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NO. 1 

Sweet Briar College 









(/« Case of Rain, May 26th) 
11 A. M. to 5 P. M. 

Published by Sweet Briar Institute 
November — January — April — June 

Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice, 
Sweet Briar, Virginia 

To the People of Amherst County: 

Were you at Sweet Briar last May for Amherst County Day? If 
so you will remember the good times we all had together in spita of 
.the-rain, and you will surely want to come again. If you were not 
present, you can't afiford to miss the big event this year. 

You will like to see all the swimming, vaulting, and running by the 
school children, the lovely pageantry in the dell by Sweet Briar girls. 
You will like to have part in the debates, the original compositions, 
the musical contests. You will like to have lunch on the beautiful 
Sweet Briar campus. Wouldn't it be pleasant for all the Amherst 
County people to have a delightful out-door meal together once dur- 
ing the year? 

Sweet Briar wants to know all of you better and Sweet Briar wants 
you to know the college better so that every year you will love it 
more and be prouder of it in every way. For this college in your 
county is known and loved all over the country from Texas to Massa- 
chusetts and from Virginia to California. 

The exercises will begin at 11 o'clock and will end at 5. Bring a 
basket-luncheon with you, including a cup and spoon. Sweet Briar 
wall furnish coffee, lemonade, and milk for the children. There will 
be special games for the little children and plenty of Sweet Briar stu 
dents to care for them. 

We have changed the hours this year to better suit those living at 
a distance. Last year we had 500 people, from Elon, Madison 
Heights, Sparta, Amherst, Sandidges and other places. This year 
we want to have every one in the county who can possibly manage 
to come. 

To the Teacliers of Amherst County: 

Please encourage your students to enter into the competitions in 
composition, poems, and musical chorus. Urge them to write on 
subjects about w^hich they know and on subjects of definite local in- 
terest. See that the material for the compositions and speeches is 
original and not a mere abstract of something read. For example, 
the composition on insect or animal life should be based on observa- 
tions made by the pupil himself; the composition on "The Value of 
Home Economics in the Schools to Amherst County" should be care- 
fully thought out and practical in its applications. A few poems 
from Stevenson or from some other good poet read to the class might 
stimulate to a really creditable imitation. If possible won't you pre- 
sent a musical chorus? The development of music and singing is 
greatly needed in American life. 

The college hopes to make Amherst County Day at Sweet Briar 
an event of real interest to the county. Moreover we are desirous of 
helping the schools in every way. If you need speakers for com- 
munity league meetings, for commencements, or for any other oc- 
casions, if you will let us know in time, we shall be glad to serve 
you when possible. If you need, for use in your school, information 
not obtainable in your libraries, we will willingly supply it if it is in 
our power to do so. 

Amherst County Day at Sweet Briar 

MAY tfe^l^ / 1 -^- T 

{In Case of Ram, May 26th) -^ U Z^ 

11 A. M. TO 5 P. M. 

Prizes Are Offered by Sweet Briar College as Follows: 

By the English Department : 

1. A prize of $2.00 for the best composition from a High School 


2. A prize of $2.00 for the best composition from a Grade student. 

3. A prize of $2.00 for the best speech by a High School student. 

The speech must be original and limited to seven minutes. 

4. A prize of $2.00 for the best poem by any High School or 

Grade student. 

By the History Department: 

1. A prize of $2.00 for the best composition on some topic of 

present day American history. 

2. A prize of $3.00 for the best composition on one of the fol- 

lowing topics: 

A. Why I like to live in Amherst County. 

B. What Can I Do for Amherst County? 

By the Home Economics Department: 

A prize of $2.00 for the best composition on the topic: "The 
Value to Amherst County of Home Economics in the 

By the Biology Department : 

A prize for the best composition based on observation of any in- 
sect or animal life (except the house fly). 

By the Music Department: 

A prize of a picture to the school that sends the best chorus of 
ten or more voices. 

By President McVea: 

A prize of $3.00 for the best poem by any adult in Amherst 


Race to first raft, 25 yards, for young girls and boys. 

Race to second raft, 50 yards, for girls and boys from fourteen 

on up. 
Diving contest for boys. 

Track : 

Boys and girls of two ages, from 10 to 14 and from 14 up. 

75 yard dash for both boys and girls. 

High jump, both boys and girls. 

Pole vault, for boys. 

Running broad jump, for boys and girls. 

Baseball throw, for boys and girls. 

Potato race, for girls. 

Three-legged race, for boys. 

Ribbons for the individual winners and the cup for the school car- 
rying off the greatest number of prizes. The cup is now held by the 
Amherst School. 

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