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,"' ,*. BULLETIN 





JULY 1918 

Volume 22 - - - Number 7 

Jewish Dreamers in the Pubuc Libraries 411 

Recent Additions to the Print Collectios ----- 414 

Census OF Fi»TEENTH Century Biioks Owneu in America — Part IV. 417 f-' 

News of ire Month ---------- 440 

The European War (ReientAcctssions) 441 

Recent Books of Interest Aiwed to the Library - - - - 452 

Circulation Statistics for June -------- 4S5 

Principal Donors in June 456 



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LIME 22 July 1918 Number 7 


Bv RuEBEN Brainin 

0\ 42nd Street and 5th Avenue you can meet and study the most 
remarkable types of Jewish idealists, dreamers and visionaries. 
They are men of whom the wide Jewish world knows very Httle. and the 
Christian world knows nothing. They were never depicted in the stories 
and sketches from New York Jewish life, although they arc the most 
interesting and the most remarkatile in our midst. These are the dream- 
ers of the flhetto, which even Israel Zangwill never described and never 

I say that you will meet and study llieni in the great public library. 
It is not, however, easy to make their acqnaintancc. for these iiook people 
— bonk fjhittoiis — have withdrawn into an inner worM. They scrupu- 
lously hide from the outer world their idealism, their dreams and visions. 
They guard themselves against coming in direct contact with the street 
and its coarse realities. Their entire life is a living protest against mate- 
rialism, against the dollar cult. You have to spend lime to gain their 
confidence. When they enter into conversation with yon they talk no 
idle gr)ssip. They will debate on things that matter; on philosophy, on 
the far future of niankiixl, on the still unborn art, and <>n the literature 
that is to be. 

1 kni)vv many of the zealous visitors <if the public library, some of 
thcni (|uile young men, others mi<ldle age<l. .md yet others old men — but 
they have all young souls and childish, naive hearts, .V good many of 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


them work in stores and factories. After their day's work they repair 
to the library and only leave it when the lights are turned out. 

On Saturday afternoon and the whole day Sunday you will find them 
there. All professions are represented by these visitors. I know a few 
of them who are waiters, a number of peddlers and some men of indefi- 
nite professions. Their requirements are reduced to a minimum. They 
need very little. You will find them in the Russian Department, in the 
Reference Room, and in the Jewish Department. 

Most of them are devouring the latest literature and scientific works. 
With extreme impatience they look for the last Russian or Hebrew periodi- 
cal. They swallow every new word. They seek everywhere the modern, 
the revolutionary, in the spiritual world. They were the first readers 
of the world-famous novel "Jean Christophe," by the French poet and 
thinker, Romaine Rolland. They were the first readers of the epoch- 
making novel the "Tunnel," by Kellernian. They sense the future. They 
were the first worshippers at the shrine of the Indian poet, Rabindranath 

These library frequenters read for the sake of reading. They have 
no ulterior aim. Just as in former days Jews used to study the Tal- 
mud, simply for the sake of study. They make no practical use of their 

1 know some of them who for years and years have been cherishing 
the hidden thought of becoming writers. They still diligently gather 
material for a great epoch-making work. But years pass, and the work 
is not created. Some of them grow old gathering notes, quotations — 
for their works, which will never come out. Many of them dream of a 
new world-religion, of a new world order. They hve outside of space 
and outside of time. The noisy life of New York, the hustle and bustle 
of the East Side does not affect them, 

I know one of them who has for years been gathering facts in the 
Fifth Avenue Library for a book showing that the entire Darwinian 
theory is to be found in the Bible and the Talmud; that Herbert Spencer 
has copied from the "Guide of the Perplexed" of Maimonides, that Oscar 
Wilde has borrowed from the Zohar. And they sincerely believe that 
their discovery will take the world by surprise. 

I know another one who has for the last fifteen years studied the 
Uterature of Shakespeare. He knows all his dramas almost by heart. 
He is acquainted with every Shakespearian version. No other books 
interest him. No world-event can tear him away from Shakespeare. 

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This is his Bible and his religion. Hunger, cold, life in a cellar are trifles 
in comparison with a new commentary on a phrase of Hamlet. All 
catastrophes of the world, even the world-war, are the result of men not 
being acquainted with the creations of Shakespeare. Shakespeare is his 
panacea, his radical remedy for all present and future ills of mankind. 

I know one of these whose idol is Emerson. There is nothing in 
the literature of the world to rival this writer. Emerson is the incarnation 
of the real American spirit. Because European countries did not have an 
Emerson, they are barbaric states. They have no culture. He has no 
money to purchase the works of Emerson, but he has time. So he has 
rewritten in his own hand-writing the entire edition of this American 
thinker. It took him some three years to complete the work. 

Another of these dreamers is of the firm belief that Yiddish litera- 
ture will conquer the world literature. All universities of Europe and 
America will found colleges for Yiddish. The late Bovshover is much 
deeper and finer than Shelley; Peretz is certainly stronger and more 
poetical than Byron; Shomer, of greater importance than Dickens. It is 
vain to argue with him. He reads — nay, he studies — old back numbers 
of the New York Jewish papers, whether existing or defunct. 

Many of these people would have left New York, for there are better 
opportunities for them in the provinces. In New York they are lone- 
some, forsaken, without friends or relatives; in the provinces they have 
brothers, parents. It is the Fifth Avenue Library that keeps them riveted 
to New York. They cannot part with it. They cannot Hve without it. 
It is their temple. They come there with reverence. They look con- 
temptuously on all who pass by this temple where the greatest spirits 
of all nations and all ages are preserved, and where one forgets the 
miseries and the worries of the petty Hfe of today. 

— From the "American Weekly Jewish Newt" for April 12. 1918. 

(Alt Riahti Rtttrvtd) 

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IN addition to the exhibition, "The Making of a Lithograph," which 
was opened during April (in room 321) and was described in the June 
issue of the Bulletin, the Prints Division of The New York Public Library 
has had on view since May 9 (in the Stuart Gallery, room 316) its annual 
exhibition of "Recent Additions." Both exhibitions will continue until 
the end of October. 

In the nature of things, a display of the year's accessions cannot 
illustrate unity of purpose such as that of a show Hmited to the work 
of one man, or country, or medium (etching, Hthography, wood-engrav- 
ing). It will, perforce, be of a miscellaneous character, although the 
prints will naturally be arranged in groups (by artists, countries, periods, 
subject) of which each, however, again assumes, within its limits, the 
character of the special exhibition. But this varied result has, in itself, 
an attraction evident without making a virtue of necessity. And, in the 
end, such a yearly graphic report of progress well serves its special pur- 
pose of showing the large and growing number of those interested in 
prints, and in the Library's print room, how and in which directions the 
dDllection is growing. 

Additions to the noted S. P. Avery Collection always form a group 
by themselves in this annual exhibition. This year they include etchings 
by Meryon (one of the rebus plates, the lines to his master Blery, and 
the projH de billets d'action designed as a preventive of counterfeiting), 
Lepere, E. Chahine; the Englishman Frank Short, Malcolm Osborne (a 
flat landscape of the kind glorified in Rembrandt's "Goldweigher's Field"), 
F. S. Unwin, W. Lee Hankey (an aquatint), Nathaniel Sparks; and our 
own Mahonri Young and George Senseney (a Venetian subject in color). 
And there are wood cuts ("painter-wood-engravings") in color by Carl 
Moll and Gustave Baumann. Thus, on the wonderful foundation laid 
by the elder Avery, the son is quietly and effectively building into the 
present time. 

Other modern work acquired represents G. T. Plowman, E. D. Roth, 
Arthur Covey, Thomas R. Manley, W. J. Beauley, Cadwallader Wash- 
burn, Leigh Hunt, Dwight C. Sturges, J. C. Vondrous, Louis Orr ("The 
Pont Neuf," a gift from the French Minister of Public Instruction), O. J. 
Schneider, Jacques Reich and William Strang in etching, — increasing 
especially the American section. In lithography there is Muirhead Bone's 

d by Google 


series of ship-yard drawings done for the British Pictorial Service. There 
are reproductive wood-engravings by J. W. Evans, W. J. Linton, and 
Charles M. Johnson, and "original" ones by A. Allen Lewis and Rudolph 
Ruzicka. And finally there is a group of bookplates by E. D, French 
(bringing the Library's large and important collection of his work still 
nearer to completeness), A. N. Macdonald, W. F. Hopson, Gardner C. 
Teall and E. B. Bird. 

Important special gifts or unusual opportunities may provide a promi- 
nent feature in an exhibition such as the present one. The first was the 
case last year, when the legacy of Miss Lydia S. Hays brought an inter- 
esting and important addition to the Library's modern prints, Odilon 
Redon, D. S. MacLaughlan and A. Allen Lewis being particularly well 
represented. This year the dispersal of the F. R. Halsey collection results 
in the adding to the Cadwalader collection of a number of French I7th 
century portraits and 18th century figure pieces, increasing the portfolios 
of old prints, and illustrating an interesting period of national expression. 
There are eight portraits by Nanteuil, both the smaller delicate ones, 
and larger plates, more vigorously graven, and including that portrait of 
Mazarin in the border surmounted by the cardinal's hat. By Masson 
there are three, among them "the Brisacier" ("Gray-haired man") in first 
state, before letters. Edelinck is represented by three, and Morin, Pitau, 
Cossin, Van Schuppen by one each. 

The charming Httle portrait of the Comtesse d'Artois, by Cathelin, 
takes us into the 18th century, when Moreau le jeune produced his delight- 
ful figure-subjects of which two are here: the famous "Le couche de la 
Mariee" after Baudouin, and the "Bal Masque" (illustrating the fete 
given by the City of Paris to the king and queen, January 23, 1782, on 
the occasion of the birth of the dauphin). And, by the way, "Monseigneur 
le Dauphin et Madame, Fille du Roi" are presented in a portrait by L. E. 
LeBrun engraved by Maurice Blot. The debonair toying with rural 
delights and domestic virtues, so characteristic of the period, are illustrated 
in such pictures as "Les Epoux Curieux" and "L'Horoscope accompH," 
both by Ponce after Freudeberg, and by DeLongueil's "Correction Ma- 
temelle," after Aubry, , The old and ever-new story appears daintily 
camouflaged (also characteristic of that time) in Baudouin's "Les Amours 
Champetres," engraved by Choffard, while less art and more preaching 
appears in Bord's "L'lnnocence en Danger," engraved by F. Huot, a pic- 
torial document of 1793. One expression of engraving activity in France 
was the color-print, here exemplified in three pieces by Gautier Dagoty 
and one by Jazet ("La Promenade du Jardin Turc"). 

d by Google 


A group of prints from the Netherlands bears the names of Jacob 
de Gheyn. F. van den Steen, \V. J. Delff (Mierevelt's portrait of George 
ViUiers, Duke of Buckingham, 1625), Danckerts (portrait of Cornelis de 
Wit, 1641), Mouzyn (portrait of Admiral de Ruyter), Munnickhuysen 
("Cornelis Tromp," before letters), J, Louys, T. Matliam, Porrekens 
("Ignatius Loyola"), Jerome Wierix, T. de Leu and H. Bery ("Simon 
Simonides"). Vice's large portrait of Charles V is to be noted. And 
there is a group of English prints. Anonymous portraits of Charles II and 
James II, the latter changed to one of George II by the simple process 
of re-engraving the name but not the portrait. Portraits by Delaram 
(Charles I as Prince of Wales), Loggan (Archbishop Laud) and George 
Vertue, together with the last-named artist's portrait of himself and his 
wife, engraved by W. Humphrey. 

Of mezzotints, there are Edward Fisher's "William, Earl of Chat- 
ham," after Richard Brompton, and Houston's plates of the Five Senses, 
after F. Hayman. Cipriani's portrait of Jonathan Mayhew recalls the 
wide field of "Americana," of interest to so many. Here there are Tic- 
bout's large stipple portrait of Rev. William White, after Stuart (1805), 
D. Edwin's "George Washington," after R. Pealc, "printed in colors 
by H. Charles," and W. J. Bennett's large colored aquatint view of 
"City of Washington, from beyond the Navy Yard." 

Of local interest is the "Latting Observatory, near 6th Avenue, 
between 42nd and 43rd Streets," a picture of a 350-foot tower which 
stood there in the fifties of the past century and is said to have had 
room for 2,000 persons on its landings. From various sources have 
come line engravings and etchings by Morghen, Schelte a Bolswert, Bar- 
tolozzi, Weirotter and Hutin, and chiaroscuro prints by Goltzius and "M." 
And there are some original drawings by newspaper artists, — two views 
of The New York Public Library by Louis Ruyl and one of the "When 
a feller needs a friend" series by Briggs, the one making a plea for books 
for our soldiers. 

Finally, there is shown a small selection from a collection of prints 
relating to the care of the hair and beard in England in the 18th and early 
19th centuries. Barbers, hairdressers, wigs, the difficulties of ladies with 
head-dress in coach or sedan-chair, stays, the "macaroni," and an "engine 
to shave 60 men in a minute," — these and other topics are dealt with, 
sometimes in a spirit of boisterous humor, in these prints, which are 
almost entirely of subject interest only. 

— F. Weitenkampf. 

d by Google 


Edited by a Couuiiike of th 


r OF Amebica 

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brew]. 4°. 

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d by Google 



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Other edilioni are entered under £i 


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(S.j 4°. 

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arum. See 


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See also Suidas. Lexic 

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by Campanus,| Venice: Ratdolt, 1482, 

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d by Google 



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Palmerius Pisanus.) Venice: Ratdolt, 
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Rome. 1471. 20 May. 4*. 
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GK; MPR; IlWt. 

See also Scriptores historiae augus- 

tae, 14560-14563; Suetonius Tninquil- 
luB. De vita xii. Caesarum, 15113- 


ETanKelien und Episteln; Plenarium. 

Augsburg: Biimler, 1474, an S. 

Matheus abent rSept. 20). f°. 

Ref: BM Cat; C Z3IB. Copiei: HEH; IPHt; 


Urach: Feyner, 1481. an unser 

frawcn abent liechtmess (Feb. 1]. f. 

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Reutlingen; Ottnar & Schlafer, 

1482. 4°. 

Ref: C 2J24. Copy: Walk. 

Evangeiitn und Episttln; Plenarium, cont'd. 

Evangelien ende epistelen. Delft. 

1486. op s. Andries avont iNov. 29]. 4'. 

Ref: Campbell 696 (Jacob Tan der Meer}; Pell 
4601; C: Hain 66S1. Copy: JPMt. 

6744 Das ewangeli buch. Augsburg: 

Schobsser, 1497, mitwoch vor Philippi 
«. Jacobi (Apr. 26j. f°. 

Copy: MelropolitanMui. 

6754 Dat Boeck der profecien. Epis- 
telen unde Ewangelii, 1497. f. 

Copy; MauHii. 

6759* Exceptiones legum Romanorum. 
Strasburg: Schott. 1500, feria quarta 
post festum omnium sanctorum [Nov. 

Copy: LC(T). 

6764 Exempla sacre scripture secundum 
ordinem litterarum. Paris, 1477. pe- 
nult. Jan. [30.1 4°. 
Kef: Pr 7850 (Cering. Kranc ft FriburKer); Fell 
46S9 (Gering), Copy: NYP. 

6766 Paris: de la Barre. 1500, 20 Nov. 

Ref: Pr B360. Copy: HWf. 

6773* Esercitium grammatical puerorum 
per dietas distributum. 1500, altera 
die Mar. ,2., 4". 

Ref: Pr 746 (Straiburg: Buiner); C (Haceoau: . 

Gran). Copy: UChi. 

6775* Exhortatio de celebratione missae 
per modum dialogi. |14|73. 4*. 

Ref: Pr 24S7 (giiUngen: Fyner). Copiei: 
AmBt; Cor; LC. 

6777 Exhortationes Novitiorum. Deven- 
ter: in platea episcopi, 1491. 4". 

Ref: Pr 8998 fPafract); Campbell 719; Pell 4668. 
Copie.: AmBf; HWt. 

Burgos: Fredericus [Bielj, 1493, 7 

Nov. 4°. 

Ref: Pell 4684; Haebter 251; C 2377 (1483). 
COitiei: AmBtl Hiapanic. 

6786* Cologne: Quentell. 1494, prid. 

id. Jun. ,12., 4'. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copiet: Cor; CLN. 

6787* Reutlingen: Greyff, 1496. 4°, 

Ref: BM Cat Copy: UnTS. 

6788* Cologne: Quentell. 1496, 8 Oct. 


Ref: Pell 4688(1). Copy: UnTS. 

6789* Basel: Furter. 1497. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat Copy; UnTS. 

Tarragona: Rosenbaeh. 1498, 18 

Sept. 4°. 

Ref: Haebler 252. Copy: Hitptaic. 

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Eifotitio hymnorum, continued. 

Copy: Hispanic (Zaiagou: Hurui, c. 1499). 

6793* Cologne: Quentell, 1499. 10 

Mar. 4°. 

Rcr: PctI 4690(1); C 2JS1; Hiin 14684. Copy: 
6794* — Cologne: Quentell, 1500. non. 
Dec. [5.1 4°. 

R«f: Pdl 4692. Copy: NYP. 

Secundum usum Sarum. 4'. 

Ref: BM Cal (Coloeme: Quentdl); Duff. xv. 
Cf nt. English Booki. 1 38 (1496). Copy .- 

6795* Expositio super can on em missae. 

Rcf: Pell 4693; Pr 1524 (Augiburg: Zainer). 
Copici: Boston At b; StSul, 

Expositio missae multum utilis. und das 
teiitsch darauf geet. Augsburg, 1484, 
Freylag vor S. Luceyen tag (Dec. lOj. 

; Pell 1621; Hair 

Ref: BM Ca 
Copy: W.tic. 

See also Auslegung des Amts. 2143-2144. 
)807* ExpoNtio misteriorum missae, Leip- 
zig: Lotter. il4|99. 4°. 

Ref; BM Cal (An adaptation of the work with 
the same title by Guilelmus de Couda. with 
addition, by Filter B.llhasir). Copy: HWt. 

J808* Expositio officii missae sacrique 

Ref: BM Cal (Strasburg;: Printer of Hen, Aiimi- 
nensis. By Vincentius Gruner); R; C (Rey- 
KT. 1473?). Copies: Darl; Ph(W). 

Ref: R (c. 1476); C 2387 (1476); Pr 301 (Stras- 
burg: Printer of Hen. Copy: 

6813* Ezpoaitiones textuales dubiorum et 
lucutentissimae explanationes in librot 
de coelo et mundo. [Tracts by Aris- 
totle. Thomas Aquinas and Gerard de 
Monte., Cologne: Quentell, 1497. 10 
kal. Oct. [Sept. 22.) 1°. 

Ref: BM Cat; cf Hain 1506 & 1507, parti of Ibis 
volume. Copies; Harv; UaTS. 

Eyb, Alberlus de. 

6814* Margarita poelica. f. 

Ref: Pr 356 (Slrasburg: Husner); Pell 4701. 

- Nuremberg: Sensensdimid, 1472, 

: Pell 4702; BM Cat. 

6821 Paris: Guering. 1478, penult. 

Nov. (29.1 4°. 

Ref: Pell 470S; Pr 7858. Copy: AmBt. 

6823* 1487. kal. Feb. rl-i f°, 

Ref: Pell 470S. Copies: D; llarv (Riani). 

6824* 1493. kal. Jan. ,1., I'. 

Ref: Pr 5132 (Venice: Rubcus). Copies: Cor; 
Sulro; HWt. 

6825* Basel: Amerbach. 1495. f. 

Ref: Pell 4707. Copies: Cor; LC; LC(T). 

6833 Ob einem Manne se>; zu nemen ein 
eelich weib oder nit. Augsburg: 
Schonsperger. 1482, Samstag vor 
Georj (Apr. 20|. f. 

Ref: Pr 1758; C. Copy; LC<T). 

6810 Reutlingen: Otmar, 1483. die 

Egidii iSept. li. £°. 

Ref: Ri Pr 2703; C. Copy: HWt. 
See also Officium missae. 

Expositio sequentiarum secundum usum 
Sarum. 4°. 
Ref: BM Cat (Cologne: Ouentell); Pr 1427 
(after 4 May. 1495); Duff. xv. Cent Engliab 
Book!. 138. Copy: (Hinckley). 

- 4°. 

Faber Stapulensia, Jacobus. 
Arithmetica and Musica. See Joidamu 
Nemorarius. Arithmetica, 9436. 

Fabcr de Werdea, Johannes. 
6849 Exercitata parvorum logicalium se- 
cundum viatn modcrnorum. Reutlin- 
gen: Otmar. 1487, 23 Jan. l". 
Ref: BM Cal (after Jan. 31). Copy: UoTS. 

6855* Carr 

n de u 

et abusu. 4°. 

Ref: R. Copy; HWf. 

68S6* Tractatulus de mediis ad beatam 
vitam pervenicndi. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 29S0 (Lcipiig: Landsbcrg); C (1495). 
Copy: Pli(W). 

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Pmbrica, Johannes de. 

6880* De indulgentjis 

purgatorio. 4". 

R«f: Pt 2847 (Pubd: ] 

pro animabus J 

Btri). Copy: UnTS. 

ay: BoitonAth (KIou. Colccnt; 

1682. Copy: JP 
6890* Faceti liber 

;. 1488); C 

IS mores he 
Brant; in vulgare 

translatus per Rainerius Alamannus. 

iMemmingen:! Albert [KunnC]. A". 

Rtf: BH Cai; C (U97). Copy: AmBt- 

Les FaintiBeB du monde. (Paris:] Le Noir. 


«lly 1 

' Antidvlaril 


(By Werner 

6914* Faaciculiu temporum. 
Rolewinck.) f°. 

Rcf: C 2436 (Cologne, c. 1480); a TUiation of 
Hum 6914; cf BU Cat; Fr 1284 (Cologne: 
Ludwie o£ Renchcn). Copieii AmBf; Watk. 

6915* i-. 

Rtl: Pr 571 (Straiburs: Pruu. not before 1490). 
Copiei: AmBf; LC; NYP; [NYSt (Camp- 

l«ll)]; Ph(W). 

6916- f°. 

Rtf: Pr 563 (Straiburg: Prusi). CopieJ: AmBt; 
JCre; Miami; Ph(W); DFE. 

6917 [Cologne:] Got; de Sletzstat. i". 

Ref: Pr 1109 (1474). Copy: JPMt- 

6918* Cologne: Therhuernen, 1474. 


1913. 3d I _ 

Copies: AmBt (Hum 
I); LCCT. Murray in. 

lilion are dwribed 
Tht Library. Jan.. 
orrectiDK BM Cat. 
I); Harr (Munay 
ant); WMV (Mur- 

ISOO. Wrilten by G. 

Copy: TBDV (Hoe. c. 
Alexia or P. Grinsoie). 

Falconia, Proba. 
6903* Carmina; Virgili 

Rcf: BM Cat (Baiel: Weniiler); Fdl 4733. 
Copy: JMH. 

Centones vcteris ac novi testament!. 4". 

Ref: Hifbler ZSB bit (Burgoi: P. dc Baiilea, c. 
1500). Copy; Hispanic. 

See also AiuoniuB. Opera, 2176. 

FalcutiuB, Nicolaus. Physician, of Florence. 

Sermones medicinales septem. Pavia: 
Comphaloneriis, pt. 1, 1484, 24 Dec.; 
pt. 2. 1481; pt. 7, 1484, 18 Nov. f°. 

Rcf: Hain 11767'. Coplei: CPh; LC(T} (pL I. 

Venice: Tridino. pt. 1. 1491. 15 Apr.; 

rpt. 2, 1491. non. Jul. ,7]; pt. 3, 1490, 24 
Dec; pt. 4. 1491. non. Aug. [Si; pt. S. 
1491. 18 Jun.; pt. 6. 1491, non. Aug. 
rSi; pt. 7, 1491, 8 Oct. f°. 

Hlf; Hain 11768*. Copy: CPh (pL 3-7). 

Pavia: Birretis & Girardengus, 1491, 

31 Mar. {pi. 5.) f°. 

Copy: CPh. 

Venice. 1491, 9 Jul. (pt. 2.) f°. 


RfE: Cv 


: AmBf; JCre (C.rvalho); New; LC(T); 

— Louvain: Veldener, 1476, 4 kal. 
. [Dec. 29.] f°. 

opbell I47B. Copiej: AmBt; Harv; Will; 

6921* Speier: Drach, 1477, 8 kal. Dec. 

tNov. 24.] f°. 

Copiea: AmBt: LC; Walk; JMII. 

6922* [Cologne:, Goti de Seltzstat. 

Rcf: BM Cal (1478). Copiei: AmBf; LC(T). 

6924* Venice: Walch, 1479. f°. 

Copiw: AmBt; LC; JM (Carvilbo); JPMt; 
(Neuen); LCCT). 

6925* Cologne: Quentel, 1480. l". 

Ref: BM Cat. Copiei: AmBt; Walk; HWt. 

Venice: Raldolt, 1480, 24 Nov. 


f froi 

» editii 

Faltonia Amicia or Veccia. See Falconia, 

Fantutius, Caspar. 

6912 Oratio coram gymnasio Bononiensi 

pronunciata. Bologna: Benedictis, 

1495, 19 Oct. 4°. 

Hef: Pr 6608: Pell 4743: C. Copy: Bowd. 

Pariiutor, Matthias. See Lumen animae, 

Fameto de Ancharano, Petrus 4t. See 

Ancharano, 945-957, 

Type Faci 

17 Seville: Segura & de Portu, 1480. 

Ref: R: Haebler 583; Pr 9519; C. <^)pi«: AmBti 

28* [Venice:, Rodolt. 1481, 12 kal. 

Jan. [Dec, 21., P. 
Copin: AmBt; Cor; HarTS (Sunderland); New; 

llTor; JMH; IIEH (Yemenii: Hot); JPMt: 

LC(T); HWt. 

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Fasciculus temp arum, contiHued. 

6930 Rougemont: Wirczburg d« 

Vach, 148L f. 

Rcf: R; Pr 7SZ3; C. Coplei; AmBtl Grol; LC. 

6931* Memmingen: Kunne, 1482, f*. 

Copiu: AmBt; HEH; (Kroencke): LC<T, 2). 

6932' Basel; Richel, 1482, 10 kal. Mar. 

(Feb. 20., f°. 

Copy; AmBt 

6934- Venice: Ratdolt. 1484. S kal. 

Jun. [May 28.) 1°. 
Copitit AmBt; Harv; JPMfi LCtT), 

6935* Venice; Ratdolt, 1485, 6 id. 

Sept. r8,i i". 

Copiei: AmBt: Cor; Harv; Howe; Jllopkina; 

LC; WbU; HCF. 
lAquilai) Adam [Rottweil], 1486, 2 

Dec. f. 

Ref: C 2138. Copy: AmBt. 

6936* Strasburg: Pruss, 1487. f. 

Copies: AmBt; Ports; Ptin; WMV, 

6937« Strasburg: Pruss, 1488. f°. 

Copiei: AmBt; Dropsic; JHopkins; LC; Prin; 

- i". 


II Milhieu Hm, 1495). Copies 


6939* Eyn burdin oder versamlung 

dcr zyt. Basel: Richel. 1481, prid. kal. 
Sept. lAug. 31.1 f°. 

Ref: BM CaL Copy; Watk. 

6940* Bin burdlin der zeyt. i'. 

Ref: Pr S4$ (Strasburg: Pruss. afler 27 Oct. 
1492). Copwj: AmBt; UoTS; Watk; WMV. 

6946 Dat boeck dat men hiet fascicu- 
lus temporum. Utrecht; Veldenar, 
1480, op S. Vatentijns dach op die vas- 
telavont .Feb. 14). f°. 
Ref: Pr 88S8; Campbell 1479'. Copies: AmBt; 
NYP; Prin; JMH; JPMt; CLN; LC<T). 

Fayt of armes. See Christienne de Pisan, 

Felicianus, continued. 

6956 De retentione decimanitn. Uemmia- 
gen: Kunne, 1489. 4". 

Ref: BH Cat (anonymoua) ; Pr 27Sfi; C. Copia: 

6957* De Romanorum magistratibus. 4*. 

Ref; Pr 5359 (Veaicet Butricis); Pell 475B; Hain 
9B31 is a pari of Ibis. Copies: LC: UPs; AJB; 
HWt (e. 1491), 

Copy: HEH (Plor. 

6963 4°. 

- Milan, 1477. kal. Feb. |1.) 

FerettuB or Ferretus, Nicolaus. 

6973* De elegantia linguae latinae. Forli: 

Guarinus & Benedictis, 149S, 16 kal. 

May [ 16). 4°. 
Ref; Pr 7327. Copy: LC(T, Crawford). 
6974* De structura compositionis. Forli: 

Medesanus, 1495, 25 May. 4°. 

Red Pell 4778. Copies: AmBt; LCCT). 

Fernandez dc Santaella, Rodericus. 

6977 Sacerdotalis instructio circa missam. 
Seville: Joannes [Pegnitzer), Magnus 
& Thomas, 1499, 18 kal. Jul. rjun. 14., 

; Hispanic. 

Pciraitier & comptDtoos, 

die Parascevc anno 1477. 

Ref: Haebler 

610. Cop] 

Manual de doctrina. 


: (SeyiUe: 

Oratio habita 

in die I 


See Cassandra Fidelia, 

a predestin 

Ref: BH Cat (Autsbuig: Sorg); Pr I64CI (SS. 
Ulric a Afra. not afler 1476); Pell 4752. 
Copy: JM. 

6951* 4'. 

Ret: Pr 2416 {Speler: J. » C Hi«>; Pell 4751. 
Copy: Ya. 

6954* 149S. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 2429 (Speier: C. Hist); Pell 4753; C 
(Paris: Level). Copiei: Fb(W): HEH. 

Ref: Hain 1J912. Copy: Harv (Hunt). 

Fernando V, King of Spain. 

Pragmaticas. 21 abril 1486 & 9 enero 1488. 


Ref: Haebler 263 (probably xvi century). Copj: 


B, Michael. 


de regno Apuli 

e et 





Cat (Ri 

>me: BtsicI 



il 1495. 

By Felinus 


edited by 


1; R: Pt 

3980; Pfll 


i c 


! (Sil- 

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(Venice:i Cap- 

See Savonarola, 

FcTTaria, Thomasinus de. 
6980 Scrmonea quadrasesimales. Cologne: 
Koelhof, 1474. i". 

Ret: Pr 1022; C. Copy: Drtw. 

Fcmrienais, Johannes. 

6982* Liber de celesti vi 

eaaa, 1494, 19 Dec. I 

Ref: Pell <r«6. Copy: HWf. 

Ferrariis, Johannes Matthaeus de. See 

Gr»dibu«, Joh. Mat. dc, ?836-7841. 
Ferrariii, Johannes Petrus de, 
6987* Practica nova judicialis. Lyons: 
Philippi & Reinhart, 1477, f*. 
Ref: Pell 4773. Copy: LC{T), 

6990* Nuremberg: Koburger, 1482, 

prid. kal. Mar. |Feb. 28.] f. 

Ref: Pell 4775. Copy: JPG (Cirrmlho). 

Practica aurea. tLyons;) P.L.LB. iLath- 
omi & Bonifaciusi, 1494. 29 Oct. 4°. 

Ref: H v, lil6. Copj: UoTS. 

Ferrariis, Theophilus de. 

6997* Propositiones ex omnibus Aristotelis 

libris philosophiae. Venice: J. & G. 

Gregoriis. 1493, 3 Aug. 4*. 
Hef: Pell 4777. Copie.: Harv; HWf. 

Pcrreriiu, Saint Vincentius, de Valentia. 
7001* Sermones de tempore et de Sanctis. 
Cologne, 1485. f°. 

Ref: Voullijme. Buchdiuck KSIn*. 412 (Queatell). 

Copie.: New (pt. J); Ph <W. pt 1). 
One leaf wai diiiributed wilh the fac£ini1ei iuued 

by (he Ceictlichaft liir Typenkunde. 

7002* Cologne, 1487. f. 

Ref: Pr 12B9 CQuentell); C 2470. Copy: LC 
(pt. 2). 

7003 Milan: Scinzenzeler, 1488. 3 Mar. 


Ref: Pr 6007; C. Copie*: HWt; EW (Cwtlho). 

7004* Basel: Kesler, 1488, 16 kal. Jan. 

[Dec. 17., f*. 

Copies: CI (pt. 1); HWt (pi. 1). 

7005* Strasburg, pt. 1, 1488; pt. 2, 

1489, die scolastice virginjs; pt. 3. 1489, 
feria sexta post festum i 

inDC; LuTS (pt. 2). 

- Lyons: I. Tirechselj. 1490. 

7006 - 

Bef: C. Copy: Pb(W). 

7008 Nuremberg: Koberger. 1492; pt. 

2, in vigilia S. Egidii [Aug. 31]; pt. 3, in 
vjgilia beatorum Petri et Pauli jjun. 


Jef: Pr 

, 2074: C. 
■■ L(; (pt. 1 

(Bruce); Harv (pt, 1); 
(pt. 2); NYP (pt. 2). 

7010* Venice: Penlius, 1496. pt. 1. 26 

Sept.; pt. 2, 25 Jul.; pt. 3, 12 Nov. 4°. 
Copy: GED. 

Ferrerius, Saint Vineentius, continued. 

Lyons. 1493. 4'. 

Ref: C 2471. Copy; HWt (Trecb«el). 

7017 Mirabile opusculum de fine mundi. 

Ref: BU Cat, p. 194 (after I!03); Pr 18S3 (Autt- 
burg: Frotcbiuer); C (1500). Copy: Dart. 

7019* 1477. 12 May. 4-. 

Ref: Pr Supp. iv, 6480* (Trenio: Lichtenaleia). 

Copj: HWt. 

Nuremberg: Zeninger. 4°. 

Ref: BU Cat (I4B1): Pr 2240i C 2475: ct Hain 
7020*. (Wei: Ph(W}i Watk; CCG: (Low 
iii«>; LCCfiT 

Tractatus vite spiritualis. See Augns- 
tiniis, Opuscula. 1951. 
7024 Tractatus de interiori homjne infor- 
mal iv us. Magdeburg: Brandts. 1493. 

Ref: BM Cat; Pr 27S9; C. Copy: LC(T), 

FerrettUB. See Ferettus. 6973HS975. 

7028 FestivaliB or Festial [Compiled by 
John Mirk). [Westminster:i Caxton. 

Ref: Duff 301 (1491): Pr 968fi: Blades 9S: Dc 
Rieei 80; C 2479. (Sopy: HEH (Pembridie). 

Tbe Quattuoi Sermonei va) printed ii ■ nipple- 
ment to the Feitial, and ii uiually fouod with 

7029 Westminster: Caxton, 1483, laste 

day of Juyn. f°. 

Ret: Duff 298; De Bieei 79; Pr 96S3; Blade* 49j 
C. Copiei: HEHi JPU. 

7032 Westminster: Wynkyn de Words. 

1493: 4°. 

Ref: Duff 307; Pr 9692. Copy: JPUf. 

7036 Westminster: Notary, 1499, -2 

Jan. |1500.i 1°. 

Ref: Duff 319. Copy: LCCT). 

Festus, Sextus Pompeius. 

7037 De verborum signiflcatione. 4*. 

Ref: R (Some: Uuei, 1471); BM Cat; Pell 4780. 
Copiei: JCBrt (Suiki); VCbi. 

7038* Milan. 1471, 3 non. Aug. [3.) 4'. 

Ref: Pr S767 (Zarotui); Pell 47B1. Copie*: 
AmBt; HEH. 

[Venice:) J. de Colonta & Manthen, 

1474, 24 Dec. 4*. 

Ref; Pr 429S: Hain 15858 (2). Copiei: UClii; 

Ref: C 2486 (1480). Copy: llarv (frajmenL 
BrcKia: Ferrandu*?). 

Brescia: Boninis de Ragusia, 1483, 

18 Jun. i°. 

Ret; Pr 69SS; C 2489. Copy: HarTS (Sunder- 

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Fevre, Jacques d'Elaples Le. Arithmetica. 
See Jordanus Nemorarius. Arithme- 
tica, 9436. 

Fevre, Raoul Le. 

7042 Recueil des histoires de Troyes. f°. 
Ref: Duff 243 (BruB«: Mumion, 1477); De 

Ri«i 3b; Campbell 1093B; Pr 9319: Blades 2; 
Main CColDgnc: C.rton). Copin: JPMt (2). 

7043 Paris: Verard. f°. 

Rcf: Pt 84S0. Copiei: HEH; JPMt (c. 1494). 

7048 The recuyell of the historyes of 
Troye. f°. 

Rtf: Duff 243 (Bruges: Caiton & MmiDn, 
147S); Campbell 1093A (1*72-74); Blad " 
H«n (Cologne: ------ 

NYP (4 leanei), __„ 

(Pembroke); JPMt (2). 

7053 The storie of Jas 

FicinHj, Marsiliiu, continued. 
7075* Platonica theologia de 

immortalitate. Florence; i 

1482, 7 id. Nov. ,7., i". 

Ref: Pell 4793. Copy: LC. 

7078 Liber de sole et lumine. 4°. 

Copy: HWt (Florence, c 1495). 

7079* Florence: MIschominus, 1493, 

prid. kal. Feb. Jan. 31.| 4°. 

Ret: Pell 4794. Copy: HWt. 

Fichet, Gu Hi elm us. 

7057 Rhctorica, Paris, 1471, 4°. 

Ref: R (Gering. Knnti S Friburger); Pr 7S27 
(Jul.); Pell 4784. Copy: JPMt. 

Ficiniu, Marsilius. 

7059* Epistolae. Venice: Capcasa. 1495, 
vigilia divi Gregorii cMar. 11|. f°. 

7062* [Nuremberg:] Koberger. 1497, 

24 Feb. 4°. 

Ref: Pell 4792, Copiei: Harv; CPh; FBD. 

7063* De triplici vita. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 7650 (Baiel: Amorbach): BM Cat (not 
afier 1498); C (Florence, 1490). CopEei: 
HarTS (SunderUnd); Har.; Ph(W); UnTS. 

7065* Florence: Mischomini, 1489, 3 

non. Dec. ,3., 4°. 

Pell 4799; C 
r); Sun; UChi; 

(Paris: G. Wolff.j 8°. 

Ref: Pr 5639 (Barlholomaeua of Capo d'litria); 
(jiiniher. Leipiig (Barih. Justinopolitanui et 

7069 De Christiana religione. 4°. 

Ref: R (Florence: Uurentiis. 1480); Pr 6125; C 
(Cennini, after 1474). Copy: JCW. 

7070* Venice: OtlinusPapiensis,lS00. 


Ret: Pell 4789, Copies: Ph{W); UnTS; HWf, 

7071 Libro della Cristiana reli'gione. 

7074 Pisa: L. & A, Fiorentini, 1484. 2 

Jun, f". 

Copiei: AmBt; Ilaverford; CWC; LC(T)! HWt. 

Fiera, Baptista. 

7084 Coena; de clbariorum virtutibus. 4". 

Ref: R (Rome: Silber, c. 14S4); Pr 3910; C 70S1 
(1498); Hain (Florence). Copies: BostonMed; 

7088 Fierabraa. Lyons: Le Roy, 1486, 20 
Jan, i\ 

Copy: JPMt. 

Filelfo. See Philelphua, 12917-12980. 
Finaria, Baptista de. 
Trialogus de eontcmptu mundi. See 

Antoninua, 1272-1274. 
7107. 7108 Fiore di Virtu. Florence: Bo- 

naccorsi & Antonio Venetiano, 1488, 

ult. Oct. 4°. 

Ref: R; Pr 6346. Copy: HEH. 

7109 Florence. 1489. 4°. 

Ref: R (Bart, de Libris); Pr 619S. Copy: CWC. 

Fioreti della bibbia historiati in lingua fi- 
orentina. Venice: Matheo dico de cha 
(Capcasa,, 1494. 4°. 
Copy: (Hoe). 

Firtnaria, Henricus de Vrimaria. 

7123" Passio Domini explanata. Oppen- 


Pirmicus Hatenius, Julius. 
7121*"« De nativitatibus. Venice: Bivi- 
laqua. 1497, 13 Jun, f°. 

Ref: Pell 4814. Copies: CPh; Will; HWt. 

Astronomicorum libri. See Scriptorea 
■ ■ cteres, 14559. 

See Valeiina. 

Flaccm, Valer 

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Flandru, Dominic us de. 

7125* Quaestiones super xit libros Meta- 

physicae Aristotelis. Venice, 1499, 20 

Auff. f°. 

Ref: Pr S4B6 (Quircneii); Fell 4391. Copy: 


7173" Flores musicae. 4*. 

Rcf: BM Cit (Slradnirg: Pruu, c. 1492? Bj 
Hugo SpKhtihart, Reutlingcniii). Copy! 

7174' Strasburg: Pryss, 1488. 4°. * 

Copiei: Boiton; LC. 

Floretua. 4°. 

Copy: Hiipinic (Seville: Brun & Centil, c 1492). 

Ptiscns, G corgi us. 

7132' Euboydos, poema. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 1471 (Rome: In domo A. « B. de Vul- 
(errii). Copy: Hatv (Riant). 

Fliscus, Hector. 

7133* Oratio ad Innocentium vii: 
1485. 27 Apr. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 3664 (Rome: Plannik); Pell 4818. ■- 

Copiet: Hit.; Ph(W). ^200 - 

Fliscus dc Soncino, Stephanus. "'Jj 

7141 Varictates sententiarum cum superi- _„,, 

ora verborum sinonima (Latin and '201 

lUlian). 4°. Ref: 

Ref: R (Rome: PTannck. e. 14S0); Pell 4819; C. " 

Copy: JM (Citvalhp). 

7148* Venice: Piasiis. Blavis & Tore- 

" -'\ 27 Sept. 4". 

toria Till Livi 
Ref: Pell 48S3i Pr ?826 (P»r[i: Gerinj, Knni & 
Kriburger. 1471, Mar.). Copy; (XN (Pem- 

7197 4'. 

Ref: Pr 1 

3S43i Peil 48S7; C. Copy: JCBrf. 

dicta 7199 f°. 

Ref: Pr 974 (Colome: Thcr Hoernen) ; Pell 4858; 

1 (c. 1490). Copif 



- Strasburg: Pruss, 1487. 4°. 



Fonte, Johannes 
7225* Compendii 


librorum Sententiarum. 

E*mer. 1 

1472). (^piei 

Fon tills, Bartholot 

7226 Commcntum in Persium. Florence: 
apud S. Jacobum de Ripoli, 1477. 4°. 

Ref: R; Pr 6098; Pell 486J. Copiea: H.ry (Mor- 
gan 701): LC. 

Florentinus, Paulus Attavanti. 
7160* Breviarium totius juris 

Lyons: Hus & Battenschne, 1484, 6 

Jul. f. 
Ref: Hain 7920. Copy: LCCT). 

7161* Memmingen: Kunne, I486, f*. 

Copy: [X. 
7163 Memmingen: Kunne, 1499. t°. 

Ref: Pr 2802. Copici: Col; LC (KlOM); LC(T). 

7166* QuadraResimale de reditu peccatoris Foresi, Bastiano. 

ad Dcum. Milan; Scinczenceller & 7231 Libro chiamato ambitione. 4°. 

Pachel. 1479. 10 Sept. f°. Ref: R (Florence: Mitcommi. c. 148S); Pr 6175; 

----- - - - Pell 486S; C (1490). Copy: HWt. 

Foreati, Giacomo Filippo. See Bergomen- 
Flores astrologiae. See AlbimuMr, 608- "i^ 2805-2815. 

^^^- Fori Aragonum. See Aragonuin, 1S4S. 

7168- Flores legum secundum ordincm porlivio. Jacobus de. 

7169* Venice: Bcnalius. 8*. Ref; R 1S2S (I4?S). Copy: LCCT). 

Ref: Pell 484J; C (149S). Copy: HWt- 

Paris: |for D. Rocei. 16*. 

Bef: Pell 4839. Copy: Walk. Ref: R. Copy: ECS. 

Copies: Br; Cor; Harv; UnTS; UPa; (CarTalho); 

7243 - 

. Payia: de Canibus. 1488, 7 May. 

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Forlivio, Jacobut de, continued. 

7246 Expositio in aphorismos Hippocratis. 

^Copj: Surg tPivii, e. 1472-3?). 

72S0 Venice: Pindus. 1490, 13 kal. 

Jul. tJun. 19.1 f°. 

Ref: K; Pr S3g4; C 2SS4. Copr: ECS. 

72S1 : Venice: Locatellus, 1495, 20 May. 


Kef: P 

' S060. Copy: Sun 

See Burlaens. De inl 

7269 Formulariuni diversorum contractu- 
urn. Florence: Dini. f", 
Rcf: R (c. 1487); Pcll 4867. Copy: Br. 

Rome: Plannck, 1492, 9 May. 4". 

Ktf: C 2SS8. Copy: HWt. 

Pormiilarium in s t rumen tor um ad usuni 
Curiae Romanae. 4°. 

Rtt: Pell 4870; BM C»l (Rome); Pr 4006 U. 
1480). Copy: PBG. 

7280' Rome: Hanheymcr Sc Sehure- 

ner. 1474, 2S Nov. f°. 

Ref: Pdl 4872. Copy: AmBt. 

7286* Rome: Plannck. 1487, 7 Sept. 

Ref: Pell 4876. Copy: LC. 

7288* Cologne: Quentell, 1495, altera 

Laurentii (Aug. 10|. 4°. 

Ref: Pell 4878. Copy: LC<T). 

7292* Formularium procuratorum el advo- 
catorum Curiae Romanae. Rome; 
Bulle. 1478. 12 Mar. f°. 

Red Pell 4880; BM Cat (1479). Copy: Harv. 

7296- Basel, 1489, 4 id. Mar. rl2.i (°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Furter?); Pr 7S79 (AmorWh). 
Copy: JHopkint 

FortunatianuB, Chirius Consultus. 
7305* Rhetoricorum Itbri ill et alia opus- 
cula. 4°. 

Ref: Pr S2S6 (Venice: Penaii); Pell 4689; C 
1490); llain (Milan). Copiei: HarTS <Sun- 

(1490): llain O 
derlaiid); HWf. 

Fortunatus, Franciscus. Perusinus. 
7307* Consilium montis pietatis. Venice: 
Quarengis, 1498. ult. Jul. 4". 

Ji'^S.^^ _. ,__ 

i Bern. Venetus. 1494, 10 Jar 

Kef: C. Copiei: Ph(W); LC(T). 

Fnnchis, Philippus de, Perusinus. 
Lectura super titulo de appellationibus 
et nullitatibus sententiarum. f*. 

Ref: R 524 (PeruKia: Vydenaat, c. 1475, Indoc 
Fetrua de Calonia & aoc. 1472); cf Hain 7317 
& Pell 4898 (Petrus de Colonii & Job. de 
Bamberg). Copy: AmBf. 

Franciscns de AsiisL See ReguUe S5. 
Benedicti. Blasii, Augustini et Fran- 

cisci, 13827. 

Franciscus de Toleto, Busleiden, Caurien- 

Instructiones sacerdotum libri vii. cum 
tractatu de septem peccatis mortalibus, 
Sc. bullae coenae Domini dilucida ex- 
positione. Rome, 1500. 8°. 

Franciscus de Insulis, Michael, de Lille. 
7341* Determinatio quodlibetalis. f°. 

Ref; BM Cat (Baiel, after ID Har. "Mercury." 
1476): Voullieme, Berlin dt. 412 (B»»d: 
Richel); Pr 880S (France); C. Copiea: Ph 

(W); JM. 

7350* Determinatio de tempore adventus 
Antichristi. 4°. 
Ref: Pr 943 (Cologne: Ter Hoernen, oat bef. 
1478); Pell 4915. Copy: LC(T). 

Franciscus de Pedemontis. See Heaue, 
Johannes. Opera, 11107-11112. 

Franciscus de Platea. See PUtea, 13034- 


Franciscus de Retza. 

Comestorium vitiorum. Nuremberg: 

Scnsensclimidt, 1470. f°. 
Rcf: Pr 1942; Hain 13884'; C. Copiei: AmBT; 

Cin; Grol; NYP; Ya. 

Defensorium inviolatae perpetuaeque 
virfiinitatis Mariae. Johannes Eysen- 
hut. 1471. f. 

Ref: BM Cat (Raiisbon). Blockboolt. Copy: 
JPMt (Augjburg). 


Ref: BM Cat (Spcier: Georgiua ile Spira); Pell 
4922 (Wiinburg: G. Reyur); Hain 6085 
(Typia Reyserianij) : C. Copy: JPMt (Speier: 
HUt. c. 1485). 

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Frezzi, FederiRO. 

7364 Quatriregio del decorso de la vita hu* 

mana in terza Hma. Bologna: F. de 

ReRazonibus, 1494. f. 

Ref; R; Pr MSJ; Pell 4929. Copr: HWf. 

Friburgensis, Johannes Runsick. 
736S* Summa confessorum. 1476. f°. 

Hif: Pr 154? (Augiburg: Z»iner>. Copr: UP». 

7367* In tewtsch t^emacht durch Bru- 

dpr Berchtold, Augsburg: Bamler. 
1472. an freytag vor Michaelis iSept. 

2S|. r. 

Copiti: Ph {W); JMH. 

7371* Ulm: Dinckmut, 1484. am frei- 

tag nach sant Martins tag [Nov. ]2j. 

FuTB e ordinations de Valencia. 
Valencia: Palmart, 1482, 4 Abril. f°. 

Ret: Hacbler 2g2bii; C 2S96, S9IB. Copy: Hie 

7401 Fuupfadt tin dcr ewigen seligkeyt. 
Heidelberg. 1494. 4*. 

Copiei: NYP; JPUt (Knobtochtur). 


CopiMi LafiyMie; LCPh; LC(T). 

7376* Augsburg; Schonsperger, 1495, 

am freytag nach aller heyligen tag 

Copy: UnTS. 

Froissart, Jean. 

Chroniques. Paris: Verard. t'. 
Ref; Pell 4931: C 2591 {1«S). Copiej: (Hoc); 

Paris: Verard. f. 

Rtl: Pell 49«; C 2592 (H97). Copy: [.VYSt 
(Campbell, V, 4)J. 

Frontiniu, Sextiis Julius. * 

Stralcgematicon liber. 

1487. 1 Jon. 4°. 

Ref: Pr igl7: C 2S93, Copi 

Rome: Silber, 
■ : JMH; I!Wt. 

De re mililari. See Scriptores de re mili- 
tari: and VeECtius. Epitome, 1S910- 


See Jedai^ 9369; 
oar, iiub. 
Gabriel, Johannes. 

Epistolarum Ciceronis clausula rum liber. 
Siena: Henricus Coloniensi, "1499," 
[1489,, non. Oct. ,7., 4\ 

Rcr: Pr 72SI; Pell 4919; C 260]. Copy: AmBt. 

Gsddcsden, Joannes. See AnEliciu de 

Gatisden, 1108. 
Gaetanus de Thienis. See Thienia, 15496- 

Gafurius or Gafonu, Franchinus. 
7404 Theorica Musicac. opus armonicae 

djscipltnae- Naples: Dino. 1480. 8 Oct. 

Ref: R: Pr 6721. Copy: CWC. 

7406 Milan: Mantegatius, 1492. 15 

Dec. f°. 

Ref: R; Pr 6055; Pell 494S: C. Copies: AmBf; 
BoMon: NYP; JPMf: IlWt. 

7407 Practica Musicac. Milan: Signerre, 
1496. ult. Sept. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6067; Pell 4949; C. CfHiiei: Bottan: 
NYP; LC; JPMt; HWt. 

7408 Brescia: Britannicus. 1497, 9 kal. 

Oct. [Sept. 23.1 r. 

Ref: R; Pr 699S; Pell 4950; C. Copy: HWf. 

; dc Valencia 

GaEuin, Robert us. 
See Fun e ordina- 7410 De origine et gestis Francorum c 

Fulcentiiu, Fabius Furius. Planciades. 
7392* F.narrationes allegoricae fabularum. 
Milan: Scinzenzcler. 1498, 23 Apr. f. 

Rt(: Pell A9S6. Coplei: Hvt; Uaullii; CWC; 

7396* Fundamentum eteme felicitatis. 
Leipzig: Lotter, 1499. 4'. 

Copy: LC(T). 

Cologne: Quentell, 1498. 4'. 

Ref: BM Cat (before Jul. S); ef C 3601. Copy: 

Ecndium. Paris: La Druy, 1499, prid. 
al. Oct. [Sept. 30.1 f. 
Ref: Pr 831ft: Pell 4969; C 2604; C. Copiei: 
HirTS (SundeillDd); Walk (Ileber). 

7413* Paris: Kervcr. 1500, id. Jan. 

[13.1 (°. 

Ref: Pell 4972. Copies: HarTS: H.r»: (Allen); 
HEII (ve)Iuin; Firmm-Uidut; Hoe); NFM; 
7420* Ars vcrsificatoria. 4°. 

Ref: Pt RI72 (Parii: Le Petit Laurens) ; Pell 495S 
■~ " " ■ : Har» (InElii: 

7423* Elegia de variis vit: 

Hef : Pell 4966 (Paris: GerlieO ; C (1500). Coiwes; 
.\YP; LC{T). 

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Gaguin, Roberlus, continued. 

7425* EpistoUe; quaedam orationes; At 

conceptione virginis defensio; etc. 

Paris: Bocard. 1497, 3 non. Oct. {Sy, 

1498, IS kal. Aug. Jul. 18,; 11 kal. Nov. 

,Oet. 22,; Nov. 22. 4'. 

Ref; Pell 4!I51. Copiei; BoMonAtb (pt.3): Har* 
(pt. 3, Dunn); NYP; LC{T). 

Parisr Bocard. 4*. 

Copy: Harv (Dunn). 

De purjtate conccptioms B. Marie Vir- 
ginis. 4°, 

Ref: R. Index & Pell 4965 (Leipzig: Stocckel. 
1495): R 527 (Maim: Pet de FriedberE, e. 
I4W). Copy: LC. 


Gandavo, Jandavo or Janduno, Johannes 

74S8 Quaestiones super tres libros Aris- 
totelis de anima. Venice: [Rennen de 
Hailbrun & N. de Franckfordia, 1473. 


Ref: R. Copiea: BoManAth; Yi (Wodhull). 

7460* Venice: J. de Colonic & Man- 

7462 Venice: for Scotus. 1488. 4 non. 

Mar. |4.j i°. 

Ref: R (Localellus). Copi«: Cor; (NYSi (Camp. 


a de Thienis. See ThienU, 15496- 7463* 

7427* Op. 


— Venice: Otin 
on. Mar. ,4., i°. 

: Ph(W); HWt. 

.Edited by Diomedes 
Bonardus and L. Malatenus,] Venice: 
Pinzius. 1490. 27 Aug. f°. 

Hef: Pell 49?i. Copy: Surj (lol. i). 
7428 De affectorum locorum notitia. Guil. 
Copo Basiliensi interprete. P. 
Ref: Hain (Venice: HertiOE, 1500). Copy: Surg. 

See also Articella. 1868-1873; and Nice- 
pbonu, 11748. 

Galeottus, Martius. Narniensis. 
7433* Liber de homine. f°. 

Ref- ?_"■. '^58 "H.'r- «■ 1472?): Pell 497?; C 

735B duly, . 
Copy: CPh. 

7437 Refutatio objectorum in librum de 
homine a GeorKio Merula. Venice: 
Rubeus, 1476. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 4244; Pell 4979; C 2622; C. Copy: CPb. 

Gandino, Albertus de. 

7466" Tractatus maleficiorum. Venice: 

Tortis. 1494, 24 Apr. f°. 

Copy: UnTS. 

Venice: Tortis. 1494. f°. 

Ref: Pcllechet. Dijon Cat. Copy: LC. 

Ganfredus, Gaufredus or Goffredug de 
Summa super titulos decretalium. Basel: 
Kesler. 1487. 4 id. Jul. cl2.| {'. 

Ref: Hain 15600; Pr 7663; Pell 4999. Copy: 

Garbo, Dinus de. Sec Dinua, 6166-6170. 

Garlandia or Gallandria, Johannes de. 
7476* Synonyma' et equivoca. Cologne: 

Quentell, 1500, in vigilia Incarnationis 

reparatoris (Dec. 24i. 4°. 

Copy: Hsrv (Rianl). 

Floretus. See Bemardus, Saint, 2912- 

Ganiaa or Garcia, Petrus, Xativensis. 
7492' Determinationes magistrales contra 

conclusiones Joannis Pici Mirandulani. 

Rome: Silber, 1489, 15 Oct. f°. 

Ref: Peli 4988. Copies: [NYSll; HCF. 

7443* lr4]8l. i". 

Ref: Pr 2526 (Ulm: Zainer). Copy: Ph(W), 

7444' Strasburg, 1489, die S. Urbani 

(May 25]. f°. 

Ref: Pr 649 (Prinler of 14B] Jordanua de Qued- 
linburg); C (Griinioger). Copie.: Ph(W); 
UnTS (2); JGW. 

7446* Venice: Arrivabenis. 1496, pe- 
nult. Jul. (30.) 8°. 

Copies: Col; liWt; JGW. 

Gallicanua, Vulcatius. See Scriptorea hls- 

(oriae Augustae, 14560-14563. 

7493 Oraiio habita prid. kal. Sept. (Aug. 
31., Rome. 1481. 4°. 

C Copy: 

See Anglicua de Gatis- 

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Gaia, Theodorus. 

7500* Grammatjca introductiva. Venice: 
Aldus. 149S, 8 kal. Jan. rDec. 25., 1°. 

Rtl: Fell SD02. Coptci: AmBt; Dr»', Hirr; 
JCBr (2): LC; New; NYP; NoTthweMrm; 
Ptin; UChi; UPa; <Sr>ton Park: Hoe); JPMt; 
CLN; HWS; LC(T)i HWt. 

Garius, An ton! US. 

7501* Corona florida medicjnae; de con- 

servatione sanitatis. Venice: loh. de 

Forlivio & Gregorius fratres, 1491, 20 

Jun. f". 
Ref: Pell 5003. Copfei: CPh; Harr; LC; UPa; 

.SuTB (2): WXBu: HEII (Reulinier) ; ECS; 


Die zehen Gebote. Broadside. f°. 

Copy; JPMf (Speier: Drach, c. 1«S). 
See also Bach der Zehn Gebote, 4034; La 
FleuT, 7131; Die Zehen Gebot Gottes. 


7505' Sum ma per feet ion is magisterii [with 
other tracts]. 4°. 
Ref: BU Cat (Rome: Silbcr); Pell S004; Pr 3942 
(HerolO. Copy: CPh. 

Geminiano, Dominicua de Sancto. 
7530* Lectura super sexto decretalium. 
Speter; Trach. f°. 

Ref: Pell 4J92 (1479): C. Copy: UoTS. 

7536* Venice: Tortis, 1495, 22 Dec; 

1496, 1 Mar. f, 

Ref: Fell 4398. Copiea: UdTS; LC(T). 

7539* Prima pars lecturae super vi decre- 
talium. Venice; Rubeis, 1476, 4 id. 
Sept. [10.] {'. 

Ref: Pell 4400. Copiei: New; UTor; (Lmt- 

monl): LC(T). 

7541* Secunda pars lecturae super vi de- 
cretalium. Venice: T. de Colonia & 
Manthen. 1477, 14 kal. Dec. [Nov. 18., 


I 4402. Copiei: SiBer 


Geminiano, Johannes Gorua, de Sancto; 

Giovanni di Coppo; alias Helwicus 

7542* Liber de exemplis el similitudinibus 

Een Gceatelike minnebrief; Die negen 
couden, etc. 

Copy: JPMf (Sehoonboran. c. 1500). 

Geialer or Gesaler, Heinrich. 
7516* Nuw practiciert rethoric und brieff 
formulary des adels. Slrasburg; Pruss. 

7520* Venice: [Paltasichisj Catharen- 

sem. 1477. f°. 

Ref: Pell SOU. CnpLei: AmBt: HEU (Hoym: 
Hoe): JU: HWt. 

7521* Brescia: Boninis. 1485. 3 Mar. 

7522* Venice: de Choris & Lucre, 

1489. 13 AuR. f°. 

Ref: Pell 5013. Copiei: Harv; (Boyle); LC(T): 

7524 Venice: C. de Quaielis & M. de 

Lazaronibus. 1493, 17 Jul. f . 

Ref: R: Pr 5S09; Pell 5014; C. Copiei: Hatr; 


7526* Venice: iTacuinuSj de Tridino, 

1496. 6 Apr. f . 

Ref: Pell 5016. Copiea: Harr; HWt. 



7545* Venice: J. & G. Gregoriis, 1497, 

10 Apr. 4*. 

Copiei: Harv; CPb: VChl; SH; LC(T). 

7546* Basel: Langendorff & Froben, 

1499, in die conversionis S. Pauli Jan. 

25,. 4'. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copiei: Cor; JCW. 

7547* Venice; J. & G. Gregoriis, 1499, 

12 Jul. 4°. 

Copiei: LC; Surg; KMeK; HWf. 

7548* Sermones funebres. Lyons; Clein, 
1499. n May. 4°. 
Copiei: PhCW); LC(T); HWt. 

Genuna vocabulorum. Antwerp; Martini. 
1494, 20 Sept. 4*, 

Ref: CamptwII 780; C 6134. Copy: LC(T). 

Deventer: Pafrat. 1495. 4°. 

Ref: Pi 9010; Campbell 781; C 6336. Copy: 

Gentilis Becchina, Urbinas. 
7560* Oratio Florentinorum coram Pont. 
Alexandro vi. 4°. 

Ref: Pi 3fi9B (Rome: Plannck. after II Au(. 
1492); Pell 5019. Copy: HWt. 


GentiliB Fulginaa. 

7561* Expositio in secundum librum cano- 

nis Avicennae. Impensa leron. de Du- 

rantibus. f°. 

Ref: Pr 7059 (Paria: Carcanui); Pell S021 
(Padiu). Copr: HWf (e. 1488). 

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Cenlilis Fitlginas, conlmved. 

756S Super prima £cn quart! Canonis Avi- 

cennae. Padua: Nic. Petri, 1476, 19 

Feb. f°. 

iPavia:] Carchano, 1486, 9 Oct. 

. de Duranti- 

bus. i°. 

Ref: PfIL 5027 (Pvlua) ; C <c. l-ISS); Hoin (PavU 
ot ViBiM). Copies: CPh; HWf. 

7S?4' Consilia et toto orbe medici. f*. 

Rcf: Pell 502Si C (c. 1485); Hiin (H. de Dune 
bui). Cop[M; CPh; HWt. 

GeorginB Bruxellen^. 
Interpretatio in summulas Petri Hispani. 
Lyons; Pivard, 1499. 16 Nov. f°. 

Ref: R 192. Copy: HWf. 

Georgitu de Hungaiia. 

De moribus Turcorum, See Turd, 1S672- 

Georgins Trapczuntius. 

7608 Rhetorica. Venice: [Vindelin, Spira. 

Ref; Pr 4057; Pell 5D5G: C (1472). Copj: Hut. 

- Milan: Pachel, 1493. 3 kal. Aug. 

Jul. 3 


1 5021. Copy: Surg. 

See CemuBoiius, Antonius. Con- 
silia, 4884-4886; and Thuran de Cas- 

Tractatus de lepra. See Dinus de Garbo 
de Florentia. Expositio. 6166-6168. 

Ref: Pr 599<; Pell 5057; C. Copy: HWf. 
Geraldiniu, Antonius. 

7613- Oratio ad Innocentium viii, habita 
Rome, 13 kal. Oct. (Sept. 19). 1486. 4". 
Ref: Pr 3675 (Rome: Plannck) ; Pell 5060. 
Copies: Col; UPi. 

Gerardus Cremonensia. 

Thcorica planetarum. See SacrobuBto. 

Opus sphaerieura, 14105-14109. 
See also Avicenna, 2197-2212. 

See Cordiale, 

Gerardus Zutphaniensis. See Zntphania, 
16291-16299; Meditationea de vita... 

Jesu CUristi, 10991-10995. 

Genoa. Statuta et 
logna: Bazalei 

tiles iJun. 30,. I'. 

Ref: Hain 15007*. Copy: JHSch. 

Georgio, Benevenutus de Sane to. 
7578 Oratio ad Uaximilianum Romanorum 
regem. Ferrara, 1493, 18 kal. Dec. 

iNov. 14., 4°. 

Copy: HarTS (Sunderland). 

Georgio, Johannes Antonius de Sancto. 
7586' Super iv. libro decretalium. Pavia: 
Carcano, 1476, 24 May. f°. 

Copies: AmBt: LC(T). 

7588* Venice: Stagninus, 1493, \7 

Mar. f°. 

Copy: Ph(W). 

7591 Commentaria super usibus feudorura. 
Pavia: Carchano, 1497. 21 Jul. f°. 

Ref: C. Copy: P1.(W). 

(9., l". 
Copy: LC(T, Crawford: Sanderland). 

7594* Pavia: Carcano, 1488. 9 kal. Jan. 

(Dec. 24,, V. 
Copy; UoTS. 

Gerson, Johannes; Jean le Cbarlier de. 

7622* Opera, pt. 1. 1488. 4 id. Sept. ,10,: 
pt. 2. 1488, 5 non. Jul. ,3,; pi. 3. 1488, 
8 id. Sept. |6|: pt, 4, Strasburg: Flaccus. 
1502. 3 kal. Mar. ,Feb, 27., 1°. 

Ref: BM Cal (probably Griininger); Pell 5125: 
Pr 534-536 (Strasburg: Prusi). Copies: MDioc 
(pt. 1. 2 S: 4>; NYP; [NYSt]; PhCW. pU 1 ft 
3); UoTS; UPa (pi. Z); Watlc. 

7623* pt. 1. 1489, 10 kal. Dec. ,Nov. 

22,; pt. 2, 1489. 5 non. Aug. il,; pt. 3, 
1489. 12 kal. Nov. tOct, 21.j 4". 

Ref: Pell 5126; Pt 2263 (Nuremberg: Slucb*). 
Copies: tlarv (pi. I); Forts (pt. t); PLF (pt. 

7624* - 

Ref: Pell S127. Copies: MDioc (pt. 1); UPa. 

7625* — — Strasburg: Martinus (Flachj, 
1494, pt. 1 & 2, id. Dec. il3i; pL 3. 3 id, 
Aug. ,11., 1-. 
Ref: Pell 5128, Copies: Col; Peab; UnTS (Car- 
valho. pt. 2) ; UPa (pi. 1) ; LCCT, pi, 2). 


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Gerson, Jokani 

GersoH, Johannes, continued. 
7628* De meditatione cordis. 4°, 

Ref: Pr S]6 (Coletne: Zell); Fell SlSl. Copy: 
HBT (Klou 1712). 

See also Imiutio Christi, 9078-9135. 

7629 De consolatione theologize, i Co- 
logne:) Therhocrnen. 4'. 
Ref: Pr 960; Fell 5159; C (1471). Copy: JMH. 

7631* Alphabetum diviitt amorts. 4'. 

Ref: Fr SOI <Calocnc: ZeU); C (1466). Copr: 

Uemmingen: Kunne, 1489. 4*. 

Ref: Ri C 2666; Pr 2787. Copioi Ys; JPMfi 

7637 Paris: Mittelhus, 1493, 17 Apr. 


Ref: Pr 8107; C Copi«: BoHon; JPMf. 

Paris: Mercator, 1499, 2 Sept. 8'. 

Ref: Pr 8023; C 2668. Copy: UChi. 


7681' De simplificatione, stabilitione et 
mundificatione cordis. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 873 (CaloEn«: Zfll); Pell S230 (e. 1470). 
Copiea: JPMt; TBDV; LC(T). 

7682* Questio de custodia linguae. 4*. 

Ref: Pr 833 (Cologne: Zell); Pell 5162 (c. 1470). 
Copy: CLN. 

Copy: (McKee 

7687* De efficatia orationis. 

7690* De coenitione castitatis et poUu- 
tionibus diurnis. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 807 (Cologne: Zell); Pell 5135 (1467); 
C: H>in 7704(1). (^jpiei: Prin(Tar)i Surg. 

7639' Conclusiones de diversis materiia 
moralibus; de regulis mandatorum; li- 
bellus canonum moralium. 4". 
Ref: Pr 869 (Cologne: Zell); Pell S142 (c. 1470). 'OSI* Dc COgtlltlone castitatis et pollu- 

Copy: JPMt. tiontbus diurnis cum forma absolu- 

tionis. 4°. 


- i". 

7645. 7650' Conclusiones de diversis ma- 7697 De pollutione nocturna et diurna. De 

7653 Opusculum tripartitum de praeceptis 
dccalogi, de confessione et de arte 
moriendi. 4°, 

RcT: Pr 804 (Cologne: Zell); Pell 5189; C (1467). 
Copiec Well; (Hoe); HEH; CWC. 

Ref: ef BH Cat (Uannitlid: Brother* of Ibe 
Common Ufe); PeU 5188; Htio 7654. Copy: 

See also Conclusiones de diversis 

materiis, 7650. 
7661* De modo audiendi confessiones et 
remedia contra recidiva. Nuremberg: 
Creussner, 1478. V. 
Ret: PeU 511!. Copin: Watk; JH. 

7667* Tractatuli de statibus ecclesi»tici8, 
dc signis ruine ecclesie, etc, 4". 

: Pell 523J (Augiburg: Froubiuer). Copy: 


7673 De vita spirituale animae. 
Marnef, 1493, 8 Nov. 8'. 

Ref: Pr 8109: C. Copy: Ph(W). 

7678 De passion ib us a 


_: Pell 5212 (e. 1467); Pr 806 (Cologne: Zell). 

7699* De pollutione 

Ref: BM Cat (Enlingea: Fyner, 1473?); Pell 
5216; pt. 2. Hain 8400*. Copiec BoMon; 

(Bangi, 26 Nov, 1900). 

7701* De nocturna et diurna pollutionibus 
et de cognitione castitatis. 4*. 
Ref: Pt 1275 (Cologne: Reacben). Copy: Stug- 

7704 See 7690. 

7706* De remediis contra pusillantmita- 
tem. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 996 (Cologne: Print 
'-'I 813 (Veldener. or J 
unin) & Supp. II (Thei 
1472). Copy: Ph(W). 

7709* De simonia. f*. 

Ref: Pr 1954 (Nuremberg: SenMBMhmid) ; Pell 
5227. Copy: [NYStJ. 

7710* De trahendis parvulis ad Christum. 
Nuremberg. I*. 

Ref: BM Cat (SenMotcbnid. c. 1470); Pell 5237. 
Copy: AmBt ("1472"). 

7711* Trigilogium astrologtae theologisa- 
tae. f". 

Ref: Pr 2197 (Nuremberg: Semenachmid). Copy: 

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GersoH, Johannes, continued. Cesia Romanorvtn, continued. 

7715* De spiritualibus nuptits; opusculura Louvain: J. de Westfalia. 4°. 

super cantica canticorum. Nurem- Ref: Pr 9269; Campbell B2iA; C 2715 (I4g<), 

berg. [14)70. f°. Copi«: (Dlley); HEH. 

Hef: Pr 194} (SenKMchmid) ; Pell 5232 (Sen- 77.1 Cnnda- I epii I4R0 nrMf Rar. 

leBMhrnidi & Refer). Copr: HEH. .Z^ IjOUM. L-eeu, 1«U, pnaic Bar- 

tholomei (Aug. 23), f . 
7717* Col lectori urn super Magnificat. 1473. Ref: Pr S$2i: PeU i2S2; Campbell 823. Copy: 

f°, CLN (Hoe). 

"'co/e;- AmBt-^Lc"'^''' ^'""" *"'" ""' "^5* 1488, 18 kal. Feb. Jan. IS., f. 

Ref: Pr 4S0 (Slr«burg: ReinhKd); PeU 525«. 

7718 Monotesseron; Concordancias cvan- Copiei: Harr; JGW. 

gelistarum. f°. .__.__ 7746* 1489. in die S. Sixti papc & 

■ martyris [Aur. 6i. f. 

Ref: Pr 621 (Straiburg: Printer of 14S3 Jor- 

7719* f>. d«nu«deQuedlinburg)i C (GriiningerJ. Copy: 

Ref: Pr 1259 {Cologne: Printer of SalomoniB et "*-■ 

Mareolphi dialogui); Pell S1B7 (e. 1480)1 H»in 7747« liOl in Air i 

(Therhoernen, c, 1471). Copies; H»r»Ando*er "^p,„,- 7,„yi 'fo 
(KloM); Prin; JPMf. ^^a"" 0^"- «J. I . 

Ref: Pr 625 (Straiburg: Pi 

7723" Donatus moralisatus. l". .._....■<_ 

: Pr 625 (Straiburg: Printer of 148) Jor- 
lanu) de QuedlinburE) : Pell 5355: C (Pan*). 
:opie>: Prin; Ya; TRG; (HcCartbr); JGW. 

epiphanie (Jan. 

Cologne, 1498. 4°. h,(- p^ 631 (Straiburg: Printer of J483 Jor- 

Ref: DM Cat, p. 312 (Quen«e1l, e. Jul. 5); Voul- danus de Quedlinhurg) ; Pell S2S9; Schmidt 

li^e 46* (Retro Hmores); C 2702. Copiea: (Gruninger). 41. Copies: Ilarv; New; Peab; 

WTH; GAP; (Anderun, 20 Dee. 1917). EEC; JGW. 

De tmitatione Christi. See ImiUtio, 7752 Paris: ,for Petit,i 1499. 8°. 

9078-9135. Ref: Pr 8264 (BaligauU); Fell 52SS (Bocvd); C. 

: LCPh. 

DialOKUs de perfectionc cordis. Paris; --„. r. n i. . n- . 

Baligault 8° 7753* Das Bueh der Romer. Augs- 

Ref: Pr 827?'; Pell 5209; C 2704. Copy: JPMt ^,?5?-,^,'^'"'«"''' '^'' ^^ "^*"*' Mathie 

(e. 1496). 

[Feb. 23|. f°. 

Ref: Pell S362. Copy: PD (Ticknor). 

devote pro infirmis et in agone 
■''t«<'s- 4°- GewB, Johannes, 

iotro (Cologne, c. 1470?). 7759* Q^ ^,[(.^5 ijngue. Nuremberg: Fra- 

tres ordinis heremitarum Augusttni, 

1479. 4°. 

Ref: Pelt 5263. Copy; LC. 

7763 Die Ghetide van onser lieuer vrou- 
wen. Delft. 1484. 8°. 

Ref: Campbell 833 (Jacob Jacobuoen van der 
Meer); ■ pan of Hain 7770*; C. Copy: LC. 

7770* See 7763. 

7734 GcBta Romanorum. i". 

. , ..... .=.... ..M -.„ ... ,„-,. 7??1 Rivers iruythfu! ghoostly matters 

> (Wodhull). drawen oute of Orolofiium Saptencie. 

Westminster: Caxton. f°. 
Ref: Duff 55 (1491); De Ricci 12; Pr 9683A; 

Bladei 91. Copy: JPMt, 

7740* t°. 

Ref: Pell 5249 (Cologne; Quentell, e. 14B5). 
Copiei: Weil; (McCarthy). 

7741* f=. Giardino or Zardino de oratione tructuoso. 

Ref: Pr 407 (Straiburg: SchotO; Pell 5251. l^^'*- ■'°- 

Copies; Hwt; LC; NYP; JGW. Ref: R (Venice); Pr S668; C 2734; Hain 16276, 

_4'. CopyMlarTS. 

— f. 

Ref: Pr 915 (Cologne: Zell); Pell S2S0 <c 1482); GUbertUS Pictaviensis or PoTTetanuS. See 

C 2718. Copy: AmBf. Albertus Magnus. Commentum super 

7742 Louvain: J. de Westfalia. 4'. Gilbert! Porretani, 489; Aristotle, 1658- 

Ref: Pr 9268; Campbell 82i; Pell S244-S24S; C 1666; BurlaeUB. Gualtcrus. Super artcm 

(M84). Copy: JPMt. veierem, 4126-4133. 

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Gilibertua de Hoglandui or Hoylandia. 

7773* Scrmonum super cantica cantico- 
rum. Florence, 1485, 16 kal. May [Apr. 

I, Corradinus. 
De morbo gallico. 4*. 

Ref: Gunlfacr, LeipiiK. IMS (Fcrrua: And. B«i' 
foriii). Copjr: CFh, 

GUIcs de Ronu. See Aegidina Columna, 


7776 Vita de Giovanne da Capistrano. 
Como, 1479, 16 Apr. 4°. 

Rcf: R (Foiulo); Pr 71S8; C; Hiia 1S367 {b^ 

Goricbem or Gorinchen, Henricus de. 
7805* Tractatus de praedestinatione et re- 
probation e divina. 1474, t". 
Rcf; Pr 2460 (EHlinien: Fyncr). Couu: CWC: 

7806* Quaestiones in S. Thomam. f°. 

Ref: BU Cal (EuliDien: Frncr, not alter t47S). 
Copy: AmBt. 

7809* Tractatus dc 
dam casibus. 

R«f: Pr 

' super st it iosis quibus- 

mBt (E^in^nT'FynVrj"! HWf'le. 1*»S). 

Conclusiones super iv libros sententia- 

rum. 4°. 
Ref: C 2748 (Calogne: Bel. c. I4S2). Copy; 

Glan villa, Anglicus Bartholomaeus de. 
See Bartholomaeus de Glanvilla, 2498- 

7784* Gloisa Psalterii; Collectarius. 4°. 
Rcl: BM Cat (MapleburB: Uoriti Brandit. By 
TbcoHericiu Enielbuien); Pr 1I6S (Slendd: 
Joaebim Weiipbal). Copy: An.Bt. 

See Johannes Junior, 

Gordon or Gordonio, Bernardus de. 
7796* Practica dicta lilium medicinae. 

Ferrara: Gallus [Beaufort), 1486. 18 

May. f°. 
Rcf: Pell 5274. Copy: Surg. 

7797 Lyons; LambillJonis Si Sarrace- 

nus. 1491.2 May. 4°. 

Ref; Pell i37S; C. Copie.: BoWonHedi CPh; 


Seville: Ungut & Polono, 1495, 18 

Apr. i'. 

Ref: Pell 5279; Ilaebter 300. Copy: Hwpuiic. 

7799* Venice: J. & G. Gregoriis. 1496, 

16 Jan. 4°. 

Ref; Pell 5276. Coplea: BroaklynMed ; JCte 
(Senn); Surg. 

7800* Venice: Locatellus, 1498, II kal. 

Jan. (Dec. 22.j f°. 

Ref: Pell 5277. Capi»: Sure ECS; HWf. 

7801 La pratique qui sappelle fleur de 

lys en medicine. Lyons, 1495, dernier 

Ref: Pr 8702; Pell 527S. Copy: CPb. 
7804 Tractatus urinarum. Ferrara: Cal- 
lus [Beaufort,. 1487. 4 Mar. P. 
Ref: K: Pell 52BO (Belonfi lo 7796). Copiei: 

Goricius, Caspar. See Gorricio. 

Gorion, Josef ben. Yosippon. 

7814 (History of the Jews, in Hebrew.) f". 

Ref: Pr 6905 (Hintua: Coiuith) ; De Row 114- 
120; Steinichneider 1549; Cauuto I; Jacoba 8 
(1476-79). Copiem: Col; HebrewUnion. 

Gorranus, Nicolaus. 

7815* Posiiila super epistolas Pauli. Co- 
logne: Koelhoff. 1478. f. 

Copy: Nllllia. 

Gorricio, Caspar de. 
Contemplaciones sobre el rosario histori- 
adas [translated by Juan Alfonso de 
Logrofioi. Seville; Ungut & Polono, 
1495, 8 Jul. 4°. 

Ref: Haebler 301; C 27S1. Copy: Iliipanic. 

See Duns Scotiu, 

Gorris, Cuillerinu: 
Scot us pa u pert: 

Goth, Bertrand de. See Clemena V, 5407- 


Gouda, Cuilelmus. 

7819* Expositio mysteriorum miisae. 4°. 

Ref: BU Cat (Ltipais: KachcLofcD). Copy: 
HWf (c. 1490). 

Bef: Claudin 67081. Copy: TBDV. 

7824 Cologne. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 919 (Zell); C (c. 1480-87). Copy: AniBt 

Ref: Voullieme, Kbin. 52! (Quentelir)i C 2759. 

Copy; llWt. 

Dcventer: Jac. de Breda, 1497. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 9093; Campbell 892; C 2764. Copy: 


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Qouvemement des Princes. See Ariitode: 
Spurious works, 1784. 

Oower, John. 

7835 Confeasio amantis in englysshe. West- 
minster: Caxton, 1493 il483,. 2 Sept. 

Ref: Duff IM; Pr 9654; Btidei 53: Dc Ricci 4B. 
Copits: AmBt; NYP; CWC; HEH; JPMt; 

Gradi or Gradibiu, de Ferrariis, Johannes 
Matthaeus de. 

7836 Opera medica: Practica cum textu 
IX Rhazis ad Almansorem. f°. 

. I4?3)T 

7838* Pavia: Aloysius ComensJs 3c 

Trottis. 1497. 27 May. £'. 
Copie»: LCi LC(T). 
7839 Expositiones super tractatum de 
urinis. Milan: J. de Sancto Nazario. 
1494, 26 Jul. r. 

Ref; R. Copiei: CPh; Suig; ECS. 

7840* Expositiones super vicesimam se- 
cundam Fen tertii canonis Avicennae. 
Milan: J. de S. Nazario. 1494. 17 Nov. 

Rcf: Pdl 52S& Copiea: CPh; NYAcadBfed: 


See also An notariatus, 1848-1857. 

7848 EI pelegrino de la vida humana. Tou- 
louse: Henrico (Meyeri, 1490. i'. 

Rcf: C. For other veraiona ite DtfuilUvilU. 
Copy: NYP. 

7854* Grammatellui pro juvenum enidi- 
tione. Nuremberg: Crcusner. 4*. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copy: Grol. 

Granchi, Bartolommeo de', de San Con- 
cordio. See Bartholomaeua Kunut, 

GnpheoB or Orassi, Benevenutus, Hiero- 

7869 De oculis eorumque egritudjnibus et 

curis. Ferrara: Severinus. 4°. 

Ref; R (c. H7S); Pell 5300. Copie.: CPh; San; 

GraaBellis, Antonius de. 
7871* De gratia recuperanda (in Italian). 
Venice; PasqualJbus. 1487, 4". 

Copy: HWt. 

7872* Tractatus de Sacramento heucaris- 
tie (in Italian). Venice: Pasqualibus, 
1487. 4°. 
Copy: HWt. 

Gratiadei EBcnlanus or Asculanns. 

7877 Questiones in libros physicorum 

Aristotelis. Venice, 1484, prid. kal. 

May (Apr. 30). f°. 

Ref: R. Copiei: JPUf (Lichtcii)teiii)i LC<T>. 

Gratiadei, Johannes Baptista. 

7879* Liber de confutatione hebraice secte. 

Strasburg: Flach. ISOO. in vigilia 

Matthei ,Sept. 20,. 4°. 
Ref: Pell 5304. Copiec LC; LC(T): HWt. 

Gratia or Gracia Dei, Petrus, 

7880 Blason general. Coria: Lila, 1489. 4*. 

Ref: Haehler 304; Pr 9610; C III, 2776a; Fac- 

i: AmBt (WodhuU); JMH; 

See Grapbens, 7 

teyn, 1471. P. 
Rcf: Pell 5308. Copi 

7884* Strasburg: Eggesteyn, 1472. {'. 

Ref: Pell 5309. Copy: JPMt- 

7885* Mainz: Schoiffer, 1472. id. Aug. 

1 13.1 f°. 

Ref: Pell S3 10. Copy: LC. 

7888* Basel: Richel. 1476. 10 Jun. f. 

Ref: Pell S3I2. Copiei: New; LC(T). 

7890 Venice: Jenson. 1477. f. 

Ref: Pr 4101; Pell 5314; C. Copy! (aeTen). 

7894* Venice: J. de Colonie & Man- 
then. 1479, 3 non, Jan. ,3.i f°. 

Ref: Pell 5316. Copiei: LC; HWt; (Bann 8 

Ocl, 1901). 

7895* Basel: Wenssler, 1481, 14 kal. 

Sept. (Aug. 19., P. 

Ret: Pell 5317. Copiei: UnTS (2). 

7896* Basel: Wenssler. 1482, non. 

Sept. |5., f°. 

Ref: Pell S3IS. Copy: LC. 

7899* Nuremberg: Koburgcr, 1483, 

prid. kal. Mar. [Feb. 28.) P. 

Ref: Pell 5320. Copy: LCPh. 

7900* Venice: Plasiis, 1483, 25 Jan. 4". 

Ref: Pell S3ZI. Copie*: PHn; LC(T). 

7903* Basel: Wenssler. I486, kal. Sept. 

rl-i C. 

Ref: Pell 5324. Copy: HarvLaw. 

7905* Venice: Blavis, 1486. 28 Jul.- P. 

Ref: Pell S335. Copy: SP. 

7907* ^ Strasburg. 1489, prid. non. Sept 

Ref: Fr 452 (GrSninier) ; Pell 5327. Copy: 

7908* Venice: Blavis, 1489, 6 Feb. 4". 

Rett Pell 5328. Copy: Ya. 

7909* Strasburg. 1490. 14 kal. Feb. 

Jan. 19.1 f°. 

Ref: Pr 4SS (Griiiiinser)i Pell 5330. Copy: TorP. 

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(iralianus, continued. 

7912* Basel: Froben, 1493, id. Jun. 

[13., 4'. 

R(f: Pell 5333. Copita: Col; LC<T). 

7913. NuremberB; Koberger, 1493, 

prid. kal. Dec. [Nov. 30., P. 

Rcf: Pell S33]. Cdtmu: NRC; <KrMncke); 

7914* Venice: Arrivabene, 1493, 12 

Oct, f°. 

Rtl: Pell 533*. Copy: LC(T), 

7916* Venice, 1498, 26 Jun. 8°. 

Ref: Pr 474S (Torreunui); Pell S33S. Copiei: 
Ph{W): HEH. 

7917* Venice: Toriis. 1499, 20 Apr. f. 

Copy: J WE. 


Copy: H«rv (P.rii: Wolf?). 

7920 Decretorum breviarium. Lyons: 
Huss & Battenschne. 1484, 6 Jul. f°. 

Ref: Hiin 7160. Copy: LC<T). 

QregoiT I, the Great, Saint. 

7926* Moralia; Expositio in Job. f". 

Ref: Pr 7444 <B»el: Ruppel. not after 1468); 
Pet] S376. Coptei: AmBT; ATW. 

7927* r. 

7928' Nuremberg, 1471, 11 Sept. P. 

Ref: BM Cat (SenicnKbmidt). Copy: WGS. 

7929* Rome: apud Sanctum Marcum, 

147S. 5 Sept. r. 

Ref: BM Cat {Puecher): Pell 5378; C (Simon de 
Luca). Copies; HarTS (SunderlaDd)i Hirv 
(Bamberg); HEH (Pembroke). 

7930* Venice: Novimagio, 1480, 14 

Jun. P. 

Ref: Pell S379; Pr 4437; (The dale ii «ome- 
lime* civen ai I4S4. 10 Jun.). Copiea: Walk; 
LC(T); HWf; OLW. 

7932* Paris: Gering & Rembolt, 1495, 

ult. Oct. P. 

Ref: Pell S380. Copiea: New; TBDV. 

7933* Venice: Torresanis, 1496, 11 

Apr. P. 
Copiec Will; HWf. 
Brescia: Britannicus, 1498, 2 Jun. 

Ref: Pr 6996; Pell 5382; C 2780. Capita: Harr; 

7934* Basel: Kesler, 1496. P. 

Ref: Pell 5331. Copiea: Harr; LC(T). 

7935* SoprA la vita di Job. Florence: 

Nic. di Lorenzo. 1486. 15 Jun. P. 
Ret: Pell S3S3. Copieii AmBt; LC; HWf. 

7937* Commentum super cKnticK canticO' 

Gregory I, Ike Great, Saint, continued. 
7938* Basel, 1496. 13 Mar. 4'. 

Sif : Pr 7730 (Purler); Pell SJ4B. Copiet: UdTS; 
LC(T); HGS. 

7939 '- Paris: Gering & Rembolt, 1498, 

16 Jan. 4°. 

Ref: Pr S30<>; Pell S349i C. Copiei: AmBt; 
UnTS; UPa; HWf. 

7941* Explanatio in septem psalmos peni- 
tentiales. Mainz; Medenbach, 1495, 
penult. Mar. ,30., 4". 

Ref: Pell 5365. Copiei: AmBt; Harr; Ph(W); 


7944 Homeliae in Ezechielera. V. 
laeli: Fralrti vitae a 

.... Pell 5374; C 

t: [NYSl (Campbell)]; JM. 

7946* 1496. 4°. 

7947 Homiliae super evangeliis. 1475, in 
die sabbato post conceptionis V. Marie 
,Dec. 9,. P. 

18* 1473, in die S. Hermetis lAug. 

28,. P. 

tef: Pr 1S3S (Auriburg: Zainer); Pell S36«. 
Copie*: AmBt; NYP; ■NYCniv; Ya (Wod- 

ing & CrantZ), 1475, 1 Oct. 

Ref: C. Copy: WMV. 

795i;^ Venice: Pasqualibus, 1493, 14 

. 'ei: Col 
LC(T); WMV; llWt. 

7953 -^^ Omelia vulgale. Milan: Pachel 

& Scinzcenceller, 1479, 20 Aug. P. 
Ref: R; Pr 5923; Pell 5372. Copy: AmBf. 

7955 Dialogorum librorum quatuor. P. 

Ref: Pr B93 (Cologne: Zell); Pell 5354 (c 1473); 

C (1470); Hain (Maim: ScboeCCer). Omi 


W/79S7* P. 

Ref: BM Cat (Slratbun: Enestein, 1472-74). 

Copiei: Dart; UUich; HEh! 

7962* (Cologne:, Unckel. 4°. 

Ref: Pell 53S0 (c. 1480); C (14g0). Copy: JJP. 

7963* Venice: Paganinis, 1492, id. 

Nov. ,13., 4°. 

7964* Paris: Gering & Benbolt, 1494, 

6 Mar. 4°. 

Ref: Pell 5358 (1495). Copiea: AmBt; Hair: 

7966* Basel: Furter. 1496. 4'. 

Ref: Pell S359, Copiea: LC; Ph(W); UbTS; 
HGS; LC(T). 
7970* zu teutsch. 1473. P. 

• Ref: Pr 160S (Augiburg: Bimler); Pell 5160. 

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Gregory I, the Great, Saint, continued. 
7971* 1476. f. 

El libro del dialogo. 4". 

Ref: R 541 (Toulouw: M.yer, c. 14B8)i Pell 
S362. Cop,: Hiipimc. 

7974 in volgare per Lunardo de Udene. 

Venice: P.M.F. ,di Pietro,, 1475, 20 
Apr. f°. 

Copy: JM. 

797S Venice: J. de Colonia & Man- 
then, 1475. i\ 

Rti: Pr .(Zg;: Pell S363. Copy: H«rv. 

7977 Venice: Toreaani, 1487. 20 Feb. 

7981' Regula pasloralis. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cal CColognt; Zd. not •ft,^r HZl): Pr 
8S1 (M72); Pfli 5386. Copies: CWC; WMV. 

7982* 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat <BaHl: Flich. not after 1472): C 
(Straiburg: Flich. c. 1475): Hain (Maini: 
Full & Schoeffer). Copy: AmB. 

7986* Venice: Paganinis, 1492, id. 

Dec. ,13.1 4°. 

Ref: Fell 5390. Copi«a: Boiton; LC(T, 2): KWf. 

7987* Strasburg, 1496. die S. Gregorii 

(Mar. 12,. 4*. 
He(: Pr 6*2 {Printer of 1483 Jordanua de Qued- 
lioburg); Pell 5391. Copy: UnTS. 

7988* Basel; Furtcr. 1496, 15 Feb. 4'. 

R«f: Pell 5392. Copiei: LC(T): HGS; JCW. 

7989* Paris: Gering & RenboH, 1498, 

18 Jul. 4°. 

Ref: Pell 5393. Copiei: AmBf; Ph(W); LC(T): 

Gregory IX, Pope, continued. 

8012* Basel: Wenszler, 1482. id. Mar. 

,15., r. 

Copy: UnTS. 

8014* Nuremberg: Koburger. 1482, 

prid. id. Jul. (14., r. 

Copiea: BuffHii; Y» (Bamberg); JEBj JHP. 

8015* Venice: Bart, de (Blavis,, Asula 

Sc Salodio, 1482, 10 kal. Jul. Jun. 22., 

Copiei: HarvLaw; Ph(W). 

8016* Venice: Plasiis. 1482, 24 Apr. 


Copy; LC(T). 

8018* Basel: Wenssler, 1486. t*. 

Copiei: P1.(W): Watli, 

8020* Venice: Tridino. I486, 15 kal. 

Jan. (Dec. 18., 1°. 

Copy: LC. 

8024* Venice: Paganinis. 1489. 4 id. 

Aug. flO.i r. 


7991" Liber cpistolarum. t°. 


7999* Mainz: Schoiffer, 1473, 9 kal. 

Dec. (Nov. 23.1 P. 

Ref; BM Cat. Copiei: AmBt: Forbei (Hunt): 
Harv: JCBr: LC; Mew. 

8001* Rome: Laur. 1474, 5 Nov. f. 

Ref: Pr 341S. Copy: LC(T). 

8004* Basel: Wenszler, 1478, 14 kal. 

Sept. (Aug. 19.1 r. 

Copie.: Drew; HinrUw; JDB. 

8006* Mainz; Schoitfer. 1479, 6 id. 

Mar. (10.1 P. 
Copiei: AmBt; PhCW); JM. 

8011' Venice: Selgenstat. 1481, 4 id, 

Sept. [10., r. 

Copy: Ph(\V). 

Copy: TorP. 

; Tortis. 1491. 20 Sept. 

8027* - — Venice: Haraman, 1491, 9 kal. 
Jul. ijun. 23.1 C. 
Copies: LC(T): JM, 

8O30* Nuremberg: Koberger, 1493, 10 

Mar. f°. 
Copy: LC(T). 

8032* — Venice: Tortis. 1494. 26 Jun. 

8036' Venice: Toresanis. 1498, 4 Mar. 


8040' Basel: Amerbach & Froben, 

1500. non. Oct. ,7., 4*. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copy: Ph(W). 

Gregoriua AriminenuB. See Ariminenaii, 


Gregoriua Tifemas, Publius. 
8042 Opuscula. Venice: Bernardinus [Vi- 
talibus,, 1498, 11 Jun. 4°. 

Ref: R; Pr SS2S; C. Copy: PriE. 

Hymni. See Ausonius, 2176. 
GresemunduB, Theodoricus, 
8047* Lucubratiuncule. Mainz: Petrua 

Fridhergenses, 1494. 4°. 
Ref: BM Csl. Copy; LC(T). 
GrieningeriuB, Henricus. 
8055' Epitome de generibus nominum. 
Nnremherj;: Holczel. 1500, prid. id. 
May (14i. 4°. 
Ref: BM Cat. Copy: LC(T). 

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Gringore, Pierre. 

Les faintises du monde. [Pam:i Le 

Noir. 8°. 

Copy: TBDV (Hoc). Al» altHbuted to G. Alexi*. 

Gritsch, Johannes. 

8059* Quadragesimale. f°. 

Ref: Pr 330 (Stri>burg: Prir " " 

Ref: Pr 2682 (Reut1in|cnt Greyfr. not after 
1479); H»in (Typii ReyterUnU). Copy: 


n); C (1480). 

8063* (Ulm:) Zeiner, 1475, 20 Oct. P. 

Copy: INYSt (Csmpbell)]. 

8065* (Augsburg:) Wknner, 1477. f°. 

Copy: LC(T), 

8066* Nuremberg: Koburger, 1479, 3 

kal. Mar. ,Feb. 27., f°. 

Cojmm; UTor; HW. 

8068*^ Cologne: Quentel. 1481, II Jul. 

Copiei: N*W! UnTS. 

8070* 1484, in die S. Agathe iFeb. Sj. 

Guuneriiis, Antonius. 

8097 Opera medica. Pavia: Carcano, 1481. 

Ret: R. Copiei: CPh; JCre; Sar(. 

8098* Pavia: Carcano, 1488, 10 Jan. f". 

Ref: Pr 7DS7. Copiet: LC; Surg. 

8099* Venice: Locatellus, 1497, 16 kaL 

Mar. [Feb. 14., i°. 
Copy: HWt. 
8100 e Rhazes de peste. Venice: 

Hertzog. 1500, 27 May. f°. 

Ref: R: Pr S204: C Copy: ECS. 

8104? Tractatus de propnis mulierum ae- 
gritudinibus; De matricibus. 1474. f". 

Ref: K (Padiu: Codrid de Paderbime); Camp- 
bell 863; C. Copicii NYUniv; Surg. 

Tractatus de febribus. f*. 

Ref: R II, 183 (Padua: Conrad de Paderbanw, e. 
1474); Pr 6779; Campbell 861; C 2803. Conca: 

NYUniv; Surg; Siltro. 

Tractatus de fluxibus. f. 

Ref: R II. 183 (Padua: Conrad de Paderbame. c. 
1474); Campbell 862; C 2806. Copy: NVUnlT. 

Giurinus Veronen^B. 
Regulae grammaticales. 4°. 

Gruenpcck, Josephus, de Burckhausen. 
8088* Comoedie omnem Latini sermonis 
elegantiam contincntes. 4*. 

Ref: Pr 18Z3 (Augihurg: FroKhauer, afler 26 
Nov. 1497). Copy: JPMf, 

8091* Tractatus de pestilentiali Scorra sive 
mala de Franzos, 4°. 

Ref; Schreiber, v, 4127 (Nuremberg: K. Hoch- 
feder): Hain (Augiburg: Froicbauer, 1496). 

Ref: Pr 1501 (Cologne: Zierikiee). Copiei: CPb; 


Grilner, Vincentius. See Expogltio officii 

uxelU, . 

8072* Nuremberg: Stuchs, 1488. 4'. 

Copy: LC(T), 

8075* 1490, in profesto circumcision is 

iDec. 31,. i". 

Ref: Pr 6S9 (Straiburg: Printer of 1483 Jordanul 
de Quedlinburg). Copiei: UnTS; LC(T). 

8079* Venice: Soardis, 1495, 21 Mar. 


Copies: Ph(W>; StCh. 

' (Lyons:, Bachelier & Barthelot, 

1472). Cop 

Venice: iRubeus, Vercellcnsis, 1482. 

26 Mar. 4'. 
Ref: R 203. Copy: HWf. 

Ars dipthongandi. See Vocabulariiu 

Paralelia ex Plutarchis. See Polybiiu. 

Historiarum. 13250. 
Guarinus, Baptista. 
8131* De ordine docendi. Heidelberg: 

Knoblochtzer, 1489, 15 kal. Jan. [Dec. 

18.| 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Dee., 1489). Copy: AmBt. 
8132 Oratio funebris in Eleanoram Arago- 
niam Estensis coniugem habita 4 id. 
Oct. |12., 1493. 4°. 

Ref: C. Copy: ECS. 

8139* Guerino il Meschino. Padua: Val- 
dezochio & Martin dc Septem Arbori- 
bus. 1473, 21 Apr. f°. 
Copy: Well. 

Guesclin, Bertrand du. 

8146 Le livre des fails d'armes. f. 

ReC: Pr 8517 (Lyoni: Le Roy); C (1485). Copy: 

Qui. Petrus de. 

8149 Opus divinum metaphysicam, phisi- 
cam, logicam. et plurif icabilem distinc- 
tionem. Barcelona: Posa. 1489. 8°. 

Ref: R 1222; Haebler 196; C. Copy: Hiipanie. 

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Gui, Petrtu de, continued. 
Tractatus formalitattiin. Barcelona: 
Posa. 8*. 

Ref: Haebler IM (e. 1489). Copy: Hiipanic. 

Guiba, Robertus. 

6155 Oratio ad Innocentium viti. 4°. 

Ref: R {Rome: Guldinbeck. c \WS): Vt 3S«; C. 

Copy: HWt. 

Guido de Monte Rachen or RolherU, confd. 

Angers: La Tour, 1495, 3 Aug. 8'. 

Ret: Pr S72S. Copr: AmBt. 

8212 Strasburg, 1499. f". 

Ref: R (F1ach>i Fr 715. Cop;: Hair. 

Venice: Sessa, 1500. 9 Oct. 8". 

Ref; C 2849. Copy: Pb(W). 

London: Pynson, 1500, 28 Apr. 8". 

Ref: Duff 168; Pr 9798. Copy: JPMf. 

See also Maniule parochialium, 


8218 De spiritu Guidonis ,de Corvoj. Delft 
1486, in profesto b. Barbare [Oct. 4j. 

Guido d« Honte Rochen or RotheriL 
8168 Manipulus curatofum. Cologne, f*. 

Ref: C (Guliienschiiff, c. 1480). Copy: WMV. 


, & Glin 

Guilelmua de Gouda. See Gouda, 7818- 

Guilerinus. See Guillennus, 8225-8299. 

8171* (Augsburg:) Heyny, 71 [1481]. 


Ref: BH Cat. Copic*: JHH; LC<T). 

8172 Paris: Columbaria, Gering & 

Chranti, 1473, 21 May. f°. 
Ref: C. Copy: AmBt (Wodhull). 

8179* Rome, 1477, 1 Dec. 4'. 

Ref: BM Cil: Pr 3606 (In damo Fraoc dc Gn- 
qutnii). Copiei; Col; HWt. 

8180 Cologne: Hombourch, 1478, in 

vigilia ascensionis [Apr. 29j. f°. 

Ref: Pr 116J. Copy; a. 

8181 Paris: Gering. 1478, 4 Jun. 4'. 

Ref: C. Copiei: Boaton; CenTS. 

8185 Milan: Pachel & Scinienzeller, 

1481. prid. kal. Feb. Jan. 31.i 4'. 

R((: C. Copy: HWf. 

8188* Venice: Bonetis. 1483, IS Mar. 


Copy: WTW. 

Tarragona: Spindeler, 1484, 3 Aug. 


Ref: Haebler 4S4: C lit, 3S40>. Copy: AmBt. 

8193 Venice; Saracenus, 1486, 11 Sept. 


Ref: B. Copie»: LCPhj StCh. 

8194 Strasburg, 1487, 10 May. 4". 

Ref: R (Huh): Pr 671; C. Co|9: Sutra. 

8202 Venice: Butrieis, 1491, ult. May. 

Ref: R; C 2844. Copy: LC(T). 

Strasburg. 1493. 4'. 

Bef: BM Cat (Huinerf); Pr 733 {Printer of 1493 
Cmu* brevet): C 2S4S. Copiei: Pb (W. 3). 

Quill aume d'Auvergne. See Guillermiu 
Pansicnsis, 8300-8323. 

Guillelmiu Arremus. See GtuUcrmus Pari- 
siensiB, 8300-8323. 

GuillcnnuB or Guilerinus Pariaiensii, pro- 
fessor of theology. 

8228* Postilla super epistolas et evangelia. 

Ref; Pr 2680 (Reullingen; Greyff, I478f). Copy: 


r: [NYSt (Campbell, 1487?)) 

8232* r. 

Ref: Main (Augdiui 


'). C^ipy: BoMonAth 
(Auaiburs: Zainer, 1473). Copy: 


Ref; Pr : 

8241* r. 

Ref: Pr (I6tb cent)j C Copy: LCPh. 

8242* f°. 

Ref: Pr3256 (Reutlinfen 

- f°. 

(StraiburfP). Co^e*: Ph(W): UoTS. 

:at (Biiel: Flach, not before 1474). 

Copy: JPMt (Lyoni: Reinhard & Phiiipiri, c. 


8248* 4°. 

Ref: Pr 7752 CBa«e1: Furter, after iSOOf). (>ipy: 
Walk (pi. I). 

8249* 4°. 

Ref: Pr 7753 (Ba<el: Furlcr, after tSOO?). Copy: 

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r Guilerinus Paristensis, cont'd. 

: Hain (Buel: Furler). Cop;: (Allen). 

Ref: cf C 28S8 (B«el: Furter); R (e. ]«W. 
Copy: a»rk. 

8254* ■ 1476. f°. 

Kef: Pr 1730 (Augiburi: Wiener) ; Hiin (Zainer). 
Copy: Clark. 

8257 Cologne: KoelhoH, 1481, in vi- 

gilia assumptionis MarUe lAug. 14]. 

Ref: C Copy: LC(T). 

82S9 Cologne, 1482, 17 kal. Aug. Jul. 

16., f. 

Ref: Pr 903 CZell). Copy: LC (Klon). 

r'» type), 

19 kal. 


8264* Basel: Kesler, 

Sept. |Aug. 14., f. 

Copy; UnTS. 

1489, ult. Nov. 8*. 

Rcf: cf C 2S68. Copy: (NYSt (Campbell)]. 

8277* Cologne: Quentdl, 1492. 4°. 

Copy: StCh. 

Lyons: Trechsel, 1494. 4". 

Ret: C 2B70. Copy: JPMf. 

8284 Paris: Gering & Rembolt, 1494, 

ult. Jun. 8°. 

Ref: Pr 8300. Copy: LC(T). 

8287* Reutlingen: Greyff. 1494, kal. 

Jan. ,1., 8'. 
Copy: Walk. 
8290' Nuremberg: Koberger, 1496, 9 

kal. May (Apr. 23,. 4°. 

: SH. 

8296* - 


— Augsburg: Schensperger, 1499. 

Ph<W); EW (CarvilbD). 

sburg: Flach, 1500. kal. 

8299* Str 

Aug, |1,, 
Copy: UnTS, 

Cologne: Quentell, 1500-01. 4". 

Copy: StCh. 

CtiiUcnnui Arvernua; Parisiensis, Bishop. 
8300* Opera. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Nuremberg: Stuiba, 1496-97) j 
H tin (Koberger). Copiei: LCPh; UnTS; UP*. 

8302* = 8306. 

8303' Rhetoriea divina. i". 

Ref: BM Cat (Freiburl. or Baiel: Fucher); 
762J (Batcl: Aroorbach); C (1490); C 3t 
(1485). Copy: HWt. 

GuilUrmus Arvernus, continued. 

8306 Ghent: Cesaris, 1483, 11 kal. Sept. 

[Aug. 22., 4*. 

Ref: Ft 9460; Campbell 905; Rain 8]02>. Copy: 
8314 De septem sacramentis. Paris: Ger- 

lier, 1493, 3 Sept. 8°. 
Ref: C. Copy: Ph{W, Buiheim). 

8316' TracCatus de sacramentis; Cur deus 
homo; De penitencia. f*. 

Ref: BM Cat (Nuremberi: Stucba, net after 
1497); Hain (Koberger). Copiei: LC: Sutroj 


8317* De fide et legibus. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Augiburi: Zainer, I47S^76).^^ 

whom it i> dedicated. 
(Riant); LCPh; NYP. 

8319' De universo. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Nuremberg: Stuchi. not after 
1497); Hain (Koberger). Copiei; Cor; LC; 
UnTS (2). 

8320' Tractatus super passione ChrJsti. 
Hagenau: Gran, 1498. feria sexta post 

Valentini ,Feb. 16,. 4'. 
Copiei: LC(T); WMV. 

8323' Sermones. Tiibingen: Otmar, |14i99. 
leria tercia post invocavit (Feb. IS, 

ISOOi. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (By Gutielmui Psraldui). Copiea: 

AmBt (Bamberg); GenTS; LC(T). 

Guillermus de Vorrillong. 

Lyons, 1489, 24 Aug. f°. 
Ref: Pr 8548 (Siber): C 6559 (Trecbael). Copie*: 
Ph(W); StSul; HWf. 

Venice: Leucho, 1496, 9 Jul. 4°. 

Ret: Pr S578: C 6S60. Copiea: Harv; UnTS; 
LC(T); HWt. 

Repertorium vel collectarium super quod- 

libeta Scoti. fPadua:] Cerdonis. 4". 
Ref: Pr 6830; C 6562 (1485). Copy: HWf. 

Ciulleville, Guillaume de. See Deguille- 

OuillibertuB or SuUibertuB Tonucensis. 
8332 Sermones peramoeni ad status diver- 

sos pertinentes. Louvain: }. de West- 

falia. i". 

Ref: Pr 9257: Campbell 896 (c. 1481-81); C. 
Copiea: Ph(W); tfChi, 

Guderrcs, Julia no. 

8336 De la cura de la piedra. Toledo: 
Hagembach. 1498, 4 Apr. i". 
Ref: R; Pr 9605; Haebler JIS. Coiriea: Hilpauic; 


8338 De computatione dierum creticorum. 
Toledo; Tcllez, 1495, 28 Mar. 4°. 

Ref: Haebler 314. Copy: Hiipanic. 

(To be eontitiHed) 

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"TXURING the month of June, 1918, the Library received as gifts a 
^-^ total of 1,844 volumes, 4,775 pamphlets, 9 maps, and 1,004 prints. 
Some of the more important and interesting of these gifts were the follow- 
ing: From Mr. J. P. Morgan, came volume 11, text and plates, of "The 
North American Indian, being a series of volumes picturing and describing 
the Indians of the United States, the Dominion of Canada, and Alaska, 
written, illustrated, and published by Edward S. Curtis"; from Mr. W. F. 
Hopson, of New Haven, Conn., eight book-plates; and from Mr, Albert 
E. Kiraify, of New York, two illustrated catalogues of Japanese fine 
arts, old and modern, displayed at the Japan-British Exhibition, London, 

From Mr. Joseph G. Butler, Jr., of Youngstown, Ohio, came an auto- 
graphed copy, number 92 of 250 copies printed, of his work, "Fifty years ■ 
of iron and steel," Cleveland, 1918; from Mr. Edward A. Faust, of St. 
Louis, Mo., a copy of the privately printed work, "Erasmus, Humanist 
and Painter, a study of a Triptych in a private collection," by Maurice 
W. Brockwell, 1918; from Mr. H. E. Revere, of Brooklyn, a copy of 
volume two of "Prominent and progressive Pennsylvanians of the 19th 
century, a review of their careers," Philadelphia, 1898; and from Mr. 
Arthur Russell Wilcox, of Port Chester, N. Y., a copy (number 208 of 
250 printed) of his work, "The Bar of Rye Township, Westchester County, 
N. Y., an historical and biographical record, 1660-1918." 

Interesting collections of foreign public documents were received as 
follows: From the American Association for International Conciliation, 
New York, 259 volumes of BraziHan documents; from Hon. Edwin V. 
Morgan, American Ambassador, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a copy of "A 
Brazil na guerra (Algumas notas para a historia)," by Otto Prazeres; 
from the Governo Geral do Estado da India-Portugueza, Nova Goa, 
2 volumes and 3 pamphlets; and from the Secretaria de Relaciones 
Exteriores, Panama, 2 pamphlets. 


TOURING the month of June, 1918, there were received at the Library 
*-^ 20.708 volumes and 5,412 pamphlets. (These figures include the 
additions to both Reference and Circulation Departments.) The total 
number of readers recorded in the Central Building was 53,393. They 
consulted 157,798 volumes. Visitors to the building numbered 184,807. 


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Abbot, Willis John. Aircraft and sub- 
marines; the story of the invention, de- 
velopment, and present-day uses of war's 
newest weapons. With eight color plates 
and 100 other illustrations. New York and 
London: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1918. xiv, 
388 p. illus. 8". BTZY 

Adam, Paul Auguste Marie. La terre 
qui tonne; France - Italic. Paris: Librairie 
Chapelot. 1917. 2 p.l., (i)viii-xiv p., 1 1., 379 
p.. 1 1. 12°. BTZE 

After three years: a restatement of Brit- 
ish war aims. London: Macmillan and Co., 
Ltd. ,1917., 28 p.. 11. 8'. 


Ajalbert, Jean. Le Maroc sans les 
boches, voyage de gwerre 1916, huit illus- 
trations, dont une hors-texte, par J. de la 
N^zi^re et vingt-deux fleurons et culs-de- 
lampe, d'apris des motifs ornementaux 
inarocains. Paris: Editions Bossard, 1917. 
4 p.l., (1)12-198 p., 11., Ipl. illus. [2,ed., 

Akiyatna, Shinshi. A Japanese view of 
the war, by Rear-Admiral Akiyama. Lon- 
don: T. F.Unwin, Ltd., 1917. 15(1) p. 12°. 
BTZE P.V.2SS, no.2 

Alexander, Hartley Burr. Liberty and 
democracy, and other essays in war-time. 
Boston: Marshall Jones Company, 1918. 
viiip., 11., 229 p. 8< BTZS 

Allatini, Eric. . . .Savoia! La guerre des 
cimes. Couverture dessinee par Cappiello. 
Paris: L'fidition fran^aJse illustree tcop. 
1917,. 2 p.l. 162 p., II. 12^ BTZE 

American Field Service. |A plea. His- 
tory of the American Field Service, n. p.. 
1917?, 161. 8°. BTZE p.v.294, no.3 

The American Sugar ReHning Compan;. 

(l)6-^p., 1 foldcdchart. 4°. 

AndcTBon, David. Edith Cavell. and 
other poems. London: Longmans, Green. 
&Co., 1918. vi, 82p. 12°. NCM 


L'Armie dc 1917; le chef de corps, le 
troupier. officiers de troupe, le chef de 
bataiUon. le commandant de compagnie, 
sous-officiers, le caporal, mitrailleurs, ti\i- 
phonistes. joyeux, crapouilloteurs. infir- 
mieres. le poete de la guerre, les progres 
de notre infanteric. le poilu et les journaux. 
Paris: Payot & Cie.. 1917. 3 p.l., (i)x-xiv. 
(l)16-318p. 12°. BTZE 

Aston, Sir George Grey. The triangle 

of terror in Belgium. London: J. Murray, 

1918. xiii, 105 p.. Ifac, 1 folded map. 12'. 


Les Aitteurs de la tranchee; pages 
choisies des laur^ats du concours du front. 
Preface de G. Vidal... Paris: La renais- 
sance du livre ,1917,. 248 p. 12'. BTZI 

CanUnli: PriUa. OruTre. 


I lyrit 


rntalc* Fi romucci. CbanKM lyriquet. 
Chantr>n< buinoriiliquci. Vidal. G.. and L. Vibect, 
ndiabl^. Vid*1, G.. and A. MicDud, Pour 

lel. A., Le r 

Laid-ilon, akftch (cm 

Babcock, Louis L. Manual for the use 
of troops in aid of the civil authority, by 
Brigadier General Louis L. Babcock. New 
York: George H. Doran Company [Cop. 
1918,. xi p., 1 1, 15-101 p. 12°. VWE 

BacheUn, Henri. La {pierre sur le 
hameau. Paris: E. Flammarion icop. 1917|. 
2 p.l., 254 p. 12°. NKV 

Baker, Newton Diehl. Industrial liberty 
in wartime. Address. the eighteenth 
annual meeting of the National Con- 
sumers' League, Baltimore, November 14, 
1917. [New York: National Consumers' 
League, 1917., 8 p. 8°. BTZE p.vjg4,IJ0.1 

Barroa, Bernardo G. La caricatura con- 
temporinea . . . Madrid: Editorial- America 
il917|. 2v. 12°. (BibliotecaAndrisBetlo. 
,v,, 29.) 3-llDY 

Barzini, Luigi. La guerre raoderne sur 
terrc, dans les airs et sous les eaux, vue 

Sr Luigi Barzini. Traduction de Jacques 
esnil, Paris: Payot & Cie., 1917. 3 p.l., 
(l)10-262p,, II. 12°. BTZE 

Bassett, John Spencer. The lost fruits 

of Waterloo. New York: The Macmillan 

Company. 1918. xviii p., 1 1., 289 p. 12'. 


Bazin, Rene. La closerie de Champ- 
dolent. Paris: Calraann-Levy icop. 1917,. 
2 p.l., 285 p., 1 1. 12°. NKV 

Beaunicr, Andre. Sentiments de la 
guerre. Paris: Plon-Nourrit & Cie,. 1917. 
3 p.l., 306 p., 1 1. 12°. BTZO 

The Belgian campaigns in the Came- 
roons and German East .Africa. London: 
Sir J. Causton & Sons, Ltd., 1917. 24p., 
1 folded map. 12°. BTZE 

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„ - Ministere des Affaires 

Elrangeres. Livre. grjs beige — Belgisches 
Graubuch. Correspondance diplomatique 
du Ministere des Affaires £trangeres du 
royaume de Belgique relative a la guerre 
de 1914, 24 juillet-29 aoiit. Diplomati- 
scher Sehriftenwechsel des Koniglich Bel- 
gischen Ministeriums des Aeussern zu dem 
Kriege von 1914, 24. Juli-29. August. 
Berne: K. J. Wyss, 1915. xvi, 70p. 2. ed. 
8'. BTZE 

Text in French and German. 

Benson, Edward Frederic. Crescent and 
iron cross. New York: George H. Doran 
Company icop. 1918]. vii p., 11., ll-240j.., 
2 maps. 8°. BTZE 

Bevan, Edwyn Robert. The method in 

the madness; a fresh consideration of the 

case between Germany and ourselves. 

London: E. Arnold, 191?. vii. 309 p. 12°. 


Bierbaum, Paul Willi. An der schwim- 
nienden Front, als Neutralcr bei der deut- 
schen Kriegsflotte. . . Ziirich: Rascher & 
Co., 1918. 146 p. 16°. BTZE 

Bigelow, Glenna Lindslcy. Li^ge on the 
line of march; an American girl's experi- 
ences when the Germans came through 
Belgium. New York; John Lane Com- 
pany; London: John Lane, 1918. lS6p.. 1 
port, illus. 12°. BTZE 

Boersenblatt fiir den deutschen Buch- 
handel... Tahrgang 82, Nr. 71 <Feld- 
Nummer). 27 Marz. 1915. Leipzig: Boer- 
senverein der deutschen Buchhandler, 
1915. 401-416 p. f°. BTZE 

Bone, Muirhcad. With the grand fleet, 
by Muirhead Bone. From the collection 
presented to the British Museum by His 
Majesty's government. London; published 
by authority of the Admiralty by Country 
Life, Ltd.. 1917. 21., 6 pi. f°. tttVYAD 

Bordeaux, Gaston. Federation mutu- 
aliste de la Normandie; Union mutualiste 
de la Seine-lnferienre et de I'Eure. histo- 
riquc, organisation, rapports, petitions, 
congres. creations, consultations, etc. 
Paris: G. Roustan. 1916. iv, 447 p. 8". 


Bouloc,£nee. "Tn ne tueras pas..."; 
une nouvelle conception de la guerre et de 
la paix. Paris: Plon-Nourrit & Cie., 1917. 
2p.l., xiv, 274p. 12°. YFX 

Bradley, Luiher Daniels. War cartoons 
from the Chicago Daily News. [Chicago? 
1914?, 321, illus. ob. 12°. BTZE 

Braithwaitc, George Holdcn. The So- 
ciety of Friends and war. To fight in de- 
fence of king and country is not anti- 
Christian. London: R. Scott, 1917. 44 p. 
8'. ZXTN finances 

p.. 61.. 220 p. ilhis. 12°. BTZW 

Cahn, Herman. The collapse of capi- 
talism. Chicago: C. H. Kerr & Co., 1918. 
119 p. 16°. TB 

Campbell, G. L., compiler. Royal Fly- 
ing Corps "Per ardua ad astra" (military 
wing); casualties and honours during the 
war ot 1914-17. Compiled by Captam G. 
L. Campbell... assisted by R. H. Blink- 
horn. London: Picture Advertising Co., 
Ltd., 1917. 250 p., 11. 12°. BTZY 

Chartres, John Smith. Judicial interpre- 
tations of the Munitions of War Acts. 1915 
and 1916 {5 & 6 Geo. 5. cc 54 and 99). 
London: Stevens and Sons, Limited. 1917. 
xvi. 75 p. 8°. BTZE 

Chiradame, Andre. Paii-Germany, the 
disease and cure. Reprinted from several 
issues of the Atlantic monthly. Boston, 
Mass.: The Atlantic Monthly Press ,cop. 
1917,. 2p.l.. 128p.. 11, illus, 12°. BTZP 

Cirobali, Eduardo, La festa della pace 
c il nuovo diritto internazionale nel secon- 
do anno della conflagrazione, con tre aj>- 

fendici. Campobasso: G. Colitti e figlio. 
916, 1 p,l,. (1)6-^9(1) p. 8°. (Collana 
Colitti di conferenze e discorsi, no. 6.) 


La pace antipacificatrice dei sociali- 

sti ufficiali e la pace pacificatrice del nuovo 
diritto internazionale. Campobasso: G. 
Colitti e figlio, 1917, 36 p. 8°. (Collana 
Colitti di conferenze e discorsi. no. 24.) 

BTZE p.v.294, no.6 
Cimbali, Giuseppe. Guerra e democrazia 
.. .arricchita di tre appendici. Campobas- 
so: G, Colitti e figlio, 1917, 1 p,l,. (1)6-53 
p,, I 1. 2, ed, 8°. (Collana Colitti di con- 
ferenze e discorsi. no. 21.) 

BTZE p.v.294, no.7 

Gli insegnamenti della guerra per 

la fede nella democrazia internazionale. 
Campobasso: G, Colitti e figlio, 1916. 1 
p.l.. (1)6-37 p„ 11. 8°. (Collana Colitti di 

Cleveland, Frederick Albert. The war — 

its practical lessons to democracy. [Bos- 
ton? 1917?, 41 p. 12°. BTZEp.v.29S,no.4 

A paper ind before the Naliona] Municip^ 
22. 191?. 

Combat, F. J. Les impots cedulaires et 
I'impot global sur les revenus; memento 
du contribuable, resume historique, impots 
a I'etranger. textes officiels et commen- 
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d by Google 


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P»rt 1 

I 2. (' 

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Contenti: ThrouEbaut our land. The itory of 
Carre and Lerondtau. Mtmoiiei of tbe maitv'''- 
The death of Herder. Verdun. The «crifLee. Tbe 

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welke voorafgegaan zijn aan de oorlogs- 
verklaring- van Duitschland a^n Rusland 
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PuMiihcl also in En|i;>h. French, Bu)«in, lul- 
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.. Saillard. i 

- La c 

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Publiahfd 1915 id the Norwegian and Swediih 
Unguagci under title Tfir country that will Kit dit. 

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schichte des gegenwartigen Krieges in den 
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supplement.) BTZE p.v.2S2, no.8 
— — - Le travail des femmes a domicile; 
textes officiels, avec commentaire cxpli- 

n Ullim 

an Serhi 

Ilefi i. Vom EtomatKh in Fa[en bii lur Schlaeht 

Ton Tannenberg. Heft 4-5. Vod der Schtuht bei 

" TannenlKrg bit vor dem Fall von .Vntwerpen. Heft 

■t 6-7. Vom Sieg bei Augiislow bit mm llntergang 

de> Kreuier. "YoreV."' 

■^- ■ Franktiriirkriget i Belgien och desa 

krankningar av folkratten. Ur en officiell 
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— Grymheter fordvade av ryska trup- 
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Germany. — Statuics. Die Kriegsge- 
setze vom .-Vugust 1914, eriautert durch die 
einschlagigen Vorschriften des Bundes- 
rats II, die bayerischen VoUzugs vorschrif- 
ten, Mit einem .Unhang: Die Geataltung 
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(i). 95p. ,l.ed,, 16°. (Schweitzers Text- 
ausgaben.) BTZE 

Die Kriegsgesctze privatrechtlichen 

luhalts (Stand vom 1. Juni 191S). Er- 

y Google 


Uutert von Dr. R. Wassermann und L. Er- 
langer... Munchen: J. Schweitzer. 1915. 
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p.l., 281 p., 1 1. ,3. ed.] 12°. BTZE 

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solidated list of enemy businesses ordered 
by the Board of Trade to be wound 
up. (London, 1917., 36 p. 8°. (Board of 
Trade Journal, v. 96, supplement.) TLA 

Great Britain. — Colonial Office. Euro- 
pean war. Correspondence relating to the 
occu|)ation of German Samoa by an ex- 
peditionary force from New Zealand... 
London: f. J. Keliher and Co., Ltd.. 191S. 
iii, 14 p. f°. (Cd. 7972.) t BTZE 

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respondence with the United States ambas- 
sador respecting the execution of Misa 
Cavell at Brussels. London: Darling & 
Son, Ltd.. 1915. 24 p. 8°. 

BTZE p.v.282, no.6 

Publiahcd bIio in Diniih, Dutch, and Spuiiib, 

European war. Report of a speech 

by the Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Grey (secre- 
tary of state for foreign affairs) in tbe 
" of Commons on the 3rd August, 

- ■ ■-■ 12 p. 8°. 

— — Great Britain and the European 
crisis. Correspondence, and statements in 
Parliament, together with an introductory 
narrative of events. London: Harrison 
and Sons. 1914. xxxiii. 144p. 8°. 

BTZE p.v.282, no J 

Miss Cavells Henretteisc i Bryssel. 

Korrespon dance med de Forenede Staters 
Gesandt. Forelagt Parlamenlet paa Hans 
Majestaets Befalmg Oktober, 1915. Kff- 
benhavn: V. Pio, I91S. 34 p. 8°. 

BTZE p.v.282, no.l 

Publilhcd >1» in Dutcb, Engliih, and Spiaith. 

Officieele publicatie der Engelsche 

regeering van de door haar met den 
gezant der Vereenigde Staten in zake de 
te re chts telling van Miss Cavel! te Brussel 
Kevoerde correspondentie. (Aan het En- 
gelsche Parlement op last van Zijne Ma- 
jesteit voornelegd, October. 1915.) Lon- 
don: T. Nelson & Sons ,1915?,. 26p. 8". 

BTZE p.viu, no.5 

Publiihcd iIhi in Daniib, Engliib, and Sptniib. 

- Vegyesek 6. 8. 10 sz. (1914). Le- 
vel ez is az eurdpai valsagra vonatkozi61a^ 

Grumbach, Salomon. Germany's an- . 
nexationist aims, translated, abbreviated 
and introduced by J. Ellis Barker.. , Lon- 
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illus. 8°. 


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ficer's assistant, prepared by Major L. R. 
Holbrook . . . Fort Leavenworth (Kar).] : 
U. S. Cavalry Association icop, 1917]. 2 
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Hvarfiir England deltager i kriget af 
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Oxford. Med appendix, bestAende af 
ursprungliga dokument, bland annat Tyik- 
lands Weissbuch, andra utvidgade uppla- 
gan med tillagg af Rysslands Orangebok. 
Oxford: Universitelets boktryckeri. 1914. 
123p.. I 1, 12I(l)p. illus. B'. BTZE 

Prcficc liincd: £. Barker, H. W. C. Darii. C. 

