ment, festivals, and the status of women; In speaking of their legends he 
gives a new version of the story of Ma Pa Da, which is known to nearly every 

Hennepin, Louis. A new discovery of a vast country in 
America; reprinted from the second London issue of 1698, 
with facsim. of original title-pages . . . aud the addition of 

introduction, notes, and index by R. G. Thwaites. 1903. 2v. 

970 H39 

Vol. 1 contains the Nouvelle lUcouverte; vol. 2 is practically the Nouveau 
voyage, with added matter. 

Hermann, Binger. The Louisiana purchase and our title west 
of the Rocky Mountains ; with a review of annexation by the 
United States. 1900. = 978 H43 


Hough, Emerson. The way to the West, and the lives of three 
early Americans, Boone, Crockett, Carson. 1903. 978 H81a 

Hulbert, A. B. Historic highways of America. 1902-1903. 
Vol. 1. Paths of the mound-building Indian and great game 

animals. 973.1 H87 

2. Indian thorongfares. 970.1 H87 

3. Washington's road (Nemacolln's path): the first 

chapter of the old French war. 973.2 H87 

4. Brad dock's road and three relative papers. 973.2 H87a 

5. The Old Glade (Forbes's) road (Pennsylvania state 

road). 973.2 H87b 

6. Boone's Wilderness road. 976.9 H87 

7. Portage paths, the keys of the continent. 970 H87 
9. Waterways of westward expansion : the Ohio river 

and its tributaries. 977.1 H87 

Jackson, Basil. Notes and reminiscences of a staff officer, chiefly 
relating to the Waterloo campaign and to St. Helena matters 
during the captivity of Napoleon. Ed. by R. C. Seaton. 1903. 

944.05 J12 
Johnson, W. H. Pioneer Spaniards of North America. 1903. 

973.1 J63 
Joyce, P. W. A social history of ancient Ireland, treating of the 
government, military system, and law; religion, learning, and 
art; trades, industries, and commerce; manners, customs, and 
domestic life, of the ancient Irish people. 1903. 2 v. 941.5 J85 

Klaczko, Julian. Rome and the Renaissance, the pontificate of 
Julius II. From the French; authorized trans, by John Den- 
nie. 1903. 945.5 R6k 

Long, J. D. The new American navy. 1903. 2v. 973.09 L85 

" It is hardly necessary to point out that the author writes with oomplete 
and indeed all but unique knowledge of his subject, or that this subject is one - 
of vast Importance to all who believe that the United States is and must be, a 
great power at sea. The author In his preface expresses the belief that our 
navy has strengthened its bold on popular sentiment since the war with 
Spain, because of the ' unprecedented thoroughness ' of its victories, the 
clean and creditable conduct with which its affairs have been conducted, and 
the need of continued expansion."— Outlook, 


Mallet, P. H. Northern antiquities ; or, an historical account of 
the manners, customs, religion and laws, maritime expeditions 
and discoveries, language and literature of the ancient Scan- 
dinavians. Trans, from the French by Bishop Percy. Rev. 
and enl. ; with a trans, of the Prose Edda, and notes, by I. A. 
Blackwell ; to which is added an abstract of the Eyrbyggja 
Saga, by Sir Walter Scott. 1902. 948 M29 

Ricketson, Daniel. New Bedford of the past. Ed. by Anna 
and Walton Ricketson. 1903. 974.45 N22r 

Skrine, F. H. The expansion of Russia, 1815-1900. 1903. 947 S62a 

Thwaites, R. G. How George Rogers Clark won the Northwest, 
and other essays in western history 1903. 977 T42h 

Other essay 8:— The division of the Northwest Into states.— The Black 
Hawk war .—The story of Mackinac— The story of La Pointe.— A day on 
Braddock's road.— Early lead mining on the upper Mississippi.- The Draper 

Trevelyan, Sir G. O., ban. The American revolution. Part II. 

1776-1777. 1903. 2v. 973.3 T72 

United States. Congress. State papers and correspondence 

bearing upon the purchase of the territory of Louisiana. 1903. 

= 978 U582 


Brown, A. J. The new era in the Philippines. 1903. 991.4 B81 

Brownell, 0. L. The heart of Japan : glimpses of life and 
nature far from the travellers' track In the land of the rising 
sun. 1903. 952.6 B81 

Butler, E. S. T., Lady. Letters from the Holy Land. 1903. 933.6 B98 
Ohisholm, G. Q., and Leete, O. H. Longman's school geo- 
graphy. 7th ed. rev. 1903. 910.7 C44 
Dutt, W. A. The Norfolk Broads. By W. A. Dutt, assisted by 

numerous contributors. 1903. 942.5 N7db 

Hakluyt, Richard. The principal navigations, voyages, traf- 
flques, and discoveries of the English nation, made by sea or 
over-land to the remote and farthest distant quarters of the 
earth at any time within the compasse of these 1600 yeeres. 
Vols. 1-2. 1903. 910 H15 


Hakluyt, Richard. The principal navigations, etc., — continued. 

" It la a strange omission that this age, so rich in reprints, did not give us 
the English voyages of Richard Hakluyt long ago. For not only is this work 
avast storehouse of noble English and brave adventure, it is a panegyric of 
English courage and English enterprise. However, at last the reprint is 
made, and if you would know how Britain established ber Empire upon the 
sea, the splendid record is easily and pleasantly accessible. . . . The indefatig- 
able author visited libraries, collected vogages, and transcribed charters, and 
only completed his vast work ' after great charges and infinite cares, after 
many watchlngs, tolles, and travails, and wearying out of my weake 
body.' . . . Whereever you turn in this incomparable book, you may find 
the noble expression of courage and enterprise, and we congratulate 
Messrs. MacLehose on their handsome and scholarly reprint of one of the 
greatest of English books."— The Spectator. 

Hedin, S. A. Central Asia and Tibet, towards the holy city of 

Lass a. 1903. 2v. 950.6 H35a 

" This book is the first adequate description of Dr Hedin's remarkable ex- 
pedition and its accomplishments, an expedition so rich in adventure, as well 
as solid achievement, that he has been called by the London press, * The 
modern knight-errant of science.' Ail these experiences he describes graph- 
ically. The work has much of the quality of a tale of adventure, while it 
embodies scientific facts and investigations of the utmost importance." 

Howe, M. A. DeW. Boston, the place and the people. 1903. 

974.45 B41h 

Janvier, T. A. The Dutch founding of New York. 1903. 

974.75 N4]a 

Kennedy, E. B. Thirty seasons in Scandinavia. 1903. 799 K38 

Principally a record of fishing trips in Scandinavia, with a brief account of 
hunting, and a few chapters on Scandinavian winter sports; contains only 
Incidental mention of places and people, manners and customs. 

Lindsay, C.H. F-. India, past and present. 1903. 2v. 954.6 L64 

Palmer, F. H. E. Austro-Hungarian life in town and country. 

1903. 943.66 P18 

Park, Kungo. Travels in the interior of Africa. 1903. 966 P21 

Parker, E. H. China, past and present. 1903. 951 P22a 

Contents: — Historical and statistical.— The " Boxer " wars.— Religious. 
— The imperial power.— The foreigner in China.— Mandarin or official.— 
Celestial peculiarities : Diet and medicine in China, Lepers in China, Chinese 
games and sports.— Political.— The seamy side: Chinese punishments, 
Infanticide in China, Chinese slavery. 

Phillpotts, Eden. My Devon year. 1903. 942.5 D4p 


Polo, Marco. The book of Ser Marco Polo the Venetian con- 
cerning the kingdoms and marvels of the east. Trans, and 
ed., with notes, by Sir Henry Yule. 3d ed„ rev. throughout 
in the light of recent discoveries by Henri Cordier; with a 
memoir of Yule by A. F. Yule. 1903. 2v. 960.6 P76a 

Richardson, R. B. Vacation days in Greece. 1903. 949.56 R39 
Snell, F. J. A book of Exmoor. 1903. 942.5 E96s 

Contents ; — The story of the forest.— Animals.— Dialect (Including the 
" Kxmoor courtship" ).— Folklore.— Worthies. 

Swift, Lindsay. Literary landmarks of Boston : a visitor's 

guide to points of literary interest in and about Boston. 1903. 

974.45 B438 

Symons, Arthur. Cities. 1903. 940.96 S98 

Contents: — Rome.— Venice.— Naples.— Seville.— Prague.— Moscow.— 
Budapest, Belgrade, and Sofia.— Constantinople. 

Tooley, 8. A. Royal palaces and their memories. 1902. 942.6 T61 

Contents :— Windsor castle.— St. James's palace.— Hampton Court palace.— 
Kensington palace.— Buckingham palace. 

Vanderlip, W. B. In search of a Siberian Klondike, as narrated 
by W. B. Vanderlip, the chief actor, and herein set forth by 
n. B. Hulbert. 1903. 947.8 V28" 

Wallace, Mrs. 8. A. E. The city of the King : what the child 
Jesus saw and heard. 1903. 933.5 J4wa 

Williams, B. B., jr. Hill towns of Italy. 1903. t 945.6 W67 

Williams, Leonard. Toledo and Madrid : their records and 
romances. 1903. 946.5 T5w 


McCarthy, Justin. Portraits of the sixties. 1903. £2.M12a 

Contents : — The early sixties.— Dickens— Thackeray.— Carlyle.— Tenny- 
son.— Richard Owen.— The brothers Newman.— Cobden.— Bright.— Sir 
Stafford Northoote. — A parliamentary group. — Another parliamentary 
group.— From Commons to Lords.—" Crownlcss sovereignties." — Sir Rich- 
ard and Lady Burton.— Two philanthropists.— Ruskln and the Pre- Raph- 
ael! tee.— John Arthur Roebuck.— Italy's English sympathizers.— Stars that 
rose in the sixties.— Lord Clarence Paget-Thorold Rogers.— Goldwln 
Smith.— The Keeleys, Robson, and Webster.— The Bancrofts.— Three 
queens of song.— Three stage graces.— Some queens of society.— Last words. 



United States. Congress. A biographical congressional 

directory, 1774 to 1903. = Ref. 45.15 

Who's who : an annual biographical dictionary. 1904. Ref. 50.80 

Beecher. Abbott, Lyman. Henry Ward Beecher. 1903. E.B3985.a 
Borgia. Gregorovius, Ferdinand. Lucretia Borgia; according 

to original documents and correspondence of her day. Trans. 

from the third German ed. by J. L. Garner. 1903. E.B6578.g 

Bridgman. Elliott, Mrs. M. H., and Hall, Mrs. F. M. H. Laura 

Bridgman, Dr. Howe's famous pupil, and what he taught her. 

1903. E.B7665.6 

Brown. Brown, J. T. Dr. John Brown : a biography and a 

criticism. Ed., with a short sketch of the biographer, by W. 

B. Duniop. 1903. E.B8105.b 

A life of the famous author of Rob and hi* friends. 

Barney. Dobson, Austin. Fanny Burney (Madame d'ArMay). 
1903. E.B9395.d 

Ohamplain. Dlx, E. A . Champlain, the founder of New France. 
1903. E.C3615.d 

Disraeli. Meynell, Wilfrid. Benjamin Disraeli: an unconven- 
tional biography. 1903. E.B3555.m 
" We are able to give almost unreserved praise to Mr. Meynell's captivating 
volumes upon a fascinating, bnt difficult subject. His big book is of the 
deepest interest, almost from the first page to the last; but it is no life of 
the statesman ; rather a picture of the man. If It had appeared on the same 
day as the promised official life, each would only have helped or completed 
the other. Mr. Meynell's book in no way replaces Mr. Bryce's excellent 
sketch. . . . Neither does it lessen the importance of the two perfect essays 
on Disraeli which have appeared in France. In the English tongue there is at 
yet, we think, no considerable life of Disraeli likely to be of permanent 
value, but Mr. Meynell's will, for what it is, both be appreciated at the 
moment and lastingly consulted."— The Athenaeum. 

Francis Joseph I., Emperor of Austria. A keystone of empire, 
Francis Joseph of Austria, by the author of The martyrdom of 
an empress. 1903. 943.6 F8k 

Griffis, W. E. Sunny memories of three pastorates [Schenectady, 
Boston, Ithaca]; with a selection of sermons and essays. 
1908. E.G879 


Hawthorne. Hawthorne, Julian. Hawthorne and his circle. 

1903. E.H8255.ha 

Hoar, G. F. Autobiography of seventy years. 1908. 2v. E.H6546 

••In commending to the reader Senator Hoar*8 'Autobiography of Seventy 
Years,' no words of personal eulogy are called for from this pen. The man 
is known by his works, of which this book Is a worthy record. . . . Mem- 
ories of great men, most of them no longer living, crowd Mr. Hoar's pages. 
Eloquent tributes are paid to those he admires, and his enemies are treated 
with courtesy and fairness. . . . Excellent acoounts of four Republican 
National Conventions — at all of which the writer was present, and over 
one of which he presided — are among the notably Instructive and readable 
chapters of this work."— The Dial. 

Mackenzie. Bryson, Mrs. M. F. John Kenneth Mackenzie, 

medical missionary to China. 2d ed. [18 — .] f E.M2185 

Montfort. Crelghton, Mandell. Life of Simon de Montfort, 

earl of Leicester. 1902. f E.M7715.C 

Morrison. Townsend, W. J. Robert Morrison, the pioneer of 

Chinese missions. [18—.] f E.M8415 

Napoleon I. Fournler, August. Napoleon the First : a biography. 

