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'O^A-. C^ — 


•v.- ft-nT^ — ' 





Volume IX 




^ • • • 

• •••.• 

• • •• 



Accessions. See New York Public Library — Accessions. 

Adams, John, Letter of introduction for Henry Colman to James 

Monroe in i8i6 248 

American Diplomatic Correspondence, Collation of the. . . 87-89 

Andrews, Israel D., and the Reciprocity Treaty of 1854. . 445-447 

BxDDLE, Nicholas, to James Monroe, on the Louisiana boundary,i8i6. 8 

Bimetallism, List of Works relating to 344-387 

Bridges and Viaducts, List of Works relating to 295-329 

Brockholls, Anthony, to William Penn, 1683 247 

Campbell, John, on Hume's Views of Queens Elizabeth and Mary, 175 i. 199-200 

^^Campbell,'William, on the Battle of Guilford Court House in 1781. 464-465 

^Colman, Henry, Letter of introduction from John Adams to James 

Monroe, 1816. 248 

^ Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution (and of the 

United States, 1783-89), Collation of the. .... 87-89 

Director, Annual Report of the. . . . , . 399-444 

Divorce AND Marriage, List of Works RELATING TO 466-513 

Documents printed from Manuscripts in the Library: 

John Adams to James Monroe, introducing Henry Colman, 1816. 248 

Israel D. Andrews and the Reciprocity Treaty of 1854. . . 445-447 

Nicholas Biddle to James Monroe, on the Louisiana Boundary, 

1816 8 

Anthony Brockholls to William Penn, 1683 247 

John Campbell on Hume's Views of Queens Mary and Elizabeth, 

1751. . . . . . . . . 199-200 

William Campbell on the Battle of Guilford Court House In 1781. 464-465 

i^F. H. Gregory to David Porter on piracy in the Gulf of Mexico, 

1823. . . . . . . . . . . 122-123 

^ James Madison to James Monroe on alleged Spanish intrig^uing, 

A 1816 448 

)^James Madison to James Monroe on West Indies Slavery in 1816. 463 

vThomas M. Newell to David Porter on Piracy in the West Indies, 

^ 1823 48-49 

*/John E. Wool to W. L. Stone on the Battle of Queenstown 

Heights, 1838 120-122 

Donors. See New York Public Library — Donors. 

Gold Standard, List of Works relating to 344-387 

Gregory, F. H., to David Porter on Piracy in the Gulf of Mexico, 

1823. . . . 122-123 

Guilford Court House, William Campbell on the Battle of. . . 464-465 
Ireland, List of Works relating to. 90-104, 124-144, 159-184, 201-229, 249-280 
IksonT Andrew, to James Monroe on the Presidential Message of 
1817. 34^ 

t • • 





Louisiana Boundary, Nicholas Biddle to James Monroe in i8i6 on 

THE. 8 

Madison, James, to James Monroe on alleged Spanish Intriguing, i8i6. 448 

Madison, James, to James Monroe on West Indies Slavery in 1816. . 463 

Manuscripts. See Documents Printed from Manuscripts in the 

Marriage ANp Divorce. List of Works relating to. . 466-513 

"Mexico, F. H. Gregory to David Porter on Piracy in the Gulf of. 122-123 

Money Standards, List of Works relating to. .... 344-387 

^Monroe James, Letters to, from John Adams for Henry Colman, 1816. 248 

FROM Nicholas Biddle on the Louisiana 

boundary, 1816 8 

FROM Andrew Jackson on the Presiden- 
tial Message of 1817 343 

FROM James Madison on alleged Spanish 

INTRIGUING, 1816 448 

FROM James Madison on West Indies 

Slavery in 1816 463 

New York Public Library: 

Accessions, List of Principal. 32-39, 73-79, 105-111, 145-151, 185-191, 

230-239, 281-287, 330-335. 388-391, 449-455. 5 14-5 "9, 585-591 
Donors, List of Principal. 40, 80, iia, 152, 192, 240, 288, 336, 393, 

456, 520, 592 

Report (Director's), 1904-5 399-444 

Report (Monthly). 3-7, 43-47» 83-86,115-119, 155-158, 195-198, 243-246, 

291-294, 339-342, 395-398, 459-462, 523-527 

Newell,Thomas M., to David Porter on Piracy in West Indies, 1823. 48-49 

Penn, William, Letter from Anthony Brockholls, 1683. . . . 247 

Periodicals, List of Theological. 9-31. 50-72 

Piracy in Gulf of Mexico, F. H. Gregory to David Porter on. 122-123 

^Piracy in West Indies, T. M. Newell to David Porter on. 48-49 

Porter, David, Letter from Thomas M. Newell on Piracy in West 

Indies, 1823 48-49 

Porter, David, Letter from F. H. Gregory on Piracy in Gulf of 

Mexico, 1823. 122-123 


OF, 1838. ........... 120-122 

Report. See New York Public Library — Report. 

Silver Standard, List of Works relating to 344-387 

- Slavery in West Indies, James Madison to James Monroe on. . . 463 
^-^tone, W. L., Letter from John E. Wool, on the Battle of Queens- 
town Heights, 1838 120-122 

Theological Periodicals, List of. 9-31, 50-72^ 

West Indies, James Madison to James Monroe on Slavery in. . . 463 

West Indies, T. M. Newell to David Porter on Piracy in. 48-49 

JWoman , List of Books relating to 528-584 

Wool,' John E.,to W. L. Stone on the Battle of Queenstown Heights, 

1838. ............ I20-T22 





Volume IX • Number 1 


Nicholas Biddle to J&ubs Uohroe in 1816 
Liffr or Theoumicai. PERiODiCAi.e, A-I 
Prihcifal AccBasiOMS in Decbubbr, 1904 . 
Principai. Donobb ra Dkcemubr, IIKM 



William W. Appleton. 

John Bigelow. 

John L. Cadwalader. 

Andrew Carnegie. 

Cleveland H. Dodge. 

John Murphy Farley. 

Samuel Greenbaum. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. 

John S. Kennedy. 

Edward King. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. 

Alexander Maitland. 
J. Pierpont Morgan. 
Morgan J. O'Brien. 
Stephen H. Olin. 
Alexander E. Orr. 
Henry C. Potter. 
George L. Rives. 
Charles Rowland Russell. 
Philip Schuyler. 
George W. Smith. 
Frederick Sturges. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Edward M. Grout. Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Charles V. Fornes, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary, CHARLES Howland Russell, Esq., 40 Lafayette Place. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 40 Lafayette Place. 


Lafayette Place, 40. (Astor.) Fifth Avenue, 890. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 31. (Chatham Square.) 

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

Eldridge Street, 184. (University Settlement Building.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer.) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 

22d Street. 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 130 West. Near 6th Avenue. (Muhlenberg.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street. 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael* s.) 

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce. Department Headquarters.) 

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

59th Street, 113 East. Near Lexington Avenue. 

65th Street, 116 West. Near Broadway. (Riverside.) 

67th Street, 328 East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Travelling Libraries.) 

76th Street, 538 East 

79th Street, 222-224 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

82d Street. 2279 Broadway. (St. Agnes.) 

86th Street. 536 Amsterdam Avenue. 

91st Street, 121 West. Between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. (Blind Library.) 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

156th Street, 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


ToTTENViLLE. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 





Vol. IX. 

January, 1905. 

No. 1. 

At the meeting of the Board of Trustees on January n, 1905, Mr. Cleveland 
H. Dodge was elected to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. Samuel 
P. Avery. 


Reference Department. 

The following table shows the operations of the Reference Department of the 
New York Public Library for December, 1904, with the corresponding figures for 
the last six months, as compared with the corresponding six months of 1903: 

% t 

* t 

No. vols, purchased, accessioned 

No. vols, given. 

No. pams. purchased, 

No. pams. given, 

No. of vols, actually received by purchase 




t ( 

< « 

• < 

( < 

1 4 

« • 



t f 

No. vols. 

No. pams. 

No. pams. 

No. prints 

No. prints 

No. maps 

No. maps 

No. vols, received in exchange 

No. pams. received in 

No. vols, sent out 

No. pams. sent out 

No. vols, sent to outside binders 

No. vols, sent to Library binder 

No. maps mounted by Library binder 

No. books catalogued 

No. pams. catalogued 

No. cards written .... 

No. slips written for copjring machine 

No. cards from copying machine 

No. readers and visitors . 

No. readers 

No. readers, desk applicants . 

No. vols, consulted by desk applicants 

Daily average of readers 

No. readers, periodical dept. . 

Daily average .... 

No. periodicals consulted 

(No. taken from rack) 
No. readers, Russian dept. 

(No. works consulted) 













































































































During the calendar year ending December 31, 1904, the number of volumes 
actually received (including exchanges) was 30,884, and of pamphlets, 88,592. 

The number of volumes catalogued was 33,356, and of pamphlets, 30,892. 
The total number of cards written was 121,319. 

The total number of readers during the calendar year was 192,522, the num- 
ber of desk applicants was 151,692, and the number of volumes consulted by 
these desk applicants was 549,696, not including those used at the free reference 

There are now on the shelves of the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, 
available for readers, 642,895 volumes and 247,357 pamphlets. These with the 
445*496 volumes in the circulation department give a total of 1,088,391 volumes 
and 247,357 pamphlets in the whole system available for readers. 

Circulation Department. 

On December 31, 1904, the Cathedral Free Library turned over its real and 
personal property to the New York Public Library and the Circulation Depart- 
ment took charge of its five branches. In the year just ended it had circulated 
343,962 volumes, and at the time of consolidation it had 49,812 volumes on its 

During the calendar year ending December 31, 1904, the Circulation Depart- 
ment (22 branches) circulated for home use 3,222,491 volumes; the number of 
readers consulting books from the shelves was 400,365; the number of new regis- 
trations was 54,996; the number of adult readers was 282,334, total number of 
readers being 435,542; the number of volumes accessioned was 26,624, giving a 
total of 395,684 volumes on the shelves. The addition of the former Cathedral 
branches brings the department total number available to 445,496 volumes, and 
the total circulation for home use to 3,566,453 volumes. 

The most popular books of the month were (in non-fiction): Knox's *' Japanese 
Life in Town and Country," Lavignac's '* Music Dramas of Richard Wagner," 
and Ulmann's ** Landmark History of New York"; (adult fiction) : Thurston's 
•*The Masquerader," Wiggin's '*The Affair at the Inn." and Caine's "The 
Prodigal Son"; (juvenile fiction) : Wiggin's "Birds' Christmas Carol," Alcott's 
** Little Women," and Barbour's "Arrival of Jimpson." 





East Broadway, 33 

Chatham Squarb. 

East Broadway, 197 

Eldridgb Street. 184 

Bond Street, 49 

8th St., 135 Second Ave.. 


loth St., 331 East, 

Tompkins Square. 

13th St., 251 West, 

Jackson Squarb. 

23d St., 130 West, 


34TH Street, 215 East 

42d St., 226 West, 

Gborgb Brucb. 

59TH Street, 113 East 

65th St., 116 West, 


69th St., 190 Amsterdam Ave.,. 
Travblling Libraribs. 

76TH Street, 538 East 

79th St., 222-224 East, 


82d St., 2279 Broadway 

St. Agnbs. 

91st St., 121 West, 


lOOth St., 206 West, 


IlOth St, 174 East, 


123d St.. 32 West, 

Harlbm Library. 

125TH Street. 224 East 

156th St., 922 St. Nicholas Ave., 
Washington Hbights. 

ToTTENViLLE, 137 Johoson Ave 





















hall USB. 









































































Among the gifts received during December were those from the following, viz . : 
the American Bureau of Shipping, a copy of *' Record of American and Foreign 
Shipping, 1905, 'American Lloyd's'"; from Bahais Board of Counsel two of 
their publications; from Charles Currier Beale, a copy of his privately-printed 
monograph on Marcus T. C. Gould, and from the Wiilis-Byrom Club (students 
of shorthand bibliography) one of the three copies set aside for libraries in the 
United States of the reprint of "Samuel Taylor, angler and stenographer," by 
Alexander Tremaine Wright, vol. i ; from the Burrows Brothers Company, a copies 
of the History of the United States and its people from their earliest records to 
the present time," by EIroy McKendree Avery, 1904; from Messrs. Carr^re & 
Hastings, a copy of the "Group plan of the public buildings of the City of Cleve- 
land," a report made by Daniel H. Burnham, John M. Carrere, Arnold W. Brunner, 
of the Board of Supervision, in August, 1903; from James B. Ford, a copy of 
Arthur H. Clark's " History of Yachting," i6oo-i8t5. New York, 1904; from the 
Pr6ret de la Seine, ij volumes and 5 pamphlets, all official publications; from the 
President of the Republic of Haiti, 3 volumes. Reports and documents annexed of 
the Commission of Enquiry and Verification instituted by a resolution of the Presi- 
dent of the Republic, ai March, 1903; from Prof. Nobushige Hozumi, Imperial 
University of Tokio, a copy of his new Japanese civil code, as material for the 
study of comparative jurisprudence; from Archer M. Huntington, a copy of the 
facsimile reprint of " La Angelica de Lvys," Barahona de Soto, pt. r, Granada, 
Hugo de Mena, 1586; from the Stadtbibliothek, KOIn, a volumes and 8 pamphlets, 
all publications of the Library ; from Rudolph Koradi " Katalog der in dcr Biblio- 
thek und im Archiv befindlicher Biicher der Deutschen Gesellschaft von Pennsyl- 
vanien," Philadelphia, 1879; from Constantin Leber, two of his works, " Die St. 
Marien-Gemeinde in der Stadt Allegheny, Pa.", Pittsburg, 1898, and "Souvenir 
der St. JosephS'Gemeinde zu Johnstown, Pa.", 1900; from the Secretaria de 
Fomento, Colonizacion e Industria, Mexico, 18 volumes and 1 pamphlet, publica- 
tions of the Department; from Mrs. Edward C. Post, t8 volumes, a miscellaneous 
collection; from H. A. Ratterman, his "Nord-Amerikanische Vdgel in Liedern 
fiir Famihen- und Schulgcbrauch," Cincinnati, 1904; from Elihu Root, a copy of 
"Mr. Theodore M. Davis' excavations, Biban el Molilk," Westminster, 1904; 
from Mrs. E. N. Vanderpoel, 6 volumes of early 19th century publications; from 
Mrs. Frank Wiggins, a copy of " Los Angeles and Vicinity," issued by the Los 
Angeles Chamber of Commerce for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904; and 
from Thomas Windsor, 13 volumes, chiefly reports made relative to the Universal 
Exposition of 1K78. 

At the Lenux Branch the exhibition of etchings by Bracquemond and of etch- 
ings and drawings by Robert F. Blum was continued during the month. At the 
AsTOR the plates illustrating anniversaries connected with well-known men and 
^-wj-nts and the Japanese and Russian prints relating to the present war were con- 

he print room exhibited at the Tompkins Square Branch a selection of plates 
Maudsley's " Ornamental Arts of Japan," at the One Hundred and Twentv- 
I Street Branch the first part of the Racinet Costume plates up to the i6th 
iry, and at the Chatham Square Branch plates from Wilkie's Gallery. 


At the Circulation branches the picture bulletins, reading lists and temporary 
collections of books on special shelves were as follows: Chatham Square, Christ- 
mas, Opera, Old Testament Stories; East Broadway, Famous men and women 
born in December, J. G. Whittier, E. Eggleston, R. Wagner, W. E. Gladstone, 
Turkey, A winter's reading, Christmas; Eldridge Street, Famous men and 
women born in December, Christmas, New books; Bond Street, Christmas bulle- 
tins (2), Cowboy life on the plains, Transportation of the injured. Colds their pre- 
vention and treatment, St. Louis Exposition ; Tompkins Square, Chivalry, House 
and home, Japan, New York City, Russia, J. G. Whittier; Ottendorfer, Christ- 
mas, Cairo, Philippines, Colds their prevention and cure. Structure and functions 
of the healthy human body. Electricity; Jackson Square, Christmas, New books; 
Muhlenberg, Christmas, New Year's day, Persia, Syria, Palestine; Thirty-fourth 
Street, Christmas, New Year's day; Bruce, Christmas, The Japanese, Fairy- 
land; Fifty-ninth Street, Famous men and women born in December, Popular 
authors of the day, Christmas, New Year's day, Abraham Lincoln, Astronomy, 
New books; Riverside, New books, Carlyle, English essayists; Seventy-sixth 
Street, Christmas, Music; Yorkville, Christmas, Opera, New books; St. Agnes, 
Christmas, William Morris, Parsifal, Opera, P. B. Shelley, Cairo, Morocco, 
Southern Spain; Bloomingdale, Christmas, In mythland; Harlem Library, 
Christmas bulletins (3), School and College life, English conquest in India, Tea 
and stamp act, Britain's maritime policy. War of 181 2 for commercial power, 
Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clarke, Fulton, Printing press, Martin Luther, Reign 
of terror, England made protestant, Hawkins, Drake, Frobisher, Children's cru- 
sades, Barbarossa, Confucius, Buddha, Moses, Pyramids; One Hundred and 
Twenty-fifth Street, Christmas bulletins (2), School and college life; Wash- 
ington Heights, Confucius, Buddha, Moses, Pyramids, Alexander the Great, 
Lewis and Clarke, Fulton, General Jackson, New Orleans, Morse, The telegraph. 
Reign of terror, England made protestant, Hawkins, Drake, Frobisher, Invincible 
Armada and its loss. Sir Walter Raleigh, Trouble with America, Tea and stamp 
act, Britain's maritime policy, War of 181 2 for commercial power. Reform in 
industrial system, England's emancipation of slaves. Factory act. Locomotive, 
Land of the Incas, Ancient Peru, Travels in Patagonia, Volcanoes, Typical life in 

Many of these lists were prepared in connection with the Free Lectures of the 
Board of Education and relate to the subjects of lectures delivered in the neigh- 
borhood of the branches at which they are displayed. 



Printed from the original manuscript in the New York Public Library. 

Phil^Nov* 25, 1816 
Dear Sir. 

There is a very curious collection of maps here in the possession of Mt Mellish 
the geographer to whom I have recommended to forward it to you. It is a Gen- 
eral Atlas published in England in the year 1721*. What renders it interesting to 
us, is the map of Louisiana which must of course have been copied from the French 
maps of that period and in which the western limit of Louisiana is marked by a col- 
oured & dotted line running along the Rio del Norte from its mouth to the entrance 
of a river called Rio Salado de Apaches de los siete rios, but which in Humboldts 
& the later maps is named Rio Puerco and up that river to the mountains. I have 
no where seen the western limit so strongly designated. 

This subject has long been familiar to you, and you may perhaps in the course 
of your researches have seen this very map, but I thought it worth while to men- 
tion it in case you may not have met with the work. If that question ever comes 
into discussion there are a number of works relating to Louisiana in the library of 
Philadelphia & of the Philosophical society, from which 1 could at any time extract 
such information as related to the boundary. 

The result of the election in this & the neighboring States leaves no doubt as to 
the next Presidency. 

The state of the votes here is so singular as to require some explanation. 
Penn* can furnish about 120,000 voters, yet only 43000 voted at the last election & 
the majority for the successful ticket was about 8000. The small number of votes 
given in is ascribable wholly to the confidence of success which prevented the 
majority from making any exertion, and the opposition itself was owing in a great 
degree to the prevailing dislike to the interference of members of Congress in the 
choice of a President. But what I think it right that you should understand dis- 
tinctly is that neither the opposition ticket nor the smallness of the majority had 
any connection with the personal character of the candidate. Of this there can be 
no stronger demonstration than the fact that the opposition ticket contained many 
who if they had been chosen would have voted for you, and in truth I doubt 
whether you have anywhere in the Union a more confirmed popularity than in 

You are resuming your winter labors & I am preparing for my journey to Harris- 
burg. I will therefore only add that I am 

very sincerely 


Nicholas Biddle 
HonW* James Monroe 


* The De L*Islc map cf 1718 followed in Senex's A New General Atlas (London, 1771). 



Works in the New York Public Library are indicated by the letter N following the title, those in the 
General Theological Seminary by G, those in Union Theological Seminary by U. 

Lists of Jewish periodicals were printed in the Bulletin, vol. 6 (1902), pp. 258-264, vol. 7 (1903), 
pp. 30-31. Periodicals relating to Palestine, oriental archaeology, etc., were included in the list of period- 
icals relating to archaeology, vol. i (1897), pp. 212-226. 

Titles oif a few important religious weekly newspapers, etc. , are included in this list, but both Union 
Seminary and New York Public Library have incomplete files of many such papers not mentioned here. 

Part I. A-L 

Abofl^ado (El) cristiano. Ilustrado. v. 25. 
Mexico ^ 1901-1902. f. N. 

Aet» Pontificia et Decreta SS. RR. Congrega- 
tionum. Ed. Fridericus Pustet. v. i-date. (May, 
1903-date.) Roma^ 1903-date. 8°. N. 


Act* Sanctae Sedis in compendium opportune 
redacta et illustrata. Studio et cura V. Piazzesi. 
v. i-date(i865-date). ^<»»i<y, 1865-date. 8". N. 


Index generalis, V. i, (covering v. 1-20.) N. 

Advanee (The). Published weekly in the in- 
terests of Congregationalism, v. 22-24, 27, 29-30, 
32-34, 39-46. Chicago^ 1890-1902. f". N. 

Incoreplete, except r. 32, 39-46. 

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, v. 77- 
80. Battle Creeks Mich,, 1900-1903. f°. N. 

V. 78 lacks DO. X, V. 80 DOS. 5, 37. 

Adviser (The); or, Vermont Evangelical Maga- 
zine, vol. I, no. I ; V. 4, nos. 3, 5, 7; v. 5, nos. 3-12; 
v. 6, nos. 1-2, 4-7. II. (1809-13.) MiddUbury, 
Vt., 1809-13. U. 

Afro-American Mission Herald, v. 4-6. Louis- 
vilU, Ky., 1900-1901. f. N. 


Aftieo-American Presbvterian. v. 22-25. Char' 
lotte, N, C, 1900-1903. r. N. 


AljkbamA Baptist, v. 27, nos. 1-3, 5-8, 10- 
II, 13-47; V. 28, nos. 12, 15. 18, 20-23, 25-26, 28, 
30. 35-36. Montgomery, Ala^ 1900-1901. f*. N. 

Alabama Christian Advocate, v. 20-22. Bir- 
mingham, 1901-03. f°. N. 


••All the Days." A year book of New Testa- 
ment Truths. A^^w Ki^i [cop. 1897]. ob. 48". N. 

All the World. [Issued by the Salvation Army.] 

V. 8, 21, 22 (1891, 1900-01.) London, 1891-1901. 
8\ N. 


AUgemeine Bibliothek der Biblischen Littera- 
tur von Jobann Gottfried Eichhorn. v. i-io. Leip- 

«^. 1 78 7-1 800. 12 

N., U. 

All^emeine Bibliothek der neuesten deutschen 
theologischen Literatur. v. 1-8. Quedlinburg, 
1784-87. %\ U. 

AUf^emeine Bibliothek der neuesten theolo- 
gischen und p&dagogischen Literatur. Hrsg. von 
Joh. E. C. Schmidt und Fr. H. C. Schwarz. v. 5-8. 
Giessen, 1 801-3. 8'. U. 

AUi^meine kirkliche Chronik. BegrQndet 
von K. Matthes. Leipzig, 18S5-75. 16". U. 

z86a-69 published id Altooa, 1870-75 Id Hamburg. 

Allf^emeine Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Ein Organ 
far die evangelische Geistlichkeit und Gemeinde; 
hrsg. von Daniel Schenkel. v. 6-13 (1865-72). 
Elberfeld, 1865-72. 8'. U. 

All^emeiner Literarischer Anzeiger fQr das 
evangelische Deutschland. Kritische Rundschau 
und Besprechungder bedeutenderen Erscheinungen 
. . .der. . .Literatur, Kunst und Musik. GUtersloh 
and Leipzig, 1867-74. 8'. U. 

Alli^meine Missionszeitschrift. Monatshefte 
far geschichtliche und theoretische Missionskunde. 
. . . Hrsg. von G. Wameck. GUtersloh, 1874- 
date. 8'. U. 


Repertorium zu Wamecks Allgemeiner 

Missionszeitschrift. v. Ph. Horbach. Band i- 
25 (1874-1898). GUtersloh, 1903. xxii, 561 pp. 
8'. U. 

AUc^meine Theologische Bibliothek. Mietau, 
1774-80. 8'. U. 

AUi^meines Repertorium far die theologische 

Litteratur und kirchliche Statistik. Hrsg. von 

G. F. H. Rheinwald. v. i-iio. Berlin, 1833- 

60. 8'. U. 

▼. 48-ixocoDstitutes a AV«/^4'^,edited by Herm. Reuter. 
A register, 18^3-42, is bouud with vol. 47. 

Alliance of Reformed Churches holding the 
Presbyterian System. See Quarterly Register, 

Al-Machri^. Revue catholique orientale 
bimensuelle. Ann^ 1-5 (i 898-1902). Beyrouth, 
1898-1902. 8". N. 

No more published. 



Almanac issued by American Board of Com- 
missioners for Foreign Missions. 1893, 1 895-1904. 
Boston^ 1 893-1904. 8°, 12". N. 

Almanae and Baptist Register. 1844, 1S48, 

1850. Philadelphia, 1844-50. 12"*. N. 

1848, 1850 have title Baptist Almanac and Annual Register. 

Almanae for the Reformed Church in the 
United Slates. 1885-86, 1888, 1892. Philadel- 
phia, 1885-92. 8\ N. 

— 1873. 1903. U. 

Almanach des Amis de N. S. P. le Pape L^n 
XIII. ct de r^glise catholique. 1881-82. Ann. 
6-7. Paris [1880-81]. 24°. N. 

Almanach des Amis de Saint Joseph. Par 
I'auteur de I'Alroanach de Notre Dame de Perp^- 
tuelSecoars. 1896-98. Ann. [2-]4. /'flnj[i895- 
97]. 16". N. 

A lm anach anti-cl^rical et r^publicain, par L. 
Taxil. 1880-82. Ann. 2-4. Paris [1879-81]. 
I2^ N. 

Almanach de TAssomption. 1880-88, i89d- 
95. Ann. 1-9, 11-16. A^amy [1879-94]. 4'. N. 

Almanach dn bon Catholiaue. 1880-97. 
Ann. 4-21. Paris [1879-96]. 16 . N. 

A lm anach catholiqoc de France. 1883, 1885- 
88, 1891, 1893, 1895-96. Ann. [4,] 6-9, 12, 14, 
16-17. ZiV/f [1882-95]. 4'. N. 

A lm a n a ch -eccl^iastiquc da Canada. Ann^e 
1-2. Montreal, 1883-84. 16°. N. 

Almanach des Enfants de Marie. 1892-96, 
1898. LilU, Paru [1891-7]. 8'. N. 

Almanach des Enfants de Marie. 1881-82. 
Ann. 3-4. Paris [1880-81]. 32'. N. 

Alm a n a ch des Enfants de la premiere Commu- 
nion. 1894. Ann. I. Paris [1893]. 12°. N. 

A lm a n ach de la Famille chr^tienne. See 
Grand Almanach de la Famille chnftienne. 

A lm a n ach illustr^ de la premiere Communion 
et de la Perseverance. 1880-86, 1889-92, 1895. 
/'flnj [1879-94]. i6'. N. 

Alman ach illustr^ de Saint- Franfois-de-Sales. 
1888. Lyon [1887]. I6^ N. 

Almanach illustr^ du Rosies de Marie. 1 88 1- 
84, 1887. 1896-97. Paris [1880-96]. 16°. N. 

Almanach illustr^ de Terre sainte. Public 
sous la direction de L. B. 1884-85. Paris [1883- 
84]. 12". N. 

Almanach de la jeune Fille chr^tienne. 1 890- 
91,1893-94,1896. Zi7/f [1889-95]. 4°. N. 

Almanach- journal de T^cole et du convent, par 
F. A. Baillarge. Annuel. (1888.) A?/fV//f [1887]. 
16". N. 

Almanach des Missions. 1885-88, 1890-91, 
1803-95. Ann. i-[4, 6-7, 9-11]. Paris [1884- 
94J. 4'. N. 

Almanach de Notre-Dame du Perp^tuel 
Secours. 1896, 1898. Ann. 2, 4. Paris [1895- 
97]. i6'. N. 

Almanach protestant. 1881-86. Paris 
[1880-85]. i6'. N. 

A lm a n ac h de la Reparation. 1881-84. Ann. 
2-5. Saint'DiMier [1880-83]. 8', i6'. N. 

Almanach du Rosaire. 1888. Ann. 14. 
Paris [1887]. 32'. N. 

Almanach du Sacre-coeur du Jesus. 1880-85. 
Ann. 2-3. Paris [1879-84]. 16". N. 

Almanach des Saints- coeurs de J^sus et de 
Marie. 1886-98. /'art/ [1885-97]. 16**. N. 

Almanach des soci^t^s Saint-Jean-Baptiste 
du Canada et des £tats-Unis. 1884. Montreal, 
1883. I6^ N. 

Alton Presbytery Reporter. Ed. by A. T. 
Norton, May, 1845-Mar., 1851. Alton, JIL, 
1845-51. 8". U 

Continued as Presbytery Reporter. 

American Baptist, v. 25-26. Louisville, 
Ky,, 1903. r. N. 


American Baptist Flag. v. 26, no. 1-13, 
15-35. 37-48, 50; V. 27, no. 1-44. 48-50; V. 28, 
no. 2, 6-11, 14-17, 19-23. 25-28, 30-50; V. 29. 
no. 1-50. FultoHy Ky,, 1900-1903. f. N. 


American Baptist Home Mission Society. 
See Baptist Home Mission Monthly. 

American Baptist Magazine and Missionary 
Intelligencer. new ser. v. 1-15. Boston, 
1817-35. 8'. N., U. 

Coatinoed as Oaptlet Miasionary Magazine. 

American Baptist Publication Society. See 
Baptist Teacher. 

American Baptist Missionary Union, Boston. 
Hand-book. See Handbook, etc. 

American Baptist Register for 1852. J. L. 
Burrows, editor. Philadelphia, 1853. 8*. N. 

American Baptist Yearbook. 1870, 1891-92, 
1898-1904. Philadelphia, 1870-19O4. 8*. N. 

1870-72, '76, 1901-03. U. 

American Bible Union. Documentary his- 
tory: consisting of a reprint of its constitution. . . 
quarterly papers. . .etc., in the form of the Bible 
Union Quarterly, v. 1-4. (1857-66.) New York, 
1857-67. 8'. N. 

American Bible Union Reporter. See Bible 
Union Reporter. 

American Biblical Repository. v. 1-12; 
2. ser., V. 1-12; 3. ser., v. 1-6. New York, etc, 
1829-50. 8°. U. 

V. 1-12; 2. ser., V. 1-12; 3. ser., v. 1-4, 

V. 6, no. 2. 1829-50. N. 

V. 1-12; 2. sen, V. 1-12; 3. ser., v. 2, 4, 5. G. 

Title varies: Biblical Repository, Andover, Mass., 4 v., 
1831-4; Biblical Repository and Quarterly Observer, v. 5-8, 
Andover and Boston, 1835-36; Americ§n Biblical Repository, 
V. 0-3^ New York and Boston, 1837-44; Biblical Repository 
ana Classical Review, v. 25-30, 1845-50. 

Incorporated with Bibliotheca Sacra in 185a. 

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign 
Missions. Envelope series (a quarterly), v. i, 
no. 1-3; V. 2, no. 2-4; V. 3, no. 1-4; v. 4, no. i, 
3-4; V. 5, no. 1-4; V. 6, no. 1-2, 4; v. 7, no. 1-2. 

Boston, 1898-1904. nar. 16' 
V. 6, no. 3, was not published. 

Missionary papers. 

Boston, 1833-1835. nar. 12* 

Missionary Herald. 



nos. 2-11, 14-16. 


See Missionary 



Ameriemn Catholic Historical Researches. 
Vol. i«i3»4, 2-3, 4«-a, 5-date. Philadelphia (at 
first Pittsburgh). 1884-date. 8". N. 

Vol. I reads *' Historical Researches in Western Pennsyl- 
Tania, principally Catholic^' Published in PitUburgb. 

Vol 2-3«-a reads '' Catholic Hist. Researches." Published 
in Pittsburg. 

American Catholic Historical Society of Phila- 
phia. Records, v. i-date. [Philadelphia,'] 1887- 
date. 8°. N. 


Ameriean Catholic Quarterly Review. v. 
i-date. General index, v. 1-25. Philadelphia, 
1876-datc. 8% N.. U. 


American Christian Expositor, designed to 
promote the influence of sound principles and social 
order, v. i, nos. i-ii. (May, 1831-Mar., 1832.) 
New York, 1 831-32. 8\ U. 

American Church almanac and year book. 
T. 1-74. (1830-1904.) New York, 1 830-1 904. 
12'. G. 

1835, 1838, 1840, no. [21. 24. 29-35, 37.] 

55. 57. 59-61, 63-64'. 65, 67-69, 72, 74. (1851. 
'54. '59-65, '67-85. '87, '89. '91, '93-94. '98-99. 
1902, 1904.) New York, 1 834-1903. 12**. N. 

1842-43, 1858-59. 1861-62, 1866, 1870, 

1873. 1876. U. 

1830-40, Churchman's almanac; 1841-1893, Church almanac. 

American Church Missionary Society. See 
Re^^ster of the American Church Missionary 

American Church Monthly, ed. by H. N. 
Hudson and others, v. 1-3. New York, 1857-58. 
8% N., G. 

Socoesaor to True Catholic. 

American Church Review. See Church Re- 
view and Ecclesiastical Register. 

American Church Sunday School Magazine. 
The official organ of the American Church Sunday- 
School Institute, v. 21, no. 2-6; v. 23, no. t, 3-6; 
V. 22, 24-27; V. 28, no. 2-5; V. 29, no. 2-6; v. 30- 
date. Philadelphia, 1898-date. 8'. N. 

V. 19-date (1897-date). G. 


American Congregational Union. See 
Church Building Quarterly. 

American Congregational Year Book. v. 1-6. 
1S54-59. AVw York^ 1854-59. 8°. N., U. 

American Ecclesiastical and Educational Al- 
manac, edited by Alex. J. Schem. 1 868-1 869. 
New York, 1868-9. "•. U. 

1868. N. 

American Ecclesiastical Review. A monthly 

publication for the clergy, v. i6-date. New 

York, 1897-date. 8°. N. 

Current, v. 16, no. z^ is lacking. From Mar., 1901, has 
supplementary number with title: Dolphin. 

American Ecclesiastical year-book, by Alex. 
J. Schem. no. i (1859). -^^^w York, 1859. 12*. 

American and Foreign Christian Union. See 
Christian Worid. 

American Herald. A weekly newspaper and 
review, v. 31; v. 32, no. 1-6. 8, 10, 26; v. 33, 
no. 1-15. New York, 1900-1901. 8*. N. 

American Home Missionary Society. Home 
Missionary. See Home Missionary. 

American (The) Illustrated Methodist Maga- 
zine, v. 4-7. St, Louis, 1900-1902. 8". N. 

American Institute of Christian Philosophy. 
See Journal of Christian Philosophy. 

American Journal of Semitic Languages and 

Literature (continuing " Hebraica "). vol. 12-date. 

(i-date.) Chicago, 1895-date. 8'. N., U., G. 

Current. Quarterly. The file, under this title, be^ns with 
V. 12, the last volume of *' Hebraica" being 11. 

American Journal of Theology, edited by the 
Divinity Faculty of the University of Chicago. 
V. I-date. (1897-date.) Chicago, 1897-date. 8*. 

Current. N., G., U. 

American (The) McAll record. v. 1-2 1. 
P hiladelphia, 1883-1903.] 8' and I2^ N. 

American Medical Missionary. Year, 5-6. 

(1900-1901.) Guanajuato, Mexico, 1900-1901. 8°. 

Imperfect. N. 

American Messenger, v. 22, no. 2-3, 11; 
V. 30, no. 2; V. 31. no. 4; v. 33, no. 2, 5; v. 34, 
no. 6. 10; V. 36. no. 5-6, lO; v. 37, no. 1, 5, lo-ii; 
V. 38, no. 1-4, 6, 9-10; V. 44. no. 7-9; v. 55, no. 4; 
V. 56, no. 6; v. 57. no. 10, 12; v. 58-61. New 

K^/t [18641-1903. r. N. 

Monthly. Undenominational. 

American Missionary. Published by the 
American Missionary Association, v. i-date. New 
York, 1847-date. 8'. U. 

Current. A few numbers lacking. 

V. 7-9; V. 10, no. 1-3; V. 12-14, 16-17, 20^ 

[3i]-34, 36-date. New York, 1863-date. 8". N. 


American Missionary Register. . .with the pro- 
ceedings at large of the United Foreign Missionary 
Society. By Z. Lewis, v. i. New York, 1821. 
8'. N. 

1820-25. U. 

American National Preacher. See National 


American Presbyterian Almanac. 1863-66. 
Philadelphia, 1863-66. 12'. N. 

1854-67. U. 

American Presbyterian Review, v. 1-4; n. s. 

V. 1-6; n.s. ft. e, 3. ser.] v. 1-3. New York, 

1859-1871. 8*. N. U. 

Former title, American Theological Review. 

American Protestant Almanac. 1841. New 
York, 1 841. 8'. N. 

American Protestant, v. 20-22. Boston, 

i8go-92. 8**. N. 

Weekly. Imperfect. 

American Protestant Association Quarterly 
Review. See Quarterly Review of the Amer- 
ican Protestant Association. 

American Protestant Magazine; under direc- 
tion of the Executive Committee of the American 
Protestant Society, v. 1-5. AVwKpri, 184 5- 1849. 
8'. N., U. 

Tide of monthly issues is Ameriean Protestant. 

American Pulpit, ed. Raffensperger. v. I'-s 
Oan.-July, 1878). Philadelphia, 1878. U. 

American Quarterly Church Review. Set 
Church Review and Ecclesiastical Register. 



American Quarterly Observer. July, 1833- 
Oct., 1834. Boston, 1833-34. 8°. U. 

V. 1-3. 1833-34. N. 

183s consolidated with Biblical Repository, which see. 

Ameriean Sunday-School Majj^azine. Pub- 
lished for the benefit of the American Sunday-School 
Union, v. t, 2, 5 (1824, '25, '28). Philadelphia, 
1824-28. 8\ U. 

V. I. (July, 1824.) Philadelphia, 1824. 8°. 


American (The) Sunday School Teachers* 
Magazine and Journal of Education, v. i (1823-24). 
New York, 1324. %\ N. 

American Sunday-School Worker for parents 
and teachers. 1870-75. St Louis, iS^jo-TS- 8vo. U. 
V. 7, no. 11; V. 8, no. 3. 1876-77. N. 

American Theological Review. See Amer- 
ican Presbyterian Review. 

American Tract Magazine, v. 2, no. 2, 4, 7, 
12; V. 3, no. i; V. 4-1 1 ; v. 12, no. 2, 4. New York, 
1826-37. 12°. N. 

American Tract Society's Almanac for the years 
1861-63. Boston, 1861-63. 12"*. N. 

1872. U. 

American Christian Association. Monthly 
Journal. .S^^ Monthly Journal of the American 
Unitarian Association, 

American Christian Association. Quarterly 
Journal. See Quarterly Journal of the American 
Unitarian Association. 

Amerikanski Pravoslavny Vyestnik. Russian 
Orthodox American Messenger, v. 3-date. (1899- 
date.) New York, 1899-date. 4°. N. 


Ami (L*) de la religion: Journal ecclesiastique, 
politique et litt^raire. 1814-54. 166 v. Paris, 
1814-54. 8'. N. 

Amoenitates Historiae ecclesiastical et literariae. 
Jo. Geo. Schelhomii. 1737-38. Franco/, ^ Lpz., 

1737-38. 8^ U. 

Analeeta Bollandiana. v. i-date. Bruxelles, 
1882-date. 8'. N.,G. 

Analekten for das Studium der exegetischen 
und systematischen Theologie: hrsg. von Carl A. 
G Keil und Heinr. G. Tzschirner. v. ix-3, 2'. 
Leipzig, 1812-14. 8". U. 

Anales de la propagaci6n de la f^. Com pi la. 
ci6n periodica de las cartas de los obispos y de los 
misioneros de las misiones de ambos mundos y de 
todos los documentos relativos a los misiones y 4 la 
obra de la propagacion de la fe. v. 68-69. ^ ^* 
Lyon, 1896-^7. 12°. N. 

Anales de la Propagaci6n de la fd . . . Colecci6n 
que es la continuaci6n de las Cartas edifiantes. v. 
68-69. Lyon, 1896-97. 12". N. 

Andover Review. A religious and theological 
monthly. Editors, E. C. Smyth, W. J. Tucker, 
J. W. Churchill, G. Harris, E. Y. Hincks. v. 1-19. 
(1884-93.) Boston, 1884-93. 8°. N., U. 


Andover Theological Seminary. Bulletin. 
See Bulletin of the Andover Theological Semi- 

Aneedota Maredsolana. Edidit D. Germanus 
Morin. v. 1-3 «-3. Maredsoli, 1893-97. 8'. N., U. 

Anf^lican Church Chronicle, v. 20-21. Hono- 
lulu, 1901-02. 4*. N. 

Annalen der Verbreitung des Glaubens. Eine 
periodische Sammlung von Briefen der BischOfc 
und MissionSre aus den verschiedenen Missionen 
beider Weltteile und aller sowohl auf die Missionen 
als auch auf das Werk der Verbreitung des Glaubens 
bezQglichen Urkunden. Aus dem FranzOsischen 
abersetzt. 1840. no. 35-36; v. 69-70 (1897-98). 
Strassburg, 1840-98. 12*. N. 

Annales de I'association de la propagation de 
la foi. See Ann ales de la propagation de la foi. 

Annales de bibliographie th^ologique. Ann^e 

3. no. 3, 5; Annce 6-date (1890, *98^ate). Paris, 
1890-date. 8*'. N. 


Annales du Musee Guimet. See Reime de 
I'Histoire des Religions. 

Annales de philosophic chretienne. v. 1-97. 
Paris, 1830-80. 8*. N., U. (partial). 

Annales de la premiere communion, n. s., i. 
annee. 1883-84. G. 

Annales de la propagation de la foi. Recueil 
p^riodique des lettres des ^veques et des mission- 
naires des missions des deux mondes et de tons les 
documents relatifs aux missions et i I'oeuvre de la 
propagation de la foi. Collection faisant suite aux 
Lettres edifiantes. v. i-date. Lyon, 1826-date. 
8^ N., G. 

Current, v. 3-6 have title : Annates de PAssodation de la 
propagation de la foi. v. i of the N. Y. P. L. set is a reprint 
made in 1853. 

The "<£uvre de la Propagation de la foi " ^las formed at 
Lyons in 182a to support Catholic foreign missions by small 
weekly collections. Its Annals are published in French, 
German, Italian, Flemish, Portuguese, English, Spanish; 
copies of the French, German, Italian, Spanish. English 
issues are entered here under Annalen, Annali, Anales, etc 

Annali della propagazione della fede. . . Con- 

tinuazione delle Lettre edifianti. no. i, fasc. 1-2, 

28 (1832); V. 12, no. 68 (1840); V. 68-69 (1896-97). 

Lione, 1832-97. 8°. N. 

Continuation of Annali dell* .Associazione della propagazione 
della fede, pub. in Rome. 

Annali dell' Associazione della propagazione 
della fede. See Annali della propagazione della 

Annals of the New Church. Compiled by C. 
T. Odhner. v. i. Index v. i. Philadelphia, 1898- 
1904. 8". N. 

Annals of the Propagation of the Faith, v. 1-3, 
58-60(1839-41,95-97). Dublin, iS3g^T. 12°. N. 

v. 1-25 (1838-64). London, 1838-64. G. 

v. 4-9 (1843-48). London, 1843-48. U. 

V. 1-3 pub. in London. 

V. 65 (Jan. -Feb., 1902); v. 66-date (1903- 

date). Baltimore, 1902-date. 8*. N. 

The English edition was first issued in January, 1838. 

Ann a l s of a Western Missionary. Edited by 

C. C. Townsend. v. 1-4. New York, 1864-67. 

i6'. N. 


Annuaire de Ville-Marie, origine, utility et 
progr^ des institutions catholiques de Montreal. 
Ann«fe i (1863). Montreal, 1864. 12*. N. 




litterse Societatis Jesa, 1584, 161 2-14. 
Roma, 1586-1619. 16°. N. 

1613-14 title reads: Litters Societatis Jesu. 1612-14 pub. 

Annual (The) Register of the Baptist Denomi- 
oation in North America, to Nov. i, 1790,... by 
John Aspland. Southampton Co , Ka.,1791. 4°. U. 

1794-95 entered under UnlTersml (The) Annual Register, 

Anti-Mormon (The); edited by Lamoni Call. 
V. I, no. 2. Bountiful^ 1899. 12°. N. 

Anti-Polyf^amy Standard, v. 1-3. Salt Lake 
City, 1880-83. i\ N. 

Anuario (El) MetodisU, 1881. Mexico, 1881. 


Apolofl^ista (O) christfto brazileiro. Anno 11. 
[Rio Janeiro i] 1900. f. N. 

Archbishop's mission to the Assyrian Chris- 
tians. Quarterly papers, no. 1-57 (i 890-1904). G. 

Archdeaconry of New York. Mission news. 
See Mission News. 

Archief yoorkerkelijke geschiedenis, inzonder- 
heid van Nederland. v. i-ii (1829-40). Leiden, 
1829-40. 8". N. 

Continued as Ifederlandseli archief voor kerkeUjke 

Archief voor kerkelijke en wereldsche gt- 
schiedenissen inzonderheid van Utrecht, v. 1-7, 
Utrecht, 1839-48. 4°. N. 

Continued as Arrlllef voor kerkeUjke en wereldlijke 
geschiedenis van Nederland, roeer bepaaldelijk van Utrecht. 

Archief voor kerkelijke en wereldlijke ge- 
schiedenis van Nederland, roeer l>epaaldelijk van 
Utrecht. (Als verf olg op het Archief voor kerkelijke 
en wereldsche geschiedenissen.) v. 1-3. Utrecht, 
1850-53. 8'. N. 

Continuation of Arcblef voor kerkelijke en wereldsche 
geschiedenissen inzonderheid van Utrecht. 

Archief voor nederlandsche kerkgeschiedenis, 
onder redactie van J. G. R. Acquoy, H. C. Rogge 
en Aem. Wybrands. 1-5 deel. s-Gravenha^e, iSSs- 

95. 8^ N. 

With ▼. 3 Wybrands dropped. 

Archiv far Alte und Neue Kirchengeschichte. 
Hrsg. von Carl Fr. St&udlin und Heinr. G. 
Tischirncr. v. i, no. 1-2; v. 2, no. i. Leipzig", 
1813-14. 8". U. 

V. 1-5 (1813-22). G. 

Archiv fUr das Katholische Kirchen- und 
Schulwesen, vorzUglich in den rheinischen Bundes- 
staaten. v. 1-3 (1809-15). Frankfurt a. Main, 
1810-15. 8'. U. 

Ardiiv for Kirchen- und Schulwesen, vorzQg- 
lich for Prediger und Seelsorger. Hrsg. von Dr. 
Bonav. Andres, 1804. WUrtburg, 1804. 8°. U. 

Ardiiv for die Pastoral- Konferenzen in den 
Landkapiteln des Bisthums Konstanz. 1805- 
l8i2«>, i8i2«a-*l5«f 3-9, 1822^". Meersburg and 
Freiburg, 1805-1822. 8". U. 

Archiv fur Religionswissenschaf t . . herausge- 

geben von Ths. Achelis. v. i-date. Freiburg i B, , 

1898-date. 8*. N. 


ArchiT ftlr die schweizerische Reformations- 
gescfaichte. Hrsg. auf Veranstaltung des schweizer- 
bchen Piusvcreins. v. 1-3. Solothurn, 1 868-1 876. 
8\ U. 

Archiv far die Theologie und ihre neueste 
Literatur. Hrsg. von Dr. Ernst G. Bengel, 181 5- 
20. Tubingen, 1815-20. 8'. U. 

Arkansas Baptist, v. 19, no. 11; v. 20; v. 21, 

no. 1-6, 8; V. 22, no. 1-6, 8, 10-50; v. 23, no. 1-7, 

9-26. Little Rock, 1 899-1903. f*. N. 


Arkansas Methodist (The), v. 19, no. 2-25, 
30-52; V. 20(1900-1901). Little Rock, 1900-1901. 

r. N. 


Arminian Magazine, consisting of extracts 
and original treatises on Universal redemption, 
first published by John Wesley, v. 7, 9, 17-19 
(1784, *86, '94-96). London, 1784-96. 8". U. 

V. 14 (1791). G. 

Continued as llIethodlBt Magazine, and later as 
Wesleyan Methodist Magazine. 

Arroir (The); issued monthly by the Sons of St. 
Sebastian, v. 5, no. 6-12; v. 6-7; v. 8, no. i, 3. 
New York, 1 896-99. 4". N. 

Assembly Herald (The). Published monthly 
by order of the General Assembly of the Presby- 
terian Church in the U, S. v. i-date (1899-date); 
V. 4, no. 1-2, 6. Philadelphia and New York, 

1899-datc. 8°. U. 


V. 4, no. 1-2, 6 (Jan.-Feb., June, 1901). 

Philadelphia and New York, 1901. 8". N. 

Continuation of CllQrcIl at Home and Abroad. 
Associate (The) Presbyterian Magazine, de- 
signed to promote the knowledge and influence of 
evangelical truth and order, according to the prin- 
ciples of the reformation, exhibited in the West- 
minster confession of faith and the testimony of 
the associate church. Rev. P. Bullions, D.D., 
editor, v. i. Albany, 1838-39. 8". N. 

Associate Reformed Presbyterian, v. 43, 
no. I, 3-4, 7-9, 11-13, i5-«7. 19-21. 24-25, 30, 
33-37. 41. 43-50; V. 44, no. i, 5-46. 48-50; v. 45. 
no. 2, 4-8, 10-35, 37-45. 47. 49- L>uelVest, S. C, 
1901-03. f**. J N. 

Association Men. v. 4, no. 3; v. 5-22; v. 23, 
no. 1-42; V. 24-28. New York, 1 879-1903. f°. 

4% 8' 


V. 4-15 have title The Wat«*hman9 pub. in Chicago. 
V. i6-22, no. 18, have title YoQiMC Men's Era. 

Association de la propagation de la foi. See 
Annates de la propagation de la foi. 

Assosiasione della propagazione della fede. 
See Annali della Assoziazione della propagazione 
della fede. 

Aof^stana (The) Journal. [Edited by] G. 
A. Brandelle. v. 8-v. 9, no. 2-22, 24; v. 10, no. 
1-5. 7-24; V. II, no. i-ii, 13-24. Rock Island, 
III., 1900-IQ03. f. N. 


Aug^stana Tract Society. Luther-Kalender, 
1883. Rock Island, III., 1SS3. 4^ N. 

Auburn Seminary Review. A journal pub- 
lished monthly during the Seminary year, devoted 
to the discussion of the practical questions of the 
Seminary and of the church, vol. i-date. Auburn, 
N Y, 1897-date. 8'. U. 

Current. At first published bi-monthly. 

Auserlesene Theologische Bibliothek. [Ed. by 

Joh. Chr. Doederlein.] 4 v. Leipzig, 1780-92, 8 . 

Continuation of Neae Theologische Bibliothek. U. 



Ave Maria* A joarnal devoted to the honor 
of the Blessed Virgin, v. 19-20; v. 27, no. 20-21. 
Notre Dame ^ Indiana^ 1883-93. 4**. N. 

Baltimore Christian Advocate. [Edited by] 
S. K. Cox. V. 34, no. 31-52; V. 35, no. 1-39; 
V. 36, no. 7. 1 1-5 1. Baltimore^ igoo-i<^i. f*. N. 


Baltimore (The) Literary and Religious Mag- 
azine. V. I, no. 4, no. 6; v. 7, no. 2-3, 6. Balti- 
more, 1835-41. 8**. N. 

Baltimore (The) Methodist. [Weekly.] [EdU 
ted by] L. A. Thirlkeld. v. 231-84.26-50,52. ^a/. 
/m^^r^ [-^(t/.], 1900- 1901. £*. N. 

Bandera (La) Christiana. Ton[io3, 4. Mexico^ 
1900-1901. r. N. 


of the Church, v. 1-2. 1831-2. i v. G. 

of the Cross, v. 1-14, 15-22. (1839- 
52, 1854-61.) 19 vol. G. 

Discontinued during 185^ and replaced by The lSL%^%XeT 
q. V. Publication resumedin 1854. Permanently discontinued 
in 1861. 

Baptist (The), v. 3, no. 3-17, 19-48; v. 4. 
no. 23-26, 28-58; V. 5, no. 1-5, 7-25. Jackson^ 
Miss,t 1900-1903. f*. N. 

Baptist Almanac and Annual Register. See 
Almanac and Baptist Register. 

Baptist Annual Register for 1790-1802, in- 
cluding sketches of the state of religion among dif- 
ferent denominations of good men at home and 
abroad, [edited] by J. Rippon. 4 v. London ^ 
1794-1803. 8°. N. 

Baptist (The) Argus, v. 4, no. 1-19, 21-52; 
V. 5, no. 1-37, 39, 41-53; V. 6-7. Louisville^ Ky., 
1900-1903. 8**. N. 

Baptist Commonwealth: a national denomina- 
tional journal, v. 10, no. 7-26; v. 11, no. 1-32; 
V. 12, no. 1-35; V. 13-v. 17, no. 1-18. Philadel- 
phia, IQOO-1903. 4° and f**. N, 


Baptist (The) Courier, v. 31, no. 1-13, 22- 
42; V. 32, no. 42-50; V. 33, no. 52; v. 34, no. 1-21, 
23-25. 27-38; V. 35, no. ^10, 12-14, 43. 52; v. 
36, no. 1-3 1, 34-39. 41-44. Greenville, S. C, 
1900-1903. f". N. 


Baptist Evangel and Prohibition Tocsin, v. i, 
no. 2, 5, II. Mammoth Springs Ark,, 1901-02. 
f". N. 

Baptist hand book; published under the di 
rection of the council of the Baptist Union of 
Great Britain and Ireland. 1896-1903. London, 
1895-1902. 8°. N. 

1876-77, 1879, 1880, 1883. U. 

Baptist (The) Home Mission Monthly. Pub- 
lished by the American Baptist Home Mission 
Society, v. 1-24 (1878-1902). New York \\^1%- 
1902J. 4''. N. 

1-18 (incomplete). U. 

Baptist (The) Magazine, v. 1-55 (1809-1863). 
London, 1809-63. 8**. N. 

Baptist Memorial and Monthly Chronicle. 

v. I, no. 10; V. 2-4, 7-9. 5 V. New York, 1842- 

49. 8°. N. 

V. 8, 9 incomplete. 

V. 1-2. U. 

bptist Memorial and Monthly Record. See 
Baptist Memorial and Monthly Chronicle. 

Baptist Missionary Magazine and Missionary 
Intelligencer v. 16-73 (incomplete). Boston^ 1836- 

93. 8^ N. 

V. 18-76 (1896) incomplete. U. 

Continuation of American Baptist Magazine, v. 1-15* 

Baptist (The) Preacher, v. 1, no. 4, 8; v. 2, 

no. 2; V. 3, no. 3. Boston, 1828-29. 8'. N. 

Baptist (The) Preacher, original monthly. 
Rev. H. Keeling, ed. v. i-[6, 11-] 15. Rich- 
mond, 1843-56. 8*. N. 

V. i-a have title: The Virginia Baptist Preacher. 

Baptist (The) Preachers Union, v. 5, no. 12- 
14, i6h^17, 19-22, 25-26; V. 6, no. 1-6; v. 7, no. 
22, 24-26, 30; V. 8, no. 7-8. Greenville, Miss,, 
1901-03. f*. N. 

Baptist Quarterly, v. 1-12 (Jan., i867-C)ct., 
1878). Philadelphia, 1867-70. 8'. U. 

v. 2, no. 2 (Apr., 1868). N. 

Baptist Quarterly Review, v. 8-14 (1886-92). 
New York, 1886-92. 8^ U. 

V. I, no. I ; v. 5, no. 17; v. 7, no. 27; v. 10- 

14 (1879-92). N. 

Continuation of Baptist Review (Cincinnati). 

Baptist and Reflector, v. 61, n. s. v. 11, no. 
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17-54; V. 62, n. s. V. 12, no. 
3-13. 15-47; V. 63, n. s. V. 15, no. 2-45, 47-49- 
Nashville, Tenn,^ 1900-02. f". N. 


Baptist Reporter and Missionary Intelligencer. 

V. 20-32, 35(1845-58, 1860-61). London, 1845-61. 

8'. U. 

From 1857 under the title of Brltisli Baptist Reporter. 

Baptist Review, v. 1-7 (1879-85). Cincin- 
nati, 1879-85. 8°. U. 
Continued as: Haptlst Quarterly Review. 
Baptist (The) Review, no. 15 (1882). »./., 

1882. 8'. N. 

Baptist (The) Standard, v. 12-14. Dallas, 
Texas, 1900-1902. f*. N. 

Weekly. Incomplete. 

Baptist (The) Teacher, v. 2-4, 6-7; v. 11, 

no. 4; V. 12-14; V. 15, no. 3; v. 16, no. 9, 12; v. 

18. no. I, 3-5; v. 29, no. 12. Philadelphia^ 1871- 

88. f^ N. 


Baptist (The) Times and Freeman, v. 46, no. 
2386, 2387; V. 47, no. 2395i 2419-20; V. 48, no. 
2455, 2464, 2475, 2482, 2487; V. 49, no. 2503, 2509, 
2542. London, 1900-03. f*. N. 

Baptist (The) Union, v. 10-13. Chicago, 
1900-1903. 4*. N. 


Battersby's Register for the Catholic World; 
or, the complete Catholic directory, almanac, and 
registry. . . Compiled by W. J. Battersby. 1846. 
1853-54. Dublin, 1846-54. l2^ N. 

Beitraef^e zur bayerischen Kirchengeschichte, 
hrsg. von T. Kolde. v. 3-4. 2 v. Erlangen, 

1897-98. 8°. N. 

Beitraf^e zur FOrderung christlicher Theolo- 

gie, hrsg. v. A. Schlatter und H. Cremer. vol. i- 

date. GUtersloh, 1897-date. 8". U. 




Beitrftf^ zur Geschichte der evaogelischen 
Kirche in Russland. Von H. Dalton. v. 1-3. 
Gotka, Berlin, 1857-98. 8'. N. 

Beitr&f^ezur Israelitischen und judischen reli- 
gionsgeschichte. Hft. i, 2 [istc HiUfte], 1896-97. 
2 pts. G. 

Beitr&f^ zur sichiscben Kircbengescbichte. 
Hrsg...vonF. Dibelius und G. Lechlcr. Hefte 
i-datc. Leipzig, 1882-datc. 8*. U. 


Beltraei^ zu den theologischen Wissenschaf- 
ten von den Professoren der Theologie zu Dorpat. 
2 ▼. Hamburg, 1832. 8'. U. 

Beitr&§fe zur Verbessening des Kirchen- und 
Schulwesens in protestantischen L&ndern. v. 2. 
Altona^i-jKfi, 8 . U. 

Bel^que (La) eccl^siastique ; annuaire du 
clerg^, des convents et des communaut^ religi- 
eases. . . Ann^ 13 (1901). Bruxelles [1901]. 
24'. N. 

Beweis des Glaubens. Monatschrift fOr Be- 
grOndung und Verlheidigung der christlichen Wahr- 
hcit far Gebildete.... v. i-date (1865-date). 
Cater sloh, 1865-date. 8°. U. 


Bibelfrennd. Eine belehrende Zeitschrift in 
zwanglosen Heften. von J. S. Grobe. Hefte 1-2. 
Hildburghausen, 1825-26. 8". U. 

Bible Magazine and Theological Review. 
V. 1-3. London, 1815-17. 8*. N. 

Bible (The) Reader and Sunday Magazine. 

V. 10; V. 12, no. 1-6. Richmond, Va„ 1900-1901. 

S*. N. 


Bible Review, v. i, no. 1-4 (v. 15 of the Eso- 
teric series). Oct.. 1902. ApplegaU, Cal, 1902- 
03. 8*. N. 

Bible (The) Society Gleanings, pub. by the 
British and Foreign Bible Society. 1864-74, '77, 
84; n. s. 1889-94, '96-98, 1900-1902. London, 
1864-1902. 12". N. 

1884, 96-g8 incomplete. 

Bible Society Monthly Reporter, new ser. 
T892-date. London^ 1892-date. 4**. N. 


Bible Society Record, v. i-date. New York, 
1856-date. 4% 8^ N., U. 


Bible Teacher, ed. by Robert Stewart, R. J. 
Miller, v. 11. no. 10; v. 14, no. i, 12; v. 17, no. 3. 
Pittsburgh, Pa., 1880-1886. 8% U. 


Bible Treasury, no. 303, 323, 324, 334. {Lon- 
don,] 1881-84. sq. 4°. N. 

Bible (The) Union Quarterly. Published by 

the American Bible Union. No. 55, 57. New 

York, 1866-1867^ 8°. N. 

no. 31, 34, 36, 39. NewYork, 1858-1860. 

8^ U. 

Continuation of Bible Union Reporter. 
StetUso American Bible Union.— Documentary history. 

Bible Union Reporter, v. 4, 5(1854-55). New 

York, 1854-55. 8°. U. 

Aug. 1854, Oct. 1855-June, 1856. N. 

Continned as Bible Union Quarterly. 

Biblia. A monthly journal devoted to biblical 

archaeology and oriental research, v. 4-date (1891- 

date). Meriden, Conn,, 1892-date. 8*. N.,U.,G. 

Biblical cabinet; or, Hermeneutical, exegetical, 
and philological library. New ser. v. 1-3. Edin* 
burgh, 1844-45. 8". N. 

V. 1-6. 1832-38. U. 

Biblical Recorder, v. 65, no 26-51; t. 66; 
V. 68, no. 10-51;^ v. 69, no. 1-5. Raleigh, N, C, 
1900-1903. f*. N. 


Biblical Repertory. A collection of tracts in 
biblical literature, [edited] by C. Hodge, v. 1-4 
(i826-[29]); new ser. v. 1-43 (1829-71). 46 v. 
New York, Philadelphia, 1827-71. 8\ N., U. 

v. I (1825). G. 

n. s. V. 3-8 have title : Biblical Repertory and Theolo^cal 

Review, conducted by an association of gentlemen in Pnnce> 
ton. V. 9-43 have title: Biblical Repertory and Princeton Re- 
view. V. 38-40 edited by C. Hodge; v. 41-43 by Hodge and 
L. H. Atwater. Continued as: Presbytertan Quarterly 
and Princeton Review. 

Biblical Repository and Classical Review. 
,See American Biblical Repository. 

Biblical World. Continuing The Old and New 
Testament Student. Ed. by W. R. Harper. New 
ser. v. 1-7 ; v. 8, no. 3; v. 10, no. i ; v. ii-date. 
Chicago, 1893-date. 8'. N. 

V. i-date (1893-date). 

U., G. 


Biblio^^raphie der theologischen Litteratur 
. . .Hrsg. von G. KrUger. 1900, 1901 >-3. Berlin, 
1900-1902. 8*. N. 

Sonder-Abdruck aus dem 9o.-3x. Bd. des Theologischen 

Bibliotheca Historico-philologico-theologica. 

Bremct, 18 19-25. 8*. U. 

Continued as JHaseani Historico-Philologico-Theologica. 

Bibliotheca Sacra and Theological Review, 
conducted by B. B. Edwards and A. E. Park. v. i- 
date. Index, 1-31. Andover, Oberlin, 1844-date. 

8°. N., U. 


With v. 8 united with American Biblical Repository, 
title being BlblloClieca Sacra and American Biblical Re- 
pository ; ** American *' dropped before "^ Biblical " in v. 15- 
30; with V. az no sub-title; v. 38-33, Blbllotlieca Sacra 
and Theological Eclectic; 34-51 no ftub>title; 52-5^ Hlbllo* 
tbeoa Sacra, a religious and sociol<Mpcal quarterly. 

V. 0-27 edited by Park and S. H. Taylor* v. 38-33 hy Park 
and George E. Day; v. 34-36 Archibald Duff addedas editor; 
V. 37-40 by Park; v. 41-43 by G. Frederick Wright, J udson 
Smith, and W. G. Ballantine; 43-48 by Wright, Baliantine, 
and Frank H. Foster; v. 49, Wright and Foster; v. 50, Wright; 
V. 51-55, Wright and Z. Swiff Holbrook. From v. 41 pub- 
lished at Oberiiii, Ohio. 

Bibliotheca Sacra, or tracts and essays on 
topics connected with Bibh'cal literature and theo- 
logy. Edward Robinson, editor, i v. NewYork, 
1843. %\ U. 

Bibliotheca theologica oder viertelj&hrliche 
systematisch geordnete Uebersicht aller auf dem 
Gebiete der (wissenschaftlichen) evangelischen 
Theologie in Deutschland und dem Auslande neu 
erschienenen Schriften und wichtigeren Zeitschrif- 
ten-Aufsatze. v. 6-43 (1853-90) ; v. 49«-5o>-4 
(1896-1898). Gottingen, 1853-98. 8'. N. 

1848-97. U. 

Bibliothek von Anzeigen und AuszUgen kleiner 
meist akademischer Schriften, theologischen, philo- 
sophischen, . . . Inhaltes. Hrsg. von Prof. Paulus. 
V. I, no. 2. Jena, 1790. 8°. U. 



Biblisohe Studien von Geistlichen des KOdis:- 
retchs Sachsen. hrsg. v. J. E. R. K&uffer. v. i. 
Dresden^ and Leipzig^ 1842. 8**. U. 

Bijdraf^eii voor de geschiedenis van het bisdom 
van Haarlem, v. i-26x-<». Haarlem, 1873-1901. 

8'. N. 

BlUtter fttr freies religi^ses Leben. Hrsg. von 
F. Schanemann-Pott. Jahrg. 13, no. 7-12; 14, no. 
1-5. Philadelphia, 1869. 8'. N. 

Blaetter der Heilung. . .Redigirt von T. A. 
Dowie. Jahrg. i-date. Chicago, 1899-datc. f . N. 

Boston Investigator. Devoted to the develop- 
ment and promotion of universal mental liberty. 
V. 36, no. 14-52; V. 37-V.38; V. 39, no. 1-35; v. 47, 
no. 27-28. Boston, 1866-78. f. N. 

Boston Presbyter, v. 1-3. Boston, 1901-03. 

r. N. 


Boston Pulpit, ed. Raffensperger. Monthly. 
V. I, no. I, 2 (May, June, 1872). Boston, 1872. 8'. 


Boston Recorder and Religious Telegraph, v. 
13, no. 1-16, 18-41, 43-52; V. 20, no. 1-17, 20-51. 
Boston, 1828-35. f**. N. 

Boston Review, devoted to theology and litera- 
ture. V. 1-6. Boston, 1861-66. 8°. N., U. 
CoDtinued as: ConcreKailonal Review. 

Brahmavadin (The): a fortnightly religious 

and philosophical Journal, v. 3-date. Madras, 

1898-date. 8". N. 


Brethren Evangelist, v. 22, no. 1-28, 30-33, 

35-50; V. 23. no. I, 3-25, 28-38, 40-50; V. 24, no. 

2-4, 6-39, 41-50; V. 25, no. 1-3, 5-26, 29-34, 36- 

47. 49-50. Ashland, 0., 1900-1903, f. N. 


Briefe Uber die Bibel im Volkston. Sine 
Wochenschrift von einem Prediger auf dem Lande. 
5 V. J/alle, 1782-83. 8% U. 

British Baptist Reporter. See Baptist Re- 

British Critic, v. 1-42; 2. ser., v, 1-25; 
[3. ser.] V. 1-3. 70 V. London, 1793-1826. 
8'. N.. U. (partial). 

2. ser., V. 1-2(1814). G. 

Continued as British Critic and Quarterly Theological 

British Critic, Quarterly Theological Review 

and Ecclesiastical Record. v. 1-3 ^ London, 

1827-43. 8°. N.; U., partial; G. 

Continued as BUKllsli Review. 

British and Foreign Evangelical Review. 
V. 1-37. Edinburgh, 1852-1888. 8'. N.. U. 

V. 1-5 have sub-title "and quarterly record of Christian 
literature.'* v. ao-24 edited by J. S. Candlish; v. 30-35 by 
H. S. Paterson; v. 36-37 by J. S. Exell. 

British Magazine and Monthly Register of 
Religious and Ecclesiastical Information, v. 1-36. 
London, 1832-49. 8°. N., U. (partial). 

V. 1-28. (1832-1845.) G. 

British (The) Weekly: a journal of social and 

Christian progress. 1894-date. London, 1894- 

date. f^ U. 


1900-1903. N 


2, no. i-?o. 


Broad Church Pulpit. A semi-monthly publi- 
cation of sermons by eminent clergymen of various 
christian denominations, v. 1, no. 2. New York, 
1859. I2^ U. 

Brooklyn (The) Catholic, v. 
Brooklyn, 1 8 70. f°. 

Brooklyn City Mission and Tract Society. 
See Brooklyn Mission Journal. 

Brooklyn (The) Mission Journal. Published 

by the Brooklyn City Mission and Tract Society. 

Nov. 1866, Nov. 1867, May 1870, Nov. 1871, Nov. 

1874, April 1880, Dec. 1895. May 1897, Dec 1900. 

Dec. 1901. Brooklyn, 1866-1901. 4*. N. 

Formerly called City Mission and Tract Journal; also 
HroolLlyn City Mission and Tract Society journal. 

Brothers of Nazareth, Priory Farm, Ver- 
bank, N. Y. The Nazareth Chronicle. See Na- 
sareth (The) Chronicle. 

Brownson's Quarterly Review. v. 1-3 
(1844-46); new ser., v. 1-6 (1847-52); 3d ser , 
V- 1-3 (1853-55); N. Y. ser., v. 1-4 (1856-59); 3d 
N. Y. ser., v. 1-4 (1860-63); National ser., v i 
(1864). Boston, 1844-55; New York, 1856-64. 
%\ U. 

Buddhist Text Society of India Journal. See 
Journal of the Buddhist Text Society of India. 

Buena (La) Lid. v. 1-7. (1892-1901.) 
Mexico, 1 892-1901. 4*. G. 

V. 7, no. 9-10; V. 8, no. 3-4, 8, ii; v. q, 

no. 8. Mexico, 1901-03. 4°. N. 

Bulletin of the Andover Theological Seminary, 
no. 1-12. Andover, 1882-92. 4°. N., U. 

Bulletin d*archaeologie chr^tienne. See Bul- 
letino di archeologia cristiana. 

Bulletin de la Commission pour Thistoire des 

eglises Wallonnes. v. 1-9. La Haye, 1883-1904. 

8' U. 

" Current. 

. V. 1-5. 1885-92. N. 

Bulletin d'histoire et d'archdologie religieuses 
du diocese de Dijon. See Bulletin d'histoire, de 
litt^rature & d'art religieux de Diocese de Dijon. 

Bulletin d'histoire eccl^siastique et d'archeolo- 
gie religieuse des dioceses de Valence, Gap, Gre- 
noble et Viviers. v. i-date. Supp. 1880-96. 

Romans, 1880-date. 4*. N. 


Bulletin d'histoire, de litterature & d'art re- 
ligieux de Diocese de Dijon, v. 15-date. (1897- 
date.) LHjon, 1897-date. 8*. N. 

Current. In 1899 it cbansred from a bi-monthly to a semi- 
annual issue, changing the title from *' Bulletin d'histoire et 
d^afch^ologie religieuses du Diocese de Dijon." With v. 18 
(1900) it became a monthly paper. 

Bulletin historique et litt^raire de la Societe 
de I'histoire du protestantisme fran9ais. v. i-date. 
Paris, 1853-date. 8\ N., U. 

Current, v. 1-14 have title ''Bulletin de la Soci^t6 de 
Thistoire du protestantisme fran^ais." 

Bulletin de la Societe des livres religieux de 
Toulouse. [no.] 1-4, 6-8. Toulouse, 1867-72. 

8°. . N. 

Bulletin Theologique. Edited by £. de 
Pressense. v. 1-7 (1864-70). Paris, 1864-70. 8". 


The Bulletins for 1861-63 appear as supplements to ReTUe 

Continued as ReTUe Theologique. 



BoUetino di archeologia cristiana. Da G. B . 
de Rossi. 3. sen, v. 1-6 (1876-81), Indice; 4. ser., 
V. 1-6 (1882-89), Indice; 5. ser., v. 1-4 (1890-94). 
Roma, 1876-94. 8*. N. 

ser. 1-5 < 1 867- 1 894). G. 

Continued as NooTO buUetino di arcbeologia cristiana. 
Series 1-3 (in part) called Bulletin d'archeologie chr^tienne. 

Bulirark or ReformatioD Journal, v. i-ri 

(1851-62). Edinburgh, 1852-62. 8'*. 

V. I. (1851.) 

Barmah Baptist Missionary Convention, 
annual report. Rangoon, 1871. 8*. 

Caloutta Christian Observer, v. 1-9. 
cutta, 1832-40. 8**. 

V. 1-28 (1832-59). 








Calcutta Missionary Herald. May, July* 
1840. 3 nos. {Calcutta, 1840.] 8*. N. 

California (The) Christian Advocate. [Edited 
by] F. D. Bovard. v. 50-51. San Francisco, 
1900-1901. 8*. N. 


Cambridi^ Camden Society. See Eedesi- 
ologrist (The). 

Canada Baptist Magazine and Missionary 

Register, v. 3-5, no. 1-6 (1839-41). Montreal, 

1840-41. 8". N. 

V. 3 edited by R. Campbell. 

Canadian (The) Baptist, v. 46, no. 34, 36- 37, 
3t)-52; V. 47, no. 1-4. 6-37, 39-52*, v. 48-v. 49, no. 
1-29, 31-51, 53. Toronto, 1900-1903. T. N. 


Canadian Churchman. The Church of Eng- 
land weekly family newspaper, v. 27, 28. Toronto, 

1001-03. V. N. 


V. 30 (1904). G. 

Canadian Congregational year-book. 1873/4- 
1893/4. Toronto, 1873-1894. 8". U. 

1884/85, 1894/95-1898/99. N. 

Canadian Congregationalist. v. 7, no. 21, 
43. 46, 49; V. 9, no. 24; V. 10, no. 32, 33, 44. 
Toronto, 1 901-03. f°. N. 

Canadian Independent. 40 v. London and 
Toronto, Can,, 1854-94. 8*. U. 


Canadian (The) Methodist Magazine, devoted 

to religion, literature. . .v. 7, 8. Toronto^ 1878. 8°. 

Imperfect. N. 

Canad i a n Presbyter. 2 v. Montreal, 1857-58. 

8'. U. 

V. X, no. 8; ▼. a, no. 4, lacking. 

Cathedral (The) calendar for the Church in 
the United States of America. 1902. New York, 
1902. 16'. N. 

Catholic Book News. A review of Catholic 
publications at home and abroad, v. 12-25; v. 26, 
nos. 1-5; V. 27-date (1885-date). New York, 
1885-date. 8". 


Catholic Champion, v. 10, 13. 
July- Aug. 1901.) New York, 1901. f*.' 

Catholic Citizen, v. 31-33. 
Wis., 1901-02. 8'. 


(Apr. 1897, 




Catholic Directory, Almanac and Clergy List — 
Quarterly, v. 2, no. i; v. 14, no. 1. 3; v. 17, no. 
1-2. (1887, 1899, 1902.) Milwaukee, 1887-1902. 
8\ N. 

▼. a-14 have title lEoflteiann'B Catholic Directory. 

Catholic Directory and annual register, v. 1-2, 
60 (1838-39, 97). London, 1838-39, 97. 12°. N. 

1848. U. 

V. 60 has title: Catholic directory, ecclesiastical register and 

Catholic Expositor and Literary Magazine. 
Ed., Varela & Pise. vol. 2-5. New York, 1842- 
1844. U. 


Catholic (The) Family Almanac. See Illus- 
trated Catholic Family Almanac. 

Catholic Historical Researches. See Amer- 
ican Catholic Historical Researches. 

Catholic (The) Mind. 1903-date. New York, 
1903-date. 16**. N. 


Catholic (The) Mirror, v. 47, no. 23; v. 51, 
no. 15, 35-52; v. 52, no. 1-25, 28-30, 39, 4i» 50-51; 
V. 53, no. 18-19. 21, 23-52; V. 54, nos. 1-30, 33-34. 
36, 39, 48-51. Baltimore, 1896-1903. f". N. 

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Catholic Presbyterian. An international jour- 
nals-ecclesiastical and religious. Edited by Wm. G. 
Blaikie. 10 v. London ^ New York, 1879-83. 
8'. U. 

V. 1-4, V. [5.] nos. 6, 8-12. London, 1879- 

83. 8'. N. 

Catholic Review. A weekly journal for Catholic 
families, v. 37, no. 22-27; ▼• 38. no. 1-16, 20-26; 
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98. f". N. 

Merfl^ed with Catholic Citizen. 

Catholic (The) Review of Reviews, v. i, no. i. 
Chicago, 1904. 4°. N. 

Catholic (The) Standard and Times, v. 5, 
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delphia, 1900-1903. V, N. 

Catholic University Bulletin, v. i-date. 
Washington, 1895-date. 8^ N., U. 

Current. Quarterly. 

Catholic University Chronicle, v. i. Wash- 
ington, 1897. 8°. N., U. 

Consolidated with Oatholle University Bulletin. 

Catholic World. A monthly magazine of 
general literature and science, v. i-date (1865- 
date). New York, 1865-date. 8'. N. 


V. 11-33 (1870-1881). U. 


Centenary Conference of the Protestant Mis- 
sions of the world. Report. 1888. London, 1889. 
2v. 8'. N., U. 



Central (The) Baptist, v. 35-37. Sf, Louis, 
1900-1902. r. N. 


Central Christian Advocate. [Edited by] J. B. 
Young. V. [44, 45]; V. 47, no. 2418-2421, 2448. 
5/. Louis, 1900-1903. 4**. N. 

1901 pub. in Kansas City. Weekly. 

Central (The) Presbyterian, v. 35-38. J^ich- 
mond, Va., 1900-1903. T. N. 


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▼. 4, no. 14. 28; V. 5, no. I, 3, 5; v. 7, no. 1-4, 6- 
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18-26, 28-30; V. 20, no. I*, 1-2, 4-30; V. 21, no. 
I*, 1-30; V. 22, no. 1-2, 5-24, 26-27, 29-30.' 
MeadvilU, Pa,, 1878-97. i\ N. 

Chaire Catholique. Archives eccl^iastiques, 
memorial de la predication, /'artj, 1845-46. 2 v. 
8*. U. 

Champlain (The) Educator. Official organ of 
the Catholic Summer School of America and Cham- 
plain Reading Union, v. 21-date (1902-date). 
New York, 1902-date. 8°. N. 

V. 9z called: Mother's Magazine. 

Chiea§fO (The) Pulpit, v. 2, no. 25, 35; v. 3. 
Chicago, 1872-73. 8'. N. 

V. 1-3(1871-1873). U. 


China's Millions. Edited by J. H. Taylor. 

1882-86, '87, no. 1-2; *88, no. 5. London, 1882- 

88. 4". N. 

Also numbered v. 7-13. 

Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal. 
V. 2, no. 2, 12; V. 3-15. (1870-84). Foochow, 
Shanghai, 1870-84. 8'. N. 

