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014 487 750 • 









flow Jo ^Makc .a POFiTW^ 

published by Gus. Bree Bnrlingtcn lo-va. 

Copyriglit 1901 
By, Gus. Bree 
Burlington Iowa. 


The Burlington Ladies Cook Book, is especially 
designed by the Publisher to assist the Ladies, in 
good cheap, substantial, and economical cooking; 
explained by the Ladies, so plain, that it can be 
very easily understood by any-one, to avoid mistakes 
The Publisher kindly thanks the Ladies, whose 
recipes appear here-in, hoping that the^e recipes 
may belp those that have nt/t had the oppertuniiY 
to obtain them. 

Gus. Eree 


AP"tKS Sti-anio'l Page 31 

HTi:\X« Boston b IfcJ 5 


ifn»:AS> <\>rr, 8 57«4 

" Gin-er 9^8 04 

" " Soft 51 

" " S-piced 41 

" Gr^^ham 8 



" V rciitia brown 5i 

Wbrat 8 

CAKE Alice 19 

" Aiisrel Food 30 

*' Aulas 59 

" Bl Tkbr-rry Jam 64 

" Brides 70 

" IJiRokbprry 73 

" < of fee 9 10 G9 

** Corn T9 

" Cream 58 78 

" " Almond 41 50 

" Cno 44 

" riiorelate Caramel 44 

*' Corn Starch 61 

" thrift mas 68 

*• I'evil 43 €3 

" D.v Is Fo"d 37 78 

" Deviled '* 37 

" Uollv VartJen 73 

" Jruit 38 72 

Hk & I>ate layer 61 

" Gold 43 

" Gififff-r 62 

" Hiekor»-nut Custard 35 

Hola -d 75 

'* Ict! Cr.ann 76 

CAKE Lemon Snonce Pagre 38 

Fillei 39 

" l.oaf Cocoa nut 68 

" l^t^mon 70 

" TAs:'\t 70 

Lady 80 

" Mands 70 

" Bland S. 36 47 63 74 

" Marble 73 

" Tench 38 

" Pink & White layer 50 

' * Q n e f n 43 

•' Kaisiii 34 

" icich Bride 40 

Kibbon Fig 63 

'' J^alis actory 38 

" Sponte 36 43 55 59 73 

" gi'.ver 55 

" Suice 66 73 76 

" Snow 71 77 

" J^uipr'se 75 

" Sour Cream 77 

" Vienna " 62 

White 55 

" " Cream 40 

" Fruit 75 

" " Mountain 47 

" Watermelon 55 

Wine 80 

CAvM>Y Cocoan.jt 49 

'' Molasse;: 53 

" Butter ^ colc'i 63 

Caramt-ls Choc >late 33 59 fi7 71 

Celery Frie<l 41 

C.AT-iUP 1 .mntttt 8183 

CHIPS ♦i;aruioj;a 7 

CHOWDER Clam Pj'jtp 37 

Cookies 33^7 33 61 

" Cold VTater 34 

" Coooanut 

37 34 ] 


67 ] 

** Karsless 


Gii.j;*T 34 30 54 (>n 69 

*' >Iola«is<-s 


COL> ltoil«a 




" Potato 



38 54 





" ,/el!y 

54 J 

D\TES Stewed 


DO i; G H N UTS 33 34 34 55 

" I<Jas 


" IrledCiskes 

i or 33 

" l..aised 


D:;KSMNG Cream 


" for < <»l«l S-law 


" Duck 


'• Mnyoiifii^e 


" Potato Saiad 


DROPS f ocoaniit 


liGGS S<r«»mbled 


" Deviled 


" KiTK-balls for Soup 


" l-rled ^ tnffed 


FlLLl iG Caramel 


" Oranse 


" Veal rrf*ast 


FlllTiEJl'^ Or^n :c 

(- 39 

OK IS Br <TkfaU 


" Oitm >al 


HAI.I UT B ked 


H :5t!*HT<» 


HO.MINY Baked 


ICKCKEA Chocolate 


ICING Cen^on Page 
Muffins Kas 
" Rice 

NOODI.KS I'otato 
OYssTE.iS Corn 

" Scalloped 

PAN-cakes EnsJish 
1 ASIE i rpnui 
PEACHES Pickled 
PICKLES Mnstard 
•' Spanish 

PIES A >ple 

" isanana Cream 
" KutterinilU 
♦* ChncoJate 
" G'oseberry 
'* L'lnon 
" " Apple 

•' Rhubarb 
'* Sweet rotate 
** SQ:i:ish 

" Vinetrar 
POTATOES liak d in Milk 
PUDDING American Creai 
" Riria-nest 
" Kiaok 
" Bread 
* ' c'ai>b ise 

*» Cracker 
«' Cranberry 
« Cottage 
" Fioe Plum 
" Emit Rice 


33 86 

81 83 
3 5 



30 35 
3 > 

31 46 

n 15 
14 43 






• AUCE Winchaha 


" Orangre 

14 17 



" I'ench Taplooa 


SHAVE Sugar 


" Plain Chocolate 


SLAW ^3ot 

25 42 68 



SNAPS Ginger 

52 66 



SOUP Fruit 


CJUAlt Fried 


" > oodles for 


R \RKHIT Welih 


" l>yitor 


ItlCK Kaked 


" I'otnto 


Ror,i.s Jelly 


" To i.olor 


" \* tr,<er :i'»u8B 


" Tomato 

12 48 56 75 

" Sp-iti^TH C.-ike 


SQUASH Halted 


»AI. M» Oel'-ry 


ST:*: K liimburc: 




TAPIOCA & Reaches 


" Hwrrintr 

47 65 

TART Spani<th 


** Potato 




HAM> J^lCHlfiS KiTK 


TOMATOfcS Fried 


SAUCK rhlJli 


WAFiiKS Vanilla 


" Kec 




" Oyvter 


'• Fvpncli 



Chinese Starch Polish 
Electric Pnin Killer 
Brillient Shoe Polish 
Electric Silver Plating 
Moth Preventer 
Bed Bu^ Distro3'er 
Uneeda Liquid Glue 

Wonderful, Pain Killer 
Electric Toothache Relief 
French Hair Oil 
Mexican Corn Cure 
Mexican Toothache Drops 
Ladies 0\^'n Perfume 
The Wonder Grease Remover 
Uneeda Cement for China. Spanish Rheumatic Liniment 
Glassware & Wood Aunt Betsys Mag-ic Head- 
P<3ste That Will not Sonr ache Cure 

19 til. C^itury Patent Boot. Diarrhoea & Stomach 
& Shoe Blacking Cramp Cure 

Limlnous Pvat & Mouie Grandma's C'^U2:h Cure 

Oistrover British Corn Distroyer 
TM''^t ^ovder 
B-> )t & S 103 Watc-proof Polish 

> r\ECipES < 

X^EH Bt TE^ 

Burlington Ladies 

To Color Soups 

A fine amber color is obtained by adding finely grr- 
ted carrot to the clear stock, when it is qnite free from 

Red is obtained, by using red skinned tomatoes from 
which the skin and seeds have been strained out. 
Only white vegetables should be used in white soup* 
as chicken. 

Spinach leaves pounded in a mortar, and the juice 
expressed then added to the soup will gi\^ a green color 

Miss Rosa Kammith. 

502 N 5 th Str. 

Boston Baked Beans. 

Boil the Beans untill about half done, then boil a 
piece of fresh pork about half hour, then take a one 
gallon crock and put in half of the beans, then a layer 
of sugar, salt, and pepper, then pnt in the pork and 
put in the rest of the beans, then another layer of 
sugar, salt, & pepper, then fill crock with the water 
the meat was boiled in, then cover crock with a tight 
cover, and bake one half day. 

Mrs Nellie Calhouiv — — 
S26 Washington ^t;". 


Look about a dozen good sized potatoes, then grate 
them fine,, when they are cool take atcut 2 e^^gs 2 
tablesroorfiil of fku", and salt aneough to taste, then 
roll it np in the shape of a finger, then put aneough 
1 -rd in the skillet, so they can swim, then fry them, 
aiirough to brown, then, that is what you call finger 

Mrs, John Orth 
1700 Mt. Pleasant Str, 

Potato Croquettes 
Take coM boiled potatoes, mash and season with 
pepper, salt, and nutmeg, mix a teaspoonful of butter 
with each (u iful of potatoes, and l>eat to a cream, add 
the whites of I egg and beat altogether, roll into cakes 
or balls, dip into yolks of eggs well beaten, then into 
bread, or cracker cnimbs. and fry in hot butter. 

Miss. >.laude Spitzmueller. 

537 Wcod vStr. 

Salad Potato Dressing 

Bacon cut in fine chops, heat them on the stove. 

and pour on }A cup of vinegar, boil for 2 minutes.and 

pour over tlie potaloes, with sliced onions and set 

aside to cook- 

Mrs. Carrie S'mms. 

414 Ada:ns Sir. 

.■\rrrAcga Cliipn 7 

Peel tlie potatoes and cut them into very thin slices 
put them in very cold water, for an hour or more, drain 
rff the wa^er, lud rub the potatoes between towls until 
dry put a ha dful at a time into a kettle, of vcrv hot 
butter or lard, stir with a fork so as to keep them 
from sticking together, or to the kettle, as soon as 
they area light brown, and become crisp remove with 
^ a skimmer and sprinkle with salt. 

Miss. Maude Spitzmueller. 
507 Wood Str. 
Potato Salad 
Peel 5 medium sized potatoes, that have been boiled 
with the peelings on, 2 onions, 4 boiled eggs sliced, 
and a V3 cup of vinegar. Cut some bacon in small pie- 
ces, and fry to a crisp, using bolh thefryingsai d the 
meat, salt and pepper, then stir altogether. 

Mrs Chas. Westing. 
129 S 5 th. Str. 

Dressing For Cold Slaw 
Beat I egg well, stir into it i teaspoon of sugar, half 
teaspooii of mustard, ^ teaspoon pepper & salt, but- 
ter, half the size of an egg, half cup of vinegar. Heat 
this, stirring all the time, and while hot, pour it over 
I quart of chopped cabbage. 

Mrs Jchn Fisch 
415 S Adams Str. 

^ Corn Ere ad 

I pint .'our milk, 2 eggs, >4 teaspoon of soda, 
I f n all teaspoon of baking powder, 2 tablespoons of 
flcuri 3tal khpocnsof iuj £r, a little salt to taste, then 
mix stiff with corn meal, put a lump of lard the size 
of a walnut in a jar and melt, then mix alltogtther, 
and bake in a slew oven. 

Mrs. J- L. Harc'y 

815 Wa.hiijg1cn St . 

Wheat Bread 
Take 6 quarts of sifted flour, make a hole in the 
middle of it, and put in i tablespoon of salt i quart of 
luke warm water, and a teacup of yeast, Beat thor- 
oughly with flour, aneough to maKe a stiff batter, 
which is called sponge. Set at night and in the morn- 
ing add the rest of the flour, Kneeding it about half 
an hour. It is easier to taKe it en the Kneedboard aLd 
Kneed, rather than do it in the pan.L^et it rise untill 
quite light, then mould into loaves, with very little 
worriug, and let rise alout j4 hour before baxing. 

Mrs. E. Kammith. 
502 Washington St. 
Graham Bread 
I cup molasses, 3 cups sour milk, 2 cups flour 
2,^2 cups Graham, i teaspoonful of salt one and one 
half teaspconful of soda. BAKE i HOUR. 

Mrs. G. Ring. 
4::o A4ams Str. 

Ginger Bread 9 

I pint of sugar, i pint of (Orleans) molasses. 

I " " lard Abutter mixed, 4 eg^>^. 

I " " cold water, 2 scant tablespoonful of ginger 

4 " " flour, 2 " " " cinnamcn 

3 scant teaspconful of soda. 

Miss Geogia Page. 
Wells Sir. 

Coffee Cake 
Take 2 quarts of flour, and mix with warm water 
aneongh yeast to make it raise to a ligbt sponge, after 
raised, put in ^ of a cup cf butter, i cup of sugar and 
aneough salt to taste, then stiffen it with flcur, and 
let it raise once more, then roll i^ out about i mch 
thick, then let it raise again, then spread butter on 
top aneough to moisten it, then sp^ inkle it with sugar 
ai.d cinnamon, and baxe in a quicK oven. 

Mrs John Orth. 
1700 Mt. Pleasant Str. 

Scrambled Eggs 
4 eggs, itablespoontulof butter, >^ t as^>oon cf stlt. 
Beat the eggs, and add the salt to them, melt the but- 
ter in a saucepan, turn in the beaten eggs, stir quick- 
ly, over a hot fire for one minute and serve. 

Mrs S.ump. 

1435 Thul Str. 

:o Coffee Ca'ie 

}2 cake of compi-o^sed yeast, )- cup of sugar 2 eggs 
I pint of milk (boil milk) i tablespoon of butter or lard 
a little salt, aneougli flour to stiffen it, let raise very 
iigi:t before putting in pan, roll out and put in pan 
then let rai::e again, put sugar and butter on top be- 
fore baking. 

Mrs. J. A. Eraun. 

.715 Central Ave. 

liamlurg StcaK 
Ckc;:> fine one pourd of round steak, add 2 sm-all 
onions clioppcd fine, and pepper and salt to taste, flour 
3-our hands, take 2 tablespoonful of the mixture, and 
make into small flat caKes^ have a large lump of but- 
ter, very hot, in your frying pan, drop in the cakes, 
and fry brown on either side. 

Miss Katie Robinson. 

607 Gertrude Str. 

Deviled Eggs 
Boil I dozen eggs well done-, cut in halves, take the 
yolks from the whites, put in a bowl, chop ^ dozen 
small pickles, i tablespoon of I utter, i teaspccnful of 
mustard. 3^ cup of vinegar, salt, and pepper, to taste 
mix together, and place in the whites again. 

Mrs Carrie Simms. 

Waffles ' I 

4 cgrs, bcatcu ccperatcly, hali cup ot niclted lAitter 
I cup of Gwcct iniiK, flour sufficient to make a soft lat- 
ter, 2 tcaspconful of baxliig powder mined v/itli the 
flour. Stir in whites of eggs last, and fry in waffle 
iron, have iron vcr}r hot. 

Mrs Franiv Walz. 

no Cleveland Str. 

French Waffles 
Sift I pint cf flour, 3 times, and add i teaspooi.fnl 
of salt, beat the Yolks of 2 eggs until very light, add 
to them I cup of rich milK, add this to the flour, with 
2 tablespoonful of butter, and teat until light ^ and 
smooth, beat the vdiites of the eggs to a stiff dry froth 
add to the butter, and beat again v/hcn ready to take 
add I teaspoonful of BaK. Povvder, put the batter 
in a pitcher, have tlie waffle irons very hot and thor- 
oughly, greased, pour in the batter carefullv, and as 
soon as the edge:; are set, turn the iron and bake 
the second side. In making waffles, as much depends 
upon the eyen "and quick baking as r pon the recupe 

used. . " '. / 

Mrs Mary Robinson. 

607 Gertrude Str. 

^2 Fiult w-cup 

? quarts nt water, i prune! of prunes, }4 cup rai- 
sins, ^ pound of dried peaches, pears, and apricots, 
mix together, add cloves and cinnamon to taste. 

Mrs Otto Sheagren. 

418 Adams Str. 

Tomato Soup 
I quart of tomatoes, i quart of water, boil one hour, 
when ready to season, have a pint of boiling milk, 
add I teaspconfnl of soda to the tomatoes, while vStill 
fcaminf^, add the boiling milk, add butter, size of an 
tgg, pepper, and salt to taste. Before serving, put 
cracl. ers in the bowl, and pour the hot soup over them. 

Mrs John Fisch. 
415 S Adams Str. 

Mayonnaise Dressing 
Break carefully 2 eggs, and put the yolks into a 
shallow dish, then add drop by drop of Lucca oil a- 
necugh to work to a cream, stirring steadily one way 
with a wocden r r plated fork rever steel, add salt to 
taste, a d follow with mustard to taste, and a very 
small pinch of powdered sugar, and last of all vinegar 
to taste, drop by drop. The stlrrir g schould be continu- 
ous, and always one direction, and when properly made 
the Ma} cnnaise will have the sm.oothness and con- 
sistency of the richest cream, someuse all of the Ggg, 

Miss Tea Smith. 
1 50 1 Doemland Str. 

OvGtcr t-'oup 13 

2 quarts of oysters, i quart of milk, 2 tablespoonful 
of butter, i teaspoonful of hot water, pepper and salt 
strain A\ the liquor from the oysters, add the water 
and heat, wiien near the boil, add the seasoning, then 
the oysters. Cdo^ abont 5 mnutes from the time they 
begin to simmer, untill they ruffle, stir in the butter 
coDk one minute, and pour into the tureon, stir in the 
bailing milx. 

Mrs George Mcsena. 

High & Avenne. 

Chicken Croquettes 
Put one cup of chicken broth on the stove, when it 
boils, add one tablespoonful of flour, and 3 of bi tier . 
which have been creamed together, when mixed sLir 
in a pint of fine chopped chicken, seasoning to taste, 
just before removing from the fire, add 2 w^ell beaten 
eggs, let it cool, shape as desired, roll th i croquettes 
in beaten eggs, and in cracKer crumbs, put a few at a 
time in hct lard, and cock until bicvn. 