Trans, by M. B. Corwin and A. D. Bissell. Ed. by E. G. 

Bourne. 1903. 944.04 Nlf 

Nevius, Mrs. H. 8. O. The life of John Livingston Nevius, for 

forty years a missionary in China. By his wife. Introd. by 

W. A. P. Martin. 1895. f E.N386 

Reade. Coleman, John. Charles Reade as I knew him. 1903. 


Stevenson, Mrs. M. I. B. From Saranac to the Marquesas and 
beyond : being letters written by Mrs. M. I. Stevenson daring 
1887-88 to her sister, Jane Whyte Balfour, with a short introd. 
by Q. W. Balfour. Ed. and arr. by M. C. Balfour. 1903. E.St543 

Thackeray. Whibley, Charles. William Makepeace Thackeray. 
1903. E. T327.W 

Tolstoi. Crosby, E. H. Tolstoy and his message. 1903. E.T588.C 

Warwick. Grevllle, F. E. M., 5th countess of Warwick. War- 
wick Castle and its earls, from Saxon times to the present 
day. 1903. 2v. f E.W2685 

Washington. Pryor, Mrs. S. A. R. The mother of Washing- 
ton, and her times. 19Q&. E.W2763p 



White. Dwight, E. A. Memorials of Mary Wilder White. Ed. by 

M. W. Tileston. A century ago in New England. 1903. E.W5858 

Wolseley, Q. J., 1st viscount. The story of a soldier's life. 

1903. 2v. E.W8380 

" This soldier's life-story, told by himself, Is not only a work of much 
historic value, but a stirring tale as well, a piece of material autobiography 
of very genuine interest. Lord Wolseley was Field-Marshal because he 
was first a soldier and won his promotions by fighting for them. The event 
In his career most interesting to Americans, perhaps, was the command of 
the British division sent to Canada to watch us during our war with the 
South, and his expedition to the Confederacy. He describes this very fully 
in his memoirs, Including his visit to General Lee and Stonewall Jackson." 

Bell, J. J. Ethel, t B415.2 

Castle, Agnes, and Egerton. Incomparable Bella ir 8. C277.7 

Crane, Stephen, and Barr, Robert. The 'Ruddy. C8551.9 

Davis, Mrs. M. E. M. The little chevalier. 1)286.6 

Duncan, 8. J. The pool in the desert [and other stories]. D915.10 

Francis, M. lL. f pseud. Christian Thai: a novel. F849.8 

Gilson, R. B. Mother and father ; from In the morning glow. G435.2 

Couch, A. T. Quiller-. Two sides of the face ; midwinter tales. 


Herrick, Robert. Their child. H437.4 
Howells, W. D. Letters home, f H843.36 
Jacobs, W. W. Odd craft, t J157.6 
McCarthy, J. H. The prond prince. M134.8 
Mitchell, S. W. Little stories. M708.13 
Moore, F. F. Shipmates in sunshine : the romance of a Carib- 
bean cruise. M785.16 
Morrison, Arthur. The red triangle: being some further 

chronicles of Martin Hewitt, investigator, t M8391.8 

Scudder, V. D. A listener in Babel. S4365.1 

Tarkington, Booth. Cherry, f T178.4 
Turgenef, I. S. A desperate character, and other stories. T847.ll 

Dream tales, and prose poems. T847.13 

The jew, and other stories. T847.14 

Watford, Mrs. L. B. Black familiars. W147.26 

Wharton, Edith. Sanctuary. W556.5 



Baker, B. S. Boy's second book of inventions. J500 Bl6a 

Contains chapters on radium, flying machines, wireless telegraphy, etc. 

Frye, A. B. Brooks and brook basins. 1902. f j500 F94 

Ingpen, Roger, ed. One thousand poems for children : a choice 

of the best verse old and new. 1908. J811.8 158 

Jamison, Mrs. 0. V. Thistledown. JJ247.3 

Kelley, L. E. Three hundred things a bright girl can do. 1908. 

Content*: — Beads and their uses.— Worsted.— Thread work.— Joinery for 
girls.— Wood carving.— Bent Iron* work.— Pyrography.— Basketry.— Rug 
making.— Cardboard construction.— Dlrectlons.for making paper flowers of 
crepe and tissue.— Art: line and form.— Art: clay modelling.— Art: col- 
ors.— Artistic handicrafts.— Athletics.— . Athletic sports.— Collections.— 
Taxidermy.— Gardens.— Pheasants, poultry, bees.— Housewifery, entertain- 
ment, amusements.— Girl's clubs.— Whatwomcn should know in law. 

Mitton, Q. E. The children's book of London. 1903. J942.6 M68 

Pyle, Howard. The story of King Arthur. 1903. J291 P99 

Syrett, Netta. Six fairy plays for children. 1903. J812 S99 

Contents . — The dream lady.— Little Bridget.— White magic— The gift of 

the fairies.— The wonderful rose.— In A ready. 

Tappan, £. M. Robin Hood, his book. 1903. J291 R65t 

White, Mary and Sara. The book of children's parties. 1908. 

J790 W58 
White, S. £. The magic forest : a modern fairy story. j W5934.4 
Whitson, J. H. With Fremont the pathfinder ; or, winning the 

empire of gold. JW615.2 

Youth's Companion Series. The ship of state, by those at the 

helm. 1903. j353 Y83 

Contents : — The presidency, by T. Roosevelt.— The life of a senator, by H. 
C. Lodge. — The life of a congressman, by T. b. Reed.— The Supreme court 
of the United States, by D. J. Brewer.— Hpw Jack lives, by J. D. Long.— 
The naval war college, by J. D. Long.— How our soldiers are fed, by W. C. 
Sanger. — How the army is clothed, by M. F. Ludington.— Good manners 
and diplomacy, by W. R. Day.— How foreign treaties are made, by H. C. 
Lodge.— Uncle Sam's law business, by J. R. Richards.— The American post 
office, by W. L. Wilson. 
Articles reprinted from the Youth' $ Companion. 

The Uiy wd&ka ¥*s&&\ ^. k.'tr . ftPurosR. 


APRIL, 1904 

- ; 




VOL. X. No. 4 

Brookline, Mass. 




Public Library of Brookline 

Louisa M. Hoofhr. 


A Deposit and Delivery Station was established at Cool id ge' a Corner 
in Hayman's Drug Store on January 1, 1904. Several hundred volumes 
of fiction, history, biography, etc., new and old, have been placed 
there in an open case from which they may be drawn for home use. 
There will be two deliveries of books each week, on Mondays and 
Thursdays, to and from the Public Library, so that borrowers may 
leave requests for special books at the Deposit Station, and, If the 
books are available, receive them by the next delivery from the 
central Library. Such books must be called for at the Deposit 
Station. Books may be returned to the Station whether taken from 
there or from the central Library ; but books drawn from the Deposit 
Station must be returned there only. 

Residents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers, may 
make application for cards at the Deposit Station. 

Deposit Station — Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane. 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 

The Library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Reading Room. 

A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 


indicates gifts. 

f indicates books bought by request. 


Bay Psalm Book. Being a facsimile reprint of the first edition, 
printed bj Stephen Daye, at Cambridge, in New England, in 
1640. With an introd. by Wilberforce Eames. 1903. 223.2 B34 

Bible. New Testament. The New Testament of Oar Lord and 
Saviour Jesus Christ : being the authorized version set forth in 
1611, arranged in parallel columns with the revised version of 
1881, and with the original Greek, as ed. by F. H. A. Scrive- 
ner. 1892. 225.58 848 

Brierley, J. Ourselves and the universe: studies in life and 

religion. New ed. 1903. 204 B76a 

Problems of living. 1903. 204 B76b 

Studies of the soul. 5th ed. 1903. 204 B76 

Briggs, O. A. New light on the life of Jesus. 1904. 232.9 B76 

Oaedmon, Saint. Exodus and Daniel ; ed. from Grein, by T. W. 
Hunt. 6th ed. 1902. 829.1 Cllh 

Cambridge Modern History. Planned by Lord Acton. Ed. 
by A. W. Ward, G. W. Prothero, Stanley Leathes. Vol. 2. 
The Reformation. 1904. 270.6 C14 

Oranmer, Thomas. Remains of Thomas Cranmer, D. D., Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury. Coll. and arr. by H. Jenkyns. 1833. 
4v. 204 C85 

Fisher, G. P. The grounds of theistic and Christian belief. 
Rev. ed., in great part rewritten. 1902. 215 P58 


Gore, Charles, ed. Lux mundi: a series of studies in the re- 
ligion of the incarnation. 12th ed. 1902. 282 G66 

Contents.— Faith, by H. S. Holland. —The Christian doctrine of God, by 
Aubrey Moore.— The problem of pain : its bearing on faith in God, by J. R. 
Illingworth.— The preparation in history for Christ, by E. S. Talbot.— The 
incarnation in relation to development, by J. R. Illingworth.— The incarna- 
tion as the basis of dogma, by R. C Moberly.— The atonement, by Arthur 
Lyttelton.— The holy Spirit and inspiration, by C. Gore.— The Church, by W. 
Lock.— Sacraments, by F. Paget.— Christianity and politics, by W. J. H. 
Champion.— Christian ethics, by R. L Ottley.— Appendix I. — On some 
aspects of Christian duty.— Appendix //.—On the Christian doctrine of 

Hadley, A. T. The relations between freedom and responsibility 
in the evolution of democratic government. 1908. 172 Hll 

Contents.— Democracy In theory and in practice.— The basis of civil liberty. 
— Freedom as a religious conception.— Freedom as a legal Institution.— Free- 
dom as a foundation of ethics.— The limits of individual freedom.— The out- 
look for the future. 

Hooker, Richard. Works, with an account of his life and 
death, by Isaac Walton. Arr. by John Keble. 7th ed., rev. 
by R. W. Church and F. Paget. 1888. 3v. 262 H76 

Vol. 1. Life of Hooker.— Of the laws of ecclesiastical polity, books 1-4. 

2. Ecclesiastical polity, book 6. 

3. Ecclesiastical polity, book* 6-8.— Travers's supplication to the coun- 

cil.— Hooker's answer to Travers's supplication.— Sermons. 

Kant, Immanuel. Critique of practical reason, and other works 

on the theory of ethics. Trans, by T. K. Abbott. 5th ed t rev. 

with memoir. 1898. 193 K13g 

Other Works ; — Fundamental principles of the metaphyslc of morals.— 
Introd. to the Metaphy sic of moral*; pref. and lntrod. to the Metaphysical 
elements of ethics. — 1st purt of Philosophical theory of religion. — Appendix: 
On a supposed right to tell lies from benevolent motives. — On the saying, 
•• Necessity has no law." 

Introduction to logic, and Essay on the mistaken snbtility of 
the four figures. Trans, by T. K. Abbott, with a few notes 
by Coleridge. 1885. 193 K13c 

Krltik of judgment. Trans., with introd. and notes by J. H. 
Bernard. 1892. 193 K13b 


Kant, Immanuel,— continued. 

The metaphyslc of ethics. Trans, by J. W. Semple. 3rd ed. 

Ed., with introd. bj Henry Calderwood. 1886. 193 K13h 

On education (Ueber Pftdagogik). Trans, by A. Churton. 

With an introd. by C. A. F. R-. Davids. 1900. 193 K13a 

The philosophy of law: an exposition of the fundamental 

principles of jurisprudence as the science of right. Trans. 

by W. Hastie. 1887. 193 K13f 

A second title-page reads : The metaphysical principle* of the science of 
right as contained in the mctaphysic of moral*. 

Principles of politics, including [the] Essay on perpetual 
peace: a contribution to political science. Ed. and trans, 
by W. Hastie. 1891. 193 K13e 

Content* : — Idea of a universal history from a oosmopolltlcal point of view. 
—Principles of political right considered in connection with the relation of 
theory to practice In the right of the state.— The principle of progress con- 
sidered In connection with the relation of theory to practice in international 
law. — Perpetual peace. 

Prolegomena, and metaphysical foundations of natural science. 
Trans., with a biography and introd. by E. B. Bax. 2d ed., 
rev. 1891. 193 KISd 

Knox, John. The history of the reformation of religion within 

the realm of Scotland. Ed. for popular use, by C. J. Quthrie. 

2d ed. 1899. 270.6 K77 

Henries, Allan. History of religion: a sketch of primitive 

religious beliefs and practices, and of the origin and character 

of the great systems. 1903. 209 M52 

Sabatier, L. A. The apostle Paul : a sketch of the development 
of his doctrine. Trans, by A. M. Hellier. Ed., with addi- 
tional essay on the pastoral epistles, by G. G. Findlay. 
5th ed. 1903. f 225.92 P28s 

Outlines of a philosophy of religion based on psychology and 
history. 1902. 201 Sll 

Religions of authority and the religion of the spirit. Trans, 
by L. S. Houghton. 1904. 201 Slla 

Content*:— Introduction: The problem.— The Roman Cathollo dogma of 
authority <— The Protestant dogma of authority.— The religion of the spirit. 


Shaler, N. S. The citizen : a study of the Individual and the 
government. 1904. 179 861 


Addams, Jane, and others Philanthropy and social progress: 

seven essays . . . delivered before the School of Applied 

Ethics, Plymouth, Mass. 1892. With an introd. by H. C. 