R. L. Fictcbcr. Artbui llaiull. L. C. WicJihuB 
Ugg, F. Margin. 

d by Google 


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Johnaton, Sir Harry Hamilton. The 
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of the dark-skinned population of the Brit' 
ish empire; how it is and will be affected 
by the great war; and the share it has taken 
in waging that war. London: Simpkin, 
Marshall. Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ltd. 
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urval utgiven av Albert Koersner,. , Charles 
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by F. W. Lanchester...on Monday, Uth 

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Tranilaled from the Gerniln by Adele S. SelUer. 

Co<Ut«li: Off to wir, Baprism of fire. The 
victor. My comrade, A hero'a death. Home acajn. 

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Lichnowsky, Karl Max, Fiirst von. The 
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bassadorship at London from 1912 to 
August, 1914. together with Foreign Minis- 
ter von Jagow's reply. New York; G. P. 
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d by Google 



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FirM published in I9I5 under title Tin war ami 
tilt farliig of thi viayi. 

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peace!' London: Cassell and Co.. Ltd., 
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La melee des Flandres, I'Yser et 

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i'. BTZE 

d by Google 


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35 hors-texte d'apres des photographies 
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A report by the delegates of the Interna- 
tional Committee of the Red Cross. Ex- 
tracted and translated from the official 
reports of the Red Cross Society. . . Lon- 
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BTZE P.V.2B9, no.6 

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jor William Redmond. London; Burns & 
Oates [1917|. 4 p.l., 11-66 p., Ipl., 2 ports. 


.- Byan 


iric*. RedDiond. 

_ , _ plei & B 

Trench pictures from France, by 

Major William Redmond, u.r., killed in ac- 
tion, June. 1917. with a biographical intro- 
duction by E. M. Smith-Dampier... New 
York; George H, Doran Company [COp. 
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Rosny, J. H., 

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Cie.. 1917. 155 p.. II. 16°. (Collection 
■■bellum''.) BTZV 

The Royal Flying Corps in the war. by 
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Preface signed: W. T. B. 

Royet. AUons! enfants de la patrie, 
par le commandant Royet, guide pratique 
d'eiitrainement physique et de forir ''" 
civique des jeunes Frangais. conforr 
programme du 6 novembre 1916, arret 

d by Google 


edc la guerre... Paris: Librairie 
LaronsBC |1917?]. 318 p., 1 pi. diagr., illua.. 
map. 12'. VWF 

Rnffin, Henry, and ANDsi Tudesq. Notre 
camarade Tommy: offensives anglaises de 
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recils de guerre.) BTZE 

Ruiz Fomells, Enrique, and Alfredo Mci^ 
CAB Mata. Organizacion militar de EspaRa 
y algunas potencias extranjeras escrita 

Kr los tenientes coroneies Enrique Ruiz 
irnells y Alfredo Melgar Mata, . .d^cima 
novena edici6n corregida con todas las dis- 
postctones dictadas hasta 1°. de septiem- 
bre de 1917... Toledo; R. G6mez-Menor. 
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(Bibliotheque d'hisloire contemporaine.) 

Salvation Army. Round the clock; some 
notes concerning the Salvation Army's 
work amongst poverty, sorrow, and crime 
during the year 1917-18, with introductory 
note by General Booth. London [:Inter- 
national Headquarters, 1917). xi, 88p. 12°. 

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17.) BTZE p.v.294. no.8 

Scotland. ^ Food Production Commit- 
tee. Report by the departmental commit- 
tee appointed to inquire into the question 

of maintaining and if possible increasing 
the present production of food in Scot- 
land... tVTB 

(no- I.] EdlntnirEh: NeiU i. Co.. 191S. 16l>. f*. 
|no.l3. Edinburtfa: T. F. Unwin. Ltd., 1917. 

8 p. r*. 

Scoudert, Lucien. Propos du front. 
Lettres a mon cadet. Parts: £ditions Bos- 
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SeUen, William Edward. With our 
heroes in khaki; the story of Christian 
work with our soldiers and sailors — and 
some of its results. London: R[eligiousi 
Ttract, Siociety, 1918,. viii, (l)10-302p., 
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Servia. — Ministarstvo Inostranih Dela. 
Das serbische Blaubuch. Das russische 
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CsHlfKli: Iv.l 1. II prohlcrdM idrUiieo * li D»l- 
muia, (v.l 11. L'lUillii c rA«» Minore. »n ur» 
nota cconomica di Mario Albcrti. 

Smith, Bertram. Bombs and hand gren- 
ades, British, French and German; a hand- 
book showing their construction and tech- 
nicalities, giving full instructions as to how 
to use and how to render useless. New 
York: E, P. Button & Co. ,cop. 1918., 3 
p.l., 90 p. illus, 8°. VWS 

Canadian cdilion fau tide Bombi. BrUUk, French 

and German. 

Smith, Sir Frederick Edwin, bart. My 
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Co., 1918. xiv p.. 1 I., 288 p., 14 pi,, 2 ports. 
12°. BTZS 

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forBet, New York: C. Spencer. 1917. 
illus. 3, ed, 12°. BTZE 


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dum, Krigens Ofre, K((bcnhavn: V. Pios 
Boghandel. 1916. 160 p. illus, 8°. BTZE 

Switrerland.— Statutes. Die Kriegs- 
Bestimmungen (Kricgs-Novelle) zum 
Bundcsgesclz iiber Schuldbetrcihiing und 
Konkurs, (Verordnung des Bundesrates 

d by Google 



vom 28. September 1914.) Erlautert von 
Dr.CJaeoer. Zurich: O. Fiissli, 1914. 79(1) 
p.. 1 1. 12°. (rSammlung schweizerischer 
Gesetze. Nr. 72-76.,) XWIB 

Vorschriften iiber die eidgenos- 

sische Kriegsgewiiinstcuer. Bundesrats- 
beschluss, Ausfithrungsbestiinmungen, Er- 
lauterungen. Zurich: O. Fiissli. 1917. 64 
p. 12°. (Switzerland. Statutes. Satnm- 
lung schweizerischer Gesetze. Nr. 88-92.) 

ConttHti: 1. Die eidgen. KriegsgfwinnMeuer. 
Vgrlrtg yon 11. BUu...^ 2, Bund«r»t»bejch!uM 

iKr 1916. 1. Xuifiihrungibcstimmungcn de's tidgtn. 
FinanidFpartcniTnls vom 9. Ducmbcr 1916 bell, die 

Tales of wartime France, by contempo- 
rary French writers, illustrating the spirit 
of the French people at war; translated by 
William L. McPherson; with foreword by 
Frederic R. Coudert. New York: Dodd, 
Mead and Company, 1918. xviiip., 1 1.. 200 
p. 8°. BTZK 

of Alui 

Canirnis: By A. M(ch>rd 
Level: Under ether. The « 

moviei. The little loldier. 1 he greal Kene, Alter 
ihe war. By F. Boutet; The meuengKr, The eon- 
vakicent'] return, The medallion. The promiK. By 
P. Utile: Haw they do it. The apologue of Kadir 
B*lcch. The nan who wan Thr nnMier .hn 
conquered tieep. By Mm 
The godmolher. The godi 
The rivals. By H. n™i 
France, The gimi 

Br U. 



icity of heroism. The Ilindo 

mous: The lonata to the' itar. The pipe.' The ren- 
rteivDus, The voice of the church bell. The sacrifice, 
The ilacker with a uul. The evocation. 

Trait£ de la guerre en general, compre- 
nant les qualitcz et les devoirs des gens de 
guerre, depuis le general jusqu'au soldat 
•:t des regies sur les principales operations 

militaires. par 

r de d; 

c. 207(1) p. 16°. 

■d, 1917. 2p.l, (i) 

Trevely«n, Robert Calverley. The Ptero- 
damozels; an operatic fable. I.»ndon: 
printed for the author at the Pelican Press 
,1917,. 3p.l., 64 p. 8°. NCR 

Trotter, Bernard Freeman. A Canadian 
twilight, and other poems of war and of 

S ace... with an introduction by W. S. W. 
cLay... Toronto: McClelland. Good- 
child & Stewart |Cop. 1917,. 127(1) p., 1 
port. 12°. HCM 

Poem I. 

United State*. — Appropriations Com- 
mittee (House, 65:1). Council of National 
Defense, Hearing before subcommittee 
...on amendments of the Senate to H. R. 
3971. "Making appropriations to supply 
deficiencies in appropriations for military 
and naval establishments for fiscal year 
1917, and for other purposes..." Wash- 
ington: Gov. Prtg. Off- 1917. lS9p. 8'. 

United States. — Interstate Commerce 
Committee (Senate, 65:1). Daylight sav- 
ing 3nd standard time for the United 
States, Hearings before the subcommittee 
...on S, 1854. A bill to save daylight and 
to provide standard time for the United 
States. May 3. 10, 1917... Washington: 
Gov. Prtg. Off., 1917. 66 p.. 5 folded diagrs. 

United States. — Judiciary Committee 
(Senate. 65:1), Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil 
Rights Bill. Hearings. , ,on S, 2859, a bill 
to extend protection to the civil rights of 
members of the military and naval estab- 
lishments of the United States engaged in 
the present war. 'SBF 

1917. Sept. 14. Washinglon: Gov. Prtg. Off., 
19]?, ?2p. 8-, 

', Sept. 23. Parti. Wsihington: Gov. Prtg, 

United States Library of Congress: 

Division of Bibliography. List of refer- 
ences on conscientious objectors. June 27, 
1917. iWashington, 1917., 1 p.!., 3 f. 4°. 

([Select list no, 201.,) 'SAB 


List of references on "excess prof- 
its" taxation. July 25. 1917. [Washington, 
1917,, lp.l,. 5f. 4^ ((Select list of ref- 
erences, no, 211.,) •SAB 


List of references on trading with 

the enemy. June 27, 1917. tWashington, 
1917., lp.l., Sf. 4°. ((Select list no. 209.,) 



United States. — Military Affairs Com- 
mittee (Senate, 65: 1). Defective ammuni- 
tion. Hearings... September S. 1917... 
Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1917, 33 p. 
8°. • SBF 

Hearings,,. on S. 2717, a bill pre- 
scribing rules for the government and 
regulation of the land and naval forces 
during the period of the existing war with 
Germany. Washington: Gov. Prtg, Off., 
1917. 18 p, 8°. 'SBF 

Proving ground at Kent Island. 

Hearing... on the proposed establishment 
of a government proving ground at Kent 
Island. Maryland. September 15, 1917. 
Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1917. 90 p. 
8°. • SBF 

United States. — Rules Committee 

(House. 65:1). Alleged German corrup- 
tion fund. Hearings. , .on H. Resolutions 
148. 149. 151. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 
1917. 19 p. 8°. "SBF 

United SUtes. — State Department Dip- 
lomatic correspondence with belligerent 
governments relating to neutral rights and 

d by Google 



duties. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 191S. 
1 p.l.. 198 p. i\ t BTZE 

Printed and diitribated October 21, 1915. 
CenUKti: I. Proclamltions of neutrality and ps- 

right Df departure 

■ier and Lockium. 

Germui ihip Odenwald to 
perl. 11. Detention of th 

ip Seturano. 12. Deteni 

ahip Frina Eilel Friedtich. 14. Inieinmcnt of i> 
Germui cruiacr Kronprini Wilhelm. IS. Delentig 
of August Fiepeubrink. Iti. IntemmenI of the Ge 

of hydroaeroplane). 18. Du 
iuuinf of pasaporta. 20. Coi 



can nierchanlmin William P. Fry^ 
ihip Frini Eitel Friedrich. 22. The 
of war to belligerenia. 

Van den Bosch, Firmin. La Belgique 
aouffrante & militante. Paris: Bloud el 
Gay, 1917. 127(1) p. 12°. BTZE 

Vwi Hiie, CKarles Richard. Conserva- 
tion and regulation in the United States 
during the world war. An outline tor a 
course of lectures to be given in higher 
educational institutions . . . Washington: 
Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1917. 2 parts in 1 v. 8°. 
(United States. — Food Administration.) 

Paging continuoua. 

Vecchio, Giorgio del. Le ragioni morali 
delta nostra guerra. . . Campobasso: G. 
Colitti e figlio. 1916. 1 p.l.. (1)6-28 p.. 11. 
newed. 8°. (Collana Colitti di conferenze 
e discorsi. no. 9.) BTZE p.v.294, no.lO 

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d'histoire diplomatique. Paris: E. Figuiere. 

1917. 2p.I.. 99p., 21. 12°. GIVP 
Viamea, Henriette dc. Histoire authen- 

tiaue et touchantc des marraines et des 
filleuls de guerre. Paris: Perrin et Cie.. 

1918. 4p.I., 298p.. 11. 12'. BTZE 

Vixetelly, Ernest Alfred. The true story 
of Alsace-Lorraine, by Ernest Alfred Vize- 
telly (le petit homme rouge).., London: 
Chatto & Windus, 1918. xi(i), 311o.. 1 
map. 8°. ETB 


h Jun 

Wells, Herbert George. La guerre et 
I'avenir; I'ltalie, la France et la Grande- 
Bretagne en guerre. Traduction de C^cil 
Georges-Bazile. Paris: A. Michel. 1917. 
320 p. 12°. BTZE 

' Translation of hi) Italy, France and Brilam at 

Wheeler, Curtis. Letters from an Ameri- 
can soldier to his father. Indianapolis: 
Bobbs-Merrill Co. |Cop. 1918., 5 p.l.. 113 
(I) p. 12°. BTZS 

Where the German army has passed... 
London: The Daily Chronicle, 1915. 66 p. 
illus. f°. fBTZE 

Include) the Briti)b, French and Belgian official 

Wilde, Robert Marie Joseph Henri de. 
De Liege a I'Yser. Uon journal de cam- 
pagne. Preface d'Henri Davignon. Paris: 
Plon-Nourrit & CJe., 1918. 2 p.l., vi, 289 j.., 
II. 12°. BTZE 

Wilson, Thomas Irving Ward. Memoir 
and letters of T. L W.Wilson... London: 
Sidgwick & Jackson. Ltd.. 1917. 67 p., 1 
port. 12°. BTZE p.v.29S, no.7 

Wolfe, Samuel Herbert. Care of depen- 
dents of enlisted men in Canada. Wash* 
ington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1917. S6p. 8". 
(United States. Children's Bureau. Bu- 
reau publications, no. 25.) SOA 

Wren, Percival Christopher. Stepsons 
of France. New York: F. A. Stokes Co. 
[1918?] ix(i), 269(1) p. 12*. NCW 

d by Google 


Economics, Socioi.ocy, and Political 

Aladdin Company, Bay City, Mich. Alad- 
din plan of industrial housing as developed 
from the experience of thirteen years.., 

Amei, Emerich ft Company. Invest- 
ment safeguards, a financial guide for per- 
sons planning to invest for the first time 
... Chicago: Ames, Emerich & Company 
,cop. 19I7|. 2p.l.. 7-88p. 2. ed. 8°. TG 

Ihan a Kori 


In 11 

Bainbridge, Lucy Elizabeth Seaman. 
Helping the helpless in lower New York. 
Inlrodiiction by Rev. A. F. Scliauftler. . . 
New York: F, H. Revell Co. ,cop. 1917., 
3p.l.. 5-172 p.. 9 pi. a'. SGG 

Thr hnok it a vriri nf (niirtfcn inciitcno of real 
life (alllciTtl by Mra. BaiilhiidgF from brr nuiiionary 
Hperieiiccs in Hgni-rHown Xew Yoik, 

Barrett, H. J. Modern methods in the 

IV York and London: Harper & 
: [Cop. 1918,, 6p.I., 209 p. 8'. 


Tcwipaperi. under the title 'Dolhra am 

Aodresa, James Mace. The leaching of 
hygiene in the grades. . . Boston. New 
York: Houghton Miffiin Co. (Cop. 1918., 
xHi). 176 p.. II. !6°. STC 

"The purpoH of thii book i> In give teachrrs and 
■chool adminiilratori aome practical auggf«tiona on 
Ihe teaching of hygiene in the gradei. The word 

influences brought lo bear on the children by the 
teacher, both incidental and lyitematic. to conicrvc 
and improve Iheir heillh." _ Pri-Zarr, 

Atwood, Harry Fuller. Back to the re- 
public; the golden mean: the standard form 
of government... Chicaeo: Laird & Lee. 
Inc. rcop. 1918., xi, 13-154 p. 12°. SEF 

"The purpoie of this t»ok ii; 

HI Tn niike clear the meanint of Ihe word* 

(2) To encourage a more acci.rale uk dI govern- 
menUl lermi, and 

Bureau of Commerce and Induatries, 
Ltd., London. Malta. Gibraltar. A ref- 
erence book to importers and exporters . . . 
London: Bureau of Commerce & Indus- 
tries ,1917?,. 214 p 16°. (The "B. C." 
World series.) TLE 

Butler, Ralph Starr. Marketing methods 
New York: .\lexandcr Hamilton In- 
stitute ,cop 1917,. xxi. 346 p. 12°.- 

TH (Modern) 

CflnIeKfi.- The field of marketing method). The 
development of modern marketing. Trade factor* 
and trade channeli. SellinK to the coniumer. ReUil 
■"■'■. The riae of the mail- 


The r. 

and national adverliiing. The johber'a 
jobber'! •talua. The private brand proUem. Subiti- 
lute for the middleman. Study of the product. 
Study of the market. Reaching Ihe market. The 

B^"-*iU. "^"Tfit'^M for "ri« m^nt^nance. ""be 
coat of competitive aelling. 

Carpenter, Edward. Towards industrial 
freedom... London: G- Allen & Unwin. 
Ltd.: New York: C. Scribner's Sons [1918,. 

rich a 

Clapp, Edwin Jones. Railway traffic. . . 
New York; Alexander Hamilton Institute 
,cop. 1917]. XV, 309 p. 12". TM (Modem) 

"This bonk attemntt In le 
road transporlalion the thini 


Connolly, James. Labour in Ireland: 
Labour in Irish historv. . . Dublin and 
London: Maunsel and Co.. 1917. xxxviii. 
346 p. 12°. TD 

Cunningham, William. The common 

weal; six lectures on political philosophy 

Cambridge lEng,,; The University 

I'rcss. 1917. xiii, 117 p. 12°. SEB 

d by Google 



Economics, Sociology, etc., continued. 
cnssion of the vital elements of business. 
Cleveland; Cost Engineer Pub. Co.. 1918. 
120 p. 12°. TMK 

Ducloi, Maurice. L'impot et la richesse. 
[Paris, 1917.1 32 p.. 3 cord folded diagrs.. 
1 folded table, tables. 8°. TID 

Dunn, Samuel Grace. Regulation of 
railways, including a discussion of govern- 
ment ownership versus government con- 
trol. New York: D. Appleion and Co., 
1918. X. 354p, tables. 12°. TPG 

Genrig, George William. Schools with 
a perfect score; democracy's safeguard. 
New York: The Macmillan Co., 1918. xip.. 
1 1., !94 p. 12°. STE 

The clupler on the School! of the people emphaiirei 

of 11 


H«U, Mosiah. A practical sociology. 
New York: C. Scribner's Sons [Cop. WlSi. 
viii, 197 p. 12*. SC 

Hall, William Clarke. The state and the 
child. London: Headley Bros., Ltd.. 1917. 
3CV, 195 p. tables, 12°. (New common- 
wealth books, no. 4.) SLL 

Inveatment Banken Auociation of 
America. Course of study in corpora- 
tion finance and investment. New York: 
Doubleday, Page & Company tor Invest- 
ment Bankers Association of America, 
1917. xiii. 170 p., 11. 12°. TG 

Kester, Roy Bernard. Accounting theory 
and practice... New York: The Ronald 
Press Company, 1918. xxiv, 607p. 8°. 


giTcn la the neceMily of a thorourii knowledie of 
i» principles and their application, for effecIiTe 
worli in all linei of buiineu activity. AccordinEly, 
the material in thi» tint volume ii not preunted to 

Hudent 'tttk^g\ bi'rd-i-e'ye'tiew o'f lb" entire field 
lince much of the lubject matter ii retcrved for 


Klein, Joseph Jerome. Bookkeeping and 
accounting, introductory course. New 
York: D. Appleton & Co., 1918. xiii. (1)4- 
226 p. forms. 8°. (The College of the 
City of New York* series in commerce, 
civics and technology.) TML 

Leake, Albert H. The vocational educa- 
tion of girls and women. New York: The 
Macmillan Co.. 1918. xix. 430 p., Molded 
diagr., 11 pi. illus. 12°, SSM 

'Thii book..,i< iddrewed to the great army of 
men and women who are concerned with the educa- 
tion of that lacge majority of our population which 
recrivei iti education in Ihc lower Khooll, and 
lion for the development of 


Ignatiua, Milton B. The financing of 

ubiic ■ 

" " " " viii. 508 p. 


Capital uo^*. Funded debt. Capital iialion. 

"1 have written thii book as the reiult of experi- 
ence in dealing with the financing of public lervice 

eorporationa. gained through my '- - 

Poblie Se • - • - 

with the 

1 in priv 


[I ha* been my aim In offer in this one voluir 
impreheniive cliKUHion of all the importai 
:ta of public Mrvice corporation financing, froi 

and broken who a 

public which takei 
of thii moat imp 

ended it for the use of coi 

e lask of regulation, the b» 
a necetaary part of the fin^ 

tant branch of induitry,. 

Lockhart, George L, Public schools; 
their construction, heating, ventilation. 
sanitation, lighting and equipment. St. 
Paul, Minn.: H. W. Kingston Co. tcop. 
1918.1 Ip-I-. 21!p. illus. f. STC 

Habie, Edward Charles, compiler. Se- 
lected articles on the city manager plan 
of government.. . New York: H. W. Wil- 
son Company, 1918. xxix, 24S p. 12°. 
(Debaters handbook series.) SAD 

Opdycke, John Baker. Advertising and 
scllinti practice. Chicago; A, W. Shaw Co. 
icop, 1918,1 xiv, 15-206 p„ 11,. xxiv p.. 2 
folded charts, illus. 8°. (Shaw educa- 
tional scries.) TMG 

This book will prove useful to the student of 
advertising and to men already in the field. It 
deals with the origin, princiiilei and methods of 
advertising, all in an interesting .ind illnminating 
manner. The last chapter takes up selling pidi^i" 

point. The book cotttaini a bibliography of nineteen 

d by Google 


Economics, Sociology, etc., continued. 

Sharpleu, Isaac. The story of a small 
college. Philadelphia: J. C. Winston Co., 
1918. 1 p.l., 5-237 p., 2 pi.. 1 port. 8°. 

STG (Haver£ord) 

Haverford Collrgt 

Standard StatisticB Company, Inc., New 
York. Status of bonds under the federal 
income tax. 1918 ed. New York: Standard 
Statistics Company, Inc., 1918. 197 p., 21. 

Sjrkes, Ernest. Banking and currency. 
With an introduction by F. E. Steele... 
London: Butterworth & Co., 1918. xiv, 
314 p. 4.ed. 12°. THD 

Thomiwon, Charles Willis. The new 
voter; things he and she ought to know 
about politics and citizenship. New York: 
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1918. x p., 1 1,. 349 p. 
12°. SEP 

"This book LI wrirtcn for (hoK vbo, being new 
\o thr bafloC. wish to do their past to maife politico 
good inatcad of bad, but who find theniKlvei puuled 

ii not a handbook for votcrg, tell' 

____™blr d 

Thew page* a 

L to » 

a bal- 

the fnfrancbiiing of the women of New York... 
(or the comini of New York into the woman luffrage 
rankt ti obviously the beginning of ihe end. Since, 
thereforf, the women of New York constitute a targe 

to t^e Mate lawi of New York governing voting..." 
— Forneard. 

WalHn, John Edward Wallace,, Prob- 
lems of subnormality . . . with an introduc- 
tion by John W. Withers . . . Yonkers-on- 
Hudson, N. Y.; World Book Company. 
1917. XV, 485 p. 12°. . SSQ 

Revined in the Survty, June 15. 191B, tee p. 324. 


Arrhenius, Svante August. The des- 
tinies of the stars. Authorized translation 
from the Swedish by J. E. Fries... New 
York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1918. xvii, 
256 p., 2 folded maps, 15 pi. tables. 12°. 

Bigelow, Frank Hagar. A treatise ofl 
the sun's radiation and other solar phe- 
nomena, in continuation of the meteoro- 
logical treatise on atmospheric circulation 
and radiation, 1915. by Frank H. Bigelow 
... New York: J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., 
1918. ix, 385p. diagr., tables. Led. 8°. 

Cohen, Julius Bcrend. A class-book of 
organic chemistry. London: Macmillan & 
Co.. Ltd., 1917. viii, 344 p. illus. 12°. 


Dunwoodf, Halsey. Notes, problems and 
laboratory exercises in mechanics, soundt 
light, thermo-mechanics and hydraulics; 
prepared for use in connection with the 
course in natural and experimental phi- 
losophy at the United States Military 
Academy. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 
Inc.. 1917. V, 369p. itlus. 8°. PAM 

Enunons, William Harvey. The princi- 
ples of economic geology. New York: 
McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1918. xviii, 
606 p. illus. tables. Led. 8°. PTK 

Hayden, Arthur. Chats on old clocks. 
London: T. F. Unwin, Ltd fl917., 302 p. 
illus. 8°. OYM 

Meyer, Adolph Frederick. The elements 
of hydrology... New York: John Wiley 
& Sons, Inc., 1917. xii, 487 p. 8°. PSR 

Morgan, Gilbert Thomas. Organic com- 
pounds of arsenic and antimony. London: 
Longmans, Green, and Co., 1918. xx, 375 
(l)p. illus. 8°. (Monographs on indus- 
trial chemistry.) POB 

Perry, He . 
New York: G. P. Puti 
231 p. illus. 12°. 



Place, James Frank. Comparative re- 
sults. Liquefying air by the Linde throttled 
release valve at atmospheric pressure and 
the Place process of 4-step release with 
liquefaction at the critical pressure: both 
systems availing of the Joule-Thomson 
equation for expanding air without recov- 
erable mechanical work and the expansion 
engine systems of Claude and Place with 
recoverable external mechanical work. 
Glenridge, N. J., 1918. 54 p. diagr.. tables. 
8°. PCN 

Robertaon, Thorburn Brailsford. The 
physical chemistry of the proteins. New 
York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1918. xv, 
483 p, 8°. PPB 

Schuster, Arthur, and A. E. Shipley. 
Britain's heritage of science. London: 
Constable & Co.. Ltd., 1917. xv, 334 p.. 
15 ports. 12°. OABC 

See, Thomas Jefferson Jackson. Elcc- 
trodynamic wave-theory of physical forces. 
V. 1. Lynn. Mass.: T. P. Nichols & Son 
Co., 1917. 4°. (His: Results of researches 
on the electrodynamic wave -theory of 
physical forces. Bulletins 1-6.) PGS 

Villamil, Richard de. Resistance of air. 
London: E. & F. N. Spon. Ltd., 1917. x. 
192 p.l port. illuB. tables. 8°. PCN 

X-ray manual, United States army, writ- 
ten at the request of the Committee on 
Preparedness of the American Roentgen 
Ray Society... New York: L. Middle- 
ditch Co., 1917. 2p.l., 250 p. 24°. 


d by Google 



ChildrcD*) Room 

EitcDiioD DiTiiioa 

Library for the Blind 

Eur Broadway, 33 

Ea«l Broadway. 192 

RmnftoD itreet, 61 

EaU Houtoa Mreet, 388... 

Leroy Hreet, 66 

Bond itreel, 49_-_ 

8th itrect, 135 Second avefii 

lOlh Itreet, 331 Eait 

I3th Itreet, 251 Weit 

23rd meet, 228 Eaii 

23rd itieet. 209 Weil .. 

36(h Itreet, 303 Eait 

*00> Itreet, 457 Weit 

SOth (treei, 123 Eait 

Slit Itreet, 742 Tenth aveni 

S8lh Itreel, 121 EaU 

67th Itreel, 328 Eau 

69th Itreel, 190 AmMerdam 
77th Itreet, 146S Avenue A 

79th Itreet, 222 EiH 

Silt Itreel. 444 Amiterdaai 

96lh .ireei, 112 Bad 

100th itreet, 206 Weit 

UOlh Itreet, 174 Eait 

IlSih Itreet, 203 Weat 

I24ih Itreel. 9 Weit 

12Sth Itreet, 224 Eait 

Manhattan Itreet, 78 i 

135tb Itreet. 103 Weit 

14Sth Itreet, 503 We« 

St. Nicholai avenue, 1000.. 

179th Itreet, 535 Weit 


140th Itreet, 321 Eau 

Morrii avenue. 910 

160th Itreet, 759 Eait 

168th itreet, 78 Weit 

169th Itreet, 610 Eail 

176ih Itreel and Waihinfton 

Kii^ibrid^c avenue. 3041 


Si. Geor|e 

Port Richmond 

Supletmi _ 



11, I 




18,038 ' 





























5,002 I 



2.976 I 




d by Google 


American Alliance for Labor and 

American Association for Interna- 
tional Conciliation 

Asb«stos and Mineral Corporation 
(1 print) .... 

Australia, Meteorological Bureau 
(2 maps) .... 

Barnum, Miss Charlotte C. . 
Belgian Official Information Serv- 
ice (19 sheets) . 
Benton, A. H. (1 sheet) . 

Boston, Charles A. 

Boyle, Jeffrey C. . 

Brazil, American Ambassador 

Burleigh, George W^ (4 menu 

Butler, Joseph G., jr, . 

Caswell, E. A. (4 photos) 

Chaffey Library (3 sheets, 1 book- 

Chambers, Jay (4 bookplates) 

Chicago, III., Committee on Local 
Transportation . 

China, Statistical Department 

Choate, Miss Mabel 

Qark, Mrs. Frances D. . 

Columbia University 

Crawford, James D. 

Dublin, Ireland. Fire Department 
Eddy, Myron A. (1 chart) 
Faust, Edward A. . 
France, Service de I'lnformation 

I'Elranger (275 periodicals) 
Frank, Sergeant John C. 
Georgia State Library . 
Great Britain, Patent Office . 
Green, Mrs. I. K. . 

Herring, John L. . 
Hitchcock, Mrs. Ripley (19 maps) 
Hopson, W. F. (8 bookplates) 
Huguenot Society of America 

India-Portugueza. Governo Geral 

do Estado da India-Portugueza 
Insliluto Geol6gico de Mexico 
Johannsen, N. . . . 

Kiralfy, Albert E, . 
Leon, Edgard 

Library of Congress <9S sheets) 
Library Journal 
Low, Mrs. Abbot A. 
Marshall. Mrs. S. M. . 
Mclandsft, Madame Idar 

Merchants' Association of New 

York 60 250 

Merington, Miss Ruth , , , 5 

Morgan, J. Pierpont ... 2 

National Emergency Food Garden 
Commission (200 posters) . . 540 

National Foreign Trade Council 44 

National Liberal Immigration 
League (12 sheets) ... 2S 

New York City, Board of Aldermen IS 

New York City, Borough of Man- 
hattan, The President . 

New York Metal Exchange . 

New York State Assembly . 

New York State, Chamber of Corn- 
New York State, Department of 
Health .... 

New York State Library 

New York Telephone Company, Di- 
rectory Department 

Nova Scotia, King's Printer . 

Pan American Society of the United 
States .... 

Panama, Secretaria de Relaciones 
Exteriores .... 

Parkins, Almon Ernest . 

Ranson, Robert (2 maps) 

Revere, H. E. 

Robinovitch, Dr. Louise G. . 

Robinson, Henry A. (1 map) 

San Juan, Porto Rico, Alcaldia 

Schindler. J. F. . 

Scuddcr, Miss Anna E. . 

Sheffield, George St. John . 

Shimbi Shoin, Ltd. 

Sptelmann, Sir Isidore (lOOOprints) 

Straits Settlements, Government 
Printing Office . 

Straus, Mrs. Nathan 

Sullivan, George H. (69 prints) 

Sweden, Bureau Centrale de StatiS' 

Sweets Catalogue Service, Inc. 

Union of South Africa, (jovern- 
raent Printer 

Union Theological Seminary . 
' Universidad de Tucuman 

University Oub Library (1 map) . 

University of Illinois . 

University of Michigan . 

Walker. Miss Sophia A. 

Wesiinghouse, Church, Kerr and 
Company .... 

Wilcox, Arthur Russell - 

d by Google 


(Now in Prim) 


Handbook of The New York Public Library 10 cents. 

Central Building Guide -.--.--.....5 cents. 
Facts for the Public. A pamphlet of general information about the Library - - free. 


Bulletin of The New York Public Library. Published monthly. Chiefly devoted to 
the Reference Department. Bibliography, news of the Library, reprints of manuscripts, 
descriptions of new accessions. $1.00 a year; current single numbers for 10 cents. Back 
numbers at advanced rates. 

Branch Library News. Monthly publication of the Circulation Department. lists of 
new books, reading lists, articles about books, etc. Given free at the Branches. By mail, 
free to libraries and other public institutions. Otherwise, 2S cents a year. 

New Technical Books. A selected list of books on industrial arts and engineering, 
recently added to the Library. Published quarterly. (A limited number given free on 

Municipal Reference Library Notes. Published weekly, except during July and August, 
for circulation among the officials and employees of the City of New York. Price: $1.50 
a year; 5 cents a copy. Apply at Room 512, Municipal Building. 



Aborigines of Australia and Tasmania, Billings, Dr. John Shaw, Memorial 

List of works relating to the - - 2Q Meeting in honor of the late - - .10 

American Dramas. A list of - - - 20 Bimetallism, Gold and Silver Standards, 

American Gypsies, by Albert Thomas etc., List of works relating to - - .15 

Sinclair ------. OS „,„. ,_,r, -_ 

. ■_ , . ,-1 A .■ » Book-Reviews, by E. L. Pearson - - 20 
American Interoceanic Canals. A list 

of references .30 Buddhism. A list of references - - 2S 

American-Romani Vocabulary, by AN r- _■ j /-1 t ■ » i t 

bert Thomas Sinclair - - - -OS ''^"iX_ to - - ' - "'."'"''^ '1 15 

Arabic Poetry, List of works relating to .10 

Assyria and Babylonia. A list of ref- Chiaroscuro Prints, by Frank Weiten- 

erences - .45 kampf - .OS 

Astor Library, Catalogue of the. 8 vol- City Planning and Allied Topics, Select 

nmes. Sewed. Per volume - • 5.00 list of works relating to - - • .15 

Avesta and Romani, by Albert Thomas Columbus. Letter of Columbus on the 

^i^OAVc .05 discovery of America. Facsimile 

Beggars, Mendicants, Tramps, Va- of the pictorial edition, with a new 

grants, etc.. List of works relating and literal translation, and a com- 

to .05 plete reprint of the four oldest 

Berlin and the Prussian Court in 1798. ,-, u'" *'"''''*"'■ „ 

From a ms. journal of Thomas Ooth -------.SO 

Boylston Adams - - - - .15 Paper .-,.., 25 

HS7 J 

d by Google 


County Government. Including County 
Publications. References to ma- 
terial .15 

Cruise of the U. S. Brig Argus in 1813. 
Journal of Surgeon James Inder- 
wick .10 

De Bry Collection of Voyages, Cata- 
logue of the - - - - - .05 

Dehydrated Foods. A list of references .05 

Diplomatic History of the European 

War. A list of references - - .10 

Early American Poetry, 1610 to 1820. 

A list of works - - - - .20 

Economic and Social Aspects of War. 

A selected list of references - - .OS 

Emmet collection of mss., prints, etc.. 

Catalogue of. Sheets - - - S.OO 

Exhibition of Etchings by Rembrandt, 
from the J. Pierpont Morgan Col- 
lection Free 

Exhibition Illustrating the History of 
the Water Supply of the City of 
New York from 1639 to 1917 - - Free 

Franklin, Benjamin, List of works re- 
lating to- - - - - -20 

Furniture and Interior Decoration, List 

of works relating to - - - .10 

Geology, Mineralogy and Paleontology 

of New Jersey, List of works on - .15 

Government Control of Railroads. 
Rates, Regulation, etc.. List of 
works relating to - - - - .10 

Gypsies, List of works relating to - - .05 

Gypsies in Carniola and Carinthia, by 

Albert Thomas Sinclair - - - .05 

Gypsies of Monastir, by Rev. Lewis 

Bond .OS 

Henry Hudson, The Hudson River, 
Robert Fulton and Steam Naviga- 
tion, List of prints, books, manu- 
scripts, etc., relating to - • • .30 

Heritage of the Modern Printer, by 

Margaret B. Stillwell - - - .05 

Historical Printing Qub, Publications 
of the, (List and prices furnished 
upon application.) - - - - 

Isle de Bourbon ( Reunion ) . Docu- 
ments, 1701-1710. Printed from the 
original manuscript in the Library 20 

Isle of Man, List of works relating to - .05 

Japan, List of works relating to - -25 

Joys of Librarianship, by Arthur E. 

Bostwick .05 

Lenox Library. Contributions to a 
Voyages of Hulsius. Paper - - .50 
Voyages of Thevenot - - - JO 
The Waltonian Collection - - - .50 
Works of Milton - - - - .50 

Letters of American Qergymen. 1711 

to 1860 .OS 

Librarian as a Unifier, by Andrew 

Kcogh JOS 

Library Tonic, by George Parker Win- 
ship .05 

Library's Print Room, by Frank Weit- 

enkampf ------ Free 

Manuscript Division, The, by Victor 

Hugo Paltsiis ----- .IS 

Money and Banking, List of works re- 
lating to - - - - - - .55 

Mormons, List of works relating to the 20 

Mountaineering, Selected list of books 

on .05 

Music. History of. Selected list of works 

relating to - - - - - ,15 

Music Publishers in New York City 

before 1850. A directory - - .10 

Naval History, Naval Administration, 
etc., A selected list of works relat- 
ing to - - - - - - 50 

Naval Letters from Captain Percival 

Drayton, 1861-1865 - - - .30 

Near Eastern Question and the Balkan 

States, List of works relating to - .55 

Newspapers and Official Gaiettes, 

Checklist of 1.85 

Numismatics. List of works relating to .65 

Old Prints in the Prints Division - - .05 

Oriental Drama, List of works relating 

to .05 

Oxy-Acetylene Welding, List of works 

relating to - - - - - .15 

Pageants in Great Britain and the 

United States. A list of references .15 

Paintings. Catalogue of, in the picture 

galleries of the Library - - - ,10 

"Parnassus" Tapestry in the Library, by 

George Leland Hunter - - - .05 

Persia, List of works relating to - - .50 

Philosophy. List of books relating to - .30 

Political Parties in the United States. 

1800-1914. A list of references - 25 

Prints and their Production. A list of 

works ------ .55 

Prints and their Production: Supple- 
ment .05 

Religion, Theology and Church History, 
List of periodicals in the Library, 
General Theological Seminary and 
Union Theological Seminary relat- 
ing to .15 

Romani and Dard, by George F. Black JOS 

Russian, other Slavonic and Baltic Peri- 
odicals, A list of - - - - .15 

d by Google 


Schoolroom Decoration. A list of ref- 

Sdemific Management. A list of Kfer- 

ences ------ .25 

Scotland, A list of works relating to - 3.00 

Shakers, List of works relating to - .05 

Shakespeareana, Catalogue of Exhibi- 
tion of, compiled by Henrietta C 
Bartlett, 1916 1.00 

Spencer Collection of Modern Book 

Bindings, by Henry W. Kent - - .15 

Stage Scenery. A list of references to 

illustrations since 1900 - - - .30 

Stauffer Print Collection, by Charles 

Allen Munn - ... . .05 

Storage Batteries. A list of references, 

1900-1915 .15 

Submarines. A list of references - - J5 

Torpedoes. A list of references ■ - .30 

Ultra- Violet Rays. A list of references .10 

Virginia, List of works relating to -25 

War Taxation, 1914-1917. A list of ref- 
erences ------ J)S 

Washington Eulogies. Chedclist of 
eulogies and funeral orations on 
the death of Washington - - 25 

William 11. of Germany, Books relat- 
ing to, presented by Dr. John A. 
Mandel J05 

Wiiithrop, Theodore, Bibliographical 

notes on, by Elbridge Colby - - .05 

Winthrop Books, Plates of the, by El- 
bridge Colby -OS 

Witchcraft in Europe, List of works 

relating to .10 

Wood -Engraving To-Day, by Frank 

Weitenkampf .05 

UI7 Brinch Library, or (ram tbc Chief of ll 

ation De|» 

Circular of information 


Altman Collection 

American History 

"As Interesting as a Novel" 

Bohemian Book List 

Books about Military Education 

Books of Interest to Women Voters 

Books on Ancient. Medieval, and Moder 

Books for Summer Reading 
Catalogue of Books for the Blind, and Sup- 
Catalogue of Music for the Blind 

1 File 

Fairy Tales for Grown-up Reac 

Flower Gardens 

Italian Book List 

Joan of Arc 

List of Piano Music 

Military Training 

"The New York of the Novelist; 

Old- Fashioned Novels 


Plays of Thirteen Countries 

Poets of Today 

Poets of Yesterday 

Polish Book List 

Stories of Romance and Imaginatio 

Stories of the Sea 

Vacation Reading 

Wanderers and Vagabonds 

Lists in Embossed Type: 
Catalogue of Books for the Blind — New 
York Point edition. American Braille 
edition. European Braille edition. 10 

Catalogue of Music for the Blind — Braille 
, edition. New York Point edition. 10 


Favorite Stories of the Library Reading Clubs 
Great Industries of America 
Journeys to Foreign Lands 
Stories, Poems. Songs and Plajrs for Christ- 
mas Holidays 
Vacation Reading for Boys and Girls 



New York City and the Development of 

,Sea and Shore 
The Shakespearian Festival 

d by Google 

JHE BulhliH it puhlithtd mntUy by Tkt Nn> York Public Library at 476 Fifth Acnur, Ntm 
Ytrk City. Smburipiion Omt Dtllar a ytar, currmt simfh wmmbm Ttu CtnU. Enttrrd at tkt 
Pail Office at Ntw Ytri. N. Y., <u iteamd-cUti maltfr, Janmary 30, IB9T. umdtr aet of July It. 
1194. Printti at Tht Ntm Ytrk FuUit Library. 476 Fifth Avtnnt. Eimund L. Ptannt. EMtmr. 


Lewis G^ss Ledvahd 

J. P. Morgan 

MoRCAN J. O'Brien 

Stephen H. Olin 

tlENRV Fairfield Osrorn 

William Barclav Parsons 

Elihu Root 

. . ._ . , Mayor of the City of New York. e. 

Ckarl£S L. Craig, Comptroller of the City of New York, rj- offi 
Alfked E. Smith. President of the Board of Aidermen, ex offi 

WiLUAH W. Appleton 
Andrew Carnecie 
Clestland H. Dodge 
John Murphy Farley 
Samuel Grkenbauu 
Frederic R. Halsey 
John Henry Hammond 
John F. H- 

Charles How land Russell 

Edward W. Sheldon 
William Sloane 
George W. Smith 
I. N. Phelps Stokes 
Henry W. Taft 
Payne Whitney 


PreiidcnI. Lewis Cass Ledyard, 476 Fifth avenue. 
First yire-Presidenl. Elihu Root. 
Second l' ice- President , Cleveland H. I>odge. 
Secretary, Rowland Russell. 476 l-'ifth avenue. 
Treasurer, Euward W. Sheldon. 45 Wall street. 
Asiislanl Treasurer, United States Trust Companv, 45 Wall street 
Director, Edwin H. Anderson, 476 Fifth avenue. 

Chief Reference Librarian, H. M. Lydenrerg. 476 Fifth avenue. 
Chief of Ike Circulation Department, Benjamin Adams. 476 Fifth a 


Central Building. 476 Fifth Avenue, contains general administrative offices of the whole 
system, all Divisions of the Reference Department, and ihe Central Circulation Branch, 
Central Children's Room, Library for the Blind, and the Extension Division. 

Municipal Reference Branch, Room 512, Municipal Building. (Free for reference.) 



Central Circulation. 476 Fifth Avenue. 

Chatham Square. 33 East Broadway. 

Seward Park. 192 East Broadway. 

RiviNGTON Street, 61. 

Hamilton Fish Park. 388 E. Houston st. 

Hudson Park. 66 Leroy street. 

Bond Street. 49. Near the Bowery. 

Ottendorfer. 135 Second avenue. 

Tompkins Square. 331 East 10th street. 

Jackson Square. 251 West 13th street 

Epiphany. 2Z8 East 23rd street. 

Muhlenberg. 209 West 23rd street. 

St. Gabriel's Park. 303 East 36th street. 

40th Street. 457 West- 

Cathedral. 123 East 50th street. 

Columbus. 742 Tenth avenue. 

S8th Street, 121 East. 

67th Street, 328 East. 

RiVFJisinE. 190 Amsterdam avenue. 

Webster. 1465 Avenue A. 

YORKVILLE, 222 East 79!h street. 

St. Acnes. 444 .Amsterdam avenue. 

96iH STHEEt, 112 East 

B1.00MINGDALE. 206 West 100th Street. 

AcuiLAR, 174 East llOth street 

115th Street. 203 West. 

Hahlem Library. 9 West 124th street 

125tb Street, 224 East. 

George Bruce. 78 Manhattan street 

I3.STB Street. 103 West. 

Hamilton Grange. 503 West I45ih street. 

Washington Heights. 1000 St Nicholas av«. 

Fort Washington. 535 West I79th street. 


Mott Haven. 321 East 140th street. 
Woodstock. 759 East 160th street. 
Melrose. 910 Morris avenue. 
High Bridge. 78 West 168th street. 
Morrisania. 610 East 169th street 
Tremont. 1866 Washington avenue. 

3041 Kingsbridge avenue. 

St. George. 5 Central avenue. 
Port Richmond. 75 Bennett stre 
Stapleton. 132 Canal street. 
TuTTENiiLLE. 7430 Amboy road. 

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AUGUST 1918 

Volume 22 - - - Number 8 

Gift of a Natal Manuscript 463 

News of the Month ---. -46S 

Census of Fifteenth Century Books Owned in America — Pari V. 467 H ~ "^ 

The European War (Recent Accessions) .... - 489 

Recent Books op Iktkrest Added to the Library ... - 502 

Circulation Statistics pot July ----..- 507 

Principal Donors in }vly 508 

Publications of The New York Public Library - - - - 509 


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astor, lenox and tilden foundations 
Volume 22 August 1918 Numb 


THE Governors of the Society of the New York Hospital have presented 
to the Library the original journal of Surgeon's Mate William M. Clarke, 
on board the ship of war President and the brig Argus, It comprises about 
150 written pages in a folio ledger. Clarke became surgeon's mate on Novem- 
ber 25, 1809, and surgeon by commission on July 24, 1813. He was lost at 
sea in the JVasp'm 1815. 

The President was built at New York in 1800. Commodore John Rodgers 
who, from the end of the Tripolitan war in 1805 to the outbreak of the War 
of 1812, was the leading officer of our navy in active service, reorganized 
the fleet in 1810 and chose the President as his flag-ship. During the War 
of 1812 he was senior naval officer in command of the navy of the United 

On March 28, 1812, Rodgers sailed for New York in the President, accom- 
panied by the Essex, but owing to a gale did not reach New York before 
April 3d. On April 9th, the Secretary of the Navy ordered Rodgers to sea 
for the purpose of guarding commerce, since^reports had been current of moles- 
tation of our trade by the Guerrih-c and another British frigate. He cruised 
for several weeks between Sandy Hook and Cape Hatteras without encounter- 
ing British vessels. The first part of June was spent at New York in repair- 
ing and equipping his fleet. 

On June 21, 1812, Rodgers's ships joined Decatur's fleet in Sandy Hook 
Bay. On the ISth, the British frigate Belvidera had been seen off Sandy 
Hook, and on the 19th Commodore Decatur, not aware that war had been 
declared, had fallen in with the British ships the Tartarus and the Mackerel, 
near New York. It was also on the 21st that Rodgers received official infor- 

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mation of the declaration of war and orders from the Secretary of the Navy. 
Within ten minutes after the receipt of the message he put to sea with a fleet 
composed of five ships, and on the afternoon of the 23d, the President came 
into action with the British frigate Belvidera, a 32-gun ship, actually mounted 
with forty-two guns. It was in this action that Rodgers is said to have per- 
sonally fired "the. first shot of the engagement, which was the first shot of 
the War of 1812." About fifteen minutes after this shot was fired one of 
the bow chasers of the President burst, killing or wounding several men. Com- 
modore Rodgers was "blown into the air, and in falling on the deck fractured 
a bone in one of his legs. Supported by his men, he continued to direct the 
fight." The manpscript journal of Surgeon's Mate Clarke shows that in this 
engagement three men were killed and twenty-one wounded on the President, 
among the latter being Rodgers, Lieut. Gamble, Lieut. Heath, and Midshipmen 
Perry, Montgomery, and Ellery, Most of the wounded suffered from burns, 
cuts, or contusions. The journal is precise on this subject. 

On July 2, 1812, Rodgers took the first prize ship of the war, named in 
Clarke's journal the brig Traveller, w-hich corrects, no doubt, a misreading 
of Rodgers's log as given by Paullin in his life of Rodgers, published in 1910, 
where the brig is called Tiotiella. 

The last day of the cruise was August 31st. Early in the autumn of 
1812 Rodgers had command of the President, Congress, and Wasp. Mean- 
while, on September 26th, Surgeon's Mate Clarke had received orders from 
Rodgers (dated the 24th) to transfer himself to the U. S. brig Argus, also 
lying at Boston, and he complied the same day. The Argus was under com- 
mand of Arthur Sinclair and was attached to that division of the three divisions 
of the seagoing fleet which Decatur now commanded. Therefore, from Sep- 
tember 26, 1812, to April 23, 1813, the manuscript journal of Clarke is a record 
of the brig Argus, he having succeeded Surgeon's Mate Richard C. Edgar 
in that office. He was superseded in May, 1813. by Surgeon James Inderwick. 
The Clarke journal is, therefore, complementary to the Inderwick journal of 
the cruise of the Argus, which was presented to The New York Public Library 
by the Governors of the Society of the New York Hospital a year ago, and 
was printed by the Library in its Bulletin for June, 1917 (vol. 21, p. 383- 
405). The last date of Clarke's journal is April 23, 1813, and Inderwick's 
journal was begun on May 1 1th, of the same year. 

— Victor Hugo Paltsits. 

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DURING the month of July. 1918, the Library received as gifts a total of 
1,476 volumes, 4,403 pamphlets, 4 maps and 50 prints. Some of the 
more important and interesting of these gifts were the following: From Mr. 
J. P. Morgan came "I Disegni della R. Galleria degli Uf fizi in Firenze. Serie 
Prima, PortafogHo 1-4; Serie Seconda, Portafoglio 1-4; Serie Terza, Porta- 
foglio 1-4; Serie Quarta, Portafoglio 1-4. Firenze. Roma, 1912-1917"; from 
the American Museum of Natural History. "Joseph Hodges Choate, a founder 
of the American Museum of Natural History, a tribute from the Trustees 
of the American Museum, prepared by Henry F. Osborn. President, 1918" 
[signed copy by the President and Secretary]; and from Prof. Henry Fair- 
field Osborn of New York 15 volumes: "The Life of James McCosh, a record 
chiefly autobiographical, edited by William Milligan Sloane, New York, 1896: 
Psychology, the cognitive powers by James McCosh, N. Y., 1889"; and other 

Some of the more interesting gifts in Genealogy were the following: From 
Mr. Thomas W. Bicknell came "History and Genealogy of the Bicknell Family 
and some collateral lines of Normandy, Great Britain and America, compris- 
ing some ancestors and many descendants of Zachary Bicknell. from Barring- 
ton, Somersetshire, England, 1635." editor and publisher, Thomas Williams 
Bicknell. Providence, 1913; from Mrs. Anna M. Goodridge of New York 
"The Goodridge Genealogy. A history of the descendants of William Good- 
ridge," by Edwin Alonzo Goodridge, A.M., M.D. ( Privately printed. ) N. Y., 
1918; from Mr. Richard B. Teachenor of Kansas, Mo., "A partial history of 
the Tichenor Family in America, descendants of Martin Tichenor of Con- 
necticut and New Jersey." Kansas City, Mo.. 1918 (no. 10 of 350 copies 
printed for private circulation). 

The following works were received as gifts from the authors: From 
Mr. B. H. Nadal of New York came "Friendship and other poems," by 
B, H. Nadal. N. Y., 1916 (2 copies, 1 with miscellaneous additions); from 
Edward Branch Lyman of New York "Me'ow Jones. Belgian refugee cat, 
his own true tale." as written by Edward Branch Lyman. N. Y. [copy- 
right 1917]; from William Chauncy Langdon of Urbana, 111., "The pageant 
of Thetford; The pageant of Meriden; The Amherst Christmas mystery," 
1916; and others, by William Chauncy Langdon; from Thomas Skelton Harri- 
son "The homely diary of a diplomat in the East, 1897-1899," by Thomas 

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Skelton Harrison. Boston, 1917; from Ernest Schmatolla of New York 
"Chemical, metallurgical and kindred patents, granted 1918," compiled by 
Ernest C. Schmatolla; from Mrs. Evelyn Saxton "Droll stories of Isthmian 
Life," by Evelyn Saxton. 1914 (3 copies); from Mr. John Jay Chapman of 
New York "Homeric scenes, N. Y., 1914; Cupid and Psyche, N. Y., 1916; 
A sausage from Bologna," New York, 1909, by John Jay Chapman. 

From Mr. Hugh Ferriss of New York we received the original drawing 
of the Fourth of July Parade, convoyed by airplanes, passing the Public 
Library (reproduced in the New York Tribune, July 14, 1918), together with 
6 reproductions of his drawings in the Tribune. 

The following gift of music came from Mr. Bruno Huhn of New York: 
"Collection of songs," by Bruno Huhn, including: Cato's Advice; A secret 
from Bacchus; A song of Glenann; Summer changes; Strephon, the Shepherd, 
and others. 

The most important gifts received from institutions and firms were the 
following: From the British Museum came A catalogue of English coins in 
the British Museum, the Norman Kings, by Geot^e Cyrtl Brooke, in 2 vols. 
London, 1916; Miscellaneous Coptic texts in the dialect of Upper Egypt, 
edited, with English translations, by E. A. Wallis Budge. London, 1915; 
and others; from the Long Island Historical Society, Brooklyn; came a mis- 
cellaneous collection of 666 volumes and 1027 pamphlets; from the Royal 
Typewriter Company of New York "U. S. Patents, Typewriters, vols. 1 , 2, 
4-34; Booktypewriters, vol. 1," and another volume not numbered. 


DURING the month of July, 1918, there were received at the Library 
15,296 volumes and 6,003 pamphlets. (These figures include the addi- 
tions to both Reference and Circulation Departments.) The total number of 
readers recorded in the Central Building was 47,444. They consulted 138,029 
volumes. Visitors to the building numbered 1 55,885. 

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HMdni, Fetrus. 

8343* Anterotica; De amoris geaeribua. 

Treviso: G. iLijai de Flandria, 1492, 

13 Oct. 4'. 

Coga: AmBti NYP; Sutro; CED; HCF; JPUti 

Haggadc (Passover service.) Soncino, c. 
1486. 4". 

, Z«IlKb. bcb. Blbtiof. mi: 5B <San- 

- nichneidcr, HA. Biblios. xix: 

, ISIM?): Van Strulen 133. 

cido, 14B6): : 
19. notr ■" 
Copy: Je" 

8346 Hasiognpha (Psalms, Proverbs, & 
Job to- Chronicles, with commentaries, 
in Hebrew). Naples: Joseph ben 
Jacob of Ashkenazi Gunzenhausen, 
1487, pt. 1, 28 Mar.; pL 3, 26 Sept. 4". 

Scf: Pr 6726-«72S; De Kooi 43-51. S2-53, 1)3- 
13S: StcinKhncider 1.162; Juab* 46. 43, 39; 
CunilD 19-24; Rotenthi] 26-31; Cinifauri 303- 
S14. Copi«: Diofic (Ecclcuutu) ; Jew 
iibTS; LC (pt. 1). 

See also Bible, Hebrew, 3028-3030. 
Ha-Kanafa, Nechoniah. Sec Nechoniah. 
HalberaUd, Conradus de, de Alemannia. 

8347 Responsorium curiosorum. Lubeck. 
1476. f. 

Ref: BIf Cat IL. BruuiiH); Pell 3937; C. 
Copiei: AmBti LC<T). 

For Other titles see Conradna de Ale< 
nuumsai, 5629-5633. 
Haly, Albohazen, or Albasen; Hasan ben 

al Hasan ben al Haitam. 
8349* Liber de fatis astrorum. Venice: 
Ratdolt, 1485, 4 non. Jul. [4.] f *. 
Copiei: LC; HWf. 
Haly Abbu; Ali ibn al-Abbas al-Madshusi. 
8350* Liber medicinae dictus regalis; lal- 
Ualaki]. Venice : Ricius, 1492, 25 Sept 


Copiu: Cini LC; CPh; Snrfj ECS. 

Haemerkcn, Thomas. See Kcmpii, Thomas 
a, 9768-9769. 

Harderwyck, Gerardus. 
8354, 8356 Commentum super vetercm ar- 
tem Aristotelis. 1486. f°. 

Ref: R (Calosne: QnentelDiPr 1286. Copr: CoL 

8362* Epitomata totius naturalis philoso* 
phiae. Cologne: Quentell, 1496, predie 
fcal. Mar. iFlb. 29., 4*. 

Ref: Pell 327 & 5064; Pr 1333; C 204 & 3894. 
Copie.; SiPau; WMV. 

HarcntalB, Petrus de. 

8365 Expositio super lib rum psalmorum. 
[Cologne:] Guldenschayff, 1483, Sab- 
bato ante doihinicam oculi [Mar. Ij. f*. 

Ref; C III. p. 264. Copy: Grol (KIom). 
One leaf from thli Totume wu diitributed with 
the facainiite* of the GeKlIachaft fSr TrpcB- 

Hartlicb, Johann, translator. Die kunst 
Ciromantia. Augsburg: Schapff. t'. 

Rrf: BU Cat (1475?}; Sndhoff 86i C 2895. 
Blockixwk. Copy: JPHf. 

Haaelbach, Thomas Ebendorfer, de. 
8370* Sermonea dominie ales super epiJtO- 
laa Pauli. 1478, 13 Dec. K 

Rtf: BH Cat (Slraaburc Knoblocbtxer) ; Pr »I 
(PrititeTof Henricui AriiniDeDiu);C. CodIm: 

Hassla, Henricus de. 

8376* Secreta sacerdotum. 4". 

Ref: Pr 9479 (Yienoa; WiDterburi); C (1490}. 
Copiea: Ph(W); UnTS. 

8382* 1497. 4". 

Copr: Cor. 

8383* Aussburg: Froschauer, 1497. 4*. 




See Rolle, Richard, of Ham- 

8387* Leipzig: Lottcr. 1499, 6 kal. 

Nov. cOct. 27.1 *•■ 
Cop,: LCCT). 

8389* Expos itio super Dominicam oratio- 
nem. 4'. 

Ref; BU Cat (Cotatne: Zel, not after 1470). 
Part of Haip SSOS. Copr: Clack, 

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Hassia, Htnricus de, continued. 
8392* f, 

Rtf: BH Cat (Spcicr: Piintcr of Geala Cbriili). 

7699. Copy: (AlTei 

Hiutesclve, Joannes de. See HUtoria sep- 
tem sapientum Rotnae, 8722-8740. 

Hemmerlin, Felix. 

8424" Varie oblectationis^puscula et trac- 
tatus; ex Basilea idibus Aug. il3i, 1497. 

Ref: BM Cat. p. 172 (StniburE; cf p. 102, 
Schaffcnerrt: Pr4g2(R«nlurd}: Hain (Batfl: 
Keiltf). CopiMi Br; Cor (2); CenTS; UPa; 
JM; LC(T)j WMV. 

8425* 4'. 

H«f! Pr SBl (Straaburi: PruM); cf BM Cat; 
Halfl (Straaburc or LyoD*). Copiec Col; 

8426 1490. f°. 

Ref; Pr S8i (Struburg: Priii*); Hain (Straaburr 
or Lyona). Coptci: Col; HarTAndaver; Man 
Hia; JM (Carvalho. c. 1497). 

Henricus de Vrimarix; de Fimuria. 
Praeceptorium. S°. 

Ref: Pr 1122 (Colognei GoU); C 2911 it. 1476). 
Copy: Clark. 

Passio domini explanata. Oppenheim. 

Henricus de Zoemeren, 

8435* Epithoma prime partis dj^alogt G. 

Ockam de hereticis. Louvain: J. de 

Westtalia, 1481. f°. 

Ref: Campbell 914. Copy: JCW (Hot). 

Henriqucs de AraKon, Marquis de VtUena. 
See ArtEon. 1545. 


Hentisbcrus, Gu Helm us. 
8437* Tractatus de sensu composito & di- 
viso. Venice: Locatellus, 1494, 6 kal. 

Jun. (May 27., f*. 

Copin: Harv; (Cleveo); WMV; HWt. 

8441 Expositio regularum solvendi sophis- 
mata. Venice: A. de Bonetis, 1483, 9 
Dec. !°. 

Ref: R; Pr 4S1I; C. Copiea: JH; HWf. 

8442 Probationes profundissjmae conclu- 
sionum in regulis posjtarum. [Pavia:] 
N. de Girardengis, 1483, 24 Jan. f. 

Ref: R. Copy: JHopliiiia. 


Ref: Ktebi, "IncunabuU LiMi. Herbala." in Pt- 
ten of Thi BibliograpXictl Sacitly of Amtrita. 
iT-iii, October 1917 -April. 191S; kc ■■The 
Hnrtnii Siniutii family,'' xi. 8J-92. The 
edition! entered by Hain under thii (ille are 

litlei by which bibliographera and othera have 

HenrJcut Grieninger. See Crieninger, 8055. 
Henricus de Herpf. See Herpf, 8523-8528. 

Hcnricui Samariensis; Arrigo de Septi- 

mello; Pauper, 
8431* Elegiorum liber. Cologne: Retro 

Minores. 1497. ult. Jul. 4*. 
Ref: ClWerdena: Culdenaebaffa typea). Copy: 


Henricus de Sazonia. 

8434* Tractatuj de aecretia mulienim. 

Augsburg; Sorg, 1489, feria sexta post 

Bonifacii Jun. 12]. 4°. 

Ref: Pt 1711. Copy: CPh. 

8444 Mainz, |14,S4. 4°. 

Rtf; Pr 131 (Schaeffer}; Pell IJU. Copy: MoBG. 

8445* Passau, fUfiS. 4'. 

Re(: Pr 2829 (Petri); Pell 1J12. Copy: JCte. 

8448* = 8443. 

8449 Kruydboek; vyt den latyn in 

dyetsche. 1484. 4°. 

Ref: Campbell 918; Pr 915B (KtUlenburi: Vet- 
deoer). Copy: AmBt. 

8451 Herbolarium de vlrtutibus her- 

barum. Vicerza: L. de Basilea & G. 
de Papia, 1491, 27 Oct. 4'. 

~ ~ ; Fell 1314; C. Copiea: Boitonlled; 

Henricus de Sepuio. See Hosdeniis, 8959- 

Henricus Suao. See Suao. 


Venice: Bevilaqua, 1499, 14 Dec. 

bij PeU 1315; Hain 1807. Cotriei: Harr; 

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Herman IV, Elector and Archbishop of Herolt, Johannes. 

1493. 1 leaf of 26 Hn 

Copt: NYP. 

Leycs dc la Hennandad. f*. 

Rcf: Hublcr l84Kr (SctIIIs: Ungut ft PoIdd 
e. M9S). Copj: Hiipinic. 

Rcf: Campbell 91»: Pr 9346. Copy: / 

Hermes or Hcrcnriiu Triimegutus. 


8469* Historiae. Venice: Rubeus. 1474. f. 

Set: Pr 4216. Copici; Harr; Va; TBDV. 

8470* Rome: In domo Petri de Maxi- 

mis, 1475, 20 Apr. f. 

Bef: BH Cat: Pr 3526 (Pannarti). Copiti: 
AmAotiq: Col; Har»; LC; Ptin; TDS; LC(T>. 

8472» Venice: J. & G. dc Gregoriia, 

1494, 8 Mar. i". 
Copjr: HWt. 

See also Isocrates. Oratio de laudi- 

but Helenae, 9314. 

Sermonea discipuli de tempore et de 
Sanctis cum promptuario exemplorum 
et de miraculi9 Virginis. Cologne, f. 

Rcf: Voulliinie, Koln. 564 (ZctI, 1477): C 2932 
& 293*. Copiet; LC; TBDV, 

Rcf: ct C 

: NcH 


: Zell, 1470-1476). 

inder; De potestate et saplentia 

8456 Treviso: G. de Lisa, 1471, 

Dec. 4°. 

Ref; R; Pr 64IS. 
(STtton Park); i 

8457 Ferrara: Gallus, 1472, 6 id. Jan. 

r8.. 4". 

Rcf: R; Pr S72I. Copica: AmBt; LC(T). 

8458 - — Venice: Dorainici, 1481, IS May. 

Ref: Ri Pr 4490. Copica: AmBf; HarTS (Suo- 
derland); Karv. 

8461* Venice: Damianus de Medio- 

lano, 1493, 10 May. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 5S14, Copies: HirTS (Sunderland); LC; 


8467* Histonae. Bologna: Plato de Bene- 
djclis, 1493. prid, kal. Sept. [Aug. 31.) 

Copica: HirTS (SuDderland)l (Qncn); JPUt; 

8468* Bologna: Bazalerius, 1493, prid. 

kal. Oct. [Sept. 30.] 4'. 

Copiei: UPa; HWt. 


8486* Strasbtirg, 1483. f. 

Copy: EW (Carnlho; Printer of 1483 Jordanua 
de QuedlinberE). 

8488 Speter, 1483. f. 

Ref: Hun (Dracb); C. Copiei: Harr; SL. 

Lyons: Phillppi, 1483. f°. 

Copy: WMV (pt. 2). 

8489* Strasburg, 1484. f°. 

Copy: UPa. 

8492* Basel: Kesler, 1486, 2 Mar. l". 

Copy: CWC, 
8498 (Lyons:) Huss, 1489. 4'. 

Ref: C. Copy: Ph(W). 

8503* Strasburg, 1492. P. 

Ref: Pr 696 (Flach). Copy: Harv. 

8S05* Strasburg, 1495. f°. 

Ref: Pr 702 (Flach). Copy: Cor. 

Paris: Morand, 1500. 29 May. t'. 

Copy: Boatoa. 

: Wi. 


r). Copy: UoTS. 
era); C 2936 (c. 

8516* Liber discipuli de eruditione Christi- 
fidelium. f. 

Ref: BH Cal (Rcutlin(ea: Creyff); Pr 2697 
(Ocmar). Copy; BoKonAth (Kloaa). 

8517* — r. 

Ret: Pr JS7 (Straaburgi Huaner). Copy: UnTS. 

HerpC, Henricus. 

~. ' ' . :epto- 

i Dei. Mainz: Schoeffer, 1474, 4 id. 
Sept. ,10.) P. 

Copiea: New; UTor; JDB; WKB; PDS {fraj- 
mem); LC(T). 

8524* Nuremberg: Koburger, 1481, 4 

id. Mar. [12.) P. 

Co|^: LC(T). 

8526* Basel: Froben, 1496. 4*. 

Copie*: LC; LC(T). 

8527* Sermon es de tempore et de Sanctis. 
Speier: Drach, [after) 16 kal. Feb. Jan. 
17,, 1484. P. 

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Herreiu Natalis Brito. 

8532 Logica Sancti Thome de Aquino. 
Venice: Bivilaqua, 1496. 20 May. 4*. 

Heaae, Heae, or Hcet, Johannes de. 
8536 Itinerarius per diuersas mundi partes. 
Paris: Gourmont. 4°. 
Copr: BiMton. 
8537* Deventer: Pafraet, 1499. 4'. 

Ref; Campbell 1(M2. Copr: Harr. 


8540* GeorgicoTum a Mtcolao de Valle 
translatua. Leipzig: Thanner, 1499, 16 
kal. May lApr. 16]. 4*. 
Copy: Ph(W). 

See also Theocritna, 15476-15480. 
Meurea i I'usagc de Rome. See Horae, 

Hibemia, Thomas Palmer de. 
8542* Manipulus florum. Piacenza: Tyela, 
1483, 5 Sept. f. 

COpiei: AmBt (SyXon Parle); LC<T). 

8543* Venice: Rubeus. 20 Dec. 4". 

Ret: C (H«). Copy: HWf. 


8545* In aureos versus Pythagorae opus- 

culum. Padua: Valdezoccho, 147< IS 

kal. May (Apr. 17j. 4°. 

Copka: AmBt; Hirv; CWC; JUH; LC(T); 
AMT; HWf, 

8546 Rome: Pannartz, 1475, 2] Sept 


Ret:Pr3S30. Copie.: JPMt: HWf. 

8547* Rome: Besicken& Mayer, 1493, 

19 Dec. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 39?B. Copy: Harv. 

Hieronymna Radiolenais. 
Epistola, [dated) Florence, 25 Aug. 1497. 


Copr: Prin. 

Hieronymua; Saint Jerome. 
8S49* Epistolae. f". 

Ref: Pr 203 (Slraiburf: Hentelin, Dot after 
1469); C (1466). Copies: Harv; LC: VnTSi 

8550* f. 

Ref: BU Cat (Rome: Rituinger. e. 1468); Pr 
6747 (Naplea); C. Copica: CLN (Proclor); 
WMV (vol. I). 

Hieronymus; Saint Jerome, continued. 
8551 1468, 13 Dec. t'. 

Ref: R (Rome: Swejrnheim ft Pannartx); Pr )394. 
Copy: H£H. 
8552* Rome: Sweynhcym & Pan- 
nartz, 1470. f. 

Copiu: Boaton (Camlho. *. 1); Pb(W, v. 1); 
TfOT (•.2); TBDV; ATW. 

8553*^ Mainz: Schoiffer, 1470. 7 Sept 

Ref: BH CaU Copy: Sutro {», 3). 

8554*^ Mainz: Schoiffer, 1470, 7 SepL 

C^opiea: HEH (vellum); JPUf (TellBm). 

8555 Rome. v. 1, Pannartz. 1476, 28 

Mar.; v. 2, Laur, 1479, 5 Apr. f. 

Copiea: HirTS (SuDderland) j Trio. 

8556* Venice: Antonius iMiscominii, 

1476, 22 Jan. f°. 

Copiea: LC (T. ».2); WMV. 

8557* Parma, 1480, v. 1, 18 Jan.; v. 2. 

id. May ,15,. t". 

Ref: Pr 6855 (Frinler of Hieronymaa, Epiatnlae, ' 
poaaibly Corallna): C (PorlilU). Copiei: Ban- 
■or (KEoaa); HvTS (SunderUnd); Harr; 
PrinTS; StCh; Trio; HEH. 

8S58* Venice: Torresanus. 1488, id. 

May tl5i. f. 

Copiea: HarTS (SunderUnd); Trin; UnTS; 
StBona; TBDV. 

8559* Basel: Kesler, 1489, 8 Aug. f°. 

Copiea: Harr; UnTS: GGL. 

8S60* Venice: 

14 Jul. l". 

Copiea: UnTS; UChi; (Barton). 

8S61* Basel: Kesler, 1492, 8 Aug. 

Ref: BM Cat ill. p. 772 (note on Diirer i 
Copiei: UnTS (t. 2); WK; LC(T). 

8562* Nuremberg: Koberger, 1495. 12 

Nov. f°. 
Copy: PDS (Ctivalha). 
8563* Venice: Rubeus, 1496, v. 1, 7 

Jan.; v. 2, 12 Jul. f". 

Copiei: Prln; StPair; HAB; HWt. 

8565* Basel: Kesler. 1497. f. 

Ref: BU Cat (note on D&rer woodcut). Copiei: 

Watk; Wood: COcveo). 
Venice: Bevilaqua, 1497. f". 

Copy: Col. 

8566 Epistole vulgare. Ferrara: Roiti, 

1497, 12 Oct. f°. 
Ref: Pr 5765; C. Copiei: Harr; LC; Nnr; 

La reigle de devotion des epistrea. 

Paris: Marnef. 4°. 

Ref: C 2975 {c. 1500). Copy: LC(T). 

EpistoUi Hieronimi ad Paulinnm. 

See Saint Augnatine. Liber de con- 
temptu mundi, 2079-2080. 

8568* Epistola ad Heliodorum. 4°. 

Ref: Pr S62 (Cologne: Zell): Hatn 67I*(J). 
Copiea: Harv; (Hnral): JPlIf. 

. de Benaliis, 1490. 

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HUronymtu; Saint Jerome, continued. 
8578* Ex^oBitio ■ymboli leronimi contra 
Jovinianumhereticum. 4°. 

Ret: Pr B77 (Calome: Zcll); Blf Cit (B7 TTnn- 
nin* Kafinai Aqnileienui) : C (1470). Copie*: 
AmBt (c 1472); Hut (KIoh); LC 

Eef: Duff 2J4 (Rood?); Pc 974J (Printer of 
Expomiio S. Uieronrni); C. Cotlti: JFUt; 

Opera. Venice: J. & G. de Gregoriis, 
1497. {'. 

Si(: R T, 133; C 2952. Copr: NYUniT. 

WMV; HWt. 

See also Bible, Latin, 3173. 

Libri Salamonis prophet 

Copf. THG (Zell? c. 1474). 

De viris illustribus. i'. 

Rtl: Pt IS63 (Angtburf: Zaii 

n 8589. Copr: 1 



7 (147!): 

«584« Aureola ex floribus. f". 

Rc(: Pr 3899 (Rone: Silber). C^ipr: HLE (c 

8585* f°. 

Ref : Pr I9S6 (Nuremberf : Sca>eB*chmid). Cepica; 
AmBt (1470); Hanr; LCPh. 

8586* P. 

Ref: R (Rome: Ptenock. 148!). Copiea: Ph(W); 

.8588 ^ [Milanri Lavagnia, 1475, 28 Nov. 

Ret: R: Pr !84fi; C tii, p. 26S. Copy: HWt. 

■8589* Opuscula varia. f". 

RH: R (Aufiburt: Ziiner. c. 147S); BH Cat (1h- 
fore Jun. !. 1473); Pr 1!63-1!70; C 2957; 
Hain (c 1470). Copiea: AmBt (pt ii. De 
euentia dltiniutii); HarTS (pt. i, De Titi) 
illoatritmi) ; LC (pt. xi, De arte moriendi, A 
XII); UinnP (pt. ii. KIdm); NYP (pt. x. 
Donitu) moralitatat) ; UnTS (pt. i) ; WKB (pt. 
VII, De imitatio Cbtiiti); TH(5 (pL ii); HEH 
(pt. Ili-viiii Hoe): WHI (pt. II-III. Aqninaa 
de anicuii (Idei); JPM (pi. vii)i CLN C 

anio); GAP (pt. : 

IvTW (pt.' vir Pwrh'HWVdi.' XI 

Vitae sanctorum patrum. f 

.Dime ft de 
LC (T, pt IT-T); 

Hitronymus; Saint Jtrome, continued. 
8594* Ulm: Zainer. f*. 

Copieii Han: PennHia; UnTS; HEH (Morri*): 
HWt (t 1480). 

8595* Nuremberg: Coburger, 1478, 

non. May (7,. f. 

Copiea: Drew; Pria; Ya; (Hm); JlfH; WUV. 

8597* Strasburg, 1483, non. Mar. |7.| 

Ref: Pr 418 (Printer of 14S3 Vital pitnim). 
Co^ei: Drew; LC 

8598* Nuremberg: Koburger, 1483, 

non, Apr. [S.j £*. 

Copiea: CI; UnTS; Vtwir. 

8599* Venice: Scotus, 1483, 16 kal. 

Mar. [Feb. 14., 4". 

Copiei: UPa; ESB (Canalho); LC(T); HWf. 

8600* 1485, non. Jul. t7., f. 

Ret: Pr 422 (Printer of 1483 Vitaa Pitrum); C 
(Lyoni, or Struburg: Pruu). Copr: [NYSt 

8602* Venice: Locatellus, ISOO, 8 id. 

8603* Leben der heiligen altuetter. f °. 

Ret: BH Cat; Pr 33!1 (Straibarf?): C (Wuri- 
burg: G. Rejraer, 1480). Cop^: JPUf. 

8605* Der altuiter leben. Augsburg: 

Sorg, 1482, Mitwoch vor Uichaelis 
(Sept. 25,. I'. 

Ref; BM CaL Copy: LC. 

La vie des Peres. Paris. 4°. 

Ref: C 2963 (PeHt, c, 1500). Copy: (NYSt 
(Campbell, 1490)1. 

8615 Le vtte de sancti padri vulgari- 

zate. Venice: Gabriel de Pietro, 1475. 

: HWt: (Baof*. ifi 

•^623 '- Milan: Pachel & Scinzcn seller, 

1490. 1 Aug. t'. 

Copy: MLD'O,^ 

8627 Venice: C. di Pen»a, 1499, S 

Dec. i°. 
Copy: JPMt. 
8628 Van den leven der heiliglier va- 

deren. Gouda: Leeu, 1480, 3 Dec f. 

Ret: Campbell 937; Pr 8923; HalD (1490, mif 
print). Copie*: Watli; JWE. 

8629 Dat vader boecic [ZwoUe:] Da, 

1490, 1 Apr. f. 

Ret: Pr 913!; CampbeU 938; C; Hiin (14S0. 
miiprint). Copiea: AmBt; Y>. 

: Brother! of the 

- Las vidas de los sanctos rcljgtosoi. 

: R It, !S1 (Zaragon: Hurua, c 1490). Copy: 

d by Google 


Hieronymus; Saint Jerome, continued. 

The lyff of the holy fadcrs. West- 
minster: Wynkyn de Worde, 149S. f. 

--------- - - 21J. c 

J (Ho*): 

Venice: Benali de 

8636 Vita e t 
Bergamo. 4". 

Ref: C. Copy: HWt. 

8637 (Venice:) Barth. de Cremona, 

1473. 4". 

Rcf: Pr 4Z25 (not ifler Aug.): C. Copie): Cor; 

8640 Venice: Petri, 1476, 12 Sept. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 419!»i C. Copyi BoWon. 

8643 Milan, 1480, 17 Jul. 4'. 

R«(: Woolley Photograpbi, 2Z7 (Laviciu); C. 
Copiei: Y»i HCF. 

Treviso: Manzolo, 1480, 29 Mar. 8". 

Ref: R ii, SSS. Copy: JHSch. 

8645* Venice: H. da Foxio, 1487, 1 

Jun. 4°. 

Copy: HWt. 

8647 Florence: Bonacorai, 1490, 13 

Feb. 4*. 

Ref: R; Pr «311; C. Copy: HWf. 

Venice: Joannes Maria de Occimi- 

ano. 1491, 8 Nov. 4°. 

Ref; R 209. Copy: LC(T). 

HieronymUB VUecomes. 
Lamia rum sive stria rum opusculum. 
Milan; Pachel, 1490, 13 Sept. 4°. 

Ref: C 6200, cf J210; Pr MM. Copy: Boi- 

Hieronjrmus de Villa Vitis. 

8658 Orationate; Panis quotidianus de tem- 

Ref: C; cf R (c. ISOO). Copiei: Col (1474?); 

Hisdcn, Ranutph. 

8659 Polycronicon. [Westminster:] Cax- 
ton, 1482. lafter, Jul. 2. f°. 

Ref: Duff 172; De Rkd 49 (copy B i> not in 
Bonon); Pr 9645; BUdea 46; C. Copiei: NYP 
(2): HEH (Pembroke. Hoe); JPMf (2): Lo- 
■ibiid; KDP; JES; WTW. 

8660 Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, 

149S, 13 Apr. f. 

Bef: Duff 173; Pr 9696: C. 
LCPh; Y.i HEH; JPMt; 

Description of England, from his Poly- 
cronicon. See OironicleB. Westmin- 
ster: Caxton, 1480. 5000. 

HiUrius LitomiricenBis. 

8663* Tractatus contra perfidiam aliquo- 
rum Bohemorum, Strasburs, 1485, die 
sanctorum martirum Viti & Uodesti 

HUariut, Saint. 
De trinitate contra Arianos. See AttgiM- 
tinua. De trinitate. Venice: Paganinis, 
1489. 2038. 
Hildeaheiin. See Jobaiuiea, bishop of 

Hildesheim, 9395-9403. 
HUtOD. See Hylton, 9068. 
Epistotae. See Diogenes Cynicua, 6193- 
8669* De natura hominis. 4°. 

Ref; BM C»l (Home: Silber). Copiei: Stirj; 


8670 4°. 

Ref: R (Rome: PUnnck. c. 1490); Pr 379S. 

Copy: HWt. 

See also Articella, 1868-1873. 

8676* De insania Democriti (acetum epis- 

tolium. [With verses by Thcodoncus 

Ubsenius.) A'. 
Ref; BH Cat (AuigbarE: FroichiDer); C (1482). 

1 astrologia. See 

Libellus de m 

Prognosticon, 13393. 
Hispaniolua, Baptist a. 

tuanua, 2358-2415. 
HispanuB, Andreae. See Andreae de Ebco- 

bar, 997-1017. 
Hispuiua, Petrua; Pope John xxi. 
8681 Summulae logicae. Milan: Pachel & 

Scinzenzeller, 1487, 15 Sept. f*. 

Ref: Pr S9SB. Copy: HCF. 

8686* — — Cologne: Quentel. anno salutis 
ante iubileum centesimum |1499i, 12 
kal. Oct. [Sept. 20.) 4'. 
Ref: BM Cat. Copy: JPMt. 

8693 cum Versoris expositione. Ven- , 

ice: Locatellus. 1496, 4 id. Quint. (Jul. 
12., f°. 

Ref: R. Copy: WMV. 

8694 Venice: Luna, 1499,24 May. f. 

Ref: R. Copy: HWt. 

See also Veraor, Johannes. Super 

omnes libros, 16029-16033; Dicta super 
septem tractatus, 16034-16039. 
8705* Copulata omnium tracutuum. 1494, 
IS Jun, 4'. 
Ref: BM Cat (Nuremberg; Koberger), Copy: 

Textus. [14,95. 4°. 

Copy: JHopkiuB. 

8712 Practica medicinae que thesaurus 
pauperum nuncupatur; Summa expert- 
mentorum. Antwerp : Martini, 1497, 
22 May. 4°. 

Ref: Campbell 139!: Pr 94S3. Copy: Snrs- 

8713 Tesoro de poveri. 4°. 

Ref: R (Ploreoce: Librii, c. 1480). Copy: Surg. 

8714 4°. 

Bef: R (Florence: Librii, c. 1490); Pr 62S7. 
Copy: JCre. 

d by Google 


Hiipanus, Pelrus, continued. 

Venice: Atvisius. 1500. 4'. 

Rtf: Pr Snpp. iv. 5637b. Cop^: WHV. 

L'Histoire At Vilentin et Orson. Lyo 

Maitlet, 1489, penult. May. P. 

Rrf: Pr 8S17; C 301S, 5919. Copy: JPMt. 

8718* Htatom Frideri 

Ret: Pr 1633 (Augibai 
Pell 3054 (M78-79). 

. Ulric 


--.Cfib«d 10 Burctaiid de 
p (Riant). 

8722* Hiitoiu aeptem sapientum Romae. 

EUMinu* da 

iel: Pr 1098 (Cologne: Printc 
Fide); C (c. 1473). Akti 
Hiutc-SelTC Copy; CLN. 

;r of AuEUMinu* da 
Ibed (o JoaoDU di 

8728 Die hystori von den syben wey- 

sen meystern. AugsbuTg: Bamler, 
1473, Montag vor Laurency [9 Aug.). 

Ref: Pr 1604; C. Cop^: JPMf. 

: KnoblochUer). Copy; 

Rcf: Pr 1Z14 (CoImtw: GuJdentcbaff ) ; C. 
AKribcd lo Saint Urnila, or lo "Fraler T." 
Copy; NYP. 

Historia de veneranda compassione beatis- 
sime Dei ^enetricis vjrginis Marie ad 
vespas antiph. 1468. 

HUtorix SS. Joachim, Joseph et SS. mulie- 
rum Mariae Jacobi et Salomae. See 
Lonber, Jacob. De veneratione veteris 
i sanctorum. 

8753* Histori wie die Tiircken die Criste- 
lichen lurch en angefochten. Augs- 
burg: Bamler. 1482, Mantag vor Jeory 
[Apr. 22,. I'. 

Rcf: BH Cat (Tranilatcd from RobcHua d« 
Sancto Remiiia, Hlatoti* de Ilinere); Pi 1627. 
Copy: Harr (Riant). 

Hystoria de itinere contra Turcos. 4°. 

Ref: Pf 998 (Colonie: Printer of Dare.); C S13i 
(e. 1470). Copie*: Harv (BUat); JPHf. 

HogUndiL See Gillbertiu, 7773. 

Holkot, Robert. 

8755* Opus super sapientiam Salomonis. 

;t*); C <c 1479); 

Holkot, Robert, continued. 

8757* Speier: Drach, 1483. 4 kal. Mar. 

[Feb. 26.1 i°. 

Copiei: AmBt: Corj HirtfordP; Hirv. 

8759 1489. 21 Oct. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 3127 (Parii: Higntan); Hain (Gerina ft 
Rembolt). Copy: HWT. 

8760* Reutlingen: Otmar, 1489. f. 

Copiei: Harvi UChii LC(T), 

8761* Hagcnau, 1494. f. 

Ref: Pr 3181 (Gran), Copiei: NYUnivj LC(T). 

8763* Super iv. libros sententiarum Ques- 
tiones. Lyons: Trechsel, 1497, ad tion. 
Apr. r5., f°. 

Copie.; LCPh; P!i(W); LC{T). 

Hollen, Gotschalcus. 

8766 Preceptorium divinae legis. Cologne: 
Guldenschaeff, 1481, die S. Francisci 
[Oct. 4,. i°. 

Ref: Pr 1208: C. Copiei: Cor; Harr. 

8767 ,Co1ogne;i Guldenschaeff, [14,84, 

die S. Kuniberti (Nov. 12). {'. 

Ref: BM Cat: C, Copy: UnTS. 

8768* Cologne: Koelhoff, 1489. f. 

Copy: UnTS. 

Holywood, John. See Sacrobuaco, 14100- 

8772 [Works, in Greek., Florence, 1488, 
9 Dec. r. 

Ref: R (Libni); Pr 6194; C. Copiei: NYP: 
HEH (Hoe); IPHt (2); CLN (Borden); RT 
(Mansfield); HWf. 

8774 Ilias per Laurenlium Vallens in Lati- 
num sermonem traducta. Brescia: 
Henricus Colon ien sis & Statius Galli- 
cus. 1474. 8 kal. Dec. [Nov. 24., f*. 

Ref: R; Pr 694S. Copy: JMH. 

8775* Brescia: Farfengo, 1497, 6 Sept. 




8776* Iliados epitome per Pindarum The- 
banum traductum. 4°. 

Ref: Hain (Leipiig: Landiberg): cf Probe del 
CcMmtkat. 160 (e. 1497). Copy: Prin (c. 


HotnUiariiu doctorum, super evangelia per 

Ref: Pr 1159 (Colore: Printer of Sarum Breri- 
■ry): BH C:>I (Coiiecfed by Paului Diaconiu); 
Voutli^me. Koln, 900 (not Cologne?]; C 3037. 
Copy: HEH (Hoe). 

8790* Speier: Drach, 1482, in vigilia 

nativitatis Marie (Sept. 7,. f". 

Copy: LC(T). 

8792* Nuremberg; Koburger, 1494, 

prid. kal. Oct. rSept. 30.| 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copie): Crol; MaiaHii; LC<T, 2). 

8793* Basel: Kessler, 1498, 10 nonas 

Aug. f". 

Ref: BH Cat. Copy: HWf. 

d by Google 


Honettus, Franciscus, Pisciensis. 
Dc nonis, idibiis atque calendis ad Tho- 
mftm filium utile compendium. 4°. 

Copy: HWt. 

HoniEcr, Jacobus, de Grusseu. 
Atmanach ad annum 1494. Broadside. 

Rcf: C Z269; Hciti, Ineun. C>I. 84 (futim). 
Copr: CLN (Erfurt; Schendc). 

Honorius Ancustodunenda. 
8800* De imagine mundi. f*. 

Kef: BH Cit (NuremlKr(: Eobcrfer, 1472?); 
Ft 1974. Coplei: HarTS; Hut (Runt); 


8802* Expositio in librum Salomonis qui 
dicitur Cantica Canticorum. 4". 

Kef: Pr 1230 (Colojme; Guldemchmff) j C <c. 
1480). Copiei! HEHj (RoIIin*). 

Dialogus cognomento Lucidarium. Mi- 
lan: Mantegatiis, 1493, 2Z Mar. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 605fi; Him 6139; C. Copj: Harr. 

El libro del maestro e del discepo- 

lo. 4'. 

Ref: R I23G (norence: LIbrii, e. 1495). Copy: 

Horace. See HormtiiM, 8866-8923. 
Hone; The Book of Hours of the Blessed 

Ref: Lacombt. Livres d'Heurei Imarim^ an xv* 
et ;ivi> liicic. Pirii. 1907; BchaHa, Bibli- 
Dgnphie der Liirei d'Hcure* (Horu B.M.V.), 
Officii. HoitDli Aninue, Coronae fi.U.V., RoH- 
m und Cuntii B.M.V. dei iv. und xvi. Jahr- 
hundeiu. Vienna, 1909. 

Horat, continued. 

8837? Paris: Pigouchet for Vostre, 

1500, 25 Apr. 8'. 
Sef: BohatU 226. Copy: CroL 
8838 Paris: Kcrver for Eustace, ISOO, 

20Jun. 8*. 

Ref: C 3067; UcoinbeaO-84; BohaHa 227. Copy: 
HEH (Hoe). 

a I'usaige dc Reims. Paris: Godard. 


Ref: Ueonbe 282 (1516-27); BohaHa 364. Copy: 

Paris: Pigouchct. 8'. 

Ref: cf C 3074 « BohaHa 4B1. 

tincui^ed o 

I cditio 

of I 

! di*- 

ten by nich iHght and tccliDieal 
cbiracteriatici that liHIe effort faai been made 
to verify Miaplciona or complete the data in 
retard to the tillei entered below. It I) faoped 
that Ihla aeclion of the Ceniui may at a later 
date be made the lubjtcl of a fecial Inveatii*- 

A la louenge de Dieu. [Paris:] 

V^rard ,1498j. 8*. 

Copy: HEH(Hoe). 


Copy: JPlft (Dnpri? c. 1492). 

1830 Secundum consuetudinem roma- 

nae curiae. In Greek. iVenice: Aldus, 
1497, S Dec.] 8*. 

Ref: Pr 5560. Copiea: UEH (Hoe)i (Hoe, 
Melancthon); ]PMt(2). 

a I'usage d'Angiers. Paris: Pi- 

gouchet for Vostre, 1496. 15 Feb. 8*. 

Ref: Bohatta 14. Copy: JFUt. 

Secundum usum Leodiensem 

[Liigei. Paris: Kerver, 1500, 8 Feb. 

Ref: Bohatta 124; ef Haii 

Copy: (Grei 

Copy: JPMt 


Copy: JPMt 


(Paria: Jehannot 1497-98). 

for Meslicr, 1489, 14 Feb. 8*. 


Paris: Morand for Marnef, 1492, 12 

Feb. 8°. 
Ref: Bohatta i 


6 Oct. 8' 

Bef: Bobatta 


17 Sept. 

Ref: C 31121 1 

SIO. Coiriea: JPUt (Z). 

[Pigouchet] for Vostre, 1495, 

532. Copiea: NYF; (Hoe). 

(Pigoucheti for Vostre, 1496, 

3S; Bohatta 546. Copy: 

Paris: [Pigouchet| for Vostre, 1496. 


Copy: JFM. 

«S2 Paris: iPigoucheti for Vostre, 

1497, 17 Apr. 8". 

Ref: Lacombe 40; Bohatta SSI. Copy: JTMt- 

Paris: Philippe for Kerver, 1497, 15 

Paris: Jehannot, 1497, 21 Aug. 8°. 

Ref: Pr S34D; C 3094; Lacombe 44; Bohatta !61. 
Copy: HWt. 

[Paris:] Kerver for Remade, 1497, 

9 Nov. 8". 

Copy: HEH (Hoe). 

8855 Paris: iPigoncheti for Vostre, 

1498, 22 Aug. 8°. 

Ref: Fr 8196; C 3098; BobatU 593; Lacomba S»- 
62. Copiei: JCBrf; MetropoUunMui; (Hoe): 

JPMt(2); HWt. 

Paris: jPigoucheti for Vostre, 1498, 

16 Sept. 8". 

Ref: C 3099?; Pr 8197?; BohatU 597; LaeomlM 
64-67. Copie*: JFMti CLN (Dawaoa Turner: 


d by Google 



Horae, continued. 

8856 Parit; Pioitevini for Vo«tre, 1498, 

15 Oct 8*. 

Paris: Anabat for G. & G. Har- 

douin. 8*. 
Se(; C 307S (1500); BofaatM 6U. Capr: (Hoe). 
Parii: Kerver for Remade, 1500, 

5 Jan. 8'. 

Ref: B«lutM 633. Copr: JPHf. 

S860? [Paris:] Kerver for EnsUce, 

1500, IS Mar. 8". 

Kt(: Pr Bin) cf C IIM; Bohitta 626, Copjr: 
(FiraiB-Didgt: Hoe). 

Paris: Pigouchct for Vostre, ISOO, 

28 Jun. 8'. 
Rit: Bohana 633. Copy! JPUf. 
Paris: Pigouchet for Vostre, 1500. 

K*(: Bohatta 643; cf C 3106. Copy: Lanl. 
1500. 4". 

Bcf: tt C 3102. Copy: NYP (Parii: Vcnrd). 

Paris: Verard. 4'. 

Copy- NYP (1500). 

Paris: Vostre. 4". 

Copy: NYP (ISOO). 


Rcf: Not identified. Copiei: CI; IfauHii. 

a I'usaige de Rouan. [Paris: Pi- 

gronchet] for Vostre, 1498, 30 Apr. 8". 
Copy: Vaaur. 
ad nsum Sarum. 8", 

Xef: Datf 174 (WeMninaler: Curtnn, 1477-a). 
Copy: JPM. 

8862 Paris: Kerver, 1497. 8'. 

Ref: Doff 191; Pr 8143 (Philippi for Kerrer * 
J. Rkbard of XoueD); C. Copy: JPHf. 

8863 Paris: Pigouchet for Vostre, 

1496, 16 Uay. 8^ 

Sef: DdH 191; Pr SIM; C. Copy: JPUt. 

Paris: Jchannot, 1498. 8". 

Ref: Duff 194. Copy: HEH (Hoeldu). 

Honrioin sccnndum usum Leodiensis. 
Antwerp: Liesvelt, 1494, 22 Jun. 8*, 

Ref: CaDpbelt 992, Supplement lit; Bain 1851. 
Copy: tCPh. 

Horn dc la setmana sancta. Valencia: [fori 
Jac de Villa, 1494, 21 Feb. 4*. 

Xef:, Haebler 317 (Bacenbach ft Huti). Copy: - 

HoratiiM Flaccos, Qnintns; Horace. 
8866 Opera; Poetria, Epistolamtn liber, 
Sermonum liber. 4'. 

Ref: R (Venice, c. 1474); Pr 5«53: C (1470); 
Haia (Rcancr). Coeia: UPa; CWC; (Hib- 
ben: Syston Pirli: Hoc). 

8874 Venice: Petri. 1478, 15 Sept f". 

Ref: Pr 43<9. Copy: Ph(W). 

Horatius Flaccus, Quinius, coHlmued. 

8878 cum commentariis Porphyrionia 

et Acronis. [Preface datedj id. Atur. 

tl3i,148l. i". 

Ref: Pr 47S1 (Venice: Hanrclo); C CoHcs: 
CTL; HWt. 

1883* Venice: J. de Forlivio & socios, 

1483. f°. 

COpiei: Brt <Tuio: Pomponiu* Leto); Priaj JU; 

1884" Venice: B. de Tridino. 1486. f . 

Coioci: Ban; LC. 

SS87* cum commentariis Acronis, 

Porphyrionis et Latidini. Venice: Ar- 
rivabene, 1490, prid, non. Feb. [4.i (*. 

Copia: Hutj GEDjr; HWt; JCW. 

8896 ■ Venice: Alvisius, 1498, 23 Jul 

Ref: Pr 56JS: Halo ("xriii" tor ndil). C:opla: 
Prin; BWf. 

8898* cum annotationibns [Of Jacob 

Locheri. Strasburg: Reinhard, 1498, 4 . 
id. Mar. [12., f. 

8900 Epistolae et carmina. Ferrara: Car- 
nerius, 1474. 4". 

Copy: HEH. 
Copy: LCPh. 

8907*? Sermonum liber. A'. 

Ref: Pr 2942 (LelBEi«: Landiberf). Copy: (Sya- 

^mn 2; 

Ars poetica. [Paris:] Gerlier. 4*. 

Reft Panier 11, p. 316, no. 619. Copy: Hair 

BerthoEdui) ; Pell 2247; Bain 2990, 299J; 
(Leipiig). Copy: JPMt. 

8930 Cologne: Landen. 8°. 

Ref: Pr 1482; Pell 2249 (ISOOMi Bain 3994; C 
(1480). Copy: JPUf- 

d by Google 



Horologium, continued. 
8931 Cologne. 16'. 

Het: BH Cat (Zcl); Pr 917a. 91gai pt. t. C lOOB 
(c. 148S); Haio 299S; pt. 2. 109W, lOWS. 
CopK.; Col (pl. I): (Hoe, pt. 1); ]PMt (pl. 

1-2); JCW (pt. 2-3). 

.n>Bt (Paria: Roce, 


Copy: HEH (Cologne? c. ISOO). 

See a.1so ZeitglScklein des Lebens 

und Leidens Christi, 16278-16280; and 
Quintinus, Johannes. Lorotoge de de- 

)6 Hortulua animae. Strasburgi Schaf- 
fener, 1498. 13 Mar. 8°. 

Ref: C. Copy: JPMt. 

Horlus or Orlus SanilalU, continued. 

8954* Augsburg: Schonsperger. 1493, 

afftermontag nach Tyburcij [Aug. 13]. 

Rcf: KIcbi. Copy: CFh. 

See also Hcrbariiu, 8443-8449. 
HosdensiB, Henricua de Segusio. 
8959 Summa super titulia decretalium. 

Rome: Gallus & Nicolai de Luca, 1473, 

utt. Apr. f°. 

Cop)-: HWf (t. 2). 

8961* [Augsburg:] Hohcnwang, 1477. 

:opy; JPH (Parii: Jetaannot. c, 149S). 

>rtus or Ortua SanitatiB. 

Rc(: Klebi, ■'ln<:uiiabu[s Lin^. Herbtls," 
ptrs of Till BiblwgrUhkal Socirty of A 
xi-»li, October, 191? -April. 1918; k 
Honui Sanilalii family," ii. BJ-92. 
edition* entered by Haiti under lhi« t 

tit let 

c Kleb: 


burg: Pruti. 

1447 (Cologne: Qutntell); C (1490). 
•b: HarvArboretum (mu, nole. U kal. 
GFK; JPMt (e. 




:f: Kit 


- i". 

b. (S 


.: Har 

F. 3 4 4); Ph (W. v. S); LC (T, 

8962* V. 1, 1478; v. 2. 1479. 18 Feb. i". 

Ref: BM Cat (Speier: G. dc Spira); Pr 136 
(Strasburg: Printer of Henricui Ariminenait) ; 
Hain (Typii HeyKriani.). Copies: AmBt; 

8965* Ventce: T. de Blavis, 1490, 4 

Jun. {'. 
Copy. HWt, 

Houppelande, Gutllaume. 
De immortalitate anime. Paris: jPouI- 
hac for] Roce. 1493, 7 Sept. 8'. 

Copy: JPMf. 

Hubeitiniu de CaBali. See Casali, 4551. 

Hug Schitpler. 

8970* Ein lieplicfis lesen wie einer ein ge- 
waltiger Kiing zu Franckrich ward. 
Strasburg: Griininger, 1500, frytag 
nach S. Adotffs tag [Sept. 4j. P. 

Copy: JPMt. 

(Cologne: Queniell) Collies: CPh! MoBG; 
AJ; JPMf nnde>: e. 1505). 





Meydenbach, 1491, 23 

tmBt: Harv; Harv Arboretum; 
rfax Murray); Surg; UPa; 


!947« Gart der Gesuntheit. [Edited 

by Johann de Caub or Cuba.) f°. 

Ref: Kleb« (Ba«l: Furter, t. 1490). Copy; CHH. 

i948» Maim: [Schoeffer,, 1485, 28 

Mar. " 

: Kleb 

nal of ■ 

e Hor 


;: JMS (2, V.1 

8949* Augsburg, 1485. Montag nechst 

vor Bartholomei (Aug. 22|. S\ 

Bef: Klebi (Schoniperger) ; BM Cat; Hiin 
(Sorg). Copy: TBDV. 

8950 Augsburg: Schonsperger, 1487, 

Mittwochen nach dem weijssen suntag 

Kef: Klebi; Kai 

(1486). Copy: Ya. 

Hugo de Sancto Caro or Charo. 
8972* Postilta super psalterium. Venice: 
J. & G. de Gregoriis. 1496, 12 Nov. f. 

Copie.: UCbi; LC(T); HWt. 

8975* Postilla super evangclia. Basel: 
Richel, 1482, 4 id. Jan. ,10.) f*. 
Rtf: BM Cat. Copy: UnTS. 

Speculum sacerdotum. 4°. 

Ref: Campbell 1007 (Antwerp: Goei, c. 14M); 
C 3191. Copy: HWt. 

De defectibus in missa occurrentibus. 4*. 

Copy: Ph(W) (Rome). 

Copy: HWt (Rome: Plsnackf c. 1480). 

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Hugo rfr Sancto Caro 
Expositio misae. 4°, 

Ref: R; BM Cat (Ro 

(PUnnck? c. I48D). 

Ckaro, eo» tinned. 


Ref: cf Cimpbfll 1 

0; C 3196. Cl 
f WeatphilU). 

Hnco de Vinac, de Prato Florido. 
8998 Sermones dominicales super eva 

geVia. et epistolas. f°. 
Rcf : Campbell tOOS (Louviin: J. dc Wcflphali 

Copy: VnTS. 




- f. 

lain (Trpii Rtyttanit 

— Strasburg:: Hus 

. ,11., {'. 


- Zwolle. 1480. f 




QIC Johannjs ante | 
(May 6i. f°. 

Rcf: BM Cat. Copy: StBon 

9008 Louvain, 1484. 

Ref: cf Campbctl 1004 (J. d. 

9009* Sermones de Sanctis. Heidelberg, 
1485, 12 kal. Feb. Jan. 21., f. 
Rrf: Pr 3126 (Prinlcra of Lindelbich). Copiu: 
AmBt; Minneapolii (KloM); CWC; (Haiiam): 
JMH; LC(T;. 

9010 1486, P. 

Ref; Pr 3262 (Unknown Uermaii preti); C 

Hugo ScncDsis; Ugone Bensi of Siena. 

9011* Super aphorismos Hippocratis et 
commentutn Galeni. Ferrara: L. de 
Valentia & A. de Castro Novo, 1493, 

IS Nov. r. 

Copi«: Surg; HWt. 

9012* Venice: Locatellus, 1498, 10 kal. 

Jun. [May 23., f. 

Copi«: CPhi Hiipanic; ECS: HWt. 

9015 Expositio in libros tegni Galeni. 
Venice: Locatellus. 1498, II kal. Jul. 

Jun. 22.1 r. 

Ref: Pt S090; C. Copy: HWt. 

Hugo Senensis, continued. 

9016 Super i fen primi canonis Avjcenac. 

Ferrara: [Belfortis, Callus, 1491, 13 

Aug. f. 

Ref: R; Pr 57S1: C. Copy: ECS. 

9017* Super i et ii fen primi canonis Avi- 
cennae. Antonius Faventiuus, De 
febre. Venice: Locatellus, 1496, 5 kal. 
May [Apr. 27|. f°. 

9018* Super 
nae. V 
4 Feb. f. 

CopLe.: SurB; LC(T). 

Super I fen quarti canonis Avicennae. 
Pavia: Andreas de Boscho, 1498, 29 
Oct. f°. 

Ref: R [766. Cop/: Sorj. 

Aurea ad omnesque aegretudines con- 
silia. Pavia: ,for, F. de Nebiis, 18 kal. 
May (Apr. 14,. i", 

Ref: R tS44 (Leon. Gerla. 149«-99i Index, I49S). 

Copy: UnTS. 

er, 1476. 3 id. 

Hugo de Sancto Victore. 
9022* Didascalon. f°. 

Ref: Pr 313 (Striiburg: Printer of Henricul 
Ariminentii) ; C (1476); Hollrop (EneMein. 

1472). Copy: UnTS. 

Regula canonicorum regularium. 4*, 

Ref: C 3195. Copy: UnTS. 
9023* De sacramentis fidei Chnstiane; 
Sententiae in lihrum secundum de in- 
carnation e verbi. f°. 
Ref: Pr 1554 (Aunburg: Zainer). Copy: Ph<VV) 
(c. 1470). 

HumbertuB de Romania. 

9O30* Auslegung iiber den gantzen Predi- 
Ker orden iiber sant Augustins regel. 

Ref: Pr 2579 tUIra: Dinckmut); C {Hoi, 1485). 
Copie.: New; Pb(W). 

De tribus essentialibus votis religionis; 
and De veris et falsis virtutibus. See 
Saint AntODino. Trialogus, 1274. 

HimgarU, Michael de; Prater Hungsnu. 
Sermones tredecim universales. I^y- 

den: Heynricus, 1484, 10 Mar. 4°. 
Ref: Campbell 1246: C 3206. Copiei: AmBt; LC. 

9047* Strasburg. 1490. it 

Michaelis iSept. 28,. 4°. 

Ref: Pr £23 (Printer of 1463 Jorda 
linborg). Copiei: UnTS; Wood. 

9049* Strasburg, 1494. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 738 (Printer of 1493 Caiui 
Ulium). Copy: LC(T). 

I profesto 
lut de Qued- 

brevei deere- 

(Paris:, Level, 1497, 13 Nov. 8°. 

Ret: Pr 8068; C 3207. Copy: JPMt. 

9050 Cologne: retro Minores [Wer- 

den,, 1498, 16 May. 4^ 

Ref: Pr 1483; C. Copy: Cot. 

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Hungaria, Michael de, conlinued. 

9052* Sermones dominicales peratJIes; 

sermones Biga salutis de tempore. 

Hagenau: Gran, 1498, die Vincentij 

martyris Jan, 22]. 4*. 

Scf; BH Cat. Copri StBanL 

90S3» Hagcnau: Gran, 1499. in pro- 

festo S. Michaelis [Sept. 28]. 4°. 
Copr: Hut. 


Hyginiu, C. Julius. 

9062* Poeticon astronomicon. Venice: 
Ratdolt, 1482. prid. id. Oct. il4., 4°. 

Copiei: Hatr; MiiMHia; CLN: HWt. 

9063* Venice: Ratdolt, 148S, 22 Jan. 


AmBt; Harr; LC; HEH (PoDbroke): 

9064 Venice: T. de Blavis, 148S, 22 

Jan. 4'. 

R«f: Pr 4760. Copj: Bin, 

9065* Venice: T. de Blavia, 148S, 7 

Jnn. 4". 
Copki: AmBt; Here; GED; HCP; JPUt: HWt. 

Hylton, Walter. 

Die Hymelisch Funtgrub. (Leipzig: Valz, 
1490.1 *°. 

Rcf: BH C*l (Prin[«) by Ludiberi. Written 
by Jotauin von Palti er V>lt in 1190); Hain 
MIS-942a. Copt: (Kroencki). 

Imitatio Chrisli, conlinued. 

Kef: BM Cat (Aunbuw: Zainer. before Jan. S. 
1471); Fromm I. A part, leavea 111-1S6, of 
- w WKBj_HEH(p*«); HVJ; 

9081* 4*. 

Ktf: BM Cal (Migdebari: M. BrandU). Copr: 

9085 Venice: Loslein, 1483. 4". 

Ref: PuroL p. 398. Copiei: LCPh; StCb; HWf. 

9086 148S. 4'. 

Ref: Pr Z64Z (Lnbeck; Mattham BrandluOl 
c( R 949 (Leipiig: Uauriliiu Brandii). Copy: 

9088 1485. 4'. 

Raf: Pr 4SJI (Venice; Bertochu* K Paaqtulc). 
Copt: LC<T). 

9090* Venice: F. de Madiis, 1486. 8'. 

Ref: Fromm 3. Cotriei: JM; HWt. 
9091* 1487. 8'. 

Ref: BM Cat (Ulm: Zainer); PutoI, p.40I; 
Fromm 4; C iii, p. 2» (Slraibura: Rnaeh); 
Holtrop II. 1S9 (AuEiburt: ScbMupcrger). 
Copiei: HarrCRUnt); LC(T). 

9092* Straabury: Flach, 1487. 4'*. 

Ref: Fromm 3; Purol, p. 406. Copj: UnTS. 

9093* Ulm; Zeiner, 1487. 8". 

Ref: Poyol, p. 405. Copy: AmBt. 

9094* Augsburg: Ratdolt, 1488. 4*. 

Ref; Pnito!, p. 40B. Copy: HEH. 

9095* Venice: B. de Benaliis, 1488. 8°. 

lamblichus. See Juabllcbut. 

Ibn Bsn, Abraham ben Mcir. See Aben 
Esra, 21-23. 

- Straaburg, 1489. 8°. 

«); Jew. 
9105 Liineburg: Luce, 1493, 22 May. 

Inute da monde. See Lirre de dergle. 
Imacine mundL See Honorhu, 8800-8822. 
Imitatio ChiiatL 

Ref: Puyol. Dneriptioni bibliosraphlquei dea 
manuacritt et de* principalei iditiona do itrra 
De Imiutione Cfaiini, Paila. 1898; Fromm, 
Aoigaben der Imiutio Cbriiti in dcr Kdlntr 
StaJtbibliothek, Koln, 188S. 

9106 Rome: Plannck, 1493, 3 Oct 8'. 

Copr: MHS. 

9107 Venice: Querengia & Homiciano, 

1493, 23 Apr. 8°. 

Ret: Fromm 9; R. Copiei: HWt; ACW. 

9109 Venice. 1496, ult Jan. 8*. 

Ref: Pr 4928 (Arrivabenui). Copy: CWC. 

In diidesch dat boek van der navol- 

gbinge Ihesu Cristi. Lubeck, 1489. A'. 

Ref: BM Cat (The Poni]F Printer); C 3240: 
Pt 2G29 (BrandiiO. Copy: JPMt. 

9121 Tranalate en francoia. P«ri>: 

Lambert, 1493, 16 Nov. 4'. 

Copx: JPMt (on Tellom). 

9125 Del dispregio del mondo. 4'. 

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Imilalio Christ i, continued. 

Milan: Scimenzeler, 1489, 17 Jul. 4'. 

Ret: R; C J2S2; Pr «011. Copr: HWI. 

9129 Venice: Zanis, 1491, 23 Dec. 4'. 

Rcf: C III, p. 26«. Cop;: SHtSyiton Park). 

9131 Florence: Mischomini, 1494, 1 

Jul. 4*. 

Ref: R; C. Copj: ECS. 

9133 Menyspreu del mon. en valen- 

ciana. Valencia, 1491. 16 Feb. 4'. 

Ref: Hmebler 294 (Spindcttr) ; C 325«. CapX^ 


9136 Ammonlciones iBook ij. Metz: 

Colini & Gerard, 1482. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat: Purol. p.316. Copy: AiBBf. 

Zmmanael ben Solomon, of Rome. 

9137 Mahberoth (Hebrew Makamas). 

Brescia: Gerson ben Moses Soncino, 

1491. 30 Oct. 4'. 

Sefi Pr 7021: Jacob. 80: De RoMi S4: Slein- 
■chneidir 1057; Cauulo 37: RoKnlhal 46: 
Waebilcin 161. Copiei: Col; LC: JcwithTS 
(2); ID. 

See also Bible, Hebrew, Proverbs. 

ImoU, Johannes de. 

9140* In librum tertium decretalium. 
Venice, 1499, 1 Feb. f°. 

Copj: UPt 

914S* In Cletnentinaa opus. Venice: Ber- 
nardinus [Riciusj, 1486, 15 Apr. f. 

Copy: Pb{W). 

9147* Leclura super prima parte infortiati. 
Venice: J. de Colonia & Manthen, 1475, 
13 Sept. f°. 
Copr; CoL 

(Granted by Sixtus iv, in 1481. 

through Johannes de Giglis.] Broad- 

1500). Copy; Iliipinic. 

9182 Infinnomm visitatio. Passau: Ala- 
kraw&Mair,1482,14Nov. 4*. 

R«f: R; Pr 2828. Copiea: AmBt; Ph(W); LC 


Inghcraroim, Thomas Phaedrus. 
Oratio de obitu Joannis Hispanie Pnn- 

Ref; Hutiur. Bib. Am. Vetu^ Add. 4; R ii. 
568 (Rome: Beiicken k IStjr, 14»7). Copic*: 
JCBr; Hiipanic. 

Innocent III, Pope; Lotario de' Contt. 
De miseria conditionia humanae. See 
Lothuius DUconiu, 10209-10222. 

Innocent IV, Pope; Sinibaldo de' Fieschi. 
9191* Apparatus super v libris decretalium. 
Strasburg, 1478. f. 

Rcf: BM Cat (EigeUein). Copi»: UnTS; UPa. 

Bulla canonization is Sancti Leopold! 
Marchionis, datum 8 id. Jan. |6]. 
14«4,S,. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cal (Vienna: Prinler of 1482 Vocabo. 
liita: Kobiinger?): Pr 9471 (Caaiii): C 3267. 
Copr: AmBt 

Copy: AmBt (> variant iuue). 

Bullae, datum Romae, 13 Jan. 1487. 4°. 

Copy: HsrTS. 

(Constitutio.) Lecta 5 Jul. 1485. Broad- 
Copy: Harv {Rome: Silber). 

Gherlinc?). Capy: 1 

[Granted by Innocent vin, in 1491, 

to the Monastery of the Virgin at 
Godoy.i Broadside. 

Copy: Hiipanic (Ltridi: Dotel, 1491). 

[Granted by Innocent vin and re- 
granted by Alexander vi, in 1498, 
through Alfonso de Loaa.i Broadside. 

Kef: Daft 213 (Weitminiter: Wynkyn de Wordc. 
I49». Copy: JH. 

iLicense to clergy, granted by Alex- 
ander VI. 2 Feb. 1499, through Robertui 
Caitellensis.i Broadside. 

Ref: Dnff 217 rariaat (London: Pynwn. 1499). 
Copy: KYP. 

(Lerida: Botel, 1491). 

■Indulgence.] Pro reedificatione hospi- 
• '• ' • ■ ■ " tefla. 

■; Wynkyn de Worde, 

Copy: AmBt (Rone; Flannck?). 

Lecte 11 Dec. 1484. 4*. 

Ref: R 221 (Rome: Plannck). Copy: HWt. 

Lecte I Mar. 148S. 4°. 

Copy: Harv (Rome: Beticlien?), 

Lecte 10 kal. Apr. 1485. 4*. 

Copy: HarTS (SunderUnd). 

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InnodHt VIII, Pope, continued. 
9220 Lectc 4 Jul. I486. 4'. 

Copr: HarTS. 

9224 Lecte 6 Mar. 1487. Rome: Sil- 

ber, 1487. 4'. 

Copy: H»rTS. 

Inidtotii, Henricus. 

9233* Tractatus varii contra errores ad- 
versus eu charts tiae sacramentum exor- 
tos. Nuremberg: Koberger [1496], 26 
Jan. 4'. 

Copie*: Col; LC(T). 

9238* Malleus Maleficarum. V. 

Rcf: Pr 526 (Strisburi: Pruii; or Spfier: Dnch. 
By Juobm Sprenier and Hcnrkai Instllorit); 
C. Copy: LC. 

9239* i'. 

Ref: BM Cat (Speicr: Drach) : C (Strii 
Pru»», c, 1487). C ■ " " ■ 
SCar (Kloia). 

924S* Nuremberg: Koberger, 1494, 17 

Mar. 4'. 

Copiet; BoitonMcd; Han; Walki WUV. 

Insnlia, Alanus ab. See Alantu, 376-392. 

IiUonia, Hispalensia. 

9270* Liber etymologiarum. f*. 

Ref: BM Cat (Slmrturg: Menielin, c. M71). 
Copiea; Hary; KiipaaU; IX; Sun; Ya <Wod- 

9273* [Augsburg:] Zainer, 1472, 19 

Nov. f°. 

Rcf: BM Cat. Copies: Grol; LC; Xew; JUH. 

9274* Basel, 1489, 6 id. Aug. [fti i\ 

Rcf: BU CM (FuiicrO: Pr TSSO (Amorbach). 
Copies: Cor; (Henkeli. 11 Nov. 1915). 

9275* Paris: Wolf & Kerver, 1499, 25 

May. i'. 

Copy: Walk. 

9277* ct de summo bono. f*. 

Rcf: Pr (16Ib cenl.); C (Venice: Scotui. I4BS). 
Copies: Harr; HWt. 

9279* Venice: Loslein. 1483. 1°. 

Ref: Smith. Ran Aritbmetin. Copiet: Boaton; 
Hiipanic: N YSt( Campbell ) ; Ph(W): UnTS; 
WITb: LC(T); JM; GAPf; HWf. 

9280* Venice: Locatellus, 1493, 3 id. 

Dec. ill.i i'. 

\: CPh; Hispanic; New; NYP; Watki (lU- 

Interpretationei seu somnia Danielis. 4*. 

Ref; cf C 1873 (Rome: Guldiobeck). Copy: WMV 
(c. 1477). 

For other editions see Daniel, 5924. 

Copiea: C 

Copiea; Harv; ' 

2* Nuremberg, f. 

Ref: cf Hain 92IS & Pr 40DZ (Rome: Martin of 

ATHHErdani ft Besicktn). Copy: JPHt <c. 

IntCFTDgatioiiet confesBorum. 4°. 

Copy: Hiipanic (Toulouse: Parix ft Qeblat, c. 

Iiuc AlfuL 

Halakot (Compendium of the Talmud). 

Ref: Freimana. Zeilsch. hebr. Bibliof. ill. IS 
(Spain), iiv, 80 (Fee, ivi. cenL). Copy: Jcw- 
isbTSU luvei). 

luuc Judaeua; Ishak ben Soleiman Israeli. 

9267* Tractatus de particularibus diaetia. 

Padua:Cerdonis. 1487, 23 Mar. 4°. 

Copies: CPh; JewiihTS; LC(T). 

Itach, el Abad. 

9268 De religione [translated by Fr. Bernal 
Boyl]. San Cucufate, 1489, 29 Nov. 


Ref: Haebler J25 (Hums). Copy: Hispanic. 

Isaac ibn Sahult. 
Mashal ha Kadmoni (Fables). 4°. 

Ref: Pr 7)09 (Soncino)-. SteiDschneider ll!t-S2: 
SerapcDDi, 1BS4, p. 348 (Soncino, 1490 or Bres- 
cia. 1490-91); Jacobs 75; Caunio J4. Copy: 


9286 Paris: Pigouchet for De Marnef, 

1491. 8°. 

Ref: C. Copy: HWt. 

9288* Leipzig: Arti. de Colonia, 1493, 

kal. Oct. [1.1 4°. 

Copy: Ya. 

9290 Paris: Mercator, 1493, 5 Nov. 8'. 

Paris: Jehannot, 149S, 11 Aug. 8'. 

Ref: C 3325. Copy: Pb(W). 

9291 Paris: Jehannot, 1495, 27 Aug. 


Rcf: Pr 8J3S. Copy: LC(T). 

9294* Soliloquia, qui nuncupatur sinoninut. 

iter: BM Cat (Nurcn 
1470). Copiea: LC; I 

Paris: Mercator, 1497. 8°. 

Copy: Walk. 

9299* Tractatulus synonymorum de vite 
pre sent is regimine. 4*. 

Copy: WKB. 

9302* De responsione mundi et astrorum 
ordinatione. Augsburg: Zainer, 1472, 
7 Dec. i°. 

Copiea: Baaton: JPMf. 

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Isidonu, Hisfiatensis, cotttiimed. 
9304* Opuaculum de temporibus. 4". 

Cepr; HWt <Roinc: Plinnck. c. 1*90). 

9306* Contra ludaeos. 4°. 

rfBMCtt. Cofiy- 


9314 Ontio de laudibus Helenae. f°. 

Rcf: Pr S2!g (Vcoke: Pmni); C (1480). Copi»: 
Han: (CICTen); WUV (c 1494). 

laraeli, Isaac. See lauc Judaeiu, 9267. 

9322* Itmerarimn seu peregrinatio btUt 
Marie Virginia. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 2584 (Ulm: Rc«er. c. H90). Cop;: 

Ivo; Saint Yves of Chartres, 
9328* Liber decretonim sive panormia. 
Basel: Furter, 1499. 6 Mar. 4°. 

Capjel: Hmrr; HarvLaw. 

Jacobus Ramaniu. See RomMnua, 13963. 
Jacobus de Theramo. See Theramo. 
Jacobus de Vomgine. See Voragine. 
Jacopone de Benedetti, da Todi. 
9355 Li cantichi o vero I^ude. Florence: 
Bonaccorsi, 1490, 28 Sept. 4*. 

ReC: Pr 6310. Copy: Welluley. 

Jafar-ibn-Hnhamined. See Albumasar, 608- 

/9358* De mysteriis Aegyptiorum [and other 
tracts). Venice: Aldus, 1497, Sept. l". 

Copie*: Hir . 

m; CWC; JPM;* 

Jacob ben Asber. See Ascher. 1880-1884. 
Jacobus de Clnsa, of Juterbogk; Cartbusi- 

Jean d'Ams. See Helasine. 11056-11066. 
Jean de NlveUe. See Jobanncs of Hivigella. 

: Fruu): cf BM Cat. 

9329* i'. 

tttf: BH Cat |Sp«i«r: Printer of Ct>U CbriMi). 
Copx: WGS. 

9333* Sermones dominicales. f. 

Bcf: BM Cat (Spcier: Primer of GeMa ChriatI); 
C (Drach, 1475). Copj: (Hoc). 

9343* Tractatus de contractibus. 4*. 

Kef: BH Cat (Calc«ne: Solidi, 1474?); Pr S72e 
(Vieone: Solidi): C. Copy; LC. 

De erroribus et moribus Christianomm. 
Lubecic, 1488, ante festum nativitatis 
Cbristi [Dec. 25]. 4°. 

Ref: BH Cat (Poppj Printer. Braodii?); C J335; 

Pr 3«27. Copy: AmBt. 


Ref: BH Cat (Eailingen: Ffncr, 1475-76T}. 
Conr: LC. 

9348* 4°. 

Ret: Hain (Ewliafcn: Fyner). Copy: LC. 

9349* Burgdorf, 1475. £*. 

Ref: BH Cat. Copie*: AnBt (SrHon Park); 

9350* Pasaau, 1482, 11 Sept. 4'. 

Ref: BU Cat (Uayr). Copie*: AmBt; LC. 

9362 iCommentary oi 
Hebrew.) 4°. 

Ref: Jacobi 12 (Romt. 

(Obadiah. Maoaauh ft B< 
De Roiri 114; Steii 

9363 Reggio di Calabria: 

ben Garton. 1475, 18 Feb. 4 

Ref: Jacob* t: Pr. p. 500: De Rf 

*rhiieider 2342. Co| " 

Fentateucb, in 

t 1480); Pr 7J43 
Benjamin of Rome): 
ineider 2342. Copr: 


: Rofenlhal 52 (Guadalanra, e. I4B 
«f); Haebler u. S67, 10 (Montaiban: J 
Copj: JewiahTS (1 leaf). 


Sec also Bible, Hebrew, Pentateuch; 
Hagiographa and Talmud. 
Jedayah ben Abnifaam Ha-Peninl BedanU. 

9368 Behinath Clam [Contemplation of tbc 
world, in Hebrew,. Soncino, 1484, 12 
Dec. 4'. 

Ref: Jacobi 32: Pr 7294 (Joibua Solomon): D« 
Rout 38; Steinichn eider 1284; Caiiulo 9; 
RaMntbil 7; Minznni 28. Copiei: Col; Drop- 
tie; JewiihTS (2); LC 

9369 Mibhar ha Peninim {Choice of pearls, 
proverbs; by Solomon ben Judah ibn 
Gabirol|. Soncino: Joshua ben Israel 
Nathan Soncino [1464, 14 Jan.i. 4°. 

Ref: Jacobi 31; Pr 7293; De Roiu S%: Stein, 
lehneider 2319: Caaiuio 8 
cf Hiin IU3«. Cojritl: C< 
iiliTS(2); LC; US (2). 


I; kcbit 

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Judah ben Jehiel, Messer Leon. 
9370 Nofet Sufim (Rhetoric). 4'. 

Rcf; Jacobi 9 (Manliu: ContI, before HSO); Pr 
69041 Dc Rom! 113; Steinichneider 1312; 
Koientbat 1; Wactailein 195. Copict: Col; 
HebrewUdi JewiahTS. 

Jeteme, Saint. See Hieroiqnitns, S549-S6S6. 


9371* Etucidarius scrtpturarum. Nurem- 
berg; Creuasner. 1476. f . 

Re£: Pr 2131. Copy: LC. 

Jesu Hali. See Haly. 
Joannitiiu. See Johannitiiu. 

Johannes Corlhusknsis, continued, 
vDe humililate interiori. Venice: Jenson, 
Mcccc [1480i, prid. oon. Jul. [6.) 4'. 

Ref: »; C 3358. Copie.: Micb; JHSeh (Wodhull). 

i ChTTUatO' 

JohanncB de Cireyo. 

9391 Privilegia ordinis Ctaterciensis. Di- 
jon; Metlinger, 1491. 4 non. Jul. r4.i 4°. 

Rcf: Fr S795: Hain '13367: Thitrrv Poux 148. 
Copi«: AmBt; LC; LC(T); CWC. 

Johannes Alezandrinus, Patriarch. 
Tractatua brevjs de articulia fidei. f. 

Copjr; Hiipanic (Valencia: Fernindei d« C6r- 
doba, 1483-85). 

Johannes de Capua. See Capua. 

John the Evangelist, Saint. 
9383, 9384 Apocalipsia cum glossis Nicolai 
de Lyra; volgarizzata. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6749 (Naples, c. 1470^- Copy; WUV. 

Johannes Carthiuieniis; Giovanni di Dio. 
^ 9388 Noace te. [Vemce:i Jenaon, 14S0, 4 
kal. Jul. iJun. 28.) 4°. 

Ref: R; Pr 4127. Copiri: Micb; JHSch (Wad- 
hull). > 

9389* Heidelberg, 1489, ,after] 6 Jul. 


^9390 Liber qui intitulatur Corona scnum. 
iVenice:j Jenaon, 1480, 5 non. Jul. i3.] 