Mrs Sarah Lin doff. 

2030 Gilbert Sir. 
Egg Calls For S'up 
Boil 4 eggs, put in cold water, mash yolks with yoU' 
of one raw egg, one teaspocnl'ul of flcur, pepper, calt 
and parsley, maKe in balls, and boil two minutes. 

Mrs Al. -Eouquet. 

Eart:e:t Sir. 

I-!- Orange Fiidding 

Peel and cut 5 sweet oranges, into tliin slices, tak- 
ing out the C2eds, pour over them a coffeecup of white 
;:rgar, leL a pint of milK get boiling hot by setting it 
in a pot of boiling water, add the voIks of 3 egg;s well 
beaten, i tablespconful of cornstarch, made smooth 
witn a little cold milk, stir all the time, as soon as 
tJickend pour over the fruit. Eeat the whites to a stiff 
froth, adding a tablespconful of sugar and spread over 
the top for frosting, set it in the oven for a few minutes 
to harden, eat cold or hot, better cold for dinner or 
supper. Eerrics or peaches can be substituted for or- 

Miss Tille Fepmeyer. 

16 19 Thul Ctr. 

Birds Nest Pudding 

Take 8 or 10 good flavored apples, pare and core, 

leaving them whole, place in a pudding dish, fill the 

cores with sugar and a little grated nutmeg, then make 

a custard allowing 5 eggs to a q^^art ol milk and sw^eeten 

to taste, pour this over the apples and bake about >2 hr. 

Mrs Almira Spitzmueller, 

507 S Weed Str. 
Cracker Pudding 
I quart of scalded milk, 5 tablespccnful of rolled 
crackers, a small piece of butter, 4 eggs, bake i Yz 
licur's, and serve with any kind of sv/eet sauce. 

Mrs C. Smith. 

1 50 1 Doemland Str. 

I quart of milk. .;. ci.(>;';;, one hAt box of cox's gcla- 
lixe, 8 tablesp'-on's of siig;ar, flavor with vanilia. Put 
the gelathie in the "lilK in a rice boiler, when Doiiin^ 
add the eggs, seperate, with _;. tablespoon's of sr.gar. 
First add the yolks then the whites, do not let it boil 
or it will curdle, put 0:1 ice and eat with whipped cream. 

Miss H. Horning. 

1 01 2 Pine Sti 

Fhie Plum Pudding 

I cup of chopped suet, i cup of grated bread crumbs 
I " " " apples, I " " raisins, 
I " " currants. Vi " " b'rovrn si: gar, 
X " " C sugar, pinch of salt .bf cup of citrcn 
pmch of all Kind of spices, a piece of butter the size of 
a walnut, cliop this altogether very fine, then add j^ 
cup of molasses, % cup of water, 2 ergs, mix aitogeth-- 
er with a little flour, then spread cut a thin cloth or 
flour sack, cover with a layerof flour, pnt the pudding 
en the cloth and tie very tight mabing a round ball, 
then put a saucer in the bottom of a cook po:, then 
put the ball of pudding on the saucer cover wnth boil- 
ing water, always Keeping the pudding covered with 
water, and boil constantly for 4 hours. 

Serve with wine cauce. 

Mrs Geo. vSameon. 

509 S 3 d. Str. 

1 6 Apple Fnclding 

vStir 2 tablcspccnftil of butter, and half cup of sugar 
to a cream, stir into this, the ^xlks of 4 eggs, well 
beaten, the juice and grated rind of one lemon, and 
ha:f a doz2n sound tart apples grated. Then stir in the 
beaten whites of eggs, season with cinnamon or nut- 
meg and bake. To be eaten cold with cream. 

Mrs M. D. Hirtzler. 
1033 N. 10 th Str. 

Plain Chocolate Pudding 
Scald one quart of sweet milk, with j4- of ^ cupfnl 
ol grated chocolate, when cool, add 3- oiks of 5 eggs 
I cup of sugar, flavor with vanilla. Bake >2 hour 
beat whites stiff, and add 4 tatlespoonful of fine sug- 
ar, spread en tcp and brown in oven. 

Mrs M. D. Hirtzler. 
1033 N 10 th Str 

Fruit Rice Pudding 
One large teacupful of rice, a little water to cook it 
partially dry line an earthen basin with part of it, fill 
nearly .full with pared, cored, ar^d quartered apples, 
or any fruit you chcor.e, cover with the balance of 
your rice, tie a cloth tightly over tcp, and steam cne 
hour. To be eaten Vv'ith sweet cream. 

Mrs M. D, Hirtzler. 
1033 N. 10 th. Str. 

O range Pudding 17 

S oranges cut up fine, i quart 01 sweet milk, 2 table - 
spoonful of cornbtarcli, 6 tab!espoonful of sugar, pinch 
of salt, Yollrs of 6 eggs. Maice the custard and stir ni 
the oranges after you taice it off of the stove. 
Make an icing of the whites of the eggs, i cup of sugar 
beat a long time until thick. Dish up custard, and pr.t 
seme of the icing on each dish. 

Miss Agnes Newquist. 

540 8 th. Str. 
Black Pudding 
y.t cup ot molasses, i cup of warm water, i cup of 
raisins, 2 cups of flour, Yi teaspoon uf soda, i teaspoon 
of allspice, 2 teaspoon's of cinnamon, steam 3 hour's. 

Sauce; Yz cup of butter, i cup of sugar. 
Beat to a cream, and add the whites of 2 eggs, well 
beaten, and flavor. 

Mrs Rundcrff. 
321 S 6 th. Str. 
Cranberr^^ Pudding- 
Stir 2 tablespoon 'sful of butter, and i cupful of sug- 
ar, to a cream, then add i ^zz^ % cup of sweet milk, 
and flour enough to make a stiff batter, i teaspoon of 
baking powder. Line a pudding dish with a thicK lay- 
er of cranberries, that have been stewed and sweetened 
pour the batter over them, and steam half an hour. 
To be served with a sweet sauce. 

Mrs M. D. Hirtzler. 
1033 N 10 Ml. Str. 

K) Cccoaiiut Pudding 

I quart of milk, 3 tablespoouful of corn starch, 3-olks 
of 4 eggs, a 34 cupfpi of s-ugar, and a little salt, put 
part of milk, salt, and sugar, on the stove and let it boil 
dissolve the cornstarch in rest of milK, and while boil- 
ing add yolivs and a cupful of grated chocolate., 
prosting; Whites of the eggs beaten to a stiff froth, 
j4 cupful of sugar, flavor with lemon, spread on pud- 
ding, and put into oven to brown saving a little frost- 
ing to moisten top, then cover with grated cocoanut. 

Mr^ . I\i. D. Hirtzler. 
1033 N 10 th Str. 
Peach Tapioca Pudding 
Soak over night a large teacupful of tapioca in cold 
water, in the morning put half of it in a buttered pud- 
ding dish, sprinkle sugctr over top, then on this put 
one quart of fruit peaches, or strawberries, or any 
kind j/ou ciicosc, and then. add rest of tapioca, then fill 
dish v\'ith wate/ covering tai3ioca. Baice in* moderate 
oven until it lDok5 clear. Eat cold v/ith cream. 

Mrs M. D. Hirtzler. 
1033 N 10 th Str. 
OyvSter Sauce 
I quart of scalded milk, 5 tablespconful of rolled 
cracKers, small piece of butter, 4 eggs, bake i }4 hrs. 
Serve with any kind of sweet sauce. ' 

M-s. C. Smith. 

15'ji Doemland Str. 

Banana Cream Pic tq 

One quart of mill:, one cup of su^ar. half cup of but- 
ter, 5 Qgg^, 2 y2 tablespoonsful of cornstarch; banana 
and powdered sugar on top. Heat milk, add sugar, 
butter, eggs, and cornstarch, disolved in a little milk, 
add the bananas sliced, and bake with one crust. 

Miss Agnes Newquist. 

540 S 8 th Str. 
Chocolate Pie 
Yolks of 3 eggs, 2 large tablespoons of grated choc- 
olate, cne tablespoon of flour, two thirds cup of sugar 
one cup of sweet milk, a very little sweet milx, a very 
little butter, set on stove until thickens, flavor with 
vanir.a, bai-ce wdth an under crust. Beat the whites of 
3 eg£-:} and add 2 teaspoons of sugar, spread ^on the 
pie and brown slightl}'. 

Miss Mabel Thompson. 

2006 Miller Str. 
Apple Pie 
For 1 Pie; To a cup of stev.^ed apples, sauce the 
yolks ot 2 eggs, bajie in one crust, make a frosting 
fof top of pie. Put in oven and brovrn. 

MiFs Fordncy. 
516 Wa^hirgtcn £tr 

^sr' ^ Oa L LIMG * X * e A R OS ^ 

I i. S. GO. 1 91 3 MOe::- Si'?. BimiRfiT*?!] Ui 

©rdci-f. will be ir.-o::iiycly aUcnded to. Gt!S ;-:-:e ^ P".. 

20 Rhubarb Pic 

For one pie; To a cup of stewed rhubarb, taice cnc 
tablespoonful of flour, yolks of 2 eggs, abcu': a cup of 
sugar, then beat it altogether, and bake in one crust. 
Beat the whites of the 2 eggs to a stiff froth, then 
add 2 tablespoon's of pulverized sugar for the frosting 
then put in oven and brown. 

Miss Fordney. 

516 Washington Str. 
Lcn:cn Pie 
Grate 2 lemons, take 2 cups of sugar, 3 eggs, i cup 
of niilK, boil in a kettle, niaKe a pie crust, and turn 
into the pie tins, make a frosting, of the w^hitee of the 
eggs and 2 tablespoon's of sugar, put over the pie and 
set in the oven to brown. 

Mrs Carrie Simms. 

414 Adams Str. 

Lemon Pies 
For 2 pics; Grate the yellow^ off of 3 lemons, take i 
cup of sugar, half cupcf cornstarch, 4 eggs, i V^ pints 
boiling water. Squeeze the juice out of the 3 lemons, 
and pour in the last thing after your filling is done, 
and off of the stove, bake the crust first before you 
put in the filling. After you mix the parts contained 
in the filling together, put on the stove, and cook un- 
til done, then make a frosting for top. 

Miss Rosa Kammith. 

502 N. 5 th. Str. 

Sweet rotate Tie 21 

One pint of stewed sweet potatoes finely mashed, 2 

cups of sug;ar, i cup of cream, butter size of an egg, 

2 well beaten eggs, flavor with nutmeg, and bake hi 

an under crust onl}'. 

|Vrs. |-"iunter. 
813 Washington Str. 
Vinegar Pie 
Ci:e egg, one heapiug tablespoon of flour, one tea- 
cup of sugar, beat all well together, then add, i table- 
spoon of sharp vinegar, r cupful of cold waler, flavor 
with :iutmeg, and baice in two crusts. 

Mrs. h^"^^^^^^' 
813 Washington Str. 

One 1 c. box of macaroni in a tin pan and cover 
with cold water, let boil until tender, then dram, have 
an earthen dish, then cut in small pieces 10 cents 
worth of cheese, then taxe one half of the macaroni, 
and put in the dish salt and pepper to taste, put in a 
tablespoonful of butter, then half of the cheese, tllen 
^nt in tlie rest of the mrxarcni, then same amount of 
rait, pepper, and butter, then the rest of the cheese 
rover with fresh milk, then baKc 20 minutes to a 
11 rht b.-own. 

Mrs J, L. Hardy. 
815 Washington St'-. 
CALLING CARDS. Is what ycu want \J. S- CO 

22 Cookies 

Yl cup of butter, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of milk, i 
cup of sugar, i teaspoon of vaniila, i teaspoon of bak- 
ing powder, flour to roll as soit as possible. 

Mrs J. p. Ebcrt 

1525 Thul Str. 
ixaised Doughnuts 
Take a quart of laised coffee caKc dough, i cup of 
milk, I egg, -nd i cup of butter, flour enough to niaxe 
a stiff dough, then let raise light, roll it cut an inch 
thick, and cut out like cookievS. and then let them raise 
light, then fry in lard, when cold to serve, rcll in 
powdered ^ugar. 

/\/\iss ^ille pepmeyer. 

1619 Thul Str. 
Egg Muffins 
Cuart and a half of sifted flour, 3 eggs, the whites 
and yolks beaten ^eperately, 3 teacupsful of sweet 
indx, I teaspocnful of salt, i tablespoonful of sugar, 
2 tablespoonful of butter, 2 heaping teaspconful of 
B; Powder, sift together flour, suerar, sail, andB. Pow- 
der, rub in the butter and the beaten eggs and milk, 
mix quicKly into smooth batter ( a little thinner than 
lor griddle cakes ) fill mm'fin pans well greased with 
butter, % full Eai:e 15 or 20 minutes in hot oven. 
f/iss jV^aude Qpitzmueller. 

507 Wood vStr. 

Idas DoiigliiiUts -3 

One cup of niiJk, r cup of sugar, 2 eggs well tcatcn, 
seperately, 2 teaspoons of melted butter, i teaspoon 01 
salt, mix sugar \vith vvliites, then with yelks, and ac.a 
butter, 2 large teaspoons of E. Powder, flour enough 
to make a stiff dough, fUvor with nutmeg or vanilla. 
Mfs Edward pepnicj/er. 
1323 Corse Str. 
One cup of sugar, 2 eggs. 2 tablespoons of melted 
butter, 7/3 cup of milk, 2 even teaspoons of B. Powder 
I even teaspoon of soda, flour enough to roll, salt 
and nutmeg. 

T^Irs Chas. Herr. 
1605 Thul Sir. 
Fried Cakes or Doughnuts 
Two cups of sugar, i pint of sweet mill', 3 eggs, 
3 tablespoonsful of melted butter, 3 tLaspocnsiui of 
B. Powder, nutmeg, flour, fry in hot lard. 

Mrs Mithews. 
1209 S 13 th. Str. 

/ ^ 
S^.1 M^^, 19i3MiLlEESTE. Vvm pieace 

''^'"^'^ '^^ yuu in that line. Nothing nicer 

then to have your card with :70U while making a visit. 
Print same as mv name, maiies an attractive card. 

4 Ggg^, I 'A cups of r,ugar, i cup of bptter. i quart 
of flour, 3 heaping spoonful of baxing powder. Fry 
in plenty of hot lard. 

^Viss. Rosa [<{9.VAm\t\u 

502 N 5 th Str. 
Ginger Cookies 
3 cnps of ( Orleans ) molasses, i cup cf lard, 2 eggs 
/2 cup of sugar. 3 teaspoonful of ginger, i Lcaspocn- 
fui ot allspice, 2 teaspoonful of soda, a pinch of salt, 
disolved in a )4 cup of warm water, flour enough so it 
will not stick. 

Mrs cJ- L. Hardy. 
815 Washington Str. 
Cold Water Cookies 
Stir together i ;4 cups of granulated sugar, 2 eggs 
half cup of lard, pinch of salt, i cup of cold water, 2 
teaspoonful of baking powder with flour to stiffen. 
Add flavor Jig to taste, bake in a quick oven. 

Mrs Long. 
Cor. 14 th & Louisa Str. 

^^^ ^ Gfl LLI NG ^ X * Gfl R DS ^ 

Vi. 8. GO. 1 913 Miner Str. BURLIWGTON lA 

Orders Vv^ill be promptly attended to. Gus Eree. mgr- 


We will furnish a good hJO. 6 vhite envelope' 

with your Return Card and a ccniic picture on them 

at 50 c. per 100-3: c. jcf 50 . - 25 for 25 c. G:is Bree. 

Sponge CaKe Rolls -5 

2 cups of sugar., 4 cegs beaten to a icGtn, 2 cups ot 
flour, 2 teaspoons of B. Powder, i cup of boiling wa- 
ter, add water last it vAll seem tbiii but will come cut 
of the oven all right, roll while hot. 

j\/\rs S^P^^i^ B^tts. 
1 735 Corse Str. 
Tapioca & Peaches 
One cup of tapioca soaked over night, in tho morn- 
ing cook until tender, and add sugar, when you taice 
ir from the stove, whea cold, stir in canned peaches, 
and eat with cream. If you vvish to frost the top, beat 
t:ie v/hites of 2 eggs to a stiff froth, then add a heap- 
i!ig1:5bl25poonful of pulverized sugar, then p]a:e in 
oven t ^' be lightly browned. 

502 Washington vStr. 
Hot Slaw 
Cut fine what cabbag^e is desired for a dish of slaw^ 
2 eggs, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 heaping tablespocns- 
iul of sugar, i cup of sour cream, salt, and pepper, to 
taste, beat eggs well, stir eggs vinegar and sugar to- 
gether and boil until thick. Stir altogether and serve, 

Mrs G- Westing. 

129 S 5 th. Str 

If you get in company with a stranger, and w^cidd 
Hkc to (Tct acquainted hand him your card. 

-?6 Omelet 

6 eggs whites and 3'o1ks taken seperately, Yi pint of 
:i'ilK, 6 teaspoons! ul of cornstarch, i teaspoon of Bak. 
Powder, and a Httie salt, add the whites beaten to a 
stiff froth, last cook in a little butter. 

Miss H attic Johnson. 

