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Bulletin of 
Longwood College 

WINTER, 1972-73 




Alumnae Association 




WINTER 1972-73 
Editor Elizabeth Shipplelt Jones 

Assistants George Bristol 

Joe Mitchell 
Jane J. Andrews 
Lazelle Jackson 


Executive Board 

Dr. H. I. Willett, Jr., President, Longwood College, 

Farmville, Virginia 23901 
Dr. Francis G. Lankiord, Jr., University of Virginia, 

Charlottesville, Va. 22901 
Dr. Dabney S. Lancaster, President Emeritus, Longwood 
College, Millboro Springs, Va. 24461 

Jo Dealing Smith, Rt. 1, Farmville, Va. 23901 
First Vice-President 

Harriet Butterworth Miller, 7606 Cheshire Rd.. Richmond, 
Va. 23229 
Second Vice-President 

Signe Young Marechal, 1201 Chatham Rd., Waynesboro, 
Va. 22980 

Christine Jones Ferguson, 621 N. Brunswick Ave., South 

Hill, Va. 23970 
Jane Martin Wood, 3611 E. Woodside Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 

Jane Peery Peerv. P.O. Box 565. Tazewell, Va. 24651 
Edna Harvey Dawson, Box 182, Dillwyn, Va. 23936 
Harriette Sutherlin Overstreet, Box 145, Clarksville, Va. 

Judy Smith Liles, 2320 Dock Landing Rd., Chesapeake, Va. 

Betty Barr Gibbs. 1704 Stephens Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 

Willard G. Leeper, Rt. 6, Farmville, Va. 23901 
Chairman of Snack Bar Committee 

Ann Mixon Wilson, 1701 Windsor Ave., Roanoke, Va. 
Chairman of Alumnae House Committee 

Bettie Van de Riet Baecher, 5102 Hathaway Dr., Roanoke, 
Va. 24018 
Executive Secretary and Treasurer 

Elizabeth Shipplelt Jones, Rt. 2, Farmville, Va. 23901 
Class Representatives 

Cam Thomas, 4109-A Town House Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Janet Sofley Sunderman, P.O. Box 95, Boydton, Va. 23917 
Janet Williams Lovern, 7523 Maryland Dr., Richmond, Va. 

Mary Margaret Holm, 4401 Lee Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 

Betty King, 4401 Lee Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 
Jill Randolph Consolvo, 110-C Vintage Dr., Richmond, Va. 

Casey Wilkes, 5725 Tivoli Circle, Apt. 205, Richmond. Va. 

June Lifsey, 1000 Cherokee Rd., Apt. 14-G, Portsmouth, 

Va. 23701 
Lois Wells, 36 Summit St., Petersburg, Va. 23803 
Ellen Dunn, 1128 Georgetown Rd., Apt. 202, Norfolk, Va. 

Jody Mace, 108 Bickfield Dr., Hampton, Va. 23366 
Marty Repole, Camp Lachenwald, Hq., SUPACT, Giessen, 

APO, N.Y. 09169 
Susan Yeatts Bonham, 3406 W. Grace St., Apt. 5. Richmond, 
Va. 23221 
Published quarterly by Longwood College, Farmville. Va. 23901 
Second class mailing privileges at Farmville, Va. 
Printed by Blue Ridge Lithographic Corp. 
Lynchburg, Virginia 


Longwood at a Glance 1 

By T. C. Dalton 

Thoughts of the President 2 

Longwood's Non-teaching Programs . . . 

. . . the Need for Greater Awareness 3 

By Dr. Herbert R. Blackwell 

Preparation For Tomorrow 5 

By Dr. Ruth B. Wilson 

John P. Wynne Campus School 6 

By Dr. E. Lee Land 

Longwood Officials Study English Schools 7 

By Dr. E. Lee Land 

The Longwood Spirit . . . Through the Years .8 

The Jarman Cup 10 

By Dr. George W. Jeffers 

Founders Day— 1973 11 

Longwood Alumnae Association Slate of Officers 12 

Class Notes 13 

Thomas Sully Exhibit 48 

In Memoriam 48 

Alumnae Chapter Presidents — 1973 Inside Back 


Schedule of Coming Events Back Cover 

Cover: Winter at Longwood 

oLonawood at a Ljlc 


by T. C. Dalton 
Director of Special Services 

This year's enrollment is 2,232, approximately the same as last year and reflects the decision made two years 
ago to level off our enrollment. On hand to greet the students in September were 150 faculty members, an in- 
crease of 2 over last year. Among the new faculty members in the Social Science Department is Nancy Britton, 
'68. Candice Jamison Dowdy, '69, was recently appointed Admissions Counselor. A major renovation, including 
air conditioning, an additional wing and banquet room was completed in the dining hall in the early fall. Dr. 
Merry L. Allen is the new chairman of the mathematics department, replacing Dr. Blanche C. Badger who 
retained her position as professor of mathematics. Mrs. Martha H. LeStourgeon was recently appointed Director 
of Dabney S. Lancaster Library. The college completed a year of intensive self study during the 1971-72 school 
year seeking re-accreditation by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), 
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and the State Department of Education. A visiting team 
from these three agencies will visit the campus March 4-7. Longwood students have been very much in the news: 
Janet Howard, a senior from Roanoke and the current Miss Longwood, was selected Longwood's May Queen for 
next spring; Cindy Bradley, a senior from Mechanicsville, will represent Longwood at the Apple Blossom 
Festival in Winchester; Dana Hutcherson, a junior from Roanoke, was chosen to play on the Southeastern 
Regional Hockey Team competing in the National Hockey Tournament in California. From this tournament, 
players will be selected for the United States Hockey Team. New members of the Longwood College Board of 
Visitors are: Mrs. E. A. West (Natalie Carroll West, '44) of Rocky Mount; Mrs. G. William Whitehurst of 
Arlington and Norfolk; Mr. Eric L. Robinson, '54, from Farmville; Mr. Ralph Page, from Richmond, and 
Mr. Roland Thompson, from McLean. Major student government officers for 1973 are: Barbara Bannin, from 
Newlett, N.Y., Student Government President and Chairman of the Legislative Board; Cindy Crisp, from 
Farmville, Chairman of the Judicial Board; Debbie Waldron, from Roanoke, Chairman of Residence Board; 
and Linda Gill, from Clarksville, Chairman of Orientation. 

Thoughts of the 

I appreciate the opportunity to again use the 
Alumnae Magazine to pass on thoughts concerning the 
College to our many alumnae and friends. I view my 
report this year with a degree of nostalgia since 
December 1 marked the fifth anniversary of my coming 
to Longwood. 

Longwood, along with most institutions of higher 
learning, has undergone a number of changes which are 
discussed in Dr. Blackwell's article, "Longwood's Non- 
Teaching Programs: the Need for Greater Awareness." 
Some of these have come into existence by the general 
awareness of colleges across the nation that students 
are becoming more mature in their actions, and some 
are the result of the increased volume of knowledge 
available to be transmitted to the students. We have 
just completed the Self-Study reports which have re- 
viewed our progress for the past 10 years. This study 
has pointed out several areas where additional change 
needs to occur, especially in our academic program. 

A combination of the Self-Study reports and the 
general recruiting picture throughout the nation dictates 
that the college must retain the image of a high-quality 
teacher-training institution and, at the same time, make 
the general public, as well as specific groups, aware 
that we have programs of quality in the liberal arts, 
social welfare, pre-professional work in the health 
sciences, and other areas. In no way do we intend for 
Longwood to lose its reputation in the teacher-training 
field, and yet we have not perhaps been publicizing to 
the extent we should the many other programs of high 
quality in which a student may study here. 

The College has grown rapidly in the past five years, 
and we have reached what we think is an ideal size. A 
larger student body would tend to take away from the 
friendliness and personalization which makes Longwood 
an attractive college for many students. Our current 
size enables students to be fully exposed to a faculty of 
high quality. 

Our faculty is a teaching faculty, and no student is 
taught by a graduate assistant instead of the professor 
who was listed to teach the course. The quality of our 
faculty has long been recognized by those with exposure 
to the College, and last year our students initiated an 
award as tangible recognition of this fact. A student 
committee chose in May of 1972 to honor at graduation 
one faculty member each year who, in their eyes, is 
an outstanding example of the quality of our instruc- 
tion. Miss Barbara Bishop, chairman of the Art Depart- 
ment, received this award last year. 

Of vital importance to our students are the many 
services that can be offered and the many areas which 
can be opened up through the monies provided by gifts 
to the Longwood Foundation. We are very fortunate 
to enjoy the support of Mrs. Jeanne Sully West who 

has contributed works of art and money toward the 
establishment of the Sully Gallery. Alumnae will see 
some of the fruits of her contribution this Founders 
Day with the opening of a Sully Exhibit. This is only 
the beginning of the type of program that can be made 
possible here at Longwood through a generous giving 
program. The College is also working toward receiving 
grants which can supplement our academic program. 
The most recent grant received was from the George J. 
and Effie L. Seay Memorial Trust providing instruction 
in Christian Education. These foundations ask specif- 
ically and weigh very heavily the figure as to the 
percentage of alumnae who contribute to the college in 
awarding these grants. We hope that this will be the 
impetus of an extensive program to supplement our 
academic offerings here. While we are not attempting 
to match the volume of giving necessary at private 
colleges, there is no doubt that these contributions and 
grants can keep Longwood as a quality institution — a 
cut above the normal state-supported college. 

Regulations regarding student life here at the College 
are always under intensive study, and several changes 
have resulted. Many of these have been brought to our 
attention by a responsible student body who, while 
they seek change, do so in the proper manner. I am 
happy to report that, while change has occurred, many 
of the traditional values that have been held by our 
students still exist. I would challenge any institution to 
match the spirit of our student body. It is hard not to 
see this, when 80 per cent of our students each year 
participate in major student government elections, and 
students constantly volunteer to go "one step beyond" 
in their support of the College, such as giving up their 
own vacation time to aid in orienting our new students. 

Perhaps the area in which your greatest contribution 
can be made is that of student recruiting. If we are 
going to maintain the caliber of student body that we 
have had in the past, your help is important. We have 
an obligation to your institution not to take students 
who we do not feel can do college work. Eighty-five 
per cent of our current freshman class were in the top 
two-fifths of their high school graduating class. You 
know the type of student who would benefit from an 
education here at Longwood, and we need your help in 
identifying them and interesting them in our programs. 

My five years at Longwood have been exciting and 
rewarding ones, made so by the interest, enthusiasm, 
and high caliber of our alumnae who have carried the 
benefits of their education here beyond the doors of 
the Rotunda and into the homes and schools of the 
communities in which they reside. With your support, 
we will continue to offer students a quality education 
and a preparation for tomorrow's world unsurpassed 
in the state. 

Longwood's Non-teaching Programs: 
the Need for Greater Awareness 

by Dr. Herbert R. Blackwell, Dean of the College 

At frequent intervals, students come by my office 
seeking to change their choice of academic majors. 
Although the rate of change at Longwood is less than 
it is nationally, we find that approximately forty percent 
of our youngsters decide on a new major within their 
first two years of college. Except for their own private 
agonies of decision, such changes seldom cause them 
problems since the great flexibility of our common core 
requirement lets students adjust their curricular offer- 
ings with ease. Only where a student chooses a highly 
specialized program like home economics or business 
education is there any difficulty, and that can usually 
be resolved by adding one summer term to the student's 
planned study at the college. 

Sometimes it is hard to convince a student that a 
transition from one major to another poses no special 
difficulty. Nonetheless, such cases can usually be re- 
solved once we have planned a schedule of classes to 
cover the young lady's four years and she can see 
clearly that she will be able to fulfill her graduation 

One type of change continues to cause frustration, 
however, and it involves a basic ignorance that is wide- 
spread among our student body, that is frequently 
found in our alumnae, that sometimes exists in our 
faculty, and also is held by some counselors in the 
public schools who may have only a passing acquaint- 
ance with Longwood. It is a belief that Longwood 
exists only as a teacher-training institution, that its 
curriculum is limited only to those programs which lead 
to a career in public education. The student who wishes 
to change her major from one in teacher education to 
one that is non-teacher oriented usually takes a lot of 
convincing before she is ready to accept without reser- 
vation that there is a program at Longwood for her 
and that her career opportunities after completing such 
a program are excellent. 

That such an attitude is prevalent is understandable 
enough, although it is deplorable, given the immediate 
needs and opportunities of our time. In part this attitude 
is a tribute to the long-standing traditions of excellence 
that Longwood has maintained in teacher training. The 
college is known throughout Virginia for the quality of 
teacher education it maintains. Another reason is found 
in the basic history of the college. After all, it was 
Farmville State Teachers College before it became 
Longwood College. And before that it was the State 
Normal School for Women. That the change in title 
twenty-five years ago also brought with it a broadening 
of the scope of instruction is a fact frequently over- 
looked. The college's stated academic purpose, ap- 
proved by both its Faculty and its Board of Visitors, is 
found at the beginning of the current catalogue: 

The primary educational objective of Longwood 
College is to provide a baccalaureate curriculum 
distinguished by academic excellence. Particular at- 
tention is given to teacher preparation; pursuant to 
the goal of academic excellence, every effort is made 
to combine a strong liberal arts approach with this 
professional emphasis. The College also oilers liberal 
arts degrees without teacher certification, as well as 
social welfare, office administration, and pre-profes- 
sional medical curricula. 

Without any intention of reducing the excellent 
quality of our teacher-training programs, we are making 
intensive efforts to bring about greater awareness of 
the non-teaching degree offerings available to our stu- 
dents. And we are expanding those non-teaching offer- 
ings whenever it is feasible to do so. In the last three 
years we have introduced new major choices in home 
economics and in business for students who were 
previously restricted to teacher-training programs in 

those disciplines. We have added a totally new major 
concentration in social welfare. We have expanded our 
pre-medical programs and we have had exploratory 
talks with officials of the University of Virginia to look 
for ways to gain greater flexibility and greater participa- 
tion in our speech pathology degree. Through our co- 
operative program with Hampden-Sydney College we 
have added the breadth of its curriculum choices. Every 
academic department except the Departments of Edu- 
cation and Physical Education at Longwood offers a 
non-teaching degree as well as a teaching certification 
program. We offer, in other words, the full range of 
curricular choices that can be found in any liberal arts 
college of our size. 

Why is this so important? Well, for one thing, the 
strength of any teacher preparation is enhanced by the 
degree to which a prospective teacher encounters dis- 
parate points-of-view. The teacher who has been trained 
within a broader framework of educational ideas will be 
better able to cope with the variety of attitudes she will 
encounter in her post-college years. 

Of equal consideration in the college's planning is 
the current and projected job market. While teaching 
opportunities are decreasing in some fields, other em- 
ployment opportunities for women are accelerating 
rapidly. Larger industries are under governmental pres- 
sure to prove that they do not discriminate by sex in 
hiring. Other firms are realizing that women can per- 
form with equal capability jobs previously restricted 

to men. Because Longwood's undergraduate student 
body is predominantly female, the college makes a 
fertile recruiting ground for prospective employers who 
are anxious to break barriers of sexual discrimination. 

Law schools and medical schools are now making 
vigorous efforts to find qualified women students. Long- 
wood can offer the prospective lawyer or doctor a full 
range of courses to prepare her for entrance to the 
professional school of her choice. We currently have 
four prospective doctors enrolled as undergraduates and 
we hope to enroll more as awareness increases that the 
opportunities are available. (We also have our first 
engineer, but I'm afraid she will have to transfer after 
this year.) We are seeing an increasing number of 
students going into graduate training for a significant 
variety of professional choices. 

The wide-ranging choice of major programs is one 
of the many aspects of Longwood's keeping abreast of 
the times. As Pauline Tompkins, President of Cedar 
Crest College, has written recently, "the college for 
women should be in the vanguard in identifying and 
responding to (the particular needs of women in higher 
education.)" 1 Longwood is meeting those needs, but it 
also has the task of making its constituency aware of 
what it is doing. One of the many ways in which our 
alumnae can help is to see that the stereotyped miscon- 
ceptions about our academic offerings are eliminated. 

'Pauline Tompkins, "What Future for the Women's Colleges?" 
Liberal Education LVII (May, 1972) 300. 

Longwood's Board of Visitors: 

Left to right: Mrs. Patricia Altwegg Brown, alumna, Hampton; Mr. E.Angus Powell, Richmond; Mr. Roland 
E. Thompson, McLean; Mrs. Mary Ellen Moore Mitchell, alumna, Newport News; Mr. William E. Daniel, 
Jr., Richmond; Mrs. Natalie Carroll West, alumna, Rocky Mount, Va.; Dr. Duvahl Ridgway-Hu\\, alumna, 
Roanoke; Mr. M. Ralph Page, Richmond; Dr. Henry I. Willett, Jr., Farmville; Mr. W. Roland Walker, 
Kenbridge, Va.; Mr. Eric L. Robinson, alumnus, Farmville. 

Preparation For Tomorrow 

by Dr. Ruth B. Wilson 
Dean of Students 

To prepare young adults for today's world, with 
its expanding opportunities for women and its constant 
demand for the deeper involvement of all citizens in its 
problems, Longwood is doing more than just adding 
courses, diversifying her major fields, and enlarging her 
academic exchange program with Hampden-Sydney. 
Student involvement in the administrative areas of 
Longwood College life has been accomplished through 
student representation on policy making committees; 
through monthly Press Conferences with President 
Willett, where students are encouraged to ask questions 
on any subject; and through frequent luncheon meetings 
where students, faculty, and administrators discuss 
particular areas of concern. 

"In loco parentis", long thought to be a necessary 
part of a college's responsibility, has been replaced with 
the more relevant philosophy that in order to function 
effectively in today's world people must learn to think 
for themselves, to make their own decisions and to cope 
with problems and mistakes. Help is available to those 
who seek it but the prime aim of counseling is, and 
always has been, to help the counselee reach his own 

Longwood students have responded intelligently to 
the need for change, not only in the academic format 
of their College but also in areas of self-regulatory 
government, the caliber of cultural events, the image of 
the resident halls as something more than a place to 
sleep and study, and the ever-present need in the out- 
side community for volunteer assistance. 

While questioning old standards and becoming more 
involved in everything that touches their lives and the 
lives of others, the Longwood students have a positive 
attitude toward their College, knowing that seeking 
change through the proper channels results in a recep- 
tive ear, whether it be from their elected leaders or 
from faculty and administration. At a time when many 
traditional values and activities are disappearing on a 
number of college campuses, significant traditions, such 
as our honor system, remain in full force at Longwood. 
Our students, through their elected leaders and those 
recognized channels that are available to them, have 
brought about changes that call for a great deal more 
individual self-reliance than was needed formerly. 

In the area of rules and regulations, for instance, 
gradual changes have been made in the drinking rules, 
male visitation privileges, self-regulatory curfew hours 
on weekends, and "sign-out" procedures; parental per- 
mission forms are no longer required after the first 
semester of the freshman year; from the sophomore 
year on, our students may have cars on campus; and 

non- and co-curricular activities have expanded greatly 
through student involvement on the Lankford Union 

The end result of these and other changes that have 
been made at Longwood is that students have to make 
choices. Do they take advantage of the self-regulatory 
hours every Friday and Saturday or do they catch up 
on some badly needed sleep? Do they decide to go for 
a long ride just because they have a car available or 
do they practice self-restraint and get that term paper 
finished? The choices are theirs — just as they will be 
when they leave Longwood to begin a new chapter in 
their lives. 

Longwood is preparing her students for their to- 
morrows by providing an atmosphere where each one 
can determine her own set of values and can make her 
own choices. In the long run these are ingredients of 
life's failures or successes. We predict that our future 
graduates will more than emulate their predecessors in 
job performance, as home-makers and as citizens. 

Longwood girls are the greatest! 

Miss Wilson 

John P. Wynne Campus School 

by Dr. E. Lee Land, Director 

The John P. Wynne Campus school which opened 
in September 1970 represents the most educational 
planning, interior decor, and architectural designing in 
the United States for kindergarten through seventh 
grade. Of circular design, the school contains a central 
core formed by the office complex, the media center, 
and the multi-purpose room. Encircling this core is the 
instructional area, including a fully equipped art center. 

Since interior arrangements and furniture design 
allow for flexibility, the teaching areas may be arranged 
and rearranged into individual study areas and into 
both small and large group activity centers. All instruc- 
tional areas are carpeted and have direct access to the 
covered walkway surrounding the building. 

Three basic playground areas have been equipped to 
accommodate the various maturation levels of the 

Another interesting feature of the school is closed 
circuit television, operated by remote control from the 
television control center within the school. Longwood 
College students may observe actual classroom situa- 
tions in college classrooms on the main campus or in 
the college students' classroom at the campus school. 
These televised classroom situations are taped for later 
use by the college and campus school faculties. 

In an attempt to maintain long standing purposes of 
Longwood College, the John P. Wynne Campus School 
has as its first broad purpose to provide an "indi- 
vidualized program of instruction" for the non-selective 
pupil population it serves. Its second function or pur- 
pose is to serve as a laboratory for the pre-service edu- 
cation of students enrolled in the various teacher- 
education programs offered by Longwood College. The 
third purpose is to serve as a resource center for the 
public schools of Virginia. As a laboratory for pre- 
service education and as a resource center, the school 
is organized to accommodate the following activities: 
(1) participation, (2) observation, (3) demonstration 
teaching, (4) research, and (5) in-service education 
for teachers and for supervisory and administrative 

In order to obtain the purposes of Longwood College, 
the philosophy of the John P. Wynne Campus School 
centers around the belief that the curriculum should be 
concerned with the intellectual, social, emotional and 
physical growth and development of children in an 
ever-changing interdependent world. 

The faculty adheres to the belief that self-discipline 
is the most worthwhile form of discipline. However, our 
teachers do not believe in a Iaissezfaire structure. In- 
stead, they believe that their responsibilities are to help 
their students to understand the reasons for proper 
conduct and to set before the students an example of 
conduct worthy of emulation. 

For the students enrolled in the various educational 
programs at Longwood College, the school provides 
opportunities for both direct and indirect observation 
of realistic classroom situations and a participatory 
program in which the college students serve as teaching 
assistants in the junior year. In this way the potential 
teachers is able to achieve a balance between theory 
and practice. 

In accordance with the philosophy of the college, 
a program of instruction has been fashioned to assure 
that each child will be provided learning experiences 
appropriate to his demonstrated ability in each subject 
area. This "individualized instruction" is designed to 
accommodate the child's particular interests and style 
of learning. 

The "flexible school" concept provides a setting in 
which the basic skills of education — reading, writing, 
and arithmetic — can be learned in a continuous fashion, 
at a comfortable speed, and to an optimum level. How- 
ever, the curriculum is not limited to textbooks, courses 
of study, or lesson plans but includes the needs and 
experiences of children. The curriculum is more than 
subject matter to be learned; it is attitudes, values and 
human relations. 

The campus school attracts many visitors and in 
1971-72 4227 visitors and 1596 students toured the 
facility. Fifteen states and several foreign countries were 

Longwood Officials Study English Schools 

by Dr. E. Lee Land 

In June 1972 five of us from the College — President 
Willett; Dean Blackwell; Dr. Patterson, Chairman of 
the Education Department; Mrs. Harris, Kindergarten 
teacher at the Wynne Campus School; and I — visited 
schools and colleges in England. The purpose of our 
trip was to study the open classroom concept as 
practiced in the infant and in the primary schools, and 
to study teacher training programs at the college level. 
Those of you who will be participating in the first 
alumnae tour to London sponsored by the college 
will be able to see some of the English schools that we 

Educational officials in England aided us in estab- 
lishing an itinerary that satisfied our two-fold purpose. 
As a result, we were able to observe a variety of infant 
and primary schools and colleges. 

It was not our intent to evaluate their educational 
system as a whole. Nonetheless we left England with 
some very definite impressions. Since the publication of 
the Plowden Report in 1967, which outlines the 
philosophical framework of primary education in Eng- 
land, there has been a marked commitment by a number 
of infant and primary schools to individualize the aca- 
demic program, which up until that time was highly 
structured. Of course, those schools which have not 
committed themselves to individualize instruction still 
flourish. Her Majesties Inspectors, and other top edu- 
cational officials, indicated only some five to ten per 
cent of the English schools followed the open classroom 
concept of individualized instruction. Those colleges 
which we visited have also begun to shift their emphasis 

in the teacher education programs from that of stiff 
formality to that of individualization and of creative 

We could not help noticing the inadequate library, 
art and music facilities, materials and equipment. It 
seems odd that England has attempted an open class- 
room curriculum without providing those materials vital 
to independent and individual study. In Longwood's 
John P. Wynne Campus School, the media center is 
physically and philosophically the hub of the individual 
program. Since the overall aim of the open classroom 
curriculum is the humanization of the individual, art 
and music are by their nature an integral part of such 
a curriculum as are the other arts and the sciences. 

In England the modern concept of instruction fre- 
quently takes place in antiquated buildings. Many of 
the buildings are from 50 to 100 years of age; it is not 
uncommon to find 35 students in a room no larger 
than 500 square feet. Of course, this condition has not 
gone unnoticed within England, for selected educators 
from their country have been sent to the United States 
and to other countries to study educational facilities. 

Despite all the obvious disparities between their 
educational philosophy and the realities of their edu- 
cational system, we were impressed by their definite 
commitment to an educational philosophy. It takes 
time to change an educational system and time to 
educate a society toward this change. We left England 
as convinced as ever that the open classroom philosophy 
is the best method of educating a people for a de- 

Scenes taken during visit to English Schools. 

The Longwood Spirit . . . Through The Years 

School Spirit 
(taken from THE VIRGINIAN of 1905) 

Loyalty is the principal element in school spirit, 
which consists of love for and pride and faith in the 
school, as well as a strong desire to promote her welfare 
by all fair means. Love for an institution is based upon 
confidence and trust in its faculty, and in the principles 
for which it stands. Pupils and teachers should be in 
sympathy with each other; there should be unity of 
spirit and interest among them, for "in union there is 
strength." This is especially true of school life, where 
faithful teachers are actuated by the same motives, and 
earnest students are working toward the same goal. It 
is impossible to find a strong school spirit where there 
is discord and strife among teachers or pupils. 

We often say, "The child is father of the man." In 
the same sense, class spirit is the cradle of school spirit. 
When a class enters school it should be organized; its 
moto, yell, flower, colors and song should be selected 
at once, and used throughout the course to the Senior 
year. Organization should not be postponed until there 
is talk of an "Annual." From the first, the members of 
a class should be jealous of the honor of their body. 
To be perfectly loyal, girls may sometimes have to 
sacrifice their own personal desires or petty vanities. 
They should allow no pupil to act in any way which 
will reflect on the class. If a girl does something wrong 
and her classmates know of it, they should have enough 
kindness and courage to right this wrong, to sustain 
the honor of the school. When members of a class are 
true to each other, and to a high ideal of class conduct, 
they are likely to be loyal to that larger body, the 
school, and its administration. 

But it is not sufficient that students act merely as 
classes, collectively. There must be a feeling of indi- 
vidual responsibility. Each pupil must feel that she has 
a part in making the school what it is; she should 
realize her power and should take an active interest in 
all school affairs. The welfare of the school should 
come before the personal affairs and feelings of either 
pupils or teachers. 

Both time and opportunity should be furnished for 
the cultivation of the social side of school life, and for 
participation in school organizations of various kinds. 
'Tis just here that pupils manifest the highest kind of 
school spirit. The faithful performance of assigned 
tasks is not necessarily an evidence of devotion to 
general school interests. A cheerful manifestation of 
life and energy, however, in promoting legitimate school 
interests to which one is not bound by law, is a proof 
of love for school affairs. An active interest in the 
Literary Societies, the Athletic Association, the Dra- 

matic Club, the Glee Club, the Young Women's 
Christian Association, the League, The Guidon, or The 
Annual, will do as much toward developing school 
patriotism as high class standing, if not more. For this 
reason, too much work is perhaps, the greatest enemy 
to enthusiastic school spirit. An incessant "grind" leads 
pupils to think of the school as a place of drudgery, 
which, of course, they cannot love. 

Indifferent, unsympathetic, selfish, clannish pupils 
hinder school spirit; for they think of nothing but their 
own pleasure, convenience, or advancement. No false, 
artificial barriers, or caste spirit, should be allowed to 
separate pupils; for with such a spirit it is impossible 
for the interest of the school to be put before the 
interest of the individual. 

As is a country without patriotism, so is a school 
without loyalty. Then let all, teachers, officers, and 
pupils, work together for "the greatest good of the 
greatest number." With such a spirit of harmony and 
good will, what cannot the old school do? None will be 
allowed to defame her on the outside, and none will be 
permitted to be treacherous on the inside. Each member 
of the institution will strive to do her best for the sake 
of the dear "old school," as her affection names it. 
Then she will love its symbols, its songs, its banner, 
its colors. "The white and the blue" will become in 
truth, as in name, the emblems of purity and truth in 
school life. 

Gertrude Burton, '06 

The Appomattox Alumnae Chapter entertained at 
a party for students and alumnae. 

Mrs. Ordogh Plans San Diego 
Trip Through the Efforts of 
Her Dorm 

Mrs. Ordogh, a head resident, got the last ticket on 
the last plane to San Diego as a Christmas present from 
the Freshmen in Tabb, French, and South Runner. 
Thursday night at curfew she was informed by Assistant 
Head Resident Nancy Bernard that there was an 
emergency in French parlor. Mrs. Ordogh walked in 
to find the room packed with anxious faces. When she 
entered the room an astonished look came upon her be- 
cause of what must have seemed no reason at all, the 
entire room gave her a standing ovation. A stanza of 
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" was then sung. 
Mrs. Ordogh got to sit down and Nancy handed her 
a package. Mrs. Ordogh opened it to find a box of 
chocolate and an envelope. All the while she was 
explaining that she had just gotten off the phone from 
talking to her daughter in San Diego. After she opened 
the envelope, she turned to Nancy and asked "Have 
you been up to something?" Because Mrs. Ordogh 
was not wearing her reading glasses she, with a shaking 
hand, gave it to Nancy and said "Read me how it 
goes!" After she finally realized that she now was going 
to California she said, "Oh girls, I don't know what to 
say." Everybody was laughing and clapping when a 
voice raised above the crowd and said "Don't forget to 
sign out!" 

"I'm hyper — everybody's hyper — I haven't slept in 
three nights" said Nancy Bernard. Assistant Head 
Resident at 10:00 Thursday night. The reason? The 
freshmen in Tabb, French, and South Runner decided 
to send Mrs. Ordogh, the Head Resident, to San 
Diego, California for a Christmas present. 

It all started about two weeks ago when Miss Bernard 
was discussing Christmas plans with Mrs. Ordogh. 
Because she did not feel she could go to California she 
had more or less reluctantly decided to go to South 
Carolina to see her sister. This set off a spark in 
Nancy's mind that turned into a bonfire. She mentioned 
it to the Resident Counselors and all made plans to get 
everyone involved in sending Mrs. Ordogh to San 

"At first I was really reluctant about working with 
Freshmen, but this place is like a team!" a quite excited 
Nancy Bernard relates. Upon calling Byrd airport there 
was a moment of panic because they thought that there 
were no more seats left on the airplane. They finally 
found one last ticket and Nancy Bernard took off for 
the airport Thursday to get the ticket. Mrs. Ordogh's 
plane leaves at 7:00 a.m. Friday and she'll be coming 
back January 7. The really exciting thing is that her 
son lives in Chicago and her plane has a two hour 
lay-over there so she will get to see him. 

There may be one slight package problem. Mrs. 
Ordogh already sent her Christmas presents to San 
Diego but she told her family out west to send her gifts 
to South Carolina. 

The Spirit of '76 just keeps on shining! 

Taken from Dec. 13, 1972 Rotunda, 
under byline of Betsy Nutter. 

The Spotlight's on . . . 
The Spirit of 72! 

Being of sound mind (there are those who would 
disagree!) and possessed by a somewhat nostalgic mood 
as Year 1972 draws to a close, it is only appropriate to 
will certain "spirits" which were so much in evidence 
during the past year to Year 1973. The student body, 
faculty, and staff of the College have throughout 1972 
made distinctive contributions enriching what we call 
"life at Longwood," and it is with these thoughts in 
mind that we bequeath the following "spirits" to 1973. 

That spirit inherent in the student body which causes 
them to . . . take up a collection to finance a Head 
Resident's visit with her family in California ... re- 
spond immediately to the need for blood at the hospital 
. . . participate in the Bloodmobile . . . contribute to 
community fund drives . . . work in Day Care Centers 
and with needy families ... go, as the Madrigal Singers 
recently did, to entertain patients at McGuire Hospital 
. . . devote so much time, energy and enthusiasm to 
keep the wheels turning in Student Government, the 
YWCA, Student Union, Athletic Association, the Col- 
lege publications, and many other organizations . . . 
witness to their Christian convictions as "Tafara" and 
other groups do . . . 

That spirit which urges faculty members to . . . 
contribute the products of their intellect and years of 
study and research to the enrichment of their respective 
fields (examples which come to mind are Dr. Elizabeth 
Etheridge's book The Butterfly Caste, Dr. John Mol- 
nar's beautifully-done book Songs from the Williams- 
burg Theatre, and the many literary and scientific 
papers published in various journals) . . . share their 
knowledge and experience to improve education in the 
state and nation (the examples are numerous — work- 
shops, clinics, institutes, exhibits, consulting services, 
lectures) . . . give so willingly of their time in academic 
counseling, advising student organizations, serving on 
College committees . . . contribute to the betterment 
of the Farmville community through service to a host 
of church, civic, and social organizations . . . hold 
office in state and national societies . . . 

That spirit which permeates the Longwood College 
Community and causes us, both individually and 
collectively, to strive to learn, to grow, to perform 
necessary services more efficiently, to communicate 
more effectively . . . 

These legacies of the spirit are our New Year's gift 
to each of you. 

Public Relations Office 
December 14, 1972 

The Jar man Cup 

by Dr. George W. Jeffers 
Liz Shipplett Jones, alumnae director, has asked me 
to write the beginnings of the Jarman Cup and I write, 
not from an infallible memory and if I make up a few 
things as I go along, it will be to fill up space and not 
to deceive. 

In the year of our Lord, 1934, what was then 
State Teachers College of Farmville, celebrated it's 
50th anniversary of its founding of a teacher training 
institution. Dr. Jarman appointed me as chairman of 
the event, rather events — for there were many. Un- 
fortunately, I've forgotten who the other members of 
the committee were. Sam Holton, I know, was one, 
because I know we were not so aware as we are today 
the value of listing. We neglected to list the names of 
the ones on the program. In planning for the event, I 
had conferences with Dr. Jarman almost everyday, and 
since I'm in a confessing mood I must record that not 
all my suggestions were accepted. For instance, I 
wanted to try to secure Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt as 
speaker, but Dr. Jarman thought that was aiming a 
little too high! He did, however, accept another of my 
suggestions, and that was for a cup — a cup to be given 
to the largest percentage of the living alumnae of any 
class that were present for that occasion. Well, now. 
he did not say he was accepting my suggestion. My 
suggestion was that he go down to Martin's and look 
into the cost of the cup, because, said I, it was to be 
known as the Jarman Loving Cup, and he should pay 
for it out of his own pocket, and this way it would be 
his personal contribution to the occasion, and in the 

years to come it would be sort of an outreach of him- 
self to the future. He did not promise that he would do 
this, neither did I mention it to him again. Someway 
or other, around the first of March, the cup showed 
up. I immediately put it on display on the mantle in 
the Rotunda in all of its glistening newness, and there 
were many oohs and aahs about it! 

That year, 1934, the 50th anniversary, the cup was 
won hands down, if I remember correctly, by the 
Class of 1894. They were known as the "Twenty 
Oneders" — there were 21 in the class, and if I recall, 
7 of them were living and all 7 were present. I re- 
member the Harris twins of Dinwiddie. I remember, 
too, that Governor Pollard's sister was a member of 
that class. Governor Pollard was very much in the 
public eye at the time as he had just gone out as 
Governor of Virginia to be succeeded by Governor 
Peery. Now, Governor Peery had another special at- 
tachment to Farmville at the time because Dr. Jarman 
was very proud of George Peery. He had taught him 
when he was a professor and George was a student at 
Emory and Henry College. 

This class of 1 894 deserves mention for two other 
things. One, since their graduation, they had kept up 
a round robin letter — kept it up for all those 40 years. 
It was such a distinction and such an unusual class that 
Douglas Freeman wrote an editorial eulogizing this class 
and using it as an illustration of "what a class could 
do". Two, that 1894 class won it again later on. If you 
will go where the cup is, which is at the Alumnae 
House, you can see the list of classes that have won it 
through the years. 

Dr. Herbert R. Blackwell presents the Jarman Cup to Mrs. Mildred Dickinson Davis of Hampden Sydney 
and Miss Mary Finch of Asheville, N.C. who celebrated their 50th. anniversary at Founders Day and 
represented two-thirds of their class. 


MARCH 16, 1963 

Dear Longwooder: 

You are cordially invited to attend Founders Day and to enjoy the fellowship of your classmates and to 
renew acquaintances. Classes ending in 3's and 8's will be celebrating reunions, but all alumnae are urged to come. 

We are requesting alumnae planning an overnight stay for Founders Day to please make their room reserva- 
tions directly with Weyanoke Hotel or motels, and to notify the Alumnae Office. We can assist you with reserva- 
tions. Do come! We look forward to your visit. 


Friday, March 16 

3 : 00-9 : 00 P.M. Registration, Rotunda 

3 : 30 P.M. "Work of Thomas Sully" 

Speaker: Mr. William Barrow Floyd, Bedford Building 

5:15 P.M. Dinner, Dining Hall 

7:00 P.M. Opening of exhibit "Works of Thomas Sully", Bedford Gallery 

7 : 30 P.M. Water Show, College Pool 

8:00 P.M. Play, Jarman Auditorium 

8:30 P.M. Concert, Wygal Auditorium 

9:30 P.M. Open House, Alumnae House 

Saturday, March 17 

8:30 A.M.-l :00 P.M. Registration, Rotunda 

8:30 A.M.-10:00 A.M. Coffee, Alumnae House 

Farmville Chapter, Hostess 
10:30 A.M. Morning Program and Annual Business Meeting, 

Jarman Auditorium 
1 :00 P.M. Alumnae Luncheon, Dining Hall 

2:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. "Works of Thomas Sully", Bedford Gallery 

3:30 P.M. Reception, Longwood House 

5:15 P.M. Dinner, Dining Hall 

7 : 30 P.M. Water Show, College Pool 

8:00 P.M. Play, Jarman Auditorium 

9:30 P.M. Open House, Alumnae House 


Please fill in and return to the Alumnae Office by March 13 

Name , 

Married, last name first Maiden, last name first 

Address . Class 

I shall arrive for Founders Day on at 

A.M. P.M. 
I shall stay at Hotel Motel Home of friends Other 


Registration fee may be paid at the Registration Desk. 

A charge for other meals is made at the following rates: Breakfast, eighty-five cents; Lunch, one dollar and five cents; Dinner, one 
dollar and twenty-five cents. (Prices include tax.) Meal tickets may be purchased in the dining room. 



National President: 

Annie Lee Young Duff, '60, of Suffolk serves on 
the Longwood Foundation Board and is the president 
of the Suffolk Alumnae Chapter. She was listed in 
Outstanding Young Women in 1970, and in Per- 
sonalities of the South in 1972. She is a member of 
and teacher in Benn's United Methodist Church. 

Martha Donaldson Crute, '55, of Salem, is active in 
Roanoke Alumnae Chapter; chairman of Parish Edu- 
cation Committee at Christ Lutheran Church in Roa- 
noke; is a Den Mother for the Cub Scouts, and is 
involved in local social and political organiaztions. 

Virginia Sutherland Knott, '54, of Dinwiddie, is 
active in the Baptist Church; helped to found the 
Dinwiddie Alumnae Chapter and is president; serves 
on the Farm Home Advisory Board for Southern States 
Southside Cooperative and teaches piano lessons. 

Direct or s: 

Harriet Brooks Eastridge, '63, of Fredericksburg, 
has taught school for six years; served as an assistant 
to the City Manager; is secretary of the Fredericksburg 
Alumnae Chapter which she helped charter; member of 
AAUW and is active in various civic, political and 
social activities. 

Andee Maddox Oglesby, '71, of Richmond, teaches 
sixth grade at Sandston Elementary School, and is 
very interested in events at Longwood today. She 
actively participated in Geist, Student Government, 
Orientation, class activities and a member of Chi while 
a student at Longwood. 





Annie Lee Young Duff, '60 


(vote for four) 

.Harriet Brooks Eastridge, '63 
Jvlartha Donaldson Crute, '55 
^Virginia Sutherland Knott, '54 
_ Andee Maddox Oglesby, '7 1 


(vote for three) 

Nell Copley Irby, '54 

Barbara Cole Payne, '62 

Norma Saunders Gibbons, '52 

Donna Gray Boyd, '65 

Virginia Ferguson Maxwell, '62 



C/ass Notes 

Class of '98 — In a tribute to Miss Ida R. 
Greever, who died Sept. 8, 1972 at the age 
of 99, by the people of Tazewell County, it 
is said that her intelligence, keen wit, and 
love of history, attracted and inspired her 
many friends from far and wide. Her pupils 
have attested to the fact that she not only 
stimulated them to learn but also instilled in 
them principles which had a tremendous im- 
pact on their lives. She was an outstanding 
teacher in Maryland, Tazewell County, and 
Marion for 50 years and assisted in oper- 
ating the Burke's Garden Academy. 
Class of '04 — Bettie Murfee Ray of Drewry- 
ville taught in many places; Porstmouth, 
Rocky Mount, N.C, Richmond and was a 
primary supervisor when she retired. 
Class of '09 — Hollie McCormick Kendall is 
a realtor in Pensacola, Fla., and remembers 
her days fondly of her Alma Mater. She 
wrote the class song 1908-1910! 
Class of '12 — Edna Minis Davis spent a 
month traveling to Fiji, New Zealand, Au- 
stralia, and Tahiti and says "You should 
come west and see where the plutonium was 
made for the atom bomb." 
Class of '24 — Louise Bales Chase lives in 
Doylestown, Pa., and looks forward to the 
Alumnae Magazine "with its sad and happy 

Class of '27 — A memorial medallion award 
has been presented to Handley High in 
Winchester, in honor of the late Edith Corn- 
well Garrabrandt, to be presented annually 
to students at Handley who win the Creative 
Writing Contest in the field of short story, 
essay, and poetry. The Medallion was estab- 
lished by her friends, colleagues, and former 
students for her contribution to the school 
and community. 

Class of '31 — Laverna Bayne retired from 
teaching after 3 9 Vz years in the Norfolk 
schools at Ocean View Elementary and 
Granby High. Alice Harrison Dunlap and 
Taylor are in the Philippines for 3 years of 
missionary service. He served as pastor in 
Seattle for 29 years and she taught piano. 
Class of '34 — Barbara Kesler Reed of Mar- 
tinsville has been named to the Steering 
Committee of the Parents Association at 
W & M. Her husband is Vice Pres. of First 
National Bank, and they have five daughters. 
Class of '41 — Florence Lee Putnam of 
Inchelium, Wash., spent some weeks this 
summer with her invalid mother, Julia Armi- 
stead Lee, '10, in Newport News. 
Class of '56 — Bettye Maas Sterzing and Carl 
live in Glenmont, N.Y; they have 3 children. 
Carl was elected president of Delaware & 
Hudson Railway Co. 

