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- ' 

OCTOBER, 1904 

tTllOtK f3L< 




VOL. XI. No..!.-. 

Brookunb, Mabb. 



THi tru TClBK 



Public library of' brooklen^ 

Lociu H. HoOFBB. 


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WtMj'i^jieff ot'w^i titf .iiarBday ; box retata«d to tti 'WkMk 
OD Sacurd4y.. .,..'.', ..' ' \ „> 

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;'" \ 




O, indicates gifts. B, indicates books bonght by request. 


ATitiwa^i Bagister : a review of public events at liomeand abroad 

for tlie year 1908. Ref .80.70 

Oentary. Vol. 46, 1908-04. P«r.C25 

Oomopplitan. Vol. 86, 1908-04. Per.C77 

Haxper's Monthly Magazine. Vol. 108, 1908-04. Per.H25 

XUurper's Weekly. Vol. 47, 1908. Reading Room 

Indflpendent Review. Vol. 2, 1904. Per.I63 

Intern atiiwial Quarterly. Vol. 8, 1908-04. Per .180 

Latham, Edward. A dictionary of names, nicknames, and sur- 
names of persons, places and things. 1904. Ref .25.69 
McGaore'a Magazine. Vol. 22, 1903-04. Per.MlS 
Macmillan'a Magazine. Vol. 89, 1903-04. Per.M19 
Monthly Review. Vol. 14, 1904. Per.M77 
Outlook. Vol. 76, 1904. Per.090 
Pall Mall Magazine. Vol. 32, 1904. Per.P20 
Scribner'a Magazine. Vol. 35, 1904. Per.S45 
United States. Department of War. Regulations for the 

government of the navy of the United States. 1900. H, Ref .45.93 
World's Work. Vol. 7, 1903-04. Per.W60 


Adler, Oyma, ed. The voice of America on Kishineff. 1904. G, 

209.6 A23 

Bennett, W. H. Joshna and the conquest of Palestine. 1903. 

222.2 Z07 

Oanton, William. The story of the Bible Society. 1904. 206 C16 

"An attempt to sketch the orlgia, growth, and progress of the British and 
Fbreign Bible Society during the hundred years which began on the 7th 


Ooleridfi^, H. J. The life of oar life ; introduction, hftrmony, 
and notes. 1890. 2t. B. 282.9 C67 

Fouard, Mhi Oonstant. The Christ, the Son of Gk>d : a life of 
our Lord and Savionr, Jesns Christ. Trans, .from the 5th 
ed., by G. F. X. Griffith. With an introd. by Cardinal Man- 
ning. 1908. 2y. B. 282.9 F82 

The last years of Saint Paul. Trans, by G. F. X. Griffith. 
1901. B. 225.92 P28fa 

Saint Paul and his missions. Trans, by G. F. X. Griffith. 
1908. B. 225.92 P28f 

Saint Peter and the first years of Christianity. Trans, from 
the 2d ed., by G. F. X. Griffith. With an introd. by Car- 
dinal Gibbons. 1903. B. 225.92 P44f 

Gardner, Percy. A historic yiew of the New Testament: the 
Jowett lectnres delivered at the Passmore Bdwards Settle- 
ment in London, 1901. 1904. 225 G17 

Gasquet, F. A. The old English Bible, and other essays. 1897. 

B. 220.61 G21 

CofUenlf.' — Notes on medisBval monastio libraries.— The mooMtio scrip- 
toriam.— A forgotten English preaoher.— The pre.Reformation English 
Bible.— Religions instmotion in England during the 14th and 16th centn- 
ries.— A royal Christmas in the 16th century .— The Canterbury olaustral 
school in the 16th century.— The note books of William Worcester, a 16th 
century antiquary.— Hampshire recusants, a story of their troubles in the 
time of Q ueen BUx abeth . 

Haldane, B. B. The pathway to reality, stage the second : be- 
ing the Gifford lectnres delivered in the University of St. 
Andrews in the session 1908-1904. Vol. 2 of 110 H12 

"This book, along with the former series of lectures, represents the attempt 
of a philosphical mind of the first quality so to state the problems of philos- 
ophy that they shall be understood by the average man, and so to present 
the idealist solution that it shall be free from that foreign and exotic air 
which at present it wears to the ordinary consciousness."— The Spectator, 

Hally O. Stanley. Adolescence, its psychology, and its relations 
to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion, 
and education. 1904. 2y. B, 150 H14 



Haalett, 8. B. The pedagogical Bible school : a scientific itady 
of the Sanday school with chief reference to the carricolam. 
Introd. by G. SUnley Hall. 1903. 268 H27 

**The snl^eot matter of the book Ib presented in three parts which maj 

be briefly charaeterized as what has been done, what ooght to be done 

and how to do it. ... The inadeqaaoj of current Sunday School methods, 

f* or, in many cases, the lack of anj method at all, is so fully recognized bj 

1 ererj thonghtfal person who is acquainted with the work, that the value of 

; Dr. Haslett's snj^^tlons for reconstruction will be deeply appreciated. Dr. 

Haslett's book meets a requirement which has long been felt, and ought to 

\ be read by erery one interested in Sunday school work." 

( — Pedagogical Seminary. 

HastingB, James, ed. A dictionary of the Bible, dealing with 

its language, literature, and contents, including the Biblical 

(> theology. Ed. by James Hastings, with the assistance of 

J. A. Selbie. Extra rolume, containing articles, indexes, and 
maps. 1904. Ref. 20.78.1 

JttliclMr, Adolf. An introduction to the New Testament. Trans. 
I by J. F. Ward. With prefatory note by Mrs. Humphry 

Ward. 1904. S26.6J94 

'The painstaking student will find in this book much that is of supreme 
Interest. The translation is clearly rery well done, for the book readi as 

(though it had been written in English. Prof. Jtiiicher deals at length with 
the date, matter, and authorship of each book of the New Testament, and 
with the gradual formation of the Canon. We recommend this book to all 
who are really interested in the subject. The reader need not be learned, 
^ but he must hare time to read the whole."— TA^ SpectcUor. 

lafe and Work of the Redeemer. 1901. 232.9 L62 

^ ContentM: — The birth and infancy of Jesus Christ, by II. D. M. Spence.— 

* The baptism, fasting, and temptation of Jesus, by William Alexander.— 

I Calls to disoipleship, by Marcus Dods.— The private personal interviews of 

our Lord, by H. C. G. Moule.— Jesus Clirist as missionary, by Lyman Ab- 
bott.— Christ's dealings with womanhood, by F. B. Meyer.— The atoning 
work of Christ, by William Alexander.— Christ, the teacher, by W. B. Car- 
f penter.— Christ, the consoler, by W. Lefroy.— Christ, the wonder worker, 

^ by W. C. Doane.— The betrayal and denial of Christ, by James Stalker.— 

The cross and Passion, by A. M. Falrbairn.— The resurrection, by Alexan- 
I der McLaren. 

* Hot in the Oorriculum : a book of friendly counsel to students, 




by two recent college graduates. With an introd. by Henry 
Van Dyke. 1908. B. 177.8 K84 


Baupert, J. G. Modern spiritism : a critical examination of 

its phenomena, character, and teaching in the light of the 

known facts. 1904. 188.9 R19 

*'The book desenres the most careful reading bj all who are In any way In- 
terested in the yarioas phenomena of spiritUm, becaane Mr. Ranpert is leas 
concerned in denying these than in showing that the moyement itself Is alto- 
gether antagonistic to Christianity. Eren were the work of no valne other- 
wise, it would l>e of special importance from the scientific standpoint, be- 
caase it marshals in a thoronghly businesslike fashion the evidence both for 
and against the truth of spiritism. In this respect no text-book that has 
recently been published is of greater interest."— The Spectator, 

BoixBOy W. H. D. Greek votive ofTerings: an essay in the 

history of Greek religion. 1902. 209.2 R76 

Sayce, A. H. Joseph and the land of Bgypt. 1903*. 220.9 S27a 

Stephen, Sir Leslie. The science of ethics. 1882. 171 S82 

"The practical value of Stephen's book is as high as its ability is great. It 
is only when we come to the region of pure ideas that we find him deficient. 
An avowed agnostic, who used and adopted Huxley's convenient barbarism, 
he made no pretence of solving enigmas which he confessed and even pro- 
claimed to be insoluble. But within the limits set by himself, Stephen's 
Science of Ethice is at once convincing and complete. Those who accept his 
premises can hardly avoid his conclusions ; those who do not will find in his 
book abundant food for thought as well as conclusive reason for respecting 
the intrepid honesty of the author."— Quarterly Review, 


Devas, C. S. Political economy. 2d ed., rewritten and en- 
larged. 1901. B, 880 D49 
Ely, B. T., and Wicker, G. B. Elementary principles of econo- 
mics together with a short sketch of economic history. 1904, 

830 E52 
Faraday, L. W., trans. The cattle-raid of Cualnge (Tain Bo 
Caailnge) : an old Irish prose-epic, trans, for the first time 
from Leabhar na h-Uidhri and the Yellow Book of Lecan. 1904. 

898.415 C91f 

** The chief story belonging to the heroic cyde of Ulster, which had its centre 
in the deeds of the Ulster king, Conohobar Mac Nessa, and his nephew and 
chief warrior, Cucherlainn Mac Sualtaim. Tradition places their date at the 
beginning of the Christian era."— /rUroduc^km. 


Hendanon, 0. B. Introdaction to the study of the dependent, 
defective, and delinquent claBies, and of their social treatment. 
2d ed., enl. and rewritten. 1904. 8S1 .9 H88 

Nomlnallj the leoond edition of a book some time ont of print, it is ahnost 
entirely new. 

f JohxiB Hopkixis University. A reprint of economic tracts. Ed. 

by J. H. Hollander. 1908-1904. 880.4 J62 

Contents : ~ Three letters on the price of gold, by David Rleardo, 1809.— The 
natare and progress of rent, by T. R. ICalthus, 1815.~The application of 
f capital to land, by Sir Edward West, 1815.— A refutation of the wage-fund 

theory, by F. D. Longe, 1866. 

Studies in historical and political science. Vol. 21. Indiana, 
North Carolina, and Maryland. 1908. 806 J6 

t Oonlaits.*— The Wabash trade route in the development of the old North- 

! west, by B. J. Benton.— History of internal improvements in North Caro- 

l Una, by C. C. Weaver.— History of Japanese paper currency, by Masayoshi 

Takaki.— Economics and politics in Maryland, 1720-1750, and the public ser. 
^ vices of Daniel Dulany the elder, by St. G. L. SiousBat.— Beginnings of 

HaryUnd, 1031-1099, by B. C. Steiner.— English statutes in Maryland, by St. 

G. L. Sioussat. 

\ Mitchell, John. Organized labor, its problems, purposes and 

I ideals and the present and future of American wage earners. 

1908. 331.21 M69 

** A sane treatment of the labor movement by one whose opinion is of great 
; value. Special chapters are devoted to the anthracite coal strike, In which 

Mr. Mitchell played such a conspicuous and creditable r61e. The book con- 
tains really admirable discussions of practical phases of trade-unions in the 
\ U. 8." 

Hontague, G. H. Trusts of to-day : facts relating to their pro- 
motion, financial management, and the attempts at state con- 
trol. 1904. B. 338.8 M76a 

Moody, John. The truth about the trusts : a description and 
analysis of the American trust movement. 1904. U. 338.8 M77 

Wells, H. G. Mankind in the making. 1904. 301 W46 

Wilcox, D. P. The American city : a problem in democracy. 
1904. B. 362 W64 



Boone, B. O. Science of education. 1904. 870.1 B64 

Educational Review. Vol. 27. 1904. 1866.4 

Home, H. H. The philosophy of education : being the founda- 
tions of education in the related natural and mental sciences. 
1904. 870.1 H78 

Spalding, J. L. Education and the higher life. 8th ed. 1908. B. 

870.4 S78e 

CanterUs : — Ideala.— Ezeroise of iiiind.~ The lore of excellence.— Culture 
and the spirit of the aife.— Self •culture.— Growth and dutj.— Right human 
life.— Unirersltjr education. 

Means and ends of education. 4th ed. 1908. B. 870.4 S78m 

Contenti .*- Truth and lore.- The making of one's self.— Woman and edu- 
cation.- The scope of public-school education.- The religious element in 
education.— The liigher education. 

Things of the mind. 5th ed. 1908. B. 870.4 S78t 

ConUnii : — Views of education.— Professional education.— Theories of life 
and education.— Culture and religion.— Patriotism. 


Bradley, Henry. The making of English. 1904. 4S0.9 B72 

"Beginning with a contrast of German and English, whldi the most imper- 
fect linguist can appreciate, that the reader may liave a standard of compari- 
son, he gires a short sketch of the main features of Old English. From this 
foundation he traces the eyolution of the language both in grammar and yo- 
cabulary, the internal dumges which time and habit induced, and the extern- 
al influence of foreign tongues, till he arrives at the work of the word-mak- 
ers and conscious development. . . . Mr. Bradley thinks that so far as 
grammar is concerned the making of English is a finished process. . . and 
that word-making is the only force at work which will render our English 
a little strange to our grandchildren; the modes by which the language 
adopts new formations is a curious story, and in Mr. Bradley's pages an en- 
thralling one."— The SpeeUOor, 

Femald, J. 0. Connectives of English speech ; the correct 
usage of prepositions, conjunctions, relative pronouns and 
adverbs explained and illustrated. 1904. 435 F89 

Scott, F. N., and Denney, J. V. Paragraph-writing. 8d ed. 
rer. and enl. 1898. 426 S4S 


Windischy E. W. O. A conciie Irish grammar, with pieces for 

reading. Trans, from the Oerman by Norman Moore. 1882. 

B. 491.62 W71! 

Oomstock, J. H., and Oomatock, Mrs. A. B. How to know the 
butterflies : a manual of the batterflies of the eastern United 
^ States. 1904. 695.78 C7I 

j Bastman, Helen. New England ferns and their common allies : 

I an easy method of determining the species. 1904. 587.8 E19 

^ Homaday, W. T. The American natural history : a foundation 

of useful knowledge of the higher animals of North America. 

1904. 590 H7f 

**The dtmand for a one-Tolame aoooant of American Animals, oonTenlent 
in form and popular In treatment, has been weU supplied by Mr. Homaday, 
director of the Kew Toric Zoological Park. . . . The manner of treatment 
throaghoat is not merely interesting, It is exceedingly witty and uniformly 
readable. The pictures, most of them drawings by artists of repute, are 
numerous and excellent, and the original charts of the first value. It would 
seem that erery effort had been made by the author to secure accuracy and 
modernity of treatment, and his book is altogether one to be prised on every 
aoeonnt.**— Wallace Rice, in The Dial, 

Hubert, P. O., jr. Liberty and a living : the record of an at- 
tempt to secure bread and butter, sunshine and content, by 
gardening, fishing, and hunting. 2d ed., with new pref. 
1904. 500 H86 

.» Nature. Vol. 69, 1903-04. Per.N28 

Beed, 0. A. North American birds' eggs ; illastrating the eggs 
of nearly every species of North American birds. 1904. 598.2 R2fi 
^ Boberta, 0. O. D. The watchers of the trails: a book of 

I animal life. 1904. B. 591 R54w 

I **K series of entertaining animal sketches. The stories are full of action, 

the brute heroes have a ylrid personality, and the style is graceful and con. 
* Tindng."— The Nation, 

Torrey, Bradford. The clerk of the woods. 1903. B. 500 T63c 

Walker, Frederick. Practical kites and aeroplanes: how to 

make and work them. 1903. 533.8 Wlfi 

Ziwety Alexander. Elements of theoretical mechanics. Bev. 

ed. of An elementary treatise on theoretical mechanics, especially 

designed for students of engineering. 1904. 531 Z6 





Beach, B. H., and Thome, W. W., eomps. The American busi- 
ness and accoanting encyclopsedia : a standard reference work 
. . . illas. with special forms, tables and diagrams never before 
published. B. Ref.66.48 

Booth, W. H. Liqaid fael and its combastion. 1908. 621.47 B64 
Boston Cooking School Magazine. Vol. 8, 1908-04. 841.8 B65 
Bottone, 8. B. The amateur electrician's workshop, bk. 2 : a 
handbook of practical instruction in the making of electrical 
models and appliances. 1908. 621.8 B65 

Explains in rather an elementary way, and illustrates with diagrams, the 
making of a wireless telephone, a Winshurst electrical machine, an electric 
despatch boat and a fonr-volt accumulator. 

Cassier's Magazine. Vol. 25, 1908-04. Per.ClS 

Craftsman. Vol. 5, 1908-04. 605 C84 

Bustis, Celestine. Cooking in old Creole days, La cnisine cr6ole 
k Tusage des petlts manages. With an introd. by 8. Weir 
Mitchell. 1904. 641 E91 

Fletcher, Horace. The A. B.-Z. of our own nutrition. By 
Horace Fletcher, experimentally assisted by Dr. Ernest Van 
Soroeren, Dr. Hubert Higgins. 1904. B. 612.8 F68 

Gulick, L. H. Physical education by muscular exercise. 1904. 

618.7 695 
Handicraft. Vol. 2, 1903-04. 605 H19 

Hart, Horace. Knles for compositors and readers at the Univer- 
sity Press, Oxford. The English spellings rev. by J. A. n. 
Murray and Henry Bradley. 16th ed. rev. and enl. 1904. 655 H25 

"This little book, thouf^h it has reached so many editions, has nerer been 
giren to the public before and its very modest appearance hardly does justice 
to its importance. Its dicta on orthography, punctuation, and other matters 
of typography come not only with the authority of the Oxford University 
Press and its experienced head, Mr. Horace Hart, but vith that of Dr. J. A. 
H. Murray and Mr. Henry Bradley, editors of the New English Dictionary, 
who have revised and approved it."— The Times, London, 

Keeler, G. A. The simple home. 1904. 645 K24 

Content* : — The spirit of the home.— The garden.— The boilding of the 
home.— The furnishing of the home.— Home life. 


La Tour, H. B. de. The induction motor, its theory and design 
set forth by a practical method of calculation. Trans, from 
the French by C. O. MalUoux. 1903. 621.81 L85 

Patton, Frances. Home and school sewing. 1901. 646 P27 

SehMeTf B. A. A course in practical histology. 2d ed. 1897. 

B, 611 S29 
White, Mary. How to do beadwork. 1904. 646 W58 

Ziegler, Ernst. A text-book of general pathological anatomy 
and pathogenesis. Trans, and ed. for English students by 
Donald MacAlister. 1886. G. 616 Z6 

Art of Engraving : a practical treatise on the engraver's art, 
with special reference to letter and monogram engraving; 
specially compiled as a text-book for students, and reference 
book and guide for engravers. 1903. 760 A78 

"Specially compiled as a student's text-book, this book offers much assis- 
tance and many suffgestions to the engraver not yet an expert in his art. It 
glTes the implements to be used and the way to use them, the preliminary 
knowledge needed, especially in mathematics. All are so well illustrated, so 
clearly given, that the reader cannot mistake them. The chief topic of the 
book is the engraving of letters : block letters, script, the looped, the fancy, 
the stalwart old English, and, finally the fanciful cipher; until it seems as 
if all knowledge had been g^veu that would change an amateur into 
an expert." — The Crafttman. 

Bartlett, G. H. Pen and ink drawing: a series of drawings 
showing its perfect adaptability to the modern processes of re- 
prodnction, with a brief history and description of the arts of 
drawing and engraylDg on wood ; lithography and the modern 
processes most closely correlated. 1903. R. 741 B28 

Briggs, B. A. Homes for the country : a series of designs, and 
examples of executed works, with plans of each. 1904. 728 B76a 
By the author of Bungalows and country residences. 

Brush and Pencil. Vol. 13, 1903-04. 705 B88 

Crawford, V. M. Raphael. 1904. 760 R21cr 

••The best monograph on that great artist that can be recommended to the 
general reader. He will find therein the surest guidance to the appreciation 
and enjoyment of that sanest and noblest of old masters. We know no 
other work on the subject so balanced in Judgment, so free from error, and 
so up to date.— Nation, 


Bay, L. F. Stained glass. 1908. 748 D88a 

Low-cost Houses, with constructive details, designed by practi- 
cal architects, embracing upward of twenty-flve selected de- 
signs of cottages costing from $750 to $2,500, accompanied by 
elevations, floor plans and details of construction, all drawn 
to scale. Together with brief descriptions, and, In many In- 
stances, full speclflcatlons and detailed estimates of cost. 
1908. 728 L95 

LUbke, Wilhelm. Outlines of the history of art. Ed., minutely 

rev. and largely rewritten by Russell Sturgls. 1904. 2v. 709 L96a 
McCurdy, Edward. Leonardo da Vlncl. 1904. 750 y77m 

Mantzius, Kail. A history of theatrical art In ancient and 
modern times. Authorized trans, by Louise von Cossel. 
1904. 792 M81 

Vol. 3. The Shakespearean period in England. 

Modem Dwellings, with constructive details, by numerous 
architects. A selection of twenty designs of artistic suburban 
dwellings erected In various sections of the country, at costs 
ranging from f 2,000 to $5,000 ; embracing floor plans, eleva- 
tions, etc., showing interior and exterior finish, and drawn 
to scale, together with extracts from the speclflcatlons. 
1908. 728 M72 

Roberts, Harry. The book of old-fashioned flowers, and other 
plants which thrive in the open air of England. 1901. M. 716 R54 

Robinson, William. Hardy flowers : descriptions of upwards 
of thirteen hundred of the most ornamental species, with 
directions for their arrangement, culture, etc. 1900. 716 R56 

Studio : an illustrated magazine of flne and applied art. Vol. 
30, 1908-04. Art Case 5.1 

Whistler. Eden versus Whistler : the baronet and the butterfly: 

a valentine with a verdict. 1899. 750 W57e 

>n acooant of the lawsuit brought by Sir William Eden an^ainst Whistler 
on account of a misunderstanding about the price of a portrait of Lady 
Eden which Whistler painted. 

Whistler, J. A. M. The gentle art of making enemies, as 

pleasingly exemplified in many instances, wherein the serious 

ones of the earth, carefully exasperated, have been prettily 

spurred on to unseemliness and indiscretion, while overcome 

by an undue sense of right. 8d ad. 1904. B. 750 W57f 


itt, Mrs. M. H. The German and Flemish masters in the 
National GaUery. 1904. 759.8 W82 


Busbey, Hamilton. The trotting and the pacing horse in Amer- 
ica. 1904. 798 B95 

Oamo, Benjamin. Modern billiards: a complete text-book of 
the game. 1904. 794 G18 

Ghrinnell, G. B., ed. American big game in its haunts : the book 

of the Boone and Crockett Clnb. 1904. B, 799 G88 

Conienit : — Theodore Rooferelt.— WUdernesB reserves, by Theodore Boose- 
Tdt.— The zoology of North American big gmme, by A. £. Brown.— Big 
game shooting In AlMka, by J. H. Kidder.— The Kadiak bear and his home, 
by W. L. Smith.— The moantaln sheep and Its range, by O. B. Orinnell.— 
Preservation of the wild animals of North America, by H. F. Osbom.— Dls. 
tribation of the moose, by Madison Grant.— The creating of game refuges, 
by Alden Sampson, — Temiekamlng moose, by P.J. Dashlell. — Two trophies 
from India, by J. II . Prentice.- Big game refuges.— Forest reserves of North 

Gwynn, Stephen. Fishing holidays. 1904. 799.1 099 

Outing. Vol. 43, 1903-*04. Per. 085 

Stephens, W. P. American yachting. 1904. 359.32 S83 


Blackburn, Vernon. Mendelssohn 1904. 780 M53b 

Graves, 0. L. The diversions of a music-lover. 1904. 780.3 078 

(7(tm/«ii/s ; — The ¥01068 of the orchestra.— Richard Strauss.- Cost of aprl. 
▼ate orchestra.— Giuseppe Verdi.— Last of the old impresarios [Colonel Ma- 
pleson]. — Decline of the prima donna. — Charm of the quartet.— Soundless 
music— Menial music— Hans Richter.— M. Legouv6's reminiscences of 
Halibran.— George Alexander Osbome.-Slr George Grove — A forgotten 
book IMuMical reminUcenceM, by Lord Mount-Edgcumbe]. — Studies in con- 
temporary musicfil criticism.— A musical celebrity.— Critics od strike.— Mu- 
sical reformatories.— Pastimes for muslciaos. — Music for animals. 
** A delightful collection of essays on Music. The range of Mr. Graves is 
wide, for he not only writes serious and thoughtful criticism of the art and 
history of music, but he also Is able to write in a strain of charming humour 
and exaggeration. But beneath the fun there la always discernible the true 
critic"— The Spectator. 


Jadassohn, Salomon. A manual of harmony. Trans, from the 
3d angmented and carefully rev. German ed. by Dr. Th. Baker. 
1908. 780.8 J17 

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Heart's Desire. R. 788 G68c 

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Saint-Saens, Camilla. Concertos pour yiolon. Op. 20, 58, and 

61. 787 815c 

Schumann, B. A. Quintett ffir Pianoforte, 2 Yiolinen, Viola 
und Violoncell. Op. 44. Arrangement fiir Pianoforte zn 4 
H&nden von Clai'a Schumann. Quartett (Es). Op. 47. Ar- 
rangement far Pianoforte zu 4 Hftnden von Johannes Brahms. 

786 S89q 
Strauss, Richard. Don Juan. Op. 20. — Tod und Verklftrnng. 

Op. 24. 786 S91d 

Ein Heldenleben; Tondichtung fUr grosses Orchester. Op. 

40. Fiir Pianoforte zu vier H&nden. 786 S91h 

Sullivan, A. S. The Prodigal Son : an oratorio. B. 782 S95p 

Tschaikowsky, P. I. Manfred : symphonie en quatre tableaux 

d'apr^s le po^me dramatique de Byron. Op. 58. 786 T87a 


Archer, William. Real conversations. 1904. R, 824 A67 

with A. W. Pinero, Thomas Hardy, John Oliver Hobbes, Stephen PhllUps, 
George Mook, W. S. Gilbert, Professor Masson, Spenser Wilkinson, Wil- 
liam Helnemann, George Alexander, Lnoas Malet, and Sidney Lee. 
" Mr. Archer is to be thanked for having Invented a new kind of book of 
very amusing quality. He has engaged 12 ladies and gentlemen of light and 
leading in easy talk on interesting topics, and reported the conversations 

with literary skill and a measure of editorial discretion It gives 

one a feeling of having dined in excellent company, and found every guest 
quite exceptionally ready to talk his best for our particular edification and 
entertainment.'*— The Spectator. 





Belloc, Hilaire. Arril, being essays on the poetry of the French 

Renaissance. 1904. 840.4 B41 

" It is the utmost felicity of human doing to unite the useful and the beauti- 
ful, and it is scarcely an extraraganoe to congratulate Mr. Belloc on this 

great achierement A few pages to stir our expectation about 

VlUon and Ronsard, and the 'next fulfils it while it is eager and hungry. 
Half his pages are giren to the verses that are to justify what he has been 
sajing of their authors. The poets dealt with are Charles d*0rl6ans, Villon, 
Xarot, Ronsard, Du Bellay and Malherbe."— ?%« TVmes, London. 

Berdoe, Edward. A primer of Browning. 1904. 820 B88b6 

Booth, E. Gore-. The one and the many. [Poems.] 1904. 8S0 B72 

Oorson, Hiram. An introduction to the study of Shakespeare. 
1908. 822.8 D19 

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farmer. Reprinted from the original ed., with a prefactory 
note by W. P. Trent and introd. by Ludwig Lewisohn. 1904. 

824 C9S 

Barley, George. Selections from [his] poems. With an introd. 
and notes by R. A. Streatfeild. 1908. 820 D221a 

De La Kare, W. J. Henry Brocken, his travels and adventures 

in the rich, strange, scarce-imaginable regions of romance. 

1904. 824 D38 

Contents : — Whither?— Lucy Gray.— Jane Eyre.— Julia, Electra, Dianeme. 
— Nick Bottom.— Sleeping Beauty.— Lemuel GuUiTer.- Mistrust, Obstinate, 
Liar, etc.— Va belle Dame sans Merci.— Sleep and Death.— A doctor of phy- 
sic—Annabel Lee.— Criseyde. 

Deschamps, Gaston. La vie etles livres. Tome6. 1903. 840.1 D45 

Content*: — he cycle de Napoleon.— Le cycle de la guerre.— L'exotisme 
colonial et pittoresque. 

Dryden, John. Plays. Ed. with an introd. and notes by George 
Saintsbnry. 1904. 2 v. H. 822 D76 

Elizabeth^ Qiieen of Boumania. Songs of toil, by Carmen Sylva, 
Queen of Roumania, Trans, by J. E. Bowen, ivith introduc- 
tory sketch. 4th ed. 1888. 831 E438 

The original texts and the translations are printed on opposite pages. 

Sweet hoars. By Carmen Sylva. 1904. 831 E43sa 


Brans, Sebastiaiii tran$. The high history of the Holy Graal. 

trans, from the old French. 1903. 829.5 G76 

'* This book la tnmtlated from the flrtt TOlnme of Perceval le OdOoii ou le 
oonfe du Oraal, ed. by M. Ch. PotTlii for La 8ool6t6 det RlbUophllet Belgea 
In 1806, from the MS. numbered 11,146 In the library of theDokesof Borgun- 
dy at Bmsaeli. . . . Date, first third of the 10th eentory. Written three 
oentorles later than the original romance, and foil as it Is of faults of the 
scribe, this manuscript is by far the most complete known copy of the Book 
of the GnuU in existence.*'— /MirodMcMoii. 

Fawcetti Bdgar. Blooms and brambles: a book of verses. 1889. 

B. 820 F278b 

Findlater, J. H. Stones from a glass house. 1904. 809.8 F49 

ConteniM : — Great war norels.— On religious norels.— The slum morement 
In fiction.— The Scot in fiction.— O temporal O mores I— The art of narra- 
tion.— George Borrow.— " As compared with excellence.**— Modem tragedy. 
— " The other grace**.— Walt Whitman. 

** It is quite an agreeable change from the everlasting, nerer .ending, and im. 
possible task of keeping np with the stream of novels that issue from our 
groaning printing presses to read what a novelist has to say on the causes, 
developments, and tendencies of the movement of which they are the out- 
come MlssFindlater'scapacity of appreciation Is singularly cath. 

oUc; she speaks with respect where she Is unable to profess enthusiasm.** 

^The Spedatar. 

Gkdton, Arthur, camp. English prose, from Maandevile to 
Thackeray. 1888. 825 G18 

Oibb, E. J. W. A history of Ottoman poetry. Vols. 2-8, ed. 
by B. G. Browne. 1902-4. 894 Gd5 

Harvey, William. Irish life and hamour in anecdote and story. 
1904. 828.1 H26 

Homer. The Odyssey of Homer in English verse. By Arthur S. 
Way. 8d ed. 1904. 888 H7w 

Horace. The Odes, Epodes and Carmen saeculare. Ed. with 
introd. and commentary by C. H. Moore. 1902. i?. 878 H81d 

HugOy Victor. William Shakespeare. Trans, by M. B. Ander- 
son. 6th ed. 1899. 822.8 D488a 

Lydgate, John. The assembly of Gods ; or, The accord of rea- 
son and sensnality in the fear of death. Ed. from the MSS., 
with introd., notes, etc., by O. L. Triggs. 1895. 820 L988 


Lyttelton, A. T. Modern poets of faith, donbt, and paganism, 
and other essays. With a memoir of the author by E. S. Tal- 
bot. 1904. 818.4 L99 

ConieiUt : — Memoir of the aathor.— Tennyson.— Browning.— The poetry 
of doabt (Arnold and Clongh)^— Oarlyle's life and works.— George Eliot.- 
Modem pagan poetry (Swinburne and James Thomson).— The pagan reac- 
tion under the Emperor Julian. 

" The most characteristic trait« of Lyttelton were sound knowledge both of 
books and of men, clearness of conriction, coupled with perfect urbanity 
towards the conyictlons of others, and an entire absence of anything like 
'professional* bias. . . . The essay on Browning shows perhaps tbe 
most Insight into Browning's mind and method of any study of the poet that 
has yet been written.**- Athenaum, 

ICaeterlinck, Maurice. The doable garden. 1904. 844 M27d 

CotUenU: — Our friend, the dog.— The temple of chance.— In praise of the 
sword. — Death and the crown.— Universal snfflrage.— Tlie modern drama.— 
The foretelling of the future.— In an automobile.— News of spring.— The 
wrath of the bee.— Field flowers.- Chrysanthemums.— Old-fashioned flow- 
ers.- Sincerity.- Portrait of a lady.— The leaf of olive. 

Moulton, G. W., ed. Library of literary criticism of English and 
American authors. Vol. 7. 1875-1890. 1904. Ref. 40.85 

Myers, Ernest. Gathered poems. 1904. 820 M99 

" The translator of Homer and Pindar, the loving student of Theocritus and 
Virgil, might perhaps be expected, given any poetic aptitude at all, to catch 
some faint echoes of their voices ; but Mr. Myers does far more than this. 
The exquisite Boy and the Dolphin reveals him as Greek both in reflection 

and in essence Such pieces as Rhodea and Lugan» with their 

limpid flow of thought and language, bear comparison with the best of Mat- 
thew Arnold's in the same kind."— The Aihenwum. 

Nevineon, H. W. Between the acts. 1904. 824 N41b 

Contents .• — A London merchant.— Sabrina Fair.— A Don's day.— Sic vos 
non vobis. — Gaudeamus Igitur. — In twenty-four hours. — Corpus Christi. — 
The relief of Eden.— V« vlctls.— Of your charity.— Izwa!— A little honey. 
— The last rag.— The pinnacle of fame. 

** Mr. Nevinson has not written his great book, but that be will do so none 
of his friends can doubt. Our own hope is that when the lime comes he will 
be frankly egotistic. In his last book. Between the acts^ the autobiographical 
parts outweigh the rest as gold outweighs the sand it lies among. . . . 
We would gladly hear more of it."— Monthly Review. 


Plutarch. Shakespeare's Platarch, being a selection from the 
Lives in North's Plutarch which lllastrate Shakespeare's plays. 
Ed. with a pref., notes, index of names, and glossarial index, 
by W. W. Skeat. 1892. 822.8 F82 

Robinson, A. M. F. The return to nature. [Poems by] Mary 
Duclaux. 1904. 820 B658 

Byan, A. J. Poems, patriotic, religious, miscellaneous. By 
Father Ryan. 28d ed., with his posthumous poems. With 
an introd. essay by Rer. J. T. Smith, and an appreciation by 
John Moran. 1904. B. 820 R98 

Shakespeare, William. Sonnets. Ed. with notes and Introd. 
by Thomas Tyler. Cheap reissue with appendix : the Herbert- 
Fitton theory of Shakespeare's sonnets. 1899. 822.8 091 

Shaw, G. B. The quintessence of Ibsenism. 1904. 889.88 Iza 

Swinburne, A. G. Both well : a tragedy. 4th ed. 1901. 822 S97b 
Erechtheus : a tragedy. 1894. 822 S97e 

Locrine : a tragedy. 2d ed. 1896. 822 S971 

Marino Faliero : a tragedy. 1885. 822 S97ma 

Wolfe, Charles. Poems. With an introd. memoir by C. L. 
Falkiner. 1908. 820 W855 

The aathor is best known from one poem : The burial of Sir John Moore. 

Yeats, W. B. The king's threshold, and On Balle's strand : be- 
ing volume three of Plays for an Irish theatre, 1904. 822 T4wb 

German Literature. 

Auerbach, Berthold. S&mtUche Schwarzw&lder Dorfgeschlch- 

ten : Volksausgabe in zehn B&nden. 10 t. in 5. 833 A92sa 

Vol. 1. Der Tolpat«cb.— Die Krlegspfelfe.— Des SchloBsbaaers Befele.— 
Tonele mit der/ ffobiMenen Wange.— Befehlerles.— Die feind- 
lichen Brtider.— Iro, der Hajrle. 

2. Florian and Kressenz.— Der Lanterbacher.— Strilfllnge.— Erdmate. 

3. Die Fran Professorin.— Luzifer. 

4. Die Gesohlohte des Diethelm yon Bnchenberg.— Hopfen and 

6. Der Lehnbold.— Der Vierecklg Oder die amerllumiBche Kiste.— 
Der Geigerlex. 

6. Ein eigenHaas.— Barfiissele. 

7. Joseph im Schnee.— Bros! and Moni. 

8. EdelwelsB. 

9. Naoh dreiflsig Jahren : I. Dea Lories Reinhard. II. Der Tol- 

10. Naoh dreissig Jahren : III. Das Nest an der Bahn.— Brigitta. 

>atsch aas Amerika. 

ig J 



888 B82e8 
888 E16a 
888 BlGh 
833 B16a 

Baombach, Budoll. Brz&hlang and M&rchen. 888 B82e 

Contents : —Die verge«aene Ghlocke.— Das Wasser der Jugend.— Wie sloh 
zwei zasanunen fanden.— Die gefangene Drnde.— Die Tier Erangelieten.— 
Zlrbel.— Freand Llpp.— Der Stein Alectorlae.— Die Christwiira.— Wein. 

£s war eiDmal : M&rchen. 

Ebers, O. M. Eine Aegyptlsche Konigstochter. 8v. 

Homo sum : Roman. 

Uarda : Roman aas dem alien Aegypten. 8 v. 
Fulda, Ludwig. Herostrat : Tragddie in fQnf AafzUgen. 882 F95li 

Die Kameraden : Lastspiel in drei Anfztlgen. 882 F95k 

Orillparzer, Franz. Die Ahnfrau. — Sappho. 882 G87a 

Chitzkow, K. F. Der Kdnigslentenant : Lastspiel in vier Anf- 
ztlgen. 882 G98k 

Uriel Acosta : Traner spiel in fiinf Anfzflgen. 832 G98u 

Zopf und Schwert : lustspiel in fanf AufzUgen. 832 G98z 

Hauptmann, Qerhart. Der Biberpelz : eine Diebskomddie. 832 H29b 
Hillem, Frau W. B. von. Ans eigener Kraft. 833 H55a 

Hoher als die Kirche : eine Erz&hlung aus alter Zeit. 833 H55h 
Liliencron, F. A. A. D., FreiJierr von. Aus Marsch und Geest. 

833 L62a 

Breide Hummelsbuttel. 833 L62b 

Roggen und Weizen. 833 L62r 

Bosegger, P. K. Erdsegen : vertrauliche Sonntagsbriefe eines 

Bauernknechtes : ein Kulturroman. 833 R72e 

Peter Mayr, der Wirt an der Mahr : eine Geschichte aus deut- 
scher Heldenzeit 833 R72p 

Spielhagen, Friedrich. Hammer und Amboss: Roman. 2v. 833 S74ha 
Problematische Naturen : Roman. 2y. 833 S74p 

Uhlenhans. 833 S74u 

Stinde, Julius. Buchholzens in Italien : Reisc-Abenteuer von 

Wilhelmine Buchholz. 833 S86b 

Die Familie Buchholz : aus dem Leben der Hauptstadt. 2v. 833 S85f 

Stormy Theodor. Geschichten aus der Tonne. 833 S88g 

Ein Bekenntniss. 833 S88b 


XThland, J. L., ed. Alte hoch — and niederdentsche Volkslieder 
mil Abhandlung and Anmerkangen. Hit Elnleitang yon Her- 
mann Fischer. 8tl.l U31 

Uhland, J. L. Gedlchte. Mil elner biographisch-lltterarhistor- 
ischen Elnleitang tod Hermann Fischer. 881 U31 

Velhagen and Xlam'Tig, publishers. Roman-Blbllothek. Belgabe 

za Monatsheften 17. 888 VM 

Vol. 13. Jangfrao KSnigin, ron Franz Bosen.— Stnmme Muiikmiiten, von 
Luise Glass.— Bin " Stroz," yon Fttrst Friedrich Wrede. 


Bright, J. F. A history of England. Period 8, Imperial re- 
action, Victoria; 1880-1901. 1904. 942 B76 

Budge, E. A. W. The decrees of Memphis and Canopns. 1904. 
8v. 982.8 B85de 

Vols. 1-2. The Rosetta Stone. 

3. The decree of Canopus. 

Bury, J. B. A history •£ the Roman Empire from Its founda- 
tion to the death of Marcns Aarelios (37 B. C.-180 A. D.). 
1898. 987.07 B98 

Oambridge Modem History. Planned by Lord Acton. Ed. by 
A. W. Ward, G. W. Prothero, Stanley Leathes. Vol. 8. The 
French Revelation. 1904. 944.04 C14 

Gaotafieda de Nagera, Pedro. The joarney of Coronado, 
1540-1542, from the city of Mexico to the Grand Caiion of the 
Colorado and the Buffalo plains of Texas, Kansas, and 
Nebraska, as told by himself and his followers. Trans, and 
ed., with an introd. by G. P. Winship. 1904. B, 978 C27 

Davitt, Michael. The fall of feudalism in Ireland ; or, the story 

of the Land League revolution. 1904. 941.5 D29 

"As far as possible for one who was a leader In the morement which this 
book records, Mr. Davitt sinks his own personality, and althoagh the story 
is told with intense bitterness, the bitterness is against the system, not 
against persons. . . . Mr. Davltt's book will interest others besides Irish 
readers. . . . His oondading chapter is an earnest appeal for home mle 
in the Interests of the British as well as of the Irish people."— The Nation, 


Doughty, A. G., arid Dionne, N. E. Qaebec ander two flags : 
a brief history of the city from its foaudation until the pres- 
ent time. 1908. 971.5 Q28d 
The Nation oaili this " the beet exieting handbook on Qaebeo." 

Elflon, H. W. History of the United States of America. 1904. 

978 £49a 
GKxUrey, Blizabeth, pseud. Social life under the Stuarts. 1904. 

942.06 G54a 
Kulbert, A. B. Pioneer roads and experiences of trarelers. 
1904. 2v. [Historichighwaysof America. Vols. 11-12.] 974 H87 

Lee, Sidney. Stratf ord-on-Avon from the earliest times to the 
death of Shakespeare. New ed. 1904. 942.5 S71 

Beich, Emil. Success among nations. 1904. B. 901 R27 

C(m<efi<«/<— Boonomlc snooees.— Centres of national success.— Snooees In 
Imperialism.— Intellectual success.— Religious success. — Success among 
Latin nations.— Success among Slav nations.— Success among Germans.- 
British success. — Success in America. 

Bowe, L. S. The United States and Porto Rico, with special 
reference to the problems arising out of our contact with the 
Spanish-American civilization. 1904. 972.95 R79 

Somerville Historical Society. Historic leaves, vol. 2. April, 
1903-Jan. 1904. 974.45 S6580 

Spears, J. B. A history of the Mississippi valley from its dis- 
covery to the end of foreign domination : the narrative of the 
founding of an empire, shorn of current myth, and enlivened 
by the thrilling adventures of discoverers, pioneers, frontiers- 
men, Indian fighters, and home-makers. By J. R. Spears in 
collaboration with A. H. Clark. 1903. 977 S74 

Walpole, Sir Spencer. The history of twenty-five years [1856- 
1880]. Vols. 1-2. 1904. 942.08 W16 


Balch, B. 8., ed. Letters and papers relating to the Alaska 
frontier. 1904. G. 979.8 B178 


Blanc, Mme. (7%. Bentzon, pseud.) Promenades en RnsBie. 

1908. 947.6 B59 

ConUfUM : — Etu. Petlte-Baeflie.— Aotoar de ToUtoI.— Balm de mer en 
Ciiin^.— Femmee russet.— Docteur et femme de lettres: Axine.Roaalie 
Sachalskj. — industries de Tillage. 

Bradley, A. G, Canada in the twentieth century. 1908. 971.6 B78 

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1898-1904 : a handbook. With pref . by Comm. Boni. 1904. 

987.6 B81 

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Davidson, Georgre. The Alaska boundary. 1908. Q, 979.8 D28 

Drage, Geoffrey. Russian afTtiirs. 1904. 947.6 D78 

The most important of recent state documents issued up to the commence- 
ment of the Russo-Japanese war have been added in the i^pendix. 

"Of great value as a book of reference on the recent history of Russia; it 
contains, within a small compass, an immense amount of Information pre- 
sented with a concitieness and lucidity which leave nothing to be desired ; 
the most complete account of modern Russia which has been published in 
England in recent years ."~ Timet ^ London, 

I>urham, M. E. Tnrough the lands of the Serb. 1904. 949.7 D98 

The Athenamum says of this that '* it is about the best book.'of travels ever 
written/* and proceeds to whet the reader's appetite by long quotations. 
The author describes her journey through Montenegro and Albania as well 
as through Servia. 

Geikie, ^tr Archibald. Scottish reminiscences. 1904. 941.4 G27 

" Not for a long time has Scotland, fertile mother of memories as she is, 
produced so many-colored, fresh, and rich a book of reminiscences as this. 
A lengthened life and a broad range of experience; familiarity with every 
class, and a literary instinct which has kept his descriptions and narratives 
alive and in tone with all situations and conditions,— a tenacious memory 
and most varied sympathies, have all gone to make Sir Archibald Geikie no 
mere teller of good stories, or thin voice out of a past world, but a veritable 
picturer of that world —in great part, now, dead and gone— as it essentially 
lived and moved and had its being."— Nation. 

Hakluyt, Richard. The principal navigations, voyages, 
trafflques, and discoveries of the English nation, made by sea 
or over-land to the remote and farthest distant quarters of 
the earth at any time within the compasse of these 1600yeeres. 
Vols. 5-8. 1904. 910 H15 


Hogarth, D. G. The penetration of Arabia: a record of 

western knowledge concerning the Arabian peninsola. 1904. 

953.6 H67 

*' The author feels It Incombent on him to state that he is not among those 
who have penetrated the Arabian Peninsula, and that his personal acquain- 
tance with its inhabitants and their laniniage Is small. His sole quallflca- 
tlon for writing rests on a study of the literature of Arabian travel which 
he has pursued for some years. "~ Pr^ace. 

Hugo, V. M. Scenes de voyages de Victor Hago. Ed. with 

introd. and notes by T. B. Bronson. De Paris k Aix-la- 

Chapelle. 1899. B, Sketches taken from Le Shin. 948.8 R3hb 

Iioti, Pierre, pseud. Vers Ispahan. 1904. 955.6 L91 

Pauli, Gtutav. Venice. Trans, by P. 6. Konody. 1904. 945.5 V5p 

Russell, I. 0. North America. 1904. B. 974 R899 

Contends; — The margin of the continent.— The topography of the land.— 
Climate.— Plant life.— Animal life.— Geology.— The aborigines.— Political 

Singleton, Bather, ed, and trans. Russia as seen and described 
by famoas writers. 1904. 947.6 S61 

Smeaton, W. H. O. Edinburgh and its story. 1904. 941.3 E2sm 

Sverdrup, Otto. New land : four years in the Arctic regions. 
Trans, from the Norwegian by E. H. Hearn. 1904. 2 v. 998 S96 

Thorbum, S. S. The Punjab in peace and war. 1904. 954.5 P96t 
Watson, W. P. Japan, aspects and destinies. 1904. 952.6 W88 

Weale, L. B. P. Manchu and Muscovite : being letters from 
Manchuria written during the autumn of 1903. With an his- 
torical sketch entitled ••Prologue to the crisis," giving a com- 
plete account of the Manchurian frontiers from the earliest 
days and the growth and final meeting of the Russian and 
Chinese empires in the Amur region. 1904. 951.5 M3we 

" Of Mr. Weale'8 work it may at once be said that it is the book to be read 
by those who wish to understand the true position of Russia In Manchuria 
at the moment of the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese war. Written before 
the commencement of hostilities, 8ome of its forecasts have already been 
fulfilled, and their general agreement with the development of events gives 
ample proof of the author's intimate knowledge of his subject and the 
soundness of his Judgment."— Contemporary Beview. 


Wheatley, H. B. The story of London. 1904. 942.5 LSwha 

Wilson, &. B. New England in letters. 1904. 974.11 W69 



Heitman, F. B., comp. Historical register and dictionary of 
the United States army, from its organization, Sept. 29, 1789, 
to March 2, 1908. 2v. O, Ref. 45.84 

Lawrence, B. M. The descendants of Major Samnel Lawrence 
of Groton, Massachusetts, with some mention of allied 
families. 1904. G, E.L449.a 

Plutarch. Plutarch's lives. Englished by Sir Thomas North. 
1898-1899. lOv. [Temple classics.] 930 P72 


Alfred the Great. Asser, John, bishop of Sherborne. Life of 
King Alfred; together with Annals of Saint Neots erroneously 
ascribed to Asser. Ed. with introd. and commentary by W. 
H. Stevenson. 1904. 942.01 A89a 

Beaconafield, iat eaW o/. Sichel, Walter. Beaconsfleld. 1904. 


Buckingham, 2d duke of. Burghclere, W. H., 1st baroness. 
Greorge Yilliers, second duke of Buckingham, 1628-1687: a 
study in the history of the Restoration. 1903. E.B8683 

Charles II., King of England, Airy, Osmund. Charles II. 
New ed. 1904. 942.068 CSa 

Oork, 1st earl of. Townshend, Dorothea. The life and letters of 
the great earl of Cork. 1904. E.C8168.t 

Gr^ui, Marquise de. The French noblesse of the eighteenth 

century. Trans, by Mrs. Colquhoun Grant. 1904. E.C8655 

" An abridged edition of Les souvenirs de la Marquise de Criqu^, which 
were assailed by Croker, on their first appearance, with that fnrious zeal for 
the truth whereby the pen of every reviewer becomes inspired. They were 
inaccurate, Croker said, they were not genuine, they were inconsistent, and 
he proceeded to be very angry with them. Oroker is dead and burled . . . 
but lime, de Cr^uy Is alive and vigorous, and we are much mistaken if, In 


Ghr^uiy Marquis de — Continued. 

her new EnglUh dresa, she does not make tboasanda of friends. She tells a 
great many stories, no doubt. It would be Invidious to Inquire too closely 
In what sense she tells stories. Nevertheless, could It be proved that everj 
story In the book contained errors of statement, no one could gainsay the 
truth to life of the whole. Thus, and thus, were the ladles of the anden 
rigkne. After this fashion they thought and spoke."— The Timei, London. 

Dalhouaie, lat marquis of. Warner, Sir William Lee-. The life 

of the Marqais of Dalhousie, K. T. 1904. 2r. E.D159.W 

Bdgeworth. Lawless, Hon. Emilj. Maria Edgeworth. 1904. 

Bliot. Eliot, C. C. William Greenleaf Eliot, minister, educator, 
pliilantbropist. With an introd. by J. K. Hosmer. 1904. B. 

Bmmet. Gainey, L. I. Robert Emmet : a survey of his re- 
bellion and his romance. 1904. E.Em62 

JBpinay. M^moires de Madame d*£pinay. tld. noavelle et com- 
plete arec des additions, des notes, et des 6claircissements 
in^dits par Paul Boiteau. 2y. B. E.£p45 

Farrar. Farrar, Reginald. The life of Frederic William 

Farrar, D. D., F. R. S., etc., sometime Dean of Canterbury. 

1904. E.F262.f 

A life of the famous Dean of Canterbury by his son. ** Whatever we may 
think of Eric as a tale of school life, it has gone through fifty editions, and 
the Life of Christ through nine, an achievement rare in a book of such mag- 
nitude. ... No one would have been surprised if he had been raised to the 
Episcopate, yet no one was surprised to see blm passed over. But as we read 
the story of his life, and weigh the judgments of his friends and contem- 
poraries, we are not surprised to find blm in a place only short of the high- 
est. Yet the nearer view of the man, the sight of his goodness, his zeal, 
his Indefatigable industry, cannot fail to increase our respect. The book is 
full of Interest."— The Spectator. 

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*' To possess great knowtcgc and yet wear it lightly is given to few, and there 
are few indeed who could present so complete an account of Hobbes's phil- 
osophy in so attractive a guise. The criticism is always just and often acute, 
the exposition is as accurate as any scholar could desire, and yet the most 
casual reader is interested."— The Spectator. 



House of Quiet : An Autobiography. Ed. bj J. T. 1904. B.ZS6 

" J. T. tells as In a prefatory note that the author died in 1900, and he hopes 
* that Identification will not be attempted.' There is nothing striking abont 
the quiet, refined Invalid in his country home who is here presented to ns; 
nor about his life or his religious and mental experiences, his work In the 
Tillage, or his thoughts on many subjects. But his polished, easy and cul- 
tured style oertainlj gives the book much charm, which grows on the reader 
as he turns over the pages. A good deal of the book ' draws carefully, 
faithfully, and lovinglj the portraits of some of my friends.' They are given 
with a pleasant repose of manner, yet with the sympathetic humour of one 
who knows both himself and the world."— The Titnet, London, 

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"In one thing Newman far surpassed Wesley; he was a man of letters 
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The CathoUo Reaction of the Nineteenth Century claims its place In lltera- 
tnre, thanks to his Incomparable talent, side by side with the Gherman 
mysticism of Cariyle, the devout liberalism of Tennyson, the lyric Utopias 
of Shelley and the robust optimism of Browning. Newman is an English 
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" The late Mr. Gleig, Chaplain-General of the forces, lived for many years 
on terms of friendship with the Duke of Wellington, and as he wrote, not 
from hearsay, but from his own actual experience, his book has an authentic 
value which we do not always associate with reminisceDces. ... It is the 
portrait of a great man, who served Kugiand with indomitable courage and 
triumphant success, and in whose achievement Eugland will ttike a lofty 
pride unto the end of time."— The Spectator. 




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'* The book describes how aa American doctor, warned for reasons of health 
to abandon a city life, porehased a neglected farm and bj a liberal exerdse 
of capital, energy and business capacity, made it both pay its way and pro- 
ride him at the same time with health and pleasure, so that the family all 
lived on the * fat of the land*. . . The book reminds us of the 8%oU9 Fam- 
Uy JSobinson and bears about the same relation to agriculture as that friend 
of our childhood did to serious natural history."— jYiottcrs. 

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rough rider$t Scribner** Magtusine, President Roosevelt's public addresses 
and one of the volumes of the Boone and Orockett Clnh. 





VOL. XI. No. 2. 

Bkooklinb, Mass. 



r^N V 


Public Library of Brookline 

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Louisa M. Hoopbr. 


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On Sundays the Reading and Reference Rooms only are open from 
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Books may be returned to the Stations whether taken from them 
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The Library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
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Children*! Reading Room. 

A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribntion. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 



O. indicates gifts. E. indicates books bought by request. 


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ConitniB: —''.Where does the sky begin ?'*— The fulfillment of life.— Moments 
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theiaw — The lesson of the cross .— Who can forgive sins?— The might of 
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— American citixenshlp.- State schools and parish schools.— The 
Catholic church and liberal education.- Intemperance and law. — 
llie Catholic church and the saloon.— Charity in the Catholic 
church.— Social purity.— America in France.— The pontifT of the 


Xraland, John,— MiilAiaMd. 

t. Tbe Idflad of AflMrlM^ CHIbert Motltr, Marqiili de Im WtLjeOe^r- 
Jmum d'Ara, patron Mint of pstrtottein.— War and peaoe.^ Ooa- 
■dmiQe : tlia aiafaiitay of demooraof.^ The AmerloaB refmblle.^ 
AbraluuB LinoolB.^I>e7otion to trath: tlia rlrtve of tlia toaober.— 
Leo XIII^— Hie pope's fliTfl prlneedom.— The ehordi In Ameriea.— 
FlftjyeanofeathoUflltjlntheBorthweit^Aaaaiolto ileteriiood 
In the northweetw— A GathoUe ilaterfaood and edaeatlon.— Personal 
liberty and labor strikes^— Labor aadeapltal.p-BeIlglon, deepest 
Instlnot of the hnmansonL—Jesos Christ, jesterdaj and today; and 
the same fomrer. 

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**The admirable essays and addresses on oharaoter, condact and education 
to which Miss Sonlsby ^ives the hamble title Stray ThoughU, are already 
widely known and mach rained, and this new edition of her books should 
find new readers as well as old ones. ... A taste for reading and the 
habit of reading figure largely in the list of items that we should carry 
with us on the Journey of life If we want the journey to be happy to the 
end. The llitt of books * a young woman ought to know * is an invaluable 
document, and like everything else in these volumes, so happily con- 
ceived that it should be equally useful to mothers and daughters, teachers 
and pnpils."— The Spectator, 



Awdelay or Awdeley, John. The fraternitye of ^ vacabondes 
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Judges.— Despotism reramped.- The Philippine conquest.— The new policy. 
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modified by the influence of kindred European peoples who settled near or 
among the Engish colonists. . . . Outside of the writers of a few special 
works, no historian has thought it worth while to tell us much about the 
way In which the private ownership of land was established and developed 
in New England, how taxes were levied and collected, the objects of colonial 
and local expenditure, the legal regulation of industry and trade, the organi- 
zation, equipment, and employment of the military forces of ; the colonies, or 
the method of governmental dealings with the Indians. Thanks to Pro- 
fessor Osgood's researches, however, we have at last a clear and orderly out- 
line of the governmental and administrative life of the people in these re- 
spects."— 27t« Nation. 


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Leotares delirered to the Law Schools of fereral Amerioan nniTenlties In 
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by an admirable appendix on EtiglUh law b^/ltre the Norman Conquut. 

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August days.- Babes in the woods.— A lost February. 

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Geology abont Chichagof cove; MineraU, by Charles Palaohe.— 
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on the locomotive, containing 1600 qaestions and their an- 
swers, covering the design, construction, repair and ranning 
of all kinds of locomotives, being intended as examination 
questions for engineers, firemen, and all other railroad men. 
Includes the latest official forms for examination of firemen 
for promotion, and of engineers for employment, and detailed 
descriptions of compound locomotives up to date. 23d ed. 

1904. R, 621.13 G88 


Hancock, H. I. Physical training for children by Japanese 
methods : a manual for use in schools and at home. 1904. B. 

618.7 H19 
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ton. 19th ed. 1904. E, 612 K6d 
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McShane, Oharles. The locomotive up to date. 1903. B. 621.13 M26 
McVey, F. L. Modem industrialism : an outline of the indus- 
trial organization as seen in the history, industry, and prob- 
lems of England, the United States, and Germany. 1904. 609 M26 
Pitman, Bonn, and Howard, J. B. The reporter's companion. 

1901. B. 658 P67a 

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Scientiflc American Beierence Book. Comp. by A. A. Hoplcins 

and A. R. Bond. 1904. Ref .66.41 

Stewart, F. £. A compend of pharmacy; based upon J. P. 
Remington's Text-book of Pharmacy, and; the United States 
Pharmacopoeia of 1890. 6th rev. ed. 1908. B, 615.4 S84 


Addison, Mrs. J. deW. Classic myths in art : an account of 
Greek myths as illustrated by great artists. [1904.] 758 A22 

Benson, A. 0. Rossetti. 1904. 750 R82b 

Cottage Designa with Constructive DetaHa. By varions 
architects. A pratical bools for builders and those intending 
to build. A series of 25 designs of cottages . . . ranging in 
cost from $600 to $1,500, together with the details of interior 
and exterior finish, drawn to convenient scale, and accom- 
panied by brief specifications. 1897. 728 C82 

Emanuel, F. L. The illustrators of Montmartre. 1904. 759.4 E58 

Contenii:— K. SteinlcD.^Caran d'Achc— H. dc Toulouse Lautrec— P. 
Balluriau.— F. Vallotton.— L. Morin — C. Huard.— J. Wily.— L. Malteste.— 
J. L. Foraln.— C. Liandre. 

Fulleylove, John. Westminster Abbey. Painted by John Ful- 
leylove; described by Mrs. A. Murray Smith. 1904. 726.2 W52fu 


HazTis, G. T. Practical slide making. 1904. 778 H84 

Holme, Oharlea, ed. The Royal Academy from Reynolds to 

MUlals. 1904. 709.42 H78 

CtmUnU: —The Royal Aeademj : its origin and history, by W. K. West.— 
Painters of the Royal Academy, 170fr-18fl6, The sculptors of the Royal 
Aoademy, 170fr-i868, Engrarers of the Royal Academy, 170fr-1868, The 
arohlteeU of the Royal Academy, 17a8-186», by W. 8. Sparrow.— Notei on 
portraits of some leading academicians, by T. H. Wood. 

Mylne, R. 8. The cathedral cbnrch of Bayeax, and other his- 
torical relic8 in its neighborhood. 1904. 726.4 B84m 
Saalordy F. Q. The art crafts for beginners. 1904. 746 S22 

C<mient9:— Design.— Thin wood-worUng.— Pyrographyw— Sheet-metal 
work.— Leather-work.— Bookbinding.— Simple pottery.— Basketry^— Bead- 

StorgiSy Russell. The appreciation of scalptnre: a handbook. 

1904. 780 S98 

Waters, Mrs. 0. E. 0. Women In the fine arts, from the 7th 

century B. C. to the 20th century A. D. 1904. Ref.65.13 


Ellis, W. A. Life of Richard Wagner. 1904. 780 W13gl 

Vol. 4 of his uathorized English version of Glaoenapp's Dot L«hen Richard 

Bison, Arthur. Modern composers of Europe : being an account 

of the most recent musical progress in the various European 

nations, with some notes on their history, and critical and 

biographical sketches of the contemporary musical leaders in 

each country. [1904.] 780.2 E49 

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Kilbum, N. The story of chamber music. 1904. 781.3 K55 


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Bradford, C. B. The angler's secret. 1904. B. 799.1 B72 

Quns, Ammunition, and Tackle. 1904. R. 799 G96 

Contents: — The »ihot-^un and its handling, by A. W. Money.— The hunting 
rifle, by H. Kephart.— The theory of rifle-!»hoollng, by W. K. Carlln.— 
The pistol and revolver, by A. L. A. Hlmmolwright — The artiliclal fly, by J. 
H. Keene. 



Huntington> D. W. Onr big game : a book for^sportsmen and 
nature lovers. 1904. 799 H92 

Paret, J. P. Lawn tennis, Us past, present, and fntnre. To 
which is added a chapter on lacrosse by W. H. Maddren. 
1904. 796 P21a 

White, S. E. The moontoins. 1904. 799 W578a 


Bain, F. W., trans. A heifer of the dawn. Trans, from the 

original [Sanskrit] manoscript. 1904. 891.2 B16b 

" Those to whom antique and simple mysticism Is fall of charm will find in 
Mr. Bain's pages much to delight them.*'— 7%e Speeiator. 

Bosmton, H. W. Journalism and literature, and other essays. 

1904. 804 B79 

(MA«rJ7«say*.* — Owning booksw— The reading public— Pace In reading.— 
" BfftiBions of fancy."— American humor.- " For the young.'*- Poetry and 
commonplace.— Poetry as fine art.— Poetry and the stage.— Literature as a 
by-product.- Intimate literature.— Gleyerness and originality. — The writ* 
ing public. — Reviewer and critic. 

Brandos, G. M. C. Main currents in nineteenth century litera- 
ture. Vol. 5. The romantic school in France. 1904. 809 B81 

Barton, Richard. Literary leaders of America : a class-book 

on American literature. 1904. 816 B95 

Contents : — The earlier period. — Irving. — Cooper. — Poe. — Hawthorne.— 
Emeroon.- Bryant. — Longfellow.— Holmes.— Wlilttler.—LoweU. — Whitman. 

— Lanier. — The present day. 

Carman, Bliss. The friendship of art. 1904. 824 C28f 

Pipes of Pan. No. 4. Songs from a northern garden. 1904. 

820 C28p 

Ohanning, B. M. Lullaby Castle, and other poems. 1904. 820 C448 

Courtney, W. L. The development of Maurice Maeterlinck, 

and other sketches of foreign writers. 1904. 809.09 C86 

Other Sketches : ^ Georges Rodenbach.— Huysmans' The cathedral.— Qti- 
briele d* A.nnunzio.— TurgenieflT.- Tolstoi as man and artist.— Maxim Gorky. 

— Dmitri Merejkowski. — Anton Tcheknoff. — A reactionary statesman 
( Poby edonost seff) . 

Dante Alighieri. The De Monarchia of Dante Alighieri. Ed. 

with trans, and notes by Aurelia Henry. 1904. 861 D28rz 


is, Mn, R. H. BlU of gosiip. 1904. 824 D268 

CkmlenU: —In the old house.— Boston in the sixties.— In the far south.— 
The Scotoh-Irishman.— The Ciril war.— The shipwrecked crew.— A peculiar 
people. — Abore their fellows. 

Deland, Mrs. Margaret. The common way. 1904. 824 D887 

Conientt : — On the shelf.— Aunts.— The passing of Dora.— *' Lore my dog**. 
— The tyranny of things.— Concerning church-going.- Acquaintance with 
grief .— Concerning glasshouses.— Concerning CtirLBtmas giring.- To the 
girl who writes. 

Dodge, Mrs. M. M. Poems and yerses. 1904. 820 D€4 

Ebera, G. M. Eine Frage: Idyll zo einem Oemftlde seines 
Freundes Alma Tadema. 838 E16fr 

Elton, 0. 1. William Shakespeare, bis family and friends. Ed. 

by A. H. Thompson. With a memoir of the author by Andrew 

Lang. 1904. 822.8 C28 

" One of the most original and delightful contributions to Shakespearean 
scholarship ever published. . . . Despite the Immense amount of learn, 
ing and original research represented by these chapters, the work is distin- 
guished throughout by an entire absence of pedantry or dogmatism, and by 
a freshness and lucidity of treatment that make delightful reading.'* 

— Contemporary Review. 

Blze, F. K. Essays on Shakespeare. Trans, by L. D. Schmitz. 

1874. 822.3 D26 

Con/«ifs; — The date of the Tempest.— A midsummer night* s dream.— The 
merchant of Venice.— AW 8 weli that ends toell.— King Henry VIII.— Hamlet 
in France. — The supposed travels of Shakespeare.— Sir William Davenant. 
—The orthography of Shakespeare's name. 

Everett, William. The Italian poets since Dante ; accompanied 

by verse translations. 1904. 850.4 £98 

(7<m<«n<s;— Petrarch.— The Romanclsts: Pulcl, Boiardo, Bemi.— Ariosto.— 
Yittorla Colonna, Michael Angelo, Taeso.— Pastoral poetry: Marino, Tas- 
soul. — Filicaja, Goldoni, Metastasio, Casti. — Alfierl. — Parini, Manzoni, 

Gayley, 0. M., and Young, C. C. The priDciples and progress 
of English poetry; with representative masterpieces and 
notes. 1904. 821 025a 

Gilbert, W. S. The Bab ballads -/with which are included Songs 
of a Savoyard. lUus. by theanthor. 6th ed. 1904. 828 G37a 


Granger, Edith, ed- An index to poetry and recitations, being a 
practical reference manual for the librarian, teacher, book- 
seller, elocutionist, etc. 1904. Ref.40.1 
Owynn, Stephen. The masteri of English literature. 1904. 810 099 
Harris, J. 0. The tar-baby, and other rhymes of Uncle Remus. 

1904. 820 H31 

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Lang, Andrew, trans. Ballads and lyrics of old France ; with 
other poems by A. Lang. 1902. 841.1 L26 

landsay, •S'l'r David. Works. 1865-1871. 2y. 820 L988 

^ ol. 1. The Monarche and other poems. Ed. by Fltzedward Hall. 

2. Sqnyer Meldrum; Ane satyre of the thrie estalts. Ed. by F. Hall.— 
Minor Poems. Ed. by J. A. H. Mnrray. 

Matthews, Brander, ed. American familiar verse : vers de 

soci^t6. 1904. 821 M48a 

Recreations of an anthologist. 1904. 824 M43a 

CofUffUt : — By way of introduction.— A theme, with variations.— Unwrit- 
ten books. — Seed-corn for stories.— American satires in verse. — American 
epl|(ram8.— A note on the quatrain.— Carols of cookory.— Recipes in rhyme. 
—The uncollected poems of H. C. Banner.— The strangest feat of modern 

Moallakat. The seven golden odes of pagan Arabia known as 

the Moallak&t. Trans, from the original Arabic by Lady 

Anne Blnnt. Done into English verse by W. S. Blunt. 1903. 

892.7 M71 
CofUerUt : — Introduction. — Imr-el-K4is. — T4rafa.— Zoh6yr Lebid. — An- 
tara.— Ibn Kolthdm.— El HArath. 

" We have in this first complete verse translation of the Mu^aUagat^ a ren. 
dering singularly satisfying and full of the tone, the swing, and the vitality 
of the original. . . . For the great multitude his verses will be the first 
suggestion of the real poetry of Arabia, so difi^erent in its virility and energy 
from the hot-house languors and sensuousness which commonly stand for the 
Orient. Here the life is all in the open with wind and rain, sun and storm.** 

— The Nation. 
More, P. E. Shelbnrne essays. First series. 1904. B. 804 M83 
ConUnit : —A hermit*s notes on Thorcau.— The solitude of Nathaniel Haw. 
thorne. — The origins of Hawthorne and Poe.— The influence of Emerson.- 
ThespirltofCariyle.— The science of English verse.— Arthur Symons: the 
two illusions.— The epic of Ireland.— Two poets of the Irish movement.— 
Tolstoy; or, the ancient feud between philosophy and art.— The religious 
^Tvaad of bunuunltMiianlBin. 


Perry, Bliss. The amateur spirit. 1904. 824 P46] 

ConierU* /—The amatenr spirit.— Indiffer^tism.— The life of a college pro- 
feuor.— College professors and the public.— Hawthorne at North Adams.— 
Fishing with a worm. 

Philadelpbia. Free library. A contribution to the classifica- 
tion of works of prose fiction, being a classified and annotated 
dictionary catalogue of the works of prose fiction in the Wag- 
ner Institute Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia. By 
O. R. H. Thomson. 1904. Ref.16.7 

Bepplier, Agnea, Compromises. 1904. 824 R42 

ConierUt : — The luxury of conversation.— The gayety of life.— The point of 
view. — Marriage in fiction. —Our belief In books.— The beggar's pouch.— 
The pilgrim's »taff.— A Quaker diary.— French love-songi*.- The spinster.— 
The tourist .—The headsman.— Consecrated to crime.— Allegra. 

Russell, G. W. Homeward songs by the way. By A. £. 1901. 

820 B963] 

New songs: a lyric selection made by A. £. from poems by 

Padraic Colum, Eva Qore-Booth, Thomas Keohler, Alice Mil- 

ligan, Susan Mitchell, Seumas O'SuUivan, George Roberts, 

and Ella Toung. 1904. 821 R9( 

** In this volume we have the gentler side of the Irish temperament— its 
wlstfnlness, its tenderness, Its dreaminess. . . . The contributors to the 
book are curiously alike, yet individual, and all have a gift of rare style. 
They write, so to speak, with muffled pens and a finger on the Up ; a sense 
of exquisite secrecy pervades every poem."— The Spectator. 

Saintabory, (George. A history of criticism and literary taste 
in Europe from the earliest texts to the present day. Vol. 3. 
Modern criticism. 1904. 801 SU 

Shakespeare, William. Love's labour's lost. New variorum 
edition, ed. by H. H. Furness. Vol. 14. 1904. 822.31 K5 

Smith, O. G., ed, Elizabethan critical essays. 1904. 2v. 801 SSi 

Vol.1. Roger Ascham. Of imitation: The scholemaster (Book II.) 1570.— 
Richard Willrs. From Poematum liber. 1673.— George QH^coigne. 
Oertayne notes of Instruction. 1675.— George Whetstone. The 
dedication to Promos and Cassandra. 1678.— Thomas Lodge. A 
defence of poetry. 1679.— Spenser-Harvey correspondence. 157©- 
80.— "£. K." Epistle dedicatory to The shepheards calender. 
107V. — Richard Stanyhnrst. From the Dedication and preface to 
the Translation of the Aeneid. 1582.— Sir Philip Sidney. An apo\- 



Smith, G. G., ed,^-continued. 

ogie for poetiie. o. 1683 (printed 1M6).— King James VI. Ane sohort 
treatise conteinlng some reolii and cantelis to be obaenUt and 
esctiewit in Bcottis poesle. 1584.— William Webbe. A disconrBe of 
Bnglish poetrie. 1586.— Abraham Fraunoe. From The Areadkm 
rhetorike. 1588.— Thomas Nash. Preface to Greene's Menaphon, 
1589; From TTie anatamie of abMurditie. 1689.— Appendix. From 
E. Hoby's translation of Oolgnet's Politique discourses. 1680. 
2. Puttenham. The arte of English poesie. 1689.— Sir John Harlng- 
ton. A preface, or rather a brief apologle of poetrie, prefixed to the 
translation of Orlando Furioso. 1691.— Thomas Nash. Preface to 
Sidney's Attrophel and SteUa, 1691.— Oabriel Harrey. From jFbvre 
letters. 1692.— Thomas Nash. From Strange newt, or Fowrelet. 
ter$ oof\fiUed, 1592.- Oabriel H anrej. From Pierc^e Supereroffa. 
tUm. 1693 ; From A new letter qfnotaMe contente, 1693.— Richard 
Carew. The excellency of the English tongne. ? 1696-6.— George 
Chapman. Preface to Searen bookes of the Iliades of Homere. 
1598; Dedication, &c., of AehiUetjhield. 1696.— Frands Meres. 
From Palladia tamia. 1698.— William Vaughan. From Tke golden 
grove. 1600.— Thomas Oamplon. Obsenrat Ions in the art of Eng- 
lish poesie. 1602.— Samuel Daniel. A defence of ryme. ?1603. 

Sweet, Henry, ed. The oldest English texts. With introds. and 
glossary. 1885. [Early English text society.] 829.1 897 

Contents.* — Oldest glossaries iBplnal-Erfurt-Oorpus. Erfurt. Leiden. Index 
to Leiden. BUokling. Bede.— Inscriptions.— Names In Bede's JTIstonf.— 
Northumbrian fragments : List of kings. Caedmon's hymn. — Bede's Death 
song. Leiden riddle. Proverb.— Liber vitae. — Genealogies (Northumbrian). 
—Lorica glosses.— Lorlca prayer.— Lorica names.— Codex Aureus inscrip- 
tion . — Durham admonition . — Martjrrology. — Saxon genealogies. — Bede 
glosses.— Vespasian Psalter.— Charters. — Glossary. 

Van Dyke, Henry. Ma sic, and other poems. 1904. 820 y24m 

Wells, Carol3m, comp. A parody anthology. 1904. 828.4 W46 

Wendell, Barrett, and Ghreenough, 0. N. A history of litera- 
ture in America. 1904. 816 W48a 

Wendell, Barrett. The temper of the 17th century In English 
literature : Clark lectures given at Trinity College, Cambridge, 
1902-1903. 1904. 810.4 W46 




I«e Gallienne, Sichard. Old love stories retold. 1904. E1.L52 

ConieiUs : Dante and Beatrtoe.— Anoasain and Nioolete.— Sir Philip Sidney 
and Lady Penelope Devereux^— Shelley and Mary GK)dwin.— John Keats 
and Fanny Brawne.— Heine and Mathilde.— Ferdinand Laasaile and 
Helen ron I>9nnigei.~Ab41ard and H^loUe. 

Bosegger, P. K. Gnte Kameraden : persdnliche ErinDerungen 

an berflhmte nnd beliebte Zeitgenossen. ^1893. E3.R72 

ConteaiU: Lndwig Anzengmber.— Friedrich Schl9gl.— Anaataains Grttn.— 
Frans Stelshamer.— Berthold Anerbaoh.— Ferdinand Kflmberger.— Bmil 
Baoano.— Bndolf Falb.— Gottfried Rltter von Leltner.— Karl Morre.— Jakob 
SchmSlser.— Joseflne Galimeyer. 

Sainte-Beuve, 0. A. Portraits of the 17th century, historic and 

literary. Trans, by K. P. Wormeley. 1904. 2y. E4.Sl5a 

Taken from the Cau$eriet du lundi^ the PoriraUt de femmes, and the 
PortraUt lUt^rairtt. 

Singleton, Esther, ed. Famous women as described by famous 

writers. 1904. E1.S61 


Abrantds, Duchesse d\ Bearne, CM. A daughter of the revo- 
lution : a leader of society at Napoleon's court. 1904. E. Ab45.b 

Adam, J. L. My literary life. By Mme. Edmond Adam. 1904. 


Clay-Clopton, Mrs. Virginia. A belle of the fifties : memoirs 
of Mrs. Clay, of Alabama, covering social and political life in 
Washington and the Souths 1853-66, gathered and ed. by Ada 
SterUng. 1904. E.C5855 

Conway, Moncnre D. Autobiography, memories and experi- 
ences. 1904. 2v. E.C7745 

Reminiscences of the remarkable man who w&n successively journalist, 
circuit rider as a Methodist preacher, Unitarian minister and abolitionist. 

Fleming. MacBean, L. Marjorie Fleming: the story of pet 

Marjorie, together with her journals and letters; to which Is 

added Marjorie Fleming : a story of child-life fifty years ago, 

by John Brown, M.D. 1904. E.F626.m 


Oilley. Eliot, C. W. John Qilley, Maine farmer and fisherman. 

1904. E.0419.e 

Brief record of a Maine farmer, one of "the forgotten mlUions/* in whose 
•Iniple, dignified, though ob»care life is found that type of hardy character 
and rugged virtue in which he the best hopes of the race. 

IvanlV, Czar of Russia, Wallszewskl, K. Ivan the Terrible. 

Trans, from the French by Lady Mary Loyd. 1904. 947.04 I9w 
Jackson. Bnell, A. C. History of Andrew Jackion, pioneer, 

patriot, soldier, politician, president. 1904. 2y. E.J126.bu 

Lee. Recollections and letters of Qen. Robert E. Lee, by his 

son. 1904. E.L617 

McCarthy, Justin. An Irishman's story. 1904. E.MlSlS.a 

Marston, Edward. After work : fragments from the workshop 

of an old publisher. 1004. E.M3685 

The author of these " fragments" has been for nearly sixty years a member 
of the well-known London publishing house of Sampson Ix>w, Marston and 
Company. He has much to say of the authors for whom his firm published— 
Bulwer Lytton, Mrs. Stowe, WUkle CoUins, Hugo, Verne, Black, Blaokmore 
and many others. 

Paton, J. G. The story of John G. Pa ton told for youn^ folks ; 
or, thirty years among South Sea cannibals. [Ed.] by James 
Paton. New ed., with two new chapters. 1902. B. E.P2786.p 

Radziwill, Catharine, Primess. My recollections. 1904. E.R124 

** There is little * ccandal ' In the book, and Its gossip is rather history of 
our times than autobiography. A good deal of the volume throws light on 
tlie affairs of (J^emiany and of Russia between 1870 and 19O0, and It is more 
accurate and informing than are most works of Its kind, and is also read, 
able." — Athenatum. 
Benan, J. E. Letters from the Holy Land : the correspondence 
of Ernest Renan with M. Berthelot while gathering material 
in Italy and the Orient for Tfie life of Jesu.^, Trans, by L. 
O'Rourke. 1904. E.R292.a 

Schley, W. S. Forty-five years under the flap. 1904. E.Sch396 

Shakespeare. Rolfe, W. J. A life of William Shakespeare. 

1904. 822 S B75a 

Smith. Hirst, F. W. Adam Smith. 1904. E.Sra486.hi 

Spencer. Royce, Josiah. Herbert Spencer, an estimate and 
review ; together with a chapter of personal reminiscences by 
James Collier. 1904. E.Sp866.r 


Thackeray, W. M. Letters to an American family ; with introd. 

by L. D. Baxter and original drawings by Thaclceray. 1904. 

** All lorers of Thaokeray will like this book of letters. They are not parti- 
cularly brilliant, and do not greatly add to our knowledge of the author, but 
they are undeniably his. All the well-known oharacteristios of Thaokeray 
oome out In the book. There are, of course, some characteristic drawings 
and rerses."— Atherumm. 

Wellingfton, IH duke of. Morris, W. O'C. Wellington, soldier 
and statesman, and the revival of the military power of Eng- 
land. 1904. 


Bishop, Mrs. I. L. B. Korea and her neighbors : a narrative of 
travel, with an acconnt of the recent vicissitudes and present 
position of the coantry. With pref. by Sir W. C. Hillier. 
1898. R, 951.9 B54 

Oompton, H. £. Indian life in town and country. 1904. 954.6 C73 

Cook, Joel. Switzerland, picturesque and descriptive. 1904. 

949.46 C77 

Elliott, Mrs. M. H. Roma Beata: letters from the Eternal 
City. 1904. 945.6 B6el 

Fitzgerald, Augustine. Naples. Painted by Augustine Fitz- 
gerald; described by Sybil Fitzgerald. 1904. 946.6 Nlf 

Forrest, A. S. Morocco. Painted by A. S. Forrest; described 

by S. L. Bensusan. 1904. 964 F77 

"Moftt of the piotnres are good, some really beautiful, and only a few are at 
all inaccarate. Mr. Forrest has succeeded well in the attempt to convey 
with his brush something of the hot, splendid, barbaric atmosphere of Mo- 
rocco. . . . With regard to the writing. It is simple and unaffected, a plain 
tale of a brief straightforward journey through a fascinating and romantic 
country." — Athencntm. 

Gibbons, A. St.H. Africa from south to north through Marot- 
seland. 1904. 2v. 960.6 G36 

"Major Gibbons is one of the many adventurous Englishmen over whom 
Cecil Rhodes threw the spell of his dreams. His latest and most important 
expedition to Africa was undertaken mainly with the purpose of furnishing 
Mr. Rhodes with information about the bet<t route for the Capc-to-Cairo 
Railway beyond the Victoria Falls, of mapping and exploring Lewanika's 


Gibbons, A. St. TL.— continued. 

territory of Marotselaod, of stadyiog the navigable poMibillties of the 
Zambesi, and of finding the source of that great stream. The expedition 
was suooessfol in most of its aims, and we have the results in this admirable 
narrative of its leader. . . . We could wish that Britain were always repre- 
sented by men of his type in the remote places of the globe."— The Spedaior, 

Heam, Lafcadio. Japan : an attempt at interpretation. 1904. 

952.6 H86i 

Imperial Japanese Commission to the Louisiana Purchase 

Exposition. Japan in the beginning of the 20th centary. 

1904. 952.6184 

Contents : — Geography.— Population.— Administrative system.— Land aa 
an institution.— Primary industries.— Manufacturing industry.- Foreign 
trade.— Finances.- Army and navy.— Communications.- Transportation.- 
Education.- Formosa. 

Jack, R. Logan. The back blocks of China : a narrative of ex- 
periences among the Chinese, Sifans, Lolos, Tibetans, Shans, 
and Kachlns, between Shanghai and the Irrawadi. 1904. 951.6 Jll 

" The author and his friends visited Western China for a scientific purpose 
in 1900; but owing to the unfortunate commotion of the Boxer outbreak and 
the strong native opposition to the principle of the * open door/ they had 
quietly to retreat by the * back door/ and travelling always south-west, they 
traversed a good deal of country previously untrodden by Europeans. . . . 
Dr. Jack's conclusions as to the poBsibllities in store for China, though not 
original, are plain and sensible ; and his picturesque incidents of travel and 
research should command keen readers."— ^^A^msum. 

Jungman, Nico. Holland. By Nlco Jnngman ; text by Beatrix 
Jungman. 1904. 949.26 J96 

Noble, M. E. The web of Indian life. By the Sister Nivedita 

of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda. 1904. B. 964.6 N66 

Miss Noble worked as an educator for over thirty years among the Hindus, 
living in the Hindu quarter of Calcutta. She writes with keen observation, 
a sympathetic attitude, and clear expression; her main theme is the woman 
of the East in relation to her home, her family, and to her national life. 
Among other subjects dealt with at length are Indian sagas and Indian 

Ober, F. A. Oar West Indian neighbors, the islands of the Car- 
ibbean Sea, " America's Mediterranean " : their picturesque 
featares, fascinating history, and attractions for the traveler, 
nature-lover, settler and pleasure-seeker. 1904. 972.9 012 

HI8T0BT. 58 

O'Brien, Mr», William. Under Croagh Patrick. 1904. 941.7 C87o 

" A teiies of duuming iketches of life In the west of IreUnd. The manner 
of life [of Mrs. O'Brien and her husband] on Clew Bay is simply told; the 
poor people aroand them are regarded with kindly eyes, their faults exten. 
nated, their rirtnes made the most of. It is some time since we have met 
with a book relating to Ireland written in such an altogether cheerful and 
hopeful spirit.'* — The Nation, 

Okey, Thomas. Paris and its story. lUus. by Katherine Kim- 
ball and O. F. M. Ward. 1904. 944.5 P2o 

Flatner, 8. B. The topography and monuments of ancient 
Rome. 1904. 987.6 P69 

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'* Mr. Sdierer was a teaoher of English for several years in a Government 
sehool in Saga, and had ample opportunities of knowing and judging the 
people and life of Japan. . . . The volume is altogether a welcome addi- 
tion to our knowlege of present-day Japan by a thoroughly competent and 
unprejudiced resident."— ^fAefueum. 

Scott, G. F. From Franklin to Nansen : tales of Arctic adven- 
ture. 1904. 998 S42 

ConUnti .'—The polar region.— Sir John Franklin.— The search for Frank- 
lin.- The voyage of the Potorts.- The Aleri and DUcovery — The Greely 
expedition. — Peary in Greenland. — Nansen and the /"ram.- Recent expe. 

Wharton, Edith. Italian villas and their gardens. Illus. by 

Maxfleld Parrish. 1904. 945.6 W55 

Wilson, R. R. New England in letters. 1904. 974.11 W69 


Boacawen, W. St. 0. The first of empires, '• Babylon of the 
Bible," in the light of latest research : an account of the ori- 
gin, growth, and development of the empire . . . from the 
earliest times to the consolidation of the empire iu B. C. 2000. 
1903. 935.4 B66 

Dawson, T. C. The South American republics. 1903-1904. 2v. 

980 D32 

Deecke, Wilhelm. Italy : a popular account of the country, its 
people and its institutions, including Malta and Sardinia. 
Trans, by H. A. Nesbitt. 1904. 964.6 D36 

*< From the point of Tiew of nsefnl iuformation, everything about Italy \% \o 
he found in this volujaie. It has little or nothing of artistic, romanUc^ ot 



Deecke, Wilhelxn,— continued. 

poetic interest, thongh the poet8 and painters find their place in its pages, 
and the few words of literary criticism that the author allows himself here 
and there are so f^ood as to make us wlah for more. . . . The book is one 
to which writers of modem European history, seekers after statistics of any 
kind, geographers, geologists, agriculturists, financiers, may turn with confi. 
dence when Italy is their theme." — The Spectator. 

Dorman, M. R. P. A history of the British empire in the nine- 
teenth century. Vol. 2. The campaigns of Wellington and 
the policy of Castlereagh, 1806-1825. 1904. 942.08 D78 

Fletcher, 0. R. L. An introductory history of England from 
the earliest times to the close of the Middle Ages. 1904. 942 F68 

Gardner, E. G. Dukes and poets in Ferrara : a study in the 
poetry, religion and politics of the 15th and early 16th cen- 
turies. 1904. R. 945.5 F4g 

*'Hi8 work is able and scholarly, and the account of the successive rulers of 
Ferrara which he gives us In the present volume forms an important contri. 
bution to our knowledge of a period which is universally recognized as being 
one of the most absorbing interest in the history of the human race. The 
value of Mr. Gardner's work is increased by the bibliography which is given 
at the beginning, and by the genealogical tables at the end of the volume." 


Gass, Patrick. Journal of the Lewis and Clark expedition, by 
Sergeant Patrick Gass, one of the persons employed in the 
expedition. Reprinted from the ed. of 1811 . . . with analy- 
tical index and introd. by J. K. Hosmer. 1904. 978 021 

Hassall, Arthur. The Tudor dynasty, 1485-1603. 1904. 942.05 H27 

Jane, F. T. The imperial Japanese navy. 1904. 952 Z45 

'* Mr. Jane, after giving us a succinct and lucid account of the modern Japa- 
nese navy, and its construction as affected by the Revolution, recapitulates 
the nudn incidents of the Chino- Japanese war, and then describes the newer 
sliips built in the interval which succeeded, and heralded the Russo-Japanese 
war. . . . The best account extant of the Japanese Navy and its possi- 
bilities as indicated by the Japanese officer.'*— rAe Spectator. 

Lang, Andrew. A history of Scotland from the Roman occupa- 
tion. Vol. 3, 1625-1685. 1904. 941 L25 

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HI9TOBT. 55 

BToyes, Ella. The story of F«rrara. 1904. 945.5 F4n 

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Zealand from the earliest times to the present, with special 
reference to the political, Industrial and social depelopment 
of the Island commonwealth. Ed. by C. F. Taylor. 1904. 998 P25 

Beich, BmiL Foundations- of modern Europe : twelve lectures 
delirered in the University of London. 1904. 940.8 R27 

ConietU* : —The war of American independence, 1763-1783.— The French 
rerolntion.— Napoleon.— The reaction.— The rerolations.- The unity of 
Italy.- The nnity of Oermany.— The Franco- German war.— Epilogue. 
** We can hardly Imagine a work better designed than these twelve lectares 
to arouse the interest and curiosity of those who are only superllcially ac- 
quainted with the events and tendendes of recent European history. . . . 
Dr. Reich apologises for running counter to some cherished British notions, 
and it is evident that the central point of the lectures is undoubtedly the 
gloriflcation of Bonaparte. . . . The book, indeed, bristles with points 
which invite criticism, as it was probably Intended to do. We have found 
It brUliant, fascinating, stimulating in a high degree, but we are bound to 
add that it Is in many respects more paradoxical than convincing." 

—The Spectator. 

Tolstoi, L. N., coun^ The war between Russia and Japan. 
*» Bethink yourselves." 1904. 962 T58 

Wheeler, O. D. The trail of Lewis aud Clark, 1804-1904: a 

story of the great exploration across the continent in 1804- 

1806; with a description of the old trail, based upon actual 

travel over it, and of the changes found a century later. 1904. 

2v. 978 W66 

"Trained as an explorer in his youth in the seventies by Powell, Mr. Wheeler 
Is an accomplished frontiersman; and with faculties quickened by much ex- 
perience of the wilderness, he has passed over every mile of the Lewis and 
Clark trail, Identifying every mountain, stream, plain — indeed, every camp- 
ing place — reproducing to a largo extent the old conditions, hunting, canoe- 
lug, riding as they did. Once in a remote desert, he talked with the squaw 
Fdtowya, more than one liundred years old, who distinctly remembered the 
coming among her tribe of Lewis and Clark. IIow a writer could Investigate 
his field more thoroughly. It would be hard to say. . . . Tlie style is not 
always square with academic standards; it is, however, always frank, breezy, 
picturesque, an excellent medium for the presentment of liiA material. The 
amount of new information is very considerable."— 7Ae Naticfi. 




Baxr, Mrs. A. B. The belle of Bowling Green. 
Bell, J. J. Jess & Co. 
Benson, B. F. The Challoners. 
Bradford, Ghunaliel, jr. Th« private tntor. 
Brown, H. D. A book of little boys. 
Garey, B. N. At the moorings. 
GarUng, J. B. The yiking*s sknll. 



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stories. C8591.12 

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of the Wagon-tire House and genial philosopher of the cattle 
country. C778.2 

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of St. Louis, King of France. D298.4 

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The golden bowl. 2v. J239.84 

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Lather, K. L. The mastery. 
McCarthy, J. H. The lady of Loyalty House. 
McOutcheon, G. B. Beyerly of Granstark. 
Maxehmont, A. W. By snare of lore. 
L, G. K. The honse of folfllment. 

irH:i*iiftii^ 8. W. New Samaria, and The summer of St. Martin. 

The yoath of Washington told In the form of an aatoblog- 
raphy. M708.18 

Korgan, George. The Issue. M821.1 

Konison, Arthur. The green diamond. M8891.4 

Overton, Gwendolen. Captains of the world. 0955.8 

Fayson, W. F. Debonnalre. P802.1 

Fhelps, B. S. Trixy. P515.29 

Fhillpotts, Bden. The farm of the dagger. P550.8 

Porter, Gene Stratton-. Freckles. P828.1 

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Smith, 3fr«. A. P. Off the highway. S641.1 

Smith, W. H. The promoters : a novel without a woman. S688.2 
Stuart, Mrs. B. McB. The river's children : an idyl of the Mis- 
sissippi. S932.10 
Thurston, Mrs. K. 0. The masquerader. T425.2 
Watson, T. B. Bethany : a story of the old South. Wd42.1 
Wells, Carolyn. The staying guest. W465.4 
White, S. B. Blazed trail stories, and stories of the wild life. 

Whitney, Mrs. A. D. T. Biddy's episodes. W605.18 

Wiggin, K. D., and others. The afmir at the inn. W641.15 

Yeats, S. Levett-. Orrain. Y183.6 



Barbour, B. H. The arrival of Jimpaon, and other stories for 

boys about boys. JB885.6 

On your mark 1 a story of college life and athletics. JB285.7 

Beard, Lina and Adelia B. Indoor and outdoor handicraft 
and recreation for girls. 1904. j790 BS68a 

Benson, J. K. The book of indoor games for young people of 
all ages. 1904. ]790 B47 

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Brady, C. T. A midshipman in the Pacific, his adventures on 
whaler, trader, and frigate. JB784.10 

Carter, M. H., ed. About animals, retold from St. Nicholas. 

]590 C89 
Lion and tiger stories retold from St. Nicholas. j590 C82a 

Panther stories retold from St. Nicholas. ]590 C82b 

Stories of brave dogs retold from St. Nicholas. j590 C82c 

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from Chaucer and others by F. J. H. Darton. 1904. ]805 C49 

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Doubleday, Bussell. Stories of inventors, the adventures of 
inventors and engineers : true Incidents and personal exper- 
iences. 1904. ]600 D72 

CofUen/f.'—Marooni.— Santos Dumont.— How a fast train is mn.— Auto- 
mobiles.— The fastest steamboats.— Life-savers.— Moving plctares.— Bridge 
builders.— Babmarines.- Long-distance telephony.— A type-setting machine 
that makes mathematical calculations.— Artificial Ice-maklng. 

French, Allen. The story of Rolf and the Viking's bow. JF887.8 

Grinnell, G. B. Jack in the Rockies; or, a boy's adventures 

with a pack train. JG889.8 

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Mozart's youth. Trans, by G. P. Upton. 1904. J780 H69m 

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Kingsland, Mrs. Burton. The book of indoor and outdoor 

games ; with suggestions for entertainments. 1904. j790 K61 
Lang, Andrew, ed. The brown fairy book. JL255.15 



KeKurvyy 0. A. Piooeen of the Bocky Mountains and the 

West. 1904. j978 M16 

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BicluurdB, Bosalind. The nursery fire. JR889.1 

Behmidt, Fisrdinand. William Tell. Trans, by O. P. Upton. 

1904. j291 885 

Seton, B. T. Monarch, the big bear of Tallac. 1904. B. j590 849m 
Smitli, Mn, M. P. W. The boy captlTe of old Deerfleld. JS656.14 
Stoddard, W. O. The fight for the valley : a story of the siege 
of Fort Schnyler and the battle of Oriskany In the Bargoyne 
campaign of 1777. jS8tf9.81 

Wflliaoui, Sherman. 8ome saccessfnl Americans. 1904. JE1.W72 

ComUmU : — AbrabmmlJiioolii.— Peter Oooper.— Mary Lyon.— Horace Gree- 
ley.— Cynu Hall McCormick.— Frances Willard.— Lfmlaa M. Alcott.— Alex- 
ander H. Stephen!^— Leland Stanford— Oharlei Pratt.— Comellns Yanderbilt. 
— leil Whitney.— Henry Clay.— Benjamin Franklin. 

Tub Riybrdalb Prbss: C. A. W. Spbnckr. 





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Louisa M. Hooper. 


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On Sundays the Reading and Reference Rooms only are open from 
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Books may be retnrned to the Stations whether taken from them 
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A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 


O, indicates gifts. B, indicates books bought by request. 


American Library Association. A. L. X. catalog: 8,000 
volumes for a popular library, with notes. Prepared by the 
New York State Library and the Library of Congress under 
the auspices of the American Library Association Publishing 
Board. Pt. 1, classed; pt. 2, dictionary. 1904. Ref.15.53.1 

Copies of this very useful list may be bought of the librarian. 

United States. Library of Congress. Division of Bibliography. 
Select list of books, with references to periodicals, relating 
to the Far East. 1904. 0. Ref.16.106 

Whitaker, Joseph. Almanac, 1905. Ref.60.33 


Addison, D. D. The Episcopalians. 1904. 283 A22 

Black, Hugh. The practice of self-culture. 1904. 177 B66 

Brierley, Jonathan. The common life. 1904. 204 B76c 

Burkitt, F. C. Early eastern Christianity : St. Margaret's 

lectures, 1904, on the Syrlac-speaklng church. 270.1 B91 

•*Mr. Burkltt's new book is very interesting, and deserves careful attention. 
Its style is popular in the better and more select senflc of the term, and at the 
same time it represents conclusions reached by proper scholarly methods. 
The book is interesting on every pai;e of it, but the author is on one point at 
loast amazingly in error, and he is only partly correct on several other 
matters. . . . His account of the second century Gnostic Bardalsm is of 
great interest. The same can be said of the lecture dealing with the Acts 
of Judas Thomas and the famous 'Hymn of the Boul,* of the last named 
composition Mr. Burkitt gives us a fine translation of his own in English 
hexameters. The hymn is really beautiful." — ^^Aenoeum. 


Oaird, Edward. The eyolntion of theology in the Greek philo- 
sophers. Gifford lectures, 1900-2. 1904. 2v. 180 C12 

"The Master of Ralliol in these learned and extremely lacid volumes brings 
▼ividly before the reader ' those Ideas of Greek philosophy which have most 
powerfully affected the subsequent development of theological thought.' 
The value of a work that traces in careful detail the evolution of theology 
through the hands of successive Greek thinkers can scarcely be overestimated 
at the present day . . . and Dr. Calrd's work brings home to the student of 
Christian theology the need of pursuing it to its original sources." 

—The Spectator. 

Carpenter, Edward. The art of creation : essays on the self 

and its power. 1904. 104 C22 

CanterUt:— Art of creation. — Mutter and consciousness.— Three stages of 
consciousness. — The self and its aflkliations. — Platonic ideas and heredity.— 
The gods as apparitions of the race-life.- The gods as dwelling in the 
physiological centres. — The devils and the idols. — Beauty and duty.— 
Creation.- Transformation — Appendix: The Mayfly: a study in transfer- 
mation. — Health a conquest. — £venlng in spring: a meditation. 

Carpenter, J. E. Christianity and the religions of the world. 

1904. B. 209 022 

CkmterUs: — Comparative religion and modern thought. — Light on the Old 
Testament. — The sacred books of the East. — The place of Christianity 
among the religions of the world. 

"One by one the great civilizations of the past yielded up their treasures, 
and the last century has witnessed the discovery of ancient faiths, so that 
the history of religion is now known to be Inseparably connected with the 
whole history of the human race. To sketch this process as clearly as may 
be within such narrow compass, Is the object of these papers." —The Author, 

Clapp, E. B. The courtesies : a book of etiquette for every day. 
1904. 177 068 

Davidson, B. T., archbishop of Canterbury, The Christian op- 
portunity ; being sermons and addresses delivered in America. 
1904. 252 D278 

De Coorcy, Henry, and Shea, J. M. History of the Oatholic 
Ohurch in the United States, from the earliest settlement of 
the country to the present time. With biographical sketches, 
accounts of religious orders, councils. [Enl. ed.] 1896. B. 

282 D86 

t^tUOBOPnt AKi> RSliQlOli. ^ 

% B. G. Weather influences : an empirical study of the 
mental and physiological effects of definite meteorological con- 
ditions. With introd. by aeveland Abbe. 1904. 150 D52 

Frere, W. H. The English church in the reigns of Elizabeth 
and James I., 1558-1625. 1904. Vol. 5 o/283 S88 

Gibbons, James, cardinal. Our Christian heritage. R. 230.8 G35 

Godet, F. L. Commentary on the gospel of St. John ; with a 
critical introd. Trans, from the 2d French ed. by F. Crombie 
and M. D. Cusin. 1876-1877. 8v. 226.5 Z84 

A commentary on the gospel of St. Luke. Vol. 1 trans, from 
the 2d French ed. by £, W. Shalders ; vol. 2, by M. D. Cusin. 
1875. 2t. 226.4 Z34 

Greer, D. H. The preacher and his place : the Lyman Beecher 
lectures on preaching, delivered at Yale University, February, 
1895. 1904. 251 G86 

Griggs, E. H. Moral education. 1904. 173 G87 

Holtzmann, Oskar. Life of Jesus. Trans, by J. T. Bealby 
and M. A. Canney. 1904. 282.9 n74 

*'Prof . Holtzmann baa apeclally prepared himself for writing The Life of 
Jetus by a series of investigations Into various a^pecta of that life, and by a 
thorough study of collateral subjects such as the state of religion among the 
Jews in the period when Christ lived. He has thus mastered all the sources 
from which information is to be obtained, and carefully weighed the esti- 
mates which have been formed by modern scholars of the value of these 
sources. Prof. Holtzmaun's woric is well written and profoundly interesting. 
It throws much light on the subject of which it treats, and though its 
opinions will naturally be strongly controverted, even those who differ mont 
from him will gain by a perusal of it." —Athenceum. 

niingwortli, J. B. Christian character : being some lectures 
on the elements of Christian ethics. 1904. 242 129 

"The main portion of this volume concerns itself with the rationale of the 
three Christian graces and the four cardinal virtues as adopted by Christi- 
anity from Plato and the Greek philosophers. To these are added chapters 
on prayer, the Sacraments, mysticism, and the supernatural. . . . The studies 
are rooted in deep reading of things and men and the best thoughts of men, 
and the fruit should be plentiful in proportion."— The Times^ London. 



Martan, E. S. The luxury of childreD and some other laxnrles. 

1904. . 178 MJ(68 

Con/fn^f.' — Tlielaxuryof children— Some children in particuliU'. — Other 
people's children. — Parents. — Strong; points of infancy.— Naughtiness. — 
Girls and their education.— The exchange of children.- Children as an 
incentive. — Women. — Real life. — The pinch of comfort. — A proper place 
for grandparents. — Winter In the oonntry. 

Mathews, Shailer. The social teaching of Jesus : an essay in 
Christian sociology. 1902. JS. 261 M42 

Morison, James. Commentary on the gospel according to Mat- 
thew. 1870. 226.2 Z61 

Morley, John. On compromise. 1908. 171 M82 

Peters, J. P. Early Hebrew story, its historical background. 

1904. 220.9 P44 

"This Tolume is certainly calculated to promote an enlightened nndcrstanding 
of the early Old Testament narratives. The tone is free, reverent, and 
wholesome. The informatloD, which is wide, must be expected to be 
occasionally faulty. A mistake which this book shares with most others of 
its class is the fatal readiness to assume as certain things which are yet 8ub 
Judice. But having said this, we have nothing but praise left for our author's 
lectures. He has a decided talent for the investigation of legend and folk- 
lore. He knows how to appreciate their inner meanings without in any 
instance paying homage slavishly to the outer form they assume. His 
method of illustrating the earlier Bible narratives by the semi-mythlcal 
character of the early history of other nations Is, we are fully persuaded, 
sound enough.'* — Athenaum, 

Schiirer, Emil. History of the Jewish people in the time of 
Christ : a second and revised edition of Manual of the history 
of New Testament amea, 1891. 6 v. 983 S89 

Smith, O. J. Balance the fundamental verity ; offering a key to 
the fundamental sclentitic interpretations of the system of 
natnre, a definition of natural religion, and a consequent agree- 
ment between science and religion. With an appx. containing 
critical reviews by scientific writers, and a reply by the 
author to his critics. 1904. 230.6 S66 

Stock, Eugene. A short band-book of missions. 1904. 266 S86 

Stratton, G. M. Experimental psychology and its bearing upon 
culture. 1903. 160 S91 


Syme, David. The sonl : a study and an argnment. 1903. 120 S98 

"This is a remarkable book, and one that all who are interested in modem 
developments of psychology shonld not fail to read and study closely. . . . 
< We speak lightly ,' the author tells us, 'of Life and Mind, Matter and Spirit, 
Sensation and Consdonsness. . . . The purpose of this little book Is to 
arriye if possible at a clear idea of what is signified by those terms, and a 
better understanding of some elementary truths which all of us have an 
interest in finding and keeping if we can.' '* — The Spectator, 

Westcott, B. F., bishop of Durham, Some lessons of the Reyised 

Version of the New Testament. 1908. 225 W52 


Alden, Mrs, 0. M. W. Women's ways of earning money. 1904. 

396.5 A35 

Asakawa, Kani^. The early institutional life of Japan : a 
study in the Reform of 645 A.D. 1903. 342.52 A79 

Gurtis, Francia. The Republican party : a history of its fifty 
years* existence and a record of its measures and leaders, 
1854-1904. With a foreword by President Roosevelt, and 
introds. by W. P. Frye and J. G. Cannon. 1904. 2v. 342.737 C94 

Devine, B. T. The principles of relief. 1904. 331.9 D49a 

Con<«n/«.- — Principles. — Typical relief problems. — Historical survey.— 
Relief in disasters. — Appendices: Draft of a constitution for a charity 
organization society. — Rules of the committee on charitable trans- 

Foster, J. W. Arbitration and the Hague Court. 1904. 341.6 F81 

Ghent, W. J. Mass and class : a survey of social divisions. 

1904. 301 G34 

*'In my present work I have sought to analyse the social mass into its 
component classes; to describe these classes as they are to be found in the 
industrial life of the nation; and to indicate the current of social progress 
which malces ever for an ultimate social justice." — Preface. 

Henderson, C. B. Modern methods of charity. 1904. 331.9 H38b 
Hunter, Bobert. Poverty. 1904. 331,86 H91 

Kasson, J. A. The evolution of the constitutiou of the United 
States of America and history of the Monroe doctrine. New 
ed. 1904. 342.73 K16 



Xellor, F. A. Out of work : a stndy of employment agencies, 

their treatment of the unemployed, and their inflaence upon 

homes and basiness. 1904. B. 881.1 Kd9 

The record of praotlc*! InTestlgations made In New York, Boaton, Phila- 
delphia, and Cbloago. The author and eight asslBtants ytsited several ban. 
drcd employment agencies, both as employers and seeking positions as 
senrants. teachers, stenographers, models, and general workers. 

Low, Sidney. The governance of England. 1904. 842.424 L96 

"Mr. Low has written a very fresh and interesting book on a sabject which 
is as a rule neither fresh nor interesting. Borrowing the title of Sir John 
Fortescoe's fifteenth century work, he has aimed at giving an analysis of the 
tme constltnents of oar modern government. . . . His Inqairy is not 
sociological, but political; bat it is concerned with the living manifestations 
of political life, and not the empty shells of the past.*' — The Sptctaior. 

McOlellan, Elisabeth. Historic dress in America, 1607-1800. 
With an introductory chapter on dress in the Spanish and 
French settlements in Florida and Louisiana. 1904. Art case 7.5.7 

Massachusetts. General Oourt. Acts and resolves passed by the 

(General Court of Massachusetts in the year 1904. O. Ref .46.21 
Journal of the House of Representatives. 1904. G, 1184.1 

Journal of the Senate for the year 1904. Q. 1134.3 

Miinsterberg, Hugo. The Americans. 1904. 342.785 M98 

"The book is Intended for Germans, and was written with the avowed 
purpose of enlightening the German public and dissipating prejudices which 
are due to misconceptions and misinformation. . . . The salient feature of 
it is its unfailing optimism. Everything Is seen to be for the best in the best 
of all possible republics, and as a storehouse of valuable information. Pro- 
fessor Miiusterberg's woiIl is assuredly a remarkable and valuable perform, 
ance— a monument of Industry and good will." — The Nation. 

Page, T. N. The negro: the Southerner's problem. 1904. 326.8 P14 

Roberts, Morley. A tramp*s note-book. 1904. 331.86 R54 

"The thirty odd sketches herein collected might be so many leaves from the 
aathor*s diary. Hr. Roberts has really been a tramp of the world, Its high- 
ways and byways, and that In a sense scarcely understood by the dilettante 
amateur. He has wandered In at least two continents, looking for work by 
means of which he might pay his way, and he has tramped with wide-open 
eyes, an intelligent outlook, and a ready faculty of observation. The book 
has in It real stuff, the stuff of experience, and should yy^revA." — Athenceum, 

Tarbell, I. M. The history of the Standard Oil Company. 1904. 
2v. 838.8 T17 


BriggSy LeBaron B. Bontine and ideals. 1904. 878.1 B78a 

** Tbe papcn ooUcetcd in thli Tolnme eoaaltt in part of oolleffa and aobool 
addrettes in whieh Dtan Brigg§ eaf orees the importance of drlU, diaolpline 
and the foraiatlon of habits. He intifts that the mott neeettaiy part of 
edaeatlon ia the training of the will whleh ti attained only throogh this for- 
matloa of habit got lolely by lelf-denlal, dlfotpUne, and drill, at the end of 
whleh the wiie will And routine their beet lerTant."^ Tke NaUon. 