V. 3, 4, 5*1 I9^ 206-7. (1870-1889). U. 

Chinese Repository. (1832-72). Canton, 1832- 

72. 8'. U. 


1832-51. 8^ N. 

Chretien (Le) beige: revue religieuse. v. 11, 

no. 10-12; V. 12-V.14. no. 1-4, 6-8, 10-12; v. 15, 

no. 1-3, 5, 7-12; v. 16-V.18, no. 1-5, 7-12; v. 19- 

V.20, no. 3-8, 10-12; v. 21, no. I. 3, 5, 7-10; V. 22, 

no. 2, 6, 8-1 1; V. 23-V.24, no. 1-9, 11-12; v. 25- 

V.26, no. 1-3, 5, 7, 9-10, 12; V. 27, no. 3-7, 9-12; 

v. 28, no. I, 4-12; V. 29-V.30, no. 1-3, 5, 7. 

BruxelUs, 1860-80. 8'. N. 

▼. 12-15 have supplement ** Glaneur Missionaire.'^ 
Suspended publication in 1869, resuming in 1871. 

Christendom, v. i, no. 1-20. (Apr. 10- Aug. 
29, 1903). Chicago, 1903. 8°. N., U. 

After 39 Aug., 1903, merged in: The World to-day. 

Christian (The), v. 25, no 11; v. 35-38, 
(1890, 1900-03). Boston, 1 890-1903. f**. N. 


Christian (The), nos. 676, 812, 1050, 1053, 
1 102, 1135, 1614-1623, 1625-1629, 1631-1632, 
1634-1663, 1665-1687, 1692, 1695, 1701, 1703- 
1705, 1708-1709. 1713, 1716, 1720, 1728, 1739. 
London, 1900-1903. 8*. N. 

nos. 719-724. 726-738, 742-745, 747-752. 

776. London, 1883-1884. 8'. U. 


Christian (The), no. 1-8(1819-1820). Lon^ 
don, 1819-20. 12°. N. 

Christian (The); devoted to the advancement of 
gospel holiness. John Q. Adams, editor, v. i-v. 5, 
no. 9. New York, 1863-67. 8". N. 

Monthly. Imperfect. 

Christian Advocate, v. i, no. i.(Jan., 1900). 
Beaver Springs, Pa,, 1900. f**. N. 

Christian Advocate, v. 40, no. 34 (1865); 
V. 42, no. 9, 36, 38, 41 (1867); V. 73-date (1898- 
date). New York, 1865-date. f*. N. 


1888-date. U. 

Current, v. 40 is called ** Christian Advocate and Journal." 

Christian (The) Advocate, v. 18 (1900): v. 
19, no. 19, 27, 32-36, 38-46, 48-51 (1901). Belfast, 
1900-1901. f*. N. 

Christian Advocate. Conducted by Ashbel 
Green, v. 1-12 (1823, 1825-34). Philadelphia, 
1823-34. 8'. U. 

Imperfect. Continuation of Presbyterian Magazine. 

Christian (The) Advocate. General organ of the 
Methodist Episcopal church, south. [Edited by] 
E. E. Hoss. V. 61-62; V. 64, no. 19-22, 40. Nash- 
ville, 1900-1903. V, N. 


Christian (The) Advocate Year Book and 
Reference Manual, 1875. Pittsburgh\\%']^, 12". 


Christian (The) Almanac for Connecticut. 
1830-39. Hartford, 1830-39. 12*, N. 

Christian (The) Almanac for New York, Con- 

nc.ticut, and New Jersey. 1828-30, 1836, 1840. 
New York [1828-40]. 12'. N. 

Christian (The) Almanac for Tennessee, v. 2, 
no. 2(1829). Nashville \\Z2<^. 16°. N. 

Christian (The) Almanack. 1825-26. Boston, 
1825-26. 12'. N. 

Christian (The) Baptist, edited by Alexander 
Campbell, v. 3-7. Buffaloe, and Bethany, Va., 
1825-29. nar. 16°. N. 

(1824-26.) Buffaloe, 1824-6. 2 v. 8°. U. 

Christian (The) Baptist. Edited by A. Camp- 

bell. Revised by D. S. Burnet, from the second 

edition, with Mr. Campbell's last corrections. 

Cincinnati, 1835. 7 v. in i. 4*. N. 

z. edition was published in Buffalo Creek, Buffaloe, and 
Bethany, Va., iSaa-'ag. 

Christian (The) Burden Bearer. - v. 3, no. 10 
(July, 1901); V. 4, no. 9-10 (June, July, 1902). 
Manchester, N. H., 1901-02. f*. N. 

Christian Century, v. 17; v. 18. nos. 1-17; 
V. 19, no. 23-52; V. 20, no. 1-35, 50. Chicago, 
1900-1903. 4'. N. 

Christian (The) City. v. 12-date (1900-date). 
New York, 1900-date 8*. N. 

Current. Nos. 7, 8, i z of v. za were never issued. 

Christian (The) Commonwealth, v. 19-22. 
London, 1900-03. f**. N. 


Christian Conservator. Edited by W. Dillon 
and H. J. Becker. Huntington, Ind., 1 900-1 903. 
f". N. 

Weekly. Imperfect. 



CHristUui Disciple, y. 1-6(1813-18); new ser. 
T. 1-5 (1819-23). II V. Boston^ 1813-23. 8**. N. 

— — new ser. 1-5. U. 

New series has subtitle: ** and theological review.'^ 

Christian Endeavor World, continuing the 

Golden Rule. v. 12-date. Boston, 1898-date. f. 

Current. N. 

Cluristian Examiner, y. 1-87 (1824-69). Bos* 
Urn, 1824-69. 8*. N., U. 

Imperfect. 1864-69 published in New York. 

Christian (The) Forum. A monthly review 
of religious thought and literature, v. i, no. 1-2. 
(Apr.-May, 1900.) New York, 1900. 8', N. 

Cl&ristian (The) Financier, v. i, no. 1-4. 
New London, Conn.^ 1897. 8°. N. 


Christian Guardian and Church of England 
Magazine, v. I, 3, 8 (1809-11, 1816). Lwuion, 
1809-16. 8°. U. 

Christian (The) Guide, v. 33-35. Louisville, 
Ky,^ 1900-1902. f*. N. 


Cliristian Herald, y. i-ii (1816-24). New 
York, 1816-24. 8'. U. 

V. I. no. 4-10, 14, 15, 18. 20-22, 24, 25; 

▼. 6. no. 20; V. 10, no. 15; v. 11, no. 11-12. New 

York, 1816-24. 8'. N. 

V. 1-8 (1816-22). G. 

▼. 8-zz intTe title: Christian Herald and Seaman's Maga- 

Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times. 

▼. 9-date(i886-date). New York, 1886-date. f. 

V. 9-13 are imperfect. N. 

Christian (The) history, containing accounts 
of the revival and propagation of religion in Great 
Britain, America, &c. 1743-44. Boston, 1744-45. 
12'. N. 

Christian Index. The organ of the Baptists 
of Georgia, v. 80-82. Atlanta, 1900-1903. f°. N. 

Christian Instructor. Under patronage of As- 
sociated Reformed Synod of N. Y. Edited by 
John Forsyth, v. 1-2 (1844-45); new ser., v. 14, 
no. II (Nov. 1858). Newburgh, 1844-58. 8^ U. 

New series: under the patronage of the United Presbyterian 
Church. Editor, J. B. Dales. Philadelphia. 

V. 54-57. Philadelphia, 1900-03. f*. N. 


Christian Intelligencer, v. 18, 44, 45, 47- 
datc. New York, 1847-date. f**. N. 

Current. Imperfect. 

1851-55. '57, *6o-'63, '67-70. 1872-76. 

•77-datc. U. 


Cl&ristian Intelligencer and Evangelical Guar- 
dian. Ed. McDill. V. 1-13. Hamilton, 1829-35; 
Rossville, 1836-1842. 8^ U. 

Monthly. Later became Evangelical Guardian. 

Christian Journal and Literary Register, v. i- 
14. New York, 1817-30. 8*. U. 

V. 1-10(1817-26). G. 

Christian (The) Keepsake, and Missionary 
Annual. Edited by the Rev. W. Ellis. 1835-38. 
London, 1835-38. 12** and 8\ N. 

Christian (The) Keepsake and Missionary 
Annual. 1838-40, 1847-49. Philadelphia [1838-] 
49. 12°. N. 

Christian (The) Lady's Magazine. Edited 
by Charlotte Elizabeth, i. e., Charlotte Elizabeth 
Tonna. v. 1-20. London, 1834-48. 16°. N. 

Christian Library, v. 1-8. 1833-36. 8". G. 

Christian (The) Library. A weekly republica- 
tion of popular religious works, v. 1-2. (1831-35). 
New York, 1835. 4% N., G. 

Christian (The), and Literary Register, v. i, 
no. 1-3. I^ew York, 1827. 8". N. 

Christian Literature, v. i, no. 1-2; v. 2-6; 

V. 7, no. 1-3; V. 8; v. 9, no. 1-4; v. 10-17. New 

York, 1889-97. 8\ N. 

V. 1-17. U., G. 

V. 1-7. entitled: Magazine of Christian Literature; ▼. 8-9, 
The Thinker; v. 10, Christian Literature, and Review of the 

Christian Magazine. Conducted under the 

supervision of the Associate Reformed Synod of 

N. Y. V. 4-11 (1835-42). Geneva, N, Y, 1835-42. 

8°. U. 

V. 6-8 have added tide: '' and Presbyterian Preacher.** 

Christian Messenger, v. 2, no. 7; v. 5< ^o. 3. 
Georgetown, Ky., 1828-31. 8". N. 

Christian Messenger, v. i, no. 1-16. New 
Bedford, Mass., 1900. f*. N. 

Christian Metaphysician. Published by the 
Illinois Metaphysical College, v. i-ii. Chicago, 

1887-97. 8". N. 


Christian Miscellany and Family Visitor, v. i. 

2(1846-47). Zwi/(p«, 1846-47. 8**. U. 

Christian and Missionary Alliance, v. 24, 
no. 1-3, 5-7, 9. 15-16, 21; V. 25, no. 13-18, 21-26; 
V. 26; V. 31, no. T-4. 6-7, 9-19, 21-22; V. 32, no. 
1-13, 15-16. 18-21, 23-24, 26; V. 33, no. 1-2. 
Nyack and New York, i900-'03. f*. N. 

Christian Monitor, ser. i, no. 11-52; ser. 

2, no. 1-21. Richmond, 1 815-16. 8°. U. 

Series 1 weekly, series a fortnightly. J. H. Rice editor of 
series 3. 

Christian Nation. Edited by J. W. Pritchard. 
V. 32, 34-39. New York, 1900-1903. f*. N. 


Christian Observatory. A religious and liter- 
ary magazine. A. W. McClure, editor, v. 1-4. 
(Jan. 1847-Apr. 1850.) Boston, 1847-50. 8**. U. 

V. 2-3. 1848-49. 

Christian Observer, v. 1-47, 55-76. 
London, 1802-76. 8**. 

v. 4-9, 25-31. 

V. 1-3, 10-20, 22-26 (1802-26); new sen, 

1847-1854. G. 

Christian Observer. Conducted by members 
of the established church. From the London edi- 
tion. V. 1-3, 10-16, 18-20. 10 V. Boston, New 
York, 1802-21. 8^ N. 

V. 1-3, 10, 24. U. 

Christian Observer and St. Louis Presbyterian. 
[Edited by] F. B. Converse. . . v. 88-91. Louis- 
ville, 1900-1903. f*. N. 

Christian Philosophy Quarterly. See Jour- 
nal of Christian Philosophy. 


69 V. 





Chrlfltian (The) pulpit. A monthly magazine, 
advocating Bible doctrine, Christian union, charity 
and good work. Edited by N. Summerbell, D.D. 
V. [3] (1869). Cincinnati, 1869. 8'. N. 

Christian (The) Quarterly, v. 1-8 (1869-76); 
n. s., V. I. (1897). Cincinnati, 1869-97. 8". U. 

Chrifltian Quarterly Review. Edited by E. 
\V. Herndon. 5 v. Columbus, Mo,, 1882-86. 8°. 


Chrifltian (The) Record. A Church of England 
magazine for the promotion of evangelical truth. 
V. 1-2. Tasmania, 1901. 4*. N. 


Chrifltian (The) Recorder. 1829. [London, 
1829.] 8^ N. 

Chrifltian Recorder. Published for the African 
Methodist Episcopal Church, v. 47, no. 36-40, 
42-52; v. 48; v. 49, nos. 1-2, 8-40, Philadelphia, 
1900-1901. f. N. 

Christian (The) Reformer and Non-Ritualist. 
V. 3, no. 1-9. Philadelphia, 1879. V, N. 

Chrifltian (The) Register, v. i, no. i; v. 5c, 
no. I, 6-8, 10-35 ; v. 61, no. 16 ; v. 65, no. i ; v. 
67, no. 50; v. 73, no. 19, 35, 48; V. 74, no. i. 3-39, 
42-44, 46-52; V. 75, no. 1-28, 36; V. 76, no. 16- 
18, 20-21, 23-26. 28-40, 42-45, 47-52; v. 77-date. 
Boston, 1816-date. f^ N. 


1894-1904. U. 


V. 1-2 (1 81 7). G. 

Chrifltian (The) Register for 1830. London, 

1830. 4*. N. 

Christian Remembrancer, or The churchman's 
biblical, ecclesiastical and literary miscellany, v. 
1-19 (1819-37); [new sen] v. 3-56 (1842-68). 73 v. 
London, 1819-68. 8". N. 

V. i-new ser. v. 44. U. 

V. 1-14 (1819-32); new series, v. i-io, 13- 

56 (1841-68). G. 

Title after Jan., 1845, **The Christian remembrancer, a 
quarterly review.** 

Christian (The) Review, v. i-io; v. 13-22. 
V. 23. no. 91-93; V. 24, no. 95; v. 28, no. 108-113; 
Rochester, 1836-1862. 8°. N. 

V. I, 4-8, 10-16, 18-28. (1836-63.) U. 

Quarterly. Published in different places. 
Merged in Bibliotbeca sacra. 

Christian (Der) Science Herold. v. i-date. 
(Apr., 1903-date.) Boston, 1903-date. 8**. N. 

Christian Science Journal, official organ of the 
First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, v. 4, 
no. 12; V. II, no. 8; v. 12, no. 8; v. i6-date. 
(1887-date.) Boston, 1887-date. 8*. N. 


Christian Science Sentinel, v. i-date. (Sept., 

1898-date.) Boston, 1898-date. 8'. N. 

Current, v. i, nos. x-a, called Christian Science 

Christian Science Weekly. See Christian 

Science Sentinel. 

Christian Sentinel, East Windsor, Conn., con- 
ducted by an association of gentlemen, v. 1-2. 
Hartford, 1845-46. 8'. U. 

Christian Spectator, conducted by an associa- 
tion of gentlemen, v. 1-7 (1819-25); n. s., v. 1-2 
(1827-28). New Haven [1819-28]. 8^ U. 

V. 1-7. N. 

See also Quarterly Christian Spectator. 

Christian Standard. Devoted to the restora- 
tion of primitive Christianity: its doctrine, its ordi- 
nances and its fruits, v. 36-39. Philadelphia, etc, 
1900-1903. 4°. N. 

Pub. in various places. 

Christian Statesman. Devoted to public morals 
and all Christian reforms, v. 34, no. i, 3, 5, 7, 9> 
10; V. 35; V. 36, no. 1-2. New York, Philadelphia^ 
1900-02. f*. N. 

Christian Thought : lectures and papers on 
philosophy. Christian evidence, biblical elucida- 
tion, series 1-12 (i 884-1 894). 12 v. New York 
[1885-94]. 8^ U. 

ser. 1-8; ser. 9, no. 1-5; ser. lo-ii. 

(1884-94.) 8". N. 

Continuation of Jonrnsl of Christian Philosophy. 

Christian Union. See Outlook (The). 

Christian Union and Religious Memorial. 
Devoted to the common interests and the current 
history of the church, v. 1-3 (1848-50.) 3 v. 
New York, 1848-50. 8*. U. 

Christian Unionist. A monthly magazine 
designed to promote Christian Union. E. A. Lodge, 
editor, i v. Detroit, Mich., 1865. 8**. U. 

Christian Uplook. Years 51-52. Buffalo^ 
1900-1901. f°. N. 


Christian Warder, v. i, no. 1-4 (January- 
April, 1826). n. p., n. d. 8°. N. 
Printed probably in Scotland. 

Christian Witness and Church Member's Mag- 
azine. The official organ of the Congregational 
Union of England and Wales, v. i-io. London, 
1844-53. 8^ U. 

v. 9, no. 104; V. II, no. 129; v. 14, no. 

158-162, 165-166, 168; V. 15, no. 169, 173, 177- 

178; n. s., V. I, no. 1-2, 5-12; V. 2, no. 13-15. '7- 

18, 20, 23, 24; V. 3, no. 32-36; V. 4, no. 37-40» 

42-44, 48; V. 5. no. 51. 1852-69. N. 

Title changed to Christian Witness and Congregational 

Christian at Work. See Christian Work 
and the Evangelist. 

ChHstian Work. See Christian Work and 
the Evangelist. 

Christian Work and the Evangelist, v. 8, no. 
7, 11-12; V. 15, no. 4, 10, 12-15, 20, 23, 25,40, 
43. 47-481 50-51 ; ▼• 3Qf no. 29; v. 51, no. 2-26; v. 
52, no. i-ii, 13-20, 22-24; V. 55. no. 9; V. 56, no. 
1419. 1424, 1427; V. 57, no. 1448; V. 58, no. 1455- 
1456, 1458-1480; V. 59, no. 1481-1492, 1494-1500, 
1 502-1 506; V. 60, no. 1507, 1509, 1512; V. 61, no. 
1538, 1544-1545. 1554-1555. 1557; V. 62, no. 
1573. 1575. 1580, 1584; V. 63, no. 1586, 1588, 
I593t 1598. 1600, 1605-1609. 1611; V. 66, no. 
I682^ V. 68-73; V. 74, no. 1872-1923; v. 75, no. 
1898-1923; V. 76, no. 1943-1944. New York^ 
1874-1904. f*. N. 



Christian Work and The Eyangetist. Aug. 
a, 1902-date. New York, 1902-date. f**. U. 

Carrent. Weekly. 

Consolidated with The ETanffellst Au«:. 9, 1903. For- 
merly called '*€lirUtlaii Work/'abo, " CbrtsUan at 

Christian Work. A magazine of religious 
and missionary information, v. 1-3 (1864-66); 
ncwser. v. 3-6(1869-72). London, 1864-72. 8**. U. 

V. I, no. 4-10; V. 2-4(1863-66); n. s., v. 1-6 

1867-72). N. 

Continuation of Neivs of the Churches, etc. New series 
has title: Christian Work; or. News of the Churches 
Incorporated in 1873 with BTans^Uoal Christendom. 

Christian World. A monthly publication for 
all denominations of Christians. T. H. Stockton, 
«ditor. V. 3-4. Philadelphia, 1843-44. 8**. U. 

Christian (The) World. Published by the 
American and Foreign Christian Union, v. 1-35. 
0850-84.) New York, \Z%o-%^. 8°. N., U.' 

Title of ▼. t-ii is Ameriean and foreij^n Christian 
Union. Various changes in sub-title. 

Christian (The) World. Published in the in- 
terests of the Reformed Church in the United 
States. [The organ of the Ohio synod.] v. 52- 
56. (1900-1904.) Z><i^A7ff, O,, IQOO-1904. f . N., U. 

V. 54 CxQ03) lacks no. 38 (la July), v. 55 (1901 lacks) no. 7. 

Christian World. News of the week. v. 14, 
00.708. (1870.) V. 44-45. (1900-1901.) London, 
1870-1901. f. N. 

1 894-1 904. U. 


Christian (The) World Year Book for 1884. 
London, 1884. 8'. N., U. 

Christian (The) Year; or. Church kalendar for 

the people of the Church in the United States. 

Year [5-7, 9-] 17, 22. 24, 27-28. 1880/81-82/83, 

1884/85-92/93, 1897/98-99/1900, 1903-04. New 

York, 1880-1903. 4'. N. 

Christian (The) Year. A monthly magazine 
of church literature for the people, v. i, no. i. 
New York, 1871. 8°. N. 

Christian Year-book and Almanac. 1889. 
Dayton [1889]. 8'. N. 

Christian Year Book: containing a summary 
of Christian work and the results of missionary 
<fifort throughout the world. 1867-68. London, 
1867-68. 2 V. 12*. U. 

Christian's Magazine; or, A Treasury of 
divine knowledge, v. 3. London, \it'^, 8**. U. 

Christian's (The) Magazine. Designed to 
promote the knowledge and influence of evangeli- 
cal truth and order, v. 1-4. New York, 1806- 
II. 8^ N.. U., G. 

No more publbhed. 

Christian's Monthly Magazine and Church of 
England Review. 1845-1846 (Aug.. Nov.-Apr.) 
London, 1845-46. 8". U. 

Christianisme (Le). journal populaire. Re- 
ligion, philanthropie, sciences. . .ann^e (Janvier 
1836). \Parii\ 1836. 8*. N. 

Christianity in earnest. A [bi-monthly] mag- 
azine, v. 13, no. 2-5. Philadelphia, 1901. 8". N. 

Christians'f Scholars*, and Farmer's Maga- 
zine. . .▼. I (1789). Elitabeth'Town, N /., 1789. 
%\ N. 

ChHstliehe (Der) Apologete. [Edited by] 

A. J. Nast. V. 62-63. Cincinnati, 0,, 1900-1901. 

l\ N. 

ChHstliehe (Der) Botschafter. [Edited by] 
E. Heinmiller. Jahrg. 65-66. Cleveland, O., 1900- 
1901. V. N. 


ChHstliehe Zeitschrift fOr Christen, von Kil- 
mer. V. 4, no. i;v. 5, no. 1-2. NUrnberg, 1814- 
1818. 8^ U. 

ChHstog^osis. A monthly journal devoted 
to science, philosophy and the teachings of Jesus 
Christ. [Edited by] M. B. Van Eps. v. 8, no. 
1-7, 9-12; V. 9, no. 1-5, 7, 9. Chicago, 1898- 
1899. V. N. 

Chroniele of the Church, v. 1-4. 1838-39. 

2 v. Cj. 

Continued as Prsctieal Christian and Church Chronicle. 

Chroniele of the London Missionary Society. 
Ed. G. Cousins. 1884-5, 1889-91. London, 1884- 
91. 8°. U. 


Chureh (The), v. 1-4. 1896-98. G. 

Chnreh (The) Advocate, v. 65. no. 36-41, 46- 
52; V. 66. no. 2-4, 6, 14, 18-20, 22-24, 25, 29, 31- 
32, 34-38. 40-47. 49-52; V. 67, no. 1-2, 4-15, 18- 
19, 21, 23-29. 31-44; V. 68, no. 7-8, 10, 15-16, 19- 
21,22-26. Harrisburg, Pa,, iq^i-i<py f. N. 

Chnreh Advocate and Holiness Banner. Edi- 
ted by J. G. Elkins. v. 22, no. 40; v. 23, no. 4, 
6. 8, 11-12. 19-22, 24, 26, 28-30, 32-33. 35-36. 
38-49. 51-52; v. 24, no. I, 4-7, 9-11. 13-17. 19- 
24, 26. 28-36, 38-40. 42-45. 47-49*. V. 25. no. 
2-5, 8-10, 12, 17, 19, 21. 21-22, 24-25, 27-34, 
36, 39-40, 43, 45, 47, 49-51- ^ori Scott, Kan,, 
1900-1903. f*. N. 

Chureh Almanac. See Ameriean Church 
Almanac and Year Book. 

Chnreh Building Quarterly. Published by the 

Congregational Church Building Society, v. i- 

date. New York [i883]-date. 8°. N. 


Before 1893 Society was called: American Congregational 

Chnreh Calendar and General Almanack for 
the Diocese of Manchester. [Compiled bv C. 
Sotheran.] 1873-74. Manchester, [1873J-74. 
12*. N. 

Chnreh Calendar. . .published by the Domestic 
and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church. 1887, 1889. 1892-95, 1897- 
99, 1901-1903. [New York, 1 886-1902.] 12**. N. 

1900-1902. U. 

1889-94. 1896-98. G. 

Chureh in China, v. 1-4. 1894-97. 3 v. G. 

Chureh Defence Quarterly, v. i, no. i. 
Kennett Sq., Pa., 1897. 8*. N. 

Chureh Eclectic and Christian Work. Edited 
by W. T. Gibson, v. 1-23. C//fVa, 1874-95. 8^ U. 

y. i-date (1873-date). G. 

V. 2, nos. 7-8; V. 28, no. 6; v. 29, nos. 

1-4. 6-8. 1 874-1901. N. 

Also pub. in New York. 



Church (The) Economist, v. i, no. 1-26; 

V. 2, no. 1-8, 10-26; V. 3, no. i-io, 12-14; v. 4, 

no. 1-6. 9-10. 12; V. 5-date. New York, 1897- 

date. 4'. N. 

Church of England Magazine, v. T, no. i 
(1836); V. 2-43 (1837-57). 42 V. London, 1836- 

57. 8^ N. 

V. 1-14 (1836-43). G. 

Church of England Messenger, v. 33-35. 
Melbourne y 1901-03. f*. N. 


Church of England Quarterly Review, v. 25 
(Apr., 1849); V. 27-28, 35-44. London, 1849-1858. 
8'. N. 

V. 31-34. 1852-53. G. 

Church of England in Scotland. Year book. 
See Year book, etc. 

Church of England Sunday School Quarterly 
Magazine, nos. 5, 11, 14. London, 1848-185 1. 
8% U. 

Church at Home and Abroad. Published by 
order of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian 
Church in the U. S. A. v. 1-24. Philadtlphia, 
1887-98. 8'. U. 

V. i-v. 18, no. 103-108; V. 19-24. 1887*98. 

Cootinaed as: Asa^mblj Herald. N. 

Church in Japan, v. 1-4. 1894-98. 2 v. G. 

Church journal, v. 1-26. 1853-77. New 
York, 1853-77. V, G. 

V. 4, no. 200-203; V. 10, no. 469; v. 25, no. 

1275. New York, 1856-77. f. N. 

▼. at-a6 called Church joamal and Gospel messenger. 
No more published. 

** The Register, a gasette," etc., was united with Church 
Joamal at end of 1853. 

Church (The) Mission, pub. by the American 

Church Missionary Society, v. 3, no. 5, 7-12; v. 

4-date. New York, 1896-datc. 8', 4% 

Continuation of The Beho of Mission Work in Brazil, the 
Home Field and Cuba. 

Church Missionary Gleaner. ▼. i. London, 
1874-75. 4*. U. 

Church Missionary Intelligencer. A monthly 
journal of missionary information, new series, v. 
i-ii (1865-75); new [1. /., 3.] series, i-date (1876- 
date). London, 1885-date. 8*. U. 

Current. Seven numbers lacking. 

Church Missionary Record detailing the pro. 
ceedings of the Church Missionary Society. 1830- 
47. 18 V. London, 1830-47. 8*. N., U. (partial) 

1830-35. G. 

Church Missionary Society. See Church 
Missionary Record. 

Church Monthly, v. 1-15. Boston, 1861- 
68. 8% U. 

V. 1-2, no. 5; V. 9, no. 1-5; v. 10, no. 1-6; 

V. II, no. 1-6. 1861-66. N. 

V. 1-4. G. 

Church Monthly: an illustrated magazine for 
home reading. (1897) London [i^gj], sq. 8*. N. 

Church news. v. 1-2, 1867-68. 2 v. G. 

Church News and Forum, v. 1-4 (1889-90). 
San Francisco, 1889-90. 8°. G. 

V. 4, Paclfle Churchman and Church News and Forum; 
1890, succeeded by Pacific Churchman. 

Church (The) Patronage Reporter, no. 9-1^ 
(1832-34). Edinburgh, 1832-34. 8'. N. 

no. X4-19 title reads: Anti-Patronage Reporter. 

Church Quarterly Review, v. i-date (1875- 
date). London, 1876-date. 8*. N., G. 


V. i8-datc (1884-date). 



Church record, v. 1-3 (1885-88). 3 v. G- 

Church record; a journal of church news and 
religious literature, v. i (1868-69). G. 

Church register; ed. by Rev. G. Welles, v. 1-4 
(1826-29). 3v« G' 

Church Review and Ecclesiastical Register. 
V. 1-63. New York, 1848-91. 8'. U., G, 

V. 1-33, 40-47, no. i; V. 56. Jan., 1848-90. 

T. tx-93 have title American Quarterly Church Review^ 
V. 24-45 American Church Review. 

Church (The) Standard, v. 63, no. i; v. 67, 
no. 25; V. 70, no. 4; v. 72, no. 24; ▼. 73, no. 14, 
24; V. 74. no. II, 13-26; V. 75, ndk i; v. 76, no. 2; 
V. 77, no. 16; v. 78, no. 2, 4-26; v. 79-84; v. 85,. 
no. 1-4, 6-26; V. 86. Pkiladelpkia, 1 892-1904. 

r. N, 

V. 63-date (new ser., v. i-date), 1892-date. 

Current. ContinnatioQ of Standard of the Croas. G. 

Church and State Gazette. The Churchman's 
family newspaper, v. 2-3. London, 1843-44. f°. 


Church (The) Union, v. 2, no. 9, 28, 37-38, 
41, 47; V. 5, no. 35. 52; v. 6. no. 15, 32, 35. 50; 
V. 7-18; V. 19, no. 6-7; V. 21, no. 11; v. 23-24. 
New York, 1874-97. f. 4°. N. 

Church Weekly, v. i (1870-71). G. 

Church work : a monthly magazine for church 
workers, v. 1-4. New York, 1885-89. G. 

Church and the world, v. 1-3 (1872-74). G. 

Churchnuui: an illustrated weekly news maga- 
zine. V. I-date (183 I-date). New York, 1831- 

date. f*. G. 


V. II, no. 36; V. 13, no. 13; v. 14, no. i, 

12, 45-46; V. 16, no. 32; V. 36, no. i; v. 37, no. 7- 

26; V. 38; V. 39, no. 1-25; v. 40; V. 41, ng. 1-13, 

16-26; V. 42-45; V. 46, no. 1-4, 6-'27; v. 47; ▼• 43. 

no. 1-19, 21-26; V. 49, no. 5, 8-26; V. 50-54; v. 55. 

no. 1-11,13-16,19-26; V. 56; V. 57, no. 1-25; v. 58- 

date. New York, 1841-date. f. N. 

Current, nos. 4, 7, 16 (1878), nos. x6-i8 (1883) contain sup- 

1894-date. U. 


Churchnuui. A magazine in defence of the 
church and constitution, v. [i]-8 (i838-.j3). Lon- 
don, 1838-43. 8*. N. 

Continuation of ^* The Obnrcbman.'' In 1843 incor- 
porated with the Tlllase Churchman, and called The 
Churchman's Magazine and Village Churchman. 

Churchman (The), 1835-37. 3 v. London^ 
1835-37. 12*. N. 

Continued as Cbnrcliman: a magazine in defence of 
the church and constitution. 

Churchman's almanac. See 
church almanac and year book. 




Churehman's (The) Calendar. No. 5 (1865). 
New York, 1865. 32^ N. 

1861. 1865. U. 

1861-67. G. 

Cootinuauon of SlVOrd*S Pocket Almanack and Christian 
Calendar q. v. 

Churolmuui^fl Magazine: conducted. . .by the 
Bishop... of the diocese of Connecticut, v. 1-3 
(1821-23). Hartford, 1821-23. 8°. N. 

V. 1-5 (1821-27). G. 

Merged with Bplscopal Watchman. 
ChareliiiUkii*fl Magazine: or Treasury of Divine 

and useful knowledge, v. 3-8 (1806-18 12); new 
sen. V. 1-3, no. i (1813-1815. May). New York, 
1806-15. 8'. U. 

Pablished at New Haven in 1806, and at Elizabethtown 

V. 5, no. 7, 8; v. 7, no. 1-2, 5-6(1808- 

1810). N. 

Church m a n' s Magazine and Village Church- 
man, 1844-47. 4v. Z<wf/^, 1844-47. I2^ N. 

Formerly called Villas^ Churchman, which in 1843 ^<^ 
incorporated with the Chnrchmaiif uking above utle. 

Chorehinan's monthly magazine. v. 1-2 
(1854-55). 2 V. G. 

Chnr ohm an *s monthly magazine; or, Treasury 
of divine and useful knowledge, v. 1-8 (i 804-11). 
7v. G. 

new scr. v. 1-3 (18 13-15). 2 v. G. 

Churchman's repository, for the Eastern 
diocese, v. i. 1820 (July-Dec.) i v. G. 

Churchman's (The) Year Book. Compiled 
by W. S. Perry, D.D. 1870-71. Hartford, 1870- 
71. 12°. N., G. 

Circnlaire de la Soci^t^ ^vang^lique de 
Genire. 3. scr., no. 16, 20-22, 24-25, 28-35, 37, 
3^41, 44«. 45-57. 59-60. 68, 70-72, 74; 4- ser., 
no. 2, 4. Genhfe, 1852-79. 8*. N. 

City of Churches Illustrated. Church Annual. 
▼. I, no. I. Brooklyn, 1890. 8**. N. 

City (The) Mission Magazine. See London 
(The) City Mission Magazine. 

CiTilta (La) Cattolica. ser. i, v. i-date (1850- 

date). Roma, 1850-^te. 8**. N. 


Indexes to ser. 1-9. 8*. N. 

Classmate (The). A paper for young people. 
[Edited by] J. L. Hurlbut. v. 7. New York, 1900. 
r. N.. U. 


Clerg^ ^Le) fran9ais; annuaire ecclesiastique 
et des congregations religieuses. . . Ann^ 8 (1901). 
Tours, 1901. 4°. N. 

Clerical guide and ecclesiastical directory. 
See Clergy List. 

Clergy List; with which is incorporated the 
Clerical guide and ecclesiastical directory, contain- 
ing complete lists of the clergy in England. . . 1844- 
45, 1848-49, 1 85 1, i860, 1896, i89^ate. I^n- 
don, 1844-datc. 8°. N. 

1836, 1 841, 1879. U. 

Clergyman's Magazine, conducted by mem- 
bers of the Church Homiletic Society. 1880 (July- 
Oct.), 1881 (Jan.), 1883 (June), 1892 (May). Lon^ 
don, 1 880-1 892. 8*. U. 

Ed. F. B. Proctor. Monthly. 

Clerical (The) Guide; or. Ecclesiastical direc 
tory. London, 1822. 2. ed., cor. 4**. N. 

1S29. 3. ed. cor. by R. Gilbert. 4**. N- 

1836. new ed. 4* 


Cleveland Pulpit, v. i, no. 1-3,6. Cleveland, 
1872. 8'. U. 

£d. Raffensperger. Monthly. 

[Collection of religious periodicals published 
in France. September-November, 1882. Title of 
first reads: Bulletin catholique du diocese de Mon- 
tauban. Title of many begins: Semaine religieuse.] 
2 V. 8^ N. 

Colloqaiam (The). Transactions, with docu- 
ments and exhibits. V. I. New York, 1882-83. 8*** 


Colombia Magazine: designed to promote 
evangelical knowledge and morality, v. I. (18 14 
Sept.-i8i5 Aug.) Hudson, 1815. 8^ U. 

Commentationes Theologicae« editae a Joh. 
C. Velthusen, C. T. Kuinoel, et Geo. A. Ruperti. 
V. 1-8 ( 1 794-1 800). Leipzig, 1 794-1 800. 8**. U. 

Commission de Thistoire des ^glises Wallonnes. 
— Bulletin. See Bulletin de Thistoire, etc. 

Complete Preacher. Edited by I. K. Funk. 
V. 1-3 (1877 Apr.-i878 July). New York, 1877- 
78. 8°. U. 

V. i; V. 2, no. 4; V. 3. 1877-78. N. 

Combined with Metropolitan Pnlpit as Preacher 
and Homiletic Monthly, which later became Homllotle 

Con^^e^ational Church Building Society. 
Church Building Quarterly. See Church Build- 
ing Quarterly. 

Congregational Magazine. Edited by John 

Blackburn, new ser., v. 2-3, 5-12 (1826-27, 1829- 

36); new sen, v. 1-9 (1837-45). London, 1826-45. 

%\ U. 

Continued as Co ng^esAtlonal Magazine and Biblical 
Review. ' 


Cong^rcflrational Quarterly, v. 1-20. Boston, 

1859-78. 8 . N., U. 

Cong^eg^ational Review: devoted to theology 
and literature, v. 7-1 1. Boston, 1867-71. 8*. U. 

v. 8-1 1. N. 

Continuation of Boston Review, v. 6. From v. to also 
called new ser., v. z, and published in Chicago. 

Cong^re^ational Review; in which are incor- 
porated the Congregationalist and British Quarterly 
Review. Edited by J. G. Rogers, v. 1-2 (1887- 
88). London, 1887-88. 8**. N. 

Confi^eg^ational Work. [Edited by] J. B. 
Clark, v. 1, no. 1-2; v. 4-5; v. 6, no. 1-7, 9; v. 7, 
no. 1-9; v.8, no. I. Philadelphia,\%^']-\K^!^, V, N. 

Monthly except July and August. 

Cong^eg^ational (The) Year Book. i8<;4, 
1901. London, 1854-1901. V. N. 

1847, 1854, 1875, 1879, 1880. U. 

Cong^eg^ational (The) Year Book. 1879- 
1900. Bostott, 1 879-1900. 8°. N. 

1879 — date. U. 

See also American Congregational Year- 




Consrreffationaliflt (The) & Christian World. 
V. 12, no. 40; V. 15, no. 39; v. 25, no. 38-39, 41; 
V. 32, no. 40; V. 33. no. 45; v. 75, no. 41-51; v. 
76. no. 6, 9-23, 25-39. 41-45. 53; V. 77. no. 45-46, 
48-52; V. 78-83, no. i-io, 50; V. 84-datc. Boston, 
1860-date. r. N. 

V. 78 lacks not. 3, 4, 14, is, aj, 3a, 34, 46; v. 79 lacks nos. 34, 
^S» so; V. 80 lacks nos. 15, 27, 39-34, 37, 4o-43» 45-48. 51; v. 81 
lacks nos. t-5. Current. 

1890-date. U. 


Cong^^fl international d'histoire des relif^ions. 
Actes du I. Congr^s, pt. i. Paris, 1901. 4**. N. 

Cong^dfl international du repos du diroanche. 
Compte rendu des stances du Congr^s. no. [3.] 
Paris, 1900. S**. N. 

Cong^ds scientifique international des catho- 
liques. See InteniAtional congress of learned 

Connectieut Evangelical Magazine, v. 1-8 
(1800-1807); [new series] v. 1-8 (1808-1 8 15). 
Hartford, 1800-15. 8'. U. 

V. 1-5, 7; n. s. V. I, no. i, 4-5, 7-10; v. 6. 

1800-1813. N. 

V. 1-5. G. 

1808-15 have title: Oonnectlent Evangelical Magazine 
and Religious Intelkgencer. 

Conqueror (The). A monthly magazine for 
the promotion of the interests and work of the 
Salvation Army. v. 4-6. New York, 1895^7. 
sq. 8'. N. 

Continental Echo and Protestant Witness. 
V. I, 2. London, 1845-46. 8**. U. 

Contributor (The)... v. 1-2; v. 3, no. i, 
8-10. 12; V. 4-17 (1880-1S81, 1884-1896). Salt 
Lake City, 1 880-1 896. 8^ N. 


Converted (The) Catholic, v. 4, no. 3; v. 5, 

no. 5; V. 7, no. I, 9-12; V. 8-10; v. 11, nos. 1-2, 

4-8, 10-12; V. 12, nos. 2-12; V. 13; V. 16; V. 17, 

no. 6 (1 887-1900);' V. 20-date (1903-date). New 

York, 1887-date. 8'. N. 


V. 5. 

V. 9 — date. 



Covenanter (The). Devoted to the principles 
of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Edited by 
J. M. Willson. V. 14-15. Philadelphia, 1858-59. 

8^ N. 

Critical Review of theological and philosophi- 
cal literature. Edited by S. D. F. Salmond. v. i- 
datc. Edinburgh, 1891-date. 8'. N., U., G. 

Croix (La) du Cap Haitien. Journal hebdoma- 

daire catholique. v. 1-2. Cap //aitien, iSg^-gj. C 

Also has title La Croix d'Hait^. Imperfect. N. 

Croix (La) d'Hait^. See Croix (La) du Cap 

Cumberland (The) Presbyterian, v. 60-66. 
Nashville, 1900-1903. f*. N. 


Cumberland Presbyterian Messenger, v. i, 
no. I. Memphis, 1872. 8*. U. 

Cumberland Presbyterian Missionary, v. 2, 
no. 2. Lebanon, Tenn,, 1855. 8°. N. 

Cumberland Presbyterian Quarterly Review. 
V. 1-5. Lebanon, Tenn., i88o-'84. 8*. U. 

Cumberland University Theological Faculty. 
See Cumberland Presbyterian Quarterly Re- 

Cumberland Presbyterian Review. Ed. J. 
M. Howard, v. i, no. 2; v. 2, no. 4; v. 3; v. 4, 
nos. 3-4. Nashville, Tenn,, 1 889-1 892. 4*. U. 

Current discussions in theology, by Prof. 
Boardman, Curtiss and Scott, of Chicago Theologi- 
cal i:eminary. v. i, 2, 4, 5. Chicago^ 1883-90. 
I2^ U. 

Cut gems for sermon setting, v. 2, nos. i, 3, 

8; V. 3, nos. 6, 9; v. 4, nos. 6, 8, 10-12. Troy, 

N Y, i896-'99. 8'. U. 

Monthly. Discontinued. 

Daily Christian Advocate. [General Confer- 
ence Methodist Episcopal Church.] v. [8] (1876); 
v. 15 (1904). Los Angeles, CaL, and v. p., 1876- 
1904. f. N. 

Daily words of the Brethren's congregation, 
for the year 1 78 1. London, i^iio, 12". N. 

Dansk Kirketidende. v. 1-9. K}dbenhavn% 

1846-54. 8°. N. 

Danville Quarterly Review. Edited by an 

association of ministers, v. 1-4. Danville and 

Cincinnati, 186 1-4. 8**. U. 


Deaconesfl* Advocate, v. 16-17. Chicago^ 
1900-1901. 4*. N. 

Monthly. Imperfect. 

De La Salle Monthly. See Manhattan 

and De La Salle Monthly. 

Detroit Pulpit, v. 2, no. 2. Detroit, 1873. 8*. 
Monthly. Ed. J. N. Scott. U. 

Deutsche (Der) Kirchenfreund. Organ far 
die gemeinsamen Interessen der amerikanisch— 
deutschen Kirchen. Hrsg. von Philipp Schaflf. 
V. 1-12. Mercersberg, 1858-60. 8°. U. 

No more published. 

V. 7, no. 4. 1854. N. 

Deutsche Zeitschrift far christliche Wissen- 
schaft und christliches Leben. Begrttndet durch 
Jul. Mailer, Aug. Neander, und K. J. Nitzsch. 
V. 1-8 (1850-57); new ser. 1-4 (1858-61). Berlin, 
1850-61. 8°. U. 

Deutsoher Kalender fUr die er. reformirte 
Kirche in den Ver. Siaaten. 1876. Cleveland, 
Ohio [1876]. 8^ N. 

Deutsoher Merkur. Organ fUr die katholische 
Reformbewegung. Hrsg. von Franz HirschwSlder. 
Manchen,\%']\-'%'y,. v. 5-14. 8^ U. 

Deutsoher Palsestina Verein. Mittheilungen 
und Nachrichten. See Mittheilnng^en und 
Nachrichten, etc. 

Deutsoher Palaestina Verein. Zeitschrift. See 
Zeitschrift des deutschen Palaestina Vereins. 

Dial (The). A magazine for literature, philo- 
sophy and religion, v. 1-4. Boston ^ i840-*44. 

8^ N. 

V. i; V. 2, no. 2; V. 3, no. 3. U. 

Edited by Margaret Fuller, Emerson, Ripley. No more 




Dickinson's Theological Annual, y. 1-7 

(1875-1881); new scr., v. i, 2 (1882-83). London^ 

1875-83. 8*. U. 

Continued as Joikwf Itobb's Theological Quarterly, 

Disciple of Christ. Edited by S. M. Jefferson 
and I. and R. Errett. v. i, 2. Cincinnati ^ ib84-85. 

4'. U. 

Continued as IMsclple. 

Disciple; a monthly magazine of Christian 
Literature. Edited by Radford, and Brown, v. 3-6. 
Cincinnati, 1886-87. 8°. U. 

Continuation of IMsclple of Christ. 

Doctor Deem*s Sermons, a medium of the 

Gospel as preached from the pulpit of the ** Church 

of the Strangers ** by the pastor, v. i, nos. 4, 7-0, 

12-17, 25, 26, 28-32, 41, 42. New York, 1870. 8^. 

Weekly. N. 

Doddrid^ Family Expositor, v. 3. [N^ew 
York, i8-?J 4'. N. 

Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of 
the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U. S. A. 
See Missionary Record. 

Dominicana. A magazine of Catholic litera- 
ture conducted by Dominican Fathers, v. i-date. 
(1900-datc.) San Francisco, 1900-date. 4*. N. 

Dominion Presbyterian. 1 900-1 901. Belle- 
ville, Cancuia, 1900-190 1. f. N. 

Incomplete file. 

Dublin Review, v. 1-52; new ser., v. 1-31; 
3. ser., V. 1-25; V. 109-date. London, 1836-date. 

8*. N. 

Dani^an*s Six Cent Catholic Almanac and 
Laity's directory. 1859. AVwKpr/t, 1859. 12". N. 

Earnest Christianity, v. i, no. i. Toronto, 

1873. 4°. N. 

Earnest Worker in the Sabbath School and the 

Family. New Series, v. i, nos. 5-7. Richmond, 

1878. 8°. U. 

East (The) and the West. v. 1-2. 1903-04. G. 

Ecclesiastic (The), v. 1-4. 1846-47. 4 v. G. 

Ecclesiastical Gazette; or. Monthly register 
of the affairs of the Church of England and of its 
religious societies and institutions. v. 1-14. 
(1838-52.) London, 1839-52. 4\ N. 

V. 15-17(1852-54). U. 

Ecclesiastical History Society. [Publications] 
4v. Cambridge, 1847-52. 8*. N. 

Ecclesiastical and Missionary Record for the 
Presbyterian Church of Canada, v. 12-17. Tor- 
onto, 1856-61. 8°. U. 

Ecclesiastical Review. See American 

Ecclesiastical Review. 

Ecclesiolofl^st (The). Published by the Cam- 
bridge Camden Society, v. 1-3 (Nov. i84i-Sept. 
1844), V. 4-20 (or new ser. 1-17, Jan. 1845-Dec. 
1859). London, 1842-59. 8° N. 

V. 19 imperfect. 

V. I, 2; n. s., V. 1-4. 1841-1847. U. 

V. 1-3; new ser., v. 1-26 (1841-44; 1845- 

1868). G. 

Name of society changed in 18^6 to ** Ecclesiological, late 
Cambridge Camden Society," and in 1856 to ** Elcdesiological 

Echo (L') du cabinet de lecture paroissial de 
Montreal... v. 1-15. Montr/al, iSsg-73. 4', 8*. 


Echo (The) of Mission Work in Brazil, the 
Home Field and Cuba. See Church (The) Mis- 

Eco (L*) della verita; giornale relig^oso setti- 
manale. anno i, no. 1-7. 11-21, 23-27. 29-31, 
33-34. 36-51 (1863-1864); anno 2, no. 1-67 (1864- 
65). Firenne, 1863-65. V. N. 

Edenic (The) Life. Published in the interest of 
the Edenic Life church, v. i, no. 1-5. St. Louis, 
1896. 4^ N. 

Edinburg^h Bible Society. Extracts from cor- 
respondence, etc. no. 8. Edinburgh, 1834. 8**. N. 

Edinburg^h Bible Society. Reports. . . 29th 
(1838). Edinburgh, 1838. 8°. N. 

Einsiedler Kalender fOr 1866. (Jahrg. 26.) 
New York, 1866. 8^ N. 

Elders* Journal of the Church of Latter Day 
Saints, v. i, no. 1-4. Kirtland, O., 1837-38. 8 . 

No. 3-4 imperfect. N. 

English Presbyterian Messenger, new ser., v. 
5, 6. London, 1853-54. 8". U. 

English Review: or quarterly Journal of ecclesi- 
astical and general literature, nos. 1-3, 14, 15, 
29. London, 1844-51. 8°. U. 

V. 1-16, no. 31. (1844-51.) N. 

Continuation of Brit lull Critic. 

Ensii^ to the Nations, to gather Israel. M. 
R. Norris. v. i, no. i. Kirtland, 0„ 1851. 8*. N. 

Episcopal (An) Almanac. 1678. London, 
1678. I6^ N. 

Episcopal Magazine, v. i, 2. Philadelphia, 
1820-21. 8^ U., G. 

V. I, no. 1-3. 1820. N, 

Episcopal Observer, v. 1-2. Boston, 1845- 

47. 8^ N. 

Episcopal (The) Recorder, n. s., v. 26, no. 
36-47. 49-52; V. 27-30; V. 31, no. 1-43, 45-52; 
V. 32-34. no. 1-15, 17-18, 20-53; V. 35; V. 38, no. 
1-38. Philadelphia, 1891-1902. f*. N. 


Episcopal (The) Recorder Almanac and Daily 
Text Book. 1880. Philadelphia, 1880. i6*. N. 

Episcopal register, v. TI-15. 1880-84. 2 v. 

V. 15 defective. G. 

Episcopal Register, Almanac, and Church 
Calendar. 1878, 1880-81. Philadelphia, 1878-81. 
I2^ N. 



Episcopal (The) Watchman, v. 1-4. (1827- 
1831.) Hartford, 1827-1831. 4^ G. 

V. 2 (1828-29). N. 

Successor to Gospel Advocate. With this is merged the 
Cliarcbnian's magazine, and Cbarm* 

Episcopalian (The), v. i, no. 1-37. Phila- 
delphia, 1866. r. N. 

Epworth (The) Herald. [Edited by] J. F. 
Berry, v. i; v. 2, no. 1-30; v. 3, no. 32-52; v. 4; 
V. 5; V. 6, no. 19-48; V. 7; V. 8, no. 1-27, 29-39; 
V. 9, no. 52; V. II, no. 45; v. 13, no. 52. Chicago, 
1890-1903. f* N. 

Weekly, v. 1 lacks no. 7; v. 4 lacks no. 37; v. 7 lacks no. x.. 



Efloterie (The). A magazine of practical 
esoteric thought, v. i, no. 8, lo (1888); v. 10; v. 
13, nos. 1-3(1896-99). Applegate, CaL, 1888-99. 

8^ N. 

Continued as: Occult and Biological Journal. 

Eflsential Christianity, v. i, no. 2. Moscow^ 
Ida ho ^ 1903. f. N. 

Estandarte (El) Evangelico de Sud America. 
Afto 18, no. 6. ID, 16-18, 27 (Feb. 7, Mar. 7, Apr. 
18, May 2, July 4, 1901); 20, no. 16 (16 Apr. 
1903). Buenos Aires, 1901-1903. f°. N. 

Organo ofidal de la iglesia metodista episcopal en las Re- 
pdblicas del i^lata. Weekly. 

Ethieal (The) Record. Published by the So- 
ciety for Ethical Culture, v. i-date. (1899-date.) 

New York, 1 899-1902. 8°, 4*. N. 


Ethical (The) Record. A quarterly publication 
of the Societies for Ethical culture, v. 1-2 ; v. 3, 
no. 1-2 (1888-90). Philadelphia, 1%^%-^, 8*. N. 

Succeeded by The Inter national Journal of Ethics. 

EvanMl (The) and Sabbath Outlook. [Edited 

by] A. H. Lewis, v. i (1893); v. 2, no. 1-33 

(1894-95); V. 3, no. 15(1895). New York, 1893- 

1895. 4*. N. 

Cfontinuation of Sabbatli Outlook. 

Evans^elieal (The) Almanack; or, Religious 
Monitor. 1825-26. Albany^ 1825-26. 12**. N. 

1822. U. 

Evang^lieal Christendom: its state and pros- 
pects. A monthly journal established ... in con- 
nexion with the Evangelical Alliance, v. 1-14 
(1847-60); new series, v. 2-7. 14-22. (1861-66, 
*73-8o.) London, 1847-81. 8*. N. 

n. 8., V. tQ-do, aa, incomplete. 

n. s. 1-39 (l 860-1 898). U. 

In 1873 it absorbed Obrlstlan Work. 

Evan^elieal Guardian and Review. By an 

association of clergymen ih New York. v. i, 2. 

<May 1817-Apr. 1819.) NexuYork, 1817-19. 8**. 
Discontinued. U, Q. 

Evan^elieal Intelligencer : under patronage 

of General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in 

U.S.A. newser. 1,2. Philadelphia,\^o'}-'^, 8°. U. 

Continuation of General Assembly; Missionary Maga- 

Evan^lieal Magazine, v. 1-4. Hartford, 
1832-36. 8°. U. 

Evans^elieal Magazine and Gospel Advocate. 
Devoted to theoretical and practical religion, free 
inquiry, religious liberty and intelligence, new ser. 
V. 3. Utica, 1832. 4". U. 

Evang^elieal Magazine and Missionary Chron- 
icle. V. 18, 22; new ser., v. 1-3; v. 13, no. 156; 
V. 16, no. 189-190; V. 19-36; V. 39. (1823-25, 
1835, 1838, 1841-58, 1861.) London, 1810-61. 8^ 

Imperfect. N. 

V. i-new ser. v. 32 (i 793-1 854); new ser. 

ii-whole no. v. 106 (1881-1899). U. 

Evang^elical Messenger. [Edited by] S. P. 

Spreng. v. 38, no. 11; v. 39, no. 21; v. 41, no. 3, 

21; V. 42, no. 14-53; V. 43, no. 9. 12, 19, 41, 46, 

48, 50-52; V. 44, no. 2-4, 6, 7, 9, II, 13-15, 20, 23; 

V. 45, no. 10, 15, 37-38. 46-50; V. 46, no. 2. 4, 11, 

13, 17-18, 22, 25-26, 33, 38; V. 47, no. 7-30, 32- 

52; V. 48; V. 49, no. 1-7, 9-19, 21, 23-35-53; V. 

53-54(1901). Cleveland, 0,,\%%^'\^\, f^ N. 

Evang^elieal Quarterly ; devoted to Christian 
Literature and Theology. Edited by J. F. Berg. 
V. i; V. 3, no. I. Philadelphia, 1860-62. 8°. U. 

Evang^elieal Quarterly Review. See Evan- 
g^elieal Review. 

Evang^elieal Repository, v. 15-62. Phila- 
delphia, 1856-86. 8*. U. 

Many numbers missing, v. 39 and 51 also called new 
series v. x and ^th series v. i respectively. New ser. has the 
additional title ^^and United Presbyterian Review." 

V. 59, no. 12; V. 60, no. i. 1883. N. 

Evans^elieal Review, v. 11-13 (1859-62); 
14-21(1862-70). II V. Gettysburg, \%%^-]o, 8*. 


V. 1-2 1. 1849-70. N. 

V. 14-2X have title ETanKellcal Quarterly Review. 
Continued as QaarterTy Review of Evangelical Lu- 
theran Church; and later liUilieran Quarterly. 

Evan^elieal Witness, v. 4. Newburgh, 1826. 
12*. (Evangelical Tract Society.) U. 

Ed. J. R. Wilson. Monthly. 

ETan^eliflohe Gesellschaft f Or die protestan- 
tischen Deutschen in Nord-Amerika in Langenberg, 
Elberf eld und Barmen. Bericht, 1848-50. No 5. 
Langenberg, 185 1. 8°. N. 

Evans^eliflehe Kirchenzeitung. Hrsg. von 
E. W. Hengstenberg. 1827-29, 1831-33. 1835-38, 
1841-49, 1868-72. Berlin, 1827-72. 4*. U. 

V. 1-21. 1827-1837. G. 

Evang^elisehe Zeugnisse aus den deutschen 
Kirchen in Amerika. Hrsg. von Philipp Schaff. 
V. 1-3. Philadelphia, 1863-65. 8'. U. 

V. 2 (Feb., 1864). 



Hrsg. V. Fer- 

Evan^eliseher Kalender. 
isohefl Jahrbuch. 

Evan^elisehefl Jahrbuch. 
dinand Piper, v. 1-12, 18, 21 (1850-61, 67, 70). 
Berlin ^nd Leipzig, i%s<>-l^' 16**. U. 

Also called BTansellsclier Kalender. 

Evang^Iiflk Ugeskrift. See U^skrift for 

den evangeliske Kirke i Danmark. 

Evan^liflt. v. 4, 11, 18, 36, 42-46, 48-53, 

55-73- ^fvf York, 1840-1902. f% 4% 8\ N. 


V. I (i83o)-3i. July, 1902. U. 

Weekly. Combined, a. Aug., 1902, with ** Christian Work " 
as Cbristlan Work and Evangelist. 



V. I, no. I. 

vol. 1-2. 

Hartford, 1 824. 
8'. Hartford, 1824-25. U. 

(The). V. 2-5. Washington, 

i\ N. 


D. C, 1901-03. 

Weekly. Imperfect. 

Evang^eliflt and Christian, v. 3-4. Lincoln, 

Neb., 1902. f*. N. 

Evang^elista (El). A£io i, no. 5-6. Habana, 

1887. r. N. 


Evans^elista (El). Periodico religioso setti- 

manale. Anno 12; anno 13, no. 1-5, 8, lo-ii, 
14, 17-19, 21. 24-25, 27-30, 41, 43, 45. 51-52. 

Roma, 1900-1901. f*. N. 

Evan^elisten. Aargang 12, no. 9; v. 14, 

no. 7. Chicago, 1901-03. f*. N. 




i (The) or Church offering for alt 
-seasonSt a repository of literary and entertainiDg 
knowledge. Edited by J. Salkeld. v. 1-2; v. 4-5; 
V. 6, no. 1-9, 12; V. 7; V. 8, no. 1-6, 8-12; v. 9-10. 
New Haveny 1844-53. S*. N. 

Slight changes in title. Published in various places. 

ETerhMtin^ (The) Gospel, v. 1-2. Shiloh, 
Me., 1901-02. f*. N. 

Exandner (The), v. 66, no. 48; v. 76, no. 12; 

V. 78, nos. 44-52; V. 79-date. New York, 1889- 

date. i\ N. 


1891, 1894-date. U. 


Exandner (The): a monthly review of religious 
and humane questions and of literature, v. i, no. 
1-5. Chicago, 1870-71. 8*. N. 

V. I, nos. 1-2. Chicago, 1870. U. 

Ezeelsior. Helps to progress in religion, 
-science and literature, no. 1-2 (Jan. i, Feb., 
1854). London, 1854. 8". N. 

Expositor (The), v. 1-12; 2nd sen, v. 1-8, 

3rd ser., V. i-io; 4th ser., v. i-io; sthser., v. i-io; 

h. ser., V. i-date (1900-date). Index i, 2, 3rd ser. 

London, 1882-date. 8". N., U., G. 

Current, t. and a. series edited by Samuel Cox; 3.-5. by W. 
Robertson Nicoll; v. x-ia of i. series of various editions. 

Expository Times. Edited by James Hast- 
ings. V. i-date. Nov. 1889-date. Edinburgh^ 

1889-datc. 8'. U. 


V. 9. no. 2-12; V. 10, no. 1-2, 4. (1897-99.) 


V. 2-4, 6-date. 1890-date. G. 


Fajniffli» cnstiana. v. i, no. 29. Firenu, 

1875. 4" N. 

Familien-Kalender fUr das Jahr looi. 1905. 
Jahrg. 32, 36. Elkhart, Ind. [1900-04.J 8°. N. 

Family (The) Christian Almanac. See Illns- 
-trated (The) Christian Almanac. 

Family Treasury of Sabbath Reading, nos. 

17, 36-42, 163-167. London, 1860-62. 8°. U. 

Ed. A. Cameron. Monthly. 

Faro (El), v. 11-12. Mexico, 1895-96. 2 v. 

f^ N. 

V. xx-ia contain certificates of baptism, marriage, etc., of 
the Presbyterian Church in Mexico. 

Family visiter and Sunday School magazine. 
V. 1-4. 1 829-1 832. 4 V. G. 

Federation. Organ for record and recom- 
mendations of the Federation of Churches and 
Christian Workers in N. Y. C. Published Quar- 
terly. V. I, nos. 3, 4, 5, 6 (Jan.-Sept.. 1900, Jan., 
1901); V. 2, nos. 1-4 (June, July, Dec, 1902, Jan., 
1903); V. 3, no. 2 (Oct., 1903). New York, 1900- 
1903. 8\ U. 

V. I, nos. 4, 5, 6 (June, Sept., 1900, Jan., 

1901), V. 2, nos. 1-4 (June, July, Dec, 1902, Jan., 
1903); V. 3, nos. 1-2 (June, Oct., 1903). N 

Federation Chronicle, published in the in- 
terest of the work of the National Federation of 
Churches and Christian Workers. Feb., 1901- 
Jan., 1902. New York, 1901-02. 8®. N. 

Flaming (The) Sword, v. 15-17. Chicago, 



Florida Christian Advocate, v. 15-16. Lees- 
burg, Fla,, 1901. f°. N. 


Foreign Church Chronicle and review, v. 
1-23. 1877-1899. 12 V. G. 

No more published. 

Foreign Missionary. Published for the Board 
of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, v. 
9-45. 1850-1886. New York, 1851-1886. 8°. U. 

A few numbers are lacking. 

V. 10-45 (1851-1886). N. 

V. 43 lacks no. 3, 4, la; v. 44 lacks no. 5; v. 45 lacks no. 4, 

Combined with other Presbyterian magazines and continued 
as Cbarcli at home and abroad. 

Foreign Missionary Chronicle, v. 3-10; 11-13. 
Pittsburgh zn^ New York, 1835-1845. 8\ U. 

A few numbers are lacking, v. x\~xx have title: Mission- 
ary Chronicle. It is the or^^an of the Mission Boards of the 
Presbyterian Church. Continued as Home and Foreign 
Record of Presbyterian Church. 

v. I, no. 3-5; V. 5-17. 1833-49. N. 

Forsehung^n zur christlichen Litteratur- und 

Dogmengeschichte. Hrsg. von A. Ehrhard und 

J. P. Kirsch. 6d. i-date. Mains, 1900-date. 8*. 

Current. N. 

Bd. 1-4. I900-1904. U. 


Forachnn^en zur Monumentalen Theologie 
und vergleichenden Religionswissenschaft. Bd. i. 
Mainz, 1900. f*. U. 

Forschnnffen zur Religion und Literatur des 
Alten und Neuen Testaments, hrsg. voo W. 
Bousset und H. Gunkel. Bd. i, nos. 1-3. Got- 
tingtn, 1903. 8*. U. 


Fragments of occult truth. Printed by the 
Parent Theosophical Society. No. 1-8. Bombay, 
1881-83. 8'. N. 

Extracu from '* The Tbeosophist.** 

France eccl^siastique pour Tannic 1855. Paris, 
1855. 12*. U. 

Franciscan Annals and Monthly Record of 
the Third Order of St. Francis, v. 1-5, 7-10; v. 18, 
no. 205. London, 1877-94. 8*. N. 

Franen- Missions Freund. v. 16, no. 4. 5» 

8, II, 12. Boston, 1 901. 4°. N. 

Free Church (The) Circular, v. 3-4. OnHda, 
N. K. 1850-51. 8\ N. 

Free Church of Scotland. See Home and 
Foreign Record of the Free Church of Scotland. 

Free church year book and official report of the 
National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches, 
no. 6. 8 (1901, 1903). London, 1901-03. 8°. N. 

Free (The) Enquirer, ser. 2, v. 1-3. New York, 
1829-31. 4^ N. 

v. r has title New Harmony & Nashoba Gazette; or, The 
Free Enquirer. 

Free Mission Record. Published by the Ameri- 
can Baptist Free Mission Society, 1857. New York, 

1858. 8^ N. 

Free Religious Association. Annual report of 
the executive committee, no. i. Boston, 1868. 
8'. N. 

Free Thought Magazine. H. L. Green, editor. 
V. 14; v. 21, no. i-io. Chicago, 1896-1903. 8*. N. 

Merged with Torch of Reason, and became I«lberal 



Freethinking Christians' Magazine, intended 
for promotion of rational religion and free inquiry. 
V. 1-3. London, 1811-1813. 8*. U. 


Freewill Baptist Quarterly, v. 1-17(1853-69). 

Providence, 1853-69. 8*. U. 

V. 2-3. 1854-56. N. 

Freidenker Almanach. Jahrgang 2-23 (1879- 
1900). Milwaukee, Wis, [1879-1900.] 12*. N. 

Freidenker. Freiheit, Bildung und Wohl- 
stand fur Alle. Herausgeben . . Carl D()rflinger. 
Jahrg. 5, no. 33; Jahrg. 28-date Milwaukee, 1876- 
date. f^ N. 

Freirelifi^oae Kalender. Jahresschrift far 
Freidenker. Hrsg. A. Specht. v. 7. 1878. Gotha 
[1878]. i6'. N. 

Friend (The); or, Advocate of 'truth, v, 1-3. 
1828-30. 3 V. G. 

Friend (The). A religious and literary journal, 
V. 1-54; V. 73-74; V. 75. no 1-15, 17. 19-34. 36-52. 
V. 76, no. 1-25. 27-44, 46-52; V. 77, no. 1-4. 6-7; 
9-15, 17-24. Philadelphia, 1827-1902. 8'. N. 

Friends* Almanac for the years 1871, 1878. 
Philadelphia, 1873-78. I2^ 8'. ' N. 

Friends* Historical Society. Journal. See 
Joom&l of The Friends* Historical Society. 

Friends* Intelligencer and Journal, v. 48, no. 
27; V. 55-60. Philadelphia, 1891-1903. f. N. 

V. 57-60 imperfect, v. 55-60 also numbered v. 96-31 of 
Frlen<ls' Journal. 

Friends* Journal. See Friends* Intelligencer 
and Journal. 

General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church 
in the U. S. A. See Cnurch at Home and Abroad. 

General Assembly's Missionary Magazine; or 
Evangelical Intelligencer, v. 1-3. Philadelphia, 
1805-07. 8'. U. 

V. 3 also called: Evangelical Intelligencer, new ser., v. i. 

General (The) Conference Bulletin. Published 

quarterly by The Seventh-day Adventist General 

Conference, v. 4, no. 1-4, extra no. 1-20. Battle 

Creek, Mich., 1901. 8*. N. 

V. 4, no. I, extra no. i-ao, were published daily during the 
34th session, at Battle Creek. 

General Protestant Episcopal Sunday 
School Union and Church Book ScKciety. Children's 
Magazine. See Children*s Magazine, etc. 

Gerarehia (La) cattolica, la faroigliae lacapella 
pontificia, 1898, 1902-1904. Roma, 1 897-1903. 
\2\ N. 

Gesellschaft for die Geschichte des Protes- 

tantismus, in Oesterreich. Jahrbuch. 20-date. 

Wien, 1899-date* 8*. N. 


9-11. 1889-1891. U. 

Glad (The) Tidings in France, published by the 
Socictc Evangelique de Geneve (Evangelical Society 
of Geneva). (Mar. 1886) [Geneva, 1886.] 8°. N. 

Gleaning^ for the Young, London. See Bible 
(The) Society Gleanings. 

Globe (The). Conducted by W. H. Thome. 
V. 1-8. New York, 1889-98. 8^. N. 

God*s Will. V. I, no. i. Los Angeles, 1903. 

r. N. 

Goerres-Gesellsch^ft. Vereinsschrift. 1902. 
JCdln, 1902. 8^ N. 

Golden Rule. International representative of 
the Christian Endeavor movement, v. 5, no. 19, 
28, 30-31, 37, 41, 47-49; V. 6, no. 2, 9, 18, 41; V. 8, 
no. 23, 25, 29-36, 39-44. 46, 48-52; v. 9, no. 1-2. 
4-52; V. lo-ii. Boston, 1891-97. f*. N. 

Continued as Cbrlstlan Endeavor World. 

Good Words. Edited by Norman Macleod. 
V. 1-3. London, 1860-62. 8*. U. 

Gospel Advocate, v, 42-v. 45, no. 1-9, IT-12, 
14-21, 25-26, 28-49, 51' Nashville, Tenn., 1900- 

03. r. N. 

Weekly, v. 44, incomplete. 

Gospel Advocate; conducted by a society of 
gentlemen, v. 1-6. Boston, 1821-26. 8°. U., G. 

V. 2-4. 1822-24. N. 

Merged with Episcopal Watchman. 

€k>spel Anchor, Ed. Lefevre & Williamson. 
V. 2. Troy, 1832. 4°. U. 


Gospel (The) in all lands. Devoted to uni- 
versal missions. 1881-1902. New York, 1881- 
1902. 4". N. 

V. I, no. i; V. 2, no. 3; v. 3, no. 7; v. I2» 

no. 2-3; V. 13, no. 7, 11; V. 17; no. 6; v. i8, no. 4 1 

V. 22, no. 3. New York, 1880-1901. U. 

* Monthly, except in 1882-1883, when it was published as a 
weekly. Jan., z88x-June, 1884, called v. 3-9. x889-iqoz pub- 
lished by the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal 

Gospel (The) Banner. Issued quarterly, v. 5. 
March, 1898, Extra A, no. i. Independence, Mis^ 
souri, 1898. 16*. N. 

Gospel Herald, by the Evangelical Association 
of New York. v. 4. New York, 1823. 8°. U. 
Ed., H. Fits. Weekly. 

Gospel Herald. . . for the Church of Jesus Christ 

of Latter Day Saints. J. J. Strang, v. i, no. 4, 9; 

V. 2, no. 1-2, 5, 9, 23-24, 26-28, 32, 36-38, 42. 46, 

48-49, 51-52; V. 3, no. 1-2, 4-6, 10-12, 22, 29, 31. 

39. 44-45. 47-52; V. 4, no. i, 11-15. 22, 25, 30, 33, 

38-39, 44-45. 47-48; V. 5, no. 4, 6. 9. Voree, Wis,, 

1846-47. 8\ N. 

V. z entitled Voree Herald; v. 3, first half, entitled Zion's 

Gospel (The) inquirer, v. i, no. 1-26. Little 

Falls, N Y, 1823-24. 8^ N. 

Gospel Luminary, v. 5, no. 4. [(/, S,P 1832.] 

I6^ ■ N. 

Gospel Magazine; or. Spiritual Library, de- 
signed to promote spiritual religion, v. 7. London, 
1772. 8^ U. 


Gospel Magazine; or, Treasury of divine knowl- 
edge. V. 1-6 (1774-79). London, 1774-79, 8°. U. 

Gospel messenger, v. 1-2, 4-12 (1827-29, 1830- 

39). G. 

Succeeded by the Churcll journal and gospel mes- 

Gospel Messenger, v. i, no. i. Shenandoah, 
la., 1902. f. N. 

€k>spel messenger and Southern Episcopal 
register, v. 3-5 (1826-28). 3 V. G. 

Gospel Pulpit. A Universalist Quarterly, [no. 
2-4.] Chicago, 1868-69. 12**. N. 



Ooapel (The) Reflector, v. i. Philadelphia, 

1841. 8\ 


Oospel Teacher, v. i. no. 3. Nebo, N, C, 

1901. r. N. 

Gospel Tidings, v. 2-3. Siloam Springs, Ark., 
1899-1900. 4\ N. 


Oospel Trumpet, v. 20-23. West Virginia, 
1900-03. 8°. N. 


Gospel (The) Witness, n. s., v. i, no. 17. New 
York, 1837. r. N. 

Ghrand Almanach de la Famille chr^tienne. 
1883-85. 1887-88, 1800-93. Ann. [i-]3, 5-6, 8- 
II. iViiwry [1882-92]. 4'. N. 

1883 has title Almanaell de la Famille cbr^tienne; 1887- 
93. Grand Almanach de la Famille. 

Guardian (The), v. 3-7, 11-34 (pt. i), 35- 
<late (1848-52, i856-June,'79, 1880-date). London, 
1848-date. r. G. 


Chtardian (The). Ziw<^;f, 1894-date. T. U. 


Guardian: or. Youth's religious instructor. 
▼.2. New Haven, 1^20, 12°. U., G. 


Guardian (The), a monthly magazine devoted 
to the Sunday School cause and the social, literary, 
and religious interests of yoiing men and ladies. 
V. 29. no. 1-5, 7-9. Philadelphia, 1878. 8". N. 

Halcyon Luminary, and theological repository. 
A monthly magazine, devoted to religion and polite 
literature, i v. New York, 1812. 8% U. 

Hancock (The) County Journal, v. i, no. 2. 
Carthage, JIL, 1886. f^ N. 


Hancock Democrat, [v. i] no. 1-4; v. i [n. s.! 
no. 12-13, I7» 21-25, 28, 36, 39, 41; [v. 2] fn. s.J 
00. 4-13, 15-20. Warsaw, III,, 1844-78. f . N. 


Hancock Eagle, v. i, no. 1-2 (mutilated), 
9-12, 14-16, 19-21. Nauvoo, JIL, 1846. f'. N. 

Hancock New Era. v. i, no. 11-20, 25. War- 
saw, JIL, 1864. V, N. 


Hand-book of the American Baptist Mission- 
ary Union, Boston. 1883/4, '94/5, '96/7-98/9, 
1901/02-1902/03, 1904/05. Boston [1883-1904]. 
i6'. N. 

1883/4. U. 

Handbuck der Kirchen-Statistik fUr das K5nig- 
reich Sachsen. .bearbeitet von A. Kolbe. n. s., 
V. 17(1897). Dresden, xZ^^, 8*. N. 

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Divine Science, v. i, no. 8; v. 2, no. 6-8, lo-ii; 
▼. 3. no. I ; v.^-date (i 889-90, '96-date). San Fran- 
€isco, 1889^-1902. 8**. N. 


Hartford Seminary Record, issued under the 
auspices of the Faculty of Hartford Theological 
Seminary. Pub. bi-monthly, v. i-date. Hartford, 

1891-date. 8^ N., U. 
V. 4, no. 4-date. April, 1894-date. G. 

Hartford Theological Seminary. See Hart- 
ford seminary record. 

Healings (The) Voice on the power of prayer, 
faith literature, and the science of healing, v. i. 
New York, 1885. 8^ N. 

Hebraica* A quarterly journal in the interest 
of Hebrew study, v. i-ii. Chicago, New Haven, 
New York, Hartford, 1885-1895. 8*. U.. G. 

V. 1-81-3(1885-1892). 8*. N. 

Edited by Willimm Harper and others. Continued as 
Amerlean Journal of Semitic Languages and Literature. 

Hebrew Christian witness and prophetic in- 
vestigator; ed. by M. Margoliouth. new ser., v. i 
(1877). G. 

Hebrew Student. A monthly journal in the 
interest of Old Testament literature and interpreta- 
tion. V. 1-2. Chicago, 1882-83. 4* and 8*. U. 

Continued as Old Testament Student. 

Herald of Gospel Liberty. v. 92-V.94, no. 
1-3. 5-21, 23-43, 45; V. 95, no. 1-14. 16-26, 28- 
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no. 2, 4-7. 9, 11-12; V. 10, no. 7-12; V. ii-date. 
New York, 1900-date. 8*. N. 

Continuation of N«ir York Rescue and mission worker. 

Herald of Light. Monthly journal of the Lord's 
New Church, v. 1-2 (incomplete). New York, 
1857-58. 8^ U. 

Herald of the New Jerusalem: A weekly pub- 
lication devoted to the dissemination of the New 
Church doctrines. [Edited by] S. Houge. v. i, 
no. 38 (Jan., 1854). Philadelphia, 1854. i6'. N. 

Herald and Presbyter, v. 66, no. 34; v. 67, 

no. 47; V. 71-74. Cincinnati, 1895-1903. if*. N. 

Herald of Truth, v. 38, no. 23-24; v. 39-date. 
Elkhart, Jnd., 1901-date. f". N. 

EUbbert (The) Journal, a quarterly review of 
religion, theology and philosophy, v. i-date. Lon- 
don, 1902-date. 8*. N., U.. G. 


Hierophant (The): or monthly journal of 
sacred symbols and prophecy. Conducted by George 
Bush. no. 1-12(1842-43). IV. New York, 1844. 
8^ N., U. 

No more published. 

Historical (The) Record. A. Jenson. v. 5-8 

(1886-88). Salt Lake City, iUt-%^, 8^ N. 

Continuation of Morg^enstjernen. 

Two supplements : — 

(t) Biographical Encyclopedia. By A. Jenson. Stdt Lake 

City, x888. q6 pp. 8®. 
(2) Infancy of the Church. By Jenson and Stevenson. Salt 

Lake City, 1889. 6a pp. 8°. 

Another copy. 

This copy has but one supplement, Jeoson and Stevenson's 
Infancy of the Church. It nas in addition a general title page 
for the 4 volumes calling them *^ Church encyclopaedia,** book I, 


Historical Researches in Western Pennsyl- 
vania, principally Catholic. See American Catho- 
lic Historical Researches. 

Holfiiiaii*s Catholic Directory. See Catholic 

directory, almanac and clergy list. 


Holy (The) Cross Magazine. v. ii, no. 4 
(i 899) ; V. 1 5-date (Sept. , 1 903-date). Westminster, 
Afd,, iSgg-date. 8*. N. 


V. ii-date. (1899-date.) 



Holy (The) Cross purple; published monthly by 
the students of the college of the Holy Cross, v. 
2, nos. 6-8; v. 3-date (1895-date). Worcester, 
1895-date. 8'. N. 


Home and Foreign Record of the Canada 

Presbyterian Church, v. 1-14. Toronto, 1862-75. 

8^ U. 


Home and Foreign Record of the Free Church 
of Scotland, v. 1-6 (1850 Aug.-i 856 July); new 
scr. 1-6(1856-62). Edinburgh, 1851-62. 8". U. 

A few numbers missing. 

V. 5-6; n. s. V. 1-5 (1854-61.) N. 

Home and Foreign Record of the Presbyterian 
Church in the U. S. A. v. 2-5, 7-12; v. 13, no. 
1-7. 9-12; V. 14, no. 1-12, 4-12; V. 15-18. Phila- 
delphia, 1851-67. 8\ N. 

V. i-v. 14, no. I, 3-10, 12; V. 15-V. 17, no. 

10, 12; V. 16-V. 18, no. 3. Philadelphia, 1850- 
1867. U. 

Home Mission Echoes; pub. monthly under 
the auspices jointly of the American Baptist Home 
Mission Society and Woman's American Baptist 
Home Mission Society, v. i, no. i-ii; v. 2-date. 
Boston, 1897-date. sq. 4*. N. 


Home Mission Monthly. Published by the 
Woman's Executive Committee of Home Missions 
of the Presbjrterian Church, v. i, no. 4-10, 12. 
New Y4frk, 1887. 8'. N. 

V. i-date. New York, i886-<late. U. 

Current. A few nos. missing. 

Home Missionary. Published by the American 
Home Missionary Society, v. i-date. New York, 
1829-date. 8% U. 


V. 1-44. 46, 49-57 (no. 4» 6, 8-12); V. 58- 

date. 1829-date. N. 


V. 1-6. 



In 1893 name of the Society was changed to Oonsrexa* 
tlonalHome Missionary Society. 

HomOf the School, and the Church; or the 
Presbyterian education repository. Edited by C. 
Van Rensselaer. Philadelphia, 1850-60. 8°. U. 