Adams. 1893. f 304A2Sa 

Contents : — The subjective necessity for social settlements; The objective 
T&lue of a social settlement, by Jane Addams.— The university settlement 
Idea, by Robert A. Woods.— Philanthropy, Its success and failure; Philan- 
thropy and morality, by J. O. 8. Huntington.— The ethics of sodal progress, 
by F. H. Giddlngs.— The principles and chief dangers of the administration 
of charity, by Bernard Bosanqnet. 

Brackett, J. R. Supervision and education in charity. 1908. 361 B72 

Cleveland, F. A. First lesson in finance. 1908. 332 C59a 

Fiske, A. K. The modern bank : a description of its functions 
and methods, and a brief account of the development and 
present systems of banking. 1904. 832 F54 

Hall, 0. W., ed. Regiments and armories of Massachusetts : an 
historical narration of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia; 
with portraits and biographies of officers past and present. 
1899-1901. 2v. f 358.9744 H14 

Hodgson, Oeraldine. The life of the state. 1903. 342.42 H66 

Contents .—The olty states of Greece and Rome.— The growth of the Eng- 
lish state.— Parliament ; the Cabinet; the party system.— The Judicature.— 
The Executive.— National liberty. 

Massachusetts. General Court. Acts and resolves passed by 
the General Court of Massachusetts in the year 1908.=Ref . 45.21 
General Court. Journal of the House of Representatives. 

1903. = 1184.1 

General Court. Journal of the Senate for the year 1908. = 

Secretary of the Commonwealth. Public documents : being 
the annual reports of various public officers and institutions 
for the year 1902 . 12 v. £» 1189. 1 


Popular Studies in Mythology, Romance, and Folklore. 2v. 398 P81 

Vol. 1. No. 1. Celtic and mediaeval romance, by Alfred Nutt. 1899. 

2. Folklore : what is It and what is the good of it? By £. S. 

Hartland. 1899. 

3. Osslan and the Ossianlc literature. By Alfred Nutt. 1899. 

4. King Arthur and his knights: a survey of Arthurian ro- 

mance. By J. L. Weston. 1899. 

5. The popular poetry of the Finns. By C. J. Blllson. 1900. 
0. The fairy mythology of Shakespeare. By Alfred Nutt. 1900. 
7. Mythology and folktales, their relation and interpretation. 

By £. S. Hartland. 1900. 
Vol. 2. No. 9. The Rig Veda. By £. V. Arnold. 1900. 

10. The romance cycle of Charlemagne and his peers. By J. 

L. Weston. 1901. 

11. The Mablnogion. By I. B.John. 1901. 

12. The Edda: 1. The divine mythology of the north. By 

Winifred Faraday. 1902. 

13. The Edda: 2. The heroic mythology of the north. By 

Winifred Faraday. 1902. 

Post, L. F. Ethics of democracy : a series of optimistic essays 

on the natural laws of human society. 1903. t 321.4 P84 

Quarterly journal of economics, vol. 17. Nov. 1902-Aug. 1903. 

Per. Q40 

Riis, J. A. Children of the tenements. 1903. 831.8 R44c 

Twenty-seven of the forty stories in this book are reprinted from his Out of 
Mulberry Street. 

Sidgwick, Henry. The development of European polity. [Ed. 

by E. M. Sidgwick.] 1903. 320.9 S56 

United States. Census Office. Twelfth census, 1900, special 
reports: Employees and wages, by D. R. Dewey. 1903. 
= 2029.63 

Oongress. Revised statutes of the United States. Supple- 
ment, vol. 2, comprising nos. 1-9, 62d to 56th Congresses, 
1892-1901. Ed. by G. A. King, W. B. King [and] E. C. 
Brandenburg, by authority of Congress. 1901. Ref. 45.2 

Williams, Joshua. Principles of the law of real property, in- 
tended as a first book for the use of students in conveyancing. 
19th ed., re-arr. and partly re-written by T. C. Williams. 
1901. f 347.2 W67 


Willson, Beckles. Ledger and sword; or, the Honoorable 

Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies, 

1599-1874. 1903. 2v. 882 W68 

Woodworth, A. V. Christian socialism in England. 1903. f 

336.7 W87 

World almanac and encyclopedia. 1904. Ref . 60.46 


College Entrance Examination Board. Questions set at the 
examinations held June 15-20, 1903. 378.01 C68 

Educational Review, vol. 26. June-Dec. 1903. 1356.4 

Fulleylove, John. Oxford, painted by John Fulleyloye, de- 
scribed by Edward Thomas. 1903. 378.42 09 f 

Stubbs, O. W., dean of Ely. Cambridge and its story. With 
lithographs and other illus. by Herbert Railton, the lithographs 
tinted by Fanny Railton. 1903. 378.42 C14s 

Taylor, A. It. The study of the child : a brief treatise on the 
psychology of the child, with suggestions for teachers, stu- 
dents, and parents. 1900. f 372 T21 

United States. Bureau of Education. Report of the Commis- 
sioner for the year 1902. Vol. 2. = 2061.1 


Hill, A. 8. Beginnings of rhetoric and composition, including 
practical exercises in English. 1902. 426 H55a 

This book has many points of resemblance to The foundations of rhetoric; 
It is larger and contains new material. 

Tooke, J. H. *Eir€o vrcpUvra ; or, the diversions of Purley. With 
numerous additions from the copy prepared by the author for 
republication; to which is annexed his letter to John Dun- 
ning: rev. and corrected with additional notes, by Richard 
Taylor. 1867. 426 T61 


American Journal of Science. 4th series, vol. 16. July-Dec. 

1903. Per. A30 
Anderson, R. E. The story of extinct civilizations of the west. 

1904. 671.9 A64 


Conn, H. W. Bacteria, yeasts, and molds in the home. 1903. 

589.9 C76 
Electrical World and Engineer, vol. 42. July-Dec. 1903. 2453.14 
Gilbert, William. William Gilbert of Colchester, physician of 
London, on the loadstone and magnetic bodies, and on the 
great magnet the earth. A new physiology, demonstrated 
with many arguments and experiments. Trans, by P. F. 
Mottelay. 1893. 538 G37 

Hall, E. H., and Bergen, J. Y. A text-book of physics, largely 
experimental ; including the Harvard College Descriptive list of 
elementary exercises in physics. 3d ed., rev. 1903. 530 H14 

Joubert, J. F. Elementary treatise on electricity and mag- 
netism. By G. C. Foster and A. W. Porter ; founded on Jou- 
bert's " Traite* Stementaire d'&ectricileV 2d ed. 1903. 537 J82 
Lodge, O. J. Elementary mechanics, including hydrostatics and 
pneumatics. New ed., rev. by the author and by Alfred Lodge, 
answers rev. by C S. Lodge. 1896 ? 531 L82 

Michelson, A. A. Light waves and their uses. 1903. 535 M58 

Miller, O. T., pseud. With the birds in Maine. 1904. 598.2 M61w 
Nature, vol. 68. May-Oct. 1903. Per. N28 

Newton, Sir Isaac. Principia. First book [concerning the 
motion of bodies], sections I, II, III. With notes and illus. 
and a collection of problems principally intended as examples 
of Newton's methods, by Percival Frost. 5th ed. 1900. 

581.3 N48a 
Nichols, E. L. The outlines of physics: an elementary text- 
book. 1898. 530 N51 
Popular Science Monthly, vol. 63. May-Oct. 1903. Per. P65 
Sells, V. P. The mechanics of daily life. 1893. 531 S46 
Smithsonian Institution. Annual report of the board of re- 
gents for the year ending June 30, 1901. Vol. 2. Report of 
the U. S. National Museum. 1903. = 2469.3 
Thomson, J. J. Conduction of electricity through gases. 1903. 

537 T88 
Weysse, A. W. A synoptic text-book of zoology for schools 
and colleges. 1904. 590 W54 


Wright, Lewis. The induction coil in practical work, including 

Rontgen X rays. 1897. 587.5 W93 

Optical projections : a treatise on the nae of the lantern in 
exhibition and scientific demostration. 1901. 686 W93a 


Cumberland, 0. The guinea pig, or domestic cavy, for fur, 
food, and fancy. [18 — .] 636.9 C91 

Ellwanger, W. D. The oriental mg : a monograph on eastern 
rugs and carpets, saddlebags, mats and pillows, with a con- 
sideration of kinds and classes, types, borders, figures, dyes, 
symbols, etc., together with some practical advice to collec- 
tors. 1903. 645 E47 

Farmer, F. M. Food and cookery for the sick and convales- 
cent. 1904. 641 F22c 

Graham, J. A. The sporting dog. 1904. 636.7 076 

Hiscox, G. D. Gas, gasoline and oil engines: an up-to-date 
book on the subject of explosive motor power. 10th ed., re- 
set, rev. and enl. 1902. 621.4 H62a 

Hopkins, G. M. Home mechanics for amateurs. 1903. 694 H77 

Contents : — Wood-working.— How to make household ornaments.— Metal 
working. — Model engines and boilers. — Meteorology.— Telescopes and 
microscopes — Electricity. 

Hough, R. B. The American woods, exhibited by actual speci- 
mens, and with copious explanatory text. Parts L-4, and 4 
extra plates. 1892-98. 5v. Art case 9.2.20 

Huntington, A. K., and McMillan, W. G. Metals, their prop- 
erties nnd treatment. 1903. 669 H92 

This book Is based on a work by Bloxam, published In 1872, re-wrltten 
and augmented by Huntington in 1882. 

Meyer, H. 0. Steam power plants, their design and construc- 
tion. 1903. 621.1 M57 

Morrison, J. H. History of American steam navigation. 1903. 

359.9 M83 

Navajo School of Indian Basketry. Indian basket weaving. 
1903. f 689 N12 

• T. 

FINS ABT8. 99 

Parsons, H. deB. Steam boilers, their theory and design. 
1903. 621.18 P25 

Thurston, R. H. A manual of steam-boilers, their design, con- 
struction, and operation ; for technical schools and engineers. 
7th ed., rev. and enl. 1904. 621.18 T42 

TJnwin, W. 0. The elements of machine design. New ed., rev. 

and enl. 1901-1902. 2v. 621 U62 

Part 1. General principle*, fastenings, and transmisslre machinery. 
2. Chiefly on engine details. 
West, T. D. American foundry practice; treating of loam, dry 
sand and green sand moulding, and containing a practical 
treatise upon the management of cupolas and the melting of 
Iron. 10th ed. 1908. 672 W52 

Wright, John. The home mechanic. 1908. 694 W98 

Contents : — Joinery. — Squares. — Planes.— Saws. — Chisels.— Tools. — Be. 
pairs.— 8oldenng.— Tools for metal-work.— Torn or bow-lathe.— Wood- 
turning.— The lathe.— Steam-engines.— Metal- work.— Chucks, etc.— Drill- 
ing.— Boring.— Conclusion. 

Art Journal. 1908. 705 A79 

Bailey, H. T. The great painters' gospel : pictures representing 
scenes and Incidents in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ ; with 
scriptural quotations, references and suggestions for compara- 
tive study. 1900. f 755 B15 
Bosanquet, Bernard. A history of aesthetic. 1892. 701 B65 
Clifford, O. B,. Period decoration. 1901. 745 C61 
This book describes the decoration and ornament of different countries and 

Olive, B. Q. Windsor-. John Constable, R. A. 1908. 750 C76w 
Cook, B. T., ed. The century book of gardening : a comprehen- 
sive work for every lover of the garden. 1902? [The u Coun- 
try Life" library.] 710 C77 
Orowe, Sir J. A., and Oavalcaselle, G. B. A history of painting 
in Italy : Umbria, Florence, and Siena from the second to the 
sixteenth century. Ed. by Langton Douglas, assisted by 
Arthur Strong. 1908. 759.5 C95 
Vol. 1. Early Christian art. 

2. Giotto and the Glottesques. 


Davie, W. Q. Old English doorways : a series of historical ex- 
amples from Tudor times to the end of the 18th century; 
illus. on 70 plates reproduced in collotype from photographs 
by Davie, with historical and descriptive notes on the subjects, 
including 84 drawings and sketches by H. Tanner, Jr. 1903. 

724.1 D28 

Dawson, 0. F. Elementary design : a systematic course of les- 
sons for students. 1903. 746 D26 

Halsey, Ethel. Gaudenzio Ferrari. 1904. 750 F37h 

Holme, Oharles, ed. The genius of J. M. W. Turner. 1903. 

Content* : — The oil-paintings of Turner, by Robert de la Siieranne.— Turn- 
er's monochrome* and early water-oolonrs, by W. S. Sparrow.— The later 
water-colours, by W. 8. 8 parrow.— Turner and his engravers, by C. F. Bell. 

House and garden, vol. 4. July-Dec. 1908. 720.5 H8 

Jackson, F. G. Metal work: chasing and repousse 1 for home 

art workers. 1903. 739 J13 

Kuiferath, Maurice. The Parsifal of Richard Wagner; with 

accounts of the Perceval of Chretien de Troies and the Parzi- 

val of Wolfram von Eschenbach. Trans, by L. M. Henermann. 

With the leading motifs in musical notation and illustrations 

of the scenes at the Metropolitan Opera House. Introd. by H. 

E. Krehbiel. 1904. 781.01 W 12k 

Lanteri, Ed. Modelling: a guide for teachers and students. 

Vol. 2. With pref. by Sir W. B. Richmond. 1904. 781 L29 

Masters in Art : A series of illustrated monographs. Vol. 4. 

