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Full text of "Burns' annotated Indiana statutes : showing the general statutes in force September 1, 1901 : embracing the revision of 1881 as amended, and all permanent, general and public acts of the General Assembly passed since the adoption of that revision : containing also the United States and Indiana constitutions, all completely annotated"

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A ' I 



OF 1901 


PRIOR TO 1852 



, 1 







Thia Tolume is a complete index to the Statutes of Indiana as con- 
tained in Euros' Annotated Indiana Statutes, Revision of 1901, three 
volumes. The arrangement of the subject-matter ia alphabetical, 
both under general heads and sub-heads. The references are to sec- 
tions, and the volume in which a section may be found is stated at 
the tops of the pages. Following the index to the compilation of 
1901 is an appendix containing an index to acts adopted by the ter- 
ritory and state, granting special rights or privileges, or affecting 
property rights, which may be now in force. 


Digitized byGoOgle 





[Be/tr«neei are to Seetioiu.} 
Vol. 1, Bees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 276S-6694c2. Vol. 3, Seca. 5696-87330. 


diTOrce, when cause tor, 1044 

ettate of wife, forfeiture br htuband 
for, 2666 

litiiband of iaadlj, penalty, 2264 

lorfeitore of estate of wife for, 265ff 
of wife, suit for sapport, 

e»77-6962, 6964-6986 
abandoning wife, penalty, 7298a 

action to lecover penalty, 7298b 

limitatloD of action, 7298e 

jnriadiction and practice, 7298d 

Tailroad, abandonment and appropria- 
Uon of, 5267-6278 

■chools, abandoning, 6920/, S02O? 

wife by huBbaud, penalty, 2264 

action by wUe tor penalty, 7298(i-7298d 
suit by wife tor sapport. 


administrator, death, resignation or 

removal not to affect, 2448 

answer ol, contents, 308 

filing ol, when to be, 368 

verification of, 368, 1528 

appeal not abated by death, 649 

Mstardy, death of mother ol child not 

to abate action, 1000, 1009 

«oata on jadgment on issne, 368 

death of party not to affect, 272, 2446 

appeal not abated by, 640 

of esecator or administrator not 

to atlect. 2448 

«zecator, death, resignation or remov- 

al not to affect, 
felony, inlormation for, plea of, 
filing of answer, time of, 
information (or felony, plea of, 
interest, transfer of not to affect, 
jnd^ent on iasne, costs, 
jastice, plea before, veriflcatioQ, 
nnitance, abatement of, i 

▼eriflcatioii ol plea of, i 



corroborating evidence in, 1876 

lemale, abdnction lor proatitntion, 2079 
]nrisdiction ol offense, 1663 

persons, abdnctiiw frandolently or 
forcibly, 19S8, 1989 


principals, when pmushed as, 1867 


advertising or selling otticlefl lor, 

aiding in procnring, 1997 

attempting to procare, 1996 

inatniments for procuring, sale of, 2083 
medicine, soliciting to procnre, 1997 

operation to procure, snbmitting to, 1997 
sale ol articles lor procnring, 2082, 2084 
Beotcb-wartants lor instmments to 
procare, 1688 

Absconding Debtor, 

arrest and bail, order for, 
ne txtat, see, 




death, when preenmed from, 2386, 2386 
limitations, eBect as to statute of, 

298, 1666, 3771 
residence, when not lost by, 6196 


administration on estate of, 
children of, gaordiansblp, 
death ol, when presumed, 
guardianship of children of, 
property of, control and liabilitieB, 
return ol, effect — " "^ " 

wife of, i^hta of. 

li and liabilit 




iBe/erenea are to Section*.'] 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Secfl. 2786-6W4«2. Vol. 3, 8«ce. 66fl6-87SSc. 



companies to lumiab, 4 

Abstract of Title, 

court maf order, when, 


borrowing money by, 4S16 

change ofnameB ol, 4610, 4611 

consolidation of, 4612-4S15 

eatabliabment ot, 440&-4606 

tax to Bupport, election, 6166A-6166u 

Academy of ScieDce, 

reports, printdng of, 7' 

editing, number pabliahed, 7 

limit as to cost, 7 

diaposal ot reports, 7 

Btate-honse, room for in, 7 


after the tact, bow punished, 1868 

aiding felony in another state, 1646 

before the fact, how panished, 1857 

corpBe, receiving stolen, punished as, 2289 
felony in another Btate, aiding in, 1646 
trial of, where had, 1661 


civil action, when cause for new trial, 668 
criminal action, cause for new trial, 1911 
factories, investigBtion, 708TA 

inBurance against, 4696 

matual companies, 4914a-4914z 

mines, investigation of, 7474 


testimony, when compelled to give, 

witness, competency of as, 1867 


copy, filing in suit on, 866 

copying of into pleadings, 36S 

defaalt^ when admits troth of, S66, 682 

limitation ot actions on, 293 


administrators, accounts by, 
executors, accounta by, 
gaardiana, accoants by, 


accQsationa against, to have copy ot, 

crime, cbareeB ot, rights as to, 30, 68 

jury trial, right to, 30, S8 

witnesees, right to meet, procees tor, 80, 68 


auditor ol coanty may take, 7979 

bonds, official, acknowledgment of, 7646 . 

ot county treasurers, how taken, 7989 
canal pat«ata, use as evidence with- 



3367, 3370 




certificate as to made falsely, 

form and contents of, 

efiect of as evidence, 

clerkB ot towns may take, 

commissioners of deeds maj* take, 

debts, effect of as to limitations, ouji, vto 

deed, who may take acknowledgment 

of, 3362, 3497, 434S& 

mayors of citiea may take, S497 

town clerks may take, 43466 

taken in another county, 3353 

taken in another state, 3364 

taken in a foreign country, 3366, 3357 

wife, acknowledgment by, 335S 

infant wife, how taken, 3369 

proof ot, how made, 3355 

form of acknowledgment, 3367 

certificate, contents of, 3370 

anditor of county may take, 7979 

commiBsionera of deede may take, S04« 

notaries public may take, 8039 

surveyors of counties may take, 8033 

effect of certificate as evidence, 3374 

explanation of instrument by officer, 2111 

foreign country, taking ot in, 3356, 3367 

form of acknowledgment, 3367, 3370 

infant wife, how taken, 3359 

iud^s ot courts mav take, 1407 

limitations, effect of acknowledgment 

of debU, 302, 303 

married women, how taken, 3368, 3369^ 
mayors ot cities may take, 3497 

notaries public may take, 8039 

partition, how taken, 1210 

process, acknowledgment ot service, 317 
proof of, how made, 


another state, aci]iiittal in, when a 

bar, 1667 

attorney in suit to disbar, finality, 989 
bar to further prosecution, when, 69, 1906 
convict, acquittal, return to prison, 1768 
general plea, proof ot under, 1832 

maanity, procured by, proceedings, 1834 



Actions, Civil, 

27e6-56Me2. 7©!. 3, Sees. 6596-«73a!. 

Actions, Civil, 

agent ot corporation, venae, 
amignee, snit by, venue, 
attachment, levy, notice ot, 
diemiBsal oi, certificate, 
carriers, venue ot actions against, StZ 
complaint, filing sammone, ""' 

corporations, venae ot actions 
against, 310, 312, 313 

toreign, actione, venue, 
corporations, constractive 
service on, S 

foreign corporations, venae ol 

forfeiture or penalty, venae of 

Joint debtors not served, proceed- 

lani^, soit tor, venae, 
libel, action for, notice, retrac- 
tion, 376a 
proof of answer of jostiflca- 
tion, 376c 
lU ptndetu record, 3 
notice bjr puiy, oont«st«, 

filing, 8 

attachment, levv, notice, 

filing, 3 

index by clerk, 8 

fees of clerk, 8 

Batiafaction of lien, costs, 3 
diunisaal of attachment, cer- 
tificate, fee, 3 
failure to file notice, eSect, 3 
judgment lien not affected, 3 
orders affecting real estate, 3 
mortgage, foreclosnre, venae, 3 
non-resident, where saed, 3 
notice ot by publication, 8 
officer, snit sgajiist, venae, 3 
partition, action for, venue, 9 

wbo may sne for, ISOO 

penalty, suit tor, venae, 800 

process, issue of, 316 

service on guardian ad lUtm, 817 
service on corporations, 318, 318a 
when service good, 319 

service ontside of state, 321 

service on part, proceedings, 

return of not found as to part, 324 
property, injury to, venue of ac- 
tion, 308 
publication, notice by, 320, 318n 
railroad, venue of actions, 312 
fodgment, enforcing, 634a 
real actions, venue of, 308 
estate, injary to, venae ot 
action, 308 
residents, when sued in county, 314 
sammons, issue ot, 316 
service on guaixUan ad litettt, 317 

commencement, summons, eeivice on 
corporations, 316, S18a 

when service is good, 310 

by publication of notice, 320, 318a 
service outside of state, 321 

service on part, proceedings, 

322, 323, 324, 325 
defendant in actions, 250, 268, 277 

form of actions, bat one, 249 

hoTse-racing.actions to prevent illegal,695^ 
parties to actions, 6959J 

prosecution of action, &959k 

joinder ol actions, 279 

when joinder proper, 279 

title papers, possession and refor- 
mation, 280 
contract, joinder ot actions, 281 
separate trials, when, 261 
limitations ot actions, 293 
absence or non-residence, effect, 298 
accounts, when barred, 293, 296 
actions not specially limited, 296 
balances on accounts, 296 
bills of exchange, 294 
bonds ot officers, 294 
concealment ot cause ot acUon, 301 
contracts not in writing, 293 
in writing to pay money, 294 
in writing not to pay money, 294 
damages to property, 293 
death ot party, effect, 299 
detention ot property, 293 
disabilities, effect of, 297 
ejectment, actions of, 294 
execution, property sold, recovery, 294 
frand, relief against, 293 
injuries to property, 293 
to person or character, 294 
joint contractor, new promise, 303 
debtors, bar as to, 307 
judgments ot coarts ot record, 294 
when deemed satisfied, 306 
l^^al disabilities, effect, 297 
new action after failure, 800 
new promise to be in writjng, 302 
non-residence, effect, 298 
officers, on bonds ot, 29i 
payment, effect ot, 304 
property, detention and injury to, 293 
sold on execution, 294 
sold by order of conrt, 294 
real estate, for recovery of, 294 
rents of lands, 293 
revival by new promise, 302, 308 
state not barred, 306 
street improvement liens, 3853 
sureties, oar as to Btat«, 306 
parties to actions, 251 
abatement, transfer by party not 

to affect, 272 

administrators, action by, 252 

assignee, suit by defendants, 277 



ActJons, Civil, 

puUw, uBignor, delendant in, 
ftttomej for poor person, 

bond, official, suit on, 253, 254 

ol next friend in salt, 
coats, liabilit; at next triend for, 

guardian ad a{«m, liability for, 260 

poor peraoni, when relieved 


defendants in, who to be, 250, 269 

in enit by asaignee, 
execntors, suit by, 
lather, Boit by tor injnrr to child, 2«7 
guardian, suit by for seaaction, 265 
Huit for injury to child, 267 
ad Mtrn tor inlant, 259 
not liable for coBts, when, 260 
infanta, anita by, 266 
next friend for, 267 
bond of next friend, 268 
iaane and trial ol actiona, 624 
interpleader, partiea, notice, 274 
interest, real party in, when, 261 
joint parties in intereat, snit by 
one, 270 
liability, parties to suit, 27L 
joinder of plaintiffs barred, strik- 
ing out, 268 
liens, foreclosure, parties, notice, 1109a 
married women, suits by and 

X'oat, 266 

r, suit by in place of father, 266 

new parties, making of, 273 

notice to new party, 275 

in action forparchasfr-money, 276 

defendant making new party, 278 

next Irlend for infants, 257 

removal ol, costs, 267 

bond of, 268 

parent, suit tor seduction, 266 

suit by tor injury to ctiild, 267 

plaintitEs, who to be, 260, 263 

joinder of improperly, 268 

one suing tor many, 270 

poor person, attorney for, 261 

when relieved from costs, 261 

annulling order as to, 262 
pUFchaae-money, new party in 

suit for, 276 
real party in interest to sue, 

when, 261 

seduction, suit by female, 264 

suit by parent or guardian, 266 

trial and fseue, when actions tor, S24 

tmatees, enita by, 262 
wife, when may sue instead of 

husband, 266 

woman, when may sue tor sedac- 

tion, 264 

plaintiff in actions, 260, 263 

pleadings, definition of, 338 

abstract of title, filing of, 866 

account, copy of, 365 

Actions, Civil, 

pleadings, amendment to avoid veii- 
' overruling 


on sustaining i 

demurrer, ov> 

without leave of court, 397 

with leave ol court, 397 

answer, form and contents, 

360, 357, 858, SSOa 
obiections to be taken by, 346 

bill of particulars, filing of, 366 

copy of writings or account, 366 

complaint, 341 

coats on amendment of pleadinga, 

counter-claim , 353, 354 

croBB-demandB, 355 

detenaea, apecial pleading, 859 

definition of pleadings, 338 

demurrer, S42, 349 

to part of pleading, 347 

jut^ioent on demurrer, 348 

to anawer, 849 

to reply, 300 

forms of abolished, 339 

interrogatories with pleadings, 362 
libel and slander, pleading, 376, 876 
proof of answer ol justifica- 
tion, 376c 
objections to be taken by answer, 346 
personal injnry, contributory neg- 
ligence, 359a 
pleadings allowed, 340 
reply, 360 
set-ofi, pleading of, 351, 352, 366, 370 
signing of pleadings, 361 
Blander, pleadinga, 375, 876 
proof ol anawer ol juatiflca- 
tion, 376c 
statute, private, pleading ol, 374 
supplemental pleadings, 402 
verification, 363,367,368 
writings, filing with pleadings, 366 
practice in civil actions: 

actions against stati, 120, 1419-1425 
agreed cases, 562-564 

ippeala to sapreme court, """ ""' 

change ol venue, 




costs in actions. 

699, 607, 632 

court, trial by, 


diemisBal of actions, 



SBues, formation ol, 


udgment in, 
ury, trial by, 





referee, trial by, 


state, actiona against, 

120, 1419-1425 

trial by jury, 


by court, 


by referee, 


iiver, action, complaint. 




Vol. 1, Bec«. 1-2784&. 

Actions, Civil, 

special cansee ol action.' 
adoption of heirs, 
arrest and bail, 
aesesament ol damages, 
attorneys at law, 
change of name, 
contempts ol roort, 

ejectment and quieting title, 1062-109S 
lemale, slander ol, 286 

lorecloBure o( moitgage, 1099-1119 
habeai cori>M, 1120-1144 

incest, action for, charge ol, 266 

inlormation, civil, 1146-1160 

injanctions, 1161-1180 

libel and slander, action lor, 
mandate and prohibitioD, IISI-IIOI 

[Rfferetteea are Co Seetion*.} 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6594(2. Vol. 3, Sees. 

Acts of Legislature, 

evidence, use ol ae, 
loreign, authentication ol, 
general, when unst be, 
HbrHrian, state, duty of, 
local forbidden, when, 
officers entitled to, 
passaee of, 
printing of, number, 
sale by secretary of state, 
secretary ol state, printing, 

distribution by, 
subject-matter ol, 
title ol, 
wording ol, 


nuisance, action lor. 

290, 291, 292 


who may sue for, 
principal and surety, 
receivers, appointment, 
reinstatement of records, 
replevin, 1286-1298 

tenant, aait twainst co-tenant, 
waste, action for, 
Borrival ol actions, 

death, when ban action, 
actions not barred by death, 
action tor death ol person, 
personal injary, sarrival of ac- 

Actions, Sarrival of, 

action for causing, when survives, ! 
personal injuries, survival of action, 2) 
representatives, actions by or against, : 

suit by lor dea>h of party, '. 

Acts of GODgress, 

acts of in force In stsl 
revenue, acts lor, ( 
veto, passage over, 

Acts of Leg^slatnre, 

amendment of, 
authentication of in this state, 

of foreign statutes, 
certificate of secretary of state to, 

distribution to counties, 
by clerks ol courts, 
by secretary of state, 

•Beet, taking of, 

enacting clause of, 

7617«, 761717 




7«17i, 7617/ 

Adams Goonty, 

circuit, in twenty-sixth, p. 

congressional district, 
court in, terms, p. 

jndicial circuit, in twentysixth. 

lanes of county officers of, 
senators, apportionment, 6082 

statutes, distribution to, 7617tl 


acknowledging and recording of to 

towns, 4411-4415 

cities and towns, approval of plats, 4235 
plate olto cities andtowne.approval, 4235 
to towns, acknowledging and re- 
cording, 4411-441S 
streets corresponding with old, 4235 
Cities, See, 
Town, See. 

Adjourned Terms of Court, 

adiournment, reason lor, 1384 

holding ol, when proper, 1385, 1443 

regular term, ext«nding into, 1445 


admonishinfj jury on, 1895 

congress, adjoamment of, 6 

general assembly, adjournment o'. 

o be admonished oi 



appointment of bv governor, 215, 7424o 

lees not chati;ed by to soldiers, 7424o 

militia, see as to, 7327-7424 

qualifications ol, 7420 

salary ol, 7418, 7424o 

stationery for, how lumished, 8091 
Militia, See. 

Administration, Letters of, 



[Befertncei are to Sectioiu.'\ 
Vol. 1, 8«ci. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6S94«2. Vol. 3, Sees. Bfi96-S73Sc. 


abatement ot suit, death does not, 2448 
actions by, 252, 2446 

on bonds ot, 2613-2615 

againat, denial of writing, 367 

asaeBBment for taxation, 8430, 8421 

bonds of, actions on, 2613-2615 

contracts of, when to be written, ' 



death of not to abate suit, 
decedents' estates, see as to, 
execution, real estate sold on, re- 
demption, 760 
^arnishiDent, liability as to, 964 
ludgments against, no relief, 686,'2616 

review of by, 627 

inrisdiction ot superior conrts over, 1404 
limitations, new promise by, effect, 303 
partitiOD, suits by for, 1200 

real estate sold on execution, redemp- 
tion, 780 

sold by, recovery, limitation, 294 

reimbarsement for taxes paid, 8588 

taxes, duty as to paying, 8587 

witness, competency as, 606, 508, 511 

DECEDEtrre' Estates, See. 

AdmiDistrator De Bonis Non, 

estates of decedents, see, 2394, 2395 

AdministratiTe Power, 

state, how power tA vested, 161-160 


jurisdiction in, ' 



attorneys to practice law, how ad- 
mitted, 181, 974 
confessions of criminals, use of, 1871 
continuance, admitting facts to avoid, 

413, 1850, 1851 
process, admission of service of, 317, 489 

Adoption of Heirs, 

adopted in other states, 611 

consent of parents, when required, 839 

Costa ot proceedings, 640 

deserted children, adoption of, 2712 

name, taking new, rights, 837 

order tor adoption, 837 

parents, consent of, when required, 839 

duties of adopting, 838 

petition toradoption, 835 

contento of, 836 

verification of, 836 

reformatory, adopting inmates ot, S39 

refuge, house of, adopting inmates, 839 

Hkibs, See. 

Ad Qaod Damnom, 

assessment of damages, see, 893-924 

nuisance not barred by assessing dam- 
ages, . 1928 


advertising of property taken, 6380 

ot unclaimed property, 6404 

affidavit and summons on reclamation 

of property, 6400 

appeal in reclamation proceedings, 6402 
b<>aU, aecaring, rights and duties, 

charges to be paid by claimant, 6398 

compensation ol person capturing prop- 
erty, 6387, 6401 
conatmclion of statute, 6403 
fees paid justice by captor, 6388 
lumber and timber, taking np, rights 

and dnties, 6404a-6404j> 

reclaiming property by owner, 6397 

proof as to right to property, 6398 

charges to be paid by claimant, 6398 

refusal to surrender property, 6399 

affidavit and summons, 6400 

trial before justice, 6401 

compensation, justice to fix, 6401 

appeal from justice, 6402 

report to justice of property, 6382 

sale of pro)>erty by conataole, 6383 

timber, taking up, rights and dnties, 

title to property, vesting in captor, 6381 
unclaimed property, advertising ot, 6404 
EaraAYB, See. 


candy, adulteration, 
drugs, adulteration, 
foods, adulteration of, 
li(]uors, odnltoration of, 
milk, adulteration of, 
vinegar, adulteration of, 
wine, adulteration of, 


action for, charing ot, 
criminal, when is, penalty, 
divorce, when cause tor, 
husband, when bars from i 
inheritance, when bars wife from, 

when bors husband from, 
prosecution and punishment for, 
wife, when bars from inheriting. 


advancement, what is not, 

estate, distribution ot, how charged. 

21670, 2I67J 

2157a, 21576 

2165a, 21656 







iheriting, 2658 


Vol. 1, Becfl. 1-278U. 

Adverse Use, 

easement, acquiriiig ol hj, 6740, < 


abortion, of articlei to procnre, 
actions, notice of bj, 820, 

appellee in snpreme court, notice bj, 
attachment before jastices, 
city, pabltcatioa in daily paper, 
no paper in, how pabliened, 
conception, of articles to prevent, 
dail]' papers, publishing m, 
depositions, of notice to take, 
destroving of, penal^, 
divorce suits, notice in, 
lees allowed Tor, 1302, 5694a2, 7S62, 8087 


[£^(r«))c«i are to Sectiimt.l 

Vol. 2, Bees. 27Se-e594c2. Vol. 3, &e«. 6695-8733e. 


debtor, to schedale of propertf, 718, 726 
arrest of, 814, 869 

attachment to piocare trreet, 869 

depomtione, failure to take, expense*, 462 

divorce, opening decree of, 1042 

as to residence o( plaintiff, 1043 

elections, affidavit of voten, 6237, 6239 
transcript, 626 

on Sunday, 696 

before stay expires, 713 

against body, 804 

proceedings supplementary to. 


insertions, number of, 
legal notices, publication ol, 
le^timacy, action to determine, 
miscarriage, of articles to procure, 
name, change ol, nodce, 
perpetuating teetimoay, ootioe, 
posting of iUegally, zuois 

proof ol pubUcation of, 481 

pablicatioQ ol, how made, 1299 

records, reinstatemeDt ol, notice, 

1247, 1263, 1264, 1267 
town, no paper in, bow made, 1303 

Advibtibinq, See. 


cost of, bow collect«d and paid, 8087 

county, rates tor, 6(w4a2, 7862, 8087 

legal notices, publication of, 1299-1303 
manner of printing, 8087 

rate allowed for, 1302, 6694a2, 7662, 8087 

Advisory Boards, 

creation and datlee, 80SSa--80S6I 


posting of notices In, 2616 

agreed case, 662 

amendments, delay by, SS8 

appraisement, to schedale, 718, 726 

appraisers ol property, 750 

arrest of debtor, 814, 869 

attachment for contempt, 494 

for arrest ol debtor, 869 

lor property, 928 
books and papers, production of, 487 
change of venue, 416 
contempt, attachment for, 494 
oontinuance of actions, 413, 440 
corporate acts, proof by, 474 
creditor, procnrtng letters of adminis- 
tration, 2382 

redemption of property, 780 

1676, 1676 

foreign states, taken in, 483 
fugitives from justice, arrest, 1667 
information, amendment of, 1801 
interrogatories, procuring oontinu- 
ance, 862 
notices, publication of, 820, 481, 482 
papers, production of, 487 
pleading in abatement, 368 

denial of writings, 367 

process, service of on witness, 492 

service outside ol state, 821 
pubUcation of notices, 320, 481, 482 

redemption of realty, 780 

by_ creditor, 
replevin, to obtain posseaidon, 

before justice of peace, 
search warrant, to obtain, 
summons for witness, service, 
surety of peace, to obtain, 

testimony, perpetuation of, vtu 

writings, denying executdon ol, 367 


degree of tbat creates interest, S40 


oath, when takes place of, 1309 

Affirmative Relief, 

defendant, when granted to, 680 


definition and punishment, S063 

justice may order arrest for, 16S7 

witness to be present at trial, 1707 

congressmen, what required, 2 

governor, what to be, 133 
erand juror, excused on account of, 1718 

legislature, age ol members, 103 

lieutenant-go vera or, age of, 168 

marriage, what necessary, 7289 

militia, axe of active, 7329 

of officers and mnsiclaos, 7369 

minor, misrepresenting age, 2191 

United States senators, 3 



VoL 1, 8eca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 


constable not to act as before jaatice, 

corporations, loreign, duties and lia' 

bilitiea, — 

depoBitioDB, notice, seirice on, 

insurance companiee, foreign, 4910-^924 

false Btatementa, penalty, 4914u 

failure to obtain certificate, pen' 

ally. 4914a 

utnd, sale of, written contract, 

license, failure to procure, 2188 

procew, service on, 810, 818, 1065 

railroad, jadsment, collection, * 834a 

tazatJoo, listing proper^ for, 8421, S429 

witness, when competent, — 

Agent ol State, 

appointment, duties and pay of, 8SS0-838S 

Agreed Case, 


judgment not given on made by attor- 
ney, when, ft 
seal to uDnecessat;, 4 


animala, asBOdations to improve, 28 
articles of sssodation, contents, 

signing, 2824 

recording of articles, effect, 2826 

amendment of articles, 2825 

by-laws and rules, 2827 

corporation, when begins, 2826 

powers of, 2826 
horses, entering under assumed 

names, 2828 

penal^ lor assuming name, 2829 

changing names of, 2830 

county aseodations, 2801 

awards, publication of, 2803 

exhibits, premiuma for, 2802 

formation of societies, 2801 

..__ it of p 


rules for institutes, 2810 

appropriation for, 2S11 

lands, purchase of, 2804 

purchases of legalised, 2806 

sale of lands, 2806, 28060 

powers of sodetdes, 2804 

premiums tor exhibits, 2802 

stock, transfer of, 2607 

stockholders, voting by, 2608 

taxation, exemption from, 280ea 

department at state uaivenity, 6060 

2786-6594e2. Vol. S, Sees. 6695-S7SSe. 


fairs, state, when held, 2789 
managers to keep h<%-penB clean, 2886 

affidavits ot owners, 2S86 

penalties for violating act, 2889 

interstate fairs, holding ot, 2812 

allowance by county boards to, 2823 

articles of incorporation, filing, 2613 

association, organization of, 2812 

powere ot, 2814 

awards and reports, publication, 2820 

bonds, borrowing money, 2822 

capital stock, limit of, 2618 

cori>orate property, shares of, 2816 

exhibits, premiums tor, 281^ 

landa. sale of, 2821 

officers, election of, 281& 

premiums tor exhibits, 2819 

property, ownership, limit, 2817 

record ot proceedings, S81& 

rules, adoption of, 2616 

stock, limit of, 8618 

State board of agriculture, ST8S 

annual report of boara, 278& 

appropriation tor, 2794 

debts by prohibited, 2798 

deed ot trust postponed, 2797 

exemption from taxation, 279$ 

exhibits, premiums tor, 2789 

expenses of board, payment, 2790 

fairs, when held, 2789 

appointment of persons to 

penalties for violating act, 
highway through grounds of, 
incorporation of board, 
landa, purchase of, 

ratification of purchase, 
meetings of board, 
mortgage ot lands for loans, 
officers, appointment ot, 

filling vacancies in, 
premiums for exhibits, 
report ot Lioard aimually, 
specimens, etc., room for, 
taxes, exemption from, 
nominates I^irdue trnatees, 

Agricoltnral Fair, 

disturbance of, 
liquors, sale ot near to, 
sales of articles near to. 






Agricnltnral Societies, 

allowances by county boards to, 7907-7909 
fees tor licenses, when belongs to, 

lands, sale of, 2806a 

taxation, exemption, 2805a 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 


hostile armj, pving to, 
officer, refusing to, 
nilroads, aiding bj tax. 

Aiders and Abettors, 

principals, panishment as, 1S67 


appointment of, 7341,7342 

Aiding Escape, 

priaonoTS, aiding to escape, 2116-2118 

Alcoholic Brinks, 

•cbools, teaching eBect is, C964a 

Alias Execution, 

issDing ot, 700, 1678 


children of, when dtisens, 7498 

escheat ol lands ot, 3333 

husband, lands of, interest of wife, 2668 
Jni7, grand, challenge, 1725 

petit, criminal actions, challenge, 1862 
laborers, importing alien, 7079-7082 

lands, holding and conveying by, 

when title not pre]adiced, 3331 

when may own lands, 3332, 3333 

sale of, Umitation, 8333 

lien on, acqniring title, 3334 

marriage of woman with, conveyance 

of lands, 3328 

natoralization of, 7496-7G03 

savings backs, depoeits, 2967 

widow ot, when a citizen, 749S 

wife ot not barred ot interest in 
conveyance of lands hy, 

Alienation of Lands, 

conveyance, see, 

sospension of power of, 

widow, when msy not, 2641, : 


Dud, See. 


allowance of, 


constnictiott of, liberality, 
defendant constractively nmunoned, 

how taken, 
indefinite, conBtmction, 
trae, when taken as, 


[Jfe/er«nee» are to SectUm*.} 
Vol. 2, 8ec8. 2786-5694f2. Vol.3 

Allen County, 

circuit, is thirty-eighth. 



court, tenni in, 

p. 674 



representatives in, 

salaries ol county officers of, 




sUtotee distribnted to. 


superior coart in, terms. 



nnisance, creating in, 
cbstructing of with cars. 



prisoners, working on, 



states not to contract. 




blanks, allowance by connh> boards 

for, 8104 

connty boards, restrictions as to, 6548, 7853 

power of to make, 7850 

publication ot made by, 7852 

not to make when no funds, 7924 

allowance by for blanks, 8104 

improper for services, 792fl(i 

making improper, penalty, 7926ft 

recovery of illegal, 7848c 

for voluntary services, appeal, 

courts, allowance tor tarnitare — 

fuel, I4tt2 

to sberilTs assistants, 1481 

to witnesses in criminal actions, 1483 

decedent's estate, see, 2465-2484 

judges, allowances to officers, 8106 

publicationof madebycountyboards, 7852 

sherifTs, to assistantB ot, 1461 

for extra services by, 7950 

uncalled for, disposal ot, 7854 

witnesses in criminal actions, when 

may be, 1483 


animals, of marks on, 2063 

estate, effect on will, 2736 

landmarks, change of, 2049 


defluJtion and penalty, 2257, 226S 


affidavit in criminal actions, 
complaint, amendment of. 




Vol. 1, Sea. 1-27846, 


coDBtitation of U. 8., how made to, 
Bmendments adopted to. 
ot Btata. how maae to, 
adopted to state in 1681, 
«oetB occasioned bjr, 397, 41S 

delay on accoant o(, 397 

habeat corpus, amendment in proceed* 

ings, 1131, 1144 

intonnatioiis in criminal actions, 1804 

pleadinEfB, amendment ol complaint, 


conection ot by, 399 

of writings filed with, 366 

to comply with prool, 394 

BtatatoB, how amended, 117 





2166, 2169 



altering marks or bnuids on, 

brands on, altering of, 

«itiea ol 100,000, poweis of park 

of 60,000, rnnning at large, 
cmelty to in cities of 60,000, 

county board, order by as to ran 
at lai^, 

craelty to, 

damages by, recovery' tor, 

dead animala, nulBance by, 

deer, killing of unlawfully, 

dieeaeed, osering meat of fo 
Bu&ering to run at large, 

2205, 2206, 2887 
hog cholera, disposal of carcass, 2866 
peoalty for failure, 2666 

Tezaa fever, bringing in cattle 

with, 2867 

damages for violation, 2868 

evidence of liability, 2869 

evidence for defendant, 2870 

veterinarian, state, duties, 2871-2886 

dogs, killing sheep, liability, 2845 

killing of doge, 2846, 2854, 2860 

asseeamg ot tor taxation, 2847 

rate ot tax on dogs, 2847 

receipt on payment ot tax, 2848 

payment to trustee, 2848 

report by aasessor, 2849 

duty of county auditor, 2840 

keeping untaxed dogs, penalty, 
record ot dogs not paid for, 
collection of tax, 
penalty against officers, 
false statement by owner, pen- 
keeping mischieTOHB dog, pen- 
killing mischievous dog, 
harboring untaxed dog, 
female d^ at lai^, when penal, 
dog fund, what constitutes, 
nse ot dog fund, 
claims tor damages to animals, 

lBt/tr»itee» are to 8ectH>n$.} 
Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6694*2. Vol. 8, Sees. ([696-8788e. 


dogs, appraieement and payment, 
regleter of claims, 
Borplns funds, distribntion, 
roaming dog, killing of, 
listing tor taxation, 
dog fund, trustee to hold, 
tax on, payment to trustee, 
nee ot tax by trustee, 
eetrays, taking up, 
advertising of, 
report and appraisement, 
tees ot appraisers, 
oath ot tAxer-up, 
imponnding at county seat, 
duties of justice and clerk, oom 

advertising, fee, 6380 

title vesting in taker-np, 6381 

reporting to justice, 6382 

sale of property, 6383 

value over twenty dollan, sale, 6384 
estray fund, 6386 

pay of taker-up, 6386, 6390 

fees paid by taker-np, 633S 

register ot estrays, 6389 

services of animal, 6391 

reclamation by owner, 6392 

when not to be taken up, 6393 

removal from county, 6394 

tatted hogs taken up, 6396 

stock hogs taken np, 6396 

teedins animals, lien for, 7254, 7271-7274 
hogs, disinfecting cars after shipping, 2886 
pens ot to be kept clean, 2SB6 

fairs, managers to clean pens, 
affidavits required by owners, 
diseased not to mn at lai^, 
shipping diseased prohibited, 
burning ot carcass ot diseased 

diseased not to drink Irom 

penalties for violating act, 
improvement of, societies for, 
insurance, mutual companies, 4955a-4956d 
license to keep aire, 2839, 2840 

lien on "get" for service ot sire, 2841-2844 
for teed and care. 7264, 7271-7274 

malicious injury to, 2064 

marks and brands on, altering, 2053 

nuisance by dead animals, 2166, 2169 

railroads, killed or injured on, dam- 
ages, 6312-6327 
running at large, order by coonty 
board. 2831 
contents ot order, 2832 
Ukingupof animals, 2833 
notice of taking np, 2834 
feed of animal, 283S 
advertisement for sale, 283S 
return to owner, 









nuiDing at large, fees for takeivnp, 2837 

dispKMitioD o( proc««dB, 2837 

BuperviBora taking up, 2838 

dres for service, license, 2639 

posting copy of license, 2840 

lien on "get," 2841 

tecordiag notice, 2842 

enforcing liea, 2843 
tiyiog to defeat lien, penalty, 2844 

Texas fever, bringing in cattle with, 2867 

damages tor violation, 2868 

evidence of liability, 2889 

evidence for defendant, 2870 

treapassing, damages, recovery, 6561-6563 

veterinarian, state, 2871 

appointment, term, 2871 

datiee, 2872 

killing animab, 2873 

payment for animals, 2873 
dipping aheep, 
entering premises, 
rales, acceptance, 
inspection, quarantine, 
CBlling officers, 
proclamation by governor, 
reports of disease, 
iaveetigsting reports, 

penalty for violation, . . 

assiatantfl and supplies, 2882 

milk inspection, . 2882 

mles, publication, reports, 28S3 

salary, expenses . 2884 
warrants for property destroyed, 2884 

appropriation annually, 2886 
Agricultube, See. 
Doaa, See. 


cities, annexation of territory to, 3668-3660 

of one hundred thousand, 380S-3SI1 

of fifty thousand, 3941-39-14 

ol forty-three thousand, 40W1-1094 

and towns, 4208-4227 

towns, annexation to, 4425-4428 
CrriEs, See. 
Towns, See. 

Annual Crops. 

estate, inventoried as part of, 2416 
sale of by executor or adminis* 

trator, 2436 
redemption of from execution Bale, 


complaint, may be to part of, 
committee, answer by, 
contents of, nnmberit^ connta, 
copy of for adverse party. 

Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-87886. 


counter-claim set up by, 360 

criminal actions, answer in, 1832, 1883 
decedent's estate, answer to claims, 2479 
defendants constructively sum- 
moned, answer by, 389 
defense, when to be set up by, 346 
what may be set up by, 369 
demarrer to answer, 349 
distrained property, action to recover, 

answer, 378 

ejectment, answer in, 1067 

execution, supplementary proceed- 
ings, answer, 832, 834 
general denial, evidence under, ] 380 
^ordiaa, answer by, 858 

Ioint and several answer. 357 

ustice ol peace, answer befoie, 1628 

relief granted without, 388 

set-off, answer of, 350 

sham answer rejected, 386 

verified, when to be, 867, 368 

Pleasinos, See. 


counterteitinjf, having for, 2360 

gaming, keeping for, 2181 

search warrant to obtain, 1668 


appellate court, appeal to, 

1337/, 1337J, 1349 
bill of exceptions, use of, 638a 

contest o( election, from county 
board, 6318 

to supreme court. 6324 

county board, trial of appeals, 626, 4:^26 
contest of election, 6318 

highway proceedings, 6764 

decisions on claims. 7866-7858 

from decisions, generally, 7859 

trial of appeals, 525, 7863, 7864 

refunding taxes, appeal, 7917 

voluntary services, section re- 
pealed, 7857 
arrests, rewards, 7871a 
county tjoard of review, appeal to 

state board, 8643 

criminal actions, appeal from justice, 1712 
circuit or criminal court from 
justice, 1712 

bow taken, 1712 

form of recognisance, 1713 

transcript and papers, 1714 

errors, when disregarded, 1963, 1964 
execution, stay of, 1961 

judgment, committal of defend- 
ant, 1716 
replevy of, 1715 
commitment for fiulore, 1716 
of supreme court, 1968, 1969 



iBefvrtneti are to 8tetioru.'\ 
Vol. 1, 8ec8. l-2784{>. Vol. 2, Sece. 2785-«6»4«2. Vol. 3, Bees. 6695.«78Sc. 


criminal sctioiie, liea of recogaienttce 
on land, 1714 

notice when state appeals to Bn- 
preme court, 1960 

when delend&nt appeals, 1060 
recoKnizBnce, lorm ol, 1713 

Ben on land, 1714 

enpreme court, appeal by state, 

19IS, 1955 
power of court, 1915 

appeal by defendant, 1954 

transcript when Btat« appeals, 

e&ect when state appeals, 1957 
when most be takeo, 1958 

filinKoI transcript, 1953 

one defendant may appeal, 19S9 
notice when state appeals, 1960 
notice ol appeal by defend- 


stay of judgment, 1961 

trial of appeal, 1963 

□o dismisaal for informality, 1963 
technical errors disregarded, 1964 
power ol court;, 1965 

rehearing, 1968 

opinion, writing and record- 
ing, 1967 
judgment, directionsof court, 190S 
afBrmance, execution ol judg- 
ment, 1969 
dentistry, license, appeal, 5600, 6600A 

rjardiana, appeal witooat bond, 667 

ighway proceedings, appeal, 6754 

impeachment of officers, appeal, 8108?! 
insanity proceedings, appeal, 6094 

justices, appeal from, 1667 

bond for appeal, 1668, 1605 

transcript, filing of, 1669 

trial and practice, 626, 1670 

appeal after thirty daya, 1671 

dismissal of appeal, 1672 

costs on appeal, 1673 

in criminal actions, I712-17I4 

lands, recovery of, from justice, 7116 

levees and dikes, assesaments, 7222 

medical board, appeal from, 7322 

poor, proceedings relating to, 

816ea-8166d, 8176 

superior courts, appeal from, 
bond not required, when, 
general to special term, 
Grant county, appeal, 
Howard county, appeal, 
Lake county, appeal, 
LaPorte county, appeal, 
Madison connty, appeal, 
Marion county, appeal, 
special to general term, 












superior court, state, judgments 

against, appeal, 1423 

stay of execution, 1414 

supreme court, appeal to, 643, 1337 /-1337f 

administrators, no bond of, 667, 2612 

after term, notice, 652. 

bond and supersedeas, 653 

appeal, when lies, 644 

by portion of parties, 646, 647 

assignment of errors, 667, 647a 

bill of exceptions, use of original, 638(i 

bond, approval, stay, 664 

on appeal after term, 663 

of execators or administrators, 

667, 2612 
guardians not to ^ive, 667 

on appeal from interlocntory or- 
der. 669- 
certifying cause to lower court, 674 
oo-parties, appeal by, effect, 647a, 647t 
assigning errors by, 647a 
costs on appeal, 676 
of improper matter in record, 662 
damages assessed, 673 
death of party, appeal, noUce, 646 
not to abate, 649 
no effect after submission, 676 
decedents' estates, appeal in, 

detects, not reversed for, when, 670 
disabiliUes, parties under, appMl, 646 
dismissal, new appeal, 660 

docketing appeal, 666 

execution, stay of, 653, 664 

certificate of clerk, 665, 

length of stay, 666 

from supreme cdnrt, 67S 

stay on appeal from inter- 
locutory order, 66© 
on affirmance of judgment, 679 
executors, no bond required, 667, 2612 
fact, trial of questions of, 668 
tee (or transcript and notice, 677 
gnardians, appeal without bond, 667 
hearing, order of, 666 
when stands for, 664 
of questions of fact, 668 
interlocutory orders, appeal from, 668 
when to be taken, 669 
bond and stay, 659, 660 
jud^ent and damages, 673 

Iustices, in actions b«gan before, 644 
aw, reserved questions, appeal, 642 
legitimacy, determination, appeal, 1040 
mayors, in actions bezun before, 644 
monev, receiving, when t>aTS ap- 
peal, 044 
nasto, 663 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 


eapnme court, on diapoeal of csuse, 
opioioiiB, jadgm eqo&II^ divided, 

in contest of trills, 2778 

order on lower courts for papers, 
parties, part may take, 647, 647a 

makinfc new, 
proceedings, signing of, 
publication as to non-residentt, 
receiver, appeal Irom appoint- 

tnent, 1245 

record of proceedings, entry, sign- 
ing, 666 
rehearing, petition for, 674 
reserved qnestions, appeal, 842 
reverwl, remanding cause, 672 
retrial of caaaa on, 672 
effect of on title, 081-666 
saperior conrts, apiieal from, 

1416, 1423 

time of taking appeal, 643, 645 

title, effect of reversal on, 681-686 

transcript for appeal, 661, 662 

what to include, 662 

improper matter, costs, 062 

evidence, when not in full, 062 

fee for, 677 

trial, when stands for, 664 

of qnestions of tact, 668 

wills, contest ot, appeal, 2776 

opinion of court, 277S 

aarveyor of connty, appeal from, 

8030, 803Da 
trial ot coonty board appeals, 

626, 7863, 7864 
ot appeals from jDsticefi, 626, 1670 

tampikea, tree, appeal, 6872, 6888, 6889 
Appeal Bonds, See, 

Appeal Bonds, 

additional, when ordered, 1308 

administrator, not to give, 667, 2612 

approval of, 064 

detective, requiring new, 1307 

when cnred, 1236 

executors not to give, 667, 2012 

form of, 1639 

goardiane not to give, 657 
interlocutory orders, appeal bond, 669 

joitice, on appeal from, 1668, 1606 

supreme conrt, on appcul to, 660, 663 

Appeal, 8ee. 


agreement by attomejr, no jadgment 

without, 981 

attachment, effect of in, 987 

voluntary equivalent to service, 317 

Appellate Conrt, 

sppeals to, how taken, 1337o, 1349 

biD ot exceptions, use ot original, 638a 


[Be/ereiux* are to Section*.'] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6594*2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6686-873Se. 

Appellate Court, 

chief judge, eelection, 

fees ol, collection, 
contempts, power as to, 
convening of, lules, 
co-parties, appeal by, effect, 
decisionB, writing, 
diotrictA, division of 
divisions ot conrt, 
docket fee, 
existence, time of, 
feet ot officers. 

ISSTs, I8S6 
647a, 6476 
into, lS37c, 1340 


hearing and argument ot caosee, 1359 

judges, number of, 1330, 13376 

appointment of, lS37n, 1338 

terms and residence, 

13S7d, 1387*, IS39, 1341, 1363a 

election ot, 1340 

qualifications ot, 1342 

powers of in vacation, 1349 

salaries of judges, 1368, 6419 

holding other courts by, 1364 

chief judge, selection, 1337p, 1366 

of kin or counsel in cause, 185S 

jndgments of, certifying, 13879, 1360 

liens ot, 1347 

jurisdiction of, 1386, 1337, 1337J 

law library, use of, 1348 

liens of judgments, 1347 

notice of appeal, service, 652 

opinions writing, certifying, lS37q, 1350 

publication of, 1360 

practice, rules ot, 1349 

process, service, fees, 1346 

rehearing, certifying judgment, 13S7g, 1361 

record, is court of. 



rooms tor judges, 


salaries ot judges. 

1353, 6419 

seal of court. 


eberifl, lees. 


terms of court, 


transcript on appeal, filing. 


transfer of causes to. 


13S7M, 1366 

to supreme court, 

1337U, 1302 

when court ceases 


vacation, power of judges in. 


Appellate Court Districts, 

state divided into, 1337e, 1340 


bushel ot dried, 8732 


governor, filling vacancies by, 
pro lenipom sppointments, 
united States senators. 



[Btfereneet are to Beettoni.y 
Vol. I, SecH. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seco. 2785-66»4«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5695-8733c 


congresB, memberB of, 2, 40 

general assembly, members ot, 6682, 66S3 
repreBentatives in legislature, appor- 

tionmenl, «683 

school revenne to coimtiee, 5963 

time lor making, 69S3 

reporte by auditors as to revenue, 5904 
time for reports, contents, 5965 

apportionment to counties, 
county auditors' apportionment. 



attached property, 
estates of decedents, 

of real estate, 

ander $600, 
ejectment, sale of land,. 


Eroperty levii 
ow to be made, 746, 760 

delivered on deliveir bond, 757 

jndgments without relief of, 686 

against officers and fldnciaries, 

wards, real estate of, 2694, 2696 

Without Reubp, See. 


assignments, appraisers and fees, 

2906, 2908, 2919 

bribery ol appraisers, 


under feoO, 



estrays, appraisement, fees, 

717, 746 

execition. selection of, 

daties ot. 

718, 746 

fees of, how paid. 


oaths of. 


vacancies, filling of, 


turnpikes, purchase. 

6941, 696»& 



children, bindii« by township 


ees, 7301 

81661, 8168 

master and apprenUce, see, 
orphans, binding out. 



Masibk and Apprknticb, 



agriculture, state board of, 


county institutes. 


application of appropriatioM, 
benevolent institutions, 



industrial education in. 

. 3141 

bUnd, institute for. 


board of health, 

6723, 6726 


bureau of statistics, 776S 

committee to examine and recom- 
mend, 2890, 2691 
coDvicts, expenses on discfaBTge, 8237 
county council mokes, 5694u 
deaf and dnmb, institute for, 3069 
disbursements, accounts and vonch- 

feeble-minded children's school, . 3086 
fisheries commissioner, 7776 

geologist of state, 7765 

Indiana University, 6169, 6160 

latror commission, appropriadons for, 

library ot State, 772S 

military purposes, 7332, 7333 

money of state, how made, 196 

orphans' home, 3104, 3167, 3160, 3166, 3166 
prisons, expenses on dtscbai^ ol con- 
victs, 8237 
state treasury, how made, 196 
state-honae and grounds, 7790 
veterinarian, state, annnal, ZS86 


bills approved by governor, 140 

bonds on appeal to supreme conrt, 664 
Bonds, UFFiaAL, See. 


action pending, reference, 863 

agreement to submission, 842, 844 

hearing before, 849 

compensation ot, 867 

sward, majority ma^ make, 649- 

in writing, siting, att«Bling, 860 

copies to parties, 862 

flhng in court, 853 

entry of, rule, 864 

judgment on, 866 

correction ot, 658 

bonds, conditions, S44 

costs, how taxed, 661 

court, making rale ot, 844 

Bliug award in, 863 

tees to be returned, 851 

ot arbitrators and referees, 867 

bearing before arbitrators, 849 

infants can not agree to, 842 

insane persons can not agree to, 842 

judgment, rule to show cause, 854 

entry of, 856 

showing cause against, 6S6, 867 

kind of iDdgment, 860 

enforcing judgment, 662 

labor controversies, arbitration of, 





Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, t 


laad, diapotea as to can DOt be, 
married women can not agree to, 
meetinK of arbitratorB, 

notice of, 
oaths of arbitrstoTs, 8M 

who may administer, 

to nitnesBes, 
relereee, suit pending refened, 

oatha ot referees, 

report of relereea, 

judgment on report, 

pay ot retereea, 
witneeaes, attendance, 

administering oatnB to. 


bribery of, 

compenaatioa of, 

oatba of, 846 

selection ot, 

AxBiTBATioH, See. 


gaming, keeping for, 2173 


dvil actione, 

opening and close, 

criminal actions, loux 

when defendant does not testify, 1867 
prior verdict, no reference to, 1910 


bearing of, right to, 

bonds to secure state, snit, 

cities, distributing to, 4197 

aecority for, 4196 

colleges, issuing to, 4627 

comities, when charged to, 734S 

distribution, preference, 7424* 

manafacture of in state prisons, 6250 

military companies, distribatlon to, 7345 

cbarsed to coanties, 7346 

bonds to secure, 7348 

requisition for arms, 7353 

state arms, seljing of, 

custody and distribution of, 
towns, distribution to, 4197 

security for, 4196 

UQiversilies, isaoing to, 4627 

MiLmA, See. 


congress to raise and sapport, 8 

governor to command state, 138 

president commands United States, 12 

Btates, restrictions as to, 10 
MiLiTu, Bee. 


e to SeeUonM.'^ 

:785-S594e2. Vol. 3, Bees. 6696-8733c. 


criminal actions, arraignment, 1831 


aid in making, 
refusal to ^_ve, 

attachment, civil process, 

breaking doors to make, 

capias ad retpondendnm, 

capiat ad aalitfaciendum, 

civil actions, arrest in, 868-892,1192-1109 

contempt, attachment, civil process, 289B 

■" ■ ■ 174ff 





1761, 1762 


actions, wbatiL, 

how made, 

showing warrant, 

means to effect, 

arrest and recapture, 

aid to officer, 

breaking doors, 

who may make, 

before Justices of peace, 

1667, 1694-1697 

beyond county bonndary, 1772 

for rendition of judxment, 1922 

after stay of execution ezpirea, 1932 

discbarge from unlawful, 2897 

doors, breaking to effect, 1761, 1762 

electors, freedom from, 6196 

arrest of, 6238 
freedom from, who is, 6, 93, 104, 2896, 6196 

fugitives, arrest of, 1667, 1668 

July fourth, arrest on, 2896 
Justices, arrest tor crimes, 1667, 1694-1697 

militia, arrest by officers ot, 7424/ 

of members on civil process, 7424J 

passengers on railroads, 5184 
privileged from, who is, 

6, 93, 101, 2896, 6196 

process, exhibition by officer, 1767 

arresting without, 1710 

by marshals without, 3CI0 

attachment for contempt la civil, 2898 

railroads, passengers on, 6184 

rescuing from, 2121 

reward by coanty, 7871a 

sheriffs, duties aa to, 7945 

Sunday, arrest on, 2896 

surety ot peace, arrest (or, 1675 

anrrendenng principal, 1786 

voters, freedom from, 6196 

illegal, arrest. 62S8 

worship, not made in place of, 2896 

Arrest ami Bail, 

civil actions, arrest in, 868 

actions on bond, limitation, 892 

affidavit for, 869 

who may make, 881 

arrest, when may be made, 868 

how made, 872 

return of service, 874 

of principal by bail,' 883 



Vol. 1, 8«C8. 1-27846. Vol. 

Arrest and Bail, 

dvil actions, bond of plaintid, 870 

ot defendant, 873 

effect of bond, 875 

, insufficient, proceedings, 878, 879 

releaae ot surety, 882 

on earrender b^ enrety, 888 

I, limitation, 

detention, time of, 

habtat corpus, soing oat, 

tM txtat, see, II 

order of arrest, 
contents of, 
sheriff to ezecate, 
return of service, 

aberiH to execute order, 

liability of, I 

surety, release of, 

arrest of principal by, 
earrendering principal, 
surrender to eheriff, 
copy of order, 
indorsement, effect, 
giving new bail, 
notice of surrender, 
disposition of defendant, 
failore to notify, effect, 
I actions, arreet in, 

action on bond, 

lien ot judgment, 
Judgment against ~ 
valuation laws, 
subrogation ot surety, 
prosecutor, when a party, 

aid in making, 

aneet, deflaition of, 
how made, 
information to accused, 

when may be made. 


„ 1792 

Judgment against principal, 1793 

outside of county, 
by peace officers, 
bond, fixing amount ot, 
in what cases talcen, 
in open court, 
officer may take, 
certifying and filing, 
form of, 
form ot continuing, 
defective cured, 
on surrender by surety, 


1774, 1777 

1236, 1784 

re to SectionM.} 

2785-6594*2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6606-8783c. 

Arrest and Bail, 

criminal actions, deposit as bail, 177S 

return ot deposit, 1776 

escape and recapture, 17G9 

of convict, rearrest, 1769 

forfeiture of bail. 1790 

judgment on bond, lien ot, 1792 

aKainst principal, 1793 

valuation laws, 1792 

lien of judgment on bond, 1782 

mob, danger of, removal, 1770 

murder, bail in, 17tte 

officer, when may take bail, 177*, 1777 

peace officei*, arrest by, 1771 

subrogation of surety, 1794 

surety, justification of, 1779 

qualifications of, 1780 

subrogation of, 1791 

surrender of principal, 1766, 1787 

how made, 17SS 

giving new bail, 1789 

warrant, issue of, I7S0 

to difTerent counties, 1761 

form of, 1752 

for removal of conviete, 1765-1768 

Arrest of Jadgment, 

appeal from by state, 106S 

criminal actions, an'«st in, 1912, 1918 

re-committing defendant, 1913 


death in committing, murder, 1977 

definition and penalty, 2000 

Articles of Association, 

banks, articles of, 2921 

fiUng with secretary, 2923 

savings banks articles, 2941 

filing and recording, 3423 

with secretary of stat«, 3424 

voluntary associations, articles ot, 


_ 1791-1795 

breaking inclosures. 1769, 1761, 1762 
convicts in prison, removal, 1783, 1764 

warrant for removal, 1766-1768 

escaping, recapture, 1769 

corporations, process against, 1764 
county, warrants to diSereDt, 1751 

arreat outside, 1772 


definition and penalty, 
felony, with intent to commit, 
justice, trial before. 


Assault and Battery, 

definition and penalty, 1984 

felony, intent to commit, 1982, 2037 

justice, trial before, 1707 

drainage, assessments for, 
cancelinn of, 
CiTiKS, See. 
STKEcrs, See. 



{BeftreruM* art to Seettont.l 
Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Beca. 2785-6694*2. Vol. 8, Seca. 6696-S733e. 

Assessment of Dama^fes, 

benenta not dedncted, 

coats, judftment, 908, 024 

dunagea, paj'ment before acquiring 

righta, 813 

payment bare recovery, 914 

emtninknieat, rapairing, 915 

injury, damages, 816 

KoardiuiB appear lor infanta, 900 

fodgment and execntion, 909 

Jury, number, qualifl cations, 887, 919 

chsi^ by anerift, 899 

view and ssBesament, 899 

challenge of iuroTS, 902 

pointing OQt locality to, 903 

iQBpectiDg locality, 901 

adjonmroenta, 906 

Inqnest, aifcning, retom, 900 

iMid-owner obtaining writ, 921 

mill, raceway, damagea, 894 

injary to, refuaing writ, 910 

after erection, when not granted, 911 

nuisance not barred, 1928 

oaths, eheriff to administer, 923 

pleadinga, i: 
railroads, oi 

railroads, obtaining writ, 917 

application, 91S 

jaron, number, ^oaliflcations, 919 

laqaest, proceedings, 020 

land-owner may have writ, 021 

repairing embankmeuta, 916, 916 

revenion of lands to owner, 913 

oheriB, snmmoning jury, 808 

notice to parties, 898 

charge to lory, 899 

return made by, 907 

oaths, administering by, 923 

anrreyor, employment, 901 

water, divettmg from stream, 912 

witnesaea, attendance, 902 

writ for, what known aa, 893 

when may be had, 895 

ieeuing of, 898 

when refused, 910,911 

railroads havii^ writ, 917-921 

Assessment for Taxation, 

county auditor, aasesamenta, 8 
treaaurera, asaessments, 

taxation, aee. 

Taxation, Bee . 

Assessor, City, 

, r.dutiesof, 8606,5607 

aboliahed in cities of 70,000, 3744 

who acts in citiea of 100,000, 3879 

towns, abolished in, 4246 

Assessor, County, 

asaeaeor's booka, return to auditor, 8581 

board of review, preeident, ; 8632 

bond of, 8630 

depntiea, appointment, pay, 8681 

relationship to aaaessor, 8631fr 

duplicates, examination of, 8631 

duties of, 8631 

election of, 8630 

eligibility ot, 8630 

examination of persons, 86S1 

meetings annually, S63]< 

oath of, 8630 

omitted property, sasesament, 8631 
pay of assessor, 8630, S631ii, 8631e, S631d 

ot deputies, 8631 

qualidcHtions of, 8630 

review, member of board, 8632 

presides at meetings, 8682 
term of assessor, 76746, 8630 

township assessore, control over, 8631 

vacancy, filling of, 8630 

Taxation, See. 

Assessor, Township, 

blanks, delivery to, 8611 
county auditor famishes, 8463 
blind, liat of, 8464 
bond of, 850S 
buildings on rights of way, 8614 
city and town plate, asaeoament, 8025 
depntiea, oatbs of, 8608 
appointment and returns, 7684, 8609 
election, oath, bond, 8608 
' Ume of election, 6290a 
term and eligibility, 6293a, 8508 
beginning of term, 6293o 
vacancies, filling of, 8608 
errors, correction of, 8624 
highways, land on, assessing, 8513a 
insane, list ot, 8464 
irregularities not to affect, 8527 
lands, valuation, 8513 
used tor highways or railroads, 8513a 
entry on to value, 8516 
rules as to quantity, 8S17 
fixing values, 8518 
asfl^ed every tour years, 8622 
list and blanks, delivery to, 8611 
calling on owners for, 8512 
notice to owners to make, 8612 
m^ng when owner tails, 8512 
of persons assessed, 8523 
arrangement of list, 8623 
oath to list, 8523 
memoranda to owner, 8521 
mines and quarries, valuation, 8515 
mutes, listot, 8464 
oath ot assessor, 8608 
of deputy,] 8508 
to return, 8620 
to owners, tailnro to require, pen- 
alty, 8629 

d by Go Ogle 

Vol. 1, Smb. 1-27846. 


{Btfereneei are to Btettont.'] 
Vol. 2, BecB. 27fl5-65ft4e2. Vol. £ 

Assessor, Township, 

omitted propertv, MBesameDt, 8526 

notice to owner, 8626 

pay ol and depatiea, 8S10 

plate, deeignating owners on, SS11 

ot city and towns, asaeBsment, 
railroads, lands used by, 
retam of assesament, 

oath to return, 
soldiers and sailors, list ot, 8351-8354 

statements and ecbedulee retorned, 3528 
statistics, dnty as to collecting, 7759d 

taxation, see for farther datiee, 8418-8S0T 

term ot, 6293, 

vacandes, filling of. 

Taxation, Bee. 


keeping bouse of, 


action by without prejadice, 

whereto be brought, 
bill of exchange, mit Dy, 
judgment, suit by on, 
notes, suit by on, 
taxes, payment of, 


appeal from order to make, 
claim, when unlawful, 
crosSnlemands, effect on. 
debtors, assignments by, 
dower, arbitration ot, 
evidence, when assignment is, 
fraadulent, penalty, 

Iudgment, aesignment of, 
ana sale certificate. 

Assig;iiment8 by Debtors, 

appeal from proceedings, S91S 

appraisement of property, 290S 

valuation by appiaieeis, 2906 

bond of trastee, 2901 

claims, allowance of, 2910, 2914 

vpriflcatiou of, 2914 

disallowed, trial, 2910 

collection of by trustee, 290S 

compounding debts, 2916 

deed ot assignment, who may make, 2899 

when frandulent, 2899 

execution of, 2900 

contents ot, 2900 

oath to, 2900 

recordi ng of , ' 2900 

copy filed with clerk, 2901 

minute by clerk, 2902 

distribution, partial to creditors, 2908 

final to orediton, 2912 

Assignnients by Debtors, 

examination ot debtor ot assigneeB, 2019 

exemption to debtor, 2907 

tees ot officers, 2919 

fraudulent, when is, 2899 

transfer, examination, 2913- 

inventory of property, 2904 

additional, 2904 

lands, re-sale of, when, 2908<i 

liens on property, 2911 

limited partnership, making by, 8117, 8118 

oath to deed, 2900 

partition of lands ot, 290B 

partner, surviving may make, 2920 

sale ot property, 290& 

1^ re-sale ot lands, 2908a 

Burvi Ting partner may make, 2920 

trustee, selection ot, 2899 

removal of, 2899, 2903, 2917 

bond of, 2901 

notice of appointment, 2904 

appraisement of propraty, 2906 

general duties of, 2908 

sate of property, 2908 

report at end of six months, 2909 

allowance of claims, 2910 

final report of, 291S 

compensation of, 2019 

Assi^ment of Errors, 

supreme coart, making in, 667 


party, when to be, 277 

witness, oompetency, ElO, 611 


articles, filing with secretary of state, 

2923 3424 
banks, filing articles, 2921,' 2941 

building and loan asaociations, 44- ~ 
lodges and societies, organisation, 


children, asylnms tor in counties, 

counties, allowance by to, 4696, 4698, 4fiOS 

maintenance by, 4600- 

insane poor, asylums for, S260t-32S0> 

men, aged, admittance to, 4699 

orphans and indigent persons, 4683, 4687 

oiganizstione tor, 4687, 4008-4612 

aUowance by counties to, 

4S96, 4698, 4603 

bindin([ out orphans, 4697 

poor, counties to provide tor, 
widows, etc., for relief of. 

Orphan AsTLnMS, See. 

Poor, See. 



Vol. 1, 8W8. 1-27846. 


ttbeence, concealing, what is, 927 

affidavit to obtain, 928 

state not required to mftke, 963 

appraisement of ptopert^, 983 

bond of plaintitt, 929 

of defendant to obtain proportf, 940 

on appeaisnce of defendant, 967 

action on bond of plaintiff, 962 

state not required to give, 963 

caoses for, 92S 

claime for property, trial, Kt7, 987a 

concealing abeence, what is, 927 

contempt, attachment for a dvil pro- 

ceu, 2898 

creditors filing nnder, 956 

dismisBal not to affect, 966 

delirerj bond for property, 986 
dismissal not to afiect other ciediton, 966 

on defendant giving bond, Sfi7 

dirtribntion of monej' tvalised, 961 

examination of persons, 938 

lee, affidavit andbond for, 943 

stunmons for, 943 

liability of, 944 

statement and ezamioalion, 946 
jadgment for failure to answer, i 946 

arrest of absconding, 947 

Jadgment against, wuen, 948 

ntnm of "no property,'' eSect, 1949 

eostsaato, 9G0 

contract of, performance, 961 

diBchorge on payment, 962 
examination of, ^ 963 
order of court to pay or deliver . 

property, 963 

officers, garnishment of, 964 

justice, summoning before, D67 

wages, when exempt, 971 

payment by gamisnee, 972 

insorance money, exemption, 49]4i« 

inventory and appraisement, 933 

Judgment, when plaintiH may have, 931 

for defendant, effect, 968 

for plaintiff, enforcement, 969 

justice of peace, proceedings before, | 966 

trial and judgment, 966 

garnishees, 9S7 

claim exceeding Jurisdiction, 968 

--" pluntittto pay, when, 969 

costs, pla 

lien of attachment, 

of consignees, 
lit penden* notice, fllii^, 

dismlasol, certificate, fee, 
order of, when not to issne, 

issuing of, 

to different counties, 

iasaing on Sunday, 

return to, 
personalty first attached, 

removal of, pursuit. 

perishable goods, 
ol attached property, 
distribution of proceeds, 

state, no affidavit or bond, 

Bnndiay, issuing on, 

wages, non-resident parties, 
exemption of wa^^, 
payment by garnishee, 

writ of, when not to issue, 
issuing of, 
to different counties, 
Sunday, issuiug on, 


bills of prohibited. 

accQsed persons, 
party, enforcement of, 
ivitnesses, enforcement, 
non-resident witness, 
to give deposition, 
before arbitrators. 


conveyance of lands by, 
dentistry board, attorney for, 
drainage, fees for, 
record of power of, 

ATroBKKVS AT Law, See. 

Attorney Fees, 

Attorneys at Law, 

.... to practice. 

who may be admitted, 181, 

examinaljon of, 

certificate of, 
auditor not before county boaid, 7 

authority of, 

written, when necessary, 

when to produce, 

acting without, relief, 

divorce cases, filing, 10 

city jud^ may act as, 3 

civil actions, conducting by, 
constable, not before justice, 1 

contempt, punishment for, 
continuance when member of legisla- 



[Btfarencei are to Stctiont.} 
Vol. 1, Bees. l-279«>. Vol. 2, Bece. 2786-66»4e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6596-«7SSiJ. 

Attorneys at Law, 

corporstioDB must appear by, 

county officers not to act aa, 2107 

CFimlnal actions, appointment, fees, 

lS48a, 18466 
deceit or collosion, liability, 
deflnition of, 

dentistry board, attorney for, 
disbarment of, causes, 

complaint tor. 

Judgment, effect of, 

appeal, • 

divorce cases, authority, 
drainage asseBsmenta, feee, 
" yofr' 

dahi of attorn evE , 
embezElement oy, 
«xecatioD anunst for money, 
fees in decedents' estates, 

in partition, 

poor, appointment for, 

on enforcing liens. 

in contracts proviaing for, 
■Oremor, employment by. 

1848a, 1848A 

odge, appointment ss, 419, 1444, 1446-1448 
udges not to act as, 2106 

advent on refusal to pay money, 067 
astice acting as, 1526 

egislature, member of, continuance, 414 
liens of, how taken, 7238 

fees on enforcing, 7267 

list of, clerk to tomish, S78 

money, refusal to pay, contempt, 986 

non-resident attorneys, 976 

oath and entry of, 977 

partition, tees in, 1222 

pleadings, signing of, 361 

poor, assignment for, 261 

fees allowed, lS48a, 18486 

receiver, when can not be, 1287 

relief against acts ol, 983 

roll of attorneys, 974 

enspenaion from practice, 9SS-9S9 

Attorney, City, 

acts of legislature diattibated to, 7617e 

cities of general class, S476 

removal of, 3476a 

duties, tees, 3S13 

of 100,000, appointment,' bond, 3827 

salary and depnties, , 3827 

duties, 3900 

of 60,000, appointment, duties, 3960, 4030 

ot 43,000, appointment, dnties, 4114 


accounte to be kept by, 6424, 7690 

actions, to prosecute and defend, 


assistants, employment, 

pa^ of assistants, 
aathonty, need not show, when, 
banks, suits by to close np, 
bond ot, 

bureau ot statistics, suits for, 
clerk and salary ot, 

allowance forr 
collections by, accounts kept, 

from officers. 

763Sa, 7685 

7696, 7696 

paymentofmoneye collected, 

MOBd, 6424, 7960 
commission ot, governor issues, 7684 

on moneys collected, 6424, 7692 

compromise ot claims, 7700, 7701 

corporations, suits against, 7701 

compromise of claims, 7701 

county treasurers, suing of, 6650 

tees in such suits, 6650 

custodian of state-bouse, advice to, 7764 
deputies, number ot, 7896 

salary of, 6410, 7694 

allowances for, 7696 

docket fee taxed tor, 7694 

duties of generally, 7686 

election and term, 7683 

return and canvass of votes, 7664 

commission, governor issues, 7684 

beginning of term, 7S74a 

fees, report before receiving salary, 64Ma 

docRct fees, 7664 

horse-racing act, prosecnting suits, 69591: 
impeachment of officers, duties, 

SlOSi, 8108(, 810SA 1 
labor commisuon, duties concemiiu, 

70e(tt, 7050n 

expenses allowed, 7060? 

law books tor use of, 7999 

oath of, 7685 

office, where to be kept, 
opinions, when to give, 

record of, 
reports to governor, 

to auditor of state, 

of moneys collected, 
residence of, /wm 

salary ot and depnties, 6410, 7694, 7695 

report ot tees before payment, 6406a 
state, when to represent, 1422, 7686, 7687 

debt, duties as to, 6391-8394 

supreme court, represents state, 7686, 7687 
term, beginning ot, 7574a 


attached property, sale at, 841 

eatatea, sale of property ot at, 2430, 2609 
execution sales at, 763, 768, 1696 

word's property, sale at, 2701 

6406a, 7698 




Vol. 1, Seca. l-278«. 


dtdee, reculation bj, 

of -100,000, ic«nlatinK, 
of 60,000, regulation ol, 
of 43,000, regDlating, 

Aoditor of City, 

elected, when m»; be, 

Aaditor of Connty, 

acknowledgments of deeds and mort- 

a warrant 

agricaltaral aociety, i 

(or, ioui 

aUowances hj coarta, 1178-14S3 

appeal from ^nting: terry licenae, 6610 
from decisionB of cocuitj board, 

7860, 7861 

from tax commistionen, daty, 8543 

asseesor, county, approves bond, 8630 

administers oath, 8530 

township, approves bond, SiKUt 

vacancy, appoints, 8508 

attorney, not to act as, 2107, 7982 

blanks, books and stationery, 6629, 7988 

tor taxation, procuring, 8463 

bond, amount and approval of, 7971, 7972 

of ferrymaD, approval, 6602 

of township tmsteee, approval, 8066 

of township ssseSBOra, approval, S608 

of county assessor, approval, 6530 

books and blanks, procuring of, 6629, 7988 

anditing of by count}; board, 7830a 

bridges, notice as to election, 8258 

clerk board of canvassers, S264 

record of toI«, 3366 

notice to auditor of other county, 8273 

on township lines, duties, 

3274d, 3274(, 3274t, 8274m 

cash-book, to keep, 6529 

diaritiee, report to board, 8161 

claims, oaths to, 784Sa 

costs on change of venue, warrant for, 418 

council, county, duties, 6594o, 5594ct 

county board, is clerk of, 7073 

records proceedings, 7826, 7973 

preserves books and papers, 7973 

draws orders on treasurer, 7974 

calls tor redemption of orders, 7975 

oaths, administers, 7289, 7981, 8086 

Ct«in., appointment, 7984 

ks and sUtionery for, 6629, 7988 
vacancy on, appointment, 7816 

special sessions of, 7822, 7822a 

certificate to bonds issued, 7836 

appeal, approving bond, 7660 

duties when appeal taken, 7861 

copying records, 7912 

improper issue of orders, liability, 7923 

[Btfermces are to Seaioni.'\ 

Vol. 2, Bees. 2786-6694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6606-8738c. 

Anditor of Coooty, 

county boundaries, change, duties, 

county seats, relocation, duties, 
4077 6570, 6674, 6682 

delinquent taxes, not to credit treas- 
urer, when, 6626, 8572 
list, making of, 8601 
publication and posting, 8602 
annual review of, 8658 
deputies, appointment, 7684, 7980 
d<^ tax, reported to, duty, 2849 
setting apart, 8664 
drainage, copy ot petition, order to 
viewers, 6666 
7g7g notice ot petition, 6663 
recording report, 6667 
appeal, bond, approval, 6671 
transcript tor appeal, 6671 
contracts, sale of jobs, 6673, 5674 


BSsesBmentB, putting on duplicate, 567S 

drains in two' 
drains over ftve miles, 
pay for eervicee, 
duties of generally, 

clerk of county board, 
records proceedings, 
preserves books and papers. 

accounts sjeunst coun- 
ty, 7974 
orders on treasurer drawn by, 7974 
number, date, re^ster of orders, 7974 
calls for redemption ot orders, 7976 
interest, when ceases, 7976 
failure bo perform duty, liability, 7977 
■ '^■■' ■ 7978 



to claims, 

canceling orders, new ii 

suits for trust funds, 

maps and plate, making of, 7986, 7987 

blanks and stationery, famish- 
ing, 66 

books for office, 66' 

election and term, I 

blanks, furnishing, 

contest, duties, 6S 

banning of term, 
enumeration ot voters, notice, 

correction ot mistakes, 

report to state auditor, 

books and blanks for, 

fees for 




for enumeration of voters, 
to be Uxed by, 6621 

account to be kept ot, 
report and payment ot, 
collection equaling salary, 
failure to report, penalty, 
itemised account ot colleclioDB, 



[,Btfermeet are to SteHon*.^ 
Vol. 1, Seci. 1-87S46. Vol. 2, Sees. 27SS-5604«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6595-S733(!. 

Aaditor ol County, 

f«M,ill^BltaxlDg, penalty, 6534, 6642-6094 
fenr licenae, fee for, 6605 

Ceionen, not taxed, when, S358a 
tianitere tor taxation, 8567 

BBsignmente of tax certiflcatea, 8608 
tax redemption controTeraiee, 8617 
tax deeds, feee for, 8626 

tee-bills, ieaning of, 6636, 7925 

fee-book, keeping of, 6629 

ferrymen, approval of bonds, 6602 

license, recording, tee, 660S 

appeal from order granting, 6610 

gTavel roads, appeal, bond, 47S6 

aaeeBflments, puttiiw on dapll- 
cate, 4822-4825 

highways, precept to viewers, 6743 

levees and dikee, dnties as to, 7226, 7230 
library, coanty, trustee ot, 4966 

license, issaing to Bailors and soldiers, 

i«fnsal to issue, penalty, 7231( 

tor sale ot liquors, 7283 

liqaora, license to sell, daties, 

7279, 7280, 7283 
maps and plats, making of, 7986, 7987 

militia, neglect of duties as to, pen- 
alty, 7331 
approves bonds tor arms, 7353 
oaths, may Bdminister, 7829, 7981, 8086 
to claims, 7846ii 
office, where kept, bonis of, 7971 
orders on treaaory, drawing of, 

1478-1480. 7974 
overflowed lands, fences, assessments, 

dnty, 6577 

partiuon, transfer of land, 7939 

peddlers, issuing license to, 7231a 

pensioners, tees not charged to, 836Sa 

poor, copy ot record of sent to board 
of charities, 8161 

cost of support, report to county 

board, 8165n 

pro tern., appointment of, 7984 

qoaliflcations of, 154 

quietus tor receipts on treasurer, 7991 

railroads, aid to, notice of election, 6342 

recording sbitement of vote, 6350, 6386 

unclaimed stock, doty as to, 537S 

order of election, issuing copy, 6381 

report of tees collected, 6630 

failure to report, penalty, 6537 

to board of charities, 8161 

residence of, 156 

salaries ol county aoditois, 6427-6518 

payment of salaries, 6532 

tees eqnaling salary, 6532 

deficiency, how paid, 6633 

saline lands, duties, 7132-7136 

Anilitor of Connty, 

schools, reports as to taxes collected, 6964 
time tor reports, contents, 6966 

congressional township, divided, 

duty, 6066 

failure to report, apportionment 

Lability for reduction, 
apportionment ot school funds, 
neglect of dnty, penalty, 
warrants to county institute, 
loan of university funds, 



school funds and lands, 6752 

account kept ot funds, 6762, 6832 

divided section, proceeds, oc- 

counting, 6767-6762 

loan of fands, duty, 6797-5808 

advertising funds to loan, 5809 

non-payment ot loan, duty, 6811-6826 
Batislactlon ot mortgage, 5818 

anit for balance due on mortgage, 6819 
bidding in lands tor state, 6822 

sale ot lands bid in, 6823, 5824 

report to connty board as to 

funds, 6827 

apportioning school loans, 5831 

miecellaneons fund, account, 5832 
distribution and report, 5833 

penalty against auditor, soit, 5834 
university lands, sale of, 6134-6152 
fees for selling lands, 6162 

statistics, duly as to blanks, 7760il 

streams, improvement, dnties as 
to, 7896 

taxation, cities ot 70,000, duties, 3761-3768 
cities ot 43,000, daties, 4172-4187 

cities and towns, duties, 4240, 4241 
towns, duties as to, 4387, 4390 

d<» tax, report, duties, 2849 

deltnanent taxes, when not to 

credit treasurer, 6626, 8572 

blanks and lists for assessor, 

county board of review, member 


secretary, notice of meeting, 
keeps record of proceedings, 
appeals from board, duty, 
computes taxes, 
omitted property, assessment, 
notice to owner, 

penalty tor not making, i 

tax dnplicate, making, 
style and form, 
extending taxes, 
installments, arrangement, 
adding columns, footings, 
recapitulating and apportioning 

correcting errors, 
copy of duplicate for treasnrer, 
abstract to auditor of state, 
transfer ot lands lot,'. 




Vol. X, 8«C8. 1-27846. Vol, 

Anilitor of Cotinty, 

Uzation, Uz-paveiB lemoTiDE, dntiefl, 

Sfiss, s6se 

de]inqa«Dt tax list, nutkiog, 8601 

pnbliCBtion and poflting, 8602 

tax sales, atteDds and records, 8607 
cerdficatea given i>iirchaBers, 8608 
ueiKnment ol certificates, duties, 6608 
redemption Irom sales, datiee, 

8617, 6622 
controTeraies, determining, tee, 6617 
tax deeds, execution of, 6623, 8634 
tees (or deeds, 8626 

setUemenW with treaanrer, 8644 

compromisinR taxes, 

failnie to perfonn datj, penalty, 8675 

tax, levy to support poor, 616Gn 

tax sales, attends and records, 8607 

certificates of, 8608 

asaignnient of certificates, 8608 

fee on BSsiKnment, 8608 

redemption, duties, 8617, 8622 

contToveraies, determining, fee, 8617 

tax deed, execution of, 8623, 8634 

fees lor deeds, 8626 

term of auditor, 152, 7970 

beginning: of term, 7574b 

three-per-cent. lund, duties, 6663, 6665 

transfer ol lands tor taxation, 6567 

arrangement ot book, 8667 

indonementa on deeds, 8567 

lee tor transfer, 8567 

in esses ol partition, 7939 

waiebonses, permits to keep public, 8704 

warrants on treasarer, drawing of, 

1476-1480, 7974 

examination of warrants, 7830a 

weigbtfl and measures, dnties, 87SI 

BoABD OP OouNTi OoHHisaioKXBS, See. 

Taxation, See. 

Aaditor o! State, 

actions by in favor of state, 76S4, 7639 
employment of counsel, 7634 

copy ot account, evidence, 7640 

expenses ot suit, 7641 

eosts, when defendant pays, 7642 
cumulative remedy, 7643 

annual report bv, 7591 

attorney-general, clerks and depatieB, 7696 
record ot reports, 7698 

auditor ot county, book-keeping, con- 
trols, 8662 

banks, duties ss to, 2938, 2939 

bills of unsafe, duties, 7672 

banks, savings banks, dnties, 

duty when capital impaired, 2933 

report by to attorney-general, 2933 
examiner tor, appointment, 2936 

Anditor of State, 

banks, when to take charge of bank, 2988 

receiver, application for, 2938 

aseeeement for expenses, 2938 

bond, amoont, approval, 7538a, 7633 

bonds of state, issue and sale, S407(i-8407e 

book-keeping, cocinty officers, 8662 

building associations, duties, 4464-4483 

liquidation, datiea, 44S3A 

canal land deed records, 7662 

commissioner of fisheries, approves 

bond, 7776 

cnsbxlisn public buildings, removal, 7780 
approval of acts of, 7783 

approves expenses, issaes war- 
rants, 7767 
debt of state, duties, 

8360, 8386-8886, 8396, 6407 
deposit companies, duties, 6008, 5011, 5015 
examiner, appointment, dnties, 

6011, 6014 
deputy, appointment, 7584 

salary ot, ' 7649 

secretary state tax commissionen, 8647 
duties ot generally, 7634 

acconnto kept by, 7684 

examines accoonts of treasurers, 7684 
keeps accounts ot revenues, 7634 

adjusts debtors' accounts, 7634 

liquidates claims against state, 7684 
sues tor money due state, 7634, 7639 
employs counsel to sue, 7634 

draws warrants on treasarer, 

famishes governor information, 7634 
fiscal attairs, superintends, 7634 

keeps books ana papers, 7634, 7644 
suggests revenue improvements, 7684 
reports to general assembly, 7634 

statement as to money of state, 7685 
oaths, administerina, 7686 

record ot warrants drawn, 7637 

filing aud numbering patters, 7637 
penalties for not accoiuting to, 7638 
sarveya, preservation. 7645 

copies ot records ana papers fur- 
nished, 7646 
inspection ol books and papers, 7647 
election and term of, 151 
electors and marshals, audita accounts. 

engineer, state bouse, removal, 7789 

approves bond of, 7789 

approves expenditures, 7789 

enumeration of voters, duties, 


tees, failure to report, 2140 

domestic insurance companies, 4653 
license, foreign companies, 4909, 4911 
foreign companies, 4918, 4920, 4931 



Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27W 

Auditor ol State, 

f«M, live stock companiee, 4943 

aarety companiea, fees piud, 

6494, 6494fcl 
matunl inBurance companiea, fees 

paid, 4S14jf 

payment into tteaBory, MOGa, 7660 
Bate of univeraitj lands, 6117 

mooaKing university lands, 6126 

taxation of lees by, 6422 

chargea for collecting, 6422, 7660 

reports as to fees and payment, 

S406a, 6422, 7650 

female reformotoTy, board of andit, 8266 

record aa to, 8297 

health, state board, appointment, 6711 

Indianapolis, petfonns duty of agent 

of, 7648 

insurance companiee, certiflcate to do- 
mestic, 4861 
feee for examination, 4863 
deposit of aecarities, 4864 
depreciation, dntiee, 4867 

[Stfertnett are to Seetiotu.} 

Vol. 2, Bece. 2785-6d94e2. Vol. 8, Seca. 6695-8733e. 

roKiBtry of atocka, 

delinqaency, duty, 486fi 

special charters, examinations, 

mntoal companies, duty, 

4899, 4906, 4912 
foreign companies, license, 4909 

fees of auditor, 4900, 4911 

datiee aa to foreign companies, 

4915. 4617, 492S, 4930 
feea of to auditor, 4918, 4920, 4931 

live stock insurance, duties, 

4936, 4942, 49S3 
feea of auditor, 4943 

certificate to mutual company, 4894j 
etock or motaal life companies, 

mutual life and accident, licenae, 4914a 
reports to be made to, 49U(, 49141 

deposit of securitiea with, 4914ir 

examination of companies, 4914p 

inspection ol books, 4914g 

, = . ^ 49149 

foreign companies, deposit of arti- 
cles, 4914* 
process served oDj 4914( 
revocation of certificate of author- 
ity, 4914SC 
feea paid to by companies and 

agents, 4914if 

conditions in policies, illegal, 
powers, 4869/ 

land records to be kept, 7661 

index to recorda, 7662 

canal land deed records, 7652 

copies, use as evidence, 7662 

mortgages, satisfaction, 7663, 7664 
clerk, appointment, 7666 

Anditor of State, 

laud of state, duties, see lands of state, 

loan and deposit companies, daties. 

6006, 6011, 6016 
examiner, appointment, duties, 

6011, 6014 
Michigan road, is commissioner of, 7648 
militia, warrant for payment ot, 7382 

moneys, (ailing to pay over, 2140- 

mortgages, satisfaction ot, 7663, 7664 

oatha, administering, 7636 

printing, public, commisaioner, 7694 

prisons, notice to directors of charges, 

removal of director, duty, 8208fr 

president of board, record, 8208o 

rules and regulations, compiling, 

e208d, 8243<I 
notice to fnmisb manufactured ar- 

ticlea, 8219* 

approves bonds ot board ot con- 
trol, 8243e 
railroads, signals at crossings, 6166-6168 
interlocking switches, onties, 


pay lor services, 6158* 

report, annual, 7691 

as to fees and payment, 6406<i, 6422 

residence of, 156 

salary of, 6408, 7649 

of deputy and clerks, 6408, 7649- 

reporting fees before payment, 6406a 

savings banks, dniies, 2982, 2985, 298& 

school tunda, apportionment, 6970, 6671 

aenate, organisation ot, 6686- 

atate debt, duties as to, 

8880, 8386-3388, 8396, 8407 
lands, duties aa to, 

7119-7127. 7166-7201 
stationery for, furnishing, 8091 

surety companies, powers, duties, 

papers filed with, 64946 

certificates issued to agents, 

6494c, 64»4d' 

annual reports ot, 6494<1 

taxation, member state board, 8636 

deputy is secretary, 8647 

certifies result to auditors, 8567 

distributes reports, 8669 

corporation taxes, suits, 8661 

tax laws, printing, distributing, 8663 

forms and instrnctiona, 8660 

certifies changes made on appeal, 8643 

t«rm of ofBce, 161 

three-per-cent. fund, duties, 

6662, 6664, 6674 
treasurer of state draws warrants on, 

no funds no warrants drawn, 766ft 
payment of money to, drafts, 7664 



IB^ertnixt ar« to SeeOoiu.} 
Vol.1, Sacs. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-65M<2. Vol. 3, Seco. 6696-878Se. 

Anilitor of State, 

treaeurer, coanty, examiDu accounts, 7634 

banks' bills, notice as to, 

BaiU enlist, 

refnading moneys to, 

book-keeping bv, 

onivetsity ftrnds, loaniag;, 6095, 6120, Q163 

lands, Bale, tees, 6117 

m&naipug lands, fees, 6128 

endowment tand, dnties, 6164, 6165 

distribntion of to coanUea, eil6a 

lands not loaned hy, 6116e 

warden state prison, acconnta, 8232 

abstract of account to governor, 8232 
warranta on treaanrer, 76Si 

record of warranta, 

no tonda not to draw, 

illegal issue, penalty. 


inheriting by, 


Iadgments of Justices, other states, 
awB of other states, 46S, 4( 

records of other states, 

Kblic of other states, 
pt in this state, 


moat be in writing, 
delivery of and copies, 
enforcement of award, 
in voluntary arbitratioD, 



general assembly employes, 6704a, 67046 
military societies, wearing of without 

right, 2321 

■ecret societies, wearing of without 

r^ht, 2319 

penalty tor wearing, 2320 

Bagatelle Table, 

gamhig, keeping tor, 2161 

minors playmg on or congregating at, 

2182, 2183 
private families, nse in, 2184 


lien on for board and lodging, 72546 

sale to pay lien, 7254i; 

Bale of unclaimed, 3294 

wrecked, reclaiming, 6397 


civil actions, Ukiog in, S6S-S92, 1192-1199 

criminal actions, wnen bailable, 62, 1755 
excessive not allowed, 32, 61 

fixing amount of, 1TS3 

taking in open court, 1773 

who may take and approve, 1774 

deposit ot money tor, 1776 

return of money, 1776 

sheriff may take on commitment, 1777 
certifying recognizance, 1778 

justification ot bail, 1779 

sureties, qauliQcations ot, 1780 

form of recognizance, 1781, 1783 

continuing recognizance, 
defects not to defeat, 
court, taking in open, 
to fix amount ot bail, 

deposit ot money tor, 
return of deposit, 

forfeiture of bail, 
suit on bond, 
lien ot judgment, 

iuBtiflcation otbail. 

murder, when bailable, 
officers, when may take, 
remitting forfeited, 
sureties, tjaaliflcations of, 
examination ot, 

new bail may be given, 
Akrbst and Bail, See. 
Rbplbvih Bail, See. 

1782, 1783 
1806, 1774, 1779 

1782, 1792 

1774, 1777 

liens of, how enforced, 


appointment ot by sheriff, 6528, 7947 

communication by with jury, 1897 

fees earned not taxed as coats, 6528 

pay ot, 6528, 05280, 65286, 7947 


r^ulations aa to keeping, 6726a-6725( 


elections, voting to be by, 94 

opening or marking ot, 2338 

destruction ot, 2S4S 

Ballots, See. 
Elbctioks, See. 


coastruction ot and payment tor, 

6207, 6208, 6291 
interfering with unlawfully. 




township tninee to keep, 

bozM for township elttetioiu. 
Elections, 8e«. 


elections, form ot, 6222, 6242 

printing and diBtribation of, 

6213-6234, 6242 
device on, 6216, 6222 

township elecUona, bftllotB for, 6291 
Elbctioms, See. 


oongreflB, power of as to, 8 


Msesaments against stockholders, 2933 

auditor of state, dutj* when capital im- 
paired, 2933 

report b;^ to attoraer-general, 2933 

when to take charse of banL, 

receiver to be applied for when, 293S 

assesementB by ot expenses, *""" 

deposits after inaolvency, 
eoibeEzlenient by bankers, 2031 

eetabliehinK of by law, 

law to be general, 

registry of notes, 

branches of banks, 

mutual reBponsibiUtv, 

liability of stock holaerg, 

redemption of notes, 

holders preferences, 


twentv years' limitatloii, 

trust funds, 

state not to be stockholder, 

corporations, general laws, 

dues, individnal liability, 
examiner for, appointment, 

duties of examiner, 

fees of examiner, 

{layment of fees, 
vent receiving deposits, 
notary, officer not to 06, 
notes, registry of, 
" n of. 

taxation of, 8411,8460 

receiver for bank, appointment of, 2938 
stockholder, liability, 206, 2833 

state not to be, 211 

assesBments against, 2A33 

sale of stock to pay 

re to SeeUona.J 

27S6-5694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. fi096-87SSa. 


taxation, aaseasment tor, 8126, S469-S476 
ot savings banks, 8491-8493 

ot notes of, 8411, 8460 

shares, where assessed, 8421 

valtiauon ot shares, 8460 

nnincorporated banks, aasoes 

ment, 8469 

statement, contents, 8469 

Banks, DiscoDDt and Deposit, 

annual statements ot, 2986 

publication ot, 2936 

penalty tor not making, 2937 

articles ot association, 2921 

contents ot, 2921 

filing of with secretary of State, 2923 

effect of as evidence, 2923 

auditor of state, duty ot, 2928 

examinations made by, 2938 

compensation of, 2938 

reports to, 2939 

penalty tor not making, 2939 

bills, not to issue as money, 2924 

bonds of officers, S02S, 2925 

by-laws, adoption ot 2925 

capital stock, payment of, 2927 

enforcing payment, 2927 

increase or reduction, 2928 

notice ot meeting, 2928 

not to be withdrawn asdividends, 2929 

casbier, appointment, oath, bond, 2923 

corporate powers, when begins, 2924 

deposits uter insolvency, 2031 

directors, election and terms, 2922 

oatbs of, 2922 

annoal election ot, 292S 

terms snd oaths ot, 2925 

by-laws, making by, 2925 

meeting ot, record, 2925 

who ineligible as, 2926 

forteitnre ol riehto as, 2926 

notice ot election of, 2926 

increasing or diminishing ot, 2935 

dividends, declaring ot, 2929 

capital stock not to be withdrawn 


when not to be declared, 
liquidation, may go into, 
notes, transfer ot, when void, 
officers, appointment ot, 
president, selection, oath, bond, 
proxy, voting of stock by, 
publication ot annual statements, 
real estate, what may hold, 
reports, annual, 

publication of, 

penalty tor tailute, 

to auditor ot state, 

penalty lor failure, 
stock, capital, payment for, 

enforcing payment, 

increase or redaction. 




Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 

Banks, Diseonnt and Deposit, 

stock, Toting ol by proxy, 203 
not to bfl declared aa dividenda, 292 

«tockbolder8, list of, 293 
liability of, 206, 2933 

aarpluB fund to be kent, 2929 

taxation bjr citiw and towns, 4239-424& 

Banks, BaTings, 

Advertising by prohibited, 2992 

tuiaual reports of, 2979 

contents ol, 2980 

auditor of state, report, 2985 

exsminatioo by, 2966 

banking boose, limit, 2964 

bonds of offlcere, 2953 

bosia^g, when mast begin, 2943 

restrictions as to, 2966 

by-lawB, adoption and content*, 2949 

certificate on organization, 2941 

execution and recording of, 2942 

deposits, receipt of, 2955 

repayment of, 2956 

by alieiis, infanta or females, 2957 

investment of, 295S 

loans of on stocks, 2959 

certidcates of, effect, 2991 

for wards, 2993 

after insolvency, 2031 

depreciation of secaiities, doty of 

trasteee, 2960 

dissolution, receiver, 2994 

dividends, when paid, 2968, 2969 

restrictions as to, 2970 

limit as to, 2971 

discrimination as to, 2972 

drafts, purcliaae of, 2956 

«xamination by auditor of State, 2986 

by trasteee, 2967 

Ctnities to true tees, 2990 
oa ol de^site, 2959 
reatrictiona aa to, 2962 
officers, election and terms of, 2946 
pay of, 2988 
removal of, 2978 
not to borrow funds, 2954 
oTganication, bow done, 2940 
certificate of, 2941 
execution and recording certifi- 
cate, 2942 
profits, division of, 2973, 2974 
real estate, what may hold, 2963 
Bales of, 2965 
receiver on dissolution, 2994 
reports, annoat, 2979 
contenta of, 2980 
liabilities to be set ont, 2981 
form of, 2982 
verification of, 2983 
penalty for failure to make, 29S4 
by auditor of state, 2986 
reserve to be kept, 2961 
Juiplus fund reserved, 2967 

are to SerMoM.'\ 

27S5-6694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6e«S-S733e. 

Banks, Savings, 

tnutees first ap|>ointed, powers, 
vaAanciee in office; 
forfeiture of right to act, 
Jud^ to appoint, when, 
certificate as to fitness, 
filing and recording certificate, 
elecUon of officers Dv, 
adoption of by-laws ny, 
quorum of tnutees, 
reducing number of, 
meetin|:8 of, 

to require bonds of officers, 
not to receive perouisites, 
not to borrow funos, 
saapenaion of trustee, 
notice of suspension, 
action of Indge on, 
special pay of trustees, 
grataitiea to trustees. 

Bank Examiner, 

appointment of examiner, 
compensation of examiner, 
duties of examiner. 




Bank Notes, 

circulating auantborited, 
counterfeit^ search warrant tor 



counterfeiting, penalty. 


criminal pleading as to. 


execution may be levied on. 

732, 733 

larceny of, 


receipt of by state treasurer. 

7656, 7672 

sale of worthless, penalty. 


taxation of, 


Bank Tax Fand, 

belongs to school fund, 



acquittal, when bars prosecution, 

59, 1667, 1906 
limitations, Btatote of, when a bar, 

293, 307, 1661-1666 


bushel of, what is, 8732 



definition and pnnlehment of. 


beef, pounds in, 
fiour, pounds in, 
pork, pounds in. 




Bartholomew County, 

drcait, in ninth jndidal, 
congresaional dietrict, 
Goart, terms of in, 
repiesentatives, apportio anient, 
aalaries of county officers of, 
senators, apportionment, 
' ' IS diatributed to, 

p. 570. 1394 

p. 570, 1394 

Base Ball, 

Snndaj, playing on prohibited, 2087 


deatl) of not to abate Bait, 1009 

inheritance by, 2629, 2630, 2630(i 

trhoinherita from, 2632 

legitimation of, 2631 


abatement, death of mother not to 

cauBO, 3000 

death of child not to cause, 1009 

bond to appear in circnit court, 993, 1001 

after commitment, 994 

on coati nuance, 997 

compleint in action for, 990 

death of mother, effect, 1000 

of child not to abate suit, 1009 

reduction of judgment on death 

of child, 1008 
of defendant, earvival of suit, 101 1 
diamiBsal of suit, how done, 1006 
evidence of mother to be written, 096 
use of on death of mother, 1000 
execntion without relief, 1005 
judgment against defendant, 1003 
commitment to enforce, 100-1 
reduction on death of child, 1008 
tien of transcript on land, 909 
limitation as to action, 1007 
marriage to escape prosecution for, 729S<i 
abandonment of wife, T29Sa 
penalty for abandonment, 729Sa 
action to recover penalty, 72986 
wife may be relator, 72986 
costs, liability for, 72986 
limitation of action, 7298c 
jurisdiction of action, 7298(1 
practice on trial, 7298d 
bond or commitment of defend- 
ant, 7298(f 
prosecuting attorney to prosecnte, 1010 
transcript, filing in circuit conrt, 098 
lien on reaieatate, 999 
trial before jagtice, 991 
rales as in civil cases, 992, 995 
mother a witness, 992 
in absence of defendant, 998 
in circuit court, 1002 
warrant by justice, 990 
by clerk of circuit court, 1001 
witness, mother competent as, 992 


bushel of, what is, 

Beaver Lake, 

lands on, sale of. 


altering brands on barrels of, 
barrel of, what is, 
branding barrels of falsely, 
inspection of, 


professional, poniehmrait, 

Beneb Warrant, 

court, order by for, 
form of. 

Beneficiary Societies, 

beneflte exempt from creditors, 

certificates deemed contracts, 
change of beneflcisriea. 




insa ranee, change of, 
organization and powers. 



Benevolent Devise, 

application of, dutv of eoort, 
truBt«eB of, report by. 



failure to report, penalty, 


Benevolent Institations, 

admission to, application. 


appropriation for continuing. 


application of money. 


warrante for money, 


allowances monthly. 


committee to recommend, 


asylums for children in counties, 


for insane poor. 


blind, insUtnte for, eee. 


board of charities, see. 


board ol trastees, numt>er of. 


terms of trustees, 


quorum of board, 


bond of trustees. 


officers elected by, 


treasurer, bond of, 


of trastees, appointment. 


number of trastees. 


terms of trastees. 


removal of trustees. 


vacancies, filling of, 


eligibility of trustees, 


time for appointing trosteeB, 3009 

when trustees to quality, 




IBefatacet are to BeetfontJ) 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-2784*. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6694*2. Vol. 3, E 

Benevolent Institntlons, 

board of tnteteeB, lava goTemiog 

compeneation ot traateea, 
expenses of trustees, 
appoiatmeata by trusteefl,_ 
iDventory ot property delivered 

by-laws adopted by, 
meetings of ooardB, 
record of proceedings, 
moneys, how paid oat, 
itemiied bills preserved by, 



jlfowance by lor expenses, 

report by to Bovemor, 

reports of receipts, 

relationB not to be appointed, 

of tnist«es, salaries of, 

president of, salary, aula 

not to have int«rest in oontracta, 3019 

Enalty^ for violation, 3020 

Flowing money prohibited, 3021 
penalty for violation, 3022 

railroads may be allowed through 
grounds, 3023 

bonds of officers, 800G, 3014 

borrowing money forbidden, S021, 3022 
bv-lawfl, adoption of, 3012 

children, county asylums for, 31860-31861: 
clothing and expenses of inmates, 3000 
parents or relatives to furnish, 3000 
when state provides, 3001 

certificate ot to county, 3001 

repayment by county, 8002 

contracts, officers not toM interested 

in, 3019 

cooatiea, expenses paid by, 3002 

deaf and dumb institute, see, 305S-3075 

smploves, appointment and pay, S014 

relations not to be appointed, 3016 

what considered in appointing, 30106 

«xpense of removing inmates, 3004 

allowance by trustees, 3016 

feeble-minded children, see, 3105-3134 

fttneral expenses of inmates, 8003 

governor, appointment of officers by, 

t>er8onB eligible, 3008 

time for appointment, 8009 

inmates, admission of, 2999 

clothina: and expenses ol, 8000-3003 
removiu of, expenses, 3004 

insane, see insane noapital, 3201-3250 

additional hospitals for, trostees, 3029 
eastern hospital board abolished, 3030 
board ot trustees for, 3006, 3031 

dutjee ot board, 3032 

appointment ol trustees, 8006 

organisation ot board, 3034 

medical gnperintendent, 3036 

sessions ol board, 8036 

provisions, material and labor, 3037 

Benevolent Institntions, 

inaane, acconnts, auditing of, 8038 

trustees to be disinterested, 3039 

records and books kept, 8040 

reports by superintendent, 8041 

biennial report of su^rtntendent, 3042 
regulations, supervision over, 3043 
visiU and inspection, 3043 

reports to governor, 3044 

assistants and employes, appoint- 
ment, 8045 
discharge ot patients, 3046 
inaane poor, asylums for, 3260»-3250i 
convicts, bospiUI tor, 32e0a-3250« 
iMnslatnre to provide for, 190 
officers, appointment by governor, 

terms of appointees, 3006 

removal ot, 3006 

bonds of, 3006, 3014 

appointment by board ot trasteee, 8014 
not to have interest in contracts, 3019 
orphans' home, see, 3090-3104, 3168-3186 
Bsylams in coonlies, 3186(1-31861; 

president ot board of trustees, selec- 
tion, 3006 
Balary of, 8018 
railroads throngh grounds, 8023 
removal of officers, 3006 
report by board of trustees, 3016 
salaries of trustees and president, 3018 
secretary ot board ot trustees, 3005 
sewers at institutions, 3024 
securing right ot way, 3024 
parchase oil lease ol lands, 3026 
condemnation of lands, 3026 
costs ot proceedings, 3027 
payment lor lands, 3028 
soldiers' home, see, 3090-3104 
soldiers' and sailors' orphans' home, 

see, 3142-3167 

superintendent, subordinate to board, 

inventory of property by, 3011 

appointment of, 8014 

subordinates, appointment by, 3014 
bond of. 8014 

discbarge ot sabordinates, 3014 

estimates (or supplies, 3016 

report to board of trustees, 3016 

compensation ol and employes, 8014 
supplies, purchase of, 3016 

officers not to have interest in, 3019 
treasurer of board ot trustees, 3005 

bond of treasurer, 3006 

statement by as to unpud orders, 3013 
return to auditor as to orders 

paid, 3013 

receipt of money from snperin- 

tendeut, 3015 

payment of to state, 3016 

treasurer ot state, unexpended bal- 
ance, duty, 3017 




[S«/trenc€» are to SeeOoiu.] 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6594«2. Vol. 3, 

Benevolent Institotions, 

tniBteeB, appointment of board, 
number ol traBl«eB, 
terms of traatees, 

removal ot tnuteea, 8006 

vacancieB, filling of, 3007 

eligibility ot traatees, 3008 

time tor appointiog, 3009 

when traateea to qnalifjr, S009 

lawB governing board a, SOIO 

compensation ot tmeteee, SOlOo 

expeoeea of traatees, SOlfl 
appointment by tnuteea, 3014 

Bund, Inbtitdtb fob, See. 

Dkap and DnMB, Ihstituti, See. 

iNaufB, Hospital for, 8m. 

Benton Gonnty, 

drcnit, in twenty-flrtt jadicial, 

p. 672, 1394 
congreaaional diatrlct, 3324 

conrt, terms ot in, p. S72, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

Balariee of coanty officers, 6430 

senators apportioned to, """" 

statutes dietribnted to. 


wills, see, 


election, betting on, penalty, 

game, betting on, penalty, 

--- '- — -- -1, penalty. 

J, bettini 


2177, 6197 


eatatefl, not inventoried, 2417 

schools, not excladed from, 6960 


deflnilion aod panishment, 207S 

marriage, proof, 2076o 

venae ot action, 2075a 


laws enacted by, 97 

eUtatea, see, 70, 114-123 

BUI ol Attainder, 

probibitioa as to, 9, 10 

Bill of Exceptions, 

appeal, use of original on, 63Sa 

cnminal actions, billB in, 1916-1918 

date ot presentation, how shown, 641 

detective, correction, 1475<i-1475c 
~ en must be shown by, 641 

Bill ot Exceptions, 

instruments, how put in, 
reserved questions to be shown by, 
signing of, 

delay in, effect, 
writinjjB, how pot in, 

Bill of Exchange, 

action on, where brought, 
when barred. 

assignee may sue on, 
defenses againM, 

attorney's tees, agreements to pay, 

damages on protest, 

against drawer or indorser, 
not recoverable, when, 751 

none on protested notes, 

exchange, when not conaideTed, 

fees, when not allowed, 

grace, days of on, 

holidays as to, 

indorsement, negotiable by, 

interest on alter protest, 

larceny, is subject of, 

negotiable by indorsement, 

Bill ot Particulars, 

pleadings, filing with, 1 

verified, effect as proof. 

Bill ot Rights, 

of state ot Indians, 


issuing and circalatiiig ill^ial, 74 

Bills ot Credit, 

states not to emit, 

Billiard Table, 

gaming, keeping tor, 
family, nse in private, 
minors playing on, 
congr^ating about, 




r^istration ot, 
reports as to, 
will, revocatioa by, 

1666, 2227J, 2227* 




[flf/weneM are to Seclion*.} 
Vol. 1, Beca. 1-27846. Vol. S, Sec8. 2785-66MeS. Vol. 3, Seca. 5695-8733e. 

Blaekford Connty, 

drcnit, in twenty-eiKhth judicial, 

p. 573, 1394 
congramionBl district, 3325 

courts, terms ol in, p. 673, 1394 

representatives apportioned to, '""^ 

uUBFJea of coantf officers, 
senators aj)portioned to. 

Btatntes distribnted to. 


definition and penalty, 


ctaJDiB against coonty, 
count/ officers procnrinK, 
taxation, duty of county auditor, 


definition and penalty. 


mines, blasting in, 7483 



Blind, Institute tor, 

accounts, liow kept, 
appropriation lor support, 

how drawn, 

committee to recommend, 
benevolent institutiouB, see, 
boud of tmsteeB for, appointment, 

number of members, 

terms of trustees, 

removal of trustees, 

vacanciee, filling of, 

eligibility of tmsteeB, 

time tor appointing trasteea, 

when trustees to qualify, 

laws Koveming board, 

compensation of tmeteee, 

expenses of trustees, 

appointment by trustees, 
employes, appointment of, 

what considered in appointing, 
expensM of boards and trustees, 
governor, trustees appointed by, 

removal of trustees by, 
orders on treasurer, conte'nts, 
sewers, construction for institute, 
superintendent of, bond, duties, 

parchase of supplies, 

report by, 
treasurer, oraen on, contents, 
It of in report. 





Blind, Institnte for, 

trasteea, report of expenses, 3047 

report of expenditures, 8063 

Bbnbvolbnt iNSTrruTiONS, See. 

Bine Grass Seed, 

bushel of, what is, 8732^ 

Board of Agricnltnre, 

agriculture, see, 2785-2S0O 

appropriation for state board, 2794 

asBOcietioDS lor promoting, etc., 468S 

fair managers to keep hog pens clean, 2880 
affidavit to be taken from owners, 2886 
penaltiee for violating act, 288^ 

Board of Charities, 

appropriation for expenses of, 
board, creation of, 

appointment of members, 

terms of members, 

governor member and president 

room tor in state boose, 

meetings of, 

duties of board, 
children, bringing into state, 

bond of indemnity, 

rules by board, 


application of act, 
cities ol 100,000, board in, 

of 60,000, board in, 

of 43,000, board in^ 
county board of charities, 

OrganisatioD of board, 

"^-^ duties, 



401S, 4016 

4188, 418» 




reports, supplies', 3I97( 

examination of public institatione, 3194 

expenses of, how paid, 8195 

governor member of and president, 3193 

orphan children, appoints state agent 

for, 8186fc 

reports made to concerning, 3186A 

salary of agent, payment, 318QJ 

poor, copv of record sent to, 8161 

report oEDoard, annual, 3196 

aecretary of, appointment, 3195 

salary of, 319& 

Board of Children's Gnardians, 

abandoned and neglected children, 

powers as to, S1S9 

board, creation of, 8187 

appointment of members, 8187 

terms of members, 3187 

filling vacancies, 3187 

powers snd daties of, 3188 

removal of members, S192a 

bnildings, duty of county boaidi 3191 



{Btference» are 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27M6. Vol. 2, Seca. 2; 

Board of Children's GDardians, 

children subject to control ot, 3188, 3189 

abandoned childron, 3189 

petition to coart, 3tS9 

nearin); and order of court, 3189 

coats, now paid, 319S 

anpport ot child, 8190 

coats in proceedings, bow paid, 3192 

lees, board not liable for, 3192 

petition tor control of children, S189 

hearing and order on, 3180 

reports, blanks, 31926 

Board Coonty Commissioners, 

accoonts ol ofBcera aadited bv, 7830 

administration, local powers of, 160 

, agricultural aocietiea, allowances to, 7907 

etatement bv societj', 7908 

limit as to allowance, 7906 

lien on property, 7909 

allowances agalnat county, 7830 

of claims against county, 7846 

powers as to, 78S0 

for voluntary services, 7850 

publication of, 78S2 

extra forbidden, 6548, 7853 

uncalled for, eancellatioD, 7854 

to blind and inftrm, 7876 

to cripples (or relief, 7877 

to sheriffs, extra services, 7950 

to agricultural societies, 7907-7909 

extra to members prohibited, 7926a 

penalty (or making, 7926b 

at regular or special sesaione, 78465 

warrants for illegal prohibited, 78455 

clsims, filing of, 7848a 

blanks for cTaims, 7845a 

illegal allowances, penalty, 76485 

recovery of illegal allowances, 7848e 

counties excepted from act, 7848(1 

repeal ot aection aa to voluntary 

services, 7857 

animals running at large, order, 2831, 2832 

annexation proceedings, appeal, 4224-4227 

appeal from decisions, 7856, 7858, 7859 

none as to voluntary oervices, 

7856, 7857 
costs on appeal, 7856, 7858 

time for Uhing, 7858, 7860 

bond on appeal, 7858, 7880 

affidavit, when necessary, 7859 

transcript and papers, 7861 

summons, when, 7862 

trial, when stands for, 525, 7863 

rules on trial, 7864 

power of court on, 7866 

refunding ot taxea, 7917 

allowance for voluntary services, 

repeal, 7867 

annexation to cities and towns, 

arrest, rewards, 7871a 

to SnltoM.'] 

r85-«594ea. Vol. 3, Seca. 669S-8783c. 

Board Connty Commissioners, 

assessor, vacancy, appointment, 8630 

deputy county, appointment, 8531 
pay of deputies fixed by, 8581 

asylums for orphans, establishing, 3186a 
groands and buildings for, 31865 

allowauces for support, 3186e 

not to allow children in poor 

BsylnmB, SlSOg 

may place children in control ol 
agents, S186& 

auditing books ot auditor and treas- 
urer, 7830a 

anditor to attend sesaions ot, 7825, 7973 
to keep books and papers, 7831 

auditing books of, 7830a 

ezami nation as to warrants is- 
sued, 7830a 

blanks and stationery, allowances for, 8104 
for claims, 78450 

blind and infirm, allowances to, 7876 

bonds, insufficient, <b]ties, 7G67 

ot clerks ot courts, 7928 

ot county treasurers, approval, 796S 
signing and acknowlei^nent, 7989 
official, approval of, 7661, 7928 

examination of by, 7667 

issue and sale of bonds, 7834 

inter«Bt on, rate, 7634 

payment of interest, 7835 

form ot, 7886 

certiacateto, 7836 

discount on sate of, 7836 

delivery to treasurer, 7837 

charge against treasurer, 7637 

assignment ot, 783S 

tax to pay, 7839 

sinking fund, investment, 7839 

tax to pay interest, 7840 

surplus paid into treasury, 7841 

unsold, return to auditor, 7342 

cancellation ot, 7842 

on refunding debt, 7818 

limit as to, 7919 

books and papers, public inspection, 7831 

bounties for wild animal scalps, 7870, 7871 
affidavit ot claimant, 7870, 7871 

for production ot silk, 7874 

claim for, how made, 7876 

bridges, duties as to, see, 8251-3290 

on townahip lines, duties, 3274<i-3274r 
toll, purchase ot, 7903 

buildings, public, control ot, 7830 

erection ot, 7833 

repair ot, 7833 

loans to complete, 7834 

jail, establish and build, 

7833, 8191, 8206 
repairs to jail, 8102, 8193 

work-house, duties as to, 8330-8342 

canals, repairing of, 7872 

limit as to expeuditures, 7872 

payments, how made, 7873 



[Beftrenees art to SeeUoru.] 
Vol. 1, Beca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seca. 2785-66Me2. Vol. 3, 8©c8. 6fi95-8733c. 

