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> .'\ 



8 8/ 










January to Decbmbbr 




Africa, South, Works relating to, 429-461, 

America, Early Books, mostly relating to (gift of Mr. Maitland), 

9-22; Americana, 1677-1823, 47. 
American Loyalists. See Loyalists. 
Apprentices in Library Work, Instruction of, . . 
archieology, periodicals relating to, ...... 

Art, Periodicals relating to, 

Bancker Collection. See Broadsides, New York. 
^Benavides, Alonso de, Memorial on New Mexico in 1626, . 417-428, 
Broadsi des, American, etc., i 774-1864, ..... 
B roadsides, New York, 1762-1779 (Bancker Collection), 
,-Caldwell, James, Letter on the Canada Campaign of 1776 
v^Calhoun-Gouvkrneur Correspondence, 1823-1836, 
Canada Campaign of 1776 (Letter of James Caldwell), 
Canada, Invasion of, in 1775 (Letter of Col. James Livingston), 
Cervantes Literature^ in the New York Public Library, 
Charles Ts Expedition against the Covenanters in 1639 (Hardwicke 

A AJrKKol, ..... ...... 

CoLER, Mr. Bird S., election as trustee, 

Columbia University Library. See Periodicals. 

Columbus, Ferdinand, Memorial to Charles V. for a National 

L«1BRARY, ........... 

Congressional Documents, i 789-1 793, 

Crocheting, Books on, 

Cutting, Books on 

Davenport, John. See Winthrop-Davenport Papers. 
Declaration of Independence. See Signers to the Declaration of In- 
Delaware Signers to the Declaration of Independence (Emmet 


Documents Printed from Manuscripts in the Library: — 

Benavides's Memorial on New Mexico in 1626, 417-428, 

Calhoun-Gouverneur Correspondence, 1823-1836, . 
Canada Campaign of 1776 (Letter of James Caldwell), 
Canada, Invasion of, in 1775 (Letter of Col. James Livingston), 
Charles I.'s Expedition against the Covenanters in 1639, . 
Columbus, Ferdinand, Memorial to Charles V. for a National 
Library, .......... 

Virginia Papers, 1616-1632 (Smyth of Nibley MSS.), 

160-17 1, 208-223, 248-258, 
Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 (Letter of Thos. McKean) 
)C^Wilkinson, James, on the Mexican Revolution, 1823, 

Winthrop-Davenport Papers, 





481-499 ^ 


360-36 I ^ 















Don Quixote. See Cervantes Literature, 

Dressmaking, Books on, ......... 

Embroidery, Books on 

Emmet Collection: — 

Signers to the Declaration of Independence, 

34-42, 77-96, 136-1491 187-197 
See also Documents printed from Manuscripts. 
Engravings. See Prints. 
Executive Committee. See Report. 
^iSH AND Fisheries, Check List of Works on, . 296-312, 334-348 

Ford Library, Gift of the, 

Gardening. See Landscape Gardening. 

Georgia Signers to the Declaration of Independence (Emmet 


GouvERNEUR PAPERS. See Calhoun-Gouverneur Correspondence. 
Hardwicke Manuscripts: Charles L's Expedition against the 

Covenanters in 1639, 
History, General, Periodicals_r elating to, 
Knitting, Books on, .... 

Lace, Books on, 

Landscape Gardening and Parks, Works relating to. 
Library Apprentices, Instruction of, . 

Library Building, 

Lists of Books on Special Topics : — 

Africa, South, Works relating to, 

America, Early Books relating to, 

Archaeology, Periodicals relating to. 

Art, Periodicals relating to. 

Broadsides, American, 1 774-1864, 

Broadsides, New York, 1762-17 79, 

Cervantes Literature, 

Congressional Documents, 1 789-1 793 

Crocheting, Books on. 

Cutting, Books on, 

Delaware Signers to the Declaration of Independence, 

Dressmaking, Books on. 

Embroidery, Books on, 

Fish and Fisheries, Works relating to, 

Georgia Signers to the Declaration of Independence, 

History, General, Periodicals relating to. 

Knitting, Books on, ..... 

Lace, Books on, ...... 

Landscap e Gardening and Parks, Works relating to 

Literary Periodicals, ..... 

Maryland Documents, 1 729-1794, 

Maryland Signers to the Declaration of Independence, 

Music, Periodicals relating to, .... 







108-109, 160, 247, 381 

429-461, 502-505 
. 9-22, 47 








2, 334-348 





8-i35» 172-186 






Needlework, Works relating to, ..... 

Newspapers, American, 1729-1751, .... 

North Carolina Signers to the Declaration of Independence, 
Pennsylvania Documents, 1730-1769, .... 
South Carolina Signers to the Declaration of Independence, 
Virginia Signers to the Declaration of Independence, . 86-96, 

Literary Periodicals, 118-135, 

Livingston, Col. James, Letter on the Invasion of Canada in 1775 . 
v^LovALisTs, American, Transcripts of Papers relating to, from the 

Public Records Office, London, 

McKean, Thomas, Letter on the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, . 
Manuscript Collections. See Documents printed from Manuscripts; 
Emmet Collection ; Smyth of Nibley Manuscripts. 

Maryland Documents, 1729-1724, 

Maryland, Signers to the Declaration of Independence (Emmet 


Mexican Revolution, 1823, James Wilkinson on, .... 

Music, Periodicals relating to, 

Needlework, Lace, Knitting, Embroidery, Dressmaking, etc., List 

of Books on, 

New Mexico in 1626, Memorial of Alonso de Benavides, 417-428, 

New York Broadsides. See Broadsides. 
New York Public Library: — 

Apprentices, Instruction of, 387; Library Building, 108-109, 
160, 247, 381; Principal Book Accessions (early American 
newspapers, statute laws, legislative journals, broadsides, 
etc.), 43-47; Principal Book Accessions (classed), 97-103; 
150-155, 198-203, 239-243, 266-271, 313-319, 349-3S^ 
371-375* 409-411, 470-475, 518-523; Principal Donors, 48, 
104, 156, 204, 244, 272, 320, 352, 376, 412, 476, 524. See 
also Report, Report of the Director, Report of the Execu- 
tive Committee. 

Newspapers, American, 1729-1751, 

North Carolina Signers to the Declaration of Independence 

(Emmet Collection), 

Oriental Departments of the Library, 

Pennsylvania Documents, i 730-1 769, ....... 

Periodical Department, 

Periodicals and Serials in the New York Public Library and Colum- 
bia University Library : — 

ivrt, . . • . . 
History, General, 
Literary Periodicals, . 














Music, .... 
Prints, Establishment of a Department of, 
PuBi-ic Documents Department of the Library, 










Report for December, 1898 (summary report for six months), 3-4; Janu- 
ary, 1899 (gift of the Ford Library, election of Mr. Bird S. Coler), 51- 
53; February, 107; March (new library building), 159-160; April, 
207-208; May (new library building), 247; June, 275; July, 323; 
August, 355 ; September, 379-380; October (Transcripts of American 
Loyalist Papers), 415-416; November (Establishment of a Depart- 
ment of Prints and Engravings), 479-480. 

Report of the Director, for the year ending June 30, 1899: — New Build- 
ing, 381; Shelf Department, 381-382; Binding, 382; Catalogue 
Department, 383-384; Readers' Department, 384-385; Oriental De- 
partments, 385-386; Slavonic Department, 386; Public Documents 
Department, 386-387; The Bulletin, 387; Instruction of Appren- 
tices, 387; Gifts, 387-389; Tables (Statistics of Readers, etc.), 390- 

Report of the Executive Committee to the Trustees (New Library Build- 
ing, increase in Books, Changes and Improvements in Manage- 
ment, Number of Readers, Results of Consolidation, Statistics, 108-117 
Signerstothe Declaration of Independence (Emmet Collection) : — 
Delaware, 34-42; 'Maryland, 77-86; Virginia, (two parts, 86-96, 
136-145; North Carolina, 145-149; South Carolina, 187-193; 
Georgia, 193-197. 

Slavonic Department of the Library, 386 

^Smyth of Nibley Manuscripts, Virginia Papers, 1616-1632, 

160-171, 208-223, *4S-"258, 276-295 
South Africa. See Africa. 
South Carolina Signers to the Declaration of Independence (Emmet 

Collection), 187-193 

TiLDEN, Hon. Samuel J., The Library of, 4-8 

United States Congresses, Documents of the First and Second, 

I 789-1 793, 462-469 

^"^ViRGiNiA Papers, 1616-1632 (Smyth of Nibley MSS.), 

160-171, 208-223, 248-258, 276-295 
Virginia Signers to the Declaration of Independence (Emmet 

Collection), 86-96, 136-145 

X Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 (Letter of Thos. McKean), 500-501 

^Wilkinson, James, On the Mexican Revolution, 1823, 361-364 

Winthrop-Davenport Papers (from original MSS.), .... 393-40^ 


Page 324, 2d line from top^ for James C. Calhoun, read John C. Calhoun. 

^^ Corrected titles^ to be pasted on p, s&f^ first 
column^ of the September Bulletin, 

Pafi^anl (M.) La gloria et I'honore de ponti 
tagliati e ponti in acre. Venetia^ 1558, [Vepr. 
1884]. 8^ 

Palllser (Mrs. B.) A history of lace. London^ 
1875. 3. ed. 8". 





■ Alex. Maiti-ahd) . 8-2 

BKCE. Vol. 18 . . 84-42 

CAHA, 1677-1864) . 48-47 



Samuel P. Avery. 

John Bigelow. 

William Allen Butler. 

John L. Cadwalader. 

Andrew H. Green. 

Daniel Huntington. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. 

John S. Kennedy. 

Edward King. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. 

Alexander Maitland. 
Thomas M. Markoe. 
Stephen H. Clin. 
Alexander £. Orr. 
Henry C. Potter. 
George L. Rives. 
Charles Howland Russell. 
Philip Schuyler. 
George W. Smith. 
Frederick Sturges. 


President^ Hon. John Bigelow. 
First Vice-President^ Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D. 
Second Vice-President^ John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary^ George L. Rives, Esq., 32 Nassau Street. 
Treasurer y Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director^ John S. Billings, LL.D.,40 Lafayette Place. 


npHE Astor Building, 40 Lafayette Place, and the Lenox Building, Fifth Avenue 
* and 70th Street, are open daily, excepting on Sundays, Independence Day, 
Christmas, and New Year, from 9 a. m. until 6 p. m. 

The Reading rooms and the Exhibition rooms are free to all persons; but 
* children under the age of fifteen years must be accompanied by an adult. 

In the Reading room of each Library Building certain shelves are set apart for 
books of reference, which readers are allowed to take down and examine at their 
pleasure. For all other books an application must be made by filling out and 
signing one of the blanks provided for the purpose. 

Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York City 

Subacnptioa One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood, Bosineas 

Superintendent, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York. 
Entered as seoond-dass matter at the New York, N. Y., Post Office, January 90, 1897 





Vol. III. 

January, 1899. 

No. 1. 


During the month of December, 1898, there were received at the Library by 
purchase 1,019 books and 242 pamphlets, and by gift 731 books and 2,024 pam- 

There were catalogued 3,516 volumes and 2,830 pamphlets, for which purpose 
22,694 cards and 1,993 slips for the printer were written. 

The following table shows the number of readers and the number of volumes 
consulted in both the Astor and Lenox branches of the Library during the month : 



Total number of readers 




Daily average of readers 


Number of volumes consulted 


The accessions to the Library during the month of December include some 
very important items, amongst others, a gift of 220 volumes of rare Americana 
from Mr. Maitland (more than half of them being printed before 1550), a list of 
which is given in this bulletin ; — a volume of transcripts from the Spanish archives 
at Simancas, presented by Mr. George L. Rives; a collection consisting of 48 vol- 
umes of music, and 151 volumes and over 200 newspapers relating to Socialism, 
from Mr. F. A. Sorge; 19 volumes, including an old Spanish manuscript biography, 
from Mr. Avery; and 47 volumes and 56 pamphlets, chiefly Journals of Conven- 
tions, from seven Dioceses of the Episcopal Church. Mr. James Henry Coghill, of 
this city, has also given to the library a rare volume entitled I^eintures Antiques de 
Vases Grecs de la collection de Sir John Coghill^ Bart. ^ par James Milling en^ printed 
at Rome in 181 7. 

By purchase the Library has received a copy of the Specula of Vincentius 



Bellovacensis, eight volumes bound in six, printed in 1473, being the copy from 
the library of William Morris. This, the first general cyclopaedia printed, is note- 
worthy as a specimen of early typography and is now extremely rare. The 
Library has also obtained some early American newspapers, books and documents, 
purchased at the Miller sale in Philadelphia, a full list of which is printed this 

During the six months ending December 31st, 1898, the total number of books 
catalogued and accessioned was 15,082, and of pamphlets, 11,055, as against 14,124 
volumes and 11,472 pamphlets during the same period of 1897. The total number 
of cards made for the catalogue was 127,210, and 6,752 slips were written for the 

The total number of readers was 50,113, the daily average being 321, and the 
number of volumes used 177,783, as against 47,880 readers, an average of 314, and 
158,749 volumes in the last six months of 1897. 

During the calendar year ending December 31st, 1898, the total number of 
volumes catalogued and accessioned was 32,835, of which 20,506 were purchases 
and 12,329 gifts; while the nuntber of volumes actually received was 25,917, of 
which 15,252 volumes were purchases and 10,665 were gifts. The total number of 
pamphlets catalogued and accessioned was 21,074, of which 5,984 were purchases 
and 15,090 gifts; and the number of pamphlets actually received was 33,196, of 
which 4,196 were purchases and 29,000 were gifts. The total number of cards 
written during the year was 266,411. 

The tptal number of cards in the index catalogue at the close of the year in the 
Astor branch was 308,649 — 68,649 having been added since the first of July — and 
at the Lenox branch, 97,100. 

The total number of readers during the year was 106,098, and the number of 
volumes consulted was 357,827, not including those used at the free reference 

On the 31st of December, 1898, there were on the shelves and available for the 
use of the public 440,148 volumes and 111,055 pamphlets. 


In 1887, the year following Mr. Tilden's death, a shelf inventory was prepared 
and printed of the books, pamphlets, periodicals, prints, etc., belonging to the 
estate, at Gramercy Park, in New York City. This inventory contained a record 
of the principal works in a collection of nearly 20,000 volumes and pamphlets, 
which were intended to form the nucleus of a free library to be established 
in New York City in accordance with the terms of Mr. Tilden's will. The litiga- 
tion which followed led to a compromise agreement between Mr. Tilden's execu- 
tors and the Tilden Trust on the one hand, and one of the contestants on the other, 
by which in 1892 the Tilden Trust came into possession of certain properties, 
including Mr. Tilden's- entire library, books, manuscripts, prints, engravings, 
pictures and statuary. The consolidation of the Tilden Trust with the Astor and 
Lenox Libraries, to form the New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden 
Foundations, took place in May, 1895, and in July of the same year the Tilden 


books were transferred from the house at Gramercy Park to the library building 
at Fifth Avenue and Seventieth Street, where they were arranged and made avail- 
able for public use. It is the object of this sketch to indicate briefly some of the 
chief features of the collection. 

Mr. Tilden's law library is not included among the books that were transferred 
to the New York Public Library. . There are, however, small collections relating 
to jurisprudence, law and lawyers, celebrated trials, railroads, political economy, 
taxation, finance, banks and banking, exchanges and panics, currency and money. 
Among the serials are the Railroad Journal^ 1854-84, in 33 volumes; the Com- 
mercial and Financial Chronicle^ 1865-86, in 42 volumes; the United States Economist^ 
1852-54, in 4 volumes; the Economist^ 1857-85, in 25 volumes; the Examiner^ 
1838—51, in 14 volumes; and the Interned Revenue Record^ 1865-80, in 27 volumes. 

A collection of about two hundred and twenty-five scarce tracts relating to 
banking and currency in England is worthy of notice. It begins with treatises on 
bank credit, printed in 1683; and includes publications of 1694-96 on clipping, coin 
and script money; on the Land Bank and the Bank of England in 1706-07; on 
loans in 17 10; on the great want of silver in ,1 7 1 7 ; an essay on coin, 1758; on paper 
credit in 1760; on money, bullion and foreign exchanges in 1772; on gold coin in 
1774; on the revenue and finances of the kingdom in 1 781-1800; on gold bullion, 
bank notes, and the depreciation of currency in 1810-12; on savings banks and 
the new currency in 1816-17; on the proposed change of currency for Scotland in 
1826; and on currency, joint stock banks, etc., from 1825 to 1S50. 

In English political history there is a good collection, as well as of pu)Dlications 
relating to English parties and administrations, to the parliament and constitution, 
to English social life and antiquities, and to bipgraphy in general. There are also 
over one hundred volumes of speeches of eminent statesmen, and a set of Cob- 
bett's Parliamentary History and Hdinsdird^s Parliamentary Debates^ in 123 volumes. 
European history and antiquities, both ancient and modern, are well represented, 
including a full series of illustrated books of scenery, and over fifteen hundred 
photographs of views. 

American history is of course a strong feature of the library. It includes fine 
sets of Hakluyt's Voyages^ 1599-1600, in 3 volumes; Purchas's Pilgrimes^ 1625-26, 
in 5 volumes; Smith's History of New York^ 1757; and many other valuable books. 
Among the travels in the United States are the large illustrated work of Maximilian, 
Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio^ and the explorations of Carver, Heriot, 
Lewis and Clarke, Pike, Long, and others. There are also the chief publications 
relating to the various administrations and political parties of the United States; 
to Congress and Congressional affairs; and to political and constitutional conven- 
tions, especially those of New York State. Mr. Tilden kept bound files of the 
principal New York City newspapers, each volume of which has his name stamped 
on the side. These files include the New York Herald^ 1846-86, in 115 volumes; 
, ikit New York World^ 1860-86, in 103 volumes; the New York Times^ 1865-86, in 
83 volumes ; the New York Tribune^ 1867-86, in 76 volumes ; and the New York Sun^ 
1870-S6, in 65 volumes. 

One section of the library is devoted to literature and the drama, including 
poetry, fiction and essays. Among the uncommon books in this section are the first 
three editions of Milton's Paradise Lost^ 1667-78, and the first three folio editions 

of Shakespeare, 1623, 1632 and 1664; also Ashbee's facsimile reprints of Shakes- 
peare's Quarto Plays, 1866-71, in 44 volumes, and Boydeti's Illustrations 0/ Shakes- 
peart's Plays, 1803, in elephant folio. There is also a collection of biographies of 
famous actors, illustrated by the insertion of numerous portraits, prints and auto- 
graph letters, among which are Bernard's Retrospection of the Stage, in a volumes; 
Bunn's Tke Stage, before and behind the Curtain, in 3 volumes; Boaden's Life of 
Kemble, in 6 volumes, with 338 portraits and autographs added; the lives of 
Garrich, Kean, Mrs. Inchbald, Michael KcUy, Charles Mathews and Mrs. Siddons; 
and many others of a similar character. One volume on Actors and Editors is illus- 
trated by the insertion of choice theatrical portraits, mostly proof impressions, col- 
lected by Sir Charles Price, Bt. 

The Tilden library contains a fine collection of illustrated works in large folio 
relating to natural history, ornithology, botany and gardening, among them being 
Low's Breeds of Domestic Animals of the British Isles, in 3 volumes; Audubon and 
Bachman's Viviparous Quadrupeds of America, in 3 volumes; Coach's History of the 
Fishes of the British Islands, in 4Volumes; Audubon's Birds of America, in4Volumes; 
Wilson and Bonaparte's American Ornithology, in 3 volumes; Cassin's Illustrations of 
the Birds of California, etc.; Bree's History of the Birds of Europe, in 4 volumes; 
VIottWs History of British Birds, and Natural History of their Nests and Eggs, in 9 
volumes; Morris's History of British Butterflies; Redouti's Les Roses,, in 3 volumes; 
L,indley's Pomologia Britannica, in 3 volumes; Eaton's Perns of North America, in 
2 volumes; Sprague and Goodale's Wild Flowers of America; Strutt's Silva Britan- 
nica; Lowe's Ferns, British and Exotic, in 8 volumes; Loudon's Arboretum and 
Fruticetum Britannicum, in 8 volumes; Brookshaw's Pomona Britannifa; Grindon's 
Trees of Old England; Sweet's Ornamental Flower Garden, In 4 volumes; Meehan's 
Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States, in 4 volumes ; Mtchaud and Nuttalt's 
North American Sylva, in 5 volumes; ^raoV^'s Gardens of England; Mangin's ^f 
Jardins; Repton's Landscape Gardening ; and Andre's L' Art des Jardins, 

The fine art department of the library is unusually large and valuable. It com- 
prises the dictionaries of painting by Bryan, Spooner, and Pilkington — the latter 
being extended to 4 volumes by the insertion of numerous prints; the works on 
painting by Winckelman, Raczynski, Waagen, Kugler, Lanzi, Vasari, Hamerton, 
Ruskin, Walpole, and many others; the works on sculpture by Flaxman, Perkins, 
Lubke, Perry and Macpherson; the publications of the Society of French Aquarellists; 
Hamcrton's Portfolio, 1870-77; the Art /ournal, 1849-80; I'Art, 1872-84; and/'^» 
Forte, 1874-81. Among the more important of the illustrated folios are the works 
of Meissonier, Wouverman and Rembrandt; reproductions of Kaulbach's Original 
Drawings; Les Loges de Raphael, 1845; Raphael's Pictures of the Transfiguration, 1833; 
Pistolesi's // Vaticano descritto ed illustrato, 1829-38, in 8 volumes; Righctti's//(7am/»'- 
doglio descritto, 1833-36, in a volumes; Viarria^ton's History of Stained Glass, 1848; 
Aya Sofia at Constantinople, as restored by Sultan Medj'id, 185a; Tableaux Historiques de la 
Revolution Pranfaise, 1788, in 3 volumes; Raoul and Rochette's Choix de Peinlures de ^ 
Pompei, 1867; 'Roh^rt?,'^ Illustrations of the Holy Land, 185a, in 4 volumes; Alphand's 
Les Promenades de Paris, in a volumes; Turner's Picturesque Fiews on the Southern Coast 
of England, 1816; Coesvelt's Collection of Pictures, 1836; Bourass^'s La Touraine, 
1856; Taylor's Voyage dans I' Ancienne France, in a7 volumes; Nash's Mansions of 
England in the Olden Time, 1874; ^srrauWs Hommes Illustr^s en France, 1676-1700; 


with 369 extra plates added; Horace Walpole's Biography^ Table-Talk^ etc., ex- 
tended to 5 large volumes; Milton's Poetical Works^ i794» extended to 8 large quarto 
volumes; Butler's Hudibras^ extended to 6 large volumes, with 192 plates; Thom- 
•son's Seasons^ i797, in folio, with 122 extra plates; Keysler's Travels through Ger- 
many^ Bohemia^ Hungary^ etc., extended to 8 large folio volumes; Duyckinck's 
Cyclopaedia of American Literature^ in 5 volumes, with 300 added illustrations; and 
many others. A copy of Cromwelliana^ 1810, is extended to 5 folio volumes, with 
771 portraits, views, etc. A volume called the Milton Memorial hos inserted in it 
the original proclamation of Charles II, dated August 16, 1660, suppressing two 
•of Milton's books. 

A volume of special interest is the History of the Tammany Society^ from its 
foundation in 1789 to 1840, by R. G. Horton. The book has been extra illustrated 
by a number of water-color drawings of New York buildings in the olden time, the 
frontispiece being a view of old Tammany Hall (now the Sun building). There 
are also colored drawings of the Old Jail, of the Old Bridewell, of the City Tavern, 
of Baker's Museum, of the Old Brick Church, and of Harlem Plains in 1814, besides 
many engraved views and portraits. The binding is an elaborate piece of work, 
being in full crimson morocco, inlaid with mosaic in blue morocco, the inside 
•covers in polished blue morocco, with gilt borders, finely tooled. 

About forty-five years ago Mr. Tilden was counsel for Azariah C. Flagg, in 
his contested election as comptroller of the city of New York. Mr. Flagg had been 
prominent in State affairs, and he had preserved his correspondence with Silas 
Wright, W. L. Marcy, Michael Hoffman, R. H. Walworth, and others, relating to 
New York affairs, political and financial, from 182 1 to 1847. These manuscripts 
are now in the library, bound in 8 quarto volumes. The most valuable manuscript 
in Mr. Tilden's collection, however, is the account-book or financial diary, kept 
by Thomas Jefferson from January i, 1791, to December 28, 1803, while he was 
Secretary of State under Washington, Vice President under John Adams, and 
President of the United States. A description of this important volume is given 
an Harper's Magazine for March, 1885, pp. 534-542. 

After Mr. Tilden was nominated for the Presidency in 1876, many of his 
admirers sent him gifts. Among these gifts there are two that may be mentioned 
here. One is a framed portrait of Mr. Tilden, inscribed: ** Gov. Samuel J. Tilden 
of New York, National Democratic Candidate for President of the United States. 
This Picture contains Eighty Chapters of the Psalms of King David." Every line 
of the picture, including the border and group of flags above, is composed of 
minute Hebrew letters. The other gift is a small volume in Hebrew containing a 
topographical description of Zion and Jerusalem, printed at Jerusalem in 1876. 
On the fly leaf is the following inscription: ** By request of the author A. M. Lunz 
of Jerusalem (Holy Land) Presented to His Honor Samuel J. Tilden Esqr. Presi- 
dent elect of the U. States of America, and may the God of Israel bless the receiver, 
grant him 'many years of peace and happiness in the true fear of God is the true 
wish of his sincere friends and welwishers, Alfred A. and Kate Marcus and family, 
Tebeth 17, 5637." 


"exander Maitland. 

e»,u). L«s Voyages aoantnreux dv 
Alfonce. Saioctongeols. Paictitn ; 
irHCf, rnaisd' Auril. 1559. 4 p.l., 

[peditioa aoder Robcrvai wbic^ lailed iron 
il^u Qf 'Jl^rrador^ NoremberEue, Tem 

«an). Les Voyages 
Vlfoace. Sainctongcois. Coctcnant 
Dseignemens neccssaires i la bonne 
tion. Poictifri : far Ian di Marnif, 
;559. [Achcv/ d'imfrimer le a. Jour 
'. 'S59-J aed. 4p. 1., 6E, aB I. 4°- 

Riutn: TkKideri Rtinvirl. i&ti. ii >lia in 

co). Ho Preste Joam das in- 
ra infonna;am das terras do Preste 
vio & escreueo ho padre Fraocisco 
I. del Rey nosso senhor. Agora 
esso por mandado do dito senhor em 
driguez liureiro de su alteia. [Cairn- 
virigutt, 1540. 2 p.l., 136 [). t. 

rb« Spuilih Tsnioiu printed ■[ Aoven In 
la ijei, mnd U Toledo ia isM; u wellu 
itioDi priaud u ElBletKD Id i^ laA ij^ 

(Petrtis Martyr). P. Martyris ab 
olanensi, Opera. Legatio babilo- 
1 decas. PoemaU. Cum priuilegio. 
'acaitl terumbtrger, Aprili, ISII. 

litb different title, and iritb ibe map, li 

I the (riend ol Columbni and ibe other 

d obtained from them vilunble informa- 

insulls, simuiatquf incolarum n 
', isai. 43 pp. 4°. 
eter Mnrtyi'i fim oirreiive of the di»eov- 
r Grijalva, and of the expedition of Cotto. 
10 a (nllec account of Cuba than wu con- 
DkoJh alreadjr printed. 

(Petnis Martyr). The History of 
e West and East Indies, and other 
', eyther way, towards the fmitfall 
iccaes. . . . With a discourse of the 
age. (^thered in parte, and done 

by Richard Eden. Nenly set in 
icbard Willes. London : Richard 
lop. 1., 466 I., 61. 4°> 
(Petrus). Cosmographicns Liber. 
y^is ac formulis D. Jaannit Weyi- 

leniurgeri, impmiis Petri Apiani, Mense Janti., 
1514- 4p.l-. I04(6)pp. 4°. 

HuriiH 1J7. Fint edition. The niirai: Ameriot appun 
OD KTcnl af tbe runt and n:i-alviii( cUiKruni; oa page 69, 

ApIaAoa (Petnis). Cosmographicvs liber . . . 
stndiosc correctus, sc errorjbus vindicatns p«r 
GemmaiD Phrysium. Auliurfiai: imfieniij X. Bol- 
latrt, typis J. Graphei, 1520, mensi Febr. 55 
(1)1. 4*. 
HarriiK 148, Additiou B6. Second cditicqL 

Aptmana (Petnis). Cosmogrraphicvs Liber . . . 
iam denuo integriutti restilutus perGemmam Phry- 
iium . . . Anlturpiat : Joan. Grapheus, 1533. 
mtnst Ffbr. [ Vaineat . . . per Gregoria Banlia. j 
66 1. 4°. 

HuTioe 179. Thin) edition. 

Aplftttua (Petnis). Cosmograpbicvs Liber . . . 
iam denuo iategrltati restitutus per Gemmam Phrf- 
sium. . . Anluerpiae : Joan. Grapheus, 1533. mtnst 
Fibr. \Vatnttmt...perA.Birckman.\ 6& I. 4*. 

Aaother iuue of the preceding, for a diSercnl bookseller. 

ApUuina (Petnis). Cosmographicvs liber . . . 
iam denuo integritati restitutus pet Gemmam 
Phrysium. . . Aniutrpiat: Joan. Grapktus, 1534, 
mtnst Febr. i pi., 66 1. 4 ■ 


c Additic 

us). Cosmographia . . . per Gem- 
mam Frisium . . . iam demum abomnibus vindicata 
mendis, ac nonnullis quoque locb aucta, fi^risque 
Qovis illustrata: Additis eiusdem argfumenti libellis 
ipsius Gemae Friaii. ParisHs: expentii Viuan- 
tium GauUherot, 1551. a pi., 74 1. 4°. 

Aplattna (Petnis). Cosmographia . . . per Gem- 
mam Frisium . . . Additis eiusdem ar^mcati libelljs 
ipsius Geraac Frisii. Parisiis : impressum txptniis 
Viuanlii Gaultktrot, 1553. a p.l., 74 1. 4°, 
The title ii dated 1553; the cclophon ijji. 
Apl»nna (Petnis). Folium Popvli lustrr- 
mentvm hoc a Petro Apiano . , , recens invcDtvm, 
el in (igyram folli popvli redactum per radios Solis 
toto orbe bonu comunes osCendit ... In disem 
newen Instrument. . . werden durch den Soniien- 
sheyn . . . ^unden die gemaine stundeo des 
Tages. Jiigeliladii, aa dit Mtnhs Octobris, 1533. 
10 1. F°. 
Bd.withhia; Introdvctio geographica, IngvlMlaJii.'tiy^ 
ApUuina (Petnis). Horoscopion Apiani gen- 
erale... Ingolslaiiii, l^Ji- 17 1- F°- 
fid. with hii ; lotrodvctio jeeagraphica. In^^Utadii^ 1533. 
Apianna (Petnis). Instniment Buch, durdi 
Petrum A^ianum erst von new betchribeo . . . 
IngtlitaJii: Cum Gratia S* PriutUgia Catsarte, 
IS33 SlL F°. 
B4. iriib hla : lotrodredo gaofraphiea. Ingtbladii. t J33. 

Apljuina (Petnis). Introdvctlo geographica . . . 
in . . . Vemeri Annotationes . . . Huic accedit 
Translatio nona priml libri G£o^apbiae CI. 
Ptolemaei . . . libellus quoqiu de quatuor tenarum 
orbis in piano Ggurationibtu Autbore Vemcro. 
Loc*s etiam . . . desumptus ex fine septimi libri 
Claudii Ptolemaei de plana terranim orbis de- 
scriptione . . . Adlvncra est & epistota Joaanis de 
Regio monte decompositione&vsncuiusdam Mete- 
oroacopil arm i Maris, cni recens iam opera P. Apiani, 
accessit Torqnetum instnimentum pulcberrimu . . . 

InntlsllliKi • ru^ (traHa A* Pritalrria ItrnttrlaK. 

AiifastaB(H. O). Hieronymi Oliverli Avgvsti 
. . . De Impeiio Romano, in pristinam Gentem & 
digoiutem restituto, Liber vnicus. Eivsdem, E)e 
partitione orbis : Libri quattuor. Addiu eivsdem 
Bonnvlla epigrammata. Avgvilae Vindilicorum : 
Philippus l^lhariius txcudtbat, 1S4B. 6a 1. 4*. 

Harriiae 1S4, Addilioiu 166. The refereUM to Amerioi )i 
00 leaf,,. 

Aaasni (Ein) ettHcber sendbrieff dem alier 
durchleUcbtigisten grosimechtigisle FOrsten . . , 
Carl ROmischen und Hyspanische Konig &c, un- 
serm gnedlgen bera durch ire verordent Hauptleut, 
von wegen eiuer newgefunde Inseln, der selbc ge- 
legenhcit und inwoner sitlen vfl gewonbeite inhait- 
end vor kurtiuerachinen tagen lugesandt. Narm- 
berg: F. Peypui, 17. Marcii, isao. 7 1- 4°- 

Hanine loj. Coolaina an acowiat of the «peditioo» » 

Badlna Aaeenaliia (Jodocus). Stultifere 
naues sensus animosqu; trabentes Mortis in ex- 
itium ; \Paris .■] Di Mamef. Imprtsnt TkitU 
mannus itrutr, Anne Aoc iubilto. [1500.] aol. 4°- 

Bkain (Jean). Novvs elegansqve conBciendarvM 
epistolarvfn, ac alias de arte dicedi modus Dnos 
principales de hoc in se copieclea libros. Quorum 
prior, quattuor nirsum libellos. Alter 1 
amplectit»r tractatus. D, 

Idtm. Vrb! Deodattnsi msnini u m-nHm m.™—. 
Not in yosagica vallt parauit optu. Anno natalict 
domini supra stsquimtlltna stpHme. [iS^?'] '** 
1.. and I blank 1. 4°. 

canon af tbe cathedid 
Lth WildKcmilUer aad 

essorio libelli lota 


it thU Tc 

ge""^i. D^i, 

'tin Hrlaeet-ylia, Parii, 1967, pp. 67 fl., 

bed aa '< uniqoe peul-tlre.'- 

Beat (George). A Trve Discovree of the late 
voyages of discoueric, for the Ending of a passage 
to Cathaya by the Nortbweast, under tbe conduct of 
Martin Frobisber. General. Detiided into three 
Bookes... London: Htnry Bynnymtm, I57B- 
8 p.l., sa. 39. 68 pp. a maps. 4°. 
A Em copy, with Ibe mapa in perfect condition. 
Blftpd (Pierre). Relation deUNoweile France, 
de sea terres, aaturel dv Pals, & de s«s Kabitans. 
Item, d« voyage des Peres Jesuitea ausdictes con- 
trees... Lyon: <kt% Levys Mvgvit, 1616. 6p.l.. 
338 pp., 18 1. 8'. 

Blondo (Michel ' Angelo), Tavole de anno in 
anno della anticipationc delle stelle fisse. . . Rvma: 
Girolame dal Forno, 1545. ao '■ 4°. 

Boearaa (Joannes). Omnium Gentivm Mores, 
leges, & Rilos ex multia clarissimis reru scriptori- 
bu9 . . Accessit libellvs de Regionibus Septea- 
trionalibua . . . ei Jacobo Zieglero . . . Praeterea. 
EpistoU Maximiliani Transylvani lectu perquam 
iucunda, ad R. Card. Saltiburgen de MolvccU 
Insvlis . . . Antverpiat : Jean. Sietisi, 154a- "3. 
31 1. 8°. 

Boemna at-nD")- I Costvml, le leg 
t'vsatue di tntte te genti; djvisi In tre lib 
Tradotti oer Lncio Fauno . . . Aggiuntoui di 


deti' iDdie OccidenUli, oaero Mondo Nouo, da . . . | Cbsaudtlas (Martinus). Navigatio LtsIuo- 
GienmiQio Giglio. Venetia : per D. &• A. Giglia, orvm In Indian) Orientalem, heroico carmine de- 
Jra., 1566. 340 1. 8°. scripta . . . Lipsiai : in officina lypographiea, 

"-"--■--^ • " .... T,. . I A.*.-_.-r Pk^^^ae, 15S0. l6 1. 4°. 

sea CO Columbui anil MagcUan. 
™iam)]. Polimantcia, orthemeanes 
lawfull, to ivdge of th« fall of acom- 
;ainst Che friuolous . . . coniectures of 
Added, A tetter from England to her 
s, Cambridge, Oxford, Inaea of Court 
mbridge: John Legate. 1595. 113 I. 

in* tefercncs to America, and ii one of ibe 

01 to Duotioa ^'iweet Shaupeare.'* 
(Christopher). La premiere relation 
Colomb. (1493.) Lettre aur une 
' Epiatola Christofort Colom," ap- 
Biblloth^ue Royale de Bruxelles. 
IS. Avec reproduction en fac-simile. 
sHtut National de G^ographie. 1885. 
ac-simile. 8°. 

ire»ltlifl (The) Great Ship com- 
he Sorerai^c of the Seas, built in 
}. With a true and exact Dimension 
nd Burden . . . Sbee is besides her 
^ Tuns in burden 1 Shee beareth five 
' biggest of which will hold ten per- 
□pright, without shouldring or press- 
or. With the names of all the Ropes, 
and Cordage that belong unto a Sblp. 
mes of all our Commanders at Sea . . . 
Fights wee have bad with Che HoU 
the Engagement of LieutenanC-Ad- 
e neere Dover, against the English 
e Command of Generall Blake, at Cbe 
at three of their Embassadours were 
f Peace. With a perfect rehcarsallof 
crease of Shipping, and Encourage- 
■lavigation of this Nation, which so 
seth the Hollander. . . . London : 
'. Simmm,. for The. Jenner. 1653. 

llDealgiieof _ 

L, LD lupphring the Indiaoi wiCh Atttu aod 
bum ud ilmr [he Engliiti on ■ Sabbatb day 
Lt Meetiiig," pp. 14-36. 
i (Ambrosio). II viazo del claris^mo 
>sio Contarini Ambasciator della II- 
g;noria di Venecia al Signor Vxuncas- 
sia. Venetia, 1543. 40 I. 8°. 
nezer). The Sot-weed Factor : or, A 
iryland. A Satyr. In which is de- 
iws. Government, Courts and Con- 
he Country; and also the Buildings, 
:k9, Entertainments and Drualcen 
the Inhabitants of that Part ot 
I Burlesque Verse. London : B. 

I p.i., 21 pp. 4°. 
luthor'i " Sotweed Rt^viyia," A nmafeiii, 
of thii BuUetiii. 

laoj. Wie man diss hochbemmpt 
r uH geometrischer Icunst Instnimet 
irauchen soil . . , Bamberg : G. Br- 

40 1. 4°. 
bonsr (J.) Lneuleniiiaiiiia qoaedl teiTae 

Koriitrt*, 1515. 

leronimo). Ubro de phisononnia y 
ideaatoraleza: cStienecincotratadoi 
Rcrentei ; todos , . . mejorados en esta 




tercera impression . . . Valencia : en easa de Juan 
G, GarrtB, 1599- 5 p.l.i 245 pp. 8°. 
An account of America is given on pp. X46-X4S. 

Cortes (Hernando). Copia delle lettere del 

prefetto della India la nnoua Spagna detta, alia 

Cesarea Maesta rescritte. Alia Siereniss. & Catho. 

Maesta Cesarea. [F/crence F] IS34' (2)1. 4°. 

Not mentioned by Harrisse. One of the fint pablicatlons 
relating to Pizarro and the conquest of Peru. There is another 
copy of this edition (Harrisse 193) in the library, the same in 
every respect, except that it omits the date MDXXXIIII and 
the ConjFratia^ b^ PriuiUgio which appear at the end in this 
copy. "Hie library also possesses an octavo edition of the same 
letter, \ Florence f 1534 ?] in 4 11., dated at the end " DaU a di 
XVI Magio M.D.x5uCni. II Prefetto della India." 

Cortes (Martin). The Arte of Navigation . . . 
First written in Spanish by Martin Curtis, and 
translated into English by Richard Eden . . . Cor- 
rected and augmented by John Tap. London: 
Edw, Allde for H. Astley, 1596. 5 pi., 90 1. 4°. 

Co0inog^»pliiae introdvctio cvm qvibvsdam 

geometriae ac astronomiae principiis ad eamdem 

necessariis. Insuper quatuor Americi Vespucii 

nauigationes. Vniuersalis Chosmog^aphiae descrip- 

tio tarn in solido K\uam piano eis etiam insertis quse 

Ptholomxo ignota a nuperis reperta sunt. Ad 

dominvm Robertetvm . . . [Lyons:] Impressaper 

Johdnem de la Place [1517 ?]• (32) 1., of which 8 1. 

(sheets C and £) are lacking, i map, 2 pi. 4°. 

Harrisse 63. The map and plates, which were engraved on 
copper, have been removed from the volume and are mounted 
separately. The first plate, 6K x 7K in- in aize, is called 
Astrolabivm pkysicvm and shows within a circtUar figure the 
various divisions of the heavens, etc 

The second plate, about 6^ x 7^ in., bears at the top : 
motvt . none . ipere . et . trepvdactonu . octave . spere . /j/^ ., 
and below, the following verses : 

Adte candentis terre diademate fvltvfn 

Rohertet noetre mittitvr ariis opvs 
Invenies isitc cvrsve gvos sidera servent 

Zodiaci : Jixvi qvid ve pianeta iwet 
Nona valet spkera avid: coelvm gvod/erat orbe* 
Nine Ivne acpkeoiper sva signa giros 

A riificio Lvdovici Bovlengier A llehte 1^14 
This plate shows the four quarters of the winds, the twelve 
signs of the zodiac, and a general aspect of the heavens. 

fvem piano. In the place of the new world appears a lone 
triangular shaped island accompanied by smaller islands and 
called A merica noviter reperta. The map is the oldest one 
in the library containing the name America. 

This book, with the map and two plates, was first brought to 
notice by the Paris bookseller Tross in i88x, in whose cata^ 
logue it is described, no. 4924^ with a fac-simile of the gore 
map. The date of iu publication is fixed by D'Avezac in his 
WalizemUllery p. 223, and by Harrisse in his Discovery 0/ 
North America^ pp. 494-496. See also Winsor's Narrative 
and Critical History^ vol. 2, pp. 120, 172-173. 

Another copy of the book, complete m 32 leaves, is also in 
the hbrary. 

Cosmof^aphUte introdvctio cum quibusdam 
Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam rem 
necessariis. Ingolstadii, 1532. 31 1. 8°. 

This edition is not mentioned by Harrisse. The title is 
dated 1529 ; the colophon 1532. The book is a different work 
from the one preceding, and has been attributed to Petrus 
Apianus. It mentions the discovery of America by Vespudus. 

Cosmographlae introdvctio cum quibusdam 
Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam rem 
necessariis. Venetiis : per Jo, Antonium . . . 1533. 
Mense Julio, 31 (i) 1. 8'. 

Harrisse Additions zoo. Both the title and the colophon 
are dated 1533. 

Cosmopraphiae introdvctio cum quibusdam 
Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam rem 

necessariis. Venetiis: Jo, Ant, de Nicolinis de 
Sctbio, iS3St Mensis Januarii, 32 1. 8". 

Harrisse soa. Both the title and the colophon are dated 
>535i but the former has been altered with a pen to 1534. 

Cosmog^aplilae introdvctio cum quibusdam 

Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam rem 

necessariis. Venetiis : Francisco Bindone et M, 

Passinif Mense Maii, 1537. 31 1. 8*. 
Harrisse Additions 1x3. 

Coverte (Robert). A Trve and almost Incred- 
ible report of an Englishman that (being cast away 
in the good ship called the Assention in Cambaya, 
the farthest part of the East Indies) Trauelled by 
Land through many vnknowne Kingdomes . . . 
London : Printed by William Hall, for T. Archer 
and P. Pedmer, 161 2. 3 p. 1., 68 (i) pp. 4°. 

Coverte (Robert). A Trve and almost In- 
credible report of an Englishman, that (being cast 
away in the good ship called the Assention, in Cam- 
baya, the farthest part of the £^t Indies) Trauelled 
by Land through many vnknowne Kingdomes . . . 
London : Printed by N, O, for Thomas Archer, 
1614. 2 ed. 3 p. 1., 68 pp. 4°. 

Cuevas Asnirre y Espinosa (Joseph 
Francisco de). Extracto de los autos de diligen- 
cias, y reconocimientos de los rios, lagunas, ver- 
tientes, y desagues de la capital Mexico, y su 
valle . . . Mexico : Impresso por la Viuda de D, J, 
B. deJ/ogaly 1748. i p. 1., 71 pp., i map. V, 

Darien. A Letter, giving a description of the 
Isthmus of Darian : (Where the Scot's Colonie is 
settled;) From a Gentleman who lives there at pres- 
ent . . . Edinburgh : Printed for J, Mackie and J, 
IVardlaw, 1699. 24 pp., I map. 4°. 

Denys (Nicolas). Description Cjeographique et 
Historique des costes de I'Amerique Septentrionale. 
Avec I'Histoire naturelle du Pais. . . Paris: che% 
Louis Billaine, 1672. 2 v. 8"*. Large map, plates. 

Dodoens (Rembertus). Cosmographica in As- 

tronomiam et Geographiam Isagoge. Antuerpia : 
ex Ojficina Joannis Loeif IS^^» Mense Maio. 58 L 

Harrine Additions 167. Contains a reference to America 
and Peru in the chapter on the Antipodes. 

J}ondngo de la Anunciacion. Doctrina 
Xpiana breue y cdpendiosa ... en legua castellana y 
mexicana . . . Mexico : en casa de Pedro Ocharte, 
1565. 84 1. 4°. 

Donne (John). Five sermons vpon speciall oc- 
casions... London: Thomas Jones , i(>2t. 4% 

Five separate publications, bound together, with genenl 
title prefixed. The second one relates to Virginia. They are 
as follows: 

z. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse. London, 1626. x p.l. 
68 pp. 4°. 

a. A sermon ... to the Honourable Company of the Virgin- 
ian Planution, 13 Nouemb. xdsa. London, 1634. a p.L, 49 
pp. 4*. 

3. Encaenia. The Feast of Dedication . . . Sermon . . . 

Ascension day, 2633. London: Aug. Mat. for T.Jones, zoaj. 

reached to King Charles. . . 3 April 2635. 

3 P-k,4» PP- 4'- 
4. The first sermon 

4. I ne tirst sermon preacned to lung unaries. . . 3 Apru 2035. 
London: A, M.for Thomas Jones, 1625. x p.l., 59 PP* 4**« 

5. A sermon preached to the Kings M.tie . . . a4Tebc'. xoss. 
London: T.Jones, 2626. 3 p.l., 50pp. 4^. 

Doolittle (Rev, T.). A Short Narrative of 
Mischief done by the French and Indian Enemy, 
on the Western Frontiers of the Province of the 
Massachusetts-Bay; from the beginning of the 
French War . . . March 15th, 1743.41 • • • to 
August 2d 1748. Boston: S, Kneeland, 1750. 
I p.l., 22 pp. 8*. 



Drake {Sir Francis). Le voyage de rill*stre 
Seignerr et Cheualler Fraajois Drach Admiral 
d'Angleterre, alentour du mande , . . J'aris : chtt 
Jian Gesietin. 1613. 4 pi., go (l) pp. 8°. 

Dr»ke (Sir Francis). Le voyage cvrievj, 
faict avtovr du Moad«, par Fraosois Drach, Ad- 
miral d'Angleterre. Augmente de la Seconde 
partie. Paris; tha Aatoine Rfbinal, 1641. 4 p.l., 
139 pp.. I pl- S*. 

Bd. with the preceding vdunc of 1613. 

Drake (Sir Francis). Voyages and Travels, 
of the ren owned Captain Sir F. Drake into the 
West Indies, and round the World . . . Coventry: 
f. Turner. [1820 ?] 34 pp. la*. 

Drjmnder (Joannes). Annvlorvm trivm 
diversi generis iDstrvmentonim Astronomicorum 
componendi ratio aiqw usus . . . Marpurgi: 
E. CtnncorHus, 1537, mettse Julio. 43 1. 4°. 

Bd. nth ; AplkDiiB (P.) Counognphicn Liber. 

Dryander (Joannes). Cosmographiae iniro- 

drctio: cum qvibvsdam Geomelriae ac Astrono- 
miac principiis, ad earn rem nccessariis. Marpurgi: 
ptr Andream ColHum, 1543. 30 I. 8". 

Vot mnitioDed by HarmK, Conuiu ft dcAcriptiDn of 

g "f Portugal. Copia de vna 

liltera del Re de Portagallo madata al Re de Cas- 

tella del viaggio & successo de India. Roma: per 

ataestre Joatuti de Besicken, \%Q%. (B) 1. 4°, 

Marriuc Additiou 18. The fntl uxounl in prim ul db- 

I (Martin Fernandez de). Suma de 
geographia i\ue traca de todas las partidas & pro- 
niocias del mundo: en especial de las indias, & 
trata largamenCe del arte del marear jnntamente con 
la npera en romance: con el regimieco del sol y 
del none: agora nucuamenle emendada de algunos 
defectos i\ue tenia en la impressiO passada. 
Seuilla.Jud CrSberger, 1530. 58 [('. e. 70] 1. F', 

iIk Librvy. Thk editjon u oat mentioned by biblio^Hphen. 
Eraamna (Desiderius), Apologia aduersusarlic- 
dIos aliquot per monachos quosdam in Hispaniis, 
eihibitos . . . Basilea.per Hierimymvm Frokenivm 
tl I. Hervagivm et N. EpisiOpivm. 1529. 8 p. ]., 

Eapejo (Antonio de). Histoire des terres nov- 
Tenement descouvert«s . . . par Antonio de Espeio 
& nommees le nouueau Mexico. Tradaict de I Es- 
pogDOl . . . par M. Basanier... Parit : chtz la 
vt/ue Nicolas Roffit, 1586, 47 (i) pp. 8°. 

Bd. wiifa: Jaantt KeUllona. Lettra norveltei dv 
Jappoo. Parh. 1584. 

Fer dinfciidl 11 » Mexicana insvla Manx Dei 
Parentis aviilio ad fidem coaversa , . . IMunich f 
165a?] - ■ " 



t of the I 

ir Fetdini 

Faraelina (Joannes). Cosmotheoria, librosduos 
complexa. Prior, miidi lotius & formam & com- 
posittonem : eius subinde partium . . . situs & mag. 
citndines : ort>iu tandem motns quosuis soletter 

reserat. Posterior, ex motibus, sideru loca & pas- 
siones disquirit. Parisiis .- in aedibus Simanis 
Colinaei. 1528. 46 I. F*. 
Thi> edition ii not mentioned by Harriiie. Thecolophoa 

Femeliaa (Joannes). Monalosphaerium, parti- 
bus coDStans quatuor. Prima, generalis horarii & 
stmcturam, & vsum, in equisita monalosphaerii cog- 
nitionem prxmittet. Secunda. mobilium solennita- 

Tertia, quascuqu; ex motu primi mobilis deproptas 
vtilitates elargitur. Quarta, geomctricii praiin . . , 
dilucidat... Parisiis: Simauis Colinaei, IS17. 
36 1. F°. 
Harriue Addition! S^ The title ii dated 1516. Conuini 

Ferrer (Jaime de). Sentencias cathnlicas del 
Divi. poeta Dant Florenti. 63 I. 8°. 
Harriue 9«i, Addition! 1J4. Containi briel refercnca to 

Ferma (Alpbonsus). Atphonsl Fern . . . de 
ligni sancti mnltiplici medicina, & uinl exhibitione 

Basihae, 1538. 201 pp., 6 1, 8°. 

Not mentioned by Hamne. 

Ferraa (Alpbonsus). De 1 'administration dv 
Sainct Boys, en diuerses formes. .. contennes en 
quatre traict^. Ensemble la forme de ministrer du 
vin . . . Traduict de Latin en Francoys, par . . . 
Nicoles Michel . . . Poictiers ; par Jekan Sf E. de 
Marnef, 1546. I 1., 3-495 pp., 7 I. Sm. 8°. 

Hiirri!!e Addition! i«o. 

FIn£ (OroDce). Spbaera Mvndi, sive Cosmo- 
graphia qvinque libris ... in qua turn prima as- 
tronomiae pars, tuin geographic, ac hydrographie 
rudimenta pertractatur. Luletiae Paritiorum : 
Miekael VoicosaHus. 1551. 7. p.l., 60 1. 4°. 

Bd. with: PoBtel (G.) De Voiveniute liber. [/>dru], 

namlnlna (Joannes Antonius). lo. An. 
Flaminii foro cornel iensis ad Adrian vm seilvn 
pontiGcem maiimvm eplstob. Bononiae : fier 
Hieronymum de Benedietii, 1533. (14) 11. 

lUunuTV ic 

d by Harriue. Th 
he Sptninrdt in their 

to the I 

ria-mlnlna (Joannes Antonius). Jo. Antonii 
Flaminii Foro Com el iensis epistola ad Paulum 
III . . . Eivsdem belli recentis Aphricani descriptio 
. , . Eivsdem de qvibvsdam' memorabilibus noui 
Orbis nuper ad nos Iransmissis . . . Eivsdem con- 
flictvs ille Pannonicus cum Turds . . Bonemae : 
apud VineentiH Bonardum Parmen. 6* MareH 
Anlonia Carpen. 1536, Meitsis Martii. 20 L 4' 

HuTUH }i6, Addttiont tio. 

Focard (Jacques). Paraphrase de I'astrotabe, 
conlenant Le» Principe* de Geometric. La Sphere. 
L' Astrolabe ... Le Miroir du Monde . . . Lyeu : 
par Jean dt Tovrnts, 1546. 8 p.l., lB7pp,, 2 L B*. 

Foeard Qacqucs). Paraphrase de I'asttolabc, 
contenant Les Prindpes de Geometric. La Sphere. 
L' Astrolabe ... Le Miroir du Monde , . . Revue 
. . . par Jaques Baasenlin . . . Lyon : Jan de 
Tournet, isiS- 6p.l., igapp. 8°. 

Fracaatoriaa (Hierooymus). Syphilis sive 
morbvs Gallicvs. [Lib. iii.] Veronae, 1530, mense 
Augusle. 36 1. 4°. 
Herrkie Additioos Qt. Contiiina reference! to the new 



Frrlevae (La) defaite des Espagnols, et la 
sanglante Bataille donn^ an Peroa, tant par mer 
que par terre. Entre lesdits Espagnols & les 
Hollandois, conduits par leur Admiral, Jacques 
THermite. Paris : chez Jean Martin^ 1625. 16 pp. 

Garcia (Gregorio). Origen de los Indios de el 
nvevo Mvndo, e Indias Occidentales. . . . Valen- 
cia: en casa de Pedro Patricio Mey, 1607. 14 p. 1., 
535 pp., 12 1. 8°. 

Crarimberto (Hieronimo). Problem! natvrali, 
emorali. Ftnegia : Vincenzo Faigrisi,i s^g, 8 p.l., 
229 (i) pp. 8^ 

Harrisse 292, Additions 174. References to America, pp. 

Gassaraa (Achilles P.) Historiarvm et Chron- 
icorvm Mvndi epitomes libellus. . . . Venetiis: per 
Jo, Antonium^ 1533. 15 p.l., 60 1. 8**. 

Not mentioned by Harrisse. Alludes to the discovery of 

Gassaraa (Achilles P.) Historiarvm et Chron- 
icorvm totivs Mundi Epitome. . . . Venetiis : J, 
A. de Nicolini da Sabio, 1540. 16 p.l., 60 1. 8°. 

Not mentioned by Harrisse. Notes the discovery of America 
in Z4Q2. 

Gemma Phrysins. De principiis Astrono- 
miae & Cosmographiae, Deq«/ vsu Globi ab eodem 
editi. Item de Orbis diuisione, & Insulis, re- 
\msK\ue nuper inuentis. Antuerpiae: J. Grapheus, 
1530, mense Octob. 42 1. 4°. 

Harrisse 156, Additions 9a. Chapters 29, 30 and 31 relate to 

Gemma Phrjrsius. De principiis astronomiae 
& Cosmographie. Antuerpiae: excudebat Joannes 
Richard^ 1544. 92 1. 8°. 

Harrisse 25a. 

Gemma Phrjrsius. De principiis Astronomiae 
et Cosmographiae : . . . Eiusdem libellus de loco- 
rum describendorum ratione. . . . Parisiis: apud 
Thotnam Pichardum, 1547. [Colophon: 1548. J 
179 pp. 8°. 

Harrisse Additions z68. 

Gemma Phrysius. De principiis Astronomiae 
et Cosmographiae. . . . loannis Schoneri de vsu 
Globi Astriferi opusculum, Antverpiae^ in aedibus 
Joan, Steelsii^ 1548. [Colophon: Typis Joan, Gra- 
/A«, 1548.] 119 1. 8". 
Harrisse 279. 

Geraldinus (Alexander). Itinerarivm ad Re- 
giones svb iEqvinoctiali Plaga constitvtas. . . . 
Nunc primo edidit O. Geraldinus de Catenacciis. 
Romte: Typis Guilelmi Facciotti, 1631. 20 p.l., 
284 pp., 18 1. 8°. 

One of a few copies printed on thick paper. A copy of the 
ordinary edition u also in the library. The author was a 
friend of Columbus. 

Gerritssoon (Hessel). Histoire du Pays 
nomme Spitsberghe. Monstrant comment qu'il est 
trouv^e, son naturel & ses animauls, avecques la 
triste racompte des maux, que noz Pecheurs . . . ont 
eu a soufTrir des Anglois. . . . Amsterdam : a fen- 
siegne du Carte nautiq, 161 3. 30 pp., 2 pi. 4°. 

Gilberti (Maturino). Grammatica Maturini 
tractatvs omnivm fere que Grammatices studiosis 
tradi solet. Mexici : Excudebat Antonius Espi- 
nosa, 1559. 168 1. 8°. 

Icasbalceta 36. The first Latin grammar printed in Amer- 

Giovio (Paolo). Descriptio Britanniae, Scotiae, 
Hyberniae, et Orchadvm . . . de imperils, et genti- 
bvs cogniti orbis, cum eivs opens prohoemio. . . . 
Venetiis: apud Michaelem Tramezinum, 1548. 
4 p.l., 125 1. 4". 

Not mentioned b^ Harrisse. The discovery of the new 
world by Columbus is mentioned on folio 42. 

Girava (Geronimo). Dos libros de Cosmogra- 
phia. Milan : Juan Ant. Castellon^ y Christoual 
Caron, 18. de Abril, 1556. 4 p.l., 271 ^i) pp., 6 1., 
I chart. 4°. 

Indias o Nuevo Mundo, pp. 186-242. 

Girava (Geronimo). La Cosmographia, y 
Geographia .... En la qual se contiene la de- 
scripcion de todo el mundo . . . y particularmente 
de las yndias, y tierra nueua. . . . Con tablas, 
y instrumentos. . . . Venetia : por Jordan Zileti, 
y comp. 1570. 4 p. 1,, 271 (i) pp., 4 1. 4°. 

Giustiniani (Agostino). Castigatissimi An- 
nali con la loro copiosa tavola della . . . Republi. di 
Genoa. . . . Genoa : Antonio Bellono^ I537» ^S, 
de Mazzo, 14 p.l., 282 1. F°. 

Harrisse 220. An account of Columbus is given on folio 249. 

Glareanus (Henricus). De Geographia, liber 
vnvs, ab ipso avtore recognitvs. Apud Fribvrgvm 
Brisgoicvm : Joannes Faber Emmevs^ I530. 35 

(1)1. 4°. 

Harrisse 147. Conuins a reference to America on 1. 35. 

Glareanus (Henricus). De geographia Liber 
unus ab ipso authore iam tertio recognitus. Venetiis: 
apud Joan, Ant, de Nicolinis de Sabio^ 1534. Mense 
Augusto, 46 1. 8**. 

Harrisse 184, Additions Z03. 

Glareanus (Henricus). De Geographia liber 
vnvs, ab ipso avthore iam tertio recognitvs. Apvd 
Fribvrgvm Brisgoicvm : Joannes Faber Emmevs, 

1536. 35 1. 4'. 
Harrisse 213. 

Glareanus (Henricus). De Geographia Liber 
unus ab ipso authore iam tertio recognitus. Venetiis j^ 
Jo. A nt, de Nicolinis de Sabio, 1 538. Mense A ugusto. 
40 1. %\ 

Harrisse Additions 1x5. 

Glareanus (Henricus). De Geographia liber 
vnvs, ab ipso avthore iam novissime recognitvs. 
Apvd Fribvrgvm Brisgoicvm Joannes Faber 

EmmevSf 1539. 35 !•» ^ ™*^P- 4''« 
Harrisse aaS, Additions xar. 

Glareanus (Henricus). De Geographia liber 

unus, ab ipso authore iam nouissim^ recognitus. 

Parisiis: apud Gulielmum Cauelartf I SSo. 40 1. 4'*- 
Not mentioned by Harrisse. 

Goes (Damiahus a). Aliqvot opvscvla. Fides, 
Religio, moresqti/ Aethiopum . . . Hispaniae 
ubertas & potentia . . . Item aliquot Epistolae 
Sadoleti, Bembi, & aliorum clarissimonim 
uirorum . . . JLovanii : Ex Officina Rutgeri Resciit 
1544. Mens.Decemb, 152 1. 4°. 

Harrisse Additions 144. Contains references to America. 

Gkimes (Alvar). El vellocino dorado: y la his- 
toria de la orde del Tuson . . . Traduzido agora 
nueuamente en . . . prosa Castellana, por ... Juan 
Bravo . . . Toledo : Jud de Ayala, 24. dias de 
Nouiembre : 1546. 99 1. 4°. 

Gomes de Castro (Alvar). De rebvs gestis 
a Francisco Ximenes, Cisnerio, Archiepiscopo 
Toletano, libri octo . . . Compluti, apud Andream 
de Angulo, 1569. 16 p.l., 240 1. F . 




Gons»les de HereluMlo (Luis de). Copia 

di vna Lettera: che a scritto Luigi Gonzales de 

Merchado, di Vagliadolit, della India, del Porto de 

baon' Giesu, al. S. Comandatore. S. Stefano Gouer- 

nator di Vagliadolit: sopra la Presa del* India del 

Peru, Chiamata la nuoua Castiglia, e dell gran 

Richezza d'Oro e d'Argeto che la si troua I'&no 1532. 

FirtMzf : Antonio Afazoc At [iS^^'i]' (3)1. 4**. 

Not mentioned by Harrisae. One of the first publications 
relating to Pizarro and the conqnest of Peru. 

GujMso (Marco). Historie di tvtte le cose 
deg^e di memoria qvai del anno 1524 sino a questo 
presente sono occorse nella Italia, nella Prouenza, 
nella Franza . . . Venetia: Nicolo d* Aristotele detto 
il ZoppinOf 1540. Adi 8. di ApriU. 8 p.l., 215 1. 


Harriase Additions 124. Contains an account of Pizarro and 

(Marco). Historie di . . . tvtti i fatti 

degni di memoria nel mondo svccessi dell' anno 

1524 sino a qvesto presente . . . Vinegia : Appresso 

Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1 546. 8 p. 1. , 3 7 5 1. 8** . 

Harrisae Additions 157. 

€huuuo (Marco). Historie di . . . tvtti i fatti 
degni di memoria nel mondo svccessi dal 1524 sino 
ai'anno 1549 . . . Vinetia: Appresso Gabriel Giolito 
di Ferrarii, 1549. 8 p.l., 329 (i) 1. 8®. 

This edition is not mentioned by Hamsse. 
[Heylin (Peter).] Microcosm vs, or, A little 
description of the great World. A Treatise His- 
toricall, Geographicall, Politicall, Theologicall . . . 
Oxford: John Lichfield^ <5r» lames Short, 162 1. 
8 p.l., 417 (I) pp., il. 4°. 

Of America, pp. 400-4x7. 

Holder (Christopher). The Faith and Testi- 
mony of the Martyrs . . . persecuted in New Eng- 
land vindicated, against the . . . slanders cast on 
them by Nathaniel Morton in his Bobk intituled 
New Englands Memorial... [London? 1670?] 
(I) II pp. 4°. 

This is the Brinley copy, no. 3530. 

Honter (Joannes). Rvdimentorvm Cosmo- 

graphiae libri duo. Quoru prior Astronomiae, 

posterior Geographiae principia, breuissime com- 

plectitur . . . Cracoviae: Mathias Scharfenbergivs, 

1530. 16 1. 8'. 

This edition is earlier than any mentioned by Harrine. It 
contains references to America. 

Honter (Joannes). Rvdimentorvm Cosmo- 
graphiae libri duo. Quoru prior Astronomiae, pos- 
terior Geogjaphiae principia, breuissime complecti- 
tnr . . . Craeornae: M. Scharfenbergivs, 1 534. 16 1. 

Sabin 33792. Not mentioned by Harrisse. 

Honter (Joannes). Rvdimenta Cosmographica. 
Tigvri : apvd Froschouerum, 1 546. 30 1., 14 1. of 
maps. 8°. 
Harrisae 371. 

Honter (Joannes). Rvdimentorvm Cosmo- 
graphiconim . . . libri III, cum tabellis Geog^phi- 
cis. . . Tigvri : apvd Froschouerum^ 1548. 30 1., 
14 1. of maps. 8**. 

Harriae 387. 

Bb>nter (Joannes). Rvdimentorvm Cosmo- 
graphicomm . . . libri III. cum tabellis Geog^phi- 
CIS . . . Tigvri : apvd Frosc hotter um, 1 549. 30 1. , 
14 1. of maps. 8"*. 

Harriase Additiooa X75< 

Hood (Thomas). The Marriners guide. Set 
forth in forme of a dialogue, wherein the vse of the 
plaine Sea Card is . . . deliuered . . . London : 
Thomas Est y for Thomas Wight, 1592. 21 (i) 1. 


Ho^rg^ (Francis). The Deceiver of the Nations 
Discovered : and his Cruelty Made Manifest. And 
How he hath deceived the Nations, and wrought 
his Works of Darkness . . . More especially his 
cruel works of Darkness laid open and reproved in 
Maryland in Virginia, And the sad Sufferings of 
the Servants of the Lord there, by his cruel Instru- 
ments . . . London: Thomas Simmons, 1 660. 27 pp. 


It deals with the persecutions of the Friends in Maryland. 

Howg^l (Francis). The Heart of New-Eng- 
land hardned through Wickednes : in Answer to a 
Book, entituled the Heart of New-England Rent, 
published by John Norton . . . London : Thomas 
Simmons^ 1659. 4° PP* 4°- 

Hndson (Henry). Descriptio ac delineatio 

Geographica Detectionis Freti, sive, transitvs ad 

Occasum, supra' terras Americanas . . . ducturi . . . 

Item, Narratio . . . Australiae Incognitae . . . per 

... P. Ferdinandez de Quir. Vn4 cum descriptione 

Terrae Samoiedarvm & Tingoesiorvm inTartaria . . . 

[Edited by H. Gerritszoon.] Amsterodami : Ex 

officina H. Gerardi, 1612. 23 1., 3 charts. 4*. 

Bd. with: Jacobas, nobilis Danus. Hodoeporicon 
Rvthenicvm. Franco/urtiy 1608. 

Hutten (Ulrich von). Guaiacum. L' Experience 
et approbation Ulrich de Huten . . . Touchant la 
medecine du boys diet Guaiacum. Pour circOuenir 
et dechasser la maladie indeuement appellee fran- 
coyse . . . traduicte et interpretee par maistre Jehan 
Cheradame Hypocrates . . . Lyon\\%2o'i\ 39 1. 4'. 

Initium speciminis, ouasi preces vobis offero. 
\Tolosa, \iiQ.'\ (4)1. 4*. 

Verses in praise of **Faber." Bd. with: Martin de 
Valencia. Passio glorioai martyris . . . Andree de Spoleto. 
Tholose^ 1533. 

Infltituta ordinis beati Francisci Mexico : 

en casa de Antonio de Espinosa, 1567. 69 1. 4". 

Icazbalceta 49. 

Interiano (Paolo). Ristretto delle Historie 
Genovesi. Lucca: per lo Busdrago, 1551. 233 1. 


Contains an account of Columbus. 

Isol&nis (Isidore de). In hoc volumine hec 
continentur. De Imperio Militantis Ecclesiae libri 
quattuor . . . Habes quoqM^ lector ingenue suis 
locis ordinatas disputatiOes philosophis : . . . de 
pr^dicatione euangelii apud Insulas magni maris 
Oceani : De couersione Infideliu . . . Mediolani : 
apud Gotardum Fonticum, 1517. 130 1. F°. 

Harrisse Additions 49. See leaf biii recto for references to 
the new world. 

Jacobus* nobilis Danus, Hodoeporicon Rvth- 
enicvm in qvo de Moscovitarvm Regione, Moribvs, 
Religione . . . exequitur . . . Francofurti : Typis 
Matthiae Beckeri^ 1608. 4 p. 1., 66 pp., 5 pi. 4'. 

Jesuit Relations. Avisi particolari delle 

Indie di Portugallo, Riceuuti in questi doi anni 

del 1551 & 1552, da li . . . Padri de la cOpagnia de 

lesu . . . Roma: Valeria Dorico, &* Luigi Fratelli 

Bressani, I SS2. 316(1) pp., [i.e. 150 1.] 8'. 

Bd. with : OTtedo (G. F. de) Libro vltimo de le Indie 
occidentale. Roma^ 1535. 

J«sait Bel»tlona. Novi avisi di piv lochi 
de I'India et massime de Brasil riceauti quest' anno 
del 1553.-. Hema .• Anlenia Blado, iii'i. 33 I. B°. 

Bd. witb: OTiedo (G. F. de) Libro vltimo de le Indie 

JenUt BeUitlonB. Nvovi avisi delle Indie di 

PortDEallo riceuuti questo Anao del 1553. . . Roma: 

Valerio Doricn &' Luigi fraUlli, [1553.] 24 I. 


Bd. wHb: OTlado (G. F. de) Ijbro gltiaio de le Indie 

Jesuit Relations. Copia de vnas Cartas de 
al^QOs pulres y bennaoos de la compania de lesus 
que escnuieron de la India, Upon, y Brasil a los 
padres y hermaDOs ... en Portugal . . . [Stoillaf] 
Aeabaransc 3 dial del mei di Diatmber, Par Joan 
Aluartt. ISS5- 33 '■ 4*- 

J«aiilt Rel»tions. Lettres Dowelles dr 
JappOD. Touchaut Taduaacement de la Chrestiem^ 
en c«s Pays la, de I'au [579 iusques i I'an 15B1. 
Paris : Thomai Brumen. Imprim/ par Picrri 
Menirr, ij, Oclobrt, 1584. 177 (l) pp., I 1, B", 

Je«ait Relations. Relationes de gloriosa 
morte novem Cbristianomn laponeoslvm. qvi pro 
fide Cattiotica, in re^o Fingesi, Sassnmano. & 
Firandeusi occubuenint . . . Moguntiac ; tx cjgicina 
lypographiia loannis Aliini, l6l2, II7 pp. 8*. 

Bd. with : Jeaalt KelMUoos. Lelira noTTellca dv 
J»ppon. PariJ, 1584. 

Jerait Relations. LItterae Annvae Pro- 
vinciae Paraqvariae Societatis lesv . . . Missae i 
R. P. Nicolao Dvran . . . scriptae k P. lacobo Ran- 
fOnier... Anhitrpiae : typit loannis Afevrsi, 
1636. r68 pp. 8°, 

Bd. with ; Jeaall RfllaUona. Lettrs oorveiia dv 
J»ppoii. Pari4. .58,. 

JobsOB (Richard). The Golden Trade: or, A 
discouery of the Riuer Gambra, and the Golden 
Trade of the Aethiopians. . . Lendon: Nicholas 
Oku. 1633. 3 p. l.p 166 pp. 4°. 

Kajmis (Lawrence). A Relation of the second 
Voyage to Guiana. Perfounned and nmtten in . . . 
1596. Lendoit: Thomas Davisan, 1596. 32 I. 

Knicbt (Francis). A Relation of seaven yeares 
alaverie vnder the Turkes of Argeire, suffered by an 
EugUsh Captive Merchant. . . . London: Printed 

IiO Bmn (Laureatius). Ecclesiastes Salomonis 
paraphrasi poetica eiplicatus. Parisiis : apnJ 
Stiastianvm Crairmiiy, el G. Crameiiy, 1653. 349 
(i)pp.. 3l. 13°. 

The Kcond put, encided " Fraiidiilcii libH duo," pp. ti/t- 
149. reUla entirely to Canada. 

LArjT (Jean de). Histoire d'rn Voyage faict ea 
la tcrre dv Bresil. avtrement dite Amerique. Coo- 
tenant la navigation . . . Lei moeurs & fa^as de 
vivre estranges des sauuagcs Bresiliens . . . [La 
RochelUf\: pour Anioinc Chuppia, 11%%. 3. ed. 
34 p. l.,427 PP-. 8 1., I pi. 8°. 

Ziesearbot (Marc). Le bovt de I'aa. Sur le 
repoa de la France . . . \Parisf'\ i6i8. 16 pp. 8°. 
CoDUiiu referenoc tcNew France. 

LetOFS. de La nobil cipta; nouamenCe ri 
alle Indie con li costumi & modi del suo Re & soi 
populi: Li modi del suo adorare con la bella vsania 
de le donne ioro: & de le dua prrsone ermafrodite 
donate da quel Re al Capitano de lannata. [At 
end:] DaU in Peru adi. XXV. de Nouembre. 
De MDXXXIIII. [Florence? 1535?] {4) 11. 4°. 

LaulalBAH. — Orleans Territory. Actes du 
Conseil LegislaCif du Territoire d'Orleans, I804 et 
1805. f/ouvelU-OrUans: de V Imprimerie du Mem- 
ttur, chei J. B. Fontaine, 1805. 361 pp. u*. 

M^W. [Map of the world in twelve gores, 

each i}i X n in., on two sheets of paper, each 

about 14 X 11% in., printed from a wood block. 

Nuremberg f 1533-1540?] In portfolio. 

A line cDdrdioff Che ^lobe, and muktd /foe mamigntifiKa 

mark ttie path ol MuellKn'i circumuvifliicion (1519-11); the 

Dr. WicHr. HcDT) 
the cluim thai Ihii i 

by Jahum Schaoer ia 

•aHilia al Psrttipiaif 
.i,elc„ Tiiniripie.isil. 

Mr. H»m»K, in hit Discetury of i 

diaptnve* chu theory; vid NoEucuaKii>iu, lu uw y-m*,,,,!.- 

Allm, wigoi thii map to the fourth or fifth decade of the 

Maps. Typvs vnlversalis terrae, ivita moder- 
norvm distinctionem el eatensionem per regna et 
provincias. [Map of the world on paper, ii^ X 
%-ff inches, from a wood block,] \BasU, i;3S.] 
In portfolio. 



de K»iitefl (Pere). Relation succinct 
et sincere de la Mission du Pere Martin de Nantes 
. . . Mtssionaire . . . dans le Brezil parmy les In- 
diens appell^s Cariris. Quimper: cketjean Perier^ 
[1706.] 9 pi., 233 (3) pp. I2\ 

Martin de Valencifc. Passio gloriosi mar- 

tjrris beati patris fratris Andree de Spoleto ordinis 

minora regularis obsematie p^ catholice fidei veri- 

tate passi in Affrica ciuitate Fez. Anno dfii, 1532. 

Tholose: Johannis BarriL [1532.] 4 1. 4". 

Harriflae Additions 07. Contains a letter from the bishop of 
Mexico (Zummarraga;, giving^ an account of Pedro de Gante, 

(Henrico). Reportorio de los tiempos, 
y historia natvral desta Nveva Espana . . . Mexico: 
Emprenta del mesmo auior^ 1606. 12 p.l. ,277 pp. 4**. 

Martinea (Pedro). Recveil dVn fort notable 
navfrage tire des lettres dv Pire Pierre Martinez, 
escrites en la ville de Goa ^s Indes Orientales, . . . 
le 9. iour de Decembre 1586. Paris : chez Nicolas 
Niuelle, 1588. 54 1. 8^ 

Bd. with: Jesnlt Belaflons* Lettres novvelles dv 
Jappon. Parity 1584. 

H&ther (Increase). An Essay for the Record- 
ing of Illustrious Providences: wherein an ac- 
count is given of many remarkable . . . events . . . 
especially in New-England . . . Printed at Boston^ 
and are to be sold by G. Calvert y London^ 1684. 1 1 
p.l., 372 pp.. 5 1. 8^ 

MjiurolyeuB (Franciscus). Cosmographia 
Francisci Mavrolyci Messanensis Sicvli, In tres 
dialogos distincta : in quibus de forma, situ, nume- 
roqv/ tarn coelorum ^ue elementorum, aliisqf^^ re- 
bus ad astronomica . . . spectantibus . . . disseritur. 
Venetiis: apud kcuredes Luca^ antonii luntae^ 1543. 
mense lanuario, 8 p.l., 103 1. 4**. 

Harrisse Additions 142. Contains some account of America. 

Ma'riinlHan of TraAsylTanUt^ and Pi^^ 
fett» (Antonio). II viaggio fatto da gli Spagni- 
voli atomo a'l mondo . . . \V'enetia?'\ 1536. 52 1. 4°. 

Harrisse 315. Accounts of Magellan's voyage round the 
world in 15x9-32. 

Medina (Pedro de). Arte de nauegar en que 
se contienen todas las Reglas, Declaraciones, Sec- 
retos, y Auisos (\ue a la buena nauegacio son neces- 
sarios, y se deue saber . . . Valladolid : Francisco 
Fernandez de Cordova , 1 545. mes de Octubre, 
6 p.l., 100 (1)1. F^ 

Harrisse a66. 

Mela (Pomponius). Cosmographia Pomponij 
Mele : Autboris nitidissimi Tribus Libris digesta : 
p^nio quodsim Compendio Joannis Coclei Norici 
adancta quo Geographic principia generaliter com- 
preheduntur, Breuis (\uoque Germanic Descriptio . . . 
[Nuremberg? isi2f] (58)1. 4°. 

Not mentioned by Harrisse. The discovery of the new 
world by Americus Vespudus is mentioned on the reverse of 
leaf F. 

Mela (Pomponius). POponij Melae scriptoris 
eraditissimi tres Geographiae Ubri, multo castiga- 
tius, atqi^ ante hac, excusi. Hermolai Barbari in 
eonde, integrae castigatiOes . . . Lipsice : apud Mel- 
ckiorem Lotiherum^ 1521. 10 p.l., 40 pp. 4**. 

Mela (Pomponius). Pomponii Melae de sitv 
orbis libri tres . . . C. Ivlii Solini Polyhistor . . . 
[Pari J / 1536?] 22 p.l., 407 pp. V. 

Bd. with : flonter H.) R^^dimentorvm Cosmographiae. 
Crmceviaty 1534. The preface is dated, Lutetiae,V. Idus lulij. 

' Mela (Pomponius). Pomponii Melae de orbis 

situ libri tres . . . cvm commentariis loachimi Vadi- 

ani . . . auctioribus factis . . . Adiecta svnt . . . loca 

aliquot ex Vadiani commentariis . . . repetita ... in 

quibus aestimandis . . . loanni Camerti . . . cum I. 

Vadiano non admodum conuenit. Rvrsvm epistola 

Vadiani ... ad Rudolphum Agricolam . . . Parisiis: 

Apud loannetn Roigny^ 1 540. 8 1. , 195 pp. , 36 1. F*. 

Harrisse Additions, ia6. The letter of Vadianos to Agricola 
relates pcutly to America. 

Melg^rexo y Andrade (Antonio Gomez de). 

Vera relatione di Antonio Gomez de Melgarexo, e 

Andrade, Scritta dalla Citti di Qvito a Diego de 

Vergara, e Gauiria, Reciuitore delle Indie per S. 

Ma. Tradotta de la lingua Spagnuola nell' Italiana, 

I'anno 1626. Stampata in Madrid ^^ in Milanoper 

i Malatetta Stampator Regij^ 1626. i page. F®. 

A story of a wonderful bird-monster that appeared in Quito, 
February ao, 1635, of which a rude wood cut is given also. 

Menavino (Giovanni Antonio). I cinqve Libri 

della legge, religione, et vita de' Tvrchi: et della 

Corte, & d'alcune guerre del Gran Turco : . . . 

Oltre ci6, vna prophetia de' Mahomettani, . . . 

Tradotte da M. Lodovico Domenichi. [Venice^ 

1548?] I p.l., 256 pp. 8°. 

Bd. with : Oarlinberto (H.) Problemi natvrali e morali. 
Vinegiay 1549. 

Mermanning (Amoldus). Theatrvm conver- 
sionis gentivm totivs orbis : sive, Chronologia de 
vocatione omnivm populorum, & propagatae per 
vniuersum orbem fidei Christianaeq; relig^onis de- 
scriptio. . . Antverpiae: ex officina Chris topkori 
Plantini, 1573. 192 pp., 8 1. 8**. 

Mexia (Pedro). Coloqvios o dialogos nueua- 

mente compuestos ... en los quales se disputan y 

tratan varias . . . cosas de mucha erudicion y doc- 

trina . . . Caragofa : Bartholome de Nagera^ 7. dicLS 

de Nouiembre^ 1547- 91 1. 8**. 

This edition is not mentioned by Harrisse, who describes 
one printed at Seville in the same year. Contains a reference 
to Magellan's voyage round the world. 

Mexico. — Church, [Manuale secundum usum 
Almae Ecclesiae Mexicanae . . .] Mexici: Excudebat 
Petrus Ocharte, 1568. 12 p.l., 83 1., 5 1. 4'*. 

Icazbalceta 56. The title page is mutilated. 

MeadcOf City. [Plan of Mexico at the time 
of the Spanish conquest.] Engraved on copper. 
[ Venice ? 1 550 ?] F*. In portfolio. 

Mijanfl^s (Juan de). Espeio divino en leng^a 
Mexicana . . . Mexico : Emprenta de Diego Lopez 
Daualos, 1607. 8 p.l., 562 pp., 3 1. 4°. 

Mijang^a (Juan de). Primera parte del ser- 
monario, dominical, y sanctoral en lengva Mexicana. 
Mexico : Imprenta de . , . luan de Alcafar^ 1624. 
9 p.l., 564 pp. 4*. 

Mocenieo (Andrea). Bellvm Cameracense. 
Venetiis : per Bernardinum Venetum, quinto idus 
Augusti, 1525. (188) 1. 8*. 

Not mentioned by Harrisse. Reference to America on q 8 

Mocenieo (Andrea). La Gverra di Cambrai 
fatta a tempi nostri in Italia . . . Vinegia : Giouanni 
Padoano, 1544. 8 p.l., 140 1, 8". 

Not mentioned by Harrisse. For America see 1. 87 verso. 

Molina (Alonso de). Doctrina Christiana, en 
lengva Mexicana . . . Mexico : en casa de Pedro 
Ocharte, 1578. 91 1., 4 1. 4'. 

Icazbalceta 77. 

Monftrdea (Nicolai). Dos librot, el too qre 
traU de todas loa cosis que traea de nnestrai Indias 
OccidenUles, ... y el otro que traU de la Piedra 
Bezaar, y de la Yenia Escuerjonera . . . Setiiila : 
en coitt de Hernando Dial, 15&9. 140 1. S°. 

Mouvdes (Nicolas). Toyfvll Neiret ont of 
the new found world, wherein are declared the . . . 
vertues of diuers . . . herbs, trees, oyles, plants & 
stones . . . Englished by John Frampton . . , Lan- 
4on : William Nerton, 15B0. 4 p.l., iSl (l) 1. 4°. 

Hoiiftrd** (Nicolas). loyfvll Newcs Out of 
the New-found VVorlde. Wherein are declared, 
the rare and singcler vertues.oC diuers Herbs, Trees, 
Plantes, Oyles & Stones . . . Englished by John 
Fraroplon Marchant . . . LoiuUn : Printed hy E. 
AUdt, by the assigni ef Sonham Norton, 1596. 
4 p.l., 163, 173-1871- 4°. 

HontoyM (loan de). Relacion del dcscrvbi- 
tnieoio del Nvovo Mexico : y de otras muchas 
Frouinciasyciudades, halladasdenucuo. . . Roma: 
for BarlAaldme Bonfadino, i603. 5g ([) pp. 8'. 

Contain) ■oounu of the cipediiiotu of Antonio rie Eapcjo. 
of J«D de Ofl.le in .j»a, ind y Z«]div.r y Mendoc. In ijSS ; 
■l» ■ gcognphical dacriplioa of New Meiico. 

HomleB (Juan Antonio Davila). Praclica de 
la Doctrina Christiana . . . Lima : Imprenta de 
Francisco Sobrino, 1730. 17 p.l., 60 pp., 3 1., 
Iiopp. 4°. 
Piirtly in the Quichua lugiuec. 

Honrt (G.) A Relation or lournall of the be- 
ginning and proceediogs of the English Plantation 
setled at Plimoth in New England. . . Also a rela- 
tion of fovre. . . discoueries since made. . . London: 
John Bellamie, i6ai. 6 p.1., 72 pp. 4°. 

Hfin«t«r (Sebastian). FOrmalung oud kUnst- 
llch beschreibungder Horologien . . . Basel: Hein- 
rich Peter, 1537. 4 p.l., 157 pp. F°. 

MOnatM- (Sebastian). Organum Uranicucn . . . 
Kabes in hoc libro . . . expllcatas tbeoricas omnivm 
planetaru . . . Basileof : apvd Henricvm Petrvm, 
Mtnie Mariio, 1536. 4 p,l,, 70 pp., 19 1. F°. 

Bd. with bui Fucmiiluiii und kuullkh bcKhrabDng der 
Horologien. ««.(■, ,537. 

(Francisco de). Norte de lo« catadoc: 
que se da regia de biuir a tos Micebos : y a los 
Casados : & a los Biudos : y a todos los C5tineiei 
. . . C6pucsco ... en las prouincias de las induts 
del mar occeano. Burgos : Jud. de Junta, 1J41. 
4 p.l., I4Q(i)1. 4°- 

Not meoiioMd by HuriiH. 

Ontchttw (Jan). Nievwe VoImaeckU Be- 
schryvinghe der vervaErlijcker Straie Magellani . . . 
Amsterdam. Zacharias Heyns. [Colophon:] Gkt' 
dructt by Herman de Buct. [i5oo?] la 1. Obi. 4*- 

Bd. with WijdtloopiEh «rbat]. Amittr- 

OTledo (GoDzalo Fernandez de). Libro vltimo 
de le Indie occidentale intitulato Noua Castiglia: 
& del conquistodel Peru & prouintia del Cusco. . . 
Soma: nel mese di Magio, 1535. 1^\, 8°. 

Not mentiooed by Hurlme, 

Ovl*do (Gonialo Femandei de). L'hlstoire de 
la terre nevve dv PerCi en I'lnde Occidentale . . . 
nommee la nouuelle Castille, Traduitte d'ltalien en 
Francoys [by Jacques Gohory]. Paris : imprinU 
par Pierre CauUier, pour Jekan Barhi &• Vincent 
Sertenaif 1545. 53 I., i facsimile map. B°. 

Partridse and Flamstead's New and Well- 
Experienced Fortune-Book . . . Towhich isadded, 
The Whimsical Lady. {London? 1750?] 16 pp. 

[Peekhun [Sir George),] A Trre Reporte, o( 
the late discoueries, and possession, taken in the 
right of the Crownc of England, of the New-fouad 
Landes : by that valiaunt and worthye Gentleman, 
Sir Humfrey Gilbert, Knight. London: Printed 
by I. C. for John Hinde, 1583. 35 1. 4°. 

[Penn (William)]. Information and Direction 
to such Persons as are inclined to America, more 
especially those rehited to the Province of Pennsyl- 
vania. \Londonf 1684? Reprinted Philadelphia, 
1880.J 8°. 

Reprioted from the nrigintl edition, and publiihod in the 
PtniuylvaniA Magatint ,/ HUlsriand Bl^rathf.yA. 4, 

Penn (William). A Letter from William Peno 
Proprietary and Goveniour of Pennsylvania in 
America, to the Cotnmittee of the Free Society of 
Traders of that Province, residioti: in London . . , 



Pentin^^r (Conrad). De mirandis Germaniae 

aotiqvttatibus, sermones conuiuales. Argentoraii : 

Christianus Egenolphus, 1530. (18) 1. 4*. 

Not mentiooed by Harriaae. Contains references to the East 
and West Indies. 

_ (Conrad). Sermones conuiaales 
Coradi peutin^eri : de mirandis Germanie antiqui- 
tatibus. Argentina : Joannes Prils^ Mathias 
Schurer, [1506.] 25 I, 4". 

Not mentioned by Harrisse. De Lnsitanis nautis qui in 
Indiam nauigant, foiuo bij verso. 

(Bilibaldus). Germaniae ex variis 
scriptoribus perbreuis explicatio. • Augustae : H, 
Staimr, 1530. 35 1. 8'. 

Not mentioaed by Harrisse. Contains references to the 
West Indies, Mexico and Yucatan. This copy is in the origi- 
nal stamped pigskin binding, with the woodcut book-plate of 
Henricus Kurcz of Ratisbon (attributed to Durer), and at the 
«nd is bound an anonymous German work on Cti«mography, 
abridged from Ptolemy, without place or date, but printed 
probably about 1500. 

Platform (A) of Charch Discipline : slathered 

oat of the Word of God, and ag^reed upon by the 

Elders and Messengers of the Churches assembled 

in the Synod at Cambridge in New England: To 

be presented to the Churches and General Court 

for their consideration and acceptance in the Lord. 

The eighth Moneth, Anno 1649. . . London: 

Priniidby William BentUy for John Ridley^ 1652. 

6 p.l., 39 pp., I 1. 4**. 

This edition was suppressed, on account of its errors. It is 
referred to by Winslow in his preface to the London edition of 
>653« which IS also in the library. See Sabin*s Dictionary, 
^333a, note. 

Polter (Richard). The Pathway to perfect 
Sayling. Being a deliuerie . . . concerning Naui- 
gation . . . London: Edward AlUU for lohn Tappe^ 
1605. 26 1. 4*. 

Pontufl (Antoninus). Rhomitypion ad Reuered : 
D. dfium lo: Rvfvm Archiep'm Consentinum quam 
dig^nissimu. Vbi dum omnia, quae notatu sunt digna 
Vrbis Romae & noua, & uetera breuiter, & facile 
scribuntur ... Et demum breuissima Cosmo- 
graphia. quft adhuc nemo sic tentauit . . . Roma : 
Per Anionium Bladum de Asula^ 1524* Die primo 
Mensis Martii. (62) 1. 4*. 

Not mentioned by Harrisse. On the 51st leaf reference is 
to the new world. 

naldum guillermU de Brocario, die secanda mesis 

Septibris^ 1 5 12. (196) 1. 4". 

Harrisse Additions 44. In the epistle of Antonio de Le- 
brija to Tames Ramires the discovery of the new world is 
spoken of. 

Postel (Guillaume). De VniversiUte liber, in 
qvo Astronomiae doctrineue coelestis Compendium 
terrae aputum . . . exponitur. Sed ante omneis alias 
orbts parteis Terra Sancta summo . . . copendio 
describitur . . . \Paris:'\ Joannes Gueullarius, 1552. 
56 I., 3 1. 4*. 

An acooont of America is on U. 55-56. 

Posiel (Guillaume). Les tres-merveil lenses vic- 
toires des femmes dn nouveau monde . . . adjoustee: 
la doctrine du Siecle dor^ . , . Paris : Jehan 
Rttelle, 1553. I p.l., XX, 92 pp. 8°. 

Prudentiiis Clemens (Aurelius). Prudentij 
opera que in hoc libro continentur. Cathemerinon. 
idest bymni per horas diei. Peristephanon. idest de 
coronis martyrum. Psycomachia. idest de pugna 
aaime. Apotheosis, idest de diuinitate. Amartigenia. 
id est de origine peccati. Contra symmachum ora- 
torem senatus. Dittocheon. idest de duplici cibo. 
[Second title :] Anrelij Prudentij Clementis viri con- 
snlaris Ltbelli Cum cOmento Antonij Nebrissensis. 
Fuit impressum , , . in Ciuitate Lturonij : per Ar- 

(The) Hymns And Spiritual Songs of 
the Old and New Testament, faithfully translated 
into English metre, for the use, edification, and 
comfort, of the Saints, in publick, & private, especi- 
ally in New-England . . . Printed by Samuel Green 
at Cambrid^ in New-England, 165 1. (24) 314 (43) 
pp sm. 8 . 

This is the first edition of the Bay Psalm Book as revised 
and improved by Dunster and Lyon. The two preceding 
editions (1640 and X647) are entitled " The Whole Book of 

Piolemj' (Claudius). Cosmographia. [An epit- 
ome in German, with modern additions, n. p. 1 500 ?] 
(35)1. 8". 

Bound with : Pircklielilier (B.) Germaniae ex variis 
scriptoribus perbreuis explicatio. Auguttae^ 1530. 

Ptolemj' (Claudius). In hoc opere haec coti- 

nentur. Noua translatio primi libri geographiae 

Cr Ptolomaei:. . . loanne Vemero Nurenbergeft, 

interprete. . . Nurenbergae: loanne Stuchs^ I5I4» 

68 1. F'. 

Bd. with: Illttnster (S.) Farmalong und kunstlich 
beschreibung des Horologien. Basely 1537. 

Paente (Francisco de la). Tratado breve de la 
antigvedad del linaie de Vera, y memoria de per- 
sonas setialadas del, que se hallan en historias, y 
papeles autenticos . . . Lima : por Geronymo de 
Contreras, 1635. 6 p.l., 182 1. 4*. 

Quadt (Matthew). Die Jahr Blum . . . [Col- 
ogne .•] In verlegung lohan Bussemechers, 1595- 
40 1. 4**. 

Contains a reference to Vespudus, and a map showing part 
of the new world. 

Ralefl^k {Sir Walter). A declaration of the 
demeanor and cariage of Sir Walter Raleigh, 
Knight, as well in his Voyage, as in, and sithence 
his Retume; . . . And of the true motiues and in- 
ducements which occasioned His Maiestie to pro- 
ceed in doing lustice upon him . . . London : Bon- 
ham Norton and L Bill, 1618. I p.l., 68 pp. 4*. 

Ralesfh {Sir Walter). The Discoverie of the 
Large, Rich and Bewtifvl Empire of Gviana. with 
a relation of the Great and Golden Citie of Nfanoa 
. . . Performed in . . . 1595 . . London : Robert 
Robinson, I S^» 8 p.l., 112 pp. 4*^. 

Ralesrh (Sir Walter). The Marrow of His- 
tory, or, an Epitome of all Historical Passages from 
the Creation, to the end of the last Macedonian 
War. First set out at large by Sir Walter Rawleigh, 
And now Abbreviated by A. R. London : John 
and William Place, 1662. 2 ed. 5 p.l., 574 PP* 

Reiech (Gregorius) Margarita Philosophica 
noua. Cui annexa sunt sequentia. Grecarum lit- 
tx9xum institutiones. Hebraicarum literarum rudi- 
meta. Architecture rudimenta. Quadrantu varie 
cOpositiOes. Astrolabij noui geographici composi- 
tione. Formatio Torqueti. Formatio Polimetri. 
Usus & vtilitas eorundem omnium. Figura quad- 
rantis poligonalis. Quadratura circuli. Cubatio 
sphere. Perspectiue phisice & positiue rudimenta. 
Cartha vniuersalis terre marisqw^ formam neoterica 

ftarlc iai 

I, Addidou 4J, The ■ppendli hu lbs colopboD ; 
b/b. Afrilu. 

m GrMningtr,, Dteimg 

ie u A tmrffl folded ihect wi 

of both cmtiDCDtB, vn porthen 

CO one lide catilled Tfpvi vni\ 

fifkanma ma^imS irtiaiic tit. nod Coiiti. s'rrucii: 
Ihe IVD Wen India iiUndi ire isch maikeil tiaMU : below 
the loiitheni cODliDCDi HppeAn tbe word Magiilrniit. Op 
Ihv otber lidc of tbe iheel ire five piiffci of teit besionlnjE 
Ntua Itrrt dtKriftit Ntua lirre ••ircim^ta diicrifliii. 

Blekel (Dionysius de Leuwis de). Este es vn 
cOpfdio breue que tracts d'la manera de como m 
hi d« hazcr las pcessJODcs. Mexico: tn easa de 
Jud erdbergiT, 1544. [2. ed.] 16 1. 4°. 
HamiK 35S ; Icaibjilceta 7. 

Mth^yawr (Geor^). De Orbis Terrarvm 
silv Compendium . . . Netimbergae : loh. Pelrtiam, 
153B. 4I., nipp. 4°. 

Hvriue AddttioDi iiq. De terrii et loautii Doper repertii, 
p. 111. 

Ronw.— Church. Missale romanum ordinari- 
um . . . MiiUa .■ AHloniui dt Espiiuia, is6i. 
Mentt Stflibri. 8 p. I., 830 I. F°. 

IcubilccU 41. 

B«m«, Cily. De Roma prisca et nova varii 
■TCtores pro vt inseqventi pagella cemere est. 
Rama: ex Atdibtu lacebi Mavckii, Dtcime Kal. 


from Scbac 
Lbe globe a 

Ldditjonl ITS. MCODil dtle. An eiptuUoiT letter 
TrefemnEUbiiglobeof 1SI3. Thii volume ud 
LD of Usry-AO M now in lbe New Yorli Poblic U- 
fie lobject o( Henry Steveai't/***!!" Sckliur, 
S. For ■ deacHpikia of tbii globe. He IllKpa. 
(Johann). Eqvatorii AstroDomicl om- 
nium fenne Vranicarum Theorematu enplanatorii 
Canonea... Nurlherge, per FaderUa Peyptu, 
1513. 14 !. 4°. 
Bd.witbbli: LuculeDtiwnui quwU teme toliiu deacnptio. 

Schdoer (Jobann). Luculentissima quaedi 
terrae lotius descriptio: cu mukb vtilissimis Cosmo- 
grapbiae inlciis. . . . Noriberga : J. SlucAssen. 
1515. 14 p.L, 6S 1., I pi. 4°- 

Sehoner (Johann). Opera Mathematid ... in 

vnvm volvmeo coogesta, et pvblicae nilitati *tudi- 
osot^m omnium, ac celebri fatnEB Norici nominis 
dicata. Nerinbtrgce: Joannei Monlanutet Vlrimt 
Neuberus. 1551. 10 p.].. 21B [l. e. aia], 17* 
[i. e. I6g];(3), 54(01. F°. 
terratriiil globe Beverii] reference* ere mikde to Aineria. 

Selifiner (Johann). Solldi ac sphzrici corporis 
sine Globi Aslronomici Canooes Vsum & expedita 
praiim eiusde exproroetes. . . Nurtnberga : J. 
Stuths.iii-i. XVI kat.Auguili. Ja 1. 4°. 


a (Ursula). The Strange and Wonder- 
ful History and Prophecies ol Mother Shipton . . . 
[LBHdffnF 1750 ?] 23 (1) pp. 16°. 

Bd. vith: PKrtrldn ami Fluutcad'iN'cw . . . FonoiM- 
Boak. [Len^m, itsd?] 

SIImUIiw (Casparus). Of the Conversion of 
Fire thousand and Nine Hundred East-Indians, in 
the Isle Formosa, ncare China, to the Profession of 
the true God, in Jesus Christ; by means of M. Ro; 
Junius, a Minister lately in Delph in Holland. Re- 
lated by hi* good Friend M. C. Sibellius, Pastor in 
Da*«nlrie there, in a Laline Letter. Translated (o 
further the Faith and Joy of many here, by H. 
Jessei, a Servant of Jeaus Christ. With a Post- 
$cript of the Gospels good Successe also amongst 
the West-Indians, in New-England... Londen: 
Jok» Hammond, ib^o. 4 p.l., 38(1) pp. 4°. 

Simna (Nicolaus). Theoricae Flanetarvm in 
compendivm redactae, et pivribvs Gguris auctae. 
BaHUat: ex officiaa Joan Oforini, 1555. Menit 
Fiirtiariv. 183 pp. 8*. 

Bd. with: 0«iBnB Phrrslna. De priacipili AUrooo- 
atMt et CounogTiiphiu. Antinrfiae, J548. 

Saalth (i'lV Thomas). The Commonwealth of 

England, and the manerof Goucrneme at thereof 

Newly corrected and amended. London: 

William Stantby far John Smithwickt, 16J1. 

4p.l..i34PP. 4°. 

Sollniu (Caius Juliui). Polyhistor, rervm toto 
orbe memorabilium thesaurus locuplelissimus. 
Uvic . . . Pomponii Melae de sitv oibis, libros tres 
, , . Accesseruni . . . noua scholia, quae loca auto- 
ris ulriusciH^ obscuriora . . . illustrant, ctiam tabulae 
geographicae . . . Batiltae: apvd Michailim Iiin- 
frinivm tt Htnrievm Pttri,iSii. lOp.l., 330 pp., 

Not macioaal bjr HarriiK. Conuini ■ nup ibnirinc put 
of America. Bd. iriEh; BlliiuWr (R.) FUnuluni und 
huulLtch bachrdbuoff der Horolo^eQ. Biuti, 1537- 

Sp»Iii. — Ijiws. Libro en qHf est> copiladal 
■Igunas bullas de Hro muy sancio padre cBcedidas 
en fauor de la jurisdicion real de sus altezas y 
todas las pragmaticas qwr estan fechas para la 
buena gouemaciO del reyno, imprimido por mldado 
de Juan ramirei escriuano del cOsejo . , . \_Sttla- 
manca: Juan dt Porras, I503 ] 8 p.l., 148 (1) I. 

Koniue AddJtlona », when ihc colophon it takeo from 

boa Aod HiapuxiolA is an U. iifl. 119. 

8p»ln. — Laws. Las pragmaticas del reyno. 
Recopilacifi de algiiaj bulas de nuestro muy sancto 
padre: concedidas en fauor dela jurisdicion real . . . 
Smilla : Juan Vartla: dot. . . ■& Olubri, IjaQ. 
4 0.1.. 191 1. F°. 

HafTiHO Addiiioru 63. 

St«A>rde (Robert). A Geographlcall and 
Anthologicall description of all the Empires and 
Kingdoms, ... in Ibis icrreairial Globe . . . Ltmdon: 
T. C. for SimtH iVaUrtim, 1607. 4 p.l., 67 (i) 


SUdforde (Robert). A Geographlcall and An- 
thologicall description of all the Empires and King- 
domes, both of Continent and Isiaods in this terres- 
triall Globe. Relaliog their scituations. Manners, 
Customes, Prouinces, and Gouerncmcnts . . . Loif 
don : Printed iy Niehotas Otei for S. W., 1618. 
4p.l., il[i. I. 67], (5) pp. 4°. 

Stftmler (Joannes). Dialogo . . . de le sette de 
diueree genii, ede le religionidel mondo. Vinegia- 
per Giauanni Padouamr, Febrara. [1508.] 4 p.l., 
iji pp. 8°. 

Hiiriw ji. De akane l»le nouunenu rilraiute, e do 

Stobnieaa (Joannes). Introductio In Fthotomei 
Coamographia cu iongitudinibus & Utitodlnibus 
regionuni & ciuilatum celebriorum. Craieuie: per 
FlorianH UHgttriH, 1513. 1 p.l., 40 [1. e. 44] II., 

Hirriuc «a, Additiou 41, The tin> nun ue in pboto- 
inphic [sc4unile. The fini ooe ihow* both North and Soulh 
America, the latter beini called Terr* Uofnila. 

StoaBer (Johann). Calendarivm Romanvm 
Magnum . . , Oppenkeym: Jacob KIM, die 34. 
Martij, I5l8. I36 ]. F°. 

StfMSer (Johann). Cosmographicae aliqvot 
descriptioncs ... De Sphaera Cosmographica, hoc 
est de Globi terrestris, artificiosa structura. De 
Dvplici Terrae proiecliooe in planum . . . Omnia 
recens data per Jo. Dryandrvm. . . Marfurgi; 
Euckariut CerHitorttui, 1537. mtnse Junte. sol., 
5 maps. 4°. 

Stoefl«r (Johann). I. Stoefleri ... in Procli 
Diadochi . . . Sphaeram mundi. . . . commentarius. 
Ante hac ounquam typis excusus. Tubingae .' 
ffulderich MorharU 1534. 7 p.l., 137 1-. ' poft- 

Not meniioned by Harrliae. The diicoveryof the new 

StoeBar (Johann). Petrus lordan lectori . . . 
En tibi nvnc ilervm . . . Coelestivni rervm discip- 
linae, atqve totivs Sphaericae perilissimi lohannis 
Stoeflerioi . . . uariorum Aslroiabiorum composi- 
tionem seu fabricam ... ex postrema auloris rc- 
cognitione ... in meliorcm formam . . . redigeoda, 
imprimenda curauimus. Mogvniiae : Pitrvi 

Spvln. — Laws. Leyes yordenanfas n' 
hechas por su Mageslad, parii la goueri 
las Indias y boeo trataraiento y consen 
los Indios . . . [Nov. 20, 1542 & June 4. I543l 
Attala de H mares: Joan dt Broear, a S. del met dt 
JnUo. 1543- «3 1- F°- 

8p»lB. — Laws. Leyes y ordenanfas nueuamete 
hechas por su Magestad. para la gouernacion de 
las Indias y buen tratamicnto j conseruacion de los 
Indios . , . Alcala de Henarei : Joan dt Brocar, a 
S. del met de J»lio. IS43- '3 1- F°- 

Prioted on vaLtuu. This dlSen iliibtlr from the paper 
eopT, ia several pa<ei o( tb« tot, ud ia some at the DuifiDsl 

ThoDipaoil (Charles). Evidences in proof of 
the Boole of Mormon, being a divinely inspired 
record... Baiavia : D. D. Waite. 1841. as6 
pp. 34"- 

VKdl^nns (Joachim). Epitome trivm lerrae 

Eartivm, Asiae. Alricae el Evropae compendiariam 
icorum descriptlonem continens, praecipue aulem 
quotum in Actis Lucas, passim aulem Eoaagelistae 


The New York broadsides here catalogued were part of a collection originally brought together by 
Gerard Bancker, who served New York, province and state, as assistant clerk of the house of represent- 
atives, as deputy treasurer under Peter Van Brugh Livingston during the revolution, and as state treas- 
urer from 1789 to 1798. The broadsides remained in the Bancker family until they were sold by auction 
for the estate of the late James E. Bancker, in Philadelphia, March 25, 1898, at which sale they were 
dispersed. The following eighty-six broadsides, comprising about three-Bfths of the collection sold, 
came afterwards into the possession of the New York Public Library. 

presented on Jan. 2^, but the meeting called for that evening 
was adjoamed to Feb. a on account of the bad weather. For 
the notification for this latter meeting see the entry in this list 
■Oder Feb. 9. The various notices are to be found in Gaine's 
MtTcury for Dec. ai, 1767, Jan. 18, as, and Feb. i, 1768. 


He^rYorkt City. New- York, February 2. 1768. 
This Evening, at Six o'clock, at the Exchange 
Room, The Committee to whom it was referred, by 
a Metting of the Inhabitants of this City, to con- 
sider of Means to promote Frugality, Industry, and 
the Employment of our Tradesmen and Poor, will 
make their Report. It is hoped there will be a full 
Meeting of the Inhabitants, to receive the same, 
that their Sentiments may be known on Matters of 
such Importance to the Community. [A^fw York, 
1768.] I page. 4'. 

** On Tuesday the ad Instant, at a full Meeting of the In- 
habitants of this City, the Report of the Committee appointed 
t* consider Means for promoting Frugality, Industry, and 
onploy our Tradesmen and Poor, was delivered, approved of, 
and Directions given for carrying the same into execution." — 
Gaine's Mercury^ Feb. 8, 1768, no 849. 


New Tork (The) Gazette ; or, The Weekly 
Post-Boy. The News-Boy's Verses, For New-Year's 
Day, 1763. Humbly Address'd to his Patrons, to 
whom he carries the Thursday's New-York Gazette. 
\New York : John Holt ^ 1762.] i page. F**. 



Neir York* City, The Committee appointed ^ 
by the Inhabitants of the City of New- York, on 
Wednesday the 29th of December last, to consider 
of the Expediency of entering into Measures to 
encourage Industry and Frugality, and employ the 
Poor, Do report, [Recommending the use of linen 
made by the Society for Arts, the use of divers 
home made articles, retrenchment after June i next 
in expensive wearing apparel and useless expence 
at funerals, discouragement of the importation of 
negro slaves, restriction in the use of various im- 
ported articles, the signing of the Form of the Sub- 
scription-Roll suggested therewith, and the appoint- 
ment of a committee of seven to carry into effect 
the recommendations.] . . . [AVw York, January^ 
1768.] 2 pp. Y\ Broadside. 

The place of the meeting at which this committee was ap- 
pointecl was probably Bolton and Sigell's inn (later Fraunces' 
laTem, still standing at the corner of Broad and Pearl Streets) 
for it was here that the later meetings were held ; the time of 
the meeting was probably Wednesday, Dec. 30, for on Tues- 
day, Dec 39. a meeting of '* The principal Knot, of the 
Friendly Brothers of St. Patrick, in the XVIth Regiment of 
Foot*' was announced for ik>lton and Sigell's, and it seems un- 
likely that two meetings would be held in the tavern on the 
evening. The report of the committee was to have been 

The ELECiiON of 1768. 

Merelubnt** HalL The sincere Friends to 
the Trade and Prosperity of the City of New-York, 
present their good Wishes to the reputable Trades- 
men and other Electors : and hope they will join 
Heart and Hand to hinder a Lawyer being chosen 
to represent this Commercial City: — —Let all true 
Friends to Trade declare their Minds freely and 
they may depend on being protected from any Op- 
pression, that any Lawyer shall dare to attempt. 

We will remember your good Offices with warm 
Gratitude; and it's requested that no Man will vote 
for a Lawyer, unless he prefers the Craft of the 
Law. to the Business of the Merchants, and the 
Welfare of their Friends. \New York : John Holt, 
February ? i-jtS.] I page. 24°. 

One of the (Mlitical sheets got out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York city, March 7, 1768. The t 


ity, Marcn 7, 1768. 1 he typo- 
aphical ornament that forms the border is used also in Holt's 
'ew- York Journal for this period. 

Mereluuit** HalL The sincere Friends to 
the Trade and Prosperity of the City of New- York, 
present their good Wishes to the reputable Trades- 
men and other Electors ; and hope they will join. 
Heart and Hand to hinder a Lawyer being choseni 

to represent this Commercial City: Let all true 

Friends to Trade declare their Minds freely, and 
they may depend on being protected from any Op- 
pression, that any Lawyer shall dare to attempt. 

We will remember your good Offices with warm 
Gratitude; and it's requested that no Man will 
Vote for a Lawyer, unless he prefers the Craft 
of the Law, to the Business of the Merchants, 
and the Welfare of their Friends. \^New York : 
John Holt, February? 1768.] I page, printed* 
on the back of a playing-card, the king of hearts. 


It was got out for the election to the assembly, held in New 
York city, March 7, 1768. The typographical ornament that 
forms the border is used also in riolt^s New- York Journal foe 
this period. 

Word (A) of Advice. 

Beware my good Friends of the Wolf's griping Pawv 
And the Man who will rob, under Sanction of Law ; 
Nor trust your dear Rights in the Hands of a Knave. 
Who will sell them for Gold, and your persons en- 
slave. — 
Consider before-Hand, mark well his Intent, 
Or you'll find it — perhaps when too late to repent. 
\^New York : John Holt, February? 1768.] I page. 

One of the political sheets ^ot out for the election to the- 
assembly, held in New York city. March 7, 1768. The typo- 
graphical ornament that forms a border is used also in Hoit's. 
New-York Journal for this period. 


'Word (A) of Advice. 
Mark well the Barretor [ur]! replete with Pride, 
Who daily strives the People lo mis^ide, 
Religion prostitutes, for basest Ends, 
And sows DissentioD, twixt the dearest Friends : 
He could tamely see his country's wrongs. 
And brand with Treason, Liberty's brave Sons; 
Who basely strove with more than common Pains 
To banish Freedom, and to fix our Chains. 
Mark well this Rule, by Heav'nly Wisdom plan'd, 
"That a divided House can never stand." 
Firmly united, you may brave each Fiend, 
But if divided. Freedom's at an End; 
As direful Mischiefs do from discord flow, 
Unite in Time, against this common Foe, 
Convince the Wretch that all his Arts are vain, 
That his vile Purpose he shall ne'er obtain, 
This once prevent him, in his enterprise, 
He'll fall like Lucifer, no more to rise. 
[fl^evi Yerk. February f 1768.] I page, printed on 
the back of a playing-card, the seven of spades. 

24 - 

it it LDcloKd witbin a hDrder. 

ibly facld in Mo 

Cftrd (A). Jack Bowling and Tom Hatchway 
send their Service (damn Compliments) to the Free- 
holders and Freemen of the City of New York, and 
beg they would in order to try how the Land lies, 
take an Observation, and they will find. 

ist. That the good People of this City are sup- 
ported by Trade and the Merchants. 

3d. That the Lawyers are supported by (he 

The Difference here given will plainly p<Hl)t out 
the Course they ought to steer. 

Ship Defiance, February the aoth, 1768. 
\Nfw York .- John ffoll, 1768.] i page. 34'. 

bir, held in Ncn York diy Miirch 7. T76S, li ii printed ilia 
■ '''■■ ■- ^ l'«-*/o«r™/fnrFeb..i, .tM,qo. .1.1. Tht 

typographical Dnumnit ttut ft 
the tvDe pApcr for this period. 

C»»d(A). Mr. A»e and Mr. Hammer being 
solicited by a Number of their Brother Freeholders 
and Freemen of the City of New- York, to return 
their hearthy Thanks to their good Friends, Mr. 
Hatchway and Mr. Bowline, have consented, — and 
think proper to do it in this public Manner; — and 
to assure them, that the Leather- Aprons (a very re- 
specuble Body) are clearly of their Opinion. That 
it's Trade, and not Law supports our Families: — 
And honest Jolt the Cartman, says he never got 
Six-Pence for riding Law-Books. tho' he gets many 
Pounds from the Merchants, — So that with many 
Thanks for your sensible good Card— we all say, as 
you say,^ 

No Lawyer in ihe Assembly. — 

Tradesman's- Hall, agth February, 1768. 
[fitw York : John Holt, 1768.] I page. 24°. 

bly, held in •Sim VorL ciTy ll^'h' 

in Holt'l Niw York JsHrnal (oi 

Tbc lypairapbical onunient that Foimi me noraer u ukq bik 

in Ihe ume paper [or thii period. 

PhUutthropos, pseud. To the Freeholders 


York city, March 7, 176S; followed by another 
attack upon the lawyers in the form of a letter:] 
New-Jersey, February igth, 1768, To the Free- 
holders and Freemen of the City of New-York: 
Gentlemen, On reading Mr. Parker's Paper of the 
iSth Inst. I was struck with Amazement when I 
came to thai Part, wherein a great Number of you 
were charged with being collected and heated with 
Drams, in a Dram-shop, lately opened to decoy you 
to sell your Votes for a Dram : . . , I am. Gentle- 
men, your old staunch Friend, and humble Servant, 
Willera Johonas Von Dore Manadus. \Nivi York, 
John Holt. February 25 17&8.] a pp. F°. 

It wu probably inued wiib HoLl'i NrwYtrkJturnti tA 
Feb. 3j, i7«e, with which k ii uiuaUy [ound. 

Batter (A) Creed than the Last, \ffeiv York. 
John Hettf March? 176S,] I page. F°. 

In uuwer id A Pulititat Crtid lapponing the election of 
- ■ ■ eleclion.lialdinNeirX'T'^ati;' 

towed by «- 

, itAB. It o 

lief, lii 

entitled Hyftcriiy iltlHltJ^ 


wonhy notice, and luffidently cc 

rood men. It wu probablv ibuTu w vi.« .--»-,-... 

JtHrHalol March 3, iSe«, wiih which it ii uwially found. 

Vot«r*B (The) New Catechism.— [A^-rro York : 
JoknHoU? Afarekf l^bi.] I page. """ 

luitable I 

: crhuvcter oF lavyeri 

heyTn'N"w Vorkjt'y Msrci 

in the I 
, llwupr 

:inbly. Oi 

o the I 


; Vorkaty, MBTchi, .7«». Il wu prohibl. iMued 

ilh Holt'l A'rto- yirijBHrmal of March 3, 1768, with which 
It ii uiunlly found. 

Ditto. fiieuJ. City-Hall. High Noon, loth 
March, 1768. A Kick for a Bite. From the old 
Proverb ; " One Man may belter steal a Horse, than 
another look over the Hedge". 

"Villains; Fools; Boobies; and Knaves, 
Are Company, which Honest Men seldom 

After the Election will, be published, The History 
ofaCandtdate;Or, the Wolf hunted by the FoK.. .. 

Who— raw for a Nem' Con", Who— raw for a 

casting Vote. Ditto.— [AVw York, 1768.] i 
page. ia°, 

It for the I 


.,./ an Monday Manh 7 
ihen Philip LIvinguoD, 
Wdion, E«l., and Tan™ 
1, biduR received ino, 

wembly held in New York ciiy, M 
The poll wu opened in New Yor 

and clOKd on FVid.y. Matcb <r, 

Efq.. Jamei De Lancey, E«q., Jacob Wdii 
Jauncey, £(q were declared elected, bm 

■n^MnAinoj D«li[e received 870 and jjj t™" '3«wh3« 


The election of 1769. 
Anecdote (An), Recommended to the Friends. 
It is an old Observation, that the People readily 
suspect others of those Crimes and Designs, which 
they find most prevalent in Themselves. [An anec- 
dote of the success of the Presbyterians in New 
Jersey in opposing a Friend that was a candidate 
IT the assembly, by preaching that the Quakers 
held opinions unfavorable to religion.] . , . The 
Independents take as much Pains now to traduce 



Religion, making it a cloak for the mot unchristian 

Designs, should be worthy of public Confidence, or 

disinterested Guardians of our Rights and Property. 

{AVw York^ January^ 1769.] I page. F". 

One of the political sheets got out for the election to the 
asMmbly, held in New York city, Jan. a^-aj, 1769. 

As A Scandalous Paper has appeared, stiled An 
Answer to the foolish Reason for re-choosing old 
Members, &c. Calculated to asperse the Charac- 
ter of three of the late Members. Candidates for 
the ensuing election. It is necessary for the Satis- 
faction of the Public, to give a true Narrative of 
their Conduct in the late House of Assembly, re- 
specting some Matters which are grossly misrepre- 
sented. [A defence of James De Lancey, Jacob 
Walton, and James Jauncey for their action in the 
session of the assembly, Oct. 27, 1768-Jan. 2, 1769, 
in the matter of granting supplies for the troops, 
and in the matter of the resolutions that caused the 
dissolution of the assembly.] . . . The Misrepresen- 
tation about abandoning one of the old Members 
[Philip Livingston] is too well known to require an 
Answer. — He not only said, that he would not join 
either Party, but that he declined serving at all. — 
Let those be reproached with Ingratitude, who per- 
suaded him to that Declaration. \^Ne'w York, Jan- 
uary^ i'](y().'\ 2 pp. F*. 

One of the political sheets got out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York city, Jan. 33-37, 1769. 

Farmer (A), pseud. To Doctor Rogers, Rev- 
erend Sir, Altho' it generally belongs to your Pro- 
fession to declaim on the Vices and Foibles of Man- 
kind, there are, notwithstanding, many Instances 
wherein it is necessary for even a Layman to lend 
his Aid in this Useful Work; and whether I now 
have presumed upon the Rights of your sacred 
Function, I leave the impartial World to determine. 
[A letter chiding him because of an attack upon 
the Episcopalians that he made at Newark.] ... I 
spare you those Reproaches that your Indiscretion 
does deserve, and hope that the World will good- 
naturedly think with me, that a Spirit of Party may 
have blinded you, and that you are not (so) insen- 
sible to every (Virtuous) Emanation, but that a 
serious Reflection on your Conduct, will, for the 
future, confine you within the proper Limits of your 
Duty, and render it unnecessary for me to address 
you again on so disagreeable a Subject. A Farmer. 
\New York, January? 1 769?] I page. F**. 

Parentheses inclose manuscript corrections upon the broad- 

side in a contemporary hand. 

~Lodgers (b. 5 _ 
sulled pastor over the Presbyterian congregation in Wall 

Dr. John Rodgers (b. 5 Aug. 1727, d. 7 May 181 x) was in- 

street Sept. 4, 1765. 

Freeholder (A), pseud. Answers to the Rea- 
sons, lately published by the Independents, in 
support of their ^falicious Combination. The Free- 
holder, No. I. The Public having been promised 
an Answer to the Reasons above-mentioned, in a 
paper published Monday, under the Title of Obser- 
vations on those Reasons : the following Refuta- 
tion of the malicious Calumnies they contain, is 
now submitted to the candid World. . . . We have 
only to entreat you to suspend your judgment, till 
we shall have answered the Remainder of this ma- 
levolent Accusation, being fully confident that we 
are enabled to give entire satisfaction to every un- 
prejudiced Mind. A Freeholder. \^New York^ 
January f 1769.] 2 pp. F°. 

One of the political sheets ^t out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York aty,.Jan. 3^37, 1769. 

Freeholder (A), pseud. A Continuation of the 
Answers, To the Reasons, Freeholder, No. II. Hav- 
ing laid before you my Remarks on the First four 
Reasons, assigned for that Offering of Faction, 
Bigottry and Malice ; the Inglorious Combination, 

1 shall now proceed to consider the Facts set forth 
under the fifth Head. . . . Let the Dutch Church 
beware! The Independents aim at bringing them 
Home to their own Fold, that they may be under 
the immediate Guidance of those faithful Shep- 
herds, the Juncto, and their Revenues employed 
in the good old Cause. [New York, January, 1769.] 

2 pp. F^ 

One of the poUtical sheets got out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York city, Jan. 33-27, 1769. 

Freeholder (A), pseud. The Conclusion Of 
the Answers, To the Reasons, The Freeholder, 
No. III. The Public having been promised an 
Answer to the Reasons above-mentioned, in a 
Paper published on Monday last, the i6th of Jan- 
uary, 1769, under the Title of Observations on 
those Reasons : The following Refutation of the 
malicious Calumnies they contain, is now submit- 
ted to the candid World. [^New York, January, 
1769.] 4 pp. F°. 

One of the ptolitical sheets got out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York city, Jan. 23-27, Z769. 

'SLoikBmtxLUt pseud. An Anecdote of a certain 
Candidate for the ensuing Election. Happening 
to be at Newark, when he first heard that Mr. 

J y. Qames Jauncey], was acquitted of the 

Crime laid to his Charge — — he shrugged up his 
shoulders, and said, That from the Disposition 

himself had observed in the H s of A y, (or 

Words to that Effect) the Event did not in the least 
surprise him; on the contrary, it was no more then 
[sic] what he expected; but at another Election, 
the dissenting Congregations would put up four 
Dissenters against four Churchmen . . . Nor do I 
believe that a certain turbulent, restless, ambitious 
Candidate, would have been satisfied with the Nom- 
ination of four Members, out of his own Meeting- 
House; or even with Four Angels from Heaven, 
(if that could possibly be) unless his own dear, im- 
portant, all-sufficient Self could have been One of 

them. Nor will I ever believe, that any Man, 

would make so many, vain, idle, desperate Attempts, 
and that at a great Expense, to serve the Public — for 
Nothing ; especially one, who is of a Profession not 
apt to undervalue their Services. Honestus. [New 
York, January, I jbg.] I page. F**. 

One of the political sheets got out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York City, Jan. 23-27, 1769. It is an 
attack upon John Morin Scott, and upon the sincerity of the 
dissenters in their proposition to nominate two of the candi- 
dates for assembly, the Episcopalians to nominate the other 
two. The ** Crime laid to his Charge " refers to a charge of 
corruption in his election to the assembly, brought against 
James Jauncey bv John Morin Scott on Oct. 29, 1768. Jaun- 
cey was declared not guilty on Dec 16, 1768, but a motion 
moved by James De Lancey that the charge be declared 
'* frivolous, vexatious, and litigious " was negatived by the 
assembly by a vote of eighteen to three. 

Old Dutchman (The), pseud. To the Free- 
holders and Freemen of the City and County of 
New York, in Communion with the Reformed Dutch 
Church. Beloved Brethren, I am extremely unable 
to express the Concern I feel, upon being in- 
form'd, that many of your respectful Communion, 
are, at this critical juncture, disunited in your 
Choice of four worthy Persons to represent you in 
the next General Assembly; and especially that 



your Prejudices to the worthy Gentlemen proposed 
by so many of your Fellow Citizens, should arise 
from an Apprehension, that they are too iavourable 
to the Interest of the Episcopal Church. [A rela- 
tion of the historical connection and relations be- 
tween the Church of England and the Reformed 
Dutch Church; supporting Cruger, De Lancey. 
Walton, and Jauncey.j . . . Act, at this important 
Time, like those who know how to prize real con- 
stitutional Liberty, like good Citizens, like members 
of an orthodox, well-regulated Church, and do not 
suffer yourselves to be blinded and led away by the 
Chicanery and delusive Arts of those, who make 
the Religion of our Redeemer, a Handle to support 
a Party. The Old Dutchman. [New York, Jan- 
uary, 1769.] I page. F". 

One of the political sheets got out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York city, Jan. 23-97, z868. 

Reasons For the present glorious combination 
of the dissenters in this city, against the further en- 
croachments and stratagems of the episcopalians, 
from a brief recollection of what the latter have 
already done, to exalt their own party on the ruins 
of every other religious persuasion amongst us. 
[New York, January. 1769.] I page. F", 

One of the political sheets got out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York City, Tan. a3-a7, 1769. It is 
probably the paper referred to by Ptiilo Patnas in Gaine's 
Mercury^ Jan. 16, 1760, when he says : ** I am told they have 
industriously circulated amon^ their particular Friends, a scur- 
rilous, abusive, lying, incenduuy Paper, containing 19 or ao 
Articles. ... (1 know not which, as I have not yet been able 
to obtain a Copy of it) reflecting upon the respectable and 
numerous Professors of the Church of England in this City." 

Woiiderftal(A) Dream. The following Dream. 

&c. Publish'd near 20 Years ago, is now re-printed 

by particular Desire. [iV^w Ki^ri, 1769?] 2 pp. F*. 

Near the top of the first page is written in a contemporary 
hand " Mercurv 134 1755 UT7^ changed to HSSX March 3 By 
B. Nicoll^^ referring to tne issue of Hugh Gaine's Mercury 
in which the Dream was first published it consists of a short 
introductory letter to Mr. Gaine, March 3, relating a dream 
that had been impressed upon the mind of the writer by read- 
ing the dream in The Watch Tower, no. xx which was pub- 
lished in Gaine's Mercury for Feb. 3, X7S5, no. 130 ; his dream 
was to the e£fect that a second revolution had taken place in 
England, independency had been established, revenues of 
bishops invested in the new clergy, the act of toleration re- 
pealed, Presbytery and independency declared to be synony- 
mous terms, ritm York under this government for four years, 
and Connecticut united with it; following this is an article pur- 
Dorting to consist of the iuue of The New York Gazette for 
May ao, 1775. relating the constant struggles between the Epi». 
oopalians and Presbvterians. The article was called forth nrst 
by the party struggles between the various religious sects at 
the time of the founding of King's college, 1754-56 • it was 
reprinted probably as a campaign document for the elections 
to the assembly, held in New York city, Jan. 33-97, 1769. 

Card (A), to the Freeholders and Freemen, of 
this City and County, From Messrs. Axe and Ham- 
mer, and a number of the respectable body of 
Leather Aprons, give their Compliments to their 
Old Friends who have not yet joined them; and 
beg they will be Stanch and Hearty in hindering a 
Lawyer, from representing this Commercial City. 
. . . New- York, Tradesmen's- Hall, January 14, 
1769. [New York : John Holt, \'](y^.'\ I page. 12°. 