1903. 759 M42 

Contents : — Romney.— Fra Angellco.— Watteau.— Raphael's frescos.— Don- 
atello.— Gerard Dou.— Carpacclo.— Rosa Bonheur.— Guido Ren!.— Purls de 
Chavannes.— Glorgione.— Kossettl. 

Masters in Music. Vols. 1-2. 1903. 781.9 M39 

Vol. 1. Mozart.— Chopin.— Gounod.— Mendelssohn.— Grieg.— Raff. 
J4. Verdi.— Haydn.— Bizet.— Beethoven.— Handel. 

Mayeux, Henri. A manual of decorative composition for de- 
signers, decorators, architects, and industrial artists. Trans, 
by J. Gonino. 1888. 746 M45 


Meyer, A. O. Donatello. Tram, by P. G. Konody. 1904. 785 D71m 
Meynell, Mrs. Alice. Children of the old masters. (Italian 

School.) 1903. Art case 7.1.10 

Perkins, O. 0. French cathedrals and chateaux. 1903. 2v. 721.4 F41 
Pollock, Sir Montagu. Light and water : a study of reflexion 

and colour in river, lake and sea. 1903. 752 P76 

Statham, H. H. Modern architecture : a book for architects 
and the public. 1898. 720 S79a 

Contents: — The present position.— Church architecture.— 8tate and muni- 
cipal architecture.— Domestic architecture.— Street architecture.— A note 
m to the influence of iron. 

Studio, vol. 29. June-Sept. 1903. Art case 5.1 

Symons, Arthur. Plays, acting, and music. 1903. 792 S98 

A collection of criticisms which have appeared chiefly in the [Academy and 
the Star during 1901 and 1902. 

Velasquez. 1903. [Newnes' art library.] 750 V43 


American Amateur Photographer, vol. 15, 1908. 2465.2 

Badminton Magazine, vol. 17. July-Dec. 1903. Per. B10 

Brown, Q. E., ed. Finishing the negative : a handbook of all 
the processes between fixing and printing; with a special 
chapter on films. 1900. 770 B81 

Foster, B. F. Bridge tactics : ,a complete manual for self -in- 
struction. 1903. 795 F81b 
Outing, vol. 42. April-Sept. 1908. Per. 085 
Budder, vol. 14. 1903. 359.05 B83 


Alfred, the Great, King of England. The legal code of Alfred 
the Great. Ed., with an introd. by M. H. Turk. 1903. 829.1 A89 
H. A. Points at issue and some other points. 1904. 

824 B415 
Content* .'—College entrance requirements in English.— Literature and the 
colleges.— Literature and the civil war.— Emerson's transcendentalism.— 
The modern feeling for nature.— Esthetic botany.— The English lyric— 
Dialect on the old stage.— The queen of hearts. 


Boethius, A. M. T. 8. The consolation of philosophy. Trans. 

by W. V. Cooper. 1902. 873 B67m 

Brome, Richard. Dramatic works : containing fifteen comedies 

now first collected in three volumes. 1878. St. 822 C86 

Garew, Thomas. Poems. Ed. by Arthur Vincent. 1899. 820 C272 

Centlivre, Mrs. 8. F. Dramatic works of the celebrated Mrs. 

Centllvre, with a new account of her life. 1872. St. 822 C89 

Chesterton, G. K. The defendant. 2d ed. 1903. 824 C52 

Contents:— A defense of penny dreadfuls, of rash vows, of skeletons, of pub- 
licity, of nonsense, of planets, of chin* shepherdesses, of useful information, 
of heraldry, of ugly things, of farce, of humility, of slang, of baby-worship, 
of detective stories, of patriotism. 

Gibber, Colley. Dramatic works. 1777. 5t. 822 C56 

Oolman, George, the elder. Dramatick works. 1777. 4t. 822 C71 

Davies, Sir John. Complete poems. Ed., with memorial in- 
troduction and notes, by A. B. Grosart. 1876. 2v. 820 D256 

DeNormandie, James, comp. The beauty of wisdom : a vol- 
ume of daily readings from some ancient writers for family, 
school, and private meditation. 1903. 808.8 D43 

English Scholar's Library. Ed. by Edward Arber. 1895-1903. 

1. History of Reynard the fox. Trans, and printed by Wil- 

liam Caxton. 1481. 838 R83c 

2. John Knox. The first blast of the trumpet against the 

monstrous regiment of women. 1558. 396 K97 

3. Clement Robinson and others. A handful of pleasant de- 

lights, containing sundry new sonnets and delectable his- 
tories in divers kind of metre, etc. 1584. 820 R65 

5. Rev. John Udall. The state of the Church of England 

laid open in a conference between Diotrephes, a bishop, 
Tertullus, a papist, Demetrius, a usurer, Pandochus, an 
innkeeper, and Paul, a preacher of the word of God. 
1588. 283 U18 

6. The return from Parnassus; or, the scourge of simony, 

publicly acted by the students of St. John'* college, in 
Cambridge, 1602. Printed 1606. 822 R43 


English. Scholar's Library,— continued. 

7. Thomas Decker. The seven deadly sins of London drawn 

in seven several coaches, through the seven several gates 
of the city, bringing the plague with them. 1606. 824 D32s 

8. Edward Arber, ed. An introductory sketch to the Martin 

Marprelate controversy. 1588-1590. 288 M84 

9. Rev. John Udall. A demonstration of the truth of that 

discipline, which Christ hath prescribed in His Word for 
the government of His Church, in all times, etc. 1588. 

262 U18 
10. Richard Stanyhurst. Translation of the first four books 
of the JEnels of P. Virgilius Maro, with other poetical 
devices thereto annexed. 1582. 873 V5s 

12. Robert Greene. Menaphon. Camila's alarm to slumber- 

ing Euphues in his melancholy cell at Silexedra, etc. 
1589. 824 G795m 

13. George Joy. An apology made by George Joy to satisfy, 

if it may be, W. Tindale. 1535. 225 J84 

14. Richard Barnfield, of Darlaston, Staffordshire, Esquire. 

Poems. 1594-1598. 820 B26 

Btheredge, Sir George. Works : plays and poems. Ed., with 
critical notes and introduction by A. W. Verity. 1888. 822 E84 

Contentt:— The comical revenge; or, love in a tub.— She would if she could. 
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Cbnieiifc;— Chateau-Glllard.— Troyea.— The House of Brienne.— Como.— 
Rochester.— Knole.— Mil man's Annals of St. PassTs.— Great Yarmouth.— 
St. Rdmundsbury and the Archaeological Institute,— The mnnlcjpal history 
of London.— The London of the Plantagenets.— KngiUh municipalities.— 
Pauperism in the east of London.— The East-end and its relief committees. 
— Soupers at the East-end — France and the French poor-relief .— Benevo- 
lence and the poor.— Historic study in France.— The ecclesiastical commit, 
sioners and the Lambeth Library. — Professor Stubb's inaugural lecture.- 
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Contents:— Dedication.— The garden of life.— In praise of governesses. — 
On going to the play.— Reading books.— Hearing music— Receiving letters.— 
New friends and old.— Other friendships. — A hotel sitting-room.— In praise 
of courtship. — Knowing one's mind. — Against talking. — In praise of 
silence.— The blame of portraits.— Sere and yellow interlude.— A stage 
jewel. — My bicycle and I.— Parries of the past.— Making presents.— Going 
away.— Coming back. — Losing one's train.— The hanging gardens. 

According to The Spectator the author writes with a " grace of diction 
that marks one who is at once a mondaine and & cosmopolitan, and a grace of 
thought that sometimes recalls Mrs. Meynell, and sometimes R. L. Stevenson, 
and even here and there reminds one of Emerson. . . . No book quite so 
good of the same kind has lately been published." 

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A satire on some of the popular authors. 

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106 BROOKLOnE PUBLIC library. 


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Contents:— Tour gaenett: sa Tie et son oeuvre. Par E. M. de Yogiie.— Mon- 
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-■ * 



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Eliot and his Indians.— Parson Smith's daughter Abigail.— East Apthorp 
and his parish troubles.— A famous Tory wit and divine.— When a French 
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Karten mit erlftuterndem Text ; ausgefiihrt von der geograph- 
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Fea, Allan. The flight of the king : being a full, true and par- 
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Parti. An historical tour from Worcester to 8horeham. Part 2 consists of 
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1775.— The midnight ride of Paul Revere.— 1 he battle of Bunker Hill.— /The 
crossed swords.— Lawrence Academy, Grot on, Mass. 

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904 L25 

Other Studies : — The valet's master.— The mystery of Sir Edmund Berry 
Godfrey.— The false Jeanne d*Arc.— Junius and Lord Lyttelton's ghost.— 
The mystery of Amy Robsart.— The voices of Jeanne d* Arc.— The mystery 
of James de la Cloche.— The truth about " Fisher's ghost."— The mystery 
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Vol.1. 1801-1817.— 2. 1861-1871. 


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942.5 H69b 

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Clement, E. W. A handbook of modern Japan. 1903. 952.6 C59 
This book endeavours to portray Japan In all it a features as a modern world- 
power. It is planned to be a compendium of condensed information, with 
careful references to the best sources of more complete knowledge. A bib. 
liography of reference books is given at the end of each chapter. 

Freshfield, D. W. Round Kangchenjunga : a narrative of moun- 
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949.6 G18 

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flques and discoveries of the English nation made by sea or 

over-land to the remote and farthest distant quarters of the 

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Robinson, A. M. F., ajlerwards Mme. Duclaux. The fields of 

France : little essays in descriptive sociology. 2d ed. 1904. 

944.6 R56 
Contents : ~ A farm in the Cantal.— A manor in Touralne.— The French 
peasant.— The forest* of the OUe.— A little tonr in Provence.— How the 
poor lived In the fourteenth century.— The medieval country house. 

Smith, F. B. Budapest, the city of the Magyars. 1903. 943.9 864 

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views of the world's famous places and people, being the iden- 
tical discourses delivered during the past eighteen years under 
the title of The Stoddard Lectures. Supplementary volume, 
no. 3: South Tyrol; Around Lake Garda; The Dolomites. 
1903. 910 S86a 

Trevelyan, Sir G. O. Cawnpore. 1899. t 954.5 C3t 

Contents : — The station.— The outbreak.— The siege.— 1 he treachery.— The 

Young, Filson. Ireland at the cross roads : an essay in ex- 
planation. 1903. 941.8 Y8 

Content s : — The amazing marriage.— The settlers.— The peasant. — Holy 
Ireland.— The double leak.— Social life in Ireland.— The Irish rerlval.— 
The new economy.— Postscript. 


Lamb's Biographical Dictionary of the United States. Ed. 

by J. H. Brown. Vol. 7. 1903. Ref. 55.78 

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chusetts soldiers au& &a\\oifc ta\h& Revolutionary war. Vol. 
II. 1903. = TO.M88 



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Francis of Assisi, Saint. Stoddart, A. M. Francis of Assist. 

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facsimiles of some of his drawings. 1903. E.G805.n 

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and times. 1903. E.L620.1 

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of Saint Mary Magdalen. Trans, from the Italian of an un- 
known fourteenth century writer. With an introduction by 
Vernon Lee. 1904. E.M3735 

Milan I., King of Servia. Gerard, Francis. A king's romance : 
the story of Milan and Natalie, first King and Queen of Servia. 
1903. 949.7 M58g 

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rear-admiral, U. 8. N. A memorial magazine in four num- 
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by Barrett Philip, with contributory and anecdotal articles 
by William McKinley, A. T. Mahan, J. D. Long, [and others]. 
1908. E.P543.m 

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1903. E.P683.m 



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respondence. Published by the National Society of the 
Colonial Dames of America in the State of Ohio; com p. and 
annotated by R. Buell. 1908. E P990 

Rainsford, W. S. A preacher's story of his work. 1904. E.R132 
Dr. Rainsford did not write this book. He related it to listeners In his study 
at St. George's Rectory. 

Stuart, Lady Louisa. Letters to Miss Louisa Clinton. Second 
series. Ed. by J. A. Home. 1903. E.St992.b 

Taylor. Gosse, E. W. Jeremy Taylor. 1904. E.T215 g 

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arranged and edited with notes and indices by Mrs. Paget 
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William IV., King of England. Molloy, J. F. The sailor king, 

William the Fourth, his court and his subjects. 1903. 2v. 

942.075 W6m 

Rumbold, Sir Horace. Further recollections of a diplomatist. 
1903. E.R858.a 

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troduction to the spurious Shelley Letters. Ed. with an introd. 
by R. Garnett. 1903. E.Sh485.b 

Roosevelt. Leupp, F. E. The man Roosevelt: a portrait 

sketch. 1904. E.R685.1 


Arnim, T£. A. B., Grafin von. The adventures of Elizabeth in 

RUgen. By the author of Elizabeth and her German garden. A749.5 
Bartlett, F. O. Joan of the alley. B287 1 

Conyers, Dorothea. The boy, some horses, and a girl. C7748.1 

Glasgow, Ellen. The deliverance : a romance of the Virginia 

tobacco fields, f G466.5 

Harland, Henry. My friend Prospero. H238.7 

Harrison, Mrs Burton. Sylvia's husband. H251 20 

Hawthorne, Hilde garde. A country interlude. H311.1 

Hornung, E. W. Denis Dent. H793.15 

Hutten, Bettina, Freiherrin von. Violett : a chronicle. H982.2 

Sedgwick, Mrs. Alfred. The beryl stones, f S5478.2 

Somerville, E. (E., and Boss, Martin, pseud. 