Board Gonnty CommissiODers, 

-claims agaioBt countj, Bdjiutment, TSSO 
filing ol, 7846, 7S48 

allowance of, 7846 

suite on claimB, 7847 

iUmized to be filed, 7848 

proof of required, 7848 

preteience, vbat are, 7B49 

power as to allowance, 7860 

extra service, allowance for, 7850, 7953 
disallowed claim, suit on, 7866, 7858 
when may be allowed, 78456 

filing ol, itemiiing, 78486 

filed five days before meeting, 7848a 
certain claims excepted, 7848a 

improper allowance, penalty, 78186 
recovery of illegal allowance, 7848c 
blank toratB, 7845a 

clerk circait coart daties as to bond, 7928 
calling special session, 7822 

commissioners, election of, 7615 

quomm of, 7815 

vacancy, filling of, 7815 

districts, division of county, 7816 

oi^anizatioQ of board, 7817 

terma of commissioners, 7817 

commencement of terms, 75746, 7818 
oath ot members, 7819 

corporate name and powers, 7820 

equal division on qnestions, 7326 

rnles for business, 7827 

trials before, 7827 

preserving order, contempt, 7829 

orders, enforcement of, 7829 

fines, collection of, 
general powers and daties, 
compensation of, 
extra prohibited, 7926a, 79266 

payment, 7928c 

contempt, pnnishing tor, 7829 

fines, collection of, 

corporate name and powers, 

connty seat, donatdons for, power as to, 7843 

debts, funding of, 

bonds, iasue and interest, 

limit as to bonds. 

penalty lor over-issue, 

increase of debt, prohibition, 

loans, temporary, 
dikes and levees, dntieB as to, 
directors ot tree turnpike roatle, 

dntiee concerning, 6i 

dockets for jastices, 
election ot commissioners, 

terms, beginning ol, 

precincts, duties as to, 

inspectors, appointment, 

ballot-boxes for. 


6198, 6199 

instructiona to voters, printing, 
rooms for holding, 6236 

booths, providing for, 
contest of, powers and daties, 

6316, 6317 

Board Gonnty GommissionOTS, 

expenses, raiaing money for, 7830 

fair grouads, purchase of, 7904 

payment for, 7906 

conveyance, abstract of title, 7905 

aale of grounda, 7906 

fees, examination of officers as to, 6538 

tee-bills, issue by auditor, 6536, 7926 

fencing overfiowed toads, duty aa to 

on petition, 6675-6673 

ferries, establishing and granliDg li- 
cense for, 6691-6609 
friendless women, home for, 8343 
gravel roads or turnpikes, repairs, 
duties, 6868, 6869 
ordering election on qaestioa ol, 6924 
hay scales, purchase by, 7022 
health, is local board ot, 6718 
highways, duties and powers as to, 

lands on atreams taken for, pay- 
'ment, 6781-6784 

toll roads, purchasing 

free turnpikes, duties aa to, 6865-6939 
indigent women, home tor, appropria- 
tion, 7878 
inapectors ot salt, etc., appointment, 7016 
jail, eetablishing and buuding, 

78i^, 8191, 8205 

repairs, duty as to, 8192, 3193 

judgment against coanty, enforce- 
ment, 7844 

time to collect revenue, 7844 

levees and dikes, duties as to, 7214 

liquors, granting license to aell, 7276-7279 
loans, temporary, power aa to, 7920 

meridian lines, ordering location, 7333m 

allowance ot tees and expenses, 7323o 
money, warrant for, when drawn, 7023 

treasurer to ^ve notice, 7923 

penalty for violation, 7923 

appropriated only when in 
treasury, 7924 

newspapers, subscribing for, 7667 

recorder to file and preserve, 7868 

payment tor subscriptions and 
binding, 7869 

oatbe, who may administer, 
office, vacancies, filling of, 
offices for county officers, 
officers, aettlement with. 
official bonds, approval of, 


7679, 7680 
7913, 8073 
7561, 7928 

insufficient, duties as to, 
of clerks of circuit courts, 

of county treasurers, 7989 

orphans, eetablishing aayloma for, 3186a 

grounds and buildings, 81866 

allowance tor support, 3166e 

not to be kept in poor asylums, 3186ir 
may be placed in control ot 

arenta, 3186A 



iB^erenet* are to Section$.^ 
Vol. J, S«ci. 1-27846. Vol.2,SecB. 2786-«i94«2. Vol. 8, Seci. NHW-WSSe. 

Board Gonnty ComnuBsioners, 


penalty for allowiog, 79266 

PBi'menta quarterly, 7926c 

penalty for extra allowance lor serv- 

icea, 7926I> 

phvaicians for prison and poor, TSdl 

potl-taz, exemption from, 7910 

poor, duties as to, see poor, 8148-8190 

levy of taxes lor support, 8165n, 8169 
publication of allowances, 7862 

Kbiic works, employing experts, 7881& 
rdue nniversity, selection of stu- 
dents, 6180, 6181 
raceipte and expendituree, pablica- 

reeord of proceed! Dgs, 

open to public inspection, 

auditor to make, 782 

use of copies of as evidence, 

inutilateil records, copying, 

pay tor copying, 

books to copy into, 

nwof books as evidence, 
r^ular sesBJons, 
rewards, offering of, 
Bklsries of members, 

no extra allowance, 

penalty for extra allowance, 

payments quarterly, 
seal, adoption ot, 

sehools, reports as to funds, examina- 
tion, I 

leporta by as to school funds, 6829 

•xaminabone, of reports ol school 
trustees, S9M 

correction of aoooonta and books 


a, 7973 

<r children, education of, 
students at state nnlversity, selec- 
tion, 6073, 6074 
Purdue univetsitT, ael«ctiii» stn- 

denta. 6180, 6181 

donations for high schools, so* 

ceptanoe, 6187 

truBt«ea for high schools, appoint- 
ment, 6188 
Bssrionsol, regnlar, 7821 
length of, 7821 
special sessions, 7822, 7822(1 
notice of, 7K2d, 782S 
taw KoveminK, 7824 
to be pubUc, 7332 
where held, 7832 
Mttlements by with officers not con- 
elosive, 7913 
itf aodlng mosey paid by mis- 

Uke, 7913 

release Irom erroneous ehargss, 7913 

applications of law, 7914 

sheriff to attend sessions of, 7825 

office for, 78330 

Board County ConunissionerB, 

soldiers' monoments, sabecriptions. 

care of grounds, 
monument fund, control, 
petition for appropriation, 
burial of. duties as to, I 

stationery, allowances for, 
streams, declaring navigable, 
examination of, 

removal of obstmctions, 7887, 
penalty for obstructing, 
piers and wharves, 

^ _ 78880,78886 

mills and dama not affected, 7389 

ap^ropriaUonp to remove obstmo- 

chan^ng and straightening of, 

Ktition for improvemenl, 
nd for expense of survey. 

meeting of viewers, notice, 
damaees, assessment, 
appeu from assessment, 
report of viewers, benefits, 
lands liable to assessment, 
order (or improvement, 
correction of assessments, 
engineer to superintend work, 
contract for woil, 
apportionment of expense, 
report of committee, notice, hear- 

__ , . 1 of persons on work, 

proceedings in aa joining counties, 
n, who may complain, 


repair of works, 

sale of bonds by treasnrer, pay, 7902 

■tadents at state university, 6078, 8074 
at Purdoe university, 6180, 6181 

taxes, exemptions from poll-tax, 791fr 
refunding taxee, 79IS 

certificate as to state taxee, 7916 

repayment by state, 7916 

appeal frmn claim for refonding, 7917 
hmit OS to levy of, TftEI, 7922 

limit in certain coonties, 7992 

levy for support of poor, 8165)i, 8169 

terms of commissioners, beginning of, 


tbree-per-oent. fond, duties as to, 


toll-roads, purchasing of, 

6988-6939/, 69e9a-6959« 

r, levy ot, 
appointing trustee of, 
settlement with trastees, 
debts ot, authorising, 
pay of trustees, fixing of, 




[B^ertneea are to Seetiotu."] 
Vol. 1, Sea. 1-27S4&. Vol. 2, Sees. 2T86-66»4«2. Vol. S, B 

Board of Poblic Safety, 

citiea ol 100,000, 

ol 60,000, 3996-4010 

ot 43,000, 4151-4164 

Cities, See. 


Board Goimtj Gommissioiierfl, 

tnuarer, notice b^ of money on 
bond of, ai^ng, acknowledg- 
ment, approval, 7989 
inspection ot office ol, 7995 
lemoval from office, 8002 
cff coanty, aaditing books, T830a 
examining redeemed warrants, 7830a 
trials before, 7827 
ot appeals from. 625, 4226, 78S3 
tampikes, tree, dntiea as to, 

686&-698», 6868, 6869 
ncandes in office, fllliiw ot, 7679, 7680 
mrrants on treasniy only when 
money to pay, 7923 

tieasarer to give notice aa to 


order for only when money to 


weights and meaanres, piocniing 

Board of Dentistry, 

a^tpointment and daties. 

Board o! Edacation, 

state board, daties, 

Board of EmtNdmen, 

■ppolntmeiit and dnttM, 

Board ol Healtii, 

cities, Bstablishing by, 

ot 100,000, 

of 60,000, 

of 43,000, 
local board, who constitate, 

4015, 4016 
4188, 4189 

state board, appointment, 
anuBa, 6711, 6713 

salary of eecretaiy, 6416, 6714 

state board, creation, dnties, powers, 


Board Metropolitan Police, 

appointment and duties, 3701-3730 

Board Public ImproTements, 

dties, organiiatlon by, el, S2, 3541 

Board ot Poblic Printing, 

academy of science, printinK ot re- 
ports, 7604a, 7604b 
clerk of board, appointment, 7596 

daldee of cler^, 7596 

salary ol clerk, 7696 

Ofticiai. Primting, Bee. 

PBiMTiKa, FcBLic, See. 

Board of Public Works, 

cities of 100,000, 

clerk ot board, S829 

daties and powers of board, 

3S31, 3832, 3344, 8848 
ot 50,000, powers and duties, 

3686-8700, 3961-3096 

of 43,000, 


CiTiaa, Bee. 

Board, Bute Library, 

libra^, state, control of, 
elecUon of librarian. 



daties and powers as to. 

7712, 7724 

remoTal ot officers. 


Boards of Trade, 



recording of. 


evidence, ase ot as, 


amendment of. 


by-laws of. 


btuineas, what may be done, 


control by legislatnre. 


expulsion ol members. 


torfeitore ot rights, 



Officers, election of. 


powere ot. 


property, limit aa to holding, 
ase of as evidence. 



mles and b^-laws of. 


seal, adoption and ase. 


stock, shares and division of. 


basis may be stock or fees. 


division, sale and tranaler. 



bi^goge, lien on and sale, 
defraading, penalty. 

adrilt, securing, rights and duties, 

family boats, landing, restrictions, 2066(i 
taxation of, 6449»-5449cl, 8426 

trespass on lands by occupants, 20565 

VBBsaLs, See. 

Watib-Cbavt, See. 



lB«ftrenee» are to SteHota.^ 
Vol. 1. Seci. 1-2784*. Vol. 2, Seca. 2786-6594«2. Vol. S, Sees. S595-8733c. 

Bona Fide Fnrchaser, 

actioni pending, how allected, 333 

defective ialee, effect of, 777 

jadgmentfl aet aside, effect of, 611 

reversal of, 6Sl 

ealee invalid, effect of, 777 

anita pendinK, how affected, 333 

will, how affected by, 2746 


actions on official, 263, 264 

admioiBtratoTB on appointment, 2397 

releaae of sarety, 2407 

on eale of landa, 2608 

BUitB on bonds, aB13-2tlI6 

appeal bonds, supreme court, 

660, 663, 664, 1245 

on ap^intment of receiver, 1246 

additional, when required, 130S 

from josticee, 1568, 1605 

in criminal actiona, 1712, 1713 

estates, in soita relating to, 2609, 2610 

arbitration bond, 844 

an«st in civil actiona, ' 830, 873, 876 

bond of plaintiff, 870 

attachment, of plaintiff, 629 

of defendant, 936, 940 

bastardy, bond of defendant, 993, 994, 997 

benevolentinstitutions, offlcerSj 8006,3014 

steward of deaf and domb insti- 

tate, 3061, 3067 

superintendent of same, 3066 

treasurer of school lor feeble- 
minded, 3080, 3106 
steward ol orpbana' home, 3098 
eapla* before justice, continuance, 1622 
cities, of mayors, 3497, 3630 
o( officers, 3630 
issue for water-works, 3562, 4250 
topay for corporate stock, 3614 
officers of cities of 100,000, 3777 
issue and sale by of 100,000, 3802-3806 
street improvements, issue of, 

3862, 4139, 4296, 4297 
of 43,000, officeta, 4060 

issue and sale by of 43,000, 

4084, 4086, 4087 
parka, iaane for, 4312 

aid of railroads on state line, 

of 100,000, mayor signs, 3816 

lor public improvements, 3S52 

of 60,000, for public improvements, 3986 
refunding bonds of cities and 

towns, 4202(1 

tax to pay bonds, 4202A 

interest coupons pay taxes, 4202c 

of contractors, 36236, 43006 

contest of will, bond of contestor, 2767 
coats, bonds of non-residente, 698, 6636a 
before justices, 1517 

suits to recover assets of estate, 2446<i 
bonds of non-residents, 696, 6635a 


7918, 7919 


county bonds, 

issue and sale of, 
to fund debts of, 
to build jails, 
improvement of streams, 7897 

criminal proceedings, surety ol 

peace, 1679, 1681 ,1687 

before justices. 1699, 1701, 1703 

on appeal by defendant, 1712, 1713 
in circuit court, 1773, 1774, 1777, 1786 
defective, when cured, 1235, 1307,2399,2677 
delivery bonda, execution debtor, 766, 760 
executed to constables, 168S 

forfeiture, judemeat, appeal, 1683-1586 
drainage, issue and sale, 5702 

ejectment on granting new trial. 1076 

estates, of executors and adminietra- 
tora, 2397 

releeae of anrety, 2407 

on sale of lands, 2608 

foreign executors, 2522 

legatees to refund, 2636, 2666 

creditora to refund, 2666 

auita on bonds, 2613-2615 

executora on appointment, 2397 

release of surety, 2407 

on sale of lands, 2508 

foreign executors, 2622 

aoita on bonds of. 2613-2615 

gravel road or turnpikes, bonds to pur- 
chase, S939b, 69d9« 
to raise money to construct roads, 6904 
taxes to pay bonds, 6906, 6967 
guardian, bond on appointment, 2676, 2677 
sureties, release of, 2678 
examination of bonds, 2680 
Buit on bond, 2689, 2691 
on eale of lands, 2696 
foreign guardiana, 2704, 2706 
of insane person, 2716 
injunction bonds, 1167 
violation of injunction, 1176 
jaile, issuing of to build, 8206-8207 
levee and dike companies, 7224, 7226 
ne ertat, bond of plaintiff, 1193 
of defendant, 1194 
next friend, bond of, 258 
official, actions on, 263, 254 
parks, issue tor by cities and towns, 4312 
railroad companies, issue by, 6168, 6212 
receivers, bonds of, 1236 
replevin, bonds of parties, 1290 
before justice, 1616 
alack water companies, iaane by, 5420 
state bonds, redemption, 8391-8393 
issue and sale of, 

8394-8407, 8407a-8407c 
street improvement bonds, 

3852, 4139, 4296, 4297 
railways, issue by, 6455 

Issue to pay for street improve- 
ments, 64546, 6454/ 



[Bfferencei are to Section*.] 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-56 We2. Vol. 3, Seca. 6696-«738«. 


nireti«8, discharge of from, 2407, 2678 

earety compaaies executing, 6009, 5494a 

surety o1 peace, bond in, 1679, 1«81, 1687 

towns, iasae of water-worka bonds, 4260 

etreet improvement bonda, 4296, 4297 

parks, iaeue for, 4S12 

of offlceifl, 4342 

to furnieh light, 4366 

tor erection of boildings, 4376 

water-works bonds, iseae bj dtiea and 

towns, 4260 

will, bond on contest of, 2767 

Appeal Sonim, Bee. 
BoNns, OpnciAL, See. 

Bonds, Official, 

•cknowtedgment of, 
actions on official bonds, 

successive recoveries on, 7644 

by direction of governor, 7608 

on failure to pay over money, 7568 
appjoval to be entered on, 7641 

by clerks of circuit courts, 7550, 7561 

of county officers' bonds, 7660, 7651 

of townsnip officers, 

by count V boards, 

of constables' bonds, 

of secretary of state, 

of saditor of state, 

ol treasurer ot state, 

of attorney -general, 

of librarian of state, 

of clerk ot circuit court, 

of auditor of county, 

of treasurer of county, 
•ssemor of township, bond, 

of county, 
attorney-seneral, bond, 
auditor of state, bond, 
auditor of couDty, bond, 
bonds, to whom payable, 
certified copies to l>e given, 

tees for copies, 
clerk circuit court, bond of, 

where filed, 

of supreme court, 
commissioner ot fisheries, 
constables' bonds, 
coroner, bond ot. 


7660, 7662 


7971, 7972 

7971, 7972 



clerks of circuit court, 7 
sheriff of county, 
bond of coroner, 
auditor of connty, 
treasurer ot county, 
recorder o( county, 
sorveyor ol county, 
coatodJMi ot Btote-house, 

>, 7928, 7929 



7071, 7972 


Bonds, Official, 

defects not to vitiate, 
engineer of atBte-bonse, 
execution of, who mast, 
failure to give, effect, 

to pay over moneys, suit, 
filing, place ot, 

not until approved, 
^veraor, directing suit on, 
inspectors of oil, bonds, 

iuatices of peace, bonds, 
iabilities on, 

successive recoveries, 
librarian ot state, 
married women may execute, 
new bond, when required, 

proceeding to oDtain, 

notice to judge, 

trial and judgment, 

failure to give, 

appeal from order, 

judgment on appeal, 

vacancy, when declared, 
notaries public, bonds, 
oil inspectora. Donds of, 
payable, to whom made, 
prosecuting attorneys, 
recording ot bonds, 

fee for recording, 

index to record, 
recorder ot county, bond, 
secretary ot state, filing of bond, 

, amount and approvcl ot, 
sberifl ot, supreme court, 

of county, 
superintendent female reformatory, 

ot boys' reform school, 

of work -house, 
sureties deemed principals, 

defenses by, 

release of, 

summons to officer, 

service and return, 

notice to judge, 

filing new bond, costa, 

failure to give, vaca.acy, 

notice to governor, 

new bond, filing of, 

auditor, when acts as clerk, 

liabilities ot on bonds, 

new sureties signing old bonds, 7666 

bond with new sureties, 7566 

liabitities ot new sureties, 7566 

surveyor ot county, bond, 8022 

township officers, approval of bonds, 

7650, 7662 

trustees, bonds ot, 8066 

treasurer of state, bond, 7656 

new bond of, 7656 

of county, bond of, 7989 

signing and acknowledging,'^ 7989 

vacancy on failure to give, 7542 

wardens of state prisons, 8211 






753Sa, 7612 






V<d. 1, Smb. 1-27S«6. Vol. 2, Smb. 

BoDdinf; Companies, 

cngsniiatioD and powen, &48(M>494 1 1 

SuBKTz CojiPAiun, See. 


ooanty officers procaiing, AG29 

eetates, Dot inventoried as, when, 2417 
evideace, dm of sa, 487 

inepection of, order for, 4SS 

library books, defadi^ of, 2056, 7726 

obecene, search warraat for, 1688 

Belling of, 2082, 208Sa, 20836 

Education, See. 

ScHoou, Bee. 

Boone County, 

circuit, in twentieth, p. S72, 1394 

cong;r«flBional district, 3323 

conrt, term of, p. £72, 1894 

representatives in legiBlatnre, 6683 

salaries ol coantr omcers, 6432 

senators in leKislatnre, 6682 

statutes distributed to, 7617d 


election booths for TOten, 6236 


trade-mark in, protection, ' 86600-8680? 


arbitrfttion as to lands, S43 

county, jnrisdictioa as to crimes, 1664 

streams as, 6543 

change of, 6645-6656 

crimes, jurisdiction of state on, 1648 

jurisdiction of county on, 1S54 

landa, arbitration as to, 843 

landmarks, removal of, 2040 

state, boandaries of, 221 

crimes committed on, 164S 

streams as boundaries, 6543 


birds, kiUing of, p 

re74i 7875 


commutation ol sentence of, 8322, 8327 
reform school, see, 6299-8329 


carelessness by, penalty, 2249 


altering ol on animals, 2053 

articles adritt, eOect ol brands, 

false on packages, ~*" 

recording of, 


Breach ol Marriage Contract, 

Breach of Peace, 

arrest for, who may make, 1771, 2074 

bond lor, when required, 1687, 1925 

general assembly, arrest of membezs, 101 

Breaking Doors, 

Breaking; Qnornin, 

definition and punishment, 

214S, 2147 


appraisets, bribing of, 

electioa, bribery for nomination, 

bribing of voter, penalty, 

bribe to procure election, ia*a 

jurors, bribery of, 2097, 2124 

office, disqualifies to hold, 87 

officers, public, bribing of, 20B6, 2138 


arson, burning of is, SOOO 

auditor, notice of bridge election, 3274d 
certificate as to notice, 3274<f 

clerk of canvassing board, 3274f 

recording statement ol vote, 3274A 
certificate of vote to other county, 


record of certificate by, S274ni 

bribe to obtain contract for, 2138 

citiee, regulating by, el. 40, 3541 

aiding in conetractioa, S6I2 

acquiring on state line, 4671 

county purchasing toll bridges, 7903 

damages for, asseBsment, 917 

drains, construction over, 5709 

draw, maintaining withont, 2264 

leaving draw open, 2265 

injuring bridees, 2266 

li^ts on, failure to keep, 

railroads, on navigable st— 

on state lines, StSi, ta 

repair, failure to keep in, 2148, 21 

toil, charging excessive, 2i 

collection on toll roads, 4766, i'l 

towns, power over bridges, M 

BatixiBB, County, See. 

Bbidobs on Boondakt Lisas, See. 

Bbidqk Cohpanibb, See. 

Bridges, County, 

abandoned toll bridges, 3! 

duty of county boards. 8' 

appropriations by county, 31 

by lownahipB, V, 

coy Google 

Vol 1. 8mi. 1-278«. 

Bridges, County, 

euuUa, bri<^M over, 3287 

■ait agaunst canal company, 8287, 3288 

nee of monej' recoverad, 3289 

suit, who to authoriie, 3290 

dtiea and towns, bridges in, 3283 

«oant7 board, order for bridge, 32T5 

sarvey and estimate tor, 3275 

appropriation by coonty, 3276 

donations received for, 32TT 

appropriation by townshipa, 3277 

sapenntendent to etect, 3278 

pay of Boperintendent, 3279 

notice tor proposals, 3280 

receiving bids, letting contmct, 3280 

r«pair of bridges, 3282 

fast driving on bndgei, penalty, 3282 

injaring bridgee, penalty, 3284 

rapsire to bridges, 3282 

toIlB, collection of, S281 

abandoned toll bridses, 8285 

dat^ of connty boaroa, 3286 

collection of tolls on, 3285 

exemption from toll, 3286 

Bnigea on Boundary Lines, 

connty line, stream forming, bridge 

over, 8261 

reeolntions of connty boards, 3251 

anrvey, estunate and plans, 8251 

Joint meeting ol boards, S2fil 
inilding by one county, 3261 
superintendent to build, 8262 
Joint appropriations, 3253 
recovery by county building, 8253 
bonds of saperintendents and con- 
tractors, 3264 
ownership of bridge, 3225 
election for township One bridge, 32746 
inspectors of election, 327 4c 
notice of election, 3274d 
polls opened, qualiflcationa of 

voters, 3274e 

ballots, contents, 8274/ 
coonting ballots, poll-books and 

tally sheets, S274|r 
board of canvaosen, S274k 
chairman and clerk ol board, 32741 
canvass of votes, 3274J 
filing and recording statement, 8274i 
township on bonndary stream, 3256 
petition to county board, 8266 
order tor election, 8257 
election, holding of, 3267 
notice of election, 8268 
posting notices, proof, 8268 
opening polls and holding elec- 
tion, 3269 
qaalifleations of voters, 3260 
ballots, contents of, 3261 
counting, return of election, 3262 
canvaasere, meeting, dnties, 3263 
meeting of canvaaseis, clerk, 3264 


iSe/*r»«ee* art to Secttont.^ 

Vol. 2, Bees. 27Sfr-C5»4«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 

Bridges on Boundary Lines, 

township, statement aa to reaolt, I 

filing papers vrith anditor, i 

sixty per cent, to favor appropria- 
tion, I 
levy of special tax, i 
expenses of electloD, i 
township, liability of, i 
contract to bnild bridge, 
• tax, payment of, 
payment by county, refunding 
notice to adjoining county aut 





levy of tax, notice to adjoining 

county, 9z<s 

appropriations by conntiee, 827S 

control of constrnction, township 

having, 8274 

treasurer to send funds, 8274 

petition to county board, 3274a 

record of petition, 8274a 

order for election, 82746 

inepecton of election, 8274e 

notice of election, 8274d 

opening polls, qoaliflcatioiu of 

voters, 3274« 

ballots, contents, 8274/ 

certiflcat« of result, S274ir 

poll-books and tally sheets, 827^ 

board of canvassers, 8274A 

chairman and clerk of board, 3274< 
canvass of votes, S274J 

statement of vote, filing, record- 
ing, 8274it 
levy of special tax, 32741, 3274m 
certificate to other county, 3274in 
appropriations by county boards, 


Elans and specifications, 3274o 

uilding by one county, 3274o 

contribation by other county, 3274o 
jurisdiction toouild bridge, 3274p 

superintendents of conatraction, S274j 

ownership and repairs, 
construction of bnd^, 
contract, letting, notice, 
laws not repealeid. 

Bridge Companies, 

articles ol association, 
where filed, 

by-laws, adoption of, 

cities sabscribing for stock, 

companies to have benefit ollaw, 

condemoiag property, 
asseeeing damages, 
jury and proceedings, 

corporation, name and style, 
powera of old, 

county board, consent of, 

directors, election of, 
notice ol election. 
Stockholders voting for, 





Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, f 

Bridge Companies, 

directore, organization, offlcera, 
bf-lawB, adoption hy, 
vacancies, filling of, 
meettnga ot, 
record ol proceedings, 
treasarer, election of, 
emploj^ea, appointment, 
injuring bridge, penalty, 
name and style of corporation, 
DaTigation, obetruction of, 
penalties, actiona to recover, 

defoDBes to actions, 
president of board ot directors, 
records and books, 
seal, adoption ot, 
Mcifitarj' of board of directors, 
State tine, company to build bridge, 
articles, contonts, recording, 
books and records, inspection, 
bonds and mort^geB, 
borrowing money, 
by-laws, adoption of, 
posting copy of, 
city guaranteeing bonds, 
purchasing stock, 
condemnation ot stock by, 
may make bridge free, 
coDdemnation ot lands, 
jary to assess damaees, 
inquest and proceedinss, 
consolidation with railroads, 
'conntiee taking stock, 
corporate name and style, 
directors, number, election, 
stockholders voting for, 
electing officers by, 
by-laws, adoption of, 
vacancies in, 
records and books, 
treasurer, election, 
employee, selection, 
foreign companies, rights of, 

copy of charter to be filed, 
free bnage, cities may make, 
highways, bridges to be pabUc, 
mortgages and bonds, 
name and style ot corporation, 
navi^tion, obstruction ot, 
president ot board ot directors, 
railways on bridge, 

connection of railway lines, 
street railways, 
use ot bridges b^, 4662 

consolidation wiUi railroads, 
tolls for use ot, 
real estate, acquiring and hold- 

it board ot directors. 


Bridge Companies, 

state line, stock, smoant and shares, 4662 

voting by stockholders, 4663 

certificates of, 4667 

transter of. 4667 

cities purchasing, 4671 

condemnation by cities, 4671 

counties taking stock, 4668 

townships taking stock, 4668 

street railways, operstion ot, 4660 

tolls, rate and coAection, 4658 

Eosting rates, 4658 ' 

y railroad companies, 4669 

townships taking stock, 4668 

treasurer, election ot, 4656 

stock, amount and shares, 4633 

certificates, issuing, 4640 

transter ot stock, 4640 

increase by corporations, 46S4 

cities subscribing tor, 3612 
stockholdera voting tor directors, 4636 
taxation, assessment for, 3428, 8490 

tolls, rates and collection, 4641 

posting rates, 4641 

collecting illegal, 4642 

refusal to pay, penalty, 4643 

treasurer, election ot, 4639 

travelera, delaying, penalty, 4642 


copying ot may be ordered, 1331 

oral argument not prevented by, 1331 

printing not to be required, 1331 

supreme court may require, 1881 


British Parliament, 

statntes of, what in force, 

tee tor license, 

land, authority to aell, contract, 
license, when requited, 
taxation, aesessment for. 


befouling water ot, 


inheriting by, 2 

Brown Connty, 

circuit, in eighth judicial, p. 

congressional district, 
coart, terms ot in, 
representatives apportioned to, 
salaries of connty officen, 
senaton apportioned to, 
statutes distribdted to, 

p. 670, 13H 



Vol. 1, Beca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees, 


passenger can, keeping on, 229! 


buflfael of, what ia, 87S2 


aireet, breaking into to make, 1761 

won, bamisg of ia, 2000 

asBociationa to erect, 4592 

bribery to procnre contract, 

cities, condemnation ol, el. SO, 3541 

fixing fire limits as to, el. 32, 3641 

of 50,000, control over, 3927 

custodian ol public buildings, 7779-778S 

factories, see, 7067a-7087al 

fire, means of escape, 

fire escapes, 

approval by inspector, . _ . . . 

watchmen and lights, SOOOd 

chainB or ropes, 32gOe 

penalty and damages, 3290/ 

mBpectoi's duties, 92B0g 

nming, keeping for, 2173, 2179 

Kn^hts of FytDJas, stock in aseocia' 

tioDS, 5047a, 50476 

erection and control of buildings, 

lodges and eodeties, stock in associa* 
lions, 5047a, 50475 

erection and control of boildings, 

Masonic lodges, owning stock in asso- 
ciations, 5047a, 60475 
erection and control of buildings, 

Odd Fellows, stock in associations, 

5047a, 50476 
erection and control of boildings, 

officers breaking to get ont of, 1762 

public buildings, see boilding^, pabUc, 


Bnildings, Pablic, 

contract for constniction of, 6589, 559491 
plane and spedflcationB, 55S9, 569491 
advertising for bids, 5590 

letting contract, 5S92a 

bond of contractor, 5692 

laborer may sae on bond, 6593 

for buildings, notice, 
lor part, or entire work, 

court boose, petition and election. 

sale of county buildings, notice, 659^^ 

order of county cooocil, 6594nl 

Btate-hoose, costotuan and engioeer 
of, 7779-7789 

2785-5694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5696-8733(;. 

Bnilding Associations, 

annosl statement to members, 44S3e 

articles of association, failure to re- 
cord, 4460 
tee for filing of, 4463a 
assessments on stock for losses, 4455 
association, formation of, 4444 
acceptance of new law by, 4468 
definitionof associ ati on , 4463a 
foreign, receiver, suits, 4463^ 
sttomey -general, duties relating to, 

4478, 4479 
auditor of state, statement of foreign 
eseociations, 4464 

copy of act of incorporation, 4465 

deposits with auditor, 4466 

contract or bond filed, 4466 

service of process, duty as to, 4466 
license issued by auditor, 4467 

revocation of license, 4467 

deposits, security tor claims, 4468 

auditor to deposit with treasurer, 4468 
certificates to agents, 4469 

examinations by auditor, 4470, 4477 
reports and fees to auditor, 4471 

payment of fees to treasurer, 4471 

statement flled with auditor, 4472, 447S 
fees collected by, 4473, 4476, 4477 

publication of statements, 4474 

notice to directors, 4478 

report to attorney -general, 4479 

reports, compilation and publica- 

Uon, 4482 

department created in office of, 44S3 
resolution of liquidation filed 

with. 4463A 

duty of auditor on filing, 4463A 

borrower misrepresenting age, 4557 

by-laws, contents of, 4448, 4449 

capital stock, limit, 4447 

ah area and amount, 4447 

isBoing in series, 4447 

lien on, 4447 

increase of, 4459, 4463/ 

taxation of, 4462, 4463, 4463d 

fee on filing articlee, 4463a 

increase of stock, 446^ 

certificate of oi^nization, 4444 

filing and recording, 4444 

use of aa evidence, 4445 

clerk in auditor's ofiice, 4483 

consolidation of associations, 4463if 

notice and proceeding, 4463^ 

rights of non-coDsentrng mem- 
bers, 4463p 
corporate powers of, 4445 
directors, selection and powers, 4446 
meetings of, 4449 
failore to elect, effect, 4462 
does on stock, 4465 
what may be collected, 446S6 
non-payment, fines, 4463* 
forfeitore of stock for non-pay- 
ment, 44e3« 



VoL 1, Sees. 1-27S4I>. 

Building Assoeiatioiu, 

«xaminationB by aaditor, 4470, 4477 
bond tor costs, 4477 
refosal to permit, 4481 
lees collected by aaditor, 4473, 4476, 4477 
application of teee, 4176, 4477 
for filing articlM ol aasociation, 4463a 
collectioDB from members, 44636 
lor filial; liqaidation reeoladon, 4463A 
fines, collection of, 4461 
collection of from members, 44636 
limit of aesessmeut, 4463e 
foreign assodationi, 4464 
statement filed with Miditor, 4464 
copy of act of incorporation, 4466 
deposit ol cash or bonds, 4466 
failore to pay, revocfttton of li- 
cense, 4466 
service ot process, agreement, 4466 
new bond, requiring of, 4466 
mailing copy of process by aadi- 
tor, 4466 
llcffliee, isBDlDs of, 4467 
revocation ol Ucense, 4466, 4467 
notice o( revocation, 4467 
bnsineBs alter revocatiOD, 4467 
deposits held as secnritv, 4468 
interest, collection on deposits, 4466 
secarities deposited with treu- 

arer, 44SS 
agents to obtain certificates, 4469 
appointment of agents, 4469 
certificates, annnal renewal, 4469 
examinations by aaditor, 4470 
expense of examinations, 4470 
reports by associations, 4471 
payments made to Btate, 4471 
statements to be filed, 4472 
feee collected by auditor, 4473 
publication of statements, 4474 
cost of pablicfttion, 4474 
penalty tor unlawful buBinese, 4475 
receiver for, suits, 4463j 
forfeiture ot rishts by failore to pay, 4455 
infant may hoH stock, 4456 
misrepresenting sge, 4467 
estoppel against, 4457 
insolvent, closing np, 4479 
inspector lor, 4483 
interest, premiums not usorioua, 4463J 
Uen on stock, 4447 
liqaidation by associations, 4463A 
reaolation to go into, 4463A 
filing copy with auditor, 4463A 
fee on filing copy, 4463A 
duty of auditor, 4463A 
no business done after filing no- 
tice, 4463A 

Building ABBociationSf 

loans, manner of, regulation, 4448 

security tor, 4449 

failure to pay installment, 4449 

repayment of loan, 4460 

surrender ot stock, 44S0 

cancellation of mortgage, 4460 

tniBor may hold stock, 4466 

misrepresenting age, 4467 

estoppel agunrt, 4467 

mortgage, cancellation of, 4460 

of real estate, 445S 

officers, nnmber, terms, etc., 4448 

penalties, collection ot, 4466 

premiama not asurioaa, 4446, 4451, 44tt3f 

collection of, 4461 

on loans, agreement, 44631 

contracts as to legalized, 4468< 

not deemed tieary, 44S3f 

publication of statements and reports, 


real estate, purchase of, 4453 

sale, lease and mortgage of, 4453 

amount that may be neld, 4464 

repeal of laws, saving clause, 4461 

reports by local associations, 4476 

to attorney-general, 4479 

failure to make, penal^, 4480 

publication ot, 4482 

secarities, transfer of, 4463e 

stock, limit ot capital, 4447 

shares of, amount, 4447 

isBuing in series, 4447 

lien on, 4447 

surrender on payment of loaa, 4460 

dues on, 4465, 44686 

assessment to pay losses, 4456 

increase of, 4469, 4463/ 

taxation of, 4462, 4463, 4463d 

paid up and prepaid, 446S<I 

withdrawals oy stockholders, 4463« 

amount stockholder to receive, 4463« 

forfeitare tor non-payment ot 

dues, 44S3e 

stockholder, withdrawal by, 4447, 4463s 

notice ot withdrawal, 4447 

payments to be made to, 4447, 4463« 

taxation ot stock, 4462, 4463, 4463d, 8607 

unlawful business, duty ot aaditor, 4478 

withdrawals by members, 4463« 

amounts paid to members, 4463a 


railroads, dnty to keep, 51S6, 5187 


definition and punishment, 2178 

Bnrean of Public Printing, 



Vol. 1, Sect. 1-: 

Bnreaa of Public Printinfc, 


[£4/'«r«M»j art to SecHon*,] 
Vol. 2, BecB. 2785-fiSM«2, 


t, Seca. 5695-87330. 

clerk of board, appointaiBnt, 
datiee and BsUiy, 



mistessance of, 



official printiDC, see, 

Pbimtiwb.Pcbuc, See. 


Borean of Statistics, 


assiBtanta to chief. 


attorney-seneral, dutiea of, 
auditors, blanks , printiog, 



delivering blanka to aawsBOn. T75M 

blanks for use of. 


blind, list ol seat to, 8466 

chief of, appointment, 7768 

term of) 7674«, 7758 

aaaistanta to, 7768 

deputy of, aalarr, 7704 

salary of chief, 6415, 7786, 7769 

cnatodian of state-hoose, removal, 77SO 

engineer at state-houae, removal, 7789 

blanks, form to couaty aadit- 

ore, 7769d 

custodian of state-house, removal, 7780 

-deputy to chief, salary, 7764 

duties of bureau, 7759, 7761 

statistics as to labor, 7760, 7761 

report to legislature, 7760, 7761 

engineer at atate-hoDse, removal, 7789 

«xpen9eB, statement as to, 7769 

fines, attorney.general to sue for, 7771 

iusane, list sent to, 8466 

labor, statistics as to, 7760, 7761 

mutes, list sent to, 8466 

-officers reporting to, 

failure to report, penal^, 
reports made by, 
to le^elatare, 
distribution of reports, 
made to, 

failure to make, penalty, 
Lnrns, penall " 
.larv of cfaiel, 
aociai statistics, duties, 
term, beginning of. 

77696, 7768 

77596, 7770 


7760, 7761 








7762, 7768 

refusal to answer, penalty, 7703 


■connte, joinder with other counts, 1817 
-definition and punishment, 
Insnrance against loss, 493Ia-4(>S]ir 

jurisdiction on removal of property, 1660 
murder in perpetraUng, 1977 


«ailor8 and soldiers, burial of, 816<S/, 8166t 


crimes committed by, 


apples, dried, pounds, 

barley, pounds, 

beans, pounds. 

bine grass seed, poands, 

buckwheat, pounds, 

castor t>eanB, pounds, 

clover seed, pounds, 

coal mined out of state, pounds, 

mined in state, pounds, 
contracts, t«nder of on, 
com meal, pounds, 

shelled, pounds, 

in ear, pounds, 
cranberries, pounds, 
hemp seed, pounds, 
malt rjie, pounds, 
middlings, pounds, 
millet seed, pounds, 
oats, pounds, 

orchard grass seed, pounds, 

osage orange, pounds, 

parsnips, poundB, 

peaches, dried, pounds, 

pop com, pounds, 

potatoes, pounds, 

rye, pounds, 

salt, pounds, 

sweet potatoes, ponnds, 

timothy seed, pounds, 

wheat, pounds, . 

standard bushel, what is, 
tender on contracts, what re- 


tax by cities to encourage, 3620fr-S620e 


using impure articles in making, 2165 


grand jury, filling from, 1720, 1727 

petit jury, fiUii^ from, 541, 1461, 1864 


articles of association , 4464 

filing and recording, 4485 

certified copy as evidence, 4485 

amendment of, 4485 

association, powers at. 4436 

capital stock, amount of, 4490 

division into shares, 4487, 4490 

transfer of shares, 4487 

officers and agents, election, 4488 

policemen, appointment and powen, 4488 

powers of association, 4486 



[BefertitMt are to SeeUoiu.'] 
Vol. 1, Secfl. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-66M<2. Vol. S, Bees. 5G06-873Se. 


record otproceedioga, 4489 

ose of copy aa evidence, 4489 

mlea and regolatioDB, 4488 

Canada Thistle, 

ofleDsee Telatiag to, 2233, 2234 


bridges over, constrDCtion, repair, 

crimes committed on, jarisdictioQ, 1647 
injuries upon, jurisdiction, 312 

locks, opening ot, 2268 

mannfactaring companies, coDstmc- 

tioD, 6081-6086 

obetmction of, 2043 

pollatioo of, 2156 

railroads, using for ri^t of 'wb7, 6395 

repairing bv coaatiee, 7672, 7873 

tow-path, driving on, 2267 

Wabash and Ebii Canal, See. 

Canal Companies, 

articles of association, 

recording of, 
association, purpose of, 
by-laws, adoption of, 
capital stock, amoiftit and shares, 

increase of, 

certiflcatee, transfer, 
corporate name and style, 
connty board, when conseDt neces- 
directors, namber and election, 

notice of election, 

vacancies, filling of, 

meetings of, 
highway, canal to be, 

diversion from use as, 
name and style of corporation, 
navigable, must be kept, 
new canal, constraction of, 
offlcere, selection of, 
property, acquiring and holding, 
records of proceedings, 
rents, reKuiatiOD of^ 
stockholders, meetings of, 

voting by, 
tolls, reflation of. 




articles of association, 4688 

bonds, issue and rate of interest, 4688 

bond to state, additional, 4687 

canale, ase of, 4687 

completing unfinished, 4687 
charter of water-works company 

not affected, 4695 

Canal Companies, 

water-works, corporate powers, 
damages, asseesment of, 
directors, election of, vnsv 

powers of, 4689, 4694 

reorganisation of old companies, 
right of way, acquiring, 
stock, payment for, 

non-payment, forfeiture, 
stock holaers, liability, 

Canal Lands, 

auditor of state, duties as to, 
register of sales, use as evidence, 



Ebie Canal, See. 

Canal Patents, 

evidence, nse of as, 472 

Wasash and Ebie Canal, See. 


bribery to secure nomination, 2327 

bribing of electors, 2328 

nomination of tor election, 6215, 6216 

resignation, filling vacancies, 6223 

election between nominations, 62206 

Elections, See. 

Priuaby Elections, See. 


adulteration of, 

2167tf, 21674 

affidavit and writ, 


arrest and notice to plaintiff. 


bail, liability of. 



Capias Ad Satisfadendom, 

affidavit for, 


bail, release on. 


condition of bond. 


constable may take. 


proceedings against, 
commitment of defendant, 



constable may take bail. 

detank and trial. 

1631, 1632 

leaving state, arrest. 


1629, 1630 


Capital Punishment, 

infliction of, how done. 


Capitation Tax, 




Vol. 1, 8eci. 1-278M. 

Capitol Bnildings, 

cnatodian of, appointment and daties, 

CcsTODiAs Public Buildihos, See. 

Car Factory, 

bt«aking and entering, 2002-2004 


ftction againat tor injariee, 312, 7083-7067 
baggage, reclaiming wrecked, 6397 

common cairien, see, 8294-3312 

embezzlement by, 2025, 2026 

employes, injuriea to, liability, 7083-7067 

ralease ol claims, 7082a-7082c, 7087 
freight, reclaiming wrecked, 6397 

game, carrying onlawtally, 

1666, 1883, 2227 j, 2227i 

Railboadb, See. 

Carroll Connty, 

circoit, in thirty-ninth judicial. 

p. 674, 1394 


p. 674, 13M 

congreaaional district, 

courts, terms in, 

representatiTea apportionod to, 

aalariea ol county officers, o«h 

senators apportioned to, 6682 

sUtutes distributed to, 76I7<1 

Carrying Weapons, 

concealed, panisbment, 2069 


arson in burning ol, 2000 

entering unlawfully, 2002-2004 

highways, obatracting with, 2291, 2297 

moving, getting onto, 2290 

passenger, locking of, 2298 

tools, etc., mnoing without, 2202 
Railroads, See. 


numbering of continuoualy, 384 

Cash Book, 

clerk circuit court to keep, 6529, 7940 

county officers to keep, 6629 

lecorder of coon^ to Keep, 6629 

tieaenrerof county to keep, 6629, 8694, 8599 


bank bill, evidence ae to genninenese, 1670 
process, service on, 318 

Cass Connty, 

circuit, in twenty-ninth, p. S73, 1394 

congressional distiict, 3325 

Cass County, 

courts, terms in, 
representatives apportioned ti 
Baloriea of county officers, 
senators apportioned to, 
statutes distributed to. 

Castor Beans, 

bushel of, what is. 


brands on, altering of, 2063 
Cherokee, bringing into etat«, 

2207, 2867-2870 

cruelty to, 2197 

malicious injury to, 2064 

marhs on, altenng of, 2053 

Texas, bringing into state, 2207, 2867-2870 

Ami HALS, See. 


approaches to, improvement, 4703 
appropriation ol lands for cemeteries, 

4704, 4704a 

associations to maintain, 4688 

incorporation of associations, 4096 

petition to county board, 4696 

notice ol application, 4696 

county board, action of, 4697 

directors, number of, 4697 

election of directors, 4698 

officers, election by directors, 4699 

powers of directors, 4699 

seal of corporation, 4700 

conveyance to by connty board, 4701 

control over grounds, 4702 

real estate tor, bow acquired, 4704 

appraisers, selection, 4705 

report and exceptions, 4706 

loans of funds, 4707 

investmeDts unlimited, 4708 

churches, establishing by, 4734 

cities, control of cemeteries by, el. 6, S541 

county board to convey to, 4276 

acceptance and control, 4277 

power to protect, 4278 

vacation of, 4279 

petition to vacate, 4280 

new grounds, acquiring of, 4281 

removal and reburial, 4282 

title to grounds, 4283 

of 100,000, conatructiiig sewers in, 3858 

of 60,000, control of, 3927 

donor of lands tor, rights of, 5036 
highways, locating through cemeter- 
ies, 4708« 

lands, acquiring for use of, 4281 

donations to cities and towns, 4281 
townahipa, gifts and purchase, 




IBefereneet are to SeclfOM.] 
Vol. 1, B«cfl. 1-27846. Vot. 2, Seca. 278&-fi694«2. Vol. 8, Sea. 


lands, acqoirinK bj tniateM, 47M 

appraiaera, sppoiDtment, 470G 

report and exceptioni, 4706 

payment for lands, 4706 

by lodges and societiee, 60SS, 6034 

donor of groandB, rights of, 6036 

title to lands, S037 

loans of fands of aasodations, 4707, 4708 

lodges and societies owning, 6032 

lands acquired for, 6033 

coantf board holding, 60S4 

platting into lots, burials, 6036 

donor of grounds, rights of, 6036 

title to gronnds, 6037 

mODumenta, etc., in, injury to, 2041 

new eatabliuied, removal and reborial, 

railroads, locating through cemeter- 
ies, 470Se-4708/ 
repair of public cemeteries, 4284 
sewers, location in, 3859/ 
streets, locating through cemeteries, 47086 
taxation, exempting cemeteries from, 4708a 
towns, purchase aad regulation, 

el. 13, 4367 

county board to coovey to, 
acceptance and control. 



power to protect. 


vacation of. 


petition to vacate, 



removal and reburial. 


title to grounds. 


townships, repair of pablie cemeteriM, 4284 

donation of lands to. 


ase of cemetery. 


pnicbase of lands. 


plat and sale of lots. 


vacation of cemeteries. 



by, 4604-4607 


dties, see. 


United Btatas, taking of, 



acknowledgment, false, 
election, officers that receive. 


7670, 7671 

notary, date o( commission, 


secretary of state, filing of acts 



appellate courts may order, 


criminal actions, order tor. 



duel, to fight, penalty. 


grand jurors, challenge of. 

172S, 1726 

petit jurors, dvil actions, 


criminal actions. 


Cbaiif^e of Name, 

application by persona, 
petition to court, 
where made, 
notice by publication, 

Erool of notice, 
earing and decree, 
copy of decree, evidena 

froad conipaniea, change, 
societies, changing names, 
towns, cnanging names. 

Change of Yenne, 

affidavit tot. 






coonty, change from, 
criminal actions, cluuige in, 1838-1849 
expenses, payment by count;, 418 

judge, change from, 419 

pay of special, 420 

justice, change from, 1635-1638 

appointment of special Justice, 1&S6« 
number allowed, 417 

superior court of Madison county, 
cbanee from, 14269 

of Lake, Porter and L« Porte 
counties, cluuige, 1428ol 

of Grant and Howard coonties, 
change, ItiflfS 

tnuiscript and costs, 417 

vacation, change in, 421 

VxNux, 8ee. 


actions for injoiy, joinder, Xn 

limitations as to, 294 

witness, impeachment by proof, 

613, 516, 1872 


associations tor dispensing, 4695c 

board of, see, 3193-3197« 

in cities of 100,000, 3886- 

chnrcbes, organiHttion and powers, 

cities of 100,000, board in, 3886 

of 60,000, board in, 4015, 4016 

of 43,000, boatd in, 41SS, 4189 

poor, report to board of, 8161 

secretary of state board, prison exam- 
ination, 8229 
Bodeties, oivaniiation and powers, 


Charitable Societies, 

names, changine of, 8198-3200 

organisation ana powers of, 4742-4761 
poor, co-operation with overseen, 8166 
taxation, exemption of proper^, 8412 



1. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. S 



dtiefl, nurender by, 3673-3G76 

extfiiuion ol, prohibition, 5477 

conrideration for KTsnt, 6479 

spedal, continiiaiice, S44&-^1, 6124-6138 


■neBBment for taxation, 8421, 8469, 8460 
execution, sale of mortgaged on, 734 

liens of mechanics on, 7288-7270 

sale for over $50, when void, 6635 

taxation, aSHeament for, 

8418-6430, 8169, 8460 



Chattel Mortga^ 

foreclosare, aale, 
poaaeBsion and title, 
receipts for payments, 

recording of, 

where to be recorded, 
when deemed recorded, 

taxation, aesesament of propettj, 

Chattels, Beal, 
execntion, sale ot on, 
lim of jnilgmenta on, 


execntion sale of, 
larceny ot, 


impure, making ot,] 

Chonist, State, 

Cherokee Cattle, 

bringing into state, 2207, S869, 2870 

Chief Jnstiee, 

appellate conrt, of, 1365 

impeachment trial, pndding, ei08p 

■opreme conrt, ot, 1328 


adoption of, 835-841 

apprenticing of, 7299-7317 

by township tmstees, 7301, 81651, 8168 
■aylnms for orphan children, 

81860-3186*, 4683, 4583b 

bastard, legitimizing, 2631 

concealment of, 1966 


cruelty to, penalty, 2240 

preventing, 4689 

custody, rights ot parents, 2682 

dance-noase, exhibiting in, 2243 

dependent, bringing into state, 

desertion of, penalty, 2254 

detaining or concealins, 1989 

disposing ot for nnlawfnl porpose, 

edacation of, compulsory, 6033»-6033J 
elevators, operating, 7087d 

employing in prohibited trades, 2237 

enticing or concealing of, 1989' 

enumeration for acliool purposes, 

SW7, 6068, 6961 
exhibiting in dance-bouses, 2243 

factories, employment in, 7067a, 70B7fr 

X rating ot elevators, 7087(f 

DS tor, 2673-271S 

Hiring of in certain trades prohibited, 2237 

tor underground work, 

2244, 7466, 7467 
inheritance by, 837, 2622, 2029-26300 

iMitimate, when are, 1037-1041. 2681 

li<]uors, sale of to, 2190, 7283/ 

mines, working in, 
overworking of, 
aabstitntion of, 
tobacco, sale to, 
weapons, furnishing to, 
witness, competency as. 

Mi NOBS, See. 

Children's Onardlans, 

board ot, tee, 8ia7-8102fr 


appropriation to prevent spread ot, 0726^ 

Chose in Action, 

execution sale ot, 78& 

Christmas Day, 

holiday as to commercial paper, 76B1 

liquors, sale prohibited, ZIM, 2196 


arrests at church, 2896 

attendance on, no compulsion, 49 

board of foreign missions, organiza- 
tion, 4761a 
perpetuity and powers, 47516 
consolidating societies, 4751e-4761f 
breaking or entering into, 2002-2004 
consolidation of organizations, 4728a 
certificate, execation, recording, 47286 
rights of new association, 4728e 
diocese, incorporation, 474lo-*741i» 





or^miEStJon nnder volanUry associa- 

tion act, 
police powers ot sextons, 
real estate, ownine of, 
trustees to hofd, 

4714, 4727 
4710, 4723 

Chorcbes, Union of, 

appointment ot trastees, effect, 
b^-lawB, adoption ot, 
certificate ol orraDisation, 
contents ftnd recording, 

4710, 4723, 4726 

use ot as evidence, 4724 

consolidation ot orgaoiEations, 472Sa 

certificate, execution, recording, 47266 

rights ol new BSsociBtion, 4728c 

corporate name and style, 4711, 4720 

powers and rights, 
educational, etc., societies by, 
bj'laws, adoption ot, 
colleges and schools, establish- 
ment, 4607-4609 
high-schools, establishment, 4fil8, 4R26 
notice ot election ot trustees, 4742 
officers, election ol, 4747 
property, acquiring ot, 4744 
sale and loan ot, 4746 
seal, procurinic ot, 4746 
treasurer, bond, gait on, 4750 
tmsteea, election ot, 4742 
certificate of election, record- 
ing, 4743 
sale ot loss ot property, 
officers, election of, 
minute ot proceedings, 
terms ot, 

vacancies, filling ot, 
holding over by, 
treasurer ot, bond, eoit on, 
liabilitieB and powers, 
officers ot new church, 
otganiiation as voluntary associalions, 


property, conveyance to, 4712 

power to acquire and hold, 4725 

sale ot, 4728 

protestant episcopal church, 4729 

corporation and power*, 4729 

name and style of, 4729 

wardens and vestrymen 

number and terms ot, 
property, holding ot, 

9Ble o: 


holding in trust, 

rector member of vestry, 

trast, holding property in, 

execution ot tnist, 
wardens and vestrymen incorpo- 

number and terms ot. 


4734, 4736 

4739, 4740 

Chorcheg, Union ol, 

vacancies, filling ot, 4732 

change ot name and number, 4733 
powers of, 4734 

real estate, iiolding, 4734 

personal property of, 4735 

sale or lease of property, 4736 
election ot new vestry, 4738 

trust, holding property in, 

4739, 4740 
diocese, incorporation, 

4741a, 4741? 
synods, etc., formation of, 4710 

meeting tor organixat^on, 4717 

notice of meeting, 4718, 4719 

Mlection ot tmsteee, 4720 

name, adoption of, 4720 

vacancies and terms, 4721 

record ot proceedings, 4722 

fiUngcopy with secretary ot state, 4723 

evidence ot incorporation, 
powers ot corporation, 
filing copy with recorder, 
roles and by-laws, 
sale ot property, 
trustees, appointment ot, 

meeting and organization, 
record ot proceeidings, 
to be corporation, 
conveyance ot property to, 
for synods, etc., 
selvction and terms, 
vacancies, filling ot. 

voluntary aaaociatioa act, organicatioD 

4716, 4720 



minors, selling or giving to, 21866 

using minor as witness, 21S5e 

penalty tor violating act, 21SSc 

Circoit Courts, 


allowances by, 

circuits, division ot state into, 

judges t« reside in, 

composition ot circaits, 
clerk, examination of office, 

see clerk circuit court, 
commissions, granting by, 
common pleas court, transfer of busi- 
ness, 1388, 1389 

certifying records, 1390 

continuance ot causes, 1378 

by adjournment, 1379 

contempts, power over, 1374 

drainage, jurisdiction, 






Vol, J, Seci. 1-2784&. 

Circuit Courts, 


\^Rtferenu» are to BteUon».'\ 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-d694«2. Vol. 8, 8eca. 5695-8733.;. 

Gircnits, Judicial, 

general powere ol, 

jDdgeB. court coaaieta at one, 
election and term of, 
mnat reside in circait, 
holding conrts out of drcnit, 
apecial judgee, 
removal of jadges, 
phj, regulation of, 

time ol election, 1004 

recogniiancea by, 1376 

failure to attend court, 1377 

nnable to aerve, jiidsepro Um., 1891 

dutiea ol pro Um. judge, 1392 

■alary of jiro t»n>. fudge, 1393 
absence ol, apecial judge, 

1444, 1446, 1447 

■pedal jad^ In vacation, 144S 

pay of special, 420 
ealariBB of iudgea, 

1438, 1439, 14390-14397 

jurisdiction of, 1366 

in two or more connties, 1370 

jury coDuniBsioners, appointment, 1449 

master oommiasioneis, appointment, 1462 

oaths, administering of, 1374 

proceedings, record of, 1382 

signing of, 1383 

process, issuing of, 1367 

Iraming new writs, 1368 

prosecuting attorney, approval of 

bond, 7810 

appointing special, 7813 

Tecogniiances, taking of, 1376 

record of proceedings, 1382 

signing of, 13S3 
nnsigned l^liied, 1383a 

reporters, appointment of, 1470-1477a 

nuee, adoption of, 1375 

aalaries ol iudges, 

1488, 1439, 1439a-1439ir 

«eal, description of, 1372 

use of private, 1373 

ahort-bana reporters, appointment, 


apecial Judges on change of venne, 419 

pay of BOCb judges, 420 

inability ol regular judge, 1391 

duties of such special jud^, 1S92 

salary of such judge, 1393 
absence of regular jn.^, 

1444, 1446, 1447 

in vacation, 1448 

style and name of court, 1365 

terms of, when held, 1365, \3M 

adjourned terms, 1386, 1443 

special terms, 1386 

extended to end of trial, 1442 

Courts, See. 

4— OIN, IN. 


division of state into, 1394 






license and fee to exhibit, 7281 





cities, construction by, el. 48, 8541, 3607 


poisoning of, penalty, 1998 

administrators and executon, 

2401, 2456, 2548 

disobeying of, penalty, 2123 
will, to produce, 2752, 2753 


crimes, dtiea not to punish for, 1700 
Cities, General Class, 

accounts, clerk to keep, 3604 

actions by, necessary allegations, 3499 

against railroads, process, 9900 

judgments aeainBt railroads, 8500 

agents of railroodB, judgments, 3600 

to recover penalties, 3601 

process, 8601 

reference to ordinance, 3501 

noting on docket, 3501 
Judgment, enforcement, 
replevy of ii 

annexation of platted lots, 

resolution of conncil, 

recording in recorder's office, 

of lands, 

resolution of council, 

consent of owner, 

petition to county board, 

description and plat, 

proceedings of board, 

order by board, 

appeal from proceedings, 

cities and towns, see, 
appeal from sorveys of engineer, 

' n order establishing feny, 
n harbor assessments, 
n drainage proceedings, 
n levee proceedings, 
n street assessments, 
n opening of streets, 

. ■, duties of, Si 

attorney, city, election, term, 

removal of. 




[Be/erenee* are to SectUm*.'] 
Yol. 1, Sees. 1-27946. Vol. a, 8ec8. 2786-6&94«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-«733c. 

Cities, General Glass, 

Cities, General Class, 

auctioDB BDd BUctioneera, regnUting, 

cir^, S641 
auditor for city, election, 3476 

bank stock, taxation of, 4230-4245 

board public improvemente, el. 32, 3641 

otliealth, cl. 36,3641 

of public works in cities of 
bonds of mayor, 

4t city officers, 

to construct water- works, 

tor money borrowed, 

for landinc debts, 

to pay stock subscriptions, 

to pay railroad subscriptions, 

6378, 5390-5302 

for school buildings, 5976-6977 

for sewer asscBsments, payment, 3597c 

of contractors, 36236, 43006 

borrowing money by cities of 15,000, 

bridges, regulating, el. 40, 3541 

stock in companies, 3612, 3613 

power of city over, 3623 

when county to build, 8283 

boildinga, cleaning of, 

condemnation of, 

fixing fire limits as to, 

destruction to Stop fire, 
by-lawB, power to make, 
cemeteries, regulating, 

cities and towns, see, 
census, petition, order for, 

taking and return, owo 

charters of old cities, surrender of, 


eurrendering of charter, 3673-3676 
chief fire department, election, term, 3476 
cisterns, construction, c' ' 
d^ court, judge, election, 

commission, oath, bond, 

style and jurisdictio 

causes, when I ' 

seal of court, 

court of record, judgments, 

process, service, 

rales and powers of judge, 

sittings, records, transcripts, 

change of venne, 

trials, court or jury. 

3558, 3671 

el. 10, 3641 
el. 82. 3541 
cl. 32, 3641 

el. 6. 3641 



Cl. 43, 3641, 3597 


marshal or constable attending, 
lees of officers, 
fees ol judge, 
judge pro (em., 
judge may practice law, 
dril engineer, eppoinUnent, term, 
removal of, 
duties of. 


civil engineer, surveys made by, 
record of surveys, 
appeal from surveys, 
duties OS to harbors and docks, 
levees, duties a 


clairvoyants, regulation and license, 3541a 

clork, election, term, 3476 

general duties of, 360S 

recording council proceedings, 3503 

orders on treasurer, 3604 

roaster of orders and receipts, 3504 
filing and keeping documents, 3604 
receipts and disbursements, 3604 

tax duplicate, making of, 8606 

qnietuB for money paid treasnrer, 3516 
commiseionere, sinking fond, 8564 

politics, election, oaths, bonds, 3564 
ol city, appointment, duties, 8629-3667 
of electnc lights and water-works, 
duties. 3643<i-3643ir 

commissions, signing by mayor, 3497 

common council, election of mem- 
bers, 3476 
terms of mem beia, 3476 
must reside in wards, 3476 
vacancies, fillingand terms, 3484,8485 
record of |>roceeding8, 3608, 3632 
use ol copies as evidence, 3603 
who compose council, 3631 
mayor presides over, 3531 
vote by mayor, 3531 
meeting of council after election, 3531 
president pro (em., 8531 
meetings, regular and special, 3632 
quorum, what is, 3532 
minutes, clerk to keep, 8508, 3532 
officers, election by, 3633 
rules lor government, 353S 
deputies, may authorise, 3533 
expelling of members, 3636 
removal of officen, 3636 
pay of members, 3640 
general powers of, 3541 
streets, powers over, 862S 
consolidation with town, 4208-4217 
contempts, power of council, ct. 60, 3541 
contracts, prohibition as to officers, 

corporation, sabscribing lor stock, 

8612, 3613 
conncilmen, nnmber, election, 
terms of, 

vacancy, filling and term, 
must reside in wards, 
expulsion of, 
salaries of, 
conrts, holding by mayor, 
jurisdiction of, 

jury trials, awi 

pleading and practice, S497 





Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. 

Cities, General Glass, 

conrta, docket of mayor, 

depositing on abeeoce, 

when majorneed not hold, 

joBtices, when to bold, 

city conrta, 

criminal jurisdiction, 
crimes, cities not to punish, 1709 

debts, tanding of, 355S-3660, SGTl, 3S72 

limit as to, 3559 

interest on, tax, S617 

cities and towns, see, 4199-43(^ 

deed, acknowledgment before mayi 




depositions, mayor may take, 

depatdes to dty officers, 
coancil mayanthorize, 

dogs, taxing, 

docket ol mayor, 

deposit in absence, 3498 

entry on as to suits, 3601 

docks, construction and control of, 

el. S4, 3541 
regulating harbors and docks, 


drains, powers over, cl. 2, 26, 43, 61, S541 
oonstmction of, 3598 

damages and benefits, 3698 

petition, remonstrance, hearing, 3599 
report, correction, hearing, 3600 

conatraction ol work, 3601 

aaseaaments, collection, 3601 

notice, liens, recording, 3602 

informalities, release, 3603 

repairs, law as to, 3604 

report of commissioner, 3606 

agreement ss to benefibg and dam- 
ages, 3600 

[Be/ereiieef are to SecUont.'] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5596-8783c 

Cities, General Class, 

electric light commissioners, duties, 

. 3643(i-364S{r 

engineer, civil, election, t«rm, 3478 

removal of, 3476a 

duties of generally,. 3506 

harbors and docks, duties as to, 3595 
leveea, dutiea ss to, 3611 

fees of mayor, 3498 

fayment to city, 3498 

jr boarding prisoners, 3502 

ol city clerk, 3503 

of city marshal, 8512 

of city attorney, 3613 

of city treasurer, 3529 

fences, partition, regulating, ci. 41, 3541 
lerries, powers and duties as to, ''°'"' 

assessments against, 
repairing drains, 
converting into sewers, 
election on incorporating, 
board of election, 
holding and return, 
statement filed with cleil, 
result in lavor ol dty, 


officers, election ol. 



time ol election. 


oath of officers. 


laws regulating, 


canvass of votes. 


inspectors, duties of. 


certificates o( election. 


tie vote, certifying, 


notice to persons elected. 


refusal to serve, penalty. 


vacandes, filling of, 


terms of appointees, 
precincts for, 
laws regnlating. 




contest of election. 



cl. 32, 3641 

finances, control ol, 

fire apparatus, 

limits, desi gating, 
chiel, election, term, 
department, 3861 

wardens, coancilmen are, 3661 

regulations, 3662 

engines and bouses, 3663 

hook and ladder companies, 3663 

roles lor Kovernment, 3663 

chiel engineer, power, duties, 3664 
assistants, appomtment, 3664 

duties of assistants, 3664 

police powers, 3664 

jnry and military service, 3665 

destruction of buildings, 3666 

damages, assessment, 3660 

metropolitan depariJnents, 3701-3716 

firo-arms'and works, el. 3, 3541 

firemen, pensions for, 4190nll-4190<112 
exemption Irom taxation, 6623 

funding ol debts, cities of 16,000, aS58-3660 
by otherdtiea, 3571, 3/172 

cities and towns, see, 4199-4202 

garbage, removal ol, el. 22, 3641 

general powers, 3641 

amueemente, regulation of, el. 15, 3641 
animals, running at large, ci. 21, 3541 
assemblages, disorderly, cl. 7, 3541 
auction and auctioneers, 
bathing, regulating, 
begging, preventing, 

beila, rinsing of, 
board public imp 


cl. 38, 3541 
cl. 19, 3.541 
cl. 20, 3541 
a. 23, 3641 

!, 3541 
el. 36, 3541 
el. 40, 3541 
el. 10, 3541 
cl. 32, 3541 

of health, 
bridges, regulating, 
buildings, cleaning of, 

condemnation of, 

destniction to slop fire, 
canals, regulating, el. 40, 3541 

cemeteries, regulating, cl. 5, 3541 
cisterns, construction, cl. 43, 3541 

coaches, use of, cl. 12, 36, 39, 3641 
coal, selling and weighing, cl. 31, 3641 



lBe/errtiet» are to Stelion*.'} 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-66»4«2. Vol. 8, Bees. 66»-8733e. 

Cities, General Glass, 

general powere, conservators o( peace, 
desigDating, cl. 29, 3541 

contempt, punishment, el. 50, 3541 
calverts, n»ulating, el. 40, 3541 

dead, burial ot, el. 6,3541 

diseases, control of persons hav- 
ing, el. 24, 3541 
docks and piets, el. 34, 3541 

construction and repairs, 3588-3596 
drains, powers over, 

cl. 2, 28, 43, 61, 3541 

construction of, 3598-3506 

drawbridges, regulating, cl. 40, 3641 
drays, regulating, cl. 12, 3541 

driving, regulating, cl. 17, 3541 

electric light poles, regulating, 3541a 
engine-honaea, building, el. 33, 3541 
exemptions from street improve- 
ments, el. 49, 3541 
exhibitions, regniating, el. 16, 3541 
fakirs, license and regulating, 3541a 
fences, partition, regulating, 

el. 41, 3541 
finances, control of, 3541 

fire appamtos, el. SO, 3541 

limits, fixing, <U. 32, 3541 

fire-arms and works, cl. 3, 3541 

games, regniating, el. 14, 3541 

gaming and gaming-honses, cl. 9,3541 
garbage, removal of, cl. 23, 3541 

cities and towns, 4195 

gas-works, constructing and regu- 
lating, el. 28, 3641 

connections, regrolating, 3543 

legnlatioos by cities and 

towns, 4306 

hacks, use of, el. 12, 3641 

hand-oTganB, regulating, cl. 1, 3541 

harbors, conatraction of, el. 34, 3641 

regulating harbors and docks, 

bay, selling and weighing, el. 31, 3541 

horses, regulating speed, el. 39, 3541 

faoBpitals, building, cl. 33, 3541 

houses ot refuge, cl. 33, 3541 

Inns, licensing, el. 13, 3541 

itinerant dealers, license, 3541a 

lectures, when no lee, cl. 18. 3641 

licensee forbusinese, cl. 13, 3541, 3541a 

tor sports and games, cl. 14, 3541 

for clairvoyants and fakirs, 3641a 

for vehicles, 3541a 

lighting of city, el. 28, 3541 

literary subiects, lectures, no tee, 

cl. 16, 3541 
locomotives, regulating speed, 

cl. 39, 42. 3541 

market-bouBes, cl. II, 29, 33, 3541 

erection on streets, 3544 

maintaining of, 3546, 3546 

sale and conveyance of, 

3541&, 3514c 

Cities, General Class, 

general powen, mendicants, punish- 
ing, el. 20, 3641 
mortality, keeping bills, el. 25, 3641 
music in streets, cl. 1, 3541 
nuisance, preventing, suppress- 
ing, el. 22, 3641 
omnibuses, regniating, . el. 36, 3541 
partition fences, cl. 41, 3541 
party walls, cj. 41, 3641 
peace, preservation of, cl. 7, 3541 
peBt-baueee, bailding, cl. S3, 3541 
police, establishing, r^nlating, 

cl. 8, 3641 
pounds, public, cl. 27, 3641 

powder magasinee, el. 11, 3541 

prisons, er^ion of, cl. 44, 3641 

property, control of, 3541 

prostitutes, punishing, el. 20, 3541 
quarantine regulations, el. 6, 3641 

railroad tiatnB, regulating speed, 

el. 39, 42, 3641 

cleaning streets, el. 42, 3541 

real estate, purchase ot, el. 46, 3541 

sale of, el. 47, 3641 

sale ot market or public 

square, 3560a 

execution ot daed, 3560b 

tiding, regulating, el. 17, 3541 

riots, qnelling, cl. 7, 3641 

rannere at depots, etc., el. 37, 3641 
school truBt«ee, report, el. 48, 3641 
sewers, regnlaUng, cl. 40, 43, 3541 

construction of, 3697 

shade trees, d. 4fi, 3641 

slanghter-honsee, regniating, 

el. 11, 3641 
soap factories, el. 4, 3641 

■peed ot horses and vehicles, 

cl. 39, 3541 

streets, r^ulating nse, cl. I, 3541 

cleaning of, cl. 10, 3641 

incumberii^ ot, cl. 18, 3641 

improvements, exemption, 

el. 49, 3641 
street railways, r^ulating poles, 3541a 
tallow chantfleriea, cl. 4, 3541 

taverns, licenaing, el. 13, 3641 

telegraph and telephone poles, 3641a 
theatres, regulating, cl. 16, 3541 

tolls, collecting, cl. 40, 3641 

vsgrants, paniahing, el. 20, 3641 

vehiclea, regulating, el. 12, 36, 39, 3641 
vice, preventing, cl. 7,3541 

wallB, party, building, el. 41, 3641 

water-works, conBtruction, cl. 26, 3541 
connectiona, regulating, 3543 

wharves, docks, piers, cl. 34, 3541 

wood, selling, cl. 31, 3641 

Eradea of atreete. changing, damages, 3608 
arbors, construction of, cl. 34, 3541 

making and improving of, 3577 

city may do work, 367S 



[Reference, ar 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. • 

Cities, Qeneral Glass, 

harbore, contract for work, 3S79 

nutp, profile, estimate, 3680 

appropriation of land, 36SI 

condemnation of land, 368'J 

appraisement, notice, !t5S3 

report of benefits and dsmagee, 3584 
tender, poBBession, 36S6 

appeal from ameBBment, 35SS 

asaeBsmentB, liens, collection, 3687 
regulation ol harbors, 3588 

docke, construction, 3688 

repairs ol docks, 3689 

noticee, iasoing, service, 3590 

construction or repair by ci^, 3o91 
plan and estimate, 3592 

assessments tor work, 3692-3694 

liability ot city, 3595 

city engineer enperintendi, 3696 

laws applicable to work, 3596 

health officer, election, term, S476 

board of, el. 35, 3641 

mayor and council on board, 6716 

highways, locating on boundary lines, 


bnmane inspector, appointment, sal- 




petition tor appointment, 
autf ot police commissioners, 
duties ot inspector, 
pay of ine^tOT, 
powers of inspector, 
affidavit as to violations ot law. 
impriaanment, power of mayor, 

to enforce jadgmeut, oovi 

prisoners, where confined, el. 44, 3641 

indnatrial training schools, 594S-6960 

jail, use ot county, 4194 

judge, city, term ot, 3476, 3667 

election of, 

commission, oath, bond, 
court held by, 
fndgment, enforvement, 

replevy ot, aoui 

working out, 3502 

jurisdiction of mayor, 3497 
outside ot corporate limits, 

el. i, 11, 3541 

(or conatraction ot leveei, 3609 

lor abating naisancea, 3615 

resnlating sale ot liquors, 3615 

jury trials before mayor, 3497 

justice ot peace, acting as mayor, 3498 

holding city conn by, 3498 

levees, construction, repair, 3607 

aarvey, location, estimates, 3607 

benefits and damages, 3607 

taxes, collection, 3607 

contract tor work, 3608 

element, 3608 

risdiction ontside city, 3609 

collection pt assessments, 3610 

engineer to make surveys, 3611 

Cities, General Glass, 

libraries, establishing and maJntain- 
ins, 4972-49S8p, 6013-6017 

bonds, issue ot, 6942a 

licenses, signing by ma^or, 3497 

granting ot tor bnsmess, 

a. 13, 3541,3541a 
for sports and games, cl. 14, 3641 

clairvoyants and fakirs, 3541a 

branch and department stores, 3641a 
for vehicles, 3641a 

to merchants, 723U 

lighting ot city, el. 28, 3541 

electric light commissioners, du- 
ties, 36430-3543(1 
cities and towns, 4301-4306 

liquors, control over places where 
sold, el. 13, 3641 

regulating sale, jurisdiction, 3616 

(ee (or license, 7282 

loans, bonds to secure, 8554-3667 

temporary, taxes, 3620 

market-houses, resniating, 

cJ. 11,29,33,3641 
erection on streets, 3644 

maintaining ot, 3646, 3546 

naisance, when, 3.546 

sale and conveyance ot, 3660a, 36606 

marebal, election and term ot, 3476 

powers and duties ot, 3510 

arrest without process, 3610 

service of process by, 3610 

duty on making arrest, 3510 

has powers of constables, 3511 

fees of, 3512 

office abolished in certain cities, 3724 

matron of police in certain cities, 3730a 
appointment ot matron, 3730a 

authority and removal ot matron, 

accommodations to be tumished, 3730e 
jailer, matron acta as, 3730e 

salary ot matron, 3730c 

attendance on courts, 3730d 

qualiflcationa and recommenda- 
tions, 3730e 

mayor, election, term, 3476 

duties and powers ot, 3497 

is conservator ot peace, 3497 

commissions, licenses, signing, 8497 
seal, to have custody of, 3497 

deeds, acknowledgment before, 3497 
depositions, taking of, 3407 

court, holding by, 3497 

jurisdiction ot, 3497 

imprisonment, power as to, 3497 

jury, trials before, 3497 

pleading and practice, 3497 

bond ot, 3497, 3630 

docket, keeping ot, 3498 

absent, depositing docket, 3498 

acting mayor, power of, 3498 

tees ot mayor, 3498 



[B^ereneet are to Section*.'] 
Vol. 1, Sece. 1-27846. Vol. 2. Smb. 2786-5694e2. Vol. 3. Sees. 5695-8TS3*. 

Cities, General Glass, 

otdeTS, register and cancellfttion of re- 
deemed, S515 
payment by treaeorer, 3516 
interest on, 3616, 3517, 3517a 
notice to praaent, 3517, 35176 
non-payment, indorsement, SSlTa 
delivery to clerk of redeemed, 3518 
DO money, not iMaed, 3561 

ordinancee creating wards and pre- 
cincts, notice, 3471 

Cities, Oeneral Class, 

mayor, payment of tees to city, 34S8 

wtien not tb hold court, 8498 

justice of peace, when to act as, 3498 
octione, necessary allegations, 3499 
orders on treasarer, s^ns, 3504 

president of cooncil, 3531 

voting by, 3631 

7eto of ordinances, 3534a 

on board of health, 6718 

oathe, administering by, 3497, 8086 
marriage, Bolemnizing, 7291 

metropolitan police boards, 3701 

in cities of 60,000, 3701-3716 

in cities of 10,000, 3717-3730 

Are department in cities of 60,000, 

natural gas, supplying, 4306 

night acboolB in cities, 6922 

notices, service of, 4207 

nuisance, when market-house is, 3546 

abatement, iurisdiction, 3616 

oaths of city officers, 3530 

mayor may administer, 3497, 8086 

officers of eit' . 

mayor, election and term, 
councilmen, number, election, 

terms of councilmeD, 
clerk, election and term, 
treasurer, election, term, 
civil engineer, election, term, 
Street commissioner, election, 

chief fire department, elecUon, 

health oEBcer, election, term, 
marshal, election and term of, 
city fttterney, election, term, 
city judge, term, 
continuance in office, consent of 

time of election of, 
beginning of terms of, 
deputies, appointment. 




3483, 3484 

Midi tor, when elected, 
election, manner of, 
refusal to serve, penalty, 
vacancies, filling of, 
terms of appointees, 
bonds of, 3497, 3530 

oaths of, 3530 

elected by council, 3633 

expulsion and removal of, S476a, 3536 
contracts, prohibition ae to, 3639, 3625 
parchaee of claims by, 3639 

salaries of, 3640 

qualifications for, 4101 

orders on treasurer, 3504 

treasarer only to pay money on, 

receipt by treasurer in payment, 

3515, 3617 

reference to, 
passage of, 

signing and recording, 
veto by mayor, 
penal, publication, 

record as evidence, jmou 

power to enact, S6I6 

not to cover crimes, 1709 

park commissioners, appointment, 




oaths and bonds, 


officers, election, bonds. 



tai, levy, application, 


duties of commissioners. 


pay of commissioners. 


reports by board, 
rules for government, 
cities and towns, 




arks, sale and conveyance o(. 

party walls, r^^ulating, el. 41, 3541 

pawnbrokers, control of, 4313 

penal ordinances, publication, 3535 

penalties, power to prescribe, 3610 

plate and survevs, 4231-4238 

police, metropolitan, in cities of 

50,000. 3701-3716 

in ciUes of 10,000, 3717-3730 

police matron in certain cities, B730a 

appointment of matron, 3730a 

authority of matron, 3730b 

removal of matron, 37306 

accommodations for matron and 

prisoners, 3730e 

jailer, acting as by matron, S730e 

salary of matron, S730e 

attendance on courts, 8730(1 

qualifications and recommenda- 
tions, 3730« 
poor, infirmary for, , 3563 
precincts, division of cities into, 3470 
ordinance creating, notice, 3471 
prisons, erection and control, el. 44, 3541 
cities and towns, see, 4194 
use of county, 4194 
property, control of, 3541 
purchase and sale of, cl. 46, 47, 3641 
market or public square, sale, 3550a 
conveyance of property, 3660& 
stolen property, disposal of, 




[£e/«r«ne«« are to 8tet(<mi.} 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seca. 27S6-S504«2. Vol. 3, Socb. 5695-8733e. 

Cities, General Class, 

public property, sale and conveTance, 

8660a, Sa 

iloaniiitiDe regulalaoiis, et. 6, 3641 

railroads, saita againat, 3600 

process against, 3600 

agents, proceedings againat, 3500 

regulating speed of trains, 

a. 3», 42, 3641 
cleaning of streets, cl. 42, 3641 

reculating grade, 3642 

subscribing for stock in, 3612, 8618 
aid to on state line, 6377-6303 

bonds to pay subscriptions, 

granting right of way, 6398 

m streets, regalating poles, 3541a 

real estate, purchase of, el. 45, 3541 

sale of, ct. 47, 3541, 3548-36506 

sale and (Mmveyance of, 

cl. 47, 3641, 3650a, 35506 

sanitary nse, purchase, 3561 

' Tanners at depots, etc., cl. 37, 3541 

aalaries of officen, 3540 

schools, superintendent member state 

board, 5849 

cities are school corporations, 5914 

election of school trostees, 5915 

night schools in, 6922 

superintendent of, 6924 

school commissioaers, 5930 

a and duties. 


industrial training, 6948-6960 

school buildings, Donds for, 6975 

use of proceeds, 6978 

Ux to pay bonds, 6977 

cities of 46,000, schools iu, 


truant officers, 6033e 

school trustees, report, el. 48, 3641 

seal, mayor has costody, 3497 

adoption and use, 3637 

aewers, regulating, el. 40, 43, 3541 

^ith, 3543 

cities and towns, see, 
resolution for, notice, 
bonds, iseotng of, 
construction, cost. 


3597a, 3623e 

J, cost, 35976 

laws governing assessments, 36S7c 
bonds, payment, 3697e 

Gonstracting in cities and towns, 


cemrteriee, sewers in, 3858, 3859/ 

shade trees, planting, el. 48, 3541 

cities, care of trees, 3743a-3743(! 

cities and towns, 4198 

sidewalks, constructing, repairing, 3623 

nnkii^ tnnd comraisaionera, 3563 

election, oath, bond, S564 

terms of, 3564 


Cities, General Class, 

sinking fund commissioners, report to 

of tuea collected, 3666 

deposit of fund, 3666 

puolishing statement, 3666 

interest on bonds, payment, 3567 

interest not paid on principal, 3567 

redemption of bonds, 35S7 

misapplication of funds, 3587 

pay of commissioners, 3668 

removal of commissio ""■" 

vacancies, filling of, 

tax to create fund, ooio 

slaughter-houses, regulating, el. 11, 3541 

soap factories, control of, el. 4, 3541 

stock in corporations, subscription, 

cl. 26, 3641, 3012, 3613 
bonds to pay for stock, 3614 

in library companies, 4898, 4999 

Stolen property, disposal of, 3660e 

sale woen unclaimed, 3650il 

perishable, sale of, 3550« 

proceeds, disposal of, 3660/ 

payment to owner, 3650^ 

act not applicable, when, S550A 

streams, power over, 3638 

street commissioner, election, term, 


employing laborers, 3609 

not to contract debts, 3509 

street railways, right and control of, 

poles in streets, regulating, 3641a 

streets, change of gnde, damages, 3608 
regulating use of, 

el. 1,3641,4302,4303,4306 
cleaning of, el. 10, 3541 

incumbering of, cl. 18, 3541 

exemption, improvement, el. 49, 3541 

pipes in for heating, etc., 

Kwer of city over, 
ring out and changing, 
labor on, when may require, 
improvement, order, notice, 
contract and bond. 


l>eneflta and damages, 
action by council, 
appeal from assessment, 
lien of assessments, 

Eayment of assessments, 
onds for assessments, 
E ay meats by city, 
enefits denned, 
improvement, petition for, 
resolution, adoption, 
costs, apportionment, 3 

credit for old improvement, 
officer not to have interest, 
lien for costs, enforcement^ 
redemption from sale, 
action to enforce lien, 
notice to owner. 



Vol. l.SecB. 1-27846. 

Cities, General Class, 

Btteeta, attorney's fees, 
nnlawtul teee, damages, 
penalty for illegal tees, 
eatimatee tor work, 

partial payments, 

Goancil may order without peti- 
payment of BBseesments, 
precept for osBesements, 
appeal and proceed! Dge, 
sale of property, 
redemption from sale, 
in cities of certain counties, 1 
ordinance for improvement, ! 

notice to owners, 362Se 

refusal of owner, 
collecting assessments, 
teceiptinK record, 
change of grade, improvement, 362^ 
laws not affected, «»«". 

opening and vacating, 
commissioners, appointment, 
reference to committee, 
report of committee, 

duty of 



bearing before commissioneTS, 3632 

assessing damages and benefits, 3633 

payment by city, 3633 

report of commiseioners, 3634 
description of improvement and 

lands, 3636 
damages and benefits set off, 3635 
real estate to be considered, 3636 
infants and insane, proceedings, 3636 
action of council on report, 3637 
copy of report to treasurer, 3638 
lien ot assessments, 8638 
payment ol damages, 3639 
collectioa of asseaaments, 3640 
report of collections, S641 
property of corporations, 8642 
notice to corporation, 3642 
appeal from proceedings, 3643 
questions tried on apfieal, 364S 
injunction sot to lie, when, 3644 
treasurer to pay or tender dam- 
ages, 3646 
tendenng dami^es, injanction, 3646 
vacation of streets, 3647 
petition to council, 3647 
action of commissionen, 3646 
report ot commissioners, 3649 
action on report, 3650 

change of Street by lot-ownerfi, 
obstmctionB, removal, wkm 

plats, recording, 3665 

pending proceedings not aSected, 3656 

Cities, General Class, 

streets, improvements after notice, 
new Btreeta to conform to old, 
cities and towns, improvement. 

surrendering charters by cities 


surveya by civil engineer. 


appeal from, 


and plats. 


tax dunlicate, clerk to make, 
taxes, limits as to levy. 



rate, fixing ot, 




payment, time, 


compromise of, 


firemen, exemption of. 


8670, 8672 

taxation, assessor, duties of, 



lien of taxes. 


collection of taxes, 


levy on personalty. 


■ale ol personalty. 

3624, 362E 

penalty on delinquency, 



charges against treasurer. 




surplus returned to owner. 


return as to unsold lands. 


redemption of lands. 


settlements by treosnret. 


fees of treasurer, 


unsold lands, forfeiture, sale. 362» 

laws governing sales. 


property sabject to, 


vehicles, specific tax on. 


dogs, taxation ot, 


Interest, tax to pay, 
board of equalizaUon, 



rate of taxes, fixing of, 


correcting asaessmenta. 



sinking fund, tax for. 


temporary loans, 


state lane appUcable, 


payment of taxes, time, 
delinquent taxes. 



water, tax to pay for. 


tax to encourage business. 


dties and towns. 


firemen, exemption, 


compromise of taxes, 


laws applicable, 
tol^raph and telephone poles, 

8670, 8672 





orden on, bow issued. 


duties of. 


payment of orders, 

3SU, 3616 

receives all moneys. 


receipts for money. 



Vol. 1, Soce. 1-27846. 

Cities, General Glass, 

trauorer, city orders received by, 3616, 361 7 
c&nceling onlere redeemed, 3515 

r^Bter of redeemed orders, 3515 

remoter of receipts p-vea, 3616 

quietDS by clerk, 3615 

orders, payment, 3516 

indorsement wben not paid, 8616 

iDtereet on orders, 3616, 3517a 

notice to present lor payment, 

3517, 36176 
stopp^ of interest, 3617 

not paid, indorse meat, 3617a 

receipts and disbursemenla, state- 
ments. 3618 
delivery of redeemed orders, 3616 
uBesament of property for taxa- 
tion, 3519 
delinqaent taxes, collectioD, 3630 
lien ot taxes, 3521 
taxes, collection, dnties as to, 352S 
sale of lands for taxes, 3623, 3626 
personalty, lale tor taxes, 3624, S526 
retorn as to sale of lands, 3527 
annnal settlement as to taxes, 3628 
fees of treasurer, 3529 
nnsold lands, retnrn as to, 3629 
sale ot forfeited lands, 3629 
laws governing sales, 8529 
giving notice as to funds on hand, 3661 
tompikea, constraction, payment, 

6863 6896 

vacancies In offices, filling of, 348(^^485 

TSgrants, punishing, el. 20, 3641 

T^cles, regulating use, ci. 12, 36, 39, 3641 

taxation of, 3617 

vetoes by mayor, 3634a 

walls, port^, regulating, cl. 41, 3641 

wards, dividing city into, 3468 

rolistricting city for, 3470 

ordinance to redietrict, 3471 

notice of intention, 3471 

water-works, construction, el. 26, 3641 


lStftre7tee$ are to Sectioitt.'] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-5694*2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-8738e. 

bonds to construct, 3562 

stock in, txinds to pay for, 3614 

dtiee and towns, 4260-4272 

purchase of works, 4272a-4272e 

organiEation of companies, 50S8 

powers of company, 6086 

condemning lands, new proceed- 
ings, 5093 
consent o( city or town necessary, 6096 
commissioners, dnties, 3643a-3548{f 
work-bouse, working ot prisoners in, 3502 
may ose coanty, 8336 
ot city, county may use, 8340 

Cities of 100,000, 

annexation of lands, 3808 

appeal from proceedings, 3309 

notice of appeal, 3809 

trial on appeal, 8800 

Cities ol 100,000, 

annexation, finding and jud^ent, 
towns within territory, ngbts, 
costs, payment of, 
not of parts of city or town, 
debts of annexed city or town, 
disannexing territory, 

appropriations to be by ordinance, 
tor departments, 
contracts not to exceed, 
warrants beyond, penalty, 380S 
failure to make, continuance ot 

of property, 

assessments for improvements, 
lots liable to BSBesement, 
roll of assessments, 
collection of assessments, 8649, 
non-payment, interest, pienalty, 
liens of on property, 
torecloanre ana sale of property, 
limitation of actions to enforce, 
sewers, assessments to pay lor, 


sprinkling streets, assessing and 

collecting, 8861, 

attorney lor city, appointment, 
bond, approval, 
general duties of, 
salary of, 
tees, disposition, 
costs, collection, 
deputies and assistants, 
reports to mayor, 
judgments, reports as to, 
fees in suits on assessments, 

board of health and charities, 
commissioners, sppointment, 
salaries of commissioners, 
duties of commissioners, 
sanitarian, appointment by, 
duties and salary ot sanitansn, 
ordinances, preparation of, 
inspection of foods and animals, 
policemen and firemen dutaiied 

superiutendent ot hospital ap- 
pointed by, 
dispensary superintendent ap- 

;K)inted by, 
health ordinances, preparation, 
births, deaths, marriages, 
plumtanK and plumbers, 

board of public safety, 
appointment ot, 

Ktitical division, 
nds of members, 
control of fire and police force, 
salaries of memtwrs, 
rules for Are and police force, 

auomm and meetings, 
liairman and clerk, 
bond ot clerk, 







IS^erenttt art to Stctiotu."] 
1-27846. Vol. 2, 8«cb. 2765-6S»4<2. Vol. 8, 8«Ci. S69fr-fi733e. 

Cities of 100,000, 

boaM ol eatet;, general duties of, 
in peri n ten dent of police, 

rulea to govern, 3866 

politics of appointees, 3866 

mayor, control of chiefs, 3866 

time of service of appointees, 3S67 
removal of appoint«ea, 3867, 3868 

' " 3871 

extra police and firemen, 

board of public works, 8828 

appointraent of, 3828 

political divieion, 3828 

removal of membere, 3628 

vacancies, filling of, SB28 

salaries of members, 3328 

ohainnas, 3828 

powers of members, 3828 

record of proceedings, 3828 

nilea to govern, 3828 

clerk of board, salary, SS29 

engineer, appointment, 3829 

salary of engineer, 3829 

general powers of board, 3830 

vrork, bow contracted tor, 3831 

resident laborers preferred, 3831 

drawings and specifications, 3832 

letting contracts for work, 3832 

expenses of, how paid, 3833 
condemnation of property, 3834, 3843 
street improvements, resolalion, 3844 

making of improvements, 3845 
Bseeesment roll for improvements. 

sprinkling and sweeping, 
lamp posts, erection of, oaos 

bonds of officers, 3777 

to secure borrowed money, 3802, 3806 
tas to pay, S8006-3800i 

mayor to sign, 3816 

tor public improvements, 3852 

denomination and rate of interest, 


date and recitals in, 3852 

register of holders of bonds, 3652 

payment of bonde by treasurer, 3852 

notice to holders of non-payment, 3852 

foreclosure and sale of property, 3852 

bouodariea of city, defining, 3808 

bridges, construction,. 3830 

cemeteries, constmcting sewers in, 3858 

condemning property, cost of 

sewer, 3858 

removal of bodies, 3858 

charities, department of, 3886, 3886 

cities governed by act, 3772 

claims, officers not to boy, 3779 

clerk, election of, 3773, 3813 

is clerk of council, dntieB, 3788, 3818 

salary of clerk, 3818 

is clerk of police court, 3818 

Cities of 100,000, 

clerk, deputies, appointment, salary, 8818 
of board public works, appoint- 
ment, 3829 
salary of clerk^ 3829 
commissioners of sinking fond, duties, 

comptroller, appointment, salary, 3824 
duties of generally, 3826 

annual reports, 3826 

issuing orders on treasury, 3826 

expenditures, approval of, 8825 

forms (or keeping accounts, 3826 
apprt^riatioiis, statements to 

treasurer, 3826 

tax duplicates, examination, 3626 

deputy, appointment, salary, 3826 

oaths, administering, 3830 

mayor, when to act as, 3615 

contracts for work, how 

officers not to have interest, 3778 

affidavit of performance, 3848 

costs of annexation proceedings, 3809 

of street improvements, 3845 

council, election of members, 3773, 3782 
legislative authority vested in, 3780 
wards, division of city into, 3781 
election and terms of members, 3782 
qualifications of members, 3783 
vacancies, filling of, 3783 
expelling members, 3784 
meetings of, 3785, 3787 
quorum of, 3785 
ordinances, passage of, 3785,3789,3790 
presiding officer of, 3786 
meetings public, 3787 
mayor may call special, 3816 
clerk of, duties, 3768 
ordinances, origination, 3789 
passage, signing, attesting, 3789 
appropriations to be by, 3789 
passing ordinance at meeting in- 
troduced, 3790 
penal ordinances, publication, 3791 
approval of ordinances, 3792 
veto of ordinances, 3792 
passage over veto, 3792 
recording ordinances, 3793 
yeas and nays on passage, 3793 
resolution, yeas and nays, 3793 
seal, adoption of, 3794 
salaries, fixing of, 3794 
salaries of councilmen, 3794 
general powers of council, 3794 
public comfort and health, 3794 
streets, control over, 3794 
occupations, to regulate and li- 
cense, 3794 
morals and peace, preservation, 3704 




Vol. 1, 

Cities ol 100,000, 


flre ftpparataB, regulation, protec- 
tion, 3704 
sale of citT property, 3794 
party natis and partition Ienc«e, 3794 
penalties that may impose, 379S 
impriBonment adjudged, 3796 
labor by prisonera, S796 
officers not appointed by, 3797 
investigation o( departtnenta, 379S 
chaiges prelerred by, 3796 
trial ot charges, removal, 3790 

eoort, police, aee, 3887-3904 

dead animalB, removal, 3830 

departmeate, performanceot duties of, 3797 
new not to be created, 3797 

mayor appoints heads, 
term of service, removal, 
heads called together by mayor, SSI 
reports may be called for, *"" 

record of meetings of, 
examination of, 
executive establiehed, 
powers ot, 

qualifications of members, 
fees, application, 
estimates of expenditures, 
contracts, limit of, 
issning warrants when no funds, 
investigation by council, 3798 

parks, department created, 3904a 

disanaexing territory, 3811 

dispensary superintendent, appoint- 
ment, 3885 

drains, constraction ot, 3830 

work, how done and cost of, 3866-3869 
port in and part out of city, 

3859o. 38596-3859/ 
proceedings In circuit cgurt, 3869a 

«lection of officers, 3773 

time ot election, 3773, 3813 

laws governing, 3773 

special elections, 3773 

contest of election, 3773 

vacancies, elections to fill, 3778, 3814 

engineer of city, appointment, 3829 

salary of engineer, 3329 

executive aathority. where vested, 3B12 

fees, collection by citj; attorney, 3827 

ot attorneys in suite lor assess- 
ments, 3SS3 

finance, department of, 3824-3820 

duty of head of, 3880 

fines, imposing of, 3795 

imprisonment to enforce, 3798 

firemen, appointment, 3866 

chief of force, 3866 

political division, 3866 

pay of, how fixed, 3866 

control by mayor, 3866 

time of serrice, 3867 

Sees. 6(»6-«738e. 

Cities ot 100,000, 

firemen, removal of, 3867 

punishment ot, 
extra, appointment. 



political work pronihited, 

bonds of appointees, 

insurance fund tor, its's 

penHiona tor, 4190nll-4190dl2 

foreclosure of liens for improvement 

assessments, 3846, 3SS2, 3853 

attorney's lees on foreclosure, 3863 

redemption from sale, deed, 3846 

fonntains, construction, 3830 

garbage, removal, 3830 

KHS, contracts for, 3830 

health department, creation ot, 3885 

appointment ot commisBionera, 3886 

salaries of commissioners, 3866 

powers and duties ot. 3865 

police or firemen detailed for, 3886 

ordinances, preparing of, 3886 

plumbing inspector, appointment, 

hospital superintendent, appoint- 
ment, 3886 
imprisonment, adjudging of, 3796 
installments, paying assessments in, 36<62 
time of payments, 3852 
non-payment, notice to bondhold- 
ers, 3862 
interest and penalty tor non-pay- 
ment, 3852 
foreclosure on non-payment, 3852 
putting delinquency on tax dupli- 
cate, 3862 
sale ot property by county treas- 
urer, 3852 
failure to pay, all due, 3853 
notice to delinquents, 3863 
suit to collect, 3853 
attorney's tees, amount, 3853 
insurance fund, creation of, 3878 
judgments, how payable, 3827 
lamp-posts, erection and cost ot, 3863 
levees, construction, 3830 
work, bow done and costs of, 

part in and part out of city, 3859a 

proceedings in circuit court, 3859a 

licenses, mayor to sign, 3816 

revocation by mayor, 3818 

liens ot asseesments for improve- 
ments, 3S46, 3852 

mente, 3853 

loans and bonds to secure, 3801-3806 
lots liable tor improvements assess- 

mento, 3846 

mayor, election of, 3773, 3813 

oath and bond of, 3777 

approval of ordinances, 3792, 3818 



[Beferencti are to Seetiotu.} 
Vol. l.Seca. 1-37846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5594«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-8733c. 

Cities ol 100,000, 

nwyor, veto of ordinances, 

executive powers of, 
t«rm and election, 
qualifications of, 
vacancj, filling o(, 
comptroller when to act n 
duties of generallj^. 




calls special meetings, 3816 

vacandea. filling of, S816 

appoints beads of departments, 3816 
removal of appointees, 3816 

signs bonds, deeds, contracts, 3816 
approval or veto of ordinances, 3816 
veto of part of ordinance, 3816 

calling beads of departments to 

meet, 3816 

■ccooDts, causing examination, SS16 
salary of mayor, 3817 

£)lice and fire officers, control of, 3866 
censes, revocation of, 3816 

park commissioners appointed by, 


nataral gas lines, 3S30 

oatbs of officers, 3777 

who may administer, S826 

offic«rs, election of, 3773 

when to be elected, 3773, 3813 

old officers, continuance, 3774, 3904 
vacancies, filling of, 377S, S814 

notice to persons elected, 3776 

oaths and bonds, 3777 

refusHl to qualify, penalty, 3777 

contracts by, prohibition, 3778 

claims, not to pnrcbose, 3779 

chaises against, 3798 

trial and removal, 3799 

council not to appoint, 3797 

political work prohibited, 3876 

ordinances, passage of, 3786, 3789, 3790 
origination of, 3789 

passage, signing, attesting, 3789 

appropriations to be by, 3789 

passage at meeting introduced, 3790 
penal, publication, 3791 

approval by mayor, 3792, 3816 

veto by mayor, 3792, 3816 

recording of, 3793 

yeas and nays on passage, 3793 

general powers of council to pass, 3794 
penalty tor violation, 3795 

Imprisonment imposed by, 3796 

park commissioners, appointment, 3904a 
terms and removal, 39046 

officers of board, 3904c 

office for meetings, S901d 

annual reports by, 3904« 

funds, receiving and expending, 39Me 
qaoram of board, powers, 3904/ 

superintendent of parks. 3904^ 

control of parks and boulevards, 3904A 
g«uer»l powers of board, 39041 

Cities of 100,000, 

park commissioners, suite by board, 3904^ 
park lands, improvement, 3904it 

rules and regulations, publica- 

3904 >n 

expenditures of funds, 
appropriation of moneys, 
borrowing money, 
railroads m parks, 
boulevards and pleasarewaya, 
buildings, control of, 
subdivisions adjoining parks, i 
wheelways, construction and use, 

donation of property, control, 3904» 
gardens and museums, control, 3904^ 
wat«r-waysand lakes, control of, 3904^ 
bridges and viadncls, SSOiq 

condemnation of lands, 3904r 

assessing damages and benefits, 3904* 
assessors, powers and duties of, 3904t 
reports of assessors, bearing, 3904( 
confirmation of assessments, 3904t 
payment of assessments, 3904t 

damages, payment, certificates, S904h 
payments tor lands, title, 3904o 

recording description of lands, 3904u 
penal ordinances, puolication, 3791 

penalties imposed, 3795^ 

pensions tor police, 3904(!2-S904r2 

for firemen, 41 90nl 1-4 190(11 2 

plumbing inspector, appointment, 3886 
police, appointment of, 38(t6 

superintendent Of, 3866 

political division, 3866 

power of superintendent, 3866 

mayorto control, 3866 

pay of, how fixed, 3866 

time of service, 3867 

removal of, 8867, 3S6S 

punishment of, 3868 

powers of, 3869 

service ot process, 3869 

arrest without process, 3869 

attending on police court, 
taking prisoners to court, 
extra, appointment, control, 
pay of special, 
badges and dress, 
detail for health department, 
duties of police generally, 
gaming, duties as to, 
arrest, detention of persons, 

Klitical work prohibited, 
insnrance fond, 

for board of health and charities, 
pensions tor, 3904e2-3 

police court, judicial power in, 3687 

judge, election ot, 3773, S889 

name and stvle of court, 3887 

clerk and bailifl, 3887 

■eal for court, 3888 




Vol. I, Sftcs. 1-27846. Vol. 2, 8 

Cities ol 100,000, 

police coart, chaiiRe ot venae, 3SS8 
term and bond ot indge, 3889 
jarifldiction ot court, S8S9 
penaltieB, power as to, 3890 
mlee ot practice, 389 1 
oathB, jndge may adminiflter, 3891 
appeals from, 3891 
jaago pro tern., powen, 3892 
doclet fees, , 3892 
diachitrge of prisoners, 3893 
dty not liable tor costs or fees, 3B93 
vacancy, apE>ointment, 8894 
feea not received bv iaim or bail- 
iff, 3896 
salary ot jndge, 3896 
clerk, bond and datiea, 3897 
bailiff, bond and duties, 3808 
salary of bailiff, 3699 
prosecntor, datiee, tees, 3900 
witness lees, 3901 
process, issae and service, 3902 
police to take persona before, 3903 

nilroads, powera over, S794 

nmoDStrance against improvements, 3844 
action of conncil on remon- 
strance, 3844 

aalaiy ot mayor, 3817 

of clerk and deputy, 3818 

of depotles of departmenti, 3819 

of comptroller, 8824 

of dty attorney, 3827 

of members bow^ pablic works, 3828 

of clerk board pubAc works, 3829 

ol civil engineer, 3829 

of members board pablic safety, 3864 

of treasarer, 8881 

flziag saiariea by coancil, 3794 

of coancilmen, 3791 

of police jndge, S89S 

of Dailitl of police court, 3899 

Mnitarian otcity, appointment, 3885 

3aalificatione ot, salary, 388fi 

atiee ol sanitarian, 3886 

control ot aaniUry police, 3886 

Hhools, board of commissioners, S904z 
qnaliflcationB, election, t«nns, 

3904ir, 3904« 
organization, powers and duties 
of board, 3904al-3904<12 

U*l, adoption ot, 3794 

ot police court, 3888 

aawers, conetmctioD of, 3830 

drawiiige and speciflcatione, 8850 

notice to be given, 3856 

Temonstrances, 3856 

costs, bow paid, 8857 

division ot coats, 3858 

assessments tor costs, 3859 

law applicable to constmction, 3853 
main sewers, costot construction, 3858 
cemeteries, constrncting through, 3658 

condemnation of property, 3858 

Cities of 100,000, 

sewers, cemetery lots not a: 

removal of bodies, aoaa 

assesBmente tor sewers, 3859 

collection, laws applicable, 3869 

part in and part outside of city, 

proceedings tor constmction, 

cemeteries, sewen in, 3859/" 

sinking fand tax, levy and ase ot, 

assessing against property, 
streets included in onleF or co 

collection ot assessments, 
time ol paying asseaameots, 
streets, power of coancil over, 
power ot board ot works over, 
platting and control, 
opening and Improving, 
granting^ use ot, 
obstructions, j«moval, 
grades, fixing of, 
improvement, how work done, 
resident laborers, preference, 
drawings and specifications for 

notice of letting ot contract, 
affidavit as to collnsion, 
forfeiture for collosion, 
letting contract, bond, 
appropriating property tor, 

benefits and damages, 
minors and insane persons, 
remonstrance, appeal^ 
appeal, bow taken, tnal, 
roll of assessments, lien, 
asseasments, when due. 
collection ot ansessments, 
damages paid by city, 
certificate tor dam^es, 
improvement ot street, order, 
remonstrance against, 
contract for improvement, 
cost, apportionment, 
liability ot city, 
liens for cost, 
lots and lands first liable, 
sale ot property, 
preference of Uen, 
installmenta, payment by, 
assessment roll, contents, 
affidavit as to completion of work, 
acceptsQce of work, final erti- 

duplicate assessment roll. 






Vol. 1, 8ec8. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 

Cities o! 100,000, 

streets, collections by treasorer, 3849 

notice to peraons asaeBsed, S849 

lee lor notice, 3849 

payment by installments, waiving 

errors, 3850 

interest on non-payment, 3850 

* prepayment, rigfita ae to, 3850 

1 accounts kept of lunds, 3801 

' funds aeed only to pay contract- 

ore 3851 

[Kinds for improvements, 3852 

contents, interest, payment, 3862 

installments, paying aaBesemenlfl 

by, 3847, 3852 

time of payments, 3852 

duties of treaaarer ae to collection , 

failure to pay installment, all due, 3S53 
notice, foreclosure, attorney's tee, 

sprinkling and cleaning streets, 3860 
payment tor sprinkling and sweep- 

Rtreet car lines, 3830, . 

sweeping or cleaning streets, 
letting contract, 
cost, payment, levy of tas, 
collection of assessments, 

taxes, limit of levy, 3800 

failure to m^e levy, eSect, 3807 

treasurer of connty to collect, 3879 
salary of treasurer, 

receiving other pay, penalty, 

delinquent, collection, fees, 3884o 

taxation, assessment of property, 3800 
payment for assessment, 3882 

assessor failing in duty, penalty, 3884 
sinking fond tax, levy and use of. 

collection of assessments by, 

payments by to bondholders, 3 
notice to bondholders of pre-pay- 

mente, 3 
register of bondholders, 3 
notice to bondholders of non-pay- 
ment, 3 
penal^ and interest added by, 3 
sale of delinquent lots, 3 
taws governing sales, 3 
salary of treasurer, 3 
fees for collecting delinquent 
taxes, 381 

appointments by mayor, 
in office of police judge, 

re to Sectiom.'] 
2786-6694e2. Vol. S, S 

CiticB of 100,000, 

veto ol ordinances, 3792, 381 ft 

wards, division ol city into, 3781 

warrants when no funds prohibited 


water-course, changing. 3830, 3864 

chan^ or improving, 3859a 

part in and part out of city, 3869a 

proceedings before circuit court, 3859a 

water-works, construction, 3830 

Cities 0! 70,000, 

additions to, plats, approval, 3770 3771 

assessor, office abolished, 3744 

taxation, duties of county treasurer, 8746 

city treasurer to make settlement, 

settlement with citj clerk, 3747 

license tax, collection, 3743 

sheriff, collections by, 3749- 

assessments for taxation, 3760 

auditor furnish certificate, 3751 

levy of taxes, limit, 3752 

certifj'ing levy to auditor, 3763 

entenng toxon duplicate, 3753 

notice by treasurer, 3754 

collection of taxes, 3766 

delinquent taxes, penalty, 3786 

sale of peraonaltv, 3766. 

settlement with connty auditor, 3767 
payments to school commisBion- 

er*!, , 3768 

monthly settlements with com- 
missioners, 37B9 
credit tor school taxes, 3760- 
collecting delinquent tax, 3761 
•ettlement tor delinquent collec- 

Uons, 3782 

payment to school board, 3768 

return of delinquent lands, 3764 

sale of lands, 8705. 

payment of bids, 876ft 

certificate of purchase, deed, 3767 

salaries of auditor and treasurer, 3768 
expense of assessment, payment 
to county, 3769. 

treasurer, office of abolished, 3744 

Cities of 50,000, 

animals, running at large. 


cruelty to, preventing, 


annexation of territory, 



notice of appeal, 


trial, finding, judgment. 


practice, costs. 


contracting limits of city, 394+ 

appropriations mnst be by ordinance, 3922 

old to continue, when, 3940 

by comptroller as to, 396ft 


Vol. 1, Sees, 1-278*6, 

Cities of 60,1)00, 

appropriation of property for city. 

of property (or public nse, 

3963, 3967, 3968 

attomey for city, appointment, 3960 

bond and salary of, S960 

dntiee of, generally, 39S0 

fees, collection and diapoeition, 3960 

deputy, when may appoint, 3960 

auction sales and aactioneere, 3927 

birtha and deatfas, 3927 

board public Bsfety, 3996 

appointment of, 3996 

political division, 3996 

Kwers of board, 3996 

nde and ealanea, 3996 

mlee and qnoram, 3997 

chainnan of board, 3997 

clerk of board, bond, 3997 

povers of members, 3997 

care of property, 3997 
BQperiiitendent of police, ap- 

points, 3998 

chief of fire force, appoints, 3998 

market master, appoints, 3998 

Btation-hooBe kee|:«r, appoints, 3998 

pay of appointees, 3998 

police and fire forces, number, 3998 

rules for appointees, 3998 

terms of appointees, 3999 

removal of appointees, 4000 

extra policemen, 4003 

oaths, administeriuK of, 4004 

Klitical work prohibited, 4008 

□ds of appointees, 4009 

insnrancefund, 4010 

board pnblic works, members of, 3685 

election and term, 3685 

vacancies, filling of, 3685 

bonds of membera, 3686 

duties and salary, 3887 

repaira of streets, etc., 8688 

improvement of streets, 3689 

recommending improvements, 3690 

meetings, quorum, 3691 

special meetings, notice, 3891 

record of procwdings, 3692 

employing laborers, 3693 

estimates of coat of work, 3694 

creating liabilities, 3695 

payment on contracts, S096 

president and clerk, 3697 

offices, fnmitare, expenses, 3698 

expenses, aaditinK, 3696 

appointment of officers, 3699 
interfering with board, penalty, 3700 


[fie/wencet art to SecCiont.} 

Vol.2, Bees. 2785-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-878Sc 

Act of 1893. 

appointment of, 
removal and vacancies, 
salaries and bonds. 