HarFBrd Un i vw lty . Catalogne, 1904-1906. O. Bef .76.81 

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ciples of edncatlon in relation to faith and conduct : a book 
for parents and teachers. 1904. S. 871 H86 


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ing descriptions of the strange and curious in natural history. 
1904. 691 S46 

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O. 2062.7 


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mation. 1904. 652 A46 

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agement. 1904. 640 C24 

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for young mothers. 1904. 649 C77 

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treatment of surgical and medical emergencies in the absence 

of a physician. 6th ed., rev. and enl. 1904. 617.1 D88 

"An Admirable volume, illastrated, devoid of the usually useless elementarj 
anatomy and physiology that so often encumber such books. It excellently 
instructs laymen in the relief of the commoner injuries. One of its pieces of 
advice which deserves wide drculation, is : *Live wires held by the sufferer, 
may be short-circuited by dropping (not laying) across them a metal bar, like 
a poker or crowbar.' " — The Nation, 

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and nautical astronomy. 1904. 859.1 U14 

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Pt. 1, The home trade. 1904. 652 H36 

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This is a supplementary volume to the same author's Mechanical move- 
ments, powers, and devices. 

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694 H66 

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the theory, construction, operation, care and management of 
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- t^l 


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Vol. 1. The Chesapeake and Ohio canal and the Pennsylvania canal. 
2. The Brie canal. 

International Library of Technology. 

Vol. 4. Machine molding. — Fonndry appliances. — Malleable 
casting. — Brass fonnding. — Blacksmithing and 
forging. 621.7 16 

5. Hydraulics. — Pneumatics. — Graphical statics. — 

Heat.— Refrigeration. 62116 

8. Steam engines. — Elevators. 621.1 16 

12. Dynamo design. — Motor design. — Alternating cur- 
rents. 621.82 16 
24. Telegraphy. Vol. 2. - 654 16 
26. Westinghouse air brake. — N. Y. air brake. — Car 

lighting.— Car heating.— Electric headlight. 625 16 
28. Navigation.— Ocean meteorology. — Rules of the 

road.— Nautical tables. 359.1X6 

43. Principles of law. — Husband and wife. — Divorce. — 
— Parent and child. — Guardian and ward. — No- 
taries public. — Justices of the peace. — Patents, 
copyright, and trade-marks. — Insurance. — Mines 
and mining. 347 I6d 

ReprinU of the reference library of the International Correspondence 
Schools of Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

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tion of metals. . . . Trans, from the German, with addi- 
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Litcbfieldy Frederick. How to collect old furniture. 1904. 646 L71a 

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competent motorman : being a treatise on the proper method 
of operating a street railway motor-car, also giving details 
how to overcome certain defects. 1903. 621.33 L75 

Endorsed by the l^adin;? railroad managers of the United States. 

IjOW, B. J. French home cooking, adapted to the use of Ameri- 
can households. 1904. 641 L95 



MacBonald, J. A. Snccessfal adyertising, how to accomplish 
It : a practical work for advertlseri and business men. 1902. 
B, 659 M14 

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lathe work, vise work, drills and drilling, taps and dies, hard- 
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1908. 621.9 R72 

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621.82 W17 


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containing description in non-technical language of the rise 
and derelopment of the railroad systems In all parts of the 
world. 1904. R. 839.5 W67 

Young, A. B. Filson. The complete motorist : being an account 
of the erolution and construction of the modern motor-car ; 
with notes on the selection, use, and maintenance of the same ; 
and on the pleasures of travel upon the public roads. 1904. 

625.6 T8 


Adams, M. B., ed. Modern cottage architecture. Illustrated 
from well-known architects. With an Introd. essay on cot- 
tage building and notes on the subjects. 1904. B. 728 A21 
Barber, E. A. Marks of American potters. 1904. 738 B28b 
Baz, P. B. I. The cathedral church of Saint Asaph : a description 

of the building and a short history of the see. 1904. 726.2 Sl29b 
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1904. 2v. 750 B96 

"There was abundant reason why a life of Burne-Jones should be written, 
and why some fuller record of his career and pernonality should be provided 
than is supplied by the sum of his paintings and drawings, decorations and 
designs. ... And to tell the story of his life in the full and authentic 
manner in which it is here told by bis wife, is, as it were, to bring a new and 
wider circle under the charm of his fascinating personality." 

— The Timeif London. 


Ooxnmings, David. Hand-book of lithography : a practical 
treatise for all who are Interested In the process. 1904. 763 C91 

Davies* O. 8. Frans Hals. 1904. 750 H19d 

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Dircks, Budolf. An^nste Rodin, with list of his principal 

worlLS. 1904. 750 R69d 

Gronau, Georg. Titian. 1904. 750 T61g 

"This is certainly the best popular handbook to Titian'g art that exiats. We 
■ay popular, because Dr. Gronau has aTOided, so far as possible, minute 
controTersial points, and has endearoured to make clear to the ordinary 
reader the main phases of Titian's development as an artist, as well as to 
give a general picture of his life, his human personality, and his relations 
with the many great patrons for whom he worked. But it is not by any 
means a popular book in the bad sense of the word. It is marked through- 
out by that cautious accuracy, that scholarly restraint and disinterested love 
of truth, which we associate with all Dr. Gronau's work." — AthencBum. 

Hartley, 0. G. Pictures In the Tate Gallery. 1904. 708 L84t 

Hodgson, F. T. Bailders* architectural drawing self-taught. 

1904. 744 H66 

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Kidder, F. E. The architect's and builder's pocket-book: a 

hand-boo]( for architects, structural engineers, builders and 

draughtsmen. 14th ed., rewritten. 1904. 728.9 K53 

Knapp, O. G., ed. An artist's love story, told in the letters of 

Sir Thomas Lawrence, Mrs. Siddons and her daughters. 

1904. 760 L421C 

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furniture and adornments of some of the most notable houses 

of England, historically depicted from photographs. 1904. 

B. Art case 6.1.18 

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the eve of the Renaissance, 312-1350. 1904. 709 L56 

Monkhouse, W. C. In the National Gallery. 1895. B. 708 L84na 

*'My prlnclj^al aim has bc(>n to render luch a clue to [tbe Italian paintings In] 
the collection as will help anyone who has not made a special study of art- 
history to take an Intelligent interest In the pictures, and to obtain at the 
rame time a general grasp of tbe growth of Italian art." — Pre/ace. 


Paine, A. B. Th. Nast, his period and liis pictures. 1904. B. 

760 N26p 
The life and work of Tbomaa Nast were so intimately aModatcd with that 
vital period beginning with the Civil War and ending with the administration 
of Qrover Cleveland, that the biography of the <*Father of the American 
Cartoon" becomes also a history of his time. Nast's position in national 
politics was unique, and the chapters which deal with the Civil War and 
Keconstructlon periods, the battle against the Tweed Ring, the Greeley 
campaign, the Tribune's cipher disclosures and the Mugwump revolt of 
1884 contain many incidents and details which have never before been 
published. The volume Is very fully illustrated with reproductions of Nast's 

Powell, B. P. The country home. 1904. 712 P87 

Beinach, Salomon. The story of art throughout the ages : an 

illustrated record. Trans, by Florence Simmonds. 1904. 709 B27 

" A general history of art which not only is admirable in its broad views, 
but is full of acumen in the treatment of doubtful points of detail, and of 
illuminating and delightful criticism of particular artists, while the style is 
as fascinating as that of a novel should be, but seldom i s. The book is a 
little masterpiece, and one does not wonder that it was difficult to find room 
for the audiences that flocked to hear the lectures when orally delivered." 

— The Nation. 

Bicci, Corrado. Pintoricchio (Bernardino dl Betto of Perugia,) 
his life, work and time. From the Italian by F. Simmonds. 
1902. Art case 6.5.17 

Sparrow, W. 8., ed. British home of today : a book of modern 
domestic architecture and the applied arts. 1904. B. 728 S78 


Aldrich, Bichard. A guide to Parsifal, the music drama of 
Richard Wagner, its origin, story, and music. 1904. 781.01 W12a 

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explained for the lovers of musical art. With pref . by £. 
Pauer. Trans, by £. Hill. 1898. 781.3 £51 

Hig^, James. Modulation. B. 780.8 H5 

Mason, D. G. Beethoven and his forerunners. 1904. 780.2 M88 
C(mtents: — The periods of musical history. — Palestrlna and the music of 
mysticism. — The modern spirit.— Principles of pure music— Hajdn.— 
Hosart.— Beethoven.— Conolosion. 


Nevin, Ethelbert. The qaest. [A cantata.] 784.5 N52q 

Oxford History of Music. Vol. 5. The VienneBe period, by W. 

H. Hadow. 1904. 780.2 097 

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stadents. 1887-1889. 2y. B. 780.8 R51 

Stainer, Sir John. CompoAltion. B. 780.9 872 

Harmony ; with an appendix containing 100 graduated exer- 
cises, B. 780.8 872 
StoeviniT* Paul. The story of the violin. 1904. 781.6 887 
Weingartner, Felix. The symphony since Beethoven. Trans. 

by M. B Dntton. 1904. 781.8 W48 


Brownell, L. W. Photography for the sportsman nataralist. 

1904. 770 B816 

Schocky E. B. How to bnlld a rowboat. 1904. 869.4 886 

Webb, F. B. Mannal of the canvas canoe, its construction. 

1898. 859.4 Wd8 


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Anton, Peter. Staying power: reconsiderations and recrea- 
tions. 1904. 824 AGS 

Aucassin and Nicolette. Trans, from the old French by F. W. 
Bonrdillon. 1908. 841 A89 

Barry, William. Heralds of revolt : stadies in modern literature 
and dogma. 1904. 809.09 B27 

ConienU: "The genius of Qeorge BUot.— John Inglesant.^ Carlyle.— An 
Apostle of Ninrana: H. F. Amicl. — Heinrich Heine. — The modern French 
novel. — French realism and decadence. — Pierre l^ti. — Neo-paganism.— 
Latter-day pagans.— Frledrlch Nietzsche. 

"Although the author of these * Studies In modem literature and dogma ' 
has a perilous command of a vaguely attractive rhetoric, they are conscien- 
tiously executed, and will be found stimulating as well as interesting, even 
by such as have read the most that has been written on such subjects as 
George Eliot, 'John Inglesant,' Carlyle, Amlel, and Nietzsche.'* 

— The SpedaUn, 



Brooks, Phillips. Christmas BongB and Easter carols. 1904. 

820 B87 

Eggar, Mrs, H. 0. An Indian garden. 1904. 884 B29 

**Tlilt i» a dellghtfol book, though the strictly gardening part of it Is not the 
most interetting. The conditions of gardening are different from those 
with which we are familiar in tluU the whole business is done in five months 
of the jear; still, varions practical hints may be found. Of the other part 
of the book one cannot speak too highly. There are admirable sketches 
of the servants, from the faithful old bntler down to 'Penelope' the serving- 
man whose industry and idleness seem to have been about equally trouble- 
some to his employer. Then there is a most picturesque description of an 
earthquake, and another of a Hlndoo-Mahommedan riot.*'— The Spectator . 

Qayley, 0. M. The Star of Bethlehem : a miracle play of the 
natirlty, reconstructed from the Towneley and other old Eng- 
lish cycles of the 18th, 14th, and 15th centuries, and supple- 
mented and adapted to modem conditions. As composed for 
Mr. Ben Greet and presented by his company. 1904. 822 G28 

Haney, J. L., ed. Early reviews of English poets. 1904. 813.4 H23 

The introduction gives a most interesting history of the "great quarterlies" 
and of other early English critical Journals. Then follow reviews of the 
poems of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, and others, showing the estimation 
in which these great men were held by contemporary critics. 

Herfordy Oliver. The Rab&iy&t of a Persian kitten. 1904. 828.4 II42 

Irving, Washington. Reviews and miscellanies. 1897. G. 824 I72r 

Con<«nls.- — Robert Treat Paine. — Edwin C. Holland. — Wheaton's 
BMory qfthe ^TorlAmen.— Conquest of Granada. — Letter to the editor of 
The Knickerboeker. — Sleepy Hollow. — National nomenclature. — Desultory 
thoughts on criticism. — Commnnipaw. — Conspiracy of the cocked hats. — 
Letter from Qranada. -- The Catskill mountains. — Stories and legends: 
The early experiences of Ralph Ringwood. — The Seminoles. — The Count 
Van Horn. — Don Juan : a spectral research. — Legend of the engulphed 
convent.— The phantom island. — The adalantado of the seven cities. 

KftcLeod, Fiona. The divine adventure ; lona ; By sundown 

shores: studies in splritural history. 1900. B. 824 MI65dl 
From the hills of dream : threnodies, songs, and other poems. 
1904. 820 M165f 

"Deirdre and all the Celtic legends become immortal through the magic 
hands of Fiona MacLeod, who is as much queen of the Gielic branch of the 
legend as is Mr. Teats the king of the Erse. If poetry is a vision of the 
imagination this little volume, entitled From the kiU$ of dream is worth 
all the others which we have l>een describing."— The Nation, 


Moore, Bdward. Stodies in Dante. Third series. 1908. 851 D28b28 

ConUniM: -~ The mttroaomr of Dante. — The geognphj of Dante. — The date 
aatamed by Dante for the rlalon of the Divina Ommtdia. — Sjmbolism and 
propbeej in Purg, xzviii-xxxux. — The genuinenesa of the dedicatory 
<^tle to Can Grande. 

Monltony O. W., ed. Library of literary criticism of English 
and American authors. Vol. 8. 1891-1904. 1904. Bef .40.85 

Sileyy Jame* Wbitcomb. A defective Santa Clans. 1904. 820 R57d 

Bittenhoiue, J. B. The younger American poets. 1904. 818 R61 

CtnUemU:" Richard Horey. — Lisette Wood worth Bcege. — Bliss Carman. — 
Lonise Imojcen Galney. — Qeorge E. Santayana.— Josephine Preston Pea. 
body.— Charles G. D. Boberto.— Bdith M. Thomas. — Madison Cawein.— 
Ge<Mrge E. Woodberry. — Frederic Lawrence Knowles. — Alice Brown.— 
Richard Bnrton. — Clinton SooUard.— Mary McNeil Fenellosa. — Rldgely 
Torrence.— Gertrude Hall.— Arthur Upeon. 

Shakespeare, William. Mr. William Sbakespear's comedies, 
histories, and tragedies. Faithfully reproduced in facsimile 
from the edition of 1685. [Unto ifvhich is added, seven plays 
. . . viz., Pericles, Prince of Tyre; The Loudon prodigal; 
The history of Thomas Lord Cobham; Sir John Oldcastle, 
Lord Cobham ; The Puritan widow ; A Yorkshire trajjedy ; 
The tragedy of Locrine.] London, Methuen, 1904. Art case 8.3.8 

Sherman, F. D. Lyrics of joy. 1904. 820 S55 

Sophocles. Tragedies. Trans, into English prose by Sir R. C. 
Jebb. 1904. 883 S71o 

Sudermann, Hermann. Fires of St. John : a drama in four 
acts. Trans, by C. Swickard. 1904. 882 S95f 

Symons, Arthur. Poems. 1902. 2 v. B. 820 S98 

The symbolist movement in literature. 1899. li. 840.1 S98 

Contents: — G€TBLrd de Nerval. — Villlers de I'lsle Adam. — Arthur Rim- 
baud. — Paul Verlalce. — Jules Laforgue. — St6pbane 3IallHrm6. — Huy8> 
mans as a symbolist. — Maeterlinck as a mystic — Conclusion. — Bibllog- 
Tuphj and notes. 



Syxnons, Arthur. S Indies in prose and verse. 1904. 809.09 S98 

**One of the most significant of recent books of criticism. He writes 
briefly, but always pregnantly, of Balzac, M^iim^e, Gautler, Do Qutncey, 
Hawthorne, Pater, Stevenson, Symonds, Morris, Meredith, Zola, Tolstoy, 
Yeats, Stephen Phillips, and others. By virtue of the refinement and 
earnestness of Mr. Symons* writing, his book is, as a whole, more whole- 
some than would appear from the sum of Its subjects and its doctrine. It 
is an able apologia, and especially .interesting as being in more than a 
superficial sense typical of the age." — The Nation. 

Virgil. Works. Rendered into English prose with introds., 
running analysis, notes and an index by J. Lonsdale and S. 
Lee. 1903. 873 Via 

The ^neid. Trans, into English by J. W. Mackail. 1885. B, 

878 VSma 

Eclogaes and Georgici. Trans, from the Latin by J. W. 
Mackail. 1889. iJ. 878 V7m 

Works in French and German. 

Baumbach, Rudolf. TmgGold. 1904. 883 B32t 

Beaumarchais, P. A. 0. de. (Euvres completes. Pr6c^d6es 
d'une notice sur sa vie et ses ouvrages par Saint-Marc 
Girardin. 1872. B. 842 B38 

ConientB:— Notice sur Beaumarohais. — Bssal sur le genre dramntique 
B^rieux. — Eugenie. — Les deux amir ; ou, le n^goclant de Lyon. — Le 
barbier de Seville; ou, la precaution inutile. — La folle Journ^e; ou, le mar- 
iage de Figaro. — L'autre tartufe ; ou, la m^re coupable. — Tarare. — M6m. 
oires. — Coropte rendu de rafTaire des auteurs dramatique.s et des oom6dlens 
fran^ais. — Rapport fait aux auteurs dramatiques. — Petition a TAssembl^e 
nationale. — Lettres. — Melanges, vers et chansons. 

Hauptmann, Gerhart. Einsame Menscben : Drama. 1903. 

882 H29e 

Velhag^en and Klasing, publishers, Roman- Bibliothek. Beigabe 
ZQ Monatsheften Id. 833 y54 

Vol. 14. Magnus Collund, von Bernhardlne Schulze-Smldt.— Urlaub nach 
der Helmat, von Paul Oskar Hacker.— Unter sengender Sonne, von C. 


Vigny, A.Y,,comte de. Lanrette; ou, le cachet rouge: sou- 
venirs de servitude militaire. 843 VGSi 

Werner, E.yP«'*u(l. Adlerflag. — Ein Gottesnrteil : zwel Romane. 

833 W49ad 
Freie BahnI Romau. 1893. 833 W49f 



Allaben, Frank. Concerning genealogies : being suggestions 
of value for all interested in family history. 1904. E96.A41 

Hare, Ohristopher. The most illustrious ladles of the Italian 
Renaissance. 1904. E5.H22 

Knight, William. Retrospects. 1904. E2.K74 

Contents: — Thomas Carlyle. — Frederick Denison Maurice. — Alfred Tenny- 
son.— Robert Browning. — Jamea Martineau. — Arthur Stanley. — Matthew 
Arnold. — W. E. Gladstone. — William Davics. — James Smetham. — Whlt- 
well Elwin. — Anna Swanwick. — J. Henry Shorthousc. 
"In these Reirospect$ no attempt is made to trace the full career, or describe 
the varied work, of those whose names occur in them. Only titewprceterita 
regarding some notable English men and womrn of the last century- which 
would otherwise have been unrecorded — are brought together." — Preface. 

Lee, Sidney. Great Englishmen of the 16th century. 1904. E2.L51 

Contents : — The spirit of the Iflth century. — Sir Thomas More. — Sir Philip 
Sidney. — Sir Walter Raleigh. — Edmund Spenser. — Francis Bacon.— 
Shakespeare's career. — Foreign influences on Shakespeare. 


Banyan. Rutherford, Mark, /)seud. John Buiiyan. 1906. E.B8905.r 

*' No more perfect biographer could have been found for Bunyan than the 
author of Mark Rutherford. There Is something puritanical in the exquisite 
simplicity of his style, his high seriousness, his keen sympathy, which is 
saved from partisanslilp by the breadth and philosophy uf his outlook. 
Understanding the hidden deeps of Bunyan's spiritual life, he has expounded 
his character, not in the formulas of a sect, but in tht; eternal phrases of 
humanity." — The Spectator. 

U ■TiJ»«..ffc-j,- v.-^hg - X ^JUi-JUV l J . fc.jjj . 


Oobbett. Carlyle, E. I. William Cobbett : a stndy of his life as 
BhowD in his writings. 19t)4. E.C6895.C 

"The dust and heat of the controversies and crises in which Oobbett lived 
and nioyed and had his very being have died away. The historian can ap. 
preach his case and examine his career without prejudice at last. We do 
not reKard him, as did so many of Ills contemporaries, as a mere incendiary 
and revolutionary. It is possible now to see and admit that Cobbett, violent 
and wrong-headed as he often was, unsound in his views, and unfair in his 
estimates, was often on the right path against injustice, corruption, and the 
unfair distribution of power and opportunities. He was always inspired 
by a genuine desire for reform. . . . But Cobbett's biographer must not be 
a hero-worshipper, for he will find that his hero's life was full of discredit- 
able actions. . . Mr. Carlyle, his latest and best biographer, Is clearly aware 
of this.** — Athenceum. 

Oreighton. Life and letters of Mandeli Creigbtou, D. D., Oxon. 

and Cam., sometime Bishop of London, by his wife. 19<H. 2v. 


Oromwell, Oliver. Letters and speeches, >vlth elucidations by 
Thomas Carlyle. Ed. with notes, supplement and enlarged 
index by S. C. Lomas; with introd. by C. H. Firth. 1904. 8v. 

942.068 C8 

"In the introduction Mr. Firth tells us what he thinks of Carlyie's CromweU, 
It is the best critique that has yet been written on the subject. Mr. Fifth's 
opinion is of high importance; for he not only linows more about the 
period than anyone else, but thoroughly understands and sympathises with 
both Cromwell as a statesman and Carlyle as an historian.'* 

— Independent Review. 

De Vere. Ward, Wilfrid. Aubrey De Vere, a memoir based 
on his unpublished diaries and correspondence. 1904. E.D495.W 

"Mr. Ward's biographies of his father and Cardinal Wiseman proved him a 
master workman, and, though his present subject is less positive and striking 
than either of the others, it is a very interesting one, and is treated with 
appropriate delicacy and intelligence. . . . The letters are mainly those 
selected by Mr. de Vere lilm!«elf with a view to publication.*' — Tfte yation. 

Emerson. Cary, R. L. Emerson, poet and thinker. 1904. B. 

Oladstone. Smith, Goldwin. My memory of Gladstone. 1904. 



Hogg. Hogg, E. M. Qulntln Hogg : a biography. With pref. 

by the Dake of Argyll. 1904. E.H6816.h 

"Devotion like that of Quintin Hogg is philanthropy in its rarest and most 
effective form. Apparently he hardly knew that he was setting a dlfflcnlt 
and unusual example. During his firsf year of city life, when he was him. 
self little more than a boy, he was struck with the misery of the slum 
diUdren and set to work to do what he could for them. The book is an 
excellent record of a life entirely given to good works. It praises, but not 
extravagantly; and it lays no more than proper stress on the sympathy and 
insight, amounting almost to genias, which gave Quintin Hogg his remark- 
able influence alike over the dullest street arab and the keenest student at 
the Polytechnic." — The Times, London. 

Hiifls, JohAnn. Letters. With Introds. and explanatory notes 

by H. B. Workman and R. M. Pope. 1904. E.H9725 

"Few characters in history have more charm than that of John Huh, and the 
letters here translated will serve to bring many readers into intimate relations 
with him. His strength and weakness are strikingly exhibited in this 
volume; we see the gentlenf'ss and piety which at the last even softened his 
bitterest adversary.and also his unpractical and over-sanguiue temperament." 

— AtheruBum. 

Jacoba, countess of HainauU and Holland. Putnam, Ruth. A 
mediaeval princess: being a true record of the changing for- 
tunes which brought divers titles to Jacqueline, countess of 
Holland, together with an account of her conflict with Philip, 
duke of Burgundy, 1401-1436. 1901. E.J162.p 

"Miss Putnam take.s for her heroine, Jacqueline, Countess of Holland, 
Zealand and Hainault, who, after a stormy, nielodrHmn tic career, lost her 
possessions to Philip of Burgundy. By her previous work the author has 
shown a deep interest In the Netherlands, and her famllarity with their 
annals is obvious at many points In the present volume. . . . She writes of 
Jacqueline sympathetically, yet without exaggeration." — The Nation. 

John of Gaunt. Smith, Sydney Armitage-. John of Gaunt, 
King of Castile and Leon, Duke of Aquitaine and Lancaster, 
Earl of Derby, Lincoln and Leicester, Seneschal of England. 
1904. E.J612.8 

Letters which never reached him. 1004. E.Z29 

These letters were addressed to un American who was killed In the Chinese 
Boxer attack at Prkin. They describe the persons with whom the writer 
(whose name is withheld) came In contact while travelling on the continent, 
and give her personal impressions of topics of the day. 



Machiavelli. Morley, John. Machlavelli : the Bomanes lecture, 

1897. 1898. E.M1845.m 

Pryor, Mrs. 8. A. B. Reminiscences of peace and war. 1904. 


<* The wife of a quondam editorial writer in Richmond and in Washinffton, 
a firebrand aecessionist Reprenentative, a Confederate military officer, a 
Federal prisoner, and for many years a Jud^e in New York city, lirs. Pryor 
has written a ylvld and picturesque account of what she saw, heard, and 
lived between 1862 and 1806, in dilTerent places and under conditions almost 
constantly changlntr, and, immediately after 1861, going from bad to worse. 
. . . We lilce the volume for what It malces one see and feel, and it is 
thoroughly entertaining and profitable reading. And the reader, after many 
a hearty laugh and now and then a tear, will find himself richer in humor 
and sympathy than he was before.'*— The Nation. 

Buskin, John. Letters to Charles Eliot Norton. 1904. 2y. 

Sand, George. Correspondance entre George Sand et Oustave 

Flaubert. E.Sa 555.ab 

Stubbs, William. Letters of William Stnbbs, bishop of Oxford, 

1825-1901. Ed. by W. H. Hutton. 1904. E.St9936 

Taylor, Mrs. Howard. One of China's scholars: the culture 

and conversion of a Confucianist. 1904. R, E.H865.t 

Walpole, Horace, 4th earl of Orford. Letters : chronologically 

arranged and edited with notes and indices by Mrs. Paget 

Toynbee. Vols. 9-12 in 2 v. 1904. E.W1670.b 


Baddeley, St. Clair, and Gordon, L. D. Rome and its story. 

190i. 945.5 R6ba 

Bartlett, C. H. Tales of Kankakee land. 1904. 977.35 KSlb 

Boulger, D. 0. de K. Belgian life in town and country. 1904. 

949.3 B66 
'* This is a painstaking account of Belgium considered from every side — so- 
cial, political, racial, commercial, industrial, rural, educational,Ief(aI,Iiterar7, 
military, and colonial. . . . Mr. Boulger has essayed the useful task of 
showing us Belgium as it i»; and this he has done very well. His picture of 
Belgium gives Just the necessary amount of history; the rest is description.'* 

-^The Nation, 


Brown, A. J. New forces in old China : an nn^velcome but in- 
evitable awakening. 1904. 951.6 B81 

Omtenis : — Old China and its people. — The oommercial force aud the 
economic revolatlon.— The political force and the national protest.— The 
missionary force and the Chinese church.— The fntore of China and our re- 
lation to It. 

Crockett, S. B. Raiderland: all about grey Oallowaj, its 
stories, traditions, characters, humours. 1904. 941.8 G18c 

" This ' grey Galloway ' still an unfrequented province, is the home of the 
author's boyhood. He knows every corner of It : knows its stories, its tra- 
ditions, its characters, its humours, and all his powers of description— occa- 
sionally overdone, it must be admitted — are lavished upon It. ... The real 
Oalloway lives in these pages— the Galloway of ' The Raiders ' and its com- 
panions. The section on Galloway humour is excellent, and the annotated 
diary of an old Galloway laird which constitutes the last chapter is valuable 
as s^iowlng the condition of the farmers and their dependents toward the 
close of the eighteenth century ."— Athencmm. 

Dyer, Henry. Dai Nippon: a study in national evolution. 1904. 

952.6 D98 

The author of this bock on •' Great Japan *' was for about ten yo-rg princi- 
pal of the College of Engineering in Tokyo, and the chapters which he writes 
on Japanese education, industrlul development, the army and navy, com- 
merce and politics are interesting and full of information. With regard to 
the future of Japan, Dr. Dyer believes " that in material, intvllectuai and 
moral Influence Japan will fully Justify her claim to be called the Britain of 
tkt East.** 

Erskine, Mr8. Steuart. London as an art city. 1904. 942.5 L8e 
Ganz, Hugo. Land of riddles : Russia of today. Trans, and 

ed. by H. Rosenthal. 1904. 947.6 G15 

Hewlett, Maurice. The road in Tuscany : a commentary. 1904. 

2v. 945.5 T8hf 

LevetuB, A. 8. Imperial Vienna: an account of its history, 

traditions and arts. [1904.] 943.65 V61e 

Mansfield, M. F. Romantic Ireland. [1904.] 2v. 9418 M31 

Nicholls, W. J. A dreamer In Paris. 1904. R. 944.5 P2n 

Polenz, Wilhelm von. The land of the future. Trans, by L. 

Wolffsohn. 1904. ^I^^l^ 


Sawtell, Arthur. Actual India: an outline for the general 

reader. 1904. 954.6 S27 

A little book designed to serve as a brief iotroduotlon to the study of Indian 


The Athenaum says of this ** We have seldom come across a better book." 

The reviewer dllTers from Mr. Sawtell in his opinion that the salt tax is an 

" extremely light one " and on a few other points as to the policy in Afghan- 

istan. He concludes his notioe ** We are glad to repeat that Mr. Sawtell has 

produced an almost perfect book.'* 

Stead, Alfred, ed, Japan by the Japanese: a survey by its 

highest authorities. 1904. 962.6 S79a 

Includes chapters by eminent Japanese statesmen on the government, poll- 
tics, educational progress, religion, finance, commerce and industries, lid>or, 
legal syntem, police and prisons, art and literature of the country, with an 
article on Formosa. 

Townley, Lady Susan. My Chinese note-book. 2d ed. 1904. 

951.6 T66 

" No one who has heard Lady Susan Townley describe the experiences of 
her two years' visit to China, in 1002-3, will be surprised that her friends 
have instigated her to publish the contents of her note book. She writes 
nearly as brightly as she talks and the handsome volume is a very timely and 
agreeable addition to the Chinese bookshelf .*'—7%e Spectator, 

Tozier, Josephine. Among English inns : the story of a pil- 
grimage to characteristic spots of rural England. 1904. B. 

942.6 T66 
Uhde-Bemays, Hermann. Nuremberg. 1904. 948.3 N9u 


Asakawa, K. The Russo-Japanese conflict, its causes and is- 
sues. With introd. by F. W. Williams. 1904. 962 A79 

The author Is lecturer at Dartmouth College on the civilization and history 
of ICnstern Asia. 

Bryce, James. The Holy Roman empire. Newed., enl. and rev. 

with a chronological table of events, and three maps. 1904. 

Copy 2 of 948 B84 

Mr. Bryce has added new chapters on the Byzantine Empire, and on the con. 
stitution of the new German Empire. 

FaUdner, 0. L. Illustrations of Irish history and topography, 
mainly of the I7th century. 1904. 941.5 F18 


Fiske, John. Ilow the United States became a nation. 1904. 

978 F54 
Fonlke, W. D. Slav or Saxon: a study of the growth and 

tendencies of Russian civilization. 3d ed., rev. andenl. 1904. 

B. 947 08 F82 

C<m<«n<«.*— The coming struggle.— The territory of Russia.— The Rnsslan 
people.— Milltarr autocraey.— Rasslan conquests and aggressions.— Designs 
upon China, Manchuria, and Korea.— History of Russia.— Reforms of Alex- 
ander IL— Despotism of Alexander III.— Finland.— Armenians, Jews, Rus- 
sian ideals.— Our own interest and duty. 

Hart, A. B., ed. The American nation : a history from original 

sources by associated scholars. Vols. 1-5. 1904. 973 H82 

Vol. 1. European background of American history, 1300-1500, by E. P. 
2. Basis of American history, 1600-1900, by Livingston Farrand. 
8. Spain in America, 14S0-1680, by £. 6. Bourne. 

4. England in America, 1680-1652, by L. G. Tyler. 

5. Colonial self-government, 1662-1689, by C. McL. Andrews. 

Heath, William. Memoirs of the American war. Reprinted 
from the orig. ed. of 1798, with introd. and notes by R. R 
Wilson. 1904. 973.38 H36a 

JohnB, C. H. W. Babylonian and Assyrian laws, contracts and 
letters. 1904. 935.4 J62 

Johnston, B. M. The Napoleonic empire in sonthern Italy and 

the rise of the secret societies. 1904. 2v. 945.08 J65a 

" This Is a remarkably interesting b^ok, dealing with a period of history by 
no means well known. It is a little unequal in execution, parts of It being 
quite delightful reading from the historical Imagination and descriptive 
power shown in them, while other part«> appear rather dry and hurried, if 
not sometimes rather confused, 80 that without very exact attention a reader 
is likely to lose his way among political Intrigues and changing movements 
of armies. A ny defects, however, are fully accounted for by the unfortunate 
fact that more than four-flfths of the 'MS. was lost and had to be rewritten. 
. . . And it cannot be denied, — Joachim Murat Ih the hero of Mr. John- 
8ton*d book. When writing of him, upurt from the confuted campaigns lu 
Italy, he rises to a delli^htful and almost poetic Htyle, and his description 
of the last scenes is truly excellent. He feels to the full the pathos of a won- 
derful career."— The Spectator. 

Massachusetts Historical Society. Colleclions. Seventh 
series, vol. 4. The Heath papers. 1904. 974.41 M17 



Murdoch, James, and Yamagata, Isoh. A history of Japan 
during the century of early foreign intercourse, 1542-1651. 
1908. 952 M94 

Palmer, Frederick. With Kurolci in Manchuria. 1904. 952 P18 

Rhodes, J. F. History of the United States from the com- 
promise of 1850. Vol. 5. 1864-1866. 1904. 978.6 R34 

fitoaman, L. L. From Tokio through Manchuria with the 

Japanese. 1905. 952 S48 

** Dr. Semnan viBlted the East with the object of obseirlng the medical con- 
duct of the war. He was allowed to Inspect the resenre hospitals In Japan 
and gives an enthusiastic account of their efficiency, bat he was refused per- 
mission to go to the front and was unable to penetrate Into Port Arthur, and 
the larger portion of his book contains but the pleasantly told experiences 
of an outsider at Cliefoo and New-cbwang during the earlier periods of the 
war "—Life. 

Sparks, E. E. The United States of America. 1904. 27. 978 S78a 
Stubbs, William, bishop of Oxford. Lectures on European his- 
tory, 1519-1648. Ed. by Arthur Hassall. 1904. 940.7 S98 

Contents .• — The Emperor Charles V.— Political history of Europe from the 
resignation of Charles V.— Political history during the Thirty Tears* War.— 
Survey of the reigns of Louis Xlll. and Philip IV.— Peace of Westphalia. 


Becke, Louis. Under tropic skies. B3927.12 

Caine, Hall. The prodigal son. C125.11 

Carryl, Q. W. Far from the maddening girls. C245.2 
Childers, Erskine. The riddle of the sands : a record of secret 

service recently achieved. C448.1 
Crawford, F. M. Whosoever shall offend. C857.86 
Oilson, B. B. The flower of youth. Q485.8 
Qissing, George. Yeranilda. G452.10 
Hillis, N. D. The quest of John Chapman : the story of a for- 
gotten hero. H661.1 
Housman, Laurence. Sabrlna Warham. H815.1 
Hyne, G. J. C. Atoms of empire. H997.5 
James, Henry, jr. The golden bo^vl. J289.84 
MacGrath, Harold. The man on the box. Ml 80.4 
Michelson, Miriam. The Madigans. M582.1 
Mott, F. B. Before the crisis. M857.1 
Norris, Frank. A man's woman. N796.6 


Rutherford, Mark. ps"ud. Autobiography of Mark Rutherford. 

Mark Rutherford's deliverance. R936.4 

Miriam's schooling: and other papers. R936.5 

In writing of the remarkable fleriea of books by Mark Rutherford *'A 
Reader" in the CoDtemporary ^'eview savB that •* at lea^t two of tliem— the 
Autcbiography and the Dtliverancty will be read and ciifrl!<}ied by the few 
for whom toey are written long after the more popular novelB of today have 
ceaovd to be. These two books have been rHiikcd among the great confes- 
sions of literature, and in t)ie present writer's opinion the pralftc is not exag- 
f aerated. If ever th«:re were * a human document * we have it here, written 
n pare, nervous Kngllsh that might well be the despair of the *stvlist.* 
Seldom has the written word borne so unmistakably the stamp of artistic and 
spiritual sincerity." 

Thome, Ouy. When it was dark : the story of a great con- 
spiracy. T898.1 
Tracy, Louis. The Albert Gate mystery. T673.2 
Weyman, S. J. The Abbess of Vlaye. W547.19 


Chahners. Lovett, Richard. Tamate : the life story of James 

Chalmers told for younp people. 1904. JE.C43 

Du Bois, M. 0. Elinor Arden, Roynlist. jl)868.1 

Foster, E. W. Elementary woodworkine:. 1903. j621 F75 

Hazard, Bertha, ccnnp. Three years with the poets : a text-book 
of poetry to be raeraorlzed bv children during the first years 
in school. 1904. ' J811.8 H42 

MacDonald, L. S., cxmp. Babies' classics. 1904. J811.8 M13 

Mitton, G. E. The dog. [Animal autobiographies.] 1904. 

j590 MG8 
Molesworth, Mrs. M. L. The ruby ring. JM737.60 

Peabody, J. P. Old (Jreek folk stories told anew. 1897. j291 P35 
Peary, R. E. Snowland folk : the Eskimos, the bears, the dogs, 
the musk oxen, and other dwellers In the frozen north. By 
R. E. Peary and the Snow Baby. 1904. j998 P37 

Pertwee, Ernest, romp. The reciter's treasury of prose and 

drama, serious and humorous. 1904. Sp60 

Rood, H. E. In camp at Bear Pond. jR67o.2 

Stories in French. 

Beaumont, Mine. J. A. Le Prince de. Contes de ffees. j840 B37 

Colomb, C. Le canlche hlanc. j840 C698 

Colomb, MM\e. J. B. B. Les aventurcs de Trottlno. j840 C71a 

Entre olseaux. j840 C71 

La famille de Friquet. j840 C71f 

Guerber, H. A. Contes et l^gcndes. Ire parlie. j840 G92 

Masson, Jules. Aventurcs de I'anon Baudinet. j840 M41a 

Le reve de Nogl. 1840 M4\\ 

Une vengeance de Jeannot Lapin, — Trottinette. ^^^QN^VYn 



Perrault, Oharles. Contes de fftes. 
S^gur, 8. B., comtP88ede. Les malheurs de Sophie. 
Soiuiau, Paul. Les deux brigands. 
La mouche. — L'oiseau bleu. 


Books for Young People and Amateurs. 
Handicraft. General Works. 

j840 P45 

j840 S45 

j840 S72d 

j840 S72in 

Amateur Work. 1 902 - date. 
Beard. American boy*8 handy book. 

American girl's handy book. 

Indoor and outdoor handicraft and recreation for 

Jack of all trades. 

What a girl can make and do. 
Benson. Elements of handicraft and design. 
Bower, llow to make common things. 
Clifford. Every-day occupations. 
Craftsman. 190\ -datp. 
Handicraft. 1902-1904. 

Kelley. Three hundred things a bright girl can do. 
Lucas. What shall we do now? 
Marks, ed. Home arts and crafts. 
Miller. Art crafts for amateurs. 

The training of a craftsman. 
Sanford. Art crafts for beginners. 

605 A49 

j790 8867 

J790 B368 

girls. j790Bd68a 

j790 B867n 

j790 B368W 

694 B44 

j621 B78 

j621 C63 

605 C84 

605 H19 

]790 K29 

j790 L98 

745 M34 

745 M61 

745 M61t 

745 S22 


Handicraft. Miscellaneous Crafts. 

Charmier. Book of knots. 

Cockerell. Book-binding: a handbook for amateurs. 

Leland. Leather work. 

Monadiesi. Manual for china painters. 

Walker. Instructive and ornamental paper work. 

White. How to make pottery. 


Bowdoin. Ki^e of the book-plate. 

Cadness. Decorative brush work and elementary design. 

Crane. The bases of design. 

Line and form. 
Dawson. Elementary design. 
Day. Lettering in ornament. 

Nature in ornniucnt. 

Ornamental design : embracing IVie anatomy of pattern, 
The planning of ornament. The application of ornament. 

Pattern design. 

Some principles of e very-day art. 

]600 C44 
095 C94 

745.8 L58 
738 M73 
646 W15 

788 W676 

097 B67 
745 Oil 
745 C85b 
746 C851 
745 D26 
745 1)33 
745 D27 

745 D27x 

745 D27p 

745 D27 


Foord. Decorative flower studies for the ase of artists, 

designers, students. Art case 5.8.12 

Hatton. Design. 74S H28 

Jackson. A B C of drawing and design. 745 J 12b 

Lessons on decorative design. 745 J12 

Labouch^re. Ladies* boolc-plates. 097 Lll 

Iieland. Drawing and designing in a series of lessons. 745 L53 

LiLley and Midgley. Book of studies in plant form, with some 

suggestions for their application to design. 745 L62 

Kayeuz. Manual of decorative composition for designers, 

decorators, architects, and industrial artists. 745 M45 

Meyer. Handbook of ornament. 745 M57 

Morris. Some hints on pattern designing. 745 M8d8 

Rogers. Book of the poster. 659 R6d 

Sehauerm&nn. Theory and analysis of ornament applied to the 

work of elementary and technical schools. 745 S81 

Taylor. Drawing and design : a text-book for beginners. 745 T21 
Ward. Colour harmony and contrast, for the use of art students, 

designers, and decorators. 752 W21 

Progressive design for students. 745 W21 

White, ed. Practical designing. 746 W68 

Mechanics. Wood-working. Metal Work. 

Arkwright, ed. Cabinet making for amateurs. 694.7 A72 

Barnard. Tools and machines. j621 B25 

Cabinet maker : a practical guide to the principles of design 
and the economical and sound construction of household fur- 
niture, furnishings, and fittings. 694.7 Oil 
F. Guide to pyrography, or wood-burning. 745.1 F 
Foster. Elementary wood-working. j621 F76 
Ooss. Bench worlt In wood. 694 G69 
Hasluck, ed. Mounting and framing pictures. 694 7 H27 
Wood-flnlshlng : staining, varnishing, and polishing. 698 H27w 
Holme. A course of Instruction in wood-carving according to 

the Japanese method. 786 H78 

Hopkins. Home mechanics for amateurs. 694 H77 

Industrial School Association of Boston. Wood-working tools, 

how to use them. 690.7 W87 

Jack. Wood-carving. 736 Jll 

Jackson. Wood-carving as an aid to the study of elementary art. 736 J 18 
ELilbon. Elementary wood-work. 694 K66 

Lukin. Possibilities of small lathes. 621.9 L96 

Marshall, ed. Simple mechanical working models. 621.1 M35 

Meyer. Handbook of art smithing. 745.2 M57 

Teacher's handbook of manual training : metal work. 


Model Engineer and Electrician. 1903 ~ daU. 620.5 M72 

Sickels. Exercises Id wood-working. 694 S56 

Spons' MechaDics' own book. 680 S76 

T^onger. Book of garden furniture. 717 T38 

Vandervoort. Modern machine shop tools. 621.9 V28 

Wheeler. Wood-working for beginners. J621 W66 
Wicks. Log cabins and cottages, how to build and furnish 

them. 728.7 W68 

Wright. The home mechanic. 694 W93 

Young. Home carpentry for handy men. 694 Y71 


Field. Canvas canoes, how to build them. 359.4 F45 

Fisher. How to build a model yacht. 859.4 Fo3 
Grosvenor. Model yachts and boats, their designing, making, 

and sailing. 859.4 691 

Hasluck, ed. Building model boats. 859.4 H27 

Hitch, Clove, pseud. Handbook on sailing. 359.32 H68 

How to build a racer for |50. 359.4 H83 

Knight. Small boat sailing. 797 K74 

The Rudder. 1903 -date. 359.05 R83 

Schock, How to build a rowboat. 359.4 S36 

Stephens. Canoe and boat building. 359.4 S83 

Vol. 1. Text. 2. Plates. 

Webb. Manual of the canvas canoe, its construction. 359.4 W38 

Out-door Sports. 

Barbour. Book of school and college sports. j796 B28 

Beard. American boy's book of sport. j796 B867 

Oamp. Book of sports. j796 Cl8w 

Camp and Beland. Football. j796 Cl8f 

Dalton. How to swim. j796 P15 

Gibson. Camp life In the woods. ]796 G45 

Graham. Country pastimes for boys. j796 074 

Graham and Clark. Practical track and field athletics. 796 076 

Heathcote, and others. Skating. ]796 H43 

Hewett. The open-air boy. j796 H59 

Hill, ed. Athletics and outdoor sports for women. 796 H55 

Linn. Rob and his gun. ]796 L75 

Sandys. Trapper Jim. ]796 S22 

Shields. Camping and camp outfits. 799 S55 

Thompson. Boy's book of sports. J796 T47 
Walker. Practical kites and aeroplanes : how to make and work 

them. 533.6 W15 


Amateur photography. 770 A21 

fcan Amateur Photographer. 1890 - date. 770.05 A51 



Brown. Fintshing the negative. 770 BSl 

Oftlfixi. Photography as a fine art. 770 C12 

Harris. Practical slide making. 778 H24 

T^lor. Why my photographs are bad. 770 T21 

Woodbury. Photographic amaseinents. 770 W85 


Bennett. The flower garden. 716 B48 

Bnrkett, Stevens, and Hill. Agricnltare for beginners. j680 B95 

Oedl. Children's gardens. 716 €82 

Go^ Gardening for beginners. 716 077 

Bow to make a flower garden. 716 H88 
Skinner. Little gardens : how to beantify city yards and small 

conntry spaces. 716 S62 


Boston Cooking School Kagazine. 1898 - date. 

BUL Practical cooking and serving. 

Lincoln. Boston school kitchen text-book. 

Borer. Home candy making. 

*' Seneca." Canoe and camp cookery. 

Tate. Cliild's cookery book. 

Whitney. Just how. 

Williams and Fisher. Elements of cooking. 


Firth. Cane basket work. 

James. How to make Indian and other baskets. 

Indian basketry. 
Morse. Basket making. 
Vavajo School of Indian Basketry. Indian basket 

Tinsley. Practical and artistic basketry. 
White. How to make baskets. 

More baskets and how to make them. 


Bntterick Publishing Oo. Art of crocheting. 

Art of drawn- work. 

Art of knitting. 
Day and Buckle. Art in needlework. 
Masters. Book of stitches. 
Patton. Home and school sewing. 
Bosevear. Manual of needlework. 
Tbwnsendy and others. Embroidery. 
White. How to do bead work. 

641.5 B66 

641 H55p 

641 L68b 

642 R69 

641 S47 

j641 T21 

j641 W61 

j641 W72 

689 F51 

689 J23h 

689 J23 

689 M83 


689 N22 

689 T49 

j621 W68 

689 W68m 

646 B98a 
746 B98a 
646 B98 
746 D83 
646 M39 
646 P27 
646 R72 
746 T66 
646 W58 




Knapp. Raphia and reed weavingi including also cardboard and 

paper construction. 872.1 K72 

Todd. Hand-loom weaving. 677 T66 

Walker. Varied occupations In string worlE. 646 WI5f 

Varied occupations in weaving. 689 W16 

Wheeler. How to make rugs. 677 W56 

Indoor Games. 

Ames. Standard whiat for bogluuers. 

Benson. Book of indoor games. 

Brunei. Fun with magic. 

Foster. Common sense in whist. 

Games book for boys and girls. 

Good. Magical experiments. 

Hoffmann, Prof. ^ pseud. Book of table games. 

Every boy's book. 

Later magic. 

Puzzles old and new. 
Hopkins. Magic. 

Kingsland. Book of indoor and outdoor games. 
Neil. Modern conjurer and drawing room entertainer. 
Roterberg. New era card tricks. 
Sachs. Sleight of hand. 
Swinton. Chess for beginners. 
Thurston. Card tricks. 
White. Book of one hundred games. 


Badt. Bell hanger's handbook. 
Bottone. Amateur electrician's workshop. 
3>ickinson. Easy electrical experiments. 
Dobbs. Practical features of telephone work. 
Edison. Telegraphy self-taught. 
Electrical World. 1887 - dale, 
Hasluck, ed. Electric bells. 
Houston and Kennelly. Electrical engineering leaflets ; ele- 
mentary grade. 621.3 H81 

Electricity made easy. 621.8 H8Ic 

Marshall, /"d. Simple electrical working models. 621.8 M85 

Model Engineer and Electrician. 1908 -da^^. 620.5 M72 

Munby. A course of simple experiments in magnetism and 

electricity. 587 M92 

St. John. How two boys made their own electrical apparatus. j587 Sl4h 

Study of electricity and magnetism by experiment. j587 814 

Things a boy should know about electricity. j587 8l4t 

\ Elements of electrical engineering. 621.8 861 

Electric lighting for the inexp%iV%iiC«4. 6tl.82 W17 

j790 A5U 

]790 B47 

791 B88 

795 F81 

]790 019 

j790 Q64 

794 H67 

J790 H71 

J790 H711 

j790 H71p 

j790 H79 

j790 K61 

791 N81 

j790 R84 

]790 812 

794 897 

793 T54 

J790 W58b 

621.34 B14 
621.8 B65 
621.8 D56 
654.6 D65 
654 £28 
620.5 £88 

621.34 H27 

R ? C6 

[^Sitfuiay Opening; page p^.] 
APRIL, 1905 


■'/y ^ 




VOL. XI. No. 4. 

Bbooklink, Mass. 


Public Library of Brookline 

Louisa M. Hoopkr. 


The Public Library is open daily from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Od Sundays the Reading and Reference Rooms only are open from 
2 to 9 p. m. An attendant is in charge to do any reference i/?ork that 
may be needed. 


Residents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers may make 
application for cards at the Deposit Stations. 

Books may be returned to the Stations whether taken from them 
or from the central Library ; but books drawn from the Deposit Sta- 
tions must be returned to the Stations only. 

Coolidge's Comer Station.— Delivery of books to and from the 
Library on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Boylston Station, Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane. — 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 

The Library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection In the 
Children*s Reading Room. 

A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 


Q, indicates gifts. 


AlmaTiach de Qotha : annaalre g^n^alogique, diplomatique et 

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American Book Prices Oorrent: a record of books, mann- 
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The origin and religious contents of the psalter in the light of 
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an introd. and appendices : eight lectures preached before 
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1904. 242 H28 

C&nimii .* — Beligion sad the higher life. « The reUglons tpiiit.— FeUowshlp 
and it! obligatloii — tenrioe.— TriaU of nfe.— Loyalty to lelf. — Depend- 
enee. — Certainty and iinoertainty a« faeton in life. — Our inteUeetnal dlffl. 
enltiee.— The eollege ezperlesoe an epitome of life.— Bellsioui belief 
among college ttndentf . — Bible itndy and the religions life. — America a« a 
misiloaary field. 

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Koorsom, B. M., «(2. A historical companion to Eymns ancient 

and modem : containing the Greek and Latin, the German, 

Italian, French, Danish and Welsh hymns, the first lines of 

the English hymns, the names of all authors and translators, 

notes and dates. 1908. 245 M78 

"Mr. Hoorflom gives us here in dainty form the Greek, Latin, German, Italian, 
French, Danish, and Welsh originals of snch of the Hymns ancierU and 
modem as are of foreign origin, with notes and dates, and the names of all 
authors and translators of the hymns. It is fifteen years since this really 
raloable work first appeared, and in this new edition it has gained in value." 

— 7^ Spectolor. 
For a oopy of Hymn$ anoient and modem, fee 782.9 HW. 



Palmer, Frederic. The drama of the Apocalypse in relation to 
the literary and political circamstances of its time. 1908. 

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Sidia, Boris, and Ooodhart, 8. P. Multiple personality : an ex- 
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1905. 126 856 

Part 1. Personality, by Sidis. — 2. Double personality, or the Banna oase, 
by 8idi8 and Ghoodhart. — 8. Consciousness and multiple personality, by 

*'Thi8 interesting study of multiple personality is made up of a good deal of 
theoretic speculation on the nature of personality, of discussions of already 
recorded cases, and of a detailed account of the remarkable case of the Rer. 
Mr. Hanna. Mr. Hanna was thrown on to his head in a carriage accident, 
and as a result of the fall the whole of the knowledge acquired by him since 
the day of his birth disappeared and he was reduced to.the condition of a new 
bom infant, with his mental powers unimpaired. Later, Mr. Hanna awoke 
to his primary personality, completely ignorant of his life since his fall, and 
Anally both lives came up together In memory. . . Truly, one of the most 
fascinating of the fairy-tales of science, for the obsenring and recording of 
which Dr. Sidis and Dr. Ooodhart deserve all credit." — 7%e Nation, 

Smith, W. B». Lectures on the religion of the Semites. First 
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aOdOLOOT. ft 

nmmlrall, E. 0. IndlTidiud work for individiials : a record of 

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Teaching and teachers ; or, the Sonday-school teacher's teaching 
work and the other work of the Sunday-school teacher. 
1904, 268 T77 

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Ashley, B. I«. Goyemment and the citizen. 1904. 842.784 A82c 

▲Udmiony Edward. Facts and figures, the basis of economic 

science. 1904. 880 A87 

ConteiUM:-^ A true policy of proteoUon.— The tendency to Individualism 
rather than to colleetlvism In the manufacturing and all other arts. — Address 
to the American Free Trade League on the 100th anniversary of Richard 
Cobden's birth.— The cost of war and warfare. 

Davidson, Thomas. The education of the wage-earners : a con- 
tribution toward the solution of the educational problem of 
democracy. Ed. with an introd. chapter by C. M. Bakewell. 
1904. 881.85 D28 

"An account of the results of a few lectures delivered by Thomas Davidson 
on the East side of New York. Incredible as it may seem, Daridson aroused 
In a gathering of people nearly all whose working hours were devoted to 
manual toil, an enduring Interest In books and subjects which are quite beyond 
the capacity of mo«t of the 'leisure class.' lie set them a stlflT course, but 
they proved themselves equal to it, and have continued the movement with 
wonderful courage. What is even more remarkable, Davidson at the outset 
persuaded many of his hearers, who knew no hope but that offered by 
Sodalism, that there was a higher ideal."— The Nation, 

Dunbar, 0. F. Economic essays. Ed. by O. M. W. Sprague; 

with introd. by F. W. Taussig. 1904. 330.4 D91 

Contents: Economic science in America, 1776-1876. — Reaction in political 
economy.— Academic study of political economy. — Ricardo's use of facts.— 
Precedents followed by Alexander Hamilton.— Direct tax of 1801.— New 
income tax. —Early banking schemes in England.— The Bank of Venice. — 


Dunbar, 0. V,— continued, 

Aoooants of the lint Bank of the United States. — Deposit! as corren^. — 
The bank-note question. — Bafetj of the legal tender paper.— National 
banking system. — Can we keep> gold cnrrency ? — The crisis of 18fi7. — The 
crisis of 1800. —State banks in 1800.— Establishment of the national banking 
system.— Circulation of the National banks, 1806-1000. 
"The Tolume now before us brings together fifteen essays which hare been 
published in rarious Journals, chiefly in the (Quarterly JcwrmU o/Econiomie$, 
and adds thereto five others which have nerer before seen the light. While 
the book cannot repair, except in the slightest measure, the loss which 
economic science suffered in Professor Dunbar's death, it is a worthy memo- 
rial to one who contributed so much as teacher, editor, and inrestlgator, to 
the progress of economic study In the United States."- The Nation. 

Free, Bichard. Seven years* hard. 1905. 831.8 F87 

A record of seren years of work among the poor of the east side of London, 
and a discussion of the social conditions there. 

Gladstone, W. E. Speeches [1888-1891] on home rale, criminal 
law, Welsh and Irish nationality, national debt and the 
Qaeen*s reign. Ed. by A. W. Hatton and H. J. Cohen. 1902. 

304 G45 

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methods, utility, and cost of public Improvements, for the 
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Art Case 8.6.7 

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dom daring the present reign, by H. R. H. The Prince of 
Wales. 1902. 339.3 M52 

MeyneU, Mrs, AUce. The children. 1897. 372 M67 

"The combination of absolute truth with a fine selecting judgment makes 
her book the beginning, in its own way, of a little epoch in the story of the 
child in literature.*' — Saturday Review. 

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tage stamp that has ever been issued by any government in 
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389.8 842 


Smithy W. B. The color line : a brief in behalf of the unborn. 

1906. 826.6 866 

"Seta forth the Sovthem argameni on the imoe qneftion, battreMed with 
•tstiftles of the birth and death rates and the erlme of the Boathem nenro. 
Profeseor Smith belieret that no erll ooold equal the race decadence that 
would follow any conilderable contamination of the white race by African 
blood; and hit effort In this work la to put aside all lentimental coniidera- 
Horn and condnet a imrely edentiflc taqairj.**— Review qf Bevtewe, 


Bdncational Beriew. Vol. 28, 1904. 870.6 E8 

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Missoarl, in conDection with the Lonisiana Parchase Exposi- 
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Yearbook and list of active members, Jaly 1, 1904-Jane SO, 
1906. 870.6 N21a 


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Bonney, G. B. Electrical experiments : a mannal of Instmctiye 

amusement. 1904. 537 B64 

Gore, J. B. Studies in astronomy. 1904. 520.4 666 

**Mr. Gore's name is a snfflcient goarantee for the tmstworthiness and 
accuracy of the information famished in this book, and the increasing 
interest felt in the later developments of astronomy will probably secure for 
it the large circulation it well deserves.- . . . The last chapter on 'Light, 
£lectricity, and the Ether ' includes a discussion of the most recent theories 
with regard to the constitution of the Inminiferous ether and the propaga- 
tion of light and electricity therein."— ^^Aen<eufii. 

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Caref oily selected chapters from] WUd lift near home, amnged with special 
reference to nature study in the schools. 

Tomer, H. H. Astronomical discovery. 1904. 528 T85 


Appleton, D., and Ck>mpany. Of the making of a book : a few 
technical snggestions intended to serve as aids to aathors, 
comp. by the literary department of D. Appleton and Com- 
pany. 1904. 655 A64 

Contentt : — Apolof^a^— Of the mannscript.— Of composition and the 
proofs.— (if the proof -reading w— Of the lUnstrations.— Of pablldty. 

Baker, I. O. A treatise on roads and pavements. 1904. 625.7 B17 

Bell, LoniB. Power distrlbntlon for electric railroads. 8d ed., 

rev. and enl. 1900. 621.88 B41 

Bottone, S. B. Electric bells and all aboat them : a practical 

book for practical men. Rev. ed. 621.84 B65 

Campbell, H. H. The manufacture and properties of Iron and 

steel. 1904. 669 C15 

Oaasier's Magazine. Vol. 26, 1904. Per. C18 

Chittenden, B. H. Physiological economy In nutrition, with 

special reference to the minimal proteld requirement of the 

healthy man : an experimental study. 1904. 618.2 C44 

Cody, Sherwin. Good English form book in business letter 

writing. 1904. 652 C64 

Forney, M. N. Catechism of the locomotive. 2d ed. 1908. 

621.18 F76 
Homans, J. E. A B C of the telephone : a practical and useful 

treatise for students and workers in telephony. 1904. 621.86 H75 


HnllMrty A. B. The tntart of road-maUng in America : a sym- 
poslam by A. B. Holbert and others. 1906. [Historic high- 
ways of America. Vol. 15.] 6S6.7 H87 

OMiMte:— TIm fHtore of road.wnk1wg In AmertoA, by A. B. Hulbeii.— 
Ctoremment ooSpentton in objMt4et80B road work, by M. Dodge.— Good 
roads for ftemon, by M. O. Sldrldge. — The teleotion of materials for 
maeadam roads, by L. W. Pafe.— Stone roads in Kew Jersey, by E. O. 

Hatchinson, W. B., and Oriswell, J. A. B. Patents and how 
to make money out of them. 190S. 608 H97 

Intemational Ckwnreapondenoe Sohoola, Scranton, Fa. The 
business man's pocketbook : a handbook of reference for busi- 
ness men. 1904. 668 16 

Intemational Idborary d Technology. 

Yol. 1-B. Lathe work.— Planer work. — Shaper and slotter 
work. — Drilling and boring. — Milling machines. 

621.9 16 
3-B. Working chilled iron. — Gear calcnlatlons. — Gear 
catting. — Grinding. — Bench, vise, and floor 
work. — Erecting. — Shop hints. — Tool-making. 

— Ganges and gauge making. — Dies and die 
making. — Jigs and jig making. 621.9 I6a 

8-B. Wood working. — Wood turning. — Pattern making. 

— Green-sand molding. — Core making. — Dry- 
sand and loam work. — Cupola practice. — Mixing 
cast iron. 621.7 16a 

7. Steam boilers. — Steam pumps. 621.18 16 

9. Marine boilers. — Marine engines. — Western river 

steamboats. 621.12 16 

10. Practical projection. — Development of surfaces. 

— Practical pattern problems. — Architectural 
proportion. — Development of moldings. — Sky- 
lights. 744 16 

17. Qualitative analysis. — Quantitative analysis. 544 16 
27. Locomotive boilers. — Steam cylinders and valve 
gears. — Locomotive management. — Break- 
downs. — Compound locomotives. 621 . 13 16 

104 BROOKLnn public librart. 

International Library of Technology — continued. 

31. Stair baildlng.— Ornamental ironwork. — Roofing. 

— Sheet-metal work. — ^Building saperintendence. 

— Contracts and permits. 994 16 

34. Surveying. — Land surveying. — Mapping. — Rail- 
road construction. — Track work. — Railroad 
stractures. • 625 I6a 

37. Gases met with in mines. — Mine ventilation. — 

Economic geology of coal. — Prospecting for 
coal and location of openings. — Shafts, slopes 
and drifts. — Methods of working coal mines. — 
Electric hoisting and haulage. — Electric pump- 
ing, signaling and lighting. — Electric coal-cut- 
ting machinery. 622 16 

38. Mine haulage. — Hoisting and hoisting appliances. 

— Surface arrangements at anthracite mines. — 
Percussive and rotary boring. — Compressed-air 
coal-cutting machinery. 622 I6a 

39. Blowpiping. — Mineralogy. — Assaying. — Greology . 

— Prospecting.— Placer and hydraulic mining. 622 I6b 
Reprints of the Reference Library of the International Correspondence 
Schools of Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

Manual Training Magazine. Vol. 5, 1904. 371.425 M31 

Majrnardi S. T. Snccessful fruit culture .* a practical guide to 

the cultivation and propagation of fruits. 1905. 634 M45 

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1905. 621.47 N82 

Bichards, Mrs. E. H. The art of right living. 1904. 613 R89 

Kobinson, S. W. Principles of mechanism .* a treatise on the 
modification of motion by means of the elementary combina- 
tions of mechanism, or of the parts of machines. For use in 
college classes, by mechanical engineers, etc. 1903. 621 R56 

Sadtler, S. P. Handbook of industrial organic chemistry, 
adapted for the use of manufacturers, chemists, and all 
interested in the utilization of organic materials in the indus- 
trial arts. 3d rev. and enl. ed. 1900. 660 812 

mm AKTi. IW 

Shspardson, O. D. Electrical catechism: an Introdactory 
treatise od electrlcltj and its nses. 1901. 621.8 S647 

Siebort, J. S., and Biggin, F. 0. Modern sLone-cutting and 
masonry, with special reference to the making of working draw- 
ings. 1902. 693 S57 

Smith, Oberlin. Press-working of metals : a treatise npon the 
principles and practice of shaping metals In dies by the action 
of presses, together with a description of the const ruction of 
such implements in their various forms, and of the materials 
worked in them. 1904. 671 S65 

Spillmaa, W. J. Farm grasses of the United States : a practi- 
cal treatise on the grass crop, seeding and management of 
meadows and pastnres, descriptions of the best varieties, the 
seed and Its impnrities, grasses for special conditions, etc., 
etc. 1905. 683 875 

Stodola, A. Steam turbines, with an appendix on gas turbines 
and the future of the heat engines. Authorized trans, from 
the 2d enl. and rev. German ed. 1905. 621.1 S86 

Wilson, E. v., and Smith, 0. B. Farmer's cyclopedia of agri- 
culture : a compendium of agricultural science and practice on 
field, orchard, and garden crops, spraying, soils, the feeding 
and diseases of farm animals, dairy farming, and poultry in 
the United States and Canada. 1904. Ref . 65.30 


American Oountry Hooaes. Special number of the Architectural 

Beview for January, 1904. 728 A66 

Art Journal. 1904. 705 A 79 

Cruttwell, Maud. Verrocchio. 1904. 750 V56c 

** A serious study of Verrocchio has been long wanted, for no great artist 
of the Qaattroccnto has fared worse than he. Miss Cruttwell's book shows 
patient stady and a tlioroughncss and care in bringing tog«>th('r all avaiiable 
sources of outside knowledge which are admirable. ... It is in her purely 
lesthetic judgment that we And Miss Oruttweli least satisfactory. Taken 
as a whole this study is the most accurate, Impartial, and complete that has 
yet been made on the subject; but it leaves room for some writer touched 
more deeply by the imaginative aspect of Verrocchlo's work to give him his 
exact place in the temple of iwne,"— Atkenaum. 


Hardingr, J. D. Lessons on trees. 741 HSl 

Raskin thoaglit Harding " indlspntably the hlghMt and most iMompUilied 

landscape artist who gives lessons In England at the present dajr." 
Holme, Charles, ed. Daumier and Gavami ; with critical and 

biographical notes by Henri Frantz and Octave Uzanne. 1904. 

[Extra number of The Studio.] 760 D24 

Konody, P. G. The art of Walter Crane. 1902. Art case 6.8.14 

" Mr. Walter Crane is, in certain respects, one of the forces of the tlnie, 
though foreign critics hare been more conscionsly Impressed by his work 
than his own countrymen. It was Ineritable that some sach book as this 
should be written, and we are grateful that the task has fallen into the hands 
of a writer able to lay before us a representatlTe collection of the artist's 
work.** — AtkenauM. 

Masters in Art. Vol. 5, 1904. 769 M49 

Contents:-^ Fra Bartolommeo.— Oreuae.— Albrecht Dttrer.— Loremo Lotto. 
— Landseer.— Vermeer of Delft.— Pintorlcchio.— Hubert and Jan van 
Eyok.— Meissonier.— Barye. — Veronese.— Copley. 

Scientific American Building Monthly. Vol. 88, 1904. 7S8.06 84 
Studio. Vol. 82, 1904. Art case 6.1 

Suburban Homes, with constrnctive details, by numerous archi- 
tects. Comprising twenty selected designs of attractive 
suburban homes ranging in cost from about $8,000 upward ; 
embracing floor plans, elevations and constructive details, 
showing interior and exterior finish, all drawn to scale; 
together with extracts from the specifications. 1908. 728 S94 

Tanner, Sir Henry. English interior woodworlc of the XVI, 
XVII, and XVinth centuries : a series of the best and most 
characteristic examples of chimney-pieces, panelling, stair- 
cases, doors, screens, etc., measured and drawn and with 
in trod, and descriptive text. 1902. Art case 6.1.19 

White, Mary. How to make pottery. 1904. 788 W676 


Boston Symphony Orchestra. Programmes of rehearsals and 
concerts ; with historical and descriptive notes by Fhllip'Hale. 
1908-1904. G. 781.8 B66 

Munc. 107 

HandOTWii, W. J. Modern musical drift 1904. 780.8 H88 

OmlMte.*— PwdteUa^— Dtr Stac dM inbelangeii.^Ifolde*t tenrlBf- 
woBUttw— Btohard Straoitw— Aax Itetteu: ItaUm opera of today; The 
daMie of tbe uiprogretitTe.r— The oralorlo of todaj. 

Kobbd, GnstST. Wagner's life and works. 2t. 1896. 780 W18ka 


BarlioB, Haotor. L'anfance dn Christ : trilogla sacrte. Op. 25. 

Partition rMnite poor chant et piano. 78S B61e 

Grande onyerinre da Boi Ltor. Op. 4. Le camaval romain : 

ouTertore caractdrisUqae. Op. 9. Arr. pour le piano k 4 

mains. 786 B51 

Bhimenthal, Paul. Zwansig OrgeL-Yorspiele. Op. 69. Nenn 

FestYorspiele sa Weihnachten, Ostem nnd Pflngsten, fflr die 

Orgel. Op. 89. 786.9 B66 

Comeliiiay Peter. Weihnachtslieder : ein Qyklns fOr eine Sing- 

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one soDg]. Op. 86. 785.8 G12 

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784.1 F81h 
Vol. 1. Bemberg to Franek. 

2. Oeorgvs to Wider. 

Hngliea, Bapert, ed. Songs by thirty Americans. High voice. 

784.1 U58h 

Hymna ancient and modem, for use in the services of the 

charch, with accompanying tones. 1904. [Bonnd with Book 

of Common Pratfer.] 782.9 H99 

Klein, B. O. Song-albnm. Soprano or tenor. 784 K64 

laast, Ftanz. Ten Hungarian rhapsodies. Ed. by A. Spanuth 

and J. Orth. 785 L77h 

ContenU :—J!fo. 2, C aharp minor.— 6, Dflat.— 8, Fsharpmlnor.— 9(Le 
camaral de Pesth), E flat.— 10, in E.— U, A minor.— 12, C sharp minor.— 
IS, A minor.— 14, F minor.— 15 (Rikdoiy march), A minor. 

Twenty piano transcrlptioDS. Ed. by A. Spanuth. 785 L77t 

Contenit:^ Alabieir, The nightingale.— Chopin, The maiden's wish. The 
ringlet.— Franx, The messenger.— Gonnod, Beroense.— Mendelssohn, On 
wings of music.— Paganlnl, La campanella.— Rossini, La regatta rene. 


Idazt, TnaiZt'-corUinued. 

xiana. Barcarole in G-.— Schabert, Faith in spring. Hark, hark! the lark, 
My peace thoa art, Vaise-caprices, nos. 4 and 6 from Soiree* de yienne." 
Schomann, Dedication, Spring night.— Verdi, Rigoletto.— Wagner, Spin- 
ning song (Flying Dutchman), O thou sublime, sweet evening star (Taun. 
h&user), BIsa's bridal procession (Lohengrin). 

Masters in Music. Vols. 8-4, 19(H. 786.1 M42 

Vol. 3. Weber.— Frana.— Llsat.— Pnrcull.—Johann Strauss. — The Scar- 
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786 S38q 

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784 W131 
Lyrics for tenor. Ed. by C. Armbruster. 784 WlSlt 


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game analysed and explained, and their application illustrated, 
by hands taken from actual play. 3d ed. 1904. 795 E52a 

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Budder. Vol. 15, 1904. 359.05 R8d 

Skene, N. L. Elements of yacht design. 1904. 359.4 S62 


LmnuTUBS. 109 


Baafieldy B. 0. Tbe place of my desire, and other poems. 1904. 

820 B21 

Beownll The tale of Beowulf, sometime King of the folk of 
the Weder Geats. Trans, by William Morris and A. J. Wyatt. , 
1904. 829.1 B46m 

Browning, Bobert and Mn. B. B. Florence in the poetry of the 
Brownings: being a selection of the poems of Robert and 
Elizabeth Barrett Browning which liave to do with the history, 
the scenery and the art of Florence. Ed. by A. B. McMahan. 
1904. 820 B88hc 

Omrryl^ G. W. The garden of years, and other poems. 1904. 


Oollier, J. P., comp, Shakespeare's library : a collection of the 
ancient novels, romances, legends, poems, and histories, used 
by Shakespeare as the foundation of his dramas, now first 
collected and accurately reprinted from the original editions, 
with Introd. notices. 1850. 2y. 822.8 F18 

Vol. 1. Greene's PandottOt (Winter's tale).— Lodge's Rotaiynd, (As you 
like It) . — Historle of Hamblet.— Apollonins, Prince of Tyre, 
(Pericles) . 
2. Romens and Juliet, a poem, by Arthur Brooke.— Rhomeo and 
Jalietta, from Paynter's Palace of pleasure.^ Giletta of Narbona, 
from the Palace of pleasure, (All's well that ends well) .— The 
two lovers of Pisa, (M!erry wWes of Windsor) .— ApoUonias and 
Sllla, from Rich's Farewell to mUUary profession, (Twelfth 
Night).— Promos and Cassandra, from Whetstone's Hepiameron, 
(Measure for measure).— Adventures of Qlannctto, from the Peoo- 
rone of Florentino ; Of a Jew who would for his debt have a pound of 
flesh of a Christian, from the Orator of Silvayn; Choice of the 
three ca.9kets, from the Oesta Romanorum; (Itferchant of Ven- 
ice) .— Moorish captain, from the JTeccatomithi of Ciuthio, 
(Othello) .— Queen Cordiia, poem, by John Higgins.— The Paph- 
lagonlan unkind king, from Sidney's Arcadia, (King Lear).— 
Makbeth, from Holinshed's CAronic/e.— Shepardess Felismena, 
from the Diana of Montemayor, (Two gentlemen of Verona) .— 
The story told by the fishwife of Stand on the Qreen, from West- 
ward for Smelts, (Cymbellne) . 


Oroiset, M. J. A. and Kaorioe. An abridged history of Greek 

literature. Trans, by G. F. Heffelbower. 1904. 880 C87 

'* This handsome and well-printed rolume is an English rersion of an abridg. 
ment of the HitMrt de la UUerature grwsque by MM. Croiset. The 
original work we have no hesitation in pronouncing the best history of 
Greek literature that has yet been written. Bach author being endowed 
with that fine critical insight, large sympathy, and catholicity of taste which 
distinguish the French savant at his best, they made the result of their 
joint efforts equally a boon to scholarship and to letters. . . . The trans- 
lation is fluent enough, but full of infelicities when reprodadng MM. 
Croiset's rendering of gems of Greek literature.'*— The NdHon. 

Davis, B. H. ** Miss Ciyllization ** : a comedy in one act. 1905. 

822 D26m 

Macleod, Fiona. The laughter of Peterkin : a retelling of old 

tales of the Celtic wonder world. 1897. 898.415 M22 

Contenit : — Prologue.— The four white swans.— The fate of the sons of 
I'urenn.— Darthool and the sons of Usna. 

** Miss Macleod has long since proved her gift of paraphrasing in popular 
form the old legends she loves so well, and this book is a successful and 
commendable attempt to throw into the form of a fairy tale the ancient 
masterpieces of the Gael. In general, her method leaves nothing to be 
desired; she *has the Gaelic,* not perhaps very scientiflcally, but she 
adds to a considerable knowledge of the modem vernacular a sensitive 
appreciation of modes of thought and turns of expression.**— Aikeiueum. 

The monntaln lovers. 1895. 824 M185m 

The winged destiny: studies in the spiritual history of the 
Gael. 1904. 824 M165w 

Morley, John. Studies in literature. 1904. 804 M86 

ContentB : — Wordsworth.— Aphorisms.— Maine on Popular government.-^ 
A few words on French models.— On the study of literature. — Victor 
Hugo's Ninety4hree,— On The ring and ike book.^ Memorials of a man of 
letters [ Macvey Napier] .— Valedictory. 

Myers, F. W. H. Fragments of prose and poetry. Edited by 

his wife, Eveleen Myers. 1904. 824 M99 

Contents .•— Fragmenta of inner U/e: —Parentage and education; Heilen- 
ism; Christianity; Agnosticism; The final faith.— OMfuofy notieee:^ 
Edmund Gumey; Professor Adams; Robert Louis Stevenson; Lord 
Leighton; The Right Hon. W. B. Gladstone; John Ruskin; Henry Sidg. 
wick; G. F. Watts, R. A.— Poems. 



Vaime, Barane$$. Life and songs of the BaroneM Nainie, with 
a memoir of Caroliiie Oliphant the younger. Bd. hy C. Rogers. 
1896. 820 N16 

Vorton, Grace. Studies in Montaigne. 1904. 844 M76za 

GMtentf .•— The esMj otlled the Apotogie,— The etBaj called De ta 
vtmUe.-^ The Intoriptioiif in Montaigne's library.— Montaigne as a reader. 
— List of some antbort read by Montaigne. 

The early writings of Montaigne, and other papers. 1904. 

844 M76z 

Other papet9 : — Family of Montaigne^— Montaigne as a trareller.— Men 
of letters at Bordeanzw— Montaigne and Baoon.— Montaigne's lore of 
oonTeraation . 

"These two attraetlTe and scholarly rolnmes represent the results of 
painstaking study, for the most part along lines of inrestigation whidi 
the ordinary Moniaiffnardt howerer deroted or enthnsiastie, 'dispenses 
himself from traTelUng. In the former are contained a number of studies 
of a minutely critical character; ... in the latter Miss ITorton derotes 
particular attention to Montaigne as a traveller, and to the stimulating 
society of writers and scholars at Bordeaux in his day. . . . Both sets 
of studies are extremely readable and suggestire; executed, too, with the 
patience of a deroted student."— TJke Nhtian. 

Thomas, E. M. Cassia, and other verse. 1905. 820 T45c 

Virgil. Works. A literal trans, hy A. H. Bryce ; with introd. 
and memoir. 1902. 873 V4b 

Works in French. 

Basin, Ben6. De toat son &me. 848 B84d 

Le gaide de Temperenr. 848 B84g 

Les Oberl^. 848 B84o 

La sarcelle bleae. 848 Bd4s 

Une Uche d'encre. 843 BS4t 

La terre qal meart. 843 B84te 

Boorget, Paul. L'6Upe. 843 B66e 

Monique; Les gestes; RecoDnaissance ; Trois r^cits de gaerre. 

843 B66in 

Sainte-Beuve, 0. A. Canserles da lundi. Sel. and ed. by 
George Saintsbnry . &<A A ^\^ 



Tetley, J. O. Old times and new. 1904. BS.T29 

** Canon Tetley'a childhood was spent at Torquay, which, with its repnta. 
tlon as a health resort, was natnrally a place where persons worth remember. 
Ing would be seen. Accordingly we read about F. D. Maurice, Klngsley and 
not a few others of whom it is good to hear— Emma Marshall, Dr. John 
Brown, and the Myers family. Schooldays at TlTerton lead on to memories 
of Archbishop Temple; from Tiverton we proceed to Oxford, and the pages 
become crowded with familiar names. . . . The book is delightful." 

^Th€ Spectator. 


Benton. Meigs, W. M. Life of Thomas Hart Benton. 1904. 


Brampton, Ist baron. The reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins, 

Baron Brampton. Ed. by Richard Harris. 1904. 2v. E.B7376 

" Those jwho expected these Tolnmes to be entertaining hare ample reason 
to be satisfied. They are full of good stories. The work, though essentially 
that of a lawyer, teems with human interest. Here are the recollections of 
a Judge, keenly observant and scrupulously fair, who, throughout his long 
career in the Law Courts, was quick to see the humorous side of things.*' 

— Athenmum. 

Oonstantine I. Firth, J. B. Con stantine the Great ; there- 
organisation of the empire and the triumph of the chnrch. 
1905. 949.5 C76f 

Fitzgerald. Campbell, Gerald, comp, Edward and Pamela 

Fitzgerald, being some account of their lives compiled from 

the letters of those who knew them. 1904. E.F574.C 

"The family and associates of Lord Edward Fitzgerald (until he took to 
conspirators) were the very highest in the land; and thus we get a view of 
the life of the best Irish aristocracy. Mr. Campbell has had access to un. 
published material for his picture of Lord Fxlward and Pamela. Since 
Moore's life of Lord Edward Tarious unauthorised sketches of him and of his 
wife have appeared, and Pamela, In particular, has been unjustly dealt with. 
The present book is mainly written to prove that she was innocent of politi- 
cal intrigue; that she was a fond and loTlng wife; aud that her second 
marriage was well-nigh forced upon her by reason of her loneliness and 
WMDt of an established position." —^fAenauiii. 


Hawthorne. Hawthorne centenary celebration at the Wayside, 

Concord, Massachasetts, July i-7, 1904. 1905. B.H8256.a 

The proceedings in commemoration of the 100th anniyersary 
of the birth of Nathaniel Hawthorne, held at Salem, Maa- 
sachnsetts, Jane S8, 1904. B.H8256.ab 

lAiayette. Whitman, Walt. Lafayette in Brooklyn. With an 

introd. by John Barrooghs. 1905. E.L185.W 

Longstreet. Longstreet, H. D. Lee and Longstreet at high 

tide : Gettysburg in the light of official records. 1905. E.L870.1 
Lyall. Bscreet, J. M. The life of Edna Lyall (Ada Ellen 

Bayly). 1904. E.L985.e 

Kary, Queen of Seot$, Hosack, John. Mary Stewart, a brief 

statement of the principal charges which have been brought 

against her together with answers to the same. 1888. 941.05 M89h 
Koore. Gwynn, Stephen. Thomas Moore. 1905. E.M7875.g 

Scott. Letters and recollections of Sir Walter Scott, by Mrs. 

Haghes, of Ufflngton. Ed. by H. G. Hntchinson. 1904. E.Sco880.b 

"To Mn. Haghea of Ufflngton, the grandmother of the aathorof Tom 
Brawn* » Bchooidaytt Soott wrote the letters here printed, and her diary of two 
▼iflits to Abbotsford, with notes of Boott's familiar talk, completes a singu- 
larly attractire pietnre. . . . The book InTOlves a repetition of sereral of 
the stories given In Lockhart's great Li/lB of Soott, and some of the letters 
hare appeared before; but the stories are so good, and Mrs. Hughes' appre. 
dation of Scott and his humours is so just, that the book is delightful to 
read.**— Atkenaum, 

Smet. Life, letters, and travels of Father Pierre^ean de Smet, 
S. J., 1801-1873 : missionary labors and adventares among the 
wild tribes of the North American Indians. Ed. from the 
original nnpablished manascript Journals and letter books, 
and from his printed works, by H. M. Chittenden and A. T. 
Richardson. 1905. 4y. E.Sm6d7 

Smith. Russell, G. W. E. Sydney Smith. 1905. E.Sm685.ra 


Ackermann, Budolph, pub. The microcosm of London ; or, 
London in miniature. With illustrations by Pugln and Row- 
landson. 1904. 3v. Artcaft«4.%A^ 



Ackermann, Rudolph — continued. 

" Thif It one of the best plctnret, If not aotaally the best and most TlTld 
extant, of the London of the eighteenth oentuiy and the earlj part of the 
nineteenth. It is an admirable reprodnction of the scarce original." 

— jlf AeiusMM* 

Besant, Sir Walter. London in the time of the Tadors. 1904. 

94S.5 L8bad 

Birdwood, Sir O. 0. M. The indastrial arts of India. New ed. 
1880. 954.6 B58 

Clifford, Hugh. Further India, being the story of exploration 

from the earliest times in Burma, Malaya, Siam, and Indo- 

China. 1904. 959 C61 

" Mr. Clifford has given ns an excellent monograph, written with much 
grace of style, and containing matter of high interest both to the geographer 
and the historian.**— T%e Spectator. 

Duncan^ Norman. Dr. Grenfell's parish : the deep sea fisher- 
men. 1905. 971.5 LI Id 

Oeere, H. V. By Nile and Euphrates : a record of discovery and 
adventure. 1904. 956.6 627 

" Although Mr. Oeere writes of the Nile as well as of the Euphrates, it is 
the latter which more specially Interests him; indeed, one of his main 
objects is to induce this country [Great Britain] to dispatch an expedition 
to luTestigate one or other of the sites of cities which are so numerous on 
the banks of the Euphrates and the Tigris. Mr. Oeere writes in a pleasant, 
lucid style, which rises almost into eloquence when he describes the evening 
at Mohammerah when the charms of the East first stole upon him. He 
gives delightful pictures of the life in Baghdad, and the value of the whole 
is enhanced by admirable illustrations.**— The Spectator, 

Hakluyt, Bichard. The principal navigations, voyages, 
trafflques and discoveries of the English nation made by sea 
or over land to the remote and farthest distant quarters of the 
earth at any time within the compasse of these 1600 yeeres. 
Vols. 9-11. 1904. 910 H15 

Harper, 0. O. The Hardy country : literary landmarks of the 

Wessex novels. 1904. 942.5 D7h 

" In The Hardy country Mr. Harper traverses ground that he is by no 
means the first to describe. He writes in a lively style all his own and act 
out of place in a work necessarily rambling and full of anecdote; he oon- 
/ributesyet another map of the Hardy country and his book is illustrated by 


HftipWy 0. O. — eowttmud. 

Ills own aUnetlTe dntchet of Wettez rlUacei and by photognq>lif of th« 
iBore ftunoof lanrtmarta of tlio Wettez no^elt. The Interett of thete 
teehided plaeet It not Umlted by their oonnectlon with the noTelt of Kr. 
Hardy.**— The KaUon. 

Hav«ll, B. B. A luuidbook to Agra and the Ta], Slkandra, 

Fatehpur-Slkri and the neighborhood. 1904. 954.5 A2h 

Holdicby Sir Thomas H. The countries of the king's award. 

1904. 982 H71 

Thii book treatt of ChUe and Argentina and of the recent arbitration 
between thote ttatet, whote long-ttandlnf bonndary dlf pate in Patagonia 
wat Anally tettled by the award of King Ifidward VII In November, 1902. 

IndU. 1904. 954.6 H71 

* " Aroldlng ttatittlot and detaUt, the author hat here oompretted Into 
one Tohune an Immnnte amonnt of geographloal and ethnological infor- 
mation regarding the penlntala Ittelf and the frontier, Baladilttan, 
Afghanittan, Kathmir, Attam, and Bnrma. To thit are added chaptert 
on the people, political geogmphy, agricaltnre, rerenoe, railways, 
minerals and climate. A general historical chapter is prefixed to the 
whole.*'— The Naiian, 

Hunt, J. H. Leigh. The old court suburb ; or, memorials of 
Kensington, regal, critical and anecdotal. Ed. by Austin 
Dobson. 1902. 2y. 942.5 K88h 

Murray, A. H. H., illustrator. Sketches on the old road through 

France to Florence. By A. H. H. Murray accompanied by H. 

W. Neyinson and Montgomery Carmichael. 1904. 944.6 N41 

" This book pleatet the mind as well as the eye. Mr. Murray's pictures carry 
yon from Dieppe, by Beanvals and the Loire, to Toulouse and Carcassonne, 
and thence, by NImes, Aix-en-Provence, and the Blvleras to Pisa, Florence 
and Vallomtfosa. Everywhere they reproduce some characteristic charm 
of scenery or architecture. Mr. Nerinson guides the reader through 
France, Mr. Carmichael takes over the charge of him at the frontier and 
tells him about Italy. Both writers do their work well, and there is some- 
thing in these pages for every one who has any love of the countries des- 
cribed, or who desires to love them more intelligently." — The Spectator, 

'Bahaer, Sutton. Bonnie Scotland. Fainted by Sutton Palmer ; 
described by A. R. Hope MoncrlefT. 1904. 941.4 P18 

" This is a charming book, good to look at, good to read. It is to be noticed 
howerer, that many of the illustrations are given to the Highlands while 
several of the Lowland counties are not represented at all. Yet there are 


Palmer, Sutton, — continued. 

certainly none among the ploturei of looh and moantaln whloh we should 
wish away. Mr. MoncrielTs description Is worthy of the pictures. He is Jnst 
a little oombatlTe now and then, when he thinks that * Sontlirons ' are pre- 
snming to criticize Scottish things and ways. He is particnlarly indignant at 
the charge of lack of hnmonr, and he ;klndly warns the Saxon against 
attempting to reproduce the Scottish accent."— The SpecttUar* 

Ronaldshay, Earl of. Od the oatskirts of empire in Asia. 1904. 

950.6 R66 

" Few men can be better equipped than Lord Ronaldshay for the wild 
travel in which he delights. He has stored his memory with the essential 
facts and knows how to make use of them. He has the knack of writing an 
engrossing book of travel. His book is full of incident and Interest, and 
there are lifelike studies of types of the wild races he came across." 

^The Timet, London. 

Siam. Royal Oommission for the Loosiana Purchase Expo- 
sition. The kingdom of Slam. Ed. by A. C. Carter. 1904. 

G. 959 S56 

Tweedie, Mrs. Alec. Sanny Sicily, its rustics and its ruins. 
1904. 945.5 S5to 

Wallace, Dillon. The lure of the Labrador wild : the story of 
the exploring expedition conducted by Leonidas Hubbard, jr. 
1906. 971.5 Lllw 

Watson, Gilbert. Sunshine and sentiment in Portugal. 1904. 

946.9 W88 

** There is little to be said about this book after we have assured our readers 
that it is really entertaining. It bears— as, indeed, the title would seem to 
suggest — a certain resemblance to The Sentimental Journey, but the resem- 
blance is superficial and the sentiment is considerably more wholesome." 

— The Spectator, 


Akers, 0. E. A history of South America. 1854-1904. 980 A81 

'* Blr. Akers aims at giving to us the story of the South American states and 
introducing to us the personalities of the men who have made politics for 
fifty years. He knows the faults of the Spanish- American, and briefiy indl. 
cates them, preferring to let his wide and impartial treatment of the 
many rerolutions speak for itself. . . . Mr. Akers is to be commended for a 
most readable, impartial, clear-slghted appreciation of political leaders and 
their motlTes, and we do not think South Americans will dissent from 
^ia oplaioD,"^ The Spectator. 

HI8T0BT. 117 

Allen, G. W. Our navy and the Barbary corsairs. 1905. 978.09 A42 

American Historical Ajwociation. Annaal report for 1902. 
2y. 978.06 A51 

Andenon, F. M., ed. The constitations and other select docu- 
ments iUastrative of the history of France, 1789-1901. 1904. 

944 A54 

Brady, 0. T. The conquest of the Southwest : the story of a 
great spoliation. 1905. 976 B72 

Brown, P. H. Scotland in the time of Queen Mary. 1904. 94 1 .05 B8 1 

** Professor Brown's leetnres are oonoemed chiefly with social history. . . . 
The whole of the chapters on town life and town trade are as InstmotiTe as 
they are amusing. Chapters iii., !▼., and t. are a distinct and ralnahle 
addition to the history of Scotland. We do not know anywhere such a 
sucdnot, lucid, and yet copious account of the relations between the crafts 
and the merchant guilds."— ^tAeiusttm. 

Crawford, M. 0. The romance of old New England roof-trees. 

1908. 974.11 C86a 

Douglas, Sir B. K. Europe and the far East. 1904. 950 D74 

" At the present Juncture a survey of the whole relations of Europe with the 
empires and kingdoms east of India is timely ; as one who spent a great 
part of his youth in the Chinese Consular Service, Sir Robert Douglas has 
had a better chance than most of getting to know the Oriental side of the 
case. The book is benefited by Mr. Prothero's exhaustive essay on ' The 
revolution in Japan/ here reprinted from the Quarterly Review, and It con. 
tains a full bibliography and five maps. . . . Generally, it may be said 
that Sir Robert Douglas has produced a most valuable on a very 
diflicnlt subject, and one that should be studied as well as Te9d."—AtJien<Bum. 

Forrest, G. W. A history of the Indian mutiny ; reviewed and 

illustrated from original documents. 1904. 27. 954 F77 

" The importance of this record can hardly be appreciated by those who have 
not made a special study of the Indian Mutiny. Mr. Forrest has made ex. 
ceptional researches, and his book represents more ' sources ' as the Germans 
call them, than that of any previous historian. He has often been over the 
ground himself. Selections from the State Papers have been skilfully used 
by Mr. Forrest who has an eye for the picturesque and effective. . . . 
We have at last a standard history of the mutiny, for such will be the rank 
of this book, unless we are greatly mistaken. It is not the least of Mr. For- 
rest's merits that his book has the poetical touches which so splendid a 
story demands.*'— Athemmm, 


Kittredge, G. L. The old farmer and his almanack : being some 
observations on life and manners in New England a handred 
years ago, suggested by reading the earlier numbers of Mr. 
Robert B. Thomas's Farmer's almanack. 1904. 974.11 K96 

Paton, A. A. History of the Egyptian revolution, from the 
period of the Mamelukes to the death of Mohammed Ali ; from 
Arab and European memoirs, oral traditions, and local re- 
search. 2d ed., enl. 1870. 2v. 962 P27 

Stone, J. M. Reformation and Renaissance, circa 1877-1610. 
1904. 940.6 S87 

Trevelyan, G. M. England under the Stuarts. 1904. [Vol. 5 

of A history of England, in 6 vols. Ed. by C. W. C. Oman.] 

942.06 T72 

" Mr. Trevelyan has gtren us not lo much a hiatory in the ordinary Mnie of 
the word, as a sustained and luminous commentary upon history, high-toned 
and Impartial ; the general excellence of its purely literary qualities Is picked 
out by not infrequent passages of real and plctnr^que eloquence. . . . 
When it has been said that here and there a sentence may be found whidi 
appears obscure, or a statement of fact, or a deduction, to which exception 
may be taken ; when we hare entered a protest against one or two aflfecta. 
tions of style, the only reservations have been made to a whole-hearted decis- 
ion that tliis is a book for wlilch to be grateful, worthy supplement to the 
work of the great historical students who have concerned themselves with 
the greatest of English themes."— ^fA^ncBum. 

Trow, C. E. The old shipmasters of Salem, with mention of 
eminent merchants. 1905. 974.45 S12t 

Victoria History of the Oounties of England. Ed. by H. A. 
Doubieday and William Page. Warwickshire. Vol. 1. 1904. 

942.5 W2d 


Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude. The bell in the fog, and other stories. 

Oahan, A. The white terror and the red : a novel of revolu- 
tionary Russia. C128.1 
Oastle, Agnes, aivi Egerton. The Bath comedy. C277.8 
Connor,'^, Balph, p^eud. The prospector : a tale of the Crow's 
Nest Pm8. C7676.5 


Dixon, Thomas, jr. The clansman : an histoiical romance of 

the Kn Klax Klan. D656.2 

Dougall, Lily. The snmmlt house mystery; or; the earthly 
purgatory. D745.7 

Doyle, Sir A. 0. The return of Sherlock Holmes. D775.25 

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Alexander the Oreat. F968.1 

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Green, A. X. The millionaire baby. G825.20 

Holmes, Gordon. A mysterious disappearance. H7S8.1 

Ia Poer, J. P« A modem legionary. L562.1 

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Parriah, Bandall. My lady of the North : the love story of a 

gray-]acket. P266.1 

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Stevenson, B. E. The Marathon mystery : a story of Manhattan. 

S846 4 
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of a motor-car. W681 .3 


and Nature. Vol. 16, 1904. j505 B61 

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told for children, by Francis Storr and Hawes Turner. 4th 
ed. 1895. j805 C49a 

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j291 C94 
Eady, K. M. and B. Riverton boys : a story of two schools. JE115.1 
man, 0. A. Red hunters and the animal people. 1^Q\. ^^^^^\% 



Xgglectoxiy G. 0. RuDDing the river : a story of adventure and 

success. ]B808.11 

Ford, Bewail. Horses nine: stories of harness and saddle. JF760.1 
Gkiigouy P. <md Vimar, A. L'iUnstre domptenr. J840 Q95 

King, G. G. Comedies and legends for marionettes : a theatre 

for boys and girls. 1904. j81S K58 

Monvely Boutet de, Uluslrator. FiUes et gar^ons : scenes de la 

ville et des champs. [Far] Anatole France. ]940 M81f 

Nos en f ants : scenes de la ville et des champs. [Par] Anatole 
France. ]840 M81n 

Musset, P. E. de. Mr. Wind and Madam Rain. Translated by 

Emily Makepeace. 
Our Children's Songs. 1904. 
Perry, F. P. Tora's happy day. 
Tappan, E. M. In the days of Queen Elizabeth. 

In the days of Queen Victoria. 1908. 
Wodehouse, P. G. The gold bat. 


J811.8 098 

]948 T17a 
]942 T17b 





JUNE, 1905 


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Louisa M. Hoopkb. 


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application for cards at the Deposit Stations. 

Books may be returned to the Stations whether taken from them 
or from the central Library ; but books drawn from the Deposit Sta- 
tions must be returned to the Stations only. 

Cooiidge's Comer Station.— Delivery of books to and from the 
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Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Beading Room. 

A hand-book of information for readers has been printed for free 
distribution. It may be had on application at the Delivery Desk. 


G. indicates g^ts. 


Adams, O. F. A dictionary of American autliors. 5th td., 

revised and enlarged. 1906. Bef .60.70 

Auction Prices of Books : a representative record arranged in 

alphabetical order from the commencement of the English 

Book-prices current in 1886, and the American book-pricea current 

in 1894, to 1904, and including some thousands of important 

auction qnotations of earlier date. Vol. 1. A to Dick. 1906. Ref. 

Book-Prices Current : a record of the prices at which books 

have been sold at auction. Vol. 18. 1904. Ref. 

Chaatauquan. Vol. 40, 1904-1906. Per. C36 

Oosmopolitan. Vol. 87, 1904. Per. C77 

Oonntry Life. Vol. 16, 1904. Per. C80 

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New England Magazine. Vol. 31, 1904-1906. Per. N46 

Petherbridge, Mary. The technique of indexing. 1904. 029.6 P44 

*' ms8 Petherbridge has had a great deal of experlenoe in Indexing, and no 
small experience in teaching others to index; and while there are small 
points which we might discuss with her, we should like to make every author 
who publishes a book worth Indexing read and profit by her treatise. She 
has not only studied her subject well ; she is an authority on it herself, and 
her book is yery uBetu\."—Athen€Bum. 

Spectator. Vol. 93, 1904. Per. S66 

Statesman's Year-Book: statistical and historical annual of 

the states of the world for the year 1906. Ref. 60.26 


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the Principles of Descartes. Trans, from the original texts, 
with a new introductory essay, historical and critical, by John 
Veitch. 13th ed. 1902. 194 D85 

Fletcher, Horace. The new menticulture ; or, the A. B. C of 
true living. 1908. 181 F6d 

Floumoy, Theodore. From India to the planet Mars : a study 
of a case of somnambulism. Trans, by D. B. Vermilye. 1901. 

185 F66 

" In buest ontline the plot of M. Flournoy't book it thii : *Mlle. Smith, ' 
who on week days earns her llTlng aa a tmsted employee of a dry-goods 
store in Genera, acts on Sundays as the * medium * of a spirltoallst drde 
which invited M. Fionmoy to examine her. On these oooastons 'IDle. 
Smith ' goes into trances in which she seems to lire over again scenes from 
her past life. She becomes once more a wife of Slyrooka Nayaka, the rajah 
of Bonth Kanara, who builds the strongholds on the Malabar coast in 1401, 
discoursing fluently in a mysterious Oriental tongue. ... A very few years 
ago the production of this remarkable book would hare excited only sden- 
tlflc aTorsion or contempt. As it is, the case has had the good fortune to 
fall Into the hands of a singularly competent and unprejudiced investigator 
in M. Flonrnoy, and he is to be congratulated on converting it into a real 
and substantial contribution to science, which is at the same time as Inter- 
esting as a romance to the general reader."— The Nation. 

Hyde, W. DeW. From Epicurus to Christ: a study in the 
principles of personality. 1904. 182 H29 

** A lucid exposition of the fundamental iNindples of the Apicurpaa, Stoio, 
Platonic, Arlstotelean and Christian philosophies. . . . The book is made 
up of extracts from the founders of each system, together with quotations 
from modem writers on the subject, as well as scliolarly comments on both 
by President Hyde."— Beview qfRevieu>». 

Kingsland, Mrs. Burton. The book of good manners: ^'eti- 
quette for all occasions." 1904. 177 K€l 

Savagey M. J. Men and women. 1904. 178 826 



Aiken, 0. F. The Dhamma of Gotama the Baddha and the Gos- 
pel of Jeans the Christ : a critical inqnlry into the alleged rela- 
tions of Buddhism with primitiye Christianity. 1900. 209.4 A29 

Beyschla^, Willibald. New Testament theology ; or, historical 
account of the teaching of Jesus and of primitive Christianity 
according to the New Testament sources. 1899. 2v. 225.6 B46 

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The Messiah of the Gospels. 1894. 225.6 B76b 

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1892. 230.8 B8d 

The kingdom of Grod ; or, Christ's teaching according to the 

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The training of the twelve ; or, passages out of the Gospels 

exhibiting the twelve disciples of Jesus under discipline for 

the apostleship. 1905. 282.9 B83 

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'226.6 G73 


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the discourses of Jesus in the Grospels of Matthew, Mark and 
Luke, arranged as far as feasible in the order of time, and 
freely rendered in paraphrase. 1908. 226 Z87 

Hamack, Adolf. The expansion of Christianity in the first 
three centuries. Vol. 1. 1904. 270.1 H22 

Intemational Critical Oommentary. 

Numbers, by G. B. Gray. 222.14 Z85 

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Judges, by G. F. Moore. 222.8 Z61 

Samuel, by H. P. Smith. 222.4 Z88 

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Philippians and Philemon, by M. R. Vincent. 227.6 Z98 

St. Peter and St. Jude, by Charles Bigg. 227.9 Z08 

Jeiferaon, Thomas, comp. The life and morals of Jesus of 
Nazareth, extracted textually from the Gospels in Greek, 
Latin, French and English. 1904. 226 J85 

This book is a fao-slmile of the so-called ** Jefferson Bible," of which Mr. 
Curtis in his The True Thomas Jefferton says : " One of the most interest- 
Ing objects in the Smithsonian Institution is known as ' Mr. Jefferson's 
Bible.' It is a little leather-bound Tolnme, evidently intended for an 
account-book. With great care and neatness he pasted upon its pages four 
versions of the New Testament, Latin, Greek, French and English, in 
parallel columns. He took a copy of the New Testament and cut from it 
and threw away as worthless every verse and paragraph that to bis mind 
was ambiguous or controversial, every statement of fact that would not have 
been admitted as evidence in the court of Justice, and all duplications in the 
narrative of the life of Christ. The remaining passages he arranged In 
clironological order, his idea being to present the best account of the lives 
of Christ and His apostles, with all of their teachings that required no inter- 

Xautzsch, E. F. An outline of the history of the literature of 
the Old Testament. 1898. 221 K16 


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282.9 E26 

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the Old Testament codified, arranged in order of growth, and 
freely rendered in paraphrase. 1902. 222.1 K41 

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1901. 209 K96 
Miinsterberg, Hugo. The life eternal. 1905. 280.8 M92 
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message, embracing an historical statement of belief and 
spiritual experience of the church from Its rise to the present 
day. 1904. 289.8 W58 

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Brain, B. M. Holding the ropes: missionary methods for 

workers at home. 1904. 266 B78 

The transformation of Hawaii : how American missions gave 
a Christian nation to the world. 1898. 266.9 B7d 

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1902. 2v. E.X2 
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leaves of American ecclesiastical history. 1902. E.L388 

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versities and colleges as related to the progress of Christ- 
ianity. 1897. 266 M86 

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1902. 266 874 

Missions and modern history : a study of the missionary as- 
pects of some great movements of the nineteenth century. 
1904. 2v. 266 S74a 

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wide evangelization the urgent business of the church : ad- 
dresses before the 4th International Convention of the Student 
Volunteer Movement, Toronto, Canada, 1902. 266 898 


Annala of the American Academy of Political and Social 
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Bartela, J. M., and others. The postage stamps of the Philip- 
pines, Including a list of telegraph and revenue stamps issued 
under Spanish dominion. 1904. 889.8 B28 


OimfliiM, W. W. The legends of the Iroquois, told by *^the 
Complanter* : from authoritative notes and studies by W. W. 
Canfleld. 1902. 898.701 C16 

'* FretenU what if from sereral points of view the moit fMoinatinff side of 
Indian ohancter, the poetic and imafinatiTe side. It has a distinct ralne to 
the student of ethnology, or anyone who is interested in the study of Indian 
life and eharaoter; it will also appeal with equal force to the reader who 
seeks only entertainment ; for we Tentare to say that anyone who dips Into 
this book of legends will find them as fascinating as a book of verses or a 
metrical romance.**— Dial. 

Chicago, Univendty of. Decennial publications, first series. 

190a-1904. IOt. 9, 806 C48 

Oollin, Henry, and Oalman, H. L.« camps. A catalogue for ad- 
vanced collectors of postage stamps, stamped envelopes and 
wrappers : compiled from the most recent authorities and in- 
dividual research. 1901. 8v. Bef . 45.100 

Orocker, U. H. Notes on common forms : a book of Massachu- 
setts law. 4tb ed. revised, Including revised laws of 1902, and 
Massachusetts reports, vol. 178. 847 C87 

DavieSy J. L., ed. The Working Men's College, 1854-1904; 
records of its history and its work for fifty years, by mem- 
bers of the college. 1904. 878.42 W8d 

** The Wprking Men's College was a pioneer; it has reached its Jabilee, and 
the occasion has been appropriately celebrated by the issue of this record, 
written by various members of the college. It describes the fonndation 
and work of the institntlon, and gives a personal accoant of the founders 
and others associated with it. The college arose out of the * Christian 
socialist ' movement started by F. D. Maurice, Charles Eingsley and others 
in November, 1864. Maurice, who had been dismissed from King's College, 
was the principal, and he was assisted by Tom Hughes, Dr. Furnivall, 
Vansittart Neale, J. M. Ludlow, B. B. Litchaeld, Professor Westlake, 
Bnskin, Bossetti, and Lowes Dickinson with some others. The work of 
these ardent and gifted spirits was the earliest form of slumming, and pro. 
bably the best it has ever taken."— The Time$t London, 

Fish, C. B. The civil service and the patronage. 1905. 851.1 F52 

" This work is the outgrowth of a statistical study of removals from offlcc 
begun in the Seminary of American History and Institutions at Harvard 
University. The results of this preliminary study were published In the 
Annnal report of the American Historical Society for 1899."— /V^/bcs. 



HobhOQfle, L. T. Democracy and reaction. 1905. 8S1.8 H66 

ContenU. '-^TheBohoolot Cobden.— The imperial idea.— The inteUectaal 
reaction.— ByoluUon and sociology.— The nsefol and the right,— The 
ideas of liberalism.— Limitations of democracy.- International right.— 
Liberalism and socialism. 

Javaly Amile. On becoming blind : advice for tbe use of persons 
loBing their sigbt. Trans, by C. E. Edson. 1905. 881.934 J8S 

JCaude, Aylmer. A pecaliar people, the Donkbob6rs. 1904. 

885.9 M44 
" At last we haye a work from which the student of sociological experi- 
ments, as well as the ordinary layman, can obtain a fair, clear, and soffl- 
oiently complete conception of the truly * pecaliar ' Russian people. Hr. 
Maude has the adyantage of haying been intimately associated with the 
emigration to Canada of Doakhob6rs, and the Russian sources of informa. 
tion are accessible to him. He furnishes a yalnable history of the sect's 
beliefs, with ample quotations from Noyitaky's book which the Doukhobdrs 
adopted as a correct statement of their faith."— The Nation. 

Sinclair, W. A. Tbe aftermath of slavery : a stady of the con- 
dition and envlrooment of the American negro. With an 
introd. by T. W. HIgginson. 1905. 826.8 861 

Wella, H. O. A modern Utopia. 1905. 820.1 W46 

"It is a piece of work which embodies imaginatlye science at its highest, 
and where the reader differs from the author most he will find him most 
snggestiye. There has been no work of this importance published for the 
last thirty years; and It is possible and permissible to hope that some ideas 
sketched in it will fructify in the future."— ^^AevuBum. 


Geikie, Sir Archibald. Landscape in history, and other essays. 

1905. 550.4 G27a 

Other etMays : — Landscape and the imafCinatlon.— Landscape and litera- 
ture.— The origin of the scenery of the British Islands.— The [centenary of 
Mutton's Thwry of the ear^A.— Geological time.— Life and letters of 
Charles Darwin.— Hugh Miller, his work and influence.- Sdenoe in educa- 
tion.— The Homan Campagna. 

" About half the yolume is deyoted to the study of British scenery. In the 
graohic deliueatlon of topographical features the author has few riyals, 
whilst in the analysis of scenery which couples scientific precision with 
poetic feeling he stands alone. Whilst Sir Archibald's wide experience in 
the field as a profesdional geologist has led to his intimate acquaintance 
with British scenery in eyery phase, his constant use of the hammer has in 
no way lessened the power of his pen, and this yolume of essays, like his 
former collection of Sketch^ forms a charming oontribntJon to the litera- 
ture of his f ayorite sdence."— Athenaum. 

0CISNCB. 181 

Hilly M. J>.y and Webb, W. M. Bton nature-study aod observa- 
tional lessons. With a foreword by Edmond Warre. Part 2. 
1904. 607 H66 

Hoif, J. H. van't. Physical chemistry in the senrice of the 
sciences. English rersion by Alexander Smith. 1903. 540 H67 

Peckham, Q. W., and Mrs. B. Q. Wasps, social and solitary. 

With an introduction by John Burroughs. 1905. 595.79 P84a 

A popular book of research In a less familiar field of natare. In his Intro- 
dnetion Mr. Barronghs says : " I am free to confess that I have had more 
delight In reading this book than In reading any other natare book In a long 
time. It giyes me pleasure to commend it to all nature lovers." 

Sargent, 0. S. Manual of the trees of North America, exclu- 
sive of Mexico. 1905. 582 S24a 

United States. Bnreauof Forestry. Bulletins, 43-55. 1908-1905. 