Homiletic Magazine, v. 6-19, new ser. 1-3. 
London and New York, \%Zi-^, 8*. U. 

Continuation of Homiletic Quarterly. 

Homiletic (The) magazine; and repository of 
pastoral theology and sacred poetry. J. G. Wilson 
editor and proprietor, [v. i.J Philadelphia, 1843. 
8'. N. 

Homiletie Monthly. See Homiletic Review. 

Homiletic Review, v. i-date (1876-date). 
New York, London, 1878-date. 8'. N., U. 


V. z-a entitled Metropolitan Pulpit; v. 3-6, entitled Preacher 
and Homiletic Monthly; v. 7-8, entitled Homiletic Monthl 

V. i-ax, ed. by I 

. K. F 

Wells; V. 30-34 ed. by Funk and 

unk; V. aa-ao by Funk and 

aa-ao Dy 
D. S. Gr 

N. W. 


Homiletieal Quarterly. An international and* 
undenominational preacher's magazine, v. 1-5. 
New York, 1879-81. U. 

Continued as Homiletic Magazine. 

Hopkinsijkn Magazine, v. 1-4. Providence^ 
1824-32. %\ U. 


Horfld Semiticae. no. 2, 4. 1903-1904. G. 

Hours at Home. A popular monthly devoted 
to religious and useful literature, v. 1-11(1865— 
1870). New York, 1865-70. 8*. U., N. 

niufltrated (The) Catholic Family Almanac. 
1870, 1871, 1873-75. New York, 1869-75. 12*. 


1871-78. U. 

Illustrated Catholic Family Annual, 1889. 
New York, 1889. 12*. N. 

1879, 1895. U. 

Illustrated Christian Weekly, v. i-ii; v. 12^ 

nos. 9-10, 12-22, 24. 27-32, 34-35, 37-39. 5o; v. 
13, no. 29; V. 15, no. 30-31; V. 16, no. 22; v. 17, 
nos. 30, 32, 50; v. 18, no. 47: v. 19, no. 41 ; v. 20,. 
nos. 3. 15; V. 21, no. 15; v. 22, no. 5. New York ^ 
1871-92. V, N. 

ninstrated (The) Family Christian Almanac. 
1841-81. 1884, 1886, 1894-99. New York, 1841- 
99. 12*, 8'. New York, 1841-99. N. 

1828. 1847-55, 1857. i8s9, i86i, 1863-74. 

1877-78. 1881-82, 1884-85. 1887. U. 

X843-48 title is Famllj Christian Almanac. 1853-99- 
title en cover is Family Christian Almanac 

Independent (The), v. 1-4, 6-date. Netxr 
York, 1848-datc. r, 8'. N. 


1848, 1850, 1852-72, 1874-datc. U. 


Index (The). A weekly paper devoted to free 
religion, v. i-v. 18, no. 888. Boston, 1870-86. 
V. N. 

V. i2-x8 imperfect. 

Indian Christian Intelligencer, v. i. no. 2. 
Lahore, \%11, 8^ N. 

Indian (The) Evangelical Review. A quarterly 
of missionary thought and effort, v. 1-6. Bombay^ 
1874-79. 8*. N- 

nos. 26, 28, 41-44. Ciii^«//<i,i88o-i885. U^ 

V. 1-2 pub. at Madras, v. 7 pub. at Calcutta. 

Indian (The) Witness, v. 14-31. Calcutta^ 
1889-1901. f*. N. 

Weekly. Imperfect. 

Indiana Baptist Outlook, v. 19-21. Indian^ 
apolis, 1900-1902. f. N. 

Institution des Diaconesses des iSglises £van. 
geliques de France. [Etat de situation.] 1854-55. 
No. 14. Paris, 1855. 8*. N» 

Intercollefl^an (The). [Official organ of the) 
Student department of the International Commit- 
tee of Young Men's Christian Associations . . . 
ser. 4, V. 21-25. AVw York, 1 898-1901. 8". 

Interior (The), v. i, no. 10; v. 3, no. 100— 
103; V. 9. no. 442; V. 10, no. 455, 497; v. 11, no. 
512; V. 12, no. 564; V. 26, no. 1323; v. 31-v. 34, no. 
1701-1713. 1715-1723. 1725-1728, 1750-1753- 
Chicago, 1870-1903. f". N. 


1 894-1904. U. 




Intermediate Sunday School Quarterly, v. 
15-20. Boston, 1893-1899. 12". N. 

IntematioiUkl Congress of Learned Catho- 
lics. Akten des fUnften Internationalen Kongresses 
Katholischer Gelehrten zu Mtinchen... 1900. 
Mnnchen, 1901. 8". N. 

Title also in French. 

International (5th) Convention of the Ep- 
wortb League. Souvenir, Song book, and official 
program. (1901.) San Francisco, 1901. 12". N. 

International Holiness Directory and Year 

Book. . . Edited by Rev. G. Hughes. 1894. New 

York, 1894. 12'*. N. 

International Journal of Ethics. Devoted 
to the advancement of ethical knowledge, v. i- 
datc. Philadelphia, 1891-date. 8°. N. 


V. 14-date. Philadelphia, 1904-date. U. 


InTeetifl^tor (The), or monthly expositor and 
register on prophecy, v. 1-5, London, 1831-36. 
5 V. 8\ N. 

Investierator (The). Edited by C. Southwell. 
V. 1. London, 1843. f°. N. 

Invefltifi^ator (The): religious, moral, scien- 
tific, &c. V. I, no. 2-6, 10; V. 2, no. 8. Wash- 
i«^/<7«, 1 845-46. 8°. N. 

Ariflb (The) Catholic Directory, Almanac and 
Registry. Annual publication. 46 (i88i). Dublin 
[1881]. I2\ N. 

Irish (The) Congregational Record, v. t. 
Dublin, 1834. 12*. N. 

Irish Ecclesiastical Record. A monthly journal 
under episcopal sanction, v. 1-5; [new ser.] v. 
6-12; 3 ser. v. 1-4, 6-1 1 ; 4 ser. v. 4-date. Dub- 
lin, 1864-date. 8'. N. 


Irish Friends: a monthly periodical, devoted 
chiefly to the interests of Friends, v. 1-5. Belfast, 
1837-1842. 4°. N. 

Irish Theosophist. y. i, no. 5. Dublin, 1893. 
8°. N. 

Italia (L*) Evangelica. v. 25, no. 22-25. 
Firenze, 1900. f*. N. 



General Works. 

Broekhaufl* Konversations-Lexikoo. Bd. 17. 
Leipzig, 1904. 4'. 

Meyers Grosses Konversations-Lexikon. Bd. 
8. Leipzig, 1904. 6. ed. 4*. 

Salmonsena store illustrerede Konyersations- 
leksikon . . . Under Medvirkning af Karl Fischer. 
Bd. 15. Kjobenhavn, 1904. 4*. 

General History, Travel, Geo- 

Nordenalijoeld (Otto) and others. *' Antarc- 
tic." Zwei Jahre in Schnee und Eis am Stldpol. 
Nach dem schwedischen Original ins Deutsche Uber- 
tragen von M. Mann. Berlin: D, Reimer, 1904. 
2 V. illus. 8^ 

Ratsel (Friedrich). Zu Friedrich RStzels Ge. 
d^chtniss. Geplant als Festschrift zum 60. Ge- 
burtstage nun als Grabspende dargebracht von 
Fachgenossen und SchUlem, Freunden und Ver- 
chrern. Leipzig: Seele 6* Co,, 1904. viii, 471pp., 
I map, 4 pi. , I port. sq. 4*" 

General Biography, etc. 

Frag^enta genealogica. v. 10. London: F, 
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teenth century. New York: C. Seribner's Sons, 
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Biography and Genealogy. 

Alphabetical, by Subjects. 

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und Wilhelm Grimm. Stuttgart: J. G, Cotta, 1904. 
4 p. 1., 634 pp., 2 port. 8**. (Achim von Amim 
und die ihm nahe standen . . . Bd. 3.) 

Bitting^r and Bedinger families, descendants 
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wickly, Pa,: The author, 1904.] 63 pp., i table. 


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Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1904. 3 p.l., 
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series. ) 

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Columbus. A complete . . . narrative of his voyages. 

Washington, D. C, 1903, viii, 581 pp., I port. 8**. 

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of Mandell Creighton ... sometime bishop of Lon- 
don. . . By his wife. London: Longmans, Green 6* 
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[Croweli (Levi, and Henry G.)] John Crowe 
and his descendants. A genealogy. New York: 
T. Y. Croweli df Co., 1903. 109 pp., 2 facsim., 

I pi. 8^ 

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descendants of John Deming of Wethersfield, Con- 
necticut. With historical notes. Dubuque, Iowa: 
MathiS'Mets Co., 1904. viii, 694 pp., 4 pi., 28 
port. 8°. 

EUot (Charles Wplliam]). John Gilley. Maine 
farmer and fisherman. Boston: Amer. Unitarian 
Assoc, 1904. 3 p.l., 72 PP- 12°. (True Ameri- 
can Types. V. I.) 

Beale (Charles Currier). Marcus T. C. Gould, 

stenographer. Cincinnati, 0., 1904. 48 pp., I 

port, o . 
Repr.: Phonographic Mag. & Nat. Shorthand Reporter. 
Gift of the Author. 

Haines (Andrew Mack, and T. Van B.) Deacon 
Samuel Haines of Westbury, Wiltshire, England, 
and his descendants in America, 1635-1901. North 
Hampton, N. H., 1902. 8". 

Gift of John C. Haynes. 

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Tendenzdichtung seiner Zeit. Wien: W. Brau- 
mailer, igo4. vi, 1 1., I20pp. 8*. (Wiener Bci- 
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1902. [Brooklyn, 1902.] lOO pp. 2 1., 27 pL, 
5 port. 4°. 

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tain John Kathan. the first settler of Dummerston, 
Vt., and his associates and family descendants. 
Brattleboro: E. L. Hildreth <&* Co., 1902. 2 p.l., 
vii-xii. 147 pp., I plan, 4 pi., 20 port. 8". 

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York: Funk 6* Wagttalls Co., 1905. i p. 1., viii, 
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Nelson genealogy. Part i. Pater son, N. /., 

1904. 4 . 
Pt. z. Some Neilsons of Scotland. 
Gift of the Author. 

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lections. London: Isbister Co., 1904. xiv, 346 
pp., 1 1., I port. 8**. 

Smet( Pierre-Jean de). Life, letters and travels 
of Father Pierre- Jean De Smet, S. J. 1 801-1873. 
Edited from the original unpublished manuscript 




jonmak and letter books. . .with. . .map and illus- 
trations by H. M. Chittenden and A. T. Richard- 
son. New York: F, P. Harper, 1905. 4 v. 8°. 

NarratiTes of the career of Hernando de Soto 
in the conquest of Florida as told by a Knight of 
EWas and in a relation by L. Hernandez de 
Biedma. . . Trans, by B. Smith . . . Edited with an 
introduction by E. G. Bourne. Illustrated. New 
York: A, S, Barnes 6* Co., 1904. 2 v. 12*. 
(The trail makers.) 

Wilson (James Grant). Thackeray in the 
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of a variety of Thackerayana, by J. G. Wilson, with 
six score illustrations, and a bibliography, by F. S. 
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2 ▼. %\ 

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ancestral record of the Webster family and descend- 
ants. Hartford, Conn,, 1 904. 8^. 
Gift of the Author. 

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of Daniel Webster. . . National edition. Illustrated 
with portraits and plates. Boston: Little, Brown 
^ Co., 1903. 18 V. 8\ 

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pressions of James A. McNeill Whistler. Phila- 
delphia: y. B. Lippincott Co., 1903. 296 pp., 
5 pl.t 7 port. 8\ 

Gift of S. P. Avery. 

A history of South 
y. Murray, 1904. 
13 port. 8**. 

A history of the 
from their earliest 
In twelve volumes. 
Co., 1904. facsim., 


Akers (Charles Edmond). 
America. 1854-1904. London: 
xxviii, 696 pp., 7 maps, 14 pi., 

ATery (Elroy McKendree). 
United States and its people, 
records to the present time. 
V. I. Cleveland: Burrows Bros. 
maps, pi., port. 4^. 

Gift of Poblishers. 

Crown (The) Collection of photographs of 
American maps. Selected and edited by A. B. 
Hulbert. v. i. Cleveland, 0.: The A. H. Clark 

Co., 1904. r. 

Fifty photographs of nap« of American rivers in the 
Crown collection of manuscripts in the British Museum. 

Flint (James). Letters from America, contain- 
ing observations on the climate and agriculture of 
the western states, the manners of the people. . . 
&c.. ^kc. Edinburgh: IV. <&* C. Tail, 1822. (Re- 
printed in: Early western travels, 1 748-1846. 
Cleveland, O., 1904. 8*. v. 9. pp. 15-333.) 

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pp. 1 2*. 

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Gift of the Author. 

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York: The Macmillan Co., 1904. xiv, 296 pp., I 
map, I tab. 12**. (Handbooks of American gov- 

Heath (William). Memoirs of Major-Cieneral 
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edited by W. Abbatt. To which is added The ac- 
counts of the Battle of Bunker Hill, by Generals 
Dearborn, Lee and Wilkinson. New York: W. 
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Heston (Alfred M[iller]). Absegami: annals 
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also Indian traditions and sketches of the region 
between Absegami and Chicohacki, in the county 
called Scheyechbi. \Camden, N. J.:'\ The author, 
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12 pi. illus. S\ 

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xj» 397 pp. 8^ 

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pi., I port, illus. 12°. 

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I pi. 8°. 

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others]. Paris: C. Delagrave [1904]. 2 v. maps, 

pl. 4*. 

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ton. Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. 
Topsfield, Afass.: Topsfield Historical Society, 
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Canada and the Empire: an examination of trade 
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1904. xviii, 198 pp. 12*". 

Presbyterian Church, New York Avenue, 
Wash., D. C. The centennial of the. . .church. . . 
1 803-1903. [Washington, 1(^0'^.'] 8'. 

Gift of the Church. 

Reiohe (Carlos). La isla de la Mocha. Estu- 

dios monogrificos bajo la cooperacion de F. C^er- 

main, M. Machado, F. Philippi y L. Vergara, 

publicados por C. Reiche. Santiago de Chile, 1903. 

4 p. 1., 104pp., 2 1., 2 maps, 10 pl. sq.V. (Musea 

Nacional de Chile. Anales.) 
Gift of Chile-Secretary of Education. 



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States from the compromise of 1850. v. 5. New 
York, 1904. 8°. 

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Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. Salem: 
Essex Institute^ 1904. 227 pp. 8'. 

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Towne,'^ 1607-1698. Jiichmond, Va.: Assoc /for 
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pp., I map, 3 plans, 7 pi. 8°. 


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12**. (Bell's cathedral series.) 

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teutscher Nation im Kampf mit Friedrich dem 
Grosscn. Bd. I. Berlin: Gebrilder Paetel, 1904. 8°. 

Bd. I. Joseph Friedrich, Herzog zu Sochaen-HUdburg- 

Cheshanit Buckingham Co,, Eng, A tran- 
script of the first volume, 1 538-1636, of the parish 
register of Chesham, in the county of Buckingham. 
With introductory notes. . .[etc.] by J. W. Garrett- 
Pegge. London: E, Stock, 1904. i p.l., xvi, 420 
pp. 8^ 

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history and topography, mainly of the seventeenth 
century. London: Longmans, Green 6* Co,, 1904. 
^^* 433 PP-t I map* 2 plans. 8\ 

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Einrichtungen. Ein geschichtliches Stadtbild. 
Cera (Reuss): H, Kanitt, 1904. xv, 268 pp., I 
plan. 4*. 

Great (The) roll of the pipe for the twenty- 
second year of the reign of King Henry, the 
Second, A.D. 11 75-1 176. Now first printed from 
the original . . . under the direction of the council of 
The Pipe Roll Society. [Edited by J. H. Round.] 
London: Spottiswoode 6* Co., 1904. xxx, i 1., 268 
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1 12 































New South Wales, Public Li- 

New York Central & H. R. 

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of Excise 

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Tiffany & Company ... i 
Trois-Rivieres, Canada, 

Town Clerk 2 

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U. S. Coast & Geodetic Sur- 
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U. S. Geological Survey (ip3 


U. S. Supt. of Documents . 
Vanderpoel, Mrs. E. N. . 
Wiggins, Mrs. Frank . . . 
Willis-Byrom Club . . . 
Windsor, Thomas .... 











Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York City. 

Subacnption One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to 1. Ferris Lockwood, Business 

Superintendent, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York. 
Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter, January 30, 1897, under Act of July 16, 1804. 





Volume IX • Number 2 

Rkport fOR Jahuart 48^7 

Newell to Pobtkb os Piracy in West Indies, 1833 4S-49 

List of Theological Periodicals. J-Z 50-78 

Principal Acckssiokb in Janoakv 73-79 

Principal Dosokb in Januarit 80 



William W. Appleton. 

John Bigelow. 

John L. Cadwalader. 

Andrew Carnegie. 

Cleveland H. Dodge. 

John Murphy Farley. 

Samuel Greenbaum. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. 

John S. Kennedy. 

Edward King. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. 

Alexander Maitland. 
J. Pierpont Morgan. 
Morgan J. O'Brien. 
Stephen H. Olin. 
Alexander E. Orr. 
Henry C. Potter. 
George L. Rives. 
Charles Howland Russell. 
Philip Schuyler. 
George W. Smith. 
Frederick Sturgbs. 

George Brinton McClrllan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Edward M. Grout, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Charles V. Fornes, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary, Charles Howijind Russell, Esq., 40 Lafayette Place. 
Treasurer, EDWARD KiNG, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 40 Lafayette Place. 


Lafayette Place, 40. (Astor.) Fifth Avenue, 890. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 31. (Chatham Square.) 

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

Eldridgb Street, 184. (University Settlement Building.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer.) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 130 West. Near 6th Avenue. (Muhlenberg.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street, 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce. Department Headquarters.) 

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

59th Street, 113 East. Near Lexington Avenue. 

65th Street, 116 West. Near Broadway. (Riverside.) 

67th Street, 328 East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Travelling Libraries.) 

76th Street, 538 East. 

79th Street, 222-224 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

82d Street. 2279 Broadway. (St. Agnes.) 

86th Street. 536 Amsterdam Avenue. 

91st Street, 121 West. Between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. (Blind Library.) 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

156th Street, 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 





Vol. IX. 

February, 1905. 

No. 2. 


Reference Department. 

During the month of January there were received at the Library, by pur- 
chase, 753 volumes and 460 pamphlets; by gift, 3,014 volumes and 3,494 pamphlets; 
and by exchange, 179 volumes and 6,191 pamphlets, making a total of 3,945 vol- 
umes and 5,343 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 3,818 volumes and 3,888 pamphlets, for which were 
written 8,308 cards, in addition to which 3,493 slips were written for, and 13,777 
cards received from, the copying machine. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number 
of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox, during the month: 




No. of readers and visitors 










No. of readers 

No. of readers, desk aoDlicants 

No. of volumes consulted by desk applicants. . 
Daily average of readers 

Number of visitors to Print Exhibition, etc.. 


Circulation Department. 

The most popular books of the month were (in non-fiction): Montgomery's 
" Leading Facts of American History," McMurry's ''Elements of General Method," 
and Clement's "Handbook of Modern Japan*'; (adult fiction): Thurston's **The 
Masquerader, " Caine's **The Prodigal Son," and London's **The Sea Wolf"; 
(juvenile fiction): ** Alcott's ** Little Women," Wiggin's ** Rebecca of Sunnybrook 
Farm," and Dodgson's ** Alice in Wonderland." 







East Broadway, 33, 

Chatham Squarb. 

East Broadway, 197. ........ 

Educational Alliance Building. 

Eldridge Street, 184 

Bond Street, 49 

8th St., 135 Second Ave., 


loth St.. 331 East, 

Tompkins Squarb. 

22d St., 230 East, 


13th St., 251 West 

Jackson Square. 

23d St., 130 West, 


34TH Street, 215 East 

40th St. , 501 West 

St. Raphael. 

42d St., 226 West, 

George Bruce. 

50th St., 123 East, 


51st St., 463 West, 

Sacred Heart. 

59TH Street, 113 East 

67TH Street, 328 East 

69th St., 190 Amsterdam Ave.,. 

Travelling Libraries 

76th St., 538 East. 


79th St., 222-224 East, 


82d St., 2279 Broadway, 

St. Agnes. 

86th St., 536 Amsterdam Ave. . 

91st St. , 121 West, 


lOOth St., 206 West 


I loth St., 1 74 East, 


123d St.. 32 West 

Harlem Library. 

125TH Street, 224 East 

156th St., 922 St. Nicholas Ave., 
Washington Heights. 

Tottenville, 137 Johnson Ave 






































































readers in reading 













































Among the important gifts of the month was a collection of 1,224 prompt 
books bequeathed to the library by the late George Becks. Mr. Becks, who died 
in St Louis in May, 1904, was born in Manchester, England, came to this country 
at the age of 19, and played for many years in stock and travelling companies^ 
such as Niblo's, Laura Keene's, Booth's, Mrs. Lander's, and others; his collection 
comprises mainly the English and American theatre of the 19th century, but in- 
cludes as well a number of classical plays of earlier date. 

From the Century Association were received 480 volumes of the Mercure de 
France^ which had been presented to the Century some years ago by Hon. John 
Bigelow; as these numbers added to the library file would make a fairly complete 
set from 17 17 to 1820, the transfer was made by the Century with Mr. Bigelow's 

Other gifts came from Benjamin Adams, a copy of Henry R. Stiles' ** History 
of Ancient Wethersfield, Connecticut," 1904, 2 vols. ; from the National Board of 
Education of Argentine Republic, through Miss Ernestina Lopez, 13 volumes and 
39 pamphlets, being text-books used in the schools of the Argentine Republic; 
from the Hofjaegermester of Denmark, Carl Bech, 47 volumes and 18 pamphlets, 
publications of the Samvirkende Danske Landboforeningers; from the Bibliotheca 
e Museu da Marinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2 volumes of its catalogue, 1904; from 
the Imperial Maritime Customs Department of China, 53 volumes and 130 pam- 
phlets, being reports on the trade at the treaty ports in China, and reports on the 
trade, navigation, industries, etc., of ports open to foreign commerce in China 
and Corea, the whole covering the period of about the last 40 years, etc. ; from 
the Colonial Order of the Acorn, ** Views of Early New York," being six views of 
the city engraved by E. D. French from the Vanderdonck, Meurs-Montanus, 
Seutter, Burgis, Russell, Rollinson originals, with text by six members of the 
order, privately printed, 1904; from the Timothy Bigelow Chapter of the Daughters 
of the American Revolution, its ** List of Soldiers in the War of the Revolution 
from Worcester, Mass.," 1902, and **A Book of Beverages'* published by the 
Chapter in 1904; from the Mayors of Italian cities, 70 volumes, being publications 
of Jocal Municipal Councils; from Miss Josephine E. Hodgdon, 26 volumes 
and 35 pamphlets, publications of the National Educational Association; from the 
India Office, 127 volumes and 27 pamphlets, being administration reports, census 
reports, etc. ; from the Interborough Rapid Transit Company, a volume descriptive 
of the New York Subway, its construction and equipment; from John S. Kennedy, 
a copy of the ** Bibliorum SS. Graecorum Codex Vaticanus 1209 (Cod. B.), denuo 
phototypice expressus iussu cura Praesidum Bybliothecae Vaticanae, pars altera 
Testamentum Novum " (Milan : U. Hoepli, 1904), being v. 4 of the ** Codices e Vati- 
canis Sclccti," No. 81 oi 100 copies printed; from Hon. W. P. Letchworth, i volume, 
"Poets and Poetry of Buffalo," edited by James N. Johnston, 1904; from the 
Town Clerk of London, i volume, ** Calendar of Letter Books. . . Letter Book F, 
circa 1337-1352," London, 1904; from Miss Margaret C. Marsh, two collections 
of musical scores and vocal music, comprising 405 pieces, published in the United 
States, most of them between 1830 and i860; from the Secretaria de Relaciones 
Exteriores of Mexico, 36 volumes, **Le Mexique au d^but du XXe Si^cle," par 
MM. Prince Roland Bonaparte, L^on Bourgeois, Jules Claretie and others, and 


Other publications; from the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund of New York 
City, 16 volumes of their *' Proceedings," 1844 to 1902; from James W. T. Scott,. 
120 numbers of the " Public Ledger" of Philadelphia, 1876; from Charles Scribner's 
Sons, 32 volumes and 7 pamphlets; and from the Unione Italiana Tramways 
Elettrici, Genova, Italy, i volume and 2 pamphlets of their publications. 

At the recent sale of duplicates from the library of the Historical Society of 
Pennsylvania the library secured five folio volumes of Votes of the Pennsylvania 
House, printed by Franklin between 1731 and 1757, two separate acts of Penn- 
sylvania forbidding swearing, and regulating Sabbath observance, printed by T. 
Bradford in 1794, and seventeen Federal financial and naval documents, folio and 
octavo, printed between 1798 and 1803. 

At the Lenox Branch the exhibition of etchings by F6lix Bracquemond and 
Robert F. Blum was continued, as was also the exhibition of Japanese prints. In 
addition, etchings by the late R. Swain Gififord were placed on view on the lower 
floor, where the Century Company's gift of prepared wood blocks, half-tone plates 
and electrotypes was also exhibited. At the Astor the plates illustrating anniver- 
saries and holidays were continued. 

At the Tompkins Square Branch the print room exhibition of plates from 
Maudsley's ** Ornamental Arts of Japan" was continued, as were the exhibitions 
of the Racinet costume plates at the i25TH Street Branch and the plates from 
Wilkie's Gallery at the Chatham Square Branch. At the 67TH Street Branch 
the Hollyer etchings were exhibited and at the Yorkville Branch the Racinet 
costume plates for the period after the i6th century. 

At the Circulation branches the picture bulletins and temporary collections of 
books on special shelves (many being selected with reference to the Free Lectures 
of the Board of Education) were as follows: 

Chatham Square, Socrates, Imperial Berlin, Lessing, Victor Hugo, Schiller, 
Carlyle, Goethe, Tolstoi, Heine; East Broadway, Famous men and women bom 
in January, Paul Revere, Robert Burns, Famous musicians. Victor Hugo, Socrates, 
St. Francis of Assisi, Lessing, Schiller, Beethoven, Goethe, Heine, Emerson, Car- 
lyle, Tolstoi, Germany, Ethics; Eldridge Street, Famous men and women bom 
in January, Paul Revere, Asiatic geography. North American geography, Shake- 
speare, Nathan Hale, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln; Bond Street, 
Japanese-Russian War, Lincoln, New books, Texas, St. Louis Exposition, Ballads, 
Wireless telephony, Radium; Ottendorfer, First aid to the injured, Cairo, Con- 
stantinople, St. Petersburg, Vienna; Tompkins Square, Famous men and women 
born in January, Egypt, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln; Jackson Square, 
United States navy, Musical novels, Beaconsfield, Abraham Lincoln^ New books; 
Muhlenberg, Castles and palaces of England, Westminster Abbey, Scotland, 
Wales, St. Louis Exposition, Songs of Moore, Agricultural wonders of the 
Louisiana Purchase, Ballads, Texas, Patriotic Songs, Beyond the Mississippi, Music; 
Thirty-fourth Street, Literature, Art, Natural Science, South America; Bruce, 
Music; Cathedral, Washington, Louisa M. Alcott, Hawthorne; Fifty-ninth 
Street, New Amsterdam and New York, 1609-1903, Famous men and women born 
in January, Russia; Sixty-seventh Street, Hawthorne, Longfellow, Whittier, 
Louisa M. Alcott, Little people of other lands, Hiawatha, Stories about animals. 


Cover designs for children's books; Riverside, English critics; Webster, Music; 
St. Agnes, India, Magnetism, Spain of to-day and the Alhambra, Electricity, 
Ceylon, Dynamical Electricity, Japan Korea and Manchuria, France, Sea Stories; 
Amsterdam Avenue, Robert Burns, New Books; Bloomingdale, Commerce, South 
America; Aguilar, Famous men and women born in January, A day with animals 
in Bronx and Central parks, Japan, China, Syria, India, Russia, Siberia, Mexico, 
American history, Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Jefferson, Nathan Hale, Physio- 
logy, Art; Harlem Lii^rary, New books. Great novels as given by Stoddard in 
his ** Evolution of the English Novel**; One Hundred and Twenty-fifth 
Street, Costume, Domestic Economy, Stories of Russia; Washington Heights, 
Studies of European Life, Spain, Spanish America, Gulf and river of St. Lawrence, 
Literary and historic shrines of Boston and vicinity, Emerson, City of Washing- 
ton, Era of Discovery; Tottenville, Negro problem. South America, Coal, 


INDIES IN 1823. 

From the original manuscript in the New York Public Library. 

United States Schooner 

Ferret, Thompson Island 

June 25. 1823. 


Persuant to your instructions, I left this place on the 14^.^ inst on a cruise to 
Trinnadad on the south side of Cuba in company with the Beagle Cap^ Newton. 
On the second day we parted company and on the third day I made the Havanna 
(on my way to Matanzas) from thence I commenced a diligent search in all the 
by ports and bays, on Tuesday sending a boat into Canise and obtained infor- 
mation that some Pirates were still lerking about the coast. During the night I 
kept close in with the land & on Wednesday at 10 a. m. discovered an armed barge 
with 16 oars and well manned, in a small bay called Bacuna Yeanga. I immediately 
sent Leu! Doming with five men the most any boat could carry, to examine al^ 
the boats, there being seven in number; he approached within fifty yards of the 
barge when the crew shew their character, by opening a fire on him with musketry 
& blunderbusses, which fortunately did no other damage than nearly to sink the 
boat, she having received a ball at the water edge, five others were found in the 
boat, which being nearly spent had struck the water & inocently jumped into her, 
my boat at no time was suitable for the transportation of men & now rendered 
useless, induced me to take possession of a small coaster that was near & man 
her with fifteen men & at that time intended to stand in if possible with the Ferret 
in order to cover the men while they took possession of the barge which then had 
the American colours union down, but on approaching found that the channel 
wou'd not admit of my entering, it then blowing very hard and a heavy sea on, I 
deemed it proper to recall the coaster which had liked to have gotten ashore, for 
had that catastrophy occured, I question much whether the pirates would have had 
the gratification of butchering them, as they certainly would have been drown'd — 
the sea was then breaking with great vioFence over the reef that covered the bay. 
I was then compelled to resort to making tacks close in with the reef, and giving 
them long tom with round & grape, in hopes to destroy the boats. As to killing 
any of them it was impossible, for on the approach of the Ferret they would com- 
pletely secure themselves behind the rocks & trees which hung all around the 
harbour, but this I was frustrated in by the enormous roughness of the sea, and 
the wind being on shore, prevent me from taking any position from which I could 
anoy them much, finding it impossible to do anything with the means then in my 
power, I stood out to sea in hopes to fall in with some vessel from which I could 



get available boat (but I am sorry to say that it was not untill the next morning 
that my wishes were obtained) & if that could not be done to push to Matanzas, 
to concoct a plan with the governor by which the pirates as well as their boats 
may be taken. I however obtained a boat from an English vessel, & immediately 
bore up for the same place which was then but a short distance oft. I had not 
run but a short time when I discovered a Spanish brig of war laying too ofif the 
bay, which proved to be the Matas, on the report being sent to the Governor of 
Matansas that one of the U. S. Schooners were engaged with the Pirates, he dis- 
patched this brig and at the same time took with him a land force and had arrived 
there a few minutes before me, and had taken possession of a small schooner boat 
the Pirates had abandoned and which lay on the beach, I sent in my boat after he 
had left, and ordered a search, when two of the boats I had seen the day I attacked 
them, where found sunk well up a lagoon, which upon further examination extended 
several miles into the island, and have no doubt but that the large barge is now at 
the head of it, but not being prepaired with boats I did not think it proper to send 
my boats out of [reach?] of the Ferret. The two boats I have brought over and 
shall await your orders relative thereto. 

On my arrival at Matansas I found my main mast very dangerously sprunk, 
which made it necessary for me to return home, but not untill I had g^ven convoy 
to eight of our merchantmen, from Matansas & Havanna, 

I have the honor to be 

Very Respectfully 
Your OW Sv^. 

Thos. M. Newell 
Com?' David Porter 

Commander of the U. S. Naval 
forces West India Station 





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Messenfl^r and Advocate of the Church of 
Christ, Kirtland. O. See Latter Day Saints 
Messenger and Advocate. 

Messeng^er and Missionary Record of the 

Presbyterian Church of England. London, 1875- 

•83. 8' and 4'. U. 


Messenf^er (The) monthly magazine, v. 36- 

date. (1901-date.) New York, 1901-date. 8*. N. 

Monthly. Before v. 37 called: The Messenj^r of the Sacred 
Heart, a magazine of the literature of Cathuhc devotion. 

Messeng^er (The) of the Presbyterian churches 
of Victoria and Tasipania. v. 18, no. 4, 14. MeU 
bourne, 1902. f*. N. 

Messenger (The) of the Reorganized Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, v. 1-2; v. 3, 
nos. 1-2. Salt Lake City, i^']^. f. N. 

Messenf^er (The) of the Sacred Heart, a 
magazine of the literature of Catholic devotion. 
See Messeng^er (The) monthly magazine. 

Messenger (The) of the sacred heart Organ 
of the Apostleship of prayer, no. 58, 124. RoC' 
hampton, 1889, 1895. 12". N. 

Messeni^er (The) of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 
V. 7, no. 9. Philadelphia, 1892. 8'. N. 

Messenfl^er (The) of truth. An Advocate and 
Supporter of The Christian Union, its Churches, 
Its Principles, and Its People, v. 2, no. 50, 52; 
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32. 34-35. 37. 47. 49; v. 13. no. I. (1902-1904.) 
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MessUth Pulpit, New York. Sermons of M. 
J. Savage [and others], v. 1-8. Boston, New 
York, 1 897-1903. 12*. N, 

Imperfect. Continuation of Unity Pulpit, Boston. 



Methodist Advocate Journal. [Edited by] R. 
J. Cooke. V. lo, no. 6, 8-52; v. 11; v. 12, no. 
1-5. Chattanooga^ Tenn.^ 1900-1901. f. N. 


MeU&odist (The) Almanac. 1854, 1863-64, 
1872-73,1875,1876. NewYorkyYls^-l^' 12"*. N. 

1827, 1840-41, 1847-48. 1850-51, 1853-54. 

1856, 1858-61, 1863-68, 1870-79. U. 

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Sutton, W. Ktf.. 1897. r. N. 

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38, 40, 41-44. (1800, 1802-06, 1808. 1811-15, 
1817, 1819-21.) London, 1800-21. 8*". U. 

V. 32 (Feb. 1809); V. 33 (1809-10). 8^ N. 

Continuation of Armlnlan Magazine; continued as 
\¥eiileymii Methodist Magazine, 1832. 

Methodist Magazine [New York]. See 
Methodist Review. 

Methodist magazine; or, Evangelical reposi- 
tory. V. 1-6. 1 798-1 803. G. 

Methodist Magazine and Quarterly Review. 
5>^ Methodist Review. 

Methodist Magazine and Review, v. 55, no. 
4: V. 56, no. 5. Toronto, 1902. V, N. 

Methodist Quarterly Review. 5^/ Metho- 
dist Review. 

Methodist Review. Edited successively by 

Peck, McClintock, Wheden, Curry, Mendenhall, 

Kelly. V. 1-3. 5, 7-10; V. 23-date. New York, 

i3i8-date. 8'. U. 


V. i-date. i8t8-date N. 


Vols. 1-12 nave title Methodist Magazine ; new ser. t-xz 
Methodist Magazine and Quarterly Review; v. 23-68 Metho- 
dist Quarterly Review (also called 3. and 4. ser.); v. 67-80 
also called 5. ser. 

V. 12-14. 

3 V. 

(new ser. v. 1-3.) 1 830-1 832. 


Methodist (The) Review of Missions, n. s., 
V. 14-15. Nashville, Tenn,, 1893-95. 8°. N. 

Methodist Year Book. 1881-83, 1885-87* 
1893, 1895, 1898-1904. New York [1881-1904]* 

8*. N. 

1883, 1886, 1892, 1896-99. U. 

Metropolitan. A monthly magazine devoted 
to religion, education, literature and general infor- 
mation. V. 1-2. Baltimore, 1853-54. 8°. U., N. 

Metropolitan Pulpit. See Homiietic Re- 

Metropolitan Catholic Almanac and Laity*s 
Directory. 1839-40, 1842, 1844, 1846. Baltimore, 
1839-46. \t\ N. 

1849. U. 

Miehi§^an Christian Advocate. [Edited by] 
J. H. Potts. V. 26-27. Detroit, 1900-1901. f. N. 

Miehi§^an Christian Herald, v. 33, no. 23-25, 
27-52; V. 34, no. i-v. 31. Detroit, 1902-03. V. 


Midland Christian Advocate. [Edited by] R. 

H. Young. V. 14-15. Minneapolis, 1900-1901. 8**. 

Weekly. Continuing The irietbodUt Herald. N. 

Midnig^ht (The) Cry. v. 1-5. whole nos. i- 
105. New York, 1842-44. f'. N. 

Millennial Dawn... Published by the Watch 
Tower Bible and Tract Society, v. 1-5. Allegheny, 
Pa,, 1898-1901. I2^ N. 

▼. z preface date z886: imprint date 190Z. 

Millennial Harbinger. Edited by A. Camp- 
bell. V. 1-7; 2d ser. v. 1-7; 3d ser. v. 1-3, 5-6; 
4. ser. V. 2, no. 4-5, v. 3. Bethany, Va., 1830-53. 

8^ N. 

no. 1-7, new series 5. 1 830-1 841. U. 

Millennial Harbinger and Voluntary Church 
Advocate. Ed. Wm. Jones, v. i, nos. 1-8. Lon- 
don, 1835. 12°. U. 


Ministerial and ecclesiastical Bulletin, from 
the ministerial and ecclesiastical Bureau of Infor- 
mation for unemployed ministers and vacant con- 
gregations of the Presbyterian Church. Jan. 1873- 
Dec. 1873. I V. New York, 1873. 8*. U. 

V. I, no. 6-7. 1873. N. 

Minster (The), v. i, no. 4. (Apr., 1895.) 

London, 1895. 8^. N. 


Minntes of the Methodist conferences. . (Wes- 
leyan Methodist Church.) v. 11-19. (1848-75.) 
London, 1852-77. 8°. N. 

Minntes of several conversations at the 133- 
152, 154, conference (1876-95, 97). (Wesleyan 
Methodist Church.) London, 1876-97. la*". N. 

1835, 1841, 1844-46, 1848, 1851, 1853. 

i855> 1857. 1859, 1864, 1868-69, 1874, 1878, 1882, 
1889, 1893. U. 

Missinfl^ (The) Link Magazine; or, Bible work 
at home and abroad . . . v. 1-2, 4-5. London^ 1865- 
69. 8 . N. 

Mission Bulletin, v. 13-18. Washington, 
D, C, 1 899-1903. f**. N. 

Imperfect. Weekly. 

Mission (The) Field. Published monthly by 
the Mission Boards of the Reformed Church in 
America, v. 1-2; v. 5, no. 3-5, 11, 12; v. 7, no. i; 
v. 10, no. 4, 6; v. 12, no. 7, 8, 10; v. 16, no. 3. 
New York, 1888-1903. 8*. N. 

V. I, no. 5, 6; v. 2, no. 1-9, 12; v. 3, no. i, 

2, 4; V. 4. no. 2-7, II. New York, 1888-91. U. 

Mission C^he) Field, a monthly record of the 

proceedings of the Society for the Propagation of 

the Gospel in foreign parts, v. 1-14, 16, 18-47. 

1856-1902. London, 1856-1902. 40 v. 8*. G. 

Four earlier volumes (1859-55) edited by J. W. Colenso were 
called *'*' Monthly Record of Church Missions in connecuoo 
with the " S. P. G., etc. 

Mission (The) News, representing the New 
York Protestant Episcopal City Mission Society and 
Archdeaconry of New York. v. 2, no. 3-5; v. 3, 
no. 2;v. 4, no. 9; v. 5, no. 2-6, 8; v. 6. v, 11 (Jan. 
'89-Dec. 93, Mar.-May, '90, Feb. '91, Dec. 92, 
Feb.-June, '93, '94-1900; v. 12-13. ^V^w York, 
1890-1902. 4*. N. 

Mission News, a journal of religious and social 

progress, with especial reference to the work of the 

American Board in Japan, v. 3, nos. 3-4; v. 4, 

nos. 1-3; V. 5, nos. 6, i-ii', v. 6, nos. i-io; v. 7- 

date. Kyoto and Yokohama, Japan, 1900-date. 

4*^ and 8\ U. 




Missionary (The), v. 1-3. 1834-37. iv. G. 

Hissionarj (The); edited by the secretaries of 

foreign missions of the Presbyterian Church in the 

U. S. V. 8; V. 24, no. 1-4. 6-12; v. 25-28; v. 34, 

no. I. 3-7, 9-12; V. 35. no. 2, 5-7, 9. ATashvilU, 

Tenn., 1875-1902. 8'. N. 

V. II, no. 11; V. 12, nos. 2-12; ▼. 13, nos. 

1-9. 1878-1880. U. 

Missioiiary Chronicle. Containing the pro- 
ceedings of the Board of Foreign Missions and of 
the Board of Missions of the Presbyterian Church. 

See Forei^^ Missionary Chronicle. 

Kissionary Echo. v. i, na i. New York, 
1867. f^ N. 

]|[iisioiiai7 (The) Herald, conuining the Pro- 
ceedings of the American Board of Commissioners 
of Foreign Missions, v. i-date. BosUm^ 1806- 
date. 8\ U. 


V. 1-3, Panoplist* v. 4-8, Panopolist and Missionary Maga- 
aioe United; 9-16 Panopolist and Missionary Herald. 

V. 1-80. 83-86. no. I, 3-12; 87, no. 1-8; 88- 

80, no. 1-7, 9-12; 90-date. Boston, 1806-date. 
8\ N. 


y. 17-22, 29-30. 1 821-1834. 4 V. G. 

Missionary (The) Magazine, v. 19, no. 6-7, 
9-12; V. 21; ▼. 30, no. i-io, 12; V. 31, no. 2-12; v. 
32. no. I. 3-5, 7, 12; V. 33. no. 5. 7, 9-12; V. 34, no. 
2» 7:v. 35. no. 8-9. ii;v. 36, no. 2-5, 7. 11; y. 37, 
no. 9. II-I2; V. 38, no. 6;v. 39, no. 7-8; y. 42, no. 
6, 10-12; ▼. 43, no. 1-8, 10, 12; y. 44, no. 1-5, 7, 
9-12; y. 45, no. 1-9. 12; y. 46, no. 2, 4, 7-8, 10-12; 
V. 47, no. 1-2, 4-6, 12; y. 48, no. i, 5;y. 49, no. i, 
6. 9-10; V. 50, no. 2-4, 11; y. 51, new ser. no. 3- 
12. Boston, 1839-71. 8". N. 

Missionary Magazine and Chronicle, relating 

chieBy to the missions of the London Missionary 

Society. 1836-61. London, 1836-61. 8'. U. 


Missionary (The) Magazine. A periodical 
monthly publication, intended as a repository of 
discussion and intelligence respecting tne progress 
of the Gospel throughout the world, y. 1-3, 5. 
Edinburgh, 1796-1800. 8*. U. 

Missionary (The) Outlook. A monthly adyo- 
cate, record and reyiew. y. 11, no. 2, 5, 8. 10, 12 
(1891); V. 12, no. 2-6, 8, 10-12 (1892); V. 13. no. i- 
5. 7-12 (1893); V. 14-17 (i894-i8o7);y. 19-20 (1900- 
1901). Toronto, 1891-1901. f . N. 

Missionary Papers, no. 26. Chicago , 1878. 
V. N. 

Missionary Record of the Domestic and 
Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church in the U. S. A. v. 1-3 (1833- 
35). Philadelphia, 1834-35. 8^ N. 

Missionary (The) Record, y. 28, no. 5. St, 
Louis, 1903. 8°. N. 

Missionary Record of the United Presbyterian 
Chorch. V. 1-6, n. s. y. 5, no. 89 (1846-51, 1873). 
Edinburgh, 1846-51. 8*. U. 

y. 16. no. 186. (1861.) N. 

Missionary Register for the years i8i3(-i836), 
containing an abstract of the proceedings of the 
principal missionary and Bible societies throughout 
the world. 1813-32, 1835, 1836. London, 1813- 
36. 12*. U. 

1814-1835. y. 1-23. G. 

Missionary (The) Reyiew. y. 1-17. Prince- 
ton and New York, 1878-94. 8'. N. 

1878-date. Princeton, 1878-87; New York,, 

1888-date. U. 

Current, ser. i, 6 vols, per year; ser. a, a vols. ser. a begins 
with V. xz of consecutive numbering. 

Missionanr Society of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church. See Gospel (The) in all lands. 

Missouri Presbyterian Recorder, v. 1-2. St, 
Louis, 1855-56. 8^ U. 

Modem (The) Thinker; an organ for the most 
advanced speculations in philosophy, science, socio- 
logy and religion. D. Goodman, editor. New York, 
1870. 8". N. 

X870 is 3. ed. 

Monatssehrift fttr die Evangelische Kirche 
der Rheinproyinz und Westphalens. v. 3, nos. 9- 
10; y. 7, no. 12. Bonn, 1844, '48. 8*. U. 

Month (The). A Catholic magazine, v. 90- 
date. London, 1897-date. 8*". N. 

Monthly Echo of the Original Fiye Points 

Mission. Published by New York Ladies' Home 

Mission Society, y. 17, no. 11; y. 18, no. 4. 11; 

v. 20, no. i; y. 28, no. 4, 11; y. 29, no. 1-4, 8; y. 

30, no. 2, 6-10, 12; V. 31, no. 1-6, 8, lo-ii ; y. 32, 

no. 4-5. 7-8; y. 32 [Wj], no. 2-4, 6-10, 12; v. 33- 

date. New York, 1877-date. f* and 4°. N. 

Previous to v. 36, no. 7 (1898), title reads ** Voice from the 
Old Brewery.*' 

Monthly Interpreter. Edited by Joseph S. 
Exell. y. 1-4 (1884 Noy.-i886). Edinburgh and 
London, 1885-86. 8^ U. 

Monthly Journal of the American Unitarian 
Association, v. 1-6, no. i, 3-1 1; v. 7, no. i, 2,4, 
6-12; y. 8, no. 2-12; y. 9; no. 1-5, 7-12; v. 10, no. 
2-1 1. Boston, 1860-69. 1 2'. U. 

y. 4, no. 11; y. 6, ho. i; y. 7. no- 91 ▼• S, 

no. 3; V. 9, no. 4; y. 10, no. 2. 1863-69. N. 

Continuation of l|amrCer]]r Journal of the American Unit- 
arian Association. 

Monthly Messenger. (Religious Tract Society.) 
Nos. i-ioo. London, no date. 8°. U. 

Monthly (A) record of the Ethical Culture 
moyement. Young Men*s Union of the Society 
for Ethical Culture. (June, 1885.) New York, 
1885. l\ N. 

Monthly Religious Magazine. Edited by Hunt- 
ington Sears and Ellis, v. 15-20. 37. 38. 4«>-44 
(1856-58. 1867; 1868-70). Boston, 1856-70. 8'. U. 

V. 43-44 have title Monthly Review and Religious Magazine. 
Continued as Relli^lonn Ma>;azine and Monthly Review. 

Monthly Repository of Theology and General 

Literature, v. 13-21 (1818-26); new ser. y. 1-6 

(1827-32). London, 1818-32. 8*. N. 

Beginning with new ser. v. x (1827), title reads **The 
Monthly Repository and review.'* 

MonumentA historica societatis Jesu. Fasci- 
culus i-i 30. ii/a</riV/, 1894-1904. 8*. G. 

Fasc. 49-130. 1899-1904. N. 

Monumentik sacra et profana ex codicibus 
prsesertim Bibliothecae Ambrosianae, opera collegii 
doctorum ejusdem. Edidit A. M. Ceriani. v. i, 
nos. 1-2 ; y. 2, nos. 1-4; v. 3 ; y. 5, nos. 1-2 ; y. 7. 
Afediolani, 1861-74. 4° and f^ N. 



MoravlAii (The). A christian family news- 
paper. [Edited by] C. A. Hsehnle. v. 28, no. 2-3; 
V. 31, no. 3; V. 37, no, 26; v. 45-48. Bethlehem^ 
Penn,, 1886-1903. V. N. 


Mormon (The), v. i, no. 1-27. 29-52; v. 2, 
no. I, 7. 10. New York^ 1855-6. f*. N. 

Mormon Expositor, v. i, no. i. Salt Lake 
City, i8[75]. 8'. N. 

Mormon (The) Tribune, v. i, no. 1-2, 4-18. 
Salt Lake City, 1870. T. N. 

Momini^ (The) Star. v. i, no. 1-3. New 
York, 1848. 8'. N. 

Morning (The) Star. v. 32, no. 4. 9-52; v. 33, 
no. 1-5, 9-39. 41-52; V. 34. no. 1-3, 5-12. 14-20, 
22, 24. 26. 32. 34-52; V. 35, no. 1-24, 26-52; V. 36, 
no. i-ii, 13-28. New Orleans, i<)0O-i<^'i, f*. N. 


Morning (The) Star. v. 75-77. Boston^ 1900- 
1902. r. N. 

Momin§^ (The) Watch; or Quarterly journal 
on prophecy and theologfical review, no. 3-6, 8, 
11-15(1829-32). London, i%2<^^2, 8^ N. 

V. 1-7. London, 1829-33. U. 

Mosher's Magazine. See ChampUkin (The) 

Moslem (The) World and Voice of Islam. 
Devoted to the dissemination of the Islamic Faith. 
Monthly, v. i, no. 1-2, 4-9. Ulster Park, N Y,, 
1895. f*. N. 

Mnsenm Historico-Philologico-Theologicum. 
V. I, nos. 1-4 (1728/29); V. 2, nos. 1-4(1729-32). 
Brema, 1728-32. Sm. 8*. U. 

Continuation of BIblloClieem Historico-Philologico- 

Naked Truths about Mormonism. v. i, no. 
1-2. Oakland, Calif,, 1888. i\ N. 

Nashotah scholiast, v. 2. 1 884-1 885. i v. G. 

National Preacher. New York, v. 1-40(1826- 
66). 8*. U. 

V. I, no. 1-2, 4-12; V. 2, no. I, 3; v. 3, no, 

2-3. 5-6, 8. lo-ii; V. 4. no. i, 4, 6, 9-10. 12; v. 5, 

no. 3, 5; ▼• 6, no. i; v. 7, no. 2, 4-7; v. 8, no. 2; 

V. 9, no. 2, 8-9; V. 10. no. 3; v. 11, no. 4; v. 12. 

no. I, 3, J2; v. 15, no. 12; v. 16, no. 6; v. 17, no. 

3; V. 18, no. 6, 9; V. 20, no. 7, 12; v. 21, no. 5. 

10; V. 22. no. 7; v. 23. no. 2; v. 27, no. 12; v. 31, 

no. 2-6, 9-12; n. s., V. I, no. i, 3-12; v. 2, no. 5-6; 

V. 3, no. i; V. 4, no. 1-4, 9; ser. 3, v. i, no. 8-9; 

V. 2, no. 1-2; V. 3. no. 11-12; v. 4, no. i, 3. New 

York, 1827-63. 8^ N. 

V. 5-a6 have title American National Preacher. Edited 
successively by Dickinson, Mead, Bidwell, Sherwood, Car- 
penter, Bidwell. Index to 40 volumes was published in 1873. 

National (The) Reformer, Secular Advocate 

and Freethought Journal. Edited by J. Barker and 

•'Iconoclast" [C. Bradlaugh]. v. 1-16. London, 

1860-70. i\ N. 

V. s-7 edited by J. Watts; v. 8-x6 by Bradlaugh. 

National Sunday School Teacher, v. 5, no. 
8; V. 7, no. 10, 11; v. 8, no. i, 3-12; v. 9, no. 
1-6, 9-12. v. 10, no. I, 2, 6, 7. lo; V. II, no. 8; 
V. 12, no. I, 2, 5, 8, 9, 12; V. 13, no. 2, 5; v. 16, 
no. 2. Chicago, 1870-81. 8*. U. 

Nauvoo Expositor, y. i, no. i. Nauvoo, III., 
1844. V, N. 

Nauvoo (The) Independent, v. 5, 3 nos. ; v. 
II, 5 nos. Nauvoo, / II., iS7%-S7. f*. N. 

Nauvoo Neighbor, v. i, nos. 35, 45. 48-50, 
52; V. 2, nos. 1-2, 8-9. 12, 14, 36-40. 42-43. 45. 
47-48, 52; V. 3, nos. 3, 10. 21-22. Nauvoo, III., 
1843-45. f. N. 

Nauvoo New Citizen, v. i, no. 3. Nauvoo, 
III., 1846. f". N. 

Nauvoo (The) Rustler, v. 1-2, no. 1-15. 
17-18, 20-40. Nauvoo, III., 1890-92. f*. N. 

Nasarene Messenger. v. 6, no. 3. Los 
Angeles, 1901. f°. N. 

Nasarene Messenger, v. i, no. 14. SAenan- 
doah. Pa., 1901. 8'. N. 

Nasareth (The) Chronicle, published monthly 
at Priory Farm, Verbank. N. Y., by the Brothers 
of Nazareth, v. 2, no. 8, 10; v. 3, no. 12; v. 4. 
no. 9, 12; V. 6, no. 3; v. 7, no. 3, 7-12; v. 8, no. 
1-4, 6-12; V. 9-date. Verbank, N Y., 1895-datc. 
4*. N. 

Nederlandsch archief voor kerkelyke geschie- 

denis. v. 1-8. Leiden, 1841-48. 8*. N. 

Continuation of Arelllef voor kerkelijke getchiedenic. 
V. I--8 also numbered xa-19 of Archief voor kerkelijke ge- 

Continued as Nleaiir archief voor kerkelijke ge^chie- 
denis inzonderheid voor Nederland. 

Nederlandsche Zendelinggenootschap. Sre 
Mededeelinf^n, etc. 

Neue Evangelische Kirchenzeitung, auf Veran- 
staltung des deutschen Zweiges des Evangelischen 
Bundes, hrsg. von H. Messner. v. 1-28. 1859- 
Nov. 1886. Berlin, 1859-1886. 4*. U. 

Neue Jahrbttcher for deutsche Theologie. Hrsg. 
von Ludwig Lemme. v. 1-4. Bonn, 1892-95. 
8'. U. 

Neue Kirchliche Zeitschrift. hrsg. v. G. Holz- 
hauer uhd W. Engelhardt. v. 1-15. Erlangen u. 
Leipzig, 1 890-1904. 8^*. U. 

Current. Monthly. 

Neue Quartalschrift fQr katholische Geistlicbe. 
6 V. Salzburg, 1816-21. 8*. U. 

Continuation of ||aartmlB€lirlft fOr katholische 

Neue Theologisch-praktische Monatschrif t. v. i , 
nos. 7-9. Salzburg, 1804. 8*. U. 

Neue Theologische Annalen, und Theologische 
Nachrichten. Marburg and Frankfurt a, M., 
1798-1817. 8^ U. 


Neue theologische Bibliothek, darinnen von den 
meisten theologischen BUchern und Schriften 
Nachricht gegeben wird. [Ed. by J. A. Emesti.] 
V. i-io. Leipzig, 1760-69. 8*. U. 

Continued as Ffeueste theologische Bibliothek. 

Neue theologische BlStter. 6 v. Gotha,i7g%- 
1800. 8°. U. 

Continuation of Tlieoloclsche Blfitter oder Nachrich- 
ten, Anfragen und Bemerkungen theologischen Inhalts. 

Neuere Geschichte der evangelischen Missions- 
Anstalten zu Bekehrung der Heiden in Ostindien. . . 
hrsg. von Geo. Chr. Knapp, [later] Aug. Herm. 
Niemeyer. v. 66-73. Nalle, 1816-26. 4*. U. 

Neues Journal f tir Predigcr. v. 1-30. Halle, 
1789-1807. 8'. U. 

Continuation of Journml fiir Prediger. 



Nenes kritisches Journal. Hrsg. von G. B. 
Winer und J. G. V. Engelhardt. v. 1-9 (1824-29). 
SuUbach, 1827-30. 8'. U. 

Continaation of KrltlB€ll«s Journal. 

Nenes Magazin far katholische Religionslehrer. 
Hrsg. von Franz G. Feldncr. 1809-13. Gmund, 
180^14. sm. 8'. U. 

Nenes Magazin far Prediger. 1 792-1801. 
ZttUicbau & Freystit. Jena and Leipzig, 1 798-1 801. 
8*. U. 

Neues Magazin fUr ReIigionsphilosophie» 
Exegese and Kirchengeschicbte. See M»§^»sin 
for Religionsphilosophie. 

Nenes Monatsblatt fOr die katbolische Littera- 
tur. Mancken^ 1813. v. i. 8*. U. 

Nenes Repertorium far biblische und morgen- 
landiscbe Litt^atur. brsg. v. H. E. G. Paulus. 
v. 1-3. Jena^ I790-*9I. 8*. U. 

Neues Repertorium f Ur die tbeologiscbe Litera- 
tur und kircblicbe Statistik. (H. Th. Bruns.) v. 
1-19. Berlin, 1845-49. S*» U. 

Neues theologiscbes Journal. Hrsg. von H. 
C. A. Hiuiein und C. F. Ammon. v. i-ii. NUrn- 
l>frg, 1793-98- 8'- U. 

Continued as N«aestes theologiscbes Journal. 

Neueste Nacbricbten aus dem Reicbe Gottes. 
v. 1-14. Berlin^ 1 81 7-30. 8". U. 

Neueste tbeologiscbe Bibliotbek. v. 1-4. 

5^eoond series of Neoe theologucbe Bibliotbek. 
Cootioued as Aa»«rles«ne Tbeologiscbe Bibliotbek. 

Neuestes tbeologiscbes Journal, v. 1-12. 

Narnberg, 1798-1803. 8*. U. 

Contiouatton of Neues tbeologiscbes Joomal. Continued 
as Joornml filr auseriesene tbeologiscbe Litteratur. 

New Baptist Miscellany and Particular Baptist 
Magazine. 1 828-30, 1832. 4 v. London, 1828-32. 
8*. N. 

Imperfect file. 

New Brunswick Review. May, 1854-Febr. 
1855. New York, 1854-1855. 8% U. 

New Century Education. A montbly paper 
issued by tbe Board of Education of tbe Metbo- 
dist Episcopal Cburcb. . . v. 2; v. 3»-s. NashviiU, 
1900-1901. 4*. N. 

New (Tbe) Cbristianity. v. 3, no. 23-26; v. 

13, no. 11; V. 14-date. Ithaea^ N, V,, 1901- 
date. r. N. 

Current. Monthly. 

New Cburcb (Tbe) Almanac. Boston [1889]. 
12'. N. 

New Cburcb Herald and Monthly Repository. 
See New Cburcb Repository and Montbly Review. 

New Cburcb Messenger, v. 34-56; 59-62, 64- 
date. AT^w York, 1875-datc. f. N. 

▼. 46-6S incomplete. 
New Cburcb Preacber. part 10. London, 1840. 

8^ N. 

Nenr Church Record, v. i, no. 12, 13, 15, 18, 
20. 39. 40, 43-47. 49. Athol, Mass,, 1903. f. N. 

New Church Repository and Monthly Review. . . 
Kdited by G. Bush and S. Hough, v. 1-2. 4-5, 7-9; 
n. s.,v. 2, no. i-io. Pkiladeiphia, 1848-57. 8*. N. 

V. 4-7; n. s. V. I, no. 3; v. 2, no. 3, 4, 6, 

8 (1851-54). ' U. 

n. s., V. a. has title: ** New Cburcb Herald: a Montbly Re- 

New Church Review, published quarterly, v. i, 
2. Chicago, 1883-84. 8 . U. 

V. I, no. 4; V. 2, no. 3-4. U. 

New Church Review. A quarterly journal of 

the Christian thought and life set forth from the 

Scriptures by Emanuel Swedenborg. v. i-date. 

Boston, 1894-date. 8'. N., U. 


New En§^land Catholic Historical Society. 
Publications, no 3-4. Boston, 1902. 8**. N. 

New En§^Uuid Evangelist. Issued occasion- 
ally... by tbe Evangelistic Association of New 
England. 1902. Boston, 1902. 12". N. 

New Eui^land Methodist Historical Society. 
Proceedings at the 2. annual meeting. Boston, 

1882. %\ N. 

New Hampshire Repository, v. i; v. 2, 
no. 2. Gilmanton, N, H,, 1845-55. 8*. U. 


New Harmony and Nashoba Gazette. See Free 
(Tbe) Enquirer. 

New (The) Ideal. A journal of independent 
modem thought. Bi-monthly, v. i, no. 3. 
Dulutk, 1898. 8'. N. 

New Jerusalem (Tbe) Magazine, and intel- 
lectual repository. Edited by S. Woodwortb. v. i, 
no. 3; V. 17, no. 12; v. 20. no. 8; v. 21, no. 2; v. 
22, no. 6; V. 27, no. 8. Boston, 1827-55. 8*. N. 

V. 43, no. 9; new ser. v. 4, no. 2; v. 5, 

no. 7. (1871-1881.) U. 

V. I. G. 

New Jerusalem Messenger. See New Church 

New (Tbe) Man ; a montbly magazine devoted to 

the mastery of sin, disease and poverty through tbe 

orderly development of faculties active or latent in 

all men. P. Braun, editor, v. 4-7. Lawrence, 

Kan, [i 898-1901.] 8'. N. 

Changes in sub-title and place of publication. Continued as: 

New (The) Orthodoxy, no. i. (Oct., 1897.) 
London, 1897. 8*. N. 

New (The) Philosophy, v. i-date. Urbana, 
0,,SLnd fValtkam, JIf ass,, iSgS-^te, 4**. N. 

Current. Montbly until 1900, then quarterly. 

New Princeton Review, v. 1-6. New York, 
1886-88. 8'. N.. U. 

Continuation of Princeton Review. Discontinued. 

New (The) Thought, v. 4, no. 6-12; v. 5, no. i. 
Melrose, Mass,, 1898. 4*. N. 

Continued from Sept., 1898, as Free Man. 

New World, quarterly review of religion, ethics 
and theology, v. 1-9. Boston, and New York, 
1892-1900. 8°. U. 


New Tork Baptist Annual. 1870, 1872-74. 
1878-79, 1881, 1885, 1888-89, 1891-93. New 
York, 1870-93. 8*. N. 

1870, 1872-81, 1885. U. 



3-13: ». iq; v. II, no. 1,4.6-13; v. la-daie (18B8- 
1S98. 1899-date). N. 

Current, no. 4 of aA vol<ini« coeuiiu Aanaal Rtpan of 
the MiBko. 

W«w York Ecclesiologist. v, 1-5(1848-53). 
JVtiB YBri. 1848-53. 8°. N. 

». 1-3- 1848-51. G. 

Nbw York (The) EvaDnliit. Sit Evaairel- 
tet (The). 

K«w Tork Ladies' Hom« Misiion Society. 
Stt MoatUr Echo of the Orifpnal Five Points 

If«w Tork MesicDger. P. P. P[att. 
no. 3-51; V. a, DO. i-ao. AVw York, 1844-45. 

Now Tork Missionary Magaiine and Reposi. 
tory of religious intelligeDce. v. 1-4. 4 t. A'ru 
Kwi. 1800-03. 8*- I' 

T. 1-3. tBoo-ot. 1 

Sow Tork Observer, t. 9-33; v. 36-31; 

37. r 

.. 13; 

■ si; 

. 47. n 

l-a, 6, 8-ia, 15, ig, 33-33. 36, 38-35, 37-53; ¥.48, 
BO. 51; V. 49, 00. a-4, 7, 9-12, 14, 17, 34-^46, 48- 
5a; T. 50-53; V. S3, no. 1-36, aS-sa; v. 54. no. 
1-3, 6-15, 23, 30, 41-44. 46-47. 49, 5»; »■ S5. no. 
5, 9. 14-TS, 18, ao, 33, 35-36, 33, 40; », s6, no. 
30-3I, 36, 30, 38,45, 50; T. 57, no. 3, 5, 18-31, 
35, 37, 39. 51-5': '- 53. no. l-3.,6. 9. ". «4. 17 
19-35, 36, 28, 30-34, Sa; T. 59. no. 1. 6-7, 9-14. 
II. 3S. 41-46: V. 60. no. 9-15. 17-33, 33-34, 38- 
ja, 34-3S. 37-3-J. 44-45. 49: »■ 61, no. 37, 48; 
>- 30, 36; V. 63, no. 34. 46: »■ 64. 


t. 66. ! 

: 8, 13. 17. s«; 

'■ 67, . 

IS, 36, 39-31, 33-37; T. 69. r 
14-15. 17. i9-a9. 34; »■ 70, no. 39-40, 43, 44-46. 
48-53; V. 71, no. 1-20, 23-25, 27. 39-34. 36-38. 
40, 53; T. 73, no. 1-17, 19-30, 35-36. 33-53; V. 73. 
00. 1-41. 43-5»: T- 74. no. i-6, 8-10, 13. 15-33, 
36-44, 46-51. S3; V, 75. no. 1-39. 33-47. 49-52 
T. 76. no. 10. 13. 40-41, 50; T. 77-79; V. 80, no 
t-10. 13-Z7, 39-30. 33-53; T. Bi, no. i-as. 33-33, 
39-40; V, 83. ff€w York, iB3i-:904. f°. 
1833-43, iS45-date. 


Now Tork Observer Year Book. 1871-73. 
A^fToyor:* (1870-73]. f°. N.. U. 

1B73 litle nacti Jubiltc year book al Ibe New York ObKner. 

Neir Tork Rescue and Mission Worker. Ste 
H«r»ld or Light. 

New Tork retiew. v. i-io. 1837-1842. G. 

13, 14, 16, 18(1837-41). U. 
'eekly Messenger, t. 3-v. 4. 
B35- f. U- 

eeltiy Witness. *. 11, 00, i3. 
35. 37. 39-40; V. 36, no. 4-35, 
-3, 4-14. 16-39. 32-42. 4S. 47, 
VfiB K«-i, 1883-1903. f. N. 
urches and Journal of Missions. 
-March, 1S63}. Lenden, 1854- 

7-13; v. 5-9;'- 10. DO. 1-3. 1854-63. N. 

Comipued u ChrlMImn Work. 
Nianw ar.-hief voor kcrkelijice geschiedenis 
ioionderbeid van Nederlaod. v. i-3. Schitdam, 
Leidin, 1853-54. 8°. N. 

Corlinuilan of N»d«rl«D4«cb uchieC toot kcikelijke 

Nieuwo jaarboeken voor wetenscbappclijke 
tbeologie. v. 1. Ulrtfkt. 1858. 8°. N. 

North Africa: monthly record of the North 
Africa Mission, nos. 39-46, 48-49. Landcn, 
1891. 4°. >-'. 

North-A^nrlean Protestant Magaiine, or 
the Anti-Jesuit, t. i, no. 3. Nne York, 1846. 
8*. N. 

North Georg:ia Baptist, v. 10-13, 44, 46-49, 
St. Cumming, Co., 1900-1903. f°. N. 

With r. 11 title chancee to " Nonb GeorgUn." tnipcrfcct. 

North Georgian. Stt North Georgia Baptist. 

North and West. 3MWootem(The) Presby- 

Northem Christian Advocate, v. 53-56. 60- 

61. Syratutt, A'. Y., 1893-1901. (*. N. 

Northwoot Baptist, v. 16. no 3. Winnipfg. 

NonToIlo Revue de Theologie. v. i. Mqh- 

/dk jitx, 1 89 1 . 8°, U. 

Coniinnuiaii of BcToe Tbtelogtque. 
CoDiiDued u Keviifl de Thcolafie a du qoeNioai telifi- 

NouTOllo Revne Theologique. Editors, Piat 
deMons, Plancbard. *. 30-33. Toumai, 1S88- 
90. 8°. U. 

NoDTelloi Eccl^iastiques. on Memoires poor 
servir k I'hisioire de la constitmioo unigenitus pour 
I'annrfes 1728-83. [UlrtrAlf 1738-83.] 4°. N. 

Table raison<!e et alphabritiqne, . . depuis 

1738 jusqu'en 1760 inclusiveinent. a v. n. p. 
1767. 4'- N. 

NaoTO bulletino di archeologia crlsliana. pub- 
blicato da M. S. de Rossi, M. Armellini, O. Maruc- 
chi, E. Sleveoson. Anno i-date (t895-date). 
Kama, lS9S-date. 8°. N. 

CootiDiwiion ol Bnll«tlB« di ucfaeolotii crliiiana. 

Nye's Illustrated Church Annual, showing the 
origin, work, and progress of the Church of Eng- 
land from year to year. 1899. Lendan [1S99]. 
8°. N. 

Oberlln (The) Evangelist. A semi monthly 
pciiodical. devoted to the promotion of religion. 
v. 1-3. Oitriin, 1S39-4I. 1°. .N". 

OberllB Quarterly Review, v. 1-4- Oierlin. 
1845-49. 8°. N . t. 


ObserTMlor (El) Catolico. Periodico religio^>, 
social y literaiio. v. t-3. J/cjrjVo. 1B48-49. 8'. N. 

Occident (The). Presbyterian paper of the 
Pacific. {Edited by] T. F. Burnham. v. 8. no. 
V. 9, no, 8, 10, 16, 18. 36; v. 10, no. 3; v. 11, 

1. 34; » 

14. ■ 

7. 19, no. 6. 36, 38; V. 30, no. 3, 14, 38, 51-53; v. 
31, no. 1-3; Oct. 17. 1895; Jan. 3-Jnlr 4, 190... 
San Frantiiio, 1873-I9OO. 4°. N. 

Sept. 14, 1893; Dec. 14, i89B-July4, iitoii. 

Weekly. Ceued publicuioo with Jul)' 4. ipso. U. 



Oeenlt (The) and Biological Journal. Devoted 
to biology, metaphysics and esoteric sciences, v. 
1-2. AppUgate, CaL, 1901-02. 8*. N. 

▼. 1-9 is V. 13-14 of the Esoteric series. 

Oecolt Science, v. i, no. 1-2. Columbus, O., 
1897. S*. N. 

Officer (The) of the Salvation army: a monthly 

magazine for circulation among officers of the 

Salvation army only. v. 2-3. London [1894-95]. 

8*. N. 

▼. a-3 ed. by F. de L. Bootb-Tucker. 

Official year-book of the Church of England. 
I Pub. by the] Society for Promoting Christian 
knowledge. (1893, 96-1904.) London [1893- 
1904J. 8\ iV. 

1883-1903. 21 V. G. 

1883. U. 

Oflbrd*s Pulpit of the Day. v. i (1873). ^^^ 
York, 1873. 8". N. 

vol. I. no. 2. New York, 1873. U. 

Old-Latin Biblical texts, no. 1-4. 1883-1897. 


Old and New Testament Student. Ed. W. R. 
Harper, v. 0-15 (July 1889-Dec. 1892). Hartford, 
1889-92. 8^. U. 

V. II, no. 4-6; V. 12, no. 1-5; v. 13. no. 6; 

v. 14, nos. 1-6; V. 15, nos. 3-6 (1890-1892). N. 

Cootionatton of Old Testament Student. Continued as 
Biblical World. 

Old Testament Student. Editor W. R. Har- 
per. V. 3-8 (Sept. 1883-June 1889). 6 V. Chicago 
and New Haven, 1884-89. 8*. U. 

V. 5, no. 5; V. 6. no. 3-5, 7-10; v. 7, no. 

1-3. 5-10. 1886-88. N. 

Cootinoation of Bob reur Student. Continued as Old 
aad New Testament Student. 

Old Theology Quarterly, no. 12, 21, 41. [AlU- 
gkeny. Pa,,] i^S. 12'. N. 

Olive Branch (The) ; or, Messenger of Good 
Tidings to the Meek. v. 3, no. 10. Kirtland, O,, 
1851. 8'. N. 

Oracle ( The) of Reason ; or. Philosophy Vin- 
dicated, no. 1-49. London, 1841-42. 8". N. 

No. 1-7 edited by C. Southwell; a-36 by G. J. Holyoake; 
37- 49 by T. Paterson. 

Oriental and Biblical Journal. Edited by 
Stephen D. Peet. v. 1 (1880). Chicago, 1880. 
S\ U. 

V. I, no. 3. N. 

Consolidated with Amerlcmn Antiquarian. 

Oriental Christian Spectator. 7 v. Bombay, 
1830-36. 8*. U. 

Oriental Church Magazine, devoted to religion, 

science, literature and art. Edited by Nicholas 

Bjerring. v. 1-3 (1878 N0V.-1881 Oct.) New 

York, 1879-81. 8'. U. 

V. 1-2. 1878-80. N. 


Orientalische und exegetische Bibliothek. 
▼on Job. Dav. Michaelis. v. 17-24. Frankfort a. 
Main, 1781-89. sm. 8*. U. 

▼. t4 contains index to v. 1-94. 

Orthodox Catholic Review. Ed. J. J. Over- 
beck. V. I. London, 1864. 8'. U. 

Onr Banner. Monthly mag^ine devoted to the 
Principles of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. 
1875 (Nov.); 1880 (June, July); 1882 (July, Aug.); 
1884 (Sept.); 1885 (May). Philadelphia, 1875- 
1885. 8**. U. 

v. T, no. 4-8, 10; V. 2, no. 10-12; v. 3, no. 

4-5 f 8-9; V. 5, no. 3-4; v, 6, no. 9. 1874-79. N. 

Onr Mission Field. Published by the Ladies' 
Board of Missions of the Presbyterian Church, v. 
I-15. New York, 1871-85. 12**. U. 

V. 13, no. 5, 12; V. 15, no. 1-2, 4-6. 

1883-85. N. 

Combined with Wommn'S Work for Woman. A few 
numbers lacking in both sets. 

Our Monthly: a religious literary magazine for 
the family, v. i-io. Cincinnati and Philadelphia, 
1870-74. 8^ U. 


V. I, no. 5; V. 2, no. 12; v. 3, no. 13-18; 

V. 5, no. 26-28, 30; V. 6, no. 32, 35-36; v. 7, no. 
38. 40-42; V. 8, no. 43-47; V. 9» no- 49-54. 
1870-74. N. 

Onr National Pulpit. Ed. S. H. Cumming. v. 
I, no. I. Baltimore, 1878, 8*. U. 


Ontlook (The), v. 2-9, 19, 21. 23-25, 3i-32» 

35-datc. New York, 1870-datc. f', 4", 8'. N- 


V. 9-47 have title Ohrlstimn Union. 

V. a, 5, fr-9, 19, 21, 93-85, 35-36» 4o-4" imperfect. 

1870-date. U. 


Outlook (The) and Sabbath Quarterly. See 
Sabbath (The) Outlook. 

Paeifle Christian Advocate, v. 46-47. Port' 
land, Oregon, 1900-1901. f" and 4*. N. 

Paeifle (The) Churchman, v. 36, no. 7-9, 13, 
15-16, 19, 21-24; ▼• 37. no. I, 3-26; v. 38, no. 
1-24: V. 39, no. 1-2, 4-10. San Francisco, 1900- 

1903. r. N. 

V. 25-date. 1 89 1 -date. G. 

Paeille Expositor. Edited by W. A. Scott. 

V. 1-3 (1859 July-1862 June). San Francisco, 

1860-62. 8^ U., N. 

Ceased publication. Incomplete^ 

Palmblaetter. Organ far christliche Mit- 
theilungen. Hrsg. von Friedr. Wilh. Krummacher. 
V. 2-5. Elberfeld, 1845-48. 8*. U. 

Panoplist (The). See Missionary Herald. 

Panoplist and Missionary Magazine United. 
See Missionary (The) Herald. 

Parish Magazine, edited by J. E. Clarke. 
1870-73. London [1870-73]. 2 v. 8*. N. 

Parry's Literary Journal. See Utah Monthly 

Parry's Monthly Magazine. See Utah 
Monthly Magazine. 

People's Christian Weekly, v. i, no. 7, q- 
Laurel, Miss., 1902. f. N. 

People's (The) Pulpit. A weekly publication 
containing sermons and literary reviews. By Stephen 
H. Tyng, Jr. v. i, no. 8; v. 3, no. 26; v. 4, no. 
112; V. 5, no. 129; V. 6, no. 150; v. 7. no. 174, 187- 
191, 193, 195, 198-199. New York, 1874-1879- 
8\ N. 



V. I, nos. 5, 6, 12, 13, 14; V. 2,110s. 24, 27; 

V. 3, nos. I, 4; n. s., v. 3, nos. 1-5, 7-1 1, 13, 14, 
17-24; V. 4, nos. 3-27. New York^ 1874-79. U. 

Perfect (The) Gospel Advocate. Christmas, 
rgoo. Wrenthorpe^ Eng,^ 1900. nar. 8'. N. 

Perfeetioniat (The) and Theocratic Watch- 
man. v. 3-4. Putney, Vt., 1843-45. f*. N. 

Petit Almanach de TCEuvre de la Propagation 
de la Foi. 1889-91, 1894-95. Paris [1888-94]. 
i6'. N. 

Petits Souhaits tires des Lettres de Saint Fran- 
cois le Sales. 1891. ser. 7. /'flnV [1890]. 32'. 


PhUadelphia Methodist. [Edited by] S. W. 

Thomas, v. 25-26. Philadelphia, 1 900-1901. V. 


Philadelphia recorder, v. 2-4, 7, 8. 1824- 
31. 5 V. G. 

Philadelphia* representing the religious 
interest of Princeton College, v. 1-2. Princeton, 
1887-1888. 8'. U. 


Pilgrim (The) Missionary, v. 9-date. Boston, 
1896-date. 8*. 

Pil§^rlm or Monthly Visitor, nos. 1-4, 6-8, 
11-12. New Haven, i%22-* 2^, 8'. U. 

Pilot (The). V. 63, no. 27, 29-33, 35-52; v. 64, 
no. 1-19, 33; V. 65, no. 5, r8, 25, 27-28, 32, 34. 36- 
42, 44-50. 52; V. 66, no. 3-28, 30-33. 37, 40-42, 50. 
Boston, 1900-03. f'. N. 

Pilot (The). A weekly review of politics, litera- 
ture and learning, v. 1-9. London, 1900-1904. 4*. 

A High Church paper. Discootioued 16 Jan., 1904. 

Pionier (Der). Herausgegeber, K. Heinzen. 
T. 3-v. 19, nos. 1-44. Boston, 1856-72. V. N. 
Previous to 1859 published in New York. 

Pittsbar§r (The) Catholic, v. 60, no. 48. 
Pittsburg, 1903. £•*. N. 

Pitt8bar§^ Christian Advocate. [Edited by] 
C. W. Smith. V. 67-68. Pittsburg, 1900-1901. 

r. N. 


Pittsbnrffh (The) Pulpit. 1872-73. [Pitts- 
burgh, 1 873. J 8*. N. 

V. I, nos. 4-12. Pittsburgh, 1873-74. U. 


Plymoath Pulpit; weekly publication of ser- 
mons preached by Henry Ward Beecher. v. i-io 
(1868-73); n. s. V. 1-4 (1873-75). New York, 1868- 

75. 8'. U. 

Imperfect. Continued as PnlpiC of to-day. 