Cities of 50,000, 

board of works, cbairman and record, 3961 
authority of members, 3961 

clerk and salary, 3962 

general powers of board, 3963 

contracts for work, 3964 

drawing, letting, notice, 3965 

appropriating property, 3967-3976 

streets, powers over, 3963 

improvement of streets, 
bonds of officers, 

for money borrowed, 
of comptroller, oho* 

of city attorney, 3960 

of members board of works, 3961 

of city en^neer. 3962 

for street improvements, 3986 

of members board public salety, 3996 
of clerk board of safety, 3997 

of police and fire force, 4009 

of ciU; treasurer, 4011 

of police judge, 4019 

of clerk of city, 4027 

of water-works truBtees, 403S 

of treasurer of school tmstees, 4050 
of wharfmaster, 4053 

of city, issuing of, 3936 

interest and sale, 3035 

report to mayor, 3936 

illegal issue, penalty, 3966 

tax to pay, levy and collec- 
tion, 4U52^-4052f 
for street improvements, 3986 
boundaries of city, defining, 3941 
contracting of, 3944 
bridges, construction, 3963 
buildings, construction, control over, 3927 
cemeteries, control over, 3927 
charities, appropriations for, S927 
department of. 4016, 4016 
cities governed by act, 3906- 
civil engineer, appointment, salary, 

bond. 3962' 

claims, officers not to purchase, 
clerk of city, election, 

is clerk of council, 89! 

record of proceedings, S91 

general duties of, 
deputies of, 
salary of, 
fees received, 

is clerk of police court, SQI 

board of public safety, 
bond of, 
comptroller, when acts as mayor, 
appointment, salary, bond, 
duties of generally, 
audits accounts, 
drawB warrants on tTeasonT, 
not to issne, when, 
claims, examination, 
licenses, issued by, 
payment over of moneya. 



Tol. 1, 8«cfl. 1-27846. 

Cities of 50,000, 

comptroller, etatemeat to treaeurer, 39S8 

tax duplicates, ezarainatioD, 3058 

making dupliuatee, 3958 
treaeurer'q accounts, examination, 3968 

oaths, adiniiiietering, 3958 

deputy, appointment, salary, 3059 

approTca bond ot dty attomej', 3960 
condemnation ol property for city, 


contempt, power of council, 3927 

contracts, prohibition as to ofBcera, 3911 

council, election ot membera, 3906, 3916 

legislative authority, 3913 

wards, dividing city into, 3914 

qualifications of members, 3916 

vacancy, filling of, 3916 

expelling membere, 3917 

ralea for action, 3917, 3922 

meetinga of, 3918, 3920, 3949 

quorum, 3918 

ordinances, pasaege, 3918 

president of, 3919 

dty clerk, election, 3919 

record of proceadingB, 3921 

general powers of, 3927 
salaries, fixing of, 

Say ol membcTB, 
ealth and comfort, 
peace and morals, 
drainage, powera over, 
railroads, powera over, 
fire and police departments, 

party walls, o\r£i 

partition fences, 3927 

streets, regulating use, 3927 

license of vehicles and bnslneas, 3927 

investigating departments, 3931 

mayor calls special meetings, 3949 
ooart, police, see, 4017-4034 

dead animals, removal, 3968 

departments, new, not created, 3930, 3952 

investigation of, 3931 
removal ol membera, 

new not to be established, S95Z 

qualifications of beads of, 3953 

fees, disposition of, 3953 

estimates by, 8954 

power to bind cit^, 3956 

exceeding authority, penalty, 3956 

drains, powers as to, 3927, 3963 

conatruction of, 3989-3992 

election ot offlcere, 3906 

of conndlmen, 3915 

engineer, civil, appointment, salary, 

bond, 3962 

Evansville charter repealed, 4054 

executive authority, where vested, 39^5 

performance of, 3930 

power to bind city, 3935 

exceeding authority, penalty, 3966 

[B^erencei are to Secliom,'] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 27B5-6694e2. Vol. 3, Bees. 6695-87SSc. 






Cities of 50,000, 

factories, regulating, 8927 

finance department, 3933-3940, 3957-3959 

fines, imposing and collection, 392S, 3929 

fire-arms and works, 3927 

fire department, metropolitan, 3701-3717 

control over, 3927, 8996-4010 

districts, creation ot, 39C8 

firemen, appointment of, 3998 

chief of, appointment, 3998 

mayor, when to control, 3998 

time of service, ''"~' 

removal ot. 

Eolitical work ptohibited, 
onds of, 
insurance fund, 
pensions for, 

fooas, inspection of, 

fountains, erection of, 

games and garni ng-hoasea, 

gaming-houses, snppreasion, 

garbage, removal, 

gas and water connections, 

rates, regulating, aon 

erection of works, 3963 

contracts lor supplying, 3963 

general powers of conucil, 3987 

aalaries, fixing of, 3927 

Eay of members, 3927 

ealtb and comfort, 3927 

occupations, powers over, 3927 

nuisance, powers as to, 3927 

peace and morals, 8027 

drainage, powers over, 3927 

railroads, powers, over, 3927 

fire and police departments, 3927 

party walls, 3927 

partition fences, 8927 

streets, regulating use, 3927 

vehicles, license and control, 3927 

seal, adoption of, 3027 
contempt in coundl and police 

court, 3927 

cleaning watet-^onraeB, 3927 

factories, regnlating location, 3927 

fire-arms and fire-works, 8927 

animals running at large, 3927 

garbage and slops, 3927 

dangerous articles, storage, 3927 

cemeteries, regulation, 3927 

markets and market places, 3927 

births and deaths, 3927 ' 

foods, inspection, 3927 

weights and measures^ 3927 
steam bailers, inspection, license, 3927 

fire limits, defining, 3927 

buildings, control over, 3927 

bonds to pay damages, 3927 

health and disease, 3927 
regulate construction of bnild- 

ingB, 3927 
inspection of gas and water pipes, 3927 

lumber and wood-yards, 3927 



{Be/erenea are to 8ectton».'\ 
VoL 1, Boca. 1-87846. Vol. 2, Seca. 2786-6604«2. Vol. 3, S«C8. 6696-8733c. 

Cities ol 50,000, 

-Cities of 60,000, 

C«n«ralpowera,whar7ei, regulating, 3927 

lanmnE and loading ol Tessele, 8927 

iminodente or careless riding, 3927 
vehicles and locomotive, speed of, 3927 

bridges, tunnels and viiiducts, 3937 

sidewalks, regulation of, 3927 
preventing throwing articles in 

streets, 3927 
posting of hand-bills and adver- 
tisements, 3927 
carrying ol banners, hanging 

flags, 3927 
names of streets and parks, 3927 
-connecting gas and water pipes, 8927 
license and legnlate vehicles, 3927 
theatrical and other exhibitions, 3927 
runoera at depots, 8927 
muctjon sales and auctioneers, 8927 
rates for gas, water and electric- 
ity. 3927 
peddlers and pawnbrokers, 3927 
sale of intoxicating liquors, 3927 
livery stable and public scales, 3927 
iBranch storesandeetablisbments, 3927 
Itinerant physicians, sale of medi- 
cine, 3927 
cigarettes, sale ol, 3927 

Bmii^; and gaming-houses, 3927 
■fame and prostitution, 3927 
regulating sports and games, 3B27 
bathing and bath-bonses, 3927 
cruelty to animals, 3927 
rivers and water-ways, 3927 
damage to lands, 3927 
railroads, running of trains, 3927 
flagmen, grades and crossings, 8927 
protection and sale of public prop- 
erty, 3927 
charities, appropriation, 8927 
party walls and partition fences, 3927 
paru, acquiring and improving, 3927 
Itealth and comfort, r^nlaUon, 3927 
department of, 4016 
commissioners, appointment, 4016 
duties and powers, 4016 
ordinances prepared by, 4016 
plumbinginspector.appointment, 4016 
imprisonment, power to adjudge, 3929 
improvement of sidewalks and streets, 3977 
installments, paying street assess- 
ments in S9B0, 3986 
insnraoce fund for police and fire- 

levees, conetraction or change of. 

Uvery stables, r^iladng, 

6 — OBK. IN. 

loans, making and issuing bonds, 

markets and market-hooses, 
mayor, election ol, 

approval of ordinances, 

veto of ordinances, 

term and qualifications, 

vacancy in office of, 

acting mayor, 

duties of generally. 



calls special meetings, 

appointment ol officers, 8949 

removal ol officers, 3949 
signs bonds, deeds and contracts, 3949 
calls heads of depaitmenta to- 

Kther, 8949 
ry ol, 3960 
engineer, appointment, 8962 
control of fire and police force, 3998 
health commissioners, appoints. 4015 
police judge, appoints, 4019 
water-works trustees, appoints, 408S 
school trustees, appoints, 4090 
wharlmaater, appomte, 4063 
metropolitan police and fire depart- 
ment, 3701 
commissioners, election, terms, 3701 
president and secretary, 3702 
bond and salary of secretary, 3702 
officers, appointment, salaries, 370S 
control of police and fire forces, 3704 
flre department, control of, 8706 
expenses o( department, 8706 
rules to regulate, 3707 
police officers, powers, 8706 
service of process, 3700 
matsbal, office abolished, 3709 
fees or rewards prohibited, S710 
interference witn board, 37 1 1 
extra police, 8712 

Klitical work prohibited, 8713 

nda ol officers, 8714 

lees taxed and colleded, 8716 

laws repealed, 3716 

nataral gas, 3963 

nuisance, powera as te, 3027 

oaths of officers, 3910 

administering bf comptroller, 8968 

who may administer, 4tX)4 

occupstions, license for, 3927 

officers, election ol, 8906 

continaing old, 8907 

vacancies, filling of, 890S 

noticeofelection, 3009 

oaths and bonds, 8910 

contracts, prohibition as to, 3911 

claims, not to purchase, 3912 

removal by council, 3932 

appointment by mayor, 3949 

removal by mayor, 89W 




meet a 

e to SecWoM.] 

Vol. 1, S«ce. 1-27M6. Vol. 2 


'785-5594*2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-«783c. 

Cities of 50,000, 

Cities of 60,000, 

officers, power to bind citjr, 


police court, tees, officers not to have 


exceeding authority, penalty. 


salary o( judge. 


ordinances, vote to paaa, 


clerk of court, bond, duties. 


record ol ayes and noes. 


bailiff, bond and duties. 


origination of in council, 


salary of bailiff, 


tippropriatione by, requiaites. 


prosecuting attorney, dnties. 


attesting and Binning, 

witness fees. 


passing on day introdaced. 


warrants, service of. 


publication of, 


arrests, duty of policemen. 


approval and veto, 


mayor to act as jadge, when, 
railtoada, powers over. 


paasaEe over veto, 
recording of. 





penalty declared by, 



imprisonment to enforce. 


aalonr of councilman, 
fixing of officers. 


parks, acquiring and improving, 
partition fencea. 




of mayor, 


party walls. 


o( comptroller. 


peddlers and pawnbrokers, regulating. 

payment of salaries, 
of deputy comptroller. 




penal ordinances, pablication. 


ol members board of works. 



o( city engineer. 


plats, approval of. 


of members board public safety. 


plumbing inspector, appointment. 


of city treasurer, 


police, metropolitan, see, 3701-3716 

fees of treasurer, 


control over department. 


of deputT treasurer, 

ol police judge, 

ol bailiff of police court. 


mlee for government of. 



superintendent of police, 



appointment of officers and mem- 

of water-works trustees. 




school trustees, appointment, duties 


pav of police, 
police precincts. 


officers of. 



reportfl by. 


mayor, when controls, 


seal, adoption of. 


for police court, 


removal ol. 


sewers, construction of. 


powers of policemen. 


resolution, notice, contract, 



cost, payment of. 


extra, appointment, 


general sewers, cost of. 


oaths, administering, 


assessment roll. 


duties of. 


payment by installments, 
sidewalks, regulation of. 


Raming-boQsea, searching, 
dot^ on making arrest. 




improvement of. 


political work prohibited, 
bonds of. 




insurance fund. 


sprinkling of streets, resolution. 


police court, clerk of. 


remonstrance gainst. 


officers of, 


cost of sprinkling, 


name and style of coait, 


contracts for, contents. 


seal for conrt. 


payments for sprinkling, 
limit of contracts tor. 


change of venue. 



judge, appointment, term, bond 
qoaliflcations of judge. 


Btreems, control over, 3927 



sidewalks, regulation of. 


removal of judge. 



sessions of court. 


names of streeta and parks. 


jurisdiction of, 


layingout, changing and opening 

repairing, sprinkling, lighting. 




rales of practice, 


removal of obstructions from, 


oaths, administ«ring, 


repairing and cleaning, 


appeals from, 
judge pro Mm., 
docket fees. 


contracts and cost of work. 



plans and specifications, 



proposals, letting of contract. 


fines, imprisonment, 


appropriation of property for. 


vacancy in office, 


list of owners of property, 








Vol. I,8ec8. l-278«i. 

Cities of 60,000, 

ttteetfl, sidewalkB, improvement ol, 
resolntion lor improvement, 
remonBtrance agtUDHt improve- 

cost, assessment of, 
what city pars, 
lisbilitr of city, 
lien ol MseMmenta, 
lots primarily liable j 
property liable for bens, 
enforcement of lien, iw/v 

payment by installments, 3880 

useasment rails, 3981 

final estimate, copy of roll, 3982 

installments, agreement as to, 3083 
assessments, when due, 3983 

interest on assessments, 3983 

treasarer to collect, 3984 

separate accounts ol funds, 3984 

bonds to pay contractors, 3985 

payment of bonds, 3986 

transfer and collection of bonds, 3965 
failnre to pav inat 
collecting tall aast 
interest and coats, 
sprinkling and sweeping, 

street car lines, 

sweeping streets, contract for, 
cost, how paid, 
time for payment, 

taxes, levy, limit, 

levy to Gontinne, when, 3940 

collection of, 4011-4014, 40S2a 

delinqoent taxes, collection, 

40S2, 40SSa 
daplicate, delivery of, taxes when 

dae, 4062 

sinking tnnd tax, levy and oollec- 

IBt/trene** are to SeeUotu.] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-8733c. 

Cities of 50,000, 

vate>works, reports by tmsteea, de- 
posits, 4039 
moneys kept Beparate, 4040 
orders on treasarer, 4040 
contracts tor works and buildings, 4041 
investigations by council, '"'" 
DO charge for flrcB, 
attachments to pipes, 
notice ot letting work, 
bond of contractor, 
tax to pay tor works, 
lien of taxes, 
jnriediction outside ot dty, 

weights and measure, 

wbarfmaster, appointment, bond, 
term, salary, duties, 

wharves and loading vessels. 

taxation, aasesBments tor, 3933 

laws r^nlating, 4062 

tel^raphs and telephones, 3963 

tnasnrer, appointment, 4011 

salary, oath, bond, 4011 

account of moneys kept, 4012 

fees of, 4013 

depnt:r and salary, 4013 

receiving unlawful pay, penalty, 4014 

vacancies in office, filling, 3908 

in council, 3916 

vehicles, control over, 3927 

veto of ordinances, 3926 

passage over veto, 3926, 3949 

wards, division of city into, 39M 

warrants drawn only when funds, 3936 

water-courses, control over, 3927, 39f(3 

changing of, 3987 

water>worke tnistees, 4036 

appointment, salaries, bonds, 4036 

t7.|awB, adoption, 4036 

water rents, collecting, 4037 

surplus rents, 4038 



Cities of 43,000, 

actions by, proof of incorporation, 4101 

prosecution, witness tees, 4102 

on ordinances, complaint, 4103 

enforcing iudgmeut, 4104 

annexation ot lands, 4091 

publication of ordinance of, 4091 

remonBtrance, proceedings, 4092 

appeal, proceeainge, effect, 4092 

SBrts of city or town not to be, 4093 

ebts and liabilities, 4093 

diaannexing territory, 4094 

appropriations, ordinances tor, 4072 

continnance ot old, 4090 

estimates for by departments, 4100 

statement by comptroller as to, 4113 

attorney tor city, appointment ot, 4114 

bond and salaiy, 4114 

general daties of, 4114 

fees collected b^, disposal of, 4114 

deputy and oaaiBtanta, 4114 

report to mayor, 4114 

auditor of county, certifies taxables, 4172 

pots taxes on duplicate^ 4174 

makes out delinqnent list, 4188 

salary of, 4187 

board of pablic safety, appointment, 

salaries, 4151 

clerk ot, appointment, 4161 

duties of clerk, 4101 

appointment ot members, 4161 

Klitical division of, 4161 

nds ot members, 4161 
care and contral ot property, 4161, 4162 

control of flre and police force, 4161 
rules for appointments, 4162, 4153 

quoriim of board, 4162 

chairman ot board, 4162 

record of proceedings, 4162 

general duties and powers, 4153 

snperintendent ol police, 4153 

chiet of flre torce, 4163 

market and weighmaster, 4153 



[B</er«nc«* are to Seetiont.'] 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol, 2, S»ca. 278&-6694e2. Vol. 3, 8ecB. 66«6-87S8c. 

Cities of 43,000, 

board ot eatetj, paj of appointees, 
removal ot itppointeea, 
pa ni ah meat of appointees, 
extra policemen, 
oatba, admin istering ot, 
inl«rlering with, penalty, 
bonds of appointees, 

board public works, appointment of 
clerk, appointment of , 
appointment of memban, 
political division ot, 
removal of members, 
Ailing ot vocsncj, 

bonds of members, 

chairman of board, 

meetinss, record, rales, 

general duties and powers, 

purchase or condemning property, 4117 

control , conatmction and repair of 

buildings, 4117 

plata, approval of, 4117 

streets, general powers over, 4117 

drains and sewers, 4117 

sas and water-works, 4117 

lighting of city, 4117 

telegraph and telephone linee, 4117 
contracts tor sappiieB, 4117 

contracts for pncilic work, 4118 

letting ot contracts, 4119 

expenses of board, 4120 

condemnation of property, 4121-4130 
street improvements, 41S1-4I40 

levees, viadncte, tonnela, 4141, 4142 
sewers and drains, 414^146 

sprinkling and sweeping streets, 


lamp-posts, constmction of, 4160 

bonds ot ofiScerB, 4060, 4107 

to secure Iqans, 40S4-1087 

interest on bonds, 4060 

of mayor, 4099 

of city attorney, 4114 

of members board of works, 4116 

(or street improvements, 4139 

of members board of safety, 4151 

of appointees of board of salety, 4163 

boundaries ot city, defining, 4091 

contraction of, 4094 

brides, powers as to, 4077, 4117 

charitiee, department ot, 4186, 4189 

cities governed b; act, 4066 

city court, jndge and duties, 4100 

tees and salary, 4100 

witness fees, 4102 

civil engineer, appointment, salary, 4116 

claims, officers not to pnrcluiae, 4062 

clerk ot city, election of, 4056, 4096 

is clerk of council, 4071, 4106 

record of proceedings, 4071 

salary of, 4106 

Cities of 43,000, 

cleii, deputies of, 
gieneral duties ot, 
of board ot safety, 

comptroller, acting as mayor, 
appointment, salary, 
deputy, appointment, salary, 
oaths, may Hdmlnister, 
duties of generally, 
audits accounts, 
reports receipts and expendi- 
acconnte kept separate, 
issoeB and signs orders on treai 

not to draw illegal warrants, 
mayor approves expenditures, 
claims, examination of, 
licenses signed by, 
payment over of moneys, 
statements as to appropriations, 4113 
tax duplicates, examination, 4113 

condemnation ot property, 4121-4130 

Gontrncts, interest by officers pndiib- 
ited, 4061 

when binding on city, 4110 

for [Wblic work, 4118 

corporations, actions against, service, 


council, election ot members, 4066, 4066 
legislative authoritjr in, 
wards, division of city, 
terms of members, 
expelling members, 
meetinffs and quomm, 
vote to pass ordiiuuices, 
mayor U) preside, 4060 

pubUc meetings, 4070 

clerk, duties ot, 4071, 4106 

record of proceedings, 4071 

appropriation ordinances, 4072 

mles and regulations, , 4072 

signing and approval of onU- 





passing same day introdnced, 

yeas and nays on passage, 

general powers of, 

investiKsting departments, 

removal of officers, 

borrowing money, 
court, city, 

dead animals, removal, 
delinquent taxes, penalty, interest, 

collection of taxes, 

entry of delinquency on list. 

sale of delinqnent lots, 

fayment ot bids, guaranty, 
iws applicable to sales. 





Vol. 1. Sece. 1-27816. 

Cities of 43,000, 

departments, ^rtormence of doties, 4080 
investigating by council, 40S1 

eBt&blishment of, 4107 

new not to be created, 4107 

roles and regalatione of, 41 07 

heads of, appointment, 4107 

appointment of ofBcera by, 4107 

aafariee ot appointees, 4107 

qnaliflcatioQB ot beads ot, 4106 

tees and moneys received, pay- 
ment,' 410S 
estimate as to expeoditarei, 4109 
drains, control over, 4077, 4117 
•lection otofBcen, 4066, 4056 
laws governing, 4056 
ol conncilmen, 4066 
engineer ot city, appointment, salary, 4116 
execative aathoritT, performance of, 4080 
where aatbority vested, 4096 
teeB collected by city )ud^, disposal 
of, 4100 
witness tees, 4102 
collected by departments, dispos- 
al of, 4108 
finance, department of, 4112, 4113 
fines, power to impose and enforce, 

4078, 4079 

fire limits, power to define, 4077 

firemen, chief of, appointment, 4163 

appointmentotmembera of force, 4163 

chief to have control of, 4153 

mayor, when to control, 4IG3 

time ot service, 4164 

removal ot, 4164 

punishment of, 4155 

eitramembers, 4168 

oaths, administering of, 4166 

bonds of appointees, 4183 

insurance fund for, 4184 

pensions tor, 4190nU-4190itl2 

foanteins, construction of, 4117 

gamin g-bouses, suppression of, 4161 

garbage, removal of, 4117 

K, contracts tor, 4117 

Jth, powers of cooncil, 4077 

department ot, 4107 

commissioner, appointment, 4188 

salary of commissioner, 4168 

officers appointed by, 4188 

duties and powers ot, 4188 

detail ot police and firemen tor, 4188 
ordinances prepared by, 4189 

plumbing inspector, appointment 
of, 4189 

imprisonment U> enforce penalties, 

4100, 4104 

power of city conrt as to, 4100, 4101 

iosoraoce fund for police and firemen, 4164 

judge of city court, 4100 

Jndgmente of dty court, enforcement, 

4100, 4104 
against dty, enforcement, 4114 

r. Sees. 6696-8738C. 

Cities of 43,000, 

lamp poets, erection of, 4160 

levees, viaducts and tunnels, 4141, 4142 
library tax laws revived, 4166a 

license, granting of, 4077 

mayor to sign, 4099 

comptroller to issue, 4113 

lien of improvement asseBementa, 4133 

loans made 









mayor, election, term, 
presides overcoundl, 
approval of ordinances, 
veto ot ordinances, 
term and qualiflcatioDS, 
vacancy, filling of, 
acting mayor, 
boud and general dutiea, 
messages to council, 
officers, appointment, 
removal ol officers, 
signs contracts and licenses, 
ordinances, approves or vetoes, 
calls beads of departments to- 
gether, 4099 
conservator of peace, 4099 
deeds, acknowledgment ot, 4099 
depositions, may take, 4099 
salary ot, 4105 
appoints heads of departments, 4099 
approves expenditures, 4113 
appoints civil engineer, 4116 
control of fire and police force, 4153 

natural gas, powers as to, 

oaths ot officers, 

comptroller may administer, 
administering by flre and police 

occQ pat ions, licenses, 
officers ol city elected, 

time ot election, 

terms ot officers, 

old to continue, 

vacancies, flliing, 4068 

notice of election, 

oatlis and bonds, 

contracts, interest prohibited. 




councilraen, election, terms, 
qualifications otcoundlmen, 
removal by council, 
appointments by mayor, 
removals by mayor, 
appointments by departments, 
ordinances, vote necessary to pass, 
signing and approval ot, 
veto of, passage, 4072, 4075 

appropriation ordinances, 4072 

passing on day introduced, 4073 

publication of, 4074 

approval and veto ot, 4076, 4099 

recording ot, 4076 




Cities ot 43,000, 

ordinances, yeaa and nays 
actions on, complaint i 

preparing by board of health, 

partition fences, 

party walls, 


4103, 4104 

-.-. .. - .„. - „. «77 

penal ordinances, publication, 4074 

penalties, power to impose, 407S 

im prison meat to eolorce, 4079, 4100 

plats, approval of, 4117 

plumbing inspector, appointment, 4189 

police, soperintendent, appointment, 4153 

membersof, appointment, ""* 

rales for rwilation ot, 

saperintendent, powers of, 

mayor, when to control, 

pay of, fixing, 

time of 

removal ot, 

punishment of, 

powers of policemen, 

duty as to prisoners, 

extra policemen, 

oaths, administering, 

dnties of policemen, 

garni ng-boasea, duties as t< 

arrests, daty on making, 

bonds ot, 

insurance fund for, 
police court, city judge to hold, 

jurisdiction of, 

imprisonment by, 

rules ot practice, 

nppeals from, 
railroads, regulation of, 

actions against, service, 
salary ot mayor, 

of city judge, 

of city clerk. 

jt appointees of departments, 

of comptroller, 

ot city attorney, 

ol membersof board ot works, 

ol civil engineer, 

of members of board of safety. 



4100, 4104 

ot auditor tor services as to taxes, 4187 
of treasurer tor services. 4187 

ot member board of health, 4188 

school taxes, collection and pavment, 

4179, 4162 
revival of school tax laws, 4186a 

sewers and drains, construction, 4148, 4144 
costs of, payment, 4145 

assessments and collection, 4146 

sprinkling of streets, 4147 

coats, assessment, 4I4S 

payment, 4149 

streets, control and use ot, 4077, 4117 

condemnation of property tor, 

improvement ot, resolution, 4131 

4132, 4133 


Cities ol 43,000, 

streets, notice and remonatrance, 4131 
cost, apportionment, 4132 
liability ot city, 
assessments against lota, 
lien of assessments, 
credit lor old improvements, 
installments, payment by, 
assessment roll, 
final estimate, notice, hearing, 
duplicate assessment roll, 
agreement as to installment pay- 
ments, 4137 
ayments, when due, 4137 
tasurer to keep tnnds separate, 4138 
charges against treasurer, 4138 
funds collected, use ot, 4138 
bonds for improvements, 4139 
payments On bonds, 4139 
failure to pay, foreclosure, 4139 
default on installments, effect, 4140 

streetcar lines, control over, 4117 

sweeping streets, contract, 4147 

costs, assessment, 4148 

payment, 4149 

taxation, levy, limit of, 4083, 4173 
continuance of levy, 4090 
comptroller examines daplicates, 4113 
assessments for taxation, 4171 
auditor gives certificate, 4172 
auditor puts tax on duplicate, 4174 
notice by troaaarer of taxes lev- 
ied, 4175 
payment of tax, time tor, 4176 
treasurercollects, 4176 
delinquent, penalty and interest, 4176 
collection of delinquency, 4176 
settlement by treasurer, 4176 

Ssyment ot school taxes, 4179 

elinquent list, collection, 4180 

settlement for delinquent taxes, 4181 

Sayment ot school delinquency, 4162 

elinquent list of lots, charges, 4183 

sale of delinquent lotSi 4184 

Sayment ot bids, guaranty, 4186 

iws applicable to sales, 4186 

salary ot auditor and treasurer, 4187 

telegraphs and telephones, 4077, 41 17 

treasurer, office of city abolished, 4166 

of county to act as, bond, 4166 

duties of city treasurer, 4167 

settlements by, 4168 

collection " " """ 

payments to treasurer, 

precepts, delivery to aherifl, 

notice as to taxes, 

taxes, collection of, 

settlements by. 

salary of for services, 
vacancies in office, filling, 

in office of mayor, 
vehicles, regulating use, 
veto of ordinances, 

4072, 4076, 4099 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27S». 

Cities of 43,000, 

Tiadocts and tannelB, 4141, 4142 

words, creating and changing, 4064 

warranta to issae onl; vben funds to 

iljega) inne, peoaltj, 4111, 4113 

comptroller iwaefl on treasorer, 4113 

irate T-coarae, power over, 4077 

water-worka, control of, 4190 

8 fees, 4102 


IBeferenee* are to Seetloju.} 
Vol. 2, SecB. 2786-6694e2. Vol. 3, i 


Cities of 36,600, 

. annexing territory, 
appeal and remon 
>i cities or towns, 





warrants, drawing, 
continuing appropriations, 
of property lor improTements, 

Is, collection ot, 4190r4-m90u>4 

attorney, appointment, dnties, 

board ot suety, 

appointment, bonds, salaries, 
rales, adoption, 
appointments by board, 
terms and politics, 
punishment of appointees, 
powers of policemen, 
duties of policemen, 
special appointments, 
oaths and depositions, 
gaming-hoases . 
arrests and trial, 
mies and bonds. 

4190M, 4190M 

board of works performing du- 
ties, 4190p4 
board of works, appointment, 419012 
salaries, bonds, 4190t3 
powers and duties, 4190r2 
contracts lor work, 4190u)2 
letting contracts, 4190x2 
paying expenses, 4190^2 
condemning property, 4190e2 
list of owners, 4190a3 
damages and benefits, 
insane and infants, 
remonstrance, appeal, 
appeal, practice, 
assessment roll, liens, 
collecting assessments, 


ting as 

Saying damages, 

amages, certificate, payment, 4190i3 
performing duties of board of 

safety, 4190p4 

bonds, issuing, interest, sale, 4190«1 

retanding bonds, 4190ffl 

interest on bonds, 4I90fl 
for street improvements, 4190r3, 4190i3 

borrowing money, 4190|{1 

issue and sale of bonds, 4190el 

Cities of 36,500, 

borrowing money, temporary loans, 4100/1 

interest on securities, 4I90U 

boundaries, declaring, defining, 4190i;l 

charitiea, department of, 4190o6 

cities governed by act, 4190a 

city conrt, powers, 41901-4190(2 

clerk, election, term, 4190&, 4190f)t 

oath and bond, 4190/ 

contracts and buying claims, 

is clerk of council, 410O9 

record ing o rdinances , 4 190v 

salary of, 41901:2 

deputy, appointment, 4190ifc2 

duties of clerk, 419012 

comptroller, appointment, duties, 

4190o2, 41B0r2 

condemnation ofproperty, 419(m2-4190<3 

contracts with officers, 4190^ 

council has legislative power, 419CK 

meetings, i^uorum, 4190n, 4190p 

mayor presides, 41900 

record of proceedings, 4190^ 

general powers ot, 4I90te 

conncilmen, election, 41906, 4190A 

oaths of, 4190/ 

contracts and buying claims, 

41900, 4100A 
terms of conncilmen, 
residence ot. 

salaries ot, 
departments established, 

heads ot departments, 

fees, dispOBal, 

estimates ot expenses, 

power to bind city, 
drainage, regulating, 

sewers and drains, 

coet ot sewers, 
election of officers, 

notice to officers, 

of councilmen, 
engineer, appointment, salary, 
estimates of expenses. 













4190&, 4I90pI 




eiecutive dnties, performance, 

4190(, 4190ol 
finance department, 4190g2, 4190r2 

firemen, appointment, removal, 

419(M 4190 /4 
pensions for, 419094, 4190nll-Ul90(n2 

Eimmg-bouses, suppression, 4190n>4 

ealth and comfort, protection, 4190io 

department and power ot, 

4I90o5, 4190pS 
imprisonment to enforce penalties, 

4190]/, 419012 

interest on bonds, 4I90«1, 4100il 

investigations and impeachment, 4100al 

bearing charges, 419061 

judge of city court, powers and du- 

Ues, 4100n-410W2 


Cities of 86,e00, 

levees and vi&dacts, 

licenses, granting ot, 
fees, payment, 

loans, power ol council, 
bonds, interest, sale, 
temporary loans, 
refunding bonds, 
interest on seeuritiee, 4190il 

ma^or, election, term, 41906, 4190pl 

contracts and buying claims, 

4190ir, 4190A 
. presides over coancil, 11900 

ordinances, signing or vetoing, 

4ie0r, 4l90u 
vacancy, election, 419O9I 

acting mayor, 41d0rl 

duties ol mayor, 419081 

salary, 4190J2 

morale, protectinK, 4l90u' 

occapatione, regulatione, 4190to 

officers, election, 41906, 4190i: 

continuing old officers, 4190e 

vacancies, appointment, ilWd 

notice of election, 4190e 

oaths and bondSj 4190/ 

contracts prohibited, 4I9C^ 

purchase of claims, 4190A 

comptroller, appointment, 4190q2 

ordinances, origin of, 4190r 

appropriation of money, 4190r 

signing and vetoing, 4I90r, 4190u 

passage of, 4190«, 4190c 

pablication of, 4190t 

recording of, 4190e 

party walls and fences, 4190(c 

peace, preservation, 419l>ui 

penalties, limitation, 4190to, 4190x 

imprisonment to enforce, 4190^, 419W2 

pensions for firemen, 

419Da4, 4l90nll-4190dl2 

policemen, appointment, 4190«4 

powers and duties, 4190A4-4I9Or4 

pelice court, powers, 4190E1 

seal, change ot venue, 4190ul 

judge, appointment, jurisdiction, 

Jurisdiction and appeal, 419l>ul 

rules, practice, appeal, 41B0zl 

judge pro (era., 4190^1 

dischai^ng prisoners, 4I90eI 

vacancy, appointment, 4190a2 

fees not received, iimb2 

salary ot judge, 4190c2 

Judge to be clerk, 4190<12 

bairitf ot court, 4190e2 

salts, corporate organisation, 4190/2 
railroads, serving process, ilWg2 

Boits, plaiDtin, process, complaint, 

imprisonment adjadged, 419012 


1. 2785-6594«2. Vol. S, Sees. 6596-8783c. 

Cities of 36,500, 

4190(3 property, public, protection, 4190w 

4190h3 appropriation ot, 419012-4 1 90ja 

4I90IO railroads, controlling, 4190ur 

4190^4 service of process on, i\90g2 

4190dl safetr, board of, 4l90c4 

4190el duties and powers of, 4190o4-4190p4 

4190^*1 aalary ot councilmen, 419Oi0 

419(^1 of mayor, 4190j 2 

of city clerk, 4190jfc2 

of comptroller, 4190?2 

ot city attorney, 4190s3 

ot board of works, 4190(2 

ot city engineer, 4]90u2 

ot board of safety, 4190o4 

ot treasurer, 4190nfi 

ot auditor, 4190n5 

sewers and drains, 4I90tS- 

construction and cost, 4190to3-4190y3 
sprinkling streets, 4190«3-4190M 

streets, control over, 4190w 

location and change ot, 4190J3 

opening and laying out, 4190it3 

improvement, order tor, 419013 

assessments, payment, 4100in3- 

BSaessment roll, acceptance, 4190n3 
final estimate, bearing, 4190o3- 

installments, agreoment, 41U0p3 

collecting assessments, ac- 
counts, 4190$3 
bonds, issuing, interest, 4190r3 
coupons, payment, 4190r3 
failure to pay installments, 419(tf3- 
sprinkling aod sweeping, 


sweeping streets, 4190*3-4190M 

taxation, limit, 4190cl 

assessment and collection, 4190cl 

laws applicable, 4190x4 

levying asd collecting taxes, 


treasurer ot city abolished, 4190r4 

ot county to act, 4190<4 

duties of treasarer, 4190t4-4190n& 

salary of treasurer, 4190n5 

wards otcity, 4190J 

warrants on treasury, 4190A1 

illeeal, issuing, penalty, 4190i>2 

works, board ot, 4190C2 

duties and powers, 4190t2-4190i3 

Cities of 30,000, 

annexing territory, 4190(i7 

appeal from pnM^eedings, 4190e7 

annexing cities or towns, 4190/7 

disannexation, 41U<V7 

appropriation, warrant on treasury, 4 190a7 
continued appropriations, 4190c7 

of property, 4190re, 4190a» 

sssessmenta for street improvements, 




[Befereneet art lo Sretion*.'] 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27M6. Vol. 2, Sees. 27a5-5594«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5685-8733c. 

Cities of 30,000, 

tor constTuclion of work, 4190ni9 

for eewera and drainB, 4l00n9, 4190o9 
for iprinkling and sweeping, 

41»g9, *190r9 
colIecUon of asaesamenU, 

41 90^10-4190010 
attorney of city, appoiatmeat, 4190i8 

salary of, 4190i8 

general datle«, 4190t8 

board of safety, appointment, 4190v9 

qaalificatioDB, aalaries, 4190o9 

control of jiroperty, 4190t>9, 4190u9 
rules, meetings, cnairman, 4190w9 
police and firemen, appointment, 

control, 4190z9 

terms and removals, 4190ii9 

panishmenta, 4190(9 

extra police and firemen, 4190cl0 

oaths and depositions, 4190dl0 

bonds, rules, 4190&10 

board of worka, appointment, 
qaalificationB, salariea, 
general powers of, 
public work, performance, 
contracts, letting of, 
expenses, payment, 
appropriating property, 4190r8-4]90(i9 
streets, improvement of, 4190(t9-1190W 
water-works, control of, 4190rf 

parks, control of, 4190(9 

cemeteries, control ol, 4190u9 

bonds of officers, 4190x6, 4190^7 

for money borrowed, 4190ic6 

issue and interest, 
refn nd i n g bonds , 
of city judge, 

for street improvements, 4190 j9 

borrowing money, 4]90»6, 4190»6 

boundaries, defining of, 4l90(f7 

cemeteriea, control ol, 4190u9 

charitiee, commissioner of, 4190irll 

dtJBs governed by act, 4190u3 

city court, election of judge, 4190ii6 

oath and bond, 4190sS, 41907? 



4190v6, 419067 


style and authority, 



change of venue. 


term and bond ol judge, 


jurisdiction, appeal, 
rales and practice, 
special judge, 





fines and cost. 


vacancy, filling of, 


salary of judge. 


clerk of court. 


pleadings and process, 
Jadgmente, enforcing, 
police, duties of, 
iKwks and blasks. 




Cities of 30,000, 

clerk ol city, election, 
oati) and bond, 
of council, duties, 
term of office, 

4190t)5, 419017 


4190t6, 4190ni7 




r . 

of city court, 

comptroller acting aa mayor, 
head of finance department, 
appointment, BHlary, 419Df8 

general duties of, 4l90j8 

condemnation olproperty, 4l90r8-4190a9 

contracts with officers, 4190^6 

of departmenla, 4190gS 

by board of works, 4190p8 

council, election of members, 4190ne, 4190«6 

IB of, 

tenoB of members, 
expelling members, 
meetings, quorum, 
clerk of council, 
general powers ol, 

councilmen, election of, 
oaths of, 
terms ol, 
qusliS cations of, 
expulsion of, 

departments eatabliBbed, 
officers appointed by, 
beada of, appointment, 
information, record, 
qualifications, fees, 


4igOA6, 4190^6 

4190eS, 4190e6 

estimates and appropriations, 4190/8 
contracts of, 419(^8 

illegal obligations, 4190A8 

dnunage, power of council, 4190?6 

order and specifications, 4190n9 

costs, asaessment, 4190n9 

assessments, collection, 4]90o9 

election of officerB, 4I90ii5 

notice to offlcera, 4190S/6 

engineer, appointment, 4190m8 

salary and duties, 4190in8 

estimates of street improvements, 41901/9 
notice and hearing, il90g9 

executive duties, performance, 

4190te, 4190A7 

fees taxed in city court, 4190u7 

finance department, 4190d8 

comptroller head ol, 4190fS 

firemen, appointment and control of, 

terms and removale, 4190j*9 

trial and punishments, 4190«9 

extra firemen, 4I90rlO 

pensions, 419W10, 4]00nll-4190dl2 

gammg-housea, control over, 4190fS 

duty of police, 4I90«10, 4100/10 

health and comfort, protection, 4190g6 
commisaioner of, duties, 

4190^11, 4190AU 



Vol. 1, Sen. 1-S784b. 

€itieB of 30,000, 

impeftchmeDt, power of council, 

4190ir6, 4igOv6 
imprisonment to enforce penalties, 

4190r«, 4190te 
inetallmeDto, paying ossesamenta by, 


delinqaent, collection, 4190Jt9 

interest on bonde, 4190ir6, 419(U7 

on Btre«t bonds, 41»0j9 

investigation a, power of cooncil, 4190u6 

judge, city, election, 4190o5 

jnrWiction, dnties, 4190117-4 190eB 

vacancy, appointment, 4190i«7 

ISeftnnetB are to Stctttmi.'] 

Vol. 2, Seca. 278fr-«6M«2. Vol. 8, Sen. S6M>-8733e. 



levees and vladucta. 


order for work, plana, 


assessments, lien. 


1 Relative power, 


liceneea, granting of, 


loans by city. 


mayor, election of. 

4190»5, 419W7 

vacancies, fillij^ of. 


president of council. 


ordinances, approval or 



, 419017 

term and qualiflcationa. 


vacancy, acting mayor. 


dntiea of mayor. 




morals, control over. 


nuiaance, power of coondl. 


occupation's, regulation. 


oatbs of officers, 


officers, election of. 


powers of officers, 


vacancies, filling of, 


notice of election. 


oaths and bonds, 


contracts with, 


purchase of ciainu. 


ordinances, origin of, 


signing of. 


passage of. 




approval or veto. 



yeas and naya on, 


park commission abolished 


duty of board of works 

4190»-4 190(9 

party walla, regulation, 


peace, preservation. 


duty of police, 


419006, 4190t« 

imprisonment to enforce. 

4190i«, 4190*6 

pensions for Bremen, 

4191X10, 4190nll-4190<fl2 

policemen, duties in city court. 


appointment and control, 


terms and removal. 


duties and powers. 



Cities of 80,000, 

policemen, prisoners,datieflas to, 4190610 
extra policemen, 4190cl0 

peace, preservation, 4190<10 

gaming-honaee, duties, 

4190eI0, 4190/10 
arreote, duties as to, 4190010 

police court, see dty court, 4190n7-4190eS 
property, pablic, control, 419O96 

appropriation by city, 4190r8-4190<i9 
public work, order notice, 419019 

plana, letting contract, 4190(9 

assessments, lien, 4190>n9 

railroads, power of council, 419O46 

safety, board of, appointment, da- 
ties, 4100d»-4I90A10 
salary of mayor, 4I90I7 
of city judge, 4190x7 
of comptroller, 419018 
of city attorney, 4190jb8 
of board of works, 419018 
of city engineer, 4190m8 
of boattl of safety, 4190i>9 
pay of county anifitor and treas- 
urer, 4190/11 
payment of salaries, 4l90j8 
sewers and drains, 419O96 
order and specifications, 4190n9 
costs, assessment, 4190n9 
assessment, collection, 419009 
sprinkling streets, 4190p9-419Or« 
streets, power of council, 419O96 
chan^Og location, 419069 
opening, removing obstnictions, 4190c9 
improvement, order for, 4190(19 
costs, assessment of, 4190c9 
lien and collection, 4190e9 
asBessraents, notice, hearing, 4190/9 
estimates, notice, hearing, 419(^ 
installments, paying by, 4190w 
account of funds, 419019 
iMnds and interest, 1490^9 
delinqaent installments, 4190il;0 
sprinkling and sweeping, 


sweeping streets, 4190ii9-4190r9 

taxation, assessment and levy, 4190u>6 

collection of taxes, 41 90110-4 190«11 

auditor of county, duties, 


pay of auditor, 4190/11 

pay of treasurer, 4190/11 

treasarer, office of abolished, 4190J 10 

settlements by, 4190J10, 4190in10 

of county acts tor city, 4190110 

dutiesof treasurer, 4190110-4190«1I 

pay of treasurer, 4190/11 

vacancies, filling of, 4190j« 

in office of city judge, 4190ir7 

veto by mayor, 4I90o6, 419017 

wards, division of city, 4190({0 

warrants on treasury, 4l90a7 

water-course, change of, 419069 



Vol. 1, Ben. I-27S46. 

Cities of 30,000, 

water-works, tnutoea abolished, 419018 

datTof board of works, 419018,4190*9 

works, board of, 4190 1 S-il90u9 

Cities of 15,000, 

■Idermen and districts, $488 

consent of, when neceMarf, 3489 

president of boaid, S492 

record and books, 3403 

pay of members, 3494 

president acting as mayor, 349d 

coonciltnen and wards. 



officers, elecUon of. 


aewer and tax districts, 


Cities and Towns, 

additions to, plat«, 


Winexation of cities and towns. 


terms and conditions. 


election to be held. 


notice of election. 


manner of bolding election 


tickets, contents. 


retnros of election. 


«ity name to continne. 


name of corporation. 


effect of consolidatioD, 


property and debts, 
lands, annexation of, 



petition for annexation, 


survey and plat. 


notice of petition, 


action of trustees or coonci 


effect of annexation. 



appeal from proceedings. 



trial of appeal. 


effect of appeal, lodgment, 


4228, 4230 

arms of state, bond. 


distriboUon to, 


bank stock, taxation. 


bonds, funding, issuing of, 

4190, 4201 

sinking fond, interest. 


taxes to pay. 


investment of sinking fond 


fonding by small ciUes, 
bonds and interest. 



taxes to pay. 


4202, 4202c 

water- works bonds, 


sewer bonds. 


street improvement bonds, 
to refond debts, 




tax to pay bonds. 


interest coupons pay taxes. 


Cities and Towns, 

cemeteries, conveyance by county 



petition for, notice, 


control of. 


protection of. 


vacation of. 


petition and flnding. 


acquiring lands for. 


removal of bodies, 


reinterment of bodies, 


title of groonds. 


claims, allowance of. 


when allowed. 


warrants for, 


itemizing claims, 


filing claims. 


claim docket. 


entries on docket. 


oaths to claims. 


illegal allowance, penalty, 
dties not affected. 



consolidation or union of, 


debfa, funding of, bonds, 

4199, 4201 

taxes to pay bonds, 4200 
election precincts, 



changes in precincts, 
voters, qualifications, 
funding of debts, 
^rbage, removal of, 

"""" — of county, 





jails, use of county, 4104 

liglita, public, providing for, 4301 

character of and contracts for, 4S0I 

granting use of streets, 4302,4303,4306 

existing contracts valid, 4304 

properly may be acquired, 4303 

natural gas, 8U[>ply of, 4306 

natural gas, regulations as to, 4306 

notices, iervice of, 4207 

office, quaiiQcationa for, 4191 

parks, establishing, 4307 

condemnation of lands for, 4307 

damages, assessing, report, 4308 

payment of damages, 43O0 

action on report, appeal, 4310 

laying out, improvement, care of, 4311 

bonds to obtain money, 4312 

tax to pay bonds, 4312 

pawnbrokers, license and tee, 4313 

plat of, order (or, 4231 

adoption of plat, 4232 

clerk to keep, '""' 

act applies to towns, 

of additions to, 

approval before recording, 

acknowledgments legalized, v^oo 

plats of legalized. 423fia 

survey and making plate, 42386-4238/ 

prisons, erection of, 4194 

use of county, 4194 

sewers, local, construction, 4273 

general, construction, 4274 

cost, apportionment, 4274, 4200 







[Bef«rett<:e$ are to Seetiont.'] 
Vol. 1, SecB, 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seca. 2785-65We2. l 

Cities and Towns, 

sewers, asaesaments tor coste, 4275 

Eayment of BaBesaraents, 4275 

oods, time ol payment, 4275 

right of way, coniJemniDg, 4275a, 4275b 

resolution (or, notice, 4289 

boads to raise money. 4296 

issuing bonds to contractors, 4207 

shade trees, planting of, 4103 

streets, vacation ot, 4229 

granting use o(, 4302, 4303, 4300 

__...,... ^2g8 


improvement, petitii 
contract for, 
repair of a^ets, 
costs, sBBeBsmentj lien, 
enforcing aBeeasments, 4289 

sale ol property, 42S8, 4290 

state property, consent ot auditor, 428S 
resolntion to improve, notice, 4289 
remonstrance, 4280a 

apportionment of costs, 4290 

costs in certain cities, 4298a 

liability ot city or tovpn, 4290 

lien ot assess men Is, 4290 

property first liable, 4290 

application of proceeds ot sale, 4290 
credit for existing improvement, 4291 
bonds of coatractors, 4291, 43006 

suits on bonds, 4300c 

Btreetcomrnissionermaydowork, 4291 
partial estimates, payments, ""^ 

council may order witboat peti- 

flnal estimate, 

report of engineer, 

notice of hearing on report, 

objections to report, 

installments, agreement to pay, 

collection ot assessments, 
application of payments, 
entering assessments on dupli- 

ali may pa^ by installments, 
bonds to raise money, 
transfer ot bonds, collection, 
certiScatee or bonds to contract- 







lie:iB and enforcement, 

precepts to collect assessments, 

appeal from precept, 

transcript and trial, 

questions tried on appeal, 

injunction against work, 

sale ot property, 

citiee not governed by act, 

satisfaction of lien on records, 

cleaning streets, 

■OTve^s and plats, 

* — » — I, levy to pay fondioK bonds, 

420O, 4202, 4206 


3, Sees. 6695-87356. 

Cities and Towns, 

taxation, tax to pay refundingbonds, 42026 
'nterest coupons received for, 4202c 

of bank stock, 
auditor of county, dnty ot, 
certificate ot auditor, 
aqsessment ot stock, 
collection ot taxes, 
lien of taxes, 
valuation ot stock, 
assessor, abolishing office, 
assessmeDt. making of, 
laws governing, 
payment ot (axes, 
non-residents, personalty, 
cities of less than 70,000, 
entering taxes on county dnpli- 

collection by county treasurer, 
delinquency, duties of officers, 
voters, qualifications ot, 
water-works, construction of. 



election on question, 4250 

location of works, 4251 
condemnation ot land and water, 4251 

assessment ot damages, 4252' 

tender ot damages, 4253 

appeal from assessment, 4254- 

trustees ot water-works, 4255 

abolishing boards ot trustees, 4256' 
construction and control of works, 4267 

agents and employes, 4257 

trustees, duties and pay of, 4358 

by-laws and rules, 4259 

water-rents, rate, collection, 4260 

application ot funds, 4261 

reports by trustees, 4262 

funds kept separate, 4203 

contracts tor erecting, 4264 

investigating committee, 4265 

water tor public use, 4266 

Bttacbmenls, regulatiOQ, 4267 

letting contract, notice, 4288- 

bond of contractor, 4269 

tax to pay loans, 4270 

lien ot taxes, 4271 

pollution of water, jurisdiction, 4272 

condemning property polluting, 4272 

purchase ol works, 4272.1 

mortgage on works, 4272A 

bonds for payment, 4272e 

tax to pay bonds and expenses, 42T2(I 

control of worka, 4272e 
companies to construct, 6088-5096 
TOWNS, See, 


immunities not to be abridged, 30 

privileges of citiiens ot states, 19 

special not granted, 68 

United SUt«e, who are, 3» 




Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seci. 


cities of general dua, daties, 360S, 3607 
aboluhed in citieB of 70,000, 3744 

of 100,000, wlio acta ae, 3679 

City Attorney, 

cities of general ctasa, 8478 

election and t«nnof, 3476 

removal of, S476a 

datiee and fees, 
ot 100,000, appointmetit, dati«a, 

3S27, 3900 
ot 50,000, appointment, datiea, 

of 43,000, appointment, duties, 4114 

City Auditor, 

elected when, and daties, 347ft, 3G22, 3M1 

-City Clerk, 

dtiea of general class, election, term, 3476 
dnUesof, 3503-8606 

of 100,000, election, duties, 8773, 3818 
ot 60,000, election, dnties, 

3919, 3921, 3961 
of 43,000, election, daties. 

4066, 4071, 4106 
ot 36,600, election, doties, 

41906, 41900, 4190A, 4190p, 
41909, 4190t>, 4190*2 
aS 80,fl00, election, dndes, 

4190(7, 4190m7 

City CoDunissioiiers, 

City Court, 

cities of general class, creation, pow- 

are to SecHona.^ 

278&-«694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 66&&^7S3e. 

City Marshal, 

duties and powers ot, S610, 3611 

election ana term, 3476 

fees of, 3G12 

office abolished in certain cities, 3709 

indge may practice law, 3684 

of 100,000, duties, powers, 3887-3903 
of 60,000, duties, powere, 4017-1034 
ot 43,000, 4100 

of 36,500, 4190(1-1190^ 

of 30,000, 4190t>6-4191c8 

City Ensineer, 

dties of general claM, appointment, 
term, 3478 

remoTal ot, 3476a 

duties of, 3508 

ot 100,000, appointment, salary, 3829 
ot 50,000, appointment, eaiarj, 3962 
ot 43,000, appointment, salary, 4116 
of 36,500, appoiDCment, salar;-, 41DOii2 
of 30,000, appointment, aulary, 4190ni8 



abolished in cities of 70,000, 3744 

in dtiea ot 43,000, 4166 

ties ot general class, election, term, 3476 
duties of. 3514-^28 

ot 100,000, who act* aa, 3879-3884 

copjr ol asaessments delivered to, 8849 
.notice by to property owners, 3849 
tee added lor publication, 3849 

collection ot asseaaments, 3862 

payments by to bondboldets, 3862 
notice to bondholders of prepay- 
ments, 385Z 
register of bondholders, 3852 
notice to bondholders ot non-pay- 
ment, 38S2 
penalty and interest added, 3862 
sale ol delinquent lots, 3862 
laws governing sales, 3852 
salary ot treasurer, 8881 
of 70,000, office abolished, S744 
of 70,000, who acta aa, duties, 

ot fiO.OOO, appointment, duties, 


salary and fees. 4013 

deputy, appointment, salary, 4013 

of 43,000, office abolished, 4166 

of 43,000, who sets as, daties, 

ot 36,500, 4190>4-4190u5 

ot 30,000, 4190jtI0-419O«ll 

CivU Code, 


Civil Procedure, 

actions, form ol. 


parties to. 


joinder of, 


survival ot. 




limitation ot. 


venue ot. 


commencement of, 


tor personal injury. 



adoption ot beire, 


agreed ca^e, 


appeal to supreme court 


use ot original bill ot ezcepti 




arrest and bail. 







Vol. 1, Sccfl. 1-27846. 

Civil Procedure, 


bHBUrdy, 890-1011 

bill of exceptions, signing, filing, 638-641 

use of ori^nal on appeal, 638a 

mbenng of, ""' 

change of name. 


of venae. 


conteBsion ol Judgment, 





conveyance by commisBionera, 


corporations, service of proceH 

on, 318 

cons tractive service on. 








evidence, written. 




foreclosare of mortage. 


habeas eorptw. 






issues, formation of, 


' kind of isBues, 


interrogatories submitted to ]nry, 565 

joinder of actions. 


judgment, rendition, enforcement, 673-636 
confession of, 522, 523 

jnry, trial by, 624-558 

libel and slander, proof of justifica- 
tion, 376« 
liens, foreclosure, parties, notice, 1109a 
limitation of actions, 293-307 
mandate and prohibition, 1181-1191 
tie exeat, practice, 1192-1199 
new trial, 668-572 
numbering cases, 384 
parties to actfons, 2S1-278 
on foreclosure of liens, 1109a 
partition, action and proceedings, 


pleadings, definition of, 338 

abatement, verificMon, 868 

abstract of title, 366 

omendmenU, S46, 397, 399 

answer, 360, 367, 358 

objections by, when, 346 

special defenses , 869 

general denial, evidence, 380 

bill of particulars, 366 

complaint, requisites, 341 

condition precedent, 373 

construction, 379 

copies for adverse par^, 383 

connt«r-cIaim, 363, 364, 366, 392 

cross-demands, 355 

defenses, special, 369 

demand at particular place, 371 

demnrrer to complaint, 342, 343, 347 

to answer, 349 

to reply, 360 

denial, general, evidenco, 380 

Civil Procednre, 

pleading, dilatory pleas, verification, 
exhibits, filing, 
fictions aboil sned, 
forme abolished, 

1'ud^meuts, founded on, 
udicis) notice, 
ibel and slander, 

justification, mitigation, 

proof in, 
lost |)apera, aisx 

misjoinder, 344 

preeumpUons, 377 

relief, demand, 341 

extent of granted, 388 

reply, 360 

set-ott, 351, 362, 366, 370, 302 

sham pleadings, 386 

signing of, 361 

BtaUit«, pleading, 374 

supplemental, 402 


principal and sarety, 
process, issue and service, 
receivers, appointment, 
referee, tri^ by, 
reinstatement of records, 

short-hand reporter, appointment, 


use of reports oo appeal, 
survival of actions, 
trial by jury, 

by court, 

by referee, 

of agreed cass, 
venne of actions, 

change of, 
▼erdict, general and special, 

interrogatories to ]ury, 

316-324, 318a 




82-285, 286a 




witnesses, summons and com] 

Actions, See. 
Costs, See. 
Plbadinob, Bee. 
Pbacticb, Civil, See. 

CivU Rights, 

aecommodationi to be equal, S201 

jurors, race or color, no discrimina- 
tion, 3293' 
penalties for violating statute, 3292, 3293 


cities and t^iwns, allowance and pay- 
ment, 4207a-4207/ 

county, filing against, 7846, 73&- 

aflowance of, 784& 

improper allowance, penalty, 78486- 
recovery of illegal allowance, 7S48c 
blanks famished, 7846a: 




Vol. 1, Becfl. l-27S4b. 


Mtates, claims against. 

Claims, False, 

ineaniDce, claiming, penalty, 
officer, presenting to, 


, 3912, 4062 




licensiiig and regnlatiiif , 


Clark Cotmty, 

circait, in fourth, p 

669, 1394 

congressional diatrict. 


courts, terms of in, p 

666, 1394 

Ohio falls pilots, bonds of, 

fees of. 



license, revocation, 


representatives, apportionment, 
salaries of county officers. 



aenatore apportioned to. 


statates distribnted to, 


Clark's Grant, 

taxation of lands, description, 




Clay CoDDty, 

drcait, in thirteenth, p. 671, 1394 

congresaioDal district, 3319 

court, terms in, p, 671, 1394 

representatives apportioned to, 6683 

salariee of county officers, 6437 

senators apportioned to, 6682 

statutes distributed to, 76I7(f 


attoraev-geaeral, clerk of, pay, 7696, 7696 

cities of general class, election, term, 3476 

daties of clerk, 3603-3606 

of 100,000, election, daties, 3773, 3818 

of W.OOO, election, duties, 

of 43,000, election, daties, 

4066, 4071,4106 
of 3S,SO0, 41906, 4190Jt2 

of 30,000, 4190vS, 4190M 

definition of clerk, 1309 

prison directoTB, clerk of, appoint- 
ment, pay, duties, 8213, 8216 
Clrbe CiBccrr Coubt, See. 

Clerk Circnit Court, 

acts of legislature, receipt sjid distri- 
bution, 7617« 
surplus copies, distribution, 76)7(r 

iiM* art to Stctil>nt.'\ 

Sees. 278e-6594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 660S-S733e. 

Clerk Circnit Court, 

allowance for books and stationery, 7934 
(or attendance on courts, 6519, 7941 

attendance on court, allowance, 6619,7941 

bond of, amount, 7651, 7928 

approval o(, 7928 

fnilure to give, vacancy, 7928 

all clerks to eive, 7929 

where bond filed, 7539 

official, duties as to, 7637, 7636 

approval of official, 7560, 7662 

of notaries public, approval, 8036 

of non-resident for costs, 698, 6536(i 

books and stationery, allowance for, 7934 
delivery to auccessor, 7938 

cash-book, keeping of, 6529, 7940 

procuring of books and blanks, 6629 

cash-book, keeping of, 6629, 7940 

complete records, makingof, 7931 

constables' bonds, approval, 7662 

county board, calling special session, 7822 

courts, is clerk of superior, 1397 

is clerk of criminal, 142S' 

attendance on, 
record of proceedings, 
complete record, 
allowance for attendance on, 

6610, 7941 

criminal actions, copy of record to 
reformatory, 8263i 

definition of "clerk," 

dentistry license, 

deputy, appoiDtment, 

dockets, procuring ol, 
allowance for, 
fees, pavment to 

election and term of, ,._._., . _ 

certificate to sheriff as toelections, 6191 
ballots, procuring of, 622& 

allowance tor, 6226 

preservation of ballots, eK» 

clerk to board of canvassers, 6271 
returns, certifying, 6276, ffi78, 6284 
recount of votes, datiefl, 6296^ 

recording certificate, 6297 

pay for service, 6297 

contest of election, duties, 

estates, fees, itemizing, 
receipts for fees, 

estraye, auties as to, 637 

executions, duties, see, 

including tees taxed in, 

fees, to be taxed by, 

acconnts kept ol, ftoxv 

report and payment toconnt?, 6530 
fees equaling salaries, 6632 

failure to make reports, penalty, 6537 
collection ol tees, itemised ac- 
count, 6539 
fees and salaries not both allowed, 6640 



162; 76746, 7927 





6619, 6620 



Clerk Circnit Court, 

feet, payment 

notice to pereoDB of fees received, 

partition, tritnecript foi record, 

CABh-book, keeping of, 6626, 7940 

regieter to be kept, 

docket, collection, paj'ment, 7942 

eetstes and guardisnebipB, 

receipts for, 

scbool-fund borrowers, certificate, 

tor recording official bonds, 

posting table in office, 

not charged to pensioners, S 

trade-marks, fiLng description, 

8680, a 

medicine, license to practice, fee, 731S 
fee-bills, iesuin^ ot, 6635, 8098 

tee-books, keeping of, 
felonies, sends copy of record to 

fines, liatol, 

payment to treasurer, 7936 

garnisaee, sunuDoning as, 954 

guardianships, leee, itemising, 7943 

receipts lor tees, 7943 

insane persons, duties as to, 

3217, 3218, 3222, 3223, 3228 
judgments, failure to enter, liability, 694 

not to purchase, 7931 

may receive monejr on, 
labor commiBsion, duties conceraine, 

706W, 7050J 
lav, not to practice, 2107 

legislative acts, receipt and distribu- 
tion, 781 7e 

surplus copies, distribution, 7617ir 
library, county, trustee for, 4965 

■narriagee, reports to bcMrd of health, 6721 

license, issuing of, 7292-7297 

medicine, license to practice, 7319, 7320 

fee for license, 7310 

moneys, when may receive, 7936 

sureties liable for, 7936 

due minors, payment, 2586a 

aotariea public, approval of bonds, 6035 
oaths, administering of, 7933. 8086 

office, keeping at wrong place, pen- 



where to be kept. 


hours for keeping open, 


examination by judge, 


officers, register of to be kept. 


7660, 7562 

recording of bonds, 


tee for recording. 


index to record. 


notaries' bonds, approval. 


partition, transcript for record 

fees, 7939 

pensioners, fees not chafed to. 



mlroads, service of process on 

H'j.. .... 

Clerb Girenit Conrt, 

records o( proceedings of courts. 




ot county board, 7912 

IS counties, B427-6618 

copying byordi 
residence of, 
salaries of in varioi 
payment of, 

not to exceed fees collected, 6632 
deficiency, payment out ol 
lees. 6533 

school loans, certificate, 
fee for, 

loan ot universitT funds, 
sureties of, liability for moneys, 
statutes, distribution, duties, 

7619, 7622, 7617e, 7617i? 

term, beginning of, 7574A 

trade-marks, duties, S67B 

fee for recording, 

Clerk ol Cit;, 

cities ot general claM, election, term, 3476 
vacancy in office, filling, 3484 


_. J8 ot, 
ot 100,000, 
of 60,000, 
ot 43,000, 
or 36,500, 
of 30,000, 


S773, 3818 


4071, 4106 

41906, 4190<fc2 

4190v6, 4190M 

Clerk of Hedical Board, 

appointment and salary, 7823 

Clerk Printing BoreAn, 

appointment, salaty, 7696 
duties ol clerk, 7696, 7607 

talee certificate by, penalty, 7698 

tees or reward, not to receive, 7508 

misfeasance of, 2160 

Clerk of Sapreme Coort, 

allowance for books and stationery, 77B3 

entry and payment, 77M 

appellate conrt^ is clerk ot, 1343 

compensation, 1346 

appeal, approval ot bond, 664 

notice ot, 662 

stay of proceedings, certificate, 665 

attendance on court, 7792 

books and stationery, allowance, 7793 

entry and payment, 7794 

bond of, 76S8o, 7791 

certifying opinions, 7795 

complete record, making of, 7792 

deputy, appointment, 7584 

docket tees, payment into treasury, ' 1336 

docketing causes, 666 

duties as to transcribing records, 1332, 1333 

is clerk ot appellate court, 1343, 1346 

notice ot appeal, 662 



[Btftrtneet are to 8ecHoB*.'\ 
Vol. I, B6C8. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seca. 278&-6694e2. Vol. 3, i 

'Clerk ot Supreme Conrt, Closets, 

-dntdeM, notice to lower cletk ot de- 

records, procurinfj;, 
attendaoce □□ court, 
oathB, Bdmiaistering, 

7792, 8081 

&jing of booka, "records, writingB, 7792 
complete record, making, 7792 

certityiog opiDiona, 7795 

delivering books to aucceeeor, 7797 
index to records and papers, 7799 

•election and term, 7674a, 7791 

beginning of term, 7574a 

leee, docket, payment to treasurer, 1^5 
taxing and account ot, 6423 

tee-bookfl kept, 6423 

reports as to, OiOflo, 6423 

payment to treasurer, 6423 

charges tor collection, . 6423 

fees to be taxed, 7798 

table ot poeted in office, 8092 

tee-bills, issniiiE ot, 8093, 8100-8102 

index to t 

and papers. 

oaths, administering of, 
office, where kept, 

hours kept open, 

inspection of, 
opinions, notice ot, 

certifying of. 
records, tranacribing of, 

Srocuring ot, 
ling of, 
complete, making, 
delivery to succeesor, 
allowance for, 
residence of, 
salary ot and assistants, 

ot clerks and st" 

reporting fees, 
atationerv tor, 
term ot clerk, 

beginning ot term, 

Sdpbbhb Coubt, Bee. 

Oerks of Towns, 

duties and powers, 
election ot, 

Towns, See. 

Clinton Connty, 

circuit, in tortj-flfth, 
congressional district, 
court, terms in, 
representatives apportioned t 
salariea ot coanty officers, 
senators apportioned to, 
statutes distri bated to, 



















167, 7791 


p. 676, 1394 


p. 676, 1394 

Clover Seed, 

bushel, what ia. 


bushel, what is, 8782 

cities resnlating sale, weight, oJ. 81, 8541 

minmg of, see mining, 7429-7482 
MiNBB, See. 


obstruction of, 


Code, Civil, 

civil procedure, see. 




secreting, etc., penalty, 
will, term includee, 




judgment, entry ot by, 




counterfeit, search-warrant tor, IflSS 

ottering of, etc.. 



borrowing money by. 



corporate powets ot, 


directors, religious belief, 


eatablishing, how done, 



lands, acquiring of and sale, 
sale of landB ordered, 


7176, 7176 

military stores issued to, 


tax to aapport, election, 
trustees for, selection, 



EnrcATios, See. 
Indiana UtfiTiBSTFT, See. 
PcKDoa Umitbbsht, See, 

Color of Title, 

definition ot. 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-S78tt. 

Colored Children, 

scbo(^ provided for, 6083 

Colored Orphans, 

aajrlomB for, tLllowance, 4698 


trade, comblnatione in restraint of, 



^vemor of army, 138 

president of army, 12 


congr«i8 regnUt«a, 8, 9 


appointment of, 216 

Commission, Labor, 

commiBsion, creation of, 7060a 

powers and duties ol, 
Labob Coif m ibbion, i 

CommiBsloners, City, 


[Btfereneei are to Secttont.} 
Vol. 2, SecB. 2785-6594(2. Vol. 8, Sees. S6gS-S738c 

Commissioners to Convey, 

appointed, when, 10! 

deed, contents, lOli 

approval of, 103 

signature, names of pattiee, 103 

recording of, lOS 

form of deed, 103 

title passed by jadpiMat, lOS 

paaed by sale, lOS 

ConuniBsioners, County, 

BoutD CotiMTY CoHHisaiomas, Be*. 

Commissioners of Deeds, 

appointment and t«nn, 804 

cop^ of act sent to, 804 

daties and powers, 804 

fees of, 804 

oath and seal, 804 

dlqr, 604 

Commissioners, Drainage, 

appointment, dntiea, 
compensation of, 

Commissioner of Fisheries, 


Commissioner of Fisheries, 

bond, amount and approval, 
duties ot commissioner, 
fees in prosecutiouB, 
prosecuting offenoers, dntj, tees, 
removal of, 

report to general assembly, 
salary of commissioner, 
vacancy, filling of. 

Commissioners of Printing, 

board, who constitute, 

clerk of board, appointment, salary. 

PsiNTiHa, Public, See. 

Commission Merchant, 

embezzlement by, 2036- 

tasation, assessment lor, 8439- 


attesting of, 228- 
depoeitions, iasaine to take, 4S7-439 

governor, signing by, 228 

otScen commissioned by, 7569 

issning, signing, attesting, 238 

justice of peace, issaing for, 1491 

militia officers, 219 

notaries public, 8036- 

oatha indorsed on, 7634 

preddest of United States issues, 13- 


appeanwce by tor ioaane penon, 368^ 

apprapriationa, appointment, duties, 


Common Barrator, 

deOnition and potushment, ZlSfr 

Common Carriers, 

actions against for ia]nries, 818, 7083-7087 

baggage, selling unclaimed, 3294 

reclaiming wrecked, S397 

carrier, common, who is, 8806, 3309 

conditions on tickets, 8298 

embezzlement by, 2026, 2026 

employes, injuries to, liability, 7083-7087 

injuries, releasing claims, 7082a, 7082e 

express companies, foreign are, 3300, 3309 

coantine of money by, 8310 

way-bill or receipt, 3311 


3312a, 3312/ 

„ iipross companies are, 3308, 3309 

statements filed by, 3307 

service ot process, agreement, 

reipit V 


Vol. I, Becfl. 1-278U. 

GomiDOii Carriers, 

nuue, cararins of, U^ilitr, 

I66fi, 1883, 22*271: 

money.coantiiiKbvezpTeBs company, 3310 
vay-bill or receipt for, S311, 331S 

perishable goods, sale of, 3397 

sale of unclaimed articles, 3294-3296 

of perishable goods and animals, 329T 

tickets, conditiona on, 3298 

r^nlatione as to, 8293 

violating statute, penalty, 8298 

sellera, certificates, 3290 

redemptiou of conpons, 3300 

penalty for violating etatnle, 
penalties against carrien, 
sale without authority, 


^Seftre^ce* are to SwMom.I 

Vol. 2, Sees. 278&-6694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6596-8733c 


property and services, making for,. 


n tickets excepted, 3305 

unclaimed artieiee, sale of, 3294 

notice ol, 3295 

payment of oosta and cbatges, 8296 

di^osition of sorplDS, 8296 

copies of papers kept, 3296 

inspection and copies given, 8296 
way-bill or receipt by expfesi com- 
panies, 8311, 3312 

wreckage, reclaiming, 6397 

Common Coimeil, 

bribery of members, 2097 

qoonim, breaking, 2140 

CiTiBB, CotmciL, CotnioiLifxtr, See. 

Common GamU«r, 

definition and ponisbiaftnli, 2180 

Common Law, 

Common Pleaa Conrt, 

jurisdiction, transfer of. 

Common Schools, 

cwntiM, liability of for fimda, 
funds, what to oompose, 

principal to be perpetual, 

investment and distribution, 

reinvestment of, 

counties liable for, 

trust beld inviolate, 
BcboolB, common see, 

CoMFFLHOKY KnncxTiox, See. 

Eddcation, See. 

BcBoou, OoMMOM, 8ee. 


dead animals, etc., putting on, 



attorney-general, duties, S312o, 3312* 

conspiracy, penalty, S312t 

contracts to prevent prohibited, 

3312{r, 3312in, 3312r 
corporations violating act, penalty, 

8312A, 3312n, 3312« 
damages recoverable under act, 

33I2J:, 331211, 3312u 
grand juries, instruction to as to act, S3121 
persons violating act, pen^ty,^ 


33120, 3312* 

affected by act, 



suite, parties. 




contents ol, 


defects in, waiver. 


demurrer to. 


indorsement of retam day on 


misjoinder of causes in. 


new trial after l«rm. 



relief, what granted, 
review of jodgment. 



PuuDiHas, See. 

Complete Aecord, 

cases in which made. 



crimes and prosocntiona, 


2464, 2iGS 


attorney -general, compromise 

of suits. 




cities of 100,000, appointment, duties, 
882' ' 
ol 50,000, appointment, duties. 

Compulsory Edoeation, 

children, when most be sent to school. 

traant officers, appointment^ a- 



Compulsory Education, 

children, pay of tmant officera, G 

reports by scbool officers, 6 
books and clotbing lor poor chit- 

dren, 6( 

school for truanta, 6 

tax to meet expenses, 60831 

cooflrmed tmants, S 


list, poetBgq, bUako, 6 


felon, concealii^, 1S68 

limitationfl, concealing actioiit' 301 
stolen goods, concealing, SOie-2012 

thief, concealing, 2101 

will, concealing, 2013 


courts of, establishiiif, 179 

insurance policies, conditjons in, 48fi9a 

when condition void, 46G9b 

unlawful condition, penalty, 48S9c 
investigating charges, 4869d-4Bfi9/ 

Condition Precedent, 

performance, pleading, 873 

Conditional Sale, 

electrical equipments, contract, S474 

lien on, 5474 

rental, purchase-money, title, 6476 

recording contract, 6476 

r^lroad rolling stock, sale of, 6401 

title to remain in vendor, 6401 

lien [or purchase-money, 6401 

rents applied on purchase, 5402 

recording contract, 6403 

prior contrftcta, effect, 6404 

acknowledgment ol contracts, 6406 


arreet ol criminals, 1771 

cats, running without tools, etc., 2262 

croesinn, duties of at, 2296 

embeEilement by, 2024 
highways, obstmcUng, 2291, 2297 
police powers of, 6183, 6184 


regulations as to keeping, 6726a-6726f 

« to Sectiont.} 
I. 27S6-6694<2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-8783e. 

Confidential Commnnication, 

evi3ence, admission as, 


criminals, effect of, 
judgments by, 
replevin baU, 



absent members, attendaoce, S 

adjournments, fi 

preventing return of bills by, 7 
resolution for not to go to preai- 

dent, 7 

by president, IS 

appointing members to office, 6 

apportionment of representativee, 2, 40 

arrest, privilege from, 6 

attendance, compelling, 6 

bills to ruse revenue, 7 

presenting to president, 7 

approval or veto, 7 

passage over veto, 7 

yeas and nays, entry of, 7 

president failing to return, 7 

breach of peace, arrest of memben, 6 

compensation of members, 8 

debate, questioning membero lor, 6 

disorderly behavior, pDniehment, 6 

election of representatives, 2, 4 

each house judges of, 6 

expelling memben, S 

felony, arrest of members, , 6 

habta* eorpai, suspension of writ, 9 

house, election and qualifications, t, 41 

election of memben, 4 

oath of members, 23 

electing president by, M 

impeachment, power of, 2 

trial of, S 

of president, chief jnatice pifr 

Bides, 8 

oath of members, 8 

oonviction, rules necessary, 8 

judgment and^penalty, 3 

journal of proceedings, 6 

publication of, 6 

yeas and nays, entry on, 5, 7 ' 

legislative power vest«d in, 1 

meeting, time and place, 4 

must meet once a year, 4 

extraordinary, calling of, 13 

membenj election, qualifications, S, S| 4, 6 

appointment to offices, 6 

offlcen not qualified as, 6 

meaaagea by president to, 13 

oaths of members, 23 

office, appointing memben to, 6 

penona holding not to be mem- 

here, 6 

officers of house, election, 2 

of senate, election, 3 

authorizing president to appoint, 12 

izocoy Google 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Bece 


powera, oreenale, power over, 
arts and scienue, protection, 
aathora, protecting, 
bankruptcy, uniform rale, 
borrowing money, 
captures on land and water, 
coin, counterfeiting of, 
coining monej, reflating valne, 
commerce, regalating, 
common defense, 
counterfeiting secaritiee and coin, 
courts, establishing, 8, 1 

debta, providing lor, 
defense, providing for, 
dock-jards, power over, 
dnties, to la^ and collect, 

to be uniform, 
ezcisea. to levy and collect, 

to be uniform, 
felonies on b)|th seas, 
foreign nations, commerce, 

forts, power over, 

bigb seas, piracies and telonles, 


imposts, to levj; and collect, 

must be uniform, 
Indians, commerce with, 
insurrections, suppression, 
invaBioos. euppreBsion, 
inventors, protection, 
law to carry conatitution into ellect, 
over territory and property, 
letters of marque, 
roBgHzines. power over, 
marq^ue, granting letters, 
militia, calling out, 

organizing, arming, training, 

appointing officers, 
money, borrowing, 

eoining of, 

regulating value, 
nations, offenses againrt, 
nataralization, uniformity, 
navy, raising, supporting, 

rules for governing, 
piracies on high seas, 
poet-offices and post-roads, 
public property, power over, 
reprisals, granting letters of, 
roles for army and navy, 
science and arts, protection, 
seat of government, power over, 
securitiea, counterfeiting, 
states, commerce among. 

to appoint militia officers, 
taxes, levying, collecting, 
nnifonnity of duties and imposts, 
war, declaring, 

weights and measures, regulating 
welfare, providing for general, 
president, approval and veto of bills. 

are to Stcttons.] 

I. 278S-55fi4e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-8733.;. 


president of senate, vice-president is, 3 

when may vote, 3 

pro tetn., election, 3 

privilege of members from arrest, 6 

on account ot speech, 6 

proceedings, journal of, 5 

publication of, 6 

quorum, what is, 5 

qualiflcationH of representatives, 2, 41 

, of senators, 3, 41 

each house judges, 6 

records, providing for proving, 18 

representatives, apportionment, 2, 40 

resolutions, presenting to president, 7 

approval or disapproval, 7 

passa^ over objections, 7 

revenue bills, origin of, 7 

amendments oy senate, 7 

rales for each house, 6 

senate, composition of, 3 

jndges of election and qnalifica- 

Tules for, 6 

amending revenue bills, 7 

electing vice-president, 88 

number and election of members, 3 

vacancy, filling of, C 

qualifications of, 8, 41 

election, time and place, 4 

compensation of membcurs, 6 

arrest of members, 6 

questioning tor speech, 6 

oaths of memt>ere, 23 

sesaians, when held, 4 

extra may be called, 13 

speaker of house, election, 2 

speech, questioning members for, 6 

states, admitting new, 20 

formation ol new, 20 

statutes, providing for proving, 18 

territories, power over, 20 

treason, arrest of members for, 6 

punishment for, 17 

vacancies in house, filling, 2 

in senate, filling, 8 

veto of bills by president, 7 

passage over veto, 7 

yeas and nays entered, 7 

vice-president presides over senate, 3 

when may vote, 8 

votes ol senators, 3 

war, declaring ot, 8 

weights and measures, regulation, 8 

welfare, general, provision for, 8 

yeas and nays, entry on journal, 6, 7 


CoiifiTessioaal Districts, 

division of state into districts, 
limits ot districts, 
first district, 




{Se^ereiusf art to SeeUant,} 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-66M«2. Vol. S, Seo. 

Congressional Districts, 


second district, 


arrest of tngitives by, 1667, 1694 


third dirtrict, 


without proceM, 


lonrth dirtrict. 


attorney, not to act as. 


fifth district, 


bail on capiat. 


sixth district, 
seveDth diatnct, 


bonds of, 7682 


liability on. 


eighth district. 


capiaM, taking bail on. 


ninth dirtrict, 


commitment to jail, leaving writ, 


tenth district. 


receipt by jailer, 


eleventh dirtrict. 


death of, doty of representfttives, 
delivery bonds, taking of, 


twellth dirtrict. 



thirteenth district. 


deputy, appointment of. 


election, number and term, S290 


ConoectiDg Lines, 

embewlement by, 
execution, direcBon to. 





degree creating interert, 

Conservators of Peace, 

ud, refusing to give, penalty, 
arrests, who may make, 
city iDarahals are, 
constables are, 

1771, 2074 


failure or want, pleading, 369 


attached goods, lien on, 939 

embezzlement by, S026 

taxation, asaeasment fot, 8439 


embezzlement hy, 2026 


academies and high schools, 4612-1516 

articles, filing, fees, 3424 

bridge companies, 4622 
gravel road and other companies, 4790 

high schools and academies, 4612-4515 

hydraulic companiee, 4836 
railroad companies, 5251-5256, G257 

Street railroad companies, 54S9t-5468p 
slack-water navigation companiee, 54^ 

volantary aesociatjons, 4G95ni 


definition and panishment, 2065, 2260 


not to bay property, 

demand on before retom, i 

delivery to successor, f 

fees of conrtahles, i 

tonns used by, ( 

fugitives, arresting of, 1667, 10B4, f 

habtat corpui, right of, G 

^misbee, sommoning as, 
jail, commitment, leaving writ, i 

receipt of jailer, 8 

jorisdiction over county, 1616, i 

marshals, city, power ol, £ 

mileage allowed to, ( 

money, paymentot, t 

tailnre to pay, i 

damages on stun due, 
nnmber of elected, 629 

peace officer, is, 

process, service throughoat county, 

service and retnm, 

noting time of receiving, 
special, appointment, 

liability of justice for, 
trials, attending, 

Constitntion, State, 

administrative power, 

secretary, auditor and treasurer, 
county officers, terms, 
counh' and township officers, 
qualifications of county officers, 
residence of state officers, 
residence of other officers, 
impeachment of state officers, 
impeachment of county o" — 
vacancies, filling of, 
county boards, 

amendments to, bow madt, 
separate vote on, 
of statutes, 




), 8049 




banks, iacorpointioii. 

Tol. l,8«es. 1-27S4». 

CoDstitDtiOD, Stat«, 

beoevolent institationa, 

bouie of relDg«, 

coanty mjIod 
nks, iacoipointi 

general l&w, 

regUtrj of notes, 

bonk with bnmcbM, 

branches, responsiblUtj, 

liability of stockholden, 


bolder^s preference, 


twenty years' limitation, 

trust roods, 

stste not a stockholder, 
Mil of rights, natnral, 

worship, right to, 

freedom of tboaght, 

no creed preferred, 

DO religions test, 

no money tor religion, 

witness, oompetency, 

oaths, administering. 

free speech and wrl^ig, 

libel, tratb in, 

eearches and seiiorea, 

coorls to be open, 

rights of accused, 

jeopardy, twice, 

anneceesary rigor, 

excessive bail or pnnlshment, 

bailable offenses , 

Ensl code, basis of, 
y in crimiiiBl cases, law and 

jury in civil cases, 

compensation for Miricea, 

exemption of property, 

imprisonment for debt, 

equal privil^ee, 

no ex pott facto lawi, 

taking effect of laws, 

enapension of laws, 

Aobeo* corpses, saepenslen, 

treason and proof, 

effect of conviction. 

assemblage and petilJOD, 

arms, bearing of, 

military subject to dvil power, 

restrictions upon soldiers, 

DO titles of nobility, 

emigration free, 

slavery prohibited, 
boundaries of state, 
oommissions, issuing of, 
corporations, general laws to form, 

dues, individual liability, 

counties taking stock, 
county boards, powers, 
«oan^, officers, terms, 

officers, creation of, 

qnaliflcatioos of, 

trt to 5«ctfofw.] 
S7S6-66IMa3. Vol. S, B 

Constitation, State, 

county, officers, residence of, 
impeachment of, 
vacancies, filling of, 
liability for school funds, 
asylums for poor, 
stock in corporations, 
area of, 

ofstate, creation, 
mnnicipa! debts, 
exemption of property, 
imprisonment for, 
education, common eehoeli, 
common school fund, 

~ to be perpetual. 

investment and distribution, 
rein vestment, 
counties, liability, 
trust funds inviolate, 
superintendent of instraction, 
elections, free and equal, 
qualifications of electora, 
soldiers, seamen, marines, 

bribery, disqnaliflcatioa, 
cballenge to duel. 




holding lucrative offices, 

defaulters not eligible, 

pro ttm. appointments, 

electors free from arrest, 

method of elections, 

time of elections, 
executive, governor, 

lien t^ ant-go vemor, 


manner of voting, 

plurality elects, 



persona ineligible, 

term of office, 


president pro («m. of senate, 

governor oommander-in-cbief, 


bills signed or vetoed, 

information from officers, 

execution of laws, 

pardons and reprieves, 

vacancies, filling of, 

writs of election to assembly, 

changing place of meeting, 

lieutenant-governor, duties, 

pay of eovemor, 

pay of lieutenant-governor, 

ineligibility to office, 
«c poitfaeto laws, 
finance, assessment, taxation, 

payment of public debt, 


receipts and expenditoiM, 



Vol. 1, Sees. l-2T84b. 

ConstitatioD, State, 

flutuice, creation ol debt, limit, 

couDtiea bujrine Btock, 

Block of Wabash and Erie Canal, 

[Beferencea art to iSecttoiM.] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6694*2. Vol. 3, Seci, 6696-87390. 

govemor, see ezecntive, 127-150 

Mbea» corput, Baspeneion, 72 

impeachmeDt of officer!, 167, 158 

Jeopardy, bnt ooce in, 68 

udicial powers, 161 

supreme coort, 162 

jadicial districtB, 163 

jarisdiction, 164 

decisions in writing^ 165 

publication of dedsiona, 166 

clerk of supreme court, 167 

drcujt courU, 168 

circuit jadgea, 169 

Bpedal judges, 170 

prosecuting attorneys, 171 
removB] of Judges and prosecators, 172 

pa; of judges, 173 

justices of the peace, 174 

conservators of peace, 176 

grand jury system, 
criminal proeecaUons, 
courts of conciliation, 
revision of laws, 

iotiediction of state, 
iirf trial, right of, 
Relative, the general aSMmbly, 

n amber of members, 
legislative, terms of office, 
enumeration of voters, 
apportionment of membsrB, 
districts, formation, 
privilege from arrest, 
sessions of, 
officera, adjournment, 

journal of proceedings, 
doois to be open, 
disorderly bebavior, 
contempt, imprisonment, 

Eowere of each house, 
ills, where ma; originate, 
reading and vote, 
sabject-matter and title, 
plain wording of, 
amendment of acts, 
local laws prohibited, 
laws must do general, 
mite against state, 
passage of bills, 
protest and entry, 
public laws, 
publication of statutw, 

fiay of members, 
neligible to certain offlcea, 
change of place of meeting bj 

Conatitntion, State, 

libel, truth in. 


lotteries prohibited. 


military subject to civil power, 


militia, organization, 


officers, appointment. 



division of militia. 




governor commands. 


calling out ol. 


municipal debts, 
oaths of officers. 



administering ol, 


officera, stal«. 

161, 155 

county and township. 


appointment of, 


duration of term. 


holding over. 



challenge to duel. 


lucrative offices, holding. 


defaulters ineligible. 


powers, distribution ol. 



sale or lease of, 


reUnoQ, rights, prohibition, 

47, 60, 61 


schools, common, 


seal of state. 


slavery prohibited. 


sute. Baits against, 


suffrage and election. 


Tippecanoe baUle-groond, 


treason and proof. 

73, 74, 75 


Wabash and Erie canal debte. 


worship, right to. 


Constitation, United States, 

acts and records of states, faith and 

amendments to, how made, 

adopted to, ' 

appoinlmeuts by president, 
apportionment of representatlvefl, 
appropriations by law, 

for army, limit, 
armies, nusmg, supporting, 
arms, right to bear, 
arts and Bciencee, protection, 
assembling, right to, 
attainder, hills of, 

states not to pass, 

of treason, effect, 
bail not to be excessive, 
bankmptcy, uniform laws, 
bills for revenue, origin of, 

approval, veto, proceedings, 

not returned in ten dayi, 
borrowing monqr, 



(Se/erenea are (o Seetfont.^ 
Vol. 1, 8ece. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Socb. 2786-66e4e2. Vol. 3, SecH. 6595-8733c. 

Constitation, United States, 
capitation taxes, 

rights, abridgment, 
clainu, not prejudiced, nhea, 
coaetinK trade, regulatioDB, 
coin a, Sxiag value ^ 


eqaal and uniform rulei, 
commiBsiona by president, 
common law, recognition of, 
congreas, regnlating election of mem- 
meetings of, 
officerg not membeie, 
death of president, provision for, 
vice-preeident, deata, providing 

electon, choosing of, 
offlcera, providing for appointing, 12 
courts, establishing, 8, IS 

treason, declaring punishment, 17 
acta and records, proofprovidiaglor, 18 
new states, formation, aaaent, 20 

amendments to constitution, 

proposing, 22 

duties, laj and collect, 8 

borrowing money, 8 

oommerce, regulating, 8 

bankmptcy and naturaliiation, 8 

congrees, coining money, flsii^ 

value, 8 

weights and meaaarea, 8 

counterfeiting, punishment, 8 

conrtA, establishing, 8, 16 

piradea and felonies, 
post-offices and poet-toads, 
pat«nt8 and authors, protectioD, 
war, declaring, 
letters of marque, 
captures, rales as to, 
armies, raising, sapporting, 
navy, maintaining, 
mles for navy and army, 
militia, control over, 
aeat of government, control over, 
laws n^ceeaary to carry powers 

into effect, 
territory and property of govern- 

amendment 13, enforcing, 

dieabilities, removal of, 

article 14 of amendments, en- 

article 15, enforcing, 

convening and adjaaraing by 
eonatitntion, amendment of, 

and lawa and treaties supreme, 

ratification of, 

GoDstitation, United 8tat«8, 

contale, president appoints, 1! 

juriHoictJon over, II 

contracts, impairing of, li 

coanterfeiting, punishment, I 

court, supreme, jurisdiction, ll 

courts, inferior, eetublishiog, 8, 11 

crimes, fugitives from, II 

trial for, II 

criminal prosecution, i>roceedingB, 3i 

debt, public, not ouesdoned, 4! 

against confecle ration, 21 

in aid of rebellion, ill^»l, 4: 

disabilities, removal, 4 

duties to be nniform, i 

states not to lay, < 

on exports prohibited, li 
by states, when United States 

takes, I< 
election of senators and representativeB, ' 

qualifications and returns, J 
electors for president and vice-presi- 
dent, 11, 8i 

voting on same day, 1 

officers not to be, 1 

ennmeration every ten years, ' 

executive power in president, I 

tx poMt facto laws prehibited, 9, 1 

fines, esceasiTe prohibited, 3 

fugitivea from justice, I' 

from service, I' 
habeai c*rpiit, snapenaion, 
impeachment, how brought, 
trial and judgment, 

officers liable to, 1 

involuntary servitude, prohibition, 3 

jeopardy (or crimes, 2 

judges, terms of, 1 

compensation ol, I 

bound by constitution, 2 

judicial power, where vested, 1 

powers of judiciary, 1 

suits against States, 3 
faith and credit ol proceedings, 1 

jury trial, right to and place of, 16, 3 

in civil actions, 3 

law, what sapreme, 2 

common recognized, 8 

execution, duty o( president, 1 
loans, authority to make, 
marq^ne and reprisal, letters, 
militia, calling out, 
officers of, 

command of, 1 

arms, bearing of, 2 
money, drawine from treasary, 
coinage ^nd valne, 

states not to make, I 

leeal tender by states, I 
naturaliiation, uniform rules, 
navjr, creating and governing, 
nobility, titles not granted, 

states not to grant, 1 



Vol. I, Seci. 1-27SU. 

Congtitation, United States, 

oath of preflident, 11 

of officere, 23 
<rfBce, member of congren, inellgi* 

bility, e 
conBTeBs, membera, when not to 

hold, e 
accepting preseuta or emolaments, 9 
term ol president and Ticft-preei- 

dent, 11 

elector, who can not be, 11, 41 

vacandea, SlIioE by pieaident, 12 

commiuiona, when expire, 12 

who ineligible to congreea or as 

elector, 41 

officers of house of lepieeentatiTea, 2 

of senate, 3 

impeachment of, 14 

oHenses against law of nations, S 

fiardons for, 12 

eopardjr tor, 29 

patents, graoting of, 8 

petition, right of, 2S 

piracy, pnniBhment, 8 

post-offices, and poet-roads, 8 

powers, reservation of, 84 

presenu, officers not to accept, 9 

press, freedom of, 26 

president, execative power in, 11 

chosen every four ye&ra, 11 
election of, 11, 38 

qualifications, 11 

vacancy, who acts, 11 

compensation of, 11 

oath of office, 11 

impeachment, 14 

commands army and navy, 12 

opinions from aepartments, 12 

reprieves and pardons, 12 

treaties, making of, 12 

officers, appointing, 12 

■ 1, filling of, 12 

to congreea, 13 

convening congress, 13 

adjourning congreea, IS 
amhasaodois and ministers, re- 

ceiving, 13 
laws, eiecution of, 13 
commissions officers. 13 
privileges of members of congress, S 
of citizene, 19, 44 
property, care of public, 20 
for public use. compensation, 29 
punishments, cruel or unusual, S2 
<)uorum of houses of congress, S 
in electing president by boose, 38 
quartering troops, 27 
ratification of constitation, 24 
rebellion, disabilities, removal, 41 
receipts and expenditures, publica- 
tion, 9 
records, anthetitication, 18 

Gonstitntion, United Stat«8, 

religion , laws not to interfere with, 26 

test as to not required, 23 

reprieves, granting of, 18 

representatives, number of, 2 

when elected, 2, 4 

qoolificationB of voters, 2 

qualifications ol membsn, S, 41 

apportionment of, 2, 40 

vaconciee, filling of, 2 

offlceifl chosen by, 2 

impeachment, t 
judge of elections and qnoUflca- 

tuna, 5 

quorum, what is, 5 

adjournment, absentees, attendance, 6 

representation, basis of, 40 

republican government to states. 


_ ^tareservi.. . 

searches andseiiores, 

ri^ta reserved to states or people, 

senate, members, selection, terms, 

qualifications of senators, 3, 

vice-president presides over, 

officers, selection of, 

jad^ of election and qnaliflca- 

quorum of, 

adjoDrnment, absentees, attend- 

rules lor, 

iiunishing or expelling memben, 
oomal of proceedings, 
odjonrniDg over three days, 
yeas and nays, when required, 
amending revenue bills, 
impeachments, trial of, 
judgment, eflect, 
compensation of senatoie, 
arrest, privileged from, 
questioning as to speech, 
office, senators not appointed, 

elector, senator not to be. 
servitude, involuntary, prohibition, 
slavery, importation, prohibition, 

escaping, reclaiming, 
soldiers, qnartering of, 
speaker of house, election, 
speech, freedom of, 
states not to make treaty or alliance, 

granting letters of marqae, 

coining money, 

emitting bills of credit, 

legal tender, making o(, 

bills of attainder or ex pott facto 

impairiog contracts, 




[Aa/emiee* a 
Tol. 1, Sen. 1-STS4C. Vol. 2, S«cs. 

OoDstitntion, United States, 

sUtoe, egreemenU with aUtM or (or- 

e^ powen, IC 

war, eDga^ng in, IC 

Abridging ri^ta ol votan, 44 

new, admitting ol, 2C 

formation witokii other etatee, 20 
repnblicaD govemmeDt gaaran- 

teed, 21 

reserratioD of rigbte to. 84 
state judges, bound by treaties and 

coDBtitation, 23 

BOitaat common law, 31 

tax, direct, how apportioned, S 

in proportion to censas, S 

on exports prohibited, 6 

tender, what may be legal, 1€ 

territoiT, powers of congress over, 20 

test, refigiouB not required, 23 

titles, granting of, prohibition, 9, 10 

treason, definition of, 17 

proof necessary in, 17 

punishment for, 17 

treasury, drawing money from, 9 

treaties, making of, 12 

supreme law, 23 

states not to make, 10 

vacancies, filling by president, 12 

in congress, filling, 2 

veto by president, eflert, proceedings, 7 

vice-president presides over senate, 3 

election at, 11, 30 

when acts as president, U 

impeachment of, H 

war, congress declares, 8 

warrants for search and seiinre, 28 

witness not to criminate self, 29 

weights Hnd measures, fixing of, 8 

Constitutional Amendment, 

voting on, how done, 6221,6268 


constitntion of United States, rules for, 33 

pleadings in civil cases, S79 

in criminal cases, 1806 

statntes, mles tor, 240, 1309, 1310 


appointment by president, 12 

jurisdiction over, 16 


administrators, liability for, 

2542, 2548, 2549 
appellate courts, powers of, 1347 

appeal from jnd^ent, I02S, 1025 

atUtchment for is a civil process, 2898 

reio SeetUtnt.] 

2785-»04«2. Vol. 3, Sees. SSflmSTSSc. 


attorneys, punishment for, BM 

boards of review, powers, 663S 

circuit conrts, powers as to, 1374 

cities, power of coancils as to, et. 60, 3MI 

of 60,000, powers as to, S927 

county boards, power to punish, 7B92 

courts, direct contempt of, 1017 

refusal to testify, 1018 

disobeying process, 1019 

resisting process, 1020 

false report of trial, 1021 

punishment lor, 1022 

trial of charge, 1023 

appeal from judgment, 1023 

rnle to show cause, 1024 

proceedings, decision, tqtpeal, 102S 

what courts law applies, 1026 

Jastices' courts, 1S08 

supreme court, 680, 1827 

appellate court, 1347 

circuit courts, 1374 

superior courts, 1407 

deposition, refusal to give, 430 

direct, what is, 1017, 1018 

trial tor, 1023 

executors when liable tor, 2542, 2546, 2549 

general assembly, power to punish, 

110, 111 

grand juror, failure to attend, 1718 

refusing to testify before jury, 1733 

diaclosing proceedings, 1745 

indirect, what is, 1019 

process, disobeying, resisting, 

1019, 1020 

false report of trial, 1021 

punishment for, 2022 

rule to show psuse, 1024 

proceedings, decision, appeal, 1025 

injunction, violating of. 1174 

juror, soliciting nelection as, 1859 
instices, powers as to, 1603, 1545 
labor commission, not performing 

award, lOSOj 

witnesses not attending, 7050n 
legislature, power to punish, 110, III 

master com miss ion era. powers, 1465 

replevin, concealing property, 1292 

superior courts, powers as to, 1407 

tax commiesionera, powers of, 8547 

board ot review, powers, 8632 

will, failore to produce, 2762 

Contest of Election, 

action for, where commenced, 6314 

appeal from proceedings, 6318 

duty of court on nppeal, 6310 

to supreme court, 6324 

bond on appeal, 6324 

bond on appeal to supreme court, 6324 

causes for contest, 6312 

circuit office, where contest tried, 6314 

city office, contest for, 6323 



Vol. 1, 8eca. 1-2784*. 

Contest ol Election, 

commiseiODer to take teetitnony, 
conteator, who mav be.i 
costs, taxation ana collection, 
conntT offlce, contest for, 

where tned, 
statement ol coo test, 
notice of flliog statement, 
aaditor, conteet for, atatament, 
notice to county board, 
contestee, notice to, 
trial before count; board, 
aubptenas, issue and service, 
finding of board, certificate, 
depositions in contest of legislative 


office, " 6304-6311 

in contest for local office, 
district office, contest, where tried, 
election, when not set aside, osis 

fees and costs, amount of, 6321 

taxation and collection, 6331 

general assembly, contest of election, 6303 
statement of contest, 6303 

commission to take depositions, 6304 
notice to eonleatee, 6306 

powers of justices^ 6306 

vacancy on commissioD, filling of, 6307 
meeting of justices, taking evi- 
dence, 6308 
sealing depositions by clerk, 6309 
transmitting to secretary of stat«, 6S0S 

3 of secretary, 6310 

ingof depositions. 63U 

illegal votes, when not to defeat con- 
testee, 6313 
irregtilarity, election not set aside tot, 6313 
municipal office, contest for, 6323 
l^slatnre, contest of seat of member. 

[B^erencet are to Seetlotti.'] 

Vol. 2, RecB. 2785-5e04e2. Vol. 3, 8ecfl. 66g6-87S3e. 

Contest of Will, 

bond of uontestor, 2767 

causes for contest, 2766 

complaint, verification, 2766 

costs of contest, 2773 

foreign will, contest of, 2770 

guardian for minois, 2768 

infants and insane, contest by, 2771 

guardian for, 2768 

judgment of court, 2T72 

of supreme court, 2776 
notice to defendants, 

pabHcation of, 
probate revoked, daty of clerk, 

special odminisCratioD pending, ssva 
supreme court, appeal, opinion, 2776, 2776 

WiLL«, See. 


notice by auditor to clerk, 6315 

to contestee, 6316 

parties, who may contest. 6299 

how designated, 6299 

state office, contest for. 6300 

specifications of cont««t, 6300 

notice to contestee, 6301 

notice to legislature, 6301 

committee to try contest, 6302 

powers, hearing, report, 6302 

township office, contest and trial, 6314 

trial of contest before county board, 6317 

voters may be required to testify, 6320 

witneasea, summons for, 6317 

compelling attendance, 6317 

voters may be, 6320 

Contest of Will, 

ab«ence from state, when bats, 2771 

action for, where bronght, 311, 2766 

administration pending, 2393 

appeal to supreme court, 2775 

opinion of court, """" 





adjoarnraent of court, causes con' 

admission to prevent, 

affidavit to procnre, 

amendment of pleadings, costs, 

attorney member of l^slatare, 

caoses for continnance, 
absent evidence, 
attorney member of iMislatnre, 
party member of legisfatnTe, 

costs of continnance, no 

court, continnsnce bv, 416 

failure to bold te'rm, 1378 

adjonmment of, 1379 

criminal actions, conttnnsnce, 1860-1863 

interrogatories, answer, continnance 
for, 362 

jastices, of actions before, 1639, 1699 

legislature, attorney member of, 414 

party a member of, 6709 

lien tenant-governor a party, 6709 

pleadings, amendment, costs, 416 


bribing officer to procure, 

cities, officers not to have internet, 

3539, 3778, 3911, 4061 
competition, contracts to prevent, act 

as to, ^2i7-3312ii 

death of joint maker, effect, 636, 2467 

employes, release for injuriee, 7082a-7082c 
frauds and perjuries, see, 6629-6660 

gaming contracts void, 6676 

goods over fifty dollars, sale of. 


insane, contracts of void, 2724 

obligations of, impairing, 10 

officer, bribing to procure, 2138 

interest in public, 2136 

statute of frauds, effect on, 6629-6660 

telegraph, contracts made by, 6616 

trees, sale, written contract. 6404n< 

trusts, contracts creating, act as to, 


... United States land, sale of, 3422 

bar, patties not by contest ol otheis, 2769 writing, when mast be in, 6629, 6634 



[Btfertnett art to Beetlont.} 
Vol. 1, Sees. l-278«. Vol. 2, S«ci. 2786-66We2. Vol. 3, 8ec8. 66e6-8733e. 


devieeeB, when to nuike, 2738 

aontiefl, enforcement ot, 1229 

Contributory Negligence, 

actions for personal injuries, S69a 


absentee, oonveysnce bv wile, 288S 

absolute with separate defeasanoe, 3361 

acknowledgment of, 33S2 

who ma7 Uke, S3S2, 3497 

in another coanty, 3353 

in toreign state, 83M 

in foreign countfy, 83M, 3357 

bj married woman, 3368 

infant wife over eighteen, S3S9 

infant wife without parents, 3360 

consent ot judge, 3361 

bearing witnesses by judge, .S3S2 

infant wife of adult, 
form of acknowledgment, 
signed by mark, duty of officer, 
certificate, writing on deed, 
certificate Dot conclusive, 

administrators, etc., when record 
destroyed, eflect, 
defective l^;auied, 

alienation, snspension of power ot, 

aliens, conveyances by, 3328,3331 
who have taken out papers, 
conveyance in five years, 
lien on lands, 

marriage of woman with alien, 

attorney, conveyances by, 3386, S3S7, 3369 
recording of power, 3337, 8377 

recording ot power before deed, 8338 
fee tor recording power, 3339 

wife may join in power, 3369 

trusts and powers, effect ot act, 3409 
seal, execution ot power nnder, S42I 

contingent remainders, 3380 

ooDvevance, what is, SS76 

of greater estate than owned, 3881 
who may make, 332S 

words unnecessary to nee, 3348 

copies, when evidence, 466, 477, 478 

creditors, made to defraud, 

2277, 3397, 6640-6648 
presomption as to fraud, 3397 

delraading creditors or puTchssers 

by. 2277, 3397, 6640-6648 

entry book of recorder, 3371 

estate in common, creation of, 3341 

joint when created, 8341 

deed to husband and wife, 3342 

executors, trustees, estates of, 3342 

lelease and qpitclaim, estate, 3343 

tail abolished, 8378 



estate in common, fotore. creation of, 8879 
contingent remainders, 3380 

deed for greater thsn owned, 3361 

evidence, when copies of are, 466, 477, 478 
when records destroyed, 467 

general index, when is, 469 

record, nse of as, 8372, 3374 

record destroyed, 3374<i 

execution of conveyance, 
proof of, 
seal not necessary, 

executor, deed to, estate, 

defective legalised, sum 

form of warranty deed, 8346 

of quitclaim deed, 3347 

"heirs and sseignB" need not be 

used, 3348 

of mortgage, 3349 

grantor, who to include, 3776 

"heirs and assigns" need not be used, 3348 

husbsnd and wife, deed to, estate, 3342 
of insane wife, deed by, 3386, 3387 
insane, deed by wife, 3388 

estate by entirety, S3B7a, 3387j> 

index to, general, when evidence, 469 

general, to be kept to records, 


Indians, conveyances by, 3328 

deeds and sales legalised, 3329 

infants can not convey, 3330 

married women, 

insane persons can not convey, 
wife, conveyance by hnsband, 


Kroof before court, 3366, Si 

Dnd ol husband, 1 

etiect of conveyance, ! 

husband, conveyance by wife, 

estate by entirety, S387a, 3! 

Bales by guardiana, 33866, 3! 

ioint tenancy, creating, ! 

Ddgment, deed compelled by, ] 

iene created by, satisfaction, 3384, ! 
lineal and collateral warranties abol- 
ished, I 
mark,8igningby, duty of officer, i 
married women, wife of absentee, 
conveyance, : 
marriage with alien, effect, i 
conveyance ot lands of, S 
conveyance to and huaband, S 
acknowledgment by, 3 
infant over eighteen, 3 
infant without parents, 3 
consent of judge, 3 
examining witneSBes, S 
infant wife of adult, 3 
disaffirmance by infant, S 
restitution on disaffirmance, 3 
prior sale not affected, 3 
joining in power of attorney, 8 



Vol. 1, Bad. 1-27846. 


married women, inune, convey anc« 
by husband, 3388 

insane husband, convey aoce by 

wile, 8368, 3388a 

powers may b« given to M 

trustee, 3406 

mortgage, (orm and effect of, 3349 

separate defeasance, 3351 

power of sale in, effect, S40B 

negroes, deeds by, 3326 

sales and deeds legalieed, 3329 

power of alienation, sospenBion, S882 

o( attorney, conveyance by, 

S336, 83ST, 3389 

recording of, 3337, 3338, 3377 

married woman may join in, 3369 

seal, execution of under, 3421 

powera, see trusts and powers, 3391-3419 

proof of execntion of, 3352, 8355 

qnitcloiro, effect ot, 3343 

form of, 8347 

records of deeds, nse aa evidence, 

467, 489, 3372, 8874, 3377 

destroyed records, 3374a 

recording ot deeds, 3346, 8006 

time for recording, 8360 

failure, effect, 3350 

entry book ol recorder, 3371 

how to be done, 3372 

nee of record as evidence, 8872, 8374 

in wrong county, effect, 3373 

record not conclusive, 3374 

recorder, coonty, see, 8005-8018 

release and quitclaim, effect, 3343 

form of, 3347 

remainder, contingent, 3380 

limiUtion ot, 3863 

seal, execntion of under, 3421 

sheriff, execution of by, 776, 786 

signing and execution of, 8336 

by mark, duty of offloei, 3366 

transfer before recording, 8012 

seal, execDtJon ot under, 6660 

tax deeds, executdon and form of, 

lEt, deed to tniet^ea, estate, 
when to be in writing, 
innocent purchasers protected, 
record of, notice, 
assignment by beneflciarr, 
transfer of interest, 
deed in contravention ol tnut, 
resulting, when not allowed, 
fraud, creditore, presumption, 
resulting, when allowed, 

Sayment to trustee, effect, 
eath of tmBt«e, appointment, 
resignation ot tnut«e, 
removal of trustee, 
nominal title in tnutee, effect, 
title in benefldsry, wben, 
revocation, power retained. 


trust, disposal beyond power, 
marned woman, powera to, 
irrevocable powers, 
mortgage, power ot sale, effect, 
power of attorney not affected, 
trustees, wben to be residents, 
sale ot trust estates, application, 
notice of application, 
guardian ad liUm, 
bond ot trueteea, 
terms ot sale, 
investment ot proceeds, 
accounting by trustee, 
vacancies in tmsteeehip, 
control by court, 
when to be in writing, 6628 

trustee, deed to estate, 

Sayment to, effect, 
eath of, appointment, 
resignation of, 
removal of, 

nominal title in, effect, 
married woman may be, 
residents, when to be, 



defective deeds by le^lized, 
United Slates land, contract tor eale, 

effect, 8422 

warranties, collateral abolished, 8344 

warranty deed, torm ot, 3346 

force and effect of, 3346 

Dbids, See. 