Ref: Pr 4127. Copiei: Micb; JHSch (Wodbull). 

. Libellua in praeparatione infirmorum, qui 
floa vitae interpret at ur. Venice: Jen- 
aon, 1480, 14 kal. Sextilea Jul. 19,. 4°. 

Ref: R; C J356: Pr 4127. Copiei: AmBt: Miclil 
JHSch (WodhuU); HWf. 

J De immensa charitate Dei. Venice: Jen- 
son, ucccccLxxx [1480], non. Jul. [7,i .4°. 

Ref: R; C 3357; Pr 4127. Copiei: Uich: JHSeh 

Johannes de Gandavo. See Gandavo, 7457- 

Johannes de Gradibus. See Gradibus, 7836- 

Johannes de Hauteselve. See Historia sep- 

tem sapientum Romae, 8722-8740. 
Johannes de Hese. See Hesse, 8535-8537. 
Johannes de Hildeshelm. 
9398* Liber de gestia et trina trium regum 

translatione. jCologne:] Guldenscnaff, 

1486. 4°. 

Rc(:BMCat. Copiei: AnBti NYP. 

9399* Modena: Richizola. 1490, 17 

Aug. 4°. 
Copr; JPMt. 
9401* Ein biich der heiligen dryer 

kunig. f*. 

Ref: Schorbacfa 43. Cop]r: JPMt (Str>d>at(: 
Knoblochtier, c. 1484). 

Johannes Gobil or GoUus Junior. 
9405* Scala coeli. Lubeck, 1476. f". 

Ref: BM Cat (L. Biandis); Pel) 526S. Copy: 

9406* Ulm: Zainer, 1480. r. 

Ref: Fell S269. Copiea: Cor; Harri Pli(W}: 

9407 Straaburg: Eber, 1483. f°. 

Ref: Pr 511A; Pell 5270. Copy: LC(T). 

9408 -^ Louvain: J. de Westfalia, 1485. 

De spiritu Guidonia. Delft, 1486, in pro- 
festo b. Barbare {Oct 4j. 4°. 

(Jacob van dcr M*c() ; Fell 
Copy: Dart. 


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Jobannct dc Imob. See ImeU, 9138-9158. 

Johuuica de Sancto Laurentio. 

9410 Postille evangeliorum dominic&lium 

totius anni et aliquorum festorum. 

Brussels. 1480, 4 non. Oct. [4., f°. 

Ref: Cunpbcll 1041 (Brmlieri of the Conunon 
Life); Ft 9J33. Copie>: AmBf (Morrii); LC 

Johannes Sariaberieniis; John of Salis- 

9430* Policraticus de nugis curialium et 
vestigiis philosophorum. {°. 

Ref: Cimpbrll 1045 (Dniilels: Brother! of Ibc 
Common Life, c. 1480): C (Cologne: Iber Hoer- 
nen), Copiei: AmBfi Prin; CWC; JPMt. 

Johannea de Staupttz. See SUupitc, 15052. 

9412* Concordantie biblie et canonum. f°. 

Ref: BMCat (Baiel: Kaler); C. Copia: Ph(W); 
HWt (e. 148*). 

9416* Basel: Kesler, 1487, 4 id. Jul. 

|12.i t'. 

Copie.: Col: LC(T). 

9417* Basel. 1489, ult. Jan. f". 

Ref: BH C»t (Furterf); Pr 7S77 (Amorluch). 
Copy: EW (Burton). 

See also Concordantiae tninores BJ- 

blionim. 5613. 
Johann von Paltz, Vala or Phala. 
9418, 9420 Die hymelisch Funtgrub. 4". 

Ret: BU Ctt (Leipiig: Landibeir. Preface dated 
1490). Copy: (Kroencke). 

Johannes Peachamus or Kthaaniu; John 

9427* De oculo morali. f . 

Ref: BM CM (Aunburi; Sorv): Pr 1159. Hot 
written br Arcbbiihop Petkhim; probably by 
Pierre de Limosei- Copiti: PhCW); JPMt 


9429* 4'. 

Ref: BU Cat (Sitaiburg: KnoblochUer); C (1481). 
Copie*: NYPi HEH. 

Ref: Campbell 1477 (Deventer: Pafraet, c. 1490): 
Pr 90J4: C J367 (ColoRne: Koelhoft, cf VodL 
liimt. p. 107): RM (General Cat., Venice^ 
14Sor)- Copie*: NYP; HEH. 

Johannci de Sacro Bosco. See Sacro Busco, 

Johannes de VanckeL See Koelner, 9786- 

Johannes Vincellensis or Vercellensis. 
Sertnones vademecum de tempore et de 
Sanctis. Strasburg, 1490. 4*. 

CiPT-- Slli. 

9431* 4". 

Bef: BM Cat (Straibura: PruM, e. 148S-93): C 
(149S). Copiei: [NYSl (Camphell)]; Ph(W); 

Johannitius: Abu Said Honain ben Ishak el 


9435 Isagoge in tegni Galeni. Leipzig: 
Wolfgang iStockeli Monacensis, [14,97, 
27 May. 4°. 

Ref: C 111, p. 269. Copy: Surg. 

See also Articella, 1868-1873. 
Jordanus Nemorarius. 

9436 Arithmetica et Musica. Paris: Hig- 
man & Hopyl. 1496, 22 Jul. f. 

Ref: Pr B137: C: D. E. Sniih, Rara Arithmetica. 
Copici: NYP(3): LC(T); GAPt; HWf. 

Jordanus Osnabui^ensis. 
9437* De Romano imperio. f*. 

Ref: BM Cat (Rome; Hao): C. Copy: BWt 


Jordanus de Quedlinbu^, de Saxooia. 

9438* Opus postillarum. Sermones de tem- 
pore. Strasburg, 1483. f*. 
Bef: BM Cat (Printer of Jordanaa): C (Grv- 
ninger). Copies; UnTS; Watk; (Libbie, 26 
April 1910). 

9443* Textua passionis Chrtati secundum 
quattuor evangelistaa. 4°. 

Ref: BU Cat (Baiel: Wolf f of Pfonheim, 14VZ): 

Pr 7S25 (Amori)»ch). Copy: UnTS. 

Josephus, Flavius. 

9449 De antjquitate Judaica. De bello Ju- 

Ref: Pr 226 (Siraiburg: Mentelin). Copy: Cor. 

9450 {'. 

Ref: BM Cat (L&beek: L. Brandi*); C <c. 1475). 
Copie*: LC; UnTS. 

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Josephvs. Flaviut, continued. 

94S1* Augsburg; Schiisler, 1470, 4 kal. 

Jul. Jun. 2S,; 10 kal. Sept. [Aug. 23.) 

Ret: DM Cu. Cepiu: CWCi FWL <Cn«faTd): 

JPM-. LCtT); 

9453 Venice: R. de Novimagio. 1481, 

10 May & u!t. Mar. f. 

Ref: R; Pr UM; Hain 9456. Couel: Boaton; 
JewiihTSi P*«b; JM; WMV. 

9454* Venice: Joannes iRubeusj, 1486, 

23 Oct. f. 

Rcf: Pr SII8. Copiu: Himillani Hirv; New; 
Ph(W); UnTS: EW (Carvalbo); WHHN; 

94SS* Venice: Albertinus rRubeu'i. 

1499, 23 Oct. i-. 

Capi«: JewiihTS; Ph(W)i Yai RH; UEHi 

9456 See 94S3, part i. 

9457* De bello Tudaico. Rome: Pannartz. 
1475. 25 Nov. f. 

Copi«: LC: HEH (Pei 

9474 Dejur»reetbla»phemare. Augsburg: 
Froschauer, 1494. 4°. 

Rcf : C III, p. 269. Copr: Pli(W). 

9475* Augsburg: Froschauer, 1499. 

Cepjr: AnBt. 

Jiutinianua, Bernardua. See 9478 and 9638- 

JustiniMniu, Laurentius; Lorenzo Giustini- 

ifori Verard. 1492, 

Rcf: Pr R423. Capr: NYP (Tellumi Richelieu, 
S^ilaii Park Ivea). 

9460 Delia guerra hebbono i giudei. 

Florence: Barttiolomei P. (Librisi, 1493, 
6 Jul. f°. 

Rcf: R: Pr 6199. Copica: LC(T); Witli. 

9461 De U guerra Judayca con los 

libros contra Appion. Seville: Ungut 
& Polono. 1492, 27 Mar. i'. 

Rcf: HacbJer 344. Copiei: Hiapanie (2). 

Joucnnanx or Jomenncanx, Gut. See Juve- 
nal, Guido. 9721-9724. 
9464 De JudMonim et Christianorum com- 

Ref : BM Cat (BsmI: Fiich. not after 1474) ; Hain 
(Straibur«). Copr: JeoiahTS. 

9465 ('. 

Ref: Pr 112 (Straibura: Printer of Hcnricui An. 
minentia, not after 1476); C. Copy: JewiihTS. 

Judaeus, Abraham. See Ab«n Ezra, 21-23. 

Judaeos, Ishak ben Soleiman. See laaac, 

Jung, Ambrosius. 

9472* Tractalulus perutilis de pestilentia ex 
diversis auctoribus aggregatus. Augs- 
burg: Schonsperger. 1494, teria 5 post 
Elisabeth [Nov. 20]. 4°. 

Ref; BM Cat. Copifi: CPh; Surg. 
9473* Tractat und Regiment in der 
schweren Zeit der Pcstilenz. Augs- 
burg: Schonsperger, 1494, am Freitag 
nach Martini iNov, 14i, 4°, 

Kei: SndhDff 203. Copr: CPh. 

9477 Doctrina della vita monastica. 
20 Oct. 4°. 

Ref: Ri C 1JB4; Pr 5669 (Venice: pr 
AuBuaiinua Uoravni). Copica: Hanr; 



Strasburg: Eggesteyn, 1472, 17 
;. tSept. IS., P. 

9476 Bernard! Justinian! in B. Laurent!! 
(JuBtiniantj vitam. Venice: Jac. de Ru- 
beus, 1475, 6 !d. May ,10]. 4*. 

Ref: R; C; Pr 4240. Copr: KDP. 

Justiniaaiu, Flavius Anicius, Emperor. 
9487* Instituttones. f. 

Rcf: BM Cat (Batel: Knler). Copj: Harv. 

9488* [Venice:) Jenson. f°. 

Capiei: Harv; MDioc. 

Lyons: Gueynard. 8°. 

Ret: C 3390 tl496). Copy: Ph(W). 

9491* Strasburg: 

kal. Oct. tf 

Ref: BM C*t; C J389. Copy- Drapaie (pan i 

9495* Rome: Callus, 1475. 19 kal. Aug. 


Copiea: UChi; JM; HWt. 

9498* Mainz: Schoiffer, 1476. 10 kal. 

Jun. |May 23.| f. 

Coplc»: CLN; WMV (Scilliere). 

9500* Basel: Wenssler, 1476, prid, kal. 

Jun. [May 31.1 f. 

Copiea: UChi; JHSch; LC(T). 

9502* Rome: apud S. Marcum, 1476, 

IS Jul. f. 

Ref: BM Cat (Puecher). Copy: Harv. 

9507* Basel: Wenssler, 1478, prid. kal. 

Aug. [Jul. 31., P. 

Rcf: BM Cat, Copiea: HarrUw; (Park). 

9509* Basel: Wenssler. 1481, prid. kal. 

Dec. iNov. 30., f. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copir: JM. 

9512 1483. 23 Oct. 4\ 

Rcf: R (Venice); Hain (Scotua). Copiei: Him 

9S14* Venice: And. de Socciis, 1484. 

9519* Nuremberg: Koberger, 1486, 6 

kal. Jan. [Dec. 27 .| t°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Dec.. I4gt»: Butfcr. lodei (1485). 
Capiei: Col; Harv; Ffa(W)i LC(T). 

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Justiuianut, flaoiut Anicius, continued. 

9522 Venice: R. de Novimagio, 1490. 

18 Mar. f°. 

Rcf: Ri B^Uini (CopnlKini). 145t. Copy: Hoc 

9S28* Venice: Hieronymus de Paga- 

nints, 1493, 29 Mar. 8'. 

Copx! Ph(W). 

9532* Venice: Hertzog, 1494, 7 id. 

Aug. i7.i 8". 

Copy: Crol. 

9535* Venice : B. de Tortis, 1497. 1 

Mar. f°. 

Copt: LC. 

9539* Venice: B. de Tortis, 1499. 4 

Apr. f°. 

Copr: HitvLaw. 

9S46* Digestum vetus. Venice: Jac. Ru- 
beus. 1477. n kal. Dec. ,Nov. 21., f°. 
Copr: Portknd, Otc 

9550* Nuremberg: Koburger, 1482, 10 

kal. Dec. [Nov. 22., f. 

Co[rici: H«r*; RT. 

9556* Venice: Torreianus, 1491, 7 kal. 

Apr. (Mar. 26.i I*. 

Copy: JPG (C»rv»lho). 

9559* Venice: B. de Tortis, 1498, 5 

Oct. f. 

Copy: LC. 

9576* Digestum infortiatum. Venice: B. 
de Tortis, 1497. 16 Feb. f. 

Copt: LC. 

/■ufintontM, Flaviiu Anuiiu, continued. 

9614* Venice: B. de Tortis, J490, 22 

Mar. f. 

Copiet: HirrLair; WVK. 

9615* Venice: Arrivabeoe, 1491. 12 

Aug. f°. 

Copy: Uoilon. 

9619* Venice: B. de Tortis, 1496, 29 

Jul. f°. 
Copt: LC. 

Lyons: Petrus de Ungaria. 1496, 18 

Aug. 4°. 

Ret: C 3400. Copy: LC(T). 

9621* Venice: B. de Tortis, ISOO, 14 

Jan. i'. 

Copy: Ph(W). 

9623* Novellae constitutiones. Consuetu- 
dines feudorum. Mainz: Schoiffer, 
1477. 12 kal. Sept. lAug. 21., f. 
Copy: y.. 

9624* Venice: Jac. Rubeus. 1477, 16 

Jan. P. 

Copy: HarvLaw. 

9630* Venice: G. de Tridino. 1487. 5 

Apr. f°. 
Copy: LC(T), 

9632* Venice: Arrivabene. 1491, 20 

Mar. f. 

Copici: Boiton: EFM. 

9582* Padua: Maufer, 1479. f. 

Copy: AmUt. 

9585* Nuremberg: Koburger. 1483. 12 

kal. May [Apr. 20]. t°. 

Copy: LC(T). 

9590* Venice: Andreas Calabrensia, 

1491. ult. Apr. !'. 

Copy: Boaton. 

9598* Codex. Mainz: Schoyffer, 1475. 7 
kal. Feb. [Jan. 26.| f°. 

Rrf: BM Cil. Copy: CWC. 

9599* Nuremberg: Frisner & Sensen- 

schmid. 1475. 24 Jun. f. 

Rcf: BM Oil. Copiei: AmBt: Himilton. 

9601* — ^ Venice: Jac. Rubeus, 1478, 7 

9603*^ ,Lyons:i Syber. 1482, 23 Nov. 

Copy': Hirv. 

Copy: HirvLaw. 

M36* Venice: B. de Tortis, 1498, 8 

Justinianus, Bernardus. 
9638* Historia deorigine urbis Venetianim. 
Venice; Benalius. f. 

Copin: HirTS (SDnderlud); Htn-: Fb(W); 

9639* Orationes, nonnullae epistolae. Ven- 
ice: Benalius. f°. 

Ktl: Pirt II of H*in 9638; C (1492). Copy: Han. 

9644* Oratio habita apud Sixtum iv. PonL 
Max.. Rome. 4 non. Dec. 147J. 4". 

Rcf: BM Cal <F]annck). Copy: Hm (Riint). 

Juatinianua, Sebastianus. 
9645 Oratio habita coram VuIadJslao Rege 
Boemie, 5 Apr. 1500. 4°. 

ReT; R: cf Pr S5J4 (Venice: Bern, de Viulibui). 

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Jiiadniu, Marcus Junianus. Juvmalii,Decimus Junius, tonliaued, 
9646 Epitoma id Tragi Pompeii bistorias. 9676 4°. 

- P. 

9648 Rome: Sweynheym & Pannartz. ^""y- '^^^''■ 

1472, 26 Sept. P. pggo Milan: Zarotua, 1474. A". 

Ref: BM C.t. Coff. WKB. r,,, p, jjgj. Co„: Hirv (Wodhull). 

9683* Milan: Zarotus, 1476. 4°. 

Con- Harv {Hopctonn). 

9684 Milan: Lavagnia; 1478. 6 kal. Jun. 

(May 27., f°. 

Ref: Margin 16; C. Cgpr: H»rv. 
Reft Pr S87S.; C. CopiMi H«v (H.b«): HEH. pggg yji^^: ZarotUS, 1481, 11 Jul. £'. 

9651* Venice: Petri. 1479, 12 Dec. f°. B<f: R; Morpin n. Copy: H.rv. 

•^"SpMt^TcJi.Vlfii'f^^^ """' ^"^' "'^''' 9688- (Commentary by Calderioua.) 

jfMT, w,(i), H«r. Venice: Rubeua. 1475. 8 kal. May [Apr. 

24,. 4°. 

Copies; H«rv 
9654* - 

:om»: 1 

BoMooAtli (Sdhcx); LC{T); JM; TBDV; 

9691 Venice: B. de Tortis, 1481, ult. 

Oct. i'. 

9655 f°. 

Rtf; Pr SI20 (Rubeui ft Madiui); C (1490), 

Puiier »i, W7. no. 51 (Henr. de Colonim). Kef: R; Pr 4608; C. Copj: Hirr. 

Copici; Drew: Ph(W): IIWI (1486). 

, 9692 Venice: B. dc Tortis, 1482, 3 

9657* Venice, 1497, 8 Nov. f°. Aug. f. 

Kef: Pr 5319 (Piociui). Copie.: Col; H.rv; HWf. r,,; R; p, 4s|j. Copiti: H.rrj UP. (Willi™ 

9658 & SextU! Rutua. De historta Ro- " 

mana. Paris: Petit. 4°. 9693* Milan: Pachel & Scinczinczeller, 

Copiea: Hirv; (Nexsen). 1483, 16 Apr. f. 

Copj: Prin. 

9694 Venice: Thomas de [Blavis,. 1483, 

19 Jul. r. 

Ret: C; Pr 4756. Copiei: Wstk; (Anderwo, 3 
Feb. 19ID). 

Rtf: Pr4319. Copies: AmArtiq; Ph(W); LC(T). 9695* Venice: B. de Tortis. 1483. 22 

Jul. r. 

JnatuB de Comitibua. See Comitibiu, 5S43- Copiti: ucuf; Hwt. 

9697* Venice: B. de Tortis, 1485. 30 

Juvenalit, Decimus Junius. Mar. f. 

Ref : The Salira of'Peniui were prioted wilh (hoK Copiei: LC(T); Well; HWf. 

of Juvenal in minr of the earlier edilioni. 

The« ire deKribed in M. H. Mof».n'. A Bib- 9699* Venice : Bart, de Zanis. 1487, 3 

liograpfay of Peraias, Cambridfc. 1909. Qct. f°. 

9663 Satvrae. 4°. ^"f"*- «»"• I^<T."' 

': Hain (Venice: Valdarfer). Copy: Har* (La 
/a 11 lire). 


<■ IT -USB (Venice- Wendeiin of Speier)- R ^^^* (Commentary by Valla.) Ven- 

(c. 147S). Copiea: AmBt (Sunderland); Am; ice: Strata. 1486, 8 Nov. f. 

WMH. Hef: Pr 4591. Copiea: LCPh; [NYSt]; Pli(W). 

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Juvenalis. Decimus Junius, continufd. Kalonymoi b«n Kalonjrraoi. 

9704* (Commentary by Caldcrinua & 97SI Eben bohan (Touchstone, a satire in 

Valla.) Venice: Th. de Ragazonibua, Hebrew). Naples: Josef Ashkenazi, 

1491.16Jun. r. •"" " *- " 

Copi«: Drew; LC(T); HWt. 

1489. 25 Aug. 4*. 

Copt: CL. 

9707 Turin: N. de Benedictis & Su 

gus. 1494, 8 id. Oct. |8.i f°. 

Ref: C; Pr 722J. Copy: H»rT. 

9708 Lyons: Vingle. J49S, IS May. f°. 

Copt: lc. 

9710* (Commentary by Calderinus, 

Mancinelli & Valla.) Venice: J. de 
Tridino, 1494. 28 Jan. i". 
Copica: CLi tU; GBW. 

97U* Nuremberg: Koberger, 1497, 6 

Dec. f. 

Rcf: BM Cat. Copicl: Ulrr; LC(T). 

Ref: C (1490). Copia: Peab; HWf. 

9714* (Commentary by Merula, Cal- 
derinus, Uancineiti & Valla.) Venice: 
Tacuinus, 1498, 24 Jul. f. 

CopiM! Boston; JMG. 

AscensiuB.) ' Lyons: Wolf, 1498, 14 Ital. 
Dec. [Nov. 18., 4". 

Rcf: Pr S674. Copiu: Harv; Pub. 

9720 ~- Tradutta in teria rima per Geor- 

fio Summan'pa. Treviso: Manzolinus, 
480, ult. Aug. f°. 

Rcl: R: Pr 6477. Copiu: Ham HCF.' 

Paris: Bal- 

Kotnintus, Canutua, Kanutus, Knutsson. 
9755* Regimen contra peatilentiam. 4*. 

Rcf: Hain (l^ipiii: Arnold de Colonia); KUb* 
(WriltcD by Johuinea Jicobi). Copy: Hirr 

Jmoulis, Guido. 

In latinae linguae elegantia; 
ligault, 14^, 28 Oct. 4°. 

Ref: R; C J41S. Copjr: Ph(W). 

Jovcnctu. Cains Vettius Aquilinus. 
9725* Historia evangeltca. 4°. 

Rcf: Pr 1510 (Colocne: Zierickzee). Copie*: 
UChi; INVStl; UnTS. 

Ref: C 3431; CampbeH 1066 (Antwerp: Goei. 

Ref: R 9S7 (Colofne: Guldenaebuff, s. 1490). 
Copy: CPh. 

[Leipzig:] Amoldum dc Colonia. 4*. 

Ref: R 581 (c. 1493). Copj: WUHed. 

>757* [Leipzig:] Arnoldus de Colonia. 


Ref: BM Cat. Capy: Sure. 

Kannemann, Johannes. 

9759* Passio Christi, cum legend 

rine virginis. 4°. 
Ref: BM Cat CNartmbtrg: Waiaer, 
1491). Copr: Harv. 

Kanatna. See Kaminttts, 9752-9758. 

Kathcrine. Saint. See Catharine, 4687-4703. 

Keinpii, Thomas Haemmerlein a. 
Alphabetum divinis amoris. See Geraen, 

9769* Opera. Nuremberg: Hochfeder. 1494, 
in Tigilia Andree [Nov. 29|. f*. 

: LCPh; New; Ph(W); 
" """ laon). 

Sermones ac epistolae. f°. 

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J, 1491, 26 Jul. f. 

Kethun or Ketam, Joan 

9774* Fasciculus medici) 

Gresorius de Forliv 

Cdpt; BntonMcd. 

9775* Venice: J. & G/ de Gregoriis, 

1495, 15 Oct. f . 

Copiei: CPh (2); Surg; ECS. 

9776* Venice: J. & G. de Gregoriis, 

1500,28 Mar. f. 

Copiei: NYAewl Med; BrwikljFnKinsiCoMed; 
HEH; JPMt«); HWt. 

9777* Venice: J. & G. de Gregoriis, 

1500, 17 Feb. f. 

Copio: JCre (Senn)i JHopUniHoip; NY Acad 
Ifedi Surg. 

Fasiculo in volgare. Venice: Z.&G. 

di Gregorii, 1493, 5 Feb. f. 

Ref: R: C 24» ft J449. Copit*: (Hoc): JPMf. 

Kimhi, David. See David. 
Knutason. See Kunintas, 9752-9758. 

Koelner, Johannes, de Vanckel. 

9786* Sunnnarium tcxtuale et conclusionet 
super Sexti Decretalium ct Clementi- 
narum. ,pt, l,i Cologne: Koelhoff, 1484, 
in vigilia Symonis ct lude rOct. 27|: 
,pt. 2,, Cologne, 1465 ,1485,. in vigilia 
purification is B, M. V. [Feb, 1.] f°. 

Copjr: MS. 

Koelner, Johannes, continued. 
Venice: Joh. & 9787* -—-Cologne: Koelhoft, 1488, i: 

..a Viaitationis B. M. V. [Jul. 1|, ,„ .<b<- 
lia nativitatis B. V. iSept. 7.i r. 

Copiei: UnTS; LC(T). 

1788* Cologne: Koelhoff, 1493, in vigi- 
lia purifi'cationis B. M. V. iFeb. li; 1494. 
in vigilia anounciationis [Mar. 24). f°. 

Copy: UnTS. 

Rcf: C (Cologne: Koellioff). Copy: PIi(W). 

Koenigshofen, Jacob von. 

9792* Cronica von alien Kaysern und Kuni- 

gen. Augsburg: Bamler, 1476, 12, 25, 18 

Oct. £*. 

Ref: BM Cit (Br J. Bamler). Copy: JPHf. 

Kol Bo (A collection of ritual laws). A". 

Rtf: Jicobg 69 (Niplei, c. 1490): Stdntchndder 
S5S ft Ixuiiii CiuDto, RiiilU Israelilica II. 
It7; Pr 7437. Copiei: JewiihTS (2); LC. 

[KotzenatBj Hosea ben Jacob, of Coucy. 
9795 Sefer Uisvoth Gadol (Code of laws). 

Kef: Jacob* 15 (Rome, before 1480); De Roui 
122; SleinutaBeider 179«; Madam. II Bibli- 
otilo. IV. 97; Pr 7434. Copy: JcwiahTS. 

9796 iSoncino:i Gershom ben Moiea 

Soncino, 1488. 19 Dec. f°. 

Ref: De Roiii 61-«2; SteiDKhneidcr 1797: Cai- 
■oto 27: Fr 7J0«: Jacobt 65. Copiei: Jewiih 
TS; LC; JHG; HWt. 

(To be continued) 

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Allen, Edward Frank. Keeping our fight- 
er* fit for war and after, written with the 
cooperation of Raymond B. Foadick, chair- 
man of the War and Navy Departments 
Commissions on Training Camp Activities, 
with a special statement written for the 
book by Woodrow Wilson. New York: 
The Century Co., 1918. 6 p.I., 3-207 p. illui. 
fl2°. BTZS 

American Academy of Political and 
Social Science, Philadelphia. The world's 
food... Editor in charge of this volume: 
Qyde L. King. Philadelphia: The Ameri- 
can Academy of Political and Social Sci- 
ence. 1917. vii, 303p. diagrs. 8*. (Annals, 
vol. 74 [Whole no. I63j.) SA 

"Thii valumc of the AniuU eennltutes tbe Pro. 
ccediDf* of the Conference oa the World'i Pood, held 
br the AcidoDT in Phibdelphi* cm September 14 and 
IS, WVr — FBrravrd. 

Cimttmti: Pan i. The world'a foD'l. *. Iniroituc- 
~" ;, by G, " " " " 


L The ; 


. Thef. 

ilral.^ iBlrad 

luctory. by 

C. B. 

iliultan of Ni 

. Nan- 

, iviilible fc 


by I. 

wd mpplY, by A- K. No 
meriiin food mpBlj', bj 


,t Holland. 1 

jy A. G. A 

, Van 

t illiei: IntTC 

d 7'0°b7e'm. 




by F, 

rohlem of C 

rot Britati 

.; the 

( world, by A. Poil™. 

ation and co 


A. A 


m. Dietary btbil* 

. bj H, R. M. 

Lafldii. A 


n«di, by H 

e1«i W. At 


Ee^ c. F 

>. Food con 

be coniiderea in conneciiofl wiin ine looa proDiem, 
by H. Heini. The hou«*li*ep«r and the food problem, 
by Charlotte P. Oilman. TTw relalion of (he houae- 
wife lo the food problem, by N. D. Hitchcock Food 

compliBbmenta of boya' and girli ctnba in food pro- 
duction und conaervalion. by D. H. Benion. The 
work conducted by (he commeroial cannen of the 
country, by W. D. Bigelow. 

Part TIT. Production and marketini plana for next 
Te«r: Prodnctioo anil miilittlng pl.nni for nni yrnr. 

ifniied St»f«^.in war tjmej by (;;,?■?' 

mce of milk aa ■ Sooi. by W. H. Jordan. The 
J ioduairy of the United Siatea, by A. C. Biielow. 
»ar and our poi/ito m'liritry. hy I.. D. i!weel. 

uroan and auburban >'■!••' ^"-i.i. ..-i,, !■. r, I,. Pack. 

The point of ori^nol .n i ■ i i i:. Ii \ 1. 

problema, by A. £. GrmnihDni. 

Part IV. Price control; The nccesiitr for gorem- 
mem regulation of pHco in war time, by C. R. Van 
HiH. Food price* va. ware increuet in Philadelphia. 
by R. T. Bye. Conllitulionllity of federal rejrulalion 
of pricea on food and fueli. by C. Thome, What co- 
operation can do and ia doinf in lowering food coala, 
by P. Hamilton. Price control tbrouib induatrial 
organiiation. by J. R. Smith. Price control, by J. E. 

trage d 

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lichen Verfahrens wahrend des gegenwarti- 

gen Krieges. Als Behelf fiir die Offizir^re 

fiir den Justizdiena 

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Hague conventions of 1907, Declaration ot 
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d by Google 



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art. Ministre de la Justice du Royaume de 
Belgique, par la Commission d'Enquete in- 
stituee par le gouvernemcnt beige sur la 
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"The iraniiatian contains onlr tliose portion* of 
liie book which are material to the poiition of Great 
Driuin. nameir. the whole of the first part, lad sec- 
lion 10 of the second pan, which deals with the 
accusationa brauiiht against Belfium of havini cod- 
eluded a military agreement with Great Britain," p. 2. 

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Room 229 


d by Google 


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of the W*SC-t7ttC 

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Nmtianal guildi an'' 

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Titte-pafc and text in Jlpaneac, 

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Typewrillen iheeti. 

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"RrproduclioD iDt^frale. rinparu prtentti 
i M. le preudent du Conaeil par la Cenuniiuon tnnl- 

d by Google 


lu^ en Vuc de Conltltcr t« Ades Coniinii par 
I'EnDenu cti Violatiaa du Droil del Gtat (dfcret da 
23 Kplembre 19 14)." 

GcorEn Pajvlle, pmidtnt of the commiMion. 

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Eires. Deuxieme livre jaune fran^is. 
ille, 1916. Extraits de la note addressee 
par le gouvernement de la Republique fran- 
Caise ftux gouvern erne tits des puissances 
neutres sur la conduite des autorit^s allc' 
mandes a I'egard des populations des d^- 
partements fran^ais occupes par I'ennemi. 
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jDHnut officiel de la R^ublique Fruiciiic. 9 nti}, 

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Devastations et profanations alle- 

mandes en France, 191/. Section photo- 
graphique de I'armee francaise. (Paris, 
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Fortfalio ot photo^mpha. 

Notice descriptive des nouveaux 

uniformes. VWY 

1915, Oct. 10. Mite i jour au 9 Janvier I9i6. 
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1916, Oct. 12. Parii: H. durlei'Lavaiuelle (19161. 
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commentaire. [Edite parj Georges Lainel. 
Paris: Berger-Levrault, 1917. (1)&-I64p. 
16°. (Legislation de guerre. [I7.i) 

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of the Armenian people from traditional 

pany [Cop. 1918]. 352 p., 1 map. 8*. BBX 

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for fighters • ■ - ^ 

"everywhere ... 

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ican-Hellenic Society., Publication no. 1.) 

Gemany. — Auswaertiges Amt. Memo- 
randum of the German government in re- 
gard to incidents allegento have attended 
the destruction of a German submarine and 
its crew by His Majesty's auxiliary cruiser 
"Baralong" on August 19, 1915, and reply 
of His Majesty's government thereto... 
London: Harrison and Sons, 1916. 17(1) p. 
f. (Great Britain. —Foreign Office. Mis- 
cellaneous. 1916, no. 1.) fXBI 

Cd. 8144. 

Delivered by the German gaverDmeiil to the U. S. 
ambaiiador in Berlin and bj him forwarded to L«d- 

Continued in MiicellaneaDl, no. 7 (1916) br Great 
Briuin, Foreign Office with title: Fnnber correvoD- 
dence with the Gemiin sovemment. . . 

Note communicated by the United 

States ambassador. December 12, 1916... 
London: Harrison and Sons. 1916. 1 1, f^ 
(Great Britain. — Foreign Office. Miscel- 
laneous. 1916. no. 38.) t XBI 

Cd. 8406. 

Propoul bjr Ihe Imperial Goremment to enter into 

Kce ncootialioni. Iranimitted to Great Britain bj tbc 
ited Stalei. 

Germany. — Statutes. Die Krie^s-Not- 
gesetze nebst den Ausfuhrungsbestimman- 

fi:n des Gundesrats und des Preussischcn 
andels-Ministers. Ausgabe 2. Sept., 1914. 
Berlin:C. Heymann. 1914. viii,91(l)p. 16". 
BTZE p.v.284, noJ 

Die Versorgungsgesetze fur die 

kriegsbeschadigten Mannschaften und die 
Kriegerwitwen u. -Waisen; (Mannschaftl- 
Versorgungsgesetz und Militar-Hinterblic- 

d by Google 


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del Pe66n; las Haves del Estrecho; opini6n 
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reported to the Board of Trade as totally 
lost between the 4th day of Aug. 1914 and 
the 01st day of October 191S, by enemy 
action and ordinary marine casualties. Lon- 
don: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1916. 1 1. f°. 
(H. of C 430.) tTRp.*,30,no.6 

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ropean war. Further correspondence re- 
garding gifts from the oversea dominions 
and colonies... April. 1915. In continua- 
tion of Cd, 7646, December, 1914. London: 
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respondence relating to the military opera- 
tions in Togoland... April, 1915. Lon- 
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respondence with His hfajesty's minister 
at Berne respecting the question of repri- 
sals against prisoners of war. . . London: 
Harrison and Sons. 1916. 4 p. f. (Mis- 
cellaneous. 1916, no. 29.) fXBI 

Cd. t323. 

Correspondence with the United 

States ambassador respecting conditions 
in the internment camp at Ruhleben. (In 
continuation of "Miscellaneous, no. 13, 
1915": Cd. 7863)... London: Harrison and 
Sons, 1916. 1 p.]., 18 p., 1 1. (\ (Miscel- 
laneous. 1916, no. 3.) fXBI 

Cd. 8K1. 

Correspond encia del secretario de 

estado de ncgocios extranjeros de S. M. 
con el embajador de los Estados Unidos 
en Londres respccto i la ejccuci6n de Miss 

Cavell en Bruselas.. . Paris: T. Nelson & 
Sons [I915n. 23 p. 8°. BTZE p.v.Z82, no.4 

Publiihcd ■[» in Diniih, Dutch, ud Engliih. 

Correspondence with the United 

States ambassador respecting the transfer 
to Switzerland of British and German 
wounded and sick combatant prisoners of 
war. . . London: Harrison and Sons, 1916. 
lp,l.,6p. f°. (Miscellaneous. 1916, no. 17.) 


Cd. 8236. 

Further correspondence with the 

German government respecting the inci- 
dents alleged to have attended the sinking 
of a German submarine and its crew by 
His Majesty's auxiliary cruiser "Baralong^' 
on August 19, 1915. (In continuation of 
"Miscellaneous, no. 1. 1916": Cd. 8144)... 
London: Harrison and Sons, 1916. 1 p.l., 
5(1) p. f. (Miscellaneous, 1916, no. 7.5 


Cd. 8176. 

Cd. B144 fau title: Memonnduni of the Germu 
■oveniinenl in regard to . . . denructioa of > Gennui 
■ubmarine. ..bjr '^tnloag" . . . 

Great Britain and the European 

crisis. Correspondence, and statements in 
Parliament, together with an introductory 
narrative of events. London: Taylor, Gar- 
nett, Evans, & Co., Ltd,, 1914. xxv, 102 p. 
8°. BTZE p. 7.264, no.7 

List of articles declared to be con- 
traband of war... London: Harrison and 
Sons, 1916. lp.I.. 2-3p. f°, (Miscellane- 
ous. 1916, no, 12.) tXBI 

Cd, 8226. 

Memorandum respecting the treat- 
ment of belligerent submarines in neutral 
waters communicated by the allied govern- 
ments to the governments of certain neutral 
maritime states... London: Harrison and 
Sons. 1916. 1 1. f°. (Miscellaneous. 1916, 
no, 33,) f XBI 

Cd. 8349. 

Trench and Eniliih teni in pinllel colamoi. 

Note addressed by His Majesty's 

fovernment to neutral representatives in 
,ondon respecting the withdrawal of the 
Declaration of London orders in Council . . . 
London: Harrison and Sons, 1916. 4 p. f. 
(Miscellaneous. 1916, no, 22.) fXBI 

Cd. 8293, 



md Sot 

(Miscellaneous. 1916, no. 13.) 

Cd. 8232. 

The treatment of Armenians in the 

Ottoman Empire, 1915-16. Documents pre- 
sented to Viscount Gray of Fallodon. . .by 
Viscount Bryce. With a preface by Vis- 
count Bryce. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 
1916. xlii, 684 p., 1 folded map. 8°. (Mis- 
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Cd. 8US. 

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Great Britain. — -National Health Insur- 
ance Joint Committee: Medical Research 
Committee. Interim report on the work in 
connection with the war at present under- 
taken by the Medical Research Committee 
... London: Harrison and Sons, 1915. 6 p. 
f. (Cd. 7922,) t BTZW 

t upon soldiers returned aa 

of disordered action of the heart" 

(D. A. H.) or "valvular disease of the heart" 
<V. D. H.)... (London: Sir J. Cauaton & 
Sons, Ltd., 1917.] viii, 63 p. tables. £". 
(Special report series, no. 8.) SPC 

Greece. — Hypourgeion ton Ex5terikon. 
Le livre Wane grec. Traile d'alliance greco- 
serbe; invasion germano-bulg^re en Mace- 
doine. Paris: Bcrgcr-LevrauTt, 1918. 136 p. 
16°. (Pages d'histoire, 1914- . s^rte 2.) 
BTZE (Facet) 

La pourpartcri diplomitique). (no.] 13. 

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Madrid: Esta'blecimiento tipografico de el 
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marche I" Die Wahrheit untcrwegs 1 Von 
einem Deutschen... Ziirich: Art. Institut 
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Vorwort ugncd: Kurt Gutmuin. 

Hanser, Karl. Swiss internment of pris- 
oners of war, an experiment in international 
humane legislation and administration; a 
report from the Swiss commission in the 
United States, with preface by William 
Staempfli... Introduction by E. Stagg 
Whitin...and Samuel McCune Lindsay... 
New York: Columbia University Press, 
1917. xi, 54p. 8". (Bulletin of social legisla- 
tion on the Henry Bergh Foundation for 
the Promotion of Humane Education, no. 
5.) S£B (Colombia) 

"Rfport, by HiuKr. thf 
■ "a inny... Il is ■ - - 

t tlighl ibridgme..-. . 

undertali™...«t the reqoMt of ihe NHionil Coo. .. 
t« on Priiooi and Piiion Labor, which Idndljr Mw 

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raine under German rule. New York: H. 
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Hedjas, Arabia. The king of Medjaz, and 
Arab independence; with a facsimile of the 
proclamation of June 27, 1916. Together 
with the proclamation issued at Baghdad 
by Lieut.-Gencral Sir Stanley Maude, after 

Herron, George Davis. Geftnanism and 
the American crusade. New York: M. Ken- 
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Bielefeld: Velhagen & Klasing ,1912,. 1 p.l., 
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Hodnl^, Armando. Fiume italiana e la 
sua funzione antigermanica. Roma: Athe- 
naeum, 1917. 2p.l., (l)8-88p.. 11. 8°. 


Holbrook, Lucius Roy. The mess ser- 

S want's handbook, prepared by Major L. R. 
olbrook. . .assisted by Post Commissary 
Sergeant Patrick Dunne. . - iMenasha, 
Wis.: G. Banta Pub. Co., cop. 1916., 116p., 
41. illus. tables. 4. ed. 16°. VWG 

Hopldna, Nevil Monroe. Over the thresh- 
old of war; personal experiences of the 
great European conflict. . .with 70 illus- 
trations, many from photographs by the 
author, drawings by Edmund Frederic, 
documents and colored proclamations. 
Philadelphia and London: J. 6. Lippincott 
Company, 191S. xiii p., 1 1., 375 p. illus. 
8°. BTZE 

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America. Object lessons and warnings. 
Published under the auspices of the Ameri- 
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illus. 12°. BTZS 

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Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1918. 
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Primed io Great Briiain. 

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8°. VYAF 

Naval prospects in 1917. London: 

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12°. VYAD p.v.1. no.l 

Outlawry at sea; an incident of the 

German navy. London: Chapman & Hall, 
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12°. XBH 

Imbriani Poerio, Matteo Renato. Francia 
e Italia. Napoli: E. Chiurazzi. 1914. 23 p. 
12*. BWDp.vJl,iio,2 

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latnd, D. La Rumania, nel paisato, nel 

Sresente. nell' avvenire... Firenze: R. 
emporad Sc fi^lio [1916?]. 37 p., 1 1. illus. 
12°. (Biblioicchtna illustrata Bemporad.) 
Jutrow, Morris. The war and the coming 
leace; the moral iisue. Philadelphia and 
indon: T. B. Lippincott Company, 1918. 


136 p. tables 



Johnaon, Stanley Currie. The flags of 
our fighting army, including standards, 

Suidons, colours and drum banners. Lon- 
on: A. & C. Black, Ltd. [191&] 4p.l., 
150 p.. ScoI'dpl. 12°. AWI 

-■RccimcnU] Cdlauri of Canidian infanlir lul- 
talion*,^' p. U9-1M. 

Kidd, Benjamin. The science of power. 
London: Methuen & Co., Ltd. [19iai vp., 
2 1„ 3-306 p., 2 1. 12°. SB 

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Rudyard Kipling... London: Methuen & 
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16'. VWE 

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here." Boston. Chicago: The Pilgrim Press 
il918,. 2p.l., vii-xii^ 139 p. 8°. BTZ8 

Komitet Obnmr Narodowej w Amerrce 
P6lnocnej. Album Legjonow Polskich; ob- 
szerny zbior ilustracji z dziejow Legjonow 
Polskich ze wstepem Cz. Lukaszkicwicca. 
Chicago: Nakladem Centralnego Komitetu 
Obrony Narodowej, 1918. 2 p.L, 19 p., 32 pi. 
ob. 4°. • QR 

Kraiu,M. Neu-Polen. MiJnchen: J. F. 
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* QR p.T^, no.l 

Pansil. Fournier, 1916. "63(1) p. 24°. 

RLB p.T.17, 110.2 
Lancaster, George Harold. Prophecy, 
the war, and the Near East. London: Mar- 
shall Bros., Ltd. |1918.| 3p.l.. iii-ix(i). 11- 
272 p., 1 folded chart, 1 folded map, 1 pi. 
4.ed. 8°. -"-*- 

icop. 1918|. 187 p. illus. 12°. 

(.Jean. . La politique ext^ri- 
eure de I'Autnche-Hongrie, 1^5-1914... 
tome I. Paris: Plon-Nourrit & Cie., 1918. 
8°. PAH 

>, 1 _pl. 

Lsrsen. Karl Halfdan Eduard. Krig, 
Kultur og Danmark. Kj^enhavn: Gylden- 
dalske Boghandel, 1916. 64 p., 11. 12°. 


Lesry, L. P. New Zealanders in Samoa. 
London: W. Heinemann [1918,. vii, 248p. 
12°. BIP 

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Notre-Dame de Brebicres. Paris: Bloud & 
Gay. 1915. 40p. illus. 4°. DPQ (Albert) 

Legge, Edward. King George and the 
royal family. London: G. Richards, Ltd., 
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Iiiveing, Edward George Downing. At- 
tack; an infantry subaltern's impressions 
of July 1st, 1916; with an introduction by 
John Masefield, London: W. Heinemann 
,1918,. xvii, 19-86p. 12°. BTZE 

DcKribo the attack on tbr fortified TilUgc of 
CommecDDTt wbicfa began Ihi ballle of tbc Sommt, 

Lodge, Sir Oliver Joseph. The war and 
after; short chapters on subjects of serious 
practical import for the average citizen 
from A. D. 191S onwards. New York: George 
H. Doran Company [Cop. 1918]. 2p.l., vii- 
xiv.2S2p. 8°. BTZE 

Firn publiabcd in t91S. 

Loening, Grover Qeveland. Military 
aeroplanes, simplified, enlarged; an ex- 
planatory consideration of their character- 
istics, performances, construction, mainte- 
nance and operation, specially arranged for 
the use of aviator* and students. Edition 
for year 1918. (Boston: W. S. Best Printing 
Company.] 1918. 3p.l., 202p. illus. 4°. 


L6pes 1107a, Diego. El kaiser, segun 
los criminalistas. jUn peligro para Ingla- 
terra? Los generales taciturnos. Pr^lcwo 
de Zeda. Madrid: Saez hermanos, 19IS. 
4p.l., <l)12-69p., 41. 12°. BDDp.T.l,no.2 

Z.7ons. — Bibliotheque de la Ville. CaU- 
logue du fonds de la guerre; contribution 
3 une bibliographic generale de la guerre 
de 1914- V. 1. Paris: "fiditions et librai- 
rie."1917. xxii p., 1 1..240 f.. 4pl. 8°. (Col- 
de bibliographie.) 

J James Ramsay. National de- 
fence; a study tn militarism. London: G. 
Allen 4 Unwin. Ltd. cI918., 132 p. 12°. 


Macdoaald, John F. Two towns — one 

city; Paris — London. New York: Dodd, 

Mead and Company [1918?]. 246p.,ll. 8*. 


CtnlrHli: Part i. The "Enlentc" — bcfor* the war. 
Part 11. London in war time. Part m. Pari! of to- 
day. April - October, 191S. 

Hacfarlane, Charles William, The eco- 
nomic basis of an enduring peace. Phila- 
delphia^ G. W. Jacobs & Company jcop. 

1918). 79(1) p., 2 maps. 8°. 

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HacHecben, Thomas Rutherford. "The 
nations'airynavies." [NewYork:Ri dffway 
Co.. 1914., 392-399 p. illus. 8°. 


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FhiUdelphia and London: J. B. Ltppincott 
Company, 1918. 196 p. diagrs. 16°. 


Hahonejr, Henry Charles. Interned in 
Germany. New York: R. M. McBride & 
Company, 1918. x, 390 p. illus. 8°. BTZE 


onlhs I 

i> bT It 

.uel ic . 
-c/. Pub 


Managing a business in war time; busi- 
ness practices and methods actually tested 
under war-time conditions, including data 
based on official British investi^tions —^ 
suggestions for doing more with fewer 
hands in stores, offices, factories, and farm 
work. Chicago, New York [Cop. 1918|. 2 v. 
illus. 8°. THE 

Canltnu: V. 1. purt i. Pointiri from abroad that 
will hiLp. part II. Hints from e.jwricoci war work 
gave England, v. 2, part iii.. W»7» for Atnsriean 

problems lo think about after we've won the war. 

Hanlon, Robert J. A surgeon in arms, 
by Captain R. J. Manion, u. c, of the Cana- 
dian Army Medical Corps. New York, 
London: D. Appleton and Company, 1918. 
Sp.I.,309(l)p.. Iplan.lport. 12°. BT2W 

Hannen, J. Hartley. Out there; a dra- 
matic composition in three parts; with illus- 
trations from photographs of the play. 
New York: Dodd, Mead and Company. 
1918. xiiip., 51.,S-182p. illus. 12°. BTZI 

Martin, G. Les actes du Kronprinz de- 
puis le d^but de la guerre, son existence 
myiterieuse, ses projets devoil^s, son deittn 
... Paris: Editions pratiques et documen- 
taires [1915,. 63(1) p. 8°. EDD p.v.l, no.4 

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Flaadens Triumf. London: Eyre & Spot- 
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politique nationale, Paris: F. Alcan, 1917. 
2 p.l., li. 100 p.. 1 I. 8°. DBGp.v.Il,no.4 

Hatter, Florent. Les Alsaciens-Lorrains 
contre I'Allemagne, par Florent- Matter, 
avec une annexe comprenant des listes 
officiels allemandes d'Alsaciens-Lorrains 
condamnes pour haute trahison et d^lits 
de germanophobte ct d'Alsaciens-Lorrains 
poursuivia pour desertion et dechus de leur 
nationality allemande. Paris: Berger-Lev- 
raull. 1918. x, 239 p., 2 1. 4°. ETB 

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peace and war. New York: E. P. Dutton 
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British empire. London: Constable & Co.. 
Ltd.. 1917. 38 p. 8°. CBA p.T.25, no.l 

Mnssey, Henry Raymond, editor. Eco- 
nomic conditions of winning the war; a 
series of addresses and papers presented 
at the annual meeting of the Academy of 
Political Science in the City of New York. 
December 14-lS. 1917, edited by Henry 
Raymond Mussey. New York: The Acad- 
emy of Political Science, 1918. vi [ie. iv,, 
172 p. 8°. (Academy of Political Science 
in the City of New York. Proceedings. 
y. 7. no. 4.) SEA 

Cenltntt: Stepa lo victor)- bjr D. F. HouKon.— 
Icduuriat co-ordinatian lo win the war, hjr J. E. 
Davie). — Coniervalion a&d thrift: The tiah of the 
Fuel administration, br H. A. Garfield. The meanina 
of (be war savings movement, br D. W. Morrow. 
Englsnd-s effort to par for the war out of aavin(s. 
byli. P. Btsckelt. The value of the thrift campaign, 
br F, A. Delano. — Traniportilion, sbippinc and air- 
craft produclion : Tianiportation. trade policy and the 
war, by Calvin Tomkins. Storage areai and war 
transportation, by F. L. Stuart. The problem of uni- 
fied railroad operation, by T. W. Van Metre. Prob- 
lems before the Shipping board, by R. B, Stevens. 
War demands on the part of New York, by I. T. Buah. 
The Aircraft Of oduclioD board.-- Relation, of labor 

for the Ulut^oii of Amerrcan war problem'sT'tiy C.°S. 



by V. E. Macy. Organiied labor and the war, by 
Hugh Frayne. — Welfare of soldiera and sailora: Pro- 

I. by R. B. Fosdick. 

Nicholson, Joseph Shield. War finance. 

Nttop, Kristoffer. Frankrig. . . Kj^en- 
havn: Gyldendalske Boghandel, 1916. 85 
(l]p. 4.ed. 8°. DBGp.v.ll,no.2 

Guerre et civilisation, tr. du danois 

par Emm. Philipot . . . preface par Paul Vcr- 
rier. . . Paris, Nancy: Berger-Levrault, 
1917. xii. 189 p.. II. 12°. BTZE 

OllivBnt, Alfred. The brown mare. New 
York: A. A, Knopf, 1916. 145 p. 12°. 


Ci/Httnii: The brown mare. The invanon of Eng- 
land. The bombardment; and a boy. The mind of 
an empire. The shadow. The Indian hoipital. The 
conscript. The man i. -.-...- 

cliff. The cost. 

OmesBM, Charles. Rasputin and the Rus- 
sian court. Translated from the French by 
Frances Keyzer. London: G. Newnes, Ltd^ 
1918. 123 p. 12°. AN (Raapntin) 

Oppenheimer, Francis J. The failure of 
pacifism. New York: National Securitjr 
League, Inc. |1917.) 8 p. 8". 

YFXp.v,29, 110.17 

Cssian-Nilsaon. Karl Gustaf. Nar klock- 
orna klamta. Med landstormen; ron och 
funderingar. Stockholm: Ahl^n & Aker< 
lund cl9t4,. 63(1) p. illus. 8°. 


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Oitwald, Paul. Die kuUnrpoIitische Mis- 
sion Butrariens. Dresden: "Globus," 1916. 
4p.t., 35(1) p., II. 8°. (Bibliothek fiir 
Vollts- und Weltwirtschaft. Heft 8.) 

QIV p.T.4, I10.9 

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New York: George H. Doran Company 
,I917i. xiiip., ll.,T7-151p. 8'. NCM 

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the challenge of the reconstruction, with a 
special introduction by Norman An sell 

Siscud.) . , . New York: The Macmiflan 
ompany. 1918. xxixp., 31., 3-211 p. 12°. 
Poaner, Stanistaw. La Pologne d'hier et 
de demain, introduction dc Georges Renard 
... Paris: F. Alcan, 1916. 2p.l.. xii, 119 
(l)p. 8°. •QRp.».2,no.« 

t, Eugenio. La repiiblica de los 
Eslados Unidos del Brasil; su poder militar, 
importancia economica — riquezas indus- 
trias. Buenos Aires, 1917. 4p.1.. 171 p., 1 1.. 
2 maps, tables. 8°. TAH 

Romer, Eugienjusz. Poland: the land 
and the state. New York: American Geo- 
graphical Society [1917]. 6-2S p. maps. 4°, 
• QR p.vj, no.5 

manufactures and trade. London: the auth- 
or ,191 6i. 23 p. 8°. •Vp.T.W,no.4 

Rnbetti. Guide. Un' arma per la vittoria, 
la pubbliciti nei prestiti italiani di guerra; 
stndio critico documentato di Guido Ru- 
bctti. Milano: "II Risorgimento grafico." 
1918. 150 p„ 11., 28 pi. illus. !°. tBTZE 

Ruwell, George William. Thoughts for 

n the 


Servia. — Ministarstvo Inostranih DeU. 
Deuxieme livre bleu serbe, 1916. Note... 
aux gouvernements signataires des conven- 
tions de La Haye sur les violations du droit 
des gens commises par les autorit^s alle- 
mandes, autrichiennes et bulgares dans les 
territoires serbes occupes. Paris: Berger- 
Levrault, 1916. 12S(1) p. 12°. (Pages 
d'histoire, 1914- fasc. 120.) 

BTZE (Pages) 

Smyth, John Paterson. God and the 
war, and "The men who died in battle"; 
some lessons of the present crisis. New 
York: Hodder & Stoughton ,1918]. vp.. 
1 1.. 9-223 p. 12°. BTZG 

SociitC libre pour t'£tude psychologiqiu 
de I'enfuit. Nos enfants et la guerre; en- 
quete de la Soci^te libre pour 1 itude ps^- 
chologique de I'enfant... [no.] 1. Pans: 
F. Alcan, 1917. illus. 8°. STL 

I..] L-. 


Ireland, by A. E. tpseud.] Dublin: Maunsel 
& Co., Ltd., 1917. 29(1) p., 11. i3.ed., 
12*. CSD p.T.47, no^ 

Rnssell Sage Poondation, New York. — 
Library. War gardens.. . New York, N. 
Y.: The Russell Sage Foundation Library 
,1918,. 4 p. 8'. (Bulletin, no. 28. April. 
]9ia) S 

Russia. — Minister stvo Inostranykh Dyel. 
Documents respecting the negotiations pre- 
ceding the war, 23 July-6 August, 1914. 
Appendix: Speech of Mr. Sazonoff in the 
Donma of the Empire, on the 26 July (8 
August), 1914. [London? 1914.) 68p. 4*. 

Schnlte, Peter Filo. Protest against the 
cruel war; or, Propaganda to create a 
strong public opinion against the war. Ce- 
dar Rapids, Iowa: the author. 1916. 45(1) p. 
16'. YFXp.T.29. 110.1 

The Second book of Artenjas, concerning 
men, and the things that men did do, at the 
time when (here was war. London: W. 

Specr, Robert Elliott. The Christian 
man, the church and the war. New York: 
The Macmillan Company, 19ia 4p.1.. 7- 
105 p. 16°. BTZO 

Streetet, Edward. Dere Mable — love 
letters of a rookie, by Edward Streeter, 
27lh (N. Y.) Division; with 35 illustrations 
in black-and-white by G. William Breck 
("Bill Breck") 27th (N. V.) Division. New 

Studdert- Kennedy, Geoffrey Anketell. 
Rough rhymes of a padre, by "Woodbine 
Willie"... London: Hodder and Stough- 
ton [1918]. 94 p., 11. 24°. BTZI 


Taylor, Alonzo Engelbert. War bread. 
New York: The Macmillan Company, 1918. 
4 P.I., 7-99 p. 16°. VTl 

TomassewsU, Stephan. Die weltpoli- 
tische Bedeutung Galiziena, von Dr. Ste- 
phan Tomaschiwskyj... Muncfaen: F. 
Bruckmann A.-G., 1915. 46 p., Imap. 8°. 
(Weltkultur und Weltpolitik. Osterrei- 
chische Folge. [Uo.] 1.) PAO p.T.8, no.6 

Ulster's opportunity: a united Ireland, by 
an Irish K. C. London: T. F. Unwtn. Ltd., 
1917. 2p.l.,3S(l)p. 12°. CSDp.v.47,no.I 

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United States. — Agriculture Committee 
(House, 65: 2). Conservation of foodstuffs, 
feeds, etc. Hearings. . .on H. R. 8718. A 
bill to provide further for the national 
security and common defense by the con- 
servation of foodstuffs, feeds, and materials 
necessary for the production, manufacture, 
and preservation of foodstuffs, feeds, etc. 
Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 19ia « p. 
8°. • SBF 

United States. — Agriculture and Forest- 
ry Committee (Senate, 65: 2). Increased 
production of grain and meat products. 
Hearings. . .relative to increasing the pro- 
duction of grain and meat supplies of the 
United States... Washington: Gov. Prtg. 
Off., 1918. 595 p., 1 folded chart. 8°. 


United States. — Appropriations Com- 
mittee (House, 65: 1). Urgent deficiency 
appropriations an account of war expenses. 
1918. Hearing before subcommittee. . .in 
charge of deficiency appropriations on ac- 
count of war expenses. Washington: Gov. 
Prtg. Off., 1917. 979 p.. 1 folded table. 8°. 

United States. — Appropriations Com- 
mittee (Senate, 65: 1). Urgent deficiency 
bill, 1918. for war expenses and other pur- 
poses. Hearing before a subcommittee. . . 
on H. R. 5949. a bill making appropriations 
to supply urgent deficiencies in appropria- 
tions for the fiscal year 1918, and for prior 
fiscal years, on account of war expenses, 
and for other purposes... Washington: 
Gov. Prtg. Off, 1917. 168 p. 8*. 'SBF 

United States. — Finance Committee 
(Senate, 65: 1). Second emergency bond 
issue Hearings. . .on H. R. 5901. An act 
to authorize an additional issue of bonds 
to meet expenditures for the national se- 
curity and defense, and, for the purpose of 
assisting in the prosecution of the war, to 
extend additional credit to foreign govern- 
ments, and for other purposes. Washing- 
ton: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1917. 58 p. 8°. •SBF 

United States. — Food Administration. 
Best war time recipes. [Washington: Royal 
Baking Powder Co., 1917.1 51. 12°. VTI 

United States. — Interstate Commerce 
Committee (Senate. 65: 1). Price regula- 
tion of coal and other commodities. Hear- 
ing... on S. 2354. A bill to amend the act 
to regulate commerce, as amended, and for 
other purposes; and S. J. Res. 77, to provide 
further for the national security and de- 
fense by regulating the production, sale, 
and distribution of coal. • SBF 

: Gov. 

Price regulation of steel. Hearing 

. . .on S. 2756, a bill to provide further for 
the national security and defense b;^ ref- 
lating the production, sale, and distribution 
of iron ore, iron, steel, and other products 
• SBF 

United States. — Interstate and Foreign 
Commerce Committee (House, 65: 1). Bu-- 
reau of War-Risk Insurance. Hearings. . . 
on H. R. 4050, a bill to amend an act en- 
titled "An act to authorize the establish- 
ment of a Bureau of War-Risk Insurance in 
the Treasury Department," approved Sep- 
tember 2, 1914, and for other purposes. May 
4, 1917. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1917. 
14 p. 8°. 'SBF 

United States. — Interstate and Foreign 
Commerce Committee (House, 65: 2). Fed- 
eral operation of transportation systems. 
Hearings before the Committee on Inter- 
state and Foreign Commerce of the House 
of Representatives.. on H. R. 8172. Janu- 
ary 8 to 29, 1918. Washington: Gov. Prtg. 
Off., 1918.- 950 p., 3 folded charts. 8'. 

United States. — Judiciary Committee 
(House, 65: 2). To preserve the purity 
of our flag. Hearing before the Committee 
on the Judiciary... on H. R. 8987. State- 
ment of Hon. J. M. C. Smith... Serial 56. 
January 23, 1918. Washington: Gov. Prtg. 
Off., 1918. 13 p. 8'. •SBF 

United States. — Judiciary Committee 
(Senate, 65: 1-2). Soldiers'^ and sailors' 
civil relief bill. Hearings and memoranda 
before the subcommittee of the Cotnmittee 
on the Judiciary, United States Senate... 
on S. 2859 and H. R. 6361. bills to extend 
protection to the civil rights of members 
of the military and naval establishments of 
the United Slates engaged in the present 
war. September 14, 22, and 25, 1917, Janu- 
ary 18, 1918. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 
1918. 224 p. 8°. •SBF 

United States. — Labor Committee (House, 
65: 2). To employ convict labor for the 
production of war supplies. Hearings... 
on H. R. 7353... •SBF 

WMhiDcton: Gov. 

[P.rt 1.1 Jtnutry 18. 191 
Prtg. Off., 1918. Z4p. 8*. 

Pan a. Febra«ry I, 1918. Wuhinpon: Gov. Pri|. 
Off., 1918. 2, ZS-S7 p. 8". 

Pan]. February 1, 1918. Waibinftoo: Gov. Prt(. 
Off., 1918. 2. S9-B9 p. 8*. 

To provide housing for war needs. 

Hearings... on H. R. 9642. Monday, Feb- 
ruary n. 1918. Washington: Gov. Prtg. 
Off.. 1918. 58 p. 8°. • SBF 

United States. — Library of Congress: 
Division of Bibliography. Brief list on 
mobilization of labor in the United States 
for the war... November 17, 1917. iWash- 

d by Google 



ington, )917.| lp.1.. 2f. 4'. ((Select list 
of references, no. 228.,) ' SAB 

Brief list of references on college 

men in the war.. .November 16, 1917. 
[Washineton. 1917., lp.l..2f. 4°. dSelect 
lilt of references, no. 235.)) •SAB 

List of recent references on alcohol 

(with special reference to its manufacture 
and to the war). June 18, 1917. (Washing- 
ton. 1917., 1 p.l., 8f. 4°. ((Select list no. 
205.,) *SAB 

List of references on casualties in 

the European war and strength of the 
armies in the field. An attempt has been 
made to include all material of a statistical 
nature, and to exclude material dealing with 
the treatment of the wounded or prisoners, 
or the disposal of the dead... [Washing- 
ton, 1918.1 22 f. 4°. ((Select list of ref- 
erences, no. 237.,) *SAB 


List o( references on the cost of the 

European war... (Washington, 1918., 12 f. 
4°. ((Select list of references, no. 236.,) 



List of references on the feeding 

of armies and navies. . . September 4, 1917. 
(Washington, 1917., I p.l, 6 f. 4°. dScIect 
list of references, no. 217.,) 'SAB 


List of references on the medical 

profession and war, past and present... 
August29. 1917. (Washington, 1917., lp.1., 
6f. 4". ((Select list of references, no. 
218,) • SAB 


List of references on mobilization 

and control of industries for national de* 
fense. March 2. 1917. (Washingtoo. I917.I 
1 P.I.. 6 f. 4°. ((Select list no. 20O.|) * SAB 


List of references on the munitions 

industry of Great Britain. July 20. 1917. 
[Washington, 1917-, I p.l.. 4 f:. II. 4'. 
([Select list of references, no. 213.,) •SAB 


List of references on the use of 

fraies in warfare... November 13, 1917. 
|\Vashinglon, 1917., 1 p.l, 10 f. 4V ([Se- 
lect list of references, no. 231.,} 'SAB 


List of references on war bread. . . 

December 28. 1917. [Washington. 1917., 
1 p.l,. 4f. 4°, (iSeiect list of references, 
no, 225.,) 'SAB 


UnlUd States. — Manufactures Commit* 
Ice (Senate. 65: 2). Shortage of coal. Hear- 

inp;s before the subcommittee of the Com- 
mittee on Manufactures, United States Sen- 
ate. . .pursuant to S. Res. 163; a resolution 
directing the Committee on Manufactures 
to investigate the causes of the shortage of 
coal and sugar. Coal. Washington: Gov. 
Prtg. Off., 1918. iii, 978 p., 1 folded chart 
8*. • SBF 

United SUtes. — Merchant Marine and 
Fisheries Committee (House, 65: 1), War 
emergency — admission of foreign shipping 
to the coastwise trade. Hearings. ..on H. 
R. 5609, a bill giving the president power 
to permit vessels of foreign registry to 
engage in the coastwise trade of the United 
States during the present war or emer- 
gency. •SBF 

Parti, Sci>tc[ntKr 6 and 11. 1917. WubiMtoa: 
Gov. Prtg. Off,. 1917, 43 p. 8*. 

Pan 3, Septcmher I] ind 18. ']». WaihiiwIOD: 
Gov, Prlf, Off.. 1917, I p,l,. 4S-I2] p, 8*. 

United SUtes.— Merchant Marine and 
Fisheries Committee (House, 65; 2). Hous- 
iployees of shipyards building 

before the Committee on the Merchant Ma- 
rine and Fisheries... on S. 3389. to authcK 
rTze and empower the United States Ship- 
ping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation 
to purchase, lease, requisition, or otherwise 
acquire improved or unimproved land, 
houses, buildings, and for other purposes. 
January 25 and 28, 1918. Washington: (k>v. 
Prig. Off, 1918. 80 p. 8°. •SBF 

United SUtea. — Military Affairs Com- 
mittee (House, 65: I). American Purple 
Cross Association. Hearings., .on H. R. 
5410 to render possible the return of the 
bodies of our soldier dead to their home 
burial grounds in a sanitary and recosnix- 
able condition, September 5, 1917. Wash- 
ington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1917. 44 p. 8'. 


Selecrive-service act Hearings... 

on the bill authorizing the president to 
increase temporarily the military establish- 
ment of the United States. April 7, 14, and 
17. 1917. Washington: Gov, Prtg. Off^ 
1918. 321 p. 8'. •SBF 

United Statei.— Military Affairs Com- 
mittee (House. 65: 2). Camp activities. 
Hearing... on training camp activities. 
Statement of Mr. Raymond B. Fosdick. 
March 14. 1918. Washington: Gov, Prtg. 
Off. 1918 21 p. 8°. •SBF 

Osteopathic physicians for military 

service. Hearings., on H. R. 5407 to admit 
osteopathic physicians to examinations for 
commissions in the medical branch of the 
army of the United Stales, and to provide 
for their official status, rank, and pay, and 
for other purposes, March 15, 1918. Wash- 
ington: Gov, Prtg, Off., 1918. 45 p. 8*, 


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e legislation. 

n H. R. 9100 to ■Dthariu 
■Dt forlcwf hi witbout p«7 
men of the inoT of the 

d H. J. R«. 222, pro- 

of the • 


PartZ, HeaHnn -on H. J. Res. 222... State- 
ment of Hon. Newton D. Biker, teermnr of war. 
Febiuirr 20. 22. 1918... Wukinfton: Go*. Png. 
Off., 1918. li, 9S--120 p. 8*. 

Parti. Huriiigi...on H. J. Rei. 22Z... State- 
menti of Mi). Gen. E. H. Crowder, Cal. Hush S. 
Johnson. March 4. 19IB... Washinglon: Gov. Png. 

Off., 1918. a. 121-162 11. e*. 

United Statet. — Military Affairs Com- 
mittee (Senate. 65: 1). Department of Ae* 
ronautics. Hearings before a subcommit- 
tee... on S. 80. A bill to establish a Depart- 
ment of Aeronautics and for other pur- 
poses. . . Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 
1917. 100 p. 8°. "SBF 

Uailed States. — National War-Savings 
Committee. ,CircuIars.] BTZO p.vJ, no.S 

Drive Cennaiir'i ailent alliet from America. Ever/ 
Khool a national center ai well aa ■ communitr center. 
4aTing itampa: Hanil- 
u u*e liv«. School 
ipaign. Texibook (or 

book... Save moni 
plan book for war-ii 
'— on thrift i 

Uiijted Sui 

■d wbr j^oo ihould bu; ttai 

United States. — Provost Marshal Gea- 
eral's Office. Report of the provost mar- 
shal general to the secretary of war on the 
first draft under the Selective- Service Act, 
1917. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1918. 
lS9p. diagrs. 4°. fVWZW 

United States. — Public Information Com- 
mittee. The battle line of democracy; prose 
and poetry of the world war. Washington: 
Gov. Prtg. Off., 1917. 133 p. 8'. (Red, 
white and blue series, no. 3.) BTZE 

■ Come venne la guerra all' America 

... Washington: Gov. Prig. Off.. 1917. 
47 p. 8°. ((Red. white and blue series, no. 
l.i) BTZB 

C6moentr6Aminca en la guerra... 

Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1917. 55 p. 
8'. ([Red, white and blue series, no. l.i) 


Hur kriget kom till Amerika... 

Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1917. 52 p. 
8°. (tRed, white and blue series, no. I.)) 


Jak valka prisla k Americe... 

Washington: Gov. Prig. Off., 1917. 47 p. 
8°. (iRed, white and blue scries, no. l-i) 


Jak wojna przyszia do Ameryki... 

Washington: Gov, Prtg. Off., 1917. SO p. 
8°. ({Red, white and blue series, no. 1.,) 



; what ther a 

United States. — President. Note com- 
municated by the United States ambassa- 
dor, December 20. 1916. . . London: Harri- 
son and Sons, 1916. 3 p. f. (Great Britain. 
— Foreign Office. Miscellaneous. 1916, 
no. 39.) tXBI 

Cd. 84J1. 

Sugceition from the Preiident of the United Statea 

Selective service regulations. Pre- 
scribed by the president under the autho- 
rity vested in him by the terms of the selec- 
tive service law (act of Congress approved 
May 18. 1917). Wasf ' 
Off.. 1917. n.254p. 8° 

War, labor, and peace: some recent 

addresses and writings of President Wilson. 
Washington: ,Gov. Prtg. Off..j 1918. 39 p. 
8°. (United States. — Public Information 
Committee. Red, white and blue series. 
no. 9.) BTZE 

The war message, with annotations 

giving the leading facts on which the rup- 
ture with Germany was developed, the 
issues in international law, and contrasting 
the spirit of Prussianism with the spirit of 
Americanism. Lansing, 1917. 23 p. 8°. 
(Michigan, — Public Instruction Depart- 
ment. Bulletin. 1917. no, 14.) 

STP (Hicbican) 

War cyclopedia: a handbook for 

ready reference on the great war. Edited 
by Frederic L. Paxson.. .Edward S. Cor- 
win. . .Samuel B. Harding. . . Washington: 
Gov. Prtg. Off., 1918. 321 p.. 1 coi'd folded 
map. [l.ed-i 8°. (Red, white and bine 
series, no. 7.) BTZE 

Wie der Krieg nach Amerika kam 

. . . Ausgegeben vom "Committee on Pub- 
lie Information". . .15. August 1917. Wash, 
ington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1917. 53 p. 8'. 
(,Red. while and blue series, no. 1.,) BTZE 

United States.— Select Committee on 
Investigation of Ordnance and Ammuni- 
tion (House, 65: 1). Investigation of de- 
fective ammunition. Hearings. . .on House 
Res. 134 to provide for an investigation of 
the Ordnance Department of the War De- 
partment. September 13. 17. 18, and 19, 
1917. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1917. 
178 p. 8°. •SBF 

United States. — Special Diplomatic Mis- 
sion to Russia. America's message to the 
Russian people; addresses by the members 
of the special diplomatic mission of the 
United States to Russia in the year 1917. 
Boston: Marshall Jones Co., 1918. vi. 154 p. 
8°. BTZS 

CdhKhIj: IntrodactocT note. Foreword. Addrc*- 

d by Google 



nrit RuudL 

United States.— State Department Note 
from the United States Kovemment regard- 
iog the examination of parcels and letter 
mails. (In continuation of "Miscellaneous, 
no. 9, 1916": Cd. 8223.) . . . London: Harri- 
son and Sons, 1916. 5(1} p. f°. (Great 
Britain. — Foreign Office. Miscellaneous. 

1916, no. 20.) tXBI 

C<L g2«l. 

United States. — Ways and Means Com- 
mittee (House, 65: 2), War finance cor- 
poration. Hearings... on H. R. 9499. A 
bill to provide for the national security and 
defense, and, for the purpose of assisting 
in the prosecution of the war, to provide 
credits for industries and enterprises in the 
United States necessary or contributory to 
the prosecution of the war, and for other 
purposes. February 18. 19, 20. and 22, 1918. 
Washington; Gov. Prtg. Off., 1918. 148 p. 
8'. •SBF 

Uphun, EHiabeth Greene. Desirability 
of vocational education and direction for 
disabled soldiers. Madison: the university, 

1917. 20p. 12°, (University of Wiscon- 
sin, — Extension Division: Dept of Gen- 
eral Information and Welfare. Vocational 
series, no. 2.) STG 

Vcrdavaine, Georges. Pictures of ruined 
Belgium, Visions de la Belgique d^truite; 
seventy-two pen and ink sketches drawn 
on the spot by Louis Berden; the French 
text by Georges Verdavaine, founded on 
the official reports', the translation by J. 
Lewis May. London: John Lane; New 
York: John Lane Company, 1917. xxiv, 
245 p., 72 pL ,2. ed.t 4°. BTZE 

French and Engtitfa on eppoaite page*. 

Waldron, William Henry. Tactical walks. 
New York: G. U. Harvey Pub. Co,, Inc. 
icop. 1918., 117 p. 12'. (Harvey military 
sems.) VWO 

Walker, John Bernard. The great emer- 
gency; an address., .delivered at the annual 
meeting of the National Security League, 
Hotel Astor, New York City, May 2nd, 
1917. New York: National Security League 
,1917). 8 p. 8°. VYADp.T.l,no.6 

Weigel, Gottlob von. Kriegszu stand, 

Kriegsstrafgesetze und Gerichtsbarkeit. 
Obersicht, von Dr. G. von Weigel . . . Ber- 
lin: F. Vahlen, 1914. 23(1) p. 8°. 

VWE P.TJ2, no.l5 

Weyl, Walter Edward. The end of the 
war. New York: The Macmillan Company, 
1918. 3 p.l.. 323 p. 8°. BTZP 

Whitaker, Charles Harris. The housing 
problem in war and in peace, by Charles 
Harris Whitaker., .Frederick L. Aeker- 
man.. .Richard S. Childs.. .land, Edith 
Elmer Wood. Washington: Journal of 
the American Institute oT Architects, 1918. pUns. 4'. TDN 

Who's who in the British war mission to 
the United States of America, 1917, chair- 
man. Viscount Northcliffe. New York: 
E. J. Clode [Cop. 1917). xvp., 11., 55 p„ 
1 table. 8°. BTZS 

Ediied bT Louii Tncy. 

WilliMna, Watkin. Wigwam: a key to 
social reform; after the war problems. 
Cardiff: Educational Pub. Co.. Ltd. [1917.] 
ixp.. II., 112 p., Ipl. Led. 8°. 


The Win-the-war cookery book. 
lished for the food economy campai^ with 
the approval of the Ministry of Food... 
[London: Amalgamated Press, Ltd., 1917.) 
ii, 24. iii-iv p. 8°. VTBp.v.23, 110.15 

Wisconsin. — Free Library Commission: 
Le^slative Reference Department. Absent 
votmg laws for soldiers: laws of Illinois, 
New York, and Vermont providing; that 
the army officials be election commission- 
ers... Madison, 1917. Ip.l., 17f. 4°. 

Room 229 


Woods, Henry Charles. War and diplo- 
macy in the Balkans. London: The Field 
& Queen (H. Cox) Ltd. |19I5., vip., 11., 
48 p. illus, 12°. GIVp.vJ,no.l 

Yealland, Lewis Ralph. Hysterical dis- 
orders of warfare. With preface by E. 
Farquhar Buzzard... London: Macmillan 
and Co., Ltd., 1918. xii, 2S2 p. 8°. WPF 

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problem and the Pan-German peril. Lon- 
don: Watts & Co., 1909. 47 p. 8°. 


.Watt, Lauchlan MacLean. The heart of 
a soldier. New York: George H. Doran 
Company |Cop. 1918]. 2 p.l., vii-xiv p.. 1 1„ 
17-2^ p. 12°. BTZG 

OIVI p.v.2, no.4 

d by Google 


Economics, Socrouwy, and Political 

Adams, Henry Carter. American railway 
accounting: a commentary. New York: H. 
Holt and Co., 1918. x, 465p. tables. 8°. 


Conttnti: The Uik of 



iTo""". O^"'- 

d balance 

■bcR iGCounU. 

Atwood, Albert William. The exchanges 
and speculation. . . New York: Alexander 
Hamilton Institute (Cop. 1917i. xvi, 334p. 
12°. (Modern business. i v. 20.0 

TH (Modem) 

and Continenul nocli < 
tcriDi. mCTboda. and proc 

. En,[i,t 

Barber, William Theodore Aquila. The 
unfolding of life. Published for the Fernley 
Lecture Trust. New York: The Abingdon 
Press (pref. 1917,. 246 p.. 1 1. 12°. SSL 

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71 p. 12°. THE 

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larged, by Oliver M. W. Sprague. New 
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1 1.. 297 p. 12". THD 

RcviewHl in Itac .tm*rican tronemu: mitw, 
March. 191S. 

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The administration of public education in 
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8°. (The College of the City of New York 
series in commerce, civics and technology.) 

Canltnlt: Pan 1. Producl^on. Prodactlon or- 
den. Pan 2. MalcrUI. PurchaK oHcr, inmkc and 

aru. Halcrial con caknlilioBL Pari 3. Labor. 
Timr knpini and paj.roll fonna. 
1. — Indirecl expfnte. Dcptccia- 
la. Toit of manDfictarr. Special 
.. Appririlion of the priociplea of 
he lealber, hnit fooda, CDTdaa*, 

paru. Hall 

roblemi. Journal, ledje 
and batance abect. Ea 

n Cuba, the 
ill in Lailn 

of Ihr iilan 

of Cob*. 

Cole, George Douglas Howard. Trade 
tinkmism on the railways; its history and 
problems, by G. D. H. Cole and R. Page 
Arnot. fLondon:, Fabian Research Depart- 
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illus. 12°. (Factory manaRcment course 
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Faure, Fernand. Giammaria Ortes; fe6- 

nomiste v^itien, 1713-1790. Bordeaux: 

Imprimeries Gounouilhou. 1916. 254 p. 8*. 


d by Google 


EcoHomut, Sociology, tie., continued. 

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leehrBiexikon. Ein Nachschlagebuch fiir 
Handel, Gcwcrbe und staatsburKerlicfaen 
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CHfnM.- I. GolUncI. V.. lolrodDclonr — A re- 
•tatnncDI. II. Rorden, A. M., Modern love. HI. 
Rooptr, R„ Wotaea nfrinchiinl. iv. Rathbone. 
£. P., Tbe remuneration of women'i wrrket. v. 
Xorden, A. H., The fntore of the woman't mert- 
BCBL n. Bnrai, E.. Edacation. vii. Gollanci. V., 
CoBclniioB. Appendkei^ A. Tb« rtmBtieratiao at 

evnplaymenl during the war. 

0i«7> Richard Henry. Railway conneC' 
tioni and junction points. . . [Compiled by 
R. H. Gray.] Baltimore: H. K. Camman, 
cop. 1917. V. 1. 16°. TPH 

TitIe.p>|T read*; A •;r>teniaij<; compilation >bow- 

frciabt eanaeclionf between variona railroadi in 
tbe United Stitci. 

Grecodlinscr, Leo. Financial and busi- 
ness statements. . . New York: Alexander 
Hamilton Institute |Cop. 1917]. xxi, 329 p. 
12". (Modern business. [V. 22.|) 

TH (Modern) 

March, 1918. 

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ber of eminent specialists. New York: C. 
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charts, diagrs.. tables. 12°. SOD 

Heriewed in tbe CkilJ mifart mtgannt, Jane, 

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TH (Modem) 

lent the fondamenul principle! Dnderlrinc the whola 
field of pcreanal nlesmlnihip, ai revealed in the 

eiperienee of inceeMful ialeimen." — Pr*/ar«. 

Kammerer, Percy Gamble. The unmar- 
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... Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1918. 
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tute .cop. 1917,. xvi, 338 p. 13°. (Modern 
business. [V. 10.]) TM (Modem) 

"It has be*n tbe aim of tbe antbor in wridat 
tbii book to diKDii in a direct and limple manner 
Ibe fDndimenlal principlea that Dndirlie all coil- 

r practical at. Coannetcial data. 
ical documenli nied in coilfindin* 
id onlr where needed to illoitrate 
nd no aitenpt baa been made lor 
co)t (jMeDit. a* ia often done in 

Lee, John. Telegraph practice, a study 
3f comparative method. London: Long- 
mans. Green and Co.. 1917. ix, 102p. 12^. 

MacGibbon, D. A. Railway rates and the 
Canadian railway commission... Boston: 
Houghton Mifflin Co., 1917. xv, 264p.,.lL 

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Economics, Sociology, etc., continued. 
8°. (Hart, Schaffner aad Marx prize es- 
says, no. 24.) TPG 


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spondence.. . New York: Alexander Ham- 
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TH (Uodem) 

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Buck & Co., 1917. 2 V. 8'. THC 

Uarah, Daniel L. The challenge of Pitts- 
burgh... New York: Missionary Educa- 
tion Movement of the United States and 
Canada, 1917. viii, 311 p. 12°. SER 

Hay, Irville Augustus. Street railway 
accounting; a manual of operating practice 
for electric railways. New York: Ronald 
Press Co., 1917. xx, 454 p. 8°. TMT 

Hincing Lone Tea and Robber Share 
Brokers' Association, Limited, London, 
compiler. Rubber producing companies . . . 
with list of directors & secretaries. Com- 
piled by The Mincing Lane Tea & Rub- 
ber Share Brokers' Association, Limited . . . 
Formerly ompiled [Sie, by Messrs. Gow, 
Wilson &. Stanton, Ltd... London: The 
Financial Times, 1917. ii-xiv, 613 p. S. ed. 
12°. TLE 

Hincklejr, Loren Stiles. Americanization 
through education.. . [Girard, Kan.: Girard 
Job Shop,, cop. 1917. 304p. 8°. SSI 

ConltnU: Survey ot Froniemc. How to Ameri- 
uniie. Perionalitr of the teacher. Orginiulion. 

PUo ol Khoolroom wor'- " - ' -' 

irmg idulli for 
B United State 1 

1 piper*. 

Mitchell, Thomas Warner. Accounting 
principles. . . New York: Alexander Ham- 
ilton Institute iCop. 1917,. xix. 396p. 12°. 
(Modern business. [V. 9.,) TM (Modem) 

mental and moral traits... Boston: The 
Stratford Co. jcop. 1917., 2p.l., vii-ix, II- 
62, Ixiii-lxiv p. 12°. SSK 

Uoore, Ernest Carroll. Fifty years of 
American education; a sketch of the prog- 
ress of education in the United States from 
1867 to 1917. Boston: Ginn & Co. icop. 
1917.1 5 P.I.. 3-96 p. 12°. STE 

Horgner, Oscar Aurelius. Manual of in- 
structions for trade catalog compilation. 
New York: Wynkoop Hallenbeek Crawford 
Co., 1917. 3 p.l., v-xii, 87 p. 4-. TMO 

Uoniaon, Alfred James. East by West; 
essays in transportation, a commentary on 
the political framework within which the 
East India trade has been carried on from 
very early times, starting with Bablypn 
isicj and ending very near Bablyon (sic,. 
Boston: Sherman, French & Co., 1917. 
4p.I., 177p. 12°. XL 

Paton, William Andrew, and R. A. Stbt- 
ENSON. Principles of accounting... Ann 
Arbor: G. Wahr, 1917. 2p.l., ,viir-xivp., 
II., 373 p. 8°. TML 

Peterson, Arthur Everett. New York as 
an eighteenth century municipality. Part 1. 
Prior to 1731, by Arthur Everett Peterson 
... Part 2. 1731-1776, by George William 
Edwards. . . New York: Longmans, Green 
& Co., 1917. 1 P.I., vii-xxvii, 199 p., 2 1., 7- 
259 p. 8°. SER 

Pitman, Frank Wesley. The development 

of the British West Indies. New Haven: 

Yale University Press, 1917. xivp.. 11.. 

495 p. 8°. (Yale historical studies, v. 4.) 


Reviewed in the Journal c/ pfflitieal teanemy, 
Har, 1918. 

Rosewater, Frank. The social problem 
solved, without either socialism or capital- 
ism. . . New York: the author [COp. 1917,. 
127 p. 12°. TB 

Secrist, Horace. An introduction to sta- 
tistical methods: a textbook for college stu- 
dents; a manual for statisticians and busi- 
ness executives. New York: Macmillan 
Co., 1917. xxi(i), 482 p. diagr., tables. 
12°. SDC 

Spalding, William Frederick. Eastern ex- 
change, currency and finance. London: Sir 
I. Pitman & Sons, Ltd. rl917.i xi, 364n., 
6 pi.. 3 folded tables. 1 col'd fac. 8°. TVO 

Spectator Company, New York. Fire in- 
surance laws, taxes and fees; containing a 
digest of the statutory requirements in the 
United States and Canada relating to fire 
insurance companies and agents, with many 
quotations from the statutes; also a com- 

Silation of county and municipal taxes and 
;es. . .revised to September 1, 1917. New 
York: SpecUlor Co., 1917. S28p. 17. ed. 
8*. SIK 

d by Google 



EeoHomic-t, Sociology, etc., continued. 

The "Sttoi and Shipping" international 
mercantile diary & year book. 1918. Lon- 
don: Syren and Shipping, Ltd. |I917.| 4°, 

Tisaot, Camille Papin. Uanuel £l£men- 
taire de tel6graphie sans fil; th^orie — in- 
stallation d'un poste, materiel et r^glage. . . 
Paris: A. Challamel, 1918. vii, 416 p. 8°. 

Tridon, Andri, The new unionism. New 
York: B. W. Huebsch, 1917. 4 p.l., 198 p. 
12'. TOR 

Tnfta, James Hayden. Our democracy, 
its origins and its tasks. New York: H. 
Holt & Co., 1917. vi, 327p. 12°. SEF 

Wahlstad, Peter P. Credit and the credit 
nun... New York: Alexander Hamilton 
Institute (Cop. 1917]. xviii. 342 p. 12*. 
(Modern business. [V.8.]) TH (Modem) 

Walker, William Homer, and F. W. 
Walkek. Corporation finance... New 
York: Alexander Hamilton Institute [Cop. 
1917,. XV, 346 p. 12*. (Modern business. 
iv. ll.i) TH (Modem) 

Walsh, Correa Uoylan. Feminism. New 
York: Sturgis & Walton Co., 1917. S p.l., 
3-393 p. 12°. (Socialism and feminism. 
V.3.) SN 

Socialism. New York: Sturgis & 

Walton Co., 1917. S p.l., 3-178 p. 12*. 
(Socialism and feminism, v. 2.) SFC 

Wataon, Edward. The Royal Mail to 
Ireland; or. An account of the origin and 
development of the post between London 
and Ireland through Holyhead, and the 
use of the line of communication by travel- 
lers. London: Edward Arnold, 1917. vip., 
2 1„ 244 p., 3 plans, 4 pi., 4 ports. 8°. TV 

Webb, Beatrice Potter. Health of work- 
ing girls; a handbook for welfare super- 
visors and others. London; Blackie & Son, 
Ltd.. 1917. 103 p. 12°. SPR 

Webb, Sidney. The works manager to- 
day; an address prepared for a series of 
private gatherings of works managers. 
New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 
1917. V, 162 p. 13°. TME 

Wbitehead, Alfred North. The organisa- 
tion of thought; educational and scientific 
London: Williams and Norgate, 1917. vii, 
228 p. 8°. SSD 


. ___, and iu ntetton __ __. 

tan and liuraCorc. A polytechnic in war time. The 

■utica in rclalian lo elementary teaehin(. The oi- 
■nniutiDii of thoBiht. The anatomr ol aome acien- 
lific idea*. Space, time, and leUtivity. 

Whitehead, Harold. Principles of sales- 
manship... New York: The Ronald Press 
Co., 1917. xviii, 346 p. 8*. TMO 

Willie, Olympia Brown. Democratic 
ideals; a memorial sketch of Clara B. Colby, 
edited by Olympia Brown, in. p.: The Fed- 
eral Suffrage Assoc, cop. 1917.] xii, 13- 
116 p. \2'. SNS 

WiUaon,Wilhelmine Putnam. The child 
that does not stumble. Boston: R. G. Bad- 
ger [C op. 1917). 3 p.l., 5-151 p. 12'. S8F 

Withers, Hartley. The business of fi- 
nance. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co. 
icop. 1918.) viii p., 1 L, 204 p. tables. 12*. 

"Thii preface ii written to the aeconpaninieiit 

raft c 

t book i. 

> pro- 

soldr old E 

liallT \y 

work and proBreii aie Ihui warped with especial 
violence by war and iU barbarian.. Ke.enbeleaa 
Ihe glare of war hai thrown light on finance and 
brought oat ill itrength and weakneMea in (irons 
relief. When it cnJi. finance will need all ila 

The object of thii book i* to ahow where tbai 

ength li 


Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich. The wife 
and other stories. ..from the Russian by 
Constance Garnett. New York: The Mac- 
millan Co., 1918. 4 p.l., 3-312 p. 12°. 


The witch and other stories... 

from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 
New York: The Macmillan Company, 19IR 
4 p.l, 3-328 p. 12°. **QDH 

OorU, Maksim, pseud, of A. M. Pyeshkov. 
Stories of the Steppe, by Maxim Gorki, 
translated by Henry T. Schnittkind land) 
Isaac Goldberg. Boston: Stratford Co., 
1918. vii(i), 9-59p. 12°. (Stratford uni- 
versal library.) ♦♦ QDM 

Kallen, Horace Meyer. The book of Job 
as a Greek tragedy, restored, with an intro- 
ductory essay on the original form and 
philosophic meaning of Job, by Horace 
Meyer Kallen, and an introduction by Pro* 
lessor George Foot Moore. . . New York; 
Moffat. Yard and Co.. 1918 xii p., 21.. 3- 
163 p. 12°. 'PDW 

Khori, Torahiko. Saul and David; an epic 
drama. London: A. L. Humphreys, 1918. 
3p-l., 79(l)p. 16°. •PSQ 

Tnnalatcd from Ihe Japaneae br the aothor with 
Ifae auiiUnce of H. H. Sainahnry. 

Nemirovich-Danchenko, Vladimir Ivano- 
vich. Peasant tales of Russia. London: R. 
Scott [1917]. 4 p.l., 3-185 p. illus. 8*. 

Tranalaled hy CUfld Field. 

CvMtnli: The deacHed mine. Ha 
ily. A mianndetatandiBg. The lack 

d by Google 


Literature, continued. 

Penky, Sergyei M. La vie et I'aeuvrc de 
Dostoievsky. . . Paris: Librairie Payot Cie., 
1918. 480 p. illus. 12°. • QD 

Philipaan. David. The Jew in English 
fiction. New York: Bloch Pub. Co., 1918. 
2p,I., 220 p. 4. ed., enl. 12°. • PSN 

Piniki, David. Three plays. Authorized 
translation from the Yiddish by Isaac Gold- 
berg. Nevtf York; B. W. Huebsch. 1918. 
viii p., 2 1., 3-234 p. 12°. 'PTP 

CoMtnU: Ituc SheftEl. The laH Jew. The 
donib Hcuiah. 

Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeyevich. Boris 
Godunov, a drama in verse. Rendered into 
English verse by Alfred Hayes, with pref- 
ace by C. Nabokoff... London: K. Paul, 
Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd. |1918.i vi p., 
11., 117 p. 12°. 'QDE 

Taketomo, Torao, editor and translator. 
Paulownia; seven stories from contempo' 
rary Japanese writers translated by Torao 
Taketomo... New York: Duffield & Co., 
1918. xxiii, 164p. 12°. 'OSH 


Channing of Wellingborough (1. baron), 
Francis Allston Channing. Memories of 
Midland politics. 1885-1910. London: Con- 
stable and Co., Ltd., 1918. xx, 434 p., 49 
ports., 17 pi. 8°. CH 

Fletcher, Joseph Smith. Memorials of a 
Yorkshire parish; an historical sketch of 
the parish of Darrington, with. ..drawings 
by G. P. Rhodes. London: J. Lane, 1917. 
xix, 225 p., 13 pi. 8°. CO 

Portescue, John William. British cam- 
paigns in Flanders, 1690-1794; being ex- 
tracts from "A history of the British 
Army," by the Hon. J. W, Fortescue. Lon- 
don: Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 191S. ix, 
402 p., 1 folded map. maps, plans. 8°. 


Hoare, Christobel Mary. The history of 
an East Anglian soke; studies in original 
documents. (Including hitherto unpub- 
lisiied material dealing with the peasants' 
rising of 1381, and bondage and bond ten- 
ure.) By Christobel M. Hoare. . . (Mrs. Ivo 
Hood)... Illustrated by maps. Bedford: 
Beds. Times Pub. Co., Ltd., 1918. 4p.l., 
553 p., 2 folded maps, tables. 8°. CO 

Howe, Sonia EHzabeth. Real Russians. 
Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1918. 
XV, 240 p., 14 p!., 2 ports, illus. 12°. GLY 

1 Gin 

Herriman, Roger Bigelow. The rise of 
the Spanish empire in the old world and 
the new. v. 1-2. New York: Macmillan, 
1918. maps, folded genealogical tables. 8°. 

Conttnli: t. 1. Th( middle ■■«. v. Z, The Ctlba- 
Uc king*. 

HlUa, W. Haslam. Sir Charles W. Ma- 
cara, bart.; a study of modern Lancashire. 
Manchester: Sherratt & Hughes, 1917. 5 
p.l.. 333(1) p., 7 ports. 2.ed. 12'. AN 

Rndnitaky, Stephen. Ukraine; the land 
and its people; an introduction to its geog- 
raphy. New York: [Ukrainian Alliance of 
Aqierica,] 1918. 3 p.l., 369 p., 3 maps. 12°. 

Talt, James, editor. Lancashire quarter 
sessions records; edited with introcfuction 
and notes by James Tait... v. 1. [Man- 
chester:) printed for the Chelham Society, 
1917. 8°. (Chelham Society. Remains his- 
torical and literary... v. 77.) 

CA (Chetham) 

Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands ' 

Archer, William. India and the future. 
London: Hutchinson & Co., 1917. 3 p.l., 
ix-xxiv, 303(l)p., 16pl. 8°. BOB 

Cable, A. Mildred. The fulfilment of a 
dream of Pastor Hsi'a; the story of the 
work in Hwochow. London: Morgan & 
Scott, Ltd., 1917. XX, 268 p.. 6 pi.. 2ports. 
12°. fKVS 

IntrodneliDn br G. Campbell Horsin. 

Clarke, Joseph Ignatius Constantine. Ja- 
pan at first hand; her islands, their people, 
the picturesque, the real, with latest facts 
and figures on their war-time trade expan- 
sion and commercial outreach. New York: 
Dodd. Mead and Co., 19ia xxxvip., 11., 
482 p.. 38 pi., 1 port, tables. 8°. HEW 

Oarenne, Albert. La foret tragique; r^cit 
aulhentique. Paris: Plon-Nonrrit & Cie., 
1918. 3p.I.. 374p., 11. 12°. BLY 

With a foreword by Sara Yorke Stevenson 

... Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.. 1917. 

xxix. 364 p.. 1 1.. 11 pi., 30 ports, illus. 8°. 


Heam, Lafcadio. Japan, an attempt at 
interpretation... New York, London: TTie 
Macmillan Co., 1917. v, 549p. 12°. BET 

Hyamaon, Albert Montefiore. Palestine; 
the rebirth of an ancient people. London: 
Sidgwick& Jackson, Ltd. |1917.j xv.292p.. 
1 folded map, 12 pi. 8°. 'P 

Lenwood, Frank. Pastels from the Pa- 
cific. London: H. Milford, 1917. xii,224p., 
1 folded map, 20 pi. illus. V. BH 

CeattnU: Lifnn. Cook itiind*. Rirotonn wid 

problem*. Siiv* and the Ellice 
lalandi. Papua: bcginnina in th< 
mtiona. Centrml and eail Papaa. 
an Ufe. PrDblemi of the miilioi 

The lulf 

Pooley, Andrew Melville. Japan at the 
cross roads. . . London: G. Allen & Unwin, 
Ltd. [1917.1 362 p. 8". BER 

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C«nlnl Building 

Childrea'i Room 

Eilemion Dmiion 

Library lot the Bliad 

But Broa<)wa)'. 33 

BaM Broadvay, ]92_._ 

RUii^lon .IrxrI. 61 

Emi HoiutoB iireet, 388 

Lcroy *lreel, 66 

SooJ Mieci, 49_ 

Sth aticet. 135 Second a*enii« 

lOlh tutei. 331 Eail 

13lh .ireel. 251 WeM 

2S«I itrttt, 228 Ea« 

23rd Mreel. 209 Wert 

36(h Mreci. 303 Eait 

40ih .irtef. 4S7 We« 

SOlh Micel. 123 Bart 

51(1 (ircei. 742 Tenth aveane. 

SBih «ueei, 121 E*M 

(Tifa itrMt, 328 EaM 

Mlb MTccl. 190 AmUenUm ai 

77lfa Mred. 146S Avenue A.. 

7»th urtet. 222 Ea« 

81m (iicci, 444 AntHerdam avi 

96fh Krcel, 112 Bart 

lOOifa Mteel. 206 WeU 

llOth ureei, 174 Eau 

llSlh Miecl, 203 Wert 

124th iMcei, 9 Wert 

12Stli ttteei. 224 EaM 

Manhattan itteet, 78 

13SU> xreci, 103 Weal 

14Slh Mreet. S03 WeM 

St. Nicholai aycnue. lOOO.... 
179lh rtreel. 536 Wert 

., 910 -. 

IMh » 

16««h rtrcei. 78 WcM 

Itftth tireet. 610 Eart 

176lh (irwf and W**bla4loo a 

Kin^bridfc areniie, 3041 


li. Gaoffe 

Vort Richmosd 


























































































Totok. t IM.M5 200.799 1 10.664 ; 43.617 




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Barclay Parsons & Klapp . 

Bava, Felice 

Bender Hygienic Laboratory 

Bicknel!. Thomas W. . 

Birmingham Slag Company (30 
sheets) .... 

Borden, Sir Robert 

Boston Symphony Orchestra 

British Museum . 

Bureau International de la Cour 
Permanente d'Arbitrage . 

Canada. The King's Printer 

Carnegie Endowment for Interna- 
tional Peace 

Carnegie Institution o£ Washing- 

Case, Pomeroy & Company 

Century Association 

Chapman, John Jay . 

Charvet, Louise . 

Clark, Harold T. 

Columbia University, Geological 

Connecticut State library . 

De Forest, Mrs. 

DelU Tau Delta Fraternity . 

Dundee Free Libraries 

Egypt, Ministry of Finance, Sta- 
tistical Dept. , 

Fairchild, Mrs. Charles S. 

Ferris, Hugh (.1 print) 

Fischer, Ulysse 

Formosa, Bureau of Productive 
Industry .... 

Frank, Miss H. . 

Goodridge, Anna M.. . 

Great Britain, Patent Offic 

Grenada, Colonial Secretary 

Griffin, Richard . 

Grimke. Mrs. L. F. G. (steel en- 
graving) .... 

Guayaquil, Biblioteca Municipal 

Harrison, Thomas Skelton 

Harvard College, Class of 1877, 
Committee on Publication (5 
menus, 2 photos) . 

Heymann, William 

Hubbard. Elbert, jr. . 

Huhn, Bruno 

Hutchings, Miss C. V. 

Illinois, State Historical library 

Indiana, State Library 

Institute (jeologico de Mexico 

Iowa State Historical Society 

John Crerar Library . 

Kaufman, Silman Jay . 

Langdon, William Chauncy 

Long Island Historical Society 

Lyman, Edward Branch 

Martin. Mrs. Edward C. (1 broad- 
side) .... 

Mikolainis, Petras 

Mozambique, Providence of. In- 
spector das Obras Publicas 

Morgan, J. Pierpont, Esq. (16 

Nadal, B. H. 


New South Wales. Premier"; 
partment .... 

New York, State library , 

New Zealand, Government Printer 

Newton, F. Maurice . 

Ohio, State Library . 

Omaha Public Library & Muse- 

'* Ontario, Provincial Board ol 

° Health & Registrar General's 

Dept. .... 

Oregon, State Library (1 sheet) 
1 Osbom, Prof. Henry Fairfield 

Palms, Charles Louis 

Parker, Mrs. James M. 
172 Pennsylvania. State Library 

Rhode Island, State Library 

Redington, John . 

Rogers, Fanny 5- (6 periodical! 

Rosenbach Galleries 

Rosenberg, David 

Royal Society of Arts . 

Royal Typewriter Company 

St. Lucia, Administrator . 

Saxton, Mrs. Evelyn . 

Schmatolla, Ernest 

Sociedad C^ogr&fica de Lima (14 

Society of the New York Hospital 

Spencer. Mrs. J. J. 

Teachenor, Richard B. 

University of Michigan 

Uruguay, Direccion General de 
2g Censo y Estadistica . 

Warner. Dr. Frank 

Washington, Sute College . 
17 Wung, Edward .... 

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(Now M Print) 


Handbook of The New York Public Library .--..-.- lO cenu. 

Centnl Building Guide -.-.. -5 centi. 

Facts for the Public A pamphlet of general information about the Library - - free. 


(A limited number are given free 

Bulletin of The New York Public Library. Published monthly. Chiefly devoted to 
the Reference Department. Bibliography, news of the Library, reprints of manuscripts, 
descriptions of new accessions. $1X10 a year; current single numbers for 10 cents. Back 
t advanced rates. 

Branch Library News. Monthly publication of the Circulation Department Lists of 
new books, reading lists, articles about books, etc Given free at the Branches. By mail, 
free to libraries and other public institutions. Otherwise, 25 cents a year. 

New Technical Books. A selected list of books on industrial arts and engineering, 
recently added to the Library. Published quarterly. (A limited number given free on 

Municipal Reference Library Notes. Published weekly, except during July and August, 
for circulation among the officials and employees of the City of New York. Price: $1.50 
a year; 5 cents a copy. Apply at Room 512, Municipal Building. 



Aborigines of Australia and Tasmania. 

List of works relating to the - 
American Dramas, A list of • 
American Gypsies, by Albert Thomas 

American Interoceanic Canals. A list 
of references ..... 

American. Romani Vocabulary, by Al- 
bert Thomas Sinclair - - - 

Arabic Poetry, List of works relating to 

.\styria and Babylonia. A list of ref- 


: late • 

BimeUllisni, Gold and Silver Standards, 
etc.. List of works relating to - 

Book-Reviews, by E L. Pearson - 

Buddhism. A list of references - 

Beggars, Mendicants, Tramps. Va- 
granri, etc. Lilt of works relating 

Berlin and the Prussian Court in 1798. 
From a ms. journal of Thomaa 
Boybton Adams - . . . 

Columbus. Letter of Columbus on the 
discoverer of America. Facstraile 
of the pictorial edition, with a new 
and literal translation, and a cora> 
ilete reprf 
^tin editi 

Ooth - 


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County Government. Including County 
Publications. References to nu- 

Cruise of the U. S. Brig Argut in 1813. 
Journal of Surgeon James Inder- 

De Bry Collection of Voyages, Cata- 
logue of the - 

Dehydrated Foods, A list of references 

Diplomatic HUtory of the European 
War. A list of references - 

Early American Poetry, 1610 to 1820. 
A liat of works .... 

Economic and Social Aspects of War. 
A selected list of references - 

Emmet collection of mss., prints, etc., 
Catalogue of. Sheets - . - 

Exhibition of Etchings hy Rembrandt, 
from the J. Pierpont Morgan Col- 

Exhibition Illustrating the History of 
the Water Supply of the Ctty of 
New York from 1639 to 1917 - - I 

Frankljn, Benjamin, List of works re- 

Fumiture and Interior Deco'ration, List 
of works relating to - - - 

Geology. Mineralogy and Paleontology 
of New Jersey, List of works on - 

Government Control of Railroads, 
Rates, Regulation, etc. List of 
works relating to - - - - 

Gypsies, List of works relating to - 

Gypsies in Carniola and Carinthia, by 
Albert Thomas Sinclair - - - 

Henry Hudson, The Hudson River, 
Robert Fnlton and Steam Naviga- 
tion, List of prints, books, manU' 
scripts, etc., relating to - 

Heritage of the Modem Printer, by 
Margaret B. Stillwell • 

Historical Printing Gub, Publications 
of the. (List and prices furnished 
upon application.) - - . . 

Isle de Bourbon (Reunion). Docu- 
ments, 1701-1710. Printed from the 
original manuscript in the library 

Isle of Man, list of works relating to - 

Japan, List of works relating to - 

Jwi of Librarianship, by Arthur E. 
Bostwick ..... 

Lenox library. Contributions to a 
Voyages of Hulsius. Paper 
Voyages of Thevenot ... 
The Waltonian Collection . - . 
Works of Milton . - - - 

Letters of American Oergymen. 1711 

to 1660 .05 

Librarian as a Unifier, by Andrew 

Keogh J)5 

Library Tonic, by George Parker Wio- 

ship ,05 

., LibraiVs Print Room, by Frank Weit- 

■™ enkampf Free 

■"^ Manuscript Division, The, by Victor 

Hugo Paltsits .15 

Money and Banking, List of works re- 

lating to - - - - - - .55 

Mormons, List of works relating to the .20 
05 Mountaineering, Selected list of books 

on .05 

5.00 Music, History of. Selected list of works 

relating to - - - - - .15 

Music Publishers in New York City 
Free before 1850. A directory - - .10 

Naval History, Naval Administration, 
etc., A selected list of works relat- 
ing to 50 

Naval Letters from Captain Perdval 

Drayton, 1861-1865 - - - JO 

Near Eastern Question and the Balkan 

States, List of works relating to - .55 

Newspapers and Official Gazettes, 

Checklist of 1.85 

Numismatics, List of works relating to .65 

Old Prints in the Prints Division - - .05 

Oriental Drama, List of works relating 

to jOS 

Oxy-Acetylene Welding, List of works 

relating to ----- .15 

Pageants in Great Britain and the 

United States. A list of references .15 

Paintings, Catalc^ue of, in the picture 

galleries of the Library - - - .10 

"Parnassus" Tapestry in the Library, by 

George Leland Hunter - - - .05 

Persia, List of works relating to - - JO 

Philosophy, List of books relating to • JO 

Political Parties in the United SUtes, 

1800-1914. A list of references - .25 

Prints and their Production. A list of 

works - . - - - - - .55 

Prints and their Production: Supple- 
ment . . - - - . j05 

Religion, Theology and Church History, 
List of peria<licats in the Library, 
General Theological Seminary and 
Union Theological Seminary relat- 
ing to - .15 

Romani and Dard, by George F. Black JOi 

Russian, other Slavonic and Baltic Peri- 
odicals, A list of - - - - .15 

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Schoolroom Decoration. A list of ref- 

Sdentific Management. A list of refer- 

Scotland, A list of works relating to - 
Shakers, List of works relating to 
ShiJcespeareana. Catalogue of Exhibi- 
tion of, compiled Iq' Henrietta C. 

BartleO, 1916 

Spencer Collection of Uodern Book 

Bindings, by Henry W. Kent - 

Stage Scenery. A list of references to 

illustrations since 1900 - . - 

Stauffer Print Collection, by Charles 

Allen Munn - - - - - 

Storage Batteries. A list of references, 

1900-191S - - - *■ - 

Submarines. A list of references - 

Superstructures, by W. N. C. Carlton - 

Torpedoes. A list of references - - JO 

Ultra-Violet Rays. A list of references .10 

Virginia, List of works relating to - 25 

War Taxation, 1914-1917. A list of ref- 
erences ------ JOS 

Washington Eulogies. Checklist of 
eulogies and funeral orations on 
the death of Washington - - 2S 

William II. of Germany, Books relat- 
ing to, presented by Dr. John A. 
Mandel jOS 

Winthrop, Theodore, Bibliographical 

notes on, by Elbridge Colby - - .OS 

Winthrop Books, Plates of the, by El- 
bridge Colby ----- X)S 

Witchcraft in Europe, List of works 

relating to - - - - - .10 

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Catalogue of Books for the Blind — New 
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edition. New York Point edition. 10 


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rHB BulUHmUf*UUh4dm»mtUjhTh*Nem Ytrk FuiUc Lttrarj at 476 Fifth Avtum*. N*w Y*rk 
City. Si^ieriptian Omt Dallar a jtar. atrrtnl itrnglr uiimten Ttn Ctnti. Entertdal iht Put Ofia 
atJVtw Ytrt, N. Y., at tnond-claa matter. February 10, iS9!, UHdtr act ef Jalj It, IS94. ActtfUmct 
far maiUnt at iptcial rail s/ pottage provided ftr im SecliBH 1103, Act a/ October 3, 1917, aaflUri»*d. 
Printed at Tht Nem York Fnbtic Library, 476 Fifth Amu*. Edmund L. Fearton, Editor. 

William W. Afpleton 
Andrew Carnegie 
Clb^tland H. Dodge 
John Murphv Farley 
Samuel Greenbauu 
Fredebic R. Halsey 
John Henry Hamuond 

Charles Howland Russell 
EuWARD W. Sheldon 
Willi a u Sloame 
George W. Suith 
I. N, Phelps Stokes 
Henry W. Taft 
Payne Whitney 


Lewis Cass Ledyabd 

J. P. Morgan 

Morgan J. O'Brien 

Stephen H. Olin 

Henry Fairfield Osborn 

William Barclay Parsons 

Elihu Root 
John F, Hylan. Mayor of the City of New York, e. 
Charles L. Craig, Comptroller of the City of New York, exoffii 
Alfred E, Smith, President of the Board of Aldermen, .'J officio. 


President. Lewis Cass Leoyabd, 476 Fifth avenue. 
First Vice-President, Euhu Root. 
Second Vice-President, Cleveland H. Dodge. 
Secretary, Charles Hov/land Russell, 476 Fifth avenue. 
Treasurer, Edward W. Sheldon, 45 Wall street. 
Assistant Treasurer, Uniter States Trust Company, 45 Wall street 
Director, Edwin H. Anderson, 476 Fifth avenue. 

Chief Referenet Librarian, H. M. Lydenberg, 476 Fifth avenue. 

Chief of the Circulation Department, Benjamin Adams. 476 Fifth avenue. 

Central Building, 476 Fifth Avenue, contains general administrative offices of the whole 

system, all Divisions of the Reference Department, and the Central Circulation Branch. 

Central Children's Room. Lihrary tor the Blind, and the Extension Division. 
Municipal Reference Branch. Room 512, Municipal Building. (Free for reference.) 


Central Orculation. 476 Fifth Avenue. 

Chatham Square. 33 East Broadway. 

Seward Park. 192 East Broadway. 

RiviNc.TON Street. 61. 

Hamilton Fish Park. 388 E. Houston st. 

Hudson Park. 66 Leroy street. 

Bond Street, 49, Near the Bowery. 

Ottendorfeh. I3S Second avenue. " 

Tompkins Square. 331 East 10th street. 

Jackson Square. 251 West 13th street. 

Epiphany. 228 East 23rd street 

Muhlenberg. 209 West 23rd'atrceL 

St. Gabriel's Park. 303 East 36th street. 

40tb STSF.ET, 457 West. 

Cathedral. 123 East 50th street. 

Columbus. 742 Tenth avenue. 

58th Street, 121 East. 

67tb Street, 328 East. 

Riverside. 190 Amsterdam avenue. 

Webster. 1465 Avenue A, 

YoRKViLLE. 222 East 79th street. 

St. Agnes. 444 Amsterdam avenue. 

96th Street. 112 East 


Bloomincdale. 206 West 100th Street. 

Aguu,ab. 174 East UOth street. 

IISth Street, 203 West 

Harlem Library. 9 West 124th street. 

125th Street, 224 East. 

George Bruck. 78 Manhattan street 

13STH Street, 103 West. 

Hamilton Grange. 503 West 145th street 

Washington Heights. 1000 St. Nicholas ave. 

Fort Washington. 535 West 179th street 


MoTT Haven. 321 East 140th street 
Woodstock. 759 East 160th street 
Melrose. 910 Morris avenue. 
High Bridge. 78 West 168th street 
MoRRisANiA. 610 East 169th street 
Tremont. 1866 Washington avenue. 
KiNGSBRiDGE. 3041 Kingsbrtdge avenue. 

St. George. S Central avenue. 
Port Richmond. 75 Bennett street. 
Stafleton. 132 Canal street 
Tottenville. 7430 Amboy road. 


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" M^0^ OF THE 



Volume 22 - - - Number 9 

Gift to Music Division 515 

Mews OP THE Month 515 

Census OF Fifteenth CENTimy Books Owned IN America — P ait VI. 517 L— fV^ 

The European War (Recent Accessions) .... - 541 

Recent Books of Interest Added to the Library - - - - 553 

CiKCULATioN Statistics for August -..--.- SS9 

Principai. Donors in August - - 560 

Publications of The New York Public Library - . - - 561 


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September 1918 Number 9 


THE work of the Music Division, in the Central Building, has been given 
much-needed assistance recently in the form of a fund, at present amount- 
ing to $385, received from The Society of the Friends of Music, through 
Mrs. J. F. D. Lanier, its president. This fund is contributed especially for 
the purchase of the more expensive modem scores which the Library, without 
this gmerous help, would not be able to add to its collection. 


DURING the month of August, 1918, the Library received as gifts a total 
of 2,052 volumes, 5,038 pamphlets, 37 maps and 225 prints. Some of the 
more important and interesting of these gifts were the following: From Mrs. 
Herman K. Viele of New York came a collection of works relating to astrology, 
containing 70 volumes and 58 pamphlets, among which were Raphael's and 
Zadkiel's almanacs and "An astrological discourse," by Sir Christopher Hey- 
don, London, 1650; from Mrs. William Allen Butler of Yonkers, N. Y., files 
of the "Quarterly Review" from February, 1809. to October, 1911, and from 
January, 1912, to October, 1916. and of the "Edinburgh Review" from Octo- 
ber, 1802, to October, 1903. — in all, 439 volumes; from the University of 
Pennsylvania, a collection of theses presented to the faculty of the Graduate 
School in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of 
Philosophy, 1918 (19 volumes and 17 pamphlets); from Mrs. Charles S. Fair- 
[ SIS ] 

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child of Cazenovia, N. Y., 95 numbers of "Notes and Queries"; and from the 
Publishers' Weekly, a miscellaneous collection of books and pamphlets, con- 
sisting of 386 volumes and 535 pamphlets. 

The following gifts of prints were received: From Mr. Leo Mielziner, two 
of his own lithographs, portraits of General Pershing and of the artist; from 
Mrs. Gabrielle Stewart Mulliner, a collection of old prints. 206 in number; from 
Mr. George Howes Whittle, two copies each of the 7th to 11th installments 
of his "Monographs on American Wood Engravers" (6 pamphlets, 6 sheets 
and 34 prints); and from Mr. Wilbur Macey Stone, a lithograph by Adolph 

Important gifts of music were received from the following: From Mr. 
Bernardus Boekelman of New York, 179 volumes consisting of vocal scores 
of operas and oratorios, trios and quartets, and violin, violoncello and piano 
music; from Mrs. James F. D. Lanier of Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y., two 
orchestral scores by Ernest Bloch; and from Chevalier Eduardo Marzo of 
New York, a collection of sheet music of songs, anthems, etc., comprising 976 

URING the month of August, 1918, there were received at the Library 
' 17,369 volumes and 5.203 pamphlets. (These figures include the addi- 
tions to both Reference and Circulation Departments.) The total number of 
readers recorded in the Central Building was 47,198. They consulted 139,284 
volumes. Visitors to the building numbered 151,996. 



The death of Cardinal Farley, since January 13, 1904, a member of 
the Board of Trustees of The New York Public Library, occurred at 
Mamaroneck, N. Y., on September 17th. 


Mr. Frederic R. Halsey, a member of the Board of Trustees of The 
New York Public Library since January 8, 1913, died at his home in 
New York City on September 29th. 

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Edited bv a Com uittee 

[iCAL Society of America 

I«cepiera, Petro. 

9805 Libro de I'occhio morale et spirituale 
vulgare. Venice. 14915. 21 May. 4'. 

RcE: R; Pr 5HZ (Joh. Rabni). Copr: Hirv. 
Lactantius, Lucius CocHua. Firmianus. 
9S06* Opera: De divinis institutionibus. 
Subiaco, 1465. antepenult. Oct. [30.) f. 

! /^Mt: 

Ref: BM Ctt Copy: HEH (Pembroke). 

9808 Rome: Sweynheym & Pannartz, 

1470. (°. 

Copie*: HarT (Sumner); 

Adam [de Ambergaut, 

a: HDioc; CWC; CLN; 

WMVi HWt. 

Ref: Pr 4144. Copi 

CPhi JM; LC(T). 

9810* (Venice:] Vmdelinus rde Spirai, 

1472. f. 
Copiei; UChi; UP*; CWC. 
9811 Rome: Gallus & Nicolai iChar- 

dellai, 1474, 12 Feb. f. 

Ref: Pr 3360. Copin; AmBt: Hart (WodbaU). 

9812* Rostock: Fratres domus viri- 

dis orti. 1476. S id. Apr. ,9., f. 

Ref: BH Cit. Copiei: AmBt; JPMt; LC (T, 


9813* Venice: A. de Pattasichis & 

Boninus. 1478, 12 Mar. f. 

Coniri: Hirv; PhfW); Wore; HWS; LC(T); 

9814* Venice: J. de Colonia & Man- 

thett, 1478. 27 Aug. f. 

Copiei: Hvt (Wodholl) ; LC: JWE; CPD. 

9815 Venice: T. de Ragazonibuj, 1390 

[1490], 21 Apr. t\ 

Ref: Pr SZfi2: C. Copiei: Har*; New; [NYSt 
(CampbelDI; LC(T); HWf. 

9816' Venice; Benalius. 1493. 22 Mar. 


Copin: Harv; Ph(W); WKB; (CIctmi). 

Laclaitliuj, Lucius Coelius, continufd. 

9817' Venice: Locatellus. 1494, 5 id. 

Oct. [11., i°. 

Copiei: ConHii; Har*; Walk. 

9818* Venice: Bevilaqua, 1497. 4 Apr. 


Copiei: Col; Prin; WNBu; WOH. 

De resurrectione Christi. 4°. 

Copy: Ph (W. Part of Haia SS40. Leipiig: 
Thaoner, I4»9). 

Laetua, Potnponius. 

9830* Compendium historiae Romaoae. 

Venice: Bernardinus [VitalibuS], 1499. 

23 Apr. 4°. 

Copiei: H.r. (Sumu); UTor; HWf. 

9831* Venice: B. de Vitalibuj. 1500, 

12 Dec. 4'. 

Copiei: LC(T); WMV; HWf. 

Paris: J. de Prato. 1500, 9 May. 4". 

Copt: HarTS (Sunderland). 

9833* De Romanorum magistratibas. 4*. 

Ref: Pr S3S9 {Venice: M«. de Butricii, H91f); 
n pin of Hain 69S7. Copiei: LC; UPa; AJB; 

See also Feneitella. De Romano- 

rum magistratibus. 6957-696S. 

9834 Grammaticae compendium. Venice: 
B. de Tortis, 1484, ult. Mar. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 4624. Copr: LC. 

Lambert de Honte. See Ariitotle. Copu- 
lata super libros physicorum. 1685. 

Lampridliu, Aelius. See Scriptorei his- 
toriae augustae, 14560-14563. 

Lampaheyta or Lanaheim, Johannes. 

9845* Speculum conscientic et novissimo- 
rum. Speier: Hist, 1446 |1496|. 4". 

Ref: BM Cat. Copiei: CLN (H. W. Poor); 

Speculum officii misse expositorium. 
Heidelberg: Knoblotzer, 1495,' 3 kal. 
Jul. [Jun. 29.1 4°. 

Ref: BU Cat; C 3473. ii76. Copr: LC(T). 

Landau, R. Yaakob ben Jehuda. See 
Lando, 9865. 

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See Hahomet, 

Landino da Vezaano. 
Epistole magni tur 

Landinus, Christophorus. 

9851 Disputation urn Camaldulensium de 
vita activa et contemplativa. 4". 
Ref: R (Venice, c. 149S); Pr 5716; Hiin {Flor- 
ence; Nic. Liuriniii). Copie.: CWC; HWti 

Ref: Pr 4161. Copy: HWf. 
Formulario di epistole 

aponsive. 8°. 

Rcf: R Z39 (Flgrence; Librii? e. 1«5); Pr 62S3. 
Copy: HWt. 

Lando or Landau, Jacob ben Judah. 
9865 Se(er agur (Code of ritual decisions, 

in Hebrew). 4°. 
Ref: Jacobs 89 (>l>p1e9, c. 1492); De Roui 146; 

Pr 673S (JoKpb ben Jacob of GnnientaiDKn) ; 

Steinscfaneider 1225. Copiei: JewiihTS; LC; 


9869* Landtrechtbuch; Schwabenspiegel. 

Landry, Geoffroy de La Tour. See La 

Tour Landry. 
Landulfua, Carthusiensis, de Saxonia. 
9877* Opus in meditationes vitae Christi. 

Venice: Bevilaqua. 1498. 7 Dec. 4". 

Copiei: Cor; WMV; HWt. 

Landulphus de Columna. See Columna. 
Lanfrancua Hediolanensia. 
9881 La Cirugia menor. Seville: tres ale- 
manes, 1495, 15 May. f. 

Ref: R; Haeblcr 349 & ii, 349. Copr: Surg. 

Lanfranco da Oriano. 

9891* Aureus tractatus de arbitris. Pavia: 
J. de Lignano & Zeis de Trldino, 1499. 


Ref: Pr 71IJ. Copy: LC. 

Langenstein, Henry of. See Haaaia, Hen- 
ricus de. 8375-8407. 

Langius or Langhen, Rudolphus de. 

9895 De Urbis Hierosolyme excidio. De- 
venter. 4°. 

Lapidarium omni voluptate rcfertum et 
medicine plurima experimenta com- 
plectens. Vienna: Winterburg. 4°. 

Ref: C 3*92. Copiei: AmBf (c. ISOS?); HWt 
(c. 1495): Sun. 

Lapide, Johannes de; Lapidarius. 
9900* Resolutorium dubiorum circa cele- 
bralionem missarum. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 1813 (Auiwbutg: Schoeniperger) j C 
(Cologne: Quentell, 1495). Copj: Cor. 

9905* Basel: Froben. 1492. 8*. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copiei: LC{T); JCW. 

9909* Strasburg: Flach, 1494. 4°. 

Copiei: Pli(W); Walk; LCCT, 2). 

- 4°. 

r A Fen 



9912 Leipiig, 1496. 4". 

Cop/: LC<T, primed by Arnold de ColonU). 

9916* Cologne: Quentell. 1498. 4'. 

Copy: Harv. 

9918* Cologne: Quentell. 1500. 4°. 

Copy: WA. 
9919* Libri artis iogice Porphyrii et Aris- 
totelis cum explanatione Johannis de 
Lapide. Basel: Amerbach. f. 

Hef: BM Cat (not after 149S)! Hain 13300. 
Copy; JHopkin.. 

Lascaria, Constant inus. 
9920 Grammatices Graecae epitome. Mi- 
lan: Paravisinus. 1476. 30 Jan. 4°. 

Rcf: Pr 5S89. Copy; HEH (Syitoo Park: Hoe). 

9924* Venice: Aldus, 1494, u!t. Feb.; 

1495. 8 Mar. 4'. 

Copiei: Prin; JMH; JPMf; HW». 

Lathbury, John. See Lattebury, 992S. 

Latis, Bonetus de. 

9926 Annul! astronomici super as trologtam 
utilitates. A'. 

BM Cat (Rome: Freiiag); R (c. 1493); Pr 


: JewiihTS. 

La Tour Landrjr, Geoffroy de. 
The knyght of the tourc. Westminster: 
Caxton. I Richard ill |1484j. last of Jan. 

Ref: Dnff 241; Pr 9657; Btadei 54. Copy: NYP. 

Latteburjr or Lathbnry, John. 

9928 Expositio threnorum Jeremic. 1482, 

ult. Jul. f°. 
Ref: Duff 238; Pr 9749 (Oxford: Rood). Copiei: 

AmBt; JPMt(2). 

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Iiiiide, Oldradua de Ponte, de. 
9932 CoRsilia et quaestiones. Rome: Rot, 
1472. 1°. 
Bef: BM C»t Copy: WGS. 

9940* Laudei beate Marie virginij. Ham- 
burg: J. & T. Borchard, 1491, secunda 
fcria post Martini [Nov. 14]. t'. 
Ret: BM Cat (Br Jacoboi de Vonpne). Copr; 

Landivina or Landivim. 
9943 De vita Hieronimi. 4'. 

Ref: BM Cat (Rome: Ccnlbtlg). Con: JH. 

Laurendanua Plorentiniia. 

9947* In librum Aristotelis de elocuttone. 
Venice: Lucre. ISOO. 8 Jan. f°. 

Ref: Hain 1668. Cop/: Harv. 

Laurentio, Johannes de Sancto. See Jo- 

bannet, 9410. 
Laurentiiu, Friar. 
9949 Een boec dat men hiet Summe le 

Roy of des conincs summe. Delft, 

1478. 24 Apr. 4°. 

Ref: Campbell 1627 (Meer k remantnoon) 1 Ft 
Sg6J. Copt: HDioe. 

9952 Haarlem, 1484, leslen dach van 

Ref: Campbell 1630 (BellMil); Pr 9170. Copr: 

Laurentiiu Aretiniu. See Aretinus, 1557. 
Laiu caritatis; Substantia dilectionis; 

Suot vicibus et a quibus regibul capta 
erit Jerusalem. 4°. 
Copr: Harv (Riant, I6II1 cent.?). 
9956" Lavacrum conscientie omnium sa- 
cerdotum. i°. 
Ref: BM C»t (NntMBberf: Crenainer. By Jaco- 
biu de Gruylrode). Copiet: Harv; WMV. 

Rouen: Lc Forestier. 8°. 

Ref: C 3516 (e. 1487). Copr: Ph(W). 

9958* Augsburg: Sorg, 1492. 4". 

Copr: Ph(W). 