V. I, no. 1-5, 7, 9-12, 24; V. 2, no. 5, 10, 

13, 15, 17-23. 25-26; V. 3, no. 1-2, 8-16, 18-20; V. 
4, no. I, 3, 5, 7. 18, 25; V. 5, no. 1-26; V. 6, no. i- 
3, 5-8. 11-12, 14, 16-23; V. 7, no. 1-2, 5. 8, 10, 14, 
18-19, 21; V. 8, no. 3, 5-6, 9-10, 17-18; V. 10, no. 
8, 14, 18, 24; new ser. v. i, no. i; v. 2, no. 7, 21, 
26; V. 3, no. 10, 21-23; V. 4, no. i, 3; v. 5, no. 1-26; 
V. 6, no. 1-3, 6, 9, 14, 16-22; V. 7, no. i, 5, 8. lo; 
V. 8, no. 5, 15-19, 21, 23-24; V. 9, no. 9. New York, 
1868-84. 8'. N. 

Extra number Thanksgiving Day. 1868. N. 

[PositiTist Society of London.] Newton Hall: 
London Positivist Committee. Report[s] for the 

year[sj 1 884-1 885. [London: IV, Speaight &^ Sams,} 
1884-1885. 8'. N. 

See also Society of Humanity. 

Practical Christian, v. 11-12, i8-ao. Mil- 
ford, Mass., 1850-60. V, N. 

V. 5-6. 1840. G. 

Continuation of Oiiroillcle of the Church. 

Preacher and Homiletic Monthly. .S^/Hond- 
letic Review. 

Preacher's (The) Helper, v. 6, no. 5; v. 11, 
no. 6. C/(f<7i»<i, /^tf., 1899-1901^ 8*. N. 

Preacher's (The) Lantern, v. i. London^ 

1871. r. N. 

Preacher's Magazine, v. i, no. 2; ▼. 2, no. 

6, 8, 11; V. 3, no. 4, 7; V. 4, no. 2; v. 5, no. 5. 7. 11; 
V. 6, nos. I, 3, 7, 8, 9; V. 7, no. 4. New York, 1891- 
8. 8'. U. 

Ed. Ketcham, Monthly. 

Pre§^ador (O) C^hrist&o. y. 7, no. lo-ii. 
Rio Grande do Sul, 1884. f**. N. 


Presbyterian (The). No. i. Dun[dee\ 

1843. 4'. N. 

Presbyterian (The), v. 63. no. 38; v. 25-44; 
V. 70-V. 74, no. 20. /'^i7((MV(^^^,i855-I904. f. N. 

1852-54, '56-62, '67-76, '79-1904. U. 


Presbyterian (The), v. 43-44. Toronto, 
1902-03. f. N. 

Presbyterian. A magazine for the Church 
and Family, conducted by members of the Free 
Church of Scotland, nos. i, 2, 7, 9, 10. Edin- 
burgh, 1871-72. 8^ U. 

Presbyterian Banner, v. 66, no. i, 8-9; ▼. 
82, no. 37; V. 86, no. 29-52; v. 87-v. 88. no. 1-37, 
39-47, 49-52; V. 89-v. 90, no. 1-29. Pittsburgh, 
1879-1903. f^ N. 

Presbyterian Critic and [Bi-jmonthly review. 
2 V. Baltimore, 1855-56. 8 . U. 

Presbyterian Expositor. Monthly periodical 
Ed. N. L. Rice. 1857 (Dec), 1858 (Jan.-May, 
July-Nov.), 1859 (Feb.) Chicago, 1857-59. 8*. 


V. 2. no. 4. 1859. N. 

Presbyterian Historical Society Journal. See 
Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society. 

Presbyterian (The) historical almanac and 
annual remembrance of the church, by J. M.Wilson. 
V. i-io. Philadelphia, 1859-68. 8°. N. 

Presbyterian Home Missionary. See Rocky 
Mountain Presbyterian. 

Presbyterian Home Missions. See Rocky 
Mountain Presbyterian. 

Presbyterian (The) Journal; a family religi- 
ous newspaper published weekly, v. 5, no. 49; 
V. 7, no. 13; V. 22, no. 33; v. 25-28. Philadelphia, 
1 880-1903. 4*. N. 

1889, I 894-1904. U. 

Merged with the UTesf mlnsterj April a, 1904. 

Presbyterian Magazine. Edited by C. Van 
Rensselaer, v. 1-10(1851-60). Philadelphia, iSsi- 
60. 8^ U. 

v. 2-10(1852-60). N. 

No more published. 



PresbyteriaA Magazine, edited by Wm. Neill 
and a number of literary gentlemen, v. i~2 (1821- 
32). 2 V. Philadelphia, 1821-22. 8'. U. 

Continued as Ohrtstlmn Advocate. 

PresbyteriaA (The) Magazine, n. s., v. i, 
no. I. [Edinburgh^ 1833. i\ N. 

Presbyterian Monthly, v. 1-5 (Jan., 1866- 
July, 1870). New York, 1866-1870. 8'. U. 

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V. 5, no. 2-7 (1866-1870). N. 

Merged in Presbyterian Monthly Record. 

Presbyterian Monthly Record, v. 19-37 
<i868-i886). Philadelphia, 1868-1886. 8*. U. 

y. 19, no. 1-8, 10, 12; V. 20, no. 1-6, 8-12; 

▼. 2i-y. 32. no. 1-8, 11-12; V. 33, no. i, 5; v* 34, no. 
3(1868-83). N. 

V. I9-3X have title : Reeord of the Presbyterian Church, 
U. S. A. In August, 1870, Presbj[ferlmn Monthly was 
tnerged with it. Later, combined with other magazines, it 
became Cliareli at home and abroad. * 

Presbyterian Preacher, ed. S. C. Jennings. 
V. I, no. I, 3, 4, 6-1 1 ; V. 2, no. 1-4, 9; v. 3, no. 
3. 6. PiiUburgh, 1832-34. 8% U. 


Presbyterian Quarterly. A review conducted 
by an association of ministers. Editors,G. B. Strick- 
ierand E. H. Barnett. v. i-date. Atlanta, 1887- 
date. 8% U. 


Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Re- 
view. Editors, L. H. At water, H. B. Smith, n. s., 

V. 1-6(1872-77). AVwyi?r>&, 1872-77. 8'. N., U. 

Continuation of Biblical Repertory. Continued as 
Princeton Review. 

Presbyterian Quarterly Review. B. J. Wal- 
lace, editor, v. i-ii (1852-1863). Philadelphia, 
1853-63. 8\ N.. U. 

Combined with American Theological Review as 
American Presbyterian and Theological Review, new ser. 

Presbyterian Record for the Dominion of 
Canada, v. 5, no. 10-12; v. 6. no. 2, 3; v. 7, no. 11, 
12; V. 8, no. 2-1 1. Montreal, 1880-83. 8". U. 


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13 (1890- 1902). New York, Philadelphia, 1890- 
iy)2. 8*. N.. U. 

Cootinued as Princeton Theological Review. 

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Jan., 1853). Milwaukee, 1852-53. 8'. U. 

Presbyterian Review. Editors, A. A. Hodge. 
C. A. Briggs. V. i-io. New York, 1880-89. 8*' 

N.. U. 
Discontinued, v. ^-o edited by Briggs and F. L. Patton. 
T. 10, Patton dropped, Benjamin B. Warneid added. 

Presbyterian Review and Religious Journal. 
▼. 1-20. Edinburgh, 1831-47. 8*. U. 

P r e sbyt erian Standard, v. 42-45. Charlotte, 
N. C, 1900-1903. V, N. 


Presbyterian Witness, v. 53-56. Halifax, 
N, S., 1900-03. f*. N. 


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75. f'. N. 


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fa,, 1902. r. N. 


Presbytery Reporter. May i, i85i-Jan.» 

1870. Alton, III., 1851-70. U. 

Continuation of Alton Presbytery Reporter, nos. x-5, zS, 
21-23, 147, 160 are missing. 

Preussische Zehenden allerhand geistlicher 
Gaben. v. 2. Konigsberg, 1 741/2. 12*. U. 

Primer Calendario para los Artesanos, 1861. 
Mexico, 1 861. 16*. N. 

Primitive (The) Catholic, v. 4, no. 15: v. 5, 

no. 12-34; V. 6-v. 7, no. 1-13; v. 10, no. 16-24; v. 

II, no. I-II, 13. 14, 18, 20, 30; V. 12, no. 2-10, 12- 

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constitution, faith and practice of the apostolic 
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8". N. 

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ton, 1850-51. 8**. N. 

Princeton Review. Edited by S. M. Libbey. 
Year 54-60 (1878-84). New York, 1878-84. 8*. 

N.. U. 

Continuation of Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton 
Review. Continued as Nen^ Princeton Review. 

Princeton Theological Review, v. i-date. 
Philadelphia, 1903-date. 4*. N., U. 

Propa§^anda. Orgam da Sociedade de Propa- 
ganda da Egreja Evangelica. Anno i, no. 3. 
S, Paulo, Brasil, 1901. f. N. 

Prophet (The), v. i, no. i, 9. Philadelphia^ 

1899. 8'. N. 

Prophet (The). See New Tork Messenger. 

Prophetic (The) Almanac. Orson Pratt, 1845- 
46. A'ew York, 1845-46. 8''. N. 

Prophetic (The) Times and Watch Tower: 
devoted to sacred literature and current events. . . 
Edited by John G. Wilson, n. s., v. 4, no. 7-8, 
12; ser. 3, v. I, no. 3, 5, 9-1 1. Philadelphia, 1878- 

79. 8^ N. 

V. I, nos. 2-4; V. 2, no. 2; v. 3, no. 7-12. 

Philadelphia, 1862-65. U. 

Protestant (The) Almanack. By Philoprotest 
1680, 1684-85, 1690-91, 1693, 1697. London, 
1680-97. 16'. N. 

Protestant (The) annual; exhibiting the de- 
moralizing influence of popery . . . Edited by C. 
Sparry [1847]. New York, 1847. 8°. N. 

Protestant (The) Churchman. See Church 
and State Protestant Churchman. 

Protestant (The) Dissenters' Almanack and 
Political Annual, 1865. London, 1865. 12''. N. 

1853. U. 

Protestant Episcopal Almanac and Parochial 
List. 1857-59, 1861-64, 1866-69, 1871-98, 1900- 
01, 1903. New York, 1 857-1902. 16*. N. 

1875, 1877-80, 1882-1904. G. 

1864-65, 1868, 1871-74, 1876, 1879, 1891- 

95, 1901-1904. U. 

1857-81 have title Protestant Episcopal Almanac and 
Church Directory. 1875-84 are also called Whlttrnker^s 
Churchman's Almanac, and 1885-91 WlftlttalLer's Ameri- 
can Churchman's Almanac. 



Protestant Episcopal Historical Society. Col- 
lections. V. [i-]2. iV>wK(C?r/&, 1851-53. 8'. N., G. 

V. I (1851). U. 

Protestant Episcopal Quarterly Review and 
Church Register, v. 1-4; v. 5, no. 4; v. 6, no i, 
4; V. 7, no. I, 4. New York, 1854-60. 8'. N. 

V. 1-8 (1854-61). U. 

Protestant Episcopal review, v. 7-13. 1893- 
1900. 7 V. G. 

Protestant Magazine, under direction of Pro- 
testant Association, v. 3. London^ 1841. 8*. U. 

Protestant (The) Penny Magazine. Published 
monthly, v. i-v. 2, no. 13-21. Dublin, 1834-35. 
6\ N. 

Providence Theological Magazine, v. i, 
no. I. Providence, iV. /., 1821. 3*. N., U. 

Pnlpit (The), a magazine of sermons, v. 10, 
no. 10; V. 12, no. i; v. 18, no. 5. Cleona and 
Fredericksburg, Pa., 1895-99. 4°. N. 

Pulpit analyst, ed. by Joseph Parker, v. 1-5. 
1S66-70. 5 v. G. 

Pnlpit and Pew, monthly magazine for pastor 

and people. Ed. R. Harcout. v. i, no. 7. New 

York, 1872. 8^ U. 

V. I, no. I. 1871. N. 

Pnlpit (The) and Pew. v. i, no. i. Thomas- 
ville, Ga., 1903. f*. N. 

Pnlpit and Pew. v. i,no. 9; v. 2, no. 3. St, 
Louis, 1900. 8". N. 


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York, 184^50. 8'. N., U., G. 

Pnlpit (The) and Rostrum. Sermons, orations, 
popular lectures* &c. no. 1-29. New York, 
1859-62. 12*. N. 

no. 3-5, 7-9, II, 13. 30, 37. New York, 

1859-65. U. 

Pnlpit of to-day, monthly magazine of Sermons. 
Ed. A. E. Rose. v. 9, no. 14, 15, 22-24; n< s. v. 
6, no. 4; V. 7, no. 6; v. 8, no. 6, 7. Westfield, 
i885-*88. 8^ . U. 

Continuation of Plymonth Pulpit, and Bnsllsli 


Pnlpit Treasury. See Treasury. 

Pnre Catholicism (El Catolicismo neto), no. 5. 
(Jan., 1851.) London, 1851. 12*. N. 

Qnaker (The), v. 3, no. 10. Philadelphia, 
1828. %\ N. 

Qnaker Notes and Queries, v. i, no. i. 
(Apr., 1896.) London, 1896. 8°. N. 

Qnartalschrilt far katholische Geistliche. 

Als Fortsetzung der Theologisch-Praktische Lin- 

zermonatschrift. 8 v. v. 1-8 (18 12-15). •Sii/2- 

burg, 1812-1815. 8'. U. 

Continued as Nene Quartalachrift fiir katholische Geist- 

Qnartalschrilt fUr Religionslehrer, hrsg. v. 
Natorp. v. i, no. i. Duisburg, and Essen, 1804. 
sm. 8^ U. 

Qnarterly Christian Spectator, conducted by 
an association of gentlemen, v. i-io. New Haven, 
1829-38. 8*. U., N. 

See also Christian Spectator. 

Quarterly Chronicle of the Transactions of 
the London Missionary Society. London, 1818-32. 
8^ U. 

Qnarterly Journal of the American Unitarian 

Association, v. 1-6. Boston, 1853-59. 12°. U. 

Continued as IHonfllly Journal of the American Uni- 
tarian Association. 

Quarterly Journal of Prophecy, v. 5-25. 
London, 1853-73. 8**. N. 

Quarterly Leaf of the Foreign Sunday School 
Association, v. 12, no. 4; v. 13, nos. 1-4; v. 14. 
nos. 1-2; V. 15, nos. i, 2, 4. Brooklyn, 1891- 
1896. 8*. U. 

Quarterly Message concerning church mis- 
sions at home and abroad, v. 3, no. i;v. 4, no. 
2-4; v. 5, no. 1-4; V. 6, no. 1-2; v. 7, no. 4. \^Ne7tr 
York,] 1 895-1900. 4*. N. 

Quarterly Register of the Alliance of Re« 

formed Churches holding the Presbyterian System. 

v. i-date. London, 1886-date. 8 . U. 


Quarterly Review of the American Protestant 
Association. Edited by Rufus W. Griswold. v. 2. 
Philadelphia, 1845. 8*. U. 

Quarterly Review of the Evangelical Lu- 
theran Church. Sie Lutheran Quarterly. 

Quarterly Review of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, South, v. 1-9 (1847-1855). Louisville, 
1847-55. 8*. U. 


Quarterly Review of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, South, v. i, no. 2-4; v. 2; v. 3. no. 1-2; 
V. 4; V. 5, no. 4; v. 6; v. 7, no. 2-4; v. 8, no. 1-2 
(1879-86). new ser. v. i, nos. 1-2; v. 2; v. 13,. 
no. I (1886-92). Nashville, Tenn, 1879-92. 8*. N. 

v.* 5-8(1883-86). U. 

V. 5-8 edited by J. W. Hinton. New scries bv W. P. 
Harrison. New series v. x-4 has title Southern Nlethodisc 

Quarterly Review of the United Brethren in 
Christ. Ed. J. W. Etter, G. M. Mathews, v. i, 
no. 3-4; V. 2; V. 3, nos. i, 3; v. 4, no. i;v. 7, nos. 
2, 4. Dayton, i890-*96. 8*. U. 

Quarterly Theological Magazine and religi- 
ous repository. Conducted principally by members 
of the Protestant Episcopal Church, v. 1-3. Bur- 
lington, N.J., 1813-1814. 8°. U. 

Quarterly Theological Review. Conducted 
by Ezra Stiles Ely. 2 v. Philadelphia, 181 8-1 9. 
8". U- 

Quarterly Theological Review and Ecclesia*;- 
tical Record, v. 1-4. London, 1825-26. 8**. 

United in 1837 with BrttUll Critic. N., G. 

Quarterly (The) of the Young Men's Christian 
Association of the United States and British Pro- 
vinces. V. 2-3. New York, 1867-1868. 8°. N. 

Radical (The) Review. v. i, no. i. New 

Bedford, Mass,, 1879. 8*. N. 

Raion y Fe; revista mensual redactado por 

Padres de la Compaflia de Tesiis. v. i-date (1901— 

date). Madrid {i^i-^2A€). 8*. N. 


Reasoner (The). A journal of freethought 

and positive philosophy. Edited by G. J. Holyoake. 

V. 1-16, 19-23, 25-26 (i846-'54, *55-58, •60-61). 

London, 1846-61. 8", f. N. 

Various changes in subtitle. 



Record of the Bible Society. See Bible Soci- 
ety Record. 

Record of Christian Work. Edited by W. R. 
Moody. V. II, no. 6-10; v. 12. no. 6-7; v. 13, no. 
5. 9-1 1 ; V. 14, no. 5-10, 12; V. 15, no. 2-5, 8-10; 
▼. 16, no. 5. 10-12; V. 17, no. 4-5, 9-12; V. 18, no. 
1-4, 6, 9, 1 1 -1 2; V. 19-date. East Northfield, 
Mass., 1892-date. 8'. N. 

V. 17, no. 7-9; V. 18, no. 6-9; v. 19, no- 

1-4. 6, 8. 1 898-1900. 8°. U* 

Early 00s. published io New York and Chicago. Monthly. 

Record of Presbyterian Church in U. S. A. See 
Presbyterian Monthly Record. 

Record (The). Containing reports of Evan- 
gelical eflfort in Chili, v. 3, no. 25-37; v. 4, no. 
38-49. 56-58. 62-69; V. 5. no. 71-76; V. 6-14, 16; 
V. 17. no. 264-271, 273-279, 281-287; V. 18, no. 
288-291; y. 19, no. 292-296, 298, 300; V. 20, no. 
303; ▼. 21. no. 304-314; V. 22, no. 316-325. VaU 
paraiso, 1871-92. 8^ N. 

Referee (The), v. i, no. 1-2. Salt Lake City, 

1885. r. N. 

R^flecteur (Le). Organe de T^glise de J^us- 
Christ des saints-des-derniers-jours. v. i. (1853.) 
Cenh)e [1853]. 8*. N. 

Refomubtion (The) defended against the errors 
of the times, no. 1-9. Albany, 1844. f*. N. 

Reformed (The) Church Almanac and Year 
Book. 1885. Dayton, O,, 1885. f. N. 

Reformed Church Historical Magazine, v. 3. 
Reading, Pa., 1895. 8^ U. 

Continuatioo of Reformed Chnrch Magazine. 

Reformed Church Magazine, v. 1-2. Reading, 
/"«.. 1893-95. 8'. U. 

Cootinued as Reformed Chnrch Historical Magazine. 

Reformed Church ^Messenger, v. 48; v. 49, 

nos. 1-22; V. 69, nos. 23-52 (1900-1901); v. 61 

(1902); V. 72 (1903); V. 73. nos. 1-26 (1904). 

Lebanon, 1900-1904. T. N. 

Weekly. No break betwern no. 23 of v. 69 and no. aa of v. 
49; 00 break between no. 5a of v. 69 and no. x of v. 61; no 
break between v. 61 and v. 7a. 

Reformed Church Monthly, v. 1-8. Phila- 
delphia, i868-'75. 8*. U. 

Eds. Bomberger, Good, Klein. Incomplete. 

Reformed Church Review. 4th ser., v. i-date. 

(1897-date.) Philadelphia, 1897-date. 8'. U. 

Continuation of Reformed Quarterly Review. Cnrrent. 

4S€r., V. 2-date. (1898-date.) N. 


Reformed Episcopal Church Year Book and 
Calendar. i889/90-'9o/9i. Philadelphia [1889- 
90]. I2\ N. 

Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, v. 13-24. 

Philadelphia, 1879-90. 8^ U. 

V. 9, no. II. 1875. N. 

Reformed Presbyterian and Covenanter. Com- 
bined ser., V. 3-33. Pittsburgh, 1865-95. 8**. U. 

Refbrmed Presbyterian Magazine. Monthly. 
1871 (July. Oct., Nov.); 1872 (Jan., June, July, 
Aug.). Edinburgh, 1871-72. 8*. U. 

Reformed Presbyterian Witness. 1866 (Nov.), 

1867 (Jan., July). 1870 (Sept.), 1872 (Jan.. May, 

July), 1873 (May). Glasgow, 1866-1873. 8'. U. 

Reformed Quarterly Review. Edited by 
Apple, Titzell, Rupp. v. 26-43. Philadelphia, 
1876-96. 8°. U. 

V. 26, no. 1-2; V. 30, no. 1-3; v. 31, no. 

3-4; V. 32. no. 3-4; V. 33; v. 34. no. 1-3; v. 35- 
V. 37, no. 2-4; V. 38-v. 43, no. 1-3. N. 

Continuation of IITercerebari: Review. 
Continued as Reformed Church Review, 4 ser. v. 36- 
43 also called new ser.. v. i>i8. 

Refi^ster (The): a gazette of the Protestant 

Episcopal Church in the U. S. 1853. ^* 

Succeeded Banner of the cross, for year 1853, then 
united with The Church Journal. 

Relator of the American Church Missionar>' 
Society, v. 4-7, 8, no. 1-8, 10-12; v. 9-11; v. 
12, no. 1-3, 5-6, 8-17; V. 13, no. i-ii. New York, 
1867-75. i"' N. 

V. 4-6. U. 

Relic (The) Library, devoted to the repro- 
duction of . . . writings ... of Latter Day Saints. 1 st 
ser., no. 1-2 and [suppl. Aug., 1889]. York, Neb., 
1889. 8*. N. 

Religtcnsann alen. hrsg. v. H. P. K. 
Henke. no. 1-8. Bra unschweij^, 1S02- 03. 8**. U* 

Relii^onslk*eiind far Katholiken. Hrsg. 
von F. G. Benkert. v. 1-3. IViirtburg, 1823-24. 
4'. U. 

Relii^o-Philoeophieal Journal . . v. i, 7- 

48; new ser., v. 1-3; v. 4, no. 1-3, 5-30. 32-34; 

36-40; v. 34-38. Chicago, 1865-1901. f* and 

sm. f*. N. 


V. I, 7-xi, aa-as, 37, 3Q-34* 4a are incomplete, v. 34, 37-38 
have title PhlloiK^phfcal JoumaL 

Reli^ons (The) Cabinet — a monthly periodi- 
cal. V. I. Baltimore, 1842. 8*. N. 

Relii^ons Herald, v. 73-75. Richmond, Va., 
1900-1902. f". N. 

Reli^ons Intelligencer, v. 48-51. Frederic- 
ton, N. B., 1900-1903. f°. N. 

Reli^ous Intelligencer. . .containing the prin- 
cipal transactions of the various Bible and mission- 
ary societies, with particular accounts of revivals of 
religion, v. i-io, 12, 16, 18. New Haven, \%\b- 
34. 8'. U. 

no. 29, 43. 1818-19. N. 

Reli^ons Magazine. Conducted by G. I). 

and T. Abbott, v. 1-3 (1833-36); new ser., v. i 

(1837). Boston, 1833-37. 8'. U. 

New series has title: Relis^ous Magazine and Family Mis- 

Relifl^ous Magazine and Monthly Review. 
Edited by J. H. Morison. v. 45-50. Boston, 
1871-73. 8\ U. 

A few numbers missing. Continuation of REonthly Re- 
view and Religious Magaxine, v. 44. 

V. 44. no. 5. 1870. 

N. ' 

Reli^oas Mag^ine or Spirit of the foreign 
theological journals and reviews, v. 1-4. Phila- 
delphia, 1828-30. 8°. U. 

Reli^ous (The) Review of Reviews, v. 1. 
no. I. Salem, Va., 1898. 8*. N. 

Relii^ous (The) Telescope, v. 34, no. 32; 
V. f)6-69. Dayton, O., 1 868-1904. f**. N. 




Religious (The) World, v. 5-6. Pueblo, Colo,, 
1903. r. N. 


Repertorimn for biblische and morgenl&nd- 
ische Litteratur. v. 1-18. Leipzig, 1 777-1 786. 
8". U.. N. 

Repertorimn fttr die Literatur der Bibel. der 
Religionsphilosophie, Kirchen- und Dogmenge- 
schichte. v. i, no. i. Leipzig, 1803. 8°. U. 

Return (The), v. i; v. 2, nos. i, 3, 12; v. 3, 
nos. 2, 4, 7-1 1. Davis City, la,^ Richmond, Mo., 
1889-93. 8^ N. 

Reunion Presbyterian. Eds. Thompson, Burt, 
Montfort. v. i, no. 1-5. Cincinnati, 1865. 8*. U. 

Revista Cristiana. Alio 19, no. 448; afio 22, 
no. 524. Mculrid, and Barcelona, 1898-1901. 8*. 


Revivaplist (The), v. 4, no. 11. Albion, Mich,, 
1891. r. N. 

Revivalist. ▼. 12, no. 25, 44. Cincinnati, 
1900. f*. N. 

Revivaplist: a quarterly, by Rev. J. F. Bishop. 
V. I, no. I. New York, 1859. 8*. U. 

Revue Anglo- Romaine. v. 1-3. Paris, 1895- 
96. 3 V. G. 

Rovue biblique Internationale, publi^e sous la 
direction de professeurs de T^cole pratique d'^tudes 
bibliques. v. 6-date. Paris, 1897-date. 8'. N. 


V. i-date. Paris, 1892-date. U. 


Revue chretienne. Recueil mensuel. v. i, 7- 
date(i854, i86<>-date). /'ariJ, 1854-date. 8°. U. 

ann^e 31, n. s. v. 9, nos. 1-2, 4-12; annee 

32, n. s. V. 7, nos. 3-5, 7 (1884-85). 8°. N. 

Edited by Pressens^ and others, v. aa also called new series. 
▼. 32 also called new series. 4a. year also called 3 ser. v. x. 
From 1890, 2 volumes a year. 

d*histoire ecclesiastique. v. 1-5. 1900- 
1904. G. 

Revue de I'Histoire des Religions. (Annales 
du Musee Guimet) publi^e sous la direction de M. 
Maurice Vernes. v. i-date (1880-date). Paris, 
1880-date. 8". N., U. 


Revue de Th^logie et des Questions religi- 
euses. Sept. 1891-Dec. 1892. Montauban, 1892. 
8*. U. 

Continuation of NouveUe Revue, etc. 

' Annee 5, nos. 5-6; ann^e 6, nos. 2, 5. 1896- 

97. N. 

Revue th^ologique. v. 1-16(1874-1890). Mont- 
auban, 1874-90. 8*. U. 

Continuation of Bulletin Theologique. 
Continued as Nonvelle Revue de Theologie 

Revue Thomiste. Questions du temps present. 
V. 5-date. Paris, 1897-date. 8°. N. 


Richmond Christian Advocate. [Edited by] 
John J. Lafferty. n. s. v. 35; v. 36, no. i. Rich- 
mond, Va., 1900-1901. f*. N. 

Rivista (La) cristiana. anno 4, no. 4-12; 
anno 5 (1877). Firenze, 1876-1878. 8°. N. 

9; 10, nos. I, 2, 4; II, no. 12; 12, nos. i, 

3, 4, 7, 11; 13, nos. I, 2-1 1 ; 14, nos 2-6, 8-10, 12; 
15, nos. 2, 10, II (1881-87). U. 


Rivista Evangelica. anno 3, no. 2. New 
York, 1 901. r. N. 

Rochester (The) magazine, and theological 
review, consisting of essays, extracts, reviews, and 
biblical criticisms. Edited by the Rev. J. S. Thomp- 
son. V. I. Rochester, N K., 1824. 8*. N. 

Rock (The). The popular Protestant Church 
newspaper, v. 34-36. London, 1901-04. f*. N. 


Rocky MounUin Presbyterian. [Edited by] 
S. Jackson.* v. i, no. 1-3, 5-10; v. 2, no. 1-12; 
V. 3, no. 1-22, 24-42, 44-47. 49-52 ; v. 4. no. 1-12; 
V. 5, no. I-I2; V. 6, no. 1-12; v. 7, no. i-ii; ▼. 8, 
no. 1-12; V. 9-10; V. II, no. 4-12; v. 12, no. 1-4. 
6-12; V. 13, no. 1-6, 8-12; V. 14, no. 1-6, 9-10, 12; 
V. 15. Denver, Col., 1872-1886. f'. N. 

▼. 10-15. 1881-86. U. 

Continued as Presbyterian Home Miasions, Preeb j- 
terian Home Missionary, Cbnreb at Home and Abroad, 
and AsMemblj Herald. Later vols. pub. in New York. 

Rodmische Quartalschrift fQr christliche Alter- 
thumskunde und far Kirchengeschichte. v. 1-8. 
Rom, 1887-94. 8°. N. 

Roman Catholic Expositor and Friend of 
Ireland, no. i. Feb. 2£ (1825). 4*. N. 

Rosary Magazine. Conducted by the Domini- 
can Fathers, v. 5, nos. 1-2; v. 6-date (1894-date). 
New York, 1896-1901. 8'. N. 


Sabbath (The) Outlook, v. 1-4; v. 6, no. 1-2; 
V. 7; V. 8, no. 1-2; V. 10. Alfred Centre, N Y., 
1882-92. 8". N. 

V. 1-8, 10. 1882-92. U. 

Continuation of Outlook (The) and Sabbath Quarterly. 
Continued as BTancel (The) and Sabbath Outlook. 
Sabbath Recorder. A Seventh -day Baptist 

weekly, v. 56; v. 57, no. 1-26, 28-40, 42-52; ▼. 58, 
no. 2-20, 22-45, 47-52; V. 59, no. i-ii, 13--24, 26, 
28-52. Plainjield, N /,, iqoo-iqos, f*. N. 

Sacred (The) Heart Review, n. s. v. 22, no. 
15-24, 26-27; V. 24, no. 18-26; V. 25, no. i. 3-4, 
6-13, 15-17, 19-26; V. 26, no. 1-26; V. 27, no. 1-14. 
16-26; V. 28, no. 1-12, 14-26; V. 29, no. 1-3, 6-26; 
V. 30 ;v. 31, no. 1-3, 5. Boston, 189^1904. f*. 

Weekly. N. 

Sacristy. A quarterly review of ecclesiastical 
art and literature. ▼. 1-2 (1871-72). [London,] 
1871-72. 8'. N. 

Sadlier*8 Catholic Directory, Almanac and 
Ordo. 1871, 1883. 1890, 1892, 1893, no. 2. New 
York, 1871-93. 12*. N. 

1866, 1867. 1872, 1880. U. 

Sailor's Magazine and Naval Journal. Pub- 
lished by the American Seaman's Friend Society. 
V. i-daie (1828-date). New York, 1829-date. 8*. 

Current. \J, 

V. I ; V. 2, no. 5; v. 3; v. 11-12; v. 15 ; ▼. 17. 

no. 6-7; v. 18 ; V. 20, no. 9: v. 21, no. 4, 9-10; v. 22; 

V. 23, no. 12; v. 25; V. 27-30; v. 33-date. 1828- 

date. N. 


From V. 37 the title is: Sailor*s Magazine and Seaman's 



SftUor^s Magazine and Naval Miscellany. 
Published under the patronage of the British and 
Foreign Seaman's Friend Society, v. 7-9. Jj>ndan^ 
1826-28. 8". U. 

Saint AAdrew*8 Cross. Published by the 
Brotherhood of St. Andrew, v. 6, no. lo-ii; v. 
ii-date. New York^ 1892-date. 4*. N. 


V. ^-date. 1895-date. G. 


Saint Chrysostom*s Magazine, v. 2, no. 7-8. 
New York^ 1874. 8". N. 

V. I. 1873-4. G. 

St. Louis Christian Advocate. [Edited by] 
W. B. Palmore. Year 50-51; year 53. no. 18-20; 
year 54, no. 20. [5/. Lou%s^'\ 1900-1904. V, N. 


St. Patrick's Parish Magazine, Bradford, v. 
4. no. 1-8 (1889). Bradford, 1889. 8**. N. 

Saints* (The) Advocate, v. 1-8. Piano, III., 
1878-86. 8'. N. 

Saints* (The) Herald, v. 24-27; v. 28, no. 1-2 
and index wanting; v. 29; v. 30, no. 1-22, 24-52; v. 
3*-38, 39»-», 46-date. Lamonis la,, 1877-date. 

f^ N. 


** Salvation*** a new evangelical monthly, v. 
i-date. New York, 1899-date. 8°. N.. U.. G. 

Salvation Army. See Conqueror (The); 
Krieifsraf (Der) ; War Cry; Warrior. 

Sabbath at Home, an illustrated religious 
magazine for the family, v. i, no. 10; v. 2-3; v. 4, 
nos. i-io. Boston, 1867-1870. 8*. U. 

Samftindet Pro Fide et Christianismo. [Pub- 
lications] Stockholm [1890]. 8°. N. 

Sarasavisa n da r esa. Organ of the Bud- 
dhisuof Ceylon. Jan. 17, 1888. Colombo, 1888. 

r. N. 

Sehrilten des Vereins fOr Reformationsge- 
scbichte. Jahrg. 17. Halle a. S,, 1900. 8"*. N. 

Hefte i-ii. 1883. U. 

Scbweiserische Theologische Zeitschrift. v. 

15-date (1899-date). Zurich, 1899-date. 8*. U. 


Coatiooation of Tbeoloslsclie Zeitschrift aus der 

Scottish (The) Christian Herald... v. 1-3 
(1836-38); ser. 2, V. 1-3 (1839-41). Edinburgh, 
1836-41. f°. N. 

Scottish Ecclesiastical Journal, v. 2. Edin- 
burgh, 1852. 8*. U. 

V. I. 1851. G. 

Scottish Protestant, edited by J. Gibson, v. i- 
3. Glasgow, 1852. 2 V. 8*. N. 

Sccnlar Review. A journal of agnosticism. 

Edited by Saladin. v. 16-18. London, 1885-86. 

f. N. 

Saladin is pseod. of WiUiam Stewart Ross. 

Secnlar (The) review and Secularist. Edited 

by C. Watts and G. Foote. v. 1-2. London, 1877- 

78. r. N. 

Seer (The): Orson Pratt, v. i ; v. d, nos. 1-6. 
fVashington, 1853-54* 4*. N. 

Soppre9ae4 edition. 

Sent of God. [Published by the Hephzibah 
Faith Missionary Association, v. 5, nos. 15-23; 
V. 6-date. Tabor, Iowa, 1896-date. f*. N. 


Series of tracts on the intrusion of ministers on 
reclaiming congregations, no. 1-2, 4-6, 8-1 1. 
Edinburgh. 1839. 8'- N. 

Seventh-Day Baptist Memorial, v. i, 2. 2 v. 
New York, 1852-53. 8". U.. N. 

Shaker (The). See Manifesto (The). 

Shaker Almanac. 1882, 1885-86, 1892. New 
York [1882-92]. 8*. N. 

Shaker (The) Manifesto. See Manifesto 


Shaker and Shakeress. See Manifesto (The). 

Shelterinf^ (The) Arms. v. 12, no. 9; v. 13, 
no. 9; V. 14-19; V. 20, no. 1-4, 10; v. 21, no. 11- 
12; V. 22, no. 1-5, 7-9, 11-36, 40; V. 23, no. 2, 4, 

b-n, II. 14. 17, 19, 29-31, 33-35; ▼. 24, no. I, 4- 

6; V. 25, no. 9; v. 26, no. 11; v. 27, no. 9; v. 28, 
no. 5; V. 32, no. 4. 12. New York, 1879-1899. f'. 


Soci^t^ evang^lique, ou ^glise chretienne mis- 
sionaire beige. Circulaire. See Circulairet etc. 

Soci^t^ £vang^lique de Geneve. See Bnl- 
letin« etc. ; Circalaire» etc. 

Soci^t^ de I'histoire du protestantisme fran9ais. 
See Bulletin, etc. 

Soci^t^ des livres religieuz de Toulouse. Bulle- 
tin. See BuUetint etc. 

Sooi^t^ des Missions £vangeliques de Paris. 
Journal des missions ^vangeliques. See Jonrnal,^ 

Society of Biblical Literature. Journal. See 
Journal of Biblical Literature. 

Society for Ethical Culture. Ethical Record. 
See Ethical record. 

Society of Jesus. See Annan, etc. ; Monn- 
menta, etc. 

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 
See Official year-book of the Church of England. 

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts. See Mission (The) Field (London). 

Sonnta§^schul-Lektionen nebst ErkUrungen. 
Quartal 4. Elkhart, Ind,, 1900. 8°. N. 

Sophronison: oder unpartheyisch-freymQthige 
Beytriige zur neueren Geschichte. C^esetzgebung 
und Statisti|c der Staaten und Kirchen. Hrsg. von 
H. E. G. Paulus. v. 1-4, with Erg&nzungsheft. 
Frankfurt a, M., 18 19-22. 8\ U. 

Southern Christian Advocate. [Edited by] J. 
O. Willson. v. 49-56. Greenville, 5. C, 1886- 
1901. f. N. 

Weekly. Imperfect. 

Southern (The) Churchman, v. 63, no. 52; 
V. 65, no. 2-12, 14-15, 17-51; V 66, no. 2-4. 8-17, 
19-38, 40-52; V. 67, no. i-ii, 13-2S, 30-47, 49- 
50; V. 68, no. 5-24, 2^36, 38, 40-52; V. 69, no. 21. 
Richmond, Ya., 1 898-1904. f. N. 

V. 6o-date. 1895-date. G. 


Southern Episcopal register. See Gospel 



Southem (The) Episcopalian: a monthly period- 
ical edited by Rev. P. Gadsden, and Rev. J. H. 
Elliott. V. 3, no. i. CharUston^ 1857. 8*. N. 

V. 3. no. lo; V. 5, nos. I, 10: v. 6, no. i; 

V. 7. no. 9 (1856-1860). U. 

Southern Evangelist, v. 2-4. Lexington, Ky., 

1901-1902. V, N- 


Soathem Methodist Review. See Quarterly 
Review of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. 

Southern Missioner. v. 12-13. LawrencevilUy 
Fa,, 1901-02. r. N. 


Southern (The) Presbyterian, n. s., v. 17* 48- 
52. Clinton, S, C, 1882-1904. V, N. 

Weekly. Imperfect. 

Southern Presbyterian Review » conducted by 
an association of ministers in Columbia, S. C. ▼. 4- 
14, 17-20. 22-24, 27 (1850-62, 1866-69, *7i-73t 
'76). Columbia, 1850-76. 8*. U. 

no. I, 3 (1855). N. 

Southem (The) Pulpit. ▼. 1-4. Richmond, 
1882-84. U. 

v. 2. no. 10 (1882). N. 

Monthly. Consolidated with Treasury. Imperfect. 
Southwestern Christian Advocate. [Edited 

by] I. B. Scott. ▼. 35-v. 36, no. i-ii, 13-52. New 
Orleans, 1900-1901. f*. N. 


Southwestern (The) Presbyterian, v. 31-35. 
New Orleans, 1900-03. f*. N. 

Weekly. Imperfect. 

Spirit of Missions. A monthly magazine of 
•church missions at home and abroad, v. i-date. 
New York, 1836-date. 8'. N., U.. G. 

Spirit of the Pilgrims, v. 1-6 (1828-33). Bos^ 
ion, 1828-33. 8". N., U. 

Spiritual Independence, no. 1-5. Glasgow, 
1870-1871. 8'. N. 

Stall's Lutheran Year-book for 1886-88. no.i. 
[^Lancaster, Pa., 1886-88.] 12*. N. 

1884. '87-88. U. 

Standard (The). A Baptist newspaper.^ v. 34, 

47-51. Chicago, 1886-1904. f*. N. 


Standajrd of the cross. ▼. i, 4, 6-8, 11-14, 16- 
24 (1868-1892). 18 V. G. 

V. ao-a4. Standard of the croea and the Church; successor to 
-Oambler Observer and Western Episcopalian; succeeded 
by Cbnreb Sundard. Imperfect. 

Star (The) in the East, edited by G. J. Adams. 
V. I, no. I. Boston, 1846. 8*. N. 

Star (The) of Zion. Organ of the A. M. E. 
Church in America, v. 2, no. 6; v. 5, no. 19. New 
Berne, N. C, 1878-82. f*. N. 

State (The) Leader, v. 4-6. Mexico, Mo., 
1901-02. f°. N. 


Statistisehe Kom mission der deutschen evan- 
gelischen Kirchenkonferenz. Statistische Mitteil- 
ungen aus den deutschen evangelischen Landes- 
kirchen (1894-95, '98-99). Stuttgart, 1 896-1901. 

8'. N. 

Statistische Mitteilungen aus den deutschen 
•evangelischen Landeskirchen. See Statistische 

Kommission der deutschen evangelischen Kirchen- 

Statistisches Jahrbuch der Kirche. Ed. K. 
V. h. Aloys. V. I. Regensburg, i860. 8*. U. 

Stinune der Wahrheit und prophetischer Er- 

klirer. Jahrg. 2, 4, 6. Battle Creek, Mich., 1880- 

1884. 4*. N. 


Stimmen aus Maria- Lanch. [ser. i] Die Ency- 
clica Papst Pius IX (i-i2):[ser.2] DasOekumenische 
Concil(i-i2, 1869-71); [ser. 3] Katholische Bl&tter. 
i-date (1871-date). Freiburg i. B., 1865-date. 

8^ N. 

Ergftnzungsheft. no. i-date (1876-date). 

Freiburg i. B., 1876-date. 8*. N. 

Stohlmann^s evangelisch-lutherischer Kirchen- 
Kalender fttr die deutschen Lutheraner in der Ver- 
einigten Staaten, 1899. Erie, Pa., 1899. 8*. N. 

Strids Ropet. Fr&lsnings-armens svensk-ameri- 

kanska Organ, no. 256-411, 413, 415-495, 497- 

date. New York, 1896-date. V. N. 


Student (The) volunteer, v. 6. New York, 

1898. 8'. N. 

Merged with Interoolleclan. 

Official organ of the student volunteer movement for foreign 
missions. Published monthly during coU^^ year. 

Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Mis- 
sions. See Student (The) volunteer. 

Studien zur C^schichte der Theologie and 
Kirche. Hrsg. von N. Bonwetscb and R. Seeberg. 
Bd. I. (1897-date.) Leipnig, 1807-date. 8'. U, 


V. I, no. 1-2; V. 2. no. i; 
Leipzig, 1 897-1902. 8°. 

V. 7, no. 3 ; V. 8» 


no. I. 



no. I. 

Studies on Biblical Subjects. 
1897. I V. 8*. 

Studies in the English Bible, no. 13-17, 20- 
21.23. University Park, Colo., i%i^-gS- 8*. N. 

Stunden der Andacht zur Bef5rdening wahren 
Christenthums und h&uslicher Gottesverehrang. 
Jahrg. 1-8. Reutlingen, 1818-1819. I2*. N. 

No more published. 

Sunday (The) Critic, v. 13-14. Roanoke, Va., 
1901. f**. N. 


Sundajr (The) Companion, v. i. Albany, 
1900. 4°. N. 


Sunday at Home. A family magazine for 
Sabbath reading. London, 1854-55, '82. 4". U. 

Sunday Magazine. Edited by T. Guthrie, 

1865-70. London, 1865-70. V. N. 

Sunday School Chronicle. A weekly journal 
of help and intelligence for Sunday School workers. 
V. 29: V. 30, no. 1310-1392, 1394-1418, 1420-1421; 
V. 31, no. 1422-1442, 1444-1446, 1448-T453, 1456- 
M73; V. 32, no. 1474-1482, 1484-1523, 1 525-1526. 
London, 1900-1903. f*. N. 

Sunday School Magazine, 1843-44. London, 
1843-44. 12'. N. 

Sunday School Journal, no. 24, 25. PhiU' 
delphia, 1853. 4^ U. 

V. 21 (1850). N. 




SnncUbj' School Journal for Teachers and 
Young People, n. s. v. 10-15. -A'i'w York, 
1878-1883. 8'. N. 

Sunday School Library Bulletin: Devoted ex- 
clusively to the Sunday school library. Issued 
quarterly, v. 1. no. 1-4; v. 2, no. 1-4; v. 3, no. 
1-4; V. 4, no. 1-4; V. 5, no. 1-4; v. 6, no. 2-4; v. 
7. no. 1-4; V. 8, no. 1-3; v. 9, no. 1-4; v. 10, no. 
1-4- AVw YarA, 1 892-1901. 8° and 12*. N. 

SnncUby (The) School Times, v. 3. no. 49 ; v. 
6. nos. 3. 6. 45; V. 8, no. 48; v. 17-43 (43 lacking 
nos. 19. 32. 36, 40, 42), V. 44 (lacking nos. fo, 35. 
37. 38.40-41. 44-45. 51-52); V. 45 (lacking nos. i. 
'J. 43-48); V. 46. no. ii-date. (1904-date.) Phila- 
delfhia, 1861-datc. f. N. 


V. 1-3, 5. 9-1 1, 16-21, 23, 27-datC. (1859- 

186 1, 1863, 1867-69. 1874-79. 1 88 1. 1885-daie). 

PhiUuUlphia, 1859-date. U. 


Sunday (The) School World, v. 5, no. 5; v. 
6. no. 11-12; v. II. DO. i; v. 14, no. 8; v. 19-20; 
V. 21, no. T-3, 5; V. 22, no. 1-6, 8-10. 12; v. 23, 
no. 2-5. 7. 11-12; V. 24, no. 4-7. 9-12; v. 25, no. 
1-6. 10-12; V. 26, no. 1-6; ▼. 30; ▼. I. no. 31, 7; V. 
40. no. 6. Philadelphia, 1 865-1900. 8', 4°. N. 

V. 18-27. 1878-87. U. 

Sunday (The) Visitant; or. Weekly repository 
•of Christian knowledge. By A. Fowler, v. i. 
Charleston, 181 8. 4*. N. 

Sword^s Pocket Almanack and Christian cal- 
■endar, containing . . . statistical information relat- 
ing to the Protestant Episcopal Church in the 
United States, v. 30. 40, 43-44. (1845. 1855. 
1858-59.) New York, 1845-59. 24". N. 

Subtitle for 1845 it Churchman's Calendar. 

1816-40. 1853, 1855. G. 

1817-1860. U. 

Succeeded in s86x by Cliareliinao** calendar. 

Sylloi^ Commentationum theologicarum, edita 
a Dr. Dav. J. Pott, et Geo. A. Ruperti. 8 v. 
Helmstadt^ 1800-07. 12*". U. 

Synodieon (The). No. 10. London, 1856. 
%\ N. 

Tablet (The). A weekly newspaper and review. 
^- 47-52; V. 97. no. 3171-3173. 3175-3177, 3179- 
3180. 3184-3187, 3189; V. 98, no. 3»92-3i93» 
3202-3204, 3206. 3209-3210; V. 99. no. 3229. 
3238; V. 100. no. 3250-3255, 3260-3267. London, 
1876-1902. 8°. N. 

Lacking: v. 48, no. 1893; v. 50, no. 1949; v. 52, no. aotS; 
Sup|ri*s to V. 47, no. 1865: V. 50. no. 1944. 

Ttoioln (Le). Journal de I'^glise £vang^lique 
Vaudoise. no. 39(1. ann^). Oct. i, 1875. Pignerol, 
1875. 8^ N. 

Temple (The). A monthly magazine devoted 
to the fuller unfoldment of the divinity of human- 
ity. ▼. 1-3. Denver, 1897-98. 16*. N. 

Texas Baptist Herald, v. 50-53. Dallas, 

Tex,, 1900-1903. f*. N. 


Teste und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der 

altchristlichen Literatur. Hrsg. von O. von Geb- 

hardt und A. Harnack. v. i-date. Leiptig, 1882- 

^ate. 8'. N.. U.. G. 

▼. 1-15 form tst ser. and i6-ao ad ser. N. file lacks v. xi of 


Texts and Studies: contributions to Biblical 
and Patristic Literature. Edited by J. Armitage 
Robinson. Cambridge, 1883-99. 8 . U. 

1893-date. G. 

Teyler*a Godgeleerd Genootschap. See Tey- 
ler*8 Stitchting. 

Teyler*8 Stichting. Teyler's Godgeleerd Ge- 
nootschap. Verhandelingen raakende den natuurly- 
ken en geopentaarden godsdienst. v. 1-36 (1781- 
1860); n. ser. v. 1-4, 6-14, no. 1-2. (1868-94). 
49 V. Haarlem, 1 781-94. sq. 4*. N. 

Theolon^ (Der). oder encyklopiidische Zusam- 
menstellung des Wissenswardigsten und Neuesten 
im Gebiete der theologischen Wissenschaften fttr 
Protestanten und Katholiken, von J. J. Bellermann. 
V. 1-8. Erfurt, 1802-12. 8*. U. 

Theoloffieal and Literary Journal. Edited 
by D. N. Lord. v. 1-8 (1848-56). New York, 
1849-56. 8*. N. 

v. 1-13 (1848-61). U. 

Theoloi^cal Critic. A quarterly journal 
edited by T. K. Arnold, v. 1-2 (1851-52). Ijon- 
don, 1851-52. 8*. N. 

V. 2. U. 

Theoloi^cal Eclectic. A series of theological 
papers, chiefly selected from the periodicals and 
other literature of Great Britain, France, Germany 
and Holland. Edited by Geo. E. Day. v. 1-7. 
Cincinnati, 1863-70. 8*. U. 

Theoloi^cal Magazine, or synopsis of modem 
religious sentiment, v. 1-3. New York, 1796-99. 

8^ N.. u. 

Theoloi^cal Medium, a Cumberland Presby. 
terian Quarterly, new ser. v. i. no. 1-3; v. 2-3^ 
▼. 6. no. 1-3. A'idJ^vfV/Jf, 1870-75. 8'. U. 

Later, Cumberland Presbyterian Quarterly. 

Theoloi^cal (The) Repository. New series, 
designed to illustrate the evidences, excellency, 
and doctrines of Christianity, v. 2. Liverpool, 
1807. 12". N. 

Theoloi^eal Review. A quarterly journal of 
religious thought and life. v. 8-16. London, 
1871-79. 8°. U. 

Theolo|^eal Review and General Repository 
of religious and moral information. Published 
quarterly. Edited by James Gray, i v. Baltic 
more, 1822. 8*. U. 

Theoloi^eeh-kirehliclie Annalen, hrsg. v. 
A. Hahn. v. 2, no. i. Breslau, 1843. 8". U. 

Theoloi^sclft-praktisehe Linzer Monat- 
schrift, hrsg. in Linz von einer Gesellschaft. 2 v. 
Salzburg, 1804. 8°. U. 

Continued as: Neae theologische pnikttsche Monatschrift 
und Quartalschrift f iir kathoUsche Geistliche. 

Theolo^isch Tijdschrift. Onder redactie van 
F. W. B. Van Bell. v. i-date. Reg. v. 1-25. Am- 
sterdam and Leiden, 1867-date. 8 . N., U. 


V. 39-30 edited by W. H. Kosters, W. C. Van Manen, H. 

Theoloi^aclie Blaetter oder Nachrichten, 
Anfragen und Bemerkungen theologischen Inhalts. 
Hrsg. von Toh. C. W. Augusti. 6 v. Gotha, 
1795-98. 8 . U. 

Continued as: Neae Theologische Bl jitter. 



Theolo^isehe JahrbQcher. In Verbindung 
mit mehreren Gclehrtcn, hrsg. von F. Chr. Baur 
und E. Zcller. i6 v. Tubingen, 1842-57. 8°. U. 

Theoloirisehe Literaturzeitung. hrsg. von. 

Ad. Harnack u. E. SchOrer. v. i^ate. (1876- 

date.) Leiptig, 1876-date. i\ N.. U. 


V. 24-date. 1 899-1904. 



Theolo^ische Mitarbeiten. Eine Quartal- 
schrift in Verbindang mit mehreren Gelehrten; 
hrsg. von. A. F. Ludwig, Pelt, etc. 4 v. Kiel, 
1838-41. 8*. U. 

Theoloi^sehe Quartalschrift. v. 1-12, 37- 
date (1819-30, 1855-date). Tubingen, and Ravens- 
burg, 1819-date. 8°. U. 

V. 8i-date. Ravensburg, 1899-date. 8*. N. 


Theoloi^sehe Rundschau. Hrsg. von W. 

Bousset. V. i-date. Freiburg i. B., 1898-date. 

8'. N.. U. 


Theolo^ische Studien und Kritiken. Eine 

Zeitschrift f Ur das gesammte Gebiet der Theologie. 

Hrsg. V. C. Ullmann, F. W. C. Umbreit, etc. 

Jahrg. i-date(i828-date). Hamburg, Gotha, 1828- 

dale. 8*. U. 


1-63, 72-date. (1828-90. 1899-date.) N. 

1-14, 70-date. (1828-41, 1897-date.) G. 

Register, 1 858-1 867. N., U. 

Ergftnzungsheft, 1867. N.. U. 

Theologische Studien. Tijdschrift onder 

redactie van Daubauton, Gildemeester, Jonker, 

van Rhijn en Thijm. v. 8-date. Utrecht, 1890-date. 

8'. U. 


Theolo^isehe Studien aus Wttrttembcrg. 
Hrsg. von Theo. Hermann und Paul Zeller. v. 
I-IO. Ludwigsburg, 1880-89. 8*. U. 

Theoloi^sche Zeitschrift. Hrsg. von Jacob 
Frint. v. 1-7 (1813-1819). IVien und Triest, 
1 81 3-19. 8*. U 

Theoloi^sohe Zeitschrift. Hrsg. von J. J 
Batz, later by Fr. Brenner, v. i-io. Bamberg, 
1809-14. 8*. U 

Theologisehe Zeitschrift. Hrsg. von. F 
Schleiermacher. W. M. L. de Wettc and F. LQcke 
V. 1-3. Berlin, 1819-22. 8°. N., U 

Theoloi^sohe Zeitschrift, hrsg. v. Dieck 
hoff, Kliefoth. v. 1; v. 2, no. 2, 3; v. 3. Schwerin 
1860-62. %\ U 

Theoloi^sohe Zeitschrift aus der Schweiz 
redigirt von Friedr. Meili. v. 7-15. Aussersihl, 
1890-98. 8'. U 

Cootioued as: Setairelserlselie Theologische Zeit 

Theoloi^seher Jahresbericht. Unter Mit* 
wirkung namhafter Theologen hrsg. von Wilhelm 
Hauck. 7v. Wiesbaden, \^tif>-'}2, 8^ U. 

Theoloi^scher Jahresbericht... Hrsg. von 
B. PUnjer. v. i-date(i 881 -date). Leipzig, Braun- 
schweig, 1882-date. 8**. N., U. 


V. 5-xx edited by R. A. Liptios; v. 13-14 hy H. Holtzmano; 
V. 15-16 by Holtsmaoo and G. Kriiger. 

V. 8-20. 1 889-1901. G. 

Theologische* Literaturblatt. Redigirt von 
Chr. E. Luthardt. v. 6-date. Leipzig, 1885-date. 

8^ u. 


Theoph U an thropigt (The); containing criti- 
cal, moral, theological and literary essays in monthly 
numbers. By a Society, no. [i-9]. New York, 
1810. 8^ N. 

Theosophical Review. Formerly ** Lucifer. '*^ 
V. I, no. 3-6; V. 2, no. 7-1 1; v. 3. no. 18; v. 22, 
no. 128; V. 30-date. London, 1887-datc. 4', 8'. N. 

V. z-a have tide : Lodfer. 

V. aS, 9o-date are American edition. 


Theosophieal Society. Fragments of occult 

truth. See Fr&sn^®>^tSt etc. 


Theosophical Society and Universal Brother- 
hood, i^/ universal Brotherhood. 

Theosophisehe Rundschau. See Lotus* 

Thinker (The), New York. See Christian 

Times (The) and seasons, v. 1-6. Nauvoo, 
III, 1839-46. 8^ N. 

Torch of Reason, v. 5, nos. 39, 51 (1901); 
V. 6. nos. 27, 28, 30. 33, 39, 44. 45. 47. 52 (1902)^ 
V. 1, no. 5 (1903). Silverton, Oregon, 1901-1903. 
f^ N. 

Treasury (The). An evangelical monthly for 
pastors. Christian workers and families, v. 1-2; 
V. 3, no. I. 8-12; V. 4; V. 5, no. 2-3, 8; v. 6. no. 
6-7; V. 7, no. 1-2. 5-12; V. 8, no. 1-4, 6-12; v. 9, 
no. I. New York, 1883-91. 8*. N. 

V. i-v. 3, no. 5, 9; V. 4, no. 5; v. 5, no. 12; 

V. 6, no. 6-7; V. 7» no. i, 2, 5-12; v. 8, no. 1-7. 
6-12; V. 9, no. I. U. 

V. z-5 have tide : The Pulpit Treasury. 

Treasury of divine and useful knowledge. 
See Churchnuui^s monthly magazine. 

Tribune (La) Sacr^; Echo du monde catho- 
lique. V. 1-8. Paris, 1846-53. 8*. U. 

True (The) Baptist : devoted to the discussion 
of the mode of baptism; the design of baptism; the- 
subjects of baptism ; collateral and kindred topics. 
By A. Newton, i v. Jackson, Miss,, 1853. S'- 


True Catholic: reformed, protestant and free. 
V. 1-10(1843-53). 10 v. G, 

2d. ser. V. 1-4 (1854-56). 3 v. G. 

Continued in Amerlcmn church monthly. 

True (The) Latter Day Saints' Herald, v. 1-23. 
Cincinnati, Piano, III,, 1860-76. 8*. N. 

True (The) Protestant (Domestick) Intelligence, 
or, News both from city and country, no. 1-7 (Apr. 
23-May 14, 1680). London: Printed [by B, Har- 
ris?] for the author, 1680. f*. N. 

** Published, apparently from the press of B. Harris, during 
a suspension of tne publication of his * Protestant (Domesdck) 
Intelligence.' *' — Bnt. Mus. cat. of printed books. 

Truth (The) seeker. A journal of free thought 

and reform, v. 6, no. 4-5; v. 19, no. 47, 51; v. 23, 

no. 39; V. 25, no. 42, 46, 50; V. 26-30. New York, 

1879-1903. f*. N. 




Tmth Seeker (The) Annaal and Freethinkers* 
Almanac. 1889. New York, 1889. 8*. N. 

Tmth Teller (The). ▼.!;¥. 2, no. 1-2. Bloom- 
ington, Itl,t Independence t Mo,, 1864-65. 8*. N. 

Tuebinflrer Zeitschrift fQr Theologie. Jahrg. 
1828-1840. Tubingen, 1828-40. 8". U. 

Union des £glises £vang^liques de France. 
Circulaire semestrielle. 9. synode i. circ; 12. 
5ynode» 2. circ. Paris, Nitnes, 1865-72. 4". N. 

Union Gospel News. v. 9, no. 44-45; v. 13, 
no. 23-52; V. 14, no. 1-22; V. 15, no. 1-32, 34-41* 
43-52; V. 16-17; ▼• 18, no. 18. Cleveland, O., 
1 896-1904. £•. N. 

Union Missionary Herald, v. i, no. i. Hart- 
ford, 1842. 8". N..U. 

Union Review. A magazine of catholic litera- 
ture and art, 1863-1875. London, i%t'^-ll, 8*. N. 
1863-65 called V. 1-3. 

Unitarian (The) Annual Register, 1846. Bos- 
un, 1846. 8*. N. 

Unitarian Congregational Register. 1851-55. 
Boston, 1851-55. 12*. U., N. 

Unitarian. A magazine of liberal Christi- 
anity. V. 1-2 (1886-97). Boston, 1886-97. 8^ N. 

V. 3-g edited by J. T. Sunderland; v. xo-ia by F. B. Mott; 
v. i-a by Brooks Herford and Sunderland, and published in 

Merged in Christian Register. 

Unitarian Miscellany and Christian Monitor. 
▼. 1-4, 6 (1821-24). Baltimore, 1822-24. 12°. U. 

V. 1-5. (1822-24.) N. 

V. I is 2. ed. 

Unitarian Review, v. i, no. 1-3, 5; v. 2, 
no. 1-5; V. 3-36. Boston, 1874-91. 8'. N. 

V. 25-36 (1886-91). U. 

Unitarian Year Book. 1856-58,67-71,75-76. 
Boston, 1S56-76. 12°. U. 

United Brethren's Missionary Intelligencer and 
religious miscellany. ¥.5-8(1834-43). New York, 
1836-43. 8". U. 

V. 1-4. 1822-33. G. 

United (The) Presbyterian. ▼. 58-61. Pitts- 
burgh, 1900-1903. f*. N. 

United Presbyterian Magazine, v. 5; n. s. v. 
7, no. 3. 5, 7. Edinburgh, 1851-1890. 8*. U. 

United Presbyterian Quarterly Review. Ed. 
D. R. Kerr. v. 2, no. i, 4. Pittsburgh, 1861. 
S*. U. 

United States Catholic Almanac, or Laity's 
Directory. 1835. Batimore [1835]. I6^ N.. U. 

United States Catholic Historical Magazine. 
V. i; V. 2; V. 3, no9-ii; v. 4. New York, 1887- 
1892. 8'. N. 


United (The) Sutes Catholic Magazine and 
Monthly Review, v. 2, no. 7; v. 3, no. 8; v. 4, 
no. i; V. 7. no. 10-12. Baltimore, 1843-48. 8*. 


United Sutes Catholic Historical Society. 
Historical records and studies, v. 1-2, pt. 1-2; 
V. 3. pt. I. New York, 1 899-1903. 8*. N. 

United States Catholic Historical Society. 
Monograph series, v. 1-2. New York, 1902-04. 

8'. N. 

Unity. V. 19-53. Chicago, 1 887-1904. 4*. N. 


Unity. Published by the Unity Tract Society. 
V. lo-date. Kansas City, Mo,, 1898-date. 8*. N. 


Universal (The) Annual Register of the Bap- 
tist Denomination in America, for the years 1794- 
I7Q5. by John Asplund. Hanover, Va,, 1796' 
4% U. 

Z790 is entered under Annual (The) register, etc. 

Universal Brotherhood: a magazine devoted 
to the brotherhood of humanity, the theosophical 
movement, philosophy, science and art. Founded 
under the title of The Path, by W. Q. Judge, v. 
i; V. 2. no. 1-5, 7-9; V. 3, no. 7, lo; v. 10, no. 
10-12; V. 14. New York, 1886-99. 8*. N. 

Universalist Leader, v. i-date. Boston, 
1898-date. f. N. 


Utah (The) Journal, v. i (Lacks nos. 20, 50); 
V. 2 (Lacks no. 35). Logan City, Utah, 1882-84. 

r. N. 


Utah (The) Maptzine. v. 3, no. 1-18. Salt 
Lake City, 1869. f . N. 

Utah Monthly Magazine, v. i, no. 1-2, 5-6; 

V. 3; v. 4, no. 1-4, 6-8, lo-ii; v. 5, no. 2, 3, 12; 

V. 6, no. 8, 10-12; V. 7; V. 8, no. 4; v. 9, no. i, 7. 

5a// Ztfi^ CiVy, 1884-93. 8\ N. 

V. I has title Parry's Literary Journal; v. 3-6, Parry's 
Monthly Magazine. 

Utah (The) Review, v. i, no. i, 3, 5. 9. Salt 
Lake City, 1881-82. 8'. N. 

V. I, no. I, 2. U. 

Utahnian. v. i. Salt Lake City, 1896. 4°. N. 

Utica Christian Magazine, designed to prompt 
the spirit of research and diffuse religious informa- 
tion. V. 1-3. Utica, 1 8 13-16. 8*. U. 

Utica Christian Repository, containing various 
pieces on doctrinal and practical subjects of reli- 
gion, also a summary of missionaiy intelligence. 
V. 1-5. UHca, N. Y„ 1822-26. 8% U. 

Verein fUr Reformationsgeschichte. See 
Sehriften» etc. 

Verhandelin^n raakende den natuurlyken 
en geopenbaarden godsdienst. See Teyler^s 


Verita (La): Periodico quindicinale evangelico 
Italo-Americano. anno 5. Philadelphia, 1901. 
8'. N. 


Vierteljahrsschrili fQr deutsch- und eng- 
lisch-theologische Forschung und Kritik. Hrsg. 
von M. Heidenheim. 5 v. Gotha, 1861-73. S"- U- 

1867-73 published in Zikrich. 

Vifl^ (El). Tom. I, no. 8 (Nov. 10, 1892). 
Mexico, 1892. 12*. N. 

Virginia (The) Baptist Preacher. See Bap- 
tist (The) Preacher. 

Voice (The), v 11. Tokyo, 1902. 4*. N. 



Voice from the Old Brewery. See Monthly 
Echo of the Original Five Points Mission. 

Voice (The) of the Twentieth Century of the 
African M. E. Church, v. 6. Argenta, Ark,, 1902. 

r. N. 


Voice (A) from Zion: Sermons by J. A. Dowie. 
V. i-date. Chicago, 1897-date. 8". N. 


Volunteer : devoted to the promotion of re- 
vivals, evangelical doctrines and Congregationalism. 
Edited by Asa Rand. v. 1-2. (1831-32.) Boston, 
1831-32. 8°. U. 

Volunteer's Gazette. Official organ of the 
Volunteers of America. 1 896-1 903. New York, 
1 896-1903. f**. N. 


Voree Herald. See Gospel Herald. 

Waarheid in Liefde. Een godgeleerd tijd 
schrift voor beschaafde christenen. v. 1-2. (1848.) 
Groningen, 1848. 2 v. 8*. N. 

Wahrheit zar Gottseligkeit. Eine Zeitschrift 
in zwanglosen Heften. Hrsg. von C. H. G. Hasen- 
kamp. Hefte 1-4. Bremen, 1827-29. 8°. U. 

War Cry. Official gazette of the Salvation 
Army in the United States. 1883, 1885, 1887-1900. 
New York, 1883-1900. f. N. 

1883, 2885, i888-'95, incomplete. 

Warrior (The) Magazine. Published monthly 
by the Salvation Army. no. 1-7. New York, 
1901-02. 12'. N. 

Warsaw Bulletin, v. 2 (8 nos.); v. 3 (24 nos); 
v. 4 (12 nos.); V. 5-22 (incomplete). fVarsaw, ///.. 

1867-85. f". N. 

Warsaw City Bulletin, v. i (18 nos.); v. 2 
(15 nos.); V. 3 (30 nos.); v. 4 (31 nos.); v. 5 (8 
nos.); V. 6 (2 nos.). fVarsaw, ///., 1856-61. f*. 


Warsaw Message, v. i, no. 1-48. Warsaw, 

III., 1843-44. f. N. 

Warsaw Signal, [i ser.] v. 2, no. 1-7, 9-25, 

29-35. 37-42, 44. 46, 49-52; V. 3» no. 1-13; [new 
scr.J V. 1-6; V. 7, no. 1-18. Warsaw, III,, 1841- 
53. f. N. 

Washinf^on theological repertory, v. i, 2, 
5, 6, 8. 1819-27. 5 V. New ser., v. i. 1828. 
I V. G. 

vol. 8 of first series defective. Title after v. 5 reads Washmg- 
ton theological repertory and Churchman^s guide. 

Wasp (The), v. i, no. 12. Nauvoo, III., 

1842. f\ N. 

Watchman (The). See Association Men. 

Watcbman (The). A Baptist Journal. [Edited 
by] G. E. Hore. v. 81-82; v. 84-85; v. 86, no. 
19-20. Boston, 1900-1904. f*. N. 


Watchword. A magazine for the defence of 
bible truth and the advocacy of free church prin- 
ciples, v. I, no. 12 ; V. 2-8. (1867-73.) Edin- 
burgh [1867-73]. 8'. N. 

Also numbered: 13-ax, a^aa, 33, 35-57* 59-70» 7»-79» 8f-8a, 

Watchword for the Glory of God and the Sal- 
vation of Men. V. 8, 10. Dayton, O,,iqoi-O'i. C 
Imperfect. N' 

Way (The) of Faith, v. 10-14. Columbia, 
S. C, 1900-1903. f°. N. 

Weekly. Imperfect. 

Wee Wisdom. Published monthly by the Unity 
Tract Society, v. 3-7. Kansas City, Mo,, 1898- 
1902. 4*. N. 


Weekly Register: The Catholic review, v. 103- 
105. London, 1901-02. f*. N. 


Wesleyan Christian Advocate. [Edited by) 
W. F. Glenn and W. C. Lovett. v. 41. no. 37; v, 
64-v. 65, nos. 1-18, 20-43. 45-52. Atlanta, Ga.„ 
1878-1901. v. N. 


Wesleyan Methodist Connezional Record and 
Year Book. Edited by W. W. Stamp. 1875-1877. 
London, 1875-1877. 8*. N. 

Wesleyan- Methodist Magazine, being a con- 
tinuation of the Arminian or Methodist Magazine, 
first published by the Rev. John Wesley. 3 ser. v. 
I, 6 ; 5 ser. v. 20, no. 11-12; v. 22, no. 5, 7-10; ^ 
ser. V. I, no. 2-3, 10-12; v. 2, no. 1-8; v. 3, no. 
3-8 ; V. 4-17. London, [i822]-93. 8*. N. 

Also called v. 45-1x6 from commencement. 6 ser. v. 5, no. 
a ; V. 17, no. 4 missing. 

3d ser. V. 1-23 (1822-44) ; 4th ser. v. i-io 

(1845-1854). u. 


Western Christian Advocate, v. 66-67; v. 68, 
nos. 47, 49-50. Cincinnati, 1900-1902. 4*. N. 


Western Christian Union. [Edited by] E. W. 
Pfaffenberger. v. 9-12. Boonville, Mo,, 1900- 
1903. 4**. N. 


Western Churchman, v. i. 1884-85. G. 

Western (The) Presbyterian. Continuing The 
North and West. v. 16-17; v. 18, no. i-ii, 13-42- 
Minneapolis, 1900-02. f*. N. 

1894-Oct. 16, 1902. U. 

Previous to Jan. 16, 190a, title is North and West. Merged 
with the Interior Oct. 23, '02. 

Western Pulpit, v. i, no. 10. Chicago, 1866- 

V. I, nos. 1-6, 8, II, 12; V. 2, no. i. U. 

Western Recorder. Year 75; 76, no. 5-'3' 
15-23, 25-52; 77-78; 79. no. 1-4. Louisville^ 
1900-03. V, N. 

Westminster (The), v. 29, no. i-daie. 

Philadelphia, 1904-date. f*. U. 

Current. Absorbed the Presbyterian Journal, Apr. 2, 

Westminster (The): a paper for the home. 

n. s. V. 9-13, no. I. Toronto, 1900-02. f*. N. 


Whittaker's American Churchman's Alma- 
nac. See Protestant Episcopal Almanac. 

Whittaker's churchman's almanac. See 
Protestant Episcopal almanac. 

Wisby stifts-tidningar. 1821, no. i, 4-12; 
1822; 1823, no. I, 5-12; 1824, no. I, 3-12; 1825, 
no. 1-6, 8-11; 1826, no. 1-5, 7-8; 1840. Wisby„ 

1821-40. 8". N. 

1840 title reads: Wtsby stiftstidning. Monthly. 



*8 Evangel. Pab. by the Woman's 
Home and Foreig^n Missionary Society of Brooklyn. 
T. I, no. 3; V. 2-3; ▼. 4, no. 9. (1875, 76. 78.) 
Brooklyn, 1875-78. i6% 8^ N. 

Woman's Evangel. Published monthly by the 
Woman's Missionary Association of the United 
Brethren in Christ. ▼. 19; v. 20, nos. 5, 7-10; v. 
21, no. 4, Dayton, O., 1900-1902. 4*. N. 

WoBUUi** exponent, v. 2, no. 13; v. 25, no. 
16-17. Salt Lake City, xZlz-^^i, f^ N. 

Woman's Work for Woman. Published by the 
Woman's Missionary Societies of the Presbyterian 
Church. ▼. i-date. Philadelphia, and New York, 
1871-date. 8^ U. 


Word (The): a monthly magazine devoted to 

philosophy, science, religion, v. i, no. i. New 

York, 1904. 8'. N. 

Word (The) and the Way. v. 16-19. Council 
Bluffs, 1 901-1903. 4*. N. 


Word (The) and the Work. Published in the 
interests of the Second Avenue Baptist Church. 
V. 1-3. New York, 1 898-1900. 4*. N. 

Words of Reconciliation. L. C. Baker, ed. 
V. 1-8. Philadelphia, 1885-92. 8". U. 

Work of the Christian Church at home and 
abroad, no. 1-3. London, 1863. 4". N. 

Work (The) at Home. Official organ of the 
Albany City Tract and Missionary Society, v. 1-5, 
10-26; V. 27, no. I. Albany, 1875-1900. 8°. N. 

World's (The) Advance Thought and the 
Universal republic, v. ii-date. Portland, Ore- 
gon, 1897-date. 8'. N. 


World's (The) Crisis and Advent Christian 
Messenger, v. 46, no. 1-6, 8-51; v. 47-48; v^49, 
no. 1-49. Boston, 1900-1903. f*. N. 

Wort (Das), v. 5-date. St. Louis, 1898-date. 
8*. N. 


Tea (A) and Nay Almanack for the ^People 
called by the Men of the World, Quakers. 1680. 
London, 1680. 16°. N. 

year book of the American Congregational 
Union. See An&eriean Congregational Year-book. 

Tear book for the Episcopal church in Scot- 
land. 1894, '96, 1900. Edinburgh, 1 894-1900. 

1900. N. 

book of the Free Church of Scotland. 
1888. Edinburgh, 1888. 8^ N. 

book of the Italian Mission of the Protest- 


ant Episcopal Church in the City of New York. 
(1884/5.) New York [1885J. 16'. N. 

Tonn^^ C^e) Christian Soldier. Published by 
the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of 
the P. E. Church in the U. S. A. v. 46, no. 2-3. 
(1898.) New York, 1898. sq. f^ N. 

Tonnf^ (The) Churchman's Miscellany: a maga- 
zine of religious and entertaining knowledge. 
V. 1-2. New York, 1846-47. 8^ N. 

Tonnif (The) Disciple, v. 25-27. Elgin, 
III., 1901-03. f*. N. 


Yonn^ Men's Era. See Assoeiation Men. 

Youn^ (The) Men's Magazine. Edited by 
Richard C. McCormick. v. 1-2. New York, 

1858-59. 8". N. 

In May, 1859, incorporated with Young Men's Christian 

YoanK Soldier and Official Gazette of the 
Junior Soldiers of the Salvation Army of the United 
States, no. 74-148, 381. 39i. -AVw York, 1896- 
1901- 4^ N. 

Yukon (The) Catholic, v. i, no. i. Dawson, 
1902. f^ N. 

Zeltsohrift fttr die Alttestamentliche Wissen. 
schaft. hrsgb. von Bernhard Stade. v. i-date, 
1881-date. Giessen, 1881-date. 8°. N., U. 


V. 17-date. 1897-date. G. 


Beihefte. 1-7. 1 896-1904. 

no. I, 2. 

N., G. 


Zeitsohrilt fQr Christenthum und Gottesge- 
lehrtheit. Hrsg. von Fried. Aug. Koethe. v. i, 
2. Stuttgart, Tubingen &* Jena, 1816-18. 8*. U. 

2Seit8ehrift for christliche Kunst. Hrsg. von 
A. SchnQtgen. Jahrg. ii-date. DUsseldorf, 1899- 
date. 4°. N. 


Zeitschrilt des deutschen Palaestina-Vereins. 
Hrsg. von H. Guthe. v. i-date. Leipzig, 1878- 
date. 8'. N., U., G. 


Zeitschrilt fUr gebildete Christen der Evan- 
gelischen Kirche. Hrsg. v. Gieseler und LOcke. 
4 Hefte. Elberfeld, 1823-4. 8*. U. 

Zeitsehrift for die gesammte lutherische 
Theologie und Kirche. Hrsg. von Rudelbach, 
Guericke, Franz Delitzsch. v. 1-5, 7-1 1, 13-39. 
Leipzig, 1840-78. 8*. U. 

Zeitschrilt fOr die historische Theologie. 
Hrsg. von lUgen, Riedner, Kahnis. v. 1-12, 20- 
45 (i83i-42» 1850-75). Leipzig, i%'i2-is. 8". U 

▼. 7 also called new ser. v. i. 

Zeitschrilt fUr katholische Theologie. v. 
8-23. (1884-99.) Innsbruck, 1884-99. 8". U. 

Zeitschrilt fUr Kirchengeschichte. In Ver- 
bindung mit W. Gass, H. Reuter, und A. Ritschl, 
hrsg. von T. Bricger. v. i-date. Gotha, 1877- 
datc. %\ U. 


Zeitschrilt for kirchliche Wissenschaft und 
kirchliches Leben . . . Hrsg. von Chr. E. Luthardt. 
V i-io. Leipzig, 1880-89. S"- U. 

Zeitschrilt fUr die Kunde des Morgenlandes. 
Hrsg. von H. Ewald, C. v. d. Gabelentz, etc. 
3 V. Gottingen, 1837-41. 8**. U. 

V. 1-7. 1831-50. N. 

Zeitschrilt fur Missionskunde und Religions- 
wissenschaft. Organ des Allgemeinen evangelisch- 
protestantischen Missions vereins. v. 1-15. (1886- 
99.) Berlin, 1 886-1900. 8". U. 

No more published. 



Zeitsohrift fttr die neutestamentliche Wissen- 
schaft and die Kunde des Urcbristentums. Hrsg. 
von Erwin Preuschen. v. i-datc. Giessen^ 1900- 
date. 8^ U., N., G. 


Zeltsohrift zur Nfthrung^ christlichen Sinnes. 
Eds. J. L. Ewald, C. C. Flatt. v. 1, no. 3-v. 2, 
no. 2. Stuttgart, 1816-1818. 8*. . U. 

Zeitsehrift for Philosophie und katholische 
Theologie. Hrsg^. von Achterfeldt und Braun. 
Neue Folge, v. 12-13 (1851-52). Btmn, 1851-52. 

8-. N. 

Zeltschrift fttr Philosophie und philosophische 
Kritik. (Vormals Fichte-UIricische Zeitschrift.) 
v.i-date. Bonn^ Leipzig, etc,, \%y)-^X.^, 8*. N., U. 


V. Z-16 have title: Zeitschrift far Philoaophte and tpeku- 
Utive Theologie; V. 17-iiz called Neue rolge. v. x>z6 
edited by J. H. Fichte; v. 17-ao by Fichte and H. Ulrid ; 
V. 83-84 by Ulrici and A. Krohn; v. 8^ by Krohn; v. 86-95 by 
Krohn and R. Falckenberg; v. 96-1x9 by Fakkenberg; v. lao- 
date by L. Busse. 

Zeitschrift fUr Philosophie und spekulative 
Theologie. See Zeitschrift fttr Philosophie und 
philosophische Kritik. 

Zeitschrift fttr spekulative Theolofifie. In 
Gemeinschaft mit einem Verein von Gelehrten 
herausgegeben von Lie. Bruno Bauer, v. i, 2. 
Berlin, 1836-37. 8'. U. 

Zeitschrift fttr Theologie und Kirche . . . 
hrsg. von J. Gottschick. v. 1-14 (1891-99). v. 
i-date (1891-date). Freiburg, 1891-date. 8"*. U. 