Conveyance by Commissioner, 

appointment ot commiwioner, 1027 

in what cosee appointed, 1027, 1034 

approval of deed by court, 1031 

conveyance by party, enforcing, 1034 

deed of commissioner, contents, 1028^ 

title conveyed, 1089, 103O 

approval by court, 1031 

Bignatares and nainea, 1082 

recording of deed, 1033 

form of deed, 1035 

enforcing conveyance by party, 1034 

form ot commissioner'B deed, 1035- 


credit tor sood conduct, 

death, under sentence of, confine- 

dnty of warden i 

. tnd money for, 8234 
a discbarge, 

escape, recapture, 
punishment lor, 
8utterin{; or aiding, 
hospital tor insane, 
insane, proceedings had. 



21 14-21 1» 


Vol. 1, Bees. l-27S4b. 
labor, to be kept at, 
medical collefe, delivering body to, 
o&enee comnStted in prison, trial, 

retom on acquittal, 
pnnishment of, 
•ale ot Kooda made by, 
state pnaoa, see, 
term, commencement of, 
witness, ose of as, 

Sta-tb Pbiboh, 8m. 


accounts, suits on,.fl1inp| of. 


lSeferttie«» are to SeeaomJ} 
Vol. 2, Sees. ZJ8S-669ie2. Vol. 8, Sees. 669e-873Sd. 

mittngs, filing copies with plead- 


congress may provide for, 


bushel ol, what la, i 


bnshel of, what is, t 

Corner Stones, 

highwaTS, removing and resetting in, 8773 
locating 1^ coonty surveyor, 


accidents in mines, inveatigalion, 

aid, lefosing to give to, 

arrests by for breaches of peace, 

ol sberiti by, 

ot person ebarged with felony, 

1771, 7961 

ihqaest, holding of, see, 7964-7967 
depo^, appointment ot, 7564 

of sbenti of supreme conrt, when, 7606 
dat7f neglect of, penal^, 212T 


of coroner, 7967, 7968 

in what coantiee applicable, 7966 

tazstioii on process, 8093 

lee-bills, issoiag, 8093 

election and term of, 

beginning of term, 
evidence to m written down, 


health board, report to, 67W 

inqaest, when to bold, 7954 

witneBsee, hearing of, 7966 

Bubpcenas for witnesses, 7966 

poMt-mortem examination, 7955 

testimony, writjng, signing, 7956 

recogniiing witnesses, 7966 

verifict, 7967 

report, description of deceased, 7958 
valuables found on body, 795S 

disposition of valoabtes, 7968 

expenses of inquest, payment, 7968 
funeral expenses, 7958 

treasurer, report by, 7958 

luries abolished, 7969 

loaning of money, 7960 

interest to common schools, 7960- 

publication of description of de- 
ceased, 7961 
tailing to pay over to treaanm 

writ for arrest ot murderer, 
examination of accused, 
justice holding inquest, 
sale of property, 

lail, when has custody of, 

juries abolished, 

jnstices, examination of accused. 

peace, is conservator i 
po*t-mortem examinations, 
property of deceased person, 
disposition of by txtroner, 
use of by treasurer, 
loan of money, 
'■ '- for, 

1771, 7961 



sale of unclaimed, 7966 

qualifications of, 164 

residence of, 156 

salHry in counties of 100,009, 7969a 

sheriff, when to act as, 7962 

arrest ot sheriff by, 7963 
term of coroner, 

beginning of term, 
treasurer, duty as to property of de- 
cedent, 796S 
loan of money by, 7960 
suit against coroner, 7962 
sale of property, 7965 
verdict ol, 7967 
witnesses, examinaldon of, 7966 
subpcenas tor, 7966 
writing down ot testimony, 7966 
recogniring of, 7966 
fees of, 7966 
attachment tor, 7967 

Corporations, Generally, 

actions against, venne ot, 

310, ni, SIS, 316 

process, service on, 818, Site 



Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 

Corporations, Generally, 

kctions agaiast, matt sppear by attor- 
ney, 973, 1754 
iDterrogatoriee, anewer to, 362 
articles of oaBociatioo, Sliag and re- 
cording, 3423 
filing with secretary of state, 3424 
fee for building aasociatione, 4463a 
fees for filing and recording, 6407 
fees to be paid Btate, 7«31 
attorney, must appear by, 973, 1754 
bonds and notes, issuing and secar- 
Ing, 3442 
sale of at discount, 3443 
contracts valid, 3444 
borrowing money by, 3442 
boilding and loan asaociationi, 4444-4883 
business place, change of, 3448 
by-laws, adoption, 342S 
cnHrter, expiration, continnance, for 
settlement, 3429 
expiration of, 8436 
receiver, appointment, 3435 
jurisdiction of conrt, 3436 
duties of receiver, S437 
■urplas aaoeta, disposition of, 3438 
special extended, 3445 
consolidation, fees, 8424 
constitutional provisionB as to, 200-213 
contracts to prevent competition pio- 
bibited, 3312jr 
violation of act, penalty, 3312A 
corporate powers, 3425 
criminal liability ot, 1754, 1970 
debts ot, how secured, 3441 
directors, election of, 8447 
number of, 3448 
fees to be paid on oiganiiattoa, 7631 
taxed by secretary, 6407 
charged building associations, 4463(i 
fire insurance company, real estate, 3450 
foreign missione, board of, organica- 
tion, 4751a 
lights and powers of, 4761ft 
forfeiture of charter, continnance to 
settle, 8420 
for not paying judgment, 3439 
receiver, appointment, duties, 3439 

Say of receiver, surplus, 3440 

ir violation ol trust act, 8312h 

tranchises, forfeiture of, 3429, 3439 

forfeiture lor violating tmst act, 3312A 
garnishee, duty when summoned, 945 

wages of employes, exemption, 
payment, 970-972 

interrogatories to, answer ol, 362 

judgment, failure to pay, receiver, 


meetings of, qnoram, 3425 

first, notice, 3427 

mortgagee, entry ot satisfaction, llOSa 

to secure notes and bonds, 3442 

name, change of, 1012, 3452 

{Beferencet are to jSecttonj.] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 27SIMie94e2. Vol. 3, Bees. 5505-8733c. 

Corporations, Generally, 

officers, election, compensation, 3426, 3428 
vacancies, filling of, 3428 

organization, statement, filing, 3423 

entry on re(«rd, eflect, 3423 

articles, filing with secretary ot 

state. 8424 

when deemed complete, 3424 

process, service on, 318, 318a 

railroads, enforcing judgments, 

S34a, S34& 
act not to apply to, 3444 

real estate, holding of, 3450 

receiver on expiration of charter, 3436 
duties and powers of, 3436-3433 

on failure to pay judgment, 3439, 3440 

seal, adoption, alteration, 3416 

stock, asaeeBments and selling tor, 3425 
certificate and numbers, 3426 

voting by stockholders, 3426 

voting ot by fiduciaries, 3432 

stock-book, arrangement ot, 3433 

inspection of book, 3433 

penalty tor not keeping book, 3433 
refusing to exhibit book, penalty, 3438 
increase or decrease ot shares, 3449 

■tockbolders, vote at meetings, 3426 

liability of, 8430, 3451 

fiduciaries holding stock, liabil- 
ity, 3431 
insolvency, liability of, 3461 

surety companies, see, 5480-549411 

taxation, assessment tor, 

8422, 8426-8428, 8491-8493 
of franchises, 8436 

collection of taxes, 8579-8581 

of corporate shares, 8411 

tobacco warehouse companies, see, 


trusts, formation by prohibited, 3312^ 
penalty for violatingact, 33I2A 

voluntary associations, orgaiiiEation, 


water-works companies, rights and 
powers, 5088, 608Sa 

condemiung lands, new proceed- 
ings, 6093 
obtaining consent of city or town, 6096 
AcADEHiBs, See. 
Boards oif Tsads, See. 
Bbidgi Companies, Bee. 
Building Associations, See. 
Cahp-Mbbtinos, See. 
Canal Cokpaniks, See. 
CiMBTKHias, See. 
Cborchbs, Bee. 
CiTin, See. 

Cities and Towns, Bee. 

Dbtbctive Associations, See. 
Fbhciho Associations, See. 
Qravel-Road Coupanibs, See. 
Health Resobts, See. 



IRr/eretiet* a 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 

Corporations, Generally, 

High School, See. 

HoKTicuLTURAL SocirriBs, See. 

Hydraulic Companibb, See. 

Insurance, 8ee. 

Kniobtb of Honob, See. 

Kniohts of Ptthiab, See. 

Lbtbbs and Dieu, See. 

LiBRABV AseociATioNe, See. 

LiTBBABv SociBTiBs, See. 

Loan Companies, See. 

LoDOBs AND SociBfisB, See. 


Masonic Lodoes, See. 

MoTUAL Inbukanci, See. 

Natioation CoHPANiss, See. 

Odd-Fbllowb, See. 

Oil Wills, See. 

Fatbons or HusBANDBT, See. 

Bailboads, See. 

Rblioious Soaerits, Bee. 

RovAL ABCAtniM, See. 

Sanitabiums, See. 

Slack Watbb Cohpamiis, See. 

SociKTiBs, See. 

Stbam Pacebt Cohpakics, See, 

Strbct Railways, See. 

Sdrett Cokpahibs, See. 

Tbliokaph, See. 

Tblbphonb, See. 

Tbhpbbancb SocivriEs, See. 

Tobacco Wakkhousb Gohpanibs, See. 

Towns, See, 

Town Building Associations, See. 

Voldmtart Associations, See. 

Watbb-Wobbs, See. 

WoBKMBN, Ancibnt Obdbb, See. 

Corporations, Foreign, 

actions against, consent to, 3454 

transfer to United States comK, 
forteitare, 34S0 

agent, aatbority ot to be flled, S458, 3461a 
meaninK of term, 3457 

exceptions as to, 3468 

violating act by, penalty, S4S9 

SrocesB, service on, 3456 

as, filing coDv, 3461& 

boeiiiessdoDe only on compliance 

with law, 3461 

consent to suite and service of pro- 
cess, 34S4 
contracts, when not enforced, 3456, 3461 
feee to be paid, 34616 
lorfeitnre by tninafer of suits, 3460 
penalty for violation, 84616 
process, consent to service on agent. 3464 
service on agent, 3455 
taxation, assessnent for, 8477-8490 
collection of taxes, fi6Ttf-8681 
United States courts, transfer of suits 
to, 3460 



criminal actions, necessity of. 



abatement, issues on, 388 

adofitiOD of cliildren, costs, 640 

odministnitoni, removal, 24M 

individual liability, 2446 

agreed case, costs in, 664 

amendments to pleadings, costs, 

345, SM. 395, 397 
appeal, supreme court, 676, 677 

from justices, 1678 

iTfita county boards, 78S6, 7868 

apportionment on issues, 603 

appraisers of exempt property, 720 

arbitration, costs in, 861 

asBesament of damages, 908, 9S4 

attached lands, niles as to, 606 

bonds for, non-residents to file, 698, 6635a 
by foreign executors, 24$3 

suits to recover assets of estate, 2446a 
suits on directed by governor, 7608 
change of venue, costs, 417, 418 

in criminal actions, 1847, 1849 

before justice, 1537 

civil actions, who recovers, 699 

judgment less than $50, 600 

defendants in different counties, 600 
set-off or counter-claim pleaded, 600 
non-joinder of claims, 604, 1633 

fees taxed by clerks. 6519 

fees taxed bv sheiifls. 6528 

confession of judgment, offer, 522, 623 
COntiiiDaoce, costs of, 415, 440 

before justice, 1699 

counter-claim, failure to plead, sub- 
sequent sait, 364 

reduction of recovery by, 600 

criminal actions on conviction, 1907 

relievinK defendant from, 1907 

acquittal, no costs, 1908 

commitment lor costs, 1998, 1931 

witness fees, when not taxed, 1937 
change of venue, coats. 1847, 1849 

fees taxed by clerks, 6519 

fees tased bv sheriffs, 6528 

taxation and collection of, 8103 

damages, suits for, rule as to costs, 601 
reduction by set-off or counter- 
claim, 600 
assessment of, costs, 906, 924 
dismissal of actions, 337 
ejectment, disclaimer, 1084 
estates of decedents, 2478, 2480, 2481 
execution, issuing for, 608 
appraising exempt property, 720 



{Seferencu are to Seetion*.'\ 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 27S6-5e94«2. Vol. 3, Seci. 6S95-8733e. 


ezecutJon, re-offering property, 754 

Bup^letnentarj' proceedinga, 834 

issuing lor, 6536 

executors, removal ol, 2404 

individual liability, 2446 

fee-bill, issuing lor, 608, 6635 

issuing by auditors and recorders, 6536 

garnishee in attachment, 950 

Kardian ad hum, liability, 260 

irs and devisees, suits against, 2598 

infonnation, civil actions, I15S 

interest, usurious, tender, costs, 7047 

judgment, offer to confess, 522, 623 

tor less than $50, 600 

reduction by set-off, etc., 600 

rendition betore Bnal judgment 605 
review of, 632 

jory, struck, costs ol, 636 

IDStices, security lor costs, ■ 1617 

non-joinderot claims, 1533 

change ot venne, 1537 

extra witnesses, 1546 

appeal from, 1573 

continuance, coats, 1599 

replevin before, 1618 

Ut pendens record, satisfaclioii of, 331 

mandate ajid prohibition, 1191 

next friend, liability, 267 

non-residento, bonds for, 598, 6535a 

executors, bonds lor, 2453 

partition, apportioning costs, 1222 

poor pereona, relief from liability, 261 

records, reinstatement ot, 1252, 1273, 1284 
relators, liability tor, 602 

replevin before justice, 1618 

review of judgment, 
schools, Bcliona relating to, 
BQpreme court, costs in, 676, 677 

transcript, cost of, 677 

transcripts, costs ol, 607, 677 

venae, change of, costs, 417, 418 

change before justice, 1637 

will, contest ol, coats, 2773, 2774 

witnesses, ol extra summoned, 496 

extra before justices, 1546 


dtiee, general clasa, powers, 3631-3616 

record of proceedinga, 3503 

ot 100,000, 3780-3811 

of 60,000, 8913-3951 

ot 43,000, 4068-4094 

ot 36,600, 41905-4I90U 
of 30,000, 4190(!&-419(V6 
CiTics, See. 

Council, Connty, 

CouMTT Cotmcii, See. 


citieaolgeneralclaBS,election,teRns, 3479 
vacancies, filling of, 3484 

of 100,000, 3780-3811 

ot 60,000, 3913-3917 

ot 43,000, 4065-4067 

ot 36,600, 41906-419OW 

ol 30,000, 4]90c5-119<Va 

contracts, prohibitions as to, 

CtTiBS, See. 


accused, rights as to, 80, 58, 1698, 1864 
corporationa to appear by, 973, 1764 

poor, appointment for, 261 

ATTORNKys AT Law, See. 


addon of, what constitutee, 353 

adjustment on constructive service, 392 

death not to affect, _ . 

dismissal of main action, eDect, 356 

estates, pleading in, 2479, 2480 

omitting to plead, effect, 354 

pleading, filing copy, 366 

answer and reply, 360 


apparatus tor, having, penalty, 2360 

coin or notes, 2366 

having and uttering, 2357-2359 

labels, counterfeiting, 2361, 2362 

selling goods with false on, 

2363, 8692, 8701 
trade-mark, coanterleiting, 

6690, 8691, 8699, 870O 
stamps, counterfeiting, 2361 

havine false dies, 2362 

trade-mArks, counterfeiting ot, 

8690, 8691, 8699, 870O 


actions by or against, 7820 

aMinat on claims, 7847, 7866, 7868 

acts of legislature distributed to, 761Td 

area ol, minimum, 229, 6546, 5566 

books and stationery for, purchase, 6529 

boundary lines, rules as to, 6642 

streams as boundaries, 5543 

Ohio river aa, process, 5644 

change of, petition, 6646 

order tor election, 5645 

ballots and election, 5646 

returns of election, 6646 

duties ol county b<»rdB, 6{46 

petition for change, contents, 654ft 



[Btf«rtnef are to Sectiont.'^ 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seca. 2786-6B94e2. Vol. 3, Sacs. 569&-878Se. 


boandiUT linee, area, limit aa to, 
jariBdictioii &fter change, 
debts, payment of, 
taxes to pay, 
taxation of property, 
auditors to ms^e list, 
records ol deeds and 





officers to continne, 
snita not affected, 
taxes, collection not affected, 
indgmenta not impaired, 
legal proceedings, no eSect on, 
officers, refusal to act, penalty, 
records, ase of as evidence, 
transfer of territory to another 

bonds, issue and sale, 6694(1, 6e94ul 
boildings of, pablic, conatmction, 6689 
plans and spedflcationa, 6669, 669491 
petition tor, 66S0a. 668flA 

election held, 
bids, advertising for, 
contract, letting, bond, 
bond of COD tractor, 
contracts for work, 
suit on bond, 
violating lav, penalty, 
appropnatia^ lands, 
notice, appraisement, 
oath, report of appralsei 
exceptions and hearing, 

Sayment for land, oov^i 

eed to conntjr, 66948 

sale of property, 6694/ 

d^ms against, collection, 7S46-7S60 

actions on, 7817, 7866, 7858 

when maf be alloved, 7846 

fllins of, itemizing, 7848 

blanks furnished, 7846a 

flied five days before meeting, 
certain claims excepted, 
improper allowance, penalty, 
recovery of illtwal allowance, 
corporate name andpiowera, 
council, see county council, 6694{r-6694e2 
county seat, relocation of, 
conrt-hooses, building, . . 

letting contract for part or whole 

of work, 6692a 

petition tor, election, 56896-6689d 

debts ot, state not to aaanme, 198 

on change of boundary, 5648 

division ot state into, 6641 

land, appropriation ot, 6694-6694e 

money from treasury, how drawn, 

1478- U80 

names of counties, 6641 

new county, formation, 6567 

petition for and election, 6667 

county seat, location of, 6667 






sheriff appointed to hold, 
holding of election, 
notice of election, 
certificate of election, 
oaths, ailminieterin^of, 
old officers, continuing, 
Buita and taxea, eBect, 
legislative and judicial districts, 
courts, holding ot, 
transfer of part to another 

election on question, 
reduction ot area, limit, 
deeds, copying records, 
evidence, use of Acord aa, 
officers, impeachment, removal, 

Ohio river as boundary, process, e 







poor, supporting by, 

asylums for and support, 
real emate, appropriating, 
relocation of coonty seats, 

6569-5688, 6688a'6688x 

sale ot property ol, 6594/-5594«l 

school funds, liability tor, 187, 6751 

borrowing funds, 5796«-5796f 

State not to aasame debts of, 198 

division of into counties, 6641 


761 7(i 


stock, corporate, subscribing for, 
streams as boundary lines, rules, 
students for university, BOlection, 

, 6073.607* 
Bopplies for conntiea, 6694o], 6694p) 

umversity funds, interest pwd by, 61164 

Board County Cohuissionibs, See. 

Cooirrr Council, See. 

CoDNTv BxAT, RcHovAL, See. 

CooKT-HouBBS, See. 

Connty Assessor, 

AsBBSsoR OP CouNTT, See. 

County Auditor, 

AuDiTOB OP County, Bee. 
Connty Asylnm, 

county to provide for poor, 192 

poor, see, B142-8190 

County Boards, 

Connty Board of Charities, 

appointment, duties, 3197/-3197f 



[Btfereneei are to Settton*.] 
Vol. 1, Seci. 1-27846. Vol. 2, SecH. 2785-6684e2. Vol. S, Sees. 6696-87880. 

ConDty Board of Edneation, 

composition ol board, 6912 

county ■uperiDt«ndent preaidea 5912 

duties of board, 6912 

meetings of board, 6912 

text-books, change by, 6912 
it high schools, appointment, 6188 

Coanty Board of Beview, 

Aggregate valaation not reduced, 863 

appeal Irom, how taken, effect, 864 

assessment usts submitted to, 863 

setting aside of, 863 

ordenng new, 863 

assesaor of cotmt; pTesidee, 863 

anditor to keep record, 863 

board, who to compose, 863 

contempts, powers as to, 863 

dntJes of board, 863 

examination ol peraons, 863 

meetings of and notice, 863 

sessions, length of, 663 

oaths, administering, 868 

of members, 853 

powers of board, 853 

quorum ot board, S53 

valuation, changes o(, 863 

aggregate not reduced, 863 
Taxation, See. 

GoQUty Commissioners, 

BoAKD Conimr CoMMisaioHXBa, See. 

County Conndl, 

act constmed. 


uivertising, rates lor. 


limitations as to, 


allowances prohibited. 


appro priations by, 
of money, when. 




anditor to be clerk, record. 


accounts kept by, 


blanks to be fomished, 


bonds o( county. 


Ux to pay, 


sale and execution, 


buildings, contracts tor. 



under contracts. 


contracts, binding county. 


unlawful, penalty, 
courts binding county. 


for SI 
tor puDlic work, 
forms for bidders, 
a£B davits, collusion, 
councilmen, number, election, 
pay ot coancilmen, 


County Gonneil, 

councilmen, election, vacaninee, 6504jt 
oaths, 66941 
expulsion, 6694r 
interest in contracts, 6594« 
purchasing claims, 66941 
appointment ot, 569462 
councils created, 5694? 
meetings, organization, 6594)n 
sessions, adjournments, 6694n 
auditor is clerk, 66940 
record ol proceedings, 5594o 
quorum, 65949 
rules, adoption, 6694r 
county boards, sessions ol, 6594d2 
courts binding county, 5594i7l 
districts, formation, 6694ft 
efltimalea by officers to, 6594b 
specifications of, 66D4« 
court estimates, 6694x 
items in estimates, 6694^ 
by township assessors, 5594if 
filing estimates, time, 6694> 
expenditures, warrants, 669461 
how may be made, 6694^1 
illegal, recovered, 6694](1 
statements as to, 6691el 
lorms, blanks famished, 5694i0l 
lunds, expending, warrants, 569461 
accounts of, overdrafts, 5694cl 
unexpended revert, 6694dl 
illegal payments recovered, 6594^1 
statements as te, 5694«1 
judgments, enforcing, 6694^1 
lands, purchase ot, 6594nl 
loans, incurring ot, 569411 
t*K to pay, 669411 
sale ot bonds, 6594tl 
publications, rates for, 6694a2 
limitations as to^ 6694e2 
receipts and expeuditares, state- 
ments, 6594cl 
record ot proceedings, 5694o 
aheritC to attend. &694p 
statement ol receipts and expenses, 6594al 

supplies for county, 

contracts to furnish, 
taxes, fixing rate, 

township tax, fixing rate, 

ordinance to fix, 

annual levy, 
township, fixing tax rate, 
treasurer, accounts, reports, 

settlements hy, 
warrants lor expenditures, 

contents of wamuits, 

charged to lund, 

County Fairs, 

organization of societies, etc, 
AoKictTLTUBK, See. 




IBe/erencea a 
Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, SecB. 

Goonty Institntes, 

agTicaltnral parpoeee, 
Bchool purposes, 

County Library, 

libraries, Bee, 4963-4971/, 4999a-4999c 

Gonnty Officers, 

elegibility of and terms, 

impeach meat and removal of, 

offices for, 

qualiflcatione of, 

reeidence of, 

aaUriee of coaoty offleen, 6426-651S 

lermB, beginning of, 7S746 

AssnsoR OF CouNTy, See. 

AuDiTOK OP CouNTv, Seo. 

Clirk CiRcnrr Codbt, See. 

Reooeoib op Codntv, See. 

SaiBirp op Copnty, See. 

Tkkasckeb op Coukty, 8m. 

Goanty Orders, 

Buditor of coanty issuee, 

redeemed deposited with, 

canceling and Isaaing new, 7983 

indoraement, when not paid, 7998 

when redeemed, 799S 

interest on and rate of, 7999 

when cease to draw, 7976, 7998 

issning orders, 147S-I-1H0 

numbering of, registering, 7974 

redemption, calte tor, 7975, 7998 

inaoTsement on redemption, 7909 

order of redemption, 8000 

depositing with auditor, 8001 

connty board examining, 7830a 

registering and namber, 7974 

taxes, receiviogfor, 8000 

Goonty Recorder, 

Rbcordeb of Couktt, See. 

Gonnty Seat, 

new county, location of, 5667 

petition for, indocing voter to sign, 2344 

selling signature to, 2346 

relocation, frand at election, 2346, 2347 

coanty seat, removnl, see. 

CoDHTv Sbat, Removal, See. 

Gonnty Seat, BemoTal, 

appeal from proceedings, 6678, 6588 

^praisement of old property, 6581 

payment of appraisement, 6681, 6583 

payment for property, 5683 

nse of money received, 6686 

ire to Sectiotu.'j 

2785-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-87830. 

Goonty Seat, RemoTal, 

buildings, plans for, 5669, 6580, 6562 

contracts tor erection, 6676, 6684 

cost of new bnildings, 6682 

advertising for proposals, 5683 

bond of contractor, 5584 

superintendent of work, 5684 

removal to new bnildings, 6676, 6586 

deed of landto county, 6669 

for old grounds and bnildings, 


distance removed, limit, 6669 

election on question, order, 6569 

notice by auditor, 6570 

time of holding, notice, 6571 

how to be held, 6672 

ballots, contents, 567S 

certificate as to votes, 6674 

order tor relocation, 6674 

petition for removal, 5669 

number of petitioners, proof, 


notice of petition, 6570 

remonstrance apainst, 6680 

release of petitioners from Ua* 

bihty, 6687 

reraonetrance against removal, 6680 

removal to new buildings, 6676, 6586 

Under Act o/ 1895. 
appraisement of old court-house and 

lail, 6J 

Sovemor appoints nppraieen, 51 

uties of appraisers, 61 

pay of appraisers, 6i 

ballots for election, 55 

form of ballots, 61 

bond for expenses of election, 6J 

ot contractors for buildings, 51 

to raise funds to build, & 

form of bonds, 6 

interest and payment, 5 

sale of bonds, use of fnnds, & 

buildings, appraisement of old, 61 

plane (or, approval, record, 5 

erection ot buildings, 55 

notice (or proposals, 66 

ioBTiection of plans, contents, 5f 

cost ot boildiDgs, limit, 6J 

contract for buildings, 5J 

bond of contractor, 6J 

tax to pay expeneea, 5J 

bonds to raise funds, K 

sale of bonds, use of funds, 6i 

expense of paid by township, 6J 

contract tor erection of buildings, 5( 

bond of contractor. 6( 

conveyance to county of lands, 6 

deed to county for lands, 5 

approval and recording, 5 

election, petition for, K 

bond to pay expenses, 51 

order for election, 61 


Vol. 1, Seca. 1-278M. 

Gonnty Seat, Bemoval, 

election, nolice of, 66 

manner of holding election, SB 

officers of election, 66 

ballots and blanks for, 6di 

form of ballots, 66 

stami>ing of ballots, 66 

counting of votes, 66: 

diBpoBaiof returns, 66 

officers violating act, penaltj, 65: 

canvassing votes, 6C 

certificate as to resnlts, 6£ 

in favor of removal, order, 66 

expenses paid by township, 66 

illegal voting, penalty, 66t 
expenses of removal, township ^ys, 66 
governor, appointment of appraosers 

b;, 66 

Bne, location near state prohibited, 6C 

officers of election, appointment, 66 

violation of law by, penalty, 66 

neglect of duties, mandate, 65: 

penalties lor n^lect of daties, 65 

order for relocation, 66 

petition for relocation, 65: 

contents of petition, 65: 

affidavit attached to, 66: 

plans and speciflcationa for buildings, 6€ 

approval and recording, 66 

inspection and contente, 661 

records, removal of, 65i 

removal of records, i^oarts, etc., 661 

of county Beat not allowed, when, 55 

tax, levy to pay expeoBes, 65: 

use of tax, 66 

bonds to be a lien on, 66 

township, issuing bonds by, 65 

form of bonds, 66 

payment of bonds out of tax, 66 

sale of bonds, use of funds, 66 

expenaes paid by township, 66i 

County Sheriff, 

Shkripf of County, See. 

CoDnty Saperintendent, 

Schools, See. 

SupBRiNTENDBHT or Schools, See. 

Connty Surveyor, 

SuEVBTOB OF County, See. 

Connty Treasurer, 

Trkasubeb op Codmty, See. 


tenancies by abolished, 21 


[JI^«r«nees art to Seetioni.l 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6694«>.!. Vol. 3, Sees. 66d6-S738o. 


bribery to procure contract, 2138 

building of, contracts, 6689-6692a 

contract to build, bribery, 2138 

officers not to have interest, 2136 

connty seat, removal, appraising old, S688j 

building at new connty s) ' 

conrt, allowance tor repairs, 1482 

lands for. appropriation, 6694-56Me 

offices tor county officers, 7833, 7833<] 

officers not to have contract for, 2130 

petition for, election, 6e896'6680<i 

plans and specifications, 5689, 66949I 

repairs of, allowance by court, 1482 

duty of connty board, 7833. 7831 

Conrt, Trial by, 

Jury, waiver of, 669 

rules applicable to trial, 661 

special nnding, 660 

when to be mode, 660 


absent judge, appointment, 1444, 1447 

adjourned terms, 1385, 1443 

adjournment, setting forth reasons, 1384 

by sberifl, 1445 

time for, trial in progress, 1402, 1442 

allowances by, warrants for, 1480 

to sberift's assistants, 1481 

for tne! and repairs, 1482 

in criminal actions, 1483 

appellate court, judges, 1336, 13376, 1338 

jurisdiction of, 1336, 1337, 1337 j 

appoinboentofjadges, 1338 

terms and residence, 

1337<i, 1339, 1341, 1363a 
districts, election, terms, 1337e, 1340 
qiialifl cations of judges, 1342 

clerk and sheriff, 1343 

fees of clei'ti, collection, 1346 

seal of court, 1344 

salary allowed clerk, 1346 

process, service, lees, 1346 

record, is court of, powers, 1347 

contempts, liens, 1347 

rooms for use, law library, 1348 

appeals to, how taken, 1349 

vacation powers ol judges, 1349 

opinions, writing of, 1350 

judgments, certifying, 1350 

rehearing, 1337ff, 1361 

convening court, rules, 1362 

lalariea of judges, 1353 

judges holding other courts, 1364 

chief jad^, selection, 1366 

organiEation of court, I337I, 1356 

transfer of causes to, 

133Te, 1337d, 1356 
terms of conrt, special, 1S67 



Vol.l.Seci. 1-Z7M6. 


appellate court, Jadgea of kin or coon- 
Bel, 136S 
bearing and aTgnment, 1358 

SQblication of opinions, 1360 

ocket tees, 1361 

caoaes tranafernd to anpieme 

court, 1362 

daration of coart, casea tranA- 

ferrcd, 1363 

terms of jadges, ISSSo 

books and stationery for, purchase, 6629 

drcnit coart, eBtablishment of, 168 

judgea, electdoQ, circuits, 1S64 

circuits, division of state into, 

168, 13M 
atyle of eonrt, 
terms of, when held, 
process, issuing of, 
new writs, framing of, 
judicial powers of. 

are to BecOoiu.'] 

. 278&'A5M«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-8733e. 


commissioners, jury, appointment, 1449 

oaths and instructions, 14tf 
selection of jurora, 1460-1462 

apecial venire, new names, 146S 

clerb to keep box locked, 1464 

qualifications of commissioners, 1456 

contempt tor failure to act, 1466 

vacancies, pay, 1467 

common pleas courts, disposal of 
causes and records, 1387-1390 

criminal courts, orgtmi cation, 1427 
Allen couDtT, establiahed and 

abolished, 1435 

causes transferred to, 1433 

clerk of court, 1428 

Judges of, election, terms, 

pro (em., appointment, 

jurisdiction in two counties, - 1370 
commissionets to take evidence, 1371 
seal, adoption, recording, 1372 

use of pnvate seal, 1373 

oatbs and contempts, 1374 

rules for business, 1376 

recognizances by judges, 1376 

absence of judge, no discontiQU- 

ance, 1377 

lapse of term, continuance, 137S 

contiDOsnce by adjournment, 1379 
elisor, appointment, duties, 

1380, 1381 
record of proceedings, 1362 

mgning of record, 1383 

nn signed legalised, 13b3a 

adjournment, reasons for, 1384 

adjourned terms of, 1386, 1443 

special terms, 1386 

common pleas court business, 

1387, 1388 
appeals when formerly to com- 

certi^iug common pleas records, 1390 
disability of judge, appointing 

apecial, 1 

duties of special judge, 1 

aalary of special judge, 1 

absence of judge, appointing spe- 
cial, 1444 
adjourning from day to day, 1446 
selection of apecial judge, 1446 
pro tem. judge, appointment, 1447 
apecial iudfces in vacation, 1448 
jury commissioners, appoint- 

records unsigned legalised, 1 

derk, fees tazedby, 

attendance on court, per dfem, 
election and duties, 7927- 


sessioDS, where 

holding other courts, 

salaries of, 

Jurisdiction of courts, 

Marion county, terms in, 

names of changed, 

proeecatin^ attorney, duties, 

salaries of judges, 

seal of courta, 

aesaiona, where held, 

sberiS of court, duties, 

terms of courts, 1436 

Vigo county, establiahed and 

abolished, 1436 

eatimatee for expenses, 6694n, 6694w 

fuel for courts, allowance for, 1482 

judges of supreme court, 162, 1316 

terms and beginning of, 162, 1329 

of appellate court, 1336, 13376 

terms and residence, 1339, 1341, 1363 

qualification a of, 1342 

of circuit courta, election, terms, 

169, 1364 
disability, judge pro «m., 1391 

duty and salary of, 1392, 1393 

absence, appointing special, 

1444, 1446, 1448 
of superior courts, terms, 1396 

of cnminal courts, terme of, 
iudge pro tem., 
balding other courts by. 
Justice of the peace, ~" 

jury, commieeionere 

selection of 

number in c 

who not to be aelected, 

drawing of jurors, 

clerk to keep box locked, 
qualiflcationa of jurors, 
fury fee taxed, 
pay of jurors. 





.iual actions, 1694-1716 






Vol. 1, Becf. 1-27S1J>. 


challenge, 1460 


jory service within _ 

bystanders, selection from, 

BMter commissioner, appointment, 

oath and recordinR ol, 1463 

sale of lands by, 1464 

powers of generally, 1465 

flDbpenaH and process, 1466 

fees and allowances, 1467 

chancery, powers in casee of, 1468 
injunctions and other writs, 14S9 

oaths, power to adminiBter, 1465 

public, conrte to be open to, 67 

record of proceedings, 1382 

signing of record, 1383 

anaigned legalized, ISSSa 

rapairs of courb-houBe, allowance for, 1482 

reporters, short-hand, appointment, 1470 
oath of reporter, 1472 

evidence, taking down by, 1470 

transcript of evidence, 1474 

certificate of judge, 1476 

poor persona, transcript for, 1477a 

payment for aucb transcript 1474 

per diem and fees, 1476 

appeal, use of transcript on, 1475 

removal, filling vacancy, 1473 

who eligible, 1471 

repeal of laws, 1477 

•Rlaries of supreme judges, 1437, 6417 

of appellate court judges, 1353, 6419 
nt ,..,^.,it y^i--^ judges, 

1438, 1439, 14390, 1439? 
Ol pro tern, circuit judges, 1393 

ol Marion Superior Court judges, 

1438, 1439, 1439c, 1439^ 
of Madison Superior Court judge, 

of judge of Lake, Porter and 

La Porte Superior Court, 1426pl 
of Judge of Grant and HowKid 

Superior Court, 1426t2 

of criminal court judges, 1440, 6420 
of law librarian, 

ahend, when adjourns court, 
acts for superior court, 
acts for criminal court, 
allowance to assistants of, 

fees taxed by, 

attendance on court, allowsnc*, 6628 

short-hand reporters, appointment, 1470 
duties of, compensation, 1471-1477 
nae of report on appeal, 1475 

removal, filling vacancy, 1473 

■tale, auite on claims against, 1419 

when no auit allowed, 1420 

limitations, 142] 

attorney-general to defend, 1422 

appeal from judgment, 1423 

no execution, appropriation, 1424 

governor may employ counsel, 1426 
prosecotions, kllowancea in, 1483 


[Beferenee* art to Sectbtiu.} 

Vol. 2, Sees. 278&-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6596-8733e. 


stationery and boobs for, purchase, 6629 
estimates to county council, 

5594t>, 6594tD 

of circuit CI 

1441, 6417 

superior courts, establishment, 1396 

judges, election, terms, 1396 

seal, adoption, 1396 

clerk and sherifl, 1397 

duties of clerk and sherifl, 1398 

sessions, where held, 1399 

terms of court, 140O 

adjournments, 1401 

exlendiug term to finish trial, 1402 
adjourning by clerk, 1403 

jurisdiction of court, 1404 

process, issue and service, 1405 

record, ia court of, 1406 

decrees and jadgments, effect, 1406 
rules tor business, 1407 

presiding judge, 1407 

powers as court ol record, 1407 

oaths, administering, 1407 

records and dockets, 1408 

general and special terms, 1409 

control over inferior courts, 1410 

injunctions, habeas eorpu*, etc., 1411 
change of venue, 1412 

appeal from special to general, 1413 
no bond on appeal, 1414 

supreme court, appeal to, 1413, 1415 
docket fees, 1416 

Judge pro (em., 1417 

supreme court reports for, 1418 

state, claims asainst, soit, 1419 

no suit allowed, when, 1420 

limitation as to suits, 1421 

attorney-general to defend, 1422 

appeal from judgment, 1423 

no execution, appropriation, 1424 

governor may employ counsel, 1425 
terms of courts, 1426 

salaries of judges, 1438, 1439c-1439f 
Mabison Cotmtv Superior Court, 

established, ' 1428a-1426r 

terms of Madison Superior Court, 

Lake, Porter and La Porte Su- 
perior Court established, 

terms in Lake county, 1426]r1 

terms in La Porte county, 1426^1 

terms in Porter county, 1426];1 

Grant and Howard counties, 

court established, 1426e, 1426o2 

terms of Grant Superior Court, 142^2 
terms of Howard Superior Court, 


supplies for courts, estimates, 6694c, 5694w 

supreme conrt, establishment of, 162 

judges, number, term, 1^ 

quorum of, 162, 1316 

districts, dlTlsion of sUte, 16S 



Vol. 1, S«ce. 1-278*6. Vo 


•apreme court, iuriBdiction of, 

164, 1316, 13370, 1337A 

flTBt district, 1317 

second dietrict, 1318 

thifd diatrict, 1819 

fourth dietrict, 1320 

fifth diatrict, 1321 

. building tor nee of. 1322 

law library, removal, control, 1323 

seal, description, 1324 

terms of court, 1325 

general authorit]' of, 1326 

oaths, contempts, 1327 

chief justice, selection, 1326 

terms of jut^s, t>eginning, 1320 

trial of caees in other courts, 1330 

briefs and arguments, 1.^31 

preservation of records, 1332 

clerk, duties of, 1333 

docket fees, 1334 

appeals to, i 

t«rms of supreme court, 132G 

of appellate court, 1357 

of superior courts, 

1400. 1426/, 1426^1, 1426J2 

of criminal courts, 143& 

extended to end of trial, 1402, 1442 
trial, extending term to complete, 

1402, 1442 

vitnesBes, allowances to, 1483 

Appbllati Court, See. 

CiKCUiT Court, See. 

CamiNAL Court, See. 

JtrsnCEs of Pbace, See. 

StTPKRiofi Courts, See. 

SuPBUB Court, See. 

Ttnces are to Sectioai.} 

;, Sees. 2785-5594e2. Vol. 8, Sees. 559&-8733e. 

Goiirts of Conciliation, 

establishment authorized. 


Crawford Connty, 

circuit, in third judicial, 
congressional dietrict, 
conrte. terms ot tn, 
representatives, apportionment, 
salaries ol county officers, 
senatorial apportion ment, 
■tatntes diBtnbat«d to. 

569, 1394 


p. 669, 1304 


witnesses, what allecte, 513-516, 1872 

obtaining by false statement, 2352a 


assignment for benefit of, 2809-2920 

conveyance to defraud, penalty, 2277 

presumption as lo fraud, 3397 

fraud on prior or subsequent 

creditors, 6640, 6641 

definition of, 6637 

laborers, when preferred, 7051, 7058 

merchandise, sole in bullE, notice, 6637a 


taxation, assessing, deducting, 8460, 8463 


preference not to he given to, 49 

Criminal Acts, 

abandonment of wife or child, 2254 

abduction for prostitution, 2079 

abortion, 1996, 1097 

adrift, taking up articles, 6404i^-6404I 

adulteration of intoxicating liqnors, 2167 

of native wines, 2166 

ot vinegar, 2169-2162 

ot drugs or foods, 

2157a, 21676, 2165a, 21656 

of candy, 2ie7«, 2157<I 

adaltery, 2077 

advertisements, defacing legal, 2051 

posting illegally, 2051 

publisEing illegal, 2084 

aOray, 2063 

agent of illegal insurance company, 

2259a, 22696 

of foreign corporation, 3450 

ot railroad, failure to obey order, 5319 

of express compnny, illegal acta, 8307 

ot insurance company, fraud, 4014u 

agricultural fair, disturbing, 2074 

selling liquors at or near, 2106 

trading at or near, 2196 

aiding hostile srmy, 2068 

aid, refusing to officer, 2128 

aliens, importing to labor, 7061 

allowances by county boards, 

78486, 7863, 79265 
amalgnmation. 2267, :i253 

animals, altering marks ot, 2053 

bringing into state unlawfully, 2307 
cnielty to, 2107-220* 

dead, nuisance from, 2156 

disessed, killing for food, 2164 

diseased, suffering at lai^, 2206, 2206 
injuring or killing maliciously, 2054 
estray law, violating, 2278 

supervisor not taking up, 2838 

aire, lien on "get," preventing, 2844 



{B^ertnets art to Stetiotu.'] 
Vol. I, Sees. 1-278U. Vol. 2, Sees. 27S5-65»4e2. Vol. S, Bees. 6695-S7S3e. 

CrimiDal Acts, 

aniniale, dogs not taxed, 3850 

false atatementa by owners ot 

dogs, 2863 

harboring sheep killing, 2854 

harboring antaied dog, Z6G0 

hogs dying with cholera, 2866 

diseased, keeping or aelUns, 2883 

hindering examination ot dis- 

eaaed, 28SG 

state veterinarian, violating mles, 2881 
running on lands ot tence associa- 
tione, 4657 

arniB of state. Belling, etc., 2032 

army, hostile, aiding, 2058 

arson, 2000 

assault, 1983 

aaeanlt and battery, 1984 

aesault and battery with intent, 1082 

assignation, house ot, 2086 

attorney, ill«^ tees, S626<I 

auditor of State issaing warrants ille- 
gally, 2139 
of coanty, school apportionment, 5973 
collectiag school funds, 6812 
license to eoldiets to peddle, 7231( 
issuing warrants illegal ly, 78486 
failure to aseees property, 8560o 
violating county council act, S594cl 
badges, wearing unlawfully, 23I9-28til 
bank notes, sellinK worthless, 2285 
banks, failure to file etatementa, 2937 
saving, failure to file reports, 2984 
deposits after insolvency, 2031 
barratry, common, 2129 
base-ball on Sunday, 2087 
beneSciary societies, violating act, 


benevolent institutions, violations of 

Uw, 3020 

Iwrrowing money, 3022 

liquors to inmates, 3102, 3164 

orphans' home, enticing child 

from, 3186 

betting, 2176,2177,6197 

bigamy, 2075 

proof of marriage, 2075a 

billiards, minora playing, 2183 

birds, nnlawfnl killing of, 2211-2219 

blackmailing, Iti99 

blasphemy, 2085 

board ing-boDses, defraading, 7254a 

boats, landing of family, 2056a 

occupants removing articles, 2056& 

bond, official, failing to pve, 1276 

bonds, county, issuing ot, 7918, 7919 

books ot library, detacinp, 2056 

brands on animals, altering, 2053 

branding packages falsely, 2261 

briberr, 2096, 2097, 2124, 2138 

concerning elections, 2327, 2328, 2348 

bridge, maintaining without draw, ""^ 

leaving draw open, 


Criminal Acts, 

hrid^, failing to keep light on, 2262 

injuring of, 2366 

broker, deposite when insolvent, 2031 
building aseociationB, violating law, 

4475, 4480 
buildings. Are escapes, contracts, 

3290/, 6693a 
burean of Btatistics, 77e9c, 7769«, 7770 

burglary, 2002 

burning prairies and woods. 2001 

camp-meeting, trading neat, 2196 

Canada tbietle, 2233, 2234 

canal, drivins on tow-path, 2267 

opening locks, 2268 

ODStructing ot, 2049 

candy, adulteration, 2157e, 2167il 

carrier, common, conditions on tick- 
ets, 3298 
coupon ticket, redemption, sale, 3301 
sale ot tickets, posting authority, S304 
foreign, filing statements, 3307 
carrying weapons, 2069 
cars, getting on while moving, 2290 
running without tools, 2292 
cemeteries, defacing tombetonea in, 2041 
locating railroad, 4708/ 
child, concealment of, 1989 
overworking in factories, 

employing in certain trades, 2237 

cruelty to, 2240 

disposing of for unlawtul pur- 
poses, 2241, 224^ 
exhibition in dance house, 2243 
hiring for underground work, 2244 
selling tobacco to, 2185 
substituting one tor another, 2101 
furnishing weapons to, 2070, 2071 
enticing from orphans' home, S1S6 
bringing into state, 3197d 
cigarettes, selling or giving to minors, 

penalty for violating act, 2185c 

cities, interfering with Board of works. 

metropolitan fire and police, 

3711, 8726 
political work by officers, 

3713, 3728, 3876, 4008 
warrants on treasury illegally, 

3823, 8956, 4111 
coanty officers receiving illegal 

pay, 3883, 4014 

plats, recording ot unlawfully, 

4236, 4237 
riding or driving on sidewalks, 

issuing ill^al funding bonds, 3658 
illegal warrants and claims, 

U90p2, 4207a 
clerk printing burean, misfeasance ot, 

2160, 7608 



IBeferenett are to Stctton*."] 
Tol. 1, 8«C8. 1-27846. Vol. 2, SecB. 27S6-5694c2. Vol. 3, Seca. 5695-8733e. 

Uriminal Acts, 

counterfeit coin, having. 

Criminal Aets, 

«ommiesion«ra ot coonty, ill^al ml< 

lowancea, 7S48A, 7S63 

illegal pay, 79286 

common barrator, 2129 

-common carrier, conditioDfl on tick- 
ets, 3208 
coapon tickets, sale, redemption, 3301 
sale o( tickets, posting aathority, 3304 
forei^, filing statementa, 3307 

-competition, contracts to prevent. 

»12f, 3312n,3312( 


SOlO, 2012 



HI 22 



compoanding f etonjr, 
■concealing stolen goods, 

contributiona from em ploy ea, 
conveyance, public, attacking, 
convict, escape of, 
corpse, concealment of, 
taking of, 
corporations, ^entot foreign, 

boards of works in cities, intei^ 

ference, 3700 

metropolitan Are and police, inter- 
ference, 3711, 3726 
cities, political work by officers, 

3713, 3728, 3876, 4008 
warrants drawn on treaenry ille- 
gally, 3823,3956,4111 
city officers receiving pay not an- 

thorized, 3883, 4014 

plats of towns or cities, recording 

unlawfully, 4236, 4237 

riding or driving on sidewalks, 

funding bonds, issuing illegally, 3568 
building associations, foreign, vi 

lating law, 
reports of building associations, 

not making, 4480 

fence associations, etock on lands, 4657 
gravel road companies, directors' 

omiBsiouB, 4767 

embeizlement by employes, 4773 

insurance, fraud in procarins, 4905 
foreign insurance, violating law, 
live-stock insurance, violating 


railroads, flagmen, failing to keep, 5175 
waiting-rooms, falling to keep, T'"" 
agents of railroads, failure to obey 

order of court, 5319 

foreign investment companies, 

5015k, 50150 

counterfeiting coin or not«s, 

labels, stamps, etc., 

apparatus for, 

trade-mark Ubels, 8691,8700 

uttering, 2357, 2358 

labels, selling goods with, 

2363, 8692, 8701 
county officers, change of boundaries, 

failure in daty, 6564 

connty seat, removal, officeta violat- 
ing act, e5S8A 
commissioneta, contracts, 

66930, 5594/1 
cranberries, unlawful gathering, 2SS6 

credit, false stat«ment, 
crops, carrying off, 
cruelty to animals, 
to children. 

to poor, 2126 

custodian of state-house, interest in 

contracts, 7788 

dams, injury to, 2050 

deeds, recording before transfer, 

2149, 8013 
deer, unlawful killing of, 2210 

dentistry, violating act, 66O60 

deputies, importing from other states, 

dissection, pay for body for, 6612 

delivering body for illegally, 5613 
record of Dodies lor, tailare to pro- 
duce, 6617 
receiving body without record, 
making false entry In record, 
using body for without right, 

divorce, advertising to n 

dogs, stealing of, 
hanting with, 

failure to assesB, m 

false statement by owner, 2) 

harboring sbeep killing, 21 

keeping untaxed, 21 

officers not performing duty as to 

tHitng, 21 

false statement as to taxation, 21 
keeping mischievous dog, 21 

' allowing female dog in beat at 

laive, 21 

doors, tailing to provide swinging, 
drain, injury to; 

obstruction of, 
drainage, obstructing work, 

officers neglecting duties, 6641, 6703 
drawbridge, tailing to keep light on, 2262 
leaving draw open, 2266 

drugs, advertisine for use of females, 2084 
prescribing when diunk, 1994 

prescribing secret, 1995 

adulteration, 2157a, 2167A 








druggists, Belling liquors, 

2196a, 21956 

7283 J. 7283J: 


2188, 2189 










Criminal Acte, 

dynamiM, killing aeh with, 2233 

mSQuracture and ase of, 

elections, voting illegally, 
importing voters, 
voting more than once, 
bribery for nominalion, 
bribing elector, 
sale of vote, 
reward (or conviction, 
false affidavit, 
breaking ballot-box, 
altering retama, 
fraud by officer, 
refusing legal vote, 
officer pereuadin^ voter, 
opening or marking ticket, 
deceiving voter, 
defrauding voter, 
inSuencinB' by threats, etc., 
seizing ballot-box, 
destroying box or ballots, 
inducing voter to re-eign petition, 2344 
selling signatare to i^tition, 2345 

(rand at special election, 2346 

buying vote at special election, 2347 
bribe to procnre election, 2348 

betting on, 2177,0197 

sale of vote, 2329 

printer violating law, 6224 

permitting ballots to be taken, 6227 
removal of ballots, 6228, 624G 

perjury for false affidavit, 623!* 

compelling work on dcy of, 6240 

false declaration by voter, 6244 

deceiving voters, 6244 

distin^iisbing marks on tickets, 6245 
penalties for vlolatinf: law, 6249 

opening ballots unlawfully, 6250 

attempting to enter room, 6261 

tnduping voter to mark ballot, 6252 
revealing how elector voted, 6253 

inducing officers to violate law, 6254 
removing or destroying property, 6255 
electioneering contrary to law, 6256 
showing marked ballot, 6256 

delivering ballots unlawfully, 62-'i6 
officers, neglect of duty, 6257 

polling voters, violatitig act. 

Toting machine act, 

primary elections, 
electric appliances, injuring, 
embalming act, violating, 
embezzlement by attorneys, agents 
and etnployea, "" 

by officers, 

by bailees, 

by tenants, 

by fldncianes, 

by bankers and brokers, 

by gravel road employee, 

by school officers, &S6G 

3, Sees. 55fl5-8733c 

Criminal Acts, 

embexilement by military officers, 7377 

by state librarian, 7730 

employes, contributions, 2300, 2301 

entering house to commit felony, 2003 
enumeration of scliool children, 6958 

of voters, violating act, 6366-6369 

escape of criminHle, 2114-2119, 2122 

estrny law, violating. 2:;78 

examination quections. selling of. 2152 
explosives, opening and use of, 230Sa-2308« 
express companies violating law, 
extortion, official, 

from pensioners, 
factories, violating law regulating, 

polluting streams, 
false claim for insurance, 

claim to public officer, 


heir, producing, 

abel of weights, 
statement for credit, 
for sheep killed by doge, 28 
family boats, landing of. penalty, 
occupants taking articles from 

faro-bank, keeping, 

fees, Uxing, unlawful, 653 , 

violations of fee and salary law, 

6534, 6542, 8107 
females, enticing to house of ill tame, 2079' 

employers tailing to provide seats 
for, 2246, 2247 

fence, hedge, trimming, 6590. 6690il 

ferry, charging illegal toll at, 

tceepfng without license, 

violating conditions of hcense, 
fertilizers, illegai sale of, 
fire-escapes, failing to provide, 
fires in prairies and woods, 
fish, catching ot unlawfully, 

nets near Ohio river, 

V, enforcing, 
fishing near ladders, 
flag, desecrating U. S., 
ttaxseeil oil, purity, sale, 
food establishments, violating act, 
adulteration ot, 

2167a,2l576, 2185a, 21656 







23210-2321 <( 

forcible entry and detainer, 
fraud on creditors, 
fruit, unlawful taking of. 
funding bonds, unlawful iesu 
gambler, common, 
gaming and gaming-houses, 
game, unlawful hilling, etc., 
killing or selling unlawfully. 





Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 

Criminal Acts, 

game, cairring game out of state, 

2227J, 2227A 

lawB, enforciag, S854 

gamisbment, oppreBsive, 2283, 2284 

gaa, altering or making conaectionB 

unlawrallv, 2311,2312 

refusal to deliver mixen, 2313 

Betting are to, 2314, 2315 

preventing waste, 2316 

jnmbo buraera, 2S17, 23IS 

meters to be open, 231Sa 

excesBive charges, 2318b 

penalty, 23I8e 

natarsil, violating act regulating, 

gas-meter, nee of false, 2361 

gift enterprise, selling tickets in, 2171 

goods, removing mortgaged, 2033 

grain inspector, misfeiisance, 2151 

grand larcenjr, 2006, 2008 

grave robbing, 2286, 2287 

grouse, killing unlawfully, 2208 

penalty for violating act, 22096 

habeas eorput, obstructing, 2120 

hand-car, using unlawfully, 2038 

harbor, obstructing, 21&4 

health, public, offenses against, 2168-2169 
board of, violating law, 6719, 6724 
hedges, failure ol towusbip trustee to 

perform duty, 6590 

ht^r, producing false, 2103 

highway, obstructing, 2043, 2273, 2291 

using engines on, 2044-2046 

heavy hauling on, 2047 

hogs, dying with cholera, burying, 2866 
penalty for violating act concern- 
ing dieeased, 2889 
horse-racing, 2280, 2281, 0959/, e959ii 
hotels, failing to keep fire-escapes, 2:J72 
defrauding, 7254a 
house breaUng to steal, 2004 
to commit violence, 200S 
entering to commit felony, 2003 
house of aSBignation, 2088 
honse of ill fame, 2080, 2069 
enticing females to, 2076 
hunting on inclosed lands, 2227A 
injuring property, 2227f 
on Sunday, 221S 
illegal fees, cbaiging of, 6634, 8107 
ill fame, house of. 2080, 2089 
incest, definition and penalty, 2076 
indecency, public, 2081 
insolvent receiving deposits, 2031 
inspection laws, violating, 7000-7013 
insurance, presenting false claim, 2259 
agent acting tor illegal company, 

2269a, 2269b 
loBDiaji; ttmds ill^rally, 20310, 20316 
fntnd in procuring policy, 4906 

foreign company, violating law, 4924 
live stock, violating law, 4960 

2785-6694i!2. Vol. 3, Secs.6696-«783c. 

Criminal Acts, 

insurance, violating mutual insur- 
ance act, 4894i: 
agent, false statements by, 4914u 

Krjury by false claimant, 4914« 

i^lary and mail insurance, 4931(r 

intoxication in public place, 2187 

intoxication of olficer, 2132 

1, keeping unclean, 2125 

Ige practicing^ taw, 2106 

udgment, certain officers buying, 2113 

urors, influencing, 2124 
[idnaping, 1988, 1989, 1989ii 

laborers, discharging, 230i 
day tor. violating act, 7064, 7069ii 
wages, payment, violating act, 

contract to waive money pay* 

ment, 7076 

blackliBting, 7076 

importing foreign, 7081 

factory employes, 7087p 

public works, rate of wages, 70666 

of sUte, injury, drainage, 7146, 7200 

larceny, grand, 2006 

petit, 2007 

of goods from Other states, 2008-201 1 

by occDpants of family boats, 20666 

of dogs, 2007a 

libel, criminal, definition, penalty, 1908 

library books, defacing, 2050 

sbite, removing books, 7707 

state, transfer ot rights, 7709 

embezzlement by librarian, 7720 

license, failing to obtain, 2186 

to soldiers to peddle, 7231( 

merchants, transient, 7231(1 

convict-made goods, 7237ifc 

liquors, adulteration ot, 2167 

poisoning, 216S 

furnishing to prisoners, 2192 

keeping disorderly shop, 2193 

selhng to drunken men and 

drunkards, 21S8, 2189 

selling to minora, 2100, 72S3 f 

seUing on Sunday, etc., 2194, 2195 

sale on May 30th, 2196 

furnishing to inmates of benevo- 
lent institutions, S102, 3164 
sale without license, 7285 
furnishing to prisoners, 8230 
unlawful sales by druggists, 7283 j 
minors loitering about saloons, 72a3« 
saloon, business done in, 72836 
music and amusements, 72836 
unlawful occupants of saloon, 7283c 
location and arrangement of sa- 
loon, 728Sil 
penalties for violations, 72SSd 
loans of funds contrarv to law, 6660 
loaning funds illegally, 2081a, 20316 



{Seferenca are to SectioM.} 
Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27S4&. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6594e2. Vol. 3^ Bece. 5e9l^73Se. 

Criminal Acts, 

Criminal Acta, 

lotteriea, 230, 2171, 2172 

lynching, mobs, punishment, 2065<i-20(t5i; 
malicious proBecution, 2261 

treepaaa, 2034 

maaalttu^hter, 1981 

marriaKC, performing without right, 2269 

failure to return certificate, 2270 

violating act regulating, 7298 

matka, altering, 2063, 2262 

shooting at mark, 2281 

mayhem, malicious, 1985 

simple, 1986 

medicine, practicing, violating ftct, 7S23d 

penalty for violating act, •"■u>j 

sale, violatiouSj 
meeting, public, disturbing. 
Memorial Day, sale of liquon, 
merchante, transieiit, license, 
metropolitan police board, interfere 



8730 j 


milk, Baling impure, 

military expedition, unlawtnl, 

militia funds, embezzlement of, 

disturbing encampment, Titi 

failure to obey orders, 7389 

molesting militia, 7391 

disturbing courts-martial, 7407 

perjury before court-martial, 7420 

mines, interference with working, 7440 

bosses, neglecting duties, 7447 
employment of minors in, 

74fi6, 7467, 7480 

inspection of scales, 7469 

weighing of coal, 7464 

timber for mines, 7467 

neglect of duties concerning, 7483 
maps and reports, failure t« make, 


failure to ventilate mine, 7477 

violating act regulating, 7483 
employes not obtaining oerUfi* 

flre-bosises, examination, 
shooting and blasting, 
oil for use in, 
minors, allowing to game, etc. 
furnishing weaponsto, 
selling liquors to, 
miBrepresenting age by^ 
selling tobacco to, 





, 2182,2183 


2190, 7283/ 



employment in mines, 7466, 7467, 7480 
miscarriage, attempting to procure, 1996 

soliciting medicine for, 1997 

misprision of treason, 1976 

mobs, lynching, punishment, 2066ii-2065ir 

money, circulating unauthorized, 

7490, 7491, 7494 
mortgaged goods, removal of, 2033 

murJer, 1977-1980 

natural gas. violating act as to, 7606, 7509 
notary public; acting after commission 
expiree, 2112 

notary public, protest, violating act, 8043 

date in certificates, 8039fr 

nuisances, public, 2163, 2154 

nurseries, inspection, 7042c-7042J 

obscene publications, 2082, 2083 

Uteratnre, sale or gift of, 2083a 

penalty for violating act, 20S3fr 

obstructing legal process, 2121 

habeat eorpua, writ of, 2130 

highway, 2043, 2273 

navigable Stream, 2263 

railroad track, 2039 

examination of state treaaniy, 2141 

office, usurpation of, 2130 

officer, practicing law, 2106, 2107 

acting as notary public, 210S 

falsely attesting affidavit, 2109 

falsely attesting acknowledg- 

not explaining instrument, 

refusinK to aid, 

--ting before qualifying. 

keeping office at wrong place, 

having interest in contracts, 

signing blank certificates, 

corrupting of, 

intimidating of, 

loaning of funds illegally, 2031a, 

of election on remoral of county 

personating unlawfully, 
iaal negligence, 
, sale of uninspected, 

using uninsp«cted, 

selling empty branded barrels, 

inspector failing to prosecute, 

adulterating oil^ 

failure to inspect, 

false branding. 

carriers using oelow standard, 

'"- ■""■ 'n mines. 


flaxseed, impure, 8108n] 

oleomargarine, sale of, 215S 

papers or pictures, disposing of ob- 
scene, 2083a 
penalty for violating act, 2083fr 
parka, violating act, 3904n5 
patent rishts, violating act, 8132 
paupers, D ringing into state, 2253 
pensioner, extortion from, 2136 
perjury and aubornation of, 2093-2095 
election laws, false affidavit, 6239 
enumeration, false affidavit, 6366 
taxation, false oath, 8673 
before courts-martial, 7420 
personation, false, 2102, 7585 
pharmacy, violating law, 8136{ 
phyeidane, criminal acts of, 1991, 1996 
practice of medicine, violating 
act, 7S23ti 
picnics, trading near, 2196a 



Vol. 1, 8«M. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Bees. 2; 

CrimiDal Acts, 

pictoree or papers, diepoBing of ob- 
scene, 2083(1 
peoAlty for violating act, 2083b 
pilots acting witboat licenae, 8139 
poisoning, 1992 
poisoning springe, etc., 1993 
poisODS, sale ol, 219S<i-2195b 
pollntine streams, 2166 
pool-selUng, 2177-2179 
poor, CTueltj' to, 2126 
famishing transportation, SlSlg 
posting bills on baildings, 2052 
powder, opening and use, 2308a-2308c 
printing baresu, miefeasance of clerk, 

2160, 7698 

prison, saflering to be andean, 2126 

i«ward from contractor, 8214 

escapes from, 8214 

interference witb, 8261 

prisoners, aiding escape of, 2114-2119 

convict, escape of, 2122 

privateering, 20^% 

prixe-flghtiiw, 2002 

process, dieoDeying, 2123 

profanitr, 20S6 

prostitute, associating with, 20H9 

prostitntiOD, 2090 

provisions, anwholeeome, 2157-2l6d 

provocation, 2067 

public baildinKB, doors to, 227fl 

conveyance, attacking, 2030, 2037 

poblic indecency, 2081 

records, stealing or destroying, 

^14, 201S 
records, altering, 2016 

qaail, killing or selling onlawfaUy, 

2208, Sm, 2213 
qnoTom, breaking, 2146, 2147 

racing, of horses, 2280, 2281, 6869/, 6969? 
betting on, 2176, 2177 

raffling, 2170 

railroads, climbing on cars while in ' 
motion, 2290 

obstrncting highways, 2291, 2297 

mnning cars without U>o\», 2292 

foiling to stop at crossing, 2293 

deceiving engineer at crossing, 2294 
improperly crossing tracks, 2296 

stopping train on crossing, 2290 

locking passenger cars, 2298 

failiog to give signals, 2290 

forcing contributions from em- 
ployee, 2300, 2301 
discharging employee, 2302 
fis^en, taiBng to keep, 6176 
waiting rooms, not keeping, 6189 
agents, failnre to obey orders of 

court, 5319 

street railways, illegal fare, biSSn 

refusal to give transfers, 64586 

failure to vestibule cars, 5479a 

cemeteries, locating in, 4703/ 

lights at switches, 6173d 

! to Secttoiu.1 

'a6-5594«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-8733c. 

Criminal Acts, 

rape, 1990, 1991 

receiving stolen goods, 2010, 2012 

records, public, atealins, 2014 

officer stealing or destroying, 2015 
altering, 2016 

recording deed before transfer, 

2149, 6013 
removing mortgaged goods, 2033 

restaurants, defrauding, 7254a 

riot, 2064 

riotous conspiracy, 206& 

robbery, 1987 

rout, 2006 

Sabbath breaking, 2066, 2087, 2215 

schools, compulsory edocatioD, 60336 

teachers' wages, 6989d 

superintendent condocting nor- 
mal school, 6003b 
school- house, removing unlawfully, 

school fund, collection, default of au- 
ditor, 6812 
enumeration of children, 696S 
apportionment of lands by audi- 
tor, 697S 
school teacher, selling examination 

questions to, 2162, 6906ff 

seduction, 2078 

seines, using to catch flsh, 2232 

shade trees, injuring, 2042 

violating act as to, 3743e 

shooting in towns, """' 


monnment at Indianapolis, vio- 
lating act, 6366, 8366, 8871, 8372 

license, itening to, 7231t 

BtallioQ, letting in public, 2091 

service, lien for, preventing, 2844 
state lands, ill^al entry on, 2279 

state arms, selling of, etc., 2032 

State officer, not accounting, 2140 

state library, defacing books of, 2066 

removal of books, 7707 

state prison, interference witb offl- , 

cers, 8236 

statistics, lailnre to make returns, 7859« 

bnreaa of, 7769e, 7760e, 7770 

stolen goods, receiving, 2010, 2012 

streams, polluting, 2156, e717e 

obstruction of, 7888 

street railways, illegal fare, 6458a 

refusal to give transfers, 64586 

failure to vestibule cots, 64796 

eubpcena, disobeying, 2123 

Sunday, desecration of, 2086, 2087, 2216 
an peri n ten dent, county, oondacting 

normal school, 69036 

taxation, tailing to give list, etc., 2271 

refusal to testify, 8167 



Criminal Acts, 

taxation, state board, i«laeing to 
testify before, 8542 

teiae oath, perjory, 6673 

false HSsesBinent, 8674 

officers failing to perform duties, 8675 
auditor tailing to make asaeos- 

menta, 8560a 

t«1egram, disclosing contents ol, 224tt 

telegraph lines, injury to, 2035 

telephone, disclosiDg message, 2249 

telephone lines, injury to, 2035 

Texas cattle, bringing into state, 2207 

tobact^o, sale of to children, 2185, 21SSa 
cigarettes, sale to minoTB, 21856, 2185c 
warehousemen violating law, 70S4 
tombstones, defacing, 2041 

town, shooting In, 2281 

township trustee, refnsal to pay, 
claim, eto., 2137 

trustee not perfonning duty, 8079 

failure to tnm hedges, 6500 

transportation to poor, 8151; 

trade, combination to prevent compe- 
tition, 3S12t, 3312n, 3312( 
trade-marka, violating act, 

8679, 8690-8682, 8699-8708 
unlawful use of bottlea, 86S0e 

destraction ol bottles, SttSOe 

trading n«ar camp-meetings and pic- 
nics, 2196, 2196a 
tramps, 2258 
treason, 1975, 1976 
treasurer of state uBing false voucher, 2144 
making false report, 2142 
paying out money illc^ly, 2143 
defalcation by, 2145 
preventing examination, 2141 
treasurer of county, keeping office at 

wrong place, 7997 

trees, injury to, 2040, 2042, 2048 

trespass upon lands, 2018, 2220 

malicious, 2034 

trustee of benevolent devise, failure 

to report, 2784a 

United States flag, deeecratdon, 

usurpation of office, 2130 

vagrancy, 2256 

veterinary surgery, 73231 

vin^ar, adulteration of, etc., 2159-2162 
vines, injury to, 2040 

vote, sale of, penalty, 23iS-2330a 

voters, polling, violating act, 6337-6.'i396 
primary election, 6339p-6339j: 

warehouses, violating acta r^nlatlng, 

8717, 8728, 872fid 
water, befouling, 2155 

obstructing or diverting, 2275 

-weapons, carrying, 2069 

drawing, 20r>S 

pointing. 2073 

Inmisbing to minors, 2070, 2071 



Criminal Acts, 

weightR, using short weights, 

selling coal by false, 
weights and measures, 
wlieat, measuring, violating act, 
wife, desertion of, 
wild game, protection of, 
will, secreting, 
wine, adulterating, 
work on election day, 
work-bouee, suffering to be Dnclean, 

failure to obey orders of county 

board, 8333 

See list of Crimea after section 2364. 

Criminal Courts, 

Allen connty, established and abol- 
ished, 143S 
causes transferred to, 1433 
clerk of court, 1428 
Judges of, election, terms, 1428 
pro Um. appointment, 1429 

Eav of pro Mm. judge, 1430 

olding other courts by, 1434 

salaries of, 1440, 0420 

Srisdictinn of courts, 1432 

arion county, terms, 1435 

names of changed, 14S6 

organiiation of courts, 1427 

prosecuting attorneys, duties, 1428 
salaries of judges, 1440, 1440a, 6420 

seal of courts, 1427 

sessions, where held, 1431 

sheriffs of, duties, 1428 

terms of courts, 1435 
Vigo county, established and abot- 

isbed, 1436 
ConBTs, See. ■ 

Criminal Procedure, 

accessory, jurisdiction over, 1661 

before fact, charge against, 1867 

after fact, charging of, 1868 

accused, right to copy of diarge, 

Sis, 1826, 1864 
witnesses, confronting, SO, 58, 1864 
process for witnesses,' 30, 58, 1864 

counsel, right to, 80, 58, 1864 

jury trial, right to, 30, 58 

public trial, 1854 

must be present, when, 1855 

stipulation for fine, 1866 

how long kept without trial, 1861 

discharge tor delay in prosecu- 
tion, 1862, 1863 
pleadings by, 1827, 1828, 1832 
appeal, to supreme court, 1964 
by state, when may appeal, 

1916, 1955 
transcript on appeal by, I9S6 

effect of appealby, 1967 



Vol. 1, 8«C8. 1-27846. Vol. 2, 

Criminal Procedure, 

appeal, bow taken, notice, 

bill of exceptiona on appeal, 
by deteadaat, appeal, 
anj one may appeal, 
notice of appeal, 
eSect of appeal, 
informality, not dismiBSed for, 
technical errors disregarded, 
power of conrt on hearing, 

opinion, writing, recording, 
judgment of court, 
affinnance, execution ol jndg- 

josticee, appeals from, 
arraignment and plea, 1831- 

arrest, definition of, 

warrant for, 

to diBerent connties, 

form of warrant, 

Bommons against corporation, 

making arrest, 

information by officer, 

means to eSect arrest, 

time of making, 

escape, recapture, 

breaking doors, 1769, 1761, 

aid to officer, 

convicts in state prison, 

removal for sentence or trial, 

warrant tor removal, 

governor's approval, 

convict kept for trial, 

acquittal or pardon, 

escaping convict, 

mob, danger of, removal of pris- 

Kace officers, arrests by, 
yond county. boundary, 

of principal by surety, 

process, service and retom, 
arrest of jnd^ent, causes for, 

application, how mode, 

recommittal of defendant, 
attomej; for defendant, fees, lS4Sa, 
bail, fixing amount of, 

offenses bailable, 

recognisance in open coort, 

officer taking bail, 

deposit of money for, 

return of deposit, 

sheriff takes when in jail. 

return and certificate on oond, 

justifying surety, 

surety, residence of, 

fonn of recc^nizonce, 

continuinK recognizance, 1762 

detects in oonds not to aflect, 

Sunday, may be taken on, 

murder, bail in, 

eurrender of principal by surety. 

Sees. 2786-W94e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 65»-8733e. 

Criminal Procednre, 



suit on recognizance, 

lien of judgment, collection, 

collection of judgment, 

payment by surety, subrogation, 

proeecnting attorney a party, 
bill of exceptions on appeal by state 

signing and filing of, 

contents of, 

tender and indorsement, 
challenge of grand jurors, ' 172f 

of petit jurors by accused, 

challenges by state, 

cause tor challenge, 

trial of challenges, 
change of venae, 
cities not to punish criminal acta, 
continuance, affidavit by accused, 

admission to prevent, 

Application by state, 

detention of defendant in jail, 

delay of prosecution, discharge, 
convict indicted, custody of, 

removal tor sentence or trial, 

warrant for removal, 

Evemor's approval, 
eping in jail till trial, 

acquittal or pardon, return, 

escaping, recapture, 

testimony of convict, 

keeper to bring[, 

confining in jail, 

conveyance to prison, 

kept at labor, 

death penalty, execution, 1941- 
oorporationa, prosecutions against, 

summons against, 
costs, liability of defendant, 1907, 

relieving from liability, 

judgment for, 1907, 

what not taxed, 

in surety of peace, 

on change of venue, 

attorneys' fees, 

liability of defendant, 
death penalty, execution of, 

manner of execution, 

time and place of execution, 

warrant for execution, 

sheriff to convey prisoner, 

confinement of prisoner, visitors, 

execution in prison, 

who present at execution, 

escape of convict, rearrest, 

fixing time for execution, 

escape from warden, recapture, 




1848a, 1 








Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 

Criminal Procedure, 

death penalty, appointing time for 

execution, 1948 
respite of sentence, death or par- 
don, 1»49 
pregnant female convict, 
inquiry ae to prejrnnncy, 1951 
hearing and finding, 1951 
BUBpension of execation, 1952 
apiiointing day for execution, 1952 
compenaation of wftrden, 1953 

definitions applicable to, 1971 

person defined, 1972 

depoeitione, taking and use of, 1874 

doabt, reasonable, acquittal, 

evidence, rights of accused, SO, 58, 1854 
ruiea na to competency, 
Bummoning witnesseB, 

competency of witnesses, 186T 
gaming, examining parties, 
witneaa required to teBtify, ose of 


experts as to vritings, , 1870 
moral character, 1872 
dischar^ng defendant to testify, 1873 
depoBitions, taking of, 1874 
rape, proof in, 1876 
bigamy, proof of marriage, 2075a 
seduction, prostitntion, corrobo- 
ration, 1876 
receiving stolen goods, 1877 
writings, treating as cbBtt«1s, 1878 
treason, proof necessary, 1879 
highways, what are, 1880 
trespass to lands, 1881 
public contracts, 1882 
transporting game, 1883 
gaming-houses, 1884 
civil suit, evidence of fraad, 1685 
embeszlement by officer, 1886 
convict, testimony of, 1887 
keeper to brinf witnesB, 1888 
confining in jail, 1889 

exceptions, taking of, 1914 

by state for appeal, 191(5 

how must be taken, 1916 

when taken, 1916 

bill, signing and filing, 1916 

contents of oill, 1917 

t«nder of bill, indorsement, 1918 

execution, stay of on fine, 1929 

issuing on judgment, 1930 

no relief of appraisement, 1926 

fees, taxation of, 6519 

felonies, what crimes are, 1642 
verdict and sentence in. 

1906a, 1906d, 8253i 
copy of record sent to reforma- 
tory, 1906c, 8263* 

flne, stipulation for payment of, 1866 

judgment for, 1926 

no relief of appraisement, 1926 

2785-5594<2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-87380. 

Criminal Procednre, 

fine, stay of execution, 1929 

execution on judgment, J93a 

imprisonment tor, discharge, 1931 

expiration of stay, non-payment, 

arrest, 1932 

fugitives, return from another comity, 1667 

who are fugitives, 1668 
from another state, warrant of 

governor, 1669 

order of judge, 1670 

commitment to jail, notice, 1671 

costs and expenses, 1672 

warrant, refusal of, 1673 

not surrendered, when, 1674 
citieena of state, not surrendered, 

when, 1674a 
proceedings for apprehension and 
return, 16741>-1674> 

grand jury, number of, 1717 

excusing, fine, 1718 

foreman, appointmeot, 1719 

recalling, talesmen, 1720 

oath of jurats, 1721 

new jurymen, oath, 1722 

charge to jury, 1723 

clerk of jury, 1724 

challenges, causes for, 1726 

trial of challenge, 1726 

sustained, new juror, 1727 

foreman administers oaths, 1728 

knowledge by juror, disclosing, 1729 

secrecy of proceedings, 1730 

disclosure of proceedings, 1731 

jurors not questioned, 1732 

witness refusing to answer, 1733 

obstinate witness, 1734 

order of business, 1735 

prisons and poor-bouses, 1736 
prosecutor to appear sjid adnse, 1737 

sessions of jury, 1717i), 1717A 

discbai^ot juT^, 1717e 

imprisonment for failur« to pay fine, 1926 
length of imprisonment, 1931 
non-payment of fine on expira- 
tion of suy, 1932 
of minors, 1903 
death penalty, see, 1941-1953 

indictment, jurora concurring, 1738 

foreman to indorse, 1738 

prosecutor to si^, 1738 
signatures end indoraement r^ 

quired, 1739 

witnesses, names on, 1741 

record of, 1741 

nolle pTOteqvi of, 1742 

lost, trial on copy, 1743 

inspection of forbidden, when, 1744 

diacloBure as to, contempt, 1745 

contents of, 1800 

form of, 1801 

coDBtmctioD of words, 1806 

charging the offense, 1606- 



Criminal Procednre, 

indictmeat, time, statement of, 1807 

pleadingB, Bee, 1808-lt!36 

inlormatioD, what is, how made, 1747 
loesot, fiUngnew, 1746 

when may be filed, 174S 

contents ol, 1800 

lorm of, 1S02 

ameodmentBto, 1604 

coDstnictioD ol words, 1806 

charging the oSense, 1806 

time, Btat«ment of, 1807 

pleadings, see, 1808-183i> 

innocence, presumption, 1863 

insanity, pleading and proceedings, 

1833, 1834 

judgment, rendition of, coBts, 1907 

arrest ot, cansea, 1913 

application for, 1912 

recommittal of defendant, 1913 

when proaonnced, 1919 

Eresence of defendant, 1920 

ringing defendant into conrt, 1921 
absent, warrant for arrest, 1922 

asked to show cause, 1923 

rendition of judgment, 1924 

binding to keep peace, 1926 

fine and coeta, commitment, 1926 

relief of appraisement laws, 1926 

COBle, what not taxed, 1927 

nuisance, abatement, 1928 

stay ot fine and costs, 1929 

execution on judgment, 1930 

imprisonment tor fine, dischai^, 1931 
expiration of stay, non-payment, 

arrest, 1932 

neglect of officer, penalty, 1934 

labor of male prisoners m Jail, 1935 
guards lor prisonera, 1936 

copy of to sheriff, 1937 

conveyance to pnBon, 1938 

BBsiBtance to iheriff, 1939 

convict kept at labor, 1940 

death sentence, execution of, 

on plea ol goilty, 1836 

in case of felony, 1906a, 1906(1, 8253f 
copy sent to reformatory, 190dc, 81 ' 
JQrisdiction, where oOenses prose- 
cuted, 1643 
non-residents, offenses by agents, 1644 
aiding felony in another state, 1645 
dueling, jurisdiction over, 1646 
crimes on water-crafts, 1647 
on Ohio and Wabash rivets, 1648 
in two or more counties, 1649 
property taken into several coun- 
ties, 1650 
accessories, jurisdiction over, 1661 
act causing death in one, and 

death in another county, 1662,1659 
kidnaping, enticing female, de> 
coying child, 1658 

Criminal Procedure, 

jurisdiction, on or near coonty line, 1654 
traueporting game, 1666 

libel, publication, 1656 

judgment in another stat«, bar, 1657 
property brought from another 

state, 165S 

injury in one place, death In an- 
other, 1669 
treason commenced in this 

eUte, 1660 

venae, see, 1837-1849 

jury, right to trial by, SO, 68, 1854 

calling ot, 1869 

solicitation tor service on, con* 

tempt, 1859 

challenges by accused, 1860 

challenges by state, 1861 

caase for challenge, 1862 

trial of challenges, 1863 

talesmen, puttini on jury, 1864 

personal knowledge of tacts, 1894 

instniction at adjournment, lS9(t 

justices of peace, criminal proceed- 
ings, 1694 
warrant, issuing and service, 1694 
flight of accused, arrest, 1694 
affidavit, form of, 1695 
warrant, form ot, 1696 
arrest, proceedings had, 1697 
hearing and order, 1697 
counsel for accused, 169S 
notice to prosecutor, 1698 
continuance, reco^izance, 1699 
recognizance of witnessee, 1699 
forfeiture ot recognizance, certifi- 
cate. 1700 
filing with clerk, record, 1700 
changes of venue, 1701 
special constables, 1702 
felony, reccw^iiEance, 1703 
trial ot misdemeanor, 1704 
punishment, Hsseesment, 1705 
inadequate power to pnniBb, re* 

cognisance, 1706 

jurisdiction over county, 1706 

provoke, jurisdiction, 1837i) 

offenses, triable by, 1706 

assault, battery, affray, trial of, 1707 
injured party, presence of, 1707 

mistake in charge, filing new affi- 
davit, 1708 
offenses in view of justice, pro- 
ceedings, 1710 
witneBses, recontidng to appear, 1711 
appeal from jadgment, 1712 
recognizance, form, 1713 
transmitting papers, 1714 
docketing cause, recording bond, 1714 
lien of recognizance, 1714 
judRuicnt, commitment, 1716 
replevy of judgment, 1716 
commitment tor non-payment, 171S 



Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 

Criminal Procedure, 

JQBtJce ot peace, tu^tiveB, datiee con- 
cerning, Ifl74&-ie74f 
laws and usages contioaed, 19T3 
re|>eal, saving clauses, 1974 
limitation at actions, 1601 
treason, murder, arson, kidnap- 
ing, no limit, 1661 
incest, rape, robbery, grand lar- 
ceny, receiving stolen goods, 
five years, 1662 
Sabbathdesecration, sizmonths, 1 
fine not more than three dollars, 
sixty days, 1 
offenses not specially limited, two 
years, 1 
absence or concealment, eflect, 1666 
election law, violation, 2i 
minor, witb holding sentence, 

imprisoDment In jail, 
new tnal, definition, 
effect of granting. 

B for 

motion, flling of, 1911 

nolle of indictment or information, 1742 
nuisance, judgment abating, 1928 

Ohio river, jariediction over, 1648 

person, definition of, 1972 

pleadings and process, Btyle<d, 178, 1797 

forms and rules, 1798 

first pleading, 1799 

indictment or information, con- 
tento. 1800 

form of indictment, 

form of information, 

form as to accessoriefl, 



charging the offense, 

time, statement of, 

what need not be stated. 

Judgment, pleading of, 

private statute, pleading, 

mienoiner of accused, 

name ot, entry of record, 

separate coants, 

jomder of counts, 

murder in second degree. 





manslaughter, means and man- 
ner, 1816 
tierjury or subornation, 1816 
srceuy, joining counts, 1817 
elections, averments as to, 1818 
money, averments and descrip- 
tion, 1819 
written instrument, designation, 

to^d instniment, misdescrip- 

I, allega- 



partners and joint 
tions, • 1822 

foreign express companies, own- 
ership, 1823 



Criminal Procedure, 

pleadings and process, aofflciency of 
indictment or information, 1824 

quashing of indictment or iutor- 

roation. 182S 

copy of plending for accused, 
pleadings by accused, 
motion to quash, 
motion sustained, proceedings, 
demand of trial or discharge, 
plea of noteuilty, 
insanity, plea of, 
acquittal for ineanity, proceed- 
refusal to plead, entry by court, IH3& 
plea of guilty, proceedings, 1836 

presumptions as to innocence, 1893 

process and proceedings, style of, 178, 1797 
return ot, indorsement, 1796 

provoke, venue in prosecutions tor, 1637a 

search warrant, issuing of, 1088 

articles searched for, 1688 

affidavit for, 1689 

warrant, form of, 1690 

disposition of property, 1891 

property held subject to order ol 

court, 1602 

destniction of property, 1692 

dead body, search for, 1093 

under trade-mark act, 8680d 

sentence in cases of felony, 

1900(1, 19066, 825% 

surety, surrenderins principal, 1786-17 

surety ot peace, affidavit, 
form of affidavit, 
warrant, form of, 
issue and trial, 
recognisance by defendant, 
filing and recording recognizance, 1 
transcrii)t, filing ol, 
trial in drcnit court, 
bond to keep the peace, costs, 
finding against complainant, costs. 

wife, prosecution by, 

prosecutor, notice to, 

title ot cause, 

commitment ot defendant, 

breach of peace, securitv, 
town not to punish criminal acta, 
trial, ri^t to jury, 30, 58, i: 

presence of detendast, 

stipulation for fine, 

court, trial by, 

separate in felony, 

order of procedure, 

statement and evidence, 

argument to jury, 

instructions to jury, 

innocence presumed, 

reasonable doubt, 

personal knowledge by joior. 





Criminal Procedure, 

trial, mror aa a witoess, 1694 
adjourn menta, instractiouB to 

jury, 1896 
inspecting place by jury, 1S96 
deliberation by jury, 1807 
commaQicationB with jury, 1897 
verdict, polling ju>T> 1898 
absence ol jarors, (Uscharge, 1898 
wrong offense charged, proceed- 
ings, 1899 
trial in wronjc county, proceed- 
ings, 1900 
diacharge of inrv without preia- 

dice, 1901 
minor, imprisonment, 1902 
different aegrees of offense, ver- 
dict, 1903 
one olTense included ia another, 1901 
verdict as to one degree, effect as 

to others, 1905 
conteate of verdict, pani^ment, 1906 
judgment, costs, 1907 
acQuittal, coeta, 1908 
judgment, see, 1919-1953 
United states, crimes against, pros- 
ecution, 29 
venne, place of trial, 1887, lS37a, 2075a 
judge, change ot, affidavit, 

1838, 1839a, 18396 
special Judge, selection, 

1839, lB39a, 18396 
change from county, 1840 
transcript of proceedings, 1840 
one change only, 1840 
jurisdiclioii and proceedings, 1841 
removal ot accused, 1842 
new prosecution, where insti- 
tuted, 1843 

recogniiance, recording, copv, 1S44 
indictment or intormaaon, alle- 
gations, 1846 
remand ing proceed ings , 1846 
costs of change, 1847 
county liable (or costs, 1848 
allowance of coats by court, 1848 
expenses of sheriff, 1849 
change in cases before jiietices, 1701 
in prosecutions for provoke, I837fi 

verdict, polling the jury, 1898 

offense of different degrees, 1903 

contents, punishment, 1900 

in caaea of felony, 1906a, 1906i, 825Sf 

Watutsh river, jurisdiction over, 1648 

warrant, in cases before justices, 16^ 

from circuit court, 1750, 1752 

to different connties, 1761 

to execute death penalty, I94S 

witneBsea before justices, 1711 
refusing to answer before grand 

jury, 1733, 1734 

names on indictment, 1740 

summoning of, IS66 

e to Sectiont.'i 

78&-5594«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-8733c. 

Criminal Procedare, 

witnesses, competency of, 1667 

gaming, use ot parties, 1B66 

use ol evidence against witneee, 1869 
moral character of, 1872 

allowance by court to, 1483 

convicts, use as 1887-1889 

Indicthbnt, See. 

Information, Cbiicinal, See. 

Criminal Prosecation, 

compounding ot, 2100 


relief ot by county boards, 7877 


carrying off, penaltv, 2017 

decedents' estates, inventory and 

sale, 2416, 2435 

landlord, lien ot on, 710S 

redemption from execution sale, who 

to have, 761 



railroad trains, duties of persons. 

over streets and highways, 

6172-6175, 6307 
tracks crossing each other, 5199 

crossir^, interlocking switchea, 



animals, cruelty to, 2197-2204 

children, cruelty to, 2240 

poor, cruelly to, 2126 


injury to, SMS 


describing in criminal pleading, 1819 


definition and penalty. 


children, rigjila of parents. 



[Be/erenca are to 8tcUon».'\ 
Vol. I, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-669*e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 

Cnstodian Poblie BoildiDg;B, 

appointment and bond, 
Bpiiropriation, annool, 

asaiatant, appointment, aalarv, 

acta on death ol pnncipal, 

attorney-general advises as to suits. 

dntiee, 7784 

warrants issaed by, 
bond ot custodian, 
capitol building and groanda, care ot, 

7778, 7782 
contracts by tor supplies, 7784 

not to have interest in, 7788 

death of, assistant succeeds, 7780 

duties of generally, 7782, 7782a 

engineer, appointment <d, 7789 

bond and removal of, 7789 

dnties ot, 7789 

assistants ot, 7789 

pay of assistants, 7769 

expenses, list of, 7789 

term of engineer, 7789 

salary of engineer, 7789 

expenses, monthly statement of, 7789 

list by engineer, 7789 

governor may remove, 7780 

grounds at CHpitoi, care of, 7779, 7782 

janitors and laborers, number, 7785 

pay of. 7785 

laborers, employment, 7784 

number of, 7785 

legislature, organization of, 
list of expenses, pavment, 
ofBce in capitol building, 

term of, 
peace officers, 

property, keeping record ol, 
removal ot custodian, 
repairs, duties as to, 
reports by to governor, 
salary of custodian, 

ol assistant, 

of engineer, 
supplies, purchase ot, 

contracts for, 

not to have interest In, 
term of custodian, 

of engineer, 
vacancy, filling ot, 
visitors, dnties as to, 


insurance against, 


obscene, selling or sending, 





administrator, liability tor, 2410, 2014 

allegHtions as to Dot token as tnie, 386 

assessment on default, 682 

by supreme court, 6T3 

for properly taken, 893-924 

on informations, 1153 

OD injunctions, 1178, 1179 

on mandate, llSli 

attachment bond, damages on, 9)i2 

attorney, neglect, dama^, 986, 987 

costs, recovery ot in actions for, 601 

death, injuries causing, danuwee, 285, 5310 

default, assessment on, 582 

delivery bond, damages, 

drainage, assessment, 

ejectment, recovery in, 

executor, liability for, 

^ardian, liability for. 

1070-1074, 1079 

2410, 2814 



1178, 1179 

information, damages assessed, 
injunction, damages assessed, 
libel, measure of damages, 

actual damages defined, 
mandate, damages assessed, 
new trial, excessive cause tor, 

too small, when no canse lor, 
nuisance, damages recoverable, 
replevin, damages in, 

before justices, 
right of property, damages on appeal, 
seduction, damages in, 2S 

sherifi's sale witnout notice, 

purchaser failing to pay, 77 

supreme conrt, assessment by, 
trust act, violation, damages. 

Assess UBNT OP Dahaoss, See. 


assessment ol damages for, 

Joseph river, boildiog oa, 5123 

alack- water navigation companies, 
building by, 6425-«436 

Dance Hoase, 

children, exhibiting in, 2243 

Daviess Gonuty, 

circuit, in forty-ninth, p. 676, 1394 

congressional district, 3316 

court, terms in, p. 676, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of county officers, 6440 

senators, apportionment, 6682 

statutes disiribated to, 7617<1 


children, what conetitates day tor la- 


Vol. 1, BecH. l-27S4b. 

Dead Body, 

bnying ot, penalty, 
GODcealiaK of, penalty, 
dissection, see, 

gnve, taking from, penalty, ', 
search warrant for. 

Deaf and Dnmb lostitnte, 

appropriations for support, 

committee to advise, '. 

benevolent institutions, see, 
board ol trustees, appointment of, 

nnmber ot members, 

terms of tmstees, 

removal of trustees, 

vacancies, flllinR ot, 

eli^bility of trustees, 

'time for appointing trustees, 

when tmstees to qualify, 

laws governing board, 

compensation ot trustees, 

expenses of trustees, 

appointments bv trustees, 
clothing tor pupils, now furnished, 
compensation of appointees, 
county, payment by for clotliing, 
employes, appointment of, 

wnat considered in appointing, 

political beUef not to affect, 
expenditures for building, 

for support, allowance of, 
expenses ot trustees, 
governor, trustees appointed by, 

removal of tiusteee by, 
lands, sate by trustees, 
matron, appointment ot, ^nxra 

physicians, appointment of, 3056 

pnpils, clothing tot, bow tumtshed, 3071 

non-resident, terms ol admission, 3072 

edu(»tion free to residents, 3073 

expulsion of. '"''* 

sectarianism prohibited, 
sewers, construction for institute, 
steward, appointment of, 

compensation of, 

bond, penalty, approval, 

under control of superintendent, 30<i2 

statements as to expenditures, 3062 

reports to state auditor as to ex- 

record kept by auditor, 

additional bond of, 
inperintendent, election of, 

compensation of, 

nomination of appointees, 

employment of operatives, 

reports to trustees, 

steward under control of, 

reports to state auditor, 

t)ond of, penalty, approval, 
teachen, ^tpointment of. 


[Btftrence» are to Serttom.'] 
Vol. 2, Bees. 27S5-6694«2. Vol. 3, Becfl. 6e95-«7S3e. 

Deaf and Dnmb Institnte, 






tmstees, appointment, 3006 

regulations made by, 8056 

Officers elected by, 3066 

compensation ot officers fixed by, 3066 
conflrmatioD of appointees, 3057, 3058 
recommendation as to expendi- 
tures, 30S9 
report of saperintendent, duties 

to, 3060 

report to general assembly, 8068 

regulations as to pupils, 3072, 3073 
expulsion of pupils, 3074 

sale of lands by, 3075 

Bbnkvolent Institutions, See. 

Dearborn Connty, 

circuit, in seventh, p. 570, 1391 

congressional district, S318 

court, terms in, p. S70, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of county officers, 6*41 

senators, apportionment, 6682 

statutes distributed to, 7617d 


absence, presumption from, 2S86, 2386 

action for death ot child, 267 

by personal representatives, 2SS 

damages recoverable, 285, 5310 

eSect ot on pending suits, 272, 2448 

when occurring in mines, 7473 

appeal to snpreme court, etiect ot 

death, 649 

after submission of cause, 675 

basterdy. death of mother, etiect, 1000 

of child, effect, lOOS, 1009 

of defendant, effect, 1011 

cross-demands, effect of death, 356 

damages recoverable, 266, 5310 

execution, defendant in, effect, 802, 1596 

purchaser at sale, deed to heirs, 776 

judgraent debtor dying, enforcement, 

633, 1666 

1'iidicial sale, death of purchaser, deed, 776 
imitation of actions, eSect of, 299 

militia, death caused by, proceedings, 7381 
mines, occurring in, suit for, 7473 

presumption from absence, 2386, 2386 

registration ot by board of health, 6717 
reports of to boards ot health, 6720 

ward with estate under $600, settle- 
ment, 2687 

Death Penalty, 

death of convict, return ot warrant, 1949 

execution of, time and pUce, 1941 

manner of esecutioa, 1941 

warrant (or, 1942 

inside of prison, 1946 

who present at, 194S 



Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27S46. 

Death Penalty, 

female, i)r^nanc7, inqoiir, 19&0 

hearing aa to, 1951 

auspending execution, 1952 

warrant and Sxing: time, 1052 

jndgment on, defendant to be present, 1920 

paraon of convict, return of warrant, 1^9 

priaaner, conSnement alter iudgment, ID44 

visitore allowed, 1944 

escape and rearrest, 1947 

escape from warden, recapture, 

ecution, 1948 

respite, noting on warrant, 1949 

eherifl to convey convict lo priaon, 1943 

verdict when penalty is death, 

1906a, 82631 
warden of prison to execute sentence, 1941 
confinement of prisoner, 1944 

escape from, recapture, execution, 1948 
return on warrant, 1949 

compenaation of, 1953 

warrant tor execution, 1942 

return on by warden, 1949 

for pregnant female, 1962 

[Btftreiwxa are to Section».'\ 
Vol. 2, Bees. 2785-55B4e2. Vol. J 

Sees. 6696-8T33e. 


aciuiowleiigment, effect as to limita- 
tion, 302, 303 
execution, sale of debts on, 736 
exemption of property from, 716-730 
imprisonment for debt, 67 
municipal, limitation of, 220 
state debt, moneys applied on, 194 
when may contract. 197 
not to assume county or other 

debts, 19S 

see state debt, 8374-8407 

issue and sale of bonds, 8407a-8407c 

United States not to be oaeationed, 42 

not to aasome confederat«, 42 


arrest of and bail, 
assignment by insolvent, 
capias, arrest on, 
execution against body of, 
exemption of property to, 
fraud, impriBonment tor, 
le exeat, writ of against. 


1619, 1626, 1634 

Decatur Coanty, 

circuit, in ninth judicial, 
congressiona] district, 
court, terms in, 

representatives, apportionment, 
salaries of county officers, 
senators, apportionment, 
statutes distributed to. 

p. 670, 1394 


p, 670, 1394 

Decedents' Estates, 

absentee, settlement of estate, 23S5 

appointment of administrator, 238-^ 
presumption as to death, 2386 

return of, effect on proceedings, 2387 
wife of, riglits and powers, ZS'^ 

guardianship of children, 2389 

estate of, eHect of proceedii^ on, 2390 

account, filing first, 2539 

conlent« of, 2539 

payment to creditors, 2540 

order of court as to, 2540 

claims, payment, delay, penalty, 2641 
citation for account, 2642, 2548 

verification of, 2543 

charges and credits, 2544 

order of court for payment, 2547 

continuance for settlement, 2647 

further acconnting ordered, 2549' 

final settlement, notice, 2550 

services and attorneys' fees, 2661, 2553 
compenBation by will, 2662 

vouchen (or payments, 2654 

creditor Uking claim, 2555 

claims at final settlement, bood to 




payment of money into court, 

discharge from liability, iooi 

setting aside final settlement, 2558 

correcting errors in accounts, 2559 

list of lands filed with, 2660 

actions by representatives, 
suit by stranger, bond, 
profert of letters, 
no abatement of suit, 
appeal by representatives, 
execution on judgment, tma 
executor of an executor, 2450 
foreign executors or tinttees, 2451 
jurisdiction of courts, 2482 
suits by non-residents, 2453 
bond for costs, 2463 
on bonds of executor or adminis- 
trator, 2613 
costs and damages, 2614 
no stay or relief, 2616 

administruor, appointment and let- 
ters, 2380 
preference as to appointment. 2380 
in what county appointed, 2381 
equal rights, who appointed, 2362 
males, preference over females, 2382 
who not competent, 2383 
foreign appointee, preference, 2384 
absentee, appointment of estate, 2385 
duties of Buch administrator, 

special, appointment and powers, 

contest of will, special appointed, 2393 
At bonti non, appointment of, 2394 
after settlement, appointment, 239S 
letters of conclusive, 2396 



[B^eretxetM are to Secilont.} 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, 6eca. 2785-5594e2. Vol. 3, SecB. 559&-«33c. 

Decedents' Estates, 

administrator, bond of and approval, 2397 
report by clerk to court, 2398 
defects m bond, 2399 
remoral of. canses, 2400 
citation to appear. 2401 
notice to non-resident, 2402 
hearing of application, 2403 
costs on removal, 2404 
new bond may be repaired, 2404 
time to file new bond, 2406 
marriage of administratrix, as- 
sent of husband, 240S 
surety, release from bond, 2407 
intermeddliDg after removal, 2408 
appointing euccesaor, 2409 
embeEzlement by, 2410 
order to account, 2410 
compelling an account, 2411 
acts of vaNd, 2412 
notice of appointment, 2414 
B of unknown heirs, lia- 

moneys a 

claims of, adjustment, 
compensation for services, 

suits on bond, causes tor, 
costs and damages, 
o stay or relief. 


advancements, how reckoned on set- 
tlement, 26 
what not an advancement, 26 
appeal, who may take, 26 
bond, penalty and approval, 26 
time of ahngbond, 26 
transcript, time of filing, 26 
costs on appeal, 26 
executor or administrator, no bond 
required, 26 
attorneys' fees, allowance for, 2551, 2653 
bequest, delivery of, 2423 
bonds of executors and administra- 
penalty and sureties, 
report by clerk, action' of court, 
defective bond, 
new iKind required, when, 2404 
time to file new, 2405 
surety, releaae from bond, 2407 
on aaJe of real estate, 
of foreign executor, 
to prevent sale of lands, 
for title, dispoHal of, 
of legatee to refund, 
of distributee to refund, 
suits on bond, causes for, 
costs and damages, 
no sta^ or relief, 
bond tor title executed by decedent 
purcbas^money, collection of, 
commtaaioner lo convey, 2630 
appointment ot commissioner, 2631 
execution and approval ot deed, 2631 

Decedents' Estates, 

bond, tender ot deed, demand of pay- 
ment, 2532 
in suits to recover assets, 2446a 
circuit courts, jnrisdiction of, 2366 
claims, no smt to be broughton, 2466, 2466 
filing of, contents, 2465 
venflcation of, 2465 
filing after yearj coats, 2465 
must be filed thirty days before 

settlement, 2466 

joint contract, no suit, 2466 

claims on to be filed, 2466 

joint contracts treated as several, 2467 
vuretysbip ot decedent, liability 

ot eetate, 2469 

provisional allowance ot, 346S 
co-surety by decedent, liability of 

estate, 2468 
claims not due, 2470 
bond for payment, 2470 
remedy on bond, 2471 
entry and allowance docket, 2472 
entries on docket, 2472 
claims entered on, 2473 
Is notice to executor or adminis- 
trator. 247S 
allowance and adjustment ot 

claimB, 2474 

transfer to issue docket for trial, 2474 

effect of allowance of claim, 2475 

of executor or administrator, 2476 

bearing and allowance by court 2476 
examination as to correctness of 

claims, 2477 
dismissal for want ot prosecu- 
tion, 2478 
reSling costs. 247S 
answer by executor or adminis- 
trator, 2479 
practice on trial of claims. 2479 
parties, making new, process, 2479 
trial of claims, judgment, 2480 
interest and costs. 2480 
lien on property, judgment as to, 2480 
crediton may resist claims, 2481 
petition to resist, 2481 
execution not to issue, 2482 

actions to enforce lien, parties, -2484 
payment, order of, 2534 

first account, order for payment, 2540 
failure to pay, penalty, 2541 

uncollected on settlement, taking 

by creditor, 2665 

pending at time ot settlement, 

bond tor payment, 2566 

disposal ol claim after settlement, 

widow, what must pay when es- 
tate IS under |500, 267S 



iBtfereneei a 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27M6. Vol. 2, Seca. 

Decedents' Estates, 

clerk, powers of in vacation, 2366 

issuiDK letters testamentary, 2375 

isBuing lett«re of adininiatration, 2380 

taking and approving bonds, 2397 

report to court of proceedings, 2398 

of sale of personalty, 2445 

commissioDer of probate, appoint- 

meat, 2369 

salary of. payment, 2369 

oath and term of, 2370 

powers of, removal, 2871 

duties, defining of, 2372 

rules and enforcement of, 2373 

suspension of services of, 2374 

BSBiBtantB tor commiasiotier, 2874a 

compounding debts, 2454, 2456 

coDcealing goods, examination as to, 245S 

coDtracta, wben and bow sold, 2436-2443 

to convey lands, proceedings, 

corporate stock, sale of, 2434 

coeu, taxation on removal of ezeca- 

tor or administrator, 2404 

on triul of claims, 2480 

on appeal to SDpi«me coart, 2611 

in anite on bonds, 2614 

creditors obtaining letters, 
resisting claims, 

crops, inventory and sale, 

debts due estiite, collection, 
com poll ndint; of debts, 

purcnaae of property to collect, 24S4 

sale of property purchased, 2454 

compounding of desperate debts, 2456 
filing bad claims lor creditors or 

heirB. 2457 

worthless sale note, credit lor, 2458 

filing for use of creditors or heirs, 2458 

suit on worthless notes, 2459 

application of proceeds, 2460 

compensation of party suing, 2461 

party suing to give bond, 2463 

name in which suit bronght, 24ti3 

costs, liablhty for, 2463 

accounting hy party suing, 2464 

suit on bond for fntlure, 2464 

of estate, order of payment, 2534 
payment on making first account, 2540 

failure lo pay, penalty, 2541 
uncollected on settlement, taking 

by creditors, 2556 
pending at settlement, bond for 

payment, 2556 

disposal ot after settlement, 2556 
lieirs and devisees, liability for, 

2415, 2435 

deed by executor or administrator, 

form of, 2518 

devisees and distribateea, liability for 

debts, 2697 

suit against, 2698 

real eatat«, liability, 2599 

re to SeetioH$,^ 

2785-«e94«2. Vol. 5, Bees. 6595-S7S3e. 

Decedents' Estates, 

devisees and distributees, lands con- 
veyed, personal liability, 2600 
order of liability ol lands sold, 2601 
extent ot liability of each^ 2602 
will regulating liability, 2603 
joint suit against, 2604 
infant, no delay as to, 2605 
decree against infant, execution, 2606 
contribution between parties, 2606 
guardians appear for infants, 2607 
opening jao^ent by infanta, 2608 

distributing of enrplns, 2561 
laws r^^ilating, 2561 
proceeds ol devised lands, 266L 
proof of heirship or title, 2562 
advancements, how reckoned, 2563 
what not an advancement, 2564 
order for, 2666 
paymsnt into court, when, 2566 
guardians, appointment of, 2565 
minors, payments to, 2665a 
bond to refund, 2566 
real eetate unclaimed, control of, 2567 
lease and sale ot real estate, 266S 
appearance of owner ot lands, 2569 
payment to ownera or heirs, 2570 
unclaimed money for distribu- 
tion, 2671 
payment to state treasurer, 2671 
report by clerk to auditor, 2672 
duty of auditor, ^ 2672 
notice to unknown heirs, 2673 
administrator, liability for rents 

or purchase-mone^, 2574 
debts, liability of distributees lor, 

docket, entry and allowan 
form and contents of, 
entries on, 
clerk to procure, 2620 

embeszlement by executor or admin- 
istrator, 2410 

estates under $600, 2675 

petition by widow to have set off, 2575 
appraisement of estate, 2675 

return ot inventory and appraise- 
ment, 2575 
oath of widow, 2576 
no letters to issue, when, 2676 
decree ot court setting oft, 2576 
contest by creditors or heirs, 2677 
reappraisement of property, 2677 
discovery that estate is less than 

$500, 2677 

dutyofexecutoror administrator, 2577 
order ot court as to estate, 2677 

title of property vested in widow, 2578 
certified copy of decree, 2578 

authority to sue for property, 2678 
debts, liability of widow for, 2678 

mortgages, funeral expenses, last 
sickness, 2678 



2472, 2473 




Vol. 1, Swx. 1-27846. ' 

Decedents' Estates, 

«xecntor, iBsaing letters to, 
who competent to act, 
naming of in letters, 
when deemed superseded, 
lenunciation of right. 

Ever of before letters, 
ters with will annexed, 
bond ol executor, za«/ 

eoKtiea and approval, 2397 

clerk's report as to, 2868 

detects in bond, do eflect, 2399 

removal of executor, 2400 

caoeee for removal, 2400 

dtatioD to appear, 2401 

notice to non-resident, 2402 

beari ng of application, 2403 

coeta, taxation of, 2404 

new bond ordered, 2404 

time to file bond, 2405 

marriage of execntrix, consent of 

huBbnnd, 2406 

surety, application for release, 2407 
execution of new bond, 2407 

intermeddling alter removal, 2408 
appointment of SQCcessor, 2409 

embezzlement by, order to ac- 
count, 2410 
compelling an accounting, 2411 
acts of, when valid, 2412 
executor of executor, authority, 2450 
foreign, right* and power ol, 

claims of, adjustment, 2470 

compensation for services, 2561, 2552 

lees taxe<l in settlement of, 6519 

final settlement, when made, 

8547, 2550, 2556, 2557 
setting aside of settlement, 2568 

foreign executor, rights and powers, 

jurisdiction of conrtsow """ 

Baits by, bonds for costs, 
sale of lands by, 
bond for sale, 

heiTB, liability ol for debts, 
suit against jointly, 
decree against lands, 
lands conveyed, personal liabil- 
ity, 2800 
property sold, order of liability, 2601 
extent of liability of each, 2602 
will regulating liability, 2603 
joint action against, new parties, 2604 
infancy, not to delay suit, 2805 
Judgment against infants, execu- 
tion. 2606 
contribution by heirs, 2606 
guardians to appear tor infants, 2607 
opening judgment by infante, 2608 
suit on bonds by, 2613-2615 

Insolvent, petition to settle as, 2579 

contents of petition, 2580 

2519, 2523 


Decedents' Estates, 

insolvent, order of insolvency, notice, 2681 
sale of lands, petition, 2583 
bearing and order, 2583 
liens, orders as to, 2584 
terms and notice of sale, 2585 
prior proceedinge pending, 2580 
claims, not paid, when, 25S7 
first acconnting, 2588 
hearing, order for distribution, 2589 
liens, payment, balance, 2590 
release of lien, share in proceeds, 2591 
distribution, continuance, 2592 
unadjusted claims, payment, 2593 
claims filed after first year, 2594 
surety, contingent claim, protec- 
tion, 2595 
final settlement, notice, 2696 

intermeddling by executor or adminis- 
trator after removal, 2408 
with estate without right, liabil- 
ity, 2413 

inventory, when to be made, 2416 

contents of, 2415 

blanks for and form of, 2415 

appraisement of property, 241 S 

oaths of appraisers, 2415 

manner o( appraisement, 2416 

articles omitted from, 2417 

real estate, when included, 2418 

mortgages, when personalty, 2419 

payment of mortgaite. release, 2420 
mortgaged premises held in trust, 2421 
one executor or administrator 

may make, 2422 

specific bequest, delivery, 2423 

widow's 8500, allowance, 2424 

noting articles on inventory, 2424 

receipt by widow, 2424 

money, when widow may have, 2424 

amount of added up, 2425 

signing by appraisers, 2425 

oath to and return, 2425 

examination of inventorv, 2426 

indorsement of, approval, 2426 

record of inventory. 2426 

separate inventories, 2427 

additional inventories, 2428 

copy of retained, 2429 
saleof property inventoried, 2430-2145 

jQTiediction over estates, 2365 
circuit courts have exclosive, 2365 
clerk acts in vacation, 2366 
vacation, powers of court in, 2367 
probate commissioner, appoint- 
ment, 2369 
salary, power and authority of, 


lands, when included in inventory, 2418 

mortgage on, personalty, 2419 
control of, release, trust, 2420, 2421 

sale of to pay debts, 2486 

what liable to sale, 248S 



Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 

Becedente' Estates, 

lands fraudulently conveyed, 
getting aside conveyance, 
petition for sale, 
liens, examination for, 
contents of petition, 
parties to petition, 
verification of petition, 
time for hearing, 
notice of petition, 
waiver of notice. 