One of the political sheets got out for the election to the 
assembly, hela in New York city, Jan. 23-27, 1769. The 
typograpnical ornament that forms the border is used also in 
Holt^B New-York Journal for this period. 

Observations On the Reasons Lately Pub- 
lished, for the malicious Combination of several 
Presbyterian Dissenters, and a few principal Men 
of some other Congregations, who have been led 
blindfold into an ungenerous Confederacy, for op- 
posing the Re-£lection of the late worthy Members 

of the General Assembly, and thereby prevent their 
obtaining the only Honour that can sufficiently 
Reward their late spirited Prosecution of the In- 
structions given them by the united Voice of the 
People. To the Freeholders and Freemen, of the 
City and County of New- York. [New York, Jan- 
nary 16, 1769.] 3 pp. F°. 

One of the political sheets ^t out for the election to th^ 
assembly, held in New York city, Jan. 33-37} 1769. The day 
of the week and month of the above is nxea by the opening 
sentence of TAe Freeholder No. III. 

Card (A) Jack Hatchway and Tom Bowling, 
return their Service to Messrs. Axe and Hammer, 
and the respectable body of Leather Aprons, ac- 
quainting them, that they keep a good look out. and 
hope (with the assisunce of their Old Friends, the 
Men of Straw)to run clear of the Shoals, and Mud- 
banks, and escape the designs of those Men of Fac- 
tion, M — r — y [Robert Murray], and Br— sh— r 
[Abraham Brasher]. As also avoid the Reel of 
Combination, on which feeds a very furious Ani- 
mal, known by the Name of a certain Candidate 
and Lawyer, who watches to overset them; but be- 
ing experienced Seamen, hope to divert him by 
throwing over a few empty Water-Casks, 'till they 
Weather every Difficulty, and get safe into Port. 
Ship Liberty, January 18. 1769. [New York, 
1769.] I page. 24°. 

One of the political sheets got out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York city, Jan. 23-27, 1769. The 
" Men of Straw " refers to the Irish voters; " T. Smith had 
said that the Irish were poor beegars, and had come over here 
upon a bed of straw. The whole body of Irish immediately 
joined and appeared [at the poll] with straw in their hats."— 
Y. Van Schaack to H. Van Schaack Jan. 27. 1769, in H. C. 
Van Schaack's Life of Peter Van Schaack, N. Y. 1842, p. ri. 

Whereas on the late Examination before the 
honourable House of Assembly, it appeared that 
Mr. Jauncey, had for many years, been privately a 
generous Benefactor to the Poor of this City, by 
the Hands of Obediah Wells:— And whereas, a 
Report has been industriously propagated, that 
upon going around among the Presbyterian con- 
gregation to which Mr. Jauncey belongs, no Per- 
sons could be found who had received his Benefac- 
tion. — A Friend to Truth, and an admirer of Mr. 
Jauncey's amiable and benevolent Disposition, has 
published the following Affidavits [one signed by 
Henry and Phoebe Gulick, Clement and Susannah 
Place, Mary and William Fenwick Clarke, Jan 16^ 
1769, and another by Obadiah Wells, Jan. 16, 
1769], . . . Such a Character is that of the worthy 
Man above named.— He is a Candidate for the ensu- 
ing Election, and no Doubt every Friend to Man- 
kind, will testify their Approbation of his almost 
unexampled Conduct, by giving him their Vote 
upon that Occasion, in Conjunc^on with Messrs. 
Cruger, De Lancey, and Walton, whose unblem- 
ished Reputations and spirited Behaviour, entitle 
them to the Favour and Esteem of the Public. 
[New York: John Holt? January, 1 769.] 2 pp. F\ 

One of the political sheets jfot out for the election to the 
assembly, held in New York city, Jan. 2y^, 1769. It i» 
printed also in Holt's New-York Journal, for Jan. 19, 1769^ 
no. 1359. 


Freeholder of Liliput (A), pseud, (Num- 
ber II.) A Letter to the Majority of the General 
Assembly of Liliput. Gentlemen, You may possi- 
bly expect that the subject of my last should be 
continued in this letter. That the extensive mis- 



eblefs of your late order shoald be more fully ez- 
plaiDed, and the irregularity of that measure more 
clearlj manifested; — but a;;ainst this you are secured 
by the number of your misconducts. . . Go on then 
with spirit in the course you begun: no precedent 
cao be wanting from past transactions, (or each 
Tiolation of constitutional rights. A Freeholder of 
Liliput. [AVio Kori, 1769?] i page. F°, 

An altuk upon the New Vark uembly for iu action in Ihc 
BAtier of resuLatine election! of reprcientaiives in fcnerai 
uemblr, pubLnhcirprobablf in June On April i6. 1764 on 

" Heav'n knows what the Worthies intend on the 

But they're now from the Galiaws just gone to the 
Froin the Gallows, quoth Tom ? — but it's true, 
People say 
That of late they're accuslom'd to — go the ■arong 
\Ntw York, 1769.] 1 page. 24°. 
A nlatset to the meeting on Dec. 18, wu] to the eniuins 

sixteenth regimeot of foot- 
God aad a Soldier all Men doth adore, 
In time of War, and not before; 
When the War 19 over, and all thiags righted, 

God is forgotten, and the soldier slighted. 

Whereas an uncommon and riottous disturbance 
prevails throughout this city by some of its inhab- 

itaoB, who stile themselves the S s of L- — , 

but rather may more properly be called real ene- 
mies to society: [An attack upon the Sons of Lib- 
erty; declaring Brutus a seditious libel, expressive 
of most villainous falsehoods agaiosi the soldiers; 
defying the citizens.] . . . Signed by the i6th 
Regiment of Foot. [j^iio York, January 19, 
1770]- I page. F°. 
The Utwrly Pole ihu bid been >el ug id i7«6 in tbe Co 

lof tbcnpa 
dettroyed vevenil timea by the 9 

i tbe I 


pt^y Ibe loldier 

ble> ffnw tbf 

oumfilure the/ atlnclied tde nnghboring uveni of l!» Moq- 
tonyc, broke tbe glue ind windan, ioiulled tbe companji, 

nlcfau, and culmiiwted in the datructloD of the pole an 

Tiih h'mA lv*n nm^lned, cilling foT ■ meeting e( the dtiuii 

'onf^^^l".ia. Out'o/fheMtrou- 

o( Golden Hill. A lull account of the 

hy An ImpartiAL Citizen, dated Jan. ^i, ii pub- 

rkei'» Gamtllt for Feb. 5, and ii rfr-pnnled ai a 

:o the Pinntylvania Gatilti, Feb. ij, 1770, no. 

of UUpnt <A). pseud. (Num- 
ber III.) A Letter to the Majority of the General 
Assembly of Liliput. Gentlemen, Though a free 
people may for a while submit to the injustice of 
their rulers, yet there is a time when they will 
awake from their lethargy, when the spirit of party 
will subside, and personal attachment be lost in 
their concern for the general welfare. . . Tho' the 
people may sometimes be ruled by the Vicious, yet 
the government of Fools is always insupportable. 
A Freeholder of Liliput. \Nfm York, FilirHary! 
iTinJl I page. F* 

I upon tbe action of tbe asKmbly aiabturdand 
[lot, for diaqu^ifyiog, and for diBabfiog meinberi 


lion, by bi 

. ■7«9« 


March 7 
Heroluuit (A), psiud. The Times, Mankind 
is highly concerned to support that, wherein their 
own Safety is concerned, and to destroy those Arts 
by which their ruin is consulted. [AViv York, 
Marchf 1770.] 

Drlng (The) Speech Of the Effigy of a wretched 
Importer, which was exalted upon a Gibbet, and 
afllerwards \_sic\ committed to tbe Flames, at New 
York, May lO, 1770. [Niw York, May, 1770.] 
I page. 12°. 

On Thundiy May 10, 1770, Nathaniel Rogen, a Boaton 
bant who bad refuud to come into the oon^Ripoctalioa 
a visit to New \w\\ becauae of a luipicion 

ihaa hajojced ia effigy npoo a ^allows, wiLb 
■iL and breait upreaiivcof hu crime; tbe 

tSal hboti 

lock in the r 

tier iigned ■' The Soni of Liberty/' whic 
10 him. Upon tbe receipt of the ieller h 
hii bagKBge and left for BoMon at tw 
11^ For on account of the proceeding* ani 
'1 Caulle, Monday, May i| 

1779, or Hugh Gaine' 

Bratas, pseud. To the Free and Loyal Inhab- 
itants of the City and Colony of New-Yorlt. 
Friends, fellow Citiieos, fellow Countrymen, and 
fellow Freemen, Nothing can be more flagrantly 
wrong than the Assertion of some of our mercantile 
Dons, that the Mechanics have no right to give 
their Sentiments about the Importation of British 
Commodities In fine, let the patriotic Mer- 
chants, the respectable Body of Mechanics, and the 
virtuous of all other Ranks, conspire, — let them, I 
say, conspire, as it were with an oaih, to brand with 
public Infamy, and public Punishment, the Mis- 
creants who, while the odious Power of TaiatiOD 
hy parliamentary Authority, is in one single In- 
stance exercised, even dare to speak in Favour of 
the least Infraction of the Non- Importation -Agree- 
ment, and who like accursed Villians, — would owe 
their Greatness to their Country's Ruin. 0! ye 
Betrayers of the glorious Cause, remember the 
Boston Importer. Rogers, I say, remember him 
and tremble. Brutus. [J^ta York, after May 10, 
I770-] I page- F°. 

%a.-wu»f, pseud. Paradise Regain'd. To all 
the Great and Glorious Patriots in New-Yorlc,— 
throughout America, — and around the Globe. 
[Signed:] The Public's devoted servant, Sawney. 
New-Gaol, Dec. 18, 1770. \Ncv> York, I770-J 
3 pp. sm. 4°, 
A burlevlue letter in ridicule of Aiexander McDougidl. 


Great Britain.— King. His Majesty's most 

Gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on 

Tuesday the Thirteenth Day of November 1770- 

\Nfw Yerk, 1771?] I page. F°. 

UTingrrtoa (Robert R.) Speech o( Mr. Jus- 
tice Livingstone, Made on Friday the 15th of Jan- 
uary, In Support Of His Claim to a Seat in the 
House of The General Assembly. \New York: 
Printed hy Hugh Gaint? 177'] 


ourt ihali, for the f 

"That n 

. a member ol ihi. houie ; " it wai becauK ot ihit rewlution 
at Livinplon appeared to a»Krt bij right toaBal in the 
lUK, onTan. aj, 1771 ; be had appeared before on Novem- 

ipparEDtif do not aj 

Free and Independent Elector (A), pseud. 
The Senlimenls of a Free and Independent Elector; ■ 
on [he Resolution of the House of Assembly, for 
excluding Judgesot the Supreme Court. The De- 
termiuHtion of the House of Assembly Yesterday, 
on their Vote of Exclusion of Judges of the Su- 
preme Court, has induced me to submit to the Pub- 
lic the following Considerations upon that subject 
.... To conclude, . , . The Conduct of our Assem- 
bly in the Case under Consideration, is directly the 



reverse, and appears to me to be not only founded 
on Power conformable to Precedents, but such as 
will probably be productive of the happiest conse- 
quences to the Liberties of the People. A Free 
and Independent Elector. New York, January 
26th, 1 771. [New York: Hugh Gaine? 1771.] 

4 pp. F". 

An answer to R. R. Livingstones Sptech^ of Jan. 25. It is 
printed also in Gaine's Mercury^ for Feb. 5, 1771, no. 1009. 


AristideSf pseud. To John Cruger, James 
Jauncey, James DeLancey, and Jacob Walton, 
Esqrs. ; The Representatives in General Assembly, 
for the City and County of New York. Gentlemen, 
The Author of this Letter bespeaks a moment of 
your attention; and wishes to be regarded, only in 
proportion to the importance of the subject, upon 
which you are addressed. [A letter maintaining 
that there is no need of an increase in the number 
of representatives as a counterbalance against the 
northern counties; that it is the jealousy of the 
southern counties that New York has most to fear.] 
... Be it your study then to assert the rights of 
commerce, to expand its wings, to advance, not the 
aims of us, men or party, but the general felicity 
of the colony; and above all things, to restore 
concord to a town too long gulled and abused by 
faction, and to deliver the poor citizens of this 
metropolis, from the grievous burden under which 
they groan. Aristides. \New York^ 1772?] i 
page. F". 


Bratust pseud. Important Doubts very inter- 
esting to the good People of this Colony, to be de- 
termined on Thursday next, by the General As- 
sembly. To the Public. You may remember that 
in the late general election for Representatives to 
serve in General Assembly, Col. Lewis Morris and 
Mr. John De Lancey, were competitors for the 
representation of the Borough of West-Chester. 
[Lewis Morris and Philip Livingstone were unseated 
because of non-residence at the time of their elec- 
tion ; the same rule should apply to John De Lancey 
who has become a non-resident since his election.] 
. . . Brutus. Tuesday, the 14th day of January, 
1772. {New York, 1772.] 2 pp. F*. 

John De Lancey was unseated January 16, 1779. 

New York, CiVy.— Mayor. New York, i8th 
January, 1772. To the Inhabitants of the City of 
New York. Considering the extreme Danger of 
storing Gunpowder in this City, which must be 
manifest to every thinking Person; and that the 
Practice is in direct Violation of a Law of the Cor- 
poration, it is truly astonishing that any should be 
so far regardless of their own safety, as well as that 
of their Fellow Citizens, as to expose both to such 
imminent Hazard. . . . Should any Persons, not 
daly impressed with a Sense of the Danger arising 
from such Practices, have any Powder stored in 
the City, I must beseech them forthwith to remove 
it, and thereby prevent the perilous Consequences 
to which, in the meantime, he exposes his Fellow 
Citizens. Whitehead Hicks, Mayor. [New York, 
1772.] I page. F^ 

The proclamation was called forth by the fact that a lar^e 
qoantity of gunpowder had been stored near a building that 
caught fire on Thursday, Jan. 16. The building belonged to 
John Bums, and stood on the wharf fronting the east side of 
Coenttes's dock, between the stores of Mr. Theodore Van 
WycK and Messrs. Ten Eyk and Seaman.— Gaine's Mercury, 
Jan. so, 177a, no. 1056. 

Melancholy (The) Case of Mrs. Ackerman. 
Copy of a Letter from a Dutch Farmer, in the 
County of Orange, to a Gentleman of the Law, in 
the City of New- York. [New York, January, 
1772.] I page. 4*. 

A satire in the form of a letter from Arie Ackerman, Tap- 

?in. de 2^ Jannuarie 1773, and the answer from Z. W., New- 
ork. January a^, upon an order adopted by the general as- 
sembly, Jan. 95, m tne case of a lease of ejectment, served by 
James Jackson, on the demise of William Bayard, plaintiff, 
against John Stiles, Hendrick Oblinus, tenant in possession, 
holding under John De Noyellis, a member of assembly, the 
lands mentioned in the said lease of ejectment ; the order was 
to the effect that the judges of the supreme court beacauainted 
that a member of assembly is entitled to privilege both in his 
person and estate, during the sitting of the house, and that the 
proceedings should be stayed during the session. 


Coe (Daniel). An Address to Mr. Thomas 
Shreeve, Coroner for the City of New-York . . . 
[Ridiculing his person, and enumerating his fail- 
ings ; signed by his] dear, dear brother, and af- 
flicted prisoner, Daniel Coe. New- York Goal, 13th 
of May, 1772. [New York, 1772.] I page. 4'. 


Lei§rl& (Robert). A Letter To Mr. Samuel 
Hake [accusing him of unkind treatment of Leigh, 
in his throwing him into jail for debt]. [New 
York, 1773?] 2 pp. F°. 


Hampden* pseud. The Alarm. Number i. 
My dear Fellow Citizens, The chief End of all free 
Government, is the Protection of Property, from 
Injuries within and without it . . . The Influence 
this exclusive Privilege [of the East India com- 
pany], or rather public Robbery, has had on the 
Constitution and Commerce of the Mother Country, 
and these Colonies, shall be the Subject of the sub- 
sequent Papers. New York, October 6th, 1773. 
Hampden. [New York, 1773.] 2 pp. F'. 


MeeluuiiCf /j^im/. To The Worthy Inhabit- 
ants Of New-York. My dear Friends, and Fellow 
Citizens, You have lately been addressed by a 
Writer, under the Signature of Poplicola, whose 
Abilities appear to me, to be much greater than 
either his Integrity, or Regard to Truth ; and, 
whose fallacious Reasoning is more Specious than 
Just ; of which Truth I hope to convince you, be- 
fore I dismiss this interesting Subject. [In oppo- 
sition to the importation of teaj ... A Mechanic. 
[New York, November? 1773.]^ 4 pp. F**. 

Student of Law (A), pseud. Fellow Citizens, 
Friends to Liberty and equal Commerce. Brethren, 
The man who employs his talents, to direct his 
Countrymen in the path of truth, or to guard them 
against impending evils, is a blessing to his Coun- 
try. [In answer to Poplicola, and against the im- 
portation of tea.] ... I am. Brethren, Your af- 
fectionate fellow-citizen, A Student of Law. New- 
York, Nov. 19, 1773. [New York, \']']i\. 4 pp. F^ 


Poplicolaf pseud. To the Worthy Inhabitants 
of the City Of New- York. The Cause, Fellow 
Citizens, which I espouse, asks Nothing but an im- 
partial Judgment ; and this impartial Judgment, I 
have now Hopes that it will obtain. [An answer 
to the letter of A student of Law ^ of Nov. 19, 1773, 


■Dd to Jfeeianii:, in hvorot the imporutloDof tea, 
the duty being paid at London.] . . . [A'cwKcri, 
Dtctmbtrf 1773?] a pp. F°, 
Boston. December i, 1771. At a meeting of 
the People of Boston, tmd the oeiichbouring towns, 
at Faneuil-Hall, In said Boston, on Monday the 
39tb of NoT«mber, 1773, nine o'clock, A. M. and 
continued by adjournment to the oeit day ; lor the 
purpose of consulting, advising, and determiniog 
upon the most proper and effectual method to pre- 
vent the unlading, receiving, or vending the de- 
testable tea, sent out by the EJut India company, 
pan of which being jusi arrived in this harbour : 
[ProceedinES. votes, and resolves.] . . . \Ntw 
York, 1773.] I page. F°. 


Debktes On dividing Orange County. \Nivi 
Yort, 1774.] I page. "" 

To the Freemen and Freeholders Of The City 
and County of New-York. Friends and Fellow- 
Citliens, From the prudence of your councils, and 
the wisdom of your determinations, you have here- 
tofore deservedly acquired the approbation of the 

AgriKolMn fteud. To The lobabitaots of the 
Citf and County of New- York. Gentlemen, It is 
an mvidloas task to be employed in detecting and 
exposing the many falsehoods and absurdities, con- 
tained in the numerous publications that daily in- 
fest this city ; two of which are now before me ; 
one of them signed AUxander M'Deugall, the 
other a MitdtraU Man. [Accusing McDoupll of 
duplicity and an itching for popularity ; ridiculing 
the proposition of A Moderate Man thai those 
members of the committee of fifty-one that had 
withdrawn, resume their seats.] . . . New- York, 
July la, 1774. AgricoU. \New York, 1774.) i 

Oltlson (A), pstud. To John M. S 

[Scott], Esq; Sir, It was not from any Respect 
which is due to your Character, or dread of your 
much talked of Abilities, that would have induced 
me so long to remain silent ; [Adverse criticism of 
his speech at the coffee-house on Tuesday, July 19, 
andof the resolve there adopted,] ... A Citizen. 
New. York, July 33, 1774. [Followed by an ad- 
dress] To the Inhabitants of the City and County 
of New-York [supporting as delegates Isaac Low. 
John Alsop, John Jay. Philip Livingston, and 
James Duane ; urging their support at the meeting 
on Monday ; signed by] A Son of Liberty. [iVcib 
York. 1774.] 2 pp. 4°. 
Al the meeElDg an Moodiy, July >;. ml Ihe Cilv Hall, DO 

■ poll 0[ 

AmorloBiB (An), pseud. To the re- 
spectable Public. Have a good End in view, and 
pursue it. [A plea for immediate election of dele, 
gales to the congress ; whether one set of resolves 
is adopted, or the other, is of little consequence ; 
two methodsof voting suggested \ all parties should 




Ha^r 'Yorh, City. — Committee of correspond- 
ence. CommitteeChamber,Sept.30,l774, 6 o'clock, 
P.M. It was resolved unanimoualy. Tliac the fol- 
lowJDg Narrative of tbe Proceeding's of the Com- 
mittee, be published, ... By Order of the Com- 
mittee. Henry Remsen, Chairman. [Nite Yuri, 
1774.] I page. F". 

Ii rim ibeteil of the pctilian of Sept. la for ■mcetii: 
tbe City Hall on Sept. n. ifae noIiAcilioD of [he mmmill 
thu efiect. lud the reBlutiiHU idopced upoa Ibu occuion 
demaiag the Klioii of the Comniiitcc from the Body oi ine 
Isluliiiuti of the City. 

Ifcir Torka Cily. — Committee of correspond' 
ence. To the respectable Body of Gentlemen nom- 
inated by tbe publick Voice as a Committee, for 
managing the Affairs of the Inhabitants of this 
City, in the present Exigency of our publick Con- 
cerns. [Petition that the committee of correspond- 
ence wotild declare its disapproval of tbe action of 
tile Committee from the Body of the Inhabitants of 
this City.] . . , Signed by the unanimous Desire 
of the Assembly, Joseph Totten. President. New- 
York, Seplernlwr 29, 1774, New-York, September 
30. 1774. Being assembled in Committee, to ixin- 
sider the Retjuisition contained in the preceding 
Address . . . We give this public Notice, That . . . 
we shall attend at the City-Hall, at one o'Clock 
this Day . . . Signed by Order of the Committee, 
Henry Remsen, Chairman. [Ntw Yerk, 1774.] i 

( ihiutx 


Moodn. Oct. ] 

H«w York. Off.— Commii 
The following [siity n; 

a Gune 

I tee of correspond- 

es] are the Names 
of Persons proposed to be elected as a Committee 
on Tuesday next, agreeable to the Recommendation 
of the Congress. New-York, Nov. 17, 1774. . , . 
\Ntu York. 1774.] I page. F°. 
The (ecnnimeodiniofi of ite ConjreiK referred to wu oiq- 

BiltH of iupcction ; 


ieir plan .nd 


■pcdac to diHolve u. 

md Drganiied 

cm Uo«bT, Dec >8. 



Now York. 

CiVf.— Committee of 


and observation. In Committee, of Inspectic 
Observation, February 5th, 177S. Whereas the 
Continental Congress did lately resolve, [that any 
person refusing to receive the conlineiilal bills of 
credit should be published as an enemy of his 
country] . . . This Committee therefore (the par- 
ties having declared that they did not mean to ap- 
peal to any other board) do hold up to the world, 
tbe said John Drinker, Thomas and Samuel Fisher, 
as Enemies to their Country, and precluded from 
all trade or intercourse with the inhabitants of 
these Colonies. Ordered, That tbe above be pub- 
lished. Extract from the Minutes. Peler Z. Lloyd, 
Secretary. [AVw York, 1775.] i page. 4°. 


No Provincial Convention. Let us choose for 
ourselves The old Five Delegates. No Deputies. 
\Nra, York, Marchf 1775.] I page. 34°. 

Neir Torki Ci/y.— Committee of inspection 
and observation. The following Extracts from the 
Proceedings of the Committee of Observation for 
the City and County of New-York, are by them 
directed to be published. [Proceedings from Feb. 
11 to March 8, 1775 ; and a letter of Isaac Low, 
March 9. 1775, refusing the nomination to be one 
of the eleven deputies to meet deputies from the 
other counties and choose delegates to the conti- 
nental congress : followed by a note stating that 
" this Address was not laid before the Commit- 
tee."] \Ntw York. 1775-] a PP- F°. 

AmerlcajiaB, /^cui/. To the Freeholders and 
Freemen of the City of New York. Fellow Citi- 
zens, Several Members of the General Assembly 
having declared, that the appointment of E>elegates 
to meet in the next Continental Congress had bet- 
ter come from the people, than from their House ; 
they having drawn up a list of grievances, similar 
to those contained in the proceedings of the Con- 
tinental Congress, and intending also to petition 
the King on our behalf ; have left this important 
matter to your nomination. [A plea for the imme- 
diate choosing of delegates, rather than delay until 
April 30 as suggested hy John TkurmoH] . . . We 
have already chosen a respectable and approved 
Committee ; as such let us strenuously support 
them in the measures they have adopted, and fruS' 
trate the wicked attempts of our enemies. Amer- 
icanus. New York, March 4, 1775. [A^^n. York, 
1775] I page. 4°- 

Citlaon (A), ftetui. To the Inhabiunis Of the 
the City and County Of New- York. The wisest 
men in all ages, have observed and laid it down as 
a maiim. that whatever may be tbe particular opin- 
ions of individuals, the bulk of the people, both 
mean and think right. ... Go then, on Monday, 
to the Exchange, and delay not to pursue the ad- 
vice of the Congress, by forthwith declaring, that 
Deputies shall be chosen to meet those from the 
other Counties, and in conjunction with them, ap- 
point delegates for the next Congress ; remember 
that your delegates have, by their direction, pledged 
themselves for you, and don't give the world reason 
to think that you are capable of violating your sol- 
emn engagements, ACitiien. New- York, March 
4, 1775- [^''v> York. 1775.] 2 pp. ¥'. 

Tory (A), fstud. To the very learned, loqua- 
cious, rhetorical. Oratorical, disputative, flexible, 
incomprehensible, impenetrable, pathetic and irre- 
sistably eloquent Chairman. A Certain John Thur- 
man who stiles himself Chairman of a certain min- 
isterial Junto, who stile themselves a respectable 
number of tbc Freemen and Freeholders of this 
city having published his objections to appointing 
Deputies to meet those from the counties, and join 
with them in choosing Delegates for the next 
Congress; [Five specitications in answer ; urging 
action on Monday next rather than delay until 
April 20.] ... A Tory. March 4, 1775. [A'iw 
York, 1775.] 1 page. 4°. 

Fr«MM»n (A), pstad. To ihe Freeholders and 
Freemen Of the City and County of New-York. 
Fellow-Citizens, As it is well known, that you are 

determined upon seoding Dele^tes to the next 
Congrest, and that the Division among you, is 
only about the Mode of seodinfr them, that U, 
Whether yoa shall elect them yourselves, or nomi- 
nate others to do so for you ? And, whether you 
shall have a Provincial Cougress or not ? Common 
Decency required, that you should have had an 
Opportunity of declaring your Senlimints upon 
these important Questions. . , , Upon the Whole, 
since you are not permitted to give your Voices as 
you would wish, but are cenfined by the Commit- 
tee to one Question only, be not cajoled out of your 
Sentiments ; but give your Negative to the Pro- 
posal for a Provincial Convention ; and then unite 
with one Miud. in voting for your former Five 
Worthy Delegates, and Doubt not, but such of the 
Counties as are for a Congress, will confirm your 
choice. A Freeman, [flfiw Ysrk, March, 1775.] 
a pp. F°. 

PhUelentheroB. fitud. No Placemen, Pen- 
sioners, Ministerial Hirelings, Popery, nor Arbi- 
trary Power ! To the Freemen and Freeholders of 
the City and County of New-York. My Friends 
and Countrymen, At this critical and truly alarm- 
ing Time, when every Thing which we hold dear 
to us as Englishmen and Freemen, is on the point 
of being wrested from us, by a vindictive, arbitrary, 
and rapacious Minister, and his Adherents ; [An 
open letter urging the necessity of supporting the 
commitle of observation ; its services, its sincerity, 
and its disinterestedness ; expressing disappro- 
bation of the meeting on Monday, March 6,] . . , 
And as Wednesday Deit [March 15] is appointed 
by the General Committee, for electing Deputies, 
to serve In Provincial Congress (for the sole Pur- 
pose of choosing Delegates, to represent this Col- 
ony in General Congress, the loth Day of May 
ne^it.) — I doubt not, you will malte it a Point, to 
attend in your respective Wards, for the Purpose 
of electing those Gentlemen, whom the Committee 
have nominated. Phileleutheros. New York, 13th 
March, 1775. {Nt-ai yort, 1775.] i page. F°. 

Voter (A) piiud. To the Public. Many citi- 
lens t>eing desirous of seeing the Motion, made in 
Committee, on the 6th Instant, by Mr. Henry 
Remsen, it is now published for their Consideration: 
[Motion that two rolls be prepared for each ward, 
one for voters desirous of appointing deputies to 
meet deputies from the other counties who shall 
choose delegates to the congress, the other for 
voters desirous of appointing five delegates for the 
city and county of New York separately ; the mo- 
tion was rejected because there is a scheme to turn 
out some of the old five delegates to make room for 
some other folks.] . . . Mistake not the Business 
of next Wednesday ; it is only whether you shall 
have a Provincial Convention, or whether you shall 
have your old five Delegates. A Voter. March 
13, I775. [Nf^ yi/rk, 1775.] 1 page. 4°. 

Another Freemaji, fseud. To the Freehold- 
ers, and Freemen, of the City of New- York. Fel- 
low-Citixens. A Survey of the difficulties which 
press the enemies of (he common cause, must afford 
the highest pleasure to its friends. [In answer to 
A Fritman J supporting the plan of choosing dep- 
uties on March 15, to meet deputies from the 
other counties to choose delegates tor the continen- 
tal congress.] ... I intreat you, to receive this 

advice as cordially, as it honestly given by Another 
Freeman. New-York, March 14th, 1775. \^Niw 
Y<rrk. 1775.] 2 pp. F'. 

cU^, Blarch 13 

It delegUEi, UDdl ll 


Iiow (Isaac). To the respecuble Public. A 
Publication which appeared this Momingunder the 
Signature of Verilas, asserts. That I approved of 
the Mode adopted by the General Committee, of 
chusing Deputies to join with the Counties in order 
to elect out of their Body Delegates to the next 
Congress ; which is so far very true ; . . . I now 
publicly avow, that it is my unalterable Resolution 
not to serve as a Deputy or Delegate, if even so- 
unmerited an Honour should be conferred on me, 
having long been weary of Politics, which appear 
to be too much Influenced by Malevolence and 
Faction, and aspiring at nothing higher than to 
approve myself a good Citizen in private Life. 
Isaac Low. March 15, 1775. {New Yerk, 177S.J 
I page. 4°. 

New Tork, Cily. — Committee of inspection 

and observation, New-York, Coram ittee-Chiunber, 
Wednesday, a6th April, 1775. The Committee 
having taken into Consideration the Commotions 
occasioned by the sanguinary Measures pursued by 
the British Ministry, and that the Powers with 
which this Committee is invested, respect only the 
Association, arc unanimously of Opinion, That a 
new Committee be elected by the Freeholders and 
Freemen of this City and County [to consist of 100; 
33 to be a quorum ; to dissolve within a fortnight 
after the end of the next sessions of the continental 
congress ; polls to be taken Friday next ; that 
twenty deputies be chosen for a provincial congress, 
and the other counties to be urged to appoint sim- 
ilar deputies to meet at New York, on Monday, 
May 32] . . . By Order of the Committee, by Isaac 
Low, Chairman. \N4v1 York, 1775.] I p«ge- 4*. 
The election for ■ new cammittce wu held on M>r i, when 
the old mminiitee wu itorguiKd, with Iiuc Low iciia 

White (Henry). To the Public. The last 
news from Philadelphia, containing certain para- 
graphs, purporting to be a letter from England, 
containing imputations, that the subscriber has. 
been instrumental by letters, to the sending out of 
Troops to this Country, to give aid to persons here, 
against America, ... I have thought fit to subjoin 
the following affidavit. Henry White. City of 
New- York. Henry White, Esq; makelh oath that 
the imputations contained in the Philadelphia news- 
paper, above mentioned, so far as they respect him 
are utterly false, and groundless ; . . . Henry White. 
Sworn the agth day of April, 1775, before me. 
Whitehead Hicks, Mayor. \Ncai Yerk, 1775,] i 
page. 4°. 


Oodd»rd (William). New- York, May a, 1775- 
To the Friends of Freedom in the City of New 
York, &c. Gentlemen, I Think it my indispensable 
Duty, when Public Liberty is involved and in Dan- 
ger, to hold up to your View as vile an Incendiary 
and Conspirator against the Happiness of this 
much injured insulted Country, as ever was trans- 
ported from Briuin. [An attack upon John Fox- 


(Emmet CollectioD. Presented to the New York Public Library by John S. Kennedy.) 

Sanderaon (John). Biography of the Sigaers 
to the Declaration oE Independence. Volume XIII., 
Delaware. Illustrated by Thomas Addis Em- 
met. M.D. New York [1870?]. F°. 

The an ot ihe volume cimiUu of the life □( George Reid, 
b* - — - Kead, from volume 4, pas" <9 <° ^ ■<«3 '*7' 'BS ot 
l£e oriiinn] edition of SaodcnoD; otCac—i Itodney. by H. D, 
CUpin, from volume 8. aige> K ID 134: lod ol Thomu Mc- 
Keao, by Robert W»ln, jr., from volume 6, pajei 16. to 350. 

Tb< materia] indexed cenniu d[: autogriipl) i. braid>id» 

View: Brajidywlite battle-field. Inscription: 
(left) Tkcmai Doughty (right) /ooj« Smillii. In- 
■erted in a decorative frame engraved by Parker in 
1795. Line. [New York? iSjoFj F°. eh. 3313 

Lttltr : Re»d (George), l^hiladelphia, May 35, 
17S7. To John Dickinson, Wilmington. He has 
engaged for Dickinson the rooms vacated by Gov. 
[Edmund] Randolph, on 5th Street; his own are im- 
mediately behind them; application for them has 
been made also in behalf ot [Elbridge] Gerry; a 
quorum this day [of the Constitutional Conven- 
tion] ; arrival of two Georgia deputies at New York; 
other delegates expected. Lithograph fac-simile of 
an A. L. S. in the possession of J. J. Smith Esq. 
3 pp. F°. With a wood engraving, on India 
paper, of the Rei. of George Read iVilminglon 
Del. Hu iiij 

Portrait .- M oKeaji (Thomas). Half length; 
directed and facing to the left, looking to the front; 
velvet coat, with order of the Cincinnati on left 
breast. Inscription ; Thomas McKean, Governor 
of the Commotivnaltk of Pennsylvania, Vict Pres- 
ident of the State Society of CincittnaH Sfe. En- 
graved iy David Edwin from th^ Original Picture 
by Gilbert Sluart in the Possession of J. B. Mc- 
Kean, Esqr. With coat of arms below in an 
oval. Stipple. [Philadelphia, 1803.] F'. 

EM. 3313 

No. ii. under McKean in C. R. Hildebura'* A contrihalim 

ts a catalorvr 0/ (*/ iHgravld «m-*t 1/ David Edn^m 

(Reprinted (rom ■* The PeaniylvnoiiiM-™'"""' "■""■•"'' 

Biography," April, 1S94). 

IK Magnune of Hlitory ud 

M.D. L.L.D. Elias Dexter, S64 Broadway. Line 

and stipple. [1B40?] 8°. BM. 3317 

Portrait: Ewlnir (John). Bust; directed, 
facing, and looking to the left ; stipple. Inscrip- 
tion : /, Evnng, D.D. Stipple. [Philadelphia, 
18107] 8°. KM. 3318 

Document: BwIngGohn). rphiladelphia,]0ct. 
: onTCh '-'' -'-•-■— '- •-" '" 
obert Smiin. a. u. a. "> 
strip. EM- 33'9 

Map: PblladelpUa. Penn. A Map of Phil- 
adelphia and Parts Adjacent With a Perspective 


! . lt8S4> 


>ec. 34. 

ill please 
the fees 

IM. 3323 

■ of His 

las pur- 

)n Swift 

M. 3333 



Portrait : Washington (Geors;e). Bust; pro- 
file to the left; oval medallion suspended by a ring;, 
in a rectangle of fine ruled lines; after Houdon. 
Line [by W. L. Ormsby]. [New York, 1870 ?] ^\ 

Baker, no. 104. BM. 334 1 

Portrait: Aitken (Robert). Half length; di- 
rected, facing, and looking to the front. With fac- 
simile signature. Lithograph by Max Rosenthal. 
[Philadelphia, 1885?] F*. em. 3342 

Portrait : Smallwood (William). Half length ; 
directed, facing, and looking to the front; uniform. 
Inscription: Etch4. by H, B. Hall Morrisania N. Y. 
1 87 1. I Maj. Gen, Wm, Smallwood. W. Smallwood 
(fac-simile signature). F°. em. 3343 

A private plate. 

Portrait : Read (James). Half length; directed 

to the left, facing and looking to the front ; uniform; 

oval frame within a rectangle. .Inscription : En- 

^aved by Samuel Sartain, Phil^. Colonel James 

Peadf one of the fathers of the American navy. A 

son of Colonel John Read of Maryland . . . Line 

and mezzotint. [i88f) ?] F°. em. 3344 

Upon the upper marsin is written, in pencil, " Dr. T. A. 
Emmett with General Meredith Read's kindest regards." 

Portrait : Waahin^on (George). Bust; after 
Gilbert Stuart. Inscription: Washington. Litho- 
graph, on tinted paper. [New York? 1850?] 4*. 

EM. 3345 

Portrait: Laurens (Henry). Half length; 
directed, facing, and looking to the left. Inscrip- 
tion: (left) Painted by C. W. PeaU (right) Engraved 
by Neagle \ Published by Joseph Delaplaine. Henry 
Laurens. Line. 8". em. 3346 

Also in Delapiaint^s Repontory^ Phila., 18x5, part 3, p. ag. 

View: Philadelphia* Penn. Inscription: 
Christ Churchy Philadelphia. Wood engraving. 
[Philadelphia? 1880?] 8^ KM. 3347 

Dela'vrare.— Governor. By his Excellency 
Nicholas Vandyke, Esq ; President, Captain-General 
and Commander in Chief of the Delaware State. 
A Proclamation [directing all persons who have in 
their possession public property to make returns of 
the same to the county treasurers] Given under my 
Hand and the Great-Seal of the State, at New- 
castle, the twenty-second Day of September, in the 
Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred 
and Eighty-four, and in the ninth Year of the In- 
dependency of this State. . . . IVilmington: Printed 
by James Adams [i']^^. I page. F. EM. 3348 

Portrait : Laurens (Henry). Inscription: (left) 
Henry Laurens y Esq., President of Continental Con- 
gress, (right) Engraved by V. Green, London. From 
the painting by Copley. With coat of arms. Photo- 
gravure. F'. EM. 3349 

The same en^rraving, on smaller paper, is to be found also in 
^^ Magazine of American Hutary, vol. x8 (N.Y., 1887) p. i. 

MaBsachuBetts. — General Assembly. State 
of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of Representa- 
tives, January 25, 1777. [Directions for forming 
the fifteen battalions required of the state to serve 
for three years or the war.] [^Boston, 1777.] i 
page. F**. EM. 3350 

Endorsed, ** For the Sheriff of the County of Essex.*' 
Portrait : Hamilton (Alexander). Bust; di- 
rected to the front, facing and looking to the right; 
uniform; oval. Inscription: Tanner Sc. Alexr, 
Hamilton, Stipple. [Philadelphia ? 1 800 ?] 8°. 

EM. 335T 

Portrait: HarriBon (Robert Hanson). Bust; 
directed to the front, facing and looking slightly to 
the left; uniform, cocked hat. Inscription: (right) 
Albert Rosenthal \ Lieut-Col. Robert H. Harrison, 
Aide-de-Camp to Gen, Washington. Rob. H. Har- 
rison (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadel- 
phia, 1885 ?] F°. EM. 3352 

LetUr : HarriBon (Robert Hanson). [West 
Point,] Nov. 10, 1779. To Col. [Jeremiah] Wads- 
worth or Royal Flint, Murderer's Creek [N. Y.]. 
His Excellency will be at home today; information 
should be sent by return express as to what supplies 
have been received, or what prospect there is of 
any ; his Excellency will be anxious to know of this 
matter the instant he arrives. A. L. S. i page. 

4 . 

BM. 3353 

The address has been pasted upon the back. 

Portrait : Fitspatrick (Richard). Half length ; 
directed to the front, facing and looking to the left; 
plain clothes. Inscription: (right) Max Rosenthal 
I Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick, Lieut. Colonel of the 
First Guards. 1748-1813. From a print by Cook 
in the collection of C. R. Hildeburn. Etching. 
[Philadelphia, 1885?] 4°. EM. 3354 

Portrait : TownBhend j(George), ist Marquis 
Towns hend. Three-quarters length; directed to 
the left, facing slightly to the left, looking to the 
front; military uniform, hat under left arm; right 
hand holding a paper, A Bill Intituled An Act for 
the Better Order of the Militia Forces. I nscription : 
The Honble. Colonel Towns hend. Printed for Jn«. 
Bowles &* Son, at the Black Horse in Cornhill Lon- 
don. Mezzotint [by James MacArdell ?] [1760?] 
F". EM. 3355 

See J. C. Smith's British MetMotinto Portraits, part a, 
p. 89Q, no. Z76. 

Portrait : LouIb XVI., King of France. Bust; 
directed, facing, and looking to the right; circular. 
Inscription : W. Bromley sculpt. Lewis X VI. , King 
of France. Line. [London, 1790?] 8°. EM. 3356 

Portrait: CharleB III., King of Spain. 
Half length; directed to the front, facing and look- 
ing to the left; armor and ermine robe; oval frame 
within a rectangle. Inscription : (on a tablet) 
Carolus III. (below, left) Eq. Antonius Raph, 
Mengspinx. (right) Raphael Morghen sculp. Line. 
[Rome? I7QO?] 8^ em. 3357 

Portrait: Bondinot (Elias). Profile to the 
right, circular. Small mezzotint engraving (colored) 
[by St. Memin]. [Burlington, N. J., 1798.] 

EM. 3358 

Unlettered. No. 450 in Elias Dexter's St. Memin collection 
0/ portraits, N. Y., i86a. 

Document: NeweaBtle County, /?<?/.— Regis- 
trar. Newcastle, July 18, 1786. Inventory of the 
Goods and Chattels of Mrs. Veronica Peterson de- 
ceased Taken by Derrick Williams & Richard Cant- 
well, Aug. 30, 1785. Transcript, attested by Gun. 
Bedford, Regr. With seal aflSxed. 2 pp. F°. 

EM. 3359 

Portrait: Bedford (Gunning). Half length; 
directed, facing, and looking to the left; wig, plain 
coat. Wash drawing in India ink, by David McN. 
Stauflfer, from the portrait in possession of Mrs. 
Gunning Bedford. With fac-simile signature. [New 
York,] 1884. F°. EM. 3360 

For a pen and ink drawing from the same original, see km 




Portrait: AcUuiUi (John). Half length; di- 
rected and facing to the right, looking to the front ; 
right hand resting on a book ; oval frame. In- 
scription : (on the frame, above) Born Oct. 20 173s , 
Jnaug, March /, 7797 Obt, July ^, 1826, (be- 
\cm) John Adams. [G. Stuart Dei.] Line. [New 
York? 1850?] 8^ EM. 3361 

Portrait : W>»Mngton (George). Bust, after 

Gilbert Stuart. Inscription : Fairman I Washin^^ 

ton. Stipple. [Philadelphia? 1810?] 4 . em. 3362 

Probably another state of the plate described by Baker as 
00. aai. 

View : lSiewem»fM»9 Del. Inscription : (left) 
A. Tolle Eng. \ Mansion of the Honourable George 
Recul. New Castle, Delaware. Wood engraving. 

4*. EM. 3363 

Also in Conrad's Biography o/iht Signers^ Phila. (Brother- 
bead), 1865, p. 545. 

Portrait : Read (William). Half length : di- 
rected, facing, and looking to the right ; oval frame 
within a rectangle. Inscription : Engraved by 

Samuel Sartain from the Original Miniature^ 
William Read Esqre. Consul General of the King^ 
dom of Naples. Second son of the Hon. George 
Read, ** the Signer" Born in the Read Mansion, 
New Castle, Delaware, Oct. to, 176J, Died at 
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 2^, 1846. Line and mez- 
zotint. [Philadelphia, 1885?] F% em. 3364 

Portrait : Washinc^on (George). Bust, after 
Trumbull. Stipple and line by H. B. Hall and 
Sons. With fac-simile signature. 4°. em. 3365 

A private plate ; unlettered. The same engraving, without 
the lac-simile sigiiature, is to be found in the Afagantiu 0/ 
American history, vol. 6 (N. Y., x88z) p. 8i. It is there let- 
tered : Enpi. by H. B. Hail Sf Sons from th* Painting by 
Trumbull. See also Baker, no. 149. 

Portrait : Randolph (John). Inscription : 
Eng<i. by W. G. Jackman. John Randolph (fac- 
simile signature). N. Y. D. Appleton &* O. Line 
and stipple. 4°. em. 3366 

Also in F. Moore's American Eloquence, vol. 2 (N. Y., 
1858) p. 155. 


Letter : Rodney (Caesar). Dover, [Del. ,] Oct. 
14, 1776. To George Read. They have bought 
all the clothes they could lay their hands on ; they 
will try to secure blankets ; they wish to know 
whether they shall get the money to pay for them 
from Congress or from this government ; the 
printed copies which Read desired to have for- 
warded to Sussex were left by the post at the Cross- 
roads on account of a storm. Lithograph fac-simile 
of an A. L. S. in the possession of J. J. Smith, Esq. 
2 pp. F**. With a wood engraving, on India 
paper, of the Res. of Ccesar Rodney Poplar Grove 
near Dover Delaware. EM. 3367 

Also in Brotherhead's Booh 0/ the Signer*, Phila., z86i, 

Z^//^ .' Rodney (Csesar). Wilmington, [Del.,] 
Sept. II, 1782. To Thomas Rodney, Ek)ver. Capt. 
John Willson borrowed the gray horse to ride to 
Philadelphia, therefore he cannot send it to Kent 
until next morning ; he has not been able to pro- 
cure yesterday's or this day's papers ; they give an 
account of changes in the ministry ; death of Rock- 
ingham ; the King's speech is very mild and good- 
natured ; victory of the French fleet in the East 
Indies. A. L. S. Endorsed, i page. F**. 

EM. 3368 

Portrait : Henry IL» King of England. Half 
length ; directed to the front, facing and looking 
slightly to the right ; sceptre in right hand ; below, 
a view of the murder of Becket. Inscription : (on 
a tablet) Henry II. K of England, Lme (partly 
colored). 8*. em. 3369 

From A series 0/ the kings and queens 0/ England, Lon- 
don, 1817. 

Portrait: Richard !•» ICing of England. 

Half length ; directed, facing, and looking to the 

front ; battle-axe in right hand ; oval frame with 

a lion-skin behind, lance with banner of St. George 

to the right. Inscription : Ricardus I. Rex An- 

glorum. Line (partly colored). 8". em. 3370 

From A series 0/ the kings and queens 0/ England, Lon- 
don, 18x7. 

Portrait: John, King of England. Half 

length ; directed slightly to the right, facing and 

looking slightly to the left ; curtain draped above ; 

below, a view of John kneeling to the papal legate. 

Inscription : lohannes Rex Angl: Dns Hib. Line 
(partly colored). 8". em. 3371 

From A series of the kings and queens of England, Lon- 
don, 18 1 7. 

Portrait: Edward II.9 King of England. 

Half length ; directed to the front, facing and 

looking slightly to the left ; sceptre in right hand, 

globe in left ; curtain to the left ; below, a view of 

the murder ojf Edward ; a ribbon above to the left, 

inscribed Occidere nolit timer e . . . Inscription : 

(on the frame) Eduardus II Rex Ang. Line (partly 

colored). 8°. em. 3372 

From A series of the kings and queens 0/ England, Lon- 
don, 2817. 

Portrait : Edward IIL9 King of England. 

Half length ; directed, facing, and looking to the 

right ; armor, sword in right hand with two crowns 

on the blade ; framed in the Garter, and surrounded 

by a coat of arms, sword, sun, banners, etc., with 

a recumbent figure of France below. Inscription : 

(on a tablet, above) Edward III King of England 

6r* France. Line (partly colored). 8*. em. 3373 

From A series 0/ the kings and queens 0/ England, Lon- 
don, 18x7. 

View: London, Inscription: (left) S. Scott, 
Painter, (right) /. B. Allen, Engraver. \ London 
Bridge — iy4S* \From the picture in the Vernon 
Gallery, (left) Size of the picture, i ft. q%, in. by 
ii}(. in. (right) Printed by G. Virtue. \ London, 
published for the proprietor s.'\ Line. 4*. em. 3374 
Also in the Art Journal, vol. 15 (London, 1853) p. 8a. 

Portrait: Paulet (William), ist Marquis of 
Winchester. Half length ; directed and facing 
slightly to the left, looking to the front ; white 
wand in left hand. Inscription : William Powlett, 
First Marquis of Winchester. From the original 
of Holbein, in the Collection of His Grace The 
Duke of Northumberland. Drawn by W*^. Derby, 
and Engraved (with Permission) by W. HolL 
(right) Proof I Published, June, i*t. 182s, by Hard- 
ing, Triphook 6f* Lepard, Finsbury Square, Lon- 
don. Stipple. F". EM. 3375 

Portrait : Saint-John (Henry), Viscount Bol- 

ingbroke. Half length ; directed to the right, 

facing and looking slightly to the left ; large wig ; 



oval frame on a background of masonry. Inscrip- 
tion : (on a tablet) Henry St, John, late Z< Vis- 
count Bolingbroke, Line. [London, 1755?] %", 

EM. 3376 

Portrait: Jajie Seymoar* s^ Queen of 
Henry VIII,, King of England. Half length ; 
directed, facing, and looking to the left ; oval 
frame ; below, an urn, a child with a scythe, and a 
view of the birth of Edward VI. Inscription : (on 
the {Tnme)/ane Seymour Queen of Henry VIII, 
[(below) Impensis /. 6* P. Knapton Londini 1746,] 
Line. F*. em. 3377 

Abo in Birch*s Heads 0/ illutiriou* persons, vol. 9, Lon- 
don, 1752, p. Q. 

Portrait: Seymour (Edward), ist Earl of 
Hertford and Duke of Somerset, Half length; di- 
rected, facing, and looking to the right ; cloak and 
hat ; oval frame, with a view of his knighting be- 
low. Inscription : (on the frame) Edward Seymour 
Duke of Somerset, [(below, left) J. Houbraken 
sculps, Amst, (right) Holbein pinx. \ In the Col- 
lection of the Rt, Hon: the Earl of Hertford, 
(right) Impensis I. <Sr» P, Knapton Londini lyjS,] 
Line. F . em. 3378 

Also in Birch's Heads 0/ illustrious persons, London, 1743, 
p. 27. 

Portrait: Edward VL, King of England, 
Half length; directed and facing slightly to the 
left, looking to the front ; collar of St. George, hat 
with a small plume ; below, to the left, two kneel- 
ing figures, one holding a picture of St. Thomas, 
St. Bartholomew, and the Saviour. Inscription : 
(on a tablet) King Edward VI, Line (partly col- 
ored). 8". EM. 3379 

From A series of the kings and queens of England, Lon- 
don, x8x7. 

Portrait: Cnsar (5f> Thomas). Half length ; 
directed and facing slightly to the left, looking to 
the right ; ruff and cap. Inscription : (left) N^, 4, 

I from a Miniature, Sir Thi*, Ceesar, Knt, A 
Baron of the Exchequer; Born 1^61; Died June 
gtk, it2i. Published Octr, jj^ iSio, by Robt, 

Wilkinson, No, sS, Cornhill, London, With coat 
of arms. Stipple. 4^. em. 3380 

Portrait: Rodney (Caesar). Half length; 
profile to the right. Inscription : Etchd, by H, B, 
Hall from Drawing in Collection of D^, T, A, 
Emmet 1S71, \ Casar Rodney (fac-simile signature). 
[New York.] F*. em. 3381 

A private plate. For the drawing mentioned see bm. x6za. 

Utter : Kolloek (Jacob). Lewis, [Del.,] Tan. 

26, 1764. To . Reports that a brig from 

Jamaica, one Fisher master, was stranded the day 
before ; Polly, the daughter of his correspondent, 
<:ontinues in good health. A. L. S. yi page. 8". 

EM. 3382 

Letter : De Berdt (Dennis). London, Jan. 2, 
1769. To the Select Men of Boston. Acknowl- 
edges letter of Nov. 12th with affidavits relating to 
the misbehavior of the troops ; he carried them to 
Lord Hillsborough, who said he had already seen 
those from Gov. Pownal ; thinks the latter is under 
the influence of that nobleman ; he has now put the 
affidavits into the hands of a nobleman who is an 
invariable friend to the colonists ; expresses sym- 
pathy with their position ; they are grossly misrep- 
resented, while misconduct of the officers and the 
military is always diminished ; he hopes that they 

will persevere in cool and moderate measures, and 
demonstrate that the troops are needless. L. S. 
2 pp. and I leaf with the address, " To Joshua 
Henshaw Esqr Merchant in Boston." 4**. em. 3383 

The address has been pasted apon the back of page 3. 

Portrait : Bead (George). Half length ; di- 
rected slightly to the left, facing and looking to the 
right ; papers in left hand. Inscription : [En- 
graved by Samuel Sartain from the Picture in In- 
dependence Hall, Geo, Read (fac-simile signature). 
A signer of the Declaration of Independence, and 
a framer of the constitution of the United States.'] 
Mezzotint. 8"". em. 3384 

The margins and letterin||^ have been trimmed awav. Also 
in the Magazine of American History, vol. 13 (N. Y., 1885) 
p. 3*3- 

View : Philadelphia, Penn, Inscription : 

State House at Philctdelphia, 400 Feet in Length 

and 100 in Depth, built of Brick with Freestone 

Cornices, Aquatint. 12'. EM. 3385 

Also in H. Wansey*s Excursion to the United States of 
North A merica, in the summer of Mfqi, Salisbury, 1796, 

Portrait : George III«» King of Great Britain, 
Half length ; profile to the left ; flowered coat, and 
sash ; oval ; after Meyer. Inscription : (above) 
George the Third King of Great Britain &*c &*c. 
Mezzotint [by J. Spilsbury?]. [London, 1761 ?] 
8°. EM. 3386 

See J. C. Smith's British MeMgotinto Portraits, part 3, 
p. 1329, no. zga ; and Bromley's Catalogue of engraved Brit- 
ish portraits, p. 320. 

Portrait: Mercer (Hugh). Half length; in 
uniform ; after the portrait by Trumbull. Inscrip- 
tion : (right)/. W", Orr N, Y, I Gen, Hugh Mer- 
cer. Wood engraving, [i860?] 12°. em. 3387 

Portrait: Putnam (Israel). Three-quarters 

length ; right elbow resting on a cannon ; glove in 

right hand, left hand on side ; battery firing in 

right background. Stipple. [New York? 1850?] 

12'. EM. 3388 

Unlettered. The mezzotint from which this was made has 
been described as km. 2442. It was published in London in 
1775, and is reproduced in J. C. Smith's British Meuotinto 
Portraits, part 4, p. 1716 ; also in Winsor's Narrative and 
critical history of America, vol. 6 ^Boston, 1888) p. 192, and 
in Fiske's American Revolution, vol. i (Boston, 1897) p. z3x< 

View : Morrlstownt iV. J, Inscription : The 

Ford Mansion, Small wood engraving. EM. 3389 

The same cut, lettered IVashington's Head-quarters at 
Morristown, is to be found in Loasing's Field-book, vol. z 
(N. Y., 1851) p. 309. 

View : MorFiatowa* N, f. Inscription : Pub- 
lic Square at Morristown, N.J, Wood engraving. 
8*. EM. 3390 

Also in Barber and Howe's Historical Collections of Neve 
fersey, N. Y., 1844, p. 384. 

Document : Delaware. — ^Governor. Mar. lo, 
1777* Commission appointing Caesar Rodney 
Brigadier General of the two battalions of militia 
in Kent County and of the western battalion in 
Sussex County. Printed form filled in. D. S., 
Jno McKinly. Countersigned by Ja» Booth secy. 
Endorsed, i page. F'. em. 3391 

Portrait: WaBhinflfton (George). Bust; 
profile to the left ; velvet coat ; from a miniature 
by James Sharpless. Inscription : G* : Washington 
(tac-simile signature), (right) Private plate. Line 
engraving [by H. B. Hall]. [New York, 1870?] 
F*. EM. 339* 

Baker, no. 394. 



Portrait : Olat (Monlecai). Half leDgth ; 
seated ; aDifonn and cocked hat. Stipple engrav- 
ing [by W. A. Wilmer]. 8°. bm. 3393 

Uolettcrcd. A peadl dou nadi, *' From Looffacn'i Pri- 
T»w Colkoioo." A proof befffl-e leller of Ihe engmving In 
On Ifatinat Psrlrail Gailtry, TOl. 4, PtliU., 1839. 

View : Sohnylklll River. InscriptioD : 
(left) Painttd by J. Sluiw. (right) Engraved by J. 
ma. I View aiffvi lie Fallt of SchuylHll. Pub. 
Hiked by M. Carey &• Sen Philadelphia. Aquatint 
<color«d). [1820?] F". KM. 3394 

Lttler : North (Frederick), ad Earte/Gml/Brd. 


by an order of the Council directing that the blank- 
ets collected by him be deposited with Gerard 
Hopkioa of Baltimore, Signed, R. Ridgely 01. Co. 
On the back is pnoted Four Sections of an Act 
. . . to promote the Recruiting Service, prescribing 
the duties of blanket collectors, a pp. F. KM. 3396 
Portrait : Washington (Gcoi^). Bust ; di- 
rected and facing to the right, loolfiQg to the front ; 
plain clothes ; ovat within a rectangle. Inscription : 
Eng^ if fVm. E. Marthall, from a Portrait by 
Guiligker, belonging to E. Belknap Esq. George 
WasAittgioH. Uoe. 8°, KH. 3397 

fuC oppodtion]. [PhilaiUlpMia, 1773.] i pagfe. 
F°. BH. 3408 

KildcbnrD, no. 3949. 

Letter : White (John). Annapolis, Mar. 33, 
1789. To the Governor and Council of Maryland. 
He has been to New York to lay the claims ot 
Maryland before the board appointed by Congress; 
enters at len^h upon the subject of the accounts of 
Maryland with the United States for expenses in- 
curred during: the war; recommends that certain 
additional clfums should be sent forward, to con- 
form with the charges made by Pennsylvania and 
other states; in the case of the moneys advanced to 
the state for continental purposes, the question of 
depreciation previous to expenditure must be con- 
sidered. A. L. S. 9 pp. F°. EM. 3409 
Wlilte (John). Annapolis, June I, 1785. The 
subscriber, having been duly appointed to succeed 
the late Mr. Kourse as commissioner lo settle the 
accounts between the United States and the sUte 
of Maryland [gives notice that all claimants must 
present their demands at his office within twelve 
months]. [AHnafcHi, 1785.] i page. 12°. 

EM. 3410 

Portrait; DaJI&a (Alexander James). Half 
length; directed and facing to the left, looking to 
the front. Inscnption : <above, right) 30 (below, 
left) Painted by G. Stuart, (centre) Published by 
W. H. Morgan rif Chesnut St. PiUad". 1S18. 
(right) Engrat/d by Goodman St" Piggot. \ A. J. 
Dallai Eiq. Stipple. F°. EM. 3411 

Portrait : Thomson (Charles). Bust; directed, 
facing, and looking to the front. Inscription : 
Ckarltt Thomion, Seeretary of (hi Continental Can. 
gras. Lithograpli [by Max Rosenthal?] [Phila- 
delphia. 1S85?] 8°. EM. 34i> 

United StetoB. — Congress. Continental, 177s- 
1789. In Congress, December 31, 1776. Re- 
solved [that restrictions on the exportation of staves, 
except to places under the dominion of Great 
Britain, cease]. Baltimore; Printed by John Dun- 
lap [1776]- I page. 4°. «M. 3413 

S^Jturm-Un/C,,^,.,, Dk. 3,, .,7*. 

View ,- PhlUdelphU. Penn. Seven small 
oval views, with vine-leaf borders. Inscriptions : 
Hall of Indtpendmce — front. Nail of Independence 
— rear. Carpenters' Hall. House in which the 
Declaration was written, S. W. Corner Market and 
Seventh Sis. Carpenters' Hall-inlerior. Hall of 

Col. [Lewis] Farmer will want certain quantities of 
cloth, shirts, shoes, etc.; unless these articles are 
now on the road, he will be entirely out of clothing 
tomorrow, and it is to be feared that the soldiers 
will begin to be troublesome; the New Jersey line 
has revolted; tbey are posted near Chatham with 
two pieces of artillery. A. L. S. i page. Y". 

EM. 341 s 
Tbc iddrat hu b«D puted apon ihe back. Prinled in 
Pnna. Archivet, voL BCPhils., iSjj) p. 71.. 

/'er/raif .- MUes (Samaet). Half length; di- 
rected and facing; to the right, looking to the front. 

With fac-simile signature. Line and mezzotint. 
4°. w*. 3416 

Tlie •ttme enirraviiu on mmlkr paper li to be foaod in 
AaM. 'InAiiwi, idiet., vol. i<i(HuiiibiiiE, ittu) p. 191. 

Portrait : Aduaa (John). Inscription : En- 
graved by J. B. Longacre from a Painting by B. 
Otis after the Portrait by C. Stuart. John Adams. 
John Adams (fac-simile sigtmture) (right) Printed 
by H. Quig. Stipple. 8*. BM, 3417 

A pendl Dotc itatct that it b » " Prtuf fitHQ Loogure'i 
CoUeclioD." Alio in Ihe National Purlrait GaUerj. vol. 4 
(Pbilii., iSjq) fioDCiipiece. 

Portrait; Howo(William), J/<S Viscount Hone. 
Half length ; directed to the front, facing and look- 
ing downward to the left. Inscription ; J. Rogers. 
Gen. Sir William Howe British Commander in 
Chief, &-e. &'c. (Prom an English print, 1777.) 
(nght) Printed by IV. Pale. W. ^omr (fac-simile 
signature). New York G. P. Putnam &• Co. Etch- 
ing. F*. EM. 3418 

The nme eorravioE. on imaller paper, ii 10 be frand alio in 
Irving'i Waihintton, ,' ed.. vol. 1 (N. V., 1S57) p. 15°- 

Portrait: H»le (Sir Matthew). Three quarters 
length; directed and facing slightly to the right, 
looking to the front; right hand at girdle, scroll in 
left; ermine rol>es. Inscription : (on a Ublet) ^. 
Matthew HaU K'. Lord Chief JusHce of Hii 
Majesiyi Court of Kin^s Bench, (below, left) 
Mtchael Wright pinx' . (right) Geo: Vertue sculp. 
'735- I Prom an Original painting in Guildhall 
London. With coat of arms. Line. F°. EU. 3419 

Tbii u probablv tbc cngnvinje n 
p. .19. H prc&Kd lo "-'-'- "'— 


Porh-ait: CroBawell (Oliver). Half length; 
directed and facing to the right, looking to the 
front; in armor; oval frame within a rectangle. 
Inscription : (on a tablet) Olivier Cromwel, Pro- 
tector Anglia. Line. [Paris? 1700?] F°. 

EM. 34*0 

/'or/raiV.-RiutInfi;toD(Samuel). Half length; 
profile to the left. Inscription : Engraved by J. 
C. Butire, New York. Sam'l, Huntington (tac 
simile signature) Samuel Huntington, LL.D. Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut and President of Congress. 
Line and meiiotint. 8°. em. 3431 

Ako in J. C. Buttre'l Ameriean I 
N. Y., 1877, ud in E. D. Luned'i .... 
Cnniy, vol. a (Worceiter, iBSo) p. 136. 

Portrait; Hmnson (John). Bost; directed 
slightly to the right, facing and looking to the 
front. Inscription ; Etch'', by H. B. Hall from 
the original in the State House, Philade^hia, 1871. 

signature). [New York.] 

EM. 3431 

Portrait : Dr»rton (William Heory). Bust; 
profile to the left. Inscription : Etch4. by H. B. 

Portrait ; Howa (William), jM Viscount Howe. 
Bust; directed to the front, facing and looking to 
[he right; uniform and cocked hat. Inscription: 
Etch-Tty H. B. Hall, Morrisania, N. Y. iSja. \ 
Gen. Sir William Howe. W Howe (facsimile 
signature). F°. BU. 3414 


LttUr : NieoUr (Lewis). Easton, [Penn.,] Apr. 

a, 1778. To . One of the British prisoners 

escaped the night before, and one of bis owd men 
has deserted \ he asks that the outposts be directed 
to keep a watchful eye OQ all passengers. A.L.S. 
Endorsed. I page. 4°. em. 3415 

Ptrrtrait : Greene (Nalhanael). Half length; 
directed and facing slightly to the left, looking to 
the front Inscription: Natk Greene (fac-simile 
signature). Eng^ by H. S. Hall &• Sons, jWjc 
Yiirk. Stipple. F°. EM. 3426 

The tame Humvins. nolettcKd. Ii to be found ia Irii 

Informs him of his election 
sent Pennsylvania in Coi 
Mifflin, Speaker. I page. 

rected, facing, and lookin 
waistcoat; oval frame. In 
ion. President ef the U 

AIk io Juna Hirdie'i Ring 

Amtrican Ktmimiranctr. vol. 1 

Lelltr: Boaa (James). 

Uati in jUni Tn 1 Tin.. 



Letter: Serfl^aat (John). Washington, [D. C.,] 
Jan. I, 1829. To W[illiam] L[ecte] Stone [New 
York]. Owing to the short time in which Coagreaa 
will remain in session, it would be impossible to 
carry through any measure on the subject [slavery] 
mentioned in Stone's letter of the 28th; for the 
same reason, this is not the time for public meet- 
ings; petitions, however, ought to be got up, and 
the public mind kept directed to the subject; in the 
South, there is entire union; every individual feels 
the question as his own concern ; it is not so in the 
North; as for the District, there is no reason why 
slavery should not be abolished .there; he would- 
not invade the rights of the southerners, nor wound 
their feelings, but they are unreasonably sensitive, 
and would exclude even consideration of slavery; 
he will cooperate in any plan, but does not think 
the present a favorable time. A. L. S. 3 pp. 4''. 

EM. 3444 

Portrait: Biddle (Nicholas). Half length; 

right arm resting on table. [Engraved by J. B. 

Longacre and T. B. Welch after a painting by 

Rembrandt Peale.] Line and stipple. 8°. 

EM. 3445 

Apparently a proof before letter of the plate in the National 
Portrait GaUtry^ vol. 4, Phila., 1839. 

Letter : Ingham (Samuel Delucenna). Har- 
risburg, [Penn.,] Dec. 17, 1819. To William R. 
Smith, Judge Advocate of the 2d Brigade, loth 
Division. The Governor desires him to forward 
to this place the proceedings of the court martial 
that were returned to him from this office. L. S. , 
S. D. Ingham, Secy, i page. 4°. em. 3446 

Portrait : Ing^ham (Samuel Delucenna). Half 
length; directed, facing, and looking to the left. 
Inscription: (left) Moore Pinx. (centre) on stone 
(right) Childs Direx. \ Samuel D. Ingham of Penn- 
sylvania Secretary of the Treasury. Printed by 
Pendleton, Kearny <Sr» Childs, Philad**, Lithograph. 
[1830?] 8''. EM. 3447 

View : Washini^ont D. C, Inscription : 
(left) W. H, BartUtt, (right)/. N. Gimbrede, \ 
Washington, from the Presidents House. Line. 
[New York ? 1840 ?] 8\ em. 3448 

An almost exactly similar ens^raving by H. Wallis, from 
the same original, is to be found m N. P. Willis's American 
Scenery, vol. a (London, 1840) p. 49. 

Portrait: Napoleon I.f Emperor of the 
French, Full length; standing before a camp fire. 
Inscription: (left) Drawn by CAar/^/ (right) Eng<i. 
by IV. Brett \ Un Bivouac. Mezzotint. [London ? 
1840?] F°. EM. 3449 

Portrait: Louis XVI«» King of France. 
Three quarters length; directed to the left, facing 
and looking to the front; embroidered coat; cour- 
tiers behind. Inscription: (left) Raffet del. (right) 
Audibransc. termini par Hopwood. \ Louis XVI. 
Paris, Public par Furne et fV. Coquebert. Stipple 
and line. [1840?] 8°. em. 3450 

Massacre of the French King! View of La 
Guillotine; or the modem Beheading Machine, at 
Paris. By which the unfortunate Louis XVI. (late 
King of France) suffered on the Scaffold, January 
2 1 St, 1793. [Description of the execution, with a 
wood-cut.] London: Printed at the Minerva Office, 
for William Lane [1793]. i page. F°. 

EM. 3451 

Letter : McKean (Thomas). Philadelphia, 
Feb. 3, 1810. To James Madison, Washington. 
Introduces Henry Pratt, who escorts Miss Elisa 
Pratt and Sophia Dorothea McKean to pay their 
respects to Mrs. Madison; his daughters Ymjo and 
Sophia have always expressed the greatest regard 
for the attention extended by Mrs. Madison; he 
himself is now one of the Sovereign People, and at- 
tends particularly to his private affairs; the com- 
mencement of Madison's administration has been 
as propitious as could reasonably have been ex- 
pected; in this country, an angel from heaven could 
not command universal approbation; though in a 
private station, and advanced in age, he is still 
concerned for his country's happiness. A. L. S. 
2 pp. , and I leaf with the address and endorse- 
ment. 4'. EM. 3452 

View: Philadelphiat Penn. Inscription: 
(left) Designed dr* Published by W. Birch Enamel 
Painter . 1800. \ Back of the State House, Phila- 
delphia. Line. F°. em. 3453 

Also in Birch's Philadelphia in iSoo, Phila., xSoo. 

Portrait: Washinfl^n (George). Bust; pro- 
file to the left; uniform; silhouette. Inscription: 
Geo. Washington Esq^. President of the United 
States. From his Profile taken in lygr. y€tat. jg. 
Published by /. Easton, Salisbury, lygb. Stipple. 
8^ EM. 3454 

Also in Henry Wansey's Excursion to the U. S. in the 
summer 0/17^4, Salisbury, 1796, frontispiece. Baker, no. 398. 

View: Qniney, Mass. Inscription; (left) 
Croome del. (right) Anderson Sc. \ Residence of Ex 
President Adams. Wood engraving. [New York, 
1830?] 4°. EM. 3455 

View: Hanover, N. H. Inscription: Drawn 
&* Engraved by J. W.. Watts State St. Boston. | 
Wentworth. Dartmouth. Thornton. Reed. \ Dart- 
mouth College I (right)Print. by T. R. Holland 6* 
Co. Line, [i860?] 8^ em. 3456 

Document: Society of the Cincinnati. Diploma, 

blank and undated, engraved with the emblems of 

the society. Signed, G«: Washington, President. 

Countersigned, H. Knox, Secretary. Parchment. 

Engraved form. 19} J x 13 A in. em. 3457 

A lithosraphic reproduction of the Society's diploma is 
given in J. J. Smith's Historical and literary curiosities^ 
3d ser., (N. Y., z86o) pi. 33. 

Portrait: Casa-Tmjo (Sarah de). Marchioness, 
Nearly full length; in armchair. Inscription: The 
Marchioness D* Yrujo, {Sally McKean.) From an 
original picture by Gilbert Stuart in possession of 
Pratt Mc.Kean, Esq. Philadelphia. Stipple and 
line. 4°. EM. 345& 

Also in R. W. Griswold's Republican Court, N. Y., 1855* 
?• 333- 

Portrait: Casa-Ymjo {Don Carlos Maria 
Martinez de). Marquis. Half length; directed and 
facing to the left, looking to the front. Inscrip- 
tion: Marquis de Casa Yrujo, Spanish Minister 
to the United States, iyg6-i8o6. Lithograph [by 
Max Rosenthal?]. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 8'. 

EM. 3459 

View: Philadelphia, Penn. Inscription: 
(left) Designed 6r» Published by W. Birch Enamel 
Painter 1800. \ High Street, with the First Pres^ 
byierian Church, y Taken down in 1820. Philadel- 
phia. Line. [Philadelphia, 1820?] F". EM. 3460 


^*^ Comprising early American newspapers, statute laws, legislative journals, and other publications^ 

purchased at the Miller sale in Philadelphia and elsewhere. The list of new 

books is postponed until next month. 

American Newspapers, i 729-1 751. 

Barbados (The) Gazette. From Saturday 
April the 14th, to Wednesday April the i8th, 1733. 
Numb. 120. [Bardoi/os :] Samuel Keimtr. 2 pp. 

Boston (The) Gazette. Published by John Boy- 
dell. Monday, October 25, 1736, to Monday, July 
23, 1739. Numb. 877-1019. Boston: Printed by 
S. Kmeland &> T. Green, F*. 

Wanting five numbers. 

(The) Gazette. Oct. 21/28, 1729- 
Nov. 22/29. 1734. Nos. Ill, 129, 131, 133, 141, 

143, 162, 168, 170, 171; [new series] 9, 10, 15, I9» 
51, 54, 64, 71, 73, 74, 81, 86, 89, 90. Annapolis : 
William Parks. ¥\ 

Now York (The) Gazette. June 25/July 2- 
Oct. 15, 1744. Numb. 973, 980, 985, 986, 988. 
Nezv York : Printed and sold by W. Bradford &• 
H, De Foreest. F^ 

New York (The) Evening; Post. Containing 
the freshest advices foreign and domestick . . . 
January 7, 17 50/51 -December 30, 1751. New 
York : Printed by H. De Foreest, F'. 

Wanting the issue of March ix, 1751. 

American Broadsides, Etc., 1774-1864. 

Rhodo IsUuid« Colony, — Governor. By the 
Honorable Joseph Wanton, Esquire, Governor, 
Captain-General, and Commander-in-Chief, of and 
over the English Colony of Rhode-Island, and 
Providence Plantaflons, in New-England, in Amer- 
ica, A Proclamation [setting Thursday, June 30, 
1774 aside as a day of fasting and prayer for the 
relief of Boston; dated June 20, 1774.] [Newport f 
1774.] I page. F^ 

Endorsed : " Govr Waaton*s Proclamation For a Public 
Fast, June 20th, 1774." 

Province. — Provincial Con- 
gress. In Provincial Congress, Cambridge, Octo- 
ber 26, 1774. [Resolutions recommending pre- 
paration and training of the militia and minute 
men.] [Boston? 1774.] i page. F°. 

In Provincial Congress, Cambridge, 

December 5, 1774. [Resolutions thanking the 
Massachusetts members of the Continental Con- 
gress of 1774; urging compliance with the Associa- 
tion adopted by that Congress.] [Boston? 1774?] 
I page. F**. 
Endorsed : ** Resolve of the Provincial Congress." 

In Provincial Congress, Cambridge, 

February 14, 1775. [A recommendation* urging 
preparation of the militia and minute men.] [Bos- 
ton? 1775.] I page. F'. 

'M.otdtoT^ pseud. To the Provincial Congress. 
[A plea for moderation in deliberation; unadvised 
action will bring down '* upon the Frontiers of this 
and Connecticut Government " fifteen or eighteen 
thousand Canadians and Indians.] [Boston? 1775?] 
I page. F*. 

Endorsed : ** Address to the Provincial Congress.'* 

Gro&t Britain. — Admiralty, Lords. of. By 
the Commissioners for Executing the Office of Lord 
High Admiral of Great-Britain and Ireland, &c. 
[Directions, dated Oct. 6, 1775, specifying observa- 

tions to be taken by officers when in foreign ports.] 

[London, 1775.] 6 pp. F**. 

Signed by Lord Sandmch, John BuUer, Henry Penton; 
countersigned by Philip Stephens, secretary. 

New ITorky State. — Committee of Safety. In 
Committee of Safety For the State of New-York. 
Kingston, March i, 1777. [Resolutions ordering" 
elections of supervisors, assessors, collectors on the 
Brst Tuesday of April, regulating debts due to 
Tories and to Americans held prisoners, making 
continental bills of credit legal tender.] [Kings- 
ton? 1777.] I page. F°. 

Endorsed : '* Resolution of Convention respect of Tory 
Debts &c." 

United States* — Congress, Continental, 1775- 
1789. By the United States in Congress assem- 
bled, March 23, 1787. [Resolutions fixing salaries- 
on the civil list.] [New York, 1787.] 2 pp. F°. 

Signed in manuscript by Charles Thomson, secretary. 

Petition (A) and Remonstrance to the Presi-- 
dent and Congress of the United States. (Written 
by a North-Carolina Planter.) [In verse.] [Phil- 
adelphia? I'j^H] I page. F°. 

Referring to the '* Whiskey insurrection " in Pennsylvania. 

Virg^iniA. — Delegates, House of. In the House 
of Delegates, Saturday, December 12, 1795. [Reso- 
lutions instructing senators and requesting repre- 
sentatives in Congress to secure four amendments, 
which follow, to the Constitution of the United 
States.] [Pichmond ? i7gS'] i page. F". 

Attested in manuscript by John Stewart, clerk'^of the house 
of delegates. 

United States. — President. By the President 
of the United States of America, A Proclamation. 
[Recommending Wednesday, May 9, 1798 as day 
of solemn humiliation, fasting and prayer because 
of the difficulties with France. Dated Mar. 23,. 
1798.] [Washington, 1798.] I page. F". 




Delaware and AtUnUe Rail Road. 

Rates Of Toll On the Delaware & Atlantic Rail 
Road, (now under lease by the subscribers). 
[Signed, Richard Jones; Joseph Smith; L.Stansbie, 
Collector; dated Columbus, N.^ J., Jan. i. 1842.J 
[Columdus F i%^2.'\ I page. F*. 

Carroll CountytA>.— Mass Meeting. Mass 
Meeting in Carroll County. Annexation of Texas. 
[Resolutions adopted Nov. 25, 1843. m favor of 
the annexation of Texas.] 2 pp., and i leaf for 
envelope. F* 

Addressed, in manuscript, to Robert J. Walker, Washing, 
ton. Endorsed. 

Independent. May 13, 1844. Vol. i. no. 
42, Providence, R. L: IValter S, Sherman. 
4 pp. F°. 

Printed on silk. Contains an account of the trial of Thomas 
W. Dorr. 

United Statea.— Adjutant General. Head- 
quarters of the army. Tacubaya, Sept. 10, 1847. 
General orders no— 283. [Proceedings of a court 
martial.] [ Washington ? 1847.] 3 PP- 4 • 

Signed, in manuscript, by H. L. Scott, A. A. A. General. 

Cashing ( )• Gen. Cushing's speech at 

Newburyport. [Boston? i^Sl^"] i pagc- F**- 

Marked on the face, in pencil : " Sent me by Gen. Gushing : 
delivered October or November 1857- !« opposition to anti- 
slavery agitation. 

Breckinridcre (The) Party rejects Hancock 
Jackson and M. M. Parsons, and supports all reg- 
ular State, Congressional, and County nominees. 
[St. Louis, i860.] I page. F**. 

Endorsed : " Circular issued in Sute Election of i860 ; with 
«peech of Senator Green &c " and (in penal) 3«»56x dis- 
tributed in Missouri prior to election." 

Confederate States of America.— Board 
of Commissioners under the Sequestration Act. 
Rules of the board of commissioners established by 
the sequestration act. [Richmond? 1861 ?] 3 pp. 

Missouri.— Statutes. An Act to raise money 
to arm the state, repel invasion and protect the 
lives and property of the people of Missouri. 
[Dated May il, 1861.] [Jefferson City? 1861.] 
I page. 4". 

Missouri state fl^ards. Headquarters Mis- 
souri state guards, Little Rock, Ark., August 5th, 
1863. Military general orders No. 18. [Also :| 
Executive department of the state of Missouri, 
Little Rock, Ark., 4th July 1863. Executive gen- 
eral orders No. 6 [And :J Register of Missouri 
voters. [LittU Rock? 1863.] 4 PP- 8°. 

Headquarters Missouri state guard. Cam- 
den. Ark., 27th[-30th] May, 1863. Military gen- 
eral orders. No. i[-4]. [Camden? 1863.] 2pp. 8 . 

Confederate States of America.- War 
Department. Head Quarters Trans- Miss. Depart- 
ment. Shreveport, La., June 4, 1864. General 
Order, No. 35. [Shreveport? 1864.] 2 pp. 8 . 

Regulations of Gen. E. Kirby Smith with regard to the 
overland trade to Mexico. 

Maryland Documents, 17 29-1 794. 

Calvert (Benedict Leonard). The Speech Of 
His Excellency Benedict Leonard Calvert, Gover- 
nour and Commander in Chief, in and over the 
Province of Maryland, to both Houses of Assembly: 
At a Session of Assembly, begun and held at the 

City of Annapolis, on Thursday the Twenty First 
Day of May. in the Sixteenth Year of the Dominion 
of the Right Hon. Charles. Lord Baron of Balte- 
more. Absolute Lord and Proprietary of the Prov- 
incesof Maryland and Avalon, &c. Annoq; Dommi 
1730. Annapolis: miliam Parks, mo. (2)11. F. 

Maryland, Province.— lioxxs^ of Delegates. 
To the Honourable Benedict Leonard Calvert, Esq; 
Govemour of Maryland, the Humble Address of 
The House of Delegates. [Dated May 22, 1730.J 
[Annapolis: William Parks, I730-J 2 pp. l" ■ 

Upper House of Assembly. To His Ex- 
cellency Benedict Leonard Calvert, Govemour and 
Commander in Chief in and over the Province of 
Maryland, the Humble Address of the Upper House 
of Assembly. [May 22. 1730. J [Annapolis : Will- 
iam Parks, 1730.] 2 pp. F . 

To His Excellency Benedict Leonard 

Calvert. Governor and Commander in Chief, in and 
over the Province of Maryland, the Humble Ad- 
dress of the Upper House of Assembly. [July 12 ? 
1730.1 [Annapolis: William Parks, mo.] 2 pp. 

I To his Excellency Samuel Ogle, Esq; 

Governor and Commander in Chief in and over «e 
Province of Maryland : The humble Address of 
the Upper House of Assembly. Annapolis: y. 
Green, 1739- 2 pp. F°. 

The Report of the Committee of the 

Upper House of Assembly Anno 1740. Relating to 
the State of the Fund raised ^y/hree Pence^r 
Hoeshead on Tobacco Exported for Purchasing 
Aris and Ammunition for Defence of the Province. 
Annapolis: Jonas Green, 1742. "l p.»-. 55 PP- * • 

To the Honourable Benjamin Tasker, 

Esq.; President and Commander in Chief of the 
Province of Maryland; The humble Address of the 
Upper House of Assembly. Annapolis : Jonas 

Green [1752]. i pajje- F'- . ^^ 

To His Excellency Horatio Sharpe, 

Esq; Governor and Commander in Chief in and 
over the Province of Maryland The humble Ad- 
dress of the Upper House of Assembly. Annapo^ 
lis: Jonas Green [i1S3\' i pag«- ^ • 

MaryUndt Province.— howtr House of As- 
sembly. Votes and Resolves . . Ujlly .;;^^^^f^f 
7, 1729. Nos. 1-13.] [Annapolis: ^'^''^f'/^^rf^' 
1729.] 4, 3 (I). 4. 4, 4. 4. 4, 4, 6. 4. 5 (D. 6, 2 pp. 
1 Votes and Resolves . . . [May 21-June 

16.1730. N0S.1-10.] [Annapolis: ^^'^f '"Z^;*^' 
1730.] 7 (I). 2, 8, 4, 4. 4. 8 [i.e. 4]. 4, 8, 4 PP- 


1 * Votes and Proceedings . . . l^j^^^l)^ 

September 2. 1731. Nos. i^.] [Annapolis : Will^ 
iam Parks, I73I-] 24 pp. F . 

Imperfect. ^ p 

Votes and Proceedings. . . [Mar. I3» 

1732/3-April 12, m^.]^ [Annapolis: Wtlliam 
Parks, 1733] 36pp. F . 

A Journal of the Votes and Proceed- 
ings. . . At their Session begun May i. 1739 [and 
ended June 12. 1739.] Annapolis : Jonas Green, 

1739. 197 PP' 4°« 

Votes and Proceedings ... At a Sessioo 

begun ... May 16. I747 [and endwi July ii,/747j. 
Annapolis: Jonas Green, 1747- 65 pp. 4 • 



Votes and Proceedings ... At a Con- 
vention begun and held, December 22, 1747 [and 
ended December 23, 1747]. Annapolis : Jonas Green 
[1748 ?]. 6 pp. 4'. 

Votes and Proceedings ... At a Session 

begun and held. May 10, 1748 [and ended June 11, 
1748]. Annapolis : J. Green {x'^^'^X 82 pp. 4°. 

Votes and Proceedings. [May 9-1 1, 

1749.] Annapolis: Jonas Green [i'j^<^, 8 pp. F®. 

Votes and Proceedings. [May 24- 

June 23, 1748.] Annapolis : Jonas Green, 1749. 
56 pp. F". 

Votes and Proceedings. [May 8- 

June 2, 1750.] Annapolis: Jonas Green, 1750. 
56 pp. F^ 

Votes and Proceedings. [May 15- 

June 8, 1 75 1.] Annapolis: Jonas Green , 1751. 
52 pp. F'. 

Votes and Proceedings. [Dec. 7-14, 

1751.] Annapolis: Jonas Green f 1752. 1 8 pp. F®. 

Votes and Proceedings. [June 3-23, 

IJS2.'\ Annapolis : Jonas Green, 17 S2, 40 pp. 4*. 

Votes and Proceedings. [Oct. 2, -Nov. 

I7f I753-] [Annapolis : Jonas Green, IT S3'] 82 pp. 

Votes and Proceedings. [Feb. 26- 

Mar. 9, 1754.] Annapolis : Jonas Green, 1754. 
21 pp. 4°. 

Votes and Proceedings. [May 8-30, 

1754.] Annapolis : Jonas Green, IT S4. 40 pp. 4" 

Votes and Proceeding's. Quly 17-25, 

1754.] Annapolis: Jonas Green [it $4], 14pp. 4**. 

Votes and Proceeding^. [Dec. 12-24, 

1754.] Annapolis : Jonas Green, IT SS' 22pp. 4°. 

Votes and Proceeding^. [Feb. 22- 

Mar. 26, 1755.] Annapolis: Jonas Green, 1755. 
46 pp. 4'. 

Votes and Proceedings. [June 23- 

July 8, 1755.] Annapolis: Jonas Green, 1755. 
44 PP- 4^ 

Votes and Proceedings. [Feb. 23- 

May 22, 1756.] Annapolis : Jonas Green, 1757. 

97 pp. 4*^ 

Oct. 9, 
37 pp. 

May 9, 
52 pp. 

Votes and Proceedings. [Sept. 14- 
1756.] Annapolis : Jonas Green, 1 757. 

Votes and Proceeding's. [Apr. 8- 

1757'] Annapolis: Jonas Green, 1757. 

Province, — Statutes. Laws of 
Maryland, Made and Passed at Two Sessions of 
Assembly, Beg^n and Held at the City of Anna- 
polis, on Monday the 23d day of September: And 
On Friday the First Dav of November. .. 1765. 
Annapolis: Jonas Green [iTts\. (22)11. F**. 

Laws of Maryland, Enacted At a Ses- 
sion of Assembly, beg^n and held ... on Friday 
the 9th Day of May.... and ended the 27th 
Day of May, . . . 1766. Annapolis: Jonas Green, 
1766. (8) 11. F". 

Laws o^ Maryland, Made and Passed 

at a Session of Assembly, Begun and held ... on 
Saturday . . . the First Day of November . . . and 
ended the Sixth Day of December . . . 1766. An- 
napolis : Jonas Green [iTtb], (22)11. F°. 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed 

at a Session of Assembly, Begun and held ... on 
Tuesday, the Twenty-fourth Day of May, . . . 
and ended the Twenty-second Day of June, . . . 
1768. Annapolis : Anne Catharine Green [1768]. 
(26) 11. F^ 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed 

at a Session of Assembly, Begun and held ... on 
Friday the Seventeenth Day of November, . . . and 
ended the Twentieth Day of December, . . . 1 769. 
Annapolis : Anne Catharine Green [1770?]. (19) 
11. F^ 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed 

at two Sessions of Assembly, Beg^un and held . . . 
on Tuesday the Twenty-fifth Day of September: 
And On Tuesday the Sixth Day of November . . , 
1770. Annapolis: Anne Catharine Green [1770]. 
(16) 11. ¥\ 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed 

at a Session of Assembly, Begun and held ... on 
Wednesday the Second Day of October .. 1771. 
Annapolis: Anne CatharineGreen [1771]. (23) 11. F®. 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed 

at a Session of Assembly, Begun and held . . on 
Tuesday the Fifteenth Day of June . . , 1773. An- 
napolis: Anne Catharine Green[\TT'h\' (12)11. F°. 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed 

at a Session of Assembly, Beg^n and held . . on 
Tuesday the Sixteenth Day of November . . and 
ended the Twenty-third Day of December, 1773. 
Annapolis: Anne Catharine Green [ytT^"^' (48) 
11. F". 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed 

at a Session of Assembly, Begun and held ... 00 
Wednesday the Twenty-third Day of March, . . . 
and ended the Nineteenth Day of April, . . . 1774. 
Annapolis: Anne Catharine Green [1774]. (21) 
11. F". 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed 

at a Session of Assembly, Beg^un and held ... on 
Monday the sixteenth of June, . . . [1777]. Anna- 
polis: Frederick Green [1777]. (10) 11. F". 

Maryland* State, — House of Delegates. Votes 
and Proceedings . . . November session, 1789. [Balti- 
more, iT^g.] 120 pp. F^ 

Imperfect ; lacks all after page zao. 

Votes and Proceedings . . . November 

session, 1790. [Baltimore, iTgi.] 112 pp. F°. 

Votes and Proceedings . . . November 

session, 1793. [Baltimore, iTg4.] 124 pp. F*. 
Imperfect ; lacks all after page 124. 

MaryULad, State. — Senate. Votes and Pro- 
ceedings . . . November session, 1790. [Baltimore, 
1791] 53 pp. F°. 

Votes and Proceedings . . . November 

session, 1792. [Baltimore, 1793.] 49 pp. F°. 

Votes and Proceedings . . . November 

session, 1793. [Baltimore, 1794. | 47 pp. F**. 

Pennsylvania Documents, i 730-1 769. 

Pennsylvania, Province. — House of Assem- 
bly. Votes and Proceedings of the House of Repre- 
sentatives of the Province of Pennsylvania, Met at 
Philadelphia, on the Fifteenth of October, Anno 
Dom. 1739, and continued by Adjournments. Phila- 
delphia : B. Franklin, 1739. 131 (i) pp. F**. 



Votes and Proceeding's of the House 
of Representatives of the Province of Pennsylvania, 
Met at Philadelphia, on the Fourteenth of October. 
Anno Domini 1768, and continued by Adjourn- 
ments. Philadilphia : William Goddard^ 1769. 
109 pp. F*. 

Peiuim^lvajfti»9 Province, — Statutes. Anno 
Regni Georgii II. . . . Quarto. At a General Assem- 
bly . . . begun and holden . . . the Fourteenth Day 
of October, . . . 1730 . . . And from thence continued 
by Adjournment to the Fourth of January, 1730 . . . 
Philadelphia : B, Franklin and H, Meredith^ 1730 
[f. e, 1 731]. 59-89 pp. F*. 

— r Anno Regni Georgii II. . . . Quinto. 

At a ueneral Assembly, . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1731 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournment to the 
Tenth of January, 1731. Philadelphia : B. Frank- 
lin, 1731 \i. e. 1732]. 91-95 pp. F°. 

Anno Regni Georgii II. . , . Sexto. At 

a General Assembly . . . , be^n and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1731 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournment to the 
Thirty-first of July, 1732. Philadelphia: B, Frank- 
lin, 1732. pp. 97-102. F°. 

Anno Regni Georgii II. . . . Septimo. 

At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1 733 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Seventeenth of December, 1733. Philadelphia : 
B, Franklin, 1733. 103-128 pp. F'. 

Anno Regni Georgii II. 


At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, ... 1735 .. . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Twelfth Day of January, 1735. Philadelphia: 
B. Franklin, 1736. 155-169 pp. F'. 

Anno Regni Georgii II. . . . Duode- 
cimo, At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden 
... the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1738 . . . 
And from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
First Day of May, 1739. Philadetphia: B, Frank- 
lin, 1739. 191-228 pp. F**. 

Anno Regni Georgii II. . . . Tricesimo 

Tertio. At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden 
... the Fifteenth Day of October, ... 1759 .. . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Eleventh Day of February, 1760. Philadelphia: 
B. Franklin, 1760. 45 pp. F*. 

Anno Regni Georgi III. . . . Primo. 

At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day ot October, . . . 1760 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the Four- 
teenth Day of March, 1761 . . . Philadelphia : B, 
Franklin, 1761. 47-98 pp. F°. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Primo. 

At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1760 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Twenty-third Day of April, 1761. Philadelphia : 
B, Franklin, 1761. 99-103 pp. F°. 

Anno Regni George III. . . . Primo. 

At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1760 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Twenty-sixth Day of September, 1761 . . . Phila- 
delphia : B, Franklin, 176 1. 105-125 pp. F". 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Secundo. 
At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1761 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Seventeenth Day of February, 1762. Philadelphia: 
B, Franklin, 1762. 127-183 pp. F". 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Secundo. 

At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1761 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Twenty-sixth Day of March, 1762. Philadelphia: 
B, Franklin, 1762. 185-21 1 pp. F'. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Secundo. 

At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1761 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Third Day of May. 1762. Philadelphia: B, 
Franklin, 1762. 213-220 pp. F**. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Tertio. 

At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1762 . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Fourth Day of March, 1763. Philadelphia : B, 
Franklin, 1763. 221-276 pp. F°. 

-^ Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Tertio. 

At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, ... 1762 .. . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Eighth Day of July, 1763. Philadelphia: B, 
Franklin, 1763. 277-286 pp. F°. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Tertio. 

At a General Assembly . . . begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, ... 1762 .. . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Thirtieth Day of September, 1763. Philadelphia: 
B. Franklin, 1763. 287-296 pp. F*. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Tertio. 

At a General Assembly .... begun and holden 

the Fourteenth Day of October, ... 1763 And 

from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Twenty-second Day of October 1763. Philadel- 
phia : B. Franklin, 1763. 297-311 pp. F°. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Quarto. 

At a General Assembly begun and holden .... 

the Fourteenth Day of October, ... 1763 And 

from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Twenty-fourth Day of March, 1764. Philadel- 
phia : B, Franklin, 1764. 313-330 PP- F'- 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Quarto. 

At a General Assembly begun and holden 

the Fourteenth Day of October, . . . 1763 ... . 
And from thence continued by Adjournments to 
the Thirtieth Day of May, 1764. Philadelphia : 
B. Franklin, 1764. 331-358 PP- F". 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Quarto. 

At a General Assembly begun and holden 

the Fourteenth Day of October, ... 1763 ... . And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Twenty-second Day of September, 1764. Philadel- 
phia : B. Franklin, 1764. 359-369 PP- F*- 

Anno Regni Georgii III Quinto. 

At a General Assembly .... begun and holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Day of October, ... 1764 ... • And 
from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Fifteenth Day of February, 1765. Philadelphia: 
B, Franklin, lybs. 371-410 pp. F*. 


Aduo Rtgtd Georgii III Quinto. 

At ■ GcDcra! Assembly . . . b^UD Hod holden . . . 
the Fourteenth Daj of Ctctober, ... 17&4- ■ - And 
(ron thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Eighteenth Day of May, 1765. Philadtlphia ; 
B. FrankUn, 1765. 411-488 pp. F°. 

Anno Regni Georgii III Quinto. 

At a General Assembly begun and holden 

the Fouiteenth Day of October,. . . 1764.. .. And 
Irom thenM continued by Adjournments to the 
Twenty-first Day of September, 1765. Fhiladil- 
fiia: 3. FrantUn, 1765. 439-448 pp. F°. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Sexto. 

At 1 General Assembly .... begun and holden .... 
■he Founeenth Day of October, . . . 1765. . . . And 
from thence continued by Adjoamments to the 
Eighth Day of February, 1766. Philadelphia: 
B. Franklin, 1766. 449-485 pp. F°. 

Anno Regni Georgi III. . . . Seito. 

At ■ Genera] Assembly .... begun and holden 

the Fourteenth Day ot October, ... 1765 ... . 
And from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Twentieth Day of September, 1766. PhiUtdtlfMa : 
D. JfaU and ff. Sfllcri, I7b6. 4B7-498 pp. F°. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . Sep- 

limo. At a General Assembly begun and 

bolden the Fourteenth Day ot October, , . . 

1766. . . . And from thence continued by Adjourn- 
ments to the Twenty-first Day of February, 1767- 
Piiladeifkia : D. HaU and W. Selliri. 1767. 
499-S38pP- F"' 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . , . Septimo. 

At a General Assembly .... begun and holden 

the Fourteenth Da^ of October, . . . 17&6 And 

from thence continued by Adjournments to the 
Twentieth day of May, 1767. Philadthhia: Will- 
iam Goddard, \1b-l, pp. 539-583 PP- '°- 

Miscellaneous, 1677-1823. 

Baechar (L.) A sennoo, containing a general 
history of the tows of East Hampton, (L. I.) . . . 
DelircRd at East Hampton, January i, 1S06. Sag- 
ffarbtir, JV. V.: PrinUdbyA. isomer, 1806. 40 
pp. 8°. 

BriAf (A) sketch ot the military operations on 
the Delaware during the late war: together with a 
copy of the muster-rolls of the several volutilcer- 
corps which composed the Advance Light Brigade. 
Philadtlphia: R. P. M'Culleh, iBjo, 96 pp., i 

C»rri (Eieldel). The charitable Samaritan- 
A Semon on the tenth chapter of Luke, Ver. 30-35- 
Proootinced id the French. Church At Boston .... 
Translated into English by N. Walter. BeiKm: 
PrimUd by S. GretH, \fi6q. 3 p.l.. 4. 3S pP- 4°. 

C»s« (The) of ibe county of Orange ; with ob- 
serrations, to shew the injustice of the division of 
that county into two, . . [/^tvr York, 1774?] M 
pp. 8'. 

Cvadoet (The) Ot Cadwallader Golden, Esq., 
Uetiteoaot Governor Of New- York ; Relating To 
Tbe Jnt^es' Commissions, — AKiealstothe King, — 
and the Stamp Duty. AVw Yari, 1767. • 3 p.l., 
»-56pp. 8°. 

C[e«k] (E.) Sotweed RedlviTits: Or the Plant- 
ers Lookiiig-Glass. In Barlesque Verse. Calcu- 
lated lor the Meridian oi Maryland. By E. C. 

Annapolis: Printed ly H'illiam Paris, 1730. vii, 
28 pp. 4°. 
RelAta to tbfi OHiditioQ of die pluiteii ia Maryland, Co paper 

[Dnljui^ (D.)] Considerations On The Pro- 

friety Of Imposing Taxes In The British Colonies, 
or the Purpose of raising a Revenue, by Act of 
Parliament. New Yort: Reprinted by John Holt, 
1765- 55 PP- B°. 

EngllahMfca (The) Deceived;A Political Piece: 
Wherein Some very important Secrets of State are 
briefly recited, And ottered to the Consideration of 
the Public. New York: John Holt, I768. I p.l.. 

ii, 40 pp. 8*. 

Enquiry (An) into public abuses, arising for 
Want of a due execution of laws, provided for the 

[Godd»rd (William)] The prowess of the 
Whig club, and the manceuvres of Legion. Balti. 
more: Printed for the author, [1777]- 16, 4 pp. 

adelphia: Printed and sold by S. Keii 
34.T 8p,l.,2a7pp, 4°- 

Witb lutognph of Samuel MUlei u>d of General loHpti 

Jnat (A) and Plain Vindication of Sir William 
Keith, Bart. Late Govcmour of Pennsilvania, 
From the Untruths and Aspertions, contained in a 
Paper, Printed. . . under the Title of The Case of 
the Heir at Law and Executrix of tbe late Proprie- 
tor of Pennsilvania. [Philadelpkia : Printed by 
Samuel Keimer, 1726.] 10 pp. F°. 

Hew York City. A Copy Of The Poll List Of 
The Election for Representatives For The City 
and County ot New-Vork; Which Election Began 
On Monday, the 23d Day ot January, and ended 
on Friday the 37th of the same Month, in the year 
of our Lord MDCCLXIX. Alphabetically made. 
\New York, 1769?] 3 p.l.. 43 pp. 4°. 

0»k«a (Urian) An elegie upon the Death of 
The Reverend Mr. Thomas Shepard, late Teacher 
of the Church at Charlstown in New-England. 
Cambridge: Printed by S. Green. 1677. 16 pp. 4°. 
Petltloiu (The) and Memorials Ot The Pro- 
prietors ot West and East-Jersey To The Legisla- 
ture ot New-Jersey,. , Also An Appendis . . . 
Neiu York: Printed by S. JColloek [176-f], 96 pp.. , 
1 I. 8°. 

S«rlons (A) Call from The City to the Coun- 
try. To join with them, in this critical Juncture, in 
setting apart some Time for solemn seeking of 
God, viz. from seven to eight in the atoming of 
every Lord's day, and of every Wednesday. 
tVoodbridge. N.J.: Re-printed by J. Parker, 1757, 
8 pp. 8°. 

Speece (Conrad). The Mouotaineer. Staun. 
ton,Va.: Printed by I. ColUtt, 1S33. New (3) ed. 
304pp. 13°. 

'tr9» (A) and Impartial State of the Provinceot 
Pennsylvania. Containing An exact Account of 
the Nature of its Government, the Power ot its 
Proprietaries and their Governors , . . The whole 
being a full Answer to the Pamphlets intitlcd A 
Brief State, and a Brief View, &c. of the Conduct 
of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: W. Dunlap, 1759. 

I p.l.. V, 3-173. 34 pp., il- e°. 



Amer. Irish Hist'l Society . . 
Amer. Orthopedic Asso'n . 
Am. Soc. of Mechanical EngVs 
Argentina Oficina Meteoro- 


Armstrong, Dr. S. T., Chief 

U. S. Surgeon, Cuba . 

Avery, S. P 

Bacon, Mrs. Eugenia J. 
Beverly, Mass., Mayor . 
Boardman, S. L. . 
Boston Art Club . . . 
Bristol, Eng., TreasV 
British Guiana .... 
Brit. Patent Office 
Bryant, H. W. ... 
Buffalo Public Library . 
Bureau of Am. Republics 
Canada, Gov't of . . . 
Charity Organization Soc 

N. Y 

China, Insp'r Gen. of Customs 
Choral Soc. of Washington 
Colo. Gr'd Lodge A. F. & A. M 
Columbia University 
Conn.y Rpt. of R.R. Com'nrs 
Conn. Temperance Union . 
Cooke, Harte . . . 
Crimmins, J. D. . . 
Cumberland Club 
Diocese of Connecticut 
Diocese of Indiana . 
Diocese of Lexington, Ky. 
Diocese of Western Michigan 
Dist. of Col. Fire Department 
Dist. of Col. Soc. Sons of the 

Revolution .... 
Dresser, Horatio W. 
Egleston, G. W., Eng. . 
Enoch Pratt Free Library 
Fairchild, Mrs. C. S. 
Free Labor Protective Asso 
Free Lib. of Phila. . 
'* Free Society" . . 
Halifax, N. S. . . . 
Hammersley, J. Hooker 
Handel & Haydn Soc. 
Hartford, Conn. . . 
Herr, Allan A. . . 
Herschel, Clemens 




































Hinsdale, Dr. Guy .... i 
Hosp. Bk. & Newsp'r Soc. . 39 

India, Gov't of 26 

Institut Int'n'l de Bibliographic 
Intern'l Hahnemannian Asso'n 
Japan, Bur. of Gen. Statistics 
Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 


Korosy, Dr. Jos. de, Budapest 
Lemcke and Buechner . . 
Lit. & Philos'l Soc. of Liverpool 
London University . . 
Lowell, City Documents 
MacArthur, Rev. Robert S. 
Maitland, Alexander . . . 
Musical Art Soc. of N. Y. . 

Myer, Isaac 

N. H. Bur. of Labor . . . 
New Orleans, City Doc's . 
New South Wales, Gov't of 
New Zealand, Ins. Com'n'r 

Newark, City 

N. C. Bur. of Labor . . . 

Norton, Eliot 

Ontario, Inspector of Insurance 
Ottawa Dept. of Agri. . . 
Ottawa Geological Surv. Dept 
Penn'a Acad, of Fine Arts . 
Philosophical Soc. of Glasgow 
R. Istituto Veneto . . . 

Rives, G. L 

Roberts, James A. . . . 

Roy. Hist'l Soc 

St. George Church 
Seattle, City Comptroller . 

Sims, John C 

Smithsonian Institution 
Sorge, F. A. (270 newspapers) 
** Sound Currency " . . . 
So. Australia, Registrar Gen. 

Terr, Jacob 

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture 
U. S. Dept. of Interior . . 
U. S. Dept. of State . . . 
U. S. Gen'l Land Office . 
U. S. Geological Survey . 
U. S. Supt. of Documents . 
U. S. Treasury Dept. . . 
** Vienybe Lietuvniku " 
Yersin, Miles. M. & J. . . 








































VoiiUMB III • Number 2 
February 1899 


Kbpobt for Jaihjabt (Gift of the Ford Library) . 51-53 

Charles 1*8 Expedition against the Covenanters in 1639 . 53-55 

Periodicals relating to General History .... 56-76 

Signers to the Declaration of Independence, Vols. 14 & 15 77-96 

Principal Accessions in January 97-103 

Principal Donors in January 104 



Samuel P. Avery. Alexander Maitland. 

John Bigelow. Thomas M. Markoe. 

William Allen Butler. Stephen H. Olin. 

John L. Cadwalader. Alexander E. Orr. 

Andrew H. Green. Henry C. Potter. 

Daniel Huntington. George L. Rives. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. Philip Schuyler. 

John S. Kennedy. George W. Smith. 

Edward King. Frederick Sturges. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. Charles Rowland Russell. 
Bird S. Coler, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 


President^ Hon. John Bigelow. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary, George L. Rives, Esq., 32 Nassau Street. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, John S. Billings, LL.D.,40 Lafayette Place. 


'T^HE Astor Building, 40 Lafayette Place, and the Lenox Building, Fifth Avenue 
' and 70th Street, are open daily, excepting on Sundays, Independence Day, 
Christmas, and New Year, from 9 a. m. until 6 p. m. 

The Reading rooms and the Exhibition rooms are free to all persons; but 
children under the age of fifteen years must be accompanied by an adult. 

In the Reading room of each Library Building certain shelves are set apart for 
books of reference, which readers are allowed to take down and examine at their 
pleasure. For all other books an application must be made by filling out and 
signing one of the blanks provided for the purpose. 

Published monthly by The New York Public Ubrary, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York City 

SnbecnptioD One Dollar a year, tingle numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood« Business 

Superintendent, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York. 
Entered as s<yond<lass matter at the New York, N. Y., Post OiBoe, Jannary 30, 1897 





Vol. III. February, 1899. No. 2. 


During the month of January, 1899, there were received at the Library by 
purchase 740 books and 211 pamphlets, and by gift 9,847 books and 36,985 pam- 

There were catalogued 4,341 volumes and 2,987 pamphlets, for which purpose 
20,815 cards and 2,328 slips for the printer were written. 

The following table shows the number of readers and the number of volumes 
consulted in both the Astor and Lenox branches of the Library during the month : 



Total number of readers 






Daily averacre of readers 

Number of volumes consulted 

The most important gift of the month is that of the books and pamphlets of 

the Ford Library, as shown by the following letter: — 

Jan. 3rd, 1899. 
To THE President of the Board of Trustees, 

New York Public Library. 

Dear Sir: — 

It is our wish to present to the New York Public Library the collection of 

books, pamphlets, prints, maps, etc., formed by our father, the late Gordon Lester 

Ford, and to constitute the gift a memorial to him. It numbers about one hundred 

thousand pieces, for the most part relating to American history and to Political 

Economy, in each of which subjects it is probably the largest private collection in 

this country; with a library of general character containing not a few rare and 

desirable books. 




In offering this collection to the New York Public Library we do not wish to 
lessen the value of the gift by imposing conditions which shall hamper and clog 
its usefulness to you or to the public. We, therefore, only ask that each volume 
shall be so marked as to show that it is part of this collection, and that in the new 
building some suitable means be adopted to call attention to the fact that it con- 
tains the Gordon Lester Ford collection. 

Should this gift be accepted, we shall not, in transferring it to your shelves, ter- 
minate our interest, but shall continue adding to it, as we have since our father 
bequeathed it to us. 

Very respectfully yours, 

(Signed) Worthington Chauncey Ford. 

Paul Leicester Ford. 

Gordon Lester Ford began as a collector of autographs about 1840, and was 
one of four men who were interested in manuscripts at that time. Of these four, 
three left large collections to be dispersed by sale — Tefft, Cist and Sprague;— and 
of those who came later, like Emmet, Leffingwell and Duer, only the stores of 
Emmet and Duer have remained intact. Buying at first the autographs of promin- 
ent characters, Mr. Ford gradually ceased to accumulate mere autographs and con- 
fined his attention to historical manuscripts, believing them to be a necessary 
complement to any historical library. 

From autographs it was an easy stage to books and pamphlets. Beginning as 
a collector of general literature, Mr. Ford gradually specialized, and finally gave 
his attention almost entirely to works on American history, and especially its polit- 
ical history. The collection is particularly strong on pamphlets of local or family 
records, the fruits of the earlier years of collecting; while the long series of tracts 
and contemporary records of the Stamp Act and revolutionary periods point to the 
gradual concentration of effort in that particular line. Continuing at a later period, 
the history of the Constitution and of political parties under it was regarded, and 
thus the library is very full and complete in a form of controversial writings of high 
value to the student of the history of the United States, and one that is extremely 
difficult to'obtain. The long series of political pamphlets relating to Jefferson, 
Adams, Hamilton, and Madison are proof of this; while the even longer series of 
tracts on political controversies from the Revolution through the Rebellion evidence 
the catholicity of taste and the ardor of collecting. 

Strong as it is in this general feature of political and constitutional history, its 
strength and importance are shown in its special lines. The Franklin collection 
contains some unique features; while the Washingtoniana is very numerous. The 
Thomas Paine and William Cobbett features are notable, and the Noah Webster is 
very complete. In every part of the collection may be found volumes containing 
manuscript notes by the writers or by persons interested. It was not a mere pres- 
entation from the author that was wanted, but a copy containing his annotations 
or new material. 

From government and politics the interest spread to political economy, and a 
very large collection of economic writings was the result. It was not only English 
and American works that were obtained, but those published in France, Germany 
and Italy were purchased freely. Even here some specialties were developed, such 


as the editions of Adam Smith, the controversies over the West Indian trade, the 
Bullion report, the Bank Act of 1844 and the repeal of the Com Laws. In Amer- 
ican matters there is special fulness on tariff legislation, taxation, and currency. 

In the later years of Mr. Ford's collection he was assisted by his sons Worthing- 
ton C. and Paul Leicester Ford; and after his death, November 14th, 1891, they 
continued to add largely to both books and manuscripts. The autographs and 
manuscripts of the collection have been purchased by Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan, of 
New York, who will select from them such as he wishes to retain for his private 
collection and will present the remainder as his gift to the New York Public 

Among other important gifts of the month are the following: — From the Bibli- 
otheca Nacional de Rio de Janeiro, 13 volumes and 11 pamphlets; from the Due 
de Loubat, i volume, a reproduction of an old Spanish manuscript; from Charles 
Howland Russell, 14 volumes and 36 pamphlets, including a set of the Harvard 
Graduates' Magazine; from the Social Reform Club, 26 volumes and 19a pam- 
phlets; from F. A. Sorge, 147 volumes, 276 pamphlets and about 400 newspapers; 
and from Everett P. Wheeler, 16 volumes, being partial sets of the Telegrapher 
and of the Journal of the Telegraph. 

At a stated meeting of the Board of Trustees of the New York Public Library, 
held on February 8th, 1899, Mr. Bird S. Coler was elected as a member of the Board 
t9 fill the vacancy caused by the death of S. Van Rensselaer Cruger, in accordance 
with a change in the by-laws of the Board, in which it is prescribed that the Comp- 
troller of the City of New York shall be elected a member ex officio. 


The following letters, from the Hardwicke papers, relate to the expedition of 
Charles I. against the Covenanters in the summer of 1639. The writer, Edward 
Norgate, illuminator and herald- painter, attended the king on this occasion as 
clerk of the signet. His correspondent was Robert Reade, secretary to Sir Francis 
Windebank, secretary of state and one of the comptrollers of the posts. 

Noble Cousin 

I promised you news. Promise is a debt and debts [are] payable by the rich 
as they are willing, and the poor as they are able. In some. Payments in single 
money is still payment, and what I cannot send you by Gross, you shall have by 
Ketail. For here we serve Fortune by the day, when the Season is as variable as 
the people and reports we meet withall. At our first coming the King was met,, 
received, and brought in by the gallantaria of this Country, People bravely vested 
i mounted thereafter. No King in Christendom can wish better subjects, whose 
greatest contention was to exceed in all expressions of zeal to the Kings service,, 
"wherein was neither want of cost or want of Courage. The first few days of our 
Stay here was past over in feastings & entertainments, the Lord Mayor feasting 
the King who knighted him & the Recorder. For S' Arthur Ingram is not to be 


named, whose every room is a several Apollo, and the Inventory of his dishes as 
-long as these country miles. He lodges and feeds the Lo: General, the Earls of 
Pembroke & Salisbury, Secr^ Coke, with many others, & for Commanders and 
gallants of the short Robe, his house is the only Rendezvous. Hither are come 
more than a good many of the Scots, with many complaints of insolencies done by 
Covenanters, & losses sustained by themselves. But there is no greater discord 
•between the two Nations, than in their reports. Some of them tell how narrowly 
they escaped, what Castles and Towns taken, what people imprisoned. That the 
Covenanters are all mad with rage & rebellion, and will venture upon any attempt, 
though never so dangerous or desperate. Others again deny this; and say they 
came fairly off, that the Covenanters have not hurt any man, not so much as a 
broken pate can appear, more than the stealing a little plate from the Earl of 
Winton ; that they are instantly become very loving worms, & will lye prostrate at 
•his Majesties feet upon the first appearance of his power, or signification of his 
pleasure. What to do with these reports, or how to reconcile 'em in faith I know 
■not. You have what I hear, yet it is but sheet news, for you know I am of the 
Court, I am not of the Council and yet not the wiser. The Earl of Essex is in 
Berwick with 2000 men, from whence S' Jacob Astley came hither this night, and 
hath been long with the King. Berwick and Carlisle are I hope secure. So that 
we may care the less what they do in Scotland. Some say they are all ready to 
•disband, others that they are more vengeable minded than ever, and ready for any 
mischief. When I hear news of more truth and certainty, you shall have it. 
Present my humble service to the noble Secretary, & all my smaller friends there. 
Mf Thomas Windbanke came hither this Saturday night & is very well & merry. 
M' Secretary is still at S' Arthur Ingram's & hath no Diet but his. If I had as 
much matter as leisure, I coud weary out a Quire of paper & you. S' Abraham's 
quality of angling were to me a Revenue, for then I might hope to catch something 
towards a dinner in these catching times. But to live altogether upon expence, is 
a melancholy matter. Will present my love, and best wishes to my Bro' Warwick, 
^nd intreat him to remember my Bro' [Sir Balthazer] Gerbier* Selon que les 
occasions se presenteront. So I will conclude with Dulman in Ignoramus. Si 
ingrossas instrumenta bene est. Ego quidem non ingresso Instrurnenta. I wish 
you all health & happiness because I am 

York this 

i6**» April 1639. 

Yo' affectionate Cousin and Servant 

Edw° Norgate 


I thank you for your kind visit & am glad to hear that my wife was abroad and 
amongst em, I care more for her health than her housewifery & had rather she 
were well abroad, than sick at home, yet your love is not the less, nor my obliga- 
tion. You shall not fail to hear how the world goes here, provided you will take 
things as we are made believe they are, for here are frequent reports as different 
& irreconcileable as the Nations. Yesterday came the news of the revolt of the 
Lo: Marquis Huntley to the Covenanters. He hath signed their Articles, sworn 

'* Resident at Brussels " — Marginal note by Lord Hardwicke. 



to their party, & feasted some of the principal, & is gone into the Mountains it 
matters not wither. Of this, & him, all here speak shame enough. The King 
was two days ago at Selby at the Horse quarter, whence he returned very well 
pleased with the sight & order of most goodly troups about 700. They are gone 
now towards Newcastle whether we follow on Monday come sevenight, the King 
is lodged & feasted by M'. Treasurer at his Castle at Raby on Monday and the 
next day will be at Newcastle. The King said last night at supper that he was 
told that Colonel or General Lesly (for so the King called him) should report, that 
he would meet the King upon the Borders, or rather near Berwick with 30,000 
men, & there he would parley with him. Most intolerable insolency of so worthless 
a Vassal to such a Sovereign. The Foot Companies coming hither have com- 
mitted many insolencies upon the way especially the Essex men who have killed a 
woman with Child, and others, besides robbing & spoiling passengers & houses as 
they pass. I send this Letter by S^ Oliver Fleming* who hath this day taken his 
leave of the King and returns into Switzerland. He is a most worthy honest 
hearted Gent°: and my ancient acquaintance, and one that is worthy of yours: the 
rather because he desires it. And though I need not appear in so just a request 
wherein his own merit is incomparabley above my oratory. Yet I am confident — 
when you know him as I do, you will find, or make occasion to do him fair offices 
to the noble Secretary, whose affectionate servant he professes to be. Entreat my 
Bro'. tVarwicke to partake in what I write concerning this Gent: as well as in all 
the Services I have sent or shall send from hence, where in there is not a line, 
letter nor recommendations, but is, and is to be, divided betwixt you. Tell him 
that wherever I am, I am his and yours, and hope he will not marry yet because 
whether I live or die, he hath a wife & some children to look after, who hope he 
will prove as good a husband as he hath been a Bro*". By this time I hope M^ 
Secretary Coke may see how impertinent and inconvenient it was to trouble this 
journey with S'. Abraham Williams and myself. There being not business for 
half a hand. He's now here at a great & unnecessary charge. M*". Secretary bad 
me write to stay his coming which I did, which he did second with his own 
Letter to that eflfect. It seems that his wife hurried him away, fearing I got all 
& more too. And now having met with my Letter she swaggers with him to have 
him return as fast. But he will on. M'. Secretary is still with S*". Arthur Ingram 
who lodges & feasts eleven Lords & persons of Quality, besides a world of comers 
& goers incessantly. But I forget myself and think your leisure and mine alike. 
Present my service to all my friends, in especial to your self who extreamly oblige 
me by this favor and conveyance of my Letters to and again. But I may live to 
requite you by a better way than dying. M*^. Thomas Windbanke is very well and 
warm, arm'd in Buff, and made his appearance among the rest of those Cavalliers 
at Selby. So with my love remembered I rest and am 

York, 19'** April 1639. 

Yo' very affectionate Cousin & Servant 

Edw». Norgate. 

** Afterwards Master of y« Ceremonys to the Protector "... — Marginal note by Lord Hard- 





« « 

The letters N and C after the titles stond respectively for the New York 
Public Library and the Columbia University Library. 

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Aachen, 1897. 8'. N 

V. XQ has the title: Festschrift aus Anlass der Erdffnung 
des Bibliothekgebaudes der Stadt Aachen. 

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Memorie e documenti per servire all' istoria del 
priQcipato lucchese. v. 1-5, 7-13, Lucca, 1813-81. 

4^ c 

Acta* Borussica ecclesiastica, civilia, literaria; 
Oder, Sorgfaltig:e Sammlung allerhand zur Ge- 
schichte des Landes Preussen gehfiriger Nach- 
richten, Urkunden, Schriften und Documenten. 
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Acta publica. See Verein fttr Geschichte und 
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rich, 1860-68. 8°. C 

Continued as 

Anzeiger ftlr schweizerische Geschichte. 

V. 1-7 (i870-g7); Bern, i873-q7. 8^ N 


v. 1-5 (1870-89). Bern, 1873-89. C 

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Sod^t^ g^n^rale d'histoire Suisse. ▼. a-4 published in Solo- 

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Continued as 

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Continuation of : Der Rheinische Bund. 

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man edition with tide : Gothaischer genealogischer Hofkalen- 
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Title of supplement : Annuaire diplomatique et consulaire des 
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Titles vary according to form of government: Almanach 
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politique 1874-97, suivie d'un index 
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▼. 8-9 (1857-59). C 

Fonns a snpi^ment to the Revue des deux mondes. 

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1849-50 and z87x-7a form z volume each. 

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"•. N 

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Continued as: ArelftlT fQr Geschichte und Alterthnms- 
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See Verein fttr Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. 

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Continued as: ArelftlT fttr Geschichte und Alterthums- 
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Continued as: Neues Archiv ftir sachaiache Geschichte 
und Alterthumakunde. Wachsmuth ceased to be editor with 
V. 3. 

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AU^meine geschichtsforschende Gesellschaft 
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bibliophiles bretons et de I'histoire de Bretagne. 

Archive* de la Commission des monuments 
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maison d'Orange-Nassau; recueil public... par 
G. Grocn van Prinsterer. i. scr. ; 8 v., Suppl.; 2. 
s^r. 5 V. Table, 2 v. 15 v. LeuU and Utrecht, 
1835-62. 8^ C 

Archives curieuses de Thistoire de France 
depuis Louis XI^usqu'4 Louis XVIII, ou collection 
de pieces rares et interessantes telles que chron- 
iaues. memoires, pamphlets, lettres &c. &c. Publiees 
d apres les textes conserves i la biblioth^que royale 
et accompagnees de notices et d*eclaircissements. 
Par L. Cimber et autres personnes. v. 1-15(1834- 
37); 2. ser. V. i-ii (1837-40). 26 V. Paris, 1834- 
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Cimber is the pseudonym of L. Lafaist. 

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matie et d*histoire. Publie sous la direction de L. 
Renault. Ann^e [i]-i9, [62 v.] (1861-79); 2. ser. 
V. 1-64 (1880-97). 126 V. Paris, 1861-97. 8". 


Current, a. s^r. v. z-8 also called : Ann^e, ao-33 and have 
subtitle : Recueil de diplomatie et d'histoire. 

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noblesse de France, ou recueil de preuves, mdmoires, 
et notices gen^alogiques. Publiees par M. Lain^. 
V. i-ii. Paris, 1828-50. 8*. N 

Archives historiques du d^partement de la 
Gironde. See Soci^te des archives historiques de 
la Gironde. 

Archives historiques de la Gascogne. See 
Soci^t4 historique de la Gascogne. 

Archives historiques du Limousin. See So- 
ei^t^ dies archives historiques du Limousin. 

Archives historiques du Poitou. See Soci^t^ 
des archives historiques du Poitou. 

Archives historiques de la Saintonge et de 
I'Aunls. See Society des archives historiques 
de la Saintonge et de TAunis. 

Archives municlpales de Bordeaux; Bordeaux 
vers 1450; par F. J. L. Drouyn. Bordeaux, 1874. 

4^ c 

Archives de TOrient latin. See Soci^t^ de 
rOrient latin. 

Arcliives de la Societe d'histoire du Canton de 
Fribourg. See Soci^t^ d'histoire du Canton de 

Arcliivio della Society romana di storia patria 
See Society romana di storia patria. 

Arehivio storico. See Society siciliaoa per 
la storia patria. 

Arehivio storico italiano, fondato da G. B. 
Viesseux, e continuato a cura della R. deputazione 
toscano di storia patria. v. 1-16 (1842-51); Ap- 
pendices V. 1-9 (1842-53); n. ser. v. 1-18 (1855-63); 
3. ser. V. 1-26 (1865-77); 4. ser. v. 1-20 (1878-87); 
5. ser. V. 1-21 (1888^8); Index 1842-77; 3. ser. 
1873-77. Ill V. /Vr^«a^, 1842-98. 8". NC 

Arehivio storico lombardo. See SocieUt 
storica lombarda. 

Arehivio storico per le province Napoletane. 
V. 1-21. Indice 1-20. Napoli, 1876-97. 8°. C 


Arehivio veneto. Publicazione periodica, v. i- 

24(1871-82); nuev. ser. v. 25-39 (1883-90). Vene- 

tia, 1871-90. 8". N C 

Continued as: IV novo arehivio veneto. See Beale depata- 
aone veneto di storia patria. 

Suppl. vols. 1-2. Venefda, 1872-73. 8^ 

Archivnm R&k6czianum. See BbLgyar tado- 
minyos Akademia. 

Ari^viik. See Historische Gesellschaft des 
Kantons Aargau. 

Asiatic Annual Register; or, A view of the 
history of HindusUn and ... the politics, com- 
merce^and literature of Asia, 1 799-1 808. v. i-io. 
London, 1800-09. 8°. C 

V. i-8«, 9-12 (1800- 11). N 

Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for Brit- 
ish India and its dependencies, v. 1-28(1816-29); 
n. ser. v. 1-40(1830-43); 3. ser. v. 1-4(1843-45). 
72 V. London, 1816-45. 8**. * N 

V. 1-28 (1816-29); n. ser. v. 1-40(1830- 

43); 3. ser. V. 1-2 (1843-44). C 

Title changed slightly at beginning of each ser. 

Asiatisches Magazin verfasst von einer Gesell- 
schaft Gelehrten. Hrsg. von J. Klaproth. 2 v. 
Wnmar, 1802. 8°. C 

Association bretonne. Bulletin archeologique, 
publie par la classe d'arch^logie. 3. s^r. v. 15. 
Saint Brieuc, 1897. 8^ N 

Association Florimontane d'Annecy. Revue 
savoisienne, histoire, sciences, arts, Industrie, llt- 
terature. v. 1-7, 8>-7 (1860-67). Annecy, 1860- 
67. i\ N 

Association for promoting the Discovery of 
the interior parts of Africa. Proceedings. 2 v. 
London^ 1790-1 804, 4". C 

Atti e meraorie della Regia deputazione dl storia 
patria per le provlncie delle Marche Ancone. See 



deputazione di storia patria per le provincie 
delle Marche Ancone. 

Atti e memorie della Regia deputazione di 
storia patria per le provincie modenesi. See 
Resi* deputazione di storia patria per le pro- 
vincie modenesi. 

Atti e memorie della Society siciliana per la 
storia patria. See Soeietit siciliana per la storia 

Baltlsehe Studien. See Gesellaeliaft far 

pommersche Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. 

Baiuubtyne Club. [Publications.] Octavo 
series, v. 2, 3, 6. 10 v. Edinburgh, 1847-64. 
8". C 

Quarto series, v. 3, 13, 21-22, 24, 

28, 36, 42, 56, 59, 61, 67, 99-100, 119. Edinburgh, 
1825-82. 4^ C 

Baryerisehes allgemeines Reichsarchiv. Archi- 
valische Zeitschrift, N. F. v. 3-7. MUnchen, 
1892-96. 8". C 

Beitraege zur deutschen Territorial- und 
Stadtgeschichte, hrsg. von G. von Below, H. Die- 
mar, und F. Kuetgen. i Ser. 3. Hft. Kassel, 
1897. 4^ N 

Beitr&cpe zur Geschichte Basels. See HIs- 
torifldie und antiquarische Gesellschaft zu Basel. 

Beitra^pe zur Geschichte des Niederrheins. 
See D&Meldorfer Geschichts-Verein. 

Beitr&§^ zur Kunde Preussens. 7 v. Kanigs- 
htrg, 1818-25. 12°. C 

Beitr&ffe zur vaterlindischen Geschichte. See 
Historifl»-antiquarischer Verein. Historische 
ond antiquarische Gesellschaft zu Basel. 