582.1 n58 

43. A working plan for forest lands In Hampton and Beaufort Counties, 

South Carolina, by T. H. Bherrard. 1903. 

44. The diminished fiow of the Rock Riyer in Wisconsin and Illinois, and 

its relation to the surrounding forests, by G. F. Schwarz. 1903. 

45. The planting of white pine in New England, by 11. B. Kempton. 1903. 

46. The basket willow, by W. F. Hubbard; with a chapter on Insects in- 

jurious to the basket willow, by F. H . Chittenden. 190i. 

47. Forest resources of Texas, by W. L. Bray. 1904. 

48. Forests of the Hawaiian Islands, by W. L. Hall. 1904. 

49. Timber of the Edwards Plateau of Texas; its relation to climate, 

water supply, and soil, by W. L. Bray. 1904. 
60. Cross.tie forms and rail fastenings, with special reference to treated 
timbers, by H. yon Schrenk. 1904. 

51. Report on the condition of treated timbers laid In Texas, February, 

1902, by H. yon Schrenk. 1904. 

52. Forest planting in western Kansas, by R. S. Kellogg. 1904. 

63. Chestnut in southern Maryland, by R. Zon. 1904. 

64. Luqulllo forest reserve, Porto Rico, by J. C. Gifford. 1905. 

65. Forest conditions of northern New Hampshire, by A. K. Chittenden. 


Ward, H. M. Trees : a handbook of forest-botany for the 

wood-lands and the laboratory. Vols. 1-2. 1904. 682 W21a 

Vol. 1. Buds and twigs. 
2. Leayes. 



Baker, I. O. A treatise on masonry construction. 9th ed., re- 
vised and partially rewritten. 1905. 698 B17 

OalldnSyE.E., and Holden, Balph. Modern advertising. 1905. 

659 C12 

Oharity Organization Society of the Gity of New York. A 

handbook on the prevention of tuberculosis. 1908. 616.24 C87 

Clevelcmd Armature Works. Practical electricity ; with ques- 
tions and answers. 4th ed. 1904. 681.8 C59 

*' This book WM written especially to aaslst thoie who baye some practical 
knowledge of electricity and who wish to learn more of the way in which 
wiring is calculated, and of the simpler and more Important parts of dynamo 
electric machine design."— Pr^aoe. 

Engineeringr MagaEine. Vol. 28, 1904-1905. Per. E50 

Fiske, Q. B., comp. Poultry feeding and fattening: including 
preparation for market, special finishing methods, as practiced 
by American and foreign experts, handling broilers, capons, 
waterfowl, etc. 1904. 636.5 F54a 

Flick, L. F. The crusade against tuberculosis ; consumption a 
curable and preventable disease : what a layman should know 
about it. 1903. 616.24 F64 

Hcmcock, H. I. The physical culture life : a guide for all who 
seek the simple laws of abounding health. 1905. 618 H 19 

Henry, James, and Hora, K. J. Modern electricity : a practi- 
cal working encyclopedia; a manual of theories, principles, 
and applications. 1904. 621.8 H89 

Hodgson, F. T. The up-to-date hardwood finisher. 1904. 698 H66 

Macmillan Company, The. Notes for the guidance of authors 
In the submission of manuscripts to publishers. 1905. Q. 655 M22 

Maire, F. The modern wood finisher : a practical treatise on 
woodfinishing in all its branches ; also a full description of 
the woods employed in wood finishing, their treatment, and 
the finishing of floors. 1904. 698 M28 



Osier, William. Aequanimitas, with other addresses to medical 

students, Dorses and practitioners of medicine. 1904. 610.4 081 

** Dr. William Osier, aboat to leave this coantry for the Begins Professor- 
ship of Medicine in the Uniyersity of Oxford, has published a sort of vale- 
dietory yolnme, almost as interesting to the laity as to the profession of 
which he is a distingnished ornament. It is a collection of addresses and 
essays prepared at varions times (between 1889 and 1003), all pertinent to 
medicine. The essays are historical, including a review of medical science 
in the nineteenth century. The addresses were delivered on academic 
occasions when the speaker appeared as a teacher, not as the investigator, 
nor as the historian."— The Nation, 

Packard, 8. 8., and Bryant, H. B. The new Bryant & Stratton 
liiKh-school book-keeping, adapted to use in business colleges, 
and the higher grades in public and private schools. 1881. 

667 P12 


Powell, E. P. The orchard and fruit garden. 1906. 684 P87 

PubliBher's Confesaion, A. 1905. 656 F96 

C&ntenis : — The ruinous policy of large royalties.— Why *'bad*' novels 
succeed and **good" ones fall.— Are authors an irritable tribe?— Has 
publishing become commercialized ? — Has the unknown author a chance ? 

— The printer who issues books at the author's expense.- The advertising 
of books still experimental. — The story of a book from author to reader. 

— 1 he present limits of the book market.— Plain words to authors and pub- 

Originally appeared as a series of articles in the Boston Evening Transcript, 

Putnam, G. H. Authors and their public in ancient times : a 
sketch of literary conditions and of the relations with the 
public of literary producers, from the earliest times to the fall 
of the Roman empire. 3d ed., revised. 1896. 655 P98a 

Story, A. T. The story of wireless telegraphy. 1905. 621.371 S88 

" This little volume presents in a sufficiently popular and interesting man- 
ner the various details and systems of wireless telegraphy. It exhibits an 
excellent sense of unbiased judgment and suitable proportion in meting out 
credit to those who have really earned it.**— AthencBum. 

Wittbecker, W. A. Domestic electrical work : concise and 
practical explanations for plumbers, tinners, and hardware 
dealers, on how to wire buildings for bells, alarms, an- 
nunciators, and for gas lighting from batteries. 1902. 621.34 W78 


Wood, Q. B., and Bache, FrankUn. The dispensatory of the 
United States of America. 18th ed., thoroughly reirlsed and 
largely rewritten, by H. C. Wood, J. P. Bemington, and 8. P. 
SadUer. 1899. Bef. 65.21 


American Architect. Vols. 85-86, 1904. 720.5 A51 

Batchelder, B. A. The principles of design. 1904. 745 B81 

" The author hopes that he will hare saooeeded in adeqaatelj deflning the 
prinolplefl from which the student's first steps should be taken in order to 
acquire a dear concept of line and area composition. The book is one that 
students will find worth mastering from coTer to coTer." 

— IfUenuUional Studio. 

Brush and Pencil. Vol. 14, 1904. 705 B88 

Burne-JTones, Sir Edward, bart. Drawings. Introdnctory note 

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including by special permission notes collected from the works 

of John Bnskin. With preface by John Ruskin. 6th ed., 

revised and re-arranged throughout. 1901. Sv. 708 L84nb 

Vol. 1. Foreign schools. 

2. British schools, including the Tate Gallery. 

Ooz, Kenyon. Old masters and new : essays in art criticism. 

1905. 759 C47 

ContenU : — Sculptors of the early Italian Renaissance.— Perugino.— 
Michelangelo.— The pictures of Venice.— Veronese.— DOrer.— Rubens.— 
Frans Hals.— Rembrandt.— William Blake.— Paintings in the nineteenth 
century.— Ford Hadox Brown and Prcraphaelitism.- Itillais.— Bume- 
Jones.— Meissonler.— Baudry.— Puvis de ChaTannes.- Whistler. — Sar- 
gent.— The early work of 8aint-Gaudens.— Balnt-Gaudens' ** Sherman." 

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FINB ABT8. — ^MUSIO. 135 

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House and Garden. Vol. 6, 1904. 780.5 H8 

Xristeller, Paul. Andrea Mantegna. English edition by S. A. 

Strong. 1901. Art Case 6.5.18 

" Herr Kristeller has read widely, and has examined every point of dlfflenlty 
with aMidaons care, and the opinions he expresses are evidently the result 
of a seardilng and impartial reoonsideration of the evidence. That he has 
not said the last word on Hanteipia may be admitted, bat we conceive that 
he has done all that industry and ingenuity could do towards that end. The 
book is admirably translated."— ^<^k«iUB««i. 

Newnes' Art Library. 

Benozzo Gozzoli. 1904. 750 G72s 

Baphael. 1904. 750 R2lBt 

Paolo Veronese. 1904. 750 V54b 

Weir, Irene. The Greek painters' art. 1905. 70938 W43 

CofUeniM :— A recent visit to Greece.— A brief history of Greek painting.— 
Vase painting In Greece and sonthem Italy.— Color as applied to architec- 
ture and scalpture.- Graeco-Kgyptlan portraits and Graeco-Roman mosaics. 
— Mural painting. 


Chapin, A. A. Makers of song. 1904. 781.2 C36 

Fischer, G. A. Beethoven, a character study; together with 

Wagner's indebtedness to Beethoven. . 1905. 780 B41f 

** A satisfactory, short biography of Beethoven, summing up In a few |inn- 
dred pages the substance of what is scattered in hundreds of books and 
other documents, has long been a desideratum. Mr. Fischer's volume 
comes nearei the goal than its predecessors. It is a character study rather 
than a biography and criticism, and there are special chapters on the com. 
poser's meeting with Goethe, his methods of composition, and his sense of 
humor which is one of the best chapters in the book."— The Nation. 

Grove, Sir Geor^, ed. Grove's dictionary of music and musi- 
cians. Edited by J. A. Fuller Maitland. Vol. 1. 1904. Ref. 55.8 

Hadow, W. H. Sonata form. 780.9 HI 1 

Hanchett, H. G. The art of the musician : a guide to the intel- 
ligent appreciation of music. 1905. 780.4 II188 


Kullak, Franz. Beethoyen's piano-playing, with an esaaj on 
the execntion of the trill : written as an introduction to a new 
critical edition of Beethoven's pianoforte-eoncertos. Trans, 
from the German by Theodore Baker. 1901. 781.4 K95 

** Nearly sixty of the handred pages ... are devoted to a dlsoutsion of tlie 
proper ezeootion of the trill. In the other pages, Dr. Kallak has Imsily 
complied all the testimony pnbUshed regarding the way in which Beethorea 
played his own sonatas. As the proper interpretation of these sonatas by 
modem Tirtuosi is the most disputed point in present-day orltloitm, the 
utility of this Uttle yolome is obvious.**— The Nation, 

Ossterle, Louis, ed. The golden treasury of piano-mnsic : a col- 
lection of pieces written for the virginal, spinet, harpsichord, 
and clavichord, by composers of the sixteenth, seventeenth, 
and eighteenth centuries. 1904. 2y. 785.1 02a 

Gtohindler, Anton. Life of Beethoven, inclading . . . Beetho- 
ven's correspondence with his friends, numerous characteristic 
traits, and remarks on his musical works. Edited by Ignace 
Moscheles. To which is added the Life and characteristics of 
Beethoneuy from the German of Heinrich Doring. 780 B4l8C 

StrausB, Richard. Lieder fttr eine Singstimme mit Klavier- 
begleitung. Vols. 4-5. 784 891 

Thomas, Theodore. A musical autobiography. Edited by G. P. 

Upton. 1906. 2v. 780 T46 

Vol. 1. Life work; with an appreciation, etc., by Mr. Upton. 
2. Concert programmes. 


Athenssom. July-Dec, 1904. Per. A86 

Bradley, A. 0. Shakespearean tragedy: lectures on Hamlet, 
Othello, King Lear, Macbeth. 1904. 822.8 D096 

** The aim Professor Bradley has set himself is to interpret the drama of 
each tragedy, and by patient thought to reincarnate each character as 
Shakespeare conceived it; . . . but It is impossible to give any adequate 
idea in these pages of the subtlety shown In Us achievement. From the 
beginning to the end the level of sustained, exact criticism never sinks, and 
at times there is in the interpretation an imagination and a poetry whldi 
make the book in the truest sense a work of creation. His exi>lanations are 
so lucid, so compelling, that, novel though many of them are, we are almost 
Invariably convinced. We have no hesitation in putting the book far above 
any modem Shakespearean criticism that we know, worthy to rank very 
near the immortal work of Lamb and Coleridge."— The Spectator. 


Oampbelly Lewis. Tragic drama in AeschylnB, Sophocles, and 

Shakespeare : an essay. 1904. 809.2 C18 

** Professor Campbell has desoribed with eqaal subtlety and clearness the 
anelent and the modem drama, keeping an eye open for diyergenoies and 
similarities. His opinions are always moderate and Jast. We recommend 
this excellent book to oar readers."— The Spectator, 

Obadwick, Jolm White. Later poems. 1905. 820 C48a 

Child, F. J., ed. English and Scottish popnlar ballads. Edited 

by H. C. Sargent and G. L. Kittredge. Cambridge edition. 

1904. 821 C48a 

• ** Pats Into a single Yolnme and Into the most accessible form Professor Child's 
great work, pnblished in ten parts and forming flve large Tolnmes, of which 
he began the pnblication in 1882 and completed it in 1806. Few single toI- 
nmes In oar language contain so much of permanent interest as this 
Yolome."— Outlook, 

Sdinborgh Review. Vol. 200. 1904. Per. E25 

Gosse, E. W. French profiles. 1905. 840.1 G69 

Contents .- — Alfred de Vigny.— MUe. AIss6.— A nan*8 lOye-letters [Mariana 
Alcaforada.] — Barbey d'Aar6vlIIy .— Alphonse Daadet. — The short stories 
of Zola.— Ferdinand Fabre.— A first sight of Verlaine.— The irony of M. 
Anatole France.— Pierre Lotl.— Some recent books of M. Paul Boarget.— 
M . Ben6 Bazin.— M. Henri de R6gnler.— Four poets: — St6phane Mallarm6 ; 
M. Emlle Terhaeren ; Albert Samaln; M. Paul Fort. — The influence of 
France upon English poetry. 

Htmeker, J. G. Iconoclasts : a book of dramatists. 1905. 809.2 H93 

Contenls .' — Henrik Ibsen.— August Strlndberg.- Henry Beoque.— Qer- 
hart Hanptmann.— Paul Hervieu.- The quintessence of Shaw.— Maxim 
Gorky's i^acA/asy/.— Hennann Sudermann.— Princess Mathilde's play, [De 
Gtoncourts* Henrietta JfarecAai].— Duse and d'Annunzlo. — VllUers de 
risIe-Adam.— Maurice Maeterlinck. 

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materials for a history of opinion on Shakespeare and his 

works culled from writers of the first century after his rise, 

1874. 822.3 D44 

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Lamb, Charles, and J/Laxy, Works. Edited by E. V. Lucas. 

Vols. 6-7. 1906. 824 L21 

Vol. 6. Letters, 1796-1820. 
7. Letters, 1821-1834. 



Langr, Andrew. Adventares among books. 1905. 8S4 LS7 

Content* : — Adventuw among books. — BeooUeotioiu of Robert Louis 
Stevenson. — Bab's friend [Dr. John BrownJ. — Oliver Wendell Holmes. 
— Mr. Morris's poems. —Mrs. Baddlffe's novels. —A Soottish roman- 
ticist of 1830 [Thomas T. Stoddart].— The C%m/kst<ofU of Saint Aagastinew— 
Smollett.— Nathaniel Hawthorne.— Paradise of poets.— Paris and Helen.— 
Enchanted cigarettes.— Stories and story -tellings— The supernatural in 
Action.- An old Scottish psychical researcher [Gkoige Sinclair].— The boy, 

MagnuBBon, Eirikr, and Morris, William, trans. Three 

northern love stories and other tales. Trans, from the 

Icelandic. New ed. 1901. 889.6 M87a 

Content* .*— Story of Qnnnlang the Worm-tongue and Baven the Skald.— 
Story of Frithiof the Bold.— Story of Yiglund the Fair.— Tale of Hogni and 
Hedinn.— Tale of Boi the Fool.— Tale of Thorstein Staff-smitten. 

Morris, William. The HoUow Land : a tale. 1908. 824 M87h 

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Poet-Lore. Vol. 15, 1904. Per. P50 

auarterly Review. Vol. 200, 1904. Per. Q75 

Sliakespeare, William. Mr. William Shakespear's comedies, 
histories, and tragedies. Faithfully reproduced in facsimile 
from the edition of 1664. [The third impression. And unto 
this impression is added seven playes . . . tIz., Pericles, 
Prince of Tyre ; The London prodigall ; The history of 
Thomas, Ld. Cromwell ; Sir John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham ; 
The Puritan widow ; A Yorkshire tragedy ; The tragedy of 
Locrine.] London, Methuen, 1905. Art Case 8.8.10 

The sonnets of Shakespeare. With an introduction and notes 

by. H. C. Beechlng. 1904. 822.8 006 

*' Canon Beechlng's introduction is a scholarly and able contrlbatlon to 
the literature of the subject, both because of its intrinsic yalae andbecaose 
it contains a counterblast to a theory of the sonnets which has lately ob- 
tained wide acceptance, and has gained strong support by the adyooaoy of 
Mr. Sidney I>e. That the sonnets were not the outcome of deep emotion ; 
that they were written not to a friend, bnt to a patron ; and that that patron 
was probably the £arl of Southampton,— these are the main articles in the 
creed of Mr. Lee and his followers, and a discussion of them occupies a 
large part of Oanon Beeching's introduction. The conclusions at whioh 
he arrires seem to be completely Justified by the faots."— T%e Spectator. 


Shaw, G. B. An essay on going to church. 1906. 884 S58 

Reprinted ftom Th€ Savaif, 

Shelley, P. B. Complete poetical works, IncladlDg materials 

nerer before printed in any edition of the poems, edited with 

textual notes by Thomas Hntchinion. 1904. 820 S54c 

** The Oxford Shelley attalni iU prindpftl end and aim In setting forth an 
anthentic, oomplete, and aeoorately printed text. The Editor gives the 
bihliographioal and textual history of each poem with the poem, and in- 
olndes Mrs. Shelley's valnable notes; a few textual comments are added at 
the end of the yolnme."— Tke NaUou. 

Sidgwick, Henry. Miscellaneous essays and addresses. 1904. 

824 S558 

Ctmien^s.* — JCoceAomo [hy J. R. Seeley].— Prophet of coltare [Matthew 
Arnold].— Poems and prose remains of Arthor Hagh Cloagh.— Shakes- 
peare's methods, with special reference to Julius Ccuar and CariolanuM, 
—Shakespeare and the romantic drama, with special reference to Macbeth.— 
Bentham and Benthamism in politics and ethics.— The scope and method of 
economic science.— Economic socialism.— Political prophecy and sociology. 
— Economic lessons of socialism.— Relation of ethics to sociology.- Theory 
of classical education. — Idle fellowships.— A lecture against lecturing.- 
Pursuit of culture as an ideal.— Alexis de Tocquevlllc. 

*' Sidgwick was one of those writers who have a reputation out of all pro- 
portion to the number of their readers. In the whole academic world, of 
wliich he was one of the brightest ornaments, he was far more honored than 
known, and very many were content to take on trust his reputation as the 
ecleverest man in Cambridge.' For this reason we are espccialiy grateful for 
the volume before us. It reveals a personality highly and predominantly 
intellectual, unwearied in detecting fallacies, subtle and ever alert, with the 
power of expressing itself in clear, accurate, and not ungraceful language, 
but a little lacking in imaginative vigour; stronger in criticism than con. 
structlon; both intellectually and emotionally unsympathetic. Many of the 
most prominent of Cambridge characteristics are found in these essays. As 
an expression of the personality of Sidgwick the collection has interest and 
value; as an embodiment of the Cambridge spirit it has enduring signifl- 
canoe for all who care about tracing intellectual tendencies.*'— Athenceum. 

Snider, D. J. Dante's Divine comedy : a commeotary. 1892. 

2v. 851 I)28j3 

Vol. 1. Inferno. 

2. Purgatorio and Paradiso. 

Symonds, J. A. An iDtrodnctiou to the study of Dante. 4th 

ed. 1899. 851 D23b81 

140 BBOOXLnnB pubuc ubrart. 

Van Dyke, Hexuy. The Van Dyke book. Selected from the 
writlDgs of Henry Van Dyke, by Edward Mima. With bio- 
graphical sketch by Brooke Van Dyke. 1905. 824 y24 

Velkagen und Klasinga Monatahefte. Sept., 1904-Feb., 1905. 

Per. V40 


Oanterbury, England. Abstract of wills in the Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury, at Somerset House, London, England. 

Register Soame, 1620. Edited by J. H. Lea. 1904. E96.C16 

'* The New EnxUind Historic Oenealogioal Society now offers the first Tolume 
of the most important series eyer undertaken to facilitate genealogical re- 
search in the mother country. The book gives concise but ezhaustlTe 
abstracts of every will proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, at 
Somerset House, London, in 1020."— The Nation, 


Browning. Herford, C. H. Robert Browning. 1905. E.B8255.h 

*' An attempt to work out, in the detail of Browning's life and poetry, a 
view of his genius." — Pr^aot, 

Canning. Phillips, W. A. Gkorge Canning. 1908. £.C1675.p 

" Mr. Phillips admires sufficiently the imposing presence, the personal force, 
the wit, the eloquence of Canning, and admits that his ambition was of the 
noble sort. But none the less he declines to join in the unstinted praise 
which was poured upon their lost leader by the Tories of 1827. . . . How- 
ever, the Canning of a precocious boyhood and AnduJacobin wit will ever 
remain a bright figure in British pulitics and literature. Mr. Phillips dtes 
with admirable comment the IAnt» addressed to Miss Scott before marriage^ 
which deserve to be widely known, both from their intrinsic merit and from 
the light they throw on Canning's character." — The Naiio^i. 

Oaterina of Siena, Saint. Aym^, E. L. Life of St. Catharine of 
Sienna. 1897. E.C2S55.a 

Ohesnut, Mrs. M. B. M. A diary from Dixie, as written by 
Mary Boykin Chesnnt, wife of James Chesnut, Jr., U. 8. 
senator from South Carolina, 1859-18^1, and afterward an 
aide to Jefferson Davis and a brigadier-general In the Con- 
federate army. Edited by I. D. Martin and M. L. Arary, 
1905. B.C4245 


Olaflin, Mn. M. B. D. Under the Old Elms. 1895. E.C5885 

Remlnlsoenoes of John Q. Whittler, Henrj Ward Beeoher, Mrs. Harriet 
Beeoher Stowe, Henry Wilson, Charles Samner, Chief Jastice Chase, and 
others who visited at The Old Elms, the Clafliniiome in Newton, Mass. 

Ooligny. Whitehead, A. W. Gaspard de Collgny, Admiral of 

France. 1904. E.C6925.W 

**With conslderahle military genius, and vast military experience, the 
Admiral was a ffreat, if not a briUiaat, general ; hot had his soldierly qnali. 
ties been less than they were he woald still command respect, for in an age 
of Intrigae he neyer sdiemed to advance his own interests bnt subordinated 
self for the sake of the cause he represented. . . . Mr. Whitehead is by no 
means the first to feel the magic of Colifrny's name, but though it inclines 
him to be gentle to the great admiral, it never dulls his historic sense. He 
gives Catherine her due, is fair to the Guises, the old Constable, and even 
the miserable pui^>et8 whose lot it was to wear a crown when Prance needed 
moflt a man to wield a sceptre. Mr. Whitehead's book is distinguished by a 
Teutonic thoroughness, and no subsequent writer on the period can aflbrd 
to neglect it." — Saturday Beview. 

Davy. Thorpe, T. E. Humphry Davy, poet and philosopher. 
1901. E.Dd24.t 

Doff, Sir M. E. Grant. Notes from a diary, 1892-1895. 1904. 

2v. E.D877.a 

** What can be said about this last instalment of his Diary that is not a 
mere repetition of the praise bestowed upon its predecessors? The stories, 
whether they illustrate history or character, are pointedly told; the literary 
quotations are never devoid of aptneas." — Aihenmum. 

Greville, H. W. Leaves from the diary of Henry Greville. 
Edited by the Countess of Strafford. Sd series. 1904. E.G872 

'* Henry Greville lived what would be called now a very cosmopolitan life. 
He was intimately acquainted with most of the leading politicians of his 
day, and his genial manners and sympathetic nature secured to him the 
friendship and even aflection of all those with whom he came in contact. 
. . . Hence, althoutrh it is true that his Journals contained much interest- 
ing matter on the Second Empire, and on the events wliich culminated in the 
rise and progress of the new Kingdom of Italy, It Is not to his pages that 
the political student will go for authentic imforroatlon concerning the inner 
history of his time, though he will obtain an interesting side-light on the 
known course of events. For the rest, if he in interested in the ways and 
doings of society in the mid-Victorian period, he will scarcely find a dull 
page in the volume.'* — The THmes, London. 



Murray, J. W. Memoirs of a great detective : incidents in the 
life of John Wilson Morray. 1984. E.M9645 

** The annals of crime hare generallj been written with a direotnesB and 
simplicity which more serious history cannot often daim. These memoirs 
of Mr. Murray, for Instance, have no literary grace. Their style Is plain to 
barr >nnes8, but as the details of a crime are worth knowing for their own sake 
he has no difflculty in holding his reader's attention. The dlsooreries which 
he has made during the forty years of his work in Canada as a deteotiTe 
have been solidly based upon facts laboriously collected and ingeniously 
sifted. All of the stories are worth reading." — The Spectator, 

Nightingale. Tooley, S. A. The life of Florence Nightingale. 

2d ed. 1905. B.N625.t 

" It was quite worth while to tell again the story of the time between Octo. 
ber 15th, 1864, when Sidney Herbert asked Miss Florence Nightingale to 
take charge of the contingent of women nurses for the Crimea, and August 
8th, 18M, when, baring skilfully escaped all public recognition, she returned 
home. There is as little as possible of personal gossip, but the outlines of 
the work initiated and furthered are well sketched and the story as a whole 
has been well told by Miss Tooley."— Ttie Spectator, 

Pitt, William, Ist earl of Chatham. Harrison, Frederic. Chat- 
ham. 1905. E.P688.h 
Prescott. Peck, H. T. William Hickling Prcscott. 1905. E.P924.p 

Baleigh. Rodd, Sir Rennell. Sir Walter Raleigh. 1904. E.RUO.r 
" Sir Rennell Rodd has found time to prepare an exceedingly careful narra- 
ttre of Raleigh's career, and an acute and sympathetic study of his mind and 
character. It is well that such a life should be written by a man of aflkirs, 
for Raleigh mored in the air of the open world, and no academic dissection 
can find the secret of that swift and brilliant spirit. Sir Rennell Rodd has 
examined the tangled web of his history with much industry and all the 
impartiality that could be desired."— The Spectator, 
Benan. Barry, William. Ernest Renan. 1905. E.R292.h 

Bobinson, Sir J. R. Fifty years of Fleet Street, being the life 
and recollections of Sir John R. Robinson. Compiled and 
edited by F. M. Thomas. 1904. E.R5658 

** John Richard Robinson early deroted himself to newspaper work; after 
three years work in London he became successively sub-editor of the WeeU/y 
News, editor of the Daily News — founded by Charles Dickens — and finally 
its manager. He was knighted in 1893 because of bis Journalistic efforts in 
behalf of public interests. ... A yeln of good nature and social enloyment 
is distinctly Tisible throughout this book. Public men In general are delineated 
by Mr. Robinson with a light and kindly touch, ana some characteristic 
anecdote Is related of each iu turn. There is a valuable chapter on Journa- 
lism with a discussion of the question of signed leaders. The chapter de- 
voted to Harriet Martlneau is one of the best, presenting in clear outline 
the salient characteristics of a renuu-kable woman.**— The Nation. 


Smith, John. Hannah Logan'8 courtship, a trne narrative : the 
wooing of the daughter of James Logan, colonial governor 
of Pennsylvania, and divers other matters, as related in the 
diary of her lover, the Honorable John Smith, assemblyman 
of Pennsylvania and king's connciUor of New Jersey, 1786- 
1752. Ed. by A. C. Myers. 1904. E.Sm599 

*' Those who were Interested in SaUy Wisttr*$ journal will welcome the 
eharming yolnme by the same editor, entitled Hannah Logan*8 courtship. 
This Is a diary written in the serenteen-fortles hy John Smith of Philadel- 
phla, a prominent Friend and sncoessfal business man. The diary is not 
only a eharming and perfectly nn^elfconsoloas record of a courtship of 
those days; it Is worth mach as a picture of the manners and daily life of 
the Quakers of ' the Province.' All the eminent Philadelphlan^ of the day 
were his friends, indndlng Benjamin Franklin, from whom he used to buy 
books." — The Nation. 

Stevenson. Japp, A. H. Robert Lonis Htevenson : a record, an 
estimate, and a memorial. With hitherto nnpnblished letters 
from Stevenson in facsimile. 1905. E.St545.] 

" Dr. Japp has much to say about Steyenson that we are glad to hear. He 
tells us Tarious facts about his ancestry, and shows that the very uncommon 
character of the man was not so much of a ' sport ' as has been sometimes 
supposed. Finally, he has studied the books, the letters, and the remains, 
literary and personal, generally, and glyes us, as might be expected, some 
very sound criticism of them. Altogether, this is a very informing book, a 
contribution of distinct value to our knowledge of B. L. Stevenson." — T%e 

Waddington, Mme. M. A. K. Italian letters of a diplomat's 
wife, January-May, 1880; February-April, 1904. 1906. 


Webster. Wheeler, E. P. Daniel Webster, the expounder of 
the Ck>nstitution. 1905. E.W8985.W 

White, Andrew D. Autobiography. 1905. 2v. E.W5886 

** The life of Andrew D. White has been long and brilliant, and his retro- 
spections, now that he is septuagenarian retired from ofliclal station, are a 
most interesting cofitrlbutlon to the recent history of this coantry." — TTie 



Appleton, D. and Go. Appleton's dictionary of greater New 

York and its neighborhood. 1905. 974.75 N4a 

An alphabetically arranged desoriptlTe Index and gnide to places, Instltn- 
tions, societies, amusements, resorts, etc., in and about the dty of New 

Baedeker, Karl. London and its environs: handbook for 
travellers. 14th rev. ed. 1905. Copy 2 0/942.5 L8bg 

Ooryat, Thomas. Coryat's crudities, hastily gobled ap In five 
moneths travells in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia commonly 
called the Grisons country, Helvetia alias Switzerland, some 
parts of high Germany and the Netherlands ; newly digested 
in the hungry aire of Odcombe in the County of Somerset, 
and now dispersed to the nourishment of the travelling mem- 
bers of this kingdome. 1905. 2 v. 940.96 C819 

** If books haye their destinies few can hare experienced a fate stranger or 
in a sense lAore perverse, than that known as * Coryat's Crudities.' First 
issued In 1611, it found extreme difficulty in obtaining a publisher; nor was 
it without the interference of royalty in the person of Prince Henry, and 
literature in that of Ben Jonson, that it won its way to the light. A useful, 
serious, scholarly and trustworthy work, and one of the earliest books of 
land trarels, it is treated in some influential quurters as if it was a * manrel ' 
of Marco Polo or a romance of Mauderille. . . . Loyers of our old literature 
and admirers of all that is quaint, humorous, and interesting should make 
instant acquaintance with Thomas Coryate of Odcombe." 

— Notet and Queriei, 

Daniels, M. W. An American girl in Munich : impressions of 
a music student. 1905. 948.4 D8S 

Duncan, Norman. Dr. Gren fell's parish, the deep sea fisher- 
men. 1905. 971.5 LUd 

Fumeauz, J. H., ed. Glimpses of India: a grand photographic 

history of the land of antiquity, the vast empire of the East. 

With full historical text, by a corps of well-known writers. 

1895. 954.6 F98 

Orenfell, W. T. The harvest of the sea : a tale of both sides of 

the Atlantic. 1905. 859.9 G86 


Higiabotham, J, 17. Three "weeks in Europe : the vacation of 
a busy man. 1904. 940.96 H58 

Mr. Hlginbotham baa written a most entertaining aooonnt of "the vacation 
of a busy man.'* He remarks in bis preface that "it does not require genius 
topablisb a book, bat nerve/' and natorally so brief a trip does not Indode 
anjthing out of the ordinary route of travel. While this book is not recom- 
mended to the student, and those who disapprove of slang are particularly 
warned off, numy readers will enjoy its breezy style and will even forgive 
the anthor his puns. 

LaadoHy Perceval. The opening of Tibet : an account of 

Lhasa and the country and people of central Tibet, and of the 

progress of the mission sent there by the English government 

in the year 1903-4. Introduction by Colonel Tounghusband. 

1905. 951.5 T8U 

" Mr. Laadon daims that his work * has been written with the help of all 
the principal persons of the mission.* It is consequently more or less an 
official work, and in it if anywhere, is to be found the full history of the ad- 
vance to and occupation of Lhasa. . . . Mr. Landon is a keen observer, with 
a lively sense of the beauties of nature and a relloitous diction to bring them 
before the mind of the reader. He gives a tolerably complete account of the 
Russian agent, and exposes the full course of Russian intrigue at Lhasa. 
The mysterious city itself is described in fullest detail."— Athefueum, 

ffiiarp, William. Literary geography. 1904. 942.6 S53 

'* Literary geography, in these days of pilgrimages to every hole and comer 
that has associations with an author or his forebears, has developed Into a 
special type of descriptive literature, almost with a style of its own. Mr. 
Sharp takes his subject partly by authors, and partly by localities, when, as 
with the Bnglish lakes, or Geneva or the Thames, the literary associa- 
tions crowd too thickly for separate treatment. He ranges through the 
country of Meredith, Stevenson, Dickens, Scott, (George Eliot, Thackeray, 
the Bronte, Carlyle — well-trodden ground all of it. The volume is pro- 
fusely illustrated by half-a-dozen artists, including Grelffenhagen." 

— The Natiati. 

Singleton, Esther, ed. and trans. Venice as seen and described 

by famous writers. 1905. 945 5 VSsi 

Sorabji, Oomelia. Sun-babies : studies in the child-life of India. 

1904. 954.6 Sn 

** One's first emotion on reading Miss Sorabjl's studies of Indian children is 
pure and simple delight; one's second, amazement that nobody has ever had 
the happy thought before of opening up this rich field of infant character 
and diarm. . . . The whole book is charming, and it is, after all, such a very 
little one that everybody will find time to read it."— The 8pect4Uor. 


HcLain^J. 8. Alaska and the Klondike. 1905. 979^ MSS 

Selinconrt, B. D. de. Homes of the first Franciscans in 
Umbria, the borders of Tuscany, and the northern Marches. 
1905. 945.6 846 

« Mlu de Sellnoonrt Bays in her pref aoe th»t ' it is not poiaible to nndentmnd 
Bt. Frandfl without knowing Umbrla;* so tlie doet her best — and her best 
is yery good — to give her readers this knowledge. She has It herself, it Is 
clear, in ample measure, and she helps us to get something of it. ... The 
book is full of beauty and pathos, but it leaves us with but a rague idea of 
what St. Francis really thought."— The Spectator, 

Wharton, Mrs. Edith. Italian backgronnds. 1905. 945.6 W55a 

Content$: ~~ kn Alpine posting-inn.— A midsummer week's dream.— 
Sanctuaries of the Pennine Alps.— What the hermits saw.— A Tuscan 
shrine.— Sub umbra lillorum : an impression of Parma.— March in Italy ^— 
Picturesque Milan.— Italian backgrounds. 


Bain, B. N. Scandinavia : a political history of Denmark, Nor- 
way and Sweden, from 1513 to 1900. 1905. 948 B16 

" Mr. Bain has written a book which would probably be distinctly popular 
if any account of the history of Sweden and Norway could be really popular 
with English readers; but though the style is popular, the work we beliere 
is quite sound. Mr. Bain is an accomplished scholar in the Bcandinayian 
languages, and he has studied with care the native authorities.'* 

^ Saiwrdaif SeiHtw, 

Barry, Bichard. Fort Arthur : a monster heroism. 1905. 958 B27 
Dill, SamueL Roman society from Nero to Marcus Aorelias. 
1904. 987.07 D58 

" Professor Dill has giyen us an admirable rolume, and has thrown a flood 
of light upon an age of undying yet puzzling interest. He treats of the 
familiar theme of the century and a half which elapsed between Nero and 
Anrellus, and though we may be acquainted with every name, perhi4>s with 
every fact or quotation he so accurately puts forth, the work is original; 
the effect is novel. . . . The book is a monument of patient research, 
critical insight, philosophical thoroughness and human sympathy. 

— Saturdaif Bevtew, 

msTOBT. 147 

E. A. Western Earope in the fifth century : an after- 
math. 1904. 940.1 F87a 

Contents :^InrnMion of OriiI.— A tyrant of the west [Ponstantine, of 
Britain].— Constantlne Emperor and Maximns Tyrant.— Barbarian 
Inyaden^— West-Goths and Bnrgnndlans.— Wallla and the settlement of 
Aqnltalne.— Theodorlo the West-Goth and Aetlns.— Ohlodowlg the 
Frank.— Appx, I, Aetlns and Boniface.— //. The seoond Caranslns. 

** This Tolnme consists of eight lectures; the originality of the whole may 
be gathered from the fact emphasised by Professor Freeman, that no 
historian has glyen a connected narratlye of the movements which In the 
beginning of the fifth century changed the face of Western Europe. Prof. 
Freenum failed in his main object, which was, after leaylng Great Britain 
for Gaul with Constantlne, to come back with the descendants of the 
Burgnndlan and West-Goth conquerors who established Teutonic king- 
doms. But the story of the establishment of these kingdoms Is told In that 
style of * sturdy majesty ' which we have come to associate with the name 
of Professor Freeman. . . . The book should be read with Interest both 
by lorers of Freeman and by students of the period here covered." 

— The Spectator. 

Western Europe in the eighth century and onward : an after- 
math. 1904. 940.1 F87b 

Orundy, O. B., ed. Murray's small classical atlas. 1904. Ref .80.63 

" The distinctive merits of tills atlas are a liberal scale and a representation 
of natural configuration by tints, thus ensuring the utmost clearness in the 
names of places. The customary maps are supplemented by a plate show- 
ing fourteen battlefields notable in Greek and Roman history. In the case 
of England, France and Palestine, modem names are subjoined to the 
ancient."— The Nation. 

Jane, L. 0. The coming of Parliament : England from 1350 to 
1660. 1905. 942.03 J23 

Johnaton, Oharles, and Spencer, Oarita. Ireland's story : a 
short history of Ireland for schools, reading circles, and 
general readers. 1905. 941.5 J64a 

Lamprecht, K. G. What is history? Five lectures on the modern 
science of liistory. Tr. by E. A. Andrews. 1905. 901 L19 



Langr, Andrew. Hiatorical mysteries. 1904. f04 L26a 

CorUmi9:^The case of EUxabeth Canning.— Murder of KMoredo.— 
CampdenmTStery.— Caseof Allan Breck.— Cardinal's necklace^— Mystery 
of Kaspar Haoser, the child of Europe.— Gowrie conspiracy.— Strange case 
of Daniel Dunglas Home.— Case of Captain Green.— Queen Oglethorpe.— 
Oheraller d* &n.— Saint-Germain the deathless.— Mystery of the Kirks.— 
End of Jeanne de la Motte. 

" Mr. Lang has continued the entertaining series of historical mysteries 
which he began in his Valei^B Tragedy in a rolnme of lesa- detail and a 
more popular character. Indeed these stories are quite as sensational as 
any romance, and are told with a wit and a Tiradty which few writers of 
fiction can hope to attain to. Mr. Lang is easily our best historical detec- 
tive. He is thoroughly logical, amaxingly ingenious, and, though he does 
not follow the hard profession of the law, singularly correct In his legal 
hypotheses."— The SpteUUor. 

Haclehose, 8. H. From the Monarchy to the Republic in 

France, 17SS-1792. 1904. 944.04 M28 

** We were prepared, from our recollection of the author's prerlous work 
* The last days of the French monarchy ' to expect much from the present 
volume, and the anticipation has been In a large measure fulfilled. The 
same qualities of careful scholarship and unpretentious exposition are 
shown. That the book has not quite the freshness of its predecessor is due 
rather to the subject than its treatment. With the exception of two 
volumes published some years ago, this is the only book we know which 
treats the subject adequately within moderate compass. On the whole, we 
do not think that anyone who wished for an introduction to the best and 
most recent French authorities on the subject could do better than begin 
with this work.,**— AihentBUtn. 

Okakura-Kakuzo. The awakening of Japan. 1904. 902 041 

" He sketches the entire history of the country, but dwells particularly upon 
modem events and developments — the opening of the long-dosed door of 
the imprisoned nation by Commodore Perry, the new regime, and the occa- 
sion of the war of 1904."— IrUroducHon, 

Okey, Thomas. The story of Venice. 1905. 945.5 V6ok 

'* Mr. Okey divides his book into two nearly equal parts, the first being given 
to the past, the second to the present of the dty. He has had no easy task 
in compressing into the limits of so small a volume, so great a mass of 
material; and he has performed it with skill and success."— Tke Spectator, 

Ottley, B. L. Short history of the Hebrews to the Roman 
period. 1904. 933 091 

Parmele, Mrs. H. P. A short history of Rassia. 1904. 947 P24 

mSTOBY.— FionoN. 149 

Smithy Y. A. The early history of Indlm from 600 B.C. to the 
Mohammadan conqoest) inclodlng the inyasion of Alexander 
the Great. 1904. 954 866 

** In this Tolame Xr. Smith has worked op the result! of his own uid other 
students' labours into a oontinnoas narratiye, which maj Jnstlj be styled 
the ilfwt history of ancient India. His ol^Jeot is to write a political and 
dynastio history, dealing with ascertained dates and facts, not to draw a 
pletue of pre4iistorlc society. Hisaooonnt of the 'Indian adTentnre' of 
Aleyander the Great is the most complete and satisfactory known to as. 
Here his genius tor topography has fall scope. Mr. Smith may claim to 
lUKTe done a woik which eminently .needed doing. He has sncceeded in 
pfododng a connected history of ancient India, a feat which at one time 
seemed ehimerioal, bnt which the consdentions labonrs of many spedallsts 
haTe now rendered possible."-- Athenaum, 

ThBjw^ W. B. A short history of Venice. 1906. 945.6 V5t 

WaUhftuaen, Julius. Sketch of the history of Israel and Judah. 
1S91. 98S W45 


Adams* Andy. The outlet. A218.8 

Austin, Alfred. The poet's diary. A985.6 

Belly J. J. Mr. Pennycook's boy. [Short stories.] B415.4 

OasUe, Agrnes and Egerton. Rose of the world. C277.9 

Outtingr, H. 8. Little stories of coartship. C989.1 

Flower, Blliott. Slaves of success. [Short stories.] F682.d 
Galliaier, Nathan. Castel del Monte : a romance of the fall of 

the Hohenstaufen dynasty in Italy. G187.1 

Binkson, itfrs. K. T. Jolia. H578.8 

laham, F. 8. The strollers. 1752.1 

BLLtchdU, 8. W. Constance Trescot. M708.16 

FhiUips, D. O. The plam tree. F5484.1 

Bickert, Edith. The reaper. R422.1 

Shaier, 8. A. Beyond chance of change. S526.2 

Smith, F. H. At close range. [Short stories.] S647.10 

Bomerville, E. CB., and Boss, V. H. The real Charlotte. S728.5 

Stuart, B. HcE. The second wooing of Salina Sue, and other 

stories. 8982.11 




Baldwin, Mn, Alfred. The pedlar's pack. JB195.8 

Baldwin James. A story of the Golden Age. 1902. ]291 BlSsa 
Ballard, Mrs, J. P. Among the moths and butterflies : a revised 

and enlarged edition of ImefA lives; or^ bam in prison. 1899. 

]595 B21a 
Ohamplin, J. D., and Lncaa, F. A. The young folks' t^ydopss- 

dia of natural history. 1905. Bef .80.28 

Dumas, Alexandre, phv. Fairy tales. Bdited and translated 

by H. A. Spurr. JD895.61 

Duncan, Frances. Mary's garden and how it grew. 1904. ]680 D91 

Fuller, Anna. A bookful of girls. JF957.7 

Higginson, T. W., and Hacdonald, William. Histoi^ of the 

United States from 986 to 1905. New ed. j978 HGdla 

This Is Hlgglnson's Larger hUtory of the UnUed Statei brought down to 
the present date. 

Holder, O. F. The boy anglers. JH710.2 

Banford, H. B. The wandering twins : a story of Labrador. JS227.1 
Shelton, W. H. The three prisoners : a true story of adven- 
ture. jS5i7.8 
Taggart, H. A. Nut-brown Joan. JT125.1 

Thb Sivbboalb Pbbbb : C. A. W. Spbhobb. 



OCTOBER, 1906 




VOL. XII. No. 1 

Brooklimb, Mass. 



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In the system used, a modifled fonn of the Decimal, each class and 
sub-class is represented by a number. These numbers run from 010 
to 999, with decimal subdiyisions. First come general works, in the 
lero numbers; then nine main groups, each including all the numbers 
in a given hundred. For instance, all the 900*8 are History and 
Travd. The following table giyes the nine main groups, and a few 
main classes under eadi. Each class has numerous sub-divisions. 
Full outlines of the classification are posted on the shelves in the 
library. Groups marked with * are shelved upstairs. The shelves 
are open to the public. 

Individual biography is all marked B, and then arranged alphabeti- 
cally by subject; but lives of musicians and artists are put with books 
on music and art. Collective biography is put with subject when pos- 
sible. For instance, a collection of the lives of physicians is put with 
history of medicine. 

010-099* General works: Bibliography, Gyclopasdias, etc. 




101-109 General works. 

130 Mind and body. Psychic phenomena. 

150 Psychology. 

170 Ethics. 

180 & 190 Metaphysics. Philosophical systems. 


201-209 General works. 

209 Comparative religion. 
220 Bible study. 

280 Theology. 

270 & 280 Church history. 


800-390* Sociology 

801-309 General works. 





Political science. 

Political economy. Practical sociology. 

381.8-881.9 Charities and correction. 

339 Commerce. 

342 Constitutional law and history. 
Administration of government. 
852 Municipal government. 
Customs. Folk-lore. 


400-400* FhUology 

401-409 General works. 
420 English language. 

426 Rhetoric and English composition. 
480-499 Foreign languages. 

60O-600* Science 



General works. 














Biology. Ethnology. Evolution. 







Useful Arts 


General works. 


Medicine. 'Hygiene. 





636 Domestic animals. 


Domestic economy. 


Business: methods, etc. 




Mechanic trades. 


Fine Arte 


General works. 


Landscape gardening. Flower-gardens. 






Drawing. Design. 


Fainting and painters. 





780-781 Music: history, criticism, etc. 
782-789 Music: scores. (Shelved near De- 
livery desk.) 


Amusements: sports, games, theatre, etc. 




General works. 


History and criticism of English and American 

820-828 English and American literature. 

820-821 Poetry. 

822-823 Drama. 

824-825 Prose: essays, collected works. 
830-899 Foreign literatures. 


900-090 History and Travel 


General works. 

907 Study tChd teaching of hiRtory. 


General travel. Geography. (Travel in any 

country or place follows its history.) 


Ancient countries . 



942 England. 






North America. 

978 United SUtes. 


South America. 




6^. Indicates gift. 


Annual Begiater : a review of public events at home and abroad 
for the year 1904. Ref .80.70 

Browne, N. E. A bibliography of Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1905. 

Ref. 15.69 

Oonrtney, W. P. A register of national bibliography, with a 
selection of the chief bibliographical books and articles printed 
in other countries. 1905. 2v. Ref. 15.87 

Fletcher, W. I., and Bowker, B. B. The annual literary index, 

1904. . Ref. 15.2 

An Index to American and English periodicals, to books of essays and pro- 
ceedings of societies for the year 1904. A list is also glren of bibliographies 
published during the year, a necrology of writers, and an Index to the dates 
of the principal events of 1904. 

Jewish Encyclopedia: a descriptive record of the history, reli- 
gion, literature, and customs of the Jewish people from the 
earliest times to the present day. Prepared by more than 400 
scholars and specialists . . . Isidore Singer, managing editor. 
Vol 10. 1905. Ref.20.90 


Adler, Felix. Marriage and divorce. 1905. 178.8 A2d 

The religion of duty. 1905. 170.4 A23a 

Bradley, F. H. Ethical studies. 1876. Anastatic reprint, 1904. 

170.4 B72 

*' This book brought forth a searching criticism from Bldgwiok at the time 
of its first publication in 1876. It has, however, maintained a high place in 
the literature of idealism and is regarded as one of the best English inter- 
pretations of Hegelian thought."— H. T. State Library. 


Oommittoe of Fifty. The liquor problem: a sammary of inves- 
tigations condacted by the Committee of Fifty, 1898-1908. 
Prepared by John S. Billings, Charles W. Eliot, Henry W. 
Famam, Jacob L. Greene, and Francis G. Feabody. 1905. 178 C78 

Summarises, la convenient form, the reportt of the InTestigatlonB by foar 
Bub-oommittees, representing a careful and dispassionate study of the drink 
question by leading thinkers. The four reports deal with the phjrsiological, 
the legislative, the economic, and the ethical aspects of the question; and 
have been already published sepwately in greater fullness. 

Oomperz, Theodor. Greek thinkers: a history of ancient philo- 
sophy. Vols. 2-3. Trans, by G. G. Berry. 1906. 182 668 

Hendenon, G. H. The children of good fortune: an essay in 
morals. 1905. 177 H88 

Hyslop, J. H. Science and a future life. 1905. 184 H99 

Miles, Eustace. A boy's control and self-expression. 1905. 

177.8 Bi59 

Bickaby, John. The first principles of knowledge. 1901. 160 RiS 

Bickaby, Joseph. Moral philosophy; or, ethics and natural law. 
Sd ed. 1908. 170 R42 

Sheldon, W. L. CiUs^nship and the duties of a citizen. 1904. 

179 S54 

Smyth, S. P. N. Christian ethics. 1892. 171.1 S66 


Bacon, B. W. An introduction to the New Testament. 1900. 

225 B18 
Bradley, G. G. Lectures on the book of Job delivered in West- 
minster Abbey. 2d ed. 1888. 228.1 Zll 
Campbell, B. J. Sermons addressed to individuals. 1905. 252 C15a 
Oheyne, T. K. Jewish religious life after the exile. 1901. 221 C42 
Oondit, Blackford. The history of the English Bible, extending 
from the earliest Saxon translations to the present Anglo- 
American revision. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 1896. 220.51 C75 
Hale, H. G. Who then is this? A study of the personality of 
Jesus. 1905. 282 H18 


Xsnty 0. F., IratM. The ftudent's Old Testament. 

Vol. 9. Israel's historical and biographical narratives from the 
establishment of the Hebrew kingdom to the end of the Mac- 
cabean straggle. 1905. 221 K41 

Krfilg«r, Guatav. History of early Christian literature in the 
first three centuries. Trans, by C. R. Glllett, with corrections 
and additions by the author. 1897. 270. 1 K98 

Kaenen, Abrshmm. The religion of Israel to the faU of the 
Jewish state. Trans, from the Dutch by A. H. May. 1874- 
1875. 8v. 221 K95 

LIghtlooty J. B., ed. The apostolic fathers: Pt. 1, 8. Clement of 

Home. 1890. 2t. 270.1 L62a 

Biblical essays. 1904. 225 L62 

Dissertations on the apostolic age. 1892. 225.9 L62 

Notes on epistles of Paul, from unpublished commentaries. 

1904. 227 L62 

Saint PauVs epistles to the Colossians and to Philemon: a re- 
vised [Greek] text with introduction, notes, and disserta- 
tions. 1904. 227.7 L62 
Saint Paulas epistle to the Galatians : a revised [Greek] text 

with introduction, notes, and dissertations. 1902. 227.4 L62 
Saint Paul's epistle to the Phillpplans: a revised [Greek] text 
with introduction, notes, and disertations. 1903. 227.6 L62 

laightfoot, John. Horse Hebraicse et Talmudic®. 1859. 4v. 225 L61 

KcFadycn. J. E. The messages of the prophetic and priestly 
historians : the writings of the historians of the Old Testa- 
ment, arranged so as to distinguish their principal sources, 
and freely rendered in paraphrase. 1904. 221 M 16 

KcQiifert, A. G. History of Christianity in the apostolic age. 

1897. 225.9 M17 

Kathews, Shailer. The Messianic hope in the New Testament. 

1905. 226.6 M42 

Mensies, Allan. The earliest gospel; a historical study of the 

gospel according to Mark, with a [Greek] text and English 

version. 1901. 226.3 M52 


Montefiore, 0. G. Lectures on the origin and growth of religion 
as illostrated by the religion of the ancient Hebrews. 1897. 

221 M76 
Mnzsay, D. S. The rise of the New Testament. 1900. 225 M98 

Naah, H. S. History of the higher criticism of the New Testis 
ment. 1901. 225 N17 

Peloabet, F. N. The front line of the Sunday School movement: 
the line of the vanguard of Sunday School progress, with a 
glimpse of ideals beyond. 1904. 268 P86 

Pfleidorer, Otto. Paulinism: a contribution to the history of 
primitive Christian theology. 1877. 2v. 225.92 F28p 

Biehm, Edward. Messianic prophecy; its origin, historical 
growth, and relation to New Testament fulfilment. 1900. 224 R44 

Sanders, F. K., and Kent, 0. F. The messages of the earlier 

prophets arranged in the order of time, analyzed, and freely 

rendered in i>araphrase. 1903. 224 S21 

The messages of the later prophets arranged in the order of 

time, analyzed, and freely rendered in paraphrase. 1899. 

224 S21a 
Schrader, Eberhard. The cuneiform inscriptions and the Old 

Testament. 1885-1888. 2v. 221857 

Stevens, G. B. The messages of Paul, arranged in historical 
order, analyzed, and freely rendered in paraphrase, with 
introductions. 1903. 227 S84a 

The messages of the Apostles: the apostolic discourses in the 
book of Acts and the general and pastoral epistles of the 
New Testament arranged in chronological order, analyzed, 
and freely rendered in paraphrase. 1903. 227 S84 

Theology of the New Testament. 1903. 225.6 S84 

Swete, H. B., ed. The gospel according to St. Mark: the Greek 

text with introd., notes, and indices. 1902. 226.8 S97 

Temple Bible. 31v. 
Thatcher, O. J. A sketch of the history of the apostolic church. 

1893. 225.9 Ta2 

Toy, 0. H. Quotations in the New Testament. 1884. 225 T66 


Trench^ B. 0. Notes on the parables of our Lord. 226.8 T72 

Vedder, H. 0. The Baptists. 1902. 286 V51 

Vincent, M. B. History of the textual criticism of the New 

Testament. 1899. 225.4 V7 

Word studies in the New Testament. 1904. 4v. 226.7 V7 

Weizsacker, Oarl von. The apostolic age of the Christian 
church. 1894-1895. 2y. 225.9 W43 

W«ndt, H. H. The teaching of Jesus. 1901. 2v. 225.6 W48 

Westcott, B. F. The Bible in the Church: a popular account of 
the collection and reception of the Holy Scriptures in the 
Christian churches. 1877. 220 W52 

A general survey of the history of the canon of the New Testa- 
ment. 1889. 225 W52a 

Wildeboer, G. Origin of the canon of the Old Testament. 1895. 

221 W64 


Alexander, William. The life insurance company. 1905. 368 A87 

Bryant, S. 0. How to tell stories to children. 1905. 371.8 B84 

Charities. Vol. 13, 1904-05. 331.905 C3 

Outler, J. E. Lynch-law : an investigation into the history of 
lynching in the United States. 1905. 3.31 .951 097 

Bconomic Club of Boston. President Roosevelt's railroad 
policy: report of a discussion before the Economic Club of 
Boston, March 9, 1905. 339.5 £19 

Fairlie, J. A. The national administration of the United States 
of America. 1905. 342.734 F16 

*' Mr. Fairlie has grappled fuccessfally with a large subject, and produced 
a treatise which will be of real service to the student of American politics. 
. . . Sins of omission and commission are not more numerous than they are 
bound to be in a first venture of this kind. The author has done his work 
carefully, and his book may be accepted as a generally trustworthy guide.'* 
— The NaiUm. 


Friedenwald, Herbert. The Dedaratioii of Independence: an 

interpretation and an analysis. 1904. 342.731 F91 

** The sab-title Is an excellent oharacterixation of the purpose and tlgnl- 
fioance of this volume. In the work of Interpretation, perhaps the moat 
important contribution made by the book Is to be found in the careful study 
of the development of the body that produced the Dedaratlon, and of 
the purposes which the document was intended to serve. The inter-relations 
of the growth of the power of Congress In strengthening the Union, the 
democratic movements in the several colonies, and the development of the 
' sentiment for independence, within and without the walls of Congress, are 
brought out with a clearness of outline and Illustrative illumination which 
are to be found nowhere else In like compass.**— PolUietU Sdenee Quarterly. 

Irving, Washington. Old Christmas: from the Sketch Book. 

Illustrated by R. Caldecott. 1901. 894 ITS 

Jemigan, T. B. China in law and commerce. 1905. 842.51 J48 

*' In addition to his honorable record in the consular service of the United 
States, Mr. Jernigan has placed the English-reading people under further 
obligation by issuing what is probably the best single volume for all who 
have practical relations or business with the Chinese. Here in one handy 
book is choice and exact information, carefully sifted, tested, and arranged 
concisely and in an orderly manner. ... His text has a commendable 
clearness and directness.*'— The Nation, 

McOracken, Elizabeth. The women of America. 1904. 396.1 M13 

McKechnie, W. S. Magna Carta: a commentary on the great 

charter of King John, with an historical introduction. 1905. 

342.421 M19 

** Dr. HoKechnle has placed both legal scholars and the general public under 
an obligation by the production of this Important work, which presents the 
whole question of the Great Charter, and all that that Charter means to the 
England of today, in the form dictated by modem scientific historical re- 
search.'* — Spectator, 

Massachusetts. (General Court. Manual for the use of the 

General Court. 1905. O. Bef.45.25 

Boss, E. A. Foundations of sociology. 1905. 301 R73a 

Squire, Oharles. The mythology of the British Islands : an intro- 
duction to Celtic myth, legend, poetry, and romance. 1905. 398.4 877 
*' In our opinion this book is both useful anM attractive. The author's treat- 
ment of his subject Is thorough and conscientious, and he has realised his 
hope of presenting it in a lucid and agreeable form. It will be a matter of 
surprise if he does not innpire his readers with some at least of his own 
enthusiasm.*'— Natuirt, 


Urwick, S. J., ed. Studies of boy life in oar cities. Written by 

varioos autliors for the Toynbee Trust. 1905. 881.8 1788 

CofUenU: -^Tht boy and the family, by R. A. Bray. — The boy and hit work, 
by J. G. Cloete.— The orimlnal boy, by Arthar Lowry.— Boys' olabi, by W, 
J. Bralthwalte.— The girl In the background, by L.H. Montague.— Con - 
elusion, by E. J. Urwick. 

Warner, H. S. Ethics of force. 1905. 841.5 W24 

** This little Tolnme originated in a series of papers read to the Ethical Club 
of Washington, D. C., about the time of the Spanish War. It discusses a 
question wbliAk has been earnestly debated, especially in New England 
during the past decade. It is liardly necessary to say that the author ttiinks 
that war Is * an enormous economic mistake.' It is a thoughtful essay, and 
whether one accepts or differs from the author's conclusion, It will stimulate 
thought and awaken conscience."— SductUian. 


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A volume prepared by the officers and former students of the normal and 
industrial institute at Tuskegee, Alabama, under the editorial direction of 
Booker T. Washington, who writes an Introduction. Seyenteen auto- 
biographical sketches are furnished by Tuskegee graduates who are now 
following rarious occupations. 


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to the Academy of Sciences , with additional notes and instruct 

tions for the construction of phosphorescent screens. Trans. 

by J. Garcin. 1905. 537.87 B62 

It is more than a year since Professor Blondlot of Nancy claimed to hare 
discovered a new form of radiation, the remarkable properties of which 
surpassed those of the Roentgen ray or the radium emanations. These 
memoirs state the views and record the experiments of their discoverer. 

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54C H72 

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illustrative models, charts, and a course of study arranged for 
teachers. 1905. 585.6 M92 

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** In thlB conrenlent bftndl>ook ProfMsor Osterhout has glyen ub bints for 
experimental study of Hying plants by means of the simplest apparatus, 
and suggests innumerable oontriyanoes wlilch are to l>e made off-band in 
any bouse, and with wbiob tbe plant can be severely cross-examined. . . . 
Among tbe most interesting obapters is one devoted mainly to tbe striking 
results obtained by Mr. Burbank of Oalifomia, who may be fairly called tbe 
Edison of bortlculture.**— 7A« Nation. 

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Chagres, cut at the continental divide, and discussion of plans 
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alloys, including the decoration and beautifying of articles 
manufactured therefrom, as well as their preservation. 1908. 

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€21.12 076 
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International Library of Technology. 

Vol. 11. Electricity and magnetism. — Electrical measure- 
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80. Masonry. — Carpentry. — Joinery. 69816 
83. History of architecture. — Architectoral design. — 

Specifications. 720.9 16 

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VnfB ABT8. 

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" Aente aod yalaable eritleal essay on the Dutch school. The Peel coUeo- 
tion Indades one Italian picture, ten British pictures, twelve Flemish pic- 
tures, and eighteen drawings hy Rnhens and Van Dyck, besides the flf ty.flye 
Dutch pictures which are its principal glory." -^The Nation. 

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Glark, B. B. A handbook of plant-form for students of design, 
art schools, teachers and amateurs. One hundred plates 
drawn and described, and with an introductory chapter on 
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1904. 745 C55 

Ditchfleld, P. H. Picturesque English cottages and their dooiv 
way gardens. 1905. 728 D63 

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*' In this little book we have for the first time a reasonable and satisfactory 
(though hj no means exhaustlTe or complete) treatment of the principles 
that underlie the creations of the Greek architects, sculptors, and painters." 

-'7%t Nation. 


Hodgson, F. T. Easy lessons in the art of practical wood-canr- 
ing, suited to the wants of carpenters, Joiners, amateors and 
professional wood-carvers: being a practical mannal and goide 
to all kinds of wood-carving, including chip carving, flat carv- 
ing, incised work and figure carving, together with an essay 
on the principles of design for carved work of all kinds. 1905. 

786 H66 

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1904. 1905. 759.2 H78 

An extra number of The Studio. 

Hutton, Edward. The cities of Umbria. 1905. 945.6 H97a 

Kendrick, A. F. English embroidery. 1905. 746 K84 

** TbiB very useful book aboundi In bittoiical data aa to tbe prodnotlon of 
the finest examples of embroidery In England, wbere this art etpedally 
flourished during many oenturles. Tbe women in England in the feudal 
ages had little to employ their time but spinning, weaving and tewing; the 
decorative quality in the early English designs is very remariuible. Mr. 
Kendrick does not go into actual stltohery, but treats of embroidery fMm its 
historic and decoratire side. It is seldom that a book on a special tabject it 
so interesting and readable throughout."— 3%e Nation, 

Klassiker der Kunst. Diirer. Des Meisters Gemfllde, Kupfer- 
stiche, und Holzschnitte, in 447 Abbildungen. Hit einer bl- 
ograpliischen Elnleitung, von Valentin Scherer. 1904. 750 D958C 
Raffael. Des Meisters Gemftlde, in 302 Abbildungen. Mit 
einer biographischen Elnleitung, von Adolf Rosenberg. 2te 
Auflage. 1905. 750 B21t 

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einer biographischen Elnleitung, von Adolf Rosenberg. 1904. 

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einer biographischen Elnleitung, von Adolf Rosenberg. 1905. 

Titian. Des Meisters Gemftlde, in 230 Abbildungen. Mit 
einer biographischen Elnleitung, von Oskar Fischel. 1904. 


FINS AST8. 19 

Kach, Edmund ▼on. A handbook of Greek and Roman scalp- 
tore, to accompany a collection of reproductions of Greek and 
Boman scolptore (the University prints). 1905. Art case 3.5.21 

**Dr.TO]i Haoh't book Is not a Handbook in the ordinary tense of the word, 
but a descriptire oatalogae of Are hundred plates representing works of 
Greek and Boman sealptare. The subjects for representation are well 
ohosen, for nearly all the most important works are incladed; the book, 
with its aooompanying illostrations, is likely to be nsefni — not to take the 
place of histories of Qreek and Roman sculpture, but to supplement them. 
The ralne of the catalogue Is increased by indexes and a good biography." 

Maodair, OamiUe. Augnste Rodin, the man, his ideas, his work. 

Trans, by Clementina Black. 1905. 735 R61m 

"This is an authorised account of Rodin both as man and sculptor, and has 
rccelTed the imprimatur of the artist himself. K. Hauclair has long been 
regarded as Rodin's literary mouthpiece. We may look upon this work as 
the i^)ology of the master himself for his life's work. Indeed, the best parts 
of it are, we think, those in which Rodin's aesthelio philosophy is given in his 
own words, for the artist occasionally expresses himself in language with 
something of the terse incislTeness of his style as a sculptor."— ^^AeiMntm. 

Palmer, W. T. The English lakes. Fainted by A. Heaton 

Cooper; described by A. W. T. Palmer. 1905. 942.6 P18 

Bhead, G. W. An alphabet of Roman capitals, together with 

three sets of lower case letters selected and enlarged from the 

finest examples and periods: for schools. 1903. 744.3 R34 

Biding and Driving. Riding, by £. L. Anderson. Driving, by 

Price Collier. 1905. 798 R44 

Scientific American Building Monthly. Vol. 39, 1905. 728.05 84 

Studio. Vol. 33, 1904-05. Art case 5.1 

Sturgis, Buasell. The interdependence of the arts of design: a 

series of six lectures. 1905. 701 S93 

This book is made up of lectures delivered at the Art Institute of Chicago in 
18M, ** and bears " says the Nation, " traces of its origin. It reads rather 
like the slightly revised report of extempore talka than like a formal treatise, 
the text tending to become a sort of running commentary on the pictures, 
enlivened by a broad culture and a much wider knowledge of the subject 
than find room for expression, but rather incidental and inconclusive. Yet 
even where the author is inconclusive he is suggestive, which is perhaps bet- 
ter. The lectures must have been valuable to the students for whom they 
were primarily intended, and may be read by others with pleasure and 


Todd, F. D., ed, Usefol arts and handicrafts. Nos. 1-6. 
1899-1900. 746 T66 

No. 1. Desliniing Aod drawinf for beglnnen, by C. O. Lebmd. 

2. Dyes, stains, inks, laoqaert, Tarnishci, and polUhes, by C. G. Le- 

land and Thomas Bolas. 

3. Wood-canrins for beginners, by C. G. Leland. Serised by F. H. 

Ball and G. J. Fowler. 

4. Gauxe-work and indented woodwork, by C. G. Leland and F. C. 

6. Picture-frame making and decorating, by F. H. Ball and G. J. 

0. Pyrograpby; or, bomt-wood etching, by F. H. Ball and G. J. 


Twopeny, William. English metal work: ninety-three draw- 
ings. With a preface by Laurence Binyon. 1904. 746.9 T98 

Beprodactions of Twopeny's caref al and sympathetic drawings of the metal 
work fonnd In old English houses and churches, showing its beauty and sim. 
plidty of form and its careful workmanship. Useful and inspiring to the 
designer, the craftsman, and the antiquarian. 

Waldstein, Oharlea. The Argive Herseum. By C. Waldstein, 

with the co-operation of 6. H. Chase and others. Vol. 2. 

1906. Art case 8.6.13 

Issued jointly by the Archaeological Institute of America and the American 
School of Classical Studies at Athens. A genera] account of the subject and 
of the architecture, with special papers on the marble statuary, the geology 
of the locality, the terra cotta figurines and reliefs, the rases and fragments, 
the Inscriptions, the bronses and coins, the engrared stones, gems and 

Ward, James. Floral studies for decorative design, for the use 
of students and designers. 1902. Folio case. 

Whally 0. W. Stained-glass work: a text-book for students and 
workers in glass. 1905. 746 W66 

Wilson, Mr$. L. L. W. Picture study in elementary schools : a 
manual for teachers. 1900-1904. 2y. 707 W69 

Wright, F. A. Architectural perspective for beginners, contain- 
ing eleven plates of practical examples, considered with refer- 
ence to a student in an architect's office. 6th ed. 1904. 720 W98 

xtrsic.— umuTUBs. ' SI 


Antdiffe, Herbert. Brahms. 1905. 780 B81a 

Dent, S. J. Alessandro Scarlatti, his life and works. 1905. 780 S28 
BlBon, L. 0., ed. Folk songs of many nations. 1905. 784.2 E49 

Hadow, W. H., ed. Songs of the British Islands: one hundred 

national melodies selected and edited for the use of schools. 

1903. 784.1 E68h 

Henderson, W. J. Preludes and studies: musical themes of the 

day. 1901. 780.8 H88a 

CkmtetUt: — A study of " Der Ring des Nibelaagen.*'— Wagneriana.— The 
eTolation of piano mailo.— Scbunuuin and the iirogramme-Bymphony. 

Jonson, G. 0. A. A handbook to €hopin*s works, for the use 
of concert-goers, pianists, and pianolarplayers. 1905. 780 C59j 

Bonneck, O. G. Francis Hopkinson, the first American poet-com- 
poser, 1787-1791; and James Lyon, patriot, preacher, psalmo- 
dist, 1785-1794: two studies in early American music. 1905. 

780 U79s 

Taylor, 8. Ooleridge-. Twenty-four negro melodies, transcribed 
for the piano by S. Coleridge-Taylor, op. 59, with a preface by 
B. T. Washington. 1905. 785.1 T24 

Verdi, G. Un ballo in maschera: opera in three acts. With 
Italian words and a new English adaptation by C. L. Kenney. 

783 V48m 

Warner, Richard. Selections from the music dramas of Richard 
Wagner, arranged for the piano by Otto Singer, with a preface 
by Richard Aldrich. 1906. 785 WlSa 


Bain, F. W., tranflator. A digit of the moon, and other love 

stories from the Hindoo. Trans, from the original manuscripts. 

1905. 891.2 B16a 

Other itoriea:-^A heifer of the dawn.— The descent of the tun.— In the 
great god't hair. 


Branch., A. H. The shoes that danced, and other poems. 1906. 


Brandos, G. M. 0. Main currents in nineteenth century litera- 
ture. Vol. 4. Naturalism in England, 1876. 1906. 809 B81 

Brunetiere, Ferdinand. Essays in French literature: a selec- 
tion. Trans, by D. N. Smith. 1898. 840.1 B88a 

Biinner, H. 0. Poems. New ed. 1899. 820 8949 

FairleM, Michael. The grey brethren, and other fragments in 
prose and verse. 1905. 824 F17a 

Hale, B. E., jr. Dramatists of to-day: Rostand, Hauptmann, 
Sudermann, Pinero, Shaw, Phillips, Maeterlinck; being an 
informal discussion of their significant work. 1906. 809.2 H16 

Heller, Otto. Studies in modem German literature: Sudermann; 

Hauptmann; women writers of the ninteenth century. 1906. 

8S0.1 H86 
Jones, H. A. The manoBuvres of Jane: an original comedy in 

four acts. 1905. 822 J76 

Lee, Vernon, piteud. The enchanted woods, and other essays on 
the genius of places. 1905. 824 L48a 

More, P. E. Shelbume essays. Second series. 1906. 804 M88 

ConientM: — Elizabethan sonnf ts.— Shakespeare's sonnets.— Lafeadio Heam. 
— The first complete edition of Hailitt.— Charles Lamb. — Kipling and 
FltxGerald. — George Crabbe. — The novels of George Hercidith.— Haw- 
thorne : looking before and after.— Delphi and Greek literature.— Nemctia, 
or, the divine envy. 

Nevinson, W. H. Books and personalities. 1905. 809.09 N62 

** Mr. Nevlnson is certainly not an indolent reviewer. The reviews and 
criticisms of which this book is composed deal with a varied company of 
literary personalities. Great and small— Mr. Belloc and Browning, Goethe 
and Aubrey Beardsley, iBschylus and Mr. Yeatt, Dolling and DeWet, 
Carlyle, Heine and Mr. Le Gallienne, and many others — are gathered In. 
And in dealing with them all Mr. Nevlnson either has hla point of view, or 
manages to reflect the general tendency of educated opinion. . . . The 
main thing In a book about books Is that It should be readable and stimulat- 
ing. And readable and stimulating these short stories nndoabtedly are."— 


Sainte-BeuT*, 0. A. The essays of Sainte-Beave. Edited, with 

a critical memoir by William Sharp. 1901. dv. 844 S156a 

Vol. t. On men and women. 
2. Portralta of men. 
8. Portrtiti of women. 

Spalding, J. L. Religion and art and other essays. 1905. 824 S7S4 

CamietU$ : — Religion Mid nrt.— The derelopment of edncatloDBl ideM in tlie 
nineteenth centnryw— The meaning and worth of edncation.— The pbytl 
elan's calling and edneation.— Sodal qnestiona. 



I. Vital records of Bozford to the end of the year 
1849. 1905. 974.45 B59 

Gharlton, Kau. Vital records of Charlton to the end of the 

year 1849. 1905. 974.45 Cd6 

Marblehead, Mass. Vital records of Marblehead to the end of 

the year 1849. Vol. 2. Marriages and deaths. 1905. 974.45 M22 
Kedway, Mass. Vital records of Midway to the year 1850. 

1905. 974.45 M43 

Hewton, Maaa. Vital records of Newton to the year 1850. 1905. 

974.45 N34a 
Oakham, Kaas. Vital records of Oakham to the end of the 

year 1849. 1905. 974.45 020 

Oxford, Kaas. Vital records of Oxford to the end of the year 

1849. 1905. 974.45 042 

Palmer, Kaas. Vital records of Palmer to the year 1850. 1905. 

974.45 P18a 
Rutland, Kaas. Vital records of Rutland to the end of the 
year 1849 1905. 974.45 R93 


Donne, W. B. William Bodham Donne and his friends. £d. 
by C. B. Johnson. 1905. E.D725 


Dolferin and Ara, 1st marqne$$ of. Lyall, Sir A. C. The life of 
the Marquis of Dnfferin and Ava. 1906. St. E.D878.1 

FitaOerald. Benson, A. C. Edward FitzGerald. 1905. 


Harriaon. Simpkinson, C. H. Thomas Harrison, regicide and 
major-general. 1905. E.HM99.8 

Hutton, Laorenoe. Talks in a library with Laurence Hntton. 

Recorded by Isabel Moore 1905. B.H9845.a 

** This book it A misoellaneoiit oolleotlon of literary Mid pertonal goMip, a 
good deal of which is new and most of It decidedly interesting. In a general 
way, it tells the story of Mr. Hatton's life, of his first adrentiires In Journal- 
ism, of his derotion to the stage, of his many warm friendships with 
actors and literary people, and of his wanderings in other lands. Posaessed 
of a strong social instinct and an admirahle sense of humor, he was a charm^ 
ing companion, and for many years his house was the scene of those literary 
and artistic gatherings whose recorded speech— if it erer could be recorded— 
would be something in the nature of an epitome of the best literature.** 

Knox. Lang, Andrew. John Knox and the Reformation. 1905. 


Keyrick, Frederick. Memories of life at Oxford , and experiences 
in Italy .Greece, Turkey, Germany, Spain, and elsewhere. 1906. 


Milton. Williamson, G. C. MUton. 1905. E.M6455.W 

Patrick, Saint. Bury, J. B. The life of St. Patrick and his place 
in history. 1905. B.K279«.b 

Powers, Oaleb. My own story; an account of the conditions in 
Kentucky leading to the assassination of William Goebel, who 
was declared governor of the state, and my indictment and 
conviction on the charge of complicity in his murder. 19f5. 


Shorthooae, J. H. Life, letters, and literary remains of J. H. 
Shorthouse. Ed. by his wife. 1905. 3v. E.8h855 

This man was the famous author of John Jngletant. 

Walt. Carnegie, Andrew. James Watt. 1905. B.W8410.C 


Wellaaley, F. A. With the Bussians in peace and war: recol- 

lectiona of a military attach^. 1905. E.W4665 

'* The BuMianf in the MTenties were identical In ererj respect with the peo- 
ple of todnj, and the hiatorj of the entrance into, and ireneral oondnct of 
the Tnridflh war might well aerre, mmiaiii muiandUt as a record of the pres- 
ent oampalipi in the Far East. The latter half of Col. Wellesley's deeply 
interesting rolamels derotedto the Turkish war, which he followed through- 
out. Though he has mndi to say on the *seamy' side of Rnssian life, he is 
able to show corresponding features in the social existence of the great 


Baedeker, Karl. The Eastern Alps. 10th ed., rev. 1908. 

Ccpy 2 0/949.46 BUe 
Italy. Second part: Central Italy and Borne. 14th rev. ed. 

1904. Copy 2 oj 945.6 B14a 

Northern France from Belgium and the Bnglish Channel to the 
Loire, excluding Paris and its environs. 4th ed. 1905. 

Northern Germany, as far as the Bavarian and Austrian 

frontiers. 14th rev. ed. 1904. Copy 2 o/ 943.4 B14 

Paris and its environs, with routes from London to Paris. 

15th rev. ed. 1904. 944.6 P2be 

The Bhine from Bo tterdam to Constance. 15th rev. ed. 1903. 

Copy 2 0/943.3 B8b 

Bell, Mn. Nancy &. E. Nuremberg. Painted by Arthur O. Bell, 

described by Mrs. Arthur Q. Bell. 1906. 943.3 N9b 

Qoif, Mm. Olaritsa. Florence and some Tuscan cities. Painted 

by Colonel B. C. GoflT, described by Clarissa Goff. 1906. 

945.5 F6g 

'* This is a charming and most welcome book. The mala object of It dearlj 
is to present to the world a collection of Colonel GolTs characteristic pic- 
tures, already known to all lovers of art who rl^lt or reside in Florence. . . . 
ICrs. Goff*s text is the pleasantest reading. Her touch is light, her knowl- 
edge wide, her style entirely natural. A sunny and appreciaiive tempera- 
ment informs the whole book; and if the colour of the rose prevails, why 
that, to the unjaundloed vision. Is the dominant colour of Tuscany." 

—Saturday Review. 



Gould, Sabine Baring>-. In Tronbadonr-Land : a ramble In 
Provence and Languedoc. 1891. 944.6 P8g 

Haklujrt, Bicbard. The principal navigatlong, voyages, traffiques 
and discoveries of the English nation made by sea or over-land 
to the remote and farthest distant quarters of the earth at any 
time within the compasse of these 1600 yeeres. Vol. 12. 1905. 

910 H16 


Jungman, Beatrix. Norway. By Nico Jongman. Text by 

Beatrix Jungman. 1905. 948.6 J95 

" Mrt. Jan^mAii does not oonoern herself with the past hlatorj of Nonrmy, 
except with a few of Its legends; nor does she allade to the present anset- 
tled state of its politics. Bat the fact of Norwegian unrest makes an Inter- 
esting background to her brilliant series of passing impressions. Mr. Jung, 
man is a charming artist and he has done nothing more attraetire than theae 
portraits of Norwegian girls and children.*'— 5pectolor. 

Kathew, Frank. Ireland. Painted by Francis 8. Walker, R. 

H. A., described by Frank Mathew. 1905. 941.8 M4S 

Parchaa, Samuel. Hakluytus posthnmus ; or, Pnrchas his pil- 

grimes, contayning a history of the world in sea voyages and 

lande travells, by Englishmen and others. Vols. 1-4. 1905. 

910 P98 
Soberer, J. A. B. Toung Japan: the story of the Japanese 

people, and especially of their educational development. 1905. 

95S.6 S88a 

Smitb, F. B. Parisians out of doors. 1905. 944.5 FSsml 

** Mr. Smitb has written about Paris before, and written In a Tery pictur- 
esque fashion. It is true that everything in the Gay City does not please 
him, for be finds that *the spirit of higbway robbery underlies nearly erery 
small business in Paris.' It is a rery pleasant and readable book." 

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Coptf 2 of UJ.BWl^ 

mSTORT. 97 

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covite ciyilisatlon and the rise of modem Russia under Peter 

the Great and his forerunners. 1905. 947.04 B16 

"Soaghiy speftking, the first half of this book is deroted to Miobael, 
Alexins, and Sophia, the second half to Peter the Great. Political in the 
main, thenarratiTe is interspersed with interesting chapters on the social and 
religioas life of old Mnsoovy, as well as with a detailed aooonnt of Peter's 
admlnistratire system. Mr. B«in is one of the few Englishmen who can 
write on Bnssian and Polish subjects from a first-hand knowledge of natlre 
soaroes, and the present rolnme is in many respects the best he has giren 
UM.'*^Tke Nation. 

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times to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans: written 
for Uy readers. Trans, by W. H. Carruth. 2d ed. 1899. 

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** The third volume of * The Times History of the War in South Africa* 
comes^ up to the standard suggested by the author In his preface as a thor. 
onghly trustworthy and convincing narrative. With the politics of Mr. 
Amery and his fellow-workers we have no concern, but the military portion 
of the book is, we think, sound."— ^/Aemvum. 



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978.78 S86 

Writton by a rabordinate offloer under Generml Lee's oommand daring the 
CivU War. 

** It U not proposed to gLre a oonseoatlTe redtAl of all that ocoiUTcd during 
these four years; bat rather to select and reoord sach incidents arranged im 
orderly sequence, as are deemed to be of inherent interest, or to shed light 
upon the portrait of the Confederate soldier, the personality of prominent 
actors upon the Soathern side and the general conditions of life In and be- 
hind the Confederate line^."— The Author, 

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VOL. Xn. No. 2 




^."-J .^x 

Public Library of Brookline 

Louisa M. Hoopbr. 


Beginning in December, the Circulating Department of the Library, 
as well as the Reference and Reading Rooms, will be open to the 
public on Sundays from 2 to 9 p. m. 

A list of ^^ Some books suitable for gifts to boys and girls *' is being 
printed, and will be ready for distribution at the Library in a few 


Residents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers may make 
application for cards at the Deposit Stations. 

Books may be returned to the Stations whether taken from tbem 
or from the central Library ; but books drawn from the Deposit Sta- 
tions must be returned to the Stations only. 

Coolldge*8 Comer Station.— Delivery of books to and from the 

Library on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Boylston Station, Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane. — 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 

The Library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection in the 
Children's Reading Room. 


G, indicates gift. 

GBmEaAI. W0BX8. 

Bartels, J. K., Go., publishers. Bartels's catalogue and reference 
list of the United States stamped envelopes, wrappers, letter 
sheets, and postal cards, also those of the Philippines, Porto 
Bico, and Cuba. Sd ed. Ed. by V. M. Berthold. 1904. 889.8 B28a 

Jewish Encyclopedia : a descriptiye record of the history, reli- 
gion, literature, and customs of the Jewish people from the 
earliest times to the present day. Prepared by more than 400 
scholars and specialists. Isidore Singer, managing editor. 
Vol. 11. 1906. Ref.20.90 

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examples. 1905. O. 029.5 N48 

Fharmacopoeia of the United States. 8th decennial revision. 
1905. Ref.65.1 

Bingwalt, B. 0. Briefs on public questions, with selected lists 

of references . 1906 . Ref .15.77 

** lodndes twenty-flye argumentatlTe briefs on questions in politics, eoono- 
mics, and sociology,— such as naturaliiation, woman sallhige, negro snfiWm^e, 
etc, — eadi being accompanied by general references and references on the 
negative and affirmatlye sides of the qnestion." —Library Joumai. 


Allen, 0. D. American book-plates: a guide to their study, with 

examples; with a bibliography by B. N. He wins. 1906. 097 A42 
Architectural Review. Library buildings. 1902. 022 A67 

Book-Prices Current: a record of the prices at which books 
have been sold at auction from Oct., 1904, to July, 1906. Vol. 
19. Lib'n's Boom 


Burdiardy B. L., con^. List and catalogue of the pnblicatioiiB 
Iflsued by the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Surrey, 1816-1908. G, 

LibVs Boom 

OoUixis, F. H. Author and printer: a gnide for authors, editors, 
printers, correctors of the press, compositors, and typists; 
with full list of abbreyiations: an attempt to codify the best 
typographical practices of the present day. 1905. Bef .70.48 

Courtney, W. P. A register of national bibliography, with a 
selection of the chief bibliographical books and articles printed 
In other countries. 1906. Sv. Bef. 16.87 

A TBlnable guide to sabJ«ot blbUofraphlet. 

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and opinions descriptiye of early prints and playing cards, the 
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zoon Coster, of Haarlem, and the work of John Gutenberg and 
his associates. 2d ed. 1877. 656 D49d 

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in the Dover Public Library relating to New Hampshire. 1908. 
O. 974.8 Z9 

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the time. 1908. G. Bef. 16,68 

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1800-1864. 1901. 087 C76 

GWes an aooouiit of the Ubrarj admtiUitratloii, its bibliograpbioAl policy. Its 
aohievements and plans, and tells of the sovernment's eailj poltojr with 
regard to collections of mannscripts and Americana. Contains a history of 
the Jefferson collection, now written for the first time. 

Slater, J. H. How to collect books. 1906. 090 S68h 

ConienU: Hints to beginners. — Some practical details.— Kannseripts.— 
Paper and paper marks.— The title-page and the colophon.— Incnnahala and 
the earlj printers.— niostrated books.— Some celebrated presses.— On book, 
bindings— Great collectors.— Aaction sales and catalogues.— £arlj editions 
and strange books. 

The author Is the well-known oompUer of the BngUsh Book-prieei cmt- 


United States. Doenmeinta Office. Lists of publicatioDS of the 

Agriculture department, 1862-1902, with analytical index. 

1904. O. Lib'n's Boom 

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M, Music; Class ML, Literature of music; Class MT, Musi- 
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ography and chronological record of all proceedings in Con- 
gress in relation to copyright from April 15, 1789, to April 
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An acooant of aatrology. 



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Contents: The birth to righteonsneu.— Dominion and ▼olantary senrioe^— 
Mine and thine.— Bdenoe and faith.— The love of conntry— hnmanityw— 
The ohurohes, the church, religloos justice.— Society and the indlTidnal 
social justice— The religions conception of work. 

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every word in alphabetical order, arranged under its Hebrew 
or Greek original, with the literal meaning of each, and Its 
pronunciation. 18th cd., rev. throughout, to which is added 
an important supplement entitled '^ A sketch of recent explora- 
tions in Bible lands," by Thomas Nicol. 1905. Bef . 80.17 




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An ezpoaltion of the natnre and toope of the jndicUl power in the United 
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introd. by Bramwell Booth. 1904. 0, 881.9 B688 

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Oat of a long and practical experience the author dltcnues many sabje cts of 
intereat to the botineM man,— office organisation and methods, credit, 
letter writing, the proper treatment of customers and emplojees, trading 
stamps, advertising, collections, etc., with a closing chapter on labor unions. 

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Law in general.— Personal rights.— Property.— Willa.— Con- 


Vol. 41. 


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Commercial paper.— Banks and banking.— Partnership.— Cor- 

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Wit of a dock.— Factors io animal life.— Animal oommnnication.— Devloat 
paths.— What do animals know?— Do animals think and reflect?— Pinch of 
salt.— Literary treatment of nature.— A beayer's reason.— Beading tha 
book of natnrcw— Gathered by the way. 


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Natnnl rtdio-aotlWtj : a new property of matter.— The resolntion of the 
atom.— Inorganic evolutioo.— The new knowledge and old problems. 
*■ We have as yet seen no book so well adapted to explain to the layman the 
meaning and the bearing of the latest researches into the mystery of the 
anlTerse."— ^i>eeUUor. 

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constructioDal details of all the appliances described, and care- 
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Contents : Magnetism and magnetic appantns.— Statlo eleetrioal instrn. 

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1905. 720.9 B8{ 

** Ai a popular elementary textbook this is welcome. Brightly and dearly 
written, and iUostrated by nnmeroos photographs and drawings." 


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2v. G. 755 D7J 

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An edition especially valuable for Its Illustrations. 

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tions on lawns and lawn planting, laying out and arrange- 
ment of country places, large and small parks, cemetery plots, 
and railway station lawns, deciduons and evergreen trees and 
shmbs, the hardy border, bedding plants, rockwork, etc. 1904. 

710 P25 

Potter, M. K. The art of the Venice Academy, containing a 
brief history of the building and of its collection of paintings, 
as well as descriptions and criticisms of many of the principal 
pictures and their artists. 1906. 708 ¥66 

Puvis de Ohavannes, P. 0. Reproductions of his paintings, with 
biographical introduction by Ars^ne Alexandre. 760 F99 

Sturgis, Bussell. The appreciation of pictures: a handbook. 
1906. 760.1 898 

Thonger, Oharles. The book of garden design. 1906. 716 T88 

Turner, J. M. W. The water-colour drawings of J. M. W. 
Turner in the National Qallery: a selection of fifty-eight sub- 
jectsre produced in colour, comprising Harboun of England^ 
Rivers of England^ Riven of France^ the Seine. With de- 
scriptive text by T. A. Cook. 1904. Art Case 6.8.6 

Walters, H. B. History of ancient pottery, Oreek, Etruscan, 
and Roman, by H. B. Walters. Based on the work of Samuel 
Birch. 1906. 2v. 788 W17 

**A book which is likely for many yewf to prove a most valaable workof refer- 
enoe. Almost erery page attests the care and thoronKlmeM with which pah. 
llshed aathoritles have been consulted; bat the author's familiarity with 
the vases themselves prevents his work from ever deiceneratlng into a 
mere compilation. It has not b^^n the aim of the aathor to propound new 
or brilliant theories, bat rather to snmmarize onr knowledi^e of andent pot- 
tery according to the opinions accepted by the most competent aathoritles at 
the present day. In his criticism of these opinions Mr. Walters showshlmself 
Impartial and open minded, and the sanity and sobriety of his Judgment give 
his work a position from which it will not easily be deposed." '^Atkenmum. 

Ward, James. Floral studies for decorative design, for the use 
of students and designers; consisting of a set of twelve plates, 
containing illustrations of fifteen specimens of plants, selected 
as suitable examples for use in omamental and decorative coin* 
positions. 1902. Folio case 1.16 


Watte, O. F. Pictures by George Frederick Watts. Introdno- 
tion and selections by J. E. Ford and T. W. Lamont. 1904. 

Art Case 6.8.9 

Worley, Geor^. Sonthwark cathedral, formerly the Collegiate 
Church of St. Savioar, otherwise St. Mary Overie: a short 
history and description of the fabric, with some account of the 
college and see. 1906. 726.2 S71w 


Bach, Oarl Fhilipp Emanuel. Sechs Sonaten f Qr Klavier al- 
lein. Bearbeitet u. mit einem Vorwort herausgegeben yon 
Hans von Btilow. 786 B118 

Baker, Theodore. A pronouncing pocket-manual of musical 
terms, together with the elements of notation, and condensed 
biographies of noteworthy musicians. 1906. 780.6 B17 

Barbi, Alice. Barbi-Album : Gesftnge alter italienischer Meister 
mit Vortragsbezeichnung versehen und in ihr Concertreper- 
toire aufgenommen. Musica antlca italiana del repertorio di 
Alice Barbi. 1890. 784.1 I88b 

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Concerto no. 1, Opus 16, in C major. 
With a complete arrangement for pianoforte of the orchestral 
accompaniment by Franz Kullak. Q. 786 B41ca 

Ohickexing and Sons. The commemoration of the founding of 
the house of Chickering and Sons, upon the eightieth anniver- 
sary of the event, 1823-1908. O. 781.4 C48 

Cutter, Benjamin. How to study Kreutzer: a handbook for the 
daily use of violin teachers and violin students. 1903. 781.6 C98 

Dent, E. J. Alessandro Scarlatti, his life and works. 780 S28 

Dickinaon, Edward. The study of the history of music, with 
an annotated guide to music literature. 1906. 780.2 D66 

Duncan, Edmonatoune. Schubert. 1906. 780 S88d 

Tk9 Nation calls this book the best on the sabject In the English language 
KpBii from Grove's long ariiole In his ZMdioYiary, which was intended to be 
issued separately. 

Franok, Oesar ▲. Symphonie pour orchestre. Reduction pour 

piano k 4 mains par Tauteur. 786 F84 


Foller^Maitland, J. ▲. Joseph Joachim. 1905. 780 J6tf 

Lahee, H. 0. Famous violinists of today and yesterday. 1899. 

780.1 LISy 
Mason, H. L. The history and development of the American 

cabinet organ. 0. 781.5 M88 

Oesterle, Louis, ed. Album of Russian piano music: sixty-eight 

pieces selected, edited, and fingered by Louis Oesterle. 1902. 

2v. 786.1 02b 

Pianoforte works, by various composers. 14 nos. in Iv. 0, 

786.1 P68h 

(JontenU: Mosakowski, Die Jonglenrin.— Grieg, Bereease.— Grieg, An 
den Frtthllng. — Grieg, Beroense.— Chopin, Deoxidme soheno (B molI)«— 
Chopin, Phantasle-imprompta.— Wagner, Walther's Preiailed.— Dellbet, 
I>iTerii«8ement.-> Godard, An matin.— Henselt, If I were a bird.— Ken- 
deUsohn, Spinning song.— Whelplej, Albnm leaf .— Seeling, Lorelej.— Wol- 
lenhaupt, Moroeanx charactAristiqnes. 

Spicker, Max, ed. Obligato-songs : a collection of songs, with ac- 
companiment of piano and violin (or violoncello) . 1905. 2v. 784.1 875 

Wagner, Richard. Isolden's Liebes-Tod: Schluss^cene aus 
Richard Wagner*s TriMlan und Isolde, ftlr zwei Pianoforte zu 
vier Hftnden bearbeitet von Alfred Fringsheim. (7. 786.8 W18 

Massachusetts. Oommissioners on Fisheries and Gams. Fish 

and game laws of Massachusetts. 1906. Ref . 45.82 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Outdoor pastimes of an American hunter. 

1905. 799 B69o 

Sandys, Edwin. Sporting sketches. 1905. 799 822 

Contains " picturesque aooonnts of shooting and fishing, pleasant detorip- 
tions of ont-of-door experiences, practical information for the oamper, 
fisher, and hanter."— Ou^tool;. 

Aschylus. The dramas of ^schylus. Trans, by Anna Swan- 
wick. 1901. 883 Aln 
The Prometheus bound of ^schylus. Ed. with introd., trans- 
lation, and notes, by Janet Case. 1905. 883 Alke 
The Prometheus bound of iEschylus. Trans, with introd. and 
notes, by Paul Elmer More. 1899. 883 Allca 


Ball«7» ^> H. The ontLook to nature. 1905. 834 B16 

ConimUi : The realm of the oommonplaoe.— Country and city .— The school 
of the f ntore^— Erolntion : the qnest of tnith. 

Browning, Bobert, Select poems, arranged in chronological 

order, with biographical and literary notes by A. J. Qeorge. 

1905. 820 B88ha 

Burke, Bdmnnd. Speech on conciliation with America. Ed. 

with notes and introd. by H. Lamont. 1904. 824 B95c 

Borty O. A. The art of expression. 1905. Sp. 52 

Part 1 gives exercises and suggestions for the student of elocution, discuss. 

ing articulation, voice, gesture, emphasis, relation of values, etc. Part 2 

consists of readings and recitations. 

Oolby, F. M. Imaginary obligations. 1904. 824 C68 

" Mr. Colby's method is primarily personal, uncompromising, whimsical, 
hrllliant. The worst fate ttiat is likely to befall him among reviewers is to 
be dubbed the American Chesterton, and there are worse fates than that. 
There exist indeed not a few points of resemblance between that English- 
man and this American. They are parallel. If not equal, in audacity, saliency, 
wit. Mr. Colby's essajrs, many of them of extreme brevity, have, like Mr. 
Chesterton's, been written mainly for newspapers. They are often brusque 
and sharp in substance and form. There is stuff in these fifty little essays to 
have made half a dozen volumes. The book is more brilliant, more pregnant 
of suggestion, than anything else of the kind which has so far been done by 
an Amerloaai."^AttarUie. 

Ooleridge, S.T. Ancient mariner. Illns. by J. N. Paton. O, 820 C69r 

Dmnunond, W. H. The voyageor. and other poems. 1905. 820 D796 
** Poems in Canadian patois, giving glimpses of prlnutive life on trail and 
river; full of both humor and patbos."— ^. L. A. Booklist, 

I>anbar, P. L. Howdy, honey, howdy. 1905. 820 D89h 

Short poems in the negro dialect. 

Dunn, M. B. Cicero in Maine, and other essays. 1905. 824 D92 
Contents : Cicero in Maine.— A plea for the shiftless reader.— The medita- 
tions of an ex-school committee woman.— Piazza philosophy.- The Brown- 
ing tonic— The book and the place.— Concerning temperance and judgment 
to come.— Book-dusting time.— Bducation. 

Engliah Oamer. Critical essays and literary fragments. With 

an introd. by J. Churton Collins. 1903. 825 £58 

Fifteenth century prose and verse, with introd. by Alfred 

W. Pollard. 1903. 825 £58a 

Later Stuart tracts, with an introd. by George A. Aitken. 1903. 

942.069 £58 



Bngrlish MisceUany : presented to Dr. Fumiyall in hcmoiir of his 

seyeDty-flfth birthday. 1901. 811 F98 

Gayley, 0. M., and Scott, F. H An introduction to the methods 

and materialfl of literary criticism, the bases in Aesthetics and 

poetics. 1901. 801 625 

Oibb, E. J. W. A history of Ottoman poetry, ed. by E. O. 

Browne. Vol. 4. 1905. 894 G85 

Ghraham, Harry. More misrepresentatiye men. Pictures by 

Malcolm Strauss. 1905. 828 G76 

Higginaon, T. W. Part of a man's life. 1905. 824 H637p 

Contents: The sannj side of the tranMendental period.— The ohUdmndhlf 
dreams.— English and American cousins.— American aodienoes.— The aris- 
tocracy of the dollar.— '* Intensely human.*'- Letters of mark.— Books un- 
read.— Butterflies in poetry.— Wordswortlisliire.— The dose of the Vletorian 
epoch.— Una Hawthorne.— History in easy lessons.— The oowardloe of eol- 

James, Henry. The question of our speech; The lesson of 
Balzac: two lectures. 1905. 426.5 J28 

Johnson, Lionel. The art of Thomas Hardy, with a bibli- 
ography by John Lane; [also, William Barnes, a biographical 
note, and The fire at Tranter Sweatley's, a Wessex ballad. By 
Thomas Hardy.] 1894. 814.1 H27j 

Mabie, H. W. The great word. 1905. 824 M112g 

Short essays, mainly on the influence of lore in human life. 

Merington, Mar^erite. Cranford, a play. A comedy in three 
acts made from Mrs. Gaskell's famous story. 1905. 822 M56 

Mother Goose. The only true Mother Goose melodies; an exact 
reproduction of the text and illustrations of the original edition, 
published and copyrighted in Boston in the year 1888 by Mun- 
roe and Francis. With introd. by Edward Everett Hale. 1905. 

898 M85 

Olde Ffrendes wyth newe faces adorned with sutable sculptures. 

1888. G, 898 044 

Contents: The louing ballad of Lord Bateman.— A true relation of the 
apparition of Mrs. Veal.— The long pack: a Northumbrian tale.— The 
sword dancers.— John Cunningham, the paittorai poet.— Ducks and green 
peas ; or, the Newcastle rider : a tale in rhyme.— Ducks and green peas : a 
farce.— Andrew Robinson Stoney Bowes, Esquire.— The gloamin' bnehte. 


BhakespMure Society. Publications. 1841-58 

Chester plays, ed. by Tho. Wright. 2y. 622.8 Q%& 

Lndns CoventriflB, a collection of mysteries f ormeriy repre- 
sented at Coventry; ed. by J. 0. Halliwell-Philllpps. 822.8 08b 
Marriage of wit and wisdom, ed. by J. 0. Halliwell-Phillipps. 

822.8 68ba 
Moral play of wit and science, and early poetical miscellanies, 

ed. by J. 0. Halliwell-Phillipps. 822.8 Gdbe 

Dekker, Chettle, and Haoghton. Patient Grissil. 822.8 08c 

Timon, a play; ed. by Alex. Dyce. 822.8 G8ca 

Sir Thomas Mo«.e, a play; ed. by Alex. Dyce. 822.8 08ce 

Ralph Bolster Bolster, by Udall; and Gorbodnc, by Norton 

and Sackville. Ed. by W. D. Cooper. 822.8 G8ci 

Shakespeare, W. First sketch of Shakespeare's Merry wives 

of Windsor, ed. by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps. 822.8 08d 

First sketches of second and third parts of King Henry VI, 

ed. by J. O. Halliwell-PhUlipps. 822.3 G8da 

The true tragedy of Richard III; with the Latin play of 
Blchardus Tertius, by Tho. Legge; ed. by Barron Field. 

822.8 68de 
The old Taming of a shrew, apon which Shakespeare founded 

his comedy; ed. by Tho. Amyot. 822.3 G8d 

Hey wood, Tho. First and second parts of King Edward IV; 

ed. by Barron Field. 822.3 Gdf 

Fair maid of the Exchange; and Fortune by land and sea, 

by Hey wood and Rowley. 822.3 Q8fa 

First and second parts of Fair miud of the West, ed. by J. 

F. CoUier. 822.3 G8fe 

Royal king and loyal subject, and Woman killed with kind- 
ness. 822.8 G8fi 
Two historical plays on the life and reign of Queen Eliza- 
beth, ed. by J. P. Collier. 822.8 G8fo 
The golden and silver ages, two plays; ed. by J. P. Collier. 

822.3 G8fy 
Henslowe, PhiUp. Diary, 1691-1609; ed. by J. P. Collier. 822.3 08g 
Collier, J. P. Memoirs of Edward Alleyn. 822.8 G8h 


Shakaspeare Bodflty. Publicatioiis. — eontimted. 

Collier, J. P., ed. The Alleyn pApero. 882.8 681ui 

Biche, Bam&by. Eight noTels employed by English dramatic 

poets of the reign of Elizabeth. 828.8 68k 

Nash, Thomas. Pierce Penniless's supplication to the deyil, 

ed. by J. P. Collier. 822.8 68ka 

Fools and jesters; with a reprint of Bobert Amim's Nest of 

ninnies, ed. by J. P. Collier. 822.8 G8ke 

Thynne, Francis. Debate between Pride and Lowliness, ed. by 

J. P. Collier. 822.8 081 

The ghost of Richard III, a poem founded upon Shakespeare's 

play; ed. by J. P. Collier. 822.8 G81a 

Ford, John. Honour triumphant, and A line of life. 822.8 681e 
Shakespeare Society. Papers. 4v. 822.8 G8m 

Stationers' Company. Extracts from the registers of works 

entered for publication, 1667-87, ed. by J. P. Collier. 2y. 

822.8 68n 
Cunningham, Peter. Extracts from accounts of revels at 

court, in reigns of Elizabeth and James I. 822.8 08p 

Tarlton, Richard. Tarlton's jests, and News out of Purgatory; 

ed. by J. 0. HalliweU-Phillipps. 822.8 G8pa 

Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., ed. Illustrations of the fairy myth- 
ology of A midsummer-night's dream. 822.8 G8qa 
Halpin, N. J. Oberon's vision in the Midsummer-night's dream 

illustrated by a comparison with Lylie's Endymion. 822.8 G8q 
Northbrooke, Jolm. Treatise against dicing, dancing, plays, 

and other idle pastimes; ed. by J. P. Collier. 822.8 QSa 

Gosson, Stephen. School of abuse, [and] Heywood, Tho. 

Apology for actors. 822.8 Gr8sa 

Collier, J. P. Memoirs of the principal actors in the plays of 

Shakespeare mentioned in the folio of 1628. 822 8 G8t 

Inigo Jones, a life of the architect by Peter Cunningham: and 

five court masques by Ben Jonson, John Marston, etc. Ed. 

by J. P. Collier. 8228 G8v 

Drummond, Wm., of Hawthomden. Notes of Ben Jonson's 

conversations with Drummond. 822.8 G8va 


BhakespMure 8oci«ty. Pnblicationi. — continued. 

Monday, Anthony. John a Kent and John a Camber, ed. by 
J. P. Collier. 822.3 08 w 

Simrock, K. J. Remarks on the plots of Shakespeare's plays, 
ed. by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps. 822.3 Q8x 

Shakespeare, W. King Henry IV, printed from a contempo- 
rary manuscript; ed. by J. 0. Halliwell-Phillipps. 822.3 G8xa 

Lodge, Thomas. Defence of poetry, music, and stage plays; 

An alarom against usurers; and Forbonius and Prisceria. £d. 

by David Laing. 822.3 68y 

The Upton letters. By T. B. 1905. £. B112 

Delightful letters written by an SngUsh schoolmaster to a friend. In his 
refleotlons on literarj, moral, and educational themes, we find the charm of 
simplidty and reality, and the Interest that always attaches to the comments 
of a keen tlilnking man on current aflkirs. 

Wttteon, William. Poems. 1905. 2y. 820 W88 b 

Wells, Garolyn, comp, A satire anthology. 1905. 828.1 W46s 


OoUective Biography and Genealogy. 
Bnssell, Gonstance Oharlotte Elisa (Lennox), Lady, Three 
generations of fascinating women, and other sketches from 
famUy history. 2d ed. 1905. 896 R91 

** The three generations are Mary Bellenden, commemorated with Molly 
Lepell and Qay's Epiitle to Pope ; her daughter Caroline, Countess of Alles. 
bnry; and Mrs. Dawson Damer, the sculptor. To them Lady Russell has 
added other heantles — the Gunnings; the Duchess of Gordon, whose wit 
diarmed Pitt and Walter Scott. The sketches giye evidence of wide read- 
ing."— ^^AetUBum. 

New-England Historical and Genealogical Begister. Index 
of persons, volnmes 1--50. Vol. 1, pt. 1. Aaciye-Bigland. 
1905. E96 N44b 

Browne. Gosse, E. W. Sir Thomas Browne. 1905. E.B8175 

Ohambers. Griffls, W. E. John Chambers, servant of Christ 
and master of hearts, and his ministry in Philadelphia. 1903. 

Oonverse. In memory of Elisha Slade Converse. Published by the 
city of Maiden. 1905. G. E.C7742 


Oortas. Ober, F. A. Hemando Cortes, ctmqaaat of Mezioo. 
1905. E.C8946.0 

Onuimer. Pollard, A. F. Thomas Cranmer and the English 

Reformation. 1489-1556. 1904. E.C8555.p 

" The aaihor's in-and^mt acqiiaiiitaiioe with ■izteeath.eeBtarr life, hlf iib> 
rlTiHed oomnuuid both of hlf mAterlal and the means of ejqireeiion, hli oer- 
taiatjr of Judgment, and hii aeate crltldsm, iboald alway ennre him a hear- 
Inglnqiite of atone of eontemptforothenandan aeridsareaamwhkhbjno 
meant tend to endear him to the reader. The present work reaehes, we 
think, the hlgh-water mark of his adileremeot. It will form the standard 
life of Cranmer for some time to oome."— ^MaMsiMt. 

Dilke, Emilia Frances (Strong), 2>idy. The book of the 

spiritnallife; with a memoir of the author by Sir Charles W. 

Dilke. 1905. E.D579 

•« The memoir of Lady DUke written by her second hnsband is eontiderably 
more than half of this Tolnme, bat It might have been expanded Into the 
regulation Life and yet not tell the pnblle more than it wished to know abont 
an nnasnally gifted woman whose intlmades and reputation were by no 
means Insular. Lady Dilke't career was at once brilliant, piquant and many, 
sided. Every one will be glad to have these posthumous essays.** 

— Soltirdaif JKsviev. 

Eliot. Forster, John. Sir John Eliot: a biography, 1593-165S. 
2d ed. 1872. 2y. E E189.f 

Gkirrison, William Lloyd. The words of Qarrison: a centennial 
selection, 1805-1905, of characteristic sentiments from the 
writings of William Lloyd Garrison; with a biographical sketch, 
list of portraits, bibliography, and chronology. 1905. E.OSIO 

Hancock. Hancock, Mr$. A. R. Reminiscences of Winfleld 
Scott Hancock, by his wife. 1887. O. E.H1985.h 

Henry VIII. Pollard, A. F. Henry VIII. 1905. 942.052 H89 

Knox. Lang, Andrew. John Knox and the Reformation. 1906. 


** Mo one who turns over the pages of this Yolume, even in the most onrtory 
manner, will run the slightest risk of wronging its author by Imagining that 
he is an admirer of the chief reformer of Scotland. In him Mr. Lang, no 
doubt, sees many excellent qualities . . . but he finds grave fault with 
him as a reformer, as a politician, and as an historian."— ^Memnim. 


LeyoBOxi-aowery E. F. Bygone years, recoUectioDS. Sd ed. 

1906. E.L581 

Like his brother, the late Lord GranTille, Mr. Leref on-Gower hAi been all 
hit life diitiiiKiiiihed for his sociable qaalities, which found free play in the 
pleasant iMlitioal and literarj sodetj of the Victorian era. These reminis- 
cences, written after his eightj-sixth birthday, give ns an interesting picture 
of that society. 