9959 Leipzig, 1496. 4°. 

9962 Cologne: Quentell, 1499, 28 Jun. 




9968-92 Leben der Heiligen. See Vora- 

gine. Legenda sanctorum. 
Leewia, DJonystus de. See IHonTsina, 

Le Pivre, Jacques d'£taples. 
Arithmclica and Musica. See Jordanna 

Nemoraritu. Arithmetica, 9436. 
Le Fivre, Raoul. See Pevre, 7042-7056. 
Legenda aurea. See Voragine, Jacob de. 

La Legenda de le spose e hospjte de Christo 
Martha e Magdalena. Brescia: Jac. 
Britannicua, 1490, 4 Nov. 4". 

Ref: R 1249. Copr: HEH. 

10000 Leges et statuta civitatis Verone. 
Vicenea: Levilapis. 1475. 20 Dec f. 

Ref; C. Copie*: JM; HWt. 

Le Hnen, N'icoles. 
Peregrinations de Jherusalem. Lyont; 
Topic &Heremberck. 1488. 28 Nov. t'. 

Ret: C 1337, 3S3B; Pr 8591. Cop/: LC. 

I.eo Magnus; Pope Leo i. 
10010* Sermones et epistolae. f°, 

Ref: BM Cat (Rome: Lignamme, 1470-71). 
Copiei: HarTS (SnnderUnd. Hahn): New; 
UChi; CLN. 

10011* Rome: Sweynheym & Pan- 

nartz. 1470. f. 

Ref: BM Cat (iflcr 30 Aa|.). Copiea: AmBti 
Drew (Srkei); AMT. 

10012* Venice: Dominici. 1482, 7 id. 

Aug. i7., i'. 

Copiei: Harv (Leo iii); HarTS; Ph(W): Prin; 
PDS; HWt. 

10013* Venice: Andreas [de Soziis], 

1485. 5 non. Mar. r3.i f°. 

Copiei: StSol: LC(T); HWt. 

10014* Sermones. f. 

10016* Sermoni in Toscana tradocli da 
Philippo Corsini. Florence, 1485, 21 
May. f. 

Bef : Pr 6147 (Hitcomini). Copiea: HVJ; WTW; 
WMV; HWt. 

Leonicenus, Nicolaus. Vincentinus. 
10018* De morbo gallico. 4°. 

Copj: NYAcadMed (Colo«ne; Oaenlelt. 1497?). 

10019* Venice: Aldus, 1497, Jun. 4*. 

Copiea: CPh; Dart; NYAcadMed; Sure; CWC; 
(Hoe); JPMt; ECS (AnherM). 

10020 ~ — Milan :Signerre, 1497, 4 Jul. 4*. 

Ref: R, Copiei: CPh; Sntj; ECS. 

See also Scanaroltu. Disputatio de 

morbo gallico, 14505. 

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Leotticenut, Nicolaus, Vincenlinut, conlinued. 

10021' Plinii ct aliorura auctorura qui dc 
simplicibus medicaminibus scnpse- 
runt errore9. Fcrrara: Laurentius de 
iRubeis, & Andreas de rGrassisj, 1492, 
18 Dee. 4°. 

Copict: San; ECS (Hoc); LC(T); HWt. 

De tiro seu vipera. 4°. 

Ref: C iiU; Pt SS68 tVeniee: Aldui, e. 1498). 
Copj: JPMt. 

LeonicenuB, Om nib on us, Vincentinus. 

10022 Grammatica Latina; De octo parti- 
bus orationis liber. iVenice:) Jacobus 
(Rubeus). 1473. 4'. 

Ref: R; Pr 4334. Copy; JPMf. 

10024 Padua. 1474, 14 Jan. 4*. 

Ref: Pr i7i2 fValdeiDccfao). Copiei: AmBt; 
CWC; HWt, 

10025 cPaduaii Stendal, 1474, 14 May. 


Ref: R; Pr 6782; Hiin (Venice). Cofj: HWt 

Rome: Lig- 

Ref: C 3S4S (1480), Copy: Ph(W). 

10029* Commentarium in Lucanum. Ven- 
ice, 1475. 12 leal. Aug. Jul. 21.) i". 

Ref: Pr 4256 (Eilippo. dl Pietro): Hain (Vinde- 
linui de Spin). Copiei: AmBf; Hirv; HWt; 

10030* Commentarium id Ciceronis ora- 
torcm. Vicenia, 1476, 11 kal. Jan. 
iDee. 22.1 f°. 

Ret: R; Pr 714S (Gio«nni of Reno); C (Leonir. 
dm de Baiilea; Achalei). Copiei: H>rv; PiC; 
JWE; HEH (Pembroke). 

Leonista, Augustinus de. 
Sermon e 5. 8", 

Ref: C 3S4fi. Copy: HWt (pouibtr 16th cent.). 

, LcBcherias, Paulus. 
10034 Rhetorica pro conficiendis epistolis 
accommodata. Ingolstadt, 1487. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 31SS (Primer of Leicher). Copj-: AmBt. 

10037 4'. 

Copy: UCfai (Cologne: Quenlell. 1491). 

Leto, Pomponius. See Laettu, 9828-9838. 

I.eupoldu«; Duke Leopold of Austria. 
10042* Compilatio de astrorum scientia. 

Augsburg: Ratdolt, 1489. 5 id. Jan. (9.i 


Copie»: WMV; HW1. 

LeutolphuB, de Saxonia. 

10048 Tboek vanden Leven Chri»a Ant- 
werp: G. Leeu, 1487, 3 Nov. f°. 

Ref: Campbell llBl; Pr »«9. Copie): (Hoe); 

10049 Antwerp: Claes Leeu. 1488. 20 

Leulolphus, de Saxonia, continued. 

Zwolle: Peter Os, Mcccccxv [1495j, 

20 Nov. f°. 

Ref: Campbell 1184; Pr 914G. C^opn Metropoli. 

24,. 8°. 

Ref: Campbell HID (Brotberi of St. Michael); 
C. Copt: AmBt. 

10058 - — - Schoonhoven, 1499. 8*. 

Ref: Campbell II13 (Bretheri of St. Michael). 
Copy: LC(T). 

Levi ben Gerson. 

10060 iCdmmentary on the Pentateuch.j 

[Mantuaii Abraham Conat & Abraham 

Jedidia. i°. 

Ref: Jacob! 11 (1476-79); De Roiii ni; Pr 6906; 

n 228. Cop 

11; Caj! 

3 S; Ro* _. , 

: Col; JewiibTS; LC; 

Ref: Jacob 


10062 (Commentary on Daniel.) 4°. 

Ref: Jacob* 16 (Rome, before 1480?); De Roui 
124; Pr 4732; Ste>n>chneidcr 1614. Copy: 

See also Bible, Hebrew, Early Prophets. 
Leyes de la Hermandad. l". 

Ref: Haebler 184<" (Seville: trci alemanei, c 

1498). Copy: Hiipanic (Ungut S Polono). 

Ref: Haebler ii. 184.}. Copy: AmBt. 

Leyes del estilo. f°. 

Ref: Haebler 3i2 (Toledo: Hagenbaeb. Per- 
bap) I6ih cent.). Copiei: Hlapanic (2). 

Leyes hechas por la brevedad y orden de 
los pleitos. f°. 

Ref: Haebler 3S6 bii (Salamanca, perhap* I«th 

cent.). Copy: Hiipanic. 



Ref: Campbell 1183; Pr 9432. Copy: LC(T). 

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B Modus Lignamine, Joannes Philippus de. Cronica 
siimmorum potitificum imperatorum- 
que. Rome: Lignamine, 1474, 14 Jul. 

Ref: BM Cut (By Kiccobildui Fcrrariensii, witb 
printer); Hiin I0S57. Copiea; AmBt; Gral. 

Lignano, Johannes de. 
10092 De repressalits. Bologna: Hen. de 
Colonia, 1477. f°. 

Copt: LC. 

Lilius, Zacharias. 

10100 Opusculutn de situ orbis. 4°. 

Rc(: R (Venice: J. k G. it Greforiii, c. tSOO): 
Pr Index (not ISlh cent.). Copie»; AmBti 

LibcUuB in praeparatione ii ._ . . 

Johannes Carthiuiensis. Flos vitae, 

Libellas taxarum super quibusdam in can- 

cellaria apostotica impetrandis. 4". 

Copy; Cot (Tflhingin: Olmar, c. 1499). 

Liber de vita religiosorum. 's Hertogen- 

Liber festivals. See Pestwalis, 7028-7036. 

I4ber gestorum Barlaam & Josaphat. See 
Datnascentu, 5912-5916. 

See PoenitentUIis, 



Jun. ,5., 4" 

RcE^ Pr 6163. ( 
NYP; (Allen), 

Liber super tract atu cor one mistice Vir- 
ginis Marie. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 8142 (Patii: Le Ciron, c. I4B9). Copr: 
Harv (Riint). 

Licht, Balthasar. See AlKoritbmus, 829. 
Licbtenberg, Johann Grunbach. 
10080* Pronosticatio. lafterg 1488, kal. Apr. 
,1.) f°. 

Ref: Pr 32«4; C (Strsibnrg); Ficiitnile hi the 
Holbein Society, 1890. Copy: JPMt (B*Tuia 

Copy: Wnk (Strasburg: Kittler, 1488). 

10084* Strasburg, [aften 1499, ult. 

Dec. 4'. 

Ref: Faittu HorriT. German Booki, 240 (KiM- 
ter), cf p. 787; Pr 775 (Knoblouch?). Copy: 

10088 Pronosticatio lu theutsch, 1497, leti- 
ten Oct. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 756 (Straibarf: Kiitlei); C til. p. 271. 
Copy: W»tk. 

10089 Pronosticatione in vulgare. Mo- 
dena: Piero Francioso iMauferi, 1492, 
14 Apr. 4'. 

Copy: JPMt. 

Florence: Miscomini, 1493, non. 
i-l 4°. 

AmBt: Hirv; Hitpanic: 

10102* Naples: Cantonus, 1496, S id. 

Nov. (9., 4'. 

Copiea: AniBt; Harv (Riant); HWt. 

10103 De origine et laudibus acientiamm. 
Florence: Bonaccursius, 149lS, 7 id. 
Apr. ,7., 8°. 

Ref; Pr 6316. Copies: Cor; NYP; (Hoe)[ HEH; 

LinconienBis, Robert us. 

10105* Commentaria in llbros poslenorum 

Aristotelia. Venice: Locatellus, 1494, 

4 id. Nov. [10.1 r. 

Ref: Pr S0S7. Copy: Harr. 

10107* Venice: Otinus ide Lunaj, 

1497, 22 Mar. f. 

Copie.: LC(T); HWt. 

1 alien Konigen und 

See AluiuB ab Insidis, 

LUge, Archdiocese of. 
Statuta synodalia Leodiensia. 4°. 

: J. de Weitphalia, 

Litomiricensis. See Hilarius, 8663-8664. 

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Littleton, Sir Thomas. 
10126 Tenores novelli. London: Lettou 
& Machlinia. f°. 

Ref: Duff 27J: Pr 97S9. CopiM: LC; IPMt 
(M83); WVK. 

10127 London: Machlinia. f°. 

Ref: Duff 274. Copr^ LC (MS3). 

[London:] Pynson. i". 

Rcf; Duff 276 (149£). Copiea: HarvLaw 
(Dunn): JPMt. 

Livius, Titus Patavtnus. 
10128* Historiae rotnanae decades. Rome: 
Sweynheym & Pannartz. f°, 

Rrf: BM C»t (1469). Copy: HEH. 

Prin; HEW, 
- ,V. 

1470. !'. 

10132 Milan: Lavagnia. 1478. f. 

Ret: Pr S863; C. Copy: UTor. 

10134 ,Treviso:i Maniolinus, 1480, 

prid. kal. Nov. (Oct. 31.| f°. 
Ref: Ri Pr 6478. Copy: BottonAlh. 

10135* Treviao: Joannes [Rubeusj, 

1482. f*. 

Copiei: Brt: HelropoliUnHuai NYUntv; Red- 
ureod; LC(T). 

10136* Treviso: Joannes [RubeuJi. 

148S. i°. 

Copies: Cor; HirTS (SunderUnd) ; Hirr; JSL: 

10137* Venice, 1491, S Nov. f°. 

Copie>: B>r: CI. 

10140 Milan: Sinzenzeler, 149S, 25 

May. r. 

Ref: Pr 6a2»i C. Copiei: HarTS (SunderUnd); 
UChi; Ya. 

10141* Venice: Pincius, 1495. 3 non. 

Nov. [3., f°. 

Copiei; H»r»; HauHii (Sutiei); (Hit«ch: 
Poor); HWt. 

10142 Venice: B. de Zanis. 1498. 20 

Jun. {'. 

Ref: Pr SJ-IO. Copiu: Harv; Wm « Har^l HWt. 

10144 In materna lingua tradocte. 

Rome: a Sancto Marco. 14?6. 30 May, 
20 Jul. f°. 

Ret: BM Cal (Puecher); R; Pr 3539. Copiei: 
Harv (vol, i); HEH (voL ii. iii, Penihtoke). 

10145 Venice: Antonio da (Miscomt- 

nii, 1478, 11 Apr. f. 

Ref: Pr 4360; C. Copiei: D; HWt. 

Liviut, Tilut Patavtnus, conlimted, 

10147 Venice: Bartolomeo de [Blavisj 

& Andres [Torresanusi, 148S, 13 Aug. 

Ref: Pr 4708. Copiei: Hirv; Ph(W); HWt. 

10149* Venice: Zovane [Rubeuj,, 1493. 

11 Feb. t°. 

Ref: Pt nil. Copie*: LC; HWt. 

Livre de bien mounr. See An moriendi. 

10151 Livre dc bien vivre. Parts: pour 

Verard, 1492, IS Dec. f . 

Ref: Pr 809fi, 8230; C. Copr: HEH (Hoe). 

Livre de clergie nomme I'lmage du monde. 
Paris: (for, Michel 1c Noir. 4'. 
Ret: Pr 8223 (Ttepperel). Copy: NYP. 

Le Livret des consolacions contre toutes 
tribulacions. Paris: Marchant. 1497. 
5 Mar. 8°. 

Copy: JPMt. 

Livy. Sec Livius, 10128-10150. 

Lochcr, Jacob, Philomusus. 

10153* Panegyricus ad Maximilianum, 

Tragedia de Thurcis et Suldano. Stras- 

burg: Griininger, 1497. 4", 
Ref: BM Cat. Copiu: Harv (Riant); (Hoe); 

JM; JPMt; HWt. 

10IS6* Epithoma rhetorices. 4", 

Ref: BM Cat (Freiburg: Riedrer. after 24 Feb. 

1496). Copies; LC(2). 

10162* Carmen heroicum de partu mon- 
strifero. Ingolstadt, (afterj 6 kal. Dec. 
,Nov.26,, 1499. 4°. 

Ref; BM Cat (Kacbelofen). Copy: Surt. 

10164* Carmen de diva Katherina. iBasel:j 
Bergmann Olpe, 1496. 4'. 

Copy: Harv (Rianl). 

10165* Rosarium celestis cnrie. Ingol- 
stadt: Kachelofen, 1499. 4". 

Ref; BM Cat. Copy; LC(T). 

10169* Hagenau: Gran, 1498, 20 Aug. 

Copy: Pb(W). 

10172* Sermones de Sanctis perutiles cum 
sermonibus Pauli Wann. f. 
Ref; BU Cal (P»»u: Johann Petri, 1490-91). 

Copy: Pb(W). 

10173* Hagenau: Gran, 1497, die S. 

Jacob! mayoris Jul. 25). f*. 

Copiei: Amherjt; AmBf, 

10175* Practica eleclionum prelatorum. 

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Lolliut, Antonius. 

10178* Oratio in funere Philiberti Cardi- 
nalis Matisconensis. 4*. 

Rei: BM Cit (Rome: Plannck, not before Sent. 
3D. IM4>. Copr: AmBt. 

10179* Oratio circumcisionis dominice 
habtta coram Innocentio viii, kal. Jan. 
,1,, 148S. 4'. 

Rel; BM C.t (Rome: Pl.nnck). Cop^: HWf. 

10180' 4°. 

Ref: BU Cit (Rome: PUnnck). Copy: WHS. 

i quattuor. f*. 
Rcf: BU Cat (Struburg: Eggeitcin): Pr 259 
{not jfier H71), Copiet: NYAcidUed; 


10I84* f. 

Ref: BU Cat 

10186 Venice: Vendclin de Spira, 

1477, 10 Mar. i'. 

Ref: Pr U13: C. Copiei: AmBti GenTS (Pope 
Piul VI); H»rv; UTor; GAP. 

10188* Nuremberg: Koburger, 1481, 

10 May, P. 

Copr: Lav. 

10190* Basel: Kesler, 1486, 8 non. 

Mar, i°. 

Copiei: Marv; UdTS (2); JU; LC(T). 

10191 Venice: Hannibal [Foxiusj & 

soc. 1486, 22 Mar. 4°. 

Kef: R: Pr 5010. Copj: SiSul. 

10193* cum conclusionibus Henrici 

Gorichem. i". 
Ref: BM Cat (Freiburi. or Baiel: Fiacber); Pr 
7643 (Baael: Amorbacb>i C (KMler, H90). 
Cop[ei: (NVSt (Campbell)); UWitc. 

Copj: LCPb. 

10194* Basel: Kesler, 1487, 10 kal. 

Jun. [May 23., f. 

Copiei: NYUniv; Prin; llnTS (2). 

10195* Basel: Kesler, 1488, 10 kal. 

Oct. (Sept. 22.] f°. 

Ref: BU Cat. Copiei: Col; Satro; UnTSi Ya, 

10196* Basel: Kesler, 1489, 3 kal. Dec. 

,Nov. 29., r. 

Ref: BU Cat. Copiei: Trin; UnTS; LC (T, 


10197* Basel: Kesler, 1492, 12 kal. 

Mar. [Feb. 19., f. 

Ref: BU Cat; Hain varUnt. Copn [NYSt 

10198* Basel: Kesler, 1498, 10 kal. 

Mar. [Feb. 20., P. 

Copiei: Hirv; UoTS; WTHj LC{T, 2). 

10199 [Lyons:, Pyvard. 1499, 4 id. 

Sept. ilO.i f°. 

Ref: Pr BUS; C. Copy: SbIio. 

Lombard, Peter, continued. 

10200 (With commentary by Thomaa 

Aquinas.) Venice, 1489, 17 kal. Jan. 

[Dec. 16., f°. 

Ref: Pr 5D19 (Locatellni) : C: Burger. Index 
(lUS). Copiei: Pe^i SlSol; Walk; HWt. 

10202* Glossa magistralis Psalterii. P. 

Ref: BM Cat (Nnrmbeig: Senudtcfaaiidt k 
Primer); Hain (c. 147S). Cop^; NYUei*. 

10203* Nuremberg: Frisner & Sen- 

See also Aegidiiu de Columna, 107-144; 
Aquino, Thomas de. Super primo sen- 
tenliarum, 1475, & Super tertio sen- 
lentiarum, 1480; Bonaventura. Quaes- 
tiones super secundo sentenliarum, 
3538; Duns Scotus. In quantum li- 
brum sententiarum, 6430. & In secun- 
dum sententiarum; Hediavilla. Com- 
mentum super quartum sententiarum, 

Lopez de Villalobos, Francisco. 

10208 Sumario de medicina. Salamanca: 
(for, Barreda, 1498. P. 

Ret: Haebler 687. Copr: Hiipanic. 

Lonii, Guillaume de. See Roman de la 

Rose. 13964. 
Lotharius Conti, Pope Innocent in. 
10209* Liber de miseria humane condt- 

tionis. uccccxiviij. P. 

Ref; BM Ci!l_ (GermanT: Primer of Lolhariui); 

i (afler 1474). 

I. 30: 

: HWt (1468?); 


10211* 4°. 

Ref: BU Cat (Colorne: Printer of Auguitinai de 
Fide. c. 1474). Copiei: Dart; Harv; Ph[W). 

10212 ~ P. 

Copy: UnTS. 

10213 4°. 

- Nuremberg; Creussner, 1477. 

Ref: BU Cat. 

Louber, Jacobus. 

Veteris Testament! s 

10224 Tretyse of Love. [Westminster:) 
Wynkyn de Worde. P. 

Ref: Duff J9? (1493). Copy; HEH. 

Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus. Cordubensis. 
10228 Pharsalia. P. 

Ref: Pr 691? (Verooa: Alrue); Hain (uot be- 
fore 1473). Copr: HEH (Aik»), 

10231* Rome: Sweynheym & Pan- 

nartz, 1469. P. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copiet: HYP; HEH. 

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Lucanut, Marcut Annaeus, continued. 

10233* Venice: Guerinus, 1477, 14 

May. f. 

/; Pli(W); LC{T, Cr»wf6rd); (Lib- 

ov. 1900). 

10235 [Vicenzai] J. de Rheno, 1482, 11 

May. 4°. 

Ref: B. Copy: JM. 

10236 Parma: D. de Oliveriis, 1483, 11 

kal. Jun. |May 22.j f°. 

Ret: K; Pr 6862. Copiet; AmBt: LC(T). 

10237* Brescia: Britannieus, 1486, 6 

non. May {Zj. £°, 

Copiri: LCFh: UTor; LC<T). 

10238* Venice: Batlibovis, 1486, 3 id. 

May (13,. f°. 
Copie.: LC; LC(T); HWt. 

10239* Milan: Scinienzeler, 1491, 10 

Nov. i". 

Copie.: PrinTS; WSB; (Cox); (HincklM: Wod- 

10240* Venice: B. de Zanis. 1492, ult. 

Mar. f°. 

Copiei: Colg; WMk. 

10241' (With commentary by Sulpi- 

tius Verulan & Omnibonus.') Venice; 
Bevilaqua, 1493, uit. Jan. f. 

Copy: Harv. 

10242* Venice: Bevilaqua, 1498, 20 

Oct. r. 

Copiti: Harv; LC<T). 

10243 Milan: Pachel, 1499, 4 May. {'. 

Copy: LC. 

10244 Lucan, Suetoine et Saluste en 

francois. Paris: Le Rouge pour Ve- 
rard, 1490, 22 Dee. f. 

Rcf: Pr 8094. Copiei: New; JFMt. 

Lncena, Luis Ramirez de. 

10254 Repeticion de amores e arte de axe- 
drez col el juegos de partido. (Chess.) 

Salamanca. 4°. 
R»f: Pr 9578: Haeblrr 371 (Huti & Saoi). 
CopiM: Prir; EBC; JFM; JPMf (e. 1«6); 


Lucena, Juan de. 

10255 Vita beata. Zamora: Centenera, 
1483, 7 Feb. f. 

Ref: Pr 9583; Hiebler 368. Copiei: AmBf 

(Salva: Heredii); Baiton; Hiipanic. 

- Burgos: J. de Burgos, 1499, 8 Aug. 


Luchinus de Aretio. See Aretio, 1634. 

Lucianus SamosaleruU, continued. 
10260 De veris narration ib us. Diodonia 
Siculus. Venice: Pincius. 1493, 20 
Nov. f°. 

Rei: R; Pr S300. Copr: Hw. 

10261* De asino aureo, Philosopho- 

rum vitae, Scipio, Tyrannus, Schaphi- 
dium. Venice: Bevilaqua, 1494, 25 
Aug. 4°. 
CopT! HWt. 

10262 Milan: Scinzenzeler, 1497, 22 

Mar. 4°. 

Ref: C; Hain (xii Mar). Copi«: Lav; Ph(W). 

10264 Asinus aureus. [Augsburg:] Hohen- 

Copy; JPMt {e. H77). 

10268 Palinurus, Scipio Romanus, Car- 
mina herotca in Amorem, Asinus au- 
reus, Bruti, Diogenis Cynici epistole. 
Avignon: Tepe, 1497, id, Oct. ilS.] 4'. 
Copiei: AmBt; LC <T, Wsdbull: Craiiford). 

10270* Caron in Latinum translatus. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 1424 (CDlogne: Quentell): C (c. 14V2). 
Copy: Harv. 

10273* Dyalogus, quomodo solus nudus 
per Acheronta transvehi potest. 4*. 

Ref: Pr H04 (Colojne: Quentell, 1489-9;); Hain 
(Leipiig): C (D*«nte.: Ja«. de Breda, t. 
1497); Campbell 1176. Copy: Cor. 

10274 Leipzig: Thanner, 1500. 4*. 

Copj: LC. 

Locrctius Canu, Titus. 
10282 De rerum natura. Verona: Fridem 
berger, 1486. 28 Sept. V. 

i: HarY (Wodhall). 
; GK; CEM: JPMt; 

10283* Venice: T. de Ragazonibus. 

1495, 4 Sept. 4°. 

Copiec HarTS (Sunderland): AJB. 

1028S* Venice: Aldus. 1500, Dec. 4°. 

Coge.: Har»; JCHrf (SuMe*); CWCj JPMt; 

10287 Luctui Christianorum ex passione 
Christi. (Venice:) Nicolas Jensoni, 

1471, prid. non. Apr. (4., 4'. 

Ref: Pr 4072. Copy: (ACW). 

Ladolphiu or Lentolphiu de Sixonia, 

10290* Vita Christi. 1474. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Straibori: Eneilein). Copiei: 

Prin; PrinTS; CLN. 

10291* Cologne: Gotz, 1474, Philippi 

Jacobique profesto lApr. 30i. f*. 
Ref: Voulliime, Koln, 760; cf BH CaL Copr: 


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Ludotphus dt Saxonia. continued. 

10292* Nuremberg: KoburBer, 1478. 

in B. Thome profesto [Dec. ZOj. f. 

Copiei: Cin; LC; UnTS (pt 2); LCtT, pt, 1). 

10293* Strasburg, 1483. t". 

Copy: UnTS. 

10294* Nuremberg: Koburger. 1483, 

in B. Jacobi profesto Jul. 24]. f. 

Copr; Yt 

Tboek van den Leven Christi. Antwerp: 
G. Leeu. 1487. 3 Nov. i". 

Ref: CuDpbcll IlSl: Pr 9369; Hain I004S. 
Copict: (Hoe): JPMt. 

Antwerp: Claes Leeu. 1488, 20 Nov. 

Ludolphus de Suchen, eonlmued. 
10311* Weg zu dem heiligen grab. Pctrug 
de Suchen. 1477. 4". 

: BM Cat (Annbnrc Zaiacr). Copy; KYP. 

de Puppio. See 

LudovicuB Prutheniu, de Prussia. 
10315* Trilogium anime. Nuremberg: Ko- 
berger, 1498, 6 Mar. 4'. 

Befj_BM Cat. Copirai Harvj StSUn; Ya; ELP; 

Zwolle: Peter Os, ucccccxv il49Si, 

20 Nov. f*. 

Set: Campbell I1S4; Pr 9146. Copr: Uctropali- 

CPb; H 

Ludovicut a Tnrri de Verona. 
10316 Opus conceptionis Virginia Marie. 
Brescia: Boninus, 1486, 19 Aug. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6970; Hain 15748. Copy; HWf. 

Lulliu, Raymundus. 

10320; Ars generalis ultima. Venice: 
Philippus cPetri], 1480, 13 Nov. 4". 

Copy: ACB {Buiheim). 

10322 Ars brevis. Barcelona: Posa, 1489. 

Een notabel boec. 

May. r. 

Rcf: Campbell 1182 (Pcinler of Licorne); Pr 
8881 (SneMaerl); Maio lOOJO? Copy: JFIff. 

10297 Paris: Baligault, 1497, 18 May. 

Copif. WMV; HWt. 

10299 Translate en francoys. Lyons: 

Hus. 1493. 1 Mar. f. 

Ref: R. Cgpy: WMV. 

Lo segon del Cartoxa arroman^ato. 

Valencia, ISOO. f°. 

Ref: Hiebler 37! (Cofman). Copy; Hitpmic. 

10302* Vita Christi in compendium re- 
dacia. f*. 

Copt: Hirv (Leifhton. NurembtrB: Senien- 

10304* Expositio in Psattertum. f. 

Ret: Pr ZJSI (Speicr: Dracb, after Jao. 1, 1491). 
Copiei: Ph{W)j HWt. 

See also Landulhu, 9876-9877. 

Ludolphus de Suchen. 

10307* De terra aancta 

solomitano. !'. 

Ret; BH Cat (StTUbnrf: I 

: Haebler 379. Copj-: Hiipanic. 

Delft, 1488, 22 10327* De laudibus beatissime Marie. 
Paris: Mercator, 1499, 6 Apr. f°. 

Ref: C 3686. Copie.; Harv; HWt. 

!t itinere Hiero- 

Copiei: AniBt; NYP; HEH; 


10308* f°. 

Ref: Pr 292 (Stra«barc: Eneitt 

10309* 4'. 

Ref: Campbell 1623 (Am 
Copt: NYP. 

rerp: G. Leen, c. 14SS). 

Radicalis attestatio fidei orthodoxe. 

Nuremberg: Creussner, 1477. f, 
Ref: Pell 1416; BM Cat: Hain I90S. Copiei: 

AmBt; Ba.ion; HWt. 

LulmcUB or Ulmeus, Paulus. 
10328 Apologia religionis fratrum heremi- 
tarum. Rome; in domo Fr. de Cinqui- 
nis. 1479, 18 Jul. 4°. 
Ref: R; C; Hain 16086. Copiei: LC(T): HWf. 

lime; liber moralitatum. 1470. f°. 

— [Augsburg:]Sorg, 1477, 3Sept. 
i Cat (Bt Hatthiat FariiuMr). Copy; 

— 1477, ult. Dec. t'. 

tS!2 (Augiburf: Zainer). Copt: Prin. 

- 1479. 4 feria post Udalrici cJul. 

Lumen ai 


7|. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Re 
ITypi* Heraerian 

10333* 1482, 6 feria post LeUre (Mar. 

22,. i°. 

Bef: BM Cat (Straabatc: Printer of Lecenda 
anrei). Copiea: CI; Cor; UNeb; UTor. 

LnpiiH, Jacobus. 

10339 Liber de asaertionibus catholicis, 
Paris: Denidel, 1497, 13 Sept. 8*. 

Ref: Pr 832!; C; Thierrr-Poiu St. CopT: 

Lupoldua, Bishop of Bamberg. See Be- 
benburglua, 2725. 

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Lntrem, Johannes de. 

18351* Collatio synodalis de statutis ec 
clesiarum. Erfurt, 1489. 4". 

Copr; LCCT; Primer of BoUanu.?). 
LntzcnbUTEO, Bernhardus de. 

Exposttio in symbolum Athanasii. 4'. 

Ref: cf Hain 6S11; BM Cat. Copies: Sutra 

Lydgate or Lidgate, John. 
10352 The lyf of our lady. [Westminster:] 
Caxton. i°. 

Ref: Duff 2M (14B4); Dc Ricci 71; B1ad«) 64. 
Copic: JPMt (2). 

A lylell treatyse of the horse, the shepe 
and the goos. 4". 

Rcf: Duff 26S (Weatmmstri': W^nkrn de 
Worde. ISOO). Cop)-: JPMt. "^ 

Stana puer ad mensam. 1477. 4°. 

Rc(: Duff 269 (W»tmin»er: Caxton); De Ricci 
74. Copy: HEH. 
10356 The assembly of the Gods. f°. 

Ret: Duff 2S3 (Westminiter: Wrnkyn de Worde, 
1498). Cppy: JPMf. 

Lyndewode or Lindwood, William. 
Constitutiones provinciales ecclesie An- 

10359 (London:) Pynson. 8°, 

Ref: Duff 281 (1499), Copies: KkcvUw (Dunn, 
c. 1496); LCi JPMt. 

10361 Westminster: Wynkyn de 

Wordc, 1496. ult. May. 8°. 

Ref: Duff 279; Pr 9701. Copies: AmBt (Duff 
varianOl HuvLaw (Amfaerat: Donn); JPHt 

Lyra, Nicolaus de. 

10363* Postilla super totam Bibliam. 
Rome: Sweynheym & Pannartz, v. 1, 

1471, 18 Nov.; v. 2, 1472. 26 May: v. 3. 

1472, 14 Jan.; v. 4, ,1472); v. 5, 1472, 13 
Mar. f 

Lyra, Nieolaus de, continued, 

10370 Basel: Petri & Froben, 1494. 


Copr: StBoni. 

10372* Moralia super totam Bibliam. f°. 

Ref: BM C»t (Straibon: Hainer). Copjr: 

10374 Cologne: Koelhoff, 1478. i". 

Ref: BM Oil. Cop/: Creighton. 

10375* Mantua: Butschbach, 1481, 3 

kal. May [Apr. 29,. f°. 

Ret: Pr 6897. Copies: CWC; WMV; HWt. 


Copy: Clark. 

10378 Postillae super Psalterium. Paris: 
Gering, 1483, 5 Nov. 8'. 

Ref: Pr 7868; C. Copiea: DominicanDC; TBDV. 

10383 et Cantica Canticorum. 1493, 

17 Jul. i\ 

Ref: HaiD (Lroni: Huu). Copy: HDioc. 

Postilla super Paralipome. f°. 

Copt: PrinTS. 

10385 Postilla super iv Evangelistas. i". 

...: BM r»l. Copirs: AmBt (vo 
GenTS: Harv (vol. 1); SlCh (vol 
(vol. 2-5); RCM (Carvalho, vol 



I036S* Venice: Scotus, 1488. 5 id. 

Aug. [9.) i°. 

Copies: Col (vol. I & 3); Ph (W, vol. 1). 

10366* -; — cum additionibus Pauli Bur- 

Ref: BM Cat (Straibum Mentelin. c. 1472). 
Copt: UnTS (vol. 1 & 4). 

10368* f. 

Ref: C (ColoniF: Zell. 1485?). Copies: NYP 
(vol. 1*4); NYUniT (Penlateocli & Kings). 

10369* Nuremberg: Koburger, 1481, 

22 Jan. 3 v. f°. 
Ref: BM Cat. Copies: GenTS ("Said to have 
been used bj I.ulher in Erfurt"); Ph (W. 2 
of voL 1); CLN, 

V (Klo 

I, Marienlbal: 1 



10386* Mantua: Puzpach, 1477. 24 

Jul. i'. 

Copiei: AmBt; Howe; UnTS; JHSch (Wod- 
hull); WTW. 

10387 Postilla super epistolas <t evangelia 
quadragesimalia. Perrara: Laurentius 
de Rubeis, 1490, 6 id. Mar. [10.| 4°. 

Ref: C. Copy: LC(T). 

10390 Venice: Hertzog, 1494, id. Dec. 

cI3., 4°. 

Ref: R. Copies: Iowa; Ph(W); HWt. 

Lyons: Vingle, 1496, 26 Aug. 8'. 

Copy: LC(T). 

10395 Postilla super Actus Apostolorum, 
Epistolas Canonicales et Apocalyp- 
sim. Mantua: Butschbach, 1480. 30 
Mar. !'. 
Ref; Pr 6896; C. Copy: HWt. 

10396* Postilla super epistolas Pauli cum 
additionibus. Mantua: Puzpach, 1478, 
28 Apr. 1°. 

Copies; JM; HWt. 
10402 Praeceptorium sive expositio in de- 
calogum. Paris: Pigouchet, 1491. 8°. 

Ref: Pr 8208. Copy: Cor. 

10404* Cologne: Bomgart, 1495, 19 

May. 8°. 

10405 - 

• Cologne: Landen, 1496, 9 Mar. 

Copy; LC(T). 

Quaestiones disputate contra Hebraeos. 

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Lyra, Nicolaut de, eontitmed. 

QuaestioDcs judaicam perfidiam in 
catholica fide improbantes. 4°. 

Copy; Cor (Vmim, MMf). 

See also Bible, Latin, 3163-3172. 

Hacer Floridiu. 

R<f: Klebt, --IneunabaU Lidt, t. Herbila," in 
PafcTt of Tkt BibliogratMcal Secitty of 
AmiritB. Oct., 1917, vol. m, p. 77. 

10417* De viribus herbarum. 4°. 

Ref? KIcba d (Lyona or Pirii, before 1500); Pr 
8490; C (1489); Hiin (Colopie). Copy: Surg. 

Haffeua or Haphaeoa, Celsus. 

10441* Deiensiones canonicorum regiilari- 
um contra monachos. Venice; Petrua 
[de Quarengisi, 1487, 10 Jan. 4°. 

C0P7: Hirv. 

10444 Pro facillima Turcorutn expugna- 

Re(: C; Pr 4374 (Venice: Rildolt. 1478). Copr: 

Magistria, Magister Johannes de, Parisi- 

Ref: Klebi a (P.rii; Le Petit Unreni. c 
Copiei: MoBG; Sort; JPMf. 

. ISOO). 

10448* Quaestiones super tota philosophia 


natural!. Venice: Locatellus, 1487, 3 

kal. Jun. [May 30.j 4°. 

Ref: Kleb) » (Lyon, or Pari), before 
Copy: Hi rv Arboretum. 


Copiei: LC; HCB. 


10452* Quaestiones super totum cursum 

Reft Kleb* g (Lyont or Porii, before 


logice. Venice: Locatellus, 1487, 12 

Copy: CPh' 

kal. Jul. Jun. 20., {°. 

: Hai 

9424. Cop 

10424 Machasor or Mahsor (Prayers for 
the year, in Hebrew|. S". 

Ref: J»cob« 9S (Soncino. c. 149S); 6e Ro»> 149; 
Pr 7441; SteinKbneider 394. Copiei: Jew 
iihTS; JHC, 

10425 (vol. 1) Soncino. 1485, Sept.; 

(vol. 2) Casa Maggiore: Joshua Solo- 
mon ben Israel Nathan Soncino, 1486, 
2! Aug. 4°. 

Ref: Jarob. J6, 42; De Roni 4e-«8; Pr 7297; 
Ste in Khn cider 393; Ciumo 14-1!; Wuhitein 
229. Copie.: Col (on Tellnm); Jewi.hTS; LC: 

10454* Heidelberg: Misch, 1488, 14 

kal. Jun. (May 19., f°. 

Ret: BH C«t. Copy: HWt. 

1045S* Venice, 1490. 4*. 

Ref; Hain (LocMella*). Copy: HWt. 

Summularum Petri Hispani glossulae. 

[Toulouse:, Mayer, 1488, 22 Apr. f°. 
Ref: R 610. Copy: Hiipinie. 


Hacrobius, Aureliua Theodosius. 
10426 In somnium Scipionis exposittones; 
Saturnalia. Venice: Jenson, 1472. i'. 
Ref: R; Pr 4085. Copie*: Harv; (Hoe); HEH 
(Pembroke); JU (Ro.bnrghe). 

Hagister, Martinus. 

10458 Quaestiones morales. Paris: Hopyl. 
V. 1, 1489, 1 Dec; v. 2, 1490. 10 Oct. f. 

Ref: Pr 8128 (vol. 1, Hiiman); C (vol. Z). 
Copie.: AmBt (vol. 2); HCF (voL 1); LC (T, 
vol. 2). 

10427* Brescia: Boninus, 1483, 6 Jun. 

Copiei: AmBT; H.rv. 

Brescia: Boninus. 1485, ult. May. 

I046S Hagiitri et consilii hospitalis Hiero- 

aolymitani rerum loco et tempore ye- 

rendarum in Ildrimium Ottomanum 

instructio. ex Rhodo S Aug. 1482. 4'. 

Ref: Pr S682 (Venice). Copy: H.rv. 

Ref: R Snpp. 112; Pr 6962. Copy: Harv. 

10429* Venice. 1492. 29 Jun. P. 

Ref: Pr S131 (Job. Rabeua). Copiei: Hirv; LC; 
HCF; HWt. 

10430* Venice: Pincius. ISOO, 29 Oct. 


Copiei: Harv; LC; HWt. 

Madrigal, Alfonso de; el Tostado. 

:: Haebler lU; Hais lS!g|. Copy: Hitpuiic 

Hagni, Jacobus; Jacques le Grand. 
10469 Sophilogium. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Slraibarg: Printer of Hen 
Arimineniii) ; Pr 329; Hain (Typii Re, 
anil). Copie.: Cor; UnTS. 

10471* — r, 

Ref: BM Cat (Straibnn 
AmBt; LC; TBDV. 

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10476 Lyons: N. Philippi 8c ReinharL 

Rcf: C; Hiin (c. 1477); cf Pr S527. Copiei: 
AraBt (1484?); CWCr JMH. 

10477 Paria: Krantz, Genne & Fri- 

burger, 1475. 1 Jun. t°. 

Ref: Pr 7841; C. Copy: CWC. 

10478 Paris: Crantz, Gertng & Fri- 

burger, 1477, 1 Jun. 4°. 

Ref: R. Copj: Yale. 

Magninus, Mediolanensis. 
10482* Regimen sanilatis. 4'. 

Re(: Pr S70S <Lroni>. Copiei: CPh; ECS. 

10483 Louvaim J. de Westfalia, 1482. 

tSSi Pr 9230. Copy: Surg. 

■is: Gering, 1483, S Mar. 

Rc(: Cam] 


- Pai 

: Hir 


10506 Rome: Lignamine, 1473, 27 

Nov. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 3393. Copy: Harv (Riint). 
10507 4°. 

Mahror. See Machator, 10424-10425. 
Maidstone, Richard. 

Sermones dormi secure. See Verdciia, 

10516* Sermones de adventu. Sermones 

dominicales. Quadra gesimale. Paris: 

Pigouchet, 1500, pt. 1, 7 May; pt. 2 & 

3, 14 Aug. 8°. 

CopiM! HWt; EW (Carvalho, pi. 3). 

10517* Novum 

opus. Paris: Petit. 8' 
Copiei: LCPh; GBU <pt. Z). 

Haimonidu, Moses. 

10521 Moreh Nebukim (Guide of the Per- 
plexed, in Hebrew). £'. 

Ref: Jacobs 24 CRome, before H80); Pr 74JS; 
De RoHi 121-122: StelnKhneider 1894-1895; 
CuiDlo 6; Roienthai 49 (147S); Wachitein 
290. Copies: Col; Kiipanic; JewiihTS. 

10522 Mishneh Torah (Code, in Hebrew). 
(Romei] Solomon ben Judah & Oba- 
diah ben Moses. f°. 

ben Moses, 

Copiei: JHopkimHoip; Surg. 

10486 Basel: Kesler. 4'. 

Reft BU Cat {not before 8 Nov. 1493); R (c. 
1490); C 3756, Copies: LC; Surt; Walk. 

Mahomet II. 

10496' Epistolae magni Turci [edited by 
Laudivio or Landivio da Vezzanoj. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Rome: PUnnck); Pr 3365 (Han). 
Copt: Harv. 

10500 4°. 

Ref; R (Venice: B. de ViUlibua. c. 149S}iPrS61S 
(Otinui da Luna). Copy; Harv. 

10502* 4". 

Ret: Pr 6466 (Treviio: Gerard Lisa). Copy: 
Harv CKlo«»). 

10503* Brescia: Misinta. 4°. 

10523 Soncino: Gei 

1490, 23 Mar. f°. 

Ref: Jacob! 71; Pr 7308; De Hum! 70-71; Stein- 
■chneider 1870; Cauuto 28-29; Rosenthal 
20; Porgeg, Zeilich. hebr. Bibliofraphie, Vlil 
(1904): ig-S9. Copiei: Col; JewishTS; JUG. 

iRome:i Moses ben Shealtiel. f. 

Ref: Pr 7339; Stein Schneider 1872-1873; 2eit- 
schrifi hebr. Bibliofraphie, xv: 1S6. Copy: 

(Liiboo, c. 1492), 

See also Hiahna, 11243; and Pirke Aboth, 
10524* Aphorism! medici. Bologna: Plato 
de Benedicts, 1489, 4 kal. Jun. ,May 
29.1 4*. 

Copies: BoitonHed; CPh; JewiihTS; Suri; ECS; 


10525* De regimine sanitatis ad Soldanum 
Babylonice. Florence: apud S. Jaco- 
bum de Ripoli. 4". 

Ref: C (1477). Copj: Surg. 

n de. See Mayno, 10939-10979. 

Haiolui, Lauren tlus. 

10528 De gradibus medicinarum. Venice, 
1496. 4'. 

Ref: R 242; Reuouard (Aldui). Copj-: JPMf. 

Venice, 1497. 4'. 

Copt: ECS. 

Epiphyllides in dialecticis. 4*. 

Ref: Renouard (Vetiite: Aldus). Copy: JPMt. 
This, the follo¥ 

Eel her 


versione propositionum secun- 
dum peripateticos. Venice: Aldus, 
1497, Jul. 4'. 
Ref: Renouard; not R 611. Copiei: Hitt; JPHt. 

Maioranus, Mayronia or Maronla, Francia- 

cus de. 
10529* Sermonum de tempore: Quadrage- 

Rcf: Campbell 1215 (BruMels: Brother* of tb* 
Common Life, c. 1484). Copy: WMV. 

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H>lln» n 

Maioranus, Franeisciu de, continued. 
Venice. 1490. C. 

Copt: PriD. 

I0S30* Venice: Bernardinus iRiciusi, 

1491, 20 J«n. 4'. 
Copt: HWt. 

10531* Opus de laudibus sanctorum. Ven- 
ice: Pel. de Pasqualibus, 1493, 11 Feb. 

Copie»: Sotro; HWt. 

I0S32* Sermones de Sanctis land other 
tracts]. Basel: iWolffi de Pforczen, 
1498. 4'. 

Ref: BM Cat Copr: HarvAndover. 

Flores extract! per veritates ex libris de 
civitate Dei. f°. 

Rcf: Pr 1102 (Colocne; Prinler of Floret Angiii- 
tini); VoulUtmc, Kotn, tS4. Copici: HEH 
(H«c)l CPW. 

Halory, Thomas. 

Le morte and actes o£ Kyng Arthur. 
Westminster: Caxton, I48S, last of 
Juyl. r. 

Hcf: Duff 28]; Dc Ricci 76; BUdft 66; Hain 
1864. Copy; JPMt (Uot). 

10534* Scriptum super primum 

arum. Treviso: Mantolo, 1476. f*. 

Copy: UnTS. 

I0535* Basel: Kesler. 1489, 18 kal. 

Nov. (Oct. IS.i f°. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copie.: LC: LC(T); StBoni. 

In categorias Porphyril. Lerida: Henri- 
cus (Boteli, 1485, 25 Oct. 4*. 

Ref: Haebler 410. Cofy: Hiipanic. 

10536* Passus super universalia et praedi- 
camenta Aristotelis. Bologna: Schri- 
ber, 1479. 1 Apr. 4'. 
Copy: LC(T). 

Haiof, Junianus. 

10S39* Dc priscorum proprietate verbo- 
rum. Naples: Moravus, 1475. P. 

Copiei: AmBt; HWt. 

10540* Treviso: Bernardus de Co- 

lonia. 1477. 1°. 

Copiei: AmBtl Col; Harv; SCar; Trin; JPHt; 

10S4I* Treviso: Confalonerius, 1480. 

prid. kal. Apr. ,Mar. 31.i f. 

Copie*: LCtT); HWt. 

10S42 Venice: Scotus, 1482, 3 non. 

Jun. ,3., t°. 

Ref: C. Copici: (Carvalbo); MWf. 

10543* Venice: Bertochus & Pel. de 

Pasqualibus. 1485, 8 Oct. i'. 

Copx: Ph(W). 

10545* 1490, 23 Feb. f. 

Rer; Pr JI26 (Venice: Rubeui); Haid (Niplec 
Horavui). Copr: Croivenor. 

Malchua. See Porphyriua, 13298-13300. 

HalduTft, Petrus Ludovicus. 
10S46* In vitam Sancti Rochi contra pes- 
tem epidemic. 4°. 

Bet: BM Cat (Mainz: FHedberc); C (1495). 
Copie*: CPh; Surg. 

Vtlk (CototBe, t. 1490). 

— Mainz: Schoiffer. 1470, i 
■' i [Nov. lOi. f. 

105S1* HammotrectUB super Bibliam. f. 

Copies: Ph(W); JPHt (Straibsrc: Huiner, c. 

H7£. Br Joannei Uarchesinu*). 
An oriiinal leaf from a cop; of thia edition wa) 

dittribated wiib ihe Tjrpe Faciimile Socictj 
i»ue for 1906. 

10552* — r. 

Ref: BM Cat (Striiburi: Printer of Heoticai 
Ariminenait). Copr: LC. 

10553* I'. 

Copj-: \ 
10554* - 
Copy: JPMt. 

10555* [Beromunster:i Helye, 1470, 

vigilia Sancti Martini [Nov. 10|. f. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copy: AmBf (Hopetoun). 

10556 1476. in vigilia natalis domini 

rDec. 24). f . 

Ref: BM Cat (Co1o(ne: Winlen); ef Voulii^e 
781. Copy: JM (Catvalbo). 

10558* Venice: [Rennen de Hailbrun 

& Barlua, 1478. 4°. 

Copiei: Grol (Landor: SoDther): HauHii; Pb 
(W): Sulfo; JM; CLN; LC(T): HWt. 

10559* Venice: Jenson, 1479, 9 kal. 

Oct. [Sept. 23.1 '*''■ 

Copio: Bomon: Cor: DominieanDC: Grol: Harvi 
NYP; Ph(W); Walk; SH; JM; LC{T). 

10560 Cologne: Koelhoff. 1479. in vi- 
gilia Sancti Severini |Oct. 22j. f°. 

Ref: Pr 1041, Copj: UoTS. 

10561 Milan: Pachel & Scincienzeler, 

1481, 4 kal. Sept. lAug. 29., 4'. 

Ref: Pr 5PJ7: C. Ccpiei: Cor; (Libbie, 4 Dec. 


10562* Venice: [Paltascichisj de Cat- 

thara. 1482, 6 Jul. 4°. 

Copie«: Col: HCF: WMV; HWf. 

10563' Venice: .Renneri de Hailbrun, 

1483. 4". 

Copt: HWt. 

10564* Venice: F.deMadiis. 1485. 8*. 

Copiea: HCF; HWt. 

10565 Venice: Grassus. 1486. 4*. 

Ref: R. Copiea: LCPb; TDS; HWf. 

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Mammolrecfus super Bibliam, conlitiued. 

10566* Strasburg, 1487. 4°. 

Rtf: Pr 674 (Flach). Copy: JCW. 

10568* Strasburg, 1489. f. 

Ref; BM Cat (CruDiDBcr). Copy: SP. 

10S69- Venice: Locatellus, 1492, non. 

Jun. ,5., 8=. 

Copy: LuTS. 

10570* Venice: Bevilaqua. 1492, 12 

Jul. 8°. 

Copies: Prin; LC(T). 

10573* Strasburg, 1494. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 700 (Flacb). Copici: Ph(W)i Weil. 

10574* Venice, 1498, 18 Jun. 8'. 

Copy: LC(T). 

Mancinellus, Antonius. 
10583 Spica voluminutn quatuor. Versilo- 
gus. Venice. 1499. 9 Jan. 4°. 

Ref: R 16£ & Index (Tacuinui). Copy: HWt. 

Milan: Scinzenzeler, 1500, 28 Jul. 

Ref: C 3790. Copy: Ph{W). 

10586 Versilogus. 4=. 

Ref: R (Rome: Plannck, c. ]4S8>. Copy: GAP. 
10590 Scribendi orandique modus. Milan: 
P. M. de Mantegatiis. 4°. 

Ref: C (ISOO). Copy: Ph<W). 

10595* Venice: C. de Pensia, 1496, 4 

Jun. 4'. 

Copy: HWt. 

10S98* Ulm. 1499, 13 kal. Sept. (Aug. 

20.1 4°. 

Ret; Pr 2S93 (Schaffler). Copiei: UChi; LC(T). 

10600 Opuscula. Milan: P. M. de Man- 
tegatiis. 4°, 

Ref: C (ISOd). Copy: Pli(W). 

10601* Venice; Bevilaqua. 1494, non. 

Apr. [5., 4°. 

Copy: Piab. 

10603* Venice: Tacuinus, 1498. 9 Feb. 

Copy: HWt. 

Milan: P. M. de Mantegatiis, 1500, 

Summa deciinationis. Venice; Ta- 
cuinus, 1500, 7 Sept. 4°. 

Ref: R 61S. Copy: HWt. 

10617* Carmen de floribus, de figuris, de 
poetica virtute. Venice: (Tacuinusj de 
Tridino. 1493, 11 Dec. 4°. 
Copy: Ph(W). 

Mancinellus, Antonius, continued. 

10618 Venice: Tacuinus de Tridino, 

1498, 3 Dee. A". 

Ref: R; Pr S45S. Copy: LC(T). 

10620 Milan: P. M. de Mantegatiis. 

1500, 10 Jun. 4°. 

Ref: C. Copy: Ph(W). 

De poetica virtute. 4°. 

Ref: R 243 (Rome. 1490): cf Haiti 10622 & C. 
Copy: HWt (e. 1495). 

Donatus melior; Catonis carmen de 
moribus; De arte libellus. Venice; 
Tacuinus, 1500, 8 Mar. 4'. 

Ref: C 3803: if R 246. Copy: HWt. 

Maitcinui, Doniinicus, 

10635* Carmen de passione Christ:. 


Ref: Main {Pari.: Millelhusi). Copiet: 


Copy: HCS (1477). 

10638 Deventer: Paffraed. 4°. 

Ref: Campbdl 1193 U, 1492). Copy: Harv 

HandeviUc, Sir John; Johannes de Honte- 

De la terre de promission et les diverse) 

et estranges choses. P. 
Ref: C 3827 (Lvnm: Philippt & ReiAhart, c 

1485). Copy: JPMt CPrinler unlcnown, c. 1490). 

Itinerarius. 4°. 

Copy: WMV (Gouda: Ger; 

werp: G. Lceu. c. 14SS). 


Ref: Pr 1498 (Cologne: Zi 
(Mlini: Fricdbere, 1495). 

Otto von Diemeringen han discs 

biich verwandelt zii tiitsch. f°. 
Ref: Fairfax Hurray 283 (Batel: Richel, e. I4SI): 

C JB33. Copy: LC. 

Strasburg: Priiss, 1483. P. 

Copy: HEH. 

10649 Strasburg; Priiss, 1484. f*. 

Ref: Pr S12; C III, p. 273. Copy: Cor. 

10652 Le piu maravegiiose cosse. 

Milan: P. de Corneno, 1480, prid. kal. 
Aug. Jul. 31., 4°. 

Ref: Pt S972; C. Copies: HEH; LC(T). 

10653 Bologna: Ugo di Rugeriis, 1488. 

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MandeviUe, SW John, continued. 

10654 Venice: N. de Ferari, W91, 17 

Nov. 4". 

Rcf: Pr S37Z; C 3BJ4. Copiit: Han.; NYP. 

10655 Florence: Lor. Morgtani & F. 

da Maganza, 1492. 4°. 

Rcf: Pr 6II3. Copr: LC. 

10657 Bologna: P. & J. da Campii, 

1497. 4°. 

Rrf: Pr 6612. Copy: NYP. 

Maneken, Hennicken, Heanigken, Vinilus, 

1066S* Formulae epistolarum. Reutlin- 
gen: Othmar, 1482. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copy: AmBt. 


Manipulua curalorum. See Quido de Honte 
Rochen, 8I57-«2I5. 

Manliis, Joannes Jacobus de, de Boscho. 
10709 Luminare maius. Venice: Albcr- 
tinus iRubeusj. [°. 

Copy: Snrg. 

10711 Pavia; Ant. de Carchano, 1494, 

9 Apr. P. 

Ref: K: Pr 7065. Copiea: CPh; Surg. 

10712* Venice: Locatellus, 1496, 28 

May. f. 

Cop7: Surg. 

10713* Venice: Stagninus, 1499, 2 

Jan. ['. 
Copt: HWt. 


1490, in die S. Erhardi Jan. 8j. 

Schott). Copy: Ph(W). 

Ref: Pr 402 (Sti 

10679* 1493. 4*. 

Rcf: BH Cat (Stnabntv: Primer of Ciiui 
Brevet). Copy: UIII. 

10683 Lyons, 1495. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 8536 (Ortuin). Copy: AmBt. 

Devenfer: Jacobus de Breda, 1496, 

16 Jun. 4'. 
Ref: Cami^ll 1210; C 3852. Copy: LC. 

Haofredis, Hieronymus de. 

10689 Liber de homine; le cose necessarie 

a nostra vita. Bologna: Rugerius & 

Bertoehus, 1474, 1 Jul. P. 

Ref: Pr 6SZ9. Copiei: CPb; LCPb; Surg; Ya. 

10691 Bologna: Rugerius, 1497, 4 

10726* Hanuale parochialium sacerdotum 
multum perutile. 4°. 

Ret: Pr 1378 (Cologne: Qnenlell, before Uar. 
23, IMS). Copy: Cor. 

10730* Augsburg: Kestlin. 1484. 4*. 

Copiei: LC(T, 2); UnTS. 

10732 Augsburg: Froschauer, 1494. 


Copy: LuTS. 

See also Onido de Honte Rochen. Ma- 
nlpulua curalorum, 8157-S215. 

Mtphaeos. See Haffeus, 10438-10444. 

de peste. 

pro Britonoriensibus ad Al- 

Uanilius, Ji 
10700' Ora 

esandrum vi, 4°. 

Ref: BM Cai (Rome: Planack, Ao(n>t. 

10701* 4' 

Ref: BM Cat 
C (Flanntk 

Harcianus CapelU. See Capella, 4370-4372. 
Marco Polo. See Polo, 13243-13245. 
10754* Margarita Davitica, expositio Psal- 

HatiiUaa, Marcus. 
10702 Astronomico 

Ref: Pr 5692 (Veni 
HEH (Pembrolie) 


reiUi); Pr 3865 (Silber); 

I). CopiM: Harr; 

Zarotus, 1489, 5 id. Nov. 


Copiei: NYP; 

. Copiei: HarvLaw; 

Maria, Paulus de Sanct: 
10762* Dialogua q 

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Maria, Paulus de Sancla, continued. 

— r. 

Copy: JewiihTS (SlmbnrK: Ucatelin). 

10764 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Rome: Hin, before Jan., U7l). 
CopiM: Hichi CWC. 

10765 Mantua: Schall, 1475. i', 

Ref: Pr 6S98. Copiei: AmBt: Drew (Syiton 
Park); LCPh; NYP; Pons; JMH; JPMf. 

10766 Mainz;Scho£ter, 1478,7id.Jan. 

,7., {'. 

Ref: Pr 114. Copiw: Cor; Grol; New; LC(T, 

Additiones ad postillam Nicolas de Lyra. 
Venice: Renner. 1483. f°. 

Bef: Pr 4181. Copy; HirTS. 

La Verge Haria del puix de Franca, f. 

Ref: R lOlI (Pcrpignan: Roicnbach. e. ISOO): 
Haebler 11, J95.S (1Mb cent,?). Covr: Hil- 

10768* Harial«; de laudibus Virgtnis. 

Strasburg: Martinus iFlachj, 1493. f. 

Ref: BM Cat. cf Index. AKribed to Albirlm 

MoB"!", >ee 467-468. Copies; Sulro; LC(T). 

Harlianus, Joannes Franciscus. 

10774* Oratio habita apud Innocentium 

vin, anno 148S, 3 kal. Quintiles Jun. 

Haroldiu, Marcua. 

10778* Sententia veritalis humane redemp- 

tionia, in die Annuntiattonis edita (Mar. 

25). 1481. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Rome: PUnnck). Copy: LC(T). 

: Haironis, 

>: J. de Weitphatia) 

Ref: R 1249. Copy: HEH. 

Martial de Paris, d'Auvergne. 
10797 Devotes louanges a ta Vierge Marie. 
,Paris:, Baligault (fori Vostre, 1494, 13 
Sept. 8°. 
Ref: Chantilly 1194; C. Copy; WMV. 

Martial, Marcus Valerius. 

10807 Epigrammata. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 7405 (Parma: DamianUi de Horllil, be- 
fore 1481?): Morelli 4748 ( 

de Spira); Hain (Lent 
Cj>pies: HEH; JSU 

10809* [Venice:] Vindelinus Spyrensi. 


Copies: HEH; JPMf (2, 1470-71). 

10812 Venice; J. de Colonia & Man- 
then, 1475. f°. 

Ref: Pr 429S; C. Copies: AmBt; Kar*: CK: 

10813 Milan: Lavania, 1478. 4°. 

Ref: R; Pr 5S<4: C. Copies: [NYSl (Suuei; 
Campbell)]; CWC. 

10814* (Commentary by Calderinus.) 

Venice. 1480. £'. 

Ref: Pr 5660 (And. de Paltuichis?); C (Jac. de 
Paganinii). Copiei: JM; HWt. 

10815* Venice: Thomas [de Blavisi, 

1482, prid. id. Jun. [12.| i°. 

Copies: CSB; SL; (Pecker). 

10816 Venice: B. de Tortis, 1482, 15 

Jul. P. 

Ref; Pr 4612; C. Copies: LC; WesternRei. 

10817 Milan: Pachel & Scinciencel- 

ler, 1482, IS Aug. !'. 

Ref: R. Copie»; Col; Ya. 

10819* Venice: B. de Tortis, 1485, 17 

Jul. i°. 

Copies: Harv; NYPj Ya. 

Marsilius Ficino. See Fkiniu, 7059-7082. 

HarsuB, Paulus. 

10783* De crudeli Eurapontinae urbis ex- 
cidio lamentatio. 4°. 

Ref: Hain (Rome: Lauer). Copy: Harv (Riant. 

Printed by Lorenio of AquiU and Sibyllinus 
the Umbrian?). 

Maraua, Petrus. 

10786 Oratio in die Sancti Stephani. 
(Rome:i Eucharius [Silberj. 4°. 
Copies: Harv (Riant); HWt. 

10789* Panegyricus in memoriam Sancti 
Joannis Evangeliste. 4°. 
Ref: BH Cat (Rome: P[annck, after Dec. 27, 
1484). Copy: HWt. 

10791* Oratio dicta in die Ascensionit 
[May 27, 1484?i de immortalitate ani- 

Ked BM Cat (Rome: Plannck). Copy: HWt. 

10820 — 

Ref: Pr 

- Milan: Scinienzeler, 

601S. Copy: Ph(W). 



10821* - 


— iVenic. 

e:| Pincius, 



Harv; HWt 

10823* - 

~ Venice 

: B. de Zanis 

. 1493, 

, 13 


Harv; HCF 

; HWt. 

10824* - 

— Venice 

, 1495, kal. Aug. [1., 


Ref: Pr 


5233 (C. 
1; StLMerc; 

de Peniis). Co[ 

>ies: H 


10825 — 

- Venice, 

1498. 29 May. 


Ref: Pr 

5244 (C. de 
.: Ph(W); 

Pensi.). 5634 (Alvisios) 


10826 X 

enia et Apophoreta. Leiptig: 
-icius Brandiss, 1488, 28 Nov. 4°. 

10827* Leipzig: Thanner, 1498, I Oct 


Copy: UnTS. 

d by Google 



IS Capelli. See CapeUa. 437(M372. 10864* De Hartyrio sanctorum. 4'. 

w -^ J T. f ■ R«f- BM C»l (B«Kl: Wolff, ■bout I«2)i Pr 

Martm de Braga, Saint. 7641 (Amertwcb). Copiui Ph<W, 3). 

Opusculum Senecc de quattuor virtuU- .no^-r. ii _. i ■ ir^ i 

bus cardinalibus. Pans: Hopyl. 4'. ^°^^' Martyrolojium; Viola sanctorum. 

Hartiii de Cordova. 
Jardin de las nobles donzellas. Vallado- 
lid: Juan de Burgos. 1500, II Nov. 4°. 

Re(: Probe do CcumOi.t. 214. Copr: Hiipinie. 

Hartiiies de Ampiei, Martin. 
10829 Libro del anticristo. Zaragoza: 
Hurus. 1496, 15 Oct. f°. 

Cop^: NY P. 

Martinez de Toledo, Alfonso. 

Vicioa y virtudes, asi de los hombres 
como de las mugeres. Toledo: Hagen- 
bach, 1500, 20 Jul. f°. 

Rrf: Hadilcr 406. Copy: Hitplnic. 

Martinia, Octavianus de. 
10830* Oratto in vlUm et merita Divi 
Bonaventure. [Rome:i Lignamine. 4°. 

Ret: Hiin (afler Mar. 148Z). Cap/: TBDV. 

Hartiniu Polonua; Bohemus; Consen- 

tiims; Strepiis or de Strcpori. 
10S34* Margarita decreli seu tabula Mar- 

10836 f°. 

Ref: Pr 6S63 (Bolociu: Hcnric 
Copy: Ph(W). 

10837* — r. 

Rcf; Pr 4gS2 (Venice: Puqnal 
CopT- HWt. 

A Bertochoi). 

- 4*. 

Copy: StSal. 

10854* Sermones de tempore et de Sanctis. 
Strasburg, 1484. i'. 

Rcf: Pr 591 (Prioler of Jordinoa de Qaedlin- 
borg). Copjr: Cor. 

10857* Cronica summorum pontificum im- 
peratorumque. Rome : Lignamine, 
1474. 14 Jul. 4'. 

Ret: BH Cat (B7 Riccobaldnt Fcrrarieniii). 

10858 Rome: Sehurener, 1476. 4'. 

Ref: BH Cat; C II. p. 274. Copr: LC. 


Pr ! 
Ht C 

10868* 1482. t°. 

Ref; Pr 1744 (Aaobort; Keller). Cop^: Ph(W). 

— Nuremberg, 1486, 10 kal. May |Apr. 



Cat (W*(ner 

2: 20I:1SB (Q 

); Pr 22 

136 (Z 






rg, 1486, 


Jul. ,1.1 

Pr 2237 (Zenrnger) 
li(W)i LC(T). 

: c (Kobi 



10870* Strasburg: Priiss, 1487. 10 kal. 

Sept. [Aug. 23.1 4°. 

Copiei; HirTSl MaaaHii; PDS; LC(T). 

10873* 1499. 8 Feb. 4°. 

Ref: Pr SS2 (Slrubarg: Pruu). Copie*: Har» 
(Riant); HWt. 

HaniUtu, Michael. 

10877 Epigrammaton. 4". 

Ref: BM Cat (Rome: Silber?); Pr 3946 (Hcroli): 
C (Florence). Copy: HWt <c. 1490). 

10880* Hymni et epigrammata. Florence: 
Societas Colubris. 1497. 6 kal. Dee. 
rNov. 26.1 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6415. Cspiei: Harr; Ph(W)i UChi; 
LC(T. 2); HWt. 

Hasuccio or Haituo Onardato, Salerni- 

I088S Novellino. Milan: Valdarfer, 1483. 

Ret: Pr S976. Copy: HEH. 

Hataratius or Haturantiua, Francigcus. 
10889* De componendis versibus hexa- 

metro et pentametro. Venice: Raldolt. 

1468 [1478i. 7 kal. Dec. [Nov. 25., 4°. 

Ref: Pr 4376. Copiet: HW; WHHN (2). 

10892* Venice: Max. de Butricis, 1491. 

19 Aug. 4'. 

Copie.: Cor: HEH(P«mbroke); LC(T). 

En a r rati ones in Ciceronis Pbilippicas. 
See Cicero, 5138. 

Hartorcll, Joannot, translator. 
10860, 10861 Tirant lo blanch. Valencia. 
1490, 20 Nov. f . 

let: GalUrdo 1216: ^f Haebl.r 639 (Spindeler) UstheollU de Hatthioltl, Perusinus. 
' - ••" " "e by the Hiapau e Societr innn^a t-i _ jo 

- — ^^ 10906* De memoria. 4'. 

Ref: C (Rome: Beiicken & Miyr). Copy: HWt. 

[, 639; Faci 

10862 Barcelona: P. Michael & Gu- 

miel. 1497, 16 Sept. l". 

Ref: HMbler 6*0 h ii. «40. Copy: Hiapanie. 

Ref: R 253 (Rome: Silbcr, c MT<). Copy: CFh. 

d by Google 


Malheolut de MallhiolU, continued. 
10907 4'. 

Ref: Pr J779 (Rome: Plinntk). Copiei: 

Hitthaeatina, Bartholomaeus. 

Oratio ad venetam iuventutem de subro- 

gandis in defunctorum locum praecep- 

toribus. 4°. 
Rcf: R 9S1 (Venice, c. ISOO). Copy: HWt. 

Uatthaei, Leonardo. See Utino, 16116- 

Hatthaeua, Dominican friar. 
Navicula Sanctae Ursulae. 4°. 

Ref: C 5909. Copy: UnTS, 

Hatthias de Cracovia. See Cracovia, 5801- 

MitthioUs. See Hatheolus, 10905-10916. 
Hsturantius, Franciscus. See Mataratina, 

Heckenlocher or Henkenlocher, Frideri- 

cus de Wendelatein. 
10983' Casus in terminis libri sexti decre- 

taMuiii. Strasburg: Flach, 1490. P. 
Copy: WA. 

Heder, Johannes. 

Qua dragesi male de filio prodigo. See 
Quadragesinale, 13628. 
HediaviUa, Rlchardus de; Richard Middle- 

10984* Commentum super quartutn sen- 
tentiarum. Venice: Arnoldus. f*. 

Copiei: HinnP (KIo»); Ph (W, c. 147S); Watk; 


10986* Venice: Dionyaius iBertochusi, 

1489, 10 Nov. i'. 

Copiei: UnTS; LCCT). 

Hediolano, Bartholomaeus de. See Bar- 

tholotnaeiu, 2475-24S9. 
10991* Heditadones de vita et beneficiis 

Jesu Chrtsti. 8°. 

Can-- Ph(W). 

10993, 1099S 16'. 

Haurocenus, Paul us. 

10924 De aeterna temporalique Christi 
generatione. Padua: Barttiolomaeus 
,de Valdezoccho). 1473, 4 kal. May 

(Apr. 28i. 4°. 

Ref; Pr 6761. Copin: Harv; NYP; Ya; HVJ; 


10994* Gerard de Zutphania de spiri- 

tualibua ascensionibus. 8°. 
Ref: BM Cat (Aniibnrg: Sorg. HediUtioni br 

ThoruM ■ Kempii): C (M7S). Copy: UnTS. 

See also Bertholdua. Horologtum, 

2990; Boiuventura. Vita Cbristi, 3550; 
Horologiam devotionis, 8928. 

Meffreth or Heffret. 

11000* Sermones de tempore, pars hyema- 

lis et pars estivalis, et de Sanctis; 

Ortulus regine. Basel: Kesler. f*. 

11006 for vol. 1: cf BM Cat. Copy: 

Hayno or Maino, Jason de. 

10946 Super prima et secunda pertam in- 
forfiati lectura. Venice: B. de Vitali- 
bus. 1499, 19 Mar.; 1500, 13 Mar. f°. 

Ref: C M39. Copy; HWt. 

Lectura super prima digesti novi. Ven- 
ice: Vitalibus, 1499, 23 Dec; 10 Jan. f°. 

Ref: C J9M. Copj: HWt. 

10975* Oratio habita apud Alexandrum vi. 
pro Mediolanensium principe, acta 
Romae Idibus Dec. il3i, 1492. 4'*. 

Ref: Pr 3702 (Rome; Planntk). Copy: UPa. 

10976* 4°. 

Ref: BU Cat (Rome: FreiMg); Pr 3862 (Sitber). 
Copn HWt. 

Hazze, Clemens. 

10981 De vita sanctissimi viri Zenobii. 
Florence, 1487, 8 Dec. 4°. 

Ref: R (B. de Librii); Pr 6192. Copy: Harv. 



Copj: (NYSl 

11004* Nuremberg: Koberger, 1487, 

16 kal. Mar. |Feb. 14., T. 

Copy: UnTS. 

- Basel: Kesler, 1488, 24 May. 
W?). Copiei: LC; 

Bef: BM Ci 

Proh. ' 

_. Printer of Hetfretb); 

Ceumlli*!. 22] (c. 14gg); C ]»«l. 
1. 3); LC(T. «»l. 2-3), 

1I007* Nuremberg: Koberger, 1496, 

24 Aug. f . 

Copy: New (vol. 3). 

Hegenburg, Conrad von. See Conrad, 

d by Google 


Heinluird. See Pftido S. Meynradi, 12453. 
HejU, Alonso. See Mexia, 11I32-1U33. 
Hela, Pomponius. 
11013* Cosmosraphia, de situ orbis. 4*. 

Ref: Pr S2S9 (Venice: C. de Pensia); C (Rome: 
Silber. U»). Copiet; Hw: Hiipinici HWf. 

i4ll (MiUn: Bevilaqu). Cop7: Harr. 

- Milan, 1471, 7 kaL Oct. [SepL 

11014 — 

Hef: R; Pr S7M (Zaratua). Copr: UP.. 

11017* Venice: Renner. 1478. 4'. 

Ret: Pr 4174. Copiei: H»n; JCBr (Dana); 

11019' Venice: Ratdolt, 1482, IS kal. 

Aug. Jul. 18.1 4°. 

Copiea: Bar; Crol; H»rv; Hiipanic; JCBrt; 
NYP; [NYSll: UP»; WLC; HEH (Ptm- 
broke); CLN; TBDV; HWt. 

11021 Salamanca, 1498. 4'. 

Ref: Haebler SSJ, 479; R; Pr «69 (Printer of 
Ant Ndiriiieniii, Crimmatica cattellaai); C. 
Copiea: Hiipuic (3)i NYP. 

See also Barbara*, Hermolaus, 


Helber, Johannes. 

11025* Vocabularius predicantium; Varilo- 

Copy: HC. 

11030* 4°. 

Rcf- BH Cat (Straaburi; Scboit). Copr: HC. 

11034* 4\ 

Ref: BH Cat (Slraibarf: Printer of Jardanni de 
Quedlinburc. 1497?). Copiei: Col; SUnford. 

11036* 4". 

Ref: BU Cal (Straibnn: Husner). Cop7'. HC. 

HcUeraUdt, Martin Pollich, von. 
Annotatio auctoritatem medicine quas 
Simon Pistoris male legit. 4°. 

Copy: CPh. 

Heluaina, by Jean d'Arras. 
11060 Historia de la llnda Melosina. Tau' 
louse: Parix & Cleblat, 1489, 14 Jul. f. 

Ref: Pr 6723. Copj-: Hi.panic. 

Das biich von einer frawen genant 

Melusina. Augsburg: Bamler. 1480, 
freytage vor dem weyssen Suntag 
(Feb. 18|. £°. 

Ref: C 3974. Copy: JPMt. 

H«na, Juan de. 

Ref: Haebier ii, 411.5 (llarui). Copy: Hiipanic. 

Las trezlentas. gtosadas por Her- 

nand NufJez. Seville: Pegniier y com- 
paneros, 1499, 28 Aug. f°. 

Ret; Haebier 414; R. Copr: Hiipanic. 

11069 La coronacion. 4'. 

COpr: Hiipanic (Toatouie: Parix k Cleblat, c. 

ifeiM, Juan de, coHtinued. 

- 1499, S Nov. £°. 

Henaguerra, Ponce de. 

El caballero, con la Escuela del Justador. 
Valencia, 1493. 16 Sept. 4'. 

Sef: Haebier ii, 419 (SpindelerP). C:opy: Hif 

Hendoxa, I Hi go Lopes de. 
Proverbioa. t°. 

Ret: Haebier 427 bii (Zarifoia: Huru, c. 1490). 
Copy: Hiapanic. 

8 (Tolec 

: Hag 

Zaragoza, 1489, 8 

glosados por Pero Diaz de Toledo. 

Seville: Ungut & Stanislao Polono, 
1494, 15 Nov. 4'. 

Ref: Haebier 42S. Copy: Hispanic. 

HenghuB or Hengna, Blanchellus Faven- 
tinus. See Blanchetlua, 3227-3232. 

Hennicken or Hennigken. See Haneken, 

11077* Henaa phJIosophica. Cologne: apud 
predicatores (ZierikEeei. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cal (Written by Uichael Scotna). 
Copy: Uarv (Crawford). 

Louvain: J. de Westfalia. 4". 

Ref: Campbell SappL II, 1241 (c. 14BS. Written 
by Theobaldai Anmilbertut Hyberneniii) ; C 
J98S; Pr 9277. Copy: LC. 

Mer des histoires. See Chronicanim et 
historianim epitome, 4996. 

Hercurius Tristnegittna. See Hermes, 

11086 Histoire de la vie, miracles, enchen- 

temens et propheties de Merlin. Paris: 

(fori Verard. 1498. f°. 
Ref: Pr 8441; Fairfax Murray J73. Copie*: 

HEH; JPMt {vol. 1-2); JBS (Hoe: Huth). 

Merula, Georgius. 

11090 Commentani in salyrarum Juvenalis. 
Venice: Gabriel Petri. 1478. P. 
Ref: Pr 4202. Copie.: Peab; TBDV. 

11095* De antlquitate vicecomitum. t°. 

Ref: Pr 6074 (MiUn: Sigoerre. ISOOf): C. 
Copy: LC. 

11097* In librum Galeotti Martii de ho- 

Set: Pr 42SS (Venice: J. of Cologne k Hanthen, 
or VendeliB de Spira); Hain (c. 1474). Copy: 

Heschinot, Jehan. 
Les lunettes des princes. iParis:] Du 
Pre. 4°. 

Kef: C 3995. Copy: JPMt (e. 149J). 

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Meschinot, Jekan, continued. 

11102 Paris: Pigouchet [forj Vostre, 

1499. 4°. 

Copy: ISG. 

Messari, A. 
Compendio del arte di Cavaleria. Ven- 
ice, 1500. 4°. 

Copy: HEH. 

Hesue, Johannes Damascenus. 

11105* Liber de consolatione medicinarum, 

simplicium, solutivarum. [Milan:] 

Lavania, 1473, 4 Aug. f°. 

Copj: AmBt (Wodhull). 

Pavia: Franc, de Sancto Petri, 1478, 

28 Dec. f°. 

Con: ECS, 

11108* (With additional treatises,) 

Venice: R. de Novimagio, 1479, prid. 
kal, Feb. cJan. 31.i f°. 

Copin; Surg: LSP. 

11109* Venice: Bertochus, 1484, 12 

kal. Jan. (Dec. 21.] i". 

11110* Venice: Pel. de Pasqualibus, 

1489, 2 Dec; 1490, 11 kal. Dec. iNov. 
21]; 1491, 18 Jul. i". 

Copies: CPh <2) ; Snrg; HWf. 

mil* Venice: Locatellus, 1495. prid. 

kal. Apr. (Mar. 31,] l". 

Copiei: Suri; W»(k; HWt. 

11114* Delle medicine semplici solutive. 
[Modena:] Burster, 1475, 25 Jun. f°. 

Copi«: AmBt: LC(T), 

11115 Venice: B. de Zani, 1487, ult. 

Jul. f*. 

Ref: C; Hough 1103. Copy: HWt. 

11116 Venice : Zoh. di Quarengii, 1493. 

12 Dec. f°. 

Rtf: Ri Hodih 1104. Copica: Stat; HWt- 

Opera medicinalia. Naples: Gulden- 
mund, 1478. 3 Jan. £'. 

R»f: Pr 6718. Copy: JPMt (Sunderland: Mor- 

Ref: Pr 4142. CoVT- Sutg, 

See also Nicolaua PalcudaB. Antidotari- 
um, 11763. 

Hethodins, Saint. 

11119* Revelationes divinas a Sanctis ange- 
lis factas. 4*. 

Ref: BM C«l (Memmingen: Kunne): C (1490). 
Copy: Hirv, 

11120* — — [Augsburg:] Froschauer, 1496, 
kal. Sept. |l.i 4°. 

Copiei: U«tv (Riant); Grol; LC; LC(T, 2). 

Methodius, Saint, continued. 

11121* Basel: Furter, 1498, non. Jan. 

,5., 4'. 

Copiei: Harv (Riant); JPMt; HWt. 
11124 Epistola de regnis gentium. 4*. 
Ref: Pr S86 (Cologne: Z«[l>; Pell 2649: p*rt of 
Hain J49g, Copio: UDioc (Klou); NYP. 

Hettinger, Bartholomaeus. 

11127 Regiment der jungen kinder, f*. 

Ref: Pr 1S3; (Augiburg; Zaiaer. c. 1473). Copy: 

11128 Augsburg: Bamler, 1474, an S. 

Ottmars abent [Nov. IS]. f°, 
Ref; Hain 15SJS, Copy: NYP {ff, 29-S6), 

Mexia or Hejia, Alonso, Ferante, 
11133 Nobiliario perfetamente copilado. 
~ ■■ Brun & Gentil, 1492. 30 Jun. 


i:C. I 

pica: Hiipanic 

11136 Hibhar ha Peninim (Choice of 
pearls, proverbs in Hebrew; by Solo- 
mon ben Judah ibn Gabirol). [Son- 
clno: Joshua ben Israel Nathan Son- 
1484, 14 Ji 

: Jac 

3 31; 

■ 7293: Sleii 

— / 2319; 
.: Col; He- 

See Ockam. Sui 

Michael de Mediolano. See Carchano, 

Michael Frandsctit de Inaulis. See Fran* 

cticua, 7341-73S0. 
Michael Scotiis. See Scotiu, 14542-14555; 

Menu Philosophica, 11075-11081. 
Michault, Pierre Taillevent. 
La Danse des aveugles, 4°. 

Copy: JPHt (Bnhant-Loudeac: FoBqoet & 
Crei, c. 1485). 

Paris: le petit Laurens. 4°. 

Rrf : Fairfax Murray 377 <c. I49S). Copy: JPMt. 

Mi-Coacy, Rabbi Moshe. See Kotsenris, 
Moses ben Jacob, 9795-9796. 

Middlebtirgo, Paulus de. 
Prenostica ad viginti annos duratura ad 
annum 1S04. Leipzig. 4°. 

Copy: Harv (Printer of CapoUa*). 

11145 Pronosticon pro anno 1483. 4*. 

Copy: ECS. 

11149 pronosticon pro anno 1484. 4'. 

Copy: ECS. 

d by Google 



11152 Hikre or Hikre Dardeke (Hebrew- 
Italian-Arabic glossary). Naples, 1488, 
8 Aug. i". 

Kef: NmbiDcr. Rev. tx. Jmvtt, ii, 152 (Bj 
Pcrei Trabot); Jacobi S4) Pr £730: De Roiii 
60; Sleinuhncidei- 621 ; Wichatcin 190. Copiti: 
JcoiihTS; LC. 

Hilii, Johannes de. 

11155* Repertorium juris. Rome: Laur. 
1475. 23 Jun. P. 
Cop)': AmBt. 

Uillet, Jacques. 

11165 La destruction de Troye la grant. 
Paris: Driart. 1498, 8 May. T. 

Rcf: Pr S362. Copy: JPlIf. 

11172 Hinorica elucidativa rationabilis 
separationis fratrum de Observantia 
ab aliis. cf Ariosdi, 16S1-16S2. 

11198 Hinibilia vel potius historia et de- 
scriptio urbis Romae; Indulgentiae 
ecclesiarum urbis Romae. Rome: 
Plannck, 1496. 14 Mar. 8°. 

Rti: R. Copy: JPMt. 

Rome; Plannck, 1500, 7 Mar. 8°. 

Copy: JPMt. 

11216 In dem buechlin atet geschriben jvie 
Rome gepaul jvart. Rome: Besicken 
& Martinus Amsterdam. 1500. 24°. 

Rcf: BH Cit (before Aag. II). Copy: JPHf. 

11228 Hiracoli della gloriosa Vergine 
Maria. Vicenza: Leonardo [Achatesj, 
1475. solstitio estivo Jun.j. 4°. 
Ref: R; Pr 7121. Copy: HWt 

11265* HiBsale Bambergenae. Bamberg: 
Pfeyl, 1499, 4 kal. Jun. ,May 29., f°. 

Copiei: LaTS; UTor. 

Basiliense. f. 

Copy: UdTS. 

speciale, Basiliense. f°. 

Copy: JPMt <Ba.e1: Wenulff. c. M86-B8). 

11267 Benedictinum. Bamberg: Sen- 

senschmidt, 1481, 31 Jul. £'. 
Re(: BM Cat. Copy: UnTS. 

Caesaraugustense. Zaragoza: Hu- 

rua, 1488, kal. Jun. ,1., f. 

Ref: cf Haebler 447 ft ii, 441-447. Copy: Hii- 

HirandoU, Giovan 

ni Francesco 

Pico della. 

See Picus 




Mirk, John. Se« 

; FestivaJis liber, 7028- 

Uirrour of the 
1 1656-1 16S7. 

world. See 


UUhiu. 4°. 

Copy: JewiihTS {S 

aobedrim. fcacm. 


11243 (With 

raonides.) N 
Soncino, 1492, 

aplcs: Joshul 
8 May. f. 

of Mai- 
1 Solomon 

Ref: Jacobi 86; De Roiii 90i Pr 6719; Strin- 
■cIiiiEicter 280; Cautilo 41. Copin; JewiihTS 

(2): LC. 

See also Pirke Aboth, 13012. 

De utilitate HUtae. 4*. 

11249 HiaMC speciales. Augsburg: Rat- 
dolt. i°. 

Copy: AmBt (c- 1490). 


: Pr S) 

Dominicanum seu Ordinis Prae- 
Venice: Hamman, 1494. 8'. 

::opy: NY P. 


11294* (Venice:] Torresa 

penult. Dee. t30.i f. 

Copy: NYP. 

11296 Venice: Emeric de Spira, ISOO, 

prid. non. Mar. (6.) 4*. 

tttt: Pf SS03. Copy: UnTS. 

(Paris:, Higman, 1499, 

24 Nov. ' 

Ref; R; C 41 

Copy: HWt- 

11333 (Moguntinumi 'V 

Maim: Schoffer. 1483, 
Jacobi apostoli Jul. 24]. 

Ref: BM Cat (Intended for u 
Copy: UnTS. 

I BreiUu). 

11336 mixtum secundum regulam B. 

Isidori dictum Mozarabes. Toledo: 
Hagenbach. 1500, 9 Jan. f*. 

Ref: Haebler 446. Copy: Hiipanic. 

Parisiense. Paris: De Prato, 1489, 

18 Mar. f*. 
Copy: JPMt. 

11358* Ratisbonense. Bamberg: Pfeyl, 

1497. 3 id. Dec. ,11.] i'. 

Copy: LC(T). 

H373 Romanum. Venice: Renner, 

1481. 8-. 

Ref: R. Copy: HWt. 

11380, 11381 Venice: BernardinuSiAr- 

rivabenusi, Georgius (BenaliuS] & P. 
de Paganinis, 1483, 29 kal. Jan. 8°. 

Ref: C. Copy: JPMt. 

11384* Nuremberg: Stuchs, 1484. 4*. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copier Col; GenTS; LoTS; JM. 

11387* Venice: Andreas [de Paltasci- 

chiS], 1485, 3 id. Feb. [11.] 8°. 

Copy: UnTS. 

II389* Venice: Nic. de FranckfordJa, 

1487. 8°. 

Copy: HWt. 

11393 Venice: B. de Tortis, 1489, 19 

Oct. 4°. 

Ref: C II, p. 275; Weale, p. J8. Copr' HWt. 

d by Google 


ilisiaie Romatium, continued. 

11402, 11404* Venice: Hertzog, 1493, 

kal. Dec. (l.i 8'. 
Copy: HWt. 

n414» Venice: Emeric de Spira. 1498, 

id. Oct. [I5.| 8°. 

Copy: JM (Wbilcher). 

11421* Salzburgensis. Nuremberg: 

Stochs, 1498. id. Aug. [13.) f°. 

Copy: LC (W«mn). 

Strigoniensis. Venice: (forj Pae?, 

1500, 2 kal. Apr. [Mar. 3I.i 4°. 

Ref: C 4241, Copy: Howe. 

Tarraconensis. f°. 

Refj_cf Hifbler_44g « ij. 448. Copy: Hiipanic 

: Hag 

ch, 14990' 


11441 De re militari. (Pomponius Laetusj 
de magistratibus urbis et de legibus. 

f BH CM. 

11444 De vocabulis rei militaris. Rome: 
Silber, 1487, 7 id. Jun. i?.] 4'. 

Rcf: C til, p. 275; Pr J828. Copici: JHH; HWt. 

See also Vegetiiu. Epitome de re mili- 
tari, 15915. 
11447 Le livrc du roi Modns. Chambiry: 

Neyret, 1486, 20 Oct. P. 

Kef: Pr 8761; Thifrry-Poui 114. Copy: JPMt. 

Modus Confitendi. Cologne, 1478. die 

Pauli heremiti ,Jan. 10|. 4°. 

Rcf: Pdl 697; C 4292: Voullifme. Koln, 110; not 

Hain 1I4SS. By Andreas de Escobar. Copy: 

JPMt (Primed by Gerard ten Raem; cf ref- 

e Andreaa de Esco- 

Hodtu legendi abbreviaturas. f°. 

Ref: Campbell 1263a: SchoLderer. The Library. 
April, 1911 (Written by Werner of SchuiKn- 
ried). Copie.: AmBt (Utrecbt: Primer of 
Geala Romanurum, c. 1475); LC. 

Copy: LC. 

11465* Nuremberg: Crewsner, 1476, 

1 Sept. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copy: UnTS. 

11466* Nuremberg: Crewsner, 1482, 1 

Jul. f°. 

Copiei: HarvLaw; Pb(W). 

11467* Basel, 1484. 7 Apr. i". 

Ref: BM Cal (Printer of Modua); Pr 7500 
(WenMler). Copy; UnTS. 

11469* Cologne, 1487. f. 

Ref: BM Cat (Qnentell). Copy: New. 

Modns legendi abbreviaturai, eontiiMtd. 

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10 Mar. i". 

Copy: Porta. 

11480* (With other tracts.) I'. 

Ref: BM Cat (Straiburs: R printer). Copy: 
LC (c. 1470). » - > v> 

11482* f. 

Ref: Pr 2J61 (Speier: Drach). Copiei: Cor; 

Ref: Pr 615 (Printer of 
bnrl); C; Hain « C 4 
HarvLiw; Pb(W). 

11485 Strasburg. !■ 

rentii ,Aug. 9,. 1". 
Ref: Pr 6SS (Primer of Jordanua de Quedlui- 
burg); C. Copy.: Harv (Riant). 

11486* Nuremberg: Kober^r, 1494, 

in vigilia S. Johannis Baptiste Jud. 
23|. i°. 

11488 Strasburg, 1499, 6 teri; 

Bartholomei [Aug. 30j. P. 

Ref; BM Cat; Pr 778 (Sihaftener?) j C Copy: 

11490* Modus perveniendi ad summam 
sapientiam. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Angiburg: Zamer. c. 1473). 
Copy; Y». 

11499 Ltbellus de Hodo poenitendi et con- 
fitendi. Deventer, 1488, 20 Dec. 4'. 

Ret: Campbell 113S (Faffroet); Pr 8980. Copy: 

Antwerp: Gerard Leeu, 1486, 10 kal. 

Nov. (Oct. 23.1 4°. 

p. 27 (cf date). 

11501 Antwerp. 1498. Feb. 4°. 

Ref: Campbell 1144 (Back). Copy: JH. 

Paris: Lambert [forj Roce. 4'. 

Copy: FBD. 

Modus servandus in executione sen prose- 
cutione gratie expectative. A". 

Copy: HWt (Rome, c. ISOO). 

Hoesch, Johannes. 

11532. 11533* Tractatulos de horis canoni- 
cis dicendis. Basel: Besicken, 1483, 
circa medium quadragesime. 4°. 

Copy: Fh(W). 

Molitoris, Ulricus. 

11535* De lamiis et phitonicis mulieribut 

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Moliloris, UMcus, eotilitiued. 

11536* 4°. 

K«[: BH Cat {Renllingen: Omar): Fr 720 
(Struburi: Flicb, ifter Jan. 10, 14S9). 
Copio: HEH (H«)i JPMt. 

Cologne: Zyrichzee. 4', 

Ret: BH Cit; Voullltme, KSIn, S23j C 4140. 
Copin: Waili; LC(T). 

Copy: HWf (Colo^ 

Bef; C 4337 ( 

Ref: C 4341. Copr: Cor. 

Mombritius, Boninus. 

11542 De dominica passione. Milan: Za- 

Ref: Pr 5789 (c. 1474). Copy: AmBf. 

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Copr: LC(T). 
11544* Sanctuarium seu vitae Sanctorum. 


Hontaldo, Adam de. 
Carminibus heroic is edita passio Christi. 

Reft Brunei (c. 147S). Copy: Watk. 

Ret: Haebler 451 (SalaniBiica, c. 1490). Copr: 

Hontalvo, Alfonso Dus de. 
11559 Copilacion de leyes. Zamora: Cen- 
tenara, 1485, 15 Jun. f°. 

Ref: Hicblcr 215; Pr 9584; C 24J1. Copiu: Hia- 
panic; LC. 

I1S61 Ordcnanzas reales. Seville: tres ale- 
manes compaiieros, 149S, 4 Apr, {", 
Rrtt H«bl« 220. Copiei: Hiipanic (2. AIw ■ 
fraimcnt of an unidentified edition). 

Reoertorium; Secunda compilatio legum. 

Ref: Haebler 211 (Silamanci, c. 1485). Copr: 


11563 Seville: Ungut & Stanislao Po- 

lono, 1496, 4 id. Feb. (9.) f. 

Ref: Hiebler 212. Copiea: Hilpinic <2). 

HontanuB, Marcus. 

11572* Oratio pro Rhodiorum obedientia 

ad Alexandrum vi, habita Rome 10 

Mar. 1493. 4*. 

Ref: BM Cat (Silber); Pr 3g6S (Plaanck). Copr: 

Harv (Riant). 

n (t. 1479). Copie): 

Monacbus, Robertus. See Robertos. 

Monfiquet, Radulfus de. See Hontfiqnet, 

Monstrelet, En gu errand de. 
11549. Des cronicques de France, d'Angle- 

terre, et lieux ci re envoi sins. Paris: 

(for] V'erard. i". 
Ref: Fairfax Murray 38« (149»-1503); Pr 845B. 

Copiet: (NYSt (Campbell)); (Hoe). 

Montagnana. Bartholomaeus. 

11550 Consitia medica; tractatus de balneis 
et de febribus cum aliis quibusdam. f°. 

Rrf: R (Padua: Canoiiu,. c. 1476). C0P7: ECS. 

11551 Tractatus aureus de conservan- 

da sanitate. [Padua:] Maufer, 1476, 4 
May. f. 

Ref: R. ropy: F.CS. 

Monte, Johannes de. 

11579* Summularum Parisiensium logice 
Petri Hispani. Venice, 1500, 10 Jan. 


Ref: Pr 5150 (Alberlinut Kubcua). Capf. 


Monte, Petrus de. 

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1476, 7 Oct. i°. 

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Montevilla, Joannes de. See Mandeville, 

Sir John, 10641-10658. 
Hontflquet, Radtilphus de. 
11605 Tractatus de vera existentia totiul 

Christi in sanctissimo altaris sacra- 

mento. Paris. 8°. 

Ref: Ft 8122 (Miitelhui); Hain (1481), Copr: 
JPUt (c. 1493). 

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HontiB, Petrus de. 

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lan: Zarotus. 1492, 16 kal. Jan. [Dec. 
17. 1491.1 f°- 

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11609 UonumenU • 

I fratn; 

Rcf: Pan»r 4:164:gJ9. Copy: UnTS. 

Uorandua, Benedictus. 

1!61I* Oratio de laudibus Bononiae. Bo- 
logna: Rugerius, 1481, 12 Apr. 4°. 

Copy: HWt. 
Horavus, Augustinus. 

11613* Dialogus in defensionem poetices. 

Venice, 1493. 9 kal. Apr. ,Mar. 24., I'. 

Set: Pr S667; C 4161. Copy: McrcPb. 

11614 Tractatus contra heresim Waldensi- 

um. Olmutz: Bomgathen, 1500, 29 

Oct. 4°. 

Rtf: BM Cal. Copyt LC(T). 

HoribuB condictionibus et nequicia Turco- 
rutn. See Turd, De moribus, 1S672- 

Morsi, Jacopo de. 

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di molti altri sancti e sancte. Flor- 
ence: Bonaccursius, 1485, 1 Mar. -4°. 

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Hoses or Hoshe ben Jacob of Coucy. 

See KotzenBis, 9795-9796. 
Hoses or Moshe ben Maimon. See Mai- 

monidea, 10521-10525. 
Hoses ben Nachroan. See Nachmanides, 

Hotis, Johannes. 
11623* Recommend alio mulierum contra 

viros seu mares ; Remedio virorum 

contra concubinas atque conjuges. 4°, 
Reft BM Cit (MenmiDgcn: KunnE); Fr 272S 

(Riullmgfn: Greyff). Copy: CPb. 

Hucello, Hugellanus or Hngello, Dinus de. 
See Dinus de Hugello, 6171-6183. 

HUglein, Heinrich von, translator. 

11632* Das buch Valerii Maxim! das do 
sagt von der Homer geschicht. Augs- 
burg: Sorg. 1489. montag nach Valen- 
tini (Feb. 16]. f°. 

Rcf: BH Cat; Hiin 4104. Copicl: HsTv; Will. 

Hiiller, Johann. See Regiomontanus, 

Hnndinus; Hondino da Luxn. 
11633* Anathomia. 4*. 

Rcf: Pr 2994 (LcipiiE: LindtbcrE). Copici: 
JCre; Surg. 

Mundinus; Mondina da Luisi, continued. 
11637 Leipzig. 1493. 4". 

Ref: Panier 1:480:61. Copy: NYAcadMed. 

11638 Venicer Bernardinus (de Vitali- 

bu8|, 1494. 20 Feb. 4', 

Ref: R. Copy: BoilonMcd. 

11641 Hundida et castitas sacerdotum. 

Leipzig: Kachelofen, 1498. 4°. 

6; C: H»in 3S04. Copy: HWf. 


r cdi- 

Hure, Conradus de. 

11642* Repertorium vocabulorum. Basel: 
Bertoldus (Ruppel). i'. 

Ref: BU Cat. Copiea: AmBT (1470-73?); Crol; 

Hnmer, Thomas. 

11647* Tractatus de phitonico contractu. 

Rcf: BM Cal (Kirchhcim: Printer of S. Bran- 

doni Lebcn, after Oct. 2, 1499). Copiet: 

AmBtl Cor. 

Rcf: BH Cat (Kirchbeim: PrintH of S. BraD- 
doni Ltben, afler 8 Hay 1499). Copio: 
AmBt; CWC. 

urus or Huros, Diego de. 
Breve epithoma rerum apud Malacam 

: Hae 

1. 457.5 (Zarigoia: Hunu, 14877). 

Copy; : 
11653* Opusculum de Herone et Leandro. 

iVenice:i Aldus. 4'. 

Copies: (Hoe. Greek tent): JPMt (2, e. 1495- 


Uosnnu, Marcus. See Etymolockttm 

Magnus, 6691. 
Hutius, Macarius. 

11655 De triumpho Christi. Venice: Franc. 
Lucensis &. Antonius Francisci, 1499, 
29 Mar. 4°. 

Rcf: Pr 5642; C. Copie»: JPMt; LC(T). 

1 1656 Hyrrour of the worlde. f. 

Ref: Duff 401 (WcHmmitft: Cuton, 1481); De 
Ricci 94 (By Vincent de BeatiTiii); Blade* Jl; 
Pr 9638. Copiea: JPMt (2). 

11657 (Westminster:) Caxton. t'. 

Rcf: Duff 402 (1490): De Ricci 95; Blada 90. 
Copiea: NYP (Hunt; Tile); JPMt; RT. 

Le Uystire du viel testament. Paris: Le 
Dtu. i°. 

Ref: C 4J90 (c. 1499). Copy: [NVSt (Cuap- 


(To be coniiimed) 

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FimiK A To T frf 1017 d7n\fi 17* 

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ma., ip.i., v-viip., 1!.. n-i78p., Spi. 

12°. VYAD 

BtUga, telli the itorr of hii advcniurii on tward 
■he German raider H'ol/ and ■nbiequenlly on the 
priie ihip IgnU Mandi. — cf. Introdiulioii. 

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T»l in English and French. 

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9.) BTZOp.v,13,no.3 

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BTZE (Pagme) 

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4°. VDY 

Typewrillen aheelt 

Coleman, Frederic Abernethy. Japan or 
Germany; the inside story of the struggle 
in Siberia. New York; George H. Doran 
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8°. BTZE 

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engineers; the minute men of our indus- 
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1918. 6 p.l., 3-200 p. illus. 12°. BTZS 
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Committee on War Damage — deputation 
to the prime minister, including verbatim 
report of the interview and of the action 
of the Court of Common Council thereon. 
London: P. S. King & Son, Ltd., 1917. 
43 p. 8°. BTZOp.v.l2,no.l 

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Magot, translated by Katharine Babbitt. 
Illustrated from photographs. Boston: 
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X p., 21., 3-1 11 p. iilus. 12°. BTZE 

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ed; the story written in blood red letters 

d by Google 



on the horizon of the great world war. 

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•oap-bonn ind peace felleri, financini the war, etc. 

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auK secours, pensions, gratifications et 
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Preface par M. fidouard Herriot. . .47 illus- 
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Proof ihetU. 

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BTZV (AnffeU) 

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At head of lillc: Orciniulion cintrale poor one 

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Author'! paeud., Aiorin, ■! hud of title. 

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penetration as well as German political 
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liKhn JunkcrtDm vom Verfiucr von J-Bccuel 

Ein rcvolutionarcs Flu(blatt. Gtumbacb, S., Die 
....... „ ^ mj_ pj^ 

.Khi Frai 

I Deul 

d by Google 


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mrd ordtrlT. -SiMer." The voice. In 
tbe ordcrliu' recreation -room. "Trinipon." B 16 
and B IS. M orn in e .nd aflernoon in hospital. The 

Difht convoyl. "Dad." iDconcruou'i dayi. Madii 
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d by Google 



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colonial interests of warring nations; also 
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events of the great war from its inception 
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Map Room 

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Conlrxii; Le» foreei productiicet. Lei banqiiei 
Coneluiiona. Annexea. 

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Adam Shortt... Early effects of the 
European war upon the finance, commerce 
and industry of Chile, by L. S. Rowe... 
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Amerique.) BTZE 

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printed by G. Touimm & Sons. Ltd., 1918?i 
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Conlrnii: A reiroipeci. W«f »nd peice. Auiot- 
lacr or democracT? The uciil order. Ctpilil vei- 
MU labor. Man and wDmin. Th« ntw education. 
The iuuea of life. A forccaiL 

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hon. colonel Death's Head Hussars and 
doctor of sacred theology (University of 
Essen). 4th anniversary ed., translated 
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The war's effects on English trade 

onions. |New York, 1918., p. I25-13S. 8°. 
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Sl(Bed: Ordwajr Tead. 

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London: Marshall Bros., Ltd. [191S.| 147 
p. 12°. BTZB 

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Co. il9I5?i 117 p., 1 double map. 12°. 


Le Travail torci des ouvriers beiges en 
Allemagne; r^ponse d'un syndicalists 
beige i un "travailleur allemand" se disant 
auteur de la brochure "An die Arbeiter der 
neutralen Lxnder." Avec preface de M. 
Emile Vandervelde. . .et de M. Henri Hey- 
man... Le Havre: Edition du "Bureau 
documentaire beige" [1918?]. 32, viii p. 
facs. 8°. BTZO p.v.12, no.3 

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1918. viii, 148 p. 12°. BTZO 

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allemandes de 1871 i 1914. Paris: J. Tal- 
landier ,cop. 1917i. 232 p. 12°. BTZ 

Two thousand questions and answers 
about the war; a catechism of the methods 
of fighting, travelling and living; of the 
armies, navies and air fleets; of the per- 
sonalities, politics and geography of the 
warring countries. With seventeen new 
war maps and a pronouncing dictionary of 
names. Comp. on two continents under 
the direction of the editorial staff of the 
Review of Reviews. New York; The Re- 
view of Reviews Co., 1918. 4p.l., 352 p. 
illus. 8°. BTZB 

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the Russian revolution, by Emile Vander- 
velde; translated by Jean E. H. Findlay. 
London: G. Allen & Unwin, Ltd. [19l8o 
280 p., 11., Iport. 12°. GLO 

Victory or free trade? By a British resi- 
dent in Germany, with a preface by L. J. 
Maxse... London: "The National Re- 
view" Office. 1917. viii, 128 p. 8°. BTZO 

Village life after the war; being special 
reports of conferences on the development 
of rural life convened by the Rural Or- 
ganisation Council in 1917. London: 
Headley Bros., Ltd. [1917?] 1 p.l., v, 118 p. 
8°. VPD 

Vogel, Charles, and A. CouuaYANTz. Le 
peupic qui souffre: rArminie, ses origines, 
son pass*, son avenir? Preface par Jean 
JuUien... Paris: Dorbon-ainf jcop. 1917]. 
xiii, (1)16-110 p., II. 16°. BBX 

Vblnovich, Ljudevit. grof. La Dalmatie, 
ritalie et I'unit* yougosUve (1797-1917). 
Une contribution i la future paix europi- 
enne. Genive: Georg & Co., 1917. cix p.. 
1 1., 380 p., 1 1.. 2 folded maps. Ubies. 12°. 

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The War-time manual, describing the 
organization, history, work and reliefs of 
the American Red Cross Society; organi- 
zation and history; outline of activities — 
how to make application, contributing or 
personal service, memberships; training 
for Red Cross work — for men and for 
women; how to form a local chapter; or- 
ganization of Red Cross instruction; mili- 
tary relief; ambulance service; hospital 
units; base hospital organization; surgical 
dressings, hospital supplies, etc., sanitary 
training; how you can help at home — 
nursing service, bandage making, knitting 
directions. . . Official information from 
American Red Cross Society... Chicago: 
Service Publishers (1917,. 139 p. diagrs. 
16°. BTZW 

Warren, Mrs. Maude LavJnia Radford. 
The white flame of France. Illustrated 
from photographs. Boston: Small, May- 
nard & Company ,cop. 1918,. 6 p.l, 3-358 p. 
illus. 12°. BTZE 

Webb, Sidney, and Arnold Freeman. 
Great Britain after the war; being facts 
and figures, quotations and queries, sug- 
gestions and forecasts, designed to help 
individual inquirers and study circles in 
considering what will happen after the 
war with regard to trade, employment, 
wages, prices, trade unionism, co-opera- 
tion, women's labour, foreign commerce, 
the railways, the coal supply, education, 
taxation, etc. Dedicated to the Workers' 
Educational Association. London; G. 
Allen and Unwin, Ltd. [1918.1 80 p. ,3.ed., 
8°. BTZO p.T.12, no.4 

Wells, Herbert George. In the fourth 
year; anticipations of a world peace. New 
York; The Macmillan Company, 1918. x 
p.. 1 1.. 154 p. 12°. BTZV 

WetterW, fimilc. Behind the scenes in 
the Reichstag; sixteen years of parliamen- 
tary life in Germany, by the Abbe E. Wet- 
terle. ex-deputy at the Reichstag and in 
the Alsace-Lorraine chamber, with a prefa- 
tory letter by Rene Doumic... Trans- 
lated from the French by George Frederic 
Lees... New York; George H. Doran 
Company |Cop. 1918]. xiii p., 1 1., 2S6p. 8'. 

Wilhelm, Glenn P. Machine gun fire 
control. Cleveland, O.: E. C. McKay jcop. 
19I7|. 84 p., II. diagrs. 12°. VWW 

Wilson, Huntington. The peril of hifa- 
lutin. New York: Duffield & Company, 
1918. 4 p.l.. 3-263 p. 12°. BTZS 

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tary aeronautics. New York: The Cen- 
tury Co., 1918. 6 p.l., 3-298 p. illus. t*. 
Yerta, Marguerite. Les six femmes et 
"■ asion (aout 1914- fevrier 1916). Paris: 
i-Nourrit et Cie. il917.i 2 p.l., 289 p.. 
12°. BTZE 

Zmrhal, Jaroslav ]., and V. Benes. editors. 
Bohemia: a brief evaluation of Bohemia's 
contribution to civilization. Chicago; Bo- 
hemian National Alliance, 1917. 63(1) p. 
illus. 8°. FIH 

Conlrtili: Judun, H. P.. Bohtmil — a foreword. 
Zmrhml, J. J., Bohcitii«'i contribution to Ulcritun. 
Vojui, J. E. S., The Bobcmian moiic. Benti, V., 
Tbc Bohemiin an. Fitber. L. J.. The Bobemiu 
Sokoli. Biblioirapbj of booki rtUiins to the Ciech 

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Baltimore, Md. — Enoch Pratt Fre 


brary. Lives and works of the painlei 
a cataloRue of books in the Enoch Pratt 
Free Library and in the Library of the 
Peabody Institute relating lo the lives and 
works of the painters represented in the 
Walters Gallery. Compiled jointly by the 
two libraries and published by Henry 
Walters... Baltimore, 1917. 23 p. S'. 
3 -MAX 
Colour, London. Allies in art; a col- 
lection of works in modern art by artists 
of the allied nations. . .issued by "Colour 
magazine." London : Colour, Ltd., 1917. 
33 1.. 94 pi. f. tMC 

Tnt in En(liah and Frencli. 

Dimier, Louis. French painting in the 
sixteenth century. London: Duckworth 
and Co.; New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 
1904. xvi, 330p. illus. 8°. MCN 

Frienda of American Art. Year book. 
ino.jS (1914/15). Chicago ,1915,. 12°. 


Holme, Charles, editor. The develop- 
ment of British landscape painting in 
water-colours, edited by Charles Holme, 
Text by Alexander J. Finberg & E. A. Tay- 
lor. London : "The Studio," Ltd.. 1918. iv, 
36 p., 24 col'd pi. 4°. tMBT 

Ktnatdy, H. A. Early English portrait 
miniatures in the collection of the Duke of 
Buccleuch; edited by Charles Holme; text 
by H. A. Kennedy. London; The Studio, 
Ltd., 1917. xii, 44 p.. 40 pi. P. (The Stu- 
dio. Special no, 1917.) fMBO 

Konody, Paul George, and others. The 
National Gallery. One hundred plates in 
colour. General editor ^T. Leman Hare. 
Joint authors, Paul G. Konody, Maurice 
W. Brockwell and F. W. Lippmann. v. 1-2. 
New York: Dodge Pub. Co. [1909?] 2v. 
col'dpl., col'dport. 4°. 

t HAVZ (London) 

Richmond, Leonard, and Jobn Lmu- 
JOHNS. The art of painting in pastel... 
with frontispiece and introduction by 
Frank Brangwyn... London: I. Pitman 
& Sons, Ltd. [1918.J xi, 1S8 p., 1 I., 1 pi. 
illus. 4°. tMBO 

William Michael Rossetti. i. Some early 
correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 
1835-54. ir. Madox Brown's diary etc. 1844- 
56. HI. The P. R. B. journal kept by W. 
M. Rossetti 1849-53... London: Hurst 
and Blackett. Limited, 1900. S p.l., (1)4- 
328 p., 3 pi., Iport. 12°. MCT 

Widener, Peter Arrell Brown. Pictures 
in the collection of P. A. B. Widener at 
Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park, Pennsyl- 
vania. British and modern French schools. 
With introduction, descriptive and other 
notes by W. Roberts. Philadelphia: pri- 
vately printed [at the De Vinne PresS), 
1915. 101, 35 pi., 17 ports. f°. ft MAX 

no. 30 of 200 copic) printed for private circull- 

Individual Painters 

Eakins, Thomas. Loan exhibition of the 
works of Thomas Eakins, New York, No- 
vember 5 to December 3, ucmxvii. (New 
York: The De Vinne Press. 1917., viii p.. 
11.. 17 p., II., 29 pi. 8'. HCX (Eakins) 

One . 

1000 c< 


John, Augustus. Augustus John. Text 
by Charles Marriott. Issued by "Colour 
magazine." London: Colour, Ltd. [1917.| 
2 p.!., 7(1) p., 10 cord pi. f°. tMCV 

McTacgait, William. William McTag- 
gart... a biography and an appreciation, by 
James L. Caw. . . Glasgow: J. Maclehose 
and Sons, 1917. xiv, 302 p.. 47 pi.. 3 ports, 
illus. 4°. MCV (McTaggart) 

Appendlcei; l. Portriiti of William HcTasfart: 
p. [217-1218; II. Mwatine and other anidei con- 
tainini referencea to William MeTaccan : p. 21S-220. 

Oestel, Johannes Adam Simon. A vision 
realized, a life story of Rev. J. A. Oertel, 
D.D., artist, priest, missionary, by J. F. 
Oertel. Milwaukee: The Young Church- 
man Company, 1917. xx, 233 p., 2 ports, 
illus. 8°. HCX (Oertel) 

Rubens, Sir Peter Paul. Rubens, by 
Louis Hourticq... translated by Frederick 
Street... New York: Duffield & Com- 
pany, 1918. 6p.l., 3-194p. illus. 8*. 

HCH (Rnbena) 

Veimeer, Johannes. Jan Vermeer of 
Delft, by Philip L. Hale; with reproduc- 
tions of all of Vermeer's known paintings, 
and examples of the work of certain of his 
contemporaries. Boston: Small. Maynard 
and Company icop. 1913). xii. 389 p. illus. 
4°. HCH (Vermeer) 

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Arl, continued. 


Ayer, Fred Carleton. The psychology of 
drawing, with special reference to labora- 
tory teaching. . . [Chicago, 1916.) ix p., 
11., 186 p. illus. 12°. MBB 

Devonshire (8, duke). Spencer Compton 
Cavendish, Reproductions of drawings by 
old masters in the collection of the Duke of 
Devonshire at Chatsworth. With an in- 
troduction by S. Arthur Strong... Lon- 
don: Duckworth & Co., 1902. 16 p., 11., 
70 pi. i°. tfMEL 

Pembroke (14. earl), Sidney Herbert. Re- 
productions in facsimile of drawings by the 
old masters in the collection of the Earl 
of Pembroke and Montgomery at Wilton 
House. With text, explanatory and criti- 
cal, by S. Arthur Strong. London: P. & D. 
Colnaghi & Co., 1900. S7 1., 66 (i. e. 62) pi. 
f °. tt MEL 

Ptites 43. 46, 62 tai 65 were wiihdrawn before 
publics I ion. 

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tion de luxe of Raemaekers' war cartoons, 
with descriptive chapters; foreword by 
Theodore Roosevelt, edited by J. Murray 

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Economics, Soctolocy and Politi 


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(Bibliotheque de philosophie scientifique.) 


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ous cargo. New York: Wycil & Company, 
I9I8. 3 p.l., 5-174 p. 8°. TO 

CaatiaU: Cubical stowage. Coa[. Citllc. Grain. 

c»r(ot». Specific gravitr. Converiion tiblel. 

"...In the following page) i« given Ihe slowage 
of a long list of article) on the baiii of 2.240 lb>. 

M Ibai weigbi will »tow 

in, Tbere 



- I«lri 

Brea, Rose Falls. Maids, wives, and 
widows; the law of the land and of the 
various states as it affects women. ..with 
an introductory note by Mary Wood... 
New York: E. P. Dutton &. Co. ,cop. 1918., 
267 p. 12'. SNR 

"A digcit of our 1iw9 as tfaer affect women. a> 
lUtian of the leg ' 


t the I 

1, The 
: by the 

port of the law. 

written 'The Uw 

Book Tivitw digtit.'MaTck- Aus: JW». 

Reviewed in the Ntw rtpMbtit, Aug. 10. I9lt. 

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American social problems; an introduction 
to the study of society. New York: The 
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12°. SC 

"This book has grown out of the attempt lo K- 

ciety. A conscious attempt has been made to enpha- 
liie the social aspect of American life, ralhei than 

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)17 Infill i*^ 

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go: A. W. Shaw Co. il917.| 3 p.l., (1)10- 

200 p. illus. 8°. TMQ 

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safe... Boston: L. Phillips, 1918. xp., II., 
nop,, II. 12°. SB 

demands the abolilion of capitaliir 
The author questions the ethics 
of allowing need to eoniinue w 

aay the least, thooghiptovoking. . ." — Snrvty. Aag. 
IT, 191S, 

Ducloa, Maurice. L'impot sur les muta- 
tions. Expos6 d'un systime d'tmpot 
frappant tous les emplois de la rkhesse. 
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d by Google 



Economics, Sociology, etc., conliHued, 

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ing constructive credits, psychology of 
collections, procedure and system for col- 
lection departments, and the principle of 
resale. New Yorkr Ronald Press Co., 1918. 
xviii. 467 p. forms. 8°. TFH 

"...The object of IbLi book it to ihow the bert 
methodi of makinf cotlectiDni, ind Ihe principle! 
OBdeTlriac them. . . The intentiori bu been to make 
the book of icrvice not only to the credit and collec- 
tion depiTtinenli, but to olbrr departmenta and ei- 
ecntivci. Cbapler xiv 'Co-operation with the Salei 

lion baa been'|i*«i in the preient volume to Ihe 

More than two hundred complete letteri are giveoi 
with enlcacli from a great number of other*, tepre- 
tentiDs ■ careful election from manr thouaand let- 
work in perion will find moit of the book applicable 
to hii problem!, especially Chapters xv-xvii on Ihe 
piychalocT of collection, and Chapter! xvlII-IIv on 

Gretton, Richard Henry. The English 
middle class. London: G. Bell and Sons. 
Ltd., 1917. xii, 238p, 8°. TAH 

CoKtiMi: Introduction — Definition of the mid- 
dle clas!. The eleventh and twelfth centurie! — 
The cilda mercatoria — Special poiition of London. 
The thirteenth and foorteenth centuriei — The ef< 
fecti of increaiing wealth. The fifteenth eentury — 
The crtft gild!" -'■ -' w,.,.,. .,._. 

Fnlh J 


r the t 

nicipal life. The eighteenth century — Predomi- 
nance of Ihe middle clan — Trading monopolies The 
factoTT aritem — The wealth of nation!. CUm eh»r- 
aeteriitict of the eighteenth century. The nineteenth 
century — lndu!lrialiim. 

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keeping for the thrifty . . . Baltimore, Md. : 
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Ang., 1918. 

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1917. 2p.l., 260 p. 12°. THE 

fatifue ptafeuionnelle. Le !)f!l^e Tajrlot. Me!ure 
'- -——'- Compira- —^—-'-^-- •- 

rtde VI 

le la I 

!t de la I 

AlimenUtion el travail, R««ducal _. ._ 

gauche ehei lei matiKt. Lea mAhode! helte! d'en- 
•eifnenent teebniqae el runiveTiilJ du travail. 

Jenldna, Austin, and Jobn Ouselzy. Ouse- 
ley's JOOO business terms and phrases; 
what they are and what they mean; trad- 
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companies, finance, stock exchange, etc. 
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p. 12'. TH 

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p., 1 1., 118p., 1 1. 12'. (Riverside educa- 
tional monographs.) STE 

"...The bookaima to bring to clearer conacionc 

It aim! 

J br 

"The book limit! itielt to ■ dilcuuion of Ihe com- 
mon achool and to the facta regarding ihe high Kfaool 
which lie directlr related to Ihe common achoal. 
The problem of high-ichool reorganiiation and the 
problem of a better articnialian of high lehool and 
college are touched on but not diicuued in full." — 

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ing in Scotland... London; A. and C. 
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; Book I 


tion. Book 1 
Book S: The 
The daU of 
final life-proc 

uiion II related to the ticti of produc 
content. Book 7: Democracr and the 

Reviewed i 
Stietalor, Fe 

n the Nm rtfmblic. June IS, I»I«. the 

b. 2, 1918, and Ihe Survty, Aug. 10, 

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dustry; a proposition for educators. New 
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CtnttKli: Production and creative effort. Adapt- 
ing people to induatrr; the American war. Adapt. 
ing people to induatr;: the Cermaa war. Educa- 

Reviewed in the Book rivita digttt, Sept. 1918. 

Monler, E. T. S. F. Postes ricepteurs, 
moyen de les construire soi-meme pour 
'oir i domicile les til^grammes de la 
Eiffel et des nations voisinet, auivia 

d by Google 


Economics, Sociology, etc., continued. 
d'un chapitre sur U telegraphic sans fil 
pendant la guerre; supplement de La 
telegraphie sans fri a la portee de tout le 
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mentce. Paris: H. Dunod et E. Pinat, 
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nique et la telephonic sans fil a la portee de 
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t, I9tt. 

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sound lines, by pointing out to him in a 
simple and practical way what to do. Lon- 
don: J. M. Ouseley & Son ,1918,. 72 p. 
24". (Business aid service books. 1.) 


What you want to know in busi- 
ness; being a practical guide for the use of 
small traders, showing how to conduct 
business on profitable and successful lines. 
London; J, M. Ouseley & Son ,1918,. 124 p., 
1 1. 16°. (Ouseley's series of business 
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tute, told in connection with the fiftieth 
anniversary of the foundation of the school. 
Garden City: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1918. 
xxiv, 393(1) p.. 17 pi.. 7 ports, illus. 8°. 

Bibliography, p. 329-334. 

"Thii is one of Ihe bcjl booki tiet writlen 'ilorg 
the color line' Mo finer ind clearer portmral of tfae 
ipirit of Himplon ind the character of General Arm- 
Wrong coDid be found anrwhere Ihan in Ibii book. 
Il ii ijrrapalhetic witta the but aipirationi of the 
'" ■ " ' i bj all Aoieri. 

- W. Pickeni, Sun 

rf 10. h 

It 24, 

RaveneL Florence Leftwich. Women 
and the French tradition. New York : 
Macmillan Co., 1918. ix p., 31., 3-234 p.. 
6 ports. 12°. SNE 

A llw unto 

iniire, Mme. 
de S^igni. 

herielf, Georfe Sand. Tbe great hI< 
de Stiel. The great tradition, Hiduni 
The riddle at the Sphinx, Hme. de Lafi 
women'! daughlen. Women of France. 

Reviewed in the Boakmn, Auguit, I91S, p. tSS. 

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' ' '1 argentina. v. 1. Buenos Aires: 

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United States Naval Institute, 1918. 256 p. 
illus. 4th rev. ed. 8°. TTP 

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Straffens Begrundelse og Formaal. Kj^ 

benhavn: ;. Lund, 1889. 2p.l.. 222p. 12'. 


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Saco, Maine... Compiled by Edward P. 
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Me. : York Institute, 1918. 1 p.l.. 59 p.. 1 pi. 
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delivered at Princeton University, Prince- 
ton: Princeton University Press, 1918. 4 
p.l., 124 p., 1 port. 12°. SLG 

jdHction. The 

thodi. Educal 

:ing the public. 

Diminiibing the 

lupply. Poverty. 

Mental defe< 

:tiv«. Drink and 


.«., Convict!. 

Juvenile delinqi 

iiency. CoadOiion. 

"Within ihe lit 

nit* of this leit 

it >■ of courae dm 

poaaible to handle 

laive nibiect M 

tbe prevention of 

me. The can. 

e. of crime an 

c loo varioai, sod 

' of luch a ehar 

acler » to lead an 


Field for many 1 

in ahaorbing month 

if 1 

all about Ihem. 

My obiect in Ihcae 


baa been limply 

to lell of K>me of 


rned and did in 

Ne. York dnrinf 


; term of nol 

duite four yea 

ri that I had the 

lor of Mrving the cily M Police 

UtkBT-, i«tToi%c. 


Dunkin, Edwin H. W., compiler. Calen- 
dar of Sussex marriage licences recorded in 
the Consistory Court of the bishop of Chi- 
chester for the archdeaconry of Lewes, and 
in the Peculiar Court of the archbishop of 
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ing. 1772-1637. {London: Sussex Record 
Society, 1917., xvi, 273(1) p. 8°. (Sussex 
Record Society, i Publications.! v. 25.) 

DweUy. Edward. Devon M. L; being all 
the monumental inscriptions in the par- 

d by Google 



Europe, continued. 

iahes of Countisbury, Brendon, Martinhoe, 
Trentishoe, Parracombe, Lynton. Bow, 
Zeal Monachorum, Bridford. Doddiscombs- 
leigh, Christow and Ashlon, with tricks 
of arms, &c. v. 1. Fleet, Hants: the au- 
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ords. V.6.) ARX 

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tional chapters on the Indian local govern- 
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Native States of India. Bombay: R. Govind 
& Son. 1917. 1 p.l., xxiit p., 1 I., 345, xr p. 
tables. 8°. BGP 

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tions between China and other states... 
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■ R-Room 300 

Baggg, Mae Lacy. Colorado, the queen 
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climate and of its mountains, rivers, forests 
and valleys; an account of its explorers; a 
review of its Indians — past and present. . .■ 
Boston: The Page Company, 1918. xiv, 
380 p. illus. 8°. (See America first ae- 
ries.) IWP 

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Penelope Royalt. his house at Cambridge, 
and his slaves Tony & Darby... Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1917. 1 p.l., (1)5^5 p., 3 facs.. 
5 pi., 2 ports, 1 folded table. 8°. 

APV (VassaU) 

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1918.) nop., II. illus. 8*. 

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ciety. Memoirs, v. 11.) HBC 

d by Google 



B007, Theodoor Hendrik Nikolaas de, 
and J. T. Paris. The Virgin Islands our 
new possessions and the British islands. 
With 97 illustrations and S ma,ps especially 

Prepared for this volume. . . Philadelphia: 
, B. Lippincott Co.. 1918. 1 p.l., 291(1) p.. 
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Your negro neighbor. New York: 

The Macmillan Co., 1918. 3 p.l., 100 p.. 1 
port. 16°. lEC 

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Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
Salem, Mass.: Essex Institute, 1918, 100 p, 
8", APR 

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Peter Chapman cemetery, town of Provi- 
dence, Saratoga Co., N. Y., copied by Wil- 
liam Gideon Closson. Sept. 21. 1917. 
[Providence, N.Y., 1917., 71. 4*. APR 


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inscriptions and records of tomb burials 
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Drake, Samuel Adams. Old Boston tav- 
erns and tavern clubs. New illustrated 
edition, with an account of "Cole's Inn," 
•'The Bakers' Arms," and "Golden Ball," 
by Walter K. Waikins; also a list of tav- 
erns, giving the names of the various own- 
ers of the property, from Miss Thwing's 
work on "The inhabitants and estates of 
the town of Boston, 1630-1800." in the 
possession of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society. Boston: W. A. Butterfield, 1917. 
8p„ II,, 9-124p, illus. 8'. IQH 

Egan, Howard. Pioneering the West; 
1846 to 1878; Major Howard Egan's diary, 
also thrillinpt experiences of pre-frontier 
life among Indians, their traits, civil and 
savage, and part of autobiography, inter- 
related to his father's, by Howard R. Egao, 
edited, compiled, and connected in nearly 
chronological order by Wm. M. Egan... 
Richmond, Utah: Howard R. Egan Estate. 
1917. 302 p. illus. 12°. AN 

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sciiooner. Chicago: Saul Bros., 1918. 4 p.l.. 
(l)12-156p., 2pl. 12'. IW 

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1851-1860.,. Illinois centennial publica- 
tion. Champaign, III,: Flanigan-Pearson 
Co., 1918. 6p,l„ n-175p, 31. 8°. IVE 

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state constitutions and the federal consti- 
tution and organic laws of the territories 
and other colonial dependencies of the 
United States Oi America, compiled and 
edited by Charles Kettleborough . . . In- 
dianapolis: B. F. Bowen & Co., 1918. 3 p.l, 
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America's code of caste, a disgrace to de- 
mocracy. With an introduction by Albert 
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1918. 108 p. 16°. lEC 

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tino; algo de sociologia. Buenos Aires: 
De Martino y Gutierrez, 1917. 210 p., I L 
12°. HKS 

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Edward S. O'Reilly; illustrated with photo- 

fraphs. New York: Century Co,, 191& 
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the role of mixed'blood races throughout 
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Spanish- American republics as told in the 
lives of their liberators. New York: D. Ap- 
pleton and Co., 1918 xv, 380 p., 2 maps, 
1 plan, 11 ports. 8°. HCO 

Caxlenu: Preface. The biataricil tucksTonniL 
Pranciico de Miranda. Hinel Hidalgo x Coatilla. 
Aiualln de Iturbidf. Matiano Moieno. Joii de 
SaM Martin. Simdn de Bolivar. Antonio Joii de 
Sucre. CoDcIuiion. 