Bemer Taschenbuch auf das Jahr 1852-87. 
V. 1-36. Bern, 1852-87. i6'. C 

Blblioteea storica e letteraria di Sicilia. v. i- 
28. [Palermo, 1869-80.] 8'. C 

Bibllotheca historica. Instructa a B. G. 
Stmvio ancta a C. G. Budero nunc vero a J. G. 
Meuselio ita digesta, amplificata et emendata ut 
paene novum opus videri possit. v. i-ii. Lipsice, 
1782-1802. 8^ N C 

Bibliotheeai historica suecogothica. v. 1-15. 
Siockholm, 1782-1817. 8^ N 

BIbliotheea historico-militaris. v. 1-3. Cassel, 
1887-95. 8vo. N 

, Bi b lioth^qne de T^cole des chartes. See 
Ecole des chartes. 

Bfbliothdqae historique k 1* usage des dames. 
V. 1-69. Paris, 1779-87. N C 

Bi|Jdra§fen voor de geschiedenis van het bisdom 
van Haarlem. 20 v. Haarlem, 1873-95. 8*. C 

Bydrmgen tot de kennis der nederlandsche en 
vreemde kolonien bijzonder betrekkelijk de vrijlating 
der slaven. 4 v. Utrecht, 1844-47. 8°, C 

Bydr^gen en mededeelingen van het Historisch 
renootschap gevestigd te Utrecht. See Hiator- 
laeh geoootschap gevestigd te Utrecht. 

Bijdimnen voor vaderlandsche geschiedenis en 
oudbeidkunde. Verzameld en uitgegeven door I. A. 
Nijboff. ▼. i-io (1837-56); Nieuwe reeks, v. i-io 
(1859-80); 3. reeks, v. i, 10 x-a (1882, 1897) 21 v. 
Amheim, *s Gravenhage, 1837-97. 8°. N C 

Cmrent. N. reeks. ▼ 3-5 edited by J. A. Nijho£F and P. 
Ktjhoff. ▼. 6-3. reeks ▼. x t^ R. Fruin. 

Historical Society. Transac- 
tions. I. -4. session. Birmingham, 1880-84. N 

Boletin de la Real academia de la historia. See 
Real academia de la historia. 

Bulletin annuel de la Societe jersiaise. See 
Soci^t^ jersiaise. 

Bulletin archeologique. See Association 


Bulletin, arch^ologiqi^e et historique de la 
Society archeologique de Tam-et-Garonne. See 
Soci^t4 archeologique de Tarn-et-Garonne. 

Bulletin du Commission historique du departe- 
ment du nord. See Commission historique du 
departement du nord. 

Bulletin et m^moires de la Society archeologique 
du departement d' Ille-et-Vilaine. See Society 
archeologique du departement d'llle-et-Vilaine. 

Bulletin et memoires de la Societe archeologique 
et historique de la Charente. See Soei4t6 archeo- 
logique et historique de la Charente. 

Bulletin monumental. See Soci^t^ fran9aise 
d'arch^ologie pour la conservation des monuments 

Bulletin du Mus^e historique de Mulhause. 
See Mus^e historique de Mulhause. 

Bulletin de la Soci^t^ des antiquaires de 
rOuest. See Soei^t^ des antiquaires de TOuest 

Bulletin de la Societe archeologique de Nantes 
et du departement de la Loire inferieure. See 
Soci^t^ archeologique de Nantes etc. 

Bulletin de la Societe des archives historiques 
[de Saintonge et de I'Aunis.] See Soci^t^ des 
archives historiques [de Saintonge et de TAunis]. 

Bulletin de la Society d'art et d'histoire du 
diocese de Li^ge. See Soci^t^ d' art et d' histoire 
du diocese de Li^ge. 

Bulletin de la Societe des bibliophiles bretons 
et de I'histoire de Bretagne. See Sod^t^ des 
bibliophiles bretons et de I'histoire de Bretagne. 

Bulletin de la Soci^t^ pour la conservation des 
monuments historiques d' Alsace. See Soci^t^ 
pour la conservation des monuments historiques 
d' Alsace. 

Bulletin de la Societe departe men tale d'arch^- 
ologie et de statistique de la Drome. See Soei^t^ 
departementale d'archeologie et de statistique de la. 

Bulletin de la Societe de I'histoire de France. 
See Soci^t^ de I'histoire de France. 

Bulletin de la Societe de I'histoire de Paris et 
de rile de France. See Soci^t^ de I'histoire de 
Paris et de I'lle de France. 

Bulletin de la Soci^t^ historique et archdolo- 
gique de Corbeil d'^tampes et du Hurepoix. See 
Soci^t^ historique et archeologique de Corbeil 
d'^tampes et du Hurepoix. 

Bulletin de la Societe historique et litteraire de- 
Tournai. See Soci^t^ historique et litteraire de 

Bulletin de la Societe normande d'etudes pre- 
historiques. See Sooi^t^ normande d'etudes 

Bulletin de la Society des sciences historiques 
et naturelles de la Corse. See Soci4t4 des sciences 
historiques et naturelles de la Corse. 



Bulletin de la Societe des sciences historiques 
et naturelles de Semur. See Soci^t^ des sciences 
historiques et naturelles de Semur. 

Bnlletin de la Soci^t^ des sciences historiques 
et naturelles de 1* Yonne. See Soei^t^ des sciences 
historiques et naturelles de 1' Yonne. 

Bulletin de la Societe scientifique, historique et 
archeologique de la Corr^ze. See Soci^t^ scien- 
tifique, historique et archeologique de la Corr^ze. 

Bulletins of the Campaign. See Bulletins 
and other State Intelligence. 

Bulletins and other State Intelligence . . . com- 
piled and arranged from the official documents pub- 
lished in the London Gazette by T. L. Behan. 
1 793-1 863, pt. I. 81 V. Z<wf</?if, 1793-1863. 16". N 

1 793-1 8 14. 1854-61. C 

1993-1815 have title : Bulletins of the campaign. 18x6-48 : 
BuUetins of state intelligence. There is no volume for x8oa. 
x^9-53 edited by F. Watts. 1854-57 and 1859-63 in a partt 
eacn, 1858 in 4. 

Bulletins of Sute Intelligence. See Bulle- 
tins and other State Intelligence. 

BuUettino dell* Istitoto storico italiano. See 
Istituto storico italiano. 

Bullettino della Societi storica savonese. See 
Societil storica savonese. 

Bullettino storico della Suizzera italiana. 
Redazione: E. Motta. v. 19-20X-X0 (1897-98). 
Bellintona, 1897-98. 8*". N 


Cabinet historique. Revue mensuelle con te- 
nant avec un texte et des pieces in^dites, le cata- 
logue des mss. que renferment les biblioth^ques 
publiques touchant I'histoire de I'ancienne France ; 
sous la direction de L. Paris, v. 1-22 (1855-76) ; 
2; ser. v. 1-3 (1877-79). 25 v. Paris^ i855~79- 
8". N 

Cahiers des ^tats de Normandie. See Societe 
()e I'histoire de Normandie. 

Calendaj^ of ancient records of Dublin ... by 
J. T. Gilbert, v. i. Dublin, 1889. 4*. C 

Cambrian Journal. 4 v.; n. s. v. 1-7 (1854- 

64). London, 1854-64. 8°. C 

Published by the Cambrian Institute. No more published. 

Camden Society. [Publications.] v. 1-105 

(1838-72); new ser. v. 1-58 (1871-98). 163 v. 

London, 1838-98. 8*. N 

Current. N. ser. ▼. 58— edited for the Rx>yal historical 

V. 1-105 (1838-72); n. ser. v. 1-5 1 

(1871-92). C 

Cazton Society. [Publications.] v. 1-16. 
London, 1844-54. 8**. N C 

Celtic Magazine : A monthly periodical devoted 
to the literature, history, antiquities, folk-lore, 
traditions . . . etc. of the Celt, at home and abroad, 
v. 1-13. Inverness, 1876-88. 8". N 

v. 3 (1878). C 

V. z. ed. b^ A. Mackenzie and A. Mac^egor. v. 2-zz by 
A. Mackenzie, v. 12-13, ed. by A. Macbain. 

Celtic Society. [Publications.] v. 1-3 in 5. 
Dublin, 1848-52. 8^ C 

6 V. (1847-55). N 

In 185J this Society united with the Irlalk Archaeological 
Society, forming the Irlslk Archaeological and Celtic Society. 

Chetham Society. Remains historical and 
literary connected with the palatine counties of 
Lancaster and Chester. 114 v. (184^-82). New 
ser. V. 1-39 (1883-98). 153 V. Manchtster, 1844- 
98. 4'. N C 


Clarendon Historical Society. Reprints, i. 
ser. (1882-84); new ser. no. 1-12 (1884-85). Edin- 
burgh, 1882-85. 8°. N C 

Codes diplomaticus Brandenburgensts, aus 
Originaiien und Copial-BQchem gesammelt uod 
hrsg. von P. W. Gercken. 8 v. SaUwedel und 
Stendal, 1769-85. 8*. C 

hrsg. von A. F. J. Riedel. Thl. 1-4 in 

35 V. (1838-63); Suppl. (1865); Namenverzeichniss, 
3 V. (1867-68); Chron. Register. 2 v. (1867-69). 41 
V. Berlin, 1838-69. 4*. C 

Codes diplomaticus Moenofrancofurtanus ; Ur- 
kundenbuch der ReichssUdt Frankfurt ; hrsg. von 
J. F. Boehmer. Thl. i. Frankfurt am Main, 
1836. 4°. ^ 

Codes diplomaticus Nassoicus . . . im Auftrage 
und mit Untersttttzung des Communalstandischcn 
Verbandes des Regierungsbezirks Wiesbaden, v. 
i«-3. Wiesbaden, 1886-87. 4'. ^ 

Hr«g. von K. Menzel und W. Saner. 

Codes diplomaticus Silesiae. See Verein far 
Geschichte und Alterthum Schlesiens. 

Coleceion de documentos ineditos para la his- 
toria de Espafla. v. 1-112. Madrid, 1842-95. 

8^ N 

Collectanea. Oxford Historical Society. See 
Osford Historical Society. 

Collection des anciens descriptions de Paris, 
avec introduction et notes par TAbbc V. Dufoun 
10 V. Paris, 1878-83. 8*. ^ 

Collection de chroniques beiges in^dites. See 
Commission royale d'histoire de Belgique. 

Collection de documents relatifs i Thistoirede 
Paris pendant la revolution fran9aise. 14 v. ^«'*»^ 
i8Sa-96. 8'. ^ 

Collection d'historiens arm<5niens traduits par 
M. Brossct. S,'P^tersbourg,\%']arlt, 2 v. 8". C 

Collection des memoires relatifs 4 la revolution 
d'Angleterre. 20 v. Paris, 1827. 8". C 

Collection of scarce and valuable tracts . . . 
chiefly such as relate to the history and constitu- 
tion of these Kingdoms ... 16 v. London, 1748- 

51. 4^ ^ 

" Somen tractt," fit»t edition published in foor leU of 4 
vols. each. 

Collections for a history of Staflfordshire. See 
William Salt Archaeological Society. 

Commission des antiquites departementales. 
Statistique monumentole du Departement du Pas^ 
de-Calais. Arras, 1850. 4^ ^ 

Commission historique du departement du 
Nord. Bulletin, v. 1-5, 20 (1843-5?, 1897). 6 v, 
Lille, 1843-97. 8'. ^ 

Commission des monuments ^historiques^ 
Archives. 4 v. PaHs, [1855-72]. f*. ^ 



Commlssioii royale d*htstoire de Belgique. 
Collection de chroniques beiges incites. 89 v. 
BruxelUs, 1836-96. 4^ N 

84 ▼. (1836-92). C 

Comptt rendu des stances ; ou, Recueil de 

ses bulletins, v. 1-16 (1837-50); 2. ser. v. 1-12 
(185^-59); 3. ser. V. I-I4 (1860-72); 4. s^r. v. i- 
n (1873-90); 5. ser. ▼. 1-7 (1891-97); Tables, 2 v. 
68 ▼. BruxelUs, 1837-97. 8°, N C 


Commisalone Colombiana pel quarto cente- 
nario dalla scoperta dell' America. Raccolta di 
documenti e studi. Pt. i, ▼. 1-3 ; pt. 2, v. i, 3 ; 
pt. 3, V. I, 2* ; pt 4, V. 1-2 ; pt. 5, V. 2 ; pt. 6. 
Roma^ 1892-96. f^ C 

Commissione conservatrice dei monumenti e 
oggetti d'arte e di antichiti della provincia di Mi- 
laoo. Atti. V. 1-2 (1876-81). Milano, 1880-81. 
8*. NC 

bsoed as suppl. to v. j-i of ArchlTlo storico lombardo. 

Compte rendu de la Commission royale d'his- 
toire de Belgique. See Commission royale d'his- 
toire de Belgique. 

Congrd* archeologique de France. Seances 
g^nerales tenues . . . par la Soci^te f ran9aise d'arcbe- 
ologie pour la conservation et la description des 
monuments, v. 10-62 (1843-95). Paris, 1843- 
95). 8'. C 

V. 30-31, 61 (1863-64, 1894). N 

VoU. x-9 (1839-43) are bound with the Balletin monumental 
de la 8o«l^t6 fran^aiie for those yeara. 

Cork Historical and Archaeological Society. 
Journal, v. 1-3 (1892-94). 2. ser. v. 1-3 (1895- 
97). 5 ▼. Cork, [1892-97]. 4^ N 


Cor6iiie» general deEspafta. v. i-x^, Madrid, 
1791-92. 8*. C 

C^ ih— ' itsiMf"^ ft" i*^ (La) historique et archeo- 
logique. Organe d'informations mutuelles entre 
archeologues et historiens. F. Bournon et F. 
Mazecolle, directeurs. v. 1-5 «-7 (1894-98). Saint- 
Denis, 1894-98. 8^ N 

Curreot. Monthly. 

Coiui^ Kildare Archaeological Society. Toumal . 
T. i-2»^5 (1894-98). Dublin, 1894-98. 8*. N 

Cyelopedie Review of Current History, v. 

3-4. Buffalo, 1894-95. 8*. C 

Continnition of Qnarterly Register of Current History. 

Danauurks Adels Aarbog. Aargang 1 4 ( 1 897). 
KjShenhavn, \jAqi\, 24'. N 

Baiiflk historisk Forening. Historisk Tids- 
•krift. Redigeret af C. Molbech. v. 1-6. Kjoben- 
kavn, 1840-45. 8*. N C 

Continued as 

Nyt historisk Tidsskrift. Redigeret af C. 

Molbech. ▼.1-6. KJdbenhavn, i^^l^s^i' 8^ NC 

I<> V. S N. L. Westergaard was added as editor, v. 6 by 
^eatogurd akme. 

Continued as 

• Historisk Tidsskrift. Redigeret af N. L. 

Westergaard. 3. Rsekke. v. 1-6;" 4. Raekke. v. i- 
5. JCjibmkavn, 1858-77. 8^ C 

3. Raekkc t. 1-3 (1858-64). N 

AeXrcov n;? Urofnicqi km €0yoXoyiKri9 ^rmpuas 
n;? *EAAa&)s. See *lvropucrf km €0voKoyucrf 

DenkmiUer aus Nassau. See Verein fllr 
nassauische Alterthumskunde und Geschichtsfor- 

Den k w iir diger und nQtzUcher Rheinischer 
Antiquarius, welcher die wichtigsten und ange- 
nehmsten geographischen, historischen und polit- 
ischen MerkwQrdigkeiten des ganzen Rhelnstroms 
. . . darstellt. Von einem Nachforscher in histo, 
rischen Dingen [C. von Stramberg]. 39 v. CobUnz- 
X845-71. 8^ C 

Deutsche BUtter. Hrsg. von F. A. Brock- 
haus. 6 v.; N. F. 3 v. Leipzig, und Altenburg, 
1813-16. 12*. C 


Dentsehe Zeitschrift fQr Geschichtswissen- 

schaft. Hrsg. von L. Quidde. v. 1-12 (1889- 

96); N. F. V. 1-2 (1896-98). Freiburg &* Leipzig, 

1889-98. 8". N C 

The new ser. has the title : HIstortaclie Vierteljahr- 

Neue Folge: MonatsbUtter. v. i. Frei- 

burg I. B, 1897. S\ N C 

Neue Folge: Vierteljahreshefte. v. 1-2. 

Freiburg i. B. 1897-98. S\ N C 


Diarii di Marino Sanuto. See Reale depu- 
tazione veneta di storia patria. 

Diplomatarium Norvegicum; Oldbreve til 
kundskab om Norges indre og ydre forhold, 
sprog, slaegter, seeder, lovgivning og rettergang i 
middelalderen; samlede og udgivne af C. C. Lange 
og C. R. linger, v. 1-14. Chrisiiania, 1849-93. 
8^ C 

Documents pour servir 4 Thistoire du Departe- 
ment de Seine et Oise. See Soci^t^ archeolo- 
gique Rambouillet. 

Diisseldorfer Geschichtsverein. BeitrSge zur 
Geschichte des Niederrheins. Jahrbuch des DQssel- 
dorfer Geschichtsvereins. v. 12. DUsseldorf, 
1897. 8\ N 


£cole des chartes. Biblioth^que de I'^cole des 
chartes; revue d'^rudition consacr^ specialement 
k Tetude du Moyen Age. v. 1-5 (1839-43); 2. s^r. 
V. 1-5 (1844-49); 3. s^r. v. 1-5 (1849-54); 4. ser. 
V. 1-5 (1854-59); 5. s^r. V. 1-5(1859-64); 6. s^r. 
V. 1-5 (1864-69); V. 31-58 (1869-97); Index, 2 v. 
60 V. Paris, 1839-97. 8°. C 


V. 1-5 (1839-43); 2. ser. v. 1-5 (1844-49); 

3 ser. V. 1-5 (1849-54); 4. s^r. v. 1-5 (1854-59); 5. 
s^r. v. 1-5 (1859-64); 6. ser. v. 1-5 (1864-69); 
V. 31-56, 5Q'-5 (1869-95, 1898). N 


Edinburifh Annual Register, 1808-26. 19 v. 
in 24. Edinburgh, 1810-28. 8\ N C 

Eng^lish Historical Review. Edited by M. 
Creighton. v. 1-13. London, 1886-98. 8°. N C 

Current. FrDm v. 7 (1899) edited by Gardiner and Poole. 

English Historical Society [Publicatiocisl 29 v. 
(1838-56). London, 1838-56. 4°. N 




▼. I, 3-5. 7. 9-16 (1838-56). 

EuropflBischer Geschichts-Kalender. Krsg. 
-v. H. Schulthess, mit einem Vorworte von H. v. 
•Sybcl. V. 1-25 (1860-84) ; N. F. v. 1-3 (1885-97). 
Hdrdlingen, 1861-97. 8°. N C 

Europlsehe Mercurius behelzende al het voor- 

maamste 't geen, zo omtrent de zaaken van staat als 

•oorlog, in allede . . . landen van Europa ... is voor- 

;gcvallen, 1690-1756. 67 v. Amsterdam y 1690- 

1756. 8'. C 

Vols. 51-^7 have title: Nederlandach gedenkboek; of, Etiro- 
-pische Mercurius. 

Font! per storia d' Italia. See Istituto sto- 
:rico italiano. 

Forschuns^ii zur brandenburgischen und 
preussischen Geschichte. See Verein fQr Ge- 
schichte der Mark Brandenburg. 

Forschun^n zur Geschichte Bayems. Vier-' 
teljahrsschrift hrsg. von K. von ReinhardstOttner. 
V. 5-6 (1897-98). Regensburg, 1897-98. 8". N 
Curreat. Quarterly. V. 5 has the tide: Forschuageti 
zur Kultur-und Litteratur^eschichte Bayems. 

Forschfingen zur Kultur-und Litteraturge- 
schichte Bayems. See Forschung^en zur Ge- 

-schichte Bayems. 

FraAkflirtisches Archiv fQr alltere deutsche 
l^itteratur und Geschichte. pt. 1-3. Frankfurt 
-am Main^ 1811-15. 8°. C 

Freies deutsches Hochstift. Berichte. v. i 

<i86o); 5-6 (1863-66); 2. F. no. i (1876); N. F. 

7 V. (1878-84); N. F. V. 1-13 (1884-97). /^rfl«>fe- 

/«r/fl. i1/., 1861-97. 8" and 4*. C 

V. 2-4 (1861-63) were never published, and none were issued 
^or 1866-75 and 1877. 

Frleflch genootschap van geschied-, oudheid-, 
•en taalkunde. Verslag der handelingen, 1876-96. 
V. 49-68. Leeuward^n, 1877-97. 8 . C 

Furatenbergfisehefli Urkundenbuch ; Samm- 
lung der Quellen zur Geschichte des Hauses Fttrs- 
ten berg und seiner Lande in Schwaben ; hrsg. von 
dem Fttrstlichen Hauptarchiv in Donauneschingen. 
7 V. Tubingen, 1877-91. f^ C 

Oeg^nwart (Die). Eine encyklopadische 
Darstellung der neuesten Zeitgeschichte ftlr alle 
Stfinde. V. 1-12. Leipzig, 1848-56. 8°. N 

Continued as: Unsere ieit. 

Genea»log;i8ch-geschichtlich statistisches Jahr- 
•buch fUr das Jahr 1835, enthaltend die Genealogie 
der Dynastien und Standesherren und kurze Statis- 
tik der civilisirten Staaten in und ausser Europa, 
von F. A. Ruder, i v. Leipzig, 1835. 8". N 

Genealog^sch-historisch-statistischer Alma- 
cnach. Jahrg. 13(1836). Weimar, 1836. 24°. N 

Genealo^flches Taschenbuch der deutschen 

^raflichen H&user. v. 9-20 (1836-47). Gotha, 

1835-46. 32*. N 

Geschichts* und alterthumsforschende Gesell- 
schaft des Osterlandes. Mittheilungen. v. 1-6. 
Altenburg, 1841-66. 8°. N 

Geschiehtsblatter far die mittelrheinischen 
Bisthttmer. Oct. 1883-July 1885. v. 1-2. Mainz, 
1884-85. 4°. C 

. Discontinued. 

Geflchichtsclireiber (Die) der deutschen Vor- 
zeit . . . hrsg. von G. H. Pertz [and others . . . later 
by W. Wattenbach]. Die Urzeit, v. 1-4; 6. Jahrh. 
'V. 1-5; 7- Jahrh., v. i; 8. Jahrh., v. 1-4; 9. Jahrh., 

V. 1-9, 11-14; 10. Jahrh., v. i-ii,' Suppl. i; 11. 
Jahrh. v. i-ii; 12. Jahrh. v. i-io; 13. Jahrh., v. 
1-9; 14. Jahr., V. 1-8; 15. Jahrh., v. 1-3. 86 in 
23 v. Berlin, 1849-92. 12*. C 

Several vols, published at Leipzig. 

2. Gesammtausgabe. [Urzeit] 4v. ini;6. 

Jahrh. 5 v. in 2; 7. Jahr. 2 v. in i; 8. Jahrh. 4 v. 
m i; 9. Jahrh. 12 v. in 3; 10. Jahrh. 11 v. in 3; 1 1. 
Jahrh. 10 v. in 3; 12. Jahrh. 20 v. in 5; 13. Jahrh. 
9 V. in 6. 77 V. Leipzig, 1884-98. 12'. N 

Gtosehichtsfreund (Der); Mittheilungen des 
Historischen Vereins der fOnf Orte, Lucem, Uri, 
Schwyz, Unterwalden und Zug. v. 1-45. Einsie- 
deln, 1843-90. 8"*. C 

Register, Bd. 1-40. 3 v. Einsiedeln, 

1865-89. 8^ c 

GeschiehtsqaeUen des Bisthums MUnster. 
Hrsg. von Freunden der vaterlandischen Ge- 
schichte. V. 3. MUnster, 1855-56. 8". N 

GeschichtsqueUen der Provinz Sachsen und 
angrenzender Gebiete, hrsg. von den geschichtlichen 
Vereinen der Provinz. v. 1-30, 33, 35. 34 v. 
HalU, 1870-96. 8^ C 

Gesellschaft fur altere deutsche Geschichts- 
kunde zur Befdrderung einer Gesammtausgabe der 
Quellenschriften deutscher Geschichten des Mittel- 
alters. Archiv. v. 1-4. Frankfurt a, M.,i%20-'22, 
%\ N 

Continued as 

Neues Archiv. v. 23-241 (1897-98). Han- 
nover, 1898. 8". N 

Monumenta Germanise historica. . . Edidit 

Societas aperiendis fontibus reram Germanicarum 
medii aevi. Diplomatum imperii tomus i. (1872) 
Legum tomus 1-5 (1835-89). Scriptorum tomus 
1-30* (1826-96). 36 V. Hannoveros, 1826-96. 
i\ NC 

v. \-^\ edited by O. H. Pertz. 

Auctorum antiquissimorum tomus 

1-13. (1877-96). Diplomatumregumetimperatorum 
Germaniae tomus 1-2' (1879-88). Epistolae saeculi 
XIII e regestis pontificum romanonim selectae. 
t. 1-3 (1883-94). Epistolarum tomus 1-4 (1891-95). 
Indices eomm quae tomis hucusque editis conti- 
nentur. [IV.] (1890). Legum sectio 2«-«, y, 4*"», 5 
(i 883-96). Libelli de lite imperatoram et pontificum 
saeculis XI et XII conscripti. 1-3 (1891-87). Libri 
confratemitatum Sancti Galli Augiensis, Fabariensis 
tomus I (1884). Necrologia Germaniaet. 1-2* (1888- 
^o). Scriptores reram Longobardicaram et Itali- 
caram saec. VI-IX. [IV.] (1878). Scriptorum qui 
vernacula lingua usi sunt tomus i' «, 2, 51-a (1877- 
93). Scriptorum rerum Merovingicarum tomus 
1-3 (1885-96). Poetaram Latinoram medii aevi 
tomus ii-a-3 (1880-96). 37 V. Berolini, Hanno- 
vera, 1877-97. 4°. N C 

Gesellschaft far bildende Kunst und vater- 
iSndische Altertttmer zu Emden. Jahrbuch. v. 
i-i2x-a (1872-97). Emden, 1872-97. 8°. N 


Gesellscshaft for Erhaltung der geschicht- 
lichen Denkmaler im Elsass. See Soei^t4 pour 
la conservation des monuments historiques d* Alsace. 

Gesellsekalt fQr Frankfurts Geschichte und 
Kunst. See Verein fttr Geschichte und Altcr- 
thumskunde zu Frankfurt am Main. 



Gesellsehall fttr die Geschichte des Protes- 

tantismos in Oesterreich. Jahrbuch. v. 1-12. 

fVuM, 1880-91. 8\ C 

GeselUMshait far Geschichte und Alterthums- 
kunde der Ostseeprovinzen Russlands. Mittheil- 
ongen aus dem Gebiete der Geschichte Liv-, Est- 
und Kurlands. v. 16-17X, Jiiga, 1896-97. 8°. N 


Oesellseliail fflr pommersche Geschichte und 
Alterthumskunde. Baltische Studien. v. 1-45. 
SUtttH, 1832-1895. 8'. C 

Heft 3, of V. 18 not published. 

V. 1-35 (1832-85). N 

Jahresbericht, i, 6, 8-12 (1826-37). 5 v. 

SUiiin, 1827-38. 12° & 8'. N 

V. 5-57 (1830-95). C 

Oesellschaft far Rheinische Geschichtskande. 
Pablikationen. v. 15, 17. 2 v. B(mn, 1897-98. 

r & 8'. N 


GiomAle ligastico di archeologia, storia e belle 
arti. Diretto da L. T. Belgrano. v. 1-18. Geneva, 
1874-91. 8°. C 

€Moni*le storico degli archivi toscani. v. 1-7 
(1857-63). Firenze, 1857-63. 8\ J^ C 

Goerres-Gesellschaft. Historisches Jahrbuch. 
Hrsg. von J. Weiss, v. 1-12 (1880-91). Miln^ 
£lun, 1880-91. 8^ C 

V. 18-19X-3 (1897-98). 8*. N 

T. 1-3 publ. at Miinster, and ed. by Georg Hiiffer. 

Quellenund Forschungenaus dem Gebiete 

der Geschichte. v. 2-6. Paderborn, 1893-98. 8*. C 

€(6ttiiis^selie8 historisches Magazin. v. 1-8. 
Hannover^ 1787-91. 12°. C 

Condnned by Nenes gOttingiaches hist. Magazin. 

€k>tli»iseher genealogischer Hof kalender. See 
Almanaeh de Gotha. 

Gotliaisches genealogisches Taschenbuch der 
freiherrlichen Hauser. ¥.41-49(1891-99). Gotha, 
1890-98. 32'. N 

V. 6-7. 9, 26 (1856-57, 1859, 1876). C 

Ck»thaisehes genealogisches Taschenbuch der 
grtflichen Hauser. v. 30, 32, 53 (1857, 1859, 1880). 
Goiha, [1856-79]. 32^ C 

Halliache Abhandlungen zur neueren Ge- 
schichte ; hrsg. Ton G. Droysen. y. 1-36. Halle, 
1874-98. 8'. N 


'- V. 1-27 (1874-91). C 

GeschichtsbUtter. See Verein 

f&r bansische Geschichte. 

Hajrs-Verein fQr Geschichte und Alterthums- 
kunde. Zeitschrift. Hrsg. von E. Jacobs, v. i- 
27 (1868-94) ; Suppl. to V. 9 ; Reg. Wernigerode, 
i868-<)4. 8^ C 

V. 30-31 (1897-98). N 


Heidelberg^r Schlossverein. Mittheilungen 
znr Geschichte des Heidelberger Schlosses. v. 1-2. 
Heidelberg, 1885-90. 8*. C 

Hellenikli: Archiv archSologischer, philolo- 
gischer, historisc)ier und epigraphischer Abhand- 
lungen und Aufsiltze. Hrsg. von L. Ross. v. i, 

no. 1-2. Halle, 1846. 8'. C 


Hertha; Zeitschrift fttr Erd-, Volker- und 
Staatenkunde. v. i-io. Stuttgart und LUbingen, 
1825-27. 8°. C 

Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. 
Proceedings and papers. Session 1-6. Liverpool, 

1849-53. 8^ N C 

Continued as 

Transactions, v. 7-48 (1854-96). 42 v. 

London, 1855-97. 8**. N 

Current, v. 37-48 are also numbered New Series v. i-xs. 

v. 7-36(1854-84). Index, v. 1-24. C 

Historical and Archaeological Association of 
Ireland. Annuary. Dublin, 1888. 4''. C 

Historical Register, containing an impartial 

relation of all transactions foreign and domestic. 

V. 1-23 (1715-38). London, i7i7-[38]. 8°. N 

From V. 3 with a chronological diary of all the remarkable 
occurrences, births, marriages, &c. 

July 1714-Jan. 1716. 2v. London, 1724. 

8". N 

Historien (L') ; ler Frimaire, Tan iv-18. 
Fructidor, Tan v. 17 v. Paris, 1795-97. 8*. C 
Edited by P. S. Dupont. 

*laTopucrf KOI iOvo\oyucrj kraipia, n^s *EAAa8os* 

AcXrtoK* 4 V. 'ev *Aft;F(us, 1883-92. 8". N 

v. 1-2 (1883-85). C 

Historisch antiquarische Mittheilungen. See 
Kongelifl^ nordisk Oldskrift-Selskab. 

Historisch-antiquarischer Verein. Beitrage 
zur vaterlilndischen Geschichte. Thl. 1.-4. Schaff- 
hausen, 1863-78. 12". C 

Historisch genootschap te U trecht. Berigten. 

V. 1-7 (1846-63). Utrecht, 1846-63. 8*. N C 
V. a pt. a has title : Verhooren van Johan van Oldenbame- 
velt. V. x-a have title: Berigten van bet Historisch gezel- 
schap te Utrecht. For index see Register . . . 

Bijdragen en mededeelingen. v. 1-19(1877- 

98). Utrecht, 1877-98. 8°. N 


V. I-II (1877-88). 

BuUarium Trajectense . . . ed. G. Brom. 

2 V. Haga-Comitis, 1892-96. 4". N 

Codex diplomaticus Neerlandicus, Verza- 

meling van oorkonden, betrekkelijk de vader- 

landsche geschiedenis. v. i (1848) ; 2. v. v. 1-6 

(1852-63). 7v. 6^/r^f>4/, 1848-63. 4°&8^ NC 

V. X (1848) has title of society : Historisch gezelschap gevest- 
igt te Utrecht. For index see Register, etc. 

KaUlogusder boekerij, 1872; Supplemcnt- 

katalogus, 1882 ; 2de supplement-katalogus, 1895. 

3 V. Utrecht, 1872-95. 8*'. N 
X895, publ. in 's Gravenhage. 

Kronijk. v. 2-5 (1846-49) ; 2. r. v. 6-10 

(1850-54); 3. r. V. 1-5 (1855-59); 4. r. V. 1-5 
(1860-64); 5. r. V. 1-5 (1865-69) ; 6. r. v. 1-6(1870- 
75). 30 v. Utrecht, 1846-75. 8^ N C 

v. I was never published. Vols, also numbered Jaar?. a-3x. 
v. 3-5 have title : Kronijek van bet Gezelschap te Utrecht. 
For index see : Register, &c. 

Register op de onderwerpen behandeld in 

de Kronijk, Berigten, en den Codex diplomaticus. 
I v. Utrecht, 1877. 8'. N C 

Verslag van de algemeene vergadering der 

leden van het Historisch genootschap gehouden in 
Utrecht, 1895, 1897. 2 v. 'j Gravenhage, 1895- 
97. 8^ N 




Wcrken. Nicuwe reeks no. 1-60 (1864-98) ; 

3. reeks no. 1-9 (1891-96). 69 v. Utrecht^ 1864- 
98. 8*. N 

no. 1-53, 5M9 (1863-89, 1892-93). 


The xft teries of the Werken ia formed by the Kronijk, 
Berigten aad Codex diplomaticus. 3. aer. publ. in '• Gnven- 
hage. 3. ler. no. x publ. in 1894, no. a in 1891. 

Hisiorlseh Gezelschap te Utrecht. See His- 
torisch Genootschap. 

Htstoriaeh-litterarischer Zweigverein des Vo- 
gesen-Clubs. Jahrbuch ftlr Geschichte, Sprache 
und Litteratar Elsass-Lothringens. Jahrg. 13. 
I V. Strassburg, 1897. 8'. N 

Current. ContinuAtionof : Zelta«lirtfY ftlr Sprache, Littera- 
tar, und Volkakunde dea Elaaasea, Oberrheina and Schwabena. 

HlstorUtch-politische Bl&tter fUr das kathol- 
ische Deutschland. 1838-97. 120 v. MUnchen, 
1838-97. 8°. C 

V. 1-24, 119-122 (1838-49, 1898). N 

Current. Seaii-monthly. 

HIstortseh-politische Zeitschrift. Hrsg. yon 
L. Ranke. 2 v. Hamburg, 1832-36. 8*. C 

Historiseh tijdschrift. 1841-42. 2 v. Utrecht, 
1841-42. 4°. C 

Edited by L. G. Viaicher. 

Historisehe und antiquarische Gesellscbaft zu 
Basel. Beitrage zur vaterlandischen Geschichte. 
V. [*J-I4«. Basel, 1839-1894. 8°. N C 

The title of v. z ia : BeitrSge zur Geachichte Baaela. From 
x88a, alao called N. F. ▼. z-43. 

Mittheilungen. v. 5a, 6, 8. Basel, 1855- 

82. f^ C 

Histoiisehe Bibliothek. Band 1-3. MUnehen, 
1896-97. 8°. N 

Historisehe Gesellscbaft zu Berlin. Jahres- 
berichte der Geschichtswissenschaft. Hrsg. von 
F. Abraham, J. Hermann, Ed. Mever. Jahrg. 
I-19 (1878-96). Berlin, 1880-98. 8 . N 

V. 1-6, 8-19 (1880-98). C 

Many changea of editor. 

Mittheilungen aus der historischea Littera- 

tur. Redigirt von R. Foss. v. 1-26, Reg. 1-20. 

Berlin, i873-q8. 8'. N C 

Current. From v. 4 edited by F. Hinch. R^. to v. z-ao 
in V. az ft aa. 

Historisehe Gesellscbaft des Kantons Aargau. 
Argovia. Jabresscbrift ... v. i-2i. Aaron, 
1860-90. 8^. C 

Historische Gesellscbaft far die Provinz 
Posen. Zeitschrift v. i-i2. Posen, 1885-97. 
8". C 

V. 5 haa a aupplementary vol. containing a catalog of the 
Library of the Society, v. 4-^ are alao Zeitachrift der Hiator- 
iachen Geaellachaft fiir den Netzediatrikt zu Bromberg. 

Historiaehe jaarboeken van oud en nieuw 
Friesland van de vroegste gehengenissen tot op den 
tegenwoordigen tyd. 5 v. Leeuwarden, 1768-71. 
8^ C 

Edited by F. Sjoerda. 

Hifltorisehe Rarit&ten oder Magazin gebeimer 
Memoiren, seltener ActenstQcke, wunderbarer 
Erscbeinungen und Abentbeuer, frappanter Auf- 
scblQsse, und wenig bekannter Anecdoten aus der 
Menscben- und Volker-Gescbicbte der Vor- und 
Mittwclt. Von Fr. Grftffer. i v. Wien, 1814. 
8". N 

Histoiisehe Studien ; brsg. von W. Amd^ 
u. a. Hft. 1-15. Leipzig, 1880-85. 8". C 

Hifltoriseke Studien ; ver6ffentlicht von E. 
Ebering. Heft. i-ii. Berlin, 1896-98. 8". N 

HUtorlscheVierteljabrscbrift. SeeDeatseh* 

Zeitschrift fOr Geschichtswissenschaft. 

Hisiorisehe Zeitschrift. Hrsg. von H. von 
Sybel. Tahrg. 1-36(1859-76); N. F. Jahrg. 1-45 
(1877-98) ; Reg. 1-56. 82 V. MUnehen, 1859-98. 
8\ NC 


Historiseher Verein des Cantons Bern. 
Arcbiv. v. i-io. Bern, 1848-82. 8*. C 

Vola. z-a have title : Abbandlungen. 

Historifleher* Verein fUr Ermland. Spicele- 
gium Copemicanum ; Festschrift zum vierhun- 
dertsten Geburtstage des . . . Nikolaus Kopemikus, 
brsg. von Franz Hipler. Braunsberg, 1873. 8". 

Historischer Verein f Ur das Grossherzogthum 
Hessen. Regesten der bis jetzt gedruckten Ur- 
kunden zur Landes- und Ortsgeschichte des Gross- 
berzogthums Hessen. 4 v.; Gen. Reg. Darm- 
siadt, 1847-60. 4°. C 

Urkunden zur hessischen Landes-, Orts- 

und Familiengeschichte . . . gesammelt und hrsg. 
von L. Baur. Hft. i. Darmstadt, 1846. 8". C 

Historiseher Verein des Kantons Glarus. 
Jahrbuch. v. 1-32. Zurich &• Glarus, 1865-96. 

8^ i^ 


Urkundensammlung zur Geschichte des 

Kanton Glarus, hrsg. von J. J. Blumer. v. 1-3. 
Glarus, 1873. 8". 

Hifltorl«eher Verein in Mittel-Franken. 
Jabresbericht, 1830-61. v. 1-29. NUmberg, 
1830-61. 8*. C 

Firat known aa Hiatoriacher Verein im Kecat-Kreia. 

Historiseher Verein for den Niederrhein, ins- 
besondere die aite ErzdiecOse K5bi. Annalen. 
Heft 1-65. Kdln, 1855-98- 8'. N 

Current. Varioua editora. 

Heft 30 (1876). C 

HUtorlseher Verein far Niedersachsen. Zeit- 
schrift. 1870. 1873-80, 1890, 1897. 10 V. Han- 
nover, 1871-97. 8**. N 


Hlstorisdier Verein von und far Oberbayern. 
Jabresbericht, v. 1-26 (1838-63). MUnehen, 1839- 
64. 8°. C 

Oberbayerisches Arcbiv far vaterltndische 

Geschichte. v. 1-26. MUnehen, 1839-66. 8'. C 

V. 50 (1897). N 


HistorlBcher Verein im Oberdonau-Kreise. 
See Hiatoriacher Verein von Schwaben und 

Historiaeher Verein von Oberpfalz und Re- 
gensburg. Verbandlungen. v. i-39» Ind«x. 1-30. 
Regensburg 6* Stadtamhof, 1832-85. nar. 12 & 
nar. 8^ N 

V. z-3 have title : Verbandlungen dea hiatoriachen Vcreina 
f dr den Regcnakrda. 



Historiseher Verein fttr den Regierunj^ 
Bezirk von Schwaben und Neuburg. See BEis- 
ioriflcher Verein von Schwaben und Neuburg. 

Historlseher Verein im Rezat-Kreis. See 
Historlscher Verein in Mittel-Franken. 

Historlseher Verein in St. Gallen. MittheiU 
ungen zur vaterlandischen Geschichte. v. i-io, 
271 (1862-65, 1897). II V. St, Gallen, [1862-97]. 
%\ N 

Carrent. ▼. ayz is also numbered 3. F. v. 71. 

Historlseher Verein yon Schwaben und Neu- 
burg. Jahresbericht. 1835-70, 1873-93. Augs- 
^rg, 1835-94. 8'. N 

▼. 1-29 (1835-91). C 

From 1835-37 nnder the title : Jahresbericht des historischen 
Vereiiis im Oberdooaa-Kreiae. 

Zeitschrift. v, 1-24. Augsburg, 1874-97. 

8'. N 


V. 1-18 (1874-90). C 

Historlseher Verein fQr Steiermark. Mittheil- 
angen. v. 45-46. Gra%, 1897-98. 8". N 


Urkundenbuch des Herzogthums Steier- 
mark bearbeitet von J. Zabn . . . 798-1246. v. 1-2. 
Gras, 1875-79. ^°. C 

Historlseher Verein von Unterfranken und 
Aschaffenburg. Archiv. v. 1-36, 39 (1833-93, 
1897). IVarzburg, 1833-97. 8**. N 


V. 1-33 (1833-90). Register, 1-16. C 

Jahresbericht. 1831-80. IVUrzhurg, 1832- 

81. 8^ C 

183X-34 known as Rechenschaftsbericht. 

EQstorlsehes Jahrbuch im Auftrage der 
Goerres-Gesellschaft. See Goerres-Gesellschaft. 

Historiselies Journal, von Mitgliedem des 
Kdn. historischen Instituts zu GOttingen. 16 v. 
Gottingen, 1773-81. 12°. C 

Historlsehes Literaturblatt. Kritisch biblio- 
graphisches Organ far Geschichte und ihre Hilfs- 
wissenschaften. BegrUndet und hrsg. von A. 
Hettler. v. 11-3. Leipzig, 1898. 8*. N 


Historlsehes Magazin. Hrsg. von C. W. F. 
Brcjrer. v. i. Jena, 1805. 8*. N 

Historlsehes Taschenbuch. Mit Beitr&gen 
von Passow, Raumer, Voigt, Wachler, Wilken, hrsg. 
von Fr. von Raumer. v. i-io (1830-39); neue 
Folgc V. i-io (1840-49); 3. F. V. i-io (1850-59); 
4. F. V. I-IO (1860-69); 5. F. V. I-IO (1871-80); 
6. F. V. 1-12 (1887-92). 62 V. Leipzig, 1830-92. 
12". N C 

General Autor- und Sach -Register. Bangor, 

1882, 8^ C 

Historisk Almanacka. 1775, 1785, 1790. 3 v. 
Siockhclm, n. d. 24". N 

Historisk Archiv; et Maanedsskrift for popu- 
laire Skildringer af historiske Personer og Beg^ven- 
heder. 1869, pt. i — 1871, pt. 2, 1872 pt. 2, — 1873, 
pL 2. Kjobenkavn, 1869-73. 8®. C 

- philosophiske Samlinger. See 
Selskab for Norges.Vel. 

Historisk Tidskrift. See Svenska historiska 

Historisk Tidsskrift. See Dansk historisk 
Forening. Norsk historisk forening. 

Historlska handlingar. See Koii£fll|fa Sam- 
fundet for Utgifvande af Haudskrifter rOrande 
Skandinaviens Historia. 

Hollandsehe Mercurius, behelzende bet 
ghedenckweerdighste in christenrijck voor-ghevaU 
len. 1650-90. 41 V. Haerlem, 1650-91. 12°. C 

There are several slight changes in title. 

1650, 1654, 1657, 1660, 1663, 1666, 1668, 

1671-77, 1679-85, 1687, 1690. N 

Imperatorskaya akademiya nauk. Perepiska 
na inostrannykh' yazykakh' Gruzinskikh' tzarei s' 
Rossiskimi gosudaryami : [Correspondence in for- 
eign languages of the Georgian tzars with Russian 
sovereigns] 1639-1770. S.-Peterbur^, 1861. 4**. C 

Imperatorskli Moskovskil Universitet. Otd^el 
istoriko-filologicheski. Ucheniya zapiski [Scientific 
memoirs.] Pts. 1-4, 6-8, lo-ii, 13-22. Moskva, 
1881-95. 8^ C 

Imperatorskli S.-PeterburghskiY Universitet. 
Zapiski istor.-filologicheskagho faculteta. v. 29- 
30, 40. Sanktpeier burgh, 1892-96. 8°. C 

India, new ser. v. 7-10. London, 1896-98. 

4^ c 


Indleateur d'histoire suisse public par la so- 
ci^t^ g^n^rale d'histoire suisse. See Allfcemeine 
geschichtforschende Gesellschaft der Schweiz. An- 
zeiger fttr schweizerische Geschichte. 

Institut historique. See Soei^t^ des Etudes 

Institut fUr Osterreichische Geschichtsfor- 
schung. Mittheilungen. v. 1-17. Innsbruck, 1880- 
96. 8°. C 

V. xo contains Register v. z-io. 

Erganzungsband. v. 1-4. Innsbruckti^^s- 

93. 8\ C 

Investi^atenr* Journal de 1' Institut his- 
torique. See Soei^t4 des etudes historiques. 

Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society. [Pub- 
lications.] V. 2, 3, 6-7, 9-io«, 12-15, 18, 20. Dublin, 
1842-60. 8'. C 

Vols. x-x6 were published by the Irish Archaeological 
Society which in 1853 united with the Celtic Society. 

Irish Archaeological Society. See Irish Archaeo- 
logical and Celtic Society. 

islenska Fomleifafelag. Arbok. 1880-87. 
V. 1-7. /Reykjavik, 1881-88. 8'. C 

Istituto storico italiano. Bullettino. no. i- 
13 in 6 V. Roma, 1886-93. 8". C 

Fonti per storia d' Italia, v. 1-9 (1887-90); 

V. 11-17 (1890-96); V. 19-21 (1892). Roma, 1887- 
96. 4*. C 

Istorieheskii vyestnik: historiko-literaturnii 
zhurnal. (Historical messenger, historical and liter- 
ary journal.) v. 67-74. 5 v. S.-Peterburgh, 1897- 
98. 8^ N 

Current. With supplement entitled: Marsetzut . . . Felix Grss 
(Lcs rouges du raidi) in v. 67. v. 68-70 with suppl. Pri Vash - 
ingtonye (Hugh Wynne, free quaker . . . ^ Weir Mitchell). 

Istorlscheskoe obozryenie. See Istori- 
eheskoe obshchestvo pri imperatorskom S. -Peter- 
burgskom Universitet. 


Istorlcheskoe obshchestvo pri Imperator- 
skom S. -Peterburgskom Universitet. Istoricheskoe 
obozryenje. Izdavaemuil pod redaktzieY N. I. 
Karyeva. v. 9. S.-Peierburgh^ 1897. 8°. N 


Jaarboeken voor de Israeliten in Nederland. 
V. 1-2 (1835-36). 'j Gravenkage, 1835-36. 8°. C 

Jaarboekje over 1 826-1 849. 24 V. V Graven- 
hage, 1826-48. 12°. C 

Jaarboekje voor de stad Delft, voor het jaar 
i860. Delft [1859]. i6'. C 

Jaarboetjo ^ooi' ^^ ^^^'^ ^^ ^^^ Kanton 
Schiedam, i860, v. 14. Schiedam [1859]. 16*. C 

JaJirbuch fQr Geschichte, Sprache und Litte- 
ratur Elsass-Lothringens. See aistorisch-litte- 
rarischer Zweigverein des Vogesen-Clubs. 

Jakrbuch der Gesellschaft fUr bildende Kunst 
und vaterl&ndische AltertUmer zu Emden. See 
Oesellschaft ftlr bildende Kunst und vater- 
landische AltertQmer zu Emden. 

Jahrbach des Gesellschaft ftlr die Geschichte 
des Protestantismus in Oesterreich. See Gtoseil- 
■chait for die Geschichte des Protestantismus. 

Jahrbach des historischen Vereins des Kantons 
Glarus. See Historiicher Verein des Kantons 

Jahrbuch fdr schweizerische Geschichte. See 
AU^meine geschichtforschende Gesellschaft 
der Schweiz. 

Jahrbueh fQr vaterlandische Geschichte. v. i. 
Wien, 1 861. I2^ C 


Jahrbuch des Vereins fUr Chemnitzer Ge- 
schichte. See Verein fQr Chemnitzer Geschichte. 

Jahrbiicher der deutschen Geschichte. See 
KSnlffliche Akademie der Wissenschaften. 

Jahrbiicher fQr jQdische Geschichte und Lite- 
ratur. v. i-io. Frankfurt am Main, 1874-90. 
8*. N 

V. 1-7. (1874-80) C 

Jahrbacher des Vereins von Alterthums- 
f reunden im Rheinlande. See Veretn von Alter- 
thumsf reunden im Rheinlande. 

Jahrbucher des Vereins fQr mecklenburgische 
Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. See Verein 
fQr mecklenburgische Geschichte und Alterthums- 

Jahresberlcht der Gesellschaft fQr pom- 
mersche Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. See 
Oesellschaft fQr pommersche Geschichte und 

Jahresberlcht des historischen Vereins in 
Mittel-Franken. See Historischer Verein in 

Jahresberlcht des historischen Vereins von 
und fQr Oberbayern. See Historlscher Verein 
von und fQr Oberbayern. 

Jahresberlcht des historischen Vereins im 
Oberdonau-Kreise. See Historlscher Verein 
fQr den Regierungs-Bezirk von Schwaben und 

Jahresberlcht des historischen Vereins fQr 
Schwaben und Neuburg. See Historlscher 

Verein fQr Schwaben und Neuburg. 

Jahresberlcht des Vereins fQr mecklenburg- 
ische Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. See 
Verein fQr mecklenburgische Geschichte und Al- 

, Jahresberlchte der Geschichtswissenschaft. 
See HIstorlsche Gesellschaft zu Berlin. 

Je^sh Historical Society of England. Trans- 
actions. V. 1-2 (1893-95) 2 V. London, [1895- 
96]. 4'. N 

Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeolog- 
ical Society. See Cork Historical and Archaeolog- 
ical Society. 

Journal of the County Kildare Archseological 
Society. See County Kildare Archaeological 

Journal fQr Deutschland historisch-politischen 
Inhalts. 15 V. Berlin, 181 5-19. 8°. C 

Continued as Neue Monataschrift far Deutschland. 

Journal historiaue et politique des principaax 
evenemens des differentes cours de 1' Europe, Oct. 
1772-Jan. 1788. 62 V. Genhfe et Li^ge, 1772-88. 
i6'. C 

Journal de 1' Institut historique. See Sod^t^ 
des Etudes historiques. 

Journal de la Society d*archeologie lorraine. 
See Socl^t^ d'archeologie lorraine. 

Kalserllche Akademie der Wissenschaften, 
Historische Commission. Pontes rerum Austria- 
carum; Osterreichische Geschichtsquellen. Pars I: 
Scriptores, v. 1-8 (1855-75); pars II: Diplomataria 
ctacta,v. 1-44(184^85). fTfw, 1849-85. 8". C 

Pars I, V. 1-8 (1855-75); pars 2, v. 

1-48(184^-96). 8°. N 

Venetianische Depcschen vom Kaiserhofe 

(Dispacci di Gcrmania). 3 v. Wien, 1889-95. 
8'. C 

K5nl^llche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu 
Berlin. Historische Commission. JahrbQcher der 
deutschen Geschichte. v. 1-26. Berlin, 1862-90. 
8". N 

V. 1-16, I7S i8« (1862-90). C 

Konlffllche deutsche Gesellschaft zu KOnigs- 
berg. Eigene Schriften in ungebundener und 
gebundener Schreibart. i. Sammlung. Kdnigsberg, 
1754. 12*. C 

Kong^llfl^ dansk Selskab til den nordiske. 
Histories og Sprogs Forbedring. Det nye danske 
Magazin. v. 1-5. Kjdbenhavn, 1 794-1 827. 4°. N 

Kon^ellfirt nordisk Oldskrift-Selskab. Fom- 
manna S6gur, eptir gOmlum handritum utgefnar 
ath tilhlutun bins Norraena fomfraetha felags. 
12 V. Kaupmannhofn, 1825-37. 8'. C 

ScripU historica Islandorum de rebus 

gestis veterum Borealium. 12 v. Hafnia, 1828- 
46. 8^ c 

Latin translation of Foramanna S(}gur. 

GrOnlands historiske Mindesmaerker. 

Kjdbenhavn, 1838-45. 8°. 

Historisch - antiquarische Mittheilungen. 

I V. /Copenhagen, 1835. 8*. C 

Islendinga SOgur ... 2 v. Kjdbenhavn, 

1843-47. 8^ NC 



Rapport des seances annuelles, 1838-40. 

Coptnhague, 1841. 8**. C 

For other pobUcatioas of this society see: Bulletin of N. Y. 
PnU. Lib. V. x no. 8. 

Konsreligt Selskab for Norges Vel. Historisk- 
philosophiske Samlinger. v. 1-5, pt. I. Chris tiania^ 
1811-13. I2'. N 

KonflrUSik Samf andet fOr utgifvande af Hand- 

skrifter rdrande Skandinaviens Historia. Historiska 

Handlinger v. i6x-a. Stockholm, 1897. 8°. N 

Korrespondensblatt der westdeutschen 
Zeitschrift fttr Geschichte und Kunst. See West- 
dentsche Zeitschrift fOr Geschichte and Kunst. 

lauftcaalilre and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. 

Transactions, v. 1-14. Manchester, 1884-97. 8*. C 

Lancashire and Cheshire Historic Society. 
See Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. 

L^gitimit^. Revue historiquemensuelle. Organe 
de la surrivance du roi-martyr. v. 161-^. Bordeaux, 
1808. 8". N 

Unrrent. Monthly. 

licaehtkiif^elii ; ein Journal in zwanglosen 
Heften. Hrsg. von C. Nicolai. 8 Hft. 18 15-16. 
[Quedlinburg], 1815-16. 12°. C 

IfOyal National Repeal Association of Ireland. 
Repeal prize essays. Essays on the repeal of the 
union, to which the Association prizes were 
awarded; with a supplemental essay recommended 
by the judges. Dublin, 1845. 8°. C 

Reports of the Parliamentary committee, 

V. 1-3. Dublin, 1844-46. 8*. C 

I«iiia (La) in corso. Notizie cronologico storiche 
oompilate da Vesta- Verde. Almanacco periodico- 
interessante per I'anno 1835. i v. Milano^ n. d. 
24'. N 

Mag^sin asiatique; ou. Revue g^ografique et 
historique de TAsie centrale et septentrionale; pub- 
lic par J. Klaproth. Oct. 1825; Jan. et July 
1826; July 1827. Paris, 1825-27. 8^ C 

V. 1-2 (1825-26). N 

Maifasin far Geschichte, Sutistik und Suats- 
recht der Osterreicbischen Monarchic. 2 v. Gdt- 
Hngen, 1806-08. 8^ C 

Tudomdnyos Akademia. Archaeolo- 

giai KOzlemenyek; a hazai mQemlekek ismeretenex 
eldmozditisara. v. 1-2 (1859-61) K^ptatlasz ; 
uj folyam, v. 1-12 [recte 13] (1863-86). Pesten, 
1859-86. 8° and f^ C 

Two L-p. have ** viii k6tet '*, making vol. za really vol. 13. 

Archivum Rakoczianum; II. Rdkoczi Fe- 

rencz lev^ltira, bel-es KQlfOldiiratt4rakb61 b<)vitve, 
Kiadja a Magyar tudomanyos akad<$mia tOrt^nelmi 
bizottsdga. Pt. I, V. i-io; pt. 2, v. 1-3. Pesten, 
1873-89. 8*. C 

Monumenta Hungarise historica: Magyar 

tflrteoelmi eml^kek; Kiadja a Magyar tudomdnyos 
Akadenaia tOrtenelmi bizottminya. Pt. i, v. 1-29; 
pt. a, V. 1-35; pt. 3. div. I, V. i-io; div. 2, v. i- 
ao; pt. 4, V. 1-7. Pest, 1857-98. 8°. C 

M a ny Society: [Publications.] v. 1-20. Doug- 
las, 1859-72. 8'. C 

V. 8 (1861). N 

kteiialien und Forschungen zur Wirth- 
schafts- und Verwaltungsgeschichte von Ost- und 

Westpreussen. See Verein ftlr die Geschichte 
der Provinzen Ost- und Westpreussen. 

Meoklenburg^sehe VolksQberlieferungen. 
See Verein fUr mecklenburgische Geschichte und 
Altertkum skunde. 

MecklenbnrgischeB Urkundenbuch. See 
Verein fOr mecklenburgische Geschichte. 

M^lan^^s historiques, litt^raires biblio- 
graphiques. See Soci^t^ des bibliophiles bretons 
et de I'histoire Bretagne. 

M^moires et documents publics par la Societe 
savoisienne d'histoire et d'archeologie. See 
Soci^t^ savoisienne d'histoire et d'archeologie. 

M^moires et documents de la Soci^t^ d'histoire 
de la Suisse romande. See Soci^t^ d'histoire de 
la Suisse romande. 

M^moiree politiques et militaires pour servir k 
I'histoire secrete de la revolution fran^aise. v. 1-2. 
Paris, an 7 (1799). 8^ N C 

M^moires pour servir k I'etat historique et 
geographique du diocese de Bayeux. See Soci6t6 
d'histoire de Normandie. 

M^moires de la Societe des antiquatres du 
centre. See Soci^t^ des antiquaires du centre. 

M^moires de la Soci^t^ des antiquaires de 
Normandie. See Soei^t^ des antiquaires de 

M^moiree de la Soci^t^ d'arch^logie, littera- 
ture, science et arts des arrondissements d' Avranches 
et de Mortain. See Soci4t^ d'archeologie, lit- 
terature, science et arts des arrondissements d'Av*- 
ranches et de Mortain. 

M^moires de la Society d'archeologie lorraine. 
See Soci^t^ d'arch^logie lorraine. 

M^moiree de la Soci^t^ arch^logique du midt 
de la France. See Soci^t^ arch^logique du 
midi de la France. 

M^moires de la Societe arch^ologique de 
Touraine. See Soci^t^ arch^logique de 

M^moires de la Soci^t^ bourguignonne de 
geographic et d'histoire. See Soeiet^ bourguig^ 
nonne de geographic et d'histoire. 

M^moires de la Societe de I'histoire de Paris 
et de rile-de-France. See Soci^t^ de I'histoire 
de Paris et de 1' I le-de- France. 

M^moires de la Societe historique et archeo- 
logique du Maine. See Soci^t^ historique et 
arch^logique du Maine. 

M^moires de la Soci^t^ historique et litteraire 
de Tournai. See Soci^t^ historique et litteraire- 
de Tournai. 

M^moires de la Soci^t^ des sciences naturelles 
et archeologiques de la Creuse. See Soci^t^ des- 
sciences naturelles et archeologiques de la Creuse. 

Memorial historico espaiiol. See Real. 
Academia de la Historia. 

Messag^r des sciences historiques; ou, Ar- 
chives des arts et de la bibliographic de Belgique. 
1823-86. 60 V. Gand, 1823-86. 8% C 

1896. N 

Meyers historisch-geographischer Kalender 
1898. IV. Leipzig [i%<fi], 8". N 



Middlesex and Hertfordshire Notes and 
Queries. Ed. by W. J. Hardy, v. 1-4 (1895-98). 
London, 1895-98. 8°. N 

Current. Quarterly. 

Miiiier* Manadskrift fOr vitterhet, historia, 
philosophi och statskunskap. 1839. i v. Upsala, 
1839-40. 8°. N 

MijMellanea genealogica & heraldica. Ed. by 
J. J. Howard, v. 1-4 (1874-84); 2. ser. v. 1-5 
(1886-94); 3. ser. V. 1-3 «-3 (1895-98). 12 V. Lon- 
don, 1874-98. 4°. N 

Current. Quarterly. 

Miscellaiiea di storia italiana. See Refl^ 
deputazione sovra g^li studi di storia patria per le 
antidie provincie e la Lombardia. 

Mittelalterliche BaudenkmSler in Kur- 
hessen. See Verein fQr hessische Geschichte und 

Mitthellimipeii aus dem Gebiete der Ge- 
schichte Liv-, Est-, und Kurlands. See Gesell- 
■clukft far Geschichte und Alterthumskunde der 
Ostseeprovinzen Russiands. 

BIittheiluii§^en der Geschichts- und alter- 
thumsforschenden Gesellschaf t des Osterland^. See 
Geschlclftta^ und alterthumsforschende Gesell- 
schaf t des Osterlandes. 

Mittheilniifi^ea der Gesellschaft fttr Erhaltung 
der geschichtlichen Denkm&ler im Elsass. See 
Soei^t^ pour la conservation des monuments his- 
toriques d' Alsace. 

Mittheilanf^n der historischen und anti- 
quarischen Gesellschaft zu Basel. See His- 
toriflche und antiquarische Gesellschaft zu Basel. 

Mittheiluii§fen der historischen Gesellschaft 
zu Berlin. See Historische Gesellschaft zu 

Mitiheilunffen aus der historischen Litteratur. 
See Hiatoriscne Gesellschaft zu Berlin. 

Mittheilungfen des historischen Vereines f Ur 
Steiermark. See Hietorischer Verein far 

Mittheilunc^n des Instituts far Osterreichische 
Geschichtsforschung. See Institnt far ()ster- 
reichische Geschichtsforschung. 

Mittheiliinfl^eii zur vaterlandischen Ge- 
schichte. See Uietorisoher Verein in St. Gallen. 

Mittheilunfl^n des Vereins far Geschichte der 
Deutschen in B5hmen. See Verein far Ge- 
schichte der Deutschen in B6hmen. 

Mois (Les). Revue historique et politique de 
tous les evenements qui se produisent en France et 
k 1 etranger depuis fevrier 1848, par A. Dumas, ser. 
1-2 (1848-49). Paris, 1848-49. 8°. N 

Monatsschrifi far rheinisch-westf&lische Ge- 
schichtsforschung und Alterthumskunde. v. 1-7. 
{Trier\ 1875-81. 8°. C 

V. 4 to 7 have title : Monatsschrift fur die Geschichte Wcgt- 
deutschlands. Continued by Westdentfielie Zeitachrift 
fiir Geschichte und Kunst. 

Monographien zur Weltgeschichte . . . hrsg. 
von E. Heyck. no. 1-2. BieUfeld, 1897. 4^ N 

Monumenta Germanise historica. See Oesell- 
■chall far altere deutsche Geschichtskunde. 

MonmnentA historica ad provincias Parmensem 
et Placentinam pertinentia. v. 3. ParmtE, 1857. 
f". C 

Moyen (Le) Age. Bulletin mensuel d*histoire 

et de philologie. v. 1-9 (1888-96); 2. ser. v. i 

(1897). 10 V. Paris, 1888-97. 4^ N 

Current, a. s^r. has subtitle : Revue d'histoire et de phi« 
lologie. Ed. by A. Marignan, G. Platon, Prou and Wihnotte. 

V. 2-9; n. s. V. I (1889-97). C 

Munehener historisches Jahrbuch, 1865-66. 
MUmhen, 1865-66. 8". C 


Muaeal-Blatt; ZeitschHft far Geschichte. Kunst, 
Natur und Technologic Osterreich's ob der Enns 
und Salzburg's. 5 v. 1839-44. Lint, 1839^44. 
4'. C 

From 1843-44 known as Zettschrift des Museum Frandsoo- 

Mue^e historique de Mulhouse. Bulletin. 
Annee 1876-91. 16 v. Mulhouse, 1876-93. f. N 

Mvieeo espafiol de antigaedades, bajo la direc- 
cion de Juan de Dios de la Rada y Delgado con la 
colaboracion de los primeros escritores y artistas de 
Espafia. V. i-ii. Madrid, 1872-80. f". C 

MuB^o nacional de Mexico. Anales. v. 1-3. 
M^xUo, 1877-86. 4*. C 

Maeeo de la Plau. Anales. Materiales pan 
la historia fisica y moral del continente Sud-Ameri- 
cano, publicados bajo la direccion de F. P. Moreno. 
Seccion de historia general, I. I v. La Plata, 

[1892]. r. N 

Seccion de historia americana, 3. 

I V. La Plata, [1892]. i\ N 

Tidsskrift for Historie og Geografi. 

Aargang 1890-96. Reg. 1890-96. 8 v. JCjoben- 
havn, 1889-96. 8°. N 


Nachriehten des Vereins far hatisische Ge- 
schichte. See Verein far hansische Geschichte. 

Neue Feuerbr&nde; Marginalien zuderSchrift: 
Vertraute Briefe aber die innern Verhaltnissc am 
preussischen Hofe seit dem Tode Friedrichs IL 
6 V. (Tbl. 1-18). Amsterdam and Cdln, 1807-08. 
12**. C 

Neue Mittheilungen aus dem Gebiete historisch- 
antiquarischer Forschungen. See Tliarin|^sch- 
sachsischer Verein far Erforschung des vaterland- 
ischen Alterthums und Erhaltung seiner Denkmale. 

Neue Monatsschrift far Deutschland historisch- 
politischen Inhalts. 48 v. Berlin, 1820-35. 8'. C 

Discontinued. Continuation of : Xonroal fiir Deutschland 
historischpolitischen Inhalts. 

Neue preussische Provincialblatter, 12 v. (1846- 

51); 2. F. 12 V. (1852-57); 3. Folge, II V. (1857- 

66). Konigsberg, 1846-66. 8^ C 

Continuation of: Preimslselie Provincialblatter; coo* 
tinned as: Altprea«Bl«cl&e Monatsschrift. 

Neue Zeitschrift far die Geschichte der german- 

ischen V5lker. v. I. Halle, 1832. I2^ C 

Discontinued. Has second title : Mittheilungen des Thttr^ 
ingisch-sachsischen Vereins im Jahre 1832. 

Neues Archiv der Gesellschaft far altere 
deutsche Geschichtskunde. See OesellBoluift 
far altere deutsche Geschichtskunde. 

Neues Archiv far sachsische Geschichte und 
Alterthumskunde. Hrsg. von H. Ermisch. v. i- 
19. Dresden, 1880-98. 8^ N 

Current. Continuation of : ArclttT fur sSchsische Ge- 


Reoes gOttingtscbes historiscbes Magazin. v. i- 

3. Hannover, 1792-94. 12°. C 

Cootinuadoo of GottlDCtsclies historischet Magazin. 

Neiies patriotisches Arcbiv fttr Deutscbland. 

2 V. Mann Aetm und Leipzig, I7g2-g4. 12^. C 

Contmuation of: Palriotinches Archiv f fir Deutachland. 

Heujahrs-Blatt des Vereins fQr Geschicbte und 
Kunst. See Verein far Geschicbte und Kunst. 

Hew Annual Register, 1783, 1786, 1801. 3 v. 
Lpndan, 1 784-1 802. 8^. C 

Heir Spalding Club. [Publications.] 15 v. 
Abtrdien, 188&H98. 4°. N 

Current. See Spaldlnc Club. 

Hordisk Tidsskrift for Historie, Litteratur 
og Konst. Udgivet of C. Molbecb. v. 1-4. 
Kjobenkavn, 1827-36. 8°. N 

Horsk historisk forening. Historisk tidsskrift. 
4 v.; 2. r. 6 v.; 3. r. v. 1-3. JCristiania, 1871-95. 
8'. C 

Hotes and Queries for Somerset and Dorset. 
Ed. by F. W. Weaver and C. H. Mayo. v. i-6x-3 
(X88S-98). Sherborne, 1888-98. S**. N 

Current. Quarterly. 

Hoovelles annales des voyages de la geo- 
graphie et de Thistoire. v. 1-30 (1819-26); 2. s^r. 
V. 1-30 (1826-33); 3. scr. V. 1-24(1834-39); 4. s^r. 
V. 1-20(1840-44); nouv. ser. v. 1-40(1845-54); 6. 
s^. annee i-ii (1855-65); ann^ 1866-^. Paris, 
1819-69. 8*. N 

V. 1-30 (1819-26); 2. scr. V. 1-30 (1826-33); 

3. ser. V. 1-24 (1834-39). C 

Coottnnation of: AniiAles des voyages, Ac. 1836-65 
uader the title : Noovelles annales des voyages et des sciences 
ctegraphiques. From x866 again under tne title: Annales 
des T o y a g ea . From 1855 there were issued 4 volumes a year. 

HnoTO arcbivio veneto. See Re»le deputa- 
zkme veneta di storia patria. 

Vjre (Det) danske Magazin. See Kongell^ 
dansk Selskab til den noiSiske Histories og Sprogs 

Vjt historisk Tidsskrift. See Dansk bistorisk 

Hiuitlati&rberiehte aus Deutscbland nebst 
eiginzenden Actenstacken . . . brsg. durcb das K. 
preossicbe bistorische Institut in Rom und die K. 
preossiscbe Arcbiv-Verwaltung. Part i, y. 1-4, 
8; pt. 2, v. i; pt. 3, v. 1-3; pt. 4. v. 1-2. Gctha, 
1892-98. 8". C 

Oberbaj-erisehes Arcbiv far vaterUndiscbe 
Geschicbte. See HIstoriseher Verein von und 
far Oberbayem. 

Oeaterreielilalies historiscbes Jabrbucb. v. 
1-3. Prag, 1863-65. 16*. C 


Oosterlinif (De) ; tijdscbrift bjr uitsluiting 
toegewyd aan verbreiding der kennis van Oost- 
Indie. v. 1-3X. Aam/M, 1834-37. 8°. C 


Oxford Historical Society. Collectanea. Series 
«-3- Oxford, 1885-96. 8^ N 

— [Publications] v. [i]-34. Oxford, 1885-98. 



Pa-triotiMhea Arcbiv far Deutscbland. 
Frankfurt und Leiptig, 17%^-^, 12*. 


12 V. 

Real-Register . . . von K. A. Ringel. Mann- 

heim, 1792. 12 . C 

Continued as NeuMi patriotisches Archiv. 

Politisehe Geschicbte der Gegenwart. Begran- 
det von W. Mttller und fortgeftthrt von K. Wip- 
permann. v. 1-31 (1867-97). Berlin, 1868-98. 
8°. N 

Politiseli0fl Jabrbucb der Scbweizeriscben 
Eidgenossenscbaft. 1886-91. v. 1-6. Bern, 1886- 
91. 12*. C 

Politisehes Journal; nebst Anzeigen von gelebr- 
ten und andem Sacben, 1 785-181 1, 1813-27. no 
v. Hamburg, 1785-1827. i6°. C 

Post (De) van den Neder-Rbijn. 12 v. Utrecht, 
1781-P7]. 8". C 

Grondig en volledig register over de ses 

eerste deelen. Utrecht, 1786. 8*. C 

Bijlagen. 1-24. Utrecht, 1783-87. 8% C 

Preusfliseheo Arcbiv; brsg. von der KOnig- 

lichen deutscl^^en Gesellscbaft in KOnigsberg. v. 
1-9. Konigsberg, 1790-98. l6'. C 

Proceeding of tbe Association for promot- 
ing the discovery of tbe interior parts of Africa. 
Sm Association for promoting tbe discovery of 
tbe interior parts of Africa. 

Proceedin^^ and papers of tbe Historic 
Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. See His- 
toric Society of Lancasbire and Cheshire. 

Proceedings of tbe Societv of antiquaries of 
Newcastle upon Tyne. See Society of Anti- 
quaries of Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Provinciaal Friesch genootscbap ter beoefe- 
ning der Friesche gescbied-oudbeid en taalkunde. 
De vrije Fries, v. 1-18. Leeuwarden, 1839-95. 
8'. C 

Pnblicationen der Gesellscbaft far rhein- 
ische Gescbicbtskunde. See Gesellscbaft far 
rheinische Gescbicbtskunde. 

Publications of tbe Scottish bistory society. 
See Scottish History Society. 

Publications de la Societe de Tbistoire de 
France. See Soci^t^ de Tbistoire de France. 

Publications de la Soci^t^ bistorique alg^* 
rienne. See Soci^t^ bistorique alg^rienne. 

Publications de la Soci^t^ jersiaise. See 
Soci^t^ jersiaise. 

Publications de la Soci^t^ de I'Orient latin. 
See Soci^t^ de I'Orient latin. 

Qnarterlj- Register of Current History, 1890- 
92. V. 1-2. Detroit, 1892-93. 8". C 

Continued as Oydopedlc Review of Current History. 

Quellen und ErOrterungen zur bayeriscben und 
deutschen Geschicbte. v. 1-9. MUnchen, 1856- 

64. 4 . 


Each volume has separate title-pare entitled : Quellen zur 
bayerischen und deutschen Geschicbte. 

Quellen und Forscbungen aus dem Gebiete der 
Geschicbte. See Gorres Gesellscbaft. 

Quellen zur Scbweizer-Gescbicbte. See All- 
Mmeine gescbicbtsforscbende Gesellscbaft der 

Real academia de la bistoria. Boletin. v. 1-33. 
Madrid, 1877-98. 8°. N. 




V. 19-29, 31 (1891-97). C 

Coleccion de documeDtos in^ditos relativos 

al descubrimiento, conqaista y organizaci6n de las 
antiguas posesiones espa&olas de Ultramar. 2. ser. 
V. i-io. Madrid, 1885-97. 8°. N 

Memorial hist6rico espaftol: collecci6n de 

documentos, opusculos y antigttedades. y. 1-37. 
Madrid, 1851-98. 8'. N 


Reale Deputazione Veneta di storia patria. 
I diarii di Mariao Sanato. v. 1-45. Venezia, 1879- 
96. N 

Nuovo archivio veneto. v. 1-8, 15, i6» 

(1891-94, 1897-98). Veneiia, 1891-98. 8". N 

Current. Continuation of: ArebilTlo veneto. 
R^eit des s^nces des deputes des communes. 
See Soci^t4 de Thistoire de la revolution fran- 

Record Society for the publication of original 
documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. 
[Publications.] v. 1-9, 18, 21, 23-25. 28-31 (1879- 
84, 1888, 1890-93, 1896). [London], 1879-96. 18 v. 

8^ N 

V. 1-37 (1879-98). C 

Record of the Year. A reference scrap book 
edited by Frank Moore, v. 1-2 (1876). New York, 
1876-77. 4°. N 

Recneil d'arch^logie orientale, par C. Cler- 

mont-Ganneau. v. 1-2. Paris, 1888-98. 8'. N C 

Recneil diplomatique du Canton de Fribourg. 
V. 1-8. Fribourg en Suisse, 1839-77. 8*. C 

Register der bis jetzt gedruckten Urkunden 
2ur Landes- und Orts-Geschichte des Grossherzog- 
thums Hessen. See Historischer Verein fUr das 
Grossherzogthums Hessen. 

Reg^ deputazione di storia p>atria per le pro- 
vincie delle Marche Ancone. Atti e memorie. v. i 
-3. Ancona, 1895-97. 4^ N 

Reg^ deputazione di storia patria per.le pro- 
rincie modenesi. Atti et memorie. 4. s^r. v. 8. 
Modena, 1897. 8°. N 


Reg^a deputazione sovra gli studi di storia 

patria per le antiche province e la Lombardia. 

Miscellanea di storia italiana. ser. 3. v. 1-2. 

Torino, 1895. N 

V. x-a also called 3^-33 of the collection. 

Reliquiaie manuscriptorum omnis aevi, diplo- 
matum ac monumentorum ineditorum adhuc; ex 
museo lo. P. Ludewig. 12°. Franco furti, 1720- 
41. I2^ C 

Remains historical and literary connected with 
the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester. 
See Chetham Society. 

Repertoire des travaux historiques contenant 
I'analyse des publications panics en France et k 
I'etranger sur I'histoire, les monuments et la lang^e 
de la France. 1882-83. Suppl. & Index 1881-83. 
6 V. Paris, 1882-88. 8°. N 

V. 1-3 (1882-86). C 

Revista archeologica della provincia di Como. 
See Society storica lombarda. 

R^Tolittion (La) fran9aise, revue d'histoire 
modeme et contemporaine. See Soci^t^ de I'his- 
toire de la revolution fran9aise. 

Revue af ricaine. See Soei^t^ historique al- 

Revne arch^logique, historique et scientifique 

du Berry. (Revue du centre.) i898«-a. Chateaw 

raux, Paris, 1898. 8**. N 

Current. z8o8 is the 4th year of ** Revue archtologique " 
and the soth ot ** Revue du centre." 

Revue de Bretagne, de Vend^ et d' Anion. 
See Soci^t^ des bibliophiles bretons et de 1 his- 
toire de Bretagne. 

Revue de Champagne et de Brie. Histoire, 
biographic, archeologie, documents in^dits, biblio- 
graphic, beaux-arts. v. 1-22 (1876-97). Arcis- 

sur-Aube, 1876-98. 8**. N 


Revue critique d'hbtoire et de litt^rature. 
Annee 1-9; Nouv. ser. Annee 10-32. Table, 
1866-90. 60 V. Paris, 1866-98. 8". N 


n. S. V. 17-43 (1884-97). C 


Revue diplomatique. Politique, littf^rature, 
finances, commerce international, v. 20 (1898). 
PaHs, 1898. 4^ N 


Revue d'^gypte. Recueil mensuel de docu- 
ments historiques et g^ographiques. i v. Le Caise, 
1894-95. 8°. N 

Revue de Gascogne. See Soci^t^ historique 
de Gascogne. 

Revue hebdomadaire; romans— histoire — voy- 
ages. June 1892-N0V. 1896; 2. s^r. Dec. 1896- 
Oct. 1898. 73 V. Paris, 1892-98. 12". C 


Revue hispanioue; recueil consacr^ i T^tude 
des langues, des litteratures et de I'histoire des pays 
castillans, Catalans et portugais. v. 1-4. Pafis, 
1894-97. 8". N C 

Current. Quarterly. 

Revue de I'histoire diplomatique, v. i-io, 
I2x-a (1887-96, 1898). Paris, 1887-98. 8'. N 

V. 9-1 1 (1895-97). C 

Current. Quarterly. 

Revue d'histoire etd'archeologie. 4 v. BruxeUes, 
1859-64. 4'. ^ 

Revue d'histoire nobiliaire et d'arch^logie 
h^raldique. Public sous la direction de L. San- 
dret... I. ann^e. /^aWj, 1882. 8*. N 

Revue historique. v. 1-68 (1876-98). Paris, 
1876-98. 8'. N C 

Current, v. x-5 edited by G. Monod and G. Fagnies. 

Revue historique et arch^ologique du Maine. 
See Soci^t^ historique et archeologique du Maine. 

Revue historique ardennaise. Publiee par P. 
Laurent, v. 5 (1898). PaHs, 1898. 8". N 

Current. Semi-monthly. 

Revue historique nobiliaire et biographique. 

Publiee par Bonneserre de St. Denis, v. I-I7f 

Tables 1-17. PaHs, 1862-80. 8^ N 

▼. z has the title : Revue nobiliaire h^raldique et biograph- 
ique, V. 3-4 Revue nobiliare historique et biographique. The 
vob. are alio numbered : v. i-a ; nouv. adr. v. x-10; 3. ux, 
V. x-5. 

Revue historique de I'Ouest, Directeur : De 
L'Estourbeillon. v. i-i4«-i> (1885-98). NanUs, 
1885-98. 8°. N 

Current. Monthly., v. z-zo G. de Cam^, editor. 



nobiliaire heraldiqae et biographique. 
See Revue historique nobiliaire et biographique. 

ReTue de philologie, de littcrature et d'his- 
toire anciennes. v. 1-2 (1845-47). Nouv. s^r. 
V. 1-22 (1877-98). Paris, £845-98. 8*. N C 

Cnrrent. Publicfttioa suspended from 1848-76. v. z-a of 
the new series, edited by E. Toumier et L. Havet ; in v. 3 C. 
Granz added ; v. 4-5 by C. Thurot, O. Kiemann and E. 
Chatelain^ in v. 6 Tharot dropped, an v. 14 L. Duvan added, 
in V. z5 Riemann dropped and B. Haassilier added. 

Reroe des questions historiques. v. 1-44 
{1866-68); nouv. ser. v. 1-20 (1889-98). 64 v. 
PaHs, 1866-98. 8". N C 


Revue retrospective ou biblioth^que historique 
contenant des memoires et documents authentiques 
in^dits et originaux pour servir k Thistoire propre- 
ment dite k la bibliographic k Thistoire de la litte- 
rature et des arts. v. 1-5 (1833-34), 2. s^r. v. 1-12 
(1835-37), 3. ser. ▼. 1-3 (1838). 20 v. Paris, 
1833-38. 8*. N 

ReTne de la revolution; revue mensuelle, his- 
torique, philosophique, economique, litteraire et 
artistique. v. 1-16 (1883-89). Paris, 1883-89. 
8*. N 

▼. 1-9 (1883-87, pt. i). C 

Revue de Saintonge et d'Aunis. See Socl^t^ 
des archives historiques de Saintonge et de I'Aunis. 

ReTne savoisienne. See Aasociatioii flori- 
montane d'Annecy. 

Revne semitique d'epigraphie et d'histoire 
ancienne. Redlg^ par J. Halivy. v, 1-4. Paris, 
1893-97. 8°. N C 


de la Soci^t^ litteraire, historique et 
arch^logiaue du departement de I'Ain. See So- 
ei^t^ litteraire, historique et arch^ologique du de- 
partement de TAin. 

Rheinlselie Bund (Der) ; cine Zeitschrif t his- 
torisch-politiscb-statistisch-geographischen Inhalts. 
V. 1-23. Frankfurt am Mayn, ihoy-i-^, 12*. C 

Edited by P. A. Wynkopp. v. ^ contains Index to ▼. z-8; 
▼. 3z, Index to t. .zo-ao. Continued as: Alls^melne 

Riviete archeologica della provincia di Como. 
See Society storica lombarda. Archivio storico 

BiTlsta di storia antica e scienze affini. v. i. 

Messina, 1895. C 

Edited by Giacomo Tropea. 

V. 2-3 (1897-98). N 


RMsta Storica italiana. v. 1-14 (1884-97). 
r^tvifK^, 1884-97. 8'. N 
CurreaL ▼. Z3-Z4 also called z-9, n. ser. 
V. 1-6, 9-13 (1884-97). • C 

Rojral Historical Society. Teaching of history 
in schools; an address delivered Oct. 22, 1887, by 
Oscar Browning . . . with a report of the Confer- 
ence on the teaching of history in schools. London, 
1887. 8". C 

Transactions, v. i-io (1869-82); new ser. 

▼. i-ii (1884-97). 21 V. London, 1869-97. 8". 

Cnrrent. N C 

Rntiiseh-baltischeBl&tter; BeitrHee zur Kennt- 

mas Rosslands and seiner Grenzmarken. v. 1-4. 

XW^wi", 1886-88. 8°. C 

RuBsische Revue; Monatsschrift fQrdie Kunde 
Russlands. Hrsg. von Karl ROttger. v. 16-31. 
St. Petersburg, 1880-91. 8'. N 

V. 2-15, i8-2i (1873-82). C 

Samftindet for det norske folks og sprogs his- 
toric. Samlinger til det norske folks sj>rog og his- 
toric. 6 V. Christiania, 1833-39. 8 . C 

Schou^rbnrif van in- en uitlandsche letter- en 
huishoudkunde. 1805-10. 10 v. In den Haag, 
[1805-10]. 8°. C 

From Z809 published at Amsterdam. Discontinued. 

Scottish History Society. Publications, v. 26 
(1896). Edinburgh, 1896. 8*. N 

Scriptoree rerum Silesiacarum. See Verein 
fttr Geschichte und Alterthum Schlesiens. 

Sie^ener Urkundenbuch. See Verein fUr 

Urgeschichte und Alterthumskunde zu Siegen. 

Societa romana di storia patria. Archivio. 

V. 1-20. Roma, 1878-97. 8". N 


Society siciliana per la storia patria. Archivio 

storico, siciliano publicazione periodica. N. serie. 

V. 21-22. Palermo, 1896-97. 4°. N 


Atti e memorie. i896-97'-«. Palermo, 

1896-97. 8^ N 

Society storica lombarda. Archivio storico 
lombardo. v. 1-10(1874-83); ser. 2. v. 1-10(1884- 
93); ser. 3. V. 1-8 (1894-98). 21 v. Milano, 1879- 
98. 8'. N 


V. 1-24 (1874-97). C 

Contains: Rivista archeologica della provinda di Como; 
and Atti della commissione conservatrice dei monumenti e og- 
getti d'arte e di antiquita della provinda di Milano. 

Society storica savonese. BuUettino. v. i 
(1898). Savona, 1898. 8*. N 

Current. Quarterly. 

Soeietas aperiendis fontibus rerum Germani- 
carum medii ievi. See Oesellschaft fQr ^tere 
deutsche Geschichtskunde. 

Soci^t^ des antiquaires du centre. Memoires. 
V. 1-21 (1867-96), Table i-io. 22 v, Bourges, 
1868-97. 8'. N C 

Current, t. zs (Z883) contains : Armorial g^n^ral de France. 

Soei^t^ des antiquaires de Normandie. Bulle- 
tin. V. 17 (1893-95). I V. Caen, 1896. 8". N 

Memoires. [v. 1-6], 7-10 (1824-36); 2. 

ser. V. I-IO (1837-53); 3. s^r- v. i-io (1855-80); 
4. ser. V. I (1892). Index, 1824-59, 2 v. of plates. 
Caen, 1825-92. 8* & 4*. ^ 

Soei^t^ des antiquaires de I'ouest. Bulletins. 
V. 1-14; 2. s^r. V. 1-6. 20 V. Poitiers, 1841-95. 

8^ c 

2. s^r. V. 8 (1896). N 

Memoires. v. 1-40, 2. ser. v. 1-18; Tables 

gen^rales des memoires et Bulletins. Poitiers, 
1836-96. 8^ c 



Soci^t^ d'arch^logie de Bruxelles. 
V. 9-10. Bruxelles, 1895-96. 8°. 

▼. 1-4 (1887-90). 

Soci^t^ d'arch^logie, littcrature, science, et 






arts des arondissements d'Avranches ct de Mortain. 
Memoires. v. 12. Avranches, 1895. 8'. C 

V. 13 (1896-97). N 

Soci^t^ d'archeolo^e lorraine et du mus^e his- 
torique lorraine. Journal, v. 1-44 (1852-95). 
Nancy, 1853-95. 8°. N 

▼• 1-43 (1853-94). C 

Mdmoires. v. 1-8 (1850-58); 2. s^r. v. i- 

14 (1859-72); 3. scr. V. 1-25 (1873-97); Tables i- 
22. 48 V. Nancy, 1850-97. 8*. N 

▼. 1-41 (1851-91); Tables. C 

▼. x-8 known as : Bulletin. 

Soei^t^ archeologique du departement d'llle- 
et-Vilaine. Bulletin et mdmoires. v. 1-27. Renncs, 
1862-Q8. 8". N 


Soci^t^ archeologique du midi de la France. 
Mdmoires. ▼. 1-151 (1832-94). Tohuse, 1834- 
94. 4^i N 

V. 1-14 (1834-89); Tables. C 

iJEJ* f**^* ^^ the Society waa under the empiiv: Soci6t^ 
impenale archtelogique, &c. 

Soei^t^ archeologique de Nantes et du departe- 
ment de la Loire inferieure. Bulletin, v. 1-35 
(1859-96). Nantes, 1859-96. 4". N 

Soci^t^ archeologique de Rambouillet. Docu- 
ments pour servir k I'histoire du Departement de 
Seineet-Oise. 2 v. 1862-89. ^aris, 1862: Tours, 
1889. 4°. C 

Soci^t^ archeologique de Tam-et-Garonne. 
Bulletin archeologique et historique. v. 1-23, 25- 
26« (1869-95, 1897-98). Moniaudan^iSgy-g^, 8^ N 


Soci^te archeologique de Touraine. Memoires. 
V. 1-39 (1842-94). Tours, 1842-94. 8°. N 

V. xs contains index to v. X-X4. 

Sod^t^ archeologique de Vervins (Aise). Thie- 
rache (La). Bulletin de la Societe ... v. 1-16. 
Vervtns, 1873-94. 4*. j| 

V. 1-7 (1873-80). C 


Soei^t^ des archives hisloriques de la Gironde. 
Archives historiques du departement de la Gironde. 
V. 1-32. Bordeaux, 1859-97. 4*. N 


Soei^t^ des archives historiques du Limousin. 
Archives^historiques du Limousin, v. 3. Limoges, 

I89I. 8 . JT 

Soei^t^ des archives historiques du Poitou. 

Archives historiques du Poitou. v. 1-26. PoiHers 
1872-96. 4". 2^ 

Soei^t^ des archives historiques de la Sain- 
tonge et de 1 AunU. Archives historiques de la 
haintonge et de I'Aunis. v. 25. Paris, 1896. 8'. N 

V. 14. 17-18. 1886-^. c 

,, . — T bulletin . . . revue de la Saintonge et de 

1 Aunis. v. 17-18 (1897-98). Sainies, 1897-98. 

; N 

de'sSSSlie^t'deTAliSl.'"' °""^ has the title : Revae 

Socl^t^ d'art et d'histoire du diocise de Liege. 
Bulletin. V. 1-7. ZiV^ir, 1881-92. 4'. *c 

Soci^t^ des bibliophiles bretons et de I'histoire 
de Breugne. Archives de Bretagne. Recueil 

d'actes, de chroniques et de documents historiques 
rares ou inedits. v. 1-8. Nantes, 1883-95. 8*. N 

V. 1-4 (1883-89). C 

Bulletin 1890-97. i v. NanUs, 1897. 8\ N 

Documents sur Thistoire de la revolution en 

Bretagne: La commission Brutus Magnier 4 Rennes» 
par H. de La Grinaudiere. NanUs, 1879. 4". Z 

MeUmges historiques, litteraires biblio- 

graphiques. v. 1-2. Nantes, 1878-83. 8^ N 

Revue de Bretagne, de Vendee et d'Anjou. 

V. 17-18 (1897). Paris et Nantes, 1897. 8'. N 

Soei^t^ bourguignonne de geographic et d'his- 
toire. Memoires. v. 1-13 (1884-97). Dijon, 1884- 
97. 8*. N 


Publications. 5 v. Z>yV?ii, 1885-91. 8*. C 

Soci^t^ pour la conservation des monuments 
historiques d' Alsace. Bulletin, v. 1-4 (1856-61); 
2. ser. V. 1-14 (1862-89). 18 v. Strassbourg, 
1857-89, 8" & 4*. N 

V, 1-4 (1856-61); 2. ser. V. 1-17 

(1862-95). C 

From V. 14 (1889) also under the title : MittheUungen der 
Gesellschaft fUr £rhaltung der j^eschichtlichen DenkmiUerim 
Elsass. V. x-4 Sl a. s^r. v. x-7 published in Paris. 

Soci^t^ departementale d'archeologie et de 
statistique de la Drome. Bulletin, v. [i]-29, 31, 


(1866-97), Valence, 1866-97. 

Current. X870-7X form x volume. 

Soci^t^ des etudes historiques [formerly Insti- 
tut historique]. Journal de 1 Institut historiqoe. 
Annee 1-7 or v. 1-12. Paris, 1834-40. 8". N 

Continued as 

Investigateur. Journal de 1' Institut historique, 
Annee 8-21. Paris, 1840-54. 8°. N 

Socl^t^ fran9aise d'archeologie pour la con- 
servation des monuments historiques. Annuaire de 
I'archeologie fran9aise. Publie par A. Saint-Paul. 
V. I. Paris, 1877. 12°. N 

Bulletin monumental publie sous les au- 
spices de la Societe fran9aise . . . et dirige par de 
Oumont. V. i-io (1834-44); 2. ser. v. 1-10(1845- 
54); 3. ser. V. 1-10(1855-64); 4. ser. V. 1-8(1865- 
72); 5. ser. V. 1-12 (1873-84); 6. ser. v. 1-10(1885- 
95); 7. ser. V. 2-3 «-a (1897-98). 62 V. Paris, 
1834-98. Z\ N C 

Current. The volumes are also numbered x-6a of the whole 
collection. 5. s^r. v. x-3 ed. by de Cougny ; 5. s^r. v. 4--xa by L. 
Palustre ; 6. s^r. by de Many. 

Soei^t^ generale d'histoire suisse. See All|^ 
meine geschichtsforschende (Gesellschaft der 

Soci^t^ d'histoire, d'archeologie et de littera- 
ture de •I'arrondissement de Beaune. Memoires. 
1896. Beaune, 1897. 8*. N 

Soei^t^ d'histoire du Canton de Fribourg* 
Archives, v. 1-5 (1845-92). Fribourg, 1850-92. 
8*. N 

Soei^t^ de I'histoire diplomatique. Documents 
sur la negociation du Concordat ; par A. Boulay de 
la Meurthe. 4 v. Paris, 1891-94. 8*. C 

2 v. (1891-92). N 

Socl^t^ de I'histoire de France. Bulletin, v. 
1-15 (1834-56) ; 2. ser, v. 1-3 (1857-62). Paris, 
1834-62. 8^ C 


V. 1-2 (1834-35); 2. sen V. I (1857-58). N 

T. i-a of Bnlledn, are v. i-a of the Publications, a. sir. v. x 
not numbered. 

Continued by 

Annuaire historique. v. ti]-27 (1837-63). Paris, 
1836-63. I6^ N C 

T. i-a7 form : v. 6, xo, 14, 15, ax, as, 89, 34, 38, 4x, 44, Sh 5*» 
jglJJ^7J^^^^)i 77i 83, 87, 9a, 97, xox, 106, xxo, 116 of the 


Annuaire bulletin, v. 1-33 (1863-96). Paris, 
1863-96. "" 



▼.1-28(1863-91). Table g^nerale (1886). C 

T. 1-33 are, of the " Publications " : v. xax, xa^, X33, 137, X4X, 
M5i X5>, 156, z6x, x66, X7X, X76, i8x, x86, xox, X96, auz, ao6, axx 
sio, aax, aa6, a30-3x, 836, a4X, a46, asx, 856, a6i, a66, a7X, 876,' 

Publications. ▼. 1-285, 287-288 (1834-98), 

Table, 1834-56. Paris, 1834-98. 8* & i6'. N 

208 V. (1835-94). C 

This series includes : Bulletin, Annuaire historique and An* 
nnsire bulletin. 

Soei^t^ de Thistoire de Nonnandie. Cahiers 
des ^tats de Nonnandie... 1 561-1666. 8 ▼. 
Rouen, 1861-82. N 

Melanges. Documents publics et annot^s 

par C. de Beaurepaire, &c. Serie 2, 3. Rouen, 
i893-[95]. 8". N 

M^moires pour servir k XiXaX historique et 

g^ographique du diocese de Bayeux. Par M. B^- 
licrs, 3 V. Rouen, i894-<)6. 8*. N 

Soei^t^ de I'histoire de Paris et de r!le-de- 
France. Bulletin. ▼, 23 (1896). i. v. Paris, 
1896. 8*. N 

M^oires. v. 23 (1896). Paris, 1896. 

8'. N 

Sod^t^ de I'histoire du protestantisme fran9ais. 
Bulletin, v. 1-47. Paris, 1853-98. 8*. N 

Soei^i^ de Thistoire de la revolution francaise. 
[Publications.] 7 v. PaHs, 1888-98. 8*. C 

12 V. in 6. Paris, 1888-97. N 

R^cit des stances des d^put^s des com- 
munes. Par F. A. Aulard. • i v. Paris, 1895. 

8". N 

La Revolution fran9aise, revue d'histoire 

modcrne et contemporaine. v. 1-35. Tables 1 881- 
90. PaHs, 1881-98. 8'. N C. 

Correat. Monthly. 

Soei^t^ d'histoire de la Suisse romande. M^- 
moires et documens. v. 1-37 (1838-93); 2. scr. 
V. 1-3 (1887-91). 40 V. Lausanne, 1838-93. 8*. 


Soei^t^ historique alg^rienne. Publications. 
I ▼. Alger, 1857. 8**. N 

Revue africaine ; Bulletin des travaux. v. 

Wi. I v. Alger, 1856-97. 4°. N 

CarrcDt. Quarterly. 

Soci^t^ historique et arch^olonque de Chateau- 
Thierry (Aisne). Annales. Annee 1864-95. 31 v. 
CkaUau-Thierry, 1864-96. 8% N 

Cnrreni. 1870-71 form one volume. 

1864-84. 20 V. C 

Soci^t^ historique et archeologique de Corbeil 
d'Etampes et du Hurepoix. Bulletin, v. i-4x(i895- 
98). Paris, 1895-98. 8vo. N 

CuxrenK. Semi-annual. 

Soci^t^ historique et archeologique du Gatinais 
Annales. v. 1-9, 11-14. Fontainebleau, 1881-96. 

8^ N 


V. 10-14 (1892-96). C 

Sooi^t^ historique et arch^logique du Maine. 
^A^moires, 2 v. Mamers, Paris, 1877-96. 8'. C 

Revue historique et arch^Iogique du Maine. 

V. 1-38,41-44(1876-95. 1897-98). Tables V. 1-20. 
42 V. Mamers : 1876-98. 8*. N 


V. 1-38 (1876-95). C 


Soci^t^ historique de la Gascogne. Archives 
historiques de la Gascogne. 2. s^r. fasc. 2. Paris, 
1896. 8°. N 

Revue de Gascogne, bulletin mensuel. v. 

37-39 (1896-98). 3 V. Aueh, 1896-98. 4*. N 


Soei^t^ historique et litt^raire de Toumai. 
Bulletin, v. 1-5. Toumai, 1849-58. 8'. N 

M^moires. v. 1-6. Toumai, 1853-59. 

8'. N 

Soei^t^ Jersiaise. Bulletin annuel, v. i-X2. 
SainUHilier, 1875-87. 4*. C 

Publications, v. 1-8. Jersey, 1876-83. 4*. C 

Soei^t^ litteraire, historique et arch^logique 
du d^partement de I'Ain. Revue. Annee 1-17. 
Bourg, [1872-88]. 4°. N C 

Soci^t^ Montyon et Franklin. Portraits et 
histoire des hommes utiles . . . de tons pays et de 
toutes conditions. Paris [1833?] 8**. C 

Soci^t^ normande d'etudes prehistoriques. 
Bulletin, v. 4(1896). Louviers, \Z^i, 8°. N 

Soci^te de Torient latin. Archives de Torient 
latin. V. 1-2. Paris, 1881-84. 4\ N C 

Publications; serie historique. v. 1-5. 

Genive, 1877-87. 8". C 

Stance g^n^rale. v. 6-9. Geneve, 1880- 

84. 8°. C 

Statuts. 1877, 1879, 1881, 1884. Paris, 

1877-84. 8^ C 

Soci^t^ pour la publication de textes relatifs & 
I'histoire et k la geographic de Torient latin. See 
Soci^t^ de I'orient latin. 

Soei^t^ savoisienne d'histoire et d'archeologie. 
M^moires et documents, v. 1-36. Chamb&y, 1856- 
97. 8^ C 

V. 36-34 also numbered a. ser. v. x-9. 

Soei^t^ des sciences historiques et naturelles de 
la Corse. Bulletin. Ann^e 1-17(1881-97). Bastia, 
1881-97. 8'. N 


Sooi^t^ des sciences historiques et naturelles 
de Semur (C6te d'Or). Bulletin, v. 1-19 (1864- 
83); 2. ser. no. 1-9. (1884-96). Semur, 1865-97. 


Soci^t^ des sciences historiques et naturelles 

de I'Yonne. Bulletin, v. 1-50 (1847-97). 50 v. 

Auxerre, 1847-97. 4*. N 

Current, v. 21-50 are also numbered a. ser. v. x-xa (X867- 
78); 3. s^r. V. x-ao (1879-97). 



Soei^t^ des sciences naturelles et arch^ologiqaes 
de la Creuse. M^moires. 2. s^r. y. 5. Guiret^ 
1897. 4*. N 


Soci^t^ scientifique, historique et archeologique 
de la Corr^ze. Bulletin, v. 1-17, 19-20, (1878- 
95, 1897-98). Brive, 1878-98. 8^ N 


Bocletj-of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne. 
Archaeolo^ia Aeliana: or miscellaneous tracts relat- 
ing to antiquity New ser. v. 1-18 (1856-96). 
NtwcastU-upon-Tyne, 1857-96. 8*. N 

Proceedings, v. i, no. 13-36 (1856-58); 

new ser. v. 1-8(1882-97). Newcastli-upon-Tyne, 
1856-96. 8^ N 

Registers of baptisms, marriages and burials 

of the parish of Washworth. pt. 1-2. South 
Shulds, 1897-98. 8". N 

Society for promoting christian knowledge. 
Ancient history from the monuments. 7 v. London^ 

1875-93. 12'. C 

Spalding Club. [Publications.] v. 2, 6-7, 
10-23, 27-28, 31, 33, 36-37. Aberdeen, 1841-69. 

4*. C 

See also If eiT Spalding Club. 

Spottiswoode Society. [Publications.] v. 
1-4 and 6 in 12. Edinburgh, 1844-51. 8°. C 

I V. Edinburgh, 1845. 8*. N 

StaAtkandiff en staathuishoudkundig jaar- 

boekje. 1849-84. 36 V. Register. Amsterdam, 

1849-84. 12*. N C 

Edited by J. de Botch Kemper and others from 1840 to 
1856; in 1857 the original contributors formed the soaety 
Vereeni^ng voor de statistiek in Nederland and continued the 
publication of the Jaarboekje through 1884, when it was suc- 
ceeded by the JamrcfjCers. 

Staatkondlffe histoire van Holland behelzende 
eene Staatkundige bespiegeling van de voomaamste 
gevallen der Nederlandsche geschiedenissen . . . 
V. I, 3-69 (1756-90). Amsterdam, 1756^-90. 8°. N 

Statuts de la Society de I'orient latin. See 
Soei^t^ de Torient latin. 

Studi storici; periodico trimestrale. v. 1-3. 
Pisa, 1892-94. 8". C 

Surtees Society. [Publications.] v. 1-98. Lon- 



don, 1835-98. 


V. 1-92 (1835-95). C 

Sussex Archaeological Society. Sussex Archaeo- 
logical Collections, illustrating the hutory and an- 
tiquities of the county, v. 1-41; Index v. 1-25. 
42 V. London, 1848-98. 8*". N 

Current, v. 14-35 are also numbered a. ser. ▼. fl-x3. 

T. 1-39, Index 1-25 (1848-94). C 

Svenska historiska FOreningen. Historisk tid- 
skrift, genom E. Hildebrand. v. i-i8« (1881- 
1898.) Stockholm, 1881-1898. 8^ N 


Tasehenbueh ftlr die vateriftndische Ge- 




3 V. Wien, 1821-28. 

Thi^raehe (La). See Soci^t^ archeologique 
de Vervins. 

Tharlnglfleli-s&chsicher Verein ffir Erforsch- 
ung des vaterlfindischen Alterthums und Erhaltung 
seiner Denkmale. Neue Mittheilungen aus dem 

Gebiete historisch-antiquarischer Forschungen. 
Hrsg. von K. Ed. FOrstemann. v. i-4»-«, 53. HalU, 
1834-40. 8*. N 

Mittheilungen im Jahre, 1832. Halle, 1832. 

12'. C 

TilJcLiehrifl voor Noordbrabantsche ge- 
schiedenis, taal- en letterkunde, onder redactie van 
A. Sassen. v. 1-3. (1883-86). Helmond, [1883- 
86]. Sq. 4°. N 

Tydsehrift voor oudheden, statistik, zeden en 
gewoonten, regt, genealogie en andere deelen der 
geschiedenis van het biklom, de provincie en de 
stad Utrecht, v. 1-4, C/trecht, i%4J-S2. pi. 8". C 

Voiuig pao. Archives pour servir i I'etude de 

Thistoire, des langues, de la geographie et de 

Tethno^aphie de TAsie orientale . . . redigees par 

G. Schlegel et Henri Cordier. v. 1-8 & suppl. to 

V. 5. 9 V. Leide, 1890-97. 8". N 

The supplement has the title : Die L&nder des Islam von 
F. Hirth. 

TraAMbctioiUi of the Birmingham Historical 
Society. See Birmtngliain Historical Society. 

TraAsactioiui of the Historic Society of Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire. See Historic Society of 
Lancashire and Cheshire. 

Transactions of the Jewish historical society 
of England. See Jewish Historical Society of 

Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire 
Antiquarian Society. See Lancashire and Chesh- 
ire Antiquarian Society. 

Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. 
See Royal Historical Society. 

Translations and reprints from the original 
sources of European history. See University of 

UniTersity of Pennsylvania. Department of 
History. Translations and reprints from the orig- 
inal sources of European history, v. i-3»-^,4*~5» 
51. Philadelphia, 1894-97. 8". N 


v. 1-2. 3«» 3, 5-6. 51 (1894-97). C 

Unsre Gegenwart und Znkunft. 10 v. Leiptig, 
1846-48. 8*. C 

Unsere Zeit. Jahrbuch zum Conversations- 
Lexicon. V. 1-8(1857-64); N. F. V. 1-15(1865- 
79); 1880-88. 32 V. Lnp%ig, 1857-88. 8". N 

Continuation of: G«cen^rart« From 1865, entitled: 
Unsere Zeit. Deutsche Revue der Gegenwart. 1866-79, each 
volume in two parts. 

Urknnden zur hessischen Landes, Orts- und 
Familiengeschichte. See Historischer Verein 
f Ur das Grossherzogthum Hessen. 

Urknndensammlnng zur Geschichte des 
Kantons Glarus. See Historisclier Verein des 
Kantons Glarus. 

Verein von Alterthumsf reunden im Rheinlande. 
JahrbUcher. v. 1-93 ; Register v. 1-90. 94 ▼. 
Bonn, 1842-92. 8'. C 

Verein far Chemnitzer Geschichte. Jahrbuch 

9(1896-97). IV. ChemnitM,i^g7. 8'. N 

Jahrbuch 9 is: Festschrift zum as jiihrigen JubiUum des 
Vereins hng. von P. Uhle. 

Verein zur Erforschung der rheinischen Ge- 
schichte und AlterthQmer in Mainz. Zeitschrift. 
V. 1-3. MainM, 1845-87. 8*. C 



Vereln far Geschichte and Alterthum Schle- 

Acta publica: Verhandlungen and Coire- 

spondenzen der schlesischen Fttrsten and Stande, 

hng, von A. Palm. Jahrgang^, 1619-27. v. [i]-6. 

Breslauy 1869-85. 4". N 

From ▼. ;;. J. Krebs editor. 

See alio Cocfez diplomaticas SUesiae. 

Codex diplomaticas. v. 1-16. Breslau^ 

1857-92. 4'. C 

2. ed- T. 7»- Breslau, 1884. 4°. C 

Sammlung^ von Quellenschriften zur Ge- 
schichte Schlesiens. 3 v. Breslau^ 1847-51. 8". C 

Scriptores reram Silesiacaram; oder, Samm- 

lang schlesischer Geschichtschreiber. v. 1-16. 
Breslau, 1835-97. 8** and 4**. C 

— Zeitschrift. v. 1-27; Register, v. 1-5, 
6-10. 11-15. Breslau, 1856-93. 8°. C 

V. 31 (1897). N 

Verein fur Geschichte and Alterthumskande. 
Archiv fOr Frankfarts Geschichte and Kanst. no. 
1-8 (1839-58); N. F. V. i-ii (1860-84); 3. F. V. 
1-2 (1888-89). Frankfurt-am-Main, 1839-89. 4''. 


Nenjahrs-Blatt, 1859-86. 3 v. Frank- 

furt-am.Afain, 1859-86. f". C 

Verein far Geschichte and Alterthamskande 
Westfalens. Archiv. Band 1-7. Hamm dr* 
Ltmgo, 1826-1838. 12**. N 

— Quellen and Untersachangen zur Ge- 
schichte. y. I. Fader born, 1888. 8°. C 

Zeitschrift far vaterUndische Geschichte 

and Alterthamskande. v. 1-53. MUnster, 1838- 
'95. 8". N 

Verein far Geschichte der Deatschen in Boh- 
men. Mittheilangen. v. x-34. Frag, 1862-96. 
8*. C 

Begiooing with ▼. a each volame contains " Literarische 

Verein far Geschichte der Mark Brandenbarg. 
Forschangen zar brandenbargischen and preassi- 
schen Geschichte. Neae Folge der "Mftrkischen 
Fonchangen." Hrsg. von R. Koser. v. i-nx-a 
Leiptig, 1889-98. 8 . N 

Correat. From 5 ed. by A. Rande. 

Verein far die Geschichte der Provinzen Ost- 

*iind Westpreussen. Acten der St&ndetage Preas- 

sensnnter der Herrschaft des deatschen Ordens; 

hrsg. von M. T6ppen. v. 1-5. Leipzig^ 1878-86. 

8*. C 

• Materialien and Forschangen zar Wirt- 

schafts- and Verwaltangsgeschichte von Ost- and 
Westpreassen. [no.] i. Leipzig, 1897. 8*. N 

Verein far hansische Geschichte. Nachrichten . 
pt 1-22. 1870-92. Leipzig, 1872-94. 8*. C 

Hansische GeschichtsbUtter. 1871-96. 

-^>«>» 1872-97. 8*. C 

Verein far hessische Geschichte and Landes- 
kunde. Mittelalterliche BaadenkmUler in Kar- 
bcssen. Cassel, 1866. f. C 

Zeitschrift. v. i-io ; N. F. v. i-io ; 

Soppl. V. i-io; N. F. V. i-io; Inhaltsverzeichnisse. 
Kauel, 1837-84. 8*. C 

Verein far labeckische Geschichte and Alter- 
thnmskande. Zeitschrift. v. 1-3. LUbeck, 1855- 
70. %\ Q 

Verein far mecklenbargische Geschichte and 
Alterthamskande. Jahrbacher. v. 1-61. Register. 
Schwerin, 1836-96. 8**. C 

V. 61-62 (1896-97). N 


Jahresbericht, V. 1-25(1836-60). Schwerin, 

1836-60. 8'. C 

Continued as Quartalbericht. 

Mecklenbargisches Urkundenbach, 786- 

1375. V. i-ri8. Register. Schwerin, 1863-97. 
4". C 


V. I -1 5 (1863-90). 

Mecklenbargische VoIksUberliefeningen. 

Im Aaftrage des Vereins far mecklenbargische 
Geschichte and Altertamskande, gesammelt and 
herausge^eben von R. W. Bd. i. IVismar, 

1897. 8^ N 

Verein far nassauische Alterthamskande and 
Geschichtsforschang. Annalen. v. 1-22. JVies- 
baden, 1827-90. 8 and 4°. C 

Denkm&ler aas Nassaa. 4 pts. IViesbaden, 

1852-66. r. C 

Verein far tharingische Geschichte and Alter- 
thamskande. Zeitschrift. v. 1-8; N. F. v. 1-7. 
Jena, 1852-71. 8'. C 

Verein far Urgeschichte and Alterthamskande 
za Siegen. Siegener Urkandenbach; von F. 
Philippi. pt. I. Siegen, 1887. 8". C 

Verhandlnn^en des historischen Vereines von 
Oberpfalz and Regensbarg. See Hietorieclier 
Verein von Oberpfalz and Regensbarg. 

Versla^ der handelingen von het Friesch 
genootschap van geschied-, oadheid-, en taalkande. 
See Friesch genootschap van geschied-, oadheid- 
en taalkande. 

Vie politique k T^tranger. Pabli^e soas la 
direction de E. Lavisse. Tables analytiqaes et 
alphalx^tiqaes. Annee [i]-3. (1889-91.) Faris, 
1890-92. 12'. N 


Voile tandif^ Samlang von actis pablicis and 
Staatsschriften zam Behaf der neaesten Welt- and 
Teatschen Reichs-Geschichten anter Kayser Franz 
... 7 V. Frankfurt a. M, 1749-53. 12*. C 

VoUet&ndi^e Sammlang von Staatsschriften, 
zam Behaf der bayerischen Geschichte, nach Abster^- 
ben Charfarst Maximilian III. 5 v. Frankfurth, 

In German, French and Latin. 

VrQe (De) Fries. See Provineiaal Friesch 
genootschap ter beoefening der Friesche geschied-, 
oadheid- en taalkande. 

Vyeetnik Evropii. Zharnal istori-polTtlkl- 
literaturni. [European Messenger. Journal of his- 
tory, politics and literature.] v. 81-194. SankU 
peterburg, 1880-98. 8*. N 


Weetdeuteehe Zeitschrift far Geschichte and 

Kunst, hrsg. von F. Hettner und J. Hansen, v. i&- 

171-3. Trier, 1897-98. 8*. N 


V. 1-9 (1882-90). C 

Korrespondenzblatt v. i6-i7*-9. Trier, 

1807-08. 8% N 

V. 1-9 (1882-90). 



Limesblatt : Mitteilungen der Strecken- 

%ommissare bei der Reichslimeskommission. no. 
^1-26. Trier, 1897-98. 8*. N 



V. I-^. Trier, 1884- 


•90. 8 

Westpreussiieher Geschichtsverein. Zeit- 
scbrift. Heft 1-39. Danngy 1880-98. 8'. N 

WlllUun Salt Archaeological Society. Collec- 
tions for a history of Staffordshire, y. 1-18 (1880- 
■97). London, [1880-97]. 8*. N 

Current, v. i-a published in Birmingham. 

WIrtembercfUehes Urkundenbuch. ▼. 1-5. 
Stuttgart, 1849-89. 4'. C 

Hr*g. von dem. K. StafttflArchiv in Stuttgart. 

Worcestershire Historical Society. Church- 
-warden's accounts of St. Michael's in Bedwardine. 
Oxford, 1896. 4*. N 

An Index to Worcestershire fines. Part i. 

Oxford, 1896. 4". N 

Rules, list of members, &c., for (1896-97. > 

^Oxford, 1896-97. 4'. N 

Survey (A) of Worcestershire by T. Hab- 

ington. Ed. by J. Amphlett. v. 2. pt. i. Oxford, 
1826, 4'. N 

W&rttember^sehe Vierteljahrshefte far 
Landesgeschichte. Hrsg. von dem Sutistischen 
Landesamt. v. i-io. Stuttgart, 1878-87. 4'. C 

V. 1-9 (1878-86), N. F. V. 6 (1897). N 


Zeitschrlft des Aachener Geschichtsvereins. 
See Aaehener Geschichtsverein. 

Zeitschrlfl far allgemeine Geschichte,KuItur-, 
Littcratur- und Kunstgeschichte. v. 1-4. 1884- 
87. Stuttgart, 1884-87. 8°. C 

Zeitsehrilt far Archivkunde, Diplomatik und 
Geschichtc. Hrsg. von L. F. Hoefer, H. A. Er- 
hard und F. L. B. von Medem. v. 1-2. Hamburg, 
1834-36. 8'. NC 


Zeitschrlft far deutsche Kulturgeschichte, 
Bilder und Zage aus dem Leben des deutschen 
Volkes. Hrsg. von J. Mttller und J. Falke. 4 v. 
(1856-59); N. F. 4 V. (1872-75); N. F. 3 V. (1891- 
93). II V. NUrnberg, 1856^3, 8*. C 

N. F. V. 1-2 (1872-73). N 

Continued as: Zeitschrift f Qr Kulturgeachiche. ad ser. was 
pubL in Hannover, 3. ler. in Berlin. 

Zeitsehrift far die Geschichte der Juden in 
Deutschland. Hrsg. von L. Geiger. v. 1-3. 
Braunschweig, 1887-89. 8*. N 

Zeitschrift far Geschichtswissenschaft. Unter 
Mitwirkung der Herren A. Boeckh, J. und W. 
Grimm, G. H. Pertz und L. Ronke. Hrsg. von 
W. Adolph Schmidt, v. 1-9. BerUn, 1844-48. 
8'. NC 

From V. 5 (1846) under the dtle: ▲Ucemelne Zeitichrift 
far Geschichte. 

Zeitsehrift des Harz-Vereins far Geschichte 
und Altertumskunde. See H*rs-Verein far Ge- 
schichte und Altertumskunde. 

Zeitsehrift der historischen Gesellschaft far 
die Provinz Posen See Historisohe Gesell- 
schaft far die Provinz Posen. 

Zeitsehrift des historischen Vereins far Nieder- 
sachsen. See Historiseher Verein far Nieder- 

Zeitsehrift des historischen Vereins for 
Schwaben und Neuburg. See Histerischer 
Verein far Schwaben und Neuburg. 

Zeitsehrift far Kulturgeschichte. Neue [4.] 
Folge der Zeitschrift far deutsche Kulturg^hichte. 
Hrsg. von G. Steinhausen. v. 1-3, Berlin, 1894- 
97. 8^ C 

v. 1-5 (1894-98) N 

Current, v. a-3 published in Weimar. 

Zeitsehrift far Museologie und Antiquitftten- 
kunde sowie verwandte Wissenschaften. v. 1-8. 
Dresden, 1878-85. 4". C 

Zeitsehrift far vaterlandische Geschichte and 
Altertumskunde. See Verein far Geschichte und 

Zeitsehrift des Vereins zur Erforschung der 
rheinischen Geschichte und Alterthamer in Mainz. 
See Verein zur Erforschung der rheinischen Ge- 
schichte und Alterthamer in Mainz. 

Zeitschrift des Vereins far hessische Geschichte 
und Landeskunde. See Verein far hessische 
Geschichte und Landeskunde. 

Zeitschrift des Vereins fur labeckische Ge- 
schichte und Alterthumskunde. See Verein far 
labeckische Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. 

Zeitschrift des Vereins far tharingische Ge- 
schichte und Alterthumskunde. See Verein far 
tharingische Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. 

Zeitschrift des westpreussischen Geschichts- 
vereins. See Westprenssischer Geschichts- 


(Emmet Collection. Presented to the New York Public Library by John S. Kennedy.) 

Maryland; and Virginia, part I. 

S«aderaoB (John). Biography of the Signers 
to the Declaration of Independence. Volume XIV., 
Maryland. Illustrated by Thomas Addis Em- 
met. M.D. New York [1870?]. F'. 

Tbe text oonaiats of the life of Semael Chaae. by E. Incer- 
«>U, from voloine 9, pages 185 to 335 of the orinnal edition of 
Sudenoo; of Thomas Stooe, by E. Ingenoll, from volume g^ 
MRS 151 to z6q; and the appendix to volume 9; of the life of 
WQliam Pace, b^ E. IngeraoU, from volume 8, pages 173 to 
199; of Charles Carroll, by H. B. Latrobe, from volume 7, 

with a codicil of Feb. 5, x8a7, and second codicil of Jan. 5, 


The material indexed consists of : book-plate z, documenu 6, 
enftavings a, letters 33, newspapers a, portraiu 59, views 49. 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Bust; directed 
facing, and looking slightly to the right; oval vig- 
nette. Inserted in an engraving of earlier date, 
representing Fame hanging a medallion (containing 
the portrait) upon a column; this again is inserted 
in a decorative frame apparently of still earlier date, 
and the inscription Charles Carroll is mounted be- 
low. Line. [New York? 1850?] F°. em. 3461 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Half length; di- 
rected, facing, and looking to the front; book in 
right hand. Inscription : Engraved by James B, 
Longacre from a Painting by Chester Harding. 
Line. [Philadelphia, 1830?] F^ SM. 3462 

A pencil note reads, ** From Longacre's Private Collection.*' 


Letter : Chase (Samuel). At Captain Barney's, 
[Baltimore ?] Jan. 4, 180Q. To Mrs. Chase. De- 
scribes A narrow escape from death by breaking 
through some ice; he was saved by his son and an 
officer named Alexander. Lithograph fac-simile of 
an A.L.S. in the possession of F. J. Dreer Esq. 
Phila. 2 pp. F"*. With a small wood engraving, 
on India paper, of the Res, of Judge Samuel Chase 
Baltimore Md, EM. 3463 

Also in Brotherhead's Book 0/ the Signors, Phila., 1861, 
p. II. 

Letter: Chase (Samuel). Baltimore Town, 
[Md.,] Jan. 23, 1777. [To the Legislature of 
Maryland.] The committee appointed by the in- 
closed resolutions of Congress [to inquire into the 
conduct of the enemy towards prisoners of war] 
reqoest that the honorable body appoint gentlemen 
to take depositions on the matters contained in the 
resolve; the committee has heard that some of the 
British prisoners taken at Princeton said that they 
were ordered to stand until they were cut to pieces 
and take no prisoners, also that Gen. Mercer and 
Lieut. [Bartholomew] Yeates were killed after they 
had surrendered, and that several bodies have been 
found hanging on trees in the Jersies. A.L.S. 
Endorsed, i page. 4*. EM. 3464 

The address has been added in pencil by Dr. Emmet. For 
the resoltttioos of CongreM referred to see the Journals for 
J«n. 16, X777. 

, y^rw : Baltimore* Md, Inscription : (left) Fac 
simile of the Original drawing by John Afoale, \ 
Baltimore Town in 17^2. Lithograph. [Philadel- 
phia? i860?] 17A X 7A »n- EM. 3465 

. ^0r/rai// Chase (Samuel). Bust; after the paint- 

»« by Jarvis. [Engraved by H. B. Hall.] Line. 

[New York. 1870?] ¥\ EM. 3466 

Ai>{>utittly a proof before letter of the plate in the Mary- 
torical Society's Centennial Memorial, The Journal 

Portrait: Sharpe (Horatio). Half length; di- 
rected to the left, facing and looking to the front; 
braided coat and waistcoat. Inscription: Horatio 
Sharpe Governor of Maryland, Hor^, Sharpe (fac- 
simile signature). Lithograph by Max Rosenthal. 
[Philadelphia, 1885?] 4**. EM. 3467 

Letter : Sharpe (Horatio). Annapolis, [Md.,] 
June 9, 1755. [To Gov. Robert Hunter Morris, 
Philadelphia.] He has received a letter from Gen. 
Braddock; a duplicate was sent to Gov. Dinwiddle, 
whereupon the Virginia Assembly granted ;f 6,000; 
if these governments follow the example, there will 
be no difficulty in complying with His Excellency's 
requisitions; rather than leave any troops at Fort 
Du Quesne without stores, he would, if he had pro- 
visions, try to bring out the militia to convoy them; 
whatever be the result of the Assembly's meeting, 
a few cannon and some arms shall be sent from this 
place; he hopes Pennsylvania will not refuse sup- 
plies; he has warned the back-inhabitants to be on 
their guard. A.L.S. Endorsed. 2 II. 4". EM. 3468 

Printed in the Minutes of tk* Provincial Council 0/ 
Pennsylvania^ vol. 6 (Harrisburg, 1851) p. 430. 

PennaylTaiiia (The) Gazette. Dec. 26, 1765. 
Numb. 1931. {Philadelphia : Franklin 6* Hall,'\ 
4 pp. F''. EM. 3469 

Funeral rites of the stamp act in Frederick Town, Md. 

/'^^r/ratV.* Chase (Samuel). Inscription: Samuel 
Chase, Engraved from a Drawing by J. B, Long- 
acre after a Painting by Jarvis, Stipple. 8*. 

EM. 3470 

Also in Sanderson's Biography 0/ the Signers^ vol. 9 
(Phila., X827) p. X87. 

Portrait: Schuyler (Philip). Bust; directed 

to the front, facing and looking to the left; military 

uniform. Inscription : Ph : Schuyler (fac-simile 

signature). Eng<t. by H. B. Hall ^ Sons^ New 

York, Stipple and line. [1870?] F*. em. 3471 




Portrait: Carroll (John). Half length ; directed 
and facing to the left, looking to the front; ponti- 
ficals; book in left hand, bookcase and curtain be- 
hind. Inscription: (left) Painted by J, Paul, (right) 
Engraved by IV, S, Leney, F,S,A. &* B. Tanner, 
F.S.A, (left) Reverendissimus Joannes Carroll^ 
S. T.D, Archiepiscopus Baltimoriensis Primus, 
(right) The Most Reverend John Carroll, D.D, 
First Archbishop of Baltimore, (left) Entered ac- 
cording to Act of Congress the gth^ day of April 
1812, by Benjn. Tanner, of the State of Pennsyl- 
vania, (right) Published i*t June 18 12 by Benjamin 
Tanner Engraver, No, 74 South Eighth Street, 
Philadelphia, \ J, Murphy ^ O. BalHmore, With 
coat of arms. Stipple. 14^ x 17-,)^ in. EM. 3472 

Portrait : Hoire (Richard), Earl Howe, Full 
length; standing on deck; directed and facing to the 
left, looking to the front; drawn sword in right 
hand, left hand holding scabbard; behind him, 
ships engaged. Inscription : The Right Honbl* 
Richard Earl Howe, Admiral of the White, Vice 
Admiral of England, and Commander in Chief of 
the Grand Fleet in the Channel, Who so Victoriously 
Conquered the French Fleet of superior Force, on 
the j*t, of June I7g4. in which Action 6 French 
Ships of the Line where taken, and 2 Sunk, Mezzo- 
tint. [London, 1794?] F°. em. 3473 

LetUr : Pemberton (John). Philadelphia, May 
30, 1782. To the President and Council [of Penn- 
sylvania]. He feels himself impelled by God to 
visit his brethren in Europe; he has laid the matter 
before the religious society of friends, who have 
signified their sympathy ; he has no worldly concern 
to promote, but simply a duty to discharge laid on 
him by God; he informs the President and Council 
of his intention, not because he thinks their consent 
necessary, but in order to remove all misapprehen- 
sion. A.L.S. A postscript, signed Wm*. Matthews, 
signifies the intention of the latter to accompany 
Pemberton. 2 pp. F"*, km. 3474 

Printed in Ptnna, Archives, vol. 9 (Phila., 1854) p. 551. 
Portrait: Ckeorg^ III., King of Great Britain, 
Half length; directed and facing to the left, looking 
to the front; plain coat with sash and star; oval 
within a rectangle. Inscription : (left) Heny, More* 
land Pinxt, (right) Rd, Houston fecit \ His Royal 
Highness George Prince of Wales Born 4 June 
173^' ^' ^' Mezzotint [London, 1755?] F°. 

EM. 3475 

See J. C. Smith's British Metmatinto Portraits, nut a, 
p. 659, no. 41. The inscription as there given differs slightly 
from the above. 

Portrait: Chase (Samuel). Inscription: En^ 

graved by J, B, Forrest from a Drawing by J, B, 

Longacre after an original Portrait by Jarvis, 

Samuel Chase, Samuel Chase (fac-simile signature). 

Stipple. 8°. KM. 3476 

A pendl note reads, " From Longacrs^s Private Collec- 
tion,^ Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 4, 
Phila., 1839. 

Portrait: Charlotte Sophia* Queen of George 
III,, King of Great Britain, Half length; profile 
to the right; low bodice with ermine robe behind, 
necklace of four rows of jewels with black bow be- 
hind, large earring with three pendants. Inscrip- 
tion: Charlotte, Queen of Great Britain &*c, &'c. 
Mezzotint. F*. km. 3477 

The lower part of the inscription has been trimmed away. 
See J. C. Smith's British Mexzotinto Portraits, part 4, 
p. X793, no. 41. 