Spearman, F. H. The close of the day. 
Young, R. E. Henderson. 

An Irish cousin. 

t S723.4 

Thk Bivmj>ioa *«■*»•. ^. K.^.%W2**S«*» 


is a. 6 y^ 

JUNE, 1904 




VOL. X. No. 5 

Brooklinb, Mass. 



Public Library of Brookline 

Louisa M. Hooprr. 


A Deposit and Delivery Station was established at Coolidge's Corner 
in Hayman's Drag Store on January 1, 1904. Several hundred volumes 
of fiction, history, biography, etc., new and old, have been placed 
there in an open case from which they may be drawn for home use. 
There will be two deliveries of books each week, on Mondays and 
Thursdays, to and from the Public Library, so that borrowers may 
leave requests for special books at the Deposit Station, and, if the 
books are available, receive them by the next delivery from the 
central Library. Such books must be called for at the Deposit 
Station. Books may be returned to the Station whether taken from 
there or from the central Library ; but books drawn from the Deposit 
Station must be returned there only. 

Residents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers, may 
make application for cards at the Deposit Station. 

Deposit Station — Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane. 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 

The Library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Reading Room. 

A hand-book of Information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 


For many of the notes In the following list we are indebted to the 
bulletin issued by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. 

Austen, Jane. Persuasion. A934.6 

Pride and prejudice. A 934. 3 

Barrie, J. M. The little minister. B277.5 

8tory of the Auld Licht minister of Thrums and Babbie, the gypsy maiden 
of Caddam Wood. 

Black, William. Princess of Thule. B565.18 

The romance of a Scotch girl. 

The strange adventures of a phaeton. B565.23 

Describes a driving tour from London to Edinburgh, with plenty of amus- 
ing incidents by the way. 

Blackmore, B. D. Lorna Doone. B571.7 

A romance of Exmoor. It tells of " the savage deeds of the outlaw Doones 
in the depth of Bagworthy forest, the beauty of the hapless maid brought 
up In the midst of them, the plain John Rldd*s herculean power, and the ex- 
ploits of Tom Faggus." 

Bronte, Charlotte. . Villette. B788.4 

The heroine, who tells her own love story, is the English governess at 
Madam Beck's school in Villette. 

Bulwer-Lytton, E. Q. E. L., Baron Lytton. Last days of 

Pompeii. B875.12 

Story of the olden time, telling how the blind flower girl of Pompeii twice 
saved Glaucus the Athenian from a dreadful death. 

Burnett, F. H. That lass o' Lowrie's. B939.14 

Lowrie is an English miner. 

Barney, Fanny. Evelina. B941.2 

Story written in the 18th century describing the entrance of a young English 
girl into fashionable society. 

Oatherwood, M. H. Lady of Fort St. John. C287.2 

Early times in Acadia. 

Romance of Dollard. C287.4 

A tale of New France under Louis XIV. The exploit which forms the 
basis of the story is one of the most notable feats of arms in American 


Ooolidge, Susan, psevd. The Barberry bull, and other stories. 


Crawford, F. K . Roman singer. C867.18 

The hero is a young tenor who falls la lore wtth a beamtlfal German 

Crockett, 8. &. Lilac sonbonnet. C87S.4 

A Scotch lore story. 

Davis, R. H. 8oldlers of fortune. D291.7 

Lore story of * oivU engineer tent to 8outh America. 

Dickens, Oharlea. David Copperfleld. D555.8 

The personal history and exporlenee of David Copperfleld the younger, ai 
related by himself. Founded to a large extent on the path eti c atory of the 
author** own early struggle!. 

Domas, Alexandre). Black tulip. D895.4 

How the prisoner of the fortress of Loevesteln won the prise for the 
wondrous black tulip. 

Bbers, Georg. Uarda. E 165. 10 

A romance of ancient Egypt. The heroine is a beautiful Greek girl beloved 
by the son of Barneses II. 

Eliot, George, pseud. The Mill on the Floss. E427.6 

The story of Tom and Haggle Tulllver. 

Silas Marner, the weaver of Baveloe. E427.10 

Foote, M. H. Led-horse claim. F789.5 

Western mining story. 

Fothergill, Jessie. First violin. F825.2 

Picture of German musical life. The hero is the leader of an orchestra in 

Gaskell, E. C. C ran ford. G215.2 

Quaint and humorous pictures of life in an old-fashioned «»g««^ village. 

Mary Barton. G215.4 

A story of factory workers In Manchester, England. 
Hale, B. E. In His name. H186.ll 

A romance of the Waldenses In the 17th century. 
Harland, Henry. Cardinal's snuff-box. H288.2 

An American falls in lore with an Italian lady of high rank. 
Jackson, H. H. Ramona. J182.5 

Depicts the wrongs done by the U. 8. government to the Indians. 


Jewett, 8. O. Life of Nancy. J559.ll 

Short stories of New England life. 

La Motte-Fouque, F. H. X., baron de. Undine. L195.3 

Romantic tale of the Knight Huldbrand, who ventured alone into a haunted 
forest, and there met and wedded a water nymph. 

Mitchell, 8. W. Hugh Wynne. M708.6 

Being the story of Mistress Darthea Peniston and of Hugh Wynne, Free 


"Many of the greatest figures of American history come and go through 

these pages — notably Washington . . . the impetuous young Lafayette, 

Andre, Sir William Howe, the darling of the 'loyal colonial dames,' and 


Mulock, D. M. John Halifax, gentleman. M917.13 

John Halifax is a poor lad who wins success and the right to bear " with, 
out abuse, the grand old name of Gentleman. 11 

Page, T.N. Bed Bock. P147.13 

Southern life after the Civil War. 

Parker, Gilbert. Seats of the mighty. P227.5 

Fall of Quebec. 

Richards, L. E. Geoffrey Strong. R387.23 

Mrs. Tree. R387.26 

Sain tine, X. B. Plcciola; or, the prison flower. 8158.1 

Story of a young nobleman imprisoned by Napoleon in the fortress of 

Scott, Sir Walter. Ivanhoe. 8431.21 

The tournament at Ashby, the siege of Torquilstone, the trial of Bebeoca 
the Jewess — these are a few incidents in this story 

*' of the days of old 
When knights were bold." 

Kenilworth. 8481.22 

A tale of the days of good Queen Bess. It tells of "My Lord of 
Leicester's " secret marriage and of the sad fate of the unfortunate Amy 

Talisman. S481.41 

The scene of the " Talisman " is In Palestine with Richard Cosur de Lion 
and his allies of the third crusade. From the contest on the desert 
between the Saracen cavalier and the Knight of the Sleeping Leopard, to 
the final " Battle of the Standard " it is full of interest. 


Sherwood, Margaret. Daphne. 8563.4 

An American girl In Italy meets on the hint one wno seasns to bo the god 

Smith, F. H. Tom Grogan. 8647.4 

Tom Is a woman who takes her hatband's place as stevedore. 
Smith, M. P. W. Young and old Puritans of Hatfield. J8658.12 

Thrilling story of Indian captives In early days In Massachusetts. 
Stevenson, B. L. Kidnapped. 8848.5 

David Balfour. 8848.2 

Tales of adventure In Scotland in the 16th century. 

Tarkington, Booth. The gentleman from Indiana. T178.1 

M. Beaucaire. T178.J 

The Duke of Orleans, a eonsln of Louis XV. Is the central figure in a 
romantic episode at Bath, the famous English watering place. 

Tautphoeua, J. X., Baroness. At odds. T195.1 

Bavaria in Napoleon's time. The history of the family of the heroine Is 
inwoven with the disasters of South Germany from Hohenlinden to 
Hofer*s insurrection in Tyrol. The romantic interest Is intense. 

The initials. T195.3 

A letter signed with the unknown and mysterious initials, A. Z., Is the 
starting point of the story and the cause of all of the events therein 

Quits. T195.4 

The hero, a wealthy young Englishman, travelling incognito through the 
Tyrol, meets an altogether charming young English girl, possessed of 
much money and more wit. Disapproving of her family connections, the 
hero tries his best not to fall in love with her : — with what success we 
leave it to the reader to determine. 

Thackeray, W. X. Henry Esmond. T387.15 

A story founded on the connection of a noble English family with the fallen 
fortunes of the Stuarts. The hero Is Henry Esmond, a oolonel In the service 
of her Majesty, Queen Anne, and among the other characters are the young 
and lovely Lady Castlewood, her son Francis and her daughter, the 
beautiful Beatrix Esmond. 

Wallace, Lewis. Ben-Hur : a tale of the Christ. W 164.1 

Ben-Hur is a young Jew of noble family taken prisoner by the Romans and 
made a galley slave. The sea-fight with the pirates of the Mediterranean 
and the chariot race at Ant loch are among the thrilling incidents of the 



Webster, Jean. When Patty went to college. W 396.1 

Weyman, 8. J. A gentleman of France. W547.1 

Adventurous and romantic story of a soldier of fortune in the days of the 
League and Henry of Navarre. 

Under the red robe. W547.6 

Cardinal Richelieu. 

White, 8. E. The blazed trail. W 59 34. 2 

Lumbering in the middle West. 

Wiggin, X. D. Cathedral courtship. W641.2 

Amusing romanoe of an American girl traveling in England. 

Penelope's progress. W641.10 

Penelope's English experiences. W641.2 

Penelope's Irish experiences. W 64 1.1 2 

Droll experiences of three American women in Scotland, etc. 

Wilkins, M. E. Jerome, a poor man. W657.8 

Old-fashioned life in New England. 

Wister, Owen. The Virginian : a horseman of the plains. W767.5 

Yonge, 0. M. Chaplet of pearls. Y185.9 

Tells of the child marriage of Stranger and Eustacte de Rlbaumont, of 
the treachery which separated them at the massacre of St. Bartholomew, 
of Eustacie's wanderings and of B6ranger'8 adventures while seeking 
his bride. 

Heir of Redclyffe. T185.21 

> z 


O. indicates gifts. 

B. indicates books bought by request. 


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accept of mercy while mercy may be had, as ever they 
would find mercy, in the day of their extremity, from the 
living God. By the Rev. Richard Baxter, A.D. 1657. 242 B33c 

The saints' everlasting rest ; or, a treatise of the blessed state 
of the saints in their enjoyment of God in Heaven. 242 B81 


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Vol. 1. Narratives of the beginnings of Hebrew hintory from the crea- 
tion to the establishment of the Hebrew kingdom. 
" When the same law or proverb or historical narrative ... is repeated 
absolutely or nearly verbatim, it is Introduced bat once. . . . Genealogical 
lists which possess no marked historical value are transferred to the 
appendix. Otherwise all of the subject-matter in the Old Testament has 
been included. . . . The basis of the present translation is the standard 
Hebrew text." — Preface. 

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Contents : — F. D. E. Schleiermacher.— F. W. Robertson.— H. W. Beccher. 
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177 C13 

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The purpose of this book is to bring together some of the oountleat Instances 
in which the Psalms hare guided, controlled, and sustained the lives of men 
and women in all ages of human history. 

Thorndike, E. L. Educational psychology. 1908. 160 TS9 

" A discussion of scientific method in the study of mental traits and char- 
acteristics. To the teacher of psychology in normal school or college, who 
is reasonably well trained in the modern aspects of the study, Prof. Thorn- 
dikeV book is certain to receive hearty commendation.'' 

— Educational Review . 

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tion to the study of the Old Testament. 1904. 221 T66 

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" The author aooepts as inevitable the destiny of America as a world-power. 
No entrenchment behind the Monroe doctrine oonld safeguard a great nation 
against the engulfing currents of international politics. Although the book 
traverses a wide field in the survey of America in its relations to the repub- 
lics of Central and 8outh America, the West Indies, and to Canada and 
Mexico, on its own continent, its great value is in the close and impartial 
study of the experimental government of America in Cuba and the Philip- 
pines. The author is a clear- eyed critic of the faults and failures of America 
In its imperfect realization of its democratic ideals, but fair-minded in his 
recognition of the difficulties and dangers which attend all attempts at 
government ' by the people for the people.' "— The Academy . 

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and pat into English, by Lady Gregory, with pref. by W. B. 

Teats. 1904. 398.415 G86 

" A Tcry noble collection of stories it ls t noble both in style and substance, 
for the saga of Finn and his men, and the fairy-tales of the Tuatha de 
Danaan are the fonntaln.head of many fancies and legends which hare 
played a great part in the literature of Western Europe. Lady Gregory has 
discorered a perfect medium for retelling these old histories, a limpid, effort 
less style, austerely simple, and yet with the rhythm of poetry and the 
delicate colloquial air which comes from many pleasing Irish idioms." 

—The Spectator. 

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Contents :— The woman collegian.— Women's clubs.— Women and reforms. 
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anthracite regions. 1904. 881.8 B54 

" In 1901 Dr. Roberts published a study of the economic life of the people 
employed In the anthracite ooal fields of Pennsylvania under the title of The 
Anthracite Coal Industry. In 1902 came the great strike, followed by the 
exhaustive investigation into the lives of the workers conducted by the Goal 
Strike Commission ; and during the year which followed —Nov. 1908 to Nov. 
1908 — the employes have enjoyed great industrial prosperity. Dr. Roberts 
now investigates their social and moral life, and the opportunities and 
methods of progrew."— The Timet, London, 

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1902-1904. With lntrod. by H. C. Lodge. 804 B67a 

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tacts. 1904. 801 852 

This book Is a study of human relations with special reference to race pre. 
Judices such as arise in the contact between the Jews and Negroes on the 
one hand and the Aryan peoples on the other. Professor Shaler shows that 
these prejudices are due to the inheritance, by man, of tendencies developed 
in the stages of life below his plane, that are Indeed a part of the evil which 
has come to him from the brutes. Through a scientific study of this hatred 
of the Jews, Negroes, and other aliens, the author endeavors to found some 
new considerations as to the ways in which this feeling may be subjugated 
and the people who suffer from it effectively introduced into the Common- 
wealth. The book deals with what is perhaps the most important group of 
problems that conoerns modern states. 