Zeitschrift fttr wissenschaftliche Theologie. 
Hrsg. von Georg B. Winer, v. 1-2, no. i (1826- 
32). Sultbach, 1826-32. 8*. U. 

Zeitschrift fttr wissenschaftliche Theologie . . . 
Hrsg. von A. Hilgenfeld. v. i-date (1858-date). 
Jena, 1858-date. 8*. U. 


In 1803 two distinct volumes were issued, each numbered 36: 
one of uie also called new ser. v. k From 1861-67 published 
at Halle. Since z868, in Leipzig. 

v. 42-date. Leipzig, 1899-date. 8*. N. 


Zion (The) Banner . . . Edited ... by J. A. 
Dowie. V. I-date. Zion City, III,, 1901-date. 
F". N. 

Current, v. a-4 incomplete. 

Zion's Advocate. 1900-1903; Jan. 6-Feb. 3, 
1904. Portland, Me,, 1900-1904. T. N. 

Weekly. Imperfect. 

Zion^s Ensign, v. i, no. 7, 19; v. 14, no. 4; 
V. 15-date (1891, 1902, 1904-date). Independence, 

Mo„ 1891-date. r. N. 

Zion's Herald. [Edited by] C. Parkhurst. 
1845, 1873, i877-i897» 1900-02. Boston, 1845- 

1903. r. N. 

Weekly. 2845, 1873, 1877-84, 1886, 1888-89, 189^, 1903-03 

Zion*s Hope. v. 19, no. i; v. 32, no. 4. 
Latnoni, la., 1 886-1900. N. 

Zion's Reveille. See Gospel Herald. 


Biography and Genealogy. 

Alphabetical^ by Subjects, 

(Edwin P[rosper]). Family history and 
genealogy of the descendants of Robert Augur of 
New HaTen Colony. Middktown: {Pelton 6* 
X'infr^'] 1904. 260 p., I map. illus. 8 . 

Clrarehlll (Gardner Asaph, and N. W.) The 
Churchill family in America. [Boston? .*] family 
0f G, A, Churchill [1904]. xv, 707 p., 10 pi., 16 
port. 4*. 

Pollard (Albert Frederick). Thomas Cran- 
mer, and the English Reformation, 1489-1556. 
Nrm York: G, P, Putnam* s Sons, IQ04. i p.l. 
XV, 399 p., 2 pi, 19 port., I Ub. 12 . (Heroes 
of the Reformation.) 

Collar (Arthur St. Clair). Life and times of 
Andrew Jackson. Nashzille, Tenn,: Marshall^ 
Bruce Co,, 1904. 2 v. pi., ports. 8*. 

Armitafl^e-Smith (Sydney). John of Gaunt, 
King of Castile and Leon, Duke of Aquitaine and 
Lancaster, Earl of Derby, Lincoln and Leicester, 
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No. a 10 of 500 copies printed. Gift of B. Adams. 

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and i\ 

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Schiff Collection. 

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Schiff Collection. 



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Pt. I. IXveloppeinent politique et religieax do pcuple juif. 
Pt. 3. IXvelopperoent moral et sodal d' Abraham 4 Molae. 
Schiff Collection. 


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Cadwalader Collection . 

American and English Literature. 

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Gift of Author. 

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Rotbenian fiction. 

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Rnthenian fiction. 

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Title on cover reads : Le conte de I'&me qui a faim. Conte 
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Rothenian fiction. 

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Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 

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history from the death of Archbishop Parker to the 
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Accademia Pontaniana . . 
Adams, Benjamin .... 
Albert Federico .... 

Allen, Charles H 

Amer. Bankers* Assoc, . . 
Amer. Fine Arts Soc. . . 
Argentine Repub. Nat. Bd. 

of Education 13 

Arnhem, Netherlands, De 

Burgemeester 2 

Bair, Rev. J. F i 

Bech, Carl 47 

Becks, Estate of George . .1224 

Bedford, L. S i 

Black Hills Min. Men's Assoc. i 
Brazil, Bibl. e Museu da 

Marinha 2 

British Col., King's Printer . i 
Brooklyn Daily Eagle ... 2 

Brown, S. R i 

Canada, King's Printer . . 2 
Castillo, Camilo .... 

Century Assoc 480 

Chicago Daily News ... i 
China,Imp. MaritimeCust'ms 53 
Col. of Physicians & Surg. . i 
Colonial Order of the Acorn, 

New York Chapter ... i 
Conn. Bank Commiss. . . i 
D. A. R.. Col. Timothy Bige- 

low Chapter 

Delft, Netherlands,De Burge- 
meester 6 

Denmark, Kommissionen for 

Havunders6gelser . . . 
Dunedin, N. Z., Town Clerk 
Eidlitz, Marc & Son ... i 

Evans, Henry R 

Ferrara, Italy, II Sindaco . 10 
Frankfurt a. M. Stadtbiblio- 


Glasgow, City Chamberlain. i 

Goldsmith, M 2 

Grenada, Colonial Secretary 3 
Hartford, Charity Org. Soc. 
Harvard Col. Class of 1863 . t 
Hodgdon, Miss J. E. ... 26 

India Office 127 

Interbor'gh Rap. Transit Co. i 
Kennedy, John S i 








Knorr, Miss R. H 

Letchworth, Hon. W. P. 
Library of Congress . . . 
London County Council . . 
London, Town Clerk . . . 
Marsh, Miss M. C. (403 

pieces music) 

Mass. Inst, of Technology . 
Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Mexico, Sec. de Relaciones 


Mus^e Teyler .... 
New Hampshire Medical Soc 
New South Wales, Legisla 

tive Assembly . . . 
New South Wales Legisla 

tive Council .... 
N. Y.^City, Com. of Sink. Fund 
N. Y. Ophth. & Aural Inst. 
New York University . . 
Newfoundland, Col. Sec'ty 
Noord-Brabant, Neth., Com 

miss, of Province . . 
Ohio, Chief Inspect'rof Mines 
Padova, Italy, II Sindaco 
Plainfield Public Library 
Prison Assoc, of New York 
Publishers' Weekly . . 
Riggs & Brother . . . 
Roma, Italy, II Sindaco . 
St. Bartholomew's Parish 
St. Lawrence University . 
Schuyler, Philip, MS. letters 
Scott, James W. T. . . 
Scribner's, Charles, Sons . 
South Dakota Bd. of Rail 

road Commiss. . . . 
Texas State Liby. Assoc. 
Torino, Reale Accademia 
Unione Italiana Tramways 


U. S. Supt. of Documents 
Univ. of Chicago . . . 
Univ. Club Library . . 
Utrecht, Netherlands, De 

Burgemeester . . 
Venice, Italy, II Sindaco . 
Victoria Univ. of Manchester 
Welles, Charles S. . . . 
Willis-Byrom Club . . 

































Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York City. 

Subacnption One Dollar a year, ud$^ numbers Ten Genu. Snbsoriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood, Bostneas 

Superintendent, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York. 
Entered at the Post Ofl&ce at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter, January 30, 1897, under Act of July x6, 1894. 





MARCH 1905 
Volume IX • Number 3 

Report foe Harcb - 83-86 

Collation op thk Axbrican Diplomatic Corrksposdkkcb . 87-89 

List op Wobbb Rblatino to Irblakd, Part 1. . . . 90-104 

Pbimcifal AccBaBiOKB IN FsBRDARv 100-111 

PBiscrpAi, DosoHS IN Fkbrdaby 113 



William W. Appleton. 

John Bigklow. 

John L. Cadwalader. 

Andrew Carnegie. 

Cleveland H. Dodge. 

John Murphy Farley. 

Samuel Greenbaum. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. 

John S. Kennedy. 

Edward King. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. 

Alexander Maitland. 
J. PiERPONT Morgan. 
Morgan J. 0*Brien. 
Stephen H. Olin. 
Alexander E. Orr. 
Henry C. Potter. 
George L. Rives. 
Charles Howland Russell. 
Philip Schuyler. 
George W. Smith. 
Frederick Sturgbs. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Edward M. Grout, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Charles V. Fornes, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President^ Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 40 Lafayette Place. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 40 Lafayette Place. 


Lafayette Place, 40. (Astor.) Fifth Avenue, 890. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 31. (Chatham Square.) 

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

Eldridgb Street, 184. (University Settlement Building.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer.) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 130 West. Near 6th Avenue. (Muhlenberg.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street, 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce. Department Headquarters.) 

50tb Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

59th Street, 113 East. Near Lexington Avenue. 

67th Street, 328 East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 

76th Street, 538 East. (Webster.) 

79th Street, 222-224 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

82d Street. 2279 Broadway. (St. Agnes.) 

86th Street. 536 Amsterdam Avenue. 

91st Street, 121 West. Between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. (Blind Library.) 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

156th Street, 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


140th Street, 569 East, cor, Alexander Avenue. (Mott Haven.) 


ToTTENViLLE. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street. 





Vol. IX. 

March, 1905. 

No. 3. 


Reference Department. 

During the month of February there were received at the Library, by pur- 
chase, 541 volumes and 615 pamphlets; by gift, 985 volumes and 2,823 pamphlets; 
and by exchange, 90 volumes and 5,861 pamphlets, making a total of 1,616 vol- 
umes and 9,299 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 2,617 volumes and 3,053 pamphlets, for which were 
written 7,937 cards, in addition to which 3,362 slips were written for, and 14,695 
cards received from, the copying machine. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number 
of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox, during the month: 




No. of readers and visitors 







60, 88 J 


No. of readers 

No. of readers, desk aoDlicants 

No. of volumes consulted by desk applicants. . 
Dailv averacre of readers 


Number of visitors to Print Exhibition, etc.. 


Circulation Department. 

The roost popular books of the month were (in non-fiction): Hearn's ** Japan, 
an Attempt at an Interpretation,*' Guerber's *' Stories of the Opera," and Palmer's 
**With Kuroki in Manchuria"; (adult fiction): Thurston's **The Masquerader," 
Kelly's *• Little Citizens," and Stevenson's *' Marathon Mystery"; (juvenile 
fiction): *'Alcott's ** Little Women," Tomlinson's ''Winning His *W'," and 
Douglas's *• Little Girl in Old New York." 







East Broadway, 33 

Chatham Square. 

East Broadway, 197, 

Educational Alliance Building. 

Eld RIDGE Street, 184 

Bond Street, 49 

8th St., 135 Second Ave. 


loth St.. 331 East, 

Tompkins Square. 

13th St., 251 West, 

Jackson Square. 

22d St., 230 East, 


23d St.. 130 West, 


34TH Street, 215 East 

40th St., 501 West, , 

St. Raphael. 

42d St., 226 West, , 

George Bruce. 

50th St., 123 East, 


51st St., 463 West 

Sacred Heart. 

59rH Street, 113 East , 

67TH Street, 328 East 

69th St., 190 Amsterdam Ave.,. 

Travelling Libraries 

76th St.. 538 East 


79th St.. 222-224 East 


82d St., 2279 Broadway, 

St. Agnes. 

86th St., 536 Amsterdam Ave. . 

91st St., 121 West, 


looth St., 206 West 


iioth St., 174 East, 


123d St.. 32 West, 

Harlem Library. 

125TH Street, 224 East 

156th St., 922 St. Nicholas Ave., 
Washington Heights. 

ToTTENViLLE, 137 Johnson Ave 



home use. 




























































readers in reading 























































From Hon. John Bigelow were received two volumes of *• The Ladies Magazine; 
An Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex appropriated solely to their Use and 
Amusement," for 1793 and 1794, containing the first publication in English of 
Franklin's autobiography, being the only time it was ever published as a serial. 
The translation was from the French version, in which the work shortly before had 
been given to the public two years after Franklin's death (1790). 

Other gifts were: From Henryk Arctowski, 28 of his pamphlets relating to 
Antarctic exploration; from the K. u. K. Reichs-Kriegs Ministerium, 9 of its pub- 
lications; from the Brazilian Consul General at New York, 17 volumes and i 
Atlas relating to the boundary question between Brazil and British Guiana; from 
Cleveland H. Dodge, 165 volumes and 8 pamphlets, including 60 copies of the 
** Physiological Aspects of the Liquor Problem "; from Mrs. Henry Draper, 4 vol- 
umes, 5 pamphlets, and 72 prints, including a collection of Little Russian folk 
songs; from the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society a List of books printed in 
Scotland before 1700; from Mrs. Paul L. Ford, 277 volumes and 31 pamphlets, 
including various editions of Weems' ** Life of Washington *' and early American 
novels; from the Librarian of the Haus der Abgeordneten of Prussia, the 
** Biicher-Verzeichnis des Hauses der Abgeordneten," 1900-1902, in 3 volumes; 
from Rev. Joseph H. McMahon, a German manuscript, probably written in the 
i6th century, containing a collection of medical receipts; from Dr. William James 
Morton, 2 photographs representing Dr. T. G. Morton's tuition tickets at Harvard 
Medical School, 1845, and a Diploma of Washington University granting Dr. Mor- 
ton the Honorary Degree of M.D. ; from the National Council of the Congre- 
gational Churches of the United States, the '* Congregational Year-books" for 
1893, 1901, 1902 and 1904; from the Polish Socialist Society of London, 14 vol- 
umes and 79 pamphlets of their publications; from Victor H. Paltsits, a copy of 
his ** Bibliography of the Writings of Baron LaHontan"; from John Robinson, 
5 annuals, including **The Jewel" for 1839, 1843, ^"^ 1846; from Elihu Root, his 
Argument before the Attorney General on the Canal Improvement Act; from the 
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Association, 18 volumes, being the writings of Thomas 
Jefferson, Mqnticello edition; from the Vermont State Library, 13 volumes and 
18 pamphlets, state docnments; from Paul Weir, 3 volumes of the ** Royal 
Gazette" of Bermuda; and from the Deutsche Gesellschaft von Pennsylvanien, 33 
of their ** Jahresberichte," 3 mounted photographs representing the laying of the 
cornerstone of their new building, 1888, and 8 pamphlets relating to the Germans 
in Philadelphia. 

One of the important purchases of the month was a volume of ** Laws Of Her 
Majesties Colony of New- York," printed in this city by William Bradford in 17 10. 
With this volume in the Library our file of the New York digests is complete so 
far as the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are concerned; 1694, 1710, 1713, 
1726, 1752, 1762, 1774, i784» 1789, 1792-1797 (first to the third, fifth to the 
eleventh), all are New York imprints, 1719 (fourth in the series) is the London 

At the Lenox Branch the exhibitions of etchings by F61ix Bracquemond, 
Robert F. Blum, and R. Swain Gifford were continued during the month, as was 
also that of the Smith collection of Japanese prints and the Century Company's 


printing exhibit. To the Gifford Exhibition there were added on February 15 
three graphite drawings, by I. Ferris Lockwood, after paintings by Gifford. At 
the AsTOR Branch the plates illustrating anniversaries and holidays occurring in 
January to March were continued. 

At the Tompkins Square Branch the Print Room exhibition of plates from 
Audsley's ''Ornamental Arts of Japan *' was continued, as were the exhibitions of 
Racinet's costume plates at the 125TH Street Branch and the Hollyer etchings at 
the 67TH Street Branch. At Chatham Square the plates from the Wilkic 
Gallery remained on view, and at Yorkville Racinet's costume plates, Part a 
(after the XVIth Century). 

At the Circulation branches the picture bulletins and temporary collections of 
books on special shelves were as follows: At all of the branches, Abraham Lincoln 
and George Washington. In addition to these there were at Chatham Square, 
Charles Dickens, Lew Wallace; East Broadway, Famous men and women born 
in February, Bond Street, Making of an empire, Anthracite coal, California, 
Patriotic songs, Texas, New books; Ottendorfer, Sociology, African geography; 
Tompkins Square, Famous men and women born in February, Germany; Jackson 
Square, New books, France; Muhlenberg, Cow boy life, Songs of Burns, Won- 
ders of Colorado, The violin, California, Brittany and Normandy, Touraine, 
Switzerland ; Fifty-ninth Street, Longfellow, Famons men and women born in 
February; Riverside, New books; Seventy-sixth Street, Music, Questions of 
the day, St. Valentine's day; Yorkville, New books; St. Agnes, France, Eastern 
geography; Bloomingdale, Lew Wallace, Wild animals; Aguilar, Famous men 
and women born in February; One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Street, Lew 
Wallace; Tottenville, Our country, a story, South America, The making of a 

The new building for the Riverside Branch at 190 Amsterdam Avenue, between 
68th and 69th Streets, was opened with formal exercises on Thursday, February 
1 6th, at 4.30 p. M. Hon. Alfred J. Tailey, Civil Service Commissioner, the desig- 
nated representative of the Mayor, presided and accepted the building on behalf 
of the City from Hon. John L. Cadwalader, who turned it over on behalf of the 
Trustees of the New York Public Library. Addresses were also made by Frank 
Dodd, Esq., President of the Riverside Association, and by Dr. J. S. Billings, 
Director of the Library. Music was furnished by the Glee Club and Orchestra of 
the High School of Commerce. This branch building is the seventh erected by 
the Public Library from the Carnegie fund. The branch library that occupies it 
was first opened in connection with the Riverside Association in its building at 259 
West 69th Street on February 3, 1894, It was turned over to the New York Free 
Circulating Library on May 6, 1897, and received as a branch of the Public Library 
on February 23, 1901. After several removals it finds a permanent home in the 
new building just dedicated. 


By A. R. Hasse, Chief of the Document Department. 

Because of frequent inquiries for information about the two series of printed diplomatic correspond- 
ence known as the Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution (i 776-1783) and Diplomatic 
Correspondence of the United States (i 783-1 789), and because of frequent confusion of the two sedes, 
or of their various issues, as noted in catalogues, the following statement is made of the set owned by the 
New York Public Library. The set is believed to be complete. 

Of the first series, which covers the period 1 776-1 783, two editions were issued, namely : 

[i] Boston and New York, 1 829-1 830. 12 volumes. 8*. 
[2] Washington: John C. Rives, 1857. 6 volumes. 8*. 

Of the second series, which covers the period 1 783-1 789, three editions were issued, namely : 

i] Washington: F. P. Blair, 1 833-1 834. 7 volumes. 8*. 
'2 Washington: Blair & Rives, 1837. 7 volumes. 8"*. 
'3 J Washington: Blair & Rives, 1837. 3 volumes. 8**. 

The detailed statement is as follows : 

[Series i, 177^1783.] 

[edition i.] 

The I Diplomatic Correspondence | of the | Ameri- 
can Revolution. I Being J the letters of Benjamin 
Franklin, Silas Deane, John | Adams, John Jay, 
Arthur Lee, William Lee, Ralph Izard, | Francis 
Dana, William Carmichael, Henry Laurens, | John 
Laurens, M. Dumas, and others, concerning] the 
foreign relations of the United States | during the 
whole revolution; | together with | the letters in 
reply from the Secret Committee of | Congress, and 
the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. | Also, | the entire 
correspondence of the French ministers, | Gerard 
and Luzerne, with Congress. | Published under the 
Direction of the President of the United Sutes, 
from I the original Manuscripts in the Department 
of State, conformably | to a Resolution of Con- 
gress, of March 27th, 181 8. | Edited | by Jared 
Sparks. | Boston : N. Hale and Gray 6* Bowen, 
G, &^ C. &* H, Carvill, New York, 1829-30. 12 v. 

V. I. 1829. zxx, 514 pp. 

Silas Deane't correspondence, Mch. 3, Z776-Mch. 17, 1783, 
p. i-sao. Correspcmdence of the [American] commis- 
skmers at the court of France [Franklin, Deane, and 
Arthur Lee], Dec. z, Z776-Feb. 10, 1779, P« a2x-5Z4. 

V. 2. 1829. xxix, 528 pp. 

Corre s pondence of Arthur Lee, American commissioner at 
the court of France, Dec. 12, 1775-Dec. 7, 1780, p. z-aSa. 
Correspondence of William Lee, commissioner at courts of 
Vieiuia aiu) Berlin^ Jly. z, Z777-Mch. 3z^ Z78a, p. 283-362. 
Correspondence ot R^lph Izard, commissioner to Grand 
Dnke of Tuscany, Tljr. z, Z777-Aug. 6, Z780, p. 363-448. 
Correspondence of Henry Laurens, commissioner for nego- 
tiating a treaty of amity and commerce with Holland, Oct. 
26, J 779- Apr. 30, Z784, p. 449-528. 

V. 3. 1829. xxvi. 504 pp. 

Corr es pondence of Benjamin Franklin, American commis- 
siooer and minister plenipotentiary to the court of France, 
mad commifsioner tor negotiating a peace, Dec. 8^ Z776- 
Je. 29, Z782, p. 1-375. [Franklin*sT Journal of negotiations 
tor peace with Great Britain, May ^ z782-^e. 27, Z782, 
p. 376-477. Co r re s pondence of Frai^din, continued, Jly. 2, 
i78a-Auc. z6, Z782, p. 477-504. 

V. 4. 1829. xxvi, 507 pp. 

Correspondence of Franklin, continued, Aug. 23. Z782- 
Nov. 29, Z788, p. Z-23Z. Correspondence of John Adams, 
one of the commissioners to France, minister plenipoten- 
tiary to Holland, and one of the commissioners for negoti- 
ating a treaty of peace, Dec. 3, Z777-Apr. z6, Z780, p. 233- 
V. 5. 1829. XX, 504 pp. 

Correspondence of John Adams, continued, Apr. 17, Z780- 
May z6, 1781, p. z-504. 

V. 6. 1830. xxiii, 512 pp. 

Same, continued, May 16, i78z-Dec. 4, Z782, p. z-sza. 

V. 7. 1830. xxiv, 512 pp. 

Same, continued, Dec. Z4, Z782-Sept. zo, Z783, p. Z-Z67. 
Correspondence of John Jay, Dec. 20, Z779-N0V. 28, Z78Z, 
p. Z69-5Z2. 

V. 8. 1830. XXIV, 510 pp. 

Correspondence of John Jay^ntinued, Dec zi, Z78z-Jly* 
25, Z784, p. z-a37. Francis Dazm^s correspondence, Aug* 
zo, z78o-Dec. Z7, Z783, p. a39-5zo. 

V. 9. 1830. xxvii, 531 pp. 

Correspondence of William Carmichael, charg6 d*a£Faires 
from U. S. to court of Spain, Nov. 2, Z776-Au^. 30^ Z783, 
p. Z-Z92. Correspondence of John Laurens, special minister 
to the court of France, Dec. 33. z78o-Sept. 6, Z78Z, p. Z93- 
249. Correspondence of Charles W. F. Dumas, agent of 
the U. S. in Holland, Dec. Z9, Z77s-Je. 23, Z783, p. 25Z-S3X. 

V. 10. 1830. xxviii, 500 pp. 

Correspondence of Gen. La Fayette on the foreign affairs 
of the U.S., Nov. 23, Z78z-Oct. Z5, Z787, p. z-66. Corre- 
spondence of the Amencan commissioners [John Adams, 
Franklin, Jay, Henry Laurens, and Jeff ersonT for negotiat- 
ing a peace with Great Britain, Je. zs, Z78i-Se|>t. zo,-z783, 
p. 67-230. Correspondence of C. A. Gerard, minister pleni- 
potentiary from the court of France to the U.S., Men. 28, 
Z778-Sept. 35, z^79, p. 2^-356. Correspondence of C. A. 
de la Luzerne, minister plenipotentiary from France to the 
U. S., Sept. z6, Z779-Sept. 6, Z78Z, p. 357-500. 

v. II. 1830. xxxii, 503 pp. 

Correspondence of Lucerne, continued, Sept. zo, Z78Z-? 
Z787, p. Z-Z93. Corres(>ondence of Robert Livingston, 
secretary of foreign affairs, Jan. zo, Z78z-Je. 2, Z783, p. 
>95~349* Correspondence of Robert Morris, superintend- 
ent offinance, Feb. 7, X78Z-N0V. 2, Z78Z, p. 343-S03« 




V. 12. 1830. xxiv, 502 pp. 

Correspondeoceof Robert Morris, continaed, Nov. 3, 1781- 
Nov. 1, 1784, p. z-soa. 


Resolotioaof Mch. 37« 1818 (3 St. L., 475),directs printing of 
** the Foreign Correspoodeoce of the Congress of the United 
States, from the first meeting thereof, down to the date of the 
ratification of the definitive treatv of peace, between Great 
Britain and the United States, in the vear seventeen hundred 
and eighty three, except such oarts 01 the said foreign corre- 
spondence as the President 01 the United Slates may deem it 
improper at this time to publish/^ 

General appropriation bill for 1830 (4 St. L., 381) provides 
^* For enaUing the Secretary of State to execute a contract with 
Jared Sparks, of Boston, made by Henry Clay^ late Secreurv 
of State, for printing and publishing the foreign correspond- 
ence of the Congress of the United States, from the first meet- 
ing thereof to . . . [1783], thirty-one thousand three hundred 


Resolution of Mch. 27, 1818, provides " one copv shall be 
furnished to each member of the present Congress (/. r., 15th 
congress, 347 members], and the residue shall remain subject 
to tne future disposition of congress.'* 

An Act for the distribution of certain books therein men- 
tioned, approved Mav 36, 1830 (4 St. L., 407) Sec. i provides 
for the distribution of the diplomatic correspondence to various 
federal, sute, and territorial oflSdals and institutions, etc. 

A RcMlution to place 30 copies of the diplomatic correspond- 
ence of the American revolution at the disposition of the Secre- 
tary of State ** for the use of the diplomatic agents of the U. S. 
in foreign countries," was approved Mch. a, 1833 (4 St. L., 

[edition 2.] 

The I Diplomatic Correspondence | of the | Ameri- 
can ReYoIntion: I Being! the letters of Benjamin 
Franklin, Silas Deane, John Adams, John Jay, | 
Arthar Lee, William Lee, Ralph Izard, Francis 
Dana, William | Carmichael, Henry Laurens, John 
Laurens, M. Domas, and | others, concerning the 
foreign relations of the | United States during the 
whole rerolotion; | together with | the letters in 

reply from the Secret Committee of Congress, and 
the secretary of foreign affairs. | Also, | the entire 
correspondence of the French ministers, Gerard 
and I Luzerne, with Congress. | Published under 
the Direction of the President of the United States, 
from the original Manuscripts | in the Department 
of State, conformably to a Resolution of Congress, 
of March 27th, 1818. | Edited by Jared Sparks. | 
New Edition: fVashingion: Published by John C. 
Hives, 1857. 6 V. 23cm. 
Sabin, no. 20215. 

V. I. xxzix, 736 pp. 

Comprises material included in v. 1-3 of the above-noted 
12 volume edition. 

V. 2. xxxiv, 730 pp. 

Comprises material included in v. 3-4 of the above-noted 
12 volume edition. 

V. 3. xxvi. 728 pp. 

Comprises material included in v. 5-6 of the above-noted 
12 volume edition. 

V. 4. xxviii, 737 pp. 

Comprises material included in v. 7-8 of the above-noted 
12 volume edition. 

V. 5. xxxvi. 747 pp. 

Comprises material included in v. 9-10 of the above-ooced 
Z2 v<Mume edition. 

V. 6. xxxviii, 710 pp. 

Comprises material included in v. zz-13 of the above-noted 
Z2 volume edition. 


for the State DepMtment, fifteen thousand dollars.** For cor- 
re^xmdence recommending this appropriation see 34 cong., 
3 sess., H. ex. doc. Z3, and 35 cong., z sesa., H. ex. doc. Z4. 

[Series 2, 1 783-1 789.] 
[edition i.] 

The I Diplomatic Correspondence | of the | United 
States of America, | from the signing of the | defi- 
nitive treaty of peace, | loth September, 1783, | to 
the I adoption of the constitution, March 4, 1 789. | 
Being | the letters of the presidents of congress, 
the secretary | for foreign affairs — American min- 
isters at foreign | courts, foreign ministers near 
congress — reports | of committees of congress, 
and reports of | the secretary for foreign affairs 
on I various letters and communications; | together 
with I letters from individuals on public affairs. | 
Published under the direction of the Secretary of 
State, I from the original Manuscripts in the De- 
partment of Sute, I conformably to an Act of 
Congress, approved May 5, 1832. | 
City of Washington: Printed by Francis Preston 
Blair, 1 833-34. 7 v. 21cm. 

▼. I. 1833. xl, 504 pp. 

Correspondence of Elias Boudinoc, president of Congress, 
pp. 1-138. Correspondence of John Jay, secretary for 
foreign affairs, with M. de Marbois, charge d'affaires 
of His Most Christian Majesty, p. 139-385. Correspond- 
ence of General the Marquis de la Fayette, p. 387-457. 
The correspondeoce of Thocnas Barclay, p. 459-504. 

▼. a. 1833. xxxiv, 504 pp. 

Corre s poodence of Benjamin FrankUn. p. 1-90. Corre- 

H>odeocc of John Adams, minister plempoteotiary to 
oUand, p. Z01-190. Correspondence of John Adams, 
Benjamin rranklin, and Thomas Jefferson joint commis- 

sion's, and ministers plenipotentiary for the formation of 
treaties of amity and commerce with foreign powen, p. 
193-346. Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson, one erf the 
commissioners for the formation of treaties of amity and 
commerce, and minister plenipotentiary to France, with 
the answers of John Jay, secretary for foreifn affairs, 
p. 349-504. 

V. 3. 1833. XXV, 507 pp. 

Correspondence of Thomas Jeff( 
p. 1-507. 

ersoo, etc, continoed. 


V. 4. 1833. xxxi, 504 pp. 

Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson, etc, continoed, 
p. S-149. Correspondence of John Aoams, one of the 
commissioners for the formation of treaties of amity and 
commerce and minister pIcnipotentiarY to England, with 
the answers of John Jay, secretary for foreign affairs, 
p. 152-504. 

V. 5. 1833. xxiv, 492 pp. 

\r!orrespondence of John Adams, etc, oontinoed, p. 1-369. 
Correspondence of Col. W. S. Smith, s ecret a ry of legatioD 
at the court of London; with the answers of John Jay,, 
secretary for foreign affairs, p. 371-492. 

V. 6. 1833. xxxiv, 518 pp. 

Correspondence of John Jay, secretary for foreign affairs,, 
with John Temple, consul general from Great Britain, 
p. 1-6^. Correspondence of John Jay, secretary for for- 
eign affairs, with I^iego de Gardoqui, charg^ d'affaires 
from Spain, p. 65-272. Correspondence of WnuCarmicharl. 
charg^ d'affaires at the court of Spain.with the answers of 
John Jay, secretary for foreign affairs, p. 973-417. Cor- 
respondence of P. J. Van Berckel, minister plenipotentiary 
from the United Netherlands, with the president of coo- 
gress and John Jay, secretary of foreign a&in, p. 419-518. 



▼. 7. 1834. XXX, 512 pp. 

Correspondence of C. W. F. Dumas, p. z-a86. Corre- 
spondence of capt. John Paul Jones, agent to solicit pay- 
ment for prizes taken in Europe under his command, p. 
187-437. Letters from individuals on public afEairs, and 
reports of secretary John Jay, p. 439-512. 


On Dec. aa, 1830, it was resolved, on motion of Galian C 
Verplanck, represenutive from New York, **that the Com- 
mittee on the Library be instructed to inquire into the expedi- 
ency of ordering to be published, under the direction of the 
Seovtary of State, the diplomatic correspondence of the United 
States under the old Confederation, from the peace of 1783 to 
the organization of the Government after tne adoption of 
the present constitution" (ai. a. H. jol., 91). On Feb. 10, 1831, 
Mr. Everett, from the Committee on the Library, pursuant to 
the above resolution, reported a joint resolution, which was 
read the first time and then was not heard of again (ib., ago). 
The twenty-first congress adjourned on March 3, i8iz. 

Daring the first session of the next congress, Mr. Verplanck 
again took ap the subject, and on March 9, 1833, he introduced 
a bill (aa. z. ti. R. 447) ** making an appropriation for the pub- 
Ucation of certain (Hplomatic corre s pondence, etc.** (aa. i. H. 
j<d., 4^). The report accompanying the bill (aa. x. H. rpt. 356) 
induoM a list, submitted by Edward Livingston, then Secre- 
tary of State, of the correspondence in the State Department, 
which, properly, would be included in the contemplated publi- 
cation. The provisions of this bill (H. R. 457) were after- 
wards transfeiired to the general appropriation bill for 183a, 
approved May 5, 183a (4 St. L., 513), and read ** To enable tne 
Secretary of State to cause to be printed, under his direction, 
a selection from the diplomatic correspondence of the Unitea 
States, between . . . [Z783-Z780I remaininir unpublished in the 
Department of State, twdve tnousand dollars.*' 


During the first session of the twenty-third congress, on 
May 9, 1834, a letter from the Secretary of State (Louis 
McLane) was presented to the Senate, in which the secretary 
stated thmt 965 sets of the correspondence printed under act of 
May 5, z83a, bad been placed in charge of the clerk of the 
House, and were at the disposition ofConm-ess. The letter 
was referred to the Joint Committee on the Library (33. z. S. 

§1., 354). On May 13. the same letter was presented to the 
ouse and was similarly referred (33. i. H. jol., 6ai, 624). On 
inoe 4, 1834, Mr. Everett, from tne Joint Committee on the 
ibrary, reported a joint resolution (33. z. H. J. res. 6) ** pro- 
viding K>r the distribution of Diplomatic Correspondence of 
the United States, Z783-Z789*' (33. z. H. jol., 693). This joint 
resolntioo was approved June z8 (4 St. L., 743). 

[edition 2.] 

The I Diplomatic Correspondence | of the | United 
Sutes of America, | from the signing of the | defi- 
nitive treaty of peace, | September 10, 1783, | to 
the I adoption of the constitution, March 4, 1789. | 
Being | the letters of the presidents of congress, 
the secretary | for foreign affairs — American min- 
isters at foreign | courts, foreign ministers near 
congress — reports | of committers of congress, and 
reports of | the secretary for foreign affairs on | vari- 
OQs letters and communications; | together with let- 
ters from individuals on public affairs. | Published 
under the direction of the Secretary of State, from 
the I original Manuscripts in the Department of 
Bute, conformably | to an Act of Congress, ap- 

proved May 5,1832. I City of Washington: Printed 
by Blair fir* Rives^ 1837. 7 v. 2icnj. 

This edition is not mentioned in Sabin or in Poore, and is 
sometimes found in catalogues confused with the Z833-34 
edition. It collates identically as to pages with tbe Z833-34 
edition. It is not a re-issue, however, irom the same type, but 
has been set up from a new body of type. While it collates 
similarly as to paging with the earlier edition, it does not do 
so as to lines. Note line 5 on page 3Z3 respectively of the two 
editions; note also error in page numbering of p. az3 of the 
x8?3'*34 edition, which has been correctly printed in tne Z837 
edition. Although the lining of the title-page is the same in 
the two editions,the font of type used is unmisukably different. 

[edition 3.] 

The I Diplomatic Correspondence | of the | United 
States of America, | from the signing of the | defi- 
nitive treaty of peace, | loth September, 1783, | to 
the I adoption of the constitution, March 4, 1789. | 
Being | the letters of the presidents of congress, the 
secretary for foreign | affairs — American ministers 
at foreign courts, foreign ministers | near congress 
— reports of* committees of congress, and reports | of 
the secretary for foreign affairs on various letters | 
and communications; | together with | letters of 
individuals on public affairs. | Published under the 
direction of the Secretary of State, from the origi- 
nal Manuscripts in the | Department of State, con- 
formably to an Act of Congress, approved May 5, 
1832. I City of Washington: Printed by Blair 6» 
Rives, 1837. 3 V. 23cm. 

On verso of title-page is an extract from the law authorizing 
the printing of the compilation, and below that is the legend: 
^^ Eaition in three volumes, published by John C. Rives, Z855." 

Sabin, no. 30315 ; see also p. Z73, report Librarian of Con- 
gress, Z904. 

V. I. 1837. xlviii, 837 pp. 

Correspondence of Elias Boudinot, p. z-98. Corresponds 
ence ot John Jay, p. 99-375. Correspondence of Lafayette, 
p. 377-337. Correspondence of Thomas Barclay, p. 339- 
363. Correspondence of Franklin, p. 363-43Z. Correspond- 
ence of John Adams, p. 433-49)9. Correspondence of 
Adams, Franklin and lefferson, p. 499-608. Correspond- 
ence of Jefferson and Jay, p. 609-837. 

v. 2. 1837. xxxiii, 834 pp. 

Correspondence of Jefferson and Jay, continued, p. z-333. 
Correspondence of Adams and Jay, p. 333-834. 

▼•3. 1837. xxxix, 819 pp. 

Correspondence of W. S. Smith and John Tay, p. z-89. 
Correspondence of Tohn Jay and John Temple, p. 9Z-Z34. 
COrrespondenceof John Jay and Diego de Gardoqui,p.z35- 
38z. Correspondence of William C^rmichael and John Tay, 
383-386. Correspondence of P. J. Van Berckel and John 
av, p. 387-457. Correspondence of C. W. F. Dumas and 
bhn Jay, p. 459-658. Correspondence of capt. John Paul 
Jones, p. 659-758. Letters from individuals on public 
affairs, and reports of secretary John Jay, p. 759-819. 


On March Z9, Z856, Secretary of State Marcy addressed the 
chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, ask 
ing for an appropriation of $7500 to purchase 500 copies of the 
three-volume stereotyped edition of the Diplomatic Corre- 
spondence (34 cong., z sess. H. misc. doc. 70). This sum was 
allowed in the sundry civil bill for 1857, approved Aug. 18 
Z856 (zz, St. L., 105). 


Order of Arrangement : 



Public Documents and Official Publications (Serl/^ls). 

Census and Vital Statistics. 


General Works. 

Ecclesiastical History. 

Essays and Miscellany. 
Topography, Maps, Local History, etc. 



Works relating to spEaAL periods (arranged chronolo- 
Irish (Gaelic) Language. 



Irish (Gaelic) Literature, Folklore, etc. 



Individual Texts and Authors. 
Irish Music. 

More specific subjects than the above, such as Irish industries, the poor, a^niculture, politics, etc, 
are entered, in the main, in the s^oup of Works relating to Special Periods, these subjects in the index 
(pard) catalogue of the library being entered under their own names and not under Ireland. 

Very few periodical entries are included in this list, though many such entries may be found under 
their subject headings in the index (card) catalogue. 

With few exceptions the works here noted are in the Astor branch. 


Arbols de Jabain-viUe (Henri de). Essa 
d*un catalogue de la litt^rature ^pique de Tlrlande, 
pr^^d^ d*une ^tude sur les manuscrits en langue 
iriandaise conserved dans les isles britanniques et 
sur le continent. Paris, 1883. 8". 

Catalofl^e (A) of Irish manuscripts. (Archae- 
ologia Briunnica, by E. Lhuyd. Oxford, 1707. 
f. pp. 435-436.) 

Cathedral Total Abstinence Society, Phiia. 
Catalogue of books in the Irish library. Philadel- 
phia, 1%%^, 20 pp. 8'. 

Dally (James) 6f* Co. Catalogue of standard 
Catholic publications, authorized Catholic prayer 
books, works relating to Ireland, and works of his- 
tory and fiction. Jan., 1903. Dublin: J, Duffy 
&* Co., 1903. 160 pp. 16*. 

EvaoB (Edward). Historical and bibliographi- 
cal account of almanacks, directories, etc., etc., 
published in Ireland from the sixteenth century. . . 
Dudlin: Office of ** The Irish Builder,'' 1897. viii, 
150 pp. 12". 

GUbert (Sir John T.) Irish bibliography. 
With an introduction, etc., by E. R. McClintock 
Dix. I pi. (Proc. Roy. Irish Acad. v. 25, sec- 
tion C, Archaeol. pp. 1 17-142. Dublin, 1904.) 

Halliday (Bernard), Leicester, Eng, Ireland 
and Irish families. Catalogue of a special collec- 
tion of books on Ireland, and a remarkable collec- 
tion of original manuscripts and deeds from 150010 
1850, relating to the principal families of Ireland 
. . .mostly from the collection of Rev. J. Graves. . . 
Leicester, 1904. 12 pp. 8"*. (Catalogue no. 7.) 

Historic (The) literature of Ireland, an essay 
on the publications of the Irish Archseological 
Society. Dublin: W, B, Kelly, 1851. 64 pp. 8^ 

Repnnted from the Irish Quarterly Review. 

** HistorieuBt" pseud. The best hundred 
Irish books. Introductory and closing essays by 
"Historicus.". . . With annotated index, n, /. 
[188-] 60 pp. 8*. 

Repr.: Freeman^t Journal. 

List (A) of books and pamphlets written by the 
members of the National Literary Society, Dublin. 
(Jour. Nat. Lit. Soc. of Ireland, v. i, pp. ii9- 
132. Dublin, 1900.) 

Lowdermilk (W. H.) 6r' a. Bibliotheca 
Hibernica. A collection of scarce and valuable 
works on. . . Ireland and the Irish people. IVeuh- 
i«^<wf [1890?]. 73-80 pp. 8*. (Catalogue no. 5.) 

Massey (N.) Catalogue of books relating to 
Ireland, no. 4, 6 (1903, 1904). Cork, 1903-04. 8**. 

Marray (A. F.) Bibliography. (In her: A 
history of the commercial . . . relations between Eng- 
land and Ireland .. . London, igo^, 8"*. pp.445- 

NieolBOn (William), Bish4>p of Derry, The 
Irish historical library, pointing at most of the au- 
thors and records in print or MS. serviceable to 
compilers of a history of Ireland, by William, lord 
bp. of Derry. Dublin, 1724. 12"*. 

O'Carry (Eugene). Lectures on the mana- 
script materials of ancient Irish history at the 
Catholic University of Ireland. Dublin, 1861. 
facsim. 8*". 

0*ReiUy (Edward). A chronological account 
of nearly four hundred Irish writers, commencing 
with the earliest account of Irish history, and car- 
ried down to the year of our Lord 1750; with A 
Descriptive Catalogue of such of their Works as are 
still extant in Verse or Prose, consisting of up* 
wards of one thousand separate tracts. (Ibemo- 
Celtic Society. Transactions, v. i, pt. i.) Dub- 
lin, 1820. (5) 1., ccxx.xiii pp. 4"*. 




BibUography^ contd. 

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No more published ? 
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Periodicals^ confd, 

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and political journal, vol. 15-90 (1840-77). Dub' 

lin, 1840-77. 8% 

Continued as Vnlversltj Magazine. A literary and 
philosophical review. 

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** It is intended to bring out half-yearly nnmbers, two of 
which will form a volume." Current. 

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Merged into: Claldheamh (An) Soluis. 

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No more published. 

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No more was published, v. x, pt. i, consists of : A chrono- 
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nal under episcopal sanction, v. 1-5 (1864-69); 



Ptrioditah. ceni'd. 

!oew series] t. 6-12 (1869-76); 3. ser. ». 1-4, 6-11 
1880-S3, 1883-90); 4. ser. F. 4-date (iSgB-date). 
DvbUn. lB64-date. 8°. 

IH«h (Th«) Fneod: a monthly periodical, de- 
voted chiefly 10 the interests of Friends. Btlfait : 
J. Maiauley, i837-i84». v, l~S. 4°. 

Irlch Emieraot Society, New York. Report 
of the presideDt, 1S99, 1903. [Nfu Yeri, 1899- 
1903.] 8°.«1ir..1P<.tnnlii>TInIr.n rPnMi-.tioos.] 

Why oulnsci are Hopped, li^l ■! lut I 

PublicatioDs issued during the year 1888, 

£>Mtttn, ilZi. 900 pp. 8°. 

V<^umc coouiiu ■ tabia of coDtcDCL 

Irish magaiine. Jan., iSio. DuUin, iSio. 8*. 

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Irish Monthly. A magazine of general litera- 
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Cnmnl. Titlc-pwe al v, i readi: The Irish Muathly U««- 
liiK f'Cuboliclctlud"). 

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Literature, v. I. no. l-ia ('83*); v. a, no. 13-ao 
(1833); (1834). ZJaitf™, 1832-1 834. 8°. 

Irish Mtuical Monthly. A journal devoted to 
the interests of music in church and school, t. I 
<MaTCh. 1903-Feb., 1904). ^HJ/i'n, 1903-1904. 8°. 

No more pnUbhcd. 

Irish (The) Nation, v. i-a (1881/82-1883/83). 
JVriB yeri. 1881-1883. {'. 

Irish National Land League. The land con- 
fereiice[I>ubliu], Apr. 19, 1880. DuiUn.iiio. S*. 

Lisiof branchet. ..loajthNorember, i8Bo. 

{zhibUH, 1880.] Hi. r. 

Memorandam as to cases of rack reDtiug. 

IDMilin, i83o?] 34 pp. obi. 4*. 

Cor* Braiui. 

Bell (G. W.) Speech. . .June ta. 18B1, and 
letter to Mr. John O'Connor. 

Cmnty Dentgal. 

[Evidence as to clearances, evictions, rackrent- 
ing, etc.] »./. [about iB8o7], 

Nfwark Branch, Niviark, Ohio, 1881. 

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CoweHM.) Tbc Iriib criaii. 

FiNH(T.} NotHoiithefaiiMrrartiMlriihaMam. 

Good (At ludlord and bii tcnaou. 

HuLv {T. M.) Why [here it an Iriati land qnett ion ud an 
Irilh land leapie. 

Pabnill (C. S,} Speech on Gladuone's land Ull. 

Report al Ibe depntatioD of Cleveland mlnenoD the Hale 
of lieland. 

Irish (The) Natnrallst. A monthly joumal of 
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stitution, and proceedings of the honourable soci- 
ety of the governor and assistants of London, of 
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An historical narrative of the origin and 

constitution of " The Society of the governor and 
assistants, London, of the new plantation In Ulster, 
within the realm of Ireland." commonly called the 
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Annual report, roles, list of members. 

[a, 6.] (1901, 1904.) London, 1901-1904. 8°. 

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1, pp. 

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1684-1687(1901); V. 33 (igoa-date). A'iio Yori, 

1879-daie. r. 

3 Irilh," pnbUahed ■ 

Piservatiao and ColtintioD of Ibe Iriih Languacc." 



Periodicals^ confd. 

Irishman (The). Apr. 6. 1872 (v. 14. no. 39). 
Dublin, 1872. r. 

Literary Journal, vol. 1-5. Dublin, 1744- 
49. 8% 
Edited by Rev. Mr. Drox. Each volume in a parts. 

Loyal Orang^e Institution of Great Britain. To 
the members of the Carlton club and the conserva- 
tives of England [description of the Institution]. 
[Broadside, 2 col.] London: Redford &• bobbins, 
printers [iS^ 7], f*. 

Loyal Orange Institution of the United States 
of America. Constitution and laws. [«. /. , 188-?] 
40 pp., I 1. 24''. 

Loyal Orange Institution. Constitution and 
general regulations. . .as adopted by the Supreme 
Grand Lodge... Feb. 1870. Jersey City, 1870. 
36 pp. 16°. 

Mag^aiine (The) of Magazines. Compiled 
from original pieces, with extfacts from the most 
celebrated books and periodical compositions. . . 
forming a compleat literary and historical account. 
...V. 4. 8, 9, 11-14. (1752-1757.) Limerick, 

1752-1757. 8^ 

Haverty*0 Irish-American Illustrated Alma- 
nac. 1872, 1881, 1883, 1885, 1888. New York, 
1872-1888. 12". 

National Irish Theatre Sbciety. See 

Osslanio Society. Transactions, v. 1-6. (1853- 
58.) Dublin, 1854-61. 8*. 

Ossory Archaeological Society. Transactions. 
V. 1-3. Kilkenny, 1879-83. 8**. 

Ramsey's Waterford Chronicle. Apr. 26- 
July 10, 1800 (nos. 3824-3860). [Waterford\ 
1800. 9 nos. f*. 

Roman CathoUe Expositor and Friend of 
Ireland, no. x. Feb. 21, 1825. n./. [but, Ireland?] 


Royal Agricultural Improvement Society of 
Ireland. Second report. Dublin, i%^u 78 pp. 8**. 

Royal Dublin Society. Scientific Proceedings, 
n. s. ; V. x-date. />mM'm, 1878-date. 8*. 

Scientific Transactions. 2. ser., v. i- 

date. Dublin, 1877-date. 4*. 

Report of committee on administration of 

the Royal Dublin Society, with a view to the wider 
extension of the annual parliamentary grant to that 
institution. Evidence and appendix. 1836. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Royal Irish Academy. Cunningham Memoirs, 
no. i-io. Dublin, 1880-94. V. 

Proceedings, v. x-io (1836-69); 2. ser. 

Science v. 1-4 (1870-88), Polite Literature and an' 

tiquities v. 1-2 (1879-88); 3. ser. Science, v. i-date 

(1889-date). Dublin, 1836-date. 8*". 

Irish manuscript series, v. i, pt. i. Dub- 

lin, 1880. 8*. 

Transactions, v. i-date. Dublin, 1789- 

date. f. 

Current. From ▼. aa divided into three part*— science, 
polite literature, antiquities. 

Todd lecture series. ▼. 1-8. Dublin, 

1887-1903. 8°. 
Current. ▼. i, pt. z was published in 1889 and y. a in 1887. 

List of papers published in the Transactions, 

Cunningham memoirs, and Irish manuscript series 
between the years 1786 and 1886, with an appen- 
dix. Dublin, 1887. f^ 

Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. An- 
nuary. 1868-69. Dublin, 1870. 8*. 

Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. Yearly 
session, sist, 55th. [Dublin,"] 1899, X903. 8**. 

Samhain... Edited by W. B. YeaU... Pub- 
lished in October [of each year]. . .X901-1903. 
Dublin, 190X-03. 8". 

1903 published in September. Organ of the National Irish 
Theatre Society. 

Shan (The) Van Vocht. Edited by A. L. Mil- 
ligan and A. Johnston, v. 3-4. (1898-99.) Bel- 
fast [i 898-99]. 4*. 


Society for the Preservation of the Irish Lan- 
guage. Annual report, 1868-89, 1892, 1893, 1896- 
1902. Dublin, i889-[i903]. 8*. 

Report of the proceedings of the congress 

held in Dublin. . .1882. . .to consider the present 
position of the Irish language as a vernacular. . . 
with a list of members, .and further information 
as to the Irish language revival movement. 114 pp. 
Dublin: The society, 1884. 8'. 

Joyce (Patrick Weston). Irish music and 

song: a collection of songs in the Irish language, 
set to music. Edited for the Society. . .Z>i#M'i».' 
M. H, GiU^Son, 1888. vi, I 1., 44 PP. 8*. 

Society for the Preservation of the Melodies of 


Petrib (George). The Petrie collection of the 

ancient music of Ireland. Arranged for the 

piano-forte. />»^/tif, 1855. xxiv, 196 pp. V, 

Society for promoting the education of the 
poor of Ireland. Report, [no.] 8. Dublin, 1820 8*. 

Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ire- 
land. Journal, v. i-date. Dublin, x855-date. 8*. 

▼. 1-3 have title: Journal of the Dublin Sutistical Society. 

United Irishman (The); a national weekly re- 
view. V. 3-date. Dublin, 1900-date. f*. 


University (The) Magazine. A literary and 
philosophical review, vol. 1-5 (1878-80); Quar- 
terly ser., vol. I (1880). London, 1878-80. 8*. 

Continuation of: Dublin (The) University Magazine. 

Walker*0 Hibernian Magazine. See Hiber- 
nian (The) Magazine. 

Waterford Mirror and Munster Packet. May 
5-Oct. II, 1802 (nos. 155-223). [Waterford^ 
1802. 5 nos. V, 

Public Documents and Official Pub- 
lications (Serial). 

Dublin Gazette (The). 1903-date. Dubliur 

1903-date. f**. 

Ireland* — Agriculture and Technical In- 
struction Department. 1.-3. Annual general re- 
port (1900/1-1902/3). Dublin, 1901-1904. 8*. 

Agricultural statistics of Ireland, 

with detailed report on agriculture for the year 
1896-1903. Dublin: A, Thorn ^ Co., 1897-1904. 
f • and 8% 



PublU Documents^ confd, 

Agricultaral statistics, Ireland. Gen- 
eral abstracts showing acreage under crops, and 
the. stock in each county and province... 
1896/7-1903/4. Dublin: A. Thorn &> Co,, 1897- 
1904. B^ 

Report and tables relating to 

Irish migratory, acricultural and other labourers. . . 
1 897-1 903. Dublin, 1 897-1903. r, 8*. 

Return of prices of certain 

classes of Irish agricultural products and live stock 
for the year 1900-1903. Dublin, 1901-1904. 8*. 

Cootinued from: Iritn Land CommiMion, Agricultural pro- 
duce. Return, etc. These sutistics first collected in 1887. 

Tables showing the extent in 

statute acres and the produce of the crops for the 
year 1900-1903 . . . the average yearly extent . . . 
and the average produce in the ten years [previous] 
. . . DubUn: A, Thorn b* Co., 1901-04. 8°. 

Agriculture and technical instruction 

(Ireland) act, 1899. Regulations for the appoint- 
ment of members of the Council of Agriculture, the 
Agricultural Board, and the Board of Technical 
Instruction. Dublin: A, Thorn ^ Co., 1900. 
6 pp., I L (H. of C. pap. 132.) 

Banking, railway and shipping statis- 
tics, Ireland. Dec. 1896-Dec. 1903. Dublin: A. 

Thorn ^ Co., 1897-1904. 8'. 

Journal. ▼. i-date (1900/i-date). 

Dublin, 1900-date. 8*. 

- Ancient Laws and Institutes of Ireland, 
Publication Commission. Ancient laws and insti- 
tutes of Ireland. Dublin, 1 865-1901. 6 v. 4*. 

y. 1-3, Senchus Mor; 4, Din techtugad, and other Brehon 
law tracu; 5, ** Small Primer'* and certain other selected 
Bceboo law tracts: 6, Glossary to v. x-6. 

'— Report, dated Ap. 1898. Dublin: 

A, Thorn 6f*Co., iSgS. 2 1. f. C.-88»5. 

Charitable Donations and Bequests Com' 

missiomrs. 52.-59. Annual report (1895/6-1900/x). 
Dublin, 1897-X904. f*. 

Con^sted Districts Board. Report (6-date). 

1897-datc. Dublin, 1897-date. 8". 

Reports, i-date. (1893-date.) (In 

Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers, /oj/im.) 

Constabulary Office. Agrarian offences 

(provinces) (Ireland). Return " by provinces " of 
agrarian offences throughout Ireland. . .(1898- 
1903.) Dublin: A. Thorn (Sr-C^?., 1 899-1904. f. 

Agrarian offences. Quarterly return 

of, for the provinces. Jan., Sept., Dec. 1896; 
Mar. 1897-June, 1901. Dublin, 1 896-1901. f*. 

Evictions [Quarterly]. Return of 

Sept, Dec, 1896; Mar., June, Dec, 1897; Mar., 
June, Sept., Dec, 1898, 1899; Mar., June, Sept., 
1900. Dublin, 1 896-1900. f*. 

Return of outrages . . . during the 

year 1870, with summaries for preceding years; 
and return of outrages reported by the constabu- 
lary in Ireland in the months of January, Febru- 
ary, and March, 187T . . . Dublin: A. Thorn, 
1 871. 40 pp. f. 

Shebeens in towns (Ireland). Return 

of the number of prosecutions for shebeening. . . 
convictions obtaineid . . . clubs in which intoxicating 
liquors are sold... in... Belfast, Dublin, Cork, 

Limerick, and Waterford. ..January, 1868, till... 
May, 1900. Dublin: A. Thorn &* Co. [1900] 
21 pp. pap. v. (H. of C. pap. 295.) 

Convict Prison Board, i. -6. Annual report 

of the directors (1854-59). i?«/^/iif, 1855-60. 8'. 

Education Board. See Intermediate Educa- 
tion Board and National Education Board below. 

- Education Commissioners. Annual report 
for 1 896-1903. Dublin: A. Thom, 1 897-1904. f*. 

Fisheries Branch. Report on the sea and 

inland fisheries, 1896-190X, 1902 pt. i, 1903 pt. i. 

■ Dublin, 1 897-1904. 8*. (Agric and Tech. Instr. 
Issued by ** Irish fisheries inspectors'* before 1900. 

GenercU Register Office. Detailed annual 

report of the Register General. . . containing a 
general abstract of the numbers of marriages, 
births, and deaths registered in Ireland during the 
year. 1864-date. nos. i-date. 8°, f**. (In Par- 
liamentary Papers, passim.) 

Same, separate, nos. 33-date. 1896- 

. date. Dublin, 1897-date. f*. 

Supplement to a^th report (1893) contains " Special report 
on surnames in Ireland;" to 37th (1900) ** Decennial sum- 
maries of the returns . . . f or . . . 1891-1900 *'; to 38th report 
(1901) ** Special report on cancer.*' 

Banking and railway statistics, Ire- 
land. Dec. 1 896-1 899. Dublin, 1897-1900. 8"*. 

Criminal and judicial statistics, i88i, 

Pt. I, Police-Criminal proceedings prisons. Pt. 2, 
Civil proceedings in central and larger and smaller 
districts courts. Dublin: A. Thom 6f* Co., 1882. 
1-42 pp. f. 

— ■ Emigration statistics of Ireland, 1896- 

1903. Dublin: A. Thom 6f* Co., 1 897-1904. f. 

Judicial Statistics, Ireland. Pt. i — 

Criminal Statistics. Statistics relating to police, 
crime and its distribution, modes of procedure for 
punishment of. crime, proceedings in criminal 
courts, persons under detention in prisons and 
other places of confinement for the year 1 895-1903. 
Dublin, X 898-1904. f. 

Pt. 2. Statistics relating to 

civil proceedings in Supreme Courts of Appeal, 
the divisions of the High Court of Justice, the 
Court of the Irish Land Commission, the High 
Court of Admiralty, the Court of Bankruptcy, and 
in larger and smaller District Courts, law stamps 
and taxes, consolidated taxing offices, registration 
of judgments, titles, deeds, &c., for the year 1896- 
1903. Dublin, 1 898-1904. f". 

Weekly return of births and deaths in 

Dublin . , . and in fifteen of the principal sanitary 
districts in Ireland. ' v. 32, nos. 43, 45-49; v. 33, 
nos. 8-21, 23-34, 37-53, and Annual Summary ; 
V. 34, nos. 1-29, 50-52, and Ann. Summ.; v. 35- 
V. 37, nos. 2-8. Dublin, 1895-1900. 8'. 

Health Commissioners. Report ... on the 

epidemics of 1846-1850. Dublin: A, Thom, iSs2. 
79 pp., I map, 2 pi. 8*. 

House of Commons. Journals, v. 9-29 

(i 751-1792). Dublin, 1759-92. f**. 

Appendix. Containing the Jour- 
nals . . . from Nov. 9, 1641, to March 26, 1647. 
Dublin: Abraham Bradley, 1765. 226 pp., 14 11, 




Public Documents^ confd, 

An essay towards a general In- 
dex and Abridgment of the Principal Matters con- 
tained in the eleven volumes of the Journals. 
Dublin: Abraham Bradley ^ 1763. 591 pp. f^. 

House of Lords, Journals, v. 1-2, 4-6, 8. 

(1634-1725. 1753-17911 1798-1800. 10 Car. 1-12 
Geo., 27 Geo. II.-31 Geo. III., 38-40 Geo. III.) 
Dublin, 1 783-1 800. f*. 

Inland Fisheries Commission, Report of 

the commissioners. Dublin: A, Thom ^ Co., 
1 901. 18 pp. pap. f. Cd. 448. 

Appendix. Pt. 1-3. Cd. 450, 

45i» 452. 

Intermediate Education Board, [18-25] 

Annual report for 1 896-1903. Dublin, 1 897-1 904. 

Accounts of the receipts and expen- 
ditures. 1 899-1901. London, iqioo-iqQ2. f . 

— ^ I. -2. Reports of the Commissioners. 

Dublin: A, Thom ^ Co,, 1898-1899. f^ C- 
9116, 9511. 

Appendix to i. report. C. 91 17. 

Appendix to final report. C.9512. 

Rules of examinations. Programme 

. . . 1902, 1905. Dublin, 1901-1904. 8"". 

Irish Church Temporalities Commission, 

Report of the commissioners ... in Ireland, for 
the year 1878. Dublin: A,Thom,iS7g, 62 pp. f. 

Land Commission, Report of the Irish 

Land Commissioners for 1896/7- 1903/4. Dublin: 
A. Them, 1897-1904. 

Exchequer contribution, Regulations 

relative to, dated March 22, 1897. Dublin: A, 
Thom, 1897. 6 pp. 8**. 

Land Purchase Acts, Rules, forms, 

directions and schedules of fees for, issued March 
16,1897. Dublin: A, Them, 1%<)T, 112 pp. 8**. 

Rules, forms, schedules and fees, 

issued March 16, 1897. pt. 5, Land Law Act, 
1896. Dublin: A, Thom, i%gy, 1 1 pp. 8'. 

Land Commission, Report of the comp- 
troller and auditor general upon the account [of 
the comrs.], 1881 (ist)-i90i. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. 
Papers, 1 882-1901.) 

Same. Separate, 1 889-1903. London, 

1 900-1 904. f*. 

Ireland Land Comm. Return of 

judicial rents, monthly. [Aug., i882(ist)-Dec. 
1901.] (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1882-1901.) 

Same. Separate, Jly., 1896-Feb. 1901 

(broken file). Dublin, 1 896-1901. f*. 

Annual report of the comrs., 1882 

(ist)-i90i. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1882-1901.) 

Same. Separate, 1 898/9-1903/4. Dublin, 

1897-1904. f*. 

—^ Church temporalities (Ireland). Re- 
port of the Comptroller and Auditor General upon 
the account . . . together with the account . . . 
from the date of the Irish Church Act, 26 July, 
1869 . . . (i 899-1903) London [1900-1904]. f*. 

Irish Land Commission (Purchase of 

land (Ireland) act, 1891). Return of advances 
under the act, during the year ended 31. March, 
1 900-1903. Dublin, 1900-1903. f*. 

Land Law Acts. Provisional rules. 

28 June, 1898. Dublin: A, Thom 6f Co,, 1898. 
6 pp. 8\ 

Proceedings under the " Land Law 

Acts," etc. Aug. -Dec., i8g6; Jan. -Dec., 1897; 
Jan.. Feb.-Dec, x8q8; Jan.-May, July, Aug., 
1899. Dublin: Thom <Sr* Co,, 1896-1899. f. 

Return showing the names of the lay 

assistant commissioner . . . holding office . . . May 
15, 1900. Dublin, 1900. f*. 

Privy Council, The manuscripts of Charles 

Haliday, of Dublin. Acts of the Privy Council in 
Ireland, 1556-1571. [With toble, by Sir William 
Ussher.] London: Eyre 6^* Spottistooode, iSgy, %, 
I l.» 339 pp. 8^ C.-8364. (Hist MSS. Com- 
mission. 15 rep., app., pt. 3.) 

^— Privy Council Office, Copy of scheme for 
the management of the diocesan schools and Ban- 
agher Royal School endowments;Limerick,Killaloe, 
and Kilfenora Diocesan School endowment, pro- 
visionally approved by the Lord Lieutenant in 
Council. Dublin: A, Thom 6f Co,, 1897. 28 pp. 
f*. (H. L. paper 14.) 

Public /Record Office, 29.-36. Annual Re- 
port of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records 
and Keeper of the State Papers in Ireland, 1897- 
1903. Dublin: A. Thom ^ Co,, 1897-1904. 8*. 

Appendix to 30. rep. Index to Act 

or grant books and original wills of Dublin from 
1800 to 1858. London, 1899. iv, 11 89 pp. 8*. 
Cd. 4. 

Public Record Commission, Reports (1-25) 

from the commissioners appointed. . .to execute the 
measures. . .of the House of Commons, respecting 
the public records of Ireland ; with supplements 
and appendixes (18 10-1825). [London,"] 1819-1825. 

3v. r, 

Public Works Commission, Annual report 

of commissioners, 1831/2-date. i-date. (Parlia- 
mentary Papers. 1832-date.) 

Same. Separate, 66-72. 1 897/8-1903/4. 

Dublin, 1 897-1904. V, 

Pe/ormatory and Industrial Schools Inspec- 
tor, 35.-42. Annual report, for 1 896-X903. Dub^ 
lin: A, Thom <Sr* Co,, 1897-1904. f*. 

Registrar General, See above General 

Register Office, 

Registrar of Petty Sessions Clerks, Dogs 

regulation (Ireland) act 1865. Account of the 
receipts and expenditure under the act, 1899. 
Dublin [1900]. r. 

Fines, &c. (Ireland). . .An abstract of 

the accounts of. . .fines and other penal sums. . . 
and a statement of accounts, 1898. Dtfblin [1900]. 

Registrar of Titles, Local Registration of 

Title Act. Rules and orders thereunder, together 
with forms, schedule of fees, solicitor's charges and 
a general index. Dublin: A, Thom and Co,, 1896, 
no, xiii pp. 8*. 

Same, 1900. 1 10, xiv pp. 8*. 

Statutes. Acts and Statutes. [11.-13. 

session of Parliament, George II. 1 Dublin : G. 
Grierson, 1 748-1 752. 3 v. in I. f . 



Public Documents^ cont'd. 

— Treasury Remembrancer* s Office, County 
officers and courts (Ireland) act, 1877. Account 
of receipts and payments, 1 899-1900. London^ 
1900. £•. 

Veterinary Branch. Report of proceed- 
ings under the diseases of animals acts, 1 896-1903. 
DubUn, 1897-1903. V and 8'. (Agric. and Tech- 
nical Instruction Dept.) 

Census and Vital Statistics. 

Newenham (T.) A sutistical and historical 
inquiry into the progress and magnitude of the 
population of Ireland. London: C. &* R. Baldwin, 
1805. ▼!. xix, 360 pp., 3 tab. 8*. 

Moore (Arthur). Registration of births, deaths, 
and marriages in Ireland: a paper. . .at the meeting 
of the British Association for the Advancement of 
Science. . . Dublin. . . 1st September, 1857. Dublin: 
A. Tkom &* Sons, 1857. 32 pp. 8'. ' 

Petty (Sir William). Further observations 
upon the Dublin bills: or. Accounts of the houses, 
hearths, baptisms, and burials in that city. Lon- 
don: R. Clavel, 1698. 3. ed. I2'. (In his: Several 
assays in political arithmetick. London, 1699. 
pp. 45-78.) 

Ratty (John). A chronological history of the 
weather and seasons, and of the prevailing diseases 
in Dublin. With their various periods. . .during 
the space of forty years. With a comparative view 
of the difference of the Irish climate and diseases, 
and those of . . . other countries. London: Robinson 
^ Roberts, 1770. 2 p.l., xlviii, 340 pp. 8*. 


Irel&nd — General Register Office. An account 
in detail of the expenses incurred under the popula- 
tion act in Irelend, in making the census of 1831 
...June 26, 1833. [Dublin, 1833.] 1 4 pp. f". 
<In: Parlt. papers, 1833, v. 39.) 

Census of population of Ireland, 1831, 

with comparative abstract. . .as taken in 1821 and 
1 83 1, arranged in the order of parishes, boroughs, 
counties and provinces. . . Feb. 19, 1833. [Dublin, 
1833.] 42 pp. r. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. papers. 
1833. ▼. 39.) 

Return of the population of the several 

counties in Ireland, as enumerated in 1831. May 
3. 1833. [London, 1833.] i 1. f% (In: Gt. Br. 
Parlt. papers, 1833, v. 39.) 


€k»eat Britwdn-' Statutes. A bill for taking 
an account of the population of Ireland. July 7, 
1840. [London, 1840.] 8 pp^ f**. (Com. 452.) 
<In: Parlt. Sess. papers. 1840, v. 3.) 

Same, as amended by committee, July 27, 

1840. 4 pp. f*. (Com. 552.) (In: Same, v. 3,) 

IreUuid — General Register Office. Abstract of 
the census of Ireland, for the year 1841. Dublin: 
Alexander Thom [1843]. I 1. f. (In: Gt. Br. 
Parlt. papers, 1843, v. 51.) 

Report of the commissioners appointed 

to take the census of Ireland for the year 1841. 
Dublin: Alexander Thom, 1843. 3 p. 1., 91 1 pp., 
7 pL r. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. papers, 1843, v. 24.) 


The census of Ireland for the year 

185 1. Part I, showing the area, population and 
number of houses, by townlands and electoral divi- 
sions: — Carlow, Kiidare, Kilkenny, King's (^unty, 
Longford, Louth, Meath, Queen's County, West- 
meath, Wexford. Dublin: G. &*/. Grierson, 1852. 
4. 338 pp. f°. (In: Gt. Br. Parlt. papers. 1852, 
V. 46. 

Return of the abstracts of the census 

of Ireland taken in the years 1 841 and 1851... 
[London, iS SI.] 2II. f*. (In: Gr. Brit. Parlt. papers, 
1851. V. 50.) 

A comparative view of the census of 

Ireland in 1841 and 185 1; distinguishing the several 
unions and electoral divisions and showing the area 
and population of these divisions respectively. 
[Dublin, 1852.] 44 pp. f. (In: Great Britain. 
Parlt. papers, 1852, v. 46.) 


Great Bvittkin^ Statutes. A bill for taking 
the census of Ireland. May i, i860. [London, 
i860.] 8 pp. f^. (Com. 123.) (In: Parlt. papers. 
i860, V. 2.) 

Ireland — General Register Office. The census 
of Ireland. 1861. Dublin, 1863. 3 v. f*. 

Census of Ireland for the year 1861. 

Enumeration abstracts showing. ..the number of 
inhabitants. . .houses [and] families in 1841, 1851, 
i86i,and the religious professions in 1861. Dublin: 
Alex. Thom, 1861. 26 pp. f*. (In: Great Bri- 
tain. Parlt. papers, 1861, v. 50.) 

Hume (Abraham). Results of the Irish census 
of 1 861, with a special reference to the condition 
of the Church in Ireland. London: Rivington 
1864. 67 pp., 2 diagr., 4 maps, i table. 8*. 


€hreat Britain— 5/a/»/^j. A bill for taking 
the census of Ireland. July 25, 1870. [London, 
1870.] 4 pp. f. ((3om. 237.) (In: Pari, paper. 
1870, V. I.) 

Ireland — General Register Office. Census of 

Ireland, 1871. Part i. Area, houses and popula* 

tion: also the a|^s, civil condition, occupations, 

birthplaces, religion and education of the people. 

Dublin : Alex. Thom, 1872-73. 4 v. f^. (In: 

Gt. Br. Parlt. papers. 1 873-1874.) 

V z. Province of Leintter (1873), Parlt. Papers, v. 67; v. a, (a 
pu) Province of Munster (X873I), same, v. 3, Province of Ulster 
(1874), same, v. 74; v. 4, Province of Connaugbt (1874), same, 
V. 74, pt. i-a. 

Census of Ireland, 1871. Part 2, vital 

statistics, v. i. Report and tables relating to the 
status of disease. Dublin: Alexander Thom, 1873. 
iv, 204 pp. V, (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1873, 
V. 72.) 

Census of Ireland, 1871. Part 2, Vital 

Statistics, v. 2. Report and tables relating to deaths. 
Dublin: Alexander Thom, 1875. cxxviii, 274 pp. 
f*. (In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1874, v. 74, pt. 3.) 

Census of Ireland, 1 87 1. Part 2, Vital 

Statistics, v. 3. (General report with illustrative 
maps and diagrams, summary tables and appendix. 
Dublin: Alexander Thom, 1876. viii, 493 pp. f**. 
(In: Gr. Br. Parlt. Papers, 1876, v. 81.) 



Censtis, contd. 

[Census of Ireland, 1871.] Alphabeti- 
cal index to the town lands and towns of Ireland, 
showing the number of the sheet of the ordnance 
survey maps on which they appear; also, the areas 
of the townlands. ..with separate indices of the 
parishes, Itaronies . . . of Ireland. Dublin: Alex- 
ander Thorn, 1877. 799 pp. (In: Gr. Bt. Parlt. 
Papers. 1877, ▼. 87.) 

Census of Ireland, 1871. Abstract 

of enumerator's returns. . .Z>«^/i«; Alex. Thorn, 
1 87 1. 12 pp. f. (In: Gt. Br. Parlt. papers. 
1871. ▼. 58.) 


Gb'eat "Bviimla^ Statutes, A bill for taking 
the census in Ireland. March 3, 1880. [London, 
1880.] 4 pp. f* (H.of Com. loi.) (In: Parlt. papers 
1880, V. I.) 

Same. July 27, 1880. 4 (i) pp. (H. of 

Lords, 284.) (In: Same, v. i.) 

Ireland. — General Register Office. Census of 
Ireland, for the year 1881. Preliminary report 
with abstract of the enumerator's summaries... 
[Dublin: Alex. Thorn 6f Co., 1881.] (In: Gt. Br. 
Pari, papers. 1881, t. g6.) 

Census of Ireland, 1881. Part i. 

Area, Houses and population [etc.]. Dublin: 

Alex. Thorn ^ Co., 1881-82. 4 v. f. (H. of Com. 

3042, 3148, 3204, 3268.) 

▼. s.Ldoster, Sen. pttpen, (z88z) 97; v. a. Munster, same, 
(1889} 77; ▼• 3« UUter, same (1889) 73; ▼. 4, Connaugbt, same 

Census of Ireland, 1881. Part 11. 

General Report with. . .maps. . .tables, and appen- 
dix. Dublin: Alexander Thorn &* Co., 1882. 
IS, 428 pp., 3 maps, 9 diagr. f. (H. of Com. 
(In: Gt. Br. Parliament, Sess. papers, 76.) 


Same. Separate. 


Great Britain— 5/a/fi/fj. A bill for uking 
the census of Ireland. [London:^ Eyre and Spottis- 
woode, 1890. 4 pp. f*. (Com. 386.) (In: Gt. 
Br. Parlt. papers. 1890, v. 1.) 

Ireland — General Register Office. Census of 
Ireland for the year 1891. Preliminary report with 
abstract of the enumerators' summaries. Dublin: 
Alexander Thorn &* Co., 1891. 22 pp. f**. (In: 
Gt. Br. Parlt. papers. 1891, v. 94.) 

Same. Separate. 

Census of Ireland, 1891. Part I. 

Dublin: Alexander Thorn 6f* Co., 1891-2. 4V. f^ 
(In: Gt. Brit. Parlt. Papers. 1892, v. 91-93, 95.) 

Same. Separate. 

Census of Ireland, 1891. Part II. 

General report with . . . appendix and supplement. 
Dublin: Alexander Thorn 6* Co., 1892. 620 pp., 
4 maps, 9 diagr. f**. (In: Gt. Br. Parlt. pap^ers. 
1882, V. 90.) 


€hreat JiviXmXn—Statutes. Census (Ireland). 
A bill intituled An act for taking the census for 
Ireland in the year 1901. Mch. 30, 1900. [London i\ 
Eyre ^ Spottiswoode, prtrs. [1900] 4 pp. f*. (H. 
of L. bill 42.) 

Ireland* — Census Commission. Census of Ire- 
land for the year 1901. Preliminary report with 
abstract of the enumerators' summaries. . . Com« 
piled... 31st of March, 1901. Dublin: Cahill ^ 
Co., prtrs., 1(^1. 22pp., I L f*. Cd. 613. 

Census Commission. Census of Ireland,. 

1901. Dublin: Cahill &* Co., prtrs., 1901-02. 

pt. I. pap. V. Cd. 847. 

Ft. z. Area, houses, and population; also the ages, civil or 
conjugal condition, occupations, birthplaces, religion, and 

education of the people. 
x*» 3» 6; V. 4, nos. a, 5. 

V. X, nos. x-«a, 3-8, xo-xx; v. 3, nos. 

General Register Office. Census of Ireland, 

1 901. General topographical index consisting of 
an alphabetical index to the townlands and towns 
of Ireland . . . and parliamentary divisions . . . Dub- 
lin: Cahill &* Co., prtrs., 1904. ix, 1 1., 1049 PP-f 
1 1. pap. f*. Cd. 2071. 


General Works. 

AbHdf^ent (An) of the History of Ireland, 
from the earliest accounts to the present time, on 
the plan of Dr. Goldsmith's History of England . . . 
Dublin: Hibernia Press Office [18x8 ?]. iv, 389 pp. 
nar. 12**. 

(T. C.) The transfer of Erin; or, the 
Acquisition of Ireland by England. Philadelphia,, 
1877. 8". 

Aneient Irish Histories. The works of Spen- 
cer [sic], Campion, Hanmer, and Marleburrough. 
[Dublin: Hibernia Press, 1809.] 2 ▼. 8'. 

Spenser's View of the State of Ireland, Campion's Historic 
of Ireland, Meredith Hauroer's and Henry Marleburrougb's- 
Chronidesof Ireland. 

Annates Bnelliani, Ex Codice Cottoniano, Titus 
A. xxT nunc primum in lucem editi, et notis illus- 
trati. I 1.. 48 pp. (In: O'Conor's Rerum Hiber- 
nicarum scriptores. v. 2. 1825.) 

Annalee Inisfalenses, hactenus inediti, et nun- 
quam antea versione illustrati. Ex Codice Dublini- 
ense, nunc primum juris publici facti. i 1., vii-ix,. 
6, I 1., 7-83 (i) pp. (In: 0*Conor*s Rerum Hiber- 
nicarum scriptores. v. 2. 1825.) 

Ann alee Inisfalenses, Ex Autographo Bodlei* 
ano, anni MCCXV, nunc primum in lucem editi, et 
notis illustrati. 3 p.l., 156 pp. (In O'Conor's 
Rerum Hibemicarum scriptores. v. 2. 1825.) 

Annates de Monte Femandi. (Annals of Mul- 
tifeman.) Edited by Aquilla Smith. Dublin: Irish 
Archaological Society, i%42. viii, 26 pp. 4*. (In: 
Irish Archaeological Society. — Publn. 4.) 

Annates Ultonienses, ab anno d. cccxxxi^ 
ad annum d. dccc (dcci-mcxxi), Cum Anno- 
tationibus ad Ssec. VIII, Ex Codice Bodleiano; 
sive Annalium Ultoniensium, pars prima [et se- 
cunda], quae cseterorum annalium hibemensiunt 
chronologiam ad pristinam restituit integritatero, 
nunc primum publici juris facta. (O'Conor's Rerum 
Hibemicarum scriptores. v. 4. Buckinghamice, 
1826. 4*-) 

Annate (The) of Clonmacnoise: being annals 
of Ireland from the earliest period to 1408. Trans- 
lated into English A. D. 1627 by Conell Mageo- 
ghagan and now for the Brst time printed. Edited 
by the Rev. Denis Murphy, S. J. Dublin: At the 
University Press, 1896. ix, i 1., 393 pp. 4*. 



MHsUny — General Works^ confd, 

Annalg of the Four Masters. Quatuor magis- 
troram Annales Hibemici, usque ad annum 
M.CLXXII. Ex ipso O'CIerii autographo in biblio- 
theca Stowense servato, nunc primum versione 
donati, ac notis illustrati. Curante Carlo O'Conor, 
D. D. Typis BucHnghamensibus excudiatj. See- 
Uy^ 1824. 4**. (0*Conor*s Rerum Hibernicarum 
tcriptores. t. 3.) 

The Annals of the four masters. Dublin: 

Bryan Geraghty, 1846. engr. t.-p., 7 1., 736 pp., 
I map. 4**. 

Translated into English by Owen Connellan, with notes by 
Philip MacDerinott and Connellan. 

Annals of the kingdom of Ireland, by the 

four masters, from the earliest period to the year 
1616. Edited from MSS. in the library of the 
Royal Irish Academy and of Trinity College, Dub- 
lin, with a translation, and copious notes, by John 
0'Donovan...Z>fiM'if; Hodges 6* Smith, 1854. 
7 ▼. 4*. 