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township. Westchester county. New York; 
an historical and biographical record, 166fr- 
1918. ,New York: Knickerbocker Press, 
cop. 1918., 2 p.l., iii-xv, 347 p., 13 pi.. 20 
ports. 8°. XAZ 

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enchantment... Boston: The Page Com- 
pany, 1918. xii, 380 p. illus. 8'. (See 
America first series,) iTL 

Wrong, George McKinnon, and others. 
The federation of Canada, 1867-1917; torn- 
lectures delivered in the University of 
Toronto in March, 1917, to commemorate 
the fiftieth anniversary of the federation. 
by George M. Wrong, Sir John Willison. 
Z. A, Lash [and, R. A. Falconer. Toronto: 
University of Toronto, 1917, 4 p.l., 144 p. 
12°. HOT 

Conltnti: The creation of the tederal lyittm in 
Caniila, br G, H, WroDf. Some polliica] ieulen is 
tbe Canadian federation, by Sir J. Williaon. The 
vacking of federal inaiiiutiona in Canada, br Z, A. 
Laib. Tbe qualitr of Canadian Ufe, br R. A. 

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Ceorral Building 

Children'i Room 

Eiieniion DivitioB 

lAbrtty for Ihe Blind 

EaH Bramdway, 33 l.. 

But Broadway, 192 

Rivingtoo itreel, 61 

Eui HouKon itreer, 388 

Bond ilreet, 49 

Sth Mre«i, 135 Second avenue.. 

lOih Itreel. 331 Eait 

ISlh itreet, 2S1 Vfet 

33ni ilieet. 228 EaU 

23rd Mreei, 209 WeM 

36th Itreet. 303 EaU 

40lh Itreet, 457 Weit 

50th Itreel. 123 Ea«i 

. 742 Tenth avenue.. 

:. 121 Eail 

;. 328 EMt 

t. 190 AmUerdam avei 

:, 1465 Avenue A 

79th ilreet, 222 Eait... 

Slat ilreet. 444 Amilerdam avet 

96ch tireet, !12 Ea«i 

lOOih ilreel. 206 Weit 

110th itreel, 174 Eaal 

I15th ilreet, 203 Weil 

124lh Ilreet, 9 Wett 

I25th ilreel. 224 EmI 

Menhaltan itreel. 78 

135th itreel. 103 Weil 

145lh Mreei. 503 We«l 

St. Nicholai avenue, 1000 

179th itreet. 535 Wett 


140th tireet. 321 Eui 

Morrii avenue, 910 

160lh ilreel, 759 Eail__ 

168lh ilreel. 78 Wat 

I69(h ilreel. 610 E»l 

176<b ilreel and Waihington avc 

Kinfibridtfe avenue. 3041 


St. George__ 

Port Richmond 





7,075 I 
3.491 1 



















182 I 1,012 
146 482 
507 L 2,546 

.J 701,55 

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American Art Association 
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Open- 

bare Leeszaal en Bibliotheek 
Arizona State Library . 
Asociacion Civica Cubana 
Backes, Jacob 
Bahai Library Committee 
Barrett Company (633 periodicals) 
Benjamin, Edward Bernard . 
Boekelman, Bernardus . 
Booth, Franklin (2 bookplates) 
Brazil. Ministerio da Fazcnda 
Butler, Mrs. Wm. Allen 
Cambridge University Library 
Canada. Department of Mii 

Mines Branch 
Chicago, III. Municipal Reference 

China. Statistical Department 

Commission for Relief in Belgium 

Cruikshank, Alfred B. . 

Davis, A. Edward. M.D. 

Dean, John Candee 

Doremus, Dr. Charles Avery . 

Essex Press .... 

Fairehild, Mrs. Charles S. . 

Fisk, Mrs. Wilbur C. . 

France. Service de I'lnformation 
r Stranger .... 

Geneva, Switzerland. Directeur de 
la Police Municipale . 

Great Britain. Board of Agricul- 
ture and Fisheries (3 sheets) 

Haynes. B. H., M.D. . 

Hogan, J. V. (1 periodical) . 

Hotchkiss, Thomas W. . 

Hyde, Dorsey W., jr. . 

Kedah. Adviser to the Government 

Knowles. Mrs. A. . 

Kurzman. Seymour P. {S sheets) 

Lanier, Mrs. James F. D. (2 scores) 

Leeman, Mrs. J. . 

Library of Congress (37 sheets) 

Lieberthal, Dr. Robert H. 

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Massachusetts Forestry Association 
(7 sheets) .... 

Massachusetts. Legislative Docu- 

Meeker, Hon. Jacob E. . 
Megata, Baron Tanetaro 
Mietziner, Leo (2 prints) 
Millner. J. B. (1 photo) . 
Mulliner, Mrs. Gabrielle Stewart 

(206 prints) 
Uurrill, William Alphonso . 

National Civil Liberties Bureiu (2 

Negro Library Association 

Norway. Bureau Central de Statis- 

Oppcnhcim, Samuel 

Pennsylvania. Department of Pub- 
lic Printing and Binding (4 

Pilgrim Press .... 

Portland Cement Association (16 

Publishers' Weekly .3 

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Ransdell, Hon. Joseph E. 

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Russian Information Bureau . 

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Scientific American (4 maps) 

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Southern Rhodesia. Legislative 
Council (1 sheet) 

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Surpass Leather Co. 

Switzerland. Bureau Federal de 

Switzerland, D^partement Fidfral 
des Douanes .... 

Terquem, Jean & Cie. . 

Tohoku Imperial University — Li- 
brary of the College of Medicine 

Toomey, 1st Lieut. Noxon 

Tucker, Sidvin Frank . 

Union of South Africa. Govern- 
ment Printer (1 sheet) 

U. S. Geological Survey (29 maps) 

U. S. Labor Department (619 post- 

United States Shipping Board 
Emergency Fleet Corporation 

University of Pennsylvania 

Venezuela. Biblioteca Nacional . 

Viele, Mrs. Herman K. 

West«m Australia. Colonial Sec- 

Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co. 

(7 circulars) .... 
Whittle, George Howes (6 sheets. 

34 prints) 

Wisconsin State Historical Society 
Zurich, Switzerland. U. S. Consul 


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(Now iM Print) 


Handbook of The New York Public Library 10 cent*. 

Central Building Guide -- ...-5 centi. 

Fuel* for (he Public A pamphlet of general information about the Library - - free. 


Bulletin of The New York Public Library, Published monthly. Chiefly devoted to 
the Reference Department. Bibliography, news of the Library, reprints of manuscripts, 
detcriptioni of new accessions. $1.00 a year; current single numbers for 10 cents. Back 
numbers at advanced rates. 

Branch Library News. Monthly publication of the Circulation Department. List* of 
new books, reading lists, articles about books, etc. Given free at the Branches. By mail, 
free to libraries and other public institutions. Otherwise, 25 cents a year. 

New Technical Books. A selected list of books on industrial arts and engineering, 
recently added to the Library. Published quarterly. (A limited number given free on 

Municipal Reference Library Notes. Published weekly, except during July and August 
for circulation among the officials and employees of the City of New York. Price: $1.50 
a year; 5 cents a copy. Apply at Room 512. Municipal Building. 



Aborigines of Australia and Tasmania. 
List of works relating to the • 

American Dramas. A list of - 

American Gypsies, by Albert Thomas 
Sinclair ------ 

American Inleroceanic Canals. A list 
of references ..... 

American- Romani Vocabulary, by Al- 
bert Thomas Sinclair . - . 

Arabic Poetry. List of works relating to 

Assyria and Babylonia. A list of ref- 

Astor Library. Catalogue of the. 8 vol- 
umes. Sewed. Per volume - - . 
Avesta and Romani, by Albert Thomat 

Beggars. Mendicants, Tramps, Va- 
grants, etc.. List of works relating 

Berlin and the Prussian Court in 1798. 
I'rom a ms. journal of Thomas 
Boylston Adam* - - - . 

Book-Reviews, by E. L. Pearson - 

Buddhism. A list of references - 

Ceramics and Glass, List of works re- 
lating to . 

Chiaroscuro Prints, by Frank Weiten. 

Columbus. Letter of Columbus on the 
discovery of America. Facsimile 
of the pictorial edition, with a new 
and literal translation, and a com- 
plete reprint of the four oldest 



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County Government. Including County 
Publications. References to ma- 
terial - ■ 

Cruise of the U. S. Brig Argus in 1813. 
Journal of Surgeon James Inder- 
wick .10 

De Bry Collection of Voyages, Cata- 
logue of the - - - - - J)5 

Dehydrated Foods. A list of references .05 

Diplomatic History of the European 

War. A list of references - - ,10 

Early American Poetry, 1610 to 1820. 

A list of works - ... 20 

Economic and Social Aspects of War. 

A selected list of references - - J)S 

Emmet collection of mss., prints, etc. 

Catalogue of. Sheets - _ . S.OO 

Exhibition of Etchings by Rembrandt, 
from the J. Pierpont Morgan Col- 
lection --.... Free 

Exhibition Illustrating the History of 

Franklin, Benjamin, List of works re- 
lating to ----- - 

Furniture and Interior Decoration, IJst 
of works relating to - - - 

Geology, Mineralogy and Paleontology 
of New Jersey, List of works on - 

Government Control of Railroads, 
Rates, Regulation, etc., List of 
works relating to - - - - 

Gypsies, List of works relating to - 

Gypsies in Carniola and Carinthia, by 
Albert Thomas Sinclair . - - 


Henry Hudson, The Hudson River, 
Robert Fulton and Steam Naviga- 
tion, List of prints, books, manu- 
scripts, etc., relating to - - - JO 

Heritage of the Modern Printer, by 

Margaret B. Stillwell - - - .05 

Historical Printing Club, Publications 
of the. (List and prices furnished 
upon application.) - - - - 

Isle de Bourbon (Reunion). Docu- 
ments, I70I-1710. Printed from the 
original manuscript in the Library 20 

Isle of Man, List of works relating to - .OS 

Japan, List of works relating to - -25 

Joys of Librarians hip, by Arthur E. 

Boslwick .OS 

Lenox Library. Contributions to a 
Voyages of Hulsius. Paper - - .50 
Voyages of Thevenot - - - .50 

The Waltonian Collection - - - .50 
Works of Milton - - - - .50 

Letters of American Oergymen. 1711 

to 1860 JS 

Librarian as a Unifier, by Andrew 

Kcogh JOS 

Library Tonic, by George Parker Wtn- 

ahip JK 

Library's Print Room, by Frank Weit- 

enkampf Free 

Manuscript Division, The, by Victor 

Hugo Paltsits - - - - - .IS 

Money and Banking, List of works re- 
lating to Si 

Mormons, List of works relating to the 20 

Mountaineering, Selected list of books 

on .05 

Music, History of. Selected list of works 

relating to .15 

Music Publishers in New York City 

before 18S0. A directory - - .10 

Naval History, Naval Administration, 
etc, A selected list of works relat- 
ing to - - - - - - SO 

Naval Letters from Captain Percival 

Drayton, 1861-1865 ... .30 

Near Eastern Question and the Balkan 

States, List of works relating to - .55 

Newspapers and Official Gazettes, 

Checklist of 1.85 

Numismatics, List of works relating to .65 

Old Prints in the Prints Division - - jOS 

Oriental Drama, List of works relating 

to .05 

Oxy-Acetylenc Welding, List of works 

relating to - - - - - ,1S 

Pageants in Great Britain and the 

United States. A list of references .15 

Paintings, Catalogue of, in the picture 

galleries of the Library - - - ,10 

"Parnassus" Tapestry in the Library, by 

George Leland Hunter - - - .05 

Persia, List of works relating to - - .50 

Philosophy, List of books relating to - JO 

Political Parties in the United States, 

1800-1914. A list of references - 25 

Prints and their Production, A list of 

works ------ .55 

Prints and their Production: Supple- 
ment --...- .OS 

Religion, Theology and Church History, 
List of periodicals in the Library. 
General Theological Seminary and 
Union Theological Seminary relat- 
ing to - .15 

Romani and Dard, by George F. Black JiS 

Russian, other Slavonic and Baltic Peri- 
odicals, A list of - - - - .IS 

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Schoolroom Decoration. A list of ref- 
erences ------ JOS 

Scientific Uaidgement A lilt of refer- 

ence. 2S 

Scotland, A list of works relating to - 3M 

Shakers, List of works relating to - .05 

Shakespeareana, Catalogue of Exhibi- 
tion of, compiled by Henrietta C. 
Bartlett, 1916 I.OO 

Spencer Collection of Modem Book 

Bindings, by Henry W. Kent - - .15 

Stage Scenery. A list of references to 

illustrations since 1900 - - - JO 

Stauffer Print Collection, by Charles 

Allen Munn - - - - - JOS 

Storage Batteries, A list of references, 

1900-1915 .15 

Submarines. A list of references - - 3S 

Superstructures, by W. N. C. Carlton - J)5 

Torpedoes. A list of references - - JO 

Ultrsc Violet Rayi. A list of references .10 

Virginia, Uit of works relating to • 2S 

War Taxation, 1914-1917. A list of ref- 
erences - - - - - • JK 

Washington Eulogies. CbeckUit of 
eulogies and funeral oratioiu on 
the death of Washington - - 2S 

William II. of Germany, BocAs relat- 
ing to, presented by Dr. John A. 
Mandel jOS 

Winthrop, Theodore, Bibtiogr«ptiicaI 

notes on, by Elbridge Colby - • .OS 

Winthrop Books, PUtes of the, by El- 
bridge Colby -OS 

Witchcraft in Europe, List of works 

relating to - - • - - .10 

Wood-Engraving To-Day, by Frank 

Weilenkampf ----- itS 


Orcular of information 


Altman Collection 

American History 

"As Interesting as a Novel" 

Bohemian Book List 

Books about Military Education 

Books of Interest to Women Voters 

Books on Ancient, Medieval, and Modem Art 

Books on Engineering, Industrial Arts, and 

Books for Summer Reading 
Catalogue of Books for the Blind, and Sup- 
Catalogue of Muhc for the Blind 

Fairy Tales for Grown-up Readers 

Flower Gardens 

Italian Book List 

Joan of Arc 

List of Piano Mustc 

Military Training . 

"The New York of the Novelists" 

Old- Fashioned Novels 


Plays of Thirteen Countries 

Poets of Today 

Poets of Yesterday 

Polish Book Ijst 

Stories of Romance and Imagination 

Stories of the Sea 

Vacation Reading 

Wanderers and Vagabonds 

Lists in Embossed Type: 
Catalogue of Books for the Blind — New 
York Point editioiL American Braille 
edition. European Braille edition. 10 

Catalc^e of Music for the Blind — Braille 
edition. New York Point edition. 10 


Favorite Stories of the Library Reading Qubs 
Great Industries of America 
Journeys to Foreign Lands 
Stories, Poems, Songs and Flays for Christ- 
mas Holidays 
Vacation Reading for Boys and Girls 


Sea and Shore 

The Shakespearian Festival 

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'T>HE ButttHmUpubtUktdMOHtkhhThtNm Y»rk PmbiU Library at 176 Fifth Aotmae. N*w York 
■i City. SubterifiliauOmrDvUarayrar, currtnl linflt nmmbtn TtnCtnti. Entered at ihr hsi Oglea 
at New York, N. Y., at tttand-ctaii matter, February 10, 1897, under atl of July It, IS94. Ateeptmtet 
for mailint at ipeciat rate of pestage provided far in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorited- 
Printed at The New Yorb Public Library, 476 Fifth Avtnnt. Edmund L. Peanon', Editor. 


Lewis Cass Led yard 

j. p. morgak 

Morgan J, O'Brien 

Stephen H. Olin 

Henry Fairfield Osbord 

William Barclay Parsons 

EuHU Root 
John F. Hylan, Mayor of the Gty of New York, t. 
Charles L. Craig, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex offi 
Alfred E. Smith, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex offi 

\\'iLLiAU W. Appleton 
Andrew Carnegie 
Cleveland H. Dodge 
John Murphy Farley 
Samuel Greenbauu 
Frederic R. Halsey 
John Henry Hammond 

Charles Rowland Russell 
Edward W. Sheldon 
William Sloane 
George W. Smith 
L N. Phelps Stokes 
Henry W. Taft 
Payne Whitney 


President, Lewis Cass Ledyard, 476 Fifth avenue. 
First Vic-e-President, EuHu Root. 
Second Vice-President, Cleveland H. Dodge. 
Secretary, Charles Howlanu Russell, 476 Fifth avenue. 
Treasurer, Edward W. Sheldon, 45 Wall street. 
Assistant Treasurer, United States Trust Company, 45 Wall stn 
Director, Edwin H, Anderson. 476 Fifth avenue. 

Chief Reference Librarian, H. M. Lydenberc, 476 Fiflh avenue. 
Chief of the Circulation Department, Benjamin Adams, 476 Fifth a 


Central Building, 476 Fifth Avenue, contains general administrative ofKces of the whole 
system, all Divisions of the Reference Department, and the Central Circulation Branch, 
Central Children's Room, Library for the Bhnd, and the Extension Division. 

Municipal Reference Branch, Room 512, Municipal Building. (Free for reference.) 


Central Circulation. 476 Fifth Avenue. 

Chatham Square. 33 East Broadway. 

Seward Park. 192 East Broadway. 

RiviNGTON Street, 61. 

Hamilton Fish Park. 388 E. Houston st. 

Hudson Park. 66 Leroy street. 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

Ottendorfer. 135 Second avenue. 

Tompkins Square. 331 East 10th street. 

Jackson Square. 251 West 13th street. 

Epiphany. 228 East 23rd street 

Muhlenberg. 209 West 23rd street. 

St. Gabriel's Park. 303 East 36th street. 

4(hH Strfxt. 457 West. 

Cathedral. 123 East 50th street. 

Columbus. 742 Tenth avenue. 

58th Street, 121 East. 

67th Street, 328 East. 

Riverside. 190 Amsterdam avenue. 

Webster. 1465 Avenue A. 

Yorkville. 222 East 79th street. 

St. Agnes. 444 Amsterdam avenue. 

96rH Street. I12Eait. 


Bloomincdale. 206 West 100th Street. 

AcuiLAR. 174 East 1 10th street 

IISth Street, 203 West 

Harlem Library. 9 West I24th street 

125th Street, 224 East. 

George Bruce. 78 Manhattan street. 

135th Street. 103 West 

Hamilton Grange. 503 West 14Sth street 

Washington Heights. 1000 St Nicholas ave. 

Fort Washington. 535 West 179th street 

MoTT Haven. 321 East 140th street 
Woodstock. 759 East 160th street 
Melrose. 910 Morris avenue. 
High Bridge. 78 West 168th street 
MoRRisANiA. 610 East I69th street 
Tremont. 1666 Washington avenue. 
KtKCSBRiDGE. 3041 Kingsbridge avenue. 


St. George. S Central avenue. 
Port Richmond. 75 Bennett street. . 

Stapleton, 132 Canal street. 
Tottenville. 7430 Amboy road. 
EM4 1 

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in ' 

•T H'« 


Volume 22 - - - Number 10 

A Gift of Music -----------567 

News of the Month ---- 569 

Census of FtrnxNiH Centuby Books Owned in Aueuca — 

Past VII 571 

The Eusofeah War (Recent Accessions) .'.... $96 

Recent Books of Intebest Added to the Libbaby .... 607 

CiBCULATioM Statistics fob Septeubeb ------ fill 

pRiNapAL Donors in Septeubeb -..----- 612 

PuBucATiONS OF The New York Pobuc Libbaby - - . - 613 


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rHE BKllilm u tnbliikrii montkly by Tki Nrw VoTk Public Library at 176 Fifth Avtnuf, Nrm Yark 
Cily. SubicritticH Oni Dollar a yiar. current linglt numbtri Ten Cinti, Enltrld at Iht Petl Ofct 
at JVrs York. U. Y.. u itctnd-clati malltr. February IB, lt9t. under Act of Inly 16, MM. Acctpfnct 
for mailimB at tftcial rate of pottOBi frevidid for in Sietifn llBi, Act of Octobir 3, 1917, antharimd. 
PrintiJ at Tki New York Public Library, Hi Fifik Avenue. Edmuui L. Peariou, Editor. 

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UME 22 October 1918 Numbe: 


MRS. GEORGE W. DOANE, of South Orange, New Jersey, has 
presented The New York Public Library with a collection of 
music and music-books. The great majority of Mrs. Doane's books 
bear the autograph of George James Webb. He was an . EngHshman, 
born in 1803, who came to America and was an organist in Boston; he 
served as president of the Handel and Haydn Society and assisted in 
founding the Boston Academy (1836). He published books on vocal 
technique and collections of glees. He died in Orange, New Jersey, in 

This collection, which may be seen in the Music Division, consists 
of 777 items: 471 bound volumes, 306 unbound. Among them are several 
very rare and unusual books, which, however, we already have in the 
Drexel Collection, and which are of bibliographical and historical value. 
They belong to the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries: 

Pontificale Romanum... Venice, 1561. 

A folio volume, beautifully printed in red and black, containing: numerous 
wood-cuts including- a large crucifixion, with music. It is bound in blue morocco 
covered with blind tooling, gilt edges, and in antique style. 

The whole booke of psalms. Collected into English meeter [Sic] by 
Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others... London, 1633. 

Athanasii Kircheri. . .musurgia universalis sive ars magna consoni et 
dissoni in x libros digista. . .Rome, 1650. 

Delta letteratura de Turchi. Osservationi fatte da Gio. Battista Donado. 
Venice, 1688. 

[ wn 

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Harmonics; or, The philosophy of musical sounds. By Robert Smith. . . 

Cambridge, 1749. 

Ditto. London. 1759.- '.'.'■.'.' 

Prosodia rationalis; or, An essay towards establishing the melody and 

measure of speech... [By Joshua Steele.] London, 1779. 
The oriental 'xnisCellSny; hting a collection [ojf the indst^favourfte airs of 

Hindoostan. . .by AVillfam Hamilton Bird. Calcutta, 1789. 
Improved psalmody, in three parts. . .or, A poetical version of the psalms 

...with new music... by the Rev. William Deschair Tattersall. . . 

London, 1795. 

The bulk of the remaining items consists of song-books, religious 
and secular; 18th and 19th century vocal scores of opera and oratorios; 
several full scores of oratorios, notable among which are Loewe's Sieben 
Schlaefer and Dr. Arnold's editions of Handel's; collections of German 
part-songs, mostly for four-part male chorus; English anthems; 1 1 volumes 
of the Musical World, London, 1838-1848; histories of music (those of 
Burney and Hawkins); German pamphlets on school singing; books on 
the theory of music and esthetics, and 10 volumes of Biblical exegesis. 

The gift includes two other items of lesser importance but worthy 
of special mention. One is Rinck's edition in vocal score of a Requiem 
by Abbe Vogler of Browning fame, and a curious volume on Chinese 
instruments. This last is a gorgeously illustrated album, in bright colors, 
consisting of twelve plates on rice paper bound in satin. Each plate 
represents a musical instrument being played by a Chinese woman. This 
volume has neither title-page nor imprint to identify it. 

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DURING the month of September, 1918, the Library received as gifts 
2,565 volumes, 3,969 pamphlets", 44 maps and 10 prints. Some of 
the more important and interesting of these gifts were the following: 
From the Curtis Publishing Company came a copy (number 224 of 475 
printed) of "The collection of Franklin imprints in the Museum of 
the Curtis Publishing Company, with a short-title check list of all the 
books, pamphlets, broadsides, etc., known to have been printed by Benja- 
min Franklin; compiled by William J. Campbell, A. M.," Philadelphia, 
1918. Mrs. Thomas A. Janvier of South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, gave 
a collection of French books, mainly relating to Proven<;al literature, 
comprising 96 volumes and 55 pamphlets. She gave also a collection 
of newspaper clippings and letters. From Mr. John Eliot Thayer of 
Lancaster, Massachusetts, came a copy of the "Catalogue of a collection 
of books on ornithology in the Library of John E. Thayer, compiled by 
Evelyn Thayer and Virginia Keys," Boston, 1913. 

From Dr. George Frederick Kunz came the "Catskill Aqueduct 
Celebration publications; a collection of pamphlets published in connec- 
tion with the celebration of the Catskill Aqueduct," New York, 1917. 
Sr. Enrique Jose Varona of Habana, Cuba, gave a copy of his "Por Cuba," 
Habana, 1918. From Mr. Charles T. Luthy of Peoria, Illinois, came 
2 volumes, 19 pamphlets, and 12 sheets, including the following of his 
works; "Luthy's scientific handwriting, being an analysis of Roman script 
form and execution," 1918; "The human speech sounds," 1918; and "The 
universal alphabet," 1918. Prof. Alexander Graham Bell of Washington, 
D. C, presented a copy of his work, "The growth of the oral method in 
America"; Mr. George A. Hussey, a copy of his "History of the Ninth 
Regiment, N. Y. S. M . . . N. G. S. N. Y. (83rd N. Y. Volunteers) 1845- 
1888," New York, 1889; Mr. John Fremont Wilber of Somerville, Massa- 
chusetts, a copy of his work, "Progress and its enemies, showing the 
fallacy of the single tax theory and some other enemies of progress," 1918; 
and Mr. Horace Wetherill Wright of Newark, New Jersey, a copy of 
his work, "The Sacra Idulia in Ovid's Fasti; a study of Ovid's credibility 
in regard to the place and the victim of this sacrifice," Newark, 1917. 

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From Mrs. William Allen Butler of New York came a collection of 
law books, comprising 74 volumes; from the Ess Ess Publishing Company 
of New York, 1,194 bound volumes of "The Smart Set, 1900-1910"; and 
from Miss Louise Charvet of New York, a collection of pamphlets on 
the war, 106 in all. 

Mr. William Henry Humiston of New York gave a collection of his 
songs; and Mr. Bolton Coit Brown of New York, copies of his lithographs, 
entitled "The waterfront," "The lake," "Sol. Russell's hickories," "The 
tug," "The bather," "Young cedars." 


DURING the month of September, 1918, there were received at the 
Library 15,398 volumes and 4,344 pamphlets. (These figures include 
the additions to both Reference and Circulation Departments.) The total 
number of readers recorded in the Central Building was 50,463. They 
consulted 147,384 volumes. Visitors to the building numbered 141,234. 

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Edited by a Cohhittsx of tbi BtBLtoCBAPHicAL Society of Aubrica 


Halimuildea; Uoks ben Machnun. 

11668 Shaar ha-Gemul (on retribution, in 
Hebrew). iNaples: Joseph Gunien- 
hauser Ashkenazi, 1490, 23 Jan.] 4'. 

Sef: Juobi 70; Pr £733; De Roni 69; Slein- 
t:biicid« 19GZ. Cop^: JewiihTS. 

11669 iCommentary on the Pentateuch, in 
Hebrew.i Obadiah, Manasse & Benja- 
min, of Rome. f°. 

Rtl: Jtcofat 14 (before 1480); Pr 7341| De RoHi 
122; Stein Khn eider IMO; Roienthtl 4B (c. 
1475): Wuhitein 300. Coinn: Colj JewiihTS. 

11670 Lisbon: Eliezer [Toledanoj, 

1489, IS Jul. 1°. 

Ret: Haebler 4S8; Jicobi 59; De Soui 64-6S; 
StcinKlineider 1960-1961. Copieai Hiipioic; 
JniabTS; HS. 

11671 Naples, 1490, 2 Jul. f. 

Kei: Jusbi 72 (luac ben Jndih ben Cuttoni); 

De Roui 71-72; Pr 6741; SleinKhneider 1961. 
Copiei: Col; JewiibTS; LC. 

Namquier or Nanquerlua, Simon; de Gallo. 
De lubrico temporis currtculo deque 
hominis miseria. Paris: de Pratis [fori 
Roee. 4'. 

Ref: Brnnet, Sopplaaenl (1498?). CopT: JWP. 

Nanni. Giovanni. See Annlns, 1123-1131. 

Nstalibus, Petrus de. 

11676* Catalogus sanctorum. Vicenza: 

Henricus [di Ca Zenoi, 1493, prid. id. 

Dec. [12.1 f°. 

Copiei: Htrr <Ri40t): Peab: LC(T)i WHV. 

Nathan ben Jebiel or JecbleL 

11678 'Anik (Dictionary of the Talmud, in 

Hebrew). [Obadiah, Manaiaeh & 

Benjamin, of Rome.] f*. 

Re(; J*cab> 13 (before HBO); De Roui 123; Pr 
7342; SleinKhneider 2040. Copiei: Col; Jew- 

Haodcnu, Johannes; Johann Versen. 
1I6S1 Tractatus de symonia. Tubingren, 
1500. xxviii kaf. Jun. 4". 
Ref: BM CM (Otnur). Copy: Ph(W). 

Navlctik Sanctae Ursulae. 4°. 

Ref: C 5909. Copy: UoTS. 

Hebilm aharonim. See Prophetae pos- 
teriores, 13410, and Bible, Hebrew, 
Later Prophets. 

Nebilm rishon 

13408, am 

Hebrija, Antonio de; Aelius Antonius Ne< 

Introductiones latinae. Salamanca, 1495, 
30 Sept. f. 

Ref: Hubler 464; R «41. Copr: Hiipank. 

Grammatica. Barcelona: Rosembach, 
1497, S Nov. f. 

Ref: Hubter 467 k ii 467. Copr: AmBt. 

11683 Dtctionarium ex sermone latino in 
hispanieniem. Salamanca, 1492. i'. 
Ref: lUebter 468. Copr: Hiapuie. 

Salamanca, f. 

Ref: Htebler 469 (c 1495). Copj: Hiipaoie. 

11689 Grammatica sobre la lengua Castel- 

lana. Salamanca, 1492. 18 Aug. 4*. 

Ref: Hteblcr 470. Copy: HItpuiic. 

Enarrationes in Prudentii psychomachi- 
am. i'. 

:. liOO). Copr: 

I (Si 

Repetilio secnnda. f°. 

Ref: Hacbler ii, 472.8 (SalanuBca. c. I4S6). 
Copr: (GottKhalck). 

In cosmographiae libros introductorium. 


. 1498). Copr: 

Elegancias romanzadas. 4°. 

Ref: Haebler ti, 480.3 (Bnrru: Fadriqne d< 
Builet, e. 1495). Copy: Hi>p*nie. 

In vafre dicta philosophorum. 4*. 
Ref: Haebier it, 477 (Bnr(o>: P. de Buikh c 
149S). Copr: Hiipuic. 


Copj: Hlipinic (Salamuica, c. 1500). 

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Hechoniah ben Ha-Kanah. 

Epistola de secretis. 4". 

Ref: C 439S (1480). Copr: Cor. 

Nemorariiu Jordantu. See Jordanus, 9436. 

NepoB. S«e Corneliiu Nepos, 5731. 

NesiUB, Johannes. 

11693* Oraculum de novo saeculo. Flor- 
ence: L. de Morgianis, 1497, 8 id. May 
|8j- 4°. 

Copici: (Hh)i HWt. 

Nevo. Sec Alexander de Nevo, 801-804. 

Niavis, Faulus; Schneevogel. 

11707* Dialogus parvulis scholaribus ad 

latinum idioma. Basel, 1489, 15 kal. 

Jun. [May 18.) 4'. 

Rel: BU Cml (FuTtcf). Copr: Watk (Hcbcr). 

11708* Reutlingen: Otmar. 1492, in 

vigilia purificalionis Marie iFeb. Ij. 4°. 
Copj: LC(T). 
11721 Elegantiac latinitatis. 4°. 

Rcf: K (Lcipzii: Kubelofen, c. Hgg). Copf: 

11723* 4'. 

Bel: Pr 2969 (Leipiii: Laodabert). C0P7: 

11727* Epistolae breves. 4°. 

Ref: BM C«t. Copy: HCF. 

Nicatider. See Dioscoridci, 6257. 
Nicasiui de Voerda. 

11746* Lectura libri Instilutionum, cum 
Iractatibus de successionibus. de ar- 

boribus consanguinitatis. affinitatia, 
spirituals cognationis et actionum. 
Cologne: Koelhoff, 1493, 6 Apr. f". 

Reft BH Cat (edited by Gtntdut de Harder- 

wyck). Copiei: UnTS; LC(T). 


11748* Logtca (with other treatises by 
Euclid, Nicephorus, Proclus, Aris- 
tarchus, Timaeus, Cleonides, Eusebius, 
Cleomedes, Aristotle, Rhaies, Galen, 
Alexander Aphrodiseus & Pselus; 
edited by Georgius Valla). Venice: 
Bevilaqua, 1498. ult. Sept. f. 

Copiea: CPh; Sorf; ECS; LC{T); HWt. 


11749* Evangclium. f. 

Rel: SH Cal (Auftbaca: Zainer). Copiec 

INYStl; t;nTS. 

U750* 4°. 

Ref: Pr ISO 7 (Cologne: Zierikiec). Copiei: 
AmBt tl«9?); HWt. 

: Anamo, 2149- 

Nicolaiu de Blone. See Blony, 3250-3263. 
Nicolaua de Dinkelsbnel or DynkclapieL 

11761* Collects et predJcata de passione 
Christi. f. 

Ref: Pr 2326 (Speier: Printer of Certa Chriiti); 
C (1473). Copiei: Weil; (Hoe). 

11762 Concordancia in passionem domini- 

NicolauB Falcutiua. 

V det 

Nicolaus Salernitanui; erroneously Falcu- 
tiua or Praepositus. 

11763* Antidotarium c. Mesue: Grabadin 
et Albucasis; Servitoris. f°. 

Ref: Voulliteie, Berlin, 23S7 (Slruban: Priiu). 
Copies: CPh; Saig. 

11764 Venice: Jenson, 1471. 4°. 

Ref: R VI, 97; Pr 4076. Albneuii SeniloriL 
Venice, 1471 probahlT belonEi to thii. Copiei: 
Surg; ECS (Cirvalbo, fraimenl). 

Milan: impensis Faulinus Suardis, 

.1479. 25 Jun. 4°. 

Ref: Thii probablr belong! to 11106. R 1574 
(Heme; Uilin. 1479, 29 Uay). Copy: LC(T). 

Nicolaua Falcutiua, Florenlinus; Niccold 

11767* Sermones medtcinales septem. 

Pavia : D. de Comphaloneriis. pt. 1, 

1484. 24 Dec; pt. 2, 1481; pt. 7, 1484, 

18 Nov. f. 

Copif*: CPh (pt I-5)T LC(T, pt. 1, 4 & 6). 

11768* Venice: B. de Trtdino. pt. 1, 

1491, IS Apr.; pt. 2, 1491. non. Jul.; pt. 
3. 1490. 24 Dec; pt. 4, 1491. non. Aug.; 
pt. 5, 1491. 18 Jun.; pt. 6, 1491, non. 
Aug.; pt. 7, 1491, 8 Oct. f. 

Copiei; CPh (pt. 3-7); Sora (pt. 1-7). 

Pavia: J. de Birretis &. Girardengus, 

1491. ult. Mar. f. 

Ref; Pell 4739. Copy: CPh. 

Sermo vi. Venice: Bernardinna 

(Riciusi. 1491. 9 Jul. T. 

Ref; Pell 4740. Copy: CPh. 

■ f°. 

r: CPh 

Nicolaua Oorraniu. See Gomniu, 7815. 
NicoUni de OrbeUli. See Orbellis, 12041- 

Nicolaus de Oainio. See Ansmo, 2149^175. 

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NicoUna Polonua. See Blony. 3250-3263. 
NicoUui Praepoiitus; Prevoit. French 

translator of Salicetus, Gulielmus. 

Chirurgia, which see. See Praepositiis, 


Nieolatu Salemitaniu (erroneously "Prae- 
positus"). See 11763. 

Nicolaiu Sslicettis. See Salicetni. 

Nicolaiu de Tudeichia Panomiitantu; 
Siculus. See Panormitanns de Tude- 
■cbis. 1230S-12371. 

Nicolettus, Paulus. See Panlus Venetiis, 

11779 Niddah (Talmudk treatise on men- 
struation with commentary of Rashi 
and Tosafoth, in Hebrew). iSoncino, 
1489. 23 Jul., S°. 

Rti: Jtcobt 60; De RoMi 6S-66: Pr 7307; Stein- 
icbneider 264. Copiea: JewiihTS(2). 

Hider, Johannes. 

11780* Preceptorium divine legis; cxposi- 
tio decalogi. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Cologne: Zell). Copiei'. NYP; 
UP»; Wore. 

11781* I'. 

Rtt: Pr 2684 (Reotlinten : Grtjlt); C (Slru- 
bors; EiEeiKin); Scbabert. WicKndrncke in 
Olmutt, 1167 (Eichiudt: BcjMr). Copici; 
NVP; INVSt (Cunpbell)]. 

11 782* p. 

Ref: BM Cal (BikI: Kuppel). Copie*: AmBt; 

11783* f°. 

Rcf: BM Cat (Bcutlinscti ; Grtjll. not after 
1479)1 Pr 2692 (Otmar)i Panier 1:»:43] 
(SlrMbarc Hetilelm). Copicc Cor; Ph(W). 

1I785* Ulm: Zainer. t°. 

Ref: Calijn, Cpula, 1114 (not afttr 1480). Copr: 

Ref: R (Milan: Honate, c. 1489)1 C 4412 (1480). 
Copy: WMV. 

1789* Augsburg: Sorg, 1475, c. 9 kal. 

Jun. [May 24., f^ 
Copr: CioL 

11798* Ser 

pore et de Sanctis cum 


Ref: BM Cat (ReuiHnEen: 
I4S0): Pr 269S (Otmar). I 

n802» Ulm: Zainer. 

Ref: C (1475). Copiea: MDio 

11806 Consolatorium timoratae conscten- 
tiae. 4°. 


H807* i\ 

Ref: BH Cat (Auiiburi: Son); C (1487). 
Copie.: Harv (Dunn); UnTS; HWt (c. I4S0). 

11809 Paris: Gering, 1478. 16 Dec. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 78S9i C. Cop/: AmBt. 

11811 Paris: Le Dru iforj Roce. 1495, 

24 Apr. 8". 

Ref: Boiling 1774. Cop;: CWC. 

11813* Tractatus de morali lepra, f*. 

Ref: BH Cat (Nurembera: Kober(er, not after 

1471). Copy; Cot. 

11814 4*. 

Ref: Pr 

11816* f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Baiel: Wenailer, not after 1475). 
Copy: Ph(W). 

11817* Cologne: iWintersi de Hom- 

borch. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Har. - Sept., 1479). Copy: GroL 

[Louvain:! J. de Wcstfalia. 4'. 

Ref: Campbell 1288 (e. 14S5); C 4419. Copy: 

11822* Tractatus de contractibus merca- 


: Zell); Vonlliane, Kdli 

11793* Basel, 1481. f . 

Ref: BH Cat (Amerbach). Copy: UnTS. 

11794 Paris: Gering, 1482, 9 Jun. 4'. 

Copie*: AnBt; HWt. 
11795* Strasburg, 1483. f. 

Ref: Pr J8S (Printer of 14BJ Jordanm de Ooed' 
linbnrc). Cppiei: Cor; Trin; CWC; (Hoe). 

11796* Nuremberg: Koburger. 1496, 

S kal. Aug. iJui. 28,j 4°. 

Copy: UnTS. 

11828* Dispositorium n 

11830* Pormicarius. f*. 

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Nider, Johannes, continued. 

11S34* Manuale confessorum. f°. 

Rif: BH Cat (Nnremberc KoberECr? not aflcr 
M71). Copiei: Cor; HWt. 

U83S' 4'. 

Ref: Vcullifmc. KSIn, 850 (Coloane: Zell, 

Copr: Witk. 

11838* f°. 

Ret: BU Cat (Baul: Winiiler). Capjr: WHV. 

11841* Cologne-. iWintersj de Horn- 
Bet: VDBlIifmc. Kdln. SSI <c. 1479). Copjr: Gral. 

11843 Paris: iFriburgeri, Gering & 

Crantz, 1473. 1 Mar. i". 

R(f: C. Copy: JMH. 

11845 cum tractatu de lepra morali. 

Paris: Gering, 1479, 14 kal. Sept. lAug. 
19.| 4°.- 

Ret: Pr 7S61; C. Copy: AmBt- 

11847* Die vierundzweinciig guldin harpf- 
fen. Augsburg: Bamler, 1472, frey- 
tag vor weyhennachten [Dec. 18). f°. 

Kef: BU Cat (Br JoaniiH Caiiianua). topic): 
AmBt: JPUt. 

See also Herolt Sermones, 8509. 

Niger, Frail ciscus. 

118S8* Grammatica. Venice: Theodorus 

[Prancus, of Wurzbergj, 1480, 12 kal. 

Apr. ,Mar. 21., 4'. 

Rtf:PtM98;C. Copiei: Ph(W)! JCW. 

Paris: Wolff & Kerver, 1498, 16 kal. 

Jan. [Dec. 17., 4°. 

Jttt: C 4427. Copr: HarTS (Sunderland). 

11861* Modus epistolandi. 4°. 



Ref: BU Cat (Ansiburf: Scbonipcrter) ; Haio 
(Colocne). Copjr: HWt. 

Niger, Petnis; Peter Schwartz. 

11885* Tractatus contra perfidos ludaeos 
de conditionibus veri Messiae. £ss- 
lingen: Fyner, 1475, 6 Jun. 4'. 

Bel: BM Cat. Copi«: AmBt (KIom); Dropnt; 
LC; JewiabTS: HCF: HWt. 

11886* Der stern Meschtah. Esslingen: 
Feyner, 1477, an S. Thomas abent rDec. 
20,. 4'. 

Copiea: NYP; Walk. 

Nigro, Andalius de. See Andalina, 967. 
Nitnchewits, Hermannus. 
11891* Novum beate Marie virginis psal- 
terium. Zlnna: [Cistercian Monastery,. 

Nogarolnt, Leonard us. 

11894* Liber de mundi eternitate. Vicenza: 

Henricus (di Ca Zeno,, 1486, prid. kal. 

Feb. Jan. 31., I'. 

Copitt: HarTS (SnndcrUnd): UnTSi HWt. 

11895* Liber de beatttudine. Vicenza: 
Henricus [di Ca Zenoi, 1485. 29 Nov. 

Copj: HWt. 
Noniiu Harcellns. 

11899 De proprietate Latini sermonis. 
Rome: Laur. f°. 

Re[;Pr342hC. Copy: JHScb. 

11901 Venice: Jenson, 1476. I'. 

Ret: Pr 409B; C. Capi««: Han; Ya (WodhnlDi 

11902 Venice. 1478. f. 

Paris: Mittelhus. 1490, in vigilia 

sumptionis Marie, Aug. [14., 4°. 
Copt: LC(T). 

Ref: Haebter 484i B. Copiei: Hiipanic (2). 

Barcelona: Posa. 1494, 26 Apr. 4°. 

Ref: Haebler 48! ft ii, 485. Copy: Hiapinic. 

11871* Venice: Jac. de Ragazonibus, 

1494, 4 id. Apr. [10., 4'. 

Copia: Ph(W)i LC(T), 

11876* cum epistolis exemplaribus 

annexis. 1497. 4°. 

Ref: BH Cat (I^pii(: Kacbelofen). Copj: 

11903* (With Festus Pompeius & 

Varro De lingua Latina.) Parma, 
1480.3 id. Dec. ,n., £'. 

Ref: Pr 6S56-685S (Printer of Hierannnai). 
Copiet; WMV: HWt. 

Brescia: Boninus, 1483, 17 Jul. f*. 

Ref: Pr 6956; C 4436. Copiei: HarTS (Sunder- 
land); Harv. 

11904* Venice: Scotus, 1483, 4 non. 

Sept. |2., f. 
Copy; HWt. 

11905 Venice: Bemardinus [Choris, & 

Lucre. 1490. 15 Dec. S'. 

Ref: Pr 52M; C, Copj: HWt- 

11906* Venice: Nicolaus de Ferraris, 

1492, 8 Jun. i'. 

Copiec Harv; Ph(W); LC(T, 2); HWf. 

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Noniiu Marcetlui, eonlmued. 

11907* Venice: Phil, de Piniis, 1496, 

17 May. P. 

Copt: W.I1.. 

11908* — Venice: Ant. de Gujago, 1498. 
12 Feb. P. 

Copi«: HtTT; LC(T). 

II909 Milan: Sctnzenzeler, 1500. f°. 

Bcf: C. Cotr- H>rv (Sana). 
Nonvellei, Cent nouvelles. Paris: [fori 
Verard, I486. 24 Dec. f. 

Ref: Pell U7i. Copy: JPUt. 

Norarieniit Paciftcus. See Padflciu, 12259. 
Hovicomcnaii, Arnaldus. See Amoldua de 

VUU Nova, 1800-1817. 
Novinugio, Rudolph us de. 
11915* Legenda Alberti Magni. Cologne: 
Koelhoft. 1490. 4°. ' 
Ret: BH Cat (By Petnu de PtaMU or Novi- 

Ref: Pr J76B (Romct PUnnck); C 4 

., 1«0). Copy; HWt. 

Ref: R 644 (Ron 

11918 4°. 

Ref: Pr 3B9S (Rome: Sllber); C (1490). Copr: 

n919* Rome: Lignamine, 1475, 14 

Jan. 4'. 

Kef: BU Cat. Copy: Surf (var.). 

11920* [Bologna:] D. de Lapis. 1477. 


Capiet: CPb; Surf; ECS (Dqdq); HWf. 

See Archana medicinae. 
Nuvolonus, Philippus. 

Oratio ad dominum Christiernum Datiae. 
Noruegiae; Suetiae. Gothorum, Slavo- 
rumque Regem; habita Mantuae, 1474, 
12 May. 4-. 

Njrder, Johannes. See Nider, 11780-11854. 

Ob«rtiu de Horto. 

Consuetudines feudorum. f. 

Ref: Pr 274; C 4447 (SIraibars: Enettetn, 
1470); ef C 3389. Copr: Dart. 

11932* Obaeqniale Saltzburgense. Nurem- 
berg: Stuchs, 1496, 2 kal. Jun. [May 
31., 4=. 
Clopj: Ph(W). 

Ochaenbnmner, Thomas. 

11934* Priicorum heroum 

Rome: Bcsicken & Mayr, 1494. 18 Feb. 

Copie.: JWE; JPMti LC(T). 

Ockam, Guilhelmus de; William OcUum 

11935* Opus nonaginta dierum et dialogi; 
compendium errorum contra Johan- 
nem xxii. Lyons: Trechsel, 1495, 16 
Jul. f. 

Copies: Boaton: Har»; UnTS: UP*; Ya; HEH. 

11938* Dlalogorum libri septem advcrsus 
haereticos. Lyons: Trechsel, 1494. f°. 

Copiea: Grol; Harv; UPa; Ya. 

See Henrlcus de Zoemeren, 8435. 

De Sacramento altarls. Paris: Rossc. 8'. 

Ref: C 4454 (c 1490). Copy: UUinn. 

Paris: Levet. 8°. 

Rrf: Pr 8085; C 4455. Copy: JPMf (c. 1491). 

Quodlibeta septem. 
1487, penult. Feb. 4*. 

Ref: Pr 44S3; C. Copy: LCPb. 

11941* Strasburg, 1491, post festum 

epiphanie domlni iJan. 6]. f°. 
Ref: Pr 661 (Piinler of I4S3 lardanoa de Qued- 
linbura). Copiec Harv; JHopkint; UPa; Ya. 

11942* Quaestiones el decisiones in it 
libros scntentiarum. Lyons: Trechsel. 
1495, 6 id. Nov. [9|. 10. V. 

Copitt: Har.; JHopkina; Peib; Ya. 

11945* In primum librum sententiarum. 
1483. P. 

Ref: BH Cat (Urach: Fyner); Ft 248J (Eulio. 
- ~ ^;HBiD (Straabura). Copie*: JHop- 

}mi; llPaj'Ya. 

11946* Compendium errorum Johannis 
Papae xxii. f". 

Ref: Hain {Lyon.: Treehiel); C (1495); Pfei- 
cand. Bib. Lyoonaite tl9. Copiea: Harr; 
UnTS: 0P«; Ya. 

11950* Expositio aurea super totam artein 
veterem. Bologna: Hectoris, 1496. 12 
Jul. i'. 

Copy: Pb(W). 

Dialogus stve Disputatio inter Clericum. 

See DUlogtu, 6111-6121. 
Odendorff, Henricus de. 
11957* Repetitio capituli omnis utriusque 

sexus de penitentiis el remissionibus. 

Memmingen: Kunne. 1490. 4*. 

Copiea: Ph{W); CLN. 

Odo Cameracenals, bishop of Cambrat. 
11961 Expositio canonis missae. Paris: 
Mercator, 1494, 2 Jul. 8*. 

Copy: JPMT. 

Paris: Mercator, 1499, 19 Jun. 8'. 

Ref: Pr 8019. Copy: JPUf. 

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Odo or de Odonis, Geraldus. 
11968* Expositio in Aristotelis ethicam. 
Brescia. 1482, uit. Apr. !'. 
Rcf: Pr r04S. Cop;: Hirv (Klau). 

11969* Venice: Lucre, 1500. 14 Jul. P. 

Cop7: HWt 

Officiolum quottidianum divini Pauli in- 
dulgentiis privilegiatum. 8°. 

Bef; B 1010 (t. ISOO). Copji: HWt. 

11972 Offidum breve quotidianum; psaltni 
& preces. Ferrara: Laurentius de 
Rubeis. 1497, 15 Jul. 16°. 

Ref: R; Pr S763. Copy: JPMt. 

Officium missae. Magdeburg; RavensteJn 
& Joachim Westual, 1483, 3 feria post 
Lucie [Dec. 16j. 4°. 
Ref: C 4<73. Copy: AmBt. 

11987 Oflicium Beatae Mariae Virginis. 
1478. 12°. 

Ret: R (Niplei: Hoiivtlt. id. Jun, cf Index). 
Copr: HWt. 

Naples: Moravus, 1483, 3 Oct. 8'. 

Copy: WAW. 

11989 Valencia, 1486, 7 Nov. 4°. 

Ref: Haebler 491 (not Pilmirt. » in hi( "Early 
Printit."): Ft 9S01; C. Copiei: Hiipanic) 



Copy: Hiipanic (Zancou; Hnrui. c. 1490). 

11990 Naples: Preller. 1487. IS Nov. 


Copy: JPMt. 

Naples: Moravus, 1490, S Mar. 16°. 

Copy: JPMt (vellum), 

Venice; Hamman, 1490, prid. non. 

Dec. [4.1 16°. 

Ret: R 1587. Copy: JPMt. 

Naples; Cantono. 1496. 22 Mar. 8°. 

Copy: JPMt. 

11995 Lyons; (forj Boninis. 1499. 20 

Mar. 8°. 

Ref: pr 8662 (Sdi'idi » Benedictii). Copy: NYP. 

See also Horae. 8831-8864. 

OffreduB, Apollinaris. 

12004 In libros Aristotelis de anima com- 
menlarius. Venice: Locatellus, 1496. 

4 id. Sept. [10.1 f°- 

Ref: Pi S072; C. Copy: Pli(W). 

12005 De prjmo et ultimo instanti in de- 
s opinionis adver- 

s Petri: 


1 Man' 
1478. 4°. 

Colle: Bonus 

Ogier le Danoys. Paris' [fori Verard. P. 

Kef; Pr 8449; C 4476 (e. 1498). Copy: JPMf 

Historia de Oliveroi de Castilla y Artus 
de Algarbe. Burgos, 1499, 25 May. f". 

Ref: Haebler 494 (F. de Buitei). Copy: Hi»- 

Omelie diverse rum a 

Copy: Hiipuiic (BarRoi: F. de Builea, c. IIOO). 

OmnibonoB Lconicentu. See Leoniceniu, 


De Optimo imperatore. See Vegetina. 
De re militari, IS91S. 

12012* Onos mundi. prophetia de malo fu- 
turo. Rome; Silbcr. 1485, I Oct. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cu (By Saint BngitU; edited by W. 
Sandiieller). Copy: HWt. 


12015* Helieutica, de piscatu (in Latin 
verse by Laurentius Lippius). Colle: 
Bonus Gallus, 1478, 12 Sept. 4°. 

Copiei: LC(T); HWt. 

OpUBCulum aureum animae peccatricis. 
See Speculum. 14899-14910. 

12031* Oratione* de Chrtsti passione. 
Augsburg: Schnayter, 1493. 4°. 

Copy: JPMt. 

Orbellis, Nlcolaus de. 
12043* Expositio logicae. Parma : Moyllii 
& Montalli, 1482, ult. Apr. 4*. 

Copiei: JHopkini; LC(T). 

Expositio in iv sententiarum libros. 

Paris; Petit'. 8°. 

Copy: LCPh. 

I2D51 Summula logicae una cum textu 
Petri Hispani. Venice: Choris & 
Lucre. 1489, 7 Nov. £°. 

Ref: R; Pr 5211. Copy: LC(T). 

12052 Venice: Albertinus iRubeuSi, 

1500, 10 Mar. 4°. 

Bef: H; Pr SlSl. Copy: HEH. 

Ordinaire des Crestiens. Paris; [Pierre Lc 
Rouge fori Verard, 1490, 8 Jul. 4°. 

Ref: C 4494. Copy: JPMt. 

For the English version see Ordre of 
Chyvalry, 12077. 

Ordnung des heiligen Romischen Reicht. 

Ref: Panter, Ann. dfotich. Lil, 1: 245. Copy: 

Stanford (NDTemberi. ISDO?). 

Ordo infirmum inungendl communicandi 
mortuumque sepelendi juxta morem 
Carthusiensis ordtnis. f°. 

Copy: Suiro, 

Ordonances sur les admortissemens des 
heritaiges nobles et roturiercs a gens 
deglise. 8°. 

Copy: HarvLaw (Dann. Parii: EnaUce. 1500). 

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12077 Ordre of Chyvalry ai 
Westminster: Caxton. 
Ref; Duff SS (1484); Dc Ri 
Pr96Sl. CopT;JPMt. 

d Knyghthode. 

Sli Btidci 59; 

See Lanfrancus, 


12078" Contra Celsum et in fidei Christi- 
anae defensioneni librj. Rome: Herolt, 
1481. Jan. t°. 

Rrf: BM Cat. Copici: Boatoni Col; PhCW); 
Port.; CWCi LC(T): TBDV; HWt- 

12079* Origo nobilitatis. 4°. 

Rcf: BM Cat (Colopie: Tfacrhoenen. Br Wcr- 
na Rolewinik), Copy; JPMf. 

Orlandinui, Rudulfinus, de Passageriis. 

12083 Summa instrumentorum ih jure 
civili. Turin; Fabri, 1478, 6 May. f. 

Rcf: Pinier 3:44:5. Copr: AmBt. 

12084 Summk artis notariae. Toscolano: 
Gabriel [Petri], 1480, kal. Feb. [I., f. 

Rcf: Panier 3:57:4. Copici: AmBti LC(T). 

Orologe de Sapience. See Suio, Henricus. 

adversus paganos. f*. 

Ref: Pr 7144 (Vicenu: LichtcnMcin). Copiei: 
AmBt (c. 1475); HuTS (SnodcrUDd) ; Harv; 
LCPh(Z); Prin; CWC. 

ef: Pr 7125 fVietna: Achate*); Hain (Van- 
ice: Leonardua de Baiilea). Copicai Fh(W, c. 
1475); HWt. 

I2101* ^_ Augsburg: Schiissler, 1471. c. 


m. Ju. 

tM Cai 

12102* Venice: Scotus, 1483. 3 kal. 

Sext. Jul. 30., f. 

Copin: CenTS; HarTS (Sunderland); HirvtJ); 
NYP; Queb; LC<T); HWt. 

Ortiz, Alonso. 

12109 Tratados. Seville: tres Alemanes 
iPegnitzer, Herbst & Glockner,, 1493. 

Ortolff von Bayrluidt. 

12112* Artzneipuch. Nuremberg: Ko- 

burger, 1477. Montag nach Mitter 

vasten [Mar. 17]. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copiec CPh; Surf. 

12113* Augsburg: Sorg. 1479. an 

wochen nach Affre |Aug. 11). f. 
Ref: BH Cat. Copr: Sure 


Oima, Pedro de. 

12122 Commentaria in ethicorum 
Aristotelis. Salamanca, 1496. 

Ref: Haebler 504. Copy: HEipanie. 

Copjr: Kiapanic. 

Oamo, Nicolaus de. See Auubo, 2149-2175. 

Otto von Pauao. 
Die vier und zwentzig alten Oder der gul- 
din tron. Strasburg: Martin Schott, 
1483, Donstag nechst vor S. Martins 
tag (Nov. 6,. i'. 

Ref: BU Cat; C4S4I. Ccpr: JPHt. 

12130' Strasburg: Johann Schot. 1500, 

Samslag vor halbfasten [Mar. 28j. f*. 

Ref: BU Cat. Copy: Prin. 

12131 Boeck des gulden throens. 

Utrecht: G. L., 1480, 30 Mar. i'. 

Ref: Campbell 1342 (Leempt?): Pr SS61. Copiea: 
AmBt: Walk. 

12132 Harlem. 1484. op S. Cryspyn 

ende Crispiaens dach [Oct. 25]. f . 

Ref: Campbell 1343 (Bellaert); Pr 9171. Coplet: 
AmBt; JFMt. 

12103* Venice: C. d. 

kal. Aug. Jul. 18.] £' 

Copiei: HWt; (HWhite). 

12104* Venice: B. de Viulibus. 1500. 

12 Oct. i'. 

Copiea: Harv; Ph(W); CL; WUV. 

1210S en francois. Paris: Verard. 

1491. 21 Aug. f". 
Copy: Witk. 


12106* AQ-rovairruui. Florence, 1500. 19 
Sept. 4*. 

KH: Fr 6216 (Libri). Copr: JPUt. 

Pensis. 1499. 15 Ovidiiu Nato, Publius; Ovid. 

12138 Opera omnia. Venice: Rubeus, 1474. 

12139 Milan: Zarotus. 1477. 1 Apr. f. 

Ref: R; Pr SS(». Copy: HEH (FaMortun). 

12140* Parma: Corallus. 1477, 1 Jul. 

Copr: AmBt («<■). D. 

12141* Vicenza: Lich ten stein, 1480. 

(vol. 1), prid. id. Aug. [12,; (vol. 2), 
6 id. May [10,. P. 

Copiea: Harv; SCar; Watk; CWC; HCF; HWt. 

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Oviditu Naso, Publiui, eonlinued. 

12143* Venice: Bemardinus iRiciuS], 

US6, (vol. 1), 13 Jan.; (vol. 2), 27 Nov. 


, Copiea: (Hoc); JSL (SritDnPuk) ; HWf. 

12146 See 12163. 

Ovidiiu Naio, Pabliuj, continued. 

12202 Sappho &'Ibi8 (with commen- 
taries). Venice: B. de Zanis, 1491, 17 
May (Hain, xii). P. 

Ref; C. Copj: H»rv. 

12203 f=. 

Copjr: HWt. 

12154 Metamorphoses. f°. 

Rc(: Campbell 1»7 (Laavdn: J. de WettfalU, 
t. 147S); Pr 92S3. Copy: NYP. 

12155 Venice: Benalius. f°. 

R«r: Paniet 3:493:2776. Cop^: Kin. 

12IS7 Milan :Lava8nia,U7S,SJun. f. 

Ref: 8. Copy: CWC. 

12161 Pinerolo: Jac. de Rubeis, 1480, 

kal. Feb. [l.j P. 

Ref: R; Pr 7247. Copiei: AmBti LC<T). 

12162 Venice: C. de Pensis, 1492, 7 

Jan. t'. 

Ref: R; Pr 5226. Copiu: H.n-; Ph(W); 


12163 Venice: Lazarus de iSoardisj, 

1492, 3 Mar. f. 

Ref: Ri Hain 12146(1). Copy: HWT. 

La bible des poetes. Paris: iforj 

Petit & Le Noir. 4°. 

Ref: Brunet J:SM. Copy: (Hoe, c. 1490). 

12167 Transforraacions. (Spanish by 

Francisco Alegre.) Barcelona: Mi- 
guel. 1494, 24 Apr. f°. 

Ref: Haebler 507. Copiei: Hitpanic (2); HVJ. 

12170' (Commentary by Raphael 

Regius.) Venice: Benalius, 1493, non. 
Sept. [5.) f*. 

Copy: BofionAth. 

12171* Venice: Bibilaqua, 1493, 7 id. 

Sept. i7.| f*. 

Copy: HWt. 

12172 Venice: Locatellus, 1493, non. 

Jun. ,5.1 f. 

Ref: Pr 5044; C. Copy: Harv. 

12176* Venice: Bevtlaqua, 1497, 8 id. 

Jul. ,8., r. 

Copiea; Hkt; Ph(W); PDS; HWt. 

12190 Epistolae Heroide*. Milan: Chris- 
tofforus iValdarfer,. 1486, 21 Nov. f°. 

Copy: JPMt. 

12193 & Ibis (with commentaries). 

Venice: Thomas de iBIavisj, 1482, 9 
Jan. P. 

Bel: Panzer 3:179:597. Copy: LC(T). 

12194* Venice: B. de Tortls, 1482, 8 

Nov. f". 

Copy: ConnHia. 

Ref: C 45S2 (1490). Copy: Ph(W). 

12204 Venice: Locatellus. 1492. 14 kal. 

Nov. (Oct. 19.1 t°. 

Ref: R; Pr 5D3S. Copy: LC. 

Venice: C. de Pensis, 1495, 3 kal. 

Apr. ,Mar. 30., {'. 

Ref: C 4SSIi Pr 3232. Copiei: LC; HWf. 

12211^ Venice: Tacuinus, 1499. 26 Jun. 

Ref: R 1298. Copiet! Hirv; UCnii. 

Milan: Scinzenzeler, 1500. 26 Nov. 


Ref: C 4556. Copy: Ph(W). 

12219* De arte amandi et de remcdio 
amoris. Venice; Tacuinus, 1494, 3 non. 

May iS|. i". 

Ref: Pr 5431. Copy: LC. 

12220* Venice: Tacuinus, 1494, 3 non. 

Jul. iS.i i°. 

Ref: cf Pr 5432. Copiea: Harv; UChi. 

Lyons: Vingel. 1495. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 8643; C 4559. Copy: JPMt. 

12238 Fastorum libn. Venice: Tortius, 
1482, 9 kal. Jan. (Dec. 24, 1481.) f°. 

Ref: Pr 4610; C. Copiei: (NVSt (Campbell)); 

12240* Venice: Bactibovis, 148S, 27 

Aug. f . 

Ref: Pr 4VB5. Copie*: Harv; Iowa; Pb(W); 

12241. 12243 Milan: Scinzenieler, 1489. 

4 id. Nov. ,10., f. 

Ref: R; Pt 6013; C. Copy: HCF. 

12242 Venice: T. Z. P.. 1492, 27 Oct. 

Ref: Pr 5472 (P. de QDarecgiia). Copy: Ph(W). 

12247* Venice: Tacuinus, 1497, prid. 

id. Jun. ,12., i°. 

Copiei: Ph(W); HWt. 

12248* Tristium Ubri. Venice: Tacuinus, 
1499. 26 Mar. i'. 

Copiei: Hatv; UChi, 

12249* Venice: Tacuinus, 1499, 26 

Mar. P. 

Copy: Pb(W). 

12258 De nuncio sagaci liber. 4*. 

Ref: Pr 1013 (Calogne: Primer of HiatorU 5. 

Albani, c. 1471); C iii, p. 278. Copy: JM. 


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Pkdflcin Horarieiuii. 

12259 SutntiU ho vero pacifica conicientia. 

Milan: Lavagnia, 1479, 9 kal. Apr. 

iMar. 24., 8°. 

Ref: Pr SS70. Copj: Ph(W). 

PmomlU, Antonini. See BeccadelU. 

Psnormitaniu, Nicolaai, de Tudeschis. 

12308 Lectura super quinque libros dccre- 
taltum. Venice: J. de Colonia & Man- 
then, (vol. 1), 1476, 18 Aug.; (vol. 3), 
1475; (vol. 6), 1477, 15 leal. Mar. [Feb. 
15.) f°. 

Pacinolo, Luca; Padulua; de Borgo San 
Suma de Arithmetica. Venice: Pagani- 
nus, 1494, 10-20 Nov. {^ 

Kef: Pell 3060: Pr IISS; C; Haia 4105; Eiilim 
779: D- E- Smith. Ran Arithmetic*. Coplec 
BoMon; NyP; DES; HWt: GAPt. 

Padua, Albertns de. See Albcrtna, 573- 

PRiido, Guido de. See Bajnio, 2713-2719. 
PiUeonjrdonu, Johannes de Aqua Veteri. 
12270* Liber trimerestus de principio et 

processu ordinis Carmelitici. Mainz: 

Fricdberg, 1497. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 187. Copj: H»rv (Riant^ 

PilencU, Alfonso de: Palentinua. 

1227S Universal vocabuUrio en latin y en 

romance. Seville: Paul de Colonia & 

soc. 1490. f. 

Rcf: Hublcr 510. Copi«i: Boiton (A-N)i Hil- 
panic «). 

PsUavicinus, Baptista. 
12282 Historia flendae crucis. Treviso, 
1494, 21 Feb. 4'. 

Ret: Pr 6509 <G. Uu). Copiet: Pb(W): HWt. 

Palmer. See Hibemia, Thomas de, 8542- 

Palmeriuf Florentinus, Matthaeus; Pal- 

mieri, Malteo. See Buaebiua, 6717. 
Palude, Petrus de. 
12286* In quartum sententtarum. Venice: 

LocatelluB. 1493, 12 kal. Oct. [Sept. 

12309* Basel, 1477. f. 

Ref: BH Cat (Wenuler & Rappel); Hain 
(Bicbei). Copwi: Bur (vol. i); UnTS 
(™L 5). 

12312* Basel. 1481. f*. 

Ref: C (Amerbach). Copiet: Col (nl. 1); Harr 
(vol. 5); UnTS (vol. l, J, S). 

20., i°. 

Copy: UPa. 

set de 

I^mphilo Saaao. 

12300* Epigramnutum, distichorum, de 
bello Gallico. de laudibus Veronae. 
Brescia : Misinta, 1499, prid. non. 
Quint. [Jul. 6.) 4°. 

Copy: HWt. 

Fanciers, Pantiera or Paoziera, Ugo. 
12303 Alchuni singulan trattati. Florence: 

L. de Morgiani & Giovanni iPetri,, 

1492. IS Dec. 4°. 

Ref: R; Pr 6354. Copiei: JPMt; HWt. 

(vol. 1), 1482. , 
24 Jul.; (vol. 5), 1483, 13 May; (vol. 6), 
27 May. f°. 
Copy: JPG (Carvalbo). 
12315* Basel: Amerbach, 1488. !'. 

Ref: BM Cat Cop7: UnTS (vol. 5-6). 

12317* Venice: Bertochus. 1492. 26 

May. f. 

Copy: HWt (»oi. 5). 

12322 super i. et n. libros decretaliuin. 

[Venice :] Vindelinua Spirenti, 1472, 
(vol. 2) 8 Jul. f°. 

Ref: Pr 4039. Collet: Hove (ToL 3); LC (veL 
3): HWt (vol. 2). 

12323* super ii. librum decrctalium. 

Cologne: Koelhoff, 1477. f. 
Copy: HarirLaw (vol. 1). 
Basel, 1480. S\ 

Ref: Panier 1:151:27. Copy: UnTS (vol. 2 k 3). 

Venice: Bernardinus rStagninusj, 

1487. 8 Jan.: 5 Feb.; 1488, 8 kal. Mar. 
[Feb. 22., f. 

Ref: R 652 ft SuppL 144 k 145. Copr: UnTS 
(vol. I. 2 S 3). 

super III. librum decrctalium. f. 

Copy: LC (Venice? Vindeliniu de Splra! 14727). 

12341 Glojsae Clementinae. Venice: Ber- 
nardinus (Riciuaj, 1490, 29 Jan. r. 

Ref: R; Pr 4952. Copiet: Col; NYP; WCSi 

12346* Cologne: Koelhoff, 1477, 1 

Oct. {'. 

Ref: BU Cal. Copy: HarvLaw. 

12352* Consilia secundi voluminis. Pescia: 
Rodt. 1488. 2 Sept. f°. 

Copy: LC(T. WDdhnll). 

12356* Disceptationes et allegationes. Ven- 
ice: Herbort. 1483, 4 Jnn. f*. 

Copy: LC(T). 

12357* Venice: J. & G. de iGregoriis,, 

1487, 19 May. f. 

Copy: Col. 

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Panormitatmt, Nicolavs, continued. 
12360* Processus judiciarius. 4°. 

Reft BM CiC (StraBbnri: GrunmECr, c. 1490). 
Copy: LC. 

12362* Louvain: J. de Westfalia. P. 

Rff: Campbdl US? (c. 1481-83). Copjr: CWC. 
Pantheus, Johannes Antonius, Veroncnsis, 
12374. 12376 Annotationes de Thermis Cal- 
darianis. f°. 

Rtt: H (Venic*: Himmiin, liOO). Copies; ATC; 

PaRthiera, Ugo. See Pandera, 12302-12304. 

Papa, Guido. 

12377 Commentaria et apparatus super 

statuto Dalphi: Si quis per litteras. 
1496. 4°. 


12381* Vocabularium. Ver 
cis, 1496, 19 Apr. f°. 

Copy: BoatonAtb. 

Paralus, continued. 

12409" Cologne: Conradus (Wintersi, 

Ref: Voullidise, Koln, 888 (c. 1480). Copy: 

12413* Nuremberg: Koberger. 1496, 

23 Dec. i". 

Copy: StBona. 

Parentinis, Bernardinus de. 

12420* Expositio officii missae; Elueidari- 

us seu librum missae. 1487, prid. leal. 

Nov. [Oct. 31., f°. 
Ref; Pr S2Z (Straaburg: Ptuis?) or 2371 (Speier; 

Dracb?); cf BM Cat. Copiei: UnTSi HW; 


Copy: UnTS (Memmingen: Kunne, 1486-89). 

Paris et Vienne. Paris: Treperet. A". 
Copy: JPMf (1498). 

ParisiensiB, Guiltermus. See GuUIermui, 

Parker, Henry. Dives and Pauper. See 
Dialogue, 6109-6110. 

Faraldus, Guilietmus. 

12383* Summa de virtutibus. f°. 

Ref: BM C«i (Ba.el: Wenttler, not after 147i). 
Copy: [KYSt (Campbell)]. 

12384* Summa de vitiis. f, 

Ref: BM Cat (Biut: Wenuler, not after 1475). 
Copie.: LC; Ph(W). 

12387* Cologne: Quentell. 1479. f. 

Copie»: Walk (vol. 1); LC(T, vol. 2). 

12389* Brescia: Britannicus, 1494, 24 

Dec. 4°. 

Copy: HWt. 

12390* Basel; Amerbach. 1497. 4'. 

Copiei: Pont; UnTS. f 

Sec also GuUIermua, 822S, note; 

Guillermtu Parisiensia, 830O-S323; 
Herolt, 8509-8522; and Peraldua, 12578. 


12399* Sermones de tempore et de Sanctis. 

Reft Pr 2390 (Speier: Drlcb). Copy: Harv. 

12402* 4°. 

Reft Pr 721 (StrubHrat Flach). Copy: Col. 

12403* 4'. 

Reft BH Cat (Stia^uig: Flub). Copy: Cor. 

12406* f=. 

Reft R 1019 (BiHl: Wenuter, c. 1475) » Index 
(StrubnrE: FrinleT of 1483 ViUi Pltrnm). 
Copy: LC(T). 

12408 [Cologne:] Guldenschaff. P. 

Ref: VoniliJme, Koln. 886 (c. 1478). Copy: 

12426 Siete Partidaa. Seville: Ungut & 
Lancalao Polono. 1491, 25 Oct. f°. 

Ref: Hiebler 518. Copy: Hiipaaic. 

12427 Seville: P. de Colonia. Pegnic- 

ler, & comp., 1491, 24 Dec. P. 

Ref; Haebler S19. Copiei: Hi»p»nici UP«. 

12437* Paaaio Domini Jesu Chriiti secun- 
dum quatuor Evangelia. 4°. 

Heft Pf (not XY. cent.). Copy: HWt. 

Insignis duarum Paaaionum Christi. P. 

Copyt (Hoe. KoelboffP c. 149S). 

12453* Passio Sancti Meynrhadi. Basel: 
Furter, 1496, 12 kal. Oct. ,Sept. 20., 4'. 

Ref: BH Cat (By Albertai de BonMetteo). 
Copiei: HEH (Yemenit; Hoe); JPMt. 

Passio decern milium militum ac martyrum. 
Cologne. 1498, S Jul. 16°. 

R«f: C 462J (Quenteitr). Copy; Harv. 

Paatrana, Juan de. 
Graramatica latina. Hyrdis, 1491, 11 Jai 

12466* Patriarchatoa archiepiscopalus et 
episcopatus totius ecclesiae catholicae. 
Augsburg: Schaur, 1494, 4°, 

Copy: Harv ( 

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Pauliu II. 

12480 CopU litterarum apostolicanim de 
publicatione anni jubilei. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 991 (Cologne: Primer of D»rM [Soli- 
di?)): VanllUmc. Koln. 899 (c. 1472); Hain 
(V*ldnwr). CovT- AmBt. 

Bulla de bcncEiciis affectis [with other 
bullsi. Rome, lafteri !3 Sept., 1485. 4°. 
• Ref: C 4M6 <c. 148S). Copitt: HiiTS; HWt 
(Rome; Plunnck. c. H88), 

12489* Regulae ordinationes e( constitu- 
tiones Cancellarie apostolkae iwith 
other bulls,. 1476. 4°. 

Rif: BM Cat (Anobura: Wiener). Copy: HarTS. 

Paulus Burgensis. See Haria, Paulus de 
Sancta, 10762-10766; and Bible, Latin, 

Paoloa de Castro. See Cattro, 4598-4646 

Pauliu DUconUB. De gestis Romanorum. 
See Snetonini TranquiUtu, Caius. De 

vita XII Caesarum, and HomiUaritu 
doetorum, 8790. 

See Florentiiius, 

Pauliu Maroccaniu. 
Opu9 de aeterna temporalttjue Christ! 

generatione. f°. 
Copt: Weileyin. 

Panlns Monachtu. See Paulna Diaconiu. 

Pauliu Soncinaa, Barbus. 
12495* Metaphysicales quaestiones. Ven- 
ice: Bevila<iua. 1498. 28 Sept. i'. 
Copiei: Col; Ya; LC(T). 

Pauliu Venetns. 
12497* Logica. 4*. 

Ret: Hain (Venice: Phiiippui it Peiro). Copr: 


1472, 14 Jul. 

: AmBt ("TTpe 


tmbtei I 

Lt Bologni 

Venice: G. de Grassis. 4°. 

Copr: HEH (c. 1480). 

Milan: Christophorus iValdarferj, 

1484, 20 Feb. 4°. 

Bet: R 278. Copy: HWf. 

12507 Sophismata aurea. Pavia: N. de 
Girardengia, 1483, 4 Mar. 1°. 

Ref: R. Copy: JHopkio*. 

12511 Expositio in libros posteriores AriS' 
totelis. Venice: Reinsburch & Rcnal< 
dus. 1477, 14 Jun. f. 

Rcfi Pr 4427; C. Copr: BW (iEk>u, Proctor). 

Paulus yetictus, continued. 

12512 Venice: Guiliermus Tridinen- 

sem. 1486, 11 Aug. f=. 

Bel: R; Pr SIOB. Copy: Hamilton. 

Venice: Bevilaqua, 1493. £°. 

12515* Expositio Nbrorum naturalium Ar- 
istotelis. Venice: J. de Colonia & 
Manthen, 1476. i°. 

■ Copt: Col. 

12516* Milan: Valdarter, 1476, 17 Jul. 

Copiet: LC; JPMt. 

12519* Scriptum super librum Aristotetis 
de anima. Venice: Phyliphus [Petri], 
1481, 17 Apr. f°. 

Copiei: UChi; WaUt. 

Quadratura; Dubia. Pavia: Damianus 
de Conphalonerijs, 1483, 7 Mar. i\ 

Re(: R 662; Pr 7067. Copr: JHopkina. 

See also Blanchellui Favcntintu. Corn- 
men tari us super logicam Pauli Veneti, 

Paulus, Hieronymus. 

12524 Practica cancellariae apostolicae. 
Rome: Besicken & Mayr, 1493. 4". 

Ref: BU Cat; Pr 3977; Htin 13311. Copt: Harr 


12525 De fluminibus et montibus Hispani- 

Pausaoias Hbtorictu. 

12527 Atticae descriptio; Auctores vetus- 
tissimi nuper in lucem editi. (Venice;) 
Bernardinus (de Vitalibusj, 1498. 4°. 

Ref: R: Pr iSt?; C 724. Copiei: Harv; Va; 

Pavinis, Johannes Franciscus de. 
12536* Defensorium canonisation is sancti 
Leopoldi. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 2849 (Pawn: Petri). Copt: AmBt 
(e. 1490). 

Peachamiu, Johannes; Peckham, John. 
See Johaiinet, 9425-9429. 

Pedro de Portugal, Infante. 
Coplas. f. 

Ref: Haebler J2S (Zaraiou: Hnmi. c. 1490); 
C 4664 (Liibon: Fecnaodet). Copt: Hiipanic 

Pelagius, Alvarus. See Alvanu, 891-S92. 
Pelbartus, Oswald, de Themeswar. 
Sermones Pomerii de tempore ; pars 
hyemalis et paschalis. f*. 

Copt: LCPh. 

12551* Hagenau: Gran, 1498, 6 IcaL 

Aug. Jul, 27.1 4'' 
Ref: BU Cat. Copr: LCPh. 

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Pelbartus, Oswald, dt Tketntsviar, coHtinutd. 
12562* Stellarium coronae Virginii MarUe. 

Set: BU Cat (BikI: Ffortheln); Pr 7M0 (Amcr- 
Iwcb); C (1495). Copr: Pli(W). 

12563*. 12566 Hagenau: Gran. 1498, 

altera die May |2]. f. 

CopiH: AuiBt; StBona. 

Pellibus Nigria, Jacobus Philippui de, Tro- 

La oration del Troia recitata ncl itudio 
de Padua 30 Nov. ISOO. 4". 

Set: K 281 (Venice). Copy: HWt. 

Pellot or Pdlixsati, Francesco. 

De la art de arithmeticha. Turin; N. 
Bencdeti & J. Suigo, 1492, 29 Sept. A'. 

Ref: D. E. Snitb, Rata Arilhnelica; R 1835. 
Cap>: GAPt. 

12568 fPentateuch, in Hebrew.] Bologna: 
Abraham ben Chayim dei Tintori, 1482, 
26 Jan. f°. 

Rtf: Jacob! iS; Pr 6S57: De Roiai 23; Stein. 

ichneiilcr 1. Copiei: LC; NYP (Sunei); Hi«- 
pinlc: JewiabTS; JPtlf. 

12569 Ixar: Eliezer Alantanai, 1490, 

Jul. -Aug. P. 

Ref: Jacob* 65; Haebler 530; Pr 9602; De Roaii 
73; Sleinachn eider 2. CopT: JewiahTS (frag. 

12570 Lisbon: Elicier (Toledanoj, 

1491, Jul. -Aug. f°. 

Ref: Jacob) 79: De Roxi SI; Pt 9g3S: Stein- 
tcfaneider 2. Copiei: LC; JewiahTS. 

12571 Ixar: Eliezer Alantansi. 1490. 


Ref: Jacob) K!; De Rotri 143; Stein tciineider 156; 
Canute 29; Wacbatein 29. Copy: Dropiie 
(6 vellum leave)). 

See also Bible, Hebrew. 

Peraldua or De Peraltx, Guilielmus. 

12578 Dotrina de los reli^osos en ro- 
mance. Pamplona: Guillien, 1499, 14 
Oct. f°. 

Ref: Haebler 533. Copie): Boaton; (Thachei). 

See also Paraldua, 12383-12394. 

Peregrinus, Prater, Pol on us. 
12580* Sermones de tempore et de Sanctis. 

Bef: Pr 32? (Sda.hurg: Primer of Henricua 
Arimincnaii. not after 1479); Hain (Typi) Rey- 
)erianii). Copy: Cor, 

12583* 1481. r. 

Ref: BM Cat (Coloine: Qaentell). Copr: LC. 

12585* 1493. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 550 (Slra>bHrR: Priiii). Copy: Wood. 

12586* 1495, prid. non. Sept. i4.i 4°. 

Ref: Pr 466 (Straiburf: Gruninier). Copiei: 
Col; Harv. 

Peres de Valentia, Jacobui. 
12591 Expositio in cantica canticorum. 
Valencia, 1484. f. 

12592 Valencia: Palmart, I486, 19 

May. f. 

Ref: Haebler 537; R. Copy: Hiapanie. 

Expositio in cantica evangclica. Valen- 
cia, 1485. f". 

Ret: Kaebler 536 (4). Copiea: Hiapanie (2). 

Expositio super Te Deum Laudamui. 
Valencia, 1485. i'. 

Ref: Haebler 536 (3; Pernandea). Copiea: HI»- 
panio (2). 

Tractatus contra Judcos. Valencia, 1484. 

Ref: Haebler 53C (1; Pemandei). Copjri Hia- 

12597 Commentaria in Psalmos. Valencia, 
1484, 6 Sept. i". 

Ref: Haebler 5JS h it, 535 (Cab. Lnii de Ariflo 
h Alfonao Feniandei); R. Copiea: AmBt 
(Wodbull): Hiapanie. 

Pergamenais, Gasparinus. See Barxixiiu 
Pergamenui, 2668-2682. 

Pcrger, Bernard us. 

12612* Ara Grammatica. iBy Nicholas 
Perottua.] Memmingen: Kunnc, 148S. 

Cop/: c:wc. 

See also Perottua, 1263S-12696. 

12620* Oratio in funere Friderict m. 4'. 

Pergnleniis, Paulus. 

12622 Compendium logicae. Venice: 
Tortis. 1483, 16 Dec. 4". 

Kef: R. Copiei: HEH; JHopliini. 


12627* Venice: P. B. de Quarengiia, 

1498, 8 kal. Aug. Jul. 25.] 4°. 

Copt: LC(T). 

Tractatus de sensu composite et divlso. 
Pavia: M. de Lavale, 1488, 5 Nov. f*. 

Ref: R 6S8. Copy; HWt. 

See also Prancantianua, Antonius. 
Quaestiones de sensu composito et 
diviso Pauli Pergolensis, Venice, 1494, 

Perleonio, Giuliano. 

12634 Compendio di sonetti. Naples: Aiol- 

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Perottna, Nicola us. 

12640* Rudimenta grammatices. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cit {Biirh Wolff); Hud (Fnr 
Copj: UnTS. 

Copr: AmBt (Rome: SchorioM, UTS). 

12652 Treviso: Gcrardus rde Liaai, 

1476. 4*. 

Ref: R; Pr «4»S. Cop/: AmBt. 

12656 Milan: D. de Vespolate & Para- 

viainus. 1478, 8 Apr. P. 

Ref: R. Copy: LC<T). 

12659* 1478. 6 May. 4". 

Ref: Pr «546 (BoIokiii: Schreiber). Copy: UTor. 

12687 Venice: Gul. Tridinenaia. 1494. 

18 Sept. 4'. 

Ref; B, Copy: HWt. 


Hain ]2< 

I i I2fi88-g9. Cop 


See also Pcrgcr, 12602-12619. 

12697* Cornucopiae linguae latinae. Ven- 
ice: Paganinus, 1489. prid. id. May 
.14). 1°. 

CopJel: Boilon; Wood. 

12698* Venice: B. de Tortis, 1490, 19 

Oct. f. 

Copiei: HGSi HWt. 

12699* Venice: Bernardinus ide Cho- 

risi & Simon de Lucre. 1490. 30 May. 

Copiet: Ph(W); HW». 

12700 Venice: B. de Coris, 1492, 25 

May. i'. 

Ktf: Pr S220. Copy: JPG <C.rv.1ho). 

12702 Venice: Bertoehus, 1494, 4 id. 

May [12|. f°. 

Ref: Pt 5281. Copiec Hkv; HWt. 

12706* Venice: .Mdus. 1499. Jul. f. 

Copie.: LC; Pe.h; Suiro; JPM. 

Pertiiu, Aulus Flaccus. 

Ref: Bibliotrnphy of Perdui by Morrii H. Mor- 
nn. Library of Harvard L'nivenity, 1909. 
The earlier etlilioni were often iHued with 

12713 Satyrae. {'. 

Ref: Pr 754B (Bate): FUth): Hain (SlratbHrg 
Copiei: Harv; CWC. 

PertiHS, Aulus Flaccus, conlinufd. 

12720 [ComraenUryof Fontius.) 1481. 

Ref: Pr 6502 (Treviao: Paul Ferrari en>i>) ; Hain 
12727; Dol C 1Z720. Copiei: BoilonAlh; Karv 

12721* Venice: B. de Tortis, 1482, 6 

Dec. i°. 

Ref: Pr 4616. Copy: LC. 

Venice: B. de Tortis, 1482, 14 Mar. 


Ref: R; C 4702; Pr 4611. Copiei: UCalif; Harr. 

12722* Venice: Renaldus de Novima- 

gio, 1482. 24 Dec. f°. 

Copiei: Harv; Prin; LC(T). 

12724 Venice: D. de Bertochia & Pel. 

de Pasqualibus. 1484, 10 Sept. f°. 

Ref: R: Pr 4845. Copy: Harv. 

12725* Venice: Ant. de Bactibobus, 

1485, 17 Sept. i'. 

Copy: Harv. 

12726 Milan: Scinzenieler, 1490. f. 

Ref: Pr 601S. Copy: Har*. 

12727* See 12720. 

12729 (Commentary of Joannes Bri- 

tannicus.) Brescia: Gabriel & Paul 

(Petri,. 1481, 14 Nov. f. 


12730 Brescia: Jacobus Britannicua, 

1486. 17 Feb. f. 

Re{: Pr 69S2. Copiei: Harv; LC(T). 

12731 Paris: Marnef & Kerver, 1500, 

4 id. May (12,. 4°. 

Ref: C 111. p. 280. Copy: Ph<W). 

12732* Brescia: Britannicus. 1500, 21 

Jul. f. 

Copiei: Harv; HWt. 

12733 [Commentaries of Britannicus 

Sc Ascensius.1 Lyons: Wolf. 1499, 6 
kal. Feb. (Jan. 27.| 4°. 

Ref: Pr8«75. Copy; Hatv. 

12734 Lyons: Vingle. lS00.7Aug. 4*. 

Ref: Pr 865J. Copy: Harv. 

12735 (Commentary of Fontius.j Ven- 
ice. 1480. i°. 

Ref: Pr 5661 (And. de Piltaiichii) : Marian 18; 

12736* (Commentaries of Bri _ _ 

& Fontius. I Venice: Benalius Sc Cap- 
casa, 1491. 3 Aug. f°. 

Copiei; Harv: LC(T); HWt, 

12737* Venice: B. de Ragaionibbus, 

1492, 17 Jan. f. 

Copiei: Harv; HWt; CBW. 

12738 Venice: (Tacuinusi de Tridino, 

1494, 14 Feb. f*. 

Ref: Pr 5429 (24 Feb.): C. Copiei: Hare; Peab; 
(Grove*); HWt. 

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PcTsius, Auius Flaccus. continued. 

12739* Venice: P. I. de Quarengis, 

1495. 13 Apr. f°. 

Copiw: Hsrv; LCCTI; HWt. 

12740 Venice: Ant. de Gusago, 1497, 

28 Sept. r. 

.pi«: Hifv (Sriton P»rk); 


[Commentary of Scipio Ferrarius.] 

12744* [Commentaries of Cornwtus, 

Britannicus & Fontius.i Venice: 
[Tacuinus, de Tridino, 1499, 4 Nov. f°. 

See Blessenus, Petrus, 

Sermones super orationem dommicstn. 
Louvain: J. de Westfalia. 1484. f. 

Ref: Campbell 920; Pr 92S1. Copy: LC. 

Petrarca, Franciscus. 

Ref: Fowler, CaUlojne of Ihe Petrarch Collet- 
lion bequeathed by WilUrd Fiike. Cornell 
Univenitj- Library, 1916, 

12749 Opera. Basel: Amerbach, 1496. V. 

Ref: Pr 7608. Copiea; AmBtr LC (2); Cor (3); 
Harv (2): Porlj UnTS; Well (J); LC(T); 
HWt; GBW. 

127S1 Canzoniere. Venice: Philippus |de 
Petroi, 1482, 14 Aug. f. 
Ref: Hain 12761. Cop>: Cor. 

127S3 iVenice:i Vindelinus [de Spirai, 

1470. 4°. 
Ref; R; Pr «24. Copiei: Cor; JPMt. 

- Rome. 1471, 10 Jul. f°. 

Ref: Pr 6759. Copiw: Cor (2); Well. 

127S6 Rome: Lignamine, 1473, 

May. f°. 

Copy: Cor, 

127S7 Venice. 1473. t°. 

Ref: Pr 41»7 (G. & F. di Petro); Hljn (Jen 

Petrarca, Franciscus, continued. 

12758 [Milan:: Zarotus. 1473. V. 

Ref: Pr S77(l. Cop»: Cor. 

12761 See 12751. 

12762 [Commentary of Filelfo.i Mi- 
Jan: Zarotus. 1494, 1 Aug. f*. 

Ref: H; C 4706; Pr 5836. Copiei: LC; Cor. 

12763 Bologna, 1476, f°. 

Ref: Pr 6531 (Rugeriui & Bertochui); C (Ai- 
.oguidi). Copy: Cor. 

12764 Venice: P. di Pasquali & D. 

Bertocho, 1486, 7 Jun; 1488, 8 Apr. f". 

Copies: Cot (2>. 

12766 [Commentary of Antonio da 

Tempo.i Venice: Siliprandus. 1477. 
[after: 8 May. 4'. 

ReE: R; Hain 15365. Copy: Cor. 

12767 [Commentary of Filelfo & La- 

ptni.: Venice: Reynsburch & R. de 
Novimagio, 1478, v. 1, 6 Feb.; v. 2, 30 
Mar. v. 

Ref: R; Pr 4429-4430. Copiei: Cor (2. var.); 
NYP; LC(T. v. 2); HWf (v. 2). 

12768* Venice: Wild. 1481. f°. 

Copies: Cor; HWt (v. 2). 

12769* Venice: Piero [de Piasiisi, 

1484, uU. Mar. & 18 Aug. f°. 
Copiea; Cor; LCPh; HWt. 

12770 Venice: rRictus: de Novara, 

1488. 12 Jun. & 18 Apr. P. 
Ref: Pr 4948-4949; Hain 12787. Copies: Cor; 
JPMt; HWt. 

12771 Venice: Piero [de Piasiisj, 1490, 

22 Apr. i". 

Ref: Pr 4481. Copiei: Cot (2); Hamilton; Hirv; 
JPMt; HWt. 

Venice: Piero di Quarengi. Mcccc- 

Lxxxxxii. 12 Jan.; 1494. 17 Jun. I'. 

Ref: R 673. Copiei: Cor (2). 

12773 [Commentaries of Filelfo & 

Squarzafico.i Venice: Piero [de Pia- 
siis:, 1492, 1 Apr. f°. 

Ref: Pr 4483. Copiei: Cot; Well. 

12774 Venice: Joanne di [Capcasaj, 

1492 ,3). 12 Jan.; 1493. 28 Mar. f. 

Ref: Pr SS10-S5I1. Copies: Cor; Harv. 

12775 Milan: Scinienzeler. 1494. 10 

Feb. & 26 Mar. f°. 

Copies: Cor; HWt. 

12776* Venice: B. de Zanis, 1497, 11 

Jul. & 30 Aug. P. 

Copies: Cor; H>r>; HWt, 

12777* Venice: B. de Zanis, ISOO, 6 

Mar. & 28 Apr. f°. 

Copiei: Cor (2). 

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Petrarca, FrancUcus, continited. 
12780 Trionfi. f. 

Kef: Pr 6178 (Plor«i«: MiKanini); Van Pnet, 
Liv. )at V^lin. iv, p. 129 (Botofiui Plato de 
Benedictii). Copy: Cot iU90t). 

12786 Bologna, 147S. 27 Apr. V. 

Rtf: Pr eS3a (Rugcriua & B«(achi»)i Brunei 
(Auoguidi). Copici: Cor; HWf. 

12787 Venice: [RiciuSj de Novara, 

1488, 18 Apr. I'. 

Rcf: Pr 4948; part of Ham 1Z770. Copia: Cot; 
JPMt; HWf. 

Ref: Kain IJ168. Copici: Cor; CLN. 

12790" De remediis utriusque fortunae. f*. 

Rcf; BM Cat (Etsliiwen; Fjnrr. 1475?); Main 
(Slriabutg: Eageitein). Copici: UnTS; Well 

Ref: Pr S]*S 

(148S). Copy: Cor. 

delberf : Knoblochiier) : C 

Ref: Pr 6927. Copie.: AmB; LC; Cor; Harv; 
NYP; Pli(W)i UChi; UPa; ECS; WCS (Wod- 
hull); LC(T); HWt. 

12796 De vita solitaria. f. 

Ret: Pr 232 (Slr»»bnrg: R Printer, not after 
1473). Copi«: AmAntiqi Cor; Prin; JPHt. 

Copy: JBS (Ulm: Z»iner, e. 1471). 

12797 Milan: Scinzenzeler, 1498, 13 

Aug. f. 

Ref: Pr 6039. Copiei: Cor; Hanr. 

12799 Dialogus de vera upientia. 4'. 

Ref: Campbell I38S (Zwolle; Plater van Oa, c. 
148S). Copy: Cor. 

12800* Secretum de contemptu mundi. f. 

Ref: Pr 231 (Straiburf: R Printer, not after 
I47J). Copiea: AmAntiq; VC; Cor; Prin; 

12802* De secreto conflictu curarum sua- 
rum. Deventer: J. de Breda, 1498, 12 
Jan. f. 

Sef: Campbell 1389; C. Copr: LC. 

12807* Liber rerum memoranda rum. 4°. 

Ref: Cunpbell 1391 (LoDir*in: R. Loeffi. e. 
I4S5). Copr: Cor. 

12808 Libro degli homini famosi. Pogli- 
ano: Felix (Feiicianoj & Ziletus, W6, 
kal. Oct. [1.1 f°. 

Re(: Pr 7238. Copie*: AnBt: Cor; HWt. 

12809* Vite de poatcfici et impcradori 
Romani. Florence: apud S. Jacobura 
de Ripoli. 1478. C. 

Kef: C (cf lit, p. 280). Copiei: AmBt; Cor; 
H«t; CWC; HWt. 

Petrarca, Francitcus, continued. 
12811* Epistolae familiares. Venice: J. & 
G. de Gregoriis, 1492, id. Sept. (13.] 4*. 

Copiea: Cor; Haivi NVP; UChi; UTor; HCF: 
JM (Carvalbo); LC(T): HWf. 

12813* Epistola de insigni obedientia et 
fide Griaeldis. 4*. 

Ref: Pr 876 (Coloine: Zell). Copie*: Cor; JPMt 
(c. 1472). 

- 4^ 

: Zel); Fairfax Hurrar 


12814* Ulm:Zeiner, 1473. f. 

Ref: Fairfax Murray 327. Copie*: LC; Cor; 


in tiitsch gebracht. i". 

Copy: Cor (Uhn: Zainer, c. 1474). 

Kef: Qaatilch, Gen. Cat. 12016 (Augiburf: 
Cunther Zainer. 1468-1471). Copy: Cor (Ulm: 

Johann Zainer. c. 1473). 

12825 Bucolica. Cologne: Terhoernen, 
1473. f=. 

Ref: Pr 933. Copy: Cor. 

Bologna: Joh. Tac. de iFontanesisi 

& Hieron. de Benedictis. 1497. kal. 
Mar. ,1., r. 

Ref: C 4721. Copy: Cor. 

12828 Deventer, 1499, 8 Jan. 4'. 

Ref: Campbell 1384 (Paffreet); Pr 9019. Copy: 

12829 Venice: Marc. Horigono, ucccc- 

XVI. 7 Jul. f°. 

Ref: Fiikc. Petrarch Booiu. p. 3 (Bevilaqoa. trier 
1503): R (.1*96). Copiei: UCbi; Cor; LC(T); 


Petroniua Arbiter. 
Fragraenta, 1499. See EMo ChryMiito- 
mua, 6185. 

Pctniciui, Fridericus de Senis. 
12842* Disputationes quaesliones et con- 
silia. Rome: Rot, 1472, 25 Jun. I'. 

Copiei: Grol; LC(T). 

12844* Siena: Hen. Harlem & Wal- 

beeck, 1488, 15 Jan. f*. 

Copie*: AnBt (WodhDll); LC(T). 

Canon is misaae expo sit io. Salamanca, 
1499. 4 kal. Nov. [Oct. 29., 4°. 

Ref: Haebler 54!; R; C 4070. Copiei: Hiipanic 


Petnu de Abano. See Abuo, 1-18. 
Petnu de AUiaco. See AUaco, 831-857. 

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Petnu de Ancharano. See Ancharano, 945- 

Petrua de Aquik. See Aquila, 132A-132S. 
' Bergomenais, 

Phaiaris, conlinued. 

12883 4'. 

Rcf: HiiD (Niplci: SicMinit')- Copr: TBDV. 

See Comeator, 5529- 

See HUpanus, 8677- 

Petnis HantuanuB. 

12855* Logica. [Venice:] Locatellus, 1492, 
11 kal. May [Apr. 21i. 4'. 

Copjr: W»lk. 

Petnu de Rivo. 

12857 De anno die ct feria dominice pas- 
sionis. Louvatn: Lod. de Ravescot. f°. 

Ref: Cimpbfll UOS <NBa). Copjr: JPMt. 

PetrUB Hcntiui de Viccntia. 

12860 Oratio pro capessenda expeditione 

contra inrideles; habita 1490, in die An- 

nunciationis (Mar. 25j. 4'. 

Rcf; Pr 3842 (Rook: Silber); H«in (Beiicktn). 
Copy: H»r» (RiaiH). 

2S87 Messina: Aiding. 4°. 

Rcf; R (c. H73); Pr C938. Cop;: AmBt (1480?). 

12S89 Florence: Antonius [Francisci]. 


Rcf; Pr 6331. Copici: LC (T, SyMon Puk); 

12890 Brescia: Ferrandus, kal. Sept. 

12892 Treviso, 1471. 8'. 

Rcf; Pr 64S6 (G. Utt.). Copy: H»rv, 

12894 Santorsi: Reno. 1475. 4". 

Bef: Pr 6937. Copiw: AmBf; JMH; tC(T). 

12895' Venice. 1481, 6 id. Mar. |10.i 

12900* Leipzig: Thanner, 1498, iilt. 

Mav. A'. 

Copy: Harv. 

12902 Traducte in vulgare. 4*. 

Copy: HWt (Naplcj?). 

12903* 1471. 4'. 

; (SyBlon Parli); JPMT (DoTeoee, 

Peyligk, Johannes. 

12861* Philosophiae naturalis Compendi- 
um. Leipzig: Letter, 1499. prid. id. 
Sept. [12.1 f°- 

Copi«: CPh; Surg. 


Epistolae. 8°. 

Ref: C *73l (Rome: H»n, 1470). Copy; Hary 

12876 4°. 

Ref: EM Cat, Rome. p. 19 (Han). Copjr: Harv. 

12877* 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6790 (Padiu: Albreehl of Stendil). 

bibly f 

t preii) 

12907* Pharetra, auctoritates et dicta doc- 
torum, philosophorura et poetarum 
Continens. f°. 
Ref; BM Cat (Cologne: Winieri); Voulliimc, 
K6ln, 938 (t. H7a). Copy: Walk. 

12908 v. 

Ref: Pr 22! (Straibarg; Heotelm, e. 1472). 
Copies: Harv; Radcliffc. 

12909* [Nuremberg:, Cruasner. f. 

Ref: BM Cat (1473-74). Copie*: UaTS: JPU 
(e. !47i). 

12880* 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Rome: Plannck, 1479-SO). Copie) 
Hat.; Pb(W). 

PhilelphuB, Franciscus; Francesco FUcUti. 
12917* Satirarum opus. Milan: Valdar- 
pher, 1476. id. Nov. |I3.i f. 

Copiec HatTSi Harv; JM (CarvaUo); HWf. 

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PhUtlphus, Francitcus, conlinurd. 
12918* Orationes cum quibusdam aliis eius- 
dem operibuB. 4*. 

Rtf: BU Cat (Bucl: Amerbuh); C (1491). 
Copiei: Col; UIll; Pli{W). 

12922* Brescia: Britanniciis. 1488, 18 

Jun. 4°. 

Copin: Utili UPa; HCF; HWt. 

:e; B. de Zanis, 1491, 28 

12923- — 

Copia: MarTSi LC; UP»; HWt. 

12924- Venice: Phil, de Pinna, 1492. 

14 Oct. f*. 

Copj: HarTS. 

12925* Venice: Phil, de Pinzis. 1496, 

1 kal. Jun. ,May 31., f. 
Cop<»: HEH; LC; LC(T). 

12926* Epistolarum liber. f°. 

Rtt: Pt 4060 <V«nice: Wtndelin of Speiir). 
Copi«: HarTSi LC; New; JWE; JPG (Fife, 

:. H9S). 

Ref: H (Dtvenler: Panrnil. c. 1488); C 47J9; 
Campbell I41J. Copy: UIll. 

K({: Campbell 1412 (Dcvenler: PatfraeC. c. 1488); 
Ft 9028; C 47J8, Copi««: Harv; NYP. 

12932 4°. 

Kef: Fanier 1:198:100 (BimI: Anetbaeh. 1489), 
Copr^ MDioc. 

12933* Brescia: Britannicus, 1485, 7 

PkUelphiu, FranciscHS, continued. 

12960- Consolatio ad Jacobum Antonium 

Marcellum de obitu Valerii filil. Rome, 

1475. kal. Jan. (1., f. 

Rcf: Fr 35J4. Cap^: AntBt (Wodholl). 

12966 Vita di S. Giovanni Battisia in lerza 

rima. Milan: Mantegatius. 1494, 8 
Mar. 4*. 

Ref; R; Pr tOS8. Copy; WGS (Wodtaull). 

Philelphua, Johannes Marius ; Giovanni 

Mario FUelfo. 
12968 Novum epiatolarium. 4", 

Ref: R (Pari*: Cerini. 1481). Copy: Hart. 

12970* Basel: Amerbach, 1486. 4°. 

Ref: BH Cat. Copy: LC(T). 

12974* Basel: Amerbach. 1489. 4*. 

Copy; LC. 

12976* Venice: (Tacuimisi de Tri- 

dino, 1492, 6 Oct. 4°. 

Copy; WMV. 

12977* Venice: Tacuinus. 1492. 20 

Oct. 4". 

Copie*: LC; HWt. 

12979* Basel: Amerbach, 1495. 4°. 

Copy: Ph{W). 

Phocas. See Dioniedes, 6214-6223. 

Phocylides; Pseudophocylidei. 
12984- Poema nutheticon. 4", 

Ref: Pr Ig3« (Aniibnra: FroKbauer, after Apr. 
5, 1500). Copy: Harv. 

Copie.: Dominican DC; NYP; JPMt; HWt. 

12937 Venice: Joannis Rubeus, 1487, Piccolomini. See Aeneai Srlviiu, 147-263. 

12939 Venice: 

1489. 3 Apr. r. 
Kef: Pr S209. Copiea: Col; HWt. 

: AnBt; Fh(W); (Green. 
Bernardinus Choris, 

Capcasa. 149S, 21 Jut. 


Tacuinus. 1498, 20 

12944* Venice 

Copiei: Forbe.; low 

12947* Venice 

Sept. r. 

Copiei: LC; LC(T); HWt. 

Epistolc breviores elesintiores. Devcn- 
ter: Paffroet. 1500. » Jan. 4'. 

Ref: Campbell 1410; C 4741. Copy: UIll. 

12954* Odae. [Brescia:, Britannicus, 1497. 
4 Jul. 4'. 

Copy: Cor. 

12956 Convivia. 4*. 

Ref: Pr 7268 (Caule di San VaM: Canepa): 
Hain (MiUn. e. 1478). Copiei: AmBt; HarTS 
(SunderUnd); Hw (Klo**); HWt: (Lealh), 

IHcus Uirandulanua, Johannes; Giovanni 

Pico della Hirandola. 
12992* Opera philosophica. Bologna: B. 

Hcctoris, pt. 1. 1496. 20 Mar.; pt. 2. 

1495. 16 Jul. f*. 

Copiei: GenTS (KloH, pt. 1); KirTS; UPi (pt. 
2); JLD; HEH; LC(T); TBDV; HWt. 

12993* Venice: Bernardinus iViuli- 

bus,. 1498. 9 Oct., 14 Aug. t". 

Copie<: LC; Col; Haiv; UPa; HEH (pt. 1); 

12994* Disputationea adversus astrologos. 
Bologna: B. Hectoris, 1495. 16 Jul. {°. 

Ref: Part ii of 12992. Copiei: HitTS; UPa; 
LC(T, 2): HEH; TBDV; HWt. 

12996* Aureae Epistolae, |Pari»:i Le Noir. 
1499. 4°. 

Copy: ISC. 

13001* Heptaplus de septiformi sex dierum 

Ref: Pr 6284 (Florence: Libri). Copiei: (NYSH; 
JPMt (c. 1490): HWt. 

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Pic us Mirandulatiut, Johannes, conlinued. 
13002* De morte Christi. Bologna: B. 
Hectoris. 1497, 20 Jul. 4°. 

Copie.: LC; Ph{W); Well. 

Copy: HWt (proUbly XVI. cent.). 

Pierre, Jean de la. See Lapide, Johannes 

de, 9899-9919. 
Pierre ^'Ailly. See Aliaco, Petrus de, 831- 

13006* Pilati epistola Tiberio missa. Len- 
lull de statura Cristi epistola. In Al- 
phonsum Aragonum regem oratio. 4°. 

Ref : Pr 3560 (Rome: Guldinbeck. c. 147S). Copj: 

Pilpay. See Capna, Johannes de, 4411- 

Pindams Thcbanus. See Horaenu, S776- 

13011 Pirke Aboth [wilh commentary of 

Maimonides. in Hebrew,. 4°. 

Ref; Jacob! 33 (Soncino. 14S4-85): De RomI 
13IJ Pr 7»S (jD*haa SolonDn); Sieinubntider 
22Bi Uuioni 51. Cepiei; Col; JewiihTS; 

Piaan, Christine de. . See Christienne, 4985- 

13022* Lectura super codice. i". 

13024* Venice: Torresanus, 1493, 7 

kal. Sept. [Aug. 26.] i". 
Cop,: LC. 

Tractatus de succession! bus ab intestato. 
Leipzig: Botticher, 1494. 4°. 

Ref: BM CM; Hain ISlll-lSlIZ A 377J. Copi; 


Kiu, Remundus, or Raymundus LulliH. 
Liber de laudlbus virginis Mariae. Paris: 
Mercator. 1499. 6 Apr. f°. 

Ref; Haia 10327, ct 1J029*. Copiu: Harv; HWt. 

13030* Planctns ruinae ecclcsiac. Mem- 
mingen. 4*. 
Ref; Pr ZglO (Kunne). Copy: AmBt (t. H»). 

Pisis, ReyncriUB or Raineriiu de. 
13014* Pantheologia; Sumraa 
theologiae. C. 

Ref: Pr 7457 (Baiel: Ruppel). Copicc LC (2); 
UnTS (t. I); Micb. 

13015* Nuremberg: Sensenschmid & 

Kefer, 1473. 6 id. Apr. i8.| P. 
Copiei: JPMT; LCIT); UnTS. 

13016* 1474. f°. 


13017* Nuremberg: Coberger, 1474, 

3 non. Aug. i3., i', 

Copr: UnTS. 

13019* Venice: Liechtensteyn, 1486, 

prid. id. Sept. [12., i'. 

Copira: AnAnliq; CI; Col; Satro (pt. 2); LC(T); 

Copy; Sotro (1489). 
Copy: UnTS. 

Piator, Simon. 

13021* Declaratio defcnsiva cuiusdam pc 
tionis de malo franco. 4*. 
Ref: Pc 2B7S (Leipiig: Kacheloftn, alter Jan 
1500). Copy: Suce. 

PUtea, Franclscus de. 

13034* Opus restitutionum, usurarum ct 

Ref: Pr 73M (c. M75. Place A printer onlcnown); 
H*in (Venice: Bart, de Cremona). Copy: 

13035* [Venice:] Bart, de Cremona, 

1472. 4°. 

Copiei: LC: HarTS; Harv; Peabi JPMT: LC(T. 
2): HWt. 

13037 Cologne: Koelhotf. 1474. f". 

Ret: Pr 1023. Copy; Ya. 

13038* Venice: J. de Colonia & Man- 

Copiei; AmBf (2); JPHt. 

13040 Venice: J. de Coloria & Man- 

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Platini, Bartholomacus; Bartolonieo de 

1304S* Vitae pontificum. [Venice:i J. de 

Colonia & Manthen, 1479, 3 id. Jun. 

13047* Nuremberg: Koburger, 1481. 

3 id. Aug. ,11., r. 

Copicit Boitoni Co]; Drcwi BarTS; [NYSt]; 
Ph(W): StCh; TBDV. 

13048* iTreviso:] Joannes [Rubeusj, 

1485. 10 Feb. f°. 

CopiM^ Bn LC; HirTSi Hirv (Riant): PrinTS; 
Wilh Wotc; MHB; HCF; THG; LC(T): JM; 

13051* De honesta voluptate et valitudine. 
: Laur. de Aquila & Sybillinus, 

I I, in .11. f* 

13052* Cividale: Gerard de (Lisa), 

1480, 9kal. Nov. rOct. 24., 4°. 

CopiH: AmBt: JCrt; Watk; JHH; HEH; (Hoe); 


130SS Venice: BeTnardinus [de Vitali- 

bu8i. 1498. ■4°. 

R«f: K. Copy: ECS. 

Bologna: Plato de BencdJctis. 1499, 

10 May. 4°. 

CopKii FHSi HWt. 

13056* Bologna: Plato de BenedtctJs, 

1499. 11 May. 4°. 

Copie.: H«rv; LC(T). 


13062* Opera. Florence: Laurentiut |de 
Alopa,. 2v. f^ 

Copici: Col; H«v; Witk; JEBul; LC(T); HWt 

(». 2>. 

13063* Venice: B. de Chorjs & S. de 

Lucre. U91, 13 Aug. f. 

Re(: Pr i2l6. Copies: Col; LC (2); Hirr; CWC 
(Cirv»lho); LC(T); WMV; HW. 

13066 Epistolae. 4°. 

Bcf: R (Pirii: Gtrint, Cranlt A Fiibaiacr, c. 
1474). Copy: Ya. 

13067 4°. 

Rcf: R (Leipiii: KacI 
Copy: H»tv. 

■. 1490); Pr 2914. 

Copy: RT (Parii?). 

13068 See 13062. 


13074 Comoediae. Venice: J. de Colonia 
& Vindclin de Spira. 1472. f. 

" !;J'/.4l)44. Copiei: WXB (Syilon Park, Hot); 

IttrPrWM. Copiei:WXB(: 
HEH (Pcmbrolie) ; JPHt. 

Plauluf, continued. 

13077 Milan: Scinzenwler, 1490, kal. 

Dec. il.i i-. 

Rtf: R; Pr «016. Copiei: Han; HEH (Pem- 
broke); GL; JCW. 

13078 Venice. 1495, 23 Nov. 4'. 

Ref: R; Pt iOOi (Capcau). Copie.: Cor; Prin; 
(Dun woody). 

13082* Venice: Bivilaqua, 1499, 15 kal. 

Oct. [Sept. 17.| f. 

Copiei: LC; Harv; Prin; GL; HWt. 

13084* Milan: Scinzenieler, 1500, 18 

Jan. i'. 

Copiei: Ph(W)i GL; LC(T); HWt. 

13085* i'. 

Ktlj Pr 6011. (HiUn: ScinienielcT). Copiei: 


• ; GL; JCW. 

Plenarium. Augsburg: Bamler. 1474, An 
S. Matheus abent rSept. 20|. P. 

Ref: BU Cat; C 2^18. Copiei: HEH; LC(T)i 

— See aUo Evangelien. 6728-6754. 

Pliniiu Secundos, Caius; Pliny the Elder. 
13087 Historia naturalig. Venice: Joannes 
Spira. 1469. f. 

Ref: R; Pr 4018; C in, p. 282. Copiei: Prin; 

13088* Rome; Sweynheym & Pan- 

nartz. 1470. f. 
Copiei: AmBt: CWC. 

13089* Venice: Jenson. 1472. f". . 

Copiei: LC; JCre; Harv; New; NYP; Prioi Ya; 

13076* Treviao: Paul de Feraria 8t 

Dionysius [Bertochusi, 1482, 21 Jun. f*. 

Copy: HEH (Peinbroke). 

13090 Rome: Sweynheym & Pan- 

n»rtz. 1473, 7 May. f°. 

Ref: R; Pr JJJS. (j>py: Sllg. 

13091 Parma: Corallus, 1476. f. 

Ref: Pr 6142. Copiei: Cor; Hamillon: Harv; 
Sun; HH8 (Hopetoun, Hanit); HWt. 

13092* Treviso: Manzolus, 1479, 8 kal. 

Sept. [Aug. 2S.1 f°. 

Copiei: LC; Harv; SCar; Weil; JSL; LCCT); 

13094* Parma: Portilia, 1481, 8 id. 

Jul. ,8., f. 

Copie); AmBt; New; Ph(W); CLN. 

13095* Venice; Rainaldui de Novi- 

magio. 1483, 6 Jun. f°. 

Copiei: Harv; LC(T); AMT; HWt. 

13096* Venice: Marinus Saracenus, 

1487. 14 May. f". 

Copiei: Ph(W); HWt. 

13097 Venice: T. de Blavis, 1491, 3 

Nov. P. 

Ret; Pr 4768. Copie*; Col; Prin; HWt. 

13101* Venice : Benalius, 1497. P. 

Copiei: Col; En(Soca: AUT. 

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PlintHS Secundut, CatHt, continued. 

13104 Venice; AIvisiuB. 1499. 18 May. 

1310S* Tradocta in lingua Fiorentina. 

Venice: Jenson, 1476. f°. 

Copic: CI; LC; Hatv; LCPh; (Hm). 

13106 - 


- Venice: Philippus fPetri,, 1481. 

Ref: Stockton- Haugb 1257. Copy: HWt. 

13107 Venice: Bart, de Zani, 1489, 12 

Sept. f°. 

Ret: R; Pr 31Sfi. Ccpi«; Crol; HWf. 

See also Barbarus, Hertnotaus. Castiga- 
tiones Plinianae. 2420-2423. 
PUnitia Secundu*. Caius Caecilius; Pliny 
the Yoimger. 

13108 Epislolae. 4°. 

Rcf: Pr 3!2J (Rome: Schurencr) ; R <c. 1474): 
Copy: CatliU. 

13110* 1471. 4'. 

Rtf: Pr 4134 (Venice: Vlld.rfer). Copy: Prin. 

13111 Naples: Moravus. 1476. Jul. f°. 

Ref: R: Pc 6695A. Copi«: Col; JHHi CLN 
(Wodhull: Hoe). 

13112' Milan: Lavagnia. 1478. 4 kal. 

Mar. [Feb. 26.j f°. 

Copies: Bowd: LC; Harv. 

13113* Treviso: Joannes [Rubeusi, 

1483. 4'. 

Copiu: Hirv; UChi; ETM; ECS. 

13114* Rome: Silber. 1490. poat 14 

kal. Apr. iMar. 19.) 4". 

Ref: BM Cat. Copr: ETM. 

1311S* Bologna : Benedictus Hcctoris, 

1498. 14 kal. Nov. [Oct. 19., 4°. 

Copy: HWt. 

13116 Epislolae, Panegyrlcus et [Aurelii 
VictoriS] Liber de viris illustribos. 4°. 

Ref: R (Venice: Roaciua. c. 1492); Pr 5492: C 
(Tho. de Blavii, 1485), Copiea: UPa; HWt, 

See also Regiua, Raphael. 13810. 

13119 Panegyricus Trajano Augusto dic- 



' (Uita 

Plutarch, continued. 

13125* (Rome:, Gallus. i". 

Ref: BH Cat. Copiel: New (v. 2); (Cowdin, 

13127* Venice: Jenson, 1478, 2 Jan. 

Copiei: CI: LC; Harv; N'ew; PA; JU; WUV; 

13129 Venice: Rigatius (Ragaizoi. 

1491. 7 Dec. f°. 

Ref: R; Pr SJSOA. Copiw: Harv; LCtT); HW*. 

13130* Venice: Bart, de Zanis. 1496. 8 

Jun. t'. 

Copiei: Col; Ya; TBDV; HWf. 

13133* Translacion en romance. Se- 
ville: P. de Colonia. J. de Nuremberg. 
Magno & Thomas. 1491. f. 

Ref: Haebler SSO; C. Copiei; Hitpanic (2). 

13137* Problemata, 4°. 

Ref: Woolley FacainilH. 182 (Ferrara: A. Bd- 

torlit. c. 1477). Copiei: Harv; LC(T. Wod. 
hull); JM. 

13140* Apophthegmata. (Venice:] Vinde- 
linus |de Spirai. 1471. 4°. 
Copiei: LCPh;; KDP; JPMt. 

13144* De virtutibus mulierum. Brescia: 
Boninus. 1485. 23 Mar. 4". 

Copie.: AmBt; HCF. 

13147 De liberis educandis rand other 
treatisesi. Parma: And, Portilia, 1472. 
9 kal. Oct. [Sept. 23.i 4*. 

Ref: Pr fiSJS. Copy: AmBt (SunderUnd). 

13148* Br 

Dec. 4°. 

Copy; AmBt. 

: Britannicus. 1485. 7 

; CWC; HWt. 

Liber illustrium virorum. See Aurelius 
Victor, 2129-2140. 

13121* Opera, Florence: Ant. Miscomini. 
1492. non. May (7,. f°. 

Copie.: LC; Col; HarTS: Harv; INYStJ; HEH 
(Roxburghe); WLR; LC(T); HWt, 


13124* Vilae illustrium virorum. 
Ref: Pr 24Z (Slraihurs: R Prinler 
Br; Harv; New: [NVSt); CWC. 

13152 Poenitentiale eruditorium. 4*. 

Ref: Pr S79J (Ansouleme; Atanoi & Caluina*): 
C (Pari.: Manatever. 1497). Copy: JPMt 
(Parii: Caillaal, c. 1490). 

Poenitentialis liber. f°. 

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Metz: Hochfeder. PoUphiliu. See Colunina, Franciscus. 5501. 

13158* Poeniteai c 

Ref; BU Cat oricr 1498). Capjr: Sunfard. 

13160 Cologne: Quentell. 1492, 4 id. 

Mar. il2.i 4^. 

Ref: Pr 1306: Voulliimc. Koln, 97]. Copy: 

13162 Cologne: Quentell. 1495. 6 non. 

Feb. [2 or Jan. 31.i 4°. 

Ref: Pr 1327; Voulliiml. Koln. 97S. Copl*«: 

UnTS; LC(T). 

Poggio, Jacopo. 

13168* Sopra el triompho delta fama di 
Messer Francescho Petrarcha. Flor- 
ence: Bonaccorsi. 1485, 24 Jan. 4°. 

Ref: Hiin UJ89. Copiet: Cor; CLN. 

13169 Opus morale; lo esser e condicjone 
del anima racionale. Bologna: Jo. Ant. 
de Benedictis. 1500, 28 Mar. 4". 

Ref; R; Pf 6667. Copiei: WMV; HWt- 

Poggioi, Johannes Franciscus; Giovanni 
Francesco Poggio Bracciolini. 

13172* Hisloria Fiorentina. Venice: Jac. 
de Rossi. 1476. 8 Mar. f°. 
Copiei: AmBI; fljirTS; Harv; LCPta: NVP: 
PH(W); Witk; CWC; HEH; HWt. 

13173* Florence: Bartholomeo [de 

Librii, 1492, 3 Sept. f. 

Hef: : 
Gei . 

Contra Fratrem Hieronymum [Savona- 
rolaini heresiarcham libellui et proces- 
sus. 4°. 

Ref: BH Cat (N'orembem: Huher. after Apr. 1». 
H98): Haiti lliM. Copr- LC. 

13180* Facetiae. f°. 

Ref: BH Cil (Nuremberg;: Creuuner, probiblr 
before 1*79). Copr: JMH. 

Rome: Han. 4". 

Ret; Pr 3368. Copy: Boilon. 

iParis:i Le Noir. 4°. 

Ref: C 2410 {1498). Copy: WMV. 

13183 !'. 

Ref: BM Cat {Nuremben: Koberger. I472>); 
Fairfax Mutrar 341. Copiei; HarTS; JPMt. 

13189. Milan: Valdarfer, 1477. 10 Feb. 


Ref: Pr 1882. Copy: Harv. 

13190 Milan: Pachel & Scincienceler, 

1481. 14 kal. Nov. lOct. 19., 4°. 

Bef: Pr 5939. Copy: JPMt. 

13193* Venice. 1487. 10 Apr. 4'. 

Copx: HVJ (Beckford). 

Antwerp: Goes, 1487, 3 Aug. 4°. 

Ref: Campbell 1431. Copy: AmBt. 

13195 Basel: N. Kiesler,. 1488. 14 Mar. 

Politianiu, Angelus; Angelo PoUsUno; 

13218* Opcr« et alia lectu digna. Venice: 

Aldus. 1498. Jul. f°. 

Copiei: LC; HarTS; Harv (2); JCBr; NYP: 
Hich; Well: CB: AJB; CWC; HEH; JPH; 
ECS; RT; HWf. 

13219 Florence: Leonardus de Arigis. 

1499. 10 Aug. I'. 

Ref: Pr 6421 & 7046 (Breacia: MilinU). Copiea: 
Harr (f™i.): (Hoe); LClT); HWf. 

13221* Miscellanea. Florence: Miscomi- 
nus. 1489. 13 kal. Oct. ,Sept. 19., {'. 

Copiei: AmBt (Siiwn); Harv; HWS. 

13225 Panepistemon. Florence: Miacomi- 
nus. 1491, 10 kal. Mar. ,Feb. 20., 4'. 

Ref; R. Copy: Harv. 

Epistola de obitu Laurentii Medicis. Bo- 
logna: Plato [de Benedictisj, 1492, 8 
kal. Sext. [Jul. 25] 4°. 

Copy: Harv. 

See also Epiitolae illuslrium 

Pollio, Trebellius. See Scriptorei historiae 
augustae, 14560-14563. 

Polo, Marco. 

13243 De le meravegliose cose del mondo. 
Venice: Z. B. da Sessa, 1496, 13 Jun. 

Ref; R; Pr 5590. Copie*: BoilonAIb; HEH. 

Brescia: B. da Farfengo, 1500. 20 

Dec. 8°. 

Ref: R. Copiei; HEH; JPMt. 

13244 Liber de consuetudinibus orien- 
tal ium region um. 4". 

Ref: CiRipbell 1434 i 

1485). Copy 


ef: Pr ; 

43. Copy; Well. Polonut, Nicolaus. See Blon7, 3250-3263. 

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13248* Historiarum libri v. Venice: Ber- 
nardinus [de VitalibuS], 1498. f°. 

Ref: Pr 5SZB. Copy: LC. 

132S0* De bello punico. Brescia: Britanni- 
cus. 1498, 24 Oct. f. 

Copies: LC; HW1. 

Pompilius, Paulus. 

13254* Syllabae. Rome: Silber, 1488. Jul. 

Copy; Ph(W). 

Pomponius Laetus. See Laefus, 9828-9838. 

Pomponius McU. See Mela, 11012-11021. 

Pontanus, Johannes Jovianus. 
13256* De fortUudine bellica. Naples: 
Moravus, 1490, 15 Sept. 4°. 

Copio: AmBt: Fli(W)i JMH; JPMt. 

13257* De obcdientia. Naples: Moravus, 
1490, 25 Oct. 4°. 
Copy: JPMt. 

13259 De liberalitate, de beneficentia, de 
magnificentia, de spiendore. de convi- 
ventia. Naples: Tresser & Martinus 
de Amsterdam. 1498. 17 Jul. 4°. 

R*f; R; Fr 6746. CopyiLCCT). 

13260 De aspiratione. Naples, 1481, 8 Jan. 


Ref: Pr 6?l)i {Uor.vui). Copy: CCIeven). 

De prudentia, de magnanimitate. Na- 
ples: Mayr. f°. 

Copy: Pli(W, ISOO). 

Pontanua, Ludovicus. 

Singularia in causis criminalibus. f°. 
Ref: Csmphell 1186 (Utrecht); Pr 8829 (not «fler 
147I-7«). Copy: AmBf. 

fLtl: Hli 



le). Cop 

13267* f°. 

Ref; Pr 293 (StrMbnrg; Ereeitein); C (1478). 
Copiei: HirvLaw; Pb(W). 

13272* Singularia notabilia Mathaei 

Mattaselani. Venice; Andreas Cala- 
brensis. 1489, 12 Nov. t'. 

Copy: HWt. 
13282 De relictis ad pjas causas. Pavia, 
1483, 7 Feb. f. 

Copy: LC. 

13287* Pontificale Romanum. Rome: 
Plannck. 1497, 16 Aug. f°. 

Copiec HatTS; LC. 

Pontus und Sidonia. Augsburg: Schdn- 
spergcr. 1491. frevtag nach dem auf- 
fertag rMay 13]. f. 

Copy: JPMt. 

Porchns, Christophorus. 

13292 Lectura super primo, secundo et 
tertio libro institutionum cum addi- 
tionibus Jasonts de Mayno. Pavia: 
Julianus de Zerbo, 1483, 5 id. Oct. [11., 

Ref: R; Pr 7079. Copy: LC(T). 