1909 Dewein Str. 
Corn Oysters 
Grate 6 large ears- of sweet corn, roll 6 soda crack- 
ers, whites of 2 eggs beaten to a stiff froth, a little salt 
mix ail thoroughly, and fry in deep lard. 

Mrs prank \/\/2ilz, 

no Cleveland Str. 
Baiced Custard 
I quart of milk, 4 eggs, beat whites seperate, 5 table- 
spoons of sugar mixed with the yolks, flavor with 
nutmeg or vanilla, Scald the milk, add by degrees to 
the Yolks and when v/ell mixed stir in the whites. Bake 
in deep dish or custard cups, grate a little nutmeg on 

Mrs E- Kammith. 
502 Washino:ton Str. 

^^^ ^ GALLING * X *GflRDS ^ 
U. S. GC. 1 91 3 Miller Str. BURLINGTON lA 

Ordcrr. will be promptly attended to. Gus Bree. Mgr- 
a^.T-ain ^mUifc iCO at •40 c 

5D " 30c 

25 ' 2Cc 

Cackles 27 

2 cups of molasses, i cup of sugar, 4 eggs. 4 table- 
spoons of butter, cloves and orange peeling to taste, 
flour to thicken, roll thin and cut. 

Mrs Otto S^^^^g^^^^- 

418 Adams Str. 
Clam Chowder 
Wash the Clams thoroughly cover them with boiling 
water, and let them stand 10 minutes when the3^ can 
be easily opened, taKe them from the shell, cut off the 
blackheads and pnt the bodies in a clean dish. For a 
pecK of clams use 6 large potatoes peeled and sliced 
thin, and half an onion cut in small pieces, cut a /i 
pound of porK into small pieces and fry brovsm, put the 
potatoes and onions into the kettle with the pork with 
a tablespoonful of salt a little pepper and hali' cup ot 
flour shaken over them, strain over this 4 quart of the 
water in w^hicli the clams were scalded, and boil 15 
minutes, now add the clam.s, and 6 crackers Split and 
cook 10 minutes longer. 

Mrs f\lmira Spitzmueller. 

507 S. Wood Str. 
Cocoanut Cookies 
I cup of sugar, V^ cup of butter, i Qgg 2 tablospocn 
of milk, 1 teaspoonful of Cr. of Tartar, ^^ teaspoonful 
of soda, a little salt, and i cup of coccanu^. 

Mrs p^lmira ^P^tzmueller. 

507 S. Wood Str. 

2:'> Sculicpcd Oysters 

Butter an oval dish, put in a layer of ousters, and 
dredge in a little salt pepper and butter, then a layer 
of roiled crackers, pour over this a fev^ spoonsful of 
milk, just enough to moisten the cracker, then a la^^er 
of Oj^sters with salt pepper and butter, another of crack- 
er with a little more milK, and ^oon until the dish is 
full, before putting into the oven pour a little more 
milk over the top, bake about y^ hour. 

Mrs Mary Robinson. 

607 Gertrude Str. 
Oat Meal Crackers 
I cup of molasses, i cup of lard, i cup of water, 6 
cups of oat meal, 2 cups of flour, i teaspoon of salt i 
teaspoon of soda. 

Miss T^liie M \isj\\\eX\. 

719 Lewis Str. 
Ginger Bread 
I cup of molasses, Vz cup of butter, Yz cup of sugar 
T cup of sour milk, 2 eggs, i teaspoon of soda, 2 tea- 
spoons of ginger, i teaspoon of cinnamon. Flour to 
thicken . 

fs/\rs VVillett. 

719 Lewis Str.. 

I made a visit to mrs (i5:n^d on Main Str. but 
she was not at home. I happened to have my card with 
r-ieGUS- BREE. l9l3MlLLESSTii- Has them 

Boiled Cod 29 

La}^ the fish in cold water, a little salt for Y^ hcur 
wipe dry and sew up in a linen cloth, coarse and clean 
fitted to the shape of the pi see of cod, leave but one 
fold over each part, lay in the fish kettle, cover with 
boiling water, salted as discretion, allow nearly an 
hour for a piece weighing 4 pounds. 

Mrs /=\1. Bouquet. 

Bnrtlett Sir. 
Boiled Custard 
One quart of milk, 8 eggs, ^2 pound of sugar, teat 
to a good froth the eggs and sugar, put the milk in a 
tin pan and set it in boihng water, pour in the eggs & 
sugar, and stir it until it thicKens. 

Mrs George jv\osena. 

High & Avenne 
Orange Fritters 
6 large oranges peeled and sliced, 2 v/ell beaten e^-gn 
2 tablespoonsful of su2:ar, and enough flour to make a 
batter about as stiff as for flannel cakes, dip the oran- 
ges hito the batter being sure they are well covered by 
it then fry in plenty of boiling lard, drain on coarse 
brown paper, sift powdered sugar over the fritters 
and serve. 

Miss K''^'-"^'^ p^obinson. 

60 7 G-rtrude Str. 

GRLLiNG GflRDS At 40 ^-^ (^ !00 

With your NAME. Try GUS, BRE3 

:-p Stewed Dates 

Wasli and pick over i pound of dates, taKe out the 
stones' simmer on a slow fire witli just sufficient wa- 
ter to cover them, and cook until they become like 
apple sauce, add a piece of butter about half tablespoon- 
ful, sweeten to taste and flavor with lemon peel. This 
is a very healthy sauce. Dates are also excellent chop- 
ped and mixed with the breakfast oat meal, to be eat- 
en VA^itli cream and sugar. 

Mrs Qeo. S^^''^^^^^- 

509 S 3 c^. Str. 
Duck Dressing 
Take 6 nice sized warm boiled potatoes, }( ^<^^^ ^- 
bread, i pound of crackers, mix this with a little hot 
water enough to moisten, then add 3 nice size chopped 
onions, I teaspoonful of sage, i teaspoonfulof salt, i 
teaspoonful of pepper, i lump of butter the size of an 
^'S^y 2 eggs, mxix this all well together and stiff again. 
This dressing is fine, made in potato balls and fried in 
hot butter. 

Mrs Qeo. C)ewein 
312 Vine vStr. 
Ginger Ccckies 
1 pirit of molasses, 2 tablespoons cf lard, i table- 
vSpoon of ginger, i teaspoon of soda, flour to mix. 

Mrs J. E. Black. 

417 Bassett Str. 

Molassas Ccokics 31 

1 Yz cups of molasses, i cup of brown sugar, 2 egps 
I cup of lard, i cup of water or milk, 2teaspocnsfulof 
soda, I Yq, teaspoonsful of ginger, i >2 teaspoonsful of 
cinnamon, i teaspoonful of salt, mix in flour enough 
to roll out soft as possible. Cpt withcooKie roller and 
baKe in a quick O'^en. 

Mrs Gus. S-^^^^^^e-'- 

1305 N Oak Str. 
Steamed Apples 
TaKe 4 nice large apples and cut in halves, takeout 
^-he cores and be careful not to bn aic the apples, then 
set them in a large pie tin and half cover with water 
coverthemwith another pie tin, and <eam on top of 
liot stove until half done, then sprinkle half cup of sug- 
ar over them, and a small piece of butter on eachpi^ce 
of apple, put on hot water often to prevent burning, 
cover and steam until donCo 

Mrs Geo., gamson 

509 vS 3 d. vStr. 
Baked Halibut 

2 pounds of the fish with one egg, 3 pounded crack- 
ers, one pint of milK, one ounce of butter and sea3on- 
ed with salt and pepper, bake one hour. 

Miss Ida S^i^^th, 
15CI Doeniland Str. 
Order voui" lOLlS & C<3?FIt;t:4E2 for your Coffe? 

32 Spanish Pickles 

Peel and cut 4 times lenghtwise, i dozen cucumbers 
and lay in salt water, chop fine 2 heads of cabbage i 
peck of green tomatoes, half dozen small onions, half 
pnit of salt, let stand oyer night, squeeze out the brine 
in the morning. % poi^nd of mustard seed, i oz, of 
celery seed, i oz. of tumeric, i oz of colemans mustard 

1 y^ pounds of brown sugar, and vinegar enough to 
cover v/ell, stir thoroughly while it is heating, then 
add your cabbage tomatoes and pickles, heat w^ell put 
in jars air tight. 

Mrs cJ. E. Black. 

4^-7 Bassett Str. 
Jelly Rolls 
3 eggs, Yz cup of sugar, 2 teaspoons of B. Powder, 

2 tablespoons of water, flour enough for a thin batter, 
baKe thin, spread with jelly and roll. 

Mrs cJ. E. Black. 
417 Bassett Str. 
I cup of Initter, 2 cups of sugar, ^4 cup of milK 
2 teaspoons of B. Povvder, and enough flour so you 
Can roll it out. 

Mrs John C^'th. 
1700 Pleasant Str. 

i £tS^'iGairLi'iNG''*'x*G/RRCS'i 

U.S. GO. 1913 Miller Str. BUELISGTOM !A 

Orders will be promptly attended to. Gus Bree. Mgr. 

Fruit Salad 33 

To a half gslicn of .':alad dissolve a half hex of gela- 
tine, in a little warm water, then add cold water, add 
half dozen banana's sliced, 4 oranges, i can of pineap- 
ple grated; sweeten to taste and put in a cool place to 
harden. Serve with whipped cream. 

Mi-s Lulu Chr\^.s 
1214 N 7 th. Str. 
Winchaha Sauce 
Beat in a 2 quart bowl. 4 tablespooUvS of butter, and 
ys pint of sugar to a cream wdth a wooden spoon, then 
add 4 tablespoons of sweet cream, then add the juice 
and grated rind of a Idige lemon, place the bowl on the 
top of the tea kettle half ful of l:oiHng water. While 
melted to a thicK cream frost ard serve. 

]>.Irs Rundorff. 
321 S Sth. Sir. 
Ertad Pudding 
Us:; the stale bread you have, and put in the pan 
yon bake in, then mix the yolks of 4 eg2:s, and a pint 
of r^ilk, beal that together, then add half cup of sugar 
and pour that over the bread, then grate a little nut- 
meg on top and bai-ce, when done put the whites of the 
4 eggs with a litile sugar on^top and bake until brown. 

Mrs Jensen. 
520 Curran Str. 
O^'fier ycur V\/edding Cakes, Q'-^^'^^'* Patties, Cream 

Rolls, z? puffs, a^ BXJEL. B:EE.^D: GO 

34 DoTHhiiUts 

1 cup of sugar, i lahksuoon of buticr, - eg^-'S, i cup 
of milk, 2 teaspoons of B. Powder, pinch of salt, stiff- 
en to suit, and when done roll in powdered sugar. 

Miss Dora Jensen. 

5>S Curran Str. 
Cocoanut Cookies 
3 cups of sugar, 3 cups of butter, i cup of lard, 3 
^£i"ir^-. I pint, of milk, 4 teaspoon of B. Powder, roll thin 
then sprinkle over the top with cocoanut, cut out and 
baivc in a hot oven. 

Mrs cJ. E- Black. 
417 Basseti Str. 
Raisin Cake 
I j4 cups of sugar, 2 eggs, 3'3 cup of butter, 1 cup 
oi raisins, cook the raisins till they swell dud get done 
good, then use half cup of the juice and half cup of 
milk, 3 teaspoons of B Powder, i teaspoon of allspice 
iialf teaspoon of nutmeg, stiffen with ilour. Eaks in a 
modern oven and brown. 

Mrs Jcn^^cn. 

GAL LING CARDS At 40 A («) 100 

With your MAI^E. Try GUS, BREE 

^-^^GflLLING *x*GaRDS^ 

U. S. GO. 1 91 3 Miller Str. BURLINGTON lA 

Order;: will be promptly attended to. Gus Bree. Mgr 

Lomo:. Pie 35 

MaKe pie crust same as always. For filling; grate 
half of a lemon the outside and all, use 2 egg-^, i cup of 
milk, half cup of sugar, 4 teaspoons of cornstarch cook 
till btiff, baKe the crust and then put in filling, beat 
up the white of eggs, and put on top and bake. 

Miss Dora Jensen. 

523 Curran Str. 
Ccccanut Drops 
Grate a coccanut and weigh it, then add half the 
weight of powdered sugar and the white of i egg beat- 
en to a stiff froth, stir tht^ ingredients together, then 
drop the mixture with a dessert spoon upon buttered 
white paper, or tin sheets, and sift sugar over them. 
Bake in a slow oven 15 minutes. 

Miss Laura Slingluff. 

522 Curran vStr. 
Hickory Nut Custard Cake 
Cream i cup of butter, and i cup of sugar, add 5 
eg^s beaten separately, i cup of swest milk. 3 cups of 
flour, 3 teaspoons of B. Powder, flavor wiih lemon, 
and baKe in jelly pans. For custard;, place i pint of 
milK in pan, when boiling hot add i tablespoon of 
cornstarch disolved in a little milk, 2 eggs, }A cup of 
sugar, I cup chopped hicKory nut meats well mixed 
together; stir and put between the layers of the cake. 
This is excellent. Mrs Rundorff. 

321 S 6 th. Str. 

36 Maud S Cake 

I y^ Clips of sugar, half cup of butter, 3 eggs, half 
cup of milk, half cup of flcur, then stir the chocolate 
custard in, which is as follows;: Chocolate Custard,: 
8 tablespoons of grated chocolate 5 tablespociisof gran- 
ulated TUgar, half cup of milk, cook until it thickens a 
little, beat until cool, then stir into the cake, and add 
• K- cups of flour and 2 teaspoons of B, Powder. 
Miss [N|ellie/ \\!\. Slhigluff. 

522 N Curran Sir. 
Angel Focd Cake 
ir eggs whites, and 2 cups of granulated sugar, i Vz 
cups of flour, and V^ tcaspocn of Cr Tartar sifted with 
flcur. Beat whites stiff, add sugar and flour, sift flour 
and sugar 3 times. BaKc in dow ovtn. 

Mrs \'\. Wall. 

523 S 8 th. vStr. 
Fruit Cake 
I quart of molasses, i cup of currants, half cup of 
lard, half cup of raisins, 5 centL^ of citron, big cupful 
of black coffee, 5 cents of prunes a cup of sugar, half 
spoon of sirup, half spoonful of ground cloves, a big 
tablespoon of ginger, 2 cup^^ of sour milK. 

Mrs V/alker. 

625 S 8 th. Sir. 
For the [-incst Bakery 3o;^<^^ i" the city, call at the 

Dc'vilcs Food Cake 37 

2 cupF5 of brown sug-ar, half cup of butter, half cup 
of sour milk, 2 eggs, 3 cups of flour, mix well; half 
cup of boiling water, stir in the water i teaspoonful of 
soda, and half cup of grated chocolate ^tir with the 
batter. For Filling;, 2 cups of sugar, l^ cup of sweet 
milk, >^ cup of butter. Cook until it threads. 

Miss Rose Rynott. 

317 Kmmett vStr. 
Devils Food Cake 
No. 1 : cup of grated chocolate, half cup of sweet 
milk, I cup of granulated sugar, cook in water half hr. 
or till it thickens. Let cool and add 2 teaspoons vanilla. 
No. 2 I cup of brown sugar, half cup of butter half 
cup of sweet milk, 2 eggs yolks and whites bedt up, 2 
cups of flour, I small teaspoon of soda. Beat sugar and 
ivutter 10 cream, then add voIks of ^z^'^^ ^^^^^^ -^^- I 
then flour, then whites of eggs, then soda. Possibly 
add a little more flour. 

Miss Glara W^^lett. 

719 Lewis vStr. 
Baked Rice or Hominy 
Mix with cold boiled rice or hominy a beaten q^^, 
a little milk and butter & season, put into a baice-pan 
and brown in the oven. May be served as a vegetable. 

Mr J. C. Walter. 
1430 S 5 th. Str. 
Try G"^' B^ee V/itb an Q^der for CiVRDS. 

.i3 Ivdiou Sponge Cake 

3 eggo, T cup of sugar, i large tablespoonful of but- 
ter, 2 teaspoonsful of B. Powder, icup of flour, i table- 
.spoonfi-J of milk, bake in layers. Filling: — i ciip of 
cold water, t ecrg^ i cup of sug^ar, the juice and grated 
1 ind of one lemon, i large tablet^poon of corn-starcli. 
Cook this in a dish of hot water till it becomes thick. 

Miss /-^maiida hi^y^"^- 

1329 K ej) 111. vStr. 
Peach Cake 
Bake 3 sheets of spongecake, same as for jellv cake, 
cut peaches in thin slices, prepare cream b}^ sweeting 
and whipping it, flavor with vanilla. Put layers of 
peaches between the caKes, and pour the cream over 
eachlayei. Miss ftmanda Hty^r. 

13 K) N 9 th. Str. 
Satisfactory' Cake 
Beat I }4 cups of sugar, pinch of salt, and voIks of 
3 egfgs togetlicr, add the well beaten whites of 3 eggs, 
and half cup of cream, and half teaspconful of vanilla 
to this add 2 teacupsful of flour into which has been 
sifted 1 tsaspoonful of B. Powder, when baxed pour 
over it a frosting made a^ follows;, i cup of sugar, 2 
teaspoonful of cold water letting conie to just a boil, 
llieii pour it into the well ])catcn ^\•hites of one egg, aUogetiier. 