Annfclg (The) of Loch C^: a chronicle of Irish 
affairs from 1014 to 1590. Ed. with a translation 
by W. M. Hennessy. London: Longman 6f* Co,, 
1871. 2 V. 4'. (Chronicles and memorials of 
Great Britain^ no. 54.) 

Annals of Tigheamach. See Ti^^maohl . . . 


Annalg of Ulster, otherwise Annals of Senat. 
A chronicle of Irish affairs, 43 i-i 541 . Edited, with 
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12°. (The story of the 



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See also Roekf Captain. 

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History — General Works^ cont^d, 

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late work by J. MacPherson; a second appendix of 

remarks on a publication of Sir J. Dairy mple. 

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Macpbenon*s Introduction is entered a few titles above: 
Dalryraple^s Mtmoirsvk entered below in the chronological 
arrangement under date of z68z. 

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Ireland's case briefly stated; or, A sum- 

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Paged continuously. 

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Ecclesiastical History. 

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▼. z-a oootmaousljr paged. 

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Gift of the anthor. 

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Schiff Collection. 


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Military and Naval Art and 


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Amer. Art Association . . 4 i 

Amer. Protect. Tariff League 10 

Amer. See. of Civil Engineers i 
Arctowski, Henryk ... 28 

Austria, K. u K. Reichs- 

Kriegs-Ministerium . . 6 3 

Baxley, I. R i 

Becker, Miss S. C. 
Bigelow, Hon. John . 
Brazil, Consul Gen. at N 
Brest, France, The Mayor 
Brooklyn Inst. Arts & Sciences 
Canada, Dept. of Agriculture 
Cape of Good Hope, Col. Sec. 

Clark, Rev. E. W 

Conn. Commis. of Fisheries 

and Game 

Conn. Inspector of Factories 

Dallmann, Wm 

Davenport Acad, of Sciences 
Dodge, Cleveland H. . . . 
Draper, Mrs. H. (102 prints). 
Drenthe, Netherlands, The 

Commis 9 

Edinburgh Bibliograph. Soc. i 
Egyptian Postal Adminis. . 5 

Eliot, Dr. E 17 207 

Ford, Mrs. Paul L. . . . 277 31 
France, Min. des Travaux 

Publics 2 

Funk & Wagnalls Co. . . i 
Henry Phipps Institute . . i 

Hepner, Adolf i 

Herluison, H 5 

Jamaica, Col. Secretary . . 4 
John Crerar Library ... i 
Kansas Adjutant-Gen. . . i 
Library of Congress ... 9 9 

London County Council . . 2 
Liibeck, Germany, Sec. of 

Senate i 

McMahon, Rev. Joseph H. . i 
Maine, Bureau of Industrial 

Statistics i 

Mass. Prison Commis. . . i 
Mexico, Sec. de Relaciones 

Exteriores 10 

Moras, F i 

Morton, Dr. Wm. J. (2 photos.) i 

Nardecchia, Dr. A. . . . 2 
Natal, Legislative Assembly 7 


Nat. Academy of Sciences . 6 
Nat. Coun. of Congregational 

Churches 4 

Nevada, Sec. of State . . i 
New England Cotton Manu- 
facturers' Assoc. ... I 
New York State, Governor . 1 
New York State, Library . 2 
New York State, Sec. of State 5 4 
New York State, Supt. of State 

Prisons 4 

Norway, Bur. Central de 

Statistique ..... 6 6 
Ontario, Dept. of Crown 

Lands i 

Parks, Dr. Leighton ... 2 
Peabody Home for Aged 

Women 10 

Pitman, Isaac, & Sons . . 2 

Polish Socialist Party ... 14 79 

Pratt Institute 7 

Promethean Pub. Co. . . i 
Prussia, Haus der Abgeord- 

neten 3 

Railway and Locomotive En- 
gineering I 

Rembe, Rev. H i 

Robinson, John .... 5 
Root, Hon. Elihu .... 2 
Rouen, Chambre de Com- 
merce 3 

Ruhland, H 3 

St. Louis, Mo., Auditor . . i 

Society of Arts i 

Sphinx Club i 

Stollwerck Bros i 

Taylor, Mrs. G. H. . . . i 
Thomas Jefferson Memorial 

Assoc 18 

Torino, Italy, The Mayor i i 
Troy, N. Y., Executive Clerk 2 i 
U. S. Senate, The Sec. . . 2 8 
U. S. Supt. of Documents .50 18 
Vermont, State Geologist i 
Vermont, State Library . . 13 18 
Virginia, Sec. of the Com- 
monwealth I I 

Voigt, Mrs. Anna .... i 

Western Reserve Univ. . . i 

Whittaker, Thomas ... i 

Weir, Paul i 

PablUbed monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York City. 

SubacnptioD One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to h Ferris Lockwood« Business 

Superintendent, No. 40 Lafayette Place, New York. 
Entered at the Post OflSce at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter, January 90, 1897, under Act of July 16, 1894. 





APEIL 1905 
VoLuaiE IX ■ Number 4 

Rkpobt fob Mabch IIB-IIB 

HAjOR-QsirKaA.L Wool to W. L. Stohb om the Ba.itlb of 

QuEEKarowN Hbiobts 130-133 

PoucT HI TBZ Gulf of Mexico. 1838 133-138 

Lurr OF WbBKB Relatiro to Ireland, Part II. . . . 134-144 

Pbhtgipai, A.ccBaaioR8 m March 146-lSl 

Principal Dohorb nr March 163 



William W. Appleton. 

OHN L. Cadwalader. 
Andrew Carnegie. 
Cleveland H. Dodge. 
John Murphy Farley. 
Samuel Greenbaum. 
H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. 
John S. Kennedy. 
Edward King. 
Lewis Cass Led yard. 

Alexander Maitland. 
J. PiERPONT Morgan. 
Morgan J. 0*Brien. 
Stephen H. Oun. 
Alexander E. Orr. 
Henry C. Potter. 
George L. Rives. 
Charles Howland Russblu 
Philip Schuyler. 
George W. Smith. 
Frederick Sturges. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Edward M. Grout, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Charles V. Fornes, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary, Charles Howland Russell. Esq., 40 Lafayette Place. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 40 Lafayette Place. 


Lafayette Place, 40. (Astor.) Fifth Avenue, 890. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 31. (Chatham Square.) 

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

Eldridge Street, 184. (University Settlement Building.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer.) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 130 West. Near 6th Avenue. (Muhlenberg.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street, 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce. Department Headquarters.) 

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

59th Street, 113 East. Near Lexington Avenue. 

67th Street, 328 East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 

76th Street, 538 East. (Webster.) 

79th Street, 222-224 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

82d Street. 2279 Broadway. (St. Agnes.) 

86th Street. 536 Amsterdam Avenue. 

91st Street, 121 West. Between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. (Blind Library.) 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

iS6th Street, 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


140th Street, 569 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (Mott Haven.) 


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street. 





Vol. IX. 

April, 1905. 

No. 4. 


Reference Department. 

During the month of March there were received at the Library, by purchase, 
i,ooo volumes and 848 pamphlets; by gift, 1,142 volumes and 2,105 pamphlets; 
and by exchange, 476 volumes and 3,675 pamphlets, making a total of 2,618 
volumes and 6,628 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 3,360 volumes and 4,161 pamphlets, for which were 
written 8,032 cards, in addition to which 4,256 slips were written for, and 15,774 
cards received from, the copying machine. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number 
of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox, during the month: 




No. of readers and visitors 













No. of readers . . 

No. of readers, desk aoDlicants 

No. of volumes consulted by desk applicants. . 
Dailv averacre of readers 

Number of visitors to Print Exhibition, etc.. 


The following statistics for the Astor branch in March, 1903, 1904, 1905, show 
an interesting increase in the use of the Library : 

igoj, igo4. ^90$, 

Total no. volumes called for 35.258 51.898 69,197 

Totol no. readers and visitors 10,265 12,848 15.150 

Daily average no. readers and visitors 41 1 476 559 







East Broadway, 33, 

Chatham Squarb. 

East Broadway, 197. ... 

Educational Alliance BuUding. 

Eldridge Street, 184... 

Bond Street, 49, 

8th Street, 135 Second Ave.,. 

loth Street. 331 East, 

Tompkins Squarb. 

13th Street, 251 West, 

Jackson Squarb. 

22d Street, 230 East, 


23d Street, 130 West, 


34TH Street, 215 East . . . . 

40th Street. 501 West, . . 
St. Raphabl. 

42d Street, 226 West,.. . 
Gborcb Brucb. 

Sotb Street, 123 East,. . 

51st Street, 463 West,. . 
Sacrbd Hbart. 

59TH Street, 113 East, 
67TH Street, 328 East, 

69th Street, 190 Amsterdam Ave., 


Travbllinc Libraribs 

76th Street, 538 East, 


79th Street, 222->224 East, 


82d Street, 2279 Broadway, 

St. Acnbs. 

86th Street, 536 Amsterdam Ave 

91st Street, 121 West, 


looth Street, 206 West, . , 

iioth Street, 174 East,. . , 

123d Street, 32 West,. . . , 
Haklbm Library. 

125TH Street, 224 East 




156th Street, 022 St. Nicholas Ave.,. . 
Washington Hkichts. 


Port Richmond. Amboy Road, near 
Prospect Ave 



































378.134 ! 43.131 

















RBADBBS IN rbaoinc 

























































The most popular books of the month were (in non-fiction) Haeckers ** Wonders 
of Life," McLellan and Dewey's ** Applied Psychology," and Ulmann's "Land- 
mark History of New York"; (adult fiction) Ward's "The Marriage of William 
Ashe," Williamson's " The Princess Passes," and Lane's " Nancy Stair "; (juvenile 
fiction) Tomlinson's "Two Young Patriots," Alcott's ** Little Women," and 
Aldrich's *' Story of a Bad Boy." 

The most important gifts received during the month were: from the Burgo- 
master of Antwerp, 14 volumes and 5 pamphlets, being the " Bulletin Communal 
de la Ville d'Anvers," etc.; from the Estate of George Becks, 233 pieces, being 
an addition to the bequest noted in February; from the Commission de la 
Belgica, 17 of their publications on Antarctic exploration; from Mrs. Albert W. 
Berg, 14 volumes of musical journals; from the British Museum, 5 volumes, 
being the " Catalogue of the Greek Coins of Cyprus," by George F. Hill, 1904, 
"Catalogue of the Terracottas in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiqui- 
ties," by H. B. Walters, 1903, "Index to the Sloane Manuscripts," by Edward J. 
L. Scott, etc. ; from the Cassella Color Company, 8 volumes of their publications 
on dye stuffs; from Samuel Colman, 35 of his etchings; from Mrs. Henry Draper, 
43 volumes and 5 1 pamphlets, being a collection of folk songs of various countries ; 
from Louis R. Ehrich, a copy of the edition de luxe of the catalogue of the Ehrich 
Gallery of paintings; from H. O. Haughton, 13 of his monographs on shipping, 
etc. ; from the " India Rubber World," 12 volumes and 16 pamphlets of publica- 
tions relating to the Argentine Confederation, etc. ; from Arthur Lovell, copies of 
his " Ars Vivendi " and '* Beauty of Tone in Speech and Song"; from the Metro- 
politan Museum of Art, copies of its illustrated catalogue of paintings; from the 
Secretary of State of New York, the current Senate and Assembly documents in 
21 volumes; from Hon. Redfield Proctor, "Records of Conventions in the New 
Hampshire Grants for the Independence of Vermont, 1776-1777," reproduced 
m facsimile from manuscripts in the Library of Congress, Washington, 1904; 
from Philip Schuyler, 191 copies of the "Life of General Philip Schuyler," by Bay- 
ard Tuckerman, 1905; from Mrs. Theodore Sutro, 2 copies of her book "Mile- 
stones on Life's Pathway"; from Herbert L. Thowless, 7 volumes and 57 pam- 
phlets, being reports of the Board of Trade and various city documents of New- 
ark, N. J. ; and from the Secretary of State of West Virginia, 17 documents, being 
journals and bills of the Senate, etc. 

During the month two new circulation branches have been opened — the Port 
Richmond Branch on Saturday, March i8th, and the Mott Haven Branch on 
Friday, March 30th. 

At the opening of the Port Richmond Branch (the second of the circulation 
branches to be opened directly by the Library, and the first so opened in the 
Borough of Richmond), the Hon. Charles V. Fornes, President of the Board of 
Aldermen, presided as the designated representative of the Mayor of the City. 
An address on behalf of the Trustees of the Library was made by Charles How- 
land Russell, Esq., and short addresses were also made by Hon. George Cromwell, 
President of the Borough of Richmond ; by Dr. J. S. Billings, Director of the New 
York Public Library, and by Mr. A. E. Bostwick, Chief of the Circulation Depart- 
ment. Music was furnished by the Glee Club of Public School No. 20, Port 


Richmond, and by the Juvenile Mandolin Orchestra. This building is the eighth 
of those erected by the Carnegie fund to be opened as a branch of the New York 
Public Library, and the second in the Borough of Richmond. It has on its 
shelves about 5,000 volumes. 

The MoTT Haven Branch, at the corner of Alexander Avenue and 140th 
Street, was opened on Friday, March 30th. President Fornes presided and 
accepted the building on behalf of the City, and Stephen H. Olin, Esq., represent- 
ing the Trustees of the New York Public Library, Alderman John H. Dougherty, 
and Dr. J. S. Billings also made addresses. Music was furnished by the Girl's 
Glee Club of Public School No. 27. The Mott Haven Branch is the ninth to be 
opened of those erected from the Carnegie fund and the first to be opened in the 
Bronx. It has on its shelves at the time of opening about 9,000 volumes. 

At the Circulation branches the picture bulletins and temporary collections of 
books on special shelves were as follows : 

Chatham Square, Spring, Hans C. Andersen, Public schools of New York; 
East Broadway, Famous men and women born in March, John Fiske, Washing- 
ton Irving, Richard Wagner, Jules Verne, Theodore Roosevelt, Japan, India, 
Stories of the red men, New York in fiction, Hans C. Andersen, Birds, Nests, 
Fishes, Spring flowers; Eldridge Street, States admitted to the Union in 
March, Michael Angelo, Raphael; Bond Street, New books. Electricity, Magnet- 
ism, Violin and its makers. Life in the navy. Nature, Hans C. Andersen; Otten- 
dorfer, Discoveries and explorers. Books of interest to women. Books of interest to 
men, Shakespeare, Composers, Music, Jules Verne; Tompkins Square, Theodore 
Roosevelt, Sea tales, Spring, Tree planting. Lew Wallace; Epiphany, English and 
American authors; Jackson Square, Mexico, Photography, New books; Muhlen- 
berg, Spring, Benjamin Franklin, Mexico, Alexander Hamilton, Martinique and 
Mt. Pele6, Patagonia, China, Japan and Russia, Manners and customs of the 
Hindus, The Philippines; 34TH Street, Tales of the sea. New books; Bruce, 
Domestic economy, Manhattan, Standard books. Home pets, Wild animals; Sacred 
Heart, Longfellow; 59TH Street, Spring, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer; 67TH 
Street, Natural Science, Eastern geography. New books, Theodore Roosevelt; 
Riverside, New books, Railroad stories. Fairy tales, Music, Nature, Caricatures of 
Max Beerbohm; Webster, Music, Questions of the day; Yorkville, New books, 
Nature Study, Domestic economy. Eastern geography. School stories, Hans C. 
Andersen; St. Agnes, Physics, European geography; Amsterdam Avenue, Flower 
bulletins (2), Birds, Michael Angelo, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer; Bloomingdale, 
Lew Wallace, Jules Verne; Aguilar, Emerson, Shakespeare, J. W. Riley, Elec- 
tricity, Homes habits and history of the French people, Rhine and Heidelberg, 
Panama Canal, Theodore Roosevelt, Hans C. Andersen, Louisa M. Alcott, Famous 
men and women born in March; 125TH Street, City of Washington and the 
inauguration of the President; Washington Heights, Health talks, Scotland, 
Imperial Berlin, City of Washington, Monuments of a prehistoric race. Beyond the 
Mississippi, Cowboy life on the plains, Texas, California; Tottenville, American 
history. Story of the railroad, Little folks of many lands. 

At the Lenox Branch the exhibition of etchings by F61ix Bracquemond was 
continued until March 15th. On the 17th was opened an exhibition of about one 


hundred British mezzotints lent by Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan, belonging in the main 
to the second half of the eighteenth century, with a few of later date. On the 20th 
was begun an exhibition of manuscripts, portraits, prints, etc., connected with the 
French Revolution, consisting of 503 pieces, the property of a private collector. 
A printed catalogue of the collection (loi pages) is on sale at both of the Reference 
branches, at the price of 25 cents. 

At the AsTOR branch the exhibition of plates relating to anniversaries of men 
and events was continued. 

At the Tompkins Square branch plates from Audsley's '* Ornamental Arts of 
Japan " were continued on exhibition, as were *' Racinet's costume plates " (to the 
XVI. century) at lasTH Street, Hollyer's etched views of New York at 67TH 
Strest, plates from the Wilkie Gallery at Chatham Square, and Racinet's 
costume plates. Section 2 (after the XVI. century) at Yorkville. 


Printed from the original manuscript in the New Yorl; Public Library. 

Troy— N. Y. 

i3tb September 1838. 
My dear Sir, 

My attention has been recently directed to your interesting history of Joseph 
Brant. Allow me to request that you will send me by mail two copies with a bill 
of the same. I will transmit the amount by return mail. 

Should you publish another edition* I would be much gratified if you would 
previously inform me of your intentions in order that some errors relating to the 
affair of Queenstown may be corrected. In page 505 Vol. a'^ it is stated that only 
two companies Captains Armstrong and Malcom had landed before Colonel Van 
Rensselaer and his party. This is incorrect — it should be three companies — viz 
Captains Wool, Malcom and Armstrong. It is also incorrect that they crossed the 
Niagara River undiscovered. The guard stationed on the Bank discovered us and 
fired into our boats before we reached the shore, but fled on our landing. As soon 
as we left the boats we ascended the bank and formed line fronting the heights. 
Being the senior officer in the absence of Lt. Col. Chrystie I took command of 
the detachment. At this moment Judge Advocate Lush arrived and informed 
me of the landing of Colonel Van Rensselaer and his party, with orders from the 
Colonel to "prepare for storming Queenstown Heights." I informed him we 
were ready. In a few moments he returned with an order to march. We pro- 
ceeded a few rods when I received an order to halt. This was at the foot or base 
of the heights — our right extending towards the Village of Queenstown. Whilst 
thus waiting further orders the detachment was attacked on its right by a party of 
British from the Village of Queenstown. Without waiting for orders from Colonel 
Van Rensselaer the detachment was immediately brought to bear on the enemy. 
A short but severe contest ensued. The enemy was repulsed, but not without the 
loss of six officers killed and wounded out of 11 or 13 present, besides a large pro- 
nnrtinn nt "on-COmmissloned officers and privates, all of the 1$^*' U. S. Infantry, 
s, Lieut Valleau and Ensign Morris were killed, and Captains Wool, 
Armstrong and Lieut Lent wounded. Shortly after the enemy had 
|d]ge Advocate Lush came and informed me that Colonel Van 
as mortally wounded, with orders from the Colonel to retire with the 
shore. As soon as it was light I repaired to Colonel Van Rensselaer 
n what could be done? He replied he did not know. I remarked 
ng must be done soon or we would all be taken prisoners. His reply 

: appeaded to the fourth editioo of Stone's Zi/t of Brant, 


was that he knew of nothing unless we could take Queenstown heights. Although 
wounded, a musket ball having passed through both my thighs, I offered to under- 
take the enterprise. It was no sooner communicated to such of the officers of the 
13^ able to march, consisting of, besides myself, Captain Ogilvie, Lieutenants 
Hugunin, Kearney, Car, Reab, and Sammons, than they rallied their troops, and 
with a small detachment of Artillery commanded by Lieutenants Gansevoort & 
Randolp[h] agreeably to the directions of Colonel Van Rensselaer, ascended the 
heights and captured the battery. Such is a plain but correct statement of the 
part performed by the 13*** U. S. Infantry early on the morning of the 13*** October 
x8ia, and previous to the attack and defeat of General Brock. Of the latter I 
may hereafter give you some details. 

This statement I assure you is made with no envious feelings towards Colonel 
Van Rensselaer. He has bled freely in the field of battle, and I would not, if it 
can be avoided with honor to myself, add another to the many wounds he has 
received in fighting the battles of his Country. He should however recollect that 
a commandant never loses reputation by doing justice to those who may have 
served with him in the field of battle. He has published a history* of the affair of 
Queenstown in which he has failed to do justice to those who accompanied him on 
that memorable morning. He claims credit for conduct that belongs to another, 
and which as a brave and a gallant soldier he should never have appropriated to 
himself. He would do no injustice to himself if he should contradict the state- 
ment that he led the 13^^ up the bank and routed the enemy at the point of the 
bayonet, when Ensign Morris was killed and Captains Armstrong Malcom and 
Wool were wounded. When Ensign Morris was killed & Armstrong, Malcom & 
Wool were wounded, those officers with the 13*^ Infantry had not only ascended 
the bank, but were on their way to ** storm Queenstown Heights," when as I have 
before stated were halted, and whilst thus waiting for further orders was attacked 
by a party of the enemy from the Village of Queenstown who were repulsed 
without orders from or interference of Colonel Van Rensselaer. Nor would his 
conduct have appeared less brave or brilliant if he had stated the fact that Captain 
Wool although wounded volunteered to undertake the capture of the heights. It 
will be perceived on examination of my letter to Colonel Van Rensselaer that I 
commenced it at the moment I left him to ascend the heights, leaving it for him to 
describe what had occurred before, with full confidence that he would do justice to 
those who had accompanied him on the morning when so many gallant soldiers fell 
10 rise no more. Would it have been too much to have named the dead or even 
those who volunteered, captured the heights and defeated General Brock. A 
monument has been erected to mark the spot where a hero fell leading his troops 
to battle, but those who fought and won the victory and defeated the hero, was not 
even mentioned in the official despatch which announced the result. 

For the flattering manner in which you have been pleased to represent me in 
your history, and the repeated defence of my character against the vile attacks of 
those who call themselves /o/r/V?/;, I offer you the most grateful acknowledgem^, 
with the assurance that there is not the slightest foundation for the infamous 
charges brought against me. I am exposed it would seem to a triangular warfare. 

♦ His Narrative of the Affair at Queenstown, 181 2. (New York, 1836. la'.) 


The Whig presses on the Frontier have charged me with not only oppressing the 
patriots but of violating the laws in arresting them and seizing their arms and 
ammunition. The Montreal Herald and ultra tory paper will not be convinced 
that either the administration or the officers of the Army were sincere in their 
exertions to preserve the peace and neutral obligations of the Country. The 
administration papers of Vermont charge me with having transcended the orders 
of the governm^, and of oppressing the patriots beyond the wishes and intentions 
of the administration — see the Burlington Sentinel of the 3^ September containing 
the correspondence of Sir John Colborne and myself, with an editorial article 
against myself, Governor Jenison, and Charles Adams Esq% not one word of 
which is true, except that I was invited to partake of an entertainment at 

With this hasty scrawl believe me to be very truly your obliged friend &c. 

John E. Wool 
Colonel Stone. 


Printed from the original manuscript in the New York Public Library. 

U. S. ScH Grampus, Thompson Isd 

July 3? 1823 

I have the honor to inform you, that this vessel sailed from the Balise, on the 
24*^ April, with a convoy for Tabasco, where she arrived on the 1!^ May — sailed 
thence again on the 6^ with a convoy towards Vera Cruz parted with the convoy 
on the 9^.**, and arrived at Campeachy on the 13^^, where I received information, of 
several piracies committed upon the merchant vessels of the U. S; and that the 
coast of Yucatan, from Cape Catouche, to Lagoona was then infested by several 
gangs of pirates, who had been guilty of every atrocity imaginable: finding there 
were a very considerable number of Merchantships at the several ports upon that 
coast unprotected, and others arriving almost daily, I continued thereabouts untill 
the 25^^ June scouring the coast, up and down, and occasionally, when any infor- 
mation was had, which offered the least chance of detecting those villians, the 
boats were employed, and sometimes were sent along the coast 20, and 30 leagues 
from the vessel: on the 22? May I chased a schooner on shore, to windward of 
Siral which I have no doubt was a pirate, from his appearance and conduct: as it 
was in the night, and upon a part of the coast where I was not sufficiently ac- 
quainted, and blowing fresh upon the shore, I had not an opportunity of compleat- 
ing his distruction : On the 1 1 June, I seized a suspicious vessel in the harbour of 
Campeachy, and resigned her to the authorities there upon that account. This 
last vessel had just come from New Malaga, or Virgia de Chiguila, a little to the 


westward of Cape Catouche, where fhe pirates have a very considerable establish- 
ment and came down Campeachy for purpose of procuring stores for a vessel then 
prepairing for a cruise. Two seamen who had been held as prisoners at N. Ma- 
laga, informed me that this gang were sometimes a hundred and upwards in num- 
ber, that they held possession of a small fort having two twenty four pounders.; 
and that an officer named Molla, who had been placed there by the Government 
had joined them, this was corroborated by the authorities at Campeachy — who 
requested me to land and destroy the place. The pirates issue from their post in 
barges, small vessels, and in canoes; hover along the shores, enter the harbour 
murder and destroy almost all that fall in their power: on the 2°** June the Ameri- 
can Sch^ Shibbolet, Capt Perry, of N. Y. being then ready for sea, was boarded 
by a canoe having fourteen of these villians on board; the watch was instantly 
murdered eight others of the crew, were put in the forecastle, the hatch spiked 
down, a ton or more of Logwood put over it: the head sails set — with the wind 
off shore — and fire put to the vessel in the cabin — by the most extraordinary ex- 
ertions, these now broke out, in time to save their lives. I arrived while the ves- 
sel was burning down. The same canoe then proceeded to windward and two 
days afterwards, took the Schr Augustus & John off Sisal — and burnt her, having 
turned the crew adrift in a small boat — with every probability of their perishing. 
The people of the country were much exasperated, and turned out to hunt them 
from their shores — a party of Dragoons having met them, a skirmish insured, 
wherein the Captain of Dragoons, and several of his men were killed, and the 
pirates taking to their boats escaped — one of the seamen, I mentioned, as having 
been amongst them stated that he belonged to an English Sch. from N. Providence 
called the Flyer, that the crew with the exception of himself were instantly 
butchered — he was detained by them about two Mo[nths] during which time they 
had captured nine vessels, some of which were brought in, but the principal part 
destroyed, and in some instances he was certain that the whole crews were mur- 
dered — when he left the place (about twenty days since) they had a Guinaman with 
two hundred slaves and a large quantity of Ivory two small schooners, Americans, 
and an English cutter [Aia^us in ms.^ informed me that pirates had a direct and 
uninterrupted intercourse with Havanna, by means of small coasting vessels that 
ran regularly to the ports on the coast, and always touched at N. Malaga — fre- 
quently some of them would go up to the Havanna, and others of the gang came 
down — That this infernal horde of villians have established themselves at N. 
Malaga I have no doubt, and from the information given me by men of the first 
respectability at Campeachy, Siral, and other places on that coast, I believe the 
pirates have been guilty of all the acts herein stated. 

I have the Honor to be 

Very Respectfully 

Your Mo. Ob. Ser. 

Comd. David Porter 

Comf U. S. N. forces 

W. I. Station. 

Frank Gregory 

St. Comd. U. S. M. 


Part II. 


Essays and Miscellany,'* 

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*The reports of the Public Records Commissions and of the 
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material for Irish historv. The volumes and series are well 
indexed, and no attempt has been made to include in this list 
all their reports relating to Ireland. 

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George Carew. III. The Voyage ot 5ir Kicnard isdge- 
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new Oaths of Allegiance from the Nobility and othera, who 
had declared (for the then Pretender; Lambert Simnell. 
IV. A Breviate of the getting of Ireland, and the Decaie of 
the same. Written bv Patrick Finglass. V. A Project of King 
James I. for the Division and Plantation of. ..ulster... VI. 
Orders and Conditions to be observed by the Undertakers, 
&c., of the said Plantation. VII. A Commission of Inquiry 
in order to the Establishment of the said Planution. VIII. 
Instructions to the said Commissioners. IX. A Survey of the 
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3, official and other lists of supplement; 4, patents of office, 
peerage, and benefice; %, the cnurch; 6, substance of the stat- 
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Also attnbuted to Thomas Moore. 

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Of Allhallow eve, named by the Irish, 

Oidhche Shamhna. . .(In his: Collectanea de rebus 
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A continuation of the Brehon laws, in the 

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Description of the banqueting-hall of Tamar 

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Of the gule of August, or Lamma*s day. . . 

(In his: Collectanea de rebus Hibemicis. Dublin, 
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Of the kiss of salutation; of curses, &c. (In 

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Some remarks on the round towers of Ire- 
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A vindication of the ancient history of Ire- 
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R. Graisberry, printer, 1831. 8*. 



HUtoty — Essays^ cont'd. 

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graphical introduction by his brother [J. O'Brien]. 
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Counties Kildare and Longford are missing; Cork, Kerry, 
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Tepegrapky, contd. 

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itig the results in detail ol the census of 1841. 
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. M.), <iH</Z«wBOii 0- P') A De. 
r and Comprehensive Gazetteer of 
ht down to the present lime. Edin- 

By Ltcalititi. 

Robert). The battle of Aughrim [13 
r, The fall of Monsieur St. Ruth: a 
which is prefixed an extract from the 
eland, ool in any former edition. 
'iltintan. lT}^. x, ll-jS pp. 16°. 

en {Rni.}.) Statistical surveyof the 
rim, wilh observations on the oieans 
X.. .Dublin: Graiibtrry &• CamfbtU, 
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tephen). Highwajrs and byways in 
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id plara lacldDf . 

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4«6, "T.) ^. :^, 

3nd ed. 1863. v. i, pp. 13-455- «u 

"""'""' E,«ow 

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Reprlm ot " The conduct of (be lorcret^, burgeues. and 
■nd pTOprieiy thereof, to procure rclieF to the Frcoch pruoDrrt 
MDCCLXI." ' " " '' ' "'"'■ "" '" ' '"" 

Ore»t Brltaiii.~/'ar/iaflini^ Report on the 
proposed extension of the boundaries of the borough 
of Belfast. 1653- (Great Britain. Parliamemarv 

Correspondence on the stibject o( charges 

■gainst the management of the Lancastrian indus- 
trial national school, Belfast. 1856. (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 



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firom management of public affairs. 

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M^Sweeney (Mnrtagh). A bold stroke for 
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Topography^ cont*d, 

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Pt. a, pub. at Cashel: Gaxette Office, 1866; paging continu- 
ous; title talcen from cover. 


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city, thro' the corporation of the staple; and the 
duties imposed on the officers of that corporation. 
Regulations made in a court of d*oyer hundred. .. 
and several other public documents of importance. 
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Paging irregular. 

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Cathedral Church of St. Patrick. See Ber» 
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Great Britain. — Dublin University Com- 
mission, Report of . . . commissioners ... to inauire 
into the state dicipline, studies, and revenues of the 



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^ Charts et statuta coUegii sacro-sanctae et indi- 
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Registeis of the French non-conformist churches 
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4 . (Huguenot Society of London. Publications, 
▼. 14.) 

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formation; now for the first time printed from the 
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See also St* M»i7*s Abbey, below. 

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and manners, in Dublin, and the north of Ireland, 
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the dtyof Dublin. [Signed James Grattan.] Dub- 
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Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

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grants from the public funds. 1842. (Great Britain. 
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Evidence, appendix, index. 1854. (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 

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Uls. With appendixes. 1856. (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 

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sisted by government aid. Evidence, appendix, 
index. 1864. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 

Evidence at the trial of the Dublin city elec- 
tion petition. 1869. (Great Britain. Parliamen- 
tary Papers.) 

Report of commission on corrupt practices 

among the electors of Dublin. With evidence. 
1870. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report of commissioners on the Dublin 

metropolitan police. Evidence and appendix. 1873. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report of commissioners on the sewerage 

and drainage of the city of Dublin, and other 
matters connected therewith. Evidence, appendix, 
index. 1880. (Great Britain. ParliamenUry 

Correspondence with reference to the annual 

teachers' congress, public meeting, and dinner of 
teachers, held in Dublin, Dec. 1883. (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report of committee on the Dublin metro- 
politan police. Evidence, appendix, minute of the 
Lord Lieutenant on the report. 2 pts. maps. 
1883. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

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condition of the royal barracks, Dublin, with return 
to Dec. 18S7 of all cases of febrile disease in the 
Dublin garrison, diagr. 1889-91. (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report, Nov. 1887, by Sir C. A. Cameron, 

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shaw, registrar-general, on the prevalence of enteric 
fever in the royal barracks, Dublin. 4 maps. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report on the Dublin barracks improve- 
ment bill. Evidence. 1892. (Great Britain. Parlia- 
mentary Papers.) 

Report of committee on the buildings and 

site for a royal college of science for Ireland, at 
Dublin, plan. 1899. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 



Topography — Dublin^ confd. 

Statistical tables of the Dublin metropolitao 

police for 1899. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 

Report of departmental committee on the 

public health of the city of Dublin. Evidence and 
appendixes. 2 pts. Maps. 1900. (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 

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mittee, Dublin Metropolitan Police. Report of 
the Committee of Inquiry, 1901. Dublin: A. Thom 
6r» Co,^ ltd,^prtrs,f 1902. i p. I., 16 pp. pap. f*. 
Cd. 1088. 

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committee appointed by the Local Government 
Board... to inquire into the public health of... 
Dublin. Dublin: A, Thom 6* Co., ltd., prtrs,, 
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Minutes of evidence . . . with 

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books and origrinal wills of diocese of Dublin from 
x8oo to 1858. London, 1899. iv, 11 59 pp. 8^. 
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Deputy Keeper of the Public Records.) 

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compiled from authentick memoirs, offices of record, 
manuscript collections and other unexceptionable 
vouchers, with an appendix. . .(8) 509 pp., 9 pi., 2 
maps, tables. London: J. Knox, 1766. 8®. 

Holy Trinity Church. See Christ Church. 

King^ Inns. Report of the King's Inns, Dub- 
lin, Inquiry Commission as to sums received in the 
admission of attorneys and solicitors, as "deposits 
for chambers," &c. 1872. (Great Britain. Parlia- 
mentary Papers.) 

Letters addressed to Parliament, and to the 
public, in general, on various improvements of the 
metropolis; which appeared in the Dublin Journal, 
in December last. . . By the author; an admirer of 
general, of useful, and necessary improvements. 
Dublin: T. Byrne, 1786. I p. I., viii, 3-70, 10 pp. 

Lncas (Charles). The liberties and customs of 
Dublin asserted and demonstrated upon the prin- 
ciples of law, justice, and good policy; with a 
comparative view of the constitutions of London 
and Dublin, and some considerations on the cus- 
toms of intrusion and quarterage... Dublin: T. 
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hearths, baptisms, and burials in that city. London: 
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Recollections of Dublin Castle and of Dab- 
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Account of receipts and expenditures, 

1898/9-99/00. London [1900"]. f*. 

The calendar, for 1 897-1904. DubUm, 

1897-1904. 12*. 

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Dunbrody, and annals of Ireland. Ed. by J. T. 
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4' , ( Chronicles and memorials of Great Britain . . , 
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St. Patrick's Church. See Bernard {]. H.) 

Some illustrations of the civic and commercial 
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Irish history and topography. . . London, 1904. 8*. 
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Them also: the story of the Dublin Mission. .. 
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Trinity College. See above Dublin University. 

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&c. ; together with some gleanings from the census 
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Report on the charges made by A. F. Ball, Esq., 

against the magistracy of Dungannon. Evidence 

and appendix. 1872. (Great Briuin. Parliamentary 



Reports on improvement of the navigation of 
the River Fergus and rendering the town of Ennis 
a seaport, maps. 1849. (Great Britain. Parlia- 
mentary Papers.) 



Topography, cont'd. 

Lough Ernb. 

Loofh Erne drainage scheme, maps and dia- 
g^ms. 1891. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 


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illustrative of the Scenery, Antiquities, Architec- 
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wise Manor Atkinson in the County of Fermanagh 
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&* Co., 1881. xi, I 1., 384 pp. 8^ 

Lough Foylb. 

Allen (Robert) v, Donnelly UOt ^^^ others. 
Report of the Lough Foyle fishery case. . .tried at 
the Tyrone spring assizes at Omagh, 1856, before 
the Hon. Baron Pennefather. . .Reported by W. 

McLaughlin. London: A, Taylor, iZ^l' 220 pp. 


DuttoB (Hely). A statistical and agricultural 
surrey of the county of Galway, with observations 
on the means of improvement; drawn up for the 
consideration and by the direction of the Royal 
Dublin Society. Dublin: R, Graisberry, 1824. 
XX, 528, 112 pp. 8*. 

Cb^eat Britain. Report to the Admiralty by 
Captain Washington, Capuin Vetch and Mr. Barry 
Gibbons on the capabilities and requirements of the 
port and harbour of Galw^iy. plans. 1859. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report of Admiralty committee on the 

suitableness of Galway for a transatlantic packet 
station, in connection with a harbour of refuge. 
1859. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Contract between the Postmaster-General 

and the Atlantic Royal Mail Steam Navigation Co., 
for mail service between Galway and America, 1 5 
July, 1863. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Evidence and judgment on the trial of the 

Galway election petition. 5 pts. 1872. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Correspondence between the Treasury, the 

Post Office, and the Atlantic Royal Mail Steam 
Packet Co., from 4. May, i860, to 13. June, 1861, 
as to conveyance of mails from Galway to America. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Further report, 1860-1863. (ibid,) 

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7 pi. 4*. 

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Report of the extraordinary visitation of 

the Queen's College, Galway, held in Dublin Castle, 
March, 1870. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 


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xxi, 420 pp., 2 1., I map, 4 pi. 8°. 

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of Kerry, with fragments of Irish history relating 
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means of improvement; drawn up. . .by direction of 

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(In his: The confederation of Kilkenny 

and The rise and fall of the family of the GeraU 

dines. DubUn, 1848. 24^) 
Same plates osed in the two iatacs. 



Topography^ confd, 

[Ti^he (William). ] Statistical observations rela- 
tive to the county of Kilkenny, made in the years 
1800 and 1 801 [by William Tighe]. [With Appendix 
No. 1-3.] Dublin: Graisberry &* Campbell^ 1802. 
3 p.l., v-xvi, 644, 119 pp., 4 maps, 4 plans, 3 pi., 
2 tab. 8\ 


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King William's Town. 

Reports relating to experimental improvements 
in progress on the crown lands at King William's 
Town in Ireland. Maps and plans. 4 pts. 1833- . 
44. (Great Britain. Parliamentary papers.) 


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Plates bound separately. 


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Mr. A. Osl>oro, in reference to the affairs of the 
North of Ireland: in which some mistakes concern- 
ing him (in the printed account of the siege of 
Derry, the observations on it, and Mr. Walker's 
vindication of it) arc rectified . . . Loudon: T. Park- 
hurst.^. I p.l., 28 pp. 4°. 

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his metropolitan visitation of the diocese of Derry, 
A.D. MCCCXCVII ; with a rentol of the sec estates 
at that time. Edited . . . with an introduction and 
notes by the Rev. William Reeves. [Latin.] 
Dublin: The Irish Archceo logical Society, 1850. 
2 p.l., XX, 149 pp. 4**. (The Irish Archaeological 

Derriana* A collection of papers relative to 

the siege of Derry, illustrative of the revolution of 

1688. Londonderry, 1794. 8*. 

Containing Walker's Accoant; Mackenzie's Narrative; Dal- 
rymple's Account of the Siege, and the Battle of the Boyne, 
Ireland; Sie^ of Derry, and the Battle of Aghrim; Transac- 
tions at Enniskillen; Copies of Letters concerning the State of 
Derry after the Siege; Corporation of Derry; The Poliorciad, 
a Poem on the Siege; An Historical Poem, a Fragment. 

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Report of commission on the riots in the 

city of Londonderry, 1869. Evidence and appen- 
dix. Plan. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Papers relating to the model school at Lon- 
donderry. 1875. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 

Report of commission on disturbances in the 

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Nationalist demonstration. 

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Historisch verhaal van het gepasseerde in 
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Mey tot den 17. Juny 1689. Als mede verscbeyde 
proclamatien van sijn maj. en eenige actens van de 
conventie van Schotlant. Nevens een pertinent 
dagh-joumael van 't gene in de bel^^ering van Lon- 




Topography^ cont*d, 

dondcny is voorgevalleo, geschrcvcn door cen 
officicr uyt gemelde stad. Rotterdam: J. van Ryn 
zn J. van Gysen, 1689. 34 pp. 4". 

Ireland preserv'd; or, The siege of London- 
Derry. Being the second part of The battle of 
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tleman who was in the tower during the whole siege 

1. ^., John Graham 1. Dublin : T. Wilkinson 

1841?]. 72 pp. 16*. 

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A vindication of the True account of the 

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ETidenee and judgment at the trial of the 
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Parliamentary Papers.) 


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8°. (Dublin Mansion House committee for relief 
of distress in Ireland.) 

A plea for mercy in Mayo. [Edinburgh, 

1881.I 19 PP- 8*- 

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awful condition and prospects, and present insuffi- 
ciency of local relief. London : y. Ollivitr, 1849. 
25 pp. 8*. 

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o . 

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Obserrations by the Assistant Inspector- 
general of Irish constabulary with regard to shots 
fired by which three men were killed at Mitchels- 
town. Sept., 1887. Plans. (Great BriUin. Parlia- 
mentary Papers.) 


Corr^spondeneoy Jan., 1876, to 1877, relating 
to the national schools of Drumgarley, Rakeeragh, 
and Tattenclave, county Monaghan. Plans. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

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Lappan; Monaghan county, Ireland. An account 
of a pilgrimage thither, in search of the genealogy 
of the Williams family. Saint Paul : privately 
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1843. Dublin, 1842. sq. 8^) 


Address (An) from the independent freeholders 

of the P. . . . V. . .ce of M.ns. . .r, toSir R 

C. . ., baronet. With a collection of fifty- four origi- 
nal patriot toasts, drank at a select assembly of 
freeholders at Corke. . .January, 1754. Dublin, 
1753. 23 pp. 12*. 


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county: containing an historical and traditional 
account of its foundries, duns, pillar-stones, raths, 
cists, sacred edifices, castles, and other antiquities 
...with a history of the ancient septs of the 
county. . . Also an account of some noble families 
of English extraction. Dublin : J. G'Daly, 1856. 
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Topography ^ conCd, 


Report of committee on the Shannon naviga- 
tion bill. Evidence and appendix. 1885. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

South Mbath. 

South Heath election petition. Tried at 

Trim, Nov., 1892. Verbatim report. Dublin : 

Tht Irish Independent Print. 6f Pud/ish, Co., iSg2. 

284 pp. 8*". 


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Ulster at the dose of the x6th century and during the 

€h*eat Britain. — UTing. By the king, a pro- 
ject for the division and plantation of the escheated 
lands in six several counties of Ulster... (In: Hi- 
bernica. . . [edited by] W. Harris. Dublin, 1747. 
r. pp. 53-62.) 

Orders and conditions to be observed by 

the undertakers upon the distribution and planta- 
tion of the escheated lands in Ulster. From a copy 
printed in the year 1608. (In: Hibemica. . . Dub- 
lin, 1747. f^ PP- 63-72.) 

A commission to enquire into the king*s 

title to the several escheated and forfeited lands in 
Ulster. .. withVrticles and instructions annexed. .. 
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ciety, of the governor and assistants of London, 
of the new plantation in Ulster. London, 1832. 8**. 

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Exchange Rooms, Belfast, September 7, 1830. 
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Jadf^ent in the case of the tenants of the 
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Landed Estates Court. 1871. (Great Britain. 
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West Meath. 

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Collectanea de rebus Hibemicis. Dubltn, 1770- 
1787. 8*. V. i; no. i, pp. xiv, 3I., 1-126.) 

Report of committee on the nature and extent 
of a certain unlawful combination existing at West- 
meath. Evidence, appendix, index. 1871. (Great 
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History of the town and county of Wex- 
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Compiled principally from the public records... 
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History of the town and county of Wex- 
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Museum . . with translation of the Rawiinson MS. 
... as regards Dunbrody. London: E. Stock, 1901. 
xxiv, 278 pp., I map. illus. 4*". 

History of the town and county of Wex- 
ford. Duncannon Fort, Kilclogan or Templetown, 
Fethard, Houseland, Portersgate, Loftos' Hall. . . 
etc, compiled from ancient records... and the 



Topography^ confd, 

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W. S. Blunt. 

Jadfl^e's charge in the case of Wilfrid Sea wen 

Blunt V. John Byrne, February, 1888. (Great 

Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Meeting held at Woodford under auspices of Blunt, delegate 
of English Home rule union. 

Richard Boylb, Earl op Cork. 
Cork (/. earl), Richard Boylk. Selections 
from the private and public (or state) correspondence 
. . never before printed . . . Edited ... by Rev. A. B. 
Grosart . . . From the original mss. belonging: to 
. . .the Duke of Devonshire. . . [London: C. Whit- 
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Papers, Ser. 2.) 

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Cahill (Rev, D. W.) First American edition 
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containing a brief sketch of his life, the most im- 
portant addresses, speeches, controversial ser- 
mons, etc., delivered in Ireland, England and 
Scotland, together with his celebrated letters to 
Lord John Russell. . .^^x/^if.* P. Donahoe, 1855. 
4 p.l., 392 pp. I2^ 

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commentator, and mighty preacher of the gospel. 
Londonderry: D. Irvine [1885]. 14 pp. 16*. 

Columba, Saint. 

Admnnan, abbott of Hy. The life of St. Co. 

lumba, founder of Hy...To which are added 

copious notes and dissertations, illustrative of the 

early history of the Columbian institutions in Ire- 



Biography, confd, 

land and Scotland by William Reeves. [Latin.] 
Dublin: The Irish Archaological and Celtic Society, 
1857. Ixzx, 497 pp., I map, 5 pi. 4**. (The Irish 
Archaeological and Celtic Society.) 

Sir Richard Cox, Bart. 

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Rt. Hon. Sir Richard Cox, bart., lord chancellor of 

Ireland, from the original manuscript, preserved at 

the *• Manor house, Dunmanway,*' County Cork. 

Edited by Richard CaulBeld. London: J, Russell 

Smith, i860, vi, 7-21 pp. 8*. 

Covers the period 16^0-1707. It is the original of the 
memoir published bv Walter Harris in his edition of Sir James 
Ware's " Writers of Ireland," and thence transferred to the 
Biographia Britannica. 

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Dbvbrsux Family. 

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Emmst Family. 

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sim., 38 pi., 38 ports. 4°. 


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2 port. I2^ 

New York, 1868. 8^ 

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'SUdgewm,y (William). A report of the pro- 
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oyer and terminer, held at the new sessions house 
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1803. 2 p.l., 103 pp. 8'. 

The trial of Robert Emmet for high 

treason... Edinburgh: P. Hill, 1803. i pi., 
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(In: Ridgeway (William). A report 

of the proceedings in cases of high treason ... in 

the months of August, Septeml^r, and October, 

1803. Dublin: Exshaw, 1803. v. 2, no. 11.) 

The text in the three issues noted above b identical, prob> 
ably printed from the same types or plates and issued at 
different times or places with dmerent title-pages. 

Thomas Addis Emmbt, (1764-1887). 

Haines (C. G.) Memoir of Thomas Addis 
Emmet, with a biographical notice of Mr. Haines. 
New York: G. &* C, ^ H, Carvill, 1829. 132 pp. 

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life and character of Thomas Addis Emmet, pro- 
nounced ... in the New- York City* Hall, on i March,. 
1828. NewYork: E, Conrad, \%Q&, 26pp. %\ 

FiNAN, Saint. 

Finan, Saint, The life of Saint Finan [from 
an Irish MS. Edited with English translation by) 
R. A. Stewart Macalister. (Ztsch. f. celt. Philol. 
V. 2, p. 545-565. Halle a S., 1899.) 

Lord Edward Fitzgerald. 

Campbell (Gerald). Edward and Pamela Fiu- 
gerald. Being some Account of their Lives. Com- 
piled from the Letters of those who knew them. 
London: Edward Arnold, 1904. xi, 256 pp., 8 ports. 


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Edward Fitzgerald. Reprinted from the 3. London 
edition, with additional notes. New York: P. M. 
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earls of Desmond, and the persecution of the Irish 
catholics. See 0*Daly (D.) The rise... of the 
Geraldines, etc. 

0*Daly (Daniel). The rise, increase, and exit 
of the family of the Geraldines, earls of Desmond,, 
and palatinates of Kerry, in Ireland. To which is- 
added, The persecution inflicted on the Irish people 
by the English. Collected out of various works, 
and written in Latin, by Brother Dominicus de 
Rosario O'Daly, O. P. T. S. P. . .Lisbon: CraesbecK 
1655. [Translated by C. P. Meehan, and published 
with title: The Geraldines, earls of Desmond, and 
the persecution of the Irish catholics. DubBn: 
James Duffy, 1847.] xii» 238 pp. 24'. (Duffy's 
Library of Ireland, v. 3. ) 



BUgraphy^ confd, 

(In: Mcchan (C. P.) The confedera- 

tioii of Kilkenny and The rise and fall of the family 
of the Geraldines. Dublin, i%4%. 24**.) 

Same plates used in the two issues. 


CoveiUL&t between the Mageoghegan and the 
Fox, with brief historical notices of the two families. 
[Edited by John O'Donovan.] (In: The Irish 
Archaeological Society. Miscellany, v. i, pp. 179- 
197. Dublin, 1846. 4*.) 

See above Fitzgbralos. 

Henry Grattan. 

Gh«tt»n (Henry). Speeches. . .with prefatory 
obsenrations. The whole comprising a brief review 
of the most important political events in the history 
of Ireland, v. i. New York: Eastbum, Kirk 6* 
Co., 1813. I V. 8°. 

Select Speeches, with his letter on the 

Union, and a Commentary on his Career and Charac- 
ter, by O. Madden. Dublin, 1845. 8'. 

Oratt»n (Henry), jr. Memoirs of the life and 
times of Henry Grattan. By his son. London : 
If. Colburn, 1839-1846. 5 y. 8°. 

Edmond Dwybr Gray. 

Report of the Committee on privilege on the 
case of Mr. [Edmond Dwyer] Gray. Evidence and 
appendix. 1882. (Great Briuin. ParliamenUry 

Coaumtment of p roprie to r of Frteman** Journal for con- 
taapt of ooort. 

Francis Hynbs. 

Doeuaients with reference to the alleged mis- 
oondact of the jary, the verdict and sentence in the 
case of Francis Hvnes, convicted of murder. 2 
parts. 1892-83. (Great Briuin. Parliamentary 

FitANCis KiRwiN, Bishop op Killala. 

Lgmeh Qohn), Archbishop of Tuam. The 
portrait of a pioos bishop; or. The life and death of 
Francis Kirwin, bishop of Killala; translated from 
the L4itin by C. P. Meehan. Dublin, 1848. 12''. 

In Latin and English. Latin title ; Pii antistitis icon, sive, 
De yita et morte Rmi. Frandsci KiroTani. Alladensis Episcopi. 

The miginal was published, Maclcvii \t. t. Saint Male], 

John Lanican. 

Fitsp»triek (William John). Irish wits and 
worthies; including Dr. Lanigan, his life and 
times. Dublin: J. Duffy, Sans ^ Co., 1873. ▼»", 
346 pp. 12*. 

DoMiNicK Lynch. 

Pedi^pree (The) of Doctor Dominick Lynch, 
Regent of the Colledge of St. Thomas of Aquin, in 
the City of Seville, A.D. 1674, from a coeval ms. 
[Edited by J. Hardiman]. (In: The Irish Archaeo- 
logical Society. Miscellany vol. i. pp. 44-90. 
Dublin, 1846. 4*.) 

Justin McCarthy. 

HeCArthy (Jastin). An Irishman's story. 
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McGillycuddv Family. 

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the Reeks,'* with an introductory memoir, being a 

contribution to the history of the County of Kerry. 
By W. M. Brady. London: Longmans, Green &* 
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Covenant between Mageoghegan and the Fox, 
with brief historical notices of the two families 
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pp. 179-197. Dublin, 1846. 4**.) 

Thomas Francis Mbaghbr. 

Lyons (W. F.) Brigadier-General Thomas 
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with selections from his speeches and writings. 
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Lady Sydney Morgan. 

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B. W. Kelly, 1859. 144 pp. 8". 

Reprinted from the ** Irish Quarterly Review," July, 1859. 

Morgan {Lady Sydney Owenson). Lady Mor- 
gan's memoirs; autobiography, diaries and corre- 
spondence. London: W. H. Allen &* C^.,^862. 2 v. 

o • 

William 0*Brisn. 

Papers relating to the treatment of William 
O'Brien, M. P., in Clonmel Prison. 1889. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Daniel O'Connbll. 

0*Connell (Daniel). Correspondence of D. 
O'Connell, the Liberator, edited, with notices of 
his life and times, by W. J. Fitzpatrick. London: 
J. Murray, 1888. 2 v. 8*. 

Select speeches; edited by his son, John 

O'Connell. Dublin, 1865. 2 v. I2*. 

Ventura ( ). The funeral oration on 

Daniel O'Connell, delivered at Rome, June 28th, 
1847, by the Padre Ventura. [Boslon: Boston Pilot 
Press, 1847.] 47 pp. 8*. 

J. O'Lbary. 
0*Leary (J.) Recollections of Fenians and 
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Hugh O'Neill, aD Earl of Tyrone. 

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the most stirring and momentous eras in the annals 
of Ireland. Dublin: Hodges, Figgis &* Co., 1904. 
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of Tyrone; with account of his predecessors, Con, 
Shane, and Tirlough. Dublin, 1845. 24*". (Duffy's 
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New York, 1868. port. I2^ 

Owen Roe O'Neill. 

Taylor (J. F.) Owen Roe O'Neill. London: 
T. F. Unwin, 1896. viii, 294 pp. i6'. (The 
New Irish Library.) 

Ormond, Duke of. 
See BuTLEK (Jambs), Dukb of Ormond. 



Biography ^ conCd. 

Charlss Stewart Parnbll. 

O'Brien (R. B.) The life of Charles Stewart 
Parnell. 1 846-1 891. London: Smith, Elder 6f 
Co., 1898. 2. V. 8'. 

Report of the special (Paroell) commission; 
with the evidence and speeches taken verbatim in 
the trial before the three judges. With index. i888> 
90. 12 V. f^. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 

Patrick, Saint and Bishop. 

S»iiderson (Joseph). The story of St Patrick: 
embracing a sketch of the condition of Ireland be- 
fore the time of Patrick, during his life, at his death, 
and immediately after it. Boston: fV, L, /Richardson 
Co,, 1895. 286 pp. sq. 8*. 

Tripartite (The) life of Patrick, with other 
documents relating to that saint. Ed. with trans- 
lations and indexes by W. Stokes. London: Eyre 
6f SpotHswoode, iSSy, 2 v. 4*". (Chronicles and 
memorials of Great Britain. . .no. 89.) 

William Conyngham Plunkstt, Baron. 

Plnnket (i. baron), William Conyngham 
Plunkett. Speeches at the bar and in the Senate, 
edited with a memoir and historical notices, by J. C. 
Hoey. Dublin, 1867. 12". 


ResMb (Jeremiah O' Donovan). Irish rebels in 
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1880. 8% 

O'Donovan Rossa's prison life. Six years 

in six English prisons. New York: American New% 
Company, 1874. i p.l., 8, vii, 440 pp. 8*. 

Rossa's recollections. 1838 to 1898... 

Customs, habits and manners of the Irish people. . . 
Social life and prison life. The Fenian movement. 
Travels in Ireland, England. Scotland and America. 
Mariner* s Harbor, New York : 0*D, Rossa, 1898. 
402 pp. 12**. 

Jndfl^ent in the case Regina v. Jeremiah 
O'Donovan Rossa, tried at Dublin, Nov., 1865. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

William Sampson. 

Sampson (William). Memoirs of William Samp- 
son : including particulars of his adventures. . .his 
confinement in the dungeons of the Inquisition in 
Lisbon, &c., &c., several original letters, being his 
correspondence with the ministers of state in Great- 
Britain and Portugal; a. . .sketch of the history of 
Ireland. . .and a few observations on. .. manners, 
&c., in America. New York: the Author, 1807. 
xii, 448 pp. 8**. 

Memoirs: including. . .a short. . .history oC 

Ireland., .and a few observations on the state of 
manners, &c., in America. Leesburg, Va.: S, B, 
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RicHAitD Lalor Shbil. 
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Edward Smyth. 

Smyth (Edward). An account of the trial of 

Edward Smyth. Dublin: fV. Kidd, printer, x-jTi. 

146 pp. 12*. 

Jambs Stbphbns. 

James Stephens* chief organizer of the Irish 
republic, embracing an account of the origin and 
progress of the Fenian Brotherhood, being a semi* 
biographical sketch of J. S. . . . New York: Carle- 
ton, 1866. iv, 5-1 1 7 pp., I port. 12*. 

Report of the Inspectors of prisons, Ireland, 
with regard to the escape of James Stephens from 
Richmond Gaol, Dublin. Plans. 1866. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

William Stokbs. 

AeUnd (H. W.) William Stokes, a sketch . . . 
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1 port. 4°. (New Sydenham Soc.) 

Jonathan Swift. 

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F, Unwin, 1895. (8) 204 pp. 16". (The New 
Irish Library.) 

Theobald Wolfb Tonb. 

Tone (Theobald Wolfe). Memoirs, written by 
himself, with selections from his diary, whilst agent 
to the Irish Catholics. London, 1827. 2 v. 8**. 

(In Collection of Autobiog^raphies. 

London, 1828. 12**.) 

Jamss Touchbt, Earl Castlbhavkn. 
Castlehaven (2* earl). Jambs Touchet. The 
memoirs of James Lord Audley, earl of Castle- 
haven, his engagement and carriage in the wars of 
Ireland, from the year 1642 to the year 1651, writ- 
ten by himself. London: H, Broom, 1680. 3 p.L, 
3-4, I 1., 5-136 pp. 16". 

Richard Townshend. 

To'vnishend (Richard), aW Townshend (D.) 
An officer of the long parliament and his descend- 
ants: being some account of the life and times of 
Colonel Richard Townesend of Castletown (Castle- 
townshend) and a chronicle of his family . . . Lon- 
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2 pi., 6 port., 8 Ub. 8^ 

William Gorman Wills. 

WiUs (F.) W. G. Wills, dramatist and painter. 
London: Longmans, Green 6* Co,, 1898. 3 p.l., 
284 pp., I port. 8**. 

Continued in May Bulletin. 



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of the Realm for Scottish booksellers, with brief 

notes on the printers and stationers. Printed for 

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Gift of tbe Antbor. 

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Gift of the Author. 

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Gift of the Author. 





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Military and Naval Art and Science. 

Allen (Gardner W.) Our navy and the Bar- 

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190S. xiii, 354 p., I 1., 2 maps, 7 pi., 7 ports. 8*". 
Proodfit Collection. 

Wisser (John Philip), and Gaass (Henry C.) 

A militaxy and naval dictionary . . . Compiled by 

Major J. P. Wisser, and H. C. Gauss. New York: 

Z. ^. Hamersly Co., 1905. 175 p. 12", 
Proodfit Collection. 

Whiteomb (Henry), a»^Diret (E.) Dictton- 
naire des termes de marine fran^is-anglais & ang- 
lais-fran9ais. Paris: Challamelaine,!^^, 2 v. 8. 


Oraisac»p (Louis Pope). The world as inten- 
tion. A contribution to teleology. New York: 
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16**. (Mannali Hoepli.) 

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Bd. I. Lehrboch der Logik. 


Archko (The) Library; translated from ancient 
manuscripts at the Vatican of Rome, and the Se* 

raglio Library at Constantinople, by Drs. Mcintosh 
and Twyman. Topeka, Kan.: W, C. /Vj>t [cop. 
1904]. I p.l., 126 p. 16*. 
Gift of W. C. Fi«k. 

Bible* — N, T, Gospels, Codex Veronensis. 
Quattuor Euangelia ante Hieronymum Latine 
translata eruta e codice scripto ut videtur saeculo 
quarto vel quinto in bibliotheca episcopali Veronensi 
asservato, et ex Josephi Blanchini editione pnncipe 
denuoediditj. Belsheim. Prance: Sumptibus Regia 
Societatis Scientiarum Bokemtca, 1904. vi, 142 p. 

SeUctions (Polyglot). The life 

and morals of Jesus of Nazareth. Extracted textu- 
ally from the Gospels in Greek, Latin, French and 
English by Thomas Jefferson. With an introduc- 
tion [by Cyrus AdlerJ. Washington: Govt, Print, 
Off., 1904. 18 p., 7 1., 84 f., 2 1., 2 maps. 8*. 
(U. S. 58 Congr. 2 sess. H. Doc. 755.) 

Booth (William), and others. Gen. Booth's 
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fore the faculties and students of Tufts College. 
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»r (William Rainey). A critical and exe- 
getical commentary on Amos and Hosea. New 
York: C. Scribner s Sons, 1905. 3 p.l., clxxxi, 
2I., 424 p., I map. 8^ (The International Criti- 
cal Commentary.) 
Schiff Collection. 

'Hoge (Moses Drury). The perfection of beauty, 
and other sermons. .. With a lecture on " The suc- 
cess of Christianity an evidence of its divine origin." 
. . . Richmond, Va, : The Presbyterian Commie, of 
Publication, 1904. 335 p., i port. 8*. 

MaeLean (John Patterson). A bibliography 
of Shaker literature with an introductory study of 
the writings and publications pertaining to Ohio 
believers. Columbus: F, J. Heer, 1905. 71 p., 
I pi. 8'. 

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Washer (Charles). My appeal to America. 
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experience of the Church, from its rise to the 
present day. Columbus, 0,: F.J* Heer [1905]. 
417 p., 24 pi., 9 port. 8*. 


snal Company 
iJistorical Soc. 
m, Le Bourg- 

jf George . 
mission de 

)ert W. 

"Train. School 

lid P. . 


>hn L. . 

lope, Col. Sec. 

rew , . 
hoda T. 
laritime Cus- 

■eum Assoc. . 
el (15 prints), 
atton of U. S. 
Street Clean 
ent . 
i. of Charities 
Free Pub. Lib. 
rity Clerk 


ion T. . . 
lenry . . 
:s . . . 

Galleries . 

The Mayor 

, Board of 

O. . . 

Kansas City, Mayor 
Lagos, Colonial Sec. . 
Lexington, Mass., Town Clerk 
London, Eng, , Town Clerk 
Lovell, Arthur .... 
Manitoba, King's Printer 
Mass. Civil Service Commis. 
Mass. General Hospital 
Mass. Sec. to the Comi 


Mayer, Julius M. . . 
Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Minn. Railroad & Warehouse 


Missouri, Bureau of Labor 

Statistics .... 
New Haven, Con n . , Fire Dept. 
New York City Bd. of Educ. 
New York City Commis. of 

Sinking Fund . . 
New York State, Sec. of State 
North Carolina, Auditor 
Ohashi Public Library, Tokyo 
Ontario, Legis. Assembly 
Pashkevich, I. E. . . . 
Philippine Islands, Civil Gov. 
Prince Edward Island, Legis- 
lative Library . . 
Proctor, Hon. Redfield 
Queen's College and Univ. 

Kingston .... 
Raymond & Whitcomb 
Rhode Island State Library 
Rutland, Vt.. City Clerk 
St. Lucia, Administrator 
Schuyler, Philip . . 
Simmons College , . 
Smithsonian Institution 
South Australia, Minister of 

of Mines 

Stephens, C. A. ... 
Sutro, Mrs. Theodore . 
Thacher, John Boyd . , 
Thowless, Herbert L. . . 
Towie Mfg. Co. ... 
U. S. Supt. of Documents 
Univ. of California . . 
Univ. of Chicago , . 
Vermont, Stale Library . 
West Va., Sec. of State . 


Pabtk UbruT. No. «o L.[.rette Pl*«, New York Cicy. 


u LockwDod. B 

ent, No. 4o L.[.rel 

PUa, New York. 


k. N. v., u Hcond-eUu miner. Juu«7 30, i««. under A 

ct of JulT .«..«< 




MAY 1906 
VoLiTMB IX • Number 5 

Rkpobt for April ISS-ISS 

LwT OF Works RBUTina to Ireland, Part III. . 158-184 

Pbiucifal AccRBsiosB in April 1S6-1B1 

Princifal Donobs m April 193 



William W. Appleton. 

John Bigelow. 

John L. Cadwalader. 

Andrew Carnegie. 

Cleveland H. Dodge. 

John Murphy Farley. 

Samuel Greenbaum. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. 

John S. Kennedy. 

Edward King. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. 

Alexander Maitland. 
J. PiERPONT Morgan. 
Morgan J. O'Brien. 
Stephen H. Oun. 
Alexander E. Orr. 
Henry C. Potter. 
George L. Rives. 
Charles Rowland Russsll. 
Philip Schuyler. 
George W. Smith. 
Frederick Sturgbs. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Edward M. Grout, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio. 
Charles V. Fornes, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 40 Lafayette Place. 
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 40 Lafayette Place. 


Lafayette Place, 40. (Astor.) Fifth Avenue, 890. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 31. (Chatham Square.) 

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

Eldridge Street, 184. (University Settlement Building.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer.) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 130 West. Near 6th Avenue. (Muhlenberg.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street, 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce. Department Headquarters.) 

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

59th Street, 113 East. Near Lexington Avenue. * 

67th Street, 328 East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 

76th Street, 538 East. (Webster.) 

79th Street, 222-224 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

82d Street. 2279 Broadway. (St. Agnes.) 

86th Street. 536 Amsterdam Avenue. 

91st Street, 121 West. Between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. (Blind Library.) 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

156th Street, 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


140th Street, 569 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (Mott Haven.) 
230th Street. 2933 Kingsbridge Avenue. (Kingsbridge.) 


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street. 





Vol. IX. 

May, 1905. 

No. 5. 


Refebence Department. 

During the month of April there were received at the Library, by purchase, 
597 volumes and 567 pamphlets; by gift, 918 volumes and 2,219 pamphlets; and 
by exchange, 781 volumes and 91 pamphlets, making a total of 2,296 volumes 
and 2,877 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 3,297 volumes and 4,130 pamphlets, for which were 
written 9,639 cards, in addition to which 3,801 slips were written for, and 19,094 
cards received from, the copying machine. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number 
of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox, during the month: 




No. of readers and visitors 









No. of readers . . 

No. of readers, desk aoDlicants 

No. of volumes consulted by desk applicants . . 
Daily average of readers 

Number of visitors to Print Exhibition, etc.. 


Circulation Department. 

The most popular books of the month were (in non-fiction): Okakura's ** The 
Awakening of Japan," Asakawa's '* Russo-Japanese Conflict," and Stephen's 
" English Literature in the i8th Century'*; (adult fiction): Ward's **The Marriage 
of William Ashe," Dixon's '* The Clansman," and Lane's *' Nancy Stair "; (juvenile 
fiction): Andersen's ** Fairy Tales," Barbour's **For the Honor of the School," 
and Wiggin's *' The Story of Patsy." 







East Broadway, 33 

Chatham Squarb. 

East Broadway, 197. 

Educational Alliance Building. 

Eldridge Street, 184 

Bond Street, 49 

8th Street, 135 Second Ave., 


loth Street, 331 East, . . . . 

Tompkins Square. 

13th Street, 251 West, 

Jackson Square. 

22d Street. 230 East, 


23d Street, 130 West, 


34TH Street, 215 East 

40th Street, 501 West 

St. Raphael. 

42d Street, 226 West, 

George Bruce. 

50th Street, 123 East, 


51st Street, 463 West 

Sacred Heart. 

59TH Street, 113 East 

67TH Street, 328 East 

69th Street, 190 Amsterdam Ave., .... 

Travelling Libraries 

76th Street, 538 East 


79th Street, 222-224 East, 


82d Street. 2279 Broadway, 

St. Agnes. 

86th Street, 536 Amsterdam Ave 

91st Street, I2i West. 


looth Street. 206 West, 


iioth Street, 174 East. 


123d Street. 32 West 

Haklbm Library. 

125TH Street, 224 East 

156th Street, 922 St. Nicholas Ave.,. . 
Washington Hkichts. 


140th Street, cor. Alexander Ave 

MoTT Haven. 

Tottenville, Amboy Road, near 
Prospect Ave 

Port Richmond, 12 Bennett Street.. 


home use. 














































































































































II. 167 


The most important gifts of the month were: From the Architekten- und 
Ingenieur-Verein zu Hannover, the catalogue of its library; from Mrs. Sarah K. 
Bolton, a copy of the •* Harris-Ingram Experiment," by Charles E. Bolton, 1905; 
from P. F. Collier & Son, two copies of their ** Self-indexing Annual, 1905;** from 
Hon. William A. Courtenay, i volume, 22 pamphlets, and 11 prints, being publica- 
tions made by or for him; from Mrs. H. W. Hardon, 16 volumes of the Bering Sea 
fur seal arbitration proceedings (Paris, 1892); from F. W. Herzberger, St. 
Louis, 2 volumes of his poems, ** Pilgrim Songs," Chicago, 1888, ** Pilgerkiange, " 
Chicago, 1889; ^rom the Madras Presidency, '* The private diary of AnandaRanga 
Filial, dubash to Joseph Fran9ois Dupleix . . . Governor of Pondichery . . • 
translated from the Tamil ... by Sir J. Frederick Price," volume i, Madras, 
1904; from the Friedrich Krupp Aktiengesellschaft, their *' Wohlfahrtseinrich- 
ungen der Gussstahlfabrik " (Essen, 1902), 3 volumes; from the Manchester Mi- 
croscopical Society, 16 volumes of their annual reports and transactions; from Dr. 
S. Weir Mitchell, a copy of Selections from his poems, London, 1901; from the 
Mutual Life Insurance Company, of New York, 4 volumes and 15 pamphlets, annual 
reports of the Company; from Hon. Morgan J. O'Brien, two copies of ** Ireland's 
Story," by Charles Johnston and Carita Spencer, Boston, 1905; from the Observa- 
toire de Nice, 3 volumes of its Annales; from Bishop Potter, 100 copies of his 
pamphlet ''The Drink Problem "; from Philip Schuyler, 280 Japanese prints relat- 
ing to the present Russo-Japanese war; from Vinton A. Sears," Telephone Develop- 
ment," second edition, Boston, 1905; and from C. Ellis Stevens and Mrs. Ellen 
Stevens Melcher, a copy of Mr. Stevens* '* Stevens Genealogy," New York, 1904. 
At the Lenox branch the exhibition of British Mezzotints loaned by Mr. J. Pier- 
poDt Morgan was .continued, as was also the printing exhibit of the Century Com- 
pany, and the collection of autographs and prints relating to the French Revo- 

At AsTOR a collection of Hollyer's etched views of New York City was put on 

At Tompkins Square plates from Audsley's ** Ornamental Arts of Japan *' 
were continued on exhibition, as were Racinet's costume plates (to the XVI. cen- 
tury) at 125TH Street, plates from the Wilkie Gallery at Chatham Square, 
Hollyer's etched views of New York City at 67th Street, and Racinet's costume 
plates (after the XVI. century) at Yorkville. At Riverside a set of photographic 
views of the Island of Luzon was placed on exhibition, and at Mott Haven 
'* Masterpieces of Art at the Paris Exposition, 1900." 

Picture bulletins and temporary collections of books on special shelves at the 
Circulation branches were as follows: Chatham Square, ** May-day"; East 
Broadway, Famous men and women born in April, Washington Irving, Spring, 
Out-of-doors; Eldridge Street, Famous men and women born in April, Shake- 
speare, Spring; Bond Street, New books, Easter, Arbor Day, Joseph Jefferson ; 
Ottendorfer, Music, Arbor Day, Schiller; Tompkins Square, Hans C. Andersen, 
Lewis and Clark centennial exposition, Schiller, Shakespeare, Nature books, Jules 
Verne; Jackson Square, Birds,Fishes, Easter, New books; Epiphany, Wild animals, 
Birds, Easter lilies ; Muhlenberg, Easter, Arbor Day, Garden books, Philippines, 
Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Daniel Webster, Civil war, Panama Canal, Grant, 


Lincoln, Porto Rico, St. Louis exposition, Peru ; 34TH Street, Hans C. Andersen, 
Easter, Arbor day. Authors of the day ; Bruce, Standard books, New books. Family 
Pets; 59TH Street, Hans C. Andersen; 67TH Street, Rosa Bonheur, Arbor Day, 
Charles Dickens ; Riverside, New books, Trees and flowers, Fairy Stories, Cari- 
catures of Max Beerbohm; Yorkville, Shakespeare, Tales of adventure; St. 
Agnes, Easter, Fairy tales. Birds, London and its government, Sound and music; 
Amsterdam Avenue, Shakespeare, Hans C. Andersen, Grant, General Fitzhugh 
Lee, Easter, Lent, Japan; Bloomingdale, Music, S. C. Woolsey, School work; 
Aguilar, France, Russia, Greece, Elocution, Spain, Famous men and women born 
in April, Oregon exposition, Peru the land of the Incas, James Whitcomb Riley; 
Harlem Library, New books. Base-ball; 125TH Street, Arbor day. Birds, 
Spring; Washington Heights, Books on thirty-two different subjects for public 
schools. Panoramic Colorado, Scotland, Berlin, California, Canada; Tottenville, 
Easter, Spring, Hans C. Andersen. 


Part III. 

Works rklating to Limited Periods. 

Arranged chronologically. 

Battle (The) of Gabhra: Garristown in the 
Comity of Dublin, fought A. D. 283. For the first 
time ^ted from an original Irish manuscript, with 
introduction, literal translation, and notes by 
Nicholas O'Kcamey. Dublin: Ossianic Soc, 1853. 
172 pp. 8*. (Ossianic Society. Trans., v. i.) 

Battle (The) of Vcntry Harbor: which took 
place in the fourth century, and continued without 
intermission for 366 days. Being a literal transla- 
tion from an old Irish manuscript [Caugh Fion- 
tra]. Boston: the Trade.i^St, I p. 1., 5-48 pp. 12'. 

The Cath Finntrdga; or. Battle of Ventry; 

edited from MS. Rawl. B. 487, in the Bodleian 
Ubrary, by Kuno Meyer. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 
1885. zxii, I 1., 115 pp. 8°. (Anecdota Oxoni- 
ensa. Mediaeval and modern series i, pt. 4.) 

Aimalg of Ulster, otherwise Annals of Senat. 
A chronicle of Irish affairs, 431-1541. Edited, 
with a translation and notes, by William M. Hen- 
nessy (and B. MacCarthv). Dublin: A, Thorn dr* 
C?.. 1887-1901. 4Y. 8^ (Royal Irish Academy.) 

BoM^ (Alexander). Contributions to the his- 
tory 01 the Norsemen in Ireland. (Videnskabs- 
selskabet. Skrifter. Hist-filos. klasse, 1900, no. 
4*-^* Kristiania, 1901.) 

Ca m ia c a i iy Eigeas, The circuit of Ireland by 
Muircheartach Mac Neill, prince of Aileach; a 
poem written in 942; now first printed, with a 
translation and notes, by John 0*Donovan. Dub' 
lin, 1841. map. sq. 8°. (Irish Archaeol. Soc. 
Pub.,Y. I. 1841.) 

1 166. 

Anc^lo-Norman Poem, on the Conquest of 
Ireland by Henry the Second, from a manuscript 
in the archiepiscopal library at Lambeth, edited by 
F. Michel, with an introductory essay on the his- 
tory of the Anglo-Norman Conquest of Ireland, by 
T. Wright. London, 1837. 12'. 

Barnard (Francis Pierrepont). Strongbow*s 
conquest of Ireland [1166-86]. London: D. Nutt, 
1888. 16°. (English history from contemporary 

[Brajr (T.)] The conquest of Ireland. (In: 
Calendar of the Carew papers. . . v. 5, pp. 261-351.) 

English (The) conquest of Ireland, A.D. 1166- 

1185. Mainly from the ** Expugnatio Hibemica " 

of Giraldus Cambrensis. A parallel text from i. 

ms. . . .-about 1425 A.D. 2. ms. . .about 1440 A.D. 

Edited by F. J. Fumivall. Pt. i. London: JC, 

Paul, Trench, TrUbner dr* Co., 1896. 8'. (Early 

English Text Society. Original series, 107.) 
pp. after 279 missing. 

Lyneh (William). A view of the legal institu- 
tions, honorary hereditary offices, and feudal baro- 
nies established in Ireland during the reign of 
Henry II., deduced from court rolls, inquisitions 
and other original records. London, iZyi. 4". 

Round (John Howard). The conquest of Ire- 
land. The pope and the conquest of Ireland. (In 
his: The commune of London. .. fVestminster, 
1899. 8*. pp. 137-200.) 

Thatcher (Oliver Joseph). Studies concern- 
ing Adrian IV. (In: Univ. of Chicago. The de- 
cennial pub. Chicago, iqo3. sq. 4^ ser. I, v. 4, 
pp. 153-238.) 

Great Britain.— /'ti^/tV Pecord Office, Cal- 
endar of documents relating to Ireland, 11 71-1307, 
ed. by H. S. Sweetman and G. F. Handcock. 
London, 1875-86. 5 v. 4'. 

Irish Record Commission. Chartse, privilegia 
et immunitates, being transcripts of charters and 
privileges to cities, towns, abbeys and other bodies 
corporate, 18 Hen. II. to 18 Ric. III., 1 171-1395, 

f»Hnted by the Irish Record Commission, 1829-30. 
Dublin A 1889. 92 pp. f°. 

Printed (n 1899-30 the work was not published until 1889 
when the Irish Public Record Office issued it as above. 

Historic and municipal documents of Ireland. 
1 1 72-1320, from the archives of the city of Dublin, 
etc. Ed. by J. T. Gilbert. London: Lonpnans, 
Green ^ Co., \Zlo. Izxxviii, 560 pp. 4'. {Chron- 
icles and memorials of Great Britain, no. 53.) 

Phillipps {Sir Thomas). Extract from a record 
explanatory of grants by Henry II. and Edward 
I. to certain Ostmen in Watcrford of the privilege 
of ** Lex Anglicorum in Hibemia." 7 pp. n. /. 

[185-?] sq. 4^ 
Repr.: Archaeologia XXXVII. 


Copy of the Award as consernying the Tolbolt 
[1212]. [Edited by A. Smith, M.D.] (In: The 
Irish Archaeological Society. Miscellany vol. i, pp. 
33-43. Dublin, 1846. 4^) 

De Concilio Hibemie per magnates totius il- 
Hus Insule [1297]. [Edited by Rev. Richard 
Butler.] (In: The Irish Archaeological Society. 
Miscellany vol. i, pp. 15-33. Dublin, 1846. 4 .) 


Ireland. — Statutes. A statute of the fortieth^ 
year of King Edward II I. ^ enacted in a Parliament 
held in Kilkenny, A.D. 1367, before Lionel Duke 
of Clarence. Now first printed from a ms. in the 
library of His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury 
. . . ; with a translation and notes by James Hardi- 
man. Dublin: Irish Archaological Society, 1843. 
xxxvi, 153 pp. 4**. (In: Irish Archaeological Soci- 
ety. Publn. 4.) 




History^ confd,, 1 392-1 598. 

