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Full text of "Bulletin of the Syracuse Public Library : November-December 1908"

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Syracuse Public Library 

November-December 1908 



The Library is open every day except certain legal holidays 
READING ROOM, First Floor 

All open 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. week days, and Sundays 2 to 6 p. m. 

Open 9 a. m. to 6 p. m., week days. 
CHILDREN'S ROOM, First Floor. 

Open 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. week days, and 2 to 6 p. m. Sundays. 

Story Hour. 

Fortnightly, Saturday 10:30 a. m., November 7 to April 24. 

Bi-Monthly Bulletin 

Number 7 

Lincoln Centenary 

The centennial of the birth of Abraham Lincoln occurs Feb- 
ruary 12, 1909. In honor of this event we print a list of the 
Lincolniana contained in this Library, in this number of the 

Books having R or L before call numbers do not circulate 
and will be found in Reference Rooms on second floor. 

Starred books are in both Reference and Circulating Depart- 

J used instead of a number indicates Juvenile Room. P indi- 
cates a pamphlet. 

Works by Lincoln 

Complete works, ed. by J. G. Nicolay & John Hay. 1894. 2v. 

815 L63 

Complete works, ed. by J. G. Nicolay and J. Hay. 12v. cl894- 
1905. R308 L63 

Cooper Institute address against slavery, N. Y. Feb. 27, 1860. 
(Old South leaflets, v. 5, No. 107). 1900. *973 Oil 

Extracts from his speeches. With biographical and critical 
sketch by H. W. Mabie. (In Warner's Library of the world's 
best literature, v. 16.) R808.8 W24 

First Lincoln and Douglas debate at Ottawa, 111., Aug. 21, 
1858. (Old South leaflets, v. 4, No. 85.) 1897. *973 Oil 

His book. 1901. RB L631 

Inaugurals, March 4, 1861, March 4, 1865. (Old South 
leaflets, v. 1, No. 11). 1885. *973 Oil 

Political debates between Lincoln and Douglas in campaign 
of 1858 in 111. 1860. *R815 L63 

Speeches comp. by L. E. Chittenden. 1896. 815 L63ch 

Words of Lincoln, including opinions of his life and char- 
acter, ed. by O. H. Oldroyd. 1895. B L63ol 

Works About Lincoln 

Arnold, I. N. Life of Abraham Lincoln. Ed. 4. 1887. 

B L63a 

Baldwin, James. Abraham Lincoln. 1904. J 


Binns, H. B. Abraham Lincoln. 1907. (Temple biogra- 
phies.) B L63bi 

Brooks, E. S. True story of Abraham Lincoln. 1896. J 

Brooks, Noah. Abraham Lincoln and the downfall of Ameri* 
can slavery. 1894. (Heroes of the nations.) B L63 

Burrage, H. S. Gettysburg and Lincoln, the battle, the ceme- 
tery and the national park. 1906. 711 B94 

Carpenter, F. B. Six months at the White House with Abra- 
ham Lincoln. 1866. B L63c 

Carr, C. E. Lincoln at Gettysburg. Ed. 2. 1906. 

B L63ca 

Chittenden, L. E. Recollections of President Lincoln. 1891 

B L63ch 
Choate, J. H. Abraham Lincoln. 1901. B L63cho 

Coffin, C. C. Life of Lincoln. 1893. J 

Curtis, W. E. True Abraham Lincoln. 1903. (True series.) 

B L63cu 

Dana, C. A. Lincoln and his cabinet. 1896. B L63d 

Dodge, D. K. Abraham Lincoln; the evolution of his literary 
style. 1900. (Univ. of 111. studies, v. 1 No. 1.) P 

Eaton, John. Grant, Lincoln and the freedmen. 1907. 

973.78 Ea8 

French, C. W. Abraham Lincoln, the liberator. 1891. (Amer- 
ican reformers.) B L63f 

Gilmore, J. R. Personal recollections of Abraham Lincoln. 

1898. B L63gi 

Greeley, Horace. Life of Abraham Lincoln. 1860. (Trib- 
une tracts, No. 6.) P 

Greeley, Horace. On Lincoln, with letters to C. A. Dana and 
a lady friend. 1893. B L63g 

Holst, H. E. von. Abraham Lincoln. 1893. P 

Hapgood, Norman. Abraham Lincoln, the man of the people. 