Lincoln, Abraham. Mawson, Agnes, comp, Winnowings for 
Lincoln's birthday. 1908. £ 

Marvell. Blrrell, Augustine. Andrew Marvell. 1905. E.M8709 

Mary, Queen of Scots. Henderson, T. F. The casket letters and 
Mary, Qneen of Scots; with appendices. Second edition, 
with reply to objections. 1890. 941.05 M89he 

Lamartine, A. M. L. de. Mary Staart. 1864. 941.05 M891a 

Sharman, Jalian. The library of Mary, Queen of Scots. With 
an historical introduction and a rare portrait of the queen. 
1889. 941.05 M89sa 

Skae, H. T. The life of Mary, Queen of Scots. 1905. 941.05 M89se 

Montaigne. Dowden, Edward. Michel de Montaigne. 1905. 


" This work seeks to interpret the author, not merely by the facts of his life, 
but also by what he reveals of himself in his writings. It is no cut-and- 
dried biography, but an illuminated record of the mind and soul of a man 
whom Salnte-Beuve called * the wisest Frenchman that ever lived.* *' 


Pellico, Silvio. Mes prisons, ou mtooires de Silvio Pellico. 

1849. O. E.P868.a 

Le mie prigioni, memorie di Silvio Pellico da Saluzzo. 1845. 
O. E.P368.b 

Bice. Hoar, Rockwood. William Whitney Rice, a biographical 
sketch: also the Whitney narrative; being an account of the 
Whitney family, written by Mr. Rice. 1897. G. E.R386 

Scott. Scott, M. D., comp. In memoriam, Rev. Greorge Robert 
Scott. 1905. G. £.Sco864 


Shakespeare. Fleay, F. 6. A chronlde history of the life and 

work of William Shakespeare, player, poet^ and playmaker. 

1886. 8SS.8 BS9 

" Of the hiftory of the theatres and theatrical oompanlet of Shakeqieare^ 
time, and the plays performed in and by each of these, Mr. Fleay probably 
knows more tlian any other liTlng man. . . . The retnlts of his patient 
and scholarly labor form a large part of this book, and aresotBciunt of them- 
selres togiye it permanent Talne as a eontribntion to the history of English 
literature."— W. J. Rolfe. 

Taylor, Mrs, Marie (Hansen). On two continents; memories of 

half a century. 1906. E.T2156 

By the wife of Bayard Taylor. " Her book Is at onoe a tribute to lier has- 
band, a biographical memoir of rare significanoe, and a helpfnl contribntioa 
to the literatare of the nineteenth oentary."— WcrldPa Work, 

Whistler. Raleigh, Walter. In memoriam, James McNeill 
Whistler. 1906. 760 W67r 


Bacon, A. M. In the land of the gods, some stories of Japan. 

1906. 898.62 B18 

The author of Japanue girls and women, who was a teacher at the 
Peeresses' School in Tokyo, here gires ten stories dealing with the popular 
beliefs and saperstitlonB of Japan and with its every^day life. 

Beebe, 0. W. Two bird-lovers in Mexico. 1906. 972.6 B89 

Chapters on the nature life of Mexico written during a trip to that country 
in the winter of 190a-0i. The last chapter on ** How we did it'* is by Mrs.. 
Beebe. The author is curator of ornithology of the Xew York Zottlogioal 
Park and life member of the New York Zoological Society. 

Brown, H. B. F. In and around Venice. 1906. 945.6 y6be 

** The author probably knows more about Venice than any living English, 
man, and we are glad he has written a companion to his Lifli on the lagoona. 
This book describes the life and architecture of Venice even more than its 
natural beauties, and in its account of the surroundings of the city lias the 
fascination of novelty. A spirited and happy book." ~- Spectator, 

Bumpus, T. F. Summer holidays among the glories of northern 
France, her cathedrals and churches. 1906. 726.4 B88 

Burt, F. H. Mount Washington: a handbook for travellers. 
1904. 974.26 W6b 


Oarl, X. ▲. With the Empress dowager. 1905. 951.6 C19 

**MlM Cwl, the Amerioui mrtitt who painted the portrait of the Bmprets 
Dowager which wat exhibited at Bt. LooIb, Ured for nearly a year In the differ- 
ent Imperial palaces of Peking, seeing the empress daily and associating con- 
stantly with the ladles of the court. She was present at all the state and 
religions functions that took place during her residence, and reoelTed many 
marks of the Empress's conHdence and favor. Throughout all history no 
other person from the Western world has been reoelred Into the Intimacy 
of the Imperial palaces. After Miss Carl had lived at court for a few months, 
she concluded that she would never make her experiences public, out of 
respect for Ohlnese prejudices and In order to conform to their Ideas of pro- 
priety. After her return to America, however, the false statements ascribed 
to her daily appearing in the newspapers convinced her that the only proper 
thing to do was to write a full and true relation of her Utt and experiences 
at the palace." — Ceniurp Mdffottine. 

Bngliflh Gamer. Voyages and travels, mainly during the 16th 

and 17th centuries. 1905. 2y. 910.4 B56 

A collection of the stories of the explorers and saflors of the 16th and 17th 
centuries, as told at the time. The book carries one back to that adventurous 
age In its accounts of voyages to unknown shores, of sea fights and of captivl- 
ties and escapes in far-olTlandB. These are reprinted, with slight alterations, 
from the Eoglisb garner issued by Professor Arl>er, 1877-00. 

Hutton, Edward. The cities of Umbria. 1905. 945.5 U4h 

** The author has travelled Umbria afoot, ever fleeing from * that army of 
martyrs, who are led about Italy by Baedeker.' Everything modem he 
hates, and lives in the past, with the saints and the great painters who 
etemlaed them. A Boman of the Romans, he denounces the ' barbarism ' 
of the Beformatlon, and the falling olT from the andent faith. To under- 
stand Italy, a man should be neither Roman nor Protestant, but pagan ; but 
since Umbria is the home of mysticism, it is good that a mystic should write 
of it. Of painting, Mr. Hutton is a discerning critic, both accurate and sug- 
gestive. His book will be invaluable to the tourist he so heartily scorns. 
We shall probably wait long for a better book on Umbrian painters and 
Umbrian saints." — Nation. 

Le«, Vernon, psevd. The enchanted woods, and other essays on 
the genius of places. 1905. 940.96 L51 

Impressions of travel in £urope. 

Logan, Daniel. Hawaii; its people, climate, and resources. 1903. 
G. 996.9 L82 




Malcolm, Haptor. Five yean in a Penlan town. 1906. 966.6 1CS9 

The town U Yesd, In central PenU. The book InefaMlee Inteteetlaf iHtoni 
donof thenoUlendreUnloasehnraotcrof thePcnIaat. NotpriMarUynpoa 
miifloni, Imt glTes mnch sbont the oiroanutnnoei under whkh inltrinnertoe 

Norway, A. H. Naples, past and present. 2d ed. 1905. 945.5 Nln 

"A work almost be7ond prmi«e;' echolarly, tnutworthy and bcnnttfoUj 
written, learned hot not dull. Not a gnlde, bat sapplementary to a guide. 
History, rcllfclon, legend, folk-lore, art,— nothing Is omitted; andsoTlrld 
are the descriptions that, as we read, we can almost see the iigs bla^enlng 
In the sunshine, and hear the breeses rnstllng throogh the mjrtle grofee. 
Unqnestlonablj the next best thing to Tlsltlng Naples Is to baj this book." 

— yaikm, 

Porchas, Samuel. Haklaytns posthmnns; or, Pnrchas his pU- 

grimes, contaynlng a history of the world in sea voyages and 

land travells, by Englishmen and others. Vols. 5-6. 1905. 910 F98 

A continnatlon and enlargement of Haklajt's Voifoget. Haklnyt left an- 
pnbllshed at his death a large collection of Toyages In mannscrlpt ;and Pnrchas 
added to them more royages and trarels of Dutch, Spanish, Portngnese and 
BngUsh explorers, with translations from very early books of trarel. Among 
the contents of Purchat His PUgrimea are to be f onnd the aooonnts of the 
early expeditions fitted out by the Bast India Company, of the adrentnres of 
Oi^taln John Smith In Turkey and Virginia, and of the Arctic dlscoyeHes 
of Barents, Baffin and Henry Hudson, and translations from Leo Afrioanns, 
Acosta,'OTiedo and Las Casas. The book was published in IttKS and has 
nerer before been reprinted. This reprint contains all the cnrions lllnstra- 
tions and maps of the original edition. 

St. Louis. Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Official handbook 

of the Ceylon coort. 1904. O, 954.8 814 

Scott, B. F. Voyage of the '' Discovery." 1905. 2y. 999 842 

Account of Important exploring and scientiflo expedition to Antarctic 
regions, 1901-1901. 

Singleton, John, eomp. Battle-fields of Natal re-visited. 1900. 
G. 968 2 861 

Thomas, Bobert. Wales, painted by Robert Fowler, described 
by Edward Thomas; with a note on Mr. Fowler's landscapes 
by A. J. Finberg. 1905. 942 9 T86 

" In his charming book the author leads us by unfamiliar tracks into wild 
comers where the spirit of the land still lives. The pictures are extremeij 
pretty and interesting.** -^Spectator, 


United states. CkMUit and Geodetio SurTey. Special pnblicar 
tioii no. 8. Atlas of the Philippine Islands. 1900. G. 991.4 U692a 

United State*. Geological Survey. Map of Alaska, showing 
known gold-bearing rocks, with descriptiye text containing 
sketches of the geography, geology, and gold deposits, and 
routes to the gold fields. 1898. G, 979.8 U26a 

Whitney, Oaspar. Jungle trails and jungle people: travel, ad- 
venture and observation in the far East. 1905. 799 W61] 

Deroted mainlj to an aoooimt of the aathor't hooting odTentores in lodia, 
Somntra, Molny, and Siam. 


American Historical Aeaociation. Annual report for 1908. 
1904. 2v. G. 978.06 H51 

AyeTy M. F. The South Meeting-house, Boston, 1669-1729. 1905. 
G. 974.45 B46om 

Boaae, O. W. Oxford. 1908. 942.5 08bo 

*' The history of the dty has been the first object; later on that of the Uni. 
yersity comes in, mainly in its relations to the dty.*'— Pr^fitce. 

Ohanning, Edward. A history of the United States. Vol. 1. 
The planting of a nation in the New World, 1000-1660. 1905. 

978 C45a 
** We do not know of a better brief discnssion of the discoTery of America, 
nor any so good of the intimate relation between the Bnglish-Spanlsh com- 
merdal rlralry of the sixteenth century and the English colonizing enter- 
prises of the seTenteenth."— jVo/ion. 

Oheyney, E. P. Social changes in England in the sixteenth 
century as reflected in contemporary literature. Part 1. Rural 
changes. 1895. 888.8 C42 

Dawson, 8. E. The Saint Lawrence, its basin and border-lands; 

the story of their discovery, exploration and occupation. 1905. 

970 D82 
Dexter, H. M.,and Dexter, Morton. The England and Holland 

of the Pllgriins. 1905. 942.055 D52 



Bvertoy L. VL^ pubUsher. HiBtoryof the Coniiecticat Valley in 
Kassachnsetts, with illustrations and biographical sketches of 
someof its prominent men and pioneers. 1879. 2y. O. 974.46 B98 

FroiMart, Jean. Collection de chroniqnes, mdmoires, et antres 
docmnents, ponr servir a ThLstoire de France depois le com- 
mencement dn treizitoie si^e jusqu'^ la mort de Lonis XIY. 
1865. G. 940.4 F92b 

Greenidge, ▲• H. J. A history of Rome dmring the later republic 

and early principate. Vol. 1. From the tribonate of Tiberius 

Gracchus to the second consulship of Marius, B. C. 188-104. 

1905 . 987 G88 

«« Thli work eomet from one who liAi already ihowa that he poaseiaet both 
learning and a mattery of oritloal methods; and mstalns hit repntatlon for 
aoonracy and penetration. Dr. Greenidge's writing is always forcible, some- 
times a little oolloqaial or obsoore, bat nerer tedioos or diflbse; his narra> 
tlTe oooasionally rising into a high dramatic Impressiyeness."— JIToMoii. 

Qriifin, Sir Lepel Henry, Ranjit Singh, and the Sikh barrier 
between our growing empire and Central Asia. 1898, 954 R16 

Hill, D. J. A history of diplomacy in the international develop- 
ment of Europe. Vol. 1. The struggle for universal empire. 
1905. 841.7 H55 

Jominiy A. H. A portable atlas for the use of those who desire 
to explore the fields of battle of Waterloo and Ligny. 1851. O, 

944.05 J68 

JoMphus, Flavioa. Whole works. 1785. Q, 988 J77a Copy 2 

McCarthy, Justin. History of our own times. Vols. 4-5. 
From the Diamond Jubilee, 1897, to the accession of King 
Edward VH. 1905. 942.08 M18 

Mac6, Jean. La France avant les Francs. Q. 944.01 M15 

Mahan, A. T. Sea power in its relations to the war of 1812. 
1905. 2v. 978.5 Bi27 

Marshall, John. History of colonies planted by the English on 
North America. 1824. O. 978.2 M86 

Maaaachuaetta. Secretary of the Oommonwealth, Massachu- 
setts soldiers and sailors of the Revolutionary war. Vol. 18. 
1905. a. B9.M88 


Old School Boys of Boston. [History and register of members] . 
1908. Q, 974.45 B460 

Poors, B. P. The rise and fall of Louis Philippe, ex-king of the 
French; giving a history of the French revolation from its 
commencement in 1789. 1848. G. 944.06 L9b 

BlvorOy M. B. de, and TSchudi, J. J. von. Peniyian antiquities; 
translated into English from the original Spanish by F. L. 
Hawks. 1853. G, 985 B52 

Siehsl, Bdith. Catherine de Medici and the French Reformation. 

1905. 944.02 C28s 

" In thii Yolnme we haye before as not the Catherine of St. Bartholomew 
And the wan of the Catholle League, bat an earlier manlfeitatlon, the Se- 
tCUkX who was still smarting ander the wrongs soffered under a Catholic 
rigime, and who yet leaned towards the Hngaenots rather than the Onises. 
The book opens with a general appreciation of Catherine, which we beliere 
to be substantially Just. One of the most interesting chapters in the book 
is that uiK>n Jeanne de Nararre, commonly called Jeanne d'Albret, the 
mother of Henri IV. Of all the women of the Hugaenot party, she was the 
most notable.*'— ^^AencBttm. 

Victoria EUstory of the Ctoonties of England. Buckingham- 
shire, ed. by Wm. Page. Vol. 1. 1905. 942.5 B86p 

Eadl subject connected with the county is discussed by an expert. This 
Tolume includes chapters on the natural history of Buckinghamshire, 
its arclusology, and religious history. 

Cumberland. Ed. by James Wilson. Vol. 2. 1901. 942.5 C9w 

Villari, Loigi, ed. The Balkan question: the present condition 

of the Balkans and of European responsibilities, by various 

writers. 1906. 949.7 V71 

Careful and interesting studies by experts in luowledge of the subject, with 
an introduction by James Bryoe. They do not, howeyer, agree on any prac- 
tieal solution of the problem. 

Waters, T. F. Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay colony. 1905. 

974.46 I64w 

Based on the original records. The second part is a study of the original 
land grants for house lots, and the successive owners to the present genera. 
. tlon. Well illustrated by maps, facsimiles, and photographs. 



Barbour, B. H. Four in camp: a story of smniner adyentures 
in the New Hampshire woods. JB285.8 

Butler, E. O. Oar little Mexican cousin. 1906. J972.6 B98 

DiokenSi Charles. A Christmas carol and The cricket on the 
hearth. 1905. 1D655.1 

Hall, A. N. The boj craftsman, practical and profitable ideas 
for a boy's leisure hoars. 1905. j790 H17 

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tory preface by Andrew Lang. 1899. j81S 8681 

Lang, Andrew, ed. The red romance book. 1905. JS91 L96a 

Long, W. J. Northern trails: some studies of animal life in the 
far North. 1905. J590 L84n 

Lucas, E. v., cornp. Old-fashioned tales. With illus. by F. D. 
Bedford. 1L974.1 

Mabie, H. W., ed. Fairy tales every child shoold know: a selec- 
tion of the best fairy tales of all times and of all aathors. 
1905. JM187.1 

MacLeod, Mary. The Shakespeare story-book. With introd. by 
Sidney Lee. j818 868m 

Pyle, Howard* The story of the champions of the Round Table. 

1905. 1291 A78pa 

Smith, Mrs. X. P. W. The boy captive in Canada. 1905. J978.2 866bo 
Seqael to Boff captive qfold DurfieUL. 

Stoddard, W. O. The boy Lincobi. 1905. JB.L788 

Thompson, A. B. Shipwrecked in Greenland. jTd74d.2 

White, E. O. An only child. With illas. by Katherine Pyle. 

1906. JW689.9 

Wood, Theodore. A natural history for young people. j590 W87 
SEiemssen, Ludwig. Johann Sebastian Bach. 1905. j780 Z6 




Bagot, Bichard. The passport. B156.5 

Barr, Jl&s, A. B. Cecilia's lovers. BS75.48 

Boldrewoody Boll, pseud. The last chance, a tale of the golden 

West. R686.17 

Brown, Alice. Paradise. B814.9 

Obambers, B. W. The reckoning. C8691.18 

OhMnatt, O. W. The colonel's dream. C4845.5 

Ckmnolly, J. B. The deep sea's toll. [Short stories.] C7674.8 

Ctonch, A. T. Quiller-. Shakespeare's Christmas, and other 

stories. C885.16 

Oroekett, 8. B. The cherry ribband. C875.29 

JMZy B. K. The fair maid of Graystones. D646.5 

CMMing, George. Will Warbarton. 

Qraham, Mn. M. 0. The wizard's daughter, and other stories. 

Herrick, Bobert. Memoirs of an American citizen. H487.6 

Hobbea, J. O.^pseiuL. The flute of Pan. H669.8 

Hope, Anthony, pseud. A servant of the public. H778.26 

Howells, W. D. Miss Bellard's inspiration. H848.88 

McOutcheon, G. B. Nedra. M148.5 

Phillpotta, Eden. Knock at a venture. P550.9 

Poor, A. B. Under guiding stars, a Massachusetts story of the 

century end. P797.8 

Gtherwood, M. P. The coming of the tide. S562.6 

Smith, F. H. The wood fire in no. 8. S647.ll 

Thanet, Octave, pseud. The man of the hour. T829.9 

Thnraton, Mrs. K. O. The gambler. T425.8 

Train, Arthur. McAllister and his double. T692.1 

Wharton, Mrs. E. N. {J.) The house of mirth. W656.7 

Wiggin, Mrs. K. D. Rose o' the river. W641.16 

Wilkins, M. E. The debtor. W657.19 

WilUamaon, O. N., and Mrs. A. M. My friend the chauffeur. W681.4 

Ths BrvBBOALB Pbxsi : C. ▲. W. Spbnobb. 

■ijto *■ FEBRUARY, 1906 




VOL. XII. No. a 

Brookline, Mass. 



A ^ 

Public Library of Brooeline 


Louisa M. Hoopbr. 


Wbbk Days. 
9 A. M. to 9 p. M., legal holidays excepted. 

2 to 9 p. M. 

School Refkrbncr and Childrsn's Rooms. 

Week days only, 2 to 6 p. m., and also from 10 to 12 on Saturday 


Residents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers may make 
application for cards at the Deposit Stations. 

BooIls may be returned to the Stations whether taken from them 
or from the central Library ; bat books drawn from the Deposit Sta- 
tions must be returned to the Stations only. 

Coolldge'8 Comer Station.— Delivery of books to and from the 
Library on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Boylston Station, Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane.— 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 

The Library is free. Residents of Brookline over twelve years of 
age may take out books. 

Children under twelve may borrow books from the collection Id the 
Children's Reading Room. 


O, indicates gift. 


Oantury. Vol. 70. N. S. Vol. 48, 1905. Per. C2o 

Oosmopolitan. Vol. 39, 1905. Per. C77 

International auarterly. Vol. 11, 1905. Per. 184 

laving Age. Vol. 246, 1905. Per. L65 

McClure's Magazine. Vol. 25, 1906. Per. M15 

Macmillan's Magazine. Vol. 92, 1905. Per. M19 

Monthly Review. Vol. 20, 1905. Per. M77 

Monsey's Magazine. Vol. 33, 1905. Per. M90 

New England Magazine. Vol. 32, 1905. Per. N45 

Rand, NcNally Sc Company, publishers. New iiupeiial atlas 
of the world, containing large scale colored maps of each state 
and territory in the United States, provinces of Canada, tlie 
continents and their subdivisions; [with] ready reference mar- 
ginal index. 1905. 910.8 R15 
United States. Census Office. Abstract of tlie twelfth census 

of the United States, 1900. 3d ed. 1904. G. Ref . 45.5 

ConteiUs : Population. — Mortality. — Agriculture. — Manufactures. — 
Street and electric railways.— Central electric light and power stations.— 
Mines and quarries. 

12th census, 1900. Statistical atlas. Prepared under tlie 

supervision of Heni-y Gannett. 1903. G. Ref. 45.7 

Contents: Population. —Vital statistics. — Agriculture. — Manufac- 

United States. Cong^ress. Official Congressional directory. 

59th Congress, 1st session. 2ded. 190G. G. Ref. 45.12 

United States. Department of Interior. Oflicial register of 

the United States. 1903. 2v. G. Ref. 45.10 

Whitaker, Joseph. Almanac for tlie year 1900. Ref. 60.33 

World's Work. Vol. 10, 19nr>. Per. WOO 



Auction Prices of Books : a representative record arranged ia 
alphabetical order from the commencement of the Bng^h 
Book-prices current in 1886, and the American boobpriou atr- 
rent in 1894, to 1904, and including some thousands of im- 
portant auction quotations of earlier date. Bd. by L. S. 
Livingston. Vol. 4. 1905. Bef. 

Orane, W. J. B. Bookbinding for amateurs ; being descriptions 
of the various tools and appliances required and minute in- 
structions for their effective use. 1903. 095 C85 

Hasditt, W. 0. The book-collector, a general survey of the 
pursuit and of those who have engaged in it, with an account 
of public and private libraries and anecdotes of their founders 
or owners, and remarks on bookbinding and on special copies 
of books. 1904. 090 HSte 

Pollard, A. W. Books in the house: an essay on private libra- 
ries and collections for young and old. 1904. 090 P76 

Slater, J. H. The library manual : a guide to the formation of 
a library, and the valuation of books. Sd and enl. ed. 

Lib*n's Room 

Angell, J. B. Psychology: an introductory study of the struc- 
ture and function of the human consciousness. 1905. 150 A58 
**One of the best elementarj text-books on the sabjeot."— iStftMSolional 

Lavater, J. 0. Essays on physiognomy ; written in Grerman, and 
trans, into English by Thomas Ilolcroft. 2d ed., with life of 
the author. 1804. Sv. in 4. O. 189 L88 

Maxwell, J. Metapsychical phenomena, methods and observa- 
tions. With a preface by Charles Rlchet, and an in trod, by 
Sir Oliver Lodge. 1905. 184 M45 

Conients : Method.— Raps. — Parakinesis and telekinesis.— Lumlnoaf 
phenomena. — Psycho-sensory and Intelleotnal phenomena. — 8orae reoently 
obsenred psychical phenomena, by L. I. Finch. — Fraud and error. —0«n- 


% B. B. . The approach to philosophy. 1905. 180.1 P4S 

** If tbere be may laiplntlon mnd orlirlnality In thto book, thej are due to 
■y great detire tbAt phlloiophy ahoald i^pear In its relation to more famil- 
iar ezperiencet. I hare taerifloed all else to the task of mediating between 
the tradition and teohnloalitiet of the aeademicditoipltne, and the more com- 
mon terms of life. In Pari 1, 1 hare sought to introdooe the general problem 
of philosophy tliroagh its impUoation in practical life, poetry, religion, and 
sdeaee. I hare in Pari 2 undertaken to furnish the reader with a map of 
the country to which tie has been led, with a general dassilication of philo- 
sophical problems and conceptions. Part S deals with systems of philoso- 
phy.** — AdapUd from Pr^flaoe, 

8idg:wicky Henry. Lectures on the philosophy of Kant, and 
other philosophical lectores and essays. 1905. 190 ^56 

ConUnU: The metaphysics of Kant. ~ The metaphysics of T. H. Green.— 
The philosophy of Herbert Bpencer.— The sophists.— Incoherence of em- 
pirical philosophy. — A dialogue on time and common sense. — The philoso- 
phy of common sense. — Criteria of truth and error. 


Alexander, Mr$, Francis, eomp, ani tr. II libro d*oro of those 

whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life. 1905. 271 AST 

A collection of more than one hundred and twenty miracle stories and 
sacred legends, written by the fathers of the church !and published in Italy 
in the ISth, 17th and 18th centuries. 

▲nte-Nicene Fathers: translations of the writings of the 

Fathers down to 825 A. D. Alexander Roberts and James 

Donaldson, editors. American reprint of the Edinburgh 

edition; rev. and chronologically arranged, with brief prefaces 

and occasional notes, by A. C. Coze. 1908. lOv. 270.1 A62 

Yol. 1. St. Clement. — Mathetes.— Polyoarp.— Ignatius.— Barnabas.— Pa- 
pias.— Justin Martyr.— -Irenaeus. 

2. The pastor of Hennas. — Tatian.— Theopbilus.— Athenagoras.— 

Clement of Alexandria. 

3. Latin Christianity : its founder, Tertuilian. 

4. Tertuilian, part 4.— Municius Felix.— Commodian.—Origen, parts 


5. H ippolyttti .— Cyprian . — Cuius .— Noratian . 

6. Gregory Thaumatnrgus.— Dionysins the Great.— Julius Afrloanns.- 

AnatoUus and minor writers. — Archelans.— Alexander of Ly- 
copolis. — Peter of Alexandria. — Alexander of Alexandria.— 
Methodlni. — Amobins. 


Ante-Nicene Fathers. — continued, 

7. lAotantioi. — Venantloi. — Astc'riat Urbanni . -- Vietoiinas. — 

Dlooyslns of Rome.— Teaching of the twelre apottlet.— Gomtl- 
tations of the apostles.— Homily, ascribed to Clement.- Bariy 

8. Testaments of the twelre patriarchs.— £xoerptft of Theodotus. — 

Two epistles ooneemiDg Tirginity, [attributed to Clement]. — 
Pseudo-Clementine literature. — Apocrypha of the New Testa- 
ment. — The Decretals. — Memoirs of Bdessa and ancient Syriac 
documents. — Remains of the 2d and 3d centuries, 
tf . Original supplement to American edition ; Allan Menxles, editor. 

A. Recently discovered additions to early Christian literature. 
The gospel of Peter. — The Diatessaron of Tatian.— Berelation 
of Peter. — Vision of Paul. — Apocalypse of the Virgin.- Apo- 
calypse of Sedrach.— Testament of Abraham.— Acts of Xan- 
thippe and Polyxena. — Narrative of Zosimus. — Epistles of 
Clement. — Apology of Aristldes the philosopher. — Passion of 
the Scillltan martyrs. 

B. Commentaries of Orlgen. 

Commentary on gospel of John. — Commentary on gospel of 
10. Original supplement to the American edition; A. C. Coxe, editor. 
Bibliographical synopsis by B. C. Richardson; fand] general 
index, by Bernhard Pick. 
Orothers, S. If . The endless life. 1905. 280.8 C88 

Ingersoll lecture on the immortality of man, 1906. 
Hall, 0. 0. The universal elements of the Christian religion : 
an attempt to interpret contemporary religious conditions. 
1005. 281 HU 

ConUnia: The church and the Christianizatlon of the world.— The bear- 
ing of sectarian movements upon the Christianizatlon of the world.— 
The recovery of the apostolic theology. — The Saviour of the world.— The 
constructive office of Biblical criticism.— The larger church of Christ. 

Howe, B. H. Quadragesima; or, thoughts for each day in Lent. 
1895. O. 242 H88 

Hyde, William DeWitt. Jesus' way: an appreciation of the 
teaching in the synoptic gospels. 1902. 248 H99 

Peabody, F. G. Jesus Christ and the Christian character: an 
examination of the teaching of Jesus in its relation to some of 
the moral problems of personal life. 1905. 282 P81 

Lyman Beecher lectures at Yale University, 1904. 


Phillipfl) 8. L. Agreement of evolation and Christiaiilty. 2d ed. 
19M. &, 280.6 P54 

Wood, Henry. Life more abundant: scriptoral truth in modem 
iHPplication. 1905. O. 281 W85I 


Bxmndenbargy Broaghton. Imported Americans: the story of 
the experiences of a disguised American and his wife study- 
ing the immigration question. 1904. 825.1 B78 

** The anthor and his wife, in the guise of poor Italians, traveled to Naples 
in the steerage, risited the centres of most profuse emigration, and returned 
as Immigrants. The anthor is a trained foreign and war correspondent." 

COUtpin, H. D. Vital questions. 1905. 804 C85 

CorUeniM : Apologia.— Vital questions. — Inequality.— The Unfit. — Pot- 
erty.— The child.— Health.— Education.— Snccess.—Happiness.— Beligion.— 

OharitieB. Vol. 14, 1905. 881.905 C8 

Ooman, Katharine. The industrial history of the United States, 

for high schools and colleges. 1905. 888.97 C78 

** Groups conveniently in a well-lllnstrated text-book, information ranging 
from land tenure of early days to monopolies of the present day." 

— j|. X. A. Book List. 

Oommona, J. B., ed. Trade unionism and labor problems. 

Edited, with an introduction, by John R. Commons. 1905. 

881.21 C73 

The editor is professor of political economy in the University of Wisconsin. 
The chapters are reprints of articles by sdentiflc and practical investigators, 
each chosen to bring out a single phase of the subject, with concrete illustra- 
tions. The book makes accessible to the general public the most important 
recent contributions of skllied investigators In the field of American labor 
and trade unions. 

Oongreaaional record, containing the debates and proceedings 
of the 58th Congress, 8d session, Dec. 6, 1904-March 4, 1905, 
with index. 1905. 5y. O. 2014.8 


QeoTg9, Henry, Jr. The menace of prlTilege: a study of the 

dangers to the republic from the existence of a favored class. 

1905. 848.735 G89 

** This volume striref to show how privileges sanctioned by goveinment on- 
derlle the social and political, mental and moral manifestations that appear 
so ominous in the republic. The monopoly of natural opportunities, heavy 
taxes upon production, private 0¥mership of public highways and other lea- 
ser privileges, cause the great Inequalities in the distribution of wealth which 
are evident all about."— iVcA>ce. 

Includes discussion of such subjects as the rise of class feeling, the growth 
of the aristocratic idea, the rise of a militant trade-unionism, and the cor- 
ruption of politics. 

Henderson, G. F. B. The science of war: a collection of 

essays and lectures, 1892-1908. Ed. by Neill Malcolm, with a 

memoir of the author by Field-Marshal Earl Roberts. 1905. 

855 H88 

CanUrUM : War.— Strategy.— The tactical employment of cavalry.- Tactics 
of the three arms combined.— Notes on Wellington.— Military oritldsm and 
modem tactics.— Lessons from the past for the present.— Battles and leaders 
of the Olvil War.— The American Civil War.— The battle of Gettysburg.— The 
campaign in the wilderness of Virginia, 1804.— The training of infantry for 
attacks— Foreign criticism.— The British army. 

Hobson, J. A. The evolution of modem capitalism: a study of 

machine production. 1904. 881 H65 

Kelley, Florence. Some ethical gains through legislation. 1905. 

881.18 K28 
ContentM : The right to chUdhood.— The child, the state, and the nation.— 
The right to leisure.— Judicial interpretations of the right to leisure.— 
Right of women to the ballot.— Rights of purchasers.— Rights of purchasers 
and the courts. 

Loane, M. The queen's poor, life as they find It in town and 
country. 1905. 881.8 L78 

Of those who work professionally among the poor, and have a first-hand 
knowledge of their lives and thoughts, most, If not all, have had experiences 
worthy of record. Miss Loane has contrived to find time, in the midst of a 
busy life of district nursing, to keep notes of her experiences. Her stories 
are grouped under such suggestive headings as Husband and wife among the 
poor, The religion of the respectable poor. The art of polite conversation, 
and so forth. 

Kftrden, O. S. Choosing a career. 1905. 177.8 M88c 


Mftiiachu— tto. GtnumX Ctonrt. General laws of Massachusetts 
relating to railroad corporations and street railway companies. 
ProYisions of the revised laws, with subsequent legislation to 
and Including the year 1905. Compiled by Board of Ballroad 
Commissioners. 1906. Q. Ref . 45.88 

Budgett. Model factories and villages: ideal conditions 

of labour and housing. 1905. 881.1 M46 

** Ifr. M eaUa hai iiuid« mi elaborate itndj of the Tarioua faotoriei throogb. 
OBt the worid in wbloh prodoetlon baa been organised on the prinolple of 
oonaldering the weU-bdng of tbe work-people aa well aa the profiti of tbe enu 
plojer. Hif aooonnt if an extraordinarily Intereflting book. Now tbat com. 
petition liaa serlonal/ asiailed the proflti of the arerage mannf aotorer, we 
fceommend the renuukable lesaona in Ifr. M eakin's paget to hit oarefnl oon- 
aideratlon. The book deala with what la aotnally being done in Europe and 
the United Statea."— Speetetor. 

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" We know of no other work to which one oonld go for §o complete and ac- 
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Wllklns has been at pains to piece together the varied information 
In several German and French authors. He is by no meank devoid of hum- 
our, and the amount of modem parallel he allows himself is nicely calculat- 
ed to import interest into his subject without leading to false analogies." 

— Aihmttwm. 

Folklore and Oaatoma. 

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** A dear itatement of the method* hy whioh Mr. Burbank has prodnoed 
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** Reports of a course of lectures to young people glren at the Boyal Institu- 
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the meUlt^— The anwon lenda. — Lend from the waten. — The prohlcm of 
the Nile. — The maintenanoe of the >oll. — The reaooroea of the tea. — The 
ehaoges to oome in the homan perlod.~The beantj of the earth.— The 
fntnre of nature upon the earth.— The hwt of earth and man.— The attitude 
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** Paragnph extracts. Well teleeted, but probably leu mtiifMtory to readen 
than the Tolame of complete eetays entitled AeqwmimUat and othtr ad- 
drei$e$ to wietUetU stHdenia, ntcrtet, jMtMMMonert.'*— ^. L. A. BootUti. 

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Contents: Byzantium or Lombardy. — Andrea Palladio.— The architect 
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I'Arme. — The Italians at Fontalneblean. 

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Contents: Historical introduction. — Sculpture. — Architecture. — fironse. 
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CknUenis: Augnttut Saint-Gftadens. — George Orey Bunard.— John 
Quinej Adamf Ward. — Daniel Chester French. — Frederick Macmonnief .— 
Pani Weyland Bartlett. — Herbert Adanu. — Charles Henrjr Niehaas. — Olin 
LctI Warner. ~ Solon Hannibal Borglam.— Victor Darid Urenner.— 
The deooratire motire. — The ideal motive. 

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C&iUeiU$ : The arts and crafts morement. — The teaching of art.— Methods 
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tions on the sense of beanty.— Social and ethical bearings of art.— Orna- 
ment and its meaning.— House-decoration. —Progress of taste in dress. — 
Temporary street decorations. — Treatment of animal forms in decoration 
and heraldry. — Designing of book-corers. — The use of gilding in decora- 
tioB of raised work in gesso. — Relation of the easel picture to decorative art.— 
A great artist in a literary searchlight: [O. F. Waits, by C. K. Chesterton.] 

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Contmtt* : Painting.— Colour printing. — Sculpture and carving. — Metal 
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of flowers. 

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** Aims to help the uninitiated in art matters. Miss Harwood arranges her 
artists alphabetically, giving us some account of their llvesjand their most 
important works, and telling where these are to be found; with small illus- 
trations, good only for assistance in remembering the compositions. The 
book is good to read, full of interesting historical detHll, and ample in quota- 
tions from writers ancient and modern. "—Nation. 

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retic, and applied. 770 H27a 

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** This volume leaves nothing of moment to t>e desired. It is historical, it is 
technical where it should be, it is soientiflo, it is critical; and above all it is 
interesting from cover to cover, so that In perusing it or in studying it one 
cannot help but feel he Is being Instructively led by a writer who has under- 
stood and carefully considered and weighed the subject upon which he treats. 
Unforfunately, there are few works for which so much as this can advisedly 
be said; and Mr. Heath's treatise upon minatures stands out in bold relief in 
comparison with the many shortcomings of his forerunners in the same 
fleld." — IMal. 


Iihain, SamueL The history of American painting. 1906. 759.1 I7S 

** Not an ennmeratloii of all American paintert, bat a earefollj worked ovt 
hiitory of the derelopment of the art, with Ihres and works of indtridoal 
painten af llloitrating ■ocfa derelopnient.''^^. L, A. BookUti. 

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945.5 F6r 

" It li with the historic 'and literary associations of the Florentine palaces 
that Mrs. Ross is ohiefl/ concerned. Her book is a mine of ralnble Infor- 
mat ion, gathered fromUttle-known oontemporarj records inaccessible to the 
English reader." — Atkenaum, 

Skipton, H. P. K. John Hoppner. 1905. 750 H79 

*' Mr. 8kipton his an onworked field for his labors, no prerions substantiTC 
biographies to consult, yet he has succeeded in producing an interesting 
little book. Hoppner was a great artist, worthy to rank with Romney and 
abore Lawrence." — Atkenentm. 

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750 G79 
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765 V28a 
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nunc. 79 

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by J. H. ComeU. 1904. 780.9 B96 

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a preface and notes, and the earlier examples entirely reyised, 
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New edition of hit Popntor mutie itfth€ oiden Kme, pobliihed in 1SS9. 

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2v. 781 E26 

Vol. 1. Her origin.— AnMtasia Robinson and LtTinia Fenton.— Cnxsoni 
and Faustina.— Mingottl and Gabrielli.— Sophie Arnonid.— Mara.— 
Catalani.— Colbran-Rossinl.— Pasta.- Sontag.— Malibran.— Grisi. 

Vol. 2. Jenny Lind.— Bosio.- Titlens.— Patti.— Pauline Lnoca.— Christine 
Nilsson.—Albanl.— A flight of prime donne.— Mdlle. Schneider.— 
The prima donna and some operatic oonrentions.— The prima donna 
as a type. 

Ehlert, Louia. From the tone world; a series of essays. Trans. 

from the German by Helen D. Tretbar. 1885. 780.8 E88 

CofUerUi : Carl Taussig.— Mendelssohn.— Genrlnns and purely instmmen. 
tal music- OfTenbach.- TViston and Isolde, by Wagner.— Music teaching 
and the public— A scene from Die MeitterHnger.^WtLgner, Mackert, Ham- 
erling: a parallel.— Concert system of Berlin.— Gounod contra Wagner.— 
Stage festival at Bayreuth.— Schumann and his school.— Volkmann.— 
Chopin.— Brahms.— Wagner's Pars{/M.— Liszt as an author.— Concerning 
polygraphy.— Music and sociability. 

Elaon, L. 0. The history of German song : an account of the 
progress of vocal composition in Germany from the time of the 
Minnesingers to the present age, with sketches of the lives of 
the leading German composers. [Also] Last hours of great 
composers. Rev. ed. 1908. 780.23 E49 



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Ed. by Ridley Prentice. 781.4 F48 

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tion to the end of the nineteenth centory; with a complete list 
of anthems, in alpliabetical order, belonging to each of the 
four centuries. 1901. 781.1 F81 

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781.01 WiShe 

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Trans, from the German by Arthur Duke Coleridge, with an 
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781 H67 

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CanienU : General muiio during the Queen's reiipi in England.— Wagna* 
in England.— LdBzt In England.— Berlioz in England.— Oonolusion. 

Musical Studies. 1880. 780.8 H87 

C&iUenU: Tha/er's JSeefAoven.— Chopin.— Foreign aohools of muaio^— 
Arthur Schopenhauer.— Richard Wagner and hia Xing tf the Nf^hmg.-' 
Three French operas : Biset's GoniMfi; Qounod's Polgeude; Massenet's 
JM d€ JUiAor«.— The chances of the BngUsh opera. 

MUSIC. 81 

Xlaeqmakiy Jmui. Chopin'i greater works; preludes, ballads, 
noctnmts, polonaises, mazurkas: how they should be under- 
stood, inclading Chopin's notes for a Method of methodi. Trans, 
with additions by Natalie Janotha. 780 C59k 

Srehbielf H. B. Studies in the Wagnerian drama. 1904. 

781.01 WlJke 
ConteiUM: The WagnerlAn dnuna, its prototype! and elementt.— Triitan 
nnd Isolde.~Die Meittersinger Ton Nlirnberg.—Der Ring det Nibelongen.^ 

T^anghana, Wilhelm. The history of mnsic, in twelve lectures. 

Trans, from the German Sdenl. ed. by J. H. Cornell. 1896. 

780.8 L26 
ConimU$ : Antiquity.— Mnaio of early Ohriftimn age^— Beginnings of poly, 
phonic mnsic.— Musical sorereignty of the Netherlanders.— Luther's Refor- 
mation and the Renascence.— Italian opera.— French opera.— German opera- 
—The oratorio.— Instmmental mnsic— Romanticists of the 19th centnry.^ 
Richard Wagner. 

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sketch. 1889. 780 R89m 

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780 M29 

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0. 781.4 M88 

May, Florence. The life of Johannes Brahms. 1905. 2y. 780 B81m 
** A deeply interesting boolc, which throws a great deal of new light on 
Biahms' character and career. The [author, who was Brahms' pupil in the 
serenties, and Icept up friendly relations with lilm to the end of his life, has 
laid all who recognize his genius under a deep obligation by her interest, 
sound Judgment, and excellent taste."— Spectator, 

Newman, Bmest. Gluck and the opera: a study in musical 

history. 1895. 780 G56n 

Musical studies. 1905. 780.8 N46 

Contents: Berlioz, romantic and classic— Faust in music— Programme 
music— Herbert Spencer and the origin of music— Maeterlinck and music- 
Richard Strauss and the music of the future. 

Perkins, 0. 0. History of the Handel and Haydn Society of 
Boston, Mass. Vol. 1, from the foundation of the society 
through its seventy-fifth season, 1815-1890. Chapters I-III by 
Charles C. Perkins, chapters IV-XV by John S. Dwight. 
1883-1898. 78QA ^^V 



Pole, William. The philosophy of moslc, being tlie rabstanoe 

of a coarse of lectures delirered at the Royal Institatioii of 

Great Britain, in 1877. 1879. 780.7 P76 

CanientM : I atroduetlon.— Pbenomena of tovBd In feneral.— Special eliarae> 
terlttlof of mnsloal aoiuidf.— Theoretical aatiire of the touidf of mnilcal la- 
■tmineiiti.— Ckneral arrangement of nraaical tonndf by itepc or d e giwe ^ 
Maiical intenrali.— History of the mnfical ■cale.—Tlieorctlcal natnre of the 
diatonic scale in Its ancient form.—Tlie andent modes.— Modem tonaUty^— 
Modern diatonic scale as Inflaenoed by harmony.— The chromatic seated— 
Time, rhythm, form.— Melody.— Harmony.r-Ooanterpolntw—Co]idaslon. 

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from the German by E. Ck>wdery. 1882. 2v. 780 L77r 

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H. Bewertinge. 780.4 B44 

Catechism of musical history. Trans, from the German. 2t. 

780.2 B44 

Vol 1. Uiftory of mafical instmments.— History of tone-systems and nota. 
2. History of masleal forms, with biographical notices of the most iUas- 
trions composer!. 

Dictionary of music. New ed., with many additions by the 
author; translation by J. S. Shedlock. Bef . 55.6 

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Utry of my life and A winter in Maiorca. Selected and arranged 
by Laura Wieser. Trans, by Grace Curtis. 1892. 780 C59s 

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2v. in 1. 780 S76 

MUSIC. 88 

Stathaniy H. H. My thoughts on music and mnsicians. 1898. 

780.8 S7» 

ConienU : On form and design in masio.~Handel.— Baeh.— Mosart.— Bee. 
thoren.— Schubert, Chopin, Ilut.~ Wagner .~StemdaleBennett.~ About 
the organ. 

Stratton, S. 8. Mendelssohn. 1901. 780 M58s 

Tschaikowsky, Modeste. The life and letters of Peter Illch 

Tchaikovsky. Ed. from the Rnssian with an Introd. by Rosa 

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" Intensely interesting. Mrs. Newmareh has aooomplished her task with zeal 
and intelligence. Of the delicacy, candor, and affection shown by Mr. M. 
TchaIkoTsky~the most unobtmsiTe of biographers— it is impossible to speak 
too highly."— <9pectotor. 

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2. Einleitang Act III. 

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Bemers, Julians. A treatyse of f ysshynge wyth an angle : being 
a facsimile reproduction of the first book on the subject of 
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Other e§$ay9 : Bookwormt . — Confirmed readers. — First editions.— CKMslp 
in a library. — Librarians at play. — Lawyers at play. — Tlie non-Jurors. — 
Lord Chesterfield. ~ The Johnsonian ieii^d.— Boswell as biographer.— 
Old pleasure gardens. — Old booksellers. — A few words about copyright in 
books. — Hannah More onoe more. — Arthur Young.— Thomas Paine.— 
Charles Bradlaugh. —Disraeli exrekUione Sir William Eraser.- A oonnois. 
senr. —Our great middle dass.— Tar and whitewash. —Itineraries.— Epl. 
taphs. — Hansard. — Contempt of court. —6 Bdward YII, chapter 12. 

Bland, Hubert. With the eyes of a man : [essays]. 1905. 824 B687 
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CofUeniM: Newman: Literature. — De Quinoey: Style. — Spencer : The 
philosophy of style — O. H. Lewes : The principles of success in literature. 

— R. L. Stevenson: Style in literature, its technical elements.— Pater: 
Style. — Frederic Harrison : On English prose. — Notes and questions. 

Brooke, 8. A. On ten plays of Shakespeare. 1905. 822.8 D116 

Contents : Midsummer Nlf;bt*8 Dream. — Uomeo and Jallet. — Richard II. 

— Richard III.— Merchant of Venice.— As you like it. — Macbeth.— Coriol- 
anus. — Winter's Tale. — The Tempest. 

Gary, B. L. The novels of Henry James. 1905. 814.1 J27c 

Ohesterton, O. K. Heretics. 1905. 824 C52h 

*' Mr. Chesterton is quite on his own ground In writing about heretics. 
Such subjects as Kipling, Shaw, Whistler, U. O. Wells, the new paganism, 
and the Importance of orthodoxy, possess brilliancy enough in themselves 
to satisfy even this arch-priest of brilliancy in style. His Heretics is a book 
to be relished not as a whole, but In snatches. One page amuses by its orig- 
inality of conception and expression, the next provokes by its Insecurity 
of argument, the third charms by its saggestireness. With all its half-play- 
ful cynicism, it seems to be in the main siacere , and the opinions It so bril- 
liantly expresses regarding sonae of the most interesting men and move- 
ments of the time are well worth attention." — Dial. 

Hare, Christopher. Dante the wayfarer. 1905. 851 D23b.l0 

** A kind of biography of Dante in his later years, designed to »how from 
the Divine Comedy how Dante knew his Italy. It is in a way a commentary 
on the poem, both picturesque and personal." — Spectator. 

Dawson, W. J. The makers of English fiction. 1905. 814 D82 

Traces the growth and development of the English novel in the examples 
of its greatest masters. One chapter is devoted to American novelists. 


]>oiioe, Francis. lUnstrations of Shakespeare, and of ancient 
manners; with dissertations on the clowns and fools of Shake- 
speare, on the collection of popular tales entitled Gesta Boman- 
omm, and on the English Morris dance. New ed. 1889. 822.3 E28 

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Husband. T. F., and M. F. A. Punctuation, its principles and 

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** A praotioAl lUUe rolame. We do not think that even the expert writer 
It Ukely to consider sentences so sabtly m the authors do, bat he is likely on 
the whole to endorse their oondasions."— • Athenaum. 

Kitten, Frederic G. The Dickens country. 1905. E.D555.ka 

*' With an euthuttlasm tempered by sound Judgment, and |(uided by an ex- 
haustive knowledge of the writings of Dickens, Mr. Kitton made his way 
over every foot of the part of England described in his novels. The book is 
filled with interesting photographic reproductions." — ZHoZ. 

Itfang, Andrew. The puzzle of Dickens's last plot: \^Edwin 
Drood], 1905. 814.1 D542 

Laycock, Craven and Scales, B. L. Argumentation and debate. 

1905. 426.5 L45 

'* The work is divided into two parts : the first contains a discussion of the 
general principles of argumentation, applicable alike to written and to 
spoken discourse ; the second part is devoted to the setting forth of certain 
additional principles peculiar to oral debate. The authors have given, in the 
appendix, a brief outline of the methods of instruction which they have 
found to be most serviceable." — Pr^ace. 

Le Sage, A. B. Historia de Gil Bias de Santillana; traducida 
porel Padre Isla; abbreviated and ed. with introd., notes, map, 
and vocabulary, by James Geddes, and F. M. Josselyn. 1901. 
G. 848 L562a 

Lodge, G. C. The great adventure: [poems]. 1905. 820 L82 


Xastomuui, 0. F. G. In peril of change: MMys wiiMtn In 

time of tnnqnilUty. 1905. 8S4 M4I 

** These ^goroos etsayt with their itronc ■pprtdatloiia, aad thdr attOBpCs 
to eztrmct the trae meaniiig oot of aetire llterarj and politloal llTei^ ~ tiiow 
of rach men ai Gissing, Frederick Myen, GUdttone, and CrelnhtiHi, ~are 
notpeMimiiticiii their more profound ■ifnifleanee. If Mr. Maatenaaiili 
not blind to the intolerable degradation which he flndf in mnch of our re- 
Ugloos and social life, it is became he Jadgei It from a high itandard, which 
he applies with judgment and feeling. These essays are written in a rlgor- 
andeasy manner, and with a sense of conTiction seldom displayed In modem 
llteratare.*' — Contemporary Review, 

Moody, W. V. and Lovett, B. K. A first view of Bnglish litera- 
ture. 1905. 810 li81a 

Page, 0. H., ed. The chief American poets: selected poems by 
Bryant, Poe, Emerson, Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, Lowell, 
Whitman, and Lanier. Edited, with notes, reference lists and 
biographical sketches, by C. H. Page. 1905. 821 P18 

Proctor, Bdna Dean. Songs of America, and other poems. 1905. 


Bacine, Jean. Dramatic works : a metrical English yersion by 
R. B. Boswell. 1890. 2v. 842 RlSa 

Bepplier, Agnes. In onr convent days. 1905. 824 B42in 

*' Pleasantly written papers on the author's personal experiences as a ohUd 
at a convent school. Fall of humor and good to read alond. Dedicated to 
Elizabeth Robins Pennell, the Elizabeth of the sketches. Appeared In the 
AtlaiUic Monthly** ^A,L.A, Booklist, 

Shelley, P. B. With Shelley in Italy: being a sellection of the 
poems and letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley which have to do 
with his life in Italy from 1818 to 1822. Selected and arranged 
by A. B. McMahan. 1905. 820 S64w 

The thread of gold: [essays]. By the author of ^*The house 
of quiet." 1905. 824 T68 

Van Dyke, Henry. Essays in application. 1905. 824 y24e 

Contents : Is the world growing better? — Ruling classes In a demooraof. 
— Publioomania. ~ The heritage of American ideals. — The powers that 
be. — The flood of books. —Books, literature, and the people.— Christ- 
ianity and corrent llteratare. — The church in the dty.— Property and 
theft. — The creatire ideal of education. — The school of Ufe. 


Van Djtey Htnry. — eonikmed. 

The spirit of Christnuw. 1905. 894 VSS 

OmUnU: Adrwuvttoiy: TI10 ChrittniM anfel.—A little etMy : Chrlft- 
oiM-fflTlBf aad Chriftmat-llTiiif.—Aihort ChrtotmM sermon: Keeping 
Ohrlftmni. ~Two CtuiitniM prayers : A Christmas prayer for the home, 
A Christmas prayer for lonely folks. 

Vttlhag«n nnd KUudng, publUhen. Boman-Bibliothek. 888 VM 

VoL 15. Die Hebe Not, Ton Xarie Diers.— Elne Welle Ton drflben, Ton 
Fedor Ton Zobdtits. 

Viaetally, F. H. The preparation of manuscripts for the printer; 
containing directions to authors as to the manner of preparing 
copy and correcting proofs, with soggestions on the submit- 
ting of manuscripts for publication. 1906. 655 V8 

Ward, H. 8* The Canterbury pilgrimages. 1905. 820 C49bw 

" A popular life of St. Thomas A Becket, and story of the pilgrlmaces to his 
shrioe, indndinf a summary of Chaneer*s tales with extracts In modern- 
ised spelling. Fine reprodnotions of photographs of soenes in Canterbury 
and on the ooast.'* — ^. L, A, BootUst, 

Woodberry, G. B. Swinburne. 1905. 820 S978z 

A critical estimate of Swinburne's work, rather than a biography. 

The torch: eight lectures on race power in literature, delivered 

before the Lowell Institute of Boston, 1903. 1905. 804 W88 

ConienU: Iftan and the race. — Language of all the world.— The Titan 
myth. — Spenser. — Milton. — Wordsworth. — Shelley. 
" Scholarly essays, addressed to the cultiTUted mind. The torch is the 11. 
laminating power of literature and culture which each race, dying, passes 
on to the next in power." — A, L. A, BootUti, 

Adams, 0. F. *' Shall Cromwell have a statae?" Oration before 

the Phi Beta Kappa Society of the University of Chicago, June 

17, 1902. G. E.L617.a 

A discussion of the prindplet involTed in the CItU War in the United 
States, and of Lee's action and influence. 

American Historical Beview. Vol. 1-date. Oct., 1895-date. Per. A27 

American-Irish Historical Society. Journal. Ed. by T. H. 

Murray. Vol. 5. 1905. 0. 973.06 A68 

Barbeau, A. Life and letters at Bath in the XVIIIth century. 

With a preface by Austin Dobion. 1904. 942.5 B81b 


Bigelow, Poultney. History of the Gennan straggle for 
liberty. Vol. 4, 1848. 1905. 948.06 B48 

Boston. Begistry Department. Annual reports, 1900-1901, 
1908-1904. 4v. O. 1185.11 

Breasted, J. H. A history of Egypt from the earliest times to 

the Persian conquest. 1905. 932 B74 

** A well-miule and finely iUustrated volume. Founded on recent original re- 
searches by the author, who ii Professor of Bgyptology and oriental history 
in the Unlrersity of Chicago.'*—^. L. A. BooUiai, 

Cook, T. A. Old Provence. 1905. 2y. 944.6 P8c 

The first roiume Is devoted to Phoenician, Qreek, and Soman history and 
aroh»oloinr ; the second volume takes up the history from about the year 1000 
to 1481, when Provence l>ecame a part of the kingdom of France. Gives in 
addition to history and geography, legendary and romantic lore. 

Oowles, L. B., publisher. History of the Fifth Massachusetts 

Battery, organized October 3, 1861, mastered ont June 12, 

1865. 1902. Q. 973.74 C83 

I, H. W. 0. England under the Normans and Angevlns, 

1066-1272. 1905. [Vol. 2 of A history of England, in six 

volumes, ed. by C. W. C. Oman]. 942.08 D29 

'* To the author's mastery of his sources as well as of the literature of his 
subject, is added the gift of writing in a bright and interesting fashion. The 
bibliography alone, at once copious and concise, would make his work of real 
value."— ^^AcfMsum. 

Bggleston, G. 0. Life in the eighteenth century. 1905. 973.2 E2941 

*' Continues the author's Ourfirtt century. Like that. Is simply written and 
sets forth the conditions surrounding the early settlers, and tells how they 
lived, dressed, cooked, and amused themselves.'*—^. L. A. BookiUt, 

Bvans, T. W. Memoirs of Dr. Thomas W. Evans: the second 

French empire, edited by E. A. Crane: Napoleon the Third, 

the Empress Eugenie, the Prince Imperial. 1905. 944.07 E92 

*' Dr Bvans, who was court dentist for msny years, was a close friend of Na- 
poleon III, and had unusual opportunities for observing the social and 
political Ufe of the Second Empire." 

Farmer, J. B. Versailles and the Court under Louis XIY . 1905. 

944.03 F22 
CofUerUt : The palace .—The park.—The king.—The court. 
The author draws largely from Saint-Simon's Memoirs <tf Louis XIV and 


nraaer, Bdward. Famous fighters of the fleet: glimpses throagh 
the camion smoke in the days of the old navy. 1904. 942 Z805 

Heftdlam, Cecil. Oxford and its story. With lithographs and 
other illastrations by Herbert Kailton. 1904. 942.5 08h 

** A rery beftatlfal boolr. Ifr. Headlam traces the history of the town and the 
univenity in a pictnretque and racy style. The, however, must 
take second place to Mr. Roilton's 6TKw\ngi.**-^ Spectator. 

Hatsleldt, P. M. H. G. Chraf von. The Hatzf eldt letters : 
letters of Comit Panl Hatzf eldt to his wife, written from the 
head-quarters of the King of Prussia, 1870-71. Translated 
from the French, by request, by J. L. Bashf ord. 1905. 944.08 H28 

Coont Uatxfeldt was German ambassador In London from 1885 to 1901. 
These letters describe graphically, from the point of view of a diplomatist, 
the events of the Franco-Oerman war. WrMten in a pleasant, conversa< 
tional stylf, they aboand in interesting details concerning Kaiser Wilhelm 
the First, Napolpon III, Bismarck, Moltke, and others of note. The book is 
especially interesting for the extraordinary nature of its revelations. 

Humphrey, Seth K. The Indian dispossessed. Rev. ed. ' 1906. 

970.6 H88 

Contenti: Introdactlon.— The Indian reservation.— The Umatlllas.— The 
story of the Bitter Root.— The Nez Perces.— The removal of the Poncas.— 
The Mission Indians.— Dividing the spoils.— Uncle Sam, trustee.— Conclusion. 

Innes, A. D. England under the Tudors. 1905. [Vol. 4 of 
A history of England in 6 vols., ed. by 0. W. C. Oman]. 942.05 158 

Jenkins, L. E., comp. First Regiment of Infantry, Massachu- 
setts Volunteer Militia, Colonel Robert Cowdin commanding, 
in service of the United States, in answer to the President's 
first call for troops to suppress the Rebellion, April 15, 18G1. 
1903. G. 355.097 J4l 

Kelly, B. T. Burma, painted and described by R. Talbot Kelly. 

1905. 959 K28 

" A peculiarly well-illustrated book, in which Mr. Kelly records some charac- 
teristic features of his thirty-five hundn-d mile Journey In Burma." 



liOn, L. Q. W., ed. Select documents illiiBtrative of the history 

of the French Revolution. The Constituent Assembly. 1906. 

2v. 944.04 L69 

** An ftttempt to tell the story of the Frenoh Rerolatlon Almott in the wordi 
of the Frenchmen of the time. . . . Bxtraets from the periodiaU liter, 
atnre of the time form the balk of the present rolome."— JnlrtNteoMoii. 
" Mr. Le^g's book is admirably edited. It supplies not only a charming re- 
freshment bat a valnable and eren an Indispensable assistance to the serious 
student of the French Rerolatlon."— 5atuniay Review* 

Longman, William. The history of the life and times of 

Edward the Third. 1869. 2v. 942.087 L86 

" A history of much importance : the first adequate presentation of that 
great reign which saw fifty years of earnest struggle for the crown of France, 
the development of the House of Commons, and the first full bloom of Eng- 
lish Uterature."— C. K, Adamt. 

London Times. The war in the far East. By the military cor- 
respondent of the Times, 1905. 962 L84 

"Excellent book, made out of letters of rarlous correspondents. Itprorides 
a military history as good as is for the present possible. The whole truth Is 
told except in one case, where the author warns us of the contrary. The 
maps are more complete than those in almost any book of military history.** 


Marshall, W. I. History vs. the Whitman saved Oregon story : 
three essays towards a true history of the acquisition of the 
old Oregon territory. 1904. O. 979.6 M86 

Massachusetts Society of Sons of the American Bevolution. 
Historical memoranda, with lists of members and their 
Revolutionary ancestors. 1899. O. 369.18 S69mh 

Msthieson, W. L. Scotland and the Union, a history of Scot- 
hind from 1695 to 1747. 1905. 941.06 M42 

Milyoukov, Paul. Russia and Its crisis: Crane lectures for 

1908. 1905. 947.08 M64 

Contents: Russia and the United States: a comparison.— Nationalistic 
idea.— Religious tradition.- Political tradition.- Liberal idea.— SodaUstic 
idea.— The crisis and the urgency of reform.— Conclusion. 

MoUoy, J. Fitzgerald. Tlie Russian court in the eighteenth 
century. 1905. 2v. 947.06 M78 


VarragftiiMtt Olub. Piiblicatlons. First series. 1866-74. 6y. 
O. 974.6 N16 

Vol. 1. Bioprftphleal Introduotion [on Roger Wlliiamt], by B. A. Ouild.— 
A key into the Ungaige of America; or, an help to the Ungaage 
of the natiTet, by Roger Williams.— A letter to [Roger] Wllliama, 
wherein is showed that those ought to be reoeiyed into the ehoroh 
who are godly, though they do not see, or expressly bewail, all the 
pollutions In churoh-fellowship, ministry, worship, government; 
by John Cotton.— Mr. Cotton's letter, lately printed, examined 
and answered, by Boger Williams. 

2. John Cotton's answer to Roger Williams.— Queries of highest con- 

sideration, by Roger Williams. 

3. The bloody tenent of persecution for cause of conscience discussed, 

by Roger Williams. 

4. The bloody tenent yet more bloody by Ifr. Cotton's enderonr to 

wash it white; by Roger Williams. 

5. George Fox dlgg'd out of his burrowes : or, an olTer of disputation 

made unto G.Fox, as also how (G. Fox silly departing) the dispu- 
tation went on. By Roger Williams. 
0. Letters of Roger Williams, 1632-1682, now first collected. 

Parrish, Bandall. Historic Illinois: the romance of the earlier 
days. 1906. 977.8 P24 

'* Deals with the mound builders and Indian tribes, the early explorers, old 
trails and waterways. Mormon settlements, and border warfare. A full and 
entertaining history."—^. L. A. Booklist. 

Paul, Herbert. A liistory of modem England. Vol. 4. 1906. 

942.08 F28 
*' Mr. Paul has that particular recommendation of being able to evoke again 
in the reader of today a live interest in political questions settled long ago, 
and to reintroduce into the politics of the mid-century the personal element 
so likely to be wanting In the merely constitutional history. All in all, the 
author has given us a history Instinct with the life of the English nation. 
Besides a full account of English politics and intellectual life, we have a 
practically complete history of European affairs during the same period." 

—yew York TimeM. 

Peters, M. 0. The Jews in America: a short story of their 

part in the building of the republic, commemorating the 260th 

anniversary of their settlement. 1906. 933.2 P44j 

CorUenit : Jews in the discovery of Amerioa.-^ewi8h pre- Revolutionary 
settlements.^Jews In the wars of the republic— The Jew in American poli- 
tics.— The Jew in finance.— Jews in the arts and sciences.— Number of Jews 
in the United States.— Characteristics of the Jews.— Anti-Semitism in 

94 brooklhob pubuc ubbabt. 

Fhtlps, Alb«rt. LouisiAna: a record of ezpansiOD. ItOS. STC J Pil 

Biohman, I. B. Rhode Island: a stady in separatism. 1906. 

974.6 B41a 

Soliafer, Joseph. A history of the Pacific northwest. 1906. 

979 889 
*' Prof. Shafer tells in this rolome the early hlitoiy of ,the Oregon country. 
The Oregon question on its diplomatiG side is treated in a brief but indd 
fashion, the dlspoted points being dlscassed as fnily as oonid be ejqpeeted in 
a popular narratlTe. The author gires us a Tiyid aooonnt of the 'great immi- 
gration* that began about 1812. To our knowledge of this morement Prof. 
Shafer has made some Important contributions, his research having brought 
to light a number of hitherto unknown sources."— Dial. 

Sedgwick, H. D. A short history of Italy, 476-1900. 1906. 946 844 

'* The author traces the relation of the political life to the intellectual ai ex. 
pressed in the fine arts, and makes an interesting history." 

Smith, Ooldwin. Irish history and the Irish question. 1906. 

941.6 864 
**Not a history of Ireland, but an attempt to trace the general course of 
events leading up to the present situation and to state the pros and cons of 
independence."— il. £. A. BookliMt. 

Society of Colonial Wars. Register of officers and members, 

1899-1902. Constitntion of the general Society. G, 869.18 86 

Suyematau, K., Baron, The risen sun. 1906. 968 896 

A collection of papers which deals with the crisis in the Far Bast, and ex- 
plains that reserve of vital energy In resistance to aggression, for which the 
Japanese nation has been indebted to its temperament, and to its moral and 
Intellectual training. 

Tucker, T. W. Bannisters Lane, 1708-1899: being sundry re- 
marks, some historical and all new and interesting on Ban- 
nisters Lane, now named Winter Street, and the district im- 
mediately thereabout. 1899. G. 974.46 B44w 

United States. Department of Navy. Official records of the 
Union and Confederate navies in the War of the rebellion. 
Series 1, Vol. 19. West Gulf blockading squadron, from 
July 16, 1862, to March 14, 1863. 1905. G. 9069.2 

Victoria History of the Ooonties of England. Derby, ed. by 

Wm. Page. Vol. 1. 1906. 942.6 D89p 

Durham, ed. by Wm. Page. Vol. 1. 1906. 942.6 D9p 


VitallaMhiy Mareheaa. The romttnce of Savoy, Victor Aaadens 
II. and his Stuart bride. 1905. 8v. 944.5 SSv 

Woody W. B., and Bdmonda, J. B. A history of the CIyU War 
in the United States, 1861-5. With an introd. by Spenser 
Wilkinson. 1905. 978.7 W85 

Zilliacna, Koxmi. The Rossian revolutionary movement. 1905. 

947.08 Z6 

OrlgiiiaUy written to aoqmdnt readen in Finhuid with the reel hlitory end 
•plrit of Bnieien rerolotionltts, that the two might nnlte againit Rnsalen 
entoenitlG foremment. 

** The ttory of the long.protraotcd struggle is told with self-control, with 
fairness, and with elflBot. It is of absorhlng interest to all who wish to un- 
derstand present conditions in Bnssia."— Dial. 


Buley, B. 0. Anstralian life in town and country. 1905. 994 Bi7 

*' Informing and readable. Describes home and social relations, country 
and climate, squattero, aborigines, city life, national life, and closes with a 
study of the Influence of Japanese exclusion on the destiny of Australia.*' 

—A. L, A, Booklist. 

OaxtiSy W. B. Modem India. 1905. 954.6 C94 

In this interesting book, statistics, fragments of history, geography, ethnol- 
ogy, and guide-book information are gathered together from all available 
sources; but the assemblage, with all its facts and figures, lacks that author- 
ity which is necessary to give value to a work of this kind. The author Is at 
his best in bis desoiptlons of town and country life In India. 

Elliott, Mrs. Maud Howe. Two in Italy, with illustrations from 

drawings by John Elliott. 1905. 945.6 £46 

*' Itall»n studies and sketches, so chatty in form as to be largely in dialogue, 
which give glimpses of Italian life and character.'*— Cumulative Book Be- 
view Digeet, 

Eltsbacher, O. Modem Germany, her political and economic 
problems, her policy, her ambitions, and the causes of her 
success. 1905. 943.08 £51 

Brans, H. A. Highways and byways in Oxford and the Cots- 
wolds. 1905. 942.5 G51e 


Firth, J« B. Highways and byways hi Derhyshhre. 948.5 D89f 

** Few English oonntlet oontaln so mneh wild Mid ronantlo Meacry as 
Derbyshire ; and Mr. Firth, who walked throogfa all Its loreUest byways, eon- 
vlnoes the reader that a walking tour in Derbyshire will rereal many andlt- 
oorered charms. Mr. Firth has a talent for deser^tion, and has coUeeted 
innnmerable anecdotes connected with the famous families of the ooonty, and 
the literary men who from time to time hare made it their home." — IfoHon. 

Fitzgerald, Sybil. Id the track of the Moors: sketches in Spain 
and Northern Africa. With fifty colored and many line draw- 
ings by Augastin Fitzgerald. 1905. 946.6 F57 
** The artist, Mr. Fitzgerald, shows real feeling for the pletoreaqne, talent 
for expression, and an eye for color. If the author displays no great emdi- 
tloD, she shows real and sympathetic acquaintance with the lands in qnes> 
tlon, and a pretty taste in the literature of trarel. Her handling of Anda- 
lusia deserves unqualified praise."— i4l/keiMSttiii. 

Fraser, J. F. Canada as it is. 1905. 971.6 FS6 

"Example of modem 'special correspondent' book-making, —clever, 
confident, readable, f nil of salient points, always interesting."— Sptdaicr, 

Oibba, J. A. A Cots wold village; or, country life and pursuits 
in Gloucestershire. 1903. 948.5 051g 

Hcmotaux, Oabriel. Contemporary France. Trans, by J. C. 
Tarver. Vol. 2, 1873-1876. 1905. 944.08 H19 

Hardy, E. J. John Chinaman at home: sketches of men, man- 
ners, and things in China. 1905. 951.6 HS2 

HowelLi, W. D. London films. 1905. 942.5 L8ho 

" A delectable hour may be passed In reading this record of Mr. Howells' 
recent stay In England. While he disclaims any serious design in developing 
the pictures imprinted opou his sensitised mind, one puts down the book with 
a feeling that distinct and valuable impressions are there ward for reading, 

<-" and that the reading, in prooes«,has been apnre intellectual luxury."— Ouflooib 

James, Henry. English hours. 1905. 942.6 J28 

" In this volume Mr. James has collected sixteen essays on English scenes 
and occupations. He gives us here under one cover all that he has had to 
say about England from time to time, from the early seventies, in fact, 
down to the opening of this century. Mr. Fennell*s Illustrations are of 
great merit and Interest."— Nation, 

Klein, Felix, aJM. In the land of the strenuous life. 1905. 974 K67 
Translated from the French by the author. The Abb^ visited the United 
States in 1903, and although his principal interest was naturally with the 
Catholic church, his general impressions, written in a sympathetic and 
vivacious spirit, make good reading. The work has been crowned by the 
French Academy and awarded the Montyon prise. 


Le Boy, J. A. Philippine life in town and country. 1905. 991.4 L56 

*' 'fhe Mitbor wm for WTeral je§n connected with the Department of the 
Interior of the Philippine fOTemment, when he made a special Inrestlga- 
tlon of conditions in the islands. Since his return he has contioaed his 
studies and is already known as an authority on the Philippines. His book 
glYes a full description of life among the natlre trlbcMi, and also in the 
Spanish and American colonies."— jDifrrary index. 

little, A. J. The far East. 1905. 951.6 L7S 

"In this admirable work, an authentic account is given of China proper, 
Manchuria, Mongolia, Turkestan and Tibet, Indo-Ohina and Korea, Siam 
and Japan. The author's treatment of Tibet and of Indo-Ghlna is, of neoes- 
slty, somewhat superficial. Of Korea and Ji^ian he has nothing partl- 
cnlarlj new to say, but of both countries a capital geographical survey Is 
given. Of Formosa, he gives an interesting picture.'*— jl^Aeiuvum. 

Lucas, E. V. A wanderer in Holland. Illus. by Herbert Mar- 
shall. 1905. 949.26 L96 

*' The reproductions of the water-colour sketches is more successful than 
is often the case. It was a happy idea to intersperse photographs of some 
of the more famous Dutch pictures. Mr. Lucas neither bores nor dog- 
matises, but his book is full of Information and not a little wise reflection. 
His volume is not merely a guide, but a book to keep and read again with 
enjoyment."— Saturday Review, 

H. B. The siege of the South Pole. 1905. 999 M59 

The most valuable part of the book is the lively and minute description of 
the voyages— some of them very little known — in the century between 
Cook and the Challenger; and that of the Russian Bellingshausen in 1810-21 
is here for the flrst time fully recorded in English. Dr. Mill's flnal chapter 
on * The raising of the siege ' contains plans for future exploration, which, 
if they cannot be adopted in their entirety, may at least provoke discussion. 
The volume contains a bibliographical appendix and a superb South Polar 
map by Mr. J. G. Bartholomew."— jllAeiumMii. 

Hitton, O. E. The scenery of London. Painted by Herbert M. 

Marshall, described by 6. E. Mitton. 1905. 942.5 I^ml 

"Artist and author have succeeded in producing what is a real addition to 
the literature of London."— Athenaum, 

O'Connor, V. O. 8. The silken East: a record of life and travel 

in Burma. 1906. 2v. 959 018 

Outram, James. In the heart of the Canadian Rockies. 1905. 

971.6 094 

i« I 




Fhillipps, L. March. In the desert. 1905. 9M.1 PM 

"The Mitlior 0eti hlmteU in thii work to trace the citet apoB Afab •nh^ 
teetore, reUxton, poetiy, and phUoeophj of the deeert of which the Arab li 
the child. He belleyet that, in order properlj to appreciate tiiese thlaga. It 
\b neoeiMry first to realise the seenerj in which thej dereloped. The rcenit 
iiapietnre of life in the Great Saliara, in which notea of travel are combined 
with deacriptiona of scenery and people, and the liistorjr and methods of tlie 
French administration are described." 

Serao, Matilde. In the coontrj of Jesus. Trans, from the 
Italian by Richard Davey. 1905. 988.6 S48 

Whitingt Lilian. The Florence of Landor. 1906. 945.6 F6w 

"Interworen with descriptions of Florence is an account of the groap of 
Enj^lish and American authors who were hring there at the time of Landor. 
The most prominent amonx these were the Brownings, the Tliacfcerayt, 
George Eliot and Mr. Lewes, Theodore Parker, and Mrs. W. W. Storj.*' 

Williama, Walter, ed. The state of Missoori: an antobiography. 
Edited for the Missouri Commission to the Louisiana Pur- 
chase Exposition. 1904. O. 977.8 W67 


Bamardo. Batt, J. H. Dr. Bamardo, the f osteivf ather of ^'no- 
body's children": a record and an interpretation. 1905. 881.927 B88 
Blaine. Stan wood, Edward. James Gillespie Blaine. 1905. 

" Introductory yolnme in the American statesmen series, second series. Tlie 
author, who was a life-long friend of Mr. Blaine, traces all the salient points 
of his career, his political defeats as well as rictories, his connection with 
the Civil War and Beconstruotion, and his relation to the charges made 
against him. Mr. Btanwood Is author of A history af the pretideney and 
American tariff eontrovertiet." — Library Index. 

Bronte. Shorter, C. K. Charlotte Bronte and her sisters. 1905. 
Ohurohill, Lord Randolph. Churchill, W. L. S. Lord Randolph 
ChurchilL 2y. 1906. E.C4796 

Oonant. Collyer, Robert. Augustus Conant, Illinois pioneer and 

preacher. 1905. E.C7586 

Ellsworth. Brown, W. 0. The life of Oliver Ellsworth. 1906. 



Wiakm. Perry, T. S. John Fiske. 1906. B.F551.p 

'* The ilnt biography of Flake. OiTet in brief compaM not onlj the eaeentlal 
f moU of hU life, but an admirable ettimate of hii hiatorical and philosophical 
work.**— ^. Z. A. BookUtt, 

Titsherbert. Wilkins, W. H. Birs. Fitzherbert and George IV. 

1906. E.F585 

** The book is more than a defence of Mrs. Fitsherbert ; it is a yery complete 
account of the society and politics of her af^ in all their baffling rariations. 
The author has performed a delicate task with good taste and good sense, 
and has produced what is not only a yolume of entertaining gossip, but a 
solid contribution to the history of the epoch.'*— SptekOor. 

noude. Paul, Herbert. The life of Froade. 1905. E.F948.p 

" It must be admitted that Mr. Paul's work is not so much a life of the bril- 
liant English historian as an essay on Froude's life and opinions. There is, 
perhaps^ nothing really new in the rolume, but there is certainly a great 
deal of rigorous, pungent, and intelleotually brilliant comment on the views 
and acoomplislunents of the late historian.*' — Review cf JReview$, 

Geoifrin. Aldis, Janet. Madame GeoflHn, her salon and her 
times, 1750-1777. 1906. E.6285 

Hamilton, W. T. My sixty years on the plains, trapping, trad- 
ing, and Indian fighting. Ed. by £. T. Sieber. 1905. E.H1861 

Ibsen, Henrik. Letters of Henrik Ibsen. Trans, by J. N. 
Lanrvik and Mary Morison. 1905. B.Ib75 

Knox. Cowan, Henry. John Knox, the hero of the Scottish 

Reformation. 1905. E. K784.C 

"Dr. Cowan's life of Knox is a straightforward biography, written from 
full knowledge by one who is In general sympathy with the Reformer's aims 
and methods. The book is not a Judicial statement of the facts of Knox's 
career and of the many bitter controyersies that filled it full; the author is 
an adTOoate, but he is fair, dignified, and moderate in his adrocacy of 
Knox's side of these questions and of the general course of his conduct as 
a Puritan leader." — Diai, 

Lamb. Lucas, E. V. The life of Charles Lamb. 8d ed. 2y. 

1905. E. L175.1n 

" The peculiar union of genius, kindness, and whim is to be found not only 
in Charles Lamb, but in his biographer. No writer of his time is more 
capable of understanding Lamb. Mr. Lucas is wise, witty, catholic, humor, 
orous, and tender." — i^rttit^ Weekly, 



Lanimr. Mima, Edwin. Sidney Lanier. 1906. S.U76.m 

" The Mttbor, a Boatherner, writM with speeUU f7iii|Mtiiy and omlentaBdlaf , 
presenting m f ar m poidble la Lanier's own words his eare^ as student. 
Confederate officer, lawyer, mnsleian, UnlTersity leetarer, poet and man of 
letters/'—^. L, A. BookUti. 

Lee. Morse, J.T.^jr. Memoir of Colonel Henry Lee, with selec- 
tions from his writings and speeches. 1905. B.L615jn 
Lowell. Greenslet, Ferris. James Russell Lowell, his life and 

work. 1905. E.L956g 

** Beyond any other biography recently written among ns, this IwoIl gtres, 
by its execution, the impression of a dittinot addition to the literary re- 
sources of our younger authors." — T. W, Rigginaon, in the OtUlook. 

Mary, Qiieen of Scots, Henderson, T. F. Mary Queen of Scots, 
her environment and tragedy: a biography. 2y. 1905. 941.05 M89ha 

Mary of Mf*dena^ queen of James II of England. Halle, Martin. 
Queen Mary of Modena, her life and letters. 1905. 942.067 M86 
*' Largely by means of the Queen's own letters, a clear and rery noble pic- 
ture of this, the most sympathetic of queens in eidle, is presented. This 
is the first full biogri^hy of our one Italian queen consort." — Aoademif. 

O'Brien, William. Recollections. 1905. B.Ob66 

The author has been intimately connected with the Irish political agitation 
and this book deals mainly with public life and his political friends and 

Seden, Fritze von Riedesel, QrSi/ln von. Reuss, Eleonore, 
Princess, A pietist of the Napoleonic wars and after: the life 
of Countess von Reden. Authorised translation by Mrs. C. E. 
Barrett-Lennard and M. W. Hoper. With an introductory 
note by R. S. Rait. 1905. E.B268 

Beichatadt, dtic de. Francoia Oharlea Joaepli Bonaparte 
(Napoleon II). Wertheimer, Edward de. The duke of 
Reichstadt, Napoleon the Second: a biography compiled from 
new sources of information. 1905. E.R275 

" Considering the extraordinary number of books and pamphlets written 
round the personality of Napoleon the First, it is curious to reflect how 
completely that of his son has been allowed to remain unnoticed. This blog . 
raphy, with the possible exception of Welschinger's Le roi de Rome, 
is the first serious attempt to deal with the youth whom M. Bostand happily 
dubbed *L'aiglon \"— Academy. 

Sargent. [Memorial of Mary Elizabeth Sargent]. 0. E.8a786 


Shakespeare. HalliweU-PbUlipps, J. O. The life of William 

Shakespeare, inclading many particulars respecting the poet 

and his family never before published. 1848. 822.3 B87a 

Smiles, Samuel. Antobiography. 1905. £.Sm881 

Smith. Bradley, A. 6. Captain John Smith. 1905. E. Sm595.b 

Tennyson, Alfred, Ist baron. Faterson, Arthur. The homes 

of Tennyson, painted by Helen Allingham, described by Arthur 

Faterson. 1905. E. T290.p 

Wallace, Alfred Bussel. My life: a record of events and 

opinions. 2v. 1905. £. W1545 

*' Mr. Wallace takes his readers Into hU oonfidence with an ingenuonsness 
which will at once astonish and delight them. The union of high sdentlflc 
attainments with simplicity of character Is, of coarse, no new phenomenon, 
bat antobiographical literature might be ransacked In rain for a more engag. 
ing example of the alliance than these pages disclose.**— j|IA«iian«m. 

Walpole, Horace, 4th earl of Orford. Letters, chronologically 
arranged and edited with notes and indices by Mrs. Paget 
Toynbee. Vols. 13-16. 1906. E.W1670.b 

Wolsey. Cavendish, Thomas. The life and death of Cardinal 

Wolsey. lUus. with portraits by Holbein. 1905. 

'* The first true biography written in Bngland, by Wol8ey*s derotcd servitor. 
The work remained long in manuscript, for owing to its reflections upon the 
character of Henry VIII, it could not safely be published in the life time of 
his daughter. It was first printed in an incomplete and corrupt form in 1041 
for the sake of turning Its moral against Archbishop Laud, another prelate 
ambitions in statecraft. Before this time, however, it had been largely circu- 
lated in manuscript copies, and it had formed the basis of the account of 
Wolsey in Holinshed's Chronicles." 


Biographia Britannica: or, lives of the eminent persons of 
Great Britain and Ireland. Second ed. with corrections, and 
the addition of new lives, by Andrew Rippis. Vols. 1-5. 1778- 
93. 5v. G. £2. B52 

Ooleridge, 2d baron, Bernard John Seymour Coleridge. The 

story of a Devonshire house. 1905. E.C6745 

An account of the Coleridge family for three generations, with sketches of 
its more distinguished or Interesting members. More than half the book 
is devoted to John Taylor Coleridge, judge of the Court of Qneen*s Bench. 


Dudley, lu earl of. Letters to ^^Ivy** from the first eari of 

Dadley. [Edited] by S. H. BomUly. 1906. S.DSM 

" Thii oolleeUoD of letters to Mn. Dagald Stewart are not only ezeellent In 
themf elree, bat they rereal a strange and ouriouly attraettre flgnre. The 
man who in a busy life ooold find time to write thus for the amnaement of 
an old Soota lady mast hare had a tme genlns for friendship. ... A ear- 
respondent with a genius for entertaining gossip and spirited sketehea of 
men and matters.'*— Spectaiar. 

Fawcett. Mn, M. G. Five famoas French women. 1905. E4. F28 

ConUtUi: Joan of Arc.— Loolse of 8aToy and her danghter, Margaret af 
AngooMme, Qoeen of Nayarre.— Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Nararre.— 
Ren^e of France, Duchess of Fterrara. 

Fyvie, John. Some famoas women of wit and beauty: a 

Georgian galaxy. 1906. 896 F99 

CofUenU: The unacknowledged wife of George lY. (Mrs. Fltiherbert.)— 
Nelson's Lady Hamilton.— The queen of the bluestockings (Mrs. Montagn). 
— The most gorgeous Lady Blesslngton.— The female Quixote.— A Radi- 
cal lady of the last generation (Mrs. Grote) .— Th^ real * Diana of the cross- 
ways' (The Hon. Mrs. Norton).— A Tory lady of the last generation (Lady 

Jackson. Patnam, J. J. A memoir of Dr. James Jackson, with 
sketches of his father, Hon. Jonathan Jackson, and his brothers, 
Robert, Henry, Charles, and Patrick Tracy Jackson; and some 
accomit of their ancestry. 1906. B.J180 

Minerva: Jahrbach der gelehrten Welt. Heraosgegeben yon 
K. Triibner. 1906/06. Ref . 80.17 

Sainte-Benve, 0. A. Portraits of the eighteenth centnry, his- 
toric and literary. With a critical introduction by Edmond 
Scherer. 1906. 2v. E4.S15b 

Who's who : an annual biographical dictionary. 1906. Ref. 60.80 

Williama, H. N. Queens of the French stage. 1906. 798 W67 

ComUnti: The wife of MoUftre.— Marie de Champmesl^.— Adrlenne Le- 
coarrenr.— Mademoiselle de Camargo.— Jnstine Fayart.— Mademoiselle 


Amim, M. A. B.» fhriifin von. The Princess Priscilla's fortnight. 


AthwUm, Oertrude. The travelling thirds. ASeC.S 

SettB, L, W. The story of an Eastrslde faraUy. B471.1 



Oastle, Agnes, and Bgerton. The heart of Lady Anne. C377.10 

Pab. hi England nnder the title French Nan, 
Donnell, A. H.. Bebecca Mary. [Short stories.] D712.1 

nower, Elliott. The best policy. F68S.4 

Vrancis, M. B.pteud. Wild wheat: a Dorset romance. 

French, Allen. The Colonials : a narratiye of events connected 

with the siege and evacuation of Boston. F885.1 

Harrison, Mrs. 0. 0. The Carlyles : a story of the fall of the 

Xingsley, F. M. The resurrection of Miss Cynthia. 
London, Jack. The sea-wolf. 
Kajor, Oharles. Tolanda, maid of Burgundy. 
Marshall, Archibald. The house of Merrilees. 
Mott, lAwrenoe. Jules of the great heart. 
Noble, Edward. The edge of circumstance: a story 

Osboume, Uoyd. Baby Bullet: the bubble of destiny. 
Parrish, Bandall. A sword of the old frontier. 
Pier, A. 8. The ancient grudge. 
Richards, Mrs. Laura E. Mrs. Tree's wUl. 
Satchell, William. The toll of the bush. 
Sidgrwick, Mrs. 0. U. The professor's legacy. 
Squire, Frances. The Ballingtons. 
Tarking^n, Booth. The conquest of Canaan. 
Van Dyke, Henry. The story of the other wise man. 
Warner, Anne. The rejuvenation of Aunt Mary. 
Wasson, O. 8. The green shay. 
Weyman, 8. J. Starvecrow farm. 




of the 


8258. 1 



W647. 20 

Bond, A. B. The scientific American boy; or, the camp at 
WUlow Island. 1905. j796 B71 

In the form of a story, g^yes instruotioni for camping; making tents, tree 
honsesand oaves; swimming; wigwagging; sanreying; bridge-building; and 
•ther outdoor recreations and occupations. The winter dlTerslons Include in- 
structions for making snow shoes, skate sails, ice boats, and all kinds of 



Dunham, Edith. Jogging round the world : riders and drivers, 
with carious steeds or vehicles, in strange lands and at home; 
with stories and descriptions. 1905. J910 D91 

Foster, Sir Michael. Simple lessons on health for the use of the 
young. J61S F76 

Hall, Jennie. Men of old Greece. 1905. J938 H17 

Contents : Leonldas. — Themistoelea. — Phidias and the Parthenon. — Soo- 

Johnson, Glifton, ed. The oak-tree fairy book. JJ627.I 

Nordau, Max. Tlie dwarf's spectacles and other fairy tales. JN745.1 
St. John, T. M. Real electric toy-making for boys, containing 
complete directions for making and using a large number of 
simple toys that are operated by electricity and magnetism. 
ll>05. J637 814r 

St. Nicholas. Vol. 32, part 2. May-Oct., 1905. ]05 82 

Civil war stories, retold from St. Nicholas. 1905. J978.7 814 

Colonial stories, retold from St. Nicholas. 1906. J973.2 814 

Our holidays, their meaning and spirit: retold from St. Nicho- 
las. 1005. jS90 814 
Revolutionary stories, retold from St. Nicholas. 1906. J973.8 814 
Stoddfiurd, W. O. Dan Monroe : a story of Bunker Hill. JS869.82 
Stratemeyer, Edward. The minute boys of Lexington. JS904.1 
Tomlinson, E. T. A soldier of the wilderness : a story of Aber- 
crombie'.s defeat and the fall of Fort Frontenac in 1758. 1905. 

White, Mary. The child's rainy day book. 1905. j790 W58c 

"Sugf^estcd occupatioDR, with directions, lionie-made toys, basket-weav- 
ing, raffia work, beads, paper flowers, and games for two or three to play.** 
— A,L.A. Bookliit. 

Young Folks' Library : selections from the choicest literature 
of all lands. Third cd., rev. in conference ))y T. B. Aldrich, 
editor-in-chief. W. J. Tucker, II. W. Mabie, Henry Van Dyke, 
N. II. Dole. iy02. 'JOv. and index. j808 Y7 

Vol. 1. Tlie story teller, td. l>y Cliarles Kliot Norton. 

2. Tlie merry maker, ed. by Joel Chandler IlArris. 

3. Famous fairy tales, ed. by Koswell Martin Field. 

4. Tales ot fantasy, ed. by Tudor Jenks. 


Young Folks' library. — continued, 

5. Mjths And legends, ed. by Thomas Joseph Shahan. 
•. The animal story book, ed. by Ernest Thompson Seton. 

7. School and college days, ed. by Kirk Monroe and Mrs. M. H. 


8. The book of adrentnre, ed. by Nathan Haskell Dole. 

9. Famous explorers, ed. by Edwin Erie Sparks. 

10. Braye deeds, ed. by John Townsend Trowbridge. 

11. Wonders of earth, sea, and sky, ed. by Edward Singleton Holden. 

12. Famoos trayels, ed. by Gtoorge Alfred Henty. 

13. Sea stories, ed. by Gyrus Townsend Brady. 

14. A book of natural history, ed. by David Starr Jordan. 
16. Historic scenes in fiction, ed. by Henry Van Dyke. 

16. Famous battles by land and sea, ed. by John Daris Long. 

17. Men who haye risen, ed. by Hamilton Wright Mabie. 

18. Book of patriotism, ed. by George Frisbie Hoar. 

19. Leaders of men ; or, history told In biography. Ed. by William 

Rainey Harper. 

20. Famous poems, ed. by Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 

Index Vol. The key to the treasure house : a book of reference containing 
complete indexes, notes on literary sources, and on names, 
places, events, references, and allusions In the Young FoUu^ 
lAbrary. By Charles Welsh. 

Thb Bitbrdaub Pbbm: C. A. W. Bpbhcxb. 

t 1 

■• -^i 

■ f* 


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Aznerican Book-Prices Ourrent: a record of books, manu- 
scripts, and autographs sold at auction In New York, Boston, 
Philadelphia, from Sept. 1, 1904, to Sept. 1, 1905,with the prices 
realized. Comp. by L. S. Liyingston. 1905. Llb'n's Room 

The Americcm Oatalogrue, 1900-1005, containing a record, 
under author, title, subject and series, of the books published 
in the United States, recorded from Jan. 1, 1900 to Jan. 1, 
1905, with a directory of publishers. 1905. Lib'n's Room 

Aznerican Jewish Year Book. Ed. by Cyrus Adler and Hen- 
rietta Czold. 6666, 1905/1906. Ref . 60.27 

Contalna biographical iketcheg of Jewisli oommanal workers, etc., in the 
United States, various statistics of Jewish activities in the United States, 
and a list of 100 available books in English on Palestine. 

Gollier's Self-Indexing Annual, 1905 : a contemporaneous en- 
cyclopedia and pictorial history of men and events of the past 
year. 1905. Ref. 15.17 

** Gives important current events in the fields of industry, science, the arts, 
sport, education and religion. The material has been collated from Col- 
lier's Weekly, and is preceded by an admirably condensed review of the year 
1904."— Ou^iooifc. 

English Catalogue of Books for 1905 : giving hi one alphabet, 
imder author, title, and subject, the size, price, month of pub- 
lication, and publisher, of books Issued In the United Kingdom, 
and of some of those issued in the United States. 1906. 

Lib'n*s Room 

Hazell's Annual : a cyclopaedic record of men and topics of the 
day. 1906. Ref. 60.15 


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An Aooount of the work of the earlj Methodiit preachers in the pioneer iec> 
tions of the country. 

Baldwin, J. M., ed. Dictionary of philosophy and psychology, 

with illustrations and extensive bibliographies. Vol. 8, parts 

1^2, 1905. Ref. S8.1 


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OMghton, Kandell. Coonsel for the yoong: extracts from 
letters. Ed. by Louise Creighton. 1905. 177 C86 

Davonporty F. K. PrimitiYe traits in religloas revivals : a study 

in mental and social evolution. 1905. 269 D27 

Ooni0iU» : The revlTal esieiitiaUy a form of Impolaive sooIaI aetion.— The 
mind of prlmitiTe man*— Mental traits of a pfyehologioal ** crowd.*'— The 
gfaott-daace among the North Amerlean Indiani.— The religion of the Amer- 
lean negrow- Scoto h -IrUh rerlral In Kentnoky In 1800.— Beviyal In TTlster in 
I860.p-The New England awakening originating with Jonathan Sdwarda — 
JohnWealey.— Nettleton, Finney, and Moody«— A natnral eiqdanation of 
certain rerlyal phenomena.^- Gonyenion by loggettion.— Hie pawionti and 
the rational in religion^— An appUoatlon to the United Statef.p-11ic new 

** The t>ook haa a great practical value for the teacher and the minister, 
stimulating thought and indicating where the dangers lie in the work of re. 
llgious education.*'— T»e BibUeal World, 

Dixon, B. W. History of the Church of England, from the abo- 
lition of the Roman jurisdiction [through 1570]. 1895-1902. 
6v. 283 D64 

Ihiboifl, Paul. The psychic treatment of nervous disorders. 

Trans, and ed. by S. £. Jelliffe and W. A. White. 1905. 131 D85 

** The author, both a psychologist and a physidan, here gives the result of 
twenty years of successful specialisation and practice in the treatment of 
nervous disorders. The strong optimistic tenor of the book, its simple un- 
technical language, and the directness with which its philosophy is appUed 
to life, make it useful and illuminating not merely to the physician, but also 
to the general reader." 

Qreene, K. L. The development of religious liberty in Connecti- 
cut. 1905. 277.4 G83 

Ghmaauliui, F. W. Paths to power: Central Church sermons. 

1905. 242 G95 

**The first group of Dr. Gunsaulus' sermons to be published. They 
emphasize his right to be classed with such men as Beecher, Brooks, and 
Spurgeon. But to feel their power one must surrender for the time to the 
speaker's wand, and not dissolye the spell by a critical mood." 

CuwuUaiive Book Beview Digest, 

Hyde» W. De Witt. T)ie art of optimism as taught by Robert 

Browning. 1900. 171.4 H99 



Hyslop, J. H. Enigmas of psychical research. 1906. 184 H996 

Contents: Seildaes of adenoe.— Andent ondet.— GrytUl tIiIoii: hli- 

toiy.— Crystal gmzlng : experimenta.— Telepathy.— Dreams.— AppailtloiiB^— 

Clalnroyanoe.— Premonitions^— Medinmlstio phenomena.— Betrotpeot and 


A skilfal dlf^t of the Reports of the Sodety for Psydiioal Beseardi fkom 

1882, by the author of Science and a fSUure UflB. 

Jordan, L. H. Omparative religion, its genesis and growth. 

1905. 809 J76 

In the main an account of the aim and method of the new sdenoe, and of 
the prindpal writers upon the subject, with discussion of thdr work. 
Written by the late special ledurer in comparatire religion at the Unlrentty 
of Chicago. 

Paraons, Ellen 0. Chrlstus liberator: an outline stady of Africa. 

1905. 266.6 F85 

The fourth book to be issued in the United study of misdon series. Sir 
Harry Johnston furnishes an Introductory sketch of the geography, races, 
and history of Africa. The body of the book is deroted to an account of the 
rise and progress of Protestant missions there. 

Prince, Korton. The dissociation of a personality : a biographi- 
cal study in abnormal psychology. 1906. 184 F98 

A study of a remarkable case of multiple personality, the subject, Mlia 
Christine L. Beauchamp, being a person who exhibited three different per- 
sonalities besides her own normal and original one. It is written for the 
layman as weU as the student of abnormal psychology. 

Wagner, Charles. The gospel of life. 1905. 177 W19g 

The author of The Hmplel^elULB collected In this little rolume a few ser- 
mons, chosen at random, connecting the Gospd and life. 

Bimey, Mn. A. M. Childhood. 1905. 178 B58 

The author founded the National Congress of Mothers, and was for many 
years its president. In this book she aims to help the parent, by a better 
knowledge of the ohUd's physical and moral nature, to a wiser guidance and 
training of the child. The practical illustrations which she gives are such at 
can be applied with great advantage to the trying conditions existing In 
many households. 

Boynton, G. K. The model Sunday-school: a handbook of prin- 
ciples and practices. 1892. 268 B71 
The author is Secretary of the Oongregational Sunday.8chool Sodety. 


Brown, M. 0. Sunday-school movements in America. 1901. 268 B81 

Cont6iU$ : Barly American Sundfty^fohools.— The Amerioan BniuUy'fohool 
Union.— The national oonTention system.— The nnifonn, or international, 
Snnday-school lesson system.— Institutes and the Chaataoqaa moyement.— 
The ohnroh and the Snnday-school.— The Bible Study Union.— Miscellane- 
ous.— Condnsion. 

Ck)e, George Alliert. Education in religion and morals. 1905. 

377 C66 

Educators, parents, and ntlnisters, will find this book both a tonic and a 
guide. The author shows common sense and dlsoemmpnt in his study of ex- 
isting conditions, and his treatment of the problem exhibits a scholarly ap- 
preciation of the principles of modem psychology and pedagogy. Wm. 
DeWitt Hyde calls it "a great book,— the greatest on its subject since 
Bushnell's Chriitian nuriwret in 1847.*' 

Moodie, William, comp. Tools for teachers: a collection of 
anecdotes, illustrations, legends, etc., for teachers of Sunday- 
schools, Bible classes, and the Boy's Brigade. 14th ed. 1893. 

268 M77 

The stories and legends are arranged according to the subjects which they 
illustrate; such as courage, honesty, charity, etc. 

Beligious Education Asaociation. Proceedings of annual con- 
yentions, 1903-06. 3v. 377 R27 

The object of this Association, which includes some of the leading educators 
and religions teachers of the country, is to promote enlightened moral and 
religious education by all possible agencies; such as the home, the school, 
the college, the church and Sunday-school, the young people's society, the 
boys* club, the press, etc. These Tolumes, containing full reports of addresses 
and discussions, make possible a knowledge of the work and methods of oth- 
ers, and are of the greatest value, both for inspiration and for practical sug- 

Schaulfler, A. F. The teacher, the child and the Book; or, 
practical suggestions and methods for Sunday-school workers. 
1901. 268 831 

WellSy Amos B. Sunday-school problems : a book of practical 
plans for Sunday-school teachers and officers. 1905. 268 W46s 



Adamaon, J. W. Pioneers of modern edncation, 1900-1700. 870.9 A22 
ConUmU : The new philotophy.— The tdiool^^ooBi In the eufj ITth mb« 
tiuy.— Bacon and Comenlas^^The great dMaettew^Tbe new pedagoforln 
London and In Oennany.— LongPaiiUunent: Bamnel Haitlib mdednen- 
tion.— Two letters to Hartllb : MUton and Pett7.—Tlie reformed adiool of 
JohnDmry.— Asaooeiafalicfaoolmaater: Hoole^— The eoortlr eoadcniee^— 
Elementary education.— St. Jean-Baptlste de la 8alle.p- A. H. Fnmoke and 

*' Ladd and fympathetio acco«nt,wliloli will Interest readers ovttide the walls 
of schools in the thoagbts and suggestions of the great edvcational philo- 
sophers. General conclusions are summarised in a readable flnnl chapter.'* 


Barker, J. K. The saloon problem and social reform. 1905. 178 B84 
CkntUtU$ : The problem stated.— Economic aspects.— Political aspecCaw— 
Social aspects.— Criminal aspects.— Federmted moTcment of moral fbroetw— 
A medium for united actlouw— Formntion of public sentlmenL—Xaaentlnl 
factors in legislattre action^— Law enforcement made e l P w Uv e.'— The co- 
ordlnating power in leadership.— Substitutes for the saloon. BIgni of 

Oathrein, Victor. Socialism, its theoretical basis and practical 
application. Authorized translation of the 8th German ed., 
with special reference to the condition of socialism in the 
United States. Rev. and enl. by Victor F. Gettelmann. 1904. 

885 CS8 

Oonant, 0. A. The principles of money and banking. 1905. 2v. 


Oraik, Sir Henry. The state in Its relation to education. New 
and rey. ed. 1896. 870.942 C84 

" Little need be said of this excellent manual by way of literary or other 
criticism. Mr. Craik occupies an important post in the Scotch Education 
Department. This fact is a sufficient gunrantee both of his knowledge and 
his Impartiality."— Spectolor. 

Oreasy, Sir B. 8. The rise and progress of the English consti- 
tution. [Third] ed., rev., with additions. 1885. 848.48 0856 

Ounningham, William, and McArthur, E. A. Outlines of 

English industrial history. 1905. 888.948 C91a 

ConUnti: Immigrants to Britain.- Physical conditions.— The manors^— 

The towns.— Beginnings of national economic lifc^Varlonf sides of 

UBtionai and eoonomio life.- Money, credit, and finance.— Agricnltore^— 

I^2K>iir and capital.— Beiulta ot VAQi«Me4«Qii&mK»ftilULtecoottrae. 

80CI0L00T. 116 

Dealey* J* ^-i <>^ Ward, L. F. A text-book of sociology. 1905. 

301 D84 

"It Is feldom that « textbook for ttudenta oombinet tach yirtiies u are 
conibliied in this Tolmne. It li at onoe academic in Ita treatment and in. 
dlTldnal in its riews.*'— ^<AeiMnim. 

FaiT«r, T. H. The state in its relation to trade. 1902. 847.7 F24 

"Kr. Farrertondiesononeof themost difflcnlt qnestions of modem life. 
nMMch the Tolnme is, in tlie main, explanatory and desoriptlTe, it some- 
times beeomes polemicai.'*~£|tMctolor. 

Gladden, Waahingfton. Christianity and socialism. 1905. 835 G45 

CknUenis : The Sermon on the Moant as the basis of social reconstmotion.— 
Labor warSd^The programme of socialism.— The true socialism.— Lights and 
shadows of municipal reform. 

Goachen, Itt viscounty George Joachim Goaohen. Bssays and 

addresses on economic questions, 1865>1893, with introductory 

notes, 1905. 830.4 G69 

Contenit: Seven per cent.— Two per cent.— Our cash reserves and central 
stock of gold.— Depreciation of silver.— Conditions and prospects of trade.— 
Increase of moderate incomes.— Laissez-faire and government interference. 
— Sthics and economics^— Insurance : volantary or compulsory? 
** Shows singular freshness, due to lifelong habits of examining facts and 
figures, and of fadng new economic developments. Besides the instinct for 
the liidden meaning of statistics. Lord CK>schen lias the statesman's eye for 
the bearing of economic truths on the life of a nation.'*— iSjpeototor. 

CK>Wy Williavi. Marine insurance: ahandboolc. 3ded. 1903. 

368 G74 

Hadley, James. Introduction to Roman law. 1904. 342.37 Hll 

The late Prof. Uadley held a very high place in the judgment of American 
scholars, and had qualities of, mind remarkably well fitted for an exposition 
of Roman law. The book is based on lectures given at Tale and Harvard. 

Heam, Lafcadio. Stray leaves from strange literature. 1884. 

398 H35 

Comtenit: Stray leaves.— Tales retold from Indian and Buddhist litera- 
ture—Runes from the Kalewala.— Stories of Moslem landsw— Traditions 
retold from the Talmud. 

Henderaon, 0. B. Social settlements. 1899. 331.85 H3^ 

Horton, laabelle. The burden of the city. 1904. 331.91 H78 

ConienU: The burden of the dty.— Settlement work.— The modem church 
and its methods.— The deaconess in city missions.— ChUdrenfa 'ivQii^.— ^^ 



How«» F. 0. The city, the hope of democracy. 1906. 851 HS84 

ConieniM: New olyilizatloa.— Profit aoconnt.— Lom aooonnt^— ▲merloaa 
city ftt work.— Sooroe of corruption.— The boM, the party, and the ^yataau— 
The way ont-municipal ownenhlpw— Does mnnlolpal ownership pay?— City 
republic.— City charter.— Cost of the slum.— City's homes.— City's wreokafe. 
Wards of the dty.— City beautiful.— City's treasure.— Rerenues of the dtyw— 
City for the people.— Hope of democracy. 

" A frank discussion of municipal problems as they are aotnaDy enecmnterad 
in typical American cities. Mr. Howe's remedy for the present eril oondl- 
tlons consists in offering opportunity to labor, In taxing monopoly, and in 
the abolition of privilege."— Jlsview of Reviews, 

Jevons, W. 8. Principles of economics : a fragment of a treatise 
on the industrial mechanism of society, and other papers. 
With pref . by Henry Higgs. 1905. 830 J58a 

Kirkbride, F. B., and Sterrett, J. E. The modern trust com- 
pany: its functions and organization. 1905. 832.1 K68 

CofUente: Functions.— Organizing a trust company^— Officers.- Banking 
department.— Corporate trust department.— Individual trust departments— 
Safe deposit department.— Savlncs fund department.— Life, fidelity and title 
insurance, and suretyship.- Gkneral accounting.- Miscellaneous sabjeeta^— 
Bibliogn4;>hy.— List of forms. 

Leroy-Beaalieu, Pierre. The United States in the twentieth 

century. 1906. 338.97 L56 

The author mid[es a detailed survey of the resources, industries, anddcrelop- 
ment of the United States, and also discusses the characteristlos of the 
American people, and the problems now confronting the nation. The book 
is regarded by some critics as the most noteworthy publication of the sort 
since Bryce's Ameriean commonioealth. 

Mackay, Thomas. The state and charity. 1898. 831.9 M19 

ConterUe : Early history.— Turgot and the economists.— The stage of 
inquiry.- Effect of the inquiry on public opinion.- Law of charitable trusts. 
—Some additional duties of the Charity Commissioners.— Oo-operation be- 
tween legal and voluntary agencies of relief.— Medical relief and hoq>ital 

Monroe, Paul. A text-book in the history of education. 1905. 

370.9 M75a 

" A successful attempt to present to teachers all that is most important la 
the history of education from primitive times onward. The treatment Is 
just and suggestive, and the book is thoroughly practical."— ^McfMSvas. 

800IOLOOT. 117 

Vstional Oonference of Oharities and Oorrectkm. ProoMdiocs 
at the thirty-second annaal session, 1905. G, 881.9 N21 

Peal, Robert, and Minchin, H. 0. Oxford. 1905. 878.42 09p 

** A guide book of ft saperior claM. The colored illostrfttlons ftre well 
ehoten and, with few ezceptiont, of ft high order. It Is the book 
we should choose to giye to visitors intent on a serious yet fleeting 
stndj of the dty."— illAen<B«fm. 

Fhillipa, D. G. The reign of gUt. 1905. 842.785 P54 

Denis with plutooraoy nnd democracy, with class relations in the U. 8., and 
other problems of the present day. 

Baova, 8. A. The cost of competition: an eflTort at the nnder^ 
standing of familiar facts. 1906. 885 R25 

The main part of the work is devoted to a disensslon of the economic waste 
and the ethical cost inrolyed in the present competitiTe system of selling 
goods, which Is based primarily on barter. The author suggests that there 
might at least be co-operation in the distribution of wealth, through some 
central organization, probably under government control, which should pay 
to each the value of what he produces. 

Sobinaon, 0. M. Modern civic art; or, the city made beautiful. 
2d ed. 1904. 852.9 R56m 

Sage, Elizabeth, and Oooley, A. M. Occupations for little fin- 
gers: a manual for grade teachers, mothers, and settlement 
workers. 1905. 871.42 S12 

'*A plain answer to the question, . . . what can we give the children to do? 
This little manual describes and illustrates simple forms of handiwork; in- 
cluding cord and rafiia-work, coarse sewing, paper-cutting and folding, clay 
modelling, furniture and upholstery for a doll's house, and crocheting and 
knitting. The writers are teachers who have worked out with their classes 
the things of which they write. Their models are simple and useful articles." 


Smith, Oharles Sprague. Working with the people. 1904. 381.85 864 

A history of The People's Institute, New York city. 

Smith, H. B. Boys and their management in school. 1905. 871 864 

Sparge, John. The bitter cry of the children. 1906. 331.8 873 

CofUenU: The blighting of the babies.— The school child.— The working 
child.— Remedial measures.— Blossoms and babies.- Appendices : How for- 
elgn municipalities feed their children; Report on the Vercelli system of 
school meals; Miscellaneous.— Notes and authorities. 



United States. Census Office. 12th census, 1900. Special 
Street and electric railways: prepared under the supervision of 

W. M. Steuart. 1905. 9019.68 J 

Central electric light and power stations : prepared under the 
supervision of W. M. Steuart. 1905. 8029.68.4 

United States. Oivil Service Gk>mmission. Twenty-second 
annual report. 1905. Q. 2054.4 

United States. Dept. of Gk>mmerce and Labor. Insurance in 

foreign countries. 1905. [Special consular reports, vol. 88.] 