2493, 24M 



creditor may petition for order of 

sale, 2497 

paitiefl, admiaaion of, 249S 

guardian ad litem tor minoie, 2499 

inventory and appraisement, 2500 

oath of appraisers, 2500 

UenB, manner of appraisement, 2600 

reappraisement, wnen made, 2500 

hearing and order, 2501 

decree as to lienSj 2501 
pendency of petition, farther or- 
widow's risbts saved, 

portion ordered sold, aju^ 

partition with widow, 2503 
lien on widow's interest, order of 

court, 2604 

■ale to pay liens, 2505 

sale subject to liens, 2505 

terms of sale, credits, 2506 

private sale, notice, 2506 

Slatting into tots and streets, 2507 
ond of execatoror administrator, 2508 

auction, when sale to be at, 2509 
two-tbirds of appraisement, 

when, 2509 
private sale, appraised value, 
notice of sale, time of, 
contents of notice, 
notes for purcbaso-money. Be- 

interest on payments, 
bond to pay liens, 
certificate of sale, 
report of sale, conflrmation, 
order for deed, 
mortgnge from purchaser, 

order for resale, 

sales under will, 

petition, when unnecessary, 

rules Boveming sale, 

sales by portion of execntora, 

deed for land, form of, 
foreign executors, sales by, 
detects not to avoid sales, 
successors may execnt© orders, 
bond of foreign execut«r, etc., 
jurisdiction in proceedings by for- 
eign executor, etc., 2523 
mortgage and lease of lands, 2524 


Pecedents' Estates, 

lands, validity of mortgage or lease, 

bond, 252S 

accounting for proceeds, 2526 

bond to pay deote, no sale, lease 
or mortgage, 2527 

possession of when no beir or de- 
visee, 2528 

accounting for rents, 262!f 

absent or unknown owner on 
final settlement, 2567 

control of BQch lands and disposal 
ot proceeds, 2567-2574 

lease of lands to pay debts, 2524-2527 

legacies, when paid, 2534 

payment of part before settle- 
ment, 2535 

application for payment, 

irder and bond to refund, 
payment after end of year, 
abatement of general, 
payment to guardian, 
lettera testamentary, issuing of, 
naming executors in, 
with will annexed, 
ot administration, 
preference as to, 23 

in what county issned, 
equal righta, to whom issued, 
creditors may obtain, 
who not to have, 


foreign persons, when ha 

absentee, issuing lettereo 
special, when issued, 
of administrator de boni* 

re pref- 

1 estate, 2386 

evidence, when conclusive, 2396 

report ot clerk as to issuing, 2398 

profert not necessary in suits, 2447 
liens, decree on allowance of claim, 2480 
suspension of proceedings on, 2484 
sale of lands, provisions as to, 

2490. 2501. 2506 
on interest of widow, 2504 

marriage ot executrix, etc., consent ot 

husband, 2406 

married women, obtaining letters, 2382 
when letters may issue to, 2383 

marriage after appointment, ef- 
fect, 2400 
minors, payments to on settlement, 2666a 
mortgage on lands, treating as per- 
possession of mortgaged prem- 

fiayment of mortgage, release, 
ands held in trust, 
of lands to pay debts, 
notice of appointment of execator 
or administrator, 
ot sale ot personalty. 




IReferencet are to Seetioru.'] 
Vol. 1, Bees. 1-27816. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-8739c. 

Decedents' Estates, 

notice ol petition to sell lands, 2493, 2494 

ot sale of lands, 2510 

of hearing on accoants, 2646 

proof of, how made, 2616, 2618 

copy received as evidence, 2617 

removal, notice, 2401, 2402 

oaths, executors and admioistratora 

may adn)iniBl«r, 2619 

personalty, inventory ot, see, 2416-2429 

sale of, manner, 2430 

notice of sale, 2431 

terms, credits, 2432 

notes and interest, 2432 

postponement of sale, 2433 

order of coart, time, 2433 

additional bond, when, 2433 

corporate stock, sale of, 2434 

crops growing, sale ot, 2435 

contracts, when sol<l. 2436 
assignment of contract, effect, 


oontracta for land, sale of, 2439 

order of coart tor sale, 2439 
notice of sale and report, 
confirmation of sale, 
bond by pnrchaser, 
assignment of contract, 
Bole ot part ot land, 
private sale of personalty, 
terms of sale and report. 

clerk of sale, selection, dnttes, 
oath to eale-bill, 
return ol aale-blll, 

probate commiseioDer, appointment, 

daties, 2369-2374 

assistants tor commissioner, 2374a 

removal of executor or adminlatrstor, 2400 
implication, causes, 2400 

citation to appear, 2401 

notice to non-resident, 2402 

hearing of application, 2403 

coslfl, bow taxed, 2404 

new bond required, 2404 

time tor filing bond, 2406 

marriage of executrix, etc., con- 
sent of husband, 2406 
surety, release, new bond, 2407 
Intermeddling after removal, 2408 
appointment of successor, 2400 
embeiilement of property, attach- 
ment, 2410 
accounting, compellins. 2411 

repeal of statate requiring list of lands 
to be filed, 2560 

sale of personal estate, 2430-2445 

of umds, 24S 

sureties on bonds, resident freehold- 

Decedents' Estates, 


_ of lauds, ' 2503 

lien on her portion, 2504 

estates under SaOO, 2575 

petition to have set oR, 2575 

appraisement and return, 2575 

oath to inventory, 2675 

letters not to issue, when, 2576 

decree of court, 2576 

contest by creditors, 2577 
discovery thatestate is under 9600, 2577 

report to court, decree, 3577 

certificate to widow, 2578 

eSect as evidence, 2678 

debts, widow to pay, 2578 

will, sales ot land under, 2514 
petition and order, when imnec- 

essary, 2515 
one executor acting, 2516 
compensation of executor or ad- 
ministrator fixed by, 2662 

December Twenty-fifth, 

holiday as to commercial paper, 7531 

liquors not to be sold on, 2194, 2195 


absentee, wife of, when may make, 2388 
commissioner to make, appointment, 

commissioner of deeds, 8045-8048 

conveyance, see. 3328-3422 

copies, use as evidence, 466, 477, 478 

creditors, making to defraud, penalty, 2277 

presumption as to fraud, 3307 

defective cnred, 3420 

of executors, etc., cured, 3300 

evidence, use at copies as, 466, 477, 478 

executors or administrators, when 
records destroyed, 467 

index ot, when evidence, 469 

index of deed, when evidence, 469 

keeping of indexes, 8014-8018 

Judgment for execution of, 1034 

record of, use as evidence, 3372 

destroyed, title valid, 3374a 

recording of, time for, 3350 

entry book of recorder, 8371 

in wrong coontv, 3373 

du^ of recorder, 8006, 8007 

transfer before recording, 

2149, 8012, 8018 
sheriff, when to execute, 775, 766 

tax deeds, form and execution of, 

transfer before recording, 

2149, 8012, 8013 
will, effect of deed on, 27S6 



Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27646. 


killing of. when unlawful, 

darnwes, aeeeflsmeat on, 406 

entenng tor failure to plead, 34S, 404 

proof on, 386,582 


office, ineligibility to hold, Bl 


curing ol by statute, 12S5, 1307, 2399, 2677 
disr^atxling by supreme court, 670, 1964 

Defective Conveyance, 

defects cored by Btatiit«, 3420 

executors and truBtees, when cored, S390 


aaeignor, when to be, 277 

criminal action, not testifying, effect, 1867 

indicted by wrong name, pro- 
ceedings, 1811, 1812 
joinder of, 

on joint obligation, 
name unknown, designation, 

Pabtibs, See. 




statutes, of words in, 240, 1309 

DeKalb County, 

circuit, in thirty-fifth, p. 674, 1394 

congreeeional custrict, 3326 

court, terms in, p. 674, 1394 

repreientatdves, apportjonment, 6683 

Balariee of county officers, 6443 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 


[Se/erenctM are to Sectlonf-I 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6594s2. Vol. S, Sees. 6696-8733r. 

Delivery Bond, 

action on, damages, 760, 761, 1583, 168ft 
appeal, none from judgment of jus- 
tice. 1684 
615, 616 

statutes distributed to, 

Delaware County, 

circuit. In forty-sixth, p. 676, 1394 

rongresBional district, 3322 

court, terms in, p. 675, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

BHlaries of county officers, 6444 

Bonatorial apportionment, 6662 

statutes distributed to, 7617(1 

constable, taking bv, 1582 

county treasurer, takine by, 6673, 8574 
execution defendants giving, 756, 1582 
forfeiture, certificate by sberiD, 759 

suit on, 760, 1583, 1566 

can not give on second levy, 1585 

Delinquent List, 

making and publishing ol, 8601, 8602 

Delinquent Taxes, 

collection, duty ol treasurer, 6525 

fees for collection, 6525, 6527 

credit for uncollected, 6626, 8672 
eiemption of property (rom sale, 6626 

penalty and interest on, 8670 
Taxation, See. 


averment at particular place, 871 


amendment on snatainii^ of, 346 
answer, demurrer to, 349 
complunt, causes for, 342 
to part and answer to part S47 
Indgment, when not reversed tor 
error, 344 
on overmling, S4S 
misjoinder, sustaining for, proceed- 
ings, 343 
pleading over when soetained, S46 
reply, demorrer to, 860 


annual reports, 
appeals from board, 
applications, evidence, 

record entries, 
attorney for board, 

fee for attorney, 
board of examinera, appointment, 

old board continued, 

removal of members, 

meetines, organisation, record, 

oaths, duties, 

minimum standard fixed, 

rules tor dental colleges, 

foreign certiflcates, 

qoestions determined, 

revoking liceose, 

refusing certificate. 

6600, E 





Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27M6. 


board, three members acting, 6606rn 
aonual reports, 

certificatea to applicants, 

foreign certificates, G506e 

refasal ol, appeal, 5tt06A 

dentistry, practice defined, 66061 

examinatione, 5G00 

exceptions from act, 

tees to be paid, 
fee for license, 

tor attorney of board, 6606; 

foreign certificates, S606e 

license reqiiired, 6695 

obtaining license, 6699 

ieaain^ license, 6601 

changmE residence, 5602 

form of license, 6603 

list tarnished board, 6605 

refusal to grant, 660eA 

obtaining Detore practidng, 5606n 

penalty tor violating act, 66OO0 

physii'ians exempted, 6606jt; 

practicing dentistry, defined, 6606i 

prosecuting attorney, duties, 66061 

reports bylmard, 6606p 


cities of 100,000, creation of, 3819-SS86 

of 60,000, creation of, 3962 

ol 43,000, creation of, 4107 

of 36.500, 419012 

ol 30,000, 4190<i8 

Btate government, diTiaion into, 96 

Department of Geolt^, 


actions that may be taken in, 4 

dismissal, use of deposition, < 

admissibility of evidence, obieMions, 

causes for taking, 4 

certificate to, contents, i 

authentication of, 4 

clerks of courts may take, i 

contmisaion, when reouired, 4 

commissioners of deeas may take, 8( 
competency of vitaess, objections, < 
contest of election, taking in, 

6304-6311, 6£ 

continuance by reason of, 4 

county, witness need not go out of, 4 

court, order by lor taking, 4 

evidence, reading ol as, 427, 429, 4 

objections to ose of, 442, 4 

use in another action, 4 

cause for taking shown, 4 


esamination of witness, 432 

oath of witness, 432 

order of examination, 432 

writing o( deposition, 433 

expenses, when allo>tied to adverse 

party, 452 

filing of, time, continuance, 440 

foreign deposition, commission, 437, 439 
order of court for, ' 439 

how taken and certified, 439 

indorsements on by officer, 435 

insane hospital, deposition of superin- 
tendent, 3244 
irregularities, not to affect, when, 451 
interrogatories, when and bow taken 

on, 453 

jud^s may take, 422 

justices of peace may take, 422 

master commiasioners may take, 1465 

mayors may take, 422, 3497 

notaries public may take, 422, 8039 

notice to take, contenta, 423 

to whom given, 423 

time given before taking, 424 

service of notice, 426 

oath to witness, form of, 433 

objections to competency of witness, 442 

to validity or admissibility, 443 

officers authorized to take, 422 

judges and justices may take, 422 

notaries public may take, 422 

mayors of cities may take, 422 

recorder of city may take, 422 

clerks of courts may take, 422 

commissioners may take, 422, 8046 

master commissionerB may take, 1465 

town clerks taking, 43466 

oing and publishing i 

perpetuation of testimony b 

affidavit before court, < 

order and notice, < 

proof of notice, manner ol takiiig. 

1 file, 


publication and recording, 

record, use as evidence, vnf 

use of deposition as evidence, 460 

pablication of depositions, 441 

aealine and transmission of, 436 

town clerks taking, 43466 
witness, when deposition may be 

taken, 427 

need not go out of county, 428 

attendance, enforcement, 430 
refusal to attend, report, 430, 431 

oath and examination, 432 

writing of evidence, 433 

signing ol deposition, 433 

will, use of depositions on probate, 2754a 

writing of depositioDB, 433 



IBe/trencti are to Sfetioni.J 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sece. 2785-6594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-873Se. 



monej^, order to deposit io coart, 
laiiure to obey order, 
order to BheriH, 
loaninf; of money, 
receiving after insolvency, 

Deposit Companies, 

loan compaDies, Bee, 60 

organizalioa of companiea. 
Loan Compakibs, See, 


breaking into onlawfally, 2C 
burglary in, 

railroad, duty to keep, 51 

waitinK-roomB and closets, fil 


acting before qualifying, penalty, 

without authority, penalty, 
acta of, respoDBibility of principal, 
appointment, who may make, 

auditor ot county, 

auditor of state, 

clerk of aupreme conit, 

clerk of circuit court, 

secretary of state, 

treasurer ot state, 


7eS4, 7980 
7584, 7628 
sheriff of supreme COtut, 

7684, 7802, 7806 
sberift ot county, 75S4, 7947 

treasurer of county, 7684. 7992 

coroner of county, 7584 

townataip assessor, 7584, S509 

aaseeoor ot county, S63I, 85315 

Burveyot o( county, 7584 

constables, 7584 

attomev-general may bare, 7693, 7890 
chief of bureau of Statistics, 7764 

county assessor, relationship, 8531ii 

duties and powers of, 7585 

execution sale, not to purchase at, 771 
importing from other states prohib- 
ited, 7588 
law, prohibited from practicing, 2107 
money, paying or receiving illegally, 2143 
oaths of, 7585 
powers and duties of, 7585 
principals responsible for acta, 7686 
residents only appointed, 7587 
salary of deputy attorney-general, 7694 
state officer, deputy not accounting, 
penalty, . 2140 


adopted child, descent to or ttom, 637 

adultery of wife, effect of, 2657 

ot Qoebaud, 2668 

advancements, charging of, 2636 

how estimated. 2637 

alien wife, tights of, 2668 

antenuptial provision for wife, 2661 

for husband, 2682 

anntfl, inheritance by, 2626 

bastard, inheritance from mother, 2629 

when inherits from father, 2630 

legitimizing of, 2631 

mother inheriting from, 2632 

brothers and sisters, when, !2624, 2625 

children inherit equally, 2622 

grandchildren, when, 2323 

of half-blood, 2627 

illegitimate inheriting, 2629-26300 

of widow remarrying, 2641 

cortesy, tenancy abolished, 2639 

creditors, rights as against widow, 2640 

donor, when estate reverts to, 2628 

lien for improvements, 2628 

dower abolished, 283B 

dwelling-house, use by widow, 2063 

escheat of estate, 2633 

sale ot estate, 2634 

deed for lands sold, 2635 

grandchildren, inheritance by, 2623 

half-blood, how to inherit, 2627 

husband, rules subject to rights of, 2638 

inheritance from wife, 2642 

division between and parents of 

wife, 2650 

when takes entire estate, 2660, 2651 
adnltery, forfeiture tor, 2658 

abandonment of wife, forfeiture, 2659 
antenuptial contracte, barring by, 2662 
illegitimate child, inheritance by, 2620 
inheritance from father, ^630, 2830a 
marriage of parents, 2031 

mother inherits from, when, 2632 

jointure tor wife, rights under, 

judicial sale, rights of wife, 2669 

law not applicable, when, 2670 

inheritance from wife, 2671 

price of lands on sale, 2672 

maternal kindred, when to inherit, 2626 
parents, when to inherit with chil- 
dren, 2624 
when entire estate goes to, 2625 
paternal kindred, when to inherit, 2626 
personal estate to widow and chil- 
dren. 2644 
interest of widow, 2648 
of wife, how held and distributed, 2649 
sisters, inheritance by 2624, 2626 
uncles, inheritance by, 2626 
widow, rules ot inhentance subiect to 
rights ot, 2638 
what descends to, 2640 
remarrying, sUenation, 2641 
one child and widow, 2643 



[Rtftrencet ar 
Vol. 1, Beca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seca. ! 

widow, peraonal to widow and chil- 
dren, Se44, 2648 
second wife, no children, 2044a 
life eat&te ol aecood wife, whea, 2644a 
convey&nce, estoppel, 2t(45 
deed bj widow and children, 2046 
death of second wife 2647 
will, election to take nnder, 2548,2666 
having no children, 2650 
when Ukea entire esUte, 2650, 2651 
intereet in lands conveyed, 2862,2660 
dwelling-hoaee, use for a year, 2653 
nnpaid parch ase-money, npht8of,2664 
sale for purchase-money, rights, 2656 
mortgage for purchase-money, 

rights, 2666 

adnftery of, forfeiture, 2667 

antenuptial provision for, 2661 

Jointnre, rights under, 2663-2666, 2667 

descent of lands acquired nnder 

judicial sale, 2671 
wife, roles of descent subject to rights 

of, 263B 
personal estate of, how held and 

distributed, 2649 

adultery, forfeiture for, 2667 

antenuptial contract, effect of, 2861 

jointure, character of estate, 2663 

infant wife's jointure, 2664 

election aa to iointure, 2666 
eviction from lands assigned as 

jointure, 2667 

alienwe not to atfeet rights, ' 2666 

judicial sales, rights nnder, 2669 

inheritance of lands acquired by, 2671 

price on execution sale, 2672 
irill, election by husband, 2642, 2649 
election by widow, 2648, 2666 

Deserted Child, 

adoption of child, 2712 

Detective Associations, 

articles of association, contents, 4492 

filing and recording, 4492 

nee of as evidence, 4492 

affidavit to articles, 4492 

assessments on members, 4496 

expenditure of asseasments, 4496 

by-laws, adoption of, 4494 

expenditures regulated by, 4496 

constables, officers having powers of, 4494 

Gonstitntion, adoption of, 4494 

corporation, when complete, 4493 

powers of, 4493 

-officera, election of, 4494 

powers of, 4494 

iiet to county board, 4494 

auditor issues certificates, 4494 

9— GIN. IK. 

Detective Associations, 


ballots for election, device on, 6216,6 


benevolent devise, report by trtis- 

duty of court as to, 
construction of, 
conveyance, contract for, effect. 


partial divestment of title, 
estate, acquiring new in property, 
incumbrance on property, effect, 
lapsing of devisee, 

title to property, acts aflecting, 2733-2736 
wills, see, 2726-274S 


absent, disposal of property, 2628, 2667 
return of, proceedings, 2669, 2670 

accounting to for moneys, 2674 

bond by to pay claim, 2666 

conveyance on title bond, party to 
action, 2630 

debts of estate, bond to pay, 2666 

liability for, 2697-2608 

execution sale, when deed made to, 776 
redemption from sale, 760 

judgment, review of by, 627 


levees and dikes, see. 

Dilatory Pleas, 

verification of. 


banks, diractors of, 2922, 2925, 2926, 2936 
colleges, religious belief, 4e09a 

tree turnpikes, county boards act as, 6868 


actions not to abate on account of, 272 
appeal, extension of time for, 646 
cooKrese may remove official, 41 
final settlement, time to set aside ex- 
tended, 26S8 
legal, what is, 1800 
limitation of addon, effect on, 297 
review, time for extended, 627 




[Beferenett a 
Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27846. Vol. 2. Sees. 


deed bj iolant wile, 


dtiM of 100,000, diaannexing territory, 3811 
by cities ot 60,000, 3944 

by cities of 43,000, iOB4 


attorney, disbarment ot, 988 

DiBbnrsement ot Fnblie Fands, 
accounts and voncbera, 66U<i-6654£ 




healtli, board of, see, 

appropriation (or nse of. 


Diseased Animals, 

animalB, see, 

killing for sale or selling, 

tunning at large, suffering, 




re to Stettoat.] 
27S&-6684«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 


medical college, false entry in record, 

penalty, 6619 

dissectinij without right, penalty, 6620 

presumption from possession, 6621 

"nextof bin" defined, 6615 

record kept in public instltatioiie, 6609 

entries In record, 6609 

medical college to keep, 6616-6619 


limited partnership, how effected, 8120 


Distingaishing Hark, 

election ballots, marks on. 

District of Colambia, 

congress has control over, 
josticea' acts in, attestation, 
notarial acts in, attestation, 


general assembly to provide for. 


connter-clum, effect oi . 
supreme court, for detects, 
vacation, d'""'"-"' '" 

Disorderly Bebavior, 

congress, pnnishmeot, 
general assembly, punishment, 


bodies that may be used, 
how obtained, 
of convicts, delivery of, 
coroner, delivery by, 
pay lor not received, 
penalty for violation, 
gilt or bequest of, 
dissecting without right, penalty, 
medical college, record kept, 
entries In record, 
Inspection of record, 
custodian ot record, 
failure to produce, penalty. 


receiving body witEout recording, 
penal^, S61S 



injuring or obatmcling, 9060, 2274, 227& 


adultery is cause for, 1044 

when not granted for, 1045 

advertisinK to procure, S250 

alimony, decree for, 1067 

for sum in gross, 1069 

time (or payment, 1069 

security for payment, 1059 

allowance to wife pending BicUod, VIM 

to wife (or expenses, 1054 

answer, when under oatb, 1061 

admissions in not evidence, 1061 

denial nnder oatb, eflect, 1061 

attorney, written authority, lOSOe 

csoses for, what are, 1044 
adultery, when, 1044, 1045> 

impotency, 1044 

abandonment, 1044 

cmel treatment, 1044 

dmnkenness, 1044 

failure to provide, 1044 

conviction of crime, 1044 

children of void or voidable nua- 
riagcs, 1087-1030 

proceedings to determine legiti- 
macy, 1040, 1041 

order as to pending action, 1054 

order on decreeing divorce, 1068 



VoL 1, Sees. 1-27846. 


ooorts having jnriadiction of action, 1043 

croflB-petition, filine Etnd proceedings, 1062 

defanlt, not granted withoat proof, 1061 

d«tenae by prosecntor, 10&O-IO60c 

depositions, when token, 1063 

evidence, what required, 1061 

admissions in answer not, 1061 

witnesses and depositions, 1063 

of residence, 1043 

loreign divorce, effect of, 1061 

iBBDe and trial, time tor, 524, 1046 

interlocutory orders, when made, 1064 

how enforced, 1064 

judgment, effect on parties, 1060 

in another state, effect of, 1061 

review of not permitted, 

on publication opening of, 

jarisdiraon of action for, 

muria^, when void, 

voidable marriages, 1037 

children, legitimacy, 1087-1041 

petition for, filing of, 1043 

who may file, 1043 

residence necessary, 1043 

affidavit as to residence, 1043 

indorsement of return day on, S24 
specification of causes, 1046 

publication, notice by, 1048 

mailingcopy, 1048 

prosecuting attorney to resist, when, 


fee of prosecntor, ' 10606 

real estate of wife, rights as to, 1056 

of husband, rights as to, 1066 

referee can not try, 666 

residence of plaintiff, 1043 

Affidavit with petition, 1043 

proof of, 1043 

review of judgment not allowed, 609 

summons, iaeae and service, 1047 

notice hy publication, 1048 

trial, when cause to stand for, 524, 1049 

referee can not try, 

witnesses, examination of, 

taking depoeitione, 


decedents' estates, what reqnire , 

^«8, 2472, 26S0 
entry docket, duty of clerk, 406, 407 

execution docket, 689, 707 

piardianships, dockets kept, 2679 

issues, calling to form, 403 

judgment docket, 
justices' dockets, 

county lumishing, 
mayor's, how to keep. 

Docket Fees, 

appellate court, taxing in, 
C1I7 attorney, fee of, 

1496-1497, 1604 



Docket Fees, 

civil actions, taxing In, 6619 

clerks, payment to treaaarer, 1336, 7942 

proeecating attorney, fee of, 7614 
superior court, taxing in, 

:1416. 1426#, 1426rl 

supreme court, taxing in, 1334 

treasurer of state, payment to, 1335 

of county, payment to, 7942 

fee in suit on bond of, 8660 


civil actions, docketing of, ' 406 

drainage proceedings, 6624 

supreme court, docketing caosee, 665 


cities, conatmction and control of, 

el. 34, 3641 

construction and repair of, 8688, 3696 

streams, construction on, 7888a, 7S886 


production, inspectioD, order lor, 487,488 
state librarian, duty as to, 7737m, 7737n 
stealing or destroying pubUc, 2014, 2015 


animiUs injured by, claims for, 285S 

fund to pay for injnries to, 2867 

claims for damages. 2868- 

appraisement of iniuriea, 2856 

assessors, duties as to luting, 2847 

penalty for failure, 2862 

to list and aeeeea, 2847 

collection of tax by, 2847 

receipt by for tax, 2848 

recora of receipts kept 2848 
delivery of records and money lo 

trustee, 2848 

report to county auditor, 2349 

record of dogs not paid for, 2851 

report to township troatee, 2861 

toilare to perform doty, penalty, 2862 
auditor of county, duty aa to r^ 

ports, 2849 

dUee taxing, 3617 

claims for sheep killed by, 2868 

injuries to other animala, 2658 

for injuries to animals, 2868 

false, penalty, 2868 

appraisement of injuries, 2868 

register of claims, 2859 
owner of a dog doing injury not to 

have, 2869 

dog not taxed, keeping of, penalty, 2860 
keeping mischievooa dog, penal^, 


harboring untaxed dog, penalty, 2855 

fund, what constitutes, 2867 

false statements as to, penalty, 2863 



1, when penal, 2S56 


female dog, tax or 

saflenng at lai 

fin«e, collection and use ol, 2867 

ttmd Irom taxation, dtaposal of, 2857, 8S64 

derived from tax and flues, 2857 

Dse of foDdB, 2857 

eorplos funds, distribation of, 2859 

harboring untaxed dog, penalty, 2855 

bnntiag with, 2227b 

killlDg dogs, when proper, 2846, 2864, 2860 

otiniscbtevoas dog, £864 

of roaming dog, 2860 

lilting of dogs, Aaty of owners, 2861, 2863 

false statement as to, penalty, 2853 

mischievons dog_, keeping of, penalty, 2864 

killing of miecliievous dog, 2864 

officers not performing duty, penalty, 2852 

proaecatiog attorney, collecldon of Uiz 

by, "'■ 

roaming dog, killing of, 
-■■eep killed by, liability o: 

Killing d(% that kiila sheep, 


d by, liability of owner, 2846 

claims for damages, 
false claim, penalty, 
appraisement of injorieo, 

stealing of, 

tax on dogs, rate of, 

fund created by, ose of, 
cities, taxation by, 
towns, tax on by. 





d. 16, 4S67 


^ . . 2851 

taxation of dogs, 2847 

assessors, duty of, 2817, 2S62, 8467 

cities, taxation by, 3617 

towns, taxation by, cl. 15, 4367 

towns, taxation of, el. 15, 4357 

township trustee receives dog taxes, 2848 

report by as to unpaid taxes, 2SS1 

when to collect dog tax, 2851 

fines to be collect^ by, 2867 

dnt^ as to claims for damages, 2868 

register by of claims for damageSi 2859 

report by to county anditor, 2869 


schools, donations, ei66A-6ie6u 

nniversiUes, donations to, 6ia6<f-6166u 


locloriee, opening outward, 70e7« 

public buildings, opening oatward, 



general assembly, election, 6691, 6692 

appointments by, 6695 

hoose of representativee, appoint- 
ments, 6696a 
pay of appointees, 6695a 

senate, appointments, 6696 

pay of appointees, 6695 


acquittal for in criminal actions, 


abolition of right of, 
arbitration of claim for, 
rights as to protected, 


cities, powers over, el. 2, 26, 43, 61, 

construction of drains by, 

of 60,000, powers over, aws/, avos 

injuries to drains, 2050, 2274 

obstruction of drains, 2274, 2276 

sewers, converting drains into, 66386 

Draina^ Oircoit Court, 

appeals, bow tried, 6626, 6631 

from assessments for repMrs, 6631 

from allotments for repairs, 6636 

iBeroent of beneflts, 6624 
remonstrance, hearing, approval, 6625 

collection of assessments, 5626 

installments, notice, 6026 

suit to enforce, 5626 

attorney's fee, 6626 

sale and redemption of lands, 6626 

patting on tax aaplicat«, 6026 

sales by treasurer, 6626 

lien ol assessments, 6627 

notice and recording, 6627 

satisfaction on payment, 6627 
canceling of, 66Z7a, 66276 
highways, assessments, payment, 6630 

unexpended, how used, 6648 

repairs, assessments for, 6631 

record and notices, 5631 

appeal from, 6631 

consolidating appeals, 6631 

tax dnplicate, putting on, 6631 

attorneys' fees, payment of, 6626 

on enforcing assessments, 6626 

cities, location of drains in, C623 

assessments against, 6630 

repair of drains, G638a 

converting into sewers, 66386 

commissioners of, appointment, 5622 

term of office, 6622 

removal and vacancy, 6622 

bond and oath, 6622 

surveyor of county to act as, 6622 
third commissioner appointed, 6624 

oath of, notice to, 6624 

meeting, time and place, 6624 

examination, report, 6624 

contents of report, 6024 

two may report, 6624 

notice of hearioK report, 6624 

to construct work, 6625 

oath and bond, 6626 

constructing drain, dutiee, 6626 

costs and expenses, payment, 66S6 



Vol. I, Sees. l-278«. Vol. 2, 1 

Drainage, Gircoit Coort, 

I, collection of bk 

notice of 

recording of notice, 

salaBfaction ol useeements, 

Bccoonta to be kept ot moneys, 

time, accoant of, 

allowance lor Miricee, 

bond, Buit on, 

remoTAl of, 

Appointing another to conatrnct, 

diepntM between Uboren and 

oompensatioD of, 
acts of Ic^iced, 

compensation of peraons for aerrices, 
ot sarveyor as to repairs, 
of traetee tor repairs, 

conMraction of drain, commisaioner 
oath and bond of commissioner, 
dntiea of commissioner, 
pnvment of costs and expenses, 
collection of aaaessmenta, 
contract lor work, 
preference of land-owner, 
notice of letting contract, 
notice of aasesamenta, recording, 
satisfaction of asseeaments, 
accoant of receipts and payments, 
time, account of, 
allowance for sen ' 
removal by court, 
bond, anit on, 
laborers, lien on funds, 
diapntee as to, settlement, 

contract for work, letting of, 
preference to land-ownera, 
failure to perform, relettjog, 

coats on remonstrance, 

payment by commiasioner, 

damages, assessment of, 

exceeding benefits, diamieaal, 

remonstrance as to, 
approval of assessments, 
paymcDtby commiBSioner, 

defects and errors, diar^arding of , 

docketing petition, 
noting time on, 
notice to land-ownera, 
service on railroad agent, 
non-residents, notice to, 
order of court to docket, 

eogineer, surveyor to act as, 
deaignation by court, 

errors and defects, disregarding, 

expenses, payment and refundiiu, 

facta, queetions tried by conrl, 662S, 

forma used in proceedings, 

highways and atreeta, assessments, 

Draina^, Circnit Court, 

injuring drain, penalty, 

jury trial not allowed, 6626, 

lauds, bow to be described, 

law liberally construed, 

repeal, saving clause, 
lien of assessments, enforcing, 

time of attaching of, 

notice ot aasesaments, 

recording of notice, 

satiafaction of lien, 

laborera, lien on funds, 

materials, lien tor, 

assessments for repairs, 66S1 
notice of time to docket petition, 

service of, 

railroad agent, service on, 

non-residents, service on, 

where lands are not named In 

of payment by installments, 

assessments, notice, recording, 

repairs, asaeasments, notice, 

flllotmente ot repairs, notice of, 

appeal from order, notice, 
obatnicting work, penalty, 
obstructions, keeping drain free, 

who must remove, 

supervisor, duty as to, 
pay ot surveyor for repaira, 

ot persons rendering services, 

of trustees tor repairs, 
petition for drain, 

court in which filed, 

description of lands, 


indorsement on as to docketing, 
notice of time to docket, 
order ot court to docket, 
objections to, how made, 6624 
two-thirds remonstrating, dismis- 
sal. 6624 
supplemental, filing of, 5629 
unexpended assesamenta, petition 
as to, S648 

railroad, describing right of way, 6623 

service of notice on agent, 6624 

remonstrance when drain runs 
through dty or town, 6623 
time to file, 6624 
hearing of, 6624 
two-tfairds remonstrating, £634 
report of commissioners, remon- 
strance, &62S 
who may file, 6625 
questions of fact tried by coort, 662S 
costs on, taxation, 6625 

repair of drains, 6631 

payment of costs, 6631 

assessing costs on lands, 6631 

record ot assessment, 6631 

notice ot assessment, 6631 



[Btfemee* are to Seettom.] 
Vol. 1, Sen. 1-27S46. Vol. 2, Bees. Z785-6694«2. Vol. 3, Seca. 6696-87S3«. 

Draioage, CireoH Conrt, 


D dapUc&te, 6631 

i^ia]n, appeal from 

finctice on appeal 
nry not allowed 
C08ta, how taxed, 

patting BBsewmeDts 

earveyor not pertonnin([ dntf , 6631 

trnatee of township, dntiea as to, 6632 

■nryeyor to examine drain, 6633 

allotments to ownen, 6633 

manner of making, 6633 

recording allotments, 6634 

notice to owners, 6634 

service on township tmstee, 6634 

objectioilfl, hearing ol, 6636 

order as to allotments, 6636 

appeal from order, 6636 

action of coart, 6636 

pay ol sarvej^or, 6636 

time for making repaln, 6637 

penalty for not making, 6637 
trustee to fls time for completion, 6636 

notice to owners of time, 6638 

duty of owners to make, 6638 

tmstee to make, when, 6636 

coats collected as taxes, 6638 

bv cities and towns, 6638a 

obstrnctions, removal ot, 6639 

supervisors, duty ot, 6639 

Say of trustee, 6640 
lilure to perform duties, penaltir, 6641 

drains in two counties, 6642 

new allotments, petition for, 6643 

notice to land-owner, 6634 

allotment for repairs, appeal, 6636 

Kporte by commissioners, 6624 

remonstrance against, 6626 

as to constnction, 6626 

■ewers, converting drains, 66386 

streets, assessments sgainst, pay- 
ment, 6630 

saperriBorg, duties as to repairs and 
obstructions, 6637, 6639, 6641 

surveyor, county, ex offleto, commis- 
sioner, 6632 
acts as engineer, 6624 
sarveys to be made by, 6624 
repairs, duties as to, 6631 
allotments for repairs, 6633 
record of allotments, notice, 6634 
objections, hearing, 6636 
appeal from order, duty, 6636 
pay tor services, 6636, 6644 
drains in two counties, daties, 6642 
new allotments, making ot, 6643 

tiling ot drains, 6649 

petition of conrt, 6649 

notice of petition, 6660 

reference ta commissioners, 6661 

report ot commissioners, 6651 

order for constmction, 6651 

apportionment of cost, 6662 

collection of assessments, 6662 

Drainage, Circuit Conrt, 

tiling, notice for bids for work, 66G8 

contract tor work, bond, 6663 

petition to county board, 
proceedings had, 
assessments, bonds, repairs, 


towns, drains in, locaUon, 
description of lots, 

TO by two-thirds, 

against, payment, 

township trnatee, payment ot assess- 
re|)aira and obstractions, dotiee, 
fixing time to complete repairs, 
making repairs, collecting cost, 
pay of for aervices, 
failure to perform duty, penalty, 
trial ot questions of tact, 5626, 

Doeipended asseaaments, use ot, 

Drainage, Connty Board, 

appeal from proceedings, 6671 

bond and transcript, 6671 

consolidation of appeals, 6672 

under act of 1676, 5689 

assessment of benefltA, viewers tor, 5666 

description of lands, 6656 

credit lor prior work, 6657 

lands assessed, 6668 

benefits, what considered, 6658 

apportioning assesamenta, 6670 
lien of assessment, 6675, 6688 

interest on assessment, 6675 

putting on tax duplicate, 5675 

collected as taxes, 6676 

cancellation ot, 6627a, 66276 

auditor, Issuing copy to viewers, ' 5666 
' notice of bids torwork, 6656 
letting contract for work, 6666 
notice of pendency ot petitiun, 6663 
copy to reviewers, 6666 
recording report of reviewers, 6667 
tee-bill issued by, 6667 
appeal, duty when taken, 6671 
sale of jobs by, 6673 
notice of sole, 6673 
resale ot fobs, 5674 
costs and expenses, duty as to, 6674 
assessments, putting on tax dupli- 
cate, 6676 
cost ot cleaning, putting on du- 
plicate, 5676 
drain in two counties, duties, 6677-6680 

bond ot petitioners for expenses, 5666 

of remonstrstor, 6666 

bond on appeal, 5671 
of contractor, 6666, 6673 

cancellation ot assessments, 66270, 66276 

certificate ot completion, 5676 

non-payment, interest, 6675 

collection ot as taxes, 5676 





Vol. 1, BM8. 1-27M6. 

Drainaee, Goimty Board, 

compensatioii for Berricos, 
payment of, 

contract foi work, letting of, 

Dotioe for bids, oooo 

jobs not completed, sale, 5673 

notice ot sale, 6673 

bids not received, when, &673 

t«nn8 of contract, 6ST3 

bond of contractor, 6673 

Kletting of contract, 6674 

t«rmB of reletting, 6674 

completion, inepection, 667S 

certificate by surveyor, 6676 

collection of coat, 6676 

eoste and expenses, bond of petition- 
en, 6666 
on raport againat petidan, 6664 
bond for by remonstrator, 6665 
remonstrator, when to pay, 6667 
taxing as part of ezpensea, 5668 
petitioners, taxing against, 5668 
apportionment by viewers, 6670 
on reletting of contract, 6674 

Coanties, drains extending into two, 6677 
petition for, 6077 
duty of county auditor, 6677 
joint action of coanty boards, 6678 
repairs and cleaning, 5679 
remonatrancee, proceedings, S6S0 
apportionment of costfl for high- 
ways, 6683 
drams In more than one, 6618a 
action of coanty boards, 6678a 

county boards, power to conatract 
drdns, 6666 
petition to, 6656 
viewers, appointment of, 5656 
hearing of petition, 5664 
order for drain, 6664 
damages, order for paj^ent, 6664 
remonstrance, appointing review- 
ers, 5665 

port, 5670 

drains in two coonUes, 6677 

duties of county boards, 5677-6680 
"regular session," meaning of 
term, 6687 

damages, assessment of, 5660 

against whom aasessed, 5660 

payment, order as to, 
remonstrance as to, 
final rej)ort o( viewers as to, 6670 

refunding to coanty on collection, 5670 
appeal from order as to, 6671, ' — 
proceedings uoder act of J875, 

"ditch," meaning as used in act, 

axpenses, bond of petitioners for, 6656 
bond tor by remonstrator, 6665 

final report ot viewers, 6670 

apportionment of, 6670 


[B^ftrtnce» art to S«e(lotu.] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 27S5-65M«3. Vol. 3, Bees. 6506-8733c 

Drainage, Coanty Board, 

expenses on resale of jobs, 6674 

services of officers, payment, 6686 

highwayB, BSBoaamente against, 5666 

location of drain along, 6661 

earth, bow placed upon, 6661 

apportionment of costs to, 56S3 

law liberally conatmed, 5688 

lien of cost of work, 6676 

date of beginning ot, 6688 

notice of, what is, 66B8 

location of drain by viewera, 6660 

on old drain, credits, 6667 

variation from petition, 6669 

extending beyond outlet, 5659 
on section lines and highways, 6661 

notice by auditor tor bide, 6666 

of pendency of petition, 6063 

of sale of jobs, 6673 

obstruction in drain, clearing out, 6676 

examination by surveyor, 5670 

removal and expenses, 5676 

pay ot persons for services, 6685 

how paid, 6686 

petition for drain, contents, 6656 

appointment of viewera, 5666 

duly of viewera, 6666 

notice of pendency of, 5663 

hearing by coanty board, 6664 

dismissal of, when, 6664 

remonstrance against, 6665 

for drains in two counties, 6677 

railroads, assessment ot benefits, 6666 

apportionment ot costs to, 5683 

remonstrance against drain, 6665 

causes for, 6665 

bond ot remonstrator, 5665 

reviewere appointed, 6665 
costs, bow taxed, 6067, 6668 

as to drains in two counties, 6680 

repairs of drains in two counties, 6679 

ot drains on state lines, 6682 

report ol viewers, contents, 5650 

description of lands, 6060 

filing of, time for. 6062 

notice given ot filing, 6663 

against drain, diamiseal, 5604 

remonstrance against, 5665 

of reviewers, 6666 

final, ot viewers, contents, 6670 

apportionment ot costs, 6670 

reviewere, appointment ot, 5666 

proceedings and report, 6666 
action ot board on report, 6607-6609 

■pay for services, 66SS 

majority of may act, 6686 

sherifl. service of orders by, 6684 

fees tor services, 6084 

sarveyor to survey drain, 6666 

supervises work, 6050 
compensation, report by viewers, 6070 

account ot services filed, 6670 
inspection of work, acceptance, 5675 



IBeferencet are to Section*.^ 
Vol. J, Seca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6W4e2. Vol. 8, Sees. 6596-8733e. 

Drainagre, County Board, 

Biureyor, certiflcate o! acceptance, 6676 
lien of certiflcate, interest, par- 
men t, 6676 
copy filed with auditor, 6676 
per diem, amoantj 668S 
payment for semcea, 66S5 
taxes, costs and daroegea collected as, 5670 
reletting aad resale, costs collected 

as, S674 

amooDt due contractor collected 

as, 5676 

cleaniiigdraiiu,coatBcoIlectedas, 6676 
tUing drains, 6616-6663 

petition to coanty board, 6663a 

proceeding had, repairs, 666Sb-5663/ 
viewers, appointment ot, 6666 

doties of and report, 6666 

credit for work on prior drain, 6657 
location of drain, variance bom 

petition, 5659 

damages, assessment, 5660 

rooto and location, 6661 

highways, location on, 6661 

meetings and adjoarnmenta, 6662 

time for report, 6662 

filing report, notice by auditor, 6663 
action of county board on report, 6664 
final report by, 6670 

apportionment of coats and ex- 
penses, 6670 
names and services of laborers, 5670 
time of service of viewers, 6670 
ol drain in two coundee, 5677 
pay for services, 6686 
majority of may act, 6686 
anuiori^ nnder act of 1876, 6689 

Drainage, Five Uiles, 

appeal, questions beard, 6696 

bond and transcript, 66S6 

docketing and hearing ot, 5696 

Judgment, certifying, 6696 

asBBBsments of benefits and damages, 6692 

action ot connty board on, 5694 

exceptions to apportionment, 6695 

hearing of exceptions, 5696 

order as to payment, 5700 

putting on tax duplicate, 5701 

auditor makes special duplicate, 6701 

lien ol assessments, 6701 

collected as other taxes, 6701 

time of payment of, 5702 

not enjoined for errors, when, 6706 

basis of assessments, 6707 

cleaning drains, assessments, 5711 

hearing before board, 5712 

Boditor, petition and bond filed with, 6691 

approval of bond, 5692 

presenting to county board, 5692 

fixing day for hearing report, 6693 

summons to petitioners, 6693 

Drainage, Five HUes, 

aoditor, non-residents, notice to, 
appeal, duty as to, 
notice of sale ot jobs, 
bonds ot contractors, approval, 
aasesaments put on special dapti* 

bonds, sale of, duties, 
neglect of duties, penalty, 
notice to owners of bridges, 
obstruction ol drain, duuee as to, 
record made of improvements, 
accoont of funds kept by, 
fees allowed to, 

bond of petitioners, 
approval of bond, 
on exceptions to assessments, 
appeal from hearing, bond, 
of contractors (or work, 
surveyor to report bonds, 
approval by county auditor, 
liaoility of contractor on, 
on resale of jobs, 
of county to pay for work, 6700, 
amount, intnest and conditions, 
sale of bonds, how made, 
of enfpneer, 

bridges and culverts, 

constructing or enlarging, 
corporate bridges, notice, 
assessment of costs, 

city, assessments against streets, 

cleaning out drains, 

costs and collection of, 
hearing on assessments, 
putting on duplicate, 
work, sale, contract, 

contracts for construction of work, 
notice of sale ol jobs, 
surveyor or engineer to make, 
bonds of contractors, 
bids not accepted, when, 
manner of letting, 
report to auditor, 
approval by connty board, 
owner has privilege to cotutrnct, 
not completed, resale, 
extension of time, 
tor cleaning of drains, 

costs, bond for by petitioners, 
dismissal at cost of petitioners, 
exceptions, bond for costs, 
appealj bond tor costs, 
certifying on appeal, 
payment of costs, 
county, when costs paid by, 
refunding to coruity, 

county board, authority of, 
drains five miles long, 
petition to for drain, 
viewers appointed by, 
dismisses petition, when, 
order (or improvement, 






[Bfference* are to Section*.] 
Vol, 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. ?785-6694e2. Vol. 3, Sew. 6696-8788a 

Drainage, Five Miles, 

coonty board, notice of hearing ro- 

port, finding, 6694 

heariaff report of rieweri, 6694 

exceptions to apportionment, 6A96 
heanng exceptions, 
appeal, fixing bond, 
proceedings alter appeal, 
carrying out judgment, 
sale of jobs, fixing time, 

approval of contracts, i 
asaessmenta, requiring pajiment, 5700 
bonda, order tor, 6700, 6702 

drains in two counties, duties, 6704 

new drains, location ol, 6707 

aaseeBmentfl for, 6707 
bridges and culverts, datiei as to, 6709 
cleaning of draine, doties, 6711, 5712 

accounts, requiring kept, 6714 

culverts, conetmcting or enlarging, 67O0 

proceedings bad as to, 6700 

damages, aasesament of, 6692 

bearing ol report, 6603 

county board, duty as to, 6604 

estimation of, how don«, S694 

exceptions to, appeal, bond, 5606 

trial on appeal, 6696 

payment of damages, 6606 

order of payment of, 6701 

ditch, meaning of as used in act, 6600 
must be more than five miles long, 6717 

engineer, one viewer to be, 6692 

bond of, Uabilit^, 6706 

exceptions to apportionment of bene- 

Bta or damages, 6606 

bond for costs, 66B6 

bearing before board, 6695 

appeal from order, 6696 

fees allowed, 6716 

payment by county, 6716 

refunding to county, 6716 

funds, acconnt of to be kept, 6714 

highways, benefits, asaessment, 6691 

location of drain on, 6705 
cities and towns assessed for 

streets, 6691 

laws not repealed by act, 6717 

levees and fiood-gatea, 6717a 

proceedings as to legalized, 6717a 
petition for maintenance and re- 

assessments for maintenance, 6717d 
modification ol orders, 5717e 

use of proceeds of bonds, 6717/ 

contracts for maintenance, 6717; 

pay ol auditor and sheriff, 6717A 

lieaof aasessments, 6701 

for enlarging bridges or culverts, 6700 
expense of removing obstruc- 
tions, 6710 

Drainage, Five Miles, 

non-residents, notice to, 56^ 

notice of hearing of petition, 6603 

countj; board to determine, 6604 

of letting contract for work, 6697 

of sale of bonds, 6702 

to owners of bridgeis, 6709 

to remove obstructions, 6710 

obstructions, removal of, 5710 

application, costs, payment, 5710 

officers, n«slect of duties, penalty, 6703 

fees allowed to, 6716 

payment of fees, 6716 

petition for drain, 6600 

number ol signers, 6691 

bond to be filed with, 6691 

hearing of, notice, 6693 

drain in two counties, 6704 

for removal of obatructiona, 6710 

railroad, assessments against, 6691 

report ol viewers, 6692 

what set forth in, 6692 

notice given on Sling, 6693 

hearing by county board, 6694 

ol letting contracts, , 5698 

summons for land-ownerB, 6603 

issuing and service, 6693 

surveyor, one viewer to be, 6692 

letting contracts for work, 6697 

report as to letting, 6698 

resale, time for completion, 6699 

fees allowed to, 6716 

payment of lees, 6716 

taxes, assessroenls collected as, 6701 

collected to pay bonds, 6702 

not enjoined for detects, 6706 

costs as to bridges or culverts, 6709 

lor removal ol obstructions, 6710 

for cleaning out drains, 6712 

towns assessed lor streets, 6691 

viewers, appointment of, 6692 

one to be a surveyor, 6692 

duties of and report, 6692 

bill of coats to be filed, 6692 

time of making report, 6692 

notice of hearing report, 6693 

hearing by coanly board, 6694 

Drainage Districts, 

agreement between owners, 6739 

contents and execution of, 6739 

submission to county aurveyor, 57S9 

report ol surveyor, 6739 

assessment of benefits, 6739 

action of county board, 6739 

charter, agreement constitntea, 6740 

appeal on questions of law, 6733 

auditor of county clerk of district, 6737 
duties as to collection of moneys, 6737 

bond of petitioners, 6718 

of commissioners, 6721 

of contractors, 6726 



VoL 1, Sees. 1-27846. 

Drainage Distriets, 

charter, petition or ag;reement to con- 

claseification of lands, 
to be ft bftBiB for taxes, 
objections, hearing, 
b^ conoty eurrej^or, when, 

commissionen, appointment of, 
time ol eervice and pay, 
bonds and oaths ol commiaiion- 

examination and clanificatioQ of 

list filed with county board, 
amendment of plat or plan, 
letting contracts tor work, 
control of county board over, 
election of commissioners, 
terms of when elected, 
notice of election, manner of 

vacancy .now filled, 
revenue under control of, 
connection with drains, powen 

powers outside of district, 
money, power to raise, 673' 

condemnation ot lands, 

Hgreement as to terms, 
contracts for work, letting of, 

notice for bids, 

manner of letting, 

bonds af contractors, 
county board, presenting petition to, 

filing and docketing, 
notice ol filing, 
hearing of petition, 
amendment ot petition, 
dismissal ot petition, 
finding for petitiooerSj 
appointment of commissioners, 
fixing bonds ot commissioners, 
objections to report of conunis- 

bearing objections, 

order on report, 

control over officers and contrac- 

judgment ol, when conclusive, 
approval of assessments, 
agreement between owners, classi- 
fication, duties, 
districts, establishment of, 

Ctition for, 
nd ot petitioners, 
filing petition with county board, 
notice and docketing, 
hearing by board, 
order ol board. 

r, 5742 






I, 6742 

[Befertneei are to Sedtotu.] 
Vol. 2, Bees. 2786-e694e2. Vol. 3, Bees. 669S-873Se. 

Drainage DiHtrieto, 

districts, snb^istricts, formation, 6730 
auditor ot county clerk of, 6737 

drains to be public aitchee, 6729 

partially constructed, allowance 

for, 6732 

owners may oonstract, 6736 

connecting with, 6736 

election of drainage commissioneis, 6727 
terms of persons elected, 5727 

funds for constraction, how raised, 

6737, 6742 

highways, drMns crossing, 
benefits, assessment, 
payment of assessment, 

money to construct drains, 

certificate to county auditor, 
computation by auditor, 
pnttm^ on tax dapltcat«, 
collection by treasurer, 
county board to approve levy, 
registry ot orders arawn, 
tressnrer to report as to, 
power of commissioners to raise 

notice ot hearins of petition, 67]9 

coun^ boaM to determine, 6720 

of hearing report ot commisrion- 

erg, 6722 

of letting of work, 5726 

of election of commissioners, 5727 
as to levy of assessments, 5737 

by surveyor of classification, 6739 

owners may drain lands, 6735 

outside of district, connections, 6730 
agreement between, rights and 

powers, 6739 

sgreement constitutes charter, 6740 

petition to establish district, 6718 

signers required, 6718 

contents of, 

filing with county board, 
docketing and notice, 
contente of notice, 
hearing by county board, 
finding by board, 
appointment of commissic ~ 
constitutes charter, 

railroads, drains, crossings, 
assessing with beneflte, 
payment ot assessmente, 

register of orders drawn, 
report to county board, 

streams, enlarpng, expense o: 

surveyor of county, when cf"" 
report by to county board, 

taxes, oasis of levy. 



putting on duplicate, 

collection by treasurer, 

payment by treasurer, 

treasurer of county, duties ot, 




lB^»reneei art to Section*.'] 
Vol. 1, Ben. 1-278U. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6604e2. Vol. S, Boce. 


Drawing Weapons, 

poDiihrnent for. 



obscene, selling or sendUv, 



liqnora, Mlling noUwIiilhr, 

penalty lor sales, 

pharmacy act, 
poieoDS, sale ol, 
Pharkacy, Bee. 

2196a, 2196b 


abortion, administering to procare, 1996 
soliciting to procare, 1997 

adulteration of, 217ea, 2176A 

advertising tor use ol femalea, 2I)S4 

drank, prescribing when, 1994 

license, pharmacy, board, 8138<i-8136f 
poteona, sale of, 219Sa, 31956 

pregnaac.v, advertjeing as to, 2084 

secret, prescribing, 1995 


gnardian tor habitaal, 


finding against complainaati 

finding complaint true, 

appointment of guardian, 

reformation, diecharge of, 

restoration of property, 
iory, challenge from, 
tiqaorei, sale to, penaltjr, 


administrator, removal for, 
executor, when disqoELlifiee, 

removal for, 
gnardian, removal for, 
inry, cause for challenge, 
officer, pienalty for, 

removal lor, 
public place, found in, penalty, 

Dnbois Connty, 

drcnit, in flfty-eeventh, p. 677, 1394 

congressional district, 3317 

court, terms in, p. 677, 

repreeentativea, apportionment, 

aalariea of county officers, 0445 

senatorial apportionment, 

-"•-'IS distributed to, 7617(i 

2I8S, 2189 




challen^, disqualification for office, 88 
giving or accepting, penalty, 2960 

fighting, leaving etato lor, jorudic- 
tion, 1646 

penalty lor, 1978, 2061 

murder by outside of state, 1979 


tax, when and how made, 8661-8666 

treasurer, delivery to, 8666 


states not to lay, 9 


arrest, entering to make, 
arson by baming of, 
breaking into onlaWfoIly, 
widow, right to occupy, 


fish, using to catch, penalty, 
manufacture and use of, regula- 
Explosions, See. 



adverse use, acquiring ol by, 
air or light, acquiring by, 
disputiu^ right, notice. 






service of notice, 
return of service, 
recording notice and service, 
notice to dispute right, 

service and recording, 6746, 5749 

effect of notice and record, 6749 


alcohol, teaching effect of in schools, 

apportionment of school revenue, 5963 

time tor making, 6963 
reports by auditors as to revenue, 5964 

time of report and contents, 5965 

apportionment to counties, 5968 

county auditor's apportionment, 6973 

auditor, reporta as to revenue, 6964 

time for making, contents, 6965 

apportionment of school funds, 6973 

loan of nniveratty 
board, state library, duties, 
children, enumeration of, report, 

taking of enumeration, 

filing of report. 


compulsory education of, 6033a-6033* 

.d by Go Ogle 


{^Beferenut are 
Vol. 1, Seci. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 


cities ot 43,000, revival ol tax lam, 418e<i 
college trustoee, eeleclion of, 6189a-ei89c 
common scboole, 182 

funds of, 183 

principal to be perpetual, 184 

inveBtment and distribaoon, 185 

reinvestment, 186 

counties, liability, 187 

trust funds inviolate, 188 

schools, common, see, S750-W33 

compulsory education of children, eOS3a 
truant officers, appointment, du- 
ties, 60336, 6033e 
pay ot truant officers, 6033d 
reports by school officers, 6033e 
books and clothing for poor 

children, 6033/ 

school for truants, 6033fr 

confirmed tniants, 6033A 

tax to meet expenses, 6033i 

enumeration, 6(33j 

ooDvicts, education of, 8219, 825^ 

donations to state universities, 6i66ci-6166u 

enomeratiou of children, report, 5907 

order tor new enumeration, 5907 

failure to report, deduction of 

revenue, 6907 

taking ot enumeration, 5958 

falling to obey law, penalty, 6958 

filing of report, 5961 

compulsory education act, 6033j 

Indiana University, see, 6053-6166 

loan of funds, 6116a 

collection of loans, 61 16a 

distribution to counties, 61 166 

loan ot funds in counties, 61166 

auditor of stat« not to loan, 6116c 

interest paid b; counties, BUM 

taxes tor tteneflt of, 6te6a 

appropriationB, how paid, 61t{66 

donations by counties, cities or 

towns, 6166d 

conditions as to donations, 6166e 

bonds, issue and sale, 6166/ 

but one donation allowed, •6i6^ 

lands, sales ot school lands legalized, 5S23g 

libraries, tax for support ot, 6024a 

library, state, duty ot state board, 7712 

commission, duties, 60240-6024/ 

loansof state university funds, 611Ba-6116({ 

liquors, teaching eBect ol in schools, 

normal school, see, 
taxes for benefit of, 
appropriations for, payment, 

prisoners, edncation of, 82 

Pordue University, 

Ux for benefit ot, 6166a 

appropriations tor, payment, 61666 
trustees tor, appointment, 6176 

terms of trustees, 6177 

aales of school lands legalized, 6823ir 

to Stettont.'] 
2785-5594<2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-8733e. 


schools, common, see, 
state board of education, 5849-5899 

statistics, reports as to, 5907 

superintendent of public instruction, 18& 
election, term, duties, 189, 5835-5848 
salary, 5S48<) 

ot county, enumeration, 6907 

failure to report, deduction of rev- 
enue, 5907 
apportionment to counties, 6968 
taxes, levy for local tuition, 8956 
application ol tax, 6956 
under compulsory education law, 6033f 
for benefit ot state universities, 6I660 
exemption from taxation. 8412 
teachers, alcohol, teaching efiect of. 

towns, control of schools by, 5915a 

trustees, levy of taxes by, 5956 

eunmeration of children, 596S 

report ot enumeration, 696L 

for Purdue University, 6176, 6177 

for colleges, selection ot, 6I89a-6ie8c 

CoLLBOB, See. 

Indiana Univebsitv, See. 

Normal School, See. 

PtTRDUB Univbrsity, See. 

Schools, Common, See. 

B^ncatiooal and Reli^ons A880- 

academy, college, high school or uni- 

veraity, 4496 

incorporation of, 4496 

statement, contents, filing, 449S 

body politic, power, 4497 

property, holding of, 4497 

Bale and mortgage of prooerty, 4497 

reversion ol property to aonors, 4497 

donations and contnbutions, 4498 

division into shares, voting, 4498 

officers, election, 4499 

directors or trustees, number, 4499 

bond of treasurer, 4600 

school officera and teachers, 4501 

departments, establishing, 4502 

change of character ot scnool, 4508 

corporations accepting act, 4504 

construction ol law, 4606 

borrowing money, 4516 

mortgage to secure, 4616 

churches, organizing schools, 4506 

colleges, establishment, 4507 

manner ot establishing, 4508 

officers and trustees, election, 4508 

corporate body and politic, 4609 
high schools, organization, 4618-4526 

consolidation of schools, 4512 

name adopted, 4512 

consolidation ot stock, 4613 

recording of resolution, 4614 

powers or franchises notiRltected, 461fr 



Vol. 1, Sect. 1-27846. 

Edacational and Beligions Asso- 

departmentB, eatabliahiog of, 4o0! 

directon, namber o(, 449t 

changing nnraber of, 4G1? 

re ligioua belief, """- 

articles of aaeoctation, 
corporate bodj and rights, 
powers of corporation, 
records, evidence, 
rales and by-lawe, 
Bcholarships-and degrees, 
memberfi, election, 
dues, lien on real eBtate, 

military Btorea, issuing to, 

mortgage of property, 

name, changing of, 

flling copies of order. 

Young Men's Ghristian Aesociat 
corporate powers, 
troeteea, election, powers, 
directors, election, powers, 
constitation and by-laws, 
dividends not allowed, 
taxation, exemption, 

Edneational Societies, 

charches, tomtation by. 





action of, when lies, 1062 

who may institate, 1062, 10S6 

against tenants, 7106-7117 

adminietrator, salt for lands, 2488 

agent, service of process on, 1065 

answer of denial, proof ander, 1067 

appeal from judgment, bond, 660 

traud on appeal, 060 

on new trial as of right, 1070 

complaint, contents of, 1066 

damages tor use, limit of recovery, 1070 

wlien plainliS only recovers, 1071 

improvements set-oft against, 1078 

exemplary damages, 1074 

inlimotland, 1070 

detective legal sales, lights of parties, 

1007, 1098 

defendants, who to be, 1062 

nou-resideDta, service on, 1066 

entry and survey of land, 1080, 1081 

exemplary damages, 1074 

general dental, proof under, 1067 

improvements, set-oS against dam- 

igea, 1073 

of occupying claimant, 1096 

innocent purchaser, new trial, eSect 

on, 1078 

judgment for separate interests, 1072 


Judicial sales, detects, payment of 
sums due, 10S7 

adjustment of amount due, 1098 

landlord sabatitnted for tenant, 1063 

notice to landlord, 1063 

judgment against tenant, effect, 1064 
new trial as of right, bond, 1076 

after term, 1077 

innocent purchaser, eflect, 1078 

damagesin lieu of land, 107U 

non-resident, service on agent, 1066 

pablication as to, 1066 

occnpying claimant, rights of, 1087 

complaint, contents, lOSS 

issue and trial, 1089 

assessment of damages, 

plaintiff's election, 

defendant's election, 

tenants in common, when, 

color of titie, 

what is color, 

improvements, recovery for, 

writ ol poflseesion, 
partition, rules applicable to, 
plaintiff, who to be, 
possession by defendant, proof, 
process, service on agent, 
quieting title to lands, 

rales applicable to action, 

disclaimer, costs, 

recording proceedings, 

plaintiff, who to be, 
rents, limit of recovery tor, 
survey of land, order tor, 
tenant, action against, 

landlord substituted for, iikxi 

judgment binds landlord, 1064 

proof against co-tenant, 1075 

title, proof by plaintiff, 1069 

writ of possession, when may issoe, 1096 

defective sales, protieedings be- 
fore issae, 1097, 1098 
OccuPYina Claikant, See. 


abridging right of sntfrage, 
adjournment not taken ontil atter 

count, 62 

affidavit of voter on challenge, 23 

false affidavit, 23 

of voter on challenge, 62 

of challenger or other voter, 62 

forms of affidavits, 62 

tor arrest ol voters, 62 

false, perjury, 62 

§ reservation of, 62 

ellvery to grand jury, 62 
arrest, voters free from, 03, 2895, 61 

of illegal voters, 62 
auditor ot county fDmishee books and 

blanks, 62 



1060, 1061 




Vol. 1, Sees. l-27a*6. Vol. 2, 


ballots, voting to be by, 

prepaTation and distiibntion, 



printing of namee ' 

petition tor names 

device on balloU, 

names not printed 

form ot ballots, 

anitormity in Bize and color, 

quality of paper, 

color of state and coanty ballots, 

same device by two pamee, 

arrangement ot device, 

names, manner of printing on, 

nominations after printing, 

pasters on ballots, 6233, 

printeis allowing to be taken, 


pnnting not aathoriEed, penalty, 
clerk of court obtains state, 
when to be obtained, 
number distributed, 
packing and marking of, 
lost, supplying of, 
expense of pnnting and distriba- 

allowance to cleife. 
special messenger sent with, 
pay ot meeaeneer, 
permitting to be taken, penalty, 
removal nnlawfnily, penalty, 
inspectors to obtiun ballots, 
time of procuring, 
number delivered, 
packing and marking, 
openiug ballot packages, 
indoisements by poII-clerks, 
delivering ballots to voters, 6230, 
inspector not getting ballots, 
special meaeenger sent. 

By ot messenger, 
» ot ballots, report, 
supplying ballots, 
destruction by commisaioneis, 
one to be preserved, 
pasting ballot in record, 
record of ballots, 
marking of, how done, 
folding of, 

delivery to inapector, 
depositing in box, 
rejecting Dal lot, 
improper folding, correction, 
taking from room, arrest, 6241, 
mutilation ot, 
obtaining another, 
destruction of mutilated, 
clerks assisting in marking, 
distingnisbing marks on, 
initials of clerks not on, 
marking by officers, penalty, 
counting and destroying unvoted, 

neei are to Secttotu.'i 

Sees. 2786-6694<2. Vol. 3, Bees. 6695-87S3e. 


ballots, record of destroyed, 
canvassing and counting, 

§ rotes t as to disputed, 
estrui^tion after count, 
unlawful opening of, 
onlawful delivery of, 
inducing voter to mark, 
showing after marking, 
who may receive from voter, 
voters only obtain from clerks, 
delivery of wrong ballot, nzoo 

voter not to mark, 6256 

township elections, ballots for, 6291 
arrangement, form, device, 6222 

sise and cbaracter of, 6222 

nameot same person on bntonce, 6216 
marking of when voting, 6222, 6241 



folding of by vot«r, " 6241 

dietin^lshing marks on, 6241, 6245 
counting and canvassiDg of, 6248 

disputed, how disposed of, 6248 

who present during counting, 6248 
opening ballot packages, 6230 

indoraemente by clerks, 6230 

delivery to voters, 6241 

township elections, ballots for, 6291 

ballot-boxes, county to provide, 6207 

construction and color, 6207 

inspection of, 6208 

keys to, custody, 6208 

delivery to trustee, 6269 

keys, delivery to trastee, 6269 

tor township elections, 6291 

betting on election, 2177, 6197 

blanks and books, coanty auditor eup- 
pUes, 6203 

books and blanks, county auditor sup- 
plies, 6203 

booths, construction, arran^ment, 6236 
voter to prepare ballot in, 6241 

number allowed in, 6243 

bribery to obtain nomination, 2327 

of voters, penalty, 2328 

to procure election, 2348 

candidatea, printing names on ballots, 6215 
petition to put names on, 6215, 6216 
certificates ot nomination, 6215 

getitionera not counted, when, 6216 
ling certificates and petitions, 6218 
governor certifies to clerk, 6219 

declination of nominee, 6220, 6220it 
names not printed, when^ 6220 

vacancies, filling after printing 

ballota, 6223 

pasters on ballots, 6223, 6242 

name but once on ballot, 6216 

election between nominations, 62206 
canvass of votes, board for, 6270 

members of, 6270 

meeting of board, 6270 

chairman and clerk of, 6271 

canvass and statement, 6272 


Vol. 1, Sees. I'ZJMb. 


cftUTaSB of yotee, diapofl&l ol atfUement 
and pepen, B272 

declaring offlcen elected, 6273 

certificateB ol election, '*273, 8276 

tie vote, duty of, 6274 

derk to eertily as to tie, 6274 

defective papers, rejection, 6275 

retams, rejection ot, 6275 

certificates by clerk, 6276 

certitf ing to secretary ot etate, 

6276, 6281 
defective returns, commissions, 6277 
legislative districts, canvoaa, 6278 

certificates to sheriffs, 6278 

sheriffs to canvass, 6279 

certificates by sheriffs, 6279 

tie vote tor legielatorH, 6280 

certificate to governor, 6280 

clerk certifies to secretary of state, 6281 
secretary compares and estimates, 6282 
congressmen, estimate ot votes 

for, 0283 

returns, rejection by secretary, 6283 
votes for governor, certificates, 6284 
disposal ot certificates, 6284 

of township elections, 6292 

diatlengers, selection and rights of, 6212 
pay of challengen, 6212 

challenee of voter, afBdavit, 6237 

affldavitof challenger, 6237 

forms of affidavits, 6237 

cities, election of officers in, S476-348Q 
ot one hundred thousand, 3773-S77S 
ot fifty thousand, 
of forty-three thousand, 


IB^ereneei are to Stctiont."] 
Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6594*2. Vol. 3, Bees. M95-873Se. 


clerks of election, oaths of, form, 6206 
indorsements on ballots, 6230 

delivering ballots to voters, 6230, 6241 

precincts, division into, 
ordinance creating precincts, no- 



bow elections to be held, 
duties ot officers, 
clerks ot drcnit courts certify as to 
officers to be elected, 6191 

appointing of commissioners, 6214 
obuins state ballots, 6226 

allowance to tor services, 6226 

failing to appear, messeoger, 6226 
delivery ot ballots to inspectors, 6229 
oath to inspector on delivery of 

keeping of papers retnmed to, 
ia clerk of canvassing board, 
tie vote, certificate, 6274, 6280 

certificate by as to election, 6276 

certifying to secretary of state, 

6276, 6281 
governor, certilyine votes tor, 6284 
district officers, duties ot clerk, 6276 
recount of votes, duties of clerk, 

writes "voted" after voter B name, 

assisting voters to mark ballots, 6244 
deceiving voter, penalty, 6244 

marking ballots, penalty, 6215 

counting votes, duties, 6248 

pay for services, 6285 

commissioners, state, who are, 6213 

appointments by governor, 6213 

designation by committees, 6213 

for county, who are, 6214 

appoiotmente b^ clerk, 6214 

duties ot commisaionerSj 6215 

instructions to voters, pnntin^ of, 6231 
ballots, destroying after election, 6236 

commissions not refused tor detects, 6277 

congress, members, election of, 4 

estimate of votes for, 6283 

certificates ot election, 6283 

special election lor, 6286 

constitutional amendment, certificate 

to clerk, 


how voted on. 


contest of election, where com- 

appeals from proceeding, 



daty ot court on appeal. 


appeal to supreme court. 


bond on appeal, 


causes for contest, 


circuit office, where contest tried, 6314 

city office, contest tor, 


commissioners to take evidence. 


contestor, who may be, 
costs, taxation and collection. 



county office, contest for. 


where tried. 




notice of filing, 


auditor, contest for. 


notice to county board. 


notice to contestee. 


finding, certificate. 


trial before board. 


BubpcBnas lor witnesses. 


depositions in legislative contest 


in contest tor local office. 


district office, where tried. 


election set aside, when, 


fees and costs, amount of, 
taxation and collection, 

general assembly, contest, 

depositions, taking of, 
notice to contestee, 
powers ot JusticeSj 
vacancy on comnusdoD, 
meeting ot justices. 



[BtfereneeM are to SectioHt."] 
Vol. 1, S©CB. l-278«. Vol. 2, Sece. 2786-66M«2. . Vol. 3, 8 

EleetiODs, Elections, 

BtealiDE of depositiotia, 

tranBinittiiig to secretary, 

duty of aecretory, 

reading; depositions, 6311 

illegal Tot^ Dot to defeat con- 

teetee, wben, 
iiregularity not to affect, when, 

manicipal office, contest, 

legislature, contest for seat, 6303-6311 
notice by auditor to clerk, """ 

coQteetee, notice to, 

Sartiee (« conteit, 
eBignation of parties, 

state ofBce, contest for, 

specification a, 6300 

notice to contestee, 6301 

notice to legiilature, 6301 

committee to try contest, 6302 
powers, bearing, report, 

township office, contest, trial, 

trial before county board, 

voters testifying, 

witnesses, snnunons tor, 

compelling atteadimce, 
connting of votes, how done, 

state coanted first. 

of ... . „, 
rejection of ballots, 
protest as to diaputed, 
memoranda on tally sheets, 
destroyed ballots, 
total vote, memoranda of, 
who present during counting, 
no aajonrament before count, 
meals for officers, 
certificates as to result, 
number of votes, writing oat. 



deposit of certificates and papers, 6267 

care of ballots and papers, """" 

sealing of papers, 

delivering papere to clerk ol court, 6268 

oath of inspector on delivery, 

clerk to keep papers, 

marking packages by inspectoi 

of vot«s at township elections, 

recount ot votes, 62 

coonty board, appointing inspectors, 6201 

to provide rooms and booths, 6236 
crimes, liquors, sale on day of prohib- 
ited, 2194, 2195 

voting illegally, 

importing voteis, 

voting more than once, 

bribery tor nomination, 

bribing voters, 

vote, sale of, penalty, 

false affidavit, 

breaking ballot-box, 

altering returns, 

fraud by officer. 


crimes, refusing legt.1 vote, 
officer persuading voter, 
opening or marking ticket, 
deceiving voters, 
defrauding voters, 
infiuencing by threats, etc., 
seizing ballot-bo I, 
destroying box or ballots, 
inducing voter to re-sign petitioi 
selling signature to petition, 


to procure election, 2348 

betting on election, 2177, 6197 

deceiving voters, 6244, 6245 

printers allowing ballots to be 

taken, 6224 

printing unauthorised ballots, 6f"' 
commissioners permitting baHota 


in8i>ector not appearing, 

false affidavit, perjury, 

work on election day, violation 

as to, 
voter taking ballot from room, 
false declaration by voter, 
deceiving voter by clerks, 
marking ballots by officers, 
removing ballots or stamps from 


- defacing or destroying papers, 6249 
felonies defined, and penalties, 6249 
unlawful opening of ballots, 62C0 

delivery of ballots unlawfully, 6260 
attempt to enter room iinlawtally, 62SI 
remaining too near polls, 6251 

inducing marking of ballot, 6262 

revealing how person voted, 6263,6256 
inducing officers to violate law, 6254 
removing or destroying supplies, 6255 
disclosiDg names ot persons voted 

for, 6256 

electioneering by officers, 6266 

electioneering at certain places, 6256 

showing ballots after markii^, 6256 

delivering wrong ballot to voter, 6266 

marking of ballot by voter, 6256 

officers tailing to perform daties, 6257 

voting machine act, 633Sft-6335ii> 

device on ballots, 6216, 6219 

distinguishing marks on ballots, 6241,6246 

electioneering, when prohibited, 6256 

employes, work on election day, 6240 

time given to vote, 6240 

general assembly, elections by, 94 

district election, canvass ot votes, 6278 

certificates by clerks to sheriffs, 6278 

canvass by sheriffs, 6279 

certificate of election by, 6279 

tie vote, certiflcate to clerk, 6280 

certificate by clerk to governor, 6280 

special election for members, 6286 



Vol. I, Sees. 1-27846. 


votes cast for, certifying, 

diapoBition of certificates, 

order for Bpecial elecUoD, 
holidays, election days are, 

aa to commercial paper, 
illegal vot«ra, arrest of, 
inspectors, township trustees act aa, 

appointed, when^ 

^naliflcationa of inspectors, 

■"'I'—B appointed by. 


administering oath to, 
oath by tojadges, 
clerks, oaths to, 620a 

aathority to administer oaths, 
obtaining ballots by, 6229 

failing to appear tor, 

EBoalty for not appearing, 
sllot delivered to by voter, 6241 

papers delivered to ikfter count of 

delivery by to clerk of court, 
oath of on delivery, 
board of canvaaaera composed ol, S270 
meeting and duties of board, 6270-0276 
pay of lot service, 628'i 

inetractiona to voters, prindDg, 6231 

delivery to inapectors, 6231 

posting of, 
contents of, 6231 

jadges of election, fntid hy, penalty, 2334 
telosiDs to receive vote, 2836 

persnading voter, 3337 

opening or marking ticket, 2338 

appointment, 6200, 620t 

political division of, 6200, 6201 

who qnaliSed as, 6200, 6201 

oaths of, form, 6204 

pay for service, 
opening or marking ticket, 6425 

liqaots, sale on day of pi^hibitod, 

21M, 2195 
not to be lunished officers, 6266 

room where kept not used lor elec- 
tion, 6236 

machines for voting, 6326 

commisaioQ to examine, 6326 

duties of commission, 6327, 6328 

purchase ol machines, 6329, 6330 

manner of voting, 6331, 6335p 

cities or towns aainR, 
penalties prescribed, 

nomination of candidates, 

certificates hs to, 6215 

petition for names on ballots, 6215 
more than one candidate oa peti- 
tion, 6216 
time for filing certiflcates and pe- 
titions, 6218 
certificate by governor to clerk, 6219 

10 — QHN. IK. 


nomination, declination of nominees, 

to fill vacancy after ballots 

printed, 6223 

election between nominatioDB, 6220b 

notice ol elections, 6191 

failure to give, effect, 6191 

oaths of inspector and judges, 6204 

administering ol oaths, 6206 

inspector, when may administer, 6206 
clerks, oaths and forma of, 6206 

by voter on challenge, 6237 

Judges, appointment, 620( 

analiflcationof jodgee, 620( 

des^atJon of judges by parties. 



bets on election diagualifiee, 620u, 6201 
candidatea not qualified, 6200, 6201 
relatjons not qoalified, 6200, 6201 
inspectors, appointment, 6201 
vacanciea, filling of, 6201 
appointment of Judges by inspec- 
tor, 6201 
■election of officers by votera, 6201 
poll-clerks, appointment, 6202 
oaths of officers, 6204 
inspector, duties of, 6206 
oatns, administering of, 6206 
clerks, oaths of. 6206 
eberifls of election, 6212 
number appointed, 6212 
duties of sheriffs, (^13 
political division of, 6212 
. selection by parties. 6212 
challengers and poll-book hold- 

erB, 6212 

commissioners, state, 6213 

governor, appointment b^, 6213 

county election commissionen, 6214 

failing to perform duties, 6257 

voting by, when, 6264 

pay for services, 6385 

pasters, use on ballots, 6223, 6242 

form and contents of, 6242 

when not counted, 6242 

pay of election officers, 628S 

petition to have name on ballots, 6215 
having more than one candidate, 6216 

petitioners not counted, when, 6216 

preservation of petitions, 6217 

time for flling of, 6218 

pencil, ballots marked with, 6241 

delivery of to voter, 6241 

return of to clerk, 6241 

poll-books, blanks and forms, 6203 

countv auditor to famish, 6203 

deposit of after coouting votes, 6267 


Vol. ), 8e«. 1 


poll-boofca, care or, 6268 

deliverer to clerk ot court, 6268 

oath ol inspector on m&king, 6268 

clerk to keep, 6269 

poll-book holdeTB, selection and riKhta 

ol, 6212 

pa7 of, 6212 

poll-clerks, appointmeat, 6202 

oaths of. form, 6206 

in dorse motile on ballots, 6230 

delivery of ballots to voten, 82S0, 6241 

write "voted" after name, 6241 

assisting Vbters to mark ballots, 6244 


IBtfertnee* are to Seettoni.'] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-65M«2. Vol. 3, 8 


primarv elections, bribery, 63! 

indadng violation ol act, 631 

detects, examining papers, 6S3 

interlering with returns, 63! 

statement ol ezpeuses, 63> 

repeal, 63: 

nominations bj primary, 633) 

statement by committee, 6331 

recount of votes, when may be had. 


deceiving voter, penalty, 
marking ballot, penalty, 
counting ballots, duties, 

poll ol voters laetore election, 

polls, opening and closiag ol, 

when opened at six tyclock, 6209 

opening in cities and towna, 6209 

wliere electors to vote, 6210 

proclamation on opening, 6211 
persons not allowed near to, 6212, 6237 

room for holding election, 6236 

arrangement of room, 6236 

booths, arrangement, 6236 

chnte OF passage, 6236 
liqaors kept in room, not tc be 

used, 6236 

approach ol by voters, 6237 
number allowed in room or booth, 


remaining too near, penalty, 6261 
electioneering in or near, penalty, 6256 
no adjournment until ami count, 6265 

precincts, division ol ciUea into, 8470 

ordinance creating, notice, S471 

creation of, 6198 

numl>er of voters, 6198 

changing boondarieB, 6199 

notice of change, 6199 

primary elections, 6339c 

counties where held, 6339c 

elections commiBsioners, 6339(1 

pr«cinct committeemen, 6339e 

electing commitleemeo, ^^2/ 

counting ballots, contest, 6339i7 

meeting ol committeemen, 6339A 

call for primary, 63391 

notice by candidates, 633W 

tabulating returns, 6339> 

delegates to convention, 6339it 

expenses of election, 63391 

members ot election board, 6339m 

poll-books and blanks, 6339ti 

manner of voting, 6339o 

illegal voting, 6339p 

voting in wrong precinct, 6339^ 

voting more than once, 6339r 

false alBdavit, 6339a 

official neglect, 6839t 

petition to court, 6294 

commissioners, appointment, 6294 

politics of coumissionera, 6294 

contents ol jwtition, 629& 

notice of petition, 6295 

bond for costs, ^96 

order lor recount, 6296 

time tor commencing, 6296 

persona present, 6296 

entry on order-book, 6296 

certmcate as to count, 6297 

filing and recording, 6297 

effect as evidence, 6297 

adjonmment not allowed, 6298 

pay of commissioners, 629S 

clerk ot court, pay ot, 6298 

ballots, disposal ol, 6298 

room lor holding election, 6236 

arrangement ol room, 6236 

chute or passage to, 6236 

liquors not to be kept in, 6236 
number ol voters in at once, 6241, 6MS 

secretary of state, estimate of votes, 

estimating votes as to congress- 
men, 6283 

sheriff, notice of election by, 6191, 6288 

of election, appointment, 621S 

number of, 6212 

duties ot, 6212 

political division, 6212 

selection by paitiea, 6212 

compensation of, 6212 
canvass by ol votes in legislative 
district, """" ' 

special election, when held, 

order by ^veraor, tn 

writ for, iseuiiwof, 6' 

notice by sheriff, 6' 

how held and conducted, 6! 

stamps to be provided, 6' 

suffrage, abridging right of, 
to be tree ana equal. 

tie vote for governor or lieutenant- 
governor, 1 

for connty office, 6: 

certificate by board and clerk, 6' 

tor lenslative office, what done, 6! 

speciiu election on account ot, 6^ 
at township elections, determina- 

time of general elections, 




Vol. 1, 


towns and cftiee, elections in, 

holding in towns, 432 

bow to be held, 

township elections, how held, 
duties of offlcera, 
time of holding, 
officers elected, 6290, 

balloU, printing and color, 
ballot-boies, preparation, color, 
counting ol votes, 

certificates as to remit, 

disposition of ballots and papers, 6292 
board of cavassere, datiee, 6292 
tie vote, determination, 6292 
certificates of election, 6292 
rigbta ander certificates, 6203 
terms ol office, beginning, 6293, 6293a 
-, beginning of term, 

voters, qnaliflcationB ol, 

soldiers and seamen not, 
arrest, freedom from. 

mporting of, 
arioing of, 

reward for convictioD, 
limitation of action, 
affidavit of on challenge, 

qnsliflcatjon of voters, 6192 

■oldiers and seamen not, 6194 

disfranchising, 6193 

arrest, freedom from, 98, 2896, 6196 
affidavit of on challenge, 2331, 6237 
false affidavit by, 2332, 6239 

selection ol officers by, 6201 

approaching polls by, 6237 

onable to read ballot, prepara- 
tion, 6244 
murfcin g ballots, penalty, 6256 
who may take ballot from, 6266 
who may famish ballot to, 6266 
voting, challenge of voter, affidavits, 2331 
manner of approaching polls, 6237 
challenge of vot«r, affidavits, 6237 
admission to election room, 6241 
number in room, 6241, 6243 
announcing name of voter, 6241 
delivering ballot to voter, 6230, 6241 

folding Dallot, 

return of pencil, 

delivering ballot to inspector, 

depoeit in box, 

rejecting ballot, 

"imtnH'* writtflti c 

Vol. 3, Bees. 5696-8733C. 


voting, paster ballot, using of, 6223,6242 
mutilation ot ballot, obtaining an- 
other, 6243 
voter nnable to read ballot, prep- 
aration, 6244 
by officers ot election, 6264 
voting machines, 6326-6336p 
work on election day, agreement, 6240 

Election ConmiisBioners, 

county, appointment and duties, 

6214, 6215, 6232, 6236 
state, appointment and duties, 6213, 6215 


arraat, freedom trom, 93, 2896, 6196 

qualifications, who may vote, 84, 6192-419S 

Electors, Presidential, 

appointment, states to determine, 11 

districts same as congresuonal dis- 
tricts, 6343 

election of, when, 6340 

notice of election, 6341 

certiflcat«8 ot resalt, 6342 
retams delivered to secretary of 

state, 6347 

canvass of retams, 6347 

certificates to persons elected, 6347 

tie on election, determination, 6347 

eligibility of electors, 11, 41 

marshals of districts, appointment, 6344 

affidavit of, 6345 

deputy marshals, appointment, 6346 

duties ot marahals, 6347 

I>ay ot, 6360 

meeting of electors, 6348 

dehverv ot certificates, 6348 

vecancies. filling of, 6348 

voting by, 6349 

pay of electors and manhole, 6350 

vacancies, fllUng ot, 6348 


cities, lighting of by, 

3643a-36430, 4301-4306 
conditional sale ol eqaipmenta, lien, 

street railways, nee of by, 6472 

towns, lighting of by, 4301-4305 

Electric Appliances, 

injuring, penalty, 2036a 

Electric Lights, 

cities, commissioners, dntiei, 8648a-35437 
towns, powers as to, '""*" '""" 


Vol. I, 8«M. 1-27846. 


cbildran operating, 
fBctories, protection of shatta, 

Elevator Companies, 

organuatlon of, 

Elkhart GoDDty , 

circuit, in thirir-foiirth, 
congressional diatrict, 
coart, terma in. 


^B^ertncea are to Secttott*.] 
Vol. 2, Becfl. 2785-66»4«2. Vol. S, Sea 

Eminent Domain, 

p. 673, 1394 

Elks, Benevolent Order of, 

oiganization of, 

Embalmers, Board of, 

appointment of board, 
board, duties and poweia, 


agentB, erabezileroent by, 
attorneys, embezzlement by, 
bailees, embezzlement by, 
bankers, embezzlement by, 
brokers, embezzlement by, 
carriers, embezzlement by, 
employes, embezzlement by, 
evidence in, what sufficient, 
fldnciariee, embezzlement by, 
indictment, joinder ol coonts, 
innkeepers, embezzlement by, 

i'arisdiction in cases ol, 
ibrarian, state, embezzlement by, 
military officers, embezzlement by, 
officers, embezzlement by, 

2019-2021, 2028, 
school officers, embezzlement by, 

6866, 6876, 
tenants, embezzlement by, 
treasurer of state, duty of governor. 

S0S2, ! 


estates of decedents, inventory and 

sale, 3415, 2436 

execution sale, redemption, who takes, 761 


free between states. 

assessment of damans, see, 
cemeteries, appropriating lands tor, 4704 
cities of 100,000, acquiring lands for 
parks, 3904r 

ol 60,000, appropriation of lands, 

3963, 3967, 3968 
county for land, 5594-6.')94« 

oil companies exercising right of, 

parks, appropriating lands by cities of 

100,000, S904f" 

street rulroad companies, 6468a-5468A 
water-works, new proceedings, 60W 


accidents to in factories, investigation, 


alien, importing, 707ff-7082 

blacklisting, penalties. 7076-7078 

injuries to, recovery, 7083-7087 

repeat ol section, 7064 

to in factories, investigation, 7087A 

release of claims, 7082a-7082(i 

railroads, enforcing contribations, 

wages, attachment of, 970-972 

payment, rights as to, 

7061-7076, 7060-7059« 
public works, rate of, 7066a, 706et> 
Labobkbs, See. 

Endowment Fund, 

Indiana University, bind of, 6161-6166 


aiding or joining of Btat«, 2058 



drainwe, who acts, 

railroad, cars withont tools, 

crossing, failure to stop, 2208, 2296 
stopping trains on crossings, 2296 

signals, failure to give, 2299 

Engineer, City, 

cities, appointment and term, 3476 

removal of, 3476a 

daties of engineer, 3508 

of 100,000, appointment, salary, S629 
of 50,000, appointment, salary, 3962 
of 43,000, appointment, salary, 4116 
of 36,600, appoinl^ment, salary, 4190h2 
of 30,000, appointment, salary, 4190ni8 

Engineer, Railroad, 

cars runnine without tools, etc., 2292 

crossing, failure to atop at, 2298, 2295 

stopping trains on, 229G 

failure to give signals, 2299 




Vol. 1, Sees. l-2784ft. 

Engineer, State Honse, 

as8iBtant0, employmetit, 

pB)' of assistaDte, 
auditor to approve expendittueB, 
duties of engineer, 
elevator, conductor, pay, 
expenses, liet and payment, 
governor appoinle, 

removal of engineer, 
lighting nnder control ol, 
pay ol asBistanta, 
removal from office, 
salary of engi 
term of office. 


obacene, selling or sending. 

ISe/ereneti are to SerMon«.] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-87S3«. 

Enameration of Voters, 

trasteea of townships to make, 6362 

Hating names in books, 6352 

time of mRking ennmeratiOD, 6353 

affidavit to book, 635S 

assistants, appointment, 6354 

duty of asaistante, S3S6 

removal of assistants, 6366 

T789 correcting errors of assistants, 6366 

7789 enameration by trustee, certifl- 

7789 cate, 6367 

7769 errors, correction of, 6368 

7789 fees of, payment, 6865, 6373 

77S9 negroes, enumeration of, 6370 


admission to school for feeble-minded, 81IS 

Entry Book, 

recorders, keeping and contents, 3371, 8006 

Enameration of Children, 

school cbildren, enumeration of, 5958-6962 
aaperintendent bavins taken, 6906 
report by superintoudent, 5907 

order for new ennmeration, 5907 

violation of law, penalty, 6958 

filing of report, 5961 

nnder compolsory education act, 6033 j 

Ennmeration of Voters, 

aaaistaDtB appointed by trustee, 6354 

duty of assistants, 6355 

removal ol assistants, 
auditor of county, retam to, 

notice by of return, i 

correction of errors, 

witnesses, hearing of, 

report to auditor of state, 

books and blanks furnished by, 6364 

fees of, how paid, 6S65 

negroes, report of enumeration to, 6370 

report to auditor of state as to, ""'" 
auditor of state to make list, 

publication of Hat, 

maps, publication of, <>362 

correction of mistakes, 

blanks fnmiBhed by, 

negroes, datv aa to enameration 
blaaks and books, furnishing, 
colored voters, enumeration of, 6370-6373 
false statements, perjury, """" 

fees of officen, 6366, 

officers, neglect, penalty, 

fraud of, penalty, 

indictment of, 

feee of, paTment, 6366, 


CouHTT Board 
Tax Commissic 
Taxation, 8ee. 


aiding escape of criminal, 2117, 2118 

arrest of after, ■ 1769 

boys' reform school, escape, arrest, 8323 

convict under death sentence, 1947, 1918 

criminal, antlering, 2114, 2115, 2119 

aiding escape, 2117, 2118 

arrest of after, 1759 

debtor, eHect of escape, 826 

rearrest of, 626 

female reformatory, eecape, UTeet, 8284 

]all> eecape, recapture, 8200, 8201 


proeecnting attorney, duty aa to ea- 

cheats, 1157 

schools, escheat of property to, 183, 2633 
sale of property, 2634, 2636 


common, when created, 
decedent's estate, see, 
future, creation of, 
joint, how created, 
remainder, creatdoa of, 
tail, abolished, 


county council, nude for. 




3379, 3380, S383 



lStf«rene*t art to SteOont.] 
Vol. 1, 86cs.'l-2784&. Vol. 2, Sees. Z786-fi594«2. Vol. 3, Bees. efi9fi-S783e. 


•drift, par for UkiDg, 6387 
prooeedinM aa to piopertT tonnd, 


propertj, BecurinK, 6404a-640ip 

advertiaing uumal taken ap, 6374 

in paper, 8380 

lee for printer, 6380 

of property taken adrift, GKM 

appraisera, appointment, 6375 

report of, 6375 

(ee of appraiBerB, 6376 

appropriating of unlawfully, 2276 

brands, oath by taker-up as to, 6377 

clerk, recording of description, 6379 

sends copy to printer with fee, 6380 

not reported to, when, 6388 

renater to be kept, 6389 

constable, sale of property by, 6383 

fees ot appraisers, 6376 

for notice in paper, 6380 

how fees paid, 6383 

constable's lees on Bale, 6383 

ot taker-up. 6336, 639U 

paid to justice by taker-np, 6388 

funds, money belongs to estra]', 63S5 

. hogs, killing fat, 6395 

payment for, 6395 

stock hoge, payment for, 6396 

impoundiog ot animals, 6378 

justice, report to by taker-op, 6376, 6382 

warrant to appraieera, 6375 

oath ot taker-up, 6377 

report by to clerk, 6379 

Eayment of tees to clerk, 6379 

lee pay for taking artjclea ftdritt, 

pay of taker-np fixed by, 
proof by owner before, 
owner reclaim' 

claiming property, 
lentof cnaiveB, 
ioiing wreckage, 




pay me I 

pay of taker-up, 

for property adrift, 

tor keeping property, 

services of animals dedacted, 
reclaiming by owner, 

charges paid, 

of wrecked property, 
removal from county, osim 

Bervices ot animals taken up, 6391 

sheriti, sale ot property by, 6384 

time and place ot taking np, 6393 

title, when vesta in taker-np, 6381 

wrecked cargo or baggage, proceed- 
ings, 6397-6404 

Adbift, See. 



advene party, examination ot, 5 
time for, notice, 6 
enforcing attendance, filing, read- 
ing, 6 
rebutting the evidence, 6 
penaltv for not attendiiig, 6 
affidavit taken in another Btatfl, 4 
agenta, when may testify, G 
assignor, competency ot, 6 
attorneys, testimony ot, fi 
books and papera, production, 4 
inspection and copy, i 
canal land patents, 4 
certificates of notarise, 4 
of secretaiT of state, 405, 76 
of land office, 4' 
of auditor of state, 76 
children, competency of, & 
city records, use ot, 3& 
clerk, filing ot papers, 4 
common law, proof of, 4 
confessions ae to crimes, 18 
corporate acta, proof of, 4 
credibilitj of witnesses, fi 
in cnminal actions, 18 
criminal actions, proof under general 


rales applicable to, 

witnesses, summoning of, 

competency ot witneaeea, 

gaming, parties concerned, 

parties released, when, 

esperta, competency, 

confessions, when admisnble, 

credibility, moral character, 

detendaot discharged to teetity, 

depoeitions, taking of, 

rape, i)roof in, 

seduction, corroboration, 

receiving stolen goods, 

writings treated as chattels, 

treason, proof required, 

highways, proof of working. 

United States lands, proof o( 

public contracts, proof, 

transporting game, 

gaming-house, proof, 

frand, evidence in civil mit, 

embezzlement by officer, 

convict, testimony of, 

keeper to bring as witness, 

keeping and expense ot, loov 

decisions of eopreme court, 480 

deeds, copies of records of, 466 

administratOTB, etc., 467 

general index of, 469 

canal land patents, 472 

records of patents, 473, 477, 478 

depoei(Jons,8ee, 422-463 

executors and adjoiniBtratcrs parties, 










Vol. 1, Sees. 1-2784&. 


«zpertB, teatiinoii7 of, 

compeDSation of, 

in cnminal actione, 
foreign country, proof of law, 
hein and deriieea, parties, 
husband and wife testityinK, 
impeaching witness bjr party pioduc- 

iQK, oio 

foandaUon tor, 616 

interpreten, pay ot, 603 

jndgmenta of justices ot other states, 462 

of jnstices of this state, 463 

judicial records ol other states, 

land office registers, 470 

office certificates, 471 

laws ot this and other states, 400, 481 

common taw and repoits, 484 

of foreign conntries, 485 

leeislative acts ot other states, 4S8 

llSel and slander, jastification, 476c 

Hichigan road lands, register of, 476 

notar7 public, ceitiflcate ot, 464 

notices, proof of service, 489, 490 

pubbcaUon, proof of, 481, 482 

parties, examination by advene, 617-5S1 
partition records, ose of, 468 

patents and records, 472, 473, 477, 478 

process, proof ot service, 489 

production of books and papers, 487 

inepection and copy, 488 

pablication ol notice, proof, 481 

affidavit and copy, ose ot, 482 

lecords, judicial of other states, 468, 479 

other public records, 

judgments of justices of other 

jOBtices* judgments ot this state, 

public records of this state, 

partition records, 

land -office registers, 

land-office certificates, 

canal land patents, 

o! patents, 478, 477, 478 

sealed and unsealed writings, "' 

seduction of wife, testimony, 

in criminal actions, 1876 

slander, justification, S76<; 

statates of other states, authentication, 458 

printed, when evidence, 460, 461 

stenographic report of, 1470-1477( 

supreme court decisions, 
witness^, ^ 

oath to, form, 
iDt«rpreterB, pay of, 
competency of. 
Insane not competent, 
children, when competent, 
attorneys, when competent, 
pbydciana, when competent, 
clNgymen, when competent, 


IBefmreneet are to Seetiont.'] 
Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6604«2. Vol. 3, Sees. B696-^733c. 


witnesses, husband and wife, compe- 
tency, 606, 50> 
execntor or administrator a party, 

506, 610, 611 
heirs or devieeee parties, 507 

agent ot decedent testifying, 608 

seduction of wife, 609 

assiimor or grantor, competency, 

610, 511 


_ .518 

credibility ot, 614 

impeachment by party produdng, 618 
foundation tor impeacbmeat, 616 

party examined by adverse party, 617 
notice of examination, '518 

attendance, enforcing, 619 

filing and rqadiug evidence, 619 

rebutting evidence, 520 

refusal to attend, penalty, 621 

writings, sealed and unsealed, 464 

execution of, 466 

recitals in, eflect, 466 

seal, when required, 467 

inspection and copy to adverse 

party, ■ 486 

reading without proof ot execa- 

tion, 486 

RroductioD ot, order tor, 487 

ispection and copy ot, 488 

Examiner, Bank, 

appointment, duties, compensation, 293S 


bills of in civil actions, 638, 641 

in criminal actions, 1916-1918 

civil actions, bow taken, 640 

time ot taking of, 638 

criminal actions, taking ot, 1914-1918 

definition ol, 637 

form ot, 639 

Bills OF Exceptions, See. 


women's, oi^anization, 4S0Gg 


altat.whea returned unpaid, 700 

when property unsold, 763 

appeal, when stayed by, 660, 651, 664 

appraisement of exempt property, 717 
selection ot appraisers, 717 

Bchedule and appraisement, 718 

return and reappraisement, 719 

appraiser's fee, debtor pays, 720 

sales for two-thirds appraisement, 744 
ascertaining value, 745 

selection ot appraisers, 746 

duties ot appraisers, 746 



Vol. 1, S«Ofl. 1-27646. 


RppraiBement, vacancy of appraisers, 

liens, liat of, 

flchediile and valnatioii, 

oath of appraisers, 

return of Appraisement, 

reappraisement, coats, 

galea without legalized, 
sale without appn 
surrender ondefivi . 

bastardy, no appraieement, 1005 

ejectment, sale without relief, 1098 
bastardy, isaue of execution, 1005 

body, when not to iaeue against, 692 

execution aminst, 603 

affidavit to obtain, 604 

Sroperty need not be designated, 806 
□ding to designate property, 606 
notice to debtor, 806 

hearing, when had, ' 807 

coart or Jory may hear, 808 

e formed, trial. 

Burronder of property, 811 
payment of value, 611 
failure, issue of execution, 812 
service ol writ, 813 
commitment to jail, 813 
arrest pending proceedings, 814 
bail ^ debtor, 815 
sheriff may take bail, 816 
effect of reconiizance, 816 
female or soldier not arrested, 817 
discharge by delivery of property, 618 
oath of debtor on discharge, 816 
how oath to be taken, 819 
notice to creditor, 620 
examination by creditor, 821 
di sub arse of debtor, 622 
dispoaaT of property, 623 
return of aheris, 824 
death of prisoner, effect, 626 
escape, new execution, 626 
replevin, execution against body, 1296 
claim for propertv, trial, 937a 
clerk, docket to be kept by, 669 
must seal and attest executions, 694 
indorsement when iasoed on Sun- 
day, 697 
issuing aliai execution, 700 
bail for sUy of, 703 
notice to sberin of stay, 704 
indorsement when repleviable, 705 
copy of bond taken by sheriS, 707 
issuing on expiration of Stay, 710 
issuing when no stay allowed, 711 
issuing.on application of bail, 713 
certificate of sale, recording, 
assignment, recording, 
redemption, entry in record, 
creditor redeeming, duty of cterk, 784 
indexing redempuoa entries, *"" 


conati^bles, issuing to, 
not to buy property, 
dutiea as to, 
form of retuma, 
contents of execution, 
corporate slock, levy and sale of, 
coats, including in execution, 
court orders after ten yeara, 
death of defandant, effect of, 
debta, evidences of, levj' and sale, 
assignment by ehenft, 
action on by purchaser, 
deed of sheriff for lands sold, Ti 

delivery bond, execution ol, 
appraisement before, 
non-delivery, levy, 
return of forfeiture, 
action on bond, damages, 
docket of, how kept, 
exemption of property, 

when exemption allowed, 
kind of property exempt, 
appraisers, selection, 
schedule and appraisement, 
oath to schedule, 
delivery to sheriff, 
reappraisement, costs, 
lee of appraisers, payment, 
personalty claimed, appnusa- 

sale of other property, 

realty and personalty claimed, 

appraisement, setting off, 

varne in excess of exemption, 

payment by debtor, 

sale and payment to debtor, 

realty only claimed, 

appraisement, sale, payment, 

division of realty, 

schedule by debtor, 

inventory by debtor, 

contents and oath, 

wife acting for husband, 

mortgage of exempted property, 

olechanice' liens, no exemption, 

law applicable, when, 
fee-bill, order for, 

clerk no fee, when, 
fraudulent sale, no appraisement, 
goods pledged or mortgaged, 
judgments enforced by execntion, 

after ten years from date of, 

kind of execntiona, 

lor money or property, 

copy, when issued, 

reversed, effect, 
justice, issue of by, 

direction and form, 

where served, 

indorsement by constabls, 

lien, priority, 

when retomable, 

1576, 167ft 





Vol. 1, Sees. l-278«. 


}iutic«, aliax, issuing of, 
Bolee, how governed, 
Buretyehip, noting on, 
after three years, affidavit, 
deliver? bond, execution, rights, 

stay of, entry on docket, 
no stay allowed, when, 
time of stay, 
additional oatl, when, 

lay i«qaire execution, 


IBefertnctf are to SerUoa*.] 
Vol. 2, Sees. 278&-6694«2. Vol. 3. Sees. 5Sm-S7S3e. 

new bail, form, 
sale, manner of, 
notice of sale, 


conatabiefl, duties as to, 

returns by constables, 8U5U 

kinds of executions, 668 

levy of, time for, 731 

on money, 732 

bills and notes, 733 

goods pledged or mortgaged, 734 

shares of stock, 736 

debts given up, 736 

debtor may designate property, 739 

no designation, levy, 740 

insafficient, further levy, 741 

forther levies after sale, 743 

on forfeiture of delivery bond, 758 

failure to make, liability, 765 

lien on chattels, 698 

priority of first levy, 6fl8 

when sent to anutber coonty, 701 

sale subject to liens, 734, 761 

on property appraised, 748 

on unsold property, 763 

money, levy on, 782 

bills and notes used as, 733 

monga^ goods, levy and sale. 734 

non-resident debtor, refunding bond, 601 

notice of sale of personalty, 762 

of sale of realty, 769 

laitnre to give notice, damages, 770 

of claims to property, 937a 

order for to be filed. 600 

pereonalty, money, levy on, 732 

bills circulating as money, '""' 

goods mortgaged ' ' 

shares of stock, 

cboses in action, 

personalty first sold, 

notice ot sale of, 

precfeat at sale, 

auction, sale at, 

claims on property, trial, 

precipe for issue of, 

principal, property ot first sold, 

purchase-money not paid, pr<] ~~~ 

resale, liability of bidder, 

excess paid to debtor, 

real estat« liable to sale, 

rents first offered, 


real estate, sale o I rents, 

lease by sherifl, 
auction, sale at, 
at court-house door, 
parcels, sale in, 
situate partly in twocoonties, 
notice of sale, 

sheriff not giving, damages, 
deed by sheriff, 
deed to heirs or devisees, 
failure ol title, subrogation, 
certificate of purchase, 
recording by clerk, 
aasignment, recording, 
jtoseeesion by owner, 
redemption from eale, ' 

jodgment reversed, effect, 
redemption from sale, ', 

owner, redemption by, 
entry in lit ptndeiu record, 
of undivided interest, 
vacation of sale, 
resale on junior lien, 
judgment creditor redeeming, 
manner ot redemption, 
successive redemptions, 
venditioni by last redempUonet, 
sale, bow made, 
effect ot sale, 
deed to purchaser, 
lien -holder redeeming, 
index of redemption entries, 
pay of officers, 
waste, recovery by purchacer, 

refunding bond by plaintitl, 

rents and profits, sale of, 
how valued, 
manner of sale, lease, 

replevin, against body in, 
ot property, notice, trial, 

reports as to by sheriffs, 

return of execution, time, 

when no stay allowed, 761 

by mail, when. 793 

neglect to make, liability, 796 

tndoniement on execution, 800 

Sunday return da^, when made, 800 
unsatisfied, alias issued, 700 

appraisement, when returned, 752 
in ninety days, when, 2413 

constables, forms, 8050 

right of property, trial, d37a 

sale not made, return of appraise- 
ment, 762 
lien of levj; to continue, 758 
issue of another execution, 76S 
reofler, costs, 764 
sales on unsigned records legal* 

ized, 138So 

witbont appraisement legalisod, 744a 





ahftres of Stock, levj and nie, 
flherift, ezecatioaa leaued to, 

eucceBBor asecntes writ, 

failure to give notice of Bale, 

not to purchase, 

indorsement of receipt ot execo- 

pavment of money, 
failure to leTy, liability, 
neglect to return, liabilit7, 
false return, liability, 
failure to pay money, liability, 
damages for neglect, 
motion against, 
reports as to, 
stay of by appeal, 6S0, 66 

bail, how tsiken. 

stay for residne of term, 
return by sberifl, copy of bond, 

levy relinquiaheii, 

bait, effect of judgment confessed, 709 
execution at end of stay, 710 

no stay allowed, when, 711, 2413 

sureties preventing etay, 
execution by bail before «nd of 

entr^ of other bail, 

criminal actions, eta; 


stock, shares of, levy a: 



indorsement by clerk, 
retam day on, when mode, 

oopplemental proceedings, 

answer by judgment debtor, 
apDlication of propertj^, 
oraer for arrest and bail, 
bond, when required, 
answer by other persons, 
witnesses, examination, 
order ol court, 
costs, proceedings summary, 

supreme court, issuing from, 
on affirmed judgments, 

surety requiring issue of, 
property of, when sold, 
noting on execution, 1227, 

ten years, issuing after, 

title, judgment reversed, 

transcripts from justices, iseaing on. 

ExecDtion Docket, 

bond tor stay copied in, 
contents and how kept, 

27Sfr-659««2. Vol. S, E 


governor, aatbority of, 127-160 

president, aathori^ vested in, 11 


bond and removal of, 2397-2413 

conb«cts, when to be written, 

decedents' estates, duties, aee, 

deed to, estate created, astx 

foreign, powers and duties, 

2461-24S3, 2S19, 2622 

lettetB, issuing to, 237&-2379 

partition, action by for, 1200 

taxes, listing ot proper^, S420, 8421 

payment, duty, S587 

reimbursement to, 8688 

DncKDENis' EsTAm, See. 


amount exempt from execution, 716 
appraisement, selection of appraisers, 717 

schedule and appraisement, 718 

return of officer, 719 

reappraisement, costs, 719 

fee of appraisers, payment, 720 

character of property exempt; 716 
cities, exemption from street improve- 
ment lien, cl. 49, 3541 

costs ot reappraisement, 719 

debts, whea exemption allowed, 730 

legislature, duty as to, 67 

married women claiming, 6969 

mechanic's lien, no exemption, 729 

mortgage of realty set-off, 728 

peraonato only claimed, 721 

di^^it officer, 721 

realtyadd jtersonalty claimed, 722 

only claimed, duty of officer, 723 

division ot realty, 724 

schedule by debtor, 725 

verification of schedule, 726 
taxes, household goods ex 
wife acting tor husband. 


pleadings, filing with. 


compensation of as witnesses, 
witnesses, competency, 
writings, testimony as to, 


opening and use of, 
DvHAifm, See. 

Execation ot Criminals, 

cleath penalty, how executed. 


1941-1953 taxation of, 



Vol. 1, 8eca. 1-87846. Vol. 2, 8«cs. 

Ex Post Facto, 

laws of not to be puaed, 9, 6G 

Express Company, 

«ftpiu], filing atatement, S311c 
common carriera, see, S30S-3312 

■competition, hindering, 3312f( 
deliveiy of packagee, 
fees paid to state, 

fame, transporting, joriadictioD, 1655 

poBsewion, preanrnption, 1SS3 

caiTTing onlawtalty, 22271: 

property, avermetit of ownerebip, 1823 

penalty for violating net. 3312e 

prosecating attorney's dnties, 3312/ 
taxation ol, 


lees, taxing illegal, penally, 
■officere, extortion by, 
penrioneta, extortion from, 



fagitivee, return of. 


Extra Session, 

duration of, 




■embeMlement by factor, 



breaking into nnlawfalty, 
children, overworking in. 



accidents and injuries, report, 70e7A 

investigation by inspector, 7087A 

air and ventilatioD, 7087o 

bnildings, protecting elevator shafts, 7087e 

atairways, protection, 7067/ 

doors opemng oatwsrdly, 70S7/ 

speaking tubes and bells, 7087^ 

walls lime-washed or painted, 70971 

inapection by inspector, 7087i» 

tenemeot-housee not used, 7087n 

air and ventilation, 7087o 

4^1dren, hours for work, 7087a 
notice poBt«d of hours for work, 70S7a 

under sixteen not employed, 7087b 

affidavit as to age, 70876 

raster, keeping and contents, 70876 

ability to read and writ«, 70876 

operating elevators, 7087d 

dreeoing-room for fi^Is, 70S7> 

ire to Section*.'] 