Miss M'^T^^-'i'^'^t Gushing. 

1205 Agency Ave. 

SpOiigc Cuke 39 

2 Clips oi sugar, 4 eggs beat thorougiily, i teacup of 
flour, I tabiespoonful of B. Powder, flavor with one 
tca^|:'ici:ful of vanilla. 

Miss IjUln Qhnss, 

12 Id N 7 til. Sir. 
IvcaiOii b^jUeJ Cake 
]:4 cup of butter, 1 >2 cups of sugar, -A cup of milk 
-; eggs, 2 j4- cup^ of flour, 2 level teaspoons of B. Pow- 
der. Cream the b^utter, add gradudlly the, sugar, eggs., 
yolKs well beaten, and the milk Mix and sift the flour 
'.!id B. Powder and add, then the eggs whites beaten 
nntil stiff. Bake in layers, andput together with lemon 
filling. IMiss l_^illian Rodin. 

igoi Herchler Str; 
Chocolate Caramels 

3 pounds of brown sugar, half pound of butter^ half 
pound of chocolate scraped fine, one pint of cream or 
r.iilK, melt •dl these together with care, and boil 20 
miAutes or half hiour stirring constantly, just before 
taking off of the fire flavor with vanilla, and add a 
small cup of granulated sngar, pour in a buttered tin 
a:id partly cool, marK in pieces about i inch square. 

Miss K^-^^ Robinson. 

607 Gertrude Str. 

"' ^W^"^ GALLING =^ X =^= GRR DS ^ 
U. S* GQ. 1913 Milicv str. BML!l!JSTO?J lA 

Orders will ])c promptly attended to. Crus Brce. Mgr. 

jo Eiiglisli Pan cakes 

T pint of mi:K. i tablespoonhil of sugar, t cupful of 
flour, I teaspoonful of B. Powder, i cupful of cream 
l)inch of salt, sift flour, salt, and powder together, add 
to it eggs beaten with sugar and diluted with milk and 
cream, mix into batter, have small roinid frj'ing pan 
melt a little butter in it, pour about half a cupful bat- 
ter in it, turn pan around that batter ma}' reach other 
side, butter each and roll it up and sprinkle with pow- 
dered sugar. 

Miss flmelia S^^i^<^^"^^"- 

1434 vS 5 th. Str. 
White Cream Cake 
Stir t<:)getlier 2 cupsful of white sugar, 2tablespoon- 
ful of butter, i teacupful of sour cream, i teaspoonful 
of soda, when these are well mixed stir in 3 teacups of 
flour. Last of all add the well beaten whites of 8 eggs, 
baKe in shallow baxing pans, in a moderate oven. 

Miss Tille Hetz, 
611 vS 9 th. vStr. 
Ricli Bride Cake 
Take 4 pounds of .-lifted flour, 4 pounds of sweet 
fresh butter beaten to a cream, and 2 pounds of white 
powdered suirar. taxe 6 eggs for each pound of flour, 
I ounce of ground mace or nutmeg, and a tablespoon- 
ful of lemon extract, or orange flavor water. 

Mi"^ St"nip- 
1435 Thul Str. 

spiced Ginger Bread 4^ 

I cup eacii, sugar, butter, and molasses, 3 eggs, 3 

cnps of flour, I teaspoon of soda disolved in a cup of 

sour cream, half of a nutmeg, teaspoon of cloves, 

tablespoon ol ginger, exira good. 

Miss h^tlie Link. 
1216 Patterson Str. 
Gooseberry Pie 
TaEe cither green or not to ripe gooseberries, put in 
.SHUcepan with enough Wdter to prevent burning, and 
J-.t-^jw slowly until the}- breai:, stirring often, sweeten 
"^^-ell and set away to cool, when cold, pour in piepan 
lined with past^. Kat cold but fresh, with powdered 
rno-a - lifted over top, or use the ripe berries without 
f'rst cooking (as in b^rrypie). Some also add a pinch 
of silt. Miss ["iattie L^ii^- 

1216 Patterson Str. 
Cream Almrrd Ccke 
I cup of butter, 2 cups cf rdgar, i eup cf milk, i 
cup of cornstarch, 2 cups of flour, 2 level teaspoons of 
B. Powder, 5 eggs, j.4 teaspoon ful of almond extract. 
Cream the butter, add gradually the sugar, then the 
almond, mix and sift the flour, cornstarch, and B. Pow- 
der, and add alternately with the milKtothe first mix- 
ture, beat the egg 'whites' until stiff, add and beat 
vigorously. Miss Lillian Rodin. 

I901 Hcrchler Str. 

42 Hot Slaw 

Take one halt firru white head cf cabbag^e. cut into 
fine pieces, and put in pan with a teaspoonful of salt, 
about the same quantity of pepper, and a piece of but- 
ter the size of an egg, adding a half teaspoonful of vin- 
egar and half that quantity of water. Cover and cook 
until the cabbage becomes tender, stirring frequently. 
Miss f\mclia 3^^i^^G^^^^i- 

I43J. S 5 th. Str. 
Cracker Padding 
One quart of scalded milk, 5 tablespoonsful of rolled 
crackers, small piece of butter, 4 eggs, baKe one ha^f 
hour, and serve with any kind of sweet ?auce. 

Miss S^^^^^^^^i^^^" 
1430 S 5 th. Str. 
Queen Cake 
Beat I pound of butter to a cream with a tablespoon- 
ful of rosewater, then add 1 pound of fine white sugar 
10 eggs, beat very light, and 1% pound of sifted flour 
beat th*- cake well together, then add ^4 pound of shell- 
ed almonds, blanched and beaten to a paste, butter tin 
round basins, line with white paper, put in the mixture 
an inch and a half deep. Lake du hour in a quiet oven. 

Mrs ftl. Bouquet 

Eartktt Str. 
Your NAME X? ADD:.::-\S, withTvetum Card, 
and good No. 5 white envelopes furnished at 40 <^^ 
per 100.— Gus. Bree BURLINGTON, IOWA 

Spcngc- Cake 43 

I cup of sugar, Y^ cup of butter, beat 4 eggs, flour 
to stiffen it. 1 teaspccn of vanilla, 2 teaspoons of B. 
Powder. Mrs Mewquist. 

5:;o S Sth. Str. 
Jelly Rolls 
Cream i cup of sugar with i tablespoon of butter, 
r.nd add 3 eggs, whites and yolks beaten s^perately, i 
cup of flour, and i teaspoon of B. Powder. BaKe caic- 
^^lly in large square pan lined with buttered pa{:tr, 
spread tlie under side with jelly, and rcH while hot, 
folding in clean towel or paper, to keep in place. Eco- 
nomical and good for chocolate rolls use this fiUnig; 
' 3 cup of powdered sugar, >^ cup of grated chocolate i 
egg. nearly '/a cup of niilK or water, boil st-a-^ily until 
IhicK as jelly, let it cool before your caKe is leadv. 

Mivi hattie l_,\n\^. 
I2i6 Patterson Str. 
Dcvcl Cake 
Half cup of butter, 2 level cups of susfar, i cup ci 
cold water, 3 cups of sifted flour, 3 level teaspoons o.^ 
B. Powder, 4 eggs, (whites only) i tcaspoonful of va- 
nilla, 1 teaspoon of lemon, i teaspoon of clove^, 1 tea- 
spoon of nutmeg, liquid spices;. If dry spices are used 
take only half as much of each. One square of EaKers 

bitter chocolate. 

Miss f\manda Lindoff. 

20-^0 Gilbert Str. 

.14- Lc::ion Apple Tie 

One cup of cliopped apples, r^rated rind and chop- 
ped pulp of I lemon. I cup of sugar and a well beaten 
egg. Bake in 2 crusts, or in one and cover with a 
meringue. Miss f-jattie Link. 

I2i5 Patterson Str. 
Cup Cake 
vStir I cup of sugar, an.d >4 cup of butter together 
until they cream. Beat 2 or 3 eggs scperaterr, thtn 
mix with butter and sugar. Add i cup of milk, and 2 
cups of flour, mixed with 2 teaspoonsful of B. Pow- 
der, add flavoring to taste. Icing:: >^ cup of granu- 
lated sugar with water to disolve, let boil to crystal '. 
Beat whites of egg, then pour the sugar onto the cg:g 
beating hard all the time, putting icu^g on cake while 
warm. Mi-^s plorence Lo'^'g"- 

Cor. T4th. & Louisa Str. 
Chocolate Carmel Cake 
I K cup of sugar, I cup of butter, i cup. of sweet 
milk, /.cups oj flour, ,-:^ eggs, 2 tcaspocns of B. Pow- 
der. Bake in ]a}/ers. — Filling- i pint of brown sugar, 
1 cup of sweet milK, butter the size of an egg a little 
vaniila, 1 square of chccclate, boil 20 mhiutes, spread 
on cake while warm. 

Mrs. cj F- Elack 

4I7 Basset. Str. 
MO Adulteration used in HAWKEYK RICKLES 
The ^Qzt and Ri^rer/. in the MARKET 

Fried guall 45 

Split open on the bacK, and boil until tender, have a 
quantity of butter and lard hot in frying pan, put in 
th'^i bird and fry a nice light brown _ay the qudil on 
slices of toasted bread, aJid pour over them a nicegra. 
vy made in pan. Pheasants may be cooKed in ^aine way 
served on platter without toast 

Mrs Stohlcr. 
1502 Caiueion Str. 
Celery Salad 
Cut off the root end of 3 heads of blanched celery, 
\ t^e each stalk carefully, cut nito small pieces, put ui 
^^ia.a bowl. Place a potato cr niavonaise dressing over 
iiiiG serve. May be garnished with white celery leaves 
t'f water crisses, or arranged on a flat dish, and encir- 
cled with poinis of pickle cuts Another salad is made 
by mixing a head of cabbage wiih 3 bunches of celery 
lirst chopping both fine, and :idd dressing preferred. 

Mirs Ellice pader. 
I118 Agency Str. 
Potatoes Baked in Milk 
Slice 6 large raw potatoes thin in a buttered pan, 
sprinKle over this ^2 teaspoonful of salt, i tablespoon - 
ful of chopped pa^sle3^ and i of butter, cut into small 
pieces. Cover with milk, and bake verv slowly, for i)4 
hours until brown & tender. 

Miss Mame H^i^^bsch. 
4 16 Sumer vStr. W. Burlington. 

4^ Crtam Faste 

To a pint of sifted flour, add an even tt asfccnfulof 
B. Powder, and sweet cream enough to v, et the flour, 
leaving crust a little stiff, eneugh for 2 pies. For a rich- 
er paste allow iathern:ore than a gill o[ cream with 
frcni J. to 6 tableppoons of Intter, and a yaltspoon of 
salt, fur eacli round of ilcur, emitting the B. Powder. 
Make a pa-te 01 tlie cream and lieur, roll cut and spread 
\vith butter, rolling again and spreading all the 
butter is u.-ed. In making any pah te, have flour and wet- 
ing as cold as possible. 

Miss L'llie Pletka. 
I222 Linden Str. 
Sweet Potato Pie 
Take 2 small sweet potatoes, and boil uniil well done 
then peel and mash until thev are smooth, th-n take 
3-oll-'S of 2 eggs, Yi cup of sugar, i cup of milk, small 
lump of butter, and pinch of cinnamon. Mix this well 
and bake in your pie crust. This curtard is sufficient 
for I pie. whenbaKed. taice the whites of 2 eggs, and 
beat until stiff, and spreadover pie and baKe until stiff. 

Mrs Ekl'ind 
I ic6 Cbaliant Str. 

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522 Jefferson Street. BURLINGTON, '.OVVA. 

White Mountain Cake 47 

Two cups of sugar, Yz cup ot Luiiei-, the whites of 7 
eggs, well beaten, -/z cup of swe^t njh.., 2cuphOi tjour, 
1 cup of cornstarch, 2 teaspoonsfuloi B. I'owdtr. La .e 
in Jelly caxe tins. — prosting : whites of 3 eggs, and 
some sugar beaten together not quite as stiff as usual 
for frosting; spresd over the caxe, add some grated 
cocoaiiut; then put your cakes together, put cocoanut 
and frosting on top. 

Mrs Kate \J\^\\\^r, 

1009 Camel on Str. 
Herring Salad 
Take 6 good size herring, and clean and soak until 
all the salt is soaked out of them. Then remove bones 
and cut up tine, and season with pepper Then add i 
pint of sweet cream, and i cup of viregar. 

Mrs \io\<g\. 
326 N. Plane Str. 
Maud S Cake 
Vi cup oi butter very scant, 2 cups of sugar, 3 eggs 
beaten seperately, i cup of grated chocolate, mixed 
with Yz cup of boiling w^ater, 1.-3 cups of flour 2 level 
teaspoons of B Powder, i teaspoon of vanilla, half 
cup of cold watjr. — |cing boiled : 2 c^r,? of sujjar V^ 
cup of water, 2 eggs, 'the whites' . Flavor w'.th vanilla. 

Mrs j-|artmann 
150]. Garfield Ave 
Prices cut into on C^^-^-^^o G^rds. "^xx Q\\^. B^^e. 

4S Potato ociip 

To I g-alloii of water add 6 large ;.ctatoe3 cliop::c(i 
fine, 1 teacup of net, lu..ip o. ^attei ^.ize of an egg, t 
tablespoon of tjour, work buU-r and flour logetiitr aii'i 
add 1 teacup of sweet cream, ju^t before taiciug from 
the lire. Boil i hour.- - Or witli milk, Loil 4 large 1 « - 
tatocs in water until tender, drain, mash, and add ;> 
pints of mJlK in which have been boiled an onion and 
2 stalKS of celery, season wiih salt, tablespoon of butt r , 
and white pepper, adding cup of cream os above, cr 
whipping it and putting in tureen, lub throucrh puree 
sieve, and serve at once Soiie parboil the onions in 
water, then add to potatoes, and boil altogether, mas.i 
and add the boiling milk with a little sage, cook 15 min 
utes stirring all the time, and serve without rubbing- 
through sieve, a little butter or cream may be added 
but however made, it must be served as LOon as ready 
to be at its best. 

Miss Mabel B^i^^'^c 
i2o5 Patterson Str. 
Tomato Soup 

Take i quart of tomatoes, boil until soft, and then 
steam, wh^n steamed, put the liquid on to loil, and 
add }A cup of w^ater, i pint of milk, i t.blespcon of su- 
gar. >2 teaspoonful of salt, a pinch of pepuer, before 
adding milk add a pinch of soda. Serve with cracKer, 
or toasted bread. Mrs E- Wagner. 

321 N Plane Str. 

Cocoanut Candy 49 

One Clip of v/ater, 2>^ cups of fine white sugar, 4 
spooiisi'ul ci viiierar, u pic'oe of butter as large as an 
^gg, boil until Click, about "4 of an hour. Just before 
removing stir in i cup of ccc ar.r.t, and lav in sir all 
flaten cakes en butter plntes, to cool ?,n^"I harden. 

Mrs Haugh. 
300 Blard Str. W. Burlington. 

Hf;gle>s Cookies 
2 cups of sugar, i cupof sweet niilK, 1 cup of butter. 
M ^' aspoonful of soda, flour enough to roll. Use vanil- 
la, leinon, or nutmeg for seasoninc:. The}- are very nice 

Mrs Fay. 
221 Sumer Str. W. Burlington 

Gold Cake 
The yolks of S eggs, 2 cups of sugar, i cup of butter, 
}4 cup of sweet milK, 3 cups of flour, 2 tea.^pccnsfulof 
E. Povrder. Flavor with orange extract. 

Mrs K"oPP- 

1200 Plank Str. 
Fried Celery 
Boil the celer}' until entirely tender, drain it, divide 
into small pieces and fry in dripping until lightly 
biowntd. Miss fv|ellie fiangh. 

1400 Plank Str. 
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50 Almond Cream Cake 

On beaten whites of lo eg;g3, sift 1% gobUts of pul- 
verized bugar, a goblet of fiour through which has been 
stirred a heaping teaspoonful of Cr. of Tartar, stir very 
gently and do not beat it. Bake in Jelh^ tins. 

For cre^mi : take a Y^ pint of sweet cream, yolKs of 
3 eggs, tablespoonful of pulverized sugar, teaspoonful 
of cornstarch, disolve starch smocthlv with a little milk 
beat eggs & SQcrar together with this, add the cream ?.nd 
stir these ingredients in, as for any cream cake filling 
onl}^ mal-e a little thicker, mix % pound almonds with 
cream. Put cake together like jelly rolls, while icing is 
soft and place ]^ pound of almonds on top. 

Mrs Qeiber. 
317 Gerirude Str. 
Pink & White Layer Cake 

I cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, beat to a cream, i 
cup of sweet milK, 2 teaspoons of B. Powder, sifted 
with 234 cups of flour, \\hites of 6 eggs beaten light. 
This makes 5 layers. Seperate enough dough for two 
layers, add to it i tea?pccntul of red fruit coloring and 
baKe. — Filling & Frosting; : whites of 2 eggs, 1 cup 
of jDowdered sugar, V2 cup of butter, and flavor to taste 

Pink Frosting : whites of 2 eggs, i cup of red sugar, 
^■2 cup of butter, and spread on top of caKe. 