Steffens, J. L. The shame of the cities. 1904. B. 852 881 

Contents :— Introduction; and some conclusions. — Tweed days in St. Louis. 
— The shame of Minneapolis.— The shamelessness of St. Louis.— Pittsburg : 
a city ashamed. — Philadelphia : corrupt and contented. — Chicago : half free 
and fighting on.— New York: good government to the test. 

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Content* :— A modern school.— The academy and the public high school.— 
Two contemporary problems in education.— A six-year high school pro- 
gramme. — The school and the home.— Oar faith in education.— Obstacles to 
educational progress. — Education as a university study and the professional 
training of college-bred teachers.— Graduate testimony on the elective 

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370.97 J62 
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378.1 T42a 


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1904. 426.51 L98 


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589.2 A87 


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eastern New York; containing a key for each season and 
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erence to their appearance in the field. 1904. 598.2 H67 

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" A remarkable work by one of the greatest living men of science." 

— The Academy 

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Contents :— Birds from a dtj roof.— The h anting of the woodchuck.— Three 
sermons. — The marsh- — Calico and the kittens. — The sparrow roost.— 
" Max."— Racoon Creek.— The dragon of the swale.— Tickle-birds and the 
Cocdnellidc. — The crazy flicker.— Some friendly birds.— " The longest way 
round."— " One flew east and one flew west."— Chickaree.— Bird friend- 
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" This very interesting and suggestive little book comprises Prof. Thomson's 
lectures under the Si 111 man foundation at Yale University, in May, 1003. 
The chapters follow apparently the lines of the lectures and deal with the 
representation of the electric field by lines of force; electrical and bound 
mass; effects due to the acceleration of Faraday 'tubes'; the atomic 
structure of electricity ; the constitution of the atom, and radioactivity and 
radioactive substances."— Electrical World. 

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a collection of examples and questions. 1903. 530 W33 


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1902. 641 A75 

This book contains directions for cooking In its various branches ; New Eng- 
land dishes furnished by Susan Coolidge, and a few receipts of Southern 
dishes. It gives also the etiquette of dinner entertainments, etc., and many 
items relative to household affairs. 

Arnold, H. L., comp. The factory manager and accountant: 

some examples of the latest American factory practice. 1903. 

R. 657 A75a 

Explains in detail the systems of commercial and cost accounting used in 
six factories. Gives facsimile reproductions^ all the blank forms used. 

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them : an elementary hand-book of lessons, experiments and 
inventions for beginners as well as advanced students, written 
in a simple and easily understood language. 1908. 621.8 D56 

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manual of instruction, containing chapters and lessons on 
telegraphy in all its branches. Including easy experiments 
in electricity and magnetism which operators should know. 
1902. 654 E23 

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essential condition of good health and how to attain it : a 
treatise for physicians and their patients on the predisposi- 
tion to and prevention of disease. 2d ed., trans, from the 
10th ed. of Dyscemia. 1901. B. 613 L13 

Langton, Mrs, M. B. How to know oriental rugs : a handbook. 
1904. 645 L26 

Massachusetts. Board of Agriculture. The brown-tall moth : 
a report on the life history and habits of the imported brown- 
tail moth, together with a description of the remedies best 
suited for destroying it. By C. H. Fernald and A. H. Kirk- 
land. 1908. O. 632 M381 

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Vol. 1. Electric, magnetic, and electrostatic circuits. 1903. 

621.3 R95 

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inventions, and apparatus. 1903. 654.2 S51 

Sternberg, G. M. Infection and immunity, with special refer- 
ence to the prevention of infectious diseases. 1903. 614.4 S88 

" The book is written for the non-medical pnblio, and the writer expresses 
the hope that It may serve as a text-book for those responsible for the sani- 
tary welfare of public Institutions, and even for the high schools and 
colleges. It is divided into two parts, the first of which deals with the 
general principles of the subject, while the second is devoted to the chief 
Infections diseases in detail."— Naturt. 

FINS ART8 129 

Suplee, H. H. The mechanical eDgi Deer's reference book : a 
handbook of tables, formulas, and methods for engineers, 
students, and draftsmen. 1904. 621 S95 

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Vol.1. Comp. from the instruction papers In the architectural course: 
Mechanical drawing, bj Ervin Keniaon.— Shades and shadows, by 
H. W. Gardner.— Perspective drawing, by W. H. Lawrence.— Pen 
and ink rendering, by D. A. Gregg.— Architectural lettering, by F. 
C. Brown. 
2. Comp. from the mechanical engineering and sheet metal pattern 
drafting courses : Working drawings, by C. L. Griffin.— Mechanism, 
by W. H. James.— Machine design, by C. L. Griffin.— Sheet metal 
pattern drafting, tinsmithing, by William Neubecker. 

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and kings, mediaeval monks, and other later saints. 1904. 
[The saints in Christian art.] 755 B41b 

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Davenport, Cyril. Mezzotints. 1903. 766 D27 

" A valuable and oomplete monograph. The author is folly equipped for his 
task by historical study and by technical knowledge. He has the sensitive 
eye of the expert, and be Is, therefore, a skilled guide for the collector. He 
writes entirely in the right spirit. The galleries show that mezzotinting is 
not a lost art. The photogravures present charming copies of precious 
masterpieces."— Scotsman. 

Dow, J. W. American Renaissance: a review of domestic 
architectnre. 1904. 721.1 D75 

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1904. 750 R89kn 

Leech, John. Drawings : a collection of eighty-four comical 
pictures by this famous artist, including coaching, hunting, 
and fishing scenes. 750 L48a 


Skinner, 0. X. Little gardens : how to bemnttf y city yards aad 

small country spaces. 1904. 716 8i8 

An attractive and helpful book on gardening from the standpoint of the nun 
who mast oonflne hti ambitions to a city dooryard or a nnall co natr y place. 
Illustrated with working diagrams and riews. 

Thomas, Mrs. Theodore. Oar mountain garden. 1904. 716 T86 

Thonger, Charles. Book of garden furniture. 1908. 717 T88 

"Among garden s trn ot n re s dealt with la this book are summer homes, 
arbours, pergolas, bridges, and fencing of radons descr ip tions."— Prsjkie*. 

Tomson, Arthur. Jean-Francois Millet and the Barblxon 

school. 1908. 760 M66t 

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Hadden, J. C. Chopin. 1908. 760 C69ha 

Huneker, J. O. Overtones : a book of temperaments. 1904. 

780.8 H69a 
Contents:- Richard 8trauss<— Parsifal.— Kietssohe the rhapsodistw— liter- 
ary men who loved mnsle (Turgenleff, Balzac, Dandet, George Moore).— 
Anarchs of art.— The Beethoren of French prose (Flaubert).— Verdi and 
Bolto — The eternal feminine.— After Wagner —what?— The caprice of the 
musical cat.— Wagner and the French.— Isolde and Tristan. 


Blgar, Edward. The apostles, parts I. and II. : an oratorio. 

Op. 49. 789 E41a 

Gade, N. W. Christmas eve : a short cantata for alto solo, 

chorus, and orchestra. Op. 40. O. 788 Glic 


T^itwi^iTi lajnu Cameos : five Greek love-songs (for tenor). 

In memoriam: a song-cycle for a solo voice (bass or con- 
tralto), with pianoforte accompaniment. 784 L62i 
Songs of lote and spring: a song-cycle for two roices (con- 
tralto and baritone), with pianoforte accompaniment. 784 L62s 
Loeffler, 0. K. Qnatre melodies pour chant et piano. Op. 10. 

784 L817 

Content*:— Timbres oubliet.— Adieu pour Jamait.~ Let toin d'antomne.— 
Let peons. 

Meyerbeer, Giacomo. Die Africanerin: Oper in 5 Akten. 
Klarieranszug. B. 788 M61a 

Nevin, Ethelbert. Wynken, Blynken and Nod : a Dutch lullaby, 
words by Eugene Field, for soprano solo and chorus with 4- 
hand accompaniment. 784.5 N52w 

Strauss, Richard. Barleske D moll fttr Pianoforte und 
Orchester. Pianoforte solo mlt Ubertragung des Orchester- 
parts als zweites Pianoforte. 786.3 S91 


Bryant, W. 0. Poetical works. Roslyn ed. With chronologies 
of Bryant's life and poems and a bibliography of his writings, 
by H. C. Sturges, and a memoir of his life by R. H. Stoddard. 
1903. 820 B91c 

Canning, George, Ellis, George, and Frere, J. H. Parodies 
and other burlesque pieces, with the whole poetry of the Anti- 
Jacobin. Ed. by Henry Morley. 1890. 828.4 C16 

Oarrington, Fita-Roy, camp. The shepherd's pipe: pastoral 
poems of the XVI and XVII centuries. 1903. 821 C238 

Onapman, George. Works. 3v. 

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Ed., with notes, by R. H. Shep- 
herd. New ed. 1903. 883 H6c 
Plays. Ed., with notes by R. H. Shepherd. New ed. 1889. 

822 C46a 


Chapman, George, — continued. 

Content*: — The blind beggar of Alexandria.— An humorous day** mirth. 
— All foolf. — The gentleman other.— Moastanr d'Ottv*.— Baesy 
d'Ambols.— The revenge of Bnssy d'Ambols.— Byron's oonspiraoy.— The 
tragedy of Chart©*, Duke of Byron.— May .day.— The widow's tears.— 
The matk of the Middle Temple and Lincoln's Inn.— The tragedy of 
Csesar and Pompey.— Alphonsus, Kmperor of German y.— B>renge for 
honour. Plays written with Jonaon, Marston, and Shirley : Eastward 
ho.— The ball.- The tragedy of Philip Chabot, Admiral of France. 

Poems and minor translations. With an introd. by A. C. 
Swinburne. 1875. 890 C4€ 

Content* : — The shadow of night.— Ovid's Banquet of sense*— Hero and 
Leander.— The tears of peace.— Petrarch's Seven p enite ntial ^seisms.— 
Poems.— Fragments.— Edioedlum, or a funeral song.— Andromeda 
liberate. — 8onnets. — The Qeorgict of Heslod. — Pro vere antnmni 
lsohryma.— A Justification of a strange action of Nero— The Fyth 
satire of Juvenal.— The Hymne of Homer.— Rpigrame of Homer.— 
Eugenia.— Doubtful plays and fragments : The second maiden's tragedy. 
— Two wise men and all the rest fools. 

Collins, J. G. Studies in Shakespeare. 1904. 822.8 D18 

Contents : — Shakespeare as a classical scholar.— Shakespearian paradoxes. 
— Sophocles and Shakespeare as theological and ethical teachers.— Shake- 
speare as a prose writer.- Was Shakespeare a lawyer?— Shakespeare and 
Hollushed. — Shakespeare and Montaigne. — The text and prosody of 
Shakespeare.- The Bacon-Shakespeare mania. 

Cowley, Abraham. Works. 1708-1710. 3v. 820 C868 

Vol. 1. Miscellanies.— Anacreontlques.— The mistress; or, several copies 
of lore verses.— Pmdariqne odes.— Davideia, a sacred poem, Books 

2. Darldeis, Books 3-4.— Verses written on sereral occasions.— A 
proposition for the advancement of experimental philsophy.— A 
discourse by way of vision, concerning the government of Oliver 
Cromwell.— Several discourses by way of essays, in verse and 
prose.- The Cutter of Coleman street. 

3. Constantia and Phil et us.— Piramus and Thlsbe.— Sylva; or, divers 
copies of verses made upon eundry occasions.— Love's riddle: a 
pastoral comedy.— Naufragum joculare.— Six books of plants : 1-2, 
Of herbs; 3-1, Of flowers; 6-6, Of trees. 


Dickens, Charles. Plays, poems, and miscellanies. With an 

introd. by E. P. Whipple. 1894. 824 D54 

Contents: — Preface and dedication to The village coquettes.— Casta and 
costume. — Plays: The strange gentleman.— The village coquettes.— Is she 
his wife? or, something singular! — Poems. — Miscellanies : Sunday under 
three heads.— The Mud fog papers. — Stray chapters by Boz.— Sketches of 
young gentlemen. — Sketches of young couples. — Preface to Memoirs of 
Joseph Qrimaldi.— Threatening letter to Thomas Hood.— Preface to John 
Overs's Evenings of a working man.— Public executions.— Contributions 
to Household words. — Contributions to All the year round. 

Drayton, Michael. The barons' wars, Nymphidia, and other 

poems. With introd. by Henry Morley. 1887. 820 D7< 

Other poems: — Herolcal epistles.— Idea.— Elegies upon sundry occasions.— 
The quest of Cynthia. — The shepherd's Sirena. 

Fairless, Michael. The roadmender. 1904. B. 824 F 

Contents : — The roadmender.— Out of the shadow. — At the white gate. 
This series of papers appeared in The Pilot. 