2786~fi694e2. Vol. 3, Bees. 5095-«783e. 


day's labor, what constitatea, 7087(i 

I>08ting notices SB to, 7087a 

discriminHtion prohibited, 7087p 

doors opening outwardly, 7087e 

dressing-rooms for females, 70871 

elevators, children operating, 70e7c 

enclosure of shafts, 7087<f 

inspection by inspector, 7087d 

females, hours for workins;, 7087a, 7087e 

posting notices of working time, 7087a 

night work by, 7087c 

cleaning machinery, 7087f 

wash-rooms, closets, dressing* 

rooms, 7087J 

Cernor uppoints inspector, 7087* 

d-rails to stairways, 7087/ 

health board, dnUes aa to refuse, 


honrs for working, 7087a 

posting notices as to, 7087a 

injuries to employes, investigation, 7087A 

inspector, approintment, term, 70ST( 

salary, time of payment, 7087* 

assistant, appointment, salary, 7087* 

ofllee for, 7087( 

buildings, inspection of, 70H7n> 

order as to changeor repair, 7087ni 

air and ventilaiion, 7087o 

general dnties, 7087r 

annual report of, 7087ti 

oaths and affidavits by, 7087« 

investigating accidents, 7087A 

appeal from orders, 7087« 

attorney for state, 7087al 

law regulating, postine copy, 7087u> 

violation of, penalty, 7087]/ 

machinery, safety appliances, 7087( 

guards when dangerous, 70671 

notice by inspector not to use, 7067i 

fans to carry oft dust, 7087( 

cleaning when in motion, 7087i 

manutactunng in tenement houses, 7087n 

eatabliahmBnte deSned, 7087r 

meala, time for at noon, 7067ifc 

noon-day meals, time for, 7087jt 

OBtbSj inspector administering, 7087u 

painting walls and ceilings, 7087J 

penalties tor violating law, 7087^ 

polluting streams, 6717a-87l7i; 

prosecuting attorney, suits by, 7087:r 

refuse from, duty of board of health, 

report by inspector to governor, 7087u 
salaries of inspector and assistMit, 7087> 
payment of salaries, 7087t 

streams, polluting, 6717a-e717e 

tenement houses, manufacturing in, 


permit by inspector, 7087n 

ventilation of buildings, 70S7o 

permit by inspector, 7087o 

violation of law, penalty, 7067^ 


Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27846. 


walla of buildiDgs, lime washed 

painted, 70871 

wub-roama for employes, 
water-cloaets to be provided, 

muat be kept clean, 

separate for females, 

obscene writing probibited, 
women, hours for working. 

posting notices of working time, ' 

cleaning machineiy, 

wash-rooms, closets, dressing- 
appropriation tor state fidr, 

disturbing of, penalty, 2074 

arrest for diBtorbing, 2074 

hogs, duty of maaagers of fairs as to, 2886 

pens of to be kept clean, 288t> 

affidavit to be required of owners, 2886 

penaltieH tor violating act, 2889 

interstate fairs, 2812-2830 

sale of articles near to, 21K6 

sUte fairs, holding of, 2789 

taxation, exemptions, 2i 

Fair Gronnds, 

purchase by county boards, 7904- 

tazation, exemption, 2798, 2 


[J(^er«piee» ore to Sectiont.'] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 278-5-5594«2. Vol. 8, Sees. M»6-«733c. 

False Statement, 

obtaining credit, i 



licensing, 9 

False Acknowledgment, 

certitjing to, penalty, 

False Claim, 

insurance, presenting for, 
officer, presenting to, 

False Heir, 

producing, punishment, 2103, 

False Imprisonment, 

action for survives, 
costs in actions for. 

False Jurat, 

attesting, penalty. 

False Personation, 

punishment for, 2102, 

False Pretenses, 

definition and ponishmeat, 
joinder of counts for, 
property from other states, jnrisdic- 

Family Boats, 

landing on private lands, 2056a 

Farmers' Insurance, 

articles of association, 4932 

execution and recording, 4932 
companies, organiEation, powers, 


corporate powers of, 4932 

counties in which may act, 4932 

cyclones, insurance, 4932^ 

property insured by, 4932 


keeping of, penalty, 8181 


bastard, when inherits from, 2630 

child, suit for eeductioa of, 26G 

death or injury, suit for, 267 

concealing when guilty of crime, 

1858, 2101 
inheriUnce from, 2624, 2625, 2660 

basrard, inheriting by, 2630 

custody of, rights, 2682 

Fayette Connty, 

circuit, in thirty -seventh, 

congreasional district, 

representatives, apportionm 
Balariee of count j; officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distributed to. 

p. 574, 1394 


p. 674, 1394 

February Twenty-second, 

holiday as to commercial paper, 7531 


action on, not allowed when, 8094 

auditors, issuing by, 6636, 7925 

clerks, when may issue, 6635, 8003 

not to have tees tor, when, 690 

costs, issuing (or, 608, 6535 

execution, fee-bill has effect of, 8096 

five years, issuing after, 8095 

form of tee-bill, 8096 

officers, successor to may issue, 8097 

order to be filed, 60O 

recorders, issuing by, 6536, 8020, S098, 8099 

service and return, 8099' 

supreme court, issaing from, 

8093, 8100-8102 
BUTveyon, issuing by, 8098, 8099 

serrice and retam, 8099 



[Beferenee» are to Seetiont.] 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846, Vol. 2, SecB. 2786-5694*2. Vol. 3, 


cotiDty officers keeping, 
decedents' estates, Dook to be kept, 

Feeble-Uinded GhUdren, 

Allen county, school established in, 8105 
sppropiiations for, 3113c, 3121, 3141 

uditoroIsUtedraws warrants, when, 3127 
board of trastees. appointment, 3105,3118 
has general control, 3105 

one member to be a woman, 8105 

political dirision of, 3105 

term of members, 3105 

removal by ^vemor, 8105 

vacancy, filling of, 3105 

oath of membera, 3105 

salar}' of members, 3105 

officers of board, 3100 

bond of treasarer, 3106 

secretary, duties, 3106 

fluperintendent appointed by, 3109 
grading of pnpils, 3116 

parchase of lands, 3121 

oonstnictioD of biuldings, 8121 

meetings of board, 8122 

qnomm of board, 8122 

rales and regulations, 3122 

annual report by, 3122 

members not to hold office, 3122 

not to have interest in contracts, 3123 
donations and gifts to, 3124 

insurance to be taken, 3125 

nils, who received by, 3126 

ig amount to be paid, 3127 

temporary buildings provided, 3128 

education of popils, 8130 

bond of treasurer of board, 

of superintendent, 
buildings, erection of, 3121 

temporary, provision lor, 3128 

clothing tor pnpils, 3113a 

contracts, trasteea not to hare interest 

•n, , 3123 

ooanty board to approve applications 
of pnpils, 3126 

du^ on approval, 3127 

expenses paid by, 3130 

departments, division ol school into, 3108 

purposes of each, 8108 

donations tor school, acceptance, 3124 
education of pnpils, 3130 

industrial edncation of, 8136, 3137 
employes, appointment of, 3110, 3131 

matron and teachers, 3110 

principal, appointment, 3110 

Bnperintendeot to control, 3131 

political opinions not to affect, ^'^^ 

soldiers to have preference, 

removal of employes, 

wages, payment of, 
employment of pupils, 

hiring out prohibited, 

Feeble-Hinded Children, 

epileptice admitted, 3113 

expenses of transmitting pnpils paid 
by county, sia> 

of support of pupils, how paid, 3127 
governor to appoint trustees, 3105, 3118 
grades of pupils in schools, 
hiring out of pupils prohibited, 
industrial training of pupils, 
insurance, duty of trustees, 
matron, appointment of, 

uties of matron, 

salary of matron, 
officers of board of tmetees, 

secretary, duties of, 

treasurer, bond of, 

president of board, 

not to have interest in contracts, 3123 
pay of employes, 3133 

physicians, employment of, 3131 

pnncipal, appointment of, 8110 

JualiflcatioDS of, 3110 

uties of, 3111 

8alai7 of, 3111, 31123 

pnpile, division into departments, 3108 
"'■" -"'-""'"^ — 8113, 3113a, 3128 




who admitted as, 
form of application, 
description on admission, 
quarterly reports as to, 
separation into grades, 


agreement as to payment, 
expenses of pupils annually, 
payment for, 
expense of transmission, 
forms for application, 
county board to approve applica- 
tion, 3126 
statement as to ability of pnpil 

to pay, 3127 

parent or estate to pay when able, 3127 
payment out of state treasury, 3127 
dischar^ of pupils, 3120 

education of pupils, 3130 

hiring out prahibited, 3135 

industrial training of, 3136-3140 

reports by principal as to papih 
annual by trustees, 
annual of superintendent, 

monthly bv superintend*!!!. 
rales and r^ulations by 
salary of trustees, 

of superintendent, 

of principal, 

of matron, 

payment of monthly. 

31 IS 






8109, 3n2a 


3112, 3112.) 


industrial training of. 

31321 secretary board trustees', election, da- 
3133 ties. 3106 
3135 superintendent, appointment, term, 3109 
3135 qualiflpations of, 

3136-3140 1 boad and conditions ot. 



[i(e/*r«nce» are to Sectiont.'i 
Vol. 1, Bees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785.^94«2. Vol. 3. Sees. 

Feeble-MiDded Children, 

Buperintendent, ealaiy of, 3109, 31120 

haa general control, 3109 

appointments by, 3110, 3131 

description ol pupils admitted, 3116 
not to have intereat in contracts, 8128 
receiving pay for pupils, 3127 

monthly statement to treasurer, 3127 
education o[ pupils, 3130 

controls officers and employes, 3I3I 
duties in making sppolatments, 3132 
removal of employes, 3132 

supplies, purchase of, 3133 

accounts Kept by, 8183 

monthly accoants to trostees, 3133 
payment ot salaries and wages, 3133 
annual report ot, 8133, 3134 

monthly report o(, 8134 

hiring oat of popils forbidden, 3136 
industrial trainingof pupils, 3136 

how training conducted, 3137 

materials and machineiy, 3138 

disposal of material, 8139 

Sayment of proceeds of sale, 3140 

ers, employment of, 3110, 3181 

under control ot superintendent, 3131 
payment ot wages of, 3133 

treasurer board trustees, 3108 

election and bond, 3106 

monthly statement by saperin- 

tendent to, 3127 

indorsement by tr«asarer, 3127 

warrant by anditor in favor of, 3127 
payment of salaries and wages, 3133 
Dills and accoant«, payment, 8133 
woman attendant, 3113b 

Fees and Salaries, 

adjutant-genera], salary of, 7418, 7424o 
advertisements ot connty, (>594a2 

appraisers of exempt property, fees, 
payment, 720 

of estravs, fees, 6376 

apprenticesEiip, recording indentore, 

fee, 7806 

arbitration, fees, 851, 867 

assignments, fees of cleric, 2919 

attorney-general, salary ot, 6410, 7694, 7tl95 
reporting fees before payment, 6406a 
deputy, salary of, 6410, 7964 

clerk, salary of, 7966 

commissions allowed to, 6424 

anditor ot state, tees as to building 
associations, 4477 

insnrance, tees as to, 
4863, 4909, 4911, 4918, 4920, 4931, 4943 
live stock insurance companies, 4943 
surety companies, fees paid, 

5494. 649411 
burglary and mail insurance, 4931^ 
investment companies, &0I6J, 6016p 
taxation and collection of fees, 6422 
reporia and payment of tees, 6422 

Fees and Salaries, 

auditor of state, report before salary 

paid, 64060 

charges for collecting tees, 6422, 6423 

university lands, sale, fees, 6117 

management ot funds, tees, 6128 

salary ot auditor, 6408 

payment ot salary, 6652 

report as to fees, 6406a 

deputy auditor, salary, 7649 

anditor ot county, tees taxed by, 6621, 6622 

fee-bills, issuing ot, 6536, 7926 

school-fund loan, tees, 5810 

sale of university lands, 6162 

enumeration of voters, tees, 6366 

ferry license, tee for, 6606 

transfer ot lands for taxation, 8567 

assignment of tax certificate, 8608 

redemption from tax sales, 8617 

tax deeds, fees for, 8626 

report ol fees, 6530 

failure to report, penalty, 6637 

salaries oi county auditors, 6427-6518 

payment ot salaries, 6632, 6633 

bailiffs, pay of, 66S8a, 65285 

bonds, official, recording tee, 7537 

building associations, fees ot anditor, 4477 

bureau ot statistics, salary of chief, 

6416, 7766, 7769 
deputy, salary, 7764 

cash-books, officers to keep, 6629 

chemist, state, fees of, 6618 

civil actions, tees taxed in, 6519 

clerk circuit court, li* pendttu notice, 330 

;.._^ . . j]j2 

satisfaction ot mortgages, 

assignments, tees, 

inquest of insanity, fees, 

fees taxed by, 

report of tees, 

failure to report, penalty, 

eetrays, tees as to, 

recoMing official bonds, 

medicine,fee to r license to practice,73I9 
trade-marks, fee as to, 6680, SeSOa 
fee-bills, duty to issue. 6536. 8093 

salaries of clerks, 
payment ot salaries, 
clerk of city, fees, 

cities of 109,000, salary, 

of 60,000, salary, 

of 43,000, salary, 

ot 36,600, salary, 

ot 30,000, salat^, 
clerk supreme court, salary, 

report of fees before payment. 

6619, 6620 






chief deputy, salary, 6412 

first assistant, salary, 6412 

stenographer and typewriter, 6412 
fees taxed by, 6423, 7798 

report as to fees, 6423 

before payment of salary, 6406a 

charges tor collecting, 42$ 

clerk of printing burean, salary, 7696 



Fees and Salaries, 

coUectioD of tees, itemteed account, 6639 

coromietioner of deeds, leea of, S044 

of county, 7926-79206 

cooBtables, fees and mileage, 8060 

coroner, tees of, 7967-7969 

witness (eei before, 7966 

Balarjr in certain coanties^ 796Sa 

corporations, foreign, fees paid, 34fllb 

fe«B on organizaUoQ, 7631 

collection and payment, 7S31, 7632 

coontv boards, inspection of fee- 
booka, 6538 

allowancea by, 6546 

pay of membete, 7926-7926c 

coanty offlcere, aalariea of, 6427-6518 

accoanta kept of fees, 6529, 7941 

report and payment of fees, 6530 

report by treasurer as to tands, 0531 

Sayment of ealaries, 6532 

aficiency, paying balance, 6633 

taxing illegal, penalty, 6534, 6542, 8107 
fee-bnis, isBuingof, 6535,6536 

failing to report, penalty, 6537 

inspection of books, 6538 

lien of fees taxed, 6589 

fees and aalariea, not both al- 
lowed, 6540 
constructive fees prohibited, 6544 
fees taxed only lor services, 6545 
flctitioue fees not allowed, 6546 
cumulative fees not permitted, 6547 
allowances by county boards, 6648 
extortion, penalty, 6649 
criminal actions, fees taxed in, 0540 
Goatodian public buildings, salary, 7781 
assistant, aalary, 7781 
dentistry, license tee, 6600, S601 
attorney for board, fee, 6606f 
divorce, fee of prosecntor, 10605 
election officers, pay of, 6286 
recount of ballots, 6298 
contest of election, fees, 0321 
preaidential election, 6350 
embalmers, license fees, 6860«, 6350A 
engineer at state-bouse, salary, 7789 
enomeratioD of voters, fees, 

6359, 6366, 6373 
estates, fees taxed in settlement, 0619 

estrays, fees relating to, 

6376, 6380, 6363, 63S4, 6366-6386 

ezecntion sale, redemption, fee, 78S 

expert witnesses, fees of, 612 

extortion by offlcera, 6549 

fee bills, issoing for costs, 608, 6535 

wben clerk has do fee for, 690 

order for to be filed, 690 

by clerks circuit courts, 690, 6635, 8093 

auditors, Issning of, 6630, 7926 

recorders, issaiog of, 

6536, 8020, 8098, 8009 
aarreyon, Issning of, 8098, 8009 

Fees and Salaries, 

form and effect of, 8090 

action on, when not allowed, 8094 
issuing alt«r five years, 8095 

successors of officers issuing, 8097 

fee-books, officers to keep, 6620 

fees, accounts of by coanty officers, 


report and payment of, 6530 

taxingillegal, penalty, 6634,6542,8107 

failure to report, penalty, 6537 

inspections by county board, 6638 

lien of fees Uxed, 6539 

and salaries not both allowed, 6640 

implied not allowed, 054S 

constructive prohibited, 6544 

taxed only (or services, 6646 

fictitious not to be taxed, 654ft 

cumulative not permitted, 6647 

allowances by couuty boards, 0548 

extortion by officers, 6649, 8107 

donbta as to, settlnment, 8106 

itemized account of eollectaoDa, 6539 

penalty for violating act, 6539a 

fence marks, recording, tee, 6586 

ferry license, fee for, 6606 

fish commissioner, salary, 7778 

fees of commissioner, 7778 

fonds, separate to be kept, 6630 

report by treasurer as to, 6531 

geologist, state, salary, 6414, 7752 

governor, salary of, 6406 

Crdianships, fees taxed in, 6619 

1th, state board, salary of secre- 
tary, 6416 
highway viewers, fees, 6766 
illegal tees, taxing, penalty, 

6634, 6642, 8107 
insane inquest, payment of fees, 2718 

insanity proceedings, fees in, 3242 

inspection of records by connt? 

board, 66SS 

inspector of mines, salary, 6414, 7456 

assistant, salary, 6414 

fees for examinations, 7483/ 

of natural gas, salary, 6414 

of oils, tees, 700O 

salary of inspector, 6998 

ot salt, flour, beef and bay, fees, 7025 

of tobacco, fees, 7037 

losarance, fees taxed by auditor of 

state, 4853, 4900, 4911, 4918, 4920 

4931, 4943, 4314^ 

burglary and mail insurance, 493Iir 

interpreters, fees ot. 503 

investment companies, 6016J, 6016p 

tadges of appellate coart, salaries, 

1363, 6419 
of drcoit courts, salaries, 

14^, 14890-14397 



Fees and Salaries, 

judgea ol anperior coart*, salaries, 

1438, 1430C-l439if, I42eif, 
1426^1, 1426i-2 
of crimiDal cODrta, 1440, 6430 

ol iupreroe court, ularies, 6417 

Jntora. grand and petit, pay of, 1459 

struck jury, lees, 536 

JuBticea of peace, teeB of, 1641 

cotlectioD and payment, 1484c, 1484(1 
salaries, 1484«, 1641 

labor commiasioner, aalary of secre- 
tary, 7050c 
laiT librarian, salary of, 1441, G417 
librarian ol state, salary, 6411, 7722 
of assistant librarian^ 7722 
license to practice medicine, fee, 7319 
tientOD ant-govern or, salary, 6405 
lt» pentUn* notice, tee for, 330 
marsbal of city, tees of, 3512 
master commissioner, fees of, 1467 
medicine, license to pracUce, fee for, 7319 
fees paid by applicants, 7319 
fee paid clerk tor license, 7319 
midwivea, fees tor license, 7823a 
mortgage, aatistaction on forecloanTe, 

leea, 1112 

navigation companies, oiganiaation, 6449ti 

notary public, teea ot, 8044 

offlcera tailing to report, penalty, 6537 

official bonds, reconling, fee, 7S37 

oil inspector, fees, 7000 

payments to employes, affidavita, 0425 

county officers' salaries, payment, 66S2 

fees equaling salaries, 6632 

policemen, when not to receive, 8730f 

printing bureau, clerk, salan', 7596 

prosecuting attorney, fees of, 78H 

salary of, 6421 

fee in divorce cases, 10506 

quari^rmaater^neral, salary, 7419, 7424p 

recorder of county, fees taxed by, 66!S 

when no fee specified, 6624 

indenture ot apprenticeship, fee 

for, 7306 

tor recording meridian lines, 7323n 

demand of fees in advance, 8020 

fee-bills, issuing of, 6536, 9098, 8009 

reporter of supreme court, salary, 

6418, 7741 
assistant, aalarr, 6418, 7741 

ahort-hand, feea of, 1474 

reports by officers, payment of fees, 6630 
before payment of salaries, 6406a 

by treasurer as to amount on 

hand, 6631 

tailore to make, penalty, 6537 

school loans, lees of ofBcers, 6810 

sale of university lands, 6117, 6152 
management ot funds, 6128 

secretary of state, salary of. 6406 

fees taxed by, 6407, 6422, 7631 

charges for collecting, 6422 

Fees and Salaries, 

secretary ot atate, reporta and pav- 
ment ot tees, 6406a, 6^2 

corporations, tees on organiaa- 

tioo, 7681 

payment to atate, e406a, 7632 

trade-mark, fee for filing, 8680a 

aherifl of county, lees taxed by, 6628 

accounta to be kept of, 6620, 7941 

report and payment of, 6530 

failare to report, penalty, 6637 

salaries of sheriffs, 6427-6618 

payment of salaries, 6632, 6533 

aherift of supreme court, fees of, 

salary of, 6417 

short-hand reporters, leee of, 1474 

state officers, payment of salaries, 66G2 
ateno^raphers, tees, 1474 

Bopenn ten dent public instruction, 

salary, 6848, 6S48<i, 6413 

clerks of, salaries, 6S48 

superior court, feea of iurots and wit- 
nesses, 1426H, 14S6ul 
jndges, salaries, 1438, 14390-1439^, 
1436v>, 1426irl, 1426Jt2 
supreme court clerk, taxing fees, 6123 
report and payment of fees, 

6406a, 6423 

feea taxed by, 7798 

surety companies, fees paid, S494, 5404J:1 

aarveyor of coanty, fees, 8034, S034d 

salary in certain coantiea, 8034a 

taxation, transfer of land tor, fee, 8567 

sale of property by treasurer, 

feea, 6627,8671,8678 

assignment ot certificate ot sale, 

te4, 8608 

redemption, settling contioveny, 

fee, S617 

tax deeds, fees for, 806 

tobacco, ioapection, feea, 7037 

township tniBtees, pay of, 0084, 8086, 8161 

trade-marks, fee of clerk, 8680, 8380a 

fees paid secretary of state, 

8681, 8694, 8680a 
treasurer of connty, sale of nniveraity 
lands, 6162 

on sale of chattela for taxes, 

6627, 8671. 8678 
aceonnte kept ot fees, 6629 

report and payment of fees, 6690 

report as to fees paid in, 6631 

failure lo report, penalty, 6637 

delinquent taxes, collection, feea, 6626 
aale of personalty, fees, 6627 

salaries of treasarers, 6427-6518 

payment of salaries, 6632, 6633 

treasurer of state, salary of, 6400, 7682 
deputy of, salary, 6409, 7682 

watchman for, salary, 7688 

university lands, sale of, tees, 6117, 6162 
management of funds, fees, 6128 



Vol. 1, S««l. 1 

Fees and Salaries, 

viewers of highways, fees, 6786 

witDesaefl, experts, lees of, 512 

inteipreters, fees o(, 603 

in couris of record, feea, SOI 

fees in advance, when, 498, 500 

before justices, fees, 1M7 

before coronere, lees, 7966 

before labor commisaon, 7Cl60n 

before court-martial, 7408 
Salabibs, See. 


compoanding of, penalty, 2068 

<3imefl denominated as, 1M2 

informatioii, prosecation by, 1748 

joinder of connte for, 1818 

judKment in cues of, ]M6<i, 8253f 

copy sent to reformatory, 1906c, 8253J 

JoBtices, powers as to, 1703, 1708 

trials, separate on charge of, 1891 
verdict in prosecution for, 

1906.1, 1906«, 82531 


abdaction for prostitatlon, 2079 

advertisioK dmga for nse of, 2084 
appropriation by county for home for, 7878 

bonds of are binding^ '*'^'"' 
«oart reporters, appomtment, 
death penalty, euBpeoaion for png- 

debt, not imprisoned for, 
dniitB, advertising for use of, 
enticing to honse of ill fame, 
iactoriea, honn for labor, 
cleaning machinery, 
closets and dreHdng-roomi, 
night work in, 
-friendleH, home of, sentence to, 
borne for, appropriatdon hy^ county, 
sentence to nome of friendless, 
ill fame, enticing to house of, 
intercourae, indndng to have. 

Battering on premises, 
jail, sentence, 

mines, not to be employed in, 
offlcee, holding by, 
reformatory for, see, 
school ofBces, may hold, 
seats for by employe™, 
seduction, civil action for, 
penalty ' 
ort-hand i 

7087 j 





2246. 2247 

264, 26S 


short-hand reporters, may be ap- 
Makbibd Womkh, Bee. 
Women, See, 

Female Befonnatory , I 

WoxKN'a Prison akd Gibu' Ikdub-I 
TRIAL BcBooL, See. | 




animals breaking throngh, 
damages recovered, 
tender of damages, 

taking up animal, 

assessment of damages, 
contents of notice, 
reclaiming of animal, 

Payment of damages and costs, 
amageifl controverted, trial. 
Jury, trial, jndgment, 
pavment of damages and costs, 
juagmcnt against taker-iip, 
sale of animal, pay to taker-np, 
fence not lawful, release of ani- 
mal, 6568 
arson, burning of is, 2000 
cemetery, defacing fence of, 2041 

Gtes in railroad fences, 6321, 6327 

dges. along highways, trimming of, 6587 
proeecuting attorney, duties, 6589 

neglect of outlea by officers, 6690 

towDshtp trustee, when to trim, 6588 
expenses, recovery, 6688 

prosecuting attorney to sue, 6689 

lee of prosecutor, 6689 

neglect of trustee, penalty, 0690 

highwayB, opening of, removing 
fences, 6767 

along streams, removing fence, 6780 
claim (or damages, 67B2-07S4 

injuring fences, penalty, 2017 

lawful fence, definition ot, 6660, 6666 

marks for fencing, recording of, 6584 

record for, petition, 6584 

fee of recorder, 6685 

reclaiming fencing, 6680 

removal, damages, 6686 

overflowed lands under general fence, 

petition for to coonty board, 
viewers appointed, 
notice by viewers, 
assess men tB against owners, 




or^er by county Doard, 
reroonsbance, new viewers, 
copy of aaaeasmenta filed with 

anditor, 0577 

payment ot asBeBsments, 6577 
assessments put on tax duplicate, 6577 

surveyor, employment of, 6678 

compensation ot viewers, 6578 

costs and expenses, how paid, 6578 

paetaring of animals, 6679 

nils or fencing, recovery of, 6580 

arbitrators selected, 6580 

oath ot arbitrators, 6581 

notice, hearing, award, 6682 

entering lands to remove, 6583 

11— OBM. IM. 



Vol. 1. SecB. 1-27846. 


partitioD fences, maintenance of, 65tt4 

agreement as to maintaining, 6564 
lailiire to maintain, notice, 6566 

examination by township trastee, 666S 
conetruction by trastee, 6566 

cost of building, lien, 6666 

what are partition fencee, 6664 

cost, apportionment o(, 6566 

character of fence built, 6665 

lawful fence, what is, 6665 

contract for bnilding, 6566 

certificate of coat, 6666 

lien, collection of cost, 6566 

liability of tnietee, 6667 

persons exempted from act, 6568 

conetraction of act, 6569 

i'oinins; fences, consent, 6571 

ane, diviBion by owners, 6671 

removal of fence, notice, 6672 

erected by mistake, removal, 65T3 

crops not to be exposed by re* 
moval, 6674 

railroads, fencing of, 6318-S327 

gates in fencee, 6331, 6327 

rails removed bv overflow, 6560 

reclaiming by owner, 6560 

arbitration as to Ownership, 

oath of arbitrators, 

notice of hearing, award, 

entering lands to remove, 

marks on fencing, 

recording of mark, 

Ktition tor record, 
!0f recorder, 
two alike not recorded, 
reclaiming fencing, 
removal, damages, 
township tmstee, daty as to partition 



Fence Viewer, 

township trustee acts as, 

Fencing Associations, 

animals, rules as to running at large, 4565 

running at large, 

impoanding and sale of, 
appropriation of lands by, 
arbclee of association, 

recording of articles, 

contents of, 

new membere to sign, 

repairing old fences, 

extending work beyond, 

assessments to build fence*, 

dnty of viewers as to, 

report of viewers, 

"n of assessments. 



Fencing AsBociations, 

articles, payment of assessments, 

enforcing payment, 

limitation of action for, 
by-laws, adoption of, 

matters regulated by, 
contract for work, letting of, 
corporate body, when becomes, 

power to extend work, 
county board, petition to, 

appointment of viewers, 

fixing time for meeting, 

report to board, 

organization to repair old tenc 

Older of board, 
directore, notice of election, 

number and election, 

petition to county board, 

assessments for repairs, 

officers elected by, 

vacancy, filling of, 

supplemental assessments, 

order for paying assessments, 

contract for work, letting of, 
employes, hiring ot, 
lien of assessments, 
limitation ot action i 
money, how drawn from treasury, 
notice of election of directors, 

of making assessments, 

of supplemental aasesai 
officers elected by directors, 

bond ol treasnrer, 

terms ot officers, 
petition to county board, 

appointment of viewers, 

repairs, assessmentA for, 

association for parpose ot, 
rales and r^ulations, 

matters covered by, 
secretary, election ol, 

term of, 
treasurer, election of, 

bond of, 

settlements by, 
trespass to fence, penalty, 
viewers to make assees meats, 

county board appoints. 

meeting and inspection of lands, 

bearing evidence, fixing assess- 

report of assessments. 


appeal from orders as to, 6606, 

^^roprialioD of lands, assessment ot 

damages, 917, 

tender to owner, 
attendance at ferry, dnty of keeper. 
auditor, approval of bond by, 6694, 

fee of for license, * 

approval ot appeal bond, 

transcript on appeal, 










Vol. 1, 8»C8. 1-27846. 



dutiee ae to keeping, WW 

bonds of lenymen, 6694, 6602 

dtiea, power of over, 3638 

coantj board grants license tor on 
state line, 
notice of application, 6693 

license for oney«ar, 6593 

fee to be fixed Dy, 6593 

on streame within state, 6696 

ap[>lication to board, 6596 

notice of application, 6696 

wltbia one mile of another feny, 6596 
on coont^ line, 6697 

application to board, 6507 

order sent to adjoining county, 6597 
tax aaseeeed by such coanty, 6697 
application by non- land-owner, 6598 
lands occupied, 6698 

assening damages, 6699 

boats and hands, regolation, 6601, 6606 
rates, filing of, 6608 

vacation of fernt, 6609 

appeal from orcleis, 6608, 6610 

conn^ lice, eetabliahins ferry on, 6597 
dnty of county boara, """ 


1 Seciioni.'] 
Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 669fr-873Se. 


military dnties, ferrymen exempt 

from, 6607 

night, attendance of fen^ at, 6606 
Ohio river, ferrying witlun a mile of 

another terry, 6596 

ratee of ferriage, how fixed, 660B 

list to be kept posted, 6606 

appeal from order fixing rates, 6608 

state line streams, establishing on, 6691 

toll, cbatging illegal, penalty, 2262 

vacation of ferry, 6609 

proceedings to vacate, 6609 

appeal from order, 6610 

Wabash river, ferrying within a mile 

of another ferty, 6595 



7231, 7234 

t^der to owner, 
fee for license, amount of, 

Erel-road companies establishing, 4784 
!, terrymeD exempt from service, 6607 
dings, obstruction of, 6611 

land-owner, having leny established, 6596 
on county line, 6597 

failure to establish, 

Krchaae of ferry by land-owner, 6600 

nd by owner, 6600 
owning lands on both sides, 

rights, 6603 

consent of, when required, 6603 

lands for ferry, damages, 6699 

tender to owner, 6699 

license for ferry on state line, 6691 

coanty board to grant, 6691 

runs one year, 6691 

notice of application, 6692 

grant of license, fee, 6593 

mnning without license, 6695 

for ferry on county line, 6697 

to person not owning land, 6598 

assessing damages, 6599 

ferrying without, 6604 

renewal of license, 6604 

recording, fee, 6606 
keeping without license, penalty, 6612 

violating conditione, penalty, 6613 

Ferry Companies, 

taxation, asseesment. 


chemist, state, submitting sample to, 

statement as to substance, 

analvais by chemist, 

result printed on labels, 

who to be chemist, 

fee of chemist, 
"commercial fertiliEera" defined, 
labels, analysis printed on, 

contents of printed, 

to be tnmisned seller, 

to be fixed on packages, 

selUng without, penalty, 

price charged for. 


abolished in pleadii^. 

Final Record, 

clerk, when to make, ' 

estates, when made in, ' 

Final Settlement, 

continoance to make, i 

hearing when filed after year, S 

time for, i 

notice of hearing, 2646, '. 

setting aside, '. 


appropriation of state funds, 

assessment and taxation, 

cities of 100,000, department of, 
of 50,000, <lepartment of, 
of 43,000, department of, 4112, 

coonties taking stock, 

debt, public, pavment, 
creation foroidden, 

Wabash and Erie canal, 




[Btfereneet are to Seetloia.] 
1. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-55We2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5696-873Sc. 

Vol. 1, 


clerk, report and payment of, 7936 

commitment lor by Jaetice, 1716 

time of confiDement, 1716 

order by circuit court, 1926 

collection without relief, 1926 

ezceesive not to be imposed, 32, 61 

execution, stay of before joatice, 1715 

Btay in circuit court, 1929 

issuing of, 19S0 

governor, remisrooii by, 143, 6820 

home lor friendless, payment to, 8346, 8347 

impriEtonment for, 1716, 1931 

judgment by justice, 1716 

withoat relief, 1926 

Btipolation for payment, 

justice, Bmoant may assessi 


1715, 1716 

1716, 1929 

1516, 1516 





jndKment, commitment, 

leplevin bail for, 

payment over by, 
remtBsIon by govenior, 
replevy of before justice, 

in circuit court, 

arrest aft«r expiration, 
school fond, fines belong to, 
towns, limit as to. ^ooi 

work-house, credit for labor, 8342 


cities, procuring fire apparatos, cl. 80, 8641 
flung Are limits, el. 32, 3641 

crimes by bomin^, 2000, 2001 

escapes, constnictioD on bnildings, 


Fire- Anns, 

carrying concealed, 2069 

cities, r««alationB by, eL 8, 3641 

pointing at persona, 2073 

Fire Companies, 

organisation of, 4690 

Fire Department, 

chief of, appointment, 

3476, 8866, 8998, 4163 
cities, regulation of, 3661-3666 

o( 100,000, 3868, 3871 

of 50,000, 
metropolitan department, 3701-3716 

Fire I 

conetntdion on buildings, 
failure to provide, penalty. 

Fire InsoraQce, 

mutual companies, 

4786-4694, 48»4jb 

Fire Limits, 

cities, establishment in, i 

towns, powers as to, 

Fire Patrol, 

insurance companies, powers of, 

Fire Wtu*deus, 


cities, regnladoi 


cities of 100,000, r 


of 43,000, re^lati<: 
city tax, exemption from, 
highways, exemption from work on, 682S 
jury service, exemption from, 

1718, 3666, 6621 
militia duty, exemption from, 8666, 6621 

Fibrmen's Pensions, Bee. 

Firemen's Pensions, 

beneficiaries, who are, 4190vll 

amounts paid to, 4190ell 

board of tmstees created, 4190>11 

cities in which created, 4190nll 

members of board, 4I90oll 

powers and dnties of board, 4190oll 

selection of members of board, 419D9II 
time of election of members, ' 4190rtl 
manner of election, 4190rll 

terms of members, 4190rtl 

ofScere of board, 4190an 

election and terms, 4190*11 

record of proceedings, 4190f 11 

rules and reflations, 4190fll 

bond of president of board, 4190ull 
investment of funds by board, 4190ull 
cities included in act, 4190nll 

custodian of funds, liability, 4190el2 

deficiency in (nnda, pro rata pay- 
ments, 4190uill 
election of board of tmstees, 4190911 
exemption of funds from debts, 4190(>12 
fire company, definition, 4190pll 
funds tor pensions, what constitutes, 

assessments on members, 4190111 

levy of tax for, 4190(11 

investment of funds, 4l90ull 

warranto drawn on, 4190(>12 

exemption of from seiEure, 4190612 
custodian of funds, 4190el2 



Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 

Firemen's Pensions, 

officere ot board of tni8t«es, 4190s1 1 

election and daties of, 4190*tl 

bond of president, 4190x11 

treaaorer metodian ot tande, 4l90i;12 

pension tnnd, what conedtntea, 4190t11 

investment of fund, 4190uU 
deficiency, pro rato psymenta, 4190to11 

exemption from BeiEore, 4190612 

pensionere, who are, 4190«11 

amonnta paid to, 4I90j:11 
death of, who entitled to pension , 


nnder former lawa, righta of, 4190^11 

re-examination of, 4]90zll 

penaionB paid by warranta, 4190aI2 

repeal of laws, eaving clauae, 4190dl2 

retired membera, re-examination, 419021 1 

tnuteea of pension board, 4I90r11 

Dsrober of, oatha, powera, 4190oll 

aelection of tniateee, 4I90gll 

time and mode of election, 4I90sll 

warrants tor paymenta, 4190al2 


[Beftrencet are to Stetiom.l 
Vol. 2, Seca. 2785-6594e2. Vol.; 


constraction of, 

Fish Commissioner, 

apiK>inlment and dotiea, 7772-7778 

dutiea of commissioner, 7772a 

fees inproaecutiona, 7777 

law, duties aa to enforcing, 7772a 
proaecntiona, appearance and leea, 7777 

salary and payment, 7777 

Fish Ladders, 

conatmction ot, 6624 

bow conatnicted, 6624 

by townehjp trnstee, 6626 

coats, how paid, 6626 

lien ot coat on lands, 6625 

new dams, ladders on, 6626 

eoata of conatmction, 6625 

lien ot on landa, 6625 

flshiDg near to, penalty, 6628 

repaira of, 6627 

townahip trnstee, duties as to, 6625, 6627 

Fish Ponds, 

private protected. 


protection ot V. 8., 
state flag, adoption ot, 

flaxseed Oil, 

parity reqoired on aale. 

2229(71, 2229n 






p. 676, 1394 


p. 679, 1394 


bakeries, how kept in, 
barrel ot, pounds in, 
brands and weigh ta, fall 
inspection of, 

Floyd County, 

circuit, in fifty-aecond, 
coDgreHsional diatrict, 
coQrt, terms in, 

represenlativea, apportlonmsnt, 
aalariea of county offlcera, 
aenatorial apportionment, 
statutes distnbnted to, 


adulteration of, 2167a, 21676, 21660, 21656 
poiaoning ot, penalty, 1902 

Food E^stablishments, 

regulations aa to keeping, 6726a-6726' 

Forcible Entry, 

punishment for, 206S 

Forcible Entry or Detainer, 

lands, recovering possession, 711S 

Foreclosure of Mortgi^^e, 

action by state not aSected, 
by assignee, parties. 

when lies to foreclose, 

when confined to property, 

personal judgment in, 

when will not lie, 

on installments not doe, 
assignment of mortgage, 

now to be made, 

satisfaction by assi^ee, 

foreclosure by asaignee, 

parties, redemption, 

purchaser without notice, 
copy of decree issued for aale, 

levy for residue, 
covenants in mortgage, conetraction, 1100 
execution, copy of decree iaaoed aa, 1114 

levy of for residue, 1H4 

as to installments not dne, 1116 

sale of lands under ordinary, 1119 

indorsement on execution, 1119 

fees for entering satisfaction, 1112 

inatallments not due, proceedinga, 1116 

judgment, when against proper^ 

only, 1110 

personal rendered, when, 1111 

aa to balance after aale, 1113 




IBt/erencM are to StetloAi.'] 
Vol. 1, Sece. 1-2764I>. Vol. 2, Bees. 278&-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6595-S733e. 

Foreclosnre of Hortgfage, 

where ingtaUmenta not dae, 
KB to sale in pAi-cele, 
ordinary on debt, execution, 



order ot sale, direction as to balance, 1113 

copy of decree issued a_. 

as to inBtBllmenta not doe, 

as to sale in parcels, 
parties in actions for, 
payment before sale, effect, 
pereonsl judgment, wlien, 
possession of mortgaged premises. 


ll6o, 1110 

sale made only on foreclosore, 1101 
without notice of assignment, IIW 

onJer of court ts to. 1111, HIS 

payment before, effect, 1111 

copy of decree issued for, 1114 

inBtailments not due, 1116 

sale in parcels, 1117 

of entire tract, 1118 

application of proceeds, 1118 

surplus, to whom paid, 1118 

■atdstaction by mortgagee, 1103 

certiQcate, execution, 1104 

recording, certificate, 1104 

' refusal to satisfy, penalty, 1105 
recovery of penalty, attomeye' 

tees, 1105 

by assignees, 1107 

by clerk after foreclosnre, 1112 

fees for enti? of, 1112 

state not aOected by act, 1106 

Foreclosnre of Street Aseessments, 

cities generally, foreclosure, 3623/, 3626 
of 100,000, foreclosure, 3846, 3853 

of 60,000, foreclosure, 3979, 3986 

of 43,000, foreclosure, 4139, 4140 

of 36,500, foreclosure, 4190{j3, 4190r3 
of 30,000, foreclosure, 

4190e9, 4190A9, 4190J9, 4190i9 
and towns, foreclosure, 4297 

towns, foreclosure of liens, 4397 

ForeigQ Bailding Associations, 

duties and liabilities, 44M-4475 

Bdildino Associatiohs, See. 

Foreii^ Corporations, 

actions against, where brought, 315 

consent to, filing of, 3454 

process, service, authority, 3434 

service on agent, 3455 

transfer to federal courts, 3460 

Foreijirn Corporations, 

agents, filing authority by, 
service nl process on, 
meaning of "agent," 
who not agents. 

346S, 34eia 

acting without authority, penalty, 3469 
articles, filing copy, 34616 

business, conditions precedent to 

transacting, 3460, 3461 

contracts, when not enforceable, 3466 

fees paid by, 34616 

manufacturing and mining laws. 







ts, 3460 


rights undei . 
penalty tor violation, 
process, consent as to servi 

service on agent, 
railroads, purchase of, 
taxation, assessment for, 
transfer of suits to federal < 

CoBPORATioNs, See. 

Iksoramce, 8ee. 

Forei^ Execator, 

action by, bund tor coota, 

right to maintain, 
bond on sale of lands, 

I'urisdiction of coort over, 
etters, preference as to, 
sale of lands by, 

bonds on sale, 
will, powers nnder, 

Forei^ Guardian, 

sale of real estate. 

Foreign Insurance Companies, 

mntnal lite and accident companies, 

process, service on, 4914( 

Insdbancb, See. 

Foreign InTe8tinent Companies, 

license, powers and duties, S015<I-60I6p 




Foreign Missions, 

board, organisation ol, 

rights and powers of, 
consolidating societies, 

Foreign Surety Companies, 

surety companies, see, 5480-6496 


grand jury, appointment, duties, 

1719, 1728, 173* 
petit jnry, signing and delivering of 
verdict, 663 





-a to SeetlonM,} 

Vol. 1. Bms. l-27Hb. Vol. 2 

Sees. 2786-66M«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-8733c. 




recognicance, forms of, 
before tostice. 

1781, 1788 

oathfl ol membeifl, 



meetiiigs, record. 


replevin bail before josUce, 


duties of board, 

search-warrant, form of, 


Becretoiy, ofBce, dntiM, 


warrant for arrest by justice. 


Balajy and ezpensM, 
taxation of land devoted to. 


in circuit court. 




selection of land, 


plantinK trees. 



connting trees. 


pasturing lands, 



replanting treea, 
i«motnng treea, 


congress has control over. 


kind of trees. 


Forwarding Companies, 




Fountain County, 

circuit, in twenty-flrst, p 

572, 1394 


congreBsional district. 



conrt, terms in, p 

672, 1S94 

«oaK, remimion by. 


salariee of county odScers, 


home for triendlesa, when paid to. 



indgment, entry of. 


sonstorial apportionment. 


collection on execution. 


statutes distnbuted to, 


justices, proceedings had, 1700 
railroads: forfeiture o( righta, 628^6296 

Fourth of July, 

remission of by governor, 


arrests on. 


by court, 


holiday as to commercial paper. 


how may be mads. 


2194, 2196 

school fond, belongs to, 




bonnty for killing, 




forfeiture, information. 



judgment of, 
railroadH, see, 

1166, 1166 

adulteration of food, tUSa 




Franklin County, 


circuit, in thirht-seventb, p 
congress! onal district. 

674, 1394 

charging orime. 



blanks for connty claims, 
commitment to reform scbool. 



court, terms in, p 
salaries of county officers. 

674, 1894 

constables, forms for, 



deeds of commissioner*, 

of executors or administrators. 


senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distributed to. 


of warranty, 
of qnitcUim, 
under tax sales, 


Fraternal Societies, 


insurance laws, exemption from 


docket of estates. 


organization and powen, 6060a-fi060* 

indictment, form of, 




instlces, forms tor, 


creditois, defrauding of, penalt} 

, 2277 

evidence in civil suit, use of, 


special bail before. 


execution sale, appraisement. 


recognizance before. 


fact, when a question of. 


warrant for arrest, 


frauds and perjuries, see. 



imprisonment for. 



joinder of action as to. 


of grand jury, 1721, 1722 

limitation of actions for. 

288. M87 




IBefertttett c 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, SecB, 

Fratids and Perjnrits, 

cCattel mortgage, wheo valid, 663! 

recording o(, 663f 

vrhea deemed reconled, 663G 
coDsi deration of cootract, stating of, 6630 

contract, when in writing, 6«2H 

CO neide ration, atating of, 6631) 

specific perfoTm an ce of, 6633 

for goods over fifty dollars, 6636 

sale of goods without de1tver]r, 6636 

trees, sale of, 6404»i 
land, agent to sell, 

sabsequent purchaser, when 

bound, 6641 

revocation by grantorat will, 6642 

revocation by third person, 6643 

before power accrues, 6644 

to defraud creditora, 6645 

in tmst for grantor, 6646 

rights of assignees and heire, 6647 

rights of personal representatives, 6647 

innocent purchtiaers, righU of, 6648 

seal to conveyance, 6660 

credit, repreeentationa as to, 6634 

creditors, term defined, 6637 

fact, qoeetion of intent is, 6649 

goods, sale for over fifty dollan, 6635 

Bale without delivery, 6636 

mortgage of, 66S8, 6639 

sale m bulk, inventory, notice, 6637a 

innocent purchasers, rights ol, 6648 

intent, question of fact, 6649 

land, t^ent to sell, 663Ba 

merchandise, sale in bulk, inventory, 

notice, 6687a 

mortgage of chattels, when valid, 6638 

recording of, 6638 

when deemed recorded, 6639 

presumption as to fraud, 6636 

purchaser, deed to defraud, 6640 

subsequent, when bound, 6641 

innocent, rights of, 6648 

representations as to character or 

credit, 6634 

resulting tniats, 6632 

sea) to conveyances, 6650 

specific performance of contrscts, 6633 

trees, sale, written contract, 6404nt 

trust property, conveyance, 6631 

resulting trusts, 6632 

deed in trust tor grantor, 6646 

Fraadnlent Conveyance, 

limitation of action, 29^ 2487 

provisions respecting, 6640-6646 

sale of property, appraisement, 766 

Free Gravel Roads, 

HioBWAYS, See. 
TcKHPiKH, See. 

Free Speech, 

abridgment of right of, 


Free Tompikes, 

HioHWAVs, See. 
TcRNPiKBs, See. 

Freehold Estate, 

jointure of vrife must be, 



bail, when most be, 
joroTB, when must be. 

1780, 1782 
1460, 1725 


reclaiming wrecked, 
selling unclaimed, 



ent«ring unlawfully. 


Freighting: Companies, 

taxation of, 


Friendless Women, 

home for, see, 



taking nnUwfoUjr, 



Jails, furnishing, 


Fogitives from Justice, 

affidavit to obtain warrant, 1674& 

agent, delivery of fugitive to, 1670 

costs and expenses paid by, 1672 

bond of fugitive, 1674i; 

forfeiture of bond, ' 1674ij 

citizens not smreodered, when, 1674a 

complaint to obtain warrant, I674A 

costs and expenses, payment, 1672 

liability of complainant for, 1674A 

county, return to another, 1667 

proceedings for return, 1667 
damages, liability of compjunant 

for, 1874i 

definition of fi^tive, 1668 
examination of fugitive, 1670, 1674c 

practice on examination, ]674f 

fugitives, who are, 166S 
governor, issuing warrant by, 1669, 1674/ 

refusal of warrant, when, 1673 
jail, conunitment to, 1671, 8203 

notice to governor of conuuit- 

men, 1671 



Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, 

Fugitives from Justice, 

judge or Jnetice iasiiiag warrant, 

service ol warrant, 

bearing before jndge or justice, 
prisooer not surrendered, whet 

discharged, when, 
enirender, when refused, 
warrant, issaing by governor, 

service of warrant, 

not issued, when, 

iudge or justice issuing, 

Fulton Coonty, 

circuit, in forty-fltst, 
congressional district. 

1674, 1674a 


1674, 1674a 

1669, 1674/ 

are to Stcttont.'] 
i. 2766-fi594e2. Vol. 3, 8eca.6e95-873Se. 

Funds, Public, 

threepercent., payments, bow made, 6671 
oath of superintendent, 667? 

narober oflaborers, 6672 

work stopped, when, 6672 

apportionment to counties, 6674 


court rooms, tor use of, 14SK 

p. 674, 1394 
court, terms in, p. S74, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 66B3 

salariee of count}[ ofBcere, ftldl 

senatorial apportionment. 

statutes diatnbntod to, 



Funding Bonds, 

Funds, Public, 

appropriation B of, how applied, 6654c 

disbuisement, accounts and vouchers, 


general fond, what constitutes, 6661 

officers' salaries paid from, 6652 

contingent expenses paid from, 6653 
general assembtj', payments from, 6654 

loan of funds, 6655 

errors, not to affect, ' 6665 

borrowers not to diepnl«, 66-^ 

salts for non-payment, 6657 

state may purchase on sale, 66E8 

sale by state, surplne, 6658 

substitutions by borrowers, 0659 

excessive loans, penalty, 6660 

efflcers, reports as to receipts and ex- 
penditures, 6654A-6654j); 

tbree pe' cent, fund, 6661 

sUte treasurer to draw, 6661 

account to be kept, 6662 

counties, payment to, 8663, 6674 

application on roads, 6663 

state officer*' reports. 


improvement of roads, 
where to be used, 
bridges may be built, 
pay of superintendent, 
pay of laborers and teams. 


dimensiona of, 

molasses, sorghum, pounds, 

Gambler, Common, 

Game, Wild, 

birds, destmction of, 2211-2218, 222T 

carrying game unlawfully, 2227 J, 2227ifc 

deer, killing of, 2210 

ducks, killing of, 2211, 222Tc 

grouse, killing of, 2208 

license to bnnt, 2227c 

fee of commissioner, 2227(1 

non-resident, license, . 2227e 

poBsession of licease, 2227/ 

report and fees, 2227f) 

pheasants, killing of, 2216 

pigeons, killing of, 2217 

prairie chickens, killing of, 2208 

quails, killing of, 2208 

Bale, keeping for unlawfully, 2209 

of certain not shot, 2214 

squirrels, killing ot, 2227a, 2227e 

sopervisora to enforce laws, 6863 

turkeys, killing of, 2210 

woodcock, killing ot, 2220 


action to recover articles lost, 
complaint in, 

SrosecatJDg attorney to sue, 
amoges, who to have, 

defendant to testify, 

repayment, penally released, 
cities, powers as to, el. 

contracts relating to void, 
devices, keeping for, 

search-warrant tor, 
election, betting on, 21! 

engaging in, penalty, 
fairgrounds, permitting on, 
fines to home tor trfendlesB, when, 
house, keeping for, 

renting for, 

keeping for pool-selling, 


», 3541 

', 6197 



[S^fartncet art to BecHant,] 
Vol. 1, Bees. 1-27S4». Vol. 2, Bees. 278e-e6»4«3. Vol. 8, 8«cfl. 6606-87880. 



inducing persouB to, S17S, 2178 

mlnon, induciog to, 2175 

partiea compelled to toaHtj, 1868 

pool-sellinff, keepina room tor, 2179 

search- warrant for devioea, 16SS 

witneas, parties compelled to be, 18SS 

in civil actions, 6679 


citiei, powers over, el. 9, 3641 

evidence as to, saffldenc;, - 18S4 

keeping of, penalty, 2173 

renting honse to be kept for, 2173 


cities of general class, powers, cl. 22, 3641 

ot 1(0,000, remoTal of, 3798 

of 60,000, removal of, 3927 

ot 43,000, removal of, 4077 

and towns, removal of, 4196 


administrator may be, 064 

affidavit for, 943 

answer, failure to file, judgment, 946 

arreetot absconding, 947 

attachment of no property, effect, 949 

bond by creditor, 943 

contract ot, performance, 951 

corporation summoned as, duty, 945 

costs as to, 950 

creditors filing claims, rights, 966 

discharge on payment, 952 

examination of, 946, 953 

executor may bo, 964 

f^nardian may be, 964 

judgment torwant of answer, 946 

when may be rendered, 948 

liability ot garnishee, 944 

officers, garnishee ot, 954 
oppressive garnishment, penalty, 


payment by, discharge, 962 

property not attached, effect, 949 

statement to be filed by, 946 

summons tor, 943 

liability after service, 944 

trustees, garnishee of, 954 

wages, exemption from, 071, 972 

Attachhbkt, See. 


oppressive, punishment, 2283, 2284 
QAmfisHKK, See. 


altering coDoections nnlawtolly, 


boring for, rights as to, 6099-6110 

companies for boring, 4595 

cities, general class, constnictiiig 
works, cl. 28, 3641 

connectionB with pipes, 8643 

of 100,000, contracts for, 3830 

of 60,000, regulating connections, 3927 
regulating rates, 3027 

erection of works, S063 

contracts for supplying, 306S 

of 43,000, contracts for, 4117 

and towns, r^ialatingnatarolgas, 4300 
connections, "'■^'"g nnlawtnlly, 

2311, 2312 

with pipes in cities, 3643 

fire, setting gas on, 2314, 2316 

Jumbo burners, use ot, 2317, 2316 

leakage, repairing, 7606a 

meter, use of false, 2361 

open tor inspection, 2318a 

excessive charges, 23166 

penalty, 2SlSe 

mixer, enlar^g orifice of, 2312 

refusal to deliver, 2313 

natnrat gas, regulations by cities and 

towns, 4306 

Btatate regulating, 7601-7614 

waste of gas, penalty, 2316 

wells, companies for sinking, 4606 

Gas Companies, See. 

Natural Gas, See. 

Gas Companies, 

boring wella, lighta and powers, 6009-^10 
pipes, extending beyond corporate 
limits, 6067 

laying ot in streets, 6066 

streets, laying pipes in, 6066 

Uxation, assessment for, 8427, 8401-8493 

Gab, See. 

Natobal Oas, Sea. 


highways, gates across, 6766 

railroad fences, gates in, 6S21, 5327 

General Assembly, 

acts and laws, style of, 97 

enacted by bill, OT 

origin ot bills, " IIS 

revenue bills in bouse, 113 

passage ot bills, 114, IZl 

sub)ect-matter and titlt, 116 

plain wording of, 116 

amendment ot, 117 

local forbidden, 118 

most Im general, when, 119 

public unless, etc., 123 

publication and taking effect, 124 

printing of, 7616, 7617 

distribution to coanties, 70l7d 

clerk ot court to distribate, 7617e 



iBefereneef are to SeetionM.} 
Vol. 1, Beci. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2TS6-56Me2. Vol. 3, SecB. 6696-87S3c. 

Cteneral Assembly, 

»eta and l&wi, dietribatian by secre- 
tary of etate, 7817/ 
Bale by secretary, payment, 7617/ 
ofBcera entitled to copies, 7S17e, 7617/ 
daty ot etat« libnuiaD, 7713, 7716 
adjoamments of, 106 
apportionment of members, 101, 6662, 6683 
dJstrictB, formatioQ, 102 
senatorial districts, 6682 
representative districts, 6683 
arrest, freedom ol members from, 104, 2695 
authority vested in, 97 
badges for«mployes, 6704a, 67046 
bills pending at adjournment, disposal, 

calendar of, duty of officers, 6707 

«lerks elected by house, 6602 

appointed by officers, 6693, 6603(1, 6604 
house committee clerks, 6696 

senate committee clerks, 6697 

warrant clerks, 6700 

pay of clerks, 66B3, 6693(i 

appointed by clerk ot house, 6693a 
pay of appointees, 6693a 

aSBJMant clerk's appointees, 6694 

«ommittee clerks ot house, 6606 

pay ol clerks, 6698 

clerks of senate, 6603 

pay ot clerks, 6607, 6698 

contempt, ponisbment. 111 

continuance, when attorney is a mem- 
ber ol, 414 
when member is n iHirty. 
disorderly behavior punished, 
districts, now formed, luz 
senatorial, 6682 
representative, 6683 
doorkeeper of senate, election, 6691 
of bouse, election, 6692 
appointments by, 6695 
pay of appointees, 6695 
doore to be open. . 100 
documents and papers, duty of state 

librarian, 7713,7715 

employee, posting list of, 6703 

duties of, 6704 

Ky of, 6695 

dges for, 6704a, 6704b 

enumeration ot voters, 100 

house of representatives, number, 98, 6681 
term of members, 90 

apportionment. 101, 6683 

qualifications. 103 

arrests, freedom from, 104,2695 

powers of, 112 

revenue bills originate in, 113 

pay ot members, 126, 6689 

offlcera elected by, 106 

organi cation ot, 66S7 

oath to members, 6688, 7535 

perquisites forbidden, 6600 

officers elected by, 6692 

General Assembly, 

house ot representatives, committee 

clerks of, 6698 

pajr ot speaker, 6710 

resignations, where sent, 7578 

vacancy, notice to governor, 7577 

doorkeeper's appointments, 6695a 

pay of appointees, 6605(i 

psges ol nouse and pay, 6606a 

clerk's appointments, 6603a 

pay ot appointees, 6603a 
assistant clerk's appointments, 6694a 

pay ot appointees, 6694a 

committee clerks, 6608 

Ky of clerks, 6608 
peachment of officers, resolu- 
tion, BlOSft 
impeachment of officers, resolution 
lor, 810e» 
senate tries, proceedings, B108b-8108r 
imprisonment for contempt, 111 
journal ol proceedings, 108 
correction of, 6706 
reading ot, 6706 
duty of committee, 6706 
signing of, 6706 

finnting and binding, 6706 

ndex to, 6707 

superintending printing, 6708, 7617a 

distribution ot journals, 70176 

duty ot state librarian, T715 

librarian, state, duties as to, 7718 

members ol senate, 98, 6681 

ot bouse, 98,6681 

terms of, 99 

qnalidcBlions, 103 

freedom from artsst, 104, 2895 

protest by, 122 

pay ot, 125, 6689 

office, eligibility to, 126 
apportionment of, 101, 6682, 66S3 

oaths of, 6088, 7535 

perquisites forbidden, 6600 

resignations, where sent, 7573 

osths ot members, 6688, 763S 

to witnesses, 6699 

officers, continuance of, 6684 

elected by senate, 106, 6691 

elected by house, 106, 6602 

clerks appointed, 6603 

subordinate clerks, 6604 

doorkeepers' appointees, 6695(i 

senate committee clerks, 6697 

house committee clerks, 6608 

warrant clerks, 6700 

reports by presiding, 6702 

speaker, pay of, 6710 

entitled to copies of acts, 7617«, 7617/ 

pages, appointment and pay, 6696 

of house, appointment, 6696a 

pay ot pages, 6696a 

ot senate, appointment, 6606 

pay ol pages, 6696 




Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 

General Assembly, 

pa; of members, 
of clerka, 

of sabordinate clerks, 
of appointeeg, 669S, I 

of pages, 6i 

ot speaker, 

perquisites, receivlag forbidden, 

powers of each hoDse, 

protest of membera, 

qualiflcatioiiB of members, 

qaorom ot, 

representatives, number of, 
apportionment of, 

rerenae bills, 

secretar; of seoste, election, 
appointments by, 
pay of appointees, 

■enate, number of, 
term ot members, 
qaaliftcations, 103 

freedom from arrest, 104 

officers ot, 106 

powers of, 112 

protest of membeifl, 122 

pay ot members, 126, 6689 

office, holding by members, 126 

apportionment of members, 101, 6682 
oraanJEBtion of, 6686 

officers elected by, 6691 

committee clerks ot, 6697 

resignations, where sent, 7673 

secretary, election of,* 66B1 

doorkeeper's appointinents, 6695 

pay of appointees, 6695 

pages, appointment, pay, 6896 

secretary's appointments, 6693 

pay of appointees, 6693 

committee clerks, 6607 

pay of clerks, 6697 

impeachment, trial of cbatsee, 

91086-81 08r 

senators, number ot, 98, 66S1 

apportionment, 101, 6682 

sessions ..regular, when held, 105 

special, calling ot, 105 

doors to be open, 109 

changing place of, 146 

length at regular and special, 125 

[Btfereneei art to Seetiont.] 
Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5696-873Se. 

Geologist, State, 

annual report ot, 


state, provisions tbr suits against, 
vacancies, notice to governor, 
warrant clerks, who are, 

reports by presiding officers, 

General Denial, 

pleading and proof under, i 

General Character, 

witnesses, proof of, 51 



nistodian ol state-house, duties, 

department established, J751 

divisiona in, 7751 

duliea of generally, 7753 

election of, oat'h, term, 7762 

beginning of terra, 7574a 

engineer at state-house, dutiee, 7789 

librvryj state, duties as to, 7721 

relics, transfer from, 7726 

museum, duties as to, 7754 

ofBce, where kept, 7754 

oil inspector, appointment, 6997 
salary of geologist, 6414, 7752 

term, bet^nning of, 7674a 
university, state, member of faculty, 6003 

collecting specimens for, 6093 

vacancies, fllTing of, 7762 

Gibson Connty, 

circuit, in eleventh, p. 670, 1304 

congressional district, 3315 

court, terms in, p. 670, 1304 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries ot county officers, 6462 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

sUtutee distiibated to, 7617d 


descent ot proper^ acqaued by, 2626, 2628 

Gift Enterprise, 

advertising account ot, 2172 

making or selling tickets in, 2171 


flab, taking with, penalty, 

Girls' Industrial School, 

Wohkn's Pbison, See. 


horse with, soBering at luge. 


insuring plata-glass. 


bank notes redeemable in, 
counterfeitir^ sold coin, 
Btates making ^gal tender, 

in bulk, inventory, notice, 



[^BtftTtueti an to SeeUoni.J 
Vol. 1, BecB. 1-27S46. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6594(2. Vol. i 

Sees. 56B6-S78Se. 


importation, prohibition, 
appoints benevolent inetitation 

boardfl, S006 

■^ metropolitan police commisrioii^ 

era, 37IT 

trtieteea for school of feeble- 

minded, 3118 

commiBsioner of flsfaeries, 7772, 7774 
commissioners of deeds, 6045 

commiSBionera for reform school, 8301 
labor commiasionera, 70506 

tactorjr inspector, 7087> 

medical exuninipg board, 7321 

engineer at state-taonse, 77S9 

female reformatory managers, 82£6 
membera board ol health, 8711 

normal school trusteea, 8035, 6038 

notaries public, 603G, S036 

Ohio river falls pilots, 8137 

Pnrdoe oniveraity truBt«eB, 6176 

sUte tax commissioners, 6536 

board of control for prisons, 

managers of Indiana retormatorv, 

trustees ol soldiers' home, 63736 

ftppropriation committee, appoint- 
ment of, 2890 
arrest, freedom from, 2895 
attorney, emploTment of, 7606 
attorney-general, canvass of votes, 7684 
commission to, 7684 
request to represent state, 7686 
clerks of, 7696 
compromising sails, 7700, 7701 
authority vested In, 127 
banks, nnsafe, notice as to bills, 7672 
benevolent institntionB, appoints trust- 
ees, 3006 
removal of trustees by, 8006 
bills, signing or vetoing, 140 
bonds to state university, signing, 6163 
to Fardne Qnivenity, signing, 6162 
may direct suit on official, 7608 
bow suit broQght, costs, 7606 
of secretary of state, approval, 7612 
of auditor of State, approval, 7633 
of treasnrer of state, approval, 7656 
may require new of treasurer, 7656 
of state tax commissioners, ap- 
proves, 8536 
Of eUte, issue and sale, 8407a-S407c 
«erl3ficate of nomination of candi- 
dates, 6219 
gives to congressmen elected, 
to presidential electors, 
commissioner of fisheries, appoint- 
ment. 7772, 7774 
«ommissionera of deeds, appointment, 8045 
for reform school, 8301 



commissione, signing of, 216, 228, 7569 
to attorney -general, 7664 

commutation of sentence of girls, 8291 
of sentence of boys, 8322, 8827 

coDgresemen, certificates to, 6283 

corporations, dismissal of salts, 7701 

counsel, employment for state, 7606 

county seat, removal, appoints ap- 
praisers, 6688 J 
custodian of state-house, removal, 7780 
death warrant, when issues, 1952 
debt, temporary loans, 7609 
sute, duties aa to, 8360, 6366-8407 
diseases, preventing spread of, 6725 
education, member of state board, 6349 
trustees of normal school, 6036, 6036 
visitor to state university, 6076 
Purdue nniveraity trustees, 6176 
approval of donation to, 61S6 
election of governor, 129 
manner of voting, 130 
plurality elects, 181 
contest of election, 132 
writs of election, issuing, 146 
candidates, ceitiflcato ol nomina- 
tion, 6219 
canvass of votes by secretary, 6262 
congressmen, certificates to, 6283 
special election, calling of, 6267 
marshals at presidentiBl, 6344 
canvass of votes for electors, 6347 
certificates to electors, 6847 
eligibility to hold office, 134 
for re-election, 127 
to bold other offices, 150 
execatiye aathoritv vested in, 127 
execution of laws hy, 142 
expenses of office, 7610 
factory inspector, appointment, 7067« 
report oy inspector to, 7067t( 
feeble-minded, trustees of school, S118 
female reformatory, managers, 8256 
auditing accounts, 6266 
fines and forfeitures, remission, 143, 6620 
fugitives, dnUea as to, 19, 1666, 1670, 1672 
duties relating to, 1669, 1673, 167^ 
general assembly, messages to, 139 
signing and veto of bills, 140 
changing place of meeting, 146 
acts and resolutions, depositing, 7605 
geologist of state, filling vacancy, 7762 
health board, appointment, 6711 
horfie-racing act, request to bring 

suit, 6069Jt 

impeachment, chief justice presides, 

labor commissioners appointed by, 70506 
report to, publication, 7060o 

laws, execution of, 142 

taking effect, proclamation, 239 

loans, temporary, duties, 7609 

marshals at presidential elections, 6344 






Vol. 1, Sera. 1-27846. 


medical examintDg board ^pointed 

meseagee to legiBlatare, 
metropolitan police commieeionera, 
fixes salariee of, 
militia, commander-in -chief, 
equipments for, duties, 
dutien concerning, 
moba, sappresBion, 
normal scnool, tniBtees, 
notaries public, appointment, 
oath ol, taking ana recording, 75S5 

office, who may hold, 134 

re-election to, 127 

holding others, 150 

officers, reqairiDK information from, 141 
Ohio river falls, pilots, 8187 

oil inspector, appointment, 6998 

removiug inspector, 7013 

pardons and repnevee, 143, 8231 

patents tor university lands, 6122, 6148 
printing, commisaioner of poblic, , 7504 
of reports of officers. 7693 

prisons, pardon of convicts, 6231 

appoints board of control, 820SA 

vacancies filled, 8208b 

Indiana reformatory managers, 8263d 
appointments, removals, vacan- 
cies, 82SSd 
commntation of sentence, 82&3n 
Pnrdne university trustees, 6176 
bond to, Bignlng, 6182 
donation to, approval, 6186 
qaaliflcations of, 133 
reform school tor hoys, commisaioDeia, 

commntaUon of sentences, 6322, 8327 
remission of fines and (orleitures, 


reports of officers sent to legislature, 7592 

printing of, 7S93 

to by labor commission, 7060o 

directing pablication ol, ?050o 

by factory inspector, 7087u 

residence of, 165 

resignation of office, where sent, 7573 

salary of governor, 148, 6405, 7611 

secretarv, private, appointment, 7607 

salary and payment, 6662, 7611 

soldiers' home, appoints tmsteea, 83786 

removal of trustees, 8373b 

state treasury, examination, 7670, 7671 

tax board, is member of, 8535 

appoints two commissioiieTS, 8535 

issues commissions to, B636 

is chairman of board, 8636, 8547 

approves bonds, 8636 

611s vacancies, 8546 

term of office of, 127 

beginning of term, 1S5 

[BeftTf-neet are to Stcitoiu.'i 
Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6694*2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6595-8733e. 


anivereity, state, is visitor of, 
printing of report of trustees, 

patents for lands sold, 

signs bond to, oioo 

vacancy in office of, 136 

filhng vacancies by, 144, 7578 

who acts in case of, 7676 

veterinarian, state, appoints, 2871 

veto of bills, 140 

Militia, See. 

Governor's Circle, 

care and control ol, 8364 

Monument Place, name changed to, 8363 

care and control, * 

sale of prohibited, 
street railway prohibited, 
vehicles standing on street. 

Graded Schools, 

establishment of, 

joint schools, establishment, 


streets, changing grades of, 


inspector, misfeasance, penalty, 
inspection and storage of, 

Grain Elevators, 

organitatioD oloompudM, 


inheritance by, 


6rand Jury, 

abolishing system. 


attendance and aeseiona, 1717a, 


hoys, charges against, report. 


business, order ol, 


challenge, who may. 



causes for. 


trial ol. 


charge to by conit. 


clerk of jury. 


discharge of jury, 


recalling of, 


of juror, filling panel. 


disclosure by juror of crimes, 


drawing of, 1460 


enumeration of voters, inquiry as to 


excuse, cause for. 

171 S 

fine tor not appearing, 




Orand Jnry, 

loremEui, appointment of, 
^r]s, charges against, report as U 
impeachment, presentment, 
iaila, examination by, 
jarore, selection and drawing, 


1460, l«2 

1460, 14S8 


qnaliflcations ol, 

n amber of, 

oaths of, 

new jaror, oath, 

disclosing knowledge, 

secrecy ol proceedings, 

when may disclose, 

not questioned as to acts, 
oatfaa ot ]nron, 

of new jaror, 

of witnesses, 
order ot bnsiness before, 
poor-bouees, inqniry as to, 
prisons, inqoirj as to. 
ppoeecQtor, presence before, 
qooliflcations of, 
secrecy of proceedings, 

dieclosnre of, 

oattu of witn esses, 
selection and drawing of, 

witnesses, oatns to, 

divuigi ng proceedings, 

refiual to answer, report to court, 1733 
obstinate, action ot court, 1734 


Graod Larceny, 

definition and panishmeDt, 


1728, 1733 

14B0, 1468 

1460, 1452 
1717a, 17176 

1728, 1733 


inheritance by, 



and righta ot, 6129-6133 

Grant County, 

circnit, in forty-ei^th, p. 676, 1394 

congr^sional distnct, 3326 

coart, terms of circoill p. 676, 1194 

BoperioT, established in, 


lerms ot superior coart, 1426J 2 

leptesentatiTes, af>portionment, 6683 

salariea ot coonty officers, 6463 

)t coonty Ol 
eenatoiial apportionment, 
etatntes distnbated to. 



corpse, taking from, 

Gravel Koads, 

Gravel Koad Companies, 

abandonment of part of road, 4790, 4804 

of road, occupancy, 4808 

remov^ of material from, 4809 

working as highways, 4810 

enjoining interruption, 4811 

annual Btatenient ot directors, 4766, 4767 

appeal from assessment ot damages, 

4769, 4780, 4762 
payment or tender ot damages, 4762 

effect of appeal, 4762 

from location of road, 4756 

appropriation ot lande, 4759 

proceedings to appropriate, 4769 

damages assessed, 4759 

appeal from proceedings, 4769, 4762 

ot material, 4760 

appraising value, 4760 

appeal, eflect, 4760, 4762 
minors and insane, gnardian, 4761 

articles of association, 4762 

contents, execution, filing, 4762 

certificate of filing, evidence, 4783 

to purchase rood, 4788 
by parehasera on foreclosure, 

4787, 4788 

defeeti ve cured , 4803 

assessments, revival of act as to, 4820 

certain made collectible, 4821 

patting on duplicate, 4822 

I^alizing assessments, 4824 

£atting on duplicate, 4825 

I, issue and sale, 4777 

borrowing money by, 4776 

bridges, charging toll, 4786, 4794 

by-taws, adoption, 4770 

capita] stock, shares ot, 4762 

payment tor, flM 

notice for payment, 4764 

transfer of, 4766 

increase, limit, 4766 

payment in proper^, 4806 

completion, failare, effMt, 4769 

time for, 4796 

connections at state line^ 4826 

consolidation of companies, 4790 

name and ftowers of, 4791 

construction, failure, eSect, 47S9 

time given for, 4795 

damages for lands taken, 4769 

for materials, 4760 

directors, number, election, 4753 

terms of, 4763 

notice ot election, 4753 



[Be/erenceg are to Sectioni.] 
Vol. 1, Secfl. 1'27S46. Vol. 2, Sece. 27S&-fi5S4«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-8733o. 

Gravel Aoad Companies, 

repaire, appeal from judgment, 

6raT«l Road Companies, 

directors, time and place of election, 4764 

roadwftj, determine kind of, 4755 
location of road, 
stock, requiring pajment, 
annual statement by, 
failure to make, penaltj', 
Tscsncies, filling; of, 
by-laws, adoption, 
rates of toll, 
liability for debts, 
money loaned bv to company, 
purcbase of road on execution^ 

sale of road and francbieea, 4792, 4' 

drains, construction on lands, 47t10 

embezElement by employee, 4T73 

execution sales, apprtuaement, 4774 

purchase by directors, 478*2 

extension of road, collection of toll, 

4800, 4S01 

ferries, establishment of, 4784 

toll tor use of, 47S4 

forfeiture for failure to constract, 4769 

failure to complete in ten years, 4808 

tor failure to repair, 4816 

effect of judgment, 4817 

highway, locating road on, 4756 

granting ri^t by county board, 4756 

abandoned worked as, 4810 

inspection ol roads, 4602 

lands, release for nse of, 4757 

entries on, rights as to, 4766. 

removal of material from, 4768 

appropriation of, proceedings, 47S9 

ditches and drains on, 4760 

ajipropriating material on, 4760 

minors and insane persons, 4761 
appeal from proceedings, 

4759, 4760, 4762 

liurchase and holding of, 4775 

location of road on highway, 4756 

consent of county board, 4756 

deeds for lands taken, 47S7 

appropriating lands tor, 4769 

material, appropriation of, 4760 

mortgage, 'purchase of road under, 4787 

organizing company, 4787 

manner of organization, 4788 

legalization of oi^nizationa, 4789 

plank roads, proviaions relating to, 


purchase, incorporation for. 

organisation by purchasers, 
repairs, failure to make, tolls, 
tolls not collected, when, 
complaint regarding, 
summons issued, 
notice, publication, 
witneseee to teetity, 
bearing and Bnding, 
judgment, order for repairs, 
forfeiture, jud(>ment, effect, 

costs, taxation, 
right of way, release of, 

appropriation of lands for, 
roadway, character of, 
rules, adoption and posting of, 
sale of property under execution, 

purchase Iqr directors, 

. under mortgage, 

rights of purchasers, 

oivanization by parchaseiB, 

sale by company, 

sale of part of road, 
stock, amount, shares, 

payment tor, 

notice for payment, 

transfer of, 

increase, limit, 

Sayment in property, 
IB fond, creation ot, 
investment of, 

taxation, assessment for, 

toll and toll-gates, 
erection of gates, 
rat«s of toll, 
posting rates of toll, 
exacting unlawful toll, 
detention of travelers, 
refusal to pay toll, 
passing apound gates, 
embezilement ol toll, 
ferries, collecting toll, 
tmdges, collecting toll, 
extension of roads, toll on 
extensions, legalized, toll, 
repair, road out of, toll on 
on tram roads, 

tram roads, changing into. 



4768, 4796 



4786, 4794 

4763, 4812 

Greene County, 

.circuit, in fourteenth, 
congressional district, 
conit, t«rms in, 

representatives, apportionment, 
salaries of count;; officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distribnted to, 


killing of, 


absentee, guardian for cbildien, 
accounting every two years, 

at end of trust, 
action for seduction of ward, 

for injury to ward, 

guardian ad litem, 

next friend for ward, 
appeals without bond. 

p. 671, 1394 


p. 671, 1394 



l^Btftrvnttt are to Seettom.] 
Vol. 1, 8eo8. l-2784b. Vol. 2, 8ec8. 2785-&Se4«2. Vol. 3, 8<ms. SS9S-e733e. 


appoialment lor minor, 2673 

applicadon lor, 2676 

ameasment tor taxation, 8421 

bon<l, Buretiee, amount, 2076 

approval ot bond, 2676 

defective bonds, 2677 

release of aaretiea, 2678 

examination bv court, 2680 

ordering new, 2630 

who may me on, 2691 

of foreign gaardian, 2704, 2706 

children miatreated. guardlani lor, 2109 

order as to support, 2709 
application by hmnane society, 271 1 
committing to guardians ot poor, 2713 

clerk, appointmentH by, 2673 

approval ot bond, 26T6 

docket kept by, 267U 

leee of, 2681 

eoatody of ward, right of, 2682 

A wiunI, settlement of est 

debts, payment ol, 
docket, keeping and contents, 
dmnkarde, guardians for, 
duties ot generallT, 
•dacation of wani, 

duty ol guardian, 
expenses and pay of, 
fees ot clerks, 

taxed in ^ardianihipa, 
temale guardian, marriage of, 

assent ot husband, 
foreign guardian, sale ot lands, 

bonds of, 





assent to accounting, 2690 

injory to ward, action tor, 267 

inaane, who is insane, 2714 

proceedings to determine, 2715 

guardian, appointment, 2716 

production ol party, 2717 

expenses and costs, 2718 

non-resident, guardian, 2719 

temporary guardianship, 2720 

duties and powers of guardians, 2721 

termination of guardianship, 2722 

sanity, trial as to, 2723 

contracts void, 2724 

dangerous, sate keeping, 2725 

deeds by guardian, 33886, 3388« 

trial ot, see, 

investment, change ot, 

inventory, filing of , 

lands, sale ot, 

application, contents, 
appraisers, appointment, 
oatb ot appraisers, 
filing appraisement. 


lands, sate, additional bond, 2696 

order ot sale, notice, 2897 

private sale without notice, 2697 

sales legaliEed, 2698 

who to make sale, 2699 

report of sale, 2700 

producing proceeds, 2700 

price sold for, 2701 

two-thirds appnUsemeDt, 2701 

confirmation ot sale, 2702 

order for deed, 2702 

foreignguardian, sale by, 2703 

bona ot guardian, 2704 

marriage ot female guardian, 2688 

assent of husband, 2688 

of temale ward, settlement, 2690 

minor over fourteen, selection, 2674 

removal only for cause, 2676 

partition, power ot guardian, 1206, 2707 

pay ot guardian, 2706 

removal of guardian, 2688 

causes tor, 2688 

notice to guardian, 2688 

marriage of female guardian, 2888 

seduction ot ward, action tor, 265 

taxes, payment ot, 8687 

ward over fourteen, selection, 2674 

removed for cause only, 3676 

death ot, settlement of estate, 2687 

marriage ot female, settlement, 2690 

will, guardian appointed by, 2883 

taw regulating, 2683 

Gaardian Ad Litem, 

appointment tor infants, 259, 2684 

assessment of damages, appointment, 900 

bastardy, when appointed, 1000 

costs, not lia'ble for, 280 

decedents' estates, sale ot lands, 2499 

distribntion ot, 2666 

insane, appointment tor, 317 

wills, contest ot, 2768 


companies to operate, 4504 
organisation and rights of, 4618-4622 

Habeas Corpns, 

amendments allowed, 1181, 1144 

attachment to compel return, 1129 

bail, no diacharffe for detects, 1IS4 

hearing andorder for, 1134 

writ to obtain boil, 1136 

notice to interested party, 1136 

children, writ to obtain, 1121 

clerk to issue writ and proceoi, 1144 


Vol. 1, SecH. 1-27846. 

Habeas Gorpas, 

criminal coarte, when, 1124 

powers of, 1133,1137 

costody of party pending proceedings, 1142 


temporary, orders as to, 
fugitives, rights as to writ, 
Koardians, write of by, 
hearing and order, 
insane, writ in lavor of, 

in hospital, right to writ, 

jadgeB, powere to grant writs, 1124 

of criminal courts, 1124 

jadgment, inquiry as to validity, 1133 

notice to interested party, 1136 

obstruction of writ, 2120 

officer not liable tor obeying, 1138 

parents, writs in favor of, 1121 

pleadings, practice as to, 1131 

verification of, 1131 

amendment of, 1131 

process, inquiry into validity of, 1133 

removal from jurisdiction, 1139 

proceedings to prevent, 1139 

warrant and service, 1140 

execution of writ, 1141 

return to writ, doty as to, 1129 

attachment tor refusal, 1129 

msnner of making, 1130 

contents of, 1130 

production o( party, 1130 

sick or infirm party, 1130 

conrt may excuse production, 1131 

exception to retam, 1131 

new matter in avoidance,' 1131 

amendment of return, • 1131 

service of writ on sheriff, 1126 

by BheriS, 1127 

leaving copy at reridencc, 1128 

when served, 1144 

BheriH, service of writ on, 1126 

service of writ by, 1127 

service by copy, 1128 

not liable for obeying. 11S8 

Sunday, issue and service of writ on, 114S 

Buspeneion of writ by congress, 9 

by state, 72 

witnesses, compelling attendance, 1137 

writ, who may have, 1120 

parents and others for children, 1121 

to whom directed, 1126 

service of, 1127, 1128 

return to, 1129. 1180 

to obtain bail, 1135 

issuiue on Sunday, 1143 

clerk to issue, 1144 

detects disregarded, 1144 


IRtferaicei are to Secllofw.] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. £Se6-8738e. 


inheritartce by, 8BS7 

HamiltoD Goanty, 

circuit, in twenty-fourth, p. 673, 1304 

congreasional district, 3323 

court, terms in, p. 672, 1304 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of county officers, 6456 . 

senatorial apportionment, . 6682 

statutes distributed to, 7617(1 

Hancock County, 

circuit, in eighteenth Judicial, p. 671, 1304 
congressional district, 3320 

court, terms in, p. 671, 1S94 

reprepentatives, apportioninsnt, "'"'" 

iaries of county officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distnbuted to, 


defacing or tearing down, 
posting unlawfully, 


using unlawfully, 



will, signatures, proof ol. 

r64, 2766- 


construction and repaii 
companies to improve, 
obstruction of, penalty, 
piers and docks. 

et. 34, 3M1 

by, 3677-8606- 



Hard Labor, 

prisoners to be kept at, 
work-house prisoners to be 

kept at, 8334 

Harrison Connty, 

circuit, in third judicial, p. 669, 1394 

congressional district, 3317 

court, terms in, p, 560, 1394 

repreflentatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of county officers, 6467 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statutes distributed to, 7617d: 


bounty for killing of, , 787L 



IB^trtnct* are to SecUont.'] 
Vol. 1, Seci. ]-27S4b. Vol. 2, SecB. 2785-5694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. S596-87S3e. 

Health, Board of, 


anon, by burning ol, 2000 

cities reKalating sale &nd veighine, 

el. 31, 8541 
false weight, selling by, 2251 

inspection of, 7021, 7022 

scales to weigh, purchase by county, 7022 
ton, what constitutes, 8732 

Health, Board ol, 

to prevent spread of „., 

Irirtha. registration of, 671T 

reports by physicians, 6730 

forms for record of, 6722 

board of, creation by cities, 

3538, cl. 35, 3541 
in cities of 100,000, 3885, 3B86 

in ciUes of 60,000, 4016, 4016 

in dties of 13,000. 4188, 4189 

mayor and council, when a board, 

state board established, 6711 

appointment of members, 6711 

terms of members, 6711 

officers elected by, 6711 

oatbs of members, 6712 

Mcretary, office, where kept, 6713 

' ■' *- ■ 6713 

6416, 6714 

duties of secretary, 
salary ol secretarr, 
expenses ol memoers, 
meetings of board, 
qnorum of board, 
prerident ol board. 

powers and dn ties of board, 
annual report of, d( id 

births, deaths, marriages, 6717 

record of proceedings, 6722 

forms prescribed, 6722 

factories, duties as to refuse, 

6717a, 67176 

dties, creation of boards of, 

3538, e^. 36, 3641 
of 100,000, board in, 3S86, 3886 

60,000, board in, 4015, 4016 

43,000, board in, 4188, 4189 

mayor and council, when a board, 6716 

coroner, report of deaUis by, 6720 

county commissioners, powers, duties, 6718 
board of health, duties, 6716 

dsatbs, registration of, 6717 

reports by physidans, 6720 

coroners to report, 6720 

forms for record, 6722 

disease, appropriation to prevent 
spread of, 6726 

doty of governor s8 to, 6725 

factories, duty of state board, 67t7a-6717c 

food establishments, regulations, 


forms, state boai-d to prescribe, 6722 

6719, 6724 


6416, 6714 

duties and powers, 

secretary of, 

pay ol secretary, 

records, where kept, 

subordinate to state board, 

report by secretaries, 

rules, promulgation, 

penalty for failnre, 

births end deaths reported to, 
marriages, reg^istration of, 

report by clerk of court, 
penalties for violating act, 
physicians, reporting births and 

deaths, ' *^ "* 6720 

resorts, companies to carry on, 4594 

incorporation and powers of com' 

secretary of state board, 
appointment and term, 
must be a physician, 
office at Indianapolis, 
duties of generally, 
salary of, 
of local boards, election, 

duties of local secretary, 
Hbalth Officer, Bee. 
Hbalth REBOina, See. 

Health Officer, 

appointment of in dties, 

Health Resorts, 

bonds, power to issue, 

mortgage to secure, 
capital stock, statement 

amount of, increase, 

division into shares, 

personal estate, transfer, 

payment for, 

enforcing payment, 

certificate as to payment, 

reduction of, 
certificate of incorporation, 

execution and recording, 

contents of, 
companies to carry on, 
corporate body, when complete, 
directors, statement in cernficate, 

number ol, 

election and terms of, 

quorum of, 

officers elected by, 

terms of offlcere, 456.S 

payment forstock, 4568 

' ■* ■ 4570 


certificate, 4569 




certificate ai 

pay men I 
— jrtgage to secure deots, 
real estate, holding ol. 




[Rtfertneet art to Seettont.] 
Vol. ], S«e. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-&594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6595-87S3c, 

Health Resorts, 


■ecretary, election ol, 

bond of, 

may act ae treasDKr, 
stockholders, votiag by, 

increasing capital stock, 

reduction of capital stock, 

traaBorer, election and bond, 4563 

eecretaiT maj be, 4663 


division linea, trimming hedges on, 6667 
townehip tmetee trimming, 6688, 6590 

highways, trimming o( on, 6587 

suit to recover eKpeneea, 6588 

prosecutor to prosecute, 6688 

tee of prosecutor, 6589 

penal^ against trustee, 6590 

planting on highways, 6764 


absent, lands ot, bow beld, 

252B, 2667-2660 

property and tntids of, 2670-2574 

adoption of, 835-841 

advance of shares to, 2636 

bond to retasd, 2536 

agent ot decedent testitying, 508 

bond to pay claims, 2556 

to refund advancements, 2636 

suite by on bonds, 2613 
creditors, liability to, SS97-2608 

deed by sheriff to, 773 

distribution to in advance, S536 

bond to refund, 2636 

false heir, producing of, 2103 

final settlement, opening of, 2568 

heirship, notice and proof, 2662 

judgments, review of, 627 

enforcing against, 633 

lands, redemption from sale, 780 

parties to sale of to pay debts, 2491 

of absent, how held, 2528, 2667, 2669 
nnknown, property and funds of, 


witnesses, competency of, 507 

agent of decedent testitying, 508 
Adoption op Heibs, See. 
Dbcedbnts' Estates, See. 

Hemp Seed, 

bushel ot, what i 

Hendricks CoaDty, 

circuit, in fitty-fifth, 
congressional district, 
court, terms in, 

representatives, apporiionment, 
salaries ot county officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distnbated to, 

p. 676, 1394 


p. 676, 1394 

Henry Connty, 

circuit, in fifty-third, p. 676, 13M 

congressiond district, 3320 

court, terms in, p. 576, 1394 

apportionment, 6683 

" -- 6458 

salaries ot county officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distributed to, 


6174, 5175 

Hi^h Schools, 

chnrches may establish, 4618-4526 

donations for, 6187 

acceptance by county board, 6187 

trustees, appointment, 6188 

oivanization, and oaths, 6188 

officers elected by, 6188 

bonds ot officers, 6188 

duties ottmateee, 6189 

admission of pnpils, 6189 

incorporation and powers of, 4496-4504 

tax to support, election, 6166&-e]66u 


assessments for drainage, 

corporations obstructing, 

engines, use on highways, 

flagmen at crossings, 

heavy hauling on, 

bones, racing on, 

nuisance, creating in, 

obstruction by corporations, 
of generally, 

by comer-stone or monameat, 2273 
by cars or locomotives, 2291, 2297 

evidence ot establishment, 1380 

prisoners, working on, 1936 

racing horses on, 2280 

railroads, obstructing with cars, 2281, 2297 
signals at croeeinge, 2200, 6307 

crossings, rights and duties, 5172 

lights at street crosainga, 6173 

fiagmen at crossings, 6174, 5175 

street railways, building on, 5465-6468 

trees on, injury to, 2042 

Highways, Gbnbral Pro visions. See. 

Highways in Two Goantiea, 

auditor, notice ot fliingperition, 6726 
notice of appointing commiadon- 

ers, 6728 

precepts to sheriffs, 6728 

notice ot action of board, 6732 

remonstrance, notice, 6734 

reviewers, notice, 6735 

dismissal, notice, S7S6 

commissioners to examine, 6727 

num1>er appointed, 6728 
appointment by comiiiisBion«n, 6729 

meeting and oath, 6730 

examination by, 6730 

report and contents, 6781 

pay of commissioners, 6738 





re to SfCliotia.l 

Vol. l.Seca. 1-27846. Vol.2, 

Sees. 2785-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5696-873Sc. 

Highways in Two Coanties, 

Highways in One County, 

count]' boards appoint commisBionen 


county board fixing time for meeting 


eHch board appoints one, 


report ol reviewers. 


report returned to, 



action OD report, 


damages, order as to. 


dismiesal of petition, 


setting aside report, 


remonstrance, reviewers, 


ordering another review, 


damages, payment. 


utility, new viewera. 


action niter report of reviewerfi, 


directors of free turnpikes. 


pay of person B (or services. 


damages, remonstrance for. 


record entry of highway. 


reviewers to assess. 


State line, constructing roads on 


assessment and report. 


laws to govern proceedings, 


order of county board. 


damages, asseBsment by reviewers. 


payment by county, 
costs when none allowed. 


action of board on report. 



payment of. 


exceasive, another review, 
payment before opening road, 
deposit in county treasury, 


none assessed , costs, 





on remonstrance. 


establishing, notice to viewers, 


by majority of boards, 


meeting and oaths of vieweni. 


notice of filing petition. 


location bv viewera, 

on lines of cities or towns. 


of intention to file, 



pay ol persons for services. 


by user, recording. 


petition, contents of. 


exemption from labor on. 


number of signers. 


certificate of exemption, 
incloBure, opening read through. 

notice of filing. 



action of county board on, 



dismissal of, 073^ 


to viewers to meet. 


record entry of road. 


to trustees of opening. 


remonstrance for damages, 
reviewers appointed, 


to reviewers to meet. 



petition, number of sieners. 


report, and action on, 


qualifications of signers. 


against petition, dismissal. 


notice of. 



second petition, cost-bond. 


costs when no damages allowed 


record entry of road, 


report of commissi oners, 


remoDBtrance for damages. 


action by county boards. 


appointment of reviewers, 


of reviewers. 


oath and duties of. 


reviewers, appointment of, 
duties and report. 




action on report, 


pay for services. 


as to utility, 


atate line, road on. 


viewers and report, 676( 



report of viewers, contents, 


law governing. 


action of board on, 


of reviewers. 


Highways in One Goanty, 

of viewers on utility, 

action of board on, 674f 





notice and meeting. 


auditor, precept to notify viewers. 


duties and report. 


notice of vacated roads, 


action on report, 


change on lands of petitioner. 


report set aside, another review 


how change eflect*^d, 6774-6779 

who not competent to act. 


on banks of streams, 6780-6784 

pay of. 


cities or towns, locating on bounda- 

streams, roads on banks, change of. 



costs, when remonstrator to pay, 6748, 6751 

taxation of lands used for. 


bond on second petition, 


utility, report ot viewers as to. 


county board appoints viewers. 


review as to. 


report of viewers to. 



action on report. 


report of viewers. 


order for opening road, 


action on report. 


remonstrance, reviewers, 


costs, when objector pays, 




Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. 

Hishways in One County, 

Treated road, notice of, 674^ 

▼iewera, sppointment ol, 674^ 

notice to meet, osthi, 674^ 

duties of, locBting toad, 8743 

inclosnrea, duties u to, 674^ 

locating on line, 674S 

report, contents, 674^ 

action on report, 674^ 

ntilitj, viewers as to, 6750 

daties and report, 6760 

action on report, 6751 

vho not competent for, 6763 

pay of, 6766 

Highways on County LiDes, 

commiesioners, appointment, 6786 

employment of surveyor, 6786 

notice to adjoining county, 
appointment of commisBioi 
meeting and oathe of, 
examination and survej', 
division of route and work, 
marking division, 
report to county boards, 
pay of for services, 

county board, petition to, 

appoints commiBsionere, 6786 

notice to other county, 6787 

appointment of commtssionere, 6787 
entry of report of conimisBionera, 6789 
notice by to trustees, 6789 

failure to act, others acting, 6790 

petition for working road, 6785 

number of signers, 6786 

contents of, «785 

surveyor, employment of, 6786 

survey of road, 6787 

actinpi with commiasioners, 6790 

pay of surveyor, 6791 

township trustees, notice to, 6789 

HigliwayB, General FroTisions, 

abandoned toll roads, 
appeal from county board, 

bond on appeal, 

papers sent to clerk, 
change on lands of petitioner, 

[Seferencet art to Sectiom.'] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-«7S3e. 




notice ol petition, 

viewers appointed, 

meeting and view, 

report of viewers, 

remonstrance and hearing, 

vacation of old road, 

cost of proceedings, 

new road niad^ good as old, 

repair of new road, 

on streams when unsafe, 
comer-atones obstructing, 

removal and resetting, 
county lines, repair of roads on. 



Highways, General Provisions, 

drainage, asseaaments for, 6630 

established by user, recording, 6762 

description entered of record, 6762 

fences, removal on opening road, 6767 
notice to remove, 6757 

time of year removal to be made, 6757 
credit on highway tax, 6758 

removal on banks of streams, 678U 
damages for removal, 6782 

gates across highways, 

hedges, planting along, 

improvement by land-ownera, 
petition for, 
grant of right of way, 
proceeding to improve, 
incorporation by petitioners, 
rights of corporation, 

monuments, obstructing, 
removal and resetting, 

non-user, vacation, 

public lands, rights of settlers on, 

railroads, change of roads by, 
repair of roads changed. 




recording of when established by 

revievter, who not to act as, 

pay of, 6766 

stream, changing road along, 6780 

notice to remove fence, 6780 

change to rear of buildings, 6781 

damages, assessing and payment, 


taiee, credit on for cntting weeds, 

67736, 6773c 
lands occupied by not taxed, 6613a 

township lines, opening and repair 
on, 6756 

user, establishing by, 6762 

entry of on record, 6762 

width of road, 6762 

vacation by non-user, 6759 

title to lands on vacation, 6769 

when gravel road located on, 

6760, 67600 

viewera, notice and service on, 6743 

oaths and duties, 6743 • 

who not to act as, 6763 

pay of viewers, 6766 

weeas on, cutting by land-owner, 6773a 
credit on road taxes, 67736, 677Sc 

neglect of owner, duty of anper- 
visor, 6773e 

width of highways, 6766 

order to specify, 6756 

when established by user, 6762 


Highways, Repairs, Snperrisor, 

appeal from assessments for material, 6830 

bridges, constructing and repair of, 6833 

notice to county board, 6S33 



[Brftrmtea are to Seettoni.'i 
Vol. 1, S«ea. l-27ftU. Vol. 2, SecB. 278S-6694e2. Vol. 8, Sees. 6S9&-6T8Se. 

Higrhways, Repairs, Saperrlsor, 

repair ol, contract, 6836 

obstruction ol, penalty, 6S37 

«jties, labor l:^ reeidents on toadi, 6862 

county line, road on, repair of, 6848 

damapJB for materiale taken, 6830 

aaseasment, appeal, 6830 

districts, diviedoii of township, 6813 

ditches, entering on lands to dig, 0830 

injary to, penalty, 6837 

drivingto right on, failnre, penalty, 6837 

exemption mm labor, 6810 

soldiers exempt, 6820, 6820a 

tnistee may exempt, when, 6623 

certiacat« of esemption, 6S23 

by payment of money, 6824 

residents of cities and towns, 6852 

f aide-post, injury, penalty, 
e^ies on J tnmming, 
injaring highway or appartenances, 

snit to recover dunages, 
labor on highways. 

time of calline oat 
days reqnirea to w 
soldiers exempt from. 

6819, 6820, 6823 




teams may be required, 
credit allowed for teams, 
notice to persons to work, 
exemptions by tnistee, 
certificate of exemption, 
payment in lien of work, 
hiring laborers with money, 
failnre to work or pay, suit, 
snbeti totes by laborers, 
idling by laborer, pen^dty, 
employing laborers, 
extra labor to complete repairs, 
credit for extra labor, 
false credits, tHwin 

obatnictions, credit for remoTal, 6831 
weeds, credit for cutting, 6773c 

lands, entry on to di^ drains, 6830 

removal of material, 6830 

appeal from asaeflsment, 
laws regnlating, circulation, 
lines, repairing roads on. 

assessment of damages, 

trees or timber in road, 
money paid in lien of work, 

expenditure by supervisor, 

hiring of laborers, 
notice to person to work on roads, 

to work oat road tax, 
obstractions, lemoval by land- 

Highways, Repairs, Snperrlsor, 

obstructions, credit for removal, 68SI 

penalty for obstructiDg, 6837 

pay of Bapervieors, 6813 

repair of roads, time of making, 6819 

calling oat persons for, 6810 

tas, when worked oat, 6819 

expending money paid, 6824, 6828 
extra labor callea out, 682S 

reports by supervisors, 6844 

andiling reports by tnistee, 6846 

road-master, office abolished, 6849 

soldiers, exemption, 6880, e620a 

state line, repairins rood on, 6848 

superintendent, office abolished, 6849 

sopervisor, election of, 6813 

illegal votes, 6614, e81fi 

term of, 6813 

pay of Hupervisor, 6813 

vacancy, filling ot, 6816, 8068 

failure to qualify, penalty, 6817 

recovery of penalty, 6817 

oatb and bond, 6818 

duties of, 6618 

calling out road hands, 6619 

teams to work on roads. 6821 

false credits, 6621ii 

notice to persons to work, 6822 

money paid to in lieu of work, 6824 
hiring laborere, 6824, 6828 

suits for not working, 6825 

failure to sue, penalty, 6826 

discharge of idlers, 6827 

must make repaira, 6828 

extra work required, 6828 

credit lor extra work, 6829 

entry on lands, 6830 

appropriating materials, 6830 

assessment of damages, 6830 

obstructions, removal, credit for, 6831 
timber or trees in road, use of, 6832 
road tax worked, receipts (or, 6834 
report as to taxes worked out, 6834 
suits for injuries to roads, 6837 

successors to continue auite, 6838 

failure to perform doties, penalty, 

euccesBora to collect penalties, 6839 
reports to trusteeB, 6844 

audit of reports, 6846 

false receipts by, penalty, 6846 

tools, reBponsibility for, 6847 

weeds, duty as to cutting, 6773e 

tax, when most be worked out, 6819 

levy of road taxes, 6834 

time of collection of, 6834 

where to be worked out, 6834 

allowance for labor and teams, 6834 
levy for bridges, 6834 

list by anditor to trustee, 6834 

receipts ot Bupervisora received, 6834 
supervisor to control work, 6834 

report by supervisot as to work, 6634 




[Rf/erence* are to Sfctioiu-I 
1, 8«ce. 1-2784&. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5594*2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5595-8733e. 

Highway, Bepairs, Snpervisor, 

tax, traete«fl to direct expenditure, 6S35 
payment on order ot sopervieor. 6835 
contract tor work, 6836 

three per cent. lund expended on, 

towns, power to repair Btreets, 6850 

residenU, when exempt from 
work, 6852 

township lines, repair ot roads on, 6848 
mee on highwayfl, ownership, 6S32 

ose ot by supervisor, 6632 

tniatee ol township, defining rood 
districU, 6S13 

vacancy, filling of, 6816 

Bait against supervisor for penalty, 


exempdng persona Irom work, 6823 

certificate ol exemption, 6823 

bridges, notice to county board of 

coat, 68S3 

fiayments from road fond, . 6833 

evy of road tai, 6834 

settlement for road taxes worked 

out, 6834 

expenditure ol road taxes, 6835 

letting work by contract, 6836 

suits for injury to highway, 6837 

penalties, suits to recover, 6837 

payment to of penalties recovered , 

tools to be procured by, 6839 

determination as to work, 6840 

oaths, power to administer, 0842 

road funds paid to, disbarsement, 

supervisors report to, 6844 

auditing of reports, 6B46 

Highways, Free Tornpikes, 

appeal from assessment tor material, 

trial and coats, 6872, 6889 

from decision on remonstrance, 6889 

assessments for construction, 6858, 6860 
lande liable to aBsesBment, .6868, 6860 
apportionment between owners, 6860 
confirmation of aesesaments, 6860 
lien and collection of. 6860 

placing CD duplicate, 

for materiala taken. 




enjoining collection, 


by supenntendent, 


refunding surplus. 


reverting to county, 
bonds, isBueby coun^. 




interest and sale. 



taxes to pay bonds. 




working oat tax. 



limit as to issue. 


cities or towns issuing 


Highways, Free Tornpikes, 

bonds, additional levy ol tax, 
levy, when maile, 6f 

resistance by lax-payer, 
excesB of tax, use of, 61 

contractors, bonds of, 6* 

bridge, turnpike in hen of, 
survey and estimatfis, 
length of pike, 
cost, limit ot, 
viewers to locate, 
damages assessed, 
report of viewers, K 

notice of hearing, 
hearing of report, 
amendments to report, 
remonstrance, trial, 
Buperintendent of work, 
contract for construction, 
completion, repairs, 
materials, appropriation, 
appeal by remonstrator, 
pay of persons and ofBcets, 
roads to be free, 

charters of companies expiring, 
maintenance ot roods, 

cities and towns, issae of bonds, 
tax to pay, limit, 

companies extinct, repair of roadi 


J, 6902 


contracts for work, 6869. i 

manner of leUing, 6SS9, f 

complelion of, report, * 

for road in lien of bndge, I 

bonds of contractors, 6859, ( 

countieB, extending roadis into, f 

proceedings for extension, I 

county boards, power to construct, < 
petition, presentation to, 6856, ( 
viewers appointed, 6866, ( 

order for improvement, ( 

lands omitted, powers, t 

engineer to superintend, ( 

free-holders to apportion coot, ( 
hearing of report, ( 

Say for services, fixing ot, t 

onations received b^, ( 

commisaionera are directora, t 

repairs, duties, powers, ^ 

roads instead of bridges, 
townships, free-boldera petition- 
ing, oomr 
duties and powers of board, 6899-6902 
acceptance of roads by, 6911 
charters expired, acceptance of 

roads, 6925 

damages, assessment, 6857, < 

county lines, tnmpikes i — 


damages, aasessment for materials. 



[Jie/weoMB are to SKtion*.'] 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6694<2. Vol. 3, Seca. 5595-S733c. 

Highways, Free Turnpikes, 

donationa, receipt and applicatioQ, 
electiona io townehips, 

voting on aeveral petitions, 
eiTOTB, who may complain of, on'ju 

leea and pay lor eervices, 6862, 6891, 6903 
free of toll, roade must be, 

lien ol asaesemente, 684iO 

materialB tor conatniction, 6866, 68S8 

purchase or appropriation, SS65, 6888 

damaeea, aseeeament, 6865, 6888 

appeal from aBBeaemeat, 

tor repairs of roada, 
pay of pereons and officers, 






of Hoperintendent of repairs, 
petition for construction, 

signers required, 

bond ol petitioners, 

-townships, petition, Bignen, 

election on in township, 

voting on several petitioni, 

am ending petition, 
remonstrance, causes for, 

hearing and order, 

coats, pajment, 

appeal, trial, ooov 

repairs, dut)- of connty board, 6868, 6869 

appointing superintendent, 6869 

bond and duties, 6670 

By for aerriceB, 6871 

jorers, preference, pay, 6871 

mat«rials tor repairs, 6872 

payment for materials, 6872 

of roads in townships, 6a06 

surplus tax used for, 6896 

of roads built by private parties, 6924 
of roads of extinct companies, 6925 

■Dperintendent of repairs of roads, 6869 
appointment and bond, 6869, 6870 
duties and pay, 6870, 6671 

of construction of roads, 6869, 6908 
bond, liability, 6908 

contract for work, 6859 

notice of letting, 6859 

bond of contractor, 6859, 6902 

completion of work, report, 6911 

tftX to pay bonds, 6861 , 6893, 6905 

by city or town to pay bonds, 6863 
additional to pav bonds, 6693 

time tolevv, notice, 6894, 6906 

resistance by tax-payers, 6895 

appeal from order, 6695 

BurpluB tax, disposal of. 


in townships to pay bonds, 
surplus tax, repair fund, 
toll, roads to be tree from, 

6867, 6892, 6897, 6906 
toll-i^ada, purchase of, 6938, 6953, 6959a 
petition, election. 

6938, 6963, 6954, 6969a 

Highways, Free Tompikes, 

tolt-Toads, order for purchase, pro- 
ceedings, 6939 
conveyance of roH<I, 6939a, 6955, 6959« 
reappraisement, repairs, 69390 
payment by county, bonds, tax, 69396 
repairs, how made, 69.S9c 
road outside of county, 6939d 
proceedings, conveyance, 6939tl 
claims of creditors, 6939« 
pay of appraisers, 6939/ 
appraisement, order lor, 6940, 69596 
petition, appointing appraisers, 6941 
valae, bow cojisidered, 6959c 
report of appraisers, order, 6942 
viewers, appointment, duties, 6948 
report, action of board, 6942 
special tax, costs, payment, 6943 
bonds, issue, interest, sale, 6944 
assessments to pay bonds, 6944 
notice to directors, settlement, 6945 
contract, conditions, 6959d 
payment to directors, 694^, 6959s 
claims against road, 6946, 6966 
errors, who may claim benefit of, 

connty, protection against loss, 6948 
creditors, rights of saved, 6949 

repairs of roads bought, 6960 

compensation of employes, 6951, 6959 
two petitions, voting, 6954 

conveyance of road to conntv, 

6939a, 6955 
bonds issued to company, 6965, 6959e 
tax to pay bonds, 6957 

surplus tax, payment to trustee, 8075a 

township, petition tor election, 6899 

notice of election, 6899 

ballots, form of, 6899 

returae of election, 6899 

viewers appointed, 6899 

report of viewer?, notice, 6899 

voting on several petitions, 6900 

advertising for bids, 6901 

letting of contract, 6901 

bidders to file bonds, 6902 

contract, specifications, 
bonds to pay for constraction. 

taxes to pay b 
working out tax, 
laborers, preference given to, 
limit as to bonds, 
apportionment of tax in town- 
repairs ot roads, 
levy of tax for repairs, 
snrpIuB tax, use ot, 
pay of persons employed, 
completion, report, appeal. 




lBefirene€i ere to 5«ctfou.] 
Vol. 1, 8«C8. l-2784b. Vol. 2, Sees. 2T86-«eS4e2. Vol. ». Sees. 569&-«733e. 

Hif^hwaTS, Turnpikes on Goonty 

county board, tailnra to act, reanlt, 6810 

record of proceedings, 6812 

damages, aneeament, 6796, 6917 

report as to, 6796 

remonstrance as to, 6800 

action of board, 6800 

tor materials taken, 6806 

election held, 69t8 

engineer, appointment ol, 6802 

superintends construction, 6802 

pay of, 6809 

I, who may take advantage of, 6808 

Highways, Free Tornpikes, 

Tiewen, appointment, 6866, 6679, 
notice ol meeting of, 6866, 

oaths of viewers, 6867, 

marking and locating road, 

6867, 6879, 
benefltfs and damages, 68.^7, 6879, 
report of viewers, 68S8, 6880, 

lands assessed, 

notice of filing report, 6881, 

bearing of report, 6882, 

remonstrance against report, 
rmul in lieu of bridge, viewers, 
report of viewers, 6879, 

notice of hearing, 
bearing on report, 
amendments, estending time, 
remonstrance against report. 

Highways, Turnpikes on Connty 

amendments to petition and report, 6799 
appeal from assessment for material, 

from bearing on remonstrance, 6807 


assessment of benefits. 


report as to. 


notice of hearing, 
heariDg and order. 





lien of. 


collection to meet bonds. 


placed on tax duplicate. 



bonds to raise means, 6S« 


assessments to pay, 


of superintendent, 


of contractors, 


compensation of persons for services 


contract for work, engineer to let, 

letting of contract, f 

bonds of contractors, ( 

notice of letting, ( 

bids to be sealed, rejection, t 

certificate of completion, f 

costs on appeal, 6806, f 

on remonstrance, ( 

county boards may construct, 6792, ( 
order for meeting ol boards, 6793, i 
meeting of boards, 6795, 6916, t 
viewers and surveyor appointed. 

hearing of report, ( 

amendments allowed, t 

!, bearing on, f 

8 to 

superintendent, appointment, 
letting of contract, 
bonds to raise mon«y, 680' 

repair of roads, 6801 

estimates of work, 
fees of persons for eervicea, 
free of toll, roads to be, 
lien of assessments, 
materials for construction, 

assessment of damages, 

appeal from assessment, 
notice of presentation of petition, 

of joint mee^ng of boards, 

6793, 6794, 69IS 

of bearing report of viewers, 6797 

of letting of contract, 6803 

pa^ of officers and persons, 
petition to county board, 

notice of presentation, 

bond to pay expenses, 

amendment of, 
record made by connty boards. 


679S, 6916 
679S, 6916 

remonstrance against report of view- 

causes for, 6800 

hearing by board, 6800 

order of board, 6800 

costs, how taxed, 6800 

repairs of roads, how made, 6806, 6922 

superintendent of work, 6802, 6919 

letting of contract, 6802 

bond of, 5802 

notice of letting contract, 6803 

certifies OS to completion, 6805 

returns of plana and papers, 6806 

pay of, 6809 

surveyor, appointment of, 6795 

acts as superintendent, 6802 

bond to be given, 6802 

duties as to contract, 6802, 6803 

certifies to completion, 6805 

pay of, 6809 

taxes, assessments collected as, 6804 

toll, roads to be free of, 6811 

viewers appointed, 6796,6917 

meeting and duties ol, 6796, 6917 

report and contents, 6796, 6917 

notice of hearing on report, 6797 

bearing by boaids, 0798 

amendment of report, 6799 

remonstrance against, 6800 

hearii^; by board, 6S00 



To). 1, Sees. 1~27SU. Vol 

Highways, Tnrnpikeg on County 

-riewera, order ol boani on, 6800 

pay of viewers, 6809 

SopEBTisoB or RoAiM, See. 
TuBNFiEn, See. 