Mrs G- H f^bbisiefken. 
IS03 Agency Ave. 
(CaUln^ (iavd5 40 C. . loo (HIJ5. ^it, Burlington 

Soft Ginger Bread 51 

6 cnpsful of flour, 3 of molasses, 1 of cream, t of 
lard or butter, 2 ergs, 1 teaspoonful of saleratus, and 
2 of ginger. 

'^^^ B- Sei^ii- 
1607 Agency Ave. 
Baked v^qua«h 
Cut in pieces, scrape well, baKe l"ro;n one to one & 
a half hours, accordnig to tliicKness of squash. To be 
eaten with salt and butter. 

Mrs K- Sen"- 
327 Gertrude Str. 
Breakfast Gems 

1 cup of sweet milk, lyj cups of Hour; i egg, 1 tea- 
spoon of salt. 1 teaspoon of B. Powder, beaten together 
5 miriUtes; bake in hot gem pans, in a hot oven about 
15 minutes. 

Mrs Sowden 
609 Garfield Ave. 
Corn Starch Cake 

2 cups of sugar, 1-2 cup of butter, 1 cup of sweet 
milk. 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of cornstarch, the whites 
of 7 eggs beaten stiff, 2 teaspoonsful of B. Powder. 
Stir the butter and sugar to a cream, sift the flour and 
cornstarch together, add the eggs last. Mix in the dish 
and ilavor with lemon. 

Miss pann}^ pritsche 
2107 Agency Str. 

52 Cottage Pudding 

AVarm 2>'^ taljles^wonsriil of bntlcr, stir iu a cup of 

sugar, atid 2 eggs well beaten. 2 teaspoonsful o*' C:\ai:i 

of Tartar, in 1 pint of flour, and iteaspoonful of soda 

disolved -n r cup of milk, flavor with nutme,2: or knicn. 

Eake j^v, of -^tj hour, and serve hoi with sauce. 

Miss Aggie Haiigh 

laoo Plank vStr. 

A^ienr.a Crcnrj Cale 

4 cg'gs, I cup of .sugar. I cup of fiour, i tablespoon of 

melled butter, 3 teaspoons of E. Powder, 1 teaspoon of 

lemon; bake in Jelly tins. —Cream : 1 cupof thxK sour 

cream, 1 cup of sugar, i cup of hickory nut or walnut 

m.eats rolled fine; .-tir altogether, and boil 5 minutes, 

spread between the layers; ice the top. Delicious. 

Miss f\nna [^ink. 

12 r 6 Paterson Str. 

Molasses Candy 

T cup of molasses, 2 cnps of sugar, i tablespoonful 

of vinegar, a little butter & vanilla. Boil 10 minutes, 

then cool enough to pull. Miss Bertha S^nn. 

1607 Agency Str. 
Ginger Snaps 

Boil together i cup each, butter, and su^^ar 

add 2 teaspoons each soda, and cinnamon, 1 each elo- • 

ves and ginger, flour enough to roll out smooth, roil 

thin, and caKc quickly. Miss Ruth pink. 

12 11 Hartktt Str. 

Prune Scoffle 53 

Take i pint of prunes already \vell stewed & shredded 
and seeds taken out, the whites of 4 eggs beaten very 
stiff. 1 tablespoonful of powdered sugar, i pinch of 
baKing soda, add the last thhig i tablespoonful of prune 
juice. Bake in pudding dish about I5 minutes. Serve 
cold with cream. N^' rs tVorrison 

80S N lo th. .-^tr. 
Fried Tomatoes 
Take a couple of large ripe tomatoes and wash clean, 
but do not peel; slice in thick slices, then season with 
v'^^^iigar, Fait & pepper, and dip in flour, then fry in hot 
butter Serve them while hct. 

Miss E'^i"i^^ Vessuer 
I5T9 Thul Str. 
Noodles for Soup 
Beat I Qgg light, add apmch of salt, and flour enough 
ti make a stiff dongh, roll out in a verv thin sheet, 
dredge with flour to keep from stickhig, then roll up 
tightly, begin at cue end and shave down fine, lil e 
cabbage for slaw. 

IMrs Ki^'^PP 

I200 PlaiiK Str. 
Candy Butter Scotch 
One cup of molasses, one cup of sugar, cue half cup 
of butter. Boil until done. 

MibS L y<^^^ie K^^i^P- 

1200 FlaEK Str. 

54 Virginie Biown Bread 

1 pint of corn meal, pour over enough boiling wa- 
ter to thoroughly scald it, when cool, add 1 pint of light 
white bread sponge, mix well together, add i cupful of 
molasses, and graham flour enough to mold, this will 
make two loaves, when light, bake in a moderate oven 
for an hour and a half. 

Mrs B- S^i'a^^^^ 
32S N Plane Str. 
Cr.tmeal Crackers 
6 glasses of oatmeal, 2 glasses of flour, i cup of lard, 
I cup of sugar , i cup of water, i teaspoonful of soda 
disolved in one tablespoonful of vinegar, i pinch of 
salt. Mix same as for cookies only cut them in squares. 

Mrs M- E- E"gle 
S60 Franklin Sir. 
Jelly Custard 
To r cup of any sort of jelly add 1 egg, and beat well 
t'^gethcr with 3 tcaspconsful of cream or milK; after 
mixing thoroughly, bake in a gocd crust 

Miss flggie H<^ugh 

I400 riank vStr, 
Ginger Cookies 
T cup of sugar, 1 cup molasses, i cup of butter, i 
*^gg, I tablespoonful of vinegar, 1 tal)lespoonful of gin- 
ger, I teaspoonful of soda, di^olvc in boiling water, mix 
like cookie dough rather soft. Mrs V/icmer 

^22 Plane vStr. 

Silver Cake 55 

7 eggs, the whites beaten to a stiff froth, 2 cups of 
powdered sugar, Yh cup of butter, Y^ cup of milk, 2 
teaspoonsful of B. Powder, 'or i teaspoonful Cr. of Tar- 
tar and Yz teaspoonful of soda', 3 cupsful of flour, 1 
teaspoonful of vanilla, or 4 drops of almond essence. 
Bake in a loaf for an hour. Mrs L- W^^^^- 

310 N Gertinie Str. 
Dcugl nuts 
2 cups of sugar, ^z cup of shortening, 2 eggs, i crp 
of sour milK, i teaspoon of soda, flour to make stiff e- 
nough to roll. Bake in hot lard. 

Mrs Nillian Ramke. 
1417 Bodeman Str. 
Watermelon Cake 
1)4 cups of sugar, Yi cup of butter beaten to a cream 
3 eggs, 1 cup of milK, 2)4 cups of flour, 2)^ teaspoons- 
of B. Powder, take half of the butter; and put a few 
spoons of red sugar, and add a teaspoon of vanilla. 

Mrs cJoe. Euehl, 
I419 Bodeman Str. 
White Cake 
I 1-2 cups of sugar, 1-2 cup of butter, 1 cup ofmilK, 
wdiites of 4 eggs, 2 teaspoons of B. Powder, 3 cups of 
flour, cream sugar, and butter together, then add milK 
and beat eggs to a stiff froth. 

Mrs H^i^^"^' Ramke 
20 ?o Osborn vStr. 

5^^ Rye , Bread 

Make a sponge as for wheat bread, and let it rise 
over night., then add Yh cup of molasses, i teaspconful 
of salt, 1 quart of milk ar.d water,* ( equal parts ) and 
mix with rye flour, not as stiff as wheat bread, t> taxe. 

Mrs [finder, 
8x8 Vally Str. 
Tomato Soup 
7 gocd sized tomatoes, to 2 quarts of milk, stew and 
season tomatoes highly with salt, and pepper; have 
the milk hot, break into it a few crackers, stirinalarge 
lump of butter, pour into a tureen, and just as you take 
to tl:e table, add tomatoes mixing them w^ell together. 

Miss A^gie Hawgh. 

1400 Plank Str. 
Squash Pie 
2>^ cups of sirained squash, 2>< cups of milk, 3 eggs 
T tablespoon of melted butter, i heaping cup of sugar, 
1 teaspoon of cinnamon, r teaspoon of ginger, i scant 
teaspoon of m.ace. This niaKes 2 pies. 

I'.Iiss Eertha Boelsche 
142S N 7 th. Str. 
Spanish Toast 
Leat 3 eggs to a foam, tca^t a few slices of bakers 
bread, dip them in the egg and fry them to a light 
^^^*'C'.vn, M*s3 Lizzie K"opp 

l2co P^ank Str. 
Tend 1C cents for S A M P L ES ^f Gfl R DS 
w'tli your name on to taKe orders by; to, - Qus. B^^^ 

Com Brectv^ 57 

Sift 3 quarts of corn meal, add a tablespoon of salt, 
I teaspoonftilcf E. Powder, and mix sufficient water 
with it to make a thin batter. Cover it with a bread 
cloth, arid set it to rise, When ready to lake stir it well 
pour it into a baKing pan, and bake slowly. Use cold 
wat^r i:i sum ner, and hot water in winte.-. 

Mrs D^c^i^^'-- 
I611 Agerxy Ave. 
Tapioca Pudding 
Cover 3 tablespconsful of tapioca with water, let 
s aiid over night, add i quart of milk, a small piece of 
butter, a little salt, and boil. Beat the volks of 3 eggs 
'\ ith a cnp of sugar, 1)oil the whole to a very thick cus- 
lard, flavor v/ith vanilla. When cold cover with whites 
< f eggs beaten. Mrs G- M. Vs/agner. 

321 N Plane vStr. 
Hgg Sandwiches 
Chop finely the whites of hard boiled eggs, force the 
yolks through a strainer or potato ricer. Mix 3^olks and 
whites, season with salt and pepper, and moisten with 
mayonaise or cream ^aladdrcssiug. Remove end slice 
from bread, spread end of loaf sparingly and evv^nly 
with ll-.c moisture; cut off as thin as possible; repeat 
until the number of slices required arc prepared, Re- 
move crusts, put together in pairs and cut in squares, 
clIcrgT cr triangles. Mrs Qrawfoid ; 

804 S 8 th. Str. 

5^' Loaf Coeoanut.Cake 

One grated nut, one cupful of butter, three of sugar 
one of niilK, f(3ur and a half of flour, four eggs, one 
teaspoonful of Dvvights Ccw Brand ^cda, and 2 tea- 
spoonful of pure Creani of Tartar. 

Miss E"^^^^^ Pieckmann 
17 1 1 Agencv Ave. 
Cream Cake 
2 eggs, 1 cup of sugar, >j teaspoon of salt, % lea- 
spoon of mace, 24 cup of cream, i^s cups of flour, '<2 
teaspoon of cinnamon, % teaspoon of ginger, 1 ^^ tea- 
spoons of B. Powder. Sift all dry ingredients ( except 
sugar ) together; beat eggs, sugar and cream vigorous- 
ly, then add dry ingredients slovvlv. Mix well and bake 
34 hour. Miss fsjellie Sli"Rli^l'f 

522 Curran Str. 
Rice Muffins 
2 cups of flour. ^2 teaspoon of vSalt. i cup of milk, 
X cup of melted butter, i cup of boiled rice, 2teavSpoons 
of B. Powder, i q^^. Sift together flour, salt and B. 
Powder, add the rice, and worK in lightly. Mix to the 
batter with the ^gg milk and butter, and baKe in hot 
greased gem pans about thirty minutes, 

Mrs Qoi'VA3i'A 

516 Curran Str. 

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Cliccolate Caranieis 59 

One cupful of grated chocolate, 2 cupsful of brown 
sugar, I cupful of West India mclasscs, 1 cupful of 
millc, or cream, butter the size of an egg, boil until 
thick, ahnost brittle stirring constantly. Turn it out on 
to buttered plates, and wl:en it begins to stilTen, marK 
it in squares, so that it will break easily wh^n cold. lixeit flavored with a tablespoonful of vanilla. 

Mrs \_,hz\e [jingle 

Si I r:im Str. 
Ca:-a:nel Filling 
I scant cup of butter, 2 cups of brown sugar, % cup 
of sweet milk. Mix well together and cook very fast 
until it hardens slightly, when dropped in cold water. 

Miss Minnie Ranike 
I4I7 Bodeman Str. 
Sponge Cak2 
10 eggs 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of flour, i teaspoon 
of B. Powder, beat yolks and eugar to cream, Beat 
whitesof eggs seperately. Flavor to suit t-dste. Bake 1 
hour. Mrs W- f^agnus 

863 Arch Str. 

Anias Cakes 

Take i prr.nd of sugar, and 4 eggs, stir >^ hour, 

then add ^,4 tcaspconful of hartshorn well powdered. 
Anias to taste, and flour to make very stiff; then bake 

libs Minnie B^'^c 

I9I3 ^.lilkr rtr. 

6o Vanilla Wafers 

You take Vs cup of butter, fivA Vs cup of lard mixed 
and then taKe 1 cup of su^iar, i erg well beaten, % cup 
of milk, 2}i cups of flour, 1 level teaspconful of B Pow- 
der, ^s teaspcon of salt, at;d 2 teaspoons of vanilla. 
Cream tbe butter and lard add the sugar egg milk and 
vanilla, sift together thoroughly the flour, B. Powder 
and salt, and add. Cut into shape and bake in a moder- 
ate oven, lilies Hanna Rodin. 

190I Her:.chler Str. 
Ginger C.)')kies 
I cupful of sugar, i cupful of molasses, 1 cupful cf 
lard or butter, 2 eggs, i teaspoonful of salt, i teaspcon- 
ful of ginger, ^2 teaspoonful of cloves, % teaspoonful 
of cinnamon, }4 teaspconful of allspice, 1 eup of hot 
water, stir in this water 1 teaspoonful of baKing scda. 
Add enough flour to stiffen it, then bake in quick oven. 

Miss Rose Rynott. 

317 Emmett Str. 
Welsh R-irebit 
I cup of grated cheese, 1 egg. i teaspoon of mustard 
2 tablespoons of butter, i cup of scalded milx or cream 
Salt and paprica, toast or crackers. Melt the butter, 
add the cheese and seasonings, when nearly melted, 
pour over them the scalded milK or cream, and just 
before seiving, the egg well beateu. vServeon, the toast 
or crackers. Mrs Jensen. 

528 Curran Str. 

Newton Pudding 61 

7 t^?gs, 7 tablespoons of flour, i qt of milk. Put the 
^\'hites of the eggs, beaten lo a stiff froth, on the top of 
the crust. Bake one hour in a slow oven. Serve with 
a wine sauce. 

Mrs T. G. Kelly 
3o5 N 6 th. vStr. 
Chocolate Ice Cream 

8 oz. of chocolate, i pt. of milk 2 cups of sugar. 
Boil until thick and s:nooth, then cool. When cool, add 
I qt. of cream. Flavor with vanilla and freeze 

INI i ss E nim a R amk e 

141 7 Bodeman vStr. 
To 1 quart of flour, add 3 teaspoonsful of B. Powder, 
shorten with i tablespoonful of sweet butter, or lard, 
add r teaspoonful of salt, mix with sweet milk, or cold 
water, make as soft a dough as you can handle, knead 
r.s-Iittle as possible, and bake immediately in a quick 
oven Mrs. C Peterson 

319 G;atten Str. 
Take 2 cups of sugar, 2 eggs, ^'2 cup of lard, % cup 
of L utter, I tcaspccnful of scda, disolved in a cup 
ol sour milk, i teaspoonful of vanilla, flour enough to 
stiffen, arid roll tliin ar.d bake in liot oven 

Mrs. 3ha-:i^)C"la"n 
1519 Thul Str. 

^2 Ginger Cake 

I cup of sugar, i cup of molasses, 2 eggs, 2 
tablespoonsful of lard or butter, i teaspoonful of salt, 
1 teaspDonful of ginger, I-2 teaspoonful of cloves, 1-2 
teaspoonful of cinnamon, stir in 1 cup of sour milk, i 
teaspoonful of soda, then add i quart of flour. 

Mrs. F\. Rvnott 
317 E^"^^i^^^^t Str. 
Ivice Pudding 
I quart of mllK, t tablespoonful of butter, 2 table- 
vSpoonstul of rice, 1-2 cupful of raisins, sweeten to taste 
add a delicate taste of cinnamon, or nutmeg. Seed the 
raisins, do not let the pudding brown until it is thicK- 
ened sufficiently. Cool before served. 

Mrs. A. Petersen 
319 Gi-attcn Str. 
^:ar.d S. Cake 
I ^2 cup •, cf brown sugar, 3^ cup of butter, 3 eggs, 
)4 cup of milk, j4 cup of flour, thenstir in the chocolate 
custard, which is made as follows; - 
Chocolate CusLard,: 8 tablespoons of grated chocolate, 
5 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 1-2 cup of milk. 
Cook until it thickens a little, beat until cool, and stir 
into the cake, add 2 1-2 cups of flour, 2 teaspoonsfulof 
B. Powder. . Mrs Rappold 

86q FrauKlin Str. 
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C) evils Cake 63 

I cup of grated chocolate, boiled in >3 cup of milk , 
and let cool, i >^ cups of sugar, ^^2 cup of butter, 3 eggs, 
Yt. cup of milk, an even teaspoon of soda disolved in a 
little lict ^vater, 2 heaping cups of flour, i teaspoon of 
vanilla extract, i teaspoon of lerion extract, Put choco- 
late in at last. 