Portrait : Augusta Sophia* Princess, daugh- 
ter of George III, , King of Great Britain. Three 
quarters length; spinning;; directed and facing to 
the right, looking to the front; plain dress and mob- 
cap; oval. Inscription: (left) S^. W***, Beechy del 
(right) Geremia Scu | Her Royal Highness Princess 
Augusta. London Pubd, by E, Harding ig May 
1806, Stipple. F*. EM. 3478 

Portrait: George IV., King of Great Britain, 
Half length; directed, facing and looking to the left; 
hair dressed in large curls, white cravat, plain coat 
with high collar: star; oval within a rectangle. In- 
scription : (left) 3 I His Royal Highness George 
Prince of Wales &*c. Published 12th. May, T7g4, 
by Laurie 6* Whittle, jj- ^^'^ Street, London, 

Mezzotint. 8 

KM. 3479 

Portrait: Bertie (MsLvy), Duchess of A ncaster 
and Kesteven. Half length; nearly in profile to the 
right; head leaning on left hand, the elbow resting 
on a table; hair flowing over right shoulder. In- 
scription : Mary Dutchess of Ancaster. Printed 
for John Bowles, at No, 13 in Cornhill, Mezzotint 
[1760?] V. KM. 348a 

See J. C. Smith's British Menotinto Portraits, part 4, 
p. 1761. 

Maryland (The) Journal, and Baltimore Ad- 
vertiser. Friday, Sept. 26, 1788. No. 78 of vol. 
15. No. 1076. BalHmore: Printed by W, God^ 
dard, 4 pp. F^ EM. 3481 

Violent letter against S[amael] C[hase]. 

Letter: Lewia (WillUm). Dec. 5. 1815. To 
Lesley [Leslie] Combs, Frankfort, Ky. Acknowl- 
edges letters; he has received solicitations from 
other men of high respectability, but he has not 
answered as yet nor made any appointment. 
A.L.S. With a short biographical note by Leslie 
Combs. Endorsed, i page. 4*. km. 3482 

Letter: Iredell Qames). Richmond. [Va..] 
May 24. 1797. To Samuel Tredwell, Edenton, 
N. C. Blackburn having negotiated Trcdwell's 
prize as well as his own six lottery tickets, he in- 
closes Trcdweirs, indorsed; incloses for Mrs. Ire- 
dell a copy of the President's speech, which all ad- 
mire here, the friends of government enthusiasti- 
cally. A.L.S. Endorsed, i page. 4'. em. 3483 

Portrait: Dallas (Alexander James). Profile 

to the right ; circular. Small mezzotint (colored) 

by St. Memin. [PhiUdelphia, 1801.] km. 3484 

Unlettered. No. 138 in Elias Dezter*s St. Memin collec 
tion 0/ portraits, N. Y., x86a. 

Letter: Rawle (William). [Philadelphia?] 
Feb. 2 [1800?]. To John Hall. If the prisoner 
pays the fine and legal charges he cannot be de- 
Uined for any extra allowance, even though he 
may have agreed to reimburse it; defines the legal 
charges. A.L.S. On the back is a note to the 
same effect by R Peters, i page. 4*. km. 3485 
Portrait: Rawle (William). Half length; 
directed, facing and looking to the front. Inscrip- 
tion: (left) Painted by H, Inman (centre) A, New 
sam Del (nghX) Childs &» Inman Lithr; \ W Rawle 
(fac-simile signature). From the Original Portrait, 
Painted by order of the Bar of Philadelphia, En- 
tered according to act of Congress, in the year 1832 
by Childs (Sr* Inman in the Clerks office of the Dis- 
trict Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia Published by Childs 6* Inman 122 
Walnut Street, Lithograph. F'. KM. 3486 




Portrait: Jefferson (Thomas). Inscription: 

Thomas Jefferson, Drawn &* Engraved by J. B. 

Longacre from the Portrait by Field after Stuart, 

Stipple. 8°. EM. 3487 

A peodl note reads, " From Longacre's Private Collection." 
Alflo in Sanderson's Biography 0/ tht Signtrs^ vol. 7 (Phila., 
i8a7) p. 9. 

Portrait: Bedford (Gunninf^). Half length; 
directed, facing and looking slightly to the right. 
Inscription: Gunning Bedford^ Jun, Signer of the 
Constitution of the U, 5. Gunng Bedford J unr (fac- 
simile signature). Lithograph by Max Rosenthal. 
[Philadelphia, 1885?] 4*. em. 3488 

Portrait: Randolph (John). Half length; 
seated ; directed to the right, facing and looking to 
the front. Inscription: Engraved by T. B, fVelch 
from a Painting by J. Wood in possession of F, S, 
Key Esq^, John Randolph, John Randolph (fac- 
simile signature). Stipple and line. F". em. 3489 

Also (on smaller paper) in the National Portrait Gallery^ 
vol. 4, Phila., Z839. 

Letter : Harper (Robert Goodloe). Baltimore, 
July 2, 1800. To Gen. [Elias] Dayton, Elizabeth 
Town, N. J. Both parties mean to make a struggle 
in the election of the lower house of the assembly 
in October; the federalists will doubtless win, and 
they will then alter the law and substitute a choice 
by the legislature for the present district election of 
electors; Delaware is for Adams and Pinckney, the 
Carolinas uncertain; Brown and Relf's publication 
[the Philadelphia Gazette] containing Dayton's 
reply to the Aurora lies, was republished here; 
Dayton owes it to his country and to the cause of 
decency to prosecute this scoundrel [William 
DuaneJ; he himself has decided to pursue that 
coarse on the first occasion. A. L. S. Endorsed. 
3 pp. 4^ EM. 3490 

Letter: Kmy (Francis Scott). George Town, 
[D. C] Mar. 13, 1823. To E[li] Ayres, Balti- 
more. Dealing with the affairs of the American 
colonization society; he approves the bargain with 
[Ralph Randolph] Gurley; the balance of this 

freight will bear hard on their funds, but he hopes 
to supply the brig and the people with provisions 
from contributions in Baltimore; he will speak to 
the Secretary of the Navy about McCauley's ac- 
counts. A. L. S. I page. 4°. em. 3491 
The address has been mounted on the back of the letter. 

Portrait: Barney (Joshua). Half length; di- 
rected to the front, facing and looking to the right; 
naval uniform; hands crossed, holding sword. 
Stipple engraving by J. Gross. F°. EM. 3492 

A proof before letter of the plate in the National Portrait 
Gallery^ vol. 4, Phila., 1839. 

Document : Maryland* Province, — Council of 
Safety. Annapolis, June 5, 1776. Commission 
appointing John Hayman second lieutenant in 
Capt. George Well's company of artillery. Printed 
form filled in. D.S., Danl of St. Tho». Jenifer, 
J Hall, Ja. Tilghman, Wm. Hayward. At the 
bottom is a note dated Sept. 4, I777> signifying 
that the commission is revoked in favor of John 
Steel; signed by John Moale. i page. F". 

em. 3493 

See Archives 0/ Maryland^ vol. ix (Bait., 1893) p. 467, 
and vol. 16 (Bait., 1897) p. 36a. 

Portrait: Carroll (John). Half length; di- 
rected and facing slightly to the right, looking to 
the front; right arm on arm of chair; pontificals, 
a church in the background; oval within a rectangle. 
Inscription : (left) Painted by J, P, De. C (right) 
Engraved by J, Sartain. \ The Most Rev. John 
Carroll, . First Archbishop of Baltimore, [Pubd, 
by John Afurphy, Baltimore, Copyright Secured,] 
Mezzotint. [1850?] 8"". em. 3494 

Portrait: Pinkney (William). Half length; 
directed slightly to the right, facing and looking to 
the front; leaning with right arm on a ledge. In- 
scription: William Pinkney Esq, Engraved by J, 
B, Longacre from a Painting by C, King. Pub' 
lished by Harrison Hall No, yo South Fourth 
Street Philadelphia, Stipple. 8\ EM. 349S 

Also in the Port/olio^ vol. 38 (Phila., xSas) p. 433. 


Ijetter: Stone (Thomas). [Port Tobacco, Md.,1 
Apr. 27, 1783. To his brother Watty [Walter,] 
[Philadelphia]. Directs him to deliver the inclosed 
letter to Lawrence Washington, if in Philadelphia; 
the young gentleman's father returns thankis for 
the kindness shown him; neither Mr. Mason nor 
himself can go to the county where the charge 
against Lawrence Washington will be examined; 
it is desired that the latter should remain in 
Philadelphia until he hears further from his father. 
Lithograph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the posses- 
sion of J. Mickley Esq. Philad*. i page. F°. 
With a small wood engraving, on India paper, of 
the Ret, of The, Stone Port Tobacco M*', 

EM. 3496 

The original of this letter is now in the New York Public 
Labrary, snd has been described as bm. 1048. The fac-siniile 
b to be found also in Brotherhead's Book of tho Signers^ 
Phila., x86i, p. 33. 

Letter: Stone (Thomas). [Port Tobacco, Md.?] 
Sept. 13, 1786. To [William Smallwood,] (}ov- 
CTDor. Capt. [Thomas Andrew ?] Dyson intends to 
apply for the naval office of Potomac, made vacant 
by the death of Mr. Lock, and has desired Stone 
to recommend him ; his acquaintance with Dyson is 
slight, but he understands that the latter is a man 

of character and that he behaved well as an officer 
in the army. A. L. S. 2 pp. F". em. 3497 

^<»r/rtfi7.* Stone (Thomas). Inscription: Thomas 

Stone, Drawn by J, B, Longacre from a Painting 

by Pine Engraved by G, B. Ellis, Line. 8 . 

EM. 3498 

Also in Sanderson's Biography o/the Signor*;vo\, 9 (Phila., 
1837) p. 153. 

Portrait: Oeori^e HI** King of Great Britain, 
Half length; profile to the left; small oval frame 
within an ornamental rectangle; crown, sceptre, 
escutcheon and ermine robe below. Inscription : 
(right) W, Walker sculp \ George the Il/d King of 
Great Britain, &'c. Line. [London, 1770?] 8. 

EM. 3499 

Portrait : Waahtngton (George). Bust ; pro- 
file to the left; velvet coat. Inscription: G^ Wash^ 
ington (fac-simile signature). From a portrait by 
Sharpless, presented by Washington to Col, TalU 
madge. Stipple engraving by H. B. Hall and Sons. 
F". ' EM. 3500 

Also (on smaller paper) in the Magazine 0/ American Hi*' 
tory, vol. 9 (N. Y., 1883) p. 81. 

Portrait: Cromwell (Oliver). Half length; 
profile to the left; armor; oval frame with a view 



below of Cromwell refusing a crown; below that a 
helmet, cornucopia, axe and sword. Inscription: 
(on the frame) Oliver Cromwell (below, left) /. 
Houbraken sculps. Atnst, (centre) In the Collection 
of his Grtue the Duke of Devonshire, (right) Cooper 
pinxit. Line. F*. em. 3501 

Also in Birch's Heads of illutiriout pertens^ London, 1743, 
p. 93- 

LetUr : Johnson (Thomas). Annapolis, [Md. ,] 
Auff. 30. 1779. To Thomas Sim Lee. M. Gerrard 
[Gerard] will stop here on his way to Baltimore, 
and Johnson desires to show him attention ; he 
wishes Lee's assistance in the matter, and asks him 
to come up; hopes to see Mr. Carroll also. A. L. S. 
Endorsed. % page. 4'. em. 350a 

FfVi& .* Annapolis, i!/;/. Inscription: (above, 
right) Columb, Mag, (below) A Front View of the 
State-House 6^c. at Annapolis the Capital of Mary- 
land, Line. [Philadelphia, 1790?] 8'. em. 3503 
From the Columbian Magazine, 

Portrait: Craik (James). Silhouette; bust; 
profile to the left; cocked hat. Inscription: Dr, 
James Craik. Wood engraving. 8*. KM. 3504 

Also in Lo8sing^8^(9«M/ Vernon and its eutociations^ N.Y., 
X859, P- 3«8. 

View : London* — Bank of England. Inscrip- 
tion: London Printed for Bowles &* Carver, No, 6g 
St, PauCs Church Yard. A View of the Bank of 
England, Threadneedle Street, London, (left) The 
Centre erected lyjs, G, Sampson, Architect, (right) 
Sir Robert Taylor, Knt, Architect of the Wings, \ 
Published 2S* July lyqy. Line. F". EM. 3505 

View : Annapolis. Md, Inscription: View of 
Annapolis in lyqn. Entered according to act of 
Congress in the year 18^1 by Chase &* Town in the 
office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, 
Lithograph, colored. 8 . em. 3506 

Also in the American Historical Record^ voL x (Philft., 
1873) frontispiece. 


Letter : Paca (William). [Philadelphia,] Feb. 
19*. 1779- To Joseph Reed. He knows of no reso- 
lution of Congress which discontinues Gen. Arnold's 
command in this city. Lithograph fac-simile of an 
A.L.S. in the possession of J. Mickley Esq. Philad<^. 
I page. F'. With a small wood engraving, on 
India paper, of the Pes, of W^, Paca Queenstown 

^f*^- EM. 3507 

Also in Brotherhesd's Book 0/ the Signers, Phila., x86x, 

Utter: Paca (William). [Maryland,] Friday 
evening [1780]. To Gov. [Thomas Sim] Lee. Hav- 
ing learned that his wife is seriously ill, he intends 
to set off for Philadelphia next morning; he can find 
no boat at present for Kent Island, and therefore 
requests the use of one belonging to the state; Com- 
modore Grayson could probably contrive to get him 
over. » '^ " -- • - 

phia. She died in 1780. 

Portrait: Paca (William). Inscription: WilU 
iam Paca, Engd. by P. Maverick from a drawing 
by/' B. Longacrefrom Copley, Line. 8'. EM. 3509 

Also in Sanderson's Biography 0/ the Signers, vol. 8 
(Phila., 1837) p. 175. 

Engraving: Great Britain.— Royal family. 
George III. is seated in the centre; Queen Charlotte, 
also seated, at his left hand; the princes stand to 
the left of the picture, the princesses to the right. 
Inscription: (left) T. Slot hard Esq, pinx, (right)/'. 
Roberts sc \ The Royal Family of England in the 
year lyS^. Stipple. [London, 1800?] 4'. em. 3510 

A key is engraved below. 

r. A. L. S. Endorsed, i page. F°. em. 3508 
kca's second wife was a Miss Anna Harrison, of Philadel- 

Portrait: Smallwood (William). Bust; di- 
rected, facing and looking to the front; uniform. 
Inscription: Genl. Smallwood, W Smallwood (i^.C' 
simile signature). Stipple and line. 12". 

EM. 3511 

Also in R. W. Griswold's Washington and the Generals of 
the American Revolution^ vol. z (Phila., 1847) p. 274. 

Letter: Blair (John). Williamsburg, [Va.,] 
Mar. 10, 1768. To Sir William [Johnson,] [Tryon 
County, N. Y.?]. Acknowledges letter of Jan. 8th 
to the Lieutenant Governor [Fauquier], who died 
on the 2d inst. ; the Council have advised him to lay 
it before the Assembly; sends him a power, under 
their seal, to transact business with the Indians at 
the congress to be held in summer; incloses a letter 
from Lord Shelburne directing them to run the 
boundary line between themselves and the Indian 
hunting ground, in which service Sir William and 
Mr. Stewart [John Stuart] are to join; they will be- 
gin at Col. Chiswell's lead mines, but there is great 
uncertainty as to the other end of the line. L. S. 
2 pp. F^ EM. 3512 

Letter: Paca (William). Annapolis, [Md.,] 
Jan. 28. 1785. To Gov. [George] Clinton, New 
York. Acknowledges a letter and depositions rela- 
tive to the piracy of Hughes and Burke; he has had 
depositions taken, which he now forwards ; the 
schooner is at Baltimore, and the affair has been 
communicated to the Judge of the Admiralty so 
that she may be secured. L. S. Endorsed, i page. 
F^ EM. 3513 


Letter : Carroll (Charles). Doughoregan, 
[Md.,] July 19, 1826. To Charies H. Wharton. 
Washington [D. C.]. Acknowledges letter of the 
14th inst; he is fast nearing the end of earthly cares; 
he disapproved of Jefferson's administration, and 
was dissatisfied with a part of Adams's; yet the ser- 
vices of both men in the cause of independence 
should be remembered, and their errors forgotten; 
he is going to Baltimore to attend the ceremonies 
to their memory; the Baron de Montreiul and family 
are now here; when the vote of independence was 
taken, he was not in Congress, but he signed as 
soon as he took his seat; he should be glad to see 

Wharton at his summer residence. Lithograph fac- 
simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of R. C. 
Davis Esq. Phila, 2 pp. F^ With a small wood 
engraving, on India paper, of the residence of 
Charles Carroll of Carrollton Baltimore M^. 

EM. 3514 

Also in Brothcrhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861, 
p. 81. The letter is printed in K. M. RowUuid's Charles Car' 
roll 0/ Carrollton^ vol. 2. (N. Y., 1898) p. 340. 

Letter: Carroll (Charies) and'Pltktw (George). 
York, [Penn.,] June 22, 1778. [To the Governor 
and Assembly of Maryland.] They received the 
instructions of the House of Delegates, and laid 



them before Congress, which then took into consid- 
eration the amendments proptosed by Maryland to 
the Confederation; the amendments to the fourth 
and eighth articles were rejected ; probably all 
amendments will be rejected, through fear of delay- 
ing indefinitely the Confederation, since the dele- 
gates of some states have power to ratify it only in 
its present form ; on the 23d, the third amendment 
also was rejected. L. S., G«orge Plater, Ch. Car- 
roll of Carrollton. In the handwriting of the former. 
Endorsed. 3 pp. F*". em. 3515 

Printed in K. M. Rowhmd'i Charles Carroll 0/ Carrollton^ 
vol. a (N. y., 1898) p. 7. For the amendments, wot Journal* 
0/ CongreUy Jane aa, 1778. 

Portrait: Calvert (Cecil), Baron Baltimore, 
Three-quarters length; standing; directed and fac- 
ing to the left, looking to the front; robes. Inserted 
in an ornamental oval frame within a rectangle, en- 
graved by G. King in 1732. Just below the por- 
trait is mounted a small engraving of a coin of 
Queen Mary ; and below that is mounted the inscrip- 
tion belonging to the portrait : [(right) Abra : 
Blothing sculp, \ '\Effigies Illustrissimi DAi Cacilii 
Calvert, Baronis Baltemore de Baltemore in Regno 
Nibemia ; Absoluti DHi et Proprietarii Provin- 
Harum Terra- Maria et Avahniain America etc**. 
With coat of arms. Line. [Amsterdam? 1657?] 
F°. EM. 3516 

For the engravinfl^ in its original shape, see bm. 1687. 

Letter : Calvert (Charles), 6lA Baron Baltimore. 
[Burlington, N. J., May, 1733.] To Gov. Patrick 
Gordon [Philadelphia]. Acknowledges letter; as to 
Gordon's pajring him the compliments suitable to 
his rank, he repeats what he declared at New Castle, 
that he neither was ambitious of nor expected civil- 
ities from those with whom he must differ, on ac- 
count of their behavior in the goVemment of Penn- 
sylvania. L. S., Baltimore. Endorsed: '*Lord 
Baltimore's Letter to Gov Gordon from Burlington, 
received May 22<l. 1733." em. 3517 

Printed in Penna. Archives, vol. i (Phila., 1853) p. 395. 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Vignette; bust; 
directed, facing and looking to the front; ornamental 
oval frame. Inscription : Charles Carroll, Line. 
[New York? i86o?J EM. 3518 

View: AnnapoliSt Md. The Carroll house. 
Small photograph, [i860?] EM. 3519 

A note by Dr. Emmet reads, " The honae in which Charles 
Carroll of Carrollton was bom, near Annapolis and now used 
aa a Convent. The rear building has been added." 

Letter: Carroll (Charles). [Annapolis, Md.?] 
Dec. 3, 1 771. To William Hammond. Inquires 
about Hammond's rheumatism; desires to see him, 
bat not at the risk of his health; asks how much 
plank there is in his warehouse. A. L. S. i page. 
S*. EM. 3520 

A note bjr Dr. Emmet reads, '* A letter written by the father 
of Ch : CaiToU of Carrollton, some nine years before his death.^' 

Book-plate: Carroll (Charles). Book-plate. 
The arms of the Carroll family, with the inscription: 
Charles Carroll of y* Inner Temple Esq^, Second 
Sen of Daniell Carroll of Litter huna Esq^, in the 
JCings County in the Kingdom of Ireland jyoi. 
Line. [London, 1702?] 16''. em. 3521 

A ooce bjr Dr. Emmet reads, " From a book purchased at 
sry of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, and be- 

the sale of the Itbrai 

hMgied to his frand^uuher the fint of the name settling in the 


Letter: Dalanjr (Daniel). [Annapolis, Md.?] 
Dec 21, 1770. To Thomas Lee, Upper Marlbro' 

[Md.]. Introduces the Rev. Mr. Forbes, who is 
appointed to the late Mr. [William] Brogden's 
parish; he is chaplain to a regiment, and has gained 
the esteem of officers of rank, particularly Col. 
Maitland and Major Moncriefle; he intends to reside 
at Marlbro'. A. L. S. i page. F"*. em. 3522 

Letter : Eden (Sir Robert), Bart, Annapolis, 
[Md.,] May 21, 1774. To Gov. John Penn [Phila- 
delphia]. The guardians of the proprietor of Mary- 
land have refused to sign the return of the [bound- 
ary] commissioners, because, as he supposes, they 
think such an act improper without the especial 
direction of the Lord Chancellor given after the 
matter should have been brought before him in 
court; Eden cannot therefore take upon himself a- 
power that they have declined; he deprecates the 
issuing of an ex parte proclamation by Pennsyl- 
vania; he leaves for England in a few days, and 
will lay Penn's letters before the guardians; in the 
meantime no steps will be taken here to indicate a 
concurrence in Penn's proposed measure. A. L. S. 
Endorsed, i page. F*. em. 3523 

For Governor Penn's letters to Eden, see the Minutes of the 
Provincial Couueil 0/ Pennsylania, vol. zo (Harrisburg, 
x8sa) pp. 24a, 247. 

Portrait: Eden {Sir Robert), Bart, Half length ; 
directed to the left, facing and looking slightly to 
the left; plain coat with high collar. Stipple. 
[London? 1 810?] F'. em. 3524 

Unlettered. The name has been added by Dr. Emmet. 

Portrait: Dulany (Daniel). Half length; di- 
rected and facing to the left, looking to the front ; 
wig and bands. Inscription:^. G, Armstrong, Sc, \ 
Dant. Dulany, gt^ Dec^, 77^5 (fac-simile signature). 
Line. F*. em. 3525 

Also (on smaller paper) in the Pennsylvania Magazine, 
vol. 3 (Phila., 1879) p. I. 

Letter : Anne Arundel Coanty» Md, — Com- 
mittee of observation. Annapolis, Jan. 9, 1775. 
To the Baltimore committee. Their countxy needs 
gunpowder; they are concerned to learn from S. 
Purveyance [Samuel Purviance] that some mer- 
chants of Baltimore can furnish it, but at £\^ per c, 
which is contrary to the resolve of the Provincial 
Convention; they do not doubt that Baltimore will 
strictly observe the resolve, and they hope to be 
supplied, on payment of 130 per cent advance in 
cash, with as much gunpowder as can be spared. In 
the handwriting of Samuel Chase. L. S. , J. Hall, 
Chas Carroll, Ch: Carroll of Carrollton, Jno Brice, 
Cha: Wallace, Math* Hammond, John Davidson, 
Samuel Chase, Wm. Paca. Endorsed, ** Letter 
From The Commee. of Annap«, Jan: i8th. 1775." 
I page. F°. em. 3526 

Letter : Dulany (Daniel). Baltimore, Mar. 6, 
1782. To Nathaniel Ramsay, Clement Holliday, 
and Gabriel Duvall, commissioners for the sale of 
confiscated property. Having seen a notice in the 
newspapers that the property of his brother Lloyd 
Dulany is to be sold, he informs them that the land 
held by his brother in Kent county was given by 
his father in tail, and that as heir at law he claims 
the reversion ; also, his brother borrowed of him the 
sum of ;£'390 2J. bd,, for which debt he claims satis- 
faction. A. L. S. I page. F*. em. 3527 

The address has been mounted upon the back of the letter. 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Half length; 
directed to the right, facing slightly to the right, 
looking to the front; fur-lined coa t. Inscription: 



Charles Carroll, of Carrollton Drawn b* Engraved 

by y. B, Longacre from a Painting by Field, 

Stipple. 4°. EM. 3528 

Also io Sanderaon's Biography o/tht Signers^ vol. 7 (Phila., 
1827) p. 239. 

Letter : Carroll (John). [Baltimore, July, 
1812.] To John Vaughan [Philadelphia?]. In 
paying the money due to Tunstall, he has thought 
best to send a bill in his favor on Thomas Wright 
& Co. , London ; asks Vaughan to take Tunstall's 
receipt. A. L. S., -h J. ABp of B^e. Endorsed, 
**Rec'd i6th July 1812." i page. 4**. EM. 3529 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Half length; 
directed slightly to the right, facing and looking to 
* the front. Inscription: Ch, Carroll of Carrollton 
(fac-simile signature). [Painted by T, Sully in 
1826 — Newsam Del: Childs &* Inman Lith^', 
Published by T. Sully, &* Childs &* Inman, 1832. 
Philadelphia, Entered according to act of Con- 
gress in the year 1832 by Childs &* Inman in the 
Clerks office of the District Court of the Eastern 
District of Pennsylvania J\ Lithograph. F'. 

KM. 3530 

Letter: United States. — State, Department 
of. Washington, June 30, 1824. To [John Andrew 
Schulze,] Governor of Pennsylvania. In pursuance 
of the resolutions of Congress printed herewith, six 
fac-simile copies of the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, engraved by William J. Stone, are trans- 
mitted; three of them being for the colleges and the 
Philosophical Society of the state. L. S., John 
Quincy Adams. Printed form filled in. Endorsed. 
I page. F. EM. 3531 

For the resolutiona, see A nnals of Congress, 18th Congren, 
ist session, Senate proceedings, Mar. ag. 

Portrait : Adams (John Quincy). Three-quar- 
ters length; seated in armchair; directed, facing 
and looking to the right; ornamental frame. In- 
scription: (on the frame) John Quincy Adams, 
(below) Engraved, by F. Kearny, from a portrait 
by King ; from Delaplaine^s, National Gallery, 
Stipple. [Philadelphia? 1830?] 4°. em. 3532 

View: New York» City, Inscription: (left) 
From the original drawing by George Holland 
(right) Lith, b* printed in colors by G. Currier, jj 
spruce St, N, Y, \ A view of the Federal Hall of 
the City of New York, as appeared in the year 
Jjcyj; with the Adjacent buildings thereto. Litho- 
graph, colored. [1850?] 20 x 13^^ in. km. 3533 

For a wood engraving after the same original, see Valen- 
tine's New York Manual, 1866, p. 553. 

Portrait: Osbome (Louisa Catherine), Duchess 
of Leeds, Half length; seated; directed, facing and 
looking to the front; low-neck gown with short 
sleeves; earrings and pearl necklace; flowers in left 
hand. Inscription: (left) Painted by Mrs, Mee 
(right) Engraved by Illman 6* Pilbrow \ Mar- 
chioness of Carmathen, Grand Daughter of Charles 
Carroll, Stipple. [Philadelphia? 1830?] 8°. 

EM. 3534 

Portrait: Wellesley (Richard Colley), Mar- 
quis Wellesley, Half length; directed, facing and 
looking to the front. Inscription: (left) Sir Tho*, 
Lawrence P,R,A, Pinxt. (centre) London, Jany, 
I't, 1842; Published by Welch 6* Gwynne, 24, St, 
James's Street, (right) Samuel Cousins, A,R,A, 
Sculpt, Mezzotint. F°. em. 3535 

Document : Philadelphlav Penn, — Select and 
Common Councils. Nov. 16, 1832. Resolutions 
on the death of Charles Carroll, testifying to their 
gratitude for the Declaration of Independence; ex- 
pressing grief for his death, and respect for his 
memory ; and directing that the hall in which the 
Declaration was proclaimed, as well as the council 
chambers, be hung with black for six months. 
2 pp. and I leaf with endorsement. 4**. With an 
accompanying letter to Richard Caton from Joseph 
Reed Ingersoll, President of the Select Council, 
and Henry Troth, President of the Common Coun- 
cil, dated Nov. 16, 1833. 2 pp. and i leaf with 
endorsement. em. 3536 

Document: Maryland* — General Assembly. 
[Annapolis,] Jan. 11, 1833. Joint resolutions of 
the Senate and House of Delegates, expressing re- 
gret for the death of Charles Carroll, and their 
high sense of his character and public services; 
requesting the Governor to cause a full-length por- 
trait to be painted for the Senate Chamber; direct- 
ing that members of the Assembly wear badges of 
mourning for the remainder of the session, and 
that the Council and Senate Chambers and the hall 
of the House of Delegates be hung with mourning. 
A true copy, certified, by George G. Brewer Clk 
House Dels. Md., Jos: H. Nicholson clk. Senate 
Md. 4 pp. 4°. With accompanying letter to 
Mrs. Richard Caton from James Thomas, Gover- 
nor, dated Feb. 12, 1833. i page. 3537 

For the letter in reply, from Richard Caton, see bm. 3593. 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Bust; directed, 
facing and looking to the front; inserted in an oval 
frame of earlier date. Line. [Philadelphia ? 
1840 ?] 4^ EM. 3538 

View: Baltimoret Md, Inscription: (left) G, 
Perkins (centre) Entered according to Act of Con- 
gress, A. D. 187s, h ^- Appleton 6* Co, in the 
Office of the Librarian of Congress, fVashington. 
(right) R, Hinshelwood, \ City of Baltimore, (From 
Druid Hill Park,) [New York, D. Appleton 6* 
Co,] Line. F^ em. 3539 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque A merica, vol. a (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 97. 

Portrait: Franklin (Benjamin). Small oval 

medallion, after the painting by Martin. Line. 

[1850 ?] KM. 3540 

yiew : YonkerBf N, Y. Inscnption: Drawn 
6r* Engraved by fames Smillie, Phillipse Manor 
House, Yonkers, N. Y, (Present residence of 
fudge Woodworth,) Line. [New York? 1870?] 
8°. EM. 3541 

View: Hudson River. Inscription: Thi 
Palisades of the Hudson, Wood engraving by 
Paul Dixon. 8^ em. 3542 

From Appleton' s Journal, vol. 5 (N. Y., X87X) p. 665. 

View : Constitution Island. Hudson River, 

Inscription: View from Constitution Island, Small 

wood engraving. EM. 3543 

Also in Lossinjf's Field Book of the Revolution, vol. a 

(N. Y., 185a) p. 140. 

View : Buttermilk Falls, N, Y, Inscrip- 
tion : Buttermilk Fall, Small wood engraving. 
[New York ? 1870 ?] em. 3544 

View : Anthony's Nose* Hudson River, In- 
scription: Anthony's Nose, Wood engraving by 
Anderson. 8°. 3545 

From Library 0/ American history, OmasaMi, [1850?] 
p. 593. 



Portrait: Heath (William). Half length ; 
directed and facing slightly to the left, looking to 
the front; oval. Inscription: (left) H, Williams 
Pinx (right) /. R, Smith Sculp \ Hon. William 
Heath. Lithograph. [Boston? 1850?] 8*". em. 3546 

View : Rensselaerrilley JV. V. Inscrip- 
tion: (left) In possession of Gavit 6r» Co^ Albany^ 
N. Y. (right) Tiebout Sculp. iyg2 \ A Vie^v of 
Rensselaerville Manufactory. The property of 
M^. James Caldwell of the City of Albany^ Mer- 
chanty with a distant prospect of Hudsons River 
and the Seat of Stephen Van Rensselaer Esquire. 
Line. F**. em. 3547 

Portrait: Livin^^ton (Robert R.). Full 
length; standing; directed, facing, and looking to 
the right. [Inscription: Rob R Litfin^ston (fac- 
simile signature). (left) Painted by Chappel. (right) 
Engraved by Phillibrown. \ From the original 
Picture in the possession of the Publishers. John- 
son^ Fry &* C*. Publishers, Hew York. Entered 
according to act of Congress^ A) 1862 by Johnson, 
Fry 6* Co in the clerk* s office of the district court 
of the southern district of H. K] Line. 4**. 

EM. 3548 

The inscription has been trimmed away. Also in Duyc- 
kinck's National Portrait Gallery, voL x (N. Y., 1861) 
p. 37a. 

View: Albany* H. Y. Inscription: (left) 
Will H. Low. (right) W. H. Morse, Sc. \ The Old 
Schuyler Mansion, Albany, H. Y. Wood engrav- 
ing. 4°. EM. 3549 
Also in Apfleton's Journal, vol. 8 (N. Y., 1872) p. 506. 

Portrait : Hamilton (Alexander). Full length ; 
seated; directed to the front, facing and looking to 
the right. [Inscription : A. Hamilton (fac-simile 
signature). From the original painting by Chap- 
pel, in the possession of the publishers. Johnson, 
Fry 6* Co. Publishers, Hew York. Entered 
according to act of Congress A. D. j86i, by John- 
son, Fry 6* Co. in the clerks office of the district 
court, for the southern district of Hew York.] 

Line. 4°. EM. 3550 

The inscription has been trimmed away. Also in Duyc- 

kinck*s National Portrait Gallery, vol. i (N. Y., x86x> 

View : Cohoes Falls* H. Y. Inscription: 
(right) C. 4. (left) A View of the Great Cohoes 
Falls, on the Mohawk River; The Fall about Sev- 
enty feet ; the River near a Quarter of a Mile 
broad, (right) Vue de la Grande Cataracte de 
Cohoes, sur la Riviere des Mohawks; Sa Hateur 
est r environ fo pieds; sa Riviere a pres Vun quart 
de Mille de large. \ Sketched on the Spot by his Ex- 
cellency Governor Pownal. Painted by Paul 
Sandby, &* Engraved by W^^. Elliot. London, 
Printed for John Bowles at H**. ij. in Cornhill, 
Robert Sayer at H<». jj. in Fleet Street, Tho*. Jef- 
fcrys the Corner of St. Martins Lane in the 
Strand, Carington Bowles at H^. 6g. in St. Pauls 
Church Yard, and Henry Parker at Ho. 82 in 
Cornhill. Line. [1760?] ig|J x i2^J in. EM. 3551 

Portrait: SuUiTan Qohn). Half length; 
directed and facing slightly to the left, looking to 
the front; oval frame. Inscription: [(above) En- 
graved for Murray* s History of the American 
War.] (below) General Sullivan. {^Printed for 
T. Robson, Hewcastle upon Tyne.] Line. 8**. 

EM. 3552 
Also m MaxTay*s Impartial history 0/ the present war, 
VN. a (Loodoo, X760) p. 341. 

View : Scliasrlerville* H. Y. Inscription : 
The Schuyler Mansion. Small wood engraving. 
[New York, 1880 ?]. em. 3553 

Portrait: Franklin (Benjamin). Full length; 
seated; directed and looking to the front, facing 
slightly to the right. [Inscription: Benj^, Frank- 
lin (fac-simile signature). From the original paint- 
ing by Chappell in the possession of the publishers. 
Entered according to act of Congress AO i86j by 
Johnson, Fry 6r* C^. in the clerk's office of the dis- 
trict court of the southern district o/H, Y.] Line. 

4^ EM. 3554 

The inscription has been trimmed away. Also in Duyc- 
kinck's National Portrait Gallery, vol. i (N. Y., x86i) 

Portrait : St. Clair (Arthur). Bust; directed, 
facing and looking slightly to the left; uniform and 
cocked hat. Inscription: (left) /. B. Longacre 
(right) H. B. Hall \ Fac Simile of a pencil draw- 
ing from life by Col. J. Trumbull. Maj. Gen, 
Arthur St. Clair, (right) Printed by W. Pate \ 
A"^. St. Clair (fac-simile signature). Hew York 

G. P. Putnam 6* Co. Stipple. 4". em. 3555 
Also in Irvinj^'s Washington, 40 ed., vol. 3 (N. Y., 1859) 
p. xoo. 

View : Lake Oeorg^* Inscription : Lake 
George, from Glen*s Falls Road. Wood engrav- 
ing, from a drawing by Harry Fenn. 4°. em. 3556 
Also in Bryant's Picturesque A merica, vol. a (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 254. 

Portrait: Johnson (Sir William), Bart. Half 

length; directed to the right, facing slightly to the 

right, looking to the front Inscription: (right) 

Engd, by J. G. Buttre H. Y. \ Wm. Johnson. 

(fac-simile signature). Line and mezzotint. 8^. 

KM. 3557 
AUo in W. L. Stone's Li/e and times 0/ Johnson, vol. z 
(Albany, 1865) frontispiece. 

View : Lake George* Inscription : Lake 
George from Prospect Mt. (left) Bolton Horth Bay 
(right) Black Mt, Caldwell. Wood engraving, 
from a drawing by Harry Fenn. 4°. em. 3558 

Also in Bryant^s Picturesque A merica, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 253. 

View : Fort Georg^. Lake George. Inscrip- 
tion: (left) W J Palmer sc. (right) H F\ Fort 
George. Wood engraving, from a drawing by 
Harry Fenn. 4". EM. 3559 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque America, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1874) 
p. as3- 

View : Lake Geor|^. Inscription: Davis's 
Hollow, Sabbath-Day Point ; also. Black Moun- 
tain, from Sabbath-Day Point. Two wood en- 
gravings, from drawings by Harry Fenn. 4**. 

EM. 3560-61 
Also in Bryant's Picturesque America, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 263. 

View : Ticonderoera» H. Y. Inscription : 

Fort Ticonderoga, from Eastern Shore. Wood 

engpraving, from a drawing by Harry Fenn. 4°. 

EM. 3562 
Also in Bryant's Picturesque America, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 267. 

View: Lake Geor§^e* Inscription: (left) 

J. W. Casilear, H.A. (centre) Entered according 

to Act of Congress A D. 187J, by D, Appleton S' 

Co. in the office of the Librarian of Congress, 

Washington, (right) R. Hinshelwood. \ Lake 

George. [Hew York, D. Appleton 6* O?.] Line. 

4*. KM. 3563 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque A merica, vol. 2 (N. Y., 2874) 
p. 256. 



yiew : Shel^incr-Roek Falls, N, Y. In- 
scription : Shelving-Rock Falls, Wood engraving, 
from a drawing by Harry Fenn. 4". em. 3564 

Also in Bryant's Picturesqut Amtrtca^vol. a (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 26a. 

View: Lake Champlaln. Inscription: (right) 
Hewitt Sculpt, I l^gar Skeenshorough on Lake 
Champlain, Line. 8°. em. 3565 

Also in the Port/olio^ vol. 9 (Phila., 18x3) p. 533. 

View : Ticonderog^ N, Y, Inscription : 

FallSf Ticonderoga Village, Wood engraving, from 

a drawing by Harry Fenn. 4°. em. 3566 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque A merica^ vol. a (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 365. 

View: Lake Ckamplaln. Inscription : Look- 
ing south from Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Champlain, 
Wood engraving, from a drawing by Harry Fenn. 
4^ KM. 3567 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque America^ vol, 2 (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 368. 

View : Crown Point* AT. Y, Inscription : 
(left) Disachs : sc, \ Crown Point and Port Henry, 
Lake Champlain, Wood engraving, from a draw- 
ing by Harry Fenn. 4°. em. 3568 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque America, vol. 3 (N. Y., 2874) 
p. 371. 

View: Sabbath Day Point, N, Y. In- 

scription : Engd, by W. Woodruff Cin', for the 
Ladies* Repository, Sabbath Day Point, Line. 
[Cincinnati, 1842?] 8^ em. 3569 

View : Tieoiideroifa» N. Y, Inscription : 
Fort Ticonderoga, Wood engraving, from a draw- 
ing by Harry Fenn. 4*. em. 3570 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque America, vol. s (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 366. 

View : Lake Champlain, Inscription : Split 

Pock, Lake Champlain, Wood engraving, from a 

drawing by Harry Fenn. 4**. em. 3571 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque America, vol. 3 (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 373. 

View : Lake Oeori^. Inscription : Black 

Mountain, from the Narrows, Wood engraving, 

from a drawing by Harry Fenn. 4". em. 3572 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque America, vol. 3 (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 36z. 

View : Lake Oeorg^. Inscription : (right) 
J, Sachs, Sc, I Lake George, North from Tea 
Island, Wood engraving, from a drawing by Harry 
Fenn. 4'. em. 3573 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque A merica, vol. a (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 359. 

View : Quebec, Inscription : Engraved by 
George Cooke, General View of Quebec, Line. 
[London? i8io?] 4*. em. 3574 

View : Saint Joluuiy Quebec, Inscription : 

(left) PV,H, Bar tlett {right)/. Carter, \ St, John's,- 

Richlieu River, [(left) St, Jean, Rivihre de Richlieu, 

(right) St, Johns, am Fluss Richelieu, \ London; 

Published for the Proprietors, by Geo: Virtue, 26, 

Ivy Lane, 1S40,] Line. 8". EM. 3575 

Also in N. P. Willis's Canadian scenery, vol. x (London, 
1840) p. 83. 

Engraving : Calash. Inscription : (left) /. 

Welddelt, (right)/. B, Drayton, sculp, \ Canadian 

Calash or Marc he-done, [Published Dec, 22 ijgS, 

by I, Stockdale, Piccadilly!] Line. 4°. EM. 3576 

Also in I. Weld's Travels in America, London, 2799, 
p. 348. 

View : Montreal. Inscription : (left) W, H, 

Bartlett, (right) C, Cousen, \ Montreal, (from the 

St. Lawrence.) [(left) Montr M, vu du St Laurent. 

(right) Montreal vom Lorenz Fluss dargestellt. \ 

London; Published for the Proprietors, by Geo: 

Virtue, 26, Ivy Lane, 1841,] Line. 8°. EM. 3577 

Also in N. P. Willis's Canadian scenery, vol. x (London, 
X840) p. XX4. 

View : Baltimore, Md, — Cathedral. Inscrip- 
tion : (left) Drawn by W, Goodacre Junr, N, Y, 
(right) Engraved 6* Printed by Fenner Sears 6* 
Co, I Interior of the Catholic Cathedral, Baltimore, 
London Published Dec, is iSji by I, T, Hinton 6* 
Simpkin 6* Marshall, Line. 4°. EM. 3578 

Also in J. H. Hinton^s History and topography of the 
United States, vol. 3 (London, X833) p. 536. 

Portrait : Carroll (John). Half length ; di- 
rected and facing to the right, looking to the front; 
pontificals ; oval. Inscription : (left) Peat pinxt, 
(right) Lovelace Sculpt, \ The Right Revd. John 
Bishop of Baltimore, Publish *d as the Act directs, 
Nov^, 6th, 17QO, by I. P. Coghlan, Duke Street, 
Grosvenor Square, London, Stipple. 8°. EM. 3579 

Portrait: Thomas 0<>lJ°)- B<*st; directed and 
facing slightly to the right, looking to the front; 
plain clothes. Inscription : Forest, Gen, Thomas, 
From the original portrait in possession of the 
family, Jn9, Thomas (fac-simile signature.) New 
York, G. P, Putnam, Stipple. 4*. »«• 358o 

Also in Irving's iVaskington, ^^ tA., vo\. s (N. Y., x857> 

p. 303. 

Portrait : Wooster (David). Three-quarters 
length ; directed to the front, facing and looking 
to the left ; spontoon in right hand, left hand on 
the breech of a cannon; uniform and cocked hat ; 
battery in right background. Inscription : David 
Wooster, Esqr, Commander in Chief of the Pro- 
vincial Army against Quebec, Publishd as the Act 
directs 26, March 1776, by Tho*. Hart London, 
Mezzotint. F'. em. 3581 

See J. C. Smith's British MoMMotinio Portraits, part 4, 
p. 17x7, no. x5. 

View : liake Champlain. Inscription: Lake 
Champlain, near Whitehall. Small wood engrav- 
ing, from a drawing by Harry Fenn. em. 3582 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque America, vol. 3 (N. Y., X874) 
p. 370. 

View : Lake Champlain. Inscription : Lake 
Champlain near Ticonderoga, Small wood engrav- 
ing from a drawing by Harry Fenn. em. 3583 

Also in Bryant's Picturesque A merica, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1874) 
p. 370. 

View : Port Anne, N, Y, Inscription: (above) 
A View of a Saw Mill dr* Block House upon Fort 
Anne Creek the property of Genl Skeene, (below) 
Which on Geni Burgoynes Army advancing, was 
set Fire to, by the Americans, Published as the Act 
directs, i Jany, 1780 by W, Lane LeadenhaU Street 
London, Line. 8*\ km. 3584 

Also in Thomas Anburcy's Travels in America, vol. x 
(London, 1789) p. 350. 

Portrait : Washin^^on (George). Bust ; pro- 
file to the left ; small oval medallion. Line. [New 
York? 1850?] KM. 358s 

Portrait: Gate* (Horatio). Profile to the right ; 
plain clothes ; circular. Small mezzotint by St. 
Memin. [Washington ? 1805.] ^. 3586 



View : Doug^hore^^n Manor, Md. In- 
tKription : The Carroll Mansion at Doughoregan 
Manor, Wood engraving. 4**. With the accom- 
panying four pages of text by J. C. Carpenter on 
Doughoregan Manor ^ and Charles Carroll of Car- 
rollton. First paper. EM. 3587 

Also in Appieton^s Journal^ vol. xa (N. Y., X874) p. sax. 

Document: Carroll (Charles). Maryland, 
Feb. 17. 1821. Third codicil to his will of Feb. 15, 
1813. D. S. Witnessed, Ton« Pinkney, SAm May. 
nard, Th: Franklin. With seal affixed. 1-14, 
21-23 PP'i aQ<i I leaf with endorsement. 4°. 

EM. 3588 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Half length; 
directed, facing and looking to the front ; book in 
right hand. Inscription : Charles Carroll of Car^ 
rollton. \Engraved ^ James B, Longacre from a 
Painting by Chester Harding.^ Line. [Philadel- 
phia, 1830?] F'. EM. 3589 

Portrait: CatOB {Mrs. Richard). Three- 
quarters length ; leaning with right arm on a ped- 
estal. Inscription : Mrs. Richard Caton, (Polly 
Carroll.) From an original picture by P. E. Pine^ 
in possession of Mrs. MacTavish^ Baltimore. 
[New York, D. Appleton &* 0». 34b &* 348 Broad- 
way. '\ Line. 4°. ^em. 3590 

Also in R. W. Griswold*t Republican Courts N. Y., 1855, 
p. ao9. 

Letter: Caion (Richard). Baltimore, Sept. 28, 
1 81 7. [To Charles Carroll, Doughoregan Manor, 
Md.] Concerning various notes, payments on 
shares of United States Bank stock, and other 
business matters, with a statement of accounts 
subjoined; he thinks it would be better to omit 
mention of the $10,000 and the ;£'200 in the letter 
to Louisa [Lady Hervey-Bathurst], because the 
latter will take pleasure in showing Carroll's letter 
to the Duke [of Wellington]. A. L. S. Endorsed 
by Charles Carroll. 3 pp. 4°. em. 3591 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Profile to the 
right; circular. Small mezzotint (colored) by St. 
Memin. [Baltimore, 1804.] EM. 3592 

Unlettered. No. 33a in Elias Dezter's St. Memin ColUc- 
H^, M. Y., 1863. 

Letter: Caton (Richard). Baltimore, Feb. 19, 

1833. To Gov. James Thomas [Annapolis]. 

Acknowledges his letter of the 12th inst. inclosing 

one for Mrs. Caton together with resolutions of the 

General Assembly of Maryland on the death of 

Charles Carroll; Mrs. Caton desires him to express 

her gratitude for the tribute to the memory of her 

, father. A. L. S. Endorsed, i page. F*'. em. 3593 

For Governor Thomas's letter and the resolutions of the 
AsMmbty, sec em. 3537. 

Portrait: CanroU (John). Inscription: (left) 
PainUd byj. Paul, (right) Engraved by W. S. 
Leney, F. S. A. &* B. Tanner, F. S. A. (left) 
Pevertndissimus Joannes Carroll, S. T. D. Arch- 
i^seopus Baliimoriensis Primus, (right) The 
Most Reverend John Carroll, D.D. First Arch- 
bishop of Baltimore, (left) Entered according to 
Act 0f Congress the </h day of April, 181 2, by 
Benjn, Tanner, of the State of Pennsylvania. 
<right) Published i*t June, 1812, by Benjamin 
Tanner Engraver, No. 74 South Eighth Street, 
Phiiadelphia. Stipple. 12^ x I5|f in. EM. 3594 

Tim engraTing is the same plate as bm. 147s, trimmed 
"what at the edges. The lettered part has been corre- 

Portrait: Marshal (Ambrose). Half length; 

directed and facing slightly to the left, looking to 

the front; gown, stole, and spectacles. Stipple. 

[Philadelphia. 1830?] F". EM. 3595 

Unlettered. The name has been added by Dr. Emmet. A 
pencil note reads, *^ From Longacre*s Private Collection." 

Portrait : Carroll {Mrs. Charles). Three- 
quarters length ; directed to the left, facing and 
looking slightly to the left. Inscription : Mrs, 
Charles Carroll, Tun. (Harriet Chew}) From an 
original picture by John Trumbull, in the Trum» 
bull Gallery, Yale College, New Haven. [New 
York, D. Appleton <Sr» Co. 346 <Sr» 348 Broadway.'\ 
Line. 4°. em. 3596 

Also in R. W. Griswold*s Republican Court, N. Y., 1855, 
p. 355- 

■S^iogly reduced by cuttinf out the coat of arms in the 

Portrait: Howard (John Eager). Half length; 
directed to the front, facing and looking slightly to 
the right. Inscription: John Eager Hovtard. John 
E. Howard (fac-simile signature). Line. [Phila- 
delphia? 1850?] 8'*. EM. 3597 

Portrait : Carroll (Charles). Half length ; 
directed, facing and looking to the front ; book in 
right hand. Inscription: Engraved by W. H, 
Mote. Charles Carroll. From a Print by Long- 
acre after a Painting by C. Harding. Line. [Lon- 
don ? 1840 ?] 8'*. EM. 3598 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Profile to the 
right ; circular. Inscription: Ch*. Caroll, Jun^. 
1800. Photograph of a small mezzotint by St. 
Memin. [Philadelphia ?] em. 3599 

Also in Elias Dexter's St. Memin Collection, N. Y., 1863, 
no* 333* 

Letter: Mo^aTish (John). British ConsuUte, 
Baltimore, May 17, 1847. To Capt. Andrew K. 
Long, U. S. N. An apprentice named William 
Hough has deserted from the British snow Mary 
Henney; there are reasons for believing that he has 
entered on board the U. S. receiving ship; asks for 
his return should he be found on the Ontario. 
A. L. S. 2 pp. 12°. EM. 3600 

Letter: McTaTish (Mrs. John). [Doughore- 
gan] Manor, [Md..] Sept. 3 [about 1830?]. To 

Julius . Her nurse leaves on the 15th, and 

she is in great difficulty to procure another; she has 
heard lately from her sisters Louisa and Mary; Mr. 
Chanche is at Emmettsburg. A. L. S. 2 pp. 8°' 

EM. 3601 

View : Baltimoret Md. Inscription : • The 
Caton Mansion. Wood engraving. [New York, 
1870?] 8^ EM. 3602 

Portrait : Blarper (Robert Goodloe). Profile 

to the right ; circular. Small mezzotint (colored) 

by St. Memin. [Philadelphia, 1799.] ^^* 3^3 

Unlettered. No. 453 in Elias Dexter^s St. Memin Collec* 
Hon, N. Y., Z862. 

Letter: Caton (Mrs. Richard). [Doughoregan] 
Manor, Oct. 14-22, 1830. To Mrs. R[obertJ 
G[oodloe] Harper [Rome]. Concerning their chil- 
dren, the health of their father [Charles Carroll of 
Carrollton] and others of the family ; their father 
takes pride in Charles [his grandson] and they wish 
to get him a diplomatic appointment; she fears the 
exposure at court will be bad for the health of 
Mary [Marchioness Wellesley]; other private mat- 
ters connected with their relatives and friends. 
A. L. S. Endorsed. 5 pp. 4°. em. 3604 



Letter : McTavish (Mrs, John). Baltimore, 

Apr. 10, 1830. To Count . Incloses a note 

from the Rev. Mr. Cbanche; not being acquainted 
with Mr. Ingham, Secretary of the Treasury, she 
cannot ask him a favor, but urges the Count to 
inform him that the sisters of charity are too poor 
to pay duty on the vestments they have imported 
for their chapel; they are a public benefit, nursing 
the sick and poor; Miss Seton, whom Ingham knew 

Personally, was educated by them, and her mother 
Elizabeth Ann Seton] was their superior. A. L. S. 
2 pp. 4**. KM. 3605 

Document: Carroll (Charles). [Baltimore?] 
June 8, 1 813. Agreement giving Richard Caton 
permission to search for minerals, fossils, etc., and 
to work mines on the land of Charles Carroll; the 
latter to receive five per cent, of the annual profits. 
A. D. S., Rd Caton. Signed also, Ch. Carroll of 
Carrollton. Witnessed, Willn». Woodville. 2 pp. 
F°* EM. 3606 

Portrait : Taney (Roger Brooke). Full length ; 
seated; directed, facing and looking to the front. 
Inscription : R, B, Taney (fac-simile signature). 
From the original Painting by Chappel^ in the pos- 
session of the publishers, Johnson Fry 6* Co, Pub- 
Ushers New York, Line. [New York, 1 860 ?J 4°. 

EM. 3607 

Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Half length ; di- 
rected, facing and looking to the front ; white waist- 
coat. Inscription: Lith: of Endicott 6r» SwettN, Y, 
Charles Carroll, Of Carrolton^ Lithograph. [1850?] 

8". EM. 3608 

View : Baltimore* Md, Lithograph. [Phila- 
delphia? 1830?] 20x12^ in. EM. 3609 
The margins and lettering have been trimmed away. 

Letter : Mar^chal (Ambrose). Baltimore, Jan. 
30, 181 7. To Charles Carroll of Carrollton, An- 
napolis. Last Christmas he performed religious 

services at the Manor for Carroll's servants and the 
poor catholics of the neighborhood ; his services 
there next March will prol^bly be the last that he 
can render, as the Archbishop [Leonard Neale] has 
received letters from Rome nominating Marechal 
Archbishop in partibus and coadjutor of Baltimore; 
advises Carroll to engage the Rev. Mr. Smith to 
officiate; he wishes that Carroll, out of his large 
means, would fix a clergyman at Annapolis, who 
could go every month to the Manor. A. L. S. At 
the bottom Charles Carroll has written a synopsis 
of his answer, asking Marechal to engage Smith to 
officiate once a month, at an annual salary of $180. 
Endorsed. 3 pp. 4**. em. 3610 

Document : Caton (Mrs, Richard). Baltimore, 
July 14, 1848. Division among the four daughters 
of Mary Caton, deceased, of that portion of her 
estate consisting of all the ground rents on lots of 
land in Baltimore. D. S., Charles F. Mayer, James 
H. Stimpson. Ratified at Hornby Castle and at 
Cossey Hall, England, Jan. 10, 1850: L C Leeds, 
witnessed by Robert James Wiley and William 
Stone ; M A Wellesley, Elizabeth Stafford, Emily 
Mactavish, witnessed by Henry Elwes and one 
other. 2 pp. F". em. 361 i 

Portrait : Colt (Roswell L.). Half length; di- 
rected, facing and looking to the front; high white 
stock. Inscription: (left) PainUd by T. Sully P,A. 
{right) Childs &» Inman Lithrs. Lithograph. [Phila- 
delphia, 1830?] F^ EM. 3612 

The name has been added by Dr. Emmet. 

Ki/w .* Baltimore* ^^. Inscription: Ci^r/fx 
Carrolfs city-house, the place of his death. Wood 
engraving. 4*. With the accompanying two pages 
of text by J. C. Carpenter on Doughoregan Manor, 
and Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Second paper. 

EM. 3613 

Also in AppUtotCt Journal^ vol. zj (N. Y., 1874) p. 354- 

ViRGiNiA. In two parts— Part I. 

Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers 
to the Declaration of Independence. Volume XV., 
Virginia* Illustrated by Thomas Addis Emmet, 

M.D. New York [1870?]. F^ 

The text of the volume consists of the life of Thomas Jeffer- 
son, by H. D. Gilpin, from volume 7, pa^es 7 to 148 of the 
original edition of SanderK>n ; of an artide, Mr. JeffersoiCs 
Ptt, by Scheie de Vcre. from Harper^* Monthly^ vol. 44, 
paffes 615 to 836; and of the life of George Wythe, by Thomas 
Jefferson, from volume 3, pages X55 to 180 of the original edi- 
tion of Sanderson. 

The material indexed consists of: broadside x, caricature x, 
clipping X, documents xa, engraving x, letters 33, portraits 83, 
views x6. 

View: Westmoreland Connty» Va. In- 
scription: Engraved by J, Duthie after Chapman, 
Site of Washington's Btrth Place, [(right) PHnted 
by W, Pate, \ New York, G, P, Putnam fsf p.] 
Inserted in a decorative frame, above which is a 
figure of Fame kneeling beneath a palm tree, en- 
graved by J. Neagle in 1794. Line. F*. 

EM. 3614 

Also in Irving*s IVashington, 4* ed., vol. 4 (N. Y., 1857) 
p. x8. 


Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Half length; 
directed, facing and looking to the left. Inscrip- 
tion: (left) Dessin/ par le baron Desnoyers. (right) 
GravS par Dequevauvillier, \ Jefferson, D^di^ au 
G/n&al Lafayette, (right) Par son trh respectueux 
et reconnaissant admirateur le Typographe N, Bet- 
toni. Line. [Paris, 1801.] F*. em. 3615 

Letter : Jefferson (Thomas). Albemarle 
[County], Va., Oct. 19, 1778. To John Hancock, 

Boston. He hears from T[homas] Adams that the 
continental finances are not flourishing; from an 
Italian acquaintance, [Philip] Mazzei, he has learned 
that the Grand Duke of Tuscany has a large sum of 
ready money which he might be willing to put out 
at interest, also immense magazines; the Genoese 
have heavy deposits in the London bank which they 
might be induced to withdraw; Mazzei, who is a 
zealous whig, offers to undertake a mission from 



Congress to negotiate the matter; he thinks £(xx> 
would enable him to continue a year in Tuscany, in 
which time the purpose could be effected. Litho- 
graph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of 
M. Polock Esq. Phila. 2 pp. F^ With two wood 
engravings, on India paper, of the Res. of Thomas 
Jtfferson^ Monticello K«., and The House in which 
Thos, Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Indepen- 
dence 5. W, Cor. yth, ^ Market St. Philada. 

EM. 3616 

Also in Brotherhead*s B^k 0/ the Signers^ Phila., i86z, 
p. X09. 

Letter : JefTerson (Thomas). Albemarle 
[County, Va.], Aug. 7, 1779. To William Fleming. 
Incloses an order explaining the plan of officering 
and stationing the two western battalions ; hopes 
that Fleming will proceed in concert with the other 
commissioners so that the chain of posts to be rec- 
ommended may form a complete western defence; 
asks him, when he reports the stations proposed, to 
mention what station the men of each county ought 
to occupy, also to prepare a statement of the arms 
in his possession, as the time is near when the men 
must be raised, and the Executive should pay atten- 
tion to the procuring of arms and camp utensils. 
A. L. S. Endorsed by a later hand, i page. 4°. 

EM. 3617 

Printed in Ford's Writing* 0/ Jefferson^ vol. a (N. Y., 1893) 
p. 256. 

Portrait: Jeftermon (Thomas). Bust; after 
Gilbert Stuart; oval. Small line engraving. [New 
York? 1850?] EM. 3618 


Document: St. Anne's Parish, Albemarle 
County, Va. — Church-wardens. Apr. 10, 1755. In- 
denture between Peter Jefferson and Matthew Jor- 
dan, Church-wardens, and William Cabell, binding 
out to the latter party two poor children, Elizabeth 
and Mary Mathews, to learn the occupation of 
spinsters. D. S., Pet Jefferson, Matthew Jordan, 
Wm. Cabell. Endorsed. % page. 4°. em. 3619 

View : Sliadwell» Va. Inscription : (left) 

Lossing Z?^/ (right) tossing — Barritt Sc \ Jefferson* s 

Mill at Shadwell. Wood engraving. 8°. EM. 3620 

Also in Harptr^t Monthly Magazine^ vol. 7 (N. Y., 1853) 

Portrait : JeflTerson (Thomas). Half length; 
directed to the front, facing and looking to the 
right; left arm resting on papers on table ; statuette 
of Liberty behind to the right. Inscription: (left) 
PainUd by M. Brown, (right) Engraved by T. 
Mouse. \ 7'A.-yir^3rrj<>» (fac-simile signature). En- 
graved for Bancrofts History of the United States, 
from the original picture, painted for John Adams, 
in ij86. Line. 8*. em. 3621 

Abo in Bancroft's History 0/ the United States, vol. 8 
(SoitOQ, i860) frontispiece. 

Document : Jefferson (Thomas). Charles City 
County, [Va..] Dec. 23, 1771. Bond in the sum of 
ASO for a marriage license between Thomas Jeffer- 
son and Martha Shelton. Fac-simile of an A. D. S. 
Witnessed by Francis Eppes. % page. 4*. 

em. 3622 

Al» in Hmr^r's Monthly Magazine, vol. 43 (N. Y., 1871) 
P- 369. and (mthout the signatures) in Sarah N. Randolph's 
Domestic Life 0/ Jefferson, N. Y., 2871, p. 42. 

Portrait: Oeorg^ III., King of Great Britain. 
Half length; directed and facing to the right, look- 
ttg to the front ; robes, and collar of St. George; 
oval at the comers. Inscription: (left) Hen. Mor- 

land Pinxt. (right) Rich Houston Fecit. \ George 
Il/d. by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, 
France and Ireland Defender of the Faith Duke of 
Brunswick'Lunenburgh, Elector of Hanover, Arch 
Treasurer, (St* Prince of the Sacred Poman Empire. 
London Printed for John Ryall, at Hogarth* s Head, 
in Fleet Street. Mezzotint. [1760?] F°. EM. 3623 
Compare J. C. Smith's British Mezzotinto Portraits, part 
3« p. 659, 00. 41. 

Portrait: Burke (Edmund). Half length; di- 
rected, facing and looking to the right. Inscrip- 
tion: (left) Sir J. Reynolds Pinxt. (right) /. Hardy 
sculp. I Edmund Burke Esqr, London Published 
Dec^. 18. 1780, by J. Hardy, and to be had off. K. 
Sherwin in St. James's Street. Stipple. F". 

EM. 3624 

Letter : Murray (John), 4th Earl of Dunmore. 
New York, Feb. 26, 1771. To Sir William Johnson. 
He has received a letter from Lord Hillsborough, 
with an extract of a letter of Sir William's dated 
Aug. 14, 1770, directing that the Legislature should 
again be recommended to regulate the frauds in 
trade and the incroachments of which the Indians 
complain; he incloses an address of the General 
Assembly, showing their sentiments on the subject; 
it alludes to certain regulations heretofore practised 
in the Indian country, of which the Assembly de- 
clare themselves uninformed, and as to which they 
require knowledge before a sufficient law can be 
passed; he desires Sir William to transmit all such 
regulations as have been observed successfully with 
the Indians, and any other intelligence proper to 
the subject. L. S., Dunmore. 2 pp. F°. em. 3625 

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Bust; directed 
to the front, facing and looking to the right. In- 
scription: (left)/. B. Longacre (right) H. Meyer \ 
Th Jefferson (fac -simile signature). From a Bust 
in Possession of the American Philosophical Society. 
Stipple. 8'. em. 3626 

A pencil note reads, '* From Lonsacre's Private Collection." 
It is to be found also in Gtoc^<tT\xc)Ltx^% Jefferson, voL x 
(Phila., 1837) frontispiece.. 

Portraits : United States. — Statesmen. Ben- 
jamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, 
Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston; busts, 
in separate frames, with a view of Independence 
Hall below. Inscription : (centre of the picture) 
When in the course of human events it becomes 
necessary for (script). | (below) [Portraits of the 
"] Independence Committee;" from Trumbull* s Pic- 
ture of the Signers. Wood engraving by B. J. 
Lossingr. [New York? 1840?] 8*. em. 3627 

A similar cut, slifhtly larger, is to be found in Lossing's 
Seventeen hundred ana seventy-six, N. Y., 2847, p. 296. 

View: Philadelphiaf Penn, Inscription : 
Graff* s house, where Jefferson wrote the Declaration 
of Independence. Wood engraving. [New York, 
1875?] 12". • em. 3628 

Document : United States. — Congress, Con- 
tinental, 1775-1789. [Philadelphia, July 4, 1776.] 
Declaration .of Independence. Fac-simile of the 
first draft, in Jefferson's handwriting, with inter- 
lineations in the handwriting of Franklin and of 
John Adams. Engraved on steel by Charles Toppan. 
Philadelphia, 1829. 6 11. 4"*. em. 3629 

The same engraving is to be found in Jefferson's Writings 
(Washington) vol. x, p. a6; ^MaAoXpWz Alemoirs 0/ Jefferson, 
vol. X, p. 146; "RaoidaXV^ Jefferson, vol. x, p. 173; and a similar 
fac-simile is in Jefferson^} IVriiin^ (Ford) vol. a, p. 433. The 
best reproduction of the original is an artotype by Bierstadt, 
which is also in the Library. The engraving has been described 
also as EM. 1533. 




Portrait: 6eor|fe HI.* ICing of Great Britain, 
Full length; seated upon a pedestal beneath a dome; 
face in proBle to the left; robes, globe in right hand; 
a female figure, standing behind, crowns him ; Bri- 
tannia reclines below to the left; two children ap- 
proach her with a cornucopia. Inscription : (on the 
pedestal) Redeunt Saturnia Regna, Stipple. [Lon- 
don, 1800?] F". EM. 3630 

The margiiu and lettering have been trimmed away. 

Portraits: United States.— Congress, Con- 
tinental, 1 775-1 789. The signers of the Declaration 
of Independence. Wood engraving by B.J. Lossing. 
F°. KM. 3631 

Also (on smaller paper) in Loaain^'s Field-iook o/tkt R0V0- 
iution^ vol. a (N. Y., 1853) frontispiece. 

Portrait : Franklin (Benjamin). Half length ; 
directed to the right, facing slightly to the right, 
looking to the front; coat with fur collar. Inscrip- 
tion : Engd. by R, IV, Dodson from a Painting by 
J, B, Longacre after an Original Miniature in 
possession of W, J, Duane Esq^t, Benjamin Frank- 
lin, Benj», /raifi(/m (facsimile signature). Entered 
according to the Act of Congress in the year i8jj by 
James B, Longacre in the Clerks Office of the Dis- 
trict Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 
Line. 8"*. em. 3632 

Also in the National Portrait Gallery^ vol. a, Phila., 1835. 

Letter: Deane (Silas). Wethersfield, [Conn.,] 
Oct. 21, 1765. To Thomas Mumford, Groton. 
Requests him to supply the bearer, when at New 
London, with either pork or oats. A. L. S. En- 
dorsed. I page. 4°. EM. 3633 

Portrait: Riedesel (Friedrich Adolph von). 

Baron, Half length; directed, facing and looking 

to the right; uniform. Inscription: (left) Nach d. 

Orig : Gem : v. Bach^ get: v, M, von E, (right) M, 

LdmmeL sc, \ ^iVdSrj^/(fac-simile signature) Herzogl, 

Braunschweigscher General-Lieutenant, Line. 4°. 

EM. 3634 

Also (on smaller paper) in M. von Eelking's Leben und 
IVirktn des Ctnorai'Litutenants Riedtstl^ vol. i (Leipzig, 
1856) frontispiece: And in W. L. Stone's translation, vol. z 
(Albany, x868) frontispiece. 

Portrait: Hawkins (Benjamin). Half length; 
profile to the right. Inscription: (left) Max Rosen- 
thal I Benjamin Hawkins, Member of the Conti- 
nental Congress. Benjamin Hawkins (fac-simile 
signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885 ?] F°. 

KM. 3635 

View : CharlottesviUet Va, Inscription: En- 
campment of the Convention Army at Charlotte Ville 
in Virginia after they had surrendered to the Ameri- 
cans, Publish* d as the Act directs, Jany i ijSg, by 
William Lane, Leadenhall Street, London, Line. 
^5H*7ii in. EM. 3636 

Also in Thomas Anburey's Travels in America, vol. a 

i London, 1789) p. 443. For a small reproduction see Lossing^'s 
^ield-book o/tht Revolution, vol. 9 (N. Y., 1859) p. 346. 

Letter : Henrsr (Patrick). Red-hill, Charlotte 

County, [Va.,] Sept. 18, 1795. To James Wilson 
[PhiladelphiaJ. He has not heard from Bushrod 
Washington, through whom they had agreed to 
transact what remained to be done; he is ready to 
convey the titles of all the lands, with one small 
exception, and has authorized the bearer, Samuel 
Harrison, to act for him ; the price agreed on is not 
one-tenth of their real value, but old age and do- 
mestic occurrences have induced him to part with 
them; his daughter has two or three thousand acres 
ying ad jacent which she finds herself compelled to 

sell; warns Wilson to be attentive to the taxes in 
North Carolina, as he hears the land buyers are 
threatened. A. L. S. 2 pp. F°. em. 3637 

Portrait : Tarleton {Sir Banastre), Bart. Full 
length ; with field-piece, standards and horses. 
Inscription : (left) Sir Joshua Reynolds Pinxt, 
(right) S, W, Reynolds Sculpt, | Lieut, Col, Tarlion. 
Proof. Mezzotint, colored. [London, 1820?] 8°. 

EM. 3638 

Portrait: Corn^rallia (Charles), Marquis, 
Full length, standing; directed and facing to the 
right, looking to the front; both hands leaning on 
long cane; uniform; troops in background to the 
right. Inscription : (within the ground) Charles 
Marquis Comivallis, [(below) Painted by D Gardi- 
ner, Engraved by I Jones Engraver Extraordinary 
to His R. H, the Duke of York,] Mezzotint. 

[London, 179?) ?J em. 3639 

The margins have been trimmed away. See J. C. Smith's 
British MeuBotinto Portraits, part a, p. 745, no. 14. 

Letter : Stevens (Edward). Culpeper, [Va.,] 

Aug. 29, 1782. To . Acknowledges letter 

of 20th inst.; he is doing what he can to obey 
the orders, but if it should prove necessary for the 
men to march there would be so many difficulties 
thai their movements would probably be of no use 
to Fort Pitt; arms and supplies will be needed: he 
has put himself in communication with the com- 
mander of Fort Pitt; a report has just arrived of 
an action near Fort Wheeling in which the Indians 
were totally defeated; if true, there may be no ne- 
cessity of sending men hence into that country. 
A. L. S. 2 pp. and i leaf endorsed, *' (Jcneral 
Stevens, respects his command of the reinforcem^ 
designd for Fort Pitt." 4°. £«• 3^40 

Portrait: Kalb (Johann von). Baron, Bust; 
directed and facing slightly to the right, looking to 
the front; uniform. Inscription: Etch^, by H, B, 
Hall, Morrisania N, Y. 1872. \ Maj. Gen. the 
Baron De Kalb, The Baron de Kalb (fac-simile 
signature). 4"*. km. 3641 

A private plate. 

Portrait: Stenben (Frederick William Au- 
gustus Henry Ferdinand von). Baron. Half length; 
profile to the left ; uniform. Inscription : H. B, 
Hall\ Steuben Maj: Gen (fac-simile signature). 
Etching. 8% em. 3642 

Also in F. Kapp's Life 0/ Steuben, N. Y., 1859. frontis- 

Portrait : Mohlenbers^ (John Peter Gabriel). 

Bust ; directed to the front, facing and looking to 

the left; uniform. Inscription: Etch<^. by H. B, 

Hall Morrisania N, Y, 1871 \ Maj. Gen. Peter 

Muhlenberg. P, Muhlenberg (fac-simile signature). 

Etching. 4'. ^«- 3^43 

A private plate. 

Portrait: Washinfi^on (George). Three- 
quarters length, seated; directed and facing to the 
left, looking to the front; book in right hand, 
dress sword in left fore-arm. Inscription: Gen. 
George Washington. Born February 22^. 1732, 
Appointed Commander in Chief of the American 
Army, June 7^-*. 1773^ Elected first President of 
the United States March 4th tygg. Died z/^*. Deer, 
1700. Stipple. [Philadelphia, 1825?] 10x1310. 

EM. 3644 

The inscription has been cut off, trimmed, and then mounted. 
The upper line, containing probably the name of the enffraver, 
has been cut away, leaving only the lower ends of the J*"*''- 
Not mentioned by Baker, but compare no. 367, which has tHe 
same inscription. 



Letter: Roehambeau (Jean Baptiste Dona- 
tien de Vimeur de), Count, Paris, Feb. 3, 1789. 

To . Forwards a letter from the officer in 

charge at the castle of Ham, informing him of the 
death of the Marquis de Marbceuf, brother of the 
Archbishop of Lyons, for several years a prisoner 
there; a conflict of jurisdiction has occurred be- 
tween the officer and the town judiciarv as to the 
seal which the former placed on the efifects of the 
deceased, according to the usage in the case of 
prisoners; he himself thinks the town judiciary is 
right, since the Marquis was conlined there as a 
private individual, because of his infirmities, and 
sot because of his military rank; he wishes the 
matter might be decided, although the effects are 
of no great value. A. L. S. In French. Endorsed. 
2 pp. 4"*. BM. 3645 

Portrait: Corn^ralUfl (Charles), Marquis, 
Half length; directed slightly to the left, facing 
and looking to the left; uniform. Inscription: 
(left) Painted by A, fV. Devis, (right) Engraved by 
F, Bartolotzi R,A, \ To the Right Honbi*, lady 
Louisa BromCy This Portrait of Marquis Corn' 
walHs is by Permission Dedicated by her obedient 
humble SertA, A, W. Devis. London Published 
Jam, I, tSoj, by Mr, Devis N^>, 21, Old Bond 
Street, Stipple. 4''. EM. 3646 

For two earlier tutes of the plate lee bm. 394a and km. 4007. 

Portrait: Arnold (Benedict). Half length; 
profile to the left; uniform. Inscription : Engd, 
by H, B, Hall, N, Y, iSbj, \ B Arnold {isiC-s\mi\t 
signature), (right) Private Plate. Line. 4''. 

EM. 3647 

View: Petersbur^h, Va, Inscription: (left) 
PainUdbyJ, Shaw, (right) Engraved by J, Hill, \ 
Boilings Dam^ Petersburgh, Virginia, Aquatint. 
[New York? 1820?] 13^ x 9^ in. em. 3648 

Ft>w/ WestoTer* Va, Inscription : (right) 
Richardson Sc, \ Westover, on James River, Wood 
engraving. [New York, 1875?] 8'. em. 3649 
From A^pUUn** Journal^ vol. 6 (N. Y., 1871) p. sao. 

Portrait: Lafkyette (Marie Jean Paul Joseph 

Roch Yves Gilbert Motier de). Marquis, Half 

length; profile to the left; uniform. Inscription: 

EUk4, by H, B, Hall from the Original by Le 

Vac her 1871, \ Maj,Gen, the Mar^is de Lafayette, 

Lafayette (fac-simile signature). 4 . em. 3650 

A priirate plate. 

Portrait: WMhtngton (George). Half length ; 

directed and facing to the right, looking to the 

front; oniform. Inscription: Engraved by J, A, 

CtNeill, Washington, From an original contempo- 

rary picture in the possession of William Meniies, 

Esq, (left) Private plate (right) Proof, Mezzotint. 

4*. EM. 3651 

AJao in Addreut* 0/ tht City 0/ New Yorh to Gtorgt 
WmMhiu£tffn^ N. Y., 1867. Baker, no. 93. 

Portrait : Tarleton (5i> Banastre), Bart, Half 
length; directed to the front, facing and looking 
to the right; uniform. Inscription: Etchd, fy jj^ 
B, Hall, Morrisania N, Y, 1874, \ Lieut, Col, 
Banastre Tarleton, Yours faithfully Ban: Tarle- 
ton (fac-simile signature). F*. em. 3652 

A prhrale plate. 

Portrait : Hieholas (Geoige). Profile to the 
right; circular. Small mezzotint (colored) by St. 
Memio. [Virginia, 1808.] em. 3653 

Unkctered. No. 638 in Elias Dezter's St, Memin Collec" 
tiM, N. Y., i86a. 

Letter: NiohoUM (Georee). Marlborough, 
[Va.,] Feb. 26, 1779. To Mfatthew] and Thomas 
Irwin, Philadelphia. Sends a letter from [Edmund] 
Randolph containing a commission for taking depo- 
sitions to prove their claim ; this will save them the 
expense of sending their witnesses to Virginia. 
A. L. S. I page. 4''. EM. 3654 

The addresi is mounted below the letter. 

Document : DesUuidefl (Loyer). Philadelphia, 
Dec. 2, 1783. Protest before Barb^, vice consul 
of France at Philadelphia by Loyer Deslandes of a 
note of Louis de La Valette for ;£'30 151., received 
from M. Cothenet. A. D. S. Signed also, De La 
Vallette. Witnessed, Mallet, P: D: Robert. Certi- 
fied, P. F. Barbe [de Marbois]. In French. With 
seal affixed. 2 pp. F°. em. 3655 

Portrait : Marbois (Francois Barb^ de). Full 
length, seated, with feet on cushion; black gown; 
table with books behind. Inscription: (left) Tableau 
du temps, \ Marbois (Francois de Barb/^ Marquis 
de). Line. [Paris, i860?] F^ em. 3656 

Portrait : Frederick II.» ICing of Prussia, 
Half length; directed and facing to the left; look- 
ing to the front; uniform, cocked hat; ornamental 
oval frame within a rectangle, with a helmet, sword, 
map, lyre, and book lettered Histoire de mons terns. 
Inscription: (on a tablet) Immortalis, Cvivs Nomen 
Vbiqve, Fridericvs Secvndvs, Borvssorvm Rex, 
Trivmphis Caesar, Jmperio Traianvs, Vita An' 
toninvs, Jn Repvblica Gerenda Vespasianvs, Philoso- 
phia Avrelivs, Regvm Exemplvm, Sine Exemplo 
Maximvs, Vnicvs In Terris. (t)elow, left) Franhe 
pinx, (right) CI, Kohl sc, Vienna lygs. Line. F°. 

EM. 3657 

View: London. Inscription: (left) J9 A Gen- 
eral View of the City of London, next the River 
Thames, (right) VOe G/n^rale de la Ville de Londres 
qui comprend la partie la plus voisine de la Tamise, 
I Printed for Bowles &* Carver, Map ^ Print- 
sellers, N^, 6g in St, PauTs Church Yard, London. 
Line. [1760?] 16 x 9^ in. em. 3658 

Letter: Verg^nnee (Charles Gravier 6,€),Count, 
Autun, [France,] Apr. 17, 1770. To the Duke [de 
Choiseul]. Acknowledging a letter of the 9th, he 
says it is true as M. de St. Priest has reported, 
that the old translation of the agreement with the 
Porte is imperfect; on this account he engaged the 
Sieur Deval to make a new version, his object being 
not so much to control the demands of the drago- 
mans, as to judge rightly of the propriety of the 
demands which his ministry obliged him to make at 
Constantinople; although the affairs of the Levant 
and Barbary ports are simpler, he believes that 
Deval's translation will prove useful to M. de St. 
Priest; he has but one copy, which he will send to 
the Duke immediately on his return to his country 
house. A. L. S. In French. 2 pp. F°. 

EM. 3659 

Portrait: Ver^nnes (Charles Gravier de), 
Count, Half length; directed to the front, facing 
and looking to the right; sash and star; curtain 
draped above to the right, coat of arms below to 
the left. Inscription: (on a tablet) Charles Gravieu, 
Graafde Vergennes, (below, right) Rein^, Vinkeles; 
sculp, i^gr. Line. [Amsterdam.] 8". em. 3660 

Portrait: Calonne (Charles Alexandre de). 
Bust; directed, facing, and looking to the front; in 
an oval supported by a female figure among clouds. 




Inscription: [(above) European Magatine] (below, 

left) Afd, Le Brunpinxt, (right) Bromley sculp*. \ 

M. de Calone, Published by J, Sewell j2 Cornhill i 

May ijSg. Line. 8". EM. 3661 

Abo in the Eurp^ean Magazine^ vol. 15 (London, 1789) 
p. 367. 

Portrait : Condorcet (Marie Jean Antoine 
Nicolas Caritat de), Marquis, Head; profile to the 
right; oval. Ipscription : (left) J B Lemort del 
(right) Auguste de St. Aubin Sculp. \ M*. /«. A'. 
N*. Condorcet N/ le ly Septembre 174J. D/put/ de 
Paris & VAssembUe Natianale en ijgi. Van j""'. 
de la Libert^. A Paris au Bureau de V Jmprimerie 
du Cercle Social rue du Theatre Francois, Line. 

[1791?] 4*. 

EM. 3662 

Portrait: Alembert (Jean le Rond d'). Half 
length; seated behind a table; directed slightly to 
the right, facing and looking to the right; right 
hand raised, holding pen, left hand on table, hold- 
ing compasses; a globe and books on a bureau to 
the right. Inscription: (on a tablet)/. D* Alembert, 
Line. [Paris? 1780?] F^ em. 3663 

The margins and lettering have been trimmed away. 

Letter : Jefferson (Thomas). Paris, June 14, 
1787. To Martha JefiFerson. Sends her 15 livres 
as desired, but cautions her against anticipating 
her allowance; it is better to do without any article 
than to run into debt; advises her to hurry the mak- 
ing of her gown, as they will dine at the Marquis 
Fayette's next week. Fac-simile of an A. L. S. 
I page. 4"". EM. 3664 

Also in Randall's Life 0/ Jefferson^ vol. i (N. Y., 1858) 
p. 476. 

Portrait: Waaihington (George). Half length ; 
seated; directed and facing to the left, looking to 
the front ; right hand resting by the finger tips on 
papers upon a table; hilt of dress sword in bend of 
left arm ; curtain behind. Inscription: George Wash- 
ington^ First President of the United States. From 
the Original Series^ painted by Stuart^ for the 
Messr*. Doggett of Boston, (right) Entered accord- 
ing to the Act of Congress. Lithograph. [Boston? 
1850?] F^ EM. 3665 

View : Pliila,delpki»9 Penn. Inscription : 
Office of Secretary of Foreign Affairs^ South Sixth 
Street. | Page 423. Wood engraving by Mumford. 


EM. 3666 

Also in J. F. Watson's AnnaU 0/ Philadelphia, vol. x 
(Phila., X884) P- 4x8. 

United States.— Sututes. Congress of the 
United States: At the Second Session, Begun and 
held at the City of New-York, on Monday the 
fourth of January, one thousand seven hundred and 
ninety. An Act for the Relief of John Stewart and 
John Davidson. \New York^ I7Q0.] i page. F°. 

Signed in manuscript by Thomas Jeffersoo. EM. 3667 

Portrait : Hamilton (Alexander). Half length; 
profile to the left. Inscription: Y^ freind <5r* 
sery A Hamilton ADC (fac-simile signature) 
Miniature of Alexander Hamilton on Ivory by 
Mrs. Sharpless. Lithograph. [New York? i860?] 
8**. EM. 3668 

Portrait : Randolph (Edmund). Half length; 
directed to the front, facing and looking to the 
right. Inscription: Etchfi. by H. B. Hall Mor- 
risania N. Y. 18^2 \ Edm : Randolph (fac-simile 
signaxure) Edmund Randolph. F'*, em. 3669 

Portrait: Hammond (George). Bust; directed, 
facing and looking to the left Inscription : (right) 
Albert Rosenthal] George Hammond^ British Min- 
ister Plenipotentiary to the U. S. iygi-180^. 
Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] F". EM. 3670 

Portrait: Chnxl^m ITL.^ King of Spain. Half 
length; directed to the right, facing nearly to the 
front, looking to the front; armor and large wig; 
oval frame with curtain draped to the right, coat of 
arms below. Inscription: (on the frame) Carolus 
III. D, G. Hisp. Ht Ind Rex. \ F. Stampart ad 
vivum pinx. Vienna. E. C. Heiss excud. Aug. 
Vind. (within the ground, left) Cum Priv. S. C. 
Maj. Mezzotint. Augsburg [1760?]. F'. EM. 3671 

Portrait : Carmiehael (William). Bust; di- 
rected, facing and looking slightly to the right. 
Inscription: (left) Albert Rosenthal] William Car- 
michael Member of the Continental Congress. W^^. 
CurmiV^tf// (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Phila- 
delphia, 1885?] F^ EM. 3672 

Letter : Carmiehael (William). Madrid, July 
8, 1 78 1. To [Richard] Harrison, Cadiz. Introduces 
Mr. Peyrera, who goes from Paris to Cadiz on busi- 
ness. A. L. S. Endorsed, i page. 4**. em. 3673 

Portrait: Short (William). Bust; directed, 
facing and looking to the front. Inscription: From 
a portrait by John N eagle for the Penna. Coliniza- 
Hon [sic] Society. W : Short (fac-simile signature). 
Pen-and-ink drawing by David McN. Stauffer. 
[New York, 1885 ?] F". EM. 3674 

Letter: Short (William). Paris, Feb. 23, [i7]96. 
To . Acknowledges a letter of Jan. 7th con- 
taining the accounts of their journey ; he will give 
a draft on the public funds for his portion; asks 
him to examine certain papers relative to the nego- 
tiation at Madrid, that is, those marked no. i, 
being copies of his correspondence from 1793 to 
I795f which he desires should be carried to Amer- 
ica; or, if a sure conveyance offers, they may be re- 
turned to him here; Mr. Franklin would perhaps 
take charge of them. A.L.S. Endorsed. 2 pp. 4^. 

EM. 3675 

Portrait: Knox (Henry). Half length; directed 
and facing to the left, looking to the front; uniform. 
Inscription : Engraved by R. Whitechurch at J. 
M. Butler* s establishment, 84 Chestnut St. Maj. 
Gen. Henry Knox H Knox (fac-simile signature). 
New Yorky G. P. Putnam <5r* Co. Stipple. 4°. 

EM. 3676 

Also m Irving's IVashington, 4^ ed.,vol. a (N.Y., 1857) p. 86. 

Letter : Randolph (Edmund). Philadelphia, 
May 12, 1793. To William Channing [Newport, 
R.I.]. Incloses a copy of the President's procla- 
mation announcing the neutrality of the United 
States ; the President desires great watchfulness 
against infractions of neutrality ; advises Channing 
to correspond with some of the federal officers, 
especially the collectors ; if he finds any fitting out 
of vessels of war he must omit nothing to bring the 
culprits to punishment, and in the trial of such 
cases he must impress the public with the danger 
with which such conduct threatens this country. 
L. S. 2 pp. 4°. EM. 3677 

Portrait: Washinf^ton (George). Full length, 
standing ; right arm extended, left hand on the 
scabbard of sword ; black clothes ; table to the 
left with books and inkstand ; armchair, columns 
and curtain behind. Inscription : (left) Painted 



hy Gt^riel Siuart I7gy. (right) Engraved by James 
keaik, Ilisiarical Engraver to his Majesty ^ and to 
kis Royal Highness the Prince of Wales from the 
original Picture in the Collection of the Marquis 
of Lansdown, \ General Washington [(left) Pub- 
lished Feby /. 1800 by Ja*. Heath N^, 42 Newman 
Street, Messr* Boydells, Cheapside &* J, P. Thom- 
son Great Newport Street London, (right) Copy 
Right secured in the United States according to 
Law,] Line. I2|{xi8in. em. 3678 

Baker, do. 350. 

Portrait: Oen^t (Edmond Charles). Half 
• length ; profile to the right ; uniform. Inscrip- 
tion : (above) Citizen Genet i. Wood engraving. 
8°. EM. 3679 

Also in the Amtrican Historical Record^ vol. 3 (PhiU., 
'874) p. 49- 

Letter : Tenuuit (Jean Baptiste). Philadelphia, 
Sept. 30. 1791. [To — Walker. New York ?J The 
three boxes from London have arrived on the Har- 
mony; he hopes that Mrs. Walker's parcel was 
received safely ; he sent it by [Sharp] Delany. 
A. L. S. Endorsed. 3 pp. 12°. em. 3680 

Portrait: Tenuuit (Jean Baptiste). Bust ; 
directed and facing slightly to the right, looking 
to the front ; uniform. Inscription : Chevalier Jean 
de Ternant, Colonel in the Revolutionary War, 
Ambassador to the United States, lygi-iygj. 
Lithograph. [Philadelphia? 1885 ?] 4\ em. 3681 

Portrait : Madison (James). Half length ; 
directed to the front, facing and looking slightly 
to the right ; oval, with ornamental border, and a 
view below of troops marching. Inscription : (left) 
Stuart, (right) C, Cook, \ James Madison (fac-simile 
signature). Line. 4**. em. 368a 

Abo in C. E. Lester *t Amtrica'M Advanetmenty N.Y., 1876. 

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Half length ; 
directed, facing and looking to the left. Inscrip- 
tion : (left) Vernier, del (cexilrt) Lemaitre, dir (right) 
Millot, sc, I Jefferson, Jefferson, Stipple and line. 
[Paris? 1830?] 8*. EM. 3683 

Letter : La Roehefoaeavld-Lianeoart 
(Fran9ois Alexandre Frederic de), Duke, New 
York, Aug, 26, 1797. To Thomas Law, Washing- 
ton. Being on the point of departure, he wishes 
Law success and happiness, and hopes to hear from 
him when in France ; he desires that the govern- 
ment '*may finish to be drunck," so that it may 
take better and steadier steps ; wishes prosperity 
to America. A. L. S. 2 pp. 8"*. em. 3684 

The address has been mounted below the letter. 

Portrait : Blttenhouse (David). Half length, 
seated behind a table ; directed and facing to the 
left, looking to the front ; left forefinger resting on 
a paper held by right hand ; telescope to the left. 
Inscription : (left) C: W: Peale Pinxt, (centre) 
Phiktda, Pub: Deer, joth^ jyg (,i,y £; Savage, 
(right) E: Savage Sculpt. | David Rittenhouse, 
L,L.D. F.R,S. President of the American Philo- 
sophical Society, Mezzotint. I3}f x 17^ in. 

EM. 3685 

Document : American Philosophical So- 
ciety. Philadelphia, Mar. 22, 1780. Diploma 
of membership in the society, conferred on Francis 
Barb^ de Marbois. D.S., William Smith. William 
white, Owen Biddlc, John Ewing, Th Bond, Davd. 
Kittenboose, James Wilson. Parchment. With 
seal aflixcd. i page. F'. em. 3686 

Letter : Burr (Aaron). Phillipsburgh, [N.J.,] 
Mar. 20 [1779]. To Pierpont Edwards, New 
Haven. He has at length started Edwards's saddle, 
for which he incloses the original bill ; he resigned 
[from the army] Mar. 3 ; he is finishing some 
arrangements of the post ; next week he goes to 
Litchfield ; the wine and sausages were gratefully 
received. A. L. S. 2 pp. 4". em. 3687 

The address has been mounted below the letter. 

Letter : Morris (Lewis R.). Office for foreign 
affairs, [Philadelphia,] Sept. 16, 1782. To Henry 
Laurens. Bills have been remitted to Dr. Franklin 
for the amount of Laurens's salary from Jan. ist to 
June 31st ; with this are sent three copies of a letter 
to the Abbe Raynal from the author of Common 
Sense, and a resolution of Congress dated Sept. 
14th, 1782. A. L. S. I page. F°. em. 3688 

Portrait: Smith (Samuel). Half length; di- 
rected to the right, facing slightly to the right, 
looking to the front ; uniform. Inscription : Etchd. 
by H. B, Hall from Original in the State House 
Philadelphia 1870. \ Lieut, Col, Samuel Smith, 
Sam Smith (fac-simile signature). F°. EM. 3689 

A private plate. 

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Profile to the 

right ; circular. Small mezzotint (colored) by St. 

Memin. [Washington? 1804.] em. 3690 

Unlettered. No. zo in Elias Dexter's St, Memin Collection, 
N. Y., 186a. 

Portrait : Burr (Aaron). Profile to the right ; 

circular. Small mezzotint (colored) by St. Memin. 

[Washington? 1802?] em. 3691 

Unlettered. No. 68a in Elias Dexter's St. Memin Collection, 
N. Y., x86a. 

View : Washin^on* D, C, Inscription : 
(left) Geo, Catlin. del*, (right) /. L. Frederick Sc, \ 
A Front View of the President* s House. Wash- 
ington, Wood engraving. [Philadelphia ? 1810 ?] 
8'. EM. 3692 

Portrait : Dale (Richard). Half length ; di- 
rected and facing to the right, looking to the front ; 
uniform. Inscription : Engraved by R, W, Dod- 
son from a drawing by J. B, Longacre, after a 
Portrait by J, Wood in Peale* s Museum New- 
York, Richard DaU, U, S, N. Rid. Dale (fac- 
simile signature). Line. 8°. em. 3693 

Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 3, N. Y., 1836. 

Document: Dale (Richard). On board the 
Queen of France, Havana, May 31, 1783. Bill of 
lading for 1950 Spanish milled dollars, received 
from Alexander Simple, to be delivered to the order 
of William Simple, Philadelphia. D. S. Endorsed. 
^ page. 4°. EM. 3694 

Portrait : Claiborne (William Charies Cole). 
Half length ; directed, facing, and looking to the 
left ; uniform. Inscription : Engraved by J, B, 
Longacre from a miniature by A , Duval, William 
C, C, Claiborne, William C, C, Claiborne (fac- 
simile signature). Stipple. 8°. em. 3695 

Also in the American Portrait Gallery, vol. 4, N. Y., 1839. 

Letter: Jefferson (Thomas). Washington, 
[D. C.,] Jan. 27, 1803. To Gen. [Horatio] Gates, 
New York. Expresses pleasure at the approval of 
friends ; all that Gates recommended has been car- 
ried out ; the matter has been in train since the pre- 
ceding June, varying in one particular only from 
Gates's ideas ; the site of Fort Rosalie being less 
favorable for a fort, the former administration built 



one called Fort Adams commanding the river near 
the southern boundary ; there they have silently 
been making ^ place eParmes suitable to the number 
of men in its neighborhood ; the most important 
matter now is to open a land office for the country 
obtained from the Choctaws ; if it were granted in 
small lots the yeomanry would be able to defend it ; 
if this speck on the horizon blows over, all is 
smooth water; Monroe leaves in a fortnight. 
A. L. S. I page. F**. em. 3696 

Letter: Jefferson (Thomas). Washington, 
[D. C] July II, [i8]o3. To Gen. [Horatio] 
Gates [New York]. Mutual congratulations on the 
acquisition of Louisiana ; if the legislature is wise 
they will induce all the Indians on the east side to 
remove to the west of the Mississippi, and con- 
dense instead of scattering the white population ; 
both Monroe and Livingston merit praise ; the op- 
position are uneasv lest the administration should 
share some credit for the acquisition, the whole of 
which they ascribe to the fortune of war ; the ad- 
ministration always meant to profit by war when it 
should come ; the other party also had a war, but 
they did not make it a means of gain, they were 
for plunging into it, and for making this country 
an appendage to England ; he believes that the 
present administration will not have as much to 
swallow from France and England as its prede- 
cessors had ; probable disposition of the new terri- 
tory. A. L. S. 2 pp. 4°. EM. 3697 

Printed in Jeffenon's Writings (Washington) vol. 4 (N. Y.« 
1854) P- 494» (Ford) vol. 8 (N. YT, 1897) p. 349. 

Portrait : Leiris (Meriwether). Profile to the 

right; circular. Mezzotint (colored) by St Memin. 

[Virginia? 1805?] em. 3698 

Unlettered. No. 430 in Elias Dezter's St. Memin Cotlec 
tiony N. Y., i86a. The date is there ffiyen as 1805, though in 
that year Lewis was absent on his ex^oring ezpeution. 

Document: Lewis (Meriwether). Albemarle 
County, Va., Oct. 25, 1807. Draft on the Bank of 
the United States for $46, payable to Robert 
Maupin. A. D. S. Endorsed, Robert Maupin, 
Henderson & Robertson, Robert Neilson & Co, 
John Lisle. %, page. 4**. em. 3699 

Document: Divers (Salathiel). St. Louis, Mo., 
Nov. 7, 18 1 7. Power of attorney authorizing Will- 
iam Rector to sell seventy-one shares of stock be- 
longing to Divers, said stock being of the Union 
Bank in Baltimore. D. S. Witnessed, Tho« 
Rector. Acknowledged before F. M. Guyol. En- 
dorsed with a certificate that Guyol is a justice of 
the peace, signed, W™ Clark. With seal affixed. 
A power from Wm. Rector authorizes Charles Crook 
to sell the within named stock. An endorsement 
by J. Hart states that forty-one shares were trans- 
ferred by this power of attorney. 2 pp. F°. 

EM. 3700 

View : Columbia River. Inscription: (left) 
Stanley Del. (right) Sarony^ Major &* Knapp^ 
Lith*, 44g Broadway N. K. | Cape Horn — Columbia 
River. Lithograph, colored. [1850?] 4°. 

EM. 3701 

View : Colambia River. Inscription: (left) 
Stanley Del, (right) Sarony^ Major &* ATnapp, 
LitA*, 44g Broadway N, K. Cascades of the 
Columbia, Lithograph, colored. [1850?] 4*. 

EM. 3702 

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Bust ; di* 
rected and facing slightly to the left, looking to 

the front ; after Desnoyers. Trimmed to a circle, 
and mounted with the inscription Jefferson in a 
frame of earlier date. Stipple [by W. Holl]. 4°. 

EM. 3703^ 
Also in the S. D. U. R.'s Gallery of Portrait* ^ vol j 
(London, 1837) p. 153. 

Portrait: Burr (Aaron). Half length; profile 
to the right. Inscription : (left) /. Vanderlyn„ 
(right) y. A O'Neill. \ A. Burr (fac-simile signa- 
ture) Vice President of the United States, 1801, 
New Yorh : Elias Dexter ^62 Broadtoay, Stipple 
and mezzotint, [i860?] F^ em. 3704 

Portrait: Gaines (Edmund Pendleton). Half, 
length ; profile to the left ; uniform. Inscription : 
Engraved by J. B, Longacre from a Painting by 
J, W, Jarvis. Major General Edmund Pendleton 
Gaines, Edmund Pendleton Gaines (fac-simile 

signature). Stipple. 8' 

EM. 3705 

Also in the National Portrait Gallery ^ vol. 4, N. Y., 1839. 

Portrait : M»rslum (John). Bust ; profile to 
the left ; neck bare, shoulders draped ; back-ground 
of ruled lines. Inscription : Chief Justice Marshall. 
Line. [New York? 1850?] Y\ em. 3706 

Letter: 9^9^TWWk (Thomas). Washington, 
[D. C] June 2, [i8]o5. To Gov. [John] Page, 
Richmond. John D. Burke [jiV], who is writing a 
history of Virginia, wishes to consult some volumes 
in Jetterson's collection, and has asked that they 
be deposited with Page ; he has therefore written 
to T. M. Randolph to have them shipped; the 
volume of laws is the only collection extant of the 
laws from 1734 to 1772 ; it must be placed in care- 
ful hands, where it may be used by Burke and still 
be accessible for judiciary purposes ; the volumes 
of newspapers Burke may take home with him ; 
hopes to receive a visit from Page at Monticello in 
August ; he approves Judge Tucker's plan of col- 
lecting historical materials, but fears that it would 
not be persevered in, having seen so many literary 
associations rendered abortive through indolence ; 
people who love science are too few in this country. 
A. L S. 2 pp. F°. EM. 3707 

The address has been mounted above the letter. See also 
Jefferson's letter to Burke of June x, 1805, printed in Ford a 
iVritings o/Jefferton^ vol. 8 (N. Y., 1897) p. 357- 

Portrait: Jay (John). Half length ; directed, 
facing and looking to the left ; plun clothes. In- 
scription : Engraved by J. C, Buttre. John Jay. 
Second Governor of New York, Mezzotint and 
line. 8'. em. 3708 

Also in J. S. Jenkins's Lives 0/ the Governors 0/ New 
Yorky Auburn, 1851, p. 74. 

Portrait : Adams (John). Half length ; di- 
rected to the left, facing slightly to the left, look- 
ing to the front ; after Copley. Inscription: H. B, 
Hall John Adams, (right) Printed by W. Pate. \ 
John Adams (fac-simile signature) New York : G. 
P. Putnam. Stipple. 4 • »**. 3709 

Also in Irving's IVashinjrton, 4* ed., vol. s (N. Y., 1859) p. 

Portrait: Washinfl^on (George). Half length; 
directed and facing to the left, looking to the front ; 
velvet coat ; oval frame within a ruled rectangle ; 
below, a helmet, sword, baton, and branches of 
oak and laurel. Inscription : (on a Ublet) G. IVash^ 
ington (below, left) Barralet Direxit (right) Lawson 
sc. I Published by R. Campbell and Co. From a Copy 
Patnted by J, Paul, Stipple and line. 8'. EM. 3710 

Also in A ContintuJion of Mr. Hume's History, by a 
society o/gentUmen, Phila., 1798. Baker, no. 273. 




Portrait : Monroe (James). Half length ; di- 
rected to the left, facinj; and looking slightly to the 
left. Inscription: Eng^, by V. Balchfrom a Paint- 
ing by Stuart, \ James Monroe (fac-simile signa- 
ture). Line. [New York ? 1850?] 8**. EM. 3711 

Document: N»poleoii I.* Emperor of the 
French. Amsterdam, Oct. 19, 181 1. Blank license 
issued on the surety of the firm of Jtl°. Soussat, 
Bordeaux, for an American vessel to land a cargo 
of cereals at Marseilles, Bordeaux, La Rochelle, or 
Nantes. Printed form partly filled in. D.S., Na- 
poleon. Signed also by the Minister of the Interior, 
the Minister of Marine and Colonies, the Secretary 
of State, and the Director General of Customs. 
I page. I2|} X 18)^ in. em. 3712 

View : Berlin. Inscription (above, right) 14, 
(below, left) N, d, Nat, u, a. Stein gez. v, LUtke, 
(centre) Verlag u. Eigenthum v, E, H, Schroeder 
in Berlin u. d. Linden No. 27, (right) Druck d. 
KonigL Hth, Instituts su BerUn, \ Berlin, Litho- 
graph, colored. [1870?] F'. em. 3713 

Portrait: Barron (James). Half length ; di- 
rected, facing, and looking slightly to the left ; 
sword in right forearm ; uniform. Inscription : 
Commodore James Barron^ of the U, S, Navy, 
Engraved by J. W. Steel, from the Original Paint- 
ing by NeagU, Line. [Philadelphia? 1840?] F** 

EM. 3714 

A pencil note reads, " To James B. Loogacre Esqre. with 
J. Neagle's complimeats." 

Letter : Berkelejr (George Cranfield). Wood 

End, [England,] July 14. 1808. To . In- 

<iuires if an intended transfer of stock from his 
brother to himself has been completed yet, and if 
the settlements from Sir Thomas Hardy upon his 
<]aughter are in any forwardness ; Mr. Dongan of 
Tortola, who is now in London, ought to be made 
answerable for the prize money that he paid wrong- 
fully to Sir A[lexander F. I.] Cochrane for two 
schooners captured by the Cleopatra; Cochrane had 
&o right to share. A. L. S. Endorsed. 4 pp. 4°. 

EM. 3715 

Portrait: Hnnaphreys (Salusbury Pryce). 
H&lf length ; directed to the right, facing and look- 
ing slightly to the right ; uniform ; oval frame ; 
coat of arms below. Inscription : Page sc. \ Capt^, 
Salusbury Pryce Humphreys, P, A^. London Pub- 
lished Nov. jot*, 1812, by Joyce Gold, Naval 
Chronicle Office, 103. Shoe Lane. Stipple. 8^ 

EM. 3716 

Abo in the Naval Chronicle^ vol. 38 (London, z8xa) p. 353. 

Portrait: Berkeley (George Cranfield) ? Bust ; 

<liiected, facing and looking to the left ; uniform ; 

oval. Small line engraving. [London ? 18 10?] 

EM. 3717 
Unlettered. The name has been added by Dr. Emmet. 

Portrait: Jefferson (Thomas). Full length, 
staoding ; directed to the front, facing and look- 
ing slightly to the right ; pointing with left hand to 
Tki Declaration of Independence in right hand ; table 
^th books and bust of Franklin to the left, electric 
machine and globe to the right. Inscription : (left) 
PtaU Del, (right) Tiebout Sc. \ Published by W. 
Li. Morgan Philad^, Thomas Jefferson President 
^J^ke United States. Stipple. [Philadelphia, 1805 ?] 
^2Uxi7itin. EM. 3718 

Portrait: George HI., King of Great Britain. 
Threc-quariers length, seated in armchair ; di- 

rected and facing to the left ; bearded ; blind. In- 
scription : Engraved by C. Turner. His Most 
Gracious Majesty George the Third, This print is 
by permission humbly dedicated to his Royal High- 
ness the Duke of York, by his Highnesses most 
Obdt, dr* very humble. Servt. C, Turner. Mezzo- 
tint. [London, 181 5?] em. 3719 

Portrait : Canning (George). Half length -, 
directed, facing and looking to the front. Inscrip- 
tion: (left) Lith : de C: Motte, (right) H. Grevedon. 
1827. I G. Canning. Lithograph. [Paris.] F°. 

EM. 3720 

Portrait : Washington (George) and ^Bttor' 
son (Thomas). Half lengths; Washington on the 
left, Jefferson on the right, facing inward ; oval 
frames, that of Washington resting upon books 
lettered Order Law Religion, with a lion on the left 
and an eagle on the right guarding papers entitled 
Answer to Addresses and Lcut Legacy, that of Jef- 
ferson resting upon books lettered Sophisms Notes 
on Virginia Tom Paine Condorcet Voltaire, with a 
serpent on the left and a crocodile on the right 
guarding papers entitled Letters to Mazzei to Cal- 
lender Inaugural Speech Public Messages Private 
Instructions. Inscription: Look on this picture, and 
on this, [followed by seven lines from Hamlet.] 
New-York, June, 1807. Etching. F*. EM. 3721 
Baker, no. 360. 

View: CharlottesTillet Va, Inscription: (left) 

Drawn by W, Goodacre N. Y, (right) Engraved dr* 

Printed by Fenner Sears 6r» O. | University of 

Virginia, Charlottesville. London, Published Dec 

I, i8ji, by J, T, Hinton, &* Simpkin &* Marshall. 

Line. F . EM. 3722 

Also (on smaller paper) in Hixxton** If t'story and topography 
of the United States, vol. 3 (London, 1839) p. 535. 

Portrait: Jefferson (Thomas). Half length; 
directed, facing and looking to the left; after Stuart. 
Inscription: (left) Copyright secured, (right) A. B. 
Walter eng*d. \ T'^A.-yir^^rj^wi (fac-simile signature). 
Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the University 
Va, Published by C, Bohn, Washington, D. C. H. 
Weber, Printer. Mezzotint. [1840?] 4°. EM. 3723 

View : Monticello» Va. Inscription : (left) 
Lossing Delt, (right) Lossing — Barritt sc, \ Jeffer^ 
son*s bedroom, in which he died. Also, (right) L-B \ 
Jefferson* s Grave, Two small wood engraving^. 

EM. 3724 

Also in Harper's Magasine, vol. 7 (N. Y., 1853) P« ^So <^d 
p. 147. 

View : MonticellOf Va, Residence of Thomas 
Jefferson. Line. [Philadelphia? 1820?] 8°. 

EM. 3725 
The margins and lettering have been trimmed away. 

Portrait: Randolph {Mrs, Thomas Mann). 

Three-quarters length, seated; hands crossed in lap. 

Inscn^xXon: Eng'd by J, Rogers. Mrs, Thomas M, 

Randolph, {Martha Jefferson.) From an original 

picture by T. Sully, in possession of her daughter, 

Mrs, Nicholas P, Trist. [New York, D. Appleton 

&* Co. J46. 6* 348, Broadway, '\ Stipple and line. 

4°. EM. 3726 

Also in R. W. Griswold's Republican Court, N. Y., 1855, 
p. azQ. 

Portrait: Jefferson (Thomas). Full bust; 
profile to the left. Photograph, following the orig- 
inal crayon sketch by St. Memin. [New York? 
1880?] 4°. EM. 3727 



Portrait: Randolph {Mrs. Tliomas Mann). 
Bust; directed, facing and looking to the front; 
white cap. After Sully. Irxscnption: Martha Jeffer- 
son Randolph. Wood engraving. 8°. em. 3728 

Also in Harper's Magazinty vol. 43 (N. Y., 1871) p. 367. 

Portrait: Trist (Nicholas Philip). Bust; di- 
rected and facing slightly to the right; wide collar. 
Inscription: N. P. Trist (fac-simile signature) (left) 
Lithog. par Julien d'aprh J. N[eagle\. (right) 
Imp. par Lemercier^ Benard &* O. Lithograph. 
[Paris, 1850?] F**. em. 3729 

Portrait: Franklin (Benjamin). Three-quar- 
ters length; seated; directed to the right, looking at 
electric conductors to the left; pen in right hand; 
through a window to the right a house struck by 
lightning. Inscription: (left) -/I/. Chamber lin^ Pinxt, 
(right) C. Turner, Sculpt, A.P.A. \ Benj^. Franks 
lin (fac-simile signature). Mezzotint. 8°. em. 3730 

Also in Bancroft's /^/f/trr^ o/ike U. S., vol. 3 (Boston, 1840) 

Engraving : United States. — Congress, Con- 
tinental, 1 775-1 789. Inscription: Declaration of 
Independence July 4th, 7776. Line engraving of a 
seal after the Trumbull painting. [Philadelphia? 
1840?] em. 3731 

Portrait : JeiTenion (Thomas). Bust ; directed, 
facing and looking to the right; oval. Small line 
engraving. [New York? 1850?] em. 3732 


Portrait : Monroe (James). Bust ; directed, 
facing and looking to the left; after Stuart. Litho- 
graph. [Philadelphia? 1830?] 4". em. 3733 
Trimmed to an oval, without margins or lettering. 

Letter: Monroe (James). Richmond, [Va.,] 
Mar. 18, 1802. To Archibald Roane, Knoxville, 
Tenn. Acknowledges letter of the 3d inst. appoint- 
ing May 3d for the meeting of the commissioners to 
adjust the boundary between the two states; he has 
communicated the letter to the commissioners. 
A. L. S. 2 pp. and i leaf with the address and the 
endorsement. 4**. em. 3734 

Letter : Madison (James). Montpellier, [Va.,] 
Dec. 27, 1826. To J[ohn] H[artwell] Cocke. The 
inclosed papers from the University [of Virginia] 
give a sad account of the hotel keepers; desires to 
know his views on the subject; the utility of a mili- 
tary school seems to be admitted; inquires as to 
what steps would be proper for securing arms from 
the Governor. A. L. S., J. M. Draft. Narrow 
strip. EM. 3735 

Letter : Madison (James). Montpellier, [Va.,] 

June 26, 1828. To . Forwards a letter just 

received, and asks him to give the case whatever 
attention may be proper on the part of the Univer- 
sity. A. L. S. Narrow strip. em. 3736 

Documents : University of Virginia. 1832- 
1833. Three receipts by professors for payments 
of salaries, and two draughts on the proctor of the 
university. Signed respectively C. Bonnycastle, 
John P. Emmet, Roblcy Dunglison, Isaac Raphael, 
G. Blaettermann, George Tucker. Narrow strips. 

em. 3737 

Letter : Cabell (James Laurence). University 
of Virginia, Dec. 9, 1872. To Dr. T[homas] A[ddisJ 
Emmet, New York. Mr. Wertenbaher may be able 
to furnish the signatures, nothing more, of the early 
professors ; incloses two notes from [George] Long 

and [Thomas Hewitt] Key; he will bear in mind 
Dr. Emmett's wishes as to his father's MSS. in 
Prof. Smith's han^s. A. L. S. 2 pp. 12**. em. 3738^ 

Letter : Kejr (Thomas Hewitt). London, Feb. 
15,1871. To George [ Long, jr. ]. He cannot speak 
with authority on astronomy, but he believes [Joseph 
Norman] Lockyer to be more a chemist than an 
astronomer; mathematical science is essential in the 
problems of astronomy; as to the site of the pro- 
posed observatory, the University of Virginia has a 
stronger claim to public support; be favors it be- 
cause of his early connection with it; and he favors 
the College at I^xington because of his respect for 
the g^eat and good Gen. Lee. A. L. S. 3 pp. 

12'. EM. 3739 

Letter : Lon^f (George). Brighton, [England,] 
Feb. 24, 1 87 1. To George [^^gt v\ ^^ 
favors the University of Virginia rather than the 
College at Lexington as a site for the proposed 
observatory; the College was a miserable establish- 
ment in his time, and its temporary success under 
Gen. Lee seems no reason for fixing an observatory 
there; the donor should aim to make his gift as 
useful as possible without regard to prepossessions; 
recommends that some young Cambridge mathema- 
tician be secured as observer. A. L. S. 4 pp. 
i2mo. EM. 3740 

Letter : Lonuuc (John Tayloe). [University of 

Virginia,] May 31, 1827. To . Inquires if 

he has heard yet from Algernon Sydney Brown's 
father; the faculty are dissatisfied that Mr. B. still 
continues in the precincts without having matricu- 
lated. A. L. S. Narrow strip. em. 3741 

Letter : Cooper (Thomas). Columbia, S. C, 

Apr. 26, 1825. [To Dufour, Vevay, Ind.] 

He has received the circular, which he will give to 
his neighbor, Mr. Herbemont, the only person who 
has cultivated the grape for wine in this state; 
madeira at four dollars a gallon and port at two 
and a half are much used; the wild grape would 
make a better wine than any garden grape; the 
native North Carolina wines are made of this grape; 
they can be had at one dollar a gallon. A. L. S. 
2 pp. 8^ EM. 374» 

The address has been added by a later hand. 

Portrait : Emmet (Thomas Addis). Half 
length; directed slightly to the left, facing and 
looking to the front. Inscription: Engd. by W. 
G. Jackman. \ Tho*. Addis Emmet (fac-simile sig- 
nature). IN. Y. D. Appleton 6* Co.] Stipple. 

4'. KM. 3743 

Also in F. Moore's American Eloquence, vol. x (N. Y.^ 
X857) P- 525- 

Portrait: Tucker (George). Half length; 
directed, facing and looking to the left; oval. In- 
scription: (left) Painted by J. H. Brown, (right) 
On steel by John Sartain—Phil^. \ I am truly 6f* 
cordially yours George T^f/r/t^r (fac-simile signature). 
Mezzotint, [i860?] 4°. km. 3744 

Letter : Wertenbaher (William). University 
of Virginia, Dec. 16, 1872. To Dr. T[homasJ 
A[ddisJ Emmet [New York]. In compliance with 
Dr. Emmet's request in a letter to Dr. Cabell, he 
sends autographs of three of the first professors, 
Bonnycastle, Blaettermann and Lomax; Dr. Cabell 
has sent those of Long and Key, and the others are 
already in Dr. Emmet's possession, namely, those 
of Tucker, Dunglison, and his father. A. L. S. 

I page. 12 

em. 3745 




UtUr : Wythe (George). Williamsburg, Va. . 

June 24, 1783. To Gov. [Benjamin] Harrison, 

Richmond. He is ready to undertake that part 

of the business assigned by the board, but begs to 

be excused from supervising the impression and 

correcting typographical errors; if it is intended 

that every judge of the chancery shall be employed, 

be wishes to know whether he should communicate 

tbe Governor's letter to [John] Blair. Lithog^ph 

fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of 

Frank M. Etting Esq. Philad*. 2 pp. F°. With 

a portrait (small wood engraving on India paper) of 

George Wytke^ and a view of the Res, of George 

Wythe Williamsburgh V», EM. 3746-7 

AJao in Brotherhead's Book 0/ tht Signers^ Phila., i86z, 
p. 87. 

Letter, Wythe (George). [Richmond? Va.,] 
June, 1789. To James Mercer, and other judges 
of tbe general court. Desiring their opinion on a 
point of law, he has directed the clerk of the court 
of chancery to wait on them with a statement of the 
question. A. L. S. i page. 4"*. em. 3748 

The address has been pasted on tbe back. 

/'^/rai/.' Wythe (George). Half length; profile 

to the right Inscription: George Wythe, Drawn 

and Engraved^ by J, B. Longacre^ from a Portrait 

in the American Gleaner. Stipple. 8*. 

EM. 3749-50 

Also in Sanderson's Biography 0/ the Signers^yroX, 2 (Phila., 
i8a3) p. 157. 

Portrait: Henry (Patrick). Half length; di- 
rected, facing and looking slightly to the right; 
spectacles on forehead. Insccription: (left) Fainted 
hy R, Lorton, (right) Lith, off, T, Bowen, 9^ Wal- 
nut it. Phih, I Patrick Henry, From a Picture in 
the Possession of Gov^, Tyler, Lithograph. 
[1840?] 4'. EM. 3751 

Portrait: James' L* King of Great Britain. 
Half length; directed and facing to the left, look- 
ing to the front; ruf! and doublet; circular frame, 
beneath which two winged children are forming the 
royal arms, placing the lion and the harp in the 
shield. Inscription: (on the hsLSti) /agues Premier. 

(left) J*unis sous mon pouvoir VEcosse et 
Mais de mes ParUments fencourus le 

(right) Trop pacifique Roi d*un peuple aimant 
la guerre t 
Lejouet de FEspagne et de mes favoris, 

(below,left)^</r«. vander Werff pinx, (right) P. h 
Gunst sculps, 

Line. [Amsterdam? 1700?] F*. em. 3752 

Utter: Pendleton (Edmund). Philadelphia, 
July 15, 1775. To William Woodford, Richmond, 
Va. They are at a loss by reason of not having 
beard from tbe General, who has been at the Camp 
a fortnight; a whisper runs that Gage has sent him 
proposals for a suspension of hostilities; a man of 
war is said to be in the river; if Dunmore is com- 
ing, be will not meet a polite reception; Wood- 
ford's things, with some of his own, are to embark 
next day for New Castle; if the colors reach Wood- 
ford's company safely, he knows that whoever 
voaM try to meddle with them afterwards must buy 
them dear. A. L. S. I page. 4*. em. 3753 

The address has been pasted on the back. 

Caricature : Alternative (The) of Williams- 
Burg. Inscription: The Alternative of Williams^ 
Burg, [(left) Plate IV, \ London Printed for R, 
Sayer, 6r* J, Bennett, No, jj Fleet Street, as the 
Act directs, 16 Feb, 177^.} Mezzotint F'. 

EM. 3754 

On a board resting: upon two barrels marked Tobacco. A 
Present /or John Wilkes Esgr, Lord Mayor of London, lie 
papers entitled The Resolves 0/ the Congress.— Non Jmjhr- 
tation. A fat man with a pipe and a long knife presides at 
the board- two gentlemen are signing their names, menaced 
by a rough fellow with a cudf^el; various persons stand about: 
to the left, several others with clubs drag forward a third 
gentleman; behind, to the right, stands a gtdlows with a barrel 
of tar and a baf of feathers suspended from its arms, labelled 
A cure for the refractory: to the left is seen a sutue of 

Portrait: Berkeley (Norbome), Baron Bote- 
tourt. Half length; profile to the right. Inscrip- 
tion: Nor borne Berkeley, Baron de Bottetourt, 
Governor of Virginia, Lithograph by Max Rosen- 
thal. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 4 . EM. 375s 

Portrait: Maeon (George). Half length; di- 
rected and facing to the right, looking to the front. 
Inscription: Etchd, by H. B. Hall, Morrisania, 
N, y, 1872, I G, Mason. G, Mason (fac-simile 
signature). F*. em. 3756 

Portrait: Bacon (Francis), Viscount St, Albans„ 
Half length; directed and facing to the left, look- 
ing to the front; hat, ru£f and doublet; oval frame, 
with books, scroll, and a child holding a mace, be- 
low. Inscription : (on the frame) S^, Francis Bacon 
Viscount St, Albans Lord Chancellor, [(below, 
left) J, Houbraken Sculp Amst. (centre) In the 
possession of Martin Foulkes Esq^, (right) Im- 
pensis I, S* P. Knapton Londini i7387\ Line. 
F^ EM. 3757 

The margins and lettering have been trimmed away. Also 
in Birch's lieads of illustrious persons, London, 1743, p. 6a. 

Portrait: Parker (Thomas), 1st Earl of Mac- 
clesfield, Half length; directed and facing to the 
left, looking to the front; large wig; oval within a 
rectangle; coat of arms below. Inscription: The 
Rt, Honble, Thomas Ld, Parker Barn, of Maccles- 
field &* Ld, High Chancelor of Great Britain 6fc, 
[G, Kneller S, R, Imp et Mag Brit Bart pinx. 
I, Simon fecit et excudit,] Mezzotint. [171 8?] 
F'. EM. 3758 

See J. C. Smith's British Metzotinto Portraits, part 3, 
p. X108, no. 1 17. 

Portrait: Washin^on (George). Bust; di- 
rected and facing to the right, looking to the front; 
uniform; oval frame within a rectangle. Inscrip- 
tion: (on the frame) His Excel, G: Washington 
Esq: LL,D, Late Commander in Chief of the 
Armies of the U, S, of America 6r* President of the 
Convention of 1787. i^^Xovf) Engraved by John Sar- 
tain, from the original print in possession of W, A, 
Whiteman Esq, — Engraved by C, W, Peale,in 1787^ 
from a painting by himself Mezzotint. 4**. 

EM. 3759 
Also in H.W.Smith's Andreana, Phila., 1865. Baker, 
no. 34. 

View: WIlHamabnrg, Va, William and 

Mary College. Small wood engraving. [New 

York? 1870?] EM. 3760 

Document: Whitln|f (Francis), and Kennon 
(William). Countv of James City, [Va.,] May 26, 
1770. Petition of Francis Whiting and William 



Kennoa to Lord Botetourt and the judges of Gen- 
eral Court, showing that they are sued by Law- 
rence Fagan in the county court of Buckingham, 
for trespass, and praying that a writ of certiorari 
may issue to remove the case into the General 
Court. Sworn to before John Randolph. A writ 
of certiorari ordered to issue, by Botetourt, John 
Blair, James Horrocks. Endorsed, i page. F**. 

EM. 3761 

Document: William and Mary Colle|^.~ 

President and Masters. 178-. Blank form of a 
lease of a tract of land belonging to the college. 
Printed form. D, S., J«. Madison Pr., G. Wythe, 
Robert Andrews, Ch^. Bellini, i page. F°. 

Elf. 3762 

Clipping: Wythe (George). Obituary notice 

of the death of George Wythe. Clipped from a 

newspaper of June 1806. 20 lines. em. 3763 


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Portland, Me,, 1898. 8'. 

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StockMdge, Mass., 1880. broadside. 

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necticut troops destined for the Northern Cam- 
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VTOuw of Mana-ha-ta at home and in society. New 
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Travel and Adventure — Description, 


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Art, Music, Architecture. 

ir (£.) Angels' wings, a series of 
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(Englische Teztbibliothek, 9.) 

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1898. %\ 
(Collector series.) 

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York, 1899. 8 . 

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(Bibl. des Peintres, et des D^oorateurs.) 

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memory. London, 1898. 12**. 

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comedy in one act. Philadelphia, 1897. 12". 

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York, 1897. i6'. 

Forsohnn^n zur neueren Litteraturgeschichte 
• . . Weimar, 1898. 8°. 

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and myself. New York, [1898.] 12*. 

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[cap. 1898.] 12'. 

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Boston, 1898. 12". 

Hovey (R.) The Birth of Galahad. Boston, 

1898. I2^ 

(Launcelot A: Guenevere, a poem in dminas. t. 3.) 
Hovey (R.) The marriage of Guenevere, Bos^ 

ton, 1898. 12". 
(Launcelot A Guenevere, a poem in dramas, v. a.) 
Hovey (R.) The quest of Merlin. Boston, 

1898. 12". 
(Launcelot 8t Guenevere, a poem in dramaa. v. z.) 
Hull (£.) The CuchuUin Saga in Irish litera- 

ture... London, 1898. 8°. 
(Grimm library, No. 8.) 




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nets. Louisville, Ky,, 1898. 8'. 

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Berlin, 1899. 2 ed. 8°. 

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romance of the Harem. Bqsion, 1899. 12°. • 

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dietta in one act and three scenes. Philadelphia, 
1898. 12*. 

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1898. 4'. 

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mestic drama in four acts. Philadelphia, 1898. 


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Economics — Sociology — Law. 

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atlas RossiL S.-Peterburgh, 1898. 4°. 

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land. London, 1898. 8^. 

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treal, 1898. 8°. 

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(Victorian era set.) 

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York, 1894. 12**. 

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New York, [1898]. I2^ 

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London, 1898. 12**. 

(Studies in economics and political science.) 

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1898. I2^ 

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Wissenschaften. Die gegenwartige west-europtische 
Zivilisation.— Die griechisch-rttmische Zivilisation, 
das Mittelalter, das Aufleben der Wissenschaft. 
Leipzig, 1898. 8*. 

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vising the constitution ... for the Cabinet of News. 

1897. {New York,] 1897. 

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culture. New York, 1898. 12'. 

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Bd. I. Berlin, 1898. i v. 8°. 

Frost (R.) A treatise on the law and practice 
relating to letters patent for inventions . . . London, 

1898. 2. ed. 4". 

George (I.) Humanitat und Kriminalstrafen. 
Eine Zusammenstellung sammtlicher Kriminal- 
strafen vom frUhesten Mittelalter bis auf die Gegen- 
wart . . . Jena, 1898. 8*. 

Home (M. A. S.) The great Lord Burghley ; 
a study in Elizabethan statecraft. London, 1898. 

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says and letters. Edited by his son. London, 
1898. 8°. 

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gium. Translated and annotated by F. W. Raikes. 
London, 1898. 8®. 

Melanges. Henri Weil Paris, 1898. 8\ 

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New York, 1898. I2°. 

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premiata nel concorso intemazionale in Nizza. 
Napoli, 1898. 3. ed. 12". 

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coinage. London, 1898. 16°. 

(Library of useful stories.) 

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tenement life in New York City. New York, 1898. 

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zur Vcrfassungs-, Verwaltung^- und Wirtschafts- 
geschichte. Leipzig, 1898. 8**. 

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tcrs. Boston, 1898. 8°. 

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Volkslittcratur. Hrsg. von A. Seidel. IVetmar, 

1898. 8^ 

(Beitraige zur Volks und Valkcrkundc. Bd. 7) 

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from slavery to freedom. With an introduction by 
A. B. Hart. New York, 1898. 8 . 

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Boston, 1898. 8°. 



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den^ 1899. 8*. 

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StrOmungen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. Ber» 
tin, 1898. 8\ 

rNeunxehatcs Jahrhuadert in Deutachland^s Eotwicklung, 

Education and Educational Institu- 
tions, ETC. 

Beale (D.), Soulsby (L. H. M.) and Dove 

(J. F.) Work and play in girls' schools. London, 
1898. 12**. 

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Peabody, and a history of the Peabody Education 
Fond through thirty years. Cambridge, 1898. 8°. 

(Peabody Edacation Fund.) 

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addresses. New York, 1898. 8°. 

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United Sutes. New York, 1898. 8". 

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ment and methods of teaching. London, 1898. 
18. ed. i6'. 

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. . . Boston, [cop. 1898.] 8**. 