" The articles are the expression of the delight in earthly sights and sounds 
of an essentially religious mind, and their setting is one of charm and 
serenity. Too purely descriptive for some, too delicate for others, they will 
appeal with the greater force to that ascetically artistic type of character 
which can see the beauty of little things, and can find in commonplace inci- 
dents the material of high romance."— The Athenamm. 

Gayley, G. M., and Flaherty, M. 0., comps. Poetry of the 
people, comprising poems illustrative of the history and 
national spirit of England, Scotland, Ireland, and America. 
1903. 821 G 

Hardy, Thomas. The dynasts: a drama of the Napoleonic 
wars, in three parts, nineteen acts, and one hundred and 
thirty scenes. Fart first. 1904. 822 H 

Horace. Horace for English readers : being a trans, of the 
poems of Qnintns Horatius Flaccus into English prose by E. 
C. Wickham. 1903. 873 H8 

" Dr. Wickham's Horace is clear, flowing, readable; it gives the stamp of 
his authority to not a few disputed passages : It sets temptingly before Eng. 
lish readers the Rome of Horace's day, and prefers them to an intimacy 
with his mind, character, life-history. ... To a lady wintering in Rome 
who consulted us lately as to guide-books, we ventured to recommend, 
amongst others, Dr. Wickham's translation of the Satires and Epistles. 

— The Athenamm. 


Howard, Newman. Savonarola : a city's tragedy. 1904. 822 H848s 

Hughes, 0. E., comp. The pralae of Shakespeare : an Bngliah 

anthology. With pref . by Sidney Lee. 1904. 822.8 D482 

" This book, m first suggested by Mr. Lee, was to refute the assertion that 
Shakespeare's contemporaries left on record no recognition of his worth ; 
but it has expanded into a volume which seems to supply a want — a com. 
plete view, by extracts in prose and Terse, (so far as length of extracts and 
copyright difficulties admit) of the coarse of English opinion on Shakespeare, 
not only showing the persistence of the Shakespearian tradition, but, in Mr. 
Lee's words, providing * a chart of esthetic development through the ages.' " 

—The Timet, London. 

Lamb, Charles and Mary. Works. Ed. by E. V. Lucas. 1904. 

824 L21 

Vol. 4. Dramatic specimens and the Garrlck plays. 

Le Galliexme, Richard. How to get the best out of books. 

1904. 028 L52 

Contents : — How to get the best out of .books.— What we look for nowa- 
day! in books.— What's the use of poetry? — What an unread man should 
read.— How to form a library.— The novel and novelists of today. 

Lodge, Thomas. Rosalynde: Enphnes golden legacie, found 
after his death in his cell at Silexedra : bequeathed to Pbil- 
autus sonnes, nursed up with their father in England. Fetcht 
from the Canaries by T. L. Gent. 1902. 824 L819 

Lubbock, Sir John, 1st baron Avebury. Essays and addresses. 
190O-190S. 824L92a 

Content* ; — Huxley's life and work.— John Buskin.— Richard Jeflerles.— 
Macaulay ceremonial.— Manchester Public Library jubilee. — The order of 
merit.— On bank holidays.— On the early closing bill.— On the present posi- 
tion of British commerce.— Our fiscal policy. — On municipal trading.— On 
education.— The study of nature.— Address to the London County Council 
scholars.— Address to the Churchmen's Union. 

Martin, Sir Theodore, and Aytoun, W. E. The book of 
ballads. Ed. by Bon Gaultier ; with introd. and notes. 1908. 

828.4 M36 
Moody, W. V. The fire-bringer. 1904. 822 M77 

" The fire-bringer is intended as the first member of a trilogy on the Prome- 
thean theme, of which The masque of judgment, already published Is the 
second member; but the connection between the present poem and the one 
which follows it la the dramatic sequenoe Is informal, and the action of 
each la complete In U%e\t."— Pre/ace. 


Moulton, G. W., ed. Librarj of literary criticism of English 
and American authors. Vol. 6. 1855-1874. 1904. Ref.40.85 

Munger, T. T. Essays for the day. 1904. 824 M96 

Contents: —The church: some immediate questions.— The interplay of 
Christianity and literature.— Notes on The scarlet letter.— The secret of 
Horace Bushnell. — A layman's reflections on music— A cock to JSmnilaplus. 

Painter, F. V. N. Elementary guide to literary criticism. 1903. 

R. 801 P16 

Pater, W. H. Gaston de La ton r : an unfinished romance. Pre- 
pared for the press by C. L. Shad well. 1901. 824 P29g 

This work, if completed, would have been a parallel study of character to 
Mariut the Epicurean. 

Peabody, J. P. The singing leaves : a book of songs and spells. 

1903. 820 P35s 
"No American writer of verse is now moved by a more sincere poetic im- 
pulse than Hiss Peabody. . . . Her poetry has a delicate savor of its own, a 
mystical sweetness, a purity of ways untrodden and apart." 

—Atlantic Monthly. 

Petrarca, Francesco. Fifteen sonnets of Petrarch. Sel. and 
trans, by T. W. Higginson. 1903. 851 P44a 

The original text and the translations are printed on opposite pages. 

Rossetti, Christina. Poetical works. With memoir and notes, 
etc., by W. M. Rossetti. 1904. 820 B829a 

Russell, G. W. The divine vision, and other poems, by A. E. 

1904. 820 R963 

Smith, D. N., ed. Eighteenth century essays on Shakespeare. 
1903. 822.3 D828 

Contents: — Introduction : Shakespearian criticism in the eighteenth oen- 
tury.— The essays : Kowe, 8ome account of the life, etc., of Mr. WlUlam 
8hakespear, (1709) .— Dennis, On the genius and writings of Shakespear, 
(1711).— Pope, Preface to edition of Shakespeare, (1726).— Theobald, Preface 
to edition of Shakespeare, (1733).— Hanmer, Preface to edition of Shakes* 
peare, (1744).— Warbur ton, Preface to edition of Shakespeare, (1747).— 
Johnson, Preface to edition of Shakespeare, (1765).— Farmer, Essay on the 
learning of Shakespeare, (1767).— Morgann, Essay on the dramatic character 
of Sir John Falstaff, (1777). 


8tephen, Sir Leslie. English literature and society in the 

eighteenth centarj : Ford lectures, 1903. 1904. 810.6 S82 

" What were the qualities which made Leslie Stephen, towards the close of 
his career, the first among living English critics? * English literature and 
society in the eighteenth oentury * supplies the answer to our question. His 
prominence among the writers of his time was not due to any single talent. 
... It was due to the obvious presenoe in every work which he has produced, 
of four qualities rare in themselves and hardly ever found in combination — 
sincerity, Individuality, humor, and the scientific spirit. ... In short, Leslie 
Stephen was the most eminent critic of his time because he was much more 
than a real critic; he was at onoe a man of letters, a biographer, and a 
truth-loving and subtle thinker."— The Nation. 

Stevenson, John. Pat M'Carty, farmer, of Antrim, his rhymes 
'with a setting by John Stevenson. 1908. 820 S839 

Stone, W. G. Boswell-, ed. Shakespere's Holinshed: the 

chronicle and the historical plays compared. 1896. 822.8 F85 

44 The historical excerpts are arranged in the dramatic order, and the action 
of the play which they illustrate is briefly described."— Preface. 

Swift, Jonathan, dean of St. Patrick's. Prose works: edited by 
Temple Scott. Vol. 6. The Drapier's letters. 1908. 824 S977 

Swinburne, A. G. Atalanta in Calydon: a tragedy. 1901. 822 S97a 
The tale of Balen. 1896. 820 S978ta 

Thorpe, Benjamin. Codex Exoniensis. A collection of Anglo- 
Saxon poetry, from a manuscript in the library of the Dean 
and Chapter of Exeter, with an English trans., notes, and 
indexes. 1842. 829.1 T39 

Tolman, A. H. The views about Hamlet, and other essays. 

1904. 822.3 D89 

Other essays: — The author's comment la Vanity Fair.— Studies in Mac. 
beth.— Lanier's Science of English verse — Shakespeare's stage and modern 
adaptation*.— The symbolic value of English sounds. — The Finnish 
Kalevala und the epic «iuestion.— Hamlet's "Woo't drink up elsel?" — 
Shakespeare and The taming of the shrew.— Shakespeare's Love's labour's 
toon.— English surnames.— The style of Anglo-Saxon poetry. — Natural 
science in a literary education.— Was Poe accurate? 

Weston, J. L., trans. Sir Gawain at the Grail castle. 1903. 

829.5 G24a 

Three version*; J[a) from the Conte del Qraal ; (b) from Helnrlch von dem 
Tttrlln's Diu Crone ; (c) from the prose Lancelot. 



Yeats, W. B. The hour-glass, and other plays : being volume 
two of Plays for an Irish theatre. 1904. 822 Y4wa 

Other plays : — Cathleen nl Hoollhan.— A pot of broth. 
" Mr. Yeats i« the central figure of this unique movement [the Celtic revival 
of Irish literature], which Is an attempt to preserve a nation by the revival, 
through literature, of its traditions, Its legends, Its love of beauty, its death- 
less imagination, Its Celtlo genius in short."— The Critic. 

Works in Foreign Languages. 

Belot, Adolphe. La Venns noire. R. 843 B41fa 

Hauptmann, Gerhart. Rose Bernd : Schanspiel in ftLnf Akten. 

1903. 832 H29ro 

Hugo, V. M. Ocean. Choses ynes. [1838-1875.] 844 H87 

Schiller, J. 0. F. von. Das Lied yon der Glocke. School ed. 
with introd. and notes bj C. P. Otis. 1885. B. 831 S381 

Swedish Fiction. 

Carl *n, Fru E. S. Flygare. Ensllngen pa Johannisskaret : 

knstroman. 1892. 3v. 839.78 C19e 

Ett kdpmanshns i Skftrgarden. 1892-3. 6v. 889.78 Cl9k 

Rydberg, A. V. De vandrande djftknarne : bond-historia. Af 
** Agricola." — Singoalla. 1902. 

Fribytaren pa dstersjdn. 1896. 

Romerska dagar. 1892. 

Den slste Athenaren. 1898. 2v. 

Vapensmeden : hftgringar fran Reformationstlden. 

839.73 R97d 

889.78 R97f 
839.78 R97r 
839.78 R97s 


889.73 R97v 
Topelius, Zacharias. Faltsk&rns berattelser. 1899-1901. 5 v. 
in 6. 889.78 T62 

Vol. 1. Konungens ring.— SvSrdet och'plogen.— Eld och vatten. 

2. Rebell mot sin lycka — Haxan.— Hajniemi slott. 

3. De bla.— Flyktlngen. — Skuggan af ett namn. 

4.1. Oiiemarkernas var. — Borgarekungen. 

4. 2. Prinsessan af Vasa. 

5. Frltttnkaren .— Af tonstormar.— Morgonljusning. 



Bateson, Mary. Medieval England: English feudal society 
from the Norman conquest to the middle of the fourteenth 
century. 1904. 942.02 B81 

Oamden, William. Remains concerning Britain. By William 

Camden, Clarenceux, King of Arms. 1870. 949.6 C14 

Contents :— Brltaine.— The inhabitants of Britlan.— Languages.— The excel- 
lency of the English tongue.— Christian names.— Usual Christian names 
of men. — Christian names of women. — Surnames.— Allusions.— Rebus, or 
namedevlses.— Anagramms. — Money.— Apparel. — Artillery.— Armouries.— 
Wise speeches.— Proverbs.— Poems.— Epigramms.— Bythmes.— Impresses.— 
Epitaphs.— Impossibilities.— Annagrams. 

Oastiglione, Baldasaare, Conte. The book of the courtier. 
Done into English by Sir Thomas Hoby, anno 1661. With 
introd. by Walter Raleigh. 1900. B. 945.06 C97 

Corbett, J. 8. England in the Mediterranean : a study of the 
rise and influence of British power within the straits, 1603- 
1718. 1904. 2v. 942Z19b 

" The author has set himself the task of showing how Great Britain became 
a great sea-power in the distant Mediterranean, and to that task he holds on 
with patieut tenacity, like one of his own old sea-dogs watching a blockaded 
port. . . .Mr. Corbet t's* narration is fresh and rigorous, and carries the 
reader forward with unflagging interest from act to act of the great drama. 
If we were to select the chapters which seem to us the most successful, they 
would be thote which describe the triumphs of Blake and those which tell 
the melancholy story of Tangier. The part played In the latter business by 
Mr. Secretary Pepys, though an ignoble one. will perhaps come as a surprise 
to those who have hitherto known him chiefly as the henpecked husband 
and the small-minded chronicler of the gossip of the Court." 

— Monthly Review, 

Ewer, J. K. The Third Massachusetts cavalry in the war for 

the Union. 1903. 0. 973.744 EOS 

Haggard, A. C. P. Sidelights on the court of France. 1908. 

944.03 H12 

" Although these Sidelight* cover the period from Francis I. to Louis XI II-, 
they are more particularly concerned with Henry of Navarre and the 
League."— Pre/ace. 

Harbottle, T. B. Dictionary of historical allusions. 1903. 

Ref . 30.86 


Harvard Historical Studies. 

1. The suppression of the African slave-trade to the United 

State of America, 1638-1870. By W. E. B. DnBois. 1896. 