1899. B L63ha 

Herndon, W. H. and Weik, J. W. Herndon's Lincoln, the 

true story of a great life. 1889. 3v. B L63h 

Hill, F. T. Lincoln the lawyer. 1906. B L63hi 

Holland, J. G. Life of Abraham Lincoln. 1866. B L63ho 

Library of Congress. List of Lincolniana in the Library of 
Congress. 1903. B L631c 

McCarthy, C. H. Lincoln's plan of reconstruction. 1901. 

973.8 M13 

Morgan, James. Abraham Lincoln, the boy and the man. 1908. 

B L63m 

Morse, J. T. Abraham Lincoln. 2v. cl893-1899. (Ameri- 
can statesmen ser.) R920.07 Am3 

New York Herald. Extra. On the assassination of Abraham 
Lincoln, April 15, 1865. P 

Nicolay, J. G. and Hay, J. Abraham Lincoln, a history. lOv. 
C1886-1890. RB L63n 

Nicolay, Helen. Boy's life of Abraham Lincoln. 1906. J 

Nicolay, J. G. Short life of Abraham Lincoln, condensed from 
Nicolay and Hay's Abraham Lincoln. 1902. B L63n 

Oberholtzer, E. P. Abraham Lincoln. 1904. (American 
crisis biographies.) B L63o 

Olcott, G. N. and Jones, R. L. Lincoln centennial medal. 
1908. RB L63r 

Oldroyd, O. H. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. 1901. 

343 L63o 

Oldroyd, O. H. Words of Lincoln, including several hundred 
opinions of his life and character. 1895. B L63ol 

Pitman, B. ed. Assassination of Pres. Lincoln and trial of 
the conspirators. 1865. *R343 L63p 

Pratt, S. G. Lincoln in story. 1901. J 

Raymond, H. J. History of the administration of President 
Lincoln. 1864. B L63r2 

Raymond, H. J. Life and public services of Abraham Lincoln. 
1865. B L63r 

Rice, A. T. ed. Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln by dis- 
tinguished men of his time. 1886. B L63ri 

Rothschild, Alonzo. Lincoln, master of men. 1906. 

B L63ro 

Syracuse Journal. On the death of President Lincoln. 1865. 
Republished 1903. P 

Schurz, Carl. Abraham Lincoln. 1907. RB L63s 

Shea, J. G. Lincoln memorial. 1865. B L63sh 

Sparhawk, F. C. Life of Lincoln for boys. 1907. J 

Stearns, F. P. Abraham Lincoln. (In his True republican- 
ism. 1904. p. 141-183.) 321.8 St3 

Stoddard, W. O. Abraham Lincoln. 1885. B L63s 

Boy Lincoln. 1905. J 

Life of Lincoln and Johnson. 1888. J 

Lincoln at work. 1900. J 

Tarbell, I. M. Life of Abraham Lincoln. 1900. 2v. 

U. S. State dept. Tributes of the nations to Abraham Lincoln- 
1867. (Apx. to diplomatic correspondence of 1865.) 

RB L63u 

Welles, Gideon. Lincoln and Seward. 1874. B L63w 

Whitney H. C. Lincoln the citizen. 1908. 2v. B L63wh 

Sermons and Addresses 

Bancroft, George. Memorial address delivered in the House of 
Representatives, Washington, Feb. 12, 1866. 1866. 

B L63ba 

Brooks, Phillips. Life and death of Abraham Lincoln. 1865. P 

Choate, J. H. Address on Lincoln delivered Nov. 13, 1900. P 

Clune, Michael. Address on Lincoln delivered 1895. P 

Crane, C. B. Sermon on death of Lincoln. 1865. P 

Crozier, H. P. Discourse on life, services and death of Lincoln. 
1866. P 

Depew, C. M. Address on Lincoln delivered Oct. 7, 1896. P 

Gurlet, P. D. and others. Sermons preached in Boston on 
the death of Abraham Lincoln. 1S65. B L63gu 

Storrs, R. S. Jr. Oration commemorative of Lincoln. 1865. 