Class of '66 — Glenda Booth Surovell has 
been appointed chairman of Fairfax County 
Commission on Women, the first such local 
body in the state to investigate discrimina- 
tion against women in the county. 


been working for better human relationships, 
especially with the Virginia Council of 
Human Relations. She has traveled across 
Virginia, assisting with programs on the 
local level involving blacks and whites. Her 
sister Margaret, '29, is a dedicated bird and 
nature lover; so together they have taken 
classes in ecology with fascinating field trips 
on the Blue Ridge Parkway and in the 
Smokies. Mary has also engaged in volun- 
teer tutoring projects, chiefly with overseas 
students. She entertains guests recommended 
by the A.A.U.W. in the Experiment of 
International Living. As a member of the 
United Nations she has met a number of 
the Inter Faith Housing Committee. 

Carrie Spradlin in Vinton writes that in 
1963 her sister Bertha and she made a won- 
derful trip from Paris through the Chateaux 
country along the Loire River into Switzer- 
land. Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Austria, 
and Germany. In 1968 Carrie took a tour 
of the Iberian Peninsula and into North 
Africa. This was with the N.R.T.A. — Spain, 
Portugal, and Mallerca. Last August and 
September she made a trip to the British 
Isles with N.R.T.A. 

Mildred Dickinson Davis took a trip with 
friends through the Chateaux Country in 
1962 followed by Switzerland, Innsbruck. 
Frieburg, Garmish, and Oberammagua and 
England. In March 1969, after she retired 
in June 1968, she went to Greece for three 
wonderful weeks and from there for two 
weeks in Lebanon where she visited one of 
her bridesmaids, Esther Thomas Kurani. 
She was prepared for Greece, having taught 
The Iliad and The Odyssey and the Greek 
plays in a world literature course, but was 
totally unprepared for Lebanon! Kate Trent, 
'26, who retired in June 1968, and I made 
a 3-week trip to England in late September. 

Anne Alvis died of a heart attack last 
October. She was the fourth member of our 
class to die. 


Degree Class of 1922 

Alumnae Secretary: Mildred Dickinson (Mrs. 
C. H. Davis, Jr.), P. O. Box 276, Hampden 
Sydney, Va. 23943 

Mary Finch writes from the Brooks- 
Howell Home in Asheville that since re- 
turning from Japan her chief interest has 

Degree Class of 1935 

President: Frances McDaniel (Mrs. J. N. 

Cargill), 8917 Tresco Rd., Richmond, Va. 


Acting Secretaries: Elizabeth Vassar (Mrs. 

Charles B. Pickett), Rt. 3, Box 276, Farm- 

ville, Va. 23901 

Jessica Jones (Mrs. F. Godfrey Binns), Box 

14, Glen Allen, Va. 23060 

A great big "thank you" to those who 
took time to answer our request for news. 
We wish we could have heard from every- 

Lulu Gravely from Martinsville, who 
works for Commissioner of Revenue, writes, 
"I live in the house in which I was born!" 
Does anyone else in our class share that 
distinction? Minnie Rogers has been with an 
insurance agency in Farmville since 1943. 
She is active in church and civic work and 
over the years has had wonderful trips to 
California, Canada, Europe. Elizabeth Mann 
Wilds of Richmond has traveled from coast 
to coast, attending conferences and conven- 
tions of Alpha Delta Kappa, the honorary 
teachers' sorority to which she belongs. 
Elizabeth taught elementary grades for 
twenty-one and a half years, then took a 

leave of absence because of family responsi- 
bilities. For the past eight years she has been 
a junior high school librarian. Her son 
graduated from the U. of Richmond, taught 
high school social studies before his tour in 
the Navy (one of these in Vietnam — Eliza- 
beth and her husband met him in Hawaii 
for his R & R), he returns to teaching this 

Maude Rhodes Cox is another one of us 
who has a teacher son. He and his wife live 
and teach in Newport News. Her other son 
works in Lynchburg, while her daughter and 
son-in-law expect to complete their doctor- 
ates this year; he in nuclear physics at 
Duke and her daughter in psychology at 
UNC. Maude taught four years in Smith- 
field, was guidance coordinator in Isle of 
Wight for four years, is now visiting teacher 
with the Newport News Public School. This 
year at W and M she completed a thirty- 
hour certificate program beyond the masters 
degree in Educational Administration. Helen 
Shawen Hardaway's most exciting event in 
her life this past year was a new grand- 
daughter. Helen does substitute teaching "on 
a rather regular basis" and is active in volun- 
teer work for the Junior League (of which 
she has been president). Crippled Children's 
Society, United Fund, the local hospital, 
her church. Lucille Hamilton Fisher, after 
leaving Farmville, studied nursing at UVA, 
graduated, subsequently worked there six 
years, married a specialist in obstetrics and 
gynecology, lives in Washington, Pa. Lucille 
has done a good bit of traveling in recent 
years — to South America, New Zealand, 
Australia, Scandinavia, Tahiti, across this 
country a few times, to Hawaii twice, around 
the world once. She has been active in 
church, PTA, and garden club work; in the 
Hospital Auxiliary, Medical Auxiliary, Can- 
cer Society, Heart Association, Visiting 
Nurses Association, and Art Association. 

Betty Shields Brumfield is a contented 
housewife. Betty's husband, Bob, has for 
many years been a biology professor at 
Longwood. Under worthwhile accomplish- 
ments, Mary Womack Willis lists educator 
(which she was in Va., N.C, and Washing- 
ton state) and housewife (which she now 
is). This past year she had a trip to Mexico 
and in other years has been to Europe, 
Hawaii, Canada, Alaska. Mary writes; "I 
have been in the Northwest since 1936 and 
have had a . . . busy and interesting life. . . . 
We love living in Yakima." Her husband. 
Judge Robert J. Willis, is a Superior Court 
judge. From Rustburg, Audrey Mattox 
Merryman who has three sons, one daughter, 
and two grandchildren says her worthwhile 
accomplishment is "my nice family." 

From Richmond. Nancy Burgwyn Leake 
lists her accomplishments as "raising won- 
derful children." Nancy's older daughter is 
personnel director with the Girl Scouts of 
America for an eight-state area; her younger 
daughter is at St. Catherine's. Nancy's son 
began his internship at Peter Bent Brigham 
Hospital in Boston. Since college days, 
Nancy has been secretary, interior decora- 
tor, claims adjuster with various Richmond 
firms, but is now a "home manager" and 
declares, "I stay so busy I can't catch up 
with myself." Louie Morris Foster, who has 
been a medical secretary in Farmville for 
years, has one son, one daughter, two 
grandsons, two granddaughters. Marguerite 
Rollins Boyle receives deep satisfaction from 
participation in the women's work of her 
church (First Presbyterian, Newport News). 
Driving for a blind teacher is one of her 
volunteer jobs. In February Marguerite had 
a trip to Scotland; in August she left for 
Spain, Portugal, Switzerland. Isabelle Alle- 
gree Bailey lives in Massachusetts, has two 


married daughters (one in Florida, one in 
New Hampshire), has traveled in Europe, 
the Near East, and the Far East. "My love 
jobs have been teaching fifth grade in Sun- 
day School and diversional therapy at the 
Deaconess Hospital once a week. ... I 
have had the joy of serving on the Board of 
Christian Women's Club of Boston and of 
working with the many Friendship Bible 
Coffee groups sponsored by the club." 

Mary Lee Newcomb Joyce and her hus- 
band bought a farm in Cumberland County, 
not far from Farmville. Their younger 
daughter, a senior in journalism at VCU, 
this summer worked full time on the Farm- 
ville Herald staff. This fall Mary Lee is 
being initiated into Delta Kappa Gamma, 
honor society for key women teachers. 
Mary Lee and Charlie's great pleasures is 
having all the children and their families 
home. That makes seventeen folks to enjoy 
Mary Lee's good cooking. Elizabeth Vassar 
Pickett and her husband are delighted with 
their new home. She stilll teaches at Prince 
Edward Academy; he keeps busy running 
their d„iry farm. Katharine Walton Fon- 
taine of Richmond, her husband, and her 
sister (Elizabeth, '36, whom we knew as 
"Toot" and who lives at Katharine's) have 
all retired. Katharine says, "At present I 
have begun work on my master's degree in 
French at the University of Richmond. I 
have been doing graduate work off and on 
since 1935 and have accumulated 45 semes- 
ter hours in Latin, English, French and 
economics, but I'm an A.B.T. — 'all but the 
thesis' — candidate." 

Katherine Coleman Allen and husband 
are enjoying the leisurely life of the retired 
at their home in Venice, Florida. Their 
married daughter lives nearby; all of us 
grandparents will understand the pleasure 
they derive from their little granddaughter. 

Carmen Clark has engaged in research as 
librarian at the U.S. Army War College. In 
June of '71 she attended the Special Li- 
braries Association Conference in San 
Francisco and saw all the sights as she 
drove from the east coast to the west coast 
and back. Carmen is now gathering material 
for a family history which is to cover the 
years 1770-1970. 

Eleanor Currin retired in June after 
serving 44 years as a public school teacher 
with 26 years at George Washington High 
School in Alexandria. She plans to do part 
time work for the Alexandria Chamber of 
Commerce, to travel, and to become more 
involved in community and church activities. 

Jestine Cutshall Henderson and her dentist 
husband had a trip to Europe last spring 
and visited ten countries. Their older daugh- 
ter is married and teaches in Richmond; the 
younger daughter, a sophomore at West- 
hampton, spent six weeks in Spain this 
summer, and their son is a senior at V.P.I. 

A nurse replied for Bonnie McCoy who 
has been ill for the past year. Bonnie's sister, 
Elizabeth, has been confined to her bed for 
more than two years. They would appreciate 
cards; their address is: 500 Mulberry Road, 
Martinsville, Va. 24112. We wish them a 
return to good health. 

Elaine McDearmon Spencer has a small 
antique business in Appomattox (hours by 
chance or appointment). Her daughter is a 
graduate of Hollins and of the Univ. of 
Virginia Law School. 

Lady Boggs Walton retired from school 
library work in 1971 and continues to oper- 
ate a farm in Crozet where she and her late 
husband located 20 years ago. She is active 
in community organizations. 

Jessica Jones Binns continues to teach at 
Hermitage High School in Henrico County 
and has had the pleasure of supervising a 

number of Longwood math majors in their 
student teaching. In June, Jessica and her 
husband were given a wonderful surprise 
party by their two sons and daughters-in-law 
in celebration of their 35th wedding anni- 
versary, and in July they took a most en- 
joyable cruise to Bermuda. 


Degree Class of 1940 

President: Jane Powell (Mrs. Robert E. 
Johnson), 425 E. Pine Street, Wytheville, 
Virginia 24383 

Acting Alumnae Secretary: Isabel William- 
son (Mrs. Robert S. Hoyt), 3 Hamric Place, 
Lexington, Virginia 24450 
Dear Classmates: 

So many thanks to each of you who 
wrote. Jane Powell Johnson called to ask 
me to collect news for the Bulletin and it 
has been such heartwarming fun to read all 
your letters. 

Janelle Shelor Wilson said she had no 
particular news and was going to be away 
most of the summer. From where I sit, that 
in itself is News. As all of us know, one of 
Longwood's newest buildings is the Bedford 
Fine Arts Building, named in honor of "our" 
Miss Bedford. It was dedicated in March, 
1971, and there was a one-man retrospective 
show of Miss Bedford's works. Miss Bedford 
retired in June, 1972, after 44 years at Long- 
wood. We must all get back to admire "her" 
building and to congratulate her on being 
named Professor Emeritus of L.C. 

It was a real treat to talk to the "Madam." 
She was, at the time, in the throes of pack- 
ing to move to a smaller house and was 
scheduled for plastic surgery on her feet in 
July. Before this goes to press, you'll get a 
report that she is at home and on the mend. 
Mary Walker Mitchell Hughes' husband, 
Clinton, has been promoted to Veterinarian- 
in-charge for the state of Maryland, with an 
office in College Park. Mary Walker will 
remain in Atlanta for the present. Myra 
Smith Ferguson is in charge of swimming 
for the Title I Day Camp in Hampton. Her 
younger son, Steve, plans to visit his brother 
who is stationed in Germany, before he be- 
gins his senior year at V.P.I. Marie Eason 
Reverly's son, Taylor, who is associated 
with Hunton Williams Law Firm in Rich- 
mond, was married in December to Helen 
Bond of Lynchburg. Carol, Marie and 
Taylor's daughter, lives in Austin, Texas. 
Her husband is Professor of English at 
Austin College, and they have a son, Robbie, 
two. Marie wrote, "One of my privileges in 
living near Longwood is that I see many of 
the "Girls" as they return for different 
functions. — We are impressed with the won- 
derful job being done at Longwood and 
proud of the college." 

Emil Ellis Wood reports a year of recup- 
erating from two bouts of major surgery. 
She has the best wishes of all of us for a 
speedy and full recovery. Emil has a son 
at Virginia Tech, and one at Atlantic 
Christian. Rosemary Howell's travels are 
mouth-watering! Last summer she went to 
Colorado and California by plane, train, and 
car. She says, "the train ride from Denver 
to San Francisco was delightful." In June, 
'72, Rosemary planned to go to Detroit to 
attend the American Home Economics con- 
vention; then, on to Candada before re- 
turning home. "Sistee" Stringfellow Hor- 
tenstine reports that three of her four chil- 
dren are married, and she has five grand- 
children. Martha Moore Howe lives in 
Ithaca, New York, where she is Office Man- 
ager for the Cornell Daily Sun. Her three 
children also live in Ithaca: one daughter is 

teaching, another is married, and her son 
is in college. 

First prize for the longest letter goes to 
Essie Millner Dresser. "Es" and Harold live 
in Leavensworth, Kansas, in the house in 
which Harold was born. After a long and 
varied teaching career, Essie is now the 
elementary school Librarian at the Eisen- 
hower School at Fort Leavenworth. She 
would very much like to know if any '40 
classmates have sons or daughters stationed 
at Fort Leavenworth. If she is dealing with 
grandchildren of Longwood friends, she 
would like to be aware of it. Essie and 
Harold have three children and four grand- 
children. Margaret Northcross Ellis says 
that she is "always amused and flattered to 
be included in the Class of '40." Margaret 
("Billy") received her degree in August, 
1940, and it is we who should be proud to 
"claim" her. She sent a lengthy newspaper 
article concerning the North Cross School, 
an independent school in Roanoke, named 
for her and with which she is still associated. 
Helen Reiff Scott sent pictures of her two 
lovely daughters, Ginnie and Joanne, but 
they were in color and cannot be used. Dave 
is with DuPont. Helen is a part-time Refer- 
ence Librarian at the Wilmington Public 
Library. She frequently sees Jane Lee 
Hutcheson Hanbury, '42, who lives near the 
Scott's summer home in Ocean City, N.J. 

Marion Hardin Park of El Paso, Texas, 
recently visited Beaulah Ettinger Cobbs. 
Beulah is President of the Harrisonburg 
Business and Professional Women's Club 
and is teaching Latin at the Montevideo 
High School. Her husband, Dr. Howard 
Cobbs, is Chaplain of the Sunnyside Presby- 
terian Home, and assisted in performing the 
ceremony at the recent wedding of the 
Cobbs' son, Bill. Jeanne Allen Padgett lives 
in neaiby Buena Vista; I hope to see her 
soon. Lula Windham Hannaway says, be- 
cause of the teacher surplus in St. Louis, 
she thinks she'll "leave the teaching profes- 
sion and join an airline". Ora Wilson Hol- 
land is expecting a visit from Grace Waring 
Putney. Ora has a married son in Lancaster, 
Pa., and a younger boy who will be a senior 
in high school. Her busy life includes being 
president of the United Methodist Women 
and helping with choir and community work. 
Martha Woolbrinck, daughter of Nancy 
Moss Woolbrinck, was graduated from 
Emory University in June. Another daughter, 
Carol, will be a sophomore at Lincoln 
Memorial University; and Charles, Nancy's 
oldest, is married and living in Winchester. 
"Moss" keeps busy with Woman's Club, 
D.A.R., and bridge club, and has been 
"working like mad on our new Community 

The Class of '40 is spread far and wide. 
Janet Lemmon Hanson lives in Long Island. 
Her husband is an attorney in New York, 
but Janet is still a loyal Southerner. She be- 
longs to the North Shore Southern Society 
and is an active member of the Altar Guild 
and other organizations at St. Stephens 
Church. Her daughter, Elizabeth, is a senior 
at Duke. This is an appeal to any Longwood 
Alumnae living in Texas or Western Loui- 
siana to speak up! Marjorie Nimmo Kiser 
who lives in Orange, Texas, is "lonesome" 
for Virginia people and news. She is teach- 
ing sociology in the seventh grade. The 
Kiser's sons are grown, but daughter, Sheri, 
is a high school senior. 

Katherine Moomaw Yowell has visited 
Pattie Bounds Sellers '39 and Frances Steed 
Edwards '39, and recently saw Irma Car- 
penter Crafts, diploma '38. Irma's eldest 
daughter is Katherine's godchild and will 
soon wed. Katherine has three sons; one 
married, one at Lynchburg Training School, 


and a fifteen-year-old at home. There's an 
ideal way to beat the rising cost of medical 
care, and Sudie Dunton Brothers and Lymar 
have done it! Their son, Rick (Lyman III), 
received his M.D. in June, and is now an 
intern at Travis Air Force Base. A six- 
month-old grandson, Michael Dunton 
Brothers, has added a new touch of joy to 
the family. Sudie's eldest daughter is mar- 
ried, and her husband is in the furniture 
business with Lyman. A younger daughter. 
Peggy* will De a senior at Brunswick 
Academy. The Brothers had visits from 
Elmore and Harriet Haskins Eubank, '41, 
and Warner and Myra Smith Ferguson at 
their summer cottage "Pot Luck Point." 
Nearby is the cottage of Vernon and Frances 
Pope Tillar. Frances still works with Vernon 
in his dental office and has a 2 year-old 
grandson, the child of her older daughter. 
Terry. The Tillar's younger daugther, Kay, 
will be a junior at William and Mary. 

During Easter Jerry Hatcher Waring drove 
to Michigan, met her son and daughter-in- 
law, and all flew to Southern Spain, with a 
side trip to Tangiers. Jerry has purchased a 
Hammond organ and is taking lessons. (How 
would we have made it through four years 
without Jerry at the piano?) The Richmond 
Longwood Alumnae Chapter numbers 
among its board members Marion Shelton 
Combs who has "enjoyed telephoning all 
the Longwood graduates in the area from 
classes '36 through '40." Marion suggests 
that "all our class get active in your nearest 
Alumnae group and support our dear Alma 
Mater." With her youngest now in college 
at Emory and Henry, Marion enjoys being 
"grandmommy" to four precious little girls. 
Dover, N.H.. is home to Caroline Faris 
Euler. She and her husband. Hank, an 
architect, have a son Henry III who was 
married this summer. Young Henry served 
in the Peace Corps in Ecuador, has a degree 
in horticulture, and is working in Islip, N.Y. 
The Euler's daughter, Dare Tenny, is doing 
well at Juniata College, and Caroline has 
just completed her tenth year back in teach- 
ing. June brought the arrival of "Sis" Sturgis 
Crockett's second grandson. Cam. the 
Crockett's younger daughter, was graduated 
from Hollins, and is now in Mexico — work- 
ing toward her master's degree in psychol- 
ogy. Church activities, bridge, and golfing 
at Grandfather's Mountain Country Club 
keep "Sis" on the go. 

One of the "fringe benefits" of living in 
N.J. was the opportunity to see and remi- 
nisce with Johnny Lybrook Mothershead 
Johnny and Ivan have most recently lived 
in Memphis, but a move to Pensacola, Fla., 
is imminent. Ivan III was married in June, 
has his master's in economics, and is in 
business for himself. Jayne is a senior at 
East Carolina, and Yvonne will be a fresh- 
man at Univ. of Tenn. in Knoxville. Lorana 
Moomaw and her sister, Leona, left New 
York July 1st to tour Norway, Sweden, and 
Denmark. When "Moo" wrote, they had jus; 
returned from taking a course at VCU on 
the British Open School. She says, "If you 
can't beat it, you have to join it; that's 
what I am trying to do." "Moo" teaches 
American History in the seventh grade and 
is teaching grandchildren of her peers. 

Last summer Olivia Stephenson Lennon's 
family celebrated son Larry's return from 
Army service in the Canal Zone by taking 
a camping trip into Canada. They went as 
far as Moosennee "a quaint little village of 
Indians and Eskimos in the James Bay area 
of Ontario." On their return, they came 
through the gold mining area and on to 
Quebec, Montreal, and Ottawa. Olivia says, 
"It was a delightful trip; we did it the hard 
way — in a tent!" Son Larry is continuing his 

college work in Florida, and daughter, Celia. 
is a "junior at Old Dominion. All will be 
saddened to learn that Dot Eades Conner's 
husband died in January, while she was in 
Roanoke visiting her critically ill father and 
her convalescing mother. Dot's only son lives 
in Las Vagas, Nevada. Dot has lived in 
Hawaii and the Philippines. In Hawaii, she 
was director of Junior Department of Prot- 
estant Chapel, and had exciting experiences 
as Red Cross Canteen Chairman. She says, 
however, "I'm beginning to wonder if I 
should have been studying plumbing, car 
maintenance, electronics, etc.. instead of 
flower arranging, interior decorating. Chinese 
art painting, and oil painting." With Dot 
living at Shalimar, Florida, and Johnny 
Lybrook Mothershead moving to Pensacola. 
we should be able to expect a Florida 
Alumnae Chapter any day now! Martha 
Meade says, "Our main concern at present 
is our boys." Her eldest son lives in 
Indiana. Jack is in Korea; due home in 
November, and Jim is in 1 1th grade. 

Does anyone have any news of Liza Wise? 
It has been ages since we've heard from or 
about her. Marie Dix Moran, diploma '38, 
spent a month in Europe with her husband. 
Mary Lou Cunningham Warren and Willard 
spent 10 days in Oslo, Norway, last year 
while she attended the Conference of the 
Associated Country Women of the World. 
Following the Conference they toured six 
countries. Mary Lou is Parliamentarian for 
the Home Demonstration Clubs. Anna 
Maxey Boelt and her husband enjoyed 
cruise to Bermuda last spring with a Square 
Dancing Group. Helen Jeffries Miles called 
from Blacksburg to say that she really had 
no new news. 

The girls and I moved to Lexington last 
summer and have spent a year adjusting to 
new surroundings and a different way of 
life. My oldest daughter. Ridgely, is secre- 
tary to the V.M.I. Foundation. Young 
Isabel, 18, is taking Nurses Aide training 
at the Woodrovv Wilson Rehabilitation 
Center at Fishersville; and Leigh, the 
youngest, will be a junior in high school. 
My son and daughter-in-law. and my en- 
chanting grandson live much too far away, 
but were with us last Christmas. Excess 
poundage, a few grey hairs, bifocals, and 
grandchildren ought to make us more arti- 
culate than ever. Do, please, respond 1009c 
to next year's Acting Alumnae Secretary. 
Warmest regards go out to each and every 


Class of 1943 

President and Acting Secretary: Betty 

Boutchard (Mrs. S. C. Maclntire, III), 1340 

Saeewood Circle, Stone Mountain, Ga. 


We had three years of superb guest editors 
and then last year we were conspicuous by 
the absence of our class letter. I'm grateful 
for the response this year. Winifred Wright 
Heron and her husband were in Atlanta for 
a convention. It was the first time I'd seen 
her since we graduated. Dave is librarian at 
the Univ. of Kansas. Holly, who graduated 
from the Univ. of Calif., is in nursing school 
at Kansas Medical College, Jim is an 
architecture major, and Charlie is a rising 
third grader. 

Longwood seems to be popular with 
daughters of the class of '43. Virginia Fire- 
sheets DuPriest's older daughter Susan 
graduated in 71, married that June, and 
lives in Richmond where she teaches French 
and English. Her younger daughter Anne 
Preston is a junior at Longwood and plans 

to complete her degree in speech pathology 
at the U. of Va. Virginia teaches but, in 
the summer, she and her husband are in- 
terested in collecting old bottles, playing 
golf, and traveling. Martha Anderson 
Gwaltney has two daughters attending Long- 
wood. Ann will be a senior this fall; Vicki 
is a freshman. After her pre-pharmacy 
course, she hopes to enter MCV. Martha 
teaches English and Latin at Smithfield High 

Ann Rogers Stark's daughter Sarah is also 
a Longwood student. Her son John gradu- 
ated from VPI and has accepted a teaching 
assistantship at Georgia Tech. Alice Seebert 
Godwin's oldest daughter Anne is going to 
be married in the fall. This summer, while 
Anne is finishing her master's program, Alice 
was in the midst of all the wedding prepara- 
tions. Dearing Fauntleroy Johnstons' older 
daughter is working in New York; her 
younger daughter is in college in Winston- 

I seem to have a talent for catching Elsie 
Stossel Upchurch at airports as she is em- 
barking on still another fabulous trip. This 
time she was off to the British Isles. Her big 
news was her wedding to Norman Upchurch 
and honeymoon to the Caribbean. 

The Bishops ( Helen Lewis) have been 
extremely active people. Last fall they were 
in Italy and Greece. This spring they bought 
a new home in Louisville. This summer 
their older son Lee was married at Virginia 
Beach. Their younger son is at Brown. 

Opal Nelson Pegram and her family have 
been building a cottage on the Pamlico 
River in North Carolina and have done 
every bit of the work. Skip is in the 11th 
grade while the twin daughters, Ida and 
Trudi, are in the 9th grade. Opal does all 
the clerical work in the local library. 

Ada Claire Snyder Snyder and her hus- 
band combined sightseeing, visiting friends, 
and playing bridge in one big bang-up trip. 
Their trip included Nova Scotia, Boston to 
see Anne Garnett Shealy, and Chicago for 
the National Bridge Tournament. Mary Jane 
Campbell Everett and her husband came 
over from Indianapolis to spend a weekend 
with the Snyders. This summer they went to 
Montreal for a bridge tournament. 

Anne Elicit Hardy has been taking gradu- 
ate work at VCU and is now a guidance 
couselor at Amelia Academy. The Hardy 
twin daughter was awarded a scholarship 
from Salem College to study nine weeks in 
Italy while the twin son graduated from 
college in August. The 16-year-old son is 
a junior at Amelia Academy. Anne sent 
the following news: Grace Hutcheson 
Pearce's C46) daughter was married in 
Richmond last June. Frances Mallory 
Miller's daughter finished at Vassar. is mar- 
ried, and lives in Calif. Her son is a doctor. 
Two of Nancye Allen Fitzpatrick's children 
attend Duke U. Jack Hardy Rives has two 
daughters, one is married and the other is 
a student at W&M. While at the beach, 
Anne talked with Margaret Kitchin Gilliam. 
She and Charlie are still successfully running 
the Halifax Hotel. Their oldest daughter 
Harriet is married and lives in Roanoke. 

Bee Reid Paradis and Don have bought 
an old sixteen-room house in London. Now 
Sarah Wade Owen has two good reasons 
for going. Her brother and family are now 
living near London. 

Finally received word from Eastern Shore. 
Alice Belote Curling's youngest daughter 
was in a serious accident. During her con- 
valescence, Alice heard from Margaret 
Finney Powell and saw Elizabeth Walls 
Davis. Alice's oldest daughter graduated 
from LC, and her son graduated from VPI. 
He's planning to return this fall to do gradu- 
ate work. Alice was packing for a European 


trip. Alice sees Sugar Scott Dix every week 
and says she looks the same — has found the 
fountain of youth. 

Anne Covington Fulghum hopes we can 
all keep ourselves pasted together until 
March so that we can all meet for our 30th 
reunion. Anne's son is married and is in 
Medical School at UNC. Her daughter Ann 
Gwyn graduated from the University in 
June and will teach English in Virginia this 

Leona Moomaw's letter was filled with 
news. Moo had stopped in Farmville to see 
the Campus School and Longwood. In her 
words "The Rotunda is perfectly beautiful. 
The restoration of this famous place is 
lovely". One night, while having dinner at 
the Hotel Roanoke, Moo thought she rec- 
ognized voices and there were Bee Reid 
Paradis and Miggie Misli Timberlake. Bee 
was getting ready to return to England. Moo 
sees Charlotte Greely Murphy. Charlotte 
Phillips Gouldin has two girls at LC. Moo 
has her master's degree and more than 
thirty hours toward her doctorate. Each 
summer she plans a big trip. This year she 
was off to Norway. 

Mamie Snow Penland has just returned 
from a tour of the Scandinavian countries. 
Mamie teaches math at Fairfax Hall, a girl's 
boarding school. Last summer, Joice Stoakes 
Duffy, Mary Rucker Dixon, '45, and Anne 
Moore Agricola and their husbands all went 
to Europe. They rented a Volkswagen bus 
and toured six countries. Anne's oldest son 
graduated from W&M and is at the Medical 
College of Virginia. Her son is going to 
VCU in the fall. Anne's youngest child is a 
ten-year-old daughter. 

Maxine Compton Fuller is Coordinator 
of Business and Office Education in the local 
high school in Hueytown, Ala. This includes 
securing jobs for her students. That calls for 
much public relations with the many civic 
organizations. Maxine's youngest daughter 
will graduate from high school this coming 
year while her middle daughter is going to 
Jacksonville State U. Her only son is an 
8th grader. Maxine has two grandsons. 

I visited with Ella Marsh Pilkinton Adams 
by phone and found she is a proud grand- 
mother of two-year-old Patricia Adams. Ella 
Marsh's daughter Sally is married and living 
in Richmond while her husband is stationed 
at A. P. Hill. Ella Marsh is a teacher's aide 
at Holy Innocents' Day School for pre- 
school children. Since Northside Hospital 
opened, she has worked as a pink lady. 
Bridget Gentile Melito is teaching in Chesa- 
peake. Her older son Jimmy is back in 
college after two years in the Marines. He 
is at VPI while Richard is a second-year 
student at VCU. Susan is entering Radford 
this fall. Edna Brown Lupton is in New 
Mexico. Nell Prichett Gordon is in Arling- 
ton. Bridget gets to see them on their visits 
to Suffolk. 

Next Founders Day means a class reunion 
for us. Let's make a real effort to be to- 
gether. If you are falling to pieces at the 
rate I am, it might be now or never. So, 
unless providentially hindered, let's be there! 


Class of 1945 

President: Eleanor H. Wade (Mrs. Elie 

Gerald Tremblay), Broomley Rd., Flordon, 

Charlottesville, Va. 22901 

Acting Alumnae Secretary: Marilyn Virginia 

Johnson (Mrs. Cranston Williams, Jr.), 

3250 Allendale Street, N.W., Roanoke, Va. 


Betty Rogers Willey's husband has retired 
from the Navy and now owns and operates 

a sporting goods store in Milton, Fla., along 
with his son, Marvin. Betty, in real estate 
business, is on the Board of Realtors as 
well as the Selective Service Board in Mil- 
ton, on the Planning and Zoning Commis- 
sion and a member of the Pilot Club. She 
is listed in Marquis Who's Who in American 
Business Women. Her son John, Jr., married 
and teaching in Milton, will begin work on 
Ph.D. in December. Her daughter Dale is 
in her third year at U. of Fla. studying law. 
Betty has two grandchildren, Marvin, Jr 
15 months, and Deborah Willey, 13 months. 
Lucille Simpson Neathawk is retiring this 
year after completing 46 years of teaching 
in Franklin and Roanoke counties and 
Roanoke city. She and her husband are 
planning some travels and will continue 
some special hobbies plus church and civic 
activities. They have one son, J. P., who is 
studying in Scotland and will receive his 
M.D. next June from U. of Va. 

Eleanor Corell Orrell and her husband 
are enjoying their ministry on Gwynn's 
Island. Their daughter Nancy, 21, is a 
senior at VCU, and son Tommy will be a 
senior at Matthews High. Frances, their 
youngest, will be one of Mom's art students 
when Eleanor will start the county's high 
school art department this fall. Eleanor has 
enjoyed recent visits with Virginia Treakle 
Marshburn '46, Ellen Bailey '46, and Lee 
Carter Wilson '47. 

Gwen Sampson Rennie's family had an 
exciting spring. In March Gwen's oldest 
daughter, Mary Gordon, was married (to 
quote Gwen) with tradition held to a mini- 
mum. Frank F. Rennie, IV, entered the 
Naval Academy where he will be playing 
football for Navy — so let's all be watching 
for Frank on television when the Army- 
Navy game is played. 

Nettie Anne Paytos Wiggins is assistant 
secretary-treasurer of Emporia Federal 
Savings and Loan Association. Her daughter, 
who was married in July, will be teaching 
second grade in Montpelier this fall. Her son 
is a sophomore in the medical school at 
MCV. Sara Moling MacKinnon and her 
family live in Houston where John heads a 
counseling center at a large Presbyterian 
church; dealing mostly with marriage and 
family life. Sara is teaching a preschool class 
in a parochial day school and helps with 
physical education classes for elementary 
students. Young John expects to enter U. 
of Texas in anthropology soon. Daughter 
Margaret is a sophomore at Vassar where 
she holds a merit scholarship. Rebecca is in 
Switzerland now as an American Field Ser- 
vice student. Ann Micheaux, and eighth 
grader, is interested in art and sailing. Sara 
and John are avid tennis players and enjoy 

Jean Akers Hesson and Julian live in 
Gladstone, in Nelson County, their home 
town. Jean is principal at Appomattox Pri- 
mary School. She returned to LC to attend 
graduate school. Daughter Julia is a high 
school senior, and son Grey is a graduate 
of W&L. He is now on Okinawa. Jean keeps 
in touch with Nancy Dickerson Tureman, 
Margaret Stewart, Cecil Parr Tunstall, and 
Phyllis Butler Vaughan. 

Lelia Holloway Davis has lived in Texas 
for two years where her husband is senior 
JAG lawyer in the Corpus Christi area. Staff 
Judge Advocate for CNATRA, and head of 
the law center. Lelia writes that for three 
years prior to moving to Texas, they were 
stationed in Naples, Italy. What an exciting 
life they led — traveling to all parts of 
Europe and the Mediterranean! Lelia and 
one of her daughters spent six days at Pom- 
peii as paid extras for a British movie being 
made there. Lelia has two daughters at LC. 

Jeanne, a senior who was selected for Phi 
Kappa Phi, newest honorary scholastic 
society, is a member of Alpha Sigma T 
Nancy, 18, will be a freshman this fall. 
Son, Charles 15, is a high school junior. 
Joyce, 23, the oldest daughter, is working on 
her master's in law and political science at 
University of Naples. Lelia extends a cordial 
invitation for classmates getting to Corpus 
Christi to visit with her. 

Nancy Hall Shaw of Catonsville, Md., 
wrote that in the summer of 1942 (going 
back a few years!) she was secretary to 
Gen. Patton in Wash, and was delighted to 
see him again in 1970. At present she is a 
medical secretary at Spring Grove State 
Hospital. She, Jean McCIung Nesbitt, '36x, 
and Martha Hamlet Davis, '37, have been 
close friends and belong to the same church. 

In August, Cranston, our two children, 
and I drove by the Longwood campus on a 
trip home from Williamsburg. Those of you 
who seldom see our Alma Mater would be 
happy to see how gracious and well kept the 
campus and buildings look. 


Class of 1946 

President: Eleanor Bisese (Mrs. Robert B. 

Johnson), 1517 Hillsboro Rd., Wilmington, 

N.C., 28401 

Acting Alumnae Secretary: Anne Summers, 

(Mrs. W. B. Lumpkin, Jr."), 8332 Chelmford 

Rd., Richmond, Va. 23235 

Girls on the go is the news for the class 
of 1946. Eleanor Bisese Johnson left her 
gardening; she and Bob flew to Europe tour- 
ing Germany and France. Can't you see 
Bessy in Paris? Her oldest son Mark is in 
dental school at Chapel Hill; daughter Carol 
is studying fashion design in London this 
summer, and Rob is a senior in high school. 
Carolyn Bobbin Jones and Cab sailed on 
the Queen Elizabeth II to the Carribean and 
Caracas. They have a summer house at 
Bugg's Island. Look for her if you go that 
way. Jackie Bobbitt Fields '49 and children 
are coming from Honolulu for August. 
Carolyn expects to be a grandmother this 
fall, and her daughter enters Averett. Anne 
Carmines Ransdell is secretary-treasurer and 
accounting manager for the Gunst Corpora- 
tion in Richmond. Last summer she and her 
husband and daughter went to Hawaii and 
toured the islands. She is the only woman 
on the Board of Directors of the Richmond 
Association of Accountants. We have a 

Jo Eades Bear in Roanoke won a trip to 
Europe. She and Clay had planned a trip 
for this spring; now it will be longer. They 
had a home wedding for their daughter in 
June and their son Clay, Jr., is getting 
married in August. He is working on his 
Ph.D. in Physiology. They have a 21-year- 
old daughter still at home. Minnie Rose 
Hawthorne Lyle is in Keysville teaching in 
the high school and the community college. 
She has three active children; Berry 21, 
Kitty 17, and George 16. Jean Anderson 
Clayton teaches English at Smithfield High 
School. Daughter Mary Sue is a junior at 
Longwood and Nancy will be a freshman 
this fall. Ever faithful, Virginia Treakle 
Marshburn is teaching seventh grade math 
in Gretna. Earl is pastor of the Midway 
Baptist Church. Daughter Sallie will be a 
freshman at Meredith, and Marsha is a 
ninth grader. Caroline Marshall Aylor lives 
in Gretna. Lois Lloyd Sheppard Lewis' son 
David is going to Ferrum Junior College 
this fall as does Isabel Willson Obenschain's 
Mike. Lois Lloyd has a tenth grade 
daughter and a summer house at Smith 










Mountain Lake. Isabel lives in Staunton, 
has a married son there, and a daughter 
working in Richmond. 

Ruth Fleming Scott has been teaching 21 
years, 18 of them in the Chase City Ele- 
mentary School. A three-year-old grand- 
daughter provides much fun. Bobbie Livesay 
Edwards in Hampton has a son in medical 
school at UVA, a daughter at Hampton 
High, and they have bought a retirement 
home at Massanutten Mountain. Virginia 
Price Perrow has moved to Glen Arm, Md. 
While traveling this summer, she has seen 
Evelyn Pierce Mattox, Tootie Buck Muse 
'50, Mary Spradlin, and Vicky Edmonds 
Scott. Her oldest son is a senior at Mecklen- 
burg College, and the other a senior in high 
school. Ruth Rowe Daniel lives in Rich- 
mond near Minnie Lee Crumpler Rice. Her 
oldest son was graduated from VMI this 
spring and married two weeks later. 

Frances Lee Stoneburner and Frank go to 
Hampden-Sydney often to see Lewis, his 
wife, and 14-month-old Bellamy. She has 
seen Beverly Peebles Kelly and Betty Wriglit 
Richmond who also have sons at Hampden- 
Sydney. Mopsey and David will give them 
another grandchild in November. David is 
a senior in medical school. Hank still plays 
baseball and basketball at Douglas Freeman 
High School. She sees Margaret Harvie 
Cardwell and Margaret Orange is at Thal- 
himer's Westmoreland. Look for her. Katha- 
rine Allen Maugan's big news — she is now a 
Commander in the Navy! Congratulations 
from all of us! 

As for Bill and me. our oldest, Lee Anne, 
has a great job at Thalhimer's, after one 
year at Longwood. Debbie is at Johnston- 
Willis Nursing School. The boys are a 
sophomore and a junior at Midlothian High 
School. At this moment I am on the beach 
at Virginia Beach and loving it. 

Next year I expect to hear from all of 

John, 17, Mary Hart, 8, Robert, 14, and 
Anne Willis Holden, '47 


Class of 1948 

President: Louise Brooks (Mrs. J. W. 

Howard, Jr.), 1404 Ruffner Rd., Alexandria, 

Va. 22302 

Acting Alumnae Secretary: Mitty Hahn, 

(Mrs. Hunter C. Sledd), 514 Diane Lane, 

Richmond, Va. 23227 

It was really great to hear from so many 
of you this year. With our 25th Reunion 
coming up this spring I hope to see lots of 
you there. If you haven't made plans to 
come already, GET BUSY! 

Thelma Davis Cobb is teaching third 
grade at Southampton Academy in Court- 
land, where Randy, 15, is very active in 
sports. Her daughter, Robin, is attending 
V.C.U. this year studying Physical Therapy. 
They moved into a new home last Easter 

but spend most of their summer at their 
cottage at Cape Colony on the Albemarle 
Sound. The news from Jeane Bentley is 
that she is working on her doctorate at 
V.P.I, and S.U. after having received a 
scholarship from Delta Kappa Gamma. She 
was also one of 5 recipients of the Southern 
District Honor Award in Houston, Texas 
last March. It was presented for recognition 
of meritorious service to the field of Health, 
Physical Education and Recreation. She sees 
many classmates who have children in the 
Roanoke City Schools where she continues 
to serve as Supervisor of Girls' Secondary 
and Elementary Health and Physical Edu- 
cation. Jane Burchett Wommack and Betty 
Burchett Almarode plus families got to- 
gether this past summer at Betty's home in 
Tallahassee and went for a glorious two 
day visit to Disney World where they stayed 
at the Polynesian Village, then back to 
Tallahassee and from there to Betty's and 
Dick's cottage at Mexico Beach on the Gulf. 

Tucker Winn moved to a new school this 
past year in Fairfax with a mere enrollment 
of 4800 in grades 7-12, the James W. 
Robinson, Jr. Secondary School. She talked 
the administration into creating a position 
called "College Counselor" and is working 
in that capacity this year as advisor to the 
other senior counselors, to students, etc. She 
is responsible for College Night, College 
Orientation Programs, et al. Tucker wrote 
Charlie Hop inviting him to return for our 
25th. Our sympathy goes to Tenn Anderson 
McCraw whose son, David, who was eigh- 
teen and a freshman at Central Virginia 
Community College, was killed in an auto- 
mobile accident March 5th of '72. Mary 
Louise who is in the eleventh grade and 
Ann, a seventh grader. Teen worked toward 
her master's degree at Longwood this past 
summer. She is in her seventh year of teach- 
ing. Margaret Jones Dresser had a long 
hospital stay last winter. Hope you are all 
better by now, Margaret. Her oldest son, 
Chuck, has a darling two-year-old daughter 
named Kim. Tom, her second son, goes to 
the U. of Md. where he is majoring in archi- 
tecture. Jim, 12, is busy with sports, and 
school and the usual boy stuff. 

Anne Homes Bussells and I chatted by 
phone. Clifford was made Vice-President 
of Virginia Trust Co. Last year they moved 
to the west end of Richmond to be near St. 
Christopher's School where their son, Scott, 
is enrolled. B. J. Snapp Fawcett is. teaching 
at Robert E. Aylor Junior High in Win- 
chester — Virginia History and a new one, 
Self and Society. Her oldest, Robert, is in 
his first year at V.P.I, and S.U. majoring 
in the field of forestry. Carol is a junior in 
high school and in her fourth year as cheer- 
leader. Husband is in his 28th year with 
Potomac Edison Co. Hilda Abernathy Jack- 
son writes that the past year has been the 
hardest she has ever experienced, with the 
loss of her husband, Earl. Her son David 
is at U. Va. Maury is an 11th grader at 
Warwick High where she also teaches 5 
classes of U.S. History. Maury served as a 
page in the House of Delegates for both 
the '71 and '72 session. Mary Lu Graham 
Page lives in Williamson, W. Va. where Jim 
has taken a position with the Pittston Coal 
Company as a group vice-president. Ellen, 
her oldest daughter, teaches ballet in Fort 
Worth, and during the summer danced in 
theatre-in-the-round productions. Lucille is 
is a senior in New Orleans. Jane is a senior 
at Stuart Hall in Staunton and Sarah a 
seventh grader. 

Gussie Hargan Taylor and her family live 
in Roanoke where Ben is principal of James 
Madison Junior High School and Gussie is 
a sixth grade teacher at Raleigh Court. 