2087.10, Vol. 88 
CofUenU: Lifelnsarance.— Special foriiit of Intoranoe^—Ftre mud msrlBe 

United States. Interstate OommerceOommiasion. Eighteenth 
annual report. 1904. Q, 2084.15 

United States. Library of Oongress. Division of bibliography. 
Select list of books on railroads in foreign countries: govern- 
ment regulation. 1905. Ref . 15.112 

United States Senate. Oommittee on Interstate Gk>mmeroa. 
Hearings before the Committee on Interstate Commerce, Dec. 
16, 1904, to May 28, 1905, on bills to amend the Interstate com- 
merce act, etc. 1905. 5v. G. 889.5 U5s 

Containf maoh inf oimation on the regulatioii of railway ratea, duties and 
powers of the Interstate Commerce Conunission, etc. 

Unwin, Mrs. Gk>bden, ed. The hungry forties; life under the 
bread tax : descriptive letters and other testimonies from con- 
temporary witnesses. 1904. 888.942 U62 

'* Men and women, most of them well orer eighty, have been persoaded to 
recount to an easier generation something of the hleak, starred life of their 
early days. The records are printed just as they have beenreoeived, with 
strange spelling and grammar, often with a oonspionous diffloolty of utter- 
ance, hut we find simplicity and truth stamped on them aU.'*— ^KAeiunun. 

Vinogradoif, Paul. The growth of the manor. 1905. 888.8 Yll 
Wame, F. J. The coal-mine workers: a study in labor organ- 
ization. 1905. 881.21 W24 

** The author's attitude is sympathetic, but not partisan, and he has made a 
distinct contribution to the knowledge of the controverty whioh o&oe ooa- 
Tulsed the nation."—^. Y. Timt», 

8CIBNCB. 119 


Duffy A. W. Elementary experimental mechanics. 1905. 531 D87 

FlamniftTion, Oamille. Thmider and lightning. Trans, by W. 

Mostyn. 1905. 587.4 F6 

CokUmU : Viotimfl of UghtoiDg. — Atmofpherioeleetridtj and itonn-olouds. 
~ The fluh mnd the acmiul. ~ IllralMait. -- Bflbota of lightning on mmnkliid. -- 
Elfeetf on animnls. — Eflteti on trees and planta.— Sfteots on metals, 
ol^ieots, hooses, etc. — Lightning oondaotoi s. — Pietores made hy lightning. 

Harris, W. 0., and Bean, T. H. The basses* fresh water and 

marine. Ed. and illas. by Louis Bhead. 1905. 799.1 H24 

Complete Infonnation as to how, when, and where to fish for bass, with 
many slde-glimpses on the delights of angling In general. 

liOeb, Jacquea. Studies in general physiology. 1905. 2y. 574 L82 

Karr, J. B. An introduction to geology. 1905. 550 M84 

*^ Introdaoes readers to the elements of geology In a simple and attraotlre 
nmnner, yet wlt& breadth and aoonraey. " -^Athenmum, 

Bogers, J. B. The tree book ; a popular guide to a knowledge 

of the trees of North America and to their uses and cultivation. 

1905. 582 R63 

"Into a volume of 600 pages. Miss Sogers has compressed mach information 
abont North American trees. Althoagh her work assumes some slight 
knowledge of the subject, it is primarily for the non-sdentifie observer and 
student. In every case Miss Rogers is to be commended for the combined 
exactness and simpUcit} of her descriptions. Technical terms are of course 
neoeesary at times, but they are Invariably explained. Both in text and 
lUnstratlon the work is of universal appeal. A key to the principal tree 
families is furnished for the ready identification and classification of each 
variety, and no one with this book at hand can possibly go astray.'* 

Bogtan Transoript, 

Bchillings, O. G. Flashlights in the jungle: a record of hunting 
adventures and of studies in wild life in equatorial East Africa. 
1905. 591.96 888 

The foremost feature of this work is the SOO reproductions of photographs 
of wild animals, taken by flashlight In the jungles of German East Africa. 
Most interesting, too, are the author's acute soientlfie observations, and the 
accounts of his hunting adventures. 

United States. Ooast and Oeodetic Survey. Report of the 
Superintendent, showing the progress of the work from July 1, 
1904, to June 80, 1905. G, 2086.1 



United BUtes. Fish OommiMion. BoUetbi. Vol. 88. 1906. 906S.7 

Ptrt 1. The shore fiahef of the Hawaiian Iilaads, with a gHMial aooout of 
the fish faima; hy David Starr Jordan, and Barton W. Srannann. 
2. The deep-eea flihes, hyC. H. Gilbert.— The oommeroial fltherlM^ 
by J. N. Cobb. 

Report of the commissioner for the year ending Jane 80, 1908. 
1905. Q, 9069.8 

United States. Geological Survey. Twenty-fifth annual report 
of the director, 1903/04. G. 9079.4 

Van Dyke, John 0. The opal sea : continued stadies in Impres- 
sions and appearances. 1906. 859.9 VIS 

A new book, by the author of ThB d u tri, written along the same feneral 
line«. This is a book of ocean beauty seen from the painter's point of Ttow, 
desoriblng many aspects of the sea and Its life. Based on sdentiilo dltoorery 
and research, but illuminated thronghout by a poetical sense of the sea's 
esthetic quality. 

Watkina, W. B., and Sowman, Arthur. School gardening. 

1905. 507 W8S 

Wells, H. L. A text-book of chemical arithmetic. 1st ed. 1905. 

548 W46 


Adama, E. K. Mechanical and electrical inventions; comprising 
machinery, mechanisms, movements, indicating, recording and 
integrating instroments and apparatus. For laboratory re- 
search and industrial applications. 1900. 2v. O. 681 A91 
Arthur, William. The building estimator. 1905. 690.8 A79 
Balding, A. G. Commercial correspondence. 1905. 658 B41 
Business short cuts in accounting, book-keeping, card indexing, 

advertising, corrcHpondence, and management. 1904. 650 B64 

Oollins, A. F. Wireless telegraphy; its history, theory and 
practice. 1905. 681.871 069 

** An excellent and very complete work. Baoh subdirlsion of the snbjeet is 
approached with a brief historical introduction, which is followed by a 
theoretical discussion, after which the various experiments are ontUned, 
and finally the practical workings are described. " 


BiUmonty Khtfrete de. EDcyclopedia of needlework. 646 D68 

A OBlque book, and a moft valiMble one. It include! all Tarieties of sewing, 
embroidery, oroohet work, and laoe making. There are nearly 1000 illostra* 
tlona and diagrams, designed with the greatest care and skill to demonstrate 
methods of work and to show the attractive results. 

FiebegVTy G. J. Civil engineering: a text-book for a short course. 

1905. 620 F45 

*• A book intended to give military cadets who hare to master many sdenoes, 
an elementary knowledge of dvll engineering. ** 

CumuUUive Book Bwiew Diffttt, 

HMluok, P. N., ed. Beehives and beekeepers' appliances. 1906. 

688 H27 
Hunt, Albert Bradlee, ed. Houseboats and houseboating. 1906. 

359.8 H91 
Jamas, G. W. Practical basket making. 1905. 689 J2S 

Foincar6, Henri, and Vreeland, F. K. Maxwell's theory and 
wireless telegraphy. Part 1. Maxwell's theory and Hertzian 
oscillations, by H. Poincar^, trans, by F. K. Vreeland. Part 
3. The principles of wireless telegraphy, by F. K. Vreeland. 

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Popular Kechanics Magazine. Popular mechanics shop notes. 

1905. 631 P81 
"Indndes all kinds of theoretical, practical and experimental knowledge, 
•ach aa what to do in case of electricity accidents, how to treat boms and 
bmises, temper knives, calculate speed, make whitewash or phosphorus tin, 
transfer pictures to glas9, etc.'* 

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(^mtentM : The physician.— Convalesoenoe. — Pain and the opium habit.— 
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"This is, in every sense of the word, a great book. It mubt stand for many 
yean to oome as ttie book of reference on ecclesiastical archltectnre in 
England for aU architects and aroheologlsts, and it will be also the book that 
the learner oan study with most profit. It is hard to wrVle ol ^^'^ ^^%\x^ 
tions except In what msy ieem terms of exaggeration or t\i\iOTnA v^^*^^* ^ 


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New ed. rev. 1900. 748 B88 

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2y. 786.1 BIS 

" A valuable guide, showiog thorough knowledge of the rabjeot and great 
enthuiiaim for Bngllah ttylet. Illustrated by 25 good plates from photo- 
graphs." — ^lAefMMfm. 

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** A popular aooount of works of art of the better known yarieties. It la 
much sounder In its oritidsm and more generally trustworthy than soma 
similar oompUations, but contains serious errors, such as the whoUy lnaeen> 
rate account of Oothic vaulting. "— Jhissett Sturgit, 

Destree, O. G. The renaissance of sculpture in Belgium. 1895. 

785 D47 

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** A study of Claude's actual work, marked by sound good sense, and en- 
lightened by a real sentiment for beauty in landscape art. Popular books 
of art are rarely the outcome of such leisurely and refined scholarship, such 
genuine lore of knowledge for its own sake. " — AtheiuBum, 

Dimier, L. French painting in the 16th century. [Trans, by 

Harold Child.] 1904. 759.4 D5» 

*']fr. Dimier speaks with authority, and gives all the important facta now 
known as to the painters and their assistants at Fontalneblean. " 

HNK ARTS. 125 

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sketches: chiefly Italian. 1876. 721.5 F87 

** iBterMtins papen on Ancient dtief and their boildingt, of great hif torlcnl 
TfthM. TlM Mitiior itadied archlteetnre all his life, and thongh wholly ont 
of toneh with ita aoientlflo and ctthetle interest, he law its ralne as material 
for history. "— Jhwssa 5liirpi«. 

CtaurdiiMr, J. 8. Foreign armonr in England. 1898. 899 017 

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750 ceig 

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Part of the second Tolome was written by Smil Relsch. 

TTiUj G. F. PisaneUo. 1905. 750 P67 

'* This scholarly monograph shows an admirable admlxtare of enthusiasm 
and restraint. Ulnstrations of medals are taken from plaster casts, and 
delicate effects of modelling are extremely well rendered. Mr. Hill supplies 
an admirable interpretative comment. " —Athenaum, 

Hooper, 0. E. The country house: a practical manual for the 

planning and constructiou of the American country home and 

its surroundings. 1905. 728 H76 

OrnUnti: Selection of the site.— Planning the house. —Constmotion of 
the shell. — Details of llnish. — Doors and doorways. — Windows and win- 
dow motives. — Fireplaces, chimneys, and flre-prooilng. — Halls and stair, 
ways. — Living and other rooms. — Dining room and kitchen. — Heating, 
ventilation, and lighting. — Plumbing.— Water supply and drainage.— 
Outbuildings, gateways, etc. — Oardens. — Contract and spedflcations. — 
Practical hints. 

** Fitted by its illustrations of details to students in all communities, but 
contains no low-priced bouses.'* — ^. X. A, 3ook4itt. 

Hunt, William Holman. Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Rap- 
haelite brotherhood. 1905-06. 2v. 759.9 H91 


Linton, W. J. The history of wood-engraying in America. 188S. 

761 L65 
" By one of the most able and trnlj aitittio tskgnwen of modem ttoMt.** 

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1905. 708 P22m 

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759.4 M44a 
The great French painters and the evolution of French paint- 
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769.4 M44 
Moore, Mrs. BT. H. Old pewter, brass, copper and Sheffield plate. 

1905. 788 M78 

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CotUeiUt: Conoeming general ideas important to the compr^enilon of 
Dllrer*! life and art. — Dtlrer*! life in relation to the times In whloli he 
lired. — Dllrer as a creator. — DUrer's ideas. 

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Pennell, Joseph. The illustration of books: a manual for the 
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Indndes material on line drawings and wash drawings and their rcprodne- 
tlon, on wood engraylng, lithographj, etching, photogravure and photo, 
lltbogn^hy, etc. 

Petrie, W. M. F. Egyptian decorative art : a course of lectures 
delivered at The Royal Institution. 1895. 745 P44 

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Frederick Walker and his works. 1894. 750 W17I» 

TIUmd : a Study of his life and work. 1898. Sv. in 1. 760 T61p 


FmS ART8. 127 

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Trans, from the German by G. H. Palmer. 1905. 948.8 N9r 

Hhsad, G. W. Stndles in plant-form : twenty-flve plates con- 
taining upwards of sixty varieties of plants, with over eighty 
illustrations of detail, intended to demonstrate the method of 
deriving ornamental suggestion from natural growths. For 
students, designers, and craftsmen. 1908. Art Case 5.8.18 

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1901. Art Case 7 8.6, Vol. 4. 

ConUnti: Matthyi lUrli by G. H. Kariai. — Th4ophUe de Bo<d[ bj L. cte 
Haef.— AnguftAlleb^byA. 6. C. TanDnji.— J. W. Bilden bjA. C. 
Loflfelt.—Wlllj Hartem by P. A. Haaznutn, Jr. — Mn. Hesdag.yan 
Houten by A. C. 0. taq der Kop. — A. H. B. KorlTby J. Gram. — Qeorge 
Pogj^enbeek by P. ZUcken.— J. H. WyemuUer by H. H. Krabb4.— J. 
Voermaii by W. Steenhoff. — Tony Affennans by P. da RienTsii. — J. 
Tan Essen by H. M. Krabb4. 

Rubens. Trans, by Harold Child. 1904. 2v. Art Case 6.5.15a 

Salter, E. G. Franciscan legends in Italian art: pictures in 

Italifm churches and galleries. 1905. 759.5 S17 

** An entirely sound, aseful, practical, mnch.needed work, which it would be 
difflcult adequately to praise and impossible almost to orer-estimate. ** 

Saiurdaif Eevitw, 

Sargent, J. S. The work of John S. Sargent, R. A., with an 

introductory note by Mrs. Meynell. 1903. Art Case 6.5.6 

Selincoart, BasU de. Giotto. 1905. 750G51s 

** The useful little monograph doses with what is, perhaps, the ablest section 
of the book, a rery acute analysis of Giotto's Influence orer others. " 


Shedd, Mrs. J. A. Famous painters and paintings. 4th ed., rev. 

aud enl. 1896. 759 S54 

* Brief bioin'aphlcal sketches of the most famous painters of all epochs, 
with Tery sensible discussion of their merits and peculiarities. A popular 
book, but a good one. *' — RuueU Sturgii, 

Famous sculptors and sculpture. New ed., rev. and enl. 1896. 
A companion rolume to her Famoui paiwUrn and pali«H«mi. 


Smith, G. W. Fainangs. Spanish and French. 1905. 769.4 865 

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and works of Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, and n Veronese. 

1901. 759.5 879a 

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1900. 759.5 867 

Street, G. E. Some account of Gothic architecture in Spain. 

1865. 788.5 891 

**Bjr an Bngllth arohltect, wholij devoted to the Oothie rerlTml, and the 
baUder of nuuiiy importuit Imlldtaigt. Hii diiiwUigtareTaliuble;aBd the 
detaUed plans of medicral ohnrofaef are tmstwortliy, at the work of an able 
and consdentlons man.** — JluutU StwrgU, 

Tebbs, L. A. The new lace embroidery, Punto Tagliato. Sd ed. 

1905. 746 TS9 

Tomer, J. M. W. The harbours of England: engraved by 

Thomas Lupton, from original drawings made expressly for 

the work by J. M. W. Turner, with illustrative text by J. 

Ruskin. 750 T94r 

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Waem, Oedlia. John La Farge, artist and writer. 1896. 750 L15w 

Weale, W.H.J. Gerard David. 1895. 750 D95w 

.Zaoher, Albert. Rome as an art city. 1905. 709.45 Zl 

*' Gl?e« a rapid bat comprehenilTe larTey, piloting the reader with coaaid- 
erable akiU through the laooeMiTe phases. The general tone is modest, and 
the book is Ukelj to be helpful to those who shrink from the perasal of ex. 
hanstiTe works. *' — Athtnaum, 


Dayies, Dayid Vfrangcon-. The singing of the future. [9d 

ed.] 1906. 781.9 F48 

** A vigorous protest against the notion that the btl oanto^ or the true art of 
soog, is praetieaUj a lost art. He combats the idea that bH eamio means 
merel J an agUe pretty voice. Insisting that it reaUy impUes a complete mas. 
terj of aU the voeal resources, and that Wagner, Instead of being a 
stroyer, is, properly understood, the final restorer of btl coiUo alms. His 
ideals and methods will be the ideals and me t hods of aU singing of the fu. 
Uat, not only in operas, but in song and in oratorio."— ^aMoi». 


Drntmn^ Hcmiaiin. Johuuics Birnhms: a biographical sketch. 

Timns , with additions, by Rosa Newmarch. 1888. 780 B81de 

Vbotoy Arthor, and Spalding, W. B. Modern harmony in its 

theory and practice. 1906. 780.85 F78 

** A model of eleftraeu And atilitj. The kejnote to the work may be f oand 
inthliaeterttoii: 'When we find a rale oonitMitly broken by one great com- 
poe« after aaothcr, it la probable that the rale oof ht to be modlfled or gtrea 
ap, and not that the oompoeen are wrong.* Tbe book ii in ererj way re- 
markably ap to date."— JfaUom. 

Pougin, Aithor. Verdi: an anecdotic history of his life and 
works. Trans, from the French by J. E. Matthew. 1887. 780 ViSp 

Thibftui, A. F. J. Pnrity in mnsic. Trans, from the German 
by John Broadhouse. 1882. 781.1 T84 

Townaend, PaiQine D. Joseph Haydn. 1884. 780 Hilt 

*'A Tolnmeof the Great moiiciani Mriet. A simple narratire of faotf, 
withoat attempt! at analyiia or oritidim."— J7. B, KrtkHel. 

Mnaic: Scoroa. 

Grieg, Bdvard. Concert fiir Pianoforte. Op. 16. 785 G84b 

Sonata, C moll, ftlr Pianoforte und Violine. Op. 45 787 G84b 

Sonate fur Pianoforte and Violoncell. Op. 86. 787.8 G84 

Herbert, Victor. Bille. Modiste: a comic opera. 1905. 788 H58m 
Hopeldrk, Helezi, ed. Seventy Scottish songs, ed. with accom- 
paniments. For high voice. 1905. 784.1 S42h 

Lang, Kargaret Buthven. Songs. Op. 89, 40, 41, 42. 1908- 

1905. 784 L97b 

CofUenii: Songs for loren of ohildren.--Somewhere.— Daj ii done.— The 
birdw—Lore is eTenrwhere.— Song of the lilac.— Nonsense rhymes and 
pictures set to masic. 

Ponchielli, Amilcare. La Gioconda : an opera in four acts, the 
libretto by Tobia Gorrio. 788 G79g 

Schumann. Andante und Variationen ftlr zwei Pianoforte zu 
vier H&nden. Op. 46. 786.8 S89 

Sullivan, D. J. Miss Pocahontas: an Indian war-whoop in two 
whoops. Book by R. A. Bamet and R. M. Baker. 1906. 788 S95Sm 



Alexander, W. J. An introduction to the poetry of Robert 
Browning. 1902. 820 B88b8 

Barton, Georgre Edward. The pipe of desire and other plays. 

1905. 822 B29 

Other playt: The sowing maolilne.— The image of God.— The thlDg to bi> 

Baxter, Sylvester. The legend of the Holy Grail as set forth in 
the frieze painted by Edwin A. Abbey for the Boston Pnblic 
Library. 1904, 829.6 G76b 

Boston Browning Society. The Boston Browning Society 
papers, selected to reprcHent the work of the society from 
1886-1897. 1900. " 820 B88b7 

Batcher, S. H. Harvard lectures on Greek subjects. 1904. 880.1 B97a 

Cantenti: Greece and Itrael.— Gi^coe and Phanlcia.— Greek lore of know, 
ledge.— Art and inspiration In Greek poetry.— Greek literary criticism. 
" The style throughout is admirable. Dr. Butcher Is not mereljr master of 
bis iubjeota, but has also the gift of exposition, the genius of the teacher. 
It would be difficult to say too mucb in praise of this scholarly book.** 


Campbell, Wilfred. Collected poems. 1905. 820 C192 

Cody, Sherwin. The art of writing and speaking the English 


Vol.1. Word-study. 428.1 C64 

2. Granunar and punctuation. 425 C64 

8. Composition and rhetoric. 426 C64a 

4. Story-writing and journalism. 426 C64 

Crothers, B. M. The pardoner's wallet. 1905. 824 C95p 

ContentM: The pardoner.— Unseasonable virtues.— An hour with our pre. 
judloes.— Howto know the fallacies.- The difficulties of the peacemakers.— 
The land of the large and charitable air.- A community of humorists.- A 
saint reoanonized.— Ashe sees himself .—A man under enchantment.— The 
cruelty of good people. 

**Barely do brilliant talent, shrewd common sense, and large-hearted sym. 
pathy, combine so generously for the pleasure of the reader as in these 
fascinating pages.*'- LfHnp Age. 

Fogauaro, Antonio. Daniele Cortis : romanzo. 1899. 863 F68d 

Piccolo mondo modemo: romanzo. 1901. 853 F68p 


Go«tlM, J. W. von. Belneke Fox, West-Eastern divan, and 
Achilleid. Trans, by Alexander Rogers. 1890. 881 G55r 

Chray, Arthur, ed. Toasts and tributes: a happy book of good 
cheer, good health, good speed, devoted to the blessings and 
comforts of life south of the stars. 1905. Bef . 85.88 

GriggrSy Edward Howard. The poetry and philosophy of Brown- 
ing : a handbook of eight lectures. 1905. Bef. 85.74 

Herbert, George. The Bnglish works of George Herbert; newly 

arranged and annotated, and considered in relation to his life, by 

George Herbert Palmer. 8y. 1905. 820 H58p 

'*With his own fine inteUlgenoe and trminlng, ProfMaor Palmer has hen 
glTen ereiy belp to the reader for the appreciation of the most lorable and 
the most human of oar rellgtons poets.'*~Ou<iooJ;. 

Lang, Andrew. New collected rhymes. 1905. 890 L37n 

Laycock, Craven, and Spofford, A. K. Manual of argumenta- 
tion, for high schools and academies. 1906. 426.5 L45m 
Lucas, E. v., comp The friendly town: a little book for the 
urbane. 1905. 821 L96f 

The compiler of The open road here glrea as an equally attractive ooUeotion 
of rerfe and proae, showing the appeal that dty life has made to many 
writers of many moods. 

MacDonald, George. Within and without; and A hidden life. 
1902. 822 M18 

Mencken, H. L. George Bernard Shaw, his plays. 1905. 822 S58z 

"Well written and informing. Mr. Mencken is obylonsly an admirer of 
Shaw, bat he is no mere idolater. His book comprises an essay on Shaw 
as a dramatist which is remarkably comprehensive in its scope, and perhaps 
open to argument as to its doctrine. Bnt it is good reading. Then follow 
chapters descriptive and amiably critical on Shaw's plays— chapters that will 
particularly Interest people who hare no time to read the plajrs themselTCS, 
but wish to be kept in touch with current subjects of discussion." 

N. Y, Timei. 

Morris, William, and Magnusson, Birikr, trans. The stories 

of the kings of Norway, called the Round of the world (Heim- 

skringla), by Snorrl Sturlason. Vol. 4. Vol. 6 of 889.6 M87 

Murger, Henry. Scenes de la vie de Bohdme, 848 M94v 

PhiUips, Stephen. Nero: [a play]. 1906. 822 P56n 



Soribs, A. B. (Euvres UluBtr^es. 18S8. 8iS 848b 

CanUnti : Adrieone LeoouTrenr.— Let ooatct ^de la Beine de Hfwrmtn.-^ 
Lft oalomnle.— L'ambltieuz.— Le Mf4 det rarlAtte.— Bcrtnuid et BaUni.— La 
camandeiie.— Le Terre d*eaii.~Le menteur Tftrldlqoew— Les griaettes.— Le 
Talet de md rivaI.~Le pArndn.~Dlx ani de U vie d*uie femme.— ValMe.— 
Lee Ind^pendants. 

Serao, Katilde. Fantasia: romanzo. 1898. 888 848 

Skeat, W. W. A primer of classical and Bnglish phil<dog7. 1906. 

408 881 

" Thif la an ezoellent introdnotioii to the rabjeot, dlitlngniihed hj dear ex- 
poaltion, effeetlTe anraageiiieiit, and a jadl€lOBi chotoe of UlnstrattreffrMpa 
of woTdB."—Aih€nmum, 

Twain, Mark, compiler. Mark Twain's library of humor: men 
and things . 1906 . 828. 1 T91 


Adams, George Burton. The growth of the French nation. 

1905. 944 A21 

Baz, B. B. German society at the close of the Middle Ages. 1894. 

948.08 B88 

Cont€iU§ : IntrodaotiODw— Flnt siffni of looial and religloiu rerolt.— Refor- 
mation moTement.— Literature of Reformation period.— Folklore of the 
Reformation.— The German town.— The rerolt of the Icnlghthood.— Conntrj 
and town at the end of the Middle Agof .— The new jorisprodenoe. 

Bostonian Society. Publications. Vols. 1-2. 1886-1906. 974.45 B46c 
Bourne, H. B. A history of mediaeval and modem Eorope. 1906. 

940 386 
In thli book the history of the more important oonntriet li glren tn one 
chronologloal narratire, laitead of glring to each a separate treatment. 

Burke, U. &. A history of Spain from the earliest times to the 

death of Ferdinand the Catholic. 2d ed., with notes by M. A. 

8. Hume. 1900. 2v. 946 B91 

Butler, H. C. The story of Athens. 1902. 988 B97 

Ohanning, Bdward. The JefTersonian system, 1801-1811. 1906. 

[Vol. 12 of The American nation : a history, ed. by A. B. Hart.] 

978.4 C86 

HI0TORT. 188 

Ckny, WilliAm. A guide to modern English history, 1816-1885. 
1880-188S. Sv. 94S.076C81 

"^An attempt to give a phUotophleal ezplaiuitloii of erentt In the light of 
poUtioal fdenee and poUtloal aoonomy. Bemariuiblj pungeiit aad eplgmn- 
matle in ftjle. The anthor ban ardent admirer of hit own eosntiT, bat his 
Jndipnenta are general! j Mmad and well balanced.**— Cftorlet Kemdatt Adami. 

Orawlordy F. M. Salve YenetU : gleanings from Venetian his- 
tory. With illustrations by Joseph Pennell. 1905. 2v. 945.5 y5c 
Dowdaii) Bdward. The French Bevolntlon and English literar 

tore. 1901. 944.04 D75 

BsMZ Inatitate. Historical ooUectlons. Vol. 41. 1905. 974.45 E78 

Gardiner, 8. S. A school atlas of English history. 1904. Bef . 80.78 

Gaaquet, F. A. Henry the Third and the chorch: a stody of his 

ecclesiastical policy and of the relations between England and 

Rome. 1906. 948.084 681 

Ooodapeed, G. S. A history of the ancient world, for high 

schools and academies. 1904. 980 G623 

"ThenarratiTe, written quite nnpretentlontlj, keeps the main pointa free 
from oonfaiion and snooeMfnllj safegoardf the oontinoltj of the whole. The 
aathor ii to be commended for his simple and effeotire presentation of the 
main ontUnes of andent history, and for his evident desire to assist true 
teaching in its derelopment of indiTidQality.'*~^IA<iM8«ii». 

HardingTf S« B. Essentials in medisyal and modem history, from 
Charlemagne to the present day. By S. B. Harding, in consul- 
tation with A. B. Hart. 1905. 940 H21 

Hill, F. 8. The ^*- Lucky little Enterprise " and her successors in 
the United States navy, 1776-1900. 1900. O. 978.09 H55a 

Holland, 3d baron, Henry Richard Vaasall Fox. Further 
memoirs of the Whig party, 1807-1821, with some miscel- 
laneous reminiscences. Ed. by Lord Stavordale. 1905. 942.07 H71 

** The narratire is rich in short characters of the leading actors on the politi- 
cal stage ; and there is a supplementary chapter respecting men who acquired 
distinction in literatare, art, etc. We laj down the book with cratitnde to 
both author and editor.*'— iSjpectafor. 

Home, Gordon. The eyolution of an English town : the story 

of the ancient town of Pickering in Yorkshire from pre-his- 

toric times to 1905. 1905. 942.5 P58 


Hooper, George. The campaign of Sedan : the downfall of the 

second empire, Angnst-September, 1870. 1897. 944.08 H76 

Horwits, C. N., eomp. The twentieth centory chronology of the 
world, being a digest of uniyersal history from earliest times 
to 1908. 1903. Bef. 30.67 

Hunt, William, and Poole, B. L., eds. The political history of 
England. In twelve volumes. 1905. 
Vol. 2. From the Norman conquest to the death of John 

(1066-1216). ByG. B.Adams. 948.02 A21 

3. From the accession of Henry III to the death of 

Edward III (1216-1377). By T. F. Tout. 942.03 T64 
10. From the accession of George III to the close of 
Pitt's first administration (1760-1801). By William 
Hunt. 942.07 H91 

Bevlewlnx Vol. 10, the first to appear, Not€$ and QuerUi saji :— 
" This admirable work is the first Tolume of a new series, the Importanee 
and ralae of which It is dUAoalt to exaggerate. We regard the entire work 
with admiration. Continued with equal brililAnof, the series will be Invalu- 
able, and we unhesitatingly pronounce the present volume statesmanlike, 
scholarly and erudite.** 

James, G. W. In and out of the old missions of Calif omia: an 

historical and pictorial account of the Franciscan missions. 

1905. 979.4 J23 

*' Tlds interesting volume ooTers a broad field successfully. An especially 
noteworthy chapter deals with the secularization of the missions. Its most 
distinctive feature is Its treatment of mission architecture and interior deoo- 
ration."— Oumu2a<<ve Book Review Digeit. 

Laut, A. C. Vikings of the Pacific: the adventures of the ex- 
plorers who came from the West, eastward; — Bering the Dane; 
the outlaw hunters of Russia; Benyowsky, the Polish pirate; 
Cook and Vancouver, the English navigators ; Gray of Boston; 
Drake, Ledyard, and other soldiers of fortune. 1906. 979 L37 

** Miss Laut tells of the doings of her heroes plainly and interestingly, and 
ezdtes new interest in the story of the youth of our northwest coast, but her 
book is more than a mere record of romantic llres, as Mr. Smith's is; it is a 
brief history of the West and of the fur trade of the Facific.**~J^. r. TVmcs. 

Lavlsse, Ernest. General view of the political history of Europe. 

Trans, by Charles Gross. 1902. 940 L89 


IfOngmaas' smnmary of English history, to the accession of 

Edward VII. New ed., rev. and eol. 1902. Ref . 80.71 

Lyall, Sir A. 0. The rise of the British dominion In India. 1898. 

954 L98 
McOarihy, Justin. The epoch of reform, 1880-1850. 1902. 

942.08 M]8a 

McOarihy, Justin Huntly. An outline of Irish history from 

the earliest times to the present day. New ed. 1892. 941.5 M182 
Kackinnon, James. The growth and decline of the French 

monarchy. 1902. 944 M21 

McTiSughliTi, A. C. A history of the American nation. 1905. 

J978 M158 
Kassachusetts. General Ck>urt. Acts and resolves, public and 

private, of the Province of Massachnsetts Bay. Vol. 1.H, being 

vol. 8 of the appendix, containing resolves, etc., 1741-1746. 

1905. O. 1217.99 

KatarasBO, Francesco. Chronicles of the city of Pemgia, 1492- 

1508. Trans, by E. S. Morgan. 1905. 945.5 P4m 

Oman, C. W. C. The Byzantine empire. 1901. 949.5 054 

Philippi, Adolf. Florence. Trans, from the German by P. 6. 

Konody. 1905. 945.5 F6ph 

A brief uid oseful sanrej of Florentine hlf tory, including hlitory And de- 
scription of Its art nnd architecture. The translation Is ratberpoor. 

Phillips, W. A. The war of Greek independence, 1821 to 1838. 

1897. 949.5 P54 

Powers, O. W. England and the Reformation, 1485-1603. 1905. 

942.05 P87 
Banks, Leopold von. A history of England, principally in the 

seventeenth century. 1875. 6v. 942.06 1116 

** One of the greatest works of a great historian. Of much value because of 
the fairness of his Judgment, his unrivalled general knowledge of this 
century, and specially his clear Insight Into England's relations with other 
countries, and the Influence of her foreign policy on her history. The three 
diapters on the development of English Institutions are among the masterly 
generalisations of modem historical writing. The sixth volume Is devoted 
to a discussion of original authorities. For one who has already consldera. 
ble knowledge of the subject. Bunko's history is perhaps superior to all oth. 
ers. It Is the history for historians."— Cfcorlet XendaU Adams. 

186 BROOKLnne public librart. 

B«ich, Bmil. 8el«ct docoments illastratiog nMdiaval and modem 

history. 1905. 940 BS7 

" TMohcn and aeiioiii itndenta of history hATe long felt the need of «Mh a 
work as this, coUeetiiiic in a single Tolnme the prlneiiial doonments In whioh 
the causes and results of the great hlstorioal morements of Western etrlllxa- 
tion hare been crystallised. From a general point of Ttow there ean 
be nothing bnt praise for Dr. Eeieh's seleetion. The plan of the book Is ad- 
mirable, each document being prefaced by a short introduction giving the 
essential facts illustrating the hlstorioal perspectlTO. To this is appended a 
bibliography . . . and an elaborate index [to the book] is furnished. 
This is a Tolume that should find a place in erery good library as a itaadard 
work of historical reference.*'— Otm^eHtporory Seview. 

Bichardson, 0. H. The national moyenient in the reign of Henry 
III, and its culmination in the Baron's war. 1897. 942.084 R89 

Bocquain, F6lix. The revolutionary spirit preceding the French 
Revolution. Condensed and trans, by J. D. Hunting. 1894. 

944.08 B69 

Rose, J. H. The development of the European nations, 1870- 

1900. 1905. 940.9 R78 

** A period of Kuropean history, as yet only oursorUy treated, has been 
graphically summed up In a scholarly manner.**— Jlevisw of RevteiM, 

Somerville Historical Society. Historic leaves. Vol. 8. April, 

1904 to January, 1905. 974.45 86580 

Sparks, B. B. The expansion of the American people, social 

and territorial. 1904. 978.01 878 

Symonds, John Addington. A short history of the Renaissance 

in Italy; taken from the work of J. A. Symonds, by Alfred 

Pearson. 1893. 945.05 S98a 

Tappan, B. M. Our country's story, an elementary history of 

the United States. 1902. J978 T17 

Tout, T. F. A short analysis of English history. 1900. Ref . 15.7S 
Townsend, Malcolm, comp. Handbook of United States political 

history for readers and students. 1905. Bef . 45.68 

Van Tyne, C. H. The loyalists in the American Revolution. 1908. 

978.8 y86 
Victoria History of the Ck>anties of Bngland. Sussex. Ed. 

by WiUiam Page. Vol. 1. 1905. 948.5 89p 


Walpole, Horace. Kemoin of the reign of King George the 
Second. Ed. by Lord Holland. 2d. ed., rev. 1847. 8y. 

942.072 W16 
Memoirs of the reign of King (George the Third. Re-ed. by G. 
F. R. Barker. 1894. Av. 942.078 WIS 

Walpole, Sir Spencer. A history of England from the condn- 
sion of the great war in 1815. 1902. 6y. 942.08 W16 

** The result of a oaref ul ttndy of the Mciml eonditioni of the Eni^Uah people. 
It Aboundf in Interesting knowledge, ind li written In a tmly philoeophloal 
spirit. Thongh it has not the same elements of popolarltj as HoCarthT's 
hlstoTf of the same period, its f aror with historical readers is likeij to be 
more permanent. It Is aoenrate in its statements, tolerant In its judgments, 
and In the main free from partj prejadioes.'* — Cftorlsf Xmdtdl Adami, 

Weale, B. L. P. The re-shaping of the far East. 1905. 2y. 951 W87 
A complete and yet oondse snrrey of the derelopment and present oondi- 
tion of aflkirs in the far East, oombinlngthe knowledge of the stndent with 
the knowledge of the man on the spot. The hlstorioal introdaetion glres an 
excellent brief sunrey of Chinese history. 

Whibley, Leonard, ed. A companion to Greek studies. 1905. 

988 W67 
** Thongh it is neoessarilj oompeodiona, no more serrioeable, trustworthy, 
and comprehensive guide to Greek art, religion, literature, and life is ac- 
cessible to the student. It will do much to facilitate the most useful, dellght- 
fnl. and Indispensable of studies. '* — NoieM and Queri€$, 

Wiel, Alethea. The story of Verona. 1902. 945.5 ¥59 w 


Abbott, J. H. M. An outlander in England: being some impres- 
sions of an Australian abroad. 1905. 942.6 A18 
** A series of brllllaat impressionist pictures. The author's mind is pre- 
eminently sane, wholesome, and well balanced. We nerer dispute the fair- 
ness of his methods, though we now and then dilTer from his conclusions. 
He is a thinking man and his comments on national character are worthy 
of attentioo. ** — Spectator. 

Chronicle. Brookline : the Chronicle souvenir of the Bicenten- 
nial. 1905. 974.45 B88c 

Oolquhoun, A. B. The Africander land. 1906. 968 C71 

The author was the first administrator of Mashonaland, in 1800,and last year 
inspected all the colonies and protectorates of South Africa. The first part, 
"Black South Africa," deals with the natire question; the second part, 
•* White South Africa,*' is largely concerned with the Dutch; and the last 
part, ** On the knees of the gods,'* dtscaBses the tuVut^. 

188 BROOKtnnB PUllUO ubrabt. 

Denby, Oharlea. China and her people: being the obsenrations, 

reminiscences, fuid conclusions of an American diplomat. 1906. 

8v. 981.6 D41 

The aathor waa Miniater to Ohina for thirteen yean, and a promlBaBt 
figure in the erenta he deeoribea. 

Dunning, H. W. To-day on the Nile. 1905. 982.5 N5d 

Goethe, J. W. von. Miscellaneous travels, comprising Letters 
from Switzerland, Campaign in France, Siege of Mains, and 
A tour on the the Rhine, Maine, and Neckar, 1814-15. Ed. by 
L. D. Schmitz. 1884. E.G555JLf 

Travels in Italy, with his Second residence in Borne and Frag- 
ments on Italy. Trans, by A. J. W. Morrison and Charles 
Nisbet. 1892. B.G556jte 

Oould, 8. Baring-. A book of the Riviera. 1905. 945.5 B5g 

Hall, B. N. Great Zimbabwe, Mashonaland, Rhodesia: anac* 
count of two years' examination work in 1902-04 on behalf of 
the government of Rhodesia. 1905. 967.9 H14a 

An aooonat of the atrange mlna In aonthem Africa, with diaeoaaion of their 
probable age, and the unknown people who made them. 

Hamilton, Ian. A staff officer's scrap-book during the Rnaso- 

Japanese war. 1906. 958 H18 

*' A delightful medley of grare and gay, of pleaalog aentlment and exoellent 
good aenae.*' — ;8^M^ator. 

Hare, A. J. C, and Baddeley, St. Olair. Sicily. 1905. 945.5 S5h 
Little, Mrs, A. B. Round about my Peking garden. 1905. 951.5 FSl 

** A collection of aketchea of north China, aomewhat looaelj held together 
bj the Idea ezpreaaed In the title. In her knowledge of Uie real China, 
Mra. Archibald Little admittedly atanda unrivalled among living Eoropean 
women.*' — Aihenaum. 

Merzbacher, Gottfried. The central Tlan-shan Mountains, 1902- 

1908. 1905. 947.8 M55 

An account of two yeara of travel and adentUlc reaeareh in theae magnll- 
oent mountaina of Central Aaia, publiahed under the authority of the Boyal 
Geographical Society. 

Norman, Philip. London vanished and vanishing. Painted 

and described by Philip Norman. 1905. 94S.5 Uoxa 


PottingVy Sfr Honxy. Flood, fell, and forest. 1905. 9t. 9i8.6 F85 

**XTer7 low of NorwvglaB sport will be gimtaful to an ftathor wlio oan re- 
Tlre for him a lioit of ploMaBt memories. Hie reader will find, too, mneii 
iceneral informatioii about tlie land and its people, set oat with sympathy 
and hnmor.*' — Speeiaior, 

Seamaii) L. L. The real triompb of Japan: the conquest of the 

silent foe. 1906. 952 848a 

The aatlior, an eje-wltnessof nmoh of the Bnsso^apanese war, desoribes in 
detail the effMtireness of the Japanese Medieal Corps and hospital senrioe. 

Steely Flora Annie* India. [Colored illostrations] by Mortimer 
Menpes, text by F. A. St^l. 1905. 954.6 8798 

Stoddard, J. L. Lectores. 8npplementary volume no. 4. 1905. 

910 886a vol. 4 
Contenti: Sleilj. — Genoa. — ▲ drire through the Bngadine. 

Wack, H. W. The story of the Congo Free 8tate: social, poli- 
tical, and economic aspects of the Belgian system of govern- 
ment in Central Africa. 1905. 967.5 Wll 

Based on personal researoh among the docoments in the administration 
offloe, to which the author was given free aooess bj the King of the Belgians. 
A plea for the Justice and wisdom of the Belgian administration. Valuable 
as a source of information rather than as an unbiassed statement of truth. 
The photograplis are interesting and of course trustworthy. 

Wiborgr, Frank. A commercial traveller in South America: 

being the experiences and impressions of an American business 

man on a trip through Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, the 

Argentine and Brazil. 1905. 980 W68 

"Aside from interesting observations of people, places, and customs, there 
is an informing chapter on the existing trade relations between South 
America and Bngland, Oermany, and France, and the slight part the United 
States plays in the South American markets.'* — LQnrary Index. 

Bartlett. A record of the dedication of the statue of Major- 
General William Francis Bartlett : a tribute of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, May 27, 1904. £.B2885.m 

Bentley, William. The diary of William Bentley, D. D., pastor 
of the East Church, 8alem, Massachusetts. Vol. 1. April, 
1784-December, 1792. 1905. E.B4857 


B«nuidotte. Bearne, Mrs. C. M. A qaeen of Napotoon't eoort : 
the life-story of Desir^ Bemadotte. 1906. B.B4675 

Booth, William. Coates, T. F. G. The prophet of the poor : 
the life-story of General Booth. 1906. B.B66fi9.c 

Brookfleld. Brookfleld, Charles, and Mr$. Frances, editon. 

Mrs. Brookfleld and her circle. 1905. 8v. B.B79S5 

''One of the moft deligtatf nl books of memoln thmt we lutTe Mea for many 
yeftrt. The best of the book is composed of letters that passed between Mr. 
and Mrs. Brookfleld, and a dlarj by the former. The people who flgnre In 
these pages are Thaokeraj, Carlyle, Tennyson, Lady Ashbarton, and the 
poet Bogers.'*~^oa<iee4f. 

Catherine oj Siena, Saint. Saint Catherine of Siena as seen in 

her letters. Trans, and ed., with introd., by Vida D. Scndder. 

1905. E.C8855 

Saint Catherine of Siena was probably the most remarkable woman of the 
fotirteentb oentory, and her letters are the predons personal record of her 
Inner as of her enter life. This translation of her letters is good, and the 
selection made with excellent judgment to illnstrate the sereral sides of 
Catherine's mind and character. Each letter has a useful account of the 
oireumstances that eroked it. 

Dickens, Charles. Fitzgerald, Percy. The life of Charles 
Dickens as revealed in his writings. 1905. 2y. E.D555.fl 

Franklin. U. S. Library of Congress. Division of bibliography. 
List of Benjamin Franklin papers in the Library of Congress. 
1905. E.F858.n 

Fuller, Thomas. The history of the worthies of England. New 

ed., with explanatory notes by P. A. Nnttall. 1840. 8y. B8. F95 

** A fascinating storehouse of gossip, anecdote and qnalntness, presenting 
entertainment as raried as It is Inexhaustible. Fuller ezoeUed in biography." 

Gapon, George. The story of my life. 2d ed. 1908. £.0168 

*' A raluable contribution to the history of the Russian ReTolutionary move, 
ment. With Father Gapon's experiences and notoriety a very sensational 
book might hare been made of it, but there it no attempt at this; it is a plain, 
uuTamished tale, giving an intimate knowledge of the man and his work.** 


Grsnvill*, 2d earl. Fitxiiuinrice, Lord Bdmond. The life of 

OranTille George LeYeson-Oower, second Barl Granyille,K.G., 

1815-1891. 8ded. 1906. 2v. B.G777 

'Ijord £dmoDd has pat together a WMt amoant of interettlBf and entertata- 
ing information about manj people betidei Lord OranTllle. I^rd Oraa- 
Tille*! own personal ehann was perhaps too eranesoent a qinality to be re- 
prodneed on paper."— Xomion TVmes. 

Howe. Proceedings at the celebration of the 100th anniversary 
of the birth of Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, November 11, 1901. 
1902. O, B.H8876 

Iitttrobe, B. H. The Jonmal of Latrobe : being the notes and 
sketches of an architect, naturalist, and traveler in the United 
States from 1796 to 1820. With an introd. by J. H. B. La- 
trobe. 1906. E.L869 

**The writer is best known by his oonneotion with the oonstmotion of the 
capitol at Washington, which was largely his own design. The record of 
his impressions of the social life, onstoms, and characteristics of the 
American people one hundred years ago, is rery entertaining.** 

Cambridge Public Library BuUeHn. 

Osanam. 0*Meara, Kathleen. Frederic Ozanam, professor at 
the Sorbonne : his life and works. With a pref . by Cardinal 
Manning. 2d ed. 1878. E.Ozi 

Molidre. Trollope, H. M. The life of Molidre. 1906. E.M7816.t 

*'So far as the mere compilation of facts is concerned, it is possible to praise 
the book, thongh not without resenrations. Bnt the anther has not sncoeeded 
in casting any new light on the facts, and he has totally failed to eroke the 
noble figure of Molitee himself ."—i^rander Mattkewi. 

Betvere. Gettemy, C. F. The true story of Paal Revere, his 
midnight ride, his arrest and court-martial, his nsefal pablic 
services. 1905. 

Buskin. Waldstein, Charles. The work of John Raskin, its 
inflaence a pen modern thought and life. 1898. E.R896.W 

Boathey, Robert. Dowden, Edward. Sonthey. 1902. E. So885.d 

Temple, Frederick. Sandford, Ernest Grey, editor. Memoirs 
of Archbishop Temple, by seven friends. 1906. 2v. E.T248.S 

Toynbee. Milner, Ist viacount, Sir Alfred Milner. Arnold 
Toynbee : a reminiscence. 1901. £.T668.m 


Torgot. Stephens, W. W., ed. The life and writingi of Turgot, 
comptroller-general of France, 1774-76. 1896. 

Vincent de Pftol, Saint, Boagand, L. V. K. History of Si. 
Vincent de Paol, founder of the Congregation of the Mission, 
(Vincentians) and of the Sisters of Charity. Trans, from 
the 2d French ed. by Joseph Brady, with an introd. by the 
Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. 1899. 2t. K V746 

Whitman. BInns, H. B. A life of Walt Whitman. 1905. 

Tranbel, Horace. With Walt Whitman in Camden, March 28- 

July 14, 1888. 1906. K.W5956.t 

" A diuy record of oonTertatloiifl with the poet kept hj Mr, Bortoe Tlrmabel, 
one of hli literary exeoators, and for many years a near neighbor and friend.** 

N. T, TVnaf Saturday RmUm. 

Who's Who in America : a biographical dictionary of notable 
living men and women of the United States. 1906/1907. Bd. 
by J. W. Leonard. 1906. Bef . 50.75 

Wilberiorce. Wilberforce, B. G. Bishop Wilberforce. 1905. 


*'Falrly appredatlre of a remarkable man noted for hlB power, TersatUtty, 
and loolal oharm, and by oommon oonaent one of the three great preaehen 
of his tig9.**-^AikentBum. 


Benson, S. F. The angel of pain. B446.10 

Oarey, Wymond. ''No. 101." C198.1 

Dillon, Mary. In old Bellaire. D585.2 

Ellis, Slizabeth. Barbara Winslow, rebel. B47L1 

Qardenhire, 8. K. The long arm. G169.1 
Gray, Maxwell, p%eui, for Mary O. TmieU, The great refusal. 


Holmes, Gordon. The ArnclilTe pazzle. H788.2 

Honeker, James. Visionaries. [Short stories.] H905.S 

Lewis, A. H. The snnset trail. L591.S 

Maartena, Maarten, pMiid. The healers. Ml 15.7 

Morse, Margraret. The spirit of the pines. M8849.1 

ioholaon, Meredith. The house of a thousand candles. N5S6.1 

nbnoM. — BOOKS fob tounobb bbadbbs. 148 

<>ppwih<rim,.B. P. A maker of history. 0626.7 

Fhillpottoy Bden. The portreeve. P550.10 

Sedgrwlck, A. D. The shadow of life. S446.4 

Sienkiewiczi Henryk. Life and death, and other legends and 

stories. S572.14 

On the field of glory : an historical novel of the time of King 
John Sobieski. 8572.18 

Warman, Oy. The last spike and other railroad stories. W241.7 

Ward, A. B. (Mrs. A, W, Bailey.) The sage brash parson. B168.1 

Webster, Jean. The wheat princess. W896.2 

Woltoittein, Martha. The renegade, and other tales. W886.1 


Abbot, A. B. A frigate's namesake. j A 128.1 

Clay, Beatrice. Stories of King Arthur and the Roand Table. 

j291 A78c 

Colson, Blizabeth, and Chittenden, A. G., comps. Children's 
letters : a collection of letters written to children by famous 
men and women. 1905. jEl. C72 

Bliot, H. B. Laura in the mountains. JE482.2 

Qoaa, W. L. In the navy : a story of naval adventures in the 
great Civil War, *61-'66. JG695.4 

EEammond, Harold. Pinkey Perkins, just a boy. jH 1945.1 

Holbrook, Florence. Northland heroes. 1905. j291 H72 

CanterUt : The story of Frldthjof.— The story of Beowulf. 

Johnson, Bossiter. The end of the rainbow : an American story. 


Moore, Mrs. N. H. Children of other days : notable pictures of 
children of various countries and times, after paintings of 
great masters; with stories and descriptions. 1905. j759 M82 

Morris, Charles. Historical tales: the romance of reality. 
American. 1st and 2d series. 1908-1904. 2v. j978 M87 



Nascent, Meredith. New games and amusements for yoang and 

old aUke. 1905. J790 N96 

Paine, A. B. Hollow tree and deep woods book. ]Pi64.1 

Pendleton, Louis. King Tom and the runaways, the story of 
what befell two boys In a (Georgia swamp. JP879.6 

St. Nicholas. Cat stories retold from St. Nicholas. Ed. by M. 

H. Carter. 1904. J590 S14d 

Vachell, H. A. The hill : a romance of friendship. ]yi84.1 

Willard, 0. D. City government for yonng people : a study of 
the American city adapted for schoornse and for home read- 
ing for children. 1906. J978.91 We9 




JUNE, 1906 







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O. indicates gift. 


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Beeides world statistics, and vital, commeroial, financial, educational, and 
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reform movements, with bibliographies of all tht-se subjects. In addition 
to these there are two other departments of great value : a directory of 
societies (including settlements, unions, and religious societies) and worlcers ; 
and a review or survey of the social progress made during the last year by 
every important country of the world, prepared, in most oases, by some one 
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*' A book which has been oreating much discussion In France. The first 
part contains an examination of the beliefs of the primitive races among 
each of which Is dlscorerable the Idea of the surylval of the sonl; part two 
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** Arguing from nclentiflc premises the author concludes that no predictions 
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progress of himanity is a more inspiring prospect than individual eternal 
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members and more of this misbegotten family, to which he girei the 
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'*Mr. Haggard waa Mot hj the Colonial offloe to inqnire Into certain agrl- 
ooltnral settlements in the United States, originated and managed bj the 
Salvation Army; with a rlew to considering whether the same method 
might not be applied to reliere congested districts at home. Any one who 
belleres in state-aided emigration as a onre for some of onr grayer social 
erils will be gratefol for his thorough inyestigatlon of the question and hli 
thoughtful proposals toward a solution."— Spedaior, 

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in this book have been selected as most representative of the humbler 
classes in the nation, and of individaals whose training and work have been 
most diverse. Thus we have the story of the butcher, the sweat-shop 
worker, the boot-black, the push-cart peddler, the dressmaker, the nurse 
girl, the cook, the lumber man, the butler, the laundry man, etc. They also 
represent the five great races of mankind, the white, yellow, red, broMrn, 
and black, and include Immigrants from many countries." — Preface, 

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** An excellent book on the teaching of English in schools, whether secondary 
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See also pages 164 and 155 for literature about school gardens. 



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A rery attraotire book about English wild flowers, well Ulnstrated. 

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Trans, by H. B. C. Sollas under the direction of W. J. SoUas. 
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"Prof. Saess is known in this oonntry principally as a geolof^t of marked 
eminence, bnt in Austria as perhaps the most broadly cultured person of the 
empire. The Antlitz der Erde, which will do honor to his name long after 
the present generation of geologists has disappeared, is a masterful exposi- 
tion or attempt at explanation of the dominant features of the earth's snr. 
face, In their relation to one another, and as co-ordinated with the geologi- 
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The primary object of this study Is to determine the proportionate share 
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who Is lecturer in the Biological Department of the Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, asks "Are our natures predetermined; or, will fine and fit 
surroundings. Just laws, hygiene, education, or, in other words, equality of 
opportunity bring about the long looked for Utopia?" His work is a summary 
of the characteristics of the members of the modem royal families (3300 
persons) of Europe, illustrated with charts, tables, portraits, etc. 

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The substance of lectures given at Princeton in the hist few years. 'J he 
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Polntelln, Maafra. — ** Realists": Raffaeili, Degas, Tonlonse-Laitree. — 
The "women.palnters": Rerthe Moiisot, Mary Cassatt, Marie Braoqaemond, 
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721.2 H24 

"Writing for Bnglith people, theaatlior ftdvife* the adoption of Blisabetluui 
and Tador arohiteeture and the gradual derelopment of theae atyles, bj 
the uae of modem materiala and appliance, into a modem atjle.'* 

RtusM Stutgit. 

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"Conalderi the attempted Gothic revlTal in Great Britain from the point of 
Tiew of found reasoning and true analyiia. It it a Taluabie book for 
every student of architecture to read, and the general propositioni laid 
down in it should be carefully pondered."— BuueU Siurgii, 

Kdroly, Karl. A guide to the paintings of Florence: being a 
complete liistorical and critical account of all the pictures and 
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short notices of the legends and stories connected with them, 
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726 L56 


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"The author Is a clergyman who liaa written mach sboat London and 
architectural art in England. Hl(i purpose in the present work is to nrg« 
the great superiority in the way of delicate proportion of the art of Jones, 
Wren, and their successors, and to protest against the revlred Oothle as he 
saw It In England during the years previous to the publication of the book." 

Buuell SturgU. 

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book to the reproductions of goldsmiths' work, and other art 
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1884. 709.47 Md7 

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"This book, by an excellent all-round student of art, will be found of the 
rery highest value, and in general seems to be based on a close personal 
knowledge of the works of art deBcrit>ed. Cameos or gems canred in relief 
are treated as well ai those eugraved for seals.*' — Ruaell Siurgit. 

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2d. ed. 1891. 728 N41 

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(7ontetUi : Decorative art. — Old aud new art. —Systems of art education. — 
Hints on the formation of a style.— The training of art stodenta. — On 
the study of nature. — Value of prizes.— Objects of study.— Prof eaaor 
Ruskln on Michelangelo. — The influence of art on sodal life. — Some re. 
marks on ancient decorative art. — Address to the students of the Man- 
chester School of Art. 

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, The. 1905. 759.9 P99 

Contains an account of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, by J. B. Phythlaa, 
and reproductions of paintings by Italian Pre-Raphaelite painters, Pra 
Angelico, Masaccio, Botticelli, and others, and also of paintings by the 
Bnglieh Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, Brown, Hunt, Rossettl, and Mlllais. 


Prior, £. S. The cathedral bailders in England. 1905. 726.1 1*93 
The subject i» approttched la a manterly and original faahlon, both aa re- 
garda the tnooeMion of architectural stylei and the varlatloat which con- 
temporary examples exhibit. The book helps us to see cathedral building 
in Us relation to the politics, the religion, and the general life of the time. 

Ricketta, 0. S. The Prado and its masterpieces. 1903. Art Case 7.2.21 
The book is the work of an artist, written with sympathetic understanding, 
and is illustrated with over fifty beautiful photograrures of the masterpieces 
in the Prado. 

Robinson, William. Garden design and architects' gardens: 
two reviews, illustrated, to show, by actual examples from 
British gardens, that clipping and aligning trees to make them 
* harmonise ' with architecture is barbarous, needless, and 
inartistic. 1892. 710 B56 

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defined and illustrated. 3d ed. 1888. 721.2 S58 

ConttnUa: Introduction.— Classification.— Ckimpartmcnts.— Saxon period.— 
Norman period. — Transitional period. — Lancet period. — Geometrical 
period. — Curvilinear period. — Rectilinear period. 

Illustrated by many fine plates showing the window tracery of the several 

Shaw, Henry. The encyclopaedia of ornament, illustrated by a 
series of plates of ironwork, lacework and needlework, tapestry, 
stained glass, bookbindings, tiles, panels, screens, etc. 1904. 

745 S53 

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**An excellent example of the modern method of regarding architectural 
history as a continuous whole. It deals exclusively with the great historic 
styles, is lucid and concise, and should prove stimulating to an intelligent 
student and lead to a desire to widen knowledge. The illustrations are clear 
and well chosen, and a good bibliography precedes the text." — Spectator. 

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series of travelling sketches of art and society. 1844. 8y. 


Vol. 1. Grand opera of Parii.— Bruniwiok featiral. 

2. Three dayi in the Han country. —Gllmpaei of Berlin. — Pariftan 

8. Parisian authorltief . — Leiptio fair. — Two Tlilts to Dresden.— 
Notes on Nnrembnn(.— Parisian contrasts. 

Elaon, L. 0. Bison's mnslc dictionary, containing the definition 

and pronunciation of such terms and signs as are used in 

modem mnslc, with a list of foreign composers and artists. 

1905. Bef. 55.11 

Finck, H. T. Bdvard Grieg. 1906. 780 G84f 

Gtohrmgy F. Mozart. 1888. 780 M98g 

Hollah, Annette. Theodor Leschetizlcy. 1906. 780 L62h 

Maaters-in-Masic. Vol. 6, 1905. 785.1 M4S 

Oxford History of Music. 

Vol. 2. Wooldridge, H. E. The polyphonic period, part 2: the 

method of musical art, ldOO-1600. 1905. 780.2 097 vol. 8 

6. Dannreuther, Edward. The romantic period. . 1905. 

780.2 097 vol. 6 
Sockstro, W. 8. The life of George Frederick Handel. 1883. 

A standard life. Contains a valaable catalogue of Handel's works and a 
genealogical tree. 

Bossell, L. A. English diction for singers and speakers. 1905. 

426.51 B962 

Wiseonsiny University oL Oermanistisch Gesellschaft. 
Deutsches Liederbuch fdr amerikanische Studenten. Texte 
und Melodieen nebst erklftrenden nnd biographischen 
Anmerkungen. 1906. 784.1 W75 


Dodworth, Allen. Dancing and its relations to education and 
social life, with a new method of instruction, including a com- 
plete guide to the Cotillion (German) with 250 figures. 1905. 



Bvaxifl, H. B. The old and the new magic. Introd. by Paul 

Cams. 1906. 791 B92o 

Forest and Stream. Vols. 64-65, 1905. Per. F55 

Foster, B. F. Foster's complete bridge. 1906. 795 F81f 

Holder, 0. F. The log of a sea angler; sport and adventure 
in many seas with spear and rod. 1906. 799.1 HTla 

Fishing experienoM along the ootst etpeeUlif among the Florida Keys. 
Bodder. Vol. 16, 1905. 359.05 B83 

Yardon, Harry. The complete golfer. Fifth ed. 1905. 796 ¥42 
Yffleelas, H. B. Figure skating. 1905. 796 T4 

Ainger, Alfred. Lectures and essays. [Ed. by H. C. Beeching.] 
1905. 2y. 611 A29 

Vol. 1. Three stages of Shakspeare's art. — Bthloal element in Shaks- 
peare. — Sir John Falstaff. — Baphnlsm, past and present. — Swift, 
his life and genius. — Some leaders in the poetic reviral of 17<XK- 
1820.— Ifrs. Barbauld. — Children's books of a hundred years ago. 
2. Letters of Charles Lamb. — How I traced Charles Lamb in Hert- 
fordshire. — Nether Stowey. — Coleridge's Ode to Wordsworth. — 
Death of Tennyson. — Secret of charm in literature. — Influence of 
Chaucer upon his successors.— Illiterate peasant. — Some aspects 
of Mr. Stephen Phillips's new tragedy. — Mr. Dickens's amateur 
theatricals. — Charles James Mathews.— True and false humour in 
literature.— Sir George Bose. — Art of couT^rsation. — Teaching 
of English literature.— Books and their uses. 

Benson, A. C. From a college window. 1906. 824 B47 

Essays on books, conversation, egotism, authorship, habits, ambition, etc , by 
the author of The Upton Letters, The House of Quiet and The Thread of Gold. 

Berdoe, Edward, ed. Browning studies, being select papers by , 

members of the Browning Society. 1899. 820 B88b9 

Oolline, J. C. Studies in poetry and criticism. 1905. 809.1 C69 

CkmtetUt: Poetry and poets of America. — Collected works of Lord Byron.— 
Collected poems of Mr. William Watson. — Poetry of Mr. Gerald Massey. — 
Miltonlc myths and their authors. — Longlnus and Greek criticism. —True 
functions of poetry. 

**A fine book because its author has high ideals and has lired with and 
learned to love the master-minds of literature : because in days when mere 
bookish prattling is all too common and all too highly rated it is good to 
meet with criticism that is strong and sane and serious." 

Soiliuardtm BsoVsmb. 


Cory, William, lonica. With biographical introduction by A. 

C. Benson, dd ed. 1005. 820 C8S 

Deledda, Grazia. Cenere: romanzo. 858 D37 

Dowden, Bdward. Studies in literature, 1789-1877. 1908. 804 D7ia 
CotUenit: French KeTolution snd literature. — Transocudentai movemeBt 
and literature.— Soientiflo movement and literature.— Profie works of 
Wordiworth. — Landor.— Tennyson and Browning.— Georn^ Eliot. — Mid- 
diemaroh and Daniel Deronda. — Lamennais.— Edgar Qnlnet. — On some 
French writers of Terse, 1830-1877. — Poetry of Victor Hugo. —Poetry of 
democracy : Wait Whitman. 

Buripides. Euripides translated into English rhyming verse by 

Gilbert Murray. 8d ed. 1906. 883 R82mu 

Contents: Introductory essay.— Hippolytus. — The Baochae. — The Frogs.- 
Appendix on the lost plays. 

The Electra of Euripides. 1905. 883 B82ma 

The Trojan women of Euripides. 1905. 883 £82m 

** His KuglUh readers are to be congratulated, for here is a translator, one of 
very few, who can make the dry boncA of a translation live ; and, given a frank 
disregard of the letter, his Uippolytus and Baochae have a beauty and force 
unequaled In any other version. These two plays may easily be translated 
more correctly ; more beautifully they cannot unless Mr. Swinburne him- 
fielf should undertake them.** — Jiation. 

Fograzzaro, Antonio. Piccolo mondo antico : romanzo. 1903. 

853 F68pi 
Fotheringham, James. Studies of the mind and art of Robert 

Browning. 4th ed., rev. 1900. 820 B88bl2 

Hardy, Thomaa. Tlie dynasts: a drama of the Napoleonic wars, 

in tliree parts, nineteen acts, and one hundred and thirty 

scenes. Part 2. 1906. 822 H27 

Homer. The Odyssey. Translated by J. W. Mackail. Books 

IX.-XVI. 1905. Vol. 3 of 883 H7ma 

A tranalation, in the metre of Omar Khayyam, by the man who now occupies 
the Chair of Poetry at Oxford. 

Hutton, B. H. Brief literary criticisms. Selected from the 

Spectator, and ed. by £. M. Itoscoc. 1906. 804 098 

"About a fourth of these essays deal with some literary subject, such as. 
The storing of literary power. The use of paradox. What is humour? The 
rest are criticisms on books, on Dickens, Keats, Wordsworth, Walter Soott 
(a specialty of Mr. Button), George Eliot, Browning, Matthew Arnold, 
and Tenuyion." — SpecUUor, 


Lane, Mrs. John. The champagne staodard. 1906. 824 L265 

" Mrs. Lane's treatment of our national oharaeterlatics and tooial idlosynora- 
siea i« of sach genial tolerance that the most thin-skinned can hardly take 
offense. She is, moreover, a strictly impartial critic, and some of her 
sererest strictures are passed upon the foibles of the people of her own 
country. Her style is admirably suited to the racy and ephemeral matter 
which these papers contain, and she treats each topic with such freshness 
and orifi^naUty that the book is as entertaining as it is suggestiTe." 


liOomis, Charles Battell. I've been thinkin*;. 1905. 828 \A1 

**Bhort skits, humorous, satirical, witty, on men, manners, wealth, politics, 
society, etc."— ^. L, A. Booklitt, 

Kettteship, J. T. Robert Browning: essays and thoughts. 1901. 

820 B88bl8 

BoMetti, W. M. LiveH of famous poets. 1878. 818 R82 

C&nierUt: Chaucer. — 8penser. — Shakspeare. — Milton. — Butler. — Dry- 
den. — Pope.— Thomson.— Gray.- Goldsmith.— Cowper.— Bums.- Words- 
worth. — Scott. — Coleridge. — Campbell. — Moore. — Byron. — Shelley. — 
Ilemans. — Keats. — Hood. — Longfellow. 

Buffini, Giovanni. II dottor Antonio. 1903. 853 R83 

Sharp, Amy. Victorian poets. 1891. 813.4 S53 

Contents: Tennyson.— Bruwnlug. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning. —Clough 
and Arnold. -Rossetti, Morris, and Swinburne. — Minor poets. 

Thompson, Theodora, ccmp. Underneath the bough : a posie of 
other men's flowers, gathered by Theodora Thompson. 1905. 

808.8 T37 

Trench. B. 0. Proverbs and their lessons. 1906. 808.8 T72 

Ward, H. 8., ajid Mrs. C. W. B. The real Dickens land : with 
an outline of Dickens's life. 1904. 814.1 D54w 

Wilson, J. D. John Lyly. 1905. 810.3 W74 

**Canaot fall to Interest all who care for the hUtorlcul development of liter- 
ature; snggestire and stimulating.'* — Aihenaum. 


Bemers, Juliana. The boke of St. Albans, containing treatises 
on hawking, hunting, and cote armoar. Printed at St. Albans 
by the Schoolmaster- Printer in 1480, reproduced in fac-simlle: 
with an introduction by William Blades. 1905. 094 


Oaxton FacsimileB. The story of Qaeen Anelida And the false 
Arcite, by Greoffrey Chaucer. Printed at Westminster by 
William Caxton aboat the year 1477. 1905. 094 C89 

The temple of glass, by John Lydgate. Printed at West- 
muister by William Caxton about the year 1477. 1905. 094 L98 

Tlie above are two of a series of photogntvare faotmilet of rare fifteenth 
century books made at the Cambridge (England) UnlTeralty Preis. These 
volumes are from unique copies of the originals in the Cambridge Univer- 
sity Library. 
Davenport, C. J. H. Royal English bookbindings. 1896. 095 DS7 
Fletcher, W. T. Bookbinding in France. 1895. 095 F68 

Library. Vol. 6 n. s., 1905. 010.5 L6 

Library Journal. Vol. SO, 1905. Lib'n's Room 

PubUc Libraries. Vol. 10, 1905. Ub'n's Room 


Andrews, E. B. Brief Institutes of general history. 7th ed. 
1887. 909 A56 

Babcock, K. C. The rise of American nationality, 1811-1819. 
1906. [Vol. 13 of The American nation, ed. by A. B. Hart.] 

973.5 Bll 

Barrows, D. P. A history of the Philippines. 1905. 991.4 B27 

Bedford, W. K. B. Malta and the Knights Hospitallers. 3d ed. 
1908. 945.5 MSbe 

Berard, Victor. Tlie Russian empire and czarism. Trans, by 
G. Fox-Davies and G. O. Pope; with iutrod. by F. Greenwood. 
1905. 947.08 B45 

Biaset, Andrew. History of the commonwealth of England, 
from the death of Charles I to the expnlsion of the Ix>ng Par- 
liament by Cromwell. 1867. 2y. 942.063 B54 

** Volumes of great merit and importance. They are not to maoh a hlttory, 
in tlie ordinary sense of ttie term, as a criticism of the histories of this 
period previously written. The basis of the work was the MS mimifet of 
the Council of States wliich had never l>efore been thoronghly explored by 
an English historian. Mr. Bisset condemns Cromwoil for the oonrsc he 
took in dissolving the Long rarliament."— C K. Adamt 

Boston. Biegiatry Department. Records relating to the early 
history of Boston. Vol. 35. Boston town records, 1796 to 
1818. 1905. 0. 974.45 B5f 



Browninsr, Oscar. The age of the Condottieri : a short history 
of medisBYsl Italy from 1409-1580. 1895. 945.05 B82 

Cambridge Modem History. Planned by Lord Acton. Edited 
by A. W. Ward, G. W. Prothero, Stanley Leathes. Vol. 9. 
Napoleon. 1906. 944.04 Nlca 

Oilley, J. P., jr. Bowdoin boys In Labrador : an account of the 
Bowdoin College scientific expedition to Labrador [in 1891] 
led by Prof. Leslie A. Lee of the Biological Department. 1905. 

971.5 Lllc 

Ctonybeare, Bdward. Roman Britain. 1903. 942.01 C76 

Dion Cassias Cocceianos. Dlo's Rome: an historical narrative 
originally composed in Qreek and now presented in English 
form by H. B. Foster. Vols. 1-8. 1905-1906. 987 D62 

Dion Casslna was a Roman senator and consul, and held other oflloet, also. 
Hia history, which was in 80 books, began with the landing of JSneas In 
Italy, and oontlnned to his own day, from 1064 fi. C. to 229 A. D. Books 36 
to M alone have been presenred complete : the others exist only in abridged 
forms or in fragments. His work is one of the three original sources for 
Boman history in Greek, and is our only authority for part of the history of 
the Kmplre. It has been translated into Italian, French, and German, but 
not before into English. Dion's high position gave him free access to the 
nfitlonal archives, and as an authority on some points his work is of con. 
slderable value, but It is not remarkable for vigor of Judgment or critical 
acumen, although more philosophical than the compilations of the mere 
Forster, John. Arrest of the five members by Charles the First: 
a chapter of English history rewritten. 1860. 942.062 F77 

*' An important and successful attempt to counteract the elaborate, ingeni- 
ous, and studied misrepresentation of that act by Lord Clarendon. Forster's 
account is made up from contemporary and unpublislied records, and is in. 
dispensable to the complete understanding of the relations of the royal 
and Parliamentary parties.'*— C JT. Adam: 

Gairdner, James. History of the life and reign of Richard the 
Third, to which is added the story of Perkin Warbeck, from 
original docnments. New and rev. ed. 1898. 942.046 R8g 

Gaalot, Paul. A conspiracy under the Terror : Marie Antoinette, 
Toulan, Jarjayes. 1904. 944.04 G28 

An account of the attempt made by Toulan and the Chevalier de Jarjayes, 
to rescue from prison liarie Antoinette, Madame Elisabeth, and the royal 


Hanbury, D. T. Sport and travel in the Northland of Canada. 

1904. 971 6 H 19 

Hazelly 0. D. Contemporary American opinion of the French 

Revolution. 1897. 944.04 HS3 

Henderson, E. F. A history of Germany in the Middle Ages. 

1894. 948.02 H38 

Hodgkin, Thomas. The history of England from the earlicAt 

times to tlie Norman conquest. 190G. [The political history 

of England, edited by William Hunt, and K. L. Poole, vol. 1.] 

942.01 1166 
Hume, David. A history of England, from the earliest times to 

the revolution in 1688 : based on the History of Hume, incor- 
porating the corrections and researches of recent historians, 
and continued to the treaty of Berlin in 1878: revised and cor- 
rected by J. S. Brewer. 1902. 942 H88c 
Kingsley, Mary H. The story of West Africa. 966 K6l8 
Knapp, A. M. Feudal and modern Japan. 1897. 2v. O. 952 K72 

Vol. 1. Crusoe of oatious.— Yamato Damashii.— Tlio people under feuda- 
linm.— Feudal commerce.— The Japanese outcast.— A patriot cult- 
Religious invfusiooM. 
'i. The colloquial. — The written language. — A Japanese library. — 
Temple and houtse.— Inversions and contradictions.— The Nation's 

McCcuiihy, M. J. F. The coming power : a contemporary his- 

tc^ry of the far East, 1898-11)05. 960 M12 

Montori^eil, Georges. Louis XI. Illus. par Job. 1905. 

944.02 L9m 

The chief charm of the book lies in its large plates colored with true French 

O'Connor, T.-P. The Parnell movement: being the history of 

the Irish Question from the death of O'Connell to the suicide 

of Pigott. 1889. 941.68 018 

Oxford Manuals of English History. England and the Hundred 

Years' War, 1327-1485, by C. W. C. Oman. 942.08 064 

King and Parliament, 1603-1714, by G. H. Wakeling. 942.06 W13 

Making of the British Empire, 1714-1832, by Arthur Hassall. 

942.07 H27 

HI8TORT. 167 

Pearson, O. H. Historical maps of Englaod daring the first 
thirteen centuries, with explanatory essays and indices. 
2d rev. ed. 1870. 942.01 P31 

History of £Dgland daring the early and Middle Ages. 1867. 
2y. 942.02 P81 

** Dlstinotly a politicml history, by a good general scholar and a learned 
specialist. The first Tolame ends with the reign of Richard I, and the sec- 
ond continues the work to the time of the fall establishment of the 
English Oonstitntion under Lancastrian kings."— C K. Adams. 

PoweU, P. Y., and Tout, T. P. History of England 1904. 942 1*87 
Pnrchas, Samuel. Hakluytns posthamus; or, Parchas his pil- 
grimes, contayning a history of the world in sea voyages and 
land travols, by RDgliHhmen and others. Vols. 9-10. 1905. 910 P98 
Bound, J. H. Geoffrey de Mandeville : a stady of the anarchy. 
1892. 942.024 B76 

This work is mainly concerned with the struggle between King Stephen and 
his riTai the Empress Maud. 

Sheldon, George. Heredity and early environment of John Wil- 
liams, ^' the redeemed captive." 1906. 973.22 864 
A study of the social, religious, and educational conditions prevailing in the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1S.36 to 1089. 

Shuckburgh, B. S. Augastus; the life and times of the founder 

of the Roman Empire, B.C. 63-A. I). 14. 1903. 937 07 A928 

Greece, from the coming of the Hellenes to A.D. 14. 1906. 938 S66 
*' The author's learning is successfully devoted to enabling the reader to 
obtain a firm grasp of the events narrated rather than to perplexing him 
with discussions." — AthencBum. 

Stephens, H. M., ed. The principal speeches of the statesmen and 
orators of the French Kevolation, 1789-1796. [In French.] 
1892. 2v. 944.04 S83a 

Vol. 1. Mirabeau.— Vergniaud.— Gensonni.— Guadet.— Lonvet.— Cambon. 
2. Bardre.— Danton.—Rol>espierre.— Saint- Just.— Baudin. 

Taylor, I. A. The life of Qaeen Henrietta Maria. 2d ed. 190B. 
2v. 942.062 H39 

** The object is to present to us, not a period of history, but a living person- 
ality, to whom for the nonce the whole period is a skilfully sketched back- 
ground, subordinated but true to nature. It can be truly said that when the 
book is laid aside a new Henrietta Maria is recorded in the mind, intensely 
human, intensely living, and wonde- fully lovable. Whether Miss Taylor 
altogether satisfies the critical reader in this or that deduction, she has 
achieved an artistic triumph— her canvas is alive.'*— l^ecCotor. 


Tamer, F. J. Rise of the new West, 1819-1829. 1906. [Vol. 
14 of The American nation: a history, ed. by A. B. Hart.] 973.5 T86 

United States. Gongreaa. American state papers: documents, 

legislative and execntive, of Congress, [lst-35th Congress]. 


Class 1 : Foreign relations. 6v. 9017.1 

2 : Indian affairs. Vol. 2. 2017.2 

3: Finance. 5v. 9017.3 

4 : Commerce and navigation. 2 v. 2017.4 

5: Military affairs. 7v. 2017.5 

6: Naval affairs. 4v. 2017.6 

7 : Post-office Department. 2017.7 

8: Publiclands. 8v. 2017.8 

9 : Claims. 2017.9 

10: Miscellaneoos. 2v. 2017.10 

The Library now has a complete tet of the American state papers, ezorpt 
Vol. 1 of Indian aflUrs. 

United States. Oontinentinal Oongress. Jonmals of the Con- 
tinental Congress, 1774-1789. Edited from the original records 
in the Library of Congress, by W. C. Ford. Vol. 4. 1776, Jan. 
1-June 4. Vol. 6. 177C, June 5-October 8. 1906. 2v. 973.03 U6 

Wood, William. The fight for Canada: a sketch from the his- 
tory of the great imperial war. 1906. 971 W85 

** There are two valid reasons of such importance and steength that either 
of them alone would furnish an ample Justification for a new work on the 
great war in Canada, while both of them together make the appearance of 
such a work quite imperative. One reason Is that all the necessary soaroes 
of original information have only noyr been brought together for the 
very first time, chiefiy through the efTorts of lir. A. G. Doughty, the new 
Archivist of Canada. He has published volumes of original unprinted doou. 
ments which prove that the story of the fall of Quebec never has been, nor 
ever could have been told in full detail before. The best of accepted author- 
ities have erred greatly, both in details and general deductions. . . . The 
second reason is that the whole subject has never yet been described from 
the naval and military point of view combined together."— iVe/aee. 

Wylie, J. H. History of England nnder Henry the Fourth. 

1884-1898. 4v. 942.041 W97 




Benham, William, and Welch, Oharles. Medisuval London. 
1901. 942.5 L8ben 

Bradley, A. O. In the march and borderland of Wales. 1905. 

942.9 B72b 

Bume-Jones, Sir Philip. With Amy in Brittany. 1905. 944.5 B7ba 

Crooke, William. Things Indian, being discorsive notes on va- 
rious subjects connected with India. 1906. 954.6 C88 
DiaoaMes tome of the quaint mndcurions matter* connected with the country 
which are not especially considered In the ordinary books of reference. A 
kind of encyclopedia of Indian manners and castoms. 

Gining, Algernon. Broadway: a village of Middle England. 
1904. 942.5 B78g 

Graham, E. M. A Canadian girl in South Africa. 1905. 968 G76 
An account of the Journey to South Africa, and of the life there, of forty 
Canadian girls who were sent under contract with the Colonial Ofllce m 
London to teach In the camp schools which were organized after the Koct 

Guerville, A. B. de. New Egypt. 1905. 962.6 693 

A traveler's impressions of Egypt, including remarks on political, financial, 
and religious matters. 

Holland, Olive. Wessez. Painted by Walter Tyndale, described 
by Clive Holland. 1906. 942.6 W6h 

Knox, G. W. Japanese life in town and country. 1905. 952 K77 

Lavell, 0. F. Italian cities. 1905. 945.6 L382 

CofUentM: From Naples to Pompeii .—Ancient Uome.— Asslsl and the Italy 
of St. Francis.— Genoa and Pisa.— Siena.— Florence : from Dante to Boc 
caocio.— The Florence of the Medici.— Renaissance Rome.— Venice.— Milan. 
— From Turin to Rome.— The Regeneration of Italy. 

Lees, G. B. Village life in Palestine: a description of the 

religion, home life, manners, customs, characteristics and 

superstitions of the peasants of the Holy Land, with reference 

to the Bible. New ed., rev. and enl. 1905. 983.6 1^8 

A useful and pleasant book. "It endeavours, by means of a series of simple 
but Intimate studies of the peasants or Fellaheen of the villages of Palestine, 
to put a little life aud reality into people's conception of the scenes and in- 
cidents of Old and New Testament story.**— Spectator. 

Lyman, H. M. Hawaiian yesterdays: chapters from a boy*s 
life in the islands in the early days. 1906. 996.9 1.^% 



Newcombe, A. O. Village, town, and Jangle life in India. 

1905. 954.6 N48 

'*Mr. Newoombe belonged for twenty-eight yean to a branch of the pabUe 
service, and the book glTes an nnaffeoted account of what he nw and did 
in India. On literary gronnda the book is open to orltlelam, bat its diam 
Is dne to a pnrer and more pleasing source of inspiration than consdons 
art."— Athefumm. 

Omond, O. W. T. Bruges and West Flanders. Painted by 
Amed§e Forestier, described by G. W. T. Omond. 1906. 949.8 054 

Pepper, C. M. Panama to Patagonia: tlie Isthmian canal and 

the west countries of South America. 1906. 980 P89 

The purpose of the author Is to emphasise the adrantages coming to this 
country from South America through the constraction of the Panama eaaal. 

Schouler, James. Americans of 1776. 1906. 978.29 S87 

An original study of life and manners, social, industrial, and political, of 
the Revolutionary period, based on newspapers, magailnes and pamphlets 
of the period, old letters and diaries, etc. 

Shand, A. I. Old-time travel: personal reminiscences of the 
continent forty years ago compared with experiences of the 
present day. 1904. 940.96 858 

Singleton, Esther, ed. Holland as seen and described by famous 
writers. 1906. 949.86 861 

Wit, Aug^ista de. Java, facts and fancies. 1906. 998 W77 


Atlay, J. B. The Victorian chancellors. In two volumes. 

Vol. 1. Lord Lyndliurst. — Lord Brougham. — Lord Cotten- 

ham.— Lord Truro. 1906. S8. A88 

<*No lawyer could desire a more competent chronicler than Mr. Atlay. As 
a lawyer himself, he can appreciate the value of Judicial work, but he Is 
equally good on the political side : he Is also a sympathetic critic of sodal, 
literary, and scientlflc interests. His style is admirably fitted for the pur- 
pose, being always clear, graceful, and urbane. Finally, he has the supreme 
merit of accuracy and fairness. To lawyer, politician, student of manners, 
and lover of good stories alike his book will furnish the best of entertain- 
ment.'* — Spectator. 

Beverly, Mass. Vital records to the end of 1849. Vol. 1. 

Births. 1906. 974.45 B29 


Dalton, IUm. Vitia records to the year 1850. 1906. 974.46 D12 
Douglas, Mass. Vital records to the end of 1849. 1906. 974.45 D65a 
Edgartown, Kaas. Vital records to the year 1850. 1906. 974.45 E85 
Ljrnn, Mass. Vital records to the end of 1849. Vol. 1. Births. 

1905. 974.45 L97 

National OyclopsBdia of American Biography. Vol. 13. 1906. 

Ref. 55.80 
New England Oenealogical Begister. Vol. 59, 1905. £96 N44 

Norton, IUm. Vital records to the year 1850. 1906. 974.45 N64a 
FhiUipaton, MaM. Vital records to the end of 1849. 1906. 974.45 P54 
Boyalston, Mass. Vital records to the end of 1849. 1906. 974.45 R82 
Steams, F. P. Cambridge sketches. 1905. £9.879 

ConietUi: The close of the war.— Fnmois J. Child. — Longfellow.— 
Lowell. — O. P. Cranch. — T. O. AppletOD. — I>octor Holmea. — Frank Bird 
and the Bird Olab.— Snmner.— Cherailer Howe. — The war goremor, 
[John A. Andrew] . — The colored roglmcnta. — Emerson's tribute to George 
L. Stearns. — Elisor Wright.— Dr. W. T. G. Morton. — Leaves from a 
Roman diary. — Centennial contributions. 

Wenham, Mass. Vital records to the end of 1849. 1904. 

974.45 W86a 


Austen. Mitten, 6. £. Jane Ansten and her tiroes. 1905. E.Au75.mi 
Bamett. Aitken, W. F. Canon Bamett, warden of Toynbee 
Hall, his mission and its relation to social movements. 1902. 

Beach, 8. C. Daughters of the Puritans : a group of brief 
'biographies. 1905. 896 B85 

CarUents: Catharine Maria Sedgwick.— ICary Lorell Ware.— Lydia Maria 
Child.— Dorothea Lynde Dix.— Sarah Margaret Fuller Ossoli.— Harriet 
Beecher Stowe.— Louisa May Aloott. 
Coit. Conover, J. P. Memories of a great school-master (Dr. 
Henry A. Coit). 1906. E.C6668 

Beoolleotions of the Eector and Head Master of St. Paul's School, whose 
term of service lasted nearly forty years. 

Oramp. Buell, H. C. Memoirs of Charles H. Cramp. 1906. E.C8485 
The subject of this memoir has long been identified with the Wm. Cramp 
and Sons Ship and Engine Building Co., the largest shipbuilding enterprise 
in the United States. 


Creevey, Thomas. The Creevey papers: a selection from the 
corrcHpoiidence and diaries of the late Thomas Creevey, M. P., 
l)orn 1768— died 1838. Ed. by Sir Herbert Maxwell. 1906. 


Denny. Bruce, A. B. The life of William Denny, ship-builder, 
Dumbarton. 2d ed.« rev. 1889. E.D4Sk5 

Ford, Bichard. Letters, 1797-1858, ed. by U. £. Prothero. 1905. 


Gladstone. Paul, H. W. The life of William Ewart Gladstone. 

Gordon, D. G. Hamilton-. Fifty years of failure : confessions of 

an optimist. 1905. E.G657 

*' The author has written an autobiography without any Incidents at all, yet 
whose interest never flags, and whose efl'ect upon the reader is simply one 
of happy distraction. This, if we Judge him rightly, was his sole aim; and 
if so, the story of his failure Is a complete success.**— SpecttUor. 

Lincoln. Rothschild, Alonzo. Lincoln, master of men : a study 
in character. 1906. E. 

Place. Wallas, Graham. The life of Francis Place, 1771-1864. 
1898. B.P701.W 

Rosebery, 5th earl of. Jeyes, S. H. The Earl of Rosebery. 
1906. E.B728.J 

Buskin. Cook, E. T. Studies In Ruskin: some aspects of the 
work and teaching of John Ruskin. 2d ed, 1891. E.R895.CO 

Scott. Lang, Andrew. Sir Walter Scotl. 1906. E.Sco880.1a 

Beaton, l8t barony Sir John Colbome. The life of John Col- 
borne, Hold-marshal 1 Lord Seaton, compiled from his letters, 
records of his conversations, and other sources, by O. C. Moore 
Smith. 1903. G. E.Scl78 

Shand, A. I. Days of the past: a medley of memories. 1905. 


'*One of the mo^t delightful 'reminiscence* books published for a long 
time. Mr. Sliand is in the best sense a man of the world, equally familiar 
with the wilds of the Highlands :nid the restaurants of l^adon. His pen- 
portraits are admirable, but even tliese are not the best of the contents 
of a most delightful book.*'— SpecitUor. 


Smith, John Thomas. A book for a raiuy day; or, recollections 

of the events of the years 1766-1883. Ed. by Wilfred Wliitten. 

1906. £ Sm605 

** Smith, who is beit koown as an enip«ver of Morlmnd and others, and as 
the author of NbUeten$ and hit timet, had an interesting personality, as is 
shown in this posthamous work. It Is nothing bat a miscellany of informa- 
tion, a vast scrapbook. In the main topographical and antiquarian in its 
interest. Mr. Whitten Jastly remarks that, while Smith takes no hi<h rank 
as a writer, ' he is a delightful gossip, full of his two subjects : London and 
art.' "— AtheniBum. 

Vandeleur. Maxse, F. 1. Seymour Vaudeleur: the story of a 
British officer: being a memoir of Brevet-Lieutenant-Colonel 
Vandeleur, D. S. O., Scots guards and Irish guards, with a 
general description of his campaigns. 1906. E.y284.m 

** A man who at the age of thirty-one was Brevet- Lieutenant-Colonel must 
have crowded into a short life a vast amount of work, and have shown re- 
markable qualities as a soldier. Seymour Vandeleur had the good fortune 
not only to see much service, but to see it in many parts of the Empire. The 
record of his life is therefore the record of British Imperial development dur- 
ing the past decade. Colonel Maxse has chocen to elaborate his background, 
and write in full the tale of Uganda, Nigeria, the Soudan, and the Boer War, 
so that Vandeleur's career stands, not by itself, but as part of a great work 
of empire-building in which he, and many like him, bore a hsaxd.**Spectaior. 

Wesley. Winchester, C. T. The life of John Wesley. 1906. 

lliis book is intended to meet the demand for a life of the great English 
preacher, accurate and comprehensive, yet moderate in size and attractive in 
style, which shall be of interest to the general reader as well as to the stu- 
dent of religious history. 
Wilde, Oscar. De profundis. 1906. E.W6682 

** Written while the author was a prisoner in Reading gaol, and it contains 
what is probably the most sincere and personal expression of his peculiarly 
artificial and sensitive nature. He records his bitterness towards society on 
his downfall, his abject grief during the first months of prison discipline, 
and then the gradual growth of a repentant spirit, and a courageous resolve 
to go oat into the world and complete his artistic career. As a human doc- 
ument this work possesses unique value and interest, and the besuty of its 
style entitles it to a high place in the literature of the time." 

Wilhelminia, Frederike Sophie. Cutbell, E. E. Wilhelmina, 
Margravine of Baireuth. 1906. 2v. E.W6662.C 

** Wilhelmina was a sister of Frederick the Great of Prussia, and grand- 
daughter of Gheorge I., of England. She was the foundress of the College 



Wilhelminia, Frederike Sophia, — continued. 

of ArU and Sdenoes of Balreath, as well as of the UDirerslty of Krlaafen. 
The high stature of her Intelllgenoe Is peroeptlble in the fact that Wllhel- 
mlna, the friend of Voltaire and an adorer of French iiteratnre, divined the 
superiority of the German mind In thought, and made the encouragement of 
native genius her aim. Miss Gntheli is not an ideal biographer. Her style, 
always gay, Is at times Jerky. She has made industrious archival researchea 
in Berlin and London, but of pedigrees and page references to her anthorl- 
ties the two volumes have not a vestige.*'— iSpectotor. 

Wren. Elmes, James. Sir Christopher Wren and his times, 

with illustrative sketches and anecdotes of the most distin- 

galshed personages in the 17th century. 1852. B.W988S.e 


Adams, Andy. Cattle brands : a collection of western camp-fire 













BacheUer, Irving. Silas Strong, emperor of the woods. 
Barr, Bobert. The trinmphs of Eugene Valmont. 
Blake, K. E. Hearts' haven. 
Bradford, Gamaliel, jr. Between two masters. 
Burnett, Mrs. F. H. The dawn of a tomorrow. 
Castle, Agnes and Egerton. ^^If youth but knew ! 
Cheney, Warren. The challenge. 
Couch, A. T. Quiller-. The mayor of Troy. 
Crockett, S. B. Fishers of men. 
Frothingham, E. B. The evasion. 
Gibbon, Perceval. Vroaw Qrobelaar, and her leading cases. G8555.1 
Grant, Bobert. The law-breakers, and other stories. G769.14 

Green, A. K. The woman in the alcove. 0825.28 

Hains, T. A. J. The voyage of the Arrow to the China seas. H129 8 
Hale, L. C. A motor car divorce. H187.1 

Harker, Mrs. L. A. Concerning Paul and Fiammetta: a seqoel 

to A romance of the nursery. H287.2 

A romance of the nursery. H287.1 

Hinkson, Mrs. K. T. Dick Pentreath. H578.9 

Holt, Henry. Sturmsee, man and man. H7485.2 

Hughes, Rupert. Zal : an international romance. H876.1 

Lane, Mrs. E. M. All for the love of a lady. L245.2 



LaPastore, Mn, Henry de. The man from America: 
mental comedy. 

Ljrnde, Francis. The quickening. 

MacDonald, Bonald. The sea maid. 

KacNaughtan, 8. A lame dog's dairy. 

Kartin, H. H. Sabina: a story of the Amish. 

Mitchell, 8. Weir. A diplomatic adventure. 

Pemberton, Max. My sword for Lafayette. 

Phillips, D. G. The social secretary. 

Bay, Anna Ohapin. Hearts and creeds. 

Beznington, Frederic. The way of an Indian. 

Savage, Charles Woodcock-. A lady in waiting: being 
from the dairy of Julie de Chesnil, sometime lady in 
to her Majesty Queen Marie Antoinette. 

Seawell, M. E. The Chateau of Montplalsir. 

Sidgwick, Mrs. Alfred. Scenes of Jewish life. 

Sinclair, May. The divine fire. 

Somerset, Lady Henry. Under the arch. 

Spofford, Mrs. H. P. Old Washington. [Stories.] 

Vachell, H. A. Brothers. 

Ward, Mrs. Humphry. Fenwick's career. 

Williamson, Mrs. 0. N. My Lady Cinderella. 

Wister, Owen. Lady Baltimore. 

Wright, Mrs. M. T. The tower. 


a senti- 














Baldwin, James. The golden fleece: more old Greek stories. 

1905. j291 B18g 

Birds and Nature. Vol. 18, 1905. j505 B61 

Burnett, Mrs. F. H. A little princess: being the whole story of 

Sara Crewe now told for the first time. JB989.21 

Carpenter, F. G. Africa. 1905. J960.6 C29 

South America. 1899. J980.6 C29 

Gardiner, S. B. Outline of English history, second period, 1603- 

1902. 1902. J942G22 




J948 KSS 
J973.S P94 


Johnston, Mrs. A. F. The giant sciRsors. 

Kroeker, K. F. Germany. 1897. 

Price, L. L. Lads and lassies of other days. 1U05. 

iiltort stories of Colonial &nd K<>voIatlonary times. 
Bankin, O. W. The girls of Gardcnvllle. 
Stone, O. L., "nd Fickett, M. O Every day life in thecoloules. 

1905. J973.2 S87 

Stratemeyer, Edward. American boys' life of Theodore Koose- 

vclt. 1904. JK.B78 

Lost on the Orhioco; or, American lK>y8 in Venezuela. JS904.S 

Young explorers of the Amazon; or, American boys in Brazil. 

Tomlinson, £. T. The war for independence. 1905. J973.3 T65 

Short ritorii'8 of the time of the Revolution. 
Vaile, C. M. Wheat and huckleberries. JV195.3 

Worcester, W. L. On holy ground: Bible stories with pictures 

of Hible lauds. 1004. J230 W92 

The Uitebdalk Prkss: C. A. W. SrSMCBR. 

OCTOBER, 1906 

. .:-^^':\ 


: .^.: i 




VOL. XIII. No. 1 

Brooklink, Mass. 



Public Library of Brookline 

Louisa M. Hoopkb. 

Wkek Days. — 9 a. m. to 9 p. m., legal holidays excepted. 
Sundays.— 2 to 9 p. m. 

School Rkferencb and Children's Rooms. 

Week days only, 2 to 6 p. m., and also from 10 to 12 on Saturday 


Residents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers may make 
application for cards at the Deposit Stations. 

Books may be returned to the Stations whether taken from them 
or from the central Library ; but books drawn from the Deposit Sta- 
tions must be returned to the Stations only. 

Coolldge's Comer 5tatioo.~ Delivery of books to and from the 
Library on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Boylstoo 5tatloo, Upper Boylston Street, near Beserroir Lane. — 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 


O, Indicates gift. 


This is a new series, which reprints in well-edited and convenient 
form those books whose value entitles them to a permanent place in lit- 
erature. It includes books of all kinds, — the drama, history, poetry, 
children's books, fiction, philosophy, religion, and science ; the object 
being to make the best books available in attractive form at a low 
price. Works by foreign authors are given in the best English transla. 
tion. One hundred books are to be published each year, and the issue 
is expected to continue ten years. The Library has bought the first 
100 volumes, and may continue the series. They are shelved together 
opposite the case for new books. As these books are mainly dupli- 
cates, readers who wish may take them out on a special slip, in addi- 
tion to the ordinary number of books allowed, and may keep them four 
weeks without renewal. 


A-nitiiAl Begister : a review of public events at home and abroad 
for the year 1906. Ref . 80.70 

"The first part of this TOlnme 1« deroted to a ruunU of the political history of 
England during the year 1906. The events of parliamentary life are noted, 
and the principal speeches summarised. Foreign and colonial history are 
also dealt with. In the second part a chronological summary is glyen of the 
principal events of the year, both foreign and domestic; this is followed by 
a retrospect of literature, science, and art, and an obituary of eminent 
persons. A full index is an important feature of the book.*' 

Olegg, James, ed. The international directory of booksellers, 
and bibliophile's manual, including lists of the public libraries 
of the world, publishers, book collectors, learned societies and 
institutions, universities and colleges ; also bibliographies of 
book and library catalogues, concordances, bookplates, etc. 
1906. Llb*n*8 Room 

Dalbiac, Lilian. Dictionary of quotations (German). 1906. Kef. 35.13 


Oeneral Federation of Women's Olube. Official regiiterand 

directory of the women's clubs in America, 1906. Ref . 60.14 

Statesman's Year-book. 1906. Bef . 60.25 

United States. Superintendent of Documents. Index to the 
subjects of the documents and reports and to the committees, 
senators, and representatives presenting them, with tables of 
the same in nnmerical order : 58th Congress, 3d session, Dec. 
5, 1904-Mar. 4, 1905. Q, Lib'n's Boom 

— Catalogue of the public documents of the 57th Congress and 
of other departments of the goYcrnmentof the United States, 
for the period from July 1, 1901, to June 30, 1903. 1905. O. 

Lib'n's Boom 
Winslow, H. M. Outlines for club study. 1908. Bef. 15.56 

Containes outlines for study and lists of suggested readings on the history 
of the most important coantries« child study, dTics, art, Uteratnre, domee- 
tio science, ete. 


American Journal of Philately. Second Series. Vol. 18, 1905. 

889.85 A5 

American Monthly Review of Seviews. Vol. 82, 1905. Per. B50 

Boston Evening Transcript. Jan.-March, 1906. B. L. 

Boston Herald. Jan.-March, 1906. B. L. 

Century. Vol. 71. (N. S. Vol. 49) 1905/06. Per. Cf5 

Graphic. Vol. 72, 1905. B. B. 

Independent Beview. Vol. 7, 1905/06. Per. 168 

Living Age. Vol. 248, 1906. Per. L65 

McOlure's Magazine. Vol. 26, 1905 /06. Per. M15 

Monthly Beview. Vol. 22, 1906. Per. M77 

Munsey's Magazine. Vol. 34, 1005/06. Per. M90 

Nation. Vol. 81, 1905. Per. N15 

New England Magazine. Vol. 33 N. S., 1905/)6. Per. N45 

N. Y. Tribune. Jan.-Mar., 1906. * B. L. 

Outing. Vol. 47, 1905/06. Per. 085 

Outlook. Vol. 81, 1905. Per. O90 

Public Opinion. Vol. 39, 1905. Per. P85 

Bevue des Deux Mondes. Jan,-F6v., 1906. Per. B60 

Spectator. Vol. 95, 1905. Per. 865 



Berdoe, Edward. Browning and the Christian faith : the evi- 
dences of Christianity from Browning's point of view. 2d ed. 
1899. 880 B88b 10 

Bodley, J. E. C. The church in France: two lectures delivered 
at the Royal Institution. 1 906. 274.4 B68 

"Bnlirely mpart from its historic and philosophie raloe, the book forms a 
mmnaml for all who would understand what has ooourred to the Church in 
France, and an indispensable fn^de to the facts whidi are likely to influence 
its future history.*'— ^^A^noncm. 

Ohateaubriand, F. A. B., viconU^de. The genius of Christianity; 
or the spirit and beauty of the Christian religion : a new and 
complete translation from the French ; with a preface, bio- 
graphical notice of the author, and critical and explanatory 

notes, by C. I. White. 280.8 C89 

** A masterpiece of literary art. . . an inefficient production from the point 
of view of serious argument."— ^ncyctopcnfia Britannica. 

Clarke, J. F. Common-sense in religion : a series of essays. 

1878. 204 C65c 

Olarke, W. N. The use of the Scriptures in theology: the 

Nathaniel William Taylor lectures for 1905 given before the 

Divinity School of Yale University. 1906. 220 C56 

Olodd, Edward. Jesus of Nazareth: embracing a sketch of 

Jewish history to the time of his birth. 2d ed. 1886. 282.9 C62 
Dickinson, G. L. The meaning of good: a dialogue. 1906. 170 D66 
— Religion : a criticism and a forecast. 1906. 230 D56 

Contents: Boclesiasticism.— Revelation.— Religion.- Faith. 

I>uboia, Paul. The Influence of the mind od the body. Trans, 
from the 5th French ed. by L. B. Gallatin. 1906. 181 D85i 

Slizabeth, Queen of Roumania. (Carmen Sylva,p«eiid.) Suf- 
fering's journey on the earth. Translated from Leidens Erden- 
gang, by M. A. Nash. 2d ed. 1906. 244 £48 

** We trust that it may receive as wide a circle of readers as it deserves. The 
little allegory has genuine charm, it is fresh and spontaneous, and written 
from a full heart. Its defects,— a lack of artistic restraint and at times a cer- 
tain incoherence,— need not prevent its enjoyment by most readers. The 
translation is sympathetic but unsure.'*— ^fAeiMSttfn. 



Fortnuh, W. B. Trayel lessons on the life of Jesos : a conne 
of study complete In itself, and designed also to accompany 
the International Lessons and all other courses in the New 
Testament. 2d ed. rev. 1905. S32.9 F74 

Fraeman, E. A. History of the cathedral church of Wells, as 
illustrating the history of the cathedral churches of the old 
foundation. 1870. 274.2 F87 

HaWy Geor^, editor, Christianity and the working classes. 
1906. 261 H8I 

A book to make one think on present-dmy conditions. In the introdactlon 
the editor quotei from manj letters receWed from working people, firinf 
frank expression to their opinion of the ohnrch to-day. The editor's own po- 
sition Is suggested in the words : *' We see workmen looking bttk. upon the 
black record of charoh-goers In . social reform, till distrust lies deep In their 
hearts, and out of their months comes omdemnatlon and blttemets. . . • 
Bome of us who despair of the churches breathing new life into the people 
bellere that the people are destined to breathe new life into the churches." 
Then follows a discussion of the problem by eleven representative English- 
men of varying opinions;— labor leaders, and workers in social and religions 

HdifdinflT, Harald. The philosophy of religion. Trans, from 
the German by B. E. Meyer. 1906. 201 H67 

" Prof. UOlTding has been hitherto best known in this country by his Psy- 
eholoffPt and his admirably written HUtory of modem pkUoBophf/. In his 
PhUotophy qf religion, now translated, there is a personal note that lifts the 
book above the level of professional treatises on philosophy. The author 
seems, as he says, to be settling his own spiritual account, making ase of 
everything he has learned in the school of life and of Inquiry. His book 
claims the respectful attention of all who are prepared to discuss seriously 
and without prejudice the ultimate questions of human thought. . . There 
Is no mention of Matthew Arnold in the volume; the Danish thinker's phil- 
osophical equipment is infinitely superior to Arnold's; but the book recalls 
the temper of Matthew Arnold's teaching in his most serious and strenuous 
moments. If it may seem to many to minimize unduly the content of relig- 
ious belief, its austere sincerity refreshes like a spring of oool water." 

Lomdon Tkitea. 

Houghton, Mr». L. 8. From Olivet to Patmos: the first 
Christian century in picture and story. 1893. 226.9 H81 

Inge, W. B. Studies of English mystics. 1906. 189.6 Ii5 

Contenit : On the psychology of mysticism.— The Ancren Kiwle and Julian 
of Norwich — Walter Ilylton.— William Law.— The mystldsm of Words- 
worth— The mysticism of Robert Browning. 


Jastrow, Joaeph. The subconscious. 1906. 184 J81a 

Kant, C. F. The origin and pennanent yalne of the Old Testar 
ment. 1906. 281 K41a 

The mnthor Is Wooltej Professor of Biblical Literature in Tale UnlTersity. 
The book aims to /cire in popular form the generally accepted opinions of 
scholars as to the literature, history, and religion of the Hebrews. 
" Prof. Kent is optimistic of a rerlTal of interest in the Old Testament, 
through the spread of knowledge of the results of criticism. He suggests 
methods to be employed in the use of the Old Testament in day schools and 
Sunday Schools, and sketches a rough outline of a course of study extending 
oyer sereral years."— OiUtooft. 
lAoey, T. A. The historic Christ. 1905. 232 Lll 

Iiatimsr, Hugh, bUIiop of Worcester, Sermons. [With introd. 

by Canon Beeching.] 252 Ld4 

Light on current topics : Bennett lectures for 1895. O, 204 L62 

Contents : Introduction, by James Seed.— Theosophy and religion, by 
Frank Bewail.— The right and exercise of ownership, by Julian K. Smyth.— 
The dirine law of use and its application to industrial problems, by Albert 
Mason.— The relation of the church to the state and to secular afllfdrs, by 
Samuel 8. Seward.— Pauperism and crime, by Theodore F. Wright.— Nat- 
ural and spiritual health, by James Reed. 
Montgomery, H. B. Christus redemptor: an outline study of 
th^ islands of the Pacific. 1906. 266.9 M76 

The latest volume of the United ttudy ofmUtiont series. 
Miinsterberg, Hugo. Science and idealism. 1906. 180.21 M92 

New Testament, arranged in the order in which its parts came 
to those in the first century who believed in our Lord, [edited 
by Thomas M. Lindsay]. 1906. 225.5 L6 

Ffleiderer, Otto. Christian origins. Trans, from the German. 
1906. 225.9 P48 

Book 1, Preparation and foundation of Christianity. 

Preparation of Christianity In Greek philosophy.— Jewish-Greek 
philosophy of Phiio.— Preparation of Christianity in Judaism.— 
Jesus.— Messianic congregation. 
Book 2. Evolution of Bariy-Olirlstianity into the church. 

The apostle Paul.— The three older gospels.— The Gnostic move* 
ment.— The gospel of John.— The establishment of church au- 
The preface states that the viewpoint is purely historical, that the book is 
written for those who wish to learn what is to be thought, from the point of 
view of modem science, of the origin and permanent elements of Chris- 


Powell, B. p. Liberty and life : discourses. 1889. O. 204 P87 
Bopes, J. H. The apostolic age in the light of modem criticism. 

1906. M«.S RM 

" The following essay, sabstantially in Its pret«mt form, wm prepared for a 
coarse of Lowell Institute lectures, given in March, 190*."— /V^^bca. 

Santayana, Oeorge. The life of reason; or, the phases of 
human progress. 1906-06. 6v. 191 8t8 

Vok 1. Introduction, and Reason in common tense. 

2. Reason in society. 

3. Reason in religion. 

4. Reason in art. 

6. Reason in science. 
Schmidt, Nathaniel. The prophet of Nazareth. 1906. 282 886 

** To bring out more fully the significance of the changed estimate of Jetma, 
it seemed desirable to examine the basis of ecclesiastical Christology In the 
supposed Messianic prophecies of the Old Testamtot, and the real teaehiaga 
concerning the Messiah in later Jewish literature, as well as the character of 
the Christ of dogma. It has been the aim of the author to treat with sympa- 
thy and reverence a conception that has for so many centuries famished 
spiritual nourishment to men, and to point out the historic value, not leas 
real because relative and transitory, of this and kindred ideas destined to 
pass away; but also to set the old and the new over against each other to 
dearly that men may see that there is no possible return to the past, and no 
permanent escape from the consequences of scientific research by such com- 
promises as are alTected by many at the present time."— Pre/bee. 

Smith, Ooldwin. In quest of light. 1906. 204 8641 

Papers that have appeared in the N.T. Sun during the past six TO*ra, chiefly 
in the form of letters In answer to persons seeking for light on the rellgioaa 
question. The subjects of a few are: Church-going soeptidsm; Haeckel; 
Easter; Does Christianity fall with dogma? ; The Bible, Its critics and iti da- 
fenders; Telepathy; The origin of life ; Rational Christianity. 
Steindorif, Georg. The religion of the ancient Egyptians. 1906. 

982.6 862 
" ▲ survey of the field and an account of the essential facts, by one of the 
ablest of the younger school of Egyptologists in Germany. The most relia- 
ble, readable, and sane treatment of the religion of Kgypt which has ap- 
peared.'*— i\ra/ion, 1900. 

Btubbs, 0. W., dean of Ely. The Christof English poetry: being 
the Hulsean lectures delivered before the University of Cam- 
bridge, 1904-1905. 818 893 
The poets treated are Cynewulf, Langland, Shakespeare, and Browning. 


Sunday School Ck>mmissioii of the Diocese of New York. The 

Sunday School oatlook : the Crypt Conference held under the 

anspices of the Sonday School Commission of the Diocese of 

New York, May, 1901. 268 S96 

Wagner, Oharlea. Wayside talks. 1906. 177 W12w 

Williams, John. A narrative of missionary enterprises in the 

Sonth Sea Islands, with remarks npon the natural history 

of the islands, origin, languages, traditions, and usages of the 

inhabitants. 1st American ed. 1887. 266.9 W67 

Wright, W. B. Cities of Paul; beacons of the past rekindled 

for the present. 1905. 270.1 W98 

** A study of tbe dtlet of Tanas, Tyana, Anoyra, PhiUppl, Old and New 
Oorinth, EphesQs, Colosaai, and Tbeisalonloa, which not only shows the set- 
tlBf of the apostle's life and helps to our aaderstanding of the Fanline epis- 
tles, bnt points out that Panl enooantered the same Tloes, social and politi- 
cal, that threaten onr dties today, and shows how he dealt with them." 

Book Review Digest, 


Anderson, W. L. The country town: a study of rural evolution. 

1906. 831.8 A55 

Interesting and informing discussion of the social and economic effect apon 
rural communities of the introduction of machinery, and the drift of popula- 
tion to the cities, with suggestions for Improving present conditions in the 

Oarver, T. N., comp. Sociology and social progress: a hand- 
book for students of sociology. 1905. 801 C25 

CorUentt : Nature, scope, and method of sociology.— Sociology as a study of 
social progress.— Factors of social progress : Physical and biological fac- 
tors; Psychical factors; Sodal and economic factors ; Political and legal 

** A book designed to be used as the basis for class-room discussions, or to 
furnish collateral reading to a course of lectures. The author has gone out- 
side of systematic treatises on sociology for obsenrations upon the pheno- 
mena of society, upon the laws of social growth and decay, and upon the 
problems of social improvement, and has presented them in form for the 
student and the general reader as well. "—Book Review Digest, 

Charities and The Oommons. Vol. 15, 1905/06. 831.906 C8 


Ooliimbia Univerflity. Faculty of Political Science. Stodies 

in history, economics and public law. Vols. 19-24. 1903-1905. 

806 J72 

Vol. 10, Josiah Tncker, eooBomist, by W. E. Qwk.— History and orltl. 
eltm of the labor theory of ralae in Enf llsh politleal economy, 
by A. C. Whitakcr.— Trade anions and the law in New York, by 
G. G. Groat. 

20. The office of jastlce of the peace In England, by C. ▲. Beard.— 

History of military government in newly acquired territory of the 
United States, by D. Y. Thomas. 

21. Treaties, their making and enforcement, by 8. B. Crandall.— 

Sociology of a New York city block, by T.J. Jones.— Pre-Malthn- 
sian doctrines of population, by C. E. Strangeland. 

22. Historical development of the poor law in Conneoticot, by E. W. 


23. Economics of land tenure in Georgia, by £. K. Banks.— Mistake 

in contract, by E. C. KcKeag.— Combination In the mining indos. 
try, by H. R. Mussey.- The English craft gilds and the gorem- 
ment, by Stella Kramer. 

24. Place of magic in the Intellectual history of Europe, by Lynn 

Thomdike.— Ecclesiastical edicts of the Theodosian code, by W. 
K. Boyd.— International position of Japan as a great power, by 
8. G. Hlshida. 

Emat, O. A. O. The legal statas of married women in Mas- 
sachusetts. 1895. O. 896.2 E71 

Fall, A. 0. The tragedy of a widow*8 third. 1898. O. 396.2 F19 
A discussion of the legal rights of married women, written under tho guise 
of fiction. 

Qunckel, J. B. Boyville : a history of fifteen year's work among 
newsboys. 1905. 831.85 G95 

Account of the good work done by the Boyville Newsboys* Association, a 
self-governing society of newsboys and bootblacks, started in 1802. 
Hale, Edward Everett. The foundations of the republic. 1906. 

321.8 H13 

Two addresses delivered in 1003 and 1905 before the Brooklyn Institute as In- 
troductory to courses on government and sociology. A discussion of tho 
moral forces in American life. 

Haynea, O. H. The election of senators. 1906. 342.784 H83 

Discusses the reasons which led to the present method of electing senators 
by state legislatures, the results of the system, and the arguments for and 
against popular election. The author is Professor of I'olltioal Bcienoe in the 
Woroeiter Polytechnic Institute. 


I, F. D. Children of the state. Bd. by Fanny Fowke. 2d 

ed., rev. and enl. 1889. 881.927 H66 

'* A. daasic dlscnMlon of InttitaUons vernu **boardinf-oat/' (i. «., cure hi 
piirate f amillet,) for needj children. Farors the latter. Bated on Engllih 
experience, bat of general ralae."— .fivUtMn of CoUege SetUement* A$$ocia- 

Jacobi, Mr9, Mary Putiuun-. ** Common sense" applied to 
woman soffhkge: a statement of the reasons which justify the 
demand to extend the soffhige to women, with consideration 
of the arguments against such enfranchisement, and with special 
reference to the issues presented to the New York State Con- 
vention of 1894. G, 896.8 J16 

Jaures, J. L. Studies In socialism. Trans., with an introd., by 
Mildred Mintum. 1906. 885 J82 

Etsayt firft pabllthed in a sodalUt dallj PH>«r In Parii. 

Jevons, W. 8. Methods of social reform, and other papers. 
1904. 804 J58 

CorUentt : Amnsements of the people.— The rationale of free pnbUo libra- 
ries.— Use and abuse of mnseumg.— "Oram."— Trades societies, their objects 
and policy.— On Industrial partuershlps.— Married women in factories.— 
Manchester Statistical Society : Inangural address.— British iissoolation : 
opening address as president of Section F (Economic science and statistics). 
— Oruelty to animals : a study in sociology.— On the United Kingdom Al- 
liance and its prospects of success.— Experimental legislation and the drink 
traffic- On the analogy between the Post Office, telegraphs, and other sys- 
tems of conveyance of the United Kingdom, as regards goremment control. 
—The Post Office telegraphs and their financial results.— Postal notes, money 
orders, and bank cheques.— A state parcel post.— Railways and the state. 

Johnson, B. B. Ocean and inland water transportation. 1906. 

839.7 J6 

A practical, exhanstiye treatise on ocean and inland water as a means of 
transportation, its physical and economic limits, cost, tonnage, and location. 
The matter of our merchant marine and its deyelopment is ti^en up, and the 
advantages of the different Interoceanlc routes. Some attention is paid to 
the possibilities of the Panama Canal. 
Johnson, E. Boaaiter. The story of the Constitution of the 
United States. 1906. 842.78 J68 

Contents : Introductory.— The first attempt.— The new demand.— The con- 
rention.- The result.— The ratification.— Amendments.— What might have 
been.— The sources.— Condnslon. 



Leahy, A. H.» trans. Heroic romances of Ireland. Trans, into 
English prose and verse, with preface, special introdnctions 
and notes. 1905-1906. 2y. 398.416 L47 

McAdoo, William. Guarding a great city. 1906. 852.2 Mil 

**Mr. MoAdoo, formerly CommiMioner of Police In New York Cltj, takes a 
conrageous stand in presenting the inner working of New York's Police sys. 
tern. He discusses, with suggestions for reform, the problems whldi grow 
oat of the supenrlsion of rice and crime. The chi4>ters on Police imposten 
and fakirs, The pooLroom eyll, and The East Side, are espedallj rerela* 
tory."— ^ooifc Review Digett, 

McCulloch, Mr%, 0. W. Mr. Lex ; or, the legal status of mother 
and child. 1899. Q. 396.8 M18 

McMaster, J. B. With the fathers : studies in the history of 
the United States. 1902. 842.73 M22 

ConUnU : Monroe doctrine.— Third-term tradition.— Political depravity of 
the fathers.— Riotous career of the Know-Nothlngs.— Framers and the fram- 
ing of the Constitution.— Washington'8 inauguration.— Century of constitu- 
tional interpretation.— Century's struggle for silver.— Is sound finance pos- 
sible under popular goverment ?— Franklin in France.— How the British left 
New York.- Struggle for territory.— Four centuries of progress. 

Mason, O. T. Woman's share in primitive culture. O. 1894. 

396.1 M384 

ContentB: Food brlnger.— Weaver.— Skin dresser.— Potter.— Beast of 
burden. — Jack-atall-trades. — Artist. — Linguist. — Founder of society.— 
Patron of religion. 

Maaaachuaetta. Board of Bailroad Oonuniasioiiers. An in- 
dex-digest of the reported decisions, precedents, and general 
principles enunciated by the Board of Bailroad Commissioners 
from 1870 to 1904, inclusive. Prepared by the clerk of the 
Board. 1905. O. 1157.11 

MoaM, Bernard. The government of the United States. 1906. 
[Twentieth century text-books.] 842.784 M85 

Gives a sketch of the general organization and metliods of working of the 
government. Deals not only with the Federal government, but with the 
state, territorial, and local goyemments. The author is professor of history 
and political science in the University of California. 

80CI0L0OT. 18 

Paolaen, Friedrieh. The Gterman aniveraities and uniyersity 
study. Authorized trans, by Frank ThlUy and W. W. Elwang. 
1906. 878.43 P28g 

Thifl book follows the general plan of Professor Paulsen's earlier work on 
German onWerslties, bat Is much fuller. 

Payne, B. J. Colonies and colonial federations. 1904. 825.42 P29 
Deals almost entirely with Bnf land and her colonies. 

Political Science aoarterly. Vol. 20, 1905. Per. P60 

Byan, J. A. A Hying wage, its ethical and economic aspects. 

1906. 881 B95 

The work of a Roman Catholic priest and teacher in Bt. Paul's Seminarj. 
"Perhaps the first attempt In the English language to elaborate what maj be 
called a Roman Catholic system of political economy. Prof. Ryan combines 
eoonomlc and ethical arguments with those deriyed from authority. Prof. 
Ely, in the introduction, bespeaks for the wage system advocated an ex- 
amination as to whether it does not rest upon broad Christian and ethical 
foundations."— i^tfoiew o/BeoiewB, 

**An alternative to socialism, an antidote to anarchism, a stimulator of 
thoughts."— A', r. Timet. 

Shadwell, Arthur. Industrial efficiency : a comparative study 

of industrial life In England, Germany and America. 1906. 

2y. 831.8 862 

Readable and authoritatlre, based on extended personal observation. In view 
of growing international competition, the author compares conditions of 
of production in the three countries, especially in the industries connected 
with textiles and metals. The comparison of the life of the working classes 
is especially interesting. 

Shaw, A. H., and others, comps. The yellow ribbon speaker. 

1891. Q, 896.8 858 

Readings and recitations upon woman's suffhige. 

Stanton, Mrs, B. 0., Anthony, Susan B., and Gage, Mrs. M. 
J., edUori, History of woman suffrage. 1881-1902. 4y. O. 

896.8 879 

Steifens, Lincoln. The struggle for self-government: an at- 
tempt to trace American political corruption to its sources, in 
six states of the United States. 1906. 342.785 881 

CofUentB : Folk's fight for Missouri.— Chicago's appeal to Illinois.— Wiscon- 
sin : representatire government restored. — Rhode Island : a corrupted 
people.— Ohio : a tale of two cities.— New Jersey : a traitor state. 


Thompson, Holland. From the cotton field to the cotton mill: 

a stady of the indostrlal traDsition in North Carolina. 1906. 

331.8 H71 

YAlnable stndy of the cotton indoBtiy from colonial timet to tbo preaeat, 
and of Bodal and religions conditions as affected by it. Based on oarefnl 
personal investigation. Includes a chapter oa child-labor In the mills. 

United States. Oongress. A report on labor disturbances in 
the state of Colorado, from 1880 to 1904, inclusiye, with cor- 
respondence relating thereto. Prepared under the direction of 
Carroll D. Wright. 1905. O, 2068.18 

United States. Bureau of Labor ~ Bulletins. Vol. 11, 1905. 


United States. Life-Saving Service. Annual report for the 
year ending June 30, 1905. Q. 2084.4 

Wright, Oarroll D. The battles of labor: being the William 
Levi Bull lectures for the year ending 1906. 1906. 831.1 W98b 

"Four lectures which show that industrial, social and political problems ean 
be met only by a new application of religion, a new ]>oIitical economy which 
looks first 'to the care and culture of men.* The titles of the lectures are : 
The background ; In medlaeral and modf m industry ; Great modem battles ; 
How modem battles of labor are treated. The author was U. 8. Commis- 
sioner of Labor for eleven years.*'— ^ooil Review Digest, 

Zueblin, Charles. Decade of civic development. 1905. 852 Z8d 

CorUerUB : The new drlc spirit.— Training of the citizen.— Making of the 

dty.— "The White Oity*' and after.— Metropolitan Boston.— Greater New 

York.— The Hanisburg plan.— Washington, old and new.— The return to 


Appeared in the ChatUauquant Sept., 1002 — May, 1003. 


Dewey, John. Psychology and social practice. — The educational 
situation.— The child and the curriculum. 1901-1902. 8v. 
in 1. 870.4 D5]p 

Drawbridge, 0. L. The training of the twig : religious educa- 
tion of children. 1905. 877 D79 


Johns Hopkins UniTsrsity. State aid to higher education: a 

aeries of addresses. 1898. 378.1 J63 

CoKttnU : state aid to higher education, bj Charles K. Adami.— Btatistlof 
on state aid to higher edoeation, by 8t. George L. Slonssat.— State anlrer- 
titles of the West, bj James B. Aogell.—Eneonragement of higher eduea- 
tion, by Herbert B. Adams. 

Kappa, paeu4. Let youth but know: a plea for reason in educsr 

tion. 1905. 870.4 K14 

"Bssays brilliant, Interesting, and oonylnolng. The whole book Is worth 
reading."— ^/Aemsum. 

United States. Bureau of Bducation. Report of Commis- 
sioner of Education for the year ending June 30, 1904. Vol. 8. 
1906. O, 2051.1 

Wilson, Mrs, B. 0. H. Pedagogues and parents : [essays]. 1904. 

870.4 W69 

CotUenU: The foantain-head.— Still farther back.— **New ednoation'* In 
New England.— School currioala.— Points of Tiew.— Indiriduallty.— Big 
things.— The method of limits.— "Natural method.*'— Arithmetic— Child 
morality.— Practical morals.— The children themselves — Pedagogues and 

"This book is addressed to parents by a parent. The author has great scorn 
for ordinary current pedagogy, and has certainly written a vlracious book." 

PetUigogical teminary. 

Young, Blla Flagg. Isolation in the nchool. — Some types of 

modern educational theory. — Ethics in the school. 1901-1902. 

8v. in 1. 870.4 Y87 


Angus, A. H. A preliminary course in differential and integral 
calculus. 1906. 517 A69 

Bastian, H. 0. The nature and origin of living matter. 1905. 

574.6 B29a 

Bird Lore. Vol. 7, 1905. 598.205 B53 

Brooklyn Ethical Association. Evolution: popular lectures 

and discussions. 1889. O, 575 B787a 

CoiUefUt : Spencer, by D. 6. Thompson. — Darwin, by J. W. Chadwick. — 
Solar and planetary evolution, by 6. P. Serriss.— Evolution of the earth, by 
L. G. Janes.— Bvolution of vegetal life, by W. Potts.— £rolution of animal 
life, by R. W. Raymond.— The descent of man, by E. L). Cope.— Evolution 


Brooklyn Bthical Association. — eoiuUnued. 

of mind, by R. G. Eodei.— Eyolutlon of sooletj, hj J. ▲. SkUton.^ETola- 
tlon of theology, by Z. B. BampsoD.— Erolntion of morali, by L. G. Janet.— 
Proofs of evolution, by N. C. Parshall. — Erolntion m related to retinas 
thought, by J. W. Chadwiok.— Philotophy of erolation, by 8. H.NlohoU.— 
Effecta of evolution on the coming civilization, by M. J. Savage. 

Clayden, A. W. Cloud studies. 1905. 651.5 C57 

Gierke, Agnes M. Modern cosmogonies. 1905. 523. 1 C59 

Darwin, Oharles B. The expression of the emotions in man 

and animals. Ed. by Francis Darwin. [2d ed.] 1904. 157 D25 
Dreyer, J. L. E. History of the planetary systems from Thales 

to Kepler. 1906. 520.9 D82 

*' A masterly account of the development of the various astronomical theo- 
ries of the universe from the early dawn of Greek philosophy to the flnal 
establishment of the Copernioan system. Not the least of its meriti are ita 
clearness and conciseness. Evidently not written for a limited eiroalatlon 
among astronomical experts, but will appeal to all students interested in the 
history of astronomy."— i^aftcrc. 

Geikie, Sir Archibald. The founders of geology. 2d ed. 1905. 

550.9 G27 

** Enlarged and rewritten form of lectures first published in 1807. Traces 
the gradual progress of earth-knowledge from Lucretius to Lyeli, forming a 
history of geological science to the middle of the 19th century."— Sptdator, 

Heath, T. E. Our stellar universe : a road-book to the stars. 

1905. 523.8 H85 

Blcmentary manual of astronomy, containing maps drawn to a scale of the 
author's invention which gives a specially clear idea of the relative sise 
and distance of the stars. 

— Our Stellar universe : six stereograms of sun and stars. 1905. 

52S.8 H35a 

Stereoscopic views intended as an aid in identification, and giving a vivid 
idea of the starH as poised in space. 

Hertz, Heinrich. Electric waves : being researches on the pro- 
pagation of electric action with flnito velocity through space. 
Authorized English translation by I). £. Jones, with a preface 
by Lord Kelvin. 1900. 587 H44 

IngenoU, Emeet. The life of animals : the mammals. 1906. 

599 147 

acisNCB. 17 

Lo«b, Jacqa«i. The dynamici of Hying matter. 1906. 574.6 L62 

ConterUt ; Conoerning the general chemistry of life phenomen*.— General 
phjBloal oonttitatlon of living matter.— On some physical manifestations of 
life.— The r61e of electrolytes In the formation and preservation of living 
matter.— Effects of heat and radiant energy upon living matter.— Hello- 
tropism.— Farther facts concerning tropisms and related phenomena.— 
Fertilization.— Heredity.— On the dynamics of regenerative processes. 
" The product of an indefatigable and ingenious investigator, who has done 
pioneer work in many fields of biology. These studies will instruct and stim- 
ulate the earnest student In general physiology.'*— 5c<ence. 

Newcomb, Simon. A compendium of spherical astronomy, with 
its applications to the determination and redaction of positions 
of the fixed stars. 1906. 622 N4d 

Norton, W. H. The elements of geology. 1905. 550 N82 

CkmtenU: External geological agencies.— Internal geological agencies.— 
Historical geology. 

Boed, 0. A. Bird guide. 1905-06. 2y. 598.2 R25a 

Part 1. Water birds, game birds, and birds of prey, east of the Rockies. 

2. Land birds east of the Rockies, from parrots to bluebirds. 
Of convenient size to carry in the pocket. 

Seid, O. A. The principles of heredity, with some applications. 

1905. 575.1 R27 

"Mr. Reid has established a reputation as a clear and forcible thinker. His 
orderly method, breadth of view, and power of suggestion, make his work 
valuable to the student and readable to the unscientific thinker. "—iSrjpecto<or. 
*' What is new in the work is mainly drawn from evidence concerning her- 
edity, hitherto largely unused, which the author has found in the study of 
disease, especially of the zymotic kinds, and also of narcotics."— Ou/tooA. 

SuesSy Bduard. The face of the earth. (Das Antlitz der Erde.) 
Trans, by H. B. C. Sollas under the direction of W. J. Sollas. 
Vol. 2. 1906. 550 S94 

Titchener, E. B. Experimental psychology: a manual of laborar 
tory practice. 1901-1905. 2v. in 4. 150 T58b 

** Lucid, methodical, and business-like in the extreme. Contains material 
not hitherto accessible in English form,**— -Athenaum. 

Victoria Institute. Journal of the transactions of the Victoria 
Institute, or Philosophical Society of Great Britian. Vol. 7. 
1874. G. 506 V6 

Walton, M. A. A hermit's wild friends; or, eighteen years in 
the woods. 1908. 591.5 W17 




Abbott, A. V. The electrical transmission of energy: a manual 

for the design of electrical circuits. 4th ed., entirely rewritten 

and enl. 1904. 621.84 A18 

Inclades much information on electric railways. 

Alexander, J. H. Elementary electrical engineering in theory 
and practice: a class book for junior and senior students and 
working electricians. 1906. 621.3 A87 

Brown, Olenn. Healthy foundations for houses. 1885. 728.9 B8i 
CaMier's Magazine. Vol. 29, 1905/06. Per. C18 

Oheahire, F. B. Bees and bee-keeping, scientific and practical : 
a complete treatise on the anatomy, physiology, fioral relations, 
and profitable management of the hive bee. Vol. 1. 1886. 638 C42 
Oiccolina, B. M. A. Deep breathing as a means of promoting 
the art of song, and of curing weaknesses and affections of 
the throat and lungs, especially consumption. Trans, from 
the German by E. S. Werner. 1883. 613.1 C48 

Olough, A. L. The gasoline automobile : a series of lectures 
delivered before the Boston Y. M. C. A. automobile school 
during the winter of 1904-05 : also ^* What to do when receiving 
a new car " and '* Force feed lubricators.*' 1905. 625.6 C62 

Oraftaman. Vol. 9, 1905^6. 605 C84 

Dahlatrom, K. P., trans. The fireman's guide: a handbook on 
the care of boilers. By Teknologforeningen T. I., Stockholm. 
Trans, from the 3d ed. and rev. by K. P. Dahlstrom. 9th ed. 
1902. 621.18 T28 

Dana, J. 0. Notes on bookbinding for libraries. 1906. 095 D19 

Engineering Magazine. Vol. 30, 1905/06. Per. E50 

Gamett, W. H. S. Turbines. 1906. 621 G18 

Gerhard, W. P. The disposal of household wastes: a discus- 
sion of the best methods of treatment of the sewage of farm- 
houses, isolated country houses, suburban dwellings, houses 
in villages and smaller towns, and of larger institutions. 2d 
ed. 1904. 628.2 031 

House-drainage and sanitary plumbing. 10th ed. 1902. 696 G31 


Hadley, H. B. Magnetism and electric^y for students. 1905. 

587 Hlla 

Harris, Joseph. Gardening for young and old : the cultivation 
of garden vegetables in the farm garden. 1905. 685 B2i 

Harwood, W. 8. The new earth : a recital of the triumphs of 
modem agriculture in America. 1906. 680 H86 

A oompanlon to the author's previoaB book, New creaiiont in plant life, 

Hemenway, H. D. Hints and helps for young gardeners. 1906. 

685 H87 

gill, Mrs. J. M. The up-to-date waitress. 1906. 647 H55 

Inaoraiice Bngineering Experiment Station. Reports 1-12. 

1908. Q. 698.8 16 

CantentB: Fire-proof wood, so-oalled. ^ Soand-proof partitiont.— Wired 
fflaM, diffasion of Uffht.— Corrosion of steel.— Slow-boming or mill constmo- 
tion.—^ad-fuel, coke, fafl.—Fire-reslstant roofs for foundries and machine 
shops.— Diinuion of ilxht.— Second laboratory report on corrosion of ste«\— 
Test of Colombian flre.proof oonstmctlon.— Fire and heat resistance of 
Luxfer prism glass electro-glazed.— Bog fael, coke, gas and secondary 
products of gas. 

Jackson, 0. B., and Daugherty, Mrs. A. 0. Agriculture 
through the laboratory and school garden: a manual and text- 
bootc of elemetary agriculture for schools. 1905. 680 J12 

Jackson, D. 0. and J. P. Text-book on electro-magnetism and 
the construction of dynamos. Vol. 1. 1903. Vol. 1 of 621.8 J12 

liisk, J. P. A B C of the steam engine, with a description of the 
automatic governor. 1902. 621.1 L68 

Lodge, isir Oliver J. Signalling across space without wires: 
being a description of the work of Hertz and his successors. 
8d ed., 2d issue; with additional remarks concerning the appli- 
cation to telegraphy, and later developments. 621.871 L82 

Miller, L. K. Children's gardens for school and home : a manual 
of co-operative gardening. 1904. 716M61 

Patent Olfice Gazette. Vol. 116, 1905. 2078.1 

Popular Mechanics. Vol. 7, 1905. 605 P8 

Perry, J. F. Health in our homes, by •• Doctor Frank." 1887. O. 

640 P42 
Health of our children. By *^ Doctor Frank." 1887. 649 F42 



Bcotly W. D. The theory of advertising: a simple exposition of 

the principles of psychology in their relation to soccessfol 

advertising. 1904. 659 S48 

Prof. Soott if director of the Fiychologioal laboratory of Northweatem 

Shelton, Louise. The seasons in a flower garden: a handbook 

of information and instruction for the amateur. 1906. 716 S644 

Mill SheltOD's book it a praetioal guide for the nae of amateon who hare 
•mall gardens where space must be economised in order to seonrc a yariety 
of constantly flowering plants for the succeeding months from April to 
NoYcmber. After some directions on plans, planting, and soil, the chapters 
follow the order of the months, each of which has a list of its flowering 
plants with practical hints for garden work during that month. Part II 
contains a great variety of general information regarding the enltore of 

Sloane, T. O. Electricians' handy book, a modem book of re- 
ference; a compedium of useful data covering the field of 
electrical engineering. 1905. 621.8 863c 

Smyth, H. W. Mast and sail in Europe and Asia. 1906. 859.8 866 

The outcome of some years of varied sea travel. An attempt to record the 
peculiarities of the principal types of sailing-craft in Europe and Asia. 
** A book which is a perfect treasury of information on the subject treated, 
is well arranged, brightly written and beautifully illustrated.'*— ^Tottire. 

Snow, W. O., and Nolan, Thomas. Ventilation of buildings. 

1906. 697 867 

** A practical handbook, which deserves wide circulation, particularly among 
members of boards of health, physicians, and others where time is lacking to 
go thoroughly into the theory and principle of the subject. The mechanlM 
of the science have not been discussed, but have been left for another 
volume in the Science Series. " 

Bollyy 8. B. A handbook of medical climatology, embodying its 

principles and therapeutic application, with scientific data of 

the chief health resorts of the world. 1897. 615.8 868 

Technical World Magazine. Vol. 4, 1905/06. 605 TS 

Thomas, 0. C. Steam-turbines. 1906. 681.1 T86 

Not a handbook for the untrained practical engineer, but of undoubted 
value as a textbook for theoretical study. The author is one of the faculty 
of Sibley Ck>llege, Cornell University. 



Thomas, J. W. The ventilation, heating and lighting of dwel- 
lings. 1906. 697 T36 

Yeo, I. B. The thcrapeatics of mineral springs and climates. 
1904. 615.8 T4 


Amelung, Walther, and Holtzinger, Heinrich. The mnseums 

and ruins of Rome. English edition, rev. by the authors and 

Mrs. S. A. Strong. 1906. 2y. 937.6 Ai9 

'* Probably the best oompendlam jet prodaoed of the art treaaares of Rome.'* 

Saturday Review. 

Armstrong, B. A. Axel Herman Haig and his work, illustrated 
from his etchings, pencil-drawings and water-colours, with a 
biography and descriptive catalogue of his etched works. 1905. 

750 HU 

Armstrong, /S'tr Walter. Thomas Gainsborough. New ed. 1906. 

750 GHa 

Barrett, W. A. English glee and madrigal writers : two lectures 
read at the London Institution. 1877. 780.22 B27 

Cartwright, Julia, aflerwards Mrs. Ady. Sandro Botticelli. 1904. 

750 B75c 

Chamberlain, A. B. Thomas Gainsborough. 1903. 

Chesterton, O. K. G. F. Watts. 1906. 

Collier, John. The art of portrait painting. 1905. 

Eckenstein, Lina. Albrecht Dttrcr. 1903? 

Erb, J. li. Brahms. 1905. 

Flood, W. H. O. A history of Irish music. 2d ed. 1906. 

750 G14c 

760 W35ch 

757 C69 

750 D95e 

780 B81e 

780.2 F66 

Oarbett, E. L. Rudimentary architecture, for the use of begin- 
ners and students : the principles of design in architecture as 
deducible from nature and exemplified in the works of the 
Greek and Gothic architects. 9th ed. 1906. 720.1 G16 

Gevaert, Fierens-. Jordaens: biographic critique, iUustr^e de 
vingt-quatre reproductions hors texte. 750 J83 



Oremishields, B. B. Landscape paintiiig and modern Dutch 
artists. 1906. 758 685 

Contents : A brief history.— Revival of Datoh art.— Yaiioiu opinioiM aboat 
art.— Nature and the poets.— Modem Dutch art.— Johannes Botboom.— Joaef 
IcraelB.— James Marls.— Anton Mauve.— Matthew Marls.- William Maris.— 
J. H. Welssenbmch.— The opinions of John Enskln on various artists.— Tbe 
decay of art, by W.J. Btlllman .—Landscape, by J. A. Symonds. — Sealiam 
and idealism, by J. A. Symonds. 

Gronau, Georg. Leonardo da Vinci. 1902. 750 V77g 

Hobson, B. L. Porcelain; oriental, Continental and British: a 
book of haudy reference for collectors. 1906. 788 H65 

Hodflrson, Mrs. Wiiloaghby. How to identify old Chinese por- 
celain. 1905. 788 Heea 

Holme, Oharlea, ed. The Royal Institute of Painters in Water 
Colours. 1906. 761 H78 

Hueifer, F. M. Hans Holbein, the younger: a critical mono- 
graph. 1905. 750 H78h 

Kelley, Mrs. O. D., and Upton, O. P., eds. Edonard Remenyi, 
musician, literateur, and man : an appreciation, with sicetches 
of his life and artistic career by friends and comtemporaries, 
to which are added critical reviews of his playing and selec- 
tions from his literary papers and correspondence. 1906. 780 BS8 

La Farge, John. Great masters. 1908. 759 L15 

Content* : Michelangelo.— Raphael.— Rembrandt.— Rubens.— Velasqoes.— 
Diirer.— Iloktisal . 

Longman, William. A history of the three cathedrals dedicated 
to St. Paul in London, with reference chiefly to their stmctore 
and architecture, and the sources whence the necessary funds 
were derived. 1878. 726.2 8141 

** An excellent account of the old church of St. Paul finally destroyed in the 
Are of 1606, and the long preparations for the present structure, designed by 
Sir Christopher Wren, as well as of the building itself. The whole Is a 
raiuable chapter In architectural history."— J?. Stwgii, 

KacGKbbony David. The architecture of Provence and the 
Riviera. 1888. 721.4 M17 

** In this book the buildings of Roman time and of the Middle Ages, earty 
and late, which are to be found as one travels from Ylenne through Arlet 
and Nlmes to Carcassonne, and so back eastward along the Rirlerato Geiioa» 
are described and pictured in spirited drawings whose tmstwortbiiiass to 
general efTect, and to details, need not be doubted.**— J?. Stmrgis. 


L, Percy. History of English faniitare. With plates 
in coloar after Shirley Slocombe. 1904-1906. 2y. Art Case 6.1.7 
Vol, I. Age of oak, 1500-1660. 

a. Age of walnat, 1660-1720. 
" Bhows skill and knowledge. The author's chief defect is that he has no ap- 
parent philosophy as a setting for his studies. He is, however, eztremel j well- 
informed in details, has a good sonodtaste, and has shown great care in the 
collection of his man j illnttration s, some of wliich are in color.*' Atkenemm, 

Middleton, J. H. Illominated manascripts in classical and 
medifleyal times, their art and their technique. 1892. 090 M58 

Moore, George. Modem painting. New ed. enl. 759 M83 

ITatlonal Gallery, London, the Dutch school. 769.9 N27 

The book consists of manj reproductions of paintings by Dutch artist*) in the 
National Gallery, with a prefatory account of the school by Gustare Qeftroj. 

ITadonal Gallery, London, the Flemish school. 1906. 759.9 N27a 
Contains many reproductions of paintings of Flemish artists in the National 
Gallery, with an account of the school by Frederick Wedmore. 

National Gallery, London, the later British school. 759.2 N27 

The book consists of many reproductions of paintings by artists of the later 
British school, in the National Gallery and the Tate Gallery, with a prefa- 
tory account by Robert de la Sizeranne. 

Newberry, P. E. Scarabs; an introduction to the study of 
Egyptian seals and signet rings. 1906. 982.6 N42 

**An authoritative book on scarabs was much needed. Mr. Newberry, who 
has conducted explorations in Egypt for the last twenty years, presents the 
subject admirably."— ^<A«namf?i. 

Rogrer-Mlles, L. Album classique des chefs d'ocurre de Corot 

pr^c^d^es d'un essai critique. 1896. 750 C81r 

Bolland, Bomain. Millet. 1903. 750 M65r 

Sime, John. Sir Joshua Reynolds. 1903? 760 R46si 

Spiers, B. P. Architecture East and West: a collection of 
essays written at various times during the last sixteen years, 
now first brought together and issued with further illustra- 
tions, as part of a testimonial to the author. 1906. 720.4 S75 
Contents: Mahometan architecture.— Stalactite (houeycomb) vaulting: its 
origin in Saracenic architecture.— Sassanian architecture.— Beyiew of H. 
Dieulafoy's work on the explorations at Susa, 1803.— On the influence of By- 
zantine art in Italy from the fifth to the twelfth centuries.— Saint-Front of 
PArigueux and the domed churches of P6rigord and La Charente.— Notes 
on some churches in Palestine and Sicily.— Great mosque of the Omeiyades, 
Damascus.— Influence of Greek art on the Persian order. 


Street, G. E. Brick and marble in the Middle Ages: notes of 

tours in the north of Italy. 2d ed. 1874. 7S1.5 891 

" Le8s thorough than the author's work on Gothic arehltMtnre in Spain. 
Shows but little sense of the true character of Gothic arehitectnre, or the 
Italian peculiarities, but the exterior aspect of the buildings li well de- 
scribed and the drawings are valuable."— Aufsell StwrgU, 

Studio. Vol. 36, 1906/06. Art Case 6.1 

**The Studio " Tear-Book of decorative art, 1906. 645 898 

Vasari Society for the Reproduction of Drawing by Old 

Masters. [PublicatioDs.] Parti. 1905-1906. Folio Case 1.16 

Thirty-two plates in portfolio. 


Brahms, Johannes. KlavieivMusik fttr Pianoforte zn vier 

Hftnden. 786 BSlk 

Conltnts: Sextett, op. 36.— Variationen liber ein Thema Ton Joseph 
Haydn, (Chorale St. Antonl) op. 66.— Quintett, op. 111. 

Loeffler, 0. M. Four poems set to music for voice and piano. 

Op. 16. 1906. 784 L817a 

Contents: Sudden light.— Dream within a dream.— To Helen.— Sonnet. 
MacDowell, E. A. 4th sonata (Keltic) for pianoforte. Opus 

59. 1901. Vol. 2 of 785 M18S0 

Saint-Saens, 0. 0. Album pour piano, op. 72. — Les cloches da 

soir, op. 85. — Lc cygnc (extrait du CarnixKd des Animaux). 

785 815d 

Contents of Album : Pr6lude.—Carlllon.— Toccata.- Yalse.— Chanson napo* 
litaine.— Final. 

Vincent, Oharles, ed. Fifty Shaksperc songs. For high Yoice. 

1906. 784.1 V76 

Esposito, M., ed. Early Italian piano music: a collection of 

pieces written for the harpsichord and clavichord. 1906. 

786.1 E77 


Oavanagh, Raymond. The book of boats: a brief story of 
some of the queer prototypes of the modem launch. 1906. 

859.8 C81 


r, L. E., comp. Entertidnments for all seasons: hospitality 
exemplified for Christmas, New Tear's, Valentine's day, Easter, 
the Fourth of Jaly, Hallowe'en, and any other time in the year 
when some special treat is desired. 1904. 793 D51 

Eureka entertainments, containing a variety of new entertain- 
ments suitable to all kinds of occasions. 1905. 793 E89 

Hanks, Charles Stedman. ( Niblick ^ pseud, ) Camp kits and 
camp life. 1906. 799 H19 

8agKe8tf what to wear, what to take, where to camp, the way to flsh and 
hunt, what to do if lost in the woods, and remedies for sickness or accident s. 

Hollister, H. E. Parlor games: a collection of all kinds of 
games for amusement, entertainment, and instruction. 1906. 

793 H72 

Iiovett, James D'Wolf. Old Boston boys and the games they 
played. 1906. 974.45 B41 lov 

Morley, Henry. The journal of a London playgoer from 1851 
to 1866. O. 792 M82 

Servos, L. 0. Practical Instruction in golf. 1905. 796 S49 

Stevens, A. W. Practical rowing with scull and sweep, by A. 
W. Stevens; and The effects of training, by £. A. Darling. 
1906. 359.31 S84 


Adams, Samuel. Writings, Coll. and ed. by H. A. Gushing. 
1906. Vols. 1-2. 824 A214 

Aeschylus. Lyrical dramas of Aeschylus, translated into Eng- 
lish verse by John Stuart Blackie. 1906. 883 Alp 

Austin, Alfred. The door of humility : [poem]. 1906. 820 A9dd 

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Vol. 6. Young Germany. 1906. Vol. 6 of 809 B81 

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Burrouffhs, John. Bird and bough : [poems]. 1906. 820 B97 

Dunton, Theodore Watts-. The coming of love, Khona Bos- 
well's story; and other poems. 7lh ed., rev. and enl. 1906. 

820 D92 
** In stractare, as well as in imaginatire quality, one of tlie most original 
poems written during the past oeninry. "—Athenatum. 


Fitch, Olyde. The dlmbers: a play. 1906. 812 F55cl 

Forst«r, John. Historical and biographical essays. 1858. Sy. 

824 F78 

Vol. 2, The debates on the Grand RemonstraDoe, 1641.— The Plaotageneta 
and the Tudon.— The oivU wan and Oliver Cromwell. 
2, Daniel Defoe.— Sir Richard Steele.— Charles Chnrehill.— Samnel 

Greene, Robert. Plays and poems: edited with introdaction 
and notes by J. C. Collins. 1905. 2y. 822 G814 

*' An important addition to the fine series of dramatic reprints undertaken 
by the Clarendon Press. . . . Prof. Churton Collins*s aspiration to make 
the edition final and definitive may well be gratified. Possessor of unsurpass. 
iU>le taste and animated by a rigid conservatism, he has gone In every 
instance to the oldest quartos."— jyTofes and Queries. 

Griggs, E.H. Shakespeare: a handbook of twelve lectures. 1906. 

Bef . 85.85 

Harrison, Frederic. The writings of King Alfred: an address 
delivered at Harvard College, March, 1901. O. 942.01 A89ba 

Loti, Pierre, p«eud. Impressions; with an introdaction by Henry 
James. 1898. 844 L91 

CofUentM : Pierre Loti, by Henry James.— The passing of a child.— Easter 
holidays.— A reflective moment.— At Loyola.— The mayor of the sea.— The 
grotto of Isturltz.— Midnight mass.— The passing of the procession.— The 
sword dance.— Cathedral Impressions.- The passing of the snltan.^The 
passing of the queen.— The moth.— Profanation.- For those at sea.— Car- 
mencita.— The opposite wall.— An old missionary of Annam.— Three days 
war in Annam. 

Mackail, J. W. Homer: an address delivered on l>ehalf of the 

Independent Labour Party. 1905. 888 H9m 

'* Gires a criticism of the Homeric poems generally, with a brief reference 
to the critical problems, illustrating with well-chosen passages. '* 

Bobinson, E. A. Captain Craig : a book of poems. 2d ed. 

1908. 820 B656 

The children of the night: a book of poems. 1905. 820 R656c 

** President Kooseyelt has praised this book of poems, finding in them 
* an undoubted touch of genius. ' To this fact no doubt is due the re- 
printing of a little book now eight years old. "—Critic. 

Taine, H. A. Balzac: a critical study. Trans., with an 
appreciation of Taine, by Lorenzo O'Rourke. 1906. £.B2232.t 



Xhftckeray, W. M. The new sketch book: being essays now 
flpst collected from "The Foreign Quarterly Review." Ed. 
with an introd. by B. S. Gamett, with an appendix on the 
authors criticised. 1906. 824 T86n 

Conienit: The Shine, bj Yietor Hago.— The German in England [JEr- 
traeUftrom the travelling Journal of a Oerman naturalist].— Celdnraied 
Crimes bj DumMS,— Letters /irom Paris, by Cbarlet Gatxkow.— George Her- 
wegh*s poenu.~BalzBO on the newspapers of Parli.— English history and 
diaracter on the French stage : [eritlelsms of sereral French plays].— Sne*8 
Mysteries qf Paris.— French romancers on England [Le Bananier,p»T 
FrMteic SoollA.]— New accounts of Paris.— ^n^Merre [par Alfred Michiels.] 
These essays, published anonymously, are attribnted to Thackeray by the 
editor, because of internal eWdenoe. 

Twain, Mark, pseud. ^ eomp. Mark Twain's library of humor. 

1906. 828.1 T91 

Vol, 2, Women and things. 
3. Primrose way. 

Van Dyke, Henry, and Orai^, Hardin, eda. Little master^ 
pieces of English poetry by British and American authors. 
1906. 6v. 821 V28 

Warner, B. E., ed. Famous introductions to Shakespeare's plays 
by the notable editors of the 18th century. Edited with a 
critical introduction, biographical and explanatory uotes. 
1906. 822.3 D95a 

Whitcomb, 8. L. The study of a novel. 1905. 426.8 W58 

Wright, Thomas. Essays on subjects connected with the litera- 
ture, i>opular superstitions, and history of England in the 
Middle Ages. 1846. 2y. 898.42 W98 

Vol, 1. Anglo-Saxon poetry.— Anglo-Norman poetry.— Chansons de geste, 
or historical romances of the Middle Ages.— On proverbs and popular say- 
ings.— On the Anglo- Latin poets of the twelfth century.- Abelard and the 
scholastic philosophy.— On Dr. Grimm's German mythology.— On the 
national fairy mythology of England.— On the popular superstitions of 
modem Greece. 

2. On Friar Rush and the frolicsome elves.— Observations on Dunlop*s 
History of fiction.— On the history and transmission of popular stories.— On 
the poetry of history.- Adventures of Hereward the Saxon. — Story of Eustace 
the monk.— History of Fulke Fltz Warme.— On the popular cycle of the 
Robin Hood ballads.— Conquest of Ireland by the Anglo -Normans. — On old 
Bnglich political songs.— On the Scottish poet Dunbar. 



AdamSy G. F. Some phases of the Civil War: an appreciation 
of Mr. James Ford Rhodes's fifth Yolume. 1905. 973.7 A21 

Bax, E« B. The peasants' war in Grermany, 1525-1526. 1899. 

948.03 B38a 

Baye, Joseph, baron de. The indastrial arts of the Anglo- 
Saxons. Trans, by T. B. Harbottle. 1893. 571.94 B34 

Besant, Sir Walter. Mediseval London. Vol. 1. Historical 
and social. 1906. [The sarrey of London.] 942.5 L8bac 

Brodrick, G. 0., and Fotheringham, J. K. The history of Eng- 
land from Addlngton's administration to the close of WUliam 
IV*s reign, 1801-1837, by G. C. Brodriclc, completed and 
revised by J. K. Fotheringham. 1906. [Political history of 
England, vol. 11.] 942.07 B78 

Bruce, G. A. The twentieth regiment of Massachusetts volun- 
teer infautry, 1861-1865, by George A. Bruce, at the request of 
the Officers' Association of the regiment. 1906. 973.744 J20 

Golvin, Str Auckland. The making of modern Egypt. 2d ed. 

1906. 962 C72 

" Sir Auckland Colvln knows all there is to be known on ' the making of 
modem Egypt. * Despite a few errors and a few redundancies, this book is 
the most useful record available, if we exclude Lord Cromer's official re- 
ports, of Egypt's progress from 1882 to the present day." 

Dion Oassius Cocceianus. Dio's Rome: an historical narrative 

originally composed in Greek, and now presented in English 

form by H. B. Foster. Vol. 4. 1906. 937 D62 

Dio Cassius is one of the three original sourcea of Ronuui history to be 
found in Greek literature, but has never before been presented in an BngUih 
translation, with the exception of a brief epitome published In ITM. 

Duniway, C. A. The development of freedom of the press in 
Massachusetts. 1906. 323 D92 

Farrer, William, and Brownbill, J., eds. The Victoria history 
of the county of Lancaster. Vol. 1. 1906. 942.5 L2f 

Grafton, Mass. Vital records of Grafton to the end of the year 
1849. 1906. G. 974.45 G66 


Hardy, E. O. Stadies in Roman history. 1906. S70.1 H218 

Thla book, bj a rcoognlied Oxford aathority on the Boman empire, it in- 
diipensable to all serious students. The author has incorporated in the 
book his earlier publication ChrUtianity and the Rowtan government. 

Hart, Albert Buahnell. Slavery and abolition, 18S1-1841. 1906. 
[Vol. 16 of The American nation: a history, ed. by. A. B. 
Hart.] 826.8 H25 

Hazelton, J. H. The Declaration of Independence, its history. 
1906. 842.781 H88 

Henderson, E. F., ed. Select historical documents of the Middle 
Ages. 1908. 940.1 H88 

Hinton, J. H. The history and toi>ography of the United States 
of North America, from the earliest period to the present time. 
New and imp. ed., with additions and corrections by 8. L. 
Enapp. 1884. 2y. (7. 978 H66 

Johnston, Alexander. American i>olitical history, 1768-1876. 
Ed. and sapplemented by J. A. Woodbum. Vol. 1. The Revo- 
lution, the Constitation, and the growth of nationality, 1768- 
1882. 1905. 842.78 J64a 

This work has been prepared to present In more conyenlent form the series 
of articles on American political history contributed to Lalor's Cyclopctdia 
ofpcUtical sciencet pdUiaU economy, andpolUicai hittory. 
'* The several volumes published by Prof. Johnston secured for their author 
a high reputation as an authority on certain subjects, with exceptional 
capacity for effective and well proportioned presentation. More compre- 
hensive and more permanently valuable, however, were his contributions to 
the Lalor Cyelop<Bdia.**—J. A. Woodbum. 

Joyce, P. W. A short history of Ireland from the earliest times 
to 1608. 3d ed. 1904. 941.5 J85b 

Kaempfer, Engelbrecht. The history of Japan, together with 
a description of the kingdom of Siam, 1690-92. Trans, by J. 
G. Scheachzer. 1906. 8v. 952 Kll 

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1760-1776. 1901. 974.8 L68 

London Times. The Times history of the war in South Africa, 
1899-1902. Vol. 4, ed. by Basil Williams. 1906. 968.2 L84 

Kacdonald, William. Jacksonian democracy, 1829-1837. 1906. 
[Vol. 16 of The American nation: a history, ed. by A. B. Hart.] 



Maclvor, D. Randall-. Mediseval Rhodesia. 1906. 967.9 M18 

MackintOBh, James. Def cDce of the French BeYolation and its 
English admirers against the accnsations of the Right Hon. 
Edmund Burke, including some strictures on the late produo- 
tion of Mons. De Calonne. 1791. 944.04 Bill 

Manwaring, 0. W., comp. A digest of the early Connecticut 

probate records. 1904-1906. 3y. E96.M81 

Vol. 1. Hartford dUtrict, 1«36-1700. 
a. " " 1700-1729. 

3. " " 17J»-17fiO. 

Massachusetts. Secretary of the Oonunonwealth. Massachu- 
setts soldiers and sailors of the Revolutionary War: a compila- 
tion from the archives. Vol. 14. Sha-Sth. 1906. G. E9.Md8 

Marrian, G. S. The negro and the nation : a history of Ameri- 
can slavery and enfranchisement. 1906. 326.8 M85 

Military Historical Society of Massachusetts. Papers. Vol. 

11. 1901. G, 973.09 M69 vol. 11 

CarUents: Past military and naral operations directed against Oaba and 
Porto Rioo, 1696-1762; by C. H. 8tockton..-NaTal side of the ReTointionarj 
War; byC. F.Goodrlch.—TheConstitation at Tripoli; by I.N. Hollis.— The 
battle of Trafalgar; by A. T. Mahan.— The fight between the Constitution 
and the Java; by J. C. Soley— The Chesapeake and the Shannon; by J. O. 
Eaton.— Perry's victory on Lake Erie; by J. Q. Eaton.— The last exploit of 
Old Ironsides; by J. G. Eaton. 

Myers, P. V. N. Mediaeval and modem history. 1903-1904. 2v. 

940.1 M99a 

Part 1. The Middle Ages. 

2. The modern age. 
Based on the author's Ouiline$ qfrnediaval and moctem Mstory, of whloh it 
is practically a revised editlop, bringing it up to date, and altering the text 

Perry, J. Q. Letters from a surgeon of the Civil War. Comp. 
by M. D. Perry. 1906. 973.78 P4J 

Schaff, Morris. Etna and Kirkersville. 1905. 977.15 E8 

History and remlniscenoes of two towns In Ohio. 

Smith, Ernest Oilliat-. The story of Bmssels. 1906. 949.8 864a 


Stubbs, 0. W., dean of My. The story of Cambridge, nias- 

trated by Herbert Railton. 1906. 878.42 C148a 

** Most of th« text has appeared in the author's larger work. The present 
is more oonyenient in form, and is an extremelj attractive little volume. '* 


Stabbs, William, biBhop of Oxford. Lectures on early English 

history. Ed. by Arthur Hassall. 1906. 842.42 S98a 

** All students of 8tnbb*s Select Charters will find in manj of these Lectures 
elucidations of passages which have hitherto presented great difBcnlty. It 
is not too much to say that for the first time historians have been presented 
with a full oommentarj upon the most difficult portions of the Seied 
Charters ."—Pr^fitoe. 

Storbridge, Mass. Vital records of Sturbridge to the year 1860. 
1906. Q, 974.46 S92 

Sympson, E. M. Lincoln : a historical and topographical ao- 

coont of the city : written by E. Mansel Sympson, illastrated 

by E. H. New. 1906. 942.6 L6s 

** Adequate to its subject. The author has written well and has had an able 
help in his illustrator. Altogether, this is a book to be prized. "Spectator. 

United States. Department of Navy. Official records of the 
Union and Confederate navies In the war of the Rebellion. 
Series I., vol. 20. West Galf blockading sqaadron from March 
16 to Dec. 81, 1868. 1906. O. 2069.2 

Weeden, W. B. War government, federal and state, in Mas- 
sachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and Indiana, 1861-1866. 
1906. 978.71 W41 

Weston, Thomas. History of the town of Middleboro, Mass. 
1906. 974.46 M68 

Wise, J. 8. Recollections of thirteen presidents. 1906. E9.W76 


Baedeker, Karl, pub. Italy from the Alps to Naples: handbook 

for travellers. 1904. 946.6 B14c 

Dougall, 0. S. The Bums country. 1904. 

" A sort of glorified guide-book, which famishes all that one interested in 
this part of Scotland can wish to know, not only of Bams lore, but of wider 
historical associations." 


Freer, W. B. The Philippine experiences of an American 

teacher: a narratiye of work and travel in the Philippine 

Islands. 1906. 991.4 F87 

The author went to the Philippines in 1900 witli the first bmnd of American 
teaohera, and was for three years a teacher and superrisor of schools. Hit 
t>ook is an Interesting and anprcjadloed account of the Filipino and his pro- 
gress under American Instruction. From his experience and sympathetlo 
observation, he believes years of training must precede self-government. 

Gosnold monument on Cuttyhank : a description of the exercises 
held at the dedication of the monament in Angust, 190S. 974.45 C98 

Guerber, H. A. How to prepare for Europe : a handbook of 
historical, literary, and artistic data, with full directions for 
preliminary studies and traveling arrangements. 1906. 940.96 698 

McCrackan, W. D. The fair land Tyrol. 1905. 948.65 T9m 

*' Partly description and partly snatches of history and biography, the book 
serves to vivify one's Information at>oui a charming region often misted by 
the touTi9t."^Beview of Reviewi. 

Meakin, A. M. B. Russia, travels and studies. 1906. 947.6 M46 
The author has travelled extensively in European Russia, and here gives 
much interesting information, historical and descriptive, about the placet 
visited, with good photographic Illustrations. Many of the smaller Busslaa 
towns are treated In separate chapters. With a wonuui's interest, Mias 
Meakln has noted especially village and social life and home customs. 

Millard, T. F. F. The new far East : an examination into the 

new position of Japan and her influence upon the solution of 

the far eastern question, with special reference to the interests 

of America and the future of the Chinese empire. 1906. 950 M61 

The material for this work was gathered In the course of several sojourns In 
the East. A portion has appeared in briefer form In ScrQmer't Magazine. 

Nitobe, I. O. Bushido, the soul of Japan: an exposition of 

Japanese thought. With an introd. by W. E. Griffls, lOtb 

rev. and enl. ed. 1906. 958.6 N68 

BushlUo is the Japanese equivalent of chivalry, and includes the general 
spirit and training of the 8amural, or military class of Japan. A reviewer 
in the Athenaum regards Prof. Nltobe's t>ook, with its stress on the virtues 
and Influence of old military Japan as '*a misleading piece of special 
pleading, based on partial statement and wholesale repression." 


Okakora Kakuzo. The book of t«a. 1906. 950.6 041 

EMentially an inteipreUtion of Japanese and Chinese oharaoter. Brief 
papers on the schools of tea, Taoism and Zennlsm, the tea-room, art-appre- 
elation, and tea-masters. 

Ongania, Ferdinand, pub. Streets and canals In Venice and In 

the islands of the lagoons. 189&-96. 946.6 V5on 

Bawnsley, H. D. Months at the lakes. 1906. 942.6 R19mo 

St. Louis. Iiouisiana Purchase Exposition. Official catalogue, 

exhibition of the German empire. 1904. O, 838.948 SI 

The first 368 pages are devoted to scholarly and aathoritatlve monographs 
or desorlptlre essays on the CFerman empire, its resources and social well- 
being at the commencement of the 20th century. Its education, art, engln- 
eerlng, industry, commerce, etc. The remaining paves contain a popular 
account of the exhibits. 

Snell, F. J. The Blackmore coantry. 1906. 942.6 D4s 

This volume of Thtpilgrimagt ieriet describes those parts of Deronshlre 
and Somerset connected vrlth Blackmore's romances,— Zoma Doone^ The 
maid of Sker^ and Perlycrons. Xot only does it give us the background of 
Blackmore's novels, but it gives scenes and associations connected with his 
life, so that it approaches to a biography. There are fifty illustrations 
from photographs. 

Ular, Alexander. Russia from within. 1905. 947.08 U3 

** The historical portion is full of inaccuracies. Having warned our readers 
that Dr. Ular's statements require confirmation, we must admit that his 
book is interesting and suggestive, that his knowledge is considerable, that 
his view of M. Wittc's regime appears to us to be very just, and that the 
remarkable story of the elaborate ' obligarchlc ' intrigue which eventually 
led to the war In the Far East certainly contains an element of truth." 

London Timei. 

United States. Philippine Oommisson. Sixth annual report, 

1905. 4v. 1906. G. 2042.6 

Vianzone, Mme. Th^rese. Impressions d'ane fran^aise en 

Amdrique (fitats-UnIs et Canada). 1906. 974 V66 

Wagner, Charles. Vers le coeur de TAm^rlque. 1906. 974 W12 

Wilson, 0. T. Peasant life in the Holy Land. 1906. 938.6 W742 

Witten, J. W. Report on the agricultural prospects, natives, 

salmon fisheries, coal prospects and development, and timber 

and lumber Interests of Alaska, 1903. 1904. G. 979.8 W78 



Almond. Mackenzie, R. J. Almond of Loretto: being the life 
and a selection from tlie letters of Hely Hatchinson Almond, 
headmaster of Loretto school, 1862-1908. 1905. B.A165S 

*■ Almond of Loretto was a pioneer In his profession, prirately to be l0T«d, 
pabllcly to be reckoned with. A boolE all who hare the care of young people 
would do well to peruse, and one which ought to appeal to a wide drele of 
general readers."— ;S[pecta<or. 

Browning, E. B. Lubbock, Percy. Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

in her letters. 1906. B.B8246./ 

** Mr. Lubbock has done his work of arrangement and comment skilfully and 
Judiciously. Though some may carll at opinions expressed by him here and 
there, he has been eminently successful in weaving the letters into a charm- 
ing and sympathetic blogra:phy, "^Athenmum. 

Browning, Robert. Robert Browning and Alfred Domett : [cor- 
respondence] . Ed. by F. G. Kenyon. 1906. E.B8255.k 
Berdoe, Edward. Browning's message to his time : his reli- 
gion, philosophy, and science. 1890. 820 B88b 11 

Denison, Edward. Work among the London poor : letters and 
other writings of Edward Denison; ed. by Sir Baldwyn 
Leighton. Now ed. 1884. B.D406 

Denison was one of the founders of the settlement movement in London. 

Dias. Tweedie, Mrs. Alex. Porflrlo Diaz, seven times president 
of Mexico. 1906. E.D5d8 

Francis, Saint. Dubois, L. L. Saint Francis of Assisi, social 
reformer. 1906. B. F847.d 

Goethe, J. W. von. Gk>ethe's letters to Zelter, with extracts 
from those of Zelter to GU>ethe; selected, translated, and 
annotated by A. D. Coleridge. 1892. 

Goethe. Bielschowsky, Albert. The life of Goethe. Authorized 

trans, from the German by W. A. Cooper. Vol. 1, 1749-1788: 

from birth to the return from Italy. 1905. £ 

** The author has brought to his task the two indlspensabla reqnislties : 
familiarity with the details of Goethe research, a world of scholarship by it* 
self; and the ability to think and feel and enjoy Independently, and to write 
with clearness and charm."— 7%e^a<<<m. 


Gregory the Gh^ati pope, Dadden, F. H. Gregory the Great: 
his place in history and thought. 1906. 2v. E.G864 

** A. work of the first rank* remarkable for its literary merit. Its yitalislng 
power orer the past, its snooessful relation of ancient springs of action to 
Hying and nniversal movements, and Its scientific nse of diflicolt and often 
obscure material. It will remain the standard work on the spiritnal woik 
and significance of the sixth century in the West.*'— 5;peeta<or. 

Hamilton. Oliver, F. S. Alexander Hamilton: an essay on 
American union. 1906. E.H1846.0 

The anthor, an Englishman, ** has written of what Hamilton's career illus- 
trates and teaches with great ability, with great enthusiasm and persuasive- 
ness. He has depicted Hamilton with force and deamess, with humor, with 
sympathy and charm. He has treated a big subject in a large and masterly 
way. It is a grave and singularly eloquent plea for the great union of a dose and 
lofty and disinterested imperialism. . . . Mr. Oliver has chosen Hamilton 
for a subject not only for the man's own intrinsic importance and Interest, 
but because no other figure In history could better point the moral that 
sovereignty is an essential condition of union."— Xofulon TimM, 

JMenon, Wilson, Francis. Joseph Jefferson: reminiscences of 
a fellow player. 1906. E.J859.wi 

Consists chiefiy of anecdotes of JelTerson. One chapter describes the famous 
all-star performances of Tke BivaU. Interesting illustrations. 

Layard, G. S. The life and letters of Charles Samuel 
Keene. New ed. 1898. E.E255.2 

Ziever, Oharles James. Charles Lever, his life in his letters, by 
Edmund Downey. 1906. 2y. E.L680 

, Queen of Scots, Maccunn, F. A. Mary Stuart. 1905. 

941.05 M89ma 

** A biography within reasonable compass, remarkable not less for grace of 
style than for accuracy of statement, and sense of proportion. Without 
omitting any salient fact or distorting any critical situation, she has written 
a book which Is a real biography and not a mere contribution to controversy. 
. . . Since Sir Walter's Taiet of a Qran^father the story has never been 
told with so much charm; it is a book which has before It a long lease of 
life."— ixmdon Time$, 


VegrU Gaetano. Jalian the Apostate. Trans, from the 2d 

Italian ed. by the Dachess Litta-Viscontl-Arese, with an 

introd. by Pasqoale Vlllari. 1905. 2t. 987.08 N81 

■' One of the most notable works of critical research that liaTe appear, d in a 
long time. . . . Under the title of 'Julian the Apostate ' there It here 
presented not a mere history nor a mere biography, but a broadly Tlewed 
study of causes and elTects, of the conflicts of one faith with another and of 
schisms within each faith. The history of religion presents few more 
interesting periods than this in which Julian sought to overthrow decadent 
Christianity and to establish a new Hellenism."— PAitode/pMa Ttieffraph, 

Palmer. Associatloii of Collegiate AlnnmsB. Alice Freeman 

Palmer: in memorlam, 1855-1902. 1908. G, E.P186.a 

Pater. Benson, A. C. Walter Pater. 1906. B.P2716.b 

** Has certain definite limitations ; but it is a llTlng sketch, rivld, tender, en- 
gaging, touched olTwith grace and ease."— ixMulofi Timet. 

Bale. Spragae, J. F. Sebastian Ral6: a Maine tragedy of the 
eighteenth century. E.R188 

Bead. Kelly, H. A. Walter Reed and yellow fever. 1906. E.R87S 
Not only an interesting biography of a remarluble man and a full account 
of his brilliant discoTery, but a complete review of the history of yellow 
fever, with a discussion of the methods by which it is now under our control. 

Buakin. Hobson, J. A. John Rnskin, social reformer. 1898. 

Contenlt: Formative infiuences of early life.— From art to social reform.— 
Indictment of current political economy.— Mr. Kuskin's theory of social 
economics.— Flaws in modern industry.— Competitive system.— True social 
order.— Socialism and aristocracy.— Machinery and Industrial towns.— Edu- 
cation.— Woman's place and education.— Industrial experiments : The Guild 
of St. George.— Summary of Mr. Ru8kln*s work and influence. 

Sidg^wick, Henry. Henry Sldgwlck: a memoir [composed 
mostly of his own letters and autobiographical fragments], by 
Arthur Sidgwlck and Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick. 1906. E.Sil59 
**Thls is a very faithful book, and yet to those who knew Henry Sidgwlck, his 
gentle gaiety of spirit, his serenity of temper, his total lack of self-consdous- 
ness, his wit and wisdom, it may well seem a rather meUncholy book. It Is 
faithful becauHe its authors have allowed Sidgwick to paint his own portrait. 
It is melancholy because his conscientious self-analysis, his mercUess self- 
criticism, seem to have wiped olT the palette nearly all the colours which a 
kindlier and more appreciative hand would have employed. . . . Though 

BiooRAPHT. — nonoN. 


the iron of hla nobto and yet painfol loeptioiim hmd, as we oan now lee, 
entered deeply into hii tonl, yet he nerer allowed these gpeonlatlye troablet 
to dim that foroefnl and genial penonallty that made him a moat stimola- 
ting teacher, an iniinential administrator, and one of the most iniiiiring and 
•ympathetio of oompanioni.*'— XoiuioA Timei, 

Spencer. Thomson, J. A. Herbert Spencer. 1906. E.Sp865.t 

Stevenson, Mra. M. I. B. Letters from Samoa, 1891-1895. 1906. 


Tolstoi, Lyof NikolaeYitch, Count. Leo Tolstoy, his life and 
work: autobiographical memoirs, letters, and biographical 
material, compiled by Paul Birukoff, and revised by Leo 
Tolstoy. Trans, from the Russian. Vol. 1. Childhood and 
early manhood. 1906. E.T688 

Washington. Mawson, Agnes, comp. Winno wings for Wash- 
ington's birthday. 1905. 

Whitman. Carpenter, Edward. Days with Walt Whitman, with 
some notes on his life and work. 1906. E.W5955.C 

Incltidei a chapter on Whitman as a prophet, one on the poetic form of 
Leaves o/grast, and another, and by no meant the least Interesting, on 
Whitman and Emerson. 

■* Mr. Carter's attitude and language are those of an entirely sane person ; he 
writes entertainlDgly and interestingly, without gush, but his great admira- 
tion for Whitman appears on every page.'*— ^. T, TImei, 


Adams, F. U. The bottom of the well. 
Ade, Qeorge, Breaking into society. 

— Doc* Home. 

— Fables in slang. 

— People you know. 

— Pink Marsh. 

Andrews, Mrs, M. B. 8. Bob and the guides. 
Boothby, Guy. The race of life. 
Brown, Alice. The court of love. 
Chambers, B. W. The tracer of lost persons. 
Churchill, Winston. Coniston. 













Oatting, M. 8. Little stories of married life. C989.S 

More stories of married life. C989.8 

De Forest, J. W. Miss Bayenel's cooTersion from secession to 
loyalty. D868.8 

Seland, Mn, Margaret. The awakeDing of Helena Bichie. D875.9 

Bdgar, J. O. Cressy and Poicticrs: the story of the Black 
Prince's page. B888.8 

Francis, K. 'R,^ pseud. Simple annals. F849.18 

Ghiasingy George. The hoase of cobwebs, and other stories. 
[With] The work of George GIssing: an introductory sorrey 
by Thomas Seccombe. 

Jacobs, W. W. DIalstone lane. J157.7 

Lincoln, J. 0. Mr. Pratt : a novel. L687.8 

Little, Frances. Lady of the decoration. L788.1 

KacFhail, Andrew. The vine of Sibmah: a relation of the 
Paritans. M842.1 

Farrish, Bandall. When wilderness was king: a tale of the 
Illinois country. P256.8 

Phelps, B. 8., aftenoards Mn. Ward. The man in the case. P5 16.80 

Preston, 8. H. On common gronnd. P986.S 

8inclair, Upton. The jungle. 8616.8 

Williams, J. L. The day-dreamer : being the full narrative of 
" The stolen story." W678.4 

Williamson, 0. N., and Mn. A. K. Lady Betty across the 
water. W681.6 

Wilson, H. L. The boss of Little Arcady. W701.1 


France, Anatole. L'anneau d*am^thyste. 1899. 848 F84a 

— Thais. 848 F84t 

— Monsieur Bergeret k Paris. 848 F84m 




Benton, 0. F. A little cook book for a Uttle girl. 1905. j641 B47 
— Saturday momiiigs, a little girl's experiments and dIscoTeries ; 

or, how Margaret learned to keep hoase. 1906. j640 B47 

Brooks, B. 8. The true story of Abraham Lincoln, the Ameri- 
can, told for boys and girls. 1896. jE.L78.b 
Des OhesnoB, B. K. Lady Green-Satin and her maid Bosette ; 

or, the history of Jean Paal and his little white mice. JD452.1 

Blwes, A. T., and Wood, Theodore* The Zoo, past and pre- 
sent. 1906. j690 E52 
An aoooant of the London Zoological Gardens. 
Forbnsh, W. B. The boys' life of Christ. 1906. j230 F69 
Oaskoin, Mrs. Herman. Children's treasury of Bible stories, 

ed. by G. F. Maclear. 1890-1905. 3v. j220 G24 

Hunt, Violet. The cat. 1905. J590 H94 

Howry, W. A., and Mrs. B. 8. American pioneers. 1905. JE1.M93 
Rabelais, Francois. Three good giants whose famous deeds 
are recorded in the ancient chronicles of Fran9oi8 Rabelais. 
Comp. from the French by John Dimltry. Illus. by Gustave 
Dor J and A. Roblda. JB125.1 

St. Nicholas. Vol. 33, part 1. Nov. 1905-Apr. 1906. Per. S20 

Tappan, B. K. American hero stories. 1906. jEl.TlT 

Whitley, Mrs. Mary, ed. Every girl's book of sport, occupation 
and pastime. 1897. j790 W61 

Thb BmBDALs Pbxsb : C. A. W. BrmEomR, 



'-• r*.-. 



*f7: .*•* 





VOL. Xra. No. 2 

BROOKLnni, Mab8. 



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Louisa M. Hoofsb. 

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Sundays.— 2 to 9 p. m. 

School Rkfkrbncb and Childbxn's Rooms. 

Week days only, 2 to 6 p. m., and also from 10 to 18 on Saturday 


Residents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers may make 
application for cards at the Deposit Stations. 

Books may be returned to the Stations whether taken from them 
or from the central Library ; bnt books drawn from the Deposit Sta- 
tions mast be returned to the Stations only. 

Coolldso's Comer Station.— Delirery of books to and from th« 
Library on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Boylston Station, Upper Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane.— 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 


Q. indicates gift. 


This is a new series, which reprints In well-edited and conrenient 
form those books whose value entitles them to a permanent place in lit- 
erature. It includes books of all kinds, — the drama, history, poetry, 
children's books, fiction, philosophy, religion, and science; the object 
being to make the best books available in attractive form at a low 
price. Works by foreign authors are given in the best English transla- 
tion. One hundred books are to be published each year, and the issue 
is exi)ected to continue ten years. The Library has bought the first 
100 volumes, and may continue the series. They are shelved together 
opposite the case for new books. As these books are mainly dupli- 
cates, readers who wish may take them out on a special slip, in addi- 
tion to the ordinary number of books allowed, and may keep them four 
weeks without renewal. 


American Monthly Review of Reviews. Vol. 33, 1906. Per. K50 

Atlantic Monthly. Vol. 97, 1906. Fer. A90 

Badminton Magazine. Vol. 22, 1906. Fer. BIO 

Ck>mhill Magazine. Vol. 93, 1906. Fer. C70 

Ck>8mopolitan. Vol. 40, 1905/06. Per. C77 

Dial. Vol. 40, 1906. Per. D50 

Forum. Vol. 87, 1906/06. Per. F66 

Harper's Magazine. Vol. 112, 1905/06. Per. H25 

Harper's Weekly. Vol. 50, 1906. B. R. 

International auarterly. Vol. 12, 1905/06. Per. 180 

LesUe's Weekly. Vol. 102, 1906. Per. L30 

Llppincott's Magazine. Vol. 77, 1906. Per. L55 

Living Age. Vol. 249, 1906. Per. L65 

Nation. Vol. 82, 1906. Per. N15 

44 BBOOKLnni public ldbabt. 

North American Review. Vol. 188, 1906. Per. K85 

Bevue dee Deux Kondes. Mars-Avril, 1906. Per. B60 

Sagamore. Vol. 12, 1905/06. B.B.8.6 

Scribner's Magazine. Vol. 39, 1906. Per. S46 

Temple Bar. Vol. 188, 1906. Per. T50 

Velhagen und Klasingrs Konatshefte. I., 1905/06. Per. Y40 

World'e Work. Vol. 11, 1906/06. Per. W60 


Bradley, F. H. Appearance and reality: a metaphysical essay. 

2d ed. rev. 1906. 180.4 B72 

CofUenU: Primary and seoondary qaalities.— SubttantiTe and adjeetire.— 
Relation and quality.— Space and time.— Hotlon and ohan|;e and ita per- 
ception.- Causation.- Aotlylty.—Thlnj|^.— The meanings of lelf.- The 
reality of self.- Phenomenalism.— Things In themselres.— Oeneral nature 
of reality.— Thought and reality.- Error.— Eril.— Temporal and spatial 
appearance.- The this and the mine.— Recapitulation.— Solipsism. — 
Nature.— Body and soul. —Degrees of truth and reality.— Goodness.— The 
absolute and its appearance.— Ultimate doubts. 

Oumey, Bdmand ; Myers, F. W. H.; and Podmore, Frank. 

Phantasms of the living. 1886. 2y. 184 096 

Harvard psychological stadieSy ed. by Hogo Mtlnsterberg. 

Vol. 1-2. 1908-06. 150 H26 

Vol. 1, Studies in perception.— Studies in memory.— Stndlei la sssthetio 
processes.— Studies In animal psychology.— Studies In psydio- 
loglcal theory. 
8, Emerson Hall.— Optical studies.— Feeling.— AssodatiOB, apper- 
ception, attention.— Hotor impulses.— Animal psychology. 

Hodges, George. The pursuit of happiness. 1906. 171.4 H66 

Hyslop, J. H. Borderland of psychical research. 1906. 184 H99b 
Contentt : Sense-perception.— Interpreting and associating functions of the 
mind.— Memory.— Dissociation and obllTiscence.— DlnsloBS.— HalluoiBa- 
tions.— Pseudo-spiritistic phenomena.— Subconscious action and secondary 
personality.— Mind and body.— Hypnotism and then4>entlc8.— BelBeama- 
tion.— Reservations and morals. 

** Not intended for the scientific student of psychology, but for the layman. 
... It is designed as a oonsenratlre treatment of rery perplexing ques> 
tions.** Pr^aoe, 


Bhaler, Mn, 8. P. P. The masters of fate: the power of the 

will. 1906. 177 858 

** An Interettlng andoheeriniT Moount of the aohierementf of noted pertont 
who, ander the stress of Inralidlsm and other grmre diffloultles, have shown 
skill In marshalling their physical and spiritnal forces to play the part of 
men. Some of the sabjects illastrated are: Inralidlsm and intelleotaal 
development; Unpromising children; The blind and the deaf; Accidental 
malformations; Family and social relations of invalids; etc.'* 

PuhUtker't Weekly, 

Washington, Booker T. Patting the most into life. 1906. 177 W87 

** A recent series of Sunday evening talks has been recast and enlarged for 
the general public. The discussion includes the physical, mental, spiritual 
and racial aspects of the case." JBool; Review Digest, 


Abbott, B. A. Philochristus: memoirs of a disdple of the Lord. 
187S. 232.9 A18 

" The idea of the writer is to present Christ's ministry as reflected in the 
reminiscences of one of his companions. The characters are in part derived 
from the New Testament, and in part suggested by the author's knowledge 
of the characters of the period. Life in Palestine in the time of Christ is 
vividly described, with rare literary skill. . . . This study of the life of 
Christ has some advantages over the most noted works that preceded it. 
Hore Christian than that of Strauss, more readable than that of Neander, 
more earnest and genuinely reverential than that of Renan, and more 
thorough-going than that of the author of Xcce Edmot It will reward careful 
perusal. Its realization of the circumstances of Christ's life is perhaps un- 
equalled, Its conception of Christ's character is sublime, but its logical and 
historical basts is feeble." Spectator. 

Beach, H. P. A geography and atlas of Protestant missions : 

their environment, forces, distribation, methods, problems, 

results, and prospects, at the opening of the twentieth century. 

1901-1906. 2y. Ref . 20.64.1 

- Vol. 1. Q«*ography. 

2, Statistics and atlas. 

Brierley, Jonathan. Religion and experience. 1906. 204 B76d 

Contente : Our new senses.— Psychology of prayer.— Religion of calamity.— 
What was Pentecost?- Law of change.— Religion and crime.— Pleasure.- 
Religion and ghosts.— Religion and the concrete.- Doctrine and life.— Life's 
accumulations.— Past and present.— When it is heaven.— Fatigue.— Of 



moral sUmiibuitf .— Qaestlon of ife.— ** Uoder direotioii.'*— BthlM of Tie. 

tory.— Seal's distillations.^ Unordalned minisUy.—Solltariea.— Broaden- 
iDf of life.— Politics and religion.— Study of baokgroonds— Oonoeminf 
births.— Publio-meetlng religion. 

Brigg:*, 0. A., and B. O. A critical and exegetical commentary 
on the book of Psalms. Vol. 1. 1906. 223.8 ZU 

Brown, 0. B. The social message of the modem palpit. 1906. 

261 B81 

CarUenU: The need of moral leadership in social effort.— The sorlptaral 
basis for a social message.— The oppression of a pec^le.— The call of an in- 
dustrial deliverer.— Radical change in the social environment.- The train- 
Ing in indastrial freedom.— The new social order.— The best lines of ap- 

Dennis, J. 8. Christian missions and social progress: a socio- 
logical stady of foreign missions. Vol. 3. 1906. 266 D4S 

Driver, 8. B. The higher criticism: three papers by S. R. 

Driver and A. F. Kirkpatrick. 4th ed. 1906. 820 D88 

CotUenti: Claims of criticism upon the clergy and laitj, by A. P. Kirk- 
patrick— The Old Testament in the light of to^ay, by S. B. Driver.— The 
permanent religious value of the Old Testament, by S. B. Driver. 

Dwight, H. O., and othersy ed<. The encyclopedia of missions, 

descriptive, historical, ^biographical, statistical. 8d ed. 1904. 

Ref . 80.64 

Gtordon, O. A. Through man to God. 1906. 831 G65b 

** Christianity is the interpretation of the Bternal, not through Nature, bat 
through human nature, not through the lower expressions of the creative 
power, but through man, the highest expression. The highest man Is the 
supreme revelation of God. The sermons in this volume have their unity 
here." Pr^aoe, 

Hixson, K. B. Missions in the Sunday-school: a manual of 

methods. 1906. 866 H64 

CanUtUt: The Sunday-school and missions.— Hlssionary organisation of 
the Sunday-school.— Missionary exerdses, senior and intermediate depart- 
ments.— The primary department.— Hlssion study.— The missionary 
library.— Map and chart work.— Pictures, objects, and other material.— 
Giving.— Prayer.— Practical missionary work.— Sunday-school convention 
programs.— Appendixes : The international Sunday^eehool Convention and 
Missions; Mission study classes and libraries; Suggested helps for Sunday, 
school workers; Chart diagrams. 


Kadear, Q. F. Missions and apostles of mediflBval Europe. 1897. 

866 M82 

Contents: The mlsulon field of the Middle Ages.— St. Pfttriok.--Colum. 
baous uid Gftlltts.— St. AagasUne of Canterbary.— St. Bonifaoe.— St. Cjnil 
and Methodius.— Retrospect and refleetions. 

Park, David. Missionary methods for missionary committees. 

1898. 266 P21 

Plantz, Samuel. The charch and the social problem : a stady 

in applied Christianity. 1906. 261 P69 

'' Show us the Father." 1888. G. 204 S56 

Contents: Change of front of the oniTerse, by M. J. Sarage.— Fullness of 
Ood, by B. B. Galthrop.— Unity of Qod, by H. M. Simmons.— Rerelatlon of 
God, by J. W, Chadwiok.— Faith of ethlot, by W. C. Gannett.— Religion 
fkx>m the near end, by J. L. Jones. 

Stelzle, Charles. Messages to workingmen. 1906. 261 S82 

** Written in the midst of an active life on the firing line, these papers deal 
with qaestions met with in labor halls, and in personal conrersations with 
the men on both sides, bnt all deeply and sincerely interested in these dis. 
eassions. It Is the hope of the author that the brief suggestions herewith 
presented may develop further thought on the part of both the workingman 
and those who hare to do with industrial problems, especially as they re- 
late to the church.** Preface. 

Trumbull, H. 0. The Sunday-school; it origin, mission, methods, 
and auxiliaries : the Lyman Beecher lectures before Tale 
Divinity School for 1888. 1906. 268 T77s 

Weinel, Heinrich. St. Paul, the man and his work. Trans, by 
G. A. Bienemann and ed. by W. D. Morrison. 1906. 225.92 P28w 

'* This book forms a necessary supplement to my Jesus in the ninetunth 
century, for it shows how the Gospel came to make that concordat with the 
* world,' i. e. with the ancient state and its religion and merality, whidi we 
call * church.' I have tried to show how necessary and how solitary this 
compromise was, by what pure motives it was animated, but also with what 
dangers it was pregnant. ... I hare wanted to make our people understand 
and lore Paul.** Pr^ace. 
** It is a work of careful thought and thorough scholarship.** Independent. 


Adams, H. B. Public libraries and popular education. 1900. 
Q. 020 A21 


48 BBOOKLnni pubuo ubsaxt. 

▲lien, P. L. America's awakening: the triumph of righteoosiieBS 

in high places. 1906. 842.785 A4S 

CantwU : How the awakening oame.— Graft amongthe fathari w— Rooserelt 
the inspiration. — La Follette'B uphill fight. — The Jerome oampaign. — Folk 
and hlfl following. — The enforcement of law.— Philadelphia's reTOlatlon. — 
CleTelaod and the three-oent fare. — New Jertejr's stirring. — The resonroe • 
of reform. — The new politics. — Hamdnim work for good. — The trend 
towards a pure democracy. — The moral wave and the arerage man. 

Brown, 0. H. List of titles on municipal government, with 
special reference to city charters and to local conditions in 
Chicago: prepared at the request of the City Club of Chicago 
for the Chicago Charter Convention. 1906. Ref . 15.115 

Charity Organization Society of the City of New York. The 
negro in the cities of the North. 1905. 826.8 C87 

Reissue of CharUiet for Oct. 7, 1006. 

Dawson, W. H. The German workman: a study in national 

efficiency. 1906. 381 D3S 

** An account of what the State Is doing for the working classes In G^ermany. 
It provides bureaus for those who are seeking employment; Insures against 
worklessneis ; affords relief for wandering workers ; organises labor colonies, 
chiefly agricultural, to provide emplo3rment and sustenance for the workless; 
provides housing for the working classes, etc." Outlook. 

Dole, 0. F. The spirit of democracy. 1906. 821.8 D68 

** A timely work dealing fairly and hopefully with the leading problems of 
present-day democracy, and showing what real democratic goyemment Is.** 

Book Review IHgeMi. 

Fairlie, J. A. Local government in counties, towns and vil- 
lages. 1906. 352F16a 

Deals mainly with the present time, with a brief summary of the past. 
A dear and adequate treatment of the subject, not too technical for the 
general reader. 

Oreat Britain. Board of Inland Bevenae. Reports from His 
Majesty's representatives abroad respecting graduated income 
taxes in foreign states. 1905. 336.8 G79 

Howard, B. B. The German empire. 1906. 842.48 1188 

ConterUt: Founding of the German empire. — The empire and the individ- 
ual states.— The Kaiser. — The Bundesrat. — The Reichstag. — Imperial 
legislation.— Imperial chancellor. — Citiaenshlp under the Qerman ooastitn- 


tlon.— JndldAl orftnlsfttioa of the empire.— AlsAoe-Lorraine and itf rela- 
tion to the empire.— The oonitltation and Imperial finance.— Armed foroei 
of the empire.— The Imperial constltntlon. 

I«ake Kohonk Conference of Friends of the Indian and other 

Dependent Peoples. Proceedings, 188^1905. 18 pamphlets. 

a. 970.1 LU 

Before 1904, the Conference considered only the Indians, bat the later re< 
ports inclade valaable dlsoasslon of conditions in the Philippines, Hawaii, 
and Porto Bico. 

Leacocky 8. B. Elements of political science. 1906. 820 L46 

Includes ohapten on colonial expansion, political parties in the U. 8., 
manidpal government, and goyemment interference on behalf of the 
working dass. 

Marshall, John. The Constitutional decisions of John Marshall; 

ed., with an introductory essay, by J. P. Cotton, jr. 1905. 2y. 

842.78 Md5 
Seager, H. B. Introduction to economics. 3d ed., rev. and enl. 

1906. 830 S48 

"Prof. Seager not only has given us an unusual text-book, but he has also 
made an important, if not original, contribution to the literature of econom- 
ics. . . . The diapters on practical problems are models of exposition and 
argumentation, the treatment of the trust and labor problems being particu- 
larly clear and comprehenfllve. The point of ylew throughout this part of 
the work, although far from concealing the existence of present-day evils 
and the desirability of reform, is conserratlye, and the discussion sane, dig- 
nified, and fearless." AnndU o/ the American Academy. 

Bteiner, B. A. On the trail of the immigrant. 1906. 325.1 S82 

United States. Interstate Commerce Commission. Railways 

In the United States in 1902: a 22 year review of railway 

operations; a 40 year review of changes in freight tarifTs; a 15 

year review of Federal railway regulation; a 12 year review of 

state railway regulation; and a 12 year review of state railway 

taxation. Parts 2, 4, 5. 1903. 3v. Q. 389.5 U5p 

Pari ^. A 40 year review of changes in freight tariini. 
4. State regulation of railways. 
6. State taxation of railways and other transportation agencies. 

Wendell, Barrett. Liberty, union, and democracy ; the national 

ideals of America. 1906. 842.785 W48 



Bacon, Mrs. D. K. Crombs and his times. 1906. 178 B18 

CatUentt: The mollusoan stage.— Infant fads and fandes.— Original 
tendeDoies.— BendlDg the ^wlg.— Indirect methods.— The question of 
obedienoe.— A core for the tantrams^— Generosity and self -oontrol.— Fact 
versos truth.— The lerenth year. 

An entertaining aooount of a mother's experiences in training her little 
boy, " Crumbs/' up to his seventh year. 

Barnard, Henry, ed. Pestalozzi and his edncational system. 


ContttUt: Jean Jacques Rousseau.- Life and educational system of Peata- 
loszi, by Carl von Raumer.— Pestalosslanism in Germany, by Johann Gott- 
lieb Fichte.— Publications by and relating to Pestalozzi.- Object teaching; 
principles and methods, by F. Busse.— Assistants and dlsdples of Pttta- 
lozzl (Including Frledrlch Froebel on Feiitalozzl).— Pestalozzianlsm in the 
United States.— Pestalozzianlsm In ICngland.— Pestalozzianlsm In France.— 
Selections from the writings of Pestalozzi. 

Bates, Arlo. Talks on teaching literature. 1906. 420.7 B81 

Contentt: The problem.— The conditions.- Some difficulties.— Other 
obstades.— Foundations of work.— Preliminary work.— The inspirational 
use of literature.- An illustration.- Educational.— Examinational.— The 
study of prose.— The study of the novel.— The study of Macbeth.— Criti- 
cism.- Literary workmanship.— Literary biography. — Voluntary reading. — 
In general. 

Educational Review. Vol. 81, 1906. 870.5 E8 

Jenka, J. W. Citizenship and the schools. 1906. 870.4 J41 

Contents: Training for citizenship.— The social basis of education.- Mak- 
ing of citizens.- Relation of the public sdiools to business.— Education for 
commerce: the Far East.— Free speech in American unlTerslties.— 
Critique of educational values.— Policy of the state toward education.— 
Bchool-book legislation. 

Latter, L. B. School gardening for little children. 1906. 507 L85 

*' Tells how the garden is laid oat, maintained, and cultivated. The anthor 
believes * that it is possible to make nature-teaching the central point of the 
life of a school without detriment to the children, and that sudi teaching 
gives a real meaning and incentive to all the handwork, and leada to a richer 
and truer appredatlon of poetry, pictures, and music' The writer q>eaka 
with authority and 83rmpathetic intelligence, based on an experience of six 
years." NtUure. 


Layard, B. B. Religion in boyhood ; or, hints on the religions 

training of boys. With iutrod. by Rev. Endicott Peabody. 

1896. 877 L45 

ContetUi: Reil|^ouB Inflaenoe.— Formation of oharaoter.— How to form 
character.— Panishment.— Spiritual trainiDg.— Religloas inBtraotion.— The 
keeping of Sunday. 

KcMurry, 0. A. Excursions and lessons in home geography. 

1905. 871 88 MS2 

— Special method in arithmetic. 1905. 371.87 M224 

CoHtentM: Brief historical review. — Aim and scope of arithmetic- 
Method In primary grades.— Method In intermediate grades.— Method in 
grammar grade", and summary of regulatlTes.— Ulustratiye lessons. — 
Course of study. — Books for teachers. 

— Special method in elementary science for the common school. 

1905. 507 M22 

CofUentt: Introductory discussion.- History and aim of science teach- 
ing. — Planning the course of study and means of simplifying It.— The 
basis of selecting and arranging the topics for the course of study.— The 
gradual approaches to science.— The applications of science to life.— 
Method in science lessons. — Illustrative lessons. — The course of study. — 
Books a<9 an aid to science teaching. 

— Special method in geography from the third through the eighth 
grade. New ed., rev. and enl. 1903. 371.88 M22c 

— Special method in history: a complete outline of a course of 
study Id history for the grades below the High School. 1905. 

907 M22 

— Special method in language In the eight grades. 1905. 426 M22 

— Special method In primary reading and oral work with stories. 
1905. 371 84 M22 

— Special method In the reading of complete English classics In 

the grades of the common school. 1905. 420.7 M22 

CorUfnit : Educational value of literature.— The use of masterpieces as 
wholes. — Literary materials for the five upper grade**. — Clans-room method 
in reading.— Method further discussed and illustrated.— The value of 
classics to the teacher.— Lint of books. 

— A teacher's manual of geography, to accompany Tarr and 
McMurry's series of geographies. 1904. 37188 M22a 

— Type studies from the geography of the United States. 1st 
series. 1906. 371.88 M22b 


KcMorry, L. B., and NorreUf F. T. Our laagoage: flnt book. 

1906. 871.8« MS 

A text-book for teaohing elementary oompositlon and frammar to joung 
children, by means of plotures, simple story telling, etc. 

Monroe, W. S. The educatiooal labors of Henry Barnard : a 
study iu the history of American pedagogy. 1893. E.B2589 

Morley, M. W. The renewal of life: how and when to tell the 
story to the young. 1906. 173 M8S 

Thwing, C. F. A history of higher education In America. 1906. 

378.1 T42b 

CbfUen/s .• The first college : [ Harvard] .~ The leoond college: WlillAm 
and Mary.— The third college: Yale.— Princeton, Pennsylrania, and 
Columbia.—- Later pre-revolutlonary developments.— Colleges in the 
Revolution.— Beginnings of the national movement.— The French period. 
— CoUogcs of and for an advancing people.— Laying of newer fonndntions.— 
In Southern states.- College conditions In New England.— The coarse of 
study.— Financial history.- The education of women.— The ooUeges in the 
Civil War.— Undergraduate affairs.- Architecture. — Libraries.— Graduate 
and professional Instruction and degrees.— Coarse of study of the last third 
of the 19th century.— General results. 


American Jotimal of Science. Vol. 171, 1906. Per. A80 

Cattell, J. M., ed. American men of science: a biographical 
directory. 1906. Ref. 55.83 

Coues, Elliott. Key to North American birds, with general 
ornithology and field ornithology. 5th ed., entirely revised. 
1903. 2v. 598.2 C83IL 

Draper, Henry. On the construction of a silvered glass tele- 
scope, 15)^ inches in aperture, and its use in celestial photo- 
graphy, by Henry Draper; and On the modern reflecting tele- 
scope and the making and testing of optical mirrors, by 6. W. 
Ritchey. 1904. 2v. in 1. G. 506 S6e vol. 34 

Folsom, J. W. Entomology, with special reference to its bio- 
logical and economic aspects. 1906. 595.7 F73 
*'lt easily takes rank with the best treatises on entomology. The anthor's 
style is simple, concise, and lucid. Uls treatment of other writers Is uni- 
formly generous and Just." Nation. 

scnsNCB. 68 

Garriott, E. B. Weather folk-lore and local weather signs. 
1903. [U. S. Weather Bnreaa. Bulletin 38.] 651 5 019 

Hanshaw, J. W. Mountain wild flowers of America: a simple 

and popular guide to the names and descriptions of the flowers 

that bloom above the clouds. 1906. 680.8 H89 

"This oharming Tolume oomei to ui from the far Northwest. It is an 
honest attempt to brinx within the reach of lorers of flowers short descrlp. 
tions of the fascinating vegetation of our American Switzerland.** NiUian, 

Holmes, 8. J. The biology of the frog. 1906. 690.2 H78 

Based on a course of lectures delivered at the UniTersitjr of Michigan. The 
frog was chosen as a convenient form with which to introduce students to) 
a knowledge of the morphology, physiology, and life history of vertebrate 

Hopkins, N. M. Experimental electrochemistry. 1906. 642 H77 

Conientt: Historical notes and important classic researches. — Theory of 
electrolytic dissociation.— Novel experiments in "electrolytic induction.**— 
Velocity of electrolytic conduction. — Paraday*s law.— Important condi- 
tions to be noted In electrochemical operations. — Electrolytic preparation 
of potassium chlorate from potassium chloride. — Production of nitric add 
from the atmosphere. — The isolation of sodium, potassium, aluminum, 
calcium.— The electric furnace. — Preparation of organic compounds.- 
The primary cell. — The secondary cell. — Bleotrlcity from carbon.— Useful 
pieces of apparatus. — Bibliography. 

"Particularly useful for the details of methods and apparatus. Theoretical 
statements are sometimes open to criticism.** 

Bulletin o/ Piittlmrgh Library. 

Ingersoll, Ernest. The wit of the wUd. 1906. 591.5 H7wi 

Langley, S. F. The internal work of the wind. 1893. Q. 

606 S6e vol. 27 

Long, W. J. Brier-patch philosophy, by ** Peter Rabbit." 1906. 

691.68 L86 

"UnlllEe the * Peter Rabbit* beloved of little people, this is not an animal 
story or a boolt for children. Though more or less disguised, it is neverthe. 
less an effort to understand the common life of animals and men, and to be 
reasonably cheerful about both." Pr^ace, 

Kaynard, 0. J. The birds of eastern North America, with 
original descriptions of all the species which occur east of the 
Mississippi River, between the Arctic Circle and the Gulf of 
Mexico, with full notes upon their habits, etc. 1881. 598.2 M46b 

— A manual of North American butterflies. 1901. 696.78 M46 



Korse, E. 8. Mara and its mystery- 1906. 528.4 M8$ 

Nature. Vol. 78, 1906/06. Per. N28 

New York Forest, Fish, and Game Oommission. Eighth and 

ninth reports, [] 902-1903]. 799.1 N4S 

One of the mo^t attractive and interesting of itate publication!. Well Illus- 
trated, with many colored pIat*'S of birdu, fishes, and mammals. Indudea 
the folIowlnK special articles : The cultivated forests of Europe, by A. 
Knechtel; Forest nurseries and nursery methods in Europe, by William X. 
Fox; Birds as conservators of the forest, by F. E. L. Beal; Fishes and fish- 
ing in the Adirondacks, by A. J. Northnip; The albino brook trout, by C. 
R. Pettis; DeHcriptions of tl8h, by T. H. Bean; Notes on Adirondack mam- 
mals, by Madison Grant; Squirrels and other rodents of the Adirondacks, 
byF. C. Paulmier; The wild fowl of the St. Lawrence River, by J. H. 
Durham; A forest working plan, by the U. S. Forestry Bureau. 

Popular Science Monthly. Vol. 68, 1906. Per. P65 

Scientific American. Vol. 91, 1906. Per. S40 

Scientific American Supplement. Vol. 61, 1906. Per. 841 

ShcUer, N. S. A comparison of the features of the earth and 

moou. 1903. (r. 506S6eyol. 34 

Slosson, Margaret. How ferns grow. 1906. 587.3 S68 

**8o far as we are aware, no one has hitherto devoted a whole book to a 
readable account of the youth of ferns. With great pains the author haa 
studied the various metamorphoses and has recorded in good photographa 
hor interesting results." Xation. 

Smithsonian Institution. As trophy steal Observatory. Annals. 
Vol. 1. 1900. Q, 52S S6 

A discission of the absorption lines in the infra red spectrum of the sun. 

— Astrophysical Observatory. The 1900 solar eclipse expedition 
of the Astrophysical Observatory of the SmithsoQian Insti- 
tution, by S. P. Langley, director, aided by C. Q. Abbot. 1904. 
O, 523.78 S6 

Wallihan, A. O., and Mrs. M. A. H. F. Camera shots at big 
game. 1906. 591.5 W15 


Adams, W. P. Motor-car mechanism and management. Parti: 

the petrol car. 1906. 625.6 A21 

"This work is intended to supplement practical instruction. The text la 
readily comprehensible to the uninitiated, and the Ulustrationa oarefaliy de- 


signed to enable the reader anfamllUr with mechanioal drawingt to under, 
•tand them." Seientifle American. 

American Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. 8th ed., enlarged by 

the addition of a supplement containing the more important 

remedies added to the homceopathic matfria medica since the 

publication of the 3d rev. and enl. ed. 1906. Ref. 65.17 

Boston Oookinff School Mai^azine. Vol. 10, 1905/06. 641.5 B65 

Burrill, Katharine, and Booth, A. M. The amateur cook. 1905. 

641 B94 
Cunningham, Brysson. A treatise on the principles and practice 

of doclc engineering. 1904. 627 C91 

En^ineeringr News. Vol. 55, 1906. 620.5 B5 

Electrical World. Vol. 47, 1906. 620.5 E88 

Fuertes, J. H. Waste of water in New York and Its reduction 
by meters and inspection : a report to the Committee on Water- 
supply of the Merchants' Association of New York; also A 
digest of laws governing the use of water-meters in New 
York, by A. L. Marilley, and A summary of present conditions 
relating to the water-supply of New Yorl^, by J. H. Dougherty. 
1906. Q, 628.1 F95 

Hi^gins, Hubert. Humaniculture. 1906. 618 2 H58 

An InyestiKatloQ and analysts of the theories of Mr. Horace Fletcher in 
regard M food, mastication, and nntrition. Dr. Hlgf^ns was formerly 
demonstrator of anatomy at the Uulverslty of Cambridge, England. 

Higfinbotham, H. N. The making of a merchant. 1906. 658 H58 

Content*: Laying the foundation. — Advancement in business. — The 
qualities that make a merchant. — Details that spell success. — Buying 
merchandise. — The treatment of employees. —The department store. — 
Qualiflcations of a good credit man. — Difficulties and dangers of credit. — 
Rewards and humors of the credit deslc. — The storelteeper's credits and 

Huber, J. B. Consumption, its relation to man and his civiliza- 
tion, its prevention and cure. 1906. 616.24 H86 

Hunt, T. F. How to choose a farm, with a discussion of Ameri- 
can lands. 1906. 630 H91 

The drst part of the book is devoted to advice on the choice of a farm; the 
remainder discusses agricultural resourcei« and possibilities of tho different 
parts of the continent. 


lies, George. Inventors at work, with chapters on dIscoTery. 
1906. 608 U7 

CofUmit: Form.— Brldfea.— Llghtnefi, ease in motion. — Sblpi.— Be. 
tlitnnce lessened. — Boonomy of light and heat. — Tools and implements. — 
Aboriginal art. — Sise. — Properties. — Radio-actlvitjr. — Measarement. — 
Nature as teacher. — Qualifications of inventors and disoorerert. — Obserra- 
tion. — Experiment. — Automaticlty and initiation. —Slmplifleation. — The- 
ories now reached and used. — Newton, Faraday, and Bell at woiifc.— 
Bessemer [and] Nobel. — Compressed air. — Conerete and its reinforoement. 
—Motive powers. — A few social aspects of invention. 

MacFarlane, Walter. The principles and practice of iron and 
steel manafacture. 1906. 672 M16 

''Original treatment of the subject, discussing the finished products first. 
The obaptei^ on 'Iron and steel castings,* * Malleable oastlngi,' and 'Testing 
of materials' are of special importance. The appendix contains valuable 
hints for the manufacturer.*' Scieni^ American, 

Ksgnttsson, Eirfkr. Notes on shipbuilding and nautical terms 
of old in the North: a paper read before the Viking Club 
Society. 1906. 869.4 M27 

**A scholarly piece of work, dealing chiefly with Scandinavian records and 
discoveries. Contains also an excellent summary of Greek and Latin refer- 
ences to ancient ships, and some mention of the older Egyptian types. It 
is written in a terse but clear style, and will be of permanent value as a 
book of reference and a bibliography of the subject." Nature, 

Martin, Arthur. The small house : its architecture and sur- 
roundings. 1906. 72S M36 

Kiiller, J. P. My system: fifteen minutes' work a day for "" 
health's sake. Traus. fr. the 6th ed. of the Danish original. 
1905. 618.7 M91 

Parsons, H. de B. The disposal of municipal refuse. 1906. 628.2 P25 
"The book is mainly devoted to the characterUtlca of the material collected 
in New York, the uses to which it may be put, and the principles underlying 
its sanitary and economic handling." Naiion. 

Salmon, L. M. Progress in the household. 1906. 640 S17 

Content*: Recent progress in the study of domestic service. — Education in 
the household. — The relHtion of college women to domestic fdence.— 
Salrey Gamp and Dora Copperfleld. — Economies and ethics in domeftie 
service. — "Put yourself in his place." — Our kitchen. — An iUnitimted edi- 
tion. — The woman's exchange. 


Sanborn, F. B. Mechanics : problems for engineering students. 

2d ed., rev., and enl. 1906. 621 819 

U. S. Patent Office. [Specifications for telephone patents, 1868- 

1888.] G. 621.86 U5a 

A ooUeotion of pamphlets, boand - together, giying ipedfloatloni of inTen. 
tioni for the improremeiit of the telephone. 

Wateon, James. The dog book: a popular history of the dog, 
with practical information as to care and management of 
house, kennel, and exhibition dogs, and descriptions of all the 
important breeds. 1906. 2y. 686.7 W88 

Wilcox, E. V. Farm animals : horses, cows, sheep, swine, goats, 
poultry, etc. 1906. 686 W64 

Woods, 0. D., and Snyder, H. Cereal breakfast foods. 1906. 
[U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Farmers' bulletin 249.] 648 Pam.l7 


The Library has recently purchased for the photograph collection 
about 100 photographs of paintings in The Prado, Madrid. The 
artists represented are Velasquez, Marlllo, Rlbera, Veronese, Rubens, 
Raphael, El Greco, Del Sarto, Van Dyck, Tintoretto, Zurbaran, and 
Titian. Readers may take out photographs from the Library in addi- 
tion to the regular number of books allowed. 

American Architect. Vol. 89, 1906. 720.5 A51 

American Homes and Gardens. Vol. 2, 1906. 728.05 A51 

Boston. Museum of Fine Arts. A descriptive catalogue of an 
exhibition of early engraving In America, Dec. 12, 1904-Feb. 
5, 1905. O. 760 B65 

Browne, E. A. Great buildings, and how to enjoy them: Gothic 

architecture. 1906. ^ 728.5 B81 

Brush and Pencil. Vol. 17, 1906. ' 705 B88 

Burckhardt, Jacob. The cicerone ; or, art guide to painting 
in'Italy, for the use of travellers. Trans, from the German 
by Mrs. A. H. Cloagh. 1878. 759.5 B94 

Oaiiiny 0. H. How to stndy pictures by means of a series of 
comparisons of paintings and painters from Clmabue to Monet, 
with* historical and biographical sununarles and appreciations 
of the painters' motives and methods. 1906. 759 C12 


OonnoisMor. Vol. 14, 1906. 706 C76 

Dresser, Christopher. Japan, its architecture, art, and art maD- 

factures. 1882. 709.6S D81 

" The work of a traveller rather than of an expert, bat the work of an en. 
thur<la((tio lorer of Japanese art. At it it interesting roiiillng, it will lead 
toward an appreciation of more exhanitire and more aocurate treatise*.** 

JtuutU SiwgiM. 

Harrison, T. E., and Townsend, W. G. P. Some terms com- 
monly used in ornamental design : their application defined and 
explained. 1906. 745 H24 

Thi* preface states that the object of this work is to set forth at precisely at 
possible the characteristics and iimitatlons of the different kinds of patterns, 
that confusion in the application of terms may be aroided. The illnstra* 
tions form a large part of the boolc, and famish interesting examples of 
different types of design. 

Hind, C. L. The education of an artist. 1906. 760.1 H68 

** Mr. Hind is a popalariser of carrenily accepted art criticism, and as this 
book Is readable and companionable, it wiii doabtless lead to a wider 
acqaaintance with the old masters. The title is misleading,— the book is 
really the story of a trip through Italy of a mythical Mr. Shaw, a Londoner 
whose previous experience has been depressingly workaday and wirhout 
artistic interests and knowledge. With engaging enthusiasm Mr. Shaw re. 
sponds to the picturesque interest of trayel, and to the romantic and artistic 
appeal of Italy. We might even become attached to him, were it not for 
hl4 habit of breaking out after dinner into a rftiumA of the history of art, 
which, however, may be skipped if too familiar. Uufortanately, the book 
gives a highly colored notion of artistic education, describing it as a very 
thrilling experience; whereas, without proportionate study to provoke sa<^ 
insight, even the greatest works can hardly reveal those heart shattering 
splendors so lavishly granted to Mr. Shaw." 

Condented /ram Th« AUkenaum. 

Holme, Charles, ed. The art-revival in Austria. 1906. 709.436 H78 

special summer number of The Studio, 

House and Oarden. Vol. 9, 1906. 720.6 H8 

Leslie, C. B. Memoirs of the life of John Constable, R. A., 

composed chiefly of his letters. 2d ed. 1846. 760 076/ 

Lippman, Fr. Engraving and etching: a handbook for the use 
of students and print collectors. Trans, from the 3d German 
ed. revised by Dr. Max Lehrs, by Martin Bardie. 1906. 760 L€6 


KcKay, W. D. The Scottish school of painting. 1906. 759.9 M16 

** Without critical hair^plittiug, Mr. McKaj ffi^es at a difcrlminatiTe and 
•ufficiently detailed rerlew of ita achlf vemeuts since the time of Baeburn. 
Hit text, illufitrated by some uncommonly fine reproductions of the work of 
this school, keeps within the interest and easy understanding of the general 
reader." Botton Advtrtiitr. 

Morse, Mrs. T. V. Pyrography and Flemish carving. lUns. 
with nearly 100 working designs. 1902. 746.1 M8d 

Petit, J. L. Architectural studies in France, with illustrations 
from drawings by the author and P. Delamotte. New ed., 
rev. by Edward Bell. 1890. 72 1 .4 P44 

Bau^han, E. A. Music and musicians. 1906. 780 S B82 

CorUentt : Random reflections.— Ed ward KIgar and **The apostles." — Some 
notes on Wagner's *'Ring.** — Richard Strauss and his symphonic^poems. — 
Richard Strauss and programme music. 

Ourney, Edmund. The power of sound. 1880. 780.4 696 

Henderson, W. J. The art of the singer: practical hints about 
vocal technics and style. 1906. 781.2 H88 

Hopkins, E. J. The organ, its history and construction, by E. 
J. Hopkins, preceded by an entirely new history of the organ, 
by E F. Rimbault. 8d ed. 1877. 781.6 H77 

Johneon, 0. E. The training of boys* voices. 1906. 781.2 J66 

ConterUs: Children's naturtU Totces. — Beginning tone production.— Vuice 
training. — Vocal exercises. — Music in schools. — Boys In church choirs. 
*-The selection of music for hoys' voices. — List of choir music for hoys* and 
men's voices puhlished in octavo form. 

Lamperti, Q. B. The technics of bel canto, by G. B. Lamperti. 
with the collaboration of Maximilian Heidrlch. Trans, from 
the German by T. Baker. 1906. 781.2 L19 

"This book by one of the mo8t faniou!< of Italian teachers must be of Inter, 
est to all students of singing. It is written in a concise Htyle, with abun. 
dance of Illustrations and exercises In mu-<ical notation. Mr. Lamperti 
shows wide range and catholic view, quoting Wagner, and setting forth the 
necessities of 'Lieder' singing. He dedicates his book to his illustrious 
pupil, Mme. Bembrich.' 




Lombard, Louis. Observatious d'an masiden amMcaln. Tra- 
dult de I'anglals par R. de Lagenardl^re. 1905. O. 780.3 L83 

Patterson, A. W. Schumann. 1903. 780 S89p 

Sandys, William, and Forster, S. A. The history of the yiolin 
and other instruments played on with the bow, from the 
remotest times to the present, also an account of the principal 
makers, English and foreign. 1864. 781.6 S22 

Widor, C. M. The technique of modern orchestration: a manual 
of practical instrumentation. Trans, by Edward Suddard. 
1906. 781.8 W68 


Bury, Richard de. Philobiblon: a treatise on the love of books. 
The English translation by J. B. Inglis, with introd. by Charles 
Orr. 1899. 028 B958 

Chesterton, O. K. Charles Dickens: a critical study. 1906. 

814.1 D54c 
'* The book, taken as a whole, is as warm and understanding a tribute as any 
band has laid on the great writer's grave. ... A work of tha highest inter. 
est and never-failing suggestiveness." SpecttUor. 

Oouch, A. T. Quiller-. From a Cornish window. 1906. 824 C85 
A Journal of random criticisms and reflections, especially happy in its note* 
on literature, in which " Q" has a pretty taste. The London TSmea says: 
"There are l>ooks which are not l>ooks at all, bat fragments of talk,— 
fragments of a man's talk to himself, of his talk to a friend, of his talk to 
another book. We seem to read them with our ears rather than with our 
eyes ; they bring with them the pleasant sound of a voice. Such a book it 

Davis, B. H. Farces: The dictator, The galloper, '' Miss Civili- 
zation." 1906. 822 D26 
Dunne, P. P. Dissertations by Mr. Dooley. 1906. 828 D92 
Oautier, Judith. Le dragon imperial: romanchinois. 1900. 843 023 
Gautier, Th^phile. Trois grotesques. Ed. by H. J. Chaytor. 
1906. 840.1 023 
Contenit : Francis Villon .— Cyrano de Bergerac.— Paul Soarron. 
Hauptmann, Gerhart. Und Pippa tanzt: eln Olashtltten- 
m&rchen in vier Akten. 1906. 832 H29u 
*' An imaginative symbolic drama, with an atmosphere of deep myttleitm, 
restores to us the Hauptmann df Die vertunkene Oioebe, HeUri^gel, the 



wandering apprentice, U a real addition to tlie memorable types In the 
Uaaptmann drama. The fairy-like Pippa, daoghter of the glaiimaker, 
tTmbolixei all that Is fair and entidng.** 

Hay, John. Addresses. 1906. 834 H41 

Hyatt, A. H. The footpath -way : an anthology for those who 

travel hy the countryside. 821 H99 

"This little selection is intended for those who, in search of quiet, and « 
having slipped the volume into the pocket, desire to refresh the mind while 
resting beside * the footpath way.' Most of the poems and passages chosen 
throb with the true Jov of the open air, each in its turn suggesting some 
happy country thought or painting some pastoral scene." Preface, 

Hyde, Douglas, eomp. The religious songs of Connacht : a col- 
lection of poems, stories, prayers, satires, ranns, charms, etc. 
1906. 2v. 898.415 H99 

Jonea, H. A. The crusaders: an original comedy of modem Lon- 
don life. 1905. 822 J76c 

Lamartine, Alphonse de, Jocelyn. Ed. by £mlle Legouls. 1906. 

841 L16 

Landelle, G. J. Q. de la. Unc haine k bord. Ed. by R. E. A. 
Chessex. 1905. 848 L2d 

Lawton, Frederick, comp. Anthology of French poetry from the 
time of Froissart up to the beginning of the present century. 
1906. 841.1 L44 

Lodge, H. 0. A frontier town, and other essays. 1906. 824 L816f 

Other etsayt: Good citizenship.— Senate of the United States.— History.— 
Samuel Adams.— Theodore Roosevelt.- Senator Hoar.— American his- 
tory.— Certain principles of town government.— Franklin.- The United 
States at Algeclras. 

Lord, W. F. The mirror of the century. 1906. 814 L88 

Contents: George Eliot.— W. E. Norrls.- Jane Austen.- The BrontSs.— 
W. M. Thackeray.— Charles Dickens.— Lord Lytton.— The Klngsleys.— 
Lord Beaconsfield.— Anthony Trollope.— Charles Beade. 
" Critical studies which are eminently readable, and often marked by force 
and ingenuity, although they contain many assertions which judicious critics 
cannot endorse." Spectator. 

LouxLsbury, T. R. The text of Shakespeare ; its history from 
the publication of the quartos and folios down to and including 
the publication of the editions of Pope and Theobald. 1906. 

822.8 D53t 


Lucas, B. V. Domesticities: a little book of hooaehold impres- 
siODS. 1901. 824 L93d 


Content* : Toast.— Breakfast.— Walks.— Tea.— Sohool-taampers.- OaU 
logucs.- Clot hen.— Fires.- Correspondence.— Animals.— Miseries of life.— 
Gentle adviser. 

Kackaye, P. W. Jeanne d' Arc: [a drama]. 1906. 892 M 16 

Maaefleld, John, ed. A sailor's garland. 1906. 821 MS7 

A collection of poems at>oat the sea,— its life, Its legends, and its romance, 
with a collection of "chanties" at the end. 

Matson, Either, ed. All the year in the garden: a nature 
calendar. 1906. 821 M42 

Meredith, George. The Meredith pocket book. 1906. 824 M55 

Brief quotations from Meredith's prose works, arranged by subject. 

Nodier, Charles. Jean Sbogar; ed. by D. L. Savory. 843 N67 

Paul, H. W. Stray leaves. 1906. 824 P82 

Contents : Bishop Crelghton.— George Eliot.— The stody of Greek.- 
NoTi'ls of Peacock.— Keliglon of the Greeks. — Bl(« bops and hUtorians.— 
Horse subseoivc. — Charles Lamb. — The author of /onioa. — Winston 
CtmrchUi's I^fe of Lord Randolph Churchill, 

Peele, Oeorge. Works. Ed. by A. H. Bnllen. 1888. 2v. 822 P37 

Vol 1. Introdactlon.- Arraignment of Paris.— Edward the First.— Battle 
of Alcizar.— Old wives' tale.— Ueyioe of the pageant.— Descensus 
2. David and Bethsabe.— Sir Clyomon and Sir Clamydes.— Farewell 
to 8ir John Norris and Sir Francis Drake, etc.; and A tale of Troy. 
-Eclogue gratulatory.— Polyhymnia.— Speeches to Queen Elisabeth 
at Tbeobald's.— Honor of the garter.— Anglorum leric, England's 
holidays.— Miscellaneous poems.- Merry conceited Jests of George 

Poet Lore. Vol. 16, 1906. Per. PW 

Power, J. O. The making of an orator; with examples from 
great maslerpleces of ancient and modern eloquence. 1906. 

426.6 P87 
Contents : Introduction.— The statement of facts.— The uses of rhetoric- 
Logic and debate.— Delivery.— fc^xtt* mpore speaking — Demosthenes on the 
crown.— Cicero against Catiline.— Examples of modern oratory.— Further 
examples.- The occasional »peaker. — Conclusion. 

Sill, E. B. Poetical works. Household ed. 1906. 820 S68a 

The most complete edition yet published. Poems arranged ohronologieally. 



Swinburne, A. O. William Blake: a critical essay. New ed. 

1906. 820 B68z 

'* Thif it itlil, perhaps, the bott erltielsm And oommentary on Blake that 
exlits, though It was written la the early 00*8. . . . Allowing for some ex- 
trmrtLg^aee of expression, the oritioism of the book is both Juit and pro- 
fonnd; and the commentary, whether it be right or wrong on particular 
points, provides a clear and probably accurate account of Blake's ideas and 
beliefs." Ixmdan THmeM. 

Thomson, John. Hither and thither : a collection of comments 

on books and bookish matters. 1905. 028 T88 

The librarian of the Free Library of Philadelphia here eomments upon 
literary matters and upon many of the volumes, rare and eurious, which he 
has examined from time to time. Some of his subjects are : The ten lost 
tribes. Early chronicles, British essayists, A polyglot psalter, Bdrres poroe. 
lain, Palestrlna's muolc, Alexandre Duma^, etc. 

Torrey, Bradford. Friends on the shelf. 1906. 804 T69 

Content*: William Haslitt.— Edward Fitzgerald.— Thoreau.— Thoreau's 
demand upon nature.— Robert Louis Stevenson.— A relish of Reatd.— 
Anatole France.— Verbal magic— Quotability.— Grace of obscurity.- In 
defence of the traveler's notel>ook.— Oonoernlng the lack of an American 

Trevelyan, G. M. The poetry and philosophy of George Mere- 
dith. 1906. 820 M65z 

Vernon, W. W. Readings on the Inferno of Dante based upon 
the commentary of Bcnvennto da Iinola and other authorities; 
with text and literal translation; with an introduction by 
Edward Moore. 2d ed., entirely re-writU?n. 2v. 1906. 851 D28bll 

Wells, Carolyn, comp. A whimsey anthology. 1906. 828.1 W46w 

A collection of humorous poems, acrostics, enigmas and charades, ana- 
grams, limericks, etc. ^ 

Weston, J. L. The legend of Sir Perceval: studies upon its 
origin, development, and position in the Arthurian cycle. Vol. 
1. Chrfetien de Troyes and Wauchier de Denahi. 1906. 829.6 P41 

WUde, Oscar. Plays. 1905-06. 3v. 822 W67 

Vol. 1. Lady Windermere's fan.— A woman of no Importance. 

2. The importance of betng earnest.— An ideal husband. 

3. The Du'.'hcss of Pudua.— Vera; or, the nihilists.- 8alom6. 


American Historical Association. Annoal report for 1904. 

1905. 973.06 A51 
Beard, C. A. An Introduction to the Bnglish historians. 1906. 

942 BS8 

Extraots from etaadard hiitortanB, arranged ebronoloxioally, to aenre at 
supplementary readlD^ in the study of Kn^llsh history. Bibliographical 
notes guide to further material on any period. 

Boissier, Gaston. Tacitus and other Roman studies. Trans, by 

W. G. Hutchinson. 1906. 870.1 B68 

ContenU: How Tacitus became a historian. — The conception of history la 
Tacitus. — The judgment of Tacitus on the 0»sars. — The political opinions 
of Tacitus. — The schools of declamation at Rome.— The Boman Joomal. 
—The poet Martial. 

Douglas, James. Old France in the New World: Quebec in the 
seventeenth century. 1905. 971.5 D 74 

Fosdiok, L. J. French blood in America. 1906. B9 F78 

A history qt the Huguenots in France and their descendants In this 
country, with an estimate of the Huguenot Itiflueuce as a factor in American 
religious, social, uud commercial ilfe. 

Hare, Olxristopher. A queen of queens and the making of Spain. 

1906. 946.03 I7h 

A life of Queen Isabella of Spain, which includes a swift sketch of earlier 
Spanish history. The author has borrowed from both Prescott and Irving, 
and the t>ook Is hardly an authority as to facts, especially in details, bat its 
version of a dramatic story may be read with interest and pleasure. 

Hulbert, H. B. The passing of Korea. 1906. 951.9 H87 

A full account of Korea; its history, customs, art, and social life, with dis- 
cussion of the Infiuenoe of the Japanese, and the probable fature of the 
country. ^ 

Hume, J. F. The abolitionists; together with personal memories 

of the struggle for human rights, 1830-1864. 1905. 826.3 H88 

*' Valuable aud dispassionate little book. Recalls and vindicates the labors 
of the aboIItloniMts and traces the evolution of political anti-slavery." Con- 
dented f)rom NaiUm^ 1900. 

Innes, A. D. Ten Tudor statesmen. 1906. 942.05 I58t 

Con/en/s.* Henry VII. ~ Cardinal Wolsey. ~ Sir Thomas More. — Thomas 
Cromwell. ~ Henry VIII. — Protector Somerset. — Archbishop Cranmar. — 



WilUam Ceoll (Lord Bnrghley.) — Sir FnuioU Waliingham. — Sir Walter 

'*WelI written oolleotion of short and eminently sensible character sketches. 
Most of the Judgments are sane and practical. The author's England under 
ike Tudori contains stronger work, but this volume will appeal to the 
reader who prefers to take his history in the form of light essays.'* 


Lamartine, A. M. L. de. Deux hdrotnes de la revolution f ran- 
^alse. From UhiBioire dea Oirondiiu. Ed. by M. B. Smith. 
1904. 944.04 L16a 

Lindaay, 0. H. A. Forbes-. Panama, the isthmus and the 

canal. 1906. 626.9 L64 

"Appears to have been written last autumn, and although the attempt has 
been made to bring it up to date, the efTcct is to make the work incoherent. 
. . But Mr. Forbes-Lindsay has done a service in bringing together in one 
small volume a large amount of material liitherto scattered through the 
American public documents and the French company reports. He tells of 
the romantic early history of Panama, of DeLeseeps, and of the later 
fortunes of the canal. The text is constructed by compilation and quota, 
tlon, without the attempt to criticize or harmonize. There is a good map, 
a profile of the canal, and a number of half-tones." N€Ui<m, Aug. 23, 1906, 

Lyon, W. H. The history of the First Parish In Brookline as a 
mirror of the history of the town: a sermon preached in the 
First Parish meeting-house, Nov. 12, 1905, during the celebra- 
tion of the 200th anniversary of the Incorporation of the town 
of Brookline. 6^. 974 45 B862 

Macmichael, J. H. The story of Charing Cross and its imme- 
diate neighborhood. 1906. 942.5 L8mac 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. 
Register, compiled from the registers and circulars of the 
various commauderies, by J. Harris Aubin. 1906. 369.15 M59 

Morris, J. Makers of Japan. 1906. 952 M83 

"A readable book on the making as well as the makers of modem Japan. 
The author's materials are neither abun^.nt nor of first-rate authority, as is 
clear from the perfunctory nature of tbe biographies. But he gives the 
popular view of Japanese history and statesmanship during the last forty 
years accurately enough, and this sort of record is that which has practical 
value at the present moment." Athtnaum, 


Nevixison, H. W. The dawn in Bussla; or, scenes in the Bus- 

sian revolution. 1906. 947.08 Nil 

Contents: I ntrodootloD .— The ttrike oommittee. — The woilnneii*i homf.— 
Father Gapon again. — The freedom of the word. —The open land. —The 
state of Mofioow. — The old order. — The dayf of Moscow. — In little 
RusNia. — The Jews of Odessa. — Liberty in prison. — The priest and the 
people. — A bloody afslze. — The parties of Poland. — The drama of free, 
dom. — The first Parliament. 

Oman, Charles. The great revolt of 1381. 1906. 942.038 06 

"As it sumo up the results of recent investigAtions and also fnmishea new 
material, with the charm of a fresh and sugxestire style, this book will be 
indispensable to the student of the 14th century. It will find readers be. 
yond the ranks of the professional hbtorlann* for It narrates a dramatic 
story, and Prof. Oman has told it well.*' London Timet, 

Page, William, ed. Victoria history of the county of Somerset. 

Vol. 1. 1906. 942.6 S6 

— The Victoria history of the county of Nottingham. Vol. 1. 

1906. 942.5 N9 

Deals with the geology, palseontology, botany, and so51ogy of Notting- 
ham, its arohe<ilogy and oarly history, political history, and forestry. 

Roberts, O. S. Historic towns of the Connecticut River valley. 

1906. 974.1 B64 

Seignobos, M. J. C. History of ancient civilization; trans, and 

ed. by A. H. Wilde ; with an introd. by J. A. James. 1906. 930 846 

A translation of the first part of the author's HUtory of eiviligation, which 
was first published In 1887. 

Todd, C. B. In olde Connecticut: beinsr a record of quaint, 

curious and romantic happenings there in colonie times and 

later. 1906. 974.6 T66 

Contents: The historic Burr mansion at Fairfield. — The burning of Fair, 
field by the British.— Whaleboat prlyateemmen of the Revolution. — Say. 
brook and Guilford.— KDIlngworth and it« birds. — New London. » Groton 
and Mystic. — Fisher's Island.— The frogs of Windham. — Lebanon, the 
home of Jonathan Trumbull.— Mount Tom. — A ReyolutloLary Nt* wgate. — 
Connecticut's Declaration of Ind«*pen<lence. — Ancient Litchfield. — Mining 
in Connecticut.- The Pequot Indians.— Greenfield Hill. — The beginnings 
of a great railroad. — The probate judge and the town clerk. 

Walker, A. M. Historic Hadley : a story of the making of a 
famous Massachusetts town. 1906. 974.45 H12w 


Williams, H. N. Five fair sisters: an Italian episode at the 

court of Louis XIY . 1906. 944 08 W67 

**The 'five fair siiten,' nleoes of Cardinal Maxarln, were broa^ht by him to 
Pari! when he wai at the height of his popalarity with the Queen-mother, 
Anne of Aoitrla. The careers of these fire joung women are here closely 
followed, their loTei and marriages described. The book gives ns a picture 
of the ooort of l«onis XIV. Illustrated with reproductions of famous por- 
traits.*' Ptibli»ker*M Weekly, 

Winship, G. P., ed. Sailors* narratives of voyages along the 

New England coast, 1524-1624, with notes. 1905. 978.22 W7d 


Allen, Grant, and WiUiamaon, G. 0. Cities of northern Italy. 

1906. 2v. 945.6 A42 

Arthur, Richard. Ten thousand miles in a yacht round the West 

Indies and up the Amazon. 1906. 980 A 78 

Aubin, Eugene. Morocco of to-day. 1906. 964 A89 

Based on personal knowledge of the country. This work was crowned bj 
the French Academy. 

Austin, Jfr8. M. H. The flock. 1906. 979.46 A 98a 

'* The author of The land oj lUUe rain here fi^ves an account of sheep- 
herding in California Fince the early days of the Spaniards, with descrip. 
tion of all the varied incidents of the sheep ranch. Ifrs. Austin has spent 
several years among the herders and their flocks, and Iotcs the life In the open 
on the Pacific slope.'* PubUeher** Weekly. 

Beasley, C. R., ed. The text and versions of John de Piano Car- 

pini and William de Kubruquls, as printed for the flrst time by 

Hakluyt in 1598, together with some shorter pieces. 1908. 

[Hak lay t Society. Publications. Extra series.] 910 1118a 

The original account of two European travellers among the Tartars, or 
Mongols, in the 13th century. 

Briggra, E. E. The Olivia letters: being some history of Wash- 
ington city for forty years as told by the letters of a news- 
paper correspondent. 1906. 975.8 W2br 

Bryan, W. J. Letters to a Chinese official : being a western 

view of eastern civilization. 1906. 951.6 L56z 

CantenU: Chinese civilization over-rated.— Western civilization under- 
rated.— Folly of isolation.— Labor-saving machinery.— Government.— The 
home.— Without a mission.— Christianity versus Confucianism. 


Oaird, Mrs. M. ▲. Romantic cities of Provence. 1906. 944.5 Ptca 

Olevelaad, Orover. Fishing and banting sketches. 1906. 799 C59 

Oonrad, Joseph. The mirror of the sea. 1906. 859.9 C76 

** Loveri of the sea and lea life will find here rirld little etohlngi of captalni 
and matea, practical remarks on lailing and loading, reminlaoenoei of galea 
and wrecks. Impressions of docks and dock loafers, and will meet manj 
passages of Insight and poetry." London Timea. 

Orouse, M. E. Algiers. 1906. 965 C88 

Dauncey, MrB. Campbell. An Englishwoman in the Philippines. 

1906. 991.4 DS6 

A series of letters written by an English woman daring a stay of nine months 
In the Philippines. They give many interesting details, Inelnding her Im- 
presslons of leading Americans, but the anther's attitude toward things 
American Is nnsyropatbetlc. 

Devine, E. J. Across widest America, Newfoundland to Alaska, 
with the impressions of two years' sojoam on the Bering 
coast. 1905. 979.8 D49 

Dubois, AhH J. A. Hindu manners, customs, and ceremonies. 

Trans, from the author's later French MS., and ed. by H. K. 

Beauchamp, with a prefatory note by Max Mdiler. 8d ed. 

1906. 954.6 D85 

"As a trustworthy antbority on the state of India from 1702 to 182S. the Abb4 
Dubois' work will always retain its ralne." Max MUiler, 
** The Abba's work, composed as it was in the midst of the people them- 
selves, is of a unique character. It combines, as does no other work on the 
Hindus, a recital of the broad facts of Uindn religion and sociology with 
many masterly descriptions, at once oomprehenslTe and minute, of the dally 
life of the people among whom he lived for so many years." 

EdUoT*a Prtfaot. 

Oould, S. Barings. A book of the Rhine, from Cleve to Mainz. 

1906. 948.8 R8g 

Facts of history and tales of tradition pleasantly and entertainingly pre- 
sented as a preparation for a trip on the Rhine. 

Grenfelly W. T. Off the rocks : stories of the deep>sea flsherfolk 

of Labrador. With introd. by Henry Van Dyke. 1906. 971.6 Lllgb 

Contentt: Off the rocks.— *• That bit o* line."— UtUe Prince Pomnik.— 
"The copper store."— The preacher.— When we let our pilot go.— ** Re- 
ported lost."— Johnny.— "The joy of their Lord."— Uncle BUas, flsherman.— 
Peter Wright, mail carrier.— Uncle Rnbe*s net.— Green pastures. 



Hale, Bdward Bverett. Tarry at home travels. 1906. 974.11 H18 
Contentt: Introdaetory.— SUte of Maine.— New Hamp«hire.— Vermont.— 
MaasAchaBetU.— Rhode Island.— Oonneetloat.— New Tork.— Washington 
then and now.— The new Washington. 

Hamilton, An^ua. Afghanistan. 1906. 958.6 H18 

" The author's aim Is not a pictaresqne account of a strange country, but a 
synopsis of all arailable Information oonoemlng It. His personal Impres- 
sions rarely appear, and no Incidents of the road rary the strenuous citation 
of Important facts. The consequence Is that the book is a little heavy for 
the frlTolous reader, with only a rather limp curiosity, but to one in search 
of full and authoritatlTe Information, it has great value." 

Homaday, W. T. Camp-fires In the Canadian Rockies. 1906. 

799 H78 

Howella, William D. Certain delightful English towns, with 

glimpses of the pleasant country between. 1906. 942.6 H88 

Contentt: The landing of a pilgrim at Plymouth.- Twenty .four hours at 
Exeter.— A fortnight at Bath.— A country town and a country house.— 
Afternoons in Wells and Bristol.— By way of Southampton to London.— In 
Folkstone oat of season.— Kentish neighborhoods, including Canterbury.— 
Oxford.— The charm of Chester.— Malvem among her hills.— Shrewsbury 
by way of Worcester and Hereford.— Northampton and the Washington 

Hutton, Edward. The cities of Spain. 1906. 946.6 H97 

Jackson, ▲. V. W. Persia past and present : a book of travel 

and research. 1906. 955.6 J13 

Jones, ▲. J. In Dover on the Charles : a contribution to New 

England folk-lore. 1906. 974.45 D65] 

Reminiscences of the author's childhood on a farm near Dover, Mass., full 
of quaint aud interesting details of domestic and social life in rural New 
England fifty years ago. 

Le Braz, Anatole. The land of pardons. 1906. 944.5 B71 

** The original, Au pays dea pardont, embodies the very spirit of Brittany,— 
it is not a guide-book, but a poem. This translation Is fair, on the whole, 
and lovers of France will be glad to have this edition for the sake of the 
photographs and illustrations in color." Athenceum, 

liOti, Pierrs, pseud, for Julien Viand. India. Trans, from the 

French by G. A. F. Inman ; cd. bv R. H. Sherard, 1906. 964.6 L91a 

ContetUi: Buried city.— Rock temple.— Home of the Maharajah of Travan- 
core.— In the land of the great palms.— In famished India.— To war is 

70 BxooKLira Txmuo ubsart. 

Low, Sidney. A vision of India, as seen daring the tour of tlie 

Prince and Princess of Wales. 1906. 964.6 L95 

** Frank impreisionlsm, showing a keen sense of the plc tur eeque, and a 
talent for swift and brilliant summaries and rlvld plotares of landaeape and 
people. Might with advantage hare been oonslderablj shortened, but la om 
the whole an excellent pieoe of work, by one trained in the ttadj of peoples 
and politics." Spectator. 

Lucas, B. V. A wanderer in London. 1906. 94S.6 LB In 

Kitton, Q. E. Clerkenwell and St. Lake's, comprising the 

boroagh of Finbary. 1906. [The fascination of London, ed. 

by Sir Walter Besant. Vol. 10.] 9iS.5 LSbe vol. 10 

Ong^ania, Ferdinand, pub. Streets and canals in Venice. 1894. 

945.6 V6on 

Two large portfolios containing excellent photographs accompanied bj brief 
descriptive notes. 

Paixotto, E. 0. By Italian seas : illas. by the aathor. 1906. 

946.6 P36 

CwntenU: The Italian Riylera.— A summer la a sandolo.— Down the Dal- 
matian coast.— Cat taro to Naples.— Qttlseppe's Christmas.— SioUj.— Im. 
presflions of Malta.— In the Bey's capital. 

Petre, F. L. The republic of Colombia: an account of the 
conntry, its people, its institutions and its resources. 1906. 

986 P44 

Pratt, A. B. Two years among New Guinea cannibals : a natora- 
list's sojourn among the aborigines of unexplored New Guinea, 
with appendices on the scientific results of the expedition. 
1906. 996 P88 

Bedesdale of Kedesdale, iH baroriy Algernon Bertram Freeman- 

Mltford. The garter inl8sion to Japan. 1906. 962.6 B24 

** Lord Bedesdale is better known as Mr. Mitford, author of the charming 
yolome. Tales of old Japan^ published forty years ago* He acoompanled 
Prince Arthur of Connanght on the mission to carry the Order of the Garter 
to the Bmperor of Japan. The book is a sustained enlogy of Japan. Lord 
Bedesdale's picture of Old Japan was a delight forty years ago, and hit 
portrait of New Japan is If possible more attractive, though It lacks some 
quainter traits." Athenaum. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Ranch life and the hunting- trail. 1904. 

978 R66 


Traves, Sir Frederick. Highways and by wayi In Doriet. With 
illostrations by Joseph Pennell. 1906. 942.6 D7t 

Tomer, Samuel. Siberia: a record of travel, climbing and 
exploration. 1905. 947.8 T85 

Wack, H. W. In Thamesland : being the gossiping record of 
rambles through England from the source of the Thames to 
the sea, with casual studies of the English people, their his- 
toric, literary, and romantic shrines. 1906. 942.6 T3w 

Wagner, Oharles. My impressions of America. 1906. 974 W12a 

Wells, Herbert O. The future of America: a search after reali- 
ties. 1906. 974 W46 

CanUnit : The prophetie habit of mind.— Mateiial progreai.— New York.— 
Growth invlnolble. — The eoonomic procesi.— Borne aapeoti of Amertoan 
wealth.— Certain workers.— Cormption.— The immigrant.— State-bllndnesi. 
— Two ttadlet in disappointment.— The tragedy of color.- The mind of a 
modern state.— Cnitnre.— At Washington. 

Whates, H. R. Canada, the new nation : a book for the settler, 

the emigrant, and the politician. 1906. 971.6 W66 


Buchanan. Macmillan, D. George Buchanan: a biography. 
1906. E.B8669 

"In view of the celebration this year in Scotland of the qnarteroentenary of 
Ctoorge Bnohanan, Dr. Macmillan, one of the established Chorch ministers 
of Glasgow, has produced a remarkably well-written, Indd, substantial, 
and not too bulky biography, with criticism and appreciation of the great 
scholar. . . This volume will probably be now accepted as the standard 
biogn4>hy of Buchanan." Spectator. 

Oalvin. Walker, Williston. John CaMn, the organizer of re- 
formed Protestantism, 1609-1664. 1906. E.C1876 

Qarrick. Parsons, Jfra. F. M. Qarrlck and his circle, by Mrs. 
Clement Parsons. 1906. E.0198.p 

Geronimo, Apache chief. Geronimo's story of his life, taken 
down and ed. by S. M. Barrett. 1906. 970.2 G31 

Qozzi, Carlo, count. Memoirs. Trans, into English by J. A. 
Symonds, with essays on Italian impromptu comedy, Gozzi's 
life, the dramatic fables, and Pietro Longhi, by the translator. 
1890. 2v. E.6764 


Hedge. Lyon, W. H. Frederic Henry Hedge, seyenth minister 
of the First Parish in Brookline, 1856-1872 : a sermon preached 
in the First Parish meeting-hoase, Dec. 10, 1905. &, E.H?)6i5 

Herbert. Hyde, A. G. George Herbert and his times. 1906. 


Irving. Fitzgerald, P. H. Sir Henry Irving: a biography'. 
1906. E.Ir83.f 

— Menpes, Mortimer. Henry Irving. 1906. B.Ir88.m 

— Stoker, Br am. Personal reminiscences of Henry Irving. 
1906. 2v. E.Ir82.s 

XiOlaad. Pennell, E. R. Charles Grodfrey Leland: a biography. 
1906. 2v. E.L537.P 

"Mrs. Pennell writes with a rare nndentanding of hii oharaoter and fenliu, 
and seemi to have presented ns with the tme Leland." Dial, 

Lincoln. Hill, F. T. Lincoln the lawyer. 1906. E.L635.hl 

Mohammed. Margoliouth, D. S. Mohanmied and the rise of 
Islam. 1905. 

Moliere. Chatfleld-Taylor, H. C. Moli^re: a biography. With 
an introd. by T. F. Crane. 1906. E.M7315.C 

Napoleon. Browning, Oscar. The boyhood and yonth of Napo- 
leon : some chapters on the life of Bonaparte, 1769-1798. 1906. 

944.04 Nlbr 

Owen. Podmore, Frank. Robert Owen : a biography. 1906. 
2v. B.Ov723.p 

''Written with much Insight and considerable literary skill. Owen'i Ufa, 
and especially his social work for the laboring clastei, li fall of Intervat 
His earlier life of unbroken success and happiness was followed by forty 
years of failure, sorrow, and disappointment. This was largely doa to the 
strange mental twist of his later life, which caused him to alienate his 
chief supporters by his denunciation of all religion. . . It is not too much to 
say that his example made factory legislation possible; thai ha gare a 
strong impetus to the education of the young; that he was the first great 
promoterof cooperation; and that, in one of the unhappiect periods of 
English history, he succeeded In organising a sober, happy, and contented 
community." Condensed /irom The SpecttUar, 

Patteson. Page, Jesse. Bishop Patteion, the martyr of Melan- 
esia. B.P280.P 



Bosel. Aspinwall, Mn, Alicia. The story of Marie de Rozel. 

1906. E.B806 

"The wife of Marie de Rozel'i great-great-grandson has written the true 
•tory of this little Huguenot maid, and what befell her in the dajs when the 
people of her faith were persecuted in France. It is a pretty little tale, and 
the author has given it to us unembellished, Just as it came to her out of the 
dim past." Book Review Digest. 

Wallace, Lewis. Lew Wallace : an aotobiography. 1906. 2v. 


Washing:ton, George. Letters and recollections of George 
Washington ; being letters to Tobias Lear and others between 
1790 and 1799, showing the first American in the management 
of his estate and domestic affkirs. With a diary of Washing- 
ton's last days, kept by Mr. Lear. 1906. E.W2765.ab 

**Tobias Lear was Washington's confidential secretary. These Intimate 
letters, all but six of which are hitherto unpublished, are full of Information 
as to his home life at Mount Vernon, his management of the servants, the 
farm, etc. Indeed, the volume might almost be called * Washington as a 
country gentleman.' " 

Whitman. Ferry, Bliss. Walt Whitman : his life and work. 
1906. E.W6966.P 


Andrews, Mrs, M. B. S. A good Samaritan. 

— The perfect tribute. 

Brown, Alice. The country road : [short stories] . 
Cholmondeley, Mary. Prisoners fast bonnd in misery and 

Oorelli, Marie. God's good man : a simple love-story. 

— The treasure of hearen : a romance of riches. 
Orawlord, F. M. A lady of Rome. 

Oroker, B. M. The happy valley. 

Cutting, M. S. Heart of Lynn. 

Dillon, Mary. The leader. 

Douglas, A. M. A little girl in old Quebec. 

Duncan, S. J., aftertoards Mrs, Cotes. Set in authority. 

Findlater, J. H. The ladder to the stars. 












Fogassaro, Antonio. The saint. Trans, from the Italian by 

M. Prichard-Agnetti. 3d ed. F687.1 

Ford, Sewell. Shorty McCabe. F756.I 

Fowler, B. T. The sabjectlon of Isabel Carnaby. F8298.9 
Fraser, Mrs. M. 0. In the shadow of the Lord : a romance of 

the Washington 8. F863.8 

Gilaon, B. B. Katrina : a story. Gi85.4 

Goodrich, Arthur. The balance of power. 6699.1 

Haggard, H. B. The spirit of Bambatse: a romance. H 196. 14 

Kauffman, B. W. Miss Frances Baird, detective. K 168.1 

Kipling, Budyard. Pack of Pock's HUI. K629.16 
Loti, Pierre, paeud. for Julien Viaud, Disenchanted. Trans, by 

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5 ^ ^^'' 

The Resources of the Library 

/ '■«■ 





VOL. Xm. No, 8 

.. » 

Brookums, BCA88. 


t^. hsik^\Lm^ 



Public Library of Brookline 

Louisa M. Hoofbb. 

Week Days.'— 9 a. m. to 9 p. m ., legtl holidays excepted. 

SUKDATS.— 2 to 9 p. M. 

School Bkfkbxnck and Chiu>i«n'8 Booms. 

Week dsys only, 2 to 6 p. m., and also from 10 to 12 on Satnrday 


Besidents of Brooldine who are not registered borrowers may make 
application for cards at the Deposit Stations. 

Books may be returned to the Stations whether taken from them 
or from the central Library ; but books drawn from the Deposit Sta- 
tions must be returned to the Stations only. 

CooUdge's Comer Station.— Deliyery of books to and from the 
Library on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Boylston Station, Upper Boylston Street, near Beserroir Lane.— 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday ; box returned to the Library 
OB Saturday. 



The Library has about 65,000 volames, and adds about 3,000 yearly. 
The books are arranged by subject, and readers over eighteen years of 
age may go directly to the shelves, where tables are provided for those 
who wish to read or study. Labels on the ends of the shelves guide 
in finding subjects, and an outHoe of the classification hangs near the 
Delivery Desk. The assistants are always ready to show the location 
of books, and to look for material on any subject, either in books or 

The Reference Room, at the right of the front door, contains a good 
working collection of reference books, such as cyclopsedias, diction- 
aries, almanacs and year books, bibliographies, biographical diction- 
aries, indexes, and reference books on special subjects. It is the duty 
of the assistant here to help in looking up answers to questions, ex- 
plain the use of the card catalogue and indexes, suggest reading on 
special topics, and give information about the Library. The reference 
librarian will co-operate with study clubs in looking up the resources 
of the library on any subject, and will welcome suggestions of books 
or pictures for purchase. If programmes of clubs are sent to the 
Library early in the year, it will be possible to make sure that the 
Library has the best books on the subjects to be studied. In the Ref- 
erence Room are indexes to periodicals which make it possible to find 
any article desired in the back numbers of magazines. 

The card catalogue is at the left of the front door. This contains a 
list on cards of all the material in the library, arranged in one alphabet 
like a dictionary, by author, subject, and title, with the call number 
of the book in the upper left corner of the card. To secure books, 
write their call numbers on a slip provided, with the name of the 
cardholder at the top, and present the slip at the Delivery Desk. 
Those who wish may get their own books from the shelves, and ih\» 
is often a help in choosing one*s books. 

Each reader may take out two books, one only being fiction, and for 
special study more books may be taken, and for longer than the reg- 


alar time. If the Library has duplicate copies of a book, a reader may 
renew It more than once, provided another copy Is on the shetves at 
the time of renewal, and thus a book may sometimes be kept several 
months. Some of the new books are placed for a time In cases at the 
left of the desk, fiction being In the first case. Some good older novels 
are also kept In this case. If the book a reader wishes Is ont, he may 
purchase a postal at the desk, fill out the printed form, and when the 
book Is available, this postal will be mailed to him, and the book re- 
served for him for thirty-six hours. 

Residents who live at a distance from the Library will flod cases of 
books in Hayman's drug store, Coolidge's Comer, and in Miss O'Brien's 
store, 807 Boylston Street, near Reservoir Lane. These books are 
frequently changed. If a reader file a request for a special book at 
one of these deposit stations, the book will be sent from the main 
library, as soon as available. In the case of very popular books. It is 
best to buy a reserve postal of the clerk. Books taken from one of 
the stations must be returned there ; but books borrowed at the main 
library may be returned at either place. Juvenile books are not kept 
In the deposit collection at the Coolidge's (^omer station, but will be 
sent there for Individual children by the regular deliveries, If a request 
slip Is left at the station each time a book Is desired. 

Readers are asked to recommend for purchase any books specially 
desired, and these recommendations will be submitted to the Book 
Committee of the Trustees. If the books are approved they will be 
purchased as soon as possible, and notice of their arrival sent to the 
person wishing them. Other suggestions for making the Library more 
useful will be welcomed by the Librarian and Trustees and given due 
consideration. Supported by public taxation and free to all, the 
Library Is the common property of the citizens of Brookilne, and It is 
hoped that they will make full use of its resources. 


The Library has a collection of photographs of famous paintings, 
mounted, and arranged by artist. Anyone who wishes may look these 
over, by applying at the Delivery Desk, and may borrow as many as 



may be wanted in addition to ttie regular number of books. It is nsual 
to return these bj the end of the month. 

A collection of pictures on Biblical subjects has been recently begun, 
designed especially for those teaching the Bible. These are arranged 
by subject, so that illustrations of any incident are readily available. 
Many of the pictures are mounted, and large enough to show to a 
whole class, but the collection includes unmounted pictures. If there 
is demand, the Library will purchase small pictures in sufficient num- 
bers so that teachers may distribute them to a class during the lesson. 
Lists of publishers, series, pictures available, etc., may be consulted 
here by those who wish to buy pictures for themselves or their classes. 
Samples of most of the less expensive series, from one-half cent to 
twenty-five ceuts apiece, will be found in the collection. 

The Library is beginning a collection of photographs of architecture, 
which will be loaned lil^e the other pictures. Suggestions as to archi- 
tectural pictures specially desired, either by clubs or individual stu- 
dents, will be welcomed. 


A collection of about 1100 volumes of music, which may be bor- 
rowed like books, is shelved in an alcove at the right of the Delivery 
Desk. The collection contains the standard operas, oratorios, songs, 
music for one and two pianos (for two, four and eight hands) and a 
small collection of music for the parlor organ, for violin, and for 
'cello. The piano duets, as well as the music for two pianos, include 
arrangements of many symphonies, overtures, and other orchestral 
works, and the Library owns the chief piano concertos. A second 
copy of many of these concertos with the orchestral accompaniment, 
arranged for a second piano, makes it possible to use them with two 
planus. The collection of songs is particularly good, and includes 
many volumes of the songs of difiierent nations, and some very good 
ones for children. 


The Library subscribes to about 155 periodicals, including news- 
papers, the current numbers of which are in the Reading Room. 


Back nambers, and bound yolnmes may be taken oat like books. The 
bnck numbers of roost of the magazines for the past year are shelved 
near the Delivery Desk, and may be freely consulted by readers. In 
the case of 28 of the most popular magazines, such as Century, Har- 
per's, McClure's, Ladies' Home Journal, etc., duplicate copies, includ- 
ing the latest number, are taken for issue at the Desk. The latest 
number of a magazine may be kept out two days ; other unbound 
magazines, Ave days. 

The magazines in the Library include many on special subjects, 
such as photography, engineering, electricity, teaching, business 
methods, cooking, nursing, sports, missions, charities, manual train- 
ing, art, etc. These are entered under subject as well as title in the 
card catalogue. 


On the lowest floor of the Library are two children's reading-rooms, 
— one especially for children under twelve years of age, which circu- 
lates books ; the other for reading and study. In the main library up- 
stairs is a juvenile collection for children over twelve years of age; 
and a shelf of books for children is near the Delivery Desk. Care is 
taken in the selection of the books for children, and the effort Is made 
to obtain the most attractive editions. It is suggested that looking 
over the books in the Library may sometimes help parents in choos- 
ing books for purchase for their children. Parents and teachers 
may co-operate with the Library in forming a taste for good reading 
and a respect for books, by asking the children to visit the Library and 
to behave there in an orderly manner, and by encouraging them to 
borrow books and to treat those books with proper care. 

The Library sends a collection of books to any teacher who wishes 
it, either in a public or private school, and these books circulate from 
the school-room. It also lends to schools mounted pictures and 
stereoscopic views of scenes in various countries. 



Q, indicates gift. 


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the part of the author is indeed unavoidable, and Dr. Driver himself ex. 
plains that a commentary on the Hebrew text itself, instead of on the re- 
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of the pot'TD. But within the limitatlon.s deniandid by the ciroumstanoes 
we can hardly imagine anything better than what is here offered." 


Gate of Death : a diary. 1906. 204 G22 

" The author wm hrou/ifht to the point of death b j an all bat fatal aocident, 
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Hod^Sy Oeor^, amd Boichert, John. The administratdon of 
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1906. 261.2 U6 

" This book was written In answer to thousands of letters received by those 
in charge of St. George's Church, requesting information as to the manage- 
ment of this great parish, and the important and varied work it acoomp. 
lishes among its 7,000 members of all classes. That the personality of Dr. 
Rainsford has been an enormous factor in what has been accomplished at 
St. George's must be admitted, but nevertheless in essentials what has been 
done there can be done in other parishes wherever zeal, enthusiasm, knowl- 
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Vulgate version of both Testaments are all represented, together with the 
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Interesting also as examples of different kinds of manuscript and of illum- 



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government to the states.— Amendments to the Constitution.— dvU righti 
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to give in popular form the mles and procedure of diplomatic intercourse.'* 

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▼asion.— The foreign peril of the city.— Immigration and the national 
character.— The home mission opportunity.— Appendixes. 

— The incoming millions. 1906. 325.1 G91i 

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prejudiced analysis of our national traits and trend. The address was first 
dellrered before Columbia and Rutgers colleges in 1906." 

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Includes interesting and enlightening papers on the problems of city gor- 
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89th annual number. 1906. Bef . 66.44 

This Tolume oontalm also Infomuttioii sboat itreet railway and traction 
companies, Industrial and other corporations, and itatam^nts of the debts of 
the United States, theseyeral states, monidpalities, etc 

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trial or Reformatory School boy.— Turned out of home.— Tagraney laws 
and young offenders.— Obstruction and railway trespass.— The young 
thief.— The derelopment of the criminal.— The Borstal system.— Probation- 
officers.- Probatlon-officers and children's courts.— Fweign and colonial 
reformatiye methods.— Methods of treatment of JuTenile offenders in Eng- 
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stitutions of different countries, and quotations from writen on this 

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ments.- The office of the Judiclarr.— Making and changing 
written Constitutions.— The jurisdiction of the United States.— 
[Text, in whole or in part, of Constitution of United States, and of 
rarlons states, with colonial charters, etc.]- Citisenshlp.— 
Fundamental oiril and political rights.— The later amendments 
to the Constitution of the United States.— Unclassified legis- 
lative power.— The so-called police power.— The right of eminent 
2. Taxation.— Ex post facto and retroactive law.— State laws im- 
pairing the obligation of contract.— The regulation of commerce,- 
foreign, interstate, and with the Indian tribes.— Money.— Weights 
and measures.— War.— Insurrection.— Military law. 

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800IOLOOT.— 4GIBNCB. 89 

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The Kcond volume in the seriei Harvard economic ttudies. A study of the 
Tarions dasiaa who live in lodging or rooming houses in Boston, and of the 
conditions of life and the social influence of these houses. 


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ContenU: The telescope, historical. — The telescope, practical. — The sun.— 
The sun's surroundings. — Mercury. — Venus. — The moon. — Mars. — The 
asteroids.— Jupiter.— Saturn. — Uranus and Neptune. — Comets and 
meteors. — The starry heavens. — Clusters and nebuls. 

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8ded. 1901. 510.9 B21 

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*' The story of the evolution of birds, unlocked from technical language. 
From the ancestors of all birds the author passes to the wonders of the 
feathers, the frame-work and the skull. The food of birds and how they 
get it, leads to the most interesting aspects of nutrition. The five senses 
are taken up from a comparative point of view, and the external parts are 
very fully discussed as to the meaning of their forms and functions. One 
of the principal objects is to show the vital relation of birds to other forms 
of life upon the earth. The last two chapters relate to the eggs of birds 
and the life within." 

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Part 1, on methods of oonstnietlOB, it hj A. W, Bael : parts 2-3, on repre- 
•entatlTe itractaret, and methods of constraetion, are hj O. I. Hill. 

Oandee, Mrs. H. 0. Decorative styles and periods in the home. 

1906. 645 C16 

Contentt: Introdaetion.— General antiquity.— PompeUan, Gotlilc— The 
Benalstance. — Style of Lonis Qnatorse. — Style of Louis Qnlnze.^ Style 
of Louis Seize.— The Empire.— Blizabethan or Tndor styles.— Jacobean.— 
Queen Anne. — Chippendale. — The Adam Brothers.— Hepplewhlte. — 
Sheraton.- English and American Empire.— L'art noureau.- Table of 

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Hays, W. K. Breeding plants and animals. 1902-1904. 630 H33 

** Prof. Hays, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, has put in book form the 
latest ideas regarding the breeding of animals and plants, including the 
work of leading authorities, and the results of his own extensiTe experi- 
ments.*' Scientific American^ 1906, 

Laughlin, G. B., ed. The complete home. 1906. 640 L36 

Contenti: Choosing a place to live .-Floors, walls, and windows.— Light- 
ing and heating.— Furniture .— Household linen.— The kitchen.— The 
lauDdry.— Table furnlBhings.- The bedroom.— The bath room.— Cellar, 
attic, and closets.- Hangings, bric-a-brac, books, and pictures.— The nice 
machinery of housekeeping.- Hired help. 

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uanruL abts. — fimb arts. 91 

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United States. Bureau of the Oenaua. Telephones and tele- 
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Canientt: Greneral Btatlstiu.— Telephone capitalization.— Revenue and 
expenses. — Telephone traffic. — Apparatus of the substation. — The wire 
plant.— Central office or exchange. — Employees.— Development of the 
message rate plan in New York city.- History and development of tele- 
phony.— Telephony in foreign countries.- Telegraph and cable systems.— 
Governmental telegraph and telephone service.— History and development 
of telegraphy. 

Venable, W. K. Garbage crematories in America. 1906. 628.2 V55 

'* Mr. Venable's book Is somewhat broader than his title, in tliat he dis. 
cussea collection and also British furnaces. The book presents some of the 
fundamental principles governing refuse furnaces, and outlines in a useful 
manner the various types of American furnaces. . . Much that he says of 
reduction is misleading to the uninformed." Engineering Netot, 


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Contains many reproductions of Lord Leighton*s work. 

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Contenti: Lichfield.— Gloucester.— Rochester.— Carlisle.— Oxford.— Lland- 
afi; Bangor, St. Asaph.— St. David's.— St. Alban's, Ripon, Manchester, 
Truro.— Southwell, Newcastle, Wakefield, Liverpool, Birmingliam and 



Boahollf 8. W. Chinege art. Vol. 2. 1906. liBJil B96 vol. 2 

ConUrUt: FottTy and poreehUn.— QImj.— Kmm^lt; cloliaBii6, champtenft, 
and paliited.~JeweU«iT.— Textiles: woreii illkf, embroldflry, earpeti.— 
Pictorial art. 

"Deals with art in all its branches. The resolts of Dr. Bnshell's r». 
searches are broaght before the public in simple langnage, and Implicit 
confidence can be given to his deductions and statements. An Inralnable 
handbook to museum collections." Saturday Review, 1906. 

Ohappell, William. The history of masic (art and science). 

Vol. 1 . From the earliest records to the fall of the Roman 

empire, with explanations of ancient systems of mnsic, 

musical instruments, and of the physiological basis for the 

science of mnsic, whether ancient or modem. 1874. 780.2 C36 

This Yolume is all that was ever written of the history of music planned by 
the famous musical antiquary, who is perhaps better known as author of 
Popular mu9ic of the olden time. His work contains the results of long and 
patient research, and remains a standard work of reference. 

Dry, Wakeling. Giacomo Puccini. 1906. 780 P96 

Frantz, Henri. French pottery and porcelain. 1906. 788 F86 

Gk>apil et Oie., pubs. The great modem painters, English, 
French, Qerman, etc., medallists of successive universal ex- 
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critics. 1884-1886. 2v. in 8 portfolios. G. Art Case 7.2.9 

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Contentt: Materials and tools for violin makinit.— Making violin moulds.— 
Violin making.— YarnishlDg and finishing violins.— Double bass violin and 
a violoncello.— Japanese one-string violins.- Mandolin making. — Guitar 
making.— Banjo making.— Zither making.— Dulcimer making. 

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gravure and a monograph by Ars^ne Alexandre, ed. by W. S. 

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Trans, by Emily Hill. 2d ed., rev. and enl. and further letters 

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mat ARTS. 98 

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a study of mediaeyal building. 1906. 726.2 W52le 

** Not since Dean Stanley's MemoridU has a book been written on the 
Abbey which has snooeeded in oonreying so much of the fascination of its 
subject, and not since Sir Gilbert Scott put together his Oleaning» has so 
mnch fresh light been thrown on the history of the fabric and Its oma. 
ments. Mr. Lethaby is an architect, and by common acknowledgment oar 
most learned authority on the architecture of the 13th century. . . . The In- 
troductory chapter would form an admirable guide-book." Speelator. 

Millar, A. H. The historical castles and mansions of Scotland: 
Perthshire and Forfarshire. 1890. • 728.8 M61 

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etc., [with] a selection of specimens of music composed for 
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Music. 2v. 785.1 845 



Sinfflffton, Bsther, ed. Historic buildings of America m seen 

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The aathor has "endeavonred to gather here a namber of houMt, duarohet, 
forta» and clrlo buildlnjcs that are doubly famouB for their ardiiteotaral In- 
terest and their association with Historical erents and distingnlshed per. 
sonafes." Pr^ace, 

Studio. Vol. 87. 1906. Art Case 5.1 

Vinci, Leonardo da. Drawings. [Introductory text by C. 

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Scotland. 1870. 671.94 W2d 

Elgar, iS7r Bdward. The kingdom: an oratorio. Op. 51. 

782 E41b 


First prodnoed at the Birmingham masloal festlTal, Oct. 1906. 
Foote, Arthur. Compositions for the pianoforte. 

CarUerUi: Gavotte in B minor.— Serenade. Op. 18, no.l.— Five 
(after Omar Khayyam). 

Lineff, Bug^nie, comp. The peasant songs of Great Russia as 
they are in the folk's harmonization. 1st series. 1905. 784.6 L75 
Goyernment commissions throaghoat the empire are* now at worlc upon the 
Bussian follc-songs. This collection is the first which has been made bj 
phonograph. The text is in Russian, with an Introdactlon In English. 

KendelsBohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Thirty piano compositions. 
Ed. by Percy Goetschius. With a [biographical] preface by 
D. G. Mason. 1906. 786 M58t 

Mozart, J. C. W. A. Twenty piano compositions. Ed. by Carl 

785 M98t 
Anthology of French piano music. 1906. 

785.1 P58 
Madam Butterfly: a Japanese tragedy 
founded on the book by John L. Loog and the drama by David 
Belasco. Arranged for voice and pianoforte by Carlo Carig- 
nani. 1906. 788 P97m 

Reinecke. 1906. 
Philipp, laidor, ed. 

Puccini, Giacomo. 


▲de, George. In pastures new. 1906. U2B A32 

Beaomarchais, P. A. C. de. The barber of Seville; or, the use- 
less precaution: a comedy trans, and ed. by A. B. Myrick. 
Lyrics trans, by G. A. England. 1905. 842 Bd8b 

Belloo, Hilaire. Hills and the sea. 1906. 824 3442 

** A oolleotion of short tketohes which contain mach good matter. The men 
whom the author meets on hli traTeis are vague figures, but his observa- 
tion of nature and landscape is fine and true, and when he presents the 
spirit of a place, his power Is remarkable. The faults are mainly faults of 
manner, and the whole book shows a fresh, almost boyish temper, which 
should be the earnest of much finer work. It Is In the historical studies 
that Mr. Belloo shows by far his greatest gift." Saturdaif Review. 

Oourthope, W. J* History of English poetry, vol. 5. The Con- 
stitutional compromise of the eighteenth century: effects of 
the classical Renaissance: the early romantic Renaissance. 
1906. 818 C86 vol. 6 

Dante Alighieri. The conviyio. [Trans, by P. H. Wicksteed.] 
1908. 851 D23o 

— A translation of the Latin works of Dante Alighieri [by 

various translators]. 1904. 851 D23i 

ContewU: De vulgar! eloquentia.— De monarchia.— Eplstolse.— Eclogues.— 
Quaestio de aqua et terra. 

Daweon, W. J. The quest of the simple life. 1906. 500 D32 

** Autobiographical, narrating the happy escape of a London clerk, after 
twenty years' drudgery In the city, to the free air and manifold delights of a 
horticultural, piscatorial and literary life in the lake district." Dial. 

Dowden, Edward. Introduction to Shakespeare. 1898. 822.8 D28b 
Contents: Shakespeare's life at Stratford and In London.— Poetical crea- 
tions of his intellect and imagination.— Pseudo-Shakespearian plays.— 
Influence of Shakespeare's works on the national mind.— Appendix. 

Drummond, W. H. The habitant, and other French-Canadian 
poems. 1906. 820 D796b 

Dutt, B. 0., trans. Indian poetry : selections rendered into Eng- 
lish verse by Romesh Dutt. 1906. 891.2 D96a 
Contenti: Hymns of the Big Veda. — Passages from the Upanlshads.— 
Passages from Buddhist literature. — Bridal of Uma, by Kalidasa.— The 
penance of Arjun, by Bharavi. 

— The Ramayana: the epic of Rama, prince of India, condensed 
into English verse by Romesh Dutt. 1902. 891.2 D95 


Gtoddie, John. The baUadists. 1896. 810.01 Gi§ 

Gtodwin, Mrs. K. W. Original stories. With flye illostrations 
bj WiUiam BUke, with an introd. by B. V. Lucas. 1906. 090 664 

Firit pablished in 1791. " This reprint woaid be welcome eren withoat the 
exoellfrnt reproductioni of BUlce'i remarkable Uluitratlont. If the ttories 
ever were appreciated by any oblldreUp the poor creaturei moat haye had 
small experience of pleasure or amusement. . . . The chief diaraoter, the 
absolutely self-sHtl<>fled and great-minded Mrs. ICason, inflicts mooolofaes 
inculcating the virtues on her charges, two girls aged twelre and foarteen 
respc ctively. . . . Critics of the present day will find the pages intersperted 
with unconscious humour. " Athenaum, 

Ghreene, Robert. The tragical reign of Sellmos, sometime 
emperor of the Turks. Ed. with a preface, notes and glossary 
by A. B. Grosart. 1898. [Ist pub. 1694.] 822 G814t 

Griggs, E. H. Goethe's Faust : a handbook of ten lectures. 
1906. 832 G61z 

Hadow, G. E., and Hadow, W. H., compa. The Oxford treasury 

of English literature. Vol. 1. Old English to Jacob^Ln. 1906. 

826 HIS 
**Mr. Hadow's name upon a title-page is a guarantee of the best sort of ieam- 
ing,— that which possesses the lore of its subject without being unduly 
possessed by it. Probably his sister, whose name appears first on the title- 
page, has done the larger share of the arduous labours of selection ; and, 
if so, she is to be warmly congratulated on an excellent piece of work. Bat 
those who read the prefaces to the different sections will not be long in rec- 
ognizing the real and wide learning, the spontaneoas enthusiasm, and the 
strong and steady Judgment which they have already seen exhibited In 
other fields. The boolc * is not a history of literature, bat a statement of 
literary alms and methods.' " London TiwMi. 

Hazlitt, William. A view of the English stage; or, a series of 
dramatic criticisms. Ed. by W. S. Jackson. 1906 [Ist ed. 
1818]. 792 H88 

" The best and only complete edition yet published of critidsns which first 
appeared in the Morning Chronicle^ The TYmes, and other English papers. 
Their appearance in their present shape aflbrds an admirable opportunity 
for studying afresh criticisms upon the minor lights of the day. In fresh- 
ness and animation they surp&sa anything that has been written sinoe Leigh 
Hunt." Notet and QueriM, 7900. 

Horace. Translations of the Odes of Horace. Collected and 
arranged by M. Jourdain. 1904. 873 H81m 


Jones, H«nry Arthur. The case of rebellions Sasan: a comedy 
in three acts. 1901. 823 J76ca 

— The liars: an original comedy in four acts. 1904. 822 J7BI 

— The masqneraders : a play in four acts. 1899. 822 J76ma 

— The renascence of the English drama : essays, lectures, and 
fragments relating to the modem English stage, written and 
delivered 1883-1894. 1895. 818.5 J78 

Lee, Sidney. Shakespeare and the modem stage, with other 

essays. 1906. 823.8 D51 

CanUfUt: Shakespeare and the modern staire. — Bhakeipeare and the 
Elizabethan playgoer. — Shakespeare in oral tradition. — Pepys and Shakes- 
peare.— Mr. Benson and the Shakespearian drama. — The mnnlolpal 
theatre.— Aspects of Shakespeare's philosophy. — Shakespeare and pat- 
rlotism. —A peril of Shakespearian research. — Shakespeare in France.— 
The commemoration of Shakespeare In London. 

Lorris, Guillaume de, and Clopinel, J. The romance of the 
rose, by W. Lorris and J. Clopinel. Englished by F. S. Ellis. 
1900. 3v. 841 L89 

** Among the books which throw light on the Uyes, minds, and ways of men 
In the wonderfnl thirteenth century, there are three which had a great yogue 
for three hundred years. These books are Tft« Bowuince of the Rate, Rey- 
nard the Fox, and the Legende Aurea, or Oolden Legend. A knowledge 
and study of them will afford a far dearer Insight into the dally life and the 
spirit working within the people for whom they were written, than the 
annals of the wars that raged during the same period between kings and 
nobles." Prologue. 

Katheson, E. F., comp. Counsels of life. 1906. 808.8 M42 

*' A sheaf of welLchosen passages from essayists, thinkers, and moralists, 
on all matters concerning conduct and the art of living, made with a breadth 
of mind and heart that gives point to the modest little volume.*' 

London Timee, 

Kottram, William. The true story of George Eliot in relation 
to '' Adam Bede," giving the real life history of the more 
prominent characters. 1906. 814.1 E42m 

Pa£e, Thomas Nelson. The coast of Bohemia: [poems]. 1906. 

820 P18c 


Falgrave, F. T., oomp. The treasury of sacred song, teleeted 

from the English lyrical poetry of foar centuries. With notes 

explanatory and biographical. 1906. 345 PI 7 

** The aim of this little book is to offer sudi lyrteal stored song, and such 
only, as shall be InstlnetlTely felt worthy the aoffast name of Poetry. The 
limits of size hare compelled me to omit rerse of simply moral quality, 
howerer pure and lofty, and thus intrinlsoally rellgloas. " Prtfact, 

Pinero, A. W. The cabinet minister: a farce in four acts. 1904. 

-> The magistrate : a farce in three acts. 1901. 822 P65m 

Quarles, Francis. Emblems. Xllus. by Charles Bennett and W. 

R. H. Rogers. 1886. 820 Q? 

First pablished in 1635. The brief poems are designed to aooompany the 
curious allegoric pictures, or " silent parables,** as the author calls them. 
Opinion as to the literary merit of Quarles has varied widely, but many 
have admired him for his vigour, quaintness, and oocaiional beaaty. 
Thoreau says : " He uses language sometimes as greatly as Shakespeare, 
and though there is not much straight grain in him, there is plenty of rough 
crooked timber. In an age when Herbert is revlred, Qnarles ought not to 
be forgotten.'* 

Richards, Mrs. Laura E. The silver crown : another book of 
fables. 1906. 244 R898 

Ricketty Arthur. Personal forces in modem literature. 1906. 

810.8 R42 
CorUerUt: The moralist: Cardinal Newman; James Martineau. — Tfie 
scientist: Thomas Henry Huxley. — The poet: William Wordsworth; 
Keats and Rossetti. — The novelist : The genius of Dickens. — The vaga- 
bond: William Haslitt; Thomas De Qulncey. — Bibliographical guide.— 

Riedl, Frederick. A history of Hungarian literature. 1906. 894 R44 

Russell, a. W. E. Social silhouettes. 1906. 824 R9638 

*< Mr. Russell has drawn largely on his own social experiences and those 
of his friends, succeeding in hitting off the polite and professional world In 
nearly every instance; yet his stories are so cleverly handled that he avoids 
wounding the feelings even of the most susceptible. The range of society 
Mr. Russell knows is wide, embracing Pall Mall and Bast-Bnd, clergymen, 
physicians, soldiers, polltioians. The " Silhouettes " catch the fleeting as. 
pects of thiags, and establish suggestive standards of oomparison between 
the present and a comparatively recent past.*' Atkenaum. 



Sekell, Stanley, comp. Werner's readings and rAitations, no. 
28: Christmas book. 1902. Sp. 54 

BhaWy George Bernard. Dramatic opinions and essays. 1906. 

2v. 792 853 

*' TheM papers, oontribated to the London Saturday Review, contain mnch 
entertaining matter. . . When Mr. Bbaw condescends, as bt does some- 
times in ills saner moments, to dispense with his usual embroiderj of whim 
and paradox, be can be capable of acute and searching criticism. . . His 
work Is strangely compounded of keen obserration. Just comment, and 
rattle-pated nonsense.*' 

Binton, Thomas, ed. The poetry of Radenoch; collected and 

edited, with translations, introductions, and notes. 1906. 

891.65 86 

A collection of Gaelic poems and folk-songs from the Highlands of Scotland 
given both in the original and in translation. 

Bymone, Arthur. An introdoctlon to the stody of Browning. 
New ed., rev. and enl. 1906. ^ 820 B88bl8 

Thackeray, W. M. Ballads and songs. With illos. by H. M. 
Brock. 1906. 820 T86b 

Tolstoi, L. N., count. Tolstoy on Shakespeare : a critical essay 
on Shakespeare, by Leo Tolstoy, trans, by V. Tchertkoff and 
I. F. M. Followed by '^ Shakespeare's attitode to the working 
classes,'* by Ernest Crosby; and a letter from G. Bernard 
Shaw. 1906. 822.8 D896 

Waterhouse, Elizabeth, comp. A little book of life and death. 
8th ed. 1906. 821 W29 

A collection of verse and prose. 


Loti, Pierre, ps^'ud. L'exil^e. 1896. 844 L91e 

Contents: Carmen Sylra.— L*exll6e.— Constantinople.— Charmeurs de ser. 
pents.— Une page onbllfte de Madame Chrysanthtoie.— Les femmes 

Moser, Gustav von. Der Bibliothekar : Schwank in vier Akten. 

832 M85 


Smdamuouit Karmann. Das Blmnenboot: Schamplel in vier 
Akten und einem Zwischenspiel. 7te Anllage. 1905. 

•83 894b 

— Stein unter Stelnen : Schaaspiel in vier Akten. 2te Aoflage. 

1905. 833 8948t 
<*Tbe plot is rather oomplioated, owlnf ■omethinK to Gorkjand aome. 
thing to Haaptmanii's example. But it tkatet OTer the tarfaoe of the 
waters which Hauptmann sounds to their tragic depths. The ez-oooTict, 
with his talk of the prison, and his cynical, hamoroua, bitter attitude to- 
wards life, is a good deal of a Gorky type." Bdinhurgh Bmrimo, 

Wildanbrachy Ernst von. K5nig Laorin: Tragodie in flinf 
Akten. 1902. a32W64 


Basin, Ben^. Contes de bonne Perrette. 843 B34c 

CotUents: Souvenirs d*enf ant.— Contes de bonne Perrette. 

— L'isol^e. 843 B34i 

Ooolevain, Pierre da. L' lie inconnue. 1908. 843 C83i 

** Her descriptions are not only extremely entertaining but wonderf ally tme 
to life. French readers will get from her pages a correct and detailed Im. 
presf^ion of the daily life of an ordinary middle-class suburban home, and 
English readers, so long as they do not belong to the fashionable world, will 
see themselves through kindly French spectacles, and will piok up, also, a 
good dehl of indirect Information about their neighbours aotMS the ohannal." 


Ebner-Eschenbach, Marie, Freif^au von. Bit nnbesiegbare 
Macht: zwei Erzfthlungen. 1906. 833 E18a 

Frenssen, Gustav. Jdm Uhl : Roman. 833 F88] 

— HlUigenlel: Roman. 1906. 833 F88h 

Fo^aszaro, Antonio. II santo: romanzo. 1906. 853 F68s 

This is the third of the trilogy, the first and second volumes of which are en- 
titled Piccolo mondo awtico and Piccolo mondo mutdemo. 

Gautier, Th^ophile. Le roman de la momie. 1906. 843 G233r 

— Le capiUine Fracasse. 1905. 843 G233c 
Goncourt, E. L. A. H. de, and J. A. H. de. Rende Biauperln. 

1906. 843 658r 
Loti, Pierre, p«<nid. Le mariage de Loti. 1878. 843 L91ma 

Publinhed also under the title Rarahu. 

— Mon fr^re Yves. 843 L91mo 
Ramuntcho. 843 L91r 



Mar^«ritt«y Paul and Victor. Les tron90iit da glaive: H9 MS8 
TinaTre, Harcelle. La rebelle. 1906. 848 T49r 

— La vie amoareuse de Fran9ois Barbazanges. 1903. 843 T49y 

Valhagen & Klasin^, pubs. Homan-Bibliothek. 16te Band. 
1906/ 1906. 833 V54 vol. 16 

ConietUi: Die Tochter, von Frieda Freiherrin von Btllow.— Auf Bandberg- 
bof , Ton Cbarlotte Niese.— Dwart in dem Weg, von Engenle Rosenberger. 


Acton, Ist baron. Sir J. E. E. Dalberg^ Acton. Lectures on 
modem bi&tory. Ed. with Introd. by J. N. Figgis and R. V. 

Laurence. 1906. 904 A18 

" Lord Aoton was for six years reglas professor of bistory at Cambridge 
University, and it is as a professor tbat be mast chiefly be judged. His ex- 
perience and knowledge of men and aflfairs, no less than his surpassing emdi- 
tion, his immense aocomuiation of classified knowledge, his dignity, kindli- 
ness, humour, sympathy, and humanity, ail these went together to swell bis 
moral and intellectual influence. In the present volume we find Lord 
Acton's inaugural lecture as professor, his scheme for The Cambridge 
modem hUtory^ and nineteen of his lectures, covering in giant strides the 
ages of the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, the 
wars of religion, the rise of political parties, the creation of the Prussian 
and the Russian powers, and the American Revolution." 

American Historicea lUview. Vol.11. 1905/06. Per. A27 

Avary, Mrs. M. L. Dixie after the war: an exposition of social 
conditions existing in the South during the twelve years suc- 
ceeding the fall of Richmond. With an introd. by C. A. Evans. 
1906. 975 A94 

"This book is largely a collection of anecdotes, scraps, and cuttings ; and a 
good deal of the material is fresh and entertaining. A little Judicious prun- 
ing, a little more care for style, a little more regard for accuracy in historical 
detail, would have made of this a really good book ; even as it is, it presents 
with viraoity a picture that gives a strong, if somewhat one-sided, impres- 
sion of notable events.'* Nation. 

Bacon, E. M. The Connecticut River and the valley of the Con- 
necticut : three hundred and fifty miles from mountain to sea, 
historical and descriptive. 1906. 974.1 B13 

** A painstaking, but rapid survey of the Dutch occupation, the pioneer 
settlements and forts, the terrible Indian warfares, with their incredible 


ezporares .and oaptlrities, the story of tht upper Talley land graatf, the 
foundation of Dartmouth College, the strategto formation of Vemumt : 
then the rirer as a means of transportation and narlffatlon : and lastly, a 
careful topography of the stream and its natural bounds. It is a notable 
story, picturesquely and feelingly told." Nation. 

BalBftniy Ugo. Early chroniclers of Europe : Italy. 1888. 945 B21 

" This is the first work which professes expressly to narrate the history of 
medisBval Italian ohronography. Long and numerous extracts from the 
various chronicles have been introduced, translated from the Latin, Oreek, 
or Italian originals. The liTes of the writers of the chronicles have often 
been enlarged on, because It seemed that in no other way could so dear an 
idea be given of the times described by them, and of the reasons why they 
wrote." Pr^ace. 

Bostonism Society. Publications, vol. 3. 1906. 974.45 B46c vol. 8 

ConUntt: Boston in 1710 preparing for a small war, by J. M. Hubbard.— 
Faneuil Hall, by C. C. Coffin.— Boston in 1813, reminiscences of an old 
school-boy ; by J. T. Prince.— Subscription list for the first town hall, by W. 
K. Watklns. 

Oambridsre Modem History, vol. 4. The thirty years' war. 

1906. 940.7 C14a 

CkmienU: Outbreak of the thirty years' war.— The Valtelline, l<X)3-30.— 
The Protestant collapse, 1020-30.— Richelieu.- The Vasa in Sweden and 
Poland, 1660-1630.— Qustavus Adolphus, 1630-32.— Allenstein and Bernard of 
Weimar, 1632-35.— The Constitutional struggle in England, 162&-40.— The 
first two years of the Long Parliament, 161042.- The first civil war, 1612-47. 
— Presbyterians and Independents, 1645-49.— The Westminster Assembly.- 
The later years of the thirty years* war, 1635-48.— The Peace of Westphalia.— 
The Commonwealth and the Protectorate, 1649-00.— The navy of the Com- 
monwealth and the first Dutch war.— Scotland from the accession of Charles 
I to the Restoration.— Ireland, 1611-^9.— Anarchy and the Restoration, 
1669-60.— The Scandinavian North, 1559-1660.— Maxarin.— Spain and Span. 
Ish Italy under Philip III and IV.- Papal policy. 1590-1648.— Frederick 
Henry, Prince of Orange.— The transference of colonial power to the 
United Provinces and England.— The fantastic school of English poetry.— 
Descartes and Cartesianism.- Bibliographies. 

Ohadwick, F. E. Causes of the Civil War, 1859-1861. 1906. 

[The American nation, ed by A. B. Hart, vol. 19.] 973.63 034 

Ourrier, J. J. History of Newboryport, Mass., 1764-1905. 1906. 

974.45 N28c 
Gammons, J. G. The Third Massachusetts Regiment, Volunteer 

MUitia, in the war of the Rebellion, 1861-1868. 1906. 978.744 J08 


GNryxm, Stephen. The fair hills of Ireland. With illastrations 

by Hagh Thomson. 1906. 941.8 G99f 

" Mr. Owynn proposes to write the history of Ireland, not in ohronological 
detail, but in certain broad and oharacterlstio episodes. He selects places 
which have been storm centres in the past, and round the Krtj walls or 
green turf mounds he weares his story. . . . The book has another purpose, 
to advocate IntelltKent travel,— travel in the settled parts where history was 
made in the old days. Of the merit of Mr. Gwynn's writing it is super- 
fluous to speak. We can imagine no more instructive and attractive guide 
to the holy places of Irish history." Spectator. 

Harrieon, P. D. The stars and stripes and other American flags : 
including their origin and history ; army and navy regulations 
concerning the national standard and ensign ; flag making ; 
salutes; improvised, unique, and combination flags; flag legis- 
lation; and many associations of American flags, including the 
origin of the name ^^ Old glory," with songs and their stories. 
1906. £98.H24 

Hilly D.J. A history of diplomacy in the international develop- 
ment of Europe. Vol. 2. The establishment of territorial 
sovereignty. 1906. 841.7 H65 vol. 2 

Hill, G. F. Historical Greek coins. 1906. 737 H56h 

" A sidelight on Greek history. It presupposes a general knowledge of 
numismatics on the part of the reader which is only to be gathered from the 
present volume by careful perusal. The coins are taken up one by one and 
studied from the point of Tiew of their material, pictures, and inscriptions, 
their historical period being described in such a way as to bring its customs 
and manners vividly before the reader." New York Times, 

Hull, Eleanor. Early Christian Ireland. 1905. 941.5 H87 

** The conflict of Christianity with paganism is admirably sketched in Miss 
Huirs little book, which covers the period between Patrick's advent and the 
Norse invasions of the ninth century. She does not attempt to discuss con. 
troversial points, but she gives a delightful account of such figures as 8. 
Patrick, S. Brigit, and S. Cotumba. Her chapters on the architecture and 
art of early Ireland are fasdnating.** Saturday Review. 

McMaater, J. B. A history of the people of the United States. 
Vol. 6, 1830-^2. 1906. 978 Ml 6 vol.6 

May, Thomas. The history of the Parliament of England, which 
began November 3, 1640 ; with a short and necessary view of 
some precedent years. 1854. [1st pub. 1647.] 942.062 M46 

**A sUndard authority,— faithful, impartial, free from invective and 
raneonr." Qardntr and MuUinger. 


Kmtery Historical Sociaty of KaMMMhiuwtto. rwpeit. Vol. 
4. The WildeniesB campaign, May-Jane, 1864. 1905. 978.09 If 59 

Monro, D. 0., and Sellery, Q. 0., tramlatan. Medieval ciyili- 
zation : selected stodies from Eoropean autliora. 1904. 940.1 M92 
Gives in oonTenient form caref ally selected extracts from Boropeaa writers 
who mifcbt not be aTAil«ble to the ordinary stadent. Deslcned primarily to 
farnitb supplementary readlnjir for High School or college classes in history. 

Oman, 0. W. 0. Tlie liistory of England from the accession of 
Richard II. to the death of Richard III. (1877-1485). 1906. 
[PoUtical history of England. Vol. 4.] 94S.04 05 

** None of the preceding contributions to this admirably planned history hat. 
It seems to us, secured a firmer grip of the subject in hand or dealt with it in 
more entertaining fashion than Professor Oman has done in this volume. 
Hit estimates of men and motives appear to have been made with the most 
careful discrimination and his sense of historical perspective is good.** 

Ba$Um TratMcript. 

Paul, Herbert. A history of modem England. Vol. 5. 1906. 

94S.08 P28 
'* The present volume concludes Mr. Paul's Important work, and brings the 
narrative of events from Gladstone's defeat in June, 1886, down to 1892. . . . 
The period covered was one of intense political feeling and action. Twice 
within seven months Gladstone was compelled to offer his resignation. 
The Irish question was constantly under discussion. It was the time of 
Parnell*! campaign, and Parnell's sensational fall. ... In 1891 Parliament 
passed a law e4tablishing a free educational system in the public elemen- 
tary schools of England and Wales. . . . Mr. Paul has the faculty of dis- 
tinguishing the Important from the unimportant in historical matters, and 
we are therefore spared many things which would otherwise cumber the 
volume. . . . We are made to see that the trend of public affairs has been 
continually in the line of rational advance.*' BoUon Tran$eript, 

Benan, J. E. Histoire da peuple d'Israel. 1898-1895. 5y. G, 

933 R29a 
Rhodes, J. F. History of the United States from the compro- 
mise of 1850 to the final restoration of home rule at the South 
in 1877. Vols. 6-7. 1906. 973.6 R84 

Vol.e. 18W-1872. 
7. 1872-1877. 
It is full, exact and impartial. Controversial questions are weighed 
ly with an unfailing and laborious attempt to get all the best evidence 
)le." C.H. Doyle. 


Smith, T. 0. Parties and slavery, 1850-1859. 1906. [Vol. 18 
of The American nation, ed. by A. B. Hart.] 973.68 866 

Stftley, Edg:camb«. The gailds of Florence. Illns. after miniar 
tnres in illuminated MSS. and Florentine woodcuts. 1906. 945.5 F68t 
**The book It amine of Information as to the dty of Flortnoe in the most in- 
timate aspects of her wonderful life from the 12th to the Idth centuries. . . . 
A raluable work of reference, where everyone who loves Florence and her 
history may find her medlKval life reproduced from many sources dllBcnlt of 
access to the ordinary reader. The interesting and well chosen illustrations 
bring before us ail the arts and Industries of Old Florence." Spectator, 

Victoria History of the Ck>antie8 of England. Ed. by William 

Cornwall. Vol. 1. 1906. 942,5 C7p 

Devonshire. Vol. 1. 1906. 942.5 D4p 


Havell, E. B. Benares the sacred city: sketches of Hindu life 
and religion. 1905. 954.5 B5h 

Johnson, Oliiton. Highways and byways of the Mississippi 
Valley, written and illustrated by Clifton Johnson. 1906. 974 J62 

Lithgow, William. The totall discourse of the rare adventures 
and paineful peregrinations of lon^ nineteene yeares travayles 
from Scotland to the must famous kingdomes in Europe, Asia and 

Affrica. 1906. [Reprint of 1632 ed.] 910.4 L71 

" WiUlam Llthgow, a Scotchman of birth and education, was one of the 
bravest and most adventurous spirits of Tudor and Stuart timet. In lii« 
Journeys, principally on foot, he tramped, by his own computajtion, thirty- 
six thousand miles. After passing through innumerable adventures, he fell 
into the hands of the Inquisition In Spain, and though he finally escaped, he 
was never able to Journey more. Although the style is often labored and 
involved, we find the adventures of this brave and resolute man absorblnglv 
Interesting. He is in a way a lovable creature enough, and the record of his 
exploits is enchanting." Note$ and Queries^ Nov. 10 ^ 1906. 
Beid, W. SC. The story of old Fort Johnson. 1906. 974.75 M7re 
*'The author of The Mohawk Valley here gives a lively and readable account 
of the stone building on the Mohawk known as Fort Johnson. The story of 
Sir William Johnson has been well told by Colonel W. L. Stone, Jr., and 
the late Augustus C. Buell, and the present author deals but briefly with 
biography. Some Indian legends and a rather discursive narrative of a visit 
to Dadanascara end the volume. The Illustrations are from clear and well- 
taken photographs.*' Boston Transoripi. 



8chuyl«r, Montgomery. Westward the oonrse of empire: 
'' out West " and '* back East** on the first trip of the '' Loe 
Angeles limited." Reprinted, with additions, from the New 
York Times. 1906. 974 SS9 

Sherringy 0. A. Western Tibet and the British borderland, the 
sacred comitry of Hindus and BuddMsts, with an acooant of 
the government, religion, and customs of its peoples. 1906. 

951.5 T8s 
" Unlike many of the recent books apon Tibet, the preaentone treats popu- 
larly of the * holy lore ' most sacred to Tibetans, the legends and mytlu of 
western Tibet, and the customs of the people. The aathor writes from per- 
sonal experience and study." 

Singleton, Esther, ed, Rome as described by great writers. 
1906. 945.5 R6si 

Snell, F. J. North Devon. 1906. 942.5 D48a 

Topliff , Samuel. TopllflTs travels : letters from abroad in the 

years 1828 and 1829. From the original manuscript owned by 

the Boston Athenaeum. Ed. with a memoir and notes by £. 

S. Bolton. 1906. 940.96 T62 

Villari, Luigi. Fire and sword in the Caucasus. 1906. 947.5 Cdv 
*' No part of Russia at the present moment is more full of problems of great 
Intenst for the student of politics than the Caucasus. During this critical 
period of its history, tho author visited every important centre of political 
unrest, and Interviewed revolutionary leaders, the chief of the secret police, 
consuls, editors and peasants. He outlines the most important revolution- 
ary outbreaks, especially the Baku massacres and the Tartar-Armenian dis- 

Vincent, J. B. Highways and byways in Berkshire. With 
illustrations by F. L. Griggs. 1906. 942.5 B4v 

WiUiama, Leonard. Grauada: memoirs, adventures, studies 

and impressions. 1906. 946.5 67w 

Zimmem, Helen. The Italy of the Italians. 1906. 945.6 Z6 

Contents: ThtiMng.— Jho. press.— literature.— The painters.— Soulptnre 
and arshltrcture.— Playhouses, players, and plays.— Science and inventions. 
— Philosophy — Agrarian Italy.— Industry and commerce.— TJndergroimd 
Italy.— Italy at play. 


Aboard and HSloiae. Love letters. [Ed. by Honnor Morten.] 
1904. B.Ab87 



Amgn. Sichel, Edith. The life and letters of Alfred AiDger. 

1906. E.Ai21.B 

Canon Alnger (1837-1904) was an English clergyman, fot many years reader 
and afterwards master of the Temple church. Ue was distinguished for the 
charm of Ills personality and for his wit. The biography derives its chief 
interest from the letters, especially those to and from Du Maurier, who was 
Ainger's closest friend. 

Oartrie de la Villeniare, T. A. Talour, Comte de la. Memoirs 

of the Count de Cartrie: a record of the extraordinary events 

in the life of a French royalist during the war in La Vend^ 

and of his flight to Southampton where he followed the 

humble occupation of gardener. With an introd. by Fr^^ric 

Masson, appendices and notes by Pierre Am^^e Pichot. 1906. 

This is as the title explains " a record of the extraordinary events in the 
life of a French royalist during the war in La Vendte." The manuscript was 
discovered by Mr. Lane the publisher, and that it is proved authentic is due 
to the painstaking investigations of M. Pichot, one of the most skilful un- 
ravelers of historical problems connected with the Revolution in France. 
Strange to say, this Count de Cartrie, who played a really important part in 
La Vendue, is unmentloned in the narratives of the period. His romantic 
adventures in his Odyssey across France with his son, their hairbreadth 
escapes, his subsequent travels through Germany and Holland, and his life 
in England, are even more fascinating than his military exploits in La 
Vend6e. This is altogether an enjoyable volume. 

Ohadwick. Chad wick, J. W. Cap'n Chad wick, Marblehead 
skipper and shoemaker. 1906. E.C8515 

Ohurchill. Rosebery, 5th earl of. Lord Randolph Churchill, by 
Lord Rosebery. 1906. E.C4796.r 

A Study and reminiscence, rather than a life of Lord Churchill, by one who 
was his life-long friend, though his political opponent. Especially inter- 
teresting because of the inner view here given of English political life, and 
because of the side-lights thrown upon such leaders as Salisbury, Parnell, 
Beaconsfield, Qladstone, and others. 

DeLancey, M. H., Lady. A week at Waterloo in 1815, Lady 

DeLancey's narrative: being an account of how she nursed 

her husband, Sir William Howe DeLancey, mortally wounded 

in the great battle. Ed. by Major B. R. Ward. 1906. E.D875 

Published also in Century Magazine^ April, 1000. 

*< Of this narrative Scott said that nothing he had read had ever affected 
his feelings so strongly, and Dickens considered the reading of it an epoch 


in tils life, while its simple impreFtiveneM fiilt^d him with tmwj. Ijidy 
DeLanoy h«d been married to Sir WilUam only three months before Water, 
loo. She was at Antwerp when the battle was fovgfat, and had to make her 
way with the ntmost dlAeulty to his bedside, by whieh she sat for a woek 
until he died. The book is the narratlTe of her deTotion and his foriitade, 
told with the utmost slmplloity and TlTidness." London THmoi, 1906, 

Bliot, Gharles W. Four American leaders. 1906. E9.E42 

Essays on Franklin, Washington, Channlng, and Bmerson, summarlzini^ 
their influenoe upon the republic, politloally, morally, intellectually. 

Franklin. Mass. General Ck>art and the Boston City Coancil. 

The two-handredth anniversary of the birth of Benjamin 

Franklin celebrated by the Common weath of Mass. and the 

City of Boston in Symphony Hall, Boston, January 17, 1906. 
Francis ofAssisi, Saint, Bonaventura, Saint. The life of Saint 
Francis. [Trans, by Emma G. Salter.] 1904. [Written 
about 1260.] B.F847.b 

— Mirror of Perfection. Trans, from the Cottonian MS. by 
Robert Steele. 1903. E.F847.m 
A contemporary account of St. Francis of Assisl, probably written in the 
main by one of his companions. Brother Leo. 

— Salter, E.G., trans. The legend of Saint Francis, by the three 
companions. 1902. [Written about 1246.] B F847.8a 

Hawthorne. Stearns, F. P. The life and genius of Nathaniel 
Hawthorne. 1906. E.Hd255.8 

Hohenlohe-8chilling>afiir8t, Chlodwig* Karl Viktor, FUrst zu. 
Memoirs, authorized by Prince Alexander of Hobenlobe-Schil- 
lingsftirstand ed. by Friedrich Curtius; English ed. supervised 
by G. W. Chrystal. 1906. E.H6915 

The American edition of a work which has caused much discussion in Oer. 
many, because of its revelations of the inner worldngs of Qerman politics in 
the 10th century. 

Huntington. Huntington, A. S. Memoir and letters of Frederic 
Dan Huntington, first bishop of central New York. 1906. E.H9315 h 

LeapinasM. S^gur, Marquis de. Julie de Lespinasse. 1906. E. L568.S 
*' A graceful mono^aph in the original French on one of the most remark- 
able women of that epoch when women were most influential In French 


thought. It suooessfnlly clean up the mystery of her birth, and gives us 
many letters that help as to understand the oharm that gaye her a leading 
place among the women of the Salons.'* Saiurdaif JUvitw, 1906, 

VMtjy Queen of Scots. Laog, Andrew. Portraits and jewels of 

Mary Stuart. 1906. 941.05 M392a 

'* The text is noteworthy for its freshness and suggest! reness : while the 
illustrations, which are excellent, include sixteen portraits of the Queen.'* 

Neylll, Lady Dorothy (Wftlpole). Reminiscences. Ed. by her 

son Ralph NevlU. 1906. E.N875 

"A series of brilliantly coloured sketches of early and mid- Victorian times. 
In introducing her readers to all her best friends, the author leod^ them 
through a gallery of portraits of Bngllsh celebrities, painted perhaps from 
rather a superficial point of view, but in general effect extremely lifelike. 
The most interesting are those of the second Duke of Wellington and of Mr. 
Disraeli.*' Spectator, 1906. 

Pitt, William, Ist earl of Chatham. Correspondence, when sec^ 

retary of state, with colonial governors and military and naval 

commissioners in America. Ed. by G. 8. Kimball. 1906. 2 v. 


** They [the letters] deal with a period of American history which can hardly 
fail to absorb the attention of the general reader. It is a period of great 
issues and rivid contrasts, and its lights and shadows are reflected even in 
the stiff formality of the official despatches of th*' time. There are four hun- 
dred and ninety-three of these letters printed here, of which sixty-eight hare 
been previously printed.*' Introduction, 

Potter, H. 0., bishop. Reminiscences of bishops and arch- 
bishops. 1906. 270.01 P86 

ConientM: Bishop Smith.— Bishop Whlttingham.— Bishop Eastburn.— 
Bishop Clark.— Bishop Coxe.— Bishop Wilmer.— Bishop Clarkson.— Bishop 
Brooks.— Bishop Dudley.— Archbishop Tait.— Archbishop Benson.— Arch- 
bishop Temple. 

" Has an excellent collection of stories. Some studies of character, while 
not exhaustive, are illuminating. . . The net result of the book is to prove 
that ecclesiastics are like other men, in having a saving sense of humor, in 
regard for substance rather than for form in religion, and in emphasis upon 
character rather than on possessions.*' Nation, 1906, 

BeynolcU. Leslie, C. R., and Taylor, Tom. Life and times of 
Sir Joshua Reynolds; with notices of some of his cotem- 
poraries. Commenced by C. R. Leslie, continued and con- 
cluded by Tom Taylor. 1866. 2v. 760 R46/ 




Smith, Mrs. M. B. The first forty years of WMhington society, 
portrayed in tlie family letters of Bfrs. Samael Harrison Smith 
(Margaret Bayard); ed. by Gaillard Hunt. 1906. E.Sm622 

" with a keen seDse of hamor, an eye for the pictnresqae, warm BTmpathlca, 
and ooDf«iderable cultiratlon, Mn. Smith could not fail to be a |{Ood oorres. 
pondent, and her writings are of genuine Talue and most entertaining." 

New York TtHmne. 

Smithy Rodney. Gipsy Smith, his life and work, by himself. 
Introds. by G. C. Morganan d Alexander McLaren. 1906. £.Sm662 

Taylor. Collyer, Robert. Father Taylor. 1906. E.T212.C 

The life history of the founder of the Seamen's Bethel in Boston, told by an 
old friend who knew him well. 

Vincent da Paul, Saint. Broglie, Emmanuel de. Saint Vin- 
cent de Paul. Trans, by Mildred Partridge, with a preface by 
George Tyrrell. 1906. E.V746.b 


Benson, £. F. Paul. 

Shows the development of a gay, thoughtless nature awakened by love, and 
developed by the experience of sin and Its expiation. 

Bumham, Mrs. 0. L. The opened shutters. B94d.l6 

The scene is laid In Casoo Bay, Me. The closed shutters of the old mill in 
the story are symbolic of the life of the heroine. In the end the shutters are 
opened for both. 

Coleridge, M. E. The lady on the drawing room floor. C681.1 

In autobiographical form. Interesting not for its plot, but for the character 
sketches and conversation, and the originality of the two main characters. 
Unusually well written. 

Connor, Ralph, pseud. The doctor: a tale of the Rockies. C7676.6 
Craddock, C. H. The amulet. C848.20 

Crockett, S. R. The white plume. C876.81 

French historical romance of the reign of Charles IX., 1560-1674. 

Donnell, A. H. The very small person. D712.2 

stories of the comedies and tragedies of childhood that help grown-ups to 
see things as children see them. 

Doyle, Sir A. C. Sir Nigel. D776.26 

English historical novel of the reign of Edward III., 1327-77. A prelude to 
the author's White company. 

Fox, John, jr. A knight of the Cumberland. F886.7 

Hope, Anthony. Sophy of Rravonia. H778.26 

Another romance of the '* Zenda " type, in which reckleM adTentores, court 
intrigues, and hairbreadth escapes foUow one another in quick laooeaiioa. 



Knight, W. A. 8aint AbigaU of the Plnet. K748.1 

Lee, Vernon, pMud. Hanntlngs: fantastic stories. L62$.8 

** Subtly devised ghoft ttorlet. In which soboontdous Inllaenoea or imprei> 
•ioBB of events and orlmes whleh have hsppened ages ago, afReet the lives of 
people of other epochs, throvgh the chances of heredity, or natural affloity. 
. . . Vernon Lee has never given as moreaccorate and delightful description 
of ItHllan people and country." Nation, 

Locke, W. J. The beloved vagabond. L812.2 

Lorimer, Q. H. The false gods. L888.1 

Xaartens, Maarten, pseud. The woman's victory, and other 
stories. M115.8 

** Mr. Maarten Haartens has a gift as rare as it is precious, the art of short 
story writing. The new book now before us contains a number of stories 
which alone would nuurk the author as a writer of rare subtlety and Inteo. 
sitv. There \* not one story that is carelessly handled or imperfect as a work 
of art. . . . These little dramas In prose hold one with their art and power." 

y. T.THbune. 

Masson, Tom. The Von Blumers. M895.1 

Mom, Mary. The poet and the parish. M856.1 

O'Higgins, H. J. Don-a-dreams : a story of love and youth. 0875.2 


Bacon, Mrs. D. M., ed. Songs that every child should know: a 
selection of the best songs of all nations for yonng people. 
1906. 784.8 B12 

A special feature is the national songs of various countrlet, which have 
never before been all grouped together in English translations. 

Baldwin, James. Thirty more famous stories retold. 1905 j808 B 18a 
Beard, Lina and A. B. Things worthy doing and how to do 
them. 1906. j790 B868t 

Contents: Parties, shows, and entertainments.— Miniature seven wonders 
of the world.— Tilings to make for home, gilt days, and fairs. 

Bilhaud, Paul. Fanfan la Tnlipe. Texte par P. Bilhaud, illus- 
trations par Job. j840 B59 
Charming colored illustrations. 

Carpenter, B. J. Long ago in Greece: a book of golden hours 

with the old story-tellers. 1906. j291 C28 

** Twenty-four stories delightfully and simply retold for young people, but 

closely adhering to the originals, and noting the version taken a* a basis in 

each case. Includes Homer's " Battle of tne frogs and mice," stories of 

Atalanta' * " " - — - 



found in children's books.'* A.L.A. Book-Hit 



Dudley, Albertus T. Following the bill. JD868.4 

Gibson, 0. 0. In eastern wonderlmnds. 1906. J910 044 

Some of the conntrieB Tisited are Japan, China, India and ICgypt. 

Oolding, Vautier. The story of David Livingstone. JE.L78 

Qriereon, E. W. The children's book of Bdinborgh. 1906. J948.6 G85 

CotUentt: Introductory.— Modem Interests of Edinburgh.— Sights of Edin- 
burKh.— Tales of long ago.— Mary, Queen of Scots. 

Grinnell, G. B. Jack the young canoeman: an eastern boy's 
voyage in a Chinook canoe. J6889.4 

Job, illus, Le grand Napoleon des petits enf ants, par Job et J. de 
Marthold. JE NSlj 

l4irge colored Illustrations of scenes in the life of Napoleon,— most interest- 
ing and entertaining. 

Kelley, M. D. The story of Sir Walter Raleigh. jE.R16k 

Lang, Andrew. The story of Joan of Arc. jE.J48{ 

Lang, John. The story of Captain Cook. JE.C77 

Lucaa, E. V., comp. Forgotten tales of long ago. JL974.2 

MacLeod, Mary. A book of ballad stories. With Introd. by 

Edward Dowden. 1906. j808 M16 

SCiiller-Bohn, Hermann. Friedrlch der Grosse dem deutschen 
Volke geschildert in bildlichen Darstellnngen von Carl Rdchling 
UDd Richard KD5tel and in historischer AnsfUhrnng von Her- 
mann Mailer- Bohn. Heransgegeben von Paul Eittell. 8te 
vollstHndig ver&nderte Auflage des Bilderwerkes ^^ Der alte 
Fritz." 1906. JE.F86 

Colored pictures illustrating the life of Frederick the Great, with descrip- 
tive notes in German. 

Meabit, Edith. The Wonldbegoods. JN365.4 

Nicolay, Helen. The boys' life of Abraham Lincoln. 1906. ]E.L76n 

Based upon the standard life of Lincoln, written by Lincoln's secretarlea, 
John G. Nicolay and John Uay. Fully Illustrated. 

Bdchling, Oarl; Kndtel, Bichard; and Friedrich, W., Ulua. 

Die KOnigin Luise in 50 Bildem far Jung und Alt. 1896. JE.L88 

▲ book of colored pictures illustrating the life of Queen Lonlse of Prussia. 

Stockton, F. B. The queen's museum, and other fanciful tales. 

Torley, Oharlea. Godfrey Marten, schoolboy. JT845.1 

— Maitland major and minor. JT845.2 

Thx BrvKROALB Pkxss : C. ▲. W. Srmmomm, 

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Public Library of Brooeline 

Louisa M. Hoofbb. 

Week Days. — 9 a. m. to 9 p. m., legal holidays excepted. 
Sundays.— 2 to 9 p. m. 

School Befxrkncb and Childrsn's Booms. 

Week days only, 2 to 6 p. m., and also from 10 to 12 on Saturday 


Besidents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers may make 
application for cards at the Deposit Stations. 

Books may be returned to tibe Stations whether taken from them 
or from the central Library; bat books drawn from the Deposit Sta- 
tions mast be returned to the Stations only. 

Cooiidge's Comer Statton.— Dellyery of books to and from the 

Library on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Boylston Statton, Upper Boylston Street, near Beserroir Lane.— 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday; box returned to the Libraxy 
on Saturday. 


All residents of Brookline are entitled to draw books from the 
Library. In general, the building is open from 9.00 to 9.00 on week 
days, and from 2.00 to 9.00 on Sundays. For details, see inside page 
of cover. Children under twelve take books from the Children's 
Room, and children who wish to read or study may use the School 
Reference Room, where there is a good collection of children's books. 
In the main library, the shelves are open to all persons over eighteen 
years of age, and by ^* browsing " among the shelves one can usually 
find the book that suits him, and may happen upon treasures before 
unknown. The assistants will show where the books on each subject 
may be found. Those under eighteen will find on the table by the 
catalogue, lists of the most interesting books for boys and for girls. 

Perhaps some readers do not know that back numbers of the 155 
periodicals in the Reading Room may be taken out for home use. 
Many of these are kept till bound in an alcove near the Delivery Desk, 
where it is easy to look them over. Among them are many less known 
magazines, including numerous English ones, and periodicals on special 
topics, which will be found a pleasant addition to the usual diet of popu- 
lar American magazines. Hanging on the Bulletin Board is a useful 
litUe periodical called, ^' What's in the magazines," which guides one 
to the most interesting features in the numbers for the current 
month. In the case of 28 of the best-known periodicals, the current 
numbers may be obtained at the Delivery Desk. These may be kept two 
days. Many of the magazines taken are bound, and these bound copies 
circulate as books. Any article in the back numbers of magazines 
may be found through the indexes in the Reference Room. 

Pictures and photographs may be taken out in addition to the 
regular number of books. The Library has photographs of paintings, 
architectural views, and pictures illustrating scenes in the Bible. It is 
hoped that the Bible pictures will be useful to Sunday School teachers, 
and they are asked to leave requests at the Delivery Desk for pictures 



they wish that are not already in the collection. A list of the pictorea 
in the collection may be consulted on application. If the reqaest is 
made two or three weeks before the pictures are wanted, unmounted 
pictures on special lessons will be purchased in such numbers that 
they may be distributed to all the members of a class. In the School 
Reference Room are mounted pictures and stereoscopic views of 
scenes in various countries. 

Bach cardholder may take two books or magazines at a time, only 
one book being fiction. Books may be kept two weeks and then 
renewed, except in the case of recent fiction or other new books in 
great demand. Rules about fines are printed on the borrower's card. 
To renew a book at the Library, send or mail the borrower's card and 
the number on the back of the book. To renew a book at one of the 
stations, send the borrower's card and the book itself. Books may be 
renewed more than once if there is a duplicate copy on the shelves at 
the time of renewal. Readers who wish to take more than two books 
for purposes of study may do so, if the books are not in general 
demand, by asking for a ^* special slip." These books may be kept as 
long as desired, within reasonable limits. Fiction is not issued on 
such slips. 

In the Reference Room, at the right of the front door, is a good 
collection of books of general information. The assistant here, or in 
fact any assistant, will help in looking up information on any subject, 
or in explaining the use of the card catalogue. 


Q. indicates gift. 


Black, Hugh. Work. 1908. 177 Bo6w 

Contents : Idleness and work.— The habit of work.— The moral need of 
work.— The duty of work.— The fruits of work.— The ideal of work.— The gos- 
pel of work.— Best and work.— The consecration of work. 

Ck>wany J. W. New life in the old prayer-meeting. 1906. 261.2 C88 

Dr. Cowan, known through his editorial connection with the Chrittian Sn- 
deavar Worlds here suggests a number o{ plans for making prayer-meetings 
more interesting and helpful. Most of them have been already tested and 
prored successful . The author discusses various types of meeting,— church, 
young people's, missionary, open air, etc., and in his suggestions deals with 
minor details as well as general principles. 

DnBose, W. P. The gospel in the gospels. 1906. 282 D86 

The three parts of the book deal respectively with the gospel of the common 
humanity, the gospel of the work, and the gospel of the person, of our Lord. 
The Spectator says that "the strong point of the book is that it olTers a iogi- 
cal position to metaphysically. minded persons who are already emotionally 
and spiritually convinced." 

Gannett, W. 0. The house beautiful. 1895. 178 015 

Contenti : Building of the house.— House.fumishing.— Ideal of beauty.— 
Flower furniture.— Book furniture.- Our guests.- The dear ^Hogethemess." 

Gtolden Legend ; or, lives of the saints as Englished by William 
Caxton. Ed. by F. 8. EUis. 1904. 7y. 270.02 G56 

Hall, Sir Samuel. A short liistory of the Oxford movement. 
1906. 288 HU 

Hodges, George. The happy family. 1906. 178 H66 

Contenti : The business of being a wife.— The business of being a mother.— 
The business of being a father. 

" The qualities and characteristics to be fostered in the home are enumer- 
ated so humorously that even the reader ' hard hit ' will smile and resolve to 
reform." Book Review Digett. 

—The heresy of Cain. 1894. 261 H66 

Short papers, dealing with the social mission of Christianity, our duty to our 
brother, and similar topics. 


Lambert, John 0. The romftnce of missionary heroism : tme 

stories of the intrepid bravery and stirring adyentores of 

missionaries with uncivilized man, wild beasts and the forces 

of nature in all parts of the world. 1907. 2^ L17 

Describes the adrentares of James Gilmonr in MongoUa; Darid Living, 
stone. Bishop Hannlngton, and George L. Mackay in Afrloa; Bishop Selwyn 
in Melanesia; Father Damien amongst the lepers of Moiokal; John Williams 
and John 8. Paton In the Bonth Sea Islands; and of maaj other famous mis. 

KcLeod,K. J. The culture of simplicity . 8d ed. 1904. 177 K24 

Keyer, F. B. Religion in homespun. S42 M57 

CanietUi : What have they seen In thy house?— Sunday obsenranoe.— The 
child.—Senrloe and senrants.— On liTiog to be a hundred.— Neighbors and 
neighboring.—" I and me.*'— On making the best of things.— Leisure hours. 
—The elements of a suooessful life.— Christian commerce.— True gentlefolk. 

Prudentiaa Olemena, Aurelius. The hymns of Prudentins. 

Trans, by B. M. Pope and R. F. Davis. 1905. 245 P95 

A new English rendering, In the Tempte <^as9ie$, of the lyrics of the first 
poet of the Christian church. Liring in the fourth century, Prudentius 
wrote In a world still largely pagan. In this edition both the Latin and Eng. 
lish text is given. 

Rogers, A. K. The religions conception of the world: an essay 

in constructive philosophy. 1907. 801 R6S 

Conients: Introduction.- Fonndatlons of knowledge.— Validity of knowl- 
edge.— Religion and philosophy.— Argument for purpose.— Relation of God 
and nature.— Relation of God and man.— Nature of God.— Problem of free- 
dom.— Problem of evil.— Problem of immortality. 

Sanders, K. F., and Fowler, H. T. Outlines for the study of 

Biblical history and literature. With maps and charts. 1906. 

220.9 S21 
** As the title indicates, contains merely outlines which direct the student in 
the systematic study of the Bible itself, and in the discriminating use of the 
best reference literature. The topics are so arranged that one or more 
phases of the work may be omitted, without breaking the continuity.*' 


Wagner, Oharlos. On life's threshold : talks to young people on 
character and conduct. Trans, by Edna St. John. 1906. 177 W12o 

80GIOLOOT. 119 


Addams, Jane. Newer ideals of peace. 1907. 804 A22n 

Cantenti : Introdnotloa.— Sniriyali of mllitarlf m la city gOTemment.— Fall, 
ore to utilize ImmlicrAnts la city gOTemment.— Militarism and Indnstrlal 
legislation.— Groap^ morality In the labor moTement.~Protectlon of children 
for Indoitrlal effldenoy.— Utilization of women In city goremment.— Passing 
of the war Tlrtnes. 

Barrowa, 8. J., ed. Prison systems of the United States : re- 
ports prepared for the International Prison Commission. 1900. 
G. 881.95 B27 

Boaanquet, Mrs. H. D. The family. 1906. 572.1 B65 

CotUenU : The patriarchal family.— The pre-hlstorlo family.— The family In 
relation to industry.— The family in relation to property.— The family and 
the state.— The family and the state in England.— On younger brothers.— 
Basis of the modem f amlly.— Eoonomlo function of the family.— Psychology 
of family life.— Constituent parts of the family : the man, the woman, the 
child.— The name and the house.— Conclusion. 

** A thoughtful study of some of the recent aspects of the family,— its dan- 
gers, and the transformations it Is undergoing. The book leaves the impres- 
slon that the author does not fully realize the perils menacing an institution 
which she has examined with acuteness, delicacy, and Industry." 

London TUnei. 

Oraig, A. H. Pros and cons: complete debates, important ques- 
tions fully discussed in the afflrmaUve and the negative, with 
by-laws and Parliamentary rules for conducting debating 
societies, and with a list of interesting topics for debate. 1897. 

Bef. 15.78 

Fowler, N. 0.,/r. Starting in life: what each calling olTers 
ambitious boys and young men. 1906. 177.8 F82 

"Discusses professions and occupations, the determining conditions and 
necessary preparation for entering each career, also its advantages anddisad- 
▼antages. £ach chapter has been submitted for Judgment to two or three 
authorities. At the end of each chapter other authorities have contributed 
▼aluable summaries in the form of letters on the rewards and disappoint- 
ments incident to each calling. Excellent, practical book, reassuring on 
some points and disillusioning on others." A.L.A. BookUst. 

Hendricky Frank. Railway control by commissions. 1900. 839.5 H88 

Includes chapters on railway regulation In France, Italy, Austria, Belgium,* 
Oermany, England, the United States; and chapters on the Massachusetts 
Commission as a guide to American railway control, and on Switzerland and 
the state purchase of raUways. 


Intemational Frimm Ck>iiimiMioiu Children's courts in fhe 
United States; their origin, development and results: re- 
ports prepared for the International Prison Commission. 
1904. G. 881.927 162 

— Modem prison systems: their organization and regalati<min 
various countries of Bnrope and America. By C. B. Hender- 
son. 1903. G. 381.95162m 

— Penal codes of France, GermaDy, Belgiam and Japan : reports 
prepared for the International Prison Commission. 1901. 
G. 343 162 

— The reformatory system in the United States: reports pre- 
pared for the International Prison Commission. 1900. 
G. 831.96 I62p 

International Prison Ck>ngrew, BraaaelSy 1900. The sixth 
international prison congress, held at Brassels, Belgium, 
August, 1900: report of its proceediugs and conclusions, by S. 
J. Barrows. 1908. G. 881.95 162 

CantenU: latrodnctlon.— Penal legtslation.— Prison admlniitrntion.— Pre- 
▼entire meani.— Children and mlnort. 

Lake Mohonk Conference. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth 
annual meeting of the Lake Mohonk Conference of Friends of 
the Indian and other Dependent Peoples. 1906. 970.1 Lli 

Indadea Talnable papers and discussions on the Indians, the Filipinos^ Ha- 
waii, and Porto Bloo. 

KoPheraon, L. Q. The working of the railroads. 1907. 889.5 BC24 
ConteiUi: The transportation fanctlon.— CoDstructlon and operation. — 
Trafflo.—Acoountlng and statistics.— Financial and ezecatire admlnlstra. 
tlon.—Gorrelatlon.— Integration.— Relations to the pnhUe and the state. 

** Tells simply and dearly what a railroad company is, what it does, and how 
It dop* it. Will be of great ralne to the TOter who wishes definite and basic 
Information as to railway practice and administration, and to the yonng and 
ambitions In the railway service. The book Is based on a course of lectures 
in Johns Hopkins University, 1006. The author has had practical experience 
with sereral leading railroads, In rarlons denartments." 

Kanson, John. The Salvation Army and the public : a religions, 
social, and financial stady. 1906. 881.9 M81 

It is the purpose of the author " to show how far the early religious and 'so- 
cial' alms of Balvatlonlsm have already become warped from the llnec of 
their good Intent." Preface. 


800I0L00T. iSl 

General Ck>art. [Supplementary report of Committee, 
giving Information on Continental systems of taking land for 
public purposes.] 1904. G, 847.2 M88 

Kontgromery, Hugh, and Oambray, P. Q, A dictionary of 
political phrases and allusions. With a short bibliography. 
1906. Bef . 45.64 

Deals entirely with English politics. 

N. Y. (State). Ghamber of Commerce. Rapid transit in New 
York city aod in other great cities. 1905. O, 839.5 N48 

Odgers, W. B. Local government [in England]. 2d rev. ed. 

1901. 852 028 

Contenti : Introdnctoiy. — General Tlew of English local goy«iiment.~The 
parUh.— The borough.— The Union.— The county district.— The school au- 
thority.— The highway authority.- The burial authority.— The county.— The 
metropolis.— Central control.— Appendices. 

Porter, B. P. The dangers of municipal ownership. 1907. 852 F88 

C&ntenti : Municipal ownership as a public question.— The general case 
against municipal ownership.— The destruction of Indiriduallty.— Russia as 
an object lesson.— Effect of the public work policy of Australasia.- Reflec- 
tions of other minds.- A power to be reckoned with [i. e., influence of muni- 
cipal employees on politics].— The personnel of British local authorities.— 
The burden of ownership obligations.— The world's greatest spendthrift 
[London]. — Solvency of cities.- DeluslTe demonstrations of proflts.— The 
street railway tangle.— The strangling of the electrical Industry.- Failure of 
telephones under state or municipal management.— Municipal housing. 

<iuarterl7 Journal of Economics. Vol. 20. 1905/06. Per. Q40 

Taft, William H. Four aspects of civic duty. 1906. 172 T12 

Lectures delirered at Tale, In the course on the responsibilities of citizen- 
ship. The book discusses the duties of citizenship from the standpoint of a 
recent graduate of a unlTcrslty, of a Judge on the bench, of colonial admin- 
istration, and of the national ezecutlTe. 

Todd, Alpheufl. On Parliamentary government in England: its 

origin, development, and practical operation. Vol. 1, 2d ed., 

1887; vol. 2, 1869. 842.424 T56 

** A work of unquestionable Talae to one who would study the machinery of 
the English goTemment In all its paris. Indeed, for giring an Insight Into 
the practical affairs of the politics of England, there is no other work of 
so great value.'* C, K, Adami, 1880. 

1S8 BBOOKLDni rUBUO LDuumr. 

Trine, B. W. In the fire of the heert. 1906. S8l T78 

Contenii : With the people : a r«TelatiOB.~Theeoiiditioiii that hold amonff 
as.—Ai time deahi with nations.— As to foremment.— A gnat people't 
moTement.— Public utilities for the public good.— Labour and its anitlBf 
power.— A|(eneies whereby we shall seoore the people's greatest good.— The 
great nation.— Life of the higher beauty and power. 

U. 8. Interstate Gk>mmerce Oommission. 18th ftnnaal report 

on the statisties of railways in the U. S. 1906. G. 889.5 175 

Bagley, W. 0. The educative process. 1906. 870.1 B14 

*' All agree that Instruction should be raised to the highest possible grade of 
excellence. Dr. Bagley has made a raluable oontrlbutlon to this end by a 
lucid, methodical presentation of basic principles. . . All who train teachers 
or make a study of education and psydiology should master this Transatlan- 
tic theory of education. At first sight the technical terms may look formid- 
able, but tbcy are carefully explained." AtkeiUBum, 

Educational Review. Vol. 88. 1906. 870.5 BS 

Fits, B. K., and Q. W. Problems of babyhood: boilding a con- 
stitution, forming a character. 1906. 649 F57 
A sensible and practical book. 
Hill, Mrs. 0. B. Notes on edacation for mothers and teachers. 
1906. 870.1 H55 
ConterUi : General principles.- The will.— The intelleet.— On certain faonl- 
ties.— On some faults and habits.— Memoranda of obsenratlons and experi- 
ments In education. 

Kern, O. J. Among country schools. 1906. 870.97 Ki5 

'* In refreshingly vigorous, unconrentional style Mr. Kern, superintendent 
of schools in Winnebago County, Illinois, sets forth the morements on foot 
in the Middle West for the improToment of country schools. . . A striking 
feature is the increased attention to sdentiflc agriculture. This is one im- 
portant phase of the general movement to make country life more profitable 
and attractive, and to check the tide of emigration from country to dty. . . 
Any one who desires information as to th4 ways and means, and the actual 
results of experience in carrying out these reforms, or a good discussion of 
the financial problems involved, will do well to read this book." Naii€m. 

O'Bhea, K. V. Edacation as adjustment: educational theory 

viewed in the light of contemporary thought. Rev. ed. 1906. 

870.1 088 
*' On the whole, we know of no more satisfactory discussion c f what Is thus 

far known of the evolution of motor control. Its relation to education, and 

of the place of the manual arts In education.*' Sokooi BmiUw, 


Smith, Nora Archibald. The kindergarten in a nutshell: a hand- 
book for the home. 1899. 872.2 865 

" The Mri«i of papers from whloh, with considerable alteration and addi. 
tloo, this little Tolume has been made, was originally written for the Xad<et' 
Horn* Journal, to show something of the kindergarten as a means of derel- 
opment for children, and of the possible adaptation of Its principles to the 
home." Prtfaot, 

Thomdike, E. L. The principles of teaching based on psy- 
chology. 1906. 871 T89 

*' A discussion of essential principles which every teacher onght to under- 
stand. The book Is largely written upon the Indnctive plan, the author basing 
his conclusions on the results of his own Investigations. He discusses In a 
helpful manner the subject of physical education." Ptychologiodl BuUeUn, 

Amateur Work. Vol. 6. 1905/06. 605 A49 

American Journal of Science. Vol. 172. 1906. Per. A80 

Boston Society of Natural History. Proceedings. Vol. 82. 

1904-1906. 506 B6 

Oasaier'B Magazine. Vol. 80. 1906. Per. C18 

Oollins, T. B. The new agricnltnre : a popolar outline of the 

changes which are revolntionizing the methods of farming and 

the habits of farm life. 1906. 680 C69 

Oolton, B. P. Elementary physiology and hygiene. 1906. 612 C72 
Oraftsman. Vol. 10. 1906. 605 C84 

Electrical World. Vol. 48. 1906. 620.5 £88 

Elmendorf, D. L* Lantern slides: how to malte and color them. 

1895. Q. 778 E48 

Bngineering News. Vol. 56. 1906. 620.5 E5 

Franklin, W. S., and Williamson, B. B. The elements of 

alternating currents. 2d ed., rewritten and enlarged. 1906. 

^ 621.81 F85 

Contenti : Inductance and capacity.— The simple alternator.— Alternating 
current and alternating elect romotlre force.- Measuring instrument^.— 
Harmonic electromotlre force, and harmonic current.— Problems of the in- 
ductlre circuit and^eBonanoe.— The use of complex (^antity.— The problem 

of colls In fierles.— The problem of colls in parallel.— The transformer with- 
out iron.— Polyphase alternators.— PolTPhase systems.- Theory of the alter- 
nator.— Theory of the transformer.— Theory of the synchronous motor.— 

sion lines.— Alternators.— Transformers.— Induction motors.— Synchronous 
motors.— Rotary conrerters and motor generators. 



GaltoxLy Francis, and Bchuster, Bdgar. Noteworthy families : 

an index to kinships in near degrees between persons 

whose achievements are honourable, and have been poblidy 

recorded. 1906. 575.1 GlSb 

A itady In heredity. CiranUra were tent to the Fdlowt of the Royal So- 
olety, asklDg for partloulart of the aohierementt of their relettTe*, and thU 
book giTes the statistical results, aud general conolnslons. 

Gantier, A. Diet and dietetics. 2d rev. ed. Ed. and trans, by 

A. J. Blce-Oxley. 1906. 613.2 628 

** Most complete work on the tnbjeot yet pabllihed. The flrtt part deals 
with prindplei and methods, is highly teohnloal, aoonrate, and ap<UMlate; 
the second part deals with erery kind of food and drink; the third pari is 
ou diet in health and disease." Athetueum. 

Hodgson, F. T. Hodgson's estimator and contractor's guide for 
pricing builder's work, describing reliable methods of pricing 
builder's quantities for competilive work, showing in brief 
and concise form the methods generally employed by the most 
Huccessful contractors; giving full details for estimating cost 
per cubic foot of similiar buildings, estimating by the square, 
estimating in rough quantities, estimating per unit of accom- 
modation, estimating by accurate quantities, etc., with many 
tables, rules and useful memoranda. 1906. 690.2 H66 

Hough, T., and Sedgwick, W. T. The human mechanism, its 

physiology and hygiene and the sanitation of its surroundings. 

1906. 612 H81 

** A new departure in the teachlnf? of physiology, in that less attention has 
been giren to the technicalities of anatomy and histology, and more to a 
popular discussion of modern sanitation and hygiene, and results of seientl. 
fie research. GHves suggestions on the furnishing, lighting, heating, and 
▼entilation of the home, Its water-supply and plumbing; and oonsldera the 
duties of the gOTeming power in matters of public health. Its tubjeot-mat- 
ter and its language wUl make it useful to the merchant and the householder, 
as well a^ to the student." Boitan TYanaoript. 

KoBSy S. A. Elements of gas engine design. 1906. 621.4 M85 

Nature. Vol. 74. 1906. Per. N28 

Pitman, Sir Isaac. Isaac Pitman's short course in shorthand ; 

an exposition of the author's system of phonography arranged 

in forty lessons. Designed for use in business colleges, high 

schools, and for sclMaattuctlou. 1906. 0, 65S P68s 


Butherfordy Ernest. Radioactive traDsfonnations. 1906. 546 R98a 
An ampllfloation of lectoret dellTcred in 1906 at Tale UnlTerilty. £. T. 
Brewiter in the Atlantic Monthly writes : ** It seems likely that for some 
years to come snooesslTe editions of Prof. Rutherford's work will remain the 
best source of information for the reader in whom may be assumed a certain 
modicum of technical information." 

Sargent, D. A. PhyBical edncation. 1906. 618.7 824p 

CknUenti : Physical training.— The physical state of the American people.— 
Physical exercise and longevity.— Alms, means, and methods of physical 
training.— Physical edncation in colleges.— The Individual system of physi. 
cal training.— The regulation and management of college athletics.- Ath- 
letics in secondary schools.— Military drill in the public schools.— Physical 
culture In elementary schools.— Physical training In the school and college 
curriculum.- Ideals in physical education. 

Sparling, S. E. Introduction to business organlauition. 1906. 650 878 
CtmienU : Qeneral considerations.— Legal aspects of business organization. 
—Business aspects of farming.- Factory organization.— Gonunercial organ- 
izatlon.— Factory cost-keeping.- Evolution of the market.— Exchanges.- 
Direct selling.— Wholesaleing and retailing.- Traveling salesmanship and 
the mail-order buslness.—Advertlsing.— Credits and collections. 
" This volume is the outgrowth of a course of lectures on business organiza- 
tion and management, delivered at the University of Wisconsin. . . The 
scope precludes any attempt to discuss business management except as 
it throws light upon the problems of organization, but illustrative material 
not involving too much detail has been freely incorporated." Pr^aee, 
U. S. National Kuseum. Proceedings. Vol. 81. 1907. 0, 506 U5 
Willson, F. N. Theoretical and practical graphics: an educa- 
tional coarse on the theory and practical applications of 
descriptive geometery and mechanical drawing, prepared for 
students in general science, engineering or architecture. [4th 
ed.] 1904. 744 W68 


Abendachein, Albert. The secret of the old masters. 1906. 751 A 14 
** Abendschein Is one of tlie latest of the long list of painters who have been 
fascinated by the 'Venetian secret' and have spent years in experimenting 
with varnishes and media in the effort to master it. . . The outcome is 
the almost dlsappointlDg but eminently sane conclusion that the old masters 
had no secret except care, leisurelines8, and sunshine. Their vehicle 
was plain linseed oil, their reliance for permanency and brilliancy being 
upon plenty of time for drying between successive paintings and upon pro- 
longed exposure to direct sunlight to bum out the excess of oil." NaUon, 


Art JToumal. 1906. 70i 479 

Baloh, E. S. Comparatiye art. 1906. Q. 709 B18 

** The fundamental idea nnderlylnf thii monograph la to make an examina- 
tion and comparifon of the fine arta of as manj raoei as possible, and of the 
resemblances and difTerenoes between these arts, to see whether anj new 
Uf ht can thereby be shed on man and his history.*' Prefinoe, 

Baltsell, W. J. A complete history of music for schools, clmbs, 

and private reading. 1906. 780.2 B21 

*«A most nsefol and np-to-date history of music. Being intended 
chiefly for classes, or musical dubs, the chapters are followed 
by questions and suggestions as well as by bibliographic references." 

NatUM, 1906, 

Beruete, A. d«. Velazquez. 1906. 750 ViSbe 

Originally written in Spanish, the author being a Spanish painter and man 
of letters. He deals fully with the question of attribution of disputed pic- 
tures. The photographic reproductions number nearly 100, and Include, it 
is stated, every authentic picture by Velasquez. 

OhriBti«, Mr: Grace. Embroidery and tapestry weavlDg: a 
practical text-book of design and workmanship by Mrs. Archi- 
bald H. Christie. 1906. 746 C46 

CkmUfUi : Tools, appliances, and materials.— Pattern designing.— Stitches. 
— CaoTas work and stitches.- Methods of work.— Embroidery with gold and 
silyer threads.— Lettering, heraldry, and emblems.— The garniture of work. 
—Practical directions.— Tapestry wearing.- Necessary appliances and mn- 
terials.— Preparations for work.— The technique of weaTing. 

Oundall, H. K. Birket Foster, B. W. S. 1906. 750 F75 

Ouat, Lional. Van Dyck. 1906. 750 ]>99c 

Dillon, Edward. The arts of Japan. 1906. 709.52 D58 

DoUxnan, F. T., and Jobbins, J. B. An analysis of ancient 
domestic architecture, exhibiting some of the best existing 
examples in Oreat Britain, from drawings and measurements 
Uken on the spot. 1861-1868. 2y. 721.2 D69 

Finb«rg, A. J. The English water colour painters. 1905. 759.2 F49 

" InstrnctlTe, readable essay consldrring more than twenty artists, Indnding 
Coxxens father and son, Glrtin, Turner, Rowlandson, William Blake, Hoi- 
man Hunt, Copley, Fielding, and the later figure painters, and containing 
forty-two half-tone reproduction^ of their works, which are only fairly well 

wan AXT8. 127 

Harvey, W. A. The model village and Its cottages. lUus. by 

57 plates of plans, views, and details. 1906. 728 H26 

** It !■ hoped that these plant and yiews of BoarnTllle cottages, aooom- 
paoied by deseriptloos and notes, may prore of ralae as sog|(estlons for 
those Interested In a matter now daiminf wide attention,— that of the 
huildinf of cottages that may fitly be called homta.** Preface. 

Johnston, Edward. Writing and illuminating, and lettering. 

With diagrams and illustrations by the author and Noel Rooke, 

8pp. of examples in red and black and 24pp. of collotypes. 1906. 

744.8 J64 
*' A practical book explaining method of writing, tools used, and various 

processes. Includes examples of ornamental letters, and a chapter on in. 

serfptlons In stone, by A. E. R. QUI." 

Kullak, Adolph. The aesthetics of pianoforte-playing. Trans, 
by Th. Baker from the 8d Grerman ed., rev. and ed. by Hans 
BischoflT. 1903. 781.4 K94 

Kach, Bdmund Ton. Outlines of the history of painting from 

1200-1900 A. D. 1906. 759 M14 

Part 1 glTCS tables of the artists of each country, arranged chronologically, 
indicating the general character and rank of each painter. Part 2 gires an 
alphabetical list of artists, with dates. Part 3 contains a brief account of 
the history of painting. 

** The important part of Prof. Ton Mach's book is a series of tables grouping 
and grading all the artists of importance, giving a comprehensive view of 
the whole field. The painters are grouped by nationalities, dates, subject- 
matter, style, etc.; and graded, as to relative importance, by means of dif. 
ferences of type and other devices." Nation. 

Kills, Wesley. Voice production in singing and speaking, based 

on scientific principles. 1906. 781.2 M62 

** A thorough work based on a life study of the voice by one equally versed 
In anatomy and music. The greater part of the book Is devoted to vocal hy- 
glene and physiology, but the artistic side is not neglected. Emphasis is 
placed on the importance to teachers of knowledge of the use of the voice in 
speaking." A. L. A. Bookli$t, 

Koore, T. 8. Correggio. 1906. 750 C82mo 

'* The author brings to his work that rare combination, a practical training 
in art and a wide knowledge of literature, with a power of philosophical 
analysis to which very few writers on the history of art can pretend.** 

Xotkfon TVfiMS . 


Korris, G. L., and Wood, Bsther. The ooimtry oottmge. 1906. 

788 M88 
" Written for Bnglish readen with BngllBh prlMt qsoted, bat mgRWtlfe and 

hmTiDg m certain Taloe for American nie. Oonildera fltttag the tmlldliic to 

the lite, the occapation of protpectire resident, the aoll, drainafe, matertala, 

planning the room*, roof ■, chimneyt, the hearth, air and light, iztvrea and 

llttinira, arta and crafts, and decorations. An admirable book and nsefnl, 

though not of use as to prices and only in part as to materials. The pictores 

alone would be useful to builders of small houses.'* A, L, A, BootMti. 

Kawton, Brnest. A book of coantry houses, comprising nine- 
teen examples illastrated on sixty-two plates. 1908. 788 Ni8 

Boberts, H. W. Architectural sketching and drawing in perspec- 
tive, ¥rith thirty-six plates, illustrating the drawing of archi- 
tectural details and sketching to scale: including chapters on 
the plan and measuring point methods, the simplification of 
perspective by B.'s method, and on figures, foliage, etc. 1906. 

748 R64 

Btaley, Bdgcombe. Lord Leighton of Stretton, P. B. A. 1906. 


Studio. Vol. 88. 1906. Art Case 6.1 

Sturgis, Bussell. A history of architecture. Vol. 1. Anti- 
quity. 1906. 780.9 S98 
** Belongs to the enoyclopKdlc class, except that the arrangement is chrono- 
logical and by countries, instead of alphabetic A book full of information 
and suggestion, the fruits of a ripe scholarship, and far more readable than 
most works of the kind.*' Independent. 

SymonSy Arthur. Studies in seven arts. 1906. 704 S98 

C&ntefUM : Bodlu.— Painting of the 10th century.— GustUTe Iforeau.— 
Watts.— Whistler.— Cathedrals.— Decay of craftsmanship in England.— Beet- 
hoven.— Ideas of Richard Wagner.— Problem of Richard .Strauss.- Bleanora 
Duse.— New art of the stage.— Symbolist farce.— Pantomime and the poetic 
drama.— World as ballet. 

Torbayne, A. A. Alphabets and numerals, designed and drawn 
by A. A. Turbayne. 1904. 744.8 T84 

** This Is one of the best books for practical purposes that we bare seen for a 
long time. It Is the product of a genuine taste, founded on a study of sound 
originals, and we recommend the book heartily to all who hare to design 
lettering." Athenaum. 


Walters, H. B. The art of the Greeks. 1906. 709.88 W17 

An informing and Intereating discasaion, in the light of recent mrohcologi- 
oml difoorery, of Greek art in all its phases, including architecture, painting, 
sculpture, pottery, coins, gems, and metalwork. Fully illustrated. 


Aflalo, F. O., ed. Fishermen's weather, by upwards of one 

hundred livhig anglers. 1906. 799.1 A25 

Backell, O. T. Teasdale-. Experts on guns and shooting. 1900. 

799.01 B85 
Basy entertainments for young people. 1906. 798 E18 

Ctmlento: Court of the year—Caroival of sports.— Sniggles family.— Doc- 
tor Cure-all.— Courting of Mother Groose.— Vice rersa.— My country. 

Bighty Pleasant Byenings ; compiled by the Press Committee 
of Deems Memorial Christian Endeavor Society of Immanuel 
Church, Lillian M. Heath, chairman, 1898. 791 B84 

Ganthony, Bobert. Practical ventriloquism. 1904. 791 G15 

Xephart, Horace. The book of camping and woodcraft: a 
guidebook for those who travel in the wilderness. 1906. 799 K44 

Korton, M. W. Ideal drills : a collection of entirely new and 
original drills, marches, and motion songs. 1906. j790 M88 

Ome, M. B. Hallowe'en : its origin and how to celebrate it with 
appropriate games and ceremonies. 1898. 798 074 

Pontifez, pseud. A book of bridge. 1905. 795 P77 

Book, B. 0., and L. J. Drills and marches. 1906. ]790 B77 

CantenU : Introduction.— Hoop drili and march.— Waiter drill.— Doll drill. 
—New tambourine drill.— Mother Goose reception and drill.— Drill of the 
little patriots.- Broom drill.— Umbrella march.— March, song and drill with 
dolls.— Dumb-bell drill.— Mother Goose medley.— Dairy maids' drill.— Fan 
drill.- Burlesque on fan drill.— Lily march and song.— Parasol drill. 

Schell, Stanley, comp, Werner's readings and recitations, no. 81. 
Hallowe'en festivities. 1908. 798 882 

Shoemaker, Mrs, B. H., camp. Choice dialogues: a collection 
of new and original dialogues for school and social enter- 
tainment. 1906. 793 855 

— Classic dialogues and dramas, containing a number of the 
strongest scenes from Shakespeare, 8chlller, Bulwer, Sheri- 
dan, and others. 1904. 798 S55a 



WcUSy A. B. SocUl eveniDgs: » ooUectioii of platsant enter- 
taiiiiiieiits for ChrUtiaii SndeftYor Sodetiet and the home 
circle. 1906. 791 W468 

— Social — to save: a book of siiggestioiia for the social com- 
mittees of Christian Endeavor Societies and for the home 
circle. 1895. 791 W46 


Abrahams, Israel. A short history of Jewish Uteratore from 
the fall of the Temple (70 C. B.) to the era of emancipation 
(1786 C.E.). 1906. 892.4 A15 

Benson, 0. E., eomp. The wayfarer. 1906. 821 B44 

▲ oollectlon of brief poemi and qaotAtioni, some of tlimn in prote. 

Byron, O. O. N. B., Wi baron. With Byron in Italy; being a 
selection of th«. poems and letters of Lord Byron which have 
to do with his life in Italy from 1816 to 1823, selected and 
arranged by A. B. McMahan. 1906. 820 B99w 

Oouch, A. T. Qoiller-, comp. The pilgrims' way : a little scrip 
of good counsel for travellers. 1906. 821 C88p 

A selection of BngllBh proie and poetry. 

Dovere, Sir Aubrey. Mary Tndor: an historical drama. New 
ed. 1884. 822 D49 

Dye, Oharity. The story-teller's art : a guide to the elementary 
study of fiction, intended for high schools and academies. 
1908. 420.7 D98 

Felltham, Owen. Resolves; divine, morall and political. 1964. 

824 Fd2 
A reprint in the TanpU eUuHci of a work which wat firit pabiifhed about 
1920. The form iB that of a teriea of brief esiarf. While one critic blamea 
the book for lack of depth and a fondnett for oonoelts of lanfoafe, another 
flndt in it " more tolid maxims, at mach piety, and far better writing, than in 
moAt of the pulpit lecturet of today." 

Fowler, H. W., and F. G. The king's English. 1906. 426 F82 

**The principle adopted hat been to patt by all mlea, however important, 
that are teldom broken ; and to illattrate by iiTlng examplea all blunders 
that obtenration thowt to be common." Prtfaot, 

** The book hat excited much comment in England, partly because many of 
itt horrible examplet are culled from the retpeotable columns of the TUmet, 
JSp^eiator and WettwUnster OctMiU; and partly beoanse it Is, for a treatise 
on rhetoric, imoommo^ maa.** HoMnm. 

LmUUTURB. 181 

Godfrey, Blissboth, p$eud.^ comp. A book of remembrance: 

being lyrical selections for eyery day in the year. 1904. 821 G54 

** Miu Godfrey glTea a« numy little-known poema, especially from the mod- 
ema. She la catholic mt well m choice, not too common a combination.** 

London Thnet. 

Grillparzer, Franz. Das goldene Vlless : dramatiscbes Qedicht 

in drei Abtellongen. 882 G87g 

ConUnit : Der Qaatfreond.~Dle Argonanten.— Medra. 
Hauptmann, Gerhart. The weavers: a drama of the forties. 

Trans, from the German by Mary Morison. 1899. 882 H80w 

Howall, James. Famllar letters; or, Bpistolse Ho-Eliane. [Bd. 

by Ollphant Smeaton.] 1908. [Ist pnb. 1645-1655.] 8v. 824 H849 

Flctitiona correspondence with men of all ranlES, contaiuInK philosophic re. 
flections and political, social and domestic anecdote. 

LasaroSy Emma. Poems. 1888. 2t. 820 L43 

Vol, 1. Narratlre, lyric, and dramatic. 
2. Jewish poems : translations. 

Longfellow, H. W. Origin and growth of the languages of 

southern Europe and of their literature : an inaugural address by 

Henry Wads worth Longfellow, Professor of modem languages 

in Bowdoin College, delivered Sept. 2, 1880. 1907. 809 L85 

Now printed in fall for the first time. Of interest as the first extended essay 
in prose by the poet. 

Loti, Pierre, p«eud. Fantome d'orient. 1899. 843 L91f 

Monkhouae, Allan. Books and plays. 1894. 804 M74 

ContenU : Mr. Meredith's norels.— Mr. Meredith's poems.— Geor^ Borrow. 
—Torgenieir.— Ibsen's social plays.— Three plays by Mr. Sterenson and Mr. 
Henley.— Politics of dramatic art. 

Nichols, Bowyer, comp. Words and days: a table-book of prose 

and verse. With an introd. by George Saintsbury. 1906. 808.8 N51 

'* ▲ model among daily poetry books. Mr. Nichols' knowledge is wide and 
deep, his taste distinguished, and he is blessed with a pretty wit in the ap- 
plication of his chosen passages. For these he has a plan of his own— three 
quotations for every day, the first from Shakespeare, the second in prose, the 
third from the poeta, all three throwing light on the same subject." 

London Timet, 

Pinero, A. W. His house in order : a comedy in four acts. 1907. 

822 P65h 


Schmidt, Alexander. Sbakespeare-lexicon: » complete diction- 
ary of all the English words, phrases and constmctlons In the 
works of the poet. 8d ed., rev. and enl. by Gregor Sarrazin. 
1903. Ref. 85.86 

Schofleld, W. H. English literature, from the Norman conquest 

to Chaucer. 1906. 810.1 S86 

Contents : Anglo.Latin litermtare.— Anglo.Norman and Anglo- Frenoh liter, 
mture.— English language.— Romance.— Tales.— Hlatorleal works.— Beilglona 
works.— Didactic works.— Songs and lyrics. 

Sluurp, William, (Fiona MacLeod, pseud). Where the forest 
murmurs: nature essays. By Fiona MacLeod. 1906. 500 S58 

Spenaer, Edmund. Poems. Selected and with an introd. by 
W. B. Yeats. 1906. 820 S74e 

Yeats, W. B. Poetical works, vol. 1. Lyrical poems. 1906. 

820 T41a 

Bacon, Mr$. M. 8. H. Old New England churches and their 

children; by Dolores Bacon [pseud.]. 1906. 277.4 BIS 

Benham, William. The Tower of London. 1906. 942.5 L8bep 

Content* : Early hlstoiy.- Oeneral sorrey of the balldings.- In the days of 
the later Plantagenets.— In the time of the Tudor kings.— The Tndor queens. 
—The Stuarts.— The House of Hanorer. 

Contains colored illustrations from contemporary manuscripts. 

Bradby, O. F. The great days of Versailles: studies from 

court life in the later years of Louis XIV. 1906. 944.08 B72 

Content* : Versailles.— Life at Court.— Manners and customs.— Some celeb- 
rities at the Court.— Louis XIV.— Mme. de Maintenon.— Monsieur.- ICa. 
dame.— Monselgneur, the Grand Dauphin.— The Duke and Duchess of Bur- 
gundy.— Due d'Anjou and Due de Berry. 

Ohampney, Mrs. E. W. Romance of the Italian villas, northern 
Italy. 1906. 945.6 C85 

Contents: Villa of the Leopard.— Lair of the White Deril.- Frescoes of 
Villa Lemmi.— Villas of the Medici.— liana : a legend of two rillas.- ** Al. 
legro".- Borromeo tapestries.- The real thing.— Ring of the Twisted Ser- 
pent—How Bordello the Silver-tongued became Bordello of the Iron Hand.— 
The Amber Empress.- Ghosts of Qlacomelli.— Scarlet scarf .— Homeless 
ghosts and haunted habitations. 

HI0TOBT. 188 

Bisraeli, Isaac. Commentaries on the life and reign of Charles 
the First, king of England. New ed., rev. by the author and 
edited by his son. 1851. 2v. 942.063 D68 

** Probably the most powerfal plea erer made in behalf of Charles I, it it 
temperate In lanf^age and dignified in tone. With great Ingenaitj, known 
facts are woven Into the argument and made to support the cause of royalty. 
The beaaty of his style and the fenror of his passion are such that the read- 
er's Judgment is In some danger of being carried by storm.*' C. K, Adami, 

Fanner, H. K. History of Fall River; prepared under the 
^ direction of a committee of prominent citizens appointed by 
His Honor Mayor John T. Conghlin. 1906. 0, 974.45 F18fe 

Fleming, W. L., ed. Documentary history of reconstruction, 
political, military, social, religious, educational and industrial, 
1865 to the present time. Vol. 1-2. 1906-07. 976 F6S 

Gkurrison, O. P. Westward extension, 1841-1850. [The Ameri- 
can nation, ed. by A. B. Hart, vol. 17.] 978.6 G19 

Deals with expansion in Texas, Oregon, and California; and with the Mexi- 
can War. Includes a chapter on the beginning of a Panama canal policy. 

Harrison, J. B. Primitive Athens as described by Thucydides. 
1906. 988.6 H24 

** Miss Harrison takes as her text the account glren by Thucydides of tha 
ancient city. Her book embodies the latest views of Dr. DSrpfeld, who has 
been for twenty years the highest authority on Athenian topography, Oreek 
architecture, and the art of archKologicai excavation.'* Nation. 

Haydon, A. L. The book of the V . C. : a record of the deeds of 
heroism for which the Victoria Cross has been bestowed, 
from its institution in 1857 to the present time ; compiled from 
oiQcial papers and other authentic sources. 1907. 942 Z89 

Hosmer, J. K. The appeal to arms, 1861-1868. 1907. [The 

American nation, ed. by A. B. Hart, vol. 20.] 978.7 H79 

—The outcome of the Civil War, 1863-1865. 1907. [The 

American nation, ed. by A. B. Hart, vol. 21.] 978.7 H79a 


KaMfleldy John. On the Spanish main ; or, some Bng lish forays 
on the isthmns of Darien. With a description of the hoc- 
caneers and a short account of old-time ships and sailors. 1906. 

910.4 M87 
** A book made up of numj books, of which Dmrnpltr*! Foyoi^it, BMiuemo- 
lin*t Sittoryt and Barney's Buecatuert of ^merioo, are perhaps the best 
known. The map and the illustrations are good, bat the narratire is not 
oonseoatire and orderly enough. The history preserved in these pages is 
chiefly ralnable as being an aooonnt of the actual life and customs of a com- 
munity making a business of piracy. To a boy it is a book of excitement 
and adrenture ; to a student of history a curious illustration of how thin is the 
reneer of clTillaatlon. A large part of the book is deroted to the exploits of 
8ir Francis Drake and Sir Henry Morgan.** 

Peck, H. T. Twenty years of the republic, 1885-1906. 1906. 

842.787 P88 
ContetUi : Return of the democracy.— Two years of President Clereland.— 
Memories of the past.— Republican rally.— President of Benjamin Harrison. 
-Election of 1802.- President Clereland once more.— Storm and stress.— 
Bond sales and Venexuela.— Rising in the West.— Election of 1890.— Presi- 
dent M'Klnley and the neo-republioanism.— War with Spain.— Last years of 
President M'Kinley.- President Rooserelt.— Transformed republic. 
** Prof. Peck writes entertainingly. He has woTen the erents of Atc Presl. 
dentlal terms into a racy and eminently readable narratire— qualities not 
impaired by a tendency to BiuLp judgment, and a habit of rather sweeping 
generalisation. . . Most of the characterisations of public men, notably that 
of Mr. Rooserelt, are happily done; and some of the brief interpolated dis- 
cussions of public questions are both apt and illuminating.** Nation. 

Petrie, W. K. F. Researches in Sinai. 1906. 988.6 P44r 

'* In this rolume Prof. Petrie has turned aside from the field in which he has 
aohiered such distinct success, to a study of the monuments of what was 
once Farther Egypt, especially at the ancient turquoise mines of Maghareh. 
One result of the expedition it to shed light upon the wanderings of the 
children of Israel In the wilderness. All the remaining ancient inscriptions 
were copied, and arrangements were made for their remoral to museums.** 

Bayenel, Mrs. H. H. B. Charleston : the place and the people. 
1906. 975.75 C8r 

** A book that has much of the haunting fascination peculiar to the old town. 
Although disclaiming to be a continuous history of Charleston, it is a ralna- 
ble historical work, describing the most important erents in the history of 
the city, and giring a clear impression of its traditions, manners, and cos- 
toras. The story of Charleston daring the Confederacy, which closes the rol- 
ume, is told with clearness, dignity, and praiseworthy moderation.*' 

N. r. Timet. 


Bodocanachi, E. The Roman Capitol in ancient and modern 
times; the citadel, the temples, the senatorial palace, the 
palace of the conservators, the maseam. Trans, from the 
French by Frederick Lawton. 1906. 945.5 B6ro 

Victoria History of the Oounties of England. 

Essex, vol. 2. Ed. by Wm. Page and J. H. Bound. 1907. 943.5 B7 
Lincohi, vol. 3. Ed. by Wm. Page. 1906. 943.5 L6 

Norfolk, vol. 3. Ed. by Wm. Page. 1906. 943.5 N7 

Northampton, vol. 3. Ed. by B. M. Serjeantson and W. R. D. 
Adklns. 1906. *- ' 943.5 N8 

Virginia Ck>mpan7 of London. Records of the Virginia Com- 
pany of London : the Coart Book, from the manuscript in the 
Library of Congress. Ed. with an in trod, and bibliography 
by S. M. Kingsbury ; preface by H. L. Osgood. 1906. 3y. 

S978.31 VSl 

Of great Taiae a« material for hlBtory, making aooeuible to the atudent of 
the early colonization of America records that ha?e been that up in care- 
fully guarded manuscript for nearly three centuries. 

Yorke, H. B. France in eighteen hundred and two, described 
in a series of contemporary letters. Ed. and rev. with a bio- 
graphical appendix by J. A. C. Sykes and an introd. by Richard 
Davey. 1906. 944.04 T8 

" The interest of the roiume is chiefly pictorial. The author 'did' Paris 
pretty thoroughly during liis three months* sojourn in 180S2, and he gives us 
a picture of tilings not exactly as they were, but as they appeared to a fairly 
intelligent obsenrer, whose intelligence was somewhat at the mercy of his 
prejudices.*' London Times, 


Davos, [Switzerland] , as a health-resort : a handbook containing 
contributions by [varloas people], and introd. by W. R. Hag- 
gard. 1907. 0. 949.45 D8d 

Fiala, Anthony. Fighting the polar ice. By Anthony Flala, 
commandei of the Ziegler polar expedition. 1906. 998 F44 

Harper, 0. G. The old inns of old England : a picturesque 
account of the ancient and storied hostelries of our own 
country. 1906. 2v. 942.6 H28o 


Holdich, SirT.n. Tibet, the mysterioiis. 1906. 951.5 TSh 

A ffeoeral hlttoriod and dMoriptife Moovst of the tomatrj, Iti ezplormtldto 
from earlieft timet and the eodal life «Bd cottomt of the Bathrei. Oontalas 
m bibliognphy of Tibet. 

Jftckson, F. H. The shores of the Adriatic, the ItalUui side : 
an architectaral and archadological pilgrimage. 1906. 945.6 J18 
** Deftla with a part of Italy little known to traTellera. Arohlteetnre is Mr. 
Jaeluon'a fitrte, and here we feel him thoronffbiy at home, while at to paliit- 
iof he it tomewhat remitt. Almott every ohoreh It beaotifnllj reprodooed 
from hit own delicate drawingt or from tpeelaUj taken photogrt4»ht, and 
erery detail it detcribed at length. ^ hittory alto the author It at home, 
and mott interettlng it hit detcrlption of the rariont nlen of theee pro- 
Tinoet. At pare deteriptlon, the book it too balky to terre at a gnide-book, 
and for thoee who atk only for charming impretti<Hit, it it too pracrical, too 
oontcientions, often girlng at the faott aboat a plaee, bat not the feeling of 
Itt tpedml charm and witchery.'* London TVnet. 

Landon, Perceval. Under the san : impressions of Indian cities, 

with a chapter dealing with the later life of Nana Sahib. 1906. 

954.6 L88 
** A teriet of word piotaret bringing before nt the Tery oolonr and atmot. 

phere of tcenet in India For the rltitor reading on the tpot, or for the old 

retident, they will have the greatett charm. Perhapt the mott interetting 

chapter it that which detcribet Baddh-Oaya, the Mecca of the milliont 

whote prophet it Baddha.*' London Times, 

Loti, Pierre, pseud, Le desert. 958.6 L91 

Detcrlption of the Arabian detert. 

Maodonell, Anne. Tonraine and its story. With colored illns. 
by A. B. Atkinson. 1906. 944.5 T6m 

" Perhapt the dilTerence between her writing and that of Mr. Coclk it chiefly 
the difference between the man and the woman author. Hit it more com- 
plete. Uert it more picturetque, more literary, more dlflhte, aboTC all 
more pcrional. If we tometlmet feel a little too mnch colour, we alto feel 
that her ityle hat more charm than that of her predeoettor.'* London TVmet. 

KaMiS, H. J. L. J. Oxford. 1^06. 948.5 08m 

ConUntB: Introductory .—The town.— The onlTertlty.— The ooUeget^— The 
chorchet.— Art treaturet. 

Koore, Frederick. The Balkan trail. 1906. 949.7 M78 

*' A freth attempt to throw tome light on the mixed condition of aflkirt 
among the Tarkt, Bulgariant, and other peoplet of the Balkant. The author 
it an American newspaper correspondent, who giret an entertaining ao> 
count of what he taw and of hit adventuret by the way.** 


Bewally J. 8. The logbook of the captain's clerk : adventares 

in the China seas. 1906. 950.6 851 

CkmUnU: On the way out.— The fate of the Donna Maria.— After muti- 
neers in Patchnngtan.— Cmiiisg for piratea.— The aoonrge of the Battem 
•eas^— Bound for the Sunrise Kingdom.— The famous Perry expedition to 
Japan.— The Talplngi in Shanghai.— The expedition again, and the open- 
ing of Japan.— A journey through history backwards. 

The author aooompanled the Perry expedition to Japan, and here tells of 
that and other experiences in the East, when Western ways were oompara- 
tirely little known there. 

Shoemaker, K. K. Winged wheels in France. 1906. 944.6 855 

An account of an automobile trip through France and parts of the Black 
Forest and BwitserUnd. 

Bkinner, B. P. Abyssinia of today : an accoqut of the first mis- 
sion sent by the American government to the court of the king 
of kings, 1908-1904. 1906. 968 862 

TompkiziSy H. W. In Constable's country, with many reproduc- 
tions from bis paintings. 1906. 942.5 S75t 

Contains some account of Constable and his art, but is mainly a description 
of those parts of Bssex and SulTolk made famous by the celebrated painter. 

Waller, M. B. Through the gates of the Netherlands. 1907. 

949.26 W15 

** An intimate sketch of Holland and its people which purports to be written 
by an architect's wife during a sojourn with her husband in this land of 
dunes and dykes.** 

Watson, Gilbert. The voice of the 8outh. 1906. 965 W88 

The author made a trip through the southern Algerian desert, with a true 
son of the desert, a natural poet, as guide. A lore aifkir of this guide's 
makes the book *' almost as interesting as Action." 

Wyon, Beginald. The Balkans from within. 1904. 949.7 W99 

** The first of the four sections of the book is principally designed to show 
up the Turkish goremment. Although the intrusion of political interests 
may make against the success of the book, the later sections, dealing with 
Montenegro and Albania, contain many chapters which will appeal power- 
fully to readers whose Iotc of a striking situation is unmixed with any 
anxiety about diplomatic mores. . . . Some of the pictures will not quickly 
fade from the memory.'* Fbrtim. 




Beame« Mn, 0. W. Heroines of French society in the Conrt, 

the ReTolntion, the Empire, and the Bestoration. If 07. B4.B88 

ComUnU: Madmme Vlgte Le Bnm.— La Murqniae de Montagae.— Madame 
TaUlen.— Madame de Qeidli. 

Brookfleld, Mrs, F. K. The Cambridge '< AposUes." 1906. E2.B79 

CoiUenU: The "Apoatles."— William Henry firookfleldv--The friend of the 
"Apostles.** — Joseph William Blakeslej.— Charles Boiler.— Arthur Henry 
Hallam.— John Mitchell Kemble.— Henry Lnshington.— FredeHok Denieon 
Manrice.— Riohard Monokton Milnes.— James 8pedding.— John Sterling.— 
Alfred Tennyson.— Richard Chenerix Trench.— George StOTln Venablea. 

A record of the talk, and a stndy of the character, of a group of gifted 
people who ga?e the Unlrersity of Cambridge distinction between 1830 and 
1810. In spite of nomerous misprints, the book is attraetire in f orm. The 
OuUook calls it the most witty and entertaining book published for some 

Davis, Bichard Harding. Real soldiers of fortmie. 1906. E1.D29 

** Tells of the careers of some of the most picturesque and adrenturous men 
of our day. These real soldiers of fortune are : Capt. McQiffen, who oom- 
numded a Chinese battleship at the battle of the Talu; General Wm. 
Walker, perhaps the greatest of fllibusterers; Baron Harden-Hickey, who 
attempted to found a kingdom on the island of Trinidad; Winston Spencer 
Churchill, of varied experiences; and General Maclrer, who has fought 
under the flags of most known, and many unknown, nations.** 

Walpole, i^ir Spencer. Studies in biography. 1907. B2.W16 

ContenU: Sir Robert Peel.— Mr. Cobden.— Mr. Disraeli.— Lord DuJibrin.— 
SdwardGlbbon.— Prince Bismarck.— Napoleon III.— Lord Shaftesbury.- 
Some decisire marriages of English history. 


Acton, l9t haron^ Sir John Emerich Edward Dalberg- Acton. 

Lord Acton and his circle. Ed. by Abbot Gasqnet. 1906. B.AclS.a 

** The letters contained in the present volume are of surpassing interest. 
They exhibit Lord Acton in the heyday of his youth and the plentltude of 
his power, working with heroic seal and energy for the intellectualisation 
of the Catholic church in England. It may be objected that this book is too 
full of editorial details, but they are necessary for the appreciation of 
Acton's character. But there are green places of serene philosophy wlilch 
are of infinite ralue, and much light is thrown on the derelopment of Acton's 
Mind.'* Saturday Bcoisw. 


Balsac Bmneti^re, Ferdinand. Honors de Balzac. 1906. E.BSSSS.b 

** Not so moeh m biography m a consideration of the noTels of Balxao with 
reference to their hlitorical algnlfioance, esthetic ralae, social bearisf , 
morality and Influence. Scholarly, of coarse, in treatment, compact, finished, 
and readable. Not eqnally well translated throughout.'* A, L, A. Booklist, 

Bishop. Stoddart, A. M. The life of Isabella Bird (Mrs. 

Bishop). 1906. £.B6479.8 

** Mrs. Bishop selected her biographer, and Miss Stoddart has done her 
work well. If thereis a fault, it Is a certain lack of perspectlTe . . . We all 
knew that Miss Bird was foremost among women trarellers, but in her 
biography we see her in a less familiar and more attractive light. Her 
leisure, if we may call it so, was deroted to philanthropy and mission work. 
... As for Mrs. Bishop's books of travel. Miss Stoddart should give a fresh 
impulse to their drcnlation, for in startling incident and thrilling romance, 
the plain unvarnished tale eclipses ingenious fiction." London Tiwtei. 

Barney. Hill, Constance. The honse in St. Martin's Street, 
being chronicles of the Barney family, 1774-1788. 1907. 

**Mlss Hill writes of the happy little household with her wonted grace. The 
book abounds In quotations from diaries and other papers hitherto nnpub- 
llshed, and is enriched with charming illustrations." London Timet, 

Ck>lambas. Yoong, A. B. F. Christopher Colnmbns and the 

new world of his discovery. 1906. 2v. £.C7845.y 

** Picturesquely and vigorously written. Does not claim to add to our 
knowledge by original research, but It is a readable and interesting account 
of what Is known, with an especial elTort to reveal the personality of Coium- 
bus. In spite of some conjectural details and doubtful statements, trust- 
worthy in the main." 

Earle. Sanborn, F. B., ed. Memoirs of Pliny Earle, M. D.; 
with extracts from his diary and letters, and selections from 
his professional writings. 1898. 0, E.Ea26 

Emerson. Woodberry,G.E. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1907. E.Em85.wo 

Xirkaldy. Mnrdock, Harold. Historic of the life and death of 
Sir William Kirkaldy, of Grange, knight, wherein is declared 
his many wise designs and valiant actions, with a tme relation 
of his heroic condact in the castle of Edinburgh which he had 
the honour to defend for the Qaeen of Scots. 1906. E.K688.m 

Longfellow. Norton, C. E. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow : a 
sketch of his life, with his chief autobiographical poems. 
1907. ^.\A^:«. 


T#ftTi1»iii (fween of Firunia. Moflkty- M. M. Queen LooIm of 

Prassia. 8d ed. 1906. 948.05 L9m 

A STUipathetlo and admiriiig portrafsl of Qnaen Loiilt% and a dear and 
Intereattng plotore of her tlmea. While it throws no new lights on Prussian 
history, it nerer degenerates, as the life of royalty is apt to do» into a oonrt 
calendar, bat Is dignlAed and worthy of its sabjeot throoghont. 

Neale. Towle, £. A. Jonn Mason Neale, D. D., a memoir. 

1906. EJ»47 

Scott. Fyfe, W. T. Edinbargh ander Sir Walter Soott. 1907. 


Sellatedt, L. O. From forecastle to academy, sailor and artist : 

antobiography. 1904. G. E.Se495 

Sherard, B. H. Twenty years in Paris, being some recollections 

of a literary life. 1905. £.8h509 

Besides his other literary aetiyities, Mr. Sherard was for a long time the cor- 
respondent in Paris of American newspapers. He has known many of the 
leadinff men of France; and his recollections, thoogh possibly somewhat 
garmlons, are entertaining and abound in good stories and anecdotes. 

Sherman. Barton, T. E. John Sherman. 1906. E.Sh565.b 

Talbot» Bthelbert. My people of the plains. 1906. E.T141 

Bemlniscences of his life for eleren years as missionary bishop of Wyoming 
and Idaho. Breesy and entertaining. 

Williams. WlUlams, J. E. H. The life of Sir George Williams, 
founder of the Yonng Men's Christian Association. 1906. B.W6785 


Barrie, J. K. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. From The 

liUle white bird. With drawings by Arthar Rackham. B277.18 

One of those stories of children and their imaginings that are mainly inter, 
esting to the grown-ups. Arthur Rackham's delicate and fandfnl colored 
illustrations will be the main attraction of the book to many. 

Olegg, T. B. The wilderness. C5854.1 

Oooke, G. M. Their first formal call. C778.d 

A Tcry amusing short story which first sppeared in Hairptr*$ Magaaime^ 
Aug^ 1900. 

Doncan, Norman. Doctor Luke of the Labrador. D912.S 

Bdwarda, G. W. Break o'day, and other stories. E267.1 

Thumb-nail sketches. E267.2 

nonoK. 141 

Xliot, Oeor^, pseud, Bomola. An historically iUastrated edi- 
tioD, ed. with introd. and notes, by Gnldo Biagi. With 160 
eogravings of scenes and characters. 1906. 2 v. E427.7d 

Fogazzaro, Antonio. The patriot. F687.2 

Thii noTel deals with the strangle for m united Italj, in which Fogassaro'a 
parents took part. First pablished In 1890, it is the first of the trilogy, the 
second and third Tolomes of which are entitled The iinner and The taitU, 

Hill, Karion. The Pettison twins. H561.1 

Entertaining stories of two small children whose mother had elaborate 
theories of child training. Some of the stories appeared in MeClurt^i 

King, Oharles. Captured : the story of Sandy Bay. K687.41 

Kingsley, F. K. Trnthfnl Jane. K618.4 

A pretty young English girl of considerable force of character, grows rest, 
less in her position as *'poor relation " with her uncle's family. Secretly 
obtaining a position, she runs away to America, where Tarious trials await 
her, until the hero, or rather two heroes, come to her rescue. 

LaPasture, Mr$. Henry de. The lonely lady of Grosvenor 

Sqnare. L805.8 

The ** lonely lady " is a young girl of good family who, after a youth spent 
on a farm in Wales, with little knowledge of the world, comes to Utc in 
famous aristocratic Grosvenor Square, in London. 

Lee, Mrt. J. B. P. Uncle William, the man who was shifless. L5165.8 

The story of an old sailor liTing on the coast of Nora Scotia, and his friend- 
ship with a young artist who comes from New York. The CriUc says : "To 
my mind, as an antidote to nenrous prostration and a general bracer, Unde 
William throws the popular Mrs. Wiggs completely in the shade.*' 

London, Jack. White Fang. L682.8 

Adrentures of a wolf-dog in the wilds, and later as a friend of man. 

MacOrath, Harold. Half a rogne. M180.6 

** Although there is little plot, much dirersity of incident makes a rather 
lirely narratire. Upon the whole, it is a good machine-made norel." 

lAUrary Dtfftgt, 

KcLean, Sally Pratt, aftenoafda Mrs. Greene. Power Lot. M225.7 

A story of life in a little Nova Scotia hamlet, as told by Captain Jim, a 
sailor. One of the main characters is a wealthy and dissolute youth who 
has been sent to the hamlet by the family doctor. The New York Ttmee 
says : *' Though whole chapters might hare been omitted, this is a real story, 
full of quaint turns of humour and sentiment, and told with peculiar 
eloquence and dramatic effect.*' 


Macnavchtftn, 8. The fortune of Ghrlsttna ITKab. Mtt6.S 

Kalet, Lucas, pmid. The far horizon. M997.8 

The life in modem London of a man who hat UMxpoetodlj eone into a for- 
tone. The Spectator sayi : ** There if mndi in this book that if eloquent, 
ioiCgeetlTe, eren profound. And there If mnoh that If repellentt owing to 
ttf fheer onoannj oleremeff , in the needlefflj erael dltfeotlon of mlgarity 
and pretence and pettineff .** 

Miller, ElijNtbeth. Sanl of Tarens : a tale of the early Christians. 


** Sanl of Tarsnf, Stephen, Agrlppa and the emperorf Tlberlnf and Galigvla 

are drawn with a tonoh faithful to the thought, mannerf and ouftoma of the 

tlmef and enlirened by the author'f rlgorouf imagination.*' 

Book Bmrtmo Dtffttt, 

Oppenheim, B. P. The malefactor. 0626.1 

The Nation call thlf *' an amuaing yam, and not without a mond;'* and the 
New York TVmetregardf it af "the moat entioing ezeuee for fufpended 
mental aotiyitj that haf yet oome from Kr. Oppenheim'f gifted pen.'* 

Orczy, Bmoska, b(tronesa. I will repay. 0655.1 

▲ romance of the French Rerolntion. 

Fhillipps, D. O. The second generation. P54a4.8 

'* ▲ profperouf, felf-made man liTing in the middle Weft lajf planf to 
counteract the demoralising eflteot of idleneff and luxury upon hif fon and 
daughter. Although the f tyle is hasty and erade, the story if fbroeful, 
abiorbing, and timely." A.L,A, BooHcUtA, 

Bideout, H. K. Beached keels. B4d85.1 

" Three stories of failorf , all striking and more than usually well told." 

A, L. A, BooUUt, 

Sea well, M. B. The secret of Tonl. 8442.18 

Sid^rwick, Mrs. 0. U. The kinsman. 85678.5 

" An amuf ing and well-tustained bit of comedy. The scene is oontemporary 
England, and the plot is another pleasant rariation upon the andent theme 
of the two Dromios. In this case the two are distant cousins, one being 
heir to property, and their resemblance to eadi other if of the manrellons 
sort that one meets in fiction." 

Bpeannan, F. H. Whispering Smith. 8789.3 

A ftory of railroad building in the far Weft, and of ftmgglef with 
nature and man. 

Wilkixui, Mary B. By the light of the sonl. W657.20 

A study in felf .f aoriflce, showing the author's usual delicate delineation of 
New England character. The plot is almost impossible. 


Williamson, 0. N., and Jfrs. A. K. Bosemsry In search of s 

father. W681.7 

" The fire yew old Boeenuury at Monte Carlo, seeing that her mother ii lad, 
lets ont to find a loit father ... So with the help of an old 10Te4dIklr, an 
American millionaire, a pretty French adrentnreM, and a profnilon of 
Jewels and costly raiment, the tale nins on to a happy condasion.*' 


White, 8. E, ani Adams, 8. H. The mystery. W5984.7 

*' As a deliberate feat in the plrate-and-treasore line, this is not bad. All 
the fankiliar elements are here— the mysterious yoyafre, the desert Island, 
the f abolons prize, eren the pirate with a hook instead of a hand." Naatm, 


Beard, D. 0. New ideas for oat of doors : the field and forest 

handy book. 1906. J796 B867a 

Description of things that can be made ont-of ^oors at dilTerent seasons, 
with foil directions and illustrations. The material Is almost wholly new. 

Grienon, Elizabeth W. Children's tales from Scottish ballads. 

1906. ]808 G84 

Joyce, P. W. A reading book in Irish history. 1901. J941.6 J89 

Contains a mixtore of Irish history, biography, and romance, the stories 
and legends all dealing with the period before 14i)2. 

Langr, Andrew, ed. Orange fairy book. JL256.16 

KacLeod, Kary. Stories from The Faerie Qvieen. 1906. J811 S742 

Korris, Charles* Heroes of the army in America. 1906. JE1.M87 

Pyle, Katharine. Nancy Butledge. JP9978.7 

Biis, J. A. Is there a Santa Glaus? 1904. J890 B57 

Bteedman, 0. K. The child's life of Jesns. 1906. ]220 S81 

Sunday Beadingr for the Yoangr. J808 S95 

A collection of stories, poems, and descriptire articles, with many iUnstra- 

Weatrap, Kargaret. The yonng O'Briens : being an account 

of their sojourn in London, by the author of ** Elixabeth*$ 

Chtidren." JW588.1 

THB BrrBEDALB PBBiS: C. A. W. Sfbhobb. 


Reading for the Blind ' = '- v-'irtK! 
JUNE, 1907 \ 

■••• •■fcl ■■."" *C ta lJ«a-. - < 




VOL. XIII. No. 5 

Brooklinb, MaB8. 




Public Library of Brookline 

Wkbk Days. — 9 ▲. m. to 9 p. M., legal holidays excepted. 
SUKDATS. — 2 to 9 p. M. 

SoHOOL Bbfkrsnos and Childrhn'8 Booms. 

Week days only, 2 to 6 p. m., and also from 10 to 12 on Satorday 


Residents of Brookline who are not registered borrowers may make 
application for cards at the Deposit Stations. 

Books may be returned to the Stations whether taken from them 
or from the central Library ; but books drawn from the Deposit Sta- 
tions most be retorned to the Stations only. 

Coolldse's Comer Station.— Delivery of books to and from the 
Library on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Boylston 5tatlon» Upper Boylston Street, near Beseryoir Lane- 
Weekly delivery of books on Thursday; box returned to the Library 
on Saturday. 

Chestnut Hill Station. — A deposit station of thelPublic'Library 
is to be established in the drug store of Mr. L. H. Graves on the 
corner of Boylston and Hammond streets, beginning aboui'July 1, 


It seems probable that there are in Brookline enough blind or par- 
tially blind people to Justify the Public Library in starting a collection 
of books for them, as has been done in other places. Before doing 
this, however, the Librarian wishes to obtain the names and addresses 
of all people in Brookline whose sight is so imperfect that they are 
anable to read ordinary print, that she may know whether there is 
sufficient demand for sach a collection, and that she may send them 
word if it is started. The names of some blind people have already 
been obtained, and the pablic are asked to help in making a complete 
list. Every citizen is asked to send to the Library the names, and if 
possible the addresses, of any people known to him whose sight is so 
imperfect that they cannot read ordinary books. Names may be sent by 
mall, or given to the assistant at the Delivery Desk. It is hoped that 
all will co-operate in this effort to make the Library useful to those who 
cannot enjoy it at present. It Is not necessary that they should know 
how to read type for the blind, as suitable primers and appliances for 
learning would form part of such a collection, and blind people even 
of advanced age have learned to read with the fingers. 

Several magazines are now published in type for the blind, and if 
there were a sufficient number of readers, the Library would circulate 
some of these, as well as books. It may be of interest to some to 
know that books for the blind may be borrowed free of charge of the 
Free Library of Philadelphia, and of the New York Public Library, 
and that these books are carried through the mails free. Owing to 
the generosity of Mrs. Matilda Ziegler, the Matilda Ziegler Magazine 
will be sent to any blind person for the nominal price of ten cents a 
year. The first number, dated March 5, 1907, contains ninety-six 



pages, and is Issned in New York point and in Braille. The contents 
include fiction, poetry, current eyents, and letters from blind people. 
Later, there may be a masic colonm. It is published by the Ziegler 
Publishing Co. for the Blind, 1931 Broadway, Hew York City. A list 
of other magazines for the blind may be consulted at the library. 


The Library has Just bought the publications of the Touring-Club 
of France, a set of 82 volumes, not too large or heavy to hold, of 
unusually beautiful iUustrations of scenery and the architectural 
«* monuments" of France^and her dependencies. These books must 
be seen to be appreciated ; It would be hard to get elsewhere such 
views of rural France, and such pictures of the cathedrals, churches, 
and other historic buildings in her old towns. Three of the 82 
volumes are devoted to Corsica, Algeria, and Tunis. The text (in 
French) is simply concise, descriptive notes on the places and 
buildings illustrated, somewhat in guide-book style. Each volume is 
accompanied by a good map of the departments included, showing the 
highways, and the lesser roads as well, the raibroads and the water- 
ways, and also by a plan of the chief town. These books will be 
placed for a time on a shelf in the Delivery Hall, where they may be 
easily looked over. They are intended for general circulation. 


Q. indicates gift. 


In order to make room for other matter in the Bulletin, the bound 
Tolnmes of general periodicals are not listed, as has been done here- 
tofore. Bound volumes of magazines on special subjects are en- 
tered under the subject, in the Bulletin. The Library subscribes to 
about 155 periodicals, aod binds many of these. Both bound and 
unbound numbers are issued to readers, and the bound numbers may 
be kept two weeks, like any book. On the Bulletin Board hangs 
a little periodical called WTiofa in the magazines,, which is useful in 
finding the most interesting features of the current magazines. 


American Historical Beview. General index to volumes 
1*10, 1895-1905; prepared by D. M. Matteson. 1906. 

Per. A27 index 

Amsrican Lilnrary Ajwociation. A. L. A. portrait index : in- 
dex to portraits contained in printed books and periodicals, 
compiled with the co-operation of many librarians and others 
for the Publishing Board of the American Library Association. 
Ed. by W. C. Lane and Nina E. Browne. 1906. Bef . 15.135 

The A. L. A. portrait index is one of the most important publica- 
tions of the year. "Includes entries of about 120,000 portraits of 
thlrty-flve to forty-five thousand persons. There are 1,210 vol- 
umes Indexed. Dates of birth and death and charaoteriatations of 
the persons whose portraits are indexed are given. A work of 
great importance in all libraries." 

Bibliographer. Vol. 2. 1908. 010.5 B47 

Bngliali catalogue of books. 1835-1905. 7v. Libr'n's Room 

— Index, 1887-1889. 4v. Libr'n's Room 


Oannstt, Hmiry. Statistical abstract of the world. 1907. Bef. 65.6 

" Statistics relatinff to different ooontries, their population, prod- 
ucts, manofactures, and commerce. The lUnires ffiven are the 
latest obtainable.^^ Preface, 

EUacoz, O. D., ed. Henley's twentieth century book of redpea, 
formulas and processes, containing nearly ten thousand 
selected scientific, chemical, technical and honsehold recipes, 
formulas and processes for use in the laboratory, the office, 
the workshop and in the home. 1907. Ref . 65.64 

John Ghrerar Library. A list of bibliographies of special sub- 
jects. 1902. G. Bef. 15.117 

Library. Vol. 7 N. S. 1906. 010.5 L6 

Kaaa. Free Public Library Oommisaion. 17th report [for the 
year 1906]. 1907. G, 027 M88 


AbboU, B. A. Silanns the Christian. 1906. 225 AIS 

A study of the meaning of the New Testament, and particularly 
of the fourth Gospel, in the form of the autobiography of a young 
Roman, who is introduced as a follower of Bpictetusln the year 
118 A. D. Stoicism fails to satisfy him and he becomes a convert to 
Ohrlstianity, first through reading the epistles of Paul, and later 
the Gospels. The author states that the object of the work Is to 
suggest a conception of Ohrlst, not as prophet, teacher, or philoso- 
pher, but as the Kternal Son of God, Incarnate as the son of Joseph 
and Mary. 

Allen, A. V. G. Freedom In the church. 1907. 283 A42 

The author Is Professor of Ohurch History in the Protestant Bpis- 
copal Theological School at Cambridge. While the book deals pri- 
marily with the question of freedom of opinion in the Bplscopal 
church, it will be of interest to all denominations, for in all the 
same problem appears. The main part of the book is a clear his- 
tory and discufislon of the doctrine of the Virgin Birth. 

Augustiiie, Saint, bishop of Hippo. The city of God ; trans, by 

John Healey. 1903. 3t. 280.8 A92 

"This work, completed about 420. is to be regarded as the last 
great Ohrlstian apologetic against the Pagans. The immediate 
stimulus was the shock of the fall of Home in 410, which raised 
again the old cry ' Ohrlstianity Is the cause of all our ills.* ** 



Bittinger, L. F. German religious life in colonial times. 1906. 

277.3 B54 

Briggs, 0. A. The ethical teaching of Jesus. 1904. 282 B76 

Oabot, E. L. Everyday ethics. 1906. 177 Cll 

A live dlBOUsslon of problems which present themselves to boys 
and fflrls of the high-school age. It Is based upon the author^s long 
experience In teaching ethics, and the author draws freely for Il- 
lustration from the fields of blogi*aphy and literature. It Is pre- 
pared for class use with a series of questions, suggestions for teach- 
ing, and a bibliography, separated from the body of the text. 

Campbell, B. J. The new theology. 1907. 281 C15 

*' The author Is the minister of the Olty Temple. London, where the 
radical tone of his preaching has caused much comment and criti- 
cism recently. This book, written In a few weeks among the hills 
of Wales, whither Dr. Oampbell had retired to formulate his 
teaching. Is a marvel of brilliancy and clearness. It controverts 
nearly every doctrine of the creed as Interpreted fifty years ago; 
and states some of the doctrines In terms which, to say the least, 
can be better understood by the average thinker of to-day.*\ 

Oobbett, William. Advice to young men [and incidentally to 

youDg women, in the middle and higher ranks of life; in a 

series of letters, addressed to a youth, a bachelor, a lover, a 

husband, a father, a citizen, or a subject]. From the edition 

of 1829. 1906. 178 C63 

" Such didactic works, from Solomon to Senator Beverldge, are as 
a rule platitudinous and arid. This criticism, however, cannot be 
passed upon Oobbett 's production. The sub-title should be 'Illus- 
trated with Numerous Anecdotes of My Own Exemplary Be- 
havior.^ He Is frankly autobiographic, and he displays his colos- 
sal egotism with a naivete that has few parallels In our literature. 
No one who wishes to understand Oobbett either as a man or a po- 
litical agitator, can neglect this compendium of advice.^* Nation, 

Fairbanks, Arthur. The mythology of Greece and Rome, pre- 
sented with special reference to its influence on literature. 
1907. 209.2 F15 

Galton, Arthur. Church and state in France, 1800-1907. 1907. 

274.4 G18 

The author, whose attitude Is tolerant and liberal. Is now a mem- 
ber of the Ohurch of Bngland and was for some years a Roman 
Catholic priest. 


Qriggt, E. H. The ethics of pergonal life : a handbook of six 
lectures. 1906. 177 G87 

Hilty, Karl. The steps of life: farther essays on happiness. 

Trans, by Melvin Brandow, with an introd. by F. G. Peabody. 

1907. 171.4 H56s 

ContenU : Sin and sorrow.— Ck>mfort ye my people.— On the knowl- 
edge of men.— What Is culture?— Noble souls.— Transcendental 
hope.— Prolegomena of Ohrlstianlty.- Steps of life. 

IiOdge, Sir Oliver. Life and matter: a criticism of Professor 

HaeckeVs Biddleofthe universe. 1906. 180.26 L82 

CoiUenU: Monism.— Law of substance.— Development of life.— 
Memoranda for would-be materialists.- Religion and philosophy. 
—Mind and matter.— Professor HaeokePs conjectural philosophy. 
— Hypothesis and analogies concerning life.— Will and guidance.- 
Further speculation as to the origin and nature of life. 

— The substance of faith allied with science : a catechism for 

parents and teachers. 1907. 280.6 L82 

" Ifiveryone who has to do with children at the present day must 
have felt the difficulty of Instructing them in the details of relig- 
ious faith, without leaving them open to the assaults of doubt here- 
after, when they encounter the results of scientific Inquiry. . . I 
have attempted the task of formulating the fundamentals, or sub- 
stance, of religious fUth in terms of Divine Immanence, In such a 
way as to assimilate sufficiently all the results of existing knowl- 
edge, and still be in harmony with the poets and Inspired writers 
of all ages. The statement is Intended to deny nothing that can 
reasonably be held by any specific denomination, and It seeks to 
affirm nothing but what is consistent with universal Christian ex- 
perience." Preface. 

KcOlure, J. G. K. Loyalty, the soul of religion. 1905. 171.1 M18 

KcGKnlay, A. A. The profit of love : studies in altruism. With 

a pref . by George Tyrrell. 1907. 242 M17 

A plea for more quiet cultivation of the Inner spirit of love, as the 
source of outer activities of service, and a criticism of many mod- 
ern altruistic activities that seem to the writer superficial. The 
Catholic World sAj^i "Fresh, acute, original, and yet penetrated 
with the beautiful and Imperishable Ideals of the ancient contem- 
plative spirit, this Is a book to be noted." 


Kaokay, 0. H. A new system of occult training: West Gate 

phUosophy, book I. 1900. Q. 181 M19 

Misidonary B«view oi the World. Vol. 29. (N. S. Vol. 19.) 

1906. 266.05 M7 
Koatmoruicy, J. E. G. de. Thomas & Kempis : his age and 

book. 1906. 342 T86za 

Contents : Introdaction.— The age of Thomas k Kempis.— Some 16th 
century manuscripts and editions of the Imitation.— Master Wil- 
liam Hilton and the authorship of the Imitation.— The structure 
of the Imitation.— The content of the Imitation. 

Kyvri, F. W. H. Human personality and its sarvival of bodily 

death. Edited and abridged by Leopold Hamilton Myers. 

1907. 184 M99a 
Pattan, ifrs. H. P., comp. Intimations of immortality: signif- 
icant thooghts on the future life, selected [from various 
authors] . 1907. 280.8 P27 

ContenU: From the Bibles of humanity.- Testimony of the an- 
cients.— Speculations of philosophy.- Deductions of science.- Voice 
of the church.— Vision of the poet. 
Psychological Bollatin. Vol. 8. 1906. 150.5 P8 

Psychological Review. Vol. 18. 1906. 150.5 P9 

Thomson, W. H. Brain and personality : or, the physical relar 
tions of the brain to the mind. 1907. 150 T88 

For popular reading, and very interesting. The author, who Is a 
physician of experience, cites in great detail the results of modern 
study of the brain, especially in surgery of the living brain. Ac- 
cording to his argument, these results show that certain acquired 
powers, such as reading and speaking, have their source in certain 
convolutions of one hemisphere of the brain; but ttiat, in case of 
accident to it, the other hemisphere may be taught to perform 
these functions, provided the patient is young. From these facts, 
he argues that there is a personality, or mind, distinct from the 
physical brain, and ttiat it uses the brain as an instrument, " edu- 
cating " certain cells to perform certain duties. The bearing of 
this argument on the question of personal immortality is also 

Tolstoi, L. N., count. The four gospels harmonized and trans- 
lated. Trans, from the Russian and ed. by Leo Wiener. 
1904. 226 T58 



WilliamSy W. J. Newman, Pascal, Loisy and the Catholic 

church. 1906. 282.1 W67 

Contents: General introduction.— Newman as sceptic and idealist. 
—Newman as traditionalist.— Newman as sceptic and empiricist.— 
Newman as mystic— The interior armament of Newman and Pas- 
cal.— The actual position of the church.— The ideal of the church.— 
Marks of corruption in the dogmatic life of the church.— The mis- 
sion of the church. 

Recommended to those who desire to get a better understandinur 
of the liberal Roman Oatholic position. 


Associated Charities of Boston. A directory of the charitable 

and beneficent organizationi of Boston. 5th ed. 1907. Ref . 60.8 

Content* : Pref^Mje.— Agencies for the homeless.— Agencies work- 
ing for needy families in their homes.— Agencies working for needy 
children.— Homes for adults.— Agencies for the care of the sick.— 
Relief and education of defectives.- Preventive and reform agen- 
cies.- Constructive social work.— Educational agencies.- Super- 
visory agencies.— Churches and congregations.— Missions and so- 
cieties [religious].- Charity Organization Societies in foreign coun- 
tries.— Legal suggestions.— Laws applying to dwellings in Boston. 

— Immigration law of 1W7.— Index. 

Baker, J. H. American problems : essays and addresses. 1907. 

804 B17 

Contents: Parti. Ideals: Americanism.— The real Utopia.— Leader- 
ship in a democracy .— Example for statesmen.— An American 
preacher.— National holidays.- American culture.- Part f. Socio- 
logical problems: Sociological theories and problems.— Practical 
sociology.— The Individual and society.— Sociology and the pulpit. 

— Part 5. Education : The teacher taught.— Evolution and educa- 
tion.— The culture element and economy of time in education.— 
Electives in secondary schools.— The American university.- A 
national university. 

Bell, A. G. Lectores npon the mechanism of speech. Reprinted 
from the proceedings of the first summer meeting of the Ameri- 
can Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the 
Deaf. 1906. 831.924 B41 

A detailed study of speech and of the vocal organs, with si>ecial 
reference to teaching speech to the deaf. Includes suggestions 
for teaching. 

800I0L00T. 155 

Olark, V. 8. The labour movement in Aastralasia: a study in 

social-democracy. 1906. 881.1 C54 

"The experience of the Australasian democracies, where a power- 
ful political party has been erected upon a foundation of trade 
unionism, has timely interest for Americans. . . I have tried to 
write from the standpoint of an agnostic in social creeds. My ob- 
servations were made during visits to Australia and New Zealand, 
in 1006 and 1004, under a commission from the Government. Al- 
lusions to more recent events are based upon correspondence and 
printed information. " Preface. 

Bliot, Ohas. W. Great riches. 1906. 881 E42 

ConlenU: CJomforts.— Pleasures.— Luxuries.— Objects of beauty.— 
Aids to health.— Satisfactions not dependent on wealth.— The rich 
man^s power.— Improving the land.— The higher opportunities of 
wealth.— Giving by men of wealth.— Children of the very rich.— 
Public judgments of the rich.— World *s attitude toward rich men. 
— Publicity a safeguard for wealth.— No abiding class of rich men. 

Bnaor, B. 0. K., ed. Modem socialism as set forth by socialists 
in their speeches, writings, and programmes; with an in trod. 
2d ed., rev. and enlarged. 1907. 835 £59 

Hall, Henry. How money is made In security investments ; or, 
a fortune at flfty-flve. 1906. 882 HU 

Handrick, Frank. The power to regulate corporations and com- 
merce: a discussion of the existence, basis, nature, and scope 
of the common law of the United States. 1906. 347.7 H88 

ConUnit: [Table of cases.]- Historical introduction,— the unwrit- 
ten Oonstitution.— The common law and private corporations.— 
Powers reserved to the states and municipal corporations.- Oon- 
stltutional limitations of state legislation.— National regulation 
of corporations and commerce.— Outline statement of the com- 
mon law of corporations and commerce.— National regulation of 
commerce.— The Jurisdiction of the federal courts over corpora- 
tions and commerce.— National law. 

Holt, B. W., ed. The gold supply and prosperity. 1907. 882 H74 

A reprint of Moodv*» Afcigazine for Dec. 1906, which contained a 
symposium on the elTects of the increasing supply of gold upon 
prices, interest rates, industry, etc. The statistics published in 
connection with the symposium have been brought to date, and 
new material has been added. 



Home, H. H. The pgychologlcal principles of edncatioii: a 

study in the science of education. 1906. 870.1 H7ia 

Mainly concerned with the practical applications of the scienti- 
fic principles which underlie the art of teaohinff. The prominence 
fflven to the problems of reliflrious education Is most timely for 
present need. 

Jenka, J. W. Great fortunes : the winning, the using. 1906. 


Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political 

Science. 24th series. 1906. 306 J6 

CorUenU: Spanish- American diplomatic relations preceding the 
war of 1898.— Finances of American trade unions.— Bariy diplo- 
matic negotiations of the U. S. with Russia.— State rights and po- 
litical parties in North Oarolina.— National labor federations in 
the U. S.— Maryland during the English civil wars, part 1. 

Kenny, 0. S. Outlines of criminal law. Rev. and adapted for 
American scholars by James H. Webb. 1907. 348 KB9 

Lubbock^ 8ir John, Int baron Awibury. On municipal and national 
trading. 1906. 862 L96 

ContenU: Introduction.— Duties and responsibilities of local au- 
thorities. — Increase of municipal debt. — Labour questions.— 
Housing of the working classes.— Loss and profit.— BfTeot of mu- 
nicipal trading on the private enterprise.— Railways.— The Inter- 
ests of working men.— Representation without taxation, and tax- 
ation without representation.— Ck>nolusion and recommendations. 

KaoOresror, D. H. Industrial combination. 1906. 888.8 M17 

" Probably the most careful scientific study that has yet been made 
in this field of investigation. . . Certain chapters deal with the 
conditions which occasion combinations of capital, and the rela- 
tions of aggregations of capital to aggregations of labor. Mr. 
MacGregor^s methods of procedure are correct; and his oonolosions 
sane. The chief, if not the only, ground for criticism is his disposi- 
tion to take too seriously ' official * material dealing with the Trust 
movement in the U. S. Thus the preposterous answers concerning 
export prices which the Industrial Oommlssion gathered from 
protected manuf^turers are solemnly cited [as evidence]. . . This 
is, however, a common fkiiling with European students, who accept 
With childlike simpUcity anything labeled ' ofllcUU. * " NaHmt. 


I, Jules. The return to the land. With a pref . by Justin 

McCarthy. 1907. 881.8 M48 

" The author Is a Senator of France, has been Minister of Agrl- 
culture, President of the Ohamber, and Prime Minister. He Is 
therefore well qualified to write upon the subject. The growth of 
manufacture in the last century, the Industrial congestion, Im- 
provements in machinery, the relations of employers and work- 
men,— these are the subjects of his early chapters. As a remedy 
for the evils of overcrowding and of commercial and industrial 
plethora in cities, he turns to agriculture. With him the return to 
the land is not a mere idyll, but is dealt with In a practical manner, 
and with the skill of the statesman and economist. And it is, as 
far as imaginable on such a subject, written in a spirit and style 
which give the book actual charm. " 

Mass. Stats Board of Charity. Twenty-eighth annual report 
[to Nov. 80, 1906]. 1907. 0, 1164.2 

New York Stats Library. Yearbook of legislation, 1908-1906. 

8 v. G. 842.789 A 16 

This publication combines three separate bulletins that have 
formerly appeared in the Annual report of the New York State 
Library, and is most valuable as a guide to current legislation in 
the states. It includes a Diyeat of Oovemon* menagea for all the 
states, arranged by subject, and including the President's message. 
Following this Is Summary and index of legitlation, minutely classi- 
fied, giving the substance of new laws in all the states. Last comes 
a Review of legislation, made up of comments by specialists on the 
current legislation on each subject. 

Parsons, Mrs. E. W. C. The family: an ethnographical and 
historical outline with descriptive notes, planned as a text- 
book for the use of college lecturers and of directors of home- 
reading clubs. 1906. 672.1 F26 

" Essentially a work for students of sociology, teachers, and men 
of temperate and studious minds. It takes its place n^ith such 
books as Stanley O. HalPs Adoletcence, which, by the way, it sur- 
passes in original research. " Putnam^s Monthly. 

Pierce, Franklin. The tariff and the trusts. 1907. 387 P61 

Contents: A condition, not a theory.— The trusts resulting from 
the protective tarllT and leading to socialism.— American and 
English shipping.— Protective tariffs and public virtue.— A talk 
with manufacturers.— A talk with laborers.— A talk with farmers. 
—Our tariff history.— How England got free trade.— The tariff in 
(Germany.— The remedy. 


Fr«ntic«« X. F. The federal power over carrien and corponr 

tloiiB. 1907. 847.7 P91 

" A review of the praotloe. Federal and State, deflniJ3« the powers 
of ffoyernmeiit ; with a full dlsoosalon of the history, meaning, 
and possibilities of the Sherman (or Anti-Trust) Act. Ctonser- 
yatlve. scholarly, almost entirely devoted to legal questions, 
and containing little or no reference to economic social, and 
political aspects of the Questions Involved. Pro-oorporatlon In 
attitude. '' 

Price, H. F. Successfal salesmanship. 1906. (Pamphlet.) 650 Pam 1 

Bainach, F. 8. American legislatores and legislative methods. 

1907. 842.784 B27 

Describes the organization and working of the law-making bodies, 
both state and Federal, In the U. S. 

Smith, Goldwin. Labour and capital, a letter to a labour friend. 
1907. 881 S64 

Smith, J. A. The spirit of American government : a stady of 
the Constitution ; its origin, inflaence, and relation to democ- 
racy. 1907. 842.78 865 

" The purpose of this addition to the CiHtent* Library Is to trace 
the Influence of our constitutional system upon the political con- 
ditions which exist In this country today. The author believes 
that the popular Idea of the Constitution has become distorted ; 
and that when Its spirit Is truly apprehended, many of the so- 
called defects of American democracy will be found to be the out- 
come of too slavish a following of a document which came to us 
filled with tendencies Inherited from the eighteenth century. ^ 

Train, A. 0. The prisoner at the bar : sidelights on the admiiH 

istratlon of criminal Justice. 1906. 848 T68 

A very entertaining and enlightening book by the Assistant Dis- 
trict Attorney of New York Oounty. The numerous Illustrative 
anecdotes are evidently drawn mainly from happenings in the 
courts of New York. One totally unfamiliar with court procedure 
may gain from this book a knowledge of the steps and the diffi- 
culties of a criminal trial, and of some of the virtues and the faults 
of our present system. The author mentions especially the dom- 
ination of the courtroom by the press. The book will be Interest- 
ing both to the general reader and to the lawyer. 


U. S. Bureau of Labor. Bulletin, vol. 18. July-Nor., 1906. 

331 U5S 

Includes extended articles on wages aud hours of labor, 1800-1906; 
retail prices of food. 1890-1906; condition of the laboring classes in 
Hawaii; recent labor legislation ; and digests of recent statistical 

U. 8. Interstate Oommerce Oommisaion. Twentieth annual 
report. 1906. Q, 2034.15 

West, A. F. Short papers on American liberal edocation. 1907. 

378.1 W52 

CorUerUt: The tutorial system In college.~The changing concep- 
tion of ** the faculty " In American universities.— True and false 
standards of graduate work.— The present peril to liberal educa- 
tion.— The length of the college course.— The American college. 


Auk. Vol. 23 N. S. 1906. 598.205 A92 

Ball, W. W. Bouse. Mathematical recreations and essays. 4th 
ed. 1905. 510 B21 

Contents: Some arithmetical questions. — Some geometrical ques- 
tions.— Some mechanical questions. — Some miscellaneous ques- 
tions. — Magic squares. — Universal problems. — Mathematical 
tripos.- Three geometrical problems.— Mersenne's numbers.— 
Astrology.— Cryptography and ciphers. — Hyper-space. — Time 
audits measurement. — Matter and ether theories. 

Beebe, 0. W. The log of the sun: a chronicle of nature's year. 

1906. 500 B39 

Fifty-two short essays, describing varying aspects of nature and 
of animal life throughout the year. The illustrations, by Walter 
King ^towe. are very attractive, many of them being In color. 

Bemaa, W. W., and Smith, D. S. Higher arithmetic. 1897. 

511 B42 

Bird-Lore. Vol. 8. 1906. 598.205 B53 

Chapman, F. K. The warblers of North America, by Frank M. 
Chapman, with the cooperation of other ornithologists. 1907. 

598.2 C36d 


Olaudely J. Handbook of mathematics, for engineers and engineer- 
ing students. From the 7th French ed. ; trans, and ed. by O. 
A. Kenyon. 1906. 510 C67 

Bvery technical man uses mathematics and would use It still 
more, were he not handicapped by the fact that it Is almost Im- 
possible quickly to refer to the exlstincr mathematical text-books. 
. . . Besides beinir a reference book which covers the entire field 
of practical mathematics, this also embodies many practical prob- 
lems which will not be found in other books on this subject. 
In solving a problem It is often difficult to determine just where 
the trouble lies. One may think It Is In calculus and find that It Is 
in aUrebra or In arithmetic. The Handbook of MalhemcUiet is 
thoroughly crossed-referenced so that when looking up any par- 
ticular solution one will be referred back to all the foregoing steps 
upon which It rests, thus making It possible quickly to trace the 
solution from the result back to the fundamental principles of 

Oonn, H. W. Preliminary report on the protozoa of the fresh 
waters of Connecticut. 1905. [Conn. State Geological and 
Natural History Survey. Bulletin no. 2.] O, 598 Pam 1 

Oomishy 0. J. Animal artisans, and other studies of birds and 
beasts; with a prefatory memoir. 1907. 591.5 C81b 

DitmarSy R. L. The reptile book: a comprehensive, popularised 
work on the structure and habits of the turtles, tortoises, cro- 
codllians, lizards and snakes which inhabit the United States 
and northern Mexico. 1907. 598.1 D68 

Forbush, E. H. Useful birds and their protection, containing 
brief descriptions of the more common and useful species of 
Massachusetts, with accounts of their food habits, and a 
chapter on the means of attracting and protecting birds. Pub- 
lished under direction of the Mass. State Board of Agriculture. 
1907. 0. 598.2 F74 

Contenti: Utility of birds In nature. — Value of birds to man.— 
Utility of birds In woodlands.— Birds as destroyers of hairy cater- 
pillars and plant lice.— Economic service of birds in the orchard.— 
Song birds of orchard and woodland.— Songless birds of orchard 
and woodland.— Utility of birds In field and garden.— [Descrip- 
tion of] birds of field and garden : birds of the air: birds of marsh 
and waterside.- Oheeks upon the Increase of useful birds.— Pro- 
tection of birds. 


Harting, J. B. Recreations of a natoralist. 190B. 691.5 H25 

Le Bon, Ghistave. The eyolution of matter. Trans, from the 

3d ed., with introd. and notes, by F. Legge. 1907. 530.1 L49 

ContenU: The new ideas on matter.— Intra-atomic energry and the 
forces derived therefrom.— The world of the imponderable.- The 
dematerializatiou of matter.— The intermediate world between 
matter and ether.— The world of ponderability: birth, evolution, 
and end of matter.— Experimental researches. 

" About ten years ago. Dr. Le Bon turned his attention to physical 
science, with the result that he entered upon the last course of 
experimental research which is summarized in the following pages. 
This led him to the conclusion . . . that all matter is radio-active 
in the same manner as uranium, radium, and the other so-called 
radio-active metals, and that this radio-activity is but a step in the 
process by which it gradually sinks back Into the ether from which 
it was originally formed. " Tran9laU»r*M pref. 

Lodge, Sir Oliver. Easy mathematics, chiefly arithmetic: being 

a collection of hints to teachers, parents, self-taught students, 

and adalts, and containing a summary or indication of most 

things in elementary mathematics useful to be known. 1906. 

510 L82 

"The work of a leading English scientist, now (1900) head of Bir- 
mingham University. Struck by the mathematical Ignorance of 
the average educated person, he has given in interesting manner 
his views on mathematical instruction. These will be of special 
interest to teachers, but the book is of interest also to anyone who 
wishes to increase his knowledge of ordinary mathematical facts 
and principles. " 

— Electrons; or, the natare and properties of negative 
electricity. 1906. 630.1 L83e 

" An admirable exposition, by a well-equipped man of science ap- 
proaching the subject without, as far as can be seen, any prejudice 
or bias. Ulr Oliver Lodge is seen at his best in a work of this kind. 
He combines with a rather misty speculative trend of mind prac- 
tical shrewdness, and he occupies a leading position in the heir- 
archy of science. . . He proclaims in every case that the question 
is not yet ripe for decision. . . The excellence and number of the 
definitions to be found here are alike remarkable. ^^ Athenceum, 


Lusk, Qraham. The elementa of the science of nntritloii. 1906. 

618.S L»7 

" An Interestinff and Important book. The author U an Investiga- 
tor of true soientlflo spirit, and his work has alwayn been oharao- 
terlzed by thoroughness and sincerity. The English reader will 
be able to study for the first time in his own language the epoch- 
making work of Rubner. . . The book deals not only with meta- 
bolism in health, but also in diseased conditions. " N€Uur€. 

KcOook, H. 0. Nature*s craftsmen: popalar studies of ants 

and other insects. 1907. 696.7 Ml 8a 

Con^n<«.' The royal mother of ants.— Ant queens.— Insect herds 
and herders.— The daintiness of ants.— toilet habits.- Kidnapping 
ants.— Agricultural ants.— Honey ants.— A guild of carpenter 
ants.— Ant-lions.— Hunting wild bees.— Burro¥rlng and carpenter 
bees. — Aeronautic spiders. — Tailoring animals. — The huntress 
wasps. — The strange cycle of the cicada.- Orange Arglope.— 
Water-striders.— The net-making caddis worm.— Insects and civili- 
zation.— Beneficial and injurious insects. 

Miller, W. G. Minerals and how they occur: a book for 
secondary schools and prospectors. 1906. 649 M61 

L, Emil. An alphabetical encyclopaedia of institutions, per- 
sons, events, etc., of ancient history and geography. 1906. 

Bef . 80.14 

», W. N., and Qregorj^ H. B. Manual of the geology of 
Connecticut. 1906. [Conn. State (geological and Natural 
nistory Survey, Bulletin no. 6.] Q, 667 C7 Pam 1 

Boblnaon, H. N. Robinson's new practical arithmetic for com- 
mon schools and academies. 1892. 611 B66 

Science Year Book : with astronomical, physical, and chemical 
tables, summary of progress in science, directory, biographies, 
and diary for 1907. Edited by B. F. S. Baden-Powell. Bef. 60.80 

Speer, W. W. Advanced arithmetic. 1900. 611 874a 

— Elementary arithmetic. 1897. 611874 

United States. Department of Navy. Nautical Almanac 
Office. The American ephemeris and nautical almanac for the 
year 1908. Ist ed. 1904. Bef. 66.1 


WnJEmaTiiiy Augnat. The evolation theory ; translated with the 
author's co-operation by J. A. Thomson and M. B. Thomson. 
2v. 1904. 675 W48 

" Marks the oulmlnatlon of his lomr series of stlmalatlncr writlncrs. 
... In breadth of scope and fulness of treatment Weismann^s 
book surpasses all other works on the same subject; it will doubt- 
less lonir remain the authoritative statement of Darwinism. . . . 
The translation from the second German edition has been exe- 
cuted with rare skill and fidelity. The work of the publisher Is 
also good. ** Science, 
White, B. A. Preliminary report on the Hymeniales [a class of 
fnngi, including mushrooms] of Connecticut. 1905. [Conn. 
State Geological and Natural History Survey, Bulletin no. 8.] 
Q. 589.2 Pam 5 


Atlaa Fortlaiid Oement Ck>mpaii7, puh. Concrete construction 
about the home and on the farm. 1905. G, 891 A88 

Brooks, W. P. Agriculture. Vol. 1-2, 8d ed. 1905. Vol. 8. 
1908. 680 B79 

Vol, 1, Soils; formation, physical and chemical characteristics 
and methods of Improvement, Includlncr tillage, drainage 
and Irrigation, 
f . Manures, fertilizers and farm crops. Including green ma- 
nuring and crop rotation. 
S. Animal husbandry. Including the breeds of live stock, the 
general principles of breeding, feeding animals. Includ- 
ing discussion of ensilage, dairy management on the 
farm, and poultry farming. 
Olousrh, A. L., ed. The operation, care and repair of auto- 
mobiles. Ed. from the flies of The HorseUas age. 1907. 625.6 C6So 
Good HouMkeeping. Vol. 48. 1906. 640.5 05 

Oulick, L. H. The efficient life. 1907. 613 695 

CorUerUt : Introduction.— Speed.— Efficiency —Life that Is worth 
while.— States of mind and states of body.— The body shows char- 
acter.— Exercise— Its use and abuse.— Meat, drink, and the table. 

— The business of digestion.- Waste.— The attack on constipation. 

— Fatigue.— Sleep.— Stimulants and other whips.- The bath — for 
body and soul.— Pain — the danger signal.- Vision.- Vitality — 
the armour of offence.— Growth in rest. 

The author is the director of physical training in the New York 
city schools. 



Hall, Bolton. Three acres and liberty, by Bolton Hall, asBisted 
by R. F. Powell. 1907. 680 H14 

CorUerUt : Maklncr a llYlncr — where and how."- Present conditions. 
—How to buy the tajna,'- Vacant city lot cultivation.— Results to 
be expected.— What an acre may produce.— Some methods.— The 
kitchen garden.- Tools and equipment.- Advantaeres from capi- 
tal.— Hot beds and greenhouses.— Other uses of land.— Fruits.— 
Flowers.— Drug plants.— Novel live stock.- Where to go.— Clear- 
ing the land.— How to build.- Back. to the land.— Oomlng profes- 
sion for boys.— Appendices. 

" We are not tied to a desk or to a bench : we stay there only be- 
cause we think we are tied. . . This book shows what is needed for 
a city man or woman to support a family on the proceeds of a little 
bit of land. . . Every chapter has been revised by a specialist.'* 


LarMon, Gostai. Elementary slojd and whittling, with draw- 
ings and working directions. 1906. 371.42 L38 
Model Bngrineer and Blectrician. Vol. 15. 1906. 620.5 M72 
Plumb, 0. 8. Types and breeds of farm animals. 1906. 636 P78 
Popular Mechanics. Vol. 8. 1906. 605 P8 
BaTon, J. J. The bells of England. 1906. 673 R19 

An account of bells and their making in England from the earliest 
times, with chapters on ways of ringing, and on legends and cus- 
toms connected with them. 

Baading architects' drawings: practical suggestions for 
young mechanics. 1908. 690 R22 

Budder. Vol. 17. 1906. 359.05 R83 

Bcott Stamp and Ooin Ck>. Standard postage stamp catalogue, 
1907. 339.8 S42 

Southworth, M. B., camp. One hundred and one candies. 1906. 

642 872 

Starbuck, B. M. Modem plumbing illustrated: a comprehen- 
siye and thoroughly practical work on the modem and most 
approved methods of plumbing construction. 1907. 696 S79 

Williams, Archibald. The romance of modern mechanism; 
with interesting descriptions in non-technical language of 
wonderful machinery and mechanical devices and marvellously 
delicate scientific instruments. 1906. 621 W67 



American Homes and Gardens. Vol. 8. 1906. 731.05 Ail 

Barberry, H. A. The amateur orchid cultivators' guide book. 
With a pref . by J. M. W. Kitchen. American edition. 716 B69 

Garden Kaga2dne. Vol. 4. 1906/07. 716.5 G15 

House and Garden. Vol. 10. 1906. 720.5 H8 

Kassachusetts Horticultaral Society. Report of the Com- 
mittee on children's gardens for the year 1906. By Henry 
Saxton Adams, Chairman. O. 507 Pam 6 

Sedgwick, Mrs. K. 0. The garden month by month, describing 
the appearance, color, dates of bloom and cultiyation of all 
desirable, hardy plants for the formal or wild garden, with 
additional lists of aquatics, vines, etc., by Mabel Cabot Sedg- 
wick, assisted by Robert Cameron. 1907. 716 844 

The descriptions of plants, which Include directions for cultiva- 
tion, are arranged chronolofirlcally accordlncr to period of bloom In 
this climate. The book will be especially useful to those who wish 
the garden to present a harmonious color effect at each season. 
There is a chart of colors, and the shade of each flower is Indicated, 
so that one may tell what flowers of any given color are available 
at each date. 

Underwood, Loring. The garden and its accessories. 1906. 

712 U5 

Contents: The American garden.— Summer-houses.— Arbors.— Sun- 
dials.— Some small accessories.- Fountains and pools.— Enclos- 
ures.- Materials. 

" Invaluable for those lovers of nature who make their gardens 
outdoor living rooms. The author describes the sort of garden 
that possesses comfort and beauty aside from floral display, and 
looks attractive even when no flowers are in bloom.^* 


American Amateur Photographer. Vol. 18. 1906. 770.05 A51 
American Architect. Vol. 90. 1906. 720.5 A51 

Architectural Record. Vol. 20. 1906. 720.5 A69 


Atlas Forlland Otment Oo., pub* Concrete ootintry residences. 

1906. 7S8 All 

Made up almost entirely of views and plans of houses of stucco and 
reinforced concrete, throughout the country. 

Barber, E. A. Tin enamelled pottery, Malollca, Delft, and other 

stannlferoQS faience. 1907. 788 B2lt 

The author Is Curator of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of 
Industrial Art, Philadelphia. 

Bayley, B. 0. The complete photographer. 1906. 770 Bd4 

Contents : Evolution of photography.— The camera.— The lens in 
principle.— Pinhole photography.— The drawing of a photograph.— 
Selection of a lens.— The lens in use.— Plates and films.- The dark 
room.— Exposure.- Development.— Intensification and reduction. 
—The hand-camera.— The print.— Platinum printing.- The carbon 
process.— Bromide papers.— Enlarging, reducing, slide making.— 
Orthochromatic and three-colour photography.— Dodging and 
*' faking".— Landscape photography.— Architectural photography. 
Portraiture.— Pictorial photography.— Exhibitions and societies.- 
Photography and the printing press.— L'envol. 

Bnuh and PencU. Vol. 18. 1906. 706 B8d 

Olaaaen, George. Aims and ideals in art : eight lectures de- 
livered to the students of the Boyal Academy. 1906. 701 C57 

Contents: On truth to nature; and style.— Imagination and the 
ideal.— Invention.— Taste.— Drawing.— Quality in colour.— Rela- 
tive Importance of subject and treatment. 

Oolling, J. K. Details of Gk>thlc architectore, measured and 
drawn by James K. Colling, architect. [1st pub. 1852?-1856.] 
2v. 728.6 Ce9 

— Examples of English mediaeyal foliage and coloured decoration 
from buildings of the Xllth to the XVth centuries : a series of 
76 measured drawings with descriptive letterpress. 1874. 

723.5 C69a 

Ooxmoiaseur. Vols. 15, 16. 1906. 705 C76 

Orattwell, Maud. Antonio PoUaiuolo. 1907. 750 P77 

This book, the first to be written about this artist, gives us the 
facts of his life, a detailed account of his work, and some account 
of the general artistic life of that period, the middle and end of 
the fifteenth century. The illustrations, of which there are fifty- 
one. Include reproductions of paintings, statues, silver work, tapes- 
try, and bronzea. 

vnm ABT8. 167 

Darr, Louis. Photography, for stadents of physics and chem- 
istry. 1906. 770 1)44 

Written for the amateur of some experience who wishes to under- 
stand better how his pictures come Into existence, and what occa- 
sions their surprising difference in character and quality. The 
book explains the principles of physics and chemistry that under- 
lie photography, and discusses the structure and work of the lens; 
the camera and its accessories; and the action of the chemicals 
used in photography. 

Flat ornament: a pattern book of designs of textiles, embroid- 
eries, wall papers, inlays, etc. 745 F61 

Foord, J. Decorative plant and flower stadies for the ase of 
artists, designers, students and others, containing 40 coloured 
plates printed in facsimile of the original drawings, accom- 
panied by a description and sketch of each plant. 1906. 

Art Case 5.3.11 

Gainsborough, Thomas. Drawings. Text by Lord Ronald 
Sutherland Gk>wer. 1906. 750 014d 

Lawton, Frederick. The life and work of Auguste Rodin. 1907. 

735 R612 

Macklin, H. W. Monumental brasses. 1905. 5th ed. 726.1 M21 

A handbook of the brass memorials in English churches and 
cathedrals, with reproductions of many of them, obtained by rub- 
bings. These figures are interesting to the student of Bnglish 
archiBology and of medi»val costume. 

Kalim, K. F. Old English wood-carving patterns from oak 

furniture of the Jacobean period: a series of examples, 

selected and drawn in facsimile from rubbings, for the use of 

teachers, students and classes. 1906. 20 plates in portfolio. 

Art Case 6.1.20. 

Kasa^, H. J. L. J. Pewter plate: a historical and descriptive 

handbook. 1904. 739 M89 

Masters in Art. Vol. 7. 1906. 759 M42 

Kenzel, Adolph Ton. Drawings. Text by H. W. Singer. 750 M55 
Mortimer, F. J. Magnesium light photography. 1906. 770 M84a 


Kortixii«r, F. J., ed. The year book of photography, and ama- 
teur's guide for l»06-7. 770 MI4 

*'A mine of photographic Information: Indispensable to every 
worker. Includes useful recipes, formuls, reference tables, and 
directories of the photographic societies of Great Britain. There 
Is also a series of Interesting and helpful articles by well-known 
men. Including two by the editor on bromide and gas-light print- 
ing." N€Uure. 

Mather, Richard, The history of paintiug from the fourth to 

the early nineteenth century. Authorised English ed., trans. 

from the German and ed. with annotations by George Kriehn. 

1907. 2y. 769 M99h 

" An Interpretation of the great masterpieces of painting as human 
documents and manifestations of the dominant feelings and ten- 
dencies of the epochs to which they belong, by a critic of wide 

National Gallery, London, the North Italian schools. With 

an introd. by Sir Charles Holroyd. 1906. 759.5 N27 

Oontalns 47 reproductions of paintings of this school In the Na- 
tional Gallery. 

New York. Ketropolitan Museum of Art. Thirty-seventh 

annual report of the Trustees, for the year ending Dec. 31, 

1906. O, 708 N48ma 
Nordau, Max. On art and artists. Trans, by W. F. Harvey. 

1907. 704 N76 

ContenU: The social mission of art.— Socialistic art, Ck>nstantln 
Meunier.— The question of style.— The old French masters.— A 
century of French art.— The school of 1880.— The realists.— Alfred 
Slsley.— Oamllle Plssarro.— Whistler's psychology.— Gustave Mor- 
eau.— Eugene Oarri^re.— Puvis de Ohavannes.— Bright and dark 
painting.— Oharles Oottet.— Physiognomies In painting.— Auguste 
Rodin.— Resurrection.- Bartholom6.— Jean Oarrids.- Works of art 
and art criticisms.- My own opinion. 

Poynter, Sir B. J. Drawings. Text by Malcolm Bell. 1905. 

760 P89 

Prado, Madrid. A catalogue of the paintings in the Moseo del 

Prado at Madrid. Ed. by £. Kerr-Lawson. 1896. O. 708 Mi6 
Bowe, B. Practical wood-carving: a book for the student, 

carver, teacher, designer, and architect. 1907. 786 R79 


Strange, B. F. Hokasai, the old man mad with painting. 1906. 

750 H728 

" This little book contains an account of the life, work, and person- 
ality of the great Japanese artist. It is. necessarily, largely a com- 
pilation from the works of other men. but presented In a clear and 
illuminating way. There are eleven full-page Illustrations, a fron- 
tispiece In color, and some smaller sketches.** 

Studio, The. '' The Studio " year-book of decorative art. 1907. 

738 S92 

Deals largely with domestic architecture and the Interior decora- 
tion of the home. Many good illustrations, part of them in color. 

Swan, J. M. Drawings. Text by A. L. Baldry. 1905. 750 S97 

Torbayne, A. A. Monograms and ciphers, designed and drawn 
by A. A. Torbayne and other members of the Carlton Studio, 
[and Alphabets and numerals]. 1905. 744.3 T84a 

Van Dyke, J. 0. Studies in pictures : an introduction to the 

famous galleries. 1907. 750.1 y28s 

Contents: Old masters out of place.— Pictures ruined, restored, and 
repainted.— False attributions, copies forgeries.— Themes of the 
masters.— Workmanship of the old masters.— Figure painting.— 
Portrait painting.— Genre painting.— Animal in art.— Landscape 
and marine painting. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Stories of the Italian artists from Yasari. 
Arranged and translated by E. L. Seeley. 1906. 759.5 ¥32 

Wfidl, E. J., and Ward, H. S. The photographic picture post- 
card for personal use and for profit. 1906. 770 W15a 

" Describes the making of picture post-cards, gives clear Instruc- 
tions for beginners, and in the second part tells how to publish 
cards, how to sell rights of reproduction, etc." Nature, 

Womum, B. N., ed. Lectures on painting by Royal Academi- 
cians, Barry, Opie. and Fuseli. Ed., with an introd. and notes 
critical and illustrative, by R. N. Womum. 1885. 750.1 W89 


Oalonne, J. 0. L. de. Les harmonies de Torgue, op. 108. Pour 

harmonium on orgue. 2v. 786.9 C16 

Vol. 1, Office du matin. 
$. Office du solr. 


OonTWTM, F. 8. Job : drammtic poem for solo Toices, chonu, 
and orchestra. Composed for the fiftieth annoal featiyal of 
the Worcester Coanty Musical Associatloii. Opas 24. 1907. 


Famsworth, 0. H., conip. Songs for schools, with accompani- 
ments written by H. W. Loomis and B. D. Allen. 1906. 784.6 FS8 

Fionn, pseud. , comp. The Celtic lyre: a collection ef (Gaelic 
songs with English translations. Mnsic in both notations. 
1906. 784.1 84Sf 

Hahn, Beynaldo. Chansons grises : poesies de Panl Verlaine. 
Melodies. 2v. in 1. 784 U14 

KacDowell, E. A. Concerte ftir das Pianoforte mit Begleltnng 
des Orchesters. No. 1, Op. 15; no. 2, Op. 28. 785 M18c 

Koaaag«r, Andr6. The little Michns: a new and original masi- 
cal play in three acts, by A. Vanloo and O. Dnval : English 
version by Henry Hamilton : lyrics by Percy Greenbank : 
mnsic by Andr6 Messager. 1905. 788 MS8 

Mosart, J. 0. W. A. Clavlersonaten, mlt frei hlnzacomponlrter 
Begleltnng eines zwelten Claviers von Edvard Orieg. 4t. In 
1. 786.8 M98 

(7otUenU: F dur.— O moll.— O dur.— Q dur. 

Beger, Max. Schllchte Welsen fiir elne Singstlmme und Klavier. 
Opus 76. 2y. In 1. 784 B83 

School and gymnasiam marches. 785.2 887 

Stanford, 0. V. Songs of the sea, the poems by Henry New- 
bolt, set to mnsic for solo voices and male chorns ad lib. Op. 
91. 1904. 784.1 878 

Sullivan, Sir Arthur. The gondoliers ; or, the king of Bara- 
tarla, by W. 8. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. Vocal score; 
arrangement for pianoforte by J. H. Wadsworth. 788 S95g 

Wolf, Hugo. Favorite songs and ballads, 1860-1903. With 
original text, and translations made especially for this edition. 
High voice. 784 W85 



Adams, Charles Francis. Three Phi Beta Kappa addresses. 

1907. 824 A198 

" Two of these addresses constitute an arraignment In Important 
respects of the American collegiate system now In use, especially 
at Harvard, with suggestions of radical changes desirable therein. 
In the other address Mr. Adams urges the claims of Robert B. Lee 
for grateful recognition by the American people. North as well as 
South. " 

Albright, B. M. The short-story, its principles and stmctnre. 

1907. 426.8 A84 

The aim of the book, to quote the author ^s preface, Is " not to trace 
the origin or development of the short-story, but to set forth 
standards of what Is good In story writing, Illustrating by the 
practice of masters as contrasted with amateurish failures. " The 
author gives practical suggestions which, although Intended pri- 
marily for the college student, would be of real assistance to any- 
one seeking to learn to write short stories. A classified list of 
typical short stories Is given In an appendix. 

Bailey, 0. S., and Lewis, 0. K., eds. For the children's hour. 

1906. 871.8 BU 

A compilation of stories from old myths, folk-tales, magazines out 
of print, and the best of literature, old and latter-day. The 
material covers a large variety of subjects,— the seasons, different 
Industries, various holidays, stories of heroism, of the home, and 
fairy tales. Designed for the use of klndergartners, teachers, and 

Blum, L^on. En llsant : reflexions critiques. 1906. 840.1 B6d 

ConterUt: Maurice Harris.— Bnqudte sur influence allemande.— 
Anatole France.— O^n^rallt^s sur le roman.— Madame de NoalUes. 

— O^rard d^Houvllle — Romans de femmes.— Paul Bourget.— J. K. 
Huysmans.— Jules Renard.— Tristan Bernard.— Marcel Schwob.— 
Andr6 Glde,— A propos de quelques pontes.— Sur Victor Hugo.— 
Henri de R^nler.— Pierre Lotl.— Lafcadio Hearn.— L^exotlsme.— 
Maurice Msterllnck.— Paul Adam.— Abel Hermant.— Jean Jaur^. 

— Le centenalre de Qeorge Sand.— Gustave Gteffroy.— Paul et Vic- 
tor Marguerltte.— Marcel Mlelvaque. — Marcelln Berthelot.— Le 
salalre de I'artlste.— Romans de la terre.— Le roman social. 


Booth, W. S. A practical guide for authors in thoir relaUons 
with pQblishen and printers. 1907. 655 B64 

Dskker, Thomas. The gnls hornbook, and The belmsn of Lon- 
don. 1904. 824 DSSg 

Xarls, Mrs. M. T. Letters to yonng and old. 1906. 6S4 El 18c 

ContenU: Iietters from Germany.— MlsoellaneoiiB letters.— Health 
and food.— Oooklng receipts.— Gardening.— Letters from Lady 
Normanby, Paris, 1848.— Some notes on the Paris exhibition of 1000. 

VSmald, J. 0. English synonyms and antonyms, with notes on 
the correct nse of prepositions : designed as a companion for 
the study and as a text-book for the use of schools. 1896. 

Bef . 5.76 

Franoks, Kuno. German ideals of today, and other essays on 

Qerman culture. 1907. 830.1 F84g 

CorUentM : German ideals of today.— Three anniversary addresses.- 
Evolutionary trend of German literary orltlcism.— Inner life in 
German scolptui'e.— Study of national culture.— Sketches of con- 
temporary Gtorman letters.- Future of German literature. 

" The essays and sketches here brought together deal with what 
may be called the higher life of modern Gtormany. . . . Taken as a 
whole, they form perhaps a slight contribution to the psychology 
of the Gtorman national mind. ** Preface. 

Oivon, J. L. Making a newspaper. 1907. 070 644 

A detailed account of the business, editorial, reportorlal, and man- 
olacturlng organization of the daily newspaper in a large city, 
written particularly for the young men and women who want to 
know the requirements, best methods of making a start, and re> 
wards of journalism; and for country newspaper workers who aim 
for metropolitan journalism. Anecdotes and actual experiences 
add to the interest and value of the book. The author has had 
ample experience with the New York Evening Sun, 

Ooothe, J. W. Ton. The first part of Goethe's Faust, together 
with the prose translation, notes, and appendices, of Abraham 
Hayward. Rev., with introd. by C. A. Buchheim. 1892. 

83S GGlfa 
The original text and the translation are on opposite pages. The 
appendix contains an abstract of the second part of Fautt. 


Hadow, O. B., and Hadow, W. H. Oxford treMnry of English 

literatore, vol. 2 : Growth of the drama. 1907. 826 HIS 

" A oompllAtlon. to be complete In three volumes. Intended to 
familiarize students with the chief landmarks in English litera- 
ture from Beowulf to the present day. Brief and very lucid intro- 
ductions, critical, explanatory, or biographical, accompany the 
selections, which are made with fine discrimination. " 

A,L, A. BooklUt. 

Hix, Melvin. Fifty English classics briefly outlined. 1905. 

420.7 H64 

Intended specially for teachers of English literature in the schools, 
and for those individual students who wish some systematic guid- 
ance in their reading or who cannot readily consult critical author- 
ities. The works covered include drama, fiction, poetry, and 
essays. The treatment naturally varies, but in general there is an 
outline of subject matter or plot, brief quotations, and short ci*iti- 
cal conmients selected from many writers. 

Jesperaen, Otto. Growth and stroctnre of the English language. 

1905. 420.9 J49 

The author is professor in the University of Copenhagen. He 
says: " I have endeavored to write at once popularly and so as to 
be of some profit to the expert philologist. . . The older stages of 
the language will be considered only as they throw light on pres- 
ent-day English, and an attempt will be made to show the relation 
of language to national character. " 

Jaaaup, Alexander, and Oanby, H. 8., eds. The book of the 

short story. 1906. J501.1 

ContenU: Introduction.— The shipwrecked sailor, from an Egyptian 
papyrus, about 2G00 B. O.— The book of Ruth, from the Bible.— Oupld 
and Psyche, by Apulelus.— Frederick of the Alberighl and his fal- 
con, by Boccaccio.— All Baba, from the Arabian Nights.— The 
liberal lover, by Cervantes.— The apparition of Mrs. Veal, by Defoe. 
— Jeannot and Oolin, by Voltaire.— Rip van Winkle, by Irving.— 
Wandering Willie's tale, by Scott.— The taking of the redoubt, by 
M^rim^e.- La grande bret^che, by Balzac.— The birthmark, by 
Hawthorne.— The cask of Amontillado, by Poe.— A Lear of the 
steppes, by Turgeneff.— A coward, by De Maupassant.— Without 
benefit of clergy, by Kipling.— Ust of representative tales and 
short stories. 

Each story is preceded by a brief introduction, and followed by a 
Ust of other stories of the same period. The arrangement of the 
stories is chronological. 



Jatserand, J. A. A. J. A literary history of the English people. 
Voi. 9, part 1. 1906. 810 J96 

ContenU: The Renaissanoe.— The Reformation.— The Queen [Blixa- 
l)etb] and her kingdom.— Prose and poetry.— Spenser.— The novel. 
Laxdsdla Saga. Trans, from the Icelandic bj Muriel A. C. 
Press. 1899. 889.6 L45 

One of the great sagas of Iceland, probably first put together about 
the 13tb century, now first translated Into Bnglish. 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. Joyzelle, trans, by A. Teixeira; Monna 
Vanna, trans, by Alfred Sutro. 1907. 842 M27j 

" Joytelle is a closet drama, dreamy, mystical and delicate, typical 
of the author. Monna Vanna^ too well known to need any intro- 
duction, is newly translated by Alfred Sutro. " 

— The measure of the honrs. Trans, by Alexander Teixeira de 
Mattes. 1907. 844 MS7m 

ContenU: The measure of the hours.— Immortality.— The gods of 
war. — Our social duty. — Our anxious morality.— Rome. — The 
psychology of accident.- In praise of the fist.- The forgiveness of 
injuries.— Ooucerning " King Lear. ''— Intelligence of the flowers. 

— Perfumes. 

Martin, Sir ^eodore. Monographs: Garrick, Macready, 
Rachel, and Baron Stockmar. 1906. 79S MS6 

Montagu, B. B. Tales from the Talmud. 892.4 T14m 

" Intended not for the student, but for the ' general reader. * 
Oompilatlons of this kind should possess the excellent negative 
virtues of being neither too deep nor over-accurate, and of being 
smooth and pleasant reading. . . This book satisfies these require- 
ments. We do not wish to criticise it in detail, but instead recom- 
mend people to read it. '* Aihenotum, 

Moulton, B. Q. The ancient classical drama : a stndy in literary 

evolution, intended for readers in Bnglish and in the original. 

2d ed. 1898. 882 M86 

Contentt: Originof tragedy.— Ohoral tragedy: the story of Orestes 
In the hands of iEschylus.— Ohoral tragedy as a dramatic species. 

— Ancient tragedy in transition.- The Roman revival of tragedy. 
—Shakespeare's Macbeth arranged as an ancient tragedy.— Origin 
of comedy.— Ohoral, or Old Attic comedy : the Birds, Aristophanes. 

— Ohoral, or Old Attic comedy, as a dramatic species.— Ancient 
tragedy In transition.- Roman comedy.— Ancient classic and 
modern romantic drama.— Appendix. 


NoyM, Alfred. Poems. With an introd. by Hamilton W. Mabie. 

1906. 820 N95 

" By the young Bngllsh poet whose eplo, Drake, has been received 
by the English reviews with such scclaim. As yet Mr. Noyes is a 
little too adventurous in his quest of the striking subject, too 
proud of the mere muscles of his verse: but there is a gusto in his 
work, a savor of opulence, variety, and ease that is full of hope. ** 


Page, 0. H., ed. British poets of the nineteenth century : selec- 
tions from Wordsworth, Coleridge, Scott, Byron, Shelley, 
Keats, Landor, Tennyson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert 
Browning, Clongh, Arnold, Bossetti, Morris, Swinbarne, 
with reference lists and notes. 1904. 821 P18a 

PaiUeron, B. J. H. Le monde ot i'on s'ennule : com^die en 

trois actes. Ed. with introd.