Roll (A) of the proceedings of the King's Coun- 
cil in Ireland for a portion of the 16. year. . .Ric. 
II., 1392-93. With an appendix. Edited by J. 
Graves. London: Longmans &' Co,.» 1877. ci, 342 
pp., I facsim. 4°. {Chronicles and memorials of 
Great Britain, no. 69.) 

Story (The) of King Richard the Secund. His 
last being in Irland [written by a French gentle- 
man, who accompanied the King in 1399, ^^^^ 
translated. . .by Sir G. Carew [i. earl of Totnes]. 
(In: Hibernica. . . [edited by] W. Harris. Dublin^ 
1747. f^ pp. 23-28.) 

Mac Firbisierh (Duald). The Annals of 
Ireland, from the year 1443 to 1468, translated from 
the Irish by Dudley Firbisse, or, as he is more 
usually called Duald Mac Firbis, for Sir James 
Ware, in the year 1666. [Edited by John O' Dono- 
van.] (In- The Irish Archaeological Society. 
Miscellany, vol. i, pp. 198-302. Dublin, 1^46. 4.) 

Ed§r«eomb {Sir Richard). The voyage of Sir 
Richard Edgeconabe [sic'L into Ireland in the year 
1488... (In: Hibernica [edited by] W. Harris. 
Dublin, 1747. f. pp. 29-38.) 


Great Britain«~/'fi^/iV /Record Offiee, Cal- 
endar of state papers relating to Ireland, of the 
reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI,, Mary and 
Elizabeth. 1509-1600. Ed. by H. C. Hamilton, 
and E. A. Atkinson. London, 1860-96. 8 v. 4^. 

Ireland* — Chancery, Calendar of the patent 
and close rolls of Chancery in Ireland of the reigns 
of Henr. VIII. Edw. VI. Mary, Elir.. and Charles 
I (1-8 year inc.). Ed. by James Morrin. Dublin: 
A. Thorn, 1S61-63, 3v. 4'. (Master of the Rolls.) 

Social (The) state of the southern and eastern 
counties of Ireland in the sixteenth century: being 
the presentments of the gentlemen, commonalty, 
and citizens of Carlow, Cork, Kilkenny. Tipperary, 
Waterford, and Wexford, made in the reigns of 
Henry VIII and Elizabeth. . .Edited by H. F. 
Hore and the Rev. J. Graves. Dublin: Univ. 
Press, iS70. 2 p.l., ii. 286 pp. 8**. (Royal Soc. 
of Antiquaries of Ireland. Annuary. 1868-69.) 

Correspondence between the Governments 

of England and Ireland. 1515-1538, 1 538-1 546. 

(Great Britain. — State Papers Commission. State 

Papers, v. 2-3. London, 1834. 4*.) 

Include facumiles of John GoghVi nmp of Ireland, 1567; of 
John Norden*s nmp, 1609-161 1; and of an anonymous sixteenth 
century map of Munster. 

Great Britain.— /'m^/iV Record Office. Cal- 
endar of the Carew papers. . .in the ... library at 
Lambeth. . . 1515-1624, ed. by J. S. Brewer and W. 
Bullcn. London, 1867-73. 6 v. 4'. 

V. 5, Book of Howth, and Thomas Bray's Conquest of Ire- 
land, A.D. 432-1534. 

Donlop (Robert). Some aspects of Henry 
Vlirs Irish policy. (In : Historical essays by 
members of the Owens College, Manchester. . . 
London, 1902. 8*. pp. 279-306. 

Brady (William Maziere). State papers con- 
cerning the Irish church in the time of Queen Eliza- 
beth [15 5 8-1 603]. Edited, from autographs in 
Her Majesty's public record ofHce and the British 
museum, xv, 159 pp. London: Longmans, Green, 
Reader ^ Dyer, 1868. 8^ 

0*6rady (Standish). The bog of stars, and 
other stories and sketches of Eliza^than Ireland. 
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For other editions consult the author entry in the index 
(card) catalogue in the reading room. 

Contemporary (A) history of affairs in Ire- 
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to a late dialogue on the causes ... of this rebel- 
lion. London^ 1765. iv, xviii, 19-279 pp. 16". 

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Looking^-GljkM for England; abstract of the 
bloody massacre in Ireland, by the instigat'ion of 
the Jesuites, priests and friars. . .executed by the 
Irish Papist upon the English Protestants in 1642; 
also, a brief apology in the behalf of the Protest- 
ants in the valleys of Piedmont; with a narrative 
of the barbarous butcheries . . . perpetrated by them 
by the Popish party during the heat of the late 
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The Irish rebellion; or. An history of the 

attempts of the Irish papists to extirpate the pro- 
testants in the kingdom of Ireland; together with 
the . . . cruelties and . . . massacres which ensued 
thereupon. Written from his own observations, 
and authentic depositions of other eye-witnesses. . . 
London: White, Cochrane &* Co,, 181 2. xii, 
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A reprint of the London: J. Brindley, 1746 edittoo. 

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of the siege of Drogheda, and other passages of the 
wars of Ireland, where he commanded, if./.-/. 
[Drogheda, 1641?] 41*. 

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B* (J.) Goet ende quaet nieus uyt Yrlandt, 
ofte 't innemen der stadt ende Casteel van King- 
saile bij d* Engelschen. . .5/15 Janij, 1642. Met 
een waerachtighe relatie van een. ..moorderije. 
Vantrij aen de persoonen John Davenant. Amster- 
dam:/, Broersz [1642?]. 2 1. 4'. 

Bristol (2. earl of), George Digby. Two 
letters of note. The one from the Lord Digby to 
the queene: the other of a late overthrow which the 
English gave the rebells in Ireland [by E. Loftus]. 
London, 1642. 7 pp. 12°. 

Cranford (James). Yrelandtsche traenen: 
waer in levendich is affgebeelt. ..een lijste, vande 
. ..wreedtheden. ..der. ..jesuwijten, met de papts- 
tische factie aldaer . . . Uyt het Engels . . . vertaelt 
Amstelredam: Broer Jansz. ende J, v, /filten, 
1642. 64 pp., I pi. 4"*. 

Elsyn§^e (Henry). More true and exceeding 
joyfull newes from Ireland, or. The victorious pro- 
ceedings of the protestants in . . . Ireland . . . 1 642: 
London: /. //., 1642. (8) pp. 4*. 

Fall (A) relation, not only of our good success in 
generall, but how. ..God hath fought his own cause 
miraculously. . . delivering the Protestants. ..also, 
the names of the chief e commanders and officers in 
this late expedition. ..under the command of the 
Earle of Ormond. London: W, Bladen, 1642. 
12 pp. 12'. 

Jones (Henry). A remonstrance of divers 
remarkeable passages concerning the church and 
kingdome of Ireland, recommended by letters from 
the lords justices, and counsell of Ireland, and pre- 
sented by H. Jones, agent for the ministers of the 
Gospel in that kingdom, to the House of Commons 
in England. London: G. Emerson, 1642. 3 p.l., 
80 pp. 4" (12**). 

Monroe (Robert). A true relation of the pro- 
ceedings of the Scottish armie now in Ireland, by 
three letters; the first from Monroe, the second by 
the mayor and aldermen of London-Derry to 
Monroe; the third by the Earle of Antrim to Moo- 
roe. London, 1642. 12°. 




History^ canfd., 1 642-1 660. 

New intelligence from Ireland, received the 17. 
of June, 1642; with the arivall of the Bishop of St. 
Davids . . . ; with a relation of defeats given to Sir 
Philem O'Ncale. London^ 1642. 12**. 

Ootmoedi^he reqveste, van de raetsheeren, 
hare gedeputeerde, coopluyden, gemeene raets- 
persoonen ende de ghequalificeertste burgheren van 
Londen. ..overgelcvert, inhet Leegc Huys van het 
. .Parlement van Engelandt 21. Dec. 1641. Daer 
by gevoecht zijn de copien van twee byson dere 
missiven ovt Yerlandt [the first signed Thomas 
Partington]. ..Alles uyt het Engelsch. ..overgeset. 
Amstreledam: T. Jacobsz, 1642. 4 1. 4'. 

Ootmoedi^h vertoogh vanden hooghsten 
officier, de raetsheeren ende de andere leden van 
den ghemeenen raedt van Londen. het. ..Par- 
lement van Engelandt. ..ter occasie dat vannienws 
van de stadt Londen hondert duysent ponden steer- 
lincks by leeninge versocht wierden. Vyt het 
Engelsch. ..overgeset. Amsterdam: T, Jacobsi^ 
1642. 4 1. 4''. 

P»rticiilar (The) relation of the present estate 
and condition of Ireland, as now it stands mani- 
fested by severall letters. ..With those battels and 
overthrows lately g^ven to the rebels. ..As also a 
declaration or proclamation set forth by authoritie, 
declaring the names of the chief persons that are 
in rebellion. London: J, Hunscott^ 1642. 20 pp. 
4^ (sq. I2^) 

Trevers (Sir Robert). A certaine relation of 
the Earle of Ormond's proseedings in Ireland, 
shewing what prisoners he hath taken, and what 
townes he hath burnt and what store of pillage he 
hath sent, and brought home with him. Also the 
manner oif the enemies besieging Blandonbridge. 
London: y. Bladings 1642. 8 pp. 12°. 


C&thoUjke regeeringe in Yrlandt, bestaende 
in XXXV articulen, gemaeckt ende beraemt by de 
lords ende de rest van de generate vergaderinghe in 
't koninckrijck van Yrlandt, ghehouden in de stadt 
Kilkeny, in 't jaer 1643. Dienende tot gouveme- 
ment van 't selve koninckrijck van nu voortaen 
onder het beleyt der catholiquen opperste, provin- 
ciate ende graeflicke raels-vergaderinghe. Na de 
xopije oot Ijmden, Amsterdam: J, Broers*,^ 1643. 
8 1. 4^ 

Verklarin^he weghens de stilstandt van 
wapenen in Yrlandt. Veraccordeert ende besloten 
tot Siggings-townein 't graefschap Kildare op den 
15. Sept. in 't 19. jaer van sijn majesteyts regee- 
ringe. . .tusschen lames, marquis van Ormonde. . . 
Toor. . .Carolus. ..koninck van Groot-Brittagnien 
. ..t' eenre zijde; ende Donogh, viconte Muskery 
[and others]. sijn ma jest roomsch-catholicke 
onderdanen;. ..ende als nu in 't voorsz. koninck- 
rijck in de wapenen zijn, geauthorizeert om. ..over 
«en stilstandt van wapenen te handelen ende 't 
selve te beslnyten . . . ter ander zijde. Waer by 
ooch seker schrift gevoeght is, nopende et ophren- 
gen van 30800 pondt steerlinghs, op verscheyde 
payementen. Eerst gedruckt tot Dublin, Amster* 
Jam: J, Broersz,, 1643. 7 1. 4** 

lie 6011s (Fran9ois de la Boullaye). Tour in 
Ireland, A. D. 1644; ed. by T. Crofton Crokcr; 

with notes and illustrative extracts contributed by 
J. Roche, F. Mahony, T. Wright and the editor. 
London^ 1837. 8'. 

Nieunre ende goede tijdinge uyt Yrlant, mede- 
brengendeeene verklaringe. . .aende. . . Huysen des 
Parlements in Engelant. * Vervattende de redenen 
van hare tegenwoordige oppositie van den stilstant 
van wapenen. met de bloet-dorstige Yrische rebel- 
len . . . Insgelijcks met de. . .declaratie van sijne 
majesteyts protestante onderdanen inde provincie 
van Munster, ...y Augusti 1644. .uyt bet En- 
gelsch. . .overgeset. [Amsterdam :'\ A, lacobsK., 
1644. 6 1. 4''. 


0*MaJ&oney (Connor). Disputatio apologe- 
tica de Jure Regni Hiberniae pro Catholicis Hibemis 
adversus haereticos Anglos. Franco fur ti, 164$, 4*. 

Rinuceini (Giovanni Battista). The embassy 
in Ireland of G. B. Rinuceini. . .„ in the year 1645' 
1649. Published from the original MSS. in the 
Rinuceini library, by G. Aiazza, librarian. Trans- 
lated for the first time into English by Annie Hut- 
ton. Dublin: A, TAom,iSy3, 4II., Uiv, 598 pp. 8". 

Wharton (George). Bellum Hybemicale ; or, 
Ireland's war astrologically demonstrated, from the 
late caelestial-congress of the two malevolent 
planets, Saturn and Mars, in Taurus, the ascen- 
dent of that kingdom . . . the ignorance . . . and im- 
pertinences of John Booker, (in his. . . late pamphlet 
. . .styled, A bloody Irish almanack, etc.) discovered 
. . .and retorted ; and the author further vindicated, 
from his, and Master Lilly's malicious aspersions, 
throughout the whole discourse, n. /., 1647. 
2 p.l., 227-272 pp. 8*. 

Perfect and particular relation of the... pro- 
ceedings of the armie in Ireland, from the taking 
of Drogheda to this present. [Letters by Oliver 
Cromwell and others.] London^ 1649. 12''. 

Prenderg^st(John Patrick). The Cromwellian 
settlement of Ireland. J\^ew YorJk, 1S6S. maps. I2\ 

Studies in Irish history, 1 649-1 775: being a 
course of lectures delivered before the Irish Lite- 
rary Society of London. With an introduction by 
R. Barry O* Britn. . .Dub(in: Browne 6* Nolan ^ 

1903. vi, 1 1., 352 pp. 12°. 

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dagh. A story of the Cromwellian occupation of 
Galway. London: Sands &* Co., 1899. 249, (i), 
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Ireland, commonly called the Down survey, A. D. 
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History^ confd», 1 660-1 690. 

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minster: Nichols &* Sons, 1890. 8*. (Camden 
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Selections from the Essex correspondence in Stowe MSS. in 
British Museum covering the» period of Essex's viceroyalty of 
Ireland, x67a>i699. 

Dalies (Sir John). Une exact table. See 
above under 161 5. 

Merryn (Sir Audley). The speech of Sir Aud- 
ley Mervyn, knight. . .to his Grace, James, duke of 
Ormond . . . February, 1662 . . . containing the sum of 
affairs in Ireland ... Z>M^/rii.' W. Bladen, 1663. 

39 pp. 4^ 

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. . . [while] lord lieutenant of Ireland . . . 1675. 
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Account (An) of the publick affairs in Ireland, 
since the discovery of the late plot. London, 
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the Dissolution of the last Parliament of Charles II. 
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3 V. 4^ 

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Repr.: Journal of the Kilkenny and South-East of Ireland 
Archaeological Seciety. 

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being an additional account of some late proceed- 
ings of those ravenous beasts of prey against dis- 
senting Protestants. Bristol, 1682. 4 pp. 4°. 

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Apologue (Een) voor de protestanten van ler- 
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Waarachtig^ (Een) verhaal van den tegen- 
woordigen toestand van lerland. Betreffende de 
nieuwe vaststelling der regeering, geschied door 
den geweeusen koning Jacobus, .. .gepresenteerd 
. . .aan den. . .graaf van Shreswbury f«V], . . . Als 
00k wat sommen geld, wapenen en officieren aldaar 
uyt Vrankrijk gearriveerd zijn. Beneffens de staat 
van Derry en Enniskilling, en verscheyde andere 
affaires dat koninkrijk betreffende; mitsgaders de 
proceduuren van 't Parlement aldaar. In t' En- 
gelsch geschreeven door een persoon die . . . uyt 
Dublin is gekomen op den 18. Juny 1869 en daar 
uyt vertaald. Amsterdam: A. D. Oossaan, 1689. 
22 pp. 4"*. 


Gereformeerde (De) Mercurius, of den nieu- 
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in welke se sijn voorgevallen . . .July 25. O: St: 1690, 
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History y cont*d., 1 690-1 714. 

Hop (J[acob]). Nadere missive van den Heer 
J. H. 16 July, 1690. [To the Staten Generaal of the 
Netherlands regarding the entry of King William 
III. and his army into Dublin, &c.] n. p, [1690?] 

Bort (E^n) pertinent waer verhael van 't gepas- 
seerde in Yerlandt, tusschen het leger van koningh 
William en den gewesen koningh Jacobus. . . Zedert 
8. July 1690 tot den 15. dito nieuwe-stijl. *j Graven- 
i^e: G. Rammazeyn [1690?]. 1 1 pp. 4". 

Pertinent relaes, van alle *t geene in Yrlandt 
gepasseert is, 't sedert d' aenkomst van den koning 
aldaer, tot op den dagh van sijin vertreck, of sijn 
te nigh reyse naer Engelandt toe. Naeukeurigh 
door een persoon van qualiteyt in Yrlandt sig 
onthouden hebbende, voor sijn selven aengeteeck- 
ent, ende aen een goet vrient overgesonden. 
's Gravenhage: J, Aelberis^ 1690. 16 pp. 4". 

Babus (P[ieter]). P. R. . .op de tocht na ler- 
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Groot '^nXjatxiyt. . .Rotterdam : P. Boekenes^ 1690. 
19 pp. 4". 

Verluutl (Een) van een gevecht, voorgevallen 
tusschen de Franschen en Yeren, op 't weygeren 
Tan de Fransche tot gouvemeurs aan te neemen van 
Cork en Waterford in Ireland. Overgeschreeven 
in brief van een officer in Ireland aan sijn vriend tot 
London. Na de copye van London, n,p, [1690?] 

4 pp. 4^ 


^ Character (The) of the lord baron Ginckle, 
Heutennant general, and commander in chief of 
their majesties forces in Ireland: with apanegyrick 
on his lordship's conduct (this last campaign) in re- 
ducing Ballymore, Athlone, Galway, and Lyme- 
rick; and his defeating the Irish army at Aghrim, 
&c. [Dutch and English.] Gedruckt naer de copy 
Tan Londen. *sGravenhage : J. Aelberts^ 1 691. 
16 pp. 4*. 

Particular (A) relation of the surrender of 
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The state of the protestants in Ireland under the 
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Wars of Ireland, with a Continuation thereof, in 
Two Parts, From the Time that Duke Schonberg 

Landed [1689] with an Army in that Kingdom, to 
the 23d of March, 169 >^, when their Majesties Pro- 
clamation was published, declaring the War to be 
ended. Illustrated with Copper Sculptures describ- 
ing the most important Places of Action. Together 
with Some Remarks upon the Present State of that 
Kingdom. By George Story, Chaplain to the 
Regiment formerly Sir Tho. Gowers, now the Earl 
of Drogheda's. London: Ric. Chiswell, 1693. 2 v. 

sm. 4^. Extra illustrated. 

The second title-^of e reads: " A true and impartial history 
of The Most Material Occurrences in the Kingdom of Ireland 
during The Two Last Years. With The Present State of Both 
Armies. Published to prevent Mistakes and to give the World 
a Prospect of the Future Success of Their Majesties Arms in 
That Nation. Written by an Eye Witness to the most Re- 
markable Passages." Title to vol. a reads: ** A continuation 
of the Impartial History,'^ etc. 

Ireland*^ case briefly stated; or, A summary 
account of the most remarkable transactions in that 
kingdom since the Reformation. By a true lover 
of his king and country [Hugh ReilyJ. To which 
is annex'd the last speech and dying words of Oliver 
Plunket. archbishop of Armagh and primate of Ire- 
land, London, 1695-1720. [pt. 2, 1695.] 2 v. in i. 

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by Parliament to enquire into the Irish forfeitures, 
deliver'd to the Honorable House of Commons the 
15. of December, 1699. . . 24 pp. London: E.Jones, 
printer, 1700. 4**. 

Report (The) made to the Honourable House 

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Richardson (Rev. John). A short history of the 
attempts that have been made to convert the Popish 
natives of Ireland to the established religion; with 
a proposal for their conversion, and a vindication 
of Archbishop Usher's opinion concerning the per- 
formance of divine offices to them in their own 
language. London: J, Downing, 1713. vi, 7-167,^ 
8, 4 pp. 2. ed. 8'. 

Kin§^ (William), archbishop of Dublin. An 
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in favour of a popish pretender. Exhibited in aa 
abstract of the state of the Protestants of Ireland, 
under King James the 2 nd*s government. 10 1., 
112 pp. London: A. Baldwin, printer, \^\'^. 12°. 

Resolntions (The) of the House of Commons 
in Ireland, relating to the Lord-chancellor Phips, 
examined: with remarks on the chancellor's speech. 
By a member of the House of Commons in Ireland.. 
London: J. More, 1714. 2 p. 1., iii, 32 pp. I2'» 

1 66 


History, eonfd,, 1714-1751. 

Conduct (The) of the purse of 
letter to a member of the late Oxford 
Occasioned by their having conferr'd 

doctor upon Sir C P . 

Swift.] London: J. Roberts, 1714. 
44 pp. 8^ 

Wy«e (Sir Thomas). Historical 
late Catholic Association of Ireland. 
Coiburn, 1829. 2 ▼. viii, 435 ; vi, 12 

Ireland: in a 


the degree of 

[By Jonathan 

I p.L, iv. 3- 

sketch of the 

London: H, 

I, cccxlvii pp. 

Petty (Sir William). Sir W. Petty's Political 
Survey (anatomy) of Ireland, with the establishment 
of that kingdom, when the late duke of Ormond 
was lord lieutenant. . . To which is added (Verbum 
sapienti; or), An account of the wealth and expences 
of England, and the method of raising taxes in the 
most equal manner... By a Fellow of the Royal 
society. London: D. Browne, 1719. 8 p.l., 223, 
26 pp. 2. ed. 12*. 

Letter (A) from a member of the House of 
Commons of Ireland . . containing an answer to 
some objections made against the judicatory power 
of the Parliament of Ireland. . .London: J, Roberts, 
1720. 2 p.l., 28 pp. 12*. (4*.) 

HibemiflB notitia: or, A list of the present 
officers in church and state, and of all payments 
to be made for civil and military affairs for the 
kingdom of Ireland upon the establishment which 
commenc*d on the 24th day of August, 171 7. In- 
cluding all pensions on the civil and military lists 
both to English and foreigners. With a list of all 
the forces on the Irish establishment. London: T. 
Payne, 1723. 2 p.l., 56 pp. 12'. 

Collection (A) of tracts, concerning the present 
state of Ireland, with respect to its riches, revenues, 
trade and manufactures. . .London: T. Woodward, 
1729. 5 p.l., 7-46 pp., 41. 47-144 pp. 12°. 

pp. I z 3-1 20 misplaced. 

Dobbs (Arthur). An essay on the trade and 
improvement of Ireland. Dublin: J, Smith dr* 
W. Bruce, 1729-31. 2 pt. in i. 8**. 

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general. With some proposals for regulating the 
value of coin in Ireland. By the author of the List 
of the absentees of Ireland [1. e. Thomas Prior]. 
Dublin: R. Gunne, 1729. I p.l., 64 pp. 12*. 

"I (In: McCulloch (J. R.) A select col- 
lection of scarce and valuable tracts on money. 
London, 1856. pp. 291-338.) 

S'wift (Jonathan). The Hibernian patriot: being 
a collection of the Drapier*s letters to the people of 
Ireland, concerning Mr. Wood's brass half -pence 
together with considerations on the attempts made 
to pass that coin ... to which are added, poems and 
songs. .Dublin: Repr,, London: A.Moore, 1730. 
4 p.l., 264 pp. 8°. 

A letter to the people of Ireland by M. B. 

Draper [signed Publicola, i. ^., J. S.] 16 pp. Dub- 
lin: T,Hume, 1729. 8". 

[Prior (Thomas)]. A list of the absentees of 
Ireland, and the yearly value of their estates and 
incomes spent abroad. With observations on the 
present state and condition of that kingdom. [By 
Thomas Prior.] Dublin: Reprinted, London: PV. 
Bicker ton, 1730. 2 p.l., 80 pp. 12'. 

IreUuid* — House of Lords, A report made by 
His Grace the Lord Primate, from the Lords Com- 
mittees, appointed to enquire into the present state 
of Popery in the Kingdom of Ireland. And to pre- 
pare such heads for bills... most proper for... amend- 
ing the acts to prevent the growth of Popery. . . 
Added, an appendix containing original papers. 
Dublin, 1 73 1 ; Repr. London: J. Oliver, 1 747. 35 PP« 

Apology (An) for the clergy of Ireland, in re- 
spect of their civil rights,especially as to agistment 
for dry and barren cattle. Dublin: S. Powell, 
1737-38. 22 pp. 12**. 

Reflections and resolutions proper for the 
gentlemen of Ireland, as to their conduct for the 
service of their country, as landlords, as masters of 
families, as Protestants, as. descended from British 
ancestors, as country gentlemen and farmers, as 
justices of the peace, as merchants, as members of 
Parliament. [By Samuel Madden, D.D.] Dublin: 
G. Ewing, 1738; Repr. 181 6. xxii, 3 1., 224 pp. 8*. 

Sherlock (Thomas), successively bishop of 
Bangor, of Salisbury, and of London. A sermon 
preachM before the society corresponding with the 
incorporated society in Dublin, for promoting 
English Protestant schools in Ireland, at their meet- 
ing. . . March 17, 1737-38. London: J, 6r*y. Pern- 
berton, 1738. I p.l., 24 pp. 4*. 

Four letters, originally written in French, re- 
lating to the kingdom of Ireland, accompanied 
with remarks. To which is added, a 6fth letter by 
the same author... Dublin: E. Exshaw, 1739. 
34 pp. 12'. 

Lord* (The) Protest, November 18, 1740. To 
which is added. Considerations upon the Embargo 
laid on provision of victual. London, 1740. 19 pp. 


M&ddox (Isaac), bishop of St. Asaph. A ser- 
mon preach'd before the Society corresponding 
with the incorporated society in Dublin, for pro- 
moting English Protestant working-schools in Ire- 
land, at their .anniversary meeting... March 19, 
1739-40. London: M. Downing, IT ^o. 23 pp. 4* 

Judgments (The) of God upon Ireland; or. 
Sickness and famine, God's visitation for the sins 
of the nation. Dublin: G, Grierson, 1741. 63 pp. 
2. ed. 8'. 

Sherlock (Thomas), successively bishop of 
Bangor, of Salisbury, and of London. A sermon 
preach'd before the society corresponding with the 
incorporated society in Dublin, for promoting 
English Protestant working-schools in Ireland, at 
their anniversary meeting. . . March 18, 1740-41. 
London: M. Downing, 1741. 34 Pp. 4'*. 

Farmer** (The) six letters to the protestants of 
Ireland. [By Henry Brooke.] Dullin, printed; 
London, reprinted, 1746. 8°. 

Report made by. . .the Lord Primate {London, 
1747). See above under 1731, 

Berkeley (George), bishop of Cloyne, The 
Querist; or, several queries proposed to the consid- 
eration of the public. . . [Added, a word to the wise.] 
Glasgow: R. 6* A.Foulis,iTSi> 4 p.l., 108 pp. 16*. 

Conybeare (John), bishop of Bristol. A ser- 
mon preach'd before the society corresponding with 
the incorporated society in Dublin, for promoting 



History^ cont'd,^ 1 752-1778. 

English Protestant working-schools in Ireland, at 
their general meeting. . .May 8th, 1751. London: 
y. Oliver, 1752. 59 pp. sq. 4'. 

Vindieation ( A) of the R. . . t H. . . e and H. . . 1 
L...ds and gentlemen, who have been basely 
aspersed, and scandalously mis- represented, in a 
late anonimous work, intitled,The history of Roger. 
By a Lover of Truth. Dublin, 1752. 22 pp. 8°. 

Ifetter (A) to a member of the H e of 

C s of I — • — d, on the present crisis of affairs 

in that kingdom. London: R, Scot ,\']^'^, 23pp. 8°. 

Address (An) from the independent freeholders 

of the P V. . .ce of M.ns. . .r, [Province of 

M unster] to Sir R C. . ., baronet. With a 

collection of fifty-four original patriot toasts,drank 
at a select assembly of freeholders at Corke . .Janu- 
ary, 1754. Dublin, 1754. 23 pp. 12**. 

C&se (The) fairly stated; or, An inquiry how 
far the clause lately rejected by the honourable 
House of Commons, would, if it had passed, have 
affected the liberties of the people of Ireland. [By 
John Leland.] Dublin: R.Main^ 1754. iv, 51 pp. 

Trath against craft; or. Sophistry and falshood 
detected. In answer to a pamphlet intitled. The 
case fairly stated : and likewise to the defence of 
the considerations. Dublin, 1754. 86 pp. 8**. 

Defence (A) of the Case fairly stated, against 
a late pamphlet, intitled. Truth against craft; or, 
Sophistry and falsehood detected. By the author 
of the Case fairly stated Q. Leland]. Dublin: R» 
Af ain, iyS4. 26 pp. 8. 

I«etter (A) to the right honourable the earl of 
Chesterfield, upon the present posture of affairs in 
Ireland, with some remarks on a late anonimous 
I>aper without a title, but in the manner of a letter, 
to some right honourable. [Signed A. B. C] [Dub- 
Jin F] 1755. 24 pp. 8'. 

Few (A) words more of advice to the friends of 
Ireland on the present crisis. Dublin, 1755. 22 pp. 

H'Cleaver (Major Sawney), pseud, Ireland 
in tears, or, A letter to St. Andrew's eldest 
daughter's youngest son. By Major Sawney 
M'Cleaver, an officer upon the Irish establishment 
. ..London: Af, Cooper, 1755. 2 p.l., 55 pp. I2'. 

Briianno-HibernuB* C. D. P. F. H. E., 
pseud. Northern revolutions. Containing the char- 
acters of the principal agents in bringing the free 
states of Nordweg and Danemarch to final dissolu- 
tion. Addressed and presented to the Duke of 
Bedford. Pt. 2. London: J, Scott, 1757. 8'. 

[Brooke (Henry).] The interests of Ireland 
considered, stated, and recommended, particularly 
with respect to inland navigation. Dublin: G, 
Faulkner, 1759. 168 pp., i plan. 8''. 

Doraad (John Francis). Genuine and curious 
memoirs of the Famous Captain Thurot . . . Written 
by the Reverend John Francis Durand . . . With 
some of Monsieur Thurot's Original Letters to that 
Gentleman, now in England. To which is added, 
A much more faithful and particular Account than 
has hitherto been published, of his Proceedings 
since his sailing from the Coast of France, Oct. 
18, 1759. London: J. Burd, 1760. 8*. (Re- 

printed in: Croker (T. C.) Popular songs, etc. 
Percy Soc. Pubn. no. 54.) 

Liberty and common -sense. To the people of 
Ireland, greeting. Dublin printed ; London re- 
printed : y. Williams, 1760. i p.l., 35 pp. 12'. 

Some thoughts on the nature of paper-credit, 
relative to the late failures of bankers and receivers 
in Ireland. By a free-citizen. 24 pp. Dublin,l^(iO. 

Conduct (The) of the sovereign, burgesses, and 
principal inhabitants of Belfast vindicated; and. 
The necessity and propriety thereof, to procure re- 
lief to the French prisoners confin*d at Belfast fully 
shewn. Printed in the year MDCCLXI. (Re- 
printed in: Ulster Jour, of Archaeol. v. 9, pp. 151- 
156; V. 10, pp. 21-25, 69-72, 138-141, 187-191. 
Belfast, 1903-1904.) 

Debate* relative to the affairs of Ireland in 
the years 1763 and 1764. Taken by a military 
officer [Sir James Caldwell]. To which are added, 
his remarks on the trade of Ireland; an extract of 
such parts of the British acts of Parliament as lay 
that trade under restrictions; and an enquiry how 
far those restrictions are, or are not, a benefit to 
the British dominions. . .2 v. London, 1766. 2 p.l., 
X. iii. il., 404; I p.l.. 405-741, 12 1.. 743-853 pp. 8\ 

New (A) address to the. . .Lord Mayor and the 
citizens of Dublin. Dublin [in tfi], 16 pp. 2. ed. 
nar. 12°. 

[Bush (J.)] Hibemia curiosa. A letter from 
a gentleman in Dublin, to his friend at Dover in 
Kent, giving a general view of the manners, cus- 
toms, dispositions, &c., of the inhabitants of Ire- 
land. . .[Dedication signed by J. Bush.] London: 
W. Flexney[\it%li\. I p.l.,xvi, 143 PP-. Sp.l- 8% 

Vallaneey (Charles). A report on the Grand 
Canal; or. Southern Line. 66 pp., i map. Dublin: 
Board of Inland Navigation, 1771. 4 . 

Justice and policy. An essay on the increasing 
growth and enormities of our great cities ... By a 
freeholder in Ireland and a stockholder in England, 
Part [i-]2. London: Dilly, inz-l^- 12**. 

Baratariana. A select collection of fugitive 
political pieces, published during the administration 
of Lord Townsend in Ireland. Dublin, 1773. xx, 
3l» 354 PP.f 17 1.. I pt.. I port, 2. ed. i6'. 

Essay (An) concerning the esublishment of a 
national bank in Ireland. London: G, Robinson, 
1774. 2 p.l.. 51 pp. 12'. 

Howaj^d (G. E.) A treatise of the exchequer 
and revenue of Ireland. Dublin: E. Lynch, 1776. 
2 V. 4*. 

Considerations on the state of Ireland. [By 
William Knox.] Dublin: W. Watson, 1778. xii. 
59 PP- 8'. 

Philosophical (A) survey of the south of Ire- 
land, in a series of letters to John Watkinson, M.D. 
[By Thomas Campbell.] Dublin: W, Whites tone, 
1778. xvi, 478 pp., 6 pi. 8*. 

Answer (An) to Mr. W. A. D.'s letter to G. H., 
in which the conduct of government, in mitigating 
the penal laws against Papists, is justified: The 
seditious tendency of W. A. D.'s letter is discovered: 
The Roman Catholics fully vindicated from the 
slanderous accusation of thinking it lawful to break 
faith with heretics, which W. A. D. attempts to fix 

1 68 


History, cont'd., 1 779-1 785. 

upon them: And, W. A. D.*s letter proved to be a 
gross imposition on the public, composed of mis- 
representations and false reasoning, from beginning 
to end [signed: Erasmus]. Edinburgh printed: 
Dublin, repr.: Wogan, Bean (Sr* Co., 1779. iv, 180 
pp. I2^ 

Auckland (i. baron), William Eden. A letter 
to the earl of Carlisle, from W. Eden, on the repre- 
sentations of Ireland, respecting a free trade. 
Dublin: R. Marchbank, 1779. 47 pp. 8*. 

Four letters to the Earl of Carlisle. On 

certain perversions of political reasoning. . . On the 
present. . . war between Great Britain . . . France, and 
Spain. On the public debts. . . On the representa- 
tions of Ireland respecting a free trade. Edinburgh: 
R. <5t* G. Fleming, 1779. 86 pp. 8°, 

Barring^on {Sir Jonah). Historic Memoirs 
of Ireland, comprising Secret Records of the Na- 
tional Convention, the Rebellion, and the Union 
[1779-1800]. London, 1835. 2 v. 4*. 

Commereial (The) restraints of Ireland con- 
sidered in a series of letters to a noble lord. Con- 
taining an historical account of the affairs of that 
kingdom as far as they relate to this subject. [By 
John Hely-Hutchinson.] Dublin: W. Hallhead, 
1779. xxii, 240 pp., I 1., 3 tab. 8". 

Ireland. — House of Commons, Authentic min- 
utes of the debate. . .on 20. Dec. 1779, ^° receiving 
the resolutions of the British House of Commons 
for granting to Ireland a free trade : to which are 
added. . . speeches. . .spoken on the same occasion. . 
London: J. Nichols, 1780. iii, 5-7 pp. 8°. 

Particular consequences of Mr. Orde*s Irish 
resolutions to the landed, manufacturing, and trad> 
ing interest of Scotland; and general consequences 
of them to the British empire. 4. ed. 178-? «./., 
n. d. 8 . 

Toung^ (Arthur). A tour in Ireland, 1776-79. 
London, 1780. 4**. 

A tour in Ireland : with general observations 

on the present state of that kindom. Made in the 
years 1776, 1777, and 1778. the end of 1779. 
[v. I.] Dublin: IVhiiestone, 1780. i v. 8*. 

Observations on the mutiny bill; with stric- 
tures on Lord Buckinghamshire's administration in 
Ireland [by Henry Grattan]. Dublin, printed, 
London, reprinted, 1781. 8"*. 


Bnrke (Edmund). Letter [1782] to a peer of 
Ireland on the penal laws against the Irish Catholics. 
(In: The works of Edmund Burke, v. 3. Boston, 
1892. pp. 459-477. 8'.) 

MacNevin (Thomas). History of the volun- 
teers of 1782. Dublin, 1845. 24*. (Duffy's Li- 
brary of Ireland ; 10.) 

New York: R. Martin <Sr* Co., 1845. 

124 pp. 12*. 

Mountmorree (2. viscount), Hervry Red- 
mond MoRRES. A speech intended to have been 
spoken on the appellant jurisdiction of the House 
of Lords of Ireland. London, 17S2, 8**. 

Williams (W. E. H.) The Irish parliament 

from the year 1782 to 1800. Being the Cressingham 

prize essay 1878. London: Cassell, Fetter &» Gal- 

pin, 1879. 2 p.l., 115 pp. 8*. 

Letter to the ist Belfast company of volunteers, 
in the province of Ulster [by F. I. S. Conway, vis- 
count Beauchamp]. 3. ed. London, 1783. 8*. 

Letter to Viscount Beauchamp, upon the sub- 
ject of his Letter to the ist Belfast company of 
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Ireland; or, A sketch of the present state of that 
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Defence (A) of the conduct of the count of Por- 
tugal; with a full refutation of the several charges 
alleged against the kingdom, with respect to Ire- 
land; originally written in the Portuguese, by a 
gentleman of distinction, and faithfully translated 
from that language. [Sig^ned. Lusitania.] London: 
J. StockdaU, 1783. iv, 60 pp. 4*. 

Ansfi^er (An) to the reply to the supposed treas- 
ury pamphlet. LAfndon: J. StockdaU, I'jts, 88pp. S*. 

Chapman (William). Observations on the ad- 
vantages of bringing the Grand canal round by the 
circular road into the River Liffey, addressed to. . . 
the commissioners appointed by Parliament, for 
making wide and convenient the streets of Dublin. 
Dublin: F. Byrne, 1785. i p.l., 29 pp. 8*. 

Fox (Charles James). The speech of...C. J. 
Fox in the House of Commons, on the Irish reso- 
lutions, ... May 12, 1785. To which is added an 
authentic copy of the resolutions, as originally pro- 
posed and now altered by Mr. Chancellor Pitt. 
London: G. Debrett, 1785. 2 p.l., 104pp. new 
ed. 8". 

Free thoughts upon the present crisis, in which 
are stated the fundamental principles upon which 
alone Ireland can, or ought to agree, to any final 
settlement with Great Britain. In a letter from a 
country gentleman to the people of Ireland. Dub- 
lin: R. Marchbank, 1785. I p.l., 69 pp. 12°. 

Hely-Hutchinson (John). A letter from the 
Secretary of State to the Mayor of Cork, on the 
subject of the bill presented by Mr. Orde on the 15. 
August, 1785, for effectuating the intercourse and 
commerce between Great Britain and Ireland, on 
permanent and equitable principles, for the mutual 
benefit of both kingdoms. Dublin : F. Byrne, 
1785. iv, 52 pp. 12". 

Ho'ward (Georges Edmond) . Queries, relative 
to several defects and grievances in some of the 
present laws of Ireland, and the proceedings 
thereon, and especially as to custodians in civil 
actions between party and party. Dublin: Mrs. 
E. Lynch, 1785. 53 pp., 3 1. 12'. 

Sheffield (/. earl), John Baker Holroyd. 
Observations on the manufactures, trade and pre- 
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viii, 397 pp. 2 pts. in i. S"*. 

Dublin: J. Exshaw, 1785. 2 p.l., 

viii, 56 pp. 12". 

Part I. only. 

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viii, 391 pp., 3 tab. 3. ed. 8**. 

Cursor;^ remarks on Lord Sheffield's pam- 
phlet, relative to the trade and manufactures of Ire- 
land. Cork: W. Flynn, 1785. 40 pp. 12"*. 



History, confd., 1 785-1792. 

Letters [from William Gibbons, merchant, and 
Sir LnciusO Brien» ban.] concerning the trade and 
manufactures of Ireland . . . and the manufacture 
and export of iron wares, in which certain facts 
and arguments set out by Lord Sheffield in his 
•* Observations on the . . . present state of Ireland " 
are examined. Dublin: Luki White, i^h^^, i p.l., 
125 pp. 8*. 

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matters in dispute between Great Britain and Ire- 
land; and on the means of converting these articles 
into mutual benefits to both Kingdoms. London: 
T, Cadell, 1785. vi. 41 pp. 12*. 


Duif^eiuui (Patrick). An address to the nobil- 
ity and gentry of the Church of Ireland . . . causes 
of the commotions and insurrections in the southern 
parts of this kingdom, respecting tithes . . . inquiry 
into the practicability of . . . any other mode of . . . 
subsistence. . .for the clergy of the Church ... in 
the place of tithes. By a layman, i 1., 112 pp. 
Dublin: H, Watts, pHnter, 1786. 8\ 


Insnrreetion (The); or, A faithful narrative of 
the disturbances which lately broke out in the pro- 
vince of Munster, under the denomination of White 
or Right- boys . . . Dublin: The Author, 1787. 45 
pp. 8\ 

0*Le»ry (Arthur). Mr. 0*Leary*s defence; 
containing a vindication of his conduct and writings 
during the late disturbances in Munster . . . the 
risings of the White-boys. In answer to the false 
accusations of Theophilus [P. Duigenan], and the 
. . . insinuations of Dr. Woodward. Dublin : P, 
Byrne, printer, 1787. 1 75 pp. 8'. 

Philo-Clerioas. To the committee for con- 
ducting the free-press. . . Essay in reply to the Rev. 
Mr. Butler's pamphlet. . .[by] Philo-Clericus. . . 
[1787?] 7 pp. «./.-/. 8\ 

Reprinted from the Freeman** Journal, 

on a letter lately published, signed 
Arthur O'Leary, stiled an Address to the Protestant 
nobility and gentry of Ireland. [Signed: Verax] 
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land . . . practicable . . . ; with observations relative to 
the absentees of Ireland.. .Z<y»4^, 1787. 8"*. 

Woodward (Richard), bishop of Cloyne, The 
present state of the church of Ireland: containing 
a description of its precarious situation; and the 
consequent danger to the public. Recommended 
to the serious consideration of the friends of the 
Protestant interest. To which are subjoined some 
reflections on the impracticability of a proper com- 
mutation for tithes; and a general account of the 
origrin and progress of the insurrection in Munster. 
Dublin: W, Sleater, 1787. 2. ed. 128 pp. 8*. 

Repr. Dublin edtttoo. 

London: T, Cadell, 1787. 2. ed. xv, 

120 pp. 7. ed. 8'. 


FitspatHok (William John). "The Sham 
Squire"; and the informers of 1789. With a view 
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jottings about Ireland seventy years ago. . .Dublin: 
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3. ed. 12°. 

Letter (A) to the Rt. Hon. Thomas Conolly, 
secretary to the Whig Club, to which are added 
declarations. . .of that society. [Signed: A friend 
to Ireland.] Dublin: W, Porter, 1789. i p.l., 
63 pp. 8". 


Thoa^^htsonaletter. . .to. . .Thomas Conolly, 
as secretary to the Whig Club. By a Whig. Dub' 
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Essays on the political circumstances of Ire- 
land. ». /. [179-?] 189 pp. 8". 
Imperfect copy, wanting title page-and appendix. 

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public accounts of Ireland. London: J, Stockdale, 

1 79 1. I p.l., ii, 240 pp., I map. 8". 
Clarendon (R. V.) A sketch of the revenue 

and finances of Ireland, and of the appropriated 
funds, loans, and debt of the nation from their 
commencement . . . Illustrated with charts. London: 
W, Lowndes <Sr* /. Debrett, 1791. viii, 152, liv 
pp., 4 charts. 4 . 


Address (An) from the general committee of 
Roman Catholics, to their Protestant fellow sub- 
jects, and to the public in general, respecting the 
calumnies and misrepresentations now so industri- 
ously circulated with regard to their principles and 
conduct. . Dublin printed, London repr. :J. Debrett, 

1792. iii-viii, 45 pp. 8". 

Bnrke (Edmund). A letter. . .to Sir Hercules 
Langrishe, Bart. M.P., on the subject of Roman 
Catholics of Ireland, and the propriety of admitting 
them to the elective franchise, consistently with the 
principles of the constitution as established at the 
revolution. London: J, Debrett, xit^i. 88 pp. 8°. 

London : Debrett, 1792. 2. ed. 88 





Dublin: P. Byrne, 1792. i p.l., 8*6 

iv, 27 pp. 8°. 

(In his: Works. Boston, 1829. 
. 8'.) 

V. 3. 
pp. 479-531- 

Ghrattan (Henry). The speech of H. Grattan, 
Esq., on the address to His Majesty at the open- 
ing of the Irish Parliament, 1792. With an ap- 
pendix containing [complete and radical reform of 
Parliament]. London: J. Ridgway, 1792. 2 p.l., 
34, 28 pp. 8*. 

Jones (William Todd). A letter to the Socie- 
ties of United Irishmen of the town of Belfast upon 
the subject of certain apprehensions which have 
arisen from a proposed restoration of Catholic 
Rights. Dublin: P. Byrne, \n^i. 42pp. 3«d' 8*« 

Report (A) of the debate which took place at a 
general meeting of the Roman Catholics of the City 
of Dublin ... March 23. 1792, for the purpose of 
considering the propriety of adopting the Declara- 



History^ cont'd,, 1792-1797. 

tion of the Roman Catholics of Ireland. To which 

is subjoined a copy of the Declaration. Dublin: 

P, Byrne, 1792. 19 pp. 8*. 

The Declaration was not included in the forms from which 
this impression was run o£F. 

Riohmond (j. duke\ Charles Lennox. A 
letter. . .to Lieutenant Colonel Sharman, Chairman 
to the Committee of Correspondence appointed by 
the delegates of forty- five corps of volunteers, as- 
sembled at Lisburn in Ireland; with notes, by a 
member of the Society for Constitutional Informa- 
tion. London: J. Johnson, Y']^'!, 16 pp. 8**. 


Clare* Earl. Speech. . . March 13, 1793. See 
1798, and 1 8 13 below, 

[Clarke (E. D.)l A tour through the South of 
England, Wales, and part of Ireland, made during 
the summer of 1791. London: Printed at the Mi- 
nerva Press, X'ji^'},, xxx(i), 403 pp., 12 pi. 8°. 

Kiii|^*8 bench. The following information was 
filed by His Majesty's Attorney General, ex-officio, 
against Archibald Hamilton Rowan... n. /.-/. 
[1793] 152 pp. I2\ 

Lang^ishe {.Sir Hercules). The speech. . . in the 
House of Commons of Ireland on the Bill * * To 
improve and amend the state of the representation of 
the people in Parliament," presented to the House 
of Commons. . . July 19, 1793. London: J, Debrett, 

1793. 56 pp. %\ 

Morgan {Lady Sydney Owenson). Les O'Brien 
et les O Flaherty, ou Tlrlande en 1793, histoire na- 
tionale. Traduit de I'anglais par J. Cohen. T. 
1-6. Paris: C, Gosselin, 1828. 6 v. in 3. nar. it°, 

Sheridan (Charles Francis). An essay upon 
the true principles of civil liberty, and of free 
government, occasioned by the levelling doctrines 
of the day, in which is also discussed the Roman 
Catholic claim to the elective franchise in Ireland. 
London: C, Dilly, 1793. I p.l., iii-xxiv, 150 pp. 8". 


Lang^ishe (^iV Hercules). The speech . . . 
on the motion of the Rt. Hon. W. B. Ponsonby, in 
the House of Commons of Ireland, on . . . March 
4, 1794, for a parliamentary reform. London: J, 
StockdaU, 1794. 12 pp. 8''. 

Sir H. Langrishe's celebrated speech in 

the Irish House of Commons. . . on March 4, 1794, 
on the motion of Mr. Ponsonby, for a ** Parlia- 
mentary reform." Edinburgh: J, b*J. Fairbaim, 

1794. 15 pp. 8". 

Address (The) of the Catholics of Dublin to 
... Henry Grattan... 1795. With his answer. 
Dublin: /. MilUken, 1798. 8 pp. 8^ 

Carlisle (5. earl), Frederic Howard. A 
letter to Earl Fitzwilliam [Id. lieut. of Ireland] in 
reply to his two letters. London, 1795. 8**. 

Drennan (William). A letter to Earl Fitz- 
William, Lord Lieutenant, &c., of Ireland. Dub- 
lin: J. Chambers, 1795. i p.l., 51 pp. 3. ed, 8*. 

Ireland — House 0/ Commons, The debates, at 
large, on the Catholic bill, in the Irish House of 
Commons, on Monday, May 4, 1795: to which is 

prefixed, the bill itself, as introduced by . . . Henry 
Grattan, on Friday, April 24, 1795. Cork: J, Holy, 
prtr., 1795. 88 pp. 8". 

Parliament, A report of the debates in 

both houses of Parliament, on the Roman Catholic 
bill. n,t,p, [DublinF I7gs}] 40pp. 8'. 

Letter (A) from a venerated nobleman who re- 
cently retired from this country, to the Earl of 
Carlisle: explaining the causes of that event. Lon- 
don: G. <5r»y. Robinson, 1795. 29 pp. 8*. 

O'Connor {afterwards Condoroet O'Con- 
nor] (Arthur). Speech. .. delivered in the House 
of Commons of Ireland, on Monday, May 4, 1795, 
upon the important question of Catholic emancipa- 
tion. London: \J. 5.] Jordan [1795]. I p.l., 
3-24 pp. 12'. 

(In: Beauties of the press. London, 

1800. 8**. pp. 580-602.) 

Plain (A) statement of facts relative to the ad- 
ministration of Earl Fitzwilliam, in Ireland. Lon- 
don: A, White, 1795. 3-22, 3-13 pp., 2. ed. 8'. 

Speeches (The) of Sir Thomas Osborne, Bart., 
and Patrick Duigenan, Esq., on the Catholic Bill, 
in the Irish House of Commons, May 5, 1795. 
London: J. Debrett, 1795. i p.l., 36 pp. 8". 

Esoande (G.) Hoche en Irlande, 1 795-1 798, 
d'apr^s des documents in^dits: lettres de Hoche, 
deliberations secretes du Directoire, m^moires se- 
crets de Wolf Tone. Paris: F, A lean, 1888. xv, 
344 pp. I2\ 

Gilbert (John Thomas). Documents relating 
to Ireland, 1 795-1 804: official account of secret 
service money; governmental correspondence and 
papers... letters on legislative union with Great 
Britain, etc. Dublin, 1893. 8**. 


Account (An) of the culture of potatoes in 
Ireland. London: Shepperson ^ Reynolds, 1796. 
28 pp. 8'. 

Dajr (Robert). A charge delivered to the grand 
jury of the County of Dublin. .. on. .. the 12th of 
January, 1796... Dublin: R, E, Mercier &* Co., 
1796. 38 pp. 8*. 

Reflections on the best means of securing 
tranquility. Submitted to the consideration of 
country gentlemen. Dublin: J. Chambers, 1796. 
85 pp. 8*. 


Grattan (Henry). Address to his fellow citi- 
zens of Dublin, on the dissolution of the Parlia- 
ment, in July, 1797. (In: Duigenan (Patrick). An 
Answer to the address, etc. Dublin, 1798. 8*.) 

For Duigenan *8 ''Answer ^' see below under z8oo. 

Some observations on a late address [by Henry 
Grattan] to the citizens of Dublin, with thoughts 
on the present crisis. [By Charles Francis Sheri- 
dan.] Dublin: J, Stocidale, ijgj, I p. L, 70 pp. 


Dublin: J, Milliken, 1797. 2 p I., 

8". (In his: Political Tracts. Dublin, 

Some observations on a late address to the 

citizens of Dublin; ^th thoughts on the present 
crisis. [By Charles Francis Sheridan.] To which 
is added Vindicator's remarks on "Sarsfield*s let- 

51 PP 




History^ eonfd,, 1 797-1 798. 

ters '* which appeared in the Dublin Evening Post. 
Dublin; London reprinted: /. Debrett, 1797. 48 
pp. 4. ed. 8**. 

yindieaior's remarks on *' Sarsfield's letters" 
which appeared in four numbers of the Dublin 
Evening Post... Dublin; London reprinted: /. 
Oebrett, 1797. 49-70 pp. 8*. 


Aeeount (An) of the late insurrection in Ire- 
land; in which is laid open the secret correspon- 
dence between the United Irish and the French 
Government, through Lord Edward Fitzgerald, 
Mr. Arthur O'Connor, J. Quigley, and others. To- 
gether with a short history of the principal battles 
between the King's forces and the insurgents . . . 
London: J, Evans [i-j^qlf], 36pp. 12", 

Address (The) of the Catholics of Dublin to 
the Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan, presented to him . . . 
at the meeting in Francis-Street, on the twenty- 
seventh of Feb., 1795. With his answer. Dublin: 
J. Milliken^ \']K)%, 44 pp« 8**. 

B»ll (Charles). An union neither necessary or 
expedient. See below, under Arguments* 1 799. 

[Banim (J.), and Banim (M.)] The croppy; 
a tale of 1798. By the authors of the **0'Hara 
Tales "... [i. e., J. and M. Banim]. v. 1-3. Lon- 
don: H. Colburn, 1828. 3 v. 12**. 

Bantry (The) bay and Killala invasions. (Parts 
3-4 of: Croker's popular songs, illustrative of the 
French Invasions of Ireland. London^ 1847. Percy 
See Pubns. no. 70.) 

Bnrk (John). History of the late war in Ire- 
hnd, with an account of the United Irish Associa- 
tion, from the first meeting at Belfast, to the land- 
ing of the French at Kilala — [With an appendix.] 
Philadelphia: F, <5r» R. Bailey, 1799. *▼» 5-i40; 
42 pp. 8*. 

Qyrae (Miles). Memoire d'un exile irlandais 
de 1798. Edites par sa veuve. Traduction de 
langlais par A. Hedouin. Paris: G. Bossange &* 
Cie.^ 1865. 2 V. port. 8°. 

Causes (The) of the rebellion in Ireland dis- 
closed, io an address to the people of Edgland. in 
which it is proved by incontrovertible facts, that 
the system for some years pursued in that country, 
has driven it into its present dreadful situation. 
By an Irish emigrant. London: J, S.Jordan [1798]. 
I p.l., 5-78 pp. 8". 

Clare (i. earl) John Fitzgibbon. The speech 
of. . .John, Earl of Clare, Lord High Chancellor of 
Ireland, in the House of Lords of Ireland, on a 
motion made by the Earl of Moira, Monday, Feb. 
19, 1798. Dublin: J, Milliken, 1798. 2 p.l., 87, 
xvipp. 3. cd. 8**. 

London: J, Wright, 1798. 3 p.l., 

87, xi, I L 3. ed. 8". 

London: for J, Stockdale, 1 798. 2 p.l. , 

100 pp. 8*. 

55 pp. 8' 

46 pp. 8*. 

pp. 8*. 

Oxford, Fletcher <5r» Co,, 1798. 3 p.l., 

London : J, Wright, 1798. i p.l., 
London: J. StockdaU, 1813. v, 7-41 

Considerations on the situation to which Ire- 
land is reduced by the government of Lord Camden. 
Dublin, 1798. 28 pp. 8*. 

Debtor (The) and creditor; a new farce in two 
acts; but many scenes. Act the first. Cork : the 
author, 1798. I p.l., 3-28 pp. sm. I2^ 

Act the second. Cork, 1798. i p.l., 

3-42 pp. sm. 12''. 

Doifpenan (Patrick). An Answer to the Ad- 
dress. . .Henry Grattan to his fellow citizens of 
Dublin. . .to which are added. . . i. The address of 
the Catholics of Dublin, in 1795, to Mr. Grattan, 
with his answer. . . 2. Mr. Grattan's address to the 
electors of Dublin, in 1797. 3. Mr. Grattan's (sup- 
posed) letter to Dr. Duigenan in 1798. Dublin: 
J. Milliken, 1798. 6 p.l., 196, 42, 2 pp. 3. ed. 8*. 

Dublin: J. Milliken, 1799. 4. cd. 

6 p.l., 196 pp. 8". 

Dublin : /. Milliken and J. Wright, 

1800. 5. ed., with additions. 6 1., 240 pp. 8"*. 
(In his: Political Tracts. Dublin, 1800.) 

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account of transactions preceding that event, with 
an appendix. Dublin: J. Stockdale, 1803. 3 p.l., 
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History of the Irish insurrection of 1798. . . 

Dublin, 1847. 24*. (Dufify's Library of Ireland, 9.) 

History (The) of the Irish rebellion,in the year 
1798, &c. Containing An Impartial Narrative of 
the Proceedings of the Irish Revolutionists, From 
the Year 1782 till the total Suppression of the In- 
surrection ; with a review of the history of Ireland 
from its first invasion by the English till the com- 
mencement of the rebellion. Alston, Cumberland: 
John Harrops, 1808. 2 v. in I. 12*. (Harrop*s 
elegant edition.) 

Impartial (An) narrative of the most import- 
ant engagements which took place between His 
Majesty's forces and the Rebels during the Irish 
Rebellion, 1798. Including very interesting infor- 
mation not before made public. Carefully collected 
from authentic letters. Dublin : J. Jones, 1799. 
ix, 3-94 pp. 2. ed. 8*. 

First American edition. Cambridge, N, Y,: 

Tennery ^ Stockwell [1800?]. 237 pp. 12**. 

Impartial relation of military operations which 
took place in Ireland, in consequence of the land- 
ing of a body of French troops under General 
Humbert, in August, 1798. By an officer who 
served in the corps, under the command of... 
Marquis Com wallis. London: T, Egerton [lyqgl], 
I p.l., 71 pp., I map, I plan, i tab. 8^. 

Ireland. — Peers, House of The important 
debate, in the Irish House of Peers, on Earl 
Moira*s motion, for an address to. .. the Lord Lieu- 
tenant of Ireland, recommending the adoption of 



History ^ confd.^ 1798. 

such conciliatory measures as may allay the appre- 
hensions, and extinguish the discontents, unhap- 
pily prevailing in that country. London: J, S, Jor- 
dan, 1798. I p.l., 179-254 pp. 8°. 

Secrecy Committee, Report from the com- 

mittee of secrecy of the House of Commons in 
Ireland, as reported by Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount 
Castlereagh, Aug. 21, 1798. [With appendixes.] 
London: J. J)ebrett^ 1798. 184, 84 pp., i table. 8**. 

Report from the secret committee of 

the House of Lords [30 Aug., 1798], with an ap- 
pendix. Dublin: IV. Sleater, 1798. 67 pp. 8*. 

Report from the Committee of Secrecy, 

of the House of Lords in Ireland, as reported by. 
John Earl of Clare, Lord High Chancellor. Aug. 
30, 1798. [With the appendix.] London: J, Pe- 
brett, 1798. 53 pp. 8°. 

Irish pursuits of literature, in A. D. 1798, and 
1799. consisting of I. — Translations, II. — Second 
Thoughts. III.— Rival translations, IV.— The 
monstrous republic, V. — Indexes. Dublin: J, Milli- 
ken, 1799. xix, 99 pp. 8**. 

By **An Irish TheophiUothrope," i.e.. Dr. WiUtam Hales. 

Jackson (Charles). A narrative of the suffer- 
ings and escape of C. Jackson, late resident at 
Wexford, in Ireland. Including an account of 
several barbarous atrocities committed in June, 
1798, by the Irish rebels in that town while it was 
in their possession: to the greater part of which 
he was an eye witness. Cambridge: The author, 
1803. xii, 82 pp. 5. ed. 8**. 

Jebb (Richard). A reply to a pamphlet. See 
below, under Argumentm. 1799. 

JoPvis(5tV John Jervis White), bart. A letter 
addressed to the gentlemen of England and Ire- 
land, on the inexpediency of a federal union between 
the two kingdoms. Dublin: J, Whitworth, 1798. 
73 pp. 8". 

[Johnson (William)] Reasons for adopting 
an union between Ireland and Great Britain ... By 
the author of the letter to Joshua Spencer, Esq. 
London: J, Plymsell [1798?]. i p.l., 61 pp. 2.ed. 

B^vana^^h (Patrick F.) A popular history of 
the insurrection of 1798, derived from every avail- 
able written record and reliable tradition. Dublin, 
1874. 2. ed. id**. 

Letter (A) to His Excellency Marquis Corn- 
wall is, on the proposed union. In which His Ex- 
cellency's political situation is candidly discussed. 
By an Irishman. Dublin: J. Moore, 1798. 38 pp. 

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Union. Sketches of Irish history from 1798 to 
1 886. London: Chatto 6* Windus, 1887. viii, 
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men, their lives and times. London, 1842-46. 7 v. 
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Irish rebellion in 1798; with memoirs of the union, 

and Emmet's insurrection in 1803; with illustra- 
tions by George Cruikshank. London, 1866. 7. ed. 


Mnsg^rave (Sir Richard). Memoirs of the 
diflferent rebellions in Ireland, from the arrival of 
the English; also, a particular detail of that which 
broke out the 23d of May, 1798; with a history 
of the conspiracy which preceded it. Dublin, i8oa 
3. ed. 2 V. 8". 

Narrative (A) of what passed at Killalla, 10 
the county of Mayo, and the parts adjacent, dar- 
ing the French invasion in the summer of 1798. 
By an eye-witness [i.e., Joseph Stock, bishop of 
Killalal. London: J. Wright, 1800. I p.l., 182 
pp. 8*. 

London: J. Stockdale, 1800. 2 p.l., 

148 pp. 8*. 

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ninety-eight?" Dublin: Sealy, Bryers <&* Walker, 
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Repr.: ** Contemporary Review," Jan., 1898. 

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0*Hara Family, pseud, of], & M. Banim. 
The croppy; a tale of the Irish rebellion of 1798. 
With . . . notes by Michael Banim. M'evf York: 
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New ed. 12*. 

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Reasons against an union. See below, under 
Arguments* 1799. 

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Dublin: W. Jones, 1798. i p. 1., 35 pp. 8**. 

Dublin: W.Jones, 1798. i p.l., 35 

pp. 4* ^* 8 . 

Letter to Joshua Spencer, occasioned by his 
Thoughts on an union [between Great Britain and 
Ireland]. By a barrister [William Johnston]. Duk- 
lin: J. Archer, 1798. I p.l., 42 pp. 8*. 

Stock (Joseph), Bishop of Killala. 5>^ Nar- 
rative (A) of what passed at Killala. 

Strictures on a pamphlet. See below, under 
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an anonymous pamphlet, in favour of the measure. 
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History ^ amfd.y 1799. 

Addin^^on (Henry). ^'ir/SidmoathCi. Vis- 

Address (An) to the people of Ireland. See 
ifelow, ufii/er ArgnukentB. 

Arg^iinients for and against an union between 
Oreat Britain and Ireland, considered. [By Edward 
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I p.l, 58 pp. 8'. 

Dublin: J, Milliken^ 1799. ?• ^» 

<or. 48 pp. 8**. 

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pp., I 1. 8**. 

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expedient for Ireland: being an answer to the 
author of Arguments for and against an union, be- 
tween Great Britain and Ireland, considered [1./. 
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pp. %\ 

Dublin: W. Porter, 1798. 2. ed. 

« p.l, 54pp. 8'. 

Barnes (George). The rights of the imperial 
<:rown of Ireland asserted and maintained, against 
Edward Cooke, reputed author of a pamphlet, en- 
titled, ** Arguments for and against an union, &c." 
In a letter to that gentleman. Dublin: W. Gilbert, 

1799. iv»5-96pp. 8^ 

Case (The) of Ireland re-considered, in answer 
to a pamphlet entitled "Arguments for and against 
an union considered." yjondon .•] J. Stockdale, 

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land. [Signed F. L.] Dublin:/, Stockdale, 1799. 
1 5 pp. 8 . 

Reasons against an union. In which "Argu- 
ments for and against an union ''..., are particu- 
larly considered; by an Irishman. Dublin: G, 
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RuDD (Pemberton). An answer to the pam- 
phlet, entitled Arguments for and against an union, 
-&€.. &c. In a letter addressed to E. Cooke. . . 
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Strictures on a pamphlet, entitled Argfuments 
for and against an union between Great Britain 
and Ireland considered. Dublin: fV, Porter, 1798. 
24 pp. 8^ 

Union (The). Cease your funning; or. The 
rebel detected. [By Charles Kendall Bushe. In 

answer to a pamphlet entitled "Arguments for and 
against an union . . . considered " by £. Cooke.] 
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Dublin: /. Moore, 1798. 3. ed. 45 pp. 8*. 

Dublin: J, Moore, 1 798. 5. ed. i p.l., 

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Ball (Charles). An union neither necessary or 
expedient. See above. Ball under Ar^pmieiits* 

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crown. See above, under Argp&inents* 

Bentlejr (Richard). See below, Considera- 
tions» etc. 

Bashe (Charies Kendall). The Union. See 
above. Union under Arii^unieiits* 

Cooke (Edward). See above, Arg^nments for 

and against, etc. 

Considerations upon the state of public af- 
fairs, in the year MDCCXCIX. Ireland. [Bjr 
Richard Bentley.l Dublin : /. Milliken, 1799! 
2 p.l., too pp. 8 . (In: Duigenan (Patrick) Po- 
litical Tracts. Dublin, 1800. 

Dnii^enan (Patrick). A fair representation of 
the present political state of Ireland; in a course of 
strictures on two pamphlets, one entitled "The 
case of Ireland re-considered" [by Patrick Lattin], 
the other entitled " Considerations on the state of 
public affftirs in the year 1799. — Ireland"; with 
Observations on other modern Publications on the 
Subject of an incorporating union of Great Britain 
and Ireland, Particularly on a Pamphlet entitled 
" The speech of Lord Minto in the House of Peers, 
April II, 1799." London: J.Wright, 1799. 2. ed. 
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Considerations on the competency of the Parlia- 
ment of Ireland to accede to an union with Great 
Britain. London: J, Wright, \'j<^<^, i p.l., 22 pp. 


Oriel (i. baron), John Foster. Speech of . . . 
J. F. ... of House of Commons of Ireland, de- 
livered in committee . . . April, 1799. 113 pp. Dub' 
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Smith {Sir William), bart. Review of a publi- 
cation, entitled, the Speech of the Right Honourable 
John Foster, speaker of the House of Commons of 
Ireland, in a letter addressed to him by William 
Smith. Dublin; repr, London: J, Wright, 1799. 
iv, 93 pp. New ed. 8*. 

Oerahty (James). The consequences of the 
proposed union with respect to Ireland, considered: 
in a second letter to the Marquis Cornwallis. . . 
London: J, Stockdale, 1799. 60 pp. 12**. 

The present state of Ireland, and the only 

means of preserving her to the empire, considered 
in a letter to the Marquis Cornwallis. London: J, 
Stockdale, 1799. ^4 PP* I2°* 



History^ confd,^ 1799. 

Great Britain. — Secrecy Committee, Report 
of the Committee of Secrecy of the House of Com- 
mons, to whom the several papers, referred to in 
His Majesty's message of the 22. of Jan. 1799, ^^^ 
which were presented (sealed up) to the House by 
Mr. Secretary Dundas, upon the 23. day of the 
said month, by His Majesty's command, were re- 
ferred; and who were directed to examine the mat- 
ters thereof, and report the same, as they shall 
appear to them, to the House. [With appendix.] 
London: J, IVright^ 1799. xliv, 36, 43 pp. 8°. 

Report of Committee of Secrecy of the 

House of Commons. Ordered to be printed 15. 
March, 1799. London: J. Pfymseit^i'jgg]. 90 pp. 

London: J, Stockdale^ I799« "2 pp. 


London: J, Stockdale, 1799. New ed. 

Ill pp. 8". 

Hales (William). See Irish pursuits of litera- 
ture, 1799; also OctaviuSt etc., 1799. 

Impartial (An) view of the causes leading this 
country to the necessity of an union; in which the 
two leading characters of the state are contrasted 
, . . Dublin: B, Dornin^ 1799. ' P-l.» 53 PP* ^*'* 

Ireland* — House of Commons. Report of the 
debate in the House of Commons of Ireland on. . . 
the 12. and 23. of January, 1799, on the subject of 
an union, i p.l., 91 pp. Dublin: J, Moore ^ 1799. 

Irish pursuits of literature, in A. D. 1 798, and 

1799, consisting of i. Translations; 2. Second 

thoughts; 3. Rival translations; 4. The monstrous 

republic; 5. Indexes. London: J, Milliken^ 1799. 

xix, 99 pp. 8**. 

Dedication signed An Irish Theophilanthrope, 1. ^., Dr. 
William Hales. 

Jebb (Richard). A reply to a pamphlet. See 
abovct under Ar^piments* 

Johnston (William). Letter to Joshua Spencer. 
See beloWf under Spencer* 

Kerr (Charles). Strictures upon the union 
between Great Britain and Ireland. Particularly 
detailing the advantages derived to Scotland, from 
her union with England . . . Dublin: B, Dornin^ 
1799. I p.l., 44 pp. 2. cd. 8". 

L« (F.) Observations. See above ^ under ArgU' 

Letter to Joshua Spencer. See below^ under 

Mathias (Thomas James). The shade of 
Alexander Pope on the banks of the Thames. A 
satirical poem. With notes. Occasioned chiefly, 
but not wholly, by the residence of Henry Grattan, 
ex-representative in Parliament for the city of 
Dublin, at Twickenham, in Nov., 1798. By the 
author of The pursuits of literature [t. e, Thomas 
James MathiasJ. London: T. Beckett 1799. 2 
p. 1., 86 pp. 12®. 

Melville (i. viscount), Henry Dundas. Sub- 
stance of the speech of Henry Dundas in the House 
of Commons, Thursday, Feb. 7, 1 799, on the sub- 
ject of the legislative union with Ireland. London: 
/. Wright [1799]. 68 pp. 2. ed. 8°. 

Minto (i. earl), Gilbert Elliot. The speech 
of Lord Minto in the House of Peers. . .1799. . . . 

respecting an union between Great Britain and 
Ireland. London: /. Stockdale, 1799, I55 pp. 8°. 

Necessity of an incorporate union between 
Great Britain and Ireland proved . . . with a sketch 
of the principles upon which it ought to be formed. 
London: J. Wright, 1799. i p.l., 132 pp. 8". 

Observations on Arguments, etc. See above,, 
under ArguxnentUp 1799* 

O'Connor (Arthur). Letter to Lord Castlc- 
reagh. [Dublin? — 1799.] 2 p.l., 3-36 pp. 8* 

Half-title only. 

O'Connor (Roger). To the people of Great 
Britain and Ireland. Dublin, I7()g, 92 pp. 8". 

Octaviust i. e. William Hales Pursuits of 
literature. Translations, by Octavius. Dublin: 
y. Milliken, 1799. xxvii, 153 pp. 8°. 

Pitt (William). Speech in the House of Com- 
mons, Thursday, January 31, 1799, on oflfering to 
the House the resolutions which he proposed as the 
basis of an union between Great Britain and Ire- 
land. London: J, Wright, 1799. i p.l., 95 pp. 4**« 

London: J, Wright, 1799. 2 p.l., 

96 pp. 3. ed. 8". 

4* cd. 8 . 

Reasons against an union. See ctbove, under 

Report (A) of the debate of the Irish Bar, on. . . 
the 9th of December, 1798, on the subject of an 
union of the legislatures of Great Britain and Ire* 
land, to which is added the resolutions and protest. 
Dublin: J, Moore, iigq. 90 pp. 8*. 

Rudd (Pemberton). An answer, etc. Sec 
above, under Argp&ments. 

Sidmouth (i. Viscount), Henry Addington. 
Substance of the speech of . . . H. Addington, 
speaker of the House of Commons, on the 12. ojf 
Feb., 1799. *° t^c committee of the whole house, ta 
whom His Majesty's . . . message of the 22. Jan. 
relative to Ireland, was referred. Dublin: /. 
Milliken, 1799. i p.l., 5-32 pp. 3. ed. 8°. 

Smith {Sir William Cusac), 2. bart. The sub- 
stance of Mr. William Smith's speech on the sub- 
ject of a legislative union between Great Britain 
and Ireland, delivered in the Irish House of Com- 
mons, on Thursday, January 24. 1799. Dublin; 
repr. London: J. Wright, 1 800. iv, 117 pp. New 
ed. 8^ 

Review of a publication. See above, under 

Foster (John). 

Smyth (Giles S.) First letter to a noble Iord» 
on the subject of the union. Dublin: J. Moore ^ 
1799- 33 pp. 8^ 

Strictures on a pamphlet. See above, under 

Three letters to a noble lord, on the projected 
legislative union of Great Britain and Ireland. By 
a nobleman. London: J, Wright, 1799. i p.l.» 
60 pp. 8**. 

Tucker (Josiah). Union or separation. Written 
some years since . . , now first published . . . by . . . 

Dr. [T. D.] Clarke London: J. Hatchard, 1779. 

I p.l., ii, 84pp. 8*. 

Union (The), See above, under Arg^nments* 

Workman (James). A memorial, proposing a 
plan for the conquest and emancipation of Spanish 



History^ confd,, 1 799-1 800. 

America, by means which would promote the tran- 
quillity of Ireland. (In his: Political essays, rela- 
tive to the war of the French Revolution . . . 
Alexandria, 1801. 16*. pp. 145-174.) 


Beresford (John). Speech ... on his moving 
the sixth article of the Union in the House of Com- 
mons of Ireland, March 19th, 1800. Dublin: J, 
Milliken^ 1800. I p.l., 39 pp. 3 ed. 8*. 

Case (The) of Ireland re-considered, in answer 
to a pamphlet entitled " Arguments for and against 
an\inion, considered " [by Edward Cooke]. {^Lon- 
dan]: /, StockdaU, 1800. iv, 64 p. 8°. 

Clare (i. earl), John Fitzgibbon. The speech 
of the . . . Earl of Clare ... in the House of Lords 
of Ireland, on a motion made by him. . ..February 
10, 1800 ... to unite the two kingdoms. . .Dublin: 
J, Mi Hi ken, prtr; London: rebr. for J. Wright, 
1800. I p.l., loi pp., I 1. 8 . (Ireland, House 
of Lords.) 

Dublin: Irish Loyal and Patriotic 

Union, \%^t. 70 pp. 8*. (Ireland, no. 15.) 

Dui^^nan (Patrick). An answer to the address 
of . . . Henry Grattan ... to his fellow citizens of 
Dublin . . . to which are added . . . i. The address 
of the Catholics of Dublin ... to Mr. Grattan, with 
his answer ... 2. Mr. Grattan's address to the 
electors of Dublin, 1797. 3. Mr. Grattan's (sup- 
posed) letter to Dr. Duigenan, in 1 798. Dublin: /. 
Milliken, i^QO. 5 p.l., 240 p. 5. ed. 8°. 

^ A fair representation of the present poli- 
tical state of Ireland; . . . strictures on two pam- 
phlets, one . . . •* The case of Ireland re-con- 
sidered"; the other. . . *' Considerations on the 
state of public affairs in the year 1799, Ireland; 
with observations ... on ... *' The speech of Lord 
Minto in the House of peers, April 11, 1799." 
Dublin: /. Milliken, 1800. i p. 1., 253 p. 8**. 

Political tracts by Patrick Duigenan, LL.D. 

Representative for the City of Armagh, in Parlia- 
ment. Consisting, I. An answer to the address of 
Henry Grattan, esq. ... to his fellow-citizens of 
Dublin. II. A fair representation of the present 
political state of Ireland. . . III. Speech in the 
House of Commons of Ireland, 5th February, 1800. 
— Dublin: y. Milliken, 1800. v. p. 8**. 

The speech ... in the House of Commons 

of Ireland, February 5, 1800, on His Excellency 
the Lord Lieutenant; message on the subject of an 
incorporating union with Great Britain. Dublin: 
J, Milliken, 1800. I p.l,, 28 pp. 8**. (In his: 
Political Tracts. Dublin, 1800. 8°.) 

Speech in the Irish House of Commons, 

Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1800, on the subject of an in- 
corporating union betweem \sic\ Great Britain and 
Ireland. London: J, Wright, 1800. 2 p.l., 50 pp. 

Grattan (Henry). An answer to a pamphlet, 
entitled, The speech of the Earl of Clare, on the 
subject of a legislative union between Great Britain 
and Ireland. Dublin: J, Moore, 1800. i p.l., ii, 
44 pp. 2. ed. 8*. 

An answer to a pamphlet, entitled, the 

Speech of the Earl of Clare, on the subject of a 
legislative union between Great Britain and Ireland. 
London: G. G, 6*/. Robinson, 1800. 48 pp. 8**. 

48 pp. 8* 

London: G, G, &* J, Robinson, 1800. 

The speech (at length) of the Hon. Henry 

Grattan in the Irish House of Commons against the 
union with Great Britain. London: J, S. Jordan, 
1800. 36 pp. 8^ 


Lattin (Patrick), the younger. Observations on 
Dr. Duigenan's *' Fair representation of the present 
political state of Ireland. . .with respect to his 
strictures on. . . ** The case of Ireland reconsidered 
[by P. Lattin]." London: J. Debrett, 1800. iii- 
vi, 128 pp. 8". 

Londonderry (2. marquis), Robert Stewart. 
Speech in the Irish House of Commons, February 
5, 1800, on offering to the House certain resolu- 
tions, proposing and recommending a complete 
and entire union between Great Britain and Ire- 
land. London: J. Wright', 1800. I p.l., 69 pp. 

Oriel (i. baron), John Foster. Speech of 
John Foster, speaker of the House of Commons of 
Ireland, delivered in committee, on Monday the 
17th day of February, 1800. Dublin: J. Moore, 
1800. I p.l., 44 pp., 2 tab. 8*. 

London: J, Debrett, 1800. 2 p.l.r 

58 pp. 8\ 

Su^^ffestions for the pacification and pros- 
perity o7 Ireland. If. /. [18-?] 16 pp. 8*. 

The Union, in general. 

Coote (Charles). History of the union of the 
kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland; with an 
introductory survey of Hibernian affairs, traced 
from the times of Celtic colonisation. London, 
1802. 8". 

Dannt (W. J. O.) Eighty-five years of Irish 
history, 1800-1885. New edition, to which a supple- 
mentary chapter is added, bringing down the narra- 
tive to 1887. London: Ward df Downey, 1888. 
xii, 400 pp. 12''. 

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legislative union of Great Britain and Ireland 
[1800]. London: Macmillan^ Co., 1887. x, i 1., 
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Union. Sketches of Irish history from 1798 to 
1886. London: Chatto <5r* Windus, 1887. xviii, 
I 1., 368 pp. 12". 

McDonag^h (Michael). The viceroy's post- 
bag. Correspondence hitherto unpublished of the 
earl of Hardwicke first lord lieutenant of Ireland 
after the Union. London: John Murray, 1904. 

In a books — i. The Union; a. The Emmet insurrection. 

Pressens^ (F. de). L*Irlande et TAngleterre 
depuis Tacte d*union jusqu'4 nos jours, 1800-1888. 
Paris, 1889. 8*. 

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pire. A review, 1 800-1 900. London: G. Richards, 
1901. xiv, 284 pp. 12°. 

Shaw-Lefevre (G[eorge John]). Peel and 
0*Connell : a review of the Irish policy of Parlia- 
ment, from the Act of Union to the death of Sir 
Robert Peel. London: K. Paul, Trench 6* Co., 
\ 1887. vi, I 1., 357 pp. 8". 



History y confd,, 1 801-1 805. 

1 801. 

Auckland (i. baron), William Eden. Sub- 
stance of the speech ... in the House of Peers, 
April II, 1799. on the proposed address to his 
Majesty, respecting the resolutions adopted by the 
two Houses of Parliament, as the basis of an union 
between Great Britain and Ireland. London: J. 
Wright, 1799. 1 p.l., 53 pp., 2 1., 7 tab. [in 5 1.] 
2. ed. 8*. 

Considerations on the change of His Ma- 
jesty's ministers, and its consequences, as far as 
relates to the question of catholic emancipation 
and the repeal of the test act. With observations 
on the coronation oath, [signed: Chauchard.] 
London: J, StockdaU, 1801. 24 pp. 8**. 

Reeves (John). Coonsiderations on the coma- 
tion oath, to maintain the protestant reformed re- 
ligion, and the settlement of the church of England, 
as prescribed by stat. i. W. and M. c. 6, and stat. 
5. Ann. c. 8. London: J, Wright, 1801. i p.l., 
44 pp. 8". 

Townsend (Thomas). General opinions on 
the conduct of ministers with respect to the past 
and present state of Ireland, and inculcating the 
justice and policy of catholic emancipation. Lon- 
don: J. Dtbretty 180 1. 82 pp. 8°. 


Trial by nisi prius, in the court of king's bench, 
Ireland, in the case wherein Mr. John Hevey was 
plaintiff, and Charles Henry Sirr, Esq., was de- 
fendant, on an action for an assault, and false im- 
prisonment . . . Dublin : J. StockdaU [ 1 802] . i p. 1. , 
62 pp. 3. ed. 8*. 

Insurrection of 1803. 

Madden (Richard Robert). The life and 
times of Robert Emmet. Dublin^ 1847. port. 

The life and times of Robert Emmet. . . 

With numerous notes and additions. . .Also a 
memoir of Thomas Addis Emmet. New York: 
P, M. Haverty, 1857. 2 p.l., iii-vii, 3-328 pp., 
2 port. 12°. 

New York, 1868. 8°. 

Memoir of Robert Emmet and the Irish insur- 
rection of 1803; with the trial of Emmet, for high 
treason, his memorable speech, &c. [the preface 
signed H.] London: Cleave [1840?]. i p.l., ii, 47 
pp., I port. 12*. 

0*Donoe:hne (David J.) Life of Robert 
Emmet. Dublin: /. Duffy 6f* Co., 1902. x, 190 
pp., 3 pi., I port. 12*. 

Philips (Charles). Irish eloquence. . .to which 
is added the powerful appeal of Robert Emmett 
[sic], at the close of his trial for high treason. . . 
Philadelphia: £. C. df/. Biddle, 185 1, viii, 9- 
178, xii, 370 pp. 8". 

Ridg^e^rajr (William). A report of the pro- 
ceedings in cases of high treason, at a court of oyer 
and terminer, held at the new sessions house under 
a special commission, in the month of August and 
September, 1803. Dublin: J. Exs haw, i^O'^, 2 p.l., 
103 pp. 8". 

The trial of Robert Emmet. 

The Trial of Robert Emmet, for high 

treason. . .Edinburgh: P, Hill, 1803. I p.l., 103 
pp. 8^ 

Winter (John Pratt). Observations on the 
temper and spirit of the Irish nation: at the present 
crisis. Edinburgh: Mundell <5r» Son, 1803. i p.l., 
50 pp. 8". 

Belle'vr (R.) Hibernica trinoda necessitas; a 
regulation of tithes; a provision for the Catholic 
clergy, and Catholic emancipation. Thoughts 00 
the foregoing heads . . . with observations on the 
opinions of Dr. Patrick Duigenan. London: J. 
Ginger, 1803. xi, 115 pp. 8 . 


Boase (Henry). A letter to the right hoo. 
Lord King, in defence of the conduct of the direc- 
tors of the banks of England and Ireland . . . whom 
his lordship. . . accuses of abuse of their privilege. . . 
2 p.l., 52 pp. London: W, Buhner &* Co., prin^ 
ters, 1804. 8*. 

Correspondence between the Right Hon. 
Lord Redesdale, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, 
and the Right Hon. the Eari of Fingall, &c. &c 
&c. from the 28. of August, to the 26. of Septem- 
ber, 1803; and the narrative of the Rev. P. O'Neil, 
a parish priest of the county of Cork. . . To which is 
added, a letter from Dr. Coppinger to Lord Redes- 
dale [and an answer of the latter to the former]. 
London: J. Ginger, 1804. 2 p.l., 51 pp. 2. ed. 

Miles (William Augustus). A letter to the earl 
of Wycombe. ..on the present state of Ireland. 
2 p.l., 86 pp. London: R. Faulder, 1804. 4*. 

Military observations respecting Ireland, its 
attack and defence, and to shew that at all events, 
property should be armed to resist plunder and 
anarchy. Interspersed with some political remarks. 
Dublin, 1804. I p.l., 104 pp. .8**. 

Inquiry (An) into the causes of popular dis- 
contents in Ireland. By an Irish country gentle* 
man \i. e., William Parnell]. London: J. Debrett, 
1804. I p.l., 77 pp. 8**. 

Se^rard (William Wenman). Collectanea 
politica ; or. The political transactions of Ireland, 
from the accession of George III. to the present 
txmt.. .Dublin, 1801-4. 3 v. 8*. 


Donon^^hmore (i. earl), Richard Kelt- 
Hutchinson. The speech of the Right HonW« 
Lord Hutchinson, in the House of Lords on the 
catholic question. London: J. Booker, 1805. 23 
pp. 8\ 

Doig^enan (Patrick). The speech of Doctor 
Duigenan delivered in the House of Commons of 
the Imperial Parliament, May 10, 1805, in the de- 
bates on a petition presented in the name of the 
Roman Catholics of Ireland by the Hon. Charles 
James Fox. London: J. Hate hard, 1805. iv, 95 
pp. 8^ 

Orattan (Henry). The speech of Mr. Grattan 
in the House of Commons on the catholic question. 
London: J. Booker, 1805. I p.l., 69 pp. 8*. 

Lauderdale (8. eari), James Maitland. 
Hints to the manufacturers of Great Britain, on the 
consequences of the Irish union, and the Sjrstem since 



History, confd., 1 805- 1 807. 

porsued, of borrowing in England, for the service of 
Ireland. Edinburgh: A, Constable <2r* Co,^ 1805. 
51 pp. 8°. 

Thoughts on the alarming state of the 

circulation and on the means of redressing the 
pecuniary grievances in Ireland. Edinburgh: A. 
Constable &* Co., 1 805. 2 p.l., 124 pp. 8 . 

Perceval (Spencer). The church question in 
Ireland. Speech as prepared by the late Right 
Hon. Spencer Perceval, for the debate on the first 
Roman-Catholic petition to the united parliament, 
(13 May, 1805,) now first published from the origi- 
nal ms. With an introduction, illustrative appen- 
dix, notes and comments to the latter. By D. 
Perceval, Esq. Edinburgh: IV, Blackwood &* 
Swr/, 1844. zxiv, Ii6pp. 8°. 

Carr (J.) The stranger in Ireland, or, a tour 
in the southern and western parts of that country 
in the year 1805. xiv, (2) 530pp., 17 pi. London: 
R. PMUips, 1806. sq. 4". 


Coker (John) . Remarks on the Considerations 
of Sir John Throckmorton. . .arising from the de- 
bates in parliament on the petition of the Irish 
Roman Catholics. London: J, Stockdale, 1806. 
viii, 81 pp. 8°. 

Hippiflley {Sir John Coxe), bart. The sub- 
stance of additional observations intended to have 
been delivered in the House of Commons in the 
debate on the petition of the Roman Catholics of 
Ireland ... May, 1805. [Appendix.] London: R, 
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Substance of the speech delivered in the 

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London, 1807. 2.ed. 

London, 1^7, 3. ed. 24 pp. 8**. 

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author of Unity the bond of peace [1. e.,]. Symons]. 
London: Messrs. Rivington, 1807. 44 pp. 8°. 

Letters addressed to Lord Grenville and Lord 
Howick, upon their removal from the councils of 
the King, in consequence of their attempting the 
total repeal of the test laws. . .By a Protestant \i.e. 
Cooke]. London: J, Stockdale, 1^01, 37 pp. 8**. 

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of Ireland, of the origin and progress of the politi- 
cal system of the United Irishmen . . . Published by 
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2 p.l., xix, 256 pp. 8**. 

Our (For) religion and laws. An address to 
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Plain facts : or. The new ministry convicted by 
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3. 5-23 pp. 8'. 

Qnin (Edward). Catholic vindication. Sub- 
stance of a speech delivered. . .in the court of com- 
mon council. . . London. . . March 5, 1807, against 
the following motion proposed by Mr. Birch... 
[against enabling Papists to fill certain commis- 
sions in the army and navy, and to have the free 
exercise of their religion] London : Keating, 
Brown &• Co,, 1807. 2 p.l., 32 pp. 8**. 

Ridfl^e^rajr (William). A report of the pro- 
ceedings under a special commission, of Oyer and 
Terminer, and gaol delivery, for the counties of 
Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Longford and Cavan; in the 
month of December, 1806. Dublin: Graisberry 
&* Campbell, 1807. I p.l., 350 pp. 8°. 

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Substance of the speech of Viscount Sidmouth, 
upon the motion of the Marquis of Stafford, in the 
House of Lords. . .April 13, 1807. London: J, 
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2. ed. 8". 

State (The) of the case. Addressed to Lord 
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1807. 70 pp. 8**. 

State (The) of the Catholics of Ireland, ex- 
plained by abstracts from the Irish statutes, shew, 
ing the privileges granted them during the present 
reig^, and those remaining to be granted. . .the coro- 
nation oath; the articles of Limerick; the declara- 
tion denying the temporal power of the Pope; the 
answers of the foreign universities; and the articles 
of the Catholic religion. By a member of Parlia- 
ment. London: J. Budd,\%oi, 1 p.l., 56 pp. 8**. 

Vindication of the conduct of the Irish 
Catholics during the late administration; by A 
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Secretary of the Society for Promoting Christian 
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respect to His Majesty's late conduct. London: 
W, Wilson, 1807. 21 pp, 8\ 



History ^ confd,, 1 807-181 3. 

Wilson (Richard). A correspondence between 
:R. Wilson, William Elliot, and George Ponsonby: 
relative to the persecutions of the Roman Catholics 
,,,DubUn:J.Kingy\%o'], ix, 11-63 pp. 2. ed. 8*. 


Brother Abraham's answer to Peter Plvmley 
. . .in two letters. . .prefixed a ** postliminious pre- 
face. [By Rev. Richard King.] London: C, 
Cradock 6r' W, Joy, 1808. xxii, 41 pp. 8^ 

Constable (Charles Stanley). A review of 
the question of Catholic emancipation; briefly 
enumerating the advantages that would accrue to 
the nation at large, from the immediate concession 
of that mt,^&\xtt.,, Newcastle: £. Walker, 1808. 
112 pp. 8". 

Dudley {Rev, Henry Bates). A short address 
to. . . William, Lord Primate of all Ireland ; recom- 
mendatory of some commutation, or modification, 
of the tythes of that country: with a few remarks 
on the present state of the Irish Church. . . Lon- 
don: Cadell^ Davies,\%o%, iv, 5-30 pp. nar. 8°. 

NarratiT'e (A) of the proceedings of the com- 
missioners of suffering loyalists, in the case of 
Captain Philip Hay, of the i8th Light Dragoons: 
with remarks thereon, by George, earl of Kingston. 
Dublin: C, La Grange, 1808. I p.l., 46, 16 pp. 
2. ed. 8^ 

Pljrmlesr (Peter), pseud, of Sydney Smith. 
Letter on the subject ot the catholics, to my brother 
Abraham, who lives in the countrv. London: y. 
Budd,i%Q^. 3-ii2pp. 5. ed. 8^ 

London: J. Budd, iZoZ, 11. ed. 175 



- The eighth, ninth and last letter on the sub- 
ject of the Catholics to my brother Abraham. . .in 
the country. London: /. Carpenter, 1808. I p.l., 
6-68 pp. 8^ 

68 pp. 4. ed. 8*. 

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From the 2. Dublin edition. London: J, 

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London: J, Murray, \%12, newed. 4 p.l., 

68 pp. 8^ 


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of Ireland. Dublin: W, Porter, 1809. 42 pp. 
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political, and commercial circumstances of Ireland. 
London: T, Cadell <Sr* W, Davies, 1809. i p.l., 
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Dnig^nan (Patrick). The nature and the extent 
-of the demands of the Irish Roman catholics fully ex- 
plained ; in observations and strictures on a pam- 

?hlet, entitled, A history of the penal laws against the 
rish Roman Catholics. London: /. J, StockdaU, 
1 8 10. 2 p.l., 3-247 pp. 2. ed. 8*. 

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the Catholic petition on the 18. of May, 18 10, and 
his reply on the first of June. London: R. Ryan^ 
1 810. 56 pp. 8°. 

Hippisley {Sir John Coxe), bari. Substance 
of the speech of Sir J. Cox Hippisley. . .on second- 
ing the motion of the Rt Hon. H. Grattan, to 
refer the petition of the Roman Catholics of Ire- 
land to a committee of the House of Commons. . . 
18. May, 1 8 10. London: Faulder, 1 810. viii, 79, 
li pp. nar. 8**. 

Keoirl^ (Cornelius). The veto. A commentary 
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Co,, 1810. 2 p.l., xiv, 15-91 pp. 8*. 

Lendonderrjr (2. marquis), Robert Stewart 

Substance of the speech ... upon Mr. Grattan's 

motion for a committee to take into consideration 

the Roman Catholic ^txixons, ..London: J, J, 

StockdaU, 1 810. 51 (i), 8 pp. 8'. 

Final aine pages give a catalogne of publicadons issued bf 
Stockdale on the Catholic question. 

0*Conor (Charles). Columbanus ad Hibemos, 

1-5. London and Dublin, i8ia-i2. 8°. 

Letter z, On the present mode of appointing Catholic 
Bishops in Ireland; a. On the Novelty and Danger of the New 
Discipline now introduced into the Catholic Church of Ire- 
land, with part z of An historical address on the calamities 
occasioned by foreign influence in the nomination of Bishops 
to Irish Sees; 3. On the Liberties of the Irish Church, and 00 
some points ot Irish historv connected with the Cathoiic 
question, addressed to Owen 0*Conor; 4, On the Liberties of 
the Catholic Church of Ireland; 5, Correspondence between 
Dr. Troy and Dr. 0*Conor, with observations on the claim of 
unlimited jurisdiction, and a narrative entitled The Case of the 
Rev. Father Harold. 

See also PloDvden below. 

Report (A) of the trials of the Caravats and 
Shanavests, at the special commission for the seve- 
ral counties of Tipperary, Waterford, and Kil- 
kenny, before. . .Lord Norbury and the. . . Hon. S. 
0*Grady. Commencing at Clonmel, on. . . Febru- 
ary 4., 181 1. Taken in shorthand by Randall 
Keman . . . Dublin: Hibernia Press, 18 11. 88 
pp. 8*. 

Bnrro^res (Peter). Speeches of P. Barrowes, 
Esq., on the trials of Edward Sheridan, M.D., and 
Thomas Kirwan, merchant, upon indictments un- 
der the Convention Act . . . Dublin: J, J, NoUm^ 
1812. vi. III pp. 8**. 

Caiholio emancipation ; and the only nianner 
in which it can be effected, pointed out. London: 
J. J. StockdaU, 1Z12, 72 pp. 2. ed. 8*. 

Claims (The) of the Roman Catholics consid- 
ered, with reference to the safety of the Established 
Church, and the rights of religious toleration. 
London: Cadell &* Davies, 1 812. vi, 1 1., 176 pp. 8*. 

Collection (A) of the Statutes which have been 
enacted during the reign of His present Majesty, 
for the relief of the English and Irish Roman 
Catholics; and a short account of the disabilities to 
which they are still subject. London: J, Ridgvfay, 
1812. I p.l., 141 pp. 8^. 



History^ confd., 1812-1814. 

CoBunentary (A) on the proceedings of the 
Catholics of Ireland during the reign of his present 
Majesty George the Third. Dublin: J. Shea, 
1812. vi, 124 pp. 8°. 

De^rar (Daniel). Observations on the charac- 
ter, customs, and superstitions of the Irish; and on 
•some of the causes which have retarded the moral 
and political improvement of Ireland. London: 
Gale <5r» Curtis, 1812. 3 p.l., vii, i 1., 164, 158, 
331-353 pp. 8% 

Donoufi^hmore (i. earl), Richard Hely- 
HuTCHiNSON. The substance of the speech of the 
Earl of Donoughmore, on the 2i»t of April, 1812; 
«]pon his motion for taking into consideration the 
Roman Catholic petitions . . . London: J, Ridg- 
^way, 18 12. 72 pp. 8°. 

OrenTille (i. baron), William Wyndham 
Grenvillk. a letter to the earl of Fingal, on 
Che claims of the Roman Catholics. London: J. J, 
Stockdale, 1 81 2. 18 pp. new ed. 8". 

Hippisley (Sir John Coxe), barL Catholic 
^question. Substance of the speech of Sir J. C. 
Hippisley ... on the motion of the Rt. Hon. H. 
Orattan, in the House of Commons on the 24. of 
April 1812; for a committee of the whole House, on 
the state of the penal laws now in force against the 
Roman Catholics of Ireland . . . with supplemen- 
tary notes, extracts, &c. London: J. Ridgway, 
1812. 2 p.l., 55, 107, 58*, 58** pp. 2. ed. nar. 8*. 

Letter (A) to His Royal Highness the Prince 
Regent, on the ultimate tendency of the Roman 
Catholic claims. By the author of the Vindication 
of the reign of George III. London: J, J. Stock' 
daU, 1 8 12. 52 pp. 8'. 

Moore (Peter). Familiar letters on the real 
argument peculiar to the question of Catholic eman- 
•cipation, addressed to the Right Honourable Earl 
of Donoughmore. London: J. 5. Jordan, 1812. 
tv, 5-208 pp. 8**. 

O'Dedy (U.) A view of the laws of landed 
property in Ireland, of the relation of landlords and 
tenants, and of the condition of the latter actually, 
morally, and politically considered: with a mode 
suggested of attaching the mass of the people to 
British interests. Limdon: IV, Reed, 181 2. 144 
pp. 8*. 

Plo^rden (Francis). An historical letter to the 
Rev. Charles O'Conor, D.D., heretofore styling 
himself Columbanus: upon his five addresses or 
letters to his countrjrmen. London: If, Fitspatrick 
fi8i2?]. viii, I 1., xii, i 1., 367, 126, viii, 3-17 
pp., I 1., I pi. 8*. 

Protestant rights contrasted with Catholic 
cUdms: including the sentiments of Dr. Porteous, 
the late bishop of London, on the Catholic ques- 
tioQ. London: J, Af, Richardson, 1%12, 39 pp. 8**. 

Statement (A) of the penal laws, which ag- 
^rrieve the Catholics of Ireland: with commentaries. 
Dublin: H, Fitzpairick, 1812. 2. ed. 2 v. in I. 8°. 

Stricture* on bankruptcy, insolvency, and on 
the state of the nation, is./., n, d, [18 12?] 60 
pp. 12*. 

Brief (A) review of the administration of the 
Dake of Richmond, as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 
from April, 1807, to August, 1813. Dublin: Stew- 
4irt ^ Hopes t 1 8 13. I p.l., 34 pp. 8*. 

Butler (Charles). An address to the Protest- 
ants of Great Britain and Ireland. London: Long- 
man 6r» Co,, 1813. 23 pp. 8°. 

2. ed. 

3. cd. 

Clare (i. earl), John Fitzgibbon. The speech 
. . . delivered in the Irish House of Peers on the 
second reading of the bill for the relief of His Ma- 
jesty's Roman Catholic subjects, in Ireland. March 
13. 1793. (First printed in Dublin, 1798.) To 
which is now added a preface. London: J, J, Stock- 
dale, 1813. v, 7-41, 3 pp. 8*. 

For 5 editions of X798 see above, under 1798. 

Final three pages contain a list of ** No Popery *' works pub> 
lished by Sfock<ULle. 

Dillon (John Joseph). The claims of the Irish 
catholics, considered, as they regard the institutions 
of Scotland, civil and religious. . .1 p.l., 55 pp. 
Glasgow: J, Ridgway, 18 13. 8°. 

Dromg^oole ( ). The speech of Doctor 
Dromgoole . . . Dec. 181 3. See 1820 below, 

O&mble (J.) A view of society and manners, 
in the north of Ireland, in the summer and autumn 
of 1812. viii, 399 pp. London: C, Cradock, 18 13. 

Greifory (William). Mr. Gregory's letter box. 
18 1 3-1 830. Edited by Lady [Augusta] Gregory. 
London: Smith, Elder &* Co,, 1898. 3 p.l., 352 
pp., I port. 8*. 

Irish (The) Catholic Board and Charies Butler, 
Esq., the English Barrister. [A Resolution, etc., 
relating to the conduct of C. B. in reference to 
Catholic emancipation.] [London,] 1S12, 3 pp. 8**. 

Extract from Kilkenny Chronicle, Feb. 23, 1813. 

Letters [two] to a Protestant dissenter, relative 
to the claims of the Roman Catholics: both as they 
affect a protestant government, its established 
church, and Protestant dissenters. [Also, Extract 
from the Kilkenny Chronicle of February 23. con- 
cerning a Resolution adopted by the Catholic 
Board J London : J, Butterworth, 1 813. 40 pp., 
2 1. 8*. 

Marsh (Herbert). A letter to the Reverend 
Peter Gandolphy, in confutation of the opinion that 
the vital principle of the Reformation has been 
lately conceded to the Church of Rome: with a 
postscript, containing remarks on the consequences 
which must result from the concession of the Catho- 
lic claims. London: Law ^ Gilbert, 18 13. 24 pp. 
2. ed. 8'. 

Oran^^e (The) institution : a slight sketch. With 
an appendix, containing the rules and regulations 
of the Orange societies of the United Kingdom. 
London: J, J, StockdaU, iZiy 27 pp. 12". 

Ensor (George). Observations on the present 
state of Ireland. Dublin: H. Fitspatrick, 18 14. 
2 p.l., 123 pp. 8*. 

Fletcher (William). A correct report of the 
charge of Judge Fletcher, to the grand jury, of the 
county of Wexford, at the summer assizes, 1814. 
Showing the necessity of putting down the Orange 
Societies, and displaying the state of Ireland, with 
the means of rendering the people happy and pros- 
perous. Dublin : E, Delany, 18 14. 24 pp. 8°. 

Charge of the Hon. Justice Fletcher, to the 

grand jury of the county of Wexford, at the sum- 
mer assizes of 1814. Belfast: H, K, Gordon, 18 14. 
35 pp. 2. ed. 16*. 



History, confd., 1 8 14-182 1. 

Thorpe (William). An address to the protest- 
ants of Great Britain and Ireland on . . . catholic 
emancipation, presenting facts and documents illus- 
trative of the real object of the Irish Roman catho- 
lic leaders. London: L, B. SeeUy^ 18 14. viii, 
62 pp. 8% 

Dublin: Keene^ 181 5. vi, i l.» 90 pp. 

3. ed. 8°. 

Reflections and resolutions. By Samuel Mad- 
den. (Dublin, 1816.) See 1738 above. 

Reports (Two) of committee on the establish- 
ment and res:ulation of grand jury presentments of 
Ireland. 18 16. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 

Danc^ers (The) with which Great Britain and 
Ireland are now menaced, by the demands of the 
Irish Roman Catholics, shewn, and proved from 
authentic documents. London : F, C ^ J, Riv- 
ington, 18 1 7. vi, 1 1., 229 pp. 8". 

Fo'vrler (Robert), bishop of Ossory, Speech . . . 
in the House of Peers. . . May 16, 181 7, on the mo- 
tion of the Earl of Donoughmore relating to the 
Roman Catholic claims. London: J, y. Stockdale^ 
1817. 28 pp. 8'. 

Plumptre (Anne). Narrative of a residence in 
Ireland during the summer of 18 14, and that of 
1815. London : H. Colburn, 181 7. iii-xiv, i 1., 
398 pp., II pi., I port. 4°. 

Ans'vrer of the Protestants to His Excellency 

the Catholic Board, on occasion of the protocol 

transmitted to them. . .Dec. 4., 181 7. . .Dublin: E, 

Scott, 1 81 8. 48 pp. 8**. 

An answer, too, to the article in Edinburgh Review, Dec , 
1817, no. Ivii. 

Chichester (Rev, Edward). Oppressions and 
cruelties of Irish revenue officers... a letter to a 
British member of parliament. Dublin: R, Milli- 
ken, 1818. I p. 1., 128 pp., I 1. 8". 

A second letter to a British member of par- 
liament respecting the oppressions and cruelties of 
Irish revenue officers. . . Ijmdon: T, Wood, 1818. 
55 pp. 8'. 

Documents illustrative of the oppressions 

and cruelties of Irish revenue officers. [Compiled 
by Edward Chichester.] London: T, Wood, 1818. 
46 pp. 8*. 

Cofl'ejr (/Eneas). Observations on the Rev. Ed- 
ward Chichester's pamphlet entitled ** Oppressions 
and cruelties of Irish revenue officers. '* London: 
W, Clowes, 1818. I p.l., 86 pp., 5I. S^ 

Curwen (J. C.) Observations on the state of 
Ireland, principally directed to its agp'iculture and 
rural population in a series of letters written in a 
tour through that country. London, 18 18. 2 v. 8**. 

La'vrless (John). The Belfast politics, enlarged; 
being a compendium of the political history of 
Ireland, for the last forty yeares. Compiled by J. 
Lawless. Belfast: D, Lyons, iSiS. i p.l., 483 pp. 


Reports (Two) from committee on the state of 
the poorer classes and the prevention of contagious 
fever, 18 18. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Sketches of the Merino Factory [County of 
Kilkenny] , descriptive of its origin and progress, 
and of its system of discipline and moral govern- 

ment. [In three letters from an English traveller^ 
signed K. W.] Dublin : Graisberry 6r* Campbell, 
1818. 53 pp., I pi. 8". 

[Steven (Robert).] An inquiry into the abuses 
of the chartered schools in Ireland. With remarks 
upon the education of the lower classes in that 
country. [Dedication signed Robert Steven.] Lon- 
don: T. <5r» G. Underwood, 18 18. vii, 206 pp. 2. ed. 


Walford (T.) The scientific tourist through 
Ireland... by an Irish gentleman: being a sequel 
to ** The scientific tourist through England, Wales, 
and Scotland," by T. W. London, 181 8. i6\ 

Orattan (Henry). Substance of speech in the 
Ho. of Com. May 3d, 1819, on presenting the Irish 
Catholic petitions. London, 1819. 8"". 

Jamieson (John). The substance of an address, 
delivered at a meeting of the Edinburgh society for 
promoting the education of the poor in Ireland 
April 22, 1819. Edinburgh, 1819. 15 pp 8". 

0*Coimell (Daniel). Address to the Catholics 
of Ireland. [London: W, E. Andrews,!^!^^ 8 pp. 

Protestantism or Popery : dangers threaten- 
ing the religious and civil liberties of the British 
nation, by the admission of Roman catholics to 
stations of political power. . . London, 18 19. 8*. 

Reports (Two) of committee on the state of 
disease and condition of the labouring poor in 
Ireland. With appendices, plans. 18 19. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Tajrlor (Robert). Orange clubs. Speech, de- 
livered to the Liverpool concentrics. . . August, 1819. 
[Bolton: Swindells, printer,] 1819. 4 pp. 8"*. 

Repr.: Liverpool Mercury. 


SxMrgoyne (Montagu). A letter to the Right 
Hon. Sturges Bourne, M. P., on the subject of the 
removal of the Irish by the 59th Geo. Ill, cap. 
xiii. sec. 33. London: J. Shaw, printer, 1820. 
54 pp. 8'. 

Dron&cfoole ( ). The speech of Doctor 
Dromgoole, ... at the Catholic Board, in Dublin. .. 
December, 181 3; with a commentary, by a protest- 
ant of Ireland. Oxford: Munday 6* Slatter, 1820. 
Jv, 5-43 pp. New ed. 8**. 

Thong^hts and suggestions on the education of 
the peasantry of Ireland. London: T, Cadell, 182a 
2 p.l., iii-iv, 5-58 pp. 8". 


Bunjran (John), pseud, A political dream in 
May, 1821, [London: S. Gosnell, printer, 1S21?] 
4 pp. 8\ 

Hunt (Henry). To the radical reformers, male 
and female, of England, Ireland, and Scotland. 
[34 letters. 31 dated Ilchester Bastile, April 11, 
1821, to Oct. 29, 1822; 2 dated Middleton Cottage, 
Dec. 6, 1822, to July 8, 1823.] «./.-/. [London:\ 
T, Dolby, 1821-23. 2 V. 8*. 

Imperfect. Letter dated April 11, iSaz, lacks pp. 3-6. Let- 
ter following the letter dated May 5, zSsa, lacks pp. i-s. 
Letter dated June 2a, 1822, lacks pp. 9-16. Feb. zi, zSsa, 

The set when complete should have 47 letters. 

Letter (A) to Robert Peel, M.P. [in support 
of the Roman Catholic claims] London: Booker, 
1821. 24 pp. I2\ 



History, confd,, 1 821-1834. 

Real life in Ireland; or the Day and night 
scenes, roTings, rambles, and sprees, bulls, blun- 
ders, bodderation and blarney of Brian Bom, Esq. , 
and bis elegant friend Sir Shawn 0*Dogherty. Ex- 
hibiting a real picture of characters, manners, &c. , 
in high and low life, in Dublin and various parts 
of Ireland... with humorous colored engravings. 
By a Real Paddy. London: W, Evans <5r» Co, 
[1S21.] 2 p.l, viii, 5-296 pp., 19 pi. 4. ed. 8*. 

Stokes (Whitley). Observations on the popu- 
lation and resources of Ireland. Dublin: J, porter ^ 

1821. 4 p.l., 95 pp. 8*. 


Broime (D.) A letter to... the Marquis 
Weliesley, on the present state of Ireland. London: 
y. Nichols^ Son, 1822. 23 pp. 8*. 

Browne (Edward). A report of the trial of 
E. Browne and others for administering, and of 
L. Woods for taking an unlawful oath. Dublin: 
y. Exshaw, 1822. I p.l., 65-1 1 1 pp. 12". 

Considerations on the present state of Ire- 
land and on the best means of improving the con- 
dition of its inhabitants. By an Irishman. London: 
R. ^ A, Taylor, 1822. 39 pp. 8**. 

Detail (A) of facts relating to Ireland, particu- 
larly for the last forty years, and their influence on 
the morals and tranquility of the country . . . Dub- 
lin: R, Afillikm, 1822. 136 pp. 8". 

Engineers* reports on the public works for the 
employment of the poor during the distress in 1 822. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

OrenTille (i. baron), William Wyndam 
Grknvillb. Extract from the speech . . . delivered 
in the House of Lords. . . . April 17, 1821, in the 
debate on the bill brought up from the House of 
Commons ' ' For the removal of the disqualifica- 
tions ander which His Majesty's Roman Catholic 
subjects now labour.** London: y. Booker, 1822. 
a p.l., 5-19 pp. 12°. 

Heirophilos* pseudonym. Letters of Heiro- 
philos [pseudonym of John Mac Hale, archbishop 
of Tuam] to the English people, on the moral and 
political state of Ireland, demonstrating the ineffi- 
cacy of the remedies hitherto applied to its evils 
through the means of Bible societies . . . London: 
Keating &* Brown, 1822. viii, 198 pp. 8**. 

Important (The) discovery: or, A reply from 
Civis, to a letter addressed by Daniel O'Connell, 
Esq., to His Excellency the Marquis Weliesley. 
Dublin: M, Goodwin, 1822. 22 pp. 12°. 

Ijetter (A) to the absentee landlords of the 
south of Ireland, on the means of tranquilizing 
their tenantry, and improving their estates. Z^n- 
don: y. Hatchard^ Son, 1822. 62 pp. 8*. 

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Report of committee on the employment of 
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gineers, 1823. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 


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Sketches of rambles in North Britain and Ireland. 
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exist in England, Scotland, and Ireland, considered 
with reference to the Christian dispensation, his- 
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tectural remains, &c. London, i%2^. 4"*. 



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nected with the present state of Ireland. Scar- 
Jforough, 1824. 8**. 

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A new edition, by. . .Richard Jebb. Lon^ 

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Observations occasioned by the letter of 
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the Roman Catholics of Ireland, together with a 
prefatory notice of his ** Defence," &c., &c. Lon- 
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2 cd. 8°. 

Proceedin^^ (The) of the General Committee 
of the Catholics of Ireland which sat in Dublin in 
the years 1792 and 1793 compared with the pro- 
ceedings of the Catholic Committee. . .in. . .1810 
and 181 1 ; forming a parallel with the ... Catholic 
Association ... in 1824. By an Irish baronet. Dub- 
Jin: J, Jones, i%2^, vi, 7-32 pp. 2. ed. nar. 8*. 

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portioning more equally the local burdens in Ire- 
land, and of providing for a general survey and 
valuation of Ireland. Evidence and appendix. 
2 pts. 1824. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 

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nature and extent of the disturbances in the dis- 
tricts of Ireland now subject to the provisions of 
the Insurrection act; evidence and index. 3 parts. 
1824. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report of Commons Committee on same 

subject. Evidence, appendix, index, map. 1825. 

Report of Lords Committee on same sub- 
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Report of Lords Committee on same sub- 
ject. Evidence, appendix, index. 1825. (ibid.) 

Return of names of persons committed under 
the Insurrection act, from i. Jan., 1823, to i. Feb., 
1 824, in each county. (Great Britain. Parliamen- 
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Short statement relative to the Bishops* court 
in Ireland, and the conduct of tithe proctors in that 
country. London: Rodwell 6* Martin^ 1824. 16 
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their estates, and bettering the condition of the 
people; with appendix. By a land agent. Lon- 
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A different set of extracts from the aoi-page tssoe. 

Extracts from the minutes of evidence 

taken before the select committee of the House of 

Commons, appointed to enquire into the state of 

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A different set of extracts from the 95-page issae. 

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thereby removing the causes of the disturbances, 
and bringing the country into a state of peace and 
quietness. Dublin : Bent ham &* Hardy, 1825. 
I p.l., 29 pp. 8°. 

Warnin^^ (A) rocket for the prophetic year 
1825, or, most serious advice, calculated to caution 
Catholics against a conduct which must lead them 
to inevitable destruction. . .^rij/^^/.-y. M. Gutch^ 

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{never before published), reminiscences. &c. Lon- 
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of Devonshire. Bath [1826]. 8". 


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pp. 8^ 

I«eiter to the Right Hon. the speaker of the 
House of Commons on the claims of the British 
Roman Catholics: containing a correspondence 
i>etween Pope Pius VII. and the late King of 
Naples; with an appendix. London^ 1827. 8 . 

Letter to Viscount Milton, M.P., by one of his 
constituents [in favor of Catholic emancipation]. 
I^4mdon^ 1827. 8*. 

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Catholic clergy and laity of Ireland. London^ 1827. 

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scriptive of interesting and hitherto unnoticed dis- 
tricts in the north and south. Dublin and London^ 
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Right Honourable George Canning, &c., &c., &c., 
00 the present position of the Roman Catholic 
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io\k clergyman [Robert Edwards Hankinson?] to 
his son. London : L, B. SeeUy &• Son, 1827. 30 
pp. 8'. 

Pros and cons; or, A brief analysis of the late 
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tended as a manual to honest and reflecting men, 
for correcting themselves, or enabling them to cor- 
rect others. With a short commentary. London: 
J. Ridgway, 1827. 24 pp. 8". 

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and extent of the instruction afforded by institu- 
tions in Ireland for the purpose of education. 
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Report of committee on the establishment and 
•regulation of grand jury presentments of Ireland. 
With appendix. 1827. (Great Britain. Parlia- 
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Rice.] London: J, Ridgway, 1%2'j, 3-34pp.. il. 
a, ed. 8'. 

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A letter to George Canning on the nature of ab; 
^cnteeism, and its influence on the state of Ireland, 
in 'reply to an article of the Edinburgh Review, 
<Nov. 1825.) London: J, Mawman, i^2T, 2 p.l., 
^7 pp. 8*. 


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and other measures of practical improvement, more 
especially calculated to supersede the necessity of 
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repeal of the test and corporation laws, as it affects 
our Christian monarchy. London- J, Nisbet, 1828. 
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[against the Duke of Wellington's policy in refer- 
ence to Roman Catholic emancipation]. yLondon:'\ 
/. ICing, pr, [1828] 8 pp. 8". 

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the Test Act. By a Tory of the old school. Lon- 
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taining a few practical hints for the improvement 
of Ireland. By a landowner. Dublin: Bentham 
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livered before the Hibernian Relief Society, at their 
first anniversary, April 7, 1828. Boston: T, R. 
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hold the royal assent from the bill to repeal the test 
and corporation acts. London: IVightman &* 
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mission on the nature and extent of the instruction 
afforded by institutions in Ireland for the purpose 
of education. With observations and opinions of 
the committee. 1828. (Great Britain. Parliamen- 
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Rev. Henry Phillpotts, D.D., on the subject of the 
Roman Catholic c\9\ms. ,, London: J, Ridgway, 

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Considerations on the piety, or religious 

principle of conciliatory measures towards Ireland. 
London: W, Baxter, printer, 1829. 24 pp. 8". 

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Bolton, 1829. 15 pp. 8*. 

1 84 


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fairiy stated. London: J, Ridgway, 1829. 21 pp. 

Miller (Rev. ) Speech of the Rev. Doctor 
Miller, delivered at a general meeting of the Protest- 
ants of the County of Fermanagh convened. . .Jan- 
uary 5, 1829, for the purpose of considering the ex- 
pediency of petitioning both Houses of Parliament 
to refuse all further concessions to Roman Catholics. 
If./.-/. «./. [1829?] 16 pp. 8'. 

Oath (The) which every Popish bishop takes at 
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takes at Douay college], n.t.-p, [Edinburgh: J, 
6f Z>. Collie, 1829?] 4 pp. 12". 

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of Great Britain and Ireland [on refusing to take 
the oath]. London: J, Ridgway,\%i^, 29 pp. 8**. 

An address to the members of the House 

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Britain and Ireland. ..To which is added. Argu- 
ments relating to the oaths to be taken by the mem- 
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Another edition. London: J, Ridgway, 


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the House of Commons, on the third reading of the 
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making provision for the able-bodied poor, on emi- 
gration, and on the obstacles which impede the im- 
provement of that country. Bristol [183-]. 8*. 

Evidence before committee on the tolls and 
customs at markets and fairs in Ireland. iS3a 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Evidence taken in 1829 and 1830 relating to a 
question of a packet harbour on the s. w. coast of 
Ireland for transatlantic communication. Charts. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Journal of a tour made by Seiior Juan de Vega, 
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Protestant (To the) electors of Leith, New- 
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4 pp. 8". 

Report of committee on the laws relating to 

the growth and cukivation of tobacco within the 

United Kingdom. With evidence, 1830. (Great 

Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 
Prohibiting growth of tobacco m Ireland. 

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revenue arising in Ireland and in certain depart- 
ments of England and Scotland. Evidence and 
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the poorer classes in Ireland, and best means of im- 
proving their condition. Evidence, appendixes, 
index, maps. 1830. (Great Britain. Parliamen- 
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Substitute (A) for poor rates in Ireland in 

. . . hints for establishing work farms ... as models 
for . . . the Flemish system of . . . feeding of cattle 
. . . &c. Dublin: J, Porter, 1830. ii, 61 pp., i 
plan. 8". 

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One of 56 copies priviately {Minted, and signed by aatbor. 
Gift of Author. 

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Aotbor's aotograph on fly-leaf . 
Gilt of author. 

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Schil! Collection. 


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Schiff Collection. 

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Schiff Collection. 

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Schiff Collection. 


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Gift of Mrs. H. Draper. 

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Gift of Mrs. H. Draper. 

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Gift of Mrs. H. Draper. 

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Gift of Mra. H. Draper. 



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Gift of Mrs. H. Draper. 

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Gift of Mrs. H. Draper. 

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Gift of Mra. H. Draper. 

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Selected and edited with biographical notices by 

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Gift of Mrs. H. Draper. 

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Scotland, Ireland and Wales, for the most part 
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Gift of Mrs. H. Draper. 

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Gift of Mn. H. Draper. 

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Gift of Mrs. H. Draper. 

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235 p. 4". 
Gift of Mra. H. Draper. 

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Gift of Mra. H. Draper. 

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Words and music arranged by H. L. Wilson. Lon- 

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Gift of Mra. H. Draper. 


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American and English Literature. 

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[Coolon do Jamonville (£mile).] Realistic 
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Prophetic letters on the Dreyfus affair. By the 
author of '* American and Torontonian pen pic- 
tures**. . .[». e, E. Coulon de Jumonville] Ncx 
York: D, V, Wien [1905]. 48 p. 8'. 

Gift of the Author. 

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A rhyme for children. Illustrated with life pictures. 
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I pi. I2^ 

Gift of the Author. 

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Gift of the Author. 

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Gift of the Author. 

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▼• 32.) 

Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 

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^S«* A popular account of the new physics and 
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[Grimaldi {Rev. A. B.)] A catalogue of 
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^<»m.- A, Conlin, 1905. 2 p.l., 750 p., i 1., 5 
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Viat^Joax (F.) Nouvelles tables d'int^r^ts 
J^mpos^s et d'annuit^s et precis de la throne et de 
« pratique des operations financi^res k long terme, 
particoliirement, des emprunts. Paris: A, Her- 
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Biological Sciences. 

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(Encyclopedic sci. des aide-memoire. [Sec. du 

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Gift of the Author. 

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Gift of Author. 

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Gift of the Author. 



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lung indogermanischer Lehrbttcher. Reihe i, 
Bd. I.) 

Traveller's (The) Malay pronouncing hand- 
book for the use of travellers and newcomers to 
Singapore. Singapore: Eraser 6* Neave, 1904. 
6 p.l., 317, xxvi p. 7. ed. 24*. 

Economics and Sociology. 

Alston (Leonard). Modern constitutions in 
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Schiff Collection. 

Dinwiddle (Emily W.) Housing conditions 
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direction of a committee of the Octavia Hill Asso- 
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Evah (Rawson), pseud, of Hugo Anthony 
Weissenborn. The blessings of universal peace. 
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Gift of Author. 

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Title-page and preface both in German and French. 

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Schiff Collection. 

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Gift of the Cooapaoy. 

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the Chicago and North-western railway, delivered 
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Gift of the author. 

Military and Naval Art and Science. 

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Gift of C. Petenileft. 

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8**. (Library of psychology and scientific methods.) 

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Hochstetter (Christian Friedrich). Die Ge- 
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von der s&chsischen Auswanderung im Jahre 1838 
an bis zum Jahre 1884. Dresden: H. J. Naumann, 
1885. xiv, I 1., 480 p. 8'. 



Ala.. Dept. of Archives and 


Aldrieh, Hon. Edgar . . , 

Tract Society . . . 


ws, Champe S. . . . 

:ekten u. Ingenieur 

nas, The Colonial Sec. 


lore, City Library . , 


t Naturalists' Field 


w, Hon. John . . . 


ngham, Rev. D. M. . 


1, Mrs. Sarah K. . . 


;, Eng.,Frcc Library . 


:, Eng., Town Clerk . 


a Children's Friend Soc. 

Acad. Nat.des Sciences 


rnia.Dept.of Highways 


la, Auditor General . 


n, Colonial Secretary . 


50 & Northwestern Ry. 


h of Divine Paternity 

r, P. F. & Son . . . 


denial Fire Ins. Co, . 


enay, Hon. William A. 



it Board of Commerce 

se of Central New York 


i, Wilberforce . . . 

ng Post 


ivcr, Mass. .City Auditor 


Memorial Assoc. . 

:ia Railroad .... 


Britain, PatentOffice . 


in, Mrs. H. W. . . . 


erger. Rev. F. W. . . 

on, Texas, The Mayor 


Madras Presidency . 




Sanitary Commiss. . 



Hopkins Hospital . 


n, Dr. A. B 


1, Fried., Akticngesell- 



ry of Congress . . . 


Mabei aaaMj by The New Vork F 

ubbc Libru 

.bwiption One Dollar ■ year, >ia(Ie n 


PUce, Ne 

lUted u the P»i Office « Mto Vork 

N. v., u 

Lincoln, Eng., Pub. Library 

Maginnis, Owen B, 

Manchester Microscop. Soc. 

Mass., Dept. of Fisheries 

Mauritius,Colonial Secretary 

Michigan, Bur. of Labor 

Missouri, State Auditor . 

Mitchell, Dr. S. Weir . . 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

National Rifle Association of 
America .... 

New Jersey, Comptroller of 
the Treasury . . . 

New Jersey, State Board of 
Assessors .... 

New Orleans, City Comp- 

New York City, Comptroller 

New York State, Sec. of State 

O'Brien, Hon. Morgan J. 

Observatoirede Nice . 

Ontario, Legis. Assembly 

Patterson, Dr. C. E. . . 

Pennsylvania State Library 

Peoria, 111., City Comptrollei 

Peterson, P. M. . . 

Philippine Islands, EthnolO' 
gical Survey .... 

Police Gazette Pub. House 

Potter, Rt. Rev. H. C. . 

Publishers' Weekly . . 

Royce, Mrs. C. H. 

Rudnitzky, S 

Russia, Min. of Interior . 

Schuyler, Philip {380 prints), 

Scott, James W. T. . 

Sears, Vinton A. , . 

Shanghai Municipal Counci! 

Stevens, C. E. . . . 

U. S. Bur. of Education 

U. S. Civil Service Commis!., 

U. S. Interior Dept. . . 

U. S. Supt. of Documents 

U. S. Treasury Dept. . . 

Univ. of Chicago . . . 

Univ. of Illinois . . . 

Univ. of Pennsylvania 

|o Lafarenc Five, New Vork City. 

I. Ferrii LACkwood. Bni 




JUNE 1905 
Volume IX • Nttmbbr 6 

Rbfobt for Hat 196-198 

John Cahpskll ok Hxtue'b Yiewb of Qubeks Elizabeth and 

Maby, 1761 199-200 

Lwr OF WoBKB aBLATDsa to Irblaitd, Part IV. , . . 201-889 

pRisGiPAi. AccEBsioNB IS Mat 380-289 

PsmoirAL DonoRB in Mat ........ 340 



William W. Appleton. 

John fiiGELOw. 

John L. Cadwalader. 

Andrew Carnegie. 

Cleveland H. Dodge. 

John Murphy Farley. 

Samuel Greenbaum. 

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy. 

John S. Kennedy. 

Edward King. 

Lewis Cass Ledyard. 

Alexander Maitland. 
J. PiERPONT Morgan. 
Morgan J. O'Brien. 
Stephen H. Olin. 
Alexander £. Orr. 
Henry C. Potter. 
George L. Rives. 
Charles Rowland Russrlu 
Philip Schuyler. 
George W. Smith. 
Frederick Sturgks. 

George Brinton McClellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Edward M. Grout, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio, 
Charles V. Fornes, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio. 


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D. 
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D. 
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq. 
Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 40 Lafayette Place. 
Treasurer, EDWARD King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway. 
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 40 Lafayette Place. 


Lafayette Place, 40. (Astor.) Fifth Avenue, 890. (Lenox.) 



East Broadway, 31. (Chatham Square.) 

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) 

Eldridge Street, 1S4. (University Settlement Building.) 

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery. 

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (Ottendorfer.) 

loth Street, 331 East. (Tompkins Square.) 

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (Jackson Square.) 

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (Epiphany.) 

23d Street, 130 West. Near 6th Avenue. (Muhlenberg.) 

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 

40th Street, 501 West. Between loth and nth Avenues. (St. Raphael's.) 

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (George Bruce. Department Headquarters.) 

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (Cathedral.) 

51st Street, 463 West. Near loth Avenue. (Sacred Heart.) 

59th Street, 113 East. Near Lexington Avenue. 

67th Street, 328 East. Near ist Avenue. 

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (Riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 

76th Street, 538 East. (Webster.) 

79th Street, 222-224 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Yorkville.) 

82d Street. 2279 Broadway. (St. Agnes.) 

86th Street. 536 Amsterdam Avenue. 

91st Street, 121 West. Between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. (Blind Library.) 

looth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (Bloomingdale.) 

iioth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (Aguilar.) 

123d Street, 32 West. (Harlem Library Branch.) 

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 

156th Street, 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (Washington Heights.) 


140th Street, 569 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (Mott Haven.) 
230th Street. 2933 Kingsbridge Avenue. (Kingsbridge.) 


ToTTENViLLE. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue. 
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street 





Vol. IX. 

June, 1905. 

No. 6. 


Refebence Department. 

During the month of May there were received at the Library, by purchase, 
813 volumes and 405 pamphlets; by gift, 1,309 volumes and 5,121 pamphlets; and 
by exchange, 135 volumes and 914 pamphlets, making a total of 2,257 volumes 
and 6,440 pamphlets. 

There were catalogued 4,094 volumes and 3,734 pamphlets, for which were 
written 10,093 cards, in addition to which 4,887 slips were written for, and 17,328 
cards received from, the copying machine. 

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes 
consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number 
of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox, during the month: 




No. of readers and visitors 









No. of readers 

No. of readers, desk aoolicants 

No. of volumes consulted by desk applicants. . 
Dailv averacre of readers 

Number of visitors to Print Exhibition, etc.. 


Circulation Department. 

The most popular books of the month were (in non-fiction): Palmer's •* With 
Kuroki in Manchuria," Landon's **The Opening of Tibet," and Hughes's ** Con- 
temporary American Composers"; (adult fiction): Ward's **The Marriage of 
William Ashe," Sinclair's ** The Divine Fire," and Thurston's ** The Masquerader " ; 
(juvenile fiction) : " Drysdale's "The Young Reporter," Barbour's ** Quarterback," 
and Tomlinson's •'Ward Hill at Weston." 






East Broadway, 33 

East Broadway, 197 

Eldridge Street, 184 

Bond Street, 49 

8th Street, 135 Second Ave.... 

loth Street, 331 East 

13th Street, 251 West 

22d Street, 230 East 

23d Street, 130 West 

34th Street, 215 East 

40th Street, 501 West 

42d Street, 226 West 

50th Street, 123 East 

5ist Street, 463 West 

59th Street, 113 East 

67th Street, 328 East 

69th Street, 190 Amsterdam Ave 

Travelling Libraries 

76th Street, 538 East 

79th Street, 222-224 ^ast 

82d Street, 2279 Broadway 

86th Street, 536 Amsterdam Ave 

91st Street, 121 West 

looth Street, 206 West 

iioth Street, 174 East 

123d Street, 32 West 

125th Street, 224 East 

156th Street, 922 St., Nicholas Ave.. . 

140th Street, and Alexander Ave 

Kingsbridge Ave., 2933 

Tottenville, Amboy Road 

Port Richmond, 12 Bennett Street 










9, "5 































































































I, Til 


























The most important gifts of the month were: from the American Exchange 
National Bank, **The New York Clearing House Association, 1854-1905,** by 
W. J. Gilpin and H. E. Wallace, New York, 1904; from Rev. James Bassett, 
**Shareh Ahade," a treatise on Arabic grammar with a Persian commentary, 
printed at Teheran in 1852, and a Persian almanac; from the Corcoran Gallery 
of Art, 7 volumes and 6 pamphlets, catalogues of the Gallery; from the Deich- 
manske Bibliothek, Kristiania, i volume and 7 pamphlets, reports and catalogues 
of historical literature, etc. ; from the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries of 
Great Britain, of their publications, i volume and 26 pamphlets; from Rev. 
Kenneth S. Guthrie, 4 volumes and 5 pamphlets of his philosophical publica- 
tions; from R. T. H. Halsey, a copy of **The Boston Port Bill as pictured 
by a contemporary London cartoonist," New York, Grolier Club, 1904; from 
Ken Hoshino, a copy of ** The Mission of Japan and the Russo-Japanese War," 
by Rev. Kota Hoshino, Yokohama, 1904; from Miss Jessie F. Hume, 8 volumes 
of New York newspapers of middle 19th century; from Mrs. Eleanor V. Hutton, a 
copy of the catalogue of the books of association in the library of Laurence and 
Eleanor Hutton, compiled by Miss M. E. Wood, and privately printed at New 
York, 1905; from A. S. Isaacs, 41 volumes of the Jewish Messenger; from the 
John Carter Brown Library, "The dedication of the library building;" from 
Prince Korab, four of his works; from Cyrus J. Lawrence, 8 volumes and 4 
pamphlets, relating to archaeology; from Dr. Henry M. Leipziger, 98 volumes and 
6 pamphlets, works relating to the Jewish church service; from Hon, W. P. Letch- 
worth, ** Private charitable institutions in the City of New York," issued by the 
Charitable Institutions Division of the Department of Finance of the City, 1904; 
from J. J. Little & Co., Robert A. Chesebrough's "Christmas guests and other 
poems," New York, 1905; from Alexander Maitland, 185 volumes and 427 pam- 
phlets, charitable reports, etc. ; from the Methodist Library, 360 miscellaneous 
volumes and 2572 pamphlets; from Wilhelm Pettersen, **En ny slaegt, dramatisk 
digt," Minneapolis, 1895; from Hon. T. C. Piatt, the Journal of the Congress of 
the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865, vols. 1-2; from Mrs. Julia A. Pratt, 
a biography of Hon. Daniel Pratt, edited by Mrs. S. F. H. Tarrant, Richmond, 
1904; from Ralph Curtis Ringwalt, a copy of his '' Briefs on public questions," 
New York, 1905; from Hon. George L. Rives, " Diario de las operaciones de la 
expedicion contra la Plaza de Panzacola concluida por las Armas de S. M. Cat6- 
lica baxo las 6rdenes del Mariscal de Campo D. Bernardo de Galvez," printed in 
Spain in 1781, with manuscript notes by Mr. Rives relative to the authorities to 
be consulted on the expedition; from Mrs. George R. W. Scott, a memorial of 
Rev. George Robert White Scott, Boston, 1905; from R. M. Smythe, a copy of 
his compilation ^^Ob^olete American Securities and Corporations," New York, 1904; 
from George Peabody Wetmore, a copy of De B. Randolph Keim*s ** Sherman, a 
memorial in art, oratory and literature by the Society of the Army of the Tennes- 
see with the aid of the Congress of the United States, prepared under the direc- 
tion of Col. Thomas W. Symons;" from Clinton R. Woodruff, 6 volumes, 28 
pamphlets and 13 periodicals, all relating to civic reform; and from Francis E. 
Woodruff, Part III. of ** A branch of the Woodruff stock," Morristown, 1905. 

At the Lenox branch the exhibition of British Mezzotints loaned by Mr. J. Pier- 


pont Morgan was continued. A collection of Schiller portraits, views, manuscripts, 
etc., was placed on exhibition on May 3d. 

At AsTOR a collection of Japanese colored lithographic prints relating to the 
present war was exhibited. 

At Tompkins Square plates from Audsley's ** Ornamental Arts of Japan** 
were continued on exhibition, as were Racinet's costume plates (to the XVI. cen- 
tury) at 125TH Street, plates from the Wilkie Gallery at Chatham Square, 
HoUyer's etched views of New York at 67TH Street, Racinet's costume plates 
(after the XVI. century) at Yorkville, photographic views of the Island of Luzon 
at Riverside, and Masterpieces of Art at the Paris Exposition at Mott Haven. 

Picture bulletins and temporary collections of books on special shelves at the 
Circulation branches were as follows: Chatham Square, Joseph Jefferson, ** May- 
day**; East Broadway, Famous men and women born in May, Emerson, Albion 
W. Tourgee, Stories of children for ** Grown Ups," Good books for summer read- 
ing. One hundred of the best novels, Good stories for boys and girls; Rivington 
Street, Famous men and women born in May, John Brown, Spring, Wild flowers; 
Bond Street, Music, New books. General Fitzhugh Lee ; Ottendorfer, Flowers, 
Sports, Raleigh, The Ocean Yacht Race; Tompkins Square, American Indian, 
American flag. Technology, Indian tales and folk stories; Jackson Square, New 
books; Bruce, New books. Dog stories, Stories of foreign children; 59TH Street, 
Famous men and women born in May, Wild flowers; 67TH Street, New books. 
Animals; Webster, Music, Birds, Indians; Yorkville, Out doors; Amsterdam 
Avenue, Emerson, Spring, Children of foreign lands, Dante, Ulysses S. Grant, 
Robert E. Lee; St. Agnes, New books; Bloomingdale, School work, Wild 
animals; Aguilar, Louisa M. Alcott, Famous men and women born in May, 
Bronx park. Trees, Flowers; Harlem Library, New books. Birds, Tibet, Soldiers; 
Washington Heights, Books on thirty-seven different subjects for public schools. 
Clay, Webster, Audubon and birds; Tottenville, America the land of contrasts. 
Stories first published in magazines. 

In addition there were bulletins on Decoration Day at fifteen branches, on 
Schiller at seven, on John Paul Jones at four, and on Arbor Day at four. 

The opening exercises of the Kingsbridge Branch, 2933 Kingsbridge Avenue, 
Borough of the Bronx, were held on Friday, May 19th, at 4.30 p.m. Hon. Thomas 
Darlington, M.D., Commissioner of Health, presided as the representative of the 
Mayor, and music was furnished by the pupils of Public School No. 7, Kings- 
bridge. Addresses were made by Cleveland H. Dodge, Esq., on behalf of the 
Trustees, by Dr. Thomas Darlington on behalf of the City, by the Director, 
Dr. John S. Billings, and by the Chief of the Circulation Department, Mr. Arthur 
£. Bostwick. 

This branch is the 31st branch of the Circulation Department and occupies the 
loth of the Carnegie buildings. It has on its shelves 3,500 volumes, including 
1,000 from the Kingsbridge Free Library, which now becomes merged in this 
branch. The ground on which the building stands is the gift of Dr. James 
Douglas of Spuyten Duyvil. 


AND MARY, 1761. 

Printed from the original manuscript in the Lenox Collection in the 

New York Public Library. 

London, May 15. 1761. 
Dear S« 

I at length perform my promise and obey your Commands, in sending back to 
you M'. Humes letter. I am ashamed it was not done sooner. I ought to have 
lost no time in asking pardon of Mt Hume, for my stupid, & blameable negligence. 
I ought to have look^ in his Book before I mention^ anything as his opinion 

I cannot help envying your happiness in conversing with such men as 
D"; Robertson, and Mr. Hume. If I lived within reach of the latter I believe we 
should have many controversys, but flatter myself they would all be very amicable. 
However I will not deny that he has reason to be pleased — there's such a differ- 
ence between us. Learning & Philosophy seem to me to make good progress in 
Scotland, and the Scots Clergy are surely very much improved, both in their 
writings, and preaching. 

Neither to be persecuted or have the power of Persecution, is the happiest State 
any Church can be in ; though few Church men, of any denomination have thought 
so. It is an honor to this Age and kingdom that there are now clergymen both in 
England & Scotland, who embrace and dare avow the Principles both of religious 
and civil Liberty. May their number increase, to the advantage of true Religion, 
in opposition to Superstition, Enthusiasm and all nonsense that is the Pride of 
Priests, & delight of Bigots. I congratulate you on the hopes of Peace, and 
presume you will not be displeased if a Scots Secretary is instrumental in procur- 
ing, what is so much wanted and most desirable. I am with my best wishes to 
y\ Self and fair Secretary Dear S'. 

Y'. very obliged & obedient 

Humble Serv\ 

J. Campbell. 

I most heartily ask pardon of M'. Hume for my Polander as to his opinion of 
the alleged conspiracy of Darnley against Moray. I can find no escape for myself. 
M'. Hume has been very kind in endeavoring to find one for me, I am much 
obliged to him for so candid & gentle a Remark, when I indeed deserved rebuke. 

I cannot lay quite so much Stress as M! Hume does on the^ letters being pro- 
duced with other Letters of Q. Marie's to the English Councill. He justly observes 
that Q. Elizabeth then pretended 10 be neutral, a Pretence very easily seen through. 
Mr. Hume thinks that any Counsellor who said the handwriting was not the same 
would have run no risque, except perhaps of a frown, I agree that perhaps at this 



time, a frown would have been all, but the frowns of Tyrants are always danger- 
ous^ often fatal. Norfolk had too much reason to think Q. Marie guilty inde- 
pendent of those letters 

Supposing the letters forgery's I think so cunning a man as Moray, could not 
fear Elizabeth would convict him, for that once done, she could have made no 
further use of him, it was much too early for her to destroy him. That the original 
letters were destroyed, and that the Copies were cut out of the Books that are now 
in the Advocates Library is not to be wonder'd at. But that no Copies of the 
original fifrench should now exist is somewhat strange. And I cannot see that 
Buchanans translating from the Scots, and not from the original ffrench, is well 
accounted for, The difference between M^ Hume and me is not great, I am 
strongly inclined to believe the letters genuine, but think there's room for doubt 
even too [sic] an impartial Man, and no possibility of absolute conviction where 
there is any partiality to the other side of the Question. Indeed it is a Question 
of mere Curiosity, of very little Consequence, for allowing the Letters to be genu- 
ine, it is only an additional proof of the Queens Guilt which appears to me evident 
and indubitable without it. And Supposing them a Forgery it do's not Set Moray 
in a worse light than that in which he is shewn (as I think) by many unquestion- 
able facts. 

But such little controversy's are a sort of exercise to the Mind, and help to keep 
up Conversation, not disagreeably, with Men of M^ Hume's good sense, Knowl- 
edge and Candor 

M'- Hume's Character is much above being affected by such a Writer as the 
Inquirer, the Dirt he throws at M^ Hume can never stick, but fly back in his own 


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See 1847 below. 

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*' What will the Irish lords do?" Letter to the 
Earl of Listowel. . .; by ** A joint of the tail." 
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History^ confd,^ 1 842-1 844. 

Irel*nd« as it was, is, and must still be, if under 
the tutelage of Jesuits, and, as Lord Alvanley pro- 
poses, the paternal rule of the infallible head of the 
" Church principle " school of Oxford — the pope . . . 
By the author of " A British army as it was " \i.e. , 
J.Campbell]. Douglas: W, Dillon^ 1842. 50pp. 

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in Ireland. Evidence, appendix, index. 1842. 
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communication between Great Britain and Ireland. 
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(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Letter to the Admiralty by W. R. Ormsby 

Gore on a paper appended to above report. Chart. 
1842. (ibid.) 

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than, and another individual called Erigenus. 
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case of Ireland, for a repeal of the legislative union. 
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a full account of the great trial instigated by the 
London "Times." New York: Benniger Bros., 
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etc. Dublin: J. Browne, 1843. 12 pp. 24*. 

Reports relative to the valuations for poor 
rates and the registered elective franchise in Ire- 
land, with appendixes and general index, and re- 
turns of tenements valued under the Irish poor law 
acts. 2 V. 1842-43. (Great Britain. Parliamen- 
tary Papers.) 

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cal charities in Ireland, upon improving the system 
and extending their advantages among the people. 
With evidence, appendix, index. 1843. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

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meeting, Ennistymon, 22. Jan., 1843. n. /., 1843. 
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xii, I 1., 476 pp., II pi. 8°. 


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cerning Friends' schools in Ireland; presented. . . 
1843. . . York, 1844. 22 pp. 8**. 

Olanee (A) at the present state of Ireland; with 
reflections on the absolute necessity of a complete 
and effective emancipation; and a summary of the 
civil regulations of the Roman Catholic Church in 
the Austrian dominions and in France, by the au- 
thor of "Persecutions of Popery." London: F, 
Shoberl,/r., 1^44. 67 pp. 8*". 



History^ confd.^ 1 844-1 845. 

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and others. 15 Jan.-9 Feb. 1844.] \^Dublini\ 
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A sermon preached in Stillorgan Church . . . on . . . 
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of Wicklow, O'Connell and the repeal association, 
Belfast, and the Giant's causeway. New York: 
Harper ^ Brothers, iZ^^. 115 pp. 8*» 

Loyal National Repeal Association. Report 
of the committee. . .appointed to inquire into the 
state of " Joint-stock banking in Ireland," particu- 
larly as regards the effects of the hknV of Ireland 
monopoly upon the general prosperity of Ireland. 
II. /. [1844] 25-43 pp. 8'' 

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his countrymen... London: J. Ollivier [1844?]. 
16 pp. 8°. 

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ments for Whig festivals. London: J. Ollivier 
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riages on Roman Catholic principles. Dublin: S, 
y. Machen, 1844. 4^ PP» 8®. 

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. . . employment of agricultural labourers . . . With a 
plan ... to afford them suitable houses and gardens 
. ..being observations on. . .Dr. Kane's "Industrial 
resources of Ireland," Dublin: W. Curry, jun. &* 
Co., 1844. 24 pp. 8**. 

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[with appendices!. (Loyal Nat. Repeal Assoc.) 
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Irish affairs. . .Letter A. A plan of fair political 
union between the Islands of Great Britain and 
Ireland. Dublin: M. Keene &* Son [1844 ?]. 82 pp. 

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Ireland, with report of commissioners thereon. 
Evidence, appendix, index. 1844. (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report of Commissioner (J. Pennethome) on 
the execution of the contracts for certain work- 
houses in Ireland. With appendix. Plans. 3 pts. 
1844. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report of committee whether the present town- 
land valuation of Ireland can be made available for 
the imposition of local rates. Evidence, appendix, 
index. 1844. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

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towards the pacification of Ireland: addressed, more 
particularly, to the ruling powers of the day. Lon- 
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London: C Dolman, 1844. 2 p.l., 

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land, a practical treatise on the relation of landlord 
and tenant, with suggestions for legislative meas- 
ures, and the management of landed property. .. 
London: H. Bentley, 1844. xiv, 15-304 PP- S". 


Address (An) to the conservative members of 
parliament, on the present state of affairs in Ire- 
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2 p.l., cxc, I 1., 232 pp. 8**. 

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and as she shall be. Dublin, 1845. 8\ (First 
prize Repeal essay.) 

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The new government scheme of academical educa- 
tion for Ireland, considered in a letter to a friend. 
London: F, &* J. Hivington,!^^^. I p.l., 5-23 pp. 

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The substance of a speech, delivered at the great 
protestant meeting in London, April 14. 1845. 
London: F. 6* /. Rivington, 1845. 24 pp. I2*. 

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history, 1845-1840: a sequel to ** young Ireland.** 
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a speech for the second reading of the Maynooth 
College Bill, in the House of Commons, on Friday, 
April II, 1845. London: J. Murray, 1845. 58 pp. 

Great Irish famine of 1845-46; a collection of 
leading articles, letters. . .reprinted from ** The 
Times." London, 1880. 8*. 

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of England toward Ireland. London, 1845. la^ 

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read before the Dublin University Philosophical 
Society. With an appendix containing the evidence 
of John Hancock. . .taken before the Landlord and 
tenant commissioners. Dublin: Hodges 6* Smith, 
1845. 96 pp. 8*. 

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Dublin: Hodges 6* Smith, 1 845. xvi, 438 pp., 
4 maps. 2. ed. 8**. 

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Reports of the parliamentary committee, v. 2-3 
(1845-1846). Dublin, 1845-1846. 8°. 

Essays on the repeal of the union, to which 

the association prizes were awarded; with a supple- 
mental essay recommended by the judges. DubHrn 
James Duffy, 1845. [517] PP. 8'. 

Report of the Committee on the bill for the 

perpetual endowment of the College of Maynooth, 
Apr. 14,1845. [By Daniel O'Connell, chmn. l>Mb- 
lin, 1845.] 8*. 

Nemo* A few words on the new Irish colleges. 
London: Houlston 6* Stoneman, 1845. 1 9 pp. S**. 



History^ confd,^ 1 845-1847. 

Hewljknd (Henry). Observations on the past 
and present condition of the education of the poor 
in Ireland, with remarks on the Lord Primate and 
Bishops' address, i p.l., 98 pp. Dublin: Grant 6* 
Bolton, 1845. 8*. 

Noel (Baptist Wriothesley). The catholic claims. 
A letter to the Lord Bishop of Cashel. London: J, 
Nisbtt 6f Co,, 1845. 8^ 

O'Connell (Daniel). Report of committee of 
Lo3ral National Repeal Assoc, on bill for perpetual 
endowment of Maynooth College, April 14, 1845. 
m. /.-/. [Dublin, 1845.] 8^ 

0*Connell Club. Preamble, constitution, and 
by-laws. JVew York: Casserfy &* Sons, iS^S* 12 pp. 

^ The objects of the Club are the regenerattoo of Ireland, 
and the amelioration of her children all over the world." 

Protestant Dissenters' Anti-Maynooth Con- 
ference. Report of the proceedings of the Protestant 
Dissenters' Anti- Maynooth conference held at 
Crosby Hall, London, May 20th and 21st, 1845. . . 
[Edited by Edward Miall and Thomas Price.] 
London [1845]. 83 pp. 12*. 

Papers* correspondence, and reports on the 
extension of canal or river navigation between 
Lough Erne and the River Shannon, plans. 3 pts. 
1844-45. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report from H. M. commissioners of inquiry 
(Lord Deyon, chairman) into the state of the law 
and practice in respect to the occupation of land in 
Ireland. Evidence, appendix, index, map. 6 pts. 
1845. f°. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Roden (3. earl\ Robert Jocelyn. Speech, 

delivered in the House of Lords.. June 2, 1845, 

on moving an amendment to the bill for endowing 

the Roman catholic college of Maynooth. Dublin: 

W, Curry, 1845. 38 pp. 8''. 

Smith (Sydney). A fragment on the Irish Ro- 
Catholic Church. London: Longman, Brown 
1845. 32 pp. 12*. 

2. ed. 32 pp. 8". 

4. ed. 32 pp. 8^. 
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ual application of charitable donations and be- 
quests in Ireland, x, 11-44 PP» London: J, W, 
Barker, 1845. 8'. 

Williams (Rowland). Another letter to the 
Viscount Sandon; containing a protest against 
propositions laid down by the Rev. Hugh M'Neile, 
respecting the intended grant to Maynooth. Lon- 
don, 1845. 8*. 

Willis (Thomas). Facts connected with the 
social and sanitary condition of the working classes 
in the city of Dublin, with tables of sickness, 
medical attendance, deaths, expectation of life, &c. , 
&C. ; together with some gleanings from the census 
returns of 1841. Dublin: T. (f Gorman, 1845. v, 
7-59 pp., I map. 8". 

[Wordsworth (Christopher).] Maynooth, the 
crown, and the country; or, A protest on behalf of 
the monarchy and the nation, against the new, aug- 
mented, permanent and uncontrolled endowment of 
the Roman Catholic College of Maynooth. . . With 
an appendix of documents. . . [By C. Wordsworth.] 
JLondon: F, ^ J. Rivington^ 1845. 122 pp. 8% 


Blacker (William). An essay on the best mode 
of improving the condition of the labouring classes 
of Ireland. London: R, Groombridge &* Sons, 
1846. 2 p.l., 56 pp. 8*. 

Browne (Robert Dillon). Debate on the first 
reading of the protection of life (Ireland) bill. Lon- 
don, 1846. 8'. 

Correspondence relative to measures for re- 
lief of distress arising from the failure of the 
potato crop in Ireland. 1846. (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 

Dong^las (John). Life and property in Ireland 
assured as in England, by a Poor-rate on land, to 
provide employment for the destitute poor on the 
waste lands of Ireland. London:/. Ridgway, 1846. 
39 PP- 8^ 

Great Britain. — Fisheries Department, Sea 
fisheries of Ireland, and construction of piers, 
harbours, &c. [Dublin: A, Thom, 1846?] 42 pp. 


O'Malley {Rtv, Thaddeus). Amendment of 
the Irish Poor [law]. In a letter to Lord John 
Russell. [With continuation and conclusion.] 
[Dublin, 1846-47.] I p.l., 14 pp. 8*. 

Ray (T. M.) Report on the Irish Coercion 
bill, the causes of discontent in Ireland, condition 
of the people, comparative criminality with Eng- 
land, etc., etc 17 March, 1846. Dublin: 

Printed at 6, Bachelor' s- walk, 1846. i p.l., 27 
pp., I 1. sm. V, 

Report of committee on the present state of 
the ordnance survey in Ireland, and the works 
which will be required for its completion. 1846. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Reports of Lords committee on the operation 
of the medical charitie^ in Ireland. Evidence, ap- 
pendix, index. 3 pU. 1846. (Great Britain. Parlia- 
mentary Papers.) 

Alison (William Pulteney). Observations on 
the famine of 1846-7, in the Highlands of Scot- 
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by colonies of her present surplus and unemployed 



History t confd., 1 847-1 848. 

population, whose labor should. . . render those 
lands available for their own support ; and finally, 
in a period of twenty-one years, convert them into 
... crown lands... [Signed Daniel Desmond.] 
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Sometimes ascribed to W. F. Wakeman. 

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occupation of land in Ireland, Commusiontrs of 



HUtory, cont*d., 1 848-1 8 50. 

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Being the substance of letters which recently ap- 
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index. 1849. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 

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equity chancery, Ireland, and the management of 
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Votes in aid and rates in aid of the bankrupt 

Irish unions. Two speeches delivered in the house 
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Ways and means for Ireland. London: J, 
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2 p.l., 5-48 pp. 8*. 



History^ cont'd.^ 1 850-1 852. 

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John Russell . . . explanatory of a financial system 
for extending railways in Ireland, and for restoring 
confidence in railway property generally. London: 
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tained in a book, entitled, ** Gleanings in the west 
of Ireland," by Hon. Rev. S. G. Osborne. 1851. 
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England's Western, or America's Eastern 
shore? Old Ireland a new state? With their 
various complexities and perplexities discussed. 
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68 pp. 8'. 

OYTIS. A letter to. . .Lord John Russell... 
on the reply of the home secretary to the address of 
the Roman bishops in Ireland, and on other mat- 
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freeman of England. London: Wertheim 6* 
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adopt one of the harbours in Ireland as a packet 
station. Evidence, appendixes, index and me- 
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during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and James I., 
with amount of all monies over which the com- 
missioners of education have control. 1852. (Great 
Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

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On the Maynooth grant. 

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provisions of the act for facilitating the sale of in- 
cumbered estates, considered with reference ta 
their supposed economic effects upon the condition 
of Ireland. Dublin: J. McGlashan, 1852. 22 pp. 


Report of committee on the immediate cause of 
crime and outrage in certain districts, and the 
efficiency and administration of the laws for the 
suppression of such crime and outrage. Evidence, 
appendix, index. 1852. 8"". (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 



History, confd,, 1 852-1 85 5. 

Report of Lords committee on Treasury 
Mioote providing for the debts due from counties 
and unions in Ireland by the imposition of a con 
solidated annuity for 40 years. Evidence, appen- 
dix, index. 1852. (Great Britain. Parliamentary 

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tion, and a practical inquiry into the state of the 
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46 pp. 8'. 

Extr-: Dablin Univ. Maga., and revised. 

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tors and surveyors acting under him in making the 
tenement valuation of Ireland plan. (Great Britain. 
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letter to the members of both Houses of Parliament. 
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1853. I2'. 

Paper on the Roman and foreign law, con- 
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and tenant in Ireland. 1853. (Great Britain. 
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the western harbours of Ireland for a transatlantic 
packet station. Evidence and correspondence. 
Charts and plans. 1852-53. (Great Britain. 
Parliamentary Papers.) 

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piers and harbours in Ireland, plans. 1852-53. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

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reduced map of Ireland, now in course of publica- 
tion. Evidence and index. 1853. (Great Britain. 
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tween London and Dublin. Evidence, appendix, 
index. Charts. 1853. (Great Briuin. Parlia- 
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and Glandalagh, and Kildare on the recent changes 
in the system of Irish national education. London: 
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. . . containing an introductory chapter in reference 
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since the year 1838, with observations on the poor 
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illicit distillation. Dublin: P, D, Hardy and Sons, 
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London: J. IV, Baker &* Son, 1854. 2 p.l., 68 
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of Sarah Doherty, illustrative of popery in Ireland, 
and of the power of evangelical truth. New York: 
Amer. and foreign christian union, 1854. 128 
pp. lb**. 

Report of the commissioners of poor laws in 
Ireland, on the appearance and spread of cholera. 
With correspondence, details of cases, &c. 1854. 
2 pts. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report of Lords* committee on the practical 
working of the system of national education in Ire- 
land. Evidence, appendix, index. 3 v. 1854. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Report of Lords' committee on the consequen- 
ces of extending the functions of the constabulary 
in Ireland to the suppression or prevention of illicit 
distillation. Evidence, appendix, index. 1854. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

Statiflticfl relating to national schools in Ire- 
land. 1854. (Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 


Loeke (John). Ireland's recovery; or. Exces- 
sive emigration and it^ reparative agencies in Ire- 
land, an essay, with appendix, containing useful 
information, and numerous statistical tables, illus- 
trating and substantiating the conclusions deduced 
. . .London: /. W, Parker &* Sons, 1855. 2 p.l., 
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ceses of Ossory, Ferns, and Leighlin. At his ordi- 
nary visitation, in September, 1854. London: 
Seeley, Jackson &* Halliday, 1855. xiv, I 1., 120 
pp. 8 . 



Hitlery, cenfd., :8j5-iS6l. 

Raporta (Two) of commlMionen on tbe itate 
of tbe fain and matkets in Ireland. Evidence and 
appendiies. map. 1853-55, (Great Britam. Par- 
liamentai? Fapc:?.) 

Beport of commiuion on tbe management and 
government of Maynooth college. Evidence and 
appendixes, a pts. 1855. (Great Britain. Par- 
liamentary Papers.) 

[Sherlock (Randal Hopley).] A vindication 
of protestant statesmen resisting repeal of the May- 
nooth Endowment; a full answer to the arguments 
of tbe Rev. Hugh M"Neile. . .and other objectors. 
Liverpool, \%%<i. 28 pp.. a 1. 3. ed. 12°. 

STmonds (T. E.) Observaiioni on the fisher- 
ies of the west coast of Ireland, having reference 
more particularly to tbe operations of the London 
and West of Ireland Fishing Company. .. London; 
ChapmaH la- Hall, \%%l. 64 pp. 8°. 


Irish (Tbe) abroad and at borne; at the court 

and in the camp; with souvenirs of " The Brigade "; 

reminiscences of An emigrant Milesian. Ntvi 

York, 1856. 12'. 

Roport of committee on the coart of chancery 
(Ireland) bill. Evidence, appendix, indea. tt^t. 
(Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers.) 

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of Commons. .. June 17, 1856, on the national sys- 
tem of education in Ireland. Ltndsn: Rivinglons, 
1856. 31 PP- 8°. 

[Matthew Davenport). A paper on the 
ivict prisons: read at the first meeting of 
onal Association for tbe Promotion of 
cience, held at Birmingham, under the 
:y of Lord Brougham, on the II., 13., 14., 
16. of October, 1B57. Undon: J. W. 
Y Son, 1857. 39 pp. 8°. 
M (George Poulett Thomson). Remarks 
ivemment Irish Poor-Law bill, in a letter 
lohn Rnssell, Landon, 1857. 8°. 

naon (W. D.) National education in 

London : Seely, Jackson &• Halliday, 

p.l., 97 pp. 8°. 

kKcnvot (The) of Irish convicts, judged 
unions of the public press, and by thetes- 
f home and foreign authorities. Dublin: 
r(//v, 1858. I p. 1, , liv pp. 8'. 
ith Quarterly Review for Jin., i9;a, 
r (Thomas), The agricultural and social 
Ireland in 1636. Being the results of the 
:e of Englishmen and Scotchmen who have 
I Ireland. . .with an appendix. ,. Read be- 
Royal Dublin Society. . . Duhtin: A. Thom 

1858. 69 pp. 8°. 
To thf nobility, gentry, and farmers of 

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No more published. 

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