826 D85& 

2. The contest oyer the ratification of the Federal Constitu- 
tion in the state of Massachusetts. By 8. B. Harding. 
1896. 342.2 M8h 

3. A critical study of nullification in South Carolina. By D. 

F. Houston. 1896. 975.7 H81 

4. Nominations for elective office in the United States. By 

F. W. Dalllnger. 1908. 324.78 D16 

5. A bibliography of British municipal history. By Charles 
Gross. 1897. Ref. 15.90 

6. The Liberty and Free Soil parties in the Northwest. By T. 

C. Smith. 1897. 329.6 S66 

7. The provincial governor in the English colonies of North 
America. By E. B. Greene. 1898. 353.9 G83 

8. The county palatine of Durham. By G. T. Lapsley. 1900. 

342.42 L31 

9. The Anglican episcopate and the American colonies. By 

A. L. Cross. 1902. 283 C88 

10. The administration of the American Revolutionary army. 

By L. C. Hatch. 1904. 973.3 H28 

Helmolt, H. F., ed. The history of the world : a survey of 
man's record. Vol. 2. Eastern Asia and Oceania. — The 
Indian Ocean. 1904. 909 H87 

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Kent, 0. F. A history of the Jewish people during the Baby- 
lonian, Persian, and Greek periods. 6th ed. 1903. 933 K41 
A history of the Hebrew people from the settlement In Canaan 

to the division of the kingdom. 8th ed. 1903. 983 K41a 

A history of the Hebrew people from the division of the 
kingdom to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B. C. 8th ed. 1903. 

933 K41b 
Ogg, F. A. The opening of the Mississippi : a struggle for 
supremacy In the American interior. 1904. 977 084 


Paul, H. P. A history of modern England. In five vols. Vol*. 

1-2. 1904. 942.08 P28 

These two volume* carry the history through the Palmerttonlan era. See 
Mr. BlrreU's delightful criticism in The Independent Review for April. 

Raper, G. L. North Carolina: a study In English colonial 
government. 1904. 975.6 R18 

Biggs, J. 8. A history of the Jewish people during the Mac- 
cabean and Roman periods, including New Testament times. 
1903. 938 R44 

Sanborn, F. B. New Hampshire: an epitome of popular 
government. 1904. 974.2 819 

Sayce, A. H. The Egypt of the Hebrews and Herodotus. 3d 
ed. 1902. 932.6 827a 

Souttar, Robinson. A short history of ancient peoples. With 

introd. by A. H. Sayce. 1903. 930 S72 

Contents : — Egypt. — Babylonia. — Assyria.— Hedes and Persians. — The 
Hebrews.— Phoenicia.— Carthage. — Greece.— Rome. 

"The annals of ten ancient peoples during four millenniums, as here com. 
pressed into seven hundred pages of small pica, testify to our author's 
scholarship, to his possession of the rare gift of picturesque narrative power, 
and to his absolute freedom from the Influence of the over-lord whose ghost 
still dominates the majority of our historians — we mean Dr. Dryasdust." 

— The Spectator . 

Stackpole, E. 8. Old Kittery and her families. 1903. B. 974.15 K6s 

Super, O. B. Histoire de France ; tire* de Ducoudray. 1900. 

944 895 
Thompson, F. M. History of Greenfield, shire town of Frank- 
lin County, Massachusetts. 1682-1900. 1904. 2v. 974.45 075t 

Trotter, Mrs. A. F. Old Cape Colony : a chronicle of her men 
and houses from 1652 to 1806. 1903. 968.7 T75 

Victoria History of the Counties of England. Ed. by H. A. 

Doubleday and William Page. 
Bedfordshire. Ed. by H. A. Doubleday and William Page. 
Vol. 1. 1904. 942.5 B39d 



Burne-Jones, Sir Philip. Dollars and democracy. 1904. 974 B93 

"Sir Philip Burne-Jones has no fresh views or theories to expound on 
American life, and his experiences are those of many another Englishman; 
but he spent a year in the United States, portrait painting and seeing life, 
and the notes and jottings of his impressions make attractive reading, and 
are enlivened by many effective little figure drawings."— The Times, London. 

Deutsch, Leo. Sixteen years in Siberia : some experiences of a 
Russian revolntionist. Trans, by Helen Chlsholm. 1908. 

947.8 D48 
DeWindt, Harry. From Paris to New York by land. 1904. 910 D52 

Engelmann, Bicbard. Pompeii. Trans, by Talfourd Ely. 1904. 

945.5 P7e 

Geikie, Sir Archibald. Scottish reminiscences. 1904. 941.4 G27 

Hamilton, Angus. Korea. 2d ed. 1904. 951.9 H18 

Kelly, B. T. Egypt, painted and described. 1908. B. 962.6 K29 

Lucas, E. V. Highways and byways in Sussex. 1904. 942.5 S91 

Murphy, E. G. Problems of the present South : a discussion of 

certain of the educational, industrial and political issues in 

' the southern states. 1904. 975 M95 

" The author, always from an intelligent Southern point of view, discusses 
the question still the most vexed with which the country has to deal ; and 
when It is said that he would welcome the decent and educated negro as a 
voter, it will be conceived how refreshingly his views contrast with the 
sentiments of a Vardaman or a Tillman, and how hopefully he shows that 
there is in truth a New South which those demagogues cannot muzzle." 

—The Nation, 

Plunkett, Sir H. G. Ireland in the new century. 1904. 941.8 P74 

•• Many books have been written about Ireland, bat few can have the value 
or the fascination of this record of an attempt to reconstruct an old country 
and to revitalise an ancient society. . . . His aim has been, in the first place, 
to diagnose the Irish problem of today, looking below the wars of factions 
and creeds to the essential qualities of the people; and, in the second place, 
to propound a theory of reform and sketch the first attempts to realize it. 
1 The conviction has been more and more borne in upon the Irish mind that 
the most important part of the work of regenerating Ireland must neces- 
sarily be done by Irishmen In Ireland.' . . . No more Interesting essay in 
constructive statesmanship has been published In our time."— The Spectator. 


Skeel, 0. A. J. Travel in the first century after Christ, with 

special reference to Asia Minor. 1901. B. 910.9 S69 

Stephen, Sir Leslie. The playground of Europe. Newed. 1895. 

949.46 S82 

Underwood, Mrs. L. H. Fifteen years among the top-knots ; 

or, life in Korea. With introd. by F. F. Ellin wood. 1904. 

951.9 U66 

Wakeman, W. F. Handbook of Irish antiquities. 3d ed., [rev. 

and aug.] by John Cooke. 1903. 941.8 WIS 

Whigham, H. J. Manchuria and Korea. 1904. 951.5 MSw 

•• It is a misfortune that, owing to Mr. Whig ham's departure for the seat of 
war In the Far East, he was unable to revise the chapters which hare here 
been put together. When he wrote there was still good reason to suppose 
that hostilities might be averted. The radical changes, however, in the sit- 
uation that have taken place since the beginning of the year affect many of 
Mr. Whigham's conclusions, which, had be the opportunity, he would per- 
haps wish to modify. ... On the whole, Mr. Whigham's book is thoughtful 
and suggestive, and may be read with advantage by those who already have 
some acquaintance with the main outlines of the problem In the far East." 

—The Timet, London. 



Sigma, pseud. Personalia: intimate recollections of famous 
men, political, literary, artistic, social, various. 1908. E2.S57 


Acton, 1st baron. Letters of Lord Acton to Mary Gladstone. Ed ., 

with introductory memoir by Herbert Paul. 1904. E.Acl8 

The letters are prefaced by " a very attractive Introductory memoir written 
by Mr. Herbert Paul which gives an admirable summary of Lord Acton's 
life and character, supplementing the remarkable article which appeared in 
the Edinburgh Review, just a year ago, the work, It Is believed, of one of the 
best-Informed women of her time, who knew Lord Acton well. . . . The 
letters written to Miss Mary Gladstone (Mrs. Drew) only cover a period of 
six years, from 1879 to 1886— that Is to say, from the time of the Mid Lothian 
campaign to the time of the first Home Rule bill. . . . We leave this volume 
with Increased regard, we will not say for Lord Acton's knowledge, for that 
would be impossible, but for his power of bringing it to bear; and with in- 
creased regret that the great historical work which he had planned, remains 
unwritten."— The Times, London. 


Andrew. Pearson, PI. J. The life of John A. Andrew, 

governor of Massachusetts 1861-1865. 1904. 2v. B E.An88.p 

Arnold. Dawson, W. H. Matthew Arnold and his relation to 

the thought of oar time : an appreciation and a criticism. 

1904. E.Ar65.d 

Russell, G. W. E. Matthew Arnold. 1904. E.Ar66.r 

" We who were happy enough to fall under his personal influence, can 
never overstate what we owe to his genius and his sympathy. He showed 
us his highest Ideal of character and conduct. He taught us the science 
of good cttlzenaliip. He interpreted Nature so that we knew her as we had 
never known her before. He was our fascinating and unfailing guide in 
the tangled paradise of literature."— Extract. 

Bancroft, Mrs. George. Letters from England, 1846-1849. 

1904. E.B2255 

Letters written by the wife of George Bancroft, the historian And states- 
man, during the period when he was minister to England. 

Bentinck. Disraeli, Benjamin. Lord George Bentinck: a 
political biography. 8th ed., rev. 1872. B. E.B4848.d 

Brown. Maclay, E. S. Moses Brown, Captain U. S. N. 1904. 


Browning. Dowden, Edward. Robert Browning. 1904. E.B8255.d 

Barney. Hill, Constance. Juniper Hall : a rendezvous of cer- 
tain illustrious personages during the French revolution, in- 
cluding Alexandre d'Arblay and Fanny Burney. 1904. E.B9896.h 

Burns. Henderson, T. F. Robert Burns. 1904. B. E.B9415.h 

Carlyle, Thomas. New letters of Thomas Carlyle. Ed. and 
annotated by Alexander Carlyle. 1904. 2v. 

Catherine II. Waliszewski, Kazimierz. The story of a throne. 
(Catherine II. of Russia.) From the French. 2d ed. 1895. 

947.06 C2wa 
This work completes The romance of an Empress. 

Daudet, Alphonse. Trente ans de Paris a travers ma vie et 
mes livres. E.D268.b 

Dundee, 1st viscount. Barbed L. A. Viscount Dundee. 1904. 


A life of John Graham, the " Bloody Claverhouse," of Whig denunciators, 
and the " Bonnie Dundee " of Jacobite apologists. 


1, Lord Edward. Taylor, I. A. The life of Lord 

Edward Fitzgerald, 1768-1798. 1904. £.F574.t 

An Irish rebel who served In the American Revolutionary War and was 
aotlve In a conspiracy headed by the United Irishmen, to form an Indepen- 
dent Irish republic. 

Fitzgerald, Edward. Wright, Thomas. The life of Edward 
Fitzgerald. 1904. 2v. E.F575.W 

Best known as the translator of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. 

Galileo. Fahie, J. J. Galileo, his life and work. '90S. E.G129.f 

Kildare, Owen. My Mamie Rose: the story of my regenera- 
tion. 1903. E.K568 

Mackay. Story of the life of Mack ay of Uganda, by his sister. 
New rev. ed. 1900. B. E.M2105 

Maxwell. Glazebrook, R. T. James Clerk Maxwell and modern 
physics. 1901. E.M453S.g 

Moore, Sir John. Diary. Ed. by Sir J. F. Maurice. 1904. 2v. 


*' We venture to say that since Napier's ' Peninsular War ' we have had 
no more interesting contribution to British military history than this 4 Diary 
of Moore.' Bulky as are the volumes, It is impossible to miss a page without 
being tempted to turn back. . . . Take It all in all, there are few more bril- 
liantly instructive careers in the records of the army; and in the fascinating 
pages of the frankest of diaries young aspirants to name and fame have the 
model of the Ideal soldier."— The Times, London. 

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" Born In Speyer in 1835, and arriving in this country only in 1963, at the age 
of eighteen, Helnrich Hilgard, the future Henry Villard, is truly to be 
reckoned among the emigrant ' Forty-eight era.' The Revolution both en. 
Hated hl§ boyish sympathies and brought him Into conflict with the author- 
ities and so perturbed the scheme of his university education as to make 
the New World seem the only escape from declassification in the Old. . . . 
As a field correspondent [during the Civil War] Mr. Villard witnessed and 
graphically describes the first battle of Bull Run, took part in the first cam. 
paign in Kentucky, was with Buell in the retrieving of Shiloh and was in 
the midst of the slaughter at Fredericksburg. . . . Mr. Villard's engage- 
raent as secretary of the American Social Science Association had an impor- 
tant bearing on the growth of the civil service reform movement, and cul- 
minated in his purchase of the Nation and the Evening Post in the interest 
solely of Independent journalism, pure politics and honest standards of 
government. The final chapter is a compact statement of the circumstances 
by which Mr. Villard, while residing in Germany, In the early seventies, 
was called in to consult with bondholders of defaulting railroads in this 
country, with the result of his embarking in the completion of the transcon- 
tinental line of the Northern Pacifio Railway, and becoming one of the 
flnanolal magnates of Wall street." — The Nation. 

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" This volume it designed to meet a call from tourists who are visiting the 
Whittier shrines at Haverhill and Amesbory In numbers that are increasing 
year by year. Besides describing the ancestral homestead ... an attempt 
is made to answer such questions as naturally arise in regard to the localities 
mentioned by Whittier in his ballads of the region."— Pre/bee. 

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Thb Riyebdalk Press : C. A. W. Spencer. 




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