13293* Venice: And. de Soiiis, 1484, 

24 Dec. f°. 

C:op»: LCPh. 

Porcius or Portiiu, Hieronytnus. 

13295 Commentarius de crcatione, corona- 
tione (etc.i Alexandri vi. ad Ferdinan- 
dum et Hclisabeth Hispaniae Reges. 
Rome: Silber, 1493, 18 Sept. 8°. 

Ref: R; Pr M72. Copy: JPMt. 


13300 Libri artis logice Porphyrii et Aris- 
totcHs cum explanatione Johannis de 
Lapidc. Basel: Amerbach. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (not ifter 149!); Hiio 9919. Copy: 


De divinis atcjue daemonibus. See Jam* 
blichUB, 93S8. 
Porretaniu, AUnus. See Alanus, 377. 
13302 Portolanopertutiinavichantt. Ven- 
ice: Bernardino Rizo, 1490, 6 Nov, 4*. 
Ref: R; Pr 49S7.' Copy: JCBr. 

Fortius or Porciiia, Leonardus. 
De sestertio pecuniis ponderibus et men- 

suris antiquis. 4°. 
Ref; D, E, Smitli. R»r» Arithmetic* (Venice, c. 
1SOO>. Copy: GAPt. 

13311* Practica cancellariae aposlolicae. 
Rome; Besicken & Mayr, 1493. 4°. 

Kef: BM Cat: Hain 12524. Copy: Harv (Riant). 

Practica molto bona et vtile a ciaschaduno 
chi vuole uxare larte dela merchadantia 
chiamala de labbacho. Treviso, 1478, 
10 Dec. 4°. 

Ref: D. E. Smith, RaraArilhmeticL Copy; CA PI 
(Wad hull, Ivei). 

13317* Praeceptorium perutile de deca- 
logo. Leipzig: Kachelofcn, 1494. 4*. 

Copiei: LC(T); JM. 

13318* Praecordiale devotorum. Straa- 
burg, 1489. 8*. 

Ret; Pr 546 (Pruai). Copy: JPMt. 

13319* Basel, 1489, Iti kal. JuL Jun. 

16.1 8°- 

Copy: Cor. 

Prato Plorido, Hugo de. See Hugo, 8994- 

Precum ordo: Tcphillath Yahid tcalled in 

the vernacular] Sidorello (Prayer book, 

Roman rite, in Hebrew]. Soncino, 

1486, 7 Apr. 8°. 

Ref; Jacob! 41; Pr 7301: Sieinachneider i03; 
Van Siraalen ISO; Manioni 130; ZeilKh. f. 
hebr. Bihiiof., viii, 58. Copy: JewiahTS. 

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Pre cum or do, continued. 
[Prayer book, German rite, i 

«nluiTr?>i Zedntr «58 (1490?). Copy: Jew- 

[Prayer book, Spanish rite, in He- 
brew.) 16°. 

■Rtt: Pr 702! (BrfKia: Ccr»n ben Moki, 1492?): 
Sleinichncidcr 357. Cop;: JeoiihTS. 

Copy: JcwiifaTS (Liibon: Elieur Taledano, c. 


See aUo Hahsor; Selihot; and T«hanu- 

Prierio or Prieriai, Sylvester de. 

13346* Opus in Johannem Capreolum; 
Compedium operis J. Capreoli in libri 
sententiarum. Cremona: Carolus de 
Darleriis, 1497, 17 & 4 kal. May lApr. 

Priwaanui & Marsilius. Exposttio in The- 
ophrastum. See Jamblichus, 9358. 

13367* PrivaegiaordinisCisterciensis. Di- 
jon j^ Met! in ger, 1491, 4 non. Jul. [4., 4'. 



: Cor: 



13354* Opera. f°. 

Rif: Pr SBg7 (MiUn: Printer of Servini, e. 147S). 
Con: Ph(W). 

133S7* Venice: J. de Colonia & Man- 
then, 1476. i°. 

Copin: Harvi UChii JEBcal; HWt. 

I33S8 Venice, 1476. f . 

Rtfi Rj Pr 4361 (Jac it FiTiuno). Copieat 
Uai; LC(T). 

13359 Venice: Michael Manaolini, 

1481, 15 Dec. P. 

Ref: Pr 47SZ. Copy: LC<T). 

13360* Venice: Hanntbal Foxius & 

socii, 1485, 10 kal. Oct. [Sept. 22.) f*. 

Coplw: Ph(W>; HWt. 

13361 [Commentary of Johannia de 

Aingre.i Venice; Geo. Arrivabene, 
1488, prtd. non. Dec. [4., V. 

Ref: R; P( 4914. Copiet: Han; HDioc; ELF; 

13362 Venice: Ph. Pinzius, 1492, 12 

kal. Jul. Jun. 20.j f°. 

Ref: Pr !29J. Copy: NYP. 

13364* [Commentaries of Johannis de 

Aingre el Daniel Cajetanus.i Venice: 
Localellus, 1496, 9 kal. Mar. [Feb. 21.] 


Copi»: H»rv; Watk; LC(T)i HWt. 

1336S* Venice: Ph. Pincius, 1500. 19 

Mar. f. 

Copic*: BoatonAtb; Colj HWt. 

Rtl: Fail 

I Booki, 

879S; Thierry Pooi' \ti\H, 
AniBt; LC; LC(T) ; CWC. 

Privilegia et indulgcntiae frati 
Ordinis S. FranciscE. 8°. 
Ref; Pr SSO« (Venice: Job. Eni«ich of Sprier): 
R 396 (c. I49S). Copy: HWt. 

13372 Leipiig: Kachelofen. 1495. 4". 

Ret: BM Cal. Copy: UnTS. 

13373* ^^Leipzig: Wolfgang (Stoeckel,, 

Copy: Pb(W). 

Proba Falconia. See Falconia, 6903-6908. 

Probus, Valerius. 

13378 pe litteris antiquis ex recensione Fr. 
Mtchaelis Ferrarini. Venice; Tacui- 
nus, 1499. 20 Apr. 4°. 

Ref: R; Pr S4S8. Copiei: Hary; HWt. 

13379 ProceHJonariom ordinis S. Benedic- 

ti. Montserrat, 1500, 26 Aug. 4'. 

Ref: Haebler J5G (Loaehaer). Copiet: Hiapanic 

13380 ordinis praedicatorum. Seville: 

Ungut & Stan. Polono, 1494. 3 non. 
Apr. ,3., 4'. 

Ref: Haebler S57; C. Copi««: Ki*panic (2). 

Proceiitu judicarius; Sathanae. f. 

Ref: Pannrl:80:434 (Straiburc Hentelin, 1477). 
Hain refera from Proeeaani Satanat ta Jtcobmi 
it ThrramB. but bai DO enlry. Copia: Hir* 
Law; HinnP. 

13386* Proceiius contra Fralrem Hierony- 
mum iSavonarolami. 4*. 

Ret: BM Tat (Naremben: Huber, after Apr. 19, 
1408. By Johannei Franc. Poffiai). Copy; 

riflcio et magia. See Jamblicbiu, 

Profectua religiosorum. Sec Bonavcntm. 
Libri profectuum. 3510. 

13393 Opusculum repertorii PronoBdcon in 
mutaliones acris tam via astrologtca 
quam metheorologica. Venice : Rat- 
dolt, 1485. 4'. 

Ref: R; Pr 4401: C. Copiea: AmB: LC; CPh; 
JCre; Snrii; CWA (SyitDn Park); (Hoe); 

13399 Promptoriui puerofum; Medulla 
grammatice. (London:] Pynson, 1499, 
IS May. f. 

Ref: Doff 352; Pr 979). Copy: JPMf. 

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13406 Carmina cum commcntariis PhJIJppi 

Beroaldi. Bologna; Benediclus Hec- 

toris, 1487. I'. 

Ref: R; ?r 65B2. Copiei: Sun; GBW. 

See also CatuUut, 4757-1766. 

13408 [Early Prophets, in Hebrew.i Son- 
cino: Joshua Solomon ben Israel 
Nathan. 1485, 15 Oct. 1°. 

Rtt: Jacob! 37: Dc Rasti 40; Pr 739g; Siein- 
Khnfidcr 1. Copici: HibrcwUn; JcwithTS; 
JHC (frag.); MS (2); LC(T. SuiMi), 

13409 Leiria: Abraham D'Ortas. 1494. 


Ktl: Jacob) »; Ot Roiii 104; Hicblcr S5g; 
SlcinKtineider 4. Copiei^ JcwiihTS (Judcci); 
LC (fntmcni ot Jad(ta). 

13410 (Later Prophets, in Hebrew., f°. 

Rcf: Jacnbt «0 (Snncmo, r. 1486); De Ro»i 131; 
Pr 7299; Stcinicbneider ]. Copici: LC; Jew- 
iibTS; MS (2); LC(T, Sum*x). 

13412* Propositio facta per oratores Inno- 
eentii vni. coram Carolo viii; Paris. 20 
Jan. 1488. 4°. 

Rcf: Pr 1682 (Some: PUnnck); Hain 4961. 
Copr: Harv (Riant). 

Prosper Aquitanus. 

13417* De vita contemplativa alque actu- 

P taller, continued. 

Copy; PriD (StraibnrE: Eneilein, 14&l-7a>). 


Cop»: HWf (c. H70). 

Copy: NVP <Colocne: Conrad Winleri, 14«S>). 

Venice; (Hamman] Hertzog, 1496, 

kal. Dec. [1., 8". 

Rif: B 299. Copy: HWt. 

Rtf: Pr 236S (Speier: Draeh). Copy: Ph(W). 

13418* 1487. 4'. 

Ref; BM Cat (Speier: Drach). Copica: Berk; 
WKB (Bamberg); CSB; WMV. 

Epigrammata dc virtutibus et vitiis. 4°. 

Ref: R 297 (Florence, c. 1480). Copy: HWt. 

13422 Maim; Friedberg. 1494. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 177. Copies: Col; LC(T). 

See also Eusebius Pamphilus, 6716- 


Pnidentius, Aurelius Clemens. 
13432 Opera poetica. 4°. 

Ref: Campbell 145^6 (Deventer: Paffroet. c. 
1497); Pr 90J1. Copiei; Harv (SyMon Park); 
Prin; UChi. 

13451 Psalter ,Hebrewi. [Bologna;, Josef. 
Neriyah. Hayyim. Mordekai. Hezekiah 
Montrone. 1477. 29 Aug. 4°. 

Ref: Jacob! 6; De Boiai 14; Pr 7330; Slein- 
>chneider I. Copiei: LC; JewiitaTS. 

13452 (Greek.1 4°. 

Ref: R: Pr S564 (Venice: Aldu., 1497-98). 
Copie.; Hirv; NYP; Prin; CWC; JPM (2); 

13453* Venice; [.^lexandros of Kan- 

dia,, 1486, 15 Nov. 4°. 

Copy: NYP, 

Milan. 1481. 

13454* [Greek & Latin 

20 Sept. f°, 

Ref: Pr S9«« (Bonui Accuniui 
NYP; HWt. 

: Han 

Copy: Har 

13470* f 

Ref; Pr 1S74 <Au|ibur«: Zainer). Copiei: Va; 

13480* Mainz: Fust & Schoifher, 

14S9. 29 Aug. i°. 

Ref: BU Cat. Copy: JPMt. 

13494 Mainz: Fust & Schoefter. 1490. 

uh. Aug. P. 
Ref: BM CaL Copy: CLN <1 leaf). 

13S06* See 13466. 

IJSIO Mit dem teutschen nutxlichen 

dabei gedruckt. Augsburg: Ratdolt, 

1494. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 1902. Copiei: JLD; JPMt. 

13511* Augsburg; Ratdolt. 1499. 4'. 

Ref: BM Cat; Fiirfu Morray 346. Copy: HBT. 

13521 Die duytsche souter. Delft. 

1480. 12 Feb. 8°. 

Ref: Campbell 549 (van der Meer); Pr 8864. 
Copy: HWt. 

13524 Delft: Echert, 1498. 8'. 

Ref: Campbell 5S2; Pr 8908. Copy: HC. 

El psalterio facto per David, f. 

Ref: R 303 (Venice, c. 1472). Copy: HWf. 

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Ic — 

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\ Regimen sani- 

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Ref: BM CM lTrii»i>te<l by Burchacdui de Hor- 
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(To be eoHiinued) 

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. Gum 



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tedcsca c i famosi documenli sulla neu- 

Ambulance amiricaine. Keuilly, France. 
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A national test of brotherhood; 

America's opportunity to relieve suffering 
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American Dcfeiwe Society. The Ameri- 
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That the administration be asked: 1. To 
send an overwhelming force to France... 
That congress be asked: 6. To declare 
that a state of war exists with Austria. 
Bulgaria and Turkey. . . That it be recom- 
mended to the various authorities: 10. To 
forbid the compulsory study of German in 
the public schools. New York: American 
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• C <Fait) 

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IlluUrallDna b^ Adrian dc Almoinera. 

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• C (Fait) 

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Icr and c. 
i the Kail 

of Crn 

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vembre 1916)... Paris: Plon-Nourrit & 
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12°. (His: La chanson de Vaux — Douau- 
mont. [V., 2.) BTZE 

Borsi, Giosue. A soldier's confidences 
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Borsi; authorized translation by Rev. Pas- 
quale Maltese: appreciation and foreword 
by Arthur Benington. New York: P. J. 
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16'. ZIH 

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1914-1915. Preface d'Henri Robert... 
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Frau in Frankreich. Berlin: A. Scherl 
G. m. b. H. ,cop- 1917.1 139 p.. 3 pi.. 1 port. 
12°. BTZB 

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pi. r. tBTZB 

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CoHlinli: Pin i. C. R. W. Ntvin>on. Part It. 
Sir John Ltvirj. Pin in. Pml Naih. 

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40 p., Ipl. 12°. BTZE 

Burgeia, John William, John W. Bur- 
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historian, and dean of Columbia, sees the 
birth of a better era in the labor of the 
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Camegie Endowment for International 
Peace.— Division of Intercourse and Edu- 
cation. The Imperial Japanese Mission. 
1917; a record of the reception throughout 
the United States of the special mission 
headed by Viscount Ishii; together with 
the exchange of notes embodying the 
Rool-Takahira understanding of 1908 and 
the Lansing-Ishii agreement of 1917: fore- 
word by Elihu Root. Washington, D. C: 
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Ce qu'un Francais doit savoir des £tats- 
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* C (Fait) 
Ce qu'un Fran^ais doit savoir de la ma- 
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• C (Fait) 
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and capital after the war, by various 

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Hon. J. H. Whitley, u.r. Edited by S. J. 
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war) a voice from the soldiers and sailors 
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war zones. Boston: Chappie Publishing 
Company, Limited, 1918. xiv p., 1 1.. 303 p. 
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bord d'un tank, preface de C'aude Farrere. 
Paris: Plon-Nourrit & Cie„ 1918. 2 p.l.. iv. 
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Chevillud, Valbert. Les cigarettes de 
mademoiselle; comedie en un acte pour 
jeunes filles. Paris: Libratrie tbeatrale, 
artistique & litteraire [1917?., 16p. 12*. 

Drama. BTZI p.V.12, noS 

L'infirmiere; comedie en un acte 

pour jeunes filles. Paris: Librairie thi- 
atrale, arttstique & litteraire .1917?|, 16 p, 
12°. BTZI p.v.12, no.B 


Conference Committee on National Pre- 
paredness. Work of the Conference Cotn- 
mittee on National Preparedness, 1918... 
New York: Eaton & Gettineer, 1918. 32 p., 
1 I, illus. 8°. BTZS p.v.4, no.2 

Conference of Representatives of the 
Grain Trade of the United States, Wash- 
ington. 1917. Conference of representatives 
of the grain trade of the United States, 
Washington. D, D. |Sic,...Aug. 15. 1917. 
[Washington? 1917., 57 p. 8°. VPM 

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lishing Company icop. 1918]. 243 p, illus. 
12°. BTZW 

Crowe, John Henry Verinder. General 
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General J, H. V, Crowe... With an in- 
troduction by Lieut. -General the Rt. Hon. 
J. C. Smuts,,. London: J. Murray. 1918. 
xxiii. 280 p., 4 folded maps, 1 port. 8°. 


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a contemporary novel. New York: j. Lane 
Co., 1918. V p.. I 1.. 9-313 p. 12*. BTZK 

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1917. (New York, 1917r, _ _ __ 


Decorations in the city of New York to 
honor and welcome the Imperial Japanese 
Commission, Sept. 27, 28, 29, 1917. iNew 
York, 1917?) 20pl. ob.4°, t IRGV 

Decormtions in the city of New York to 
honor and welcome the Italian Commis- 
sion, June 21-22-23, 1917. [New York. 
1917?, 27 pi. ob.4°. tIROV 

Decorations in the city of New York to 
honor and welcome the Russian Commis- 
sion, July 6-7. 1917. |New York, 1917?, 
12 pi. ob.4°. tIROV 

De La Pasture, Edmee Elizabeth Monica. 
The war-workers, by E. M. Delafield 
ipseud.|. . . London: W. Heinemann [1918,. 
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Espagne et Belgique. Paris: PIon-Nourrit 
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12'. BTZE 

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trenches with the American Red Cross. 
[New York: D. C. McMurtrie, 1918?] 2 
p.l.. 3-60p., 11. 24°. BTZBp.v.299,iio.I 

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XV. 222 p., 1 1. 12°. BTZE 

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• C (Fait) 

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New York. London: D. Appleton and Com- 
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' GPG 

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L'Effort de la Frmnce et de sea mUiis, 
Paris. Le dernier piege; 1( 
de paix de nos ennemis, elles 

dangereusee que leurs 

guerre. [Paris: I. Rirachovski, 1918?| 8p. 

map. 8°. BTZP p.vj, no.7 

Signed; C. Boutin. 

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Dardanelles expedition, April - September, 
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1918. 2 p.l., ,iv-, vp.. It., 132 p., 30 pi.. 5 
ports. 8°. BTZE 

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Trente-deux illustrations. Paris: H. Lau- 
rens, cop. 1916. 2 p.l., 16 p. illus. 4°. 
(Images historiques. Le memorial des 
cites ravagees.) DFQ (Attbb) 

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d by Google 



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Po«n.. BTZI 

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French and Enfllth t»l> in parallel colnmni. 

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Another edition puhtiihed under liile Yeuxf Hilda 
al Iht teari. 

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ment je n'ai pas tue le traitre Jaures... 
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Zwolf Tage Weltgeschichte. 24. Juli 

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trenches; address delivered, the 

d by Google 



Mount Morris Theatre, N. Y. City, Decem- 
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gande fara; valforedrag i Lund ocb Engel- 

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Conirmu: Preface de H. Eufine ttitnat. Iniro- 
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Biolocie du coorife. — Piychaa^ic du courige cfau 
lliomme. Piycbolocie do coDrM'- 

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1918. 61 p. 4°. XD 
Hnbert, Lucien. Une politique co- 

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Italy's great war and her national aspira- 
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With an introductory chapter by H. Nel- 
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1917|. 4p.l.. (l)12-267p., Ifolded r 
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jjiving sermon. Preached in the Broadway 
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* C (Fait) 

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tax, business tax. estate tax, corporation 
tax, codified, indexed, explained, illus- 
trated: with charts for quick reference. 
Chicago: Reilly & Britton Co. icop. 1917,, 
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mission to the United States; with an in- 
troduction by James M. Beck... Trans- 
lated by John L. B. Williams... New 
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1918. xvi, 230p., 11. 12°. BTZE 

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douanieres envers rAustro-Allemagne; 
tarifs prcferentiels entre Allies... Paris: 
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Nos centres industriels du nord apres 
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bliotbegue de philosophic scientifique.) 


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near the marshes of Saint-Cond. trans- 
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xv(i). 223 p., Ifac, 1 folded map, 12 pi.. I 
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Lettrea sur la re forme gouverne men tale. 
Paris: B. Grasset. 1918. 268p., II. 12°. 

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yi. Grafin. Court & diplomacy in Austria 
and Germany; what I know, by Countess 

Olga Leutrum. v 

London: T. F. Un 
p. illus. 8°. 

ilh eight illustratio 
■ . Ltd. il918.| — 


1 de 1. 

De Verdun 
inier militaire 
le presse (1917). 


Lloyd-George, David. British war aims. 
Statement by the Prime Minister, the Right 
Honourable David Lloyd-George, on Janu- 
ary S, 1918. Published by authority of the 
British government. iLondoni] Hazell. 
Watson & Viney, Ld. |1918., 12 p, 8°, 


British war aims: statement by the 

Right Honourable David Lloyd George, 
January fifth, nineteen hundred and eigh- 
teen. Authorized version as published 
by the British government. New York: 
George H. Doran Company (1918,. 15 p, 
12°. BTZPp.v.3,no.l 

The great crusade: extract from 

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Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George. . , Ar- 
ranged by F. L. Stevenson... London: 
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maine. 6- annee, no. 11.) * C (Fait) 

Loeviiis, Frederick. Little nations, by 
F. Thaumazo [pseud.], Brooklyn, N. Y., 
1916. Up. 16°. 

A poem In Engliih, with Geimui trmDiUtion. 

Lowel, Guatave, and J. Klotz. Lei ou- 
vriers Sc ouvrieres des usines de guerre en 
Angleterre; rapport de mission, par M. le 
Medecin-Major de 1" classe Loisel et M. le 
Midecin Aide-Major de I" classe Klotx. 
Paris: Imprimerie Chaix, I9I7. 1 p.l., ti, 
114 p. 8°. TDK 

Lucian, pseud. 1920; dips into the near 
future, [London :i Headley Bros., Ltd. 
il918>i 3 p.l., 98 p., 1 1. 12°. BTZK 

Lupoid, Jean. Sur le front britannique; 
impressions d'un neutre, Ypres, Arras, 
. Albert, Bapaume. Peronne. etc. Avec de 
nombreuses illustrations hora texte, d'apres 
des documents photographiques. Neu- 
chatel: Delachaux & liitatXi 5. A. il917o 
109(1) p., 2 facs., 21 pi., 1 port. 12°. BTZE 

UcBride, Herbert Wes. The Emma 
Gees, by Herbert' W. McBride. captain, 
U. S. A., late Twenty-First Canadian Bat- 
talion; illustrated with photographs and 
trench maps. Indianapolis: "The Bobbs- 
Merrill Company [Cop. 1918|. 10 p.l., 218 p., 
1 1.. 1 port, illus. 12°. BTZE 

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erator, and other pieces. With a memoir. 
London: J. Lane. 1918. 3 p.!., 3-156p.. 1 
port. 12°. BTZl 


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with an introdnctio" hy the Right Hon. H. 
H. Asquith, M.p. N'ev York: George H. 
Doran Company |Cop. 1918|. x p., II., 13- 
160 p. illus. 8°. BTZO 

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12°. BTZE 

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Men (1918,. 7 p. 4°. (Red Cross Institute 
for Crippled and Disabled Men. Publica- 
tions, Series 1. no. 3, Jan. 26. 1918.) 

5SV (Red) 

The organization, work and method 

of the Red Cross Institute for Crippled and 
Disabled Men. [New York: Red Cross In- 
stitute for Crippled and Disabled Men. 
1918.i 38 p., 2 pi. 2.ed. 12°. S8V 

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A. Pearson & Co., Ltd., 1918. 189 p. 12°. 

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ture. New York: The Macmillan Com- 
pany. 1918. Sp.l., 98 p. i\ BTZO 

Canlmu: St. Cnifc mnd the druon, ■ apHch for 
St. GeoTie'i d>r, April 2]rd, 191B. The i»r and the 

Hatsey, W. T. The desert campaigns, 
by W. T. Massey. official correspondent 
of London newspapers with the Egyptian 
expeditionary force; with illustrations 
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Dnmi <n three icK. 

Menkin, Edward. The trial of the 

Kaiser. (Chicago, cop. 1918., IS p. 16°. 


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dc Kancy; Nancy bombardee. preface de 
G. Simon. . .avant-propos de H. Terquem 
... Paris: Berger-Levrault. 1918. xxiii. 
246 p.. II. 12°. DPY 

Coven ihe period fTom Dee. 31, 1915 to Jan. 26. 

HUner (1. viscount), Alfred Milner. 
Fighting for our lives. London: Constable 
and Co.. Ltd.. 1918. 15(1) o. 12°. 


"A ipeeeb delivered it Plymonth, Febmarj 2ln, 

Molter, Bennett A. Knights of the air. 
by Lieut. Bennett A. Molter. pilote-avia- 
teur. escadrtlle n-102. armee frangaise... 
New York. London : D. Appleton and 
Company, 1918. 243 p. illus. 12°. BTZY 

Horan, Mary, and Sybil Barney, com- 
pilers. A selected list of references on re- 
construction after the European war. rn. p.. 
1918?! 19 f. 4°. BTZV 

TTpewtiiien (heett. 

Hiiir.John. How to raise the money. 
The third Liberty Loan drive. .New 
York?, 1918. 12p. 12°. BTZS p.v.5, no J 

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ment, its growth and principles; the cul- 
mination of modern history. New York; 
H. Holt & Co., 1918. xi, 312 p. 8°. SEE 

HlUiroe, Jack. Mopping up! By Lieu- 
tenant Jack Munroe. through the eyes of 
Bobbie Burns, regimental mascot. . . New 

Hunt, Marie de Rohan-Chabot. prin- 
cesse. Raspoutine et I'aube sanglante ; 

preface de M. fimile Vandervelde. . . Parts: 
E. de Boccard il918?,. 143(1) p. 12°. 

Nadand, Marcel. The flying poilu; a 
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Frances Wilson Huard. . .with drawings 
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217 p. iltus. 12°. BTZK 


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(l)p., 6pl.. 2port». 8°. BTZE 

National Foreign Trade Convention, 5th, 
Cincinnati. 1918. Official report of the 
fifth National Foreign Trade Convention, 
held at the Hotel Gibson, Cincinnati, Ohio, 
April 18. 19, 20, 1918; a stenographic report 
of the proceedings, the discussions, the 
speeches at the several group sessions, the 
addresses at the banquet, together with the 
papers prepared in advance, a list of the 
delegates present, the organizations and 
companies represented, and the organiza- 
tion of the convention. New York City: 
Issued by the secretary, National Foreign 
Trade Convention headquarters icop. 1918i. 
XXX. 667 p. 8°. TLA 

N«l7,Ameliede. T..a revolution russe, 
vue par une Fran^aiae. Paris: Perrin & 
Cie.. 1?18. 2p.l.. 284p. ,2. ed., 12°. OLO 

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my escape from a German prison camp. 
London: W. Heinemann [1918,. xitp.. II.. 
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12*. (Le fait de la semaine. 5° annee. 
no. 4.) • C (Fait) 

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fingknekt och Tysklands! Ett ord till 
bagge landens vanner. Stockholm: H. 
Lundberg& G. Otzon [1917,. 56p„lpl. 2. 
ed. 12°. BTZEp.v.29S,noJ 

Oil est le droit dans la grande 

guerre? Traduit du sufdois par S. Harel. 
Stockholm: H. Lundberg & G. Olion. 1917. 
3p.l., (l)a-72p. 12°. BTZEp.v.298,no.7 

L'Ourcq; Meaux — Senlis — Chantilly. 
[Paris: Berger-Lcvrault.i cop. 1917. 118p„ 
1 1. 8°. (Champs de bataille de la Marne. 
1.) BTZE (Champs) 

Paenw, Lion de. La reeducation pro- 
fessionnelle des soldats mutiles et estropies 
...avec une lett re -preface de Mme. Henry 
Carton de Wiart. Paris: Berger-Levrault, 
1917. 2p.l,. (i)viii-xvi. 245 p.. 61.. 24 pi. 
12°. SSV 

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the American destroyers and their allies 
in the war zone. Boston and New York: 
Houghton Mifflin Company, 1918. xvii(i) 
p., 11, 392 p., II. illui. 8°. VYAF 

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Les Persecutions antihelleniques en 
Turquie depuJs le debut de la gruerre euro- 
peenne, d'apres les rapports officiels des 
agents diplomatique* et eonaulaircs. Paris: 
B. Grasset. 1918. 63 p. 12°. (Le fait de 
la semaine. 6* annee. no. 12.) • C (Fmit) 

Petite histoire politique de rAllemagne 
depuis 1914, Paris: B. Grasset. 1917. 62 
p., 1 1. 12°. (Le fait de la semaine. 5* 
annee. no. 6.) • C (Fait) 

Petite histoire politique de I'Angleterre 
depuis 1914. Avant-propos de Stephen 
Pichon... Paris: Librairie Grasset |1917|. 
vi, SSp. 12°. (Le fait de la semaine. 5* 
annee. no. 2.) • C (Fait) 

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turn, by Noelk Roger [pseud.i. with an his- 
torical note by Eugene Pittard. Boston: 
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12°. BTZB 

Primed in Great Briuin. 

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Pope-Hennessy, Una Birch. Map of the 
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Approximate Kale: 26 milci to the inch. 
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Include! draft of >4>in to provide tor Tocatianat 

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d by Google 


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in Grei 

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1 I. 



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Company, 1918. 80 p. 

Tbe s) 

: The art oi 

uiving. A n 

CDRipiiilKil for employer 
lime ■mdr- Cenlraltiet 
•chedutini. SUTidardi»< 



I English 

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people and junior emplOTFei. The leachinn of mer- 
chandite. Milerial for mercbandiae claitei. The 
atndjr of tbe coitomer. Stndr of the ptoceM of aell- 
ing. Part III. Broader (ipecli. Welfare and locial 

Cooperation with tbe pablic Kho^li. Ontline far 
a courae in the public achooli — The N'ew York plan. 
Bnainei* ethica in the department alore. AppendU. 

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ol. Old Bi 

The c 

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rnd the mar know faer full dotr nd facr right ■ and 
privileges (hereunder, and be the better able thereby 

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iology, etc., continued. 
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i'. tt MQWO 

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cism, , . Illustrated with drawings by the 
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General Works 

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"The micniiil hm been mlde lo prcKnt each Uj\t 
■1 a tbiriR of growlfa and chance, nlfacr than at a 
farinala baied on the monunienu of lome loppoied 
apogee." - Pr€fatt. 

"Will prahibiT heller lerve Ifae individual lonie- 
what cnnvenant with the luhiect ... rather than tlie 
aninitrDCled tencil reader." — Archiitclnral rr- 

Lion, Paul. Les monuments historiques; 
conservation, restauration. Paris: H. Lau- 
rens, 1917. vii, 380p. illus. 4°. MQWF 

method) of a 


ork. Thii tlaA, hrir 

and p 

rather tha 

The book hat evident bearinf on problemt brought 

Lubschez, Ben Jehudah. Over the draw- 
ing hoard: a draftsmen's hand book. 
Washington. D. C: The Journal of the 
American Institute of Architects, 1918. x. 
131 p. illus. 12°. HQG 

hat in the patt found tatiflf^ing embodiment; and 
in the ligfal of tbii aoalyiii lo tiad)' analyticall]' and 
•ynthetically certain aipecta of preient-dax enprel- 

Porter, Arthur Kingsley. Beyond archi- 
tecture. Boston: M. Jones Co., 1918. xi, 
200 p., 9 pi, 8°. HQ 

ConUKIt: PrcKripl. Aninit Roman arcbiteclnre. 
Arl of the middle age. Gothic art, the war and after. 
The Gothic v»y. French Gothic and Ihe lulian 
renaiiiance. The an of Ciotto. Paper architecture. 

The White pine series of architectural 
monographs. A. . .publication suggesting 
the architectural uses of white pine and its 
availability to-day as a structural wood. 
V. 1-2 (July, 1915- Dec, 1916). New York, 
1916. 4'. HQWO 

Special Topics 

Asfabee, Charles Robert. Where the 
great city stands; a study in the new civics. 
London: Essex House Press. 1917. xii, 
164 p., 21., 1 chart, 4 plans, 32 pi., 1 port, 
illus. 4°. tMST 

fifty reari ihttl *e tave from Ihe wreck of Ibe 
war?... There will be a time for all that after 
the war,' men aaf, . . Yet I have found that manr 
of my Kldier friends at the front have often taken 

and it it with the young «en who return tbal the 
ui bad before Ifae war." — Introdmcliam. 

Ilg, Albert. Portale von Wiener Profan- 
hauten des xvii, und xviii. Jahrhunderts. 
Sechzig Lichtdrucke naeh photograph- 
ischen Aufnahmen. Mit Text von Dr. Al- 
bert He.-. Wien: A, Schroll & Cn„ 1894. 
2 p.l.. 17(1) p., II.. 60 pi. f°. -ftMQWD 

Italy. — tspettorato dell' Industria e del 
Commercio. Glass and stained glass win- 
dows. Rome: iTipografia Nazionale di G. 
Bertero e C.,, 1913. 61 p., Icol'dpl. 4°. 
(The artistic crafts of Italy. 3.) fHNE 

Some old London mantels, from the xvi 
to the xviii centuries... New York: N. 
Dawson ,1917?,. 2p.l.,49pl. 3q.8°. HRN 

d by Google 


Architecture, continued. 

Brutaila, Jean Auguste. Pour com- 
prendre \ta monuments de la France; no- 
tions pratiques d'archeologie a I'usage' des 
touristes. Paris: Hachette & Cie.. 1917. 
xvi. 271(1) p., Holded plan, illus. 12°. 


Mayor, Jacques. Pierrefonds, 1e cha- 
teau de Louis d'Orleans; cliches photogra- 
phiques dc Marius Marnas, heliotypie de 
A, Bourdier. Versailles: A. Bourdier 
,1911?,. 12p. illus. r. ttMQWF 

■.uorid h; Viol I e 

( back I. 

of ll 

"It ii 


! lut of t 

Nojrca, George E. Domestic colonial ar- 
chitecture of New England. [Newbury- 
port. 1917?j 23pl. ob. P. fMQWO 

fil nDmbernl phologrlphi, maunlcil on 2J liaTc)- 
Miinty dcuili: doon, windD<r>, rencca, InllU- 

Smith, Alice Ravenel Huger, and D. E. 
H. Smith. The dwelling houses of Charles- 
ton. South Carolina; with 128 illustrations 
from drawings by Alice R. Huger Smith, 
photographs, and architectural drawings 
by Albert Simons. Philadelphia: J. B. Lip- 
pincott Co., 1917. 4 p.l., 3^386 p., 11. itlus. 
8°. HQWO 

LI DftturAllx vkpreuHl 

Saint-SauveuT, Het 

United Slalei — Colonial 

Millar, Donald. Measured drawings of 
some colonial and Georgian houses. New 
York: Architectural Book Pub, Co.. 1916. 
2v. plans. {'. tt MQWO 

HoDtct in Ktw England, New York, and Pinniyl- 

ark of c 

Chateaux de 

rs. Recucillis 
mis en ordre par Hector Saint-Sauveur. 
)tes historiques de Marcel Fouquier, 
ris:C. Massin.n. d. f°. tHQWF 

V. 6. Normandir, 

— Evnmt Peti, 

Worthington, Addison F. Twelve old 
houses west of Chesapeake Bay; measured 
drawings and text by Addison F. Worth- 
ington. Edited and published with the 
purpose of furthering a wider knowledge 
of the beautiful forms of domestic archi- 
tecture developed during the time of the 
Colonies and the early days of the Repub- 
lic. Boston: Rogers and Manson Co., 1918. 
51 p. illus. 4°. (Monograph series.) 


d by Google 


Cantral Buildio£ 

Children'! Room 

Exteiuion Diviaion 

Library for the Blind 

Bail Broidwiy, 33 

Eail Broadway. 192 

Rivinglon itrcel, 61 .._ 

EmI Houalon ■(reel. 388 

Leroy alrect, 66 

Bond ilrect, 49- 

8iti atreel, 135 Second avenue. 

lOlh ilreet. 331 Eaat 

13(h Ilreet. 251 Weil 

23rd .(reel, 228 Eaal 

23rd iireet. 209 W«l- 

36lh Mreel. 303 Eaai 

«th ureet, «7 Wear 

SOih tireet. 123 Emi 

Slat alreel, 742 Tenlh avenue. 

58lb ilreel, 121 Eail._ 

67ih Mteel, 328 Eaat 

69th atrcei, 190 Anttieidam avi 

77th ilreet. 146S Avenue A... 

79lh alreel. 222 Eaat 

Blal ilreel, 444 Amaterdam ave 

%th aireet, 112 Eaai 

lOOlh atrcet, 206 We«i._ 

llOlh alreel, 174 Eaat__ 

llSlh .ireel. 203 Weal 

I24ih .tree(, 9 Weal 

125th alreel, 224 Ea.t 

Manhattan aireer, 78 

135ih meet. 103 Weat__ 

14Sth .irert, 503 Weal 

St. Nkholai avenue, 1000 

179th .treet, 535 We.t 


140lh alreel, 321 Eait 

Morri. avenue, 910 - 

I60lh alreel, 759 Eail 

I68lh Ilreel. 78 Weal 

169lh alreel, 610 Bait, 

I76ih airect and WnihinjtOR av 

Kin^ahridge avenue. 3041 


St. George 

Port Richcnoad 

Staplelon._ _ 

TolietiviJe _. 







1.499 I 










6S0.841 , 210.909 , 

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American Agriculturist (47 

American Historical Society 

Bank of Chosen . 

Boecklin. Werner (IS photo- 
graphs; 48 maps) 

British Dominions General Insur- 
ance Co.. Ltd. . 

British Guiana. The Government 
Secretary .... 

Brown, Bolton Coit (8 litho- 
graphs) .... 

Butler, Mrs. Wm. Allen 

Canada. Parliament. Distribu- 
tion Office 

Canada. War Lecture Bureau 

Carnegie Endowment for Interna- 
tional Peace . 

Charvet, Miss Louis'" . 

Chile. Biblioteca Nacional ( 1 

Chilton Company 

Churchill, William 

Conference of Federated Missio 

Connecticut State Library , 

Cook, Lieut. Walter W. S. . 

Curtis Publishing Co. . 

Davison Publishing Company 

Del Mar. Eugene ( 1 sheet ; 3 ne« 

Draper, Miss Martha Lincoln (53 

Ess Ess Publishing Company 

France. Ministere du Travail « 
de la Prevoyance Sociale . 

Gerhard. Dr. William Paul (7 fo- 
lios) .... 

Great Britain. Patent Office 

Hardie, Miss J. H. (2 posters) 

Houghton. E. F. & Co. . 

Hoyt. Mrs. W. L. 

Humiston, William Henry . 

Hussey. George A. 

India. Bengal Province. Chief 
Secretary to the Government 

India. Bengal Chamber of Coin- 
Janvier. Mrs. Thomas A. (Collec- 
tion of newspaper clippings and 
letters) .... 

Knapp. Miss E. A. (Collection of 
theatre, and opera programs, 
concerts, etc) . 

Kunz, Dr. George Frederick 

Levy, Irving 

Luthy. Charles T. (12 sheets) 

Macmillan Company 
6 Manchester. Eng. Council . 

Merritt, Douglas . 
J Metal and Thermit Corporatio 
<360 periodicals) 

Millinery Trade Publishing Co. . 

National Security League . 

National War Aims CommitI 

New Brunswick. Legislative 
8 sembly .... 

New Jersey Stale Library . 

New South Wales. Public Library 

New York State Assembly . 

New York State Library 

Norway. Bureau Central de Sta- 
I lislique .... 

Osborn, Prof. Henry Fairfield 
,„, Pan American Society of the 
'^ United States. ( 108 periodicals 
2j and a collection of newspapers) 

Penniman. James Hosmer . 
, Pennsylvania. Department of 

Public Printing & Binding 
c Petrauskas, Mikas 
" Potter,.Paul M. . 

Power, Eustace Bertram Le Poer 

Rhode Island State Library . 

Robbins, William A. (6 newspa- 
22 P""** . . . - 

Robinson. Henry A. . 

Rogers. P. K. 

Rose. Mrs. L. (56 periodicals) 

Rosenfeld, George 

Society of the Friends of Mu; 

1 Fund .... 
Stevens, George H. 

Sydney. New South Wales. Tech- 
nical College . 
Szlupas, John, M.D. . 
Taylor. Dr. T. M. 

2 Thayer, John Eliot 

g Townsend, Howard (56 period! 
cals: 13 newspapers: 1 sheet) 
Turnbull, Mrs. L, V. . 

27 Union of South Africa. Govern- 

U. S. Navy Department. Bureau 

of Navigation . 
Varona. Enrique Jose . 
55 Victoria. Legislative Council 
Walker, Joseph & Sons 
Weislander, S. . 
Wesiinghouse, Church, Kerr. 

Company .... 
White, William Wallace . 
38 Wilber, John Fremont . 
19 Wright. Horace Wetherill . 
1 Zeeland. Netherlands. The Secre- 
I tary of the Province . 

(612 1 

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(Now in Print) 


Handbook of The New York Public Library 10 centi. 

Central Building Guide -S cents. 

Facts for the Public. A pamphlet of general information about the Library - - free. 


(A limited number are given free 

Bulletin of The New York Public Library. Published monthly. Chiefly devoted to 
the Reference Department. Bibliography, news of the Library, reprints of manuscripts, 
descriptions of new accessions. $1.00 a year; current single numbers for 10 cents. Back 
numbers at advanced rales. 

Branch Library News. Monthly publication of the Circulation Department. Lists of 
new books, reading lists, articles about books, etc. Given free at the Branches. By mail, 
free to libraries and other public institutions. Otherwise, 25 cents a year. 

New Technical Books. A selected list of books on industrial arts and engineering. 
recently added to the Library. Published quarterly. (A limited number given free on 

Municipal Reference Library Notes. Published weekly, except during July and August, 
for circulation among the officials and employees of the City of New York. Price: $1.50 
a year; 5 cents a copy. Apply at Room 512, Municipal Building. 



Abori^nes of Australia and Tasmania, Billings, Dr. John Shaw, Memorial 

List of works relating to the - - .20 Meeting in honor of the late - • .10 

American Dramas. A list of - - - .20 Bimetallism, Gold and Silver Standards, 

American Gypsies, by Albert Thomas etc.. List of works relating to - • .15 

Sinclair ------ -05 „,„. ,_,„ -— 

. , , . ,-. , .... Book-Reviews, by E. L. Pearson - - .20 

American Interoceanic Canals. A list 

of references JO Buddhism. A list of references - - 2S 

American- Romani Vocabulary, by Al- r-.™-.!-.- ,_j r\... i ,-.. _« »-i.. .^ 

bert Thomas Sinclair - - - .05 "-'"atw'to . . ^!* of/«rIa re- ^^ 

Arabic Poetry, List of works relating to .10 

Assyria and Babylonia. A list of ref- Chiaroscuro Prints, by Frank Weiten- 

erences - .45 ''"•"P^ -^ 

Astor Library, Catalogue of the. 8 vol* City Planning and Allied Topics, Select 

umes. Sewed. Per volume • - 5.00 list of works relating to - - - .15 

Avetta and Romani, by Albert Thomas Columbtis. Utter of Columbus on the 

Sinclair ------ .05 discovery of America. Facsimile 

Beggars, Mendicants. Tramps, Va- of the pictorial edition, with a new 

grants, etc.. List of works relating and literal translation, and a rawn- 

to - - .05 P'ete reprint of the four oldest 

Berlin and the Prussian Court in 179a .-.H"" *■*'"**"*■ ,_ 

From a ms. journal of Thomai Cloth --.50 

Boylston Adams - - - - .15 Paper .25 


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County Government. Including County 
Publicationi. References to ma- 
terial .15 

Cruise of the U. S. Brig Argus m 1813. 
Journal of Surgeon James Inder- 
wick .10 

De Bry Collection of VoyagM, Cata- 
logue of the - - - - - .OS 

Dehydrated Foods. A list of references JDS 

Diplomatic History of the European 

War. A list of references - - .10 

Early American Poetry, 1610 to 1820. 

A list of works - - - - .20 
Asoects of War. 


Emmet collection of niss., prints, etc.. 

Catalogue of. Sheets - - - 5.00 

Exhibition of Etchings by Rembrandt, 
from the J. Pierpont Morgan Col- 
lection ------ Free 

Exhibition Illustrating the History of 
the Water Supply of the City of 
New York from 1639 to 1917 - - Free 

Franklin, Benjamin, Lijt of works re- 
lating to 20 

Furniture and Interior Decoration, List 

of works relating to - - - ,10 

Geology, Mineralogy and Palieontology 

of New Jersey, List of works on - .15 

Government Control of Railroads, 
Rates, Regulation, etc., List of 
works relating to - - - - .10 

Gypsies, List of works relating to - - ,05 

Gypsies in Carniola and Carinthia, by 

Albert Thomas Sinclair - - - .05 

Gypsies of Monastir, by Rev, Lewis 

Bond .05 

Henry Hudson, The Hudson River, 
Robert Fulton and Steam Naviga- 
tion, List of prints, books, manu- 
scripts, etc., relating to - - - ,30 

Heritage of the Modern Printer, by 

Margaret B. Stillwell - - - X)5 

Historical Printing Club, Publications 
of the. CList and prices furnished 
upon application.) - ■ ■ - 

Isle de Bourbon (Reunion). Docu- 
ments, 1701^1710. Primed from the 
original manuscript in the Library 20 

Isle of Man, List of works relating to - ,05 

Japan. List of works relating to - -25 

Joys of Librarian ship, by Arthur E. 

Bostwick .05 

Lenox Library. Contributions to a 
Voyages of Hulsius, Paper - - .50 
Voyages of Thevenot - - - .50 
The Waltonian Collection ... ,50 
Works of Milton .... .50 

Letters of American Oergymcn. 1711 

to 1860 JSS 

Librarian as a Unifier, by Andrew 

Keogh jOS 

Library Tonic, by George Parker Win- 

ship j05 

Library's Print Room, by Frank Weit- 

enkampf -.---. Free 

Manuscript Division, The, by Victor 

Hugo Paltsits - .... .15 

Money and Banking, List of works re- 
lating to -,5S 

Mormons, List of works relating to the 20 

Mountaineering, Selected list of books 

on JJ5 

Music. History of. Selected list of works 

relating to - - - - - .15 

Music Publishers in New York City 

before 1850. A directory - - .10 

Naval History, Naval Administration, 
etc., A selected list of works relat- 
ing to SO 

Naval Letters from Captain Percival 

Drayton, 1861-1865 - - - JO 

Near Eastern Question and the Balkan 

States, List of works relating to - .55 

Newspapers and Official Gazettes, 

aecklist of 1,85 

Numismatics, List of works relating to JS5 

Old Prints in the Prints Division - - JOS 

Oriental Drama. List of works relating 

to JDS 

Oxy- .Acetylene Welding, List of works 

relating to ----- ,15 

Pageants in Great Britain and the 

United States. A list of references .IS 

Paintings. Catalogue of. in the picture 

galleries of the Library - - - ,10 

"Parnassus" Tapestry in the Library, by 

George Lcland Hunter - - - .05 

Persia, List of works relating to - - ' .50 

Philosophy, List of books relating to - JO 

Political Parties in the United States, 

1800-1914. A list of references - ,25 

Prints and their Production. A list of 

works .55 

Prints and their Production: Supple- 
ment .05 

Religion, Theology and Church History, 
List of periodicals in the Library. 
General Theological Seminary and 
Union Theological Seminary relat- 
ing to ------ .15 

Romani and Dard, by George F. Black .05 

Russian, other Slavonic and Baltic Peri- 

odicals, A list of - - ' - .15 

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Schoolroom Decoration. A list of ref- 

Sctentific Management. A list of refer- 

Scotland, A list of works relating to - 
Shakers, List of works relatins to 
Sbakespeareanai, Catalogue of Exhibi* 

tion of. compiled by Henrietta C. 

Bartlett, 1916 ----- 
Spencer Collection of Modem Book 

Bindings, by Henry W. Kent - 
Stage Scenery. A list of references to 

illustrations since 1900 - - - 

Storage Batteries. A list of references, 


Submarines. A list of references - 
Superstructures, by W. N. C, Carlton - 

Torpedoes. A list of references • • JO 

Ultra-Violct Rays. A list of references .10 

Virginia, List of work* relating to -25 

War Taxation, 1914-1917. A Ust of ref- 
erences - - . - - . jOS 

Washington Eulogies. Chedclitt of 
eulogies and funeral orations on 
the death of Washington - - .25 

William 11. of Germany, Books relat- 
ing to, presented hy Dr. Jt^n A. 
Uandel JiS 

Winthrop, Theodore, Bibliographical 

notes on, by Elbridge Colby - - .05 

Winthrop Books, Plates of the, by El- 
bridge Colby ----- .OS 

Witchcraft in Europe, List of works 

relating to ----- .10 

Wood-Engraving To-Day, by Frank 

Weitenkampf • - • • • .05 


Orcular of information 


Altman Collection 

American History 

"As Interesting as a Novel" 

Bohemian Book IJst 

Books about Military Education 

Books of Interest to Women Voters 

Books on Ancient, Medieval, and Modem Art 

Books on Engineering, Industrial Arts, and 

Books for Summer Reading 
CaUlogue of Books for the Blind, and Sup- 
Catalogue of Husic for the Blind 

Fairy Tales for Grown-up Readers 

Flower Gardens 

Italian Book Ijst 

Joan of Arc 

List of Piano Music 

Military Training 

"The New York of the Noveliiti" 

Old-Fashioned Hovels 


Pbys of Thirteen Countries 

Poets of Today 

Poets of Yesterday 

Polish Book List 

Stories of Romance and Imagination 

Stories of the Sea 

Vacation Reading 

Wanderers and Vagabonds 

Ijsts in Embossed Type: 
Catalogue of Books for the Blind — New 

York Point edition. American Braille 

edition. European Braille edition. 10 

cents each. 
Catalogue of Music for the Blind — Braille 

edition. New York Point edition. 10 

cents each. 


Favorite Stories of the Library Reading Qubs 
Great Industries of America 
Journeys to Foreign Lands 

Vacation Reading for Boys and Girls 



Sea and Shore 

The Shakespearian Festival 

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rHB BulUHnUpublitkiimtuthlybyTheNim Ytrk Public Library at 476 Fifth Avtmu*. N*m YpH 
City. SuhtcripiiB* 0»* Dallar a ytar, airmi ti»tU nambm Tn Ci»U. Enttrtd a* tk* P»*t C^U* 
at New Ytrb.N. Y., at t*etHJ-dati matttr, Ftbruitry 10, IS97. andtr Act of July H, It94. 
for maitiat at iptciat rait of pattaf providtdfar in Stctiau 1103, Act of Oetthtr 3, 1917, a 
FrlHltd at Tki New Ytrk Public Library, 476 Piftk Aviuut. Edmuud L. F*art»m. Edlt^. 

Willi A u W. Aitletok 
Andrew Cabnegie 
Cleveland H. Dodge 
JoHM MuEpay Farley 
Samuel Greenbauu 
Frederic R. Halsev 
John Henry Hammond 

Lewis Cass Ledyard 
j. p. morgak 
Morgan J. O'Brien 
Stephen H. Olin 
Henry Fairfield Osbork 
William Barclay Parsoks 
Elihu Root 

Charles Howlamd Russell 
Edward W. Sheldon 
William Sloane 
George W. Smith 
I. N. Phelps Stokes 
Henry W. Taft 
Payne Whitney 

John F. Hylan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Charles L. Craig, Comptroller of the City of New York, exoffiel 
Alfred E. Smith, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Lewis Cass Ledyard, 476 Fifth avenue. 
First Vice-President, Elihv Root, 
Second Vice-Preiident, Cleveland H. Dodge. 
Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, 4?6 Fifth avenue. 
Treasurer, Edward W. Sheldon, 45 Wall street. 
Assistant Treasurer, United States Trust Company, 4S Wall street 
Director, Edwin H. Anderson, 476 Fifth avenue. 

Chief Reference Librarian, H. M. Lydenbebg, 476 Fifth avenue. 
Chief of the Circulation Department, Benjamin Adams, 476 Fifth a 


Central Building, 476 Fifth Avenue, contains general administrative oflicea of the whole 
system, all Divisions of the Reference Department, and the Centra] Circulation Branch, 
Central Children's Room, Library for the Blind, and the Extension Division. 

Municipal Reference Branch, Room 512, Municipal Building. (Free for reference.) 


Bloomingdale. 206 West 100th Street. 

AcuiLAR. 174 East 110th street 

n5TH Street. 203 West. 

Harlem Libraky. 9 West 124th street. 

12Sth Street, 224 East 

George Bruce. 78 ManhatUn street 

135th Street, 103 West 

Hamilton Grange. 503 West 145th street. . 

Washington Heights. 1000 St Nicholas ave. 

FoKT Washington. 535 West 179th street 


MoTT Haven. 321 East 140[h street 
Woodstock. 759 East 160th street 
Melrose. 910 Morris avenue. 
High Bridge. 78 West 168th street 
MoRBiSANU. 610 East 169th street 
TsEMONT. 1S66 Washington avenue. 
KiNGSBRiDCE. 3041 Kingsbridge avenue. 


St. George. S Central avenue. 
Port Richmond, 75 Bennett street 
Stapleton. 132 Canal street 
Tottxnville. 7430 Amlx^ road. 


Central Cibculation. 476 Fifth Avenue. 

Chatham Square. 33 East Broadway. 

Seward Park. 192 East Broadway. 

RiviNGTON Street, 61. 

Hamilton Fish Park. 388 E. Houston st. 

HtnisoN Park. 66 Leroy street. 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

Ottendorfeb. 135 Second avenue. 

Tompkins Square. 331 East 10th street 

Jackson Square. 251 West I3th street 

Epiphany. 228 East 23rd street 

Muhlenberg. 209 West 23rd street 

St. Gabriel's Park. 303 East 36th street 

40tb Street, 457 West. 

Cathedral. 123 East 50th street 

Columbus. 742 Tenth avenue. 

58th Street, 121 East 

67th Street, 328 East. 

Riverside. 190 Amsterdam avenue. 

Webster. 1465 Avenue A. 

Yorkville. 222 East 79th street 

St. Agnes. 444 Amsterdam avenue. 

96th Sibeet, 112 East 

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otc**^' BULLETIN 



Volume 22 ... Number ii 

The War Zone in Graphic Art ....--- 619 

News of the Month 622 

Census of Fifteenth Century Books Owned in America — 

Part VIII 623 

The European War (Recent Accessions) ----- 64S 

Circulation Statistics for October --.-... 663 

pRiwapAL Donors in October ----.--- 664 

PuBUCATjoNs or Thb New York Public Ijbrary .... 665 


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rHE Bullrtim it fubliihtd monthly by Tk, Ntw YbtIi Public Library a( 4» Fiflk Avrnut. Ntw YfT» 
Cily. SobJcriflion Ont Dollar a >»r, currmt lingl, niinbm Tm Cmii. Enirrtd 1 lk« PM Oft* 
si Ntw York. N. y., a, itcond-claii matltr. Frbmary 10. IS97. ■■■dir Atl af July ]6. tm. AcctfUiu* 
fai mailing al .prrial ratt of foitagt frat-idii for in Sfdion 1193. Act of Octobrr S, 1917, mutkcriatd. 
Pnnttd al Tki Nia Vark Pubhc Librarv. «7« Fiftk Avtnni. Edmnnd I.. Pnritm. Editrr. 
Nox-rmbtr mi, yolumt 2t. Numbrr IB. 

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THE Prints Division of The New York Public Library has arranged, in 
the Print Gallery (Room 321) in the Central Building, an exhibition of 
somewhat timely interest, to replace the one illustrating, "The Making of a 
Lithograph," and to extend into January, 1919. 

The posters of the new show bear the large-type title "The War Zone in 
Graphic Art," with a parenthetical explanation: "Etchings and other prints 
illustrating Eastern France and Belgium during the 17th -19th centuries." 
That quite definitely describes the exhibition. The pictures shown are not a 
selection from the Library's collection of views, but prints from the print 
room's portfolios, the modern ones mainly from the S. P. Avery Collection, 
that never-failing source, which implies that the cases in the Print Gallery are 
filled with the works of artists of repute. So we are brought, naturally, face 
to face with the expression of personality, and the exhibition, besides its obvious 
interest of subject, serves the print lover and those interested in art in general. 

Naturally, on the basis of selection indicated, one will not look for illus- 
trations of all of even the important places lying within the present war zone. 
In other words it is the choice exercised by artists in days — and generations — 
before the present war, that fixes the limits and extent of this exhibition. 
Yet the very fact that the subject was the primary cause for admission, brought 
in so wide a range of prints that not only original etchings were included, 
but reproductive ones as well, not often exhibited since the days of their vogue, 
as well as wood-engravings and lithographs. 

There is a wide diversity in the pictures shown here; diversity in locality, 
in choice of subject, and in viewpoint of the individual artist. The list of 
places and artists clearly indicates this. 

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Here are shown localities that have become household words through the 
siirring events of the last four years, seen through the eyes of artists of various 
countries and periods. Here one may visit Antwerp with Wenzel Hollar, who 
depicted the pomp and circumstance of the conclusion of peace between Spain 
and the Netherlands on the market-place in 1648, Or one may go back a cen- 
tury farther, and see Duertfr's sketch (shown in facsimile) of the city's water 
front, done with a remarkable grasp of Whistlerian expressiveness in empty 
space, and an evident appreciation of the pattern of interlaced rigging recalling 
to us some of Whistler's London plates. And there are nineteenth-century 
plates of bits of the city by Belgian artists, Henri Leys and Verhaert, by 
the Frenchmen Maxime Lalanne (that accomplished technician), Gaston de 
Latenay, Norbert Goeneutte, by that most summary of etchers, Jongkind, 
who shows the "Scheldt" or Escaut at Antwerp, at sunset, and by our own 
Samuel Colman. Come to Bruges under the guidance of the noted etcher of 
architectural subjects, A. H, Haig ("Belfry," 1913), or of F. H. Armington, 
or Beurdeiey, or J. Celos ("The Dead City," 1911). Across "A Bridge over 
the Nethe at Lierre" with Marten van der Loo, To Malines with Hollar and 
Marten van der Loo, to Ghent (Frank Brangwyn, "Old Houses"), Toumai 
(Ernest George), Dixmude ("Church of St. Nicholas," by Brangwyn), and 
Tervueren, Boulenger's painting of which is interpreted by Theophile Chauvel, 
that master of reproductive etching and lithography. Hollar etched buildings 
and women's costume in Brussels, Duerer sketched the "Zoo" there, and J. T. J. 
Linnig, a Belgian artist, shows a mill in the quartier Leopold in 1866. Philip 
Zilcken, Dutch etcher and writer on art, did about a dozen plates in and near 
Brussels, Dtnant and Verviers, the "Rocher Bayard" near Dinant, a bit "near 
Namur," the "Waterloo Road, near Brussels." So the artists, escaping at 
times from architecture and town-folk to the quiets of country life, will take 
you outside the city walls into the open, to hamlets and fields and orchards not 
on the war map at all. With them one wanders through the land seeing 
"Tamise on the Scheldt," "Vilvorde," "Calmpthort" and "Venlo" with C. 
Storm van 'sGravesande, who also takes us along the Meuse. The last named 
river, a couple of centuries earlier, had attracted van Goyen, whose painting 
was translated into etching by Lalanne. In Goyen's days, Teniers was etching 
pictures of Flemish peasant life, pictorial documents for the social history o*f 
the period, while in our own time Leys depicted a Flemish interior and recon- 
structed the printing office of Plantin, whose proofreaders were shown also in 
a wood engraving by Heinemann. 

Then across the border into France to see scenes on the Mame, by 
Charles Daubigny (etched by Lucien Gautier), Karl Daubigny (etched by 

d by Google 


Rodriguez), Paul Colin (wood engraving in colors), and Noel Masson (who 
etched, although his two hands were missing); on the Oise, by Daubigny 
(etched by C. A. Walker), and Brunet-Debaines; on the Somme, by Jules 
Dupre (lithograph), and Alphonse Legros; on the Doubs (near Verdun), by 
Brunet-Debaines. These artists pictured peaceful days on two rivers that have 
now witnessed such momentous battles. The very fact that some of the 
streams may start without, or flow out of the war zone, gives the beholder, if it 
pleases him, the feeling of being for the time a desultory saunterer through 
pleasant regions. 

So the list goes on. There are Rochebrune's "Pierre fonds," George T. 
Plowman's "Hotel de Viile, Arras," Norbert Goeneutte's "Cayeux," Lalanne's 
"Chateau Thierry" and "Chateau de Chaumont." Some of these places have 
figured in the war reports, others may have escaped direct contact with conflict. 
Amiens luckily did; its cathedral was etched by A. H. Haig and Camille Fence, 
and lithographed by J. D, Harding. Similarly, Strasbourg, at the other end 
of the line, finds a place here. Hollar etched its cathedral, so did Haig and 
Octave de Rochebrune. Samuel Prout lithographed picturesque buildings 
there. And Goeneutte sketched the entrance to Mortefontaine in Lorraine, 
Rheims cathedral is here, interior and exterior, in etchings by Haig, Henri 
Toussaint, Vincent Randolph and George T. Plowman. The famous Notre 
Dame, of Paris, is the only landmark of Paris appearing in the present show, 
for while bombardment for a while brought the city within the dangers of 
war, her etched glories might well claim an entire exhibition. Such a one 
was held by the Library's prints division when it was still in the old Lenox 
Library Building. So Notre Dame alone appears here, but as seen by a number 
of artists, — Callot, F, T. Simon, Haig, Toussaint, Rochebrune, Lalanne, 
Plowman, E. L. Warner, and of course Charles Meryon, whose beautiful 
"Abside" stands unrivaled. 

Next to the subject of the prints (as to which no pretension to complete- 
ness is made), the interest of this exhibition lies in the illustration of such 
national and individual differences in point of view and expression as form the 
very essence of art. And the illustration, furthermore, of the adaptation of 
personal style to the medium in hand in such manner as to exemplify the eternal 
law of appropriateness. 

It seems not amiss to note also that many of the prints shown are by 
artists whose work is seldom seen, and that the exhibition may not be without 
its suggestions to the collector of moderate means. 

— Fbank WEmNKAMpr. 

d by Google 


DURING the month of October, 1918, the Library received as gifts a total 
of 4,407 volumes, 5,659 pamphlets, 34 maps and 6 prints. Some of the 
more important and interesting of these gifts were the following: From Mr. 
Bernardus Boekelman of New York was received a collection of music com- 
prisfng 168 volumes; from Mrs. Horace L. Congdon of Englewood, N. J., 
in a collection of Hindu music published in Bombay, 8 volumes and 6 pam- 
phlets; from Mrs. J. F. D. I.^nier of New York, an orchestral score by Ernest 
Bloch; from Mr. Harvey Worthington Loomis of New York, a collection 
of songs, including music for children, in 70 pamphlets; and from Mrs. George 
W. Doane of South Orange, N. J., 777 volumes of hymn books, histories of 
music, school and church song-books, oratorios, part-songs, anthems, etc. 

Mrs. Edward L. Clark of New York gave the Library the two volumes 
of "Mr. Vanderbilt's House and Collection, described by Edward Strahan." 
Boston, 1883-84, and 8 portfolios of "The Great Modem Painters, English, 
French, German, etc., Medallists of Successive Universal Expositions, steel- 
plates in colors, text by the principal art-critics," Paris, 1884 (number 94 of 
100 copies printed on Japan paper, with duplicate impressions of plates), and 
10 portfolios of "Chefs-d'Oeuvre de I'Exposition Universeile de Paris, 1889, 
by William Walton"; from the Greater New York Esperanto Society came 
a collection of books relating to the Esperanto language, containing 20 vol- 
umes, 43 pamphlets; and from Mr. Felice Bava of The Credito Italiano, New 
York, a copy of "Un 'Arma per la Vittoria, la Pubblicita nei Prestiti Italiani 
di Guerra," Milan, 1918. 

Large miscellaneous collections were received as follows: from Miss 
Elsie Schuyler Crane of New York, 256 volumes and 1 1 pamphlets; from Mrs. 
Mary B. H. Emerson of Burlington, Vermont, 1,214 volumes from the library 
of the late Roswell Dwight Hitchcock; from Dr. Finn of New York, 101 
volumes and 3 pamphlets; from Mr. Alexander Nash of New York, 144 vol- 
umes and 6 pamphlets; from Mrs. Nelson Smith of New York, 324 volumes, 
338 pamphlets, 49 periodicals; and from Mrs. Van Home of New York, 422 
volumes and 35 pamphlets. 


DURING the month of October, 1918, there were received at the Library 
15,935 volumes and 10,322 pamphlets. (These figures include the addi- 
tions to both Reference and Circulation Departments.) The total number of 
readers recorded in the Central Building was 53,847. They consulted 153,825 
volumes. Visitors to the building numbered 166,150. 

d by Google 


Edited dy a Couuittee of the Bibliographical Society of Amebica 


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d by Google 


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d by Google 



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Comments ri 

See StoefClenu, 15085, 

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tchaft for TypeDkDDde. 

See also Sachientpiegel, 14074-14090. 

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d by Google 



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Manual de doctrina necessaria al 

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Rf[: Haebler 610; Kiin £977. Cnpy: Hiipanic. 

Rodericoa Sanctius de Arevalo, Zamoren- 
13933* Speculum vitae humanae. 

Ref: BM Cat (C^ototne^ Zel, 1472). Co 

13935 f°. 

Rel: Pr 7830 <.P*ri): Gerinf^KraDi ft Friburier, 

-: CWC. 

tel: Pr 7830 (Pari): Gerins, Krai 
1472). Copie.: JPMt; JCW. 

13939* (Rome:, Sweynheym & Pan- 

narti. 1468. 4'. 

Copiee: AmBI (Wodhull); Hiipanic; WKB (An- 
herM); WHV. 

13940* Augsburg: Zainer, 1471. 3 id. 

Jan. ,11., r. 
»: t 

13941 Beromiinster: Helyas de I-ouf- 

fen. 1472, vigilia conceptionis Mariae 
(Dec. 7|. r. 

Ref: R; C Copiea: AnBf; LC(T). 

13942* Beromiinster: Helyas de Louf- 

ten, 1473, feria sexta post festum 
Jacobi apostoli Jul. 30|. (°. 
Ref: BM Cal. Copr: irpa. 

13943 Rome: Lignamine, 1473, ult. Jul. 


Rei: Pr 3391. Copy: LC(T. Wi 

13945 Paris: Gering, 

burger, 147S. 1 Aug. f, 
Ref: Pr 7842; Fairfax Murrar 4B7. Copy: CLN. 

Copj; CWC (Toulouae: Parii. c. 1478). 

Louvain: J. de Westfalia. f°. 

Ref: Cunpbelt»l-192; Hain 4185. Capr:UDioc. 

13947 Besancon. 1488. 4°. 

Xcf : Pr B791 (Metlinier). Copie*: AmBt; NYP; 
LC(T); WMV. 

13948* Spiegel de» i 



:nschlichen le- 

13951 Miroir de la vie humaine. 

Lyons. 1477, 8 Jul. f . 

Ret: PrB499 (Lc Boy). Copy: AmBt (Seillifa'c). 

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Rodtrieus Sanctius dt Arevalo, continued. 

139S3 iLyons:i Phillippi & Reinhard, 

1482, 20 Aug. i°. 

Copt: JPMt. 

13955 Compendiosa historia Hispanica. 
[Rome:) Gallus. 4°. 

Rcf: BM Cat (not after Oct. 4, 1470). Copiei: 
Hiipaoic (2)i NYP. 

13957* Epistola lugubns de expugnatione 
insule Negropontis. f°. 

R»{: BM CK tColojne: Zel). Copy: H.rv 

Rodriguez de Almella, Diego. See Almella, 

Rodulphis, Laurentiua de; Lorenzo Ridolfl. 
13959' TracUtus de usuris. Pescia, 1490. 
18 Feb. f. 

RolandtiB Capelludus. 

Tractatus de curatione pestiferorum 

apostematum. f°. 
Sef; BM Cat (Rome; FUnnck); Pell 3228; Hain 
4375. Copiea: BoiIddHk]; Suri. 

Rolewinck, Werner. See PaBciculus tem- 
porum, 6914-£946; De correctione fra- 
terna, 5760; Origo nobiliutis, 12079; 
Formula vivendi caiionicorum, 7252- 
7256; Paradisus conscientiae, 12382; 
Quaestiones duodecim notabtles, 
13638; Regimen rusticorum, 13725^ 
13729; Sermo in festo praesentationis 
beaUe virginis: Sacramentum missa- 
rum, 14095-14099; De laude Sazoniae, 
14497; Tractatulus de contractibua, 

RoUe, Richard of Hampole. 
Explanationes in Job. 4°. 

Sef: Duff :I63 (Oxford: Rood, 1483); Madu 9. 

Coplas 9obre el fallecimiento del prin- 
eipe D. Juan. P. 

Ref: Haebler II. S&l.i (Toledo: Tellei, c. 1498). 
Copjr: Hiipanic 

RonunuB, /acobus. 

13963* Congratulatio pro patria. iVenicerj 

Florentius de Argentina, 1472. 20 Mar. 


Copiea: LC(T); JMH. 

Roman de la Rose. By Guillaume de Lor- 
rifl, continued by Jean de Ueung. 
Ref: Bourdillon, The Early Editiona of Tbe 
Roman de la Roae, Illuatraled Honoirapba 
iaaued by Tbe Bibliofraphlcjil Socielir, iiv. Loo- 
dan, 1906, 

Roman de la Rose, eontmued. 

Ref: Bonrdilton B (Lyoni: Syber. c. 1485). Copr: 

Ref; Bourdillon C (Lyoni: Le R07, e. 1487). 
Copy: JPMt. 

Paris: Verard, f°. 

Ref: Bourdillon E (1494-S). Copy: JPMf (e. 

ef : Bourdillon P (Le Petit Laarena, for Vfrard 
and Jehan Petit, e. 1497). Copiea: (Hoe. Petit 
devise); JPMt. 

Paris: Desprez jforj Clement Lon- 

gis. f°. 

Ref: BDurdillan G (1498 to ISOS). Copy: Har*. 

Paris: Verard. 4°. 

Ref: Bourdillon H (c. 1500). Copiea: (Hoe): 

JPMt (150S). 

■ ■ ■ Moralisic par Molinet. Paris; Ve- 
rard [1500). f°. 

Ref: Bourdillon X. Copy: Harv. 

RoaelliB. Antonius de. 

13974* Monarchia; De poteslate impera- 

toris et*papae. Venice: Lichtenstein. 

1487, 9 kal. Jul. Jun. 23., f°. 

Copiea: HarTS; LC; LC(T); UnTS: HWt. 

13979* Tractatus de jejuniia. Rome: 
Plannck, 1486, 21 Jan. 4°. 
Copiea: LC; HWt. 

von Rencben?). Copiea: AmBf; LC 

13990* 1489. 29 Oct. 4". 

Ref: Pr 6576 (Boloma: BazaleHti*). Copy: WUS. 

13991 Nuremberg: Kreusner. 1493. 4'. 

Ref: Ft 2161. Copy: Ph(W). 

13995* RoBetum exercitiorum spiritualium 
et sacrarum meditationum. 1494. f. 

Ref: C (Zwolie: Pieter van Oa). Copy: UnTS. 

RoBsoniboa, Dinua de. See Dinus de Hn- 
geUo, 6171-6183. 

Rota. See DeciwoncB Antiquae, 6042-6054, 

Roxiate or Rotate, Albericua de. 

14000* Dictionarium juris civilis et cano- 

nici. Pavia:M. &B. deGaraldis, 1498, 

11 Dec. r. 

Copiea: Fb(W>i LC(T). 

14006* Tractatus de testibus. Milan: Ant. 
de Castelliono. 1494, 25 Feb. f. 

Copy: HarvLaw. 

14007* Pavia: Leonardus de Gerllii, 

1497, IS Mar. f. 

Copy: LC(T). 

Royal book. See Ryal book. 14049. 

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Roye, Guy de. 

14017 The Doctrinal of Sapience. West- 
minster: Caxton, 1489, jafter, 7 May. 

Rcf; Duff 127; De Ricci 40: BUd« 76; Pr 9676. 
Copiet: BEH; JPMt; JWR. 

Rudhnentum Novitiorum. See Chronica- 
nim et historiarum epitome, 4996. 

Rufus, Sexttrs; Rufius Festus. 

14032 De historia Romana libellus. Rome: 
Silber, 1491, 23 Aug. 4°. 

Rcf: R; Pr JM8. Copiet: CSB (Kloai): JPHt; 

14033 Rome: Plannck. 1492. 19 Jan. 

imBt; New; Ph(W): HWt. 


Rnfinus, Tyranntus. 

Expositio S. Teronimi in simbolum apos' 

tolorum. Oxford, "1468," 17 Dec. 4' 
Ref: Daft 234; Madan I; Pr 9741 (Rood?). 

Copiei: HEH; JPHti LCCT). 

Rape, Alanus de. 

14035 Psalterium Virginia Marie. 1498, in 
vigilia annunciationis Marie |Mar. 24] 


Ref; Pr »S11 (Gripiholn. Swedeo: Carthaiiin 
Uonaiterr); C (Slockholm: Fabri). Copy: 

Rapertiu, Abbas Tuitiensia. 
14046* De victoria verbi Dei. Augsburg; 
Sorg. 1487. f°. 

Copiei: LC(T); 05B; WHV. 

14049 Ryal book or A book for a kyng. 
Westminster: Caxton. f°. 
Ref: Dafi 366 (14S6); Blade* 74; De Ricci 89; 
Pr 9671. Copiei: H.rr (Widcner); JCBr; 

Sabellicus, MarcHS Anlonius Coeeius, cont'd. 
140S4 De la origtne de Veneti. f. 

Ref: C (c. 1508); Pr (nal ISib centDrj). Copy: 

14055* Enneadea ab orbe condito ad in- 
clinationem Romani imperii. Venice: 
Bern. & Math, gde VitalibuSj, 1498, 
prid. kal. Apr. (Mar. 31.) f°. 

Copiei: JCBrt; NYP; Walk: WLC; LC(T): 

14056* De situ urbis Venetae; de praetoris 
officio; de viria illuatribus. 4°. 

Ret: Pr 5S19 (Venice: Dam. de GorEODiala) ; C 
(Venice: A. de Strata, 1490). Copiei; CRol- 
lioi); WMV; HWf. 

Opera Para I. f°. 

Sef: C !19« (BreicU, c. 1490); Peddie: Brenia, 
273. Copy: HWr (Venice: Alb. de Uiooa, 

SabiflttB, Angelua. 

14063* Paradoxa in Juvenali. Rome: Sach- 
scl & Golsch. 1474, 9 Aug. f. 
Ref: BM Cat. Copiei: JMH; LC(T). 

Sabunde or Sabundiua, Raymundus de. 
14067* Theologia naturalis sive liber crea- 
turarum. (Deventer:j Paffroedt. f, 

Ref: Campbell 1490 (e. 1480). Copy: Harv. 

14069* [Straaburg:i Flach. 1496, 21 

Jan. P. 

Copiei: Col; HarrAndover; [NYSl (CimpbelDI; 


Viola anime per modum dialogi; de 
hominia natura. Toledo, 1500, ult. 
Aug. 4°. 

Ref: Haebler 590 (Haaeobach); C S197; R. 
Copiei: Hiipanic (2); HWt. 

14050 Sabattdie decreta ducalia (Statutes 
of Savoy). (Turin ;i Johannea Fabri, 
1477, 15 kal. Dec. jNov. 17.] f. 

Ref; C; Pr 7217. Copy: HWt. 

14051 [Turin:, Suicus, 1487. f. 

Ref: R. Copiei: JHScfa; HWt. 

Sabelllciu, Marcus Antonius Cocciua. 
14053* Rea Venetae. Venice: And. de 
Toresanis. 1487, 21 May. f*. 

Copiei: AmBf; Br; LC; ,HarTSj_Har»i CWC; 
WMV; ^Wt" 

14073* Sacerdotium Jesu Christi. Auga- 
burg: Froachauer, 1499. 4'. 

Copiei: JPHtl HWf. 


14082 Der Sassen Spegel meth der glosen. 
Stendal: Joachim Westfael. [14,88. f . 

Ref: BM Cat (Compiled bj Eyke Ton Xepkov). 
Copy: LC(T. (ariant). 

14093 Van den seven Sacnunenten. Gouda: 
Gherit Leew, 1484, 19 Jun. 4*. 

Ref: Pr S94a; Onpbeil 1492*; cf H 14(M4 k 

tef: Pr S94a; Onpbeil 
I4ZS9. Copt: JPMt. 

1 Pirk);' HVJj jpicf: '(Poor)| 

14095 Sacramentnin misaarum. 4°. 

Kef: Pr 962 (Coloine: Therhoernen); VonIli4m 
K4ln, 1042 (e. 1472. Br Werner Rolerincli 
Copr: HEH. 

14099 Paria: Mercator, 1499. 10 Jui 


Ref: R; Pr 8017; C Copy: LC(T), 

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Sacro Busto, Sacro Bubco, or Sacro 

Boacho, Johannes de; John Holywood. 
14108» Sphera mundi; Gerard Cremonen- 

sis. Theories planetarum. Venice : 

Renner, 1478. 4°. 
Copies: AmBt: JCBr (Dunn); Cor; Dart; LIHi.; 


Venice: Adam de Rotlueil, 1478. 


Rcf: cf Hiin S82S. Copy: UEngSoci, 

14109 Bologna: Dom. Fuscus, 1480. 

R.f: Pr 6S5I; C. Copy: LCCT). 

14110* ; Joh. de Monteregio disputa- 

tiones contra deliramenta Cremonen- 
sia. (Venice:) Ratdolt, 2 non. Jul. (6.) 

Copira: Cor; HUpanic; Mich; HFArt; Walk; 
JM: HWt. 

14111* (Venice:: Ratdolt. 1485. 4°. 

Copiea; AmBt; JCBrt: MFArl; HWt. 

14112* Venice: Santritter & Hieron. 

de Sanctis, 1488. prid. kal. Apr. iMar. 
31., 4°. 

CopiM: AmBf: MFArt; HWf, 

14113* Venice: (for, Scofus. 1490, 4 

non. Oct. (4.1 4'. 

Ref: Pr 5033 (Locatellm). Copi*.: Harv C2)[ 


14114* Venice: Gulllel. de Tridino, 

1491, 14 Jan. 4°. 
Copies: JCBrt; Harv; MFArt; HHF; LC(T). 

14117* 4'. 

Ref: Hain (Lcipiii). Copy: JCBr. 

14119 Paris: Hopyl, 1494, 12 Feb. f". 

Ref: C. Copy: NYP. 

14120 Paris: Mercator. 1498. Feb. f*. 

Ref: Pr 8015; C; Hain S363. Copy: NYP. 

14121 Paris: Hopyl, 1500. 4". 

Copies: Col; RWW. 

14124* Cologne: Quentell, ISOO, non. 

Jul. [7., 4°. 

Copy: Hispanic. 

14125* Venice; Bivilaqua, 1499, 10 kal. 

Nov. (Oct. 23., f°. 

Ref: Pr 5414. Copiei: Harv (c( Hain note); 
LD; JPMt; HWt. 

Venice: Bivilaqua, 1499, 10 kal. Nov. 

(Oct. 23., f°. 

Ref: C. Copies: Hispanic; HWt. 

14126 Venice: (for, G. de Monteferra- 

to, 1500, 28 Jan. 4°. 
Ref: R; C; Pr 570S. Copies: JCre; HWt. 

SaladinuB, de Esculo or Asculo. 
14132* Compendium a romata riorum. Fer- 
rara; Andreas (Belfortis,, 1488, 5 Apr. 

Saliceto, Bartholomaeus de. 

14136* Lectura super novem libris codicis. 
Venice: Herbort, 1483. pt. I, I Sept.; 
pt. 2, 16 Oct.; pt. 3, 24 Nov.; pt. 4, prid 
non. Jul. ,6,; pt. S, 12 Nov.; pt. 6, 12 
Nov.; pt, 7. 20 Sept.; pt. 8, 8 Aug.; pt 
9. 26 Jul. f. 

Copy: HWt (pt 6 S 7). ' 

14139* super nono codicis. Perupa, 

1475. f°. 

Copies: AmBt (Vydenait); LC<T). 

Saliceto, Guillelmus de. 

14145* Summa conservationis et curatio- 
njs; Opus in scientia medictnali; Chi- 
rurgia. Venice, 1490, 8 May. f°. 

Ref: Pr 4S1S (J. ft G. de Creioriii). Copies: 
CPh; Surg; ECS. 

14146 Piacenia, 1476. 2S May. f*. 

Ref: R. Copy: Surg, 

La cyrurgie traduit par Nicole Pre- 

vost. Lyons: Huss, 1492. 20 Nov. 8*. 

Ref: C S2I2. Copy: Surg. 

La cirosia vulgarmenle fatta. I486, 

19 Dec. 4°. 

Ref: R 114. Copies: Surg; HWt. 

14150* De salute corporis; Turrecremata, 
De salute anima. 4'. 
Ref: C (Mantua: Purtwcli, c. 1480). Copy: Surg. 

Salicctus, Nicolaus. 

14155 Antidotarius anime. Louvain: J. de 
Westfalia. t°. 

Ref: Pr MS4; Campbell 1«S* (e. 1485); C 

Copiei: HEH; (Poor). 

14161* Strasburg: Grunynger, 1493, 

Ref: BM Cat. Copy: Surg. 

14164* Strasburg: Grunynger, 1494, 4 

non. Mar. ,4., 8'. 
Ref: Hain "mccccyciij." Copy: Ph(W). 

14165* Hagcnaw, 1494, non. Sept. iS., 


Ret: Pr 3179 (Grso). Copj-: LC(T). 

14167 Delft: Snellaerl, 1495, 14 Apr. 


Ref: Pr SESI; C; Caanpbell 149S. Copies; Fb 

14171 Venice. 1499. 3 kal. Apr. (Mar. 

30., 8°. 

Ref: R. Copy: HWt. 

Salis, Baptista de, or Trovanula. 

14176 Summa casuum conscientiae, que 

Baptistiniana nuncupatur: Rosella. 

Novi; Girardengus, 1484. 4*. 

Ref: R; Pr TJllA; C; cf Hun 14174. Copiei: 

AmBt; LC(T). 

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SalU, Bapiuta dt. continued. 

14181* Nuremberg: Koberger. 1488, 

solennjtate Tiburcij & Valeriani [Apr. 

14,. f. 

Copix: HuvLiw;UdTS (2); HRi LC(T); HWt. 

14182* Pavia: J. A. de Birretis & F. 

de Gyrardenghis. 1489. 15 Apr. 4°. 

Copiei: Br; LC(T, 2): HWt. 

1418J* Venice: C. Arrivabene, 149S, S 

id. Sept. [9., 8°. 

CopLm: Hir*; LCPh; Ph(W); UP.; LC(T)i 

14186* Venice : Paganinus, 1499. 21 

Dec. 8°. 

Copies: Ph<W); LC(T). 

SalluBtiiu Crispiu, Caius. 
14188* Opera; De conjuratione Catiline; 
De bello Jugurthino. f°. 

Rcf; BH Cat (BikI: Flich): Hiin (Slniburg: 
Flich). Copici: (Hoc. Sriton Pmrk); JPHt 
(c. 1475). 

14189 4°. 

Rcf: Pr 782S (Parii: Gering. Cnnti & Fri- 
bofger). Copy: JPMt (e. 1470-7I). 

14192* Paris: Gering. 4'. 

Hel: C {I47S). Copie.; Frin; HWt. 

14193 i". 

Rer: R (Venice: J. Rubcai, H86)i cf Pr 5119 A 
C 5222. Covj: HWt. 

14194 Leipzig: Martinus [Landsbergj. 

Copt; up*. 

14196 U70. 4". 

Ref: Pr 7J84 (tUlun). Copy: HEH. 

14198* 1471. 4°. 

Ref^: Pr 4034 iWtmce: Wcadclin of Spdcr). 


; HEH. 

SaUiulius Crispus, Coiut, c 

14211* Venice: Bap. de Tortis, 1481, 

23 Dec. r. 

Cepio: Br; JH. 

14212 Milan: Pachel & Scinciencekr, 

1482. 9 kal. Feb. Jan. 24.] f°. 

Rcf: R. Cop»:LC. 

14216 Venice: Benalius & soc. 1485. 

23 Apr, f^ 
Ref: R. Copy: Ph(W). 

14221 (Commentary of Laurentius 

Valla.) Venice: Benalius. P. 

Rcf: R (1490); C. Copy: HWt. 

14223 Venice: Th. de Ragazonibus* 

1492, 14 Jul. i°. 

Rcf: R; Pr 5268; C in, p. 385. Copy: HWt. 

14226 Venice: [Tacuinusj de Tridino. 

1493, S Aug. I'. 

Rcf: C; Pr S423. Copy: Han. 

14228* (Commentary of Valla and 

Johannes Soldi.) f*. 

J2SS (Venice: C. de Pen 



14229* - 

— r. 

Ref: V( 

.Dlliime. B 
i.. App. c 

eriin. 46S5 < 
Copy: UIIL 


n)i Peddle. 

14230* - 

— Bresci 
id. Jan. 

la: ifor, A. 
,13.1 f. 



Ref: Pr 

7028 (Mi> 

int»). Copy: 


■ (Dunn). 

14232 — 

- Paris: 




id. Jan 


Ph(W>; JPMt; LC(T> 

14233* - 

— Veni. 

:e: Taeuini 

lis, 1500. P. 

Rcf: Pr 

S462. Co] 

jy: LC. 

14201 Venice: J. de Colonia & Man- 
then. 1474. 23 Mar. f*. 

Copy: JPMt. 

14202 Valencia. 1475, 13 Jul. 4'. 

Rcf: Haebler S93 (Pilmul). Copy: LC(T). 

14204 Milan: Phil. Uvania, 1476, 5 

kal. Dec. ,Nov. 27., f°. 

Ref: C; Pr 5S5J. Copiea: Prin: (Aoderun. 6 
June 1907); TBDV. 

14205 Milan: Jac, Marljanus. 1477,22 

kal. Dec. ,Nov. 10., f. 

Ref: R; Pr S9I6 (Nov.). Copy: Prin. 

14206 Florence: apud S. Jacobum de 

Ripoli. 1478. i-. 

Bef: C; Pr 610J. Copy: Frio. 

14207* [Venice:, Philippus Petri. 1478, 

22Jun. f". 

Copy: Prin. 

Liber de conjuratione Catiline. Leipzig: 

Landaberg, 1499. f°. 
Copy; WMV. 

14244 Ex libris Hislortarum excerptae ora- 
tiones et epistolae. Rome: Pannartz, 
147S. Sept. 25. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cil; R. Copy: CLN. 

Salomon, ben Abraham, ben Adereth, Rabbi. 

14245 Shecloth u. Teshuboth. 4*. 

Ref: Jicobi 17 (Rome?); Pr 74JJ (bef. 1480); 
SlciiuchDei<let 2272; De Roui 12«; Wuhuein 
13; Siinonnn in Foticbrift i. CnfaurHUI 
Sleinicbneideri, p. lt&. Copiei: Col; Jev. 
i.hTS: LC. 

Salomon ibn GabiroL See Hibbar ha Pe- 
ninim, 11136; and Jedau, 9369. 

14247* Salomon et Marcolphus. 4°. 

Ref: Duff, The Dialoane bclwccu Sdomon i 
Uireolphui, no. IJ (Leipiii: KachebffcB). 
Copy: Walk. 

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Samuel Maroccanna. 

14263* Epistola; rationes breves ad repro- 

bandos ludaeorum errorea. 4°, 
Kef: Pr 7M9 (Vicenia: Giovanni of Reno); 
Stem, ■ ■■ "-■ - ■ 

: Jev 

14264* -^ 

after HBOl; cf BM 

Se(: R 315 (1475). Copy: HWf (BoloEnaf). 

Bef: R 722 (Rome: Silher, c. 1480). Copy: Jew- 

14268* Cologne: Quentell. 1493. 4°. 

Copy: JewLihTS. 

U269* Bologna: Ugo de Rugeriis, 

1496. 13 May. 4°. 

Copy: Ph{W). 

14270* Hochfeder, 1498. 19 Mar. 4°. 

Ref: BH Cat ft Pr 229S (NuremberR). Copiet: 
AmBt (Meti): Coti Dropiie; TBDV. 

14271* Cologne. 1499. 4°. 

Ref: BH Cat (Quentell) : Voallijnie, KStn, 1063. 

: Heb 


Sandens, Felinus. 

1429S De exceptionibus, prcscriptionibus et 

sententiis. Pescia: ffon B. & R. de 

Orlandis. 1489. 16 Feb. i". 

Ref: R. Copy: LC(T). 

14310* Super titulis de probationibus. de 
testibus. de testibus cogendis et de 
presumptionibus. Pavia: B. & A. de 

Rouelis. 1497. IS Jul. P. 
Copj: LC{T). 
Super titulo de sponsalibus. f°. 

Bef: C 5363 (Pivja: Michael de Caraldia, e. 1*97). 

Copy: Ph{W). 

See PemuB, Michael. Epitoma de regno 
Apuliae et Sicile. 

Sanson, Franciscus de Senis. 
14326* Qui 

totelis. \ 

Feb. f°. 

Copy: Pb(W). 

Santa Ella, Rodericus de. See Penuuidei 
de SanU ElU, 6976-6977; and Koderi- 
cus, 13931-13932. 

Santos, Francisco de los. 

Canonis missae interpretatio. Sala- 
manca. 1495.20 Feb. 4°. 

Ref: R 723; Haebler ii, 6I0.S. Copy: Hiipanic. 

San Concordio, Bartolommeo de Granchi, 
da. See Bartholoroaetu Pisanus, 2524- 

SaTOnarola, Hieronymus. 
14334 Compendio di revelatiori. Florence: 
Buonaccorsi, 149S, 18 Aug. 4°. 

Florence: [ton Piero Pacini. 1496, 

23 Apr. 4°. 
Ref: C S274. Copiea: GLH; JPMt (Bonaccorai); 


14337 Revel alio de tribulationibus nostro- 
rum temporum, Paris: Mercator, 
1496. 6 Aug. 4*. 

Ref: Audin 12; C. Copiei: Hw (Riant); KWt. 

14339 De veritate prophetica dyalogus. f. 

Ref: Pr fi32« (Floreaee: B. de Ubri, 1497). 

Copy: Col. 

14342* Triumphus crucis. £'. 

Ref: Pr 62Z5 (Floreoce: B. d< Librl. 1497). 
Copy: JPMt. 

15* — Delia verita della fede. f. 

ef: Pr 6334 (Floreocet B. de Libri. 1«7); C 
(UiKhomiDDa, c 1490). Caprei: UChi; HWf. 

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Savonarola, Hitrottymus, continued. 
Operetta del amore di Jesu. 4°. 
Htf; Pr 6269 (Florence: B. de Libri)! C CHSSf). 
Copy: JPM*. 

Savonarola, Hieronymus. continued. 
14392 Prcdica fatu 11 Feb. 1497. 4°. 

Ref: R: Pr 6229 (FJorenee: B. dc Libri). Copr: 

14348- 4'. 

Kef; Tr 6448 (Florence: B. de Libri or L. Mor- 
giini?). Copy; W.lleiEej- 

14352 Trattato del sacramento della messa. 

14393 Lectione overo sertnone facto IS 
Feb. 1497. 4°. 

Brf: R (Florenc.). Copy: (Anderioii. 27 Oct. 


14358 Libro della simplicita delta vita 
Christiana. Florence: Lor. Morgiani, 
1496, ult, Oct. 4°. 
Ref: Pr 6364; C. Copy: JPMt. 

14398 Predica facU la mattina della Ascen- 
sione, 1497. 4°. 

Ref: R (Horeoce: B. de Libri); C (Pavi.). 
Copy: Welleiley. 

14402 Sermone facto nella vigilia della 
Pasqua sopra la nativita di Jesu. 4°. 

Ref: R (Florence: B. de Libri, t. 149S); Pt 6444; 
C (1500). Copy: HWt. 

14403* Sermone della 

Copy; Wellesl 

14370 Florence: Lor. Morgiani, 1496, 

26 Nov. .4'. 

Copy: JPMt. 

14372 Trattato della humilita. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 629S (Florence: B. At Libri); C S107. 
Copy: LC. 

Tractate dell' oratione mentale. 4*. 

c. 1495), cf Index (BonaccurHui, 1490); Pr 

14404 Florence; Ant. Miscomini. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6180; C 5389; C (149S). Copy: HWt. 

14373 4°. 

14405 Florence: Ant. Miscomini, 1492. 

20 Oct. 4°. 

Ref: R (Florence: B. de Libri); cf Pr <272. 

Ref: Pr 6160; C. Copy: JPMt. 

Copy: JPM! (c 1496). 

14374 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6294 (Florence: B. de Libri); C (1492). 
Copy: WellMley. 

14413* Exposttionc vel meditatio in psal- 
mum In te Domine speravi. 4°. 

Kef: BM Cat (AUEiburi: FroKhiuer, ISOO). 
Copy: LC 

14375 4°. 

Ref: R (Florence, IIOO); Pr $447 (B. de Libri 
or Lor. MorgiiniP after 1500?); C (1492). 
Copiei: JPMt; HWt. 

14418 Expositio in psalmum Miserere mei 
Deus. 4'. 

Ref: R (Ferrari: L. de Kubeii, 1498); Pr S7M. 
Cony: Sun. 

Copy: (Applclon). 

14378 Tractate contra gli astrologi. 4". 

Ref: Pr 6274 (Florence: B. de Libri); C (1490). 
Copy: HarvFogg. 

14380 Predicha; Compendio di revelatione. 
Florence, 1495, 5 Sept. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6203 (B. de Libri); C. Copy: JPUt. 

14382* Prediche quadragesimali, 1495. Flo- 
rence. 1496. 8 Feb. V. 

Ref; Pr 6209 (B. de Libri), 63« (Ur. Hor(iani 
i Job. Petri), 6320 (Franc. BuonHcoriiJi C. 
Copy: HWt. 

14384 1496. f, 

Ref: C. Copy: Cor. 

Ascensionis [May 7|. 8°. 
Copy: Cor. 

14428 TradocU in vulgare. 4'. 

Kef: R: Pr 6301 (Florence: B. de Libri, after 
1500?). Copy: Well 

14431 1499. 4'. 

Ref: R; Pr 623J (Florence: B. de Libri). Cooiu: 
NYP; (HoTil). 

Fecha por un devoto religioso. 4'. 

Copy: Hitpanic (Seville: Unrit & Stan. Polono, 
c. 1495). 

14433 Expositio p sal mi Lxx VI III. Florence: 
F. de Bonacursits, 1496, 4 kal. May 
(Apr. 28,. 4'. 

Ref: R. Copy: HWt- 

14436, 14439 Tradocto in lingua Fio- 

rentina. Florence: a sancta Maria 
maggiore, 1496, 8 Jim. 4*. 

Ref: Fr 6361 (UorfUBi & Petri). Copi«: JPlfti 

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Savonarola, Hieronymus, continued. 

14442 Operetta sopra e dieci cotnandamen- 

ti di Dio. Florence: Lor. Morgiani & 

Gio. di Maganza. 4°. 

Ret: R (c. I49J), Cppie.: LC; JPMf. 
- Floi 

Pr 620. 

14444 Expositio Orationis Dominicae. 4°. 

R»f^ R (c. 1500); Pr «427 (Florence: Ant. Tu- 
bini). Copy: Well. 

14445 La Expositione del Pater Nos- 

14447 Florence: Ant. Mischomint, 

1494. 4°. 

Ret: R; Pr S171. Copy: Wtll. 

14449 Expositione sopra la oratione della 
Vergine: Ave Maria. 4°. 
Ref: Pr 6286 (Ftorence: B. dc Libri); R (c. 
M9S). Copiti: JPMt; HWj. 

Rtt: C (Florence, 1«7). Copy: HWf. 

14451 Epistole. 4°. 

Rtf: R: Pr 6218 (Florence: Libri, after 14 Aug. 
1497); C (1«?). Copy: JPMt. 

14455 Epistola contra la excomunicatione, 
data 19 Jun. 1497. 4°. 

Ret: R (Florence: B. de Ubri>: Pr 6ZI6i C. 
Copy: HWt. 

14458 Epistola a tucti li elect! di Dio, data 
el di della apparitione di 5. Michele, 

1497. 4°. 

Copy: HWt (Florence). 

14466 Epistola a Magdalena Contessa della 
Mirandola. 4°. 

Ref: C (Florence, ISOO?). Copj: HWt. 

14468 Lelfere alle suore del tertio ordine 
di S, Domenico, data 17 Oct. 1497. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6220 (Florence: B. de Libri) ; C. Copiei: 
JPMt: HWt- 

14471 Tractato circa el reggimento & gov- 
erno di Firenie. 4°, 

Ref: R (Florence: B, de Libri, 1498): Pr 6227: 

Savonarola, Giovanni Michele. 

14480 Opus medicinae; Practica de aegri- 

tudinibus de capite usque ad pedes. 

Colle: Bonus, 1479, id. Sext. [Aug. 13.| 

Ref: Pr 7243; C. 

14481* Venic 

10 May. P. 

Copiei: Sure: LSPt; ECS. 

14484* Venice: Locatcllus, 

kal.jul. Jun. 27., f. 

Copie«; JCre (Senn); NYAcadUedi Satg. 

14487 Canonica de febribus. Bologna: 
Dion, de Bertochia, 1487, 8 Mar. f. 

Ref: Pr 6574. Copy: LC. 

C A C 5. 

- 4°. 

: R (Flor 


: HWt. 

:. Coluhr 

14479 Contra fratrerr 

archam Eibellus el processus. 4*. 
Ref: Pr 1286 (Leipiic? Probibly after 1500. By 
Job. Frinc. Pog«>ul,). Copy: Cor. 

Introdtictorium confessorum. 12°. 

Ref: cf R 1JK7 (BrcKii: A. jk J. de Britannicii, 
I. 1499). Copy: JCW. 




a: ECS. 

14489 Canonica de febribus; de pulsibus; 
de urinis; de egestionibus; de vertni- 
bus. Venice: Locatellus. 1498, 10 kal. 
Dec. (Nov. 22.| f°. 

Ref: Pr S094; C. Copiei: JCre (Senn); Surg; 


14490* Summa de pulsibus, urinis el eges- 
tionibus. Bologna: Henr. de Harlem 
&. Walbeeck, 1487, 8 May. f°. 

Copies: LC; Sutg. 

14491* Venice: C. de Pensis, 1497, 10 

Feb. f. 

Copiei: BoitonHed; CPh; Sun (2). 

14492* De balneis et terminis naluralibus 
omnibus Italie. Venice: C. de Pensis, 
20 Nov. f°. 

Ref: Pr 5241 (1497?): Hiin 14495. Copiec Bol- 
tonMed; CPb; LC(T). 

14493* Ferrara: Andreas (Betfortis), 

1485. 10 Nov. f°. 

Copiei: Surg; ECS. 

14495 See 14492. 
De aqua ardenti. Pisa, 1484, 22 Sept. 4". 

Ref: R (Greg, de Gente); C S3I0. Copy: (Ander- 
son. 8 Feb. 1904). 

Saxoferrato, BartoEus de. See Bartolua, 

Saxonia, Albertus de. See Albertus, 575- 

Saxonia, Jordanus de. See Jordantia de 
Quedlinburg, 9438-9447. 

Saxonia, Ludolphus or Leulolphus de. See 
Ludolphua. 10288-10306. 

Scanarolus, Antonius. 

1450S* Disputalio de morbo gallico. Bo- 
logna. 1498. 26 Mar. 4°. 

Ref: Pt 6616 (Benedictui Hiclorii). Copy: CPh. 

14507* Schatzbehalter. Nuremberg: Ko- 
berger. 1491, 18 Nov. £°. 

Ref: BMCil (By Pater Stephan. CuUbyMicbxl 
Woliemuth): Fairfu Murray 392; Hats 6236. 
Copi«: LC; LCPfa; UetropoliUnHu*: NVP; 

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Schedel, Hartmann. 

14508* Liber chronicarum. Nuremberg: 
Koberger, 1493, 12 Jul. f°. 

Rcl: BU Call Fairfu Uurrar H4: Cat. of E. D. 
Cburch Librarr 7. Copiei: ^InAntiq: AmBi 
BoslonAlh; Calif; UChL; Cin; CI; Col; LC 
{2); Con Drew; Harv (2); KarvFo(i; Hii- 
pank: Howard; JCBr; HaMHii; Mich: New 
(Z): NYP (3); [NYSil; Peab; UPa; Pli(W); 
Port <2>: Prin; PrinArli Walk (2); WisHJi; 
ACB; WKB; EDB; ESB ((arvalbo); WBC; 
(2); (Hoc): WK; JSLi (Leannont); LZLt: 
SL; EPM; JPMt (2): LDSM; CLN: (Oi- 
bornt, Ruikin): HFP; (Purdy): JWR; JESi 
PJS; HT (2); LC (T); TBDV; WTW; HWtr 

PIS; HT (2); LC (T); TBDV 
rCW; ;W; UfaTCtIc; Sun. 

14510* Das buch der Cronicken. Nu- 
remberg; Koberger, 1493, 23 Dec. f°. 

Bef: BM Cal. Copin: LC; Cnil: JCBr: New; 
Watk (2): ACB; (Hoe); SL; KDP; JHSch. 

14511* Augsburg: Schonsperger, 1496, 

8 Herbstmonats iSept.j f°. 

Copiei: JCBr; Ruti; Sulro; Watk. 

14512* Augsburg: Schonsperger, 1500. 

Kef: BM <__. __, 

Scbildiz or Saldis, Hermannus ie. 
14519* Speculum manuale sacerdotum, 
de tribus sacratnentis principalibus. 

Ref: BM Cat (Printer of the Promeitication, c. 
1480); De Ricci, Premise) impTei. de Haycnce, 
p. 152. Copy: HEH (Hoe; Gulenbergr t. 

14523* Trier, 1481, circa festum as- 

sumplionis Marie [C. IS Aug.], 4°. 

Ref: BM Cal (Joh. CoHni k Gerh. de Nova 
CiTJtate?). Copy: AmBt. 

Schottua, Pefrus. 

14524* Lucubratiunculae. Strasburg: M. 
Schottus, 1498, 6 non. Oct. ,2., 4". 
Copiei: ConnHij; Iowa; Fb(W): LC(T). 
14525* De mensuris sylUbarum epithoma. 
Strasburg: J. Schottus, ISOO, 9 kal. Jan. 
(Dec. 24.J 4". 
Copy: Ph(W). 
Schrick or Schryck, Michael Puff. 
Von den ausgebrannten Wassern. Augs- 
burg: Bamler, 1482. f. 

Ref: C 5318. Copj: CPh. 

Augsburg: Schonsperger, 1484, f°. 

Ref: C S320. Copy: Sur*. 

Schwarx, Peter. See Niger, Petrus, 11885- 

ScUlacto. See ScyUaciiu, Nicolaus, 14572. 

ScotUB, Michael. 

14543 De procreatione et hominis phisi 

14546* 4°. 

Ref: Pt S128 (Venice: J. Robeui). Copiei: 
Sun (Treviso or Venice, 14S3): ECS. 

14550* 1477. 4°. 

Hef; Pr 4J64 (Venice: Jac. de Fiviiiano). 
Copie.: LC; Ph(W): Sun; HWT. 

14555* Exposilio super auctorem sphaerae 
cum quaestionibus. Bologna: Justini- 
anus de Ruberia, 1495. 16 Sept. 4°. 

Copj: LC(T). 

See also Mensa philosophica, 11075- 
14559* Scriptorea aBtronomicI veteres. 
Venice; Aldus, 1499, I un. f°. 

Copies: Chi; Harv (2); New; NYP; Nonh- 
wealen; SCar: GED; HEH (Pembroke); 

14560 ScriptorcB hiBtoriae Augustae. t'. 

Bef: R (Venice, c. 1485); C. Copy: HWt (Sue- 

14561* - — - Milan: Ph. de Lavagna. 1475, 
20 Jul.; 11 kal. Jan. , Dec. 22., C. 

Ref: Pr 5845. Copiei: Harv (Wodhull); CWCl 
LC (T, Kloii). 

14562 Venice: Bernardinus iRiciuSi, 

1489. kal. Oct. il.) i'. 

Bef: R; Pr 4951. Copy: Harv. 

14563* Venice: Joannes Rubeua. 1490, 

15 Jul. f°. 

Ref: Pr S127. Copiei: Harv (2); Ph(W); JLG; 

ScriptorcB de re militari veteres. Rome: 
Silber, 1487. 29 Jan.; 15 Feb.; 1, 7 Jun. 

:opiei: JMH; 

Bologna: Plato de Benedictis, 1495, 

10 Jul.. 16 Nov.; 1496, 16 kal. Feb. Jan. 
17., f. 

See also Aelumua; HodestuB, 11441- 
11443; Vegetiiw, 15910-15918. 
14564* Scriptorea rei nuticac. Venice: 
Jensen, 1472. f. 

Copiei: LC; Harv; JPUt; HWf. 

14565* Reggio d'Emilia: Bruschua, 

1482, non. Jun. ,5., I'. 

Copiea: HarrArb; GED; HVJ; LC(T); HWt: 

14568* [Commentary of Beroaldus.) 

Bologna: Benedictus Hectorij, 1494, 
13 kal. Oct. [Sept. 19., f. 

Copiei: Harv; WMV. 

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Scripiorcs ret rmticac, eontimted. 

14S69 Reggio d'Emilia: Bertochus, 

1496. 14 kal. Oct. (Sept. 18.j f°. 

Ret: Pr 7259; C. Copies: BayC; B»tv; H»rv 

I4S70* Regsio d'Emilia: Franc. Ma- 

zaiis, 1499, 20 Nov. f°. 

Copies: JCre; Harv; HWt. 

Scyllaciiu, Nicola us. 
De insulis meridiani atque Indici maris 
nuper inventis. 4°. 

Red R 320 (Pavia: Franc, de Girardeagii, H»4): 
Cat. E. D. Church Ubnrf 9: HirrisK, Bib. 
America VetuKii. 16. Copieii NYP; HEHt. 

14575* Secta monopoiti, seu congregationis 

Copy: HarTS (c. 1480?). 

Sedulius, Coelius. 
Carmen Paschak. Tarragona: Rosem- 

bach, 1500, 7 id. Feb. [7., 4°. 

Ref: iUeblet ii, 61S.3. Copy: Hispanic. 

Dcr Selen-Wurczgarten, Ulm: Dinckmut, 
1483. Samstag nach Jacobi Jul. 26,. f°. 

Re{; Pr 2S61. Copy; JPMt. " 

14589 Selihoth fPenitential prayers, in He- 
brew;. Soncino: Bareo Gerson ben 
Moses [Calledi MenzeEin. 1497, 15 Sept. 

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus. 

Copy; Prin (Venice: Taeninui?). 

Ref: Pr S710 (Venice, I49S); C J347. Copie.: 
ConnHis; UnTS. 

14590 Opera philosophica et epistolae. 
Naples: Moravus, li4|75. i'. 

Ret: Pr ««»4; C. Copies: LC; CWC; HEH. 

14591* Treviso: Bern, de Colonia, 

1478. P. 

Copies; AmBt; ConnRii (Sossbk); Har»: LC; 
NYP; PhCW); CWC; GK (Drury); LC(T). 

14S93* Venice: B. de Cremona & S. 

de Luero, 1490, 5 Oct. i'. 

Copies: Harv; Mavcrfordi MinnPCKlou) : LC 
(T); HWf. 

14S94* Venice: B. de Coris. 1492, ult. 

Oct. P. 

Copies: BoitonAth; Harr; SUn; Walk; ECS; 

14595 Translateez en trancoys. Paris: 

Verard. P. 

Set: Pr B456; C <1SOO). Copy: LCPh. 

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, continued. 

14596 Trasladado en lenguaje cas- 

tellano. Seville: Ungut & Stanislao 

Polono. 1491, 28 May. .f°. 

Ref: Hlebler 6ZI; Pr 9528; C. Copies-. AmBt; 


14597* Epistolae ad Lucillium. i". 

Ret: BH Cat (Straaburs; "R" printer); C Copy: 

Copy: WHV (Colosne: Qnentell, c. 149S). 

14601 Rome: Pannartz, 1475, 1 Feb. 


Ret: BM Cat; C. Copies: AmBt; LC; Ph(W). 

14603 Leipzig: Arnold de Colonia, 

, 1493, 6 kaE. Jul. ,Jun. 26., f. 

Ret: BM Cat; C. Copy: LCCT). 

Paris: Jaumar, 1494, 27 Mar. i°. 

Ret: C 5349. Copy: LC(T). 

14606 Traducte in Toscan volgare. 

Venice: [for, S. & B. Dinalis, 1494, 14 
Apr. f. 
Bef: Fr 48S7 (Benaliui); C. Cnpiei: Harv; 
LCPh; Fh(W); FHS; LC(T); HWt. 

Las epistolas en romance. Zara- 

goza: (for; Favario de Lumelo, 1496, 
3 Mar. f°. 

Ref; Haebler SZ2 (Hnrus); C 5310. Copy: His- 

14608* De animi t rang militate. Leipzig: 
Thanner, 1499. 4". 

Ret: BM Cal. Copy; Harv. 

Ref: Pr 2877: C. Copy: JHopliina. 

De quatuor virtutibus sen formula hones- 

Bef: Pr 1003 (Cologne: Primer of Hirt. S. 
Albani); tl C 5362. Copies: Harv: JCBrf 

Cologne: Quentell, 1500. 4'. 

Ret: C I3S4. Copy: LC. 

14618* 4". 

Copy: Harr (Kloaa. Ulm, 1498). 

14620* £°. 

Ref: BU Ca[ (Blaubeuren: Hanci); Raid (Eaa- 
lingen; Fyner). Copyi AnBt- 

Des quatre vertus en francoys. 

Paris: [for, Verard, 1491. 21 Aug. f. 

Ref: Pr 8095 (Le Rourte): C S3S9; Hain 12105: 
C. Copies: Watk; HEH. 

Paris: Nic. de Pratis. 4'. 

Copy: NVF. 

Paris: Hopyl. 4*. 

Copy: Boston. 

Proverbia de moribus. 4". 

Ret: BM Cat: B 321 (Rome: Guldinbeck, t47S); 
Hain 14654. Copy: HWt. 

14636 4°. 

Ret: C (Rome: Plannck); Hata (Silb«r). Copy: 

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a, Lucius Annaeiis. continued. 
- Strasburg; Pruss. 4'. 

,: TBDV (c. 1486). 

Copj; Hi)f 

La Scntencia donada per D. Femndo en 
la primera cort de Barcelona, de les 
turbacions passades. P. 

R(f : Hacblcr ii, 62J,5 (BlTUlana: Pol*, c HSU. 
Copr: Higpinic. 

Copy: Suoford. 

146S1 Proverbios. Zamora; Anton de 

Centenera, 1482, 3 Aug. P. 
Rff: Pr 9iS\; Hicblcr 6\6: C. Copy: LC(T}. 

Zaragoza. 1491, 10 Feb. f°. llubler «I7 (Hurui). Copy: Hitpanic. 

Seville: Ungut & Stanislao Polono, 

1495, 22 Oct. t'. 

Rcf: Haebler £18. Copy: Hitpanic. 

Seville: Pegnitier & Herbst. ISW), 

18 Feb. f°. 

Bcf: Haebrer 620; C SJ71. Copyt Bolton. 

Liber dc moribus. 4°. 

Rc(: R 322 (Romr: ScbnnnCT, HSO); Pr 3514. 
Copy: HWt. 

14654 rRome!] Guldinbeck. 

Ref : BU Cat; R 321 (1478). Copy: HWt (frit-). 

De remediis fortuitorum. 4°. 

Rif: Pr 1002 (Colopie: Prinlrr of Ibe Hirt. S. 
Albani); C 5J73 (1470). Copiei: CWC; CEG. 

14662 Tragoediae. Ferrara: Andreas [Bel- 

fortisi. i\ 

Rrf; Pr 57J1; R (c. 1480), Copiw: CWC; HEH. 

1466S* Lyons: Lambtllon St Marinus 

Sarazin. 1491, 28 Nov. 4°. 

Copy: LC(T). 

14666 Venice; Lazarus de Saviliano, 

1492. 12 Dec. £°. 

Ref; Pr 5283; C. Copiei: Har* (2); Hiipuic; 
Walk (Suuei); LC{T); (Clcvto). 

14668' Venice: Math. Capcasa, 1493, 

18 Jul. r. 

Copiei: PhCW); LCB (Carnilbo): LC{T). 

14670^' Venice: Tacuinus, 1498, 7 Apr. 

Copiei: Harv; LCH (Carv.lbo); CLN; GCS. 

Senenais, Bernardinue. See Bemardiniu, 

Senenal*, Hugo. See Hugo, 9011-9021. 
14676* Scneniium obedientia publica. 4'. 

Ref: BH Cat (Rome: Preitac)) C. Copy: UP*. 

14677* 4'. 

Ref: BU Cat (Rome; Plinnck. after OcL IS, 
14«); C. Copiei: Pb(W); HWt. 

n de. See Sanson, 

Gouda: Lceu, 1482, 20 Feb. 

:I1 1526; Pr 1927; C S376. Copiei: 

Textus Sequentiarum. 4*. 

Ref: Tbii and Ibe followint editioni vere proba- 
bly printed witb tbe Eipoaitio Hynnorum, 
6779-6794. BM Cat (Cologne: Quentell, 1494). 
Copy: UnTS. 

Basel: Furter, 1497, 3 Mar. 4°. 

Ref: C S380. Copy: UnTS. 

14684* 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (CoIoEne: Ouenlcll, 1499); Pelt 
4690; C 2181; Hain 6793. Copy: HWt. 

14686* 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Colocne: Quentell, 1496); C. 
Copiei: Cor; Pb(W); UnTS; TBDV, 

14688* Reutlingen: Greyff, 1490. 4°. 

Copy: LC(T). 

Serapion, Johannes, Junior; Johanna. 
14691* Liber agregatus in medicinis aim- 
plicibus. Milan: Zarotus, 1473, 4 Aug. 

Copiei: NYBot; Snr(. 

14692* Venice: Reynaldus de Novi- 

magio, 1479, 8 Jun. f. 

Copies: Eur.; Sure; ECS. 

14693* Breviarium medtcinae. Venice: 
Rainaldus de Novimagio, 1479, kal. 
Aug, ,1., i°. 

Copiei: BoitonUed; Eatcx; JCce; Surt (2); ECS. 

I469S* Venice: Locatellus, 1497, 17 

kal. Jan. [Dec. 16., 

Ref; Bur 


a Copii 

: NYAcidMcd; 

Serenus Sammonicus, Quintus. 
14698 Liber medicinae. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Rome: Silber); Pr 3950 (Herolt)] 
C (1490). Copiet: CPb (SundcrUod) ; NY 

Medicinale carmen. 4°. 

Copy: JCre (Itilias?). 

Sergiiu. See Diomedes et alii Grammatici 

veleres, 6214-4223. 
Senno in feato praesentationts Marie. 1470. 

Sermo pro epjscopo puerorum. 4°. 

Ref: Daff 16 (Wcilminiter: Wynkro de Wonle. 
By John Alcock); Pr 9740; C 3299 (1495). 

Copy: HEH (Hoe). 

Sermones dormi secure. Se 
Johannes de, 1595^15979. 

Sermones exquisiti super epistolas per anni 
circulum. Strasburg: Gruninger, 1489, 
prid. kal. Apr. iMar. 31., f. 
Ref: BM Cat; C 5402. Copy; LCPh. 


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Sermones Dan de Sanctis, f*. 

Scf: BU Cat (Siraibatg: Knoblochtier. Col- 
lected bT Jorduiiu dc Qaedtinbun) ; Pr 314 
(Pr[nler of Heor[cii» Ariminenii.) j C <E«. 
liagen: Fjntr, 1478); Uain S919 (Nurctubcrg: 
Sore). Copy: ES. 

Sermones thesauri novi de tempore et 
Sanctis. Nuremberg: Koberger. 1487, 
10 kal. Mar. iFeb. 20., f°. 


de tempore. Strasburg, 1483. P. 

Ref: K; Cop 5410; Pr 419 (Printer of Vital Pa- 

imm). Copr; Harv. 
A leaf from a topr of this edition wa) diatribated 
with tbe faciimilei of the Geiellichift fiir 

Strasburg: Flach, 1491. f°. 

Ref: R; C 541?. Copy; Cor. 

Strasburg: Flach. 1493. f°. 

Ref; R; C S418. Copy: Harv. 

Nuremberg: Koberger, 1496. f°. 

Ref: C S419. Copies: LC; [NYSt (CampbeU)!. 

Strasburg: Flach, 1497. f. 

Ref: C 5420. Copy; Amherit (Bamberg). 

de Sanctis. Strasburg. 1484. f. 

Ref; C S42I; Ft 421 (Printer of Viui Painim). 
Copy: LC. 

Strasburg. 1485. f. 

Ref: BH Cat (Primer of Vlia« Pairum); R 
(Scbott): C 5422. Copy: HDioc. 

Basel. 1485. I'. 

Ret: R (Amirhach); C S423. Copies; Han,; 

Strasburg: Flach, 1488. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat; C 542S. Copy: HJK. 

Strasburg: Flach. 1489. f°. 

Ref: C S42e. Copy; SlSul. 

Strasburg: Flach, 1493. P. 

Ref: C S428. Copy: LC(T>. 

Nuremberg: Koburger. 1496. f°. 

Ref: C S429. Copiei: LC; [NYSt (Campbell)]. 

Strasburg: Flach. 1497, id. Nov. 

Ref: C S430. Copiei; Cor; DominicinDC. 

- ■ ■■ quadragestmales. Strasburg, 1485. 

Ref; BM Cat (Printer of Viui Palrum); C S43I. 
Copies: Bo.ton; LC(T). 

- Strasburg. 1488. f°. 

Ref; BM Cat (Flach); C 5434. Copy: Fh(W). 

Strasburg, 1494. P. 

Ref; C 5436 (Flach). Copiet; UPa; LC(T). 

- ■ Nuremberg: Koberger, 1496. P. 

Ref: C 3437. Copiei: Cor; [NYSt (Campbell)]; 

Strasburg; Flach, 1497. f°. 

Ref: R; C S438. Copy: DominicanDC. 

Sermoneta, Johannes. 

14701" Questiones super librum afforis- 
morum et super librum Tegnl, Ven- 
ice: Locatellus, 1498, prid, kal. Apr. 
(Mar. 31.1 f°. 
Copiet: CPh; LC(T). 

ServiuB, Maurus Honoratus. 

14708 Commentarii in Virgilii opera. Mi- 
lan. 1475, kal. Dec. ,I.| f°. 

Ref; Pr 5886 (Printer of Serridi); C; Haia 
(Zarotui). Copy: Harv. 

14709 Libellus de ultimis syllabis et cen- 
timetrum. Cagli: R. de Fano & B. de 
Bergomo, 1476, IS Oct. 4°. 

Ref: R. Copy: LC(T). 

See also DiomedcB & alii grammatici 

veteres, 6214-6223. 

SibylU. Bartholot 
14718 Speculum peregrinarum quaeslio- 
num. Rome: Silber, 1493, 27 Aug. 4°. 
Ref; R; BM Cat. Copiei: Harv; Sutro. 

14720* |Strasburg:i Grumnger, 1499, 

14 kal. Sept. lAug. 19.| 4'. 

Ref: BU Cat. Copy: Amherst. 

Siddur or Sidorello. See Precnm ordo. 

Sieben weisen Meister. See Historia sep- 

tem sapientum Romae. 8727-8734. 
Siena. See Senenses, 14676-14677. 

Siete partidas. See Partiilaa, 12426-12427. 

Sifridus de Arena; Sinnama; Harynghus 

14725* Expositiones sive declarationes ti- 
tulorum utrlusque juris. Cologpne: 
Koelhoff, 1491, in vigilia Barbare [Dec. 


14730 Die Reformacion Sigmund Romi- 

scher Keyser. Augsburg: Zeissenmair, 
1497, Mitwoch nach Symonis u. Jude 
(Nov. 1). f°. 

Ref: Pr 1932. Copy: LC(T). 

14731* Signa quindecim horribilia de fine 

Ref: cf Pr 1488-1489 (Colotne: Martin of Wer- 
den. after ISOO?). Copy: Cor. 


Ret; R 732 <C^)1o(ne: H. de Werdeoa. e. ISOO). 
Copy: Cor. 

Silius Italiciu. 

14733* Punica. Rome: Sweynhcym & 
Pannartz, 1471, S Apr, f*. 

Ref; BM Cat. Copies: HEH; JFUt. 

14734 Rome, 1471, 6 kal. May [Apr. 

26|. 4°. 
Kef: BU Cat (Printer ot Silia*): >■ Copr: 

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Silius Italicus. continued. 

14737 Parma. 1481, 16 Nov. V. 

Ref: Pr68S9 {Prinlrr of Hieronrmu*. Coralli»ni 
C (Andr. PoniUa). Copr: LC. 

14739* Venice: B. dc Tortis, 1483, 6 

May. P. 

Copit.: I'Chi; TBDV; (Pop«>. 

14740* Venice: Locatellus. 1492, 15 

kal. Jun. [May 18., 1°. 

CopiM: BoMon; H.rv; Trin; LC(T)! HWt! TW. 

14741 Venice, 1493, 12 kal. Oct. [Sept. 

20.| I'. 

Ref: R: Pr S425 <T*cDiaui): Hain (Scotui). 
Cnpiei: Harv; HWfi (Cramer). 

Silvaticns, Matthaeus. See Sylvaticus, 

Stlvius, Aeneas. See Aeneas Sylvias, 147- 

Simon a Cordo, Genuensis. 


R«f: R; Pr S774; C. Copiw: CPh; Surg. 

14749* Venice: Guielmus de Tridino, 

1486, 13 Nov. P. 

CopLei: CPh; Surg: ECS; HWt. 

Stmoneta, Bonifacius. 

14750 In persecutionum Christiana rum iiis- 
toriam pontificumque commentarios. 
Milan: Zarottis. 1492. Jan. f". 

Ref: Pr S830; C. Copy: CLN. 

14751 Le livre des persecutions en 

francois. Paris:' Verard. 4". 

Refi Pr (nol ISIh cent.). Copr: CoL 

Stmoneta, Johannes. 

14753, 14754. Commentaria rerum gesta- 
rum Francisci Sfortiae. Milan: Zaro- 
tus, 10 kal. Feb. Jan. 23.] f°. 

Ref: R (H80); Pr 5804; C. Copic*: HEH; 
(LEbbic, 5 Dec. 1901). 

14755* Milan: Zarotus. 1486, 9 kal. 

Oct. [Sept. 23., f°. 

Ref: C. Copiei: AmBt; LC; HCF. 

14756 Historia in lingua fiorentina. 

[Milan:, Ant. Zarotto. 1490. f°. 

Ref: Fr S828; C CopEei: UChi; TBDV; HWt. 


14757* ZiiuiXixtou £n6^vTUla it; t&; fi6ca 

xa-niYoota; toO 'Ai}unOTJ)LOu;. Venice, 

1499, [Oct. 26,. i". 

Ref: Pr j<45 (Kallierict); C. Copr: SC*r. 

Sinthii or Synthen, Johannes. 

14767 Verba deponentalia. Deventer, 1490. 


Ref: Campbell 1720 (Paffroet); C. Copy: HWt. 
Composita verborum. Deventer: Jac. de 

Breda. 1492, altera die post Oculi [Mar. 

26,. 4°. 

Ref: Campbell 412; C S4B1. Copy; LC(T). 

Sinliiu or Synthen, Johannes, continued. 
14780* Cologne: Quentell, 1498. 4'. 

Copy: LC(T). 

14784* Verba deponentialia. 4°. 

Ref: BU Ctt (Reuiliii(eii : Greyff. By Johanoei 
de Garlandia). Copy; Walk (Heber). 

Sirectus, Antonius. 

Formalitates moderniores de mente 
Scoti. 4°. 

Ref: R Ji9 (Parii, c. 1484); Index (Siena: Hen. 
de Hicrlem, 1490). Copy: HWt. 

Sixtus IV, Pope. 

14797* Tractatus de sanguine Christi; de 

potentia Dei. Nuremberg: Creussncr, 

1473. i°. 

Ref: BH Cat. Copiei: JM; NYP. 

14798* ™ Nuremberg: Creussner, 1474. 


Copy: LC{T). 

[Indulgence to contributors to the de- 
fence of Christendom against the 
Turks, issued by Johannes de Giglis in 
1481., Broadside. 

Ref; Duff 209 (Weaiminiter: Caxtoo); I>e Rieei 
SS: C SS07. Copy: JPMt. 

Copia bullae extensionis indulgentiarum 
contra Thurcos ad hospitale S. Johan- 
nis Hierosolomitani in Rhodis conces- 
sarum. Datum Rome, 1480. f°. 

Ref: cf BM Cat (Haini: Schoeffer). Copie*: 
Hir. a, vaHanti). 


Copy: NYP. 


Copy: Cor (Monicb, 1482). 



Copy: (Kroenclie). 

Regulae, ordinatii 

Creussner, 1482. 

les et constitutions 
Cancellarie Apostolice, 2 Oct. 1471. 

Copy: Harr (Riant; Rome: Rot). 

19 Dec. 1471. 4'. 

Copy: Harv (Riant; Rome: Rol). 
Copy: LDSM (Naremberi: Koberfer). 

See also Paulni II. Pope, 12475-12489. 

Litterae apostolicae [Concerning the ad- 
ministration of the FrigestuI or Stul- 
gericht in Westphalia,. Datum Rome, 
1477. 7 id. Feb. ,7., Broadside. 

Copy: KYF (Haiai: Fun & Schoetfer!). 
Soccus, Fraler; Conrad von Brundelsheim. 

Ref: ScbillnanD in Beihefie cum Zeniralblan tar 
BibliothekiwcKn, xutl, Leipiif, 19IJ, p. 216- 


14825 Sermones de tempore et de tanctia. 
Deventer: Paffrod, 1480. 1°, 

Ref; Pr 8947; Campbell 1540. Copica: Harr (pt. 
2); NYP; LC(T). 

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Soccut, Frater, continued. 

14826' Strasburg: Griininger, 1484, 

prid. id. Feb. (12,; id. Apr. il3.| f°. 

Ref: BM Cat. Copici: LC (pi. 2); NYP (pt. 2); 
UnTS; LC(T, pt.2); (Burton). 

14829' Sermoncs de Sanctis, f. 

Xcf: Pr 26S3 (Rcullingen : Greyff); Hain (Tjpil 
RcXK'-iinii). Copiw: Hir. (Dunn); Ph(W)! 

Sonclnas, Benedictus. See Perrariis, 6997. 
SonciiMS, Paulus. See Paulna, 12494-12496. 
Sonetti, Bartolomeo Zcmberto, dalli. 

14890 Isolario. 4°. 

Ref: R (Venice: Cuit. di Tridino, c 14S5); Pelt 
ISSBl Fr S107; Hiin 2J3S. Copiea: LC; JPMt 

Socinus, Marianus, de Senis. 