OnderwyBwetteii (De). De wetten op het 
lager-, middelbaar- en hooger onderwijs, de wet op 
het militair onderwijs . . . Uitgeven onder toezicht 
▼an M. NauU. Utrecht, 1898. 16*. 

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New York, 1898. 8*. 
(Eofflish pablic schools.) 

TbompMm (A. H.) Cambridge and its col- 
leges. London, 1898. 16". 

Science, Mathematics, etc. 

Bailegr (L. H.) Sketch of the evolution of our 
native fruits. New York, 1898. 12''. 

Bedd»rd (F. E.) The structure and classifica- 
tx>n of birds. London, 1898. 8**. 

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which was awarded the Boylston prize of Harvard 
University for the year 1898. Detroit, 1898. 4*. 

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lar guide to a knowledge of the but terries of North 
America. New York, 1898. 4*. 

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work. New York, 1898. 12*. 

Kazirell (Sir H.) Salmon and seatr out. 
Lottdon, 1898. 12*. 
(The angler's Ubnuy, t. 4.) 

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a study of epistemology. New York, 1898. 8**. 

(P.) Das Chaos in kosmischer Aus- 
Leipug, 1898. 8*. 

it [W.) Theoretische Chemie vom Stand- 
ponkte der Avogadro'schen Regal und der Thermo- 
dynamik. Stuttgart, 1898. 2. ed, 4"*. 

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iuw->-Lrc. Chicago, 1898. 4'. 

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BerUn, 1899. 8'. 

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ticle. Cambridge, [Eng,], 1898. 8*". 

Bnssell (T. C.) Rivers of North America. 
New York, 1898. 8'. 

(The Science Series.) 

Sammlnng der Aufgaben des Aufgaben- 
Repertoriums der ersten 25 B&nde der Zeitschrift 
fUr mathematischen und naturwissenschaftlichen 
Unterricht. . . . Hrsg. von J. C. V. Hoffmann. 
Leipzig, 1898. 8'. 

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rev. ed. New York, 1898. i v. 8*. 

WIlLMm (F. N.) Descriptive eeometry — pure 
and applied. New York, 1898. f . 

Applied Science — Useful Arts. 

Ancajnufl (E.) Fumisterie, chauffage et ven- 
tilation. Pratique de la construction du mode 
d'emploi et du montage de divers appareils . . . 
Paris, %\ 

Bemhard ( ) Der Eisenbahnbau in 

Deutsch-Ostafrica mit besonderer Berttcksichtigung 
des Baues der Linie Tanga-Muhesa. Berlin: 
L Simion, 1898. 4°. 

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, 1898. 8'. 

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1898. 12°. 

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Rohstoffe,^ntwickelung und heutige Bedeutung. 
Leipzig, 1899. 4'. 

Bnjard (Dr, A.) Leitfaden der Pyrotechnik. 
Stuttgart, 1899. 8*- 

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1898. 12'. 
(Rural Science Ser.) 

Clarke (J. W.) Pumps, their principles and 
construction. London, 1898. 12**. 

De Salle (Mrs, [H.]) The housewife's ref- 
eree . . . London, 1898. 12°. 

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ancestors . . . London, 1898. sq. 4^. 

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Grundsatzen der Theorie und Erfahrung. . . mit 
einem Nachtrag versehen von J. Denteler und H. 
Rufer. Ndrdhnger, 1898. 2. ed. 12®. 

Eliot (C.) Vegetation and scenery in the metro- 
politan reservations of Boston ... A forestry re- 
port . . . presented to the Metropolitan Park Com- 
mission, February 15, 1897... Boston, 1898. 
obi. 16°. 

Farmer (F. M.) Chafing dish possibilities. 
Boston, 1898. 12"*. 

Fowke (F. R.) The Bayeux Upestry. A his- 
tory and description. London, 1898. 12*. 

Haifl^ (A.), M,D, Diet and Food. London, 
1898. I2^ 

Harrison (M.) The school cookery book . . . 
London, 1898. 12*. 



_ (J. E.) The rabbit, with a chapter 
on cookery by A. I. Shand. London^ 1898. 12*. 
(Fur, feather and fin ler.) 

Heim (C.) Die Einrichtang elektrischer Be- 
leuchtungsanlagfen fttr Gleichstrombetrieb. Ltip- 
zigt 1898. 8°. 

Hirseh (J.) Resum^ du coars de machines k 
vapeur et locomotives profess^ k I'Ecole nationale 
des ponts et chauss^es. Paris ^ 1898. 2. ed. 8°. 

(EncydopMie des travaoz publict.) 

Huebl (A. von) Die photographischen Repro- 
ductionsverfahren . . . Halle a, S., 1898. 4^. 

Watghmm (H. W.) A text book of coal mining. 
London, 1898. 8**. 

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London, 1898. obi. 4°. 

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LeitvermOgen der Elektrolyte. Leipwig, 1898. 

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engineering. Lofiion, 1898. 3. ed. 8°. 

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York, 1898. 1 2*. 

Petoendorfer (L.) Schriften Atlas. Eine 
Sammlung der wichtigen Schreib- und Dmck- 
schrif ten . . . Initialen . . . fOr die praktischen 
Zwecke des Kunstgewerbes. Stuttgart, \^^, V, 

RiCfhi (A.) Die Optik der elektrischen Schwing- 
ungen . . . ttbertragen von B. Dessau. Leipug, 
1898. 8*. 

Senn (C. H.) Practical cookeir manual of 
plain and middle class recipes. London, 1898. 
3 ed. 12**. 

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en . . . Teil i. Stuttgart, 1899. i v. 4''. 

Webber (F. C.) Carpentry and joinery. Lan- 
don, 1898. 12°. 
(Text-books of technology.) 

Welle (S. H.) Practical mechanics. London, 
1898. 12°. 

(Text-books of technology.) 

WiffleT'CT. B.) The art of the goldsmith and 
jeweller. Assisted by J. H. Stausbie. London, 

1898. 8°. 

Winthrop (A. W.) Diet in illness and conval- 
escence. New York, 1899. S'* 

Wmbel (F.) Anregung zur Grdndung eines 
schweizerischen Eisenbahnmuseums. ZArick : 
Zttrcher& Furrer, 1898. 48 pp. 8*. 

Wftst-Kona (C.) und Thorauum (L.) Die 
Jungfraubahn. Elektrischer Betrieb und Bau. 
Zurich, 1898. 

Military & Naval Science — War. 

Davie (R. H.) The Cuban and Porto Rican 
Campaigns. New York, 1898. 8*. 

Chumer (A) aboard the *' Yankee" . . . edited 
by H. H. Lewis. . . New York, 1898. 8". 

Hemment (J. C.) Cannon and camera. Sea 
and land battles of the Spanish-American War. 
New York,i%<fi. 8'. 

Oman (C. W. C.) England and the hundred 
years' war. London, 1898. 16**. 
(The Oxford Manuab of English History.) 

Flttddemaw (M.) Der Krieg um Cuba. Nach 
zuverl&ssigen Quellen. Berlin, 1898. i pt 8°. 

Roberteon (Sir G. S.) Chitr&l: the story of 
a minor siege. New York, 1898. 8"*. 

Shand (A. I.) The war in the peninsula, 
X808-1814. New York, 1898. 8^ 

Speare (J. R.) Our navy in the war with 
Spam. New York, 1898. 8"*. 

Vivian (T. J.) The fall of Santiago. New 
York, 1898. 8*. 

Wheeler (J.) The Santiago Campaign. Bos. 
ton, 1898. 8**. 

Wileox (M.) A short history of the war with 
Spain. New York, [cop. 1898.] 12'. 

Philosophy, Psychology, Ethics, 


Apocalypse (The) of St. John in a Syriac ver- 
sion hitherto unknown; edited (from a MS. in the 
library of the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres) . . . 
by J. Gwynn . . . Dublin, 1897. 4". 

Barrin^ton (A. H.) Anti-Christian cults . . . 
Milwaukee, Wis., [cop. 1898.] I2^ 

Badipe (E. A.. T. W.) The earliest known 
Coptic psalter. The text . . . edited from the unique 
papyrus ... in the British Museum. London, 
1898. 4*. 

Erdmann (B.), and Dod^ (R.) Psycholo- 
gische Untersuchungen ttber das Lesen auf experi- 
menteller Grundlage. Halle a, S,, 1898. 8°. 

Friedl&nder (M. ) Der vorchristliche jadfsche 
Gnosticismus. Gdttingen, 1898. 8°. 

GhhbHelle (A. G.) The life and immorulity 
of man . . . New York, [1898]. 8^ 

CMdechmidt (L.) Kant und Helmholtx . . . 
Hamburg, 1898. 8". 

Green (W. H.) D.D. General introduction to 
the Old Testament. The Canon. New York, 
1898. 8'. 

HopUne (N. M.) Twentieth century magic, 
and the construction of modem magical apparatus, 
with the introduction of new experiments . . . New 
York, 1898. 8". 

Jordan (D. S.) Foot-notes to evolution; a 
series of popular addresses on the evolution of 
life New York, 1898. I2'. 

Kowalewahi (A.) Cber das Kausalitatspro- 
blem. EinephilosophischeStudie. Leipzig, 1898. 8" 

Kaelpe (O.) Einleitung in die Philosophic. 
Leipzig, 1898. 2. ed. 8"*. 

Le Bon (G.) The psychology of peoples. 
London, 1899. 8^ 

Ideder (Die) der MOnche und Nonnen Gotamo 
Buddh6s. Aus dem Theragatha und Therigatha 
tlbersetzt von K. E. Neumann. Berlin, 1899. 8*. 

HaeArthnr (R. S.) Bible difficulties and 
their alleviative interpretation. Old testament. New 
York, 1899. 12**. 

Kaeterlinek (M.) Wisdom and destiny. 
Translated by A. Sutro. New York, 1898. 12**. 

Mommert (C.) Die heilige Grabeskirch^ lu 
Jerusalem in ihrem ursprttnglichen Zusunde. Leip- 
zig, 1898. 8**. 



Mailer (P. J.) De godsleer der middel- 
eeuwsche Joden. Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis der 
leer aangaande God. Groningen, 1898. 8*. 

Paulsen (F.) Einleitung in die Philosophie. 
Berlin, 1898. 5 ed. 8'. 

Procter (F.) A history of the Book of com- 
mon prayer. New York, 1898. 12°. 

RaBU»y (W. M.) Was Christ bom at Bethle- 
hem. A study on the credibility of St. Luke. 
Sew York, 1898. 8'. 

Siebert (O.) Geschichte der neueren deutsch- 
en Philosophie seit Hegel. . . . GoiHngen, 1898. 8*. 

SUeer (T. R.) The great affirmations of relig- 
ion... Boston, \%^^, la"*. 

Talbot (£. S.) Degeneracy. London, 1898. 


(Coacemp. Set. Ser.) 

Veeme (C. 6. di). Geschichte des Spiritismus. 
Einzig autorisirte Ubersetzung aus dem Italien- 
ischen und mit Anmerkungen versehen yon Fell- 
gcnhaucr. Leiptig, 1898. i ▼. 8°. 

WatermaA (L.) The post-apostolic age. . . . 
New York, 1898. la*. 
(Ten Epochs of Chvrcb Hist., ▼. a.) 

Philology, Grammar, etc. 

Cortina (R. D. de la) M^todo Cortina. 
Frances en yeinte lecciones. Nueva York, 1897. 
4. ed. 12". 

Cortina (R. D. de la) Cortina method. French 
in twenty lessons. New York, 1898. 3. ed. 12**. 

FenuUd (J. C.) English sjrnonyms and anto- 
nyms, with notes on the correct use of prepositions. 
New York, 1897. 8'. 

(Standard Educational Ser.) 

Festaekrifl zum viiL allgemeinen dentschen 
Nenphilologentage in Wien, Pfingsten 1898. . . 
Hrsg. von J. Schipper. Wien, 1898. 4*. 

_ (L. W.) First steps in Assyrian. . . Lon* 

^, 1898. 8°. 

Voeldeke (Th.) Kurzgefasste syrische Gram- 
matik. ... Mit einer Schrifttafel von J. Euting. 
^>«(r. 1898. 8*. 

Olson (Julius E.) Norwegian grammar and 
reader with notes and vocabulary. Chicago, 1898. 

o . 

Thorean-Dangfln (F.) Recherches snr I'ori- 
gine de T^criture cun^iforme. Pte. i. Paris, 1898. 

Wnnderer (C.) Polybios-Forschungen. Bei- 
trftge zur Sprach- und Kulturgeschichte. T. i. 
Leipzig, 1898. 8**. 

Physical Culture, Sports & Pas- 
times, ETC. 

Blaikie (W.) How to get strong and how to 
stay so. New York, \Zffi, New and enl. ed. 12**. 

Demidor (E.) Hunting trips in the Caucasus. 
London, 1898. 8**. 

Dn^ (F.) Die Dampfhochseefischerei in Gees- 
temtlnde. . . GeestemUnde, 1898. 8". 

Drxbronifii (T. B.) Polo. London, 1898. 8**. 

Foster's American leads and how to learn 
them. New York, 1894. 16°. 

Foster's Common sense leads. New York 
[1898]. 16°. 

Hosae games and parties by various authors, 
and here edited by Mrs. H. Mott. . . Pkiladelpkia 
[cop. 1898]. 16''. 

(Ladies* Home Joomal girls' Ubrary.) 

M*nael d'escrime approuv^ par M. le Ministre 
de ia guerre. Paris, 1898. 6. ed. 24**. 

Honier-Wlllimms (M. S.) Figure-skating. 
London, 1898. 12''. 
(The Isthmian Library, no. 7.) 

Sadth (G.) The world of golf . . . London, 
1898. 12*. 

Tsr^lor (J. P.) Fishing and 6shers. London, 
[1898?] I2^ 

Walker (C. E.) Old flies in new dresses. . . 
London, 1898. 8''. 

Watson (A. E. T.) The turf. London, 1898. 

Toon^f (F. K.) The major tactics of chess. A 
treatise on evolutions. The proper employment of 
the forces... Boston, 1898. 8°. 


Amer. Climatological Asso'n 

Amer. Pharmaceutical Asso'n 

Baden, Statistical Bureau 

Baltimore " Sun "... 

Barber Asphalt Paving Co. 

Bibliotheca Nacional do Rio 
de Janeiro ... 

Biscow, B 

Boston Public Library . 

Boston Registry Department 

Boston Transit Commission 

British Patent Office . . 

Brooks Brothers . . . 

Brown, Francis H. . . 

Bureau of Am. Republics 

Canada, Government of . 

Cleveland, Bureau of Educ. 

Conn. Bureau of Labor . 

Cornell University . . . 

Crane, R. Newton, Lond. 

Detroit, Board of Educ. . 

Dexter, Miss Mary . . . 

Diocese of Cent. Penna. . 

Diocese of Delaware . . 

Diocese of New York . . 

Diocese of Washington . 

Flint, Dr. Austin . . . 

Ford, Messrs. Worthington 
C. and Paul L. (Large 
number of newspapers) 

Gen. Convention P. E. Ch. 
Gen. Theol. Sem., N. Y. 
Gfeller, Emil .... 
Grosvenor Pub. Library . 
Hackett, Chauncey Craven 
Harkavy, Alexander . 
Harrisburg City Reports 
Harrison, Hon. Carter H. 
Hart, Dr. Samuel . . . 
Harvard Club of N. Y. . 
Harvard University . . 
Havemeyer, William F. . 
Herty, Rev. Dr. Jos. H., Jo 

hannesburgh .... 
Hobart College 
India, Calcutta Meteorologi 

cal Office 

Ingersoll, Ernest . . . 
Imperial Univ. of Japan . 
Interstate Commerce Com'n 
Jaches, Rev. Philip . . 
Johns Hopkins University 
Lemcke, Ernst .... 
Lewis, Rev. A. ... 
Lib'y Hall Ass'n of Cambridge 
Loubat, Due de .... 




I 3 


















9»30o 35.000 

J (est.) 


I s 









Low, Philip B. . 
Mallett, D. T. . 
Mo. Indus'! & Labor Bureau 
Md. Geological Survey . 
Mass. District Police . . 
Mich. Sec'y of State . . 
** Money " Publishing Co. 
Naples, Accad. Pontaniana 
New Jer. State Treasurer 
New So. Wales, Min. of Pub 

New York Journal . 

N. Y. Sec'y of State 

Ontario Bur. of Industries 

Ontario Dep't of Agri. 

Otis Library .... 

Peoria Pub. Library . 

Poillon, William . . 

Porter, Peter A. . . 

R. R. Dept. of Y. M. C. A. of 
New York 

Rosenkranz, Aaron(io6 news- 

Russell, Charles H. . . 

** Russian Life" ... 

St. Andrews University . 

St. Bartholomew's Church 

St. Lucia, Blue Book . . 

Smithsonian Institution . 

Social Reform Club . . 

Society of Arts .... 

Sorge, F. A. (400 newspapers) 

State Charities Aid Asso'n 

State Hist'l Soc. of Wis. . 

Statute Law Book Co. 

••The[N.Y.] Times" . 

Tufts College .... 

U. S. Bureau of Education 

U. S. Com'n of Fish & Fish 
enes . • .... 

U. S. Dept. of State . . 

U. S. National Museum . 

U. S. Naval Observatory 

U. S. Navy Dept. . . . 

U. S. Secretary of Interior 

U. S. Supt. of Documents 

U. S. Surgeon-General 

U. S. Treasury Dept. 

U. S. War Dept. . 

Univ. of Rochester 

Univ. of Wisconsin 

Walker, Edwin C. 

Wallace, John H. 

Wesleyan Univ. 

Wheeler, Everett P 

Yale University 








































VoiiUME III • Number 3 
March 1899 


Report for February 107 

Report op the Executive Committee 108-117 

Literary Periodicals 118-135 

Signers to the Declaration op Independence, Vols. 16. 17 136-149 

Principal Accessions in February 150-155 

Principal Donors in February .... 156 



Samuel P. Avery. Alexander Maitland. 

John Bigelow. Thomas M. Markoe. 

William Allen Butler. Stephen H. Olin. 

John L. Cadwalader. Alexander £. Orr. 

Andrew H. Green. Henry C. Potter. 

Daniel Huntington. George L. Rives. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. Philip Schuyler. 

John S. Kennedy. George W. Smith. 

Edward King. Frederick Sturges. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. Charles Howland Russell. 
Bird S. Coler, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 


President^ Hon. John Bigelow. 
First Vice-Presidenty Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D. 
Second Vice-President^ John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary y George L. Rives, Esq., 32 Nassau Street. 
Treasurer^ Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director^ John S. Billings, LL.D.,40 Lafayette Place. 


npHE Astor Building, 40 Lafayette Place, and the Lenox Building, Fifth Avenue 
' and 70th Street, are open daily, excepting on Sundays, Independence Day, 
Christmas, and New Year, from 9 a. m. until 6 p. m. 

The Reading rooms and the Exhibition rooms are free to all persons; but 
children under the age of fifteen years must be accompanied by an adult. 

In the Reading room of each Library Building certain shelves are set apart for 
books of reference, which readers are allowed to take down and examine at their 
pleasure. For all other books an application must be made by filling out and 
signing one of the blanks provided for the purpose. 

Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York City 

Sub«Tiptioo One Dollar a year, tingle numbera Ten CenU. Subscriptions may be sent to L Ferris Lockwood, BusincM 

Superintendent, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York. 
Entered as seoond<lass matter at the New York, N. Y., Post Office, January 30, 1897 





Vol. III. 

March, 1899. 

No. 3. 


During the month of February, there were received at the Library by pur- 
chase 719 books and 58 pamphlets, and by gift 5,865 books and 30,909 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 4,997 volumes and 3,502 pamphlets, for which purpose 
19,056 cards and 2,003 slips for the printer were written. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox branches of the Library, during the 
month : 



Total number of readers 





Daily averacre of readers 

Number of volumes consulted • . . . . 

Among the important gifts of the month were the following — from Mr. Avery, 
23 volumes and 22 pamphlets; from the Envoy of Costa Rica, 18 volumes and 
16 pamphlets, all documents relating to Costa Rica; from Dr. J. R. Chadwick, 
32 old pamphlets; from Captain F. E. Chadwick, a map made by the sailors of the 
U. S. S. New York, to illustrate the movements of the fleet before Santiago ; from 
Mrs. Henry Draper, a collection of fifty pieces of Hungarian music; from the 
Envoy of Venezuela, 14 volumes and 2 pamphlets, relating to Venezuela; from 
the Wyclif Society, England, 14 volumes of its publications; and from Jacob Ter^ 
30 volumes and 26 pamphlets. 




To THE Trustees of the New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and 

TiLDEN Foundations : 

As a new stage in the development of the New York Public Library may be 
said to have been practically reached, now that an actual appropriation of funds 
is about to be made by the city, and the work of the demolition of the reservoir 
and the construction of the new building is to be commenced, the Executive Com- 
mittee is of opinion that it will be interesting and instructive to review very briefly 
what has already been accomplished since the consolidation. They therefore pre- 
sent this report. 


The formal agreement of consolidation between the three corporations was 
made upon the 23d of May, 1895, ^^^ ^^^ consolidated corporation was organized 
on May 27, 1895. 

Discussion of thfc many problems confronting the Trustees occupied the 
remainder of the year. In December, 1895, ^^' Billings was selected as Director. 
He did not, however, fully enter upon his duties until June, 1896. 

The consolidation of the libraries compelled an early consideration of the 
question of the site of the future Library and of the subject of the future policy 
of the new corporation with reference to the character of library it proposed to 
establish and conduct. 

If the adopted policy should confine the new corporation to conducting a 
library of reference purely on the old lines, with the aid of the funds of The Tilden 
Trust, public interest might not be excited, and probably the increased funds 
might before long prove to be insufficient and leave the consolidated corporation 
somewhat in the position the individual corporations had occupied. If, on the 
other hand, the new corporation proposed to adopt "the open door," and while 
preserving the character of the Library as a library of reference, nevertheless, to 
be ready to undertake circulation as far as possible and at least to sympathize 
with the general public, the public might be a hard taskmaster, but, notwith- 
standing, public aid was reasonably sure, and it was possible to place the consoli- 
dated Library in so strong a position as to be safe from all future competition and 
secure a career of real usefulness. 

One of the earliest acts of the Board of Directors was to declare the intentions 
of the Trustees on this subject in positive and unequivocal terms. On the 14th 
of February, 1896, the Board resolved that it is the duty of the corporation " to 
** adopt the broadest policy possible in reference to the nature and scope of the 
** New York Public Library, provided the funds at the disposal of the corporation, 
**or which can be obtained, permit." This policy was more generally stated and 
authoritatively made public in the address which was presented to the Mayor of 
the City on March 25, 1896, wherein it was stated that if the City of New York 
would furnish a proper site and provide the means to erect thereon a suitable 
building for the purposes of the Library, then the New York Public Library could, 
through the sale of its present sites, obtain such an addition to its funds as would 



justify it in providing for the circulation of books from its main building; and it 
was pointed out that in this manner an opportunity was afforded for the City of 
New York to establish and maintain a free public library on the broadest and most 
comprehensive plan. 

As the result of these representations and the outspoken support of the public, 
the subject was presented early in 1897 to the Legislature, and the necessary 
authority was asked to enable the city to construct a library building in Bryant 
Park, and to contract with the New York Public Library for its occupancy, and 
an act for this purpose was passed May 19, 1897. Steps were at once taken for 
the preparation of plans for the new building, and as the building was to be essen- 
tially a public building it was deemed proper that the plan should be selected 
only after public competition, and arrangements were immediately made for such 

On the 19th of May, 1897, a scheme for a preliminary competition, which for 
some time had been under discussion, was perfected and approved, and on the 
2ist of May this scheme was made public, and participation invited. On the 15th 
of July this competition closed, and during the following week the awards of the 
preliminary competition were made. On the 2d of August the instructions for the 
final competition were issued, and on the 8th of November the report of the jury 
on the final competition was submitted. On November loth the report of the 
jury was confirmed and approved, and Messrs. Carr^re & Hastings were selected 
by the Board as architects. On the ist of December, 1897, the plans so selected 
were approved by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, and a definite con- 
tract was authorized between the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the City 
of New York and the New York Public Library for the permanent occupation of 
the building when completed, and the carrying on of the work of the Library, 
which was duly executed. 

It may be remarked that the means adopted by the Board resulted not only in 
producing plans for what your Committee believe will be the most satisfactory 
building for library purposes in this country, and at the same time second to none 
in this city in architectural beauty; but the particular scheme of competition 
adopted has met with universal approval, and has since been recommended and 
used as a model in competitions of this character elsewhere, being generally 
accepted as a marked step in advance in securing the best results in an architect- 
ural competition. 

The causes for delay in the actual commencement of the work are well known. 
We are now assured, however, that the Board of Estimate and Apportionment 
will probably be able to appropriate $1,000,000 for the work during the present 
year, and $500,000 thereof as soon as a requisition from the Department of Public 
Parks in due form is presented. We are, however, of opinion that no time has in 
reality been lost, and that the interval since the adoption of the plans has been 
most valuable as giving an opportunity for their study and development. 

The Trustees, however, have not devoted their entire energies to the new 
building, and the extraordinary increase in the Library during the last two years 
and a half makes a remarkable showing. 


Since July i, 1896, there have been added to the collections of the Library 
about 80,000 volumes and 80,000 pamphlets, and by the end of the present fiscal 
year the Library, including the Ford Collection, will contain about 465,000 vol- 
umes and 180,000 pamphlets. The annual accessions have been at the rate of 
about 26,000 volumes and 25,000 pamphlets. The annual accessions of the Boston 
Public Library during the same period have been about 30,000 a year, and of the 
British Museum, about 38,000 a year; but these figures include both books and 
pamphlets, so that the New York Public Library has, in all probability, been 
growing far more rapidly than any library in the world. As regards the character 
of this increase, in so far as purchases are concerned, the established lines have 
been adhered to of creating a general reference library at the Astor, and improv- 
ing and adding to the valuable collections relating to American history, com- 
menced by Mr. Lenox; so that the increase in the New York Public Library has 
not only been great in numbers, but the standard has been entirely preserved. 

The number of books and pamphlets received as gifts since the first of Janu- 
ary, 1896, has been 125,000. These figures do not include the Ford Collection, 
which will number about 40,000 books and a like number of pamphlets. Some of 
the gifts received are, of course, duplicates; but, on the other hand, many of 
them have been rare and costly works or special collections of much interest. It 
is especially gratifying to see that it is becoming recognized among the citizens 
of New York that this library is the proper place in which to deposit such special 
collections, and thus make them available to students for the public good. 

The addition of this large number of books has naturally involved many changes 
in the arrangement of the rooms in the two buildings and the addition of a large 
amount of shelving. At the beginning of 1896, the shelving in both buildings 
was insufficient and overcrowded. In the Astor the shelves contained two rows of 
books in some of the departments and at the Lenox many of the books were piled 
on the floor and more than half of the shelves were double-banked. To provide 
for this overcrowding and for the great number of books and pamphlets received, 
there has been added about 29,400 feet, or over five lineal miles of shelving, and 
of this new shelving 14,170 feet, or not quite one-half has been placed in the 

By using a large part of the first floor of the Astor Library over 50 per cent, 
has been added to the space in that building available for library purposes. The 
general catalogue for the whole Library is on this floor and the large rooms at the 
back have been filled with books. 


The following is a condensed statement of what has been accomplished in the 
way of affording increased accommodations to the public in the existing buildings: 

1. The hours of opening have been extended, the libraries being now open 
from 9 A. M. to 6 p. m., as against the old hours from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m., or 5 
p. m. in the summer. The libraries are not now closed on any days in the year, 
except Sundays, Christmas Day, New Year's Day and the Fourth of July. 

2. The introduction of electric light into both the Astor and Lenox buildings 
was absolutely necessary to make the extended hours possible. The reading- 


rooms in both the Astor and Lenox are now well lighted by electricity, and the 
lower ranges of shelves in the Astor are sufficiently lighted to obtain books there- 
from. In the upper part of the Astor it has not been possible, within reasonable 
expenditure, to introduce light, so that books cannot be obtained from these 
shelves after 4 p. m. , in the winter. 

3. Open reference shelves have been introduced in both libraries, on which 
many thousand books are open to the public freely, without the necessity of apply- 
ing at the desk, which number of books it is intended steadily to increase. 

4. The newest books at the Astor are placed on the desk in a special case open 
to the public view to give information as to the latest publications received. 

5. The space formerly occupied by the catalogue department in the South Hall . 
of the Astor has been removed to the first floor, and this space has been devoted 
to periodicals, the south reading room being also largely devoted to periodicals. 
The number of periodicals taken is increased, and the Library now receives over 
3,000 of all kinds. A certain number of these are placed in an open reference case 
in the periodical room where readers can help themselves. This greatly relieves 
the crowd around the delivery desk in the center room. 

6. At the Lenox the capacity of the reading-room has been doubled by the 
opening of a new reading-room at the north end for local history, genealogy and 
music, the books on these subjects at the Astor having been transferred to the 

7. Book lifts have been put in, both at the Astor and the Lenox, to increase 
the rapidity of service. The seats in the reading-room have been numbered, so 
that each reader can have his books sent to his numbered seat, as is done in the 
British Museum. 

8. A subject catalogue on cards is in progress, which contains all the new 
books, and to which the old books are being added as rapidly as possible. This 
is the most effective improvement in progress, and at the same time the most 
expensive and difficult to complete. About one-half of the old books in the 
Library are now reclassified and catalogued in this subject catalogue. During the 
year 1898, 33,835 volumes and 21,074 pamphlets were catalogued and accessioned, 
making a total of 53,909. In the Boston Public Library the number of titles 
written in the catalogue department last year was 36,033, and in the same period 
in the British Museum it was 43,828. 

9. A special attendant has been placed in charge of the open reference shelves 
at the Astor, whose duty it is to assist readers generally, to call attention to the 
shelves, and to aid in using the catalogue. It has been found that the services of 
this attendant are very highly appreciated. 

10. A bindery on a moderate scale has been established at the Astor, which is 
chiefly devoted to repairing. 

11. In the course of the reclassification of the Library a number of duplicates 
have been discovered, and a very considerable number of duplicates have also been 
received by gift. All such duplicates which appear to be suitable works for a cir- 
culating department have been carefully put aside separately for the use of such 
department in the future. 



13. The publication of a monthly bulletin was commenced in January, 1897. 
Two volumes have now been published, and the substance and style of the publica- 
tion has met with very general interest and approval among librarians and the 
public, and it is rapidly becoming a valuable medium of exchange with foreign 

13. There are now at work in the Library twenty-one persons — one man and 
twenty women — who are learning the business of cataloguing, shelf listing, etc., 
by practical work in the several departments, accepting the instruction which they 
receive in lieu of compensation. It appears that the persons who are being thus 
instructed, as well as the Library, are the gainers by this, inasmuch as the time 
which a skilled cataloguer devotes to teaching these apprentices is more than com- 
pensated by the very considerable amount of work in copying, alphabetizing, filing 
cards, etc., which the pupils do in the course of their apprenticeship. 

14. In 1897, what may be termed a library club was organized among the 
members of the staff, and meetings are held once a month in the evening. Various 
problems connected with library management are discussed, and especially questions 
of immediate interest to our Library. These meetings have been largely attended, 
have had an excellent influence in educating the younger members of the staff, and 
are of much interest to all. 

The expenses of the Library exhaust its present income, taking into consideration 
the gaps to be filled in many departments, and the expensive '*back work," in 
cataloguing and classifying, to be done. From this point of view, and particularly 
in view of the fact that we shall move from the present building^s within some 
reasonable time, it is doubtful whether anything of moment in the line of further 
extension or improvement can be expected with the present buildings. Any con- 
siderable increased use of the present libraries must apparently be by way of 
increased hours which, of course, implies the expense of increased service, besides 
considerable new plant, a large part of which will be a dead loss on removing to 
the new building. An estimate has been furnished the Committee, at the request 
of the Director, showing the cost of opening the Astor and Lenox reading rooms 
for three hours longer each evening, viz., only from 6 to 9, with the following 
result : 

Astor Building : 

Estimated increased clerical assistance, per month. . . $530 00 

Estimated additional fuel for light and heat 30 00 

Estimated cost of night watchmen and attendant. ... 40 00 

$600 00 

or per year, $7,200. 

(To furnish the necessary electric light, however, it 
would be necessary to duplicate the present electric 
plant, except boilers, at an expense of $1,750, and 
to undergo certain expenses for wiring in the upper 



Lenox Building : 

Additional clerical assistance, per month $37o oo 

Estimated additional cost electric light 70 oo 

Estimated cost of additional attendant 20 00 

** '* fuel for heating 25 00 

$485 00 

Total per year, $5,820. 

Total annual expense for both buildings $13,020 00 

Sundry expenses not possible to estimate 1,980 00 

$15,000 00 

We are spending more than our annual income in order to get the Library 
properly catalogued and classified before moving, and such extra expenses must 
be continued for at least two years more. In view of this fact, and of the heavy 
expense which appears to be necessarily incident to opening the Library in the 
evenings, we are constrained to advise the Trustees that it is inexpedient to attempt 
to open either building at night. It might possibly be wise to open at least a 
portion of the Astor Building in the evening, as being the one most used, for some 
months immediately prior to moving to the new building. 

It is a matter of great regret that the privileges of alcove readers have neces- 
sarily been curtailed at the Astor Building from actual want of space, and that it 
may be necessary to withdraw this privilege entirely. This will be a serious 
deprivation to many scholars whom the Public Library desires to serve; but fortu- 
nately such a deprivation will be but temporary. 


The changes and improvements here outlined, accompanied by a rapid growth 
in the number of books, has largely increased the number of readers at both build- 
ings. In the two Libraries in 1894 there were about 66,500 readers, who called 
for 243,700 books. In 1898, there were 106,000 readers, who called for 367,800 
books, besides making very extensive use of the open reference shelves, of which, 
of course, there is no record. 

On Saturday, February 18, 1899, there were in the Astor Building 395 readers, 
who called for 1,665 volumes, the greatest number on any one day in the history 
of the Library. Increase of readers is necessarily now checked because no further 
room can be provided for them, the limit of accommodation in the present building 
being exhausted. No further seats for readers can be supplied, and the capacity 
of the building for books is heavily taxed. 


We have attached hereto certain schedules showing the expenses of the acces- 
sions, the attendance and various matters of interest by way of comparison, affect- 
ing our Library, the British Museum, the Biblioth^que Nationale and the Boston 
Public Library, which may be found interesting, and a comparative table, making 
comparison on several of these points, between the New York Public Library, the 
British Museum, the Boston Public Library, and the Congressional Library. 


Entirely apart from the actual changes and improvements, and the growth, 
actual and relative, in books and readers, the results of consolidation and 
awakened interest have been apparent in every department of the libraries. 

The Trustees will remember that, at the origin of the consolidation, it was 
thought prudent to secure a certain representation to the several libraries in the 
organization of the respective committees, and in the conduct of the affairs of the 
new corporation. They will recall with satisfaction that all such considerations 
have long since ceased to have the faintest weight, and that now no regard is paid 
to the particular needs of either of the three original corporations except as affect- 
ing the public interest. 

The funds and material of each of the libraries have since the consolidation 
been fairly and intelligently devoted to increasing the uses of the Consolidated 
Library as a whole, with marked success, and with constantly increasing confidence 
from the public. This has been accomplished without friction in the Board, and 
with singular unanimity of opinion, especially when we bear in mind the many and 
varied subjects which have arisen or which have been under discussion. 

It would be difficult in any moderate space fully to refer to all the proofs that 
the consolidation and improvements in administration have been appreciated by 
the public, and met by gifts, interest and increased use of the Library. 

Apart from such large and valuable gifts as the Emmet Collection (the gift of 
Mr. Kennedy) and the Ford Collection (the gift of Messrs. Worthington and Paul 
Leicester Ford), many other valuable gifts of collections and rare books have 
constantly been made. One legacy of ten thousand dollars has already been 
given, and in addition every Trustee is aware of daily and constantly recurring 
manifestations of public interest and good-will. 

All this has operated most effectively upon the staff of the Library, and the 
awakened and increasing interest and the quickened intelligence of the entire staff 
are most satisfactory. 

It is moreover true that consolidation, increased resources and effective direc- 
tion have enormously improved the general reputation and position of the Library 
as an educational agent, and in public consideration abroad. The readiness of the 
public authorities of other States, cities and countries, and the foreign represen- 
tatives of the United States, to aid us in obtaining reports and publications shows 
an increased public estimate of the value of the work in which we are engaged. 

It would be a matter of great injustice if due credit were not given to the 
Director, Dr. Billings, for the distinguished part he has taken in every improve- 
ment of administration, and for his large contribution to the present position of 
the Library. 

When reference is made to the improvements effected, and the general 
improvement in tone, it must be clearly understood that no criticism or blame for 
past conditions is implied or intended. The difficulties and shortcomings of both 
the Astor and the Lenox were largely the result of having reached the limit of 
their possible development with the funds at their disposal, and under the then 
existing surroundings. 

Organized as they were, and while invaluable to a class of students, they 
failed to excite public interest and to attract individual support; for nothing can 
compel large and increasing public interest except adequate endowment and the 


resulting capacity to keep entirely abreast of the public demands. This, of course, 
both the Astor and the Lenox Libraries absolutely lacked. It was difficulti and 
often impossible, for either to keep up with the necessary purchases, the increasing 
demands for periodicals, and other publications. It was never possible for either 
to properly catalogue and make accessible their purchases, to extend their hours, or 
to provide the necessary assistance. Such a situation was rapidly becoming 
intolerable, and the Trustees of both the existing libraries were helpless. If each 
proceeded with its own scheme of general development much duplication would 
necessarily arise, with a corresponding waste of funds and energy. If the Astor, 
the more general Library, could have succeeded in obtaining the funds needed to 
enrich its collection and permanently secure its position, the value of the collection 
would have imperatively demanded an improved fire-proof structure, which could 
not have been supplied except at a prohibitive cost. 

If, in the face of the difficulties attending these two existing corporations, the 
Tilden Trust had proceeded to establish a third library, all these serious questions 
would have been repeated and multiplied. 

If nothing had been done, the public authorities might have thought it necessary 
to establish still another Library, which at least would have possessed a dignified 
and safe library building. 

Looking back four years, the experience of that period has plainly justified 
the prevision of the Trustees of the three consolidating corporations. The added 
endowment, which has come from the Tilden benefaction, has enabled the exist- 
ing stores of books to be made accessible to readers; it has given opportunity for 
keeping the collections fairly up to the times; and it has supplied the means for 
greatly increasing the comfort and convenience of readers. Beyond, and more 
important than all this, the consolidation and change of name has enabled those 
conducting the New York Public Library to present it to the public and to the 
city authorities as an institution existing for the welfare of all the citizens of the 
metropolis, and appealing for support to all who are interested in the spread of 
learning. What the result of such a policy may prove to be in future can only be 
conjectured. In the four years which have passed the fact that the city authorities, 
with the unanimous approbation of the Legislature, have set apart a site, and have 
agreed to spend two and a half million dollars of money in erecting an adequate 
and permanent home for the Library, abundantly fulfills the hopes with which the 

consolidation was undertaken. 

John L. Cadwalader, 

March 8th^ i8^^. Chairman. 



New York Public Library. 
Annual expenditures — 

Books $33,000 

(Regular) salaries $82,000 

(Extra) ** 16,000 


Number of volumes (excluding duplicates) 450,000 

** pamphlets ** ** 160,000 


Number of additions annually — 

Volumes 25,000 

Pamphlets 25,000 


Number of titles written for cataloguing annually 54, 000 

Number of visitors (readers) annual 106,000 

Daily average 488 

Number of volumes consulted 450,000 

British Museum. 

Annual expenditure for purchase of books ... $55>ooo 

Salaries of employees in the Library Department only $225,000 

Salaries of employees in care and custody of building $65,000 

Total expenditure for all purposes $707,200 

Cost of the Catalogue in progress $250,000 

Number of volumes .... 1,900,000 

Total number of visits in the reading room, 1897-1898 188,628 

Daily average about 624 

Average number in reading room about 3*o 

Titles written for cataloguing 42,828 

Number of volumes bound 22,013 

Newspaper room, daily average of readers 54 

Number of volumes and pamphlets added to the Library in the course 

of the year 26,929 

(Of these 12,175 were received by Copyright Law.) 


For purchase of books $30,000 

Salaries $ 

Salaries of employees $14,000 

Number of books 2,850,000 


Boston Public Library. 

Number of books added during the years 1897-8 

Number of actual accessions 

(Of which 9,002 were gifts and 24,129 were purchases.) 

Total number of books bound 

Volumes in cheap cloth bindings by outside contracts 

Cataloguing, number of titles written 

(Of the accessions about one-half have been duplicates.) 

Number of cards placed in the Catalogues 

Number of visitors, Central Library Building, per week. It is open 

Sundays and evenings 

In the newspaper room, at one time (maximum) 

In the Bates Hall, at one time (maximum) 

Newspapers on file, over 








Number of volumes (exclud- 
ing duplicates) 

Number of pamphlets 

Number of additions to Li- 
brary, annual 

Anoaal expenditures — books 

Annual expenditures — sala- 

Titles written for cataloj^e 
Number of visitors, readers. 

Daily arerage 








[including fiction 
and children's 







\besides over 800, 
000 visitors]. 





[besides those in 
charge of the 


[besides visitors]. 


[including fiction] . 



[besides those in 
charge of the 





« « 

Na stands for N. Y. Public Library, Astor Building; Nl for N. Y. Public Library, Lenox 

Building; C for Columbia University Library. 

Aarbogf for Skandinaviens Literatur. See 
SkandinaTiak Selskab i Kj6benhavn. 

Aeardemisehe Monatshefte. Organ der 
deutschen Corpsstudenten. Hrsg. von K. RUgemer. 
V. 13-14 (1896-98). Starnberg'Miinchen, 1897-98. 
4°. Na 


Academy (The). A monthly record of litera- 
ture, learning, science, and art. v. 1-54 (1869-98). 
London, 1870-98, 4°. Na C 

^ Current. The sub-title is from v. ^: A weekly review of 
literature, science, and art. Successively edited by C. W. 
Appleton, C. E. Doble and J. S. Cotton. 

V. 1-14 (1869-78). Nl 

Adventurer (The), v. 1-3. London, 1794. 
8". Na C 

Adventurer of the Nineteenth Century. No. 
I. (April-October, 1823.) [London, 1823. J 8°. Na 

A^ora (The). (A Kansas magazine.) v. 1-5 
(1891-96). Lavtrence, Kan., 1891-96. 8*. Nl 
V. X lacks t. p. 

Albion ; or British, Colonial and Foreign weekly 
Gazette, v. i-ii (1822-32); new ser. v. 1-6 (1833- 
38); new ser. v. 1-3 (1839-41); new ser. v. 1-8, 
10-15 (1842-49. 1851-56); V. 35-41, 49 (i857-^3» 
1871). 42 V. New York, 1833-71. f*. Na 

V. z-4 have sub-title : a journal of the news, politics and 

V. 8 (1829); ii«w ser. v. 6 (1838); n. s. v. 1-3 

(1839-41). C 

Album (The). (Edited by F. B. B. St. Leger.) 
V. 1-4 (1822-25). London, 1822-25. 8*. C 

Album des Literarischen Vereins in NUrnberg. 
See Literariseher Verein in Namberg. 

Aldlne (The), v. 7 (1874). New York, 1874. 
i\ Nl 

Aldine Magazine of Biography, Bibliography, 
Criticism and the Arts. v. i (Dec. 1838-Jan. 1839). 
London, 1839. 8*- Na 

Alg^emene konst- en letter-bode voor het jaar, 
1801-53. 106 V. in 99. /^otfr/^iw, [1801-53]. 8". C 

new ser. v. 1-8 (1854-61). Haarlem [1854- 

61]. tables. 4°. C 

new ser. v. 1-2 (1842, 1834). Haarlem, 

1834-42. 8^ Nl 

V. 3 publ. 1834. 

1838, no. 10-14. Na 

Alg^emene konst> en letter-bode voor meeren 
min-geofifenden; behelzende berigten uit degeleerde 
waereld van alle landen. 1788-93. Haarlem, 
1788-93. Sq. 4^ II V. in 5. C 

Continued as Nteuire algemene kunst- en letter-bode. 

Alicfhieri (L') ; rivisU di cose dantesche. 4 v, 

Verona, 1890-93. 4**. C 

Vol. a-4 pub. at Venezia. Continued by Glornale 

All the year round, with which is incorporated 
" Household words." Conducted by Charles 
Dickens, v. 1-20 (1859-68); new ser. v. 1-43 
(1868-88); 3. ser. V. 1-13 (1889-95). 76 V. London, 
1859-95. 8". Na 


V. 1-20 (1859-68); new ser. v. 1-43 (1869- 

88); 3. ser. v. 1-3 (1889-90). Nl 

V. 1-20 (1859-68); new ser. v. 1-16 (i86q- 

76). c 

Allegrluuiian (The), v. i (1845). -^-pw York, 
1845. 4°. Nl 

V. z, edited by Edward A. M'Laughlin. 

Allflpemeine Literatur-Zeitung. 125 v. Jena 
and Halle, 1785-1811. Na 

All^emeiner Verein fttr deutsche Literatur. 
Publicationen. 29 v. Berlin, 1874-98. 8*. Na 

3 V. (1874-78.) C 

AlmanarOh pour rire . . . 1898. /'arix, [1898]. 
I2^ Na 

Altnordiflclie Saga-Bibliothek. Hrsg. von G. 
CederschiOld, H. Gering und E. Mogk. v. 1-6. 
Halle a. S., 1^92^7. 8^ Na 

AltpreuMiselie Monatsschrift der neuen 
Preussischen Provinzial-Blfitter; vierte und fUnfte 
Folge. V. 1-34(1864-97). AVfii^-j^^^, 1864-97. C 

Ed. by Rudolf Reicke and Ernst Wichcrt, v. x-31. v. 1-1 
have title Altpreussiache Monatsschrift lur Spiegelung des 
provinzieilen Lebens in Literatur, Kunst und Industnc. Coo- 
tains Altpreussische Bibliographic, with a special Utle-page 
from 1891. 

Amaranth (The); or. Token of remembrance; 

a Christmas and New Year's gift for 1850. New 

York, 1850. I2\ C 


Amaranthe. Revue litt^raire, artistique, 
illustr^e; d^diee k nos jeunes filles. v. 5i no. 5 
(Mai, 1895). Paris, 1895. 4°. Na 

American Athenaeum; or. Repository of the 
arts, sciences, and belles Icttres. v. i (1825-26). 
[New York], 1825-26. 4°. ^1 

American Eclectic; or. Selections from the 
periodical literature of all foreign countries. Con- 
ducted by A. Peters and Selah B. Treat, v. 2, no. 
4-5 (1841). New York, 1841. 8^ Nl 

American Historical Record and Repertory of 
notes and queries concerning the history and 
antiquities of America and biography of Americans. 





Ed. by Benson J. Lossing. v. 1-3. Philadelphia^ 

1872-74. 8'. Na C 

Conttnaed as: Potier^B American Monthly; an illus- 
tzmted magazine. 

Ameriean Literary Magazine. Monthly. By 
T. Owight Sprague. v. 1-4 (July, 1847-June, 1849). 
Albany, 1847-49. 8°- Na 

V. I (1847). Nl 

Ameriean Magazine, a monthly miscellany, 
devoted to literature, science, history, biography 
and the arts ; including also state papers and public 
documents... v. 1(1815). Albany, i^i^. 8. Nl 

Aaaeriean Magazine, and repository of useful 
literature, devoted to science, literature, and arts; 
and embellished with numerous engravings. Edited 
by J. S. Wood and B. Wood. v. i (1841). Albany, 
1 84 1. 8". Nl 

Ameriean Magazine of Useful and Entertain- 
ing Knowledge, v. 1-2. Boston, 1835-36. 4^. 


Ameriean Miscellany, v. i, no. 3, 8 (1839). 
[London] 1839. 8^ Nl 

Ameriean Monthly: including the Household 
magazine, devoted to literature and religion, physical 
and mental culture. Edited by Rev. S. H. Piatt. 
V. I (Jan. to Dec. i860). New York, i860. 8'. C 

An&eriean Monthly Knickerbocker. See 
Kniekerbeeker (The). 

Aflieriean Monthly Magazine. Ed. by H. W. 
Herbert and A. D. Patterson, v. 1-2 (1833-34); 
new scr. v. 5 (1838). 3 v. New York, 1833-38. 
8'. Na 

New ser. v. 1-5 (1836-38). Nl 

V. I, 5 (1833, '35); new ser. v. 1-5 (1836- 

38.) C 

vols. 3-3 of n. t. are incomplete. 

Ameriean Monthly Magazine; edited by N. P. 
Willis. V. I (April, 1829-March, 1830). 2 v. New 
York, 1829-30. 8'. C 

Aflieriean Monthly Magazine and Critical Re- 
view. Published for H. Biglow, editor and pro- 
inietor. v. i-4(May, 1817-April, 1819). 4 v. New 
York, 1817-19. 8'. Na C 

T. a-3 ed. by Biglow and O. L. Holley, v. 4 by HoUey. 

Monthly Review] of Reviews. See 
nw of Reviews. 

Moral and Sentimental Magazine. 
V. I (July3-Dec. 4, 1797). NewYork,\-i^'], 12'. C 

Aaaeriean Museum; or. Repository of ancient 

and modem fugitive pieces, &c., prose and poetical. 

12 V. Philadelphia, i']^'}^'!. 8\ C 

Ditoontinued. Edited by Matthew Carey. One vol.^ for 
(798 pab. by tame editor, v. 7-xa have title: American 
Nuaeum; or. Universal magazine. 

V. i-ii (Jan. 1787-92). Na 

AaMriean Notes and Queries. W. Brother- 
head, editor, v. i, no. 1-4 (1857). Philadelphia, 
1857. 8*. Nl 

AflMriean Notes and Queries: a medium of 
intercommunication for literary men, general read- 
ers, etc. V. 2, no. 9; V. 3, no. 6, 21 ; v. 4, no. 3; 
▼. S. no. 2-3 (1888-90). Philadelphia, 1888-90. 
8*. Nl 

AflMriean Quarterly Observer, v. 1-3. Boston, 
1833-34. 8'. NaNl 

Merged with the Biblical Repoaitory. 

Ajneriean Quarterly Register and Journal, v. 
1-15. Andover 6^ Boston, i%2f^^^, 8*. Na C 

Aflieriean Quarterly Register and Magazine. 
Conducted by James Stryker. v. i-4) (May, 1848- 
51). Philadelphia, 1848-53. 8*. Na C 

The last three volumes are entitled: Stryker^s American 
Register and Magazine. From Z8SZ-53 published in New York. 

v. I, 2, no. I (1848-49). Nl 

Ameriean Quarterly Review, v. 1-22 (March, 
1827-Dec . 1837). Philadelphia, 1827-37. 8°. 


Discontinued. Edited by R. Walsh, who had previously 
(i8zi-za) edited the American Review of history and politics. 

Aaaeriean Register; or, General repository of 
histoiy, politics and science, v. 1-7 (1806-10). 
Philadelphia, 1807-10. 8". C 

Aflieriean Register; or, Summarv review of his- 
tory, politics, and literature, v. 1-2 (18 17). Phila^ 
delphia, 1817. 8'. Nl C 

AflierieflA Review of History and Politics, and 
general repository of literature and state papers. 
V. 1-4. Philadelphia, i%ii-i2, 8\ NIC 

AniMriean Review, and Literary Journal, v. 
1-2 (1801-02). New York, 1801-02. 8**. Na 

Quarterly. Continuation of: REonililir Magazine and 
American Review. Edited by C. Brockden Brown and others. 

V. I (1801). C 

Aflieriean Review and Metropolitan Magazine. 
(1843.) [v. I.] New York, [1843]. 8°. Nl 

Aflieriean Review: a Whig journal of politics, 

literature, art and science, v. 1-16 (1845-52). 16 v. 

New York, 1845-52. 8°. Na Nl C 

V. 7-z6 also called new ser. v. x-zo. v. zx-z6 title changed to 
American Whig Review. 

Aflieriean Universal Magazine, v. 1-3. (Jan. 
2-March 20, 1797. July 24-Nov. 15, 1797.) 2 v. 
Philadelthia, [1797]. nar. 12*. Na 

Aflieriean Whig Review. See Aflieriean 

Review: a Whig journal . . . 

Aflierieana Germanica; a quarterly devoted to 
the comparative study of literary, linguistic and 
other cultural relations of Germany and America. 
V. I-2X-3 (1897-98). NewYork,\%^']-^%, 8'. NaC 

Current. Edited by M. D. Learned. 

Aflod de la maison, revue hebdomadaire illustree. 
V. 1-2 (1856-57). Paris, 1856-57. 4°. Nl 

AnaJeetie Magazine, containing selections from 
foreign reviews and magazines, together with orig- 
inal miscellaneous compositions, v. 1-14 (18 14-19); 
n. s. V. 1-2 (1820). Philadelphia, 1814-20. 8'. C 

V. z-a are 2d ed. z8z6. no. z of n. s. v. z is wanting. 

V. 5-6; V. 7, no. 37-41 ; v. 8; v. 11 (Jan.); 

V. 12 (July & Oct.) (1815-16, 1818). Philadel- 
phia, 1815-18. 8°. Nl 

With V. 6, begins sub-title, "and a Naval Chronicle." 

V. 2, no. 12; V. 6, no. 33-36; v. 7, no. 37- 

40(1813, 1815-16). Na 

Analytieal Review, or history of literature 
domestic and foreign, on an enlarged plan. Con- 
taining scientific abstracts of important and inter- 
esting works, published in English, a general ac- 
count of such as are of less consequence, with short 
characters; notices, or reviews of valuable foreign 
books; criticisms on new pieces of music and works 



of art; and the literary intelligence of Europe. 
V. 1-28 (1788-98); new ser, v, i (1799). 29 v, 
London, 1788-99. 8*. Na 

I no. Jan. 1798. C 

An§flo- American. A journal of literature, 
news, politics, the drama, fine arts, etc. Edited 
by A. D. Patterson, v. 4, no. 14-26; v. 5-9; v. 10, 
no. 1-4. (1845 Jan. 25-1847 Nov. 13.) 7 v. New 
York, [1845-47]. f. Na 

V. 1-9 (1843 Apr. 29-1847 Oct. 16). C 

Ang^lo-Saxon. v. i, pt. [i]'2 (1849). London, 
1849. 8*. Nl 

V. I, pt. 1-4. C 

Annales du midi. Revue de la France meri- 
dionale, fondee sous les auspices de TUniverlite de 
Toulouse par Antoine Thomas, v. 1-10(1889-98). 
Toulouse, 1889-98. 8*. Na 

Current. Quarterly. 

V. 8-9 (1896-97). C 

politiques, civiles et litt^raires du i8« 

si^cle; ouvrage periodique par M. Linguet. v. 1-9. 
Londres, 1777-80. 8". C 

V. 7-9 were pub. monthly. 

Annaleg politiques et litteraires. v. 28-31 
(1897-98). Paris, 1897-98. f. Na 

Current. Weekly. 

Aniukles du theatre et de la musique. [par] 
E. Noel et E. StouUig. v. 1-23 (1875-97). Paris, 
1876^8. 8*. Na 

Current. From y. sz by Stoullig alone. 

v. 4 (1878). C 

Ann^e litteraire et dramatique. Revue annuelle 
des principales productions de la litt<^rature fran- 
9aise et des traductions des oeuvres les plus impor- 
tantes des litt^atures ^trangires psur [L.] G. 
Vapereau. v. i-ii (1858-68). Paris, 1859-69. 
12^ Na 

Ann^e (L') des pontes, v. 1-4(1890-93). Paris, 
i890-<)3. 8'. C 

des deux mondes. v. 8-9 (1857-59). 
Paris, 1858-60. 8% C 

1850-67. Na 

Forms « auppl. to Revue det deux mondes. 

Annuaire de la Soci^t^ des auteurs et composi- 
teurs dramatiques. See Socl^t^ des auteurs et 
compositeurs dramatiques. 

Annual report of the Dante Society. See 
Danto Society. 

Annual Review; and history of literature. 
Arthur Aikin, editor, v. 1-7 (1802^1808). London, 
1 803-1 809. 8°. Na Nl 

Annualette (The); a Christmas and New Years 
gift. Boston, 1845. I6^ [1845]. C 

Antholog^a Hibemica; or monthly collections 
of science, belles-lettres, and history, v. 1-2(1793). 
Dublin, n. d. 8". Na 

Anti-Jacobin (The); or weekly examiner. 5. 
edition, revised and corrected, v. 1-2 (Nov. 1797- 
Jul. 1798). London, 1803. 8*. Na 

Edited by W. Gifford. 

4th ed. 2 V. London, 1799. 8". C 

Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine; or, Monthly 
political and literary censor. With an appendix con- 

taining an ample review of foreign literature. 61 v. 
(July 1798-Dec. 1821). London, 1798-1 821. 8*. C 

Discontinued, v. 42 and 54 wanting. Contributora: W. 
Gifford, J. H. Frere and G. Canning. 

V. i-io (July 1798-Dec. 1 801). Na 

Antiquarian and General Review. Edited 
by William Arthur, v. i (1845-46). Schenectady, 
[1845-46]. 8^ Nl 

Antologia* v. 1-48 (1821-32); suppl. to no. 

42 (1824). Firenze, 1821-34. 8". Na 

Continued as : Nnova antologia. v. 41-48 have sub-title: 
Giomale di sdense, lettere ed arte. 

Appleton*s Journal of Literature, Science, and 

Art. V. 1-15 (1869-76); new ser. v. i-ii (1876- 

81). 26 V. New York, 1869-81. 4*. Na 

Discontinued. The new ser. v. s-5 are entitled: ^^Appleton's 
Journal: A monthly miscellany of popular literature , and v. 
6-zx are entitled: **Appletons' Journal. A magazine of general 

V. 1, 2 no. 21-26. 28-37, 39; V. 3 no. 40- 

45, V. 8, no. 173 (1869-70). Nl 

V. 1-15 (1869-76). C 

Appleton*s Literary Bulletin, v. 1-4, 6-8. 
New York, 1881-89. f'. Na 

ArehivfOrasiatische Litteratur,Geschichte und 

Sprachkunde; hrsg. von Julius von Klaproth. v. 1. 

5/. Petersburg, 1810. 4°. C 

Discontinued. Pub. by St. Petersburg-Imperial Academy of 

Archiv fUr die Geschichte deutscher Sprache 
und Dichtung. Hrsg. von J. M. Wagner, v. i. 
Wien. 1874. 8*. Na C 


Archiv far Geschichte ond Literatur. 6 v. 
Frankfurt-am-Main, 1830-35. 8*. C 

Discontinued. Hrsg. von F. C. SchloMer und G. A. Bercht. 

Archiv far Literatur- und Kirchengeschichte 
des Mittelalters. 7 v. Berlin, 1885-93. S** C 

Discontinued. Edited by H. DeniOe and F. Ehrle. 

V. 1-6 (1885-92). Na 

Archiv far Litteraturgeschichte. Hrsg. von 

R. Gosche. v. 1-15. Leipsig, 1870-87. 8". C 
Continuation of: Jalirbnelt f<ir Litteraturgeschichte. 
▼. 3-X5 ed. by Franz Schnorr von Carolsfeld. 

Archiv for Psychologic, Historic, Literatur og 
Kunst. Udgivet af N. C. Ost. 13 v. Kjdbenhavn, 
i824-[3o]. 12*. C 

Archiv far das Studium der neueren Sprachen 
und Litteraturen ; eine Vierteljahrsschrif t bcgrttndct 
von Ludwig Hcrrig. v. i-ioo. Elbtrfeld, aftw. 
Braunschweig, 1845-98. 8". C 

Archiv far vaterlfindische Interessen; oder 
Preussische Provinzial-Blatter. 7 v. (July 1842- 
Dec. 1845), Kdnigsberg, 1842-45. ^ 

Ed. by O. W. L. Richter. Continuation of: V«t«rliknd- 
Ische* Archiv fur Wissenschaft . . . oder Preussische Provin- 
sial-Blatter and continued as: Neue preussische Piovinzial- 
Blatter. a v. for 1845 are published at Manenwerder. 

Archives Israelites religieux, moral et litte- 
raire. V. 16-17. 58-59 (1855-56, 1897-98). P^^f^ 
1855-98. 8^ Na 


Arohivio glottologico italiano. v. 1-14^. Roma, 

1873-98. 8^ c 

Current. _ 

V. 19 (1858). . ^ 

Supplement! periodici. v. 1-5. Torino, 

1891-98. 8°. ^ 




Aretnros* a journal of books and opinion. 
(Edited by Cornelius Mathews and Evert A. 
Dayckinck.) v. 1-3 (Dec, 1840-May, 1842). New 
York, 1841-42. 8'. Na Nl 

Dilcontinned. Monthly. 

V. 1-2 (1841). C 

Arena (The). Edited by B. O. Flower, v. i- 
19. Boston, 1890-98. 8*. Na C 

Cnrreot. From March 1897 edited by John Clark Ridpath 
and Helen H. Gardener. 

V. I, no. 6 (1890) 


Argposy (The), v. 1-66 (1866-98). London^ 
I1866-98]. 8*. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Arg^s (De). 3 v. Brussel, 1825-26. 8°. C 

Ariel (The). A literary and critical gazette. 
T. 1-2. Philadelphia, 1827-29. 4°. Na 

ArmaA* prouven9au p^r lou b^l an de di^u e 
dou bessest 1856-96. en Avignoun, 1856-96. 12° 


AsUktie Annual Register; or, A view of the 
history of Hindustan and . . . the politics, com- 
merce and literature of Asia. v. i-io (1799-1808). 
London, 1800-09. 8*- C 

V. i-8«, 9-12 (i 799-1810). Na 

Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for 
British India and its dependencies, v. 1-28 (1816- 
29); new ser. v. 1-40 (1830-43); 3. scr. v. 1-4 
(1843-45). 72 V. London, 1816-45. 8*. Na 

v. 1-28 (1816-29) ; oew ser. v. 1-40 (1830- 

43) ; 3. ser. V. 1-2 (1843-44). C 

Asiatie Quarterly Review, v. i-io. London, 
1886-QO. 8'. Na 

Continued ai : Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review 
and Oriental and Colonial Record. 

Airiatisches Magazin verfasst von einer Ge- 
sellschaft Gelehrten. 2 v. Weimar, 1802. 8**. C 

Atheniwiiii London literary and critical 
jooroal. 1828-98. Ill V. London, [i828]-98. Na 

Current. Weekl]r. In v. 2 the title is: The Athenaeum 
and Literary Chronicle; in the 3. and subsecjnent volumes to 
1B60 the title is : Athensenm, Journal of literature. Science 
and the Fine Arts. After i860 the words "Music and the 
Drama" are added to the title. Edited by J. S. Bucking- 
ham, and afterwards successively by J. Sterling, F. D. 
Manrice, H. Stebbing, C. W. Difke, T. K. Hervey, W. H. 
Dixon, N. Mac^:oU. 

1828-30, 1833-98. Nl 

1828-81, 1883-98. C 

Athemewm, a magazine of literary and miscel- 
laneous information. Containing general corre- 
spondence, classical disquisitions, account of rare 
and curious books, etc. Conducted by J. Aikin. 
V. 1-5. London, 1807-09. 8'. Na C 


Atheneum; or, Spirit of the English maga- 
anes — 2. ser. v. 2 (1824-25). Boston, [1824- 
25]. 8'. Nl 

▼. I. 3. 5-6, 8-12. 14 (1817-24). C 

Aihewtan Oracle; being an entire collection 
of all the valuable questions and answers in the 
old Athenian mercuries, ist & 2d editions. 3 v. 
London, 1703-06. 8*. C 

Edited by John Dnnton. 
3d ed. 4 V. London, 1728. I2*. Na 

Supplement . . . [with] the History of the 

Athenian Society [by Charles Gildon]. London, 
1710. 8°. C 

Athenian Sport ; or, Two thousand paradoxes 
merrily argued to amuse and divert the age. Lon- 
don, 1707. 8% Na C 

Atkinson's Casket, or gems of literature, wit 
and sentiment, no. 1-12 (1832). Philadelphia, 
1832. 8'. Na 

AtUkntie Almanach, edited by Oliver Wendell 
Holmes and Donald G. Mitchell. 1868-74. 7 ^• 
Boston, 1868-74. 4*. Nl 

Atlantic Journal and Friend of Knowledge. 
Edited by C. S. Rafinesque. v. 1. Philadelphia, 
1832-33. 8°. C 


Atlantic Magazine, v. 1-2. (May, 1824-Apr. 
1825). New York, 1824-25. 8*. Na Nl C 

Monthly. Continued as NeiV* York Review. Edited by 
Robert C. Sands. 

Atlantic Monthly. A magazine of literature, 
science, art and politics, v. 1-82. Index, 1-38, 
1-62. 84 V. Boston, 1857-98. 8*. Na C 


V. 1-77, V. 78 no. 465-468 (1857-96) Nl 

Atlantic Souvenir. [Annual.] 1828-29,1831- 
32. 4 V. Philadelphia, 1828-32. 24° & I6^ C 

Atlantis ; eine Monatschrift far Wissenschaf t, 
Politik und Poesie. new ser. v. 4-5 (1856). De^ 
troit, 1856. 8*. C 

New ser. v. 5 pub. at Buffalo, N. Y. 

Atlantis (The): A register of literature and 
science. Conducted by members of the Catholic 
University of Ireland, v. 1-4, 5 no. 9. London, 
i858-[70.J N 

Publication suspended from 1864-^ 

v. 1-4 (1858-63). C 

Atlas ; or, Literary, Historical and Commercial 
Reporter, v. 1-3. New York, 1828-31. f*. C 

Attic Miscellany ; or, Characteristic mirror of 
men and things, including the correspondent's 
museum, v. 1. London, 1789. 8*. Nl 

Author (The). Edited by Walter Besant. v. 
1-2. London, 1891-92. 8**. C 

Author (The). A monthly magazine to inter- 
est and help all literary workers, v. 1-3. Boston, 
1889-91. 8*. Na C 

Merged into *» Writer." 

Autonaphe (L'). 
1863-64.J 4 . 

Bacon Society. Baconiana. Ed. by a sub- 
committee of the Bacon Society, v. 1-6 (1893-98). 
London, 1893-98. 8**. Na 

Current. Quarterly. 

Journal, no. 1-4. (June, Dec, 1886. 

June, Aug.. 1887.) London, 1886-87. 8°. Na 

Published irregularly. 

Baconiana. See Bacon Society. 

Badminton Magazine of Sports and Pastimes. 
V. 1-7 (1895-98). London, 1895-98. 8*. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Baldwin's Monthly, v. 16-21 (1878-80), 26- 
27 (1883). New York, 1878-83. 4*. C 

V. 1 (1863-64). [Paris, 




Ballad Society. List of subscribers, iSqy. 
[Hertford], 1897. 8'. Na 

[Publications] v. 1-36. London, Hertford, 

1868-97. 8". Na 


Roxburghe Ballads. With short notes by 

W. Chappell. v. i-8«-3. Hertford, 1871-97. 8°. 


V. 4-6 have subtitle : illastrating the last years of the 
Stuarts, edited by J. W. Ebsworth. 
Forming part of the Publications of the Society. 

V. 43, no. 3. 


Balloa*s Monthly Magazine. 
(1876) Boston, 1876. 8"*. 

Baltimore Literary Monument. Edited by 
J. N. Mcjilton and T. S. Arthur, v. 1-2. (Oct. 
1838-Oct., 1839). Baltimore, 1839. 8*. Na C 


BaltlBiore Literary and Religious Magazine. 
V. 1-6 (1835-40). Baltimore [1835-40]. 8 . C 

State Monthly. A Massachusetts maga- 
zine of literature, history, biography and state prog- 
ress. V. 1-3. Boston, 1884-85. 8'. Na C 
Continued as : Neiv England Magazine. 

Bee (The) ; or literary weekly intelligencer, 
consisting of original pieces and selections from 
performances of merit, foreign and domestic. A 
work calculated to disseminate useful knowledge 
among all ranks of people at a small expense. By 
James Anderson, v. 1-18 (1790-94.) Edinburgh, 
1791-93. 8". Na 

Belford** Magazine, edited by Don Piatt, v. 
2, no. 7 ; V. 4, no. 21 (1888, 1890). New York, 
1888-90. 8'. Nl 

Belford*s Monthly Magazine, v. 1-3. (Dec, 
1876-May, 1878). Toronto, 1876-78. 8*. Na 

Continued as : Rose Belford*s Canadian Monthly and 
National Review. 

Bel^qne contemporaine. Revue mensuelle. 
V. 1-3. Liege, 1861-62. 8°. Na 

Belfl^raTia* A London Magazine, v. 1-96. 
(1867-98.) London, [1867-98.] 8". Na 

Current. Monthly; 

Bentlesr** Miscellany, v. 1-64. London, 1837- 
68. 8% Na 

Incorporated with : Temple Bar. Successively edited bv 
Box i. e. Charles Dickens, W. H. Ainsworth, Albert Smitn 
and others. 

Bibelot. A reprint of poetry and prose for 
book lovers, chosen in part from scarce editions 
and sources not generally known, v. 2 no. 9 ; v. 3-4 
(1896-98.) Portland, Me., 1896-98. 16° Na 


V. I no. I, (1895.) Nl 

Bibliothek des litterarischen Vereins in Stutt- 
gart. See Litterariseher Verein in Stuttgart. 

Birthday Gift (A); the dial of love. Ed. by 
Mrs. M. B. Howitt. London, n. d. 12**. C 

Annual. Reprint of: Dial of love ; a magazine for young 

Bisarre* A serial for fireside and wayside. 
Conducted by Joseph M. Church. Part 5, 17. 
(1 852, '54.) Philadelphia, 1852-54. 8" Nl 

Black Dwarf ; a London weekly publication. 
V. 1-12 (1817-24). London, 1817-24. 4 and 8". C 

Blaekirood*0 Edinburgh Magazine, v. i- 

164. Index, 1-50. 165 v. Edinburgh, New York, 

1817-98. 8". NaC 

Current. Monthly, v. z has the title: The Edinburgh 
Monthly Magazine, v. 85-134 are of the American edition. 

Blatter zur Kunde der Literatur des Auslands. 
V. 1-4 (1836-39). Stuttgart, 1836-39. 4". C 

Bl&tter far literarische Unterhaltung, 1833-48. 
32 V. Leipzig, 1833-48. 4°. Na 

a V. a year. 

Bohemian (The), v. i, no. i. (1893.) Buffalo, 
1893. 8'. Nl 

Book-lore; a magazine devoted to old-time 
literature. 1884-87. 6 v. London, 1885-87. 4^ C 

Book of Beauty. New York, 1855. 8*. C 


Book Reviews . . . journal devoted to new and 
current publications, v. 1-6 (1893-98). New York, 
1893-98. 8'. Na 


V. 1-3, 5-6 (1893-98). C 

Bookman, v. 1-14. (1891-98.) London, 1891- 

98. f". Na 


Bookman* An illustrated literary journal. 
V. 1-8 (1895-99.) New York, 1895-99. 8'. Na C 

Bookmart (The); a magazine of literary and 
library intelligence, v. 1-2, 5, 7 (1883-90). Pitts- 
burgh, 1883-90. 4*. '" 

V. I- 5 (1883-88). 



Bookworm (The). A literary and bibliograph- 
ical review. V. 1-5. London, 1866-71. 8*. Na 

Bookworm (The); an illustrated treasuiy of 
old-time literature, v. 1-7. Z>iw/(Wi, 1888-94. 8 . C 

Boflsan§^*0 Literary Annual. 1870-71. iv. 
Paris, 1872. 8'. Na 

Boston Ideas, v. 11 (1897-98). Boston, n. d. 

fo. Na 

Current. Weekly. 

Boston Journal of Philosophv and the Arts. 
V. I (1823-24). Boston, 1824. 8 . C 

Boston Magazine. Jan.-Mr., My., Jl.-Ag., 
N.-D. (1785). 8 nos. Boston, 1785. 8". C 

Boston Miscellany of Literature and Fashion. 
Edited by Nathan Hale, jr. v. 1-2 (1842). Bos- 
ton, New York, 1842. 4^ Nl 

v. I (1842). Na 

Boston Quarterly Review. (Edited by O. A. 

Brownson.) v. 1-2, 4-5. 4 v. Boston, 1838-42. 
8% Na 

V. 1-4 (1838-42). Nl 

Merged in United Sutes Magazine, and Democratic 

Review, but afterwards revived as Bro wnson's Quarterly 

Bostonian. v. 1-3. Boston, 1894-96. C 

Continued as National Magazine. 

Bow Bells; a magazine of general literature. 
Illustrated by eminent artists. New ser. v. 1-20. 
London, 1865-74. f'- ^* 

Bra^a und Hermode; oder, Neues Magazin 
for die vaterlandischen Alterthttmer der Sprachc^ 
Kunstund Sitten. 4v. Leipzig, 179(^1^2, 16 . C 
This was also published as v. 4-7 of Bra^nr* 



og Idun; et nordisk Fjserdingarsskrift, 

ndgivet med Bistand af Danske, Svenske og Nor- 

ma&nd. Udgivet af Frcderik Barfod. v. 1-5* (1839- 

42}. Kjobenhavn^ 1839-42. 8°. C 

Discontinued. y 

Brapir; ein litterarisches Magazin der 

deutscben and nordischen Vorzeit. v. 1-8. Leipzig^ 

1791-1812. 16°. C 

Edited by C. G. Bfickh, v. x and F. D. Grater v. z-8. Vols. 
4-7 were also published as v. x-4 of Brae* "i^^ Hermode ; 
y. 8 was published as v. x of Odlna und Teutona. Con- 
tinued as Idnnna und Hermode. 

Allgemeines Repertorium Uber die sechs 

ersten Bande . . . ausgearbeitel von K. T. Heinze. 
Leipng, 1805. 16". C 

British Critic; a New Review, v. 1-42 (1793- 
1813); 2. ser. V. 1-25 (1814-25); 3. ser. v. 1-3 
(1825-26). 70 V. London, 1793-1826. 8*. Na 

V. 1-42 (1793-1813) ; 2. ser. v. 1-14, 16-18 

(1814-22); Index 1-42, 2 V. (1804-15). 61 v. C 

In x8a6 united with the Quarterly Theological Review, 
forming the If rltlsll Critic, Quarterly Theological Review. 

British Critic, Quarterly Theological Review, 
and Ecclesiastical Record, v. 1-34(1827-43). Lon- 
don, 1827-43. 8". Na C 

Continuation of : Brltlslft Critic ; a new review. Con- 
txniied as : Bncllata Review. 

British and Foreign Review; or, European 
quarterly journal, v. 1-18. London, 1835-44. 
8". Na 

British Magazine; or. Monthly repository for 
gentlemen and ladies, v. 3-4 (1762-63). London, 
1762-63. 8*. C 

Edited by T. Smollett and Oliver Goldsmith. 

British Quarterly Review, [v. i]-83. (1845- 
86.) London, 1845-86. 8^ Na 

Edited by R. Vaughan and subsequently by H. Allen and 
^'thc'** V* 53~73 are of the American edition, New York, 

V. 53-83 (1871-86). New York, 1871-86. 

8'. Nl 

American edition. 

British Review, and London Critical Journal. 
V. 1-22. London, 181 1-24. 8°. Na 

Broadtray (The). A London magazine [v. 
i]-2 (1867-69). London, 1867-1869. 8°. Nl 

Broad^r»y Journal. Edited by C. F. Briggs, 
E. A. Poe, H. C. Watson, v. i. (1845). New York, 
1845. 4°. Nl 

Brooklyn Life. v. 11 no. 265, 267-287, v. 12- 
17. 7 V. [Brooklyn'\, 1895-98. 4°. Na 


Brother Jonathan. A weekly compend of 
belles lettres and the fine arts, standard literature 
and general intelligence, v. i, 3-4, Extra suppl. 
(1842-43) 3 V. New York, 1842-43. 4*. Nl 

V. I (1842). Na 

V. 1-6 (1842-43). C 

Brownson's Quarterly Review, v. 1-3 ( 1 844- 
46); new ser. v. 1-6 (1847-52); 3. ser. v. 1-3 (1853- 
55); New York ser. v. 1-4 (1856-59); 3. N. Y. ser.. 
1-3 (1860-62); Last ser. v. 2-3 (1874-75). 21 v. 
Boston, 1844-75. 8*. Na 

Revival of Boston Quarterly Review. From 1856-75 
published in New York. 

Bri^» (La), periodico que trata de todo. v. i, 
&0S. 2, 4-50 (184X-42). Mexico, 1841-42. 8°. C 

Bulletin de la Soci^t^ des auteurs et composi- 
teurs dramatiques. See Soci^t^ des auteurs et 
compositeurs dramatiques. 

BuUettino della Soci^t4 Dantesche Italiana^ 
See Soci^tik Dantesche Italiana. 

Burton's Gentleman's Magazine. See Oen* 
tleman's Magazine. 

BystSAder (The). A monthly review of cur- 
rent events, Canadian and general, v. I (1880); 
new ser; no. I-I2, (1889-90), Toronto, 1880-90. 

8^ Na 

By-stsj&der (The); or. Universal weekly expos- 

itor; by a literary association, v. i. London, 

1790. 4". C 


Cabinet (The) of literary gems. Ed. by Ber- 
nard Bowring. i v. London, n. d. 16**. C 


Cabinet ; or the selected beauties of literature. 
1824-1825. 2 V. Edinburgh, 1824-25. 8°. Nl 

Calcutta Review, v. 1-36, 38-100, 102-6 
(May, 1844-98). Calcutta, 1846-98. 8°. C 
V. I-I2, 21-29 (1846-49, 1853-57). Na 

Caledonia* A monthly magazine of literature, 
antiquity & tradition, chiefly northern, edited by 
A. Lowson. V. i. Aberdeen, 1895. 8*. Na 

Californian (The). A western monthly mag- 
azine, edited by C. H. Phelps, v. 4, no. 20 (1881). 
San Francisco, iZ%\, 8*. Nl 

Californian Illustrated Magazine, v. i, no. 
3, 5; V. 4, no. 2(1892-93). San Francisco, 1892- 
93. 8'. NL 

Canadian Magazine of Politics, Science, Art 
and Literature. Ed. by J. A. Cooper, v. 5-" 
(1895-98) 7 V. Toronto, 1895-98. 8\ C 

V. 9-1 1 (i 897-98). Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Canadian Monthly and National Review, v. 
1-13. (Jan. 1872-June 1878.) Toronto, 1872-78. 
8°. Na C 

Continued as: Rose Belford*s Canadian Monthly and 
National Review. 

Carey's Library of Choice Literature. Con- 
taining the best works of the day, in biography, 
history, travels, novels, poetry, v. 1-2. Phila- 
delphia, 1836. 4^ Na 


Casket (The). See Atkinson's Casket or 
Gems of Literature. 

Casket (The), a gift book for all seasons . . .. 
Boston, [pref. 1854.] 12*. C 


Cassell's Family-Magazine, v. [3-22, 24-25]. 
(1877-98). 22 V. London, [i877]-98. 8°. Na- 

Current. Monthly. 

V. 3, no. I ; V. 7, no. i (1886, 1890). NL 

Catholic World. A monthly magazine of gen- 
eral literature and science, v. 1-58, 66-67 (1865- 
93, 1898). New York, 1865-98. 8". Na* 

Current. Monthly. 

V. 1-24 (Ap. 1865-Mr. 1877). C 

Celt (The). A weekly periodical of Irish Na- 
tional Literature. Edited by a Committee of the 





Celtic Union. No. 1-22, supplement, (Aug.-Dec. 
1857); no. 1-6 (Mrch-Aus:. 1858); New Scr. v. i, 
no. 1-4. (Aug.-Nov. 1859.) 33 nos. Dublin, 
i857-[59]. 8^ Na 

Celtie Magazine: A monthly periodical devoted 
to the literature, history, antiquities, folklore, tra- 
ditions . . . etc. of the Celt at home and abroad. 
V. 1-13. Inverness, 1876-88. 8* Na 

V. z. ed; by Alexander Maokensie, and Alexander Mao- 
gregor. v. 9-zx, by A. Mackenzie, v. z»-z3, ed. by Alex- 
ander Maclain. 

V. 3 (1877-78). C 

Century (The): illustrated monthly magazine. 
New ser. V. 1-34. (i88i-g8). New York, \%Z\-^%, 
8^ Na C 

Current. Continuation of <* Serlbner's Monthly.^^ v. 
z-aa. Also numbered v. 33-55. 

New ser. v. 1-30 (1881-96). Nl 

Chambers' Edinburgh Journal. Conducted by 
William Chambers and Robert Chambers, v. 1-12 
(1832-43); new ser. v. 1-20 (1844-53). 32 v. 
London and Edinburgh, 1833-54. f**. Na 

Continued as : Oltaatbers* Journal for Popular Litera- 
ture, Science and Arts. 2844-45 edited by Henry Willis, 
Z846-53 by Leitch Ritchie. 

Chambers* Journal for Popular Literature, 
Science and Arts. Conducted by William and 
Robert Chambers [3. ser.] v. 1-20(1854-63); 4. ser. 
V. 1-20(1864-83); 5. ser. V. 1-14(1884-97); 6 ser. 
V. I (1898). 55 vol. London and Edinburgh, 1854- 
98. 8*. Na 

Current. Monthly. Continuation of: Ohambers' 

Edinburgh Journal 1854-59 edited by Leitch Ritchie, Z860-73 
by ^ames Payn, 1873-88 by Robert Chambers, son of tne 
original editor, 1889-95 by Charles E. S. Chambers. 1896 no 
editor given. 

3 ser. 20 V. 4. ser., 20 v. 5. ser. v. i. C 

Chambers* Papers for the People, v. 1-12. 
Edinburgh, 1850-51. 8*. Na 

Champion (The). A weekly political and lit- 
erary journal. 1814-17. 4 v. London, 1814-17. 
f°. Nl 

Chap-Book (The): being a miscellany of curi- 
ous and interesting songs, ballads, tales, histories, 
etc. V. I, no. I, 5-6, 9-12; V. 2-4, v. 5 no. i-io, 
12; V. 6-8; V. 9, no. 1-4. Chicago, 1894-98. Na 

Semi-monthly. With v. 9, no. 4 metged into The Dial* 

V. I, no. 6, 10, II, 12; V. 2, no. 1-7 (1894- 

95). Nl 

Chaperone Magazine, v. 9, no. 3 ; v. 10, no. 

4 (1894). St, Louis, 1894. 8". Nl 

Chancer Society. Publications, no. 1-88, 90; 
2. ser. no. 1-30. London, 1868-98. 8°. Na 


rr' h V^J' "^- ^^55. 57-61, 63-65, 73. 75-76, 

78-80, 86-88, 90 ; 2. ser. no. 2-3, 6-24, 26. 20-30 
(1868-98). c 

10. report. 1881. [London, 1881]. 8°. 

Chantanquaii (The). A monthly magazine 
devoted to the promotion of true culture, organ of 
the Chautauqua literary and scientiBc circle. The- 
odore L. Flood, Editor, v. 1-9 (1880-89); new 
ser. V. 1-17 (1889-98), 26 V. MeadvilU, Pa., 
1880-98. f°. Na 

Current. The size of the new scr. is 8«. The volumes of 
the new ser. are also numbered zo-a6 of the xst series. 

V. 5, no. 6(1885). Nl 

Chleas^ Evening Post. A miniature copy of 
the 2. annual book number. . . issued Nov. 28, 
1896... [Chicago, i^g€\. 4'. Nl 

Chlean^ Figaro. See Flflparo* 

China Review, or Notes and Queries on the 

fair East. v. 1-22 (1872-96). Index in v. 12, for 

V. 1-12. Hong ICong [lZ^2'^^'\, Na 

Current. ▼. x-3 ed. by N. B. Dcnnys. After ▼. 3 no ed. 

Chinese Repository, v. 1-20 (1832-51). Can- 
^^. 1833-51. 8**. Na 

Choice Literature. A monthly magazine, v. 4 
(1884). New York, 1885. 4^ Nl 

Christian (The) Keepsake; a Christmas and 
New Year's gift. Ed. by Mrs. L. H. Sigoumey. 
New York, n. d. 12°. C 


Christian Keepsake and Missionary Annual 
for 1838. '48. Ed. by Rev. J. A. Clark. PhiladeU 
phia, 1838, 1848. 12°. C 


Christmas Roses and ^ew Year's Gift: a 
present for young people. Boston, 1848. Sq. 12**. C 

Chrysanthemum (The), a monthly maga- 
zine for Japan and the Far East. v. 1-3. Supp. 
no. I. Yokohama, 1881-83. 8**. Nl 

V. 3 has title: Chrysanthemum and Phoenix . . . 

Citj" (The): an illustrated magazine, v. i, no, i 
(1872). New York, 1872. 8^ Nl 

Classical Museum. A journal of philology 
and of ancient history and literature. Ed. by L. 
Schmitz. V. 1-7. London, 1844-50. 8*. NaC 

Cloche (La) par Ferragus. no. 1-6. Paris, 
1868. 24°. Nl 

Clown (The) of London. At all the theatres, 
sights, pleasures, and amusements with fashions 
for the week . . . [Nos. 2]-7. [London, 1845?] 
8% C 

Com^die parisienne par Alb^ric Second, v. 1-2. 
PaHs, 1857. 8°. Nl 

Comic Album of folly and fashion. Edited by 
C. H. Ross. 1870. London, 1870. 4'. Nl 

Bound with Judy, or the London serio-comic journal. 

Contemporary Review, v. 1-74 (i866-<)8). 
Undon, 1866-98. 8*. NaC 

Current. Monthly. 1866-70 ed. by Alford, 1870-77 by A. 
Strahan, 1877, 96 by P. W. Bunting. 

V. 31-33. 41-42, 45-48. 50. Nl 

Continental Monthly; devoted to literature 
and national policy, v. 1-6 (1862-64.) Boston, 
1862-64. 8". Na 

V. I, no. 1-6 (1862.) Nl 

Cooper's Journal, or unfettered thinker and 
plain speaker for truth, freedom and progress, v. i. 
London, 1850. C 

All published. 

Cornhill Magazine, v. 1-47 (1860-83); new 
ser. v. 1-26(1883-96), new ser. v. 1-5 (1896-98). 
78 V. London, 1860-98. 8°. Na 

Current. Monthly. To April x86a edited by W. M. Thack- 
eray & subsequently by L. Stephen and Y. Payn. 

V. 1-47 (1860-83); new ser. v. 1-15 (1883- 

90). Nl C 



Corsftir (The). A jfazette of literature, art, 
dramatic criticism, fashion and novelty. Ed. by 
N. P. Willis and T. O. Porter, v. i (1839-40). 
New York, 1839-40. f. C 

V. I, no. 7-9, 16, 19-30. 32-52 (1839-40). 

DiaooDtinued. Nl 

Cosmopolis* An international monthly re- 
view. Edited by F. Ortmans. v. i-ii (2 nos.) 
(1896-98). London and New York, x^K^b^"^. 8\ 


Diaoootinued. ▼. z-xa also nttmbered no. x-35. 

V. 2, no. 6 (1896). Nl 

ConnopolitaBu A monthly illustrated mag- 
azine. V. 1-25 (March 1886-98). Irvington, N. K., 
n. d. 8". Na 


V. 17-25 (1894-98). C 

Court Journal. A record of manners, litera- 
ture, science, art and fashion. May 1829-Dec. 
1838. 10 V. London, 1829-38. 4". Na 

The votainea for iSsz-aS are entitled^ Court Journal. Gazette 
of the faahionable world. 

Court Magazine & Monthly Critic and Lady's 
Magazine & Museum of the Belles Lettres, Music, 
Fine Arts, Drama, Fashions &c. United ser. 
1838-47. 19 V. London, 1838-47. 8*. Na 

Coodnuation of " Court Magazine and Monthly Critic " 
and ^ The Lady'a Magazine and Mnaeum of the Bellea Let- 

Cogent Garden Journal. London^ 18 10. 4*. 

Criason (The), v. 6-13. 8 v. Cambridge, Afass,, 

1875-80. 4'. Na 

Criterion (The). Literary and critical jour- 
nal. V. 1-2, 16, no. 2, 4; v. 18-19 (1855-56, 1897- 
98). New York, 1856-98. T. Na Nl 

Cttzrent. v. z8 incomplete. 

V. 19 (1898). C 

Critie (The). A weekly critical review of the 
stage, music, art, literature and society, v. 7 (no. 
27) (1807), new ser. v. 4 (1898). Cleveland, 1897- 

93- 4. Na 


Critic (The). A weekly review of literature, 

the fine arts, music, and the drama, v. 1-3 (1881- 

83); new ser. v. 1-29 (1884-98); v, 33 (1898). 

33 ▼. New York, 1881-98. V, Na C 

Current. From 18SZ-X887 publiihed fortnightly. Alao 
numbered t. x-^a of the old aeriea. v. 33 haa no double 

New ser. v. 1-28 (1884-97). Nl 

▼. z lacka titlo>page. ▼. 9 no. 33 ft 5Z. 

Critical Review: or annals of literature. By a 
Society of Gentlemen v. 1-70 (1756-90); New 
arrangement v. 1-39 (i 791-1803); 3. ser. v. 1-24 
(1804-12); 4. ser. V. 1-6 (1812-14); 5. ser. v. 1-5 
(1815-17). 144 V. London, 1756-1817. 8°. Na 

The firat editioo waa by T. Smollett. 

V. 1-24. C 

C«e]i»ra (La); papelito alegre, entrometido, 
zumbon, impolitico y de costumbres. 2 ser. v. 1 
(1864-65). Mexico, 1864-65. 8'. C 

Current Literature. A magazine of contem- 
porary record. V. 17, no. 1, 6 (1895). New York, 
1895. r. Nl 



V. 23-24 (1898). 

Daheim. Ein deutsches Familienblatt mit 

Illustrationen. v. 35 (1898-99). Leipzig 1898-99. 

4°. Na 

Current. Weekly. 

DsAsk Literatur-Tidende for Aaret 1811-28, 
1834. 19 vol. AW^ii^wf, [i8ii-34l. 12*. Na 

DaAte Society. Annual report 1-16 (1882- 
97.) Cambridge, Boston, 1882-97. 8'. Na 

V. 1-15. C 

Decade ^gyptienne. Journal litt^raire et d*^cono- 
mie politique, v. 1-3. Kaire, an VII- VIII [1799- 
1800). 4®. Na 

Democratic Review, v. 30-31. (Jan.-Dec, 
1852). 2 V. New York, 1852. 8*. Na Nl 

Monthly. Continuadon of: United Statea Magazine, 
and condnued aa : United Statea Review, v. 30-3Z are ateo 
numbered n. aer. v. z-a. 

▼. 30-31. 35 (1838-56). C 

Democratic Review. Edited by W. R. Bierly. 

V. 1, no. 1, 3 (1877-78). Williamsport, Pa,, 1877- 
78. 8-. Nl 

Denison Quarterly, v. 1, no. 4 (1893). Gran- 
vilU, Ohio, 1893. 8*. Nl 

Deutsche Jahrbttcher far Politik und Literatur. 
13 V. Berlin, 1861-64. N 

Diacontinued. Ed. by H. B. Oppenheim. 

Denteche Litteraturzeitung. Hrsg. von M. 

Roediger. v. 1-19. Berlin, 1880-98. 4". Na 

Current. Weekly, t. 7-za edited by A. Freaeniua, v. Z3-Z8 
by P. Hinneberg. 

Deutsche Merkur. 1773-1806. 115 v. JVeimar, 

[1773-1806]. 12'. C 

131 V. (1783-1 8 10). Na 

Deutsche Revue. Eine Monatsschrift hrsg. 
von Richard Fleischer, v. 23(1898). Stuttgart, iSg%. 
8'. Na 


Deutsche Rundschau, hrsg. von J. Roden- 
berg. V. 1-96 (1874-98.) General- Register to v. 
1-80. 97 V. j9rr/i«, [1874-98.] 8*. NaC 

Current. Montbly. 

Deutsche Shakespeare Gesellschaft. Jahrbuch 

. . . Im Auftrage des Vorstandes hrsg. durch F. 

Bodenstedt. v. 1-34. Weimar, 1865-98. 8**. NaC 

Current. ▼. az containa Index to v. z-az; ▼. 24 to ▼. z-a4: 
V. 30 to V. z-30. With V. 3-Z4 K. Elze became editor, v. 
Z5-34 F. A. Leo, editor. 

Deutsche Vierteljahrschrift, 1838-70 & Reg. 

33 V. Stuttgart, 1838-70. 8". Na C 

Dtacondnued. z868, pt. z containa index to pta. z-zao (1838- 
68). Each quarter iaaued with aeparate title-page and index. 

Deutsche Warte. Umschau ttber das Leben 
und Schaffen der Gegenwart. Hrsg. von H. J. 
Meyer, v. 1-6. Hildburghausen, 1871-74. 8". Na 

Continuation of : BrcmnxuilcablaUer zur Kenntniaa 
der Gegenwart. 

Deutsche Zeit- und Streit-Fragen» Flugschrif ten 

zur Kenntniss der Gegenwart. Hrsg. von Holtzen- 

dorff und W. Oncken. v. 1-14 (1872-85.) N. F. 

V. 1-7(1886-93). 21 V. j9^r/««, 1872-93. 8^ NaC 

DiKontinued. Editora: Z877-89. Holtzendorfif ; Z800H33, 
Jiirgen Bona Meyer, v. z-z4 alao called Heft z-224 and K. F. 
V. z-7 Heft Z-108. From 1886-93 publ. in Hamburg. 

Deutschen (Die) Mundarten, eine Monat- 
schrift fQr Dichtung, Forschung, und Kritik; 
begrUndet von J. A. Pangkofer. Hrsg. von S. K. 
Frommann. v. 1-4. NUrnberg, 1854-57. C 




Dentscher Litteratur-Kalender. Hrsg. von 
J. Kttrschner. v. 6, 12-20 (1884, 1890-98). 10 v. 
Berlin and Stuttgart, 1884-98. 16°. C 

1883, 1890, 1897. Na 

Deutsches Wochenblatt, hrsg. von O. Arendt. 
V. 1-7,9-11 (1888-94, 1896-98). Berlin, 1888-98. 

4°. Na 

Current. Weekly. 

Dial (The), v. i, no. 1-307; v. 2, no. 308-316. 
New York, 1884-85. i\ Na 

Of V. X, no. X56, 206, 260 missing. . 

Dial (The) : a magazine for literature, philoso- 
phy, and religion, v. 1-4 U^^Xi 1840-April, 1844). 
Boston, 1841-44. 8*. Na Nl C 

Discontinued. Edited by Margaret Fuller, R. W. Emer- 
son and George Ripley. 

Dial (The). A monthly review and index of 

current literature, v. 1-25. Chicago, 1881-98. 

4°. Na 

Current, v. 13-20 are entitled : The Dial. A semi-monthly 
journal of literary criticism, discussion, and information. 

New York, 1883. 

V. I. 

Dio Lewis's Monthly. 
Dioclesian Lewis, Editor. 

Diog^enes* hys Lantern. See Lantern (The). 

Direetor (The); a weekly literary journal : con- 
taining I : Essays on subjects of literature! the fine 
arts and manners. II : Bibliographiana. Account 
of rare and curious books, and of the book sales in 
this country, from the close of the 17th century. 
Ill : Royal Institution. Analyses of the lectures 
delivered weekly. IV : British Gallery. Descrip- 
tion of the principal pictures exhibited for sale with 
the names of the purchasers, v. 1-2. London, 
1807. 8". Na C 

Edited by T. F. Dibdin. Vol. x has a second title-page: 
The Director, a literary and scientific journal. 

Dollar Magazine, v. 7-8 (1851). 2 v. New 
York, 1851. 8". Nl 

Donahoes Magazine. An illustrated monthly 

journal, v. 38-40 (1897-98). Boston, 1897-98. 

8^ Na 


Don^las Jerrold's Shilling Magazine, v. i, 
no. 1-2 (1845). London, 1845. 12°. Nl 

Dublin Penny Journal, v. 1-4 (1832-36). 
London, [1833-36J. 4'. Na 
Conducted by Philip Dixon Hardy. 
V. 3-4 (1834-36). Nl 

Dublin Review, v. 1-52 (1836-63); new ser. 
V. 1-31 (1863-78); 3. ser. v. 1-25 (1879-91); v. 
109-H2 (1891-98). 122 V. London, i836-[98]. 




it. Quarterly. Vol. zx8 has a list of the articles pub- 
lished in vol. z-zx8. Edited successively by Ward, Hedley and 

V. 100-122 (1887-98). C 

Dublin University Magazine. A literary and 

political journal. v. 15-90 (1840-77). 76 v. 

Dublin, 1840-77. 8°. Na 

Continued as VnlTerslty Magazine. A literary and 
philosophical review. 

V. 22, no. 128; V. 23, no. 133; v. 35, v. 

36, no. 21 1-2 13; V. 46, no. 274 (1843-44, 1850- 
55). Nl 

V. 69-83, 85-90 (Jan. 1861-June 1874, Jan. 

1875-Dec. 1877). C 

Dufly*s Hibernian Magazine. A monthly 
journal of legends, tales, &c. v. 1-5. Dublin, 
1862-64. 8^ Na 

Eaton Chronicle; or the salt-box. i v. {Chester f 
1789.] 8°. Na 

EccentricitieB of literature and life; or the 
recreative magazine, [no. i]-6(i822). i v. London, 
Boston, 1822. 8°. Nl 

Echo (L*) du cabinet de lecture paroissial de 
Montreal, paraissant le i. et le 15 de chaque mois. 
V. 1-15. Montreal, 1859-73. 4**, 8". Na 

V. 9-xx also called n. s^r. v. x-3; v. 14-15 called n. ser. 

Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, 

Science and Art. Edited by J. H. Agnew. v 1-63 

(1844-64); new ser. 1-62 v. 63. no. 6; v. 64, no. 6. 

V. 65, no. 4, V. 67-68 (1865-98). Index 1-96. New 

York, 1844-98. 8^ Na 

Current. Continuation of Bclectlc Museum. Editor, 
Z846-81 W. H. Bidwell, later none mentioned. 

V. 1-63 (1844-64); new series v. 1-57 (1865- 

93). ^ 

Eclectic Museum of Foreign Literature, Science 

and Art. Edited by John Holmes Agnew. United 
Sen, V. 1-3 (Jan. 1843-Dec., 1843). New York 
and Philadelphia, 1843. 8'. Na C 

Monthly. Continuation of: SlnaeilBi of Foreign Liten- 
ture, and some other magazine. In 1844 E. Littell started the 
Living Age in Boston, and the Eclectic Magazine was started 
in New York with Agnew as editor. Littell was the pub- 
lisher of the Eclectic Museum. The other magazine, above 
referred to, was probably the American Eclectic, of whtcb 
Agnew had become editor, and which did not appear after 

Eclectic Review, v. i-io (1805-13); new ser. 
V. 1-30 (1814-28); 3. ser. V. 1-16 (1829-36); new 
ser. V. 1-2 (1831); new ser. v.i-12 (1851-56); new 
ser. V. 1-4 (1857-58). 74 ▼• London, 1805-58. 
8". Na 

Vol. i-« of the X. ser. arc in a parts each. The !«■«[. 
edited successively by S. Greathced, D. P»rken, and T. 
Williams, the a. and 3. ser. by T. Conder; the 4. by T. Pncc; 
the 5. V. x-8 by T. Price and W. H. Stowell, v. 9-12 by J. E. 
Ryland; the 6. ser. in a ptt. each. v. x-4, no editors given. 

Edinburifh Dramatic Review, v. 1-6 (1822- 
23). Edinburgh. 1822-23. nar. 12". Na 

Edinburg^h Magazine and Literary Miscellany; 
a new series of the Scots Magazine, v. 1-18 (Aug. 
1817-June 1826). Edinburgh, 1817-25. 8^ Na 

Edinbursfh Monthly Magazine. See Black* 
wood's Edinburgh Magazine. 

Edinburgh Review. [To be published every 
six months.] Containing an account of all the 
books and pamphlets that have been published in 
Scotland from the first of January to the first of 
July, 1755 ... no. 1-2. Edinburgh, 17551 reprint, 

1818 8° ^ 

This is a reprint, a. ed. with a preface and explanatory 

Edinbur^rb Review, or Critical journal v. 

1-188 (1802-98). Index 1-20, 21-50, 51-80, 8i- 

110,111-140,141-170. 202 V. Edinburgh, London, 

New York, 1814-98. 8^ . Na C 

Current. Quarterly, v. i is of the xo. ediuon, Edinb., 

18x4; V. a and 3 of the 7., Edinb., 1814-is; v. 4-5 of the 6., 

Edinb., x8xs-i8i6; v. 6 etc.. of the i. Edinb., xtos etc v. 

X11-X48 are of the American edition. New * «"Kt »86o-78.^ 

No. X edited by S. Smith. From X803-X829 edited by F Jeffrey, 

and subsequently by M. Napier, W. Empson, Sir G. C. Lewis 

and H. Reeve. ^ .. , 1. » • 

See also : RepubUcation of the . . . Edmburgh Review or 

Critical Journal. 

V. 1-160 (1802-84); Index 1-20, 21-50, 51- 

80, 81-110, 111-140. Nl 



Elixa Cook's Journal, v. i — 12. London^ 1849- 
54. 4°. Na 

Discontinued, v. za consists of 5 nos. only. 

ElsMsisehe Litteraturdenkmaler aus dem xiv- 
xvii Jahhundert hrsg. von E. Martin und E. 
Schmidt, v. 1-5. Strassburg, 1878-88. 8°. Na 

Emerson'a United States Magazine, v. 5-7 
{1857-58). New York, 1857-58. 8'. Nl 

T. 6-7 have sub-title : and ''Putnam's Monthly." 

English Illustrated Magazine, v. [i]-i8 (1883- 
98). London, 1884-98. 8 . Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Eng^liflh Republic. Ed. by W. J. Linton, v. 
1-4. London, 1851-55. C 


English Review, or an Abstract of English and 

foreign literature, v. 1-28. London, 1783-96. 8**. 


▼. 37>a8 are entided : English Review of Literature, Sdenoe, 
Discoveries, Inventions, and Practical Controversies and Con- 

V. 1-2 1 (1783-93). 

V. I-15, 17-18, 20-22 (1783-93). 



Enffliflh Review : or quarterly journal of eccle- 
siastical and general literature, v. 1-16 (no. 31). 
London, 1844-51. 8". Na 

Continuation of : BrtUslt Critic. 

English Review of Literature, Science etc. 
See Engliah Review, or an Abstract of foreign 

English Woman's Journal, v. i-ii (Mar. 
1858-Aug. 1863). London, 1858-63. C 

T. 8 A zo lack title>pa£e and table of contents. 

Englishman (The): being the sequel of the 
Guardian, no. 1-57 (17 13-14). i v. London, 
1 714. 8^ Na 

Edited by Sir Richard Steele. 

Epoch (The), v. i-io. New York, 1887-92. 

4". Na C 


Erg&n gnngsbliitter zur Kenntniss der Ge- 
genwart. Hrsg. von H. I. Meyer, redigirt von O. 
Dammer. v. 1-7. Hildburghausen, 1866-71. 
8". Na 

Continued as: D^ntselie Warte. 

Essayist (The). 2 v. (1829-31). Boston, 
1829-31. C 

An oocasioaal po^ wanting. 

Etonian (The), v. 1-3. London, 1824. 12*. 
4. editioii. Edited by W. Blunt and W. M. Praed. Na 

V. 1-3 (1822-24). 8vo. Nl 

▼. x-a are a. ed.; v. 3 the 4. ed. and published in 3 parts. 

Enphorion: Zeitschrif t fttr Litteraturgeschichte 
hrsg. von A. .Saner, v. 1-5 (1894-98); Ergiln- 
zungsheft, 1-3. Leipzig, 1894-98. 8°. NaC 

Current. Quarterly, v. x-3 published in Bamberg. 

Enropa. Chronik der gebildeten Welt. v. 1-2. 
Leiptig und Stuttgart, 1837. 8*. Na 

European Magazine, and London Review: 
containing the literature, history, politics, arts, 
manners & amusements of the age. By the Philo- 
logical Society of London, v. 1-87. London, 
1782-1825. 8*. Nl 

V. 1-66 (1782-18 14). Na 

V. 63-86 (1813-1824). C 

Evenin(gf Fire-side ; or. Weekly intelligence in 
the civil, natural, moral, literary and religious 
worlds. Calculated particularly for the perusal of 
the young, and those of retired habits of life . . . 
V. I (1805). Philadelphie^, 1805. 4°. Nl 

Evergreen (The), a Christmas, New Year and 

birthday gift. New York, n. d. i v. 12°. C 


Everg^reen (The): or, Church-offering for all 
seasons; a repository of religious, literary, and en- 
tertaining knowledge, for the Christian family. 
Edited by J. Salkeld. v. i. (1844). New Haven, 
1844. 8 . Nl 

Every Saturday. A journal of choice reading, 
selected from foreign current litterature. v. 1-8 
(1866-69); New ser. v. 1-4 (1872-73); New ser. v. 
1-2(1874). 14 V. jff^j/<?«, 1866-74. 8". Na 

In 1874 merged in "The Living Age." 

V. 1-8; new ser. v. i, no. 1-5, 15 (1866-69, 

1874. Nl 

Evolntion* A weekly review of politics, re- 
ligion, science, literature and art. v. i. New York, 
1897. i\ Na 

Examiner (The), no. 1502, 1526. London, 
1836-37. r. Nl 

Bound with Plaindealer (The). 

Examiner (The), a Sunday paper, on politics, 

domestic economy and theatricals, x 808-1 8 16; 

1838-58. 30 V. London, 1808-58. 4% f*. Nl 

Later vols, have sub-title: a weeklv paper on politics, litera- 
ture and the fine arts. Successively edited by Leigh Hunt, 
A. Fonblanque and others. 

1 81 1-30. Na 

1808-26. C 

Expositor. A weekly journal of foreign and 
domestic intelligence, literature, science and the 
fine arts. v. i (1838-39). New York, 1838-39. 
4". Nl 

Family Magazine, or general abstract of useful 
knowledge, [v. t]-8 (i 834-1 840). New York, 
1834-40. 4°. Nl 

Fiction. A weekly publication containing only 
stories, v. i. (Aug. 1881-Febr. 1882.) New 

York, 1882. f^ Na 

Figfaro. [Published weekly], v. 3-7. Chicago, 

1891-93. 4*. Na 

V. 5-7 have the title : Clllemco Figaro. An illustrated 
society oumal. 

Finsk tidskrift fOr vitterhet, vetenskap, konst 
och politik. V. 32-35, 38X-31 5-6, v. 42-44 (1892-93, 
1895-98). HelHngfors, 1892-98. 8**. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

V. 32-33. 34*-3«s-«, 35, 36^^.4 (1892-94); 

General register 1-29. Nl 

Fireside Monthly, devoted to science, litera- 
ture and practical life. W. W. Hall, Editor, v. 1-2. 
New York, London, 1860-61. 8°. Na 


V. I no. 4 (1859). Nl 

Fisher's Juvenile Scrapbook. Ed. by Agnes 

Strickland and Bernard Barton. London, 1838. 

8'. C 


FUesende Blatter, v. 48-62, 76-103, 108- 
109 (1868-75, 1882-95, 1897-98). MUnchen, 1868- 

98. 4''. , Na 

I Current. 



Fflsderal American Monthly. Literature, art, 
science, politics, v. 66, no. i (1865). New York^ 
1865. 8\ Nl 

For Ide og Virkelighed: et Tidsskrift udgivet 
af R. Nielsen, B. Bj5mson 0% R. Schmidt. 1869- 
73. Kjobenhavn, [1869-73]. 8^ Na 

Diflcontioued. With 1872 B. Bjdrnaoo, dropped. 

For Literatur og Kritik. See I>eiui Stifts 
litersere Selskab. 

Forei^nn and Colonial Quarterly Review. See 
New Quarterly Review. 

Foreifl^ Quarterly Review, v. 1-37. London^ 

1827-46. 8*. Na Nl C 

Edited until 1835 by J. G. Cochrane. After y. 37 incorpo- 
rated with Westminster Review.; 

For^t-me-not (The) for all seasons. Ed. 
by Ida Maitland. New York, [1851]. 16'. C 

Forfl^et me not* a Christmas, New Year and 
birthday gift. New York, n. d. I v. 8*. C 


Forget me not ; a Christmas and New Year*s 
present for 1829. Edited by Frederic Shoberl. 
London, 1829. C 

ForhandHngar och uppsatser. See STenska 
literatursallskapet i Finland. 

Forschuiic^ii zurneueren Litteraturgeschichte; 
hrsg. von F. Muncker. v. 1-8. Milnchen, 1896- 
q8. 8'. Na C 


Fort Orani^e Monthly. Feb. -Sept. 1866. 
Albany, 1866. C 

Fortnightly Review. Edited by G. H. Lewes. 
V. 1-6 (1865-66); New ser. v. 1-64 (1867-98). 70 v. 
London, 1865-98. 8*. Na C 

Current. 1867-82 edited by J. Morley, after 1883 edited 
successively by H. S. Escott, F. Harris, and W. L. Courtney. 

V. 23-24, 31-32, 34-38, 40. 


Fonr O'clock. A monthly magazine of orig- 
inal writings, v. 1-2 (1897-99). Chicago, 1898- 
99. 8° Na 

Current. • 

Forum (The). Edited by Lorettus O. Metcalf . 

V. 1-25. (1886-98.) New York, 1886-98. 8^ 

Current. From May 1891 edited by Walter S. Page. 

V. 1-22 (1886-97). Nl 

Foyer (Le) Canadien: recueil litt^raire et his- 
torique. v. 1-4. Quebec, 1863-66. 8". Na C 

France (La) litteraire. v. 1-4. (1834-39.) 
New York, 1834-39. 8°. C 

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, v. 9- 
26. (1859-68.) 18 v. New York, 1860-68. f. 


1855-56, 1858, 1862-64, 1869, 1870-72. C 

Frank Leslie's Lady's Magazine. ... v. 36, 
no. I. (1875.) New York, 1878. f^ Nl 

Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours. A monthly 
magazine, devoted to useful and entertaining read- 
ing, v. 17, no. 6. (1875.) New York, 1875. 8**. 


Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly, v. 1-3. 
New York, 1876-77. 4^ Na 

Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine. Con- 
ducted by Charles F. Deemsl v. i, 7-25. (1877, 
1880-89.) 20 v. New York, 1877-89. 4*. Na 

Ended, v. 9 edited by Alfred Taylor; v. zo-ss by T. 
de Witt Talmage. v. 9 is entitled '' The Sunday Magaaoe." 

Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country. 

V. 1-80 (1830-69); New ser. v. 1-26 (1870-82). 

106 V. London, 1830-82. 8°. Na C 

Discontinued. The new ser. is only called Fraser's Msga- 
zine and was ed. by J. A. Froude from v. x-io. 

V. 1-47; V. 48, no. 283-285; V. 52, no. 

310; new ser., v. 9, no. 51; v. 19, no. 112 (1830- 
53, 1855, 1874, 1879)- Nl 

Freebooter, v. i. London, 1824. C 

Free-Thinker (The), v. 1-3. (From Lady- 
day, 1718 — Michaelmas, 1719.) London, 1722-23. 
8'. Na C 

Edited by A. PhiUips. 

Freie Buhne. v. 1-6. (1890-95.) BerUn, 

1890-95. 8** & 4°. Na 

v. z lacks title-page. ▼. z-a have title: Freie Btthne fur 
modemes Leben; v. 3-4: Freie BQhne far Entwickeluogs- 
kampf der Zeit. v. 5: Neue deutsche Rundschau (Freie 
Bilhne). v. 5-6 in a pts. 

v. 1-2. (1890-91.) C 

v. z has no title-page. 

Friendship. . . . New York [1854?] 12". C 


Friendship's gift ; a token of remembrance. 

. . . Ed. by Josephine Gilbert. Lynn, 1852. 12". 

Annual. ^ 

Friendship's Ofifering. Ed. by C. H. Water- 
man. Philadelphia, 1841. 16''. C 


Friendship's Offering; a Christmas, New Year 
and birthday gift. New York, n. d. I v. 12'. C 


Friendship's Offering; a Christmas, New 
Year and birthday present for 1850-51. Boston, 
1850-51. 12". c 


lyens Stifts litersere Selskab. For Literatur og 
Kritik. Et Fjerdingaarsskrift. v. 1-6. Odense, 
1843-48. 8^ Na C 

Galaxy (The). An illustrated magazine of 
entertaining reading, v. 1-25, no. I. (May 1866- 
Jan. 1877.) 25 V. New York, \%t^l%, 8^ NaC 

Incorporated with ** Atlantic Monthly." 

Gailia : Kritische Monatschrift f Or franzOsische 
Sprache und Litteratur. v. 1-21-6 (July 1882-Dcc. 
1883). Leipzig, 1883. C 


Garland (The) for 1840; a Christmas, New 
Year and birthday present . . . Boston, 1840. 16'. 

Annual. ^ 

Gariand (The) ; or. Token of friendship, a 
Christmas and New Year's gift for 1849, '54, '55- 
Ed. by Emily Percival. -Pr<?MV/<w^^ 1849-55. 12'. C 


Geg^nwart (Die). Wochenschrif t f Or Literatur, 
Kunst und 5ffentliches Leben. v. 19-20, 53-54- 
Berlin, 1881, 1898. f". Na 


Gem (The), a Christmas and New Year's present 
for 1842. Philadelphia, 1842. i6\ C 

' Annual. 



Great Republic Monthly. A national maga- 
zine devoted to the best interests of American, 
literature, wholly original and impersonal, and in 
no wise sectional or sectarian, v. 1-2. New York^ 
1859. 8'. N* 

V. I, no. I (Jan. 1859). Nl 

Great Round World. A weekly newspaper 
for young and old. v.|2 (1898). Ntw York, 1898. 
12*. Na 


Great Western Magazine, chiefly devoted to 
American literature, science, art, commerce, edited 
by I. C. Pray. v. i, no. 1-2 (1842). London, 1842. 
8^ Nl 

Ghrensboten. Zeitschrift fOr Politik, Literatur 
und Kunst. Jahrg. 44-49» 57 (1885-90, 1898). 
LHptig, 1885-98. 8^ Na 

Current. Weekly. 

Chi^pes (Les)par Alphonse Karr. v. 1-4 (1853) ; 
V. [i]-5 (1871-72) ; 2. ann^, nouv. s^r. v. 1-5 
(1872-73) ; 3. annee, nouv. ser. v. 1-5 (1873-74J ; 
4. annee, nouv. s^r. v. 1-5 (1874-75) ; 5. annee, 
nouv. ser. v. 1-3, pt. (1875). 26 v. Paris, 1853 

-1875. I2^ Nl 

From V. x (1871) has lub-title Revue politique, philo- 
aophique et litt^ire. 

Nouv. ^d. I. -6. ser. (1867-78), 
v. 1-4 (1853). 



Happenchance* A magazine by amateurs 
for amateurs, v. 1-2. Mamaroneck, N, K. 1893- 
95. ^\ Na 

Harper's Bazar, v. i, no. 1-2, v. 2, 4, 5-6, 
23. New York, 1867-90. i\ Nl 

V. 30-33, (1897-98). Na 


Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 1-97. 
Index, V. 1-70, 1-85. 99 v. New York, 1850-98. 
8'. NaC 

V. 79-93 (1889-96) ; Index v, 1-40, 1-50, 

1-85. Nl 

Harper's Weekly. A journal of civilization. 

V. 1-42. New York, 1857-98. V. Na 

V. 1-8, 13-18, 20, 27, 38 (1857-94). Nl 
V. 2-8, 14-18, 30, 37, 38 are very imperfect. 

V. 3-27 (1859.1883). C 

Harvard Graduates' Magazine, v. 1-6 (1892- 
98). Boston, 1893-98. 8°. Na C 


Harvard Lampoon, v. 32-35. Cambridge, 
1896-98. 4°. Na 


HaiTthom ; a Christmas and New Year's 
present. 1845. New York, 1845. 16'. C 


Heidelberg^r JahrbQcher der Literatura 
V. 48-65. 18 V. Heidelberg, 1855-72. 8°. N. 

Hermethenean : edited by a number of un- 
dergraduates in Washington College, v. i. Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1833-34. 8°. Nl 

Hesperian (The). Edited by Mrs. F. A. Day. 
V. 2-10. 9 V. San Francisco, Cat. , iZsg-^^* 8°. Na 

From V. zo, no. a the title is : Paelllc Monthly. 

Hesperian (The); or western monthly maga- 
zine. V. I. Columbus, Ohio, 1838. 8*. Na 

(The). A western quarterly maga- 
zine. Edited by A. N. De Menil. v. i, no. i, 3. 
5, 7 (1894-96). St, Louis, 1894-96. 8^ Nl 

Hewet's Excelsior and New York Illustrated 
Times, v. i, no. i (1846). New York, 1846. 
4«. Nl 

Bound in vol. entitled : Illustrated Papers. 

Hibernian Magazine ; or compendium of enter- 
taining knowledge, containing the greatest variety 
of the most curious & useful in every branch of 
polite literature, v. 1-8 (1771-78); 177^18"- 
41 V. Dublin, 1771-1811. 8^ Na 

Ended. The volumes for 1786-181 1 have the title : Walker's 
Hibernian Magazine. The volumes for 1779-1811 are not num- 
bered. Some volumes are imperfect. 

Histoire litteraire de la France, v. 1-31- 
Paris, 1733-93- ^* ^ 

Historisch litterarish-bibliographisches Maga- 
zin. Hrsg. von J. G. Menscl. 8 v. (1788-94). 
Zarich, 1788-94. C 

Discontinued, v. 5-8 published at Chemnitz . . . 

Historisch-litterarischer Zweigvercin des 
Vogesen-Clubs. Jahrbuch fttr Geschichtc, Sprachc 
und Litteratur Elsass-Lothringens. Jahrg. 13. 
I V. Strassburg, 1897. 8°. Na 

Continuation of: Zeltachrift fflr Sprache, Litteratur und 
Volkskunde des Elsasses, Oberrheins und Schwabens. Notm 

HoiTiT** Weekly Instructor, v. 1-6 (1845-48), 
new ser. v. i-io (1848-53) ; [3- ser.] v. 1-6 (1853- 
56). 22 V. Edinburgh, 1845-56. 8 . Na 

Continued as : Tlfmn. A monthly magazine. 

Holden's Dollar Magazine, v. 1-6. New 
York, 1848-50. 8°. Na 

V. i; V. 6, no. 2, 5 I ▼• 7, no. i, 3 (1848, 

1850-51). ^^ 

V. 2 (1848). C 

and Abroad, v. i. New York, 1870. 




Journal. (1854-61.) New York, 1854- 


2 V. (1856-57). C 

Review, v. i, no. i (1895). New York, 

1895. 4^ N* 

Honeysuckle (The) for 1848. New York, 

1848. 12°. ^ 


Hour (The). A weekly journal devoted to 

social interests, v. 1-16. New York, 1880-85. 

£o Na 

Hour Book. v. i, no. i (1895). Cumberland, 
Md., 1895. 8°. Nl 

Hours at Home. A popular monthly devoted 

to religious and useful literature. Edited by J. M. 

Sherwood, v. i-ii (May 1865-Oct. 1870). New 

York, 1865-70. 8^ Na 

Ended, v. 6-1 1 have the subtitle : A popular monthly of 
instruction and recreation. 

Household Journal of Popular Information, 
Amusement and Domestic Economy, v. 1-2 (Oct 
1860-Sept. 1861). New York, i86a-6i. 1 . JNa 

Household Magazine (The). See The Amer* 
ican Monthly. 

Household Narrative of Current Events. Being 
a monthly supplement to Household Words, con- 
ducted by Charles Dickens. 1850-1855. o v. 
London, 1850-55. 8*. ^ 



Household Words. A weekly journal con- 
ducted by C. Dickens, v.i-19. London, New York ^ 
1850-59. 8^ C Na Nl 

Consolidated with : All the year round, v. 3-1 1 are of the 
American edition. The Lenox copy is the Enj^lish edition. 

Hofritt*s Journal of Literature and Popular 
Progress. Edited by William and Mary Howitt. 

V. 1-3. London, 1847-48. 4* 


In 1849 incorporated with **the People*s Journal," and con- 
tioued as ** People's and Howitt's Journal." 

V. 4. 



Hatcliiii^*8 California Magazine. 
3-4(1859). San Francisco, \%S9- 8° 

Hyacinth (The) ; or, Affection's gift ; a Christ- 
mas, New Year and birthday present for 1854. . . 
Philadelphia, 1854. 16°. C 


Idler (The). New edition. London, 1808. Nl 

Idler. An illustrated magazine. Edited by 
Jerome K. Jerome, and Robert Barr. v. 1-13 
(1892-98.) London, 1892-98. 8*. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Idler (The). Magazine of fiction, belles lettres, 
news and comedy. Edited by E. Wilberforce. no. 
I (1856). London, 1856. 8*. Nl 

Idunn; Timarit till skemmtunar og frodleiks. 
V. 7 (1889). Reykjavik, 1889. C 

IdmuiA und Hermode. Eine Alterthumszeitung 
hrsg. von F. D. Grater, v. 1-4 (1812-16). Bres- 
lau, i8i2-<6. 8**. C 

Continuation of: Bracer. 

I|pdr»flil, the journal of the Rusldn Reading 
Guild. A magazine of literature, art and social 
philosophy. Edited by W. Marwick and K. Parkes. 
London, 1890. C 

Ulinois Monthly Magazine. Conducted by 

James Hall. v. 1-2. Vandalia, 1831-32. 8 . 

_. Continued as: Western Monthly Magazine, v. 3 pub- 
'^Hcd in Cindnnati. v. x, no. x, 3 and pp. 283-286, 399-402 

V. I, no. 2 (Nov. 1830). Na 

mnminated Magazine, edited by Douglas 
Jc^rrold ... V. 1-4 (1845). London, 1845. 4". 


V. 1-2, 16-24 (1890, 
New York, Paris, 



Sllnstrated American. 
5.^^M-98). II V. in 10. 
~ icago, 1890-98. f°. 

V. 1-24 (1890-98). 

SUuetraied American News. A journal of 
^erature and art, including a glance at passing 
■^ '^'"^nts ; with three hundred and sixty engravings. 
T^- 3 (June 7-N0V. 15, 1 851); 2 supplements, i v. 
^^w York, (1 85 1), r. Na 


v. I, no. 7-24; 2 suppl. (1851). Nl 

Dublin Journal. A miscellany of 
usement and popular information. By the most 
inent writers, v. i (1861-62). Dublin, 1862. 4°. 


SUnstrated Family Journal v. i; v. 2, no. 

' — 26(1845). London, 1845. 8'. Nl 

^Unstrftted London News. v. 1-113. Lon- 
^*ai, 1842-98. f". Na 

arrent. Weekly. 

V. 1-87 (1842-85). IO5-II2 (1894-Je. 98). C 
'oit. 105-XX3 are of the New York edition. 

niustrated Monthly Northwest Magazine ; 
devoted to western interests and progress. E. V. 
Smalley, Editor, v. 12-13. 2 v. St Paul, Minn,, 

1894-95. f. Na 

Continuation of : VAtwmty Northwest. Continued as : 
Nortlmrest Magazine. 

Illustrated News. v. 1-2 (Jan. i,-Nov. 26, 
1853). New York, 1853. f". Na C 

Weekly. Merged in : Oleason's Pictorial. 

IlluBtrated Review. v. 3, no. 30 (1872). 
London, 1872. 4**. Nl 

Illustrated Times. Weekly newspaper, v. 
1-13. London, 1855-61. f**. Na 

V. 1-12 (1855-61). Nl 

Illustration (L'). v. 1-112. /'ariV, 1843-98. 

8^ Na 

Current. Weekly. 

V. 1-76 (1843-80). Nl 

Illustrasione italiana. v. 261-7 (1899). Milano, 
1899. f^ Na 

Current. Weekly. 

Illustreret Tidende. v. 39(1898). Kobenkavn, 
1898. f^ Na 

Current. Weekly. 

lUustrirte Zeitung. W^chentliche Nachricht- 
en Uber alle Ereignisse, Zustande und Persi^nlich- 
keiten der Gegenwart ... v. 54-99i no-iii (1870- 
92, 1898). 46 V. Leipzig, 1870-98. f°. Na 

Current. Weekly. 2 v. published each year. 

Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review and 
Oriental and Colonial Record. New ser. v. i-io 
(1891-95); 3. ser. V. 1-6 (1896-98). Waking, 
1891-98. 8% Na 

Current. Continuation of : Asiatic Quarterly Review. 

3. ser. V. 1-5 (1896-98.) C 

Indian Mail. v. i-ii. Z<?W(t?«, 1843-53. Na 

Indian Observer. By the late Hugh Boyd and 

others. Compiled by Bone, i v. Calcutta, 1795. 

8". Na 

Edited by Lawrence Dundas Campbell. 

Indicator* v. 1-2. London, 1820-21. 8°. Nl 

Indische Bibliothek ; eine Zeitschrift. v. 1-3 
(1823-30). Bonn, 1823-30. C 

Discontinued. Ed. by A. W. von Schlegel. 

Infant's Annual for 1839. New York, 1839. 
sq. 32*'. C 

Inland Monthly Magazine, v. 7, no. 2 ; v. 8, 
no. 4 (1875-76). St. Louis, 1875-76. 8°. Nl 

International Monthly Magazine of litera- 
ture, science and art. v. 1-5 (1850-52). New York, 
1850-52. 8^ Na Nl C 

Merged in : Harper's Monthly Magazine. 

International Review. Edited by Robert P. 
Porter, v. 1-14. New York, 1874-83. 8°. Na C 
V. 1-X3 no editor given. 

Index V. 1-9. C 

Iris (The); an illuminated souvenir for 1851. 
Ed. by J. S. Hart. Philadelphia, 1851. 8^ C 

Iris (The), or literary messenger, v. i (1840- 
41). New York, 1840-41. 8^ Nl 

Iris; eine Wochenschrift. Hrsg. von J. G. 
Jacobi. V. 1-8 (1774-76). DUsseldorf, 1774-76. C 

Irish Metropolitan Magazine, v. 1-3 (Apl. 
1857-Sept 1858). Dublin, 1857-58. 8°. Na 



Irish Monthly. A magazine of general litera- 
ture. V. 1-26. Dublin, 1873-98. 8°. Na 

Current. Title-page of v. x rotds: The Irish Monthly 
Magazine. ('' CathoUc Ireland.'*) 

Irish Quarterly Review, v. 1-9 (Mch. 1851- 
Jan. i860). Dublin, 1851-60. 8". Na 

V. 1-4 (1851-54). C 

V. 3, no. II (1853). Nl 

Jahrbnch der deutschen Shakespeare Gesell- 
schaft. See Deutsche Shakespeare Gesellschaf t. 

Jahrbneh fttr Geschichte, Sprache, und Lit- 
teratur Elsass-Lothringens. See Historisch- 
litterarischer Zweigverein des Vogesen-Clubs. 

Jahrbneh far Litteraturgeschichte hrsg. von 
R. Gosche. v. i. Berlin, 1865. C 

Continaed as: ArchiT fiir Litteraturgcschichte. 

Jahrbneh fttr romanische und englische Lite- 
ratur. Unter besonderer Mitwirkung von Ferdi- 
nand Wolf, hrsg. von Adolf Ebert. v. 1-12 (1859- 
71) ; Neue Folge, v. 1-3 (1874-76.) Berlin, 1859- 
76. 8'. NaC 

Discontinued. The new series is entitled: Jahrbuch fUr 
romanische und englische Sprache und Literatur. From v. 6 
X865 edited by Ludwig Lembke. From i86a published in Leip- 

Jahrbneher der Literatur, 1818-49. 128 v. 
IVien, 1818-49. 8"- C 

Discontinued. Each v. contains Anzeigeblatt fUr Wissen- 
schaft und Kunst. v. z 37-138 contain index to the set. 