Boyd, Andrew. Memorial Lincoln bibliography. 1870. 

RB L63b 

Catalogue of a collection of pamphlets relating to Abraham 
Lincoln. 1904. RB L63aj 

Catalogue of autographs, pamphlets, engravings, broadsides, 
etc., relating to Lincoln, for sale at auction, 1904. 1904. 

RB L63a 

Library of Congress. List of Lincolniana in the Library of Con- 
gress by G. T. Ritchie. 1903. *RB L631c 

Selected Poems and Stories 

Bryant, W. C. Death of Lincoln. 

Lowell, J. R. Ode recited at Harvard commemoration, July 
21, 1865. 

Markham, Edwin. Lincoln. 

Monroe, Harriet. Commemoration ode, World's Columbian 
exposition. (Stedman's American anthology.) 


Punch. Poem on Abraham Lincoln, by Tom Taylor, 1865, with 
introduction by Andrew Boyd. 1868. P 

Thompson, Maurice. Lincoln's grave. (Stedman's American 

Whitman, Walt. O Captain my captain. 

Andrews, Mrs. M. R. S. Perfect tribute. 1906. An22p 

Eggleston, Edward. Graysons, a story of Abraham Lincoln. 
1901. Eg3g 

Churchill, Winston. Crisis. 1900. C473cr 

Wright, C. D. Lincoln's first love. 1901. W93 

List of New Books 

General Works 

All the year round, v. 15,19. 1866, 68. R 

Bulletin of bibliography, v. 2. 1899-1902. R015 B87 

Detjtscher literaturkatalog. 1908-9. R015.43 D48 

Putnam, G. H. Censorship of the church of Rome. 1906. 2v. 

098 P98 

Victoria institute. Journal of transactions, v. 39. 1907. 

RO60 V66 


Fallows, Samuel. Health and happiness. 1908. 131.2 F19 

Hobhouse, L. T. Morals in evolution. 1906. 2v. 170 H65 

Jordan, D. S. Call of the twentieth century. 1903. 170 J76 

Jordan, D. S. Human harvest. 1907. 172.4 J76 

Morgan, C. L. Interpretation of nature. 1906. 150 M82in 

Podmore, Frank. Naturalisation of the supernatural. 1908. 

134 P75n 

Sutherland, Alexander. Origin and growth of the moral in- 
stinct. 1898. 2v. 170 Su8 

Tuttle, Hudson. Arcana of nature. 1908. 134 T88 


Armitage, W. J. Church year. 1908. 

Bruce, W. S. Ethics of the Old Testament. 1895. 

Catholic encyclopedia, v. 4. 1908. 

Chapin, E. H. Select sermons. 1859. 

Common prayer, Book of. Teacher's prayer book. 


Donahoe, D. J. Early Christian hymns. 1908. 

Gibbons, James. Discourses and sermons. 1908. 

Hodges, George. When the King came, stories from the four 
gospels. 1908. B J49ho 

Jacobus, M. W. Roman Catholic and protestant Bibles com- 
pared. 1908. 220.5 J15 

Jevons, F. B. Introduction to the study of comparative religion. 
1908. 209 J53i 















Kershaw, S. W. Protestants from France in their En- 
glish home. 1885. 284.5 K47 

Koran. Koran tr. with notes by George Sale. 1868. 

R297 K84 

Phin, John. Evolution of the atmosphere as proof of design in 
creation. 1908. 213 P55 

Pollen, J. H. ed. English martyrs, v. 1. 1908. (Catholic 
record soc. Publications, v. 5.) R272.9 P76 

Programme of modernism and the encyclical of Pius X. 1908. 

282 P94 

Ramsay, Sir W. M. Cities of St. Paul. 1908. 225.92 P28ra 

Seeberg, Reinhold. Fundamental truths of the Christian 
religion. 1908. (Crown theological library.) 230 Se29 

Stalker, James. Life of Jesus Christ. 1891. B J49s 

Worcester, Elwood. Living word. 1908. 230 W89 


Gordon, S. D. Quiet talks with world winners. 1908. 

266 G65 

Jones, J. P. India, its life and thought. 1908. 266.54 J71i 


Baker, W. H. Dictionary of men's wear. 1908. 