14853 Tractatus in materia obliKationum. 

Pescia: L. & F. de Cennis, 1480, 10 Apr. 


Ref: Pr 7JI6. Copy: AmBt (Wodhutl). 

148S5 Tractatus de instantia. Lucca: Hen. 
de Colonia & Hen. de Haerlem, 1491, 
10 kal. Aug. Jul. 23.1 f°. 

Copy: LC(T). 

14865' Repetttio super titulo de litis con- 
testatione. Siena: Hen. de Harlem, 
1492, 20 Aug. i". 

Copji: Fh(W>. 

Soldua, Jacobus. 

14870' Opus de peste. Bologna; Schriber, 
1478. 4°. 

Copy: Sorg. 

14872* Soliloqulnm conversi et compuncti 
peccatoris ad Deus. Nuremberg: 
Creussner, 1479. 4'. 

Copiet: Walk; LC(T). 

SoUnus, Caius Julius. 

14874* Polyhistor; de mirabilibus mundt. 

Sorg, Anton. 

Gute teutsche bucher mil diser geschrift 

gedruckt. Broadside. 
Bff: Burger, Bucbhindlerinieigcn, Paciim 26 
(Augiburj; Sorg. 1483). Copr: CLN. 

SpartianUB, Aelius. See Scriptorei lii»- 
toriae Augustae, 14560-14S63. 

Spechtshart, Hugo. See Floret musicae, 

14899* Speculum aureum animae peccatri- 


C (1473). ( 


14900* 4". 

Ref: Pr 1417 (Cologoe: QBcntell); C (1492). 
Copt: Ph(W). 

14910 Paris: Mercator. 1499, 24 Sept. 


Brf; H. Copy: Ph(W). 

14911* Speculum artis bene moriendt. 4'. 

Ref; BH Cat (Cologne; (Jaetilell. By Domini- 
ciu Capranica): Voullitee, Koln, 305 (c. 1495). 

14876 4'. 

Ref: Pr 7g97 (Paria: SyinoDel, Blandln ft Simon); 
Hain (Petmi Caeutii & Stol). Copy: HVJ. 

14877 Venice: Jensen, 1473. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 40S»; C. Cbpiei; NYP; CWC; JPHt. 

14878 Parma: Portilia, 1480. 13 kal. 

Jan. [Dec. 20., A". 

Ref: Pr 6SS0; C. Copiei: AmBt; Harv; GK; 
LC(T): NFM. 

14880* Venice: Theodorua de Rega- 

lonibus. 1491, 23 Aug. 4'. 

Copiet: Harv; LC{T): HWt; (Wiltard). 

14881* Venice. 1493, 13 Jan. 4°. - 

Ref; Pr S1I6 (GmI, de Piancetreto). Copiej: 
Harv; LC; THG; JPMt; HWt. 

14883* Brescia: Britannicus, 1498, 20 

Nov. f. 

Copiea: Ph(W); (Crane); HEH; HWt. 

1488S* Venice. 1498. 10 Mar. 4V 

Ref: Pr 5146 (Rabeua). Copiei: HWt; (Crane). 

Solomon, Rabbi. See Salomon, 14245. 

Speculum Christiani. London: Wm. de 
Machlinia. 4°. 

Ref: Doff 41S (By John Wotton); Pr 9777. 
Copiei: NYP; HEH; JPMt. 

14915 Speculum exemplorum ex diversis 
libris in unum laboriose coUectum. 
Deventer: Paefroed. 1481, in crastino 
Philippi et Jacobi [May 2i. f°. 

Ref: Pell 161! (By Aegidiui Anrifaber); Pr 8941; 
Campbell 1568; C. Copie): Harv; LC. 

14916' CoIoKne: Koelhof. 1485. in 

profesto S. Michaelis iSept. 28i. f. 

Copy: UnTS. 

14917* Strasburg. 1487, in die S. An- 

driani ,Mar. 4j. f". 

Ret: Pr 609 (Primer of 1481 Jordanni de Qoed- 
linbnrg); Pell 1617. Copiei; Cor; Har*. 

14918* Strasburg, 1490, altera die post 

Invocavit [Mar. 1|. f. 

Ref: Pr 65} (Printer of 1483 Jordinda de Qoed- 
linburg); PeU ISIS; C (FUch). Copic*: LC; 
PrinTS;TorP; Watt 

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Specnlum humanae salvationJs. Block 

Copiu: NYPi Wuk; HEH (Peinbri>kc)i JPU. 

See note under Biblia Piopenim, I<mlin. 
14923 f. 

Rcf: CuDpbcll 1570 (Utncbt?); Hud (Harlem). 
Copr: NYP. 

14927 Den spieghel onser behou- 

denisse. Kuilenburg: Veldener, 1483. 
des saterdaghes po»t Kfathei apostoli 

iSept. 25,. 4°. 

Rcf: Campbell 1573; Pr 91S7; C. Copiei: JPHt; 

14929* Spectilum humanae salvationis cum 
speculo S. Marie Virginis. f. 
Ref: BH Cat (AunburE: Ziincr, 147]}; Fairfax 
Murrar 399 (Monailery of SS. Ulrie A Afra). 
Copit.: AmBt; NYP; HEH; JPMt. 

Spetuipptu. See Jamblichiu, 9358. 
14935* Spiegel der tnenschen behaftnis. i". 

Copj-: JPMt (Sprier: Dracb, c. 1«1). 
14936* Basel: Richel, 1476, vf S. Gil- 
gen obent ,Aug. 31,. i". 
Ref: BM Cal; Fairfax Murray 400. Copj: JPHt 
(2S7 proof impreaiiani of tbe euu). 

14942* Augsburg: Sorg, 1476. an S. 

Laurentzen abent |Aug. 9), f*. 

Copt: JPMt. 

Spiegel onser behoudenisse. See Speca- 
lum humanae salvationis, 14924-14927. 

Spieghel des kersten gheloefs. Gouda: 
Ueu. 1478, 1 Sept. 4°. 

Ref: Campbell 1585; C; Haio I4MS. Copr: 

Spina, Alphonsus a. See Alphonsiu, 871- 

Spinola or Spinnla, Jacobus. 
14955* Oralio gratuiatoria ad Ludovicum 

Mariatn Bari ducem, habita prid. id. 

Dec. |12i, 1492. 4°. 

14968 SpyegheL See Spieghcl. 

Stathun, Nicholas. 
[Abridgement of cases., [Rouen:, Guil. 
U Talleur. f°. 

Kef: Duff 374 (for Pynaon, 1490) ; Pr g76S: 
Hain IS092. Copiei: CI; ConnSutt: Hamit- 
ton; HarvUo; LC (2); NYSI; PhilBar; 

StatiuB, Publius Papinius. 

14975 Opera. Rome, 1476, kal. Sext. (Aug. 

Ref: Ci ef Ebert 216S9 (e. 1480-90). Copr: Ya, 
14976* Venice : Scotus. 1483, 4 non. 


irol; Harv; (NYSl (Campbell)]; (HaMl- 

- Venice: Jac. de Paganints, 1490, 

14978 - 
24 Dec. 

Ref; Pr 5353; C. Copy: HWt. 

14979* Venice: Bart, de Zanis. 1494, 

15 Mar. P. 

Copiea: Col; Harv; (N'YSt); Watk; JSL; HWt. 

14980 Venice: J. P. de Quarengis, 

1498, IS Jan. f. 

Ref: C Copiei: UChi; Northweatern : JSL. 


Copy: IHtn). 

Silvarum libri. 4*. 

Ref: R 334 (Florence: ConTeni of S. Jacobot i» 
Ripoli, c. 147S). Copy: Harr. 

— r. 

Ref: O 5607 (Venice, c. HW)- Copy: JA. 

14983 Rome; Pannarti, 1475. id. Sext. 

,Aug. 13., f=. 

Ref: Pr 352B; C. Copy: HEH. 

See also CatnUus, 4756-4760. 

14990 Thebaidos. f. 

: Pb. de Lavafni, c. 147<); Pr 


Copiei: Satra; HWt. 
.ngUae. Abbreviamentum statu- 

Spoleto, Cherubinus de. See Cbenibini, 

Sprenger, Jacob. 
14961* Erneuerte Rosenkranz - Bruder- 

schaft. 4°. 


Malleus Maleficarum. Sec Iitttltoris, 
Henricus. 9238-9246. 

Spretui, Desiderius. 

14963 De amplitudinc. devastations et de 
instauralione urbis Ravennae. Ven- 
ice: Capcasa. 1489. 4 Sept. 4*. 

Ref: Ri Pr 49*9; C Copy: HWt. 

[London:, Pynson, 1499, 9 Oct. 8". 

Ref: Duff 376; Pr 9795: Pell 15; C 5611. Copiea: 
HarvLaw rDDDn); NYSUte; UPa; W<ircLaw: 
HEH (Bridgcoriter) : (Hoe); JPHt. 

-~— London: Pynson, 1499. 9 Oct. 8°. 

Ref: Dnff 377. Copy: HarvLaw (Dunn). 

The Statutes concernynge the comyn 
well made, 14 Oct. ,1496., r*. 

Ref: Duff 385. Copy: HanLaw (Dunn). 

14993 Nova statufa. f. 

Ret: Daff 371 (London: Hacblln[B._ 14«4}; 

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14996 StatuU communitatis Bergomi. 
Brescia: A. & J. de Britannicis, 1491, 15 
kal. Jan. ,Dec. 18., f°. 
Rtt; Pr 6987; C. Copi«t UChi; H»rv: WSB: 
HWf; (Vories). 

14999* StatuW criminalia Bononiae. Bo- 
logna: Ugo Rugerius. 1491, 14 Mar. i'. 
Copy: HWt- 

15039 Statuta provincialia antiqus et nova 
Moguntina. 4°. 

Refi B 339 (Hum: CDtenber(, before USI); 
Indu (Striiburg. 1460); Dc Kicci, Premium 
imprea. de Marence, p. IS2. Copy: WHHN. 

15040 - 

- f°. 

Mainz: Schoeffer. 1487. i'. 

Copy: MinnP<Klou). 

15041* f°. 

Rcf: BM Cat (Strasbun: Priiii. c. 14S4-I487). 
Copy: AmBt. 

Ret: R; Pr 6963, 6964; C. Cop 

15007' SutuU et deer 

uae. Bologna: Bazalerius, 1498, prid. 
kal. Quint. Jun. 30., f°. 
Copies; JHSch; TBDV. 

gt'ssh; C 11 

15011 Milan, 1498, 10 Nov. i". 

15015 Statuta dominorum artistarum acha- 
demiae Patavinae. 4°. 
Red C. Copy: JHSch (Padua, 1496), 

Ref; R. Copy: H 

Statuta Placentia 

15021 Statuta Venetorum; Libro di statuti 
et leze di Venesia. Venice: Bertochus, 
1492. ult. Oct. f°. 

Ref: Pr S280; C. Copies: JHSch; HWt. 

Statuta synodalia cum specula sacerdolum 
[and other tracts,. Besan;on, 1487, 1 
Mar. i". 
Ref: C S61Z: Thietiy-Poux 136 (MetUnger). 
Copy: AmBt. 

15026 Statuta ecclesiae Coloniensia. Co- 
logne: Guldenschaiff, 1478. 18 Apr. i°. 

Ref: Pr 1205; C Copiei: AmBt (Wodhall); 

15027 Statuta provincialia Coloniensia et 
diocesana Monasteriensia. Miinster: 
Ltmburg. 1486, prid. id. Oct. [14., 4°. 

Bel: R; Pr 31S6. Copie.: AmBt; LC(T). 

Statute synodalia Leodiensia. 4'. 

Ref: Cxnipbrll 1601 (LouvBin: J. de Weitplialia, 
14S6?), Copy: LC. 

Statuta commttnitatis Valliscamonicae. 
Brescia. 1498, I Sept. f°. 
Ref: R 338 (BHUnnicus). Copy: HWf. 

Staupitc, Johannes de. 

15052* Decisio questionis de audientia 
misse in parrochiali ecclesia. Tubin- 
gen. 1500. 4°. 
Ref: Pr 3235 (Otmar). Copiei: Calb; Sun; 

Steber, Bartholomaeus. 

15053 A Mala franczos morbo Gallorum 

preservatio ac cura. Vienna: lo. 

Wrinterburg). 4", 
Ref: BM Cat (1497-98). Copy: Surg. 

Steinbach, Wendelin. See Biel, 3178-3189. 

SteinhSwel, Heinrich. 
15057 Regimen wider die peatilenz. Ulm: 
Dunckmiit. f°. 
Be(: BM Cat. Copy: Surg (c. 14g2). 

15062* Stella Clericorum. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Ulm: Zainer). Copiec Ya; JPUt 
(after 1480). 

15063* 4°. 

Ref: Pr 1398 (Coloinie: Ouenlell): Vootlitme. 
Koln, 1101 (c. 1489); Campbell, Sui' -- 

Deventer: Jac. de Breda, 1491, 14 

Apr. 4°. 

Ref; Campbell 1609: C S6S8. Copy: Ph(W). 

15080 Deventer: Jac. de Breda, 1498, 

17 Jan. 4°. 

Bef: Campbell 1614; Pr 90«. Copy: CoL 

rParis: Roce.) 8°. 

Copy: Pb(W, 1499). 

Ret: C S639. Copj 


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Stoetfler, Johannes, & Pflaam, Jacobus. 
15085* Almanach nova in annos 1499-1531. 
Ulm: Reger, 1499, id. Feb. il3.i 4°. 

Rcf: BM Cat. Copy: CoL. 


15086 Geographia. Rome: Sweynheym 

& Pannarti. f°. 

Bef: B; Pr MOJ (1469). Copiu: Amfit: Prin. 

15087* iVenice:i Vindelinus [de Spira,, 

1472. r. 

15089* [Treviso:, Joannes [Rubeus,. 

1480, 7 kal. Sept. |Aug. 26., C. 

Copies: Boilon; Harv; LCPh; LC; WKB; TPMt; 

[Venice:] Joannes rRubeusj, 1494, 

28 Jan. i'. 

Rt(: C. S661. Copy: Cor. 

15090* (Veniee:i Joannes ,Rubeusi, 

1494, 24 Apr. f°. 
Copici: AmBI; Bojton; HWf; (Cleven). 

15092 Stratham, Nicotaus. See Statham. 

15119* — 

Ref: Pr 

— 1480. 

649« {Tr, 
:c); Hiin < 


- Milan: 


Zarotus, 1480, 16 Nov. 

Copy: A AH. 

15122* [Commentary of Sabeliicus.] 

Venice: B. de Tortis, 1490, IS Feb. f°. 

CopLot JPG {C»rv«1ho)i JSL; HWf. 

15123 — - Milan: Scinzenzeler, 1491, 19 
Nov. r. 

Kef: Pt 6021. Cofxu: Hmrv; Muikeson; HCF; 

15124 Venice: Damianus de Medio- 

lano, 1493, 29 Mar. !\ 

Hit: Pr 5S12; C. Copifi: Harv; LC<T). 

Venice; Damianus de Gorgonzola, 

1493, 29 Mar. f. 

Rif: C III, p. Z88. Copie.: PhfW); HWt 

Strodua, Radulphus. 

15096 Consequentiae. Venice, 1488. 4°. 

Rcf: B; Pr 5666 (H. Fo-ia.?); C. Copy; HWt. 

15098 Venice: Locatellus, 1493, 3 id. 

Feb. [11.1 4°. 

Rcf: R. Copy: Harv. 

15106* Stilus Romane curie. 4°. 

Ref: BU Cat (Rami: FLannck): C (1490). Codt; 

15111*, 15112* Succesalonea ab intestato. 
Leipzis: Botticher, 1494. 4*. 
Rcf: BM Cat; Hiin 377j. Copy: LC(T}. 

Succus. See Soccus, I4825-I4S30. 
Suchen, Ludolphus S. Petrus. See Lu- 

dolphiu, 10307-10311. 
Suchtelensis, Aegidius. See Aegidiui. 
Suetonius TranqaiUus, Caius. 
15113* Vitae xii. Caesarum. 4% 

Ref: Pr 7J69 (iUliM, «, 1*777). Copy: HWt. 
Ref: C (1480); cf Haiti ISII4. Copy: Ph(W). 

15114 Venice: Joannes Rubeus, 1490, 

15 Jul. f°. 

Ref: Pr 5127] Hmin MS6]>. Copiei: Har* (3, 
var.); Ph(W); JLG; HWf. 

15115 Rome. 1470, Sext. , Aug., f. 

Ref: R; Pr 33B2 (J. P. de Lignamine). Copiei: 

15116* Rome: Sweynheym & Pan- 

nartz, 1470. P. 

Ref; BH Cat. Copy: JPUt. 

15117* iVeniee:i Jenson. 1471. 4*. 

Copiei: Hut; WXB; AUT. 

15127 - 

,10., f. 

I; Cor; H»r»; MDioe; New 

- Milan: Pachel, 1494, ■ 

id. Ja, 

Ref: C. Copie*: Ph(W); HWti JCW. 

15128* [Commentaries of Beroaldus 

and Sabeliicus.) Venice: Bevilaqua, 
1496. i". 

Copi«: Harv; Saae; Walk; WAB; AJB; LFB; 

15130 Venice: B. de Zanis. 1500, 28 

Jul. i'. 

Ret: H; Pr S347, Copies: Han.; Watk; LCCT). 

See also Aureliiu Victor, De viris 

illustribus Romae, 2132-2133, and 
Scriptores historiae Augustae, 14560- 

15131* De grammalicis. 8°. 

Ref: Pr 3515 (Rome: Schurener?); Hiin (Gen)- 
beri). Copy: Harv. 

15132 8*. 

Ref: C (Venice: Jenaan. 1471). Copy: WHV 
(Fidu: Barth. de V*ldeio«tio, c. 1474). 

Venice. 8°. 

Copy: Trin. 

15134 De praeclaris gestis Romanorum. 

■eler); C 


Ref: Pr S9 


15135* Lexicon Graecum, Milan: Bissolus 

& Mangius, 1499. IS Nov. P. 
Copiei: UChi; Hanihon; LC; [NYStl; Ffa(W>: 

JA; HEH; JPMt; HWS; LC(T); HWt. 

See also Etymologinm nugnutu 

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SulpitittB Verulantts, Johannes. 

15139, 15140. Opus ^rammaticum; de oct< 

Rcf: Pr 5225 (Venice: C. de Peniii). Cop^ 


Regulae. 4°. 

Copy: HWt (Venice: Joh. Tacuinm. c. 1495). 

1SI60* De versum scansione & diversis ge 

neribus carminum praecepta. 4°. 

Kef: Main (Rome). Copr: HWt (c. 1490). 


Copy: Cor. 

Suso, Henricua de. 

Das bflch das do der Seusse heissct. 
Augsburg: Sorg, 1482, Freitag vor S. 

lorgen tag (Apr. 19). f°, 

Ref: Pr 1685; C S6S8. Copiei: PHnj JPHt. 

Horologium sapientie. Venice: P. de 
Querengiis, 1492, 24 Jan. 4°. 

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in octo libros 

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(To be coHtinued) 

d by Google 



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"On November 2 and 3, 1917, the Acidcnr beld a 
conference in Philadelphia on 'Financinf the war' 

The financial •iltwion, a (eneial iDrveT. by F. W. 
Tauiiii. The Uik of financina the war, if J. T. 
FitzRerald. Reaching the individual inveitor, by 
A. W. Atwood. Part n. Borrowing by the fovern- 

i hortowing hT 
the govemment. bj H. ^ Schiff. Part ni. The 
relationship between loam and taxei; Loans veriui 
taiei in war finance, br E. R. A. Setipnan. The 
relationship between loam and taiei in war finance, 
br O. H. W. Sprague. Shifting the war burden npon 
the fnture, by R. G. Blaker. Part iv. Do govern- 
ment loam ciUK inflation: Do government loam 
canae inflation? Br J. H. Hollander. War finance 
and inflation, br A. C. Miller. The argument againai 

War loant, inflation and the high coat of living, bj 


Part V 

iciple) of exceas profit) taiuion, by T. S. Adam*, 
ine war revenaeact of I9I7, br D. C. Roper. Liqui- 
dation taiei. br S, N. Patten. A eriliciim of the 
war revenue act of I9I7, br J. F- Zoller. Part vi. 
The financial eiperiencei of our allicl: War and 
finance in Rniiia. br B. Bakhmeteff. The financial 
effort of Franco during the war, bv J, F. Bloch. 
Thinking in tcrmi of moner the cauae of manr fi- 
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bund <Rna>land und Frankreich). iii. Der Auibmch 
dea Kriegeg iiriichen Deutachland und Belgien. IV. 
Der Auibrueh de> Kriegei iwiichen Deulichland und 
Groaabrittannien. ». iJer Auabrucb dea Kriegeg 
iwiichen Deutaebland und Japan. Anbang: I. An- 
iprache del Raiieri am 31. Juli 1914 vom Balkon 
del Koniglichcn Schloiaei in Berlin *ui. 2. An- 
iprache de> Kaiaera am I. Auguil I9l« vom Balkon 
del Koniglichcn Schloiiei in Berlin aui. 3. An dai 
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J. An die deutacbcn Frauenl 6. Aoguit 1914. 

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Veilleur. quo! dans la nuit? — Les signes 
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d by Google 



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The treaties of 178S. 1799 and 1828 

between the United States and Prussia, 
as interpreted in opinions of attorneys 
general, decisions of courts, and dipio- 

d by Google 



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17SS, 1799 ind 1828, between tbe United Stale) and 

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dealing with the censorship of mails, by 
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offering to their wounded heroes into per- 
manent blessings to our country, evolved 
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Marcus Haase. . .Jones & Furbringer, 
architects. . .submitted to the association 
by Dr. William Krauss. . , [Memphis, 
Tenn.; S. C. Toof St Co., 1917., 7(1) p. 
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held under the auspices of the United 
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American edition pobliifaed under title THr littnt 

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d by Google 

648 ■ 


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y of n 


, laboi 




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venante. vs. la Russie, la France, la Grande 
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d by Google 



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Maurice Barres... Paris: Societe du Re- 

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maps. 12°. (Ligue des pat ' " " ' 
Petite bibliotheque. [no.i S.) 


BTZE (Ligne) 

From snotty to sub. By "Heandi," 
authors of "From Dartmouth to the Dar- 
danelles." London: W. Heinemann ,1918i. 
xi. 142 p. 12°. VYAF 

Gardner, Carlton Edward. The military 
drummer; a manual on drum playing as 
practiced in the United States army and 
navy, including drum duties with fife and 
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A General't letters to his son on minor 
tactics. London: H. Rees. Ltd., 1918. 2 
p.l., 7-103(1) p. diagr. 16°. VWO 

Georgia Htitorical Society. Remarks of 
Mr. W. W. Mackall, president of the soci- 
ety, on the occasioil of its seventy-ninth 
anniversary, February 12lh, 1918 on "The 
duty of the hour." |Savannah;j Printed by 
direction of the society [19I8i. 10 p. 8°. 
BTZG p.v.13, no.lO 

Qertnany. — Auswaertiges Amt. Dr. von 
Bethmann-Hollweg's speech delivered be- 
fore the German Reichstag on August 
19th, 1915. rNew York:, German Univer- 
sity League |1915,. 81. 24°. 


Oervaia, Maurice. La guerre dans les 
Ardennes, une page d'histoire, lettre i un 
ami; exode des habitants de Charleville 
dans la nuit du 25 au 26 aoijt 1914. Reims: 
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Gonzilez Gamargo, Juan. "Banderas 
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Qosse, Edmund William. Three French 
moralists, and The gallantry of France. 
London: W. Heinemann |]918|. xix. 175 
(1) p. 12°. NCZ 

Confrmi; Inlroductinn. Thfre Ftenib moraliili 
' Rochefoucaald. La Bru^ire, .>'auv<Mi 

111 tin 


Great Britain. — Advisory Committee on 
Trading with the Enemy, Report to the 
president of the Board of Trade by the 
committee appointed to advise the Board 
of Trade on matters arising under the 
Trading with the Enemy Amendment Act, 
1916. London: iDarling and Son, Ltd..i 
1918. 6 p. f°. (Cd.9059.) Room 229 

Trading with the Enemy Amend- 
ment Act, 1916. Summary of cases dealt 
with by the Advisory Committee up to 2nd 
June, 1916, inclusive, and of the recom- 
mendations made therein. . . London: 
Darling and Son, Ltd., 1916. 1 1. t°. (Cd. 
8308.) Room 229 

Great Britain. — Army Cattle Committee 
("Robinson Committee"). Report of the 
Army Cattle Committee. Part 1. Lon- 
don: [Darling & Son, Ltd..| 1918. 41 p., 
3diagr3. 8°. Room 229 

Great Britain. — Board of Trade. Mem- 
orandum by the Board of Trade and the 
Foreign Office with respect to the future 
organisation of commercial intelligence... 
London: [Harrison and Sons.i 1917. 33 p. 
r. (Cd. 8715.) Room 229 

Great Britain.— Commission on Rebel- 
lion in Ireland. Minutes of evidence and 
appendix of documents... London: Dar- 
ling and Son. Ltd.. 1916. 126 p. f°. (Cd. 
8311.) fCSD 

Report of commission... Lon- 
don: Darling and Son. Ltd.. 1916. 14 p. f°. 
(Cd. 8279.) tCSD 

Great Britain. — Committee on Chemi- 
cal Trade ("Price Committee"). Report 
of committee appointed to advise as to 
the procedure which should be adopted for 
dealing with the chemical trade... Lon- 
don: [Darling and Son, Ltd..i 1917. 4 p. 
f°. (Cd. 8882.) Room 229 

Great Britain. — Committee on Com- 
mercial and Industrial Policy ("Balfour 
Committee"). Final report of the Com- 
mittee on Commercial and Industrial Pol- 

d by Google 



Imperial preference. Copy of reso- 
lutions passed by the Committee on Com- 
mercial and Industrial Policy on the sub- 
ject of imperial preference, together with 
copy of covering letter to the prime min- 
ister. , . London : rEyre and Spottiswoode, 
Ltd..) 1917. 4 p. P. (Cd. 8482.) 

Room 229 

- Inte 


industries... London: [Eyre and Spotti) 

woode. Ltd.,, 1918. 16 p. i". (Cd. 9032.1 

Room 229 

Interim report on the importation 

of goods from the present enemy coun- 
tries after the war... London: [Darling 
and Son, Ltd.,i 1918. 4 p. f°. (Cd. 9033.1 

Room 229 
Great Britain. — Committee on Rela- 
tions between Employers and Employed 
("Whitley Committee"). Interim report 
on joint standing industrial councils. . . 
London: [Eyre and Spottiswoode, Ltd.,] 

1917. 8 p. r. (Cd. 8606.) Room 229 

Second report on joint standing in- 
dustrial councils... London: [Eyre and 
Spottiswoode. Ltd.,, 1918. 7 p. f°. (Cd. 
9002.) Room 229 

Supplementary report on works 

committees, , . London: [Evre and Spot- 
tiswoode, Ltd.,, 1918. 4 p. f. (Cd. 9001.) 

Room 229 
Great Britain. — Committee on Treat- 
ment by Enemy of British Prisoners of 
War. El crimen de Wittenberg. Rcsu- 
men del informe oflcial al gobierno bri- 
tanico... Londres: W. Turner y Com- 
paiiia. Ltd. (1916., 24 p. 12°. 


The horrors of Wittenberg... 

London: C. A. Pearson. Ltd.. 1916, 32 p. 
2. ed. 12°. BTZE p.v.296, no.6 

Report by the government com- 
mittee on the treatment by the enemy of 
British prisoners of war regarding the 
conditions obtaining al Wittenberg camp 
during the typhus epidemic of 1915. . . 
London: Harrison and Sons, 1916. 9(1) p. 
t°. (Great Britain.— Foreign Office. 
Miscellaneous. 1916, no. 10.) f XBI 

Cd. eZ24. 

Report on the typhus epidemic at 

Gardelegen by the government committee 
on the treatment by the enemy of British 
prisoners of war during the spring and 
summer of 1915 . . . London : Harrison 
and Sons. 1916. 10 p. f°. (Great Britain. 
— Foreign Office. Miscellaneous. 1916, 
no. 34.) tXBI 

Cd, 8JS1. 

Great Britain. — Conciliation and Arbi- 
tration Board for Government Employees. 
Record of the proceedings for 1917. . . 
London: (Eyre and Spottiswoode. Ltd..) 

1918. 16 p. V. (Cd. 9017.) Room 229 

War bonus. (Circular., no. 17-19. 

London, 1917. f°. Room229 

■ wnk. I9I7. 

IOl ■ rear. 1917. 

no. 19. Temporary postal «np1oy«efl. 1917. 

Great Britain. — Defence of the Realm 
Losses Royal Commission ("Terrington 

Committee"). Schedule to the first report 
of the commissioners... London: [Eyre 
and Spottiswoode, Ltd.,, 1918. 34 p. f. 
(Cd.9048.) Room 229 

Great Britain. — Departmental Commit- 
tee on Electrical Trades ("Parsons Com- 
mittee"). Report of the departmental 
committee appointed by the Board of 
Trade to consider the position of the elec- 
trical trades after the war... London: 
iDarline and Son, Ltd.,, 1918. 14 p. i". 
(Cd. 9072.) Room 229 

Great Britain. — Departmental Commit- 
tee on Engineering Trades After the War 
("Hyde Commillee"). Report of the de- 
partmental committee appointed by the 
Board of Trade to consider the position 
of the engineering trades after the war. . . 
London: [Darling and Son, Ltd.,, 1918. 54 
p. r. (Cd. 9073.) Room 229 

Great Britain. — Departmental Commit- 
tee on Iron and Steel Trades ("Scoby- 
Smith Committee"). Report of the depart- 
mental committee appointed by the Board 
of Trade to consider the position of the 
iron and steel trades after the war. Lon- 
don: (Darling and Son, Ltd.., 1918. SO p. 
i". (Cd. 9071.) Room 229 

Great Britain. — Departmental Commit- 
tee on Textile Trades ("Birchenough 
Committee"). Report of the departmental 
committee appointed by the Board of 
Trade to consider the position of the tex- 
tile trades after the war. . . London: 
[Darling and Son. Ltd., 1918. 130 p. f*. 
(Cd.907O.) Room229 

Great Britain. — Dominions Royal Com- 
mission, Papers laid before the commis- 
sion. 1914-1917... London; E. Ponsonby, 
Ltd., 1917. 47 p. i'. (Cd. 8460.1 

Room 229 

At brad of title: Dominioni Roial Comniinon. 
Royal cDinmiiiion on Ihr natural resonrcet. tradr. 
and IcRislalion of certain porlioni of Hia Uajeity'a 

Great Briuin,— Foreign Office. Col- 
lective note addressed to the Greek gov- 
ernment by the French, British, and Rus- 
sian ministers, and the reply of the Greek 
government. . . London: Harrison and 
Sons. 1916. 5(1) p. f°. (Miscellaneous. 
1916, no. 27.) tXBI 

Cd. SZ98. 

Fcench and Engliah in parallel cotDmni. 

Correspondence respecting the em- 
ployment of British and German prisoners 
of war in Poland and France respectively 

d by Google 



... London: Harrison and Sons, 1916. 1 
P.I., 4 p., 1 1. f. (Miscellaneous. 1916. 
no. 19.) tXBI 

Cd. 8360. 

Correspondence respecting the re- 
lief of allied territories in the occupation 
of the enemy... London: Harrison and 
Sons, 1916. 27(1) p. f. (Miscellaneous. 
1916. no. 32.) t XBI 

Cd. 8)48. 

Correspondence with the Belgian 

minister respecting the deportation of 
Belgians to Germany and the forced la- 
bour imposed upon them by the German 
authorities. .. London: Harrison and 
Sons. 1916. Ip.L, 5(1) p. f. (Miscel- 
laneous. 1916, no. 37.) fXBI 

Cd. 8404. 
■ad Entliih is parallel calumai. 

Correspondence with the Swedish 

minister on the subject of the detention by 
the Swedish government of the British 
transit mail to Russia as a reprisal for the 
search of parcels mail by His Majesty's 

fovernment. . . London: Harrison and 
ons, 1916. Ip.l.. 2S(l)p. f. (Miscel- 
laneous. 1916, no. 28.) fXBI 

Cd. I 

1 Enaliil 

Correspondence with the United 

States ambassador regarding the relief of 
allied territories in the occupation of the 
enemy... London: Harrison and Sons, 
1916. 3(1) p. f°. (Miscellaneous. 1916. 
no. 24.) tXBI 

Cd. 8295. 

Correspondence with the United 

States ambassador respecting the safety of 
alien enemies repatriated from India on 
the S. S. "Goiconda"... London: Harri- 
son and Sons. 1916. 3(1) p. f°. (Miscel- 
laneous. 1916, no. 4.) t XBI 

Cd. 8163. 

- — - Correspondence with the United 
States ambassador respecting the "Trading 
with the Enemy (Extension of Powers) 
Act, 19IS.". . . London: Harrison and 
Sons. 1916. Ip.l.. 2(1) p. f. (Miscellane- 
ous. 1916. no. 11.) fXBI 

Cd. 8Z2S. 

Correspondence with the United 

States ambassador respecting the treat- 
ment of mails on neutral vessels... Lon- 
don: Harrison and Sons, 1916. Ip.l., 2(1) 
p. f°. (Miscellaneous. 1916, no. S.) 


Cd. 8173. 

Further correspondence respecting 

the conditions of diet and nutrition in the 
internment camp at Ruhleben. (In con- 
tinuation of "Miscellaneous, no. 18, 1916": 
Cd. 82S9.) . . . London : Harrison and Sons, 

1916. Ip.l., 9(1) p. f*. (Miscellaneous. 
1916, no. 21.) tXBI 

Cd. 83(2. 

"UiKclltoeoiu, no. 18 (1916)" i* ■ report by Dr. 
A. E. T«7lorj --' - - .- - 

Further correspondence respecting 

the conditions of diet and nutrition in the 
internment camp at Ruhleben and the pro- 
posed release of interned civilians. (In 
continuation of "Miscellaneous, no. 21, 
1916": Cd. 8262.)... London: Harrison 
and Sons, 1916. Ip.l., 4 p. i°. (Miscel- 
laneous. 1916, no. 25.) t XBI 

Cd. 8296. 

Further correspondence respecting 

the proposed release of civilians interned 
in the British and German empires. (In 
continuation of "Miscellaneous, no. 25, 
1916": Cd. 8296.)... London: Harrison 
and Sons, 1916. Ip.l., 6 p. f°. (Miscel- 
laneous. 1916, no. 35.) tXBI 

Cd. 8352. 

Further correspondence with the 

United States ambassador respecting the 
treatment of British prisoners of war and 
interned civilians in Germany. (In con- 
tinuation of "Miscellaneous, no. 19, 1915": 
Cd. 8108.) . . . London : Harrison and Sons, 
1916. iv, 89(1) p. f°. (Miscellaneous. 
1916, no. 16.) tXBI 

Cd. 8235. 

Memorandum presented by His 

Majesty's government and the French 
government to neutral governments re- 
garding the examination of parcels and 
letter mails. . . London: Harrison and 
Sons, 1916. 7(1) p. f°. (Miscellaneous. 
1916, no. 9.) tXBI 

Cd. 8223. 

Selection from papers found in the 

possession of Captain von Papen. late 
German military attache at Washington, 
Falmouth, January 2 & 3, 1916... Lon- 
don; Harrison and Sons. 1916. 1 p.l., 35(1) 
p. facs. f°. (Miscellaneous. 1916, no. 6.) 


Cd. 8174. 

Statement of the measures adopted 

to intercept the sea-borne commerce of 
Germany. . . London : Harrison and Sons, 
1916. 7(1) p. f°. (Miscellaneous. 1916.) 
no. 2. fXBI 

Cd. 8143. 

Great Britain. — Home Office. Alien 
enemies in prohibited areas. Report of the 
commissioners appointed to review the 
permits under which alien enemies are 
allowed to reside in prohibited areas... 
London: Darling and Son. Ltd., 1916. 7p. 
t°. (Cd. 8419.) Room229 

Great Britain. — Imperial War Confer- 
ence. 1917. Extracts from discussions at 
the Imperial War Conference on the ad- 
of Canadian cattle into the United 

d by Google 



Kingdom. (In continuation of "Cd, 8S66.") 
... London: [Eyre and Spottiswoode, 
Lid.,, 1917. 6 p. i\ (Cd. 8673.) 

Room 229 

Great Britain. — Liquor Trade Finance 
.Committee. State purchase and control of 
liquor trade. Reports of English, Scotch 
and Irish committees... London; iNeill 
& Co.. Ltd.., 1918. 82 p. f°. (Cd. 9042.) 
Room 229 

Great Britain. — Local Government 
Board. British-born wives and children 
of interned aliens. London: J. Truscott 
and Son, Ltd.. 1915. II. f°. Room 229 

Great Britain. — Ministry of Munitions. 
Places of worship. &c. (grants of lands, 
&c.) Return to an order of the... House 
of Commons, dated 8th November. 1917, — 
for, return "showing what grants have 
been made by the Ministry of Munitions 
since the 4th day of August. 1914. of (a) 
sites of land, , , (b) money contributions, . , 
(c) sites and money contributions for 
schools... (d) sites, buildings, and money 
for Young Men's Christian Association 
huls... London: (J. Truscott and Son, 
Ltd.., 1918. 4 p. f°. (H. of C. 60.) 

Room 229 

Great Britain. — National Health Insur- 
ance Joint Committee; Medical Research 
Committee. A report on the causes of 
wastage of labour in munitions factories 
employing women, [London: Sir Joseph 
Causton & Sons, Ltd.., 1918. 76 p.. I diagr. 
8°. (Special report series, no. 16.) 

SPC (Gt. Br.) 

Great Britain. — Pensions Ministry. 
Royal warrant for the pensions of soldiers 
disabled, and of the families and depen- 
dants of soldiers deceased, in consequence 
of the present war, . . London; lEyre and 
Spottiswoode. Ltd.., 1918. 12 p. f°. (Cd. 
9040.) Room 229 

Royal warrant for the pensions of 

soldiers disabled, and of the widows of 
soldiers deceased in consequence of for- 
mer wars... London: [Eyre and Spottis- 
woode, Ltd.,, 1918. 1 1. f°. (Cd. 9041.) 

Room 229 

Great Britain. — Pre-war Contract Com- 
mittee ("Buckmaster Committee"). Re- 
gort of the committee appointed by the 
oard of Trade to consider the position of 
" ' ' ' inufaclurers and merchants 

of F 


Great Britain. — Privy Council. The 
aliens restriction order, being statutory 
rules and orders, 1916, no. 122, printed in 
accordance with article 35 thereof, with all 
additions, omissions, and substitutions di- 
rected to be made by subsequent orders 
in council (nos. 191. 416. 451, 607. and 764, 
of 1916, nos, 128, 286, 545, and 873, of 1917, 

and nos. 175 and 266 of 1918), and by orders 
of the secretary of state, down to and in- 
cluding March 4th, 1918. London: [Dar- 
ling & Son, Ltd.,, 1918. 38 p. 8°. 

Room 229 

Military Service Act, 1916. Order 

in council, dated 3rd February 1916, mak- 
ing regulations for the tribunals estab- 
lished under the Military Service Act, 1916 
. . , London : Eyre and Spottiswoode, Ltd., 
1916, 12 p. r. (H. of C. 5.) tVWZ 

Great Britain. — Reconstruction Minis- 
try. Report of the Acquisition of Powers 
Sub-committee of the Reconstruction 
Committee... London: (Eyre and Spot- 
tiswoode, Ltd.., 1918. 10 p. f°. (Cd. 
8982.) Room 229 

Great Britain. — Select Committee on 
Military Service (Review of Exceptions) 
Act, 1917. Special report and report from 
the Select Committee on Military Service 
(Review of Exceptions) Act, 1917, To- 
gether with the proceedings of the com- 
mittee, minutes of evidence, and appen- 
dices. London: [Wyman and Sons, Ltd.., 
1918. xviii. 217 p. f°. (H. of C. 126 & 
185.) Room 229 

Index and digest of evidence 

of the select committee... London; iWy- 
man & Sons, Ltd.., 1918. (1) 218-243 p. 
r. (H. of C. 126 & 185.) Room 229 

GreatBritain. — Select Committee on 
Premium Bonds. Report from the Select 
Committee on Premium Bonds; together 
with the proceedings of the committee. 
minutes of evidence and appendices. . . 
London: [Wyman and Sons. Ltd.,, 1918. 
xii, 160 p. i\ (H. of C 168.) Room 229 

Great Britain. — Treasury. Luxury 

duty. Return to an order of the House of 
Commons, dated 9 May 1918; — for, copy 
of explanatory statement on the French tax 
on luxuries... London: [J, Truscott and 
Son, Ltd.., 1918. 8 p. f°, (H. of C. 57.) 
Room 229 

Great Britain, — War Office. Army, 
Memorandum on War Office contracts... 
London: [Wyman and Sons, Ltd.,, 1917. 
27 p. f°. (Cd. 8447,) Room 229 

Great Britain. — War Pensions, &c.. 
Statutory Committee. Report to His 
Majesty the King, of the War Pensions. 
&e.. Statutory Committee for the year 
1916. . . London ; Harrison and Sons. 1917. 
Ip.l.. 124p. f°. (Cd. 8750.) fSIV 

Grey (1. viscount), Edward Grey. The 
conflict for human liberty. New York; G. 
H. Doran Co. (1917?, iSp. 12°. 


The preface to "Amecua and FcHdon," Ul En(- 
liifa edition of Presidenl WiIkhi'* lUlnnsita od the 

Guaranty Trust Company of Hew York. 
The liberty loans. (New York, 1917?, 12 
p. illus. 8°. BTZSp.tAbo.23 

d by Google 


War loans of the United States 

and the third Liberty Loan. New York: 
Guaranty Trust Co. of N. Y. ,cop. 1918., 
23 p. 12°. BTZSp.v.S,no.3 

Cnthrie, William Dameron. Dejeuner 
d'honneur offert par le Barreau de la ville 
de New York a Monsieur Rene Viviani... 
le 11 mai 1917, a Thotel Biltmore, New 
York. Diseours de M. William D. Guthrie 
... iN'ew York, 1917.| 7 p. 8°. 

BTZS p.v.6, no.8 

Meeting of the Philadelphia Red 

Cross war committees held at the Hotel 
Ritz. Philadelphia. Monday evening, June 
18. 1917; remarks by William D. Guthrie. 
iPhiladelphia, 1917.i 17 p. 8°. 

Guyon, Charles. Verdun, ville immor- 
telle. Paris: Librairle Larousse [1917,. 32 
p. illus. 12°. (Les livres roses pour la 
jeunesse. no. 199.) BTZB p.v.299, ro.6 

Hacobian, Avetoon Pesak. Armenia and 
the war; an Armenian's point of view with 
an appeal to Britain and the coming peace 
conference. With a preface by the Rt. 
Hon. Viscount Bryee. . . New York: G. H. 
Doran Co. (1917?, xvi p., 1 1.. 19-192 p. 
12°. BTZE 

Hamon, Augustin Frederic. Lessons of 
the world-war. Translated by Bernard 
Miall. with an introduction by Patrick 
Geddes. London: T. F. Unwin, Ltd. ,1918., 
438 p. 8°. BTZE 

Hanna. Hugh SJsson, and W. J. Lauck. 
Wages and the war; a summary of recent 
wage movements. Cleveland, O.: The 
Doyle & Waltz Printing Company, 1918. 
vii, 356 p. 8°. TDD 

Hard, William. How the English take 
the war. (Reprinted from "The Metropoli- 
tan," New York.) London: Eyre and 
Spottiswoode, Ltd., 1918. 30 p. 8°. 


Harlow, S. Ralph. The church on a war 
basis. Boston: American Board of Com- 
missioners for Foreign Uissions [1917?,. 
16 p. 12°. BTZG p.v.12, no.U 

Hart, Hastings Hornell. The war pro- 
gram of the state of South Carolina; a re- 
port prepared at the request of Governor 
Richard I. Manning, the State Council of 
Defense and the State Board of Charities 
and Corrections, New York City: The 
Russell Sage Foundation, 1918, 61 p. illus. 
8'. (iRussell Sage Foundation, New York. 
Department of Child-Helping. Pam- 
phlets., C H 37.) SA (RuaaeU) 

Heartman, Charles Frederick. The ne- 
cessity of prohibiting German newspapers, 
from a different viewpoint. [New York? 
1918., 21. 8°. BTZSp.T.6,no,22 

Hendenon, Mary H. J. In war and 
peace; songs of a Scotswoman. Foreword 

Henry, Marc. Beyond the Rhine; mem- 
ories of art and life in Germany before the 
war. New York: Dodd, Mead and Co., 
1918. viii, 2-t8p. 8°. EAS 

Henshaw, Frederick William. The cause 
and meaning of this war. [San Francisco: 
The Argonaut Press, 19I7.i 32 p. 8°. 


Hertz, Henri. La liberation du terri- 
toire fran^ais par les armcs. Conference 
illusirant les vues prises par la section 
photographique de I'armce. [Autun: Imp. 
Pernot, 1917?, 38p., 11. 32°. 

BTZE p.v.300, no.2 

Conirnu: Noyon. LauimT ct Roye. Ham, 
Nale a Pjronnc. L'Aiuic. D« SlinLSimDn ■ 
Tcrgnter. Cbanny ct Concr-le-Chilleaa. 

Hill, David Jayne. La crise de la demo- 
cratie aux fitats-Unis. Traduit de I'anglais 
par Madame Emile Boutroux. Preface de 
M. Emile Boutroux... Paris: Payot & 
Cie,. 1918. 2 p.l., (1)8-242 p., 1 I. 12". 
(Bibliotheque politique et iconomiquc.) 


A tcanaUlion of bi* Amiriraniim; ulU( it u. 

Kaiser and peace; analysis of the 

guiding mind in a war-mad government 
whose word has been proved unworthy of 
trust. New York: American Defense So- 
ciety ,1917,. 16 p. 8°. BTZE p.v.297, no.l 

Hoogh, Emerson. The indefinite Ameri- 
can attitude toward the war and when shall 
it change? New York: American Defense 
Society, Inc. icop. 1917., 61. nar. 8°. 

BTZS p.v.6, no.24 

Howe, William Stuart. War and prog- 
ress; the growth of the world influence of 
the Anglo-Saxon. Boston: L. Phillips, 
1918. vi p., 21.. 136 p. 8°. BTZV 

CmiloKi; World itoupinn. Amcricaii interut 
11 (ffcclcd bT alleged Japanne domination of China. 
Inlemationaliun and the Far EaM. Self detcrmlna- 

The fandaoienul defect. Ii it north tbe coit? The 
onttooli and the probleai. 1918. 

Hughea, Rupert. The unpardonable sin; 
a novel. . .illustrated by James Montgom- 
ery Flagg. New York and London; Har- 
per & Brothers (Cop. 1918,. 4 p.l., 326 p., 
1 1. illus. 12°. BTZK 


HUTTell, F. G. A dreamer under arms. 
New York; E. P. Dutton and Company 
icop. 1918,. viii p., 2 1., 3-306 p. 12°. 



LTmpoatnre par I'image; recueil de gra- 
vures falsifiees et calomnieuses publiees 
par la presse illuatr^ auitro-allemande 
pendant la guerre. Lausanne: Payot & 
Cie., 1917. 80 p. illus. 4°. 

t BTZE p.v,28B, no.2 

d by Google 


Jamcsoif. Mrs. Annie Edith Foster. The 
•ilent legion, by J. E. Buckrose [pteud.]. 
London, New York: Hodder and Stough- 
ton ,cop. I9I81. V. 311(1) p. 12°. BTZK 

J««on, pseud. Past and future. Lon- 
don: Chatto & Windus. 1918. xi, 192 p. 
12'. BTZO 

Johnaon, Alvin Saunders. War and the 
interests of labor. . . New York City: 
American Association for International 
Conciliation, 1914. 22 p., 11. 8°. (Inter- 
national conciliation, no. 800 


Judd, Charles Hubbard. Democracy and 
American schools. ChicaKO, 111.: The Uni- 
versity of Chicago Press icop. 1918|. IS p. 
8°. (The University of Chicago war pa- 
pers, no. 7.) BTZE (Chicago) 

Judaon, Harry Pratt. The threat of 
German world-politics. Chicago, 111.: The 
University of Chicago Press [I918i. 28 p. 
8*. (The University of Chicago war pa- 
pers, no. 1.) BTZE (Chicago) 

Kahn, fimile. La democratie et la 
guerre: conference faite a la section de 
Nice de la Ligue des droits dc I'homme et 
du citoyen, le 1" avril 1917. Nice: Gan- 
dini il917?|. 31 p. 8". 

Kahn, Otto Hermann, The need for na- 
tional efficiency. Extracts from an ad- 
dress, January, 1918. [Chicago? 1918.] 30 
p. 8°. BTZS P.V.G, no.l 

Frenzied liberty. The myth of "a 

rich man's war." [New York? 1918.) 46p. 
8'. BTZS p.v.5, R0.9 

The poison growth of Pr 

. . . (New York ? 1918., 40 p. 16° 

BTZE p.v.299, 110.4 
Katte; William Reno, compiler. Soldier's 
scrap book full o' fightine songs and 
poems with pep, including homely paro- 
dies, gems of prose and poetry and familiar 
songs, original poems, songs, and parodies, 
and "The corporal of our army," the prose 
masterpiece for soldiers, by George O. 
Van Camp; compiled by William R. Kane. 
Ridgewood.N. J.: W.R.Kane, 1918. HI p. 
sq.24°. BTZI 


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Ett bidrag till krigsutbrottets fiirhistoria. 
Stockholm: H. Lundberg & G. OUon 
[1917,. 29 p. 12°. BTZEp.v.298,no,l 

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nam'i Sona, 1918. viii, 318p. 12*. SB 

KIdd, Reginald Sherman. Oxford Eng- ' 
lish and French conversation book for 
army and navy men; a handbook of mili- 
tary, naval, aeronautical and other words, 
terms and phrases in both English and 
French, arranged for easy pronunciation. 
A simple, accurate method that enables 
anyone to converse in French on all sub- 
jects. 7th ed., comp. by R. Sherman Kidd 
. . .and Lieutenant C. L. Cabot. .. Boston, 
Mass.: Oxford-Print, 1918. viii, 80p. 16'. 

King. Basil, pseud. The high heart. New 
York and London: Harper & Brothers 
[1917,. 3p.l.. 419(l)p. illus. 12°.' HBO 


Enanth, Hachod ft Enhne, New York 
American finance in war time, 1917. Devel- 
opments of a noteworthy twelve months' 
period. Course of financial markets be- 
fore and after American participation in 
the world war... New York: Knauth, 
Nachod & Kuhne [1918|. 24 p. 8°. 


Langloia, Henriette. H^lene Andre 
(Episode de guerre). Piece en un acte et 
trois tableaux. Jouee i I'hopital de la 
Schappe (Briancon) le 14 Janvier 1917. 
Lyon: A. Rey. 1917. 24 p. 8°. BTZI 


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letters from Jack the Kaiser killer. Illus- 
trated by Frank Crerie. Indianapolis: The 
Bobbs-Merrill Company [COp. 1918,. 160 p. 
12°. BTZS 

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eign affairs; a suggestion for the empire. 
With a prefatory note by Sir Edmund 
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"Last Post" Imperial Naval and Military 
Contingency Fimd. The naval and mili- 
tary mail bag, Montreal, October, 1916: a 
collection of original articles, written for 
this publication on the occasion of the 
military benefit of the Soldiers Wives' 
League, at the Arena, 17th to 2l9t Octo- 
ber, 1916. . . Montreal: "Last Post" Fund, 
1916. 46 p.. It. illus. 4°. 


The Lettera of Thomasina Atkins, pri- 
vate (W. A. A. C.) — on active service, 
with a foreword by Mildred Aldrich. .. 
London: Hodder & Stoughton [1918i. 6 
p.l., 17-250 p., 11. illus. 12°. BTZE 

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Ligue frangaise de I'enseignement (1917,. 
28 p., 1 1. 8°. BTZE p.v.297, no.6 

Lichnowaky, Karl Max, Ftirst von. My 
■ I to London 1912-14. by Prince Lich- 

d by Google 



Co. [1918?, ■ xiv p., 1 1., 45 p. 12'. 

BTZB p.v.300, aoA 

Prince Lichnowsky's critieism of 

German foreign policy, March- April, 1918. 
iNew York, 1918., 81. 4'. BTZE 

UouDtcd newipiprr clippinn from the New Voik 

Tim**. Sun. and Tribune, M.rch-April, 1918. 

Linebsrcer, Paul Myron Wentworth. 
Bugle rhymes from France, by Paul Myron 
Ipaeud.j, with illustrations by Francois 
Olivier, and the Ship Players' comedy by 
the same author, This side of France. Chi- 
cago: Mid-Nation Publishers, 1918. 2p.l.. 

7-138 p., 3 pi. 12°. 


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Les exploits du tirailleur Ben Yilia, 

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p. 32°. BTZEp.vJOO,no.l 

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sentative idea and the war. (Presented at 
the meeting of the American Bar Associa- 
tion at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Septem- 
ber 4. 5, 6, 1917.) [Saratoga Springs. N. Y.? 
1917.) 12 p. 8°. BTZQp.v.l3,tioJS 

HcParland, John Horace. A new call to 
the colors. The president's annual address 

delivered at the thirteenth annual conven- 
tion of the American Civic Association, 
at St. Louis, Missouri, October 22, 1917. 
Washington. D. C. [1917., 12 p. 8". 
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series 2, no. II.) SERA (American) 

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complete course of flying instruction, with 
an introduction by Major-General W. S. Flight-Commander W. G. 
McMinnies... illustrated by Flight-Lieu- 
lenant E. L, Ford. . .with a chapter on the 
medical aspects of aviation by H. Graeme 
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1918. 1 p.l., viii, 237(1) p., 1 folded map, 2 
pi. illus. 12°. VDY 

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Lt. Col. A. J. Macnab, jr.. t;. s. a. Cincin- 
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cerUin soldier... New Haven: Tutlle. 
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Piciisn. BTZK p.v J, no.l 

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Germany; narrated by Henry C. Mahoney 
, ..chronicled by Frederick A. Talbot... 
London: Sampson Low. Marston 8c Co.. 
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12*. BTZE 

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Michel, cop. 1917. 224 p. 12°. BTZE 

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... 2.iA., 38 figures, 4 |sic, planches hors 
texte. Paris: A. Maloine et fils, 1917. 2 
p.l.. 231 p., 3 pi. illus. 12*. WII 

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d'etat-major de I'armee beige et le respect 
de la neutralite. Lausanne : Librairie 
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8°. BTZEp.v.297,no.I7 

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narrative of the battles fought and the 
causes that brought about the world's most 
colossal war... Chicago: G. G. Sapp & 
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8'. BTZE 

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ports. 12°. BTZE 

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cutions prononcees a la chapelle de Wes- 
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1 1. 12°. BTZG 

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line; with drawings by Muirhead Bone. 
London : Hodder & Stoughton, 1917. 1 p.l.. 
ll(l)p.. 7pl. sq.4''. BTZEp.v.30I,no.lO 

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[Abertillery: "South Wales Gazette," Ltd., 
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nificance of military customs, includine 
military miscellany of interest to soldier? 
and civilians. Menasha, Wis.: G. Bania 
Pub. Co. , cop. 1917., 78 p. 12°. VWE 

Questions on Infantry drill regu- 
lations. United States army, 1911 (includ- 
ing the Manual of the bayonet) by Major 
las. A. Moss... (To include Changes no, 
18, February 12, 1917)... Menasha, Wis.: 
George Banta Publishing Company il917i. 
106 p. 24°, VWO 

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ness not business as usual. iChicago:, 
Union League Club of Chicago. 1918. IS p. 
8°. BTZS p.v.6, no.6 

The war and industrial readjust- 
ments. Chicago, III.: The University of 

Chicago Press ,1918,. IS p. 8°. (The Unn 
versity of Chicago war papers, no.5.) 

BTZE (Chicago) 

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Admiral Bradley A. Fiske. . .pictures by E, 
Muller, jr. Chicago. New York: Rand, Mc- 
Nally & Company |Cop. 1917,. [64, p. illus. 
24". VYE 

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means to education. Convocation address, 
George Washington University, February 
22, 1918. Washington, D. C. 1918. 12 p. 
12°. BTZGp.v.l2,no.l2 

National Bank of Commerce in New 
York. A constructive criticism of the 
United Slates war lax bill. [New York:, 
National Bank of Commerce in New York. 

1917. 22 p. 8°. TIE p.v.48, no.8 
National City Company. Digest of I9I7 

income tax laws of the United States of 
America as applied to non-resident alien 
individuals and corporations. New York; 
The National City Company (Cop. 1917,. 
21(1) p. 8°, TIE p,v,48. no5 

National Committee for Mental Hy- 
giene, New York. — War Work Commit- 
tee. Neuropsychiatry and the war; a bib- 
liography with abstracts. Prepared by 
Mabel Webster Brown... Edited by 
Frankwood E. Williams. . . New York 
City: War Work Committee. The Na- 
tional Committee for Mental Hygiene. Inc., 

1918. 292 p. tables. 8'. WPS 
National Foreign Trade Council. Sinews 

of war; a statement of principles by the 
National Foreign Trade Council recom- 
mending to the President and the Congress 
the co-ordination of price fixing and taxa- 
tion, with the maintenance of foreign trade, 
so as to stimulate production, insure un- 
interrupted supplies, maintain national 
credit and provide a steady source of war 
funds. New York City: National Foreign 
Trade Council, 1917. 15(1) p. 8°. 

, BTZS p.v.6. ao.ll 

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the northern mists. Grand fleet days, etc. 
London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1918. 3 p.l.. 
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victory for the American plutocracy. New 
York City: The Rand School of Social 
Science [Cop. 1917,. 44 p. 12°. 

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her past, present, and future. . .translated 
by Mrs. C. de S. Wainright. . . New York: 
The Century Co., 1918. xxii p., 3 I., 3-26S p. 
illus. 8°. OIVB 

Neumcyer, L. Patrouilles airiennes tra- 
giques, par M. L. Neumeyer. Paris il917,, 
31(1) p. 8°. (Collection h^roique. ino., 
2.) BTZKp.vJ,iw>J 

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New York Catholic War Pnnd. The 

churches and civilization; addresses by His 
Eminence Cardinal Farley. Rev. Witliam 
T. Manning. . .Rev. Joseph Silverman... 
at a meeting of the New York Catholic 
War Fund. Sunday evening, March !7, 1918. 
(New York. 1918.1 1 p.l.. 13 p. 8". 


New York War Camp Community Serv- 
ice. Bulletin, no. 1.3. New York, 1917-18. 
8°, 16°. BTZE 

An Official exhibition of lithographs by 
Frank Brangwyn, Mutrhead Bone. Charles 
Shannon. Edmund Dulac, Augustus John. 
and other prominent artists reflecting 
"Britain's efforts and Ideals in the great 
war." on view March 6 -March 23 at the 
Seligmann Galleries. . . New York, (New 
York. 1918., 51. 8°. BTZE p.v.297, no.9 

O'Shaughneisy, Mrs. Edith Louise Coues. 
My Lorraine journal, by Edith O'Shaugh- 
nessy (Mrs. Nelson O'Shaughnessy) . . . 
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tle-fields of France and Flanders as I saw 
them. London: Methuen & Co.. 1918. 78 
p.. II, 16°. BTZE p.v,300, no.4 

PalaciOB, 1. de E. Como se hara la paz; 
sorprendente deacripcion de la proxima 
hecatombe mundial; causas. desarrollo y 

Pardo Suircz. Vicente. Ladrones de 
tierras. Habana: Rambta. Bouza y Ca.. 
1918. 324 p.. 9 pi., 1 port. 12°. EAR 

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1918, [Philadelphia:, The Curtis Pub. Co. 
,1918,1 IS p. 8°. 

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party (Parti ouvrier beige), memorandum 
on peace terms. New York: G. H. Doran 
Co., 1918. lp,l., 38 p. 12''. 

BTZP p.v.3, no J 

Parti locialiite francaia. — Comite pour 
la paix du droit. The French socialist 
party and war aims. Replies to the ques- 
tionnaire. New York: G. H. Doran Co.. 
1918. vi, 25 p. 12°. BTZP p.TJ. no.2 

Der Patriot... v. I. no. 20- v. 3. no. 32 
(Aug. 7. 1915 -Jan.. 1917). ,New York. 
1915-17.1 f°. BTZE 

Patriotic pageants of today: "The an- 
swer." "The torch." "When liberty calls." 
New York: H. Holt and Co., 1918. viii p.. 
1 1., 82 p. 12°. BTZI 

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cross, and other papers from France.,. 
with a foreword by Rev. John Kelman. , . 
London: J. Clarke & Co., 1918. xi, 13- 
188 p., 1 1. 12°. BTZO 

Peace terms of belligerent governments 
... New York: Committee on Terms of 
Peace of the Peoples' Council of America 
il917,. 1 p.l., 44 p. 8°. BTZP p.v.3, no.S 

Piladan, Josephin, L'art & la guerre . , . 
Paris; E. de Boccard [1917,. 2 p.l.. 370 p. 
12°. BTZE 

Peoples' peace terms. "Peace without 
annexations and without indemnities on 
the basis of the right of nations to decide 
their own destiny." New York: Commit- 
tee on Terms of Peace of the Peoples' 
Council of America il917?,. S2p. 12°. 

BTZP p.v.3, no.4 

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the war,., v. 1. London: Simpkin, Mar- 
shall. Hamilton. Kent & Co.. Lid, ,1918,, 
illus, 8°, BTZE 

Private Do*ding; a plain record of the 
after-death experiences of a soldier killed 
in battle. And some questions on world 
issues answered by the messenger who 
taught him wider truths. With notes by 
W. T. P. . . London: J. M. Watkins. 1917. 
xi, 108p„ll. 3.ed. 12°. (Deeper issues 
series, v. 3.) YRE 

Problems of reconstruction; lectures and 
addresses delivered at the summer meeting 
at the Hampstead Garden Suburb, August, 
1917, with an introduction by the Marquess 
of Crewe... London: T. F. Unwin. Ltd. 
(1918,1 vi, (1)8-315 p. 8°. BTZV 

Providence Journal. A partial record of 
alien enemy activities, 1915-1917; a com- 
pelling appeal for a war policy for aliens 
to be adopted by the government and citi- 
zens of the United States. Reprinted from 
data prepared by the Providence Journal 
... New York City: National Americani- 
zation Committee (1918i. lp,l,. 25(1) p. 
nar. 8°. BTZS p.v.6, no.9 

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son passe et son avenir. Paris: Bloud Sc 
Gay. 1918. 47(1) p. 12°. ("Pages actu- 
elles," 1914-1918. no. 119.) BTZE (Pages) 

Raemaekera, Louis. The great war; a 
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toons by Louis Raemaekers. with an appre- 
ciation by H. Perry Robinson and descrip- 
tive notes by E. Garnett. London: The 
Fine Art Society. 1916. xxx. 100 p,. 100 
col 'd pi. illus. f°. Spencer Coll. 

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The great war in 1916, a neutral's 

indictment; sixty cartoons by Louis Rae- 
maekers, with an appreciation by H. Perry 
Robinson, and descriptive notes by E, Gar- 
nett and M. B. Huish. London: The Fine 
Art Society. Ltd.. 1917. xvii p., 21.. 60 pi. 
f°. Spencer Coll. 

Rand School of Social Science, New 
York, The American socialists and the 
war; a documentary history of the attitude 
of the Socialist Party toward war and mili- 
tarism since the outbreak of the great war. 
Edited by Alexander Trachtenberg. . .with 
an introduction by Morris Hillquit. , , New 
York: Rand School of Social Science. 1917. 
48 p. 12°. BT2S P.V.S, no.2 

Rathbun, John B, Aeroplane construc- 
tion and operation; including notes on 
aeroplane design and aerodynamic calcula- 

inual of instruction for 

flight officers and students. Adapted 
either for schools or home study. Chica- 
go: Stanton and Van Vliet Co., 1918. 4 
p.l.. 7-126 p. illus. 8°. VDY 

Rathom, John Revelstoke. Spies of Ger- 
many proved easy for Providence paper; 
John Rathom of Journal tells how "green 
blubber" openings were left by Berliners 
in working out details in United States. 
,New York? 1918?, 41. 8°. 

BTZS p.v.6, no.2 

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Paris: F. Ronff ,cop. 1917,. 32p. illus. 
12°. (Collection -patrie." no. 27.) 


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Chicago, III.: The University of Chicago 
Press icop. 1918,. 14 p. 8°. (The Univer- 
sity of Chicago war papers, no. 6.) 

BTZE (Chicago) 

Reading (1. viscount). Rufus Daniel 
Isaacs. America's fight for liberty and 
justice. An address. . .delivered at a Lib- 
erty loan rally. Carnegie Hall. New York. 
October 18th, 1917. New York: Liberty 
Loan Committee [1917,. 71. 8°. 

BTZS p.v.4, no.l 

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lion; the story of our national army, by 
Captain X rpseud..... New York: H. K. 
Fly Co. icop. 1918., xiii. 15-298 p.. 7 pi. 
!2'. VWZW 

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New York: National Conservation Com- 
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morrow, social, moral and religious, edited 
by Rev. Fred A. Rees. . . London: J. 
Clarke & Co., 1918. vi p.. 11., 9-255(1) p. 
12*. BTZV 

Lcs RiviUtioni du Prince Ltchnowsky. 
Paris: Payot & Cie., 1918. 45 p. 12". 


PrctBce licncd: Seat Puani. 

Rc7, A. Augustin, La France et I'ltalic, 
bier — aujourd'hui — demain ; conference 
donnee a Florence i la Societe Leonard dc 
Vinci le 2S novcmbre 1916. Paris: J. Mey- 
nial, 1917. 52 p. 2.ed. 8°. (La guerre 
europcennc et les enseignements de I'his- 
toire.) BWE 

Resmolda, Francis Joseph, editor. The 
story of the great war; introductions, spe- 
cial articles, causes of war, diplomatic and 
state papers. (Diplomatic edition., v. 1-6. 
New York; P. F. Collier & Son ,cop. 1916- 
17]. illus. 8°. BTZB 

Rice, Philip Sidney. An ambulance driv- 
er in France; being experiences, memories 
and impressions of the western front; in- 
troduction by Major-General C. B. Dough- 
erty: photograph illustrations, frontispiece 
in color by James May Rutter. Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa, 1918. 109 p. illus. 8°. BTZE 

Richthofen, Manfred Albrecht. Freiherr 
von. The red battle flyer, by Captain 
Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen; trans- 
lated by T. [!i Ellis Barker, with a preface 
and notes by C. G. Grey. . . New York: R. 
M. McBride & Co.. 1918. vii. 222p. illus. 
12°. BTZY 

Robinson, James Harvey. The last dec- 
ade of European history and the great war; 
designed as supplement to "The develop- 
ment of modern Europe" by Robinson and 
Beard, and "An introduction to the history 
of western Europe" by James Harvey Rob- 
inson. Boston: Ginn and Co., cop. 1918. 
Inxvip. maps. 12". BTC 

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by Sergeant John Pierre Roche. New 
York: R. M. McBride & Co., 1918. 2 p.l., 
3-72 p. iNew ed.. rev. and enl., 12°. 


Rock Island Company. Map of the 
United States showing locations of Na- 
tional Guard mobilization training camps; 
National Army cantonment camps; reserve 
officers training camps and aviation sites. 
Issued by Rock Island lines. Chicago: 
Rand McNally & Co., 1918. Hap.Div. 

Rodac, and J. Marco. Sous toute... re- 
serve; revue de gue-re en un prologue et 
un entr'acte. ,Lyon; A. Rey, 1917., 32 o. 
8°. BTZI 


Rolt-Wheeler, Francis William. The 
wonder of war on land... with forty-two 
illustrations from war photographs and 
sketches, Boston; Lothrop, Lee & Shep- 
ard Co. (Cop. 1918., viii p., 2 1., 372 p. illus. 
12°. BTZK 

Rosenthal, Herman. "Why do nations 
rage?" ^Bethlehem, N. H.: Outlook Pub. 
Co., 1915,, p. 14--16, 1 port. 4". 


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Roiiiter, tvan. In kuttured kaptivity; 
life and death in Germany's prison camps 
And hospitals, by Ivan Roasiter, of the 
First and Third Canadian Mounted Rifles. 
Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company 
.cop. 1918,. 4 p.l.. 244 p., 1 port. 12°. 


Rodin, Valdemar. Vad bor varldskrigets 
hemsdkelse liira svenskarna? Allvarsord 
till Sveriges folk. Stockholm: Evang. 
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- La "Machoire carree". ~ ~ 

niquc. Novembre-d^Mnbre. 1916." 

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Thii volomc ii compoKd of two part), publiibcd 
KplralelT in Eniliib, br the Carncsic Endawmcnt 

nal I 

"The lUt 

The UK 

of ItaE 



Judicial Sctllement of Inlemational Diiputei. 

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finances de guerre des Btats-Unis, le "War 
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Preface aimed: Callo>ar Krlc 
T. 2 ha> title: More aonn br tbe fightinf mtm; 
■oldicr poelt: aeccDd Mtiea. 

y Google 


The Soul of America in time of war, 
representative sermons by fifteen Unitari- 
an ministers. Boston. Mass.: The Beacon 
Press jcop. 1918). 4 p.l., 246 p. 12°. BTZG 

W Ol K 


iiivan. Angelf in (hi wild»ne», by 
gham. Tht willirg sacrifice, by R. P. 
rc we worth dying for? By J. H. 
■rprcling the times, by G. R. Dodion. 
clion. by A. M. Lnrd. The creative 
e Lord of life, by W. G. Elioi. The 
■- --- "'He. by R. V " 

I, by J. C. Perl 

I, by A 

P. Rec 

n the 

Soulange-Bodin, Andre. L'avant-guerre 

allemande en Europe. En Orient; Trois 
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A collection of stories told by some of the saitora 
in a naval hoipiul. relating I heir own eiperiencei. 

by a submarine. War etouds gather. The stuff heroes 
ire made of. Depth b — ■- ^ ■ -• - . . . . ■ 

"The le 

■ The 

__ kee jtands by. A 

taste of bell. The wanderlust and the war. Under 
the Red cioss banner. "Abandon ship I" Prisoner! 
of war. Frill gets tagged. The flower of France. 

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Alger: S. Stamel. 1917. 55 p. 8°. BTZI 

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IS juiltet." 

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diet and nutrition in the internment camp 
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primerie nouvelle I'avenir. 1917. 55(1) p. 
8°. VTZ 

At head of title: Ligue Rationale cantte I'alco- 


United States. — Agriculture Committee 
(House, 65:2). The spring wheat situa- 
tion. Hearings... Wednesday, March 13, 
1918... Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 
1918. 26 p. 8°. "SBP 

United States. — Appropriations Com- 
mittee (Senate, 65:2). Urgent deficiency 
appropriation bill. 1918, on account of war 
expenses and other purposes. Hearing. .. 
on H. R. 9867. . . Washington: Gov. Prtg. 
Off.. 1918. 128 p. 8°. "SBF 

Docks, terminal equipment. 

and transportation facilities at New York. 
Supplemental hearing. . . Statement of A, 
Mitchell Palmer... Washington: Gov. 
Prtg. Off., 1918. 21 p. 8°. • SBP 

United States. — Commerce Committee 
(Senate, 65:2). United States Shipping 
Board Emergency Fleet Corporation. 
Hearings. . .oit S. Res. 170, directing the 
Committee on Commerce to investigate 
all matters connected with the building of 
merchant vessels under the direction ofthe 
United States Shipping Board Emergency 
Fleet Corporation and report its findings 

d by Google 



to the Senate, together with its recom- 
mendations thereon. . . Washington: Gov. 
Prtg. Off., 1918. 2v. 8°. • SBF 

Paiini continoous. 

United States. — Council of National De- 
fense: Woman's Committee: Illinois Divi- 
sion. iCirculars.i BT2S p.v.6, no.14-19 

rDnitilMtion and Hit of mFmbcii. Chicago 
[19181. 16p. I6-. 

ConKTVitioa departmcnl. Chicago [191S1. 21. 


19 p. 

clief. [Chicago.] 


of Cnii 

ttr. [Chicaga, I9IS.J 2 1. \6'. 

The work of the Woman') Commilln, Council 
of National DcfcoK, Illinois Division, and the 
Woman'i Committee, Stale Council of Defenw. Feb. 
S, 1918. [Chicago.] 1918. 4 [. 8*. 

United States. — District of Columbia 
Committee (Senate, 65:2). Antiprofiteer- 
ing rent bill. Hearings, ., on H, R. 9248. 
A bill to prevent extortion, to impose 
taxes upon certain incomes in the District 
of Columbia, and for other purposes. 
March 26. 27, 28 and April 5. 19J8. Wash- 
ington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1918. 216 p. 8°. 

United Statei. — Education Committee 
(House, 65:2). To regulate solicitation 
of funds for educational, charitable, and 
philanthropic purposes and for war aid and 
war charity. Hearing. . .on H. R. 8493. 
January 24. 1918. Washington: Gov. Prtg. 
Off.. 1918. 14 p. 8". •SBF 

United States. — Finance Committee 
(Senate. 65:2). Establishment of a war 
finance corporation. iHearings on S. 3714. 
Washington: Gov. Prtg. OH.. I9I8.| 3-184 
p. 8°. 'SBF 

Hearing) on Februarr S, 11, 12, IJ. 14, and IS, 

Establishment of a war finance cor- 
poration. Statements of Mr. Harding and 
Mr. Warburg... Washington: Gov. Prtg. 
Off.. 1918. 32 p. 8°. 'SBF 

United States. — Immigration Commit- 
tee (Senate. 65: 2). Naturalization and de- 
portation of aliens. Hearing. . .on bills for 
the naturalization and deportation of aliens 
... Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1918. 
22 p. 8°. 'SBF 

United States. — Interstate Commerce 
Committee (Senate, 65:2). Government 
control and operation of railroads. Hear- 
ing before the Committee on Interstate 
Commerce, United States Senate. . .pursu- 
ant to S. Res. 171. A resolution authoriz- 
ing and directing the Committee on Inter- 
State Commerce to inquire into and report 
to the Senate at the earliest practicable 
date upon the recommendations made by 
the Interstate Commerce Commission re- 
garding conditions affecting interstate 
transportation. Washington : Gov. Prtg. 
Off. 1918. Parts 1 to 7. ii. 1338 p., 2 folded 
charts. 1 folded map. 8'. • SBF 

Government control of railways in 

Great Britain. Memoranda. . .relative to 
the government control of railways in 
Great Britain in its financial aspects and 
in relation to railway employees. . . Wash- 
ington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1918. 56p. 6°. 


United States. — Interstate and Foreign 
Commerce Committee (House. 65:2). Na- 
tional security and defense. Hearings... 
on H. R. 8761, March 13. 1918. Washing- 
ton: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1918. 29 p. 8°. 


United States. — Judiciary Committee 
(House. 65:2). To provide for the acquisi- 
tion by the United States of private prop- 
erly needed for the national security and 
defense. Hearings. . .on H. R. 11136... 
April 26, 1918. Washington: Gov. Prtg. 
Off., 1918. 14 p. 8°. "SBF 

United States. — Library of Congress: 
Division of Bibliography. List of refer- 
ences on the conservation, production and 
economic use of foods. June 19, 1917. 
[Washington. 1917., 14 f. i'. (,Select list 
' ' 10.254.,) 'SAB 


List of references on the mobiliza- 
tion and control of industries for national 
defense.., April 5. 1917. [Washington. 
1917.1 12 f. 4°. ((Select list of references, 
no. 163.]) "SAB 


List of references on the mobiliza- 
tion of farm labor for war service. The 
list includes a number of references re- 
ceived from the library of the Department 
of Agriculture. February 23, 1918. (Wash- 
ington. 1918., 9f. 4°. (Select list of ref- 
erences, no. 260.) 'SAB 


List of references on nursing in 

the European war and training of nurses 
for war service. August 24. 1917. [Wash- 
ington. 1917., 7f. 4'. ([Select list of ref- 
erences, no. 261.)) •SAB 


List of references on the relation 

of socialism to present-day conditions in 
Russia. May 8, 1918. [Washington. 1918.| 
4f. 4°. ([Select list of references, no. 
251.,) 'SAB 


List of references on spies and spy 

systems. January 21, 1918. (Washington. 
1918., 14 f. 4°. ([Select list of references, 
no. 250.,) 'SAB 


List of references on the universi- 
ties and colleges and the war. May 22, 
19!8. [Washington. 1918., 8f. 4°. ((Se- 
lect list of references, no. 249.,) *SAB 


List of references on woman's 

work in the European war. (Exclusive of 

d by Google 



Red Cross activities). . . January 10, 1918. 
[Washington. 1918., 1 p.l.. IS t. 4°. ([Se- 
lect list of references, no. 2S7.,) • SAB 


United Statn.— Military Affairs Com- 
mittee (Senate, 65:2). Amending the na- 
tional defense act. Hearings. . .on S. 4013 
...March 13 and 14, 1918. Washington: 
Gov. Prtg. Off., 1918, 98 p. 8°. • SBF 

United States. — Mines and Mining 
Committee (House, 65:2). Minerals and 
metals for war purposes. Hearings. . . 
March 25 -April 2, 1918. Washington: 
Gov. Prtg. Off., 1918. 180 p. 8°. • SBF 
. United States. — Naval Affairs Commit- 
tee (Senate, 6S:Z). Oil and gas lands in 
naval petroleum reserves. Hearings. ., on 
S. 3521, a bill to further provide for the 
common defense and general welfare of 
the United States with respect to the pro- 
gas in naval petroleum reserves, and for 
other purposes. 'SBF 

Pinl. Fehmarr 6. 191S. Wufainglgn; Gov. 
Pint. Off., 191S. 128 p, 8*. 

Pirt2. Februarr 28, 1918. Wutaington: Gov. 
PrtH. Off., 1918. ii, 129-169 p. 8*. 

Part 3. March M. 1918. W».hinglon: Gov. Prtg. 
Off., 1918. ii, 171-217 p. 8*. 

United State*. — Office of Farm Man- 
agement. Plan for handling the farm-la- 
bor problem... Washington: Gov. Prtg. 
Off., 1917. 31 p. 8°. (F. M. Circ.2.) 

Room 229 

United States. — President. President 
Wilson's foreign policy; messages, ad- 
dresses, papers. Edited with introduction 
and notes hy James Brown Scott. . . New 
York: Oxford University Press, 1918. xiv 
p., 1 1., 424 p. 8°. lAW 

United States. — Privileees and Elec- 
tions Committee (Senate, 65:1-2). Speech 
of Senator Robert M. La Follelte. Hear- 
ings. . .on the resolutions from the Min- 
nesota Commission of Public Safety pe- 
titioning for proceedings looking to the 
expulsion of Senator Robert M. La Fol- 
lette. on account of a speech delivered 
before the Nonpartisan League, at St. Paul, 
Minn., on September 20, 1917... Wash- 
ington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1917-18. 2 parts 
in Iv. 8°. 'SBF 

Paging conlinuouj. 

United States.— Public Buildings and 
Grounds Committee (Senate. 65:2). Hous- 
ing facilities for war needs. Hearing. . .on 
H. R. 10255, a bill to authorize the secre- 
tary of labor to provide housing, local 
transportation, and other community fa- 
cilities for war needs. April 8 and 10. 1918 
... Washington: Gov, Prtg. Off.. 1918. 
65 p. 8°. 'SBF 

United States. — State Department, 
Diplomatic correspondence with belliger- 
ent governments, relating to neutral rights 
Washington: Gov. Prtg. 

Off., 191S. 1 P.I., 4 p.. 1 1., S-88 p. C. 
([European war. no. 1.,) f BTZE (U. 8.) 

At head of litis: Printed and diatribBted Hay 37, 

Conltnli: 1. DeclaratioD of Londoa. 2. Pipcn 
(elating to anictes liticd M coairaband of war. J. 
Correipondence relatio^ to teilriintl on commerce. 

mini in Britiah priic court. 5. Deatmctian of 

criiiicT Prinz Eitel Frirdrich. 

United States. — Statutes. Federal war 
tax law. New York State tax laws, digests 
of income and excess profits tax. Brook- 
lyn; Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1917. 96p. 4°. 
(Brooklyn Eagle Library. no.203.) TIV 

United States. — Ways and Means Com- 
mittee (House, 65:2). Fourth liberty bond 
bill. Hearings... on a bill to authorize an 
additional issue of bonds to meet expendi- 
tures for the national security and de- 
fense, and, for the purpose of assisting in 
the prosecution of the war, to extend addi- 
tional credit to foreign governments, and 
for other purposes. June 27, 1918. Wash- 
ington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1918. 48 p. 8". 

University of Texas. Announcement of 
extension work for war service. Austin: 
the university. 1917. 6 p., II. 8°. (Bul- 
letin. 1917, no. 65.) 

STG (Texas) p.v.lO, no.I6 

Vallotton, Benjamin. The heart of Al- 
sace, from the French of Benjamin Vallot- 
ton... London: W. Heinemann ,1918|. 
xi, 244 p. 12°. BTZK 

Van Halle, G. "Boches" et "kultur" en 
Belgique; souvenirs de campagne d'un vo- 
lonlaire beige. ,Lyon: V" M. Paquet.i 
1915. 2 p.L, (1)8-67(1) p. 12°. BTZE 

Vanderlip, Frank Arthur. How to win 
the war. (New York. 1918., 19 p. 8°. 

BTZS p.v£, no.l2 

Verity, George M. America must and 
will win the war; a discussion of some of 
the problems of the war. [Middletown, O., 
1917?, 22 p. 8°. BTZS P.TJS, no.20 

Viollet, Jean. Le catholicisme et la 
guerre;' conferences donn^es a Saint- 
Louis-d'Antin. janvier-fevrier 1917. Editi 
par la Revue du eours Saint-Louis... 
Paris [:A. Rey. 1917,. 47 p. 8°. BTZG 

Walhaila. Jahrg. 1, no. 1-21 (Sept. 30. 
1915-Feb. 19, 1916). New York, 1915-16. 

tion, Feb. 19, 1916. 

Suipended publi 

Weapons of modern warfare ; history 
and description of weapons now in use on 
land, sea and air, modern fortifications. 
United States army and navy, titles and 
insignia of officers of United States army 
and navy. New York, San Francisco: 
Compliments of the Continental (Fire) 
: Company [Cop. 1917|. 161. illug. 

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Cenlnl Buildiaf 

Children'! Room 

Ezteniion Dintion 

Library toi the Blind 

Eul Broadway, 33 

Bail Broadway, 192 

Rivinjlon alreet, 61 , 

Batt Houilon ilreel, 388 

Leroy ilreet, 66 

Bond lUeel, 49 

8th alreei, 135 Secnnd aveaue-. 

10th itreel, 331 Eail._ , 

13lh ilreet, 251 Weil._ 

23rd iireei, 228 Em( 

23rd ttnti, 209 Weir 

36th Itreel, 303 Eaai 

40(h .treet, 457 Wett _„. 

SOlh tireet. 123 Eaii 

Sill Ilreel. 742 Tenth avenne.. 

S8lh Ilreet, 121 Eait 

67ih itr«i, 328 Eul 

69th ilreei, 190 Amiicrdain avci 

77lh Itreel. 1465 Avenue A 

79ih Itreel, 222 Bail 

81it alreet, 444 Amilerdam »tet 

96th Itreel, 112 Ea.t._ 

lOOlh Ilreel, 206 Weit 

llOih itreel, 174 Esil 

115th Itreel. 203 Wc»t 

124th Itreel, 9 Weat 

a25lh Itreel, 224 Ent 

Manhatun itrcel, 78 

135lh aireet, 103 We.t 

i45lh Itreel. 503 Wcii 

Si. Nicholai av«nue, 1000 

179lh Ilreet. 535 Weal __ 


i40th Ilreel. 321 Eflal_ 

Morrii avenue, 910_._ 

160th Ilreel. 759 E8it_ 

168th iireci. 78 Wcii 

169th Ilreel, 610 Ehi____ 

176th Itreel and WaihingtoD arc 

Kinjlibrid^e .venue, 3041 , 


St. George 

Port Richmond 




17,430 ■ 
9,304 I 













1,784 I 

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Aghnides. Mr. N. P. . 

Arizona State Library 

Art Institute of Chicago 

Australia, Commonwealth ol 
Government Printer 

Bank of Chosen . 

Bava. Felice 

Beard sky, Mrs. G. A. (22 period i 
cals, 42 post-cards) . 

Becu, Teodoro 

Bobbs-Merrill Company 

Boekelman. Bernardus . 

Bolduan, Dr. C. F. (7 maps) 

Canada. Parliament Distribu- 
tion Office .... 

China. Statistical Department . 

Cohen, Julius Henry . 

Colonial Dames of America 

Columbia University Library 

Conference Committee on National 
Preparedness (14 broadsides, 22 
sheets) .... 

Congdon, Mrs. Horace L. . 

Crane, Miss Flsie Schuyler . 

Croydon, England. Town Oerk 

de Forest, Mrs. Robert W. (13 

Denison Robert C. 
Doane, Mrs. George W. 
Doremus, Dr, Charles Avery 
Edinburgh, Scotland. City Cham- 



Emerson. Mrs. Mary B. H. . 
Equitable Life Assurance Society 

(267 periodicals, 4 packages of 

Federation for Child Study . 

Goldfogle, Hon. Henry M. '. 
Greater New York Esperanto So- 

Guaranty Trust Company of New 

York (2 sheets) 
Hernstadt, Miss H. L. (65 period! 


Higher Publicity Lea^e of Texas 
India. Madras Presidency. The 

Chief Secretary to the Govem- 

India Office. Secretary of State 
for India 

Italy. R. Consolato Generale 
d'ltalia in New York 

Kentucky. Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station, (I sheet, 1 poster) 

Kohn. Miss Ella (2 maps, 11 al- 

Lanier. Mrs. James F. D. 
Loomis. Harvey Worthington 
McKinley Publishing Company 
McPike, Eugene F. (12 sheets) 
Maryland. State Department of 




Moravia, Charles. Consul General 
of Hayti at New York . . 2 

Morrill. C H I 

Nash, Alexander , . 144 6 

National University of Ireland . 1 

New Hampshire State Library . 11 175 
New York City. Meteorological 

Observatory . . . . 43 250 
New York City. Municipal Civil 

Service Commission ... 39 

Nicholls, C. W. de Lyon . . 2 
Nicholson, Col. John P. (3 sheets) 7 

O'Connor, John M., & Company , 1 
Osterheld, T. W. (15 periodicals) 1 

Pan American Society of the United 

States 760 

Pennsylvania Public Service Com- 
mission (1 sheet) ... 11 
Portland Cement Association (5 

sheets, 1 bookmarker) . . 1 14 
Pratt Institute .... 30 

Presbyterian Church. General 

Assembly 2 

Presbyterian Hospital , . . 19 
Press Association Compilers, Inc. . 1 
Ross, Howard D. . . . 1 
Russell, Charles Howland (10 peri- 
odicals) 38 97 

Russell Sage Foundation . . 8 
Salvador. Presidente ... 1 
Scientific American (490 period- 
icals, 2 maps, 5 sheets) . . 46 3 
Scudder, Miss Anna E. ... IS 
Seligman, Prof. Edwin R. A. . 1 
Sheppard, Mrs, G. B. , , , 32 
Sill Paper Company . , . 14 11 
Smith, Mrs. Nelson (49 period- 
icals) 326 338 

Society of the Friends of Music . 86 
Starr, Frank Famsworth ..32 
Sullivan, George H. (20 prints, 2 

periodicals) . . 

Switzerland, American Consular 

Service 1 29 

Townsend, Howard (56 manu- 
scripts) 6 2 

Tritonj. Romolo . . , .■ 1 
U. S. Agriculture Department (25 

sheets) 11 

U,S, Food Administration. Federal 
Food Administrator for Texas (4 

sheets) 21 

U. S. National War Labor Board (6 

sheets) 10 

U. S. Superintendent of Documents 

(4 sheets) . . 6S 173 

U. S. Treasury Department (4 

sheets) 2 2 

U. S. War Department. Adjutant 
General's Office (3 sheets) 3 18 

i; U. S. War Department. Coast 

Artillery School (54 sheets) . 217 

] Van Home, Mrs. ... 422 35 

Wisconsin Railroad Commission ■ 41 

Zangerle, John A, . . . 6 

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(Now in Print) 


Handbook of The New York Public Library - 10 cents. 

Central Building Guide ------------ 5 cents. 

Facts for the Public. A pamphlet of general information about the Library ■ - free. 


Bulletin of The New York Public Library. Published monthly. Chiefly devoted to 
the Reference Department. Bibliography, news of the Library, reprints of manuscripts, 
descriptions of new accessions. $1.00 a year; current single numbers for 10 cents. Back 

numbers at advanced rates. 

Branch Library News. Monthly Publication of the Circulation Department. Lists of 
new books, reading lists, articles about books, etc. Given free at the Branches. By mail, 
free to libraries and Other public institutions. Otherwise, 2S cents a year. 

New Technical Books. A selected list of books on industrial arts and engineering, 
recently added to the Library. Published quarterly. (A limited number given free on 

Municipal Reference Library Notes. Published weekly, except during July and August, 
for circulation among the officials and employees of the City of New York. Price: $1.50 
a year; 5 cents a copy. Apply at room 512, Municipal Building. 



Aborigines of Australia and Tasmania, 

List of works relating to the - - 20 

American Dramas, A list of - - - .20 

American Gypsies, by Albert Thomas 

Sinclair - - - - - - .05 

American Interoceanic Canals. A list 

of references ----- JO 

American- Rom ani Vocabulary, by Al- 
bert Thomas SincUir - - - .05 

Arabic Poetry, List of works relating to .10 

Assyria and Babylonia. A list of ref- 

Astor Library, Catalogue of the. 8 vol- 
umes. Sewed. Per volume - - 5.00 

Avesta and Romani, by Albert Thomas 

Sinclair ------ .05 

Beggars, Mendicants. Tramps, Va- 
grants, etc., List of works relating 
to .05 

Berlin and the Prussian Court in 1796. 
From a ms. journal of Thomas 
Boylston Adams - - - - .15 

Book-Reviews, by E. L. Pearson - 
Buddhism. A list of references - 
Ceramics and Glass, List of works re- 
Chiaroscuro Prints, by Frank Weiten- 

City Planning and Allied Topics, Select 
list of works relating to- 

Columbus. Letter of Columbus on the 
discovery of America. Facsimile 
of the pictorial edition, with a new 
and literal translation, and a com- 
plete reprint of the four oldest 
Latin editions. 


Paper ...... 

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County Governinent. Including County 
Publicationa. References to ma- 

Cniise of the U. S. Brig Argus in 1813. 
Journal of Surgeon James Inder- 

De Bry Collection of Voyage*. Cata- 
logue of the 

Dehydrated Foods. A list of references 

Diplomatic History of the European 

War. A list of references - 



- Free 

Emmet collection of mss., prints, 
Catalogue of. Sheets - 

Exhibition of Etchings by Rembrandt, 
from the J. Pierpont Morgan Col- 
Exhibition Illustrating the History of 
the Water Supply of the City of 
New York from 1639 to 1917 - - Free 

Franklin, Benjamin, List of works re- 
lating to .20 

Furniture and Interior Decoration, List 

of works relating to - - - .10 

Geology, Mineralogy and Palaeontology 

of New Jersey, List of works on - .15 

Government Control of Railroads. 
Rates, Regulation, etc., List of 
works relating to • • - - .10 

Gypsies, List of works relating to - - .05 

Gypsies in Carniola and Carinthia. by 

Albert Thomas Sinclair - - - .05 

Gypsies of Monastir by Rev. Lewis 

Bond ---... .05 

Henry Hudson, The Hudson River, 
Robert Fulton and Steam Naviga- 
tion, List of prints, books, manu- 
scripts, etc., relating to - - - .30 

Heritage of the Modem Printer, by 

Margaret B. Stillwell - - - .05 

Historical Printing Qub, Pubticalbns 
of the. (List and prices furnished 
upon application.) - - . . 

Isle de Bourbon (Reunion). Docu- 
ments, I70I-1710. Printed from the 
original manuscript in the Library .20 

Isle of Man, List of works relating to - .05 

Japan, List of works relating to - 25 

Joys of Librarian ship, by Arthur E. 

Bostwick .05 

Lenox Library. Contributions to a 
Voyages of Hulsius. Paper - - .50 
Voyages of Thcvenot - - - .50 
The Waltonian Collection - - - .50 
Works of Milton - - - . .50 

Letters of American Clergymen. I7II 

to 1860 ,05 

Librarian as a Unifier, by Andrew 

Keogh .OS 

Library Tonic, by George Parker Win- 
ship .05 

library's Print Room, by Frank Weit- 

enkampf ------ Free 

Manuscript Division, The, by Victor 

Hugo Paltsits ----- .15 

Money and Banking, List of works re- 
lating to - - - - - - .55 

Mormons, List of works relating to the 20 

Mountaineering, Selected list of books 

on .05 

Music, History of, Selected list of works 

relating to - - - - - .15 

Music Publishers in New York City 

before 1850. A directory - - .10 

Naval History, Naval Administration, 
etc., A selected list of works relat- 
ing to .50 

Navat letters from Captain Percival 

Drayton, 1861-1865 - - - .30 

Near Eastern Question and the Balkan 

States, List of works relating to - .55 

Newspapers and Official Gazettes, 

Checklist of 1.85 

Numismatics, List of works relating to ,65 

Old Prints in the Prints Division - - .05 

Oriental Drama, List of works relating 

to - - .05 

Oxy-Acetylene Welding, List of works 

relating to .15 

Pageants in Great Britain and the 

United States. A list of references .15 

Paintings, Catalogue of, in the picture 

galleries of the Library - - - .10 

"Parnassus" Tapestry in the Library, by 

George Leland Hunter - - - .05 

Persia, List of works relating to - - .50 

Philosophy, List of books relating to - .30 

Political Parties in the United States. 

1800-1914. A list of references - 25 

Prints and their Production. A list of 

works ..... - .55 

Prints and their Production: Supple- 
ment .05 

Religion, Theology and Church History, 
List of periodicals in the Library. 
Oneral Theological Seminary and 
Union Theological Seminary relat- 
ing to .15 

Romani and Dard, by (Seorge F. Black .05 

Russian, other Slavonic and Baltic Peri- 
odicals, A list of - - - - .15 

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Schoolroom Decoration. A lis: of ref- 
erences .OS 

Scientific Management. A list of refer- 
ences - .25 

Scotland, A list of works relating to - 3J00 

Shakers, List of Works relating to - .05 

Shakespeareana, Catalogue of Exhibi- 
tion of, compiled by Henrietta C. 
Bartlett. 1916 1.00 

Spencer Collection of Modern Book 

Bindings, by Henry W. Kent - - .15 

Stage Scenery. A list ot references to 

illustrations since 1900 - - - JO 

Stauffer Print Collection, by Charles 

Allen Munn .05 

Storage Batteries. A list of references, 

1900-1915 .15 

Submarines. A list of references - - .35 

Superstructures, by W. N. C. Carlton - .05 

Torpedoes. A list of references - - .30 

Uhra-Violet Rays. A list of references .10 

Virginia, List of works relating to - 25 

War Taxation, 1914-1917. A list of ref- 
erences .05 

Washington Eulogies. Checklist of 
eulogies and funeral orations on 
the death of Washington - • 25 

William 11. of Germany, Bot^s relat- 
ing to, presented by Dr. John A. 
Mandel .05 

Winthrop, Theodore, Bibliographical 

notes on, by Elbridge Colby - - .05 

Winthrop Books, Plates of the, by El- 
bridge Colby - - - - - .05 

Witchcraft in Europe, List of works 

relating to - - - - - .10 

Wood -Engraving To-Day, by Frank 

Weilenkampf ----- J)5 

1 any Branch Librmcy, or froin the Cbief of 

Attman Collection 

"As Interesting as a Novel" 

Books of Interest to Women Voters 

Catalogue of Books for the Blind 

Catalogue of Music for the Blind 

Christmas Exhibit 

Fairy Tales for Grown-up Readers 

Flower Gardens 

Joan of Arc 

List of Piano Music 

Military Training 

"The New York of the Novelists" 

Old-Fa shioncd Novels 


Plays of Thirteen Countries 

Poets of Yesterday 

Polish Book List 

Stories of Romance and Imagination 

Stories of the Sea 
Wanderers and Vagabonds 

Lists in Embossed Type: 
Catalogue of Books for the Blind — New 

York Point edition. European Braille 

edition. 10 cents each. 
Catalogue of Music for the Blind — Braille 

edition. New York Point edition. 10 


Favorite Stories of the Library [Reading Qubs 
Great Industries of America 
Journeys to Foreign Lands 
Stories. Poems. Songs and Plays for the 
Christmas Holidays 




New York City and the Development of 

Sea and Shore 
The Shakespearian Festival 

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'T'HE BmlleHH U pMMed M»»lkh h TktN*m Ytrk Puitte Lttr*ry «t iU Fifth Avtnut. Ntm Ytrk 
J- City. Smhcrlptia* Ont Dellarayear,atrr*ntsiMlh»amtert Ttu CnU. EnlntdaltkePtit O0ei 
at NtwYorh.N. Y., ai tec»%d-tUus matttr, Febr»mryI0,ll97, Hndrr Act of Juljl6, It94. Atcrptanta 
for mailint at ipieial rat* of peitatr protiiJrd ft In Stelio» 1103, Act of Oclotor J, 1917, tmthiriatd. 
Primttd t Tht Ntw Yarh PtUU Library. 47i Fifth Atmmt. Edmit»4 L. Ptanon, Editor. 

William W. Appleton 
Andrew Carnegie 
Cleveland H. Dodge 
Samuel Greekbaum 
John Henry Haumokd 
Lewis Cass Ledvard 

J. P. Morgan 
Morgan J. O'Brien 
Stephen H. Clin 
Henry Fairfield Osborn 
William Barclay Parsons 
Elihu Root 
Charles Howland Russell 

Edward W. Sbeloon 
William Sloan b 
George W. Smith 
I. N. Phelps Stokes 
Henry W. Taft 
Payne Whitney 

John F. Hvlan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Charles L. Craig, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Alfred E. Smith, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 

President, Lewis Cass Ledyard, 476 Fifth avenue. 
First Vice-President, Elihu Root. 
Second Vice-President. Cleveland H. Dodge. 
Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, 476 Fifth avenue. 
Treasurer. Edward W. Sheldon, 45 Wall street 
Assistant Treasurer, United States Tbust Company, 45 Wall street. 
Director, Edwin H. Anderson, 476 Fifth avenue. 

Chief Reference Librarian. H, M. Lydenberg, 476 Fifth avenue. 

Chief of the Circulation Department, Benjamin Adahs, 476 Fifth avenue. 


Central Building, 476 Fifth avenue, contains general administrative offices of the whole 
system, all Divisions of the Reference Department, and the Central Circulation Branch, 
Central Children's Room, Library for the Blind, and the Extension IKvision. 

Municipal Reference Branch, Room 512, Municipal Building. (Free for reference.) 



Central Circulation. 476 Fifth Avenue. 

Chatham Square. 33 East Broadway. 

Seward Park, 192 East Broadway. 

RlviNGTON Street, 61. 

Hamilton Fish Park. 388 E. Houston st. 

Hudson Park. 66 Leroy street. 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

Ottesdorfeh. 135 Second avenue. 

Tompkins Square. 331 East 10th street. 

Jackson Shuahe, 251 West I3th street. 

Epiphany. 228 East 23rd street. 

MuHLE-vBERc. 209 West 23rd street. 

St. Gabriel's Park. 303 East 36th street. 

40th Street, 457 West. 

Cathedral. 123 East SOth street. ^ 

Columbus. 742 Tenth avenue. 

58th Street, 121 East. 

67th Street, 328 East. 

Riverside. 190 Amsterdam avenue. 

Webster. 1465 Avenue A. 

YoRKViLLE. 222 East 79th street. 

St. Agnes. 444 Amsterdam avenue. 

96th Street, 112 East. 



Bloomingdale. 206 West 100th street. 

Aguilar. 174 East 110th street 

115rH Street, 203 West. 

Harlem Library. 9 West 124th street. 

125th Street, 224 East 

George Bruce. 78 Manhattan street 

135th Street, 103 West. 

Hamilton Grange. 503 West 145th street. 

Washington Heights. 1000 St Nicholasave. 

Fort Washington. 535 West 179th street. 


Mott Haven, 321 East 140th street, 
Woodstock. 759 East I60th street. 
Melrose, 910 Morris avenue. 
High Bridge. 78 West 168th street, 
MoRRisANiA, 610 East 169th street, 
Tremont, 1866 Washington avenue, 
KiNGSBRiDCE. 3041 Kingsbridge avenue. 

St. George. 5 Central avenue. 
Port Richmond. 7S Bennett street. 
Stapleton. 132 Canal street 
Tottenville. 7430 Amboy road. 


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Volume 22 ... Number 12 

The Master Ornamentalists 671 

Census of Fifteenth Century Books Owned in Amebica — 

Part IX. (Conclusion) 673 

News of the Month 695 

The European War (Recent Accessions) ..... 696 

Recent Books OF Interest Added TO THE LiBRARV - . . - TQg 

CiRCUiATioN Statistics for Noveuber 715 

Principal Donqrs in November .-..'--■ 716 

Publications of The New York Pubuc Library - - - - 717 



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rHE Bultttin it publUhti mantUj ty Tki New Yfrk PmbHc Library al 47i Fiflk Avnmt, Nrm Yark 
City. SHbicrifticH Oni Dollar a yiar. tnrrtHi lingU nimberi Ttm CmH. Enltrld a> tk* Pott Ofkt 
•t Nm York. N. f.. at ittoad-claii matttr. Fibnary M. IM. unitr Att of July li, UM. Aeetpfiu* 
ftr maiUtia at iptciai ratt of foitagt providtd for in SicHon lltl. Act of Oltebtr 3, t»lT, aaikormd. 
Prinitd al Tkt Nam Yark Public Library. t76 FIftk Avtnut. Edmund L. Paariau, Editar. 
Dactmhtr mt, ygl»mt 12, Numbtr U. 

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Thus the Master Ornamentalists may live among us, too, to continue their 
beneficent influence on the arts which stand so largely for civiUzation, 

— Lloyd Warrek. 

Some of the originals to which Mr, Warren refers may be found 
in public art libraries. The reproductions are more easily available. But, 
originals or reproductions, the designs are there for the student, the 
actual designs from which artists of those days worked, instead of adap- 
tations and compositions. It is not slavish copying that is aimed at, but 
study and assimilation and inspiration. It is to emphasize the great value 
of this mass of "documentary" or "source" material, that the Art Divi- 
sion of The New York PubUc Library will arrange in the Stuart Gallery 
of the Central Building an exhibition of books and individual plates, the 
latter lent by Mr. Warren. This exhibition, on view during January to 
March, follows one at the Grolier Club, and precedes an important one 
at the Metropolitan Museum. 

Obviously, all this has relation to the movement for better oppor- 
tunities for the training of designers, and is part of the bigger educational 
movement, the work of reconstruction and preparation. Many noted 
names appear in the exhibition: Androuet Du Cerceau, Marot, Berain, 
Germain, Eillement, Boucher fils, Delafosse, Moreau, Oppenord, Gillot, 
Delia Bella, Percier, Pergolesi, Chippendale, Sheraton, Adam, — to name 
a few, — as well as 16th century engravers and the lace designers. 
Arrangement in groups (goldsmithing, lighting fixtures, lace, etc.) makes 
its appeal to various specialties. Of course, one cannot display all of the 
material. But the way can be shown; such exhibitions are guide-posts 
for those who will read. p w 

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T, Fra 


Tabula christianae religionis. 8°. 

R<f : R 140 « Indei [Rome; Silber, 148;). Cop^: 

Tabula Martiniana. See Hargarita decre- 

talium. 10755-107S6. 
1S217 Seder Tahanunim [Penitential 

prayers, in Hebrewj. Soncino, 1487, 

16 May. 4°, 

Rcf: Jttob* *7: Pr 7J0]; Dc Roifi SI; Stcin- 
Khnridcr 44J: Hanioni \*6. Copifi: Jcw- 

ithTS (2). 

Tacitus, Cornelius. 

15218* Historiae AuRustae. (Venice: Vin- 
delinus dcj Spira. V. 

Capin: HEH; JPMt (c. U7J); RT (Winana); 
Jew (Iv«). 

15219 f°. 

Ref; Pr S8J8 [Milan: Zarotui): C (Valdarter. 
c. 147S). Copi«: AraBtl HWt. 

15222* Venice: Pincius, 1497, 22 Mar. 

Copiel: BoitonAlb: Harr; TorP; WSB; LC(T, 
2): HBT; HWf. 

15223 Germania. 

Bef: R (Rome; Sc 

Hain (Gtnitwrf). Copy: CWC. 

See also Diodonu Siculns, 61SS- 


Taddeo, Tadeo or Thaddena de Florcnda. 
Libellus de sanitate. See NursU, Bene- 
dictus de, 11920. 

Talmud, coiititttied. 

See Errores extract! ex Talmut, 

Hullin [Treatise on slaughtering, in He- 
brew; with commentary of Rashi and 
Tosafoth,. 1489. 14 Jun. f°. 

Ref; Jacob) 58 (Soncino: Joihua Solomon Son- 
cino): Hain 4979: De Roiii 63; SIcini ' " 
249 (CerHin?): •'-•-•-■--■ -■ 

de) Babylon. T:. 

Copr: JcwiihTS [5 lea 

Xiddah [Treatise on menstruation, in 
Hebrew; with commentary of Rashi 
and Tosafoth,. 1489. 23 Jul. f°. 

Kel: facoba £0 (Soncino): Pr 7307; De Roiai 65: 
Sieinichneidcr 264; Hain 11779; Rottnlbal 
: Rabbinovici, p. 15-17. Copici: JcwiibTS 

. 1476} I BM Cat; 


Ketubolh [with commentary of Rashij. 
Copt: JcwiihTS (2 Ic.vci). 

Tambaco, Johannes de. 

15235* Consolatio theologiae. 4', 

Ret: BH Cat [Uaini: Scborffcr. c. 1470-75). 
Copiea: AmBf; (Banfi, S Oct. 1901). 

15236* f\ 

Kef: BU Cat (Sprier: G. dc Spin): Pr JJ8 
(StraabDm: Printer of HenricDi Arimincniii) : 
C (Eichnatt; RcT«r, t. 1478). Copio: Ph 
(W): (Cleven)i JM; WMV; JCW. 

15237* Basel: Amerbach, ,14,92. 8'. 

Rcf: BH Cat: Fairfax Hurra;' 40«. Copie*; 
AmBt; HWt. 

Taticredna de Corneto. See Corneto. 5740. 

Rcf: Harhlcr 632 (Granada: Pefnilicr A Uniut, 
c. 1496). Cupy: Hiipinic. 


15231* Objectiones in dicta Thalmut. 4>. 

Rcf: Pt !57 (Siraiburi: Priiu); Loeb, Rct. fit. 
Joivca. XVI, 28J. Copiei: HarTS; JewiibTS 

Taranu or TarenU, Valascus de. 
1S244* De epidemia et peste. f°. 

Kef: Pr 7SJ2 (Baarl: Placb): Hain (Strubur|). 
Copiea: CPh (c. 1470); Sur(. 

15245* 4'. 

Ref: Pr 7391 (Italian, c. 1474?); C (Bolofna, 
1470). Copr: CPb. 

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Taranla or Tarenla. Valaicui de, continued. 
15247* Hagenau: Gran. 1497, feria 

quinta ante festum S. Katharine [Nov. 

23,. 4°. 

Ret: BH Cal. Con: Sun. 

15249 Practica, quae alias Philonium dici- 
tur. Lyons: Cleyn. "1478." 4°. 

Btf: P«ricaud, Bfb. L/oaniiie. 8; Hain (daabt- 

IcH 148S). Copy: (Thachfr). 

1S250* Lyons: Trechsel, 1490, 19 

May. 4°. 

R«f: Colijn, UppwU. 1464. Copy: JCre. 

15252* (Lyons:, Wolff, 1500, 10 Mar. 


Copies LCPh; Sur( (variant): ECS. 

(Lyons:, Cleyn, millesimo quadrin- 

gentesimo primo (1501?,, 18 kal. Dec. 
iNov. 14., 4°. 

Copy: Sotf. 

Tartagnua, Alexander. 

15253* Consiliorum volumen. Venice: Ber- 
nardinus Stagninus de Tridino, 1492, 
21 Jul,: vol. 3, 23 Feb.; vol. 4, 10 Dec; 
vol. 5, 1490, 6 non. Mar. (2., 1°. 

Copy: HWt (vol. i & 4). 

Tartaretus or Tataretus, Petrus. 
15334* Commentarii in summulas Petri 
Hispani. Freiburg im Breisgau, 1494. 

Tauler, Johannes. 

15346* Buchlein von den predigen und 
leren des beschawljchen lebens. Leip- 
zig: Kacheloven, |14,98. am tag Ger- 
drudis [Mar. 17,. 4°. 
Ref: BU Cal. Copiea: Con HarvAndOTCti 

1S3S5. Copy: HirTS. 

See also LibcllnB 

Taxae poenitentiariac apostolicae. 4°. 

Ref: R 1082 (Rome. c. 1490). Copjr: HWt. 

1S359* 4°. 

Ref: Hain (Rome: PUnntk). Copy: HarTS. 

Tefillath Yahid [called, Sidorello [Prayer 
Book, Roman rite, in Hebrew,. Son- 
eino, 1486, 7 Apr. 8°. 

Rif: Jacob! 41; Pr 7301; Sleinictin eider 303; 
Van Strialen 150: Han, Zeiticb. heb. Bib- 
liog., viii, p. 58. Copy: JewUbTS. 

Kef: R 758 (Lyon 

r, 1494); Pr 3218 (Riedrer). 

:. 1495). Copy: RCM (Car- 

15340 .Poitiers :, Bouyer & Bouchet, 

[14,93, 26 Jan. f°. 

Ref: Claudin: Poitien, XX. Copy: LC(T). 


Ref: I 
15342 - 

- Lyons, 1498. 17 Mar. f°. 

Copy: Prin. 

- [Lyons:, Wolff, 1500, 10 Dec. 

Ref: Pr 8682. Copy: HWf. 

15345 Expositio totius philosophiae nee 
non metaphysicae Aristotelis. Lyons: 
Wolff. 1500. 10 Dec. ('. 

R((; Pr 8680. Copy: CPb. 

Questiones super ethicorum Aristotelis. 

Paris: Bocard, 1098 (1498,, 12 May. A". 
Ref: Voynich xxil, 109; cf Cop III, S715. Copy: 


Duns Scoti quaestiones quodlibetales 
reportalae. Paris: Remboldt, 1500. f° . 

Copy: (CleTCn)- 

Tempo, .\ntonio da. 

15365 La- Vita e il comento supra i1 Pe- 

trarcha. Venice : Siliprandus, 1477, 

[after, 8 May. 4°. 

Ref: cf R; Ha[n 1Z766. Copy: Cor. 

Teofilo or Theophiliu. 
15367 La Vita del beato Gioanne da Capis- 
trano. Como. 1479, 16 Apr. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 7188 (Batdature de FoHato)i Hain 
7776; C. Copy: AmBt. 

Tcrraiie, Pelrus. 

15369* Oratio dc divina providentia, habita 

dominica iiii Quadragesime [Mar. 9i, 

1483. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 3636 (Rome: Flannck). Copy: HWf. 

TcrcRtiiu Afer, Publius; Terence. 
Comoediae. f°. 

Ref: R VI. p. 168 (Rome: Lauii. «. 1472); C S7S1. 

Copy: JPMt (Cologne: Zell, c. 1475). 

15370* f°. 

Ret: Pr 2668 (Scbo««nried; Printer of Gr*ccfaaa 
et Poliacent); Hain (Stiaiburi). Copy: AmBt 
(c. 1478). 

d by Google 


Ref: R; Hain 

Terentius Afer, Publius; Terence, continued. 

15371. 15381 Milan: Zarotua, 1481, 13 

Mar. i°. 

(1470). Copr: HE H (Pembroke, 
i ta read 1470). 

15389 [Commentary of Donatus.i 4*. 

Ref; R (SlfMburj; PruM, c. H8S); Pr S67. 
Copy; WNB (SunderUnd). 

15393* Treviso: Paulus Ferari, 1481, 

5 Jul. P. 

Copiec H»rvi LC(T)i HWt. 

15394 Venice: And. de Asula & Barth. 

" Dec. 

de Alexandria, 1483, prid. 
[4-1 i°. 

Bif: Pr 4702; 

: UChi. 

15398 Venice: B. de Che 

Luero. 1489. 3 kal. Feb. Ji 

Ref; Pr 521Z. Copy: HCF. 
15402 — Venice: Peregrinv 
qoalibus, 1492, 14 Aug- f°. 

Ref: Pr 4861: C. Copy; Harv. 

15408* rWithi Calphurnii 

timorumenon. Treviso: Hermanu! 
Levilapis. 1477, 14 kal. Oct. iSepl. 18. 

I & S. de 


Tennini causarum in Ronuna curia. 4*. 

Ref: R (Rome: Silber. c. lAW); C 576«. Copj: 

Tertullianus, QuJntus Septimlus Florens. 
15443 Apologelicus adversus gentes. Ven- 
ice: Benalius. f. 
Ref: R (c. 1490); Pr 4899; C (l«J). Copie.: 

Teuunu. See TheHUnu, 15493-15495. 
Teutonicui, Helwicus. See Geminiano, 

Johannes de S, 7542-7548. 
Textor, Guillermus. 

Sernio de paasione Christi. 4°. 

C:opx: Hirv (Riant. Basel: WeoMler). 
IS44S* Textiu canonum pcnitentionalium. 


Copiei: Harv; Pri 

15409* Veni 

1479, 15 Dec. f°. 

Copiei: LC; (Dome); GR. 

15415* Venice: And. de Faltascichis, 

1487, 5 id. Nov. |9., P. 

Copy: HWt. 

15424 [Commentary of Guido Juve- 

nalis,] Lyons: Trechsel. 1493, 4 kal. 
Sept. [Aug. 2?., 4°. 
Ref: Pr S«02. Copiei: JPUti LC(T). 

15427 — ^ iCommentaries of Donatus & 
Guido Juvenalis.] Venice: Bevilaqua, 
1494, 10 kal. Mar. ,Feb. 20., V. 

Ref: R; Pt !3S4. Copr: Harv. 

15430 — — [Also the Commentaries of As- 
censius and Calphurnius.; Venice; 
Lazarus de Soardis, 1499, 7 Nov. V. 

Ref: R ( 

- Stra 

ere): Pr S62S. Copr: Harv. 

jburg: Grtininger, 1496, 

15432* Strasburg: Grtininger, 1499, 3 

id. Feb. ,11.1 i°. 

Copiei: BottonAih (K1o)i); LC; KPH; HWt- 
IS434 zu tiitsch transferiert. Stras- 
burg: Griinynger, 1499, zynstag vor S. 
Gregorien tag (Mar. 5|. i". 

Ref; R; Pr *Z9. Copy: Walk. 

1S435* Therence en francois. Paris: 

[for, Verard. f°. 
Copr; (Hoe, c. IJOO). 

15436* Eunuchus, ain maisterliche come- 
dia. Ulm: Dinckmut, 1486. f. 

Copj: JPMf. 

: PhCW. Leip; 

; Loiter, c. 1491), 

Hcauton- 15446* - 

Textus sequentiarum. See ScqnentUnim, 


Tharanta. See Tarenta, 15244-15252. 
Thebaldeo, Anionic. 
15448 Opera. f°. 

Ref: R; Pr S260 (Venice: C. de Penati, about or 
after ISOO). Copy: HWt. 

15451 Milan: Scinzenzeler, 1499, 4 

Jiin. 4°. 

Ref: R, cf Indei. Copy: HWt- 

Thcgliatiiu or Tegliatiu>, Stephanui. 
IS456* Oratio pro die Penthecostes habita, 

acta Rome in die Penthecostes 3 non. 

Jun. coram Innocentio viit Jun. 3, 

1487|. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 3676 (Rome; PUnnck). Copy: HWt. 
15460 Sermo contra Turcorum peraecu- 
tionem. habita Rome, in die solennita- 
tis Johannis ,Dec. 27,. 1480. 4'. 

Ref: Pr 3S04 (Rome: Silber). Copy: Harv. 

15461* habita, 1481. 4°. 

Ret: BU Cat: Pr J6J0 (Rome: Plannck). Copiei: 
Harv (Riant); HWt. 

Themistiiu Peripateticus. 

15463* Paraphrasis in posteriora Aristotc- 
lis. Treviso: B. Confolonerius & Ge- 
rardinus de Salodio. 1481, IS Feb. T. 

Copy; LC{T). 

15464* Venice: B. de Zanis, 1499, prid. 

non. Oct. ,6.1 1°. 

Copy: HBT. 
Copy: HWt. 

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Theobaldiu, Bishop. 

15469* Phisiologus At naturis duodecin 

15471* Cologne: Quentell. 4*. 

Brf: Voulli^mr, Kotn. 1129 <c. 1490); BM Cal. 
Copici: AmBtl LC 


15477* Eclogae. Venice: Aldus, 1495. Feb. 

15479* Opuseula. 4°. 

Rcf: Pr 5541 (Venice: B. de Vilalibus, c. 1500). 
Copy: Hirv. 

Theodorus Gaza. See Gaza, 7500. 

15486- Ecloga. Cologne: Quentell. 1495. 

Theophilus. See Teofilo, 15367. 


15491* De historia et de causis plantarum; 
Theodoro Gaza interpretc. Treviso: 
Earth. Contalonerius. 1483. 20 Feb. 

Thienii, Caietanus de; Gaetano Tiene. 
15496 Recollecte super octo libros physi- 
corum Aristotelis. f°. 

1477. r. 

Ref: R 763. Copy: I 

15498 Venice: 

Sext. (Aug. 5. J 

Ref: Pell 4946; Pr 50 

Opera. See Aristotle, 1657. 

Theramo, Jacobus Palladinus de. 

Belial. Augsburg: Schiissler, 1472. 6 

non. Jul. ,2„ P, 
Rer- I'- 1597- r iT>l ropi.s: AmBt; [NVStJ; 
I"h(W); JPMt; WMV. 

— 148 i. r. 

Der Teutsch Belial. Augsburg: 

Schonsperger. 1487. am Dornstag 
nechsi vor Galli (Oct. 11,. C. 

Fh (Treviw: J. de Hu 

Locatellus, 1496. r 


; C. Copy: LC. 

ISSOO Expositio in libros Aristotelis de 
coelo et mundo. Venice, 1484. C. 

Ref: Pr S6BS. Copy: WMV. 

15501* Venice: Otinus de Luna, 1498, 

3 Oct. f°. 

Copy: ABB. 

Super libros de anima Aristotelis; 
Quaestiones de sensu agente. de sen- 
sibilibus communibus et de substantia 
orbis, Vicenza: Henricus [di Ca Zenoj, 
1486, 11 kal. Oct. fSept. 21., P. 

Ref: R: Pr 7t6S; C 617, SS24. 5S25. Copici: 
HCF (Grove.)! HWf. 

15504 Venice: Locatellus. 1493, 10 

kal. Jan. |Dec. 23.| f. 

Ref: Pell 4942; Pr 5051; C. Copie.: Cor; LC; 

15505* Expositio in Aristotelis metheoro- 
rum libros. Padua: Mauler, 1476, 6 
Aug. f. 

Ref; Peir 494J. Copiea: HEH; LC(T). 

See also HentisbeniB,. Gulielmus. Ex- 
positio regularum. 8440-8441. 

Thomas Aquinas. Sec Aquino, 1328t1543. 

ThomsB de Argentiiia. 

Scripta super quattuor libros sententia- 
rum. Strasburg: Flach, 1490. f. 

1. 2)[ Prin; LC(T. Ban 

Thomas a Beclfct, !^aint. bis'-op of Canter- 

liurv, Cantipratfnsis. 
15510 Vila e! processus super l^he'tate ec- 

clesiaslica. Faris: Joh. Philippi. 1495, 

27 Mar. 4°. 

823S; C. Copiei: PhCW); Lr(T); 


sale, 3644; Byen 

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ISSll* Historia de bello Pelopoi 

Rcf: Pr 6S0O (Trtviu: }ah. Rubeui); C (Ven- 
ice, 1«S). Copiei; Harv; LC; UCilit; DPL; 


15513* Tractatus de cometis. |Venice:j 
Aurl, 1474. 4°. 

Copy: HWt. 

Thwroc2 or Thurocz, Johannes de. 

15517* Chronica Hungarorum. Briinti, 
1488, 20 Mar. f°. 
Ref; BM Cat (Stihcl & Pteunlein); F«irfM Mur- 
ray 410; Pr 949J. Copy: JPMt. 

15518*. 15516 Augsburg: Ratdolt. 1488, 

3 non. Jon. ,3., 4°. 
Rcf: BM Cat; Fairfax Murray «1l. Covitt: 
BoitanAlh; Walk; JPHT: (Henkela, 22 Nov. 

ThyinaeuB or Thjrtno, Jacobus. See T>- 

maeus de Amsfordia. 
Tibulliu, Albius. 
Carmina. Reggio d'Emilia: Prospero 

Odoardo & Alb. Mazalj, 1481, 19 kal. 

Oct. (Sept. 13.) {'. 

Rtt: Pr 7252; Hain 47S7. Copy: HCF. 

Venice: Bevilaqua. 1493, 26 Jun. !'. 

Rcf: Pr SJ82; Hain 4764. Copy: L'lll. 

Venice: Taeuinus, 1500. 19 May. f°. 

Ref: Hain 4766. Copiei; UChi; HWt. 

Ticinensis, Marcus Antonius. 

15526 Oratio habita Mediolani in concilio 

generali Fralrum minorum. Pavia, 

1498, 20 Jon. 4°. 

Ref; R. Copy: HWt. 

Tiene. See Thienis, 15496-15507. 

Tifemas or Tiphemiu, Gregorius. See 
Gregorins, 8041-8043. 

Tignonville, Guillaume de. See Dits des 
philosophes, 6282^6285. 

Timaeus de Amsfordia, Jacobus. See Aris- 
totle. De generatione et corruptions 

Tinctor, Nicolaos. 

15528* Dicfa super summulas Petri His- 
pani. Reutlingen: Gryff, 1486, 3 id. 
Jun. ,11., f. 

Ret: BH Cat. Copr: UnTS. 

Tiratit lo Blanch. Sec MartoreU, Joanot, 

15535* Materie von den siben TodsOnden. 

Augsborg: Bamlcr, 1474, an S. Ott- 

mars abent ,Nov. ISi. f°. 

Ref: Pr KM; ef BU Cai. A part of Hiia 
IIUS. Copy: NYP. 

Toledo, Fernando Diaz de. 

Notas del relator. Valladolid: Fran- 
cour, 1493, 4 Jul. P. 

Brf: Haebler 225; Hain 13SSS. Copy: Hiapame. 
Toledo or Toleto, Franciscus de. 

Instructiones sacerdotum libri vh, com 
tractatii de septem peccatis mortali' 
bus. & bullae Coenae Domini dilucida 
exposilione. Rome, 1500. 8°. 

Copy: Essex. 

Tomic, Pere. 
Histories e conquestes de Cathalunya. 
Barcelona: Rosenbach^ 1495, 4 Jun. f. 

Ret: Haebier 641; C SSJ4. Copy: Hispanic. 

Tondalus or Tundalus. 

15540* Libellus de raptu anime. 4°. 

Ret: BM Cal (Speier; J. & C. Hist. I48J); Hiin 
(Typi. Reyserianis). Copy: JPMf. 

Tornacensis, Guillibertus. See GuiUiber- 

tus, 8332. 
Tomamira, Johannes de; Jean He Tome* 

15551* Clarificatoriom super nono Alman- 
soris cum texto Rhasis. Lyons: Trech- 
sel, 1490, 17 Jun. 4°. 
Capiei: CPh; Harv; Surg; HWt. 

TomiuB, Bernardus. 

De motu locati Hentisberi quedam anno- 

tata. Pisa. 1484. 4°. 
Ref: R 1092 (Gregorius de Cente); cf R 346 
(Lorenio & Agnolo); Hain 7351. Copy; LC(T), 

Torquemada, Juan de. See Ttirrecreinata, 

Johannes de. 15689-15746. 
Torre, Alfonso de la. 
Vision delectable. f°. 

Ref: Haebler 644 (Bnmoi: F. it Baaitra. 14B3- 
MB7). Copiea: Botlun (Ticknor); Hiapanic. 

15SS6 Toulouse: Parix & Cleblat, 

1489. r. 

Ref: Pr 8724. Copies: AmBt; Hispanic. 
Torrella, Caspar or Caspai 

15557 De morbo Gallic 

n aliis. Rome. 

Ref: BM Cat (not I5th cent): Hain (Petrai de 
Turre!); C. Copy: Snr( (Besicken, 1506). 

15559 Dialogus de dolore cum tractalu de 
ulceribos in pudendagra. Rome: Be- 
sicken & Martinus de Amsterdam, 
1500. ult. Oct. 4'. 

Ref: BM Cat; C. Copiea: Surg (2). 
TorrelU, Hieronymus. 

15560 De imaginibus astrologicis non 
solum medicis verum etiam literatis. 
Completum 1 Dec. 1496. Valentia: A. 
de Orta. 4'. 

Ret: Haebler 642 (I6tb cent.): R: Pr 9507. 
Copies: Surg; WMV. 

Torrentinui, Hermann us. Vocabulariui 
poeticus sive elucidarius carminum et 
historiarum. Cologne: apud predjca- 

Bef: Voulliteie, Koln, IIRS (Cornelius de Zr- 
rickiee. c. ISOO); Pr 1512 (after ISOOf); C 
6J7J. Copy: (AndtrUD, IJ Apr. 1909). 

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Tortellitu, Johannes Aretinus. 
15563 Orthographia. Rome; Ulric (Hani 
& Simon ,Chardellai. 1471. f. 

Rt{: Pr iii3: C. Coping Pli(W); Rjd^ifle; 


1SS64* Venice: Jenson. 1471. f. 

Coptei: N'ew; HEH; JSL; (Liarniant)i WTW 

15565 Treviso; ManzoHnus. 1477, pos- 

tridie kal. Apr, (2.| t". 

Ret: Pr «469, 64S0 (Lichlcnalein). Copiei: Grolj 


15566* Vicenza: Koblingcr, 1479, id. 

Jan. ,13.1 r. 

Copies: UIll; LC(T). 

15S67* Vicenza: Lichtenstein. 1480, 

lilt. Oct. f. 

Copiei: [XYSKCampbellJl ; LC(T); HWt. 

15569* Venice: Lichtenstein, 1484. 

prid. id. Nov. il2.j f°. 
Copi«: Harv; P«b; LC(T, 2); HWt. 

15572* - — - Venice: Phil, de Pindi: 
prid. id. Apr. 