Their son, Ben III, is with the Army Secu- 
rity Agency in Germany and their daughter, 
Melinda, is a senior at Cave Spring High 
where she is a member of the Drill Team. 
Martha Anderson Rollings has been serving 
as guidance counselor at Surry Academy 
for the past two years. However, this past 
summer she was appointed Headmistress. 
Her daughter, Faye, spent four weeks study- 
ing French in Switzerland and then two 
weeks traveling to several other countries 
after her graduation from high school. She 
is a freshman at Longwood. Marjorie Burns 
has been principal of an elementary school 
in Shreveport, La. for two years — interest- 
ing, she says, and guaranteed never to be 
dull. She has worked constantly getting her 
master's plus 30 hours above. Last summer 
she spent her spare time traveling in West 
Texas, Mexico, and Hawaii. Peepsie Brooks 
Howard sends her love to all of you. She's 
playing quite a bit of tennis and golf. Peep- 
sie's son, Johnny, 20, atetnded one year at 
Hampden-Sydney College and is now work- 
ing for a construction firm, living at home 
and spending all his spare time and money 
working towards a pilots license. Bill, 17, 
is a high school senior this year. He has 
played in the Virginia State Golf Associa- 
tion Junior Championship for the past five 
years and also qualified in the South At- 
lantic Junior Championship in Md. The 
former Judy Light Snider is now Mrs. Hart- 
well B. Slayden. Judy's son, just discharged 
from the Air Force, was in a rock group 
before entering the service. They played all 
over the states of Virginia, Maryland, New 
Jersey, etc. Her daughter is a junior in high 
school in Winchester. Frances Treakle 
Rountree says that her children are getting 
bigger and she's getting older. Aren't we 
all?! She substitutes in the elementary 
schools nearby and Charlie is with the ship- 
yard. A footnote from Gee Gee Yonce 
Gates — Gee Gee has still another son, 
Rusty, going to Hampden Sydney this year. 
Her oldest son. Bill, is a junior there. Jean 
Turner Patterson lives in Charleston, W. Va. 
Her husband is Area Manager of W. Va. 
for General Services Administration — in 
layman's language, housekeeper for all fed- 
eral buildings. They have three children, 
Debbie, 18, Gregory, 16, and Robert, 15. 
She was president for two years of the Bed- 
ford Garden Club and is now serving as 
president of the women of St. Matthews 
Episcopal. Church. Jean visited with Jane 
Underbill Tankard, her roommate at Long- 
wood, on the Eastern Shore in the summer 
of '71. Jane is married to Phillip whom she 
was dating when she left Longwood. He is 
now Superintendent of Schools and they 
have four children, the oldest of whom at- 
tends Virginia Intermont. The Sledds, The 

David Walton McCraw, son of 
Estaline Anderson McCraw, '48 


Marjorie Burns, '48 

Mitty Halm Sledds, that is, stay busy as 
usual. Our oldest son, Hunter III, graduated 
from the U. of N. C. in May of 71. Billy, 
our second son, was married to "the girl 
next door", and are living in Blacksburg 
while she goes to Radford College and he 
to V.P.I, and S.U. Bobby, our third son, 
is a junior at the U. of Tenn. He spent his 
fall quarter visiting a friend in Thailand 
with stops in other countries going and 
coming. We have just finished our 11th year 
of Little League Baseball, and it was a con- 
stant battle for a chance to spend some time 
at our home on Locklies Creek off the 
Rappahannock River. Husband Hunter has 
served on the Longwood College Foundation 
Board for several years. 

Don't forget our 25th Reunion! Everyone 
I've heard from is quite excited about it so 
do plan to join us and let's have the biggest 
representation yet! Until then — 


Class of 1949 

President: Violet Ritchie (Mrs. J. V. Mor- 
gan), Box 306, Gloucester, Va. 23061 
Acting Alumnae Secretary: Gwen Cress 
(Mrs. James O. Tibbs, Jr.), 900 Terrace 
Drive, Park Hills, Covington, Ky. 41011 
Ruth Stables (Mrs. Aubrey T. Pennington), 
2047 Wareen Street, Petersburg, Virginia 

Thanks to many of you for your notes 
and news. 

Frances Farley Birkebile is proud to tell 
us that she has two girls at Longwood now, 
Jan a senior this year and Maureen a soph- 
omore. What happened to the ten-page let- 
ter you promised me?? Laura Jean Comer- 
ford Chumney enjoys living in N. J., where 
Dick works with the Dept. of Agriculture. 
Kevin, 20, will be a junior at Rutgers. Kar- 
lee, 18, graduated with a scholarship to at- 
tend West Chester State College in Penn. 
Kendall, 14, loves sports, go-karts, and mini 
bikes. Laura Jean enjoys her home and 
family and church work. She would love to 
see any Longwood girls who happened to 
visit her area. Esther Goffigan Maxey is 
teaching fifth grade. Their son Bill will go 
to college in September. Marjorie was one 
of four in her class of 550 that made all 
A's the first six weeks last year. 

Betty Jane Brockway Law keeps busy 
trying to keep her family on schedule. She 
helps with Girl Scouts needlework badge 
and 4H Club groups and sings in the church 

choir. (Betty Jane, I saw you on TV. one 
Sunday in the choir while I was visiting 
Mother in Lynchburg.) Their son, Sammy, 
will go to V.P.I, and plans to major in 
math. Tom is sixteen and likes art, camp- 
ing, and long bicycle trips. Sara is eleven 
and loves swimming and basketball. The 
family enjoys Myrtle Beach for vacation 
and week-end camping trips. Ann Joyner 
Francis visited Betty Jane while their son 
and daughter were bowling in the state 
tournament. Their son, Al, is going to the 
U. of Richmond in the fall. Her "husband 
is retired from the Air Force and is work- 
ing with the School Board. Phyllis Alley 
Carter's daughter is going to Elon College 
in North Carolina in the fall. Violet Ritchie 
Morgan has an interesting "male" house- 
hold. Her oldest son, Jim, will start to col- 
lege this year at U. of Va. The middle son, 
Bill, is fifteen and enjoys doing over old 
relics and dabbling in photography. Joe is 
twelve and plays football and baseball. The 
family plans to charter a sailboat and cruise 
the upper Chesapeake Bay. Jean Cake 
Forbes said in her letter that seems to fit 
so many in our class: "Who needs woman's 
lib when we have a wonderful husband, a 
fine family, and meaningful work to do 9 " 
Jean also enjoys teaching first grade. David, 
their oldest son, will enter William and 
Mary in the fall. Beth will be a senior in 
high school she went to Girl's State at Rad- 
ford this summer. Tom at fifteen has passed 
all of us in height. Jean sees Jackie Watson 
Dudley briefly and says Jackie will have a 
son at Old Dominion and another at U. of 

Lee Staples Lambert recently graduated 
from college and received her B.S. in busi- 
ness education. They live in Memphis and 
have three teenage sons. Marcella Mandel 
Levi is proud of her daughter. Jill, who has 
finished her first year at Old Dominion. Jill 
was fortunate enough to have her scholar- 
ship renewed for her sophomore year. Jen- 
nie Lee Cross Kalie is busy. Amy will be 
in high school, Barbara in junior high, and 
Lucy in kindergarten. Pete and her husband 
are having fun. The Christmas vacation was 
spent skiing at Birch Mountain, and No- 
vember in Hawaii! Dot Daniel Townsend 
and her husband, Wilfred, are in full time 
ministry for the Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- 
lowship. Her husband retired from his job 
with DuPont to take this special work. They 
travel over nine states and are raising funds 
for the support of the Campus Missionaries. 
In their area there are over one million 
college students attending over 500 colleges 
and universities. They kept their beautiful 
home in Atlanta, and have seven grand- 
children in California. Our prayers go with 
you; maybe your work will touch some of 
our children who will be in college in your 
area. Gwen Cress Tibbs still has a busy 
family, ages ten to twenty. I do quite a bit 
of sewing and have a family who enjoys 
homemade rolls, cakes, etc.; so even though 
I direct a kindergarten and nursery school, 
I still use my home ec knowledge every day. 
Jennie Lee Cross Kalie is busy with her 
eleven year old son's activities such as 
church and Boy Scouts. Jennie Lee teaches 
reading, part time in two schools. Phyllis 
Bagley Hoefer and family have been living 
in Reston, for the past three years. They 
lived in the Philippines for eighteen months. 
Her husband, Fred, is Director of Engineer- 
ing Service for the Veterans Administration. 
They have two daughters, ages thirteen and 
eight, who attend Hunters Woods team 
teaching school. Phyllis would love to see 
some of you girls who live in her area. 
Anne East Watkins and her family moved 
from Richmond to Durham, N. C, in July, 

1971. She has two boys ages seven and ten. 
She would love to know if there are any 
Longwood girls living there too. 

Petee Patterson Venable sent a beautiful 
picture of her five girls. The girls range in 
age from three to nineteen. The oldest, Deb- 
bie, is going to Kentucky Univ., Patti plans 
to go to Longwood. A newsy letter from 
Margaret Wilson Jefferson in Richmond — 
her oldest of five children will be a sopho- 
more at Longwood next year. Margaret 
wrote that Ann Robertson Mobly from 
Danville that she had enjoyed Octoberfest 
at Longwood. Ann's daughter is a sopho- 
more there. After being away for eight 
years, Helen Owens Scruggs will be making 
her home in Richmond again. Dot Winton 
Minick sent greetings from San Diego. Her 
husband is Engineering Officer of USS Chi- 
cago, a guided missile cruiser, and due 
home soon from Viet Nam. They have 
three children, and all enjoy their home on 
Scripps Ranch. 

Two son's weddings and her own gradua- 
tion from Longwood marked an eventful 
year for Helen Harrison Bullock of Glas- 
gow. She teaches 5th grade at Natural 
Bridge Elementary. Congratulations, Helen, 
on earning your degree! She keeps in touch 
with Mildred Williams Keith in Richmond. 
Millie has four children and has been tak- 
ing a class at V.C.U. Mary Ellen Temple 
Dorey sent news from Norfolk. She has 
three children — the oldest, a son, is in the 
band at V.P.I.; thus, her family enjoys all 
the football games there. Jane Taylor James 
agrees that students should be much youn- 
ger than 40. She is working on a master's 
degree this summer and will go into elemen- 
tary supervision in August. Their son will 
enter V.P.I.; they also have a daughter in 
the 10th grade. 

Ruth Tilled is a guidance director at 
Holmes Intermediate School. Harriet Steel 
Wills lives on a farm near Suffolk and 
teaches 4th grade at Suffolk-Nansemond 
Academy. Her husband, Curtis, trains and 
shows horses. As for me ( Ruth Stables 
Pennington ) — we have two children — a 
daughter, Paige, a sophomore at Longwood 
and a 13 year-old son. My husband is an 
elementary school principal in Petersburg. 
We keep in close touch with my twin sister, 
Lillian Stables Wise, '47. My brother, David 
and his wife (Bobby Robertson Stables, 
'50) are now in Farmville. Bobby will teach 
at Prince Edward Academy, and David will 
be manager of VEPCO. Their daughter will 
enter V.P.I, this fall and they also have a 
16 yr.-old son. Our youngest sister, Mar- 
garet Stables Hawkes, '53, died May 16, 
1972, (victim of cancer). She taught school 
at Blackstone. 


Class of 1950 

President: Norma Roady, Averett College, 

Danville, Va. 24541 

Acting Alumnae Secretary: Charlotte "Oot" 

Newell (Mrs. Ernest J. Phillips, Jr.), 103 

Mohawk Road, Hampton, Va. 23369 

May I take a brief moment to thank 
those of you who took the time to send me 
the news. 

Juanita Weeks Handy sent a most infor- 
mative letter from Langley, British Colum- 
bia. Norm is teaching at Trinity Western 
College there. Juanita is substituting in the 
Langley schools. Their children: Virginia, 
John and Susan have adjusted quite well to 
the new situation. Nita says they are nestled 
in Fraser Valley which is about thirty miles 
from Vancouver. Norma Roady at Averett 
College didn't have much news. She is a 


neighbor of Barbara Sours who is Director 
of Guidance at Bonner Junior High School 
in Danville. Troxie Troxler Harding prefers 
her guidance work (even though it means 
working on an 11-month basis) to class- 
room teaching. Chip, their oldest is a junior 
at VCU. Mike is a freshman at Elon; their 
youngest. Ricky, 9, is their only stay-at- 
home. They sold their camper and acquired 
a cottage on a river. Troxie and Ellis cele- 
brated their 25th wedding aniversary this 
year. Helen Walthall Sumpter has a son, 
Steve, in the Navy staitoned in D. C. Shar- 
on, her daughter, attends Rockingham Com- 
munity College. She and Charles live in 
Eden, N. C. 

Mary Lou Woodward McKnown has two 
children: Beth, 13, and Bobby in the fourth 
grade. They spent a weekend last summer 
with Dot Doutt Minchew and her husband 
Oscar at their place on the Chicahominy 
River. She saw Margaret Beasley Scott and 
husband Ben last fall. Mary Lou sees Pat 
Davis Gray often at school functions. Pat 
also has a 13 -year-old. Mary Lou and Bob 
bought a camper to go on Bob's truck and 
they were hoping to head for a California 
trip this summer. Sue Walker Carlyle is 
still teaching elementary physical education. 
Her son, Winston, 12, plays on a recrea- 
tion basketball team. Mary Jane Hudson 
Chandler has a daughter in the Army sta- 
tioned at Ft. Eustis. Their other daughter 
graduated this year from high school, and 
their nine-year-old son is a Cub Scout and 
played Little League baseball. 

Lou Alyce Shelor Vaughan saw Dot 
Dodd Jackson while both were vacationing 
in Myrtle Beach, S. C. Each has four chil- 
dren. Nancy Lee Maddox Carrington lost 
her mother in May of 71. Nancy Lee's 
daughter. Cee Cee, is eleven and in the 6th 
grade. Nancy Lee's husband, John, is Fi- 
nancial Control Manager with Weyerhaeus- 
er. Betty Lewis Shank Eubank spent some 
time at Virginia Beach last year next door 
to Kitty Beale Barcalow, but didn't know 
it until time to leave. She sees Nancy Bruce 
Maitland often. They were in Williamsburg 
in April when it snowed! She had a note 
from Betty Jefferson '49 who is Secretary 
to the President of Averett College. Betty 
J., her sister and Martha "Bee" Hylton went 
to London for a week. Betty Lewis and her 
husband, Ben, went to New York to meet 
their two daughters: Bev and Leigh, who 
were returning from Germany where they 
were exchange students from East Carolina 
Univ. They have another, Gail, who was 
a senior at Catholic Univ. Ann and Joan 
are in the 6th and 4th grades and the twins 
are in the 2nd grade. Mimi. the youngest, 
is two. The eldest, Carol '69 was married 
in Dec. 71 to Jack Forbes, Hampden-Syd- 
ney '69. 

Bfr ' im 

Daughters of Betty Shank Eubank, '50 
Left to right: Gail Blount, 21, Beverly Eu- 
bank, 21. and Leigh Blount, 19. 

Lucy Vaughan Taylor lost her husband, 
as did Kitty Bcale Barcalow. Our sympathy 
goes to Lucy and Kitty. Lucy teaches 5th 
grade and will have two children in college 
this year and another girl is a junior in 
high school. Jean Oliver Heywood's daugh- 
ter has been accepted at Averett and they 
hope to see Roady there. Carlton has added 
another job to his already busy schedule. He 
is on the local Board of Supervisors for the 
Gloucester Point district. Jean and Carlton 
were a host family for an AFS exchange 
student this year. Jean gave the following 
low-down on these girls: Doris Conner 
Courtney teaches 3rd grade in Northern 
Neck. Jean Hogge Shackelford is a music 
consultant in Portsmouth. Katherine Buck is 
teaching P.E. in Annandale and coaching a 
winning basketball team. Connie Heather 
Poland is busy with her private kindergarten. 
Jane Gray Comerford moved from Dallas 
to Blackstone and is delighted to be closer 
home. Nancy Short Dean recently moved 
from Charlotte to Matthews, N.C. Jean said 
she saw Mary Lou Alphin Hurley who had 
returned from a year abroad, where her 
husband was an exchange professor. 

Patricia Paddison Evans' daughter, 
Wyndelyn, married a Norfolk boy in Feb. 
Pat says it was a big wedding and they may 
never get over it! Pat is still painting, sewing 
and keeping house. They live in Atlanta. 
Pat and her husband, Carroll, saw Ruth- 
Ellen Mears Taylor '49 at the Greenbrier. 
Carol Stoops Droessler is ever on the run — 
drops a line now and then between Boy and 
Girl Scout activities. She held an Alumnae 
tea for the folks from the Chapel Hill- 
Durham-Raleigh area in June. Liz Jones and 
Miss Winnie Hiner were in attendance. Also, 
present was Susan Simpson Allen '65, who 
is a niece of Rebecca Kelsey Newman. 
Rebecca's first husband passed away. She 
married Raymond Newman, and they have 
a new baby. Mary Jean Miller dashed off a 
note saying she was headed for Europe and 
was so excited. She and three others (from 
Holy Cross) were to spend 45 days "travel- 
ing" with no itinerary. Sounds wonderful! 
Susie Bowie Brooks and G. T. took a trip 
to England in the spring. She was elated 
over how lovely, clean, and green every- 
thing was. Their son, Tyler, who attends 
Hampden-Sydney, is married and living 

A postcard from Ann Nichols Wesler 
stated they were moving from Mass. to Md. 
Anna Nock Flanigan wrote from Walkers 
Cay in the Bahamas. They've rented a villa 
until Labor Day and says they have half the 
children on the sailboat and half at the villa. 
She hopes to get to Va. in the fall and to 
look up Peggy White Crooks and Annette 
Jones Birdsong and others. Anna's god- 
daughter. Ketzy Gibb, graduated from Long- 
wood this year and had a visit with Anna 
and family. Anna said they cruised in and 
around the British Virgin Islands during 
Thanksgiving. Jane Hunt Ghiselin Lindley 
and family headed for Mexico for a month 
to travel, and to help celebrate Don's 
parents' 50th wedding anniversay. The 
children, Bobby. 13; Ann, 10: and David, 
7, had never been to Mexico before. 

Lizzie Bragg Crafts and her husband are 
quite involved with the AFS (American 
Field Service) student program. Bud is 
president of their chapter. Liz is also a 
member of her church's Vestry, which had 
a big job this year in securing a new- 
minister. Lynn, their oldest will attend VPI 
this fall. Peggy is a rising high school junior 
who is busy with Scout work and church 
activities. Morgan at 13 will have a great 
trip this summer, scouting in N.Y. and in 
parts of Canada. Susan, 8, takes swimming 


Peyton, son of "Oot" Newell Phillips 

and tennis lessons. Lizzie is also taking 
tennis lessons. They hope to take a trip to 
Maine and Nova Scotia, where Liz' sister 
lives. The Crafts try to get to Norfolk on 
occasion, where they see Peggy White 
Crooks and Helen Hardin Luck and families. 
Dot Doutt Minchew and hubby, Oscar, are 
— as of this writing — vacationing in Hawaii. 
I read in "NASA Activities" that Jane Smith 
Tindall's husband, Howard (Bill), was 
named Director of Flight Operations at 
Manned Spacecraft in Houston. Congratula- 
tions. Bill! Patsy Kimbrough Petters went 
to the Middle-East this past year. She especi- 
ally enjoyed Israel and Greece. Their eldest 
son is a junior this year at the U. of S.C., 
and the youngest of the four sons will enter 
kindergarten this fall. She sees Jane Williams 
Chambliss quite often. Patsy and Jane hope 
to visit Carol Stoops Droessler in Raleigh. 
I went to our Alumnae Luncheon in the 
spring and Marjorie Boswick Michael was 
there. Liz Jones. Dr. Willett, and George 
Bristol were also guests. I see Martha Alice 
Wilson Thompson '52 occasionally. Ernie 
and I are busy trying to keep two houses in 
shape and working at NASA. He has 
traveled to the U. of Iowa and Minnesota 
concerning his work. I finally attended the 
"Blessing of the Hounds", which is a service 
our hunt club offers each year. This service 
follows the stirrup cup and precedes the fox 
hunt. Very impressive! Peyton, my offspring, 
graduated from high school and is headed 
for VPI. He won his letter in swimming, 
has won trophies in water skiing tourna- 
ments. It's been most enjoyable hearing from 
all of you. I hope more will write each year. 
Longwood is really blossoming now, and 
we should do our best to support her! 


Class of 1951 

President: Miss Betsy Gravely, 219 Thomas 

Heights, Martinsville, Va. 24112 

Acting Class Secretary: Fran Harper Powell, 

(Mrs. P. E. Powell), 7232 Timber Lane, 

Falls Church, Va. 22046 

Thanks so much for the splendid response 
for our news. Our many thanks to Betty 
Jones Klepser for writing our news for the 
last several years. 

Andrea Adams John has two boys attend- 
ing scout camp and working on Eagle 
projects. Andy has done some substitute 
teaching in junior high. She attended her 
high school 25th reunion recently. 

Edith Duvall is working with the Prince 
William County Health Department. She has 
retired from the U.S. Government and living 

in Woodbridge with her 90-year-old mother. 
She plans to go to the Holy Land next 
January for ten days. 

Kathryn Terry Wilson has a son 17. and 
a daughter 13. They visited Florida and 
Disney World for their vacation. Her son 
will be president of the SCA where Mother 
teaches school and will attend SCA National 
Workshop in Hot Springs. Ark. this year. 
Her husband is with the Halifax Soil Con- 
servation Service. Kathryn saw Poppy Reid 
Stenzhorn at Virginia Beach last summer. 
Poppy has two sons; one at Fork Union 
and one at home. 

Frances Everett Brown is teaching in 
Fairfax County at Freedom Hill School. 
She has four children. Paul will finish 
Madison High in June; Martha will go to 
Oakton High as a sophomore; David will 
be in fifth grade where Mother teaches; 
Steven will be in kindergarten at Hunter 
Mill Country Day School. Web, her hus- 
band, is with Tracor Electronics in Rock- 
ville, Md. Peggy Dee Hoover Newhall has 
three children and says she is full time 
chauffeur for band, ballet and gymnastics. 
Peggy is doing team teaching at Wakefield 
Forest Elem. School. They live near Annan- 

Helen Connelly Button is busy with PTA, 
church work, garden club, and car pools. 
She has three boys and one girl, ages 16, 
13, 10 and 4. Helen plans to attend our 
25th reunion at Longwood. Virginia West- 
brook Kobeckis is teaching in the Richmond 
Public Schools. She has completed 16 years 
of teaching. Her son Tom. 16. was a page 
in the Virginia Senate 1970-71, an Eagle 
scout, and an honor student in school. 
Arthur, 18, will attend Ferrum Junior 
College in August. Westbrook is taking sew- 
ing this summer. She and Ed planned to fly 
to Waika Ki, Hawaii in August for vacation. 

Dorothy Dunford Cook was married in 
1970 and teaches at Elkhardt School in 
Richmond. She attended a graduate level 
course in "Preparation of Instructional 
Material" this summer. Dot is active in 
church work. 

Mary Lee Gardner McMath lives in St. 
Augustine, Fla. and in Virginia for the 
summer. Their 21-year-old son, Ned, is at- 
tending the U. of Fla. Daughter, Suzanne, 
is a sophomore at Jacksonville U. and 
Mary is in the 9th grade. Her husband, Ned, 
is a self-employed produce broker. Their 
travels consist of three conventions a year — 
the Potato Chip Convention, the United 
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Convention, and 
the Canadian Fresh Fruit and Vegetable 
Convention. You are invited to call Mary 
Lee when visiting Florida. She is only one 
hour from Disney World. 

Patricia Walker DeLisio's first wedding 
anniversary was July 17th. She and her 
husband traveled to Spain in May and were 
planning a trip to Mexico for fall. Pattie's 
husband's son, 20, is touring Europe and 
India and will resume his college education 
in Vermont. Pattie is employed as Personnel 
Management Specialist in the Small Business 
Administration. Her husband, Len, retired 
in June and is planning a new career. They 
are building a cabin at Shenandoah Retreat 
in Berryville and hope to relax, play golf, 
swim and fish. 

Betsy Gravely is devoting her time to 
our State Physical Education Assoc. She 
taught driver education at a private school 
in Martinsville. Betsy says "All make plans 
for our reunion in 1976!" 

Edith Duma Lindsey is teaching at the U. 
of Ala. in the English Department. She and 
Clift, her husband, spent last summer in 
England and the summer before in the 
Netherlands. She is completing her disserta- 

tion requirements for Ph.D. in English at 
the U. of Ala. Edith has a daughter, 25 
years old. and is working with a community 
dance group. 

Shirley Roberts Schultz is teaching busi- 
ness ed. at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy. 
Their vacations have been traveling through 
the Southwest and the Midwest. They built 
a home near Holland and have a daughter. 
Sharon Kaye, 15. who is a cheerleader for 
the Academy. 

Mary Leigh Meredith Armstrong has 
three boys. Steve, Bill and David, ages 15, 
13, and 11. She is helping with a craft 
program in Bible School in Paterson, N.J. 
This program involves 125 children for v 
two-week period each day. She is given 
$50.00 to spend for supplies, so it takes lots 
of ingenuity. She edits a newsletter for the 
Diocesan Episcopal Churchwomen. teaches 
remedial reading one afternoon a week, is 
preparing a panel on ecology to be presented 
to 200 women from northern New Jersey, 
and has been a den mother for five years. 
Mary Leigh visits an uncle in Farmville but 
cannot seem to make reunion time. She saw 
Jean Smith Stewart ("Little Smith") in the 
spring. She has four girls. Jean is moving to 
Chicago. The Armstrongs visit Virginia 
Beach each year and sometimes stop to see 
Helen Connally Button. 

Mary Ann Boyd Oettinger has a boy, 
Frederic 12, and a girl, Anne 14. She has 
been a classroom teacher but is currently 
enjoying leisurely life. Claudia Anderson 
Chisholm has two children in college. Randy 
is a junior at VPI and Brenda is a freshman 
at LC. She has become interested in gene- 
alogy and historical research. She is active 
in the local historical society, DAR. and 
VDC. After the children are in school she 
and husband plan a trip to the west coast 
in November. The entire family enjoy boat- 
ing and skiing on Lake Anna in Louisa 
County in the summer. Many acres of their 
farm were flooded due to this project. 

Joan Cunningham Newman plans to teach 
kindergarten at Emmanuel Episcopal Day 
School in Hampton this fall. She previously 
worked for the city in the new Hampton 
Roads Coliseum and adds that she has met 
many people but her biggest thrill was 
shaking hands with Elvis. Joan sings in the 
St. John's Church choir and is with the 
Peninsula Civic Opera. She was planning 
her first plane trip and first trip abroad to 
England for July. Joan has four children; 
Robert 20, Audrey 19, Joan 17, and Stephen 

Shirley Bloxton is assistant principal of 
instruction at Washington High in Norfolk. 
She taught 18 years at Granby High. Shirley 
is a member of the Norfolk Museum, life 
member of NEA. and member of Delta 
Kappa Gamma. She received her Master of 
Education degree from W&M in August of 
1956 and did further graduate work in 
school administration and supervision at 
W&M in 1970-71. She sees Dr. and Mrs. 
Schlegel since they are teaching at Norfolk 
State College. 

Frances Creger Thompson and Jim have 
two children; Mike 17. and Mary 16. They 
are living in Hingham, Mass.; "yankees" 
with southern accents! Jim has been with 
Allyn and Bacon. Inc.. a textbook publisher 
for 12 years. He travels the entire U.S. 
looking for authors and programs to publish 
for high schools and elementary schools. If 
any classmates are contemplating such 
writing, contact him. Frances likes the 
Boston area; it offers culture, history, and 

Sue Biewbaker Williams lives in Medfield, 
Mass., about 30 miles from Frances and Jim 
Thompson. Betty Baker Rhyne teaches 

Spanish and history in Portsmouth. Her 
daughter, Martha 15, went to a Job's 
Daughter's Convention in D.C. 

Helen Agnew Koonce has three children; 
Beth 17 enjoys tennis, Susan 16 swims with 
the city swim team (takes after Mother for 
we remember Helen in swimming), and 
Martha 7. Margaret Robertson Milroy is a 
home economics teacher at George Fox 
Junior High in Anne Arundel County, Md. 
She will soon have her master's degree from 
George Washington U. Margaret has three 
children; Richard 20. Peggy 18, and Becky 
17. Max Acree Cumbia's husband, Phil, is 
pastor of the Deep Run Baptist Church in 
Richmond. She keeps busy with their two 
boys, Allen 15, and Dean 13. Mary Crowder 
White teaches fifth grade in Richmond. She 
has two children, Bruce 16 and Minta 15. 

Jill Pifer Childress lives in Norfolk. Her 
husband is a lawyer and they have three 
girls — 15, 13 and 9. They have just taken a 
delightful trip to England. Jill sees Helen 
Hardin Luck '50 frequently since they live 
near each other. Mary Jane Stransbury 
Peake has taken up tennis and golf. Her 
daughter, age 12, is an avid swimmer and 
horse-back rider. She swims on two teams 
and shows horses. Her son, John 7, is a 
good swimmer too. Husband, Billy, was 
made president of Lenz Supply Corp. re- 
cently. Emma Mae Pittard Vaughan at- 
tended a summer session at LC. She has 
two girls. Patsy 12, and Elizabeth 8. They 
live in Blackstone. June Divers Willcox has 
a full time job taking care of her children. 
Blair is 6 and Cheryl Lynn is 18 months. 

Eleanor Heath Hall is an English teacher 
at Young Junior High in Montgomery. Ala. 
Her daughter Hazel, 31, finished Huntingdon 
College and is now at U. of Missouri work- 
ing on her doctorate in drama. Susan, 20, 
is a junior at Huntingdon College and 
majoring in art. Eleanor received her 
master's degree from Troy State U. in 1962. 
Her husband is a salesman for Newton Mfg. 
Co., Newton. Iowa. Millie Carter is working 
with the State Health Department as a 
psychiatric social worker and part of a team. 
They work with children who have learning 
disabilities. Sarah Dickerson Jones keeps 
busy as a homemaker. They have Doug 14, 
Susan 11, Mary Neff 8, and are expecting 
a baby in November. Sarah's husband is an 
ecologist with the State Water Control 
Board. They live in Richmond. 

Emilee Dottb Mason of Seaford does sub- 
stitute teaching. Her husband retired from 
the Air Force two years ago after 23 years 
of service as a jet pilot. He is with the John 
Hancock Life Insurance Co. Grace Thomp- 
son Marshall has a son nine years old and 
will be in the fourth grade this year. Their 
vacations center around historical places. 
Her husband. LeRoy, retired last July after 
22 years with the Postal Service. Grace is a 
deputy clerk of the Circuit Court of Lunen- 
burg County. Mary Palmer Chinnis, her 
husband and daughter visited Grace in May. 

A few years ago Lillie Lankford Middle- 
ton, her husband and daughter visited Grace 
from Miss. Also Elsie Hawley Burkholder 
and family came to see her several years 
ago. I teach with Elsie in Springfield. Her 
husband is Personnel Director of Fairfax 
County Schools. She has a son 8, and a 
daughter 14. They visited Disney World in 
Florida this summer. 

Carolyn Calhoun Jones is a busy house- 
wife, and substitute teacher. She is active in 
civic and church activities. Carolyn has a 
son, Cal 11, and Kathy 15. Georgia Bailey 
Mason teaches 7th grade in Bedford County. 
She, her husband. Susan 17. Albert 15. and 
Laurie 12, went to Disney World this sum- 
mer. She keeps busy with school, community 


and church activities. Annette Vincent-Viry 
is teaching English in a French Lycee in 
Lyon, France. Last year she went to Great 
Britain to brush up on her English and do 
some sight seeing. Her last and only trip to 
the U.sT took place in 1948. In August she 
plans to go to Lebanon where she spent 20 
years when she was young. Annette feels 
more Longwood people should come to 
France, which is well worth a visit. 

Stella Lotls Magann plans to be in Europe 
while I write this news about her. She re- 
tired in 1971. Ella Sue Smith Biddlecomb 
has three children, Rob 17, Susan 15, and 
Allan 10. They live in Lutherville-Timonium, 
Md. Anne Lynch Millner and husband went 
to Bermuda in May with a medical group. 
The Miller's have four children; Edward 19, 
is a rising junior at Hampden-Sydney, Meri- 
wether 17, Marjorie 11, and Dan 9. Anne 
lives in Newport News. 

Andy Adams John says Virginia Spencer 
Wnek is teaching and has two boys in col- 
lege. Ginny's husband is a minister and they 
live in Mass. Ann Biddlecomb Rice has a 
son and a daughter, ages 12 and 10. Ann 
teaches in Senior High and they live in 
Reedville. Emily Hastings Baxter lives in 
Moylan, Pa. She has three children; Janet 
18, Donald, Jr. 16 and James 14. Emily has 
been in Europe attending the International 
Congress of Dermatology in Venice. Her 
daughter is a sophomore at Kenyon College 
in Gambin. Ohio. 

Betty Jones Klepser will vacation in No- 
vember when she and Roy will attend a 
medical meeting in Trinadad. Betty has been 
working as a part-time secretary this year. 

Elsie Hawley Burkholder says she visited 
Sally Smith Schniederjan in St. Petersburg 
Beach, Fla. Sally is teaching first grade 
there. They spent one day together catching 
up on 20 years of news. Anne McMullan 
Willis is a guidance counselor at Frederick 
County Jr. High and received her master's 
degree from UVA last year. Joyce Mattox 
Dillard is part-time minister of music in her 
church, full time teacher, full time Baptist 
minister's wife and full time mother of two 
full time boys, 11 and 9! Peggy Peery Yost 
is going into her 11th year of teaching. She 
really enjoyed Founders Day and said 
"everyone looked older but Ann Norfleet 
Taylor and me!" 

Now to my news. We went west to Wyo- 
ming and Colorado two years ago. Last 
summer we went to Miami. We have two 
girls, Laurie Anne in 5th grade and Virginia 
Lee in 3rd grade. This summer we went to 
Ohio. Phill retires in 3 years so we bought 
6 acres of land near Danville to build on 
and live in 1976. I keep busy teaching part- 
time, church work, club activities, and scout 

Thanks to each of you for making our 
news possible. Let's keep up the good work 
and continue having our news each year. 


Class of 1952 

President: Peggy Harris, (Mrs. Garland C. 

Ames, Jr.), 604 Claypool Court, Virginia 

Beach, Va. 23462 

Acting Alumnae Secretary: Jean Ridenour, 

(Mrs. Charles W. Appich, Jr.), 34 Willway 

Ave., Richmond, Va. 23226 

Yes, the 20th reunion of the Class of 1952 
was FANTASTIC! The highlight of the 
weekend, being the "Red checkered cloth 
supper party" given by Frances Thomas 
Pairet, B. B. Wilson Thompson, May Henry 
Sadler Midgett, Anne Moseley Akers, and 
Eleanor Weddle Bobbitt. These girls, dolled 
up in their hostess skirts (red checks) and 

blouses, truly helped make our reunion the 
great success it was. Forty-five girls made 
the scene and as Gerry Newman Nash put 
it, "I can't understand how some of the girls 
failed to age at all in 20 years." The follow- 
ing were there; Elsie Baker Tokarz, Flora 
Ballowe DeHart, Marian Beckner Riggins, 
Connie Blankenship Faris, Betty Scott 
Borkey Banks, Sarah Lee Bradshaw Chenery, 
Mary Brame Trotter. Mildred Bright 
Hatcher, Barbara Brown Moore, Mary 
Helen Cook Blair. Nell Dalton Smith, Chris 
Davis Grizzard, Shirley Grogan Duncan. 
Laura Lee Fritts Whitmore, Dot Greggory 
Morrison, Peggy Harris Ames, Dolores 
Hohack Kanner, (received a Longwood plate 
for being the alumnae returning the farthest 
distance), Joye Humphreys Harris, Maria 
Jackson Hall, Mary Moore Kan Borkey, 
Edith Kennon Shields, Rebecca Mann 
Umphlett, Anne Moseley Akers, Winnie 
Murdock Hentschel, Sue Nelson Matthews, 
Gerry Newman Nash, Stokes Overbey 
Howard, Lucy Jane Perkinson Angle, Bootie 
Poarch, Gay Power Mitchell, Jo Price 
Greenburg, Frances Ann Ramsey Hunter, 
Jean Ridenour Appich, May Henry Sadler 
Midgett, Norma Jean Saunders Gibbons, 
Mary Jo Smith Fore, Mary Frances Spur- 
lock Taylor, Ethel Straw Beall, Frances 
Thomas Pairet, Margaret Thomas Mayo, 
Nancy "Buddy" Walker Reams. Eleanor 
Weddle Bobbitt, B. B. Wilson Thompson, 
Peggy Wilson Samson, Virginia Dare Woody 

It was great to hear from so many of you 
and I do appreciate your willingness to sit 
down and write all the news that I received. 

There are many campers this year. Dot 
Greggory Morrison and her family spent a 
pleasant time in Maine and Canada. Mary 
Moore Karr Borkey, Walt and two children 
got soaked in their new camper during 
Hurricane Agnes and were forced to move 
into a motel at Disney World. She is teach- 
ing 3rd grade in Henrico County. Winnie 
Murdock Hentschell and John took a camp- 
ing trip to the beach at Indian River Inlet 
last August. They are very proud and excited 
about their community's new swim and 
tennis club for John worked very hard on 
the planning and building committee in 
Great Falls. 

Everyone has very active children and '52 
gals make good chauffeurs. In Bladenboro, 
N.C., is Audra Hawkins James. Her daugh- 
ter, Bobbie, is looking forward to returning 
to Peace College: 2nd daughter, Randi, is a 
high school junior and a cheerleader. Her 
two little ones keep her busy. She and 
Randolph had a glorious week in Hawaii 
last May. Frances Turner Widgen, in Cheri- 
ton, was back in college last summer at 
Old Dominion. She and John enjoyed a 
week in Bermuda last February. Her daugh- 
ter, Kathy, is attending Pan American 
Secretarial School in Richmond, but hopes 
to go to Airline Stewardess School when 
she is 19. They have a new boat and enjoy 
the Chesapeake Bay. For the past 4 years, 
Jim Harris, Joye Humphreys' husband, had 
been V.P. of Synthe-Tex Corp., Williams- 
burg, a subsidiary of Ozite Corp. Their 
oldest son, Mac Hart, is a sophomore at 
Chowan College. Her next 3 boys will be 
at York Academy. At the bottom of the 
ladder is Henry, who was 2 in Nov. Lois 
Ash Carr and family live in Ordinary (near 
Gloucester). They had a great trip to the 
New England states last summer. Kent, a 
7th grader, and Randall, 10th, are at Fork 
Union Military Academy. Cynthia, 5th 
grader and Rachel 3rd grader, went to girl 
scout camp. Lois is a Brownie Leader; 
teaches Primary children at Church. Two of 
her children are in marching bands at dif- 

ferent schools. Randy was in the York 
County Festival Band. Gerry Newman 
Nash's son, Greg, is 15 and plays quarter- 
back on football team and is pitcher on his 
Babe Ruth baseball team. Diane is 9 and 
enjoys school. The family enjoyed a flying 
trip to Disney World last Aug. Husband 
David recently became a Justice of the 
Peace. Gerry continues working as a secre- 
tary at the Citizens Bank in South Hill, the 
same job for 19 years. 

Frances Thomas Pairet enjoyed getting 
together with B. B. Wilson Thompson 
last summer in Farmville. She also saw 
Sara Graham Wells who lives in Weston, 
Conn. Betsy Pairet enjoyed camp and 
helped with the local park and with Sonny 
staying busy, the Pairets lead a full life. 
Frances wishes to thank everyone for help- 
ing us have a grand reunion. B. B. and her 
family spent their vacation at Cape Hatteras. 

All of us enjoyed seeing Gin Reid Blair, 
Cookie's daughter at the reunion. She will 
be a senior in high school, is editor of the 
newspaper and head cheerleader. Mary 
Helen Cook Blair's twins are 13 and 
William is 4. Cookie has been two years as 
Pres. of the Women of the Church, and 
Blair is now Executive Secretary for the 
FUMA Alumni Assoc, as well as Athletic 
Director for the Academy. Frances String- 
fellow Bailey, Nash, and three children 
live in Cheriton. Children are Greg, 10: 
Sherry 8, and Bonnie 6. Last summer took 
them to Twin Falls. West Va. Frances works 
in her husband's television shop during 
school months. 

Building our own cottages, boat docks, and 
floats on the rivers or lakes keep a few of us 
busy. Nancy Hounshell Brame and family 
have a long term family project building a 
place on Ken Lake in N.C. She and Betty 
Scott Borkey Banks had a fun visit last 
spring. Mary Brame Trotter, Ed, and her 
brother-in-law and family have built their 
cottage and dock on the Corotoma River. 
Son. Nick, crewed on a boat in the sailing 
race from Annapolis to Hampton. Mitchell 
enjoyed his 2nd summer at the VPI All 
Sports Camp. Her daughter Leigh, 14, 
traveled in Rome and Florence last April. 
Charlie and I were there also. We all had 
a glorious time. Marian Beckner Riggins and 
her family continue their skiing vacations — 
Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, last year. 
Margaret Thomas Mayo, Bob and children 
spent 8 days in Mexico City and when they 
returned found Richmond in the midst of 
the flood from Agnes; luckily they found 
one bridge open across the James to get 
home. Later in the summer Margaret 
journeyed to N.Y. with Bob who taught a 
course for the N.Y. Historical Society at 
Coopers Town. She enjoys the diving meets 
her children are in. Chris Davis Grizzard 
has attended courses at VCU in guidance 
and counseling; her family vacationed at 
Myrtle Beach. Her 14-year-old daughter en- 
joyed volunteer work at the Cerebral Palsy 
Center in Richmond. Sarah Lu Bradshaw 
Chenery continues her championship golf in 
Chesterfield County. Gay Power Mitchell, 
husband, and two boys take a cottage on 
the Rappahannock River next door to our 
place. We constructed a 9 x 12 float, painted 
orange and maroon, complete with Va. Tech 
sticker! Son, Charlie entered VPI last fall. 
My 3 girls enjoy their school activities, 
music and athletics. 

May Henry Sadler Midgett and her family 
had an interesting summer with Rotary Ex- 
change Students, spending a week or all 
summer. They were from Australia, South 
Africa, Belgium, and Sweden. Anne Moseley 
Akers was a broken bone casualty last 
spring — her ankle — but she was able to con- 




tinue teaching her night school classes. 
Maria Jackson Hall and Virginius played 
host along with Helen Tanner, '53. to friends 
from Lyon, France. They are members of 
the family that both Maria and Helen lived 
with 18 and 19 years ago when they studied 
on Fulbright Scholarships. Maria has also 
enjoyed a class at VCU in creative teaching 
in the elementary school and vacationed at 
Va. Beach. 