Jahrbiieher fttr wissenschaftliche Kritik. 
1827-46. 22 V. Stuttgart, 1827-46. 4**. C 

Jahresberiehte fttr neuere deutsche Littera- 
turgeschichte . . . hrsg. von J. Elias, M. Herr- 
mann, und S. Szamat61ski. v. 1-6. (i 890-1 895). 
Stuttgart, Leipzig, 1892-98. 4'. Na 

With V. 3 M. Herrmann and S. Szamat61ski were dropped, 
E. Schmidt & M. Osbom became editors. 

Japan Weekly Mail. A review of Japanese 

commerce, politics, literature and art. v. 23-25, 

2ft-29 (1895-96, 1897-98). [Yokohama] 1895-98. 

f". Na 


Jeffersonian Weekly. Horace Greeley, editor, 
v. I (Feb. 17, 1838-Fcb. 9, 1839) 52 nos. Albany, 
1838-39. i\ NaC 


Jenaer Literaturzeitung, im Auftrag der Uni- 
versitSt Jena, hrsg. von A. Klette. v. 1-6. Jena, 

1874-79. Na C 

Discontinued, v. 5 ft 6 published at Leipzig. 

Jenness-Miller Magazine, edited by Annie 
Jenness- Miller and Mabel Jenness. v. 4-5. 2 v. 
in 3. New York, 1889-91. 4°. Na 

John Bnll. '* For God, the king and the peo- 
ple." V. 1-29 (1820-49). London, 1820-49. f°. C 

no. 1-70 (1820-22). Nl 

Jonrnal asiatique. See Soei^t^ asiatique. 

Jonmal of the Bacon Society. See Baeon 

Jonrnal des enfants. Anne'e i-io. [Paris] 
1832-41. 4^ Nl 

Jonmal gene'ral de la litterature de France, 
ou repertoire methodique. v. 1-44. Paris, 1798- 
1841. 8^ Na 

Jonrnal historique de la republique des lettres. 

V. 1-3. (1732-1733). Leyde, 1732-34. C 

Each volume is in 3 pu. with separate title-pages. 

Jonmal pour tons. 25 v. 

Jonmal literaire. v. 1-23 (17 13-1 736), La 
Haye, 1714-36. 16". C 

Each V. is in a pts. with separate title pages: -the publioitioa 
was discontinued from 1739-29. 

Jonmal litt^raire, par J. M. B. Clement de 
Dijon. V. 1-3. Paris, 1796-97. 8". Na 

Jonmal de politique et de litterature. 6v, 
Bruxelles, 1774-78. C 

Trimonthly, Nos. for Sept. 5th, z77S-Aug. ssth, 1776; ^sn. 
5th-April 2Sth, 1777 ; Sept. sth-Dec. asth, 1777, aie wanang. 

Paris, 1855-70 

Jndy. v. I. New York, 1846. 4'. Nl 

Jncly» or the London serio-comic journal v. 26- 
47 (1880-90). London, 1880-90. 4". C 

V. 4-5; V. 6 no. 133-140(1869) Nl 

Jnvenile (The) Forget-me-not; a Christmas and 
New Year's present. New York, 1869. 16*. C 

JnTonile (The) Gem for 1846. Ed. by Father 
Frank. New York, 1846. I6^ C 


Jylland : Maandesskrift for Literatur, Kunst 
og Samfundsspdrgsmaal, redigeret af F. v. Jessen. 
1891-92. I V. Aarhus, 1891-92. 8*. Na 


Keepsake of friendship; Christmas and New 
Year's annual for 1849. Ed. by G. S. Munroe. 
Worcester, 1849. 12°. C 

Kladderadatseh. Humoristisch-satyrisches 
Wochenblatt. v. 50-51 (1897-98) 6 v. BerUn, 


V. 18-21 (1865-68). 


Kniekerboeker(The) : or New York monthly 

magazine, v. 1-61, 64-65. 63 v. New York, 

1833-65. 8'. Na 

V. 61, Z863, is entided: The Knickerbocker monthly, a 
national magazine, v. 64-65 (X864-65) are entitled '*The 
American Monthly Knickerbocker." v. 6x edited by Kinahan 

V. 1-2, 4-10, I3-I9» 25^5, Nl 

V. 1-51 (1833-58). C 

Knight's Penny Magazine, v. 1-2. (1846). 

London, 1846. 8°. Nl 

Continuation of: Penny Magazine of the society for the 
diffusion of useful knowledge. 

Kniifht's Quarteriy Magazine, v. 1-3 (1823- 
24). London, 1823-24. 8". Nl 

Knowledge* A weekly magazine, devoted to 
supplying information such as one seeks in his 
cyclopedia, and fails to find there ... v. i. no. 
23 (1890). New York, 1890. nar, 12*. Nl 

Ladies' Companion at home and abroad. Edited 

by Mrs. Loudon, v. i (1850); 2. ser. v. 1-29 

(1852-66). 30 V. Z<?«^<?ii, 1850-66. 8^ Na 

The 2d ser. has the title: Ladies' Companion and Monthly 

Ladies' Garland, devoted to literature, amuse- 
ment, and instruction, containing original essays . . . 
V. 1-2, nos. 1-12. (1838-39). Philaldelphia, 1838- 

3Q- ^ 

Ladies' Pocket Magazine. 1824-40. 34 v. 

London, 1824-40. 24'. Na 

Each year in a parts. 

1824-33. 10 V. C 


i' Wreath. A magaiioe devoted to liter- 
ature, ioduitry and religioD. 1S47. New York, 
1847. 8*. Na 

I<»d]r'B (The) Annual, a soureair of frieodsbip 
and remembnuice for 1B49. Ed. by Emily Mar- 
shall. Nra Yori, 1849. 16°. C 

limAj'm (The) Gift, a soaveair for all seasons. 
Ed. by Walter PerciTal. Naskua, 1649. ia°. 
[1849]., ' C 

Iikdf's Magazine, an entertaining companion 
tor the fair sex, appropriated solely to their use and 
'. 25-37. 3 T. London, 1794-96. 8°. 

LeaU«'s Weeklj 

85, DO. Z1S6-31S8; ^ 

1897-9B. r. 

Uberal (The). 

south. V. 1-3. Lsn 
Br Liish Hunt, Lord I 
Ubrarr (The); 

and literature. Edicci 

V. i-io. London, \% 
Continued u: lilbra 

6 ud UbriTT litenuurc 

V. 1-9 (1889-^ 

Ubrarr Magazin 

(1887). Ntv, York, I 



Literary Examiner : consisting of the Indica- 
tor, a review of books and miscellaneous pieces in 
prose and verse. By Leigh Hunt. v. i (1823). 
London, 1823. 8'. C 

Contlnttedos: Indicator. 

Uterary Gazette. Published weekly by D. B. 
Fisk, A. Fowler and M. Currier, v. i (1834). 
Concord, N, H., 1834. 4°. Nl 

Idterary Gazette, and American Athenaeum. 

v. 3, nos. 2-25 (Sept. 16, 1826-Feb. 24, 1827). i v. 

New York, 1827. sq. 4°. Na 

Weekly. Continuation of : NeiiV York Literary Gazette . . . 
Edited by J[ames Gordon Brooks. In the last number an- 
nouncement is made of the Morning Chronicle as a continua- 
tion. Apparently the name was changed to the Morning 
Courier, which started in May, xSay, with Brooks as one of 
the editors. 

Literary Gazette and Journal of Belles -Lettres, 
Arts, Politics, &c. Comprising original essays on 
polite literature, the arts and sciences ; a review of 
new publications ; poetry ; criticisms on the fine 
arts, the drama, &c. Memoirs and correspondence 
of distinguished persons, anecdotes, jeux d'esprit, 
&c. ; sketches of society and manners, proceedings 
of public and literary societies ; summary and poli- 
tics and news, literary intelligence, &c. ; 1817-58 ; 
new ser. 1859-60. 44 v. London, 1817-60. sq. 4°. 

Edited successively by W. Jerdan, S. Phillips, L. Reeve, and 
. M. Jephson. The new series edited successively by Shirley 
rooks, H. Christmas, W. R. Workman, S. PhUlips and L. 





Literary Gazette ; or, Journal of Criticism, 
Science, and the Arts. Being a collection of orig- 
inal and selected essays, v. i. Philadelphia, 1821. 

4'. Na 

Weekly. Discontinued z8ax. This is a third series of : 
Analectic Magazine. * 

Literary Journal, v. 1-5. Z^^^A'w, 1744-49. 

8". Na 

Edited by Rev. Mr. Droz. Each v. in a parts. 

Literary Life. Monthly illustrated magazine. 
V. 2, no, 2, 4-6 ; V. 3, no. 3 ; v. 4, no. 5 ; v. 5, no. 
2 ; V. 6, no. i {1884-86). Chicago, 1884-86. 8'. Nl 

Literary Magazine and British Review, v. 2 
(1789). Londop, [1789]. 8'. C 


Literary Miscellany, including dissertations 
and essays on subjects of literature, science, and 
morals ; biographical and historical sketches ; crit- 
ical remarks on language ; with occasional reviews. 
Published quarterly, v. 1-2. Cambridge, 1805-06. 
8^ Na 

According to Sabin issued by the Phi Beta Kappa Society. 

Literary Miscellany, or monthly review, a 
periodical work by C. N. Baldwin, v. i (181 1). 
New York, 181 1. I6^ Nl 

Literary News. A monthly journal of cur- 
rent literature, new. ser. v. 5-19. (1884-98.) 
15 V. New York, 1884-98. 4". Na 

Current. Ed. by F. Leypoldt, 1880-84. 

new ser. v. 1-19 (1880-98). . C 

Literary Northwest, v. 2, no. 3-7 ; v. 3, no. 
2-4 (1892-93). St. Paul, 1892-93. 8^ Na 

Continued as : Illnitrated Monthly Northwest Maga- 

Literary Panorama. A review of books, reg- 
ister of events, magazine of varieties. Comprising 
interesting intelligence from the various districts of 

the United Kingdom ; the British connections in 
the East Indies, West Indies, America, Africa, 
Western Asia, and from the continent of Europe. 
V. 1-8 (Oct. 1806-Dec. 1 810). London, 1807-10. 

8'. Na 

Literary Panorama and National Register. 
V. 4 (1810). London, repr, in Boston, [1816]. 8"' C 


Literary and Philosophical Repertory : em- 
bracing discoveries and improvements in the phys- 
ical sciences ; the liberal and fine arts ... v. 1-2 
(1812-1817). MiddUbury, Vt., 1812-17. nar. 8'. 


V. I, no. 1-5; V. 2 (1812-17). C 

Literary Recreations, v. i, no. 1-26 (Jan. 
24-Aug. 22, 1829). Round Hill, Northampton, 
\Mas5!\, 1829. 4°. Na 

Literary and Scientific Repository, and Critical 

Review, v. 1-4 (June, i82Q-April, 1822). New 

York, 1S20-22. S\ NaC 

Quarterly, v. 3, no. 5, is bound with Lives of Van Burcn, 
Butler and Hoyt, by W. L. Mackensie. Edited by C. K. 

Literary Society of Bombay. Transactions. 
V. 1-3. London, 1819-23. 8". Na 

Literary Souvenir, ed. by Alaric A. Watts. 
V. 7. London, 1831. 16". C 


Literary and Theological Review, v. 1-6. 
New York, 1834-39. 8°. Na C 

V. x-4 ed. by Leonard Woods, jr. 

Literary World. Choice readings from the 
best books and critical reviews, v. 2, no. 12-22 
(1869) ; new ser. v. 1-58 (1869-^8). 57 v. London, 

1869-98. r & 4". N* 

Current. Weekly. No subtitle from v. 45. 

New ser. v. 29-57 (1884-98). C 


New ser. v. 47, no. 1220 (1893). 


Literary World. A fortnightly review of cur- 
rent literature, v. 10-29 (1879-98). 20 v. Boston, 
1879-98. C 


Literary World. A gazette for authors, read- 
ers, &c. v. 1-13. New York, 1847-53. 4°. Na C 

Literary World : a journal of popular informa- 
tion and entertainment . . . conducted by John 
Timbs. V. 1-3. London, 1839-1840. 8°. Nl 

i:4terary Year Book. v. 1-2(1897-98). Edited 
by F. G. Aflalo. London, 1897-98. 12'. Na 

z8q8 is edited by Joseph Jacobs. 

V. I (1897). C 

Literature. Edited by H. D. Traill. Pub- 
lished by the Times, v. 1-3. (1897-98.) London, 
1898. f^ Na 

Current. Weekly. 

LitteU*0 Living Age. See LiviniT Age. 
Litterarisoher Verein in Stuttgart. Biblio- 
thek. V. 1-215. Stuttgart, 1842-97. 8^ Na C 
Current, v. 91-215 published in Tiibingen. 

Litteraturblad f5rallm&n medborgerlig bild- 
ning. V. 5. 9-10 (1851-52. 1855-56). 3 ▼• ^^^ 
sing f or s, 1851-56. 4°. ^ 

Litteratur-tidning, fOrar 1796. ▼• 2. \MP' 
saUi\, 1796. 12*. N 


(Emmet Collection. Presented to the New York Public Library by John S. Kennedy.) 

Virginia, part II; and North Carolina. 

SaAderflon (John). Biography of the Signers 
to the Declaration of Independence. Volume XVI. , 
Virginia. Illustrated by Thomas Addis Emmet, M. D. 
New York [1870?]. ¥\ 

The text of the volume consists of the lives of Richard 
Henry Lee, by A. H. Lee, from volume 9, pages 5-65 of the 
original edition of Sanderson ; of Francis Lishtfoot Lee, by 
Robert Wain, jr., from volume 9, pages 17Z-Z84; of Carter 
Braxton, by Judge Brackenborougn, from volume 6, pages 
177-907 ; of Thomas Nelson, jr., by H. D. Gilpin, from vol- 
ume 7, pages 963-306 ; and of Benjamin Harrison, by H. D. 
GUpin, from volume 8, pages 195-X73. 

The material indexed consists of: documents 14, engrav- 
ings 5, letters 39, magazioe article z, portraits 74, views 17. 

View : Torktown. Fa, Inscription : York 
ToTvn Battle ground. Line. [New York? 1850?] 
8°. Inserted in a decorative frame of older date 
engraved by J. G. Walker. F'. em. 3764 

Engraving: Yorktown* Siege of. Inscrip- 
tion : (left) Peint par Couder (right) Grav^ par 
J. M, Fontaine \ Rochambeau Washington Lafay- 
• ette I Siige d' York- Town Le G^A Rochambeau et 
Washington donnent Us dernier s ordres pour VAt- 
taqtie. Line. [Paris, 1790?] F*. EM. 3765 


Letter : Lee (Richard Henry). New York, June 

17, 1785. To . Congress has just finished an 

ordinance for surveying and selling that part of the 
land north-west of the Ohio that has been purchased 
lately of the Indians ; this and more to be acquired 
later will be devoted to payment of the domestic 
debt ; the foreign debt will not be oppressive then ; 
an American coinage, the regulation of the post 
office, and other important affairs are now before 
Congress ; they hope for peace with the Barbary 
states ; he inclines to think however that com- 
mercisd finesse has been more operative than the 
enmity of those people to distress American com- 
merce. Lithograph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the 
possession of F. J. Dreer, Esq., Phila. i page. 
F*. With a portrait (wood engraving, on India 
paper) of Richard Henry Lee. em. 3766 

Also in Brotherhead's Book 0/ the Signers, Phila., z86z, 
p. 95- 

Letter : Lee (Richard Henry). Baltimore, Feb. 
19. 1777- To John Page, Williamsburg, Va. 
Thanks him for his last letter ; if their large gallies 
were manned, gunned, and fitted, the navigation of 
the bay would receive no interruption ; wishes Vir- 
ginia and Maryland would act jointly in the matter; 
advantages of the gallies ; events of war are at a 
standstill until the new army assembles ; the horses 
of the enemy are nearly all dead for want of forage ; 
it is disgraceful to Americans that 6000 men deter- 
mined upon their ruin should winter in their coun- 
try ; urges Page to press forward their quota ; a war 
in Europe is not far oflf ; they expect news soon 
upon the return of the vessel that carried Dr. Frank- 
lin to France ; Page's brother and sister were in- 
oculated three days ago ; Congress is to return to 
Philadelphia on Wednesday next ; a postscript adds 
that seamen put ashore by Com. Hotham report 
that the ships have great fear of our gallies. A. L.S. 
2 pp. and I leaf with address. F**. em. 3767 

Portrait: Berkeley {Sir William)? Three- 
quarters length, standing ; directed to the left, 
facing towards and looking to the front ; long wig. 

lace cravat, breast plate, sash, left hand on hip. Mez- 
zotint. [London, i8th century?] F*. em. 3768 

reduced to 
)mpare the en- 

MtZMOtitUo PoT' 

iraiUy part 3, p. 1367^ by R. Thompson after Sir Peter Lely ; 
this latter is a portrait of Sir William Berkeley (1639-1666), 
vice-admind, and not of Sir William Berkeley, governor of 

Portrait : Lee (Richard). Short half length ; 
directed to the right, facing towards and looking to 
the front ; long wig. Inscription : (yNeill N, K. 1 
Richard Lee, Richardson and company. Stipple 
on mezzotint. 4"". EM. 3769 

Also in E. C. Mead's Genealogical history of the Let 
family, N. Y., x868, p. 51. 

Portrait: Lee (Richard). Full bust ; directed 
to the right, facing and looking to the front ; long 
hair ; robes. Inscription : 0*NeiU, M Y, \ Richard 
Lee Jr, Richardson &* Company. Stipple on mez- 
zotint. 4". KM. 3770 

Also in £. C. Mead*s Genealogical history of the Lee 
family, N. Y., x868, p. 56. 

Document: Lee (Richard). [Fairfax, Va., Sept. 

19, 1 77 1.] Deposition to the eflfect that he. with 
others, had agreed to ship tobacco by Joshua Pol- 
lard of the ship Fryar of Liverpool, Pollard en- 
gaging to be in the Potomac in March ; that since 
Pollard did not appear until about June 5, they con- 
sidered themselves released from the contract ; 
though Lee shipped his tobacco by Pollard as a 
favor, others refused to do so. D. S. Certified to 
before John West, at Fairfax, Va., Sept. 19, 1771, 
and signed by him. \% pp. F". em. 3771 

Letter : Lee (Thomas). Stratford, [Va.,] Dec. 

20. 1749. To [James Hamilton, deputy-governor 
of Pennsylvania]. Since he wrote last he has writ- 
ten also to the Lords of the Treasury asking for the 
King's order for running the dividing line between 
the two colonies ; otherwise great difficulty will 
arise upon the seating of the grants to the westwaxxl 
of the mountains ; this was the method adopted by 
the Earl of Grenville and Lord Fairfax ; he acquaints 




Portrait : Wilkes (John). Full length, seated; 
directed to the front, facing to the right; left hand 
on left knee, right arm resting on leg, and hand 
holding a liberty pole with the cap on top; to the 
left a table upon which lie an inkstand with pen, 
and two papers marked North Briton Number jy 
BXiA North Briton Number 4$. Inscription: (left) 
Designed by W. Hogarth, (right) Engraved by 7". 
Cook, \ John Wilkes Esqr. Line. [London, 1770?] 
F°. EM. 3791 

Portrait : Lee (Arthur). Bust; directed, facing, 
looking to the left. Inscription: Etchd, by H. B, 
Hall, N, y. 1868 I Arthur Lee (fac-simile signa- 
ture). F*. EM. 3792 

Engraving: Waahlngton" (George). Inscrip- 
tion: (left) DarUy del. (right) H. B. Hall \ Wash^ 
ington, Henry <5r» Pendleton going to the first congress. 
Vol. I. p jgy (From the original drawing in the 
possession of the publishers.) Line. F*. EM. 3793 

The same engraving, on amaUer paper, U to be found also 
in Irving's Waskifigton^ 4* ed,, vol. x (N. Y., 1857) p. 397. 

Portrait: Cunkdng (Thomas). Half length; 
directed to the right, facing and looking slightly to 
the right; plain coat, wig. Inscription: Thomas 
Cushing Member of the Continental Congress 
Thomas Cf/jAfff^ (fac-simile signature). Lithograph 
[by Max Rosenthal]. [Philadelphia, 1885?] F°. 

EM. 3794 

Portrait : Washinfl^on (George). Three-quar- 
ters length, standing; directed to the left, facing 
and looking to the right; right arm raised, left hand 
resting on waist; military uniform, cocked hat; battle 
in left background. Inscription: Done from an 
Ori^ inal. Drawn from the Life by Alex^. Campbell^ 
of Williamsburgh in Virginia. George Washing' 
ton^ Esq*'. General and Commander in Chief of the 
Continental Army in America. [Published as the 
Act directs g Seftr lyy^ by C. Shepherd. '\ Mezzo- 
tint. [London.] F°. em. 3795 

Bakerj no. 49. See also J. C. Smith's British Mezzotinto 
Portraits^ part 4, p. 17x7, no. 14. 

Document: Alderton (Thomas). [London,] 
Jan. 23, 1773. Bill for ;£'40 travelling expenses to 
Wroxton Abbey and thence to Dillington and return, 
Aug. 23, 1772 to Oct. I, 1772. With recommenda- 
tion signed by Lord North, praying Duke of New- 
castle to pay the amount; an order on Lord North- 
ington, Feb. i, 1773, to pay the amount out of the 
seizures since Oct. 25, 1760; certificate of examina- 
tion and record, signed by Northington, Feb. 3, 
1773. Receipted, on the back, 4 Feb, 1773 by T. 
Alderton and witnessed by James Best, i page. 
F°. EM. 3796 

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Full bust; di- 
rected and facing to the left, looking to the front; 
plain coat; white stock. Inscription: (left) G^. Stuart 
[nght) H. B.Hall \ Thomas Jefferson Th Jefferson 
(fac-simile signature) Printed by W. Pate. New 
York. G. P. Putnam 6* Co. Stipple. 4°. EM. 3797 

Also in Irving's Washington^ 4" ed., vol. 5 (N. Y., 1859) 
p. 30. 

View: London. — Tower. Inscription: Pub- 
lished according to Act of Parliament by I. BoydeU 
Engraver ly^i Price i*. A View of the Tower, 
taken upon the Thames. Line. [London.] F*. 

EM. 3798 

Portrait: Shippen (William). Short half- 
length, standing; directed, facing, looking to the 

left; plain coat; long hair. Inscription: (right) Max 
Rosenthal \ Dr. Wm. Shippen^ Sen. jEt 8g. Mem- 
ber of the Continental Congress. W*^. Shippers (fac- 
simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 
F*. EM. 3799 

Document : Shippen (William). [Philadelphia, 
Penn. 1790?] Receipt for ;£'895 igs. 6</., Virginia 
convention money, from Messrs. Simon and Grati, 
collateral security to the obligation for the same 
amount in Pennsylvania currency, due Mar. 25 next, 
on the back of which the receipt is written. A.D.S. 
Fragment. Narrow strip. EM. 380a 

Portrait: WasUng^n (George). Bust; di- 
rected and facing to the left, looking to the front. 
Inscription: (right) C. G. Stt/art pinxt. (left) W. 
Nutter sculpt. | Geo. Washington Esqr. Late Presi- 
dent of the United States of America. From an 
original Picture in the possession of J. Seb^. De 
Franfa Esq^. of Devonshire Place to whom this 
Plate is Dedicated by his obliged humble Servt. Ro¥. 
Cribb. [London, Published Jany. ijth /yg^ by R. 
Cribb, Holborn.] Stipple. F". EM. 3801 

Baker, no. 394. 

Letter: Weedon (George). Fredericksburg, 
[Va.,] Jan. 15, 1781. To Thomas Jefferson, [Rich- 
mond,] Governor of Va. Since the receipt of his 
letter of 1 1 inst. he has taken every measure in his 
power to fulfil the request; various county lieutenants 
have been warned; he has between 600 and 700 men 
ready now, of which number 150 are riflemen; from 
information of Col. [Thomas] Matthews he expects 
500 more in the next week; he has had all the lead 
at this post run into balls; they need more. A.L.S. 
2 pp. 4*. »M. 3802 

The address has been inserted below the letter. 

Portrait: Weedon (George). Bust; directed, 
facing, looking to the left; military uniform, cocked 
hat. Inscription: (right) Albert Rosenthal \ Brig. 
Gen. George Weedon. G. Weedon (fac-simile signa- 
ture). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] F". 

EM. 3803 

Portrait: Adams (Samuel). Half length; di- 
rected to the left, facing to the right, looking to the 
front; plain coat, wig. Inscription: Illman 6* Pit- 
brow Sc. Sam. Adams (fac-simile signature). Line 
and stipple. 8^ km. 3804 

Also in Goodrich's Lives o/ths Signers, N. Y., 1836, p. 8x.. 

Letter : Washlnffton (George). Head Quar- 
ters, White Plains, [N. Y.,] Sept. i, 1778. To 
George Clinton, Governor of N. Y. Informs him 
that Capt. Colson [Samuel Colston] of the 5th Vir- 
ginia regiment, wounded and killed Mr. Vantassel 
of New York; Colson has escaped, perhaps to Vir- 
ginia, perhaps to the West Indies; will Clinton make 
efforts for his apprehension; the last advices from 
Rhode Island, of Aug. 29, from Gen. Sullivan, in- 
form him that the Americans have withdrawn to 
the north end of the island; a skirmish with the 
enemy resulted favorably for the Americans; d'Es- 
taing's fleet has reached Boston. L. S. 2 pp. F'. 

EM. 3805 

Portrait: Lee (Richard Henry). Bust; directed 
to the left, face in profile to the left. Within a 
rectangular border. I nscription : (right) Max Rosen^ 
thai 1 88s ^ I Richard Henry Lee, the mover in Con- 

fress of the Declaration of Independence. Etching. 
Philadelphia.] F°. km. 3806. 




Lttttr: Ijee (Francis Lightfoot)d»// Wormeley 
(Ralph). Mount Airy, [Va.,] Mar. 12, 1784. To 
George Washington. The enclosed letters were 
received last summer, but they delayed sending them 
until he was at leisure and free from public cares; 
they are totally ignorant of Col. Tayloe's part in 
the affair, which is the subject of Mr. Montagu's 
letter; they know only that the estate has been sold; 
they ask if he can give them, for Mr. Montagu, any 
light on the subject. Lithograph fac-simile of a 
L. S. in the possession of F. J. Dreer Esq., Phila. 
^% PP- ^**' With a wood engraving on India 
paper of the Birth place of R. H. Lte <5r» Francis 
Lightfoot Lee, Stratford Jiouse, Westmoreland, 

EM. 3807 

AUo in Brotherhead*s B»ok 0/ the Signerty Phila., 1861, 

Letter: I«ee (Francis Lightfoot). Menokin, 

[Va.,] May 15, 1773. [To William Lee, London.] 

Relating to his shipments of tobacco and to other 

business affairs. A. L. S. 2 pp. F". em. 3808 

The addrcM has been added in pencil by Dr. Emmet. 

Portrait : I«ee (Thomas). Half length ; directed 

to the right, facing and looking towards the front; 

robes, embroidered waistcoat, white stock and shirt 

front, long wig. Inscription : 0*NeillN. Y. \ Col. 

Thomas Lee Richardson dr* Company. Stipple on 

mezzotint. 8'. em. 3809 

Alao in E. C. Mead's Getualogical history 0/ the Let 
family^ N. Y., 1868, p. 5Q. 

Letter : Lee (William). London, Mar. 21, 1771. 
To John Tabb [James River, Virginia]. Informs 
him that he is now settled in London in the tobacco 
trade, and would esteem Tabb's favors a peculiar 
obligation; he is almost sick of politics since the 
base desertion by the northern colonists of every 
good and noble principle; the most provoking cir- 
cumstance is that there was the greatest probability 
of everything's being set right had they persevered I 

one season more; small chance of redress now; by 
the papers sent herewith he will see that America is 
not alone in feeling the iron rod of ministerial 
tyranny. A. L. S. 2 pp. 4**. km. 3810 

Document: Symme (John). [Williamsburgh, 
Va ? 1 765 ?] Petition to Lieutenant-Governor, 
Francis Fauquier, and the rest of the judges of the 
general court, praying for a writ of supersedeas in 
the case of trespass brought against him in this 
court by Meriwether Skelton to settle the bounds of 
their adjoining lands in Hanover county; the county 
court, Apr. 5, 1764, ordered a survey of the bounds, 
whereby the petitioner is involved in double expense 
and vexation and is put in danger of having his de> 
fence in this court prejudiced. With recommenda- 
tion of Edmund Pendleton in favor of issue of the 
writ. A. D. S., Edmd. Pendleton. Below is written 
an order for issue of the writ, signed by Fran: 
Fauquier, John Tayloe, Presly Thornton, i page. 
F^ EM. 381 1 

Portrait : Bland (Theodoric). Bust; profile to 
the right. Inscription : M[ax] R[osenthal] \ Col, 
Theodoric Bland. Theoh, Bland (fac-simile signa- 
ture). Lithograph. [Philadelphia, 1885?] F . 

EM. 3812 

Z^//^r .' Bland (Theodoric). Cawson, [Va.,] 

July 12, 1789. To Giles, Petersburgh. Asking 

him to undertake the defense of two suits brought 
against his father's estate, of which he is executor, 
the one in Amelia county by Robert Gilliam, the 
other in Nottaway by Robert Boiling; Mr. Venables 
will inform him of the circumstances. A. L. S. 
I page, 4". EM. 3813 

Portrait: Lee (Francis Lightfoot). Bust; di- 
rected, facing, looking to the left ; chin resting on 
left hand; plain coat, long hair. Inscription : 
Etch<i. by H. B. Hall from a Drawing in Collection 
of D^. T. A. Emmet i8jo \ Francis Lightfoot Lee 
(fac-simile signature). [New York.] F**. EM. 3814 


Letter : Braxton (Carter). [Newington, Va ?] 
July 10, 1779. To Francis Lewis, chairman of the 
commercial committee of Congress, Philadelphia. 
Encloses a statement of his several late accounts; 
asks that the money be paid to Robert Morris; with 
regard to the money paid by Capt. Cunningham to 
Mr. Bingham, he leaves it to Lewis's decision. 
Lithograph fac-simile of A. L. S. in possession of 
F. J. I>reer, Esq. Phila. Endorsed (in fac-simile) : 
•• . . . relative to Ship Virginia." With a fac-simile 
note of R. E. Gilmor that he had received the letter 
from John Wickham of Richmond in 1829. With 
a view (wood engraving on India paper) of the Res, 
<ff Carter Braxton Newington , V». 2 pp. F*. 

EM. 3815 

Also in Brotherhead*8 Book 0/ the Si^ersy Phila., 1861, 
p. 55- 

and pay the bond too; he will not be dow^n until the 
meeting of the merchants in November unless as a 
witness. A. L. S. i page. 4". EM. 3816 

The address has been mounted upon the back. 

Letter: Braxton (Carter). [Newington, Va?] 
Oct. 10, 1772. To James Mercer, Williamsburgh. His 
letter of last July was not delivered; but the two he 
'Wrote as he left town came to hand; the house on 
whom his bills were drawn would accept only one 
of them; Mr. Adams is expected every day; he had 
intended to pay Mercer the greater part of his bond 
at this court, but fears he cannot take up the bill 

Portrait: Braxton (Carter). Bust; directed, 
facing, looking to the right; plain clothes, white 
stock and ruffle, short hair. Inscription : Etch^. by 
H. B. Hall from Drawing in Collection of D^. 
T. A. Emmet, 1870. \ Carter Braxton (fac-simile 
signature). [New York.] F**. EM. 3817 

Portrait : Berkeley (Norbome), Baron Bote- 
tourt. Bust; directed, facing, looking to the right; 
edged coat, lace cravat, wig. In an oval frame. 
Inscription : (on the frame) The Right Honbt*. Nor- 
borne Berkeley , Baron de Bottetourt, late Governor 
of Virginia, (around the frame, below) Drawn 
from a Medallion of the same size in the possession 
of John Norton Esq. \ To the General Assembly of 
Virginia^ this Plate is most humbly. Inscribed by 
their Obliged humble Servant H. Ashley. Stipple, 
in red ink. [London? 1770?] 4°. EM. 3818 

Document: Great Britain. — King. Williams- 
burg, Va., June 13, 1770. Commission appointing 
John West, George Mason, Daniel McCarty, John 



Carlyle, William Ramsay, Charles Broadwater, John 
West, Jr., Bryan Fairfax, Sampson Darrell, Henry 
Gunnell, Robert Adam, William Payne, William 
Adams, Hector Ross, Alexander Henderson, George 
Washington, Edward Payne, justices of the peace 
for Fairfax county. D. S., Botetourt [Governor]. 

1 page. F^ EM. 3819 

Document: Cmry (Archibald). Williamsburg, 
Va., June 9, 1756. Petition to Robert Dinwiddie, 
and the rest of the judges of the general court for a 
writ of certiorari in the action for assault and bat- 
tery brought against him in the court of hustings of 
Williamsburgh by Henry Wetherburne, ordinary 
keeper, of that city. A. D. S. Sworn to before 
Robert Carter Nicholas and signed by him. With 
order for issue of the writ, signed by Robt. Din- 
widdie, John Blair, Thomas Dawson. Endorsed. 

2 pp. y\ KM. 3820 
Portrait: Dinwiddie (Robert). Bust; directed, 

facing, looking to the right; plain clothes, wig. 
Inscription : ^odert Dinwiddie, Governor of Vir- 
j^inia. Lithograph [by Max Rosenthal ?]. [Phila- 
delphia, 1885?] 8". EM. 3821 

Letter: C»py (Archibald). Ampthill, [Va.,] July 
10, 1785. To Dr. James Currie, Richmond. Call- 
ing upon him to clear himself from the charge of 
circulating lies with regard to the character of Gary's 
daughter. A. L. S. i page. 4°. em. 3822 

Letter: Hill (Wills) Marquis of Downs hire, 
known as Lord Hillsborough. Hanover Square, 
[Dublin,] Sept. 19, 1789. To the Lord Lieutenant 
of Ireland [George Nugent -Temple-Grenville, first 
Marquis of Buckingham]. Trusts his health is 
better so that he may soon return to Ireland; report 
of a dissolution of the Irish parliament; if it is true 
he trusts Buckingham will entrust him with the 
secret as it will be useful to him in the county 
Downe; he will need aU the government's influence 
there; since he left Ireland two places have become 
vacant by the deaths of Mr. Burrough and Mr. 
Moore; suggests the appointment of I. Pollock to 
the first place, and of I. Patrickson to that of usher 
of the counsel; asks also that in case of a dissolu- 
tion, Mr. Annesley be permitted to purchase a seat 
at the reduced price that boroughs are sold for 
under government patronage. A. L. S. Endorsed. 
4 pp. 4". EM. 3823 

Portrait: Ca,ry (Archibald). Half length, 
standing; directed to the right; facing and looking 
to the front ; left hand in waistcoat, right hand in 
front of him; plain coat, white waistcoat, stock, 
wig. Inscription: Col, Archibald Gary, Wash 
drawing by David McN. StauflFer. [New York,] 
1884. F°. EM. 3824 

Portrait: George III., George III,, King of 
Great Britain, Bust; directed, facing, looking to 
the front; robes, girdle, wig. Inscription : Painted 
by Sir Joshua Reynolds, George III. Engraved 
by IVorthington, PubUshed by W, Pickering S7^ 
Chancery Lane, 1823, Line. F*. em. 3825 

Portrait: Nelson (William). Three-quarters 
length, standing; directed to the right, facing and 
looking to the front; left hand in waistcoat, right 
hand resting on ledge to the left; plain coat, long wig. 
Inscription: (right) American Photo Eng. Co, N, 
Y, I {From a water color copy by C, H. Sherman, 
N, Y,, 1883, f^om the original portrait by un- 
known artist,) Bon, William Nelson, of York- 

town, Virginia, president of the dominion of Vir- 
ginia. Died igth Nov,, 1772, Aged 61. [1883?] 
F*. em. 3826 

Portrait : Page (Mann). Bust; directed to the 
right, facing towards the front and looking upwards 
towards the front; plain coat, stock, wig. Inscrip- 
tion: (left) Albert Rosenthal \ Mann Page Member 
of the Continental Congress. Mann /'tf^if (fac-simile 
signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] F*. 

em. 3827 

Document: Carter (Charles) aff^Pa§^ (Mann). 
[Fredericksburg, Va.?] Apr. 4, 1783. Bond for 
^341 8j. T^d., security for the delivery of five 
likely negroes, property of Carter and tendered by 
him to Page until they are sold by Larkin Stanard, 
sub-sheriff of Spotsylvania county, at Fredericks- 
burg, May 18 next, to satisfy a writ of capias ad 
satis faciendum executed against Carter for £\1^ 
14^- "hH^' ^^^ costs, for Hugh Dunagha. D. S., 
Ch« Carter, Mann Page. Witnessed by Thomas 
Hughes. Endorsed, i page. F**. em. 3828 

Portrait: Henry (Patrick). Short half length; 
directed, facing, looking to the right; cloak, white 
stock, wig. Inscription: Engraved by E. Wellmore 
from a Painting by J. B. Longacre after an Orig- 
inal Miniature in possession of John S, Fleming 
Esqr, of Virginia, Patrick Henry, P, Henry 
(fac-simile signature). Stipple. 8**. em. 3829 

Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 2, PhUa., 

Portrait : Montag;a (George) ? Bust; directed, 

facing, looking to the left; uniform, white stock, 
wig. Oval vignette. Line. [London? 1800?] 

EM. 3830 
There it nothing to indicate the subject except a peodl note 
in a modem hand which reads **Capt Montague. Br. N." 

Letter : Hurray (John) 4th Earl of Dunmore, 

Nassau, [New Providence,] Apr. i, 1795. To . 

Acknowledges receipt of letter of Dec. 10; thanks 
him for his trouble in connection with the head for the 
snow; he is well pleased with it; wishes him to thank 
Mr. Rush for the attention he has paid to it; thanks 
him also for his attention to the Count de Cockbum 
and his daughter; asks him to deliver to the Count the 
enclosed and also to persuade them to adopt the plan 
therein proposed; in case they do, asks him to assist 
them in procuring passage to Nassau; if Mr. [John?] 
Warder or any other merchant in Philadelphia will 
advance ;f 40 or ;f 50 to them he may draw upon 
Dunmore or his bankers; he has just returned from a 
trip among the keys and has not heard from Mr. Tay- 
lor; his sorrow for the losses of his correspondent. 
A. L. S. 3 pp. 4°. *»*• 383 X 

Letter : Pa^r® (John). Richmond, [Va.,] Feb. 15. 
1804. To (his daughter) Mrs. S. B. Nelson, York- 
town. Refers her to the bearer for news of himself; 
introduces Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop of Massachu- 
setts, who have been in Richmond for a month with 
Col. Hichbom, the father of Mrs. Winthrop. A.L.S. 
I page. 4^ KM. 3832 

Portrait: Pa^e (John). Full bust; directed to 
the front, facing and looking to the right. Inscrip- 
tion: John Page Gov of Va. John Page (fac-simile 
signature). Lithograph [by Max Rosenthal]. [Phila- 
delphia, 1885?] F^ EM. 3833 

Letter : Carrimg^on (Paul). Chariotte, [Va.,] 

Apr. II, 1776. To . He had promised to %o 

down to the house of his correspondent with Mr. 
Caldwell to settle Mr. Byrd's account, but sickness 



prevented ; asks for the amount of the balance and 
for other information relative to Col. Byrd's case. 
A. L. S. Endorsed, i page. F°. EM. 3834 

Portrait: Mercer (James). Bust; directed, facing, 
looking to the right; plain coat, lace shirt front, wig. 
Inscription: (left) A&ert Rosenthal \ James Mercer^ 
Member of the Continental Congress /'. Mercer 
(fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 
F^ EM. 3835 

Utter : CabeU (William). ['* Union Hill " Am- 
herst CO., Va.,1 Oct. 23, 1793. To Col. Nicholas 
Cabell. Asks him, while at the Assembly, to speak 
to John Pendleton concerning the lots in Beverly 
town, Westham, that Pendleton supposed Cabell had 
received from his father, and which he was desirous of 
purchasing ; asks Nicholas to have viewed and marked 
out his part of the road from Pounding Mill Creek to 
Swan Creek which the Court had ordered done; he 
will then have his own part opened before the next 

Court; if his son William should set off for Assembly 
before Nicholas he will trouble Nicholas with some 
petitions against the division of the city that are not 
yet at hand. A. L. S. Endorsed, i page. 4*. 

EM. 3836 

Portrait: Madison (James). Half length; 
seated in arm-chair; directed, facing, looking to the 
right; dress coat, white waistcoat, lace shirt front, 
white stock, own hair. Inscription: (right) Painted 
by J, G, Chapman [in 1833] (left) Engraved <&* 
Printed by J. Sartain. Philadelphia \ James Madi- 
son (fac-simile signature). Mezzotint, [i860 ?] F*. 

EM. 3837 

Portrait: Braxton (Carter). Bust; directed, 
facing, looking to the left; plain clothes, ruffled 
shirt front, wig. Inscn^xXon: (righx) Max Rosenthal 
I Carter Braxton, Signer of the Declaration of 
Independence, Carter Braxton (fac-simile signa- 
ture). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] F^ em. 3838 


Letter: Nelson (Thomas). Richmond, [Va.,] 

Sept. 2, 1 78 1. To . He heard yesterday at 

camp of the arrival of Count de Grasse with his arma- 
ment; nothing could have pleased him more except 
the news contained in his correspondent's letter of 
Aug. 27; supplies of all sorts will be furnished; if he 
changes his route Nelson would be glad to know of it 
as the orders are issued already for supplying the 
troops from Georgetown through Alexandria and 
Dumfries to Fredericksburg. Lithograph fac-simile 
of an A.L.S. in the possession of F. J. Dreer, Esq., 
Philadelphia. With a view (wood engraving on India 
paper) of the Res. of Thomas Nelson J^. Yorktown 
r«. 2 pp. F*. EM. 3839 

Abo in Brotherhead*8 Beck 0/ the Signers, Phila., x86x, 
p. 6z. 

Letter: Nelson (Thomas). Offley, [Va.,] Jan. 
31, 1783. To Gov. Benjamin Harrison [Richmond]. 
InteTv:eding on behalf of Captain Hinsell and asking 
him to examine certain papers that the captain has 
now but did not have when he was at Richmond be- 
fore; he is very anxious to justify himself. A. L. S. 
I page. 4*. EM. 3840 

The addrcM has been mounted upon the bock of the letter. 

Document : Richmond (John). [Williamsburg, 
Va.,] Sept. 5, 1772. Petition to Lord Dunmoreand 
the rest of the judges of the general court for a writ 
of supersedeas in Uie case of action for a common 
capias brought against him by James Anderson, Apr. 
Sf 1 771 fin the court in Louisa county. With a recom- 
mendation signed by Patrick Henry in favor of the 
petition. With an order for the issue of the writ, 
signed by Dunmore, W«n. Nelson, Tho*. Nelson. 
\% pp. F*. EM. 3841 

View: Hackney* Eng, Inscription: (left) 

Drawn by Schnebbelic &• Engraved by A, Warren, 

(right) For D*". Hughsons Description of London, 

I Hackney. Published by I, Stratford, 112 Holborn 

Hilljuiy aotk, 180S. Line. 8". EM. 3842 

Also in D. Httgfaaon*> London, vol. 6 (1809) p. 339. 

View: CaiBbridge» Eng, Inscription: The 
North-west prospect of the university and town of 
Cambridge. Below are given a key of 31 numbers, 
and the arms of the university and of the town. 
Line. [London, 1775?] 8*. em. 3843 

From the London Magusine, 

Portrait: Porteus (Beilby). Bust; directed to 
the left, facing and looking towards the front; robes, 
wig. I nscription : Beilby Porteus, D, D. Lord Bishop 
of London, Engraved by C. Picart, from an origi- 
nal Drawing by H, Edridge, Published June /. 
iSog, by T, Cadell <&• fV, Davies, Strand, London, 
Stipple. F°. EM. 3844 

View: Torktown» Va, Inscription: York- 
town, Virginia, Wood engraving. %°, em. 3845 

Yrom Library 0/ Amtrtcan History, Cindnnati, [1850?] 
p. x8s. 

Portrait : Nelson (Thomas). Bust ; directed 
to the front, facing and looking to the left ; plain 
clothes, white stock, wig. Inscription : Etchd, by 
If, B, Hall from a Drawing in the Collection of 
I>r, T, A, Emmet, 1870 \ Tho», Nelson jr, (fac- 
simile signature). [New York.] F°. em. 3846 

View: Torktown* Va, Three small wood 
engravings of Remains of Dunmore* s Palace, The 
Old Capital, and The Old Magazine, with an 
engraving of the seal and signature of Dunmore. 

EM. 3847 
The views are also in Lossing's Field book, vol. a (N. Y., 
185a) pp. 469, 470; and the seal U in idem, p. 485. 

Letter : Monta^^ (John). Widley, [England,] 
Dec. 2, 1774. [To Nathaniel Coffin, Boston.] 
Sends the King's speech and the addresses in re- 
ply ; has little hope of a peaceful settlement of 
American affairs; thinks the Boston delegates to 
the Congress act in a very high handed way ; has 
not heard of Hutchinson lately ; his disapproval of 
the policy of the latter ; Josiah Quincey is just 
arrived, a poor peace maker. Additions from Dec. 
8 to Jan. 14, 1775 speak further of American affairs, 
of bills of exchange, and of social affairs. A. L. S. 
4 pp. F°. EM. 3848 

Portrait : Henry (Patrick). Short half length ; 
directed, facing, looking to the right ; cloak, white 
stock, wig, spectacles thrown up on top of his head. 
Inscription : (left) Sully Pinxt, (right) Leney sc*, \ 
Published by J. Webster \ Patrick Henry, Stipple. 
8*. EM. 3849 

Also in Wirt's Patrick Henry, Phibu, 1817, frontispiece. 

Engraving : United States. — Congress, Con- 
tinental, 1 775-1 789. Inscription : The Declaration 
of Independence, IVith Facsimiles of the Signa- 



tures And Likenesses of the Si^yters, The Arms of 
the States, and of the United States, And Portraits 
of the Presidents. Published by fames Fisher 7/, 
Court St, Boston, (Immediately above : ) Engraved 
by D, Kimberly, Entered according to Act of Con- 
gress, in the year 1841, by the Franklin Print Co, 
in the Clerks office of the District Court of Massa- 
chusetts, The Lettering by J, B, Bolton. Line. 
F*. EM. 3850 

View : Oimstoii« Va, Inscription : Gunston 
Hall, Residence of George Mason. Wood en- 
graving by the Norr Co. With two pages of text 
by John Esten Cooke. F°. em. 3851 

Also in AppUton^ s Journaly vol. xz (N. Y., 1874) no. 263, 
p. 417. 

Portrait : Pulajdd (Casimir), Count, Bust ; 
directed to the left, facing and looking to the right ; 
military uniform. Inscription : Etch^, by H, B, 
Hall, N, Y, 1871 I Count Pulaski, With fac- 
simile signature. F . em. 3852 

Portrait: Waskin^on (George). Bust ; di- 
rected and facing to the left, looking towards the 
front ; plain coat, ruffled shirt, wig. Inscription : 
G, Stewart Del. C. Tiebout Sculp. \ George Wash- 
ington. Stipple. 8°. EM. 3853 

From Rev. U. Ofden't Two discoursts oecasiontd by the 
death 0/ General George Washington, Newark, z8oo. Baker, 
no. 344. 

View : Norfolk* Va, Inscription : (left) 
Painted by f. Shaw (right) Engraved by f. Hill \ 
Norfolk ; from Gosport, Virginia. Aquatint. 
[New York? 1820?] F^ EM. 3854 

Letter : Leirifl (Andrews). Richfield, Botetoiu-t, 
[Va.,] July 21, 1773. To Col. . Recom- 
mending Captain James Robertson of Fincastle as 
a commissioner of the peace for Fincastle ; suggests 
that his name be placed next to William Inglis. 
A. L. S. Endorsed, i page. 4°. em. 3855 

Portrait: Arnold (Benedict). Bust ; profile 
to the left ; plain coat, wig. In a circular frame 
within a rectangle. Inscription : (on a tablet) Le 
G/n/ral Arnold d/sert/ de rArm/e des Etats-Unis 
le f . Octobre lySo, (below, left) Drawn from the 
life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia, (right) En- 
graved by B, L, Prevost at Paris, [1780?] 8**. 

EM. 38551 

Portrait : Phillips (William). Montreal, Jan. 
5, 1777. To Major General Riedesel. Inviting 
him to a ball on the 13th inst. in honor of her 
Majesty's birthday; he sets out on the 15th for 
Quebec to attend the commands of their commander. 
A. L. S. I page. F**. em. 3856 

Portrait: Phillips (William). Bust; directed 
slightly to the left, facing and looking to the right; 
military uniform, wig. Inscription: (right) Max 
Rosenthal \ Major Gen. William Phillips, Lieut- 
Col, of the Royal Regiment of A rtillery. Died lySr. 
From a print by V. Green in the collection of C. R. 
Hildeburn. Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 4'. 

EM. 3857 

Portrait : Lafkyette (Marie Jean Paul Joseph 
Roch Yves Gilbert Motier), Marquis. Bust; di- 
rected, facing, looking to the right; military uniform, 
wig. Within an oval frame. Inscription: Jones 
sculpt I l^ Marquis de la Fayette. Stipple. [Lon- 
don? 1790?] 4". EM. 3858 

Portrait: Jefferson (Thomas). Monticello, 
[Va.,] Dec. 8, [i8]2i. To Mrs. Elizabeth Page. 

Regrets that he can give her no information, as re- 
quested in her letter of Nov. 27, respecting the 
sacrifices of property to the relief of his country 
made by her father, Thomas Nelson, while in office 
during the revolution; Jefferson retired in May, 1781, 
before the continental currency had become so 
greatly depreciated; General Nelson succeeded him; 
the rapid depreciation of the currency and the ex- 
penses attendant upon the siege of Yorktown prob- 
ably led Nelson to assume responsibilities for which 
the public credit was insufficient; Jefferson was at 
home at the time and was soon after sent to Con- 
gress and thence to Europe. A. L. S. 1% pp. 4°* 

EM. 3859 

Ff>z&.' Yorktown, Fa. Inscription: The Nelson 
Mansion and The Nelson Tombs. Two small wood 
engravings, with seven and six lines of text respec- 
tively. EM. 3860 

The first engraving is also in Lotsing's Field hook, vol. a 
(N. Y., z8sa) p. 521, and the second in idem, p. 508. 

Portrait: Comwallis (Charles), Marquis, 
Full bust; directed, facing, looking to the right; 
military uniform, sash, star, white waistcoat. In- 
scription: (left) H. Walton pinxt. (right)/. Ogborne 
sculpt. I Marquis Comwallis. Published as the Act 
directs July I , ijgs* N^.^, Curzon Street, Stipple. 
[London.] F". EM. 3861 

Engraving: Torkiown* Surrender at. In- 
scription: Comwallis resigning his sword to Wash- 
ington. Columbiad, (below, to the left) /'am//*/ */ 
Smirke. (right) Engraved by Heath, [(below) Cor- 
rected by Goulding7\ Line. 4°. EM. 3863 

Also in Barlow*s Columbiad, Phila., 1807, p. 378. 

Portrait: Washinfi^on (George). Bust; di- 
rected, facing, looking to the left; military uniform, 
ruffled shirt, wig. Within an oval frame. Inscrip- 
tion: [(above) Engraved for the Washingtoniana] 
(below, to the left) Savage pinx. (right) Tanner sc. \ 
G. Washington. Stipple. EM. 3863 

Also in The iVashingtoniana, Baltimore, 1800. Baker, no. 

Letter : Nelson (William). Richmond, [ya.,] 
Dec. £7, 1788. To Mrs. Sarah B. Nelson, York, 
per stage. Acknowledges receipt of letter of 15th 
inst; he heard to-day from his father, who is better 
in health; he will go up to see him on Sunday, and 
thence to York; he will have no objection to her 
getting oranges and pineapples and if he can spare 
as much money when he gets his tobacco, he will 
buy her a great coat. A. L. S. 2 pp. 4**- em. 3864 

The address has been mounted below the letter. 

Letter : Nelson (Thomas). York Town, [Va.,] 
Mar. 12, 1798. To William B. Giles, M.C., Phila- 
delphia. He will do all in his power to faciliUte the 
collection of the debt with which Giles is charged; 
his father was never the owner of the land called 
Rapahosick, but he was the vendor of it with some 
other persons whom Nelson does not know; the 
original trustees are all dead, but he heard that 
Judge Nelson had been appointed to complete the 
trust; they are solicitous with regard to the outcome 
of the French commission: some few are regardless 
of a rupture with France who feared greatly a war 
with England three years ago. A. L. S. 2 pp. 4"- 

EM. 3865 

The address has been mounted below the letter. 

Portrait : Nelson (Thomas). Bust; directed to 
the left, facing and looking towards the front. In- 



scription: (right) Max Rosenthal \ Thomas Nelson^ 
fun Signer of the Declaration of Independence, 
Tho* Nelson jr, (fac-simile signature). Etching. 
[Philadelphia, 1885?] F*. EM. 3866 

Portrait: Washiiifl^oii (George). Bust; di- 
rected and facing to the left, looking to the front; 

plain clothes, ruffled shirt, wig. Within an oval 
surrounded by divei^ng rays. Inscription: (left) 
G, Stuart Pinxt (right) G. Fairman Sculpt, Stipple. 

[Philadelphia? 1830?] V 
Baker, no. aao. 

KM. 3867 


Letter : HarrlMm (Benjamin). Virgrinia, Sept. 
5, 1776. To Robert Morris, Philadelphia. No 
vessel can be got to send the coal he wrote for; Capt. 
Barron may be able to buy one next week, and will 
then undertake to transport it; speaks of his tranquil 
life; has no wish to return to public business, except 
that he would be glad to see his friends; hospitality 
of Morris; he will offer a glass to him every Sunday 
at the shrine of Bacchus, who will no doubt smile on 
the offering of so constant a votary. Lithograph 
fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of Frank 
M. Etting, Esq., Phila. With a view (wood engrav- 
ing on India paper) of the Res. of Ben. Harrison^ 
Berkley V». 2 pp. F°. EM. 3868 

Also in Brotherhead*s BooA 0/ the Sirntr*^ Phila.. x86z, 
p. 57. Tbe original lener is now in the New York Public Li- 
bnuy and has Iwen described already as bm. 1634. 

Letter : H»rriM>ii (Benjamin). Berkeley, [Va.,] 
Mar. 26, 1788. To Benjamin Harrison, jr., Rich- 
mond. He failed to get the horse he wanted for 
Charles Harrison; if Mr. Morris will take ;f 36 in 
wheat to be delivered to his order any tii^e in Sep- 
tember, in place of the ;^30 cash he asks for his 
horse, Harrison will take him. A. L. S. Endorsed. 
Below is written a note signed ** B H Jr " that the 
horse had been bought and sent to his father, i 
page. 4**. EM. 3869 

The addreaa has been mounted upon the back of the letter. 

Portrait: Harrison (Thomas). Bust; directed 
to the left; facing and looking towards the front; 
armor. In an oval frame within a rectangle. In. 
scription: (left) From an original painting (right) 
A^. //.Jacob del. \ Thomas //arrison^ Major gM/ral. 
(below, to the right) Lith. de Langlam/. Litho- 
graph. [Paris, 1840?] 4**. EM. 3870 

View: Bnbndoiit Va. Inscription: Brandon. 
Wood engraving. [New York? 1850?] 8°. EM. 3871 

/document : Falrfkz (Thomas), 6th Lord Fair- 
fax of Cameron. Lancaster, Va., Jan. 15, 1724. 
Deed to Charles Broadwater for 430 acres of land in 
Stafford county. D. S., Robert Carter (agent for 
Fairfax). Endorsed. 2 pp. F°. EM. 3872 

Document: RaAdolph (William). Virginia, 
July 26, 1 755. Bill of exchange on Messrs. Buchanan, 
merchants in London, for ;^3o at sixty days sight, 
in favor of Charles Steuart. D. S. Printed form 
filled in. I page. 8°. em. 3873 

Portrait: Harrison (Benjamin). Bust ; di- 
rected to the front, facing and looking to the right; 
plain clothes, ruffled shirt front, wig. Inscription : 
Etchd, by //. B. //all from a Drauing in the CoU 
lection of Dr. T. A. Emmet, 1870. \ Benf* //arri- 
lon (fac-simile signature). [New York. J F^. 

em. 3874 

Portrait: Bajidolph (Peyton). Bust ; directed, 
facing, looking to the right. In an oval frame 
within a rectangle. Wi£ fac-simile signature. 
Small wood engraving. em. 3875 

Abo ia LoOTiag's FieU-book, vol. a (N. Y., 1853) p. 267. 

View: Philadelphia* Penn. Carpenters' 
//all and Congress //all. Two small wood engrav- 
ings ; with four lines of text. EM. 3876 
Also in Lotitiig's Fittd-bocky vol. 3 (N. Y., 1853) pp. 363 and 

Portrait : WashiB^on (Georg:e). Half 
length, standing; directed, facing, looking to the 
left; right hand in waistcoat, left hand holding 
musket behind his back; military uniform, cocked 
hat. After Charles ViTillson Peale. Inscription: 
(left) Painted by A , /Dickinson (right) Engraved by 
J. IV. Steel I Washington in ly';^. ^tatis 40. 
/ Certify that the painting of Washington in 1772, 
executed by Anson Dickinson, Esq. from the origin 
nal picture by Peak in my possession, is a faithful 
resemblance of the original, the only original of the 
Pater Patrice prior to the Revolution. Arlington 
//ouse July 18, 1830. George W. P. Custis (fac- 
simile signature). [Entered according to act of 
Congress 1833 h ^' Dickinson ^c.'\ Line. F . 
Baker, no. 36. em. 3877 

Portrait : Hancock (John). Bust; directed, 
facing, looking to the right; edged coat, white 
stock, wig. Unlettered. After the painting by 
Coplev. Stipple [by Longacre ?]. [Philadelphia ? 
1820 ?J. 8*. EM. 3878 

Portrait : Washinfl^on (George). Short half 
length; directed to the front, facing towards the 
left, looking to the front; sword in right hand; mil- 
itary uniform; cocked hat. After the Campbell 
portrait. In an oval frame within a rectangle. 
Inscription: (on a tablet) George Washington, 
Eq^, G/n/ral en chef de VArm/e Anglo- Ameri- 
quaine nom/ Dictateur par le Congrh en Fevrier 
n77* \A ^^ris chest Esnauts et Rapilly, rue St, 
Jacques h la Ville de Coutances, A. P. D. R.\ 
Line. [1777?] 8*. em. 3879 

kcr, Wo. 



View: Cambridi^v Mass. Inscription: / 
Andrews from a pencil Sketch by W. Croome \ 
Washington's //eadquarters at Cambridge. Pres- 
ent residence of Mrs. Craigie. Line. [Boston, 
i860?] 4°. • EM. 3880 

Document: Bucks county* Penn. — Commis- 
sion of the peace. Dec. 11, 1771. Deposition of 
Andrew Allen, attorney general, that negro Carter 
slave of Thomas Buckman, shot and killed negress 
Lyd on Oct. 13. 177 1. D. S., Andrew Allen Attx 
Gen. lyi pp. F*. em. 3881 

Portrait: Allen (Andrew). Bust; directed to 
the right, facing and looking to the left. Inscrip- 
tion: (left) Albert Rosenthal] Andrew Allen, A/em- 
ber of the Continental Congress. And^ Allen (fac- 
simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885 ?] 
F'. EM. 3882 

Portrait : Lee (Charles). Bust; directed to the 
left, facing and looking to the right; in hussar uni- 
form. Inscription: Etchd, by //. B. Nail from the 
Original in the State //ouse Philadelphia, 1870. \ 
Maj [sic]-G^^if. Charles Lee Charles L^e (fac- 
simile signature). [New York.] F"". em. 3883 




Portrait: Gates (Horatio). Bust; directed to 
the froDt, facing and looking to the right. In- 
scription: (right) H, B, Hall\ {Fac- Simile of a 
pencil drawing from life by Col, J, Trumbull,) 
Gen, Horatio Gates, Stipple. [New York, 1850?] 

8**. EM. 3884 

Letter: United States.— War Department. 
War Office, [Philadelphia,] Dec. 6, 1776. To the 
council of safety of Pennsylvania. Directing them 
to provide immediately an escort of militia to at- 
tend the British prisoners from Philadelphia to 
Newtown, Bucks county, whence they are to be 
sent to the British lines as exchanges. A. D. S., 
Richard Peters, Secy, i page. 4*. EM. 3885 

The address has been mounted upon the back of the letter. 

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Head in pro- 
file to the left. Inscription: Engraved by J. C, 
Buttre^ from a painting by G, Stuart in possession 
of M^, Jefferson* s family. \ Th: Jefferson (fac- 
simile signature). Mezzotint. 8°. EM. 3886 

Also in RandalPs /<^#rxM. vol. a (N. Y., 1858) frontis- 

View: Riehmond, Va, Inscription: (left) 

Drawn by W, Goodacre, Jun^, N, Y. (right) A«- 

graved &* Printed by Fenner Sears 6r* 0». | Capi^ 

to I of Virginia, Richmond, London, Published 

Nov. /, iSji. by I, T, Hinton 6* Simpkin &* Mar- 

shall. Line. F*. em. 3887 

Also in J. H. Hinton's Hittery aud Topography of tho 
U. S.y vol. a CLondon, 1833) p 534. 

Portrait: Waahln^^n (George). Bust; di- 
rected, facing, looking to the right; military uni- 
form, ruffled shirt-front, wig, order of the Cincin- 
nati. Inscription: Eng^, by J, C, Buttre^ N, Y, 
I WcLshington, After a Painting by Edward 
Savage. Mezzotint and line. F°. EM. 3888 

Also in Hough^s Wiukinttoniana^ vol. a (Rozbury, Mass., 
X865) frontispiece. Baker, No. 12a. 

Letter : I«iviii§^ton (James). New York, Mar. 
3, 1788. To William Tilghman, Newtown, Md. 
Asking him to take steps to recover a debt of f^yj 
due to Livingston from Daniel Heath, the collec- 
tion of which debt was intrusted to Tilghman by 
Mr. Lewis of Philadelphia. A. L. S. %, page. 
F". em. 3889 

Portrait: DneM (Jacob). Bust; directed, fac- 
ing, looking to the left; right hand resting on an 
upright book; robes, white neck-tie, spectacles, 
wig; pillar and drapery in the background. In a 
circular frame. Inscription: TheRev. Jacob Due hi. 
Rector of Christ church &* St, Peters, Philad^. 
Line and stipple. [New York? 1850?] 4°. em. 3890 

Portrait: Washlng^ton (George). Full length, 
seated in armchair; right hand grasping a paper on 
table to the right, right hand resting on arm of the 
chair; military uniform. Inscription : Washington 
and the Duchi letter. Valley Forge 1777, Wood 
engraving. [New York, 1850?] 4". EM. 3891 

Portrait: Hainrie (John). Bust; directed, fac- 
ing, looking to the right; plain clothes, ruffled shirt- 
front, wig. Inscription : John Harvie Signer of the 
Articles of Confederation, Jn^, Harvie (fac-simile 
signature). Etching [by Albert Rosenthal?]. Phila- 
delphia, 1885?] F^ EM. 3892 

Portrait: Arnold (Benedict). Bust; directed, 
facing, looking to the left ; military uniform, ruffled 
shirt-front, white stock, wig. Inscription : Eng*^, 
by H. B, Hall, N. Y. 1865. Line. 8°. EM. 3893 

Portrait: Corn^rallis (Charles), Marquis, 
Bust; directed and facing to the right, looking to- 
wards the front; edged coat, ruffled shirt-front, wig. 
Oval frame within a rectangle. Inscription : (on a 
tablet) Charles Earl Cornwallis, Lieutenant General 
des Armies et Forces de Sa Majesti Britannique dans 
VAmirique, a Hi fait prisonier h-Yorck et Glouces- 
ter, avec son Armiepar les Amiricains et les Fran- 
fais, aux Ordresdes Gineraux Vashington etRocham- 
beau dr^, le /g. 8bre, jySt, Line. [Paris, 1782?] 

8*". EM. 3894 

View : Warm Springs* Va. Inscription : 
Warm Springs, Bath County, F«. Lithograph. 

[New York? 1840?] F 

EM. 3895 

Portrait: Tarleton (5fV Banastre). Bust; di- 
rected to the right, facing to the front, looking to 
the left; military uniform, ruffled shirt-front, wig. 
Inscription : Etch^, by H. B, Hall from a Picture 
by R, Cosway, R, A, \ Lt, Col. Banastre Tarlton, 
Ban: Tarlton (fac-simile signature). [New York, 

1870?] Y\ EM. 3896 

Document: Virffinia. — Governor. Richmond, 
Mar. 31, 1783. Commission appointing James 
Browning and Benjamin Lillard, appointed justices 
of the peace on that same day for Culpeper county, 
commissioners of oyer and terminer for the trial of 
slaves in Culpeper county. D. S. , Ben j. Harrison, 
Governor. Printed form filled in. With seal affixed. 
I page. F*". EM. 3897 

Portrait: North (Frederick), 2d Earl of Guil- 
ford, Bust; directed, facing, looking to the left; 
robes, wig. Unlettered. Stipple. [London, 1800?] 
F^ EM. 3898 

Portrait: Pranklin (Benjamin). Bust; directed 
to the left; facing towards the front, looking to the 
front; plain clothes, wig. Inscription: Benjamin 
Franklin, Stipple [by J. B. Longacre?]. [Phila- 
delphia, 1830?] 8°. ^ EM. 3899 
A pencil note reads ** From Lonxacre's Private Collection." 

WestoTer (The) estate . . . [By J. C. Chapin.] 
7 pp. 8°. EM. 3900 

Also in Harptr's new monthly maguzine, vol. 43 (N. Y., 
May, 2871) pp. 8oz-^io. 

Document: Virg^la. — Governor. Richmond, 
Dec, 6, 1788. Land warrant for 6.180 acres of 
land to Abraham Irvin, in consideration of three 
land-office treasury warrants, nos. 12,924, 12,925, 
12,923, all issued July 9, 1782. D. S., Beverley 
Randolph, Governor. Vellum. 2 pp. F'. EM. 3901 

The seal has been removed. 

Portrait : WashiniT^on (Mrs. George). Half 
length, seated; directed, facing, looking to the 
right. In an oval frame within a rectangle. In- 
scription : (left) Woolley Pinxii (right) et Sculpsit, \ 
Mr*, Martha Washington, Mezzotint. [New York 

1800?] F 

EM. 3902 

View: Baltlmoret Md, Inscription: En- 
graved by G, Cooke, from a Large Print by Per- 
mission of Mr, Nightingale, East View of Balti- 
more Maryland, London: Published by Longman^ 
Hurst, Rees, Orme &* Brown, Paternoster Row, 
May I, 1812. Line. F". EM. 39^3 

Letter : Harrison (Benjamin). Richmond, 
rVa.,]Dec. 20, 1782. To James Mercer, Fredericks- 
burg. Acknowledges receipt of letter of the i6th; 
is glad to hear of his son's safety with Mercer; he 
was detained at Berkeley by rain else he would have 



visited Mercer; he has company himself, twelve in 
all; thinks he has been too minute in the ;£^II9 5x. 4^/. 
sent Mercer by Col. Lowe; Beall is not in jail as 
was expected; he saw Waller last evening who in- 
tends to send Mercer some papers; other business 
affairs. A. L. S. 2 pp. 4 . EM. 3904 

The address has been inserted below the letter. 
Letter : Hairison (William Henry). Washing- 
ton, [D. C] Dec. 17, 1818. To William Jones. 
Requesting the appointment of his friend, Jacob 

Bennet of Cincinnati, as one of the directors of the 
branch bank to be established there. A. I^. S. I 
page. 4°. EM. 3905 

Portrait: Harrison (William Henry). Half 
length, seated ; directed and facing to the right, 
looking to the front ; frock coat ; black stock. 
After a painting by Hoyt. Line. [New York? 
1840?] F°. EM. 3906 

The margins and inscription have been cut away. 

North Carolina. 

Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers 
to the Declaration of Independence. Volume 
XVIL. North Carolina. Illustrated by Thomas 
Addis Emmet, M.D. New York [1870?]. F°. 

The text of the volume consists of the life of Jo^ph Hewes. 
by Edward Ingersoll, from volume 9, pages 307 to 334 of the 
original edition of Sanderson ; of Jonn Penn, by John Taylor, 
from volume 6, pages 95 to X09 ; and of William Hooper, by 
J. C. Hooper^ from volume 7, pages 149 to 1^5. 

The material indexed consists of : engravmgs a, letters xx, 
map X, newspapers a, portraits 34, views xy. 

View: Kincf*8 Moant»in» Battle of. In- 
scription : Battle of King^s Mountain. [From the 
original Painting by Chappel, in the Possession of 
the Publishers. Johnson, Fry &» 0>. Publishers, 

New York. Entered according to act of Congress, 

A) J8^g% by Johnson, Fry 6* C<*. in the clerk* s office 

of the district court of the southern dist. of N» K.] 

Inserted in a ruled rectangular frame, with an eagle 

in a panel above, engraved by Delatre in 1794. 

Line. F°. em. 3907 

Also in Dawson's Battles of the United States, vol. x 
(N. Y., X858) p. 631. 

Portrait : Georg^e III*t King of Great Britain, 
Half length ; directed to the front, facing and look- 
ing to the left ; scarlet coat, black cocked hat ; an 
urn to the right ; after Beechey. Inserted in a dec- 
orative frame engraved by Thompson in 1796. 
Stipple, colored. [London, 18 10?] F"** em. 3908 


Letter : Hewes (Joseph). Edenton, [N. C.,] 
May 12, 1779. To Gov. Richard Caswell. News 
has come that the enemy have landed at Portsmouth 
in Virginia and are marching on Suffolk; it is 
thought that this town will be one of their objects ; 
the public stores are being put on vessels to be car- 
ried up the river, an^ preparations are making for 
defence, but it must be a very feeble one unless 
succors arrive in time. Lithograph fac-simile of an 
A. L. S- in the possession of F. J. Dreer Esq. 
Phila. 2 pp. F**. With a small wood engraving, 
on India paper, of Christ Church Phih, Joseph 
Hewes of N. C. Died in Philadelphia in lyyg while 
attending to his Congressional duties — and Buried 
in Christ Church by Bishop White. EM. 3909 

Abo in Brotherbead's Book 0/ the Si£yters, Phila., x86x, 

pu SI. 

Letter: Heiree (Joseph). Edenton, [N. C.,] 
May II, 1777. To Thomas Burke, Philadelphia. 
He intended to set out for Philadelphia Apr. ist, 
but the Assembly elected [John] Penn as a delegate 
in his place ; a story had been circulated about him 
by Penn, that he held two offices, incompatibly 
with the constitution, being a member of Congress 
and of the secret committee of Congress, and that 
he was making a fortune through the latter office ; 
[William] Hooper was chosen aUo, but resigned the 
next day, and [Cornelius] Harnett was then elected ; 
the latter is laid up with the gout ; sympathizes with 
Burke, knowing how disagreeable it is to serve alone 
in Congress, and doubts how much the arrival of 
Penn will relieve him ; he himself will soon set out 
for Boston to prosecute the owner of the privateer 
that took his brigantine. A. L. S. Endorsed. 2 
pp. and I leaf with the address. 4°.' EM. 3910 

View : Prineetont N, J, Inscription: Nassau 

Hall, Princeton College* Small wood engraving. 

EM. 3911 

Also in Lossing's Field-book of the Revolution, vol. a 
(N. Y., 1859) p. 3x. 

View: Boetonv Mass. Inscription: (right) 
Scoles, sc. I View of the Town of Boston from 
Breed* s Hill, in Charlestown. Line. [Boston? 

1790?] 8°. 

EM. 3912 

Engraving : United States* — Congress, Con- 
tinental, 1774. The first prayer in Congress. 
Mezzotint by H. S. Sadd from the painting by T. 
H. Matteson. [Philadelphia, i860?] F°. em. 3913 


View : PhUadelphiaf Penn, Inscription : 
Carpenters* Hall. Wood engraving. [Philadel- 
phia? 1870?] 8°. • EM. 3914 

Portrait: Henry VIII.» King of England. 

Half length ; directed, facing and looking to the 

front ; doublet and fur-lined robe ; low-crowned hat 

with a white plume tilted to the left ; oval frame 

with coat of arms and a view below of Henry in his 

court. Inscription : (on the frame) Henry VIII 

King of England, France, and Ireland, Defender 

of the Faith, ^c. Line. [London? 1750?] F°. 

EM. 3915 
The margins and lettering have been trimmed away. 

View : Quebec. Inscription : (right) P. Ben- 
azech Sculp, a. J. (left) A View of the City of 
Quebec, the Capital of Canada, Taken partly from 
Pointe des Peres, and partly on Board the Vanguard 
Man of War, by Captain Hervey Smyth, (rig^^) 
Vue de la Ville de Qu/bec, Capitale du Canada 
Prise en partie de la Pointe des Peres, et en par tie 
hbord de VAvantgarde Vaisseau de Guerre, par U 
Cap*. Hervey Smyth (left) /. Geni. Wolfes land- 
ing (right) 2. St. Charleses River, \ To the Right 



Honourable William Pitt, One of his Majesties 
most Honourable Privy Council 6^ Principal Secre^ 
tary of State, These Six Views of the most re- 
markable Places in the Gulf and River of St, Lau- 
rence are most humbly Inscribed, by his most Obedient 
humble Servant Hervey Smyth, Aid du Camp to 
to the late Gent. Wolfe, London Printed for John 
BoToles at N^, ij in Corn hill, Robert SayeratNo,^j 
in Fleet Street, Tho*, Jefferys the corner of St, 
Martins Lane in the Strand, Carington Bowles at 
N^. 6g in S*. Pauls Church Yard, and Henry 
Parker at No, 8s in Cornhill, Line. [1768?] 
20} X 14^ in. EM. 3916 

Portrait : Geor|f e ULt King of Great Britain, 
Full length, standing; directed, facing, and looking 
to the left; robe and crown, sceptre in right hand, 
left hand on hip; ornamental rectangular frame, 
with coat of arms above. Inscription: (on a tablet) 
George III. (below, left) S, Wale Esqr, of the Royal 
Academy delin, (right) Grainger sculp \ Being Eldest 
Son of Frederick late Prince of Wales, he was Born 
June, 4^^, iyj8 — Created Prince of Wales, 17^1 — 
Succeeded his Grandfather, George II, Octr. 2$ 
lybo — was Proclaimed the next day — Married 
Charlotte Sophia, Princess of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, 
September, 8. 1761 — and both were Crowned Sep- 
tember, 22^, 1761, Line. [London, 1761 ?] 4". 

KM. 3917 

Portrait : Geor^fe III.* King of Great Britain, 
Half length; profile to the right; embroidered coat 
and sash; oval frame on a rectangular background; 
palm leaves etc. below, and a medallion with four 
trophies of Roman arms, inscribed, Victor, Per, 
Orbam \ Europa, Asia. Africa, America, Inscrip- 
tion: (on the frame) Georgius III, D, G, Mag, Brit, 
Franc, Et, Hib, Rex, F, D, Etc. (below, right) 
James Basire. D, Et, Sculp, MDCCLXVI, Line. 
[London.] 4**. em. 3918 

Portrait: Heires (Joseph). Half length; di- 
rected slightly to the right, facing and looking to 
the left. Inscription: Joseph Hews, Stipple and 

line engraving [by F. Kearny]. 8". em. 3919 

Apparently an early state of the plate engraved for Sander- 
son's Biography o/the Signers, with the name spelt wrongly. 

Portrait: He^res (Joseph). Half length; di- 
rected slightly to the right, facing and looking to the 
left. Inscription: yw<^A Hewes, Drawn by J, B, 
Longacre from a Painting in possession of Joseph 
Hewes Davis Esq^.-r- Engd, by F. Kearny, Stipple 
and line. 8°. em. 3920 

Also in Sanderson's Biography o/the Signers, vol. 7 (Phila., 
1827) p. 309- 

View : Boston^ Mass, Inscription: Boston, 

seen between Castle Williams and Governors Island, 
distant 4 Miles, Line, colored. [London, 1780?] 
Narrow strip. em. 3921 

Portrait : Oeor|^ III.» King of Great Britain, 
Full length, seated on his throne; robes; sceptre in 
right hand. Inscription: Heath Sculpt. The King 
in his Parliamentary Robes, Taken (by permission) 
from an Original Picture of S^, Joshua Reynolds, 
Stipple. [London, 1800?] 4°. em. 3922 

Portrait: Washinfl^n (George). Bust; di- 

rected, facing and looking to the left; uniform; oval. 
Inscription: (left) Savage pinx. (right) CtNeill Sc, \ 
Published by Elias Dexter, ^64 Broadway, N, Y. 

Stipple. 8 . EM. 3923 

1 he same engraving with somewhat different lettering is to 
be found in the reprint of Weuhingtoniana, N. Y., 1865, front- 
ispiece. Baker, no. 131. 

Portrait: Hewes (Joseph). Half length; di- 
rected slightly to the right, facing and looking to 
the left. Inscription; Joseph /T^ze^^j (fac-simile sig- 
nature). Drawn by J, B, Longacre from a Painting 
in possession of Joseph Hewes Esq*", \ Engd, by F, 
Kearny, Stipple. 8*. EM. 3924 

Also in Conrad's Biography 0/ tho Signers, Phila., 1846^ 
p. 664. 

New Jersey (The) Gazette. Wednesday, Nov. 
24,1779. Vol.2. No. 100. Trenton : Isaac Col- 
lins. 4 pp. F*. EM. 392s 

Obituary notice of Joseph Hewes. 

Letter : Harnett (Cornelius). York, Penn., Oct. 
20, 1777. To William Wilkinson, Wilmington, N. C, 
Introduces the bearer, [Arthur] Middleton; hopes 
that every civility will be shown to him and his 
family while in Wilmington; congratuUtes him on 
the glorious news inclosed. A. L. S. Endorsed. 
I page. 4*. EM. 3926 

Portrait: OrUllii (Cyrus). Bust; directed and 
facing to the right, looking to the front; after a por- 
trait in possession of the family, Baltimore. In- 
scription: (left) Mctx Rosenthal \ Cyrus Griffin, ' 
President of the Continental Congress. Cyrus Griffin 
(fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia. 
1885?] F\ EM. 3927 

Portrait : Deane (Silas). Half length; pro61e 
to the right; blue coat; oval frame on a rectangular 
background. [Engraved by B. B. E. from the draw- 
ing by Du Simiti^re; published May 15, 1783 by R. 
Wilkinson, No. 58 Cornhill London.] Line, colored. 
4°. EM. 3928 


Portrait : Adame (Thomas). Bust; directed 
facing and looking to the front. Inscription: (left) 
Albert Rosenthal \ Thomas Adams. Signer of the 
A r tides of Confederation. Tho*, Adams (fac-simile 
signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] F". 

EM. 3929 

Portrait : Reed (Joseph). Bust; directed, fac- 
ing, and looking nearly to the front; uniform. In- 
scription: Etcha. by H. B. Hall Morrisania N. Y, 
1872. I Brig. Gen. Joseph Reed. Jos. Reed (fac- 
simile signature). 4 . em. 3930 

A private plate. 

Portrait: La Liueme (Anne Cesar de). Bust; 
directed, facing and looking slightly to the left; uni- 
form. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall from the 
Original in the State House Philadelphia. 1870. \ 
The Chevalier de la Luzerne, le che de la Luzerne 
(fac-simile signature). F". EM. 3931 

A private plate. 

View : Philadelphia* Penn. Christ Church. 
Wood engraving, on India paper. [Philadelphia? 
1880?] I2^ KM. 3932 

Unlettered. For a similar cut, see Scharf and Westcott a 
Philadelphia, vol. 2 (Phila., Z884) p. Z345- 


Letter: Penn (John). Philadelphia, June 25, 
1777. To Gov. Richard Caswell, N. C. On his way 
hither he learned that salt sold at $20 a bushel in 
Maryland; a number of merchants have made it a 

business to buy up the necessaries of life in order to 
fix what price they please; cautions the Governor to 
prevent this pernicious practice in North Carolina; 
the enemy have retreated from Brunswick; C3en. 




Washington thinks that the willingness with which 
the militia turned out is one reason for their desire 
to get back to New York; the people here have post- 
poned all disputes about their form of government. 
Lithograph fac-simile of an A.L.S. in the possession 
of F. J. Drecr Esq. Philad*. 2 pp. F'. With a small 
wood engraving, on India paper, of the Res. of 
John Penn GrandviUe N, C, now destroyed, 

EM. 3933 

A]ao in Brotherhead's Book 0/ iJu Signers^ Phila., z86i, 
p. as- 

Letter: Penn (John). Philadelphia, Jan. 16, 
1779. To Gen. J[ethro] Sumner, Bute County, N.C. 
Incloses his commission as brigadier general; Col. 
[James] Hogan also is appointed a brigadier gen- 
eral; North Carolina's recommendation of Col. 
[Thomas] Clark could not be complied with, as 
Hogan was the senior and had behaved well. A. L. S. 
Endorsed, i page. 4°. em. 3934 

Portrait: Penn (John). Half length; directed, 
facing and looking to the left. Inscription: Etch<t, 
hy H. B. If all from a Drawing in the Collection of 
ly, T. A. Emmet tSyt. \John Penn. (fac-simile 
signature). F*. KM. 3935 

A private plate. For the drawing referred to, see km. 2645. 

Letter : Taylor (John). Caroline, [Va.,] Sept. 
13. 1783. To Oliver Towles, Spotsylvania. As the 
magistrates did not enter on the docket, he was not 
able to do any service for Towles in his suits; agrees 
with him as to the legality of an escape warrant for 
recovering the debt from Estes; other law matters 
relating to a slander against Dr. Wellford. A. L. S. 
Endorsed. 2 pp. and i leaf with the address. 8°. 

EM. 3936 

Portrait: Pendleton (Edmund). Half length; 
directed, facing and looking slightly to the right; 
laige wig. Inscription: Etch^, by H. B. Hall, Mor- 
risania N. K. 1872. \ Edmd Pendleton (fac-simile 
signatare) Edmund Pendleton, F". EM. 3937 

A private plate. 

Portrait: Wythe (George). Half length; profile 
to the right. Inscription: George Wythe (fac-simile 
signature) Drawn and Engraved by J, B, Long- 
acre, from a Portrait in the American Gleaner. 
Stipple. 8^. EM. 3938 

A]9o in Conrad's Biography 0/ the Sigturs^ Phila., 1846, 
P- 513- 

Pcrtraii: BlaJr (John). Half length; directed to 
the right, facing and looking nearly to the front. 
Inscription: John Blair Signer of the Constitution 
of the U. S. John Blair (fac-simile signature). 
Lithograph by Max Rosenthal. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 
4*. EM. 3939 

/*i^/ras/.' Waehinfl^on (George). Half length; 
directed and facing to the left, looking to the front; 
oval frame within a rectangle. Inscription: En- 
graved by H. B. Hall and G, E. Perine, Painted 
by Gilbert Stuart, Washington. Published by Geo, 
E. Perine^ 10 Courtlandt St., New York. Stipple. 
[1870?] F'. EM. 3940 

Baker, no. 343. 

Letter: Caswell (Richard). New Bern, [N.C.,] 
Dec. 16, 1777. To the General Assembly. Trans- 
mits certain resolves of Congress, namely, the arti- 
cles of confederation, the address to the states, and 
resolves recommending taxation and confiscation. 
A. L. S. I page. F". EM. 3941 

Portrait: Comwallifl (Charles), Marquis. 
Half length ; directed slightly to the left, facing and 
looking to the left ; uniform, with star, and sash 
over waistcoat ; after A. W. Devis. Stipple, partly 
colored [by F. Bartolozzi]. [London, 1803?] F", 

EM. 3942 

Unlettered. For two later states of the plate see bm. 4007 
and BM. 3646. 

Portrait: Gates (Horatio). Bust; directed and 
facing to the front ; uniform, with medal. Inscrip- 
tion : Etchd. by H. B. Hall Morrisania N, Y, 
1872. I Afaj. Gen, Horatio Gates. Horatio Gates 
(fac-simile signature). F°. EM. 3943 

PennflylvaAia. (The) Gazette, and Weekly 
Advertiser. Wednesday, May 23, 178 1. No. 2658. 
Philadelphia : Hall and Sellers. 4 pp. F\ 

EM. 3944 

Map: United States. — Parts of. A Map of 

those parts of Virginia, North Carolina, South 

Carolina, & Georgia, which were the scenes of the 

most important Operations of the Southern Armies. 

Compiled by S. Lewis. Philadelphia : C. P. 

Wayne, [1807.] Size : io}i x 14^ in. Scale: 

31 miles to an inch. Engraved by Francis Shallus. 

Plain. Paper. EM. 3945 

Plate VIII of the volame of maps accompanying Marshall's 
Washington^ Phila., 1807. 

Portrait: Gates (Horatio). Bust; profile to 
the left ; circular frame within a rectangle. In- 
scription : (left) Drawn from the life by Du Sime- 
tier in Philadelphia, (right) Engraved by B. L. 
Prevost at Paris, | (right) H^, 6, Line. [1783?] 
4°. EM. 3946 

Portrait: Comwallis (Charles), Marquis, 
Half length ; directed and facing to the right, look- 
ing to the front ; scarlet coat and black cocked hat ; 
oval ; after Daniel Gardner. Inscription : (right) 
F. Bartolozzi sculpt, R,A, Stipple, colored. [Lon- 
don, 1781?] F*. EM. 3947 

Portrait: Morris (Robert). Half length, 
seated ; directed to the front, facing and looking 
slightly to the left. Engraved by T. B. Welch 
from a painting by Longacre after an original por- 
trait by Pine. Trimmed to an oval and inserted in 
a frame engraved by Fran9ois. Stipple. 8''. 

EM. 3948 

Also in the National Portrait Galltryy vol. 4, Phila., 1839. 

Letter: Morris (Robert). Philadelphia, July 
16, 1 78 1. To Gov. [George Clinton]. Urges New 
York State to comply with the requisitions of Con- 
gress ; there is due to the United States $12,488,- 
742 of the old emission and 391,620 of the new; 
the Governor will be able to determine how much 
has been paid, also how much of the specific sup- 
plies has been furnished ; the war cannot be carried 
on unless the states will cheerfully furnish the means. 
L. S. Endorsed. 3 pp. 4*. em. 3949 


Letter: Hooper (William). McCulloh's Marsh, 
[N. C] Feb. 15. 1 781. The enemy having landed 
at Wilmington, his family are now their prisoners 

and his property is at their command ; he had 
thought it necessary to remove from the Sound, as 
the ^t works made that situation obnoxious ; his 




family will be safer under a commanding officer 
than if exposed to plundering parties; does not 
know where he shall go ; he carries his all about 
him. Lithograph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the 
possession of L. J. Cist, Esq. 2 pp. F". With a 
small wood engraving, on India paper, of the Res. 
of fV*^, Hooper, Wilmington, N, C. EM. 3950 

Also in Brotherhead's Book 0/ iht Signers, Phila., x86z, 
p. 19. 

Letter : Hooper (William). Hillsboro, [N.C.,] 
July 6, 1785. [To James Iredell, Edenton.] Sends 
this by a messenger who is to assist [Isaac] Pinto 
with horses in his progress ; the court at Wilming- 
ton went on in the old dilatory mode ; overbearing 
conduct of Germanicus on the bench, leading to a 
dispute with [Archibald] MacLaine ; necessity of 
reforminjg^ the courts ; he hopes that Iredell and 
[SamuelJ Johnston will have a large share in the 
work ; absence of proper material with which to 
form the officers required by the constitution ; they 
must do with such stuff as they have until the 
academies and colleges supply something better ; 
progress of Hillsboro ; illness and melancholy of 
Gen. [Thomas] Clark. A. L. S. 4 pp. F'. 

EM. 3951 

Printed in J. J. McRee's Lift of Jamts Iredell, vol. a 
(N. Y., 1858) p. xas. 

View: Edinbar|fh. Inscription: (left) /'am/^i/ 

by the Rev^, J, Thomson, (right) Engraved by IV, 

Woolnoth, I Edinburgh, From Corstorphin HilL 

Line. [London, 1800?] F"*. em. 3952 

View : Boston* Mass, Inscription : West 

Church, Also, Old Trinity Church, Two small 

wood engravings, ¥dth accompanying text. EM. 3953 

From S. A. Drake's Old Landmarks 0/ Boston, Boston, 

1874* PP> 374 "nd 386. 

View : Cambridge* Mass. Inscription : (left) 
Drawn by A, J, Davis N, Y, (right) Engraved &* 
Printed by Fenner Sears &* C^. \ Harvard Univer^ 
sity, Cambridge, Mass, London Published Sett, i 
i8jo, by Jennings &* Chaplin 6*7. T, Hinton. Line. 
4". KM. 3954 

Also in Hinton's History and topography 0/ the United 
States, vol. a (London, 183a) p. 470. 

Portrait : Otis (James). Bust; directed and fac- 
ing to the left, looking to the front. Inscription ; 
Oeft) /. Blackburn Pinx jyss (right) 7. R, Smith 
Sculpt, \ James Otis Esqr, Etching. [Boston? 

1850?] 12'. EM. 3955 

Portrait: Hooper (William). Half length; di- 
rected, facing, and looking to the right. Inscrip- 
tion : Etchd. by H, B, Hall from a Drawing in the 
Collection of I)*', T, A, Emmet, i8yo, \ W*^ Hooper 
(fac-simile signature). [New York.] F°. em. 3956 

A private plate. For the drawing referred to, see bm. Z641. 

Portrait: Sterne (Laurence). Half length; 
head leaning on right hand, elbow on table. In- 
scription : (left) J. Reynolds pinx, (right) Henry 
Adlard, sculp. \ L, Sterne (fac-simile). Stipple. 
[London? 1830?] 8°. EM. 3957 

Letter : Tryon (William). Fort George, New 

York, July 16, 1771. To . He desires to know 

whether the King's salary is to be continued to him 
in the same channel through which Lord Dunmore 
received his, as Governor of New York; if so, he 
requests his correspondent to act as agent and trans- 
mit it quarterly from Boston; he believes that his 
salary ought to begin with the date on his commis- 

sion, Jan. 19th, though Dunmore drew pay down to 
the 9th inst. A. L. S. 3 pp. 4**. Endorsed. 

KM. 3958 

Portrait: Hooper (William). Half length; 
directed, facing, and looking to the right. With fac- 
simile signature. Lithograph by Max Rosenthal. 
[Philadelphia, 1885 ?] F°. EM. 3959 

View : Phil»delp]iU» Penn, The Sute House 
as it appeared in 1774, from a vignette on an old 
map of Philadelphia. Small wood engraving. 

EM. 3960 

An unlettered proof of the cot in Loning's Field-hook of 
the Revolution, vol. a (N. Y., 1859) p. 66. 

View : Port Royal, Jamaica, Inscription : 
(above, right) European Magazine, (below, right) 
F, Cary sculp | View of Port Royal and Kingston 
Harbour in the Island of Jamaica. Published 
Novr, /, 77<S*, by I, Fielding, Pater-noster Row, L 
Sewell, Cornhill, <5r* /. Debrett, Piccadilly. Line. 
8°. EM. 3961 

From the European Magamine, vol. a (London, 1782) 
p. as7. 

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Half length; 
directed and facing to the left, looking to the front. 
Inscription : (left) G. Stuart Pinxt, (right) T, B. IV, 
».\ Thomas Jefferson, Stipple. [PhiladelphU? 
1850?] 8^ EM. 396a 

Portrait: Pranklin (Benjamin). Half length; 
directed and facing to the right, looking to the 
front; fur-lined coat; after a miniature by Duplessis. 
Inscription : (left) Toussaint, Rosselin, idiUur, quai 
Voltaire, 21, (right) Imp, par AugusU Bry, rue du 
Bac, IJ4. I Bin, Franklin, B, Franklin (fac-simile 
signature). Lithograph. [1850?] F'. em. 39^3 

Portrait : Adams (John). Half length ; directed 
and facing to the left, looking to the front; after 
Copley. Line engraving [by Stevenson]. Trimmed 
to an oval. With fac-simile signature mounted be- 
low. 8'. EM. 3964 

The same engraving, with a deconUive border Js to be found 
in C. E. Lester's Anurica^s Advancement, N. Y., 1876. 

Portrait: IdTinflTSton (Robert R.). Three- 
quarters length, seated; directed, facing and looking 
slightly to the right; right hand holding open bible. 
Inscription; H, B, Hall. Robert R, Livingston. Rob 
R Livingston (fac-simile signature), (right) Painted 
by W. Pate, \ New Yorh: G. P, Putnam. Stipple 
and line. 4*. '*** 39^5 

Also in Irving's Washington, 4'* ed., vol. 4 (N. Y., X859) 
p. 514. 

Portrait : Montfl^merjr (Richard). Bust; di- 
rected to the left; head in profile to the left; uniform. 
Inscription: Soper \ Gen'. Richard Montgomery, 
Line. [New York? i860?] 8^ em. 3966 

View : Quebec. Inscription: (right) RoyceSc \ 
A View of Quebec from the Bason, Line. 4- 

EM. 39^7 

Also in W. Russeirs History 0/ America, vol. a (Lop^; 
1778) p. 365 ; and cf. the London Magantne, vol. 29 (i7«» 

p. 432- 

View: New York, City. Inscription: Monu- 
ment to Montgomery Erected by Congress, Line 
8». EM. 39^3 

Also in the Port/olio, vol. ao (Phila., x8i8) p. 75- 
View: New York, City, Inscription: (left) 
Drawn by A .J, Davis, (right) Engraved &* Printed 
by Fenner Sears 6* Co,^St, Pauls, Broadway, 




y. Y. London Published Nov. is 1831 by /. T, 
Hinton 6^ Simpkin &* Marsha//, Line. 4*. 

EM. 3969 

Also io Hintoo*s HUtory and topography 0/ the United 
States^ yol. 9 (London, 1833) p. 490. 

Engraving: United States. — Congress, Con- 
tinenUl, 1775-1789. Inscription: fleft) Painted by 
Trumbull. (n%hX) Engraved by Illman &* Pi Ibrow \ 
Declaration of Independence. Line. 8°. EM. 3970 

Also in C. A. Goodrich's Lives o/the Signers^ N. Y., 1836, 

View : €(eniuuitowii» Battle of. Inscription: 
Engraved by G. Illman at J. M. Butler's establish- 
ment, 84 Chestnut St. from a Drawing by Schuessele, 

The Battle of GermantoTvn (Chew*s House) New 

York^ G. P. Putnam. Line. 4'. em. 3971 

Also in Irving's Washington^ 4" ed., vol. 3 (N. Y., 1859) 
p. 384. 

View: Hartlbrd» Conn. Inscription: (left) 

Drawn by T. Cole (right) Engraved and Printed by 

Fenner Sears &• C^. \ Hartford^ Connecticut. Lon- 

cbn. Published June i by I. T. Hinton &• Simphin 

6* Marshall. Line. 4°. em. 3972 

Also in Hinton's History and topography 0/ the United 
States^ vol. 3 (London, 1833) p. 480. 

Portrait : Iredell (James). Profile to the right; 
circular. Small mezzotint (colored) by St. Memin. 
[North Carolina, 1708.] em. 3973 

Unlettered. No. 144 of Elias Dezter's 5"/. Memin Collection^ 
N, Y., 1863. 


Biography — Genealogy, etc. 

[Andrews (C. L.)] The Gardner family of 
Machias [Me.] and vicinity. Augusta, 1898. 8**. 

Bekaert (M.) Nos artistes & I'etranger. Josse 
de Corte, sculpteur Yprois, 1627-1679. Bruxelles^ 

[189-?] 4^ 

Bekaert (M.) Nos artistes & I'etranger. Mattre 
Pietro di Giovanni Tedesco, sculpteur Braban9on. 
BruxelUs, [189-?! 4^ 

Bismark [-Schoenhanseii] (O. [E. L.] von). 
Gedanken und Erinnerungen. Stuttgart, i%q%. 2 v. 

Bxif^ht (E. B.) and (C.) The life story of the 
late Sir Charles Tilston Brij?ht, civil engineer. West- 
minster, [1898.] 2 v. 8 . 

Biilloeli (J. G. B.) A history and genealogy of 
the family of Baillie . . . and other families. [Green 
Bay, H^is.], 1898. 8'. 

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scendants of Matthias Button. Grand Rapids, 
Mich,, 1889. 12*. 

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CoIUn^r^ood (S. D.) The life and letters of 
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Boston, 1898. 8°. 

Cooley (J. C.) Rathbone genealogy . . . from 
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[ConrtUa de Saj&drae (G. de).] Memoirs of 
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[Dickinson (Frederick).] To the descendants 
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Gift of the author. 

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Fischer (T. A.) Leben und Werke Alfred Lord 
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4 • 

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Travel and Adventure — Description 

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(Stoiy of the empire leries.) 

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Economics — Sociology — Law — Gov- 
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(Questions of the day.) 

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Natural Sciences — Mathematics. 

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Applied Science — Useful Arts. 

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Smith (W. R.) Text-book of first aid work and 
home nursing for the use of ambulance classes. 
London, 1898. 8°. 

Solaw-Laubach (H.), Graf zm, Weizen und 
Tulpe und deren Geschichte. Leipzig, 1899. 4*^. 

Tafel (E.) Die bUrgeriiche KOche . . . Schweid- 
niiz, [1898?] 8% 

Thailner (O.) Werkzeugstahl. Kurzgefasstes 
Handbuch fiber Werkzeugstahl im AUgemeinen . . . 
Freiberg i S„ 1898. 8*. 

Vernon (A.) Estate fences, their choice, con- 
struction and cost. London, 1899. 8"*. 

Philosophy — Psychology — Religion — 

Ethics, etc. 

Briffl^ (C. A.) General introduction to the 
study of Holy Scripture. New York, 1899. S"*. 

DaimaA (G.) Messianische Texte aus der 
nachkanonischen jttdischen Litteratur. Leipzig, 
1898. 8°. 

Depont (O.) and Coppolani (X.) Les con- 
fr^ries religieuses musulmanes. Alger, 1897. 4*^. 

Gftulke (J.) Ueber die Grenzen des National- 
ismus und Intemationalismus. Berlin, 1898. 8°. 

€kmiperi (H.) Kritik des Hedonismus. Stutt- 
gart, 1898. I2^ 

Haeekel (Ernst). The last link. Our present 
knowledge of the descent of man. London, 1898. 

Maltse'w (A. v.) Begrabniss-Ritus und einige 
specielle und alterthUmliche Gottesdienste der Or- 
thodox-Katholischen Kirche des Morgenlandes. 
Berlin, 1898. 12". 

Maltsew (A. v.) Bitt-, Dank- und Weihe- 
Gottesdienste der Orthodox- Katholischen Kirche 
des Morgenlandes. Berlin, 1897. 12". 

Martin (T.) La demonstration philosophique. 
Paris, [1898/1 12'. 

Schoeler (H. v.) Kritik der wissenschaftlichen 
Erkenntnis. Leipzig, 1898. 8*. 

Sidis (B.) The psychology of suggestion. New 
York, 1898. 12°. 

Surmun corda. A defence of idealism. London, 
1898. 12°. 


Abhjbndlun^n zur germanischen Philologie. 
Festgabe far Richard Heinzel. Halle a. S., 1898. 

Day (L. F.) Alphabets old and new. London, 
1898. I2^ 

Deeourdemanche (J. A.) Etudes sur les 
racines arabes, sanscrites et turques. Paris, 1898. 




** Abend Blatt" i 

'* Abigail"- i 

Ackerman, William K. . . i 

''Advertising World" . . i 

*' Advocate and Guardian " . i 

** Advocate of Peace *' . . i 

** Age of Steel" i 

Amer. Mathematical Soc. . 2 

Amer. Protec. Tariff League. 3 

Amer. Soc. Civil Engineers . 1 

Antigua, Acts & Ordinances. i 

** Arbeiter Zeitung" ... i 

Armstrong, Maj. S. T. . . i 32 

Avery, Samuel P 23 22 

Betts, Betts, Sheffield, &c. . 9 

Bootle, Eng., City Rpts. i 

British Guiana i 

Brit. Honduras, Gov't Gaz. . i 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle ... i 

Burrows Brothers Co. . . 4 
Cad walader, John L., about 1,000 

manuscript letters. 

California State Comptroller. i 

Cambr. Philos. Soc. ... 9 

Canada, Lib. of Pari. ... 3 7 

Cape of Good Hope ,Gov. Gaz. i 

Carmichael, Mrs. S. P. . . 7 
Chadwick, Capt. F. E. Map. 

Chadwick, Dr. Ja. R. . . . 32 

Cincinnati, City Clerk . . 22 6 

Cincinnati Pub. Liby. . . i 2 

Clark, Miss C. A 3 

Colo. St. Agri. College i 

Columbia University ... i 

Connery, Thos. B. ... 3 

Costa Rica, Legacion de . . 18 16 

Cyprus, Gov't Gaz. ... i 

Diocese of Albany . 16 

Diocese of Arkansas ... 8 9 

Diocese of Cent. Penna. . . 3 i 
Draper, Mrs. Henry, 50 pieces 

of Music. 
Ford, Messrs. W. C. and P. L. 

est. 5,500 30,000 

Goodwin, James J 1 

Hampton Normal and Agri. 

Inst 3 

Holmes, Clay W 2 

Imperial Univ. of Tokyo . . i 3 

Indiana Sec'y of State ... i 

Johns Hopkins Press ... i 

Lehigh University .... i 

Library of Congress ... 2 4 

Lib'y Hall Ass'n of Cambridge 1 8 

Maine Sec'y of State ... i 

Maitland, Alexander ... 14 

Mass. Civil Serv. Comm'n . i 

Mass. Sec. of Commonwealth 
Mexico, Nat'l Bd. of Health 
Mich. Coll. of Mines . . 
Minnesota Club .... 
Montreal, City Reports . 

Moreel, Mrs 

Moss, Frank 

Muller, Frederick & Cie. . 
Natal, Gov't Gaz. . . . 
N. E. Cotton Man'frs. 
N. J. Sec'y of State . . 
N. So. Wales, Gov't Gaz. 
N. Y. C. Supervisor . . 
N. Y. Sec'y of Slate . . 
N. Y. State Assembly 
N. Y. State Comptroller . 
N. Y. St. Fish Commission 
N. Y. State Library . . 
Newman, Josiah . . . 
Ohio Sec'y of State . . 
Ontario, Gov't Departments 
Osgood, Howard L. . . 
**Osmalin" [Cairo newspaper] 
Pr. Ed. Is. Leg. Lib'y . 
Poillon, William . . . 


R. I. Hist'l Society . . 
R. I. Sec'y of State . . 
Riga, U. S. Consul at 
Rosenthal, Dr. Max . . 
Roy. Irish Academy . . 
Roy. Statistical Society . 
St. Lucia, Gov't Gaz. 
Sutton, Charles W. . . 

Ter, Jacob 

Trinidad, Gov't Gaz. . . 
U. S. Bureau of Educ. . 
U. S. Dept. of Agriculture 
U. S. Dept. of the Interior 
U. S. Dept. of Justice 
U. S. Dept. of Labor . . 
U. S. Dept. of State . . 
U. S. National Museum . 
U. S. Supt. of Documents 
U. S. Treasury Dept. . . 
U. S. Weather Bureau, Daily 

Weather Maps for 1898 
Univ. of California . . 
Univ. of Pennsylvania 
Venezuela, Legacion de . 
Victoria, Australia. . . 
Yale Univ. Lib'y . . . 
War Emergency Relief Bd 


Wyclif Society, Lond. 
Zon, Raphael, Fr. newsp's 























































VoiiUMB III • Number 4 
Aprii. 1899 


Rbfort for March 160^160 

YiRoiRiA (SifTTH OF Niblbt) Papbrs, 1616-1610 . 160-171 

Ltterart Pbriodicals, M-Z 17^186 

SiONBRS TO THE Dkclaration OF Independbnce, Yols. 18, 19 187-107 

Principal Accessions in March 108-208 

Principal Donors in March 204 



Samuel P. Avery. Alexander Maitland. 

John Bigelow. Thomas M. Markoe. 

William Allen Butler. Stephen H. Olin. 

John L. Cadwalader. Alexander E. Orr. 

Andrew H. Green. Henry C. Potter. 

Daniel Huntington. George L. Rives. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. Philip Schuyler. 

John S. Kennedy. George W. Smith. 

Edward King. Frederick Sturges. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. Charles Howland Russell. , 
Bird S. Coler, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 


President^ Hon. John Bigelow. 
First Vice-Presidenty Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D. 
Second Vice-President^ John S, Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary^ George L. Rives, Esq., 32 Nassau Street. 
Treasurer^ Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director y John S. Billings, LL.D., 40 Lafayette Place. 


*T^HE Astor Building, 40 Lafayette Place, and the Lenox Building, Fifth Avenue 
' and 70th Street, are open daily, excepting on Sundays, Independence Day, 
Christmas, and New Year, from 9 a. m. until 6 p. m. 

The Reading rooms and the Exhibition rooms are free to all persons; but 
children under the age of fifteen years must be accompanied by an adult. 

In the Reading room of each Library Building certain shelves are set apart for 
books of reference, which readers are allowed to take down and examine at their 
pleasure. For all other books an application must be made by filling out and 
signing one of the blanks provided for the purpose. 

Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York City 

Subscription One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood, Bunoess 

Superintendent, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York. 
Entered as second-class matter at the New York, N. Y., Post OflSce, January 30, 1897 





Vol. III. 

April, 1899. 

No. 4, 


During the month of March, there were received at the Library by purchase 
798 books and 490 pamphlets, and by gift 6,695 volumes and 4,644 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 5,933 volumes and 1,909 pamphlets, for which purpose 
23,126 cards and 2,963 slips for the printer were written. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, during the 
month : 



Total number of readers 






Dailv averafire of readers 

Number of volumes consulted 

Among the important gifts of the month were the following — Major S. T. 
Armstrong, 176 volumes, 559 pamphlets, 215 newspapers and 13 maps. Ampng 
these were 30 volumes of the Boletin oficiel de la Provincia de Puerto Principe, 
1885-1898, annual reports of the various provinces of Cuba, a copy of the colonial 
constitution of Cuba and Porto Rico, accompanied by the laws of the autonomous 
regimen relating to imports and exports, and a large number of acts, orders, 
proclamations, Chinese cooley contracts in manuscript, and also a rare directory 
of Havana for 1859; from S. P. Avery, 41 volumes and 7 pamphlets; from John 
Bigelow, 299 miscellaneous documents and 1,200 pamphlets; from the Century 
Association 1,090 volumes and 880 newspapers; from the Military Governor of 
Cuba, 38 General orders; from Mrs. Henry Draper, 4 volumes of Hungarian 




music; from Alexander Maitland, 13 volumes and 61 pamphlets; from the Rev. 
F. H. Marling, 74 volumes and 20 pamphlets, all relating to the Presbyterian 
Church; from the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, 11 volumes and 4 
pamphlets; from the Military Governor of Porto Rico, 182 General Orders; from 
M. Taylor Pyne, a copy of the Sesquicentennial of Princeton; and from the 
Venezuelan Legation, 14 volumes and 8 pamphlets, relating to the Boundary 

The Board of Estimate and Apportionment of the City of New York has 
authorized the issue of bonds to the amount of $500,000 to be used in removing 
the 42nd Street reservoir and in laying the foundations for the new building for 
the New York Public Library, and this action has been approved by the Board of 
Aldermen. The plans and specifications for this part of the work have been 
approved by the municipal authorities and the Park Departmentis now advertis- 
ing for bids for the work. 

VIRGINIA PAPERS, 1616-1619. 

The following documents are printed from the papers collected by John Smyth^ 
one of the early colonizers of Virginia. He was educated at Oxford and at the 
Middle Temple, then became steward to his friend Lord Berkeley, and later retired 
to his estate at North Nibley, four miles from Berkeley. In 1618 he entered into 
a partnership with Sir William Throckmorton, Sir George Yardley, Richard Berke- 
ley, and George Thorpe, for a plantation in Virginia. A calendar of this collection 
of papers was printed in the BtUUtin for July, 1897, and two selections from the 
papers have been printed before in the issue for March, 1897. The arrangement 
here is chronological. 


Salutem in Christo. 

S? vnderstanding by our governour that you haue beene by some discouraged 
as touching your shaire, insomuch that when you came into the court to tender 
your monny for the supplying of the sayd shaire you were informed that your land 
was nothing woorth, but full of rocks, whervppon you reserued your monney telling 
them that when you were informed the truth thereof you would supply it accord- 
ingly till when you would make stay of your supply, wherfore that lying next 
vnto m' webbs shaires whose land I mannage, on v acres wherof of I haue taken 
some paines, supposing the first deuision should stand, I haue thought it fitting- 
and expedient to make you acquainted of the truth therof ; and as concearning the 
same I assure you that as the olde subdeuision stood your ground was little woorth, 
in regard your land was soe narrow that there could bee noe fenses left, but as our 
new subdeuision now stands w^/ch must continue being that all your ground 
lyeth together your shaire is as good as any one in all the trybe both for ground, 
timber, and fresh water and fishing, and as conveniently it lyeth: wherefore I would 
not haue you to bee discouraged a whitt touching the same: for though the ill 

VIRGINIA PAPERS, 1616-1619 l6l 

resolution of your subdeuision hath hindered your proffitts, yet I doubt not, but 

that if you supply, both w/th plants and other necessaryes ; your commodities shall 

bee greater, furthermore being that your ground lyeth next to our sheares, I will 

if it shall seeme pleasing vnto you vndertake the ouerseeing & ordering therof, and 

allsoe our gouernour will allow mee a man for the mannuring therof wA/ch charg 

(if this my motion shall woorke effect) I must and will by gods grace vse my best 

indeauors. there is hope of these Hands, and much more would there bee, if wee 

were ridd of our generall enemy es the ratts, whose increase is innumerable, and 

much is to be feared wilbee the subuersion of this plantacon, if you and all other 

woorthy minded adue»turers doe not deuise some course for their distruction : In 

meane tyme our gouernor (by whose prouident care all inconveniences shall bee 

pmrented) (whose industrious example all other men shall be induced to follow) 

hath given straight charg and comand to all inhabitants, both by poison & trapps 

so much as in them lyeth to woorke their confusion. Thus not doubting but that 

you shall receiue letters of encouragment from more than my self, with my loue & 

comendacons vnto you I committ you to gods preseruation resting 

yo" to comaund 

Bryan Caue. 
Somer Hands this 
14*** July 1616. 

* Worthie SK not having convenient leasure at pr^ent, to write yo° at large, I 

haue intreated M' Bryan Cave a neere neighbor unto yo*' land, who doth truly 

certifie yo» thereof, and if my p/rswation may pr^ayle, yo" should supply them, 

and send provicon for twoe or three men, & to that effect I haue written to the 

Ho^ Lady the Countice of Bedford Thus w/*^ remembrance of my love I take 

my leave and rest 

Your louinge freind 

Daniell Tucker. 


This Indenture made the third day of ffebruary in the yeares of the raigne of 
our sou^raigne lord James by the grace of god of England Scotland fFrance and 
Ireland kinge defender of the fayth &c. That is to say, in the yeare of his raigne 
of England ffrance and Ireland the sixteenth and of Scotland the lij^^ Betwene 
the Treasorer and company of Adventurers and planters of the City of London for 
the first colony in Virginia with the advise and consent of the counsell of the same 
of the one parity And S"" Willm Throkm^rton of Clowerwall in the County of 
GlovLc^st^r knight and baronet, S' George Yardley nowe governor of Virginia 
knight Richard Berkeley of Stoke George Thorpe of Wanswell and John Smyth 
of North nibley in the said county of Gloucester Esquiers free of the said company 
of Virginia and who have seu^rally adventured for their seu^rall shares hereafter 
menc/oned and for eu^ry of the said shares, either they or those whose estates they 
nowe have or shall have, have payd or are to pay within one yeare after the date 
hereof— xip x» That is to say The said S' Willm Throkm^rton for ten shares 
S' George Yardley for five shares Richard Berkeley for ten shares George Thorpe 

* A postcript in the hand writing of the goyemor, Daniel Tucker. 


1 62 VIRGINIA PAPERS. 1616-1619 

for ten shares John Smyth for ten shares of the other parte, Witnesseth That 
wheras the said S' Willm Throkm^rton S' George Yardley Richard Berkeley 
George Thorpe and John Smyth have vndertaken to the said Treasorer and com- 
pany to transport at their owne cost and charges divers persons into Virginia, 
And there to erect and build a Towne and settle and plant dyu^rs inhabitants 
there for the advancement of the generall plantacon of that country. Nowe the 
said- Treasorer and company with the consent of the said counsell in Consideracon 
thereof and for the furtherance of the said plantacon and incouragem^n' of the 
said adventurers, have agreed to assign allot and appoynt to every of the said 
seu^rall adventurers one hundred acres of ground for eu^ry single share of his 
seu^rall adventure besides dyu^rs other priviledges liberties and comodyties here- 
after menc/oned. And to that intent they have granted allotted assigned and con- 
firmed And by theis pr^ents doe grant allot assigne and confirme vnto the said 
S'^ Willm Throkm^rton S' George Yardley Richard Berkeley George Thorpe and 
John Smyth their heires and assignes and the heires and assignes of every of them 
seu^rally and respectively accordinge to their seu^rall shares. One hundred acres 
of land in Virginia for eu^ry of his and their sev^rall single shares of xijl* x» above 
menabned to have bene by him them and eu^ry of them payd and adventured in 
manner aforesaid towards the same plantacon The same land to bee taken and 
chosen by them their deputies or assignes, with the privity and allowance of the 
governor and Counsell of State in Virginia residinge, in any place or places wher- 
soever not already or heretofore inhabited by any Englishe and wherin noe English 
person or persons are already placed or setled, or have by order of court made 
choyce of, nor within ten miles of the same vnles the same be on the opposite side 
of some great and navigable ryver to the former particuler plantac/ons Togeather 
with the one halfe of the ryver or ryvers That is to say to the middest therof, as 
shall adioyne to such land as they shall make choyce of, Togeather with all such 
liberties priviledges profits and comodyties as the said land and ryvers w^ch they 
shall make choyce of shall yeald, and in as ample and benefitiall manner as have 
bene heretofore granted to any other Adventurers or Vndertakers whatsoever. 
And forasmuch as the said S' Willm Throkm^rton S' George Yardley Richard 
Berkeley George Thorpe and John Smyth the adventurers aforesaid intend and 
have undertaken to place preachers, build churches school houses and such like 
works of charity In regard whereof and to th'end the said Adventurers their heires 
and assignes may have wherwithall to beare and support such like charges. 
Therefore the said Treasorer and company with the consent of the Counsell afore- 
said doe grant vnto the said adventurers their heires and assignes fifteene hundred 
acres of land more over and above the said proporcon of one hundred acres for a 
single share, to bee imployed vpon such publike vses as the said adventurers their 
heires and assignes shall thinke fit. And they doe further grant to the said Advent- 
urers their heires and assignes That for eu^ry person that they or any of them shall 
transport at their owne proper cost and charges into Virginia either vnto the lands 
hereby granted or adioyninge vnto them wi/hin seaven yeares after the feast of 
S* John baptist last past, if the said person transported contynue there three wholl 
yeares either at one or seu^rall tymes, or dye in the meane season after he is 
shipped with intent there to inhabit, That the said person or persons that shall soe 
at his or their owne charges transport any other, shall have granted and allowed 

VIRGINIA PAPERS, 1616-1619 163 

vnto him and them and his and their heires respectively for every person soe trans- 
ported fifty acres of land, And also that eu^ry other person or persons who by con- 
tract & agreem^^ to bee had and made with the said Adventurers shall at his and 
their owne charge transport him and themselves or any other, and settle and plant 
themselves in Virginia within the said seaven yeares for three yeares space as 
aforesaid, or dye in the meane tyme, shall have granted and allowed vnto eu^ry 
such person soe transportinge or transported and his and their heires respectively 
fifty acres of land over and above the proporcon abovesaid, the same to bee by him 
and them or their heires or assignes chosen in any one entire place togeather, 
adioyninge to the foresaid lands and not straglingly nor before the tyme of such 
choyce made, possessed or inhabited by any Englishe company or within ten myles 
of the same (except it bee on the opposite side of the ryver as aforesaid) Yealdinge 
and payinge vnto the said Treasorer and company and their successors for eu^ry 
fifty acres soe obtayned and possessed by those said other persons and their heires 
who by contract as aforesaid shall at their owne charges transport themselves or 
others, the yearly rent of twelve pence at the feast of S^ Michaell Tharkangell to 
the hand of the rent gatherer of the said Treasorer and company and their succes- 
sors for ever To begin after th'expiracon of the first six yeares next after the date 
hereof. And further it shall bee lawful! to and for the said adventurers their heires 
and assignes and their tenants and servants and such as they or any of them shall 
contract with as aforesaid and send and imploy for the said plantacon to goe and 
returne, trade and traffique import & transport their goods and merchandizes at 
their will and pleasure payinge onely such duties to the kings Ma^^ his heires and 
successors as the company of Virginia doe pay without any other taxes, imposic/bns 
burdens or restraints vpon them to bee imposed otherwise than by the grant and 
consent of the generall Colony in Virginia and for the publique necessary service 
of the plantacon. And it is further granted and agreed that the person soe to bee 
transported shall not be taken away nor comaunded eyther by the governor for the 
tyme beinge of Virginia or any other authority there from the business and imploy- 
ment of the said Adventurers their heires or assignes and others contracted with 
or imployed as aforesaid vpon any pr^ence whatsoever (necessary defence of the 
Country pr^servacon of the peace, suppressinge tumults arysinge within the land 
and tryals of matters of Justice by appeale or otherwise by order from the said 
Treasorer company and Counsell of Virginia hereafter to be established onely 
excepted) And the said Treasorer and company wfth consent of the counsell afore- 
said doe covenant and promise to and with the said Adventurers their heires and 
assignes That vpon a survey to be had and made by the said adventurers and true 
informacon given of the bounds meetes and quantity of the lands soe as aforesaid 
to bee by them chosen and possessed. They the said Treasorer and company vpon 
surrender of this present grant and Indenture and vpon reasonable request to bee 
made by the said Adventurers their heires or assignes within seaven yeares nowe 
next cominge, shall and will by their Deed Indented and vnder their comon scale 
grant enfeoffe and confirme all or any the said lands soe let out and bounded as 
aforesaid to the said Adventurers their heires and assignes in as large and bene- 
fitiall manner as the same are in their presents granted or intended to be granted 
to all intents and purposes And shall also within the said Terme of seaven yeares 
grant to them the said Adventurers their heires and assignes k//res and grants of 


164 VIRGINIA PAPERS. 1616-1619 

incorporacon by some vsual or fit name or title, with liberty to them and their 
successors from tyme to tyme to frame and make orders ordinances and constitu- 
tions for the rule governem^^ orderinge and directinge of all persons to be trans- 
ported and setled vpon the lands hereby intended to bee granted, or hereafter to 
bee granted, and of the said lands and profits theirby arisinge, Soe that the said 
orders ordinances and constitutions bee not repugnant to the lawes of England or 
to the forme of gou^mement by the said Treasorer Counsell and company to bee 
established (ordinary appeales to the supreame Courts onely excepted) And lastly 
the said Treasorer and company with the assent aforesaid doe grant and agree to 
and with the said Adventurers and others contracted with and imployed as afore- 
said their heires and assignes, That when they have planted and peopled the lands 
hereby to them assigned and appoynted That then it shall bee lawf uU for them with 
the privity and allowance of the governor and Counsell of State as aforesaid, to 
make choyce of and to enter into and to have as much more land in Virginia as 
herein contayned with like priviledges as are above granted, to bee had and chosen 
in such place and places where noe Englishe shall bee then setled or inhabited, or 
made choyce of, And the same entred into the book of Actes at the tyme of such 
choyce to bee soe made or within ten myles of the same (exceptinge the opposite side 
of a great and navigable ryver as aforesaid.) And the said Adventurers for them 
their heires and assignes doe covenant and promise to and with the said Treasorer 
and company That they from tyme to tyme duringe the said seaven yeares shall 
make a true certificat to the said Treasorer company and Counsell from the cheife 
officer or officers of the places respectively of every person transported and landed 
in Virginia or shipped as aforesaid to be entred by the Secretary of the said Treas- 
orer and company into a register booke for that purpose to bee kept. In witness 
whereof the parties aforesaid to theis presents have Interchangeably put their 
hands and seales the day and yeare first above written. Annoq' Dm' ,1618, 

Sealed and delyu^red in the pr^ence of M' Treasorer Counsell and company in 

a great and generall quarter court. 

Teste Henrico ffotheeby Secretary. 

Note that in the end of the Indenture granted to Willm Tracy and his associates 
and also others sealed since this vnto vs, is a Covenant on the parte of the said 
grantees. That they and all persons by them transported for their particular plan- 
tacon, shall apply themselves and their labor in a large & competent manner to the 
plantinge sowinge settinge making working and pr^curinge of good and staple 
comodities, in and vpon the lands granted vnto them. As namely, corne, wine, 
oyle, silk gras, hempe, flax pitch and tarre, sope ashes and potashes, iron, clap- 
bords, and other materials, and the like, And not wholly or chiefly vpon Tobacco. 

In all other things all grants are alike mutatis mutandis onely. 

VIRGINIA PAPERS, 1616-1619 1 65 


To our honorable frend S*" George Yardley knight 
governour of Virginia geve this. 

& we hold it fit to let you knowe, That since your departure from England, we have 
procured our patent for plantacon in Virginia (a copy whereof we herew/th send 
vnto you written by the Virginian boy of mee George Thorpe) wherin accordinge 
to your agreement with mee George Thorpe, your name is vsed for five shares, 
done by the advise of S' Edwine Sands, but if you please to cast more of your 
shares amongst vs (w^/ch we also wish) we shall willingly assent theirvnto. 

We had also sent our men and ship at this tyme, but that it hath pleased god to 
keep her wind bound in Ireland since before your departure to this present, where 
yet shee remayneth: By w^ich onely accident we have lost this season, but doe 
entend (god willinge) that shee shall leave the coast of .England, by the first of 
August next w/th fifty men furnished for that country. And doe earnestly desire 
before that tyme (if possible) to vnderstand from you what proportion of victuall 
and munition will bee fit to send w/th them. 

Of w^/ch ship and company we hereby offer you a full fift parte if it soe please you 
to accept thereof, And doe entreat your effectuall furtherance in choyce of the place 
where wee shall sit downe, and all other favors whereof you will be pleased to make 
vs your frends partakers, w^/ch we in England shall be most willinge to requite. 

If of this our offer you accept Then are you to send by the returne of this ship soe 
much good marchantable comodyties as doth amount to a fifth parte. An accompt 
of the charge whereof we will send you by the ship. 

Even soe with our frendly respects we rest 

Your very lovinge frends 


Geo. Thorpe — ^John Smyth. 
London. 18. ffebr. 


[Endorsed:] Copy of a UUre to Sr Geo : Yardley in ffeb. 16 18. to Virgin, from 


In the name of god Amen This present charter party Indented and made the 
xviij'"» day of August in the xvij^*> yeare of the raigne of our sou^raigne lord Jamse 
by the grace of god of England ffrance and Ireland kinge defender of the faythe 
&c. and of Scotland the liij'** Betwene Edward Williams of the City of Bristoll 
marchant owner of the good ship called the Margaret of Bristoll of the burthen of 
.45. tuns or thereabouts whereof vnder god Henry Penry is appoynted to goe 
master this present voyage of the one parte And John Woodleefe of the Town of 
Buckingham Esqr Marchant lader in the said ship this present voyage of the other 
parte, Witncsseth that the said owner for the Consideracon hereafter in theis 
presents expressed hath granted and to fraight hath letten And by theis presents 
doth grant and to fraight let the said shipvnto the said marchant lader his factors 

1 66 VIRGINIA PAPERS. 1616-1619 

and assignes for a voyage w/Vh her to be made by gods grace in manner and forme 
followinge. viz*. 

To sayle by the grace of god from the port of Bristoll called Hungrode with the 
first fayre wynd and weather that god shall send therevnto afther the xv^ day of 
September next ensuinge the date hereof, wiVh all such men goods provision and 
other things as hee the said marchant lader his factor or assignes shall thinke fit, as 
directly as wind and weather will permit vnto such port place or harbor or ports 
places or harbors in the land of Virginia as he the said marchant lader his factors 
or assignes shall think fit where the said ship shall stay and abyde duringe soe 
long tyme as he the said marchant lader his factors or assignes shall also think fit. 
And to be there discharged reladen and recharged when and as often as occasion 
shall serve at the wills and pleasures of the said marchant lader his factors or 
assignes. And when the said ship shall be soe discharged reladen and recharged 
in Virginia aforesaid Then (by the grace of god) she shall returne and sayle about 
agayne w/th the next fayre wynd and weather that god shall send therevnto as di- 
rectly as wynd and weather will permit vnto the said port of Bristoll called Hungrode 
for the end of the said voyage, there to be discharged of all her charge, goods wares 
and marchandize. In Consideracon whereof the said marchant lader for himselfe 
his heires executors and ^idministratc^ and for ev^ry of them doth hereby covenant 
premise and grant to and w/Vh the said owner his executors aidministrato^ and 
assignes by theis presents That hee the said marchant lader or his assignes shall 
and will within fiftene dayes next after the returne and arrivall homewards of 
the said ship at the said port of Bristoll called Hungrode for the end of the 
said voyage well and truly pay or cause to be payd vnto the said owner or his 
assignes for every month that the said ship shall contynue and bee in her said 
voyage the full some of xxxiij^*. of lawful mony of England accountinge twenty and 
eight dayes to eu^ry month, begininge to enter into pay from the day that the said 
ship shall set saile out of kingrode to proceed in her said voyage. And soe con- 
tynuinge in pay from thenceforth forwards monthly and for every month and for 
more or less tyme then a month after the rate aforesaid vntill such tyme as the 
said ship shall returne and arive in Kingrode aforesaid homewards from the end of 
the said voyage And that the said ship shall not stay nor abide at the land of Vir- 
ginia aforesaid this prestnt voyage above the number of fifty dayes by reason of 
any defalt or imployment of the said marchant lader his factors or assignes. And 
the said owner for himselfe his executors and aidtnimstrato^ and for eu^ry of them 
doth covenant promise and grant to and w/th the said marchant lader his executors 
admim'straft^ and assignes by theis presents That the said ship nowe is and soe at 
all tymes hereafter (duringe the said voyage) at his the said owners owne proper 
costs and charges (to his best endeavors) shall be made stiffe stanche stronge well 
apparraled and victualed and sufficiently furnished aswell with able mariner* and 
seaven other sufficient men and one boy to gou^rne and guide the said ship (dur- 
inge the said voyage) as also with all kynd of tackle apparell municon and furni- 
ture fit and necessary for her for the accomplishment of the said voyage, And that 
the said men and maryners togeather with the Cocke or boat belonginge to the said 
ship shall at all tymes convenient duringe the said voyage be ready at the comaund 
of the said Marchant lader his and their factors and assignes to doe such reason- 

VIRGINIA PAPERS, 1616-1619 1 6/ 

able service as by him or them shall be requyred. And also that the said shippe 
shall be ready to set sayle from the said port of Bristoll by the said xv^^ day of 
September next ensuinge the date hereof. All w^/ch tyme the said marchant lader 
doth for himselfe his executors and admynistrators Covenant and promise to bee 
ready w/th his men goods provisions and other things aboard the said shippe to 
make sayle in her. And moreover it is covenanted concluded and agreed on by 
and betwene the said parties to theis presents for themselves their executors and 
admynistrators That if it shall happen (w^/ch god forbid) That the said ship shall 
be robbed or spoyled on the sea salt or fresh (duringe the said voyage) of any man- 
ner of goods wares provisions or marchandizes belonginge to the said ship or mar- 
chant lader That then the said owner shall stand to his owne losse (if any bee) In 
witness whereof &c — 

* A bond of 400^ is given by S' Willm Throkm<7rton knight and Baronet Richard 
Berkeley George Thorpe John Smyth and John Woodleefe Esqr*. to M' Williams 
to p^rforme Covenants. 
M**. That the ship set sayle from Bristoll the xv**». of September. 1619. 



Covenants and agreements had and made by and betwene S' Will" 
Throkm^rton of Clowerwall in the county of Gloucester knight and 
baronet on the first parte, Richard Berkeley of Stoke Gilford in the 
said county Esq; on the second parte, George Thorpe of Waneswell 
in the said county Esq; on the third parte, John Smyth of North nib- 
i ley in the said county gent on the fourth parte. And John Woodleefe 

F of Prestwood in the County of Buckingham Esq ; on the fift parte, the 

fourth day of September 1619. Anno xvij"<> regni Jacobi Regis Anglie 
.&c. et Scotiae. liij*^®. As particularly foUoweth. 

Whereas a voyage is (by the grace of god) intended into the land of Virginia 
with a shippe called the Margaret of Bristoll, of the burden of forty seven 
tun or therabouts, within ten dayes next at the farthest, furnished with 
thirty & two men and other necessary provisions at the charges of the said 
parties, for plantacon in the said land, with an intent and agreement 
amongst themselves to encrease the said number aswell with men already 
abydinge in the said land, as with others to be hereafter sent out of England, 

And wheras for the intent and purpose aforesaid, and the better to enable 
the said plantacon, they the said S^ Willm Throkm^rton, Richard Berkeley, 
George Thorpe and John Smyth have in their owne names and in the name 
of S' George Yardley knight nowe governor of the said land of Virginia, 
procured in February last past from the Treasorer and company of Adven- 
turers and planters of the city of London for the first CoUony in Virginia, 
by the advise and consent of fhe Counsell of the same, one Indenture of 
Covenants and grants to the effect aforesaid, as by the same may appeare. 

* " Canoelled " is a marginal note set opposite this in the hand of John Smith. 

l68 VIRGINIA PAPERS. 1616-1619 

And wheras also for the better orderinge and governm^^' aswell of the said 
people and men nowe ready to be shipped, and of those that shall hereafter 
bee sent in augmentacon of their number, and of some others alredy beinge 
in Virginia, As also of all such affayres and businesses that may in the said 
Cuntry happen to arise, they the said S' Willm Throkm^rton Richard Berke 
ley George Thorpe and John Smyth have made and delyu^red to the said 
John Woodleefe vnder their hands and scales one Comission of the date 
hereof, thereby nomynatinge and authorisinge him to bee Captayne and 
governor over the said people and men, to p^rforme and execute his said 
office and authority by and accordinge to such ordinances directions and 
instructions as they the said S' Willm, Richard, George, and John have lymited 
in writinge and delyu^red vnto him the said John Woodleefe; and of such other 
as they shall hereafter pr^cribe, wA/ch the said John Woodleefe hereby cove- 
nanteth to execute and see performed accordingly; Nowe it is mutually and 
particularly further covenanted and agreed by and betwene all and eu^ry the 
said parties to theis presents in manner and forme followinge. 

I. And first they the said S' Willm Throkm^^rton, Richard Berkley, George Thorpe 
and John Smyth doe mutually agree, That the place in Virginia where their 
said governor and people shall first sit downe, plant and build vpon, shall bee 
called Berkeley, And their lands and territory about the same shalbee called 
Berkeley Hundred, as well that land accruinge vnto them vpon this their first 
plantacon and shares already purchased, As also vpon the second accrument, 
allotment, or division, and of all shares hereafter also by them to be purchased 
(if any bee) vnles the same shall fall out in a farre remote distaAce from the 
place of their first plantacon. And the same towne to be hereafter incorporated 
in such manner and forme and with such lymits and bounds as hereafter by 
them or any three of them shall be in wrytinge agreed upon. 

2 It^m it is mutually Covenanted and agreed vpon each w/th other by and 
betwene the said S' Willm Throkm^rton Richard Berkeley George Thorpe and 
John Smyth, That all manner of charges and disbursements already made or 
hereafter to bee made in any wise touchinge or concerninge the affayres or 
businesses of Virginia, or the prosecution of this or any other future voyages,, 
shall be borne and defrayed at their equall costs and charges in all things. And 
the property and interest of all things touching or conc^rrning y« said affaires of 
Virginia bought or to bee bought or payd for, or w^ich in any kind or Condi- 
con either in England or Virginia shall accrue or arise to them or their benefit, 
shall come and remayne in equall partes benefit and interest to each of them. 
And that noe losse or damage, benefit or gayne shall fall or accrewe to any of 
them their executors, admynistrators or assignes by the death or survivor of 
any of them more or lesse, then if they were all of them fower still lyvinge 

3. Itifm it is likewise mutually covenanted and agreed vpon by and betwene 
the said S' Willm Richard George and John, each with other seu^rally and 
respectively each for himself to and with the other That in all their Counsells 
consultac/bns resolutions and determynac/ons in or about any the said voyages 
or affayres, or of any thinge in reference or relation theirvnto, If they fower 
shall not agree entirely and fully in one and the same mynd opynion or 

VIRGINIA PAPERS. 1616-1619 1 69 

determynacon, but that any one of them shall differ or discent from the mynd 
or opynion of the other three, That the resolution, determynacon and proceed- 
inge shall bee as the greater parte of them fower shall agree vnto and deter- 
myne of in wry tinge.* And that noe matter of busines in any wise concern- 
inge the premisses, shall bee agreed vnto but as aforesaid, And beinge once 
agreed vnto & determined as aforesaid shall not bee altered infringed or neg- 
lected in the prosecucon but by like assent agreement or dispensacon of three 
at the least as aforesaid, and as the case shall requyre. 

4 It^m whereas the said Richard Berkeley hath not hithervnto procured or pur- 
chased any land in Virginia by way or course of one or more shares, as the 
said S' Willm Throkm^rton George Thorpe and John Smyth have already 
seu^rally done, It is neu^rthelesse mutually agreed and assented vnto by all of 
them. That if more Shares shall bee hereafter purchased bought or obtayned, 
by any of them fower Joyntly or severally, That (to the end equall privyledge 
may bee enioyed by them all fower) the same shall be payd for equally and 
each of them to bee equally interested in the land obtayned by such purchase 
of such shares, wherein each of them is leaft at his severall liberty to contract 
and buy as himself pleaseth more or lease of such Shares, not exceedinge in all 
to any one aboue xo the peece, with those already had. 

5. It^m wheras the said John Woodleefe hath at his owne charges about Aprill last 
transported fower men into Virginia beinge in his family nowe there abydinge 
with his wife and children who are by severall agreements by severall Inden- 
tures to serve him for fower yeares the peece or neere therabouts. And hath 
also furnished them at his like charges with apparell and Armes It is agreed 
That the charges layd out and sustayned by him about the same shall bee 
allowed againe vnto him (deductinge his owne partes pro rata as after foUoweth) 
And that the said fower men and such others as shall bee by him the said John 
Woodleefe drawne into the Virginia family wherof hee is appoynted Captayne 
and governor, whether natives or English shall bee as Joynt servants in equall 
interest pro rata, to all the parties herevnto, and to stand assocyated in each 
respect and as members and parts of the said family 

6. It^m the said John Woodleefe hereby Covenanteth and agreeth with all and eu^ry 
of the said parties to theis presents, That none of such men or servants as hee 
hath or shall have any iurisdiction power, governement or authority over, whether 
of his present family nowe there abydinge or derived from S*^ Thomas Wayne- 
man or any others, shall bee setled or placed or abide on that side the ryver 
called the kings ryver, where this pr«ent Collony, whereof he goeth governor 
shall sit downe, vnles full ten English myles from them. And that hee will not 
have directly or indirectly any other family or parte of any then this Colony 
aforesaid nor any other governement by himselfe alone, or Joyntly with any other 
person or persons. Then onely with amongst and over such as nowe are sent 
with him under his conduct, and of such as by the other parties herevnto shall 

The following was written and then stricken through: *' And the same to bee forthwith redily and 
willingly assented and submitted vnto, by that party (otherwise opynionate) as if such party had not 
dissented or otherwise argued or spoken against or differently at all, without any vnwillingnes or longer 
resemblance thereof." 


170 VIRGINIA PAPERS. 1616-1619 

bee hereafter sent vnto him, and shall and will Ivye and converse with and 
amongst such their said Colony and servants, and not of elsewhere. And also 
shall and will from tyme to tyme doe his honest and faithfull best endeavors to 
benefit and advance the same Colony and the particular profit of the parties 
herevnto, w/thout drawinge or derivinge to himselfe from henceforth any pry- 
vate or p^irticular gayne or profit, directly or indirectly, other then what shall 
truly come and redownd to himself and the parties herevnto vpon accompt, 
accordinge to his seu^rall portion and portions in theis presents expressed. 

7. It^m whereas also it is purposed by the parties herevnto within one yeare next 
(god soe assistinge) to transport thirty or more other men for like plantacon m 
Virginia, vnder the gou^rnem^«* of Willm Chester Esq;, It is hereby expresseo. 
and declared, That the like Commission and instructions with like power and 
authority and vnder the like Condicibns respectively shall bee conferred on Viim, 
as nowe it is vpon the said John Woodleefe {mutatis mutandis) And that t>otn 
their Colonies and companies shall bee from tyme to tyme as neere as ma.y t^^^* 
supplyed and maintayned in equall numbers of men and all other provisions. 
And that each of them the said Willm Chester and John Woodleefe shall Have 
contynuance in their severall governements till a Division bee made by the sai 
S' Willm Throckmorton Richard Barkeley George Thorpe and John Snciy th or 
three of them. And that each of them in lieu of their seu^rall intertaintnents 
cares and paynes shall have allowed vnto them a full xxv'^ parte apeece ot 
wholl cleere gaynes and profits from tyme to tyme duringe their governem 
cominge and arysinge from their Colonyes or familyes in Virginia, To bee p j 
vnto them after sale of such goods in England or elsewhere. 

8 It^m it is agreed That at the tyme that particon of lands, men, goods and cna ^^^ 
shalbee made betwene the parties herevnto whome it shall concerne, T ^^ 

man shall first make his choyce of such three men as best liketh hitn, ^^ xX^c 
eyther of the said two Colonyes or families, as were by himselfe drawn ^^ t:beir 
Journy and provided to bee sent over, Consideracon beinge theirm ^^ ^^ ^^^^ 
severall termes of yeares then not expyred, to bee set downe by 
partners or the more parte of them. • •vvvofp^ 

9. It^m whereas the said S' Willm Throkmorton Richard Ber^^^^^ .^^si x^ctctzis^^^"^^ 
and John Smyth have heretofore agreed at equall charg^^ ^ ^^eV^*^^^^** ^^ ^/ 
to buy and provide all things touching their said plantacto^^* tvo^^ ^ovc<'^ ^^^ 
pr«ent and to come, And wheras S*" George Yardley k.ui«y1^ <e ^^^^^^r^iVY/Z-fZ'i 
Virginia, beinge named a Joynt patentee in the said Ind^ 4/^ jt^ ^^^ \ s>^^ 
by his W/re dated the fourth of December last, writt^^^ // fv^^^^^ ^^ as^^^*^ 
vndertaken to furnish and lade backe the parte of h\^ ^ ^'i^'^^ v!x\>^^^^'^^ 

goods and comodyties to be sent from Virginia vpon retv^ ^ ^^^ lo'^?^^^^^ 

countervaile his fift parte desiringe that his said pa/-te o^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^' 

out and disbursed for him in the meane tyme. It is nox** ^V^ jj^ ^^ t^o^^^^^ 
desireof the said John Woodleefe, That if in case the ^^j^ ^ ^^^^V^'^^^^t 
quish his said fifthe parte vpon conference to be haci |^ ^^ >^ 1?^^ a so^ ^^ 

ginia. That then the said John Woodleefe shall be ^^^y^^'rj^ ^ ^*^^paA«°^** 
vpon returne of the said ship in mony or good m^^^j.^ ^^^^^^^^^ 
as vpon accompt shall appeare to bee a fifthe parte, A^i^rt '^ ^'^^ * ^ ^ 




Other patentees iustly cometh vnto, w^ich he covenanteth hereby to pay and 
p^rforme accordingly. 

[10] It^m it is hereby agreed and declared that the said John Woodleefe shall stand 
Adventurer with the said S*^ Willm Throkm^rton for a full third parte of his 
adventure, over and besides his fifthe parte from S' George Yardley if it accrewe 
to him, Each of the said Adventurers and parties to theis presents hereby 
mutually and respectively covenantinge and promisinge with each other, to beare 
satisfy and pay at the dayes and tymes requysite and appoynted, All such monies 
as to their seu^rall partes doth or shall from tyme to tyme app^rtayne, for the 
good and effectuall furtherance and prosecucon of the said voyage & affaires, it 
beingenot restrayned to any of the said patentees to take vnto them, vnder theis 
agreements such partners as they shall like of but not to beare voyce in any 
consultacon or resolucon 

II. lum whereas — xxxiijl* by the month is agreed to bee payd to Edward Williams 

of the City of Bristoll marchant for hire of the said ship, And — iiij!»x! by the 

month to Toby ffelgate pylot for his wages within fiftene dayes after returne of 

the said ship As by bonds and other securities given for payment therof by 

some of the parties herevnto may appeare, It is hereby agreed That for the more 

assured paym^«' therof there shall bee by the said S' Willm, Richard, George 

and John Smyth delyu^red to M^ William Yeomans vicar of St. Phillips 

(appoynted Treasorer for the said voyage & affaires) fifty pounds the peece 

before the Twentieth of January next for the better performance whereof, and 

of all and singular Covenants and agreement in theis presents menc/oned, each 

party bindeth himselfe his heires executors admynistrators and assignes seuer- 

ally and apart each to other respectively in the penall some of Two hundred 

pounds the peece. In witness whereof the said parties to theis presents Enter- 

changeably as appertayneth have put their hands and scales the day and yeare 

first above written. 

[Endorsed by John Smyth:] Covenants & agreement* mutually amongst our- 
selves. 1619. 17. Jac. 



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MiseellAneoiis Notes and Queries, with An- 

«wers. V. 1-4 (1882-87). Manchester, N, H,, 

1882-87. 8*. C 

With V. 9 title changes to The Bisarre; notes and queries in 
Ustory, fofic-lore, mathematics, mysticism. 

Hnu Grundy, v. i» no. i-ii (1865) i v. 
New York, 1865. 4'. Nl 

another copy. v. i, no. i-io. (1865.) 

Mnemoayne* Tijdschrift voor classieke lit- 
tentuur. Onder redactie van E. J. Kiehl, E. Meh- 
1«. S. A. Naber. v. 1-9 (1852-60). Nova ser. v. 
1-2(1861-62); Nova ser. v. 1-26 (1873-98). Ap- 
pendix to V. 2-7 (1858.) 38 v. Leyden, 1852-98. 

8". Na C 

Cumt. The publication was discontinued during the 
Ton 1863-73. From 1857, v. 6, the title is: Mnemosyne. 
Btbliotheca philologica BaUva. 1857-60 edited by C. G. 
Cobet, F. J. Ualbertsma, i86z-«a, v. i-a by J. Bake and 
Cobet, 1873-86, y. z-141 by Cobet, Karsten, Polak and others, 
'••7-94» ▼• x5-aa by S. A. Naber, J. van Leeuwen, J. M. J. 

[Daily edition.] no. 1-23 (Apr. 28- 
May 23, i860). I V. New York, i860, f. Nl 

[Weekly edition.] no. 5-10 (Jane 2-July 

21. i860). I V. New York, i860, f^ Nl 

Xoiiatflselirift for neue Litteratur und 
KnnsL Redakteur und Heraosgeber: P. Born- 
8t«n. ▼. 1-2 (1897-98). Berlin, 1897-98. 8". Na 

Contat. Monthly. 

Konde illustr^ . . . journal hebdomadaire. 
^ 0-47 (1857-80). Paris, 1857-80. . T. Nl 

^Hoade modeme. v. 7-8 (1898). Paris, [1898]. 
Cwpttt. Monthly. 

Month (The). A catholic magazine, y. 90— 

92 (1897-98). 3 V. London, 1897-98. 8*. Na 

Monthly Anthology, and Boston Review. Con« 

taining sketches and reports of philosophy, 

religion, history, arts, and manners, v. i-io. 

Boston, 1 804-1 1. 8". Na C 

Discontinued. William Tudor, one of the founders, after- 
wards, in 1815, started the North American Review, ot which 
he wrote most of the first four volumes, v. 3 contains The 
Political Cabinet, a supplement with separate pagination. 

V. I, 4 (1804, 1807). Nl 

Monthly Chronicle; a national journal of poli- 
tics, literature, science and art. v. 5-7. 3 v. 
London, 1840-41. 8°. Na 

Monthly Chronicle of Events, Discoveries, 
Improvements and Opinions. 3 v. Boston, 1840— 
42. 8^ Na C 

Ed. by Nathan Hale. 

Monthly Illustrator, v. 1-5, no. 1-17 (1893- 
95). New York, 1893-95. 8". Na 

V. z~3, no. z-9 entided : Quarterly Illustrator. 

Monthly Lecturer, v. i, no. i (1841). New 
York, 1841. 8". Nl 

Monthly Literary Miscellany. A compendium 
of literary, philosophical and religious knowledge, 
v. 4-5. 2 V. Detroit, 1851. 8". Na 

Monthly Magazine and American Review. 
V. 1-3 (1799-1800). New York, 1800. 8°. Na C 
Continued as : American Review. 

Monthly Magazine and British Register, v. i— 

60 (i 796-1 825); New ser. v. 1-5 (1826-28). 65 v. 

London, 1 796-1 828. 8*. Na 

The new ser. has the title : Monthly Mai|;azine or British 
Register of Literature, Sciences and the Belles-lettres. 

Monthly Mirror: reflecting men and manners. 
With strictures on their epitome, the stage, v. i- 
22 (1795-1806); new ser. v. 1-9 (1807-11). 31 v. 
London, 1 795-1 81 1. 8". Na 

Monthly Miscellany, or gentleman and lady's 
complete magazine for the year 1774. Wherein 
every valuable production in the several magazines, 
reviews and other periodical publications is regu- 
larly and carefully collected, [v. i]-2. London, 
n. d. 8". Na 

Monthly Reference Lists prepared by W. £. 
Foster, v. 1-2, 4 (1881-84). A^'w York, 1881-84. 
4'. c 

Monthly Repository. Edited by Leigh Hunt. 
Enlarged ser. v. i-[2]. London, 1837. 8°. Nl 

v. X, pp. x-73 missing. 

Monthly Review. A peripdical work, giving 

an account, with proper abstracts of, and extracts^ 

from, the new books, pamphlets &c. as they come 

out. By several hands, v. 1-81 (1749-89); [New 

ser.] V. I- 108 (1790-1825); new & improved ser. 

V. 1-18 (1826-31). Index, 1-20; Index, 1-70 (in. 

2 v.); 71-81; n. s. 1-81 (in 2 v.). 21 v. London, 

[i749]-i826. 8°. Nb 

v. 3-5 have the title : " Monthly Review or New Literarjfi 
Journal," and v. 6-8x : " Monthly Review, or Literary Jour- 
nal.*' From X790 under the title: Monthly Review or Lit- 
erary Journal, enlarged. 

v. 1-81 (1749-89); new ser. v. 1-94 (1791- 

1821); Index 1-70, new ser. 1-8 1. Na. 

V. 2-71, 73-81 (1749-89); [n. s.] V. 1-52, 

82-85, 87, 90-96 (i 790-1821). Index, 1-70 (in 2. 
v.); 71-81. 146 V. G 



Moonshine* ... an illustrated journal of wit, 
humour & satire, y. 2-6, 8-18 (i 880-1 882, 1883- 
88). London, 1880-88. 4°. C 

Ed by Arthur ClemenCs. 

Mos0 Rose. . . . (1854.) New York, [1854]. 
I2^ C 


Mos0 Rose; or, An annual gift. Ed. by Mrs. 
E. P. Howard. New York, 1849-50. 12°. C 

Mother's Journal, and Family Visitant, ed. by 
Mrs. Eliza T. Allen. ▼. 12, no. 3, 8, 12; v. 13, 
no. I. 3, 12; V. 14, no. 1-4, 7-10. New York, 
1847-49. 8". Na 

Mnenchener flieg^ende Blfltter Kalender. 
V. 12. (1895.) Muenchen, [1895]. 8°. Na 

Muneejr'B Magazine, v. 11-20 (1890-99). 
New York, 1890-99. 8°. C 

V. 18-19 (1897-98). Na 


Morray's Magazine, v. i-io (1887-91). Lon- 
don, 1887-91. 8°. Na 

V. 1-7 (1887-90). C 

V. I, no. I (1887). Nl 

Mue^e (La) artistique et litt^raire; revue heb- 
domadaire illustr^e. v. 1-6 (1879-81). Paris, 

£1879-81]. r. C 

Mus^e des families, y. 1-47 (1834-80); Table 
1-20. 48 V. Paris, 1834-80. 4**. Nl 

Mus^e pour rire. Dessins par tons les carica- 

turistes de Paris v. 1-3. Paris, 1839-40. 

4'. Nl 

Mnseo di scienze e letteratura. Nuova serie. 
Anno. I, V. 3, fasc. 9-10 (1844). Napoli, 1844. 
8". Na 

Mueeo (£1) Universal; periodico di ciencias, 
literatura, artes, industria y conocimientos utiles. 
V. 2-5 (1858-61). Madrid, 1859-62. T. C 

Mos^on (Le); revue internationale. v. 1-17 
(1882-98). Louvain, 1882-98. 8*. C 

Current. From v. z6 with title : Le Mus^on et la Revue des 

Musenm (The): or the literary and historical 
register, v. 1-3. London, 1746-47. 8"*. Na Nl 
Edited by R. Dodsley. 

Mvsennt of Foreign Literature and Science, 
v. 1-28 (1822-36); new ser. v. 1-17 (1836-42). 
45 V. Philadelphia, 1822-42. 8". Na 

Continuation of : Saturday Magazine, and continued as : 
Eclectic Museum. 

V. 3, 12-13 (1823, 1828). C 

Nsition, A weekly journal devoted to politics, 
literature, science, and art. v. 1-67 (1865-98). 
New York, 1 865-98. 4°. Na 


V. 1-4 (1865-67); 6-33 (1868-81); 37-66 

{1883-98). C 

General index, v. 1-40. 2 v. Bangor, 

1880-85. 8^ c 

Naitional Magazine, v. 4-7. Boston, 1896- 

97. C 

Continuation of : Boatonlan* 

V. 4-8 (1896-98). Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Mationml Magazine. 

31. 8^ 

▼. 1-2. 

Dublin, 1830- 


Continuation of: Dublin literary Gasette, or ireekly 
chronicle of criticism, belles-lettres and fine arts. v. s hsithe 
title : The National Magazine and Dublin literary Gasette. 
Edited by Philip DizonHardy. 

National Magazine. Edited by J. Saunden 
and W. Marston. v. 1-6. London, 1857-59' 4*« 


National Magazine, devoted to literature, art 
and religion. A. Stevens, editor, v. 1-12 (1852- 
58). New York, 1852-58. 8'. C 

J. Floy editor of v. 9. 

V. 1-9 (1852-56). Na 

National Magazine and Industrial Record. 
▼. 1-3, (June, 1845-N0V. 1846.) New York,\l^^ 
46. 8'. NaC 

No title pases, v. 3 entitled Fisher's National Magaxioe. 

National Miscellany. A magazine of general 
literature, v. 1-3. London, 1853-54. 8°. Na 

In Z855 united with the ** Illustrated London Magazine." 

National Quarterly Review, v. 1-41. New 
York, 1860-80. 8% Na 

v. 1-40 (i 860-80). C 

V. i; V. 32; V. 33, no. 65; v. 34. no. 68; 

V. 37, no. 74; V. 38, no. 76; v. 39, no. 78; v. 40, 
no. 79-80(1860-80). Nl 

National Repository, devoted to general and 
religious literature, criticism and art; edited by 
Daniel Curry, v. 1-7 (1877-80). New York, 
1877-80. 8 . C 

National Review, v. 1-32 (1883-98). Lonr 
don, [1883-98]. 8°. NaC 

Current. Monthly. 

National Review, v. 1-18; new ser. v. i. 
19 V. London, 1855-64. 8^ Na 

Disoondnued. Edited by R. H. Hutton and W. Bagehoc 
NaTorscher (De), een middel tot gedachten- 
wisseling en letterkundig verkeer tusschen alien, 
die lets weten, lets te vragen hebben, of icts kunnen 
oplossen. v. 1-38. Amsterdam, 1851-82. 8"& 

4 . ^ 

V. 3-5 have supplement vols. also. 

Algemeen register, v. 1-30. (1851-80) 

3 V. in 2. Amsterdam, 1861-82. 8' & 4*. ^ 

NederUndseh letterblad (July 1842-July 
1844). 4 V. Deventer, 1842-44. 8". C 


Neue preussische Provinzial-Blitter. 12 v.; 
2. ser. 12 v.; 3. ser. 11 v. (1846-66). Konigsberg, 
1846-66. C 

Continuation of : Prensslsehe Provinnal-BUitter; con- 
tinued as Altprensslsclie Monatsschnft. The ad s». 
(12 V.) has 2d title-page : Preussische Provinaal-Blattcr x8s»- 
57. Ed. by A. Hagen v. i-ia and ad ser. v. i-ia; by A. 
M eckelburg, v. x-3. 

Neue Welt. Illustrirtes Unterhaltungsblatt 
fUr das Volk. Hrsg. von W. Liebknecht. v. i-ii. 
Leipzig, 1876-86. 4°. ^* 

V. 2-xx edited by B. Geiser. 

Neue Zeit. v. 1-3. no. 1-38. ^^ ^^^^ 
1869-72. f". N* 

V. a-3 have sub-title: Wochenschrift fur PoUtik, Waaen- 
schaft, Bellctristik, Kunst und Uteratur. ▼. 3. no. 38 has 
title: Oestliche Post. 

New American Magazine; edited by Sylvania 
Americanus. Jan.-Dec. 1758. Woodbndge, NJ. 
[1758]. 8«. C 



Hew Brunswick Review, v. i, (May 1854-Feb. 
1855). Edited by J. W. Proud6t. New York, 

1855. 8^ c 

Hew Century Review. A monthly international 
review of literature, politics, religion and sociology, 
vol. 1-4 (1897-98). London, 1897-98. 8'. Na 


Hew Eclectic. A monthly magazine of select 

literature, v. 1-17 (1868-75). Baltimore, i86&-75. 

8". C 

V. 4-7 (1869-70) have title: New Eclectic Magadne. v. 8-17 
<iS7>-7S) have title: Soathera Magazine. 

Hew England Magazine. By J. T. and E. 

Buckingham, v. 1-9 (1831-35). Boston, 1831-35. 

8". Nl 

▼. 5-7 ed. \ff J. T. Buckinffham. v. 8-9 by P. Benjamin 
who removed the magazine to New York in 2837 where it waa 
coBtuttedas: Amerlemn Monthly Magazue. 

V. 1-7 (1831-34). Na 

V. I (1831). C 

Hew E n gl a n d Magazine. An illustrated 

monthly, v. 1-6 (1884-88); new ser. v. 1-18 (1889- 

98). 19 V. Boston, i^^^^\^\ 8*. Na 

Current, v. x-6 have a snb-title in parenthesis (and Bay 
State Monthly). Edited by £. D. Meadand W. B. Harte. 

V. 1-6 (1884-88); new ser. v. 1-4. 6-8, 11- 

18 (1889-98), C 

Hew^ E n g lan d Quarterly Magazine; compre- 
hending literature, morals, and amusement, no. 
1-3 (1802). I V. Boston, 1 802. 8°. Nl 

no. 2-3 (July i8o2-Dec. 1802). C 

Hew Englander. v. 1-56 (1843-92) and 
Index 1-19. 57 V. iWw/TavM, 1843-92. 8°. Na 

Cootinuedas: Fale Review, v. 7-ia (184^54) also caUed 
new ler. x-6. v. 37-56 *^ ^Sao called n. s. v. i-ao. Quarterly 
^hyri\\A-XDaioX\i\y 1878-85; monthly 1886-92. George P. 
ftthcr, T. Dwight and W. L. Kingtley named as editors x866- 
74; Kingsley continued till the end. v. 9 imperfect. 

V. 1-19. 21-56 (1843-92). C 

'^2fm Hampshire Repository; devoted to edu- 
cation, literature and religion. Conducted by Rev. 
WilUam Cogswell, v. i; 2, no. i (1846). Gilman- 
Aw», 1846. 8". Nl 

'Bbw Iflondon Review; or monthly report of 
authors and books. Embellished with portraits and 
illnstrated by biography, v. 1-3. London, 1799- 
1800. 8^ Na 

Heir Memoirs of Literature, containing an ac- 
count of new books printed both at home and 
abroad, with dissertations upon several subjects, 
miscellaneous observations, &c. v. 1-6. London, 
1725-^7. 8*. Na 

. 9"l!^oation of : Memolra of Literature. Edited by M. 

Mirror . . . Edited by G. P. Morris, v. 

1-3 (Apr. 8, 1843-Sept. 28, 1844). New York, 

1843-44. 4*. Na Nl C 

Succeeded New York Mirror, and succeeded by Evening 
WW, which, in turn, was succeeded by National Press, hiter 
Hoott Joumai. N. P. Willis became an associate editor in 

. Hew Monthly Belle Assembl^e ; a magazine of 
Hterature and fashion, v. 1-25. London, 1834-46. 
8- C 

Edited by Mn. M. H. Banm-Wilson. 

... Monthly Magazine and Humorist. See 
Hew Monthly Magazine and Literary JoumaL 

TAvw Monthly Magazine and Literary Joamal. 
V. 1-117(1821-59). London, \%2\-'^q. 8. C 

V. 1-13 (1821-25); 1825 pt. 2-1847 pt. 3; ▼. 

82-90 (1848-50). Na 

Continuation of : Heir Monthly Magasine and Universal 
Register. From 1836 pt. 3 the title is : New Monthly Magasine 
and Humorist. From 1821-30 pt. 3 edited by T. Campbell, 
2831 pt. Z-X836 pt. a by E. Bulwer, 1836 pt. 3-1841 pt. a by T. 
Hook and 184Z pt. 3-1843 pt. s by T. Hood. From 1845 pt. s 
by W. Harrison Ainsworth. The volumes are not numbered 
from 1835-47 but only marked by the year in which they are 
issued. 3 parts in each year. 

New Monthly Magazine and Universal Register. 
Comprehending : Original correspondence on mis- 
cellaneous subjects, notices of new books, English 
and foreign, with occasional hints [etc.]. v. 1-14. 
London, 1814-20. V. Na 

Continued as: Jivn Monthly Magazine and Literary 

Heir Nation. E. Bellamy, editor, v, i, no. 
1-17, 20-48 (1891); V. 2, no. 1-39, 41-53 (1892); V. 
3, no. 1-31, 33-34, 36-43, 45-52 (1893); V. 4, no. 
1-4 (1894). Boston, 1891-94. V, Na 

V. I, no. 43, 45, 46. 48; V. 2, 10, 13-29. C 

New Quarterly Magazine, v. 1-6 (1874-76). 
London, 1874-76. 8'. Na 

V. 8, no. 16; new ser. v. 2 (July) (1877-79). 


Ne^r Quarterly Review; or. Home, foreign and 

colonial joumai. v. 1-9(1843-47). London^Y^^y- 

47. 8% Na 

V. 1-3 have title : Foreign and Colonial Quarterly Review. 

V. 1-4, 5, 7-8 (1843-46). Nl 

Neir Quarterly Review, and digest of current 
literature, British, American, French, and German. 
V. 1-6 & no. 25-26, 29-31. (1852-57, Feb., May 
1858, Apl., July, Oct. 1859.) 6 V. & 5 nos. Lon- 
don, 1852-59. 8'. Na 

New Review. Edited by Archibald Grove. 

V. 1-17 . . . London, 1889-97. 8°. Na C 

V. xa-z7. Edited by W. E. Henley. 

Neir Review; with literary curiosities and liter- 
ary intelligence, for the year 1782-86. By H. Maty. 
V. 1-9. London, 1782-86. 8^ Na C 

Ne'w Saturday. A joumai of literature, finance 

V. 1-2 (1896-97). Lon- 



Ne^r Shakspere Society. Transactions, 1874-92. 
London, 1874-^2. 8°. Na 

(1874-79.) c 

Neir World. A weekly journal of popular 

literature, science, music, and the arts. Park Ben- 
jamin, editor, v. 3. New York, 1841. V, Na 

New Tork Illustrated Magazine of Literature 
and Art. Edited by Lawrence Labree. v. 3. New 
York, 1848. 8% Na 

Ne^r Tork Joumai ; an illustrated literary 
periodical, v. i-2x-*« (1853-54). A^«?wKw>, 1854. 
4°. Nl C 

New York Literary Gazette, and Phi Beta 

Kappa Repository, v. i (Sept. 10, 1825-Mar. 4, 

1826). New York, 1826. 8^ Na 

Edited by James Gordon Brooks. Continued as : I«lteraiy 
Gazette, and American Atheneum. 

New York Literary Journal, and Belles-Lettres 
Repository, v. 3-4 (May 1820- Apr. 1821). New 
York, 1820-21. 8°. Na 

Continuation of : Belles-Lettres Repository. 

and independent politics. 
don^ 1896-97. f . 




New Tork Magazine ; or, Literary Repository. 

V. 4-6; new ser. v. 2 (i793-95» 1797). 4 ▼. New 

York, 1793-97. 8°. Na 

New Tork Mirror; a weekly journal devoted to 
literature and the fine arts. v. 9, no. 36-52, v. 10 
(Mar. 10, 1832-June 23, 1833). New York, 1832- 

33. f^ ^ C 

Neir Tork Mirror and Ladies' Literary Gazette. 
Edited by George P. Morris, v. 4-20 (July 1826- 
Dec. 1842). 17, V. New York, 1827-42. f. Na 

Discontinued, v. 9-18 are entitled : New York mirror, a 
weekly journal, devoted to literature and the fine arts. v. 19-ao 
have sub-title : A weekly gazette etc. 

V. 6, 8 (1829-31). C 

Now Tork Observer, v. 4 (1826), 12-13 (1834- 
35), 24 (1846), 29-34 (1851-56), 42 (1864). New 
York, 1826-64. r. C 

V. ^23, 26-32, 50-52 (1831-54, 1872-74). 


Now Tork Quarterly. Devoted to science, 

philosophy and literature, v. 1-4 (Apr. 1852-July 

1855). New York, 1852-55. 8'. Na 


NoiT Tork Review, v. i-io. New York, 

1837-42. 8". Na Nl C 

Quarterly, v. x has the title: Neiv York Review and 
Quarterly Church Journal. 

Noir Tork Review, and Atheneum Magazine. 
V. 1-2 (May, 1825-May, 1826). New York, 1825- 
26. 8'. Na Nl C 

Discontinued. Continuation of: AUantle Magazine. 
Edited by R. C. Sands and W. C. Bryant. 

No^r Tork Weekly Museum, or polite repos- 
itory of amusement and instruction, v. 1-6. New 
York, 1814-17. 8^ Na 

v. 3, no. 3 is lacking. Edited by James Oram. 

V. 2-4 (1815-16). C 

Noir Torker. A weekly journal of literature, 
politics, statistics and general information;... 
Edited by Horace Greeley, v. 1-8 (Mar. 26, 1836- 
Mar. 14, 1840). NevfYork, 1836-40. sq. f*. Na 

v. X is referred to by the editor, as the third, and he gives 
the date of the first issue as Mar. sa, 1834. "^^^ joumaTwas 
issued in 4*', and f«. Park Benjamin was associated with 
Greeley on some of the later volumes, v. x-6 are without title- 
pages. Merged Sept. 20, 1841, in New York Weekly Tribune. 

V. i-ii (Mar. 26, 1836-Sept. II, 1 841). C 

Nows-Gong: a literary intelligencer, (to be con- 
tinued weekly) and published as a supplement to 
Arcturus. v. I, no. 1-3 (1841). New York, 1841. 
8'. Nl 

Nineteentk Century. A monthly review edited 
by J. Knowles. v. 1-44 (1877-98). 43 v. London, 
[18771-98. 8^ Na C 


V. 1-38 (1877-95). Nl 

Nineteonth Century. A quarterly miscellany. 

V. 2. Philadelphia, 1848. 8°. Na 

V. 1-3, 4. C 

Nittendo (Det) Aarhundrede : Maanedsskrift 
for Litcratur og Kritik. Udgivct af G. Brandes 
og E. Brandes. 1874-1877. 6 v. Kjobenhavn, 
1875-77. 8°. Na 

Nor. See Norsk Studentersamfund. 

Nordisk Tidsskrift for Historie, Litteratur og 
Konst. Udgivet af C. Molbcch. v. 1-4. Kjoben- 
havn, 1827-36. 8'. Na 

Nordiflk Universitets-Tidskrift. 1854-58. 4t. 
Kjobenhavn, Lund, Christiana, Upsala, 1854-58. 
8 . Na 

Norsk Studentersamfund. Nor. Tidsskrift for 
videnskab og literatur. v. 1-3. Christiania, 1810- 
46. 8°. Na 

North American Review and Miscellaneous 
Journal, v. 1-167 and Index, 1-25, 92-134, 1-125. 
170 V. .5w/<?if, 1815-98. 8'. NaC 

Current. After v. 13 the words " and miscellaneous joar- 
nal" are omitted from title. Editors: 1-4, W. Tudor; 5-6, 
18-X9, 33-30, J. Sparks* 7-9, E. T. Channing; 10-17, E. Everett; 
3o-ax, E. Everett and J. G. Palfrey; 31-41, A. H. Everett; 
4«-5S» J- G. Palfrey; 56-77, F. Bowen; 78-37, A. P. Peabody; 
98^x06, X07, no. 330, J. K. Lowell and C. E. Nmton; 107, no. 
331, J. R. Lowell; xc&-\x\, Lowell and E. W. Gumey; 1x2-115, 
Lowell and H. Adams; xx6-xx8, no. 343, T. S. Perry; 118. no. 
343« 'X9-193, Adams and H. C. Lodge; X34-148, A. T. Rice; 
X49-X63, L. Bryce; X63-X67, D. A. Munro. Published in New 
York since xStS. 

Semi-monthly, 135-137; monthly, x38-x66. A new series wss 
begun with v. 10, but not kept up. 

V. 1-66, 67, no. 141 ; v. 68-122, v. 124-163, 

V. 164, no. 482; Index 1-25, 1-125 (1815-97). Ni 

North British Review, v. 1-53. Edinburgh, 

1844-71. 8^ Na C 

Discontinued, v. 33-53 (1860-7 x) are of the American editioo 
published in New York. The library has also a copy of the 

English edition of v. 33. 

— V. 6-53 (1846-71). 


American ed. published in New York. 

Northern Light; devoted to free discussion, 
and to the diffusion of useful knowledge, miscel- 
laneous literature and general intelligence, v. 1-2 
(1841-43). Albany, 1842-43. f. Nl 

V. 1 (1841). C 

Northwest (The). Illustrated monthly maga- 
zine. E. V. Smalley. v. 12-16. St. Paul, Minn., 
1894-98. f*. Na 

V. 16, no. I (1898). NI 

Notes and Queries: a medium of inter-commu- 
nication for literary men, general readers, etc. v. 
1-12 (1849-55); 2. ser. V. 1-12 (1856-61); 3. ser. v, 
1-12 (1862-67); 4. ser. V. 1-12 (1868-73); 5. ser. v. 
I-I2 (1874-79); 6. ser. V. 1-12 (1880-85); 7. ser. v. 
1-12 (1886-91); 8. ser. V. 1-12 (1892-97); 9. ser. v. 
1-2 (1898). Index, ser. 1-4, 5. 6, 7, 8. 103 v. 
London, i85o-[98]. 8'. Na C 

Current. Edited successively by W. J. Thorns, H. F. Turle, 
& J. Knight. 

V. I-I2 (1849-55); 2. ser. V. I-I2 (1856-61); 

3. ser. V. 1-12 (1862-67); 4. ser. v. 1-12 (1868-73); 
5. ser. V. 1-12 (1874-79); 6. ser. v. 1-12 (1880-85); 
7. ser. V. 1-12 (1886-91); 8. ser. v. 1-12 (1892-97). 
Index, ser. 1-7. loiv. London, iSS(>^7. S*'. Nl 

Nouveau journal asiatique. See Soci^t^ 

NouToUe revue, v. 1-114 (Annee 1-20); 
Table, 1879-88. 115 v. /*««>, 1879-98. NaC 

Nouvelle revue encyclopcdique. v. 1-5 (1846- 
47). Paris, 1846-48. 8". C 

Continuation of ReTae encyclopcdique. 

Nttova antologia di scienze, lettere ed arti. 
2. serie, v. 1-54 (1876-85); 3- ser. v. 1-60 (1886-95); 

4. ser. V. 61-78 (1896-98). 132 V. Pirenze, 1876- 
98. 8^ Na 

Current. Semi-monthly. Continuation of : Antolofflm* 
V. 109-160 (1890-98). C 



HaoTA rassegna, periodico settimanale. 2 v 
(1893-94). Roma, 1893-94. C 

DiKOotinaed. No title-pages nor indexes. 

HuoTO giornale de' letterati. [v. 30 parte let" 
tctaria, no. 79-81.] [/*»>«.] n. d. 8**. Na 

117 illustrerad tidning. Ny ser. v. 18-19 
(1897-98). Stockholm, 1897-98. r. Na 

Current. Weekly. New ser. x8>z9 also called ▼. 33-34 of 
the whole ser. 

Nyare bidrag till k&nnedom om de svenska 
landsmalen och svenskt folklif. Tidskrift ... v. 3^, 
54, 7»» 5. Stockholm, 1 881-1888. 8". Nl 

Hyt Tidsskrift udgivet of J. E. Sars og Olaf 
Skavlan. v. 1-6 (1882-87). JCristiania, 1882-87. 

8°. Na 

HTtaarsfl^ve fra danske Digtere. Udgivet 
af H. P. Hoist. ▼. 1-4. Kjobenhavn, 1835-38. 
i6". Na 

Omk (The). An illustrated monthly magazine. 
▼. I, pt. I (1868). London, 1868. 8*. Nl 

Obflerrador cat61ico peri6dico religioso, social 
y Kterario. v. 1-3 (1848-49). Mexico, 1848-49. 
8". C 


Obaervmtenr (L*) politique, administratif , his- 
toriqne et litt^raire de la Belgique. v. 1-20. 
BruxeUes, i8i5-[2o]. 8". C 

Disoondnaed with v. ao, of which onl^ z6o p. were issued. . 
T. 19-jo are without title-pages A indices. 

Odd Fellows' Offering for 1846-49, 1852-54. 
New York, 1846-54. 8*. C 

AnnnaL 1846 ft '49 ed. by Paschal Donaldson. 

Odin* und Teutona. v. i. Breslau, 18 12. 16". 
Also published as v. 8 of Bracm^* ^ 

Oesteireicliisehes Morgenblatt. v. 8-10, 
12 (1843-44). ^i^n, 1843-47. 4^ C 

Once a Week. An illustrated miscellany of 
fiteiature, art, science & popular information, v. 
1-13 (1859-65); new ser. v. 1-4 (1866-67); new ser. 
r. 1-13 (1868-74); 4. ser. v. 1-2 (1874-75). 3^ v. 
London, 1859-75. sq. 8**. Na Nl 

, From 1868-70 edited by E. S. Dallas. From 1868-75 the sub- 
title iM dropped. 

V. 1-13; n. s. V. 1-3 (1859-67). C 

Opal (The). A monthly periodical of the State 
Lunatic Asylum. Edited by the patients, v. 4, 7. 
2v. Utiea, 1854-57. 8^ Na 

Opal (The). A pure gift for all seasons. Ed. by 
Mrs. S. J. Hale. 1848. i v. London, 1^^^%, 8*. C 

Opal ; a pure gift for the holy days. Ed. by J. 
Keese. 1846, 1847. New York, 1846-47. 8'. C 

Open Court , ,*, monthly magazine, v. 11. 
Chicago, 1897. 8^ C 

T. 4-8, 11-12 (1890-94, 1897-98). Na 


Ordeal (The), a critical journal of politicks and 
literature; ed. by J. L. Buckingham, v. i (1809). 
Boston, 1809. 8*. C 


Oriental Herald and Journal of General Litera- 
ture. ▼. 1-23 (Jan. 1824-Dec. 1829); ed. by J. S. 
Buckingham. London, 1824-29. 8^. Na C 

▼. 1-3 hare title Oriental Herald and Cokmial Review. 

GrientalischeLitteratur-Zeitung. v. 1(1898). 
Berlin, 1898. 4°. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Our Own Gazette, and Y. W. C. A. News. v. 
14. London, n. d. sq. 4°. Na 

Outing^. An illustrated monthly magazine of 

sport, travel and recreation, v. 1-32 (1882-98). 

Boston, New York, 1883-98. 8*. Na 

Current, v. x-a have title : The Wheelman, an illustrated 
magazine of cycling, literature and news. v. 3-5 have title : 
Outing and the Wheelman . . . From v. 6 various changes in 

V. 1-5, 14, 18, 20, 22-32 (1882-98). C 

Ontlook (The). Published every Saturday, v. 
55-60(1897-98). New York, l%<i^-<fi. 8*. Na 


Ontlook in politics, life, letters, and the arts. 
V. I (1898). London, [1898]. 4'. Na 


Orerland Monthly. Devoted to the develop- 
ment of the country, v. 1-15 (1868-75); 2. ser. v. 
1-32 (1883-98). 47 V. San Francisco, 1868-98. 



V. 19 (1892), 24-32 (1894-98). 


1856. I V. 




▼. I 

Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, 
by members of the two universities. 
London, 1856. 8''. 

Oxford and Cambridge Review. 
London, 1845. 8^ 

Oxford and Cambridge Undergraduates Journal 
... v. 18-19 (no. 393-425). Oxford, 1883-84. f°. 


Weekly. Continued as : Oxford review, a weekly record 
of university life and thought. 

Oxford Magazine: or University Museum. Cal- 
culated for general instruction and amusement, on 
a plan entirely new. By a Society of Gentlemen. 
V. i-io. London, 1768-73. 8°. Na 

Oxford Review: a weekly record of university 
life and thought, v. 1-6 (1885-90). Oxford, 1885- 

90. f^ c 

Paciflc monthly. See Hesperian. 

Packard's Monthly. The young men's maga- 
zine. New ser. v. I. New York, 1869. 8**. Na 

Pae^aat (The). Art editor: C. Hazel wood 
Shannon. Literary editor: J. W. Gleeson White. 
1896. I V. London, [1896J. 8\ Na 

Pall Mall Budget. Being a weekly collection 
of articles printed in the Pall Mall Gazette from 
day to day. With a summary of news. v. i7-[44] 
(1876-95). 28 V. London, 1877-95. f. Na 

Current, v. 43-44 form a " New Series." 

Pall Mall Magazine. Edited by F. Hamilton 
and D. Straight, v. 1-16. London, 1893-98. 8**. 

Current. Monthly. Na 

V. 8, no. 33-34 (1896). Nl 

Pamphleteer. Respectfully dedicated to both 
houses of Parliament, v. 1-29. London, 1^13-2^. 
8". Na 

Edited by A. J. Valpy. 

V. 1-18 (1813-21). C 

Parthenia&t or young ladies' magazine, by the 
pupils of the Baltimore Female College. Jan. 1878. 
Baltimore, 1878. 8°. Nl 




Pathfinder (The), no. 1-15 (1843). ^ ▼• ^^^ 
K>r>t, 1843. f. Nl 

Patriarch: or Family library magazine. Edited 
by R. W. Bailey. ▼. 1-2 (1841-42). New York, 
1841-42. 8\ Na 

Pearl (The); or Affection's gift. (1835-37.) 

Philadelphia, 1835-37. I6^ C 


Peking Gazette. (Translation of) (1875-76, 
1805-97). 5 V. Shanghai, 1876-98. 8". Na 

Kepnnted from the " North China Herald " and Sapreme 
Court and Consular Gazette. 

Pen^lop^ ; of, Maandwerk aan het vrouwelijlc 

geslacht toegewijd; bevattende de beschrijving en 

afbeelding van allerhande soorten van vrouwelijke 

handwerken, benevens lektuur . . . door A. B. van 

Meerten. v. 1-8. Amsterdam, 1821-35. 8°. C 

Penn Monthly, devoted to literature, science, 
art and politics, v. 1-13 (1870-82). Philadelphia, 
1870-82. 8'. Na 

V. 1 ia entitled: Penn Monthly Magadne. ▼. 13 is also num- 
bered new ser., v. i. 

Pennsylvaiiia Magazine; or, American Month- 
ly Museum, v. i (Jan.-Dec, 1775). Philadelphia, 

1775. 8^ Na 

No. X is a second edition. 

Penny Magazine of the Society for the diffusion 
of useful knowledge, v. 1-9 (1832-40); new ser., 
1841-45. 14 V. London, 1832-45. f*. Na Nl C 

Continued as Knlclit*s Penny Magazine. 

People's & Howitt's Journal. New ser. v. 
[i]-2. London, [1849-50]. 8\ Na 

Pet (The) Annual; a gift for all seasons . . . Ed. 

by E. B. Fellows, i v. New York, n. d. I2^ C 


Peter Parley's Annual. New York, 1855. 
sq. 12*'. C 

Petit almanach national de la France. Annee 
51 (1898). Paris, [1898]. 16". Na 

Petit courrier des dames; modes de Paris, lit- 
t<{rature, beaux-arts, theatres, v. 46-89 (1844-68). 
Paris, 1844-68. 4°. C 

With V. 69 this periodical was united with the Journal des 
demoiselles under the title: JTonrnal des demoiselles et petit 
courrier des dames r^unts. 

Petit journal pour rire. no. 1-671 ; nouv. s^r. 
no. 1-313; 3. ser., no. 1-286 (1856-1875). 12 v. 
Paris, [1856-1875]. 4°. Nl 

Philadelphia Monthly Magazine; or Univer- 
sal repository of knowledge and entertainment, v. 
I (Jan.-July, 1798). Philadelphia, [1798]. 8°. C 

Philistine: a periodical of protest v. 6-7 

(1896-98). East Aurora, N, K., 1896-98. 16*. Na 

Philomath Encyclopedia; edited by J. Kidwell. 
V. 1-6 (1836-44). Philomath, Ind,, [1836-43.] 
8". C 

Philomathic Journal, and Literary Review; 
conducted by the members of the Philomathic In- 
stitution. V. 1-4. London, 1824-26. 8'. Na 

Philopcnna (The); a gift for all seasons, i v. 
New York, n. d. 12°. C 


Pic Nic (The), v. 1-2. London, 1803. 16°. 

Edited by W. Coombe. Only 14 nos. were published. 

Pictorial World. An illustrated weekly news- 
paper. V. 1-14. London, 1874-81. Na 

Pioneer; a joamal of literature, science and 
antiquities; no. i-ii (Dec. 14, 1839-Feb. 22, 1840). 
Hereford, 1839-40. 8". C 

Pioneer. A literary and critical magazine. J. 
R. Lowell and R. Carter, editors, v. i, no. 1-3 
(1843). Boston, 1843. 4*. Nl 

Plaindealer (The), v. i, no. 1-44 (1836-37). 
{New York], 1836-37. f^ Nl C 

Pocket Magazine. Robins's series, v. [1-8] 
(i 827-1 830). London, 1827-30. 16*. Nl 

Pocket Magazine, edited by J. Bacheller. v. 
I, no. 3; V. 3. no. i, 5-6; v. 4, no. i, 5-6. New 
York, 1896-97. 12'. Na 

Poet-Lore» a monthly magazine devoted to 
letters and to the study of Shakespeare, Browning 
and comparative literature. Edited by Charlotte 
Porter and Helen A. Clarke, v. i-io. Boston, 
1889-98. 8*. Na 

V. 6-10 (1894-98). C 


Poetical Magazine; edited by R. Ackerman. 
4 V. London, 1809-11. 8\ C 

Political Magazine and Parliamentary, Naval, 
Military and Literary Journal, v. 1-9, 11, 12, 14- 
20(1780-91). London, i^Zo-f^i, 8*. C 

Polsranthos (The), v. 1-4. Boston, 1806- 
1807. 24^ Nl 

Pond lily stories, i v. Philadelphia, i^SI- 12". 
Annual. C 

Port Folio (The). By Oliver Oldschool. Esq. 

V. 1-5 (1801-05); [2. ser.] V. 1-6 (1806-08); [3. 

ser.] V. 1-8 (1809-12); [4* ser.] v. 1-6 (181,3-15); 

[5. sen] V. 1-22 (1816-27); Index to 5. ser. 47 v. 

Philadelphia, 1801-27. 8^ Na C 

X80X-05 weekly; 1806-19 monthly ; x82o-ax quarterly; x8a»- 
27 monthly. Successively edited by Joseph Dennie, Chas. 
Biddlc and J. E. Hall. v. x V14 of the last series are entitled: 
Port Folio and New York Monthly Magazine. Not issued 
Dec. x835-June x8a6, nor Dec. x836-June 1827. Ceased pubh- 
cation Dec. 1837. v. 92 imperfect. 

New [2.] ser. v. 1-6 (1806-08); [3. ser.] 

V. 1-8 (1809-12); [4. ser.] V. 1-4, 6, no. 2-3 (1813- 
15); [5. ser.] V. 5-6(1818). Nl 

[5. ser.] V. 5-6 are imperfect. 

Portico (The), a repository of science and 
literature, v. 1-4. Baltimore, 1816-17. 8'. Nl 

Portrait Monthly, containing sketches of de- 
parted heroes and prominent personages of the 
present time. v. 1-2, no. 1-18. New York, 1864. 
f°. c 


Potter's American Monthly, an illustrated 
magazine of history, literature, science and art 
V. 4-19. 16 V. Philadelphia. 1875-82. S\ Na 

For V. 1-3 see : Amerlcmn Historical Record and Reper- 
tory of Notes and Queries. 

V. 4-5. 8-9 (1875-77). ^ 

Present Sute of the Republick of Letters, v. 

1-18. London, 1728-36. 8 . 
V. 1-17 (1728-36). 

Edited by A. Reid.' v. xV«8 have the sub-tide: Giving a 
general view of the sUte of learning throughout Europe; and 
containing not only an early account, but accurate abstracts of 
the most valuable books published in Great Bntain and foreign 
parts Interspersed with dissertations on several cunous and 
entertaining subjects ; miscellaneous reflections on authors; 
and historical memoirs of the lives of the most emmeot writers 
in all branches of polite literature, v. x; is in a P«^J»3 
part with independent pagination. After 1836 this Pcno&Ml 
was united with : Literary Magasine and oontmued as : His- 
tory of the Works of the Learned." 



JahrbQcher; ed. by Rudolf 
Hasrm. v. i-<)4. BerHn^ i858-g8. 8*. C Na 

Preiuwiflehe Provinzial-BUtter. JCdnigsberg, 
1829-34. 12 V. i6*. C 

CoQclniied as: 'VaterliLiidla«lftes Arcbiv fflr WiMcn* 
acfaaft, KaiMt, IndoBtrie and Agriknltar; oder Prentusche 

Printing Machine ; or, G>mpanion to the li- 
brary, v. I (1834). London^ 1834. 4°. C 

Progressive Review, y. 1-2 (1896-97). Loh- 
thm^ 1896-97. 8". Na 

V. 2 (April 1897-Scpt. 1897). C 


Projector (The) ; a periodical paper, originally 
published in monthly numbers. By Alexander 
Chalmers. 2. edition, v. 1-3 (Jan. 1802-Nov. 
X809). London, 1815. 8°. Na 

[ist ed.] 3 ▼. London, 181 1. 8". C 

Pr«Mnpter (The); edited by R. Carlile. nos. 
1-33 (1830-31). London, 1831. 8*. C 

Prompter (The) and Scottish Dramatic Re- 
view. V. I (1842-43). Edinburgh, 1842-43. i6'. 


Protestaatische MonatsbUtter fOr innere 
Zeitgeschichte. Hrsg. von Heinrich Gelzer. v. 
1-22 (1852-63). Gotha, 1852-63. C 

Psyehe (The). A magazine of belles lettres, 
the drama, poetry, music, and the fine arts ... v. 
1-3 (1840). London, 1840. 12'. C 

Public Opinion; a weekly journal, embodying 
the opinions of the press on all the great topics of 
the day, political and social, home and foreign. 
V. 1-25 (Oct. 1861-June 1874). London, 1861-74. 

r. c 

With vol. 3 the sub-title was changed to : a comprehensive 
•ammary of the press throughout the world on all important 
current topics. 

V. 71-74 (1897-98). Na 

Corrent. Weekly. 

Public Opinion; a comprehensive summary of 
the press, throughout the world, on all important 
current topics, v. 1-24 (1886-98). Washington, 
1886-98. l\ Na. C 

Current. Weekly. With v. 18 place of publication was 
diaaged to New York. 

V. 1-43 (1877-98). New York, 1877- 

98. r. Na 

Current. Weekly. 

V. 5-19, 25-29 (1879-92)- C 

PuBcb, or London Charivari, v. 1-115. Lon- 
don, 1841-98. 4*. Na 

Corrent. Weekly. 

V. 1-96 (1841-89). Nl 

▼. 95, no. 3458 missing. 

V. 1-39 (1841-60). C 

Puaehinello. v. 1-2. New York, 1870. V, 

Dtsoootinned. Nl C 

Putajuu's Magazine. See Putnam's Monthly 

Putnam's Monthly Magazine of American 
Literature, Science, and Art. v. 1-9 (1853-57); new 
•er. V. 1-6 (1868-70). 15 v. New York, 1853-70. 
8'. Na 

^UicatioQ discontinued from 1857 to x868. Title of new 
'is: Putnam's Magastne; original papers on literature, 
^ aft and — •- -^ 

V. i-io (1853-57) ; new. ser. v. 1-5 (1868- 

70). C 

V. 1-9, 10, no. 55-57 (1853-57) ; new ser. 

V. I, no. 1-3, 5-^ ; V. 2-4, V. 5, no. 25-28 ; v. 6 
(1868-70). Nl 

Quarterly Review, v. 1-188. London, New 

York, 1809-98. 8*. Na C 

Current, v. 107-146 are of the American edition with the 
title: I«ondon Quarterly Review. The editors are suo- 
oessivel]f : W. Gifford, Sir ), T. Coleridge, J. G. Lockhart, 
W. Elwin and William Smith, v. ao, 40, 60, 80, loo^ zsx, 140 
and x6o contain indexes to v. X-Z59. v. xsz and 140 are of the 
English edition, being omitted in the American. The N. Y. 
Public Library has a copies, English and American, of v. 105- 
X06. V. x8i is General mdex to v. i6i-x8o inclusive pt. x. 

V. 1-182 (1809-95). Nl 

English edition. 

Quarto (The). An artistic, literary & musical 
quarterly. 1896-97. 3 v. London, [1896-97 J. 
4°. Na 

Queen's Quarterly, v. 1-6 (1893-99). Kings- 
ton, Canada, 1893-99. 8**. C 


Rambler ; a journal of home and foreign liter- 
ature, politics, science, music, and the fine arts. 
V. 2. London, 1848. 4". Nl 

Reader (The). A review of literature, science, 
and art. v. 1-6. London, 1863-65. f°. Na C 

Edited successively by D. Mason, J. Dennis, and T. Ben- 

Record of the Year. A reference scrap book. 
Being the monthly record of important events worth 
preserving together with a selection of the choicest 
current miscellany. Edited by F. Moore, v. 1-2 
(1876). New York, 1876-77. 8°. Na 

Recreation* v. 7-9. New York, 1897-98. 

8'. Na 


Reflector* a quarterly magazine, on subjects 
of philosophy, politics, and the liberal arts ... v. 
1-2(1810-1811). London, i^io-i%ii, 8'. NIC 

Disoontinned. Edited by Leigh Hunt. 

Repertorio de literatura y variedades. v. i. 
Mejico, 1 841. 4". C 

I ncomplete, pp. 9S~7^t PP* 273-280 wanting. 

Repository ; or. Treasury of politics and liter- 
ature for 1770, being a . . . collection of the best 
letters (including those of Junius) and essays from 
the daily papers ... 2 v. 8*. London, 1771. C 

Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, 
Manufactures, Fashions and Politics. Pub. by 
Rudolph Ackermann. Ed. by Frederic Shoberl. 
V. 1-13 ; 2. ser. v. 1-14 ; 3. ser. v. 1-12. London, 
1809-28. 8*. C 

2. ser. V. 1-14 (1816-22). Na 

Republic of Letters : a weekly republication 
of standard literature, v. i (1834). New York, 
1834. 4*. Nl 

Republication of the Westminster Review. 
American edition, v. 6, no. 2 ; v. 8-9, no. i ; v. 
II, no. 2 ; V. 12-14, no- i ; v. 15, no. 2 ; v. 16-33^ 
no. I ; V. 34-36, no. i ; v. 37-42, no. 2 ; v. 43-52, 
53-55. no. i ; v. 56-66, no. i ; v. 67-69 (1839-70). 

New York, 1839-70. 4 

orresponding to ▼. 6;_ 
-184 of the Westminster 


Corresponding to v. 63, 66-115, 1x7-126, laS-isj, iS5-«77» 
179-184 of the Westminster Review, English edition. See 
Westminster Review. 

V. 41, 43-46, 52, 54, 58-81, no, 113-116, 

119 (1844-83). Nl 



RetrospeeiiTe Review, v. 1-14 {1S20-26); 
2. scr. V. 1-2 (1827-28). 16 V. London, 1820-28. 

&\ Na Nl C 

a. series edited by Henry Soothem and Nicholas Harris 

RetrospectlTe Review, consisting of criti- 
cisms upon, analyses of, and extracts from curious, 
valuable, and scarce old books, v. 1-2. London^ 
1853-54. 8^ Na Nl C 

Review of Reviews. [American.] Edited by 
A. Shaw. V. 3-17 (1891-98). New York, [1891- 
98]. sq. 8^ Na 

V. 5-18 (1892-98). C 

Current. For v. z-a see English ed. From v. x6 under 
title : American Monthly Review of Reviews. 

V. 4-14 (1892-98). Nl 

Revieir of Reviews. [English.] Edited by 

W. P. Stead, v. 1-18 (1890-98). London, [1890- 

98]. sq. 8*. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

V. 1-4 (1890-92). C 

V. 1-3 (1890-91). Nl 

Review of Reviews for Australia, v. 12^-6 

(1898). Brisbane, 1898. 8*". Na 


Revista contempodbea. v. 43-110 (1883-98). 
Madrid, 1883-98. 8\ Na 

Current, v. 105-1x0. Director R. A. Sereiz. 

Rerista de Espafia. v. x 19-37. Madrid, 

1888-91. 8". Na 

V. 135-150 (1891-97). C 

Revue (La), ou Dtode philosophique litt^raire 
et politique, no. 1-36. Paris, An XII-XIII 
(1804-1805). 8'. Na 

x^ is missing, no. x-z8 published An XIII, no. 19-36 

anecdotique des lettres et des arts. 




1-9 (1855-59). Paris, 1855-59. 

Revue de Belgique, 1869-91. 66 v.; 2. ser. v. 
1-3. BruxelUs, 1869-91. 4 . C 

2. s^r. V. 19-24 (1897-98). Na 


bieue. See Revne politique et litt^raire. 

canadienne. Philosophic, histoire, droit, 

litterature, Economic sociale, sciences, esthi^tique, 

apologetique chr^tienne, religion, v. 1-16 (1864- 

79) ; nouv. scr. v. 1-7 (1881-87) ; 3- s^r. v. 1-4, 5 

<numbered v. 4) (1888-92) ; annee 29-34^(1 893-98). 

35 V. Montreal, 1864-98. 8°. Na C 

Current. Monthly. In the 3. s^r. v. x-3 are also numbered 
V. 24-46 of the entire collection, v. 4 is also numbered the 36th 
of the collection, v. 5 is numbered v. 4 of the 3. s6r. and no. i 
«f this volume is numbered the a7th of the collection, while 
V. 3-12 are numbered the aSth of the collection. 

contemporaine. v. 1-35 (1852-57) ; 2. 

scr. V. 1-76 (1858-70). Ill V. Paris, [1852J-70. 

8". Na 

Revne des cours et conferences, v. 1-52 (Dec. 

x892-July 1897). Paris, 1893-97. 8*. C 

Revne des cours litt^raires de la France et de 
I'^tranger. v. 1-7. Paris, 1863-70. 4''. Na C 
Continued as : Revne politique et litt^raire. 

Revne critique d'histoire et de litterature. An- 

n^e 1-9 (1866-75); nouv. ser. annee 10-32 (1876- 

98); Table, 1860-90. 64 V. Paris, 1866-98 

8". Na 


New ser. v. 17-46 (1884-98). C 

9 v. a year. New ser. also called v. x-4^. New ser. v. aj- 
45 ed. by A. Chuquet, previous editors various. 

critique des livres nouveaux. v. 23-33. 
II V. Paris, Genh/e, 1855-65. 8'. Na 

Revne des deux mondes. v. 1-2 (1829) ; v. i- 

8 (1831-32) ; 2. ser. v. 1-4 (1833) ; 4. s^r. v. 8, 12, 

14-32 (1836-42); nouv. scr. v. 1-24 (1843^8); 

nouv. pAnode, v. i-[i6] (1849-52) ; 2. s^r. de la 

nouv. p^riode, v. 1-12 (1853-55) ; 2. pcriode, v. i- 

108 (1856-73); 3. pcriode, V. 1-149 (1874-98). 

Table. 1831-74, 1874-86, 1886-93. 346 V. Paris, 

1829-98. 8°. Na 

Current. Semi-monthly. Nouvelle pMode, v. [x6] is cslled 
v. 4 (185a). Annaalre des deux mondes was issued as a 
supplement to this Journal. 

2. p^r. V. I-108 (1856-73); 3. pA-. V. I-149 

(1894-98). Table, 1831-57; v. 193-268. 2 vols. C 

Revne encyclop^dique ; ou. Analyse raisonnee 
des productions les plus remarquables dans la litte- 
rature, les sciences & les arts. v. 1-42 (1819-29). 
Paris, 1819-29. 8^ Na 

V. 13-32 (1822-26). C 

Revne des <{tudes grecques. v. i-io. Paris, 
1888-98. 4*. NaC 

Revne des Etudes juives. See Sooi^t^ des 

Etudes juives. 

Revne francaise. no. 1-16. Paris, 1828-30. 

8^ Na 

Revne g^n^rale. v. 1-56, or ann^ 1-28 (1865- 
92); V. 68 (1898). BruxelUs, 1865-98. 8". Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Revne hebdomadaire; romans, histoire, voyages. 
V. 1-54. 2 scr., V. 1-26 (June, 1892-Dec., 1898). 
Paris, 1892-98. 12°. C 

Revne hispanique. Recueil consacre k I'^tude 
des langues, des litteratures et de I'histoire des pays 
castillans, Catalans et portugais. Public par R. 
Foulchd-Delbosc. v. 1-51-3. Paris, 1894-98. 
8°. NaC 

Current. Quarterly. 

Revne d'histoire litt($raire de la France. See 
Soci^t^ d'histoire litt^raire de la France. 

Revne du nouveau-monde. Publiee par R^gis 
de Trobriand. v. 1-4. New York, 1850. 8'. Na 


V. 3-4 (1850). C 

Revne de Paris, v. 1-55 (1829-33); nouv. ser. 

V. 1-60 (1834-38); nouv. s^r.v. 1-36(1839-41); 4. scr. 
V. 1-24 (1842-43). 175 V. Paris, 1829-43. 8*. Na 

Revne de Paris. Annee 1-5 (1894-98). Paris, 

1894-98. 8°. Na 

Current. Semi-monthly. Each year in 6 v. 

3-5 (1896-98). C 

pittoresque, musee littcraire, illustr^ par 

les premiers artistes, v. i-[7]. Paris, 1846-50. 
40 Nl 

Revne politique et littteire. Revue bleue. 2. 
ser. V. 1-52 (1871-93); 4. ser. v. i-io (1894-98). 
62 V. Paris, 1871-98. 4'. Na 

Current. Weekly. Continuation of: BeTne des coots 
littiraires de la France et de Pitranger. v. 87-46 (1881-90) "« 
also numbered 3. ser. v. z-ao. 

2. scr. V. 1-2 (1871-72); 3. s<^r- ▼• 7-2^ 

(1884-93); 4. s^r. V. 1-9 (1894-98). C 




des revues. Directeur: Jean^Finot. v. 
24-27. Paris, [1898]. 8*. Na 

Coirent. Semi-monthly. 

Revue de la Soci^t^ litt^raire, historique et 
arch^logiqae du d^partement de I'Ain. See S€>- 
d^t^ litt^raire, historique et arch^olog^que du d^- 
partement de TAin. 

ftichmond Eclectic, a monthly magazine of for- 
eign literature, religious and secular, v. 1-2 (Nov. 
1866-N0V. 1867); M. D. Hope and Rev. Will- 
iam Brown. Richmond, Va,, 1867. 8°. C 

RiHstecontemporanea; filoso6a, storia, scienze, 
letteratura, &c. v. 9-1 1. Torino, 1857-59. 8'. Na 

RIvUltA europea. Rivista intemazionale. v. 
11-32. Firenu, 1879^3. 8**. Na 

Also called : Nuova serie, aano 10-14. 

RiTieta d'ltalia. v. i (1898). Roma, 1898. 
%\ Na 

Cootiooation of "Italk." 

BiTlai» ligure. v. 2, fasc. 4. Genova, 1843. 
8*. Nl 

Magazine; conducted by the Dominican 
fathers, v. 6-13. New York, 1895-98. 8*. Na 
V. 6-9 (1895-96). C 

Rose (The); or, Affection's gift for 1842, 1843, 
1846. Ed. by Emily Marshall. New York, 1842- 
46. i6*. C 


Rose Bellbrd's Canadian Monthly and Na- 
tional Review, v. 1-8 (July, 1878-June, 1882). 
Toronto, 1878-82. 8*. Na C 

CooUnoation of: TaDadlaift Monthly and National Re- 
view, and Belford's Monthly Magazine. Diaoontinaed. 

Round Table: an annual for everybody. Edited 
l^ Henry P. Stephens. 1879. i v. London, [1879]. 
8*. Nl 

Round Table. A weekly record of the notable, 
the useful, and the tasteful, v. 1-9 (Dec. 1863- 
June, 1869). New York, 1863-69. f. Na 

Difloontinued from July aj, 1864, to Sept. 9, 1865. 

Rontled^e's Christmas Annual. 1867. 2 v. 
Lomhn, 1867. 8^ Nl 

RoTer. A weekly magazine of tales, poetry 
and engravings, v. 2. New York, 1844. 8*. Na 

Rojnl Magazine, v. ix-5. London, 1898-99. 

«•. Na 


Royal Society of Literature of the United King- 
dom. Transactions, v. 1-3 (1829-39); 2. ser. v. i- 
19 (1843-97). London, 1829-97. 4° & 8'. Na 

V. 1-3 (1829-39); 2. ser. V. 1-16 (1843-94). 

Rofl^bj' Magazine, v. 1-2. London, 1835-36. 

8^ Nl 

Russell's Magazine, v. 1-6 (1856-60). Charles- 
ion, 1857-60. 8". Nl 

V. 1-3 (1857-58). Na 

Rnsskli vyestnik. v. 19 (1859, Yanvar, kn. 2, 
Fevral, kn. 1-2); v. 20; v. 21 (1859, lyun, kn. 1-2); 
V. 22-27; ▼. 28 (i860, lyul, kn. 1-2)- v. 29; v. 30 
(i860, Noyabr, kn. i, Dekabr, kn. 1-2); v. 31, v. 
'39-257. Moskva, 1859-98. 8'. Na 

Correat. a v. are called 347. 

St. Paul's* A monthly magazine. Edited by 
Anthony Trollope. Illustrated by J. £. Millais. 
V. 1-14. London, 1868-74. 8*. Na 

Samtiden. Populaert tidsskrift for literatur 
og samfundsspGigsmaal. v. 2-5, 8-9i-<o(i89T-94y 
1897-98). Bergen, [1891-98]. 8'. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Satirist, or Monthly Meteor, v. i-io (1808- 
12); new ser. v. 1-4 (1812-14). 14 v. London, 
1808-14, 8^ Nl c 

V. 1-9 ( 1 808-11). Na 

Saturday Magazine. Published under the 
direction of the committee of general literature and 
education, appointed by the Society for Promoting 
Christian knowledge, v. 1-25 (1832-44). London, 
1833-44. f. NaNlC 

Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, 
Science, and Art. v. 1-86. London, 1856-98. V, 


Current. Weekly. Succeaaivelv edited by J. D. Cook, P. 
Harwood and W. H. Pollock. 

V. 23-86 (1867-98). 
V. 5-46 (1858-78). 



Sehouwburflf van in- en uitlandsche letter, en 
huishoudkunde. 10 v. (1805-10). In* den Haag, 
1805-10. 8*. C 

Discontinued. After 1809 pub. in Amaterdam. 

Sehireiserisehe Jahrbticher; eine National- 
zeitschrift von und fUr Schweizer. 2 v. (1823). 
Aarau, 1823. 12*. C 


Scottish Review, v. 1-32 (1882-98). London, 

1883-98. 8*. Na 
Current. Quarterly. 

V. I-18 (1882-91). C 

Scottish Review. A quarterly journal of social 
progress & general literature, v. 1-2. Glasgow, 
1853-54. 8' Na 

Scourge (The); or, monthly expositor, of im- 
posture and folly. V. i-li. London, 1%11-it, 8**. 


Scribner*s Magazine, v. 1-24; Index i-io. 

25 V. New York, 1887-98. 8°. • Na C 
Current. Monthly. 

V. 1-18 (1887-95); Index i-io. Nl 

Scribner's Monthly. An illustrated magazine 
for the people, conducted by J. G. Holland, v. i- 
22 (1870-81); Index, V. i-io. 23 V. New York, 
1870-81. 8°. Na C 

Continued as: Oentnr J Illustrated Monthly Magazine. 

Select Journal of Foreign Periodical Literature. 
V. 1-4 (Jan., 1833-Oct., 1834). Boston, 1833-34. 
8°. Na 

Probably discontinued. Quarterly. 

Select Reviews and Spirit of the Foreign 
Magazines, by £. Bronson and others, v. 1-2. 
Philadelphia, 1809. 8^ C 

Selections from the Edinburgh Review; com- 
prising the best articles in that journal, from its 
commencement to the present time . . . Edited by 
Maurice Cross, v. 1-4. London, 1833. 8°. Nl 

Selections from the most celebrated foreign 
literary journals, and other periodical publications. 
V. 1-2. London, 1798. 8*. Nl 



litteraire da Coarrier des ^tats-Unis. I 
V. I, no. 20-29, 3^40, 42-44, 51-52; 2. s^r,, no. 
a-ii. 15-17. 23-38, 41-45, 47-53. New York, 
1843. f^ Na 

Senuuubrio pintoresco espafiola. y. 1-3 (1836- 
38); 2. ser. V. 1-2 (1839-40); 3. ser. v. i (1843); 
nueva ^poca, v. 1-2, 4, 7 (1846-52). [Madrid, 
1836-52]. 4°. C 

Sette (Ye) of Odd Volumes. No. 1-4, 6, 8-10, 
14, 19, 22, 24, 32. (1880, 1882-83, 1885, 1887-88, 
1891-93.) 13 V. London, 1880-93. 24°. Na 

V. 8 (1885). C 

Seiranee Review, v. 6-7 (1898). 2 v. Sewanee, 
Tenn., 1898. 8°. C 

V. I, no. 1-3 (1892-93). Nl 

Shakespearean (The). A monthly magazine, 
devoted entirely to Shakespearean literature. Edited 
by A. H. Wall. v. 1-3 (no. 1-32, 1895); v. 4 (no. 
33, 1898). London, 1895-98. 4% & 8^ Na C 

Diio>ntiaued. v. 1-9 published at Stratford-upon-Avon. 
Slight changes in sub-title. 

Shakespeariana . . . Review of Shake- 
spearian literature. 10 v. Philadelphia, 1883-93. 
8" and 4°. C 


Sliarpe*a London Journal of Entertainment and 
Instruction. See Sharpe*s London Magazine, etc. 

Sharpe's London Magazine. Aug.-Sept. 
(1829). London, 1829. 8**. Nl 

Sharpe's London Magazine of Entertainment 
and Instruction. For general reading, [v. i]-9, 
11-15 (1845-52); new ser. v. 1-25, 30-31 (1852-68). 
41 V. London, i846-[68]. 8*. Na 

V. 9-15 have the title : Sharpe's London Journal of Enter- 
tainment etc. New ser. v. z-a conducted by Mrs. S. E. HoJl. 

Shepherd (The). A London weekly peri- 
odical. . . [v. i]-3 (1834-38). London, [1834-38]. 
sq. 4°. Na 

Skandlnaviak Literatur-Selskab. Aarbog for 
Skandinaviens Literatur. v. 1-3(1851-53). Kjoben- 
havn, 1852-54. 8*. Na 


Skrifter. 1805-32. 23 v. Kjobenhavn, 

1805-32. 12°. Na 

Snoir-flake; a Christmas, New- Year and birth- 
day gift for 1850, 1852, 1854. Philadelphia, 1852- 

54. ^2". C 

Annual. Title-page for 1850 reads The Snow-flake : a holi- 
day gift. 

Snowflake ; a Christmas, New Year and birth- 
day gift. I v. New York, n. d. 12'. C 

Snowflake: a gift for innocence and beauty. 
Ed. by T. S. Arthur. 1846. NewYork,\^/slb, 8*. C 

Societil dantesca Italiana. Bullettino. no. 1-4 

(i 890-93) ; nuova ser. v. 1-5 x- " (i 893-98). Firenze, 

1890-98. 8*. C 

nuov. ser. v. 4-5«-»o (1896-98) Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Soei^t^ des amis des livres. Annuaire. 1882- 

85, 1888-89. Paris, 1882-89. I2^ C 

1897. Na 

Soci^t^ asiatique. Journal asiatique, ou recueil 
de memoires, d'extraits et de notices relatifs & This- 
toire, i la philosophie, aux sciences, & la littcfrature 
et aux Ungues des peuples orientaux. v. i-ii 
(1822-27); 2. s<5r. v. 1-16 (1828-35); 3. ser. v. 1-14 


(1836-^42); 4. s^r. v. 1-20 (1843-52); 5. ser, v. i-ao 

(1553-62); 6. s^r. V. 1-20 (1863-72); 7. ser. v. i-ao 

(1873-82); 8. ser. V. 1-20 (1883-92); 9. s^r. v. i-ii 

(1^93-98)- 152 V. 7*flWj, 1822-98. 8*. NaC 

Current. Bi-monthly. Index to 1828-42 in 3. ler. t. 14; 
X843-63 in 5. ser. v. 20; 1863-79 in 6. ser. v. 20. 2. ler. 1828-35 
has title : Nouveau journal asiatique. 

Soci^t^ des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques. 
Annuaire. v. 1-2 (1866-72). Paris, 1869-72. 8". Na 

Bulletin, v. 1-2 (1872-79). Paris, 1876- 

79. 8". Na 

Soci^t^ bibliographique. Congr^s biblio- 
graphique international tenu i Paris, 1878. Comptc- 
rendu des travaux. Paris, 1879. 8". ^ 

Soci^t^ des bibliophiles contemporains. An- 
nales litteraires; publication collective des biblio- 
philes contemporains, suivies des annales adminis- 
tratives pour 1891. [/^arw, 1892]. 8**. C 

Sociit^ des etudes juives. Revue des Etudes 
juives. V. 1-35. Paris, 1880-98. 8°. Na C 

Current, v. 95 contains index to v. x-25. 

Soci^t^ d'histoire litteraire de la France. Revue 
d'histoire litteraire de la France, v. 1-5. 
1894-98. 8^ 

Current. Quarterly. 

Soei^t^ litteraire, historique, et archeologique 
du department de I'Ain, Revue, v. 1-17. Bourg, 
[1872-88.] 8*. Na C 

SoeMt^ parisienne. Tout Paris. Annuaire. 
V. 1-14(1885-98). i'arij, 1885-98. 8'. Na 

Soei^t^ royale des beaux -arts et de litterature. 
Annales. 13 v. (1844-77). Gand,\Z^^-ll. 8'. C 

Society for the Establishment of a Literary 
Fund. Claims of literature: the origin, motives, ob- 
jects and transactions. London, 1802. 8**. C 

Soirees canadiennes. Recueil de litterature 
nationale. v. [i]-5. Quibec, 1861-65. 8°. Na 

Somerset House Gazette, and Literary Museum; 
or, weekly miscellany of fine arts, antiquities and 
literary chit-chat. Edited by Ephraim Hardcastle. 
V. 1-2, London, 1824. 8^ Nl 

Somethins^* Edited by Nemo Nobody, Es- 
quire. V. I, no. 4. Boston, 1809. 8'. Nl 

Sons of Temperance offering for 1850 .. . Ed. 
by T. S. Arthur. New York, 1850. 8'. C 


Sonthem Literary Messenger: devoted to every 
department of literature and fine arts. v. 1-19 
(Aug., 1834-Dec., 1853). Richmond, 1835-53- 
8'. ^^ 

V. 2, no. 3, 4; ▼• 16, no. 1-4, 8-12; V. 17. 

no. 2-7, 10-12; V. 18, no. I-II. ^ 

Sonthera Magazine. See New Eclectic. 

Southern Quarterly Review, v. 1-25, 27. New 
Orleans, 1842-55. 8". Na 

V. 17-27 also numbered new ser. v. x-ix. From 1843 pub- 
lished in Charleston. 

new ser. v. 10 (1854). ^ 

Southern Review, v. 1-8. Charleston, 1828- 

32. 8". NaNl 


V. 1-5 (1828-30). ^ 

Southern Review, v. 1-9 (i867-70- -^^^^ 
more, 1867-71. 8°. ^ 

Quarterly, v. 5, 7 and 8 wanting. 



Soniliem and Western Monthly Magazine and 
Review. Edited by W. Gilmore Simms. v. i-a 
(184$). Charleston, 1845. 8*. Nl 

Speaker (The). A review of politics, letters, 

■cience and the arts. v. 1-18 (1890-98). London, 

1800-98. r. Na 

CufTcnt. Weekly. 

Speetatenr du nord, journal politique, litt^raire 
et moral. 1 798-1801. 8 v. /Ttfui^^fir^, 1 798-1 801. 
8'. Na 


J*>lyt >799-I^*« z8oi, publiihed : en boMe-Saxe. 
Dec., !:«», pp. 4S7-^ mia«lng; Feb., zSoch pp. 
■auDg ; June, 1800, mming. 

Speetator (The). A weekly review of politics, 
literature, theology and art. v. 40-53, 56-80 (1867- 
98). London, 1867-98. f°. C 

V. 50-80 (1877-98). Na 


Spirit of the Public Journals. Being an impar- 
tial selection of the most exquisite essavs and jeux 
d'esprits, principally prose ... v. i-i 8 (i 797-1 8 1 4) ; 
new sen jfv. 1-3] (1823-25). 21 v. London, 1799- 
1826. 8*. Nl C 

▼. I. it the a. ed. 

Strand Magazine. An illustrated monthly. 

Edited by G. Newnes. v. 14-16. London, 1897- 

98. 8\ Na 

Carrent. Monthly. 

Straesburi^r Studien : Zeitschrift far Ge- 
ichichte, Sprache und Litteratur des Elsasses, hrsg. 
von E. Martin und W. Wiegand. v. 1-3. Strass- 
burg, 1883-85. 8^ C 

V. 1-2 (1883-84). Na 

Subjects of the Day; a quarterly review of cur- 
rent topics, nos. 1-4. London, 1890-91. 8°. C 
Edited hy James Samuelaon. 

Sunday Magazine. See Frank Leslie's 

Sunday Magazine. 

Svensk tidskrift. Utgifven af F. von Scheele. 
▼. 2-3. 51-10 (1892-93, 1895). Upsala, 1892-95. 
8'. Na 

V. I (1891). Nl 


litteratur-fOreningens tidning. 1833- 
Upsala, 1833-36. 4'. Na 

literatursallskapet i Finland. FOrhand- 

lingar och uppsatser. [no.J 6-7 (1890-93). Hei- 
nng/ors, 1892-93. 8*. Nl 

Svenska magazinet. Utgifvet af C. C. G. 
Jftrwell. 2 V. Stockholm, 1766-67. 16*. Na 

Swensk literatur-tidning, utgifven i Stockholm 
och Upsala. v. 1-12 (1813-24). Upsala, 1813-24. 
4". Na 

Table Talk. v. 2-13. Philadelphia, 1887- 
98. 8*. Na 


Tait's Edinburgh Magazine, v. 12-14 (184S' 
47). Edinburgh, 1845-47. 4*. Na 

Tatler. A daily journal of literature and the 
stage. V. 1-4 (1830-32); new ser. [v. i] (1833). 5 
V. London, 1830-33. V and 4". Nl 

New aer, v. x, edited by R. Seton, and contains aiao : Tatler 
Piaj-Bill for the Theatres of the metropolis, no. x-xa (1833). 

Temple Bar. With which is incorporated 
"Bentley's Miscellany." v. i-ii4(Mar. i86i-Apr. 
•98). London, [1861-98]. 8". Na 

Cnncat. Monthly. 

36. 4 V. 

Theatre (The). A monthly review of drama, 
music and fine arts. New ser. v. 1-3 (1878-79); new 
ser. V. 1-6 (1880-82); new ser. v. 1-30 (1883-97). 
41 V. London, 1878-97. 8°. Na 

3. ser. V. 2-6 (1880-82); new ser. v. 1-20 

(1883-92). C 

Continuation of : Theatre. A weekly critical review. 

From V. x new ser. x88o, to v. X4 new ser. x88q edited bv 
Clement Soott. v. xs, xBgo ed. by Bernard E. J. Capes. ▼. x6, 
X890 to V. X9, 1899 w Capes A, Chas. EgUngton. v. ao, xSga 
to V. ax. 1893 by Eglinifton. v. aa, 1893 to v. a3, 18^4 by 
Addison Briifnt. From v. as no editor mentioned. Disoon- 

Theatre (The): a weekly critical review, v. 1-2 

(1877-78). London, n. d. 4°. Na 

Continued as Theatre. A monthly review of drama, music 
ft fine arts. 

Theatre (The). A weekly record of the stage. 

V. 1-6. New York, 1886-90. 8'*. Na 

V. 6 is incomplete. 

Theatre Annual . . . 1884-86; ed. by Clement 
Scott. London, 1884-86. 8°. C 

Theatrical Review, v. i, no. 1-17, 19-22 
(1822-23). Bath, 1822-23. 8'. C 

Theatrical *' World " of 1893-97. W. Archer 
editor. London, 1894-98. 12°. Na 


Tidsskrift for Litteratur og Kritik. Udgivet af 
F. C. Petersen, v. 1-7. Kjobenhavn, 1839-42 
8'. Na 

Continuation of : IHaanedMlcrlfl for Litteratur. 

Tilakneren. Maanedsskrift for Litteratur, 
Samfundssp6rgsmaal og almenfattelige videnskab- 
elige Skildringer udgivet af M. Galschi6t. v. 86-ia, 
9-121(1891-95, 1897-98). A}^^r«Aav», [1891-98]. 
8". Na 

Current. Monthly, y. 8-9 edited by N. Neergaard. 

Titan* A monthly magazine, v. 23-29. 7 v. 
Edinburgh, 1856-58. 8". Na 

Continuation of : Hoffff** Weekly Instructor. 

To-day. v. 1-11(1884-89). Zi^m^^is, [1884-89]. 

8°. Na 

AUk) called No. 1-67. v. 6-7 edited by F. Bland, v. 8-zs by 
H. Bland. No. 56 missing. 

To-dayt a Boston literary journal. Edited by 
Charles Hale. v. 1-2 (1852). Boston^ 1852. 8". 


Token of Friendship; an offering for all seasons. 
Boston, n. d. 12*. C 


Tokio times, v. 1-7 (Jan. 1877-June 1880). 

Tokio, 1877-80. f*. C 

No title-pages, v. x, no. xo, v. a, no. 9 ft 4, v. 6, no. 16, are 

Torch (The), v. i, no. 6-12(1873). Sag Harbor, 

Z. 7. 1873. 12'. Nl 

Tont Paris. See Soci^t^ parisienne. 

Town and Country Magazine; or. Universal re- 
pository of knowledge, instruction and entertain- 
ment. 1-23 (1769-91). London [1769-91.] 8*. C 

Train (The), a first-class magazine, v. i, no. i 
(1856). London, 1856. 8". Nl 

Transactions of the Literary Society of 
Bombay. See Literary Society of Bombay. 

Transactions of the New Shakespeare So- 
ciety. See Nevr Shakespeare Society. 

Transactions of the Royal Society of Litera- 
ture of the United Kingdom. See Rojral Society 
of Literature of the United Kingdom. 

1 84 


Trifler (The). A new periodical miscellany. 

By Timothy Touchstone of St. Peter's College, no. 

1-43. I V. London^ 1788-89. 8*. Na 

Written by R. Oliphant, J. H. Allen, Sir W. E. Taunton, 
W. Aston, T. J. Twistleton, etc. 

Truth. The American weekly, v. 17 (1898). 
New York, 1898. 4% Na 


T^rentieth (The) Century. A monthly review, 
edited by W. Graham, v. i. London, 1895. 8*. Na 

Twinkles. Published by New York Tribune. 
V. I, no. 12-23; ▼• 2, no. 2-5. New York, 1897. 
r. Na 

Ueber Land und Meer. Jahrg. 41, Bd. 81 
(1898). I V. Stuttgart, 1898. V, ^ Na 


Undere^aduate (The). See UnlTeiniiiy 


UbIoii Magazine and Imperial Register, (Jan.- 
June 1 801.) I V. London [1801]. 8 . C 

United States Democratic Review. New ser. 
V. 6, no. 1-6; V. 7, no. 1-5 (1856). New York, 1856. 
8*. Nl 

Continuation of: United States Review. ** Democracy." 

United States Literary Gazette, v. 1-4 (1824- 
26). Boston, 1825-26. 8". Na 

Continued as : IJnlied States Review and Literary Ga- 


V. 2-3 (1825-26). 


United States Magazine, and Democratic Re- 
view. V. 1-29 (1837-51). Waskington, 1838-51. 
8". C Na Nl 

Continued as : Democrfttle Review, v. 0-99 are design 
oated as New Series. T. P. Kettell, editor v. X&-39. 

United States Magazine; or, General repository 
of useful instruction and rational amusement, v. i, 
(April-Aug. 1794.) Newark, N, J, 1794. 8*. C 


United States Review. "Democracy." D. W. 
Holly, editor, v. 3-5 (July, 1854-Dec. 1855). 3 v. 
New York, 1854-55. 8°. Na 

Monthly. Continuation of: Oemocratle Review. Con- 
tinued as: United States Democratic Review. Publicap 
tion was suspended from Sept., 1853 to June z8, 1854. 

V. I, no. 1-5; V. 2, no. i; v. 3, no. 5-6; v. 

4, no. 1-3; V. 5, no. 6 (1853-54). Nl 

United States Review and Literary Gazette. 
V. 1-2. New York and Boston, 1827. 8**. Na Nl C 
Edited by W. C. Bryant and C. Folsom. 

Univers illustr^, journal hebdomadaire. v. 1-36, 
39-44 (i858-'76, 1878-80). 41 V. Paris, 1858-80. 
r. Nl 

Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleas- 
ure: containing news, letters, debates, poetry . . . 
and other arts and sciences; which may render it 
instructive and entertaining to gentry, merchants, 
farmers and tradesmen. To which occasionally will 
be added an impartial account of books in several 
languages and of the state of learning in Europe, 
also of the stage, new operas, plays, and oratorios. 
Published monthly, [v. i]-ii3. London, \l^^iy' 
1803. 8^ Na 

Universal Museum, or Gentlemen's & Ladies' 
polite magazine of history, politicks and literature 
for 1763. V. 2. London, 8*'. Na 

University Magazine. A literary and philo- 
sophical review, v. 1-5 (1878-80); quarterly ser. 
V. I (1880). 6v. London, iSyS-So. %\ NaC 

Continuation of: Dublin Univeraity Magaane. 

University Quarterly; conducted by an asso- 
ciation of collegiate and professional students in the 
United Sutes and Europe, v. 1-4. New Haven, 
1860-61. 8°. C 

Discontinued, v. x issued with title: The Undergraduate. 

Unsere Zeit. Jahrbuch zum Conversations- 
Lexicon. V. 1-8 (1857-64). N. F. V. 1-15 (1865- 
79); Jahrg. 1880-88. Leipzig, 1857-88. 8". Na 

From 1865 entitled: Unsere Zeit. Deutsche Revue der 
Gegenwart. xB6&-n each volume in a partt. Continuation of: 
Geffenvrart (Die), also continuation of, Brockltaas 
Conversations Lexicon. 

VaderlandscH museum voor Nederduitsche 
letterkunde, oudheid en geschiedenis. Uitg. van 
C. P. Gerrure. 5 v. Gent, 1855-^3. 8% C 


Vanity Fair. v. 1-7 (1860-63). New York, 
1860-63. 4°. Nl 

V. 3, 5, 6(Jan.-June 1861, Jan-Dec. 1862). 


V. I, 3-6 (1860-62). C 

VaterliAdisehes Archiv fQr Wissenschaft, 
Kunst, Industrie und Agrikultur, oder Preussische 
Provinzial-Blatter. Hrsg. von O. W. L. Richter. 
v. i3-27(Jan.,i835-June,i842). Konigsberg, 1835- 
42. i6\ C 

V. x-ia have title: Prensalselie Provinzial-Blatter. 
Continued as: Areliiv fUr vaterliindlsche Interessen. 

Vierteljahrschrift far Litteraturgeschichte. 
Hrsg. von B. Scuffert. v. 1-6(1888-93). iVnmar 
1888-93. 8'. C 


Violet (The); a Christmas and New Year's 
Gift, or birth-day present. Ed. by Eliza Leslie. 
1837. Philadelphia, 1837. 16'. C 


Voffne. V. 1-13. ^'fw York, 1893-98. f. Na 


Vorseit (Die); oder Geschichte, Dichtung, Kunst 
und Literatur des Vor- und Mittel-Alters ... 4 ▼; 
(1817-21). Er/urt, i8i7-2i. 12". C 

Discontinued. Ed. by C. A. Vulpius. 

Vyestnik Evropil. Zhumal istori-polltlki-litc- 
ratumi. [European Messenger. Journal of history, 
politics and literature.] v. 81-193 (1880-98)- 
SanktpeUrburg, 1880-98. 8'. Na 


Walker's Hibernian Magazine. See Hiber* 
nian Magazine. 

Ware's Valley Monthly. A journal of Western 
thought and life. v. 2, no. 4 (1876). St, Louis, 
1876. 8^ Na 

Weekly Miscellany. Giving an account of the 
religion, morality and learning of the present times. 
By R. Hooker of the Temple, v. 1-2. London 
173^38. 8^ ^ Na 

Richard Hooker is a pseudonym. The editor s name was w. 

Weekly Visitor or Ladies' Miscellany, v. i. 
New York, 1802. 4^ ^a 

Weekly Visitor and Ladies' Museum, v. i, no. 
1-9. New York, 1817. 8°. ^* 

Bound with V. 5-6 of : The New York Weekly Museum, or 
polite repository, etc. Edited by A. Mmj. 


J 85 

ing for all. 

Guest: a magazine of recreative read- 
1858-1859. 2 V. London^ 1858-59. 


Werken van de Maatschapp der nederlandsche 
letterkunde te Leyden. See Maataoliappy der 
nederlandsche letterkunde te Leyden. 

West Shore. An illustrated journal published 
every Saturday, v. 15-17- 3 v. Portland, Oregon, 
1889-91. f*. Na 


Western (The). A journal of literature, educa- 
tion and art. H. H. Morgan, editor. [New ser.] 
V. 1-7. St Louis, Mo., 1875-81. 8°. Na 

Only ▼. »-7 are called " new series." 

Western Literary Journal, and Monthly Re- 
view. Edited by W. D. Gallagher, v. i (June-Nov. 
1836). Cincinnati, 1836. 8 . Na 

Western Literary Magazine, and journal of 
education, science, arts and morals, v. i. Columbus, 
1853. 8'. Na 

Western Messenger; devoted to religion and 
literature, v. 5, no. i, 6; v. 6, no. i, 5; v. 7, no. 2; 
V. 8, no. 3-4 {1838-40). Cincinnati, 1838-40. 8°. 


Western Monthly Magazine, a continuation of 
the Illinois Monthly Magazine, conducted by James 
Hall. V. I, no. 1-5, 7; v. 2, no. 8-12; v. 3, no. 13- 
18, 20-21 (1833-34). Cincinnati, 1833-34. 8**. Nl 

Westndnster and Foreign Quarterly Review. 
See Westndnster Review. 

Westminster Review, v. 1-56 (1824-51); 

new ser. v. 1-71 (1852-87); v. 128-150 (1887-98). 

Index, 1-24, 25-33. 152 V. London, New York, 

1824-98. 8". Na C 

Current. Monthly. In April, x8.^, the ^* London Review," 
of which a v. had been pobbsbed^ was united with the West- 
minster Review, the z. v. of the joint series being numbered v. 
3 and 25. After v. 7 and 29 the double numeration was discon- 
tinued and V. I and a of the " London Review " were added, 
so as to count as the commencement of the new series: the 
volume immediately succeeding v. 7 and 39 being numbered v. 
32 of the ** London and Westminster Review." (In the set in 
the N. Y. Pub. Libr., Astor Building the a v. of the London 
Review are 00 the back numbered 29 and 30, and the v. with 
the double number 7 ft 39 is on the back numbered 3t.) V. 33 
bthe last v. with the title ^* London and Westminster Review." 
V- 34-45 !>«▼« ^c old tide *' Westminster Review." V. 46-56 
have the title: *^ Westminster and Foreign Quarterly Review." 
The new series v. 1-71 and v. Z3ft-Z47 have again the title: 
" Westminster Review." New ser. v. 17-54 Bfe of the Ameri- 

See also R«pabllcatlon of the Westminster Review. 

V. 1-24, 25-29, 31-34-39; ▼. 40, no. 2; V. 

41. no. i; V. 46, no. 1-2; v. 47-48; v. 50, no. i; 
new ser. v. 65-70 (1824-86). Nl 

Wliltaker*s Journal of Amusing and Instruct- 
ive Literature. Jan.-June, 1876. I v. London, 
1876. 4'. Na 

Wide awake gift; a know nothing token for 
1855. Ed. by J. C. Derby. New York, 1855. 
12'. C 


^nde World Magazine, v. I (1896). London, 
1898. 8*. Na 

Carrent. Quarterly. 

Willis's Current Notes . . . articles on antiqui- 
ties, biography, heraldry, history, language, litera- 
ture . . . selected from . . . letters and documents 
addressed ... to the publisher, v. 1-7 (1851-57). 
London, 1852-58. 8°. C 

Windsor Magazine, v. i, no. 3 (1895). Lon- 
don, 1895. 8'. Nl 

WomaA % Illustrated Monthly Magazine. Dec. 
1887-July 1888. 2 V. New York, 1888. 4'. C 

L*S Magazine. An illustrated monthly, 
devoted to art, literature, biography, home science, 
and woman's work in industries, missions and phi- 
lanthropies. V. 10-13. 4v. BrattUboro,Vt,, 1886- 
90. 4*. Na 

From v. 13, no. a, the title is: Young Woman's Magazine. 

Wonderftil Magazine. See Wonders of na- 
ture and art displayed. 

Wonders of nature and art displayed : being a 
new and complete museum of extraordinary events 
. . . the whole forming the newest, cheapest, and 
most complete magazine of wonders ... v. 1-2. 
London, 1796. 8'. Nl 

V. 1-2 are: New ed. 

Writer (The). A monthly magazine for literary 

workers, v. i-ii (1887-98). Boston, 1887-98. 8 . 

Current. Na C 

Vale Literary Magazine, conducted by the 
students of Yale College, v. 1-21, v. 59, no. 7-8; 
V. 60. no. 3-4, 7-8 ; V. 61, no. 1-2, 4-5, 7-9; v. 
62, no. 2-3. 5-7 (1826-56, 1894-97). New Haven, 
1826-97. 8'. Na 

Vale Review; a Quarterly Journal of history and 
political science, v. 1-6. New York, 1893-98. 
8^ Na C 

Continuation of Neir Bncl^nder* 

Vankee s and Boston Literary Gazette. New 
ser. V. 2 (1829). Boston, 1829. 8°. Nl 

Vankee Doodle, v. 1-2 (1846-47). New York, 
1846-47. 4". Nl 

Vankee Doodle, or Young America, v. i (1856). 
New York, [1856]. 4". Na 

Vankee Notions; or, Whittlings of Jonathan's 
Jack-Knife. v. i-i 5 (1852-66). NewYork,\%^^'- 
66. 4^ Nl C 

V. 1-3 (1852-54). Na 

Vello^r book (The): an illustrated quarterly. 
V. 1-13. (April, 1894-April, 1897.) London, [1894- 
97]. 8\ Na 


Vounf^ Lady's Annual. Ed. by Clara Hall, i v. 
London, n. d. 24°. C 


Ladies' Offering; or, Gems of prose and 
poetry. Ed. by Mrs. L. H. Sigoumey. 1 849-1857. 
2 V. Boston, iS^i^S7' 12"* C 


Voan§^ Woman. An illifstrated monthly maga- 
zine. Conducted by F. A. Atkins, v. 4 (Oct. 1895, 
to Sept. 1896), I V. London, 1896. 8*. Na 

Vonng Woman's Magazine. See Woman's 

1 86 


Zeitsehrifl far deutsches Alterthum u. deutsche 

Litteratur. v. 33-42. Berlin, 1888-98. 8°. C 

V. 1-9 ed. by Moriu Haapt. V. 33-^x oonuin alio Anxeiger 
fttr deotaches Alterthom u. deutsche Litteratur. 

V. 24-26, 41-42 (1880-82, Z896-98). Na 


Zeitsehrllt far franzOsische Sprache und Lit- 
teratur. V. 1-20. Oppeln, 1879-98. Na C 

Current. Place of publication Tariet. V. i-io have title : 
Zeitichrift fUr neufranzfldache Sprache und Litteratur. 

Supplementheft. v. 1-7 (1880-92). C 

Zeiisehrifi far ver^Ieichende Litteraturge- 

schichte. Hrsg. von M. Koch und L. Geiger. ▼. i 

(1887). Berlin, 1887. 8'. NaC 

Continued as : ZeiUielirllt far veivleichende Littcra- 
turgochichte und Renaissance Litteratur. 

Zeitachrift far vergleichende Litteratur-Ge* 

schichte und Renaissance-Litteratur. v. 1-12 (1887- 

98). Berlin, 1887-98. 8'. Na 

Current. Continuation of: Beltaelirlfl fQr vergleichende 

V. 1-6(1887-93). C 

Znkanft (Die). Herausgeber: Maximilian 
Harden, v. 1-4, 6-7 (1892-93, 1898). 6 v. Berlin, 
1892-98. 8^ Na 

Current. Weekly. 



(Emmet Collection. Presented to the New York Public Library by John S. Kennedy.) 

South Carolina; and Georgia. 

(John). Biography of the Signers 
to the Declaration of Independence. Volume 
XVIII. , South Carolina. Illustrated by Thomas 


Addis Emmet, M.D. New York [1870 ?]. F'. 

The text of the volume oonabts of the life of Arthar Middle* 
too., by H. M. Rutledge, from volume 6, pages 5 to 46 of the 
original edition of Sandenon ; of Thomas Xynch, by Jamea 
Hamilton, from volume 5, pages 5 to 3a and 378 to 382 ; of 
Thomas Heyward, by Tames Hamilton, from volume 4, pages 
X to 17 ; and of Edwara Rutledge, by Arthur Middleton, from 
volume 3, pa^es 7 to 47 and 307 to 309. 

The material indexed consists of : autograph x, broadsides a, 
Gsricature x, chart x, documents 8, engraving x, letters x8, 
maps 3, newspapers a, portraits 56, views X4. 

Virw: ChmxlBmtoigkpS.C. Inscription: C^r^j- 

ton, S. C, in lySo, Line. 8°. em. 3974 

Also in F. Moore's Diary 0/ tkt A mtrican Revolution^ 
vol. a (N. Y., x86o) p. 873. 

Chart : Charleston, S. C, The Harbour of 
Charles Town in South-Carolina from the Surveys 
of Sf. Ja*. Wallace Capt°. in his Majestys Navy & 
Others, with A View of the Town from the South 
Shore of Ashley River. Published according to Act 
of Parliament Nov. i*t, 7777. fy /. F. IV. Des 
Barres Esqr. [London]. Size: 22 Ji x 3i>i in. 
Scale: i N. mile to i)j in. Engraved on copper. 
Colored by hand. Paper, mounted on muslin, to 

fold. EM. 3975 

Also in Des Banres's Atlantic NtptunOy vol. 4. 


Document: United States* — Congress, Conti- 
nental, 1775-1789. [Philadelphia,] Sept. 9, 1782. 
Resolutions approving that the Maryland recruits 
and Armand*s horse join the main army, recom- 
mending that Greene remain in the southern depart- 
ment until further orders ; that the commander in 
chief be informed that it is necessary to keep troops 
in the southern department ; and that he direct 
Greene to employ his troops in such manner as may 
be most conducive to the interests of the United 
States. Lithograph fac- simile of an A. D. S. by 
A. Middleton. 2 pp. F°. With a view (wood 
engraving on India paper) of \^^ Res. of Arthur 
Middleton 18 miles from Charlestown^ S. C. 

EM. 3976 
Also in Brotherhead*s Book of the Signers^ Phila., x86x, p. 
83. For the resolution and the committee that reported it, see 
vat Jomrnads 0/ Congress for Sept. 9, X783. 

Document: Sonth Carolina. Philadelphia, 
Jan. 7, 1782. Order on John Ross for two hundred 
silver dollars, payable to George Redhead or order, 
four months after date, to be charged to the state 
of South Carolina. D. S., A. Middleton, Tho. 
Bee, Isaac Motte, N>. Eveleigh. In the handwrit- 
ing of Middleton. Endorsed. Receipted Jan. 18, 
1782 by George Readhead. i page. 4°. EM. 3977 

Portrait: Middleton (Arthur). Short half 
length; directed, facing, looking to the right; 
cloak, white collar, long hair. Inscription: Arthur 
Middleton. Engraved by J. B. Longacre after a 
drawing taken ly T. Middleton from a group in a 
Family Picture by Benjamin West. Line. 8°. 

EM. 3978 

Abo in Sanderson's Biography 0/ the Signers to the 
Deelaration of Independence^ vof. 6 (Phila., x8a4) p. 7. 

Portrait : Charles !•» King of Great Britain, 
Half length ; directed, facing, looking slightly to 
the left ; in armor ; collar and George ; long hair. 
0?al within a rectangle. Inscription: Carolus D.G. 
Ang: Scot: Fra : et Hib Rex (below, to the left) 

A van Dyke pinx; I. Beckett fe: (right) Sold by 
I. Smith at the Lyon 6r* Crown in Russell Street 
Covent Garden. Mezzotint. [1700?] F**. EM. 3979 

See J. C. Smith's British MoMMotinto Portraits^ part x, 
p. 95, no. x6. 

Portrait: Kjrddleton (Sir Thomas). Half 

length ; directed, facing, and looking to the right ; 

armor and wide collar ; oval. Inscription : (alx>ve, 

within the oval) Sr, T. Midleton M: G: of N: 

Wales. Line. [London, 1650?] 8°. em. 3980 

Compare the plate by Harding in the Biographical Mir^ 
ronr^ vol. a (London, 1798) p. 78. 

Portrait : Hampden (John). Half length; di- 
rected and facing to the right, looking to the front: 
armor ; oval frame, with a view of a battle below, a 
scroll inscribed Magna Charta, and a paper lettered 
Rex Vic. Com, nostri Buck, Inscription : (on a 
ribbon, above) Vindex Liberiatis (on the frame) 
John Hampden (on the base) Ob Patriam Pug- 
nando. (below, left) In the possession of S^. Rich' 
ard Ellys Bart. (right) /. Houbraken sculps. 
Amst. 1740. I Impcnsis I, &* P. Knapton Londtni. 
Line. F°. em. 3981 

Also in Birch's Heads of illustrious persons^ London, x8x3, 

Portrait : Oeor§^ !•» King of Great Britain, 
Half length ; directed and looking to the front, 
facing slightly to the left ; ermine robes, collar of 
St. (^orge, large wig ; oval frame, with a view be- 
low of Justice, Religion and Liberty seated by an 
altar. Inscription : (on the frame) King George I, 
(below, left) G, Kneller pinxit. At Kensington 
PaUue. (right) Impcnsis I. df P. Knapton, Lon- 
dini. I, Houbraken sculps. Amst. 1746. Line. 
F". em. 3982 

Also in Birch's Heads 0/ illustrious Persons^ vol. a, Loo- 
don, X753. 

Letter: Middleton (Arthur). [Charleston, 
S. C.,] Dec. 9, 1725. To the House of Assembly. 
The method of reading and passing bills which they 


1 88 


have insisted upon is not agreeable to that which 
has been practised hitherto in the province, as they 
may find by reading their own journals ; if they 
had desired an alteration, they should have pro- 
posed it at the beginning of the session ; he regrets 
that so much time has been spent in disputes. 
A. L. S. Endorsed, '*A message from the 
Presidt." i page. F*. em. 3983 

Portrait: Middleton (Arthur). Bust; di- 
rected, facing, and looking slightly to the right. 
Inscription : (left) Max Rosenthal \ Henry Middle- 
ton (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 
1885 ?] 4°. EM. 3984 

View: Hackneyt England, Inscription: View 
of Hackney, Line. [London, 1760?] 4*. em. 3985 

View : Wefltminster. Inscription : (left) 
Printed for &* Sold by Bowles &* Carver ^ (right) 
No. 6g St. Pauls Church Yard, London, (left) A 
North West View of Westminster Abbey and St. 
Margarets Church, (right) VUe de VAbbaie de 
Westminster et de VEglise de Ste. Marguerite. \ 47 
The present Structure of St. Peter* s Westm. began 
to be built by K. Henry III. in 124$ carried on by 
K Henry VII. &*c.— The West Front 6* Towers 
built by K. George II. //jy from the design of Sir 
Christopher Wren. Line. [1780?] F"". EM. 3986 

View: Westmiiuiter, Inscription: (left) ^. 
Pugin delt. (right) /. C. StadUr sculpt. \ West- 
minster School Room. London , Pub^. Augt. i 1816, 
at tot Strand, for R. Ackermann*s History of West- 
minster School. Mezzotint. F°. EM. 3987 

View: Rome. St. Peters and the Vatican. 
Inscription : (right) Nach Piranesi gezeich : und 
gestoch : von G. G. Endner. Line, colored. [Ger- 
many, 1750?] F°. EM. 3988 

Portrait: Middleton (Henry). Bust; directed 
and facing slightly to the right, looking to the 
front. Inscription : (left) Max Rosenthal \ Henry 
Middleton, President of the Continental Congress. 
Henry Middleton (fac-simile signature). Etching. 
[Philadelphia, 1885?] F% em. 3989 

Letter : Oibbes (William). [Charleston, S. C, 
about 1790?] To [William Hasell] Gibbcs. Con- 
cerning a bond of W. Drayton and a note of John 
Drayton ; other business matters. A. L. S. i 
page. 4*. em. 3990 

Portrait: Dra^rton (William Henry). Bust; 
profile to the left ; circular frame within a rectangle. 
Inscription : (left) Drawn from the life by Du 
Simitier in Philadelphia, (right) Engraved by B. 
L. Prevost at Paris, (right) No. jo. Line. 
[1783?] 4°. em. 3991 

Portrait : Campbell (John), 2d Duke of Argyll 

and Duke of Greenwich. Half length ; directed 

and facing to the left, looking to the front ; armor 

and large wig ; oval frame with coat of arms below. 

Inscription: (on the frame) yi?^» Duke of Ar gyle 

and Greenwich. (below, left) Aikman pinxit. 

(right) /. Houbraken Sculp. Amst. 173s- \\ In the 

Collection of S^. Anthony Wescomb Bart/\ Line. 

F°. em. 3992 

Also in Birch's fftadt 0/ illustrious penons, vol. a, Lon- 
don, 1753. 

Document : South Carolinay Province. — 
Governor. [Charleston.] Sept. 15, 1775. Grant 
to Francis Bremar of one hundred acres of land in 
Craven County. Printed form filled in. D. S., 

William Campbell. Countersigned, Tho. Winstan- 
ley. Endorsed with a statement of its record io 
the Aud. Office, G. Lamston Dx Aud. i page. 
F". em. 3993 

Portrait : Clinton (Sir Henry). Half length ; 
directed to the front, facing and looking to the 
right ; uniform. Inscription : Etch^. by H. B. 
Hall Morrisania N. Y. after a Picture by Stuart, 
1872. I Sir Henry Clinton H Clinton (fac-simile 

signature). Line. F°. em. 3994 

A private plate. 

Portrait: Parker (Sir Peter), Bart. Half 
length; directed, facing, and looking slightly to the 
left; uniform; oval; coat of arms below. Inscrip- 
tion : Engraved by Ridley by Permission of Valen- 
tine Green Esq. Sir Peter Parker Bart. Admiral 
of the Fleet. Pub. 2g Septr. JS04, by I. Gold, 103, 
Shoe Lane, Fleet Street. Stipple. 8^ EM. 3995 

Also in the Naval Chroniclt, voL xa (London, 1804) p. 169. 

Portrait': Hancock (John). Half length; di- 
rected, facing, and looking to the left; oval frame 
within a rectangle, with shield, cannon, flag, etc., 
below. Inscription: (on the base) Le celebre Han- 
cock President du congres Anglo-ameriquain (below) 
A Paris chez Esnauts et Rapilly, rue S. facques, a 
laVillede Coutances. A.P.D.R. Line. [1780?] 
4°. EM. 3996 

Portrait: Ratledf^ (John). Half length; 
nearly in profile to the right. Inscription: Eng^. 
by G. F. Storm From a Drawing by James Her- 
ring after the original by Col. Trumbull. John 
RutUdge. y.^«//f3jf/ (fac-simile signature). Stipple. 

8^ EM. 3997 

Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol 4, Phila., 2839. 

Letter: Lowndes (Rawlins). [Charleston. S.C.,] 

June, 1788. To . Requests payment of ;f 14 

10s. due him. A. L. S. Small strip. em. 3998 

Document: Smith (William). New York, 
Apr. 16, 1768. Certificate of honorable discharge 
of William Smith, drummer in the Royal American 
Regiment. A.L.S., A. Prevost Lt. Col®. Receipted 
on the back for pay and clothing, Wm. Smith. Wit- 
nessed, Geo: Etherix^on. 2 pp. 4°. em. 3999 

Map : Charleston, S. C. Plan of the Siege 
of Charleston in S. Carolina. Drawn by S. 
Lewis. Philadelphia: C. P. Wayne. [1807.] Siu: 
149/16x96/161^- 5ffl/if.- 1 127 yards to an inch. 
Engraved by Tanner. Plain. Paper. em. 4000 

Plate X of the volume of maps accompanying Marshall's 
Washington, Phila., 1807^ 

Pennsylvania (The) Gazette, and Weekly 
Advertiser. W^ednesday, June 7, 1780. No. 2608. 
Philadelphia : Hall and Sellers. 4 pp. ¥\ 

EM. 4001 

Surrender of Charlestown; act for supplyin^r the Federal 

Letter: Clinton (5iV Henry). Charles Town, 
S. C] May 13, 1780. To Charles Jenkinson 
_London]. Transmits a half yearly certificate of 
general and staff officers on the establishment in 
North America under his command. L. S. Marked 
" Duplicate." i page. F". EM. 4002 

Portrait: Arbuthnot (Marriot). Half length ; 
directed to the front, facing and looking slightly to 
the right; uniform. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. 
Hall, Morrisania N. Y. 1874. \ Admiral Marriot 
Arbuthnot. Mt. Arbuthnot (fac-simile signature). 
K®. EM. 4003 

A private plate. 




View : St. Auffii0tlne« Fla. Inscription : 
(above) A View of the Town and Castle of S*. 
Augustine J and the English Camp before it June 
20. 1740. by The Silver. With a key and a short 
account of the siege. Line. F°. em. 4004 

Abo in the Gtnileman** Maganine^ vol. xo (London, 2840) 

Litter : HastliiM (Francis Rawdon), ist Mar- 
quis of Hastings. Barrackpore, Mar. 7, 1819. To 
Maj. Gen. Bailie. In compliance with letter of 
Feb. II, he will notify the Adjutant of H. M. 
forces in this country that Lieut. Taylor of the 25th 
Light Dragoons is to remain in India as an extra 
aide de camp to Gen. Bailie. A. L. S. 2 pp. 4"". 

EM. 4005 

Portrait: Hasting (Francis Rawdon), ist 
Marquis of Hastings. Three-quarters length, 
standing; directed to the front, facing and look- 
ing to the right; right hand holding hat and rest- 
ing on hilt of swonl; forefinger of left hand at 
chin; uniform; after Sir Joshua Reynolds. Mezzo- 
tint [by John Jones ?]. [London, 1792 ?] F°. 

KM. 4006 

The enmving hu been trimmed at the edscs, but it is 
piobnblv the one described in J. C. Smith's British Meno- 
iiut0 Portrait*^ put a, p. 767, no. 67. 

Portrait: Comwallis (Charles), Marquis, 

Half length; directed slightly to the left, facing 

and looking to -the left; uniform, with star, and 

sash over waistcoat; after A. W. Devis. Stipple 

[byF. Bartoiozzi]. [London, 1803?] F"*. em. 4007 

Unlettered. For an earlier state of the plate see bm. 394a, 
and for a later sute km. 3646. 

Portrait: George XII«» King of Great Britain. 
Bust; profile to the right; within a frame of laurel 
and palm branches tied with a ribbon lettered 
Pater P atria ; two cherubs above with a laurel 
crown: an altar on either side surmounted by em- 
blems of art and industry. Inscription: (left) 

James Cox invt. \ Engraved by John JCeyse Sher- 
win, Pupil of Mr, BartolosMi, for a Frontispiece 
to the Descriptive Inventory of M*'. Cox*s Museum. 
Published according to Act of Par It. Janr. 7. 1774. 
Line. 4**. em. 4008 

Portrait: Middleton (Arthur). Half length; 
directed, facing, and looking to the right; cloak, 
white collar, long hair. Line [by J. B. Longacre]. 
8°. EM. 4009 

Apparently an early state of the plate in Sanderson's 
Biography of the Signers^ vol. 6 (Phila., 1834) p. 7. See 
BM. 3978. 

Portrait : Hampden (John). Half length; di- 
rected and facing to the right, looking to the front; 
armor. Inscription : Engraved by J. Posselwhite. 
Hampden. From a Print by I. Houbrahen 1740. 
[ Under the Superintendence of the Society for the 
Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. London^ Pub- 
lished by Charles Knight 6* O. Ludgate Street.'] 
Stipple and line. With an original signature, "J 
Hampden," mounted below. 8**. km. 4010 

Also in the S. D. U. K.'s Gallery 0/ portraits^ vol. 7 
(London, 1837) p. 137. 

Portrait : Lincoln (Benjamin). Bust; directed 
slightly to the left, facing and looking to the right; 
uniform; after Sargent. Inscription: B: Lincoln 
(fac-simile signature). Engd. by H. B. Hall 6* 
Sons, New Yorh. Stipple. [1870?] F'. 

km. 401 I 

Letter: Middleton (Henry). Charleston, 
[S. C] Sept. 26, 1815. To Petit de Villers, 
Savannah. Desires him to effect the sale of the 
cotton speedily, because an additional supply will 
soon be on the market; requests him to insert in 
the Savannah paper an inclosed advertisement, 
offering for sale a rice plantation on Savannah 
Back River, now occupied by Thomas Drayton. 
A. L. S. Endorsed. 3 pp. bm. 4012 


Portrait: Lyneh (Thomas). Half length; di- 
rected and facing to the left, looking to the front; 
a foot soldier to £e left, a dragoon to the right, and 
a view of a shipwreck below. Inscription : (left) H 
Faber \ Tho*. Lynch Junr. T Lynch Junr (fac- 
simile signature). Line. F*. em. 4013 

Also in Brotherhead's Book 0/ tk* Signers, Phila., x86x, 

A utograph: Lyneh (Thomas). * * T Lynch Jun«" " 
on a small strip of paper. em. 4014 

Portrait: Lynch (Thomas). Half length; di- 
rected and facing to the left, looking to the front; 
ornamental frame. Inscription: Thomas Lynch 
Jun^. Engraved by J. B. Longacre from an Enamel 
Painting in the Possession of Miss E. Lynch. 
Stipple. 8*. EM. 4015 

Abo in Sanderson's Biography 0/ the Signers, vol. 5 
<Phila., 1824) p. 7. 

Map: America, North* — Parts of. A New 
and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of 
Great Britain on y« Continent of North America 
Containing Newfoundland, New Scotland, New 
England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, 
Maryland, Virginia and Carolina ... by Herman 
Moll. London: Thos: Bowles, John Bowles, I. 
King. 171 5. Size: 24 1^ x 20 in. Scales: 50 miles 
to an inch; 160 miles to an inch; 5^ miles to an 

inch; and (of Charlestown) % mile to an inch. En- 
graved on copper. Colored. Paper, hinged to fold. 

EM. 4016 
The lower half only of the map is given, showing the coast 
of the Carolinas,with smaller maps showing the country south 
and east of the Ohio and the Mississippi, the Carolina settle- 
ments, North Ameria^ and the town and harbor of Charles- 
ton; also a view of Niagara, with beavers working. 

View: Eton* England. Inscription: View of 
Eaton-College, in Buckinghamshire. Line. [Lon- 
don, 1760?] F'. EM. 4017 

View : London. Inscription: Inner Temple 
Court. Published Deer. joth. 17^6. by T. Malton. 
Aquatint. [London.] F*. EM. 4018 

View: Charleston* S. C. Inscription: (above) 
Engraved for the London Magazine, (on a scroll) 
An Exact Prospect of Charles Town, the Metropolis 
of the Province of South Carolina. Line. 2o{ x 6| 
in. EM. 4019 

Also in the London Magazine, vol. 31 (1762) p. 396. 

Portrait: Pinckney (Charles Cotes worth). Half 
length; directed and facing to the right, looking to 
the front; uniform. Inscription: Engraved by E, 
Wellmore from a Miniature by Malbone Major 
General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. Charles 
Cotesworth Pinckney (fac-simile signature). Stipple. 
8*". EM. 4020 

Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 4, Phila., 1839. 




Portrait: Oadaden (Christopher). Half length; 
directed and facing to the left, looking to the front. 
Inscription: (reversed) C W Sharpe Int. Seward 
Stone Nr London England \ Christ Gadsden (fac- 
simile signature). Stipple and line, [i860?] 4**. 

EM. 4021 

The same engraving, described as bm. aai, was attributed 
wrongly to H. B. Hall as engraver. 

Letter : Motte (Jacob). [South Carolina,] Dec. 
12. 1776. To the Speaker of the General Assembly. 
Indisposition prevents his appearance in the House 
of Assembly. A. L. S. i page. 4°. em. 4022 

Document: BowilUUi (J.). Prince Town, Nov. 
27. 1779' Receipt for two cords of wood, fur- 
nished by Robert Stogdell to a detachment of North 
Carolina troops. A.D.S., J. Bowman Capt". Comd. 
Strip. EM. 4023 

Portrait : Wajme (Anthony). Bust ; directed 

and facing slightly to the right, looking to the front; 
uniform. Inscription: Edwin sc. \ Genl, Anthf, 
IVayne, Stipple. 8^ em. 4024 

Also in the Part/olio^ vol. z (Phila., xSog) p. 40a. 

Letter: Wayne (Anthony). Mount Joy, [Penn.,] 
May 4. 1778. To Gov. [Thomas] Wharton, Lan- 
caster. Encloses the return of the thirteen Penn- 
sylvania regiments; of those returned as sick pres- 
ent, the greater part are simply too naked to appear 
on parade; so many repetitions of their wants must 
give pain to the Governor, but he himself suffers 
more from viewing the distress of these worthy fel- 
lows; had they clothing, there would not be one 
deserter where now there are twenty. A. L. S. 
Draught? i page. 4^ km. 4025 

Printed In Pennsylvania Archives^ vol. 6 (Phila., 1853) 
p. 474, piobably from the letter actually sent, of which the 
signature and the lower portion are stated to be missing. The 
draught described above is complete. 


Letter: Heyward (Thomas). White Hall, 
[S. C] Aug. 29, 1797. To Nathaniel Heyward, 
Charleston. He has received a copy of Brailsford's 
bill from De Saussure; it avoids Nathaniel's claim 
or Marie's settlement, and is filled with abuse; he 
will attend when it comes before the court. Litho- 
graph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of 
J. J. Cohen, Baltimore. I page. F". With a 
small wood engraving, on India paper, of the Res. 
of Thomas Hay ward Charlestown S. C. EM. 4026 

Also in Brotherhead's Boot 0/ the Signers^ Phila., 1861, 
P« 77- 

Letter : Heyi^ard (Thomas). Charleston, 
[S. C.,] Apr. 13, 1794. To Benjamin [Heyward? 
New Haven, Conn. ?] Acknowledges letter of Jan. 
X7th; he does not understand the non-receipt of 
allowance, as the money from a sale of rice in New 
York was remitted to Mr. Beers at New Haven; 
approves the plan of travelling to Boston and Phila- 
delphia with T. Savage after taking the last degree 
at college in September. A. L. S. 4 pp. 4°. 

EM. 4027 

Portrait: Hey^rard (Thomas). Bust; directed 
and facing to the right, looking to the front; oval 
within a ruled rectangle. Inscription: Tho*, Hey- 
ward Junr. Engraved by J. B, Longacre from a 
Miniature in the Possession of Mrs. Heyward, 
Stipple. S*". EM. 4028 

Also in Sanderson's ^i>/ra>A^ o/tke Signers, vol. 4 (Phila., 
1833) p. 3. 

Portrait : Wolfe (James). Half length ; directed 
to the left, head in profile to the left; uniform coat 
over cuirass, crape on left arm, oval frame within a 
rectangle. Inscription: (left)/. S. C. SchaakPinxt. 
(right) Richd. Houston Fecit \ Major Cent. James 
Wolfe ^ Commander in Chief of his Majesty s Forces 
on the Expedition against Quebec, Printed for E, 
Bakewell 6* H. Parker^ opposite Birchin-Lane in 
Cornhily T, Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard^Jn^. 
Bowles 6f* Son, in Cornhil, dr* Robt. Sayer, at the 
Golden Buck, Fleet Street. Mezzotint. [1760?] 
F°. EM. 4029 

See J. C. Smith's British Meuxotinio Portraits, part 2, 
p. 694, no. 128. 

Engraving: Wolfe (James). Seated on the 
ground, supported by an oflScer; a surgeon applies 
a cloth to his head; behind, another officer points 

with both hands ; to the left, a soldier running 
towards the group; battle in the distance, and town 
beyond to the left. Inscription: (left) PainUd by 
Edwd. Penny professor of Painting, to y* Royal 
Academy, (centre) R. Sayer Excudit. (right) En- 
graved by Richd. Houston \ The Death of General 
Wolfe on the 13th, Sep^. ijsg, at Quebec. {London 
Printed for Robt Sayer Map <5r* Printseller No S3 
in Fleet Street, Published as the Act directs istjanr 
1772.] Mezzotint. ig}i x 13 in. EM. 4030 

See J. C. Smith's British MezMctinio Portraits, part a, 
p. 693, no. X26. 

Portrait : Franklin (Benjamin). Half length; 
reading, with thumb on chin; after Martin. In- 
serted in a decorative frame. Stipple [by T. B. 
Welch]. 8". EM. 4031 

Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. a (N. Y., i83S> 

Portrait : AcUuns (John). Half length ; directed, 
facing, and looking to the left; oval. Inscription: 
B. Tanner, Sc. \John Adams Esq^, Stipple. 
[Phila., 1800?] 8^ EM. 403a 

Letter : Lgrttelton (William Heniy), ist Baron 
Lyttelton. Charles Town, [S. C..] Nov. 3. 1756. 
To William Denny [Philadelphia]. Acknowledges 
letter of Aug. 26th informing him that Denny has 
taken upon himself the government of Pennsylvania; 
wishes him success. A. L. S. Endorsed. 2 pp. 
4^ EM. 4033 

Printed in Pennsylvania Archives, vol. 3 (Phila., 1853) 
p. 18. 

Portrait: Moultrie (William). Half length; 
directed to the front, facing and looking to the left; 
uniform. Inscription : (left) PainUd by Col. /. 
Trumbull P.A,A.F.A. (right) Engraved by Edu4. 
Scriven, \ Major General William Moultrte. 
Willf^. Moultrie (fac-simile signature). Stipple, 
go. EM. 4034 

Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. x, N. Y., 1834. 

Letter: Honlirie (William). Charleston, [S.C.,] 
June 16, i8oa. To Gen. [James] Jackson, Georgia, 
He is about to publish an account of the revolu- 
tionary war in the southern stotes, and desires infor- 
mation as to Gen. Wayne's progress in Georgia, ot 
which he has no account except that m Ramsay s 
book. A.L. S. I page. 4'. em. 4035 



Map : Chftrleston* 5. C. A Sketch of the 
Environs of Charlestown in South Carolina. [Z^n- 
doH^ 1780?] Site : 21^ x \^\\ in. Scale : 2 miles 
to an inch. Engraved on copper. Colored. Paper, 
hinged to fold. EM. 4036 

View: St. Ancrnstine* J*'la. Inscriptions: 

fVaich' Tower, Si, Mark's Castle, St, MarKs 
Castle ^ St. Augustine, Interior of St, Mark*s 
Castle, Three wood engravings, by Harley and 
others, from drawings by Harry Fenn. 4''. 

KM. 4037 
Also in W. C. Bryant's Ptcturetfug A mtrtea^ vol. x (N. Y., 
xBya) pp. xga, X83, 193. 


Letter : Rntled^ (Edward). [Charleston, 
S. C] Aug. 16, 1798. To [John Faucheraud] 
Grimke. He examined the papers respecting Bris- 
bane's bond, but was taken ill the same day; he is 
better, and desires an interview with Grimke. Litho- 
graph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of 
J. J. Smith Esq. i page. F°. With a small wood 
engraving, on India paper, of the Res, of Edw^. 
Rutledge Broad St, Charleston S, C, EM. 4038 

Also in Brotherbead's Book 0/ the Signort^ Phila., i86x, 
p. 71. 

Letter: Rntled^e (Edward). War Office, 
[Philadelphia,] Thursday [Nov. 21, 1776]. To the 
Council of Safety of Pennsylvania. The members 
of the Board of War are ready to confer and co- 
operate with the Council of Safety in any measures 
for the defence of this state; Congress having vested 
the Board with all their powers, they are prepared 
at all times to meet a committee from the Council. 
A. L. S. 2 pp., and i leaf with the address and 
endorsement. 4°. em. 4039 

Portrait: Coke (Sir Edward). Half length; 

directed and facing slightly to the right, looking to 

the front; large ru£F: mace, scales and sword below. 

Inscription: (on the frame) Sr, Edward Coke Lord 

Chief Justice [(below, left) In the Possession of 

Robert Coke Esq^. (right) /. Houbraken sculps. Amst, 

1741.^ Line. F*. EM. 4040 

Also in "Bvtch^t Heads o/Iilu*tr ion* Persons^ London, X743, 
p. 64. 

Portrait : Dunning (John), ist Baron Ashbur^ 
ton. Nearly full length, seated; directed, facing, 
and looking to the right; robes and wig. Inscrip- 
tkm: (left) Class I. Painting, (right) for the Fine 
Arts of the English School. \ John Dunning^ Lord 
Ashburton. Engraved by W*^, Bond^ from the 
Original Picture by Sir Joshua Reynolds^ in the pos^ 
session of Lord Ashburton, To Thomas Erskine, 
Lord Erskine^ this Portrait with the annexed 
Memoir of an eminent Counsellor and equally eminent 
Patriot is respectfully inscribed by John Britton 6r» 
Wm, Bond. Stipple. [London, 1 8 10?] 4^ 

EM. 4041 

Portrait : Wedderbnm (Alexander), Earl of 
Rosslyn, Half length, seated; directed and facing 
to the left, looking to the front; robes and wig. 
Inscription: Alexander Baron Loughborough^ Lord 
High Chancellor^ Afterwards created Earl of 
Rosslyn . From the original Picture by James North' 
cote, Esq. R.A. in the Possession of his Nephew the 
present Earl. Drawn by J, Jackson, Engraved by 
H. Mey, r. Published Dec. 7. 1812, by T. Cadell &* 
W. Davies, Strand, London. Stipple. F**. 

EM. 4042 

Portrait: Thnrlow (Edward), ist Baron Thur- 
l^vf. Half length; directed, facing, and looking to 
the left; hat, wig and bands; coat oi arms below. 
Inscription: (Jiti^ S Collings pinx* . (right)/ Cond/ 
sculpi. I The Right Honorable Edward Lord Thur- 
low Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain Pub- 

lish'd Feby. 2g tyQ2 by S. W, Fores N^ j Picca- 
dilly. Stipple. 4 . EM. 4043 

Portrait: Murray (William), istEarlofMans^ 
field. Half length, seated; directed, facing, and 
looking to the front; robes and wig: Inscription: 
fVilliam Murray, Earl of MansfUld, Lord Chief 
Justice of the Court of Kinffs Bench. From the 
original Picture by Sir Joshua Reynolds, P. R.A, 
in the Posssssion of the present Earl, Drawn by J, 
Jackson, Engraved by H. Meyer. Published June 
27. 1812, by T. Cadell <5y» IV. Davies, Strand, Lon- 
don, Stipple. F°. EM. 4044 

Portrait: Pratt (Charles), ist Earl Camden, 
Half length; profile to the left. Inscription: (within 
the ground, left) at Brighton Sep^. 2j^, lygj. (right) 
Geo. Dance, (below) Engraved by I. Ogborne, 
Charles Pratt Earl Camden. Published as the Act 
directs Nov^. i. 17(^4. N^, 2g, Upper Gower Street, 
Stipple. F*. EM. 4045 

Portrait: Ratledg^ (Edward). Half length; 
directed to the right, facing and looking nearly to 
the front. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall, 
Morrisania N. V. 1872. Edward Rutledge (fac- 
simile signature). F°. em. 4046 

A [»-ivate plate. 

Portrait: Oadflden (Christopher). Bust; di- 
rected, facing, and looking to the left. Inscription: 
Etchd. by H, B. Hall, Morrisania, N. Y. 1870. 
Gen. Geuisden. Christ Gadsden (fac-simile signa- 
ture). F'. EM. 4047 

A private plate. 

View : Cove Harbor, Ireland. Inscription: 
(left) yV. H. Bartlett (right) C. Cousen, Line. 
F^ EM. 4048 

A proof before letter of the plate in J. S. Coyne*a Scenery 
and antiquities 0/ Ireland, vol. 9 (London, 1S43) p. 84. 

Portrait : Coote (Richard), tst Earl of Bella- 

mont. Half length; directed and looking slightly 

to the left, facing slightly to the right; uniform 

with star and cross. Wood engraving by Kilbum. 

8**. EM. 4049 

An unlettered proof, on India paper, of the cut in the 
Memorial History 0/ Boston, vol. a (x88x) p. 175. 

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Bust; directed 
and facing slightly to the left, looking to the front; 
trimmed to an oval and inserted in an eneraved 
frame. Stipple, by Desnoyers. [Paris, 1 801 J. 4*. 

EM. 4050 

For the engravinj^ in its original form, see sm. 2539. 

Portrait: Adams (John). Half length; di- 
rected and facing to the right, looking to the front; 
oval. Inscription: Houston Sculpt. John Adams, 
President of the United StaUs, Stipple. [Phila- 
delphia ? 1 797 ?] 8". EM. 4051 

View : Staten Island* N, Y, Inscription: 

TheBently or Billopp Manor-House, Staten Island, 

Wood engraving by Richardson, with two pages of 

text by B. J. Lossing. 4°. EM. 4052 

From Appleton* s Journal, vol. xi (N. Y., 1874) p. ]6x. 



Portrait : Ho'we (Richard), Earl Howe, Bust; 
directed slii^htly to the left, facing and looking to 
the front; uniform; oval. Inscription: (left) Code- 
froy Del (right) Pass Sculff. \ The Right Hon^l; 
Richd, Earl Howe, Published as the Act directs^ 
July 2 1'* t 1794. Stipple, in brown ink. 8*. em. 4053 

Portrait : Franklin (Benjamin). Half length; 
directed, facing, and looking to the left. Inscrip- 
tion: Nordheim sculps, Franklin, Line. [Ger- 
many? 1820?] 8"*. EM. 4054 

Document: United States* — Congress, Con- 
tinental, 1775-89. [Philadelphia,] Sept. 2-17, 
1776. Proceedings of Congress relative to Lord 
Howe's request through Gen. Sullivan for a confer- 
ence; Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Edward 
Rutledge app>ointed a committee to confer; their 
report. A. D. S., Cha> Thomson secy. By order 
of Congress John Hancock Preside. 4 pp. F**. 

EM. 4055 

Printed in tht Journals oj' Coniret*^ Sept. 9-17, 1776. 

Caricature: Commiecioners* (The) inter- 
view. Inscription: The Commissioners* interview 
with Congress, Pubd by M Darley jg Strand 
April, J, jyy8. Line. F°. em. 4056 

A fanciful sketch of the propoeed peace negotiations of 
1778. Sir Henry Clinton and the three commiMioners, George 
Johnstone, William Eden, and the Earl of Carlisle, stand to 
the left in characteristic attitudes; Clinton takes snuff and 
proffers his snuff-box; to the right stand three members of 
Congress dressed as Tartars; palm trees behind. 

Portrait : Franklin (Benjamin). Half length ; 

reading, with thumb on chin; ornamental frame; 

after Martin. Stipple. [Philadelphia, 1830 ?] 

EM. 4057 

Unlettered. A pencil note reads, " From Ix>ngacre*s Pri- 
vate Collection." 

Portrait : Lincoln (Benjamin). Three-quarters 
length; right hand holding letter and resting on 
the muzzle of a field-piece; left hand on hip. In- 
scription: Engraved by T. Illman. Major General 
Benjamin Lincoln ^ B: Lincoln (fac-simile signa- 
ture) [Painted by J, Herrings from the original 
by Col. Sargeant in the collection of the Massachu^ 
setts Historical Society,] Stipple and line. 8**. 

EM. 4058 

Also in the National Portrait Gailtry^ vol. 3, N. Y., 

Letter: Pinckney (Thomas). Charleston, [S. 
C] Mar. 31, 1 791. To John Vaughan, Philadel- 
phia. In order to pay for some machinery pur- 
chased of Mr. Dillot, he incloses some continental 
certificates which he desires Vaughan to sell at the 
market price and give Dillot credit for $265 of the 
proceeds. A. L. S. i page. F°. em. 4059 

The address has been mounted on the back. 

View : St. Aii£^etine» Fla, Inscription : 

Fort Marion ,t St, Augustine, E, F, Lithograph. 

12". ' EM. 4060 

Also in R. K. Sewall's Sketches 0/ St. A ugustine^ N. Y., 
1848, p. 13. 

Letter : Logan (William). Philadelphia, May 
II, 1768. To John Fothergill [London]. His 
two young sons will sail in the next ship with a 
party of Friends; they are to go to school with 
James Fell at Worcester, there being no suitable 
schoolmaster here, and the city being full of en- 
snaring youth on the high road to destruction ; he 
desires Fothergill to advise and direct his son Will 
in his next steps after he shall have done with Dr. 

Hunter; touches on American affairs. A. L. S. 
Endorsed. 2 pp. F°. em. 4061 

Portrait: €hreene (Nathanael). Two figures, 
representing Wisdom and Valor, are attaching a 
portrait of Greene to an obelisk; a child between 
them holds up two wreaths. Inscription (on the 
base) Nataniel Greene Majos General in the Amer- 
ican armies a Patriot a Hero and a Friend, (below, 
left) PeaU Pinxit Philadelphia, (centre) 7Vr/ du 
Cabinet du Poi de Pologne. (right) ChevilUt Sculp- 
sit. I i Paris che% VAuteur rOe des Mafons au N». 


Line. [1780?] F\ em. 4062 

Portrait : Snmter (Thomas). Half length; di- 
rected to the front, facing and looking to the right; 
uniform. Inscription : (left) C. W, PeaU (right) 
H, B, Hall, I Maj, Gen, Thomas Sumter, The, 
Sumter (fac-simile signature). New York, G, P, 

Putnam, Etching. 4' 

EM. 4063 

Also in Irving's Washington^ 4* ed., voL 4 (N. Y., 1859) p. 

Portrait : Uarion (Francis). Bust ; directed, 
facing, and looking to the right ; uniform and 
cocked hat. Inscription: General Francis Marion, 
Fran* Marion (fac-simile signature). New York, 
G, P. Putnam, Etching. 4'. km. 4064 

Also in Irving*s H^athington, 4* ed., vol. 4 (N. Y., 1859) p. 

View: Charleetont S, C, Inscription: Charles- 
ten, S, C, in 1780, {New York, G, P, Putnam.] 
Line. 4°. km. 4065 

Also in Irving's IVasAington, 4* ed., vol. 4 (N. Y., 1859) p. 

/'^^r/y-aiV.- JelTereon (Thomas). Bust; directed, 
facing, and looking slightly to the right; oval; after 
Desnoyers. Inscription: T, Jefferson President 
des EtatS'Unis de VAmMque, \ T, Jefferson Pr/si- 
dent des Etats-unis de TAm/rique, Stipple. [Paris, 
1805?] 8^ EM. 4066 

Maeeaehufletts (The) Centinel. Saturday, 
June 14, 1788. Number 26, of Vol. IX. Boston: 
Benjamin Russell. 4 PP- F*- KM. 4067 

Trenton* June 5. By the Mail which arrived 
last evening we have received the following very 
Important Intelligence [the ratification of the con- 
stitution by South Carolina]. Trenton: PrinUd 
by QuequelU ^ Wilson, 1788. i page. Z)it,^%\n, 

EM. 4068 

Sonth Carolina.— Sututes. Sute of South- 
Carolina. An Ordinance. Prescribing, on the part 
of this State, the times, places, and manner of hold- 
ing Elections for Representatives in Congress . . . 
In the Senate House, the 20th day of January, 
1790. . . {Charleston, 1790.] i page. 4^ EM. 4069 

Portrait : Ramsay (David). Half length; di- 
rected and facing slightly to the right, looking to 
the left. Trimmed to an oval, and inserted with 
part of the inscription in an engraved frame of 
earlier date. Inscription: David Ramsay M.D. 
Stipple, by Gimbrede. 8". EM. 4070 

For the engravini? in its original form, see bm. ia6x. It is 
also in the A na/ectic Magauine, vol. 5 (Phil*-, J815) no- 33- 

Portrait: Gen^t (Edmond Charics). Bust; 
profile to the right ; uniform. Inscription: Etchd, 
by H. B. Hall Morrisania N. Y. 187 J, \ E. C, 
Genet (fac-simile signature). Line. F^ EM. 4071 

Letter: Oen^t (Edmond Charles). Prospect 
Hill, [N. Y.,] July 11, i8a2. To . Concern- 



tog payment of a note to the Mechanics' Bank. 
A. L. S. Endorsed, i page. 4"*. em. 4072 

Portrait: Trumbull (John). Half length; di- 
rected, facing, and looking to the right ; overcoat 
with wide collar. Inscription : (left) Painted by 
IVaido ^ Jewett, (centre) for the Trumbull Gal- 
lery, Yale College, New Haven, (right) Engraved 
by A. B, Durand\John Trumbull. JnP Trum- 
bull (fac-simile signature). Entered according to the 
act of Congress in the year i8jj by James Herring 
in the clerks office of the District Court of the South- 
ern District of N, York. Line. 8°. em. 4073 
Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 1, N. Y., 1834. 

Document: Rutledfl^e (Edward). [Charleston, 
S. C] Mar. I, 1774. License for Edward Rut- 
ledge to be ms^rried by the Rev. Robert Cooper to 
Henrietta Middleton, Edward and John Rutledge 
binding themselves to the Lieutenant Governor in 
the sum of ;^2,ooo. Printed form filled in. D. S. 
Witnessed, Wm Nisbctt. i page. 4*. em. 4074 

Letter: Batledg^ (Edward). [Charleston, 
S. C.,] Aug. 13, 1796. To Henry [Middleton Rut- 
ledge, London?]. He is writing a long letter on 
private matters, which he will send by a safe hand ; 
Henry's uncle, [Charles C] Pinckney, is still with 
them, waiting for a vessel daily expected ; advises 
Henry to take his law books with him when he goes 
to the Continent, and to be ready to join Gen. 
P[inckney] as soon as summoned. A. L. S. A 
postscript by Mary Rutledge treats of family mat- 
ters. 2 pp. F". em. 4075 

Portrait : Evelein^h (Nicholas). Bust ; directed 
and facing to the right, looking to the front ; uni- 
form. Inscription: (left) Max /Rosenthal \ Nicholas 
Eveleigh, Member of the Continental Congress. 
Nich*. Eveleigh (fac-simile signature). Etching. 
[Philadelphia, 1885?] F^ em. 4076 

Portrait: George HI.* /Ting of Great Britain. 
Half length; directed to the frontj facing and look- 
ing to the left ; uniform with sash and star, cocked 
hat with plume. Inscription : (left) Hopkins del 
(right) M. A. Boulier Sc \ His most Gracious 
Majesty George the Third London Published by E. 
Harding ig May 1806. Stipple. F°. em. 4077 

Document: St. Andrew's Pariah, S. C. 

[1763.] Petition to the Assembly, showing that 
the parish church was destroyed by fire Mar. 10, 
1763 ; the petitioners have raised a considerable 
sum for rebuilding the same, but to complete the 
work they need assistance from the Assembly. 
D. S., Thomas Heyward and twenty others. 2 pp. 
F". em. 4078 

Portrait: Drayton (John). Profile to the 

right ; circular. Inscription : John Drayton Gov. 

of S Carolina, Small mezzotint by St. Memin. 

[C^harleston, 1809.] em. 4079 

No. 648 in Elias Dexter*s St. Memin Collection, N. Y., 

Portrait: Sumter (Thomas). Vignette; bust; 
after C. W. Peale. Line. [New York? i860?] 

EM. 4080 


Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers 
to the Declaration of Independence. Volume 
XIX., Georgia. Illustrated by Thomas Addis 
Emmet, M.D. New York [1870?]. F'. 

The text of the volume consists of the life of George Walton, 
from Tolame 4, passes 151 to 160 of the original edition of 
Sanderson ; of Button Gwinnet, from volume 3, pages 1x7 to 
<3a; and of Lvman Hall, from volume 3, pages 49 to 60; all 
three are by Hugh McCall. 

The material indexed consists of : caricature x, charts 3, 
documents 8, engravings 3, letters xx, newspapers 3, plans 3, 
portraits 25, views xx. 

Portrait : O§^lethorpe (James Edward). Di- 
rected to the right, facing and looking to the left ; 
bust; in armor. Line. [London, 1775?] In- 

serted in a decorative frame engraved by Slann in 
1797. 8". EM. 4081 

Chart: Georg^ia* [The (Georgia coast from 
East Florida to North Carolina. With a :] Plan 
of the Siege of Savannah, And the Defeat of the 
French and Rebels on the </h, Qct^. J77g, By His 
Majesty s Forces under the Command of Major Gen- 
eral A ugustin Prevost. Surveyed by John IVilson 
A, Engineer. [London, 1780?] Siu : chart, 
23^ X 2g)i in.; plan, ii 7/x6 x T}i in. Scale: 
none given for the map ; 3 5/z6 in. to the mile for 
the Plan. Engraved on copper. Colored by hand. 

Paper, mounted on muslin, to fold. em. 4082 

Apparently a later state of the chart of Georgia described as 
KM. 4x45. 


Letter: Walton ((George). Savannah, [Ga.,] 
Apr. 26, 1778. To Robert Morris, at Congress 
[York, Pa.], by Col. Marbury. Acknowledges re- 
ceipt of a letter ; he wrote several on his return, to 
Morris, Duane, and others ; he cannot retire from 
poblic service, and yet while he continues in it, 
combination and faction keep him in everlasting 
disturbance and hot water ; congratulates him upon 
the capture of the vessels of war of the enemy by 
oor gailies and troops. Lithograph fac-simile of an 
A L. S. in possession of Frank M. Etting, Esq., 
Pbila. 2 pp. F^. With a portrait (w:ood engrav- 
ing on India paper) of (George Walton. em. 4083 

Also ID Brotherhcad's Boo* 0/ the Signers, Phila., x86x, 

Letter: Walton (George). Augusta, [Ga.,] 
Dec. 2, 1779. To John Houstoun, South Carolina, 
by Capt. Hardy. Requests him to transmit to him 
the great seal of the state ; he is expected to take 
his seat in Congress as soon as possible ; Walton 
intends to go at the first opening of spring, and if 
Houstoun does not go sooner he will be happy to 
serve with him. A. L. S. i page. 4**. em. 4084 
The address has been mounted upon the back of the letter. 

Portrait: Walton (George). Wood engrav- 
ing. With fac-simile signature. [New York? 
1870?] 4^ EM. 4085 

Document: De Brahm (William). Dec. 7, 
1762. Fragment of a return of a survey of a plat 




of ground rectif3ring the nnmber of acres and 
changing it from iso to 113. D. S. Counter- 
sign^ by Henry Yonge. Narrow strip of paper. 

EM. 4086 

Document : Jones (Noble Wimberly), and 
Clay (Joseph). [Georgia, 1790?] Petition to the 
House of Representatives praying for relief in the 
matter of the estate of Bartholomew Zouberbuhler 
devised to them by his will upon his death in De- 
cember, 1766 ; they recite how they held possession 
of the estate and incurred debts for it ; that by an 
act of the House, passed in 1788, the estate was 
declared vested in the trustees of an academy for 
Chatham county, and that in June 1788, Jacob 
Waldburgher took possession of the estate. D. S., 
N. W. Jones, Joseph Clay. In the handwriting of 
the latter. 4 pp. F*. EM. 4087 

Document : Georg^im Province. — Crovemor. 
[Savannah,] Nov. 19, 1770. Certificate of probate 
of will of Thomas Cuthbert of Christ Church parish 
on Oct. 26, 1770, and of the appointment of Ann 
Cuthbert, John Graham, and Alexander Inglis as 
executors. D. S., J. Wright [(Governor]. Counter- 
signed by Thomas Moody, Secretary. Endorsed. 
Printed form filled in. i page. F°. em. 4088 

Portrait : George III** King of Great Britain, 
Full length, profile to the left, walking upon a 
promenade. Inscription : (left) Rosenberg del^, 
(right) Stadler sculpt. \ His Most Excellent Majesty, 
George the Thirds In the 8j*t Year of his Age 6* 
the ^(/h of his Reign. Line and Stipple. [Lon- 
don? 1820?] F**. EM. 4089 

Portrait : Hall (Lyman). Inscription : Etchd, 
by H. B. Hall from a Drawing in the Collection of 
D^. T. A. Emmet i8yi. Lyman Hall (fac-simile 
signature). [New York.] F°. em. 4090 

Letter : Ewen (William). [Georgia,] June 14, 
1759. To Thomas Rasberry. Request for one 
thousand of 4 d. nails. A. L. S. Narrow strip. 

EM. 4091 

Document: Houstoon (John). Chatham co., 
Cyeorgia, Jan. q, 1788. Amdavit before Joseph 
Clay to the effect that he had been misled by the 
almanack into believing that the court of common 
pleas at Charleston, before which he had a cause 
depending in which Philip Hart is plaintiff, would 
not meet until the third Tuesday in February; that 
he learned from Edward Rutledge, on Jan. 3, that 
the court was to sit on Jan. 12 ; that he made all 
efforts to get his witnesses before the latter date, 
but found it impossible so to do ; that he had trans- 
mitted to Charleston by Edward Penman the affida- 
vit of Philip Minis, his principal witness, made be- 
fore one of the assistant judges in Savannah ; and 
that Philip Minis is now too ill to give his testimony 
viva voce. D. S., J. Houstoun. Certified by Joseph 
Clay. 2 pp. ¥". EM. 4092 

Portrait: Habersham (Joseph). Bust; di- 
rected, facing, and looking to the right ; dress-coat, 
ruffled shirt. Inscription : Engraved bv J. Gross 
from a painting by IV. G. Conarroe after Douglass. 
Joseph Habersham. Jos. Habersham (fac-simile 
signature). Stipple. 4*^. em. 4093 

Also io Th€ National Portrait Gallery, vol. 4, Phila., 

Portrait: Bulloch (Archibald). Bust; directed 
to the front, facing and looking slightly to the left; 

military uniform; ruffles; left hand raised and 
touching his face. With fac-simile signature. 
Wood engraving. [New York, 1875?] 4'*' em. 4094 

Portrait: Howe (Robert). Bust; directed 
slightly to the left, facing and looking to the right ; 
military uniform, cocked hat. Inscription : Col. 
Rob*t Howe. Small wood engraving. [New York, 
1850?] EM. 4095 

Portrait: Campbell (Sir Archibald)? Full 
length, standing, profile to the left ; military uni- 
form, sword at side and walking stick apparently in 
right hand ; cocked hat ; in background a river and 
landscape. Etching. [London? 1780?] 8°. 

EM. 4096 

The inacri^ion has been scratched off apparently \ below, 
on the paper in which the print is inlaid, is written in ink Col. 
Sir Arch Campboll : on the back is written in pencil Camp- 
bell 0/ Blitkervtood. 

View: Savannah, Georgia. Inscription: (left) 
Painted by J. Shaw (right) Engraved by J. Hill, 
I Burning of Savannah. Aquatint (colored). [New 
York? 1820?] F^ EM. 4097 

Pennagrlvaiiia (The) Journal and Weekly Ad- 
vertiser. Feb. 10, 1779. Numb. 181 5. Philadel- 
phia : Thomas Bradford. 4 pp. F". EM. 4098 

Among other news it contains an account of the capture of 
Habersham by the British in Dec. 1778. 

New-Jersey (The) Gazette. Wednesday, Nov. 

17. 1779. Vol. II. Numb. 99. Trenton: Isaac 

Collins. 4 pp. F% EM. 4099 

Among other news it contains a letter of Benjamin Lincoln 
recounting the attack upon Savannah in Oct., 1779* 

Plan: Savannah, Georgia. Plan of the French 
and American Sice[e] of Savannah in Georgia in 
South America [sic\ under Command of the French 
(}ener. Count d*EsUing The Britt : Commander in 
the Toun was General August Prevost. [New 
York, 1874.] Site: 25>i x 17 V16 in. Scale: 
None given. Photolithograph. Paper, em. 4100 

Also in C. C. Jones's The Siogo 0/ Savannah in /779« «tc.t 
Albany. 1874, where it is suted that the original was pur- 
chasea in London at the sale of Lord Rawdon's papers. 

Portrait: Washin^on (George). Full length, 
seated ; directed to the left, facing and looking to 
the right ; military uniform ; right arm resting on 
table and grasping a paper ; on the table a cloak ; 
walls of the room in background. Inscription : 
Prind, by Chr. Kimmel &* 0». 2S4 6* 2s6 Canal 
St. N. Y. George Washington. Lithograph. 
[1870?] F". em. 4101 

Portrait: Lincoln (Benjamin). Bust; directed, 
facing, and looking to the front ; military uniform. 
Inscription : Maj. Gen. B. Lincoln. B Lincoln 
(fac-simile signature). Line and stipple. [New 
York? 1840?] 8^ EM. 4102 

Portrait: Estainf^ (Charles Hector d*), Count. 
Bust ; directed and facing to the right, looking to 
the front ; military uniform ; sash and star. Oval, 
within an ornamental frame, with arms below. In- 
scription : (on the frame) Charles Henri Comtt 
d'Estaing Chevalier des Ordres du Roi Lieutenant 
gin^ral de ses Armies Vice Amiral de France. Ne 
le 24. Novembre iy2g. Presents Par son tres 
HumbU Servileur [sic] Bligny, Pere. (below, to 
the left) F. SabUtpinx (right) C. Gaucher direxit. 
(in verse) Albion redouta son bras et son Genie; 

Vengeur du nom franfais. General et soldat, /I sfut 
dompter avec /clat, Les Anglais et la Calommie \ Se 

Vend a Paris chez Bligny, Lancier du Roy, M^, 




iEitampes, Peintre, Doreur^ ei Vitrier; Cour du 
Manege aux Thuilleries, Line. [1785?] F°. 

EM. 4103 
Portrait: Hnnttngton (Samuel). Bust, pro- 
file to the left. Inscription : Drawn from the life 
by Du Simitier in Philadelphia, Engraved by B. 
I, Prevost at Paris, (to the right, below) A^*. S, 
Line. [1780?] 4°. em. 4104 

Letter: Mebtosh (Lachlan). Skidaway Island, 
[Ga.,] May 20, 1786. To (his son) John Mcintosh, 
Altamaha. Regrets to hear that he has rashly 
taken up a new scheme ; he has obligations enough 
depending upon him now ; requests htm to attend 
without fail the next land court at Sunbury and to 
endeavor to get warrants for three or four thousand 
acres in Liberty and from five to seven thousand in 
Glynn county in his father's name ; urges him to 
come thence in his boat and to bring all his papers 
with him so that his father may aid him in settling 
his affairs. A. L. S. Endorsed, i page. F"". 

EM. 4105 

Portrait: Walton (George). Bust; directed, 
facing, and looking to the left ; plain clothes. In- 
scription : Etchd, by H. B, Hall from a Drawing 
in Collection of Dr. T. A. Emmet, 1871. \ Geo 
WalUm (fac-simile signature). [New York.] F*". 

EM. 4106 

Portrait : Walton (George). Bust ; directed, 
facing, and looking to the right. With fac-simile 
signature. Lithograph by Max Rosenthal. [Phila- 
delphia, 1885 ?] 4°. EM. 4107 

Portrait : Jackson (Andrew). Half length ; 
seated in armchair, directed, facing, looking to the 
front ; hands clasped in his lap ; pillar and drapery 
in background ; table with books, paper, ink stand 
and quill pens to the right. Lithograph. [New 
York? 1850?] F*. EM. 4108 

View: KxL^gamtf^ Georgia. Inscription: View 
of Augusta, from Summerville, Wood engraving 
by H. F. [New York, 1870?] 4''. em. 410Q 



Engraving : Girinnett (Button). The duel in 
which Button Gwinnett was killed by Col. Lachlan 
Mcintosh. Wood engraving on India paper. 8". 

EM. 41 10 

Abo in Brotberhead's Boah o/the SignerM^ PhtU., x86i, p. 

Document: Gurlnnett (Button). [Savannah, 
Ga.,] Mar. 16, 1770. Indenture between Button 
Gwinnett and Mordecai Sheftall and Levi Sheftall 
of Savannah transferring to them the island of St. 
Catherines. D. S., Mordecai Sheftall, Levi Sheft- 
all, Button Gwinnett, and sealed by each of them. 
Witnessed by J«. Wood Ju'. and Will. Stephens. 
Endorsed. 5 pp. F". em. 41 11 

Letter : Gwinnett (Button). Sunbury, [Ga. ,] 
Mar. 21, 1777. To Messrs. Swen and O'Brien, 
Treasurers. Requesting them to exchange for the 
bearer Capt. Clement Nash two hundred dollars 
Georgia money for two hundred dollars Continental 
currency to enable him to proceed on the recruiting 
service. Lithogragh fac-simile of A. L. S. in pos- 
session of Jos. J. Mickley, Esq., Phila. i page. 
F'. With an engraving of The duel in which 
Button Gwinnett was killed by Col. Lachlan Afc. 
Intosh. em. 41 1 2 

Also in Brotherhead*s Book o/tht Signers^ Phila., i86x, p. 

View: Biistolt England. Inscription: (left) 
G, Holmes del. (centre) Published by W. Sheppard, 
Exchange, Bristol, (right) Angus sc \ Bristol seen 
from Clifton Wood. Line. [1820?] 4*. EM. 41 13 

View : Charlestont S. C. Inscription: (left) 
Dravm by J. W. Hill (right) Engraved by Well- 
stood &* Peters \ Charleston, S. C. Line. [New 
York, 1850?] 4*. EM. 41 14 

Portrait : Gwinnett (Button). Bust; directed, 
facing, looking to the right; plain clothes; long 
hair. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall from a 
Drawing in the Collection of D^. T. A. Emmet, 
j9ji. J ButtonGttnnnett(laC'9iaa\e signature). [New 
York.] F°. EM. 4115 

View: SaTannaht Georgia. Inscription: Old 
Houses in Savannah. Wood engraving. [New 
York, 1870?] 7^x2^ in. em. 41 16 

Letter: Bnlloeh (Archibald). Savannah, [Ga.,] 
Feb. 18, 1777. To the states of North Carolina, 
Virginia, and Maryland. Requesting them to fur- 
nish the bearer, John White, appointed colonel of 
the fourth Georgia battalion to be raised in the 
northern states, with thirty thousand continental 
dollars, and to draw for the same upon the dele- 
gates of Georgia in Congress, or upNon Congress 
itself. A. L. S. I page. F'. em. 41 17 

Document : Znbly (John Joachim). [Georgia, 
1770?] Sermon on i Tim. iv, 12. A.D. 4 pp. 12*. 
Accompanied by a letter from Charles C. Jones, Jr; 
dated New York, Jan. 21, 1874, presenting the 
sermon to Dr. Emmet and vouching for its genuine- 
ness. EM. 41 1 8 

Document : Znbly (John Joachim). [Georgia ? 
1770?] Fragment of a legal document. D.S., J. J. 
Zubly. I page. 8**. em. 4119 

View: Savannah river* Georgia. Inscrip- 
tion: Mouth of the Savannah river. Wood en- 
graving by Harley. [New York, 1 870?] 7 ^ x 2^ in. 

em. 4120 

View : Baltimore* Md. Inscription : The 
Congress House. Small wood engraving. With three 
lines of explanatory text. em. 4121 

Also in LoMing*8 Field book, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1852) p. 393. 

Portrait: Mcslntoah (Lachlan). Full bust; di- 
rected, facing, looking to the right; military uniform 
with decoration of the Cincinnati. Inscription: En- 
graved by Hoppner Meyer from a Painting by J. 
B. Longacre after an original Portrait. Genral 
[sic] Lachlan Mc. Intosh. Lachn, Mcintosh (fac- 
simile signature). Stipple. 4". em. 4122 

A pencil note reads. *^ Proof from Longacre Collection." 
It was engraved for The National Portrait Gallery, vol. 3, 
N. Y., 1836. 

Portrait: Washington (George). After Stuart. 
Full bust; directed and facing to the right, looking 
to the front. Oval within a rectangle. Inscription: 
Engraved &* published by William Sartain 728 
Sansom, St Philad^. George Washington. Mezzotint. 
[1870?] F'. EM. 4123 

Baker, no. 336. 



View: Pensacolai* Florida, Inscription: A 
Perspective View of Pensacola, i. The Fort, 2, The 
Church, J, The Governors House, 4, The Com- 
mandants House, j. A Well, 6, A Bungo, Line. 
[London, 1775.] 9||x4}in. EM. 4124 

Litter : Melntosh (Lachlan). Skidaway Island, 
[Ga.,] Jan. 26, 1788. To (his son) John Mcintosh, 
St. Simons Island, by James Spalding. Is sorry he 
was so unsuccessful with his negroes; the family has 
suffered much this hard winter; nevertheless he may 
have the negroes another year; asks him to bring 
ten or twelve hundred pounds weight of bacon or 
pickled pork and thirty or forty bushels of com; 
hopes John will visit them soon. A postscript of 
Jan. 29, speaks of a report that his brother Billy 
was dangerously wounded in the shoulder in a duel 
at Augusta; Mr. Whitefield, however, informs him 
that he is well and on his way to Savannah where 
he has been elected vendue master; would that 
young men were not so impetuous. A. L. S. En- 
dorsed. \% pp. F*". EM. 4125 

Plan : Sunbnry* Georgia, Georgia, Parish of 

St. John. Plan of The Town of Sunbury contain- 
i°Sr 343<> F^t iQ length from North to South, & 
2230 in Breadth on the South Side, & 1880 in breadth 
on the North. [Also:] List of The Proprietors of 
The Town of Sunbury, in Georgia. Manuscript 
[drawn by C. C. Jones, Jr.. from the original in his 
possession, 1876J. Site : plan, 10 Ji^ x io}i in., on 
sheet 2i5i^ z 16^ in. Scale : none given. Colored. 
Paper. EM. 4126-7 

AcGompanyiof it is a letter of three pages, from C. C. Jone» 
to Dr. B!niinet, dated New York, Mar. ^i, 1876, giving an ac- 
count of the plan, and of the town of Sunbnrjr and 01 diTen 
perM>ns connected with it. A reduced engraving of the Plan 
u to be found in C. C. Joneses Drad town* 0/ Gtorgia^ Sa- 
vannah, 1878, p. Z41. 

Letter : Drayton (Stephen). Saint Andrews 
Parish, [Ga.,] Mar. 20, 1773. To John Houstoun. 
Complaining of the deception practised upon him 
with regard to real estate by Button Gwinnett; re- 
cites in detail the troubles between them; to show 
in part, how great injury has been done him by 
Gwinnett, he sends Houstoun a note of ;^20 as part 
payment. A.L.S. Endorsed. 3 pp. F*. km. 4128 


Letter: Hall (Lyman). [Georgia,] Sept. 12, 
1785. To George Jones. He is very anxious to 
settle the affairs of Gwinnett's estate; asks him to 
find out from his father the sum, indorsement, and 
date of a bond of Joseph and William Gibbons in 
favor of the estate, against which bond judgment 
has long stood suspended; will his father receive the 
bond as payment? ; if not he will please transmit it 
to George Jones that Hall may recover the amount 
due. Lithograph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in pos- 
session of Jos. J. Mickley, Esq., Philad*. i page. 
F"*. With a portrait (wood engraving on India 
paper) of Lyman Hall. em. 4129 

Also in Brotherhead's Book 0/ the Signtr*^ Phila., z86i, 
p. 47. 

Document : Hall (Lyman). [Georgia,] July 27, 
T787. Agreement with Ferdinand O'Neal binding 
the latter to pay, on or before Jan. i next, whatever 
difference there may be between the ;C35o sterling 
asked by Hall for the tract known as Sutherlands 
Bluff, in Liberty co., Ga., and the ten continental 
loan office certificates for $400 each lodged by him 
with Hall for payment of the former sum. D. S., 
L. Hall, F. oVeal. Witnessed by Samuel Stuty. 
\yi, pp. F°. EM. 4130 

View : Savannah, Georgia, Inscription: Bull 
street. Wood engraving. [New York, 1870?] 8®. 

EM. 4131 

View : Charleston* S, C, f Wood engraving. 
[New York, i860?] F^ em. 4132 

Portrait : Oeorg^ HI.* King of Great Britain, 
Full bust; directed to the front, facing and looking 
to the right ; wig ; sash and star. Inscription : 
George the Thirds S. G, Stipple. [London, 1770?] 
8\ em. 4133 

View: Boston* Mass. Inscription : (left) 
Lithographic par Deroy fig** par V<^, Adam, 
{xiglii) DessinCd'aprh nature par J. Milbert, \ Vue 
de Boston prise du pant du Sud. View of Boston 
and the south Boston bridge Adspectus Boston cap- 
tus exponte meridiei ^nfl^t ))on ^ofloit t)On ber 
©flberbrfltfc. No. 42, Imp. Lithog de Henry 
Gaugain, [Paris, 1850?] F . em. 4134 

Portrait: Pitt (William), Earl of Chatham. 
Full bust ; directed and facing to the right, looking 
towards the front ; wig, robes. Inscription : En- 
graved by W. Holl. Lord Chatham, From a Print 
by E, Fisher after a Picture by P, Brampton, 
[Under the Superintendence of the Society for the 
Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, London, Pub- 
lished by CharUs Knight, Ludgate Street.] Stipple. 
8*. KM. 4135 

Part of the inacripdon has been trimmed awaj. Alao in the 
S. D. U. K.'i Gallery 0/ portrait* with memoir*, vol. 7 
(London, X837) p. 55. 

Caricature : Howard (Kenneth Alexander), ist 

Earl of Effingham, Full length, standing ; profile 

to the right ; hands grasping long staff and a baton ; 

sword on left side. Inscription : (upper left-hand 

comer) 10 (below) JXames] S\ayers\ Sc, Pulr 

lished {London] 14th May 1782 by C, Bretkerton. 

Etching. 8°. KM. 4136 

Below is written in a contemporary hand *' Ld. Effingham ^* 
and " Deputy Earl Marshall." 

Portrait: Bupko (Edmund). Short half -length; 
directed, facing, looking to the left. Oval frame. 
Inscription: (left) Sir Joshua Reynolds P. A. pinxt. 
'775 (right) M Benedetti sculpt. Pupil to F. 
Bartolozzi RA, \ The Right HonbU. Edmund 
Burke, Stipple. [London, 1790?] F". EM. 4137 

Portrait : Lennoz (Charies), j^ ^«^ ^/ ^*^^' 
mond and Lennox. Half-length, seated ; profile to 
the left ; plain coat, ruffles ; garter ; holding and 
reading a book in his lap. Within a rectangular 
border. Inscription : (left) Painted by G: Romney 
(right) Engravd by James Watson \ Charles Duke 
of Richmond, ^c: Knight of the Most NobU Order 
of the Garter, Master-General of the Ordnance, &*c: 
dr'c: Published August /< 1793. by B B. Evans 
Poultry London. Mezzotint. F\ EM. 4138 

This is apparently a third state of the plate ; it was engraved 
originally in 1778. Sec J. C. Smith's British MegMOttnto 
Portraits, part 4, p. 1533, no. 194. 

Letter: Lennox (Charles), j</ Duke of Rich- 
mond and Lennox, Whitehall. [London,] Oct, 4. 
1784. To the Rt. Hon. Sir George Yonge, Bart. 
[SecreUry at War]. Transmits to him the enclosed 



letter from his nephew Lord Edward Fitzgerald ; 
so much depends upon consideration of the regula- 
tions established in his office, the time when they 
were to take effect, and the practice of the army, 
that he does not presume to judge on the matter 
Idmself but leaves the decision to Yonge. A. L. S. , 
Richmond &c. i page. 4°. km. 4139 

Portrait: Wilkes (John). Half length; di- 
rected to the left, facing and looking to the right. 
In an oval frame, supported on the right by Her- 
cnles, on the left by Liberty and a cherub ; below, 
a shield and books lettered Sidney on Government 
and Locke s Works. Inscription : John Wilkes 
Elected Knight of the Shire for Middlesex On the 
XXVIIIth, of March, MDCCLXVIII By the 
Put Voice of the People, Line. [London, 1770?] 
8\ EM. 4140 

Portrait : Oljiin (John). Full length, standing 
on a pedestal ; directed to the front, facing and 
looking to the right ; left hand extended to the 
right ; right hand resting on hip and grasping paper 
lettered/. Wilkes Esq. Ap, The King Ref; wig 
and gown ; short pillar in background to left. In- 
scription : John Glyn Esqr. M, P. for Middlesex, 
Line. [London, 1770?] 8°. EM. 4141 

Portrait: ^rmti (Chwcles), ist Earl of Camden. 
Three-quarters length, seated in armchair; directed 
and facing to the right, looking toward the front ; 
robes and wig ; drapery in background. Inscrip- 
tion: The Right Ifonil'. Sr. Charles Pratt K*. 
{jww Lord Camden) Lord Chief Justice of His 

Majesty s Court of Common Pleas. Printed for 
John Bowles, at the Black Horse in Cornhil [sic], 
6r* Carington Bowles, next the Chapter House in 
St. Pauls Church Yard, London. Mezzotint. 
[1766?] F°. EM. 4142 

Letter: Balloch (Archibald). Savannah, [Ga.,] 
Aug. 23, 1776. To [Charles] Lee. They hasten 
to assure him that they believed always that he 
would exert himself to the utmost for the colonies ; 
they would not desire to know anything that would 
be inconsistent with his honor to communicate to 
them ; they apprehend that his request relative to 
Messrs. Bryan and Toyner must have risen from 
wrong intimation ; they know of no counter orders ; 
before receipt of his letter they had issued orders 
to Captain Thomas Morris ; they will be obliged if 
Captain Toyner will assist him. A. L. S. 2 pp. 
F°. EM. 4143 

Engraving : United States. — Congress, Con- 
tinental, 1 775-1 789. Inscription: (left) Painted 
by Trumbull (right) Engraved by Tho*. PhilH- 
brown \ The Declaration of Independence. Line. 
[New York, i860?] 4"*. em. 4144 

Chart: Geor^fia. [The Georgia coast from 

East Florida to the Savannah river.] [London? 

1775?] Site: 22 1/16 X 30^ in. Scale: none 

given. Engraved on copper. Uncolored. Paper, 

mounted on muslin, to fold. em. 4145 

Apparently an earlier state of the chart of Georgia described 
•a BM. 408s. 



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« _7 



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T ype - w ri tten copy. 

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20 1 

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^-aiLOsoPHY — Ethics — Religion — Psy- 
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Acosta y Socarras, Diego . 
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Armstrong, Maj. S. T. (240 

newsp's, 13 maps) . . 
Asso'n of the Bar of N. Y. C 

(news'ps 118) . . . . 

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Battle Monument Asso'n . 
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Hosp. Bk. & Newsp. Soc. 

India Office 

Intercontinental R'y Com' 

(8 sets of maps) . . . 
Italy, Min. de TAgriculture 




186 647 






































Jaffe, Miss Rosa . . 

Judd, L. S 

Kansas, State Dept's . 
Lemcke & Buechner . 
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and Pub. Roads (maps) 
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Nat'l Civ. Serv. Ref. League 
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N. J. State Library . . 
New So. Wales .... 
N. Y. City Dept. of Health 
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N. Y. State Library 
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Ontario, various dep'ts 
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Military Orders . 
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Univ. of Chicago . . 
Univ. of Iowa . . . 
Venezuela, Legation of 
Vermont State Library 
Walsall, Borough of . 

Wiernik, P 

Worcester, Mass. . . 


















































































VoiiUME III • Number 5 
May 1899 


Hbpobt for Apbil 207-208 

ViBannA (Smtth of Niblet) Papers. 1619 .... 20a-228 

Art Pbriodicalb 224-281 

Music Pbriodicalb 282-288 

Principal Accessions in April 289-243 

Principal Donors in April 244 




Samuel P. Avery. Alexander Maitland. 

John Bigelow. Thomas M. Markoe. 

William Allen Butler. Stephen H. Olin. 

John L. Cadwalader. Alexander E. Orr. 

Andrew H. Green. Henry C. Potter. 

Daniel Huntington. George L. Rives. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. Philip Schuyler. 

John S. Kennedy. George W. Smith. 

Edward King. Frederick Sturges. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. Charles Howland Russell. 
Bird S. Colbr, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 


President^ Hon. John Bigelow. 
First Vice-President^ Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D. 
Second Vice-President^ John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary^ George L. Rives, Esq., 32 Nassau Street. 
Treasurer^ Edward King, Esq. , Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Directory John S. Billings, LL.D.,40 Lafayette Place. 


npHE Astor Building, 40 Lafayette Place, and the Lenox Building, Fifth Avenue 
* and 70th Street, are open daily, excepting on Sundays, Independence Day, 
Christmas, and New Year, from 9 a. m. until 6 p. m. 

The Reading rooms and the Exhibition rooms are free to all persons; but 
children under the age of fifteen years must be accompanied by an adult. 

In the Reading room of each Library Building certain shelves are set apart for 
books of reference, which readers are allowed to take down and examine at their 
pleasure. For all other books an application must be made by filling out and 
signing one of the blanks provided for the purpose. 

Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York City 

SnbMhptioa One Dollar a year, tingle nnmben Ten Centi. Subacriptioni may be aent to L Ferris Lockwood, Bosaneas 

Superintendent, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York. 
Entered as second-class matter at the New York, N. Y., Post Oflice, January 30, 1897 





Vol. III. 

May, 1899. 

No. 6. 


During the month of April, there were received at the Library by purchase 
2,193 books and 550 pamphlets, and by gift 15,435 volumes and 8,360 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 7,085 volumes and 2,389 pamphlets, for which purpose 
22,114 cards and 2,493 slips for the printer were written. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, during the 
month : 



Total number of readers 






Daily averasre of readers 

Number of volumes consulted 

Among the important gifts of the month were the following — from Lady 
Meux, I volume, a fac-simile of an Ethiopian manuscript, entitled ''Lives of 
Maba S6y6n and Gabra Kr6st&s;" from the Equitable Life Assurance Society, 
493 volumes and 241 pamphlets; from Charles H. Russell, 16 volumes; from 
S. P. Avery, 14 volumes and 5 pamphlets; from Miss S. C. Hill, 42 volumes and 
132 pamphlets; from the Diocese of New Jersey, 16 volumes and 8 pamphlets; 
from the Baltimore City Library, 25 volumes of City documents; from Eliot 
Norton, 3 volumes and 58 pamphlets; from the New Jersey State Geologist, 
10 volumes; from Mrs. Henry Draper, 42 volumes and 8 pamphlets, being the 
works of Dr. John W. Draper, translated into Russian, Georgic, Arabic, etc. ; from 
Earl Cowper, 2 volumes, '' Cartularium Monasterii Sancti Johannis Baptista de 




Colecestria "; from the Government of Costa Rica, 38 volumes and 90 pamphlets; 
from Hon. Bernard F. Martin, 26 volumes and 5 pamphlets; from the Mayor of 
Genoa, 56 volumes and 16 pamphlets; and from the Ford brothers, 1,538 volumes 
and 8,718 pamphlets, making the total number of their gift 33,549 volumes and 
73>7>8 pamphlets. Mr. Maitland presented the following books: — ** Maffei of Vol- 
terra, Commentariorum Urbanorum, etc./' Rome, 1506, containing a brief account 
of the discovery of America by Columbus; *' A true account of the unjust, cruell, 
and barbarous proceedings against the English at Amboyna in the East Indies, by 
the Neatherlandish govemour and councel there,'' London, 1624; *^ Life and adven- 
tures of Colonel Daniel Boone, written by himself," Brooklyn, 1828; *' A collection 
of psalms and hymns," Charles-Town, printed by Lewis Timothy, 1737, being John 
Wesley's first hymn book (an extended account of the book is to be found in Notes 
and Queries, fifth series, vol. 10, page 305, 1878); and ''A true and historical 
account of the colony of Georgia in America," by P. Tailfer, Charles-Town, printed 
by P. Timothy, 1741, being the first American edition and very rare. 

Among the important purchases of the month was a volume of a collection of 
Maryland laws, 1727, being one of the first books printed in Maryland, and the first 
collection of laws published there. This was the only volume needed to complete 
the Library's set of the early laws of that State. Another purchase was that of a 
collection of Spanish laws, namely, '' CoUeccion legislativa de Espana, — Decretos 
del ray, — la reina, — las Cortes, etc.," edicion ofiiciel, 1808-1891, Madrid, 1810- 
1893. The set comprises all the laws relating to the Spanish colonies, as well as 
all general acts of the Government. 


(Continuation of the documents printed in the April Bulletin,) 


Ordinances direccibns and Instructions to Captaine John Woodleefe for the 
gouerment of o' men and servants in the Towne and hundered of Bearkley in 
Virginia giuen by vs S' Willm Throkm£?rton knight and barronet Richard 
Bearkley Esq ; George Thorpe esq ; and John Smyth gent wherevnto our com- 
ission of the date hereof made to the said captaine Woodleefe hath reference, 
the fourth day of September 1619 Anno xvij° Jac. regis Angliae &c 

Impr wee ordaine that the day of our ships arrivall at the place assigned for 
plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perputualy keept holy as 
a day of thanksgiuing to Almighty god. 

Item wee doe ordaine that the lords day be keept in holy and religious order 
and that all bodily labour and vaine sports and scandolous recreations be re- 
frained, and that morning and evening prayer (according to the english booke 
of common prayer) be Dayly read and attended vnto and such other divine exer- 
cisses of preaching and reading to be on the said day vsed, as it shall please god 
to enable the minister for the tyme there being to pMorme. And that all such 


Other festivalls and holidayes be observed and keept w^ch are authorised and 
appoynted by the lawes and statutes of this realme of England, And the rites 
and ceremonies authorized prescribed or apoynted by the ecclesiasticall lawes 
or channons of this realme of England and booke of comon prayer (estab- 
lished by authority) be in all things observed and keept, according as it is vsed 
in the church of England. 

3 Item wee do ordayne and direct, that you our gouernor and all our people and 

servants assemble togeather once a day to prayer, imediatly after the fore- 
noone labour ended and before dinner And that the person then absent (you 
our gouernor and yo' assistants hereafter named exepted) shalbe punished 
with the losse of his supp the same evening vnles the minister or yo^ selfe 
allowe of his excuse or cause of his absence 

4 llem wee will and require that vpon yo"" arrivall in the kings river in Virginia or 

in any branch thereof that yo" take especiall care for choice of the place where 
yo'' first sett downe and entend for yo' settled habitacon, (be it one this side or 
beyond James towne) that the same be healthy for ayre and accomodate w/th 
fresh water and easy for accesse vnto w/th shipe pinnace or barge rich also in 
mould and soyle and of most likelyhoode to bring fourth the best commodities 
of that cuntry either already knowne or by vs hoped for, And iron oare silke 
grasse mulbery trees for norishing of silke wormes, apt for vines, english 
wheat, maize and other Virginia come and for rice. Aniseeds flax oade oyle 
seede and the like, rich also in meadow and pasture for cattell and in timber for 
shipping and other vses, and alsoe convenient and vsefull for fowle fish and the 
like. And that yo" resolue not on the place w/thout the advice of yo*^ assistants 
hereafter named and the assent of the greater number of them. Wherein allsoe 
wee will yo° to pr^ceede with the advice of S' George Yardley gouernor of that 
kingdome, deliuering our leZ/'ers written vnto him in that behalfe, provided that 
you settle not but where the natiues, (if any be or clayme) are first avoyded by 

5 Item wee doe ordayne and direct that imediatly after the place of habitacon 

is agreed vppon in manner aforesaid, that yo^ cause forthwith to be erected 
houses fit for the present shelter and succor of our people w^/ch as wee suppose, 
may be for the better expedicon built homelike and to be couered with hordes 
of which we commend to yo' especiall care the framing of twoo, where of the 
one for the safe keeping of the tooles implements of husbandry powder, shott. 
Armor, and victuall, which we wish may be be [sic] strongly planted on the 
inside: And the other for your assemblies at time of prayer and time of diet, 
and our further direction is. That if the ship shall disburden for lading before 
the said storehouses for receipt thereof cane be built. That then the same be 
vnladen into the comon warehouse in James Towne, or the Bermuday grana'y 
by the gouernors order and therevnto first obtayned. 

6 Item wee doe ordaine that with all convenient expedicon, yo" cause to be inclosed 

400 acres (or more) with a stronge pale of seaven foote and half e highe whereby 
such corne grayne seeds vines Tobacco, and the like as shalbe sowen or planted 
and such cattle as shalbe transported by vs or provided in Virginia, will be 
more safely preserved. 


7 Uem wee doe nominate and comend vnto yo" as yo^ assistants for yo' better 

exection of the authority by vs on yo** conferred, fferdinando yeat, John Blanch- 
ard Richard Godfrey Rowland Panter and Thomas Coppy, of whose seu^rall 
integrities and discretions wee hauing made a sufficient triall do therefore 
ordaine, that in all businesses of import of what kind soever, you take theire 
advise, and the assent of the greatest parte of them fine : And that they diet with 
and as yo' selfe, at one and the same table togeather And that alsoe all the rest 
doe diet togeather, and to be equaly pr<;vided for as nere as may be: 

8 Item we doe ordaine, that there shalbe an ordinary Corps dewe gard each night 

in our towne of Bearkley, to consist at the first of fine, to succeede in tome as the 
company will afford and afterwards as yo' number shall encrease whereof one 
to be of the number of those seaven that shall be deputie and called, captaines 
of the watche. 

g. Item for the more decent and comley gouerment and ordering of our famyly wee 
substitute and appoynt, fferdinando yeat to be antient, and Rowland Paynter 
Sergeant of the company. And John Blanchard to be steward of the houshold 
and Clarke of the store of apparrell and beding And the said Rowland Paynter 
to be Clarke of the kitchin, with two or more (as Caters or cuntry Purvires) to 
be associated vnto him. And Henry Perce to be vsher of the hall and Thomas 
Partridg now abiding in Virginia (if he mynd vnto to be balyffe of our hus- 
bandries, if not, then whone yo*^ and yo' assistants shall thinke meete, and the 
said fferdinando yeat to take care of our Armor and of all our tooles of hus- 

lo. Item wee doe ordayne that if it shall soe please god that M' Woodleefe dye 
before the Arivall of M' Chester, That then the gouerment of our families and 
of our affayres shall remaine with and vnder those Assistants, and the survivers 
of them that we haue before associated vnto M' Woodleefe and if it shall please 
god that either M' Woodleefe or M' Chester shall die after both of them arc 
arrived in Virginia, That then the gouerment of both famylies shall remaine 
with and vnder the survivor of them ayded with the assistants of bothe families. 

[Endorsed:] Copy of Instructions geven to Captayne Woodleefe. 4. Sept. 1619. 
17. Jac. 


September A lyst of the men nowe sent for plantacon 

1 6 1 9. vnder Captayne Woodleefe governor. 

Their names 




fferdinando Yate, gent 

3. yeares 

50. acres 

(returned 20. martij .1620.)* 

John Blanchard gent 

. 3. yeares 

50. acres 

Richard Godfrey Joyner 

, 3. years 

0. — 

(drowned, mort) 

Rowland Paynter . . . . 

. 3. years 

. 50. acres 



Thomas Coopy Carpenter Smythe 

fowler and Turner . . . . 

3. years 

. 30. acr. 


♦ Parentheses inclose marginal notes in the handwriting of John Smyth 


Henry Peerse gent 4. yeares 

John Cole 7. years 

Humfry Osborne 3. years 


Stephen Torset 4. years 

Humphrey Plant Sawier & Carpenter . 3. years 

Thomas Davis Cooper & Shingler . •3- years 

Xp5pher Nelme shoomaker . . • 3- years 

Richard Sherife thelder Carpenter y* 
went with M' Thorpe . .3. years 

Richard Sherife the yonger Couper . . 3. years 

[^^a^ written and then stricken through] 
Willm Clement Cook and Gardner 6. years 

Thomas Peirse for hops & oade . . • 7- years 

Xpdpher Bourton Taylor . •4- years 
Thomas Molton Cook& gardner .5. years 
James Cley Joyner 3. years 

Charles Coyfe a gunmaker and Smyth 
and for fish pitch and tarre . . •3* years 

Edward Paynter 7- years 

Walter Hampton 3. years 

Samuell Coopy 3. years 

Willm Cole 7. years 

Willm Parker 6. years 

John Hurd 5. yeares 

Willm Patche 6. years 

Thomas Patche ...... 6. years 

Thomas Sandford 6. years 



25. acres 

40. acr 

30. acr. 

. 25. 


. 30. 


• 30- 


. 20. 


• 30- 


. 30- 


. 20. 


. SO. 


' 30. 


. 25- 




40. acr 

30. acr 

30. acr 

1 5. acr 

30. acr 

30. acr 

30. acr 

30. acres 

30. acr 

30. acr 




^ Alredy in Virginia for .4. years the peece from midsomer 

Willm Stone 6. years . 30. acr. 

{query of him) 
John Taylor, als stokeley .6. years . . 25. acr 

John Jones gardner & Smyth .8. years . 30. acr 

Thomas Denton ...... 8. years . . 20. acr 

Thomas Thorpe . . .7. years 30. acr 


Willm Mellrickes^ 

Willm Moores 

Robert Taylor 

John Brunnet 


Each acre at xii** rent per Ann 

Richard Godfrey hath the tenth of Toll, tenth of his workes. 

Thomas Coopy hath xl* per Ann payd to his wife And the third parte of his vacant 

midle houres. 
John Cole hath xl» for the first yeare iii". for the second yeare and iiij^. for the 

third yeare, And for the .4. last years — o — o. 
Xp5pher Nelmes wife is to have xiij» iiij** per Ann. 
fferdinando yate hath iiij". per Ann allowed to him in lieu of apparell, to be payd 

out of the profits yearly brought from Virginia. 
John Blanchard hath the like to fferdinando yate. 
In none of the rest is any variacon or difference. 
John Singer the Surgeon hath 50*. in hand towards furnishinge of his chest, And 

thirty shillings the month, beginninge munday .13. September .1619. 
John Cole hath receyved in hand for his first yeares wages forty shillings. 
Willm Clement ha given him — xiiij*. 

Thomas Davis for three yeares wages before hand hath had — xxij* vi**. 
XfiQpher Nelme for two years wages before hand hath receyved — xxvi* viii**. 
M' Toby ffelgate hath all things payd to him vpon his bill till .13. September . 1619 : 

beinge munday, when he enters into his full pay of — iiij*». x». the month. 
Also hee is to have by the month for his man from the same day — xviij*. 
Whereof M' Williams is to pay — xxv» 
And the company (w^ich Mr Thorpe vndertaketh) — xv». 

Henry Townsend " 

Tho: carter 
Ric sheriflfe 
. (mort) 
Ric partridge 

(mort) J 

" went after w/th M' Thorpe .27. marii] .1620. 




Payment for things bought in London by M^ Thorpe in July. 1619. 

ImpTtmis for . 24. muskets . « • « 

Itm for. 4800. of beades in .13. bundles of the smaller 

Itm for .1200. of beads in .3. bundles of the greater sort 

Itm for a chest to send downe the things 

Itm for .3. barrels of gunpowder contayning .300^. 

Itm double caske for the powder 

Itm one quarter of a hundred of match 

Itm caske for the matche . 

Itm for .16. swordes » ' . 

Itm .16. belts 

Itm .16. bandeleres 

Itm .40^^ waight of copper 

Itm .3. great grosse of thread buttons 

Itm for .4. steell mills 

Itm for .30. sorts of garden seeds 

Itm for a bouch barrell . 

Itm for . 2. church bibles . 

Itm for .2. comon prayer books . 

Itm .3. books of the practice of piety f 

Itm .3. books of the playne man's path way| 

Itm Anyseeds halfe a hundred 

Itm six pound of comin seed 

Itm wormseed halfe a pound 

Itm ffenne greek vi^ 

Itm halfe a pound of Almonds 

Itm a barrell to put the seeds in 

Itm to Richard Godfry for his tooles brought downe 

with him .... 
Itm to him for his & his mans charge downe 
Itm to Toby ffelgate maryner and his mans charges 

downe ...... 

Sm** lxxi«. 



















* *■ 










Payment for things bought at Bristoll and in the Cuntry in August 
and September .1619. 

Impr. for .5. grosse of poynts 
fifor xij^ of browne thread 





* The figures of cost are given in one column in the original ; it has been thought best to print them 
here in three columns. 

t The first edition of TAe Practice of Piety, by Lewis Bayly, bishop of Bangor, is dated London, 
1 61 2. Many subsequent editions were- issued. 

% Arthur Dent's The Plaint MafCs Path-way to Heaven, Wherein every man may clearly see whether 
hee shall he saved or damned, was published at London in 1610. 



ffor .3. bolts of black thread 

ffor one bolt of black thread 

ffor one grosse of garteringe 

ffor . 200. of needles 

ffor .300. quarter and .25^ .waight of cheese 

ffor six pound of glue 

ffor carvinge tooles for Rich Godfry 

ffor the cariage of empty case to the bark 

ffor Richard Partridges horsmeat 

ffor waighinge the cheese and caryinge it to the store 

house ..... 
ffor a bushell of mustard seed 
ffor one barrell of oatmeall .5. bushels 
ffor . 2. dozen of hatchets . 
ffor shoothreads .... 
ffor .2. waineropes waighing .42^ at iiij^ . 
ffor half a reame of pap. . 
ffor .33.^ di [i.e. one-half] of sope 
The caske to put it in . 
ffor .2. pound of brimstone 
ffor .12. woodden platters 
ffor .12. woodden dishes . 
ffor .6. woodden bouls 
ffor .6. home cups 
ffor .3. dozen of woodden spoones 
ffor . 2. dozen of trenchers 
ffor . 2. dozen of trenchers more . 
ffor one dozen of skiminge dishes & sawcers 
ffor .4. candlesticks 

ffor .6. quarter cans .xviij^ and .3. small cans ix 
ffor taps cannels and a ladle 
ffor a Ian thorn e .... 
ffor a deep wodden boul to make mustard in 
ffor .5. dozen of handkercheifs at .v.<* ^ . 
ffor .5. dozen of falling bands at .8." the dozen 
ffor . 28. payre of yarne stockings at xvj^' 
Sm° — xvj? vj! iiij**. 

ffor . 3. spits and one payre of andirons . 

ffor .2. locks for doores 

ffor .4. rings for bittles and one spit 

ffor .7. wedges .... 

ffor .3. hammers and round rings for chesils and other 

tooles ..... 
ffor .3. dozen di [i.e. one-half] of rings more 
ffor .2. padlocks .... 
ffor .2. Crowes and one pickaxe . 
ffor .2. dozen of Jemells and .2. shooing horns 



. • • •• 



* 'm 



•• 'A 


. . .|: • • 'a 


• 'm 


* *a 



*• 'A 






• • • • A 


* 'm 










• *• 








* *■ 



... *A 







■ • • .^ 


• *• 











* *m 




inge . 10? qtM^rter .3. ozes 

ffor .3. squaringe axes 

fifor .4. chesills .... 

fFor .3. Adises and a spokeshave . 

ffor .17. borders and a drawing knife 

fifor . 2. handsawes 

fifor .14. planinge irons and a hammer 

fifor one payr of spinsers , 

fifor .2. Cawkinge irons and .5. formers . 

fifor .4. hatchets .... 

fifor .6. hatchets .... 

fifor .4. locks for doores . 

fifor .2. long sawes .2. tenant saws and one file 

fifor .8. iron wedges waighinge .46.^ at iij? 

fifor .7. payr of hooks & twists 

fifor . 7. staples for doores 

fifor .2. squires 

fifor Carpenters lynes 

fifor . 2. frying pans waighi 

fifor . 2. payr of bellowes 

fifor .3. reaphookes 

fifor .2. gredirons . 

fifor .2. spades 

fifor .6. compasses . 

fifor .1. dozen of files 

fifor one dozen of nalle blades 

fifor .4. whetstones 

ffor .2. payr of taylors sheares 

ffor one dozen of wimble bits 

ffor one payr of skales 

ffor one longe thirt sawe . 

ffor .100. of overlop nayles 

ffor .300. of culford nayles 
Sm°. ix? vij! ij4 

ffor .500. of X? nayles 
ffor .1000. of 8? nayles 
ffor .2000. of vi^ nayles 
ffor .500. of iiij^ nayles 
ffor . 1000. of ii j? nayles 
ffor .1000. of bushell nayles 
ffor .4000. of lath nayles . 
ffor .300. of stone nayles . 
ffor .2000. of sparrow bills 
ffor .1000. of iij4 hobnayles 
ffor . a. plate drippinge pans 
ffor .3. peeces of vettery canvas of ,86. 76^ and 
Toto . .192. els i at 14? ^ per ell is . 





... *Jt 





* *m 

. . ._ 


. . .- 


. . . .^ 








* *• 




... *_ 




• • 'A 


• • 'A 


•' *A 


• *m 


. . . •. 





• •• 

*• *A 





* *m 


. . .- 





•» *A 











a • •- 

•* • * A 


•• 'A 




ffor .129. yds di [i.e, one-half] of gray welsh frise at 

.15? i the yard 
ffor .30. caps and bands . 
ffor .12. chesils and .3. gouges 
ffor . 2. drawinge knives and 2 knives to make trenchers 
ffor . 3. hatchets .... 
ffor . 3. axes .... 

ffor one handsawe 
ffor .2. turning irons one round spokeshave and one 

taper bit . 

ffor a Coops hatchet and an axe, one borrier and an Adis 
ffor .2. files and .2. planinge irons 
ffor a spokeshave and . 2. bench hooks . 
ffor a cleavinge saxe 

ffor .3. small files. 6. taylors thimbles and iVof wyer 
ffor .3. pickaxes . . 

ffor .2. sledges .... 
ffor .2. threvets .... 
ffor . 2. potbangings 
ffor .2. pay re of pothooks 
ffor .2. bill hooks .... 
ffor . 2. tillers for sawes and six truels 
ffor .2. gimlets .... 

Sm? xxviij? ij" xj? 
ffor .8. grosse of buttons . 
ffor colored thread 

ffor .12. dozen of black haire buttons 
ffor . 15. gallons of aqua vite at .4! the gallon 
ffor the cask to put it in 
ffor a course of waights 
ffor .5. tun & an halfe of beere . 
ffor . 3. yards of black frise 
ffor .304!^ of lead at xi* the hundred 
ffor .5. ropes of oynions . 
ffor one payr of compasses 
ffor . 2. payr of plyers 
ffor one markinge punch 
ffor .4. coold chisels 
ffor mending the lock of the chest 
ffor .5. irons for scrues . 
ffor one longe pasture bit 
ffor one small vice 

ffor . 2 il* of chalke .... 
ffor halfe a pound of black lead . 
ffor .3. axes .... 

ffor one lave iron for the Couper . 

. . «|2 . •« 

vuj" Vlj* 


• • •- 






. • • •— 




















. • ■ .^ 


* *m 




xj» xj» 




■ . . »Jt 



... .J 




* *• 












e. one- 

half] and for an 

ffor one great playne iron, one spokeshave and one tap 
bit ....... 

ffor one axetree & other iron for the mills waighinge .63!^ 

at iij^ \, the pound 
ffor a hook bill 
ffor .2. fromwards 
ffor .2. sawes 
ffor a Coops knife 
ffor one holdfast . 
ffor . 1 2. plaine irons 
ffor one payre of pinsers 
ffor a nibbinge skin 
ffor .4. skins for aprons 
ffor .9. peircer bits 
ffor .8. planinge irons 
ffor one peircer stocke 
ffor .2. rabbet plaines 
ffor a kettle waighinge .22? di [/. 

iron band to it 
ffor makinge of .35. shirts 

ffor more shoothreads 

ffor .12. skins for aprons 
Sm? 22!L 14L 8? 

ffor .15. yards of frize 

ffor makinge the bread roome in the ship and for cary 
ing abord the bread and water 

ffor .200. ells of canvas at .14^ qr. the ell 

ffor .194. els more at . 14^ ob. the ell 

ffor .19. els \ of dowlas at xvj? . 

ffor .8. els of dowlas for sheets 

ffor makinge of . 16. payr of sheets 

ffor makinge of . 15. bolsters 

ffor makinge the dowlas sheets . 

ffor .8000. of biskets 

ffor ,4, iron pots . 

ffor .10. pyke heads 

fior .a6.?of bacon. 

ffor nayles for a boat 

To the boatmen that brought the sider 

fior making of .20. sutes of apparell to 

^or a saine or fishing net 

«or exchange of the waine ropes 

ffor the saine rope 

ffor XXX? of packthread . 

ffor ten els half quarter of taffata sarsnet at viij* 

ffor one ounce of silk 

^or one ell of buckrom 


John Warden 


* *■ 

• ■■ 

** *■ 






■ • • • J 


... »Jk 




. • • ■ J 










V** ob. 








• • • •— 












• •• 





• • • •— 










• *• 

• • • • J 







ffor making the Ancient ..... 

ffor a drum ...... 

ffor .19. tun di [/. e. one-half] of casks parte at 13* and 
parte at 12" the tun, and for iron hoopes for them 
and for heading them and for nayles and other work 
done by the cooper ..... 

Itm payd to m<^ ffelgate for cariageof .700!^ waight from 
London, for the hire of a horse, his owne charge 
and his mans to Bristoll, and for his mans work 
there as by his bill appeareth besides .22* payd by 
m' Thorpe ...... 

To John Barker for .4. Journies by night and by day to 
to Clowerwall ..... 

payd for hallage of dyu^rs things to the ship from 
seu^rall places ..... 

ffor work done about the cookroome in the ship and for 
cawking the bread roome and other work . 

Sm? i27ii.23<* ob. 

ffor the dyet of ourselves and servants in Bristoll till 
thursday .16. Septembr 

ffor billets .... 

ffor a black boxe . 

ffor bags to put nayles in 

ffor buttons and thread • 

To Walter Hampton in lieu of a nue sute 

ffor .2. dozen and iiij^of butter . 

ffor the Ancient pyke staff e and tassell 

ffor .2. meltinge ladles 

ffor salt .... 

ffor a compas, sawe, .2. chesils & a gouge 

ffor buttons 

ffor .8. yards of frize 

ffor bread and wine for the comunion 

ffor a basket to pack things in 

ffor . 18. mats to lodge vpon 

ffor an iron mortar and pestle of 18." 

ffor .13. stone and .i.^^of stocke . 

ffor small tooles for the Cooper . 

ffor . 2. pomps for beere . 

ffor nayles in the Cookroome 

ffor haire .... 

For th 'expenses of fferdinando yate in .2. Journies to 
Clowerwall and .2. to Bristoll about hiringe the ship 

ffor a payr of scrues of his w^ich he lent for the vse 
about the ship at Tatcombe . « . . 

ffor iij^ of pepp and iiij^ of ginger 

ffor flint stones . ... 



... %Jk 

of apparell 






... . J 

. . ._ 








. • . .J 






* *• 

* * *■ 






a. .- 










... %Jt 










{for the lodginge of the servants and washinge of their 

clothes . . . 

fforinke ..... 
ffor .8. yards of gray frize for the captayne 
fiFor .4. yards of bayes for him 
fFor .8. yards of frize for the pilot 
To the Couper vpon another bill 
ffor a skimmer ... 
ffor makinge . 14. sutes of apparell 


M' Berkeley 

ffor .1500. of fish . 

ffor .128.^ of butter 

ffor .224.^ of cheese 

ffor .so.** of suet . 

ffor .30. spades 

ffor .3. Corslets and .2. Callivers furnished 

by m' Langley 

ffor .200. payr of shooes 

payd towards the charges of the patent . 

To Henry Gayuy in reward 

Spent at Awst at one meeting xx! and at another xj* vj^ 

For makinge of Rowland Painters clothes and his sonnes 

ffor .2. quire of paper for them 

ffor a chest for him 


Ready mony payd by m*" Berkeley sent to Bristoll in 

September ...... 

And to Partridge when he went into Ireland for the ship . 
Payd by the hands of m' Yeomans more to Partridge in 

mony ...... 

Payd more in mony to Partridge by mr. Langley 
Also payd more by m' Langley to Danyell Adams 
Also by m' Berkley by the same Adams 


Recouped in this page ..... 




■■ *if 









... » J 

. . .- 



. . . ._ 
























Captayne Woodleefs bill September. 16 19. 

'I'he passage of his fower men in Aprill last by com- 

posicon ..... 

Two sutes of clothes for each of them at . viij! the peece 
Twelve shirts for them at iij" the peece 
Their stockins shooes and caps 
ffowcr quilted flockbeds .4. blankets and ,4. pillowes 
-4* barrells of meale .4. barrells of pease 



• • • • A 


XXXV i* 





Charges in their dyet whilest they stayed for shippinge 

at S^ Katherines ..... 
In ernest to m^ Willms towards the hire of the ship 
In the dyet of his .4. men nowe at Bristol! in London, 

and their travell hither, and here at Bristoll till they 

were vnited with the others 
ffor .2000. of x4 nayles 
ffor .4000. of vj^ nayles . 
ffor .1000. of .4? and .3? nayles . 
ffor .5. payr of hooks and hinges 
ffor .4. stock locks 
ffor .4. padlocks sorted . 
ffor .4. portall latches and .4. bolts 
ffor . 2. black bolts and staples . 
ffor .2. felling axes 
ffor one hatchet . 
ffor one payre of pot racks 
ffor . 2. payre of pot hooks 
ffor .1. payre of tonngs and side shovell 
ffor one payr of andirons . 
ffor .2." of wyre . 
ffor a grediron 
ffor a Carpenters hammer 
ffor 2 small howes 
ffor i" of packthread 
ffor six awles 
ffor a barren 
Payd in redy mony to the stock 

Sm** total layd out by m*" Woodleefe towards 

his share 
Recouped in this page, xj^ xiiij 
Payd to John Singer Surgeon for his chest of drugs &c 

(he went not therefore to be repayd)* 
ffor a paper book for the Virginia patents 
To Edmond Cole sent from Awst with our Joynt l^//res 

to London and Oxford man and horse 8. dayes 
Messengers wages to Coventry, Mangollefiild Bristoll 

and Stoke with W/res and thrise to Littleton about 

wheat at seu^rall tymes .... 

ffor .20. bushells of .3. yeare old wheat . 
Dyet payd at Bristoll in mony .... 
ffor .4. iron cramps to bind the bottome and top of the 

great chest ...... 

To Willm Peirse for a longe howe & axe helved 

To Humfry Plant for a longe sawe. v! tiller xij<*. wrest 

vj4 compasses iiij^ squire, xvj^ line & reels iiij** 

* Parentheses inclose a marginal note in the handwriting of John Smyth. 



vij^ v! 


* * *■ 








. . ■ *A 











* *■ 


• • •_ 















'** 'A 



** 'A 





VII j" 




Charges of plowemen and others at Barkly with .3. 
waines and .4. horsey loden w/th pease, sider and 
London pr^nrisions from Came Nibley and Wanes- 

tvCII •••••■ 

ffor .5. tun di [/.^. one-half] of sider bought at Lidny . 

if or .60. bushells of white pease at ij^ . 

ffor .31. weedinge howes at .14^ and .15. heluige howes 
at . 12? made in the forest of Deane (besides xx* payd 
by Richard Partridge .... 

ffor .8. felling axes (besides .2. payd for by Richard 
Partridge) there ..... 

ffor .91." of bacon at iij^ bought of James Atwood 

ffor cariage of . 1 1. buts of casks from Bristol! to Lidny . 

Cariage of .5. tun di [1.^. one-half] of sider from Lidny 
to Bristoll .XV* and charges in loding it .ij* . 

To Scriveners in Bristoll and for paper waxe inke parch- 
ment and patent silk strings .... 

ffor Ctnamon water to Sea .... 

ffor .2, pewter bottles for the water 

Payd the det for lodginge and dyet to Eliz Hibbert of 
Gatcomb who detayned a rug & . 2. axes 

ffor packinge strawe ..... 

ffor lyminge the omnes vnum in Ckristo Jesu^ in the 
Ancyent ...... 

ffor a crane in the chimney in the cookroome being 
2i?atiij^ ...... 

To the Customs for their ffee for our bill of store 

To the searchers also ..... 
Sm°. xxxvij^ xv^ 

Given to Charles Coyfe m' Langlies man towards his 
fishinge tooles taken w/th him 

Payd Willm Clement for the releife of his wife in his 
absence and for redemtion of his tooles that were 
pawned ...... 

Payd to Thomas Coopy vpon an agreemexi^ made at 
Stoke .7. Septembr, a Smyth Carpenter & Turner . 

Payd to John Cole for a years wages beforehand 

Given to Walter Hampton Richard Sherife th'elder 
Richard Sherife the younger, Thomas Peirse 
Thomas Davis Humfry Osborne and xP^V/opher 
Nelme for their wholl seuerall wages and ernest 
monies ..... 

To Humphrey Plant Carpenter & Sawyer for his .3 
years wages beforehand to pay his dets 

To Richard Godfrey of London Joyner vpon a Compo 
sicon with him made 









• •• 







XI j» 


... ._ 









• * ■ *<l 









Payd for .4. squaringe axes bought in Wotton by Walter 
Coopy ...... 

Payd for the Cuntry farme .... 

flFor hire of a warehouse for . 3. weeks 
To one Hale a drummer by m' Thorpes appoyntment . 
Payd to the Lighters by m' Thorps appoyntment 
Payd more for dyet in Bristoll, washing of clothes and 

for horsemeat there .... 

To the boatmen of Barkly for cariage of dyu^rs things 

from Barkley ..... 

ffor one Tun of sider to M' Thorpe with the caske 
To m*" Gouyuge for one barrell of vinegar and .11. gal- 
lons of oyle . . 
To the playsterer that layd the brick and plaister worke 

of the cook roome ..... 
Sm°. xxxviij" !• vj** 
To m*^ Huggins that gave the comunion and a sermon 

to our people .... 

flfor .36.^ of bacon at iij** the pound 
ffor .4. Armors ..... 
ffor a musket ..... 
ffor a boat that waited on vs at Kingrode 
To Clarks for wrytings as by a bill of particulars 
Payd for the ship .... 

Layd out by Richard Partridge in Ireland for provisions 

and other expenses there over and besides xiij^ 

fraight by him receaved 
Layd out by Partridge at Gatcombe about the ship as 

appeareth by his bill of accompt given to S'^ Willm 

Throkm^rton ..... 

Due more to be payd there as by the said bill appeareth 
Sm<> 2281 18^9^ 
Sm<» total 791L10L I** 
Whereout deduct ready monyes before comprehended 

because they are likewise charged in wares bought 
Soe remayneth — 723! 16L i** 
Wherevnto ad as followeth in the next page. 
Payd by S' Willm Throkm^rton towards the passinge of 

our patent ...... 

Payd by m' Smyth for the like .... 

Payd by m' Thorpe for the like .... 

Payd for the cariage of all the London provisions from 

thence to Waneswell ..... 
Payd for wrytinge the three Virginian patents into our 

leiger book . . . . '. 

Payd for .11. gallons of sacke sent to sea 
Payd for six rugs at . ix» 








* *■ 

.. ._ 

















... »jt 



... mjk 



















Payd to John Hurd Willm Patche Thomas Patche Willm 

Stone and Willm Parker at their entertainment . xv! 

Sm** _ ix^ xiiij* iiij4 
See cleerly disbursed by vs vntill the departure of the 

ship the xv^ of September .1691. 

Inde quinta pars .... 

But for the present we must pay quarta pars, to leave 

out S' George Yardley w^/ch is . 
Soe each of vs doth leave for S' George Yardley 
Of which quarta pars of - 183? 7! 7^ q; m' Berkeley and 

his partners have payd 103? 4! 8<* . 
Soe remayneth due from m' Berkeley 
Of w^ch quarta pars of — 183? 7^ 7^ q; S*" Willm Throk- 

morton hath by himselfe payd — 61? 5* And by 

m' Woodleefe his partner for a third parte 65? Sm 

in toto ...... 

Soe remayneth due from S' Willm 

Of wAsch quarta pars of — 183? 7! 7** q; m' Thorpe hath 

payd — 229? 5! 7^ ..... 
Soe due to him for payment whereof m' Berkeley be- 

cometh debttor ..... 

Of wA/ch quarta pars of — 183? 7" 7^ q; m' Smyth hath 

payd ....... 

Soe dewe to him ...... 

ffor payment of wAich — 91? 7^ 7** m' Berkeley becometh 

debtor for thirty fower pounds fower shillings and 

And S' Willm Throkm^rton for . . -57" 2! 7** 

Memorandum. That whereas it is specifyed in the third precedent page, That — 
lv« is owinge for Clarks wages, and — vij^ vi* x^ to be payd at Gatcomb as by bill 
appeareth, That theis two somes are to bee equally borne and payd by all the 

And likewise S' Willm Throkm^rton is to bee payd by m' Berkeley m' Smyth 
and m' Thorpe xj* iijf towards fiftene shillings hee hath payd for the patent, 
because hee hath it not allowed him in the second precedent page of this book. 

Which allowances made, S' George Yardleyes fifth cometh to — 148? i7» 7? 
And soe to each of vs — 37^4^ 4? ob. q;. 



















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Parfj, 1851-60. 8\ NaC 

ArchiTio storico dell' arte. v. 1-7 (1888-94); 
2. ser., V. 1-3(1895-97). Roma, 1889-^8. T. NaC 
Continued as Arte (L*). 

Arnold** Library of the Fine Arts. See Maff- 
asine of the Fine Arts. 

Art (L'). Revue hebdomadaire illustr^. v. i- 
55 (1875-93); 2. ser., v. 1-4 (1894). 59 v. Paris, 
1875-94. f*. NaC 

From Z884 " binnensuelle.'* 

Art Age. v. 1-8, no. 1-65 (1883-88). New 
York, 1883-88. r. Na 

Art Annual. 1884-95. 12 v. London^ 1884- 
95. f'. Na 

Art Collector. A journal devoted to tfie arts and 
the crafts, v. q*^ (1898-99). New York, 1898-99. 
4*. Na 

Current. Semi-monthly. 

Art et decoration, revue mensuelled'art modeme, 
publi^e sous la direction de Puvis de Chavannes, 
Vaudremer, Grasset ... v. 1-3 (1897-98). Paris, 
[1897-98]. 8'. Na 

Current. Thiebant-Sisson, editor v. z-3. 

Art (L*) et Tid^e; revue contemporaine illustree; 
ed. O. Uzanne. 2 v. Paris, 1892. 8*. C 

Art Journal, v. 1-58 (1839-98). London, 1839- 
98. 4°. Na 



V. z-zo have title : Art Union. 
V. I-16 (1839-54). 

Art Journal for 1875-80. New ser., v. 1-6. New 
York, 1875-80. l\ C 

Art (L*) ornemental; revue hebdomadaire illus- 
trie. 4 V. Paris, 1883-86. i\ C 




Art Pictorial and Industrial, v. 1-3 (1870-72); 
n. 8cr., V. I (1873). London^ 1870-73. T. Na 
New icr. ed. by J. F. RoberUon. 

Art (L*) pour tons. Encyclopedie de Tart Indus- 
trie! et decoratif. E. Reiher, Directeur. v. 1-37. 
Paris, 1861-98. f. Na C 

Current. Monthly. 2861-64 edited by Reiher, 2865-85 by 
ClMide Saovageat, 1886-89 by Reiher, 2890-98 by P. G£li»- 

Art Student. An illustrated monthly for the 
home study of drawing and illustrating. E. Knaust« 
editor, v. 1-13 (1892-98). New York, [1892-98.] 

Corrent. Monthly. Nl 

Art Union. See Art Journal. 

Arte (L*). Diretta da Adolfo Venturi e Domenico 
Gnoli. V. i-2«-3 (1898-99). Ronia, 1898-99. 4". NaC 
Current. Continuation of: ArelilTlo storico dell' arte. 

Arte italiana decoratiya e industriale. Diretto 
da C. Boito. v. 1-8 «-a (1890-99). Milano, 1890-99. 
r. NaC 

Current. Monthly. 

Artist (The). An illustrated monthly record of 
arts, crafts and industries, v. 23-24 [or] no. 225- 
230(1898-99). A'^w K<?r/I, 1898-99. 4. Na 


Artiste (L'). Revue de Tart contemporain. 
1855-98. Paris, 1855-98. V & 4*. Na 

Conent. 1855 numbered ^th ler., v. 14^ from that time in- 
nttmend>le changes of sub-title and series. From 2874, a ▼. 
eadi year. Arsene Houssaye, editor 1857-75. 

V. 38 (1868). C 

Arandel Society. [Publications.] 20 v. Lon- 
difH, 1854-91. 4* & i\ C 

Assoeiated Arts Institute. Papers, 1869-70. 
London, 1870. 8°. C 

Association nationale pour favoriser les arts 
en Belgique. La Renaissance. Chronique des arts 
et de la litt^rature. v. 1-16 (1839-55). BruxelUs, 

1839-55. ^''. C 


Baa- und Kunstdenkm&ler ThQringens . . . 
bearbeitet Yon P. Lehfeldt. v. 1-22. Jena, 1888- 

95. 4*. C 


Bajreriseher Kunstgewerbeverein. Zeitschrif t. 
Monatshefte far die gesammte dekoratiye Kunst. 
Jahfig. 1-39 (1851-89). ilf*iK-Ar«, 1851-89. f^ C 

V. 46 (1897). Na 

Continued as 

Kunst und Handwerk. Zeitschrift des 

bayerischen Kunstgewerbevereins in Mttnchen. 

Jahrg. 47-49»-4 (1897-98). MUnchen, 1897-98. 

4*. Na 

With two supplements : Geirerbelialle and from 2894 
Knastc^^l^AI'bllclie Rundschau. Jahrg. 2-18 (2852- 
68) have title Zeitschrift des Verdnes zur Ausbtldung des 
Gcwerbe; 20-37 (1869-^) Zeitschrift des Kunst-Gewerbe- 
Vereines in Mflochen ; (2887-^)7) Zeitschrift des bayerischen 
Kunst-Gcwerbe-Vereines in Miinchen. 

t*s Journal of Decorative Art. v. 1-3 (1886- 
88). New York, 1887-88. 4°. Na 

BeA^i (Le) ; arts, heraldique, archeologie. 
T. 1-4, Bruges, 1863-73. 4'. C 

Beitrft|^ zur F5rderung der Kunst in den 
Gewcrkeo. See Arehiteeten- und Ingenieur- 
Vcrein zu Hannover. 

Beitrafl^ zur Kunstgeschichte. v. 1-8 (1878-84) ; 
N. F. V. 1-24 (1885-97). 32 v. Leipzig, 1878-97. 
%\ C 

N. F. V. 1-2. 24 (1885, 1897). Na 

Beitr&£^ zur teutschen Kunst-und Geschichts- 
kunde durch Kunstdenkmale, mit vorzQglicher 
Berttcksichtigung des Mittelalters. v. 1-3 pt. i. 
Darmstadt, 1832-34. 4'. C 


Berliner Kunst-Blatt ; hrsg. unter Mitwirkung 
der KOniglichen Akademie der KUnste und des 
wissenschaftlichen Kunstvereins. v. 1-2. Berlin, 
1828-29. 8". C 


Biblioth^que de Tenseignement des beaux- 
arts, publi^e sous la direction de Jules Comte. 52 V. 
PaHs, 1881-98. 8^ Na 

22 V. (1882-97). C 

Biblioih^iie Internationale de Tart, publi^e 
sous la direction d' £. Muentz. 20 v. Paris, 1882- 
93. 8' and f*. C 

2 V. (1890-94). Na 

Bibliotheqiie populaire des ecoles de dessin, 
fondee par Ren^ Menard et publi^e sous la direc- 
tion de A. Cougny. 26 v. Paris, 1884-90. 16*. C 

Biblioih^qne de la revue TAmi des monu- 
ments. Guides artistiques et arch^logiques de la 
France. Publies sous la direction de C. Normand. 
[v. I.] Paris [n.d.] 4*. Na 

Bilderschats fttr das Kunstgewerbe; hrsg. von 
Julius Hoffmann, Jr. v. i. Stuttgart, 1892. f**. C 

BUitter far Kostumkunde ; historische und 
Volkstrachten; hrsg. von. A. von Heyden u. a. 
N. F. 4 V. Berlin, 1876-91. 4** C 

Blatter far Kunstgewerbe. See Wiener 
Kunstgewerbe- Verein. 

Bnlletin of the American Art Union. See 
Ameriean Art Union. 

Bulletia de I'art ancien et modeme. See 
BeTue de Tart ancien et moderne. 

Bulletin du Comite historique des arts et monu- 
ments : Archeologie, beaux-arts. See Comity 
historique des arts et monuments. 

Bulletin des musees. Revue mensuelle, public 

sous le patronage de la direction des beaux-arts et 

de la direction des musses nationaux ; par E. Gar- 

nier et L. Benedite. [v. i.]-4. (1890-93). Paris 

[18QO-93]. 8% Na C 


Bnlletin officiel de T Exposition 1884. See 
Union Centrale des arts decoratif s. 

Bulletin des stances du Gilde de Saint Thomas 
et de Saint Luc. See Oilde de Saint Thomas et 
de Saint Luc. 

Bulletin de la Society des amis des monuments 
parisiens. See Soei^t^ des amis des monuments 

Bulletin de la Soci^t^ d'art et d'histoire du 
diocese de Liege. See Soci^t^ d'art et d'histoire 
du diocese de Liege. 

Bulletin de la Soci^te de I'histoire de I'art 
fran9ais. See Soei^t^ de I'histoire de I'art fran- 

Bnlletino di arti, Industrie e cnriositi veneziane. 
V. 1-3. Venexia, 1877-80. 8'. C 



Catalogrne illustrc dc rExposition intematio- 
nale de blanc et noir au Palais du Louvre. See Ex- 
position Internationale de blanc et noir an Palais 
du Louvre. 

Cataioipae illustrd du Salon. See Soei^t^ 
des artistes fran9ais. 

Catalogue des ouyrag^es de peinture, sculpture 
et gravure exposes au Champs de Mars. See So- 
<uete nationale des beaux-arts. 

Century Guild hobby-horse; edited by A. H. 
Mackmurdo. v. 1-4. London, 1886-89. T. C 

ChoftKl'oeuvre de Tart antique ... 7 v. PaHs, 
1867-68. 4^ C 

China Decorator (The), v. 1-5 (June, 1887- 
Nov., 1889). New York, 1887-89. Na 

Chrifltliehes Kunstblatt far Kirche. Schule 
und Haus. 15 v. Stuttgart, 1859-73. 8^ C 

ChromoUthograph (The); a journal of art. 
decoration and the accomplishments, with which is 
incorporated "Nature and art." v. i. London, 
1868. 4^ c 

Edited by W. Day. 

Chroniqae des arts et de la curiosite. Supple- 
ment 4 la Gazette des beaux-arts. Annee 1875-98. 
Paris, 1875-98. 4*. C 


Annee 1879-95. Na 

Coloriste enlumineur. ▼.6x-9 (1898-99). Paris, 
1898-99. 4\ Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Comity histori(}ue des arts et monuments. 
Bulletin: Archeologie, beaux-arts. 4 v. (1849-52). 
Paris, 1849-53. 8", Na C 

Cosmopolitan Art Journal; a record of art 
criticism, art intelligence and biography, and reposi- 
tory of belles-lettres literature. V. 3(1858-59). New 
K^ri, [1859J. 4^ C 

Conrrier de I'art. v. 1-2 (1881-82). Paris, 
1881-82. 4*. Na 

v. 3-10 (1883-90). C 

Crayon (The), a journal devoted to the graphic 
arts, and the literature related to them. v. 1-8 
(1855-61). New York, 1855-61. 4^ Na 

V. 1-4 (1855-57). C 

Darmstadt Museum. Kunstschiltze, hrsg. in 
Lichtdruck von Nohring und Frisch. n. t.-p. V, 


Decoration in painting, sculpture, architecture 
and art manufactures. New ser., v. 1-12. London, 

1881-86. r. C 

Deeorator*s Assistant and weekly record of 
painting, sculpture, architecture, popular science, 
&c. V. 1-2 (1847-48). London, 1847-48. 8°. C 

Dekorative Kunst Zeitschrift fttr ange- 
wandte Kunst. Hrsg. von H. Bruckmann. v. 1-21-4 
(1897-99). MUnchen, 1897-99. 4'. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Dekorative Vorbilder; eine Sammlung von 
figUrlichen Darstellungen ... fttr Zeichner, Maler 
. . . Architekten. v. 1-5. Stuttgart, 1890-94. f°. 


V. ^10 (1897-99). Na 

Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration. Hrsg. und 
redigirt von A. Koch. v. 1-21-4 (1897-99). Darm- 
stadt, 1897-99. 4°. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Dentsches Kunstblatt; hrsg. von F. Eggera. 
9 V. in 5. Leipzig, 1850-58. T. C 

Vols. 3-6 contain BelblaUzu dem Deutschen KnnstbUtt 
and V. 9, IttteraturblaU. 

Documents relatifs k I'art de la d<^coration et 
au dessin industricl. S^r. i. Paris, 1858. f. C 

Dumas* Art Annual. An illustrated record of 
the exhibitions of the world, 1882. Containing 
about 250 original drawings reproduced in fac- 
simile. 1st year, i v. London, 1882. 8". Na 

]£cole (L') de dessin. See Album de VicoXt 
de dessin. 

Estampe (L*) modeme. Ann^e 2 (1898-99). 
Paris, 1898-99. f**. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Ezplieation des ouvrages de peinture, sculp- 
ture, etc. See Soei^t^ des artistes fran9ais. 

Exposition des beauz-arts (Salon de 1880-82), 
comprenant . . . planches en photogravure par 
Goupil et Cie, . . . dessins d'apr&s les originanx des 
artistes, avec le concours litteraire de MM. Daniel 
Bernard (et al.). Ann^ 1-3. Paris, 1880-82. 4°. 

Continued as: Salon de 1883 ... Ac. See also: Soel^f^ 
det artistes frangais. 

Exposition (L') Internationale de blanc et noir 
au Palais du Louvre. CaUlogue illustre. Texte par 
F. Boumaud. Ann^ 1-2. Paris, 1885-86. 8'. 

Pastels et aquarelles added to title in x686, and Pavilion de 
I'enseignement ... rue des Tuileries substituted for Palais du 

Exposition (L') de Paris (1878); Qoarnal] 

redigee par A. Bitard. Paris, 1878. f*. C 


Fac-simile Drawing Society. Sketches, v. 2-3. 
[Derby,^ 1869-73. f. C 

Fac-simile Reprints. See Holbein Society. 

Fi^^ro-Salon, par A. Wolff. 1885-98. 14 v. 
/'anV, 1885-98. f^ Na 

1899-95 pu- C. Yriarte; 2896-98 par P. Gille. 

Fine Arts Quarterly Review. 3 v. (1863-65); new 
ser., 2 V. (1866-67). London, 1863-67. 4*. C 

Floirers of the nation. See Kokn Kwa. 

Formenschats (Der) . . . hrsg. von G. Hirth. 
V. 1-22 (1877-98). MUnchen, 1877-98. T. Na 

Current Vols, i-a have tide : Der Fonnensdiats der Renais- 

V. I-14 (1877-90). C 

ForschnnMn zur Kunstgeschichte BOhmens. 
See Gesellscnail zur FOrderung deutscher Wis- 
senschaft, Kunst und Litteratur in BOhmen. 

Gasette des beaux-arts. Courrier europ^n de 
I'art et de la curiosity, v. 1-25 (1859-68); 2. ser., 
V. 1-38 (1869-88); 3. s^r.. V. 1-20 (1889-98). 
Tables, 1-4 (1859-92). 87 v. Paris, 1859-98. 4 - 

Na C 
Current. Monthly. The whole ser. also called " Ann^e," 
Z-40. a V. are published a year. 

Germanisches National - Museum. Denk> 
schriften. v. ix-«. NUmberg, 1856. 8'. Na C 

Discontinued. Has also the title: Orsitnlamaa und 


Mitteilungen, v. 1-2 (1884-89); 1890-94. 

7 V. NUmberg, 1886-94. 8*. Na 

Gesellschalt far bildende Kunst und vater- 
Iftndische Alterthtlmer zu Emden. Jahrbuch. v. i- 
I4x-a (1872-97). Emden, 1872-97. 8*. Na 




Ckesellsehaft zur FOrdening deutscher Wissen- 
schaft, Kunst and Litteratur in BOhmen. Forsch- 
nngen zur Kunstgeschichte BOhmens. v. i. Prag^ 
1896. r. Na 

Oesellselublt for vervielf ftltigende Kunst. Die 
Graphischen KQnste. v. 1-15, 31-22; Reg., 1-12 
(1879-92, 1898-99). Wien, 1879-99. f^- NaC 

Jabresmappe. 1898. i v. I Wien^ 1898]. 

r. Na 

Mittheilungen. Beilage der Graphischen 

Kttnste. Redigirt von I. Berggnien. 1879-87, 
i898-99>. IVien^ 1879-99. ^''- / ^* 

Cnrreiit. Bound with : Die Graphischen KQnste. 

Beitrfige zur Zeitschrift fttr bildende 

Kunst. ▼.1-6(1873-78). fKiVif, 1873-78. 4". C 
Bound with Zelfselirlfl fOr bildende Kunst. 

€^irerbeliaile ; Organ far den Fortschritt in 
alien Zweigen der Kunstindustrie. v. 1-28. StutU 
gari, 1863-90. f"*. C 

▼. 19 (1881). Na 

Beilagen, 1863-76. 2 v. C 

CKlde de Saint Thomas et de Saint Luc. Bulle- 
tin des stances, 1-20; Sessions, v. 1-6 (1864-86). 
Bruges, 1864-86. 4'. C 

GUdeboek (Het); tijdschrift voor kerkelijke 
kunst en oudheidkunde. v. 1-3. Utrecht, 1873-81. 

4*. C 

Edited by St. Bernulphus-gilde. 

Challd and School of Handicraft. Transactions. 
▼. I. London, 1890. 4^. C 

Graphlsehen (Die) Kanste. See Oesell- 
teiuiil for venrielfilltigende Kunst. 

Hisioire de romement russe. See Miui^e 
d'art et d'industrie de Moscou. 

Hlstoriseh<intiquarischer Verein zu Winter- 
thur. Chefs-d'oeuvre de la peinture Suisse sur verre, 
avec texte explicatif par A. Hafner. Berlin, [1887]. 

r. C 

Also with German tide: Meisterwerke schweixerischer 

Holbein Society. Fac-simile reprints, v. 1-18. 
Lmdon, 1869-92. S** & f*. Na 

2 V. (1873-75). C 

Dliistrated Exhibitor and Magazine of Art. . . 

London, 1852. 8*. C 


Illiistratlaii nouvelle. Par une soci^t^ de 
peintres-graveurs \ I'eau fort. ▼. 1-7. Paris, 
186S-75. r. Na 

lUiistrlrte kunstgewerbliche Zeitschrift ftir 
Innen-Dekorationen, unter Mitwirkung von H. 
G<ytz, hrsg. von A. Koch. Jahrg. 8 (1897). Leip- 
"ir. 1897. f*. Na 

Cootittued as . lBiieil*I>ekontion. 

ladaairlal Art ; a monthly review of technical 
and scientific education at home and abroad, v. i. 
London, 1877. 4*. C 

Edited by J. H. Lamprey. 

^Bdustriforenlni^n i KObenhavn. Tids- 
^krift (or Kunstindustri. Redigeret af C. Nyrop. 
▼. i-io (1885-94); 2. Raekke, v. 1-3 (1895-97). 
n^. Kobenhavn, 1885-97. V, Na 

V. 1-4 (1885-88). C 

Innen-Dekoration. Illustrierte kunstgewerb- 
liche Zeitschrift far den gesammten inneren Ausbau. 
V. 9 (1898). Darmstadt, 1898. f". Na 

Current. Continuation of: Illnatrlerte kunstgewerb- 
liche Zeitschrift. . . . 

Intenubtlonal Studio. An illustrated maga- 
zine of fine and applied art. v. 1-6 (1897-99). 
New York, 1897-99. 4°. Na 


Inventalre g^n^ral des oeuvres d'art decorant 
les edifices du Departement de la Seine, dresse par 
le service des beaux-arts. 3 v. Paris, 1879-B3. 

4^ c 

Published by Prefecture du Departement de la Seine. 

Itallenlsehe Bildwerke der christlichen Epoche. 
See KoealjHrllclie Museen zu Berlin. 

Jahrbach der Gesellschaft fQr bildende Kunst 
und vaterUndische Alterthttmer zu Emden. See 
Genellschalt far bildende Kunst, &c. 

Jahrbueh der k. preussischen Kunstsamm- 

lungen. 1-19, and Reg., i-io. 20 v. Berlin, 1880- 

98. f^ Na C 


JaJhrbaeh der kunsthistorischen Sammlungen 

des allerhOchsten Kaiserhauses. Hrsg., unter Leit- 

ung des Oberstkftmmerers seiner k. k. apostolischen 

MajestKt, Franz Graf en FoUiot de Crenneville,vom 

k. k. Oberstk&mmerer-Amte. v. 1-19 ; Beilage 

zum Bande 15 und 16. 20 v. Wien, 1883-98. r. 

Ferdinand Graf zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg succeeded 
Crenneville in 1885. 

Jahrb&cher fttr Kunstwissenschaft. 6 v. 
Leipzig, 1868-73. 8*. C 

J»p»nese Art Folio. Editor, H. Shugio. 

V. I, pt. 1-5. Tokyo, [1898.] r. Na 
Current. Monthly. 

Jonnukl of Indian art. v. 1-81-4. London, 

1886-99. r. C 


Jonmal zur Kunstgeschichte und zur allge- 

meinen Litteratur. 17 v. in 9. Number g, 1775- 

79. 1 6*. C 

Edited by C. G. von Murr. 

Journal fttr Malerei und bildende Kunst, oder 
Mittheilungen der neuesten Erfahrungen und Ver- 
besserungen in alien Zweigen der Malerei, der 
Bildhauerei, Daguerreotypie (Photographic), der 
Farbenkunde und Farbenchemie und die in diese 
Fftcher einschlagende Bibliographic. Hrsg. von A. 
W. Hertel. v. 5, no. 5-6. 2 nosi Weimar, 1855- 
56. sq. 4°. Na 

Jonnukl-manuel de peintures appliques & la 
decoration des monuments, appartements, maga- 
sins ... V. 1-17. Paris, 1850-66. f*. C 

Jacrend. v. 4, no. 1-17 (1899). MUnchen, 



599. 4 . 
Current. Weekly. 

K. k. Osterreichisches Museum fttr Kunst und 
Industrie. Mittheilungen. Monatschrift fttr Kunst- 
gewerbe. Redigirt von J. Folnesics und F. Ritter. 
N. F. V. 6. Wien, 1896-97. 8^ Na 

N. F., V. 6, includes Jahrg. xx-xa (1896-97). 

Continued as: 

Kunst und Kunsthandwerk. Monatsschrift. 

. . . Hrsg. und redigirt von A. von Scala. v. i. 
Wien, 1898. 4°. Na 

Current. Monthly. 




Kirehenselimaek; ein Archiv. fttr kirch- 
liche Kunstschttpfung^n und christliche Alter- 
thumskunde. v. 1-27 in 7. Atlas, v. 1-24 in i. 
Stuttgart, 1857-70. 4°. C 

Klassiker-Bibliothek der bildenden KQnste: 
Klassiker der Baukunst; hrsg. von J. E. Wessely 
und A. Rosenberg. 3 v. Leiptig, 1884-87. 8°. C 

KUbssiker-Bibliothek der bildenden Kttnste: 
Klassiker der Plastik; hrsg. von J. E. Wessely und 
A. Rosenberg, i v. Leipzig, 1884. 8*. C 

KUuisiseher Bilderschatz; hrsg. von F. von 
Reber und A. Bayersdorfer. v. 1-8. MUnchen, 

1889-96. r. c 

Koenifipliehe Museen zu Berlin. Italienische 
Bildwerke der christlichen Epoche. Serie 1-2. 4 v. 

Berlin, 1896-97. 4" & T. 


Each series in a volumes, text and plates. 

Koenig^Uehefl Kunstgewerbe Museum zu Ber- 
lin. Vorbilder-Hefte, hrsg. und mit Text von J. 
Lessing. Pts. 1-16. Berlin, 1888-93. f. C 

Koku Kwa [Flowers of the nation]. Pts. 49-60, 
73-80, 82-95 and 6 v. of plates. Tokyo, 1892-98. 

r. c 


KongfL Swenska Museum. Samling af contur- 
teckningar. v. 1-3. Stockholm, 1821-23. 8°. Na 

Kfknstler-Monographien: in Verbindung mit 
andem hrsg. von H. iCnackfuss. Liebhaberaus- 
gaben. v. 1-3, 5-8, 10-37. Bielefeld, 1895-98. 
4°. C 

Kniuit fttr AUe, hrsg. von F. Pecht. v. 1-14X-9 
(1886-99). MUnchin, 1886-99. f°. Na 

Current. Semi-monthly. 

V. 1-8 (1886-^3). C 

Kiinst und Gewerbe ; Zeitschrift zur FOrder- 

ung deutscher Kunstindustrie. v. 3-21, Leipzig, 

1869-87. 8° and 4^ C 

Vols. 3-6 edited b^ K. M. von Stennann. v. 8-ax pub. at 
Nurnberg by Bayertsches Gewerbe Museum, v. z-14 have 
title : Kunst und Gewerbe ; Wochenschrift Ac For Beiblatt 
see Bmyerlscliea Gewerbe Museum su Niimberg. Mit- 

Kunst- und Gewerbe-Blatt. See Polyteek- 

nischer Verein fttr das KOnigreich Bayem. 

Konst und Handwerk. See Bayerlseher 


Kunst und KOnstler des Mittelalters und der 
Neuzeit; Biographien und Charakteristiken . . . hrsg. 
von R. Dohme. 4 pts. in 8 v. Leipzig, 1877-86. 
4'. C 

Kunst und Kunsthandwerk. See K. k. oester- 
reichisches Museum fttr Kunst und Industrie. 

Kunst userer Zeit. Eine Chronik des modemen 
Kunst lebens. v. 8-9 (1897-98). MUnchen, 1897- 
98). f^ Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Kunst-Blatt ; v. 1-291 (1820-49^ ; redi^rt von 
L. Schorn. Stuttgart, 1820-49. 8 and 4 . C 

Issued as a supplement to Morgenblatt. 

Kuntschronik. Wochenschrift fttr Kunst und 
Kunstgcwerbe. N. F. v. 7-101-3 (1895-99). Leip- 
zig* 1895-99. 4*. Na C 

Current. 3 nos. a month. Supplement to : Zeltsclirlfl 
fUr bildende ICunst. 

Kunstdenknuiler im Grossherzogthum Hes- 
sen; Inventarisirung und beschreibende Darstellung 

V. 1-7 m 2. 

der Werke der Architektur, Plastik, Malerei und 
des Kunstgewerbes bis zum Schluss des 18. Jahr- 
hnnderts. 4 v. Darmstadt, 1885-91. 4". C 

Kunstdenkmftler (Die) der Rheinprovinz . . . 
hrsg. von P. Clemen, v. i-3*-«, 43. DUsseldorf, 
1891-99. 4°. C 

Kunstfreund (Der.) N. F. 
Bozen, 1885-91. 4"*. 
Hrss^. von K. Atz und H. Madein. 
1885. Na 

Kunstfl^irerbeblatt. Monatschrif t fttr Ge- 

schichte und Literatur der Kleinkunst. Organ fQr 

die Bestrebungen der Kunstgewerbe-Vereine. Hrsg. 

von A. Pabst. v. 1-5 (1885-89); N. F. v. 1-9 

(1890-98). 14 V. Z«>«>, 1885-98. V, *NaC 

Supplement to: Zeitaohrlft fur bildende KunsL No 
subtitle to N. F. N. F. v. 6-8. ed. by K. Hoffacker. 

Kunstfl^^rerbe-Verein zu Magdeburg. Pallas; 
Zeitschrift, 1.-9. Jahrg. Magdeburg, 1883-88. f°. C 

Kunsthand^rerk (Das). Sammlung muster- 
gUltiger kunstgewcrblicher Gegenstindcaller Zeitcn, 
hrsg. von B. Buchcr & A. Gnauth. v. 1-3. Stutt- 
gart, 1874-76. f*. Na C 

Kunstseh&tae. See Darmstadt Museum. 

Kunstschata (Der). v. i<-3 (1898). Wien, 
1898. r. Na 

Current. Bi«monthly. 

Kupferstiehkabinet (Das). Nachbildungen 
von Werken der graphishen Kunst vom Ende des 
XV. bis zum Anfang des XIX. Jahrhunderts. 
Hrsg. von A. Fischer v. Zickwolff und W. Frankc. 
V. i-3*-s. Berlin, 1897-99. f". Na 

Current. Monthly. 

Library of Fine Arts, or Repertory of painting, 
sculpture, architecture and engraving, v. 1-4. Lon- 
don, 1831-32. 8*. Na C 

Continued as : HEaffazln« of the Fine Arts. 

Liebhaber-Bibliothek alter lUustratoren in 
Facsimile-Reproduction. 3 v. AfUnchen, 1880-81. 
8'. C 

Llvre (Le) et I'image ; revue documentaire illus- 
tr^ mensuelle ; v. 1-3. Paris, 1893-94. 4*. NaC 

Directors, J. Grand-Carteret and t. Rondeau. 

London Art Union prize annual for 1848. Lon- 
don, 1848. V. c 

LouTre Mus^e. Le tr^or artistique de la 
France; premiire serie public . . . [parj P. Dalloi 
. . . les planches sont exccutte sous la direction 
. . . de L. Vidal. i v. PaHs [1883]. i\ C 


Lumldre (La). Revue de la photographie. 
Beaux-arts.— Heliographie.— Sciences. Ann^ejs-^ 

Paris, Londres, i855-59- ^^ ^* 

Edited by E. Lacan. 

Ma^asin des arts et de I'industrie ; organe 
special des arts industries, v. i-8. Paris, 1868- 

77. V. ^ 

Discontinued. Edited ▼. r-a by W. Baumer; ▼. x-« by J. 

Album. Paris, n. d. f*. C 

_Ja^asiJn voor wetenschappen, kunsten en 
letteren. 10 v. Amsterdam, 1822-30. 8'. C 
Discontinued. Index in v. xo. 



of Art. V. 1-8 (1878-85); 1886-99 
London, [1878J-99. 4'. Na 

Current. Monthly. With tapplement entitled : Bojral 
Academy Pictures. 1897. 

▼. 5-13 (1882-90). C 

of the Fine Arts and journal of 

literature and science, v. 1-4. London^ 1833-34. 

8*. Na 

Continuation of : I«lbmry of the Fine Aru. Also called : 
Arnold's Library of the Fine Artt. 

leof Japanese Art. v. i, no. i, 8-12; 
V. 2-4, no. 1-6, 8-12; V. 5 no. 1-4 (1895-98). 
Tokyo, 1895-98. 8'. Na 

Current. Monthly. 

de Taffiche. Publication mensuelle 
contenant la reproduction des plus belles affiches 
illnstr^s des grands artistes, fran9ais et Strangers. 
▼. I. Paris, 1896. f°. Na 

BUtihennngea der Gesellschaft far verviel- 
filtigende Kunst. See Gtesellflehall far verviel- 
filtigende Kunst. 

Mltthftilnfigen des kaiserlichen koeniglichen 
oesterreichiscben Museums far Kunst und Industrie. 
See Bu k. oesterreichisches Museum far Kunst und 

Hobilier d'^lises; specimens des divers styles 
depuis le ii« si^le jusquNi nos jours. 2 v. Paris, 
1881. f". C 

Hodeme Kunst. v. 13 (1898). Berlin, 1898. 
r. Na 

Current. Senu-«umthly. 

Mon&tB-Schrift der Akademie der Kanste und 
mechanischen Wissenschaften zu Berlin. See 
Akademie der Kanste und mechanischen Wissen- 
schaften zu Berlin. 

Monatsehrilt f ttr neue Litteratur und Kunst. 
Hrsg. von Paul Bomstein. v. 1-2 (1896-98). 
Berlin, 1896-98. 8". Na 

Current. Monthly. 

for konstindustri och slojd. See 

MotlTenechata far modemes Kunstschafifen. 
Studienblfltter far Kttnstler... i. Ser. no. 1-2 
(1899). Dresden, [1899]. V, Na 


Miinrhener Jahrbacher far bildende Kunst . . . 
Pts. 1-3. Leipzig, 1838-40. 4*. C 

Disoootinned. Hrsg. von R. Margrafif. 

Mvseal-Blatt ; Zeitschrift far Geschicht;e, 

Kunst, Natur, und Technologic Osterreich's ob der 

Enns und Salzburg's. 5 v. (1839-44). Linz, 1839- 

44. 4to. C 

Prom 1849-44 with title Zeitschrift des Museum Frandsco- 

(Le) d'art et d'industrie de Moscou. 
Histoire de Tomement russe du loe au i6« si^cle 
d'apris les manuscrits. 2 v. Paris, 1870. f''. C 
Edited by V. I. BntovsU. 

M m ^e (Le) artistique et litt^raire ; revue heb- 
domadaireillustr^, 1879-81. 6 v. /'artx [1879-81]. 

r. C 

Wiinwim (Das.) Eine Anleitung zum Genuss 
der Werke bildender Kunst von Wilhelm Spemann. 
V. 4, no. i-io (i 89^-99). Berlin, 1898-99. f*". Na 

National Academy of Design. American Aca- 
demy Notes. With illustrations of many of the 
principal pictures in the 56.-61., 64. annual exhibi- 
tion. Edited by C. M. Kurts. 1881-86, 1889. 7 v. 
New York, 1881-89. 8°. Na 

a copies of the v. for z88x, z. and a. edition. 

National Association for the Advancement of 
Art and its application to industry. Transactions. 
1889. London, 1890. 4°. C 

1888-89. Na 

Nederlandsehe kunstbode, beeldende kunst, 
oudheidkunde, kunstnijverheid. v. 1-3. Haarlem, 
1879-81. 4*. C 

Edited by J. ten Brink. 

Nederlandsehe kunstbode, tot opwekking, 
aankweeking en veredeling van den nederlandschen 
kunstsmaak en schoonheidszin. v. 1-3. Haarlem, 
1874-76. 4°. C 

Edited by J. van VIoten. 

Nener Schauplatz der Kanste und Handwerke. 
V. 75, 146. Weimar, 1868-69. 8% C 

Nonvelles archives de Tart franfais. See 
Soci^t^ de Thistoire de Tart fran^ais. 

Orfjfan fttr christliche Kunst ; Organ des christ- 
lichen Kunstvereins fUr Deutschland. v. 1-23. 
K5ln, 1851-73. 4*. C 

Discontinued. V. x-x4 ed. by F. Baudri. 

Omamentale Fragmente fttr das Kunst- 
gewerbe ; hrsg. von T. von Kramer und W. Behrens. 
Ser. 1-2. Cassell, [1885-91]. f. C 

Omamentale und kunstgewerbliche Sammel- 
mappe. Ser. 1-5. Leipzig, 1887-94. f°. C 

Omemens tir^ des quatre ^oles. Ser. 1-4. 
/'jrw[i855]. f^ C 

Oovras^ d'art . . . See Soei^t^ d'aquarel- 
listes f ran9ais. 

Pallas. See Knnstgewerbe-Verein zu Mag- 

Pan. V. 1-4, no. 1-4 (1895-99). Berlin, 1895- 
99. f. Na 

Current. Quarterly. 

Papers of the Associated Arts Institute. See 
Associated Arts Institute. 

Polytechnischer Verein fttr das KOnigreich 

Bayem. Kunst- und Gewerbe-Blatt. Jahrg. 3-54* 

52 V. MUnchen, 1817-68. 4*. Na 

Continued as: Bajerlacliea Industrie- und Gewerbe" 
Blatt. Editors : v. ao-a4, F. E. Desberger, C. G. KatKr, L. 
Zierl and others ; v. 25, U. Bezold succeeded Zierl ; in v. a6, 
Z840, H. Alexander succeeded Bezold; from 1844 Kaiser alone. 

Portafofl^lio delle arte decorative in Italia 
... F. Ongania, editore. Anno 1-2. [yenesia], 
1890-93. f . Na 

Anno I (1890). C 

Portefenille des arts d^coratifs. See Union 
centrale des arts d^coratifs. 

Portfolio (The); an artistic periodical edited by 

P. G. Hamerton. 1870-98. 36 v. L^mdon, 1870- 

98. f^ NaC 

Since z88^ the vols, consist of special monographs issued ir- 
regularly; size changed in 1894 to 4^. Current. 

Poster (The), v. i-2« (1898-99). London, 
l89a-99. 8". Na 

Current. Weekly. 




Qnelleiwehriften far Kunstgeschichte und 
Ktinsttechnik des Mittelalters und der Renaissance; 
mit UnterstQtzung des k. k. Osterr. Ministeriums 
far Kultus und Unterricht im Vereine mit Fach- 
genossen hrsg. von R. Eitelberger v. Edelbcrg. 
▼. 1-18 (1871-82). N. F.. V. 1-8 (1888-^7). 26 V. 
^iWf, 1871-97. 8*. NaC 

The new leries has the title: Quellenachriften far Konat- 
gcKhichte ... des Mittellalten und der Neuxeit. From 1888 
edited by Albert Ilg. 

BenaJManee (La). See AsflocUtion natio- 
nale pour favoriser les arts en Belgique. 

BenaisMUice (La) italienne; recueil d'orne- 
mens et details de sculpture. ParU, 1891. T. C 

Bepertorium fttr Kunstwissenschaft. v. i- 
21 (1876-98). BerUn, 1876-98. 8'. Na 

Corrent. Bi-nionthlx. 

R^aalon des soci^t^s des beaux-arts des dc- 
partements. v. 5-14. Paris, i88i-go. 8°. C 

Pub. by Minist^ de Tinttruction publique. 

V. 21 (1897). Na 

Revue de Tart ancien et modeme. Directeur: 

J. Comte. [v. 1-4] (1897-98). Paris, 1897-98. 4^ 


Current. Monthly. With Supplement entitled: BnlleUn 
de 1 art anaen et modeme. 

_ de I'art chr^tien; recueil mensuel d'ar- 

ch^logie rcligieuse. 17 v. (1857-74); 2. ser., v. 18- 

32 (1874-81); 3. s^r., V. 33-35 (1883-85); 4. s<5r.. 

▼• 42-47 (1893-98). Paru, 1857-98. 4'. C 

V. 44 contains Table analytique 1883-95. 4- "^r. to 1805 ii 
erroneouily numbered 5. i6r. 

V. 481 [or] 4. s^r., V. iqx (1899). Na 


Revne des arts d^ratif s, contenant le bulletin 
officiel de TUnion centrale des arts d^coratifs. 
Directeur: V. Champier. v. 1-2, 4-18 (1880-08). 
17 ▼. Paris, 1880-98. 4". C 

With a aupplement : Bulletin officiel de TEzpoaition, 1884. 

V. 17-18 (1897-98). Na 

Current. Monthly. 

ReTue intemationale de Tart et de la curiosity. 
V. i-41-a. PaHs, 1869-70. 4'. C 

DiMonCinued. Edited by E. A. Feydeau. 

V. 1-2 (1869). Na 

ReTue universelle des arts. 23 v. Paris, 1855- 

66. 8'. ^ Na 

1-22 (1855-66). C 

Edited by P. Lacroiz. 

Royal Academy of Arts. Academy Notes; 
with illustrations. Ed. by H. Blackburn. 1875- 
84, 1886-98. London, ia75-98. 8*. C 

Current. In 1898 Academy Sketches was incorporated with 
Academy Notes. 

1875-83. Na 

Academy Sketches, including various exhi- 
bitions; edited by Henry Blackburn, v. 2. 1884. 
I V. London, [1884]. 8°. Na 

Royal Academy Pictures. 1897. i v. London, 
(1897.] r. Na 

Supplement of: IHai^ftmlne of Art. 

R07»l Scottish Academy Notes; edited by R. 
G. Halkett 1878-82. Edinburgh, 1878-82. 8". 



A Scottish Society of Arts. TransactioDS. 
V. i3-4, 2-9, lox, ii»-4, 12-14. (1841-98). Edin- 
burgh, 1841-98. 8*. N* 


Saerlstjr. A quarterly review of ecclesiastical 
art and literature, v. 1-3 (1871-73). [London], 
1871-73. 8*. C 

V. 1-2 (1871-72). Nt 

Edited by E. Walford. 

Salon des arts d^oratifs. See Union centrale 
des arts d^coratifs. 

Salon de 1883. Cent vingt planches en photo- 
gravure par Goupil & Cie. Trente dessins d'apr^ 
les originaux des artistes. Ph. Burty. Paris, 1883. 
r. Na C 

For Salon of z88o-8a see BxposlUon des beaoz-arts. 

Salon de 1884. Cent planches en photogravure 
ar Goupil & Cie. Armand Dayot. Paris, 1884. 


Salon de 1885. Cent planches en photogravure 
par GoupU & Cie. H. Havard. Paris, 1885. T. 


Salon de 1886. Cent planches en photogravure 
par Goupil & Cie. G. Olmer et Saint-Juirs (pseud. 
of R. Delorme). PaHs, 1886. f. Na C 

Salon de 1887. Cent planches en photogravure 
par Goupil & Cie. G. Ollendorff. Paris, 1887. T. 


Salon de 1888. Cent planches en photogravure 
et quatre frontispices grav^ k Teau-forte. Eugene 
Montrosier. Paris, [1888]. f*. NaC 

Salon de 1889. Cent planches en photogravure, 
deux frontispices gravis k, Teau-forte. Paul Mantz. 
Paris, [1889!. f • NaC 

Salon de 1890. Soci^te des artistes fran9ais 
et Soci^t^ nationale des beaux-arts. M. HameL 
PaHs, [1890]. r. Na 

Salon de 1891. Soci^t^ des artistes franfais et 
Soci^t^ nationale des beaux-arts. A. Hustin. Paris, 
[1891]. f. Na 

Salon de 1892. Soci^t^ des artistes franods et 
Socit^t^ nationale des beaux-arts. A. Hustin. Paris, 
[1892]. i\ Na 

Salon de 1893. Soci^t^ des artistes fran^ais 
et Soci^te nationale des beaux-arts. O. Merson. 
Paris, [1893J. r. Na 

Salon de 1894. Soci^t^ des artistes fnm9ais et 
Soci<^t^ nationale des beaux-arts. F. Bourgeat. 
Paris, [1894]. f, Na 

Salon de 1895. Soci^t^ d^ artistes fran^^ et 
Soci^t^ nationale des beaux-arts. Thiebault-Sisson. 
PaHs, [1895]. i\ Na 

Salon. See also Soei4t^ des artistes f ranfais. 
Soci^t^ nationale des beaux-arts. Vojage an 
pays des peintres. 

Scbanplats der Natur und der KOnste in vier 
Sprachen : Deutsch, lateinisch, franzAsisch und 
italienisch. v. i-io. }Vi€n, 1774-83- 4*- C 


Scottish Art Review, v. 1-2, 


Sketekea of the Fac-simile Drawing Society. 
See Fae-simile Drawing Society. 
SoeMt^ des amis des monuments parisiens. 

Glasgow, 1889. 



Bulletin. Redige par C. Normand. ▼. i-ii (1887- 

98). Paris, 1887-98. 8". Na C 


Soei^t^ d'aqoarellistes fran9ais. Ouvrage d*art 
. . . tezte par les principaaz critiques d'art. v. 1-2. 
PaHs, 1883. r. C 

Soel^t^ d'art et histoire du diocese de Li^ge. 
Bulletin, v. 1-7. Li/ge, 1881-92. 4*. C 

Soei^t^ des artistes fran9ais. Catalogue illustr^ 
du Salon, contenant . . . reproductions d'apr^ les 
dessins originaux des artistes (Sections de peinture