R391.1 B17 

Carnegie, Andrew. Problems of to-day. 1908. 330 C21p 

Coolidge, A. C. United States as a world power. 1908. 

327.73 C77 

Hawlet, F. B. Enterprise and the productive process. 1907. 

330 H31e 

LowNHAUPT, Frederick. Investment bonds. 1908. 

332.6 L95 

Keller, A. G. Colonization. 1908. 325.3 K28 

Madison, James. Writings, v. 8. 1908. R308 M26 

Mahan, A. T. Naval administration and warfare. 1908. 

359 M27n 

Miller, Kelly. Race adjustment. 1908. 325.26 M61 

New York city. Charities, Board of. Annual report for 1906. 

R361 N482 

New York state. Charities, Board of. Annual report, 1906-7.. 
1907-8. 8v. R361 N481 

New York state. Civil service com. Annual report for 1907. 
1908. R351 N48r 

New York state. Probation commission. Annual report, v. 1, 

1907. 1908. R364.1 N48 

Rabbeno, Ugo. American commericial policy. 1895. 

337 Rll 

Republican national conventions. Proceedings. 1904. 


Statesman's year book. 1908. R310 St2 

U. S. Census bureau. Transportation by water, 1906. (Special 
report, 1908.) R317.3 Un32tr 

Washington, George, pres. U. S. Maxims. 1855. 

308 W27m 

Washington, B. T. Negro in business. 1907. 325.26 W27 

Wells' campaign hand-book. 1860. 329.01 1860 

Bardeen, C. W. Teaching as a business. 1897. 371 B23 

Brown university. Historical catalogue, 1764-1904. 1905. 

R378 BroG 

Buckham, H. B. and others. Teacher's mentor. 1894. 

371 B85 

Conover, J. P. Personality in education. 1908. 370 C76 

Dtttton & Snedden. Administration of public education in the 
United States. 1908. 379.73 D95 

King, H. C. and others. Education and national character. 

1908. 370.4 K58 

Mero, E. B. ed. American playgrounds. 1908. 371.73 M54 

New York university. General alumni catalogue, 1833-1907. 
3v. 1906-8. R378 NeyUG 

Palmer, H. P. The teacher. 1908. 370.4 P18 

Patterson, Henry. College and school directory, 1908. 

R378 P27 

Scott, C. A. Social education. 1908. 370 Sco8 

U. S. Education, Dept. of. Annual report, 1907. v. 1. 

R370 A 

U. S. Labor, Dept. of. Regulation and restriction of output. 
1904. (Special report v. 11.) R331 Al 


American school of correspondence. Cyclopedia of applied 
electricity. 1908. 6v. R537 Am3 


Crew, Henry. General physics. 1908. 530 C86 

Ferry, E. S. Elementary dynamics. 1908. 531.3 F41 

Franklin & MacNutt. Elements of electricity and magnetism. 
1908. 537 F85 

Franklin, Crawford & MacNutt. Practical physics. 1908. 

530 F85 

Hale, G. E. Study of stellar evolution. 1908. (Univ. of 
Chicago Decennial pub. ser. 2, v. 10) 523.8 H13 

Homans, J. E. Self-propelled vehicles. 1908. 

537.841 H75 

Jordan, D. S. ed. California earthquake of 1906. 1907. 

551.22 J76 

Locy, W. A. Biology and its makers. 1908. 570 L81 

Lowell, Percival. Mars as the abode of life. 1908. 

523.43 L95ma 

Onken & Baker. Harper's how to understand electrical work. 
1908. 537 Om4 

Rich, W. H. Feathered game of the northeast. 1907. 

598.2 R37 

Small, S. A. How to become a successful motorman. 1908. 

537.84 Sml 

U. S. Geological survey. Annual report for 1905-07. R557 A 

U. S. Geological survey. Professional papers. Nos. 21-24, 26-31, 
33-44, 46-47, 49-50, 52, 54-57, 62 R557 A7 

Useful Arts 

American technical society. Cyclopedia of civil engineering. 
1908. 8v. R620.3 Am3 

Bailey, L. H. State and the farmer. 1908. 630 B15s 

Bradbury, Fred. Carpet manufacture. 1904. 677 B72 

Broadbent, J. T. Cotton manual. 1905. 677 B779 

Evans, C. T. Evans' essays. 1908. 658 Evl 

Gebhardt, G. F. Steam power plant engineering. 1908. 