Some of our members are outstanding in 
other fields. Graham Trent Chappell, retired 
as a teacher a few years ago, but is chair- 
man of the Ed. Dept. in the Woman's Club; 
Recording Sec. in the H.D. Club, teaches 
adult Womens Bible Class, and offers Volun- 
teer Teacher Assistance one day a week in 
the Dillwyn Primary School. The class sends 
you love and sympathy in the loss of your 
husband. Norma Saunders Gibbons enjoys 
teaching and counseling at the Prince Ed- 
ward Academy while husband. Bob, is in 
his 4th year on faculty at Longwood. Norma 
is also sec. of local Alumnae Chapter. Pat 
Lee Mathews of Tulsa, Okla. serves on the 
state board of both the AAUW and the 
League of Women Voters as Education 
Chairman. She has traveled over the state 
in this capacity. Her latest project has been 
writing a perspective for the LWV The Ad- 
ministration of Common Schools in Okla- 
homa. She is chairman of Indian Research 
at Philbrooke Art Museum and a training 
Coordinator for the Pupil Aide Program 
sponsored by the PTA. Pat and Bob have a 
son and two daughters. Flora Ballowe De- 
Hart has a full teaching load at Louisburg 
College and has been adjunct consultant with 
the National Laboratory for Higher Educa- 
tion. This work has carried her to colleges 
in N.C., S.C., Ga., Ind„ N.J., and Texas. 
Last summer she conducted two one-week 
sessions on individualized instruction at the 
Jow Thompson Center of the University of 
Texas. This fall she has had a fellowship to 
the graduate school of the University of 
Texas where she has been working toward 
a Ph.D. in Junior College Leadership. Good 
luck to Flora! Since her 4 children are all 
in school, Gladys Savage Baker is in her 
3rd year of teaching in Wilmington, N.C. 
They are a camping family and enjoyed a 
summer in the mountains, swimming and 

Marian Beckner Riggins is proud of son 
Morris, 16, 6'-3" playing varsity football in 
high school. Kathy, 17, who went to Girls 
State at Radford and was elected Campaign 
Manager, was chosen Captain of All Star 
Sr. team of basketball camp at W&L. Son 
Charlie, 7th grader, plays basketball and is 
active in Boy Scouts: and Phillip, 8, is in- 
terested in everything. 

Stokes Overbey Howard and family spent 
a delightful three weeks in Acadia National 
Park, Maine; in Quebec and in Montreal, 
Canada; and at Lake Georges, Vermont. 
Norfolk claims Betty Barnes Lampert, 
Ralph, and three children; Patty, Paula, and 
Ralph, Jr. Last summer Patty and Paula 
received 3 and 2 tennis trophies respectively. 
Ralph, Jr., just finished Little League. Their 
summer trip took them to New York and 
Toronto. After 9 years of teaching kinder- 
garten. Betty has moved up to 1st grade at 
St. Peter's Day School. 

Please everyone drop me a card during 
the year and I will save it for next year's 
news letter. Until then and our 25th reunion 
in 1977, best wishes to all. 


Josephine Smith Brown '54 

Class of 1953 

President: Polly Brothers, (Mrs. H. G. 

Simpson), 508 E. Riverview Dr., Suffolk, 

Va. 23434 

Acting Class Secretary: Lilia Ann Wingfield, 

(Mrs. M. L. Pollard'), 4534 Fontaine Dr.. 

S.W., Roanoke, Va. 24018 

It was just great hearing from so many 
of you. It seems that everyone is busy with 
family and careers. Frances Andrews Hicks 
feels like a PE major since she is busy at- 
tending sports events with her boys and 
husband. She suffered a cerrebral hemor- 
rhage five years ago; thankfully suffered no 
ill effects. Mary Bennett Arrington is teach- 
ing English at Franklin County High School. 
Her husband owns and operates a florist 
business and she, Andy. 16, and twins, Marc 
and Gregg, 10 occasionally assist him. She 
went to London this past April with her 
brother, Wayne, who spoke at the U. of 
London. Dot Bosuick Greenman, along with 
Jackie Lackey Ailred, assisted with the 
Peninsula Alumnae Association reorganiza- 
tion. Dot's daughter will enter Longwood 
this fall. Polly Brothers Simpson does sub- 
stitute teaching and helps Henry in his CPA 
office. They have three children; Dale, 16, 
Hank, 14 and Mary Quentin, 10, and they 
all enjoy vacationing at Nags Head. 

Sarah Jones Light lives in Norfolk where 
Heath is serving an Episcopal church. 
Frances Howell Abernathy lives in Suffolk 
with husband Mac and daughter Lisa. Joyce 
Gatling Ward teaches school in Suffolk. She 
has two children. Sis Burton Holland lives 
at Virginia Beach. "Clancy" is on the city 
council. Ann Crowder Vickstrom lives in 
Richmond with her four children and hubby 
who is Project Director in Agriculture De- 
velopment for Reynolds Metal. They are in 
the process of building a summer cottage on 
Lake Gaston near Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 
She. and many others in the class, are defi- 
nitely planning to be back for the 20th 
reunion in March. From New Hampshire 
came a note from Joyce Cheatham Harvey. 
She, John, and three children were vaca- 
tioning there. She is teaching business edu- 
cation at Thomas Dale in Chester. John is 
with the IRS in Richmond. Jean Partridge 
Drewry started teaching last fall and says 
she has to study hard just to keep up. She 
is also director of her church choir. Sum- 
mers are spent on the Albemarle Sound 
with three children and Sam. 

My roommate, Beebie Hancock Beard, 
lives in Portsmouth with hubby and two 
daughters. She is busy with church work 
and being PTA president. They went to 
Disney World when school was out. Sarah 
McElroy Harvie and Jack have three chil- 
dren. She has been in all kinds of musicals, 
including playing Eliza in My Fair Lady, 
singing at Erskine College's Fine Arts Week- 

end and during Opera Week in Atlanta. 
Jack is with the YMCA in Sumter. S.C. Ann 
Keith Hundley Brame is in Tucker, Ga. Her 
oldest daughter is captain of the varsity 
cheerleaders and co-editor of the school 
paper. There are also two other girls in the 
family. Ann Keith reports that Challice 
Hoyden Parsons and husband and three 
children live at Stone Mountain. Nancy 
Driskill Finley and her family live not far 
from Ann Keith. 

Going to Spain in February was Betty Jo 
Jennings Curran's biggest excitement in the 
last year; says she really enjoyed the trip. 
Lookout Mountain, Tenn. is the home of 
Wanda Karlet Marshall, Katie, 14, and big 
Echol. Wanda is assistant supervisor of 
Adult Basic Education with the Chattanooga 
School System. Alumnae news certainly 
comes from afar: Carolyn Michael Johnson, 
husband, and two sons now live in Wood- 
land, Calif. They went to Hawaii recently. 
Harriet Minichan Thomas writes that Hayes, 
Jr. 16, Bob 14 and Harriet 10 are all 
talented and exceptional. 'Byrd' and family 
are living in Charlotte, N.C. where Hayes 
is in business for himself. She, too, plans to 
be back for our 20th. Annie Lee Owen 
Carlton is in Newport News where Bob is 
the Minister of Education at Temple Baptist 
Church. There are five children in their 
family. Annie is busy with church work, 
substitute teaching, and teaching at the 
Baptist Assembly in Lynchburg. Lina Hale 
Ore is in Lynchburg and teaching second 
grade at Yellow Branch Elementary. Her 
married daughter also lives in Lynchburg. 
Lina's husband is the golf pro at Cedar Hill 
Golf Club. She received her master's from 
Longwood in January. Billie Dttnlap Powell 
was awarded a fellowship at the U. of Md. 
to work toward her doctorate in music edu- 
cation. She was also chosen to play for the 
Master Classes for University Day. 

It was so much fun hearing from so many 
of you. I am still teaching and husband, 
Marvin, is a supervising engineer with 
Appalachian Power Company. We follow 
the Tech games closely and often see Betty 
Van de Rett Baecher. Let's all plan to come 
back for the 20th! 


Class of 1954 

President: Nell Copley (Mrs. Jack Irby), 

Rt. 1, Box 42, Blackstone, Va. 

Alumnae Secretary: Jeanne Hamilton (Mrs. 

C. H. Lafoon), 1503 Lee Dr., Farmville, 

Va. 23901 

Many thanks to those of you who re- 
sponded to my letter! Dolly Home Gwaltney 
was one, and you will be interested to know 
that she, her husband Atwell, children 
William 13, Mary Shepherd 11 and Ben 4 
live in Smithfield. After leaving the Gwalt- 
ney Co. in May, her husband is involved 
in building Smithfield's first public golf 
course. Dolly is planning to see us all at 
reunion in "74. Living in Smithfield also is 
Elsie Holland Cox. As you may remember, 
Mrs. Cox already had three grandchildren 
in 1954 so she says she has nothing to add 
there! She did retire in 1967 and keeps busy 
with volunteer jobs in the community. 
Catherine Hamilton of Keysville has also 
retired. She enjoys being her own chief cook 
and bottle washer with a little bridge play- 
ing thrown in. Miss Hamilton, too, has kept 
a watchful eye on Longwood's progress and 
has enjoyed every minute of it. Hattie E. 
Pugh joined the ranks, along with Mrs. Cox 
and Miss Hamilton. She taught for many 
years and worked for the F.B.I, in Wash- 
ington. Since June she has been living in 


Lynchburg. Miss Pugh says she is not ready 
for the "rocking chair group" yet, though, 
and plans to do volunteer work to keep 

Jane Branch Botula, living in Gaithers- 
burg, Md., attended a concert in honor of 
Miss Emily Clark in Farmville this spring. 
Miss Clark retired this year. Jane brought 
daughter Beverly along with her and was 
amazed at the "high rise dorms" and eleva- 
tors! Being a nursery school teacher four 
mornings a week doesn't seem to be enough 
to keep Jane busy; so she teaches piano in 
the afternoons and takes classes at Mont- 
gomery Junior College. Oh. yes, she directs 
the children's choir in her Methodist Church. 
Children are Alan 15 and Beverly 10. En- 
route back to Maryland from Farmville, 
Jane and Beverly spent the weekend with 
Nell Copley Irby and family in Blackstone. 
Nell is back teaching after a three-year 
leave, following the birth of daughter, Mar- 
garet Barrett, who is in play school now. 
Nell was hoping to get the Virginia Beach 
teaching group together for a reunion. Lou 
Kilts Dent is living in Richmond and has a 
beautiful home. Lib Boswell Lackey is living 
in Martinsville, and Anne Foster Posey is 
head of the English Department at Man- 
chester High School in Richmond and has 
bought a home there. Nell and Jack love 
farm life; he is Soil Conservationist for 
Mecklenburg County. 

Josephine Bell Brown was recently named 
to the Matthews County School Board. Mrs. 
Brown retired from the school system in 
1969 after many years of teaching, but 
came out of retirement to fill a vacancy this 
past year. Ann Edmonds Huntington sent 
kind words from Alexandria, and she is still 
enjoying teaching. From Taipei, Taiwan, 
came word from Faye Greenland Campbell. 
After leaving Kuala Lumpur, Faye and 
family spent a month in Europe, revisiting 
Scotland, England, and Paris. There they 
had a reunion with Michelle Bodo Radan 
and Dr. and Mrs. Schlegel. A month in the 
U.S., and they were off to Taipei where 
Bruce was named Manager of Bank of 
America's Taipei Branch. In February, Faye 
and the children had a two-week trip to 
Rome and the Holy Land, with summer 
visits to Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong 
Kong. Son Brewster is a typical 9-year-old, 
and Sharon 6 is quite talented, excelling in 
ballet, swimming, Chinese, reading, and was 
selected as a demonstration exceptional child 
for a course given by the University of 
Southern California. I don't know how our 
news letter ever catches up with Faye, but 
she is faithful in responding. 

The travel bug seems to have bitten more 
of the class of '54. Claire Kreienbaum 
Hannan is tripping off to France, Greece, 
Italy, the Carribean, New Orleans, and 
Miami with husband Bob. Bob is a Vice 
President with Marriott Motor Hotels. While 
in Miami Claire talked with Moneda Key 
Holman, '53. As boat owners, the Hannans 
and the Picardats (Sylvia Reames) tie up 
on the Potomac and visit. A trip was in the 
making to visit June Johns Griggs in Atlanta 
and Wanda Karlet Marshall, '53, in Tennes- 
see. Wanda's son, Echol, is in school in 
Alexandria, and Claire saw the family when 
they were in town. Moneda Key Holman, 
is to become a grandmother in December, 
and daughter Becky will probably come 
home to Miami to have the baby, because 
her husband will be overseas. I thought I 
had the jump on everybody in that depart- 
ment! Moneda is still antiquing, but the last 
thing she took back to Miami from Virginia 
— you won't believe! She is nurturing a 
honeysuckle plant with as much care as 
she gives her orchids! 

Marsh Hamer, 3 years and 8 
months, son of Joyce Pomeroy 
Hamer, '55 

Patsy Sanford Moore comes back to 
Farmville to visit her mom who is a neigh- 
bor of mine. She is much involved with 
family and children and is living in Spring- 
field. June Johns Grigg and family have 
moved to Atlanta. Patsy's sister, Jane, lived 
next door to June in Annandale and says 
June's new house in Georgia is just lovely. 
Betty Islin Saffelle says that Life Begins at 
Forty, and it must mean the Saffelles. They 
are in a new city, new house, and a new 
position. Bob was named executive head of 
Wachovia Bank in Burlington. Down the 
block lives Mary Jean Carlysle Overstreet 
who helped welcome them. 

Our male fellow graduate. Eric Robinson, 
is Executive Vice President of Virginia 
National Bank here in Farmville. He is so 
active in the community that I don't have 
room to list the many ways he lends his 
talents. Most recently, though, Eric was 
named to serve on Longwood's Board of 
Visitors. He doesn't look a day older, either, 
darn it. What is it about men! 

Our Kip is almost eighteen, a senior at 
Prince Edward Academy, and Lisa is sweet 
sixteen and a junior. They both love sports 
and are on varsity teams, keeping us busy 
following them all over Virginia. Mike and 
I had a marvelous trip to London in April, 
with a short jaunt to Paris. The week in 
London was highlighted by a visit out to 
Suffolk County. 75 miles away, to see Betty 
Lou Garrett Atwood. Earl, and their family. 
They are taking full advantage of being so 
ideally located and are touring the continent 
at every opportunity. They showed us a 
perfect day in a darling picturesque English 
town named Lavenham. We saw farmland, 
old churches, and had dinner at an Inn that 
was built in 1500. Betty Lou teaches typing 
a few evenings and some sessions of short- 
hand. The craze at the moment, Betty says, 
is to go "rubbing". Brass rubbing, that is. 
She was kind enough to share some of her 
attempts with us, and we treasure them as 

I do hope this letter makes up for the 
void last time. I was glad to hear you had 
missed it. We all love hearing from you! 


Class of 1955 

President: Betty Davis (Mrs. H. R. Ed- 
wards), 35 S. Steward St., Winchester, Va. 

Alumnae Secretary: Eloise Macon (Mrs. H. 
Melvin Smith), 566 Lucia Rd., Pittsburgh, 
Penn. 15221 

Donnie Devine Clark from Charlotte, 
N.C., called me her news. She is past presi- 
dent of the Charlotte Alumnae Group, but 
continues her active life as president of the 
Zetas there. She took a fabulous trip to 

Lake Ozark, Mo., to the Zeta Convention. 
Donnie and Len have two boys; William, 
12, and 14-year-old Gus. Both boys are 
very athletic and particularly enjoy golf. 
Donnie sees Carolyn Vanture Culpepper 
and Ernestine Johnson Delaney occasionally. 
Ernestine's daughter Kim, 13, spent last 
Christmas in the hospital with pneumonia, 
but still managed a straight A average in 
school. Ernestine keeps busy with volunteer 
work at the American Cancer Society Office, 
with L.C. Alumnae Activities, and her active 
household. . . . Ellen Brent Dize Boone's 
husband is now in his third year as minister 
of the Trinity United Methodist Church in 
Troy, N.C. The Boones have four children 
ages 6 to 14 all in different schools this 
year — lots of chauffeuring for Ellen Brent 
in addition to all her other activities. Last 
summer they had a great trip to Florida, St. 
Augustine. Cape Kennedv. and Disney 

From Richmond Barbara Allen Garrett is 
Assistant Manager of the Federal Reserve 
Bank where she has worked for the last 15 
years. Her husband, Buddy, is Chief Pro- 
cedual Auditor for the Bank. They are both 
active in church work and Bobbie finds time 
for many activities including the Board of 
Managers of Crippled Children's Hospital, 
Altrusa Club of Richmond, Richmond 
Chapter of the American Institute of Bank- 
ing, and President of the Kappa Delta 
Sorority Alumnae Association. When she 
isn't working or attending a meeting, you 
will find her in her garden or doing handi- 
work. She and Frances Young Brown live 
on the same street. . . . Also in Richmond, 
Shirley Ward Patteson has two little girls. 
Anne, 6. is in first grade and Elizabeth, 4, 
in kindergarten. Shirley is President of the 
Richmond Alumnae Chapter and sees some 
of our classmates who serve on the Board — 
Jackie White Twyman, Helen Waitman 
Wheeler and Frances Young Brown. 

Beth Kent Thurston and Bill were plan- 
ning an exciting trip to Lisbon to spend 16 
days cruising in a friend's sailboat. The 
Mediterranian cruse was to include the coast 
of Portugal, North Africa, Spain, Majorca. 
. . . Barbara Moore Curling writes me at 
Christmastime. Her daughter Cynthia is a 
senior at Midlothian High. She is busy with 
the usual church, choir, and school activities. 
Del, 14, is a ninth grader, plays viola in the 
all Regional Orchestra, and last year repre- 
sented his school in an area math competi- 
tion; also won 1st prize in an essay contest 
sponsored by the Daughters of the Con- 
federacy. Kevin, 10, is in fifth grade and 

Jan, 10, Judy, 8, and Richard, 2, 
children of Eloise Macon Smith, '55 


an enthusiastic fisherman. Barbara has re- 
tired from full-time school library work and 
is doing a bit of substituting. Otis continues 
with the C&P Telephone Co. in the Engi- 
neering Dept. in Richmond. The summer 
finds them in New Point, Va., where they, 
in a united family (Barbara's) effort run a 
campground. They meet people from so 
manyinteresting places. Clare Davis Wallace 
and Anne Thaxton Jeffords and families 
have been among her L.C. guests. 

Ann Carter Wendenburg Silver and her 
family — a son and two daughters — live in 
Richmond where Ann has started teaching. 
. . . After a year in Franklin. Jean Carol 
Parker Harrell has moved back to Emporia 
where Ed is Executive V.P. and Cashier with 
the Citizen's National Bank. Coordinating 
the building of her new house and the 
activities of three growing youngsters has 
kept her busy. Donna is 15 and a cheer- 
leader. Hank, 12, plays football, basketball 
and baseball and Parker, 10, plays outfield 
on the baseball team. Jean Carol and Ed 
met Betty Davis Edwards and Bob (who live 
in Winchester) at a Va. Bankers Association 
meeting at the Homestead recently. Ann 
Carter. Hayden. and family have also visited 
the Harrells. Jean Carol was sorry to leave 
Gaynelle Edwards Riddich in Franklin. 
They had renewed friendship in the church 

Betty Ban- Gibbs and her family have 
moved into a new house on Broad Bay near 
Va. Beach. She said the crabbing is great 
(caught 52 in an hour). Nancy Taylor spent 
a week end with them in the spring. Nancy 
is teaching 5th grade in Henrico County. 
Betty has completed her work on her 
master's and has now been promoted to 
Assistant Principal of the Williams Ele- 
mentary School. In addition she served last 
year as President of the Va. Beach Educa- 
tion Association. She plans to start addi- 
tional post graduate work too and will serve 
on the L.C. Alumnae Board this year. Her 
son Billy is in 8th grade at Fork Union 
Military Academy. . . . Wilma Salmon 
Robinson is teaching part time at Old Do- 
minion and working 20 hours a week for 
the Norfolk City Schools, supervising two 
business programs for the pregnant teenager 
program. She and Pete have become in- 
terested in ceramics and have been enjoying 
the kilns they bought. She enjoyed a visit 
from Clare Davis Wallace and family. 

The Diggs are now living in Rockville, 
Md. Bob is with IBM in the Data Processing 
Division Headquarters. Their boys are ages 
7 and 12, and Sarah, 3. Nancy saw Carolyn 
Henderson Barring at a school carnival very 
shortly after they moved to Rockville. . . . 
Donnie, Frances Northern Ashbum's son, 
was chosen to serve as a page in the 1972 
session of the Virginia General Assembly. 
He was also recipient of the Lancaster 
County Woman's Club's Camp Scholarship 
last summer and spent two weeks at the 
Nature Camp in the Shenandoah National 
Forest. In addition he toured Canada with 
his Boy Scout Troup — quite a summer for 
one 13-year-old! Frances is teaching 7th 
grade English at Mantua Intermediate 
School in Lancaster County. 

Emily Kesler Graham from Salem has 
been traveling quite a bit since her husband's 
death three years ago. She has taken bus 
tours through Pennsylvania, Baltimore, and 
Washington, D.C. and was looking forward 
to a trip to Hawaii. She has one daughter 
and two grandchildren. ... A quick note 
from Mary Hundley Hyatt reveals that the 
entire family loves Hawaii where Jack is 
now stationed for the second time. Jack is 
a Lt. Colonel in the Marines. Mary took the 

Woman's Doubles at tennis on base this 
spring, and the rest of the family is all in- 
volved in activities from baseball to snork- 

What a full life Marion Webb Gaylor 
leads with teaching second grade again and 
still managing to keep up with her brood. 
Peggy Jo is 16 and a senior in high school — 
active in 4-H work. Cathy is 15 and a 
sophomore much involved in basketball. 
Kellie is 14 and a 9th grader. She plays the 
flute in the junior high school band. All 
three of the girls have become seamstresses. 
Mike is 12 and a 6th grader. Last summer 
he developed rheumatic fever, but thankfully 
recovered satisfactorily. Anne and Courtney 
are 3rd and 2nd graders now. The Gaylors 
enjoy their cottage in the Berkshires in the 
summertime and now have acquired a small 
boat to ride around the lake. 

I hear from Marion Lowry Boone at 
Christmastime. She and Ed, and Ed, Jr. live 
in Winchester. Ky. . . . Anne Thaxton 
Jeffords and her family left Philadelphia to 
spend a year in Charlottesville for Jack to 
get his engineering degree. Besides keeping 
up with her large family, Anne and Jack 
were building a canoe and sailboat. 

Last Christmas the Smiths, Bowlings and 
Griffins got together again for an afternoon 
at Betty Jane Griffin Holland's home near 
Carysbrook. We always enjoy this time so 
much, comparing the children's growth and 
activities, etc. Betty Jane is teaching and has 
started taking summer courses at L.C. Her 
daughter, Martha, is in eleventh grade and 
is a basketball player: Patricia and Mike are 
in first and second grades. John keeps his 
days full on their farm. Becky has four 
children to keep her on the go. They range 
from high school to 4th grade. Ernest is 
now working in Dinwiddie as the district 
conservationist of Dinwiddie County — quite 
a long drive each day from their farm near 
Andersonville. Helen Waitman Wheeler has 
visited Becky. Her husband Bob is a Hot- 
point salesman in the Richmond area. Becky 
has been serving as yearbook chairman of 
the Home Demonstration Club and went to 
a conference in Blacksburg last summer. 
She went by to see Jo Burley Adams, '62, 
for a few minutes. . . . Mel and I and 
family also went by to see Jo last Christmas 
in her lovely home and remet her four 
children. Patrick is now a freshman in col- 
lege, Kathy is in high school, Mike in 
junior high, and Donnie is 4. He and my 
Richard see eye to eye. He is teaching at 
V.P.I. Jo has retired from teaching and is 
enjoying taking care of her new house and 
growing family. Pat had become interested 
in a pharmacy career and had been working 
part time in a drug store. Becky had heard 
from Phyllis Powell Swertfeger who is in 
Rhinebeck. N.Y., where she and Walter both 
teach. They have a son and daughter 13 and 
1 1 years old. They also visit Va. several 
times a year. ... I keep in touch with Clare 
Davis Wallace who lives in Lynchburg. 
Irving works as a heating and air condi- 
tioning service man, and their three boys 
are all in elementary school. Clare keeps 
busy coordinating their activities and serving 
as Irving's secretary. 

In Front Royal Joyce Pomerov Hamer's 
husband, Marshall, teaches Bible at RMA as 
well as serving as Chaplain and director of 
religious services. He is now ordained in the 
Methodist church and often serves as guest 
minister in different churches. Last summer 
they traveled to Camp Sea Gull, Arapahoe, 
N.C. and in other parts of N.C. Joyce found 
time to take some graduate work through 
the extension service of U.Va. Last spring 
she was visited by Naomi Reed Keiter, her 

husband Dick and their children, Beth and 
Reed. The Keiters and Louise Minson were 
planning a camping trip together into Nova 
Scotia this summer. 

Westinghouse has been keeping Mel busy 
this past year as a manager in the Power 
Circuit Breaker Division at Trafford, Pa. 
Spare time finds him either involved in 
church work or sailing. I generally sail in 
the Int. 505 with him unless the winds get 
too heavy. Janice at 1 1 is a 6th grader and 
has been trying flute lessons. She and Judy, 
9, enjoy acrobatic and jazz lessons and girl 
scouting. I am busy with 3 -year-old Richard, 
but do find time to teach church school. 
Last summer Mel and I enjoyed a trip to 
Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island where he 
sailed in the 505 North Americans, and I 
did some sightseeing and watched the races. 

Please be sure to keep in touch if you 
change address, and remember you don't 
have to wait for me to ask for news. I 
always love to hear from you. 


Class of 1956 

President: Georgia Jackson, 3900 Tuniaw 
Rd„ N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007 
Alumnae Secretary: Gail Leonard (Mrs. 
N. L. Negaard), 2418 McRae Rd., Bon Air, 
Va. 23235 

With all the news that we've received 
from you this summer it's really been a 
puzzle deciding just where to start, so I'll 
pick Charles L. Winfree who is, and has 
been, for the past thirteen years minister of 
St. Matthews United Methodist Church in 
Annandale, Va. It reads, "Being the 'old 
man' of the class of '56, I would like to 
claim two firsts: being the first grandparent; 
and also the first to have a daughter gradu- 
ate from Longwood — class of 1971." How's 
that for a starter? Congratulations, Charles, 
from all your '56 classmates. In the cold 
months of winter it always warms us to 
think of summer fun. The summer of '72 
took Georgia Jackson to Maine's Penobscot 
Bay for sailing; Patsy Abernathy Casey and 
family to a Canadian lake that's "away 
from it all"; Loretta Brooking Gasswint and 
husband Norm to Hawaii: Margurete Frank- 
lin Grekos and family to New Hampshire; 
California entertained the family of Betty 
Shackelford Ellison: and a Bermuda cruise 
delighted Shirley Adams Daniel. We hope 
each of you had a great trip. Congratula- 
tions go to our most recent mother — "Baby" 
Carter Goldsmith whose daughter arrived in 

The Glenmont, N.Y. Welcome Wagon 
Club now boasts a southern president and 
southern secretary, Betty Maas Sterzing, 
who writes that the two of them plan to 
"make some changes in these Yankees." 
New homes now shelter the families of Sue 
Upson Newman and Elizabeth Sutherland 
Connelly. Sue's husband Billy, a Richmond 
architect, designed their home, and Eliza- 
beth's new home is on her husband's family 
place, Glebe Farm, in De Witt. Mary Davis 
Fischer's husband retired from the Navy this 
summer, and, at the time of her writing, they 
were still undecided as to where to settle. 
Perhaps it will be where you now live so 
keep an eye out for her. It's a small world, 
you know! Guess who surprised Anne 
Brooking Stelter with a visit? Dottie Rector 
Turmail! Dottie and Dick live in N.Y., and 
have restored a carriage house for their 
home. "Brookie," Ted, and three sons live 
in West Palm Beach, Fla. Teaching piano 
occupies much of the time for Joyce 
Clingenpeel Bailey of Lynchburg, and Mary 
Ellen Hawthorne Balarzs of Richmond. 


They both direct church choirs, and both 
have daughters who are promising pianists. 
School teaching fits into the busy schedule 
of many of us. Two classmates now teach 
in Virginia community colleges. Virginia 
Cowles teaches at John Tyler in Chester, 
and Norma Jeanne Croft Atkins is at 
Thomas Nelson in Hampton. Those in ele- 
mentary and high school positions include: 
Lou Wilder Colley who teaches fourth grade 
in Hanover County, Nancy Hartman Welker 
who teaches first graders in northern Vir- 
ginia, Jackie Marshall is now second and 
third grade coordinator in Suffolk schools, 
and Louise Turner Caldwell who teaches 
Government at Smithfield High. 

While still on the subject of educaiion, 
special congratulations must go to Helen 
Warriner who completed her Ph.D. at Ohio 
State. Louise Turner Caldwell sent news 
that they had a visit from Audrey Owen 
Beale and husband Bobby who were en- 
route to Edwards Air Force Base, Cali- 
fornia. Dale Brothers Birdsong is enjoying 
keeping up with the activities of her husband 
and three children in Franklin. Thanksgiving 
'71 we received a note from Bobbie Mays 
Harris who lives in Owensboro, Ky. with her 
husband, Bond, and two children. Those 
who "stay" at home each day also keep very 
busy schedules . Jo McClelland Gary of 
Richmond participates in community activi- 
ties and driving children Ben and Susan to 
their activities. Shirley Kemp Barlow has 
two pre-schoolers and serves as a room- 
mother for her first-grade daughter. Bonnie 
Moore Vest has given her time as a PTA 
president and garden club secretary in 
Salem. Church and community activities and 
two young sons make life in Chester busy 
for Sarah Jane Brisentine Mick. Beverly 
Taylor Newcomb and family have moved 
from New Jersey to Cincinnati. Bev's chil- 
dren are Sharon, 15, and Stuart, 16, who oc- 
cupy their time with tennis, golf, baseball. 
Did any of you in the Norfolk area see Ann 
Coleman Ross this fall? She, Don, and three 
sons were to be there for a five month stay 
while Don attended the Armed Forces Staff 
College. Their home is Carrollton, Md. Our 
closing note came from Phyllis Nurney who 
suggests we give her a call if we visit Wash- 
ington, D.C. It's been fun hearing from you, 
but there are so many classmates with whom 
we've lost touch. If you're one of those "lost 
souls", please come out of hiding — we'd love 
to hear from you! 


Class of 1957 

President: Frances Raine, 1251 Gaskins Rd., 

Apt. E, Richmond, Va. 23233 

Alumnae Secretary: Jo Hillsman (Mrs. Leo 

Winters), 8605 Oakcroft Dr., Richmond, Va. 


Our fifteenth reunion was a big success 
when measured by happy reunions and 
shared memories. Charlie Hop flew all the 
way from Orlando to be with us and was 
joyfully welcomed. Margaret Beavers Reed 
and Shirley Hardy McCray drove in to- 
gether. They see each other fairly often. 
Mae Bennett Guthrie, after a nice visit, 
rushed back Saturday afternoon to the busy 
life of a minister's wife. Anne Caldwell 
Cake was among those enjoying a bus tour 
of the much expanded campus. Jackie Pond 
is a frequent Farmville visitor, attending 
board meetings and bringing prospective 
Longwood ladies to visit. Nancy Hughes 
Goodman is still active in community life 
in Cumberland. Betty Wheeler Stables has 
been in Charlottesville for awhile, and her 
children are enjoying school there. Liz 

Paul and Rob. sons of Jo Hillsman Winters. 


Wilson Miller '56 brought news of Lynch- 
burg friends and Anne Miller Serrett came 
from N.C. Ann White Thomas Matthews 
and her husband brought darling pictures of 
their children. Barbara Burnside Ridout, 
Frances Raine, Betsy Richardson Heyl, Jane 
Wood Witt, Eleanor Stradley Turner, and I 
represented Richmond. Barbara Roller 
Hardie is enjoying life in the country. 
Camille Atwood and Jo Davis both planned 
to come but had very important professional 
meetings they could not miss. Nancy Lenz 
Harvey also planned to attend but missed 
plane connections. Most of us gathered 
after the luncheon for a gab fest. We remi- 
nisced and caught up on current news; 
fifteen years didn't seem so long after all. 
How good it was to find that we didn't have 
to rely on "Do you remember when . . .?" 
for conversation, but to discover that we 
held many current common interests. Part 
of the class was able to stay Saturday night 
for more catching up. 

Just before Frances Raine left for vaca- 
tion she brought over her Christmas cards 
from classmates to add to mine. She was 
getting ready for a trip to Hawaii with her 
first free summer in years. Frances com- 
pleted her master's last summer and spent 
Christmas, in Florida. Jane Wood Witt and 
I were delighted when our sons David and 
Paul discovered each other in first grade. 
Belle Fitzgerald Neighbors enjoys being 
home with Sarah 4 and Andrew 1. Jack 
teaches and Bell teaches a ladies' Sunday 
School class and paints a little between 
other routine chores. Eleanor Stradley 
Turner has traced Caroline Stoneman Wells 
to Glendale, Ariz. Eleanor also is having 
her first free summer for some time and 
says she is glad fall is almost here. Gloria 
Kratzch Young wrote from Maine that they 
planned Christmas holidays in Newport 
News. Dave attended a summer institute at 
the U. of Colo, in Boulder last summer. 
When school was out, Gloria and the boys 
spent two weeks in Virginia. When Dave 
had to be in Iowa in October, the entire 
family went to visit friends. 

Anne Thomas Denny wrote that Lee got 
his master's degree last summer, the week 
before son Eric was born. The Dennys left 
Monterey when Eric was four weeks old, 
flew home for a visit, and now are living in 
Alexandria where they have bought a home. 
Lee is at Naval Supply Headquarters near 
the Pentagon. Chris will be in seventh grade 
this year, Mike, in fifth, and Mark starting 
kindergarten. Mae Bennett Guthrie says 
Jim's duties as pastor of Oxford and Rapps 
Mill (a chapel) and Chaplain at the Naval 
Reserve Center in Lynchburg plus com- 

munity activities keep him busy. Allison will 
be in fourth grade this year. Holly in 
second; Nancy Lynn has another year at 
home before first grade. Mae has eight piano 
pupils; last year she taught one "home- 
bound" school child. Anne Wayne Fuller 
Patterson and Dick spent a week in Mexico 
last year. Johnny is in seventh grade this 
year, and Meredith is in third. Johnny plays 
little league football and basketball. Mere- 
dith takes dancing and swims very well. 
Jeanette Puckett Williams gave Meredith a 
Longwod T-shirt which she loves. Virginia 
Forward Hood ( Butch ) sent a card from 
New York Citv where she and John live. 

Jeanette Morris Bowman wrote that David 
was a first grader last year and Susan a 
pre-schooler. They visited Dottie, Jenna's 
sister, in Texas last year and also spent 
some time at the cabin in Ruidoso, New 
Mexico. Ginny Pearce is back east in Wil- 
son, N.C. Margaret Beavers Reed writes 
daughters Debbie and Becky enjoy piano 
lessons and kindergarten. 

Peanuts Winder Grimstead enjoys sub- 
stitute teaching. Lloyd now edits The Beacon 
which appears twice a week in the Ledgers 
and Pilots circulated in Virginia Beach. They 
have kept in touch with the Schlegels. Gayle 
Peoples Shiner, Bill, Jim, and Beth were in 
Virginia last year for a short "relative- 
visiting" trip. Jim will be in eighth grade 
this year and is active in Scouts with Bill as 
scoutmaster. Gayle has Beth's Brownie troop 
and also finds time to refinish furniture. 
Bill's department is really growing in stu- 
dents with the "ecology boom" creating so 
much interest in his Environmental Sciences 

Bobbie Scott Williams is enjoying her 
home in Greensboro. Liz Wilson Miller re- 
ports that Nancy Striplin McClung and 
Charles are building a lovely home in 
Forest and are doing the work themselves, 
including a beautiful staircase that Chuck is 
making. Elizabeth Elliott Williams and her 
husband have just finished building a new 
home. They too did much of the work them- 
selves. Liz does substitute teaching and takes 
in sewing. C. E. is now automotive equip- 
ment mechanic with C. & P. Robbie will be 
in sixth grade this year, and is a member of 
the YMCA and cub scouts. Christie Htilvey 
Fulton and her family live in Eugene, Ore. 
Her husband works for the government, but 
they are transferred frequently. They have 
three daughters: Stephanie 11, Lisa 8, and 
Leslie 6. Christie is active in sorority and 
church work. 

Leo, Paul Rob, and I spent our vacation 
in Orlando with my nephew, Jamie Fleet- 

Tina and Lisa, daughters of Dolores Winder 
Grimstead, '57 


wood, and his wife last summer. We visited 
in Disney World, Cypress Gardens, St. 
Petersburg, Silver Springs, and Cape 
Kennedy. Our trip was delightful with only 
one disappointment — Charlie Hop wasn't 
home. He was visiting his brother in 
Winston-Salem, N.C., and in the Northern 
Neck of Virginia. He wrote that he always 
enjoys visitors from Farmville and Long- 
wood and talks to a number of Longwood 
girls in the Orlando area when he gets 
"homesick for the old college." He asks 
that I give his very best to all the Longwood 
girls. By the way, Charlie's new address is 
839 Winthrop Place, Orlando, Fla. 32803. 

Dr. Ethel Sutherland wrote me at Christ- 
mastime. She too is enjoying her retirement. 
She and a friend spent a delightful two 
weeks in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton 
Island. Last August she spent two weeks on 
Cape Cod. Her home is in New York City, 
and she goes to concerts and to the theatre 
once in awhile. 

Please send news to Frances Raine or Jo 
Hillsman Winters. Many classmates jot a 
note on a Christmas card. Why not add one 
of our names to your list now while you're 
thinking about it? Remember that the 
pictures you send must be black and white. 
It is also very important to send any address 
change to the Alumnae Office. Please con- 
tinue helping us locate missing alumnae. 

Thanks for all your notes. It's always 
good hearing from you. 


Class of 1958 

President and Acting Secretary: Shirley 

Hauptman (Mrs. Hunter M. Gaunt, Jr.), 

324 Feather Bed Lane, Winchester, Virginia 


Greetings, fellow classmates! Carol Wolfe 
turned the newsletter over to me this year. 
She has bought a house in Falls Church and 
is teaching at Oakton High School in 
Vienna. She went camping to Disney World, 
Myrtle Beach, and Charleston. Many thanks. 
Carol, for a job well done these past years. 

I want to thank also Anita Heflin Allen, 
Jackie Lou Harnsberger Lewis, and Ann 
Brierley Fulghum who helped me so ably in 
obtaining the news for this letter. Anita is 
the Director of Placement and Alumni 
Affairs at American University Law School 
in Washington. However, she will soon be 
an administrative assistant to a member of 
the Virginia House of Delegates. In the 
meantime, she is going to school part-time 
and will complete the requirements for a 
master's degree in December. Jim, her hus- 
band, is working on a doctorate; they take 
some classes together at American U. On 
top of all this, there is Doug 11, Meredith 8, 
and Elizabeth 5, who sometimes say, 
"Daddy, aren't you ever going to get smart 
enough so you can stop going to school?". 

Jackie and her family live in Newport 
News where Bob is chief engineer at the 
Shipyard in charge of nuclear fueling of air- 
craft carriers. Jackie keeps busy with Junior 
League of Hampton Roads and her children 
Jennifer 10, who is involved with tennis and 
riding this summer, and Bob 8. who loves 
fishing, sailing, and his boa snake. 

In Richmond Ann is busy "coping". Two 
boys now — 12-year-old foster son. Sammy, 
and 2-year-old Mark, 2 mini-dachshunds, 
plus the landmark school consolidation case, 
make life interesting. Ann gathered much 
news from the Richmond area. Ruth Zich 
Hill is living in Saluda and teaching in 
Westmoreland County. Anne Foster Duke 
is on the faculty at VCU, teaching lin- 
guistics; and her husband is also a faculty 

member there. Barbara Parkinson Bowles is 
teaching at Gill School in Chesterfield 
County. Carolyn Waugaman is back in 
Richmond, working for the Dept. of Agri- 
culture and still doing a great deal of 
writing — mostly poetry. "Tipi" writes that 
she has semi-remodeled an old tenant house 
in Bon Air and is raising Pembroke Welsh 
corgis and having a great time "kicking 
around" at various dog shows. If you're 
interested in a "super-cool" puppy, give her 
a call. Emily Atkinson Williams is a co- 
owner of The Braxton School, a new busi- 
ness college for women. We hope her new 
venture will be a success. Ann tells us that 
Marodith Nichols has bought a townhouse 
and plans to move in December. Carol King 
Robertson has moved to Richmond where 
her husband, Bruce, will work on his 
master's degree at VCU; she hopes to teach. 

Alyce Somerville Kyle is living in New 
York where her husband is a Presbyterian 
minister, and she is a deacon in the church. 
They have a daughter, Martha. Nancy 
Richardson Raybold keeps busy in Alex- 
andria with her children Janet 7, and Stuart 
5. She plays tennis, teaches swimming and 
lifesaving and is on the Parklawn Recreation 
Assoc. Board of Directors. They have re- 
cently enjoyed a trip to Florida in their 
travel trailer. 

Gwen White Pruitt writes that they are on 
the move again. Upon completion of the 
course at the Armed Forces Staff College in 
Norfolk, they will be moving to Dayton, 
Ohio, where Dan will be stationed at Wright- 
Patterson Air Force Base. Sue Anwry 
Jenkins from Hampton has a little daughter, 
Christy Sue. We feel sure that Lawrence and 
Brian, Christy's two older brothers, will 
make good babysitters! Mary Lee Teel Webb 
keeps busy with their two adopted daughters, 
Becky and Lee. Charles is an attorney 
specializing in tax work, and they have 
bought and remodeled an old home in 
downtown Charlottesville. 

Suzie Barr Kendall is a busy housewife in 
Winchester. Besides looking after Gentry 6, 
Brent 4, and Katie 2, she is active in the 
hospital auxiliary, church work, and garden 
club work. Bob is a neurosurgeon and is 
looking forward to more free time since he 
has a new partner. They have recently 
bought a farm on the outskirts of town and 
enjoy this as a weekend retreat in the re- 
novated farmhouse. Martha Jane Lloyd 
Westphal lives in Bolingbrook, 111., and 
teaches in an open-space, open-concept 
school. Her three sons attend this school. 
Jane's husband is a major in the Marine 
Corp and teaches naval science at the 111. 
Inst, of Tech. 

As for me, I have thoroughly enjoyed 
getting everyone's news and finding out 
who's who and what's what! We moved into 
an old pre-civil war house this spring, after 
doing extensive work on it for some months. 
Winchester finally annexed some land into 
the city limits (the first time since George 
Washington surveyed it, I think) so we are 
enjoying country living and city conveni- 
ences. Our daughter, Cary 11, has enjoyed 
having her own horse. Hunter, Cary, and I 
are anticipating a trip to Europe in several 
weeks. We will go to Rome, Paris and 
London and will sail back on the Queen 
Elizabeth II. 

Now for the most important thing of all — 
we have a reunion this spring! Would you 
believe 15 years?? Please start making your 
plans to return for Founders Day, March 
16, 17 and lets try to get together for coffee 
at the Alumnae House Saturday morning. 
Thanks again for all of your news. 


Class of 1959 

President: Lillian Lee Rosson (Mrs. Lewis 
C. Spicer, Jr.), Westwood Estates, Abing- 
don, Va. 24210 

Alumnae Secretaries: Patsy Elizabeth Powell 
(Mrs. Luther B. Ray, III), c/o MAJ. Luther 
York 09616 

Dottie Cothern (Mrs. Ralph Nugent), 701 
Sterling Ave., Martinsville, Va. 24112 

As you can see from the above address. 
Patsy Powell Ray has left the country. As 
of June, Patsy and her family will be spend- 
ing twenty-four exciting months in Saudi, 
Arabia! Along with a million other things to 
do. Patsy managed to do a great job of 
sending letters to our classmates. While 
reading your wonderful letters, I couldn't 
help recalling many pleasant memories of 
days at Longwood. Only recently I found 
my daughter Meg (now age four) looking 
through our senior yearbook while Ralph 
asked if she could find her mother. "But 
none of these pictures have gray hair!," she 
replied. I think you will have to agree that 
"We're not getting older — we're getting 

As proof of this, our class can proudly 
boast of three principals and an assistant 
principal within various areas of Virginia. 
Helen Jean Young just completed her first 
year as principal of an elementary school in 
Clifton Forge. She says it is a challenge and 
offers many new experiences. Virlinda 
Joytier Snyder is principal of Wilton Woods 
Elementary School in Fairfax County, and 
Minnie Lee Dean is now serving as an 
assistant principal in Alexandria. Mary Ellen 
Moore Mitchell is principal of a Newport 
News Elementary School and is serving on 
the Board of Visitors at Longwood. Also 
headlining the news this year are two brides 
and two births! Virlinda Joyner became 
Mrs. Richard N. Snyder last December in 
Alexandria. Merle Ridinger Weingart is now 
Mrs. Russell Peery! They are residing in 
Hartford, Conn. As for births, Patricia Far- 
rington Gaines is the proud mother of a 
baby girl, Barbara Ellen. According to her 
old roomie, Barbara Heck Bruns, Pat's first 
words after the event were, "How would 
you like to go back to Longwood where it 
was peaceful and quiet?!" Also visited by 
the stork was Sandra Kilmon Phillips to 
whom a baby boy, Hal, was born. Congratu- 
lations to all of you! 