: Ulin 

1SS77. Copj 


15574* Venice: Tacuinus, 1495. 19 

■ Dec. f* . 

Copy: UTor. 

— Lyons: J. de Prato, 1495. f°. 

Copy: Will 
15S78 Vocabulorum gemma. Cologne: 
Bomgart. 1495, ull. Feb. 4°. 

He(: Voulliimt, Koln. 1189. Copy: LC(T). 

Et ToBtado, Alphonsus de Madrigal. 
I5S81* Floretus Saneti Matthaei. Seville: 
P. de Colonia >■ comp.. 1491, ult. Sept. 

Traclatiu de Judeorum et ChristJanonim 

Copy: JewiihTS. 

Bef: Pr J12 (Strnburg 

r N7S); C. Copj: J« 

^ Planctu. See 

: CPh. 

Tractatua descriptlonum morborum In cor- 
pore humanorum existenlium cum De 
virtutibus beneriicte quercus (by Ar- 

noldiis de Villa Nova,. 1496. 4''. 
Rcf: BM C*l (Mcmminicn: Kunne); Hun 6096. 
Copr: Surg. 

Tractatus in moribus condlctlonibiis et 
neqiiicia Turcorum. See Turci, 15672- 


Tractatus iuris plurh 
gendi abbrevlatur 

Tractatus brcvis el utilis 
canonice persolveiide si 

Rcf: V<i1ll1i<^mc. Koln. 1190 
Rfnchin, c. 1492). Copy: C 

See Pelicianus, 

Saioferraio): C 
(Iv«): TBDV. 

: Hain 


Copiei: JWE 

Tractatus quidam 

1 de Ti 

. See Turci, 

15588* Tractatus sotenni 
bills. 4°. 

iltum predica- 

Rcf: Tr ZsnS (Me 
Copi«: H«TSi 


""**■ ^ "^"- 

BM Cil (.MlKburc 

TranensiH, Peti 

ISS97 Libellus 

) Palagarius; Pietra Pal- 

;enuis puerorum et 
iribns. Ferrara: L. 
iRossii de Valentia, 1496, 7 Oct. 4', 

Ref: Pr 576t. Copy: Sun. 

Trano, Ganfredus Or Goffredus de. 
15600 Siimma super tituTos decrelalium. 
Basel: Kesler, 1487, 4 id. Jul. [12., f, 
Rcf: Pr 7663; Pell 4999. Copy: JDB. 

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15607 ,A Book of Travellers; 
English Vocabulary.] (°. 

Rcf: Duff 405 (Wcttmi niter: Cmxtoi 
Rkci 97; Bbdet [2(1 cd.) 48; C. 

Tretyse of love. f°. 

Ref: Daff 399 (WcMminauri Wjnii, 
149J): lUin tOZZIi Bladei 99; C. 

Lc Tresor de Tame. Geneva: 

r: KEH. 


Trilheim, Johannes, continued. 
15639* De purissima et immaculata con- 
ceptione Virginia Marie. 4°. 
Ref: BH Cat (Nurcmbera: Wa»na, alter 17 
Sept. 1497). Copie.: LC; JPMt. 

15640 Strasburg; Hupfuff. 1497. 4°. 

Ref: C (IS06): cf Hain C149<). Copy; ICWwh. 

15642 Triumphe des neuf preux. Abbe- 
ville: Gerard, 1487, penult. May i30j. 

Rel: Pr 8764. Copj: LC{T). 

15643 De futuris Christianorum TriuraphU 
in Thurcos et Sarracenos. Augsburg: 
Froschauer, 1499. 4°. 

Ref; Pr 1842; C. Capr: tlirvCRiant). 

Tritheim, Trittenheim or Trithemlua, Jo- 

1561J* Liber de scriptoribus ecclesiasticis. 
Basel, rafter, 5 kal. Sept. ,Aug. 28i. 
1494. f°. 
Rff: Pr 7601 (Amerbach); C. Copiei: Haiv 
(KIoM A Riint); IKYStJ; StCh. 

15615* Cathalogus illustrium virorum. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 179 (Maim: Peler of Friedbeig, 1495). 
Copiei: AmBt; NYUniv. 

15617* De laude scriptorum. Mainz: P. 
Friedbergensis, 1494, 4*. 

Copr: t[arv<Ri>nl). 

15618* Liber de triplici regione claustra- 
lium ct spirituati exercicio monacho- 
rum. Mainz: P. Fridbergensis, 1498, 
8 id. Aug. ,6.| 4°. 

Copiei: AmBt; Crol: Ph(W). 

Trogui Pompeiiu. See Justinns. Epitome 
historiarum, 9646-9659. 
Libro di Troiano composto in lingua 
fiorentina. 4°. 

Ret: H (Venice, 1485). Copy: HWt. 

TrottuB, Albertus. See Albertua, 588-602. 

Tuberiniu or Tyberiniu, Johannes Mathias. 

15650 Passio Beati Simonis pueri Triden- 

tini a perfidis Judeis nuper occisi. 4*. 

Ref: Waldner, Quellemludie d. T/pog. io Tirol, 
3 (Trent: H. Schindeleyp) : R (perbapi Rome: 
Guldinbeck or Milan: Zirolni, c. 1475). Copy: 

Tucher, Hans, 

1566S* Reise in das gelobte Land. Augs- 
burg: Sehonsperger, 1482. f°. 

Ref: BM C». Capj: LC. 

Ref: Pt 1R20 (Auiibi 
Copy: I'h(W), 

15626* De statu et i 

Copy: LC (e. I49S). 
15631* De laudibu 

[: FraKhaoer); C (1490). 

:i ordinis. 

S. Anne. Leipzig: Let- 
ter. 4". 
Ref; BM Cal; Pr 3048 (c. 1500); cf Probe d. 
(Jemniliai. 353. Copy: Cor. 

1S632* Mainz: P. Friedbergensis, 

1494. 12 kal. .^ug. Jul. 21.j 4°. 

Copy: AmBt. 

15637* Oratio de duodecim excidiis obser- 
vantie regularis. Habite 5 kal. Sept. 
,Aug. 28i, 1496. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 1N4 (Maim: Peter of FTiHbera); C (c. 
1497). Copy: AmBt- 

Tundalus. See Tondaliu, 15540-15549. 
15672* De moribus, condictionibus et ne- 
quicia Turcorum. 4°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Uraeh: Fyner, c. 1481. Wrilten 
by GeorBiui de Hunfaria). Copy: UnTS. 

15673* Sermones in vulgari Turcho- 

Ref: BM C»l (Rome: Ceor(iui TenlonicDi 
lUucr?), c. 1481); Pr 3609 (In dnmo Fr*n- 
ciKi de Cinqtiinil). Copy: Harv (Riant). 

15681* Tractatus ^uidam de TurcU. Nu- 
remberg: Zeninger. 1481. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 2229. Copiei: AmBt: IlarT (Riant)i 
l,C; LC(T); HWt. 

Turisantis, Carthusiensis. de Florentia. 

15684* Commentum in micrntegni Galieni; 
de Ypostasi tractatus. Venice: Loca- 
tellus, 1498. prid. id. Apr. [12., f. 

Copy: HWt. 

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de Tor- 


Turrecrcnuta, Johannes de; J 

15689* Expositio brevis & utilis super toto 

Psalterio. f°. 
Ref: BH Cal (Baad: Amcrbach, nal after Ug2). 

Copy: TBDV. 

15693* Augsburg: Schussler. i°. 

Ref: BM Cat; Pr 1592 (nol after 1471). Copiei: 
. Harv; Ph(W, 2); Walk; GLK. 

15695* Rome: Callus, 1470, 4 Oct. 4". 

Ref: BH Cat. Copiei; JPMt; LC(T>; HWt. 

15696* - — . Augsburg: Schussler, 1472, 
prid. non. May (6|. t°. 

Ref: BM Cat; Hain "uco 

LCPh; Porta. 

Turrecremata, Johannes de, continued. 

15714* — r. 

Ref: Pr 7J6e (Baael; Amerbach. tiot after 1484); 
ef BM Cal; C (NuretnberE: Xoburfer, 1480). 
Copiei; Cor; PhfW); UnTS; Ya. 

Rome: Scheurener, 1477, ult, Apr, 

Ref; Pr 3*96; C 5SV1. Copy; Ph(W). 

Schoytfer, 1474, 3 id. 



Sept. rl 

Ref: BM Cat. Copiti: AmBt; Co; 
(Lincoln); JPMt; JES; HWf. 

15699* Mainz: Schoyffer, 1476, 10 

Mar. f°. 

Copie>: LC; NYP; JPMt. 

15700* Rome: Lupus Callus, 1476, 21 

Feb. 4*. 

Ref; BH Cat. Copies; LC; William Jewell; LC 
(T); JM; WMV. 

1S701* Mainz: Schoyffer. 1478, 4 Apr. 

Copiei: AmBt; |NYSt(Campbel])]i WilJCKIosi); 

15702 Poitiers, 1480, 13 kal. Mar. ,Feb. 

17, 1481.1 f°. 

Ref; R (Bouyer & lOC.); Pr 87J9. Copy: AmBt. 

15704 Zaragoza, 1482, 12 Nov. i°. 

Ref: Haebler 6SI A Ii. 651. Copy: Harv (witb- 

oul date in colophon). 

15705 .Turin:, Joh. Fabri, 1482, 29 

Mar. i'. 

Ref; Pr ?219: C. Copiei; AmBt; Cor; LC{T). 

[Paris :i E. C. de Marnef. 8*. 

Ref: R 7£8 (c. 1500). Cop;: StSul. 

15709* Quaestlones super evangeliis totius 

Copy: HWf. 


Ref: Haehirr ii, 65I.S (TouIoMie or Vienne: 
Marlin Hui?); R 767 (Spaniih preii); Har- 
riiie. Premier) incun. Baloii, I$02. p. 6t. 
Copy: Hiipanic. 

15711* Nuremberg: Creussner, 1478. 

Ref; Panier 4:2J:lSa. Copjr: UnTS. 

15716* Basel: Fromolt. 1481. 24 Jul. 


Copj; JDB. 

I57I7 Deventer: RJchardus [Paffroedi, 

1484, 20 Nov. (°. 

ReC: Campbell 1694; Pr 8951. Copy: CI. 

15718 Brescia 

I. 2 

Ref; : 

■ 6997; 1 

; HWt. 

15723* Meditationes: Contemplationes. 
1472, 24 Dec. f. 

Ref; Pr 2117 (Speier: Printer of Gesta ChHiti); 
C. Copiei: AmBt (Heber); LC(T). 

15724* Rome: Callus & Simon [Char- 

della,, 1473, 17 Gel. 4°. 

Ref; BM Cat. Copiei: NYP; JPMt- 

15725* Rome : Callus, 1478, 9 Dec. 4°. 

Copy; JPMt. 

15726* Mainz: Numeister, 1479, 3 

Sept. f. 

Copiei; JPMt (2). 

15728 Rome: Planck, 1498, 21 Aug. 

Ref: : 

■ 372S; C. Copy: JPMt. 


.mAntiq; UnTS. 

- Nuremberg; Creussner, 1478. 

1S7I2 - 


Ref: R; Pr 2144; C. Copiei: LC; UnTS. 

15713* Quaestiones evangeliorum ta 

tempore quam de Sanctis; flos IheolO' 
giae. f°, 

Ref: BH Cal (StraibDrE: Printer of I48J Jor 
J -■- Quedlinburf, c^ 1487). Copiei: 

15730* Summa de eccle: 

Silber, 1489, 27 Apr. f°. 

Ref: BM Cal. Copiei: Hary; CLN; (Ljbbie, 12 
Dec. 1905 & 14 Sept. 1911). 

15732* Lyons: Trechsel, 1496, 20 

Sept. r. 

Copiei: Ph(W); UnTSj HWt. 

15737 De efficacia aque benedicte. 4*. 

Bef; R <AuEibur|; FrOKhner, c. 1490); Pr 
1856: ef BM Cal, p. J94 (after 1502). Copy: 



; UnTS; Walk; (Liiilefield). 

: Sort). Copy; Caltu 

15739* 1°. 

Ref; Pr 1664 (AiisibBri: Sorg). Copy: UnTS. 

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Turrecrenuila, lohanHts de, continued. 

Valeria Faltonia Proba. See Fatconia, 

:. 1490): Pr 3791. 

rg: Sti 

.: Ph(W); Wat 

Turri, LudovicUB a, de Verona. 
15748 De immaculata conceptione B, V. 
Mariae. Brescia: Boninus, 1486, 19 

Aug. 4°. 

Rcf: Pr £970; C; Hiin lOJte. Cotj: HWt. 

Tiusignano, Petrus de. 
1S7S0' Tractatus de peste. 4°. 

Copjr: Sarg (variant. Venice: Dam. it Goigaii' 

, habjta 1492, 25 

Tygrinns, NicoJaus. 
15751* Lucensium o 
Oei. 4°. 

Rt(: BM Cal (Home: FrfiUf). Copjr: HWt. 

15752* habita 26 Get. 4°. 

Rtf: BM Tat (Rome: Freilai); Pr 3857 (Silber). 
Copy: HWt. 

15753* 4°. 

Ref; Pr 3699 (Rome: Pruinck). Copy: UP», 

Trmacus, Jacobus. See Timaeos de Ama- 
Trewera, Cuillaume. See Textor. 

Valaacus, Ferdinandus; Vasco Femandea 
15760* Oratio de obedientia ad Innocen- 



Ref: Pr 8617; 

: 3015, 5919. Cop 

: JPMt. 

Valera, Diego He. 

15768 Cronica de Espaita. Toulouse: Hen- 
rico Mayer. 1489. f. 

Ref: 5*tv* 3205. Copr: Hiapanic. 

15772 Salamanca. 1495, 8 May. f. 

■ 660; Pr 9566 (PriB 


BoMon; Hiipanic. 
Salamanca, 1500. 17 Jun. 

Ref; Haebler 662; Pr 9574 (lune 

iteilana). Copiei 

ValeriuB Flacciu, Caius. 
Argonauticon. Florence: apud S. Jaco- 
bum de Ripoli. 4°. 

Ref: R (c. 1481); Pr 6111; C 5924. Copiei: 
Harv; JM. 

Bologna: Rugerius & Bertochua. 

1474. 7 May. f°. 

Ref: Pr 6528; C S92S. Copy: HEH. 

Valerius Maximtts. 

15773* Libri factorum dictorumque memo- 
rabilium. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Strashurg: Menlclin, 15 Jun. 
H70?). Copie.: HEH; JPMt. 

15774* Mainz: Schoyffer, 1471. 18 kal. 

Ju!. Jun. 14.1 i\ 

Copie.: Harv; RCH; (Hoe); JPMf. 

15775 (Venice:) Vindelinus |de Spiraj, 

1471. f°. 

Ref: Ri Pr 40JS; C; P«rint Cit. 5. Copy; LC. 

15776 Venice: J. He Colonia & Man- 
then. 1474. f°. 

Copy: CWC. 

15780 Milan: Phil. Lavagnia. 1478. 2 

non. Feb. (4.i f°. 

Ref: R; Pr 5Si9; C. Copie*: Harv; SiBona; JM. 

15781 Venice: P. F.. B. R., S. F„ Z. F.. 

1478. kal. Jul. [I., i°. 

Ref: R; Pr 4471; C. Copiei: CWC; JPMf. 

15785* iCommentary of Oninibonus 

Leonicenus.i Venice, i", 
Ref: Pr 4S04 (J. It C. GrtEonti). Copy: HWt 

15786 [Venice:, J. de Forlivio et soc. 

1482. 18 Jun. f°. 

Ref; Pr 4499; C. Copiei: PhCW); PrinTS; 

15787* Venice: D ,de Bertochis, & P. 

(de Pasqualibusi. 1485, 20 Apr. f°. 

Copy: Harv. 

[Cornmentary of Oliverius Arzig- 

nanensis.i Venice; Joh. Forliviensis & 
Gregorius fralres. 1487. 8 Mar. f°. 

Ref: R; Pr 4510; C 592S. Copiei: HCP; HWt. 

15790 Venice: Bern, de Benaliis. 1488, 

15791* Venice: Gul. Tridinensis, 1491, 

12 Aug, f°. 

Copie.: HarTi Ph(W): LC(T); AMT; HWt. 

1S792* Venice: Locatellus. 1493. prid. 

kal. May lApr. 30,. f. 
Copi«: HWt; (Merwin. 26 Nor. 190G). 

15795* Venice: B. de Zanis, 1497, 22 

Mar. r. 

Copy: LC(T). 

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Valerius Maxtmus, continued. 

- Das buch das do sagt - 

Ref: BU Cat; Hiii 

15797 — 

de Vi 

R.f: Hi, 

- translado en 
rries. Zaragoza 
cblcr 663; Fr 9S12; 



lance Uffo 
s. I49S. 1\ 

n: Hi)p.nic. 

See aU. 

Burgo, Diony! 




Valla, Georgio. 

Interpretationes variae [Nicephorus and 
Other authorsi. Venice; Bevilaqua, 
1498, ult. Sept. r. 

Rtl: Pr 5408; Hiin 11?4«. Copits: CPh; Surg; 
ECS: LC(T); HWt. 

Valla, Lauren tius. 

15801 Opuselcgantiarum; De lingua latina. 
Rome: J. P. de Lignamine, 1471. f°. 

Rtf: BM C»t; R. Copy: Ph{W). 

1S802 Venice: Jenson. 1471. {'. 

Ref: R; Pr «71: C. Copies: NYP; UIll; Y»; 
(S»Jlon P«rk: Grovea). 

15803 Brescia: Eustacius Callus, 1475. 

10 kal. Apr. [Mar. 23., f. 

Ref: Pr 6947; C. C0P7: LC(T). 

15806* (Venice:] Jac. Rubeus, 1476. 

Copiei: UChi; CLN. 

15809* Venice: Pasqualinus, 1480. f°. 

Ref: Pr 5679. Copie.: Porl; LC(T). 

15811 1480, 17 Sept. 4°. 

Ref: R (Rome: Plannck). Copici: Grot; HWt. 

15812 Cologne: Koelhoff, 1482, 19 

May. f°. 

Ref: C. Copy; LC. 

15813* Venice: Pasqualinus, 1483, 17 

Jul. C. 

Ref: Pr 56B3. Copy: HWt. 

15817* Venice: Bernardinus iRJcius;. 

1491, ult. May. f°. 

Copy: H.rv. 

15818* Venice: Phil, de Piniis, 1492. 

8 Feb. f°. 

Copy: LCPh. 

1S820* Venice: C. de Pensis, 1496. 15 

Jun. r. 

Copie.: Pe»b; RCM (Carvalho), 

15822 Venice: Sessa. 1499. 8 Feb. P. 

Ref: C. Copiei: Ulll: TDS; LCCT). 

15825 Antidotum in Poggium. Siena: 
Henricus de Harleim. 1490. 8 id. May 
[8|- f°- 

Ret: R; Pr 72B4; C 5941. Copy: LC(T). 
15830* De libero arbitrio. f°. 

Ref: Pr 355 (Straiburg: Huiner). Copy: Ph(W). 

See Aesopus, 320-323, 341. 

Vallibut, Hieronymus de. 
15844 Tractatus carminibus conscriptus de 
passione Domini. Leipzig: Thanner, 

1500. 4°. 

ValturiuB, Robertus. 

15847* De re militari. Verona: Johannes 
ex Verona, 1472. i". 
Ref: Perrini C.t. 7. Copies; LC; JPMt: WMV. 

1S848* Verona; Boninus, 1483. 1 

Feb. 1°. 

Copies: JMH; JPMt; WMV. 

15849 De I'arte militare, traducta t 

vulgar. Verona; Bonin di Bonini; 
1483, 17 Feb. P. , 

Ref: Pr 6921: C. Copies: FBG; JPMt (Z). 

Vanigine, Jacobus de. See Voragioe. 

Varro, Marcus Terentius. 
De lingua latina. 4°. 
Ref: C 595J (Rome. 1474?). Copies: 1 

Brescia: Boninus & Miniatus Del- 
sera, 1483, 16 Jun. f°. 

Ref: Pr 6954; C i9iS. Copy; HarTS (Sunder- 

Vasurtus, Basurto or Basuarto, Rodericua. 
De natura loci et temporis. Salamanca, 
1494. 4°. 

Ref: Haehler 665; R; C 5956. Copy; Hitpuic. 

Praxis prenosticandi. Salamanca, 1497, 

Ubaldis de Perusio, Angelus de. 

15863* Consilia et responsa. Venice; Jo- 
annes iRubeus,. 1487, 3 kal. Mar. [Feb. 
27,; Apr. f°. 

Copiei: HarvLaw; HEH. 

15878* Lectura authenticorum. Venice; 
B. de Tortis. 1489. 3 Mar. ('. 

Copy: HWt. 

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Vegius, Mapkaeus, continued. 

Ubildis de Penuio, Nicolaus de. 
15890 Tractatus de successionibus ab in- 
testato. Rome, 1471, penult. Sept, f°, 

Ref: C. Copy; LC(T. NpI htfore Mmj- 16, H72). 

1S897 Venice: B. de Vitalibus. 1499. 

20 Jon. V. 

Rrf: C. Copy: Ph(W). 

Ubsldii de Penuio, Petrus de. 

Repetitio super capitulo Rainutius de 

Kef: Pr 1010 (Colosne: Prir 
Albuii); Voullitae, Koln, 
Cop^; HirT<Kl0M). 

1Z03 (c. 1472). 

15930 ; Dialogus veritatis. Brescia: 

Bern, de MUinthia, 1496, 12 May. 4°. 
lt»fi R; Pr 70J5! C. Copy; HWf. 

15933* DisceptatJo inter terram, solem et 
aurum. Milan: Signerre, 1497, 13 May. 

Copy: LC(T). 

Venetua, Paulus. 


See Panlns Venetna, 

mdi. Vicenza: Leonardo VenturinuB, Franciscus. 

Ubertiniu de CbhU. See Casali, 4551. 

15909* Vita Udonia. f°. 

Rrf: BM C»l (Cologne: Printer of Angiiitmui de 
Fidi. e. H74). P»rt of H»iii 10211. Copiei; 
Dart; HarT; Ph(W). 

Vegediu, Flavius Renatus. 
15910 De re militari. (°. 

Ri(: Ciiinpbrll 1706 (Uireehti Kctelici tt Leerapl, 
c. 1473); Pr 88S0; C. Copy: Harv. 

15913* — Rome: Silber, 1487. 4 kal. Feb. 
Jan. 29., 4% 

Ref: BM C.t. Copitt: LC <4 p»rl»); JMH; 
WMV: HWt. 

15914 Pescia: S. Rodt, 1488. 4 non. 

Apr. ,2.1 4°. 

Ret: C. Copy: WMV. 

1S91S* Rome: Silber. 1494. 24 Oct.; 

3 Nov. 4'. 

Copiei: AmBt; Army; Harv; HEH; (Robinun): 
WMV: HWf. 

15918 The book o( fayttes o( armes, 

of Chrystyne of Pyse. (Westminster :| 
Caxton. [1489., 14 Jul. i". 

Ref: Daff 96; Blado St: Hain 49SS: C. Copiei: 
Col; HEH; GK (Hulh); JPUt. 

See also Aelianiu; Frontuiiu; Ho> 

destiu, 11441-11444; Scriptores de re 

Vegiiu, Maphaeus. 

15919 Liber vocabuloi 

cerptorum. Vici 

1477. kal. Dec. [1 

Ref: Pr 7154; C. Copy: LC. 

15926* Philalethes. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 36S (StrtifaurK: Knoblochurr) ; Fairfax 
Hurray 422 <c. 1477): C (Naremberl. 1475). 
Copiei: Walk; JPMT. 

15927* 4°. 

Ref; BM Ctt (B*tri: Funrr. not afiei 1492): 
Pr 7644 (Amerhach): Fairfax Hurray 423. 
Copiea: AmBt: JPMt <c. 1491). 

za: Phil. Albinus, 

15938 Rudimenta grammatices. Florence: 
Ant. Barth. Mischomini, 1482, id. May 
,15,. f°. 

Ref: R; Pr 6141: C. Copiei: AmBt; IX: HEH 
(Pembroke); HWf. 

Verardiu, Carol us. 

15941* Historia Baetica. Rome: Silber. 
1493. 7 Mar. 4'. 

Copy; AnBt. 
15942* ; et de insulis in mari Indico 

nupcr inventis iColiunbiU). (Basel:, J 

Biergmann de Olpei. 1494. 11 kal. May 

(Apr. 21,. 4°. 
Ref: BM Cii; E. D. Church Ol, 8: Fairfax Unr- 

ray 424. Copiei: Cin: Harv; Hispanic; JCBrt; 

LC; New: NYP; NYSt; HEH (Choreh); 

(Hoe); GK; CLN; KDF; LC<T). 

Vercellia, Antonius de. 

15949* Sermones quadragesimales. Ven- 
ice: J. & G. de Gregoris, 1492, 16 Feb. 

Copiei: Cor; StCh; LC(T): HWt. 

Vercial, Clemens Sanchez de. 
Sacramental. f°. 

Ref; ef H.triM*, Prem. Incnn. Biloii, p. 56-61. 
Copy; Hiipanic (c. 1475-80). 

15954 Seville: Martinez, Segura & 

Alf. del Puerto. 1478. 28 May. i°. 
Ref: Hiebler S98. Copy; Hiipanic. 

Verdeiu, Johannes de. 

15956* Sermones dormi secure. 4°. 

Copy; HWt. 

15957 r. 

Ref: Pr 1181 (Caloric: Winteri): Voultttoe, 
K61n. 696 (c. 1478); C. Copy: L'nTS. 

Copy: UnTS. 

Copy: Stlfnitiui. 

15964* ] 

6 kal. Jar 

Ref: Pr J176. 3177 (Gran). Copy; JWE. 

1S96S* Slrasburg, 1494, in vigilia S. 

Thome [Dec. 20,; 1493, secunda feria 
post Letare ,Mar. 18j. f°. 

Copiei: Cot; (NelMn). 

I, 1493, 4 id. Jai 

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Verdena, Johanna de, continued. 
15968* Sermones dominicales dormi se- 
cure de tempore. f°. 

Copy: UnTS. 

15969* f°. 

Ref; Hain (Ulm: Zainir). Copy: Cor. 

15970* l". 

Ref: Pr 7619 (Ba»1: Amcrbach); C <USO). 
Copy: GtDl, 

15972 1481. 18 kal. Sept. (Aug. IS.i f°. 

Bet: Pr \2*7 (Colognii QuenHll); C. Copy: 

15977* Nuremberg: Koberger. 1498, 

15979* Sermones dormi secure de si 
Nuremberg: Koberger, 1494, ir 
festo trium regum (Jan, 5j. f°. 

— Lyons: Trechsel, 1494; 1495, 4 Feb. 


:(: C S97J. Copy; Harv. 

del Puix de Franca. 

ch. c. 1500). 

La Verge Ma 

Copy: Hiipanic (Perpignai 

Vergerius, Petrus Paulus. 

15982*, 15983 De ingenuis moribus. 4°. 

■Rci: Pr 7J3.1 (Ilalian: Padua? D. S.); C. Copiei: 
Prin; WMV. 

15985 Florence; Franciscus Dini. 4". 

Ref; R (c. 1«1). Copiei: MDioc; HWt. 

[Venice:] Adam (de Ambergau). 4°, 

Ref: C iWi (1470). Copy; Ph<W). 

15987* (Rome:] Georgius [Lawerj. 4", 

Ref: BH Cat; C <c. 1474). Copies: AmBt; JU. 

Venice: Bapt. de Scssa. 1491. A'. 

Copy: JPMt. 

15994* Venice: Damianus de iGorgon- 

zoU], 1493, 21 Jun. 4°. 
Copy: Ph<W). 

15999^ Venice: Tacuinus, 1497, 22 Sept. 

Ref: Pr S449; C. Copiei: LC<T)! HWt. 

16005 Le songe du Vergier. |Paris:j le 
petit Laurens. 1° . 

Ref: Pr 8176 (after 1500); C. Copy: JPMt. 

16006^ (Lyons:] Maillet, 1491, 20 Mar. 

Ref: Pr 8622; C. Copy: JPM. 

Le Vergicr d'honneur, de I'entreprise de 
Nappies de Charles viii. Paris. f°. 

Ref: R 1102 (Je»n Pelil? i. 1496). Copy: HWf. 

Paris: Trepperel. i". 

Ref: C 5993 (i. 1500). Copy: WMV. 

3 oi The Bi 
II, 12S-226, London, IS95. The titlei are 
entered below in the order of the Copinger 

Opera. f°. 

Ref: CIVirgJ a 4; C 5998. Copy: Prin, 

Rome: Sweynheym & Pannartz. 

Rti: ClVirg S; Pr J301 (1469)i C S9»9. Copy: 


- Venice: Vindelinus ide Spirat. 1470. 


■ ClVirg 

JPMt (Both OD veil 

™ 1472. f°. 

Ref: CIVire 13; Pr 4223 (Venice: Bartolomeo 
de Cremona); C £007. Copiei: TBDV; LC(T). 

- 1472. r. 

Ref: ClVirg 14; Pi 4231 (Venice: Citardinm); 
C 6008. Copiei; NYP; Prin. 

Brescia: Villa, 1473, 21 Apr. P. 

Ref: ClVirg 19; Pr 6940; C 6013. Copy: Prin. 

Venice: Jenson. 1475. P. 

Ref: ClVirg 21; C 6015. Copy: Prin. 

Milan: Zarotus, 1475, 8 kal. Sext. 

(Jul. 25.1 i'. 

Ref: ClVirg 23; C 6017. Copy: AMT. 

Vicenia: Joannes de Vienna. 1476. 

Ref; ClVirg 24; Pr 7153; C 6018. Copy: Prin. 

Milan: Pachel & Scinczenceller, 

1481, 9 kal. Sept. (Aug. 24., V. 

Ref: ClVirg 31; Pr 5936; C 6025. Copy: Prin. 

Paris: Gering & Raymbolt, 1494, 

prid. id. Sept. [12.j 4°. 

Ref: ClVirg 40; C 6034. Copy: Prin. 

(Commentary of Servius.j i". 

Ref: ClVirg 46 (Venice, c. 149S); C 6042. Copy: 


Venice: Jacobus Rubeus, 1475, Jan. 


Ref; ClVirg SO; Pr 4238; C 6043. Copiei: Hit*; 

Venice: Antonius [Miscomini], 

"I486" (1476,, Oct. f. 

; Pr 435Si C 6044. Copiei: Hut; 


[ef: ClVirg 61; P 
Prin; LC(T). 

Vicenza: Leonardus lAchates), 1479- 


Ref: ClVirg SI; Pr 7123; C 604S. Copy; HWt, 

1483, 15 Dec. f°. 

Hef; ClVirg 55; C 6048. Copy: Prin (Venice). 

Venice: Tomas |de Blavis,, 1484, 

24 Dee. f°. 

Ref: CIVir( 59; Pr 4759; C 6052. Copy: Prin. 

Venice: Antonius (Miscomini,, 

"1486," Oct. f. 

Ref: ClVirg 61; Pr 4358 (1476). Copiei: Han; 
Prin; LC(T). 

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Vergilius Maro, Pubtius; Virgil, continued. 

Venice: B. de Tortis. 148?, 2J May. 


Refi CIVirg 62; C «17a. Copy: Prin. 

Venice: And. de Palthascichis, 1488, 

Vergilius Maro, Pubtius; Virgil, continued. 
iWith c 

- Paris: Hopyl, 1494, kal. Feb. il., 

[Commentaries of Servius & Cal- 

derinus.i Venice: B. de Zanis, 1491, 2 
Dec. i\ 

Ref: CIVirg 69; C 6063. Copy; HWf, 

(Commentaries of Servius, Donatus. 

Undinus & Calderinus.! Venice: G. 
Arrivabenis, 1489, S kal. Quint. Jun. 

Rtf: CIVire74i R; C6067. Cop 

i: UChi; H»r 

Venice: Lazarus de Saviliano, 1491, 

3 non. Jan. ,3., V. 

Ref: CIVirg 76; C M69. Cop^: Prin. 

Nuremberg: Koberger, 1492. f*. 

Ref: CIViiB 7?t Pt 20S1; C 6070. CopLei: Conn 
; MDioc: LCPh; NYP; Prin; JWE; 

CLN (Evt 

; KDP. 

[With 5 commentaries, as above.i 

Venice: B. de Zanis. 1493. ult. Jul. i'. 

Ref: CIVirg 79; Pr S3Z9; C 6072. Copy: Prin. 

Venice. 1494, ult. Sept. f°. 

Ref: CIVirg 80; C 607J. Copy: Prin. 

Venice: Beviiaqua, 1497, 20 Feb. f°. 

Ref; CIVirg 84; C 6077. Copy: Prin. 

Venice: Zachon. 1499, 9 Dec. f°. 

Ref: CIVirg 85; C 607S. Copiei: SlSul; CWC. 

Venice: Phil. Pincius, 1499, S Feb. 


Ref: CIVirg 86: Pi SJ20; C 6079. Copiei: 
HiuHii; NAMonl. 

Paris: Kerver (fori Petit, 1500. 10 

kal. Feb. iJan. 23j; vol. 2, id. Mar. post 
Jublleii [Mar. 1S|. f°. 

Ref: CIVirg V); Pr SJ9S; C 60BJ. Copie*: Prin; 


Feb. [Jai 

f CIVirg 89. Cop 

: Har' 

Paris: G. Wolf & Kerver [for, Petit, 

1500. 1501, kal. Feb. (1.) i". 

Ref: Pr 8J9J: if CIVirg 89. Copy: WMV. 
Bucolica et GeorgicA. 8°. 
Copy: Prin (Parii: Level? c. U»2). 

Xef: CIVirg 9J; C 6086 (c. 149S). Copy: Prin. 

Paris: G. Wolf & Kerver ifon Petit 

&joh. phiiippi. r. 

Ref: Pr SJ90 (nol before Apr. 24, ISOO). Copy: 

Bucolica. f°. 

Deventer: Jac. de Breda, 1495. in 

profesto S. Willibrordi (Nov. 7\. 4°. 

Ref: CIVirg 13S: CiRipbeil I7JBA: Pr 9079; C 
61J1. Copy; TDS. 

Ref: CIVirg 141 

40; C 6137. Copiei: 

1494, 19 

Florence: Ant. Mischi 

Apr. 4°. 

Ref: CIVirK 143; Pr 6167; C 6139. Copiei: 
Prin; Welleitey; JPMt 

Georgica [with commentaries!. Paris: 
Cayllaut, 1492. 7 Jun. 4°. 

Ref: CIVirg 149; C 6145. Copies: Prin; HEH 

(Paris:) Treperel. 1495. 2 Jun. 4°. 

Ref: CIVirg ISO; C 6146. Copy: Prin. 

Paris: Bocard, I49S. 4°. 

Ref: CIVirg ISl; C 6147. Copy: Prin. 

Deventer: Pafraet, 1496, 7 kal. Sept. 

[Aug. 26., A'. 

Ref: CIVirg 1S2; rimphcll 1742; Pr 9011; C 
6148. Copiei: AJB; TDS. 

Cologne; Quentel, Anno proximo 

ante jubileum centenarium ,1499j. 4'. 

Ref: CIVirg 154; Vonlliteie, Koln, 1207; e( Pr 
1362; C 6150. Copy: Prin. 

Eneydos, reduced into Englysshe by 
Caxton the xxij. daye of Juyn, 1490. 
iWestminster., i'. 

Ref: CIVirg 162; Duff 404; De Rieci; C 6159. 
Copies: HEH; JPHt. 

Le fatezze de Enea. Vicenia: Hermann 

Levilapide. 1476, 12 Mar. 4'. 
Ref: CIVirg 165; C 6162. Ccptei: Prin; JU. 

Opuscula. Paris: Gaspardus Philipe. 4°. 

Re(: CIVirg 170 (ISOO); Pt 8414; C 6167. Copy: 

Venice: B. de Tortis, 1487, 23 May. 


Ref: CIVirg G2; C 6170. Copy: Prin. 

See also Serviui Honoratw, 14703-14708. 

Vergilius Urbinas, Polydorus. 
16008* De inventoribus rerum. Venice: C. 
de Pensis. 1499. prid. kal. Sept. lAug. 

Copiei: (Pecker); JGW. 

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Vergilius Urbmas, Polydorut, conltnued. 
16009* Proverbiorum Hbellus. Venice: C. 
de Persia. 1498, 10 Apr. 4'. 

Copi«i Hirv: LC<T). 
16011 Venice: C. de Pensis, 1500, 6 

Nov. 8°. 

Ref: C. Copy: Harv. 


super meta physics m 

V trior, Johai 
16050* Qi 

Aristotelis. Cologne, f. 

RcC: BH Cat (TheodoTicnt k Connd t 

Bird); Voulli^e, Kola, 1217 |c. 14S6J. 

Veronensis, Paulus. 
Tractato det sancto sacramento. Ven- 
ice: P. da Pavia. 1500, 12 Dec. f. 

Rel: R 626. Copj: Walk. 

16019* Vcrsehung von Leib. Seele. Ehre 
und Gutt. Nuremberg, 1489. 4°. 

Rcf: BM Cal (Wagner): Pc 2244 (Zcninier); 

Sudhoff 230. Copies: CPhj Sun. 

Veraor, Johannes. 

Glossutae in Aristotelis philosophiae na- 
turalis libros. Toulouse, 1484. t°. 

R»f: Pr, p. 6JI. Copy: CWC tMa^er). 
1602S Quaestiones super vetercm et novam 
logicam Aristotelis. Cologne: Con- 
radus de Bopardia, 1486, 5 non. Jun. 
il.i P. 

Copr: LC(T), 

Vespucci, Giorgio Antonio, 
Martyrologium. Florence; Franc, de 
Bonaccursiis, 1486, 8 id. Nov. [6., 4°. 

Copiei: AmBt; JCBrf. 

16026* Quaestiones super veterem artem 
Aristotelis. S". 
R«f: BH Cat (Cologne: Quentrll); VaulU«Rie, 
Kiln, 1213 (c. I48«). Copj: JHopkini. 

Copy: JHopkin.. 

Expositio super summulis Petri Hispani. 

R*f: R (e. 1470); C 6182. Copy: HWt 

16031 Mantua: P. de Puczpach, 1473, 

27 Nov. 4°. 

Ref: R; Pr 68S8; C. Copy: HWt. 

16037* Dicta super septem tractatus Petri 
Hispani. 1488. f°. 
Copy: JHopkins. 

16041* Quaestiones librorum praedlcabili- 
um et praedicamentorum et posteri- 

Copy; HWt. 

16047* Quaestiones super libros de ceio & 
mundo et metheororum Aristotelis. 
1489, penult. May. (°. 

Ret: Pr 1295 (Colognet Quentell); Voulliime, 
Koln, 1Z2B (c. 14B9). Copy: Prin. 

16048* 1493, 24 Jul. & die Sixtl Pape 

[Aug. 6,. r. 

Ret: VoulU^me, Koln, 1229. 12J2 & 1236 <Co- 
locnc: Quenlell). Copy; HWt. 

Vicecotnes, Hieronymus; Girolamo Via- 

comi or Visconti. 
La mi a rum sive stria rum opusculum. 

Milan: Pachel, 1490, 13 Sept. 4°. 
Ref: Pr S9B6i C 3210, «200. Copiai BoatonHed; 


Victoiiniis, Marius Fabius. 
Commentarius in rhetoricam Ciceronis, 
Milan: Zarotus, 1474, 5 id. Dec. ,9,, C. 

Ret; R 123 & IG53; Pr 5788. Copy: Radcllffe: 

La Vie de Saint Martin avec ses miracles. ' 
Paris; Le Noir. 1499. IS Apr. 4*. 

Ref: Pr 823S. Copy: NYP. 

, 16214- 

Villadiego, Gundisalvus de. 

Contra haereticam pravitatem. f°. 
Ref : Haehlcr II. 686.3 (Silamane*: HutI A Sam, 
c. 1497); R 780. Copy: Hiipanic. 

Villaloboa, Franc iscus de Lopez. See 

Lopez, 10208. 
Villa Nova, Villsnovanus or Villenenve. 

See Amoldiu de VilU Nova, 1800-1817. 

VUlena, Henriques de Aragon, Marquis de. 
See Aragon, 1545. 

Ferreriiu, 6998- 

Vincentitu, Bellovacensis. Burgundus; 
Vincent of Beauvais. 

Speculum doctrinale. f°. 

Ref: BM CH (Slralhurg: R Prinlir not alter 

147S};C6242 (e. 1472). Copiei: LCtT); Stan. 

1 leaf tram 1 copy of tbii edition WM diitiibDied 

faciinilea of the GeKllachaft fikr 



itef: Pr 253 (Struborg: ] 

Printer). Copy: NYP. 

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yincentint, Bellovaceustj, continued. 

Copy; BoRDD (SlrMbarg; R rrintcr). 

Vincent ius, Bellovacentis, continued. 
Strasburg: Mentelin. f°. 

Copici: Grol (Klou. 1476)i UnTS. 

Copj: UnTS (Slrubarc Uenlel: 

Venice. 1494, id. Jan. , 

Ret: Ft 4796 (Lichtennein) : C 6 
Harv (KIoii); LC; INVSl]. 

Speculum histonate. f°. 


(2). Copie.: 

\ (Slraibnrg: R Printer); C 6245. 
opici: Uor; PrinTS; SUn. 

- [Strasburg:j Mentellin, 1473, 4 Dec. 

£247. Cop 

: SS. Ulrich h Afr«); C 

i PrinTS ( 

. 1). 

- Nuremberg: Koburger, 1483, 
igilia S. Jacobi [Jul. 24j. f°. 

: R; C 6348. Copy; CB. 

1494. no 

Venice; Liechtenstein, 

Sept. [5-1 f°. 

Rcf: Pr 479g: C 6241(4). Copiei: 
INVSl); Wood; HWf, 

V (Klo. 

Ref: BH Clt (II. p. i. Buer: Amerbmch: 111. p. 
860. Straiburg: PrinMr of 1481 UtencU 
Aurn): Pr 20S6 (Nocenbcrg: Koburger. 
14B6); C 6257. Copi»: Con HirTArborelDmi 

LC; Sum; UnTS. 

Venice, 1494. id. May ,15,. f*. 

Rei: Pr 4797 (LithMnMein) ; C 6241(1). Copiet: 
H»rv; [NYStl; NYUniv. 

Opuscula; Liber gratia. Basel; Amer- 
bach, 1481, id. Dec. |13., f°. 

^*{[ ?^ ^ali C 6259. Copiu: BoMon; NYP; 

■ UnTS; HWf. 

Vincentiiu PerreriuB. 

See FerreriuB, 6998- 

Vineii, Raymundus de. 

La vita de la Sancta Calhcrina. Milan: 
Honate. 1489, 28 Mar. 4°. 

R<f: Pr 5909; Hain 4698: C; cf R 868. Codt: 

The lyf of saint Katherin. {'. 

Ref: cf Pr 826J. Copy: WUV. 
Miroir historial. Paris: ,for, Verard, 
149S, 29 Sept.; vol. 5, 1496, 7 May. f°. 

Rcf: Pr 8436: C 6250. Copy: HEH (Hoe). 

- ,We! 

: Duff 4 

: HEH; JPMt (2). 

ter:) Caxton. f°. 

(1490): De Ricci 95; B[id 

: NYP: HEH; jpMt; BT. 

Speculum morale. |Strasburg:j Mente- 
lin. f°. 

Copy; UnTS {1473). 

: f°. 

^nldin, 1476. 9.\av.); 
I.C; NYP; Ph(W); 

: VouIUcRie. Kfiln. 1246 (Coto| 
. 1477): C 6251; Klou 3948 ( 

, 1493, prid. kal. Oct. iSept. 

Sdc. GUi(< 

Cop1«: Boil'"nrnn: Hmr 
CPh; Lf: U(T); NYP; 

:opt; N' 
after I' 


Ret: BM r«i (Cologne: 

Viaconti, Hleronymus. S( 
Vita divi Hieronymi Pauli 

: Knublochtier. 1495). Copy: 

See Martyrologiuin, 
See Uaneken, 10659^ 


■. 1498), 

c (probably Totedo: Hag 

Vita rtiliKiosorum sive libellus de doctrina 
religiosnrum. 's Hertogenbosch. A". 

Rif: Pr 9177 ([.eempl); Campbell 1746; C 6266 
(c. 1490). 'Copy: AmBt (1488?). 

Vitae pa I rum. 

Vitnivius Pomi 
De architectu 
Kef: BM Cm (I 

See Hieronymus, 

(Rome: Silher); C 6268: • 
(Kome: Herolt, c. I486). Copi 
rv; (Hoe). 

Florence, 1496. f°. 

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Poliio, Marcus, coniinacd. 

Venice: Bivilaqua. 1497. 3 Aug. f. 

Ref: Panier III, 413i2203. Copiei: Pb{W); 
L'Chi; WRUniv. 

See also Cleonides. Harmonicum 

inlroductorium, 5451. 

Vivetus, Johannes, See Vineti. 


Casus longi super digesto vetere et in- 
fortialo. f°. 

Ref: C 6276 (c. 1490). Copy: PhCW). 

Gemma Vocabulonim. Antwerp: Martin 

1494. 20 Sept. 4°. 

Re£: Campbell 7B0; C 63J4. Copy: LC(T). 

(Vocabulary in French and English.] West- 
minster, l". 

Rel: Duff 4DS (Cuton, 1480): Dc Ricci 97. 

Vocabularius juris utriusque. i° . 

Ref: Pr 7477 {BiKi: Wermler): C S3S4 (i. 
1475): cf Probe dci Gcumilut. J81-3S4. Copr: 

Ulmcr, Ulricus. 

16083* Fraternitas cleri. f. 

Ret; BM C»i (Ulm: Ziiner); C. Copi«: Ph{W, 

I. 1473); WMV. 

16084* f. 

Ref: Pr SlI (Struburg: Eber) ; C (c. 1483). 

Copy; SiSul. 

Ulmeos, Olmi or Lulmeos, Paulus Bergo- 

16086 Apologia religionis fratrum Here- 
mitarum. Rome; in domo Fr. de Cin- 
quinis, 1479, 18 Jul. 4°. 
Ret: R; C: Hiin 10328; Pr 3610. Copiei: LC 
(T); HWt; {Anderwn. 14 Feb. 1910). 

Ulricus. See Ulmer, 16083-16085. 

Ulsenius, Theodoricus. Hymnus de Sancto 
Judoco. 4°. 
Ref: Camphell 1696 (Devenler: Patfroet, e. 1500). 
Copy: WMV. 

Ungaria. See Hungaria, 9043-9056. 

Vocabularius breviloquus. See Reuchlin. 

Eltvil: Bechtermuncze, 1477, die S. 

Thomae iDec. 21,. 4°. 
Kef: C 631S. Copy; LC(T). 

6326. Copy: Grol. 


Ref: Pr 2659 i 

: <c. 1476): JMH. 

Nuremberg: Koburger, 1481, prid. 

non. Sept. ,4., f". 

Ref: Pr 2006; C 6361. Copy: (H«nke1), II Jun. 


Venice: Mat. Capcasa & Bemardi- 

nus Pinus, 1485. 18 Jun, f°. 

Ref: R: C 6365. Copiei: LC(T)i (Whilcher). 

Strasburg. 1486, 

.Sept. 16,. f°. 

Ref: Pr 604 (Prinler of 1483 Jofdnnui 
linburg); C 6366. Copy: Dropiie. 

Basel: Ke: 

lAug. 17., f°. 

Ref; Pr 7669; OI6367, Copy: HirvLii 

die S. Eufemie 

: Qued 

1488, 16 kal. Sept. 


profesto S. 

Strasburg, 1490. 

Michaelis [Sept. 28]. 1". 

Ref: R; Pr 656 (Printer of I4S3 JordanD* 
Quedlinburg) 1 C 6369. Copy: HlrrUw. 

Nuremberg: Koberger, 1496. in 

gilia visitationis Marie Jul. Ij. 4*. 

Ref: K 1896. Copies: Grol; Harr. 

Vocabularius de partibus indeclinabilibus. 

(Speier:, Hist. 1499. 4°. 

Ref: R Suppi; Pr 3440; C 6379. Copy: Harv 


,. f~ .„. Vocabularius poelicus. Cologne. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 1512 (Zierikiee. »ftef ISOO?); Vonl- 
Ii6me, Koln. 1188 (By Hiniuuintt) Torren- 
tiniii); C 637S. Copy: (Andernn, IJ Apr. 

s de. See Nicasiiu, 11746. 

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VoIbciu, Antonius. 
Expositiones in Heroidas Ovidii. Parma: 
And. Portilia, 1481. 6 id. Sept. i8.j f°. 

C0117: AmBt. 

Voragine or Varagine, Jacobus de. 

Rcf: FV ii PcllHhet, JicqD«i d« Voraeinc, Liite 
dct tdilloni dc IM ouvtagei publics au xve 
lifclc. Pini, IS9S. In Rcvuc d« Riblia- 
th^uM, V. 89-98: Additioni, Z2J-327. 

Legenda aurea sanclorum. f°. 

Re(: PV 83»i*: Pr 1SS9 (Auatburg: Ziinfr); C 
6Jg7 (1468-70). Copiei: LC (Fairfu Muns; 
*31): JPMt <c. 1474). 

. 1480). 

Ulm: Zainer. P. 

Ret: PV 67 (1469); BH Cat; Pr 2SJ8; C 6390 
(I4S0). Copiei: Sew; UnTS. 

Ulm; Zainer. f°. 

Ref; PV 67»"; Pr ZS20. Copj: UChi. 

Paris ; Chrancz, Gering & Friburger. 

Rc(: cf C S400 (Lfoni, 1490). Copr: (Boric). 
Paris: Gering, Crancz & Friburger, 

1475, 1 Sept. P. 
Ref: PV 3; Pr 7843; C 6409. Copy: HEH 


Voragine or Varagine, Jacobus de, continued. 

Cologne: Winters, 1480. P. 

Ref: PV Ii: BM Cal; C 6420. Copy: (Anderwn, 
15 Nov. 1907). 

(Cologne:, Winters, 1481. 4". 

Ref: PV 16; Pr 1170; C 6424. Copy: JPMt. 

1481. f°. 

Hef: PV 17: Pr 412 (Str«i 


: 6423. 

Nuremberg: Koburger, 1481, 3 id. 

Apr. [11.1 f. 

R=f: PV 18; Pr 2000; C 642S. Copj: HC. 

1482. p. 

Ref: PV 19; R 1109; Pr 415 (SirMbore: Printer 
of 1481 Legenda aurea). Copy: UnTS. 

Venice: Andreas de [Paltascichis], 

1482, 17 May. 4°. 

Ref: PV 21; R; C 6427. Copy: Harr. 

Nuremberg: Koburger, 1482, kal. 

Oct. (l.| P. 

Ref: PV 22; Pr 2025; C «429. Copiet: Harr; 

LC; UChi. 

Cologne, 1482. 14 kal. Jun. (May 

19., f°. 

Ref: PV23; Pr 902 (Zell); C *42S. Copy: LCPh. 

1483. P. 

Ref: PV 24: Pr 905 (Colosne: Zell) ; C 6434. 
Copy: HWt. 

Lyons: P. Hungarus, 1483. P. 

Ref: FV 25; cf Pr 8558 (Hum « Haniaroi); C 
6431. Copy: Ciocinnati. 

.1 (Rentlinien: Greyff); Pt 
piec UUI; UnTS; THG. 

Copiei: HEH 

Nuremberg: Sensenschmid & Fris- 

ner, 1476. 7 kal. Apr. [Mar. 26.1 f- 

Ref: PV S; C 6411, Copy: UnTS. 

Venice: Arnoldus, 1477. P. 

Copy: (Wodhull: Anderun. 17 Uar. 1913). 

Nuremberg: Koburger. 1478. 3 id. 

Aug. (11., P. 

Rel: PV 7; Pr 1987; C 6414. Copiei: Har»; 

Venice : Arnoldus, 1478. P. 

Ref: PV S; Pr 4216; C 64IS, 6470f Copiear Boi- 
tox; Har»; CWC; LC(T). 

Strasburg. 1479. P. 

Ref: FY 9; Fr 359 (Ilainer); C 6417. Copiei: 
Mete; UnTS, 

Cologne: Koelhoff. 1479. P. 

Ref: FV 10; C 6416. Copy: Prin. 

Venice; Ant. de Strata & Marc. Ca- 

tanellus, 1480. kal, Jul. (1., f°. 

Ref; PV 14; C 6421. Copie.: UPa; JM; HWt. 

Basel: Kesler. 1486, 25 Jun, P. 

Ref: PV 39; Pr 7655; C 6446. Copiei: CLN; 
LC(T); HWf, 

Lyons: Hus9. 1487. 20 Jul. P. 

Ref: PV 41; C 6447. Copy: JPMt. 

Nuremberg: Stuchs, 1488. kal. Oct. 

(1,, 4°. 

Ref: PV 43; C 64S0. Copy: LC(T). 

Ulm: Dinckmut, 1488. P. 

Ref: PV 4!; Pt 2S70; C 6449. Copiei: BoMoa; 
Ph(W); UnTS (2); HWt, 

Strasburg. 1489. in vigilia S. Mathie 

(Feb. 23,. P. 

Ref: FV 46: R; Pr 618 (Printer of 1483 JordanDi 
de Ooedlinhofi); C 64S2. Copy: UnTS. 

Strasburg. 1490, altera die assump- 

tionis Marie (Aug. 16,. f°. 

Ref: PV 48; R; Fr 622 (Printer of 1483 Jordanoi 
de Quedlinbarc) : C 6454, Copies: Harv; 
UTor; LL. 

Basel. 1490. 4°. 

{49 (Keuler): BM Cat 

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Voragitte or Varagine, Jacobus de, continued. 

Strasburg, 1492, in vigila S. Lauren- 

tii [Aug. 9|. f°. 

Rcf: PV 51^ R; Pr 624 (Frinttr oi MSJ Jordanul 
de QucdliDfauTg) ; C £458. Capita: Marvi 

Strasburg, U96. 4°. 

Ret: PV 60: BM Cal (Gruniniei); Pr 476A; C 
6M6. Copies: Hirv: UnTS (2); (AnderHin, 
20 Dec. 1917). 

Strasburg, 1496, c. festum Ascen- 

sionis Domini [May 12,. 4°. 

Ref: Pr 6J0 (Printer of MSJ Jordanui de Qued- 
linburi); C S46J. Copy; H»rv. 

Voragitte or Varagine, Jacobus de, tcntinued. 

Augsburg: Schonsperger, 1487, vol. 

I. afftermontag vor 5. Ulrichs Jul. i\\ 
vol. 2, freytag nach 5. Mangen [Dec. 

25|. r. 

Copies: Ph(W. vol. 2); LC{T, Ml. 1). 

Augsburg; Sorg, 1491, Montag vor 

S. Margarethen tag [Jul. 11|. V. 

Copy: JPMt 

Dat Duytsche passionait. Co- 
logne: Renchen, 1485, vol. 1, up S. 
Marien Magdalenen avent Jul. 21 j; 
vol. 2, up aire hillighen avent [Oct. 31 1. 

»: PiinTS; (Merwm. 2i M»r I90S). 

Ref: PV til; Duff 409 (Wemniioter: Culon, 
I4B7?); Pr 9668: BUdei 69i C 647J {14S7). 
Copiea: LCPhi HEH; JPMt. 

Westminster. 1493. 20 May. f°. 

Ref: PV IIJ; Duff 410 (Wynkyn de Worde); 
Pr 9691; Bladei 101; C 6474. Copiu: JCBrtl 
HEH; JPMt (2). 

Westminsterr Wynkyn de Worde, 

1498, 8 Jan. i\ 

Ref: PV 114: Dnff 411; Pr 9708; C 647S. Copy; 

. La legende dorie. Lyons: Huss, 

1484, 26 Oct. f°. 

Ref: C 6482. Copy: JPMt. 

(Paris: fon Verard. 1493, 2 Jun. f°. 

Ret: PV 99; C 6491. Copy: JPMt (SoMfi), 

Legendario di Sancti. Venice: 

Scotus, 1481, 23 Jun. f. 

Ref: PV iZZ: R HI. 215; C 6499. Copy; (Hun- 

cichis, 1484, 22 

: Barth. di Zani. 1499. 5 Dec. 

Passional; der Heyligen leben. 

Augsburg: Schonsperger. 1482, am 
montag nach S. Andreas [Dec. 2|. f°. 

: HiJi 



Augsburg, 1485. vol. 1. an mitt- 

wochen vor Viti rJun. 8|; vol. 2. Am 
montag nach der Heyligen Drey 
Kiinig tag (Jan. 10,. f°. 

Ref: Hain 9978. Copy: WCB (KloM). 

Passionael. Gouda: G. Leeu, 1478, 

vol. 1. 10 May; vol. 2, lesten Jul. f°. 

Ref: PV 117; Campbell 175!; Pr 8911; C 6508. 
Copy; LC<T, voL 1), 

Gouda: G. Leeu. 1480. vol. 1, 10 

Feb.; vol.2, 1 Apr. l". 

Ref: PV 118; Campbell 1756; Pr 8918. 8919; C 
6509; Fairfax Murray 435. Copiei: AmBt 
(Somer»toc); LC (T, Winietiiuc). 

- Utrecht: Velder 
v. f°. 

iO. 12 Sept. 

- Delft, 1482, 9 Aug. f°. 

179 ci 

t from a Dutcl 

Sermones de tempore et de Sanctis. 
Venice: Luere, 1497. vol. 1, prid. kal. 
Sept. [Aug. 31j; vol.2. Sermones de 
Sanctis, 20 Oct.; vol. 3, Sermones quad- 
ragesitnales, 12 Sept.; vol.4, Mariale, 
14 Nov. 4°. 

Ref: PV 149; C 6525: vol. 4. Pr S6I9. Copiea; 
Harv (vol. 4); Walk; Wore (vol. 1-3); HEH 
(vol. 3); HWt (vol. 4). 

Sermones dominicales. Nuremberg. f°. 

Copy: MaisHi. (Koburger. 1470-72). 

Sermones aurei de tempore, f. 

Ref; PV 157; R 218 (Slraabnrr: C. W., c. 1474). 
Copy: LC(T). 

— 1484, 3 non. Nov. [3., f°. 
Ref; PV 144. Copy: HCP. 

Pavia: Jac. de Paucisdrapis, 1499. 

vol. 1, 14 Nov.; vol. 2, Sermones de 
Sanctis: vol. 3, Sermones quadragesi- 
mal es, 2 Sept. 8°. 

Ref: PV 151; C 6S26. Copiei: LC (T, vol. 1 S 3), 
Sermones de tempore et de Sanctis. De- 
: Paffroed. 1483. prid. non. Mar. 

'2v. f°. 

I 1770: Pr : 

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Voragine or Varaginc, Jacobus dc, continued. Utino, Leouardus Matlhaei de, continued. 

16120* Speier: Drach, 1479. 9 kal. Jul. 

Copy: UnTS. 

Sermones de Sanctis, f*. 

Rrf: PV ISi; Voulliirac, Koln. 628 (Coloint: 
WinWH. c. HJg); C 6S48. Copy; GroL 

Augsburg: Kestlin, 1484, 10 Apr. 

Ref; PV I4lj Pr 175 

C 6SS0. Copiei; Fh 
non. Nov. [3., 4'. 

Venice. 1488, 3 n( 

Rcf; PV 146; C «S52 (Scolni). Copici: 
canDC; Harvi HWt. 

Sermones quad rage si males. Bi 
Britannicus, 1483. 20 Aug. 8°. 

TLrl: PV 138: R 189J; Pr 6975. Copici 


VornUong, Gulllermus de. 
Super quattuor libros aententiarum. 
Lyons. 1489. 24 Aug. f°. 

Ref: Pr 8S« (Sib»r); C 6SS9 (Ttechld). Copia: 
Ph(W); SlSul: HWt. 

Venife: Jacobus de iPinciusj. 1496, 

9 Jul. 4". 

Rrf: Pr 5578; C 65fi0. Copici: H>m UnTSi 
UP»; LCCT); HWt. 

Repertorium; Vade mecom; Collectan- 
um super quodlibeta Scot!. (Padua:] 
Mat. Cerdonis. 4", 

Ref; R VI. 178 (HS5): Pr £830: C 6162. Copr: 

Urbach. See Anrbach. 2123-2127. 
Urban II. 

Constitutiones Olhonis. See Lynde- 
wode, I03S7-10362. 

Jun. 23., P. 


16121 Vicenia: Koblinger, 1479, 8 kal. 

Dec. [Nov. 24.1 f°. 

Ref: Pr 7161. Copici: LCj (Hutat). 

16122* Lyons: Trechsel, 1494, non. 

Jun. ,S., 4-. 

Copy; LC(T. 13 Jan.). 

16124* Quadragesimalc 

Ref: Pr 4153 (Venice: Rennet). Copiei: LC; 

16125 QuadrasesJmale : Sertum fidei. P. 

RefiCtmpbcll 1M8 (DcTcDtcr: Pif froet, c. 1480); 
Pr 8966. Copy: New. 

16126* Sermones aurei de Sanctis. P. 

Ret; Pr 394 (StriibBrf: SchoR); Hain (Miini. 
c. 1474); C (1485), Copiet: H»t.; UoTS; 
Witk; Wi1ii«n>. 

Urbanus o 

Boltsanua, Bellunengis. 
16098* Inslitutiones Graecae grammatices. 
Venice: Aldus. 1497, Jan. 4°. 

Ref: Pell 2030: Hmin 2763. Copies: Harr: JCBrf 
(Suhci): NYP; WKB: HHB (IH itale of 
erraU); CWC; (Conely); (Hoilini: Aylci- 
ford); JPHt: HWS; HWt. 

De Utilitate misse earn dicentium. 4°. 

Ref; Pr 3991 (Rome: Boieken & Uayr); BH Cat 
(I6tli cent.). Copy: JPUt <c. 149S). 

Utino, Leonardus Matthaei de. 
16116* Sermones quad rage si males de legi- 
bus dicti. P. 

Ref; Pr 1179 (Coloirne: Wimen); Hain (Zeil). 
Copiei; AmBt (147!); (Libbic, 1 Jun. 1910). 

16117* Venice: Franciscus [Renner, & 

Nic. de Franckfordia, 1473. P. 
Copici: Porti; UnTS; JH (Clevcii): JMH: PWS; 
LC(T); HWt. 

16119* Ulm: Zainer. 1478. 7 id. Mar. 

|9.r P. 

Copiei: lIDioc; CUJ. 

16129* Venice; Franciscus iRenneri 

& Nic. de Franckfordia, 1473. P. 

Copici; GeaTS; LC; HWt. 

16132* Venice; J. de Colonia & Man- 
then. 147S. P. 

Copiet: UoTS; (Cleven). 

16133* Ulm: Zainer. 147S. P. 

■ Ref: BH Cai. Copy: JDB. 

- Speier: Drach. 1478. S id. Feb. 

16135* - 



16136* - 


16138* Lyons: Trechsel. 1495. 9 Mar. 


Copiei: Sutro; LC(T). 

16139* Sermones floridi de tempore. 
Lyons: Trechsel, 1496, 15 Jul. 4°. 
Copiei: HEH; WUV. 

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Walton. John. See Wotton, John. 

Wann, Paulus. 

16144* Sermones de tempore. Passau 
Johannes Petri. 1491. P. 
Copiei: Harv; LC; PhCW); LC{T); HWt. 

I614S* Hagenau: Gran. 1497. !°. 

Copt: Cor. 

16146* Hagenau: Gran, 1499, 16 Oct 

Copies: LC; LCCT). 

1614?* Sermones de preservatione hominis 

WUUam of Ware. See VorriUong, Gutl- 

Wimpheling, Jacob. 

16167* Etegantiarum medulla. 4*. 

Rett BM Cat {NurcmhcrB: Augustiniai 
C (1490). Copits: UnTS; LCCT>. 

16148* Munich: Schopsser. 

P); C (c. 1«7). Copiti 

; Ph(W); LC(T). 

Watton, John. See Wotton. 

Weigel. Nicolaus. 

16154 Clavicula indulgentiahs et absolu- 
tionis sacerdolahs. 1480. i". 
Urt: BM Cat (Lubecli: Snel): Hain S«3. Cop/: 



Practice astronomica. 1492. 4°. 

Cop^: Harv {Riant. Lub«k: Golhan). 

Wemerus de Laer. See Rolewinck. 

Werner or Wemher, of Schussenried. See 
Modus legend! abbreviaturas, 11460- 

Wemherus, abbot of Saint Blasien. 
161S8* Liber deflorationum patrum. Basel, 
1494. f°. 

Ref: BM Cat (Fnrter?): Pr 760* (Amorbich); C 
(Kesler). Copy: L'nTS. 

Widmann, Johannes, of Eger. 
Algorithmvis integrorum. 4°. 
Rff: n. F.. 

: CAn. 

-a [is 



Ref: D. K. Smilh. Rara Arithmelici (Landiberg, 
c. M88). Copy: GAPt. 

Rechnunpr uff alien kauffmanschafften. 

Pforzheim; Anshelm, ISOO. 8°. 
Ref: BM Cat (cf Index). Copy: GAPf. 

Widmann. iSalkelus., Johannes; called 

16160 Tractatus de pustulis que dicuntur 

mal de Franzos. 1497. 4°. 
Ref: Pr 4711 {Strasbori: Griinmicr} ; C 6S73. 

Copiei: LC; Surt. 

16171* De conceptu et triplici Marie Vir- 
ginis candore carmen. Basel: Berg- 
mann, 1494. i\ 

Ret: BM Cat. Copy: HarTS. 

16175* De hymnorum et sequentiarum auc- 
toribus. 4°. 

Rc(: BM Cat (Speier: Hist, after 1 Sept. 1499). 
Copy: HarTS. 

16186* Philippics in laudem & defensionem 
Philippi Bavariae ducis. Strasburg: 
Schott. [14,98, 13 kal. Dec. ,Nov. 19.| 

Ref: BM Cat. Copie); Harr (Riul).- HEH. 

16191* Oratio querolosa contra invasores 

sacerdotum. 4°, 
Ref; Campbrll 133Ja (Deventer; Jac. de Breda, 
c. 1499). Copy: Harv. 


The Lyf of Saynt Wenefryde. f. 

Ref: Duff 414 (Weitiniiiiter: Cuton. 148!); 
De Rice i 100. Copy: JPMt (1 leaf). 

Wirecker, Nigellus. 

16217* Brunellus in speculo stultorum. 4°. 

Ret; Pr Z904 (Leipiic Kacbelofen); C fiSSS 
(Brandiss). Copiei: AmBT; CPb; JPMf (e. 
1490); WMV. 

Wiisekerk, Guillermus Aegidius de. 
16220 Liber desidcratus super celestium 

motuum indagatione sine calcuto. 

1494. A". 

Wotton or Watton, John. 

Speculum Christiani. Londoi 

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See Serapion, 


16225 Opera, i". 

Ret: Pr 72S5 (Kcggio d'Emilii: Frinc. dc Ui. 
lalibui). Cnpi«: AmBt (c. 1494); LC. 


: B. de ViUli. 

16227 Cyripaedia. 4°. 

Krf: BM Cat (Rome: Arnoldui dc Villi, 1474, 
10 Mar); R; Pr 1461; C. Copy: Harv (Htbet: 


De tyrannide. See VerKerius. De in- 
genuis moribus, 15981-15993. 

Ximenes, Franciscus. 
16232 Libro de los santos angetes. Bur- 
gos: F. de Basilea, 1490. 15 Oct. f°. 

Ref: Pr 9S92: Hub1» 703. Copy: Hiipanic. 

16234 Pastorale. Barcelona: Pass, 1495, 5 
Dec. i'. 

Kef: R; C; Hicblcr 707. Copy: LC(T). 

16235 De los dones. Barcelona: Rosen- 
bach. 1495. 8 May. f°. 

Yves. Saint, of Chartres; Ivo. 

Liber decretorum sive panormia I 

Basel: Purler. 1499, 6 Mar. 4°. 

Kef: Pr 7739; Hiin 9328. Copici: 

Zabaretlis, Franciscus de. 
162S1* Lectura super Ctementinis. Rome: 
Laur. 1477. 2 Oct. f°. 
Copj: LC. 

16252* Venice: Joannes de Selgen- 

stat. 1481. 28 Jan. i". 
Copy: LC(T). 

16253* — Venice: I. de Forlivio & Gre- 
gorius fratres, 1487, 9 Jun. P. 

Copy: Redwood. 

16254* Turin: N. de Benedictis & 

Suigus, 1492. 23 Aug. f°. 

Copiei: AmBt; LC<T). ' 

Zacuthns, Abraham. 

16267 Almanach perpeluum; Tabulae coe- 
■ ■ ' ciria: Dortas. 149& 

: Ilae 

r 706. Cop 

: Hif 


162,19 Primer volumen de la vida de Christo. 

Granada: M. Ungut & Johann (Peg- 
nitzer,, 1496. 29 Apr. V. 
Ref: Pr 9613; Haebler 711; C 6S97. Copiei: 
AmBt; Hisp.nic; LC(T). 

Ximenea de Prexamo, Pelrus. 
16243 Confutatorium errorum. Toledo: 
Juan Vasquez. 1486, prid. kal. Aug. Jul. 

31.) 4°. 

Se(: R; Ft 9604; Haebler 712. Copy: Hi^inie. 

See Aicber, Jacob 

Ci VI. f. 
Ref: Daff 416 (Londoo: Pynun. ISOO). Copy: 


Annus 36 Henry VI. f°. 

Ref: Doff 421 (London: John LettoD ft Wm. of 

Halinet); Pr 97&1: C 660S (MlchUnii, 1481). 

Copy: JPMt. 

Yehiel, Natan ben. See Nathan, ben 
lechiel, 11678. 

Yaidore. See Isidonu. 9270-9309. 

mBt: Hifi 

: LC(T). 

Zambecharius, Franciscus. 

16271 Elegjarum liber de amoribus 
Chryseae et Philochrysi. Paris: Ker- 
ver, 1498. prid. kal. Jan. ,Dec. 31] 4°. 

Ref: Pr 8378. Copy: LC{T). 

16276 Zardino de oratione fructuoso. 1494. 


$668: C 2734. Copy: 



Die Zehen Gcbot Gottes. 

Copy: JPM (Speier: Drub. c. I49S}. 

See also Buch der zehn Gebote, 4034; 8t 
La Pleiir des commandemens, 7131. 

16278* Zeitglocklein: Das andechtig lit- 
glogglyn Hcs lebens und lldens Christi. 
Basel. 1492. 8°. 

Ref: BH Cat (Amerbach). Copy: LC. 

See also Bertholdm, 2990-2999; & Horo- 
logiam devolionis, 8928-8935. 

Zeno, Antonius. 

16281* De natura humana. Venice: Dio< 
nysius [Bertochusi, 1491, 1 Jan.; 1492. 


Copiec CPh; LC; Sun: WMV. 

d by Google 



: Silber, 1489. 


16283* Epitome proverbtorum Tarrhaei et 
Didymi. Florence: Phylippus de Zunta, 

1497. 4°. 

Copy: JPM. 

Zerbus, Gabriel. 
16284 Gei 
27 Nov. 
Ref: R; Pr Je40. Cgpr: Surg. 
16285* In questionibus metaphysicis. Bo- 
logna: Job. de Nordlingen & Hen. de 
Harlem, 1482. kal. Dec. )1., f. 
Copiti: Harv; NVAodMcd. 

16286* De cautelis medicorum, 1495. 4°. 

Rcf: Ft S215 (Venice: C. dt Pcniia); C (Pidnl). 

Copio: BoilonUcdi Hirv (KIdu): Surg. 
Zochis, Jacobus de. 
16288* Canon, omnis utriusque sexus de 

penitentia et remissione. Padua; Bar. 

de Valdezochio & Mar. de Septem Ar- 

boribus. 1472. 23 Jul. P. 

Copia: AmBfi {Clevm); JM; LC(T); HWf. 

Zntphania, Gerardus de. 
16291* De reformationc virium anitne. 
1492. 8°. 

Ref: Pr 7SM (BikI: Aracrbwh). Copjt: JPMt. 

16292 1493. 8'. 

Btf: Pr Sill (Parii; Uinclhtu); C. Copr; Boi- 

Ref: BM Cat (Strail 

tef: Pr I4SI (Colopie: Lindrn); Vonlliime, 
Koln. 247 (c. 1498) ; C «616: Klonm 3S1 
{OueattlD. Copie*: AmBt (c. ISDO); Ph(W). 

See also Bertholdiu, 2995; Horologinm 
devotionis, 8931; & Hediutionea de 
vita Christi. I0993-I0995. 

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DURING the month of November, 1918, the Library received as gifts 
a total of 2,031 volumes, 4,092 pamphlets, 157 maps and 19 prints. 
Some of the more important and interesting of these gifts were the follow- 
ing: M. Andre Messager presented an autographed copy of "Veronique, 
Opera Comique en trois actes de A. Vanloo and G. Duval, musique de 
Andre Messager, partition chant et piano. Paris, 1898," Copies of songs of 
their own composition were received from Messrs. Frank La Forge, 
■Charles J. North and Lucien Prieur. From the following music publishers 
^ame copies of patriotic songs of the war and other music: Leo Feist, Inc. 
(197 pieces), T. B. Harms & Francis Day & Hunter (9 pieces), Al. Pianta- 
dosi and Co., Inc. (10 pieces), Jerome H. Remick & Co. (80 pieces), 
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. (37 pieces), A. J, Stasny Music Co. (15 pieces) 
and Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing Co. (21 pieces). 

Dr. J. Ackerman Coles of New York gave a steel portrait of Robert 
Fulton, a full-page autograph letter by him. a view of the Clermont, "the 
first vessel propelled by steam, ploughing its way up the Hudson," and 
two seals. From Mrs. Louise Bereiidsohn of Brooklyn came a steel en- 
graved portrait of Samuel J. Tilden; from Mr. George Wharton Edwards, 
:a proof of his print entitled "Old Wine Press, Alsace;" and from Yamanaka 
& Company, a copy of the catalogue of the memorial exhibition of 
Hiroshige's works, on the 60th anniversary of his death. Tokyo. 1918. 

From Mrs. Thomas A. Janvier came a collection of 90 volumes and 90 
pamphlets, a continuation of her many gifts to the Library. The works 
are in French and Spanish and relate to Proven(;e. Mexico, art, etc. From 
Mrs. George W. Forsyth of New York came the five volumes of "The his- 
tory of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 
1688," by David Hume, London, 1806. The Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, 
sent volumes 4 and 5 of its "Catalogue de I'Histoire de IWmerique, par 
George A. Barringer, Paris. 1909. 1911." and the "Catalogue de I'Histoire 
de rOceanie, par George A. Barringer. Paris, 1912." 


DURING the month of November, 1918, there were received at the 
Library 15,350 volumes and 4.114 pamphlets. (These figures in- 
clude the additions to both Reference and Circulation Departments.) 
The total number of readers recorded in the Central Building was 60,837. 
They consulted 185,036 volumes. Visitors to the building numbered 

d by Google 



Aaron, Lucien. .Petite histoire de 

I'Alsace-Lorraine. Preface de M. Paul 
Deschane]. . . Paris: B. Grasset, 1918. 80 
p. illus. 12°. (Le fait de la semaine. 6* 
annee, no. 22.) ♦ C (Fait) 

Adams, Samuel Hopkins. Invaded 

America. New York: National Ameri- 
canization Committee, 1918. 20 p. 8°. 

BTZS p.v.7, no.9 
AdiDiniBtrative separation, what Bel- 
gians in invaded Belgium think of it; with 
a preface by M. H. Carton de Wiart... 
translated from the French. London: T. 
F. Unwin, Ltd., 1918. 67(1) p. 12°. 

BTZE p.v.302, no.5 
Allemagne et les < 

Allen, George R., compiler. Soldier's 

Bible and their life insurance. Colorado 

Springs, Colo.: The Society of the Gospel 

of the Kingdom |Cop. 1918). 64 p. ob. 32°. 

6 - BTZG 

Sclcciians ftom the Biblf, ttc. 

Ambrosini, Luigi. Racconii di guerra 

(maggio 1915-tiovembre 1916). Torino: 

S. Latles & C, 1917. 4 p.l.. 308 p., 1 1. 12°. 


American Academy of Political and So- 
cial Science, Philadelphia. America's in- 
terests after the European war. Phila- 
delphia: The -American Academy of Politi- 
cal and Social Science, 1915. ix, 299 p. 
diagrs. 8°. BTZO 

American Railway Association.^ Spe- 
cial Committee on National Defense. Of- 
ficial information, no. 1-21 (April 20- 
Dec. 27, 1917). Washington, 1917. 4°. 

Amherst College. — Alumni Council. 
Amherst in the war. Amherst, Mass.: 
Alumni Council of Amherst College [1918,. 
16 p. illus. 12°. (Amherst College. Bul- 
letin. V. 7.) STG 

AndriuUi, Giuseppe Antonio. La legge 
infranta. L'evoluzioite del diritto di 
guerra. Trattati di garenzia... Le leggi 
della guerra... Firenze: R. Bemporad & 
figlio rI9I6?i. 245(1) p. 8°. ("I libri 
d-oggi,") XBF 

Aus dem Tagebuch einer Roten-Kreuz- 
Schwester, von???. Leipzig: Xenien-Ver- 
lag. 1917. 143 p. 12°. BTZW 

Bagenal, H. Fields and battlefields, by 
No. 31540 (H. Bagenal]. London: Con- 
stable and Co., Ltd., 1918. v, 248 p. 12°. 

— — New York: R. M. McBride & 

Company, 1918. v, 260 p. 12°. BTZE 

BallesteroB, Lazaro. La guerra europea 
y la neutralidad espaiiola: Los origenes de 
la contienda y su desarrollo. Como y por 
que debemos ser neutrales. La situacion 
actual y el porvenir de Espaiia. Madrid: 
J. Rates ,1917). 136 p. 12°. 

BTZE p.v.302, no.3 

Barranx, Serge. Notre France! (1914- 
1915): drame patriotique. Paris; Socicte 
frangaise d'imprimerie et de librairie 
[1917?!. 19p, 4°. BTZE p.v.304, no.5 

Conlenti: Icr ic»: Ltt fiantaillM. 2e icte: L* 
mobiUMUon. Je «ric: Le cl*p»ri. 4c »ci*: U 
vciIIr. — La viiion. Se acic: Le Rrand bleste. 

itable for home and school. 
Drawings made by George M. Morris... 
iConcord Junction, Mass.: printed by E. 
D. Dee, cop. 1918.] 3 p.l., (1)4-42 p. illus. 
12°. SSD p.v.100, no.3 

Bellegarde, de. La section en cam- 
pagne; manuel de guerre a I'usage des 
cadres de la compagnie. 2° edition, revue, 
augmentee et mise a jour d'apres les neces- 
sites de la guerre en rase campagne. 
Paris: Librairie militaire Chapelot, 1916. 5 
p.l., (1)4-224 p. 12°. VWZK 

Bertrand, Louis Marie &mile. Les pays 
mediterraneens et la guerre... Paris: La 
Renaissance du livre, cop. 1918. vii, 296 o.. 
1 I. 12°. BTZE 

Bessiires, Albert. Le train rouge; 

deux ans en train sanitaire... Paris: G. 
Beauchesne, 1916. 2 p.l., 286 p., 11. 3.ed. 
12°. BTZW 

Be van, Edwyn Robert. German war 
aims. New York: Harper & Bros.. 1918. 
3p.l,. 41(1) p. 12°. BTZP p.v.4. no.6 

Binyon, Laurence. For dauntless France; 
an account of Britain's aid to the French 
wounded and victims of the war. compiled 
for the British Red Cross societies and 
the British Committee of the French Red 
Cross, by Laurence Binyon, with preface 
by His Excellency Paul Cambon. . .and 
with illustrations by Edmund Dulac, A. N, 
Cotterill. Mrs. Wilfrid de Glehn, Herbert 
Ward, and William Rothenstein. Lon- 
don: Hodder and Stoughton [1918.. xv. 
372 p.. 6 pi. 8°. BTZW 

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A Book of poems for the Blue Cross 
Fund (to help horses in war time) . . . 
London: Jarrolds, Ltd. (I917.i vi. 90 p. 
12°. BTZI 


Borghetti, Giuseppe. I condottieri della 
nostra guerra. Roma: "L'ltaliana," 1916. 
2 p.l., 3-210 p., II. illus. 16°. BTZE 

Boaworth, William A. Prophecies re- 
lating to the time of the end. Boston; 
The Gorham Press, 1918. 165 p. 12°. 
(Library of religious thought.) •YNY 

Bouilloux-Lafont, Maurice. Le slatut 
de la terre et le parlement. Paris: B. 
Grasset. 1918. 59 p., 11. 12°. (Le fait de 
la semaine. 6' an nee. no. 17.) • C (Fait) 

Boutelleau, Georges. Pastels de guerre. 
Pastels de mer. Angoulcme: Imprimerie 
re. 1916. I36p. 8°. BTZI 

Brittain, Vera M. Verses of a V. A. D. 
(V. A. D. London/268, B. R. C. S.) Fore- 
word by Marie Connor Leighlon. Lon- 
don: E. Macdonald. Ltd. ,1918., 3 p.t., 9- 
46 p. 12°. BTZI 


Brooks, Harlow. Do's and don'ts for 
new soldiers. New York: The Macmillan 
Company, 1918. xi p., 2 I., 83 p. 24°. 


Brown. Carroll Neide. and T. P. Iom. 
Persecutions of the Greeks in Turkey 

since the beginning; of the European war, 
translated from official Greek documents 
by Carroll N. Brown... and Theodore P. 
Ion... New York: published for the 
American-Hellenic Society by Oxford Uni- 
versity Press. American Branch, 1918. xv, 
72 p. 8°. (American-Hellenic Society. 
Publications, no. 3.) BTZE p.v.306, no.4 
Brown, J. L. Crommclin. Dies heroica; 
war poems: 1914-1918. London: Hodder 
and Stoughton, 1918. viii. 9-92 p., 1 1. 12°. 


Bryant, Louise. Six red months in 
Russia, an observer's account of Russia 
before and during the proletarian dictator- 
ship. New York: George H. Doran Com- 
pany , cop. 1918,. XV p.. 1 1., 19-299 p. illus. 
8°. GLOB 

Buchan.John. La batalla del Somme; 
segunda fase. Paris: T. Nelson & Sons, 
Ltd. ,1917?, 103 p., 1 folded map, 18 pi. 
12°. BTZE 

The battle of the Somme. New 

York: George H. Doran Company (Cop. 
1917,. X p.. 1 1., 13-264 p. titus. 8°. 


Buonainti, Alarico. Sul Carso raggiunto. 
Campobasso: G. ColJtti e ftgllo, 1916. 142 
p. 12°. BTZE 

Call, Annie Payson. Nerves and the 
war. Boston: Little, Brown, and Com- 
pany, 1918. 3 p.l., 219(1) p. 12°. WSD 

Campbell, Reginald John. A letter to 
an American friend. New York: G. H. 
Doran Co. (1918?, 2 p.l., 23 p, 12°. 

BTZE p.v.302, no.l 
Carito, Diomede. .Come lo spirits della 
nostra epoca (Darwin-Nielzsche-Beard) 
ha concorso all' ftttuale guerra; riflessioni 
di un medico napoletano. . . Napoli: Det- 
ken & Rocholl, 1916. 4 p.l., 136 p. 8°. 

Casaet, A. Le Rhin franco-beige (Gaule 
et Germanic). Paris: "La Colonisation 
franijaise" ,1917,. iii(i), 32p. 16°. 


Centurion, pseud. Gentlemen at arms. 

by "Centurion. . ." London: W. Heine- 

mann (1918,. 3 p.l., ix-xii, 274 p., 1 I. 12°. 



Chiiat. Iimile Abel. Les fitats-Unis 
d'Orient, Asie-Mineure. Bosphore, Mace- 
doine, protectorat international, siege fe- 
deral de I'Association universelle des na- 
tions de la terre; troisieme entretien de 
detix peres sur la renaissance necessaire et 
la constitution du monde de demain. 
Paris: Hugues-Robert & Cie.. 1917. 23 p. 
4°. BTZE p.v.304, no,3 

Choyce, A. Newberry. Memory poems 
of war and love. New York: John Lane 
Company. 1918. 7, ix-x p., 11., 68 p.. 1 
port. 12°. BTZI 


Christmas-Dirckinek-Holmfeld, John de. 
I^ traitement des prisonniers frani;als en 
Allemagne, d'apres I'interrogatoire des 
prisonniers ramenes d'Allemagne en Suisse 
pour raisons de sante; preface du Profes- 
seur Maurice Letulle... Paris: Chapelot, 
1917. 2 p.l., 174 p., II. sq. 12°. BTZE 

The Church in the furnace; essays by 
seventeen temporary Church of England 
chaplains on active service in prance and 
Flanders, edited by F, B. Macnult. . . 
London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd.. 1918. 
xxi, 454 p. 12°. BTZG 

CoKlrmli. Munutt. F. B.. Foreword. Gwrnne. 
L. H.. Prtt«e, Micnutl, F. B., The moral cqmn- 
Icrni of wir Birrr, F. R.. Fiilh in the light of 
Woritry, F. W.. Belief! emphniinl by the 

1 in induilriil life. Gar. 
.p and Inyatlr. Hilner- 
■vicet. Woodward, C. S.. 

war. Smiil-. — .. 
Keymrr, B. W., Frilc 
d^n. GtaUitr. Mem 
White, E., Worihip ai._ _. 

Wor.hip and lervicei. Conran, H. W. T 

lion in prarer. Talbot. N. S., The Iralnini of 
eleruy. Pym. T. W,. Reli(iona educalioo and 
Iriininr of the clerRT- SaDlhvell, H. K., Per* 
reliiion in chnrch life. Hannar. J, O.. Han 
man. Crick. P. C. T.. The aoldier't relixion, S 
dert-Kennedj. J.. The celiiioni dillicultiei of 
private aotdier. Kirli, K. E.. When (h« prieiU c< 
home. Woodi, E. S., The freat adicotarc. 

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Cimbali, Eduardo. II prestito per la Vic- 
toria della guerra aboHtrice della guerra. 
contra la falsa pace dei pacifisti ad o{[ni 
coato. Campobasso: G. Colitti e (iglio. 

1917. Ip.L, (1)6-45 p.. 11. 8°. (Collana 
Colitti di conferenze e discorsi. no. 38.) 

BTZE p.v.3(M, no.3 
Ciuffa, Giuseppe. La gucrra europea e 
le profezie... Roma; Tipografia Artigi- 
anelli, 1918. vij, 35S p. 3.ed. 12°. BTZG 
Clark, John Maurice, editor. Readings 
in the economies of war, edited by J. 
Maurice Clark. Walton H. Hamilton landi 
Harold G. Moulton. Chicago, 111.: The 
University of Chicago Press ,1918,. xxxi. 
676 p. 8°. BTZO 

Cobber. The Anzac pilgrim's progress; 
ballads of Australia's army, by Lance- 
Corporal Cobber, edited by A. St. John 
Adcock. London: Simpkin. Marshall. 
Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ltd. ,1918.| 115(1) 
p. 12'. BTZI 


Coleman, Frederic Abernethy. The 
Far East unveiled; an inner history of 
events in Japan and China in the year 1916. 
London: Cassell and Co.. Ltd., 1918. xiii. 
304 p. 8°. BE 

Collins, Francis Arnold. Naval heroes 
of to-day. New York; The Century Co., 

1918. 7 p.l., 3-285 p. 8°. VYAF 
Colombo, Giorgio. Fatti economic!, le 

grandi banche in Italia nel 1915; fatti fi- 
nanziari. le spese di guerra in Italia nel 
1915. Roma: -'Ullallana," 1916. 3p,l.. (1) 
6-^ p. tables. 12°. (Fatti economici e 
finanziari. v. 1.) BTZO 

Commission for Relief in Belgium. The 
general health conditions of Belgium. Re- 
port of William Palmer Lucas. . .August 
14th, 1916. [London: Crowther & Good- 
man. Ltd., 1916.) 14 p. 4°. 

BTZE p.v.304, no.Z3 

Constant de Rebecque, Henri Benjamin. 
L'esprit de conquete. avant-propos de M. 
Albert Thomas. . . Paris: B. Grasset, 1918. 
62 p., II. 12°. (Le fait de la semaine. 6' 
annee, n'. 16.) • C (Fait) 

Copplestone, Bennet. The silent watch- 
ers: England's navy during the great war; 
what it is, and what we owe to it. New 
York: E. P. Dutton & Company icoo. 
1918|. ix, 342p. illus. 12°. VYAF 

Tendon cdiiion (J. Mortij) hu tLile: The KcrM 

Dana les camps de represailles. [Paris; 
Rirachovsky, 1918.) 78 p.. 11. 8", 

BTZE p.v.302, no.7 

Signed: X... 

Davignon, Henri, compiler. Belgica y 
Alemania. Recopilacion de textos y docu- 
mentos precedidos de una advertencia al 

lector por Henri Davignon. Paris: T. Nel- 
son & Sons ,1915?). 1p.l., iv. 128 p. illus. 
4°. BTZE 

Delvert. Quelques hiros. Lettre-pri- 
face de Marcel Pr^ost... Avec 16 gra- 
vures hors texte. Paris: Berger-Levrault, 
1918. 7 p.l.. 5-253 p., 1 1. illus. S.ed. 12°. 
(Recits authentiques de la grande guerre.) 

Dewey, John. Vocational education in 
the light of the world war. (Read at the 
convention of the Vocational Education 
Association of the Middle West, Chicago, 
January 25, 1918.) (Chicago, 1918., 51. 
8°. (Vocational Education Association of 
the Middle West. Bulletin, no. 4.) 

SSH (Vocational) 

Dillon, Emile Joseph. The eclipse of 
Russia. London & Toronto; J. M. Dent 
& Sons, Ltd., 1918. vii, 420p. 8°. GLO 

"Diploma ticus," pseud. No small stir; 
what the pope really said about the great 
war. London : Society of SS. Peter & 
Paul, 1918. 54 p., 11. 8°. 

BTZE p.v JOS, no,9 

On covers York twolii; nnvT. 

DiacloBoret of a German staff officer; 
the letter of Paul Ehrhardt, merchant, 
soldier, and spy, with facsimiles of his 
handwriting, revised and brought up to 
date from the original article in "The 
Field" of February 9, 1918. London: The 
Field fit Queen (H. Cox). Ltd.. 1918. 1 
p.l., 26 p. 8°. BTZE p.v^2, no.9 

Dugard, Henry. Le Maroc de 1917. 
Paris; Payot & Cie.. 1917. 3 p.l., (1)10- 
246 p. tables. 12°. BKG 

Dumont-Wilden, Louis. Les jours in- 
quiets; souvenirs d'hier. 1914-1917. . . 
Paris: Bloud & Gay. 1917. 224 p. 12*. 


Eberle, Joseph. Schiinere Zukuntt; 
Kriegsaufsatze iiber Kuttur- und Wirt- 
schaftsleben. Regensburg: F. Pustet, 1916. 
307 p. 8°. BTZV 

Eccard, Frederic. Biens et interets 
frangais en Allemagne et en Alsace-Lor- 
raine pendant la guerre; ouvrage accom- 
pagne de la traduction des textes alle- 
mands relatifs aux mesures legislatives et 
administratives prises a I'igard des biens 
fran^ais, anglais et allies et d'une liste des 
principales entreprises francaises s^ques- 
trees et liquidees en Alsace-Lorraine et en 
Allemagne. Preface de M. Louis Renault. 
Paris; Payot & Cie., 1917. 2p.I., ,viii-xii, 
376 p. 8°. BTZO 

Eden. Mrs. Helen Parry. Coal and 
candlelight, and other verses. London: 
John Lane; New York: John Lane Com- 
pany. 1918. 84 p. 12°. HCH 

d by Google 



Sdmonds, Richard Hathaway. Amer- 
ica's relation to the world war; shall our 
nation live or perish?... As viewed by 
the editor of the Manufacturers record 
[R. H. Edmondsi. Baltimore: printed by 
Manufacturers record il917|. 51(1) p. 2. 
ed. 8°. BTZS p.v.7, no.7 

Elgin Patriota' Fund. The why and how 
of the Elgin Patriots' Fund for war relief. 
Elgin, III. ,1918., 4 1. 8°. BTZSp.v.7,no.3 



Evangelical Lutheran Church in the 
U. S. — General Synod: Liturgy and Ritual. 
Army and navy service book, for public 
and private use. New York: National 
Lutheran Commission for Soldiers and 
Sailors Welfare, 1917. 2 p.l., 3-107 p.. II. 
li. ed., 24°. ZHR 

Faure, Slie. La sainte face... Paris: 
G. Cres ct Cie.. 1917. 3p.l., 33Sp. ,3. ed. 

Gaines, Ruth Louise. A village in 

Picardy. . .with an introduction by Wil- 
liam Allan Neilson... New York: E. P. 
Dutton & Company [Cop. 1918,. xiv, 193 
p. illus. 12°. BTZW 

Smith Colled Relief Unit in one vilTaie in Ihe 

Gauthier-Villara, Gabrielle Sidonie Co- 
lette. Les heures longues, 1914-1917. 
Paris: A. Fayard & Cie.. cop. 1917. 236 p.. 
II. [12. ed., 12°. BTZE 

Aulbor'i pieud.. Colette (Colette Willy), U bad 
of title. 

Gauvain, Auguste. La question yougo- 
slave... Paris: Editions Bossard, 1918. 
106 p., 21., 1 folded map. ,3. ed., 16°. 


Gellert, Leon. Songs of a campaign, 
with pictures by Norman Lindsay. Syd- 
ney: Angus & Robertson, Ltd., 1918. x, 
121(1) p. illus. S.ed. 12°. BTZI 



Figeac, Raymond. Sur le front; des 
plaines de Flandre aux cretes des Vosges; 
preface de Marcel Sembat. Paris: Chez 
I'auteur [1915,. 139 p., II. illus. 12°. 


Fisher, Mrs. Dorothea Frances Canfield. 
Home fires in France, by Dorothy Canfield 
... New York: H, Holt and Company. 
1918. 4 p.l.. 306 p. 12°. BTZK 

Conltxli: Notei (rom a French villaie in Ihe 

I) lea 
■fler. _ _ 

La phan 




. efugee. A 
: blind. The 

"Flight," pseud. The (lying Yankee, by 

"Flight." with illustrations by Edward C. 

Caswell. New York: Dodd. Mead and 

Company, 1918. 4 p.l.. 248 p. illus. 12°. 


The iiorr of an American enliited in Ihe Royal 
Flying Corp.. 

m, Jean Francois. L .... 

pauvres." comedie en un acte... Quatre 
portraits d'apres nature par Charles Michel 
(graves en creux par N. de Tammaso), 
Paris: G. Ondet, 1917. 72 p. illus. 12°. 


France. — Ministcre de la Guerre. Docu- 
ments de la section photographique de 
Tarmee francaise. (Paris, 1917?, 36pl. 
ob.8°. tBTZE 

Fraracci, Pasquale. II Belgio economico 
Hi ieri e di domani e i suoi rapporli eon 
ritalia. Con prefazione di S. E. Luigi Luz- 
zatti. Campobasso: G. Colitti e figlio, 
1917. 3p.l.. (i)x-xv. 173(l)p. tables. 8°. 

Oibbfl, George Fort. The golden bough. 
New York. London: D. Appleton and Com- 
pany. 1918. S p.l., 385. 1 p. illus. 12". 


Oilliland, H. G. My German prisons; 
being the experiences of an officer during 
two and a half years as a prisoner of war. 
London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1918. 
316 p. illtis. 12°. BTZE 

Gone astray; some leaves from an em- 
peror's diary. New York: John Lane 
Company, 1918. 295 p. 12°. EDO 

Gordon, Winifred. Roumania yesterday 
and to-day. by Mrs. Will. Gordon. . .with 
an introduction and two chapters by H. M. 
the queen of Roumania... London: J. 
Lane. 1918. xxxii. 270 p., 1 folded map, 14 
pi., 1 port. 8°. QIVB 

Gonrdon, Pierre. L'autre guerre; illus- 
trations de G. Dutriac. Tours: A. Mame 
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lection "pour tous." no. 108.) BTZK 

Les Grandei fourrageres: fourragere 
rouge, . .fourragere aux couleurs de la me- 
daille militaire. . . Preface de M. Rene 
Renoult... Paris: B. Grasset. 1918. 77 
p.. 1 I. illus. 12°. (Le fait de la semaine. 
6- an>iee. n°. 20.) • C (Fait) 

Grant, Marjorie. Verdun days in Paris. 
London: W. Collins Sons & Co., Ltd. rcop. 
1918.1 ix. 239 p.. 1 I. 12°. BTZE 

Great Britain. — Committee on Produc- 
tion. Memorandum on proceedings of the 
committee. May. 1917- April. 1918. Lon- 
don: H. M. Stationery Off.. 1918. 9p. f°. 
(Cd.9126.) Room 229 

d by Google 



Great Britain. — Eood Ministry. Food 
(supply and production) manual , . . Edited 
by Alexander Pulling. (Manuals of emer- 
gency legislaiion.) VTE 

Pan I. lit enliTEcd edition, (upersfdine Food 
»dppl7 manual of May, 1917... and crrlain addenda 
o Jan. 31, I91B... London; H. M. Stationery Off., 

y Off,. 


iiiv, 630 p. 
Part 2. Ordcri of the food controllrr. 
Jan. 31. 191S... London: H. M. Suiioi 

t Off.. 1918. 


Great Britain. — Foreign Office. Agree- 
ment between the British and Ottoman 
governments respecting prisoners of war 
and civilians... London; (Harrison and 
Sons.i 1918. 1 p.l., 13 p. f°. (Miscellane- 
ous. 1918. no. 10.) fXBI 

Cd. 90Z«. 

Frencb and Engliah texts in parallel column*. 

The treatment of Armenians in the 

Ottoman empire. Documents presented 
to Viscount Grey of Fallodon. . .with a 
preface by Viscount Bryce. Laid before 
the houses of parliament as an official 
paper and now published by permission. 
London: Hodder and Stoughlon. 1916. 
xlil. 684p., 1 map. 8°. BBX 

Official edition: Great Britain. — Fofcigti Office. 
HiKclraneoui. 1916, no. Jl. 

Great Britain. — Foreign Office, Fur- 
ther correspondence between His Maj- 
esty's government and the United States 
government respecting the rights of bel- 
ligerents. (In continuation of "Miscella- 
neous, no. 6, 1915": Cd. 7816.)... London: 
Harrison and Sons, 1916. 1 p.l.. 21(1) p. 
f°. (Miscellaneous. 1916, no. 14.) t XBI 

Cd. 8233. 

(In continuation of "Miscel- 
laneous, no. 14, 1916": Cd. 8233.)... Lon- 
don: Harrison and Sons, 1916. 32 p. f°. 
(Miscellaneous. 1916. no. 15.) t XBI 

Cd. 8234. 

Great Britain. — Select Committee on 
Emergency Legislation. Report. (no.| 1. 
London: H. M. Stationery Off., 1918. iii p. 
f °. (H. of C. 108.) Room 229 

Great Britain. — Select Committee on 
Luxury Duly. Report .. .together with 
the proceedings of the committee, and ap- 
pendices, London: H. M. Stationery Off., 
1918. 51 p. i°. (H. of C. 101.) Room2Z9 

llommittee on 
I report from 

ture. Ordered. be printed 24th Octo- 
ber 1917. London: E. Ponsonhy, Ltd.. 
1917. xp. f. (H.otC. 151.) tTIB 

Second reoort. . .13th December 

1917. London: iWyman and Sons, Ltd..i 
1917. 22 p. f°. {H. of C. 167.) tTIB 

First report (of session 1918),.. 

Ordered... to be printed 6th March 19(8. 
London: (Wyman and Sons. Ltd.., 1918. 

16 p. f°. (H. of C. 23.) tTIB 

Second report. ,. 13th March 1918. 

London; [Wyman and Sons, Ltd.,i 1918. 
7 p. r. (H. of C. 30.) tTIB 

Third report. . .15th May 1918. 

London: ,Wyman and Sons, Ltd.., 1918. 

17 p. f. (H. of C. 59.) tTIB 

Special report and reports from the 

Select Committee on National Expendi- 
ture. Together with the proceedings of 
the committee... London: rWyman and 
Sons. Ltd.,, 1918. 65 p. V. (H. of C. 125. 
151, 167. 188.) tTIB 

isi?"" " " ■ """ ■" " ■"■* '" ****'™ 

Great Britain. — Tariff Commission. 
The war and British economic policy... 
[London:, P. S. King & Son, Ltd. [191S.| 
174 p. 4'. BTZO 

Cantttili: Part 1. British finance and iDduiCry 
under war eondiliona and the baaii of future policr. 

Fan 3. Textile induilries. Pari 4. Tbc aniline 
dye indDitry. Part 5. Other induatrici. Appendix 1. 
Enemy paienia. Appendix 2. Britiah djca limited. 

Guaranty Trust Company of New York. 
Breaking ties that were fetters. New 
York, 1918. 21. sq.4°. 

BTZEp.r404,iio. 14 

An outline of (he plana beini laid by Italy and 
Spain to enlarge their reipective th>re> of world 
buiineia after Ihe war. 

The inspiration of adversity. [New 

York: Guaranty Trust Co. of N. Y„ 1918., 
21. 4°. BTZBp.vJD4,no.l6 

Some fealurei of the plana beini made by France 
to meet condition) afier (he war. 

Organizing for the victories of 

peace. [New York: Guaranty Trust Co. 
of N. Y., 1918.) 21. 4°. 


tiona after ihe war. 

A record that is a promise. |Ncw 

York: Guaranty Trust Co. of N. Y., cop, 
1918., 21. 4°. BTZEp.v.304.iio.l7 

An account af the changea wrouihl by the war 
in the financial and induilrial atrocture of Canada. 

Taking stock of the future. |New 

York: Guaranty Trust Co. of N. Y., 1918., 
21. 4°. BTZE p.v.304, no.l$ 

A general view of the exiating conditiona that 
will affect protonndl; Ihe future of American pro. 

Guerv6s, Jose Manuel. De la guerra 
naval, el ocaso de la "Reina de los mares." 
Madrid: [A. de Angel Alcoy (S. en C.).i 
1917. 79 p. illus. ob.24°. 


Guazardi, Giovanni. Da Pat Piccolo a 
Monte Cengio; memorie d'un figlio dell' 

d by Google 



Etna fapHle IPlS-agosto 1916). Catania: 
V. Giannotta, 1917. 129 p., 1 I., I port. &". 
Haferkorn, Henry Ernest. Poisonous 
gas in warfare, application, prevention, de- 
fense, and medical treatment; a short, an- 
notated bibliography of gases and kindred 
devices applied in the present war, pre- 
pared by Mr. Henry E. Haferkorn. . .as- 
sisted by Mr. Felix Neumann... (Oct. 
31. 1917.) Washington: Press of the En- 
gineer School, 1918. I p.l., 27 p. 8°. 



.. Nov*' 

Harding, Edward. The battle in this 
country; fighting Germany with printer's 
ink. [Washington. D. C.t National Com- 
mittee of Patriotic Societies. 1918?i 15(1) 
p. illus. 4°. BTZE p.v.304, no.21 

Henderson, Arthur. The aims of la- 
bour. New York: B. W. Huehsch. 1918. 
128 p. 2.ed. 12°. TD 

Appendicci: I. Intcr.Allicd labour wir aiini. II. 
Libout and ibe new locia] order. 

Henrikason, Fritz. England i varldskri- 
get ; bilder och in tryck. Stockholm : A. 
Bonnier [1917i. 4 p.l., 486 p., 10 pi.. 3 ports, 
illus. 8°. BTZE 

Heraog, Siegfried. The future of Ger- 
man industrial exports; practical sugges- 
tions for safeguarding the growth of Ger- 
man export activity in the field of manu- 
factures after the war. The German plan 
to dominate the trade of the world, drawn 
up by one of their leading engineers; with 
an introduction by Herbert Hoover, Ver- 
non Kellogg, and Frederic C. Walcott; 
translated from the original German by 
M. L. Turrentine. Garden City, New 
York: Doubleday. Page & Company, 1918. 
XV. 196 p., II. 12°. TLH 

HUUi, Newell Dwight. Murder most 
foul! By Dr. Newell Dwight Hitlis, an 
American observer on the western front. 
rLondon: Waterlow & Sons. Ltd.. 1918.i 
16 p. 8°. BTZEp.v.302,iio.« 

HopkuiB, Prince C. More Prussian than 
Prussia? A survey of American condi- 
tions. [Santa Barbara? 1917?) 280p.. 2pl. 
16°. BTZS 

Hiiberich, Charles Henry. German laws 
relating to payments to alien enemies. 
Reprinted from the Columbia law review. 
December. 1917, ,New York: The Even- 
ing Post Job Printing Office. Inc.. 1917.| 
10 p. 4°. BTZE p.v.304, II0.4 

If I goes west!, by A Tommy. London: 
G. G. Harrap &. Co.. Ltd.. 1918. 46 p.. 1 1. 
12°. BTZI 

^errold, Laurence. La France hier et 
aujourd'hui; traduit de I'anglais par I'auteur 
et M. Du Genestoux. Preface de Maurice 
Barres. Paris: Hachette et Cie., 1917. viii. 
246 p.. 1 1. 12°. DW 

Kahn, Otto Hermann. [Address before 
the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce. 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. September 26, 
1917., New York, 1917. 6p.. II. 4°. 

BTZE p.v.304, no.2 

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Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Page 

& Company, 1918. 4p.l., 3-101(1) p. 12°. 


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geant Swanson. Boston: Small, Maynard 
& Company [Cop. 1918j. viii, 50 p. 12°. 


Koch, Theodore Wesley. War service 
of the American Library Association, de- 
scribed by Theodore Wesley Koch. . .with 
a foreword by Herbert Putnam. . . Wash- 
ington. D. C: A. L. A. War Service. Li- 
brary of Congress. 1918. 39(1) p.. 11 pi., 
1 port, illus. 8°. BTZSp.T.7,no.£ 

Kraose, Karl Ludwig. What is the Ger- 
man nation dying for? Translated from 
the German by Adele Szold Seltzer. New 
York: Boni and Liveright. 1918, 303 p. 
12". BTZE 

Labriola, Arturo. Le tendenie politiche 
deir Austria contemporanea. Conferenia 
tenuta a Bologna, nella sala dei Notari. il 
20 marzo 1911. Napoli: Societa editrice 
Partenopea |19ll,. 3 p.l.. (1)10-89 p.. 21. 
[2. ed.i 12°. ("Biblioteca dei capolavori 
scientific e letterari." [n., 39.) FAH 

Lanson, Gustave, La democratie am6ri- 
caine; conference donnee dans la serie de 
Foi et vie sous la presidencc de M. Vib- 
bert...le 10 fevrier 1918. Paris: Editions 
de Foi et vie, 1918. 31(1) p. 8°. 

BTZS p.v.7, no.2 

Lapradelle, Albert Geouffre de. Les 
troupes de couleur a la guerre... [Paris: 
Dubois & Bauer, 1918?] 7(1) p. 8*. 


Lawrence, Frederick William Pethick. A 
levy on capital. London: G. Allen & Un- 
win, Ltd. [1918.1 2 p.l., [7,-94 p. 12°. 


Leake, R. E. Letters of a V. A. D. 
London: A. Melrose. Ltd. (1918., 313(1) p. 
12°. BTZK 


Lefftvre, sergeant, d. 1916. Le carnet de 
campagne du sergent Lefevre (1914-1916). 
Tours: A. Mame et fils ,1917,. 314p., II. 
illus. 12°. (Collection pour tous.) BTZE 

Le Goffic, Charles. La guerre qui passe. 
Paris: Bloud & Gay, 1918. 383 p. 12°. 


d by Google 



Leng,WiniamSt.Quentin. S. S. A. 10. 
Notes on the work of a British volunteer 
ambulance convoy with the 2nd French 
Army (of Verdun). Sheffield: Sir W. C. 
Leng & Co.. Ltd., 1918. 1 p.l., 3-70 p.. 10 
pi. 4*. BTZE 

Lewin, Percy Evans. Deutsche Koloni- 
satoren in Afrika. Die Kolonisierung mit 
der Peitsche. Mit einem offenen Brief des 
Bischofs von Zanzibar. Zurich; Art In- 
stitut O. Fiissli, 1918. 71 p. 8°. EYB 

Lichnowsky, Karl Max, Fiirst von. Me- 
moire du Prince Lichnowski, avant-propos 
de M. Albert Thomas... Paris: B. Gras- 
set, 1918. 1 p.l.. X, 52 p. 12°. (Lc fait de 
la semaine. 6e annee, no. 18.) •€ (Fait) 

My mission to London, 1912-1914, 

by Prince Lichnowsky, late German am- 
bassador in England, with a preface by 
Professor Gilbert Murray. . . London, 
New York: Cassell and Comoany, Limited. 
1918. XV, 43(1) p. 8°. BTZE p.v J05, no.4 

Lintier, Paul. Avec une batterie de 75. 
Ma pi^ce: souvenirs d'un canonnter, 1914. 
Preface d'Edmond Haraucourt. . . Paris: 
Plon-Nourrit et Cie.. 1917. 3 p.l., xi, 285 o.. 
II. il5.ed., 12^ BTZE 

Avec une batterie de 75. Le tube 

1233; souvenirs d'un chef de piece (1915- 
1916). Pr^ced^ de souvenirs sur Paul Lin- 
tier. par Henri Beraud. Paris: Plon-Nour- 
rit et Cie.. 1917. 3 p.l.. xxii, 284 p., 1 porf. 
15. ed. 12°. BTZE 

Loree, Leonor Fresncl. Financing 

America's share in the great war. (New 
York? 1917.1 1 p.l., 21 p. 8°. 


Lott, Pierre, pseud, of Julien Viaud. 
L'outrage des barhares. [Paris: G. de Mal- 
herbe & Cie., 1917., 1 p.l., 30 p., 2 1. illus. 
8°. BTZE p.v J05, no.7 

Lourif, Ossip Davidovich. La Russie en 
1914-1917. Paris: F. Alcan. 1918. 3 p.l., 
271 p. 12°. (Bibliothe<iue d'histoire con- 
temporaine.) • QG 

Lucas, Mrs. Bertha June Richardson. 
The children of France and the Red Cross, 
by June Richardson Lucas (Mrs. William 
Palmer Lucas) with seventeen illustrations 
from photographs... New York: Fred- 
erick A. Stokes Company |Cop. 1918i. viii 
p., 21„ 193 p. xllus. 12°. BTZW 

Thi. book is nude up of Ihe daily journal Irttert 
writien by Mri, Lueai from Stpttmbfr 28. 1917, 
to April 21. 1918. 

Macara, Sir Charles Wright. Social and 
industrial reform. Manchester: Sherratt 
& Hughes, 1918. 4 p.l., 206 p.. 1 I. 12°. 


McCoy, Patrick Terrance. Kiltie Mc- 
Coy: an American boy with an Irish name 
fighting in France as a Scotch soldier. 

Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Com- 
pany icop. 1918,. 4p.l., 246p. illus. 12°. 

McCurdy, Charles Albert. A clean 

peace, the war aims of British labour; com- 
plete text of the official war aims memo- 
randum of the Inter-Allied Labour and 
Socialist Conference, held in London, Feb- 
ruary Ih. 1918. New York: G. H. Doran 
Co. (1918.1 Ip.l.. 26 p. 12°. 

BTZP p.v.4, no.4 

Guilty! Prince Lichnowsky's dis- 
closures. London ; National War Aims 
Committee fl9l8,. 12p, 8°. (German 
aims series.) BTZE p.».305, no.l 

HacCurdy, John T. The psychology of 
war. Boston: J. W. Luce and Co. (1918., 
ixp., II., 85 p. 12°. YPX 

Machen, Arthur. War and the Christian 
faith, London: Skeffington 8: Son. Ltd.. 
1918. 62 p. 16°. BTZG 

MacLeod, S. B. Poems of love and war. 
by 2nd Lieut. S. B, MacLeod. London: 
Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton. Kent & Co.. 
Ltd.. 1918. 3p.l., 85(1) p. 12°. BTZI 


Margeriaon, John S. Petrol patrols. 
London: Hodder and Stoughton [1918i. 5 
p.l.. 15-250 p.. 1 I. 12°. BTZK 

Martin, Charles Fletcher. Winning and 
wearing shoulder straps: a study of the art 
of command. New York: The Macmiltan 
Company. 1918. xii p., 1 1.. 105 p. 24°. 


Martin, Germain. Histoire du credit en 
France. Paris: B. Grasset. 1918. 60 p.. 2 I. 
12°. (Le fait de la semaine. 6' annee. no. 
19.) •C(Fait) 

Hasacy, W. T. The desert campaigns, 
by W. T. Massey, official correspondent 
of London newspapers with the Egyptian 
expeditionary force: with illustrations 
from drawings by James McBey, official 
artist with the Egyptian expeditionary 
force. New York and London: G. P. Put- 
nam's Sons. 1918. XV, 174 p. illus. 12°. 

Hasson, Aime. Histoire complete de la 
revolution russe, du 10 mars au 17 no- 
vembre 1917. Paris: E. de Boccard. 1918. 
256 p. 12°. GLO 

Mayrhofer, Johannes. Unter uns Bar- 
baren: Briefe aus dem Weltkrieg. Mit 
einer Einfiihrung von Matthias Erzberger 
... Leuikirch: J. Bernklau. 1917. Ip.l.. 
,v-|vi. 105(l)p.. 11. 8°. BTZE 

Merrill, Wainwright. ' A college man in 
khaki, letters of an American in the British 
artillery, . .edited, with an introduction, by 
Charles M. Stearns. . . New York: George 
H. Doran Company |Cop. 1918|. xv. 19- 
234 p., 7 pi., 2 ports, illus- 8°. BTZE 

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The Uiniitry of healing; Britain's care 
of the wounded. [London: Petty & Sons 
(Reading). Ltd., 1918?, 24p. 4°. 

BTZE p.v.304, no.lO 

Monroe, Paul, and I. E. Miller, editors. 
The American spirit; a basis for world 
democracy. Yonkers-on-Hudson, N. Y.: 
World Book Company, 1918. xv, 336 p. 
12°. lAG 

Uoreau, Rene. Un aviateur, Antoine 
Lacam. 1891-1916. Paris: G. Beauchesne, 
1917. 126 p.. 1 I., 1 port. 12°. BTZY 

Hochlon, Wilhelm. Mimoire du Doc- 
teur Muehlon. Avant-propos de L. Levy- 
BmhI. Paris: B. Grasset. 1918. 61 p„ II. 
12*. (Le fait de la semaine. 6* annee, n*. 
21.) •C(Pait> 

Revelations by an ex-director of 

Krupp's; Dr. Miihlon's memorandum and 
his letter to Herr von Bethmann Hollweg. 
London: Hodder &. Stoughton, 1918. 11 
<l)p. 8°. BTZE P.TJ05, no.5 

The vandal of Europe; an expose 

of the inner workings of Germany's policy 
of world domination, and its brutalizing 
consequences, by Wilhelm Muhlon, former 
director in Krupps. Translated with an 
introduction by William L. McPherson. 
New York and London: G. P. Putnam's 
Sons. 1918. xvi p., 1 1., 335 p. 12°. BTZE 

Die Verheerung Europas; Auf- 

jeichnungen aus den ersten Kriegsmona- 
ten. Zurich: Art. Institut O. Fiissli, 1918. 
149 p. 8°. BTZE 



National Industrial Conference Board. 
Wartime changes in the cost of living; 
research report, number 9. August. 1918. 
Boston. Mass.: National Industrial Con- 
ference Board, cop. 1918. vii, 78 p.. 21.. 
1 folded diagr. diagr., tables. 8°. (Na- 
tional Industrial Conference Board. Re- 
search report no, 9.) TDA 

New York Grand Lodge, A. F. A. M. 
Grand Lodge. Free and Accepted Masons. 
State of New York. 1918. Miss Suzanne 
Silvercruys. Bro. Charles W. Whitehair. 
M.\ W.'. Thomas Penney. M.-. W.-. Wil- 
liam S. Farmer. [New York: Lent & Craft 
Co., 1 918. 1 50p. 4°. BTZEp.v.306,no.5 

Addrnsri hj Miii Suiinne SilvercrDri ind Mi. 
Cbarlo W. Whilthair nirriting war cxixricnccf. 

Hewton, W. Douglas. The war cache. 
London : S. Low, Marston & Co.. 
[1918.1 2p.l.. (vii-iviii. 246 p.. II. ' 


Ney, .'Alfred. Le droit des morts: un 
appel pour la protection des tombeaux de 
Ruerre. avec une gravure sur hois de W. 
Laage et 79 photographies d'apres nature. 
Zurich: Art. Institut O. Fussli. 1918. 44 p., 
29 pi. sq.B'. BTZE 

Nippold, Otfried. The awakening of the 
German people. Translated by Alexander 
Gray. London: G. Allen & Unwin, Ltd., 
1918. 60 p. 8°. BTZEp.T.305,no.8 

"A tnnilition of part i of Di EtwucIuh dii 
dtHttckn yolkti umt dit RoUi d<r Sckxutit (Art. 
Inatitut Orcll Fouli in Zurich, 1917} br Dr. Otfried 

Notc> d'un temoin. Les grands jours de 
France en Amirique; mission Viviani- 
Joffre (avril-mai 1917). Avec preface de 
Rene Viviani... Paris: PIon-Nourrit et 
Cie.. 1917. 3p.l., iv. 310p.. 11. 3. ed. 12°. 

Paris: Plon-Nourritet Cie.. 1917. 3 

p.l., iv, 310p., 11. S.ed. 12°. BTZS 

NystrSm, Anton Kristen. L '.Alsace-Lor- 
raine; traduit du suSdois. preface de A. 
Millerand... Paris: Society d'editions lit- 
teraires et artistiques. 1903. 3 p.l., (i)iv- 
vii, 83 p. 3. ed. 8°. ETB 

La Pologne et son r^tablissement; 

un appel a I'Europe et au Congres de la 
Paix. Stockholm: Bjorck & Borjesson, 
1917. 54 p., 21. illus. 8°. 

. Out of their own mouths; utterances of 
German rulers, statesmen, savants, pub- 
licists, journalists, poets, business men, 
parly leaders and soldiers, edited by Mun- 
roe Smith . . . New York: D. Applelon and 
Co.. 1918. xxvii{i) p., 1 I., 254 p.. 1 1. 12°. 

Inlroduction ligncd: William tioKot Tharcr. 

Owen, Harold. Disloyalty: the blight of 
pacifism. London: Hurst and Blackett. 
Ltd.. 1918. 255(1) p. 12°. BTZE 

Paltrinieri, Federico. Fra i crateri dei 
contrast) e delle ire europee. Paesi bal- 
canici. Costantinopoli. Egeo. Asia Minore. 
marxo 1914. Note di viaggio. Bologna: 
N. Zanichelli. 1914. I p.l.. (i)vi-viii. 9S p.. 
Molded map. 15 pi. 12°. BBC 

Paoloni, Francesco. 1 nostri "boches"; 
il giolittismo. partito tedesco in Italia. 
con prefazione di Benito Mussolini. Mi- 
lano: Popolo d'ltalia [pref. 1916;. 128 p. 
8°. BTZE 

Paaselecq, Feniand. La ques 
iiande et T.-Mlemagne. Paris: 

Levrault, 1917. vii p., 1 I.. 332 p.. 
»ap. [8.ed., 12°. 

ion fla- 
I folded 

Paterson, William Paterson. and David 
Watson, editors. Social evils and prob- 
lems. Edited for the Church of Scotland 
Commission on the War. Edinburgh: W. 
Blackwood and Son/. 1918. viii, 275(1) p. 
tables. 8°. 

Pennell, Joseph. Joseph Pcnne 
eriy-Loan poster; a lexl-book for artis 
and amateurs, governments and teachei 
and printers, with notes, an inlroductio 
and essay on the poster by the artist.. 



d by Google 


Podrecca, Guido. Genio e kultur (latini 
e tedeschi). Roma: Tipografia edjtrice 
nazionale. 1915. 112p. 8°. EAH 

Poling, Daniel Alfred. Huts in hell. 
Boston: Christian Endeavor World iCoD- 
1918i. viip., 11.. 214p. illus. 12°. BTZS 

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fiirsorge auf dem Gebiete der Seuchenbe- 
kampEung. Graz: Leuschner & Lubensky, 
1915. 4p.l., 96 p., 8 pi. diagrs. 8°. 


Puaiix, Rene. The German colonies: 

what is to become of them? London: 

Wightman & Co., Ltd., 1918. 39(1) p. 12°. 

BTZP p.v.4, no.5 

Ranzi, Arnaldo. Pace giusta e duratura; 
da un congresso giuridico di popoli alia 
fi'tura sovraniti interslalale. Roma: Des- 
clee & C. 1917. 100 p. 12°. BTZV 

Red Croas. — U. S. American National 
Red Cross: Medical Research Committee. 
Trench fever; report of Commission Medi- 
cal Research Committee, American Red 
Cross. . . Prepared for publication by 
Richard P. Strong. .Oxford. Eng.Ti Print- 
ed for the American Red Cross Society, at 
the Oxford University Press, 1918. vii{i>. 
446 p., 5 diagrs.. 7 pi. tables, 4°, WEY 

R£gamey, Jeanne, and Fh6d£hic R^amev. 
L'Alsace apres 1870. L'Alsace au lende- 
main de la conquete... Paris: Jouve et 
Cte., 1912. vii. 396p. 5. ed. 12°. ETG 

Reinach, Joseph. La nostra guerra nei 
commentarii di Folybe (Giuseppe Reinach). 
Milano: Fratelli Treves, 1917. 3 p.l., (i)vi- 
viii, 128 p., 1 I. 12°. (Quaderni delta 
guerra. no. 63.) BTZE 

ArtideJ d«ed 7 Vtf WIS -10 Anguit 1916. 

Ricchieri, Giuseppe, conte. La guerra 
mondiale (suoi (attori geografici e storici). 
Milano: Federazione italiana delle biblio- 
teche popolari [1915,. 177 p., 2 folded 
maps, illus. 16°. (Biblioteca della Uni- 
versity popolare milancse e della Fedcra- 
zione italiana delle biblioteche popolari. 
Serie A: Corsi organiei d'insegnamento. 
Nozioni di storia.) BTZE 

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[P«rt 1.1 HMrii.g.,..on H. R. 1I94S... W«li- 
inston: Gov. Piti. Off., 1»1S. 31Bii. B*. 

Part 2. H»rinf...on wheit and beet ultle. 
WedneidiT. Auguit 2S. 1918... Wuhidfton: Cot. 
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1918. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1918. 
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— .- Trading with the Enemy Act. 
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B-. • SBF 

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United States. — Justice Department. 
Emergency legislation passed prior to De- 
cember, 1917. dealing with the control and 
taking of private property for the public 
use, benefit, or welfare. Presidential proc- 
lamations and executive orders thereunder, 
to and including January 31, 1918. To 
which is added a reprint of analogous leg- 
islation since 1775. Collected, annotated, 
and indexed under the direction of the 
.Attorney-General by J. Reuben Clark, Jr. 
... Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off., 1918. 
X. 1150 p. 8°. BTZE 

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formation and Education Division. Na- 
tional war labor program... [Washing- 
ton: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1918., 8 p. 4°. 

BTZE p.v.304, no.e 

"Conlaina m cop/ of Ihi prDclunilion of Ifac 
Pruidcnt cruling (he Nilioni! Wir Uhor Boird. 
tosriher with copj of report of the boirtl, to wblch 

United States. — Labor Department. 
National labor recruiting program. . . 
Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1918. 61. 
4°. BTZO 

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Division of Bibliography. A list of bibliog- 
raphies on the European war... [Wash- 
ington, 1918.) 8f. 4°. ([Select list of ref- 
erences, no. 266.,) 'SAB 

^ Typrw.illen. _ 

List of references on the govern- 
ment ownership of the telegraph and the 
telephone. July 19. 1918. [Washington, 
1918.1 15 f. 4°. ([Select list of references, 
no. 263.,) -SAB 


List of references on government 

regulation of prices. July 3, 1917. [Wash- 
ington, 1917., 10 f. 4°. ([Select list of 
references. no.264.i) "SAB 

United States. — Manufactures Commit- 
tee (Senate. 65:2). Shortage of sugar. 
Hearings before the sub-committee of the 
Committee on Manufactures, United States 
Senate. . .pursuant to S. Res. 163; a reso- 
lution directing the Committee on Manu- 
factures to investigate the .causes of the 
shortage of coal and sugar. Sugar. Wash- 
ington: Gov. Prtg. Off,. 1918. ii, 3-1048 p.. 
14 charts. 8°, •SBF 

United States. — Merchant Marine and 
Fisheries Committee (House, 65:2). Em- 
powering the president to regulate acean 
freight rates and to requisition vessels and 
increasing the powers of the United States 
Shipping Board. Hearings. . .on H. R. 
11361 and H. R. 11362... April 16. 17, and 
25. 1918. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Oft.. 
1918. 104 p. 8°. 'SBF 

United States.— Military Affairs Com- 
mittee (House, 65:1). Drafting aliens into 
military service. Hearings. . .on S. J. Res. 
84. lo draft certain aliens into the military 
service of the United States, and for other 
purposes. Statements of Secretarv of 
State Lansing, Hon. Frank L. Polk. Hon. 
John L. Burnett. Hon. John J. Rogers. 
Hon. Michael F. Phelan. September 26. 
1917. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1917. 
43 p. 8°. •SBF 

United States. — Military Affairs Com- 
mittee (House. 65:2). Army appropriation 
bill, 1919. "SBF 

V.,. Htaring.... Deieroher 7, 1917, to Ffbro- 
try B. 1918. Wuhinglon: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 19IB. 
1414 p., 2 folded diagri., 1 folded tabic. 8'. 

V. 2. (Supplemenlal) hearinga. . . May ]. 6. 7, 8, 
191g. WaaWngton : Gov. Prig. Off.. 1918. liOp. 

Buttons or badges for exempted 

persons, reimbursements for certain em- 
ployees on furlough. Hearing. . .on S. 
3472... also H. R. 10522... Statement of 

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Representative John J. Rogers. June 7. 
1918. Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off- 1918. 
17 p. 8°. "SBF 

Proposed legislation affecting the 

medical corps of the United States army. 
Hearing... April 16. 20, and June 7, 1918. 
Washington: Gov. Prtg. Off.. 1918. 88 p. 
8°. • SBF 

To provide a pharmaceutical corps 

in the army. Hearings. . .on H. R. 5531 
...March 19. 1918. Washington: Gov. 
Prtg. Off.. 1918. 106 p., 1 folded table. 8°. 

United States,— Military Affairs Com- 
mittee (Senate. 65:2). Advanced rank tor 
army medical officors. Hearings before 
the Committee on Military Affairs. . .on S. 
3748, a bill fixing the