621.1 G26 

Morrison, C. E. Highway engineering. 1908. 625.7 M83 

New York state. Agriculture dept. Annual report, v. 2, pt. 1, 
v. 8. pt. 3-v. 15. 1894-1906. R630 N481 

New York state. Forest, fish and game commission. Annual re- 
ports, 1904-6. 1907. R639 N48 


Portland, Ore. Lewis & Clark exposition. 1905. N. Y. state com. 
feai^New York at the Lewis and Clark exposition. 1906. 

R606 P83 

Roberts, James. Grant and validity of British patents for in- 
ventions. 1903. R608 R54 

Williams, Archibald. How it is done. 1908. 620 W67h 

Wilson, W. L. Elements of railroad track and construction. 
1908. 625 W69 

Hygiene and Medicine 

Childe, C. P. Control of a scourge, how cancer is curable. 
1907. 616.994 C43 

Connecticut. Vital statistics, bureau of. Registration report, 
v. 60. 1907. R614.1 C76 

Fletcher, E. A. Law of ryhthmic breath. 1908. 131 F632L 

Gulick & Ayres. Medical inspection of schools. 1908. 

613.54 G94 

Harman, N. B. Preventable blindness. 1907. 617.7 H22 

Hutchinson, Woods. Instinct and health. 1908. 613 H97 

Indiana, Health, Board of. Annual report for 1907. R614 In2 

Massachusetts. Health, Board of. Annual report for 1907. 

R614 M38 

Michigan. Health, State Board of. Annual report for 1907. 1908. 

R614 M58 

Minot, C. S. Age, growth and death. 1908. (Science series.) 

612.68 M66 

Munson, E. L. Military hygiene. 1901. 613.67 M92 

Polk's medical register and directory of North America. 1908. 

R610 P75 

Ravogli, Augustus. Syphilis in its medical, medico-legal and 
sociological aspects. 1907. 616.95 R19 

Richards, Mrs. E. H. Cost of cleanness. 1908. 613.5 R39c 

Saleeby, C. W. Health, strength and happiness. 1908. 

613 Sa3 

State charities aid assoc. of New York. Prevention of tubercu- 
losis. 1908. R616.246 St2 

U. S. Public health and Marine hospital service. Transactions o/ 
6th annual conference of state and territorial health officers 
with the United States public health and Marine hospital 
service. 1908. R614 A12 

Yeo, I. B. Therapeutics of mineral springs and climates. 1904. 

613.12 Y4 


Fine Arts 
Academy architecture, v. 33. 1908. R720.5 Acl 

Allen, Grant. Evolution in Italian art. N. Y. 1908. 

759.5 A15 

Architectural annual, 1906-7. R720.5 Ar2 

Binyon, Laurence. Painting in the far East. 1908. 

R759.95 B51 

Birch, W. de G. Seals. 1907. R736 B53 

Brown & Stratton. British musical biography. 1S97. 

R780.3 B81 

Bumpus, T. F. Cathedrals and churches of northern Italy. 
1908. 726.6 B88i 

Dalziel, George. Dalziel brothers. 1901. R761 D17 

Fisher, Alexander. Art of enamelling. 1906. R751 F53 

Haney, J. P. ed. Art education in the public schools of the 
United States. 1908. R707 H19 

Heyck, Eduard. Lukas Cranach. 1908. (Kiinstler-mono- 
graphien, v. 95) R759.3 085 

Hind, C. L. Augustus Saint-Gaudens. 1908. R735 Sa2h 

Holme, Charles. Colour photography. 1908. R770 H74 

Holme, Charles, ed. Royal institute of painters in water-colours. 
1906. R751 H73 

Krehbiel, H. E. Chapters of opera. 1908. 782 K87 

Mach, Edmund von. Art of painting in the 19th century. 
1908. 759 M18 

Magazine of art. v. 1-8. 1878-85. R705 M27 

Maskell, A. O. Ivories. 1905. (Connoisseur's library) 

R736 M37 

Nevill, Ralph. French prints of the 18th century. 1908. 

R769 N41 

Newman, Ernest. Richard Strauss. 1908. (Living masters 
of music) B780 St79 

Pennell, Mrs. E. R. Life of James McNeill Whistler. 1908. 

R759.2 W57p 

Platt, C. A. Italian gardens. 1894. R710 P69 

Preyer, D. C. Art of the Netherland galleries. 1908. (Art 
galleries of Europe) 708.9 P92 

Priestman, M. T. Art and economy in home decoration. 1908. 

747 P93 


Richardson, A. M. Choir training. 784.9 R39 

Rose, E. W. Cathedrals and cloisters of the south of France. 
1906. 2v. 726.6 R72c 

Smith, H. C. Jewellery. 1908. (Connoisseur's library) 

R736 Sm5 

Violett-le-Duc, E. E. Habitations of man. 1876. 702 V81 

Wedgwood, J. I. Dictionary of organ stops. 786.5 W41 

Weitenkampf, Frank. How to appreciate prints. 1908. 

760 W43 

Wright, John. Some notable altars. 1908. R726.6 W93 


Bardeen, C. W. Verbal pitfalls. 1898. 428 B23 

Fernald, J. C. Working grammar of the English language. 
1908. 425 F39 

Bruckner, Alexander. Literary history of Russia. 1908. 
(Library of literary history.) 891.7 B83 


Literary hi 

Caffin, C. H. Appreciation of the drama. 1908. 

808.2 Cll 

Chesterton, G. K. All things considered. 1908. 

Chesterton, G. K. Orthodoxy. 1909. 

Clarke, H. A. Browning's England. 1908. 821 

Crothers, S. M. By the Christmas fire. 1908. 

Coulevain, Pierre de. Eve victorieuse. 1900 

Cotjlevain, Pierre de. Noblesse Amencaine. 1908. 

Coulton, G. G. Chaucer and his England. 1908. 

Daudet, Alphonse. Tartarin de Tarascon. 

Dumas, Alexandre. Les trois mousquetaires. 

Everts, K. J. Speaking voice. 1908. 

Gilder, R. W. Poems. 1908. 

Guthrie, T. A. Mr. Punch's pocket Ibsen by F. Anstey. 

Halevy, Ludovic. L'Abb£ Constantin. 
Hanson, E. D. Friendly craft. 1908. 
Harper, J. M. Champlain, a drama. 1909. 
Heyse, Paul. Mary of Magdala. 1903. 











J. 843 


821 i 
































(New variorum 
R822 SJf 

)07. 2v. 





Hill, A. S. Foundations of rhetoric. 1893. 

La Fontaine, Jean de. Fables (in French). 

Mabie, H. W. Christmas to-day. 1908. 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. Plays tr. by Richai 

Neeff, G. A. Strife of life. 1907. 

Saint-Pierre, J. H. B. Paul et Virginie. 

Shakespeare, William. Richard III. 1908. 
ed. by H. H. Furness. v. 16.) 

Shaw, G. B. Dramatic opinions and essays. 

Shurter, E. D. Extempore speaking. 1908. 

Stevenson, B. E. ed. Poems of American history. 1908. 

R811.08 St4 

Symons, Arthur, ed. Pageant of Elizabethan poetrv. 1906. 

821.08 Sy6 

Tarkington and Wilson. Man from home. 1908. 812.4 T17 

Terence. Comoediae ed. by S. G. Ashmore. 1908. 872 Ta 

Thompson, Francis. Selected poems. 1908. 821 T37s 


Dudenet, H. E. Canterbury puzzles. 1908. 793 D86 



Bishop. Stoddart, A. M. Life of Isabella Bird (Mrs. Bishop) 
1908. B B539 

Blaine, Mrs. H. B. (Stanwood). Letters of Mrs. James G. 
Blaine. 1908. 2v. B B572 

Brown. Peddie, Alexander. Recollections of Dr. John Brown. 
1893. B B811p 

Desiree, Queen of Norway. Hochschild, baron. Desiree, 
queen of Norway and Sweden. 1890. B D46 

Dumouriez. Rose and Broadley. Dumouriez and the defence 
of England against Napoleon. 1909. B D892 

Eddy. Wilbur, Sibyl. Life of Mary Baker Eddy. 1907. 

B Ed29w 

Hannington. Dawson, E. C. James Hannington, his life and 
work. 1887. B H193d 


Holland. Sanders, L. C. Holland House circle. 1908. 

B H71s 

Joan of Arc. Lang, Andrew. Maid of France. 1908. 

B J571a 

Lamb, Charles. Letters. 1886. 2v. B L165h 

Lincoln. Olcott and Jones. Lincoln centennial medal. 1908. 

RB L63r 

Lincoln. Shea, J. G. Lincoln memorial. 1865. B L63sh 

Lincoln. Whitney, H. C. Lincoln the citizen. 1908. 2v. 

B L63wh 

Low, W. H. Chronicle of friendships. 1908. B L9491 

Luther. Bunsen, C. C. J. baron von. Life of Martin Luther. 

B L97bu 

Mansfield. Wilstach, Paul. Richard Mansfield. 1908. 

B M315 

Moltke, Helmuth, graf von. Life and character in journals. 
1892. B M732 

Napoleon, I. Petre, F. L. Napoleon and the Archduke 
Charles. 1909. B N16p 

Newman. Sarolea, Charles. Cardinal Newman. 1908. (World's 
epoch-makers.) B N46s 

Pompadour. Williams, H. N. Madame de Pompadour. 1902. 

B P77w 

Pope. Carruthers, Robert. Life of Alexander Pope. 1857. 

B P81c 

Pyle, Edmund. Memoirs of a royal chaplain, 1729-1763. 1905. 

B P99 

Rabelais. Tilley, Arthur. Francois Rabelais. 1907. (French 
men of letters.) B Rllt 

Schurz, Carl. Reminiscences of Carl Schurz. 1907. 3v. 

B Sch8 

Tuckerman, C. K. Personal recollections of notable people. 
1895. 2v. B T793 

Walpole. Dobson, Austin. Horace Walpole. 1893. 

B W16d 

Werist's? 1908. R920.043 W49 

Willard, J. F. My life by Josiah Flynt. 1908. B W664 

William the Conqueror. Stenton, F. M. William the Con- 
queror. 1908. (Heroes of the nation.) B W668 

William IV. Fitzgerald, P. H. Life and times of William IV. 
1884. 2v. B W6682 


Williams, H. N. Women Bonapartes. 1909. 2v. 

920.7 W67w 

Wilson, R. R. Noble company of adventurers. 1908. 

920.8 W69 

Travel, Social Life and Customs 

Amundsen, Roald. Northwest passage. 1908. 2v. 

919.8 Am9 

Brooks, J. G. As others see us. 1908. 917.3 B79 

Calvert, A. F. Granada, present and bygone. 1908. 

914.68 C13 

Campbell, Reau. Campbell's new revised complete guide and 
descriptive book of Mexico. 1907. 917.2 C15 

Ditchfield, P. H. Charm of the English village. 1908. 

914.2 D63c 

Doughty, C. M. Wanderings in Arabia. 1908. 2v. 

915.3 D74 

Farrer, Reginald. In old Ceylon. 1908. 915.48 F24 

Frothingham, A. L. Monuments of Christian Rome. 1908. 

913.37 F93 

Gadow, H. F. Through southern Mexico. 1908. 

917.2 Gil 

Gardner & Moncrieff. Peak country. 1908. 914.251 G17 

Glazier, W. W. Headwaters of the Mississippi. 1894. 

917.7 G46 

George, W. L. France in the 20th century. 1909. 

914.4 G29 

Goetz, W. W. Assisi. 1909. (Beruhmte kunststatten v. 44.) 

R914 B46 

Hill, F. T. Story of a street. 1908. 917.471 H55 

Hornaday, W. T. Camp-fires on desert and lava. 1908. 

917.2 H78 

Hutton, Edward. Country walks about Florence. 1908. 

R914.55 H97 

Johnson, Clifton. Highways and byways of the Pacific coast. 
1908. 917.9 J62 

Laut, A. C. Conquest of the great Northwest. 1908. 2v. 

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// zoo 3 r c'i 0b ; 'J I