Historical Societies, 

aid given to, 60S7a-fiO37« 


altering marks ot, penalty, 2053 

-GMTiera ol to disiniect cara, 2886 

drinking from Btreama prohibited, 28S8 
fairs, dnties of managere concerning, 2886 
pennltiee lor violating act, 2889 

poieoniog ot, penalty, 2054 

H<^ Cholera, 

hogs dying with, disposal, 2S66, 2866 


-commercial paper, holidays as to, 7531 

Home for Friendless Women, 

females, wtien sentenced to, 8343 

floes tor iewdueaa paid to, 8346 

for gambling paid b>, 8347 

forfeitares, when paid to, 8348 

inspection of home, 8345 

judgment or sentence, how enforced, 8344 
mayor, when may commit to, 8343 

acconnla by, payment, 8348 

tmateee to enforce judgment ot court, 8344 

receiving money for, 6349 

reports by, 8360 

Home, Soldiers', 

Soldiuh' Eomi, Bee. 

murder, see, 1977-1981 


altering marks of, penalty, 2063 

fair, entering nnder false name, 2828 

penal^ tor entry, 2829 

chang&g name after entry, S830 

Cdere, running at Urge with, 2205 

way, racing on, 2280 

ire to SeeUoniJJ 

278fM>594«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6595-8733c. 


name, entering at fair under false, 282S 

penalty for entry, 2829 

changing after entry, 2830 

poisoning ot, 2064 

racing on highway, 2280 

in towns, 2281 

aire, license to keep, 2839 

posting copy of license, 2840 

lien on get, 2841 

recording notice, ,2842 

enforcing hen, 2843 

attempt to defeat lien, 2844 

town, racing in, 2281 
Hobsk-Rack, Bee. 
Hoaaa-RAciNo, Bee. 


betting on, penalty, 2176 

highway, racing on, 2280 

towns, racing in, 2281 


actions under act, parties, process, e959j 

who to prosecute, 69.591 

changes of venue in, 6959jt 

attorney-gen ersl, prosecutinK snits, 6959ib 

consecntive races, number allowed, 69.'>9j7 

violating section, penalty, 695!^ 

definitions of terms used, 695ilA 

informations and restrainingordere, 6959i 

who may file intorroation, 6959< 

notice to defendants, 69591 

parties to suit, 6969J 

notice of suit, Judgment, 6959J 

changes of venue^ 69-')9i 

prosecution ol suit, 6959ifc 

limitation aa to time and nomber ot 

races, 6959ff 

November ISth to April 16th, racing 

prohibited, 6969/ 

penalty tor violating section, 6959/ 

nnmner ot races allowed in year, 696^ 

of races allowed consecutively, e9f>Sg 

penalty (or violating section, 695»3 

penalties for violating act, 69o0/, 69o% 

prosecuting attorney prosecuting 
8Utl«, 6959;t 
"race," "race meeting," mean- 
ing of, 6969A 

restraining order, granting of, 69591 

parties, notice, judgment, 6959i 

winter racing prohibit^, 6969/ 

penally for violating section, 6969/ 

Horticnltnral Societies, 

association, how formed, 4G71 

powers ot association, 4671 

real estate, holding ot, 4671 

rules and regulations ot, 4671 

erection ot buildings, 4671 



Horticnltaral Societies, 

libMrj* and epeciroens of, 4573 

meetinBB ol aaaodation, 4572 

time and place ol, 457^ 

represeotativee at, 4fi72 

reports by, 4572 

room in etate-houae for, 4573 

librsiry and epecimens, 4573 

rules for protection, 4573 

voluntary societiea, formation, 4535 


cities buildinK, el. 33, 3541 

comraniea to operate, 4595ft 


Hospital for Insane, 

Insane HoeptTAi^ See. 


baggaRe, lien on for board, 7254(> 

sale hF pay lien, 7254e 

billiards, minors playing in, 2183 

companies to baild and operate, 4694 

defraudingot, penalty, 7254a 

fire, meaaa of escepe, 3290ii-32»0i7 

fire-escape, failure to keep, 2272 

HoQsehold Goods, 

mortgage of goods, 7494a 

sole only on torecloanre, ' 7494a 

possession and title, 74945 

receipts for payments, 7494c 

taxes, exemption from sale tor, 6525 


exemption of property from execu- 
tion, 715 
of property, from street improve- 
ment Uen, cl. 49, 3541 
jurors, wben must be, 1460, 1458, 1725 

House of lU Fame, 

females, enticing to, 2079 

keeping of, 2080, 2089 

Hoase of BefDi;e, 

adoption of inmates of, 889 

general assembly to provide, 191 

Reform School fob Botb, See. 

House of Representatives, 

apportionment of, 101, 6663 

congress, members of, 2 

now chosen, 2 

qualifications, 2, 41 

apportionment, 2, 40 

filUDg vacancies, 2 

House of BepresentatiTes, 

congresa, speaker and other officers, 2 

time and place of election, 4 

election and qualifications, fi 

compensation, privileffea, 6 

office, when not to hold, 6 

general assembly, number, 98 

election and term, 99 

apportionment of, 101, 6683 

dijtricla, creation of, 102 

qualificHtiona of members, 103 

freedom from arrest, 104, 2895 

pay of members, 125, 6689 

office, when not to hold, 126 

pay of members, 126, 0669 

Howard County, 

circuit, in thirty-aiith, p. 574, 1394 

congressional district, 8323 

court, terms of circuit in, p. 674, 1394 

superior court established in, 


terms of superior ranrt, 1426)2 

representatives, apportionment, 66S3 

salaries of countv officers, 6460 



Humane Inspector, 

appointment and duties, 3731-373ff 

Humane Society, 

■gents of, appointment as police, 2710 
inspector, application tor appoint- 
ment, S732 


dogs, permit to hnnt with, 22275' 

enclosed lands, bunting on, 222TA 

game, killing of unlawfully, 2208, 2227? 

ajjuirrela, kiilinpof, 2227o-2227c 

injuring property while hunting, 2227i 

license to hnnt, 2227b-2227|7 

Sunday hunting prohibited, 2215 

Huntington County, 

circuit, in fifty-sixth, p. 677, 1894 

congreBsional dietrict, 332S 

court, terms in, p. 677, 1394 

of county officers, 6461 

senatorial apportionment^ 6682 

statutes distributed to, lend 

Husband and Wife, 

abandonment by husband, inherit- 
ance, 2669 
penalty for desertion, 2254 
support of family, proceedings, 



{Befirenctt are to Sertiont.] 
Vol. 1, Seci. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 27B5-56M«2. Vol. 8, Seca. 6686-8738e. 


Hosband and Wife, 

abandonment, civil action bir wife to 

recover penaltj, 7298a-7298<i 

actiona by wile, 

in name of husband , 

coDcerning lands of wife, 6ff74 

tor injariee to person or character 
ol wife, I 

adaltery, effect cia to inheritance, 

2667, 2658 
antenuptial provieions, 

debts of wife, liability ot hue- 
death of wife not to reteaae, 

liability of property, 
bonds, official ot wife, 
character ot wife, injury, suit for, 
contracts of wife, 

can not contract as surety, 

boBbond not liable for, 
conveyance to, estate created, 

when one is insane, 33^ 

of landB ot wife, 
covenants, when wife bound, 
debts ot husband, lands of wife, 

ot wife, liability of husband, 

antenuptial debte of wife, 

liability ot husband, 

Rroperty liable for debts, 
ill ties ot wife abolished, 
desertion ot wife, penalty, 

2254, 729Sa-72»Sd 
donor, estate reverting to, improve- 
ments, 2628 
earnings and proflta ot wile, 6975 
estoppel, when wife bound, 6962 
exemption, right ot wife as to, 6969 
claim by wife tor husband, 727 
mortgage of lands set off, 728 
btuband deserting wife, penalty, 

2254, 7298a-72e8d 
adultery, effect as to inheriting, 2668 
abandoning wife, inheritance, 2669 
abandoning wife, penalty. 7298a-7298d 
torts ot wite, Uability, 6966, 6966 

debts ot wife, liability, 6967 

antenuptial debte of wife, 6070-4072 
deed for lands of wife, 6073 

sapport of wife, failure, suit, 6977-6986 
inheritance by wife from husband, 

2640, 2843, 2644, 2648, 2650-2662 
adultery, effect on inheritance, 2867 
jointure in favor ot wife, 

by hnebond Itom wife. 

6961, 6073 

6970, 6071 

Insane, deeds by, 

jointure in favor of wife, 2661, 2663-2665 

judicial ealea, rights of wife, 

2660, 2669, 2670 

lauds ot wite, husband's debts, 6061 

conveyance ot, 6061, 6973 

executory contract for sale, 8062 

Hosband and Wite, 

lands of wite, covenants of title, 
imprevement«, who liable, 
suits as to, 

authority to sell lands, 
mortgage of lands exempt, 

of lands of wife, 
official bonds ot wite, 
personalty, contracts ot wife, 
profits ot business ot wife, 
support of wife, suit for, 

complaint for, 

service of process, 

hearine and judgment, 

debts dfue hoabaad, 

Bale of personalty, 

1 irtgage ot lands. 

lease o 




lands of wife, power to sell, 
insane husband, deeds, 
application for sale, 
notice, hearing, proceedings, 
jurisdiction of court, 

BuretT, wife not boand as, 

of peace by wife, lotKJ 

torts of wife, liability, 6966, 6966 

wile, rights in judicial sales, 

2660, 2689, 2670 
may make will, 2727 

disabilities abolished, 6060 

lands of, husband's debts, 6061 

conveyance of lands, 8961, 6973 

acquiring and holding property, 6062 
sale ot persoualty, 6962 

executory contract for lands, 
estoppel of, 
official bonds of, 
covenants tor title, 
surety, not bound as, 
torta of, liability, e9t)o, nmo 

contracts, husband's Uability, 

exemption ot property, 6968 

earnings and profits ot, 6976 

Injuries to person or character, 6076 
suits for, damages, 6976 

support, suit to obtun, 607S-6986 

lands, may obtain power to sell, 

6982, 6983 

will, wite has power to make, 2727 

witnesses, competency as, 605, 509 

Marbiid Wohbh, See. 
Widow, See, 


patrons ot, organization, 4688, S12&-6I83 

Hydraulic Companies, 

articles ot association, 4827 

contents ol articles, 4827 

filing of copies of, 4827 

effeirt aaevidence, 4820 



Hydraulic Companies, 

asaeBBment of damages, 4832 
lor lands taken. 4833-4835 

capital stock, speeification in articles, 4827 

increase of atock, 4827 

payment for atock, 4831 

bonds or certificates (or, 4831 

consolidation of companies, 4836 

name of new company, 4837 

how effected, 4838 

corporate powen of aaaociation, 4830 

construction of dame and canals, 4830 

directora, number and election, 4SZ9 

terms of, 4829 

notice of election, 4829 

officers, election, 4829 
agent and employes, i^point- 

ment, 4831 

demand payment for stock, 4831 

lands, appropriation of, 4833 

manner of appropriation, 4S34 

appraising, damages, 4834 

appropriation by any company, 4S3& 

seal, corporation may have, 4829 

Wabash and Erie canal not taken, 4832 


actions by and against, 

definition of, 

insane hospitals not to admit, 

Illegal Toting, 

definition and pnniBhmeDt, 

Illegitimate Children, 

inheritance by. 2629, 263C 

wbo inherita from, 
marriage, when mokes legitimate, 

111 Fame, 

enticing females to hoose ot, 
keeping hoose of, 20i 


executor, etc., removal for, 


abridging rights of citoMns, 


county and other officers, 151 

lynch mg, prima fade evidence, 
officers, impeachment of, 

resolution by bouse, 

senate sits as coart, 

delivery ol articles to senate. 


officers, oaths of members, 810S{ 

hearing and proceedings, 8108d-8lOSr 
judges and prosecutors, 8108* 

snpren:e court judges, 8108t 

county and other officers, 8108u 

accusation and trial, 8108D-8108/t 

appeal to supreme court, 610^1 

vacancy on appeal, 810^1 

prosecuting attorney, removal, 8108AI 
malfeasance, removal of officers, 8108il 
state officers, impeachment, 

167, 8108<i-8108r 
United States officers, 2, 3, 14 

vacancies, filling of, SIO^I 

witnesses, impeaching, 613, &15, 616, 1872 

ImpN^ing Voters, 

prohibition as to, 2325- 


states can not tax, 10 


administrator, when imposed, 2410 

bastardy, imprisonment in, 

993, 997, 1001, 1001 
civil actions, when imposed, 

debt, when bod tor, 67 

decedent, concealing property of, 24Sfr 
executors and administrators, 2410 

fine, to compel payment, 1716, 1926 

time to contitiae, 1931 

justice can not adindce, 1706 

commitment for fine, 1716 

mayors, power to adjudge, 3497, 4090 

minors, commitmentof, 1902 

police courts, powers as to, 3S00, 4020 



public, punishment for, 2081 

Indeterminate Sentence, 

prisons, sentence to, 82S3f, 8270a 


bond record, index to, 763S 

lU pendens notice, index of, 329 

records destroyed, use as evidence, 469 
recorders to keep, 8007, 8014-8018 



Tot. 1, Seo8. l-2TS4b. 

Indiana Legion, 
Indiana National Guard, 

HiLiTiA, Bee. 

Indiana Relormatory, 

[Be/areacta are to Sectiom 
Vol. 2, Seca. Z786-5594e2. 

Vol. 3, Sees. S605-873Se. 

Indiana Reform School, 

RsFORH School roR Botb, See. 

Indiana University, 

africalturftl department, 6US9 

aJnmiii of aniverait}', 6061 

ngielrj of HlomntiB, 6061 

nomiDBtioii of tnietees, 6062 

meetinK to elect trasteei, 6063 

voting by, how done, 6064 

ftppropriatioDB anniiallr, 6159, 6160 

how to be paid, 61666 
by coanties, citJea or lowna, 


board of visiton, who are, 6076 

qnomm of, 6076 

attendance at commencement, 6077 

report as to absentees, 6077 

duty o( board, 6078 

record of proceedings, 6079 

boildiDK and repairs committee, 6087 

care of bnildings and gronndfl, 6087 

fees of officers for sales, 6117, 6162 

for manadag funds, 6128 

corporate body and name, 0054 

powers of generally, 6064 

connties may send two students tree, 607S 

notice given to conntlest 6074 

current expenses, bow paid, 6004 

donations to by oounliee, ddea or 
towns, 61«6(I-6166u 

endowment fund, 6161 

taxes assessed for, 6161 

application of tan d, 6162 

iniie of bond to tmsteee, 6168 

loan ol lands, 6164 

mortgage, record of, 6165 

sUte a preferred borrowsr, 6166 

expenses, oat of what fnnd paid, 6094 

faculty, who to compose, 6070 

Kwers of facaltv, 6070 

lores by faculty, 6082 

geological examinations, 6083 

state geologist a member, 6093 

lands, interest on loans paid to, 6069 

what to oonsist of, 6094 
loan of funds, 6094, 6153 
auditor of state to loan, 6096, 6153 

mortgaite, form of, 6096 

note, form of, 6097 

amoant of loans, 609S 

Indiana University, 

funds, security for loans, 
interest, rate of, 
record and priority, 
recording ot mortgages, 
certificate as to liens, 
abstract of title, 
warrant on treasurer, 
payment of loan, 
Batisfoction of mortgage, 
suit to enforce mortgage, 
judgment without relief, 
sale by auditor of lands, 

bidding in by auditor, 
sale of lond bid in, 
amount bid at sale, 
overplus paid to mortgagor, 
statement of sale, 
title of state to land bid in, 
sale for cash, certificate, 
deed for land, recording, 
sale on credit, mortgage, deed, 
fees of officers, 
account ot funds, 
acconnts with borrowers, 
interest, loan of, 
pay of officers for managing fun( 
ot loaned, collection, 
distribution to counties, 
loans made in counties, 
auditor of state not to loan, 
interest paid by countiea, 
geolo^cal examinations and speci- 

report by lecturers, 

deposit in university, 
geologist, state, member of faculty, 

specimens collected by, 
interest on loan of funds, 

paid on warrant ot auditor, 

rate of on loans, 

loan of, 

interest on purchase-money, 

applied on expenses, 
lands bid in by auditor, 

sale by auditor, 

limit as to bid, 

statement of sale, 

title in state, no deed, 

sale for cash, certificate, 

deed to purchaser, 

sale on credit, mortgage, 

deed, reloan, 

fees of officers, 

care of unsold lands, 

timber on lands, use ot, 

61 II 




lease ot unsold lands, 

report of commissionera, 6124 

payment of money collected, 6125 

pay of commiaaioners, 6126 

patents, recording of, 6127 




Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, 

Indiana University, 

luids, exteoeion ot payments, 
forfeiture, relief by payment, 
aale of forfeited lantis, 
appraiaement of lands granted, 6132 

recording and filing copy. 6133 

sale by county auditors, 6134 

notice of sale, 6135 

place and manner of sale, 6138 

terms ol sale, 6137 

private sale, terms, 6138 

certificate of purchase, 6139 

roister of certificate, 6140 

assignment ol certificate, 6141 

forfeiture by purcbaser, 6142 

resale of lands, 0142 

Burplos proceeds, dispoaal, 0143 

payment before aale, 6144 

redemption of lands, 6145 

security againat waste, 6146 
suit for waste, 
patent for lands, 
report of sales, 
report by treasurer, 

payment to state treuarer, 6161 

fees of officers, 6152 

loan of moneys, 6153 

proceeds ot sales, disposal, 6164 

report of sales by trustees, 6155 

trustee to attend sales, 6156 

members not to purcbaae, 6157 

iDformation to tniHtees, 6158 

librarian, state, books sent to anV 

mortgage, funds loaned on, 
form of mortgage, 
form ot note, 
amount ot loan, 
time of loan, 
value ot property, 
interest, rate ot, 

priority of mortgage, 6100 

recording of mortage, 6101 

certificate as to liens, 6102 

abstract ot title, 6103 

warrant on treasurer, 6104 

psj^ment on loan, 6105 

aatlBfaction of mortgage, 6106 

suit on mortgage, 6107 

judgment without relief, 6108 

Bale ot lands by auditor, 6109 

notice and place of aale, 6109 

manner ot sale, 6110 

bidding in bv auditor, 6tll 

aale otland bid in, 6111 

amount to sell for, 6112 

overplus of purchase-money, 6112 

statement ot sole, 6113 

title in sUte without deed, 6114 

sale for cash, certificate, 6116 

deed to purchaser, 6115 

sale on credit mortgage, 6116 

deed to purchaser, 6116 

» are to Sectiona.'] 

;c8. 27e5-65»4e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 65«i-8783e. 

Indiana University, 

mortgage, fees of ofiicers, 6117 
accounts and reports of money, 6118 

accounts with borrowers, 6119 

loan of interest, 6120 

interest paid in advance, 6121 
loan ot puTcbase-monev for lands. 615s 

loan of endowment funds, 6104-0166 

collection ot loans, OllOa 

diatributjon to counties, 61166 

loan ot in counties, 61166 

auditor of state not to loan, 61I0e 

interest paid by counties, 61l6d 

normal department ot, 60SS 

regulation "ol department, 6088 

religious qualifications not required, 6071 

no sectarian tenets taught, 6072 

report to state sopeiiotendent, 6081 

Bcnolarships traasferable, 6090 

contingent fee for, 6091 

perpetual acbolarsbips, 6091 

secretary, election of, 6054 

duties of, 6079 



taxes for ben en 

treasurer of nnivereity. election of, 

bond and approval, 

duties of, 
trustees, number of, 

residence of, 

corporate i 

control of funds and property, 
general powers and duties, 
first, names, 
first meeting of, 
vacancies, how filled, 
election and terms, 
alumni to elect, 
filling vacancies, 
terms ot trustees, 
nomination of trustees, 
meeting to elect, 
manner of votdng, 
pay of trustees, 
annual meeting ot, 
quorum of. board, 
temporary appointments, 
seminary township lands, 
report to state superintendent, 
annual report, contents, 



printing ot report, 
notice of HeBsions, 
buildings committee, 
normal department. 



Indiana DniTersity, 

tiUBteeg, a^cultaral department, 

reqaisition tor eipeDsea, 6094 

appraisement of lande, 6132 

recording and filing copies, 0133 

report as to aalea, 615S 
stten dance at sales, 

not to deal in lands, 6157 

information aa to lands, B158 

Tisiton, board of, 6076 
who to constitute, 

duties o( TisitoTS, 

auditor of state to act aa agent of, 

lot of state ordered sold, 7177-7]81 
sale of state Und, 7181a-71SU 

soldiers' monument, care of, 8356-8373 
Univeraitf Sqaare not to be sold, 7176 


apportionment, not incladed, 
conveyance of lands by, 
taiation, exemption from, 
of lands of. 


appeal by state when qoaabed, 1955 

cnarge in words of statnte, 1806 

Gonstmction of words, 1805 

contents of, 1800 

contempt for discloeing, 174d 

copy to accased, lSi6, 1S54 

counts, separate in, 1813 

joinder of counts, 1814, 1617 

disclosinf; finding, contempt, 1745 

elections, averments as to, 1818 

foreign express companies, owner* 

ship, 1823 

foreman to Indorse, 1738 
forged instrument, misdeecription, 1821 

form of indictment, 1801 

grand iury, number to concur, 1T38 

bidorsement by foreman, 1738 

witnesses' names on, 1740 

failnre to name witnesses, 1740 

court may compel, 1739 

inspection, woen forbidden, 1744 

joint ownership, allegation, 1822 

mdgment, pleading of, 1809 

larceny, joinder of counts, 1817 

lost, uae of copy, 1743 

mianomer of accused, 1811 

money, allsKations as to, 1819 

murder, ana manslaughter, 1816 

name, use of wrong in, 1811 

nolU, when allowra, 1742 

offense in words of statute, 1806 

ownership, allegations, 1822, 1823 

partners, allegations, 1822 

perjury or sabomation, 1816 

13— GIN, IN. 


Vol.S, Sees. S606-a73Sc. 


pleading, is the first, 17M 

prosetrutiona in name of state, 1797 

prosecutor to sign, 1738 

quaslied, when not, 1626 

motion to quash, 1826 

accused not discharged, 1829 

appeal bv state, 1966 

recording indictment, 1741 

state, prosecution in name of, 1797 

appeal on quashing, 1966 

statute, pleading private, 1810 

sufficient, when is, 1824 

time, statement of, 1607 

witnesses, indorsing oames, 1740 

failure, effect, 1740 

words, construction of, 1606 

writing, description, 1620 


clerk, papers filed with, 491 

complaint, return day, 6S4 

execution, indorsement, 614, 697, 706 

indictment, indorsements, 173S, 1740 

Judgment, of payments, 690 

Indnstrial Eidncation, 

benevolent institution pupils, 8186-8141 

Industrial Schools, 

esUblishment of, 8948-6960 


general assembly, members of, 126 

governor, who not to be, 134 

to certain oflSces, 160 

judges to offices, 176 


actions by, how brought, 266 

next friend, consent, 267 

costs and removal, 267 

bond of next friend, 268 

age, misrepresenting to obtain liquors, 

aliena, naturalization of, 7497, 7498, 7502 
apprenticing of, 7299-7317 

arbitration, can not agree to, 642 

banks, savings, deposits, 29S7, 2993 

billiards, permitting to play, 21S2, 2183 
building associations, owning stock, 4466 
business, when not to be employed in, 


cigarettes, selling or giving to, 21866 

penalty tor violating act, 2165c 

using minor as witness, 2165c 

concealment of, penalty, 1989 

criminal charge, release on, 1836 

commutation of punishment) 1902 

cruelty to, penalty, 2240 



[Beferencet are to Steitoru.'i 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Secfl. 27S5-6S94«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6596-87SSC 


depoaita in savings banka.' 2967, 29S3 

disposal ol torunlawtnl porpoBO, 2241,2242 
tactories, overworking in, 2236, 2238, 2239 
emploj^ment in factoriee, 7087a, 70876 
opemtinB elevators in, 7087d 

gamble, inducing to, 2175 

game, allowing to play, 2182, 2183 

guardian ad litem, appointment, 

269, 317, 900, 1000, 249», 2M5, 2768 

liability lor coste, 260 

appointment of guardian, 2673-2713 

liqaorB, aale to, penalty, 2190, 7283/ 

mierep resenting age, 2191 

loiteriQa; about saloons, 7233e 

mines, employment in, 7466, 7480 

moneys due to, payment, 2660a 

next friend in suits, consent, 257 

coats and removal, 257 

bond of, 2S8 

partition, how represented, 1208, 1209 

review of proceedings, 1223 

saloona, loitering about, 7283e 

savings banks, deposits, 

Bubstitutins one for another, 

tobacco. Belling or giving to, 

weapons, furnishing to, 
vill, contest of by, 
Mi NOBS, See. 



appeals not dismissed for, 
Information, CiTil, 

annulling of instmrnentii, 
filing and proceedings, 
contents of information, 
corporations, filing against, 
judgment against, 
receiver, appointment, 
costs against corporstionB, 
relator, when liaole, 
damages recovered, 
deed of state, annulling of, 
eedieated property, recovery of, 
filing of, who may, 
franchise, usarpa'tion ol, 
horse-racing act, filing under, 
parties, notice, judgment, 
change of venue, prosecution. 




2186b, 2tS5c 




1147, 1148 
II60, 1153 
1159, 1160 

Information, Civil, 

iudgmenl'tor office. 


in favor of relator, 


enforcement of. 


of ouster or forfeiture. 


against corporations, 


letters patent, annulling of, 

1U«, 1160 

office, intnision into, 


forfeiture, removal. 


contents of information. 


judgment and damages. 


rights of relator. 


enforcement of order. 


several claiming same. 


ouster and forfeiture, 


officer, removal from office, 


forfeiture, removal. 



summons, issue and service, 

1146, 1167 


Information, Criminal, 

affidavit, must be based on, 



construction of words in. 


copy to accused. 


crimes prosecuted by. 


form of information. 


lost, substitution, 


money, averments as to. 


quashed, wnen not to be. 



Buffinent, when is. 


time, allegation u to, 




descent, see, i 


affidavits, reading of, 

appeal from interlocntory order, 

bond, filitwand conditions, 
on final bearing, when, 

bonnd by, who is, 

complaint, verification, 

conaitionB imposed on granting, 

contempt (or disobeying, 
attachment or rule, 
service of attachment, 
hearing by conrt, 
indemnity for damages, 
bond of party arreeted, 
commitment to jail, 

courts that may grant, 
judges in vacation. 

11 7» 




Vol. 1, QtKM. X-2784*. 


damagea when violated, 
on dieaolutioQ, 
reatfl and waste as, 
disobeying, contempt, 
attachment or rale, 
service and bearing, 
bond OT commitment, 
dissolotioQ, motion lor, 
damages on dissolving, 
rents and waste aa dama^ee, 
reinstating alter diaaolution, 
suspension ol order to disaol 
iasning ol, when proper, 
iadges granting in vacation, 
jadgment, application to stay, 
release of errors, 
monej' collected, payment, 
notice of application, 

temporary without notice, 
nuisance, enjoining of, 
order, copy ol Issoed, 
who bound by, 
service, when nnneceMaiy, 
disobeying contempt, 
proceedings had, 
remedy, when is proper, 
restraining orders, issuing ot, 
writ, copy of order sufBcient, 

iDJary t« Person, 

contributory negligence, 
damages recoverable, 
death, who may sae (or, 
employes releawng claims, 

recovery lor injnriM, 
limitation of actions, 
snrvival of actions, 


embectlement by. 
flre-escape, must keep, 
HoTKLS, See. 

Innocent Porchaser, 

tniets, protection againit, 


coroner, sea. 


assessors to make list of, 
clerk circuit court, dnties, 

3217, 8218, 3 
contracts of void, 
convicts, insane, Inqnest, 

hospital for, 
criminal action, plea in, 

acquittal, proceedings. 


IReferenets art to Section*.} 

Vol. 2, Bees. 2785-6594*2. Vol. 8, Sees. 5596-8733e. 















dangerous insane, 272S,< 

complaint before justice, i 

warrant and arrest, < 

witnesses summoned, i 

jury summoned, i 

practice on trial, i 

oath to jurors, i 

challenge ot jurors, < 

finding of juiy, ' 

discharge, when. i 

charge of insane person, i 

pay for keeping, i 

duty of county Doard, ( 

certiljin^ proceedings to court, i 

trial in circuit court, I 

order of codH, < 

cost of keeping, I 

application of property, • 

gnardian, appointment, ' 

appeal ftnm Justice, i 

bonds and conditions, i 

charge ot insane person, < 

transcript on appeal, ' 

hospital, sending to, < 
deed, can not execute, 

by husband of insane wife, 

3386, 3387. 33S7a, & 
by wife of insane husband, 

by guardians, 33886, 3 

by wife of insane husband, < 
female, carnal knowledge of, 
female prison, transfer of inmates, 
governor, duties as to insane '" "" 

gnardian of may sue, 262 

ad litem, appointment, 317 

service ot process on, 317 

appointment of guardian, 271S 

proceedings to obtain, 2715 

when appointed, 2716 

pauper, care tor, 2716 

prodoction of party in contt, 2717 

costs and expenses, 2718 

non-resident insane, 2719 

temporary gaardianship, 2720 

dnties and powers of guardian, 2721 

termination of guardianship, 2722 

sanity, trial of question, 2723 

dangerous insane, care of, 272S 

expense of keeping, 2725 

heirs, suit by insane creditor, 2697 

inqnest ot insanity, proceedings, 2715 

court or jury to try, 2716 

production in court, 2717 

cost and expenses of, 2718 
on prisoners, 32286, 3228c 

liquors, giving to, 3227 

partition, review of by, 1223 
prisoners, report by warden when in- 
sane, 3228a 



to examine, 32286 


report of 

duty of governor on report, 

order for traoBler to hoapitkl, 

retuni to prieon when cared, 

discharged, when, 

fees ot commiaaion and officers, 

hospital for, 3260i 

temalea, tranater, 8£ 

procesB, service on, S 

prosecntinf^ attorney, dntiea as to, 27 

oneound mind, definition, 27 

will, can not make, 27 

contest ot will, 27 

woman, carnal knowledge of, 19 

prisoners, transfer, 82 


Ihbaj(b, Hospitals fob, See. 

Insane, Hospitals for, 

admission of patients, 3! 
who may DO admitted, 32 
statement to justice, 32 
answer to interrogatoriea, 
examination by justice, 
physician to act with, 
witnesses summoned, 
examination of witnessea, 
medical certificate, 
examiner's statement, 
finding of jnetice, 
filing with clerk, 
application tor admission, 
action of Buperiatendent, 
notice of admission, a^fiv 
renewal ot applicationB, 3220 
idiots not admitted, 3221 
clerk to issue warrant, 3222 
form ot warrant, 8322 
execation ot warrant, 3222 
receipt on warrant, 3222 
warrant to friend or relatlTe, 3222 
return ot warrant, 8222 
clerk failing to issue warrant, pen- 
alty, 3226 
failure to execute warrant, pen- 
alty, 3226 
not to be taken with criminals, 3227 
care of patient until admitted, 3228 
female to have female attendant, 3230 
admission after discharge, 3233 
delay tor six months, proceedings 

had, 3236 

preference as to admission, 3241 

certificate as to residence, 2999 

appropriations for, committee to rec- 
ommend, 2S00 

blanks and forms supplied, 3237 

board ot trustees, appointment, 3006 

number of members of boiu^, 3006 

terms of trustees, S006 

removal of trustees, S006 



Insane, Hospitals tor, 

board, vacancies, filling of, 

eligibility ot trustees, 

time for appointing trustees, 

when trustees to qualify, 

laws governing board. 

compensation of trustees, 

expenses of trustees, 

appointments by trustees, 
bonds of officers, conditions, o£*a 

Central hospital, location ot, 3229 

coonties sending to, 3218 

clothing to be furnished patient, 3000,3223 

when clerk to purchase, 8223 

when superintendent to supply, 


county to pay for, when, 3001, 3224 

fumidied discharged patients, 3240 

recovery by county, 3002 

contingent fund for monthly expenses, 3202 
convict insane, proceedings, 3228a-3228« 

hospital for, 3260a-3260« 

costs and fees taxed, 3242 

£iyment by connty, 3242 

of patient, tnaeraJ expenses, 


department for women, 3248 

no men admitted, 3248 

for men, women not admitted, 3249 

deposition ot superintendent, 8244 

discharge of patient, caueee, 

30O4, 8046, 3234 
proceedinea on discharge, 3235 

notice to sheriti, 8235 

removal of patient, 32S5 

supplies to discharged patient, 3240 
expense of removal, 3004 

districts, sUta divided into, 8218 

Eastern hospital, location ot, 3229 

counties sending to, 3218 

trustees tor, 3031 

employee, appointment of, 3014 

what considered in appointing, 3010A 
political belief not to affect, 3010b 

escape of patient, return, 3288 

expenses, allowances by trustees, 3016 
monthly payment ot, 3202 

ot boards of trustees, 3010a 

fees on inquests, 3242 

female patient to have female attend- 
ant, 3230 
department for females, 3248 
men not admitted to, 3248 
transfer from prison , 8298 

general assembly, duty as to, 190 

governor to appoint trustees, 8006 

time tor appointments, 3009 

terms of appointees, 3006 

proclamation as to opening hos- 
pitals, 3232 
removal of trustees by, 8006 
insane prisoners, duties as b 



Vol. I, Sees. 1-27M6. Vol. 2, 

Insane, Hospitals for, 

habeat eorpvi, right ol patient, 

limit lu to issue, 
idiots not admitted, 
iacnrable insane, care ol, 

application for admiaaioii, 
joBtice, examination before, 

Btatement filed with, 

ezaitiiDHtion of patient, 

Bummona for witneBses, 

examination ot witnesBM, 

medical certiflcat«, 

examiner's certificate, 

finding \ij justice, 

filing papers with clerk, 

costs and fees allowed, 
Hqoon not given, 
men, department tor, 

women not admitted to, 
names ot bospitala. 
Northern hoBpital, location of, 

connties sending to, 
officers, governor appoints, 

time (or appointment, 

tetms o( officers, 

removal by governor, 

neglect of datiea, penalty, 

bonds ol officers, 301 

panpen, hospitals for insane, 3250 
prisoners insane, report by warden, 

commission to examine, 

report o( commission, 

tranater to hospital, 

orider tor transfer, conditions, 

retnm to prison when cured, 

hospital for, 32 

report of trustees annnally, 

monthly ot auperintenaent, 

biennial reports, 3012, 

of officers to trustees, 
salary of president ot board, 

of tnieteee, 3018, 

of SQperinbendent, 3014, 

of employes, 
secretary, election ot, 
seal of hospital, 

aewera, constmction ot at hospitals. 
Southern hospital, location of, 

countdes sending to, 
street railroad through grounds, 
superintendent, appointment of, 

3014, 3035, 

tenure ot office ot, 

removal from office, 

inventory of property, 

residence of, 

appointments bv, 3014, 

qualifications ' """ 


purchase of supplies, 
report of money, 
payment to treasorvr. 

S, 3037 

Insane, Hospitals for, 

general duties ot, 3045, S 

employes, appointment, 3014, i 
discharge of patiente, 3046, S 

funds for monthly expenses, I 

list ot expenditures, i 

salary ot superintendent, 3014, £ 
seal provided by, Z 

rejection of patients, Z 

receipt for patients, £ 

clothing, duties as to, 3223, 3224, £ 
notice on discharging patient, S 
blanks and forms supplied, 3 

supplies to diecharsea patients, S 
deposition of may be taken, 3 

transfer ot patients between hospitals, 

treasurer, election of, 3 

bond, amount, approval, S 

reports to auditor of State, S 

trustees, man^ementvestedin, 3 

president of board, 3 

secretary and treasurer, 3 

quorum of board, £ 

bonds of trustees, 3 

appointment by governor, 3 

terms ot appointees, 3 

' I, filling ot, S 


~~-~ 3204 


who eligihi . 

by-laws and regulations, 

meetings ot board, 

record ot proceedings, 

allowance ot bills, 

superintendent, appointment, 

8014, 3201 
purchase of supplies, 301S 

allowance for expenses, 3010a 

annual reports by, 3016 

relatives not appointed, 3016 

salaries, president and tmsteea, 

3010a, 3018 
interest in contracts prohibited, 

3019, 3020 
not to borrow money, 3021, 3022 

of new hospitals, 3029-3032 

organization of board, 3034 

medical superintendent appointed, 

sessions of board^ 3036 

supplies tor hospitals, 3037 

auditing of accounts, 3038 

no interest in contracts, 3039 

record ol proceedings, 3040 

report from superintendent, 3041 

regulations and inspection, 3043 

biennial report by, 3044 



Vol. 1, Bees. 1-27846. 

Insane, Hospitals for, 

tnuteeB, saluies of employes, 8201 

monthly Allowance for expenies, 3202 
Tiiite to hoipiUls, 3203 

holding property in trort, 

traDeterring patients, 
Tifliting by trusteeB, 
TiBitora to hospital, 

regalations as to, 
women, department for, 

men not admitted, 

transfer from prison, 


Insani, See. 

Insolvent Debtors, 

asBignment by debtora, see. 

Inspection of Qrain, 

groin, ioapection of, 8 

Inspection of Norseries, 

nnrseries, inspection of, 
entomologist appointed, 
interference, penalty, 
pay and expenses, 
penalty for shipment, 
certificates, failure, penalty, 
certificate o( sonodnesa, 
notice of disease, remedies, 
foreign stock, labels, 
notice to carrien, penalty, 

[_B*ferences art to Seetfona.] 

Vol.2, 8ec».278tt-*5»4«2. Vol. 8. Sees. 6596-873Se. 

Inspection of Oil, 

inspector, record kept of inspecdone, 7000 
monthly reports by deputies, """ 

report annaally by inspector, 
failure to prosecute o&enden, 
failure to inspect, penalty. 



Inspection of Oil, 

adulteration of oil, penalty, 

annual report by inspector, 

barrels, sale of empty branded, 

boats, kind of oils used on, 

bonds of inspectors, 

branding falsely, penalty, 

cars, kind of oil used on, 

deputy inspectors, aopointment, 
duties performea by, 
monthly reports by, 

false branding of casks, 

tees for inspection, 

gas, manufacturing from oil, 

governor appoints supervisor, 
removal of supervisor, 
report to annually, 

inspection, mode and system of, 
made outside of state, 

inspector or supervisor, appointment, 6998 
term of, vacancy, 6998 

deputies, appointment, 6008 

dntiee performed by, 6996 

annual report by, 7000 

bonds and oaths, 6999 

removal by governor, 7013 

fees for inspection, 7000 


not to deal in oil, 

B to inspection, settle- 
marking without inspecting, 
inspection ontaide of state, 
marking without inspecting, 
mines, oil for, 701 

oil, sale of uninspected, 
using uninspected, 
injury from uninspected, 




report to govemor annnally, 

monthly by deputies, luuu 

sale of uninspected oil, 7001 

of empty branded barrels, 7003 

infury from sale of uninspected, 7004 

supervisor, appointment, 6998 

term and salary, 6998 

t«et to determine quality of oil, 6996 

Ifispection of Salt, Floor, etc., 

appointment of inspectors, 7016 

beef, weight of barrel, 7019 

brand on barrel, 7019 

bonds of inspector*, 7023 

brands on barrels and hogsheads, 7016 

on salt barrels, 7017 

on flour barrels, 7018 

on beef and pork barrels, 7019 

on damaged articles, 7020 

on bales of bay, 7021 

county board appoints inspectors, 70IS 

order for hav scales, 7022 

approval of bonds, 7023 

rules, adoption by, 7027 

damaged articles, how branded, 7020 

tees of inspectors, 7026 

lien of on articles, 7026 

flour, weight of barrel, 7018 

how examined, 7018 

branding of, 7018 

hay, weight and (]uality branded, 7021 

scales for weighing, 7022 

inspector, appointment, term, 7015 

bond ana oath of, 7023 

not to trade in articles, 7024 

tees of, lien, 7026, 7036 

form ot oath of, 7028 

lien ot fees of inspector, 7026 

oath ot inspector, 7023 

form of oath, 7028 

pork, weieht of barrel of, 7019 

branding of barrel, 7019 

rules, county board may make, 7027 

salt, brands on barrels of, 7017 



IBeftrences are to Section*.} 
Vol. 1, 8ec«. 1-2784*. Vol. 2, Bece. 2785-5694«2. Vol. 8, Sees. 6695-«733e. 

Inspection of Tobacco, 

boode ot warehoasemeD, 

liabilitv and auit, 
brands on bogsheade, 
fees of wareboueemeD, 

of inspectors, 

lien for fees. 
Inspection, how made, 702 

brand of inspector, 

samples, classing and sealing, 

where maj' be made, 
inspectore, appointment, 

terms of mspecton, 

alternate inspector, 

oatbs of insractors, 

duties as to Inspection, 

fees of inspectors, 

classing and sealintr samples, 
lien ot warehousemen for storage, 

for fees and charges, 
sale of tobacco, where made, 

at warehoQse, refaeal of price, 

by sample before inspection, 

memoranda of sale, 

transfer, title to tobacco, 
sample, classing and sealing of, 

twine for tying, 

cards and stamps to mark, 

sale by before Inspection, 
storage, lien for^ 


« for inspection and Btor> 


how to be conatracted, 

keeping open and in repair, 7030 

scales for weighiDg, 7031 
coopering andhandling tobacco, 7031 

weighing and inspection, 7031 

books kept, entries in, 7032 

account of sales, payments, 7032 

□ot to bny tobacco, 7033 

rentiiig of warehouse, 7033 

liability (or tobacco, 7033 

deliveiy to owners, 7033 

bond of warehonseman, 7034 

liability and sait on, 7034 

penalrif for violating law, 7034 

fees of warehousemen, 7036 

payment ol fees, T035 

lien for fees and storage, 7039 

twine to tie samples, 7040 

cards and stamps to mark, 7040 
sale by sample before inspection, 7041 

memorandum of sale, 7042 

receipt for tobacco, 7042 


elections, township trustees act as, 6200 

appointing by coanty board, 6201 

qoalifications of inspectors, "'"' 

bsllots, obtaining by, 


factories, appointment, salary, 7087* 

duties concerning, 7087i-7087w 

tees and salaries of, 6414, 6999, 7025, 7037 

food establishments, duties, G725e 

grain, appointment and duties, 8718, 8719 

mines, inspector, duties, 74SO-7455 

salary of inspector, 6414, 7456 

disputes as to weights and scales, 7462 

deaths, investigation, 7474 

ventilation ot mines, 7477 

enforcing violation ot law, 7482 

maps, duties as to, 7431c 

office in state-house, 743te 

examination of employes, 74S3a-74S3(f 

fee for examination, 7483/ 

natural gas, duties, 7604, 760G, 7505a 

salary ot, 6414 

oil, see inspection, 6996-7014 

salt, flonr, meats, hay, see inspection, 

tobacco, see inspection, 7029-7042 


street improvements, payment by, 

4294 4295 
in dtiM of 100,000, 3847| 3862 

failure to pay 
in cities of 60,000, 

failure to pay, 
in cities of 43,000 

failure to pay 




4184. 4139 



agricultural institates, 
county institutes, 
township institutes. 



Institnte for Blind, 

blind, see, 2995-^028, 3047-3055 

BsMEVOLBNT Ikstitutiohb, See. 
Blind, Insiiiutk foe, 8ee. 

Institute for Deaf and Dnmb, 

deaf and dumb institute, see, 

Benbvolbnt iNaTiTOTiONS, See. 
Deaf and Dumb iNsiirnTi, See. 

Instrnetions to Jury, 

argument, giving before, 543 

court, duty as to giving, 642 

duty in criminal actions, 1892 

criminal actions, duty ol court, 1892 

special, reqneet for, 1892 

at adjournments, 1896 

exceptions to, how taken, 544 

modified, how given, 642 

signing and filing, 642 

special, request for, 542 

giving before argument, 643 



Vol. 1, Sacs. 1-27846. 


agents acting for illegal company, 2259a 
bnrglap; andloasby mail, 49SU-i93lg 
advertising illenral company, 22596 

loaning fundB illegally, 203\a. 20316 

mail, insurance against Iobb, i93la-i931g 
taxation, raporta by companiee, 6477, 8491 
It for, 8482-8488,8492 

Insnrance, Stock Companies, 

ueeta of stock companies, investment, 

association to organiEe, 4839 

commiesionen designatad, 4839 

notice of subscriptions, 4839 

aoditor of state to issne oertiflcate, 48G1 

fees of auditor, 4863, 4863 

has custody of stocks, 

<f stocks to pay losses, 4861 

registry ot stock, tees, 4863 

annual statement filed with, 4864 

delinqaency, doty of auditor, 4866 

delivery ot stocks to receiver, 4868 

bank notes, not to issue, 4871 

eapital stock, sutracriptions to, 4839 

amount and shares, 4840 

sulMcriptions, cash payment, 4641 

closing of books, 4841 

payment, time tor, 4850 

transfer ot stock, 4850 

cerdflcate by auditor ot state, 4661 

increase, investment in stocks, 4861 

certificate ot incorporation, 4852 

effect as evidence, 4662 

commissioners to open slock books, 4839 
notice of opening books, 

receiving subscnptions, 4841 

disposal of books and money, 4841 

conditions in policies, 4869ii 
violation, charges, hearing, 


corporate name, daration, 4848 

certificate of incorporation, 4852 

directors, number, terms, 4842 

must be stockholders, 4842 

president to be one, 4842 

secretary, election of, 4843 

oath and duties of, 4843 

election of directors, 4844 

notice, manner of voting, 4844 

meetings, notice, 4844 

president and vice-preddent, 4845 

oaths and vacancies, 4646 

special meetings, 4846 

quornm, majority vote, 4847 
payment tor stock, directions, 

. certificate as to payment, 4851 

annual statement by, 4864 

liability for losses, 4872 
triennial statement by, 

dividends, investment in stocks, 
not to declare, when, 4 

Insurance, Stock Companies, 

tees of auditor of Htate, 4863, 486J 

ot secretary of state, 4853 

forfeiture, proceedings to adjudge, 4866 
judgment, receiver appoint^, 

— j^j obtain sttJcke, 


payment of creditors, 4669 
reports by receiver, 4870 
pay of receiver, 4870 
goarant;? fund, deposit of stocks, 4861 
certificate by auditor, 4S61 
fees of aoditor. 4SS3 
auditor to have custody of, 48S4 
collection of interest and divi- 
dends, «64 
changing of stocks, 4864 
use of fond, 4855 
order ot application, 4665 
investing dividends in, 4866- 
depreciation, notice, 4867 
time to make deposit, 4857 
sale of stocks to pay losses, 4861 
replacing ot stocks sold, 4861 
increase ot stock, investment, 4861 
registry ot stocks by auditor, 4S63 
failure to deposit stocks, 4866 

Sroceedings ot forfeiture, 4665 

elivery of stocks to lecedver, 4668 

insurance, on what taken, 4858 

risks, limit ot, 4673 

losses, adjustment ot, 4859 

policies, now issued, 4859 
conditions in, 4S69a-4859/ 

president and vice-president. 4646 

real estate, acqoiring and holding, 4840 

ottering tor sale, 4849' 

receiver, appointment, bond, 4867 
duties ot receiver, 4868-4670 

risks, limit as to, 4873 

secretary, election of, term, 4843 

oaths and duties ot, 484S 

of sUte, duties of, 485! 

tees ot secretary, 4853 
special charters, reports, examina- 
tions, 487ea-487Sa 

stockholders, who may become, 4EUI 

voting by, 4814 

calling ot special meetings, 4846 

constitota body corporate, 4848 

not to purchase stocks sold, 4861 

liabili^ for losses, 4872 

unpaicl stock, liability, 4674 

requiring report of directors, 4876- 

taxation, reports tor, 8491 

trade, company not to engage in, 4S6Z 

Insurance, Mntnal Fire, 



[Btfereneei are to iSecifont.] 
Vol. 1, 8ec8. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785^5594e2. Vol. S, Sees. 5695-8733c. 

Insurance, Mntoal Fire, 

aeaeta, use of, 4894A 
auditor of state issaee certificate, 

4680, 4894J 

annual report to, 4893 

secaritiee depoaited with. 4892fl 
btudness men's mutual insorance, 


bf-lawB, adoption of, 48ft4(I 

cash Bccumalations, disposal of, 4892 

certificate of incorporation, ■"""• 
condition of policies, 

deposit of Becurities, ii.u-.i. 

directors, number, election, 4877 

president, election, 4877 

vice-president, election, 4877 

treasurer, election, 4877 

voting at elections, 4877 

record to be kept, 4878 

terms of officers, 4879 

statement of loss and assets, 4686 

liability of for debts, 4686 

action to recover debt, 4887 

by-laws, adoption by, 4894(i 

report o( directors, 4894i 

dividends, when declared, 4892 

incorporation, certificate, 4894e 

investment of funds in stocks, 4864 

how funds used, 
lien of policy, 

enforcement of lien, _ 4890 
sale of property on ezecndon, 
redemption from sale, 
loss, assessment to pay, 

statement before assessment, 4885 

adjastment of losses, oaths, 4894 

manufacturers' mutual insurance, 4894j 

agreements for insurance, 4884^ 

cash and premium notes, 4894 J 

title or name to indicate property, 

penalty for violating act, 

members, votes at elections, 
vho are members, 
persons paying cash, not, 

officers elected, 46 

secretary and directors, 46 
president and vice-president, 

■^ 4677, 4804/ 

treasurer, bond, 4877, 4894/ 

terms of, vacandes, 4879 

organiEation of company, 
premium notes and cash, 
certificate by auditor of state, 

policies, record to be kept, 4878 

record open to inspection, 4878 

issuing and signing of, 4681 

assessments to pay, 4684 

statement before assessment, 4886 

liability of directors, 4886 

lien of policy on property, 4889 

enforcement of lien, 4890 

Insurance, Mutual Fire, 

policies, eale of property, redemptio 

acceptance of apphcations, 

conditions in policies, < 
premium notes, amount on organiza- 

deposit on receiving policy, 

paying cash in lien of, 

note for cash premium, effect, 

aBsesement to pay losses, 
property insured by, 
record kept, inspector, 
report, annual, contents, 

publication of report, 
secretary, election of, 

of state, issuing certificate, 
Becurities, deposit of, 
stock, issoing of, 

notice to raemberB, 

order to issue stock, 

subscription for stock, 

payments for stock, 
taxation, reports for, 
treasurer, election, bond, 

assessments, liability for, ^ooo- 

Insurance, Stock or Hntaal Ufe, 

accounting, decree for, 489461 

annual statements filed, 4894> 

amending form. 4894( 

articles of association , 4894in 

execution, approval, 4894ft 

associations authorized, 46941 

corporate powers, 4894r 

old companies reorganising, 

469411, 4894ml 
beneficiaries, changing, 
oertificatsB by auditor, 

absence, forfeiture, 
companies not affected, 
deposits to secure policies, 

failure to make, notice, 

changing securities, 

interest on depoaita, 
directors, election, 
dissolution of company, 

retiring from business, 
examinations by auditor, 
fees collected, 
foreign companies, 
forfeitures for illegal business, 
funds, investment of, 
illegal business, forfeiture, 
insolvency, proceedings, 
insurable interest, 
interest on deposits, 
investment of funds, 
mutual companies, applications, 

liet filea with auditor, 
officers, election, 
old companies reorganizing, 

effect of reorganization, 

not aHected by act, 


4894ti, 4894al 













Vol. 1, 8eci. 1-27846. 

Insnrance, Stock or Hntnal Life, 

peualtiee, suits to recover, 4894/1 

policies, valoatioD, 48Mn 

depoBJta to eecare, 48e4u 

chanpng depoBits, 4894> 

cbaoge of beDeflciarief, 4894i;l 

fixed SQUIB sUted, 4903(], 4903A 

powers of aasociations, 4S04r 

real estate, holding of, 4894A1 

sale of, 48Mn 

receiver when insolvent, 4804|r 

application for, 489461 

reinsurinK risks. 4SB4jl 

reormniEstioi) by old companies, 

4884n, 4894ml 

retiring from boslDeeB, 4891el 

stock, subscription, 4S94o 

amoant of capital, 4894p 

payment and investment, 4894j> 

suits to recover penalties, 4894/1 

taxation, reports lor, 8491 

transfer of nsks, 4894J 1 

Insnrance, Hntnal Life and Acci- 

accidsDts, insoranee a|;ainat, 

company, organisation, 

policies and premiiuns, 

mutual companies for, 
accounting and receiver, 
age of persons insored, 
annual statement to auditor, 

failure to make, proceedings, 
articles of incorporatir- 


examination by attorney-general. 

,t notices, contents, 1 

application of assessments, 1 

Insnrance, what is, 4S 

association for life insurance, 4 
number ot members, 4 
corporate powers of, i 
name and title submitted to audi- 
tor, A 
approval by auditor, A 
Statement to be filed, 4900 
insurance to procure charter, 4900 

attachment, money not subject to, 4914w 

attorney-general, examination of arti- 
cles, 4914a 
insolvent, duties, 4914? 
appUcation by for injunction, 4914? 

auditor of state approves name, 4899 

annual statement to, 4904 

examination by auditor, 4904 

dissolution, duty as to, 4906 
bonds, examioBtion of, 

foreign companies, license, 4909 
fee tor license, 

copy of charter filed, 4909 

agent for service of process, 4909 

tee on filing annual report, 4911 

Insurance, Hntnal Life and Aeei* 

auditor, failure to report, revocation 
of license, 4911 

donbt of solvency, evidence, 4911 
fraudulent business, duty^ 4912 

mntual life and accident, issuing 

license, 4914a 

reports to be made to, 4914<, 4014i 
d^>osit of secorities with, 4914in 

examinations made by, 49l4p 

powersas toinspectionofbooks, 4914^ 
insolvent or illegal, report to at- 
torney-general, 4914g 
foreign companies, deposit ot arti- 
cles, 4014t 
process served on, 4914( 
revocation of certificate of aathor- 

ity, 49141 

fees paid to by companies and 
agents, 4914|r 

beneficiary, change of, 4914v 

bonds of officera and agents, 4907 

treasurer, bond of, 4907 

auditor to examine bond, 4908 

renewal of bond, 4908 

recording ot bond, 4908 

companies eubiect to, 49146 

directors, number and election, 4914e 

dissolution, proceeding for, 4906 

of foreign companies, 4912 

endowment policies, prohibition, 4903 

expenses, how paid, 4903 

fund not used tor death claims, 

fee rates and premiums, 

fees paid auditor of state, 

fire, no insurance against, 

forms deposited with auditor, 

foreign company, license for, 
fee for license, 
copy of charter deposited, 
statement as to condition, 
certificate from home officer, 
service ot process on, 
penalties^ when imposed on, 
lee on filing annual report, 
failure to report, revocation ot 

license, vfii 

doubt as to solvency, evidence, 4911 
fraudulent business, proceedings, 

tulure to comply with act, effect, 4913 
penalty for unlawful business, 4913 
mutual life and accident com- 
panies, 4914* 
depositing articles with auditor, 4914s 
service ot process on, 4914t 
false statements by agent, pen- 
alty, 4914u 
false claim tor benefits, penalty, 4914> 
change ot beneficiary, 49l4<i 
no attachment or garnishee, 4914w 
neglect of officers, penalty, 4911r 




{BtftrtMet art to Stettont-I 

Vol. 2, 8eca. 2786-6594«2. Vol. 3, SecB. 6696-8783c 

Vol. 1, Sect. 1-27846. 

Inanrance, Hvtnal Lite and Acci- Insnrance, Forei^ Companies, 


foreign compwiv, Tevocation of cer- 
tificate ot aatbori^, 4914x 
lees paid to auditor, 4914y 
fraternal Bocletiee exempt from law, 

4914, 4914t 
^roiBbment, moneye not sabject to. 4914to 
■neolveat or ill^al Doaineaa proceed- 

inga, 4914^ 

iDsurable intereet, 4S94ui 

license by anditor, 49l4(i 

lodges oi societies not attected, 4914, 4914* 

name and corporate poTreis, 4914b 

notice of aBBeasmentB, contents, 4901 

application of afwesaments, 4901 

officers, compensation of, 4914c 

neglect ot dnt^, penalty, 49I4.t: 

failure to obtua certificate, 4914:c 

old companies reorganiEing, 4914« 

policy on life or against accident, 4895 

preminma, HSseaament, 4895 

experience table, exemption, 4902 

insDrable interest, when, 4902 

endowment not issned, 4903 

expense fand not need to pay, 4903 

fraud in procuring, penal^, 4906 

amount paid specified, 4914r 

change of beneficiary, 4914d 

fixed snmH in, 4903a, 49036 

leports to auditor by life companies, 4914f 

failnie to report, penalty, 49141 

reports by accident companies, 49141 

failure to report, penalty, 4914i 

reserve fund o( life companies, 49140 

of accident companies, 4914it 

eecarities, deposit with auditor, 49I4nt 

societies not affected by act, 4914, 4914s 

taxation, reports for. 8491 

transfer or reinsurance ot risks, 491 4o 

Insurance, Foreign Companies, 

agents to obtain certificates, 4915, 4915a 
statement Sled with auditor, 4915 

copies filed in counties, 4615 

authority to serve process od, 4916 
of companies of foreign couotriee, 4919 
statement filed with auditor, 4919 

retaining money to pay losses, 4921 
deposit ot money in court, 4921 

penalty for violating act, 4924 

additional obligations, when, 4928 
false statements by, penalty, 4914u 
failure to obtain certificate, pen- 
alty, 4914* 

anditor ol state, stetement filed with, 

491G, 4915a 
certificate issued by, 4915 

renewal of certificates, 4915 

Kbiication of statements, 4915 

I for publication, 4915 

Berrice of process on, 4916 

auditor of stete, how process served, 

4917, 4918(1 
copy sent to company, 4917 

fee for filing copy, 4918 

fee on service of process, 4918 

statement of foreign companies, 4919 
investments in stocks or t>onds, 4919 
fee for examination of statement, 4920 
tee tor certificates, 4920 

report and paying over fees, 4920 

examination ot companies, 4925 

report, and record ot, 4926 

poDlication of report, 4926 

plate glass insurance, license, 4927 
unlawful business, revoking li- 
cense, 4929 
notice of violating law, duty, 4930 
pay for services, 4931 

certificates to agents, 4916, 4919 

anditor of state issues, 4916 

renewal of certificates, 4915 

copies filed in counties, 4916 

noting and indexing by clerk, 4915 
fee for certificates, 4920 

clerk ot circuit court, filing papers, 4916 
noting and indexing papers, 4916 

conditions forbidden in policies, 

4859a-4869/, 4923 
notice ot loss, time, 4923 

certificates as to loss, 4923 

limitation of suit, 4923 

violating act, penalty, proceed- 
ings, 4&>96-4859/ 

evidence, use ot copies of papers as, 49',^ 

tee ot auditor for filing copy, 4918 

on eervice of process, 4918 

examination of statf'ment, 491SA, 4920 
tor issuing certificate, 4920 

report and paying over tees, 4920 

for examination as to unlawful 
acts, 4931 

foreign nations, companies ot, 4919 

when may do business, 4919 

insurance outside of state forbidden, 4928 
revocation of liceuae, 4929 

new license granted, when, 4929 

examination Dy anditor, 4030 

compensation of auditor, 4931 

laws of other atetes imposing obliga- 
tions, 4926 

limitation as to suit, agreement, 4923 

loss, retaining money to pay, 4921 

deposit of money in court, 4921 

conditions as to notice forbidden, 4923 

mutoal lite and accident companies, 4914* 
depositing articles with auditor, 4914i 
service of process on companies, 4914t 
false atetementa by agent, penal- 
ty, 4914t( 
false claim for benefits, penalty, 4914h 
change ot beneficiary, 4914« 
no attechment or garnishee, 4014te 



[Bf/epenCM are to SecUotu.'} 
Vol. I, Seea. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-66e4e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5595-8733c 

Insorance, Forei^ Companies, Insarance, Live Stock, 

mntaal life, neglectol officers, peo- 
alty, 49I4X 

revocation of cettiflcate of antbor- 

it7, 4914:r 

fees paid to auditor, 4914^ 

notice of lose, conditione ae to for- 
bidden, 4923 
penalty lor violating act, 4924 
impoeed by foreign state, effect, 4926 
plate glass insurance, 4927 
conditions of doing business, 4927 
policy, conditions in forbidden, 

48S9a, 4923 
violating act, penalty, proceed- 
ings, 48396-4859/ 
process, consent to serve on agent, 

4916, 4916 
consent to serve on auditor, 

bow served on auditor, 4914t, 4917 
copy sent to company, 4917 

fee of auditor for filing copy, 4917 
fee for service on, 4918 

service ot process, 49I8ii 

taxation, reports tor, 8477 

it (or 

asseesfoent tor. 


Insurance, Farmers* Companies, 

articles of associstion, 4932, 49320 

signing and recording, 4932 

name to be set forth, 4932 

coanties incladed in named, 49S2 

corporate powers of company, 4932 

cyclone insurance, 4932<i 

members, limit as to number, 4932 

officers of company, 4932 

election, votes of members, 4932 

property that may be insured, 4932 

taxation of, 8491,8492 

territory in which majr operate, 4982 

Insurance, Lire Stock, 

animale, mutual association, 4955a 
limit as to territory', 4965a 
articles of association, 4B56& 
bonds of officers, 49556 
reports by secretary and treas- 
urer, 49650 
policies may be issued, 4956d 

articles ot association, signers to, 4933 

contents of articles, 4934 

filing with secretary of state, 4934 

fee for filing, 4934 

naming directors and officers, 4937 

certificate of incorporation, 4942 

ot foreign companies, 4952 

auditor of state, certificate as to stock, 4936 

deposit of bonds or stocks, 4936 

collection ot interest on bonds, 4936 

statement to as to stock, 4942 

certificate by auditor, 4942 

fee for oertificUe, 4013 

auditor, statement as to business, 4946 

publication of statement, 4946 

tee tor filing statement, 494» 

foreign companies, statement, 4947 

copies of articles or charter, 4952 

certificate from iionie state, 4952 

certificate to foreign company, 4963 

fee tor certificate, 4953 

bonds or stocks, invi*Btments in, 4936 

deposit with auditor, 4936 

collection of interest, 4936 

capital stock, statement in articles, 4934 

limit as to amount of, 4935 

shares, amount, 4935 

payments before organization, 4935 

certificate of solvency, 4935 

payment ot balance, 4936 

■ ' itof, 4936 

transfer of stock, 4939 

Statement as to paYment, 4942 

of foreign companies, 4047 

directors, number ot, 4937 

stock owned by, 4937 

terms of office ot, 4937 

election ot, 4937 

naming in articles, 4937 

officers elected by, 4938 

quorum and meetings, 4938 

employee and salaries, 493S 

Statement to auditor as to stock, 4942 

annual statement by, 4946 

fee tor filing articles, 4934 

of auditor for stock certificate, 4943 

of secretary for incorporation, 4943 

ot auditor tor annual statement, 4946 

paid by foreign companies, 4952, 4953 

foreign companies, stock, 4947 

evidence to auditor, 4947 

copies ot articles or charter, 4952 

certificate from home state, 4952 

fee tor examination, 4952 

certificate by auditor, 4953 

tee for certificate, 4953 

state imposing obligations, 4951 

investments in bonds or stocks, 4936 

deposit with auditor, 4936 

collection of interest, 4936 

insurance, limit of amount, 4940 

law, organised companies to obey, 4949 

to whom applies, 4955 

limitation as to suits, 4945 

losses, adjustment of, 4945 

mutual companies, organization, 49&5a 

rights and powers, 495^IM966<t 

ohli^tions imposed by other states, 4951 

imposing on foreign companies, 4951 

officers, principal in this state, 4944 

officers, naming in articles, 4937 

elected by directors, 4938 

president and vice-president, 4938 

secretary and treasurer, 4938 



Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seca. 2786-5694<!2. 

Insnrance, Live Stock, 

peDaltiee for violating act, 4960 

policies, loasM covered by, 4M4 

torm and isauing of, 4MC 

adjuitmeat of Ioshob, 4946 

limit ae to suit, 4946 

president, election of, 493B 

vice-president, election, 4938, 

real estate, holding of, 4941 

report, annual as to condition, 4946 

publication and fee, 4946 

secretatT, election and duties, 4938 

stockholdeTS, voting bjr, 4937 

personal liability of, 4948 

taxation of, 8491, 8492 

treaaurer, election and daties, 4938 

Insurance, Reinsnrance, 

auditor of state approves, 4967 

sworn statement filed with, 4967 

sorrender of securities, 4967 

certificate issaedbjr, 4967 

bomness, most retire from, 4968 

contract of reinsurance, 4966 

insured most consent, 4956 

company reinaarina boand, 4958 

domestic companies only included, 4966 

Insnrance, Fire Patrol, 

board of underwriters, rooms, 
patrol and apparatus, 
superintendent, duties, 
annual meetings, 
notice ot meetings, 
representatives atmeetiiigs, 
majorilT to rule, 
determining expenses, 
assesament and collection, 
statements by companies, 
demand tor statement, 
failure to fumieb, penalty, 
recovery of penalty, 

expense of patrol, 

assesament on companies, 
collection ot assessments, 

meeting of underwriters, 
notice of meetings, 
representatives at, 
powers ot, 

rooms for patrol, 

statements required by companie 
contents and oath to, 
failure to furnish, penalty, 
recoveiT of penalty, 

superintendent of patrol, 
duties and powera ot, 

Insorance Fond, 

citiefl, craation for police and firemen, 

387B, 4010, 4164 


Sees. 6696-8733C. 

Insurable Interest, 

beneficiary to have, 4894h1 


accounts, rate on, 7046 

banks, what may charge, 206 

bonds, county, rate on, 7834 

for jails, rate on, 8205 

contracts, aflected by law, 7049 

costa, tender, how anecta, 7047 

county orders, when stops on, 7976, 7998 

foreclosure, rebate of, 1118 

judgment, rate on, 7044 

entry from return ot verdict, 7044 

rate in absence of contract, 7043 

on special contract, 7043 

on judgments, 7044 

on writings and accounts, 7045 

calculated by year, when, 7048 

on contracts made out of atete, 7049 

recoupment of nsurious, 7046 

repeal, aaving clause, 7050 

school funda, rate on loans, 

time ot payment, 


sureties, rate may collect. 


tender, effect as to costs. 


university fund loans, rate on, 


verdict, interest from return ot. 


year, when rate calculated by, 


Interlocutory Order, 

appeal from, 


stay of proceedings. 



estates ot decedente, liability. 


practice in cases o: 


depoBitions, taking by, 
jury, ptopoundinR to, 

verdict, control ot by, 
pleadings, filing with, 

shown to be sham by, 
sham, pleading shown to be by, 
verdict, control ot by. 

Interstate Commerce, 

Intemrban Car Lines, 

rights, powers, duties 6464, 6468a-6466A 



officers, penalty tor, 

removal for, 
public place, found io. 


Intoxicating Liquors, 

application for liceDse to sell, 7Z83a 

businesB permittAcI in place of Bale, 7SS3b 

ci^ra, sale in saloon, 72S3f> 
cities, control of places where sold, 

a. 13, S641 

of 50,000, regalating sale, 3927 

convicts in prison aot to have, 8230 

death of licensee, refanding tee, 7283A 

definition of term, 7277 

dra^sts, sale by, 7283J 

tilling prescriptions, 7293k 

fee lor license, amount of, 7281 

belonn to school fond, 7281 

refunding on death or insanity, 7283A 

insanity of licensee, refnnding fee, 7283A 

insane, giving to, 3227 

license, obtaining to sell, 7270 

notice, remonstraoce, 7278 

conditions, license, bond, 7279 

appeal, effect of, 7279 

time tor appeal, bond, 7280 

fee tor, omoant, 7281 

iasaing license, 728S 

wholesale dealers 

application, contents, 

who may procure, riawt 

contents of license, 728SE< 

revocation of license, 7283(1 

but one to same person, 7383 A 

owner of business to procure, 7283A 

death or insanity, refunding fee, 7283ft 

remonatrance against, 72631 

maiority of voters may defeat, 7283( 

when is void, ""~n^ 

sales to prohibited. 7283/ 

music prohibited in saloons, 72836 

occupants of saloon during certain 

hours, 7283c 

officers enforcing law, 72S3i7 

orphans in homes not to have, S102, 3104 
prescription, sales on by dniggiste, 

7283 j, 7283ft 

prosecuting attorney procuring, 7813b 

remonstrance against license, 72S3f 

number of signers to defeat, 7283i 

revocation of license, 72S3d 

saloon, amusements or music not al< 

lowed, 72836 

having other business in, 72836 

selling cigars and tobacco, 72836 

closing and locking, 728Sc 

occupants at prohibited hours, 7283c 

Intoxicating Liqnors, 

saloon, location on ground floor, 7ZS3d 

fronting on street or highway, ;283d 
view in, obstruction prohibited, 7283d 

penalty for violating section, 7283ii 

minors loitering about, 72S3e 
schools, teaching eflect of liquors, 


license tee belongs to fund, 7281 

tobacco, sale in saloons, 72836 

towns, license to sell liquors, d. 7, 4367 

wholesale dealers, exemption from 

license, 7283 

LiQroBs, See. 



debtor claiming exemption, 



guardians, filing by, 


InTestment Companies, 

license, duties and powers, 



docket entries to ahow state of 


fact, when tried. 


how created. 


when court tries. 


when jury tries. 


formiuK and completing of, 

order of judge as to, 
Judgment on failure to plead, 
law and of fact. 





how created, 




altering marks on, 


letting of in pabllc. 



running at large, 


Jackson County, 

circuit, in forty-second, 
congressional district. 




court, terms in. 

p. 675 


lariea of county officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distn bated to, 


bonds to build, 

interest and payment, 
tax to pay bonds, 
linit of cost, 

city, nee ot jails by, 


Vol. 1, I 


Vol. 2, S 


dvil cases, cost of priaonera, 8195 

escape and recapture, 8200 

KLtiatBCtion of judgmeDt, 8201 

coroner keeps, when, 7953 

county board to provide, 7S33, 8191 

crimioale, cost ol keeping, 8196 

expense of keeping, payment, 8202 

food to be provided, 8194 

lngitivea, comciitting to jail, 8203 

cost of keeping, 8203 

grand jury to inspect, 173fi, 1736, 8192 

report as to condition, 8192 

repaira as recommended, 8192 

condemnation by, 8193 

recommendations carried oot, 8193 

beating, dnty ot connty boud, 6193 

tivenile prisoners, treatment, 8204 

eeping ot andean, 2126 

therill to keep, 7946, 8194 

coroner, when to keep, 7B53 

liqnora, famistiing to prisoners, 2192 

matrons, appointment, duties, 8360a-r ~ 
mob, danger of, removal o( prisoners, 
prisoners, danfcer ot mob, removal, 

when kept at labor, 

liquors, tumishing to. 

indge to order, 

uvenile, treatment of, 8204 

transfer to work-house, 8333 

process, copy to be kept, 8197 

indorsement and fihng, 8198 

delivery to sacceseor, 8199 

removal to other counties, 6202 

judge to order, 8202 

in case ot mob, 1770 

sexes to be kept separate, 8194 
sheritl to keep jail, 7946, 6194 

towns, use ot Jail by, 4194 
work-hoase.traDBferriogprisonerBto, 8333 


Jannary First, 

commercial paper, boUdav aa to, 7531 

liquors, sale on prohibitea, 2194, 219fi 

Jasper Goonty, 

circuit, in thirdetb jadidal, p. 673, 1394 

congressional district, 3324 

court, terms in, p. 673, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of county officers, 6463 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statntes distiibated to, 7617d 

Jay County, 

circuit, in fifty-eighth, p. 

congressional district, 

renreeentatives, apportionment, 
Balariea Of county officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes dietn bated to. 


Jefferson Connty, 

circuit, in fifth judicial, p. S69, 1394 

congressional district, 3318 

court, terms in, p. 669, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6688 

salaries of county officers, 6466 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

etamtes distributed to, 7617(1 


prison at made Indiana Betormatory, 

Jennings Connty, 

circuit, in sixth judicial, p. 670, 1894 

congressional district, 3318 

coart, terms in, p. 670, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of county officers, 6466 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statutes distributed to, 76174 


persons not to be twice in, 29, 69 

Johnson Goanty, 

circuit, in eighth jadicial, p. 670, 1394 

congressional district, 3318 

court, terms in, p. 670, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salarieB of county offlceis, 6467 

senatorial appornonment, 6682 

statutes distnbuted to, 7617d 


action, joinder of causea, 279-281 

appeal to supreme court, parties, 647 

error, joinder on appeal, 667 

defendants, joining ot, 269, 271, 277 

plaintiffs, joining of, 263, 288, 270 

Joinder of Actions, 

actions, when may be joined, 279 

for title papers and retonnktion, 28D 

contract, joining matters of, 281 

trials, when separate, 281 

Joint Contracts, 

actions, enforcement, 271, 322-326 

death of one, enforcement, 636, 2460 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 

Joint Owners, 

crimiBal pleading, averment, 
leceiver, appainbnent for, 

or, ngnta in personalty, 

Joint Besolation, 

pneaage and eigning of, 

Joint Tenancy, 

-creation of, 

Joint Tenants, 

ejectment, suing in, 
inheritance by, 
partition between, 
personalty, rights of i 
rents, anit by tor, 


creation and effect. 


congreea, joamala of, 
general aaaembl^, joomall, 
printing of jonmals, 
dietribntion of foumala, 
state librarian, datiea aa to. 


[Jtq^ervncM art to Swtton*.] 

Vol. 2, BecB. 2786'55B4e3. Vol. 3, Bees. 5G96-8733e. 



acknowledgment ol deeds before, 


acts of legialatare diatrlbated to, 

7617e, 7617/ 

allowanceH by courts and Judges, 

\m, 1483, 8106 

appellate court judges, 1336 

appointment and election, 1338 

districts in state. 1340 

terms and residence, 1339, 1341, 1363a 
qualifications of, 1343 

powers in vacation, 1349 

salaries ot judges, 13fi3, 6419 

may hold other courts, 1354 

circuit court, terms of judges, 169 

election of judges, 1364 

salaries ol judges, 

1438, 1439, 1439a-U39fr 
to examine clerk's office, 7937 

labor commission, duties concern- 
ing, 7060e-7050m 

conservators ot peace, 176 

criminal court judge, 1428 

election and term, 1428 

judge pro (ftn., 1429 

pav of pro tern, judge, 1430 

Dolding other courts, 1434 

salary ol judge, 1440, 6420 


election, separate may be held, 06 

ot judges ot. 6S0O, 6201 

quali&ations of judges, 6200, 6201 

impeachment and removal, 8IO81 

proceedings and practice, SlOSt, 8108^1 

labor commission, duties ot circuit 

judge, 70eO»-7050m 

law, practitJng by, 2106 

marriages, solemniiing, 7291 

oaths may be administered by, 8086 

office, eligibility to hold, 176 

police, cities ot 100,000, election, term, 

salarv ot judge, SS96 

in cities ot 60,000, 4019 

salary ot judge, 4026 

salaries of supreme court judges, 1437, 6417 
of appellate court judgeg, 1353, 6419 
of circait court judges, 

1438, 1439, 1439a-1439ff 
of mperior court judges, 

1438, 1439, 1426UI, 1426vl, 

1426J:2, 1439(^-1439lr 
of criminal court Judges. 1440, 6420 
eeasion acta distributed to, 7617e, 7617/ 
Speciat judges, selection of, 

419, 1444, 1446-1448, 1839a, 1889fr 
pay ol, 420 

snperior court judges, election, terms, 1395 
acknowledgment of deeds, 1407 

Judge pro tent., 1417 

salaries of judges, 

1438, 1^, 1426ttr, 142^1, 

142612, 143»c-1439ir 
ot Madison county, term, elec- 
tion, 1426)1 
appointment ot judge, 1426« 
salary of judge, 1426w 
of Lake, Porter and La Forte 

counties, 142661 

appointment ot judge, 142661 

election of and term ot Jadge, 1426el 
salary ot Judge, 1426vl 

of Grant and Howard counties, 1426e2 
appointment, term, election, 1426ir2 
salary of judge, 1426it2 

supreme court, number of judges, 162, 1316 
terms of judges, 162 

beginning of terms, 1329 

districts, division of state, 

168, 1317-1321 
holding other courts, 1330 

salaries of judges, 1437, 6417 

visitors to state university, 6076 

Impeachment and ramoval, 

8106*, 8ioet 
CouBTS, See. 


Militia, See. 


Vol. 1, Sm8. 1-27S46. 

Judges of Election, 

•ppointment Bi)d qaaliScatdona, 6200, 6201 

bftUot, oiMning or marking, 8338, 6425 

retaaii^ to receive, 2330 


[B4fer»neta are to Seetiotu.'] 
Vol. 2, Sec*. 2785-66»4e2. Vol. 8, 8 

Judgment, Civil Actions, 

pay for serrioeB, 
vote, refusal to recdve, 
voter, penaading. 


Judgment, Giril Actions, 

action on, how pleaded, 372 

appraisement, no relief of, 

686, 1231, 1662, 1792, 2616, 3628. 

4397, 4403, 7250, 7259 
against officers or fidndaries, 686, 2616 

on bonds in legal proceedii^, 687 

assignment of, 612 

title of assignee, 612 

payment to assignor, 613 

execution, indorsement, 614 

action by assignee, 616 

attorney, rendition on 

bonds, witbont relief, 

lien of Judgment, «ib 

derk failing to enter, llabUl^, 694 

nottopnrcbaae, 7931 

when to make entry, 7981 

confession, offer before trial, 622 

offer before suit, 628 

who may confess, 695 
debt, statement of, 


by attorney, affidavit, 
replevin bail, 
eonstractive notice, 

opening of, 609, 1042 
notice of application, 610 
bonajldt pnrcbaaers, 611 
corporation, forfeitare on non-pay- 
ment, 3439 
costs, bonds by non-residents, 608, 6636a 
who recovers, 599 
judgment under 950, 600 
damages, not on contract, 601 
relators, liability, 602 
apportionment of costs, 603 
non-ioinder of actions, 004 
adjncleed before Bnal Judgment, 606 
when landa are attaclied, 606 
of transcripts, 607 
fee-bills for, 60S 
death of debtor, heirs to show caose, 6S3 
affidavit by creditor, 634 
process, service, trial, 636 
order of court, 636 
of one debtor, liability of estate, 630 
defanlt, rendition on, 682 
defendants, against part of, 577-679 
delivery bond, suit and judgment, 616 
divorce, no opening of, 609 

14— aBK. IN. 

docket of, contents, 691 
entry of stay of execation. 692 
to be open to public, 693 
entry of, contents, 688 
neglect of clerk, liability, 694 
time of making, 7931 
errors, not reversed for technical, 401 
execution, entry of stay of, 692 
foreclosure of mortgage, final judg- 
ment, 583 
sale of property, 584 
general verdict, rendition on, S73 
interest, rate on, 7044 
lien on lands for ten years, 617 
jndgment on bonds, 618 
transcripts to another connty, 619, 620 
transcripts from federal courts, 

621, 622 

transcripts from justices, 624, 626 

mortgage, dual judgment on, 683 

sale on foreclosure, 684 

officers, no relief or stay, 586 

purchase of indgmenta, 

1663, 2113, 7931, 7948 

payment, order to enter on record, 589 

entry of on record, 690 

presumption as to, 806 

personal, not on publication, 393 

plaintifb, barred as to part, 676 

for or against part, 677 

pleading of, allegations, 372 

Judgment on pleadings, 575 

purchase of by officers, 

1668, 2118, 7931, 7948 

railroads, enfordng judgments, 834a 

relief from, when granted, 399 
ol valuation laws, 
666-687, 1231, 1562, 1792, 2615, 

3626. 4897, 4403, 7260, 7260 

replevin, judgment in, 681 

reversal, sale, title, 681 

review, who may have, 627 

complaint aud cause for, 628 

time of filing, 628 

new matter, complaint, 629 

Btsv of judgment, bond, 680 

notice to defendant, 631 

judgment, costs, 632 

child, legitimacy, review, 1041 

reviving judgments, 1566 

satisfaction, order to enter, 689 

entry on record, 690 

presumption as to, 306 

setoff, judginent on, 580 

sheriff not to purchase, 7948 

tender, judgment in case of, 680a 

transcript to another county, 619 

lien of judgment, 620 

from federal courts, 621 

lien of judgment, 622 



[BiifeTencei are to Section!.} 
Vol. 1, Sece. I-27SM. Vol. 2, Beca. 2785-e5g4e2. Vol. 8, Sees. 6596-6783e. 

JndgmeDt, Civil Actions, 

tranacript, leee of clerk, 623 

traascript from justice, 634 

recording and lien, 625 

execution on, 626 

verdict, general, iudgment on, 673 

special, judgment on, 574 

on pleEuUngB notwithatandins, 575 
Appeal, See. 
Costs, See. 
ExBcuTioN, See. 

J[idg:ment, Criminal Actions, 

arrest, vhen made tor jadgment, 1922 

on expiration ol atajr, 1932 

bond to keep the peace, 1925 

convict?, hsra labor by, 1940 

coeta, judgment for, 1926 

when not taxed, 1927 

death penalty, execation ofi 1941-1963 

defendant to be present, 1920 

brooght into court, 1921 

warrant tor arrest, 1922 

asked to show cause, 1923 

rendition of jadj^ent, 1924 

execution for fine and costs, 1930 

aUy of, 1929, 1932 

art«st on expiration of stay, 1932 

felony, judgment in, 1906a, 8253( 

copy sent to reformatory, 1906c, 8253J 

fine and cosU, conunitment, 1926 

no relief of valuation, 1926 

atay of execntion, ,1929, 1932 

imprisonment for, 1931 

labor by convicte, 1940 

by prisoners in jail, 1935 

guards for, 1936 

naleance, abatement of, 1928 

officers, neglect, penalty, 1934 

sheriff, copy of judgment to, 1937 

delivery of prisoner at pilaon, 1938 

aasisunce to sheriff, 1939 

verdict, judgment on, 1919 

witness fees not taxed, when, 1927 

Appeal, Bee. 

Cbiuihal Pboceddbb, 8ee> 

Judgment Creditor, 

heirs, enforcing judgment against, 683-A3fl 

redemption from execution sale, 784 

. Judgment Debtor, 

death not to affect execntion, S02 

execution a^nat body, 803-828 

proceedings supplementary, 827-834 

exemption of property from, 716-730 

Judgment Docket, 

clerk to keep docket, 

neglect of, liability, 
contents of docket, 
entries to be made on, S92, 619, 621, 626 

open to pablic, """ 

Judicial CircaitB, 

counties constituting, 1394 

division of state into, 169 

judges to reside in, 169 
Circuit Courts, See. 

Judicial Districts, 

appellate court, districts of, 1337e, 1340 

supreme court, division of state, 163 

counties composing, 13I7-1S21 

Judicial Notice, 

criminal pleadings, what noticed, 

1808, 1810 
tacts, when not pleaded, 377 

laws, takinc effect of, 239 

statutes, ^nvate, notice of, 374 

town, notice of incorporation, 4322 

Judicial OlHcers, 


Judicial Power, 

appellate conrt, see, 
circuit court, see, 1364-1394 

criminal conrt, see, 1427-1436- 

justice of the peace, see, 1484-1641 

superior court, see, 1396-1421 

snpieme coort, see, 1316-1336 

United States, extent and limitation, 


Judicial Sales, 

defective legalised, 744a, 1383a 

wife of debtor, rights of, 8660, 2669-2672 
ExiccTioir, Bee. 

July Fourth, 

arrests on, 2894 

holiday as to commercial paper, 7631 

liquors, sale on prohibited, 2194, 2196 


false, making of, penalty, 2109 


admiralty jurisdiction, 16 

appellate conrt, jurisdiction, lS37/-1337i 
civil actions, venue, 308-316 

cities, outside of limits, 

3616, 3794, 3927, 4077 
criminal actions, Jarisdiction, 1642-1660 
venue in, 1837-1S49 

decedent's esUte, see, 2366-2374 

mayors, jurisdiction of, 3497 

Ohio river, jarisdiction on, 222, 164ft 

soldiers' home, jurisdiction over, 7162a 



Vol.1, Sees; 1-2784*. Vol 


BDperioF court of Marion county, 1404 

of Madison county, inrisdiction, 1426J 
of I^e, Porter and Ls Porte 

countieB, 1426(1, 1426d2 

of Grant and Howard conntiefl, 1426/2 
Bupreme court, jorisdietion, 

1316, 1337(f-1337i 
Wabasb river, juriadictioD on, 2&, 164S 
CoDBis, Bee. 


additional in certain counties, 1460a 

bribing or influencing, 2007, 2124 

conuniaaioaers to select, 1449 

how selected, 1460-1453 

intimidating or impeding, 2124 

pay of jurors, 1459 

qnalifications ol, 1461, 1468 

race or color not to aflect. 


adjournment, caution by court, 
agreement by parties on jurors, 
bribing or irmaendng, 
bystanders, calling as Jarors, 
challenges for cause, 


for semce in year, 
ciTil actions, right as to, 

what triable by, 
commissionets to select, 

•election of names, 

nnmber in certain countlM, 

who not selected, 

how drawn, 

box kept locked, 

who ineligible as, 

vacancy, filling, 

pay of commissioners, 
coroner, jnries abolished, 
criminal actions, impaneling, 
deliberation of jery, 
discharge before verdict, 
tenymen exempt, 
firemen exempt, 
foreman signs verdict, 
influencing or corrapting, 
interrogatories Bubmitt«a to, 
intimidating or impeding, 
jury fee, taxing of, 
inBtices, jury tMtore, 
law and facts, when determines, 
mayor's court, riRht to jury, 
militia exempt from service, 
money verdict, amount fixed, 
nnmber of jurors, 
oath of jurors, 
pay ol jurors. 

re to Section*.^ 

27S5-5694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 559K-«733c. 


1469, 6619 


1451, 1453 

petit, day to appear, 

bow drawn, 
qaaliflcations of jarors, 

race or color not to affect, 
regular panel to be called, 
replevin, verdict in, 
right under federal constitution, 

under state constitution, 
special jury, power of court, 
struck jury by consent, 

on notice, 

manner of selection, 

clerk interested, who acts, 

fees for striking, 

continuance of cause, effect, 
superior court of Madison county, 

tees of jurors, 

of Lake, Porter and La Porte 

of Grant and Howard counties, 1426f2 
talesmen, calling ot, 641 

trial, manner of, 642 

-' — of place or properly, 647 


waiver of jury tnal, 
verdict, diecbuge before, 
foreman to sign, 
general and Hp«cial, 
tor money, amount, 
in replevin. 


waiver of jury tnal, 

Jnry Commissionera, 

appointment and oath, 

who not appointed, 
box kept locked, 
contempt for not acting, 
jurors, selection of names, 

number in certain counties, 

who not selected, 

drawing of jurors, 

special venire, new n 

box kept locked, 
pay of commissioners, 
vacancies, filling ot, 

Jnry Fee, 

clerk, report and payment ot, 7936 

taxation in civil actions, 1469, 6619 

Justice, Fugitives from, 

Fdoitivbs prom Justicx, See, 

Jastiee of Peace, Civil Actions, 

accounts, all due included, 1533 

costs of subaequent suit, 1633 

actions, how commenced, 1518 

form ot action, complaint, 1626 

joinder of causes, 1627 

1461, 1460 



Vol. 1, Secfl. 1-27846. 

Jnatice of Peace, Civil Actions, 

Jastice of Peace, Civil Actions, 

actions, complaint, flling of, 


change of venue, 


mfficiencj ol complaint, 


granting change. 


all accoiinU dne incladed, 


costs of change. 


on tranBcript, 



«cfr« /aria, abolished, 


special justice, 
complaint, time of filing, 


where actions brought, 
acts ol legislBture diatrtbnted to, 




what sufficient, 


adrift, articles taken, datiee, 6399-6402 

on transcript of judgment. 


sgent, parties appearing by. 


confession of judgment, 



no appeal from. 


animals on railroads, 


constable, appointing special. 


treepaning, actions, «KS-6B^ 

process directed to, 
liability of justice, 
eiecution directed to, 


answer, Bling of special, 



defense withont, 



set-otf, filing of, 



appeal, none from confessed lodg- 

duties as to, 1677-1696 



bail on eapUu, 

not to buy judgment. 


taking from jadgment, 



when to be taken, 



filing of bond. 


not to act as attorney, 



costs, security (or. 


practice and trial. 


on change of venue. 


appeal after thirty days, 
diBmiaeal, certiflcate, 


on continuance, 



of witneeses not used. 


costs on appeal. 


on settine aside default, 
on appeal, 
in leplevm, 


judgment on delivery bond, 





appraisement, jadgment withont t»- 



punishment for, 
continuance, affidavit, 




trial and judgment, 


length of time, 


gamisbees aommoned, 


coats of continuance. 


claims exceeding jnriadiction, 


witness in another county, 


costs against pluntift, 


subptena for witness. 


jurisdiction in, 


when Bubpcena iasaed, 


W witnesses, 160. 



attorney, who not to act, 


default, jadgment by, 


set aside, when, 


bondB, official, suit on. 


coats on setting aside. 


capias ad reipoTuUndutn, 


delivery bond for property. 


affidavit to obtain. 


forfeiture, remedy of plaintill. 


arrest, notice to plaintiB, 


no appeal from judgment, 
not taken after forfeiture. 


trial, time of. 




judgment on bond, damages. 


form of bail, 


sale by defendant, use of pro- 

discharge on bail. 



surrender by bail, 
liability of bail. 


depositions, when taken, 



sending and use of, 



docket when office is vacant. 


affidavit for, 


absence of justice, depoait, 


^TCciflcatioDB as to properiy, 
finding, specifications, 


power of justice holding, 



entries to be made on, 



signing and index. 


service and return, 


transcripts of fees. 


defaalt, hearing, 


county fumiebing, 6694ffil, 7866 

issue and trial, 


election, time of. 


vacancy, how filled. 



eatrays, duties as to, 6376-6390 

leaving state, arrest, 


evidence, rales of. 


release on bail, surrender, 


proof wilhout plea, 
by the parlies. 


recognizance of bail, 



constable may tnke bail. 


witnesses, attendance, 16*6-1647 

proceedings against bail. 


parties, use of advene, 


izoc a, Google 


[Bf/erfnce« at 

Vol. 1, Seci. X-278I6. Vol. 2, Sees, i 

Justice of Peace, Civil Actions, 

evidence, depoEiHone, taking ol, 1S19, 1660 

execution, issue of, 1674 

time of iBBuing, 1574 

how directed, 1575 

where aerved, 1675 

iudoreement Dj' officer, 1576 

lien on propertv, 1576 

when returnable, 1577 

uuBold property, alioM, 1578 

levy on other property, 1578 

Bales, law goveming, 1579 

Baret^Bhip not«d, 1580 

principal first liable, 1580 

three years, ieaae after, 1681 

offldavit reqaired, 1681 

delivery bond, 1582 

forfeitare, remedy of plaintiff, 1583 

no appeal from jad^ent, 15S4 

no bond after forteitare, 1686 

lodgment on bond, damagea, 1588 

Bale by defendant, 1587 

application of proceeds, 1587 

Btav of execution, form, 1688 

liability of jostice, 1688 

when stay not allowed, 1689 

time to stay, 1590 

additional security, when, 1691 

bail may require execution, 1592 

new bail may be given, 1693 

payment by bail, BnbrogKtioD, 1694 
death after levy and before Bale, 


death before levy, 1595 

Bales, how mode, 1596 

notice of sale, 1596 

constable not to purchaH, 1696 

claim to property levied on, 1397 

proceedings and trial, 1697-1614 

teem tor transcripts, 1605 

what allowed jueticea, 1641 

of jurors, 1654 

of witnesses, 1642, 1547 

collectioQ and payment) 1484c, 1484<J 

fines, report of, 1516, 1516 

forms for use of, 1639 

other forms used, 1640 

fugitives, issuing warrant (or, 1674& 

infants, appearance by, 1625 

issues, trialof, 1651 

by court or jury, 1661 

joinder of actions, 1627 

Judgment, entry and Bignlng, 1557 

time for entering, 1657 

by confession, 1668 

no appeal from confessed, 1558 

in favor of defendant, 1559 

default, entry of, 1660 

setting aside, costs, 1661 

without relief, 1663 

justice or constable not to bny, 1563 

collection, paying over, 1664 

satisfaction, when ordered, 1665 

Justice of Peace, Civil Actions, 

jud^ent, revival of, 

junsdiclion. when to township, 
no justice in township, 
aa to amount or value, 
title to land in isaae, 
oaths and contempts^ 
of persons, where suit brought, 
defendants in different town- 
ships, 150S 
assi^ees, suits by, where brought, 1509 
detendanLs in different counties, 1610 


trespass, where bron^ht, 
ofQcial bonds, jurisdiction, 
attachment, jurisdiction in, 
ne exeat, jurisdiction, 

jury, trial by, 

number and oualiflcationfl, 
challenge of Jurors, 
oaths of jurors, 
disagreement, continuance, 
pay of jarors, 

lands, title in issue, dnty. 

minors, appearance before, 
ne exeat, jarisdiction in, 
new trial, granting of, 
notice of motion, 
granted, day for another, 
notice to part^ of trial, 
oaths, administering of, 


official bonds, Jurisdiction of salts, 

parties in different townships, 
in different counties, 
designation of in soiU, 
appearance to suits, 
as witnesses for adverse party, 
refusal to testify, effect, 

pleadings, complaint, filing of, 
contents of complaint, 
answer, defense by, 
set-off, pleading of, 
replic-ation not necessary, 

practice before justices, 

property levied on, claim, 
complaint for, 
summuns issued, 
non-resident plaintiffs, 
service for three days, 
suspension under writ, 
complaint and aaewer, 
jury trial, 

amendments allowed, 
verdict, value of property, 
no tees to jury, when, 
appeal ana bond, 
disposal of propertv, 
damages on appeal, 
judgment, effect of, 
bond for possession, 
lien of claimant, judgment, 
sale subject to " — 

151 S 




1628, 1530 

937a, 1597 


claimed, action on bond, dtunagee, 1611 



[Btfermeet art to SeeUoiit.] 
Vol. 1, Seci. 1-SJSib. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-66M«2. Vol. 8, SecB. 559B-fl783c. 

Justice of Peace, Civil Actions, 

property, Mpaiata or joint soita on 

bond, 161S 

nouc« to aseert claim, ISIS 

failure to aae, eetoppel, 1614 

nilroada, animals iaJDred on, S313 

replevin, complaint lor, 1615 

bond and surety, 1615 

writ issued, 1615 

seiTice of writ, 1616 

Sroperty not tound, 1617 

ainages lor value, 1617 

trial ot action, 181S 

dismisesi, judgment, 1618 

jadgtneut for plaintiO, 1618 

costs and damages, 1618 
right of property, trial, 937a, 1697-1614 

search wairaDt, iseaing by, 1688 
affidavit and proceedmp, 1689-1693 

set-ofi to be specially pleadM, 1628 

time and manner of pleading, 1630 

special justice, appointment, when, 1636<i 

stay ot execution, 1568 

entry of bail, form, 1688 

liability of iostice, 1588 

when not allowed, 1680 

time of etav, 1690 

additional oail , when, 1691 

bail maj compel ezecaljon, 1692 

new bai! may be given, 1593 

payment by Dail, subrogation, 1694 

aubpcenaa may run over county, 1603 

Bommons sent over county, 1509 

sent to other counties, 15tO 

suite commenced by, 1518 

time of service before trial, 1619 

indorsement by justice, 1619 
service, time before trial, 

manner ot service, 1520 

copy not left, when, IE21 

Sunday, issue and service on, 1522 

return of "not found," 1623 

township, limit ot suits to, 1498 

when no justice in, 1499 

suing party out of, 1508 

defendants in several, 1509 

transcripts from dockets, fees, 1505 

trespass, where suit for brought, 151 1 

trespassing animals, actions for, 6668-6563 

venue, change ot, 1536-1538 

witnesses, subpoena out of county, 1640 

when returnable, 1541 

service and tender of fees, 1642 

paring fees in advance, 1642 

eubpcenas in county, 1645 

attachment and fine, 1546 

not used, costs, 1646 

claim tor fees, 1546 

fees of witnesses, 1647 

adverse party, use of, 1648 

refosal to testify, effect, 1648 

Jnstiee of Peace, Grimiital Actions, 

affidavit for arrest, 1086 

allray. presence ot witness, 1707 

appeal from judgment, 1712 

recognisance, 1713 

transcript and papers, 1714 

lien ot recogniianee, 1714 

assaultand battery, preeenceofparty, 1707 

changes of venue, 1701 

where cause sent, 1701 

recognizances, 1701 

citiesortowns,punishmentotcrimee, 1709 

constables, appointing special, 1702 

continuance, recognizance, 1699 

recognising witnesses, 1699 

counsel, accusM time to see, 1698 

prosecutor notified, 1«88, 1708 

detective charges, proceedings, 1708 

docket and hearing ot cause, 1697 

felony, hearing, recogniianee, 1703 

notice to prosecutor, 1708 

fine, amount assessed, 1706 

judgment, commitment, 1716 

replevy or stay of fine, 1716 

imprisonment tor fine, 1716 

fngitivee, process as to, 1667 

issuing warranUi tor, 16746 

imprisonment, can not adjudge, 1706 

for fine and cost, 1710 

jurisdiction over county, 1706 

exclusive, when, 1706 

concurrent, when, 1706 

fines, amount aseeosed, 1706 

imprisonment not adjudged, 1706 

of crimes in view, 1710 

jury, trial by, 1704 

liijuOTS, illegal sales, 7287 

misdemeanor, trial for, 

jury trial, 

punishment inadequate, 
bail for appearance. 


punishment, power to assess, 1706 
assault and battery and aSray, 1707 

jodement, commitment, 1715 

replevy of judgment, 1716 

imprisonment tor fine, 1718 

offense improperly charged, 1708 

new affidavit, 1708 

in view ot justice, 1710 

arrest and trial, 1710 

prosecutor, notice to, 1696, 1708 

surety of peace, notice, 1634 

provoke, venue of actions for, 1837a 

recognizance for felony, 1S97, 1703 

on continuance, 1699 

on change of venue, 1701 

on new charge, 1706 

of witnesses, 1711 

on appeal, 1712 

form ot recognisance, 1713 

filing on appeal, 1714 

lien ot. 1714 

replevy ot fine, 17U 


Vol. 1, 8ece. l-2784«, 

Jostice of Peace, Criminal Actions, 

•aretjr of peace, affldarit, 1676, 1676 

wurant, lorm, 1677 

issae aod trial, 167e 

recogniiance of defendant, 167S 

filing and recording, 16SC 

transcript to coart, '"'°' 

trial in court, 
bond to keep the peace, 
finding against complainant, 
wife majr prosecnte, 
proeecntor notified, 
title of canae, 
commitment of defendant, 
breach of peace, bond, 

venae of actions for provoke, 

view, oftensea in, proceediDga, 

warrant, for nmm, 

where ma^ be served, 
form of warrant, 
aerrice, dutjr of officer. 

indianjl statutes. 

[Jb/ermwf ar« to Stetion*.'] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6SM«2. Vol. 3, i 




1492, 7580 

JoBtice of Peace, Oeneral Frovis- 

acts of legislature distribated to, 7617« 
adrift, articles taken, duties, 6399-6402 
animals trespassing, actions for, 

on railroads, injoi; to, 
arrest, freedom from, 
bond, emoant of, 
dockets not Inmished, 

connty to fnrnieh, 
«lected by township voters, 

Ume of election, 

notice of election, 

certiflcate of election, 

vacancy, bow filled, 

law Koverning election, 
estrays, duties as to, 
fees of justtcei, 

collection and payment, 

failure to pay over, 
fines, report as to, 

when withheld, 

at end of term, 
fogitives, datiea as to, 
inqae«t, holding of, 
insane, admistdon to hospital, 

feee in case of, 

dangerons, doties, 
lands, action to recover, 
liqaora, ill^^al sales, jnrisdiction, 
marriages, Bolemnizlng, 
mayor, when acta as, 
number of justices, 

appointment tor towns, 

reanction in, 

change in townahipi, 
oaths, administering of, 
offices, where kept. 

1667, 16746 





14$4, 1484a 






1494, 757" 

Justice of Peace, General ProvlB* 


search warrant, issuing of, 

in what cases issued, 

affidavit for, 

form of warrant, 

disposal of property, 

dead body, search for, 
term of office. 

1681, 1692 

1492, 7580 




bail, how taken, 
libel and slander, pleading, 
pleading and proof in, 

Kankakee Lands, 

drainage of lands, 
improvement of river, 
sale of lands, 

Kankakee Biver, 

fish, when may catch, 2228 


gambling, keeping for, 2181 


definition and punishment, 

1888, 1989, I9S9a 
jarisdiction of offense, 16S3 


establishment and support, 6921 

tax to support, 6921a, 59616 


disinterested, when not because of, 240 
inror, challenge because of, 1862 

jastice, when renders incompetent, 1600 


breaking into nnlawfnUy, 2008, 2004 

bni^Iary in, 2002 

Knights of Honor, 

organization of societies, 4589 

Knights of Fythiaa, 

association, orguiixation, 4589 

buildings, stock in associationB, 

erection and control o(. 

1494, ibTJ erecnoD anu conti 

1484«, I&ll I real estate, ownit^ of. 

e047a, S047& 



[Be/erence* are to Stetioiu.'\ 
Vol. 1. Sect. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-65Me2. Vol. 3, Seca. 6695-878Sc. 

Labor Commlsaion, 


so1di«ra' and sailon' orpbaiu' home at, 


Knox Conntj, 

circnit, in twelfth judicial, p. 671, 1394 

con presBional diitrict, 3316 

court, tenns in, p. 671, 1394 

TeproMntativea, apportionment, 6683 

salarieB ot county officers, 6468 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

■tatntea distnbnt«d to, 7617<1 

Kosciusko Gonnty, 

circuit, in flfty-fonrth, p. 676, 1394 

con greeeional diitrict, 3327 

court, terms in, p. 576, 1304 

repreaentativm apportioned to, 6683 

■alariee of count}; officers, 6469 

aenatorial apportionment, 6662 

tUtat«e diambuted to, 7017<t 


conrict-made goods, labeling, 72S7* 

contents of label, affixing, 7237 j 

connterfeiting of labels, 2361 

false dies or plates, 2362 

selliag goods with connterfeit, 2363 
trade-mark labels, 8691, 8700 

feitiliEerB, printing by state chemist, 6615 
atUcbing to fertiliiere, 6616 

sale without label, 6617 

price ot (nmishing, 6618 

trade-mark, adopting as, 


convicts to be kept at, 1940 

character ot labor bv, 8220, 8221el 

gravel roads and turopikea, prefer- 
ence to laborers, 6929 
highway, exemption from labor on, 

6820, 6820a, 682S 

certiBcate by trustee, 6823 

credit tor cutting weeds, 6773ii, 6773« 

Jail, prisoners in, when to, 1936 

public work, minimum wages, 7066a, 7056& 

work-houae, of prisoners in, 8S34 

Labor Comhission, See. 

Laborebb, 8ee. 

Labor Gonmiisrion, 

appointment of commiseionen, 70S0& 

governor to appoint, 70606 

senate to give eongent, 70606 

appropriation for expenses, 7050r 

arbitration, board of, 7060« 

agreement to arbitrate, 7060/ 

execution of agreement, 7060/ 

oaths ot arbitrators, 7060h 

arbitration, - sittings, bearings, prac- 

circuit judge presides, 
witnesses, suDptenas, service, 
number of arbitrators to agree, 
record of proceedings, 
award, filing and delivery, 
enforcing award, 
voluntary arbitration, 

firocednre, award, enforcement, 
ailare to agree to arbitration, 


duty of commission 1 

compensation, payment, 

attorney -general, assisting to maxe 

rules, TOGOi: 

aaeiatance at investigation, 7060» 

expenses, allowance, payment, 7060^ 

award, number ot arbitrators to 

make, TfBOA^ 

must be in writing, 705W 

delivery to clerk of circnit court, 7060f 

copies to employer and signer ot 

agreement, 70S0f 

recording by clerk, 70S0j 

DOD-pertormance, mle to show 

enforcing ot award, 
in volnntary arbitration, 
clerk of circnit conit, papers filed 

recording of papers, 
commission, creation of, 
duties and powen of, 
seal and office, 
secretary, appointment, salary, 



rules and r^ulations, 

commissioners, appointment, 

terms ot commissioners, 

inaliflcations, oaths. 

judge ot circnit court to act with, 7050e 
additional members selected, 7(S0e 
pro Urn. commiHsioner, 7060^ 

oaths, administering t^, 7050k 

report to governor, 7050o 

compensation of commissioDers, 7050t 
expenses certified by, 7060? 

contempt for not peitorming award, 7050/ 
by witnesses, 7a')0a 

employer, execution of agreement, 7060/ 
confidential statements by, 706(4> 

expenses, allowance and payment, 7060^ 
appropriationa to pay, 7060r 

fees of witnesses, 7050* 

governor, appointing commlssloneTe, 70606 
report by commission to, 7050o 

directing publication of report, 7050o 

hearings before arbitrators, 70eOA 

circuit judge presides, 7(K0A 

witnesses, subpoenas, attendance, 

oaths to witnesses, practice, 7060& 
questions of practice, decision, 70601k 


Vol. I, Sec8. 1-87846. 

Labor Commission, 

hearings, open or closed seeaions, 7060A 
record of proceedings, 7050A 

judge of circQit court on aibitntion 

board, 7050e 

Appointment of pro Um. 

flioner, 70fiO[7 

preddea over arbitration board, 7050A 
laeaeB sab^nae tor witneeaei, 7050A 
oatbs adminialered by, 705OA 

enforces order and directi exam- 
ination, 7050ft 
decides qnestions of practice, 7050A 
enforcement of award by, 7050^ 
to give precedence to proceed- 
ings, 7060m 
may appoint ipecial lodge, 7060ni 

oaths of commissioners, 7050b 

of arbitrators, 7050A 

to witnesseB, 7000A, 7050n 

office for commisdon, 7050c 

copies ot papera kept In, 705W 

pay ot commiMioners and arbitrators, 


record of proceedings ot arbitrators, 705OA 

report ot commission to governor, 7060o 
publication and distribation, 7060o 

mles and regnlations, 7060ft 

salary of secretary, 7060c 

appropriation to pay, 7050r 

seal of commission, 7050c 

secretary of commietdon, appointment, 

salary and expenses, 7060c 

attends heariags and reports pro- 
ceedings, 7050A 

witnesses, sabpanaa for, 7050ft, 7050n 

administering oathi to, 7060ft, 7060n 
letnsing to attend, contempt, 7060n 
not required to go oat of coanty, 7060it 
fees of witnesses, 7060n 

Labor Day, 

holiday as to commercial paper, 7631 


accidents in factories, report. Investi- 
gation, 7087ft 

aken, importation of, 7076 

contracts void, 7080 

penalty tor violation, 7081 

foreign residents, rights of, 7082 

skilled workmen, employment, 7082 

blacklisting employee, 7076 

damages for, 7077 

statement of canse of discharge, 7078 

(^Idren in factories, age, 7087n 

affidavit and register, 7087b 

operating elevators, 7087ii 

Contnbations, exacting, 2300, 2301 

Cfeditors, when an preferred, 7051, 7068 


IBtfertnett art (o Sectiont.'] 
Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-d594e2. Vol. 3, 1 


day, what constitotes ss to, 
when act applies, 
violation ot act, penalty, 
secret evasion, penalty, 

day's work in factories. 



statement of caose ol, 7078 

elevators, children operating, 7087d 

Iirotecting shaft, 708Te 

, oyes, blacklisting, 7077 

liabihty ot employer, 7077 

factories, employment ol women and 
children, 7087a 

hours for labor, 7087a 

posting notices, 7087a 

children, employment, age, 7087& 

affidavit and register, 70876 

ability to read and write, 70876 

children operating elevators, 70S7d 
accidente, report, investigation, 7067& 
machinery, pratoction, cleaning, 70871 
wash-rooms and closets, 7087J 

dressing-rooms for females, 70B7J 

DOOR-day meals, time for, 7087^ 

tenement houses not to be nsed, 7087n 

females, hours for labor in factories, 7087a 
cleaning machinery by, 
closete for to be separate, 
dressing rooms for, 
night work in tactoriee, 
mines, working in, 

giuDishment of wages, 

injuries to, recovery, 
when employer liable, 
damages, when recoverable, 

971, 972 
7085 ■ 

laws ot other states, defense, •<»» 

contracts ol release void, 7082c, 7087 

lien ot, acquiring and enforcing, 7248-7253 

machinery, protection and cleaning, 70S7( 

manatacturing in tenement houses, 7087n 

mines, laborers in, 7429-74S3 

money, wages to be paid in, 7071, 7072 

public work, minimum wsges, 7066a, 70566 

pnrchases by, discrimination, 7061 

supplies, price ot, 7067 

coercion to purt-hase, 7078 

attempts to coerce, 7074 

railroads exacting contributions, 

monthlv pavment ot, 
demand, refusal, penalty, 



weekly payment ot. 


suit to enforce, 


fines, changing wages, 


assigning wages. 




enforcing act. 





; work, iniwiinnin wasC-, 

..J, 70566 
pByment by checks or cards, 

failure to pay, penalty, 7062 

Benaltj for violation, 7063 

ena not affected. 70M, 7070 

payment every two weeks, 7066 

card or checks prohibited, 7066 

lailare to pay, penalty, 7068 

violatiDK act, penalty, 7069 

money payment, waiver, 7071, 7072 
-wash-rooms and closets In factories, 70S7J 
closets kept clean, obBoene writ- 
ing, 7067 j 

Lasob, See. 
L&BOB CoHHissioH, See. 


hotels mnst keep, 2272 

La Grange Coimty, 

circnit, in thirty-fourth, p. 67S, 13M 

congressional district, 3326 

coart, terms in, p. 573, 1394 

representatiTCS, apportionment, 6683 

Balaries of county officers, 6470 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statutes distributed to, 7617(1 


action for penalties or lorfeitoree 

crimes on, Jurisdiction, 1647 

fish, catching un la wtuily, 

Lake Gonnty, 

rarcuit, in thirty-flret, p. 673, 1394 

congressional district, 3324 

court, terms ot circuit, p. 673, 1394 

superior established in, 142601-1426(13 
terms of superior coart, 1426ifl 

repreeentatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of countj[ officers, 6471 

senatorial apportionment, 6683 

statutes diBtnbut«d to, 7617d 

Lake Hich^an, 

flsfa, catching in. 

Lamp Posts, 


Landlord and Tenant, 

action for ^eseseion, 7106 

complaint before juBldce, 7106 

circuit court, jarfsdiction, 7107 

t to Seaion».'\ 

2785-6&94<!2. Vol. S, Seo. 6SgS-S783o. 