INIrp. Rappokl 
S69 Franklin Str. 
Ribhcn Fig Caxe 
I cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of sifted 
flour, 4 eggs, whites and voIks beaten seperately, i cup 
of milk, 3 heaping teaspoons of B. Ponder, 1 teaspoon 
of vanilla. Take half of the batter, pour it in 3 jelly 
tins, on each put a layer of split figs; seeds up! Bake. 
To the rest add; 2 tablespoonsful of molasses, i cup of 
seedless raisins, Yz cup of currants, 1 teaspoon of cin- 
i:aaion,r-2 teaspoon of cloves, a little more flour. Bake 
in 2 or 3 jelly tins, place the lavers alternately with 
frosting between, having a Fig Cake for the top. 

Mrs \j\] , Magnus 

S63 Arch. Str. 
Buttermilk Pie 
For 2 pies:- 2 eggs, 2 cups of sugar, I-2 cup of butter, 
4 tablespoons of flour, 2 teaspoons of lemon extract, i 
pint of fresh buttermilk. 

Mrs. Gus Bree 
I913 Miller Str- 

^4 Blackberry Jam Cake 

1 cup of suo^ar, V2 cup of butter, Y-i cup of sour cieam 
or milk, 2 cups of flour 1 cup of blackberry jam, 3 eggs, 
1 teaspoon of .'oda, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon i teaspoon 
of allspice. EaKc in three layers. 

Mrs T. G. Kellv 

306 N 6 th. vStr. 
Fig & Date Layer Cake 
3 eggs, 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of flour, 2 teaspoons 
of B. Powder, >^ cup of butter, i cup of milk. Flavor 
to suit taste. — Filling : >^ pound of figs, >4 pound of 
dates, Y-i cup of sugar, chopped fine, and cooked to a 
paste. Mrs M- E- Engle 

869 Franklin Str. 
Corn Bread 
I cupful of corn meal, i ^<g^, i cupful of milk, 2 tea- 
spoonsful of B. Powder, i cupful of flour, 1-2 cupful 
of sugar, 2 teaspoonsful of melted butter, I-2 teaspoon- 
ful of salt. Mrs \_,. Lermann 

3I7 Emmett Str. 
Girger Breed 
1 cup of brown su^^ar, 2 eggs, i cup of lard or butter 
I cup of sour milk, i teaspocnful of taxing s^da stiffen 
with flour like cake dough pinch of saltanb 1 teaspoon- 
ful of ginger. Mrs Q. Peterson 

319 Gratten Str. 
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Fried Stuffed Eggs 65 

Lcil trgs twenty minutes, put in cold water, cut 
them in halve^^: lerglitwirc, careiullv remove the yolks 
rub them smxcth. To each 6 eggs, add 1 >2 teaspccns- 
frJ cf very finely chopped l:am or tongue, salt and pep- 
per, fill the hollc^v of each v/hite, having the surface 
level, press one half to another, dip in e^^: then in 
c-ur.ibs, then in eo;g then in erumhs agahi. Fry in hot 
hutter, remove and drain on a piece cf paper, aranged 
0:1 a platter. Serve with cream sauce; made Vv^itli i tea- 
spoonful of melted butter, and i of flour, ccgk togeth- 
er and add 1 cup of milk, salt, and pepper, let it boil 
live miiuites. Mrs \-\. G^i^"--'- 

826 Washingtcn vStr. 
Herring Salad 
G herring vScak.ed ever night in water, and tlien all 
skin and bones 2nd parts net fit for use removed, cut 
fine into tin^3^ slices 2 dill pickles, i small beet, 4 hard 
1- oiled eggs, 2 cnicriS, 2 apples, anri }.4 pound of ccoktd 
veal, mix well together, with this dressing. — ^4 cup 
of cream, and 2tablespccnsiul cf olive oil togelher, rub 
the soft herring, roll to a cream, and stir in to this, add 
a little sugar, mustard, salt, and pepper. Mix ^4 cup of 
water, and stir in dressing; mix with salad, and set 
awav for 8 hours, in a cold place before serving. Tar- 
nish witii dried currants. 

Mrs KaLtie f'/illcr. 
S^S Washington Str. 

65 Spi-e CalvCS 

8 eggs, 2 pounds of brown sugar, i tsaspccn of scc!a 
I teaspoon cf CiCves, 1 teaspoon of nutmeg, i teaspoon 
of cinnamcn, >^ pctinc cf c'trot\ cut fine, ^' pints of 
nuts, eggs beaten ccpcralcly. and then together add 
them to sugar, then scda; dough fairly stiff with flour 
and roll, liKe a broom-stick, and cut about i ^4 inches 
apart, and bake in a moderate oven. 

Mrs. L- Kocpf. 
855 CViUmbia Str- 
Kt.? M'lTIns 
Sift together 3^^ cups of flour, 3>^ teaspccnsful of 
B. Powder, 1 spoon of salt, and 3 level tallespocnsfu^ 
of sugar, beat 1 egg until light, and add to it ij4 cn]^s- 
fulof milk, with 3 tablcspccns cf melted buttei ; acd 
this gradually to the flour, and teat to a smccth letter. 
Bake in hct buttered gem pans fcr 25 mirutes. 

Mrs. Kattie filler 
84S Washington Str. 
Ginger Snaps 
I cup of sugar, i cup of molasses, i cup of lard, 1 
tablespoonful of ginger, ^4 teaspoonful of blacK pepper 
I teaspconful of soda, dissolved in y? teacup of hot v;a- 
ter, as much flour as you can stir in with a spoon, do 
not roll out with rolling-pin, work little cakes with your 
har.ds as you would sausage cakes, and bake. 

Mrs H- Gantz. 
825 Washington Str. 

Cider Cookies 67 

2 cups of bUgar, i cup of butter, 2 cups of cider, nut- 
meg: to flavcr i^^ tcarpccns ci scd?; zdd ilcur as ether 
ccc!::cs, and baKe in a hot oven. 

Mrs. L- Kcepf 
C35 Cclunibia Sir. 
C'.iozo'.at^ Carr.iels 
2 cups of brown sugar, 1 cup of molasses, 1 cup of 
chocolate grated fine, i cup of boiled niilK, i table- 
spoonful of flour, butter the size of a large english wal- 
nut, let it boil slowly, and when dene, put on plate to 
cool, mark off while warm. 

Miss Rose Rynctt. 
317 Emtnett Str. 
2 cups of eugar, y2 cup of butter, 4 teaspoons of scur 
milk, 3 eggs well beaten, 1 cup of chopped raisins, i 
scant teaspoonful of soda, 3 cups of flcur, l heapmg 
teaspoonful of cinnamon, i nutmeg grated, >4 tea- 
spoon of cloves, in water. 

Mrs. O^rt. 
1224 Doemland Str, 
Cream Dressing 
2 tablespoonsful of whipped sweet cream, 2 of sugar 
and 4 of vinegar, beat w^ell and pour over cabtage, pre- 
viously cut very fine, and seasoned with salt. 

Mrs. Rynctt. 
317 Emmett Str. 

<^8 ^ _ Hot Slav/ 

Cut fine what cabbage is 'desired for a dish of slaw, 
two Qggs, 4 tablespoonsful vinegar, 2 heaping table- 
spoonsful of sugar, 1 cup of sour cream , salt and pepper 
to taste, beat egeswell, stir ergs, vinegar, and sugar 
together, ar.d boil until tliick. vStir altogether and 
^t;rve. Mrs. Kay Claytcn 

Agency Ave. 
C^tmeal Gems 
1 pint of ccoiced catnical, i pitit ofbwcct mill:, 4 
tablespoor.sful of ^ugar. 2 eggs, i tcaspccniul of salt. 
2 tablespoons of melted butte^r, 2 teaspoonsful of B. 
powder, and enough flour to mix. Bake in hot gem pans 
in quick oven. 

.V^rs S- Sl^illing 
Si 5 Washington Str. 
Christmas Cakes 
I2 eggs, 6 p(.ui:ds of granulated sugar, beat i>2 hr. 
add 2 tablespconsiul of anise seed, and what hartshorn 
will stay on tlie end of a knife, and mix veil, add flour 
to stiffen, and roll and eut tliem willi anise er:Ke moulds 
and Ice them lay over night, and bake the next morn- 
ing in a hot o\c!i. Make them 4 weeks bexre Clirisl- 
mas, and ])ut them in a jar and cover tight. 

Mrs f^niQi' 
84S Wasiiingcon Str. 
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Business, to; Gus. Eree 191 3 Miller Str Eurlingtrn Ta. 

Ginger Ccokits 69 

I cup ot molasses, 1 cnpof sugar, t 1-2 cups cf but- 
ter, 1 tfibkspccn cf scc'a, c!irrclvcd in 1-2 cup cf Ixt 
water. Cinnamon, clcves, ginger and nuinieg, to taste 
flour enough to make a pretty stiff tatter, and roll 
real ihin. Miss [^irdie M- Coi^^-'-ai^ 

516 Cur ran Sir. 
Parker iHcuse Rcl's 
Scald I pint of sweet n.i:k;\\len cccl, ac'd 2 talk- 
spoonsful of sugar, 2 of lard, 2 of ^^cast, and a little 
salt, let rise over night, knead down in the morning; let 
rise again, and at uoon, knead and rcll cut tlin, cut 
with a la-ge cutter, butter the t<3p, fold ever, let rise 
again and take. Mrs. S- S^^l^^ng 

81 5 Washington Str. 

Co: fee Cake 

I X cups of sugar, i cup ot mclasses, i cup of cold 

coffee, 3^ cup of butter, 4 eggs, well Lcaten, i cup of 

raisins cut fine, i cup of currants, i Yz teaspoons of B. 

powder, I teaspoon cfcloVv-^s, i tablespoon of cinnamon, 

4 zw^-y 3f fio-i:. 

Mrs. Gus Bree 
191 3 Miller :i^t/. 
L-Uion Icing 
Whites of 2 eggs, i cup of sugar, juios aid a part 
of the rind of 2 lemons. 

Miss Lfizzia p(i'-<^?P 
l20D Plank Str, 

70 Mauds Cake 

2 teaspooiisful of B. Powder, in 2 cups of flour, i cup 
of sugar, y^ cup of butter, 2 eggs, V^ pint of milk. 
Cake Filling- Vs pint of milk, i ounce of chocolate 
filling, I ounce of sugar. Miss TiHie Hetz 

611 S. 9 th. Str. 
Brides CaKe 
Whites of 10 ^<yg:^^ I cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 

1 cup of milk, one cup of cornstarch, 2 cups of flour, 
one teaspoon of vanilla, 2 >^ teaspoons of B. Powder. 
Beat the sugar and butter to a cream. 

Miss Qeorgie Page 
Wells Str. 
Lcmcn Cake 
1 cup of sugar, 2 eggs, butter size of an ^%%. i cup 
of milk, 1 ttatpoonful of lemcn e^v^ence, pinch of j:alt. 

2 teaspoonsful of B. Powder, and flour to make stiff, 
bake in three jelly tin^. Filling; — Rind of one lem- 
on and juice of 2; powdered sugar to thicken, and beat 
together w^ell, spread between layers when they are 
cool. Mrs. H- Gantz. 

826 Washington. Str. 
Light Cake 
1 cup of sugar, Yi cup of butter or lard, i cup of 
r.iilK or water, iVi teaspoon of B. Powder, 2 eggs, i>^ 
cuoi Oi flour, and bake in layers. 

Mrs. J. Grupe 
1 3 19 Brick Str. 

Veal Breast Filling 71 

5 slices cf bread, 2 of onions, 2 or3eg-^s, salt and pep- 
per, 3 potatoes sliced fine, mix together and fill the 
veal breast. Mrs. J. Qi'^iP^ 

13T9 Brick Str. 
Len:r.n Jelly 
Dissolve 3/}^ package of gelatine, in ^4 cu^d of water, 
pour into same when all dissolved, a quart cf boiling 
water; adding i cup of lemon juice, and 2 cups of sug- 
ar. Stir until sugar and gelatine, are fully dissolved; 
then strain and pour into a mould, placing into a refrig- 
erater, xmtil firmly set. Serve with whipped cream. 

Mrs {_,. WesterbecK 

Snow Cake 
1-2 teacup of butter, 1 teacup of sugar, 1)4 tca.up 
of ilour, >2 teacup of sweet milx. whites of 4 eggs Lcct- 
cntoa stiff froth, I teaspoon of B. Powder. Flavo/ \v:ch 
vanilla. Mrs. [_, fester beck 

loii Grricn d". 
Chocolate Cai'amels 
2 cups of brown sugar, i cup of molasses, i cup of 
chocolate grated fine, i cup of boiled milK, 1 table - 
spoonful of flour, butter the size of a large english wal- 
nut; let ii boil slowly, and when done pour on flit t'ns 
to cool, marK off while wa^m. 

y.i.'S |-' at lie q'( 1 i:rcn 
1909 Dewcin Ttr. 

72 Marble Cake 

Dark part. — i big cupful of brown ^ugar, 1-2 cup- 
ful of molasses, 1 cup of flour, 3 yolks of eggs, 1-2 
pound of raisins, 1-2 cup cf whisky, 1-2 teaspoon each 
of cloves, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and i teaspoon 
of B. Powder. How to mix darx part; — Cream 

the sugar and butter, add the eggs, and beat well, then 
add fruit and spice, and last flour, with i teaspoon of 

B. Powde", s'fted in it, White part; — i cup of 

white sugar, 3^ cup of butter, ^A cup of sweet milk, i 
cup of flou-, 2 t;a?.poon3 cf B. Pcwder, >^ pound of 
almonds, 34 pourd of citicn, (chopped). How to 

mix white pait; — Cream sugar, and butter, add the 
niilx, silted flour, and B. Powder, almonds, and citron 
and last; beaten \vhitcs of e^gs. Select a deep baKiiig 
tin, the lottcni with t uttered paper, put in a layer ef 
dark; then a layer cf \^hite; until the pan is -/z full. 
Bake i hcr.r cr so. — Frcst it. 

Miss ftnnie B^^<^- 
705 S. Central Ave. 
Frait Ca'ce 

1 pounel of butter, 1 pound of sugar, 1 pound of 
raisins, i pound cf currants, y2 pounel of citron, 12 
eggs, I glass of brandy, 1 glass of wine. Spi?eto taste 
5 teaspoons of B. Powder, add flour, and 1 aKe for 2 
Lours, ii a '^low oven. 

Mrs. L- Ko^pf. 
835 Columbia Str. 

Spice Cake 73 

1/2 cups of sr.rar, 1-2 cup cf butter I-2 cup cf milk, 

3 eg£-s, I i:ulr.:cg, 1 tccspccn cf cinnamcn, 1 teaspccn 

of cloves, 2 cu[:ccf chopped laisins, mix rather stiff. 

Mies Lertl-a Larder. 

iCc5 Thr.l Str. 

Sponge Cal c 
5 eggs. 1 cup o: sugar, i cup of flcur, }i tea.pccn of 
r. Pc^vder, yolks beaten light with i cup of sugar, 
xvhites beacen very stiff, and added with the flcur, ar.d 
fJavo. ed to suit the taste, bake slcwly. 

Mrs. Earbara Kuthler 
6I4 S TO th. Str. 
Dolly Varden CaKe 
1 cup of sugar, >^ cup of butter, fi cup of milK, 3 
cups of flour, whites of 3 eggs, i teaspccixof E Powcer, 
1 teaspccn of lemon, maKe a frosting of the yolks, and 
set a few minutes in oven. 

Mrs. Ga""i^ S.imms 

,\\:\ Adams Str 

Blackberry CaKe 

IV2 cup^ of sugar, i>^ cups of butter, 2>4 eups cf 

sifted flour, I cup of blackberry jam. 3 ^rg^. ^ tca- 

spooniul of cloves, i tcaspecnful cf cinnamxn, i tca- 

snccnful of, 3 tablcspccns ci scur m.-k, i Ica- 

G'occ:: cf ccda. 

l^.Irs. John Fisch 

415 S Adams Str. 

-! Marmalade 

TaKe 12 ora:igec,ai]H 4 lemcns. Cut in quarters, take 
out the pulDb, put in a basin, pick cut the S£cds and 
skins; then boil skins in a good quantity of water, until 
tender. Dra:n and cut them in thin slices, and put them 
to the pulp; add to every puund, i j/2 pcu.nds of sugar; 
boil them together 20 minutes; must be stirred all the 
time, but gently, and put in glasses. ' 

Miss y{a.iiQ f/ asters. 
607 Harrison Ave. 
Maud S Cake 
8 tablespoonsful of grated chocolate 5 ta' l^spocns- 
ful of granulated sugar, ^2 cup of milK. Loil to a cus- 
tard, and let cocl. : i}4 cups of brown sugar, 2 cups 
of butter, T,}i cups of milK, 3 eggs. — Cream butter, 
and sugar, and add beaten eggs, then add milk; to this 
add 2 cups of flour, in which 2 leespconsful of B. Pow- 
der have been m'xed; then add the custard, then add 
another cup of lifted flour. Cover vAth icing; - made 
by mixing to a very stiff cream; confectioners sugar, 
and cream. Flavor with some flavoring. 

Mis3 ^c\n'd Ffggleston 

CoS Harrison Ave. 
Egg Sauce 
Add the chopped 3-clks cf 2 or 3 hard boiled eggs 
to drawn butter. 

Mrs. G- Sn^ith 
1 501 Doemland Str. 

iHkH ihis Kotik and a »in»* of Stamples of CAL,f INti CAKl>8. 

GUS. BRKE, 1913 Miller Str. Burlington Iowa. 

White Fruit Cahe 75 

1 cup cf butter, 2 cups of surar. i cup of sweeiinilk. 
Q-Yz cup5 of ficur. whites of 7 eefs, 2 even tecspcciis 
of B. Powder, T pound each, of raisins, fio^s, dates and 
])Ianched a'monds, .; pounds of citron; cut all fine. 
Beat all well, before adduig fruic, stir fruit in last, Vvdtli 
a silting of ricur over it. EaKe slowly. 

Mrs K^O' Robinson 
607 Gertrude fetr. 
5i:rprise Cake 
I ^ZZ^ I cup oF su^ar, i cup of water, 2 cups of flour 
I larre tablespoon of butter, 2 teaspoons of B. Powder. 

Mrs. J. E- E^ack. • 
417 Eassett Str. 
Tomato Scup 
Take one quart of ripe tomatoes, and cook thorough- 
ly, then add a level teaspoonlul of soda. Heat i quart 
of milk; add salt and pepper to taste, and a tablesporn- 
lul of butter. Pour tomatoes to the milk, and serve ci'acivcrs. This makes a delicious soup. 

Mrs K<2^^i&- 
716 Summxcr Str. 
IlDlUnd Cakes 
T pound of flour, 1 pound of sugar, 4 eggs, cloves, 
and B. Powder. Work the dough well; maKemto balls 
the size of a v:alnut; put on ahnond, or a piece of cr- 
a::ge peel, en each and bake. 

Mrs- [^ora B^ee 

809 S 3 d. Str. 
^ Far CAiytiNa CARD^^ 

7^ Cplc2 Cake 

I /^ cupful ci' vrater, i y^ cups of sugar. 2 teaspconsful 
of B powder, a large tablespocn of lard, and salt to taste 
teaspoonful cf each, ciinianion, cloves and allspice, tea- 
cupful of currants or raisins as desired, flour enough to 
batter, and baKe in a moderate oven. Spice Cake burns 
much quicKer than any other. 

Mrs. Kendig. 
716 Summer Sir. 
Ice Cream Cake 
2 cups of sugar, i cup of butter, i cup of sveet milk 

2 cups of flour. I cup of cornstarch, 2 teaspoons of B. 
Powder, fifted in the flour, and cornstarch, bake in 
layers. Filling to put on layers; —Whites ot 3 eggs, 

3 cups of sugar, pour Vi pint of boiling water on the 
sugar, and let boil, until car.dy, then pour boiling sug- 
ar over well beaten whites; add quite ccld, i teaspccn 
o: vanil.a. Mrs. \-\. |-|orning 

10I2 Pine Str. 
Ice Cream Cake 
I cup of .sugar, 1-2 cup of butter, i cup of flour, the 
whites of 3 eggs, i spoon of cornstarch, 1 teaspoon of 
B. Powder. Bake in 2 layers; when cold, or nearly so. 
Spread between and over; Cream — made of yolks of 
3 (t'l'^^':^, 1 cup cf LUgar, i teaspoon of vanilla. 

Mre. cJ. E- B^ack. 

417 Bassett Str. 

^ f>ii cHii iii«ik»^ ii :p a (lay<THkuiu orrlttrs for \\\\h Kook. Ti Y W 

GUS. BREE, 1913 Miller Str, Burlington lov a. 

Snow Cake 77 

Yz cup of butter, i cup of sugar, Vi cup of flour, ^3 
cup of milk, whites of 4 e^-gs, i spcoii c/f B. Powder, 
use yolks for frosting. 

Mrs. Jcsie Black. 

4 17 Eassttt Str. 
Sour Cream CaKc 
1 pint of sour cream, wisp until hard; take 5 ergs, 
the yellow part, Yz pint of white flour, work it togeth- 
er with the eggs, and cream, and 2 cz cf sugar; and 
then take the whites of eggs, and teat it to a stiif froth, 
and mix it together with the other, and a lictle nutmeg 
grease a pan, and let it bake, until it gets yellow on top 

Mrs. [_,und 
Iq'g Central Ave. 
Cabbage Pudding 
I head of cabbage, picK all the rrten leaves off of 
the cabbage, and after that cut it in pretty large pieces, 
and cook it half an hour, vnth butter and salt; and after 
it has cooked half an hour, take the cabbage out of the 
water, and let it drain, and then you taKc a fine piece 
of beef, and chop it up fme, take a pan and put a little 
butter at the bottom; and then you put one layer of 
cabbage, and a layer of beef, and keep this en, until 
you have your pan fall; tut see that you keep the cab- 
bage on top. and add a pinch of pepper. Serve with a 
gravy made out of some kind of broth, add a little 
butter and salt, and cream the yellov/ of an (t^Z- 

Mrs. Rodin 
iQOi Herschlcr Str. 

7^> * D2viis Food Cake 

2 squares of chocolate, 3'olkof i egg, ^4 cup of milk, 
I cup of sugar, i>2 cups 01 flour, t teaspoon of soda 
I teaspoon of vanilla mix these ingredients then add 
chocolate mixture, cover with boiled iceing; use white 
of egg for iceing. 

Mrs. J A Bi'^^i^ 
715 S. Central Ave. 

Cream Cake 
I pint of thicK cream, and a }4 cup of sugar, stir 
this until it gets hard; and after that take 2 tablespoons 
of white flour, and 4 yellow parts of eggs, and then 3 
tablespoons of fine sugar, and then the whites of the 
eggs, mixed thoroughly. Bake in little pans, size of 
cookies. Mre. G^Hege. 

I903 Herschler Str. 

Spanish Tart 
I pound of butter melted, and then take 16 eggs, the 
yello'V part only, beat the eggs to a froth, and then 
take the pound of butter, beat it together thoroughly, 
and then 3'ou ta>e 1 pound of fine sugar, 1 pound of 
Wiiite flour, cerate a little citron shell, and mix this al- 
together good, and then you let this stand until you 
b^at tiie whites of the eggs to a stiff troth, add the 
whites of the eggs last; and let it bai-ce in a moderate 
oven, with apap^r over the top. 

Mrs. clohnson. 
1 9 10 Dewein Str. 

Corn Cakes 79 

You taKe a can of corn, and a cup of milk, and 2 
eggs, a pinch of salt, and then keep on adding flour, 
until it is pretty thick. Fry on a hot griddle. 

Miss H- Rcdin. 
1 90 1 Herschler Str. 
Alice Cake 
i>^ teacupsful of sugar, Y^ teacupful of cream, 4 
well beaten eggs, and a little salt. Beat with 2 teacups- 
ful of flour, mixed with 1 teaspoon of B. Powder. 
BaKe in a hot oven. 

Miss /=\nna (Johnson. 
1505 Mt. Pleasant Str. 
Orange Filling 
Take the juice of oranges, and maKe thick, and 
cream with powdered sugar, and spread on cake 
Lemon juice may be used the same way. 

Mrs J. E- Black. 
4I7 Bassett Str. 
Mustard Pickles 
3 quarts of small cucumbers, 3 quaits of r/^:iall onions 
caulifhAver, 3 quarts of green beans, 2 quarts of cider 
vinegar, 2 cups of sugar, >^ cup of flour, ^4 pound of 
Coleman's mustard, and 3 cT: tumeric. — Put onions, 
beans, cucumbers, and cauliflower, in vinegar, and kt 
come to a boil; mix tumeric rugar, niustard, and flour, 
with a little water, and stir into boiling vinegar. Put up 
in glass fruit jars. Mrs C- O- Er^^estcn 

6o3 Karriscn x\vc. 

So Lady Cake 

Cream together 2 pounds of powdered sugar, with 
I >2 pounds of butter; rub in slowly the whites of 8 eggs 
then beat the whites of 8 more eggs to a frcth, and add 
part of it to the above, the rest alternately with 2% 
pounds of pastry flour. Bake in a moderate oven. 

Mrs. John Moo^-e. 
507 S 3 d. Str. 
Wine Cake 
Cream together 2 pounds of sugar with ^ pound of 
butter or lard; add 8 eggs slowly, 1 quart of milk, vanilla 
or lemon, 3 pounds of flour, and 2 oz. of B. Powder. 
Dust with sugar before baking. Bake at 370 degrees. 

Mrs. John f^oore 
507 S 3 d . Str. 
Sugar Shave 
X pound of melted butter, and stir while melting, 
then add i cup of sugar, and 2 eggs, and i pint of flour 
Stir this together, only in one direction for half an hour. 
Put it in a large pan, or a.bake-pan, and put just one 
spoon for each caKe in the pan. Bake in a moderate 
oven, until they raise, then taKe them out of the pans 
and lay them on your dough roller, until they bend 
like shavings. 

Mrs. La -son. 
1210 S 12 th, St;. 
For sr/.all jobsof printing; Circulars, Return Envel- 
opes, Letter Heads, Lables & GALLING QARDS 
at reasonable prices, that will surprise you; try 
GU3. BREE, 191 3 Miller Str. Burlington Iowa. 

Tomato Catsup 81 

Select good ripe tomatoes; scald and strain through 
a coarse sieve, to remove seeds and skins; then add to 
each gallon, when cold; 3 tablespoons of salt, 2 of 
ground mustard, i of blacK pepper, Yz of cayenne pep- 
per, I of ground allspice, Yi of cloves, i pint of cider 
or white vinegar; simmer slowly 4 hours. Bottle and 
cork tight. Mrs. A- cJ- L^Ppert 

501 George Str. 

Piekled Peaches 

I gallon of vinegar, sweeten with sugar to taste; then 

tie allspice, cloves, and cinnamon, in a cloth and boil 

1-2 hour, then peel the peaches and let them heat 

through and then bottle them. Mrs. hlellie Calhoun 

826 Washington Str. 
Mince Meat 
r pt. of chopped beef, 2 pints of chopped apples, 
1-2 pt. of stoned raisins, 1-2 pt. of cane molasses, i pt. 
of brown sugar; cider to thin it a little, brandy, cinna- 
mon, spice, cloves, and nutmeg, butter, and suet Cook 
all for 2 hours, adding the spice just before removeing 
from the stove. Mrs V/ilbur /Vlosena 

1527 Thul Str. 
Chilli Sauce 
1 8 large ripe tomatoes, 6 la-ge onions, 3 red peppers. 
3 tablespoons of salt, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 table- 
spoons ofgingei, I tablespoon of cinnamon, i 1 able- 
spoon of cloves, 5 cups of vinegar. Chcp all this fine 
and boil I hour. Mrs. H Kaf^ll 

511 S. Weed St. 

82 Chilli Sauce 

I peck of tomatoes, 3 teacupsful of peppers, 3 tea- 
cupsful of sugar, 2 teacupsful of onions, i teacupful 
of salt, 3 pints of vinegar, 3 teaspoonsful of cloves, 3 
terispoonsful of cinnamon, 2 teaspoonsful of nutmeg, 
and ginger, boil 3 hours. Miss panna B^own 

1909 Dewein Str. 
Chilli Sauce 
24 good size ripe tomatoes, 8 large onions, 8 green 
or ripe peppers, 4 tablespoons each of salt, cloves, and 
spice, - powdered, i gill of mustard seed, and 4 cups 
if vinegar. Boil i hour; add vinegar if to thick. This 
v:il make 3 quarts. Mrs R. J. Lippeit. 

501 George Str. 
Pickled Peaches 
Peal the peaches, put a cup of sugar to a cup of vine- 
gar, put in sugar and vinegar. 5ct. cinnamon whole, 5 
't. cloves whole, boil a short time. Then cook the peach- 
' s a few minutes, dont boil them to soft, take out and 
put in jars and cover with vinegar. Pour the vinegar 
f] om the peaches and let come to aboil, repeat 3 morn- 
ings. Mrs. M- Masters. 

607 Harrison Ave. 
Tomato Catsup 
To 1 gal, tomato juice, take 2 tablespoons mustard, 3 
tablespoons salt, }4 tablespoon red peppers, j^ table- 
r.poon cloves, ^4 tablespoon cinnamon, i cup brown sug- 
ar, 5 good sized onions, chopped fine, and i pint cider 
vinegar. Boil 3 or 4 hours. Mrs, H • K^roU. 

511 S Wood Str. 

The fluther of this book, believes that if the work- 
ing class of this country, would pay less attention to 
politics; and look more to domestic orhcusthcld econ- 
omy, there would be a vast change in their financial 
conditions. While these " &ECRKTS of SUCCESS " 
are to the interest of the general public, they are es- 
pecially desighned for that class of people, known as 
Working men; or the E^ck-bcne of TVianicind. The 
Workingman lives hard, works hard, and remains peer 
The cause can easily be seen. He relieves the lowest 
wages; and pays the highest retail price for all he neeels. 
The '' SHCRHTSof SUCCESS ' in this book, are 
published with the belief that it will do good to these; 
that have never had theoppertunity to obtain iheni. 

Whoever puts any of these on the market, can Rive 
them such names that might have a tendency to add to 
their sales. From the sales of some of these secrets; 
thousands of dollars have been made. If you desire to 
commence Business; select one of these Pvcciepts which 
you tl.i ik would be tiie most saleble in ycur locaMtv. 
and manufacture It in small quantities, until your de- 
mand grows larger. Sell to families and stores, leave it 
on commission, and advertize it in every way; and ycu 
will soon have an income, that will surprise 3^011. 
Fortunes can be made now days as well a3 5oyrs. ego 


when cut of work 

f'T^I»aration To Clean Wall Paper. 

Take 1 quart of wheat flour, and )^ p*nt of powder- 
ed prepared whiting; and mix thoroughly, add enough 
water to make an ordinary stiff dough. Use a piece a- 
bout the size of a goose egg, and maKe long stroKes, 
by pressing hard against the wall; alter each stroke 
knead into the dough, and continue until it is useless. 
This is enough for a good sized room. 


Take 3 pints of alcohol diluted with 1 pint of water, 
and mix with >^ gallon of liquid ammonia. — Remove 
the dirt by applying this solution first; then dissolve 
2 V^ pounds of soap in 3 quarts of water, and add i lb 
of soda, and 2 oz. of liquid ammonia and spirits of wine 
now apply this solution; and the carpet will regain its 
original color, and the carpet need not be taken up. 

A good worker can do a good sized carpet in a cou- 
ple of hours. 

What To INVKNT. 

Cheap useful articles that vrill sell at sight. Some- 
thing that everyone needs, and the poorest can afford- 
Invent simple things for the benefit of the masses, and 
your fortune is made. Some ^y^ears ago a yankee made 
a fortune by attaching a rubber string to a wooden ball 
A German made a fortune by patenting a simple wood- 
en plug for beer barrels. These things cost scarcely 
anything:, yet millions are sold. All it takes is; Pluck 


]40W Jo 'jVlAKE A J'OHT^'tJ^'^ 


nfake a vessel holding about a % gallon, and melt 
with a very gentle heat, 2 pounds of paraffine; be 
careful that you do not burn it, after melted take otf 
of the fire; and add % ounce oil of citronelli, have a 
flat tin pan ready, and oil it with a little sweet oil is 
best, you can wet the pan with water to keep from 
sticking, but the sweet oil is tiie best; have a pan or 
pans enough to contain the amount you have made a- 
bout Ye of an inch thicK; because it will not do to heat 
again, as it would injure the flavor. Before it gets hard 
mark it off, in small squares, about >2 inch square, 
then cut it in 2 inch square blocks, and put up 4 of 
these squares in boxes and lable, to sell at lo cents a 
box. Use good hard paraf fine, which 3/0U can buy for a- 
bout i>^ to 2 cents @ pound. This is a very valuable 
reciept, and by giving it your attention, and a little 
pushing you can make quite a good business out of it 
Sell it to stores and get it on tne maiket. 

hA^KlV tic I»AI-V KILL'-:^ 

'"'akc I pint ol aqua-an nonia, i pint of sulphuric 
ether, and i phit of alcohol, and mix together; v/ill give 
instant relief. Put up in 2 oz bottles to sell at 15 cts. 



Stir I pound of broken up Glue, 2 pounds of Log- 
Vv'ood chips, I oz of Isinglass, i oz. of finely powdered 
Indigo, and i oz. of the best soap; into i^^ gallon of 
30 grain vinegar; and boil 15 minutes. Then strain it, 
bottle, and corK it, and let it cool. When cold, it is then 
read}' for use. Put up in I5 cent bottles, and you will 
have a good sale on it. Apply with a sponge. 


Stir into 1 gallon of v/ater; >^ oz. of Whiting, i oz. 
of Hyposulphite of soda, 2 ounces of Cynate of Potash 
and 4 ounces of precipitate silver. Put this up in i oz. 
bottles, to retail at 25 cents This reciept is worth § 5. 
to any one that will make use of it. Lable it with an at- 
tractive Lable, and caution; to shake before using. 

GUS. BRHK 1913 Miller Str. BURLINGTON la 
will please you at very low figures; if you only want a 
small amount of Lables. He will also inform you where 
to get your bottles etc. if you want to make a start. 

Take I pound of Florentine orris-root, and 2)^ oz- 
of cinnamon bark 2^2 oz. of cloves, 2)/^. oz. of mace. 
lY^ oz. of carraway seed, 2>^ oz. of nutmeg, and 2>^ 
oz. of Tonquin beans; grind these ingredients well to 
powder, and mix them thoroughly, and put up in little 
cloth bags, holding about a ^ of an oz. that you can 
sell at lo cents, this gives ycu a good margin. Lable 
tlie bags before filling them. Good for moths and a 
very nice perfume. 


Take I £;alIon cf alcohol, and dissolve i pound of 
Corrosive sublimate (in powder), thoroughly. Put up 
in 3 cz. bottles, to sell at 25 cents, an lable (Poisen). 
Place it out of reach of children, Dnections;. Apply 
with a feather or stick in crevices. One application a 
year will keep them away. This is a pest that naturely 
creates in any home unhss prevented. Turpentine is 
frequencly used but has very little effect. Tais reciept 
is worth more than the price cf the book itself. 

Take a vessel holding a]x>ut 2 gallons of water, put 
in 3 quarts and boil it. Take another tin vessel holding 
about I gallon and put in I-2 ^al of rain water and 2 
pounds of best white glue and 1-2 pound of dry white 
lead and melt together, after melted heat a little more, 
and add I- » pint of alcohol, and it is ready to bottle 
while hot This is an excellent glue, and will sell well. 

UNKD\ CK'TKMT f r CHIN \ Gl. \S- W \l\ &Wi>(>'> 

This cement is unequalled, and will do the work to 
a finish. Take 1-2 gallon of rain water, 2 pounds of 
white glue, i pound ot dry white lead, in a pot of boil- 
ing water, until dissolved; do not put it on direct fire; 
but place the vessel with contents in another of boiling 
water, until dissolved; then add i pint of alcohol, and 
let boil a few minutes until it isthoroughly mixed, take 
it off of the fire, and let it cool a few minutes, and add 
1-2 oz. of camphor to preserve it. Put it up in 25 cent 
bottles and lable. 

lASiE IKAT Will. NOT S>Uf^ 

Take Vq, g-ollon of boiling water, and dissolve 2 0z. of 
alum, now take 3 pounds of flour, and make a smooth 
batter, and add 15 drops oil of cloves, now mix Ihe alum 
water and let it come to a boil. Put up in small glass 
ja'-s to retail at 10 cents. This is a good Lable paste and 
will keep for months 

19 fh « «>n*urv PATI N r R'***-*' & «iMOK RIA'KING 

T^^^he 1 gallcn of alcohol, and add to it i>^ pounds 
Gum Shellac, and i ounce Sulphuric acid, let stand 48 
hours; then add Y^ pound of Ivory Black ; let stand 24 
hours; then earefullv pour off the top which is ready to 
put up in 3 oz. bottles to sell at 50 cts. This is a good 
Polish for all kinds of leather and is waterproof. 

lAJniSOl'S HA! Si VOIMi i KbTE CYKll 

Take a 'arge m.outhecl bottle, hclding about 1 quart, 
and melt Yi pint of lard, to a very gentle heat, ty 
plunging it in warm water; then add X oimce cf 
phcsphcrous and V^ pint ot proof spirits; cook it ai d 
as it cools shaKe ic frequently, so as to mix it thoroug- 
ly; when cold, pour off the spirits, and save it to l;e 
r.std again, thicken the other up with flour; which 
will be ready to put up in small tin bcxes to sell at 25 
cts. This pa<teis lumincus in the dark anrl attracts; is 
eaten greedily, and sure death. Thousands of dollars 
have Vjeen made from this rcciept. 


I pound of Ox"de Dismuth, and 4 pounds of white 
sta^ch^ mix thcrcughly together, and put in sma'l 
b )xer> to retail at 15 cents. 

BOOT & shoe: watk»:.pkoof polish 

Have a vessel holding abcut 3 quarts; put in i 
pound of Beef suet, % pound of Rosin, Yi pound of 
Beeswax, and ^ pound of Lampblack; melt these on a 
good strong fire; after melted, add a Yz pint of neats- 
foot oil to it, and put up in small wide mouthed bottles; 
or boxes, to sell at 10 or 15 cents. A good Shoe polish 
will always sell. This is a good reciept and worth a for- 
tune to any-one that wdll push and advertize it. 


nThe following preparation is a great salve and equal 
to any on the market, and better than a good many. 

Take 1 pound of mutton tallow, and melt it, let cool 
and when nearly cold, before it commences to stiffen 
add 2 ounces of laudanum, 2 ounces of Spirits ammonia 
and 2 ounces of oil of oforganum. If properly mixed, 
this is a great Pain killer; and if you once get it on the 
market, there will always be calls for it. 

'^'^.»<:C TRIC TOOTH V^-^'E fllC».IKF 

Take Yi pt. of laudanum, >4 pint of amrronia, >4 pt. 
of tincture cayenne, Y? pt. of sulphuric ether, 54 pt. 
of camphor, and i 02. of oil of cloves; mix this 1 horongh- 
ly together, and put up in 2 drachm bottles, to stll at 
25 cts. This is a valuable reciept andmaxes a big pro- 
fit. Directions;. Apply with a piece of .saturpted crt^cn 
to the tooth, and it will kill the pain i:-:n:ediR^f !;-. 

Select 3 or 4 of these rr-ciepts ai d manufacture 
them; and you will never regret it 

♦ . - 

r!:KN<;H HATP. OTI. 

TaKe 6>4' pints of Castor Oil 1^^ pints of alcohol, 
y2 oz, Oil of Citronella, ^ oz. of Lavender. Mix well 
and ixit up in 4 oz. bottles, to sell at 25 cents. This is 
a Hair Oil worth pushing. 

>2 oz. Tincture of Iodine, Y^ oz. Cloride of Antimony 
and 12 grains Iodine of Iron. Mix thoroughly; and put 
up in I oz. JDottles, to sell at 25 cents. — Pare the corn 
with a sharp knife;apply with a featfier or pencil brush. 

This is a simple,' and most effective remedy, that was 
ever discovered; and will sell readily at 25 cents a bot- 
tle. Is a fortune to any-one that will take hold of it and 
push it Take % pound of pulverized alum, and i pint 
of sv/eet Spirits of Nitre. Put up in 1 oz. bottles. 

' I ake y^ pound of fine cut orange peel, and put into 
I pint of spirits of wine, add to this 4 grains of musk, 
and 2 drachms of powdered orris root; shake this well, 
shaking it once a day for 4 days, then strain it through 
a fine piece of cloth ; and put up in Yz ounce bottles. 

This is a very nice perfume, and would pay you a 
big profit to manufacture it and use it as a side line 

If you would like to be lich and be yoUr own boss,, 
f-elect severel of tlicse recicpt-, and manufacture tiicm 
on a r,mall sca^.e, and j^ou will soon have to increase.. ,. 



For taking out grease paint etc. 
TaKe I pt. of Aqua ammonia, 4 oz. of Sulqhuric ether 
4 ounces of glycerine, and 4 ounces of alcohol, mix 
thoroughly in i gallon of water. - No. 2 — Taxe i 
pound of Castile soap (cut fine), and dissolve in i gal- 
lon of hot water; mix No. i and No. 2 thoroughly to- 
gether, and put up in small wide mouthed bottles to 
sell at 25 cents. 


Take I pint of alcohol, and mix into it. 8 ounces of 
Glycerine, 8 grains of Aconila, and 8 drachms of Es- 
sential Oil of Mustard. Apply by rubbing ^vith the 
hand. An excellent liniment, for rheumatism; neural- 
gia; headache; toothache; and all nervous pains. Put 
up in 2 oz. bottles to sell at 25 cents. This artickle was 
at one time at $ i. @ bottle, and $ 5. for reciept. 

Talv-e a large bottle holding a full pint, put in 2 oz's 
carbolic acid, 2 ounces of camphor, 2 ounces of oil of- 
hemlock, and 2 ounces essential oil ot mustard; this 
will fill half the bottle; nov/ fill up bcitle with alcohol, 
and shake it up thoror-ghly, and keep well corked. 

f-jave some >2 ounce bottles and put in i-i^'^th. of 
an ounce in each; now tie a small piece: of copper and 
zinc, to a very small r-iece of sponge drop into tlie bot- 
tle to hold moisture and keep well corred. This will 
make 250 bottles. Inliale through, repeat if necessary. 



Mix thoroughly; I4 ounces Essence of peppermint, 
I pint Tincture opium, i pint Tincture of camphor, 14 
ounces Tincture African cayenne, and Y^ pint Tincture 
rhubarb; and put up in 25 cent bottles. This reciept 
will make an artickle that will advertize itself wherev- 
er it is put on the market. Directions;. From 5 to lo 
drops for a child, and 1-2 teaspoon for an adult; repeat 
in 20 minutes; if not relieved, and bathe bowels with 
strong vinegar. 


This is a excellent simple remidy; put I-2 gallon 01 
hoaraound in 3 pints of water and boil down to i quart, 
then add i 1-2 ounces Essence of lemon, and 5 sticks 
of Ivicorice to it, and put up in 25 cent bottles. This 
is a simple but valuable reciept, to any-one that will 
make use of it. Directions:. Take a tablespoonful 3 
times a day, or oftener, if it is troublesome. 


TaKe I quart of Glycerine, and mix into it, % 
pound of powdered starch, heat it and stir until thor- 
oughly dissolved. — Take i pint of water, and dissolve 
I pound of Costic soda (or pottassa), heated to a boil; 
then add the other mixture to it. Put up in small boxes 
to sell at 10 cents @ box. — Directions;. Spread a little 
of the salve on the corn, bunion, or wart, but do not 
touch the healthy part; let it remain for severel hours, 
and then soak the part in warm water. Need net be 
apnlied but once or twice. 

CALLING-CARDS, put up in Style so neat, 
At prices that are so cheap; 
No-one need to be without, 
They are nice to have, when no one about 
The place, where your visit is made; 
To be in some convenient place laid. 
'V'^here they will be sure them to find, 
And be received very kind. 

I have the latest that is out now; 
Something the people all say! how? 
Can he, put up this work so cheap? 
With both sides printed, and so neat. 
One will contain your name, and address, 
The other, a very pretty verse. 
Of your own selection, that you prefer 
To your own taste, for him or her. 

f\s prices on material is often changed, you see; 

To make the price here, would not be policv, for me. 

But by dropping me a card, I'll not get mad; 

And give you the lowest price, that can be had. 

Address! Gus. Bree, 191 3 Miller Street, 

Who will put them up for you, so neat 

That you will be glad to make a visit any day; 

And not worry your life altogether away. 

The following pages will give an assortment of 
verses, that I can give you assorted, of 6 of these 
your own selection, for 10 c. additional per 100 

Your 1 anie on cue side and one of these verges, on 
the olher. Order l^y numl)er. 


/V\ Y Card I leave with you today, 

Please do not put it so far away, 

But lay it where it can be found; 

And before the World turns many times round, 

MaKe me a visit, while your health is sound. 


phase bear in mind; 

It you can not find, 

Me at home, the day you call; 

Leave your Card wdthin the hall, 

I'll be sure to come, before next fall. 


M}' visit to you, has been the last; 
And before your time has passed, 
Please return the call I've made. 
And you 'I never be left in the shade. 


I 've come to see you as a friend, 

And the only thing I have to send; 

Is- my good wishes, to you and all. 

Please come and see me before my next call. 


|f my Card you'l keep in sight. 
And you have any time, within a fortnight; 
I'll be,pleased to have you call, and see 
That your visit will be enjoyed with me. 


I.m sure I've made you the last call to-day, 
Now dont linger along, and stay away; 
But call on me at an early date. 
Before you can't, and gets to late 


f\s soon as you have any idle time, 
Remember my Card, and keep in line; 
Come and see me, at my home, 
We will have a good time, even if alone, 


This Card I leave with you to-day. 
To remind you, when I'm away; 
For you to make me a call just as soon, 
And if some day 'twould be before noon. 


The grave is nearing every day. 
Now dont worry your life away, 
Knjoy yourself, make me a call some day; 
Remember this Card, and dont delay. 


Let us enjoy life together. 

And not grumble about the weather; 

But call on me, next pretty day, ' - 

And we'll have a time all our own w^ay. 

V\/hen this Card you see, remember me; 
And I'd like for you to call some day, '- 
If my visit has b<^en a pleasant one, 
I'm sure you'l come before long. 


I F I'm not at home, when you maKe a call; 
And you've got no Card with you at all, 
Leave a note, beneath the door to show; 
The call you've made, for me to know. 


When this Card you see, 
Come and see me. 
We'll have a time you bet; 
That you will never regret. 

No. 14 a Card to use when no one at home 

I find that you are not at home today, 
I leave my Card, and must go away; 
To entertain' you today, I see 
Is impossible, unless you come to see me. 

Cards sent by Mail are 5 cents per (00 more. 
If you would like some of these Cards; and live in 
the city, leave your Order, at your Trading place 
with money as security, and notify me by Postal. 

I F you want your Mail preserved for you. 

And as soon as Uncle Sam gets through, 

Hunting the one he can not find; 

He will return to you, awfully kind. 

If on one corner, your Address is there, 

He'l not leave it to the Dead Letter Office care. 

PRINTING in a St3'le no neat, 
By GUS BREE, on Miller Street; 
Envelopes that 3-011 can alwavs Iveep 
Out of the Dead Eetter Office heap. 
Your Return Card, he'l put on so cheap, 
Make it an object to investigate; 
The. price to you, that he will make. 

Circulars printed; but not for any fake, 
No matter, how large a stake, 
Is Offered for me to taxe, 
For sizes up to six b}^ eight; 
Larger than that, I do not maKe. 

L,ables but not up to date; 

Square, Oblong, or in any shape, 

Tnat is not round, but only straight; 

In that line I do take the caKe. 

For Lithographing I'm not in shape. 

Why I to you, do this state, 

That you do not m.ake a mistake. 

And order something, I do not make- 

CALLING CARDS for you, I'l make. 

No matter what time it will take; 

I'm sure, I'l not make a very large stake; 

If Your order does take a week to make. 

You will get them at price so cheap, 

That you can make a visit 7 times a week, 

And just think ; only i . 3 S 

Is all, lliat the visits, for a whole year will taxe. 

Visit once a week, it'l be but 12 cts. and 8. 

For 3-oiir money, try 

pQLL0Wi[4q [VlEF^erlAfsiYS 

p\ NDRK wants yon to come and see, 
His latest stocK of Shoes today; 
Bought with his ready Cash, I say 
From the factory just yesterday. 

T"he sign of the elk horn is the place, 
You cant miss it, in a pace; 
He smiles at you with a good looking face, 
When you enter into his cozy place. 

P[t Lange & Minton you can find; 
Piano's, Organs, of most any kind, 
Or any other musical Instruments; 
W^ith not many dollars, and very few cents. 

n he place to buv your Wood and Ccal, 
Is from Frank Millard & Co.just out of the hole 
B.-iught to his place on MarKet street; 
Where he would be pleased you to meet. 

Or ask Cenlral to give 3^ou 14. both phones you'l find 

Your order recieved very kind; 

At the lowest figures he will make, 

That there is now, in the State. 

T'he Publisher of this book, places confidence; 
In the-e Merchants, as being Gent's, 
I 1 3A^,Lri^>.; will fit' nil th^ir aarreements. 

If you prefer the purest, and test, 

And cheaper than any of the rest; 

Burhngtc.n Bread Co. at 876-878 Jefferson street, 

They will supply your wants very neat. 

For Fine Cakes I'm sure they can't be beat; 

By any- one on that .street, 

To be convinced give them a trial, 

And you 'I always enter with a smile, 

F\ point that's well to be understood, 

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Or you will soon go up to spout. 

Now at Knoener & flndre is the place to try. 

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At price to compete with any of the rest. 

(-|ere we have a Butcher on a certain street. 
Who always keeps the poorest of Meat, 
PorK, Beef, Mutton, Veal, all for sale; 
At your choice, plenty; but always stale. 
He can supply your table very neat, 
V^ith anything in that line always cheap 

If you would like a suit to fit 
Go to the J BW on Jefferson street. 
Where he will politely show, 
At prices that will be way below. 
The Cost of others, in the town, 
Or any other town a-round. 


■ 1901 . . 

Something that will make 

Here is a Line that I can fill in' 
If you get some of these Cards; 
You'l be right in the swim. 

f\ nice clean Shave, and a ^ocd Hair-cut; 
Is something can't be rrt, in every old rut, 
If you want w^orl-r done nice and neat. 
Come to my place on street. 

For a good glass of beer, and a good hot punch. 

And always find the best of Lunch; 

Come to my place, as a Q^nt, 

You can fill up, to 3'our hearts content. 

Wo^ild 3^ou like to have a good smoke. 
Try the just for a joke; 

I'll bet you'l never smoke no other kind, 
It's sold by me. It's the best you can find. 

Similar to these above for any kind of Business 
will be furnished, when called for 

|Fyou have 25 cents, you want to sink; 

Send it to me, and I'll make you think, 

On something, that'l make you sail; 

If you want to do Business, through Uncle Sam's Mail. 


014 487 750 




014 487 750 •