It is with regret that I report the death of 
Nancy Knowles Saunders in August, 1971. 
She was an outstanding personality in our 
class, and the loss will be felt by all of us. 
Mary Ellen Moore Mitchell reported that 

Ellen and Eric, children of Barbara Heck 
Bruns, '59 


shortly afterwards; several classmates got to- 
gether. Among those present were the 
following: "Weedie" Norman Hoffman, 
Wayne Boyden Dunbar, "Beedee" Staton 
McMillan, Betty Griggs Barco, Jr., Jo Lynn 
Holland Chaffin, Joan Lee Thomas Jenkins, 
Gin Kuyk Lynch. Jr., and Betty Brown Cul- 
pepper Holland. Mary Ellen also mentioned 
that she sees Nancy Andrews in Farmville 
when returning for board meetings. 

Other letters from Virginia included ones 
from Jo Ann Baldwin Black of Staunton and 
Lillian Rosson Spicer of Abingdon. Jo Ann 
sent a lovely colored photo of her three 
adorable girls, ages seven, three, and one; 
however only black and white pictures can 
be used in the news — so sorry, Jo Ann! 
Please send another next year. Lillian re- 
ports that her year has been child centered. 
Ann Lewis is into everything, jabbers con- 
stantly, and is a Daddy's girl. She also 
mentioned that Southwest Virginia now has 
an alumnae chapter, the Highlands Chapter. 
Liz Jones paid us a lovely visit here in 
Martinsville last spring and brought some 
slides of the campus. Helen Jean Young is 
planning to attend the Inter-Session at U.Va. 
during the summer and then to enjoy a trip 
to Iowa and South Dakota. She suggests 
that we hold our fifteenth reunion in Saudi. 
Arabia! How about it, Patsy? Received a 
long newsy letter from Doris Ayers McEl- 
fresh in Blacksburg where she has been 
working as a resource teacher at Gilbert 
Linkous Elementary School. At the same 
time she is working toward her master's at 
V.P.I. Will plans to start work on a Ph.D. 
this fall at N.C. State and to commute to 
Blacksburg on weekends. Afterward he plans 
to return to his original position as Exten- 
sion Forester with the Division of Forestry 
and Wildlife at Tech. They enjoy camping — 
spent Christmas in Florida and toured 
Disney World. Doris plans to be in charge 
of Vespers at 4-H Conservation Camp at 
Virginia Beach this summer. Agnes Lowry 
Frasier and Tom live in Lynchburg. They 
now have a family of three boys, ages II, 
10, and 9, and a new horse! Octavia Loftin 
Reynolds will also be in Lynchburg by the 
time this letter is printed, where they will 
enjoy living on a farm. 

Barbara Heck Bruns and family are re- 
siding in Falls Church with the completion 
of their townhouse. They have two children, 
and Jerry is employed as Director of Psy- 
chological Services. She sees Betty Lee Smith 
quite often as she is living at Southern 
Towers. Pat Farringlon Gaines and family 
are in McLean where Pat is enjoying 
motherhood. She is still happy in Personnel 
with Xerox. She saw Linda Allen Phillips 
when at Virginia Beach, Linda is teaching 
and being a mother to three children. From 
Fairfax, I received a Christmas letter from 
one of my old roomies, Molly Workman 
McLeod all about Virlinda's wedding. 
Among those present were the following: 
Liz Nichols Thornby — Matron of Honor, 
Lois Oghurn Elsam, Juliet Robinson Frank- 
lin, Inez Crump Mihalsoe. Received a long, 
newsy letter from the bride herself — Virlinda 
Joyner Snyder. After a honeymoon in St. 
Thomas, Virgin Islands and a visit to Ft. 
Lauderdale, she and Dick have settled down 
in Springfield. Dick is retired from the Air 
Force, but still loves to fly. They are pari 
owners of a small plane and make many 
short trips on weekends. She also reported 
that Inez Crump Mihalsoe's husband. 
Charles, runs a Pizza Shop which they often 
visit. The Mihalsoes reside in Williamsburg. 
Another classmate whom she often sees is 
Liz Nichols Thornby and her family who 
live in Rockville, Md. where Liz is leaching 
in Montgomery County. 

work division of the Art Festival sponsored 
by the Va. Museum of Fine Arts. We en- 
joyed a trip to "The Land of Oz" at Beech 
Mt. last summer and saw Dale Brothers 
Birdsong, class of '56, from Suffolk. 

Let's begin thinking ahead toward our 
fifteenth reunion and making plans to attend. 
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have 
one hundred percent attendance! 


Max, 5V2, and Steven, 2, sons of Dixie 
Hilliard Nicholson, '60 

From out of state came news from Mary- 
land, North Carolina, Mississippi. Missouri, 
Ohio, and West Virginia. Sandra Kilmon 
Phillips and Hatton are residing in Salisbury, 
Md. where Hatton is Supervisor for trie 
Campbell Soup Company! Sandra says little 
Hal has really made a great change in their 
lives. She works as a Protective Services 
Supervisor by the Division of Social Services 
in Delaware. Ann Glover Odell reports that 
life continues exciting in Oxford, Miss. Her 
youngest is Lee, age 6. She is chairman of a 
volunteer organization for international stu- 
dents, and an adult Sunday school teacher. 
From Charleston, W. Va. comes news of 
Judy Eckstrom Morris. She and Bob moved 
into a new house two days before Thanks- 
giving and have been having fun getting 
settled. Judy is teaching fifth grade. Char- 
lotte McGhee Bard and John are residing in 
Kansas City, Mo., where John is employed 
with Black and Veatch Engineering firm. 
Charlotte has been teaching at Smith Hale 
Jr. High but plans to develop a pottery shop 
patterned after the one near Williamsburg. 
From Winston-Salem, came a note from 
Gloria Gardner Buchanan who does volun- 
teer tutoring for underachievers. Her oldest 
son plays the violin and piano. Gloria is 
working as a part time docent in Old Salem. 
Another classmate, Ann LaBonie Futrell, 
also lives in Winston-Salem. News comes 
from Margie Layman Forte in Columbus, 
Ohio. Wes is with the Borden Co. and is 
now Senior Counsel for Domestic Opera- 
tions. In. August, they, along with their two 
children, took their first European trip. 

Betty Rawls Unwin, David, and their two 
boys are in Pirmesans, Germany, where 
David is serving as a Warrant Officer. They 
are only twenty miles from the French 
Border and have been in Bavaria and 
Austria. Donna Boone Lewis lives in Ashe- 
ville, N.C, where her husband is dean of 
students at a private school for boys. "The 
Asheville School." Nancy Cross Johnston 
and John live in South Boston and leach in 
Halifax County. Sou Lin is 3. Palsy, we 
shall look forward to heating the news of 
your experiences next year and would love 
a picture of you "driving" your camel to the 
local neighborhood grocery! Palsy will be 
doing nexl year's newsletter: so send your 
Christmas cards and Idlers to her al the 
above address by Chrislmas or no later than 
Easier. If you send pictures, please be sure 
they are black and while. Also use a U.S. 
Air Mail I Itf stamp! 

As for yours Iruly. life has been unusually 
busy here in Martinsville where Ralph has 
been promoted to a Senior Research engi- 
neer with DuPont. He has also been busy 
serving as Vice Commodore of the Virginia 
Inland Sailing Association at Smilh Mt. 
I ake Daughter Meg joined the Cherub 
Choir al church and entered four-year play 
school last September. I was proud to re- 
ceive first prize again this year in the needle- 

Class of 1960 

President: Connie Goodman (Mrs. Philip 

Ryan). 87 Patricia Ave., Dunedin, Fla. 


Alumnae Secretary: Chris Jones (Mrs. 

George R. Ferguson, Jr.), 621 N. Brunswick 

Ave., South Hill, Va. 23970 

Those who have "far-away" addresses this 
year are Ann Jenkins Parker. Germany; 
Eloise Shrieves Parks, APO. N.Y. (Eloise, 
let us hear in which country you are living); 
Tae Wamsley Glasson, Marie Fisher Gold- 
berg, Chris Wilson Johnson and Judson 
Mason Shumaker in California: Beverly 
Gaskins Vincent, Washington; Carolyn De- 
Haven Dodds, Wisconsin; Sara Oliver Erwin, 
Minnesota; Ann Scott Perkins, Michigan; 
Carol Matthews Williams and Helen Wente 
Beckman. Texas; Mary Linda League Rich, 
Nancy Ferguson Soyars, and Virginia Mc- 
Aden Hartsell, Alabama; Louise Booth 
Noble, Missouri; Ann Ruckman Smith, 
Ohio; and Audrey Campbell Justin, Ky. 
Others are spread along the east coast in 
almost all states from Fla. to New England. 

We are so proud of Jo Dealing Smith 
who is serving as national president of our 
Alumnae Association. Other activities that 
keep Jo busy are classes, substituting, church 
work, garden club, and her three children. 
We are also proud of Barbara Bishop, who, 
at Longwood's commencement, received the 
first Faculty Recognition Award given by 
the college. She says "This, without a doubt, 
was the highlight of my career." Congratu- 
lations. Bishop! In June. Arlene McKay 
Fitzgerald will be living in Tehran, Iran, for 
two years. Ben is in the service. Arlene 
wrote that Gay Asliworth Robinson, hus- 
band, and two daughters live in Fort Lee. 
Jean O'Connell Nader's husband, Howard, 
designed his new dental office. They planned 
to go to San Francisco in October to the 
dental convention where they were to be 
with six couples they knew in Okinawa. 
Jean's sons are 5 and 1. and her daughter 
is 3. Julia Williams was planning to visit 
the Naders. 

Ann Ruckman Smith's newest little ad- 
dition. Suzanne, was born in Sept., '71. 
Daughter Mary Beth is 5. The Smiths were 
planning a trip to Virginia in the fall. Sylvia 
Cogville Chambers is VOT Coordinator, 
head of the business department, and FBLA 
advisor for Dinwiddie. She is also the Long- 
wood Regional Advisor. Her students have 
won top places in both regional and state 
competition and 3 of them are planning to 
allend Longwood. She chaperoned the Vir- 
ginia Miss FBLA (a Dinwiddie student) 
lo Ihe national contest in Houston, Texas. 
Sylvia's son Chuck is 5. Joann Tench's letter 
came from Ponce. Puerto Rico, at the Peace 
Corps Training Center. She was also to 
spend a few days at the School for Customs 
Officials in El Paso; has traveled through 
Central and South America: has bought a 
home and joined the homeowners fighting 
taxes and crabgrass! Her job and Washing- 
ton are still her "cup of tea." Marie Smith 
Wells spent her year substituting, taking 
courses, and being a housewife and mother. 
Lee is in the second grade and daughter 
Laura is 3. 


Carolyn DeHaven Dodds and family have 
been living in Milwaukee for 3 years. Jerry 
is a G.I. Radiologist, teaching for the Wise. 
Medical School and doing research. Jennifer 
is 8. Stuart 7. and Elizabeth 2. Carolyn 
works with a children's choir and gives piano 
lessons. She keeps in contact with Norrish 
Munson Rozgonyi, Norma Rcdmon Rich- 
mond, and Pat O'Neill Tedesco, '61x. Ann 
Scott Perkins and Bob have bought a home 
in Kalamazoo. Bob is a Market Research 
Analyst for Upjohn, and Ann is enjoying 
being a mother and housewife. Todd is in 
fifth grade and Robert is 1. Ann and family 
visited her parents in the spring in Franklin, 
and while there had lunch with Annie Lee 
Young Duff. Ann reported that Yvonne 
Webb Stewart, husband Joe, and daughter 
Stephanie are in Athens for 2 years. 

From Texas, Helen Wente Beckman wrote 
that her newest addition, Paul, arrived in 
Aug., 71; Steve is 4, and Lisa, 3. Dave is 
with NASA, and Helen has remained active 
in the Pearland Area League of Women 
Voters. Helen's only trip to Virginia last 
year was a sad one to attend her father's 
funeral. Our belated sympathy to you, 
Helen. Linda Jo Saunders Kent and Don 
have adopted a son. Daughter Lisa started 
school this fall. Nancy Ferguson Soyars has 
two sons and an adopted daughter. Dixie 
Hilliard Nicholson has two sons. Max and 
Stephen, and they enjoy beach and camping. 
Bessie Marie Fisher Goldberg and husband 
live in Calif, where she has served as a 
computer engineer for North American 
Aviation in Downey to write computer pro- 
grams to plot Saturn II and Apollo projects; 
as an instructor in computer sciences for 
RCA in Hollywood, and in Advanced 
Systems Programming for the formation of 

After two years at home, I am teaching 
again. Cynthia is in first grade and Stuart 
is 2. I attended the spring meeting of the 
Alumnae Assoc, at Longwood; Ann Mixon 
Wilson was also there as the Snack Bar 
Committee Chairman. I wish everyone could 
read your interesting letters. Please forward 
your address changes to the Alumnae Office 
so that we can keep in touch. Until next 
year — have a good one! 


Class of 1961 

President: Pat Southworth (Mrs. W. R. 

Mahler), 137 Tiger Ave. NAS. Lemoore, 

Calif. 93245 

Alumnae Secretary: Cecil M. Kidd, Rt. 1, 

Box 307, Midlothian, Va. 23113 

It was wonderful to hear from so many 
of you. I know the list that Page Davis 
Trivett and Sue Gosnell Ball worked so 
hard on to compile has been a tremendous 
help to us. Thanks again, ladies. Also, thanks 
go to Pat Southworth Mahler for helping 
to get news. Pat with her two children, Ken, 
9, and Kathy 4, have been visiting in Vir- 
ginia all summer while husband. Bill, is 
flying combat missions from the carrier 
Kittyhawk in the Gulf of Tonkin. They hope 
to return to the east in January. 

Sue Gosnell Ball and family have moved 
to the quiet life of the country in Center- 
ville. Page Davis Trivett wrote that she and 
hubbie were off to Mexico. He is assistant 
vice president of student development at 
Georgetown U. Page teaches biology at 
Fairfax High and sees Sue often. Joyce 
Odom Fulgham and David live in Holland, 
Va., where she is enjoying her role as 
mother, homemaker, and wife. Their 
adopted son, Kevin, is 17 months. Pat 
Hampton Bolt, Charles, and two daughters 

are being transferred to Roanoke where he 
will be a manager of the General Adjust- 
ment Bureau. Sandy Watkins Tarte is busy 
with her two girls, club work, and TV 
modeling in Portsmouth. Cherron Kelly 
Dunman has returned to teaching and is 
taking courses for certificate renewal. Bar- 
bara Moore Stevens hopes to return to 
teaching when her four-year-old son enters 
school. They live in Halifax. Ruby Simpson 
Slayton lives in Herndon; Bill is with Vepco; 
Kimberley is in 4th grade and Robin is in 
kindergarten. "Sam" Murray is living in 
Woodbridge and has completed her master's 
from VIP and SU. She teaches at Godwin 
Middle school — one of the first year-round 
schools — and hopes to begin work on her 
doctorate in the fall. 

Wirt Raine Anderson and Douglas have 
moved into a new home in Miami. Their 
two children, John and Wendy, are learning 
to swim in their new pool. Jeanette Talbott 
teaches a P.E. course at Gill school, a 
private school in Chesterfield County. Alma 
Wright Gallego lives in Arlington; her hus- 
band is banquet manager for a hotel. Their 
son is 10 and daughters are 9, 5 and 3. 
Hannah White Moore stays busy with her 
three children: Jack 7, Mike 5, and daughter 
Barry, 3. Hannah's husband, is a lawyer; 
she enjoys garden club work and working at 
the children's hospital. Kitty Reid Wade 
and Ed live in Richmond with their three 
children: Reid 6, and twins Rob and Cathy. 
3. Bea Bowles Miller's husband is clinical 
director for the Fairfax County area. They 
have enjoyed recent trips to Texas, Mexico, 
and Jamaica. Bea has been selected to Who's 
Who of American Women for her contribu- 
tions in social work. Earlene Queen Thomp- 
son and Paul live in South Africa. Joann 
Kleinecke Laing lives in Richmond and has 
two daughters. Judith Beckner Hatley and 
family live in Danville; her husband is 
operations control manager for Commodore 
Mobile Homes; their children are Mark 6, 
and Judith Ann 21 months. Judy plans to 
teach the primary grades this fall at Christ 
Episcopal Church in Glenwood. Beatrice 
Gay Wallace has her master's from Long- 
wood and is an instructor in development 
studies and director of the learning labora- 
tory at John H. Daniel Community College. 
Bea and Richard live in Farmville and have 
two daughters. Bea states that the recent 
Agnes flood had most everyone on 3rd, 4th, 
and South Streets using boats as the only 
means of transportation. 

Judy Harris Combana and Al have a new 
son, David Christopher. They live in Florida. 
Cherry Gorham Partington also lives in 
Fla. Lucy Wilson Shultz lives and teaches 
at Virginia Beach. Virginia Van de Riet 
Gardner has a new home as of last April. 
Nancy Lechler Gill's husband has become 

a manufacturer's representative in Signal 
Mountain, Tenn., where they make their 
home. Their two children are Laura, 7, and 
Jay, 5. Melissa Harrell Smith and family 
live in Fairfax where they've built a home. 
Her husband manages a real estate office 
in Suitland, Md. Melissa teaches in Spring- 
field; daughter Jill is in 3rd grade. In 
January Mary Lee Barnes Shelton and 
family moved to Hurt. 

Bobbyee Bolster Davidson and her hus- 
band live in Bellingham, Wash. Bobbyee is 
the same liberal and "hip" as before. We 
saluate you for your fight to save our 
beautiful land and hope that more of our 
group will soon join you in your just causes. 
Gerry Ludwick is in Australia on a teaching 
fellowship for two years. Barbara Brantley 
Edwards' son, Joseph McQuire is 1, and is 
named for both his grandfathers. Audra, 6, 
will start school at Southhampton Academy 
this fall. Brantley is busy playing "mother" 
instead of hockey, basketball or tennis. Carol 
Boley Rideout has two little girls. Emily 
Shelton Good has kept a busy schedule this 
summer — traveling, working and visiting. 
She lives in Miami Springs, Fla. Nancy Lee 
Cole Payne has an adopted daughter named 
for Nancy's sister, Barbara Ann, '62. 

The memory of Ann Hardy Etheridge 
that I will always cherish was her philosophy 
of life. She said that her life was based on 
the word JOY. /esus first, Others second, 
and Tourself last. How fortunate we were 
to have known her! 


Diane, left and Suszanne, right, daughters of 
Emily Shelton Good, '61 

Class of 1962 

President: Becky Tuck (Mrs. C. M. Rives, 
III). Address unknown 

Alumnae Secretaries: Peggy Green (Mrs. 
W. W. Olney), 110 E. Union St., Hills- 
borough, N.C. 27278 

Nancy Pretty (Mrs. Sutton Farley), 140 
Clarendon Circle, Danville, Va. 24541 

After seeing how much we at the reunion 
enjoyed being together again, I was glad to 
find out from your letters that many of you 
visit Longwood friends from time to time, 
and some of you have Longwood neighbors. 
Jeanine McKenzie Allen and Lorie have 
bought a new home in Lynchburg where 
Lorie is an electronics engineer with G.E.'s 
telecommunication dept. Jeanine is busy with 
the house, yard, and Cheryl, 7. Her path 
crosses now and then with Jane Martin 
Wood who is president of the Lynchburg 
Alumnae Chapter. Jane will be teaching 
science on a part-time basis this year. Before 
moving into a new house, Jane lived across 
the street from Betty Patteson McNally who 
now has two boys and a girl. Ginny Moss 
George also lives in Lynchburg. Jane also 
sees Dotsy Moody Godwin, Gene and family 
of Roanoke where Gene practices medicine. 

From Hampton, Virginia Kemp Bauser- 
man says she sees Jane Hanger Longacre 
who will be teaching kindergarten this year 
at Denbigh Presbyterian Church. Virginia 
says her little ones, Andrew, 3, and Leanne, 
2 keep her busy. In addition she is serving 
as parliamentarian of a junior woman's club, 
as co-chm. of the social committee of the 
Peninsula Alumnae Chapter, and is teaching 
a Sunday school class of teenage girls. Vir- 
ginia had talked to Mary Rob Harris Clod- 
felter who was visiting her family in Hamp- 
ton. Mary Rob and her husband live in 
Ohio where she keeps busy with Scott, 2, 
and helping Harve build their home, do-it- 
yourself style. When Sue Sharpe Gillenwater 
wrote she and Ed had been to Atlanta where 
they had seen Anne Yinger McCann, Jim, 
and son, Todd. Nancy Branscomb Warren 


and her husband and their girls stopped 
over in Norton to visit Sue on their way to 
Newport News to visit Nancy's family. Sue 
was hoping to see Bettie St. Clair Perkins 
in Cherry Hill, N.J., on her way to visit her 
sister in New York. 

From Middletown, Maddie MacNeil wrote 
that she was working on the Skyline Drive 
at Skyland and Big Meadows, teaching 
children in the afternoons and performing 
for an hour in the evenings. Maddie says 
she met many interesting people but her 
big news, though, is her first album! The 
name of it is "Gentle Folk" — it consists of 
traditional folk songs, two of which were 
written by Shenandoah Valley residents. 
Congratulations, Maddie! I understand our 
class has another successful artist; Dottie 
Nelson Duke is becoming known for her art 
work. She and her family are in Richmond. 
Sandra Weaver Huff wrote from Oak Ridge 
that she was editing and typing a book her 
mother-in-law had completed. Sandra and 
Jack were planning to leave for Europe in 
September for a five-week vacation in Italy 
and Greece. Sandra had seen Carolyn Elliott 
Holden in Newport News and reported that 
Carolyn was quite a gourmet cook and was 
expecting her first child in August. 

Lois Peters Meredith and Sid were hoping 
to make a trip east sometime after their 
October baby arrives. They live in Omaha 
and had been to Miami for the New Year's 
Orange Bowl game. Also planning a trip 
was Betsy Wilson Price. Betsy and Beau 
were headed for the Hawaiian beaches in 
the fall. She had their third son Timothy 
Denny in Feb. and still made it to the re- 
union on Founders Day! I was delighted to 
have Betsy and her two older boys, Scott 
and Mark, spend a day with us this summer. 
I enjoyed visiting Ann Howell Griffin and 
Bill and their two sons, Billy and J. T., while 
Buddy and I were in Richmond this sum- 
mer. Ann, who is quite an avid reader and 
a great cook, will be teaching biology at 
Collegiate this year. As for myself, Stacey, 
4, and eighteen-month Will, seem to occup> 
most of my time. I am slowly taking up 
golf, but it will be a long time before I'm 
on tour! 

Elbe Brown Marks and family live in 
Lynchburg. Their children are Karen 8, 
Robert 4, and Ken 2. Jean Cloud loves her 
work as instructor for medication tech- 
nicians in Richmond. She enjoys folk danc- 
ing and camping, and has planned a trip to 
Calif, in July. Judy Jones Tharrington and 
J. C. have settled down to civilian life and 
moved into a new home in Annandale. 
Kackie Turner Marchi is happy to have 
Dennis home from Viet Nam; will be at the 
Pentagon for 3 years. They, and son Chris- 
topher live in Bowie, Md. Judy Smith Liles 
teaches clerical and shorthand classes in an 
eleven-month program. David, Jr., is in 2nd 
grade; Steve is in kindergarten. Mollie Lam- 
bert, now Mrs. Alan Champagne, had a 
European honeymoon. Gayle Jones Fears 
moved to a new townhouse in Fredericks- 
burg. Stuart received a promotion this spring 
and won a trip overseas. Susan Brown Flan- 
agan is busy "fixing up" a new house. 
Winnie Egolf McCuan is "at home" with 
her two daughters. They live in Wisconsin 
and before that were in North Africa for 
several years. They stopped to see Lois and 
family in Omaha and have seen Sue Beard- 
more, Mary Leach Elmore, Pat Hickey 
Masri, and Sandra Freedman, '63. 

Jane Pennington Savedge's Jim is on the 
staff of Senator Byrd and is in charge of 
seyeral phases of legislation and helps to 
drive Senator Byrd to various places in 
Virginia for speeches and parties, etc. They 
live in a townhouse in Alexandria, and Jane 

plans to work as a hostess in one of the old 
homes. Barbara Ann Cole Payne is enjoying 
summer after teaching "Distar" program in 
schools. She and the family were planning 
a trip to Disney World in Fla. Judy Giles 
Robertson took courses in home ec at VPI 
extension, while enjoying daughters Robyn 
7 and Renee 4. Carolyn Gr instead Garrett 
moved to a new home and was expecting 
in August. Beth is 3. 

Susan Crutchlow Mosteller has a new 
home in Atlanta; has a son and daughter, 
and has received her master's in home ec. 
Niki Fallis attended American Personnel 
and Guidance Assoc. National convention 
in Chicago and was also planning a trip to 
Atlanta. Carolyn Elliott Neurohr lives in 
Richmond: has a son. Rick. Linda Poff 
Wood lives in Auburn, Wash., and has two 
sons; Scott and Chris. Patsy Skellie Prickett 
is busy caring for Stephen 7, Jackie 5. and 
Tommy, 1. Jo Savage Orser and family 
spent the summer in Yugoslavia, and with 
another family rented a house near a lake. 
They bought a car and took turns baby 
sitting while the other couple tours. Stephen 
is 4 and Sharron, 3. They live in Baltimore 
where Eddie teaches at U. of Md. 

I, Nancy Pretty Farley, have been busy 
with an addition to our house. We plan to 
take Kathy, 8 and Michael 4 to "Six Flags 
Over Georgia." Founders Day was so much 
fun, and great to be with so many good ole 
'62ers again! 


Class of 1963 

President: Alice White (Mrs. John E. 

Trainer, Jr.), 5715-H Bourbon Alley, S., 

Jacksonville, Fla. 3221 1 

Acting Class Secretary: Susan LaRue Rollins 

(Mrs.' William J. Wykle), 1518 Dogwood 

Road., Charleston, West Virginia 25314 

A big Green and White "Thank You" 
goes to all who responded to our call for 

This has been a busy year for the Wykles 
with a new (to us) old house in the woods 
and a procession of painters, plasterers and 
the like. 

A delightful surprise in the mailbox this 
year was a long letter from Charlie Hop in 
Orlando. He had heard from Alice White 
Trainer and her family in Jacksonville and 
reports that they had an addition to their 
family last spring. Charlie had been to 
Founders Day, 1972, and hopes to join us 
in March 1973 ... we hope so, too! Also 
writing from Florida, Cocoa this time, was 
Anne Friedman Spencer. She is interested in 
all the activity at nearby Cape Kennedy, 
and she and her two boys spend a great deal 
of time on the beach and camping. 

Ann Greene Hodges wrote, "Tell every- 
body they've got six months to lose those 
extra pounds and ten years of accumulated 
wrinkles. Use Coty cosmetics . . . they'll 
help." Spoken like a good wife, for Rusty 
is still a successful Coty salesman, and they 
hope to be in Columbia, S.C. for a long 
time. Ann stays on the go with Hank and 
Katie (bless her heart), she did take time 
to write about some of you. They visited 
Toddy and Lani Robinson Brewer and their 
two girls in Marietta, Ga., in the spring; 
she saw Rosa Pettit Noyes during the sum- 
mer. Rosa has moved from Roanoke to 
Richmond since our last newsletter. On the 
same trip "north" (to Washington) Ann 
had also spent some time with Dee and Gari 
Dickson Laird. David III has a new little 
brother, Robert Dickson, bom in August. 
Mutual Navy friends had reported that 
Charlene Owen McKay and her family were 

i - > ^r%' 

Beth, 4, and Kate, 6, daughters of Kay 
Lockridge Goodman. '63 

headed for the west coast again. 

Joyce Cnndiff Highsmith is in Charlotte 
with a new daughter, Leanne, born in March 
and a new house under construction. Bdly 
and Shelby Lucy Hawthorne and little Alice 
seem settled in Knoxville. Tenn., where he 
teaches at the University. They had a won- 
derful vacation in California and Disney 
Land. They later visited Dianne Wade Heir- 
holzer in Charlotte. This year brought our 
first news from Dianna Euksuzian Der- 
Hovhannessian. She and George live in 
Kearny, N.J. She taught in a private busi- 
ness school until shortly before the birth of 
Arthur in May. Frieda Boykin Cathey and 
Tom are delighted with their year-old Cindy 
and a new home in Manassas. Kay Lock- 
ridge Goodman car pools to school and 
dancing lessons with Kate and Beth in 
Lexington. Jeanette Thompson Roberts has 
a little girl, Ann Jeanette. She was born in 
August after the Goodmans had visited the 
Roberts family in Charlotte. 

Debbie Dove Kidd taught until 1965 when 
she entered Catholic U.'s graduate school. 
She completed her master's in 1968 and has 
worked with the Fairfax County Public 
Library for the past four years. She, husband 
Danny, and son Daniel now live in Wood- 
bridge. Other news from around Virginia 
included a letter from Nelda McPherson 
Emert. She, Bob, and Chris, 3, moved from 
Fredericksburg to Buckingham in July when 
State Trooper Bob was transferred. Nelda 
is teaching and looking forward to a new 
home across the road from Liz Jones, our 
Alumnae Director. Still in Fredericksburg is 
Sara Decker Johnson; she keeps busy with 
Randi and Kim while Walt flies for Eastern. 
Joyce Outland Bradt had a new daughter in 
January. She and Rod and the three children 
took a five-week trip to Canada during the 
summer after Rod served as a delegate to 
the NEA Convention in Atlantic City. Living 
in the country near Staunton is Dudley 
Brooks Buck who has just started teaching 
at Mary Baldwin College. Cissie Griggs 
visited Dudley during the summer and was 
enjoying an apartment on the beach and 
teaching in San Diego, Calif. 

Janice Harris Overbey, Buck, and two- 
year-old Judi are looking forward to a new 
baby in December, and Janice keeps "in- 
volved" with work in Delta Kappa Gamma, 
DAR, and the girl scouts. Joan McKenna 
Ward, her husband, and three-year-old 
daughter are living in Hampton; Joan 
teaches at Christopher Newport College. She 


wrote that her family had visited Ida Ap- 
pendini Garcia Rio (one of our Spanish 
Assistants) in Mexico shortly after Mary 
Morris spent her Christmas vacation with 
Ida. Enjoying her first summer as a full 
time housewife and mother was Judy Purcell 
Earnhart who worked in the office of an 
Ohio congressman until year old Allison was 
born. Judy and Navy Captain Chuck are 
now in Alexandria and look forward to a 
possible overseas assignment next. Harriet 
Hunt Little lives in a lovely old home in 
Fincastle, and she and her husband host the 
"Ned Little Show", a weekly television 
feature on a Roanoke channel. Besides the 
folk music, Anne Spencer reports that Ned 
is becoming quite well known for his work 
with wood cuts. Margaret Vaughan is living 
in Purcellville and heading the math depart- 
ment at Loudoun Valley High School. Sandy 
Little Heard and Ron live in Fort Knox, 
Ky., and are proud parents of Christopher 
Saunders. Dot Womack Tate has two daugh- 
ters and is president of the Danville 
Alumnae Chapter. Elaine Lohr Alfano's 
three daughters are Theresa, Susan, and 

So many are planning and hoping to at- 
tend our 10th reunion in March, 1973 . . . 
will we see you at Longwood then? Do come 
celebrate Founders Day with us! 


Class of 1964 

President: Joan Perry (Mrs. Macon F. 

Brock, Jr.), 112 Beverly Ave., Norfolk, Va. 


Alumnae Secretaries: Carol Combs (Mrs. 

John C. Irvin, III), 2422 Fillmore Rd., 

Richmond, Va. 23235 

Barbara Fields (Mrs. Linwood R. Lucord, 

Jr.), 1913 Belleau Dr., Richmond, Va. 23235 

The class of '64 has proved itself again 
with an abundance of newsy letters. Thank 
you so much for your support and enthus- 
iasm. Let's all start making plans for March, 
1974, when our tenth reunion will take 
place and we converge on Farmville. 

Carol Benton Robinson has "retired" 
from Tidewater Community College to be 
home with Christy 3 and Michael 7. Hus- 
band Bobby has passed his professional 
engineering exam. Carol keeps in touch with 
Susan Brittingham Beasley who is busy with 
Mary Beth and Tommy and reliving college 
days with Betty Sue Owens Matthews who 
lives across the street. She expected a late 
summer visit from Emily Bonner Friedrich 
who planned to move to Buffalo in Sept. 
Janet Lacy Martin, husband, and four chil- 
dren are enjoying camping and fishing in 
the South Dakota area. Janet is serving as 
president of the Alpha Sigma chapter of 
Epsilon Sigma Alpha. Linda Nelson Elling- 

Karyn, 3V4, and Scott, 1, children of Paula 
Kirby Blundell, '64 

ton and Pete, when they recover from a 
case of the "mama-papa jitters" when Chris 
2 underwent a tonsillectomy, planned a trip 
to New Hampshire to visit relatives. Peggy 
Jenkins Layne and Tom are spending the 
summer in Nashville while Tom is working 
on his Ph.D. in math at George Peabody. 
Marie Murphy Garrett is working on her 
doctorate at VPI and teaches at Patrick 
Henry Community College. She and James 
have moved into a new home. 

Linda Everly Sulkin and Mike will move 
to Silver Springs. Md., when Mike finishes 
his basic training in Texas. He has com- 
pleted his surgical residency at the Medical 
College and will go into the Army to do 
research at Walter Reed Hospital. Stacey 
Jackson Goode is delighted over the ex- 
pected arrival of a brother or sister for 
little Sarah Catherine. She keeps in touch 
with Peggy Vanderberry Savin who has 
moved into a new home in Bon Air. Stacey 
also mentioned Terry Watson Hayes who 
was expecting twins and lives in Virginia 
Beach. A new house, a new son, and a new 
first grade reading series keeps Carolyn 
Anderson Coleman busy, as well as serving 
as treasurer of the Appomattox County Edu- 
cation Association. Also busy with a new 
home and teaching is Cynthia Alcock Rizzo. 
She and Joe took time for a trip to the 
Bahamas last winter. 

Paula Kirby Blundell and family plan a 
move to Gaithersburg, Md., where Frank 
will start an accounting practice in Fred- 
erick. She and Frank attended Hampden- 
Sydney homecoming last fall, and Paula was 
amazed at the changes on the Longwood 
campus! Khaki Laing Drunagle and family 
have moved to Warrenton where Fred is 
establishing a branch of his CPA firm as 
well as serving as president of the Kiwanis 
Club. Khaki keeps busy as housewife and 
mother of two sons, ages 4 and 7. Janet 
Culpepper Guthrie and husband have just 
returned from their second trip to Europe. 
Janet is chairman of the business depart- 
ment of Indian River High in Chesapeake. 
Jeanette Elder Crosswhite has had a hectic 
year of teaching and taking classes, and is 
in the process of moving to a new home. 
They will visit Georgia this summer. 

Voted for the most unusual hobby this 
year is Barbara Jean Turner Boyd who has 
taken up skydiving and sends a picture of 
the sport. She writes "Since April, I have 
logged 23 jumps and was falling at terminal 
velocity, 120 miles per hour. It really is a 
thrilling sport and more girls should take 
it up." Otherwise she is working as a home 
economist for VEPCO. Eunice Lewis writes 
from Suffolk of her marriage in June to J. 
Elbert Barrow. Before her marriage Eunice 
taught 8th grade by day, adult clothing in- 
struction at night, and worked with the Beta 
Theta chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. 
Another new bride of our midst is Diana 
Delk who married Timothy Andrew Gahan 
this year. They live in Richmond. 

New babies are very much a part of our 
class news this year. Bobbie Cadow Ruther- 
ford writes of their third son in July, Todd 
Stuart. She and Woody spent the Easter 
holiday in New York. Bobbie hears from 
Margaret McMullen '63 who is teaching in 
the Washington area. Also bravely reporting 
_boy number three is Carolyn Houser Reid, 
whose son Christopher Lee was born in 
April. And this type of thing seems to 
happen in triplicate so it wasn't too sur- 
prising to hear of another "third boy" born 
to Peggy Thorpe Vaughan in February, Ter- 
rill Andrew. Peggy's husband, Kely, is work- 
ing on his master's in vocational rehabilita- 
tion counseling at VCU. Ann Sink Miles 

Barbara Jean Turner Boyd, '64 is enjoying 
her new hobby sky diving. 

and Donald have adopted a baby boy and 
are living in Chester. Sandy Waugh Burton 
has a new daughter, Virginia Christine. 
From Seattle, Sue Moseley Whorton stays 
busy with new son, Adrian, a "new" 35-year- 
old home, and tutoring second graders. 

Jeannie Kafer Stern has found herself 
"becoming a real midwesterner in a suburb 
of Chicago". She did find a southern wel- 
come from Judy Garnett Howe. Jeannie and 
Jeff are expecting their first in September. 
Rosa Doyle Rhodes, David, and two-year- 
old daughter have moved to Chattanooga 
where David is with Dupont. Rosa visited 
with Ginny Summers Chiostergi in Wilming- 
ton and raves about Ginny's twin daughters 
born in December, 1971. Rosa also' says 
Barbara Sours Welch has moved into a new 
home in Florida. Charlotte McClung Holmes 
stays busy with Cherly 4 and Scott 2, teach- 
ing a Sunday School class of 7th grade girls 
and directing a reading clinic in a local ele- 
mentary school. She and Alex planned a 
trip to Hilton Head Island last summer and 
were to see Melanie Wilkes Byrd and 
Frank. Melanie has just finished a year as 
an intern in school psychology in the Cin- 
cinnati area. Also at Hilton Head this sum- 
mer were honeymooners Jean Bristow Ven- 
able and Ernest Jordan who were married 
in July. They live in Richmond where Jean 
is teaching fourth grade in Henrico. 

Barbara Gibson Lewis is enjoying the 
domestic life and is involved with local 
political campaigning and church work. She 
visited Longwood this spring when her sister 
graduated "magna cum laude". She hopes to 
visit Earline Cook Snelson in Florida soon 
and reports that Cookie Blackstone Wheaton 
'65 has a new son. Barbara's husband Ron 
is in real estate with I. Norris Blake Co. in 
Richmond. Betty Howard Hutchison is help- 
ing with the FISH organization in Leesburg 
and is helping to organize a playschool for 
3-5 year olds. She and Larry sheltered 
families last winter who had abandoned their 
homes during a severe snow storm and had 
to be airlifted to shelter. Betty visited 
Jeannie Kafer Stern in May. Last fall, Betty 
and Larry visited Longwood campus and 
marveled at the changes. She missed seeing 
Lois Obenshain who was serving as Head 
Resident of Main Cunningham while she 
worked on her master's degree in education, 
specializing in Supervision and Guidance 
and Counseling. Lois saw Gay Taylor Wol- 
ford and daughter Wendy at Longwood's 
May Day and reports that Chris Longstreet 
Wilson is teaching elementary physical edu- 
cation in East Tawas, Mich. "Butch" Mc- 
Daniel is teaching in Charlottesville and 
playing on a Softball team there. Shirley 
Metcalj Jenkins has two children, Keri Beth 
and Brian Glenn. 

Danette Blundell has be«n honored this 



year to have her school's yearbook dedicated 
to her and to have been nominated for an 
educator's award from the Woodbridge 
Civitan Club. Danette and Rowene Yates 
were both initiated into Alpha Kappa Delta. 
This summer Danette planned to spend a 
week in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She writes 
of Marilyn Anthony's marriage this spring. 
Cindy Davenport Eberwine spents her time 
in sewing for his sister Susan's wedding in 
July. The wedding party included several 
Longwood girls. Cindy saw Barbara Hewitt 
who is an elementary school librarian in 
Colonial Heights. Carolyn Munt Thacker 
and family vacationed in Tanglewood near 
Winston-Salem and found it to be in a beau- 
tiful untouched area of nature. Jimmy is 
manager of his logging company, and 
Carolyn enjoys her home life. She writes 
that Donna Arnold Graham is teaching in 
New York and husband Sheldon is a hair- 
dresser who owns his own shop. Mary Ann 
Debnam Eure and Jack have been sailing all 
summer on their 16-foot Hobie Cat. Mary 
Ann and I must swap stories soon, for 
Buddy and I (Barbie Fields Lucord) and 
sons have become sailors too. We haven't 
tried the regattas but enjoy family weekend 
sailing around the Fishing Bay area. We 
have also moved into a new home in the 
Bon Air area. I'll be looking forward to 
hearing from you next year! 

Eunice Lewis Barrow, '64 

I know you'll extend your sympathy to 
Joy Smith McCool and Don on the death 
of their son, Mike, 6. in May. We visited 
with them in their new home in Fairfax 
several days this summer. Joy has two 
daughters, Ann 4 and Missy 2. Don is the 
head basketball coach at West Springfield 
High School and his team went all the way 
to the state finals this year where they lost 
the championship to Hopewell. 

Sue Spellman Elliott and I met Pat Brooks 
Stewart for lunch this summer. Sue lives in 
Chester and is the head of the reading pro- 
gram in Colonial Heights. Rob is out of the 
Army and has opened a law office in Petters- 
burg. Pat is the head of the Child Study 
Center at VCU and Bill will be at VCU 
this fall teaching and working on another 

Peggy Waldo Fera and Rockie live in 
Leesburg where he's principal of an ele- 
mentary school, and she's busy with David, 
their adopted son 2. Their summer project 
was the completion of a basement family 
room. Anne Woehr Royster sent news from 
Hopewell of the arrival of red-headed Brian 
Scott in March to add to her blonde and 
brunette. Sue Stalllngs Slater, John, and 

Alice, 3, have moved to the new town of 
Columbia, Md., where he is the landscape 
architect for the Rouse Company, the de- 
velopers of Columbia. Sharon Coulter Gibb 
'63 is nearby in Annapolis and has two 
daughters; Alice 5 and a new baby named 
Julia. Sharon and Sue recently had a visit 
with Donna Humphlett Tucker who is teach- 
ing at Cave Spring in Roanoke. 

Evelyn Woods is assistant principal at 
Stafford Elementary School. This summer 
Evelyn was the director of a federally- 
funded elementary summer program. Pat 
Pinkston Woolum and her family are mov- 
ing to Norfolk where Charlie will be as- 
sistant basketball coach at Old Dominion. 
Pat saw Shirley Mills Henry '62 this sum- 
mer: Shirley is back from London and living 
in Florida while Ron is in Viet Nam. Among 
Kay Orr's many activities is being on the 
Board of Directors of the Fredericksburg 
Area Student Loan Fund, Guidance Coun- 
selor at Stafford High; her two big high- 
lights for the year were being selected for 
the 1972 editions of Personalities of the 
South and of Outstanding Young Women of 

Anne Lawrence Elmes was president of 
the University Women of W. & L. and an 
assistant den mother in cub scouts. David 
is spending his summer in research as usual 
with two Robert E. Lee Fellows working 
for him. Judy Woodyard Felty has retired 
from teaching to await the arrival of their 
first child. Judy Garnette Howe, Doug, and 
girls have moved back to Arlington Heights, 
III. Jennifer Gay made her appearance in 

Margie Twilley MacDonald and Peter 
have moved to Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. 
Margie is beginning work on her M.Ed, de- 
gree at U. of S.C. Peggy Shelburne Proper 
has had a hectic year. Last December she 
and Fred had to move in their new home 
on top of the builders. Two weeks later 
Frederick Shelburne was born. Joan Voliva 
Kerns' son Daniel Edwin was born the day 
Joan and Larry were moving into their 

Rena Weld Wheeler is busy caring for 
her sons Chris 3 and Scott 1 and presiding 
over the Faculty Wives at the community 
college in Clifton Forge where John is the 
guidance counselor. This summer Rena 
hoped to see Lynne Osteen Beale and her 
family in Portsmouth. While there she also 
hoped to see Judy Melchor Little and Joan 
Perry Brock who are close by, and Becky 
James Leach and Jane Carol Maddox from 
the Washington area. Linda Paris Wyatt and 
her husband are very active training the 
leaders of the nine wards (churches) in the 
Woodbridge area in the Mormon Church 
Adult Cultural and Recreational Program. 
Her husband is a part-time missionary. Their 
first child, Arwen Tanis, keep the Wyatts 
busy, and they are expecting their second 
child in December. This summer they went 
camping in Maine and toured parts of New 
Hampshire and Vermont. 

Ginny Sturm is "still in Paris teaching I 
speak, you speak, he speak.? during the time 
when I'm not stuffing myself with delicious 
French food!" Betty Ann Rex Spiers and 
Bobby are using their summer vacation from 
teaching music to make some home improve- 
ments. Jean Still Lewis finished graduate 
school at VPI in 1969 and taught in an 
experimental school in Virginia Beach. The 
summer of '70 she spent touring Europe 
and came home to marry Richard Lewis. 
Rich is with the bowling division of Bruns- 
wick Corporation, and they are expecting 
number one in November. She and Peggy 
Thorpe Vaughan enjoy hunting antiques to- 


Marinda Fariss Sasser and Bill are in 
Charlottesville where he is a resident in 
general surgery, and she is a nurse in the 
operating room — how's that for family 
unity! Between operations they have begun 
house hunting. They saw Kitty Martin 
Roberson '64 and Bill during the Christmas 
holidays. Katie Wood Chamberlin has been 
taking classes this year — "Exercise Through 
Modern Dance" and a study on "Children: 
The Challenge" sponsored by the Individual 
Psychology Association which she highly 
recommends for parents. 

Joyce Lake Robinson lives in Greenbelt, 
Md., where Robbie is in research with the 
government. She hopes to start work on 
her master's at the U. of Md. although her 
sons, ages 7, 4, and 1, keep her constantly 
on the go. Priscilla Salle Condyles and Ed 
love Manhattan where she has a perfect job 
at Cartier's: hours are 11-3! She and Ed 
celebrated their third anniversary aboard 
the Jupiter in the Aegean. They also visited 
Turkey and in Greece met some of Ed's 
cousins for the first time. Their trip coin- 
cided with the Greek Orthodox Easter — 
their most spectacular holiday with lots of 
parades, flowers, and special dishes. 

Barbara Poland Raine and Dudley are in 
Germany where Dudley has been promoted 
to Commander of the 3rd General Dispen- 
sary, and Barbara is president of the Officer's 
Wives Club. They await the arrival of a 
little one in November. Stuart King Flowers 
is a full-time student at Virginia State, 
working on her master's in business educa- 
tion. Daughter Jennifer is in the first grade 
and David is 2. Her husband Johnny is with 
Nationwide and has opened a new office in 
Petersburg. Stuart got a birth announcement 
from Marlene Keen Williams in Roanoke. 
In June she and Al had a daughter named 
Courtney Marlene. 

Two weeks after Joyce Waldburger 
Greenwell and John completed all the re- 
quirements for adopting a baby, Joyce dis- 
covered she was pregnant and Christopher 
Michael was born in April. Dee Watkins 
Zborill has helped organize the Woodbridge 
Branch of AAUW and is now the president. 
Dee is also busy caring for Trey, 20 months 

Pat Saret Smith and Nick moved into a 
new home in Norfolk in January; they enjoy 
going to the VPI football games. Nick is 
with United Virginia Bank in their executive 
trainee program. Son Chris is 8 and Mason 
is 2. Linda Edwards Thomason and her 
children, Tracey Ann 7, Tamie 5, and Pat- 
rick Glen 2, have moved back to Petersburg 
while Glen is on his second tour of duty 
in Viet Nam. They all left Okinawa in 
December and stopped en route to Cali- 
fornia to take the children to Disneyland. 
After spending Christmas and New Years in 
Lawton, Ohio, with Glen's family, they 
finally got back to Virginia. Linda worked 
as her father's dialysis assistant until he had 
a kidney transplant in May. 

As for the Irvins we are still in Richmond 
where lohnny has been promoted to Real 
Estate Representative for Shell Oil. We spent 
a week this summer at Nags Head with 
three other couples and a total of ten 
children. My two girls, Cathy 4 and Anne 
3, keep me busy. I'm trying to finish a 
crewel embroidered bedspread I gave my 
mother for Christmas last year. Otherwise 
I'm active with the Bon Air Junior Woman's 
Club as Ways and Means Chairman for this 
year. We have several Longwood graduates 
in our club — Janet Gormus Murray '68, 
Rosa Pettit Noyes '63, Pat Brooks Stewart 
'64, and Margaret Jackson Bell '67. We 
really have a good time together. 

Thanks so much for your support and 

don't forget our reunion in 1974! Until next 
year — keep the spirit of the class of 1964! 


Class of 1965 

President: Melody Saunders (Mrs. S. B. 

Walley), 205 E. Williamsburg Rd., Sterling, 

Va. 22170 

Alumnae Secretary Marcia Hynes (Mrs. 

Howard Amos), 7418 Parkwod St., Hyatts- 

ville, Md. 20784 

By an extensive telephone campaign in 
the greater Washington, D.C. area, 1 have 
been able to get more "news" than usual 
for our class. If you are not mentioned, 
drop me a line and let me know your news! 

Suzanne Ballard Ashby and Page are in 
the Asheville, N.C. area where Suzanne is 
busy taking care of Brian and Hunter and 
being a happy homemaker. "Kay" Barker 
Porterfield and her husband and daughter, 
Katherine, 2, are residents of Chesapeake; 
the big news from their household is the 
expected arrival of another baby Porterfield. 
Mary Alice Burr Colo and husband make 
their home in Rocky Mount, N.C. The rest 
of the Colo family consists of son Christian 
and daughter Cathy. Joyce hartley Layman 
and Allen live in Waynesboro where Allen 
is wtih Xerox. Joyce writes that after 
graduation she taught in Stanuton (and one 
student from that semester went on to be 
graduated from Longwood). In 1966 she 
married, and is teaching in Staunton at the 
Shelburne Junior School where she is head 
of the Social Studies Department and spon- 
sor of the yearbook. Each summer, she and 
Allen, are "parents" to two little girls from 
New York City, under the sponsorship of 
the Fresh Air Program. Mary Bodine Taylor 
is a resident of Silver Spring, Md., where 
her husband is an Electronic Engineer with 
a Computer Service. Mary taught in Rich- 
mond and Maryland before becoming the 
mother of Andrew, now 2. 

Through the grapevine I received infor- 
mation that "Bettilu" Bowles is teaching in 
Richmond and has recently married (I do 
not have her husband's last name, all I 
know is "Pete"). As of Christmas, 1971, 
Mary Jane Brittingham Bell and Fred live 
in Chapel Hill, N.C. Mary Jane reports 
that Scott and Josh are into everything; 
they are 1 1 months apart. Meredith Cate 
Kelly was making Hawaii her home for 
awhile but has thoughts of returning state- 
side soon. Barbara Chaplin Simpson teaches 
Psychology and Sociology in Alexandria and 
also teaches in night school. In her "free" 
time she has been doing graduate work. 
"Betty" Clements Thackston and her hus- 
band have been looking for land in the 
Richmond area in order to build a home for 
the new Thackston on the way. Brenda 
Conner is in Emporia, recovering from a 
serious bout with "mono". With a full re- 
covery expected she plans to return to 

"Judy 1 ' Cooper is teaching in the northern 
Virginia area and has tentative plans for a 
vacation trip to Mexico. Sandra Craig Rowe 
and Art are in Taos, New Mex. with son 
Jeff, 2, and are expecting in Feb. They were 
back East this spring, and we were able to 
have a mini reunion at the apartment of 
"Tot" Sykes. Art is with the Forest Service; 
he and Sandra are involved in many com- 
munity and church activities. Barbara Jo 
Crumley Bunch is in Seven Mile Ford and 
is teaching, going to school, working and 
learning to ride a trail bike. Husband, Allen, 
is in the tire recapping business and some- 
times journeys to Baltimore on business. On 
one of his trips Barbara Jo came along and 

spent the weekend as our house guest. 
Deirdre Jacovides Dean and Ed live in Silver 
Spring, Md. De is teaching in the D.C. area. 
Mary Lee Densmore Martin is the wife of 
a medical student; and they recently took a 
break in routine for an extensive tour of 

Kay Dixon had been teaching science at 
the Shelburne Junior High in Staunton 
where she set up an audio visual depart- 
ment, and is head of the school's new 
closed circuit television system. Beverly 
Dowdy is working for the Federal Govern- 
ment in Washington, D.C. and has recently 
moved to one of the new high rise apart- 
ments in nearby Alexandria. Betty Andrews 
Eike and Gene live in Farmville and Betty 
works in the Longwood library. Martha 
Garrett Lyle and John are in the Richmond 
area where Martha is teaching. She and 
John are also land hunting to get away 
from the growing city. Linda Girens Giles 
and Richard are in Seattle where he is 
interning, and she is working on her master's. 
"Dixie" Grant is in Philadelphia with the 
Y.M.C.A. and involved in: day camp, 
dances, the Younger Generation Coffee 
House, trips, rap sessions, and clubs — to 
name a few. Dixie's family consists of 
Jamie, the sheltie; Bobbie, the mutt; and 
Opie, the skunkf?). She has plans for a 
summer break in Florida, if she can find 
someone to take care of the zoo. 

It was sad news to learn of the death of 
Anne Gordon Hueston's husband. Anne has 
remained in the Richmond area. Lynne 
Guerin Johnson and Tony are in Laramie, 
Wyo. but if all went as scheduled, Tony was 
to graduate from Law School and the John- 
son's had plans of returning east to resettle. 
Lynn is employed at a bank and is kept 
busy with daughters Stephanie and Jennifer. 
Shirley Gunn, after teaching three years in 
Danville, went to Indiana U. where she re- 
ceived her master's. She is living in Rock- 
ville, Md., where she is a librarian in a high 
school in Potomac. Shirley has visited 
Europe, is in the church choir, and plans a 
car trip to California this summer with 
some of her fellow workers. Pam Guslafa- 
son Spencer is living in Woodbridge, and 
Art 'is employed by the Federal Govern- 
ment. Next year Pam will take a sabbatical 
to enter U. of Md. to get her degree in 
Library Science. In her spare time, Pam is 
busy decorating their new home. 

Dorothy Guthrie Montgomery is retired 
from teaching and has just moved into a 
new home in Annandale. Dorothy is busy 
caring for daughters, Traci, 5, and Amy. 3. 
Shirley Harris Welsh lives in Leesburg 
where she and Sam are running a dairy 
farm and are expecting in Dec. The Welsh's 
had a get-together in honor of Sandra Craig 
Rowe and Art's visit in June. Merle Hawkins 
Martin is in Richmond where her days are 
filled taking care of son, Alexander, and 
being a housewife. Susan Hawks Tart hopes 
to be leaving Texas soon to return "east". 
Susan's serviceman husband has been sta- 
tioned in the "Lone Star State". Diane 
Bigger Marshall, daughter Lillie Kaye, 4, 
and husband Ralph who is a special investi- 
gator with the Virginia State Police, are 
living in Chesapeake where Diane is teach- 
ing 5th and 6th grades. She is also working 
on her master's at Old Dominion. Ralph 
was recently on assignment at the Transpo 
'72 exhibition at Dulles Airport near Wash., 
D.C. "Lani" Fletcher Hockersmith is in 
Fairfax with husband Tom, son Robbie, and 
daughter Julie. The children are both enter- 
ing the first grade together in the Fall. Lani 
has been busy with Junior Women's Club 
projects and is especially interested in work- 
ing with handicapped children. The Hocker- 

smiths enjoy camping. 

Cheramy Howe Farina, Joe, and son 
Andrew are winding up a two-year stay in 
Thailand where Joe is with the Navy. 
Cheramy writes that, when the Farina's re- 
turn they hope to be near home, maybe 
Conn. Nancy Hughes Gilford and family 
have moved back to Richmond after living 
in Florida. Nancy's kept hopping with the 
activities of son, David, and daughter, Beth. 
Ann Hutchinson Allen and Stephen are 
awaiting the arrival of their first child in 
July. The Aliens live in Arlington where 
Ann plans to return to teaching in Alex- 
andria. Sandra Jamison Bock has moved 
around quite a bit because husband, Paul, 
is in the service. The Bocks are presently 
calling N.C. their home, after having lived 
overseas. Ruth Keys Fitch is in Palmdale. 
Calif., where Kemper works for Lockheed. 
She spends her time taking care of Michael, 
2. Nancy Knewstep Orcutt has been living 
in Crofton, Md., since her husband was 
transferred to nearby Baltimore. Nancy is a 
librarian in the Anne Arundal school system 
and is active in many community affairs. 

Jean Leary Hammersmith and Jack make 
Morgantown, W. Va., their home. Jean is 
kept active caring for her two small "Ham- 
mersmiths". Sara Jane Lynch Kenyon. Jerry, 
and three children are now in Auburn, 
Wash., where she is a busy wife and mother. 
Elaine Magee is teaching in Front Royal. 
I understand that she is involved in plans 
for a summer tour of Europe with Betty 
Perkinson. Elaine Mancil White lives in 
Clinton, Md., a suburb of D.C. and is em- 
ployed by the Census Bureau. Martha Miles 
Kilmon is in Accomac where she is teaching 
and involved in the work of the chorus. The 
word on Joyce Neal Powell and Bill is that 
they have put aside plans for a move to 
Texas and are still in Hickory, N.C. 

Carolyn Wagstafj Oliver taught for five 
years and then became a full time house- 
wife and mother for Stephen and daughter, 
Cathy 2. Stephen works for the government 
in D.C. at the Department of Housing and 
Urban Development; the Olivers live in 
New Carrollton, Md. Ann Persak Davin has 
moved about quite a bit since graduation. 
The Davin's just left Madison. Conn., and 
are presently living in Bel Air, Md. Ann 
is setting up housekeeping and caring for 
Suzanne, 5, and Jim, 3. Another class mem- 
ber in Texas is Gwynne Phillips Gilliam 
who teaches in the San Antonio area. Kathy 
Puckett Phlegar and Danny welcomed a son 
into the family last fall. 

Lynn Schaefer Bovenizer, husband George, 
and two children call Hightstown, N.J., their 
home. Bonnie Ramey Mullihian has re- 
married and is living in Atlanta, Ga., where 
her husband is a professor at the U. of Ga. 
The Mullihian's are awaiting the arrival of 
a new addition to the family in late summer. 
"Bobbi" Rice Sullivan writes from Cali- 
fornia that she and John are expecting in 
June. He is in the military and may be 
moving to Quantico. He flies "Cobra" and 
"Hueys"; and Bobbi substitutes. Melody 
Saunders Walley and Steve are both teach- 
ing in Fairfax and keeping up with Steph- 
anie, 2. The Walleys have plans for a trip 
to Florida and Disneyworld this summer. 
Melody is working on her master's in Guid- 
ance and Counseling at VPI in Reston and 
playing on a summer softball team in 
Sterling Park. "Sissy" Shute McClellan and 
George live in Belmont, N.C. where George 
is teaching and Sissy is organizing her new 
home and caring for Ann Brittian, 1. 

Janet Sidoti Button, Tony, daughter 
Michelle, and son, Drew make San Jose, 
Calif., their home. As with many of us, 
Janet is kept busy caring for husband, home. 


and children. "Tot" Sykes teaches in Fairfax 
and lives in Alexandria. For her first "free 
summer" in a long time, (previous ones 
have been spent earning her Masters at 
Duke) Tot is involved in many projects, 
including teaching Vacation Bible School 
and school committees working on programs 
to revamp the system. Tot is toying with the 
idea of a California trip. She and I attended 
an Alumnae meeting of the Metropolitan 
Alumnae Chapter this past winter; this was 
just like old times in many ways. Jean Trout 
Lawson and David have left New York for 
Farmington. Mich., where Dave is presently 
employed. Jean is planning for motherhood 
this fall. Jean Wachsmann Rood is teaching 
in Martinsville, and Mary Waleski is work- 
ing and living in Wash., D.C. 

Pat Wallace has returned to Virginia 
Beach where she is teaching after spending 
time away in various other locations in- 
cluding Colorado. Amy Haley Watkins and 
Bill are in South Boston. Amy teaches and 
cares for William and Mary Carter. "Scotti" 
Whitehead Baker is in Virginia Beach, 
organizing her schedule around Anne Trad- 
way who was a recent arrival to the Baker 
family and can boast Nancy Knewstep 
Orcutt as a godmother. Scotti frequently 
sees Nancy Connell McCaw, '64, who also 
has a little girl. "June" Wilson Grant and 
Bill became parents of a baby boy in April. 
The Grants make Richmond their home, as 
does Judy Wilson who is teaching in the 
area. Milly Woodward has just purchased 
a home in Bethesda, Md. where she is em- 
ployed by the N1H. Her particular office, 
however, will shortly become part of FDA. 
Milly travels with her job and recently re- 
turned from a pleasure/business trip to 
Hawaii. Betty Wright Allman and Steve 
make San Diego their home where Steve is 
stationed with the Navy. Chris Young is 
working in Richmond. Marty Young God- 
sey, husband, and two sons are also in 
Richmond. Janet Zieglar lives and works in 
Colorado and spent five weeks in Europe, 
visiting her sister and sightseeing. 

Sue Durham Rosebro, '64, teaches in 
Mechanicsville and is decorating their new 
home. Julie Caldwell Kapral is in New 
Jersey where she is mother to Shelly, 
Heather and Tammy; she is very active in the 
nursing field. Leslie Bums Bradley and Otis 
have moved to Houston where Otis is with 
IBM. Kay Callison Welford has remarried 
and is living in Atlanta. Barbara Clevenger 
Dickerson and Frank live in Dearborn, 
Mich, with their two boys and recently re- 
turned from a European trip. "B.J." Camp 
Rothgeb and Don live in Vienna where Don 
is a veterinarian, and B.J. is busy with 
Matthew age 2, and Julie Kristen born on 
New Year's Day! Kathleen Slusher works 
for the Office of the Army Surgeon General 
and lives in Springfield. Chandler Storey 
Dennis, David, and the three boys moved 
to Sandbridge where the Dennises run a 
beach shop and general store and are now 
making their permanent home. Carolyn 
Anderson Coleman, '64, is in Appomattox 
where she is busy with her two children. 
Jeri Rawles Spears, '66, is in Portsmouth, 
teaching and caring for Buddy and daughter 
Kristen. Sylvia Jennings Henderson, '64, is 
the mother of David, age 4, and lives in 
Richmond where she teaches. Linda Denting 
Haupt, '64, and Bobby live in Bethesda, 
Md., where Linda teaches and is very active 
as a lecturer in the Diet Workshop Program. 

I, Marcy Hynes Amos, have had a busy 
and somewhat exciting year. My teaching 
has been limited to the ESOL program 
(English to Students of Other Languages) 
in our County where I have been involved 
for the past two years, tutoring English to 

new arrivals to America. It's a very reward- 
ing type of job, and I've met some very 
interesting people! Our son, Bill, begins 
kindergarten in the fall. I guess the high- 
light of mv year was being able to accom- 
pany my husband on a three-week business/ 
pleasure trip to England, Scotland, and 
Germany in November. I find Longwood 
people everywhere and in London was able 
to contact Michael Rees who acted as 
librarian at LC during our senior year. Bill 
was so delighted that Michael kept me out 
of the stores for one entire day while we 
were sightseeing that he treated us all to 
dinner and a show! My sister Alison is a 
72 graduate of Longwood. Take a minute 
TODAY to write, I will be glad to include 
you in the next newsletter. 


Degree Class of 1967 

President: Betty Clay Hamner (Mrs. J. H. 

Loving), 4306 Augusta Ave., Richmond, Va. 


Alumnae Secretary: Jeannette Fallen, 

Cooperstown Apt. F212, Lexington, Ky. 


Becky White Adams is now living in Star, 
Miss, with her husband, Larry, pastor of 
the United Methodist Church there. She is 
a freelance writer, and now decorating a 
nursery for their new arrival. Patty Manuel 
Shotwell, received her master's in 1971 and 
is busy now being mother to Todd Shotwell. 
Janie Wall Evans lives in Portsmouth where 
she teaches Home Ec. and her husband is 
with United Virginia Mortgage Corp. 
Carolyn Robinson Varner and Sid are living 
in Roanoke and have adopted a son, Joseph 
Alexander. Carolyn has stopped teaching so 
she can stay home with her family. Kay 
Carr and her husband are still living in 
married students housing at Georgia Tech. 
Kay finished her M.Ed, at Georgia St. U. 
this past summer and her husband will finish 
his Ph.D. next year. She recently talked 
with Lois Sneade Neighbors and sees Sue 
Smith Glover, now teaching music in Nan- 
semond Co. Linda Prilchard Smith's hus- 
band, Richard, got an "early out" from the 
air force and joined a law firm in McLean. 
She teaches elementary music in two Alex- 
andria schools and was minister of music 
in a church where she directed three choirs. 
The Smiths recently spent a weekend with 
Linda Barron Tarroll and daughter, Allison. 
Helena Mast Robinson is working as a 
medical secretary and publicity director for 
The Natural Bridge Speedway and has only 
her dissertation to complete before receiving 
her Ph.D. in history from U.Va. Carol Lee 
Beumer is still working at Roanoke College 
as Assistant Food Service Director. She re- 
cently saw Vickey Doss and corresponds 
with Beth Tignor Kellam who lives in Oak 
Hill, W. Va. Ginny Poindextor Samuels' 
husband, John, is now a research chemist 
at Edgewood Arsenal and they have a 
daughter, Anne Elizabeth. Anne Lancaster 
Hall's husband, Mike, is now stationed at 
Ft. Eustis and they're living in Williamsburg. 
Anne is substitute teaching and occasionally 
has the time to visit Margaret Jackson Bell 
in Richmond, and Deedee Holdren Grin- 
stead in Va. Beach. Bebe Woodruff is teach- 
ing seventh grade math in Va. Beach. The 
past summer she worked on her M.Ed, at 
U.Va. and saw Nancy Brown occasionally. 
Esther Royster Tyler has a son, Cleve Brent, 
and her husband is with the Arlington 
County Police Department. Betty Lou 
Weaver is still teaching at Prince Edward 
Academy and has almost finished her M.A. 
from Longwood. She spent the summer 

traveling to Texas and other southern states. 
She was also asked to join Delta Kappa 
Gamma Society, an international society of 
women educators. 

Betty Ryalls completed her M.L.S. at 
George Peabody College this summer and 
is a librarian at Orange County High School. 
During spring vacation, she visited Mary 
Ann Roane, teaching at York Elem. School 
in York County. Beth Otwell Harman is 
teaching, completing her M.Ed, at Old 
Dominion U. and waiting the arrival of her 
first child. Billie Cuthriell Flippen and 
Tommy are living in Monterey, Cal. and 
plan a move to Texas soon. Jeanne Kipps 
Rinker and Margaret Robinson Fansler are 
still teaching at Stonewall Jackson High in 
Mt. Jackson. Nancy Worsham lived in 
Atlanta this past year and missed the ocean 
so much, that she decided to move back to 
Va. Beach. Ginny Hammond Bryant has a 
son Christopher, and lives in Winston-Salem, 
N.C. Also in Winston-Salem is Kit Swezey 
Gautch, who traveled to England this past 
summer. Kathy Still Dunnavant lives in 
Highland Springs and occasionally sees 
Linda Reams McKittrick and Margaret 
Robinson Fansler in Woodstock. Pat Thrift 
Elliott teaches fourth grade in Somerville, 
Mass. and her husband is in his third year at 
Harvard Medical School. Pat's main activity 
this summer was helping her teacher's as- 
sociation organize for a possible strike in 
Sept. Karen Walton Baker teaches at Falling 
Creek Junior High with Helen Jean Haynie 
Lindsey and sees Margaret Jackson Bell 
occasionally. Karen and her husband spent 
last summer touring the western part of the 
U.S. Rosalie Palumbo Brinson is now living 
in Winchester, where her husband is as- 
sistant principal at James Wood High 
School. Rosalie has two children. Mollie 
Smith Snead has another son, Lewis, and 
has moved to Lynchburg, where her hus- 
band has joined a law firm. Donna Purdy 
Carter has two children Elizabeth Anne and 
Chuck and lives in Brewster, Ohio. 

Connie Spradlin Reed lives in Chesa- 
peake with her two daughters Laura and 
Jennifer where Charles is with a Norfolk 
firm. Linda Palmer Ayers writes that she's 
"still teaching fourth grade in the same 
school, living in the same house with the 
same husband and child and enjoying the 
same 'woods', but really enjoying it all." 
Becky Turner Nance is living in Martinsville 
across the street from Kerry Young Tillary, 
'71. Linda Byrd Moore became the mother 
of a son recently. Helen Jean Haynie Lind- 
sey and husband recently took a trip to 
Georgia and Florida. Susan Trainer Pas- 
quariello is living in Connecticut and enjoys 
more free time now that she's not teaching. 
Recently Susan visited Julie Glass Paulette 
in Richmond and had a get-together of old 
L.C. friends, Debbie Hedly, Bobbie Lou 
Davis Mowbry, Tassie Bagley Madden. 
Susan saw Sharon Williams at the Beach 
this past summer and she's still teaching. 
Caroly Keyes Wehner is teaching fourth 
grade while her husband is Associate Direc- 
tor of Development at Drew U. in Madison, 
N.J. Betty Williams James is living in 
Henrico Co. and Brenda Gibson Gilman is 
living with her two children in Ashland. 
Cookie Hawthorne Currin and her two 
children are looking forward to moving into 
a new home in Lunenburg. Sandy Byrum 
Woods had her first child this past year and 
Nancy Piland Creekmore her second. Rene 
Krebs is completing her Master of Social 
Work degree at Tulane U. in New Orleans, 
La. Bonnie Vicks Griffith is living in Dan- 
ville and teaching third grade. Last summer 
she was on a tour to London and hopes to 
go to Paris this year. Liz Broaddus has been 


teaching in Cal. and she and Bonnie were 
bridesmaids for Diane Bruce Musgrave in 

Brenda Rucker Dellis is teaching fifth 
grade in Roanoke and spent the summer 
vacation at the beach and other spots 
around Va. Dianne Tate Crush is teaching 
in Lynchburg now and has completed her 
M.Ed, at U.Va. Janice Smith Richardson 
isn't teaching this year but keeps busy with 
daughter Linda and her work with the youth 
at her church. Phyllis Utt Lester is teaching 
piano students in her home and is enjoying 
her new role as mother to Barri Jean. Donna 
O'Malley sponsored the senior class and 
taught history in Hampton this past year. 
She took a trip to Korea and Japan this past 
summer and was planning a fall wedding to 
Don Heath. Mary Virginia Manson is still 
teaching math at Douglas Freeman High 
and visited Atlanta last spring and saw 
Susan Moore Sheffield and Lois Sneade 
Neighbors and her twin daughters. Mary 
Lou Goode Okon has a daughter. Amy 
Beth. Mary Lou and Stanley will soon be 
moving to Maine where he is stationed as a 
navy pilot. Linda New Oliff is now living 
in Va. Beach where Frank has accepted a 
new position. Jeannete Fallen is completing 
her final year of law school at the U. of 
Ky. and is now job hunting. She served this 
past year as Vice-President of the Student 
Bar Association and is now serving as the 
senator from the College of Law to the 
campus student government. Lucy Flannagan 
Rankin and Richard have a new baby. Matt, 
and they live in Richmond. Diane Downey 
Dement and Elbe have moved into their 
home in Hampton where she keeps busy 
with her boy and girl. Lee Larkin Lawrence 
are living in Zanoni in their new home on 
the river. They have a boy and a girl. 
Tootsie Kay Vest and Dud are living in 
Staunton where he is a dentist. Cheryl 
Roberts Bradbury and her husband, Tommy, 
have moved into their new home in Char- 
lottesville and Cheryl continues to teach 
fifth grade. Bonnie Stratton Bary and Tom 
recently moved into their new home in 
Woodbridge. Bonnie had the experience of 
teaching year-round-school in Dale City last 
year. Nancy Fey Futch and Tommy are the 
proud parents of a son, Greg. She is living 

in McLean with her parents while Tommy 
is in Viet Nam for his second tour. Nancy 
has vacationed to the Virgin Islands a num- 
ber of times during the past few years. Doris 
Koehler Ackerson and George both received 
their master's from William and Mary in 
1971. George's promotion means that Doris 
is moving to Connecticut. Pat Finn Graves 
and Mike have moved into their new home 
in Burke and Pat received her M.Ed, and 
she continues to teach fourth grade at 
Quantico Marine Corps Schools. She was 
happy to have Pat Lyddane join her at 


Class of 1968 

President: Eloise Jacobs, 4030 Tangle Dr., 
Richmond, Va. 23229 

Alumnae Secretaries: Diane Bosher (Mrs. 
Howard Patterson Gatewood), 3701 Green- 
bay Road, Richmond, Va. 23234 
Margie Wood (Mrs. Cary B. Steele). 29 
Canterbury Square, #301, Alexandria, Va. 

It hardly seems possible that five years 
ago we received our diplomas! Several of 
you have written to us, relaying the news 
of the accomplishments you have strived to 
obtain since graduation. Some of us have 
seen much of the world, and others proudly 
announce new arrivals in their families. 

Kathleen Allen Bruneau and her husband 
have been in Okinawa since summer of 1970, 
and expect to return to the United States 
in the fall. Kathleen has been teaching and 
substituting there, but has found time for 
travel and oriental cooking classes. Baxter 
Allison Pitts, who teaches in Scottsville, and 
Pat have been very much affected by the 
floods of '69 and '72. Both times water has 
entered their home. 

Judy Arthur McKinley can be found in 
Newton, N.C., mother to Janet Elizabeth, 1. 
Her husband is an engineer with General 
Electric Corp. Jo Ann Atwell Pearson has 
settled in her hometown of Leesburg since 
she and Sonny have returned from a tour 
in Germany. She teaches high school while 
he finishes college. Jane Barden Johns writes 
that Jay is stationed at Oceana Naval Air 
Station in Virginia Beach. They have bought 

Jane Burge Wildman '68, of Roanoke, works with Lori Rowe at the Easter Seal Speech and 
Hearing Center in Roanoke. 

a home there and enjoy being back in Vir- 
ginia after two years in Brunswick, Maine, 
where Jennifer Anne ( 1 ) was born. 

Sarah Bond Brown and Robert have 
bought a home in Newport News. Both are 
teaching at the same high school. Diane 
Bosher Gatewood has become a mother 
with the birth of Sherry Lynne in July. 1971. 
Diane and Pete have bought a home in 
Richmond, where she teaches, enjoys 
ceramics, knitting, and crocheting, as well 
as caring for Sherry. Ginny Bowers Rowlett 
and Russ live in Princeton, N.J., after his 
tour in the army. He is teaching at Princeton 
University. Nancy Britton has received her 
master's and will teach sociology at Long- 
wood this year. Betty Browder Crane in 
Richmond is enjoying staying at home with 
son Tim, 2>/2. Linda Burley Mottley leads 
a busy life, teaching home economics in a 
junior high school in Hanover County and 
being a mother to Kevin, l 1 :. Husband 
Wayne is principal of Battlefield Park 

Jo Ann Cage Glidevvell lives in Wilming- 
ton, N.C. Jo Ann teaches home economics 
at Penderlea High while her husband is 
"pulling his hitch" in the Navy. We hear 
that Connie Chinn has become a Mrs. 
now, and Margie Coffey Williams married 
in December, 1969, and is working for the 
Virginia Employment Commission in Buena 
Vista. Russell and Margie live on a farm 
in Rockbridge County. Upon graduation 
from L.C. Marcia Coggins Tierney taught 
third grade in Fairfax County. Indiana was 
her home from 1969-71, where she taught 
first grade while her husband worked toward 
his master's from Purdue. They now live in 
New York State. Marcia is mother to Karin 
Noelle born in September, 1971. Maryland 
is the state in which Betty Copley Petty and 
Bill live. Their daughter Moria was born in 
December, 1971. Dawn Crowder Fiske has 
retired from teaching and has been enjoying 
her home in Richmond. She and Russell, 
who is employed at the First and Merchants 
Bank, toured Canada and the New England 
states in September, 1971. Their greatest 
enjoyment is their son, Jason Russell, born 
in July. 

After living in Binghamton. New York, 
Donna Daly Perkins and Walt have bought 
a home and moved to Ocala, Fla. Donna 
was a social worker for the mentally ill 
while in New York, but is now enjoying the 
"relaxing" life of a homemaker. Walt is an 
engineer for Martin-Marietta Corp. Minta 
Davenport Wood taught fourth grade for 
several years; but when Mary Holland ar- 
rived in 1971, she retired. Minta and Lewis 
live in Hampton where Lewis is a dealer at 
Hampton Chevrolet. Farron Davis Cowles 
has a son, William Scott, born in February. 
She and her husband live in a large house 
on the Pamunkey River in New Kent 
County. Susan Davis Goforth is living in 
Max Meadows and is expecting her first 

Patsy Diehr Ford taught in Henrico 
County while Charlie was in dental school at 
MCV. They are now at Ft. Gordon, Augusta, 
Ga., in Army Dental Corps. Daughter 
Laurie Allison arrived in April. Polly Dix 
Fromm lives in Dover, Del. Jim is a captain 
in the Air Force. James Gary II was born 
in April, 1971. Polly will return to teaching 
this year in a private, ungraded school. 
Christine Dixon Burkett and Will have 
bought a home in Richmond. Jacqueline 
Kelly is 2. Chris is teaching at Fred D. 
Thompson Middle School and is enthusiastic 
about working on a pilot program for 
seventh grade independent study, continu- 
ous progress, learning centers, and inter- 
departmental teaching. Suzanne Driggs 


Karin Elizabeth, 1, daughter of 
Jane Powell Rountree, '68 

Bracken reports that she is living in Rich- 
mond and is raising Basset hounds. Marie 
Ewing Campbell and Casey live in a new 
home in Altavista. They enjoyed a cross- 
country vacation to California, to visit 
Casey's parents. 

Priscilla Farmer is now Mrs. Hcrton as 
of August. She is teaching near Charlottes- 
ville while Andy is working toward his 
master's. Jeanne Farrell Romeo says her 
biggest news is a split-level home which she 
and her husband have recently purchased. 
She is a full-time wife and mother caring 
for two little girls: Anne-Marie (VA) and 
Laura (2). Karen Finger, we hear, has been 
to Europe several times and has become an 
avid skier. Cynthia Fitchett Bridges taught 
in the primary area in Chester until April, 
when she "retired" to await the arrival of a 
little one. She and Herb have built a home 
near Chester. Herb is with the Virginia State 
Police. Holly Forman Knapp recently moved 
to Mississippi with Bob who has returned 
from Viet Nam. Holly has completed her 
master's at U. Va. and is expecting in 

Vivian Gale Rome is a mother to Jennifer 
(1). Vivian has given up teaching for awhile, 
and Phil has completed law school and is 
with a law firm. Since they have settled in 
Richmond, Vivian and Phil have bought a 
two-story home. Leigh Gardner Meadows 
taught in Roanoke city schools for three and 
a half years. She now is a housewife and 
has a daughter, Devon Elizabeth, born in 
June. Leigh expects to take her third trip to 
Europe to see the Scandinavian countries! 
After having lived in Minot, N.D., Sue 
Gatewood Ashworth and David are now in 
Danville with their young son, James David. 
Sue taught third grade at a base elementary 
school while Dave was in the Air Force. 

Carolyn Glass Conner has an unusual 
hobby. She and her husband own, train, and 
show three Appaloosa horses. They recently 
went to Fort Worth, Texas, to attend one 
of the Cutting horse shows. Carolyn and 
Willie live in Halifax County where she has 
been teaching math and sponsoring the 
Future Teachers of America. Betty Lou 
Goad Hart also is teaching. She and James 
have a new home near Clarksville. Since 
graduation Patsy Gravely Evans Darden has 
been married to David Darden, and they 
are living in Ringgold. They are both teach- 
ing in Pittsylvania County. Daughter Teresa 
Leigh Evans who is twenty years old is em- 
ployed at Memorial Hospital in Danville. 
Betty Stuart Haley Scott is living in West 
Virginia and is the mother to both a son and 
a daughter. 

Barbara Hall Cooley has lead an interest- 
ing life since graduation. She has taught 
sixth grade at the Barnard School for Girls 

in New York City. In April, 1971, she 
moved to Marblehead, Mass., where hus- 
band Robert is an assistant vice-president 
with Bradford Mutual Funds Services, Inc. 
in Boston. They live on Marblehead Neck 
on the Atlantic in a carriage house on an 
estate. Daughter Elizabeth Jamison (Jamie) 
is now two. Barbara is very happy in Boston 
where they can sail and snow ski. 

Millie Hall Wassum is teaching while Jim 
finishes med school at MCV. Lisa Hamner 
Perdieu is reported to have bought a home 
in Lynchburg where she is also teaching. 
Rachel Harris married George Sanborn in 
July. George is a graduate of VMI. Char- 
lotte Hayes Mansfield is teaching at Nanse- 
mond Suffolk Academy. She and Bob have 
taken to the great out-of-doors camping. 

Jean Hendricks is now working with an 
electronics firm in Glen Burnie, Md. Barbara 
Hooper Parker is teaching elementary near 
Charlottesville while her husband is in grad- 
uate school. We find Virginia Beach the 
home of Nancy Huddle Warwick and John. 
They are glad to be settled, after having 
moved about while he was in the service. 
Betty Hynson Hall lives in Montross and 
teaches at Colonial Beach High. She has the 
honor of having been nominated to appear 
in the 1972 edition of Outstanding Young 
Women of America. 

Terrell Jackson Parkerson and Ron have 
bought a home in Virginia Beach. Ron is a 
Lt. (J.G.) in the Navy. Terrell has taught 
elementary school at the Beach for the past 
two years. She enjoyed gardening this sum- 
mer and plans to take graduate courses in 
the fall. Betty Johnson Bowers also became 
a bride in 1971. She is living in Richmond 
and teaching third grade. Betty worked last 
summer as librarian in two elementary 
schools. Linda Johnson Chinn became a 
Mrs. in September, 1971. She has moved 
from Richmond to Oakland, Calif. Judy 
Johnston Shepherd has completed her 
master's at U. Va. and is teaching at Forest 
Park Elementary in Roanoke. 

Susan Barwick Ingham and Tom had a 
daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, in February. They 
are in Jacksonville, N.C. Sondra Bailey 
Cruickshanks and Doug were married in 
August, 1971. They have bought a home 
near Douglas Freeman High School where 
she teaches Business and sponsors the senior 
class, Pep Club, and Girls' Tennis Team. 
Doug works for First and Merchants. Both 
are snow skiers and enjoy tennis and golf. 
Carol Blythe Magee is in Panama with hus- 
band Daryl and son Doug where they found 
a house to rent and a very good maid. It 
seems she has become a lady of leisure. 
Sandy Curry Tourigny's husband is a dentist; 
they live in Leominster, Mass. Patty Dole 
Kurtz had another boy and has bought a 
home in Lynchburg. Vannie Gunier Pirkey 
has a year old son, John. Bettie Horner Lee 
taught in Henrico County until last spring. 
Their new baby arrived in July. Harriet 
Hundley Ross, who transferred to U. Va. 
after two years at Longwood, is now a nurse 

Tammy Whitt Chitwood is in Charlottes- 
ville where her husband is a medical student 
at the U. Va. She taught in a business school 
last year and is now working for two physi- 
cians as a secretary-bookkeeper. Judy Reese 
Joyner is teaching in Hampton. She stopped 
by to see Tammy on her way skiing at 
Bryce's Mountain last year. Also in Hamp- 
ton are Frances Scott Johnson and her 
husband Bill who is a C.P.A. and presently 
works for the Internal Department of the 
Newport News Shipyard. Frances teaches the 
second grade. They are living in a house 
that belongs to Frances' grandparents. Bill 
has been getting practice in building because 

he and Frances' brother have bought two 
old houses and are converting them into 
apartments. Janet Thompson Thompson and 
John are living in their new home at Vir- 
ginia Beach. He is working on his masters 
at Old Dominion, while also heading the 
physical education department at Plaza 
Junior High. Linda Shell Martin and Charles 
were married last December and are residing 
in Newport News. He is an electrical engi- 
neer at the Newport News Shipyard. Linda 
is teaching art and heading the department 
at Newport News Intermediate. Also in 
Newport News you can find Karen Knopf 
Wharton and Jim who became new parents 
last summer. 

Someone who has been moving around is 
Phala Leggette Troutman. She, husband 
Terry, two-year old son Patrick Allen live 
in Norfolk where they will be for at least 
two years. Phala has been teaching music in 
Chesapeake. Pat Townsend Dillon has left 
the teaching scene for awhile to become a 
full-time wife and mother. Christi Elizabeth 
is 1, and they live in Roanoke. Jeannine 
Overman Metzger and her husband are 
living in their new home in Fredericksburg. 
She has retired from teaching to be home 
with their son, Scott Bryant. In Winchester 
you can find two of our classmates — Mary 
Jo Maddex Sirbaugh and her husband. 
Woody, and their 21/2 year old son, Chip; 
Sally Whiting Tomblin and Glen eloped 
August, 1971; he is an engineer for Ash- 
worth Brothers. Sally teaches second grade. 
Lynda Rogers Jennings and her husband be- 
came parents of a daughter, Sylvia Marie, 
in May. They are living in Covington. Plans 
for graduate school were changed for Angie 
Ray Smith by a daughter, Chelsey Van Lear, 
who was born in March. Angie plans to go 
into the real estate selling business. Buddy 
is in the construction business. 

Mary Tyler Meade Mahaney and Mike 
are happy to be home owners in Hopewell. 
Beth Prillaman Witt worked as a medical 
technologist until their daughter, Mary Alice 
(Allie), was born in September. 1971. They 
live in Richmond where husband Foster is 
a C.P.A. Phyllis Myers Dawson and hus- 
band Robert Wayne live in Richmond where 
he practices law. Rosemarie Walker Oelrich 
and husband Daniel also reside in Rich- 
mond. Kathy Stone Jackson is teaching in 
Henrico County. Greer has one more year 
of law school. Rita Savage has also been 
teaching in elementary school in Henrico. 
Suzan Woltz Davis and Vernon are living 
in Fairfax where he is with the Burrough's 
Corp., and Suzan works with the Northern 
Virginia Mental Health Institute. Also in 
Northern Virginia you can find Jeannie Via 
Gordon and John who moved into a house 
near Lake Barcroft last summer. Jeannie 
is teaching at Lee High. Margaret Mitchell 
Wyndham and Byron live in Williamsburg 
where he is in law school at W & M. She 
hopes to teach there. Kit Vaden is teaching 
near Virginia Beach and lives with Becky 

Several more of our classmates have left 
Virginia. Jane Powell Rountree and Jim 
were transferred to the Ouachita National 
Forest in Hot Springs National Park. Jane 
enjoys taking care of Karin Elizabeth. Jane 
extends an invitation to any alumnae vaca- 
tioning in Hot Springs or living near by to 
phone her (262-1155) or to stop by to see 
her. Suzanne Meek Ratchford and Fred who 
is an engineer for Westinghouse live in 
Tampa. Christopher Lee was born in Octo- 
ber, 1971. Suzanne has taken up landscaping, 
crewel, and gourmet cooking. She extends 
a cordial invitation to visit her and her 
family when you are in the Sunshine State. 
Nancy Young Carver was also in Florida 


Nancy Aiello Gehley, '69, husband. Dennis 
and daughter Lisa. 

last year. She taught elementary reading in 
Gainsville while her husband attended grad- 
uate school at the U. of Fla. They planned 
to return to Richmond at the end of the 
summer, and Nancy will continue to teach 
emotionally disturbed children. In the Balti- 
more area Carol A. Padera is working with 
the Hartford Insurance Group; she is one 
of two girls in a field of 500 men! In Hyatts- 
ville you can find Peggy Wilkins King and 
Steve. Peggy is an instructional technologist 
and writes educational material for various 
government and private industrial sites. She 
has written a course for Bell Laboratories 
which she teaches on-site in New Jersey. 
Martha Lee Hunt and Ed live in Columbia, 
S.C., with their poodle, "Whiskey-Man." Ed 
is District Manager for the Carling Brewing 
Company. Martha is teaching home ec and 
math. Maureen Luby Woodhouse lives in 
Landsdale, Pa. They have a two-year old 
daughter, Meredith. 

Kathy Scott returned to Europe last sum- 
mer. She was awarded a travel scholarship 
through the Fulbright Commission to attend 
the Goethe-Institute in Germany for six 
weeks. The two three-week seminars, one in 
Konstanz and one in Nurnberg, are designed 
especially for foreign teachers of German. 
She planned to visit Miss Hanna Schroer 
who taught German at Longwood in 1965- 
1966 through the Fulbright program. Kathy 
also hoped to get together with Sharon Dove 
who toured with Marian Mowbray Bowman 
last summer and who had traveled with 
Kathy when they both taught there. Terry 
McCarthy Pocklington had a surprise visit 
from them in June. They were in London 
a few days at the start of their trip through 
Europe. Terry is teaching the second grade 
class in the American Community School 
in London. Judy Leach Callamyn is living 
in N.C. She is a teller in a bank, and Lou 
works for the State Department. Joan West 
Norman and Ronald are living in Glen 
Burnie, Md. Linda Schnatterley Smith and 
Fred live in Fort Sill, Okla. They have one 
son and another baby is on the way. Justine 
Wilkins Blank and Richard are living in 
Calif. Betty Sasnett Fuqua and Dan's daugh- 
ter, Lora Anne, was born in September, 
1971. They are living in Fort Collins, Colo., 
but Betty has made a few trips back to 
Virginia Beach to visit her parents. Linda 
Patrick Leach and Frank are living in New- 
port News; Judy Riddle Marsh and Gary 
live in Richmond; and Bev Led ford Stanley 
had a boy in March, '72. I, Margie Wood 
Steele am teaching for the fifth year at Frost 
Intermediate School in Fairfax County. Cary 
is now a policeman for Arlington County. 
Jane Burge Wildman has been appointed 

Director of the Roanoke Easter Seal Speech 
and Hearing Center. She is currently con- 
ducting a campaign to collect unused or 
discarded hearing aids that can be made 
available to persons who cannot afford to 
buy them. 

When you receive your next Alumnae 
Bulletin, both Diane's and my addresses will 
be printed; so please write to either of us 
next May or June, don't wait for a reminder. 
On Founders Day, March, 1973, we will 
meet together for our fifth reunion. Please 
make it complete and try to be there! 


Class of 1969 

President: Patricia Kingsley (Mrs. E. J. 

Ramsey, Jr.), 127 N. Laburnum Ave., Apt. 

1, Richmond, Va. 23223 

Alumnae Secretaries: Janet Sofley (Mrs. Jon 

M. Sunderman). P.O. Box 95. Boydton. Va. 


Cam Thomas, 4109-A Town House Rd.. 

Richmond, Va. 23228 

Janet Williams (Mrs. W. Brent Lovern), 

7523 Mayland Dr., Richmond, Va. 23229 

The class of 1969 has had another busy 
year. We, the secretaries, wish to thank all 
of you who sent in your news, for you are 
the ones who make this letter possible. 

Janice Gillenwaler Hansen and Larry are 
now traveling with the Army and, as of this 
writing, are in Indiana. Janice has been sub- 
stituting in the schools there. Nancy Forrest 
Lane is teaching the fourth grade in Ports- 
mouth. She enjoyed a nice, leisurely sum- 
mer and wrote that she saw many LC grads 
at Judy Owen's wedding. Linda Fisher 
Heberlein and Randall honeymooned in 
Florida. Linda is now teaching in Leesburg. 
Linda reported that she attended the wed- 
ding of Dolly Shannon Pease '70 in April 
and gossiped with several LC friends. Penny 
Ellis Bauer teaches first grade in Clearwater, 
Fla. Rob graduated from the U. of Fla. Law 
School in March. Penny says that "the only 
new addition to our family is a basset 

Linda Bart Jackson teaches third grade 
in Wakefield, and her two younger sisters- 
in-law are now enrolled at LC. Dianne 
Creed Burnett and husband became the 
proud parents of Bradley Alan Burnett in 
June, 1971. She is teaching math at the 
junior high level in Danville. Pat Coleman 
Winstead is teaching second grade in Vir- 
ginia Beach; she spent the summer getting 
a good tan and fixing up her home. Ann 
Bowles Staples and Bob recently bought a 
home in Richmond and are now busy getting 
it in order. Bob received his degree from 
the U. of Richmond in January, '72, and 
Ann is in the graduate program at VCU 
where she will receive her master's in ele- 
mentary education in the summer of '73. 
Ann is teaching second grade at Trevvett 
Elementary. Donna Dolan Nowlin is teach- 
ing first grade at Elizabeth Holladay School 
in Henrico, and she and her husband have 
bought a new home in Richmond. 

Linda Fletcher had a good leisurely sum- 
mer and moved into a new apartment in 
Roanoke where she is teaching on the 
junior high level. She was the maid of 
honor in Debbie Staley's '70 wedding in 
July. Carol Skelly is still teaching in Roa- 
noke. Nancy Ikenberry just moved into a 
new apartment. Emily Gillespie Robertson 
is living in Norfolk (her home) while Willie 
is flying helicopters in Viet Nam. She has 
a son David 1, and she is also active in her 
church choir and is helping in politics this 
year. Linda Brickhouse vacationed in Cali- 
fornia during the summer. Cleo Weston 

Buchanan is teaching fourth grade in Mora- 
vian Falls, N.C. She and her husband moved 
to North Wilkesboro in June '72 where her 
husband bought the Dodge House Bargain 
Center. Mary Katharine Carroll Godsey 
and her husband Lin moved to Pulaski 
where Lin is plant maintenance engineer for 
Hercules, Inc. They have a son Scott, and 
Mary Katherine is teaching business in 
Pulaski High. Sandra Dew Roberts is teach- 
ing in Fairfax County; she has begun gradu- 
ate work, hoping to get her master's in two 
years. Taylor and Sandra both enjoy Wash- 
ington and have an apartment near Seven 
Corners. Sandra welcomes any LC class- 
mates to drop in, if they are ever in the area. 

Dorothy Chappell is president of the 
Farmville Alumnae Chapter and is teaching 
at the Prince Edward Academy in Farmville. 
Dorothy is working on her master's in 
biology in the Graduate School of Arts and 
Sciences at U.Va; through Mountain Lake 
Biological Station she has been chosen as 
an "Outstanding Young Woman of Amer- 
ica." Ann Dickinson Barker teaches physics 
and chemistry at Newport News Intermedi- 
ate School and is taking classes toward her 
master's. Ann underwent a foot operation 
during the summer. Ann wrote that Jeanne 
Coe Watkinson '70x gave birth to a son in 
June. Claudia Adams Bennett's husband 
John received his master's this summer; 
Claudia will receive her's in 1973. John and 
Claudia have just bought a home in Rich- 
mond; they spent the summer working on it 
between study sessions. Claudia is teaching 
fourth grade in Richmond. Arlene Cundiff 
teaches at Brookville High School in Lynch- 
burg. Arlene worked as the assistant Camp 
Director at YMCA Camp Rochichi in 
Boydton last summer and finished her 
master's at Lynchburg College. Ann Earman 
Greeder, Rick, and their son are enjoying 
their new home in Suffern, N.Y., but Ann 
said that they are still looking forward to 
getting back to Virginia. 

Sandy Allen Lawrence is teaching fourth 
grade in Germantown, Tenn. Sandy saw 
Susan Foster Muse in Richmond last sum- 
mer and Fran Sheffield Bailey at Virginia 
Beach. Sandy and Steve hope to do some 
skiing in Colorado this year. Allison Mills 
Duncan and Tom have a baby girl. Sallie 
Fauber Thompson is happy as her husband 
got out of the Air Force in July, and they 
moved to Lynchburg where Sallie teaches 
art. Sallie said it was quite an experience 
living in frozen Alaska for two years, and 
she's glad to be back to Virginia. Sallie's 
first stop, after getting to Virginia, was to 
see Dreama Wright Connor '68 and her 
family, as Dreama kept her going while she 
was in the cold country with her letters and 
phone calls. Joanna Davis Hanks is teaching 
at Hermitage High School and is now co- 
ordinator of the Cooperative Office Educa- 
tion Program. She is also working on her 
master's at VCU. Joanna teaches with two 
other LC grads. Jeanean Woolfolk Duke '71 
and Angie Neri Hallberg. Carol Eubank 
Forbes and Jack were married last Decem- 
ber and honeymooned in Jamaica. Carol is 
now busy teaching business at Broad Run 
High School in Loudoun County where she 
is also cheerleading and yearbook sponsor. 
She is working on her master's at VPI and 
SU center at Reston. Carol saw Sandra 
Young in Houston where Sandra was work- 
ing as a stewardess for Delta. Linda Ethe- 
ridge VanDurand teaches in Virginia Beach, 
and Tinsley is teaching at Norfolk Academy. 
They decided to raise cats instead of chil- 
dren. Linda wrote that Jenny Gregory 
Winters and her husband toured the east 
coast last summer and visited Virginia 
Beach in July. 




Vicki Forsht Williams and Peter were 
married in April and honeymooned in 
Nassau. Sandy Young was Vicki's maid of 
honor and many DZ's attended — Vicki 
Smith McLaughlin, Cathy Frank Pace, 
Marilyn Belote Wright, Donna Barnes 
Smith, Page Nance Krupin, and Phyllis 
Robinson. Vicki is working on her master's 
at George Washington U. She and Peter 
have bought a lovely home and adopted 
two mutt dogs. Betty Jo Fowlkes has com- 
pleted her master's in genetics at MCV; she 
is now living in Georgetown, doing research 
in the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, 
Md. Carolyn Crute McLemore taught sum- 
mer school at Franklin Road Academy in 
Nashville, Tenn., and she is now teaching 
second grade there. Carolyn also taught 
crafts in the F.R.A. Day Camp last summer. 
Her husband, John, is in his third year of 
law school. John and Carolyn have bought 
a 128 acre farm about 80 miles from Nash- 
ville where they camp on weekends. Carolyn 
wrote "L.C. classmates are scarce, however, 
at a local laundromat last month, I nearly 
fainted when I saw a girl with a Longwood 
College sweat shirt on . . . she was of the 
class of '70. I felt as if it were old 'home 

Polly Dobbins McElfish and Richard were 
married in April and live in Woodbridge. 
Richard works for the Virginia Highway 
Department as a civil engineer, and Polly 
teaches at Camelot Elem. in Annandale. 
Sarah Gibbons worked as the interim direc- 
tor of the Baptist Student Union of the 
U.Va. and was coordinator of Community 
Outreach in Charlottesville. Community Out- 
reach is a program of recreation, arts and 
crafts, and special features helping develop 
potential of children in the under-privileged 
areas. This winter finds Sarah in Germany 
where she is teaching through the Defense 
Department Overseas Teaching Program. 
Nancy Aiello Gehley and Dennis became 
the proud parents of a daughter Lisa Michele 
in March, 1971. Dennis received orders for 
Viet Nam shortly thereafter and, before 
leaving Europe, Dennis and Nancy took one 
last fantastic two-week cruise to Greece. 
After his return they bought a home in 
Springfield, Md., and Dennis is now an 
auditor with the General Accounting Office 
in D.C. Nancy is hostess for a person-to- 
person greeting service welcoming (with 
gifts from local merchants) newcomers to 
the area. 

Becky Bartholomew Hawkins is teaching 
in Durham, N.C., where Michael, who 
graduated from the U. of Richmond in June, 
is attending Duke Divinity School. Becky 
received her master's in August. Becky and 
Michael will be in N.C. for three years. 
Jane Curie Rust taught in Charlottesville 
last year and had a student teacher. Her 
husband, Jim, is now doing his internship 
for his doctorate in school psychology this 
year at the Devereux Foundation in Devon, 
Pa. Becky Murray Howitt and Bob plan to 
build a home; both are teaching in Halifax 

Patricia Bates Rose teaches fifth grade 
in Culpeper, and Danny is an engineer for 
Northern Piedmont Electric Company. This 
year Tricia will be teaching in a self- 
contained classroom; this will be a big 
challenge for the secondary English major. 
Tricia just certified in elementary education 
when as she said, "I discovered younger kids 
were more fun to teach since I act more 
like an-eleven-year old than a 25-year old! 
She sees many LC grads including Phyllis 
Carter Hilburn '70 and husband and son, 
Matthew, and Pam Sellers Keeling '70 and 
her husband Dan. Pam teaches science in 
Orange, and Dan's in graduate school at 

U.Va. Tricia also wrote that Cindy Booth 
Bywaters and Scott had a little girl. Jinny, 
in May. They live in Culpeper where Scott 
is working with the highway department, 
and Cindy is teaching in the new Pearl 
Sample Elementary School. 

Donna Brantley Saflold and husband 
Gordon have built a new tri-level home in 
Richmond. Needless to say, they spent their 
vacation working on their new home. Donna 
teaches in Richmond, and she taught sum- 
mer school in a mini-enrichment program 
for the city. Donna is involved in the AST 
alumnae group in Richmond and enjoys 
seeing many classmates. Anna Pettis Fowler 
taught phys ed at the same school with 
Donna. Anna and Doug lived with Anna's 
parents for a year while Doug got his 
master's at U.Va. They have now moved 
back to Roanoke. Donna and Gordon and 
Marsha Moorefield Holloway and her hus- 
band spent a weekend at Virginia Beach in 
August during the festivities of the AST 
convention. Janet Sofley Sunderman and Jon 
have moved to Boydton where Janet teaches 
fourth grade. Jon is purchasing agent for 
Russell Stover Candies in Clarksville. Jon 
taught Janet to water ski and now is her 
snow ski instructor. Janet enjoyed the Long- 
wood Alumnae tea for incoming freshmen 
and saw many old friends. Betty Tliomasson 
Roberts and Judy Gordon Elliott live in 
Clarksville: so Janet get to visit with them. 
Betty is teaching math in Bluestone High, 
and Judy is teaching home ec at the same 
school. Judy's husband John, and Betty's 
husband Barry, both work at Burlington in 
Clarksville. Janet saw Sam Compton '70 in 
June, and Sam spent the summer in Texas. 

Kay Hall Albertson and husband Woody 
live in Charlottesville where Woody is work- 
ing on his Ph.D. in School Psychology at 
U.Va. She began work on her M.Ed, in 
Early Childhood Education/Learning Dis- 
abilities this summer and will be full-time 
graduate student at U.Va. in September, 
1972. She says high schoolers are great, but 
the little ones are her first love. Mary 
Hamner will begin her fourth year of teach- 
ing in Prince William County in August and 
plans to marry in December. Cheryl Hanna- 
bass Conrad completed work on her master's 
in Supervision this summer while Ralph 
worked out of state at a Boy Scout Camp 
in Maryland. She taught also a night course 
at Keysville Community College. Watts, 
their son, will be two in November and is 
a pure "puppy dog tails" boy! He is into 
everything and enjoying every minute of the 
messes. Judy Harman Werner and Steve are 
in Blacksburg until December. Steve is on 
a Federal research grant as well as working 
on his thesis. Whitney is 15-months old now. 

Bonnie Harrup Ballance and husband Bill 
are leaving in September for Fort Hood, 
Texas, for 2 years where Bill will be a 
captain in the Army Dental Corps. Brenda 
Harward Beazley is moving from fifth grade 
to fourth grade teaching in Colonial Heights. 
This past year she enjoyed having a student 
teacher from Longwood. Cathy Hass Hat- 
field and her husband spent a week vaca- 
tioning in Hawaii and visiting her father. She 
is teaching at Indian River again this year. 
Betty Lou Helbig Collins teaches in Hamp- 
ton. She and her husband Ron have enjoyed 
collecting and refinishing antiques for their 
apartment. Dorothy Heptinstall Stepka is 
teaching Home Ec at Washington High in 
Norfolk. This year she became the sponsor 
of the Drill Team. She has been teaching 
adults sewing at night school at Campostella 
Junior High. This summer she taught sum- 
mer school in the Incentive Program at 
Norfolk Technical and Vocational Center. 
She and her husband have taken up skiing 

since they bought a boat last summer. Eliza- 
beth Hill Sink and husband Butch have re- 
cently bought and moved to a new town- 

Carolyn Hubbard Hite has taken up golf 
and really enjoys playing since she was a 
summer "lady of leisure". She has seen Ann 
Bowles Staples and Jackie Hayes Kagey and 
Betty Tliomasson Roberts. The only new 
additions to the Hite family are a beagle 
puppy and baby calf. Her husband Tommy 
is raising cows as a side venture on the 
farm he bought. Betty Hudson Bowen and 
Jerry are in Chesterfield where she teaches 
in Reams Road Elem, and Jerry works for 
the C&P Telephone Co. Linda Hudson 
Johnson and Gary bought a home at Vir- 
ginia Beach. She saw Kathy Mapp recently: 
Kathy was moving to 63rd Street in Virginia 
Beach. Barbara Jackson DeLong and Rich 
are in Fort Eustis where he is a computer 
specialist for Computer Systems Command 
and she is an Extension Home Economist 
for VPI in Newport News. Her roommate, 
Carolyn Jackson O'Connor and Richard 
have just returned from Thailand where 
new baby, John Kurth. was born in January. 
Barbara sees Beth Nicholls Flannagan and 
husband Bill who just moved to Richmond 
where Bill will be attending MCV in the 
fall to study Hospital Administration. Bar- 
bara has really enjoyed the alumnae maga- 
zine. Candy Jamison Dowdy's big news is 
her new job as Admissions Counselor for 
Longwood and will be travelling in the fall 
to "College Nights" and working throughout 
the year with students seeking admission. 
She will be doing recruiting and hopes to 
see many friends across the state. 

Judy Jerrell Strehan and Paul bought a 
home in Baltimore. She is a home economist 
with the Dairy Council of the Upper Chesa- 
peake Bay, Inc. May Jones Shields and Bill 
are in Newport News. Bill is now an M.D. 
He graduated from MCV in June and will 
be taking a rotating internship at Riverside 
Hospital. Mary is teaching 5th grade at 
Poquoson Elem. School. They went to New 
York for the Christmas holidays — saw "Oh, 
Calcutta" and New York sights and visited 
the Playboy Club. They vacationed with 
friends at Myrtle Beach. Peggy Jones Crews 
is teaching 6th grade at Cluster Springs. 
They are working toward Southern Associa- 
tion Accreditation, and she has her ele- 
mentary certification. Her former room- 
mates, Becky Easter and Cathy Jester, were 
both getting married this summer. Peggy at- 
tended Becky's wedding in July in Clifton 
Forge. Cathy's wedding was in August; both 
girls live at Virginia Beach. Kathy Kain 
Perzanowsik and "Ski" were married last 
August and live in Athens, Ohio while Ski 
finishes up at Ohio U. She did some sub- 
stitute teaching and worked as a summer 
counselor with the Employment Bureau this 

Carolyn Key Deekens is teaching at home 
while Mac is still in Viet Nam. They cele- 
brated their first anniversary during a won- 
derful two-week R and R in Hawaii. She 
flew over with Jean Wilson, Personnel Direc- 
tor for Longwood, and her husband. Patty 
Kingsley Ramsey and Jerry are taking a 
camping trip in August with Ann Ailor 
Thornton and her husband Billy through the 
south — Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville — to 
name a few. Patty's son E. J. Ramsey, III, 
was born in March. Sybil Lakes Young and 
husband bought a house. They are quite 
excited about that. Their son, Tige Andrew 
Young, is 19 months and walking, talking, 
and into everything. She works part-time as 
hematology technologist in a Rochester, 
N.Y. hospital. Patti Linamen Burgasser 
wrote a lengthy letter about lots of girls. 


Patti was married in March to Francis 
Xavier Burgasser, III, "Major". Laura Clark 
was her maid-of-honor. and Bunny Robin- 
son Holland and Josie Lassiter '70 were 
among her bridesmaids. Patti was voted 
"Teacher of the Year" at Kempsville for 
1970-71. In June they travelled across the 
U.S. to Albuquerque, N.M. to spend the 
summer with Major's parents. She is staying 
in N.M. while he goes to school in Houston 
or Los Angeles taking up deep sea diving. 
Susie Jones married Lt. Dale Marshall, USN, 
in November, 1970. Kay Robertson was 
married December 26, 1971 to Richard 
Hofier. They are living in Virginia Beach. 

Laura Clark plans to marry Walter Marks 
in November. Walter is presently in State 
Police Training School in Richmond. He will 
graduate in September. Martha Reynolds 
Belk had Matthew Reynolds in January. Bill 
graduated from MCV in June and is doing 
his internship at Portsmouth Naval Hospital. 
Martha Drummond Dozier and her husband 
Jimmy bought a lovely old house in Norfolk 
and renovated it. Marty is teaching at First 
Colonial High in Virginia Beach. Linda 
Long Radosevich and James honeymooned 
in Bermuda in October, 1971. Jim com- 
pleted his master's and got out of the Army 
in June. They are presently living in Gallup, 
N.M. Longwood graduates who taught at 
Kempsville Junior, 1971-72, were Laura 
Clark, Josie Lassiter, Becky Powers Cox, 
Freda Cleo Carter Pinelli, and Linda Boners 

Barbara Lyman Lindsay and Bill have re- 
turned to Virginia Beach from Texas. Bill 
is an Assistant District Executive for the 
Boy Scouts of America and she is working 
for a food broker. Kathy Luneeford Wood- 
ley and Doug became the proud parents of 
a daughter, Elizabeth Anne, born in Septem- 
ber, 1971. Sandra Mahland was married to 
Charles "Chuck" F. Jones in June in St. 
Peters Church by Chuck's father. They spent 
their summer in Hawaii, California, and 
Vermont and now live in Oakdale, N.Y.; 
both teach in Bay Shore. 

"Pam" McGehee Sanzo has a son Jody, 
two years old. He manages to keep his mom 
and dad quite entertained and busy. Her 
husband Joe will be a senior at William and 
Mary this fall, and Pam will be teaching in 
the block business education program at 
Denbigh High in Newport News. Griselda 
McWhirt Levi is VOT coordinator at Clarke 
County High School and has other teaching 
duties. Judy Meadors was married in No- 
vember, 1971, to Charles E. Glass. She is 
teaching in Virginia Beach and her husband 
is attending Old Dominion. Marcia Mitchell 
Henry and Hugh anticipate a move this fall 
to Philadelphia area. Their big news is the 
birth of Courtney Virginia in May. Marcia 
has been an active volunteer in the local 
Red Cross chapter — like many other "re- 
tired" schoolteachers — and has enjoyed it 
immensely. E. LaVerne Moore is now a 
professional sales representative for Ciba 
Pharmaceutical Company of Summit, N.J. 
She calls on doctors, pharmacies, and hos- 
pitals in parts of Memphis and Northern 

Linda Moore Lewis' husband Buford is 
finishing his Ph.D. at VPI in August then 
they will move to Baton Rouge, La. He will 
work with Esso Research Laboratories and 
she will enter Louisiana State U. where she 
will work on her master's degree. Allison 
Mills Duncan's husband Tom has had short 
tours in Panama, England, and Germany. 
She stays at home in Hampton and takes 
care of Elizabeth Lee, born in April. Sheila 
O'Neal Williams and her husband are god- 
parents, and they had a great time talking 
about Longwood. Sheila is expecting in July 

and Lynn Robertson Arnold is expecting in 
August. Sandy Allen Lawrence is now living 
in Memphis, Tenn. and teaching there. Alli- 
son said that Jenny Gregory was married in 
California and that Kathy Mapp is teaching 
in Virginia Beach. Nancy Morion Voughan 
and Mike have just bought a home in Char- 
lottesville where he is with Fidelity Union 
Life Insurance Co. She is teaching 8th grade 
English at Henley Junior High. 

Margaret Reed Cundiff, Andy, and Chuck 
( 1 ) live in Wytheville. Andy is now a sales 
representative for Bassett Furniture in south- 
west Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia. 
Margaret will teach fourth grade this fall. 
She sees Judy Harman Werner frequently. 
Polly Prince Miller and her husband get 
together with Margaret and Andy often in 
Wytheville. Polly is working as an extension 
agent. Pamela Wayne Murphy's husband 
Jimmy graduated in June from DeKalb 
College and will transfer this summer to 
Auburn U. In April Pamela was matron-of- 
honor for Maureen "Dolly" Shannon '70, 
now Mrs. Raymond Pease. Among the guests 
were quite a gathering of good old Ground 
Floor Cox '69. 

Janet Williams Lovern's wedding was a 
reunion of Longwood grads. Her sister, 
Connie Williams George '70, was maid-of- 
honor; one of the bridesmaids was Ann 
Bowles Staples; one of the ushers was Linda 
Feathers/one Cooke's husband Jeff; Cam 
Thomas cut the cake; Linda Hudson John- 
son served punch; and Carolyn Hubbard 
Hite attended the guest book. Janet's hus- 
band Brent is a salesman for Royal Olds- 
mobile in Richmond. They recently bought 
a Cutlass Supreme and a house. In the 
spring Janet attended the Richmond Long- 
wood Alumnae chapter luncheon where the 
1969 class received special recognition for 
having the largest number of alumnae 
present. In the summer she attended a con- 
ference conducted by Dr. Louis E. Arm- 
strong, Headmaster of Indian Springs School 
in Birmingham. Janet is in her fourth year 
of teaching at Logan Elementary School in 
Henrico County. 

Holly Woodford McDonald and Bill have 
bought a house in the country near Mechan- 
icsville. She is a resource teacher at Sandston 
Elementary, and Bill is with John Hancock 
Insurance. Holly spent a week in New York 
and two weeks at the river this summer. 
She says their "wild and wily" son keeps 
her busy, along with a white rabbit, a 
beagle, three grandfather turtles, and two 
visiting raccoons! Sandra Sink Williams and 
Phil recently built a new home. Sandra 
teaches second grade in Virginia Beach, and 
her husband teaches at Cox High where he 
also coaches the golf and basketball teams. 
Sandra reported that Alice Cundiff married 
Wayne Smith, principal of King's Grant 
Elementary during the summer. Another 
"Beach" marriage was that of Judy Owens 
to Art King. Diane Woodlee Nance and 
Tommy are in Richmond where she teaches 
sixth grade at Logan Elementary in Henrico. 
Lynne Radial Chambers and Jim are house 
hunting in the Richmond area. Lynne 
teaches at Falling Creek Middle School in 
Chesterfield and now serves as a director 
for Province IV (Virginia and W. Va.) of 
the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. She will 
be doing some traveling, including visits to 
the chapter at Longwood. The Chambers 
are advisors to the Senior High group at 
their church and during the summer chap- 
eroned the group's coffee house. Lynne is 
halfway through her master's and says she 
has run into other Longwood grads in the 
program, such as Diane Ritchie and Reggie 
Pawlak Lewis. 

Cam Thomas enjoyed her summer gradu- 
ate course at Hollins and plans to continue 
work toward her master's next summer. She 
teaches at J. R. Tucker High and also 
serves as secretary of the Richmond alumnae 
of Alpha Sigma Tau. Linda Featherston 
Cooke is also in the social studies depart- 
ment at Tucker High. Her husband is with 
James River Realty. Linda took a graduate 
course at U.Va. and another one at VCU 
during the summer. Carol Skelly teaches at 
Northside High in Roanoke and took a two- 
week workshop to prepare for the modular 
scheduling at Northside. Carol has become 
a ski enthusiast and hopes to take a ski trip 
to Europe during the winter holidays. Her 
summer job, Carol reports, was very faci- 
nating — she proof read all the reports for 
the Fifth District which had to be sent to 
the Department of Housing and Urban De- 
velopment. Two years ago Carol ran into 
Kathy Mapp in Europe and this summer 
saw her while at the Beach. Everyone seems 
to run into Kathy, but we can't track her 
down to get some first hand news! 

By the end of '72 Betty Tracey Glass 
hopes to have her master's in Guidance and 
Counseling from Longwood. Betty is an 
elementary guidance counselor in Amherst. 
Her husband Richard was graduated magna 
cum laude from Central Virginia Com- 
munity College in June. 

Sounds like several of our classmates 
are enjoying a country "natural" way of 
living. Alice Putney Metts and Wiley live 
in Cumberland — with their own garden, 
plenty of fresh fish from their own pond 
and lots of fresh air. Alice teaches first 
grade, and this summer taught a class of 
pre-schoolers. Her husband commutes to 
Richmond where he is an electrician. Beth 
Rice Boyd and John live in an old farm 
house near Winchester where they both 
teach. She has been cultivating berries, 
and making jams and jellies. They also have 
their own garden with beans, peas, squash, 
tomatoes, and onions. Last spring Beth 
served on an evaluation committee for the 
State Board of Education. Beth said that 
Phyllis Robinson is teaching in Winchester 
and was a junior class sponsor and works 
with a drill team. Brenda Payne Willis and 
Buddy have a two-year-old daughter, Sharon 
Leigh, and were expecting in August. The 
Willises live in Newport News. Brenda says 
she is enjoying being a homemaker and 
mother. Susan Sweeney Watts teaches home 
economics at Brunswick Junior High in 
Lawrenceville. Her husband Charles is a 
survey coordinator for a firm in Chase City 
and will be taking his land surveyor's exam 
this fall and spring. Susan Puryear Hazel- 
wood is an elementary teacher in Chase 
City where Sylvia's husband is with a con- 
struction firm. Seems the Hazelwoods are 
avid motorcycle fans and took a bike trip to 
Canada. Gwen Muse is working on her 
master's from Hollins and will start on her 
thesis this winter. She teaches English and 
journalism at Lord Botetourt High. Linda 
Perry Gregg reports she and Darrell have 
moved again; it seems they're encircling the 
"big town" of Dallas. Linda is also working 
on her thesis this winter for a master's at 
Texas Women's Univ. Linda is a speech 
therapist in the Arlington, Texas, school 
system. Her husband is working on a degree 
in civil engineering at U. of Texas. The 
Greggs plan a visit to Virginia during the 
Christmas holidays. 

Leslie Sedgwick reports quite an exciting 
experience. For a three-month-period she 
was detailed to the Cost of Living Council 
in the Executive Office of the President to 
make the Council a legal federal agency 
within the boundaries of the Civil Service. 


Newlyweds, Jack and Carol Eubank Forbes, 

She works as a civilian in the personnel 
branch of Marine Corps.; headquarters in 
the D.C. area. Leslie has kept up her in- 
terest in painting and has quite a few 
paintings hanging in homes and offices. 
Betsy Steidtmann McNichols and Terry are 
in Winston-Salem. N.C. where she teaches 
second grade. Betsy received "A" certificate 
in English after completing summer school 
teaching. She ran into Janis Wilhelm who 
did graduate work in speech under an as- 
sistantship from Wake Forest U. During the 
summer Janis served as a judge for the 
National Forensic League high school debate 
finals. She teaches at Thomas Dale High and 
is also a ski enthusiast. Janis mentioned 
seeing several Longwood graduates at Kate 
deRossett's ('70) wedding to Richard Wil- 
kinson; Judy Gordon Elliot who lives in 
Clarksville and Judy Kingsley Doolittle who 
lives in Richmond. Judy Doolittle's husband 
Sam is in his last year of med school at 
MCV; they have a daughter Jennifer. Ann 
Reams Marshall reports she and Ben are 
enjoying home ownership. Ann is a home 
economist with the Virginia Department of 
Agriculture and Commerce in Richmond. 
This fall she is teaching an evening class 
in the retailing department of VCU. Her 
husband Ben is in data processing at Philip 
Morris and is working on his master's at 
W&M. Meg Pherson Shaughnessy and Ed 
are in Charlottesville. She teaches Spanish 
at Lane High, and he is working on his dis- 
sertation for a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engi- 
neering from U.Va. Meg had just received 
word about her first student teacher and 
couldn't believe how quickly time passes. 
She was planning a three-week trip to 
Mexico and hoped to see her LC roommate 
Christe Torre '70x there. Shelia Newsome 
Allen and Bill are in Birmingham, Ala., 
where he will graduate from law school at 
Sanford Univ. Their plans are to return to 
Virginia where Bill will go into practice 
with his father, a judge in Woodstock. Their 
son Bland is f/2 years old. Ann Smith 
Wright and Bill have bought a home which 
Ann said was just what she wanted; in July 
the Wrights had their first child, Virginia 
Land, called "Ginger" for short. 

Joy Wood Lukhard and John have also 
moved into a new home. Joy says the acre 
lot has "oodles" of pines, and they love it. 
Their daughter Angela is W2. Joy teaches 
home economics to both boys and girls at 
Salem Jr. High in Chesterfield County. Oliva 
Jenkins Palmore works with Joy. Joy men- 
tioned that Bonnier Harrup Ballance and 
Bill are in Fort Hood, Texas, where he will 
spend two years as a dentist with the Army. 

Bill graduated from MCV in June. Judy 
Pilson Baylor teaches at Laurel Park High 
in Henry County. Her husband George is a 
supervisor at DuPont in Martinsville. The 
Baylors did some summer traveling through 
Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky. 
Angi Neri Hallberg and Chris have bought 
a house in the Richmond area. Their daugh- 
ter Carrie is three. Angi teaches at Hermit- 
age High (air conditioned and has piped in 
music), and Chris is with Metropolitan Life. 
This summer the Hallbergs won a trip to 
Miami Beach. Kathy Zimmerman is with 
Life of Virginia in Richmond. She took 
a-week vacation to San Juan, P.R. Ann 
Sherman Hatten and Bobby live in Virginia 
Beach where he has a one-year clerkship with 
a federal district judge. Their "baby" is an 
Irish setter. Nan Tucker Gunnell and Bill 
live in Lawndale, Calif in a new duplex; in 
June the Gunnells had a daughter, Amanda 
Franklin. Carlton Watkins Youngblood and 
Peter have bought a duplex house in the 
Fan district of Richmond. They are re- 
modeling their part into a townhouse. The 
Youngbloods have a little girl, Wendy. 
Carlton teaches Spanish at J. R. Tucker 

Janet Stansbury Luczkovich and Mike are 
moving to a country home in Rockville in 
December. Janet teaches music at Lakeside 
and Skipwith Elementary Schools in Henrico. 
They've recently bought a Lhasa Apso 
puppy (what kind of animal is that. Janet?). 
Nan Hedgepeth Stansburg and Skee are in 
Texas where he is a helicopter pilot with 
the Army. Their second son Alexander Cole 
was born in May. Nan and Skee hope to be 
in Richmond next year. Charlotte Taylor 
Johnson teaches sixth grade in Builington. 
N.C. She and Glen are really enjoying being 
homeowners. Ginny Proterra Keblusek and 
Chuck were married in June following his 
internship at MCV. Ginny taught at High- 
land Springs Elementary this past year; this 
fall she and Chuck will be in Texas where 
he will be stationed in the Air Force. After 
that they will be in Germany for three years 
where Chuck will be serving as a flight 

Mary Roughton Hoyt's husband Bob also 
just completed his internship at MCV and 
is currently serving a two-year residency in 
internal medicine. Their first child, Jennifer 
Leigh, was born in June. Mary says she is 
enjoying being a housewife and mother. 
Karen Rountree Mattox in Hampton reports 
her present job is also that of "Mommy". 
She and Russell have a little girl named 
Ivy Lynne. Rita Whitt Matthews and Joe 
also have a little girl. Anne Whitney, who 
was born July 3. Rita says between caring 
for her and their Old English sheepdog. 
Alfie, she's staying busy. The Matthews are 
in Tennessee where Joe is a Navy lawyer at 
the air station in Memphis. They have three 
more years of Navy life; then Joe will be 
practicing law in civilian life. This fall 
they've planned a vacation to Colorado. 
Linda Stowe LaPrade and Jimmie are in 
Danville in an old home which they are 
remodeling. Her husband is with Blackwell 
Motors and she teaches at Tunstall High, 
her alma mater. Linda says she keeps in 
touch with her old suitemates Carolyn Bab- 
cock and Annette Winch Armentrout. Her 
former roommate Sandie Didawick Carr 
has really cute twin girls. 

Judy Owens King was married in June 
to Art King, a teacher and coach at Barry- 
Robinson High in Virginia Beach. Kay 
Robertson Hofler and Richard were married 
the day after Christmas, 1971. She teaches 
junior high art in Virginia Beach, and her 
husband is with the State Highway Depart- 
ment. Bobbie Powers Fertitta and her hus- 

band Tony took a long summer vacation, 
visiting relatives and friends in Florida, 
D.C, Texas, Georgia, and Mexico. Bobbie 
teaches English at Robious Road Junior 
High in Chesterfield and says it is one of 
the continual pupil progress schools in the 
Richmond area. Tony has earned a private 
pilot's license, and the Fertittas hope to 
purchase a small plane soon. They attended 
a June lawn party for Brenda Holly Barry 
and daughter Rosemary and ran into another 
classmate Nancy Schwartz. Sandy Styron 
Roark and Richard were in Japan for two 
years with the Air Force. They now are at 
the U. of Ariz. They have a daughter Robin 
who is 4. 


Class of 1970 

President: JoAnn Melchor. 4401 Lee Ave., 

Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 

Alumnae Secretaries: Mary Margaret Holm, 

4401 Lee Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 

Betty King, 4401 Lee Ave., Virginia Beach, 

Va., 23455 

Jill Randolph (Mrs. George Consolvo), 

110-C Vintage Drive, Richmond, Va. 23219 

It was really great hearing from all the 
Red and Whites this year. For those of you 
who did not send us a letter, please do next 
time! We are still having weddings, babies, 
a variety of occupations. Teaching, how- 
ever, seems to be our main profession. 

The march down the aisle is still going 
strong. In June Jean Robbins became Mrs. 
Thomas Harleman. They honeymooned in 
Bermuda. Jean lives in Altavista until she 
joins her husband in Okinawa. Prior to her 
marriage, Jean taught third grade at La- 
burnum Elementary. Ann Sprint married 
George Weidig in June, 1971. She teaches 
the first grade in Henrico Co. George is 
going to medical school at M.C.V. In 
August, 1971, Merlyn Smith became Mrs. 
David Brown. While Dave was finishing at 
Tech, Merlyn taught third grade. They 
moved to Augusta, Ga., where Dave is a 
process engineer and Merlyn teaches third 
grade. Debbie Denver became Mrs. J. 
Losson Underwood in June. After five years 
of courtship. Bunny Howell Adams married 
John in July. They live in Richmond where 
Bunny teaches at Varina High. Bunnie 
Robinson married David Holland and 
teaches the ninth and twelth grades in 
Williamsburg where hubby is going to law 
school. Bunnie sends news that her room- 
mate at Longwood, Gwen Corker, is also 

Diane Stout is not only married but also 
has a little Longwood lady in the family — 
Beth Michelle. Diane and Ron live in Roa- 
noke County where she teaches the second 
grade in the first open-space school in the 
county. Diane is also minister of music at 
a local Brethren Church and is directing 4 
choirs. Theresa Graham married Fred 
Rieger in June and is now expecting twins 
in November! Theresa taught second grade 
in Orange County prior to her marriage. 
After the wedding, she and Fred spent six 
months in the Florida sun where he was a 
First Class Petty Officer in the Navy. They 
plan to live in Virginia Beach. To add to 
our list of "moms", Lynne Watts Dalton is 
the proud mother of a two-year-old son. 
Rod. She and Reggie live in Virginia Beach 
and have bought a home. Lynne taught first 
grade in Norfolk last year. Barbara Boggs, 
'71x, is now Lynne's sister-in-law. 

Janice Hudgins taught again this year at 
Bethel High in Hampton, where she was 
Student Government advisor. She vacationed 
in Hawaii in August. Cookie Moore Nicker- 


son and Bryant have returned to their home- 
town of Winchester to live. He is working 
at Frye Furniture Industries, and Cookie 
will teach sixth grade. Naonal Newman 
Plumb and her husband Vance have bought 
a house in the Tarheel State. While he works 
toward his M.D. from Duke Univ., she 
teaches 8th grade Language Arts in nearby 
Roxboro. You will find Andy Myers Bull 
and Jeff at home in Leesburg. Next year 
he will be an assistant-principal in Sterling, 
and Andy will be a dean at the Leesburg 
Middle School.- They are both working again 
this summer on their master's at an ex- 
tension of V.P.I. 

Brenda Jo Mani Meshejian was married 
July, 1971. Wayne is an assistant professor 
of physics at Longwood. Some of you might 
remember that he is also an excellent 
banjoist. Brenda Jo says that it was an all- 
star cast at the LC Faculty Follies last 
March: Wayne on banjo, Brenda on guitar, 
and Dr. Lockwood on electric bass! Martha 
Jones Leonard teaches first grade in Beverly, 
N.J. She was chosen to work in her school's 
Title I program in the summer, teaching 
cooking. Her husband is a 2nd Lt. in the 
N.J. National Guard. Besides her teaching 
Dale Grigg Guretsky did some singing this 
year, acted as emcee for the Miss Colonial 
Heights pageant, and served as the official 
chaperone for Miss Colonial Heights when 
she went on to Roanoke. Dale's husband 
Lynn is with Hercules in Hopewell. He's a 
southernized New Yorker, a graduate of 
Cornell. They traveled to Hawaii last May; 
this October they plan to go to Greece. 

Next year Eleanor Marie Hartless will be 
head of the Social Studies Department at 
Walker Junior High in Charlottesville. 
Karen Hensley teaches in Roanoke. She, 
Faye Tice, Susan Steele '71, and Douglas 
Curry vacationed in Acapulco, Mexico. Pat 
Golden Moore and her husband live in 
Kenosha, Wise, where he is a Marine Corps 
Recruiter. Pat has finished her year of in- 
terning in Medical Technology and is work- 
ing for St. Catherine's Hospital lab in 
Kenosha. Joan Hudson Reynolds teaches 
second grade in Pittsylvania Co. Her hus- 
band Mike is now a junior at Elon. Linda 
Hudson was married last June to Wayne 
Fretwell. They are now living in Danville, 
and Linda teaches in Patrick Henry Com- 
munity College in Martinsville. 

Honore Holton Hawks is living with her 
parents in Pearisburg while Ray is in Ger- 
many. Margaret Nuckols was promoted 
from Acting Assistant Dean at Longwood 
to the "Real Thing". She is state coordinator 
for membership for the Southern College 
Personnel Association and newsletter editor 
for the Virginia College Personnel Associa- 
tion. Sallie Gibbs Adelman and her husband 
have bought a house in Delran, N.J. She is 
teaching at Walt Disney Elementary School. 
Carol Mitchell Bridgforth and Bill are living 
in Richmond where she is teaching math, 
and he is finishing his degree at VCU. They 
spent four days in Bermuda last July. Kris 
Naylor Bacher was an admissions counselor 
at George Mason Univ. last year. In August 
she began teaching Home Ec. from the 
seventh to twelth grades at Quantico Marine 

Liz Giles Irwin and Richard attended a 
National Jaycee Convention in Atlanta, Ga., 
last slimmer and had a ball. Sherry Duke 
Ruhland's husband is also quite active in 
the Jaycee's. He will be serving as vice- 
president of the Botetourt Jaycees. Judy Old 
Mayes is now married and living in Charles- 
ton where she is teaching English and her 
husband is a Lt. j.g. in the Navy. Mary 
Palmore Morse is now married. While her 
husband was studying for the ministry last 

Ian Richard, 1, son of Sharon Little Riley, 

year, she taught Junior High and the day 
after school was out she had a baby girl 
Sarah Elizabeth. Good Timing! Sharon Little 
Riley and Richard have a two-year-old son. 
Ian Richard. Sharon was teaching in Loudon 
County prior to Ian's arrival. She and 
Richard traveled to Colorado in September. 
Little Phyllis Carter Hilburn and Glenn have 
added a son to their family — Michael. They 
live in Falls Church. 

For those of us who are not getting 
married or having babies, we find a variety 
of occupations in a variety of places. Fay 
Underwood, after teaching in Prince George 
County last year, took a cross-country trip 
this summer. Vivian W bitted lones taught 
in Henrico this past year. Her husband is a 
probation officer in Henrico County. Gwen 
Towsey Soden is teaching in Richmond 
where Dennis a lawyer. Candee Dickenman 
Hillerman and husband, Roy, moved to 
Cleveland in June after he finished med 
school at U. Va. Sue Leviner Marion and 
husband Bruce are homeowners on Rich- 
mond's southside. Sue commutes to Hope- 
well to teach home ec. Linda Harper Bailey 
teaches home economics in Powhatan and 
is working part time on her master's. Ken 
is a probation officer with the City of Rich- 
mond. Gay Bosserman Evans lives in Farm- 
ville and teaches in Keysville. Jackie is 
manager of the men's department in Bald- 
wins. Dian Turner teaches in Manassas and, 
true to form, still playing golf every free 
moment. Sandy Petersen Stallings and her 
husband live in Charlotte, N.C. 

Roxann Pollard Jordan will be grade 
group chairman for the fifth grade at Plaza 
Elementary. She and Jimmy have bought 
property at Virginia Beach where they hope 
to build in the near future. Marcia Tench 
is teaching and coaching in Hopewell. For 
the past two summers, Marcia has been 
working on her M.Ed, at Longwood. Vicky 
Smith Burnette teaches piano lessons when 
she is home on Buggs Island Lake in Clarks- 
ville. During the rest of the year, she travels 
with husband Mac who is a tobacco auc- 
tioneer; this takes them to Georgia, N.C, 
and Kentucky. When he is home, he runs a 
carpet golf course in Clarksville. Anita 
Thomas is working in Lynchburg as a speech 
pathologist grades K-8. She received her 
M.Ed, in Speech Pathology from U. Va. 
Anita sends word that Gay Lewis Maitland 
and her husband live in Charlottesville 

where Gay is a speech pathologist in Green 
County. Diane Wallers Halley and her hus- 
band both teach in Henrico and live in a 
new ranch-style house. They received their 
master's from V.CU. New additions to their 
family include a Beagle and a chocolate 

Brenda Knopp Rankin is a first-grade 
teacher in Staunton and works with pre- 
schoolers in the summer. Bev Ryder Van- 
Lear and husband Jerry are stationed at 
Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. Lori 
Petrasek, who was awarded a fellowship, 
received her master's in speech therapy and 
lives in Alexandria where she works for the 
school as a speech therapist. The principal 
at one of her schools is Miss Lillian Beach, 
'35 and '41. Joyce Terry Creath, after teach- 
ing one year in Portsmouth, moved to 
Puerto Rico where her husband is stationed 
in the Navy. Joyce works in the Special 
Services office as procurement clerk. She 
and Winston will move back to Virginia in 
September. Linda Smith teaches in Alex- 
andria at T.C. Williams High. She has an 
open-campus school and an elective English 
program. She is sponsor of the ski club, 
National Honor Society, and Interact — a 
service club. Cyn Wolfe Land, since gradu- 
ating, has been teaching English in J.R. 
Tucker High and at Maggie Walker High. 
Paul is finishing his third year of medical 
school at M.C.V. Judy Phillips Allen and 
Jerry have bought a home in Newport News. 
Besides teaching physical education, Judy is 
raising and showing Chinese Pugs. 

Suzanne Turner writes that she is "still 
plodding along with the same last rfame" 
and is in charge of the research and clinical 
Catecholamine Lab — whatever that is! She 
has written two papers involving artificial 
kidney machines and hopes to have them 
published soon. Our past AA president is 
still going strong — playing volleyball, soft- 
ball, basketball and tennis with the recrea- 
tion department in Charlottesville. She re- 
turned to Longwood last spring to speak at 
the Alpha Gams Feast of Roses banquet. 
Patsy Peach Hall and Gary moved to Cam- 
bridge, Mass., where he will work on his 
M.B.A. at Harvard. Patsy said that Mary 
Ross is teaching in Atlanta, and Kay Webb 
and Koky Wooling are teaching in Char- 
lottesville. Diane "Monkey" Schools Hale 
teaches physical ed in Henrico County. She 
chaperoned members of her gymnastics team 
for a week to a camp in Pennsylvania where 
she not only coached but also participated 
in the activities with the kids. 

Cherie Weeks Fowler teaches physical 
education at Robinson High School and is 
coaching gymnastics and track. Tom is a 
real estate agent. They went on a summer 
cruise to the Grand Bahamas. Janice Austin 
Creech taught music in Norfolk this past 
year. In August she and Bill moved to 
Lexington where he is going to W & L as 
a law student. Janice teaches in Buena Vista. 
Jackie White Lee and Donnie have bought 
a house in Virginia Beach. Donnie is work- 
ing for a law firm, and Jackie teaches music 
at Brookwood Elementary. Mary Margaret 
Holm, JoAnn Melchor and Betty King are 
still living at the Beach. MM and JoAnn 
spent two weeks in Florida during the 
summer while Betty worked for the recrea- 
tion department at the Beach. MM is teach- 
ing English at Indian River High. Betty and 
JoAnn are planning to take the big plunge 
down the aisle. Best wishes for a successful 
year in teaching, motherhood, wifehood, or 
whatever your occupation happens to be! 
We are sure that you will agree with us 
when we say that the Alumnae Association 
is doing a great job by keeping the LC 
graduates in touch. 



Class of 1971 

President: Connie Lou Williams, 2803 Skip- 

with Rd., Richmond, Va. 23229 

Alumnae Secretaries: Casey Wilkes, 7616-A 

Wistar Village Dr., Richmond, Va. 23228 

Lois Wells, Longwood College, Farmville, 

Va. 23901 

June Lifsey, 1000 Cherokee Rd. Apt. 14-G, 

Portsmouth, Va. 23701 

Those active green and whites "never give 
in", and for the class of '71 it seems that 
wedding bells and travel have monopolized 
the time of most of our members. Several 
have even decided to return to the books to 
further their education. 

Some of the "old" married girls celebrated 
their first anniversaries this year. Among 
this group, we find Debbie Dent Grimes, 
who teaches third grade in Fairfax. Susan 
DuPriest Flowers and Bill have bought a 
house in Richmond where Susan will be 
teaching French and English at Tuckahoe 
Middle School. Bill is a credit analyst for 
the United Virginia Bank. Linda Carter 
Lineweaver and Jim are making their career 
in the Army. While in Germany, Linda is 
teaching with the Army Education Center, 
and Jim is a 1st Lt. and company com- 
mander with the 45th Medical Battalion. 
Bonnie Bowers Kling and husband have 
moved back to Roanoke where he is con- 
troller of Webster Brick Company. Bonnie 
teaches at Glenvar Elementary School. Judy 
Clements Springfield is teaching in Prince 
George County. Carolyn Blylhe Thornton 
and Billy will see a new little "Thornton" 
added to their new house in September in 
Newport News. Mary Elizabeth Dickinson 
Covington and Bob have bought a new 
home in Maryland. Mary Elizabeth is teach- 
ing third grade at Sudlersville Elementary 
School and working on her master's at the 
U. of Md. B.J. Diggs married Steve Turner, 
a V.M.I, graduate. They live in Columbus, 
Miss., where B.J. plans to complete her 
M.S. in teaching social studies, and Steve 
will graduate from Air Force Pilot Training. 

Lynda Davis Lee and Bill live in Colonial 
Heights where Lynda teaches at Colonial 
Heights High, and Bill is a second-year med 
student at MCV. Debbie Bnigh Minucil is 
living in Johnson City, Tenn. where Charles 
is finishing a degree in accounting, and 
Debbie is working at Citizens Bank. Susan 
Dellinger Zirkle and Keith live in Secken- 
heim, West Germany where he is stationed 
until January, 1973. They plan to return 
to Virginia. Sue Ellen Dodson Williams and 
Walter have bought a new home. Sue Ellen 
teaches kindergarten at Valley Elementary 
School for Bath County. Ann Gail Coleman 
Burkey is a graduate student at the U. of 
Pittsburgh while husband, Brent, is associ- 
ated with a corporate law firm. Laurel 
Baldwin Stigberg and Chuck live in Hamp- 
ton. Laurel is teaching at Thomas Eaton 
Junior High, and Chuck is studying to be 
an accountant. Sue Anderson Hendricks has 
her "Longwood Years" to thank for her 
"catch" of husband Clay, a Chi Phi from 
Hampden-Sydney. Sue is teaching first grade 
in Richmond while Clay attends dental 
school. This summer they camped in New 
England. Linda Clarke Masse is waiting 
patiently for Bobby to return from Viet 
Nam. She works for the Christian Children's 
Fund. Linda Bullock Shaver and her ensign 
husband, Eric, are stationed in Baltimore. 
Linda will teach third grade at Harmans 
Elementary in Maryland. Linda Dexter 
Griffin had a '71 Christmas candlelight 
wedding. Joe is an environmental engineer 

for the Virginia State Health Department, 
and Linda teaches at Indian River Junior 
High in Norfolk. Naturally, "Dexter" is 
directing some plays and has started a drama 
club. Joanne Chuchek Blue has been teach- 
ing disabled children while her Navy hus- 
band is out to sea. 

Among the newer marriages are the sum- 
mer plans of Kay Fielder, Faye Chandler 
to John Hastings, Susan Christian, and 
Cheryl White Bennett, who lives in Farm- 
ville. Also on the list, Frances Kimble and 
Steve Brown, and Nan Byrd to Steve Scruggs 
in June. She is teaching at Gretna Senior 
High. As of June 24, Lynne Coleman be- 
came Mrs. William R. Agee. After a wed- 
ding trip to Nassau, the couple returned to 
Roanoke where Lynne had a winning girls' 
basketball team last year at William Fleming 
High School; her husband is a data comp- 
troller for N&W Railway. Lynne's descrip- 
tion of her wedding was a "Longwood 
reunion." Serving as her attendants were Pat 
Necessary '72, Mary Lu Sowers, Freda 
Lunsford Tennant, and maid of honor Sue 
Rinaldi Deans. 

Among those teaching around the state 
we have Edrie Bays at Cave Springs High 
in Roanoke County. Edrie is also turning 
her interests toward interior decorating. 
Mary King Coleman teaches second grade 
at St. Michael's School in Richmond. She 
was also planning a Bermuda trip. Carolyn 
Allen has wedding plans for January. 
Michael Powell (UVA) is the lucky guy (as 
Carolyn put it!). Carolyn is also going to 
Mexico City and Acapulco this summer. 
She teaches in Charlottesville. Elaine Perry 
completed her master's at Longwood and 
will live in Richmond. Betsy Crews kept 
busy between traveling in Europe and at- 
tending cheerleading camp with her girls. 
Sylvia McMillian has been at Longwood this 
summer to earn some credits in elementary 
education. She will teach in Galax. Lois 
Wells completed her master's this summer 
and teaches at John Tyler Community 
College. Wanda Carter graduated in June 
with a master's in math from UVA. She 
teaches at Walker Junior High in Charlottes- 
ville. Julia Brown Davis lives in Crewe and 
teaches special reading. She has two chil- 
dren: Robert Graham, 3, and Sharon Eliza- 
beth, born on leap-year day, February 29, 
1972. One bit of disturbing news was the 
death of Mary Barbara Jenkins. She was 
killed in an automobile accident December 
17, 1971. Carol Eberly is working on her 
master's at Longwood and planned a get- 
together in Chesapeake to entertain incoming 
Longwood freshmen. 

Elaine Perry completed her master's this 
summer at Longwood. She lives in Rich- 
mond. Paulette Batten LeGrande and Wayne 
are now living in Chesapeake where Paulette 
will teach first grade at Western Branch 
Elementary. Nona Davis Hicks found a 
summer job to keep frustration and laughs 
in balance. She worked at the Yorktown 
Visitors Center where the tourists provide 
continuous entertainment. She and Biff will 
be moving to Richmond where Biff will be 
working on his master's in hospital ad- 

Vickie Grubbs Trumbower and husband 
Dave are teaching in Roanoke County and 
live in Salem. She is taking graduate classes 
at night. Lang Foster is living in Roanoke 
and teaching elementary school there with 
Pat Vaughan Hales. Pat and her husband 
George have recently bought a home in 
Roanoke County. Ginger Fulwiler Carey 
and Richard have purchased a home in 
Woodbridge. She teaches in a school oper- 
ating under the open classroom system. The 
Careys have traveled to San Francisco, New 

York, and Cape Cod in recent months. 
Ginger is treasurer of her alumnae Alpha 
Delta Pi. Nancy Hardy Smith and Clint 
also live in Woodbridge. Nancy is teaching 
in Dale City in a school which operates on 
a year-round basis. Pam Harrison Neale 
teaches health and phys. ed. at York Aca- 
demy and is working on her master's at 
William and Mary. Cindy Ennis Bennett 
and Don have built a home in Salisbury, 
Md. She is teaching history in the local high 
school. Pam Eubank is teaching English and 
Drama in Martinsville and is sponsor of the 
Drama Club. She has begun work on her 
master's in Guidance and Counseling at 

Kathi Long Dyczko and husband Gregory 
live in New Jersey where he attends Newark 
College of Engineering. Kathi taught science 
and phys. ed. in Fauquier County in '72. 
Joyce Foster Sweet and Frank are living in 
Pamplin. Joyce teaches English in Appo- 
mattox County where her husband is an 
extension agent. Last summer, Joyce worked 
with her hubsand's 4-H clubs. Diane Haley 
Gregory and Claiborne are building a home 
in Doswell. Diane teaches language arts in 
Hanover County. Cheryl Hardy Hall lives 
in Danville and teaches in Pittsylvania 
County. The Halls vacationed in Myrtle 
Beach. Susan Munford Huber and her hus- 
band, who is in the Air Force, live in Texas. 
Jill Kidd teaches in Hampton. Ruth Holdren 
teaches phys. ed. and coaches basketball in 
Prince George County and lives in Colonial 
Heights. Margie Haynes is teaching at 
Patrick Henry Academy in Charlotte Court 
House. She vacationed in Europe the past 
two summers. Bonnie Irby Harvey and Steve 
are both teaching at Randolph-Henry High 
in Charlotte Court House. Vicki Hogan lives 
in Lynchburg and teaches in Campbell 

Kathi Leary Jones and Paul are living in 
South Hill. She teaches first grade in Meck- 
lenburg County, and pre-school in the sum- 
mers. Margaret Moseley Carey and Richie 
live in Lawrenceville where Margaret teaches 
first grade. Bobbi Gower Collier and hus- 
band," Lt. William Collier, U.S.A.. are living 
in Columbus, Ga. They will move to Texas 
in January. Randy Graves and Vicki Jeffer- 
son were attendants in the Collier wedding. 
Randy is now Mrs. Tom Brooks. They will 
live in Georgia until Dec, while Tom is in 
service. Lynn Giles McClain and husband 
Mike live in Waynesboro, and she teaches 
Spanish in Augusta County. Lynn studied 
in Spain in the summer of '71. She is now 
writing her thesis to complete her master's 
at UVA. Phyllis King teaches at Kellam 
High, Virginia Beach, in the business dept. 
Several Longwood graduates from other 
classes are also there. June Lifsey teaches 
primary school in Nansemond and has 
taught pre-school for the past two summers. 
June, who lives in Portsmouth, vacationed 
in Florida last summer. Bonnie Hundley and 
Linda Floyd were June's neighbors. Both are 
teaching in Chesapeake. 

Many graduates live in the Charlottesville 
area. Bonnie Foltz teaches in Albemarle 
County and vacationed in San Juan and 
Mexico last year. Donna Freeland Townes 
and Charles were there last year while 
Charles completed graduate engineering 
studies. Donna taught in Louisa County. 
Page Tolleson Talley '62 was her principal. 
Now they live in a new home in Chester- 
field. Janet Lacy Tevendale and husband 
Rick live in Eariysville. Janet teaches in an 
ungraded school while Rick, who completed 
his service tour, will study for his degree 
at UVA. Medical school is anticipated in 
the future. Judy Haynes Faust and Frank 
live in Barboursville. Judy teaches world 


history- and sociology at Orange County 
High and is the cheerleader sponsor. Frank 
is attending graduate school at UVA. Judy 
and Frank live in an old post office. They 
have a flag from Sen. Spong that has flown 
over the \j.S. capitol to fly outside their 
home. Their neighbors include Becky Hall 
and Pat Lucas Grigsby. Becky teaches in 
Louisa, and Pat at Orange County High. She 
is the drama coach there. 

Becky Kelso Jessee and Forrest are resi- 
dents of Richmond. Becky teaches art in 
Henrico, and Forrest is attending MCV 
med school. Cindy Jamison Fulks and Jerry 
have an apartment in Richmond. Cindy 
teaches in the business dept. at Henrico 
High. Jerry is working on his master's in 
hospital administration at MCV. Janet 
Jackson Wright and husband Donald also 
live in Richmond. Janet also teaches in 
Henrico County. Paula Tunstall Ellis was a 
bridesmaid in the Wright wedding. Nancy 
Bird Harmon is a reading specialist at 
Matoaco High. Carol McMullen Fulton and 
Warren live in Vienna, Austria, where Carol 
is working on her master's in German 
Literature. Last summer, the Fultons studied 
and visited for three months in Italy. Nan 
Forbes Roll and attorney husband Dan re- 
side in Point Pleasant, West Va., where Nan 
is a special reading teacher. Bitsy Llewellyn 
Gregory and Bill are living in Roanoke and 
both are teaching in Roanoke County. Bitsy 
teaches fifth grade, and Bill is band director 
and basketball coach. Faye Henley Hogue 
and husband are residents of Richmond. 
Faye teaches sixth grade in Henrico County. 
Margaret Mosely Carey and Beth Stevens 
Gamble were bridesmaids in the Hogue 
wedding. Carol Ellerton is now teaching in 
Va. Beach. She vacationed in Hawaii with 
Dale Payne Chenault and Coralee Warton 
(Carol's roommate). While in Hawaii, they 
saw Janice Hudgins '70. Paula Malcomb 
Shelton and Johnnie are living in their new 
home in Colonial Heights. Paula teaches 
second grade there. 

Jane McCaffrey was also married during 
the summer. She and husband are making 
their home in Chicago. We hear from Jane 
Sakshaug now and then about teaching in 
Middleboro, Mass. Sally Gill Morgan taught 
with Henrico County this past year and 
plans to teach first grade in Mecklenburg 
County this fall. Julie Smith returned to 
Virginia for Sally's wedding. Julie is in 
pharmacy school in Charleston, S.C. Vicki 
Eyler is in Charleston also, teaching, and 
returns to visit friends and family often. 
Julie and Vicki are rooming together. Freda 
Lunsford Tennant and John are stationed 
in Pensacola, Fla., where John is in flight 
school. We know Freda is enjoying that 
beautiful Florida weather! 

Linda Southworth coaches basketball and 
tennis at Huguenot High in Richmond. Sue 
Rinaldi Deans and Woody are residing in 
Roanoke also where they both will teach. 
Debbie Remsburg also taught in the Roanoke 
area. Connie Williams George, our fearless 
class leader, taught math at Meadowbrook 
High in Chesterfield County. Beverly Shaw 
Welch taught math this past year at Salem 
Church Junior High in Chesterfield, one of 
the county's new curriculum schools. Stisan 
Steele taught at Byrd Middle School in 
Henrico during the past year. Casey Wilkes, 
who teaches at Byrd also says Susan was 
the "life" of faculty meetings. We hear 
Susan took a trip cross country this summer. 

Jeanean Woolfolk Duke taught business 
at the new luxurious Hermitage High. Also 
in the Richmond-Henrico area we find Penny 
Jones, Gayle Park Graham, Anne Pearson, 
Carol Sanders Beale, Ali Shea, Cy Young, 

Brenda Southworth, Mary Lu Sowers, Adri 
Stagg, Susan Talbot, Kaydell Edwards Ward, 
Mary Ingram, Linda Matthews, Meredith 
Baker, Pat Wornom, and Sue Goodson. 
Joanne May Herbert taught this past year 
in Charlottesville, as did Carol Umhdenstock 
and Patsy Herring. Shirley Warlick Rash 
taught at Lane in Charlottesville this past 
year while husband Tim was completing his 
senior year at UVa. and playing on the 
Cavaliers' basketball team. Kathy Wilson 
Thomas also lives in Charlottesville. Brenda 
Morene taught in Newport News while Betty 
Savage was in Chesapeake. Cheryl Winn 
Sault and husband are now residing in 
Atlanta, Ga. They returned this summer for 
a visit with family and friends. Barbara 
Jenkins spent the summer in Charlottesville 
at UVa., working on her master's. Barbara 
plans to return to teach again in Henrico 
County this fall. 


Class of 1972 

President: Nancy Fowlkes, 1400 Delray Ct., 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 
Alumnae Secretaries: Sue Yeatts (Mrs. Rusty 
Bonham), 3406 W. Grace St., Apt. 5, Rich- 
mond, Va. 23221 

Ellen Dunn, 1128 Georgetown Rd., Apt. 
202, Norfolk, Va. 23502 

As the summer closed and September 
drew nearer, many of us wished we were 
going back to old LC — either because we 
had jobs or because we did not! However, 
we will survive, and most are looking for- 
ward to reunions at Oktoberfest. 

Among the first of the marriages of the 
summer, Carolyn Simpson Baker and Clark, 
were married in Farmville. Beautiful wed- 

ding pictures were taken on campus! They 
live in Washington, Ind., where Carolyn 
teaches the fifth grade. Among others 
leaving the Old Dominion is Linda Droste 
who moved to North Canton, Ohio, where 
she hopes she will be teaching. Karen 
Gourley is living in Los Angeles and will 
be married this fall. Another Californian, 
Elise Caldwell Jermain, and Clarke have 
been living in Sacramento since February. 
Elise finished her last semester at Sacra- 
mento Univ. She and Clarke are now living 
at another Air Force base in California 
until they transfer in December to Ohio (a 
little closer and colder!) Lynn Woodlief is 
teaching kindergarten in Roanoke and will 
have a fall wedding on November 18. Jo 
Brown lives in Rocky Mount and teaches 
Spanish at Franklin County High, after a 
busy summer working. Also in Franklin 
County is Sue Davis who is next door to 
Jo in the Junior High, teaching Science. 
In northern Virginia, you will find Margaret 
Lowry and Patti Coogan. Maggie teaches 
physical education at Fauquier County High 
while living in Manassas. Margaret uses her 
spare time with the Hockey and Softball 
teams and the cheerleaders! Do you have 
any spare time? 

There was one person we managed to get 
from the beach area to Richmond! Marriage 
won out with Amelia Nespoli Hopkins. 
Amelia and Roger had a beautiful wedding 
August 5, with a reception that was un- 
believable! Amelia is now teaching Life 
Science at Hermitage Middle School in 
Henrico; this seems to be a meeting ground 
for Longwood students. Pat Lewis is also 
there teaching 8th grade English and sur- 
viving very well. Sue Yeatts Bonham is also 
on the Hermitage Middle School staff, teach- 
ing Spanish and French. Other grads in 
Henrico include Beverly Blunt who teaches 

Class of 1962 


Spanish at Henrico High. Kathy Doyle is 
teaching at Tucker. Vicky Bowling is teach- 
ing English at Douglas Freeman. In Rich- 
mond City we find Gail Davant teaching 
7th grade math at Chandler. Brenda Belton 
is also teaching math in Richmond. Judy 
Gregory is dividing her time between a 
certain guy at UVA and her classes at John 
Marshall High. Judy is teaching Spanish. 
Judy's former roomie, Glenda Rice, is teach- 
ing the fourth grade in Burkeville. Glenda 
commutes to school from Blackstone in her 
new car. Non-teacher Charlene Rice is 
working for the State in Richmond. Charlene 
plans to take business courses this fall. Betty 
jo Coverstone is married and teaching ele- 
mentary school in Loudon County. Mary 
Henshaw is married and teaching elementary 
school in Richmond. Stella Simmons is 
working in the L.C. library. Lisa Worth- 
ington has one of the most unique teaching 
jobs of any of us — teaching English to the 
"locals" in Athens, Greece! Lisa is also 
taking French and Greek at the Univ. of 

What a summer it was for most of our 
class! Members of our class filled the sum- 
mer with travel, fun, apartment hunting, 
walking down church aisles to the tune of 
wedding bells, and settling into new living 

August 29th turned out to be a Longwood 
Reunion in the City of Chesapeake as new 
teachers met for a city-wide orientation pro- 
gram. Some of the faces that showed up 
were Bev Aston and Val Callis who are 
teaching 6th and 5th grade respectively, at 
Crestwood Elementary. Bev and Val share 
an apartment in a "singles only" complex 
near the ocean front at Va. Beach. Barbara 
Duck lives in Portsmouth and teaches 
science at Deep Creek Jr. High. Anne 
Taylor and Suzanne Curry share an apart- 

ment in Va. Beach. Anne teaches science at 
Indian River Jr. High, and Suzanne has a 
second grade class at Norfolk Highlands 
Elementary. Carolyn Barwick teaches fifth 
grade at Sparrow Road Elem. and lives at 
the Beach. Margaret Butcher, '73, didn't 
have much of a summer vacation because 
she completed student teaching and began 
teaching 7th and 8th grade math at Deep 
Creek Jr. High — all in the month of August! 
Sandi Harris is "making lesson plans" for 
the 6th grade at Central Elementary and 
lives in Chesapeake. Andy Lassiter, "73, re- 
turned to her home town to teach Physical 
Education and Health at Indian River Jr. 
High. For some LC graduates the faces 
were the same, but the names had been 
changed by summer wedding bells. Mary 
Brinkley Gruhlke and Mike were married 
in July; they now live in Va. Beach, and 
Mary teaches 6th grade at Carver Elem. in 
Chesapeake. Betty Johnson Wallace and 
John live in Chesapeake, and Betty teaches 
7th and 8th grade math at Deep Creek Jr. 
High; they were married in June. Donna 
Edwards Slaughter, '73, lives with her hus- 
band Dee in Norfolk and teaches English 7 
at Western Branch Jr. High. Tricia Patterson 
Martin finished LC early and married John 
in February. She is also teaching the Ele- 
mentary grades in Chesapeake. Verona 
Leake Franklin teaches Language Skills at 
Indian River Jr. High while husband Keith 
works at Va. National Bank in Norfolk. 
Verona and Keith were married in July and 
live in Va. Beach. Ellen Dunn shares an 
apartment with Leslie Nuttall, '70, in Nor- 
folk: they both teach math at Indian River 
Jr. High. Longwood became the number one 
alma mater at Indian River Jr. High when 
Verona Leake Franklin, Ellen Dunn, Andy 
Lassiter, Anne Taylor, and Leslie Nuttall 
joined the faculty ranks. Sally Foster, Nancy 

Class of 1967 

Rakes, and Carol Servies share an apart- 
ment in Va. Beach that "caters" to service 
men. Sally teaches 2nd grade at Park Elem. 
in Chesapeake, and Nancy occupies herself 
teaching 2nd grade at Portlock Elem. while 
she waits for Ricky Setzer to return home 
in February from Taiwan. Carol is a 5th 
grade teacher at Carey Elem. in Norfolk. 

As usual the autumn days find Nancy 
Fowkles on a hockey field, but this time 
Nancy is coaching instead of playing. Nancy 
is the J.V. hockey coach at Cox High in 
Va. Beach where she also teaches Health 
and Physical Education. Also teaching in the 
Va. Beach system are Susan Fawcett. 
Martha Marchese, and Teresa Seaman 
Kellam. Martha teaches 6th grade at 
Louisa Luxford Elem. Teresa married 
Severn Kellam this summer and is now 
teaching music at Thorogood Elem. School. 
Other newlyweds living in Va. Beach are 
Ann Holt Haines and Cheryl Draper Bris- 
Bois. Anita Simons Harrison and Warner 
were married in June and live in Norfolk 
where Anita teaches home ec. 

Several of our class decided that Suffolk 
was the place for them. Margaret Pulley and 
Mary Adkisson are elementary teachers in 
Suffolk while Beth Dale, Kay Harvey, and 
Kathy Barclay are in the secondary grades. 
Kathy is an art teacher at Suffolk High. 
Janice Brown teaches in nearby Nansemond 
and lives in Chesapeake. Increasing the 
number of Longwood graduates in the 
Hampton School system are Brenda Garner, 
Louise Bailey. Betsy Craig. Doris Crocker, 
and LaDonna Rasnick Miles. LaDonna and 
Edward were married in September and live 
in Hampton. Melinda Lewis became Mrs. 
William Marshall in June; Melinda is a first 
grade teacher in York County. Janice Lucian 
Tollotti married Ed in August and is pres- 
ently setting up housekeeping in Newport 

Scattered throughout the state we find 
other members of the class of '72. Nancy 
Mayberry was married this summer and is 
teaching Home Economics in Lynchburg. 
Also in Lynchburg and beginning their 
teaching careers are Mary Bryant and 
Patricia Newton. Nancy Hawk Sorensen and 
Michael celebrated their first anniversary 
this Thanksgiving: they live in Woodbridge. 
LaDonna Bussard is teaching music in 
Covington. Bonnie Combo Beckman married 
John in June, and they have set up residence 
in Fairfax. Patti Coogan is teaching ele- 
mentary physical education in Loudoun 
County. Joan Putney has a teaching position 
in Orange County, and Sherry VanValken- 
burg teaches in Victoria. 

Karen Haldeman was married this sum- 
mer; she is now teaching home ec in Mary- 
land. Joanne Todd moved to Georgia to 
begin her new careers as English teacher and 
housewife; she was married in June. Julia 
Stephenson followed her new husband. Bill 
Davis, to Kentucky; he is a student at South- 
western Seminary in Louisville. Frankie 
Brown could call any state in the U.S. as 
home because she will visit almost all of 
them this year as she serves as a Traveling 
Colleigate Secretary for Alpha Delta Pi So- 
rority. Some of the Class of '72 decided that 
graduate work was for them. Donna "Gib" 
Gibson is working on her master's at the 
U. of S.C. where she has an assistantship. 
Susan Moody is enrolled in medical school 
at Duke Univ. Diane Bottoms is working on 
her master's in math at VPI and SU. This 
fall finds Mary Tabb Johnston in medical 
technology classes at U.Va. while Cookie 
Howell has returned to Longwood to work 
toward her master's in English. Cookie is 
also serving as an assistant head resident in 
Frazer dorm. 


Thomas Sully Exhibit 

Plans are being finalized for the opening of the 
Thomas Sully Exhibit on March 16 through April 22. 
The opening date coincides with Founders Day week- 
end so that alumnae may be the first to view a presenta- 
tion of works by the 19th century American artist whose 
name will be perpetuated by the future establishment 
of a museum on our campus. The generous gifts of 
Mrs. Jeanne Sully West were the beginning of the 
Longwood collection. 

This special exhibit is being made possible by a 
matching grant of $2,000 from the National Endow- 
ment of the Arts and the Virginia Commission for the 
Arts and Humanities. 

In addition to the 10 works by Thomas Sully which 
are owned by Longwood College, some 20 other Sully 
works will be on loan from various museums and art 
galleries throughout the country. Of special interest 
to our alumnae will be those paintings from the 
Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of 
Art, and the National Portrait Gallery of the Smith- 
sonian Institute. 

Also included in the exhibit will be several Sully 
works loaned by various private families, among them 
being Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Sully, Jr. of Newport 
News, (Elizabeth Butler, '38). 

Tentative plans for Founders Day weekend include 
a lecture on the life and works of Thomas Sully, a 
benefit dinner, and the opening reception for the ex- 
hibit. Alumnae interested in attending the benefit dinner 
should write directly to Miss Barbara Bishop. Chairman 
of the Art Department, Longwood College. 

Tribute to America 

by Ruby Leigh Orgain, '99 

We may exist without friends. 

We may exist without hope, 

We may exist without love, 

But where is the man 
who can really live 
without his country's grace? 

Bountifully, God has given us 

beyond merit of deserving — 
The majesty of mountains. 
The glory of wooded hills, 
Prairies reaching to far horizons 
and fertile valleys where rivers run. 

This is America! 

This is America the world will not forget! 

To this width of land, with men of fame, 

And to its banquet of love and service, 

We bring the tribute of grateful praise — 

Through days of protest and violence. 

Through days of demonstrations, 

and days of achievements, 

Through every swift vicissitude, 

O, God! Bless America! 


The Alumnae Office Library is missing the follow- 
ing yearbooks. Anyone having these yearbooks 
and would like to present them to the Alumnae 
Library please write Mrs. Elizabeth S. Jones, 
Executive Alumnae Director. 

1901 1929 

1919 1931 

In Memoriam 

Janie Minor Snead, '92 

Annie Scott Branch, '96 

Elsie Boyd Tucker, Ent. '98 

Ida Greever, '98 & '22 

Martha Featherston, '99 

Ruth Dyer Williams, '02 

Jane Adair, '03 

Annie Gresham Lyons, '03 

Lucy Daniel Palfrey, '04x 

Julia Forbes Thornton, '04x 

Mary F. Gray Munroe, '04 

Angie Powell Parker, '04x 

C. Eleanor Abbitt Thomas, '05 

Ellen Lee Wilson, '05 

Mayo Reames Reames, '05x 

Nettie Boggs Chappell, '06x 

Margaret Farish Thomas, '06 

Angela Tinsley Dillard, '06x 

Iva Pearl Townsend Jordan, '06x 

Lily Norvell Baker, Ent. '07 

Myrtle Rea Hargraves, '07 

Clara Smith Stoneburner, '07 

Pauline Williamson, '06 

Mary Louise Tucker, '08 

Minnie Withers Schenk, '08x 

Sarah Johns Bowling, '10 

Mamie Louise Massey Shields, '10 

Ethel Moody Turner, TOx 

Willie Moorman Morgan, '10 

Allie Ethel Bryant Beale, 'llx 
Lalla Ridley Jones Warner, '11 & '24 
May Langslow Menin, '11 
Lottie Lee Thorpe, '1 1 
Anne Chewning Doar, '12 
Katherine Cook Huffman, '12 
Willie Harmon Banks, '12 
Frankie Preston Ambler, '13 
Nena Blackwell Gee Johnson, '13x 
Katherine Garland Diggs, '13 
Ann Elizabeth Downey, '13 & '43 
Virginia E. Wilson, '13 & A '37 
Letitia Wynne Neaves, '13 
Gertrude Charlton Wright, '14 
Hattie Dickey Kane, '14 
Lucy Heath Sherrill, '14 
Margaret Helm Gilmore, '14 
Mary Jones Cushman, '14 
Estelle McClung Wood, '14x 
Mary Turnbull Vaughan, '14 
Selma Batten Miller, '15 
Barbara Brittain St. Clair, '15x 
Catherine Godsey Lovins, Ent. '15 
Mary Sue Nanny Barrs, '15 
Dorothea Ralston Stewart, '15x 
Eunice Snidow Ricks, '15 
Louise Fulton, '16 
Myrtle Harrison, '16 & '42 
Lula Jones Worsham, '16 

Mary Hutchins Roche, '17 
Mollie Moore Bondurant, '17 
Myrtis White Chamberlin, Ent. '1! 
Katherine Anderson Maddox, '18 
Gladys Burt Jones, '18 
Elizabeth Puvh Healy, '18 
Julia Stover Carothers, '18 
Janie Moore Spiggle, '19 & '24 
Rozelia Watkins Glenn, '19x 
Courtney Farrar, '20x 
Katherine Hargrove Kelley, '20 
M. Florine Rucker. '20 
Henrietta Stevens Mitchell, '20 
Justine Gibson Patton, '21 
Eva Powers Madrin, '21 & '50 
Annie Alvis, '22 
Myrtle Callis Smith, '22x 
Margaret Lankford White, '22 
Antoinette Parker, '22 & '30 
Lois T. Williams, '23 
Sadie Katherine Harper, '24 
Blanche Daughtrey, '25 & '41 
Mary Dougherty, '25 
Mary Hunt Stump, '25 
Judson Lifsey Parker, '25 
Louise Luxford, '25 
Elizabeth Watters, '25 
Virginia Boyd Barr, '26 

Roche Padgett, '26 & '30 
Edith Comwell Garrabrandt, '27 
Lelia Elizabeth Parsons, '27 & '37 
Hilda Ligon Gardner, '29 
Helen Berg Clark, '30 
Allie Kae Libby Stearns, '30 
Mary Put>h Winbourne, '30 
Ruby Ranson Redd, '31 & '41 
Elizabeth Feild Williamson, '33 
Myrtle Lawless, '33 
Frances Lewis Jenks, '34x 
Lucile Wilkinson Tobias, '34 
Henrietta Ivers Roop, '37 
Margaret Long Creger, '37 
Althea Reed Spangler, '37 
Margarite St. Clair Martin, '37x 
Margaret Dowdy Locklair, '38 
Ellen Bowen Parker, '40 
Margaret Bunting Saul, '40 
Mary Ethel Goode Ingram, '47 
Allie Beale Arpia, '51 
Susie W. McGowan, 52x 
Margaret Stables Hawkes, '53 
Earl J. Smith, Jr., M.A. '57 
C. J. Allard, Jr., '58 
Nancy Knowles Saunders, '59 
Mary B. Jenkins, '71 
Dr. Earl R. Boggs, Former Faculty 


Alumnae Chapter Presidents — 1973 

Appomattox Mrs. Dan Coleman (Carolyn Anderson '64), Box 636, Appomattox, Va. 24522 

Atlanta Mrs. Julius NeSmith (Pat Hudson '64), 5337 Shady Grove Dr., Stone Mountain, 

Ga. 30083 
Baltimore Mrs. Vernon B. Mountcastle (Nancy Pierpont '41), Wheeler Lane, Sparks, Md. 

Blacksburg Mrs. James M. Grayson (Margaret Lawrence '44), 1300 Oak Dr., Blacksburg, 

Va. 24060 
Charlottesville Mrs. C. F. Witt. Jr. (Fran Rosenkrans '58x), Rt. 1, Box 869, Crozet, Va. 22932 

Charlotte, N.C. Mrs. Roger Suiter (Sherrill Hudlow '63), 5210 Glenham Dr., Charlotte, N.C. 


Chesapeake (contact person) Miss Carol Eberly, 333 Redbrick Dr., Chesapeake, Va. 23325 

Danville Mrs. L. M. Tate (Dot Womack '63), 129 Lipton Lane, Danville, Va. 24541 

Dinwiddie Mrs. W. B. Knott, Jr. (Virginia Sutherland '54), Dinwiddie, Va. 23841 

Durham, N.C. Miss Mary Carrington, '27, 204 Watts St., Durham, N.C. 27701 

Eastern Shore Mrs. John Chandler (Sue Hundley '47), 3 Meadville Dr., Onancock, Va. 23417 

Farmville Miss Dot Chappell '69, Rt. 3, Box 540, Farmville, Va. 23901 

Fredericksburg Miss Kay Orr, '64, 801 Wolfe St., Fredericksburg, Va. 22401 

Greensboro, N.C. Mrs. K. C. C. Franklin (Elise Turner '36x), 1906 Lafayette Ave., Greensboro, 

N.C. 27408 
Highlands . Mrs. Ed Gillenwater (Sue Sharpe '62), 1252 Virginia Ave., Norton, Va. 24273 
Hopewell Mrs. L. Douglas Pritchard (Rosemary Elam '44), 604 E. Cawson St., Hopewell, 

Va. 23860 
Isle of Wright Mrs. Marie Wilson (Marie Elder '29), Rt. 3, Box 328, Smithfield, Va. 23430 

Lexington Mrs. Robert S. Hoyt (Isabel Williamson '40), 3 Hamric Place, Lexington, Va. 

Lynchburg Mrs. Ernest M. Wood (Jane Martin '62), 3611 E. Woodside Ave., Lynchburg, 

Va. 24503 

Martinsville Mrs. Mark N. Ivey, Jr. (Betsy Davis '67), Rt. 3, Box 146, Bassett, Va. 24055 

Mecklenburg Mrs. Jon Sunderman (Janet Sofley '69), Box 95, Boydton, Va. 23917 

Metropolitan Miss Mary R. Miller '50, 8401 Crossley Place, Alexandria, Va. 22308 

Norfolk-Portsmouth Mrs. Luther J. Hoy, Jr. (Barbara Ames '57x), 507 Brackenridge Ave., Norfolk, 

Va. 23505 
Peninsula Mrs. John F. Snyder (Helen Barrow '53), 4 Teakwood Dr., Newport News, Va. 

Petersburg Mrs. Lennie M. Brooks, Jr. (Helen Holbrook '50), 904 S. Park Dr., Petersburg, 

Va. 23803 
Philadelphia Mrs. A. J. Stoner (Pauline Lanford '31), 8 So. Childs St., Woodbury, N.J. 08096 

Raleigh Mrs. Howard A. Wynne (Barbara Blackman '54), 5413 Emerson Dr., Raleigh, 

N.C. 27609 
Richmond Mrs. G. W. Patteson, III (Shirley Ward '55), 5506 Queensbury Rd., Richmond, 

Va. 23226 
Roanoke Mrs. James H. Thompson, Jr. (Lynn McCutchen '64), 228 Hurst Ave., N.W., 

Roanoke, Va. 24012 
Rocky Mount Miss Ruth Hunt '32, 116 Clairborne Rd., Rocky Mount, Va. 24151 

Southside Mrs. Jack Irby (Nell Copley '54), Rt. 1, Box 42, Blackstone, Va. 23824 

Suffolk Mrs. C. H. Duff (Annie Lee Young '60), P.O. Box 296, Chuckatuck, Va. 23339 

Valley Mrs. R. L. Woosley, Jr. (Ella Bogan '63), 1148 Club Rd., Waynesboro, Va. 


Virginia Beach Miss Julie Primm, 105 65th St., Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

Winchester . . (contact person) Miss Dorothy Overcash, 21 S. Washington St., Winchester, Va. 


All alumnae are invited to join the alumnae chapter in their area. If you have not been contacted, get in touch 
with the local president in your vicinity. If there isn't a chapter in your area, contact the Alumnae Director, 
Elizabeth S. Jones at Longwood and she will help you organize one! 







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