Landlord and Tenant, 

action, summons, time of return, 7108 

serrice of summons, 7109, 

practice as in civil cases, 7110 

frool of notice to quit, 7111 

idgment lor plaintiff, 7112 

writ of posseesion, 7112 

damages and coats, 7112 

service of writ, 7113 

judgment for (ielendant, 7114 

appeal from lodgment, 7116 

utect of appeal, 7116 

dismissal, certificate, 7118 

damages tor detention, 7117 

appeal bond to cover, 7117 

alienees, remedy of, 7090 

appeal from judgment for posMMion, 7116 
appeal bond, 7116 

practice on appeal, 7116 

effect of appeal, ?116 

dismissal, certificate, 7116 

damages to time of trial, 7117 

appeal bond to cover, 7117 

attornment by tenant to grantee, 7096 
to stranger void, 7097 

circnit coort, jurisdiction, 7107 

conveyance by landlord, 7096 

attornment by tenant to gisntee, 7096 
paying rent to grantor, 7096 

rights of grantees, 7099 

crop. Hen on (or rent, 7106 

removal by tenant, 7106 

forcible entry and detainer, 7118 

recovery ot poseeaaion, 7118 

general tendencies from year to year, 7089 
lease, when in writing, 3336, 6629 

recording lease, 3360a 

lien of landlord on crop, 7106 

hte estate, recovery of rents, 7100 

death of life tenant, recovery, 7101 
notice to terminate estate at will, 7088 
to end tenancy from year to year, 7090 
form of notice, 7001 

for non-payment of rent, 7092 

form of notice, 7093 

when notice unnecessary, 7094 

service of notice, 7095 

proof on trial tor possession, 7111 

occupants, liability for rent, 7103 

parol leases, 3336, 6629 

rent, notice for non-payment, 7092 

form of notice, 7093 

payment to grantor after convey- 
ance, 7096 
ot life estates, 7100 
death ot life tenant, collection, 

7101, 7104 
eiocntor or administrator, collec- 
tion, 7102, 7104 
occupants, liability tor, 7103 
lien of landlord tor, 7106 
sub-lessees, remedies of, 7008 
sufferance, notice not required, 7004 



[£^«r«)MM are to Beetiont.'\ 
Vol. I, Sees. 1-37346. Vol. 2, Sees. 2T86-5694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6e95-S733e. 

Landlord and Tenant, 

tenancy at will, termination, 7088 

how tenancT created , 7069 

Irom year to year, creation, 7089 

notice to terminabe, 7090 

will, estate at, tennination, 7088 

how estate created, 70S0 

year to year, creation of tenancy, 7089 

notice to terminate, 7090 


altering or removal of, 2049 

highway, obetnictiaK D^, 2273 

removal and resetting, S773 

Land Clerk, 

auditor of state may appoint, 7666 

Land Office, 

certificate of, nse as evidence, 471 

letters from, indexing, 7191 
Wabash and Erie lands, obt^ning 

list, 7182 


agent to sell, written contract, 6629a 

cranberrieB, gathering on state, 2235 

banting on witbont consent, 2220 

injuring trees, etc., on public, 2040 

landmarks, altering or removing, 2049 

meaning as need in statatee, 1309 
Mate university, sale of, 6121-6168 

treasurer bnyingand selling, 76TT-768I 

taxation, definition for, 6411 

what taxed, 8411 

when used for highways or rail- 
, roads, SeiSa 

trespass on public, title, 1881 

on private lands, 3018, 2220 

United States land, contract lor sale, 3422 


Eminbnt Domain, See. 

Lanob Of Statb, See. 

Rial Estate, See. 

Lands ot State, 

auditor of county, saline lands, duty. 


apprusement of state lands, 
renting of lands, 
auditor of state, treapaaa and waste, 
charges agiunst lands, duty, 
default on mortgage, poseeBsion, 

registi^ ot lands, 
advertisement and sale, 
payment and deed, 
•cbool and university lands, 

Lands of Stat«, 

auditor, application of proceeds, 

renting of lands, 

ejectment from lands, 

swamp and saline lands, 

forfeited lor taxes, 

maps and plats, 

registry of lands, 

sale, notice and terms, 

failure to pay interest, forfeitoze, 

payment and deed, 

renting of lands, 

ejectment from lands, 

application of proceeds, 

nniversity and college lands, 

sale of lands. 

University square not sold, 

lot in Indtanapolia, sale-ol, 

appiaisement, terms of sale, 

notice of sale, 

payment and deed, 

application of proceeds, 

patents tor Wabash and Erie 

tract hooka, copying of, 

indexing letters ot land office, 

list of Wabash and Erie lands, 

procuring records, 

clerks, appointment, 

certified copies ot tract books, 
Beaver lake lands, 

title of purchasers confirmed, 

sale of unsold lands, 

sale to claimants, price, 

payment and deed, 

filat and description ot lands, 
ands not sold, title ot state, 
attorney-general's fees, 
allowance to assistant attorneys, 

canal lands, patents for, 

college lands, sale ot, 7161, 

condemnation by United Statee, 
ligbt-hotise sites, 
consent of state given, 
petition to condemn, 
docketing cause, notice, 
non-residence, publicaUon, 
appointment of appraisers, 
view and appraisement, 
report and approval, 
payment ot damages and costs, 
appeal from assessment, 
tor river improvements, 7144, 
appraisers to assess damages, 
injuring acquired property. 

Jurisdiction over lands ceded, 

7147, 7150, 
taxation, exemption, 7148, 7160, 

ejectment from state lands. 

7127, 7164, 
warrant by auditor, 7127, 7164, 
service by sheriff, 

7128, 7129, 7164, 







[Seferencei < 
Vol. 1. Sect. 1-2784*. Vol. 2, Sees, 

Lands of 8tat«, 

c^ectmeot, remedy of pnrcbaser, 7130 

bighwsye tbroaghstate lands, 7154 

deacriptioD of roate, 7155 

Indiftnapolie, sale of lot in, 

7177-71W 7181a-718li 
TTniversit)' Square not sold, 7170 

inriBdiction ceded to United StAtee, 

7147, 7150 
reservation as to state process, 7151 

Kankakee lands, drainage, 7196 

trust deed to auditor, 7196 

com misHi oners sppointed, 7197 

powers and duties, 7197 

engineer, plane, 7198 

contract lor work, 7198 

changes in work, 7199 

engineer, duties, pay, 7200 

appropriation for work, 7201 

sale of lands, 717e<)-71T6(f 

i^ver, improvement, 7£0la 

possession of lands, how obtained, 

7127, 7161. 7173 
warrant and service, 

7127-712B, 7164, 7178 
remedy of purchaser, 7130 

renting of state lands, 7163, 7172 

dnt^ of county auditors, 7172 

rivers, improvements, acquiring 
Unds, 7137 

how United States msy obtain, 

7137, 7144-7146, 7149, 7160 

sale of saline lands, 7134 

auditor of county to sell, 7134 

treasurer receives money, 713.'i 

forfeiture, resale, 7136 

swamp and saline lands, 7166, 7166 
lands forfeited (or taxes, 7156, 7166 
maps and plats of lands, 7156, 7166 
appraisement of lands, 7157, 7167 

r«Klsti7 ot lands, 7158, 7168 

advertisement and sale, 7159, 7169 
terms of sale, 71ti9 

payment and deed, 7160, 7171 

of college and aniversity lands, 

7161, 7175 
applii^ation of proceeds, 7162, 7174 
forfeiture for non-payment, 7170 

resale of lands, 7170 

Indianapolis, sale of tot in, 

7177-7181, 7181a-718]* 
of state lands autborized, 
of Kankakee lands, 7176<i-7l76d 

saline lands, control of, 7132 

books sent to county auditors, 7133 
sale by county auditors, 7134 

treaeorer receives money, 7135 

forfeiture, resale, 7136 

sale by auditor of state, 7166-7174 

Soldiers' Home, acquiring lands for, 7152 
Jurisdiction over, 7152a 

exempt from taxation, 7163 

nrsmp lands, sale of, 7166-7174 

Lands ot State, 

taxation, exemption ot United States 

lands, 7148, 7163 

timber, rights of purchasers as to, 7121 

tract books of state lands, 7190 

copies made of, 7190 

records for copying, 7193 

certified copies furniabed, 7195 

trespses on lands, duly of auditor, 7119 

prosecation of trespassers, 7120 

purchasers cutting timber, 7121 

damsBies for treeposs, 7122 

scbool fond receives damages, 7122 

university lands, sale of, 7161, 7175 

University Square not sold, 7176 

United States, acqoiriog lands by, 

inrisdiction ceded to, 7137,7147,7161 
texation, exemption of lands, 

7148, 715S 

contract lor sale of lands, 3422 

Wabosb and Erie canal lands, 7180 

issuing patents for, 7189 

procuring lists of, 7192 

Langdon t. Applegate, 

taws in conflict with repealed, 246, 247 

La Forte €oanty, 

circuit, in tbir^-second, p. 673, 1394 

congT^ioual aistrict, 3324 

conrt, terms in, p. 673, 1394 

superior court established in, 


terms of superior court, 1426jrl 

repreeenUtives. apportionment, 6683 

salaries of county officers, 6472 

senatorial apportionnient, 6682 

sUtotee distnbated to, 7617d 

devise, when wUl lapse, 2741 


boats, occupants of taking articlea, 26666 
counta lor, joinder, 1317 

dogs, stealing of, 2007a 

goods brought from other states, 2008-2011 
^rand^ definition and penalty, 2006 

]uriBdictdon on removal of goods, 1653 

goods from other states, 2008-201 1 
petit, definition and penalty, 2007 

subject ot, what is, 1878, 2007a 

Lateral Aailroads, 

constmcUoo and rights of, 6274-6280 




Vol. 1, Sees. I-27846. 

Lawrence Coanty, 

circnit. In tenth fadicUl, 
congresaional district, 
Gontt, terms in, 

representativee, apportionment, 
salariea ot coont}; officon, 
senatorial apportionment, 
etatntes distnbnted to. 



common law, what in force, 
conatruction, mlee ror,t 
crimes to be defined bv, 

determination hj {arjr, 

certificate of clerk, 
distribution ol atatntes, 

counties, distribution to, 

by clerk of court, 

by secretarjr of state, 
effect, when laws go into, 

proclamation bj^ governor, 
governor, proclamation as to taking 

J1117 determines in criminal actionB, 
operation of not suspended, 
printing and distributing of, 7Sli 

number of copies pnntdd, 
state, what laws govern, 

Statutbb, See. 

Law Librarian, 

eaiary, of librarian, IM] 

Law Library, 

sapreme court has control ol, 
purchase and sale of books. 


attorneys at law, see, 0! 

judges and officers acting as, 210C 


absent heir lease of lands, 
decedents, lease of lands of, 
execution sale of rents, lease, 
landlord and tenant, see, 
lands of state, renting of, 

of Btate University, 
parol leasee, 

recordioK of leases for lands, 
written, when to be, 

Lanslosd add Tbnaiit, See. 


advance of before settlement, 

bond of legatee, 
^ardian, payment to, 






7617<l, 7tll» 



70, 124 

[Sfferenet* are to Sectlona."] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6694*2. Vol. 3, 8ecs. 6696-8T38e. 


p. 670, 1304 specific, when paid, 2423, 2637 

3316 taxation, exemption irom, 8417 

p. 670, 1394 Dbvisb, See. 

Deviskb, See. 

Le^ Holidays, 

commercial paper, what are as to, 7S3I 
election days are holidays, 6262 

liquors not to be sold on, 2104, 2196 

Legal Bights, 

persons entitled to equal, 8291-3293 

Legal Tender, 

contracts, tender of property on, 8733 
states, restrictions as to, 10 

Legalizing Acts, 

L See appendix, pagee 1228-1239, Vol. 3. 


bond to pay claims on settlement, 2656 

suit on of executor, ete., 2613 , 

legacy, order ot payment, 2534 

Enying in advance, 2536 

ond to refund, 2536 
speciflc, when paid, 2428, 2637 

payment to guardian, 2638 

proof of title to. 2562 

incumbrance on, effect, 2734 

tasation, exemption from, 8417 

setting aside settlement, parties, 2558 
Dbvise, See. 
Dbvisbe, See. 


acts of, printing, 7616, 7617 

dietribution by secretary of state, 

76I7(J, 7617/ 
distribution by clerk of court, 7617« 
apportionment ot members, 06S2, 6683 
general aseembly, see, 

97-126. 146, 6681-6710 

house doorkeeper's appointments, 6695a 

pay of appointees, 6694o 

pages, appointment, pay, 6696a 

70SS-7118 clerk's appointees and pay, 6693a 

7163-7172 asBiBtant clerk's appoi:itees and 

6123 pay, 8694a 

committee clerks and pay, 6698 

journals, printing and distribution, 

6706, 7617, 7617«a 
representatives, number and appor- 
tionment, 6681,6683 
senate, members and apportionment. 

doorkeeper's appointees and pay, i 
pages, appointment and oay, i 
secretary, appointees ana pay, I 
committee clerks and pay, t 

Genkbal AssmfBLY, See. 



Vol. 1, Beca. 1-27846. Vol. 2. i 


baetard, how made legitjmato, 2631 

children ol voidable marriagM, 1037,1038 

of void marriages, 103A 

proceedings to determine, 1040, 1011 


obscene, sending of, 
threatening, sending of. 

Letters ot AdmlDiBtration, 

decedents' estates, see, 
evidence, when conclusive, 
profert in saits, 

Letters ot Execntors, 

decedents' estates, see, 
evidence, when conclnsiTe, 
profert in Bails, 

Letters ot Uarqne, 

granting of, 

Letters Patent, 

annalling of by information, 
patent rights, see. 

Letters Testamenttu^, 

decedents' estates, see. 

drains, leveea and flood gates, 0717ii-5717ft 

are to Seefton*.] 
I. 27e6-M84e2. Vol. 3, Sees. M96-87S3«. 

Levees and Dikes, 

assesBmentB, mistakes, supplemental 


Levees and Dikes, 


recording of articles, 7206 

duplicate with secretory of state, 7206 
subaeqnent signers to, 7206 

correction of mietakes in, 7228 

assessments, appointment of apprais- 
ere, 7214 

notice to owners, 7216 

duty of appraisers, 7216 

retnrn of asaesementB, 7216 

notice of meeting to equalize, 7217 
bearing complaints, 7218 

work in two counties, 7219 

meeting of appraisers, 7219 

affidavit of appraisers, 7220 

filing and recording assessments, 7220 
lien of assessments, 7220 

less than cost and damages, eDect, 7220 

appeal from assessments, 7222 
collection of assessments, 7224 
payment by installments, 7224 
patting on tax duplicates, 7224 
bond of directors Defore collec- 
tion, 7224 
salt to enforce payment, 7225 
defense to suit, 7225 
limitation as to enits, 7230 
for material taken, 7226 
for additional work, 7228 
to pay bonds, 7225 

Sotting on tax duplicate, 7225 

efense to asseennent, 7225 

for repairs, 7230 

collection of assessments, 7230 

bonds to raise money, 7224 

interest, payment, sale, 7224 

application of proceeds, 7224 

assessments to pa^, 7Z2& 

association not to issue, 722ft 

clerk, election of, 7208 

oath and entiy of, 7208 

term ol, 720» 
companies to construct, organiation, 7202 

contract for work, letting ot, T223- 

preference to land-owners, 7223 
additional work, pertormiwce of, 7228 

coat of work, what included, 7215 

coonty board, petition to, 7214 

appraisers appointed by, 7214 

damages, appraisers to assess, 7214 

assessment and return, 7216- 

hearing complaints as to, 7218 

liabili^ of members for, 7227 

debts, liability of members for, 7227 

directors, notice of election, 7203 

manner of election, 7204 

vacancy, filling of, 7205 

entry of result on record, 7207 

record of proceedings, 7207 

quonim of board, 7207 

office, where kept, 7207 

oflScers elected by, 7208 

oath and entry of recoid, 7208 

terms of, 7209 
money drawn only on order of, 7210 

settlement with treasurer, 7211 

engineer, employment, 7212 

entry on lands, 7S12 

Burveys and estimates, 7213 
descnption of work on record, 7213 

petition for appraisers, 7214 
notice as to equalising assess- 

ments, 7217 
work in two cotmtiee, 


contract for work, letting of, 
collection of. 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-Z7846, 

Levees and Dikes, 

directors, order to pay by inatall- 

ments, 7224 

bond before entoreing payment, 7224 
drainam laws, conetmction ander, 


en^neei, employment of, 7212 
eabmatea (or work before aflsess- 

mentB, 7213 
ionmal of proceedings kept, 7207 
election ot direclora, reaolt en- 
tered on, 7207 
description of propoeed work en- 
tered, 7213 
lands, appropriatioD for use ot, 7226 
lien of aBseaameDts, 7220 
of anpplemental aaBeraments, 7221 
appeal not to affect, 7222 
taxes, when a lien ae, 7224 
limitation aa to enforcing, 7230 
limitation ae to enforcing assesnnenta, 7230 
materia] taken, aaeeBsing damages, 7226 
money, how drawn from treasury, 7210 
office of asaociation, where kept, . 7207 
plans and epecifications for work, 7213 
repair of work, aaBesBments for, 7230 
collection of aaeesaments, 7230 
snrreya and estimatea of coat, 7213 
taxes, collection of aseesamenta as, 7224 
treaaarer, election of, 7208 
bond of, 7208 


constable, levy and sale by, 1 
debtor designating propei^ 

failure of, dnty of ahenfi, 
debts or things in action, 
execatioD, levy by sheriff, 

what subject to, 
insnffident, making additional, 
Bobject to lery, what is. 


action for, notice, retraction, itm- 


[Beftrenee$ are to SecHoai.} 
Vol. 2, BecB. 2786-6604*2. Vol. 3, Sees. 569&-878Sc 

Liberal Construction, 
pleadings, rale as to. 


law librarian, salary of, 1441, 

procees, 81 

criminal, c , ,__ 

damages in actions for, 

actual damages defined, 
defamato^ matter, how stated, 

denial, proof of. 

truth of matter may be proven, 


770*, 7722 
771& " 

Librarian, State, 

apiiropriation for library, 
aasiatanta, appointment of, 

aalariea of, 

removal by board, 
board for parcnasing books, 

datiea of board, 
bond of librarian, 
books, removal from library, 

not to be taken from capitol, 

penalty for removal, 

injury to books, penalty, 

catalogue of to be kept, 

board to purchase books, 

duties of board, 

appropriation for piirehases, 

exchange of tmoka, 

nse or converaion of books, 

missing books, report, 
catalogue of books kept, 
daties of generally, see library, state, 

election by library board, 7708 

embeiztement of oooka, penalty, 7720 

fines, collection and payment of, 7711 
injury to book, penalty, 772* 

laws and law books kept separate, 7713 

preservation ot laws ana joomals, 771S 
library under charge of, 7710 

arrangement and care of books, 7710 

when to be open, 7706 

removal of books from, 7707 

penalty for removing, 772S 

nse of library, who may have, 7708 

ri^ht of use not transferable, 

injury to booka, penalty, 

catalogue to be kept, 
public documenta, collection, 

binding and preservation, 

lawa and legialative joumalB, 

delivery of documenta to, 

diatribution of. 

I^slative papers, care of, 

surplus copies, exchange, 
removal from office, 
report to general assembly, 

as to misaing books, 
salary of librarian, 

of assiatanta, 
secretary of libran' hoard, 
term of office of librarian, 

LiBBABT, Statb, See. 




[Be/ermee$ are to Sectfont.} 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6594«2. Vol. S, Sees. 


county, treesarer, dutiee, liabilities, 4971 

transfer to city or town, 49710-4971/ 

prifKins, Btate, librariei tor, 8233 

scboole, libraries connected with, 6013 

rules regulating. 6013 

4990 taxes to maintain, 

■ cities ol 30,000, 


books, defEidag, , 

bonds in cities of 

cities o( 43,000, revival of tax laws, 

city and county, incorporation, 
articles of association, 
contents aad execution, 
recording of articles, 
powers ot association, 
taxation, exemption, 
gallery of art, reading rooms, 
stock, transfer of, 
exemption from taxation, 
voting by stockholders, 
museum and reading room, 
flnes and lorfeitares, 



cities may take stock, 4998 

cltjr and town, establishing, 4973 

at conntv seat, 

49710-4971/, 490ga-499ge 
meeting of subscribers, 4973 

election of directora, 4974 

statement ot proceedings, 497.') 

recording ol atstement, 4976, 4976 
-corporate powers, 4977 

banking forbidden, 4979 

{lirectors annually elected, 4979 

by-laws, adoption, 4980 

seal, adoption of, 49S1 

tax on shareholders, 4981 

treasarer and librarian, 4981 

quorum of directors, 4982 

vacancy, filling ot, 4982 

donations, acceptance, 4983 

acceptance and control, 49680-4983/ 
stock, donation as prises, 4984 

dissolDtion, city to manage, 4985 

tax to support library, 

4983/ 4986, 4987, 4988(1 
limitation as to Uz, 4988 

taxation bv towns, 4999 

establishing and control, 4938(M988p 
city and town schools, libraries con- 
nected with, 6013 
taxes to support, 6014 
tax in cities of 30,000, 6016 
real estate held, 

Eayment from school fund, 
Qoks sent bv superintendent, 
GOnnty, how estaDlisned, 
appropriation by county, 
clerk, auditor and recorder, tms- 

duties of trustees, 
liability ot trustees, 
books, who may use, 
bv-lawB, fines and forfeitures, 
liorarian, appointment, duties, 

loan of surplus funds, ' 
manner of making loans. 



real estate held, 
payment ont of school fond, 
Dooks sent by superintendent, 
state prisons, libraries for, o;iao 

tax for township libraries, 

4986, 4986a, 6024jr 
by cities and towns, 

4983/, 4987, 49SSd, 4999 

limit as to taxes, 4988 

exemption ol property, 4991, 4993 

revival of tax laws in cities of 

43,000, 4186a 

town, see city and town, 4972-4999 

township Ubraries, tax for support, 

4986. 4986a, 60240 
transfer to private library, 49SBa-498Se 

libraries in townships, 

Surchase of books, 
istribotion of books, 
trustee has charge, 
duties of trustee, liability, 
rules and regulations, 
furniture ana records, 
notice as to, posting, 
nse ot libraiy, 
where may be kept, 
librarian, appointment, 
open, when to be kept, 
tax for support of, 4986, 4 

Library Commission, 

traveling libraries, duties, 

Library, State, 

api)ropriation tor n 

salaries of assistants, 

board, library, how composed, 

election of librarian, 

finrcbase of books, 
ibrarian, secretary of, 
minutes of meetings, 
controls expenditures, 
report to legislature, 
sale and exchanfce ot books, 
removal ot librarian, 
assistants, removal ot, 

bond ot librarian, 

books, taking out of librai 




ks, takmg out of library, 7707 

not to be taken out of bnilding, 7707 



[B^rrtneet are to SecOoitM.] 
l-27S4i. Vol. 2, Secfl. 2736-6694«2. Vol. 8 

Tot. 1, Btxm. 

Library, State, 

books, who may use books, 7706 

riEht to use not traDslenble, 7709 

penalty tor tmnater, 7709 

catalogne of books, 7710 

purchase of books, 7712 

appropriation tor purchase, 7712 

law-books kept separate, 7713 

eichani^ and sale of books, 7719 

appropnation, penalty, 7720 

missing books, report, 7721 

removal of books, penalty, 7726 

injury to books, penalty, 7726 

catalogue ot books taken out, 7710 

return o( books, entry, 7710 

ol library to be kept, 7710 

days library to be open, 7700 

documents, collection and binding, 7714 

o! general assembly, 7715 

delivered to libranan, 7718 

distribution of, 7717 

embezzlement ot books or proceeds, 7720 

exchange of books, 7719 

report to legislature, 7721 

fines, collection and payment to state, 7711 

Foarth ot July, library not open, 7706 

general assembly, report by library 

board, 7712 

preserving laws and journals, 7716 

papers of, preserration, 7718 

report as to exchanges and sales, 7719 

Sees. 6(9S-67SSq. 

injuries to books, penalty, 
law books kept separate, 
librarian, election, term, 

assistants, appointment, terms. 



bond of librarian, 7705 

catalo^e of books by, 7710 

collection of flues, 7711 

coltectingand binding documents, 7714 
laws and journals, pr^rvation, 7715 
legislative papers, care of, 7718 

ezcfaanma and sales, 7719 

embeszlement by, 7720 

reports as to missing books, 7721 

salaries of librarian and assist- 
ants, 7722 
report to lenslature, 7723 
removal by library board, 7724 
publications delivered to, 7716 
distribution of documents, 7717 
missing books, report as to, 7721 
offlcera, removal b^ library board, 7724 
open, time when library to be, 7706 
purchase ol books, 7712 
removal of books prohibited, 7707, 7726 
ol officers by board, 7724 
rmorts by library board, 7713 
by Ubrarian, 7721, 7723 

16 — OBN, IN. 

Library, State, 

inday, library not open, 
le of bookH, who entitled to, 



agricnlturfll society rectives fees, 2801 
when fee paid to, 72ffi 

district society, rights to, 7233 

broker, license fee ot, 7231 

business, conducting without, 2186, 7236 
circus or other showH, fee for, 7281 

cities, granting to carry on business, 

el. 13, 3641, 3S41a 
granting lor sports and games, 

et. 14, 3541 
granting for clairvoyants and 

fakirs, &641a 

granting for branch and depart- 

ment stores. 


granting tor vehicles, 
of 100,000, mayor dgnl. 



revocation by mayor, 
by cities ot S),000, 



by cities ol 43,000, 


mayor signs, 


lor sale of liquors. 


licensing merchants. 


convict-made goods, license to sell, 


dentistry, license to practice. 


embalmers, license. 


lee for license, how fixed, 


tor sale of liquors, 
terry, procuring license. 



recording and fee, 


amount of license fee, 



hunting, license for. 


liquors, license for sale, 


"intoxicating liquor" defloedt 7277 

notice of application. 


conditions ot license, 


bond of licensee, 


appeal, effect of, 


tune for appeal, bond. 


lees, amount of, 


fees belong to school fund 


cities and towns, license lees, 7282 

license, issuing, contents, 
term of license, 7284 

wholesale dealers exempt, 7283 

application for license, 7283ii 

qualifications ot applicant, 7283a 

carrying on other business, 7283b 

person can only obtain one, 7283A 
must issue to owner of business, 7283h 
insanity or death, refunding lee, 7283h 
remonstrance agfunst license, 

7278, 7283( 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 


marriage license, failare to return, 

obtaining '" 

„ iflicenee, 7292-72W 

medicine, license to practice, 7318-73S3« 
proceedings to obtain license, 


merchants, traveling, lee tor, 7231 

traneient merchants, license, 7231a 

tees for license, 7231& 

obtaining license, 7231o-7231f 

Ohio river falle, pilot's license, 8137-8141 


[BtftreJite* are to SscCfotu.] 
Vol. 2, Seca. 2785-e694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5696-8733c. 


boats, bond to procure release, 
parties made defendants, 
personal jndgment rendered. 

7231 j 

peddlers, fee lor ii 

foreign interrogated, 

tree to Bailors and soldiers, 

auditor ot county to iasne, 

refusal to issue, penalty, 

non-resideat, license, 
penalty for not procuring, 

suit tor penalty, 

damages for acbool fund, 
pharmacy, license, 
pilots at Ohio tails, license of, 8137-8141 
prisona. mannfactored articles, license 

to sell, 7237b-7237Tn 

purchase-money, dealer liable, 7237a 

aire lor public service, license tor. 

theatrical performance, tee lor, 7231 

time for license to run, 7236 

towns, grantine liceneeH by, 4357 
transient merchants, license, 7231a-7231t 

unlicensed dealer, purchase-money, 7237a 


action to enforce, publication, 320 

parties and notice, 1109a 

animals, lien for feeding, 7264, 7271 

sale to pay lien of bulee, 7272 

attachment, lien ol, 034 

liena on attached property, 939 

attorneys, liens of, 7238 

how to be taken, 7238 

baggage, lien for board and lodging, 72546 

sale to pay lien, 7364c 

bail bonds, lien ot, 1234, 1714, 1792 

bailees ot property, lien ot, 7271 

death of bailor not to ELltect, 7271 

sale of property, 7272 

charges for keeping, 7273 

preservation of evidence, 7274 

storage, liens tor, 7276 

bastardy, lien in cases of, 999 

boarding-honse keeper, lien on bag- 
gage, 72646 
sale of baggage to pay lien, 7254c 

boats, liens on, 7239 

canses in which lien accmea, 7239 

attachment of lien, 7240 

priority ot liens, 7241 

proceedings to enforce, 7242 

ioinder ot claimants, 7243 

udgment and execution, 7244 

service of summons, 7246 

jurisdiction of justices, 7247 

chattels, lien on tor repairs, 7288 

sale ot property, 7268 

notice of sale, 7289 

application of proceeds, 7270 

preserving evidence ot claim, 7274 
cities, lien for cost of street improve- 
ment, 3626, 3627 
ot 100,000, lien, 3846, 3840 
assessments (or levees or drains, 8866 
sewer assessments, 3657 
of 50,000, cost of street improve- 
ments, 3979 
aaseasmenta for drains or leveea, 3988 
sewerassessments, 3992 
of 43,000, cost ot street improve- 
ments, 4133 
levees and drains, assessments, 4142 
sewer assessments, 4446 
street improvements in cities and 

towns, 4288, 4290 

satisfaction ot liene on payment, 4304 

corporation, lien of employes, 
acquiring, priority, 
enforcement ot lien, 
parties, consolidation, 
release by bond, 
practice and pleading, 

decedents, enforcing against, 
sale of lands with liens, 

deed, creation ot by, satisfaction 

24«S, 2484 
2604, 250» 

3384, 333& 

734, 761 


execution, lien ot, 
sale subject to, 

on unsold property, 753 

detective sale, lien of purchaser, 777 
redemptionerj lien of, 781, 784 

isaaed oy justices , 1676 

feeding animals, lien tor, 7264, 7271 

sale of animals, ! 7272 

charges tor keeping, 7273 

freserTins evidence of claim, 7274 
keeper, Uen on baggage, 72546 

sale ot baggage to pay Uen, 7264e 

judgment. Hen of, 617 

■ • 618, 1792 

620, 622, 626 
ictjons, 7251 

transcript filed, 

acquiring ol, priority^ 
enforcing Uen, 
parties, consolidation ot actii 
aistribution ot proceeds, 
release ot property on bond, 
practice and pleadings, 
in mines, lien ot. 



Vol. 1, Sera. I-27&U. 


laborers, priority of lien, 7448 

recordtDg of lien, 7448 

enlorcing lien, 7448 

no ataj or valaation, 7448 

Imndlords, lien on crops, 7]0Ci 

li» peadeni notice, filing of, 327 

attachment, filing by officer, 328 

index (or record, 329 

fees ol clerk, 330 

SAtistaction of lien, 381 

(ailnre to file notice, eflect, 333 

judgment tiena not affected, 334 

livery-stable keepers, liena of, 7264 

mechanics' liens, no exemption, 729 

Bcqairing lien, 7255 

who may acquire, 7266 

on what acquired, 7266 

when preferred claims, 7256 

lands covered by lien, 7256 

lease or lien on lands, 7266 

notice of lien, 7267 

filing and recording notice, 7267 

recording notice, fee, 7268 

inception of lien, 7268 

enforcement of lien, 7269 

limit aa to time, 7259 

sale without appraisement, 7269 

parties, iasoe and trial, 7260 

conaolidation of actions, 7260 

claims prorated, when, 7261 

personal liability ot owner, 7262 
notice to create liability, 

bond to release lien, 

chattels, lien on, 

Bale of property, 72( 

application of proceeds, 

preserving evidence of clum, 
miners, lien ot, 

priority' of lien, 

recording of lien, 

enforcing lien, 

no stay or valuation, 
parties to actions to foreclose, 
peraonalty sold to railroads condi- 
tionally, B4i 
railroada, lien of state on, 

of citisens for debts, 

lien on for building, 

acqairing and enforcing, 

notice of lien, 

recording of notice, 

anit to enforce, 7266 

limit as to suit, 7266 

attorney's fees recovered, 7267 

recognisancee, liens of, 1234, 1714, 1792 
reetourant, lien on baggage, 72646 

sale of baggage to pay lien, 7254c 

[JIe/itrence» are to Seetioiu.'] 
Vol. 2, Sees. 27aW5694e2. Vol. 3, Soca. 6696-8733e. 




satisfaction of liens under lU peiidmi, 331 
ofmortgagea, 1103-1105 

of liens created bj; deeds, 3384, 3385 
ot liens for street improvements, 4300 
ot school fond mortgagee, 5818 

sUllioQ or sire, lien for service, 2841-2844 

storage, lien for, 7275 

sale ot property, 7275 

street railway tor personalty sold to, 6-174 

taxes, lien of, 8600-8697 

transfer to purchaser, 8632, 8641 

invalid deed, release, 8632a 

tenancy, landlord's lien, 

tradesmen, liene of, 


transcripts ot judgment 
widow, lien on interest in land, 
lien ol for (500 given to, 
Mechanic's Likn, See. 



election, term, duties, 128, 

129, 131, 147 

governor, when acts as, 


oatb, taking and recording. 


office, what not to hold, 


resignation, where sent, 


salary of, 

149, 6405 


term of. 


beginning of term. 


university ot state, is a visito 

at, 6079 

Life Insarance, 



Insokahcb, See. 


railroada at street croasinge. 

43676, 5173 

switch lights. 



lands tor, obtainingby United states, 7137 

Li^htiD^ ot Streets, 

towns, see, 


Cities, See. 

Limitation ot Civil Actions, 

abandonment ot wile, penalty, limita- 



Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27846. 

Limitation of Civil Actions, 

acknowledgment to take cue oat of 

statate, 302 

promiee ol joint contractor, S03 

actions not specially limited, 295 

new after failure of soit, 300 

appeal to Bupremecoart, time, 643,645,646 

apprentices nip, action on indentora, 7312 

bati, special, limitation, S92 

baetardj, limit as to anit, 1007 

bonda, official, actions on, 294 

special bail bonds, 892 

character, injury to, 294 

cities of 100,000, enforcement of ob- 

sesaments, 8863 

concealment of action, 801 

contrscta (or money, 294 

other contracts, 294 

death, extension of time, 299 

deeds, setting aside by execntora, etc., 2487 

disabilities, persons under, 297 

—ejectment, when barred, 294 

estates, to recover lands aold, 294 

setting aside deeds, 2487 

opening settlements, 2558 

suits against belrs, 2597 

wills, contest of, 2766, 2771 

execution, sale ol land under, 294 

failare of suit, new action, 300 

forfeiture and penalties, when barred, 293 

fraud, for relief against, 293 

heirs, suits by creditors, 2697 

husband abandoning wife, penalty, 

limitation, 7298c 

indentures of apprenticeship, 7312 

information, bar aa t« damages, 1153 

injuriea to property, 293 

to person or character, 294 

insurance, agreements in polioiea, 4923 

ioint debtors, bar ae to, 307 

udgment, suit on, 294 

when deemed satisfied, 306 

lands, recovery of rents and profits, 293 

sold on esecution, recovery, 294 

sold by esecutora, etc., 294 

for recovery of possession, 294 
levee and dike assessments, when 

barred, 7230 

mechanics' liens, enforcing, 7259 
mutual accounts, recovery of balance, 296 

non -residence, effect of, 298 

officers, actions against, 294 

official bonds, actions on, 294 

partition, review of, 1223 

payment of part, effect of, 301 

indorsement of payment, 304 

penalties and forfeitures, 294 

person, injuries to, 294 

promise to pay, eSect, 302 

to be in writing, 302 

of joint contractor, etc., 303 

property, injuries or detention, 293 

records, reinstatement of, 1250 

Limitation of Ciril Actions, 

rents of lands, recovery, ! 

revival b^ new promise, ! 

Siromise to be in writing, ! 

oint contractor, promise by, ! 

part payment, effect, i 

state not Darred, when, i 

barred aa to snretiea, i 
supreme court, appeal to, US, t 

parties under disabilitiea, ( 

part only barred, < 

eareties, state barred as to, i 

on special bail bonds, i 

Limitation of Criminal AetJons, 

absence or concealment, effect, If 

actions not specially hmited in two 

years, 1( 

concealment, effect of, 

election laws, violation, 2330a 

fine not over three doUara, sixty days, 1664 

prand larceny, five years, """ 

incest, five years, 

kidnaping, no limit, 

murder, no limit, 

rape, five years, 

receiving stolen goods, Ave yeaiSt 

robbery, five years, 

Sabbatn desecration, six months, 

sixty days, what limited to, 



Limited Partnerships, 

partnerships, see, 8109-8121 

Linseed Oil, 

purity required on sale, SlOttl-SlOSol 


adulteration, penalty, 2167 

agricultural fair, sale near to, 2196 

application for license, T2S3a 

contents, describing premises, 72S3a 

who may apply for license, 7283<i 

business carried on in saloon, 73636 

bond of licensed dealer, 7279 

liability on bond, 7288 

business carried on in saloon, 72836 

application to specify, 72836 

license to contain grant, 72836 

cigars, sale in saloon, 72836 

cities, control of places where sales 

are made, el. 18, 3541 

of 50,000, regulating sale, 3927 

fees in cities and towns, 7282 

convicts not to have, 8230 

damages for illegal sales, 7288 

death of licensee, refunding fee, 72S3A 

disorderly bouse, keeping of, 2193 



[Se/erenees are to Seclioni.} 
Vol. 1, Becfl. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-6694(2. Vol. 3, Seca. 6595-873Sc. 


dniggista. sale by, 2195, 728|J 

prescriptioD required, when, 72»dj 
penalty lor anlawlul sale, 73M j 

sale on medical preecription, 728^t 

dmnken pereona, Bale to, 2188, 2189 

elections not held in room where sold, 62.J6 

fees for state license, 7381 

payment to school fnnd, 
lor city or town license, 
refunifinp on death or ini 

Kauger'e receipts, tranefer of, 

holidays, sale on, 

illegal sales, damages, 

insane, fiimishing to, 

insanity ol licensee, refunding fee, 7iWA 

"intoiicftting liquor." definition, 

jurisdiction of courts under act, 

justices, jurisdjction under act, 

license to sell, 

"intoxicating li.quor, what is, 
notice ol application, 
remonstrance against, 

E in ting ol license, 
□d and conditions, 
appeal, eHect of, 
bond lor appeal, 
fees for license, 
payment to school fund, 
cities and towns, license fees, 
license, auditor to issue, 
contents ol license, 
time issued for, 
sales without license, penalty, 
wholesale dealers exempt, 
application, contents, 
description ol premises, 
who may obtain, 
specifications as to other bnfli- 

revocation of license, 728SiI 

but one to same perwin, 
must issue to owner of business, 7283A 
death or insanity, refunding lee, 7283A 
remonstrance against, 7278, 7283i 

majority of voters may defeat, 7283i 
when license is void, 72Kfi 

proeecn^ng attorney procnnng, 78136 
military encampment, sales neat, '385 
minors loitering about saloons, 7283e 

penalty lor permitting, 7283e 

sales to prohibited, 
penalty for selling to, 


2194. 2196 



7278, 7283f 

7279, 7280 


>, when void, 7283i 

2190, 7283/ 

music not permitted in saloon, 72836 

occupants of saloon during prohibited 

bonre, "2830 

officers, duty to enlorce law, 728J? 

orphans' home, inmates not to have, 

*^ 3102, 3164 

poisoning of, penalty, 
preacription, when druggist must 

have, ,. . 

permits tale for medicine, 


prisoners not to ha»e, 2192. 8230 

prosecuting attorney procuring U- 

cense, 78186 

religious meetings, sale near to, 2196 

remonstrance against license, 7278, 7283i 
signers necessary to deleat if ■^■"oi 
license contrary tr — *•— ■"■ 
revocation ol license, 
sales to intoxicated persons, 2188, 2189 
to minors, 2190, 7283/ 

on Snnday, 21M, 2196 

near religious meetings, 2196 

near agricnltural fairs, 2196 

on May 30tb, 2196 

without license prohibited, 7276 

saloon, amusements or music not al- 
lowed, ™3b 
having other business in, 72836 
selling cirars and tobacco, 72836 
closed and locked when unlaw Inl 

to sell, 7283c 

occupants daring prohibited 

hours, 7283n 

located on ground floor, 7283d 

fronting street or highway, 7283d 

nnobstmcted view at certain 

hours, 7283d 

penalty for violating section, 7283<i 

minors loitering about, 7283e 

penalty lor permitting, 7283e 

schools, teaching effect of liquors, 

license tee belongs to fund, 7261 

Sunday, sales on, 2194, 2195 

tobacco, sale in saloons, 72836 

towns, license to sell liqnors, el. 7, 4357 
wholesaledealets, no license required, 7283 
Intojicatinq LiqpOHS, Bee. 

Lis Pendens, 

attachment, levy, filing notice, S28 

dismissal, certificate, fee, 332 

clerk, record kept in oflSce ol, 326 

notice filed with, 827 

recording of notice, 827 

index kept by, 329 

fees of clerk, 330 

satisfaction of lien, 331 

fees of clerk, 330 

dismissal of attachment, 332 

satisfaction ol, 

of judgments not affected, 
notice, laiTure to file, effect, 
real estate, snits affecting, noticA, 

attachment of, notice, 

order atlecting, notice. 


Literary Associations, 

organization and powen. 



Vol. I, Sera. 1-27846. 

Literary Societies, 

cities, no license fee, when, cl. 16, S641 
bifltorical, ddins;, 6087a-603Te 

oi^nization of, 4585 


obscene, selling or sending, 2082, 2083 

Live Stock Insurance, 

inearance, see, 4933-4955 

mutnal associations, 4965a-4955(I 

iNSUiUNCB, 8ee. 

Lirery Stable Keeper, 

lien ol for caro of animals, 7254 


school funds, loaning and interest, 

[Beftrtacea are to SecUoru.'] 
Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5595-8733«. 

Loaning; Funds, 

illegal loans, penalty. 

2031a, 20316 

Loan Companies, 

account annually to auditor, 6013 

Sublication of account, 6013 
ea o( aaeociation, 6000, 6001 
number of corporators, 5000 
contents of articles, 5001 
filed with secretary of state, 6001 
copy used as evidence, 5001 
auditor of state, filing statement with, 6008 
to appoint an examiner, 6011 
annual account to, 6013 
examinations by, 5014 
illegal business, duty as to, 6015 
insolvency, duty of, 6015 
banking, not to engage in, 5012 
bonds of officers, 6007 
business, what may transact, 6009 
prohibitions as to, 6012 
illegal, duty of auditor, 5015 
by-laws, adoption of, 6007 
capitnl stock, amount of, 6002 
shares of, 5002 
increase, limit, 6002 
liability of stockholders, 6003 
payment for stock, 6004 
companies, organization of, 4591 
courts, control over, 6013 
deposits, receiving by, 6009 
interestallowedon, 5010 
repayment, 5016c 
directors, articles to fix aonaal elec- 
tion, 6001 
corporate powers of, 6005 
number of, 6005 
who may act as, 6005 
articles to name first, 6005 

Loan Companies, 

directors, election and terms of, 6005 

vacancies, filling of, 5005, 6006 

place of annual election, 500$ 

notice of election, 500S 

officers of board, 6007 

define duties of officers and agentB,S007 

bonds, amount and conditions, 5007 

statement filed with auditor, 6008 

general powers and dnUes, 6009 

examiner, appointment ol, 5011 

compensation of, 5011 

oath and bond of, 6011 

examinations by, 6014 

when auditor may act as, 5014 

foreign companies, 5015(i-5015;i 

general powers of companies, 6009 

insolvency, doty ot auditor, 6015 

officers and agents, appointment, 5007 

defining duties of, 5007 

bonds, fixing of, 5007 

filed with auditor of State, 5007 

organization of companies, 4591 

report to auditor annually, 6013, 50156 

fublication of report, 5013 

, amount ot, 5002 

division into shares, 5002 

increase, limit. 6002 

preference of stockholders, 6002 

payment lor stock, 5004 

stockholders, liability of, 5003 

"trust," use of name, 601&a 

Local Laws, 

prohibition aa to passage of, 118 


canal, opening of, 2268 

Lodg;e8 and Societies, 

associations included, 6016 

churches, 5016, 6017 

Daughteia of Temperance, 6016 

Free Masons, 6016 

Odd Fellows, 5016 

Sons of Temperance, 5016 

beneficiary societies, actions sgsinst, 6049 
benefits, exempt from creditors, 6048 
mast ip to beneficiaries, 6048 

organization and powers, 5060a, 6050* 
life insurance, exemption, 4ei4z, 6048 
suits for, where brought, 6049 

change of beneficiaries, 6050 

certificates as contracts, 6050 

buildings, owning stock in company, 

5047a, 6047* 
erection and control of, 6047c-50479 

by-laws, adoption ot, 5022 

cemeteries, acquiring lands, 6032 

organization and powers, 6033 

lands held by county board, 6084 

platting into lots, 6036 



IR^erettcet art to SeetioM,'] 
Vol. 1, Sees. l-278«. Vol. 2, Seca. 2786-669fa2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-8738c. 

Lodges and Societies, 

cemeteriee, private burial groandfl, 

title to gronnds, 
corporat« name aud powers, 

cbanice of name, 
diasolotioii, how revived, 
fraternal, organiiation, powers. 

historical, aid to, 

insurance, exemption from laws, 

tnu, &04S 

lands, amonnt may hold, 5016 

trustees may acquire, 602S 

aale of property, 6028 

acquired befora passage of act, 5030 

maeonic building societies, 5038 

certificate of incorporation, 6038 

when incorporation complete, 503tf 

pro{>erty, holding of, 6040 

renting and leasing property, 5040 

directors, election, terms, duties, 6041 

secretary and treasurer, 6042 

bonds, oaths, duties, 5042 

capital stock, amount, fihaiee, 5043 

transfer of stock, 6044 

payment for stock, 6046 

coTlecting calls, 5046 

borrowing money, notes, bonds, 6047 

mortgage of property, 6047 

name, change of, 5025 

officers acting as trustees, 503! 

organization as voluntai^ asBOCiationB, 4689 

personal property, acquiring of, 6027 

sale and disposal of, 6028 

real estate, owning of, 6016 

acquiring by trustees, 5026 

sale of property, 5028 

acquired before passage of act, 6030 

"eocitity," definition, 6017 

trustees, number of, 6016 

notice of election, 6018 

election ot trustees, 6019 

certificate, recording, 6019 

use of certificate as evidence, 6020 

terms of trustees, 6021 

removal ot trustees, 6021 

by-laws, adaption, 5022 

'usage as to selection, 5023 

body politic and corporate, 6024 

powers of, ''"'" 

rf proper^, 

officers acting as, 5031 
VoLCMTABT Associations, See. 


adrift, taking n 

Lost Indietmeut, 

Lost InformatioQ, 

filing new, 

Lo6t Papers, 

copies, use ol. 


advertising of, penalty, 
constitutional provision, 
drawing ot, penalty, 
parties compelled to testify, 
tickets, sale of, penalty, 

Lacrative Office, 

holding more than one. 



adrift, taking up, rights and duties, 

arson, by burning of, 2000 


definition of, 
Insanb, See. 


lynching and mobs, punishment, 
sheriff permitting, removal, 


factories, protecting dangerous, 
cleaning while in motion, 

Hachines, Voting, 

procuring and use at elections, 

Madison County, 

circuit, in fiftieth judicial, p. 676, 13M 

congressional district, 3333 

court, l«rniB Of circuit, p. 576, 1394 

superior established in, i426a-I426e 

terms ot superior court, 1426/ 

representatives, apportionment, 6688 

salaries ot county officers, 6474 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statutes distnbuted to, 7617ii 


insurance against loss, 4931a-493l0 

railroad, carrying on, 6180 

sheriff sending money by, 793 


Vol. 1, Smb. 1-27846. 


offloera, remova) for, 

Halicions FrosecDtion, 

action for sarrives, 
paniBhment for, 

UaliciouB Trespass, 

deflnitioD and pnniBhmeDt, 

Mandate and Prohibition, 

acta compelled bjr, 

affidavit and motion for, 

BU«mative writ, 

attachment to enforce writ, 

circuit coart may issue, 

continuance ol canae, 

coBts, how taxed, 

oonrts that may isane writ, 111 

to what directed, 

writ of prohibition to, 
damages, recovery of, 
isaoee and tria), 
judgment aa in civil actions, 

enforcement of, 

in prohibition, 
obedience to, how enforced, 
peremptory writ, isBoing of, 

iasoes after jndgment, 
performance, wnat compelled by, 
prohibition, isauing writ of, 

return to writ, 

judgment of court, 
retam, when to be made, 

failure to make, penalty, 

extending time for, 
■aperior courts may issue, 
■apreme court, when issues, 
writ, for what purpose issued, 

to whom directed, 

return to, 

altemative or peremptory, 

peremptory after judgment, 

obedience to, enforcement, 

of prohibition, iieu 


count for, joinder with murder, 1814 

definition and punishment, 1961 

indictment, charging with murder, 1814 

avermenta as to meana, 181S 

Manual Labor Schools, 

apprenticing children to, 7814-7317 

Muinal Training Schools, 

establiahment of, 6918-6900 


IB^ertneti are to Section:'] 

Vol. 2, fiecB. 2785-6594*2. Vol. S, Sees. 


8108il assessment for taxation. 




establishments for defined, 7087r 

factories, law regulating, 7087a-T087ii 

tenement houses, manufacturing, 7087n 

Mannfactnring Companies, 

annual report by, 

contents and signing, 

"annually," meaning of, 

report, false, liability. 

I, 5061 

failure to make, liability, 

suit against officer, complaint, 
anociations, purpose of, 

manufacturing and mining, 

water companies, 

stock-yard and transit companies, 

grain elevator companies, 

merchandieiug companies, 

marine railways, 

gas and oil companies, 509 

pipe-line companies, 

certificate of incorporation, 

contents and recording, 

corporation, when complete, 

preferred stoclc, providmg for, 

extension of purpose, 
canal or race, construction of, 

acquiring lands, 

condemnation proceedings, 

damages, payment, 

attorney for unknown parties, 

detective title, new proceedinp, 
capital stock, certificate apeciflee, 

amount to be fixed, 
voting by stockholders, 
increase of shares, 
transfer of stock, 
payment for stock, 
non-payment, suit, 
sale tor son-payment, 
certificate as to payment, 
reduction of stock, mhke 

certificate as to reduction, 6063 

preferred stock, 5064 

shares, amount, 5064 

provisions in articles, 6066 

stockholders ma^ authorise, 6066 

certificate as to issue, 5066 

limit as to preferred stock, 5067 

preferenoe of stockholders, 6067 

payment and redemption, 6067 

stock not voted, 5068 

redemption, certificate, 6069 

of gas and oil companies, 6101, 6102 
tnuteea holding and voting of, 6109 
of pipe-line companies, 611S 

transfer of stock, 6117 

payment tor stock, 6118 

certificate as to payment, 011* 




Vol. 1, Seca. l-2784b. Vol. 2, Sees. 

Hanafactnring CompanieB, 

certificate of incorporation, *05l 

contents and recording, S061 

corporation complete, 5052 

providiDE tor prelerred atock, 6065 

companiee formed nnder laws rM;alat- 

ing, 5m-5n2f 

dam on St. Joseph river aathoriEed, 5123 

directon, certificate to fi« nnmber, 6051 

namber and qualifications, 6054 

election an Dually, 6054 

offlcera elected by, 6065 

terms of officers, 6066 

improper dividends, liability, 5075 

insolvency, liability, 5076 

of pipe-line companies, 6114 

under special charters, 6126 

nnmber of, 5127 

dividends, making improper, liability, 5075 

elevator companies, formation, 6051 

existence, time of, 5061, 5068 

foreign companies holding real estate, 6008 

^s compamee, laying pipee, 6066 

Eip^ outside of corporation, 6067 

oring of wells tor, 6009 

companies legalized, 6100 

stock of companies, 6101 

1 limit as to stock, 6102 

rights and powers, 6103 

right o( way, acquiriuK, 6104 

condemnation of lauds, 6106 

adverse claims, 5106 

paying money into court, 6106 

unknown parties, proceedings, 6107 
defective title, new proceedings, 6108 
tmsteee holding and voting stock, 5109 
former agreements validated, 6110 

min elevator companies, formation, 5051 

uisolvencT by improper dividends, 5076 

liability of directors, 6076 

caused by illegal acts, liability, 6076 

under special charter, liability, 5128 

marine railways, constmction, 6066 

merchandisiDg, companies tor, 46966, 5061 

mining companies, organization, 6061 

includes gas and oil companies, 5009 

officers elected by directors, 6056 

false reports, liability, 6073 

action against for debts, 5074 

specifications in complaint, 6074 

oil companies, mining inclndes, 5099 

legalization of, 5100 

sabscriptions for stock valid, 5101 

amount of capital stock, 6102 

rights and powers of, """" 

acquiring ngbt of way, 

condemnation ot lands, 

6105, 61226, 6122c 
adverse claims, paying into court, 

6106, 5122(1 
unknown parties, attorney for, 

5107, 6122« 
deteetiTe title, new proceedings, 


are to Sectiota.) 

2785-^94e2. Vol. 8, Sees. 5695-8733o. 

Manafactaring Companies, 

pipe-line companies, 5112 

certificate ot organisation, 5112 

filing and recording, 6112 

corporate body, powers, 6113 

directors, number, election, 5114 

officers elected, 6115 

voting by stockholders, 6115 

terms ot officers, 6115 

capital stock, amount, 5110 

increase and shares, 5116 

transfer of st«ck, 5117 

payment tor stock, 5118 

certificate as to payment, 6119 

seal of corporation, 6120 

real estate, holding, acquiring, 6120 

limit OS to eiistenL-e, 5120 

by-laws, adoption of, 6121 

record ot proceedings, 6121 

liability of atockholdera, 5122 

pollution of streams, 67I7a-6717e 

preferred stock, issue of, limit, 6064 

provisions in articles as to, 5065 

meeting to authorize, 506tl 

certificate as to iesaing, 6066 

amount ot limited, 6067 

redemption ot, 5067 

dividends on, 5067 

preference over common stock, 6067 

voting ot stock, 6068 
mortgage or conveyance, consent, 6068 

interest of holders of atock, 6068 

redemption, certificate, 5069 

law not applicable, when, 5070 

real estate, power to hold, 6063 

when purpose enlarged, 5078, 5079 
canal companies, acquiring ot. 

5104, 5122a 

water companies, acquiring bv, 


foreign companies may acquire, 609& 
gas and oil companies, acquiring 

by, 5103-5108 

atock-yard companies, acquiring 

by. 6111 

pipe-line companies, holding by, 5120 

report by annualljr, 5071 

contents and signing, 6071 

"annually," meaning of, 6072 

talse report, llaliiiity, 5073 

failure to make, lisbility, 5073 

suit against officer, complidnt, 6074 

apecifll charters, continuance, 5124 
place of business, chan^, 6125 
directors, place of meeting, 6125 
election of directors, 5126 
number ot directors, 6127 
insolvency, liability ot atockhold- 
era, 6128 

stock, specification in certificate, 6051 

amount fixed by company, 605S 

to, 6068 



Vol. 1, S«8. 1-278*6. 

Hannlaetnrin^ Compames, 

stock, payment tor, fi060 

suit to enforce payment, 6061 

Bale for non-payment, 6061 

certiflc&te ss to payment, 6063 

reduction of capital stock, 6063 

certificate as to reduction, 6063 

preferred stock, iesuinft of, 6064-6070 
water company, purchase of, 5087 

of gaa and oil companies, 6101, 5102 
trustees holding and votiog, 6109, 61U) 
in pipe-line companies, 5116-5119 

Block holders, election of directors, 6054 
voting by, 60S6 

incrensing stock, 6058 

reducing stock, 5063 

liability of stockholders, 6077 

extension of business by, 6078 

vesting stock in truBtees, 5109 

liability of in pipe-line companies, 6122 
under special cliarter, liability, 6128 

stock-yard companies, organisation, 6051 
powers and rights, 6111 

taxation, assessment for, 

term of existence of, 6051, 5058 

trusleee, holding and voting stock by, 5109 
agreements legalized, 6110 

water-works companies in city or 

town, 6057 

extending pipes outside of limits, 5057 
Bupplyinff water outside of limits, 6057 
stock, other companies may buy, 5087 
towns, organized in, 5088 

real estate, acquiring of, 5098 

condemnation of property, 5080 

proceedings to appropriate, 6090 

adverse claimants, payment, 5091 
attorney for unknown parties, 5092 
defective title, new proceedings, 5093 
pipes and drains, no interference, 6094 
waters not taken, when, 6094 

borrowing money, bonds, 6095 

town to consent to operation, 6096 
streets, obtaining use of, 6096 

rights of existing companies, 6097 
Factobies, See. 


auditor ot state making of state lands, 

7156, 7166 
of county making in place of 

worn, 7986 

pay by county board, 7987 

mines, making of maps for, 7431-7433 

making of maps by owner, T434a 

failure of owner, dnty of inspector. 

IBeftnncet an to SteOotu.} 

Vol. 2, Sees. 27S6'«6»4eS. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-8783e. 



residence and voting by. 

Marion Coonty, 

appeal from superior court of, 1413 

circuit, in nineteenth judicial, p. S72, 1394 

congressional district, 3331 

courts, terms of circait, p. 672, 1394 

terms of superior court, 1426 

terms of cnminal court, 1435 

appeal from saperior court of, 1413 

jurors, number drawn, 1460a 

representatives, appoitionment, 66S3 

salaries of county officers, 6476 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

8tftt«, suit on claims against, 1419 

statutes distributed to, 7617(1 

Market Houses, 

cities, regulation of, 

cl. 11, 29, 33, 3641, 3644-3646 

sale and conveyance by, SSeOa, 35506 

of 50,000, regulating, 3927 

nuisance in, penalty, 2156 

sale and conveyance of market places, 

3650a, 36506 


altering of, penalty, 2053, 2252 

recording ot, 8664, 8008 

shooting at, 2281 


age required ot parties, 7289 

amalgamation prohibited, 2267, 7290 

counseling, penalty, 2258 

bastardy, marriage to escape prosecu- 
tion, 7298(1 
abandonment of wife, penalty, 7298a 
action to recover penalty, 729S6 
wife may be relator, 72966 
cost, liability for, 72986 
limitation of action, 7298c 
action for penalty, jurisdiction, 

practice, 729ed 

bond or commitment of defend- 
ant, 7298<1 
bigamy, proof in, 2075a 
certificate, failure to return, 2270 
return of, time, 7296 
recording of, 7296 
children of voidable marriages, 1037 
ot void marriages, 103S, 1030 
making legitimate by marriage, 2631 
clerk issoing license unlawfully, lia- 
bility. 7297 
report of marriages, 6721 
contract of, who may make, 7289 
executrix, marriage, effect, 2406 
guardian, when to consent to, 7393 
kindred not to marry, when, 7289 
license, obtaining ot, 7292 
who need not procure, 7392 
when may issue, 7293 
consent ot parent or guardian, 7298 




[Siftrencet a 
Vol. 1, Bees. 1--27BU. Vol. 2, Bece. 


license, affidavit to procnre, 72V4 

mftrriBge valid withoat, wh«n, 7295 
clerk iflsaing illegally, liability, 7297 
prosecutor, duty as to, 7297 

Heroes and whites, prohibition, 2267, 7290 
conneeling mamage, penalty, ""'" 

parent, when to consent to, 

registration of marriages, 6717 

ioTemnizing, who may, 7291 

without authority, penalty, 2209, 7298 

void, when marriage is, 1036, 7290 

children of void marriages, 1037-1039 

voidahle marriage, annulment, 1037 

will in restraint of marriage, 2737 

revocation by marriage, wben, 2732 

DivoBCE, See. 

Harried Women, 

abandoned by husband, support, 6984-6986 
penalty, recovery, 72»8a-7298>I 

acknowledgments to deeds, 3 
actions by, 25S 

tor injuries to person or char- 
concerning lands of, 6974 
administratrix, may be appointed, 
antenuptial debts, who liable, 6970-6972 
arbitraiion, can not consent 
bonds, official are binding, 
«ontracts, power to make, 

can not be surety, 6964 

covenants for title, when bound, ( 

damages for injuries to person or char- 
debts, liability of hosband, ( 
incurred tor improving lands, C 
antenuptial, who liable, 
deeds tor lands ot, execution, 

3340, 6961, 6962 
may join in power to convey, 
by infant married woman, 3 
insane, deeds by hnsband, 3386-3386c 
husband insane, deeds by, 

when wife may he antborised to 


covenants in, wben bound, 

acknowledgment of deeds, 33S8, 3369 

disabilities abolished, 6960 

earnings and prollts of, 6975 

estoppel, when bound by, 6962 

exemption of property from sole, 6969 

basband insane, deeds by, S38S, 6983 

debts of, lands not liable, 6961 

liability for torts, 6966 

liability (or debts, 6967 

antenuptial debts, liability, 6970 

can not convey lands of, 6973 

support, suit i^nst for, 6977-6981 

abandonment, support ot family, 

penalty tor abandonment, recov- 

rt to Stetiont.'] 

2785-66»4«2. Vol. 3, Sees. «S96-8738c. 

Harried Women, 

infant, execution ot deeds, 

insane wife, deeds by husband, 3386-3388e 
husband, deed by wite. 


lands, deeds for, 8340, 6961, 

not liable for husband's debts, 
acquiring and holding of, 
executory contract for sale, 

mortgage of, 

suits concerning, 6974 

office, may hold school, 6031 

election to by general assembly, 8090 

appointment by governor, 8090 

official bonds binding on, 6032, 6963 

personal property, acquiring by, 6962 

sale ot by, 6962 

property, acquiring and holding, 6962 

savings banks, deposits, 2957 

school offices, holding of, 6031 

support, suit to obtain, 6977 

complaint for, 6978 

hearing and judgment, 6979 

debts, collection of, 6980 

sale ot personalty, 6980 

mortgage and lease ot land, 6930 

saleof lands, how made, 6981 

wite authorized to convey, 6982 

insane husband, deed, 6983 

abandonment by husband, 8984 

applying property for support, 6984 

notice and hearing, 69SS 

order by court. 6985 

jurisdiction in circuit court, 6986 

surety, not bound as, 69fi4 

torts, who liable for, 6965, 6966 

joint liability with husband, 6966 

will, execution by, 2727 

HusBAKD A\D WiFE, See. 

Marbiaob, See. 


cities, election and term, 3476 

duties and powers, S610, 3611 

fees of, 3512 

office in certaincities abolished, 3724 

presidential election, duties ot, 6342-6347 

pay tor services, 6350 

towns, election and duties, 4347-4351 

Marshall Gonnty , 

circuit, in forty-first, p. B76, 1394 

congressional district, 3327 

court, terms in, p. 676, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of county officers, 6476 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statutes distnbuted to, 7617d 



Vol. 1, 8«C8. 1-27846. 

Martin Connty, 

circuit, in lorty-niDth, 
congreBsional aistriet, 
coort, t«rma in. 

HaaoDic Lodges, 

association, formation of, 4689, 
buildings, company to erect, 
certificate of aeaociatioD, 
body politic, powers, 
acqairiog property, 
directors, election, term, 
secretaiy and Ireasarer, 
stockholders, voting by, 
capital stock, eher^, 
transfer of stock, 
not to purchase other stock, 
payment for stock, 
suit to enforce payment, 
sale for non-payment, 
borrowing money, 
mortgage, notes, boods, 
B(«ck in associations, 
erection and control of, 
organization of, 
real eBtBt«, owning of, 
tmatees, election, notice. 














6047a, 60476 


4560, eOlft-6028 


6016, 601 S 

Master and Apprentice, 

absconding apprentice, recovery, 7310 

action on indenture, limitation, 7312 

annulling of iadentnre, 7300 

apprentice, who may be boand as, 7290 

term of eervlce of, 7299 

consent of parents or guardian, 7300 

over fourteen, consent, 7300 

assignment of indenture, 7311 

board of gaardians binding children, 3188 

death of master, effect of, 7311 

education of apprentice, 7307 

female, to what age bound, 7299 

marriage ol, effect, 7299 

foreien states, indentareB esecated in, 7303 

guardian, execution ol articles, 7300 

indentures of apprenticeship, 7300 

assent of judge to. 7300, 7302 

executed in other states, 7303 

bow must be eiecnted, 7304 

filing of copy of, 7304 

recording of indenture, 7306 





le of a 

education, provision as to, 

damages for breach, 

agreements for benefit of appren- 

annulling indentnre, 

judgment for money, 

Qot to be BBsigned, 

t. Sees. 6696-8738e. 

Master and Apprentice, 

indentures, death of roaster, effect, 7311 

limitation na to action on, 7312 

judge, assent of to indenture, 7300, 7303 

notice by to parents, 7302 

labor, hours master may require, 7313 

schools binding children, 7314-7317 

limitation of action on indenture, 7312 

manual-labor schools binding pupils, 7314 

execution of indentures, 7315 

transfer of indentures, 7316 

rights of transferee, 7317 

marriage of female aprirentice, effect, 7290 

parents, binding of children by, 7300 

notice to by judge, 7302 

poor children, binding out, 81661, S168 

term of service of apprentice, 7299 

township trustee, wben may bind 

children, 7301, 81661, S168 

Master Commissioner, 

appointment by superior court, 
by circuit court, 

authority of, 

oaths, administering of, 
affidavits, certifying of, 
depositions, taking of, 
aubpcenas tor witnesses, 
contempts, punishment of, 

contempts, power to punish, 

depositions, taking by, 

fees and allowances for services, 

habeas eorput, granting 

1161, I46fr 

njunctions, granting of, 

issues of fact referred to, ti^ 

lands, may be authorized to sell, 1464 

master in. chancery, has power of, 1466 

oath of commissioner, record, 1463 

administering oaths by, 1466, 8066 
records, reinstatement, powers as to, 

1851, 1252 

subpcenas, issuing by, 1465 

^rvice of, 1466 

witnesses, subposnas for, 1465 

compelling attendance of, 1465 

service of process on, 



police, appointment of, 37SOi>-373O0 

poor children in asylonu, appoint- 
ment. 8179 

duties of matron, 8180-8180 

prisons, matrons for, S350a 

appointment, duties, 

Matron, Police, 

appointment ot in certain citiea, 


Hay Thirtieth, 

holiday as to commercial paper, 7631 

liquors, sale on, 2196- 



Vol. I, Seci. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Bece. 

mabciouB, penalt}', 198f 

simple, penalty, 198f 


acknowledpnent of deeds before, 


appeal to supreme coart in auits begun 

before, 644, 1337A, 1337( 

from jndgmsntB of, 3497 

bond, amoant and approval, 3497, 3530 

briber; of, penaltT, 2097, 2138 

cities of general clasa, election, term, 3476 

of 100,000, election of. 3S13 

qualifications and duties, 3813-3816 

salary of mtiTor, 3817 

appoints park commisaioners, 3901a 

of 50,000, election, qnalifl cations, 3946 

duties and salary, 3949, 3950 

approving ordinances, 3923 

ol 43,000, election and duties, 

4056, 4095, 4100 
presides over council, 4069 

Balat7 of mayor, 4105 

contracts, interest in prohibited, 

2136, 3S26, 3T78, 3911, 4061 
deed may be acknowledged before, 

3497, 4099 

depositions, Uking before, 422, 3497, 4099 

docket, keeping of, 3498 

deposit when absent, 3498 

duties of generally, S497, 4099 

embezzlement by, 2020, 2029 

fees of maj^or, 3498 

floes, keeping account of, 8349 

payment to treasurer, 8349 

Jarisdiction in civil cases, 3497, 4099 

in criminal cases, 3497, 4099 

marriages, solemnization of, - 7291 

ostfas of mayors, 3530 

administering of by, 3497, 4009, 8086 

process, service on, S18 

search warrant, issuing of, 1693 

CiTtis, See. 

Mechanic's Lien, 

acqairing lien, who may, 7255 

upon what may be acqoired, 7255 

action to enforce hen, 7269 

time for commencing, 7269 

judgment without relief, 7269 

parties to action, 7260 

consolidation of actions, 7260 

sale, prior liens, 7260 

prorating proceeds, 7261 

notice by owner to bring, 7263 

attaching of lien, time of, 7258 

bond, release of lien on giving, 7264 

buildings, sale and removal, 7256 

chattels, lien on, 7268 

sale to pay charges, 7268 

notice of sale, 7269 

disposition of proceeds, 7270 

re to Stetiont.'i 
2786-6694<2. Vpl. 8, 

Mechanic's Lien, 

consolidationfl to enforce, 
debts preferred without notice of lien, 
exemption not allowed as to, 
extent of the lien on property, 
foreclosure, parties to action, 1109a, 

consolidaCing actions, 
lands covered by lien, 

description in notice, 
limitation as to enforcing, 
roort((Bge on land, effect ~ 
notice to ac^^i 




tee tor recording, 

to owner to create penonal lia- 

by owner to sue, 
parties to actions to enforce lien, 


to enforce personal Ilabili^, 
personal liability of owner, 

notice to create, 

suit to enforce, parties, 
priority ol liens, 

Medical CoUege, 


advertising tor use of females, 2084 
appeal from action of medical board, 7322 
applications for license to practice, 7319 
contents and papers filed with, 7319 
tee paid on filing, 7319 
by raidwives, 7323a 
association to indemnity profession, 4695J 
board of medical examination, 7321 
governor appoints members, 7321 
number and terms of members, 7321 
political division of bofud, 7321 
qualifications of members, 7321 
removal of members, 7321 
vacancies, filling of, 7321 
organization and officers, 7322 
meetings of board, 7322 
per diem and expenses, 7322 
medical, general powers, 7322 
clerk oC board, salary, 7322 
certificate as to expenses and sal- 
aries, 7322 
rules, adoption and effect, 7322 
revocation of certificates and li- 

appeal from action of hoard, 

record of proceedings ot board, 

bonds ot officers ot board, /a 

certificate issued by medical board, 73 

clerk of circuit court issues license 





Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Becg. 


clerk ot circuit coart iraues liceaee, 7319 

lee of clerk tor license, 7319 

torm ot license, 7320 

record made by clerk, 

Rliidavit filed with clerk, 

o( board, salary, 7322 

college, recognition, rules, 7322 

diplomaa, consideration given, 7322 

organization and powers, 4496-4604 

conception, advertising to prevent, 2084 

diploma, filing with application, 7319 

consideration given bj board, 7319 

drank, prescribing when, 1994 

examinations of applicants, _^?1^ 

of midvFives, 
exemptions from act, 

officers of U. S. arm^, 73236 
noD-reeident phyaicians, 
medical students, 
expensea, certificate by board, 7322 
how paid, 7322 
tees paid by applicants, 7319 
to clerk for license, 7SI9 
payment to treasurer of State, 7322 
kept OS a separate fand, 7322 
salaries andexpenses paid oat ot, 
paid by midwives, 7323a 
females, advertising for sole use of, 
license to practice required, 7316 
qualifications of applicant, 7319 
application, bow made, 7319 
fee ot clerk, 7319 
practicing without, penalty, 7S23d 
torm of license, 7320 
medicine, practice of defined, 7323c 
meetings of medical board, 7322 
midwives, obtaining license, 7323a 
application, contents, 7323ii 
fees paid by, 7323a 
miscarriage, prescribing to procDie, 1996 
soliciting to procure, 1997 
advertising medicine for, 2084 
natnre ot, refusal to explain, 1996 
non-residents, exemption from act, 73236 
oaths, members ot board may admin- 
ister, 7322 
'officers of medical board, 7322 
ot Unit«d States exempt from act, 


penalties for violating act, 7323d 

per diem of members of board, 7322 

practice of medicine defined, 7323c 

prescribing when drunk, 1994 

secret, refusing explanation, 1995 

proaeoating sittomey representing 

board, 7322 

fee ot prosecutor, 7322 

record of proceedings of board, 7322 

reports prmted, 7323 

revocation of license, 7322 

written charges filed, 7322 

certifying to circuit court, 7322 

irt to Stettont.} 

2786-6694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 659S-4733e. 


revocation, docketing, hearing, judg- 
ment, 7322 
order of revocation, 7322 
costs and fees, 7322 

rules, adoption by board, 7322 

salary of clerk of board, 7322 

pay ot members of board, 7322 

payment oi salaries, 7322 

secretary of board, election, 7322 

bond of secretary, 7322 

treasurer ot board, election, 7322 

bond ot treasurer, 7322 

payment of moneys to state, 7322 

of state to receive money, 7322 

money kept as Beparat« fund, 7322 

United States officers exempt from 
act, 73236 

veterinary surgery, practice, 7aSS/--73Z3l 
DRtioaisTa, See, 
Pb ABU ACT, See. 
Physicians, See. 


burglary, entering tor, 2002 

entering ot nnlawfally, 2003, 2004 


distnrbance of, penalty, 2074 

selling articles near to, 2186, 2196a 

Memorial Day, 

holiday as to conimercial paper, 7631 

liquors, selling on, 219$ 

admission to asylums for women, 4599 


companies tor dealing in, 4696fr 

onanization ot companies, 5061 
sale in bulk, inventory, notice to cred- 

itore, 6e37o 


assessment tot taxation, 8439 

taxation of transient, 8441 
transient merchants, license, 72310-72311 

Merchant Police, 

appointment, duties, powers, 3727 

Meridian Lines, 

county board ordering established, 7323ni 

record ordering location, 7823m 

surveyor applies for, 7323ni 

description of recorded, 7323rL 




ereneea are to Sectiotu.1 

Vol. 1. Sees. 1-27846. Vol 

2. Sees. 2786-6694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-S73Sc. 

Heridian Lines, 


lee ol recorder for record, 


coQstablcB, mileage of, 


ot snrveyor locating, 


coronera, mileage of. 



experts, mileage of, ■ 


location and dimendons, 


general aasemblv, mileage, 
mterpretere, mileage of, 
BheriSa, mileage of. 


BOrveyor of coant^ applies tor. 
coirectioD of inBtiumenta oy. 





aerricee, allowance tor. 


ot supreme coart, mileage, 



congress, measage by president, 
tegialatare, message of goremor, 
telegraph, discloeore, penally, 
telephone, disclosure, peaal^, 


railroads, sale of by. 


faa, famishinR or using IbIh 
injuring, penalty, 
open for inspection, 
exceesive rating, 

Metropolitan Fire Department, 

Metropolitan Police, 

bonds ot officers, 8717 

cities of 90,000, commiBeionen of, 3701 

dnties of commissioners, 3701-3716 

ot 10,000, commissioners ot, 3717 

duties of commisBionerB, S717-3730 

Miami County, 

circuit, in flfty-first, p. 576, 1394 

coogreesional district, 3325 

court, terms in, p. 576, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 66S3 

salaries of count}; officers, 6478 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statutes distributed to, 7617d 

Michigan City Prison, 

8tatb Pbibok, See. 

Michigan Road Lands, 

auditor of state, duties as to, 7648; 7661 
books and register of sales, om as evi- 
dence, 470, 476 


license to practice, 
fees paid tor, 

glo, 4527 


sale of impure, 
"Btrjppings," retaining of. 


civil power is subject to, 

congress, power as to, 

unlawful expedition of. 

Militia, See. 

Military Companies, 

Military Equipments, 

bonds given tor, suit on, 
distribution to <x>mpanies, 

bonds tor return, 
governor to have charge of, 
possession, suit to recover. 

Military Stores, 

colleges and universities, issi 


absentees not to receive pty, 
accounts, auditing by councils, 
active, may be one class ot, 

what to consist of, 

temporary increase of, 

styled "Indiana National Qaard," 

adjutant-general, governor appoints, 

commissions sent to officerd, 7S40 

salary ot adjntant-general, 7424o 

qualifications ot, 7S47 

annual report ot, 7424it 

appointment and rank, 7341 

assistant adjutant, appointment, 7342 
duties and bond of, 7348 

fees not taxed to soldiers, T424o 

age ot active militia, 7329 

of officers and musicians, 7359 

aides-de-camp, appointment, 7341, 7342 

appropriations tor, 7332 

expenditure of, 7333 

governor to control, 7334 

arms, requisition for, 7362 

bonds to secure. 7868 

preference in dlstribatioD, 7424( 





IBt/trentei are to iSecd'on*.] 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27S4&. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5.^9ie2. Vol. S, Bees. 5696-873Se. 


commiiBionB, all issued br gover- 
nor, 73*6 
of sUft officers, espfration, 7368 
date fixes rank, 74246 
term of company and btMery offl- 

7424 J 


arms, anita to recover damages, 7354 

exempt from execution, 7357 

arrest, freedom from, 2896, 7434J 

by militia officers, 7424/ 

artillery companies, oisanization, 
officers, 733(1 

battery o(, how composed, 7337 

anditiDg of acconnts. 7397 

auditor, county, neglect of duty, pen- 
alty, 7331 
approves bonds for arms, 7353 
of state, payment of troops, 7332 
bands and mundane, 7366, 73B7 
battalion, what constitutes, 7339 
brigadier-general commands, 7339 
batteries of artillery, companies, of- 
ficers, 7336 
of artillery, what is, 7337 
term of enlistment, 7424J 
recruiting of, 7424^ 
blank cartridges not to be fired, 7388 
bonds of adjutant and qnartermaster- 
general, 7348 
of company treasurer , 7398 
for arms, 7353 
recovery lor loss of arms, 7354 
books furnished companies, 7424c 
brigadier-general. governor appoints, 7342 
commands battalion, 7342 
officers ranking aa, 7341 
to command National Guard, 7342 
appointment and torm, 7342 
□on-commissioned staff, appoint- 
ment, 7342 
qaaliflcations of, 7346 
staff officers, qualifications, 7346 
power and autnority of, 7349 
encampment, ordering of, 7383 
courts-martial, appointing of, 7404 
by-laws of compiiny, 7378 
catling troops into service, 7389 
captains, powers and authority, 7351 
officers sppointed by, 7351 
cartridges, blanks not to be used, 7388 



clerk of company, pay of, 7370 

duties of clerk, 7370 

receiving moneys, payment, 

not excused from military oDty, 
colonel, appointment of, 

commission and term, 
commander, governor er ojjlcio, 

duties of as to instruction, 

parades and di"~ 



Earades and drills, 7365 

ighest officer acts as, 7424ii 

commissary of subsistence, apjwint- 

ment, 7342 

commissions to company officers, 7346 

of regimental officers, 7344 

to staff officers, 7344 

company of infantry, what ic 
officers of company, 
number of privates, 
of infantry in ' ■ - 
organisation ( . 
number of members, 
election of officers, 
commissions to officers, 
captain, power and antnority, 
offlcera appointed by captiun, 
arms, requisition for, 
inetrnction, duty of officers, 
parades and drills, 
recruits, oath of allegiance, 
discharge of members, 
clerk of company, pay of, 
records kept by clerk, 
elections, where held, 
"compan_y'' defined, 
constitution and by-laws, 
fines and forfeitures assesaed, 
council of administration of. 




auditing accounts, 
fines and forfeitures of, 
clerk and treasurer, duties, 
expenditure of funds, 7398 

courts-martial of, 7402 

persons not to beloi^ to two, 7421 
member moving out of conn^, 7422 
books furnished on organizatton, 7424c 
diacipline and position, 7424« 

term of enlistment in, 7424 j 

recruiting lor, 7424i 

compensation of company clerk, 7370 

of officers and privates in service, 7382 
manner of payment, 7382 

of militia while in camp, 7382 

of adjutant-general, 7424o 

of quartermaster-general, 7424p 

constitution and by-taws of company, 7378 

contempt by witnesses before court- 
martial, 7408 

councils of administration, 7394 

who to compose, 7394 

record of proceedini^s, 7396, 7396 

approval of proceedings, 7395 

auditing accouDta, 7397 

courta-marbal, death, finding in cases 
of, 7381 

of company, order for, members, 7402 
authonty of court, 7402 

regimental courts-martial, 7403 

appointment, members, 7403 

authority of court, 7402 

general courts-martial, 74M 



Vol. 1, I 

[References a\ 
1. 1-27S4&. Vol. 2, Sees. S 


«oartB-mutial, membere and aathoi^ 

ity, 7404 
rales governing coarts, 7406, 7418 

§ residing ofBcere, 740$ 
econim before coarts, 7407 
diBturbaoce, penalty, 7407 
record ol proceedings, 7408 
witnesses, subpoanas, tee«, 740S 
odtbe of membere, 7409 
oath of judge advocate, 7410 
oaths of witnesses, 7411 
uniform of members, order of sit- 
ting, 7412 
money and fines, collection, 7413 
judgments, enforcement, 7413 
record, transmitting, approval, 7414 
written charges required, 7415 
re-enlistment after conviction, 7416 
payment of fines, 7417 
tedinical forms disregarded, 7410 
peijnry coaunitted, peoalty, 7420 
deatD cansed by troops in service, 7381 
finding of court-martial, effect, 7381 
decorum before courts-martial , 7407 
disabled soldiers, provisions for, 7424m 
widows and children of, 7424ni 
disbanding of companies, 7424 j 
discharge after three years' service, 7360 
for removing beyond limits, 7422 
by officers, 7424A 
discipline, when troops under, 7890 
of companies and regiments, 7424«' 
dismissal of commiuioned officers, 74240 
of officers for incapacity, 7363 
hv officaia, 7424A 
distiibation of arms, preferencei 7424i 
drills of coropaniea and bands, 730G 
fines for not attending, 7376 
dnes, dedncting from ^y, 7373 
election of company officers, 7340 
where to be held, 7371 
parades not held on election days, 7302 
«mbeulement of funds, penalt^r, 7377 
«ncampmeiils, order by brigadier- 
general, 7363 
pay of men and officers in, 7382 
paj«de grounds, fixing limits, 7384 
intruding anon, penalty, 7384 
liquors, prohibiting sale, 7385 
espenHea, payment, 7401 
engineer officer, appointment, 7342 
qualifications of, 734$ 
enlistment and term of, 7424J 
•zecutios, arms and uniforms ex* 

empt, 7367 

exemptions from service, 210 

ey for exemptions, 219 

im jury service, 7330 

from execution, 7357 
expenditure of military appropria- 

fions, 7333 

governor to control, 7334 

16— ON. IN. 


expeoditure of company funds, 7306 

of regimental funds, 7399 

expenses of encampment, payment, 7401 

fees of judge advocates, 7408 

of witnesses before coarts-martial, 7408 
adjutant-general not to charge sol- 
diers, 74240 

fines, deducting from pay, 7873 

assessment by company, 7878 

of company, collection, 7397 

expenditure of funds, 7397 

of regiment, collection, 7398 

expenditure ol funds, 7398 

collection by judge advocate, 7413 
payment for military fund, 7417 

forfeitures, asBeasment by company, 7378 

funds, failure to account for, 737$ 

embezzlement of, 7377 

expenditure, 7333 

governor is commaader-in<cbiel, 136, 7346 
calling out to enforce laws, 188 

appoints certain officers, 215 

commissions officers, 216 

controls disbursement of funds, 7333 
provides for oiganisation, 7334 

Dnif onus prescribed by, 7334 

ap|>ointe boards of inquiry, 7334 

hnndier-generals appointed by, 7342 
modifications of organization, 7339 
appoints adjutant and quartermas- 
ter-generals, 7341 
officers appointed by at pleasure, 7341 
staff officers of, 7341 
stall of National Guard, appoint- 
ment, 7342 
commissions staff officers, 7344 
all commissions Issued by, 7340 

< arms, approval of requisition, 7362 

damages to arms, approval, suit, 7364 

staff officers, Increasing number, 7379 
encampment, approvtu of order, 

tor, 7383 

riots, calling out troops, 7386 

order calling out troops, 7389 

accepts resignations of offieers, 7400 

encampment expenses, payment, 7401 

Indiana National Guard, active mili- 
tia, 7336 
who admitted to organization, 7336 
oaths of members, 73.'{5 
physical examination, 7835 
modification of organization, 7330 
organization of companies for, 7340 
stafl officen, appointment, 7342 
officers, qualifications, 7346 
governor ex officio commander, 7346 
calling into service, 7389 
failure to obey orders, penal^, 7389 
military discipline, when unaer, 7390 
molestug when on duty, peniUty, 7S91 



[Be/er»nett at 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Beca. 


infaotiy company, what ia, 

officers and privates, 7336 

platoons, TUiee governing, 7S38 

injur}' to property, penalty, 7362 

inspector-general, asBietant, appoint- 
ment, 7342 

instructions, rules that govern, 7363, 7381 
regulations of United btates army, 

ased, 7424(1, 7424« 

officers must be qualified to give, 7363 
instructions by commanders, 7364 

judge advocate, appointment, 7342 

qualifications of, 7346 

member of court-martial, 7403, 7404 
record of court proceedings, 7406 

sobpcenas for witneeeea, 740S 

fees for services, 7408 

oaths, administers to members, 7409 
oath of judge advocate, 7410 

oaths to witnesses, 7411 

collection and payment of moneys, 

transmitting record of court, 7408, 741S 

t'ury, exemption from service on, 7330 

ieateoant-colonel, appointment, 7343 

commission and term, 7S43 

limits of parade grounds, 7384 

liquon, sale near encampment, 738S 

major, appointment, 7343 

commission and term, 7343 

medical officer, chief, appointment, 7342 
qnaliflcationa ot, 7346 

military ceremonies, rules governing, 7380 
dlKipline, when troops under, 7390 

mobs, suppression, 2065ir 

calling out troops to euppreea, 7386 
flrins on, orders for, 7887 

no blank cartridges used, 7388 

molesting militia, penalty, 7391 

money, expending appropriations, 7833 
governor controls expenditure, 7333 
embesslement of, 7377 

of company, collection, 7397 

of regiment, collection, 7398 

judge advocate receiving pay- 
ment, 7418 

muBiciane, age of, 7359 

bands for regiments, 7360 

subject to regulations, 7367 

non-commissioned staff, appointment, 

ot r^ment, 734S 

oathaof members of companies, 7386,7366 
of recruits, 7368 

of officers, 7350 

of members ot court-martial, 7409 
of judge advocate, 7410 

of witnesses before court, 7411 

perfory for violating, 7420 

officers, appointment b^ ^vemor, 

governor to comu 

umit as to terms, 

!78&-6e94e2. Vol, 3, Bees. 6596-6733e. 


officers, term ot service, 21* 

civil, neglect ot daties, penalty, 7331 
of infantry company, 7336 

of battery ot arUllery, 7837 

of platoons of battery ot artiltery, 7337 
of company, election, commis- 
sions, 7840 
staff ot governor, appoiatmeot, 7341 
staff of National Guard, 7342 
commissions issued by governor, 7346 - 
qualifications of, 7846, 7347 
oaths of officers, 7360 
appointed by captains, 7361 
age of, requfrements, 7359 
resignation, delivery of property, 7360 
instruction, duties of, 7364 
discharge for incompetency, 7363 
falsely certityiag pay-rolls, pen- 
alty, 7372 
tailing to account for moneys, 7376 
embezilement by, 7377 
staff, increasing ot, 7370- 
pay of and bow paid, 7382 
on retired list, privil^es, 7393 
uniforms, rank, pay, 739S 
resi^ation of officers, 7400 
presiding at courts-martial, 7406 
re^nliatment fitter being cash- 

iered, 7416 

removing beyond limits of com< 

mand, 7422 

•enior, authority ot, 7423 

highest in rank to command, 7424a 
commission, when fixes rank, 7424A 
arrests bv officers, 7424/ 

dismissal from service, 742^ 

discharges by officers, 7424A 

arrests on civil process, 74241 

ordnance, chief of, appointment, 7342 

stores, nnlawfnl purchase, pen- 
alty, 7361 
parades of companies and bands, 7366 
finee for not attending, 7278 
fprounds for, limits, • 7384 
mtruding upon, penalty, 7384 
military discipline dunng, 7390 
not held on election days, 7392 
discipline and position, 7424e 
pay of company clerk, 7370 
roll, falsely certifying, penalty, 7372 
deduction ot fines and dues, 7873 
absentees not to receive, 7374 
signing ot pay-rolls, 7374 
of officers and privates in service, 7382 
daring time in camp, 7382 
manner ot payment. 7382 
pay-rolls, falsely certifying, penalty, 7370 
siftning ot pay-rolls, 7374 
when on retired list, 7393 
penalty against dvil officers lor 

neglect, 7331 

for failure to return uniforms, 7366 






penalty for anlawfal poichaae of 

alHeljr certifTing pay-rolls, 

for embeEzlement, 7377 

for iatruding on encampment, 7384 

for troops not obeying orders, T389 

for molesting militia, 7391 

for distarbing court-martial, 7407 

lor contempt Dy witness, 740S 

for perjary, 7420 

perjnry oelore coorta-martial, 7420 

platoons of artillery, location of, 7337 

officers and pnvalee, 7337 

of infantry, rules governing, 7338 

property, delivery of on resignation, 7360 

nnlawfnl porchase of, penalty, 7361 

Iniaring or destroying, penalty, 7362 

sale or secretion of, jieoalty, 7362 

prosecnting attorney, suit tor arms, 7364 

qoaliflcationB of officers, 7346 

of adjatant and qaartermaster- 

generals, 7347 

qnart«nnaster, appointment^ 7342 

qaartermaAer-general, appointment, 7341 

salary of, 7424p 

qualifications of, 7347 

daties and bond of, 7348 

flies reoelpta lor arma issued, 7302 

rfr«nliBtment after dismissal by conit- 

[Seferenett are to Seciioru.] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2T85-6594«Z. Vol. 3, SecB. SS95-8783<;. 


salary of adjntant-general, 7424o 

7361 of qaartermaster-general, 7424]} 

sedentary, what composes, 73^ 

is of the first class, 7327 

sherifts, neglect of dnties, penalty, 7331 

signal officer, appointment, 7342 

qualificaUona of, 7846 

Btafl ol governor, appointment, 7341 

non-commissioned staff, appoint- 
ment, 7342 
of National Gnard, appointment, 7342 
of regiment, appointment, 7344 
of battalion, appointment, 7344 
non-com missioned of regimeat, 
of brigadier^eneral, 
expiration ofcommisaions, 
increase of officers, 

terms of officers, 

of enlistment of membera, 

treasnrer of company receives mon- 



^iment, what constitates. 




commissiona and terms, 




band and musicians. 


council of administration. 


fines and forfeitures, collection, 7398 

expenditare of funds, 7398 

courta-martial of, 7403 

regimental staff, of what consists, 7344 

appointment of, 7344 

rqcaUtiong, United States controls, 
when, 7349, 7424d, 7424« 

reports of adjutant-general, 7424jt 

b]^ officers, 7424jfc 

requisitions for arms, 

resignations of officers, 

of officer, delivery ol property, 
to be sent to governor, accept- 
ance, 7400 

retired list, who put on, 7393 

privileges and duties, 739S 

reviews not held on election days, 739£ 

discipline and position, 7424( 

riots, quelling of, 733f 

flnnB on mob, 7387 

btanK cartridges not used, 7368 

niles governing courtB-martial, 7405, 7418 

when United States army rales 

prevail, 7349, 7424<}, 7424s 





bond of treasurer, 

troops, calling out by governor, 

firing on mob, 7387 

blank cartridges not used, 73S8 

failure to obey orders, penalty, 7389 

uniform, governor prescribes, 7334 

allowaoce for payment, 7334 

issuing of to officers, 7334 

matenala and style of, 7334 

property of state, 7334 

wearing of, 7366 
correapondi to United Stctofl 

army, 7365 

keeping and care of, 7366 

neglect as to, penalty, 7366 

exemption from execution, 7367 

sale or diBposal of, penalty, 7362 

retired list, wearing of, 7393 

United^States army, uniforms to cor- 
respond, 7366 
instructions to be as in army, 

7363, 7381 
ceremonies to correspond to roles, 7380 
articles of war In force dnringeerv- 

ice. 7381 
army mles, when prevail, 

7349, 7424<I, 7424< 

widows of disabled soldiers, provis- 
ions for, 7124in 

witnesses before courts-martia], 7408 

fees of witnesses, 7408 

contempt, punishment, 7408 

payment of fees, 7413 


asseesment of damages tor lands, 69S-924 
bags to be marked by owners, 7426 

liability tor loss, 7436 

breaking ioto unlawfully, 2003, 2004 

burglary in entering, 2002 

grinding in turn, failure, damagea, 7427 



IBffertacei are to SectionM.'i 
.Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, 6«C8. 2785-66»4«2. Vol. 8, SecB. S696-873Sc. 

Btreams, improTement not to affect, 7S89 

toll, nte torgrindiQK, 7425 

posting ratee, fuliire, penalty, 7428 


abandoned, maps of, 7445 

accident, notice to inspector, 7474 

investJKation bj* coroner, 7474 

agent, meaning as nsed in law, 7434 

airways for TeoCilation, 

7435, 744S, 7476, 7478 

interfering with, penalt}', 7440 

Mseasment lor taxation, SCIS 

blasting in mines,! 7483i^748Sm 

boss, mining, visiting minee, 7447, 7472 

failure to supply timber, 7407 

examination as to safeQr, 7472 

employment of, 7479 

qoaliflcations of, 7479 

dnties of, 7479 

Are boss, duties of, 7449, 7476 

unsafe minee, duty, 7472 

certificate of fitness, 73S3a 

examination by inspector, 7483a-7483d 

not employed without certiflcate,74S3a 

tee for examination, 7483/ 

penalty lor violating act, 7483tf 

boys, employment in, 7466, 7480 

affidavit as to age, 74S0 

cages, persons riding on, 7437 

protection by covering, 7438, 7469 

safety appliances tor, 7438, 7446 

check-wei^bman, selection of, 7460, 7463 

examination of scales, 7462 

payment for services, 7460, 7463 

record of weights kept, 7462 

conversation tubes to be enp^Ued, 7481 

coroner, investigation of accidentt, 7474 

death of persons, remedy, 7473 

repoK of facts as to, 7474 

coroner to investigate, 7474 

penalty for failure to report, 747S 

definition of "mine," 7429 

employes, number allowed, 7430, 7442 

boys, employment of, 7456, 7480 

females not to be employed, 7480 

less than ten, exemptions, 74£8, 7482 

number with one outlet, 7442 

engineer, who may act as, 7437 

duties as to machinery, 7437 

signals used by, 7470 

at mine, examination, certificate, 


fee for examination, 7483/ 

entrance to mines, protection, 7439, 7466 

females not to be emploved In, 74S0 

fire boss, dotiea of, ' 7449, 7476 

examination, certificate, 74S3a-7483e 

fee forexamination, 7463/ 

gas, protection of miners from, 7436, 7476 

manner of working mines, 7436 


gas, fire boss to examme. 7449, 7476 

expelling from mines, 7476 

hoisting apparatus and appliances, 7437 

engineer, competency, duties, 7437 

riding on cages, 7437 
protection of cages, 7438, 7469 

safetv appliances, 7438 

injuring or interfering with, 7440 

examination of appliances, 7449 

signals to be useo, 7470 

posting directions as to use, 7471 

injorlDg mines or appliances, penalty, 


injories to persons, liability, 7473 

examination and report, 7474 

failure to report, penalty, 7475 

inspector, office established, 74d0 

appointment and term, 7451 

examination of applicants, 7461 

certificate of appointment, 74S1 
maps, duties as to, 7431-7438, 74346 
examination of machinery and 

books, 7441 

assistant, appointment, 74S2 

bond of assistant, 74S2 

duties of assistant, 7462 

qnaliflcations of inspectors, 7463 

bonds and oaths, 7453 
performs duties of mine Inapee- 

toiB, 7454 

report by inspector, 7464 

salaries and expenses, 74fi5 

scales, examination of, 7459 

notice when Incorrect, 7469 

dispute as to weights or scales, 7462 

deaths, investigation of, 7474 

ventilation, powers and duties, 7477 

blanks furnished to mine boss, 7479 

laws must be enforced by, 7482 

prosecution of violators of law, 7482 

duty as to making maps, 74346 

ofiSce for in sUte^ouse, 7434s 
examination of mine and fire 

bosses, 7483ii 

certificates issued by, 74836 

manner of examinations, 7483c 

R laces of holding examinations, 7483J 

le for examinaSon, 7483/ 

lamps in mines, when required, 7463 

liens for wages, 7448 

acquiring and enforcing, 7448 

machinery open to inspection, 7441 

"mine," meaning as used in statute, 7429 
maps of mines, making by inspector, 

7431, 74346 

character of, affidavit, 7431 

tees for making, 7431 

expenses, who to pay, 7431 

copies furnished, 7432 

use of as evidence, 743i 

of abandoned mines, 7445 

recording and fee, 7445 


Vol. 1, Sees. I-27846. 


maps, owner or operator to make of 

minee, 7434a 

caiit«i]ta of mftpfl, 7434a 

copy deposited with inspector, 74340 
conection of annually, 7434a 

refusal to make, duty of inspectoi . 

penalty tor violating act, 7434il 

mines not included, ^^V 

mining boss, examinations by, 7472 

props and timbers, duties, 7472 

unsafe mineB, duties, 7473 

esamination as to fitness, 7483a 

certificate by inspector, 74836 

examinations of, T483c, 7483(1 

notemployedwithoat certificate, 7483e 
fee for examination, 7483/ 

penalty for violating act, 748^ 

minors, employment in mines, 7466, 7480 
affidavit as to age, 7480 

noticetominingbossotansstemines, 7472 
office for inspector, 7134e 

oil for, inspection, 7014e, 7014d 

oatlets to mines, 7430, 7442 

more than one, when, 7442 

owner, meaning as used in law, 7434 

penalty tot not making maps or re- 
ports, 7434<I 
for not ventilating mine, 7477 
suit for penalty, 7477 
for violations of act, 7483 
for violating act as to ezamlna- 

tions, 7483? 

inspector to enforce, 7482 

powder blasts in, 7483A-7483m 

props, timbers for, 7472 

reports by inspector of mines, 7454 

to inspector by operators, 7484o 

salaries of inspector and assistant, 

6414, 7455 

ieales, right of exanunation, 7441 

inspector to examine, 7459 

notice when incorrect, 74S9 

providing by owner, 7481 

testing of daily, 7462 

dispate as to correctness, 7462 

inspector to regulate, 7462 

penalty for not providing, 7464 

shafts, protection by fencing, 7439, 748S 

conducting water from, 7442 

shooting minee, 7483A-7483m 

signals used in hoisting shaft, 7470 

Cng directions as to use, 7471 

., tubes to be (umisbed, 7481 

taxation, aaseasment tor, 8616 

timber for use in to be kept, 7444, 74«6 
blackboard to use to give notice, 7466 
penalty for not furnishing, 7467 

boBSes, duties as to, 7472 

tubes to be used for conversation, 7481 
unsafe mine, duty of mining boas, 7472 


[Be/(!r«nce» are to Sectioiu.'i 
Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5596-8733e. 


ventilation, means to insure, 7436, 7476 
furnace, use of, 7436, 7476 

breaks and airways in rooms, 

7443, 7478 
splitting currents of air, 7477 

directions by mine inspector, 7477 
failure to obey directions, pen- 
alty, 7478 
raining boss to be employed, 7479 
duties of boss as to ventilation; 7479 
record and report, 7479 
suit to recover penalty, 7477 

wages, lien for on mines, 7448 

priority of lien, 744S 

acquiring of lien, 7448 

enforcing of lien, 
time of payment of wages, 
what to De paid in, 
checks, payment by, 

water, dan^r from, precautions, 

Sroteetton from in shafts, 

ling coal, examination of books, 7441 
"inspeotion of scales, 7459 

check-weigbman, selection of, 

7460, 7463 
rights and duties of, 7460, 7463 

pay by miners, 7460, 7463 

scales to be provided, 7461 

daily test of scales, 7462 

record of weights, 7462 

dispute 08 to weights or scales, 7462 


inspector to settle disputes. 


penalty for violating act. 


weighing before screening. 


ton or bushel, what is, 


women not to be employed in, 


Mink Inspbctob, See^ 

Mine Inspector, 

accidents, duty as to, 




fee for examinations, 


maps of mines, duties as to. 


office for in Btate-bouse, 


salary of inspector and assistant 
ventilation of mines, duties. 

6414, 7466 


mines, see. 

Mining GompanieB, 

taxation, assessment for, 


asylums for relief of, 
marriage, may solemnise. 



Vol. 1, Bees. l-S7S4b. Vol. S, Sees. 


actions bj, how brooght, 266 

next friend, conMnt, 257 

costs and ramaval, 257 

bond ol next Iriend, 25S 

age, miarepreeeatation to obtain 

liqaora, 2191 

aliens, nataralisation of, 7497, 7498, 7502 
appeal, time for, 645 

apprenticing ot, 7299-7317 

arbitration, can not agree to, 842 

billiards, permitting to pla^, 21B2, 2183 
building associations, owning stock, 4456 
boainesa, when not to be employed 

in, 22S7 

concealment of, penalty, 1969 

criminal cbar^, release on, 1S36 

conimatation of punishment, 1902 

crnelt]' to, penalty, 2240 

dance-hoase, eibitnting in, 2243 

deposits in savings banks, 2967, 2903 

deeds, can not make, 8330 

by infant married women, 3369-3363 

disafflnnance of deeds, 3364 

disposal of for nnlawliil porpoae, 2241,2244 

factories, overworking in, 2236, 2238, 2239 

gamble, indncing to, 2176 

game, allowing to play, 2182, 2183 

guardian ad Itteru, appointment, 

259, 317, 900, 1000, 2499, 266S, 2768 

liability for costs, 260 

appointment ot guardian, 2973-2713 

liquors, sale to, penalty, 2190, 7283/ 

misrepresenting age, 2191 

moneys due to, payment, 2665a 

next friend in suite, consent, 267 

costs and removal, 257 

bond of, 258 

partition, appearance in, 1206, 1209 

review of proceedings, 1223 

review of jndgments, 627, 1041, 1223 

saloons, loitering about, T283c 

aavinge banks, deposits, 2957, 2993 

substituting one lor another, 2104 

tobacco, selling or giving to, 2185 

cigarettes, sale to, 2186b, 2135e 

trades not to be employed in, 2237 

weapons, furnishing to, 207O-2072 

will, contest of by, 2768, 2771 

Inf'ant, See. 


advertising medicine to piodnoe, 2084 

attempting to procure, 1996 

consenting to oi>eration, 1997 

soliciting medicine for, 1997 


compounding of, S099 

crimes, what are, 1642 

definition ot by statute, 237 

escape of person accused of, 21 19 

witness in, use of evidence, 1869 

ire to Seetioiu.J 

27S6-5G94«2. Vol. 8, Sees. 6696-87336. 


forgery, misdescriptioD of writing, 


demurrer snstuned, proceedings, 
judgment not reveraed (or, 

Uisprision of Treason, 

definition and punishment. 


asylums for relief of. 



action to correct, joinder, 279, 280 

crime, wrong charge, proceedings, 

1708, 1899 

estate, settlement set aside tor, 2658 

opening judgment for, 2008 

pleading, disregarding in, 1825 

relief from, when granted, 399 


libel and slander, pleading and proof, S76 



lynching by, penalty, 

removal of sbenfl, 
militia, suppression of by, 2065^, 7388 

firing on, blank cartridges, 7388 

prisoners removed on account of, 1770 
prosecution and penalty, 2066-2066if 

sheriff neglecting duty, 2066e 
suppression by militia, 2066f>, 7386 


gallon of sorghum, poonda, 8732 


banks not to circulate ill^al, 7494 

bail, deposit ot money as, 1306, 177S 

return ot deposit, 1776 

carriers counting, 3310 

way-bill or receipt, 3S11 

suit on non-delivery, 3312 

coining, states not to engage in, 10 

eongress, coining and borrowing, 8 

contract, "money demands on, 1309 

criminal pleadings. allegationB, 1819 

currency, issuing illegal, 7484 

damages recovered by holder, 7484 

future issues, liability, 7465 

aiding circulation, liability, 7489 



Monroe Coanty, 

drcait, in tenth jadiciol, 
congnwaionBl dietrict, 
conrta, terms in, 
lepreMntstives, apportJODDoent, 
BAlarieB of conntj officers, 
eenftlorial apportionment, 
statutes distnbated to, 

Hontgomery Coanty, 

cinniit, in twenty-second, p. 

congressional district, 
courts, terms in, p. 

representatives, apportionment, 
salaries ot connt; officers, 
senatorial appoitioniDent, 
statutes distnbated to, 


meaning as asm 


p. 570, 1394 


p. 670, 1394 

removal and resetting, 67T3 

soldiers, appropriations ^ comities, 

at Indianapolis, care and control, 


Monninent Place, 

Circle TiA at Indianapolis named as, 8363 
protection and control ol, ~"" """" 

sale prohibited. 

Moral Instmctor, 

state prison, appointment, duties, 
pay of instnictor, 
reports by. 

Morgan Connty, 

circait, in fltteenth^ 
congressional distnct, 
courts, terms in, 
representatives, apportionm 
salaries of county officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distnbated to, 

[Stftrttteet are to Stetioni.'] 
Vol. 1, Sect. 1-2784&. Vol. 2, Sees. 27S6-5G»4«2. Vol. 8, Sees. 6596-«733«. 


'CQiTency, notes received as evidence, 7487 

lost note, recovery on, 74S7 

action on notes, parties, 7488 

evidence of indebtedness, 7488 

all Hubstitntea declared void, 7489 

banks, exceptions as to, 7489 

p€aialty for itsuing or circniating, 7490 

failnre to redeem, penalty, 7491 

circulation prima facie evidence, 7492 

banks not Included in act, 7493 

not to circulate illegal cnrrency, 7494 
execution, levy on, 732 

esprees companies coanting, 3310 

dntiee and liabiUties, S3I1, 3312 

minors, payment to, 
religion, no appropriation for, 
etate, where money of kept, 76G7 

Und received by, 7668, 7072 

United States, received from, use of, 

7661, 7662 

p. 671, 13M 


p. 671, 1394 



assignment of, how made, 1107, 1107a 

recording of assignment, 1107, 1107b 
failure to record, penaltjr, 1107c, 1107(1 
release and sati^action, 1107 

Sarties on toreclosure, 1108 

>r ot state, satisfaction by, 

em, 7663, 7664 

chattel mortgage, sale on execution, 734 

execution ot, 6638 

recording of, 6638 

when deemed recorded, 6639 

ot household goods, sale, 7494a 

possession and title ot goods, 74945 

receipts tor payments, 7494e 

construction ot, 1100 

corporations, power to execote, 3442 

entry of satisfaction, 1105a 

devised lands, how morteoge on paid, 2743 

estates, mortgage of lands of, 2624-2627 

enforcing mortg^e against, 2484 

execution, ssle ot mort|>aged lands 

on, 1119 

sale of mortgaged chattels on, 734 

executor holding in trust, 2421 

exempted property, mortgage of, 728 

exemption from tucation, 8417a-84I7(l 

foiecIoBore, venue of suit, 308, 1109 

when remedy confined to lands, 

1100, 1110 
sale only under foreclosure, 110L 

state, foreclosares by, 1 106 

parties to foreclosure, 1108, 1109a 

assignments not recorded, 1108 

redemption by assignees, HOB 

suit to foreclose, 1109, 1109a 

ment, when, 1111 




payment before sale, 

aatietaction by clerk, 

fees for satisfaction, 

balance after sale, other levy, 

copy ot decree to make sale, 

sale, bow made, 

levy for balance due, 

not to make and prosecute other 
action, 1116 

installments not doe, 1116 

payment of sum due, 1116 

stay of proceedings, 1116 

execution on subsequent Install- 
ments, 1116 

sale in parcels, order ot court, 1117 

not divisible, sale of whole, 1118 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 


execution tor debt. indoTsetneDt, II 19 
eqaity of redemption not sold, 1119 
parties on forecloBuft, notice, 1109a 
of chattel mortgBeea, 7494<i 

rm of mortgage on fanda, 3349 

eDect of mortgage, 3349 

of Bchool fgnd mortgave, 6814 

(or loan of nniveraitj' fnnds, 


IBe/erencfi are to Seetlotu.2 

Vol.2, 8ece.27e6-6594«2. Vol. 3, 8ec8. 6596-S73Se. 


altering marki on, penalt;, 
injury to, penalty. 

_ „ of, 
sale only on foreclosare, 
poMession and title of gooda, 
receipts tor payments, 
index to mortage records, 


given for parcbaee- money, prior- 

i^, 1102 

demwd, payment of mortj^age, 2743 
sale ot mortgaged lands on execn- 
tion, 1119 

parties to actions to lorecloee, noUce, 

1108, 1109a 
poBsession ot mortg^ed lands, 1099 

power ot sale given by, 1101 

parchaae-money mor^u[e, priority, 1102 
lecoiding of acnool fund mortgages, 

ot aniveraity mortgagee, 6101 

ot general land mortgages, 8006, 8009 
of chattel mortgages, 6638 

index to mor^fage records, S0I6 

nmedy confined to property, when, 

1100, 1110 
Bale most be nnder judicial process, 1101 
power given by, etiect, ' 8408 

aatinaction, entry on record, 

11^, llOSo. 1106a 

certificate ot recording, 1101 

retueal to enter, pena%, 1106 

corporations, entry ot, llOCa, 11066 

entry by assignee, 1107 

by clerk on toreclosnre> 1112 

attestation ot satietaction, 1103a 

entry ot legalized, 110S6 

by auditor ot state, 6106, 7053, 7664 

school Inod mortgage, form ot, 6S14 

recording ot, 6807, 6608 

State, loreclosare by. 1106 

taxation ot mortgaged chattels, 8437 

ot mortgaged lands, 

exemption, ' 


muTeraity loans, form ol mortgage, 
reconiins of mortgage, 


actions b^, when proper, 2( 

bastard, inheriting from, 
children, custody ol, 
inheriting by, S(fU 

Hnnieipal Corporatioos, 

CiTiis, See. 

OiTiM AND TowMB, See. 

Towns, See. 

Mnnicipal Debts, 

limitation as to, 

Mnnicipal Office, 

ooQteet lor, trial. 


bail in, when allowed, 
application to let to, 

convict, trial on charge of, 

ooants tor, joinder, 

degree, first, what is, penalty, 
second, what is, penalty, 

dnel, committed in, penalty, 

indictment, joinder of coonts, 

intotmation, not prosecuted by, 


Mosical InBtmments, 

citiee, regulation as to oae of, 


SBseBBOTS to take list of, 

Mntnal Insurance, 

accident and lite companies, 
fire, mntnal companies, 
insurance, see, 

1136, 1786 
1978, 197» 



criminal actionB, misnomer, ettect, 1811 

disclosing true name, practice, 1S12 

mistake in, correction, 399 

unknown, how designated, 400 

Name, Change ol, 

application for, how made, 1012 

where to be made, 1013 

notice to be given, 1014 

proof of publication, 1016 

copy ot decree, evidence, 1016 

charitable society, change ot name, 




Vol. 1, SwB. l-2784b. Vol. 2, Sees. 

Name, Change of, 

colleges and Kbools, change by, 4S10, 4511 
coipor&tioDB, applicatioD, where 

adoptioa of name by, 
railroad companieB, changing nai 


towns, changing names of, 4421, 4443(11 

National Soldiers' Home, 


C'sdiction over, 
Is granted lor, 
taxation, exempt from, 


Natural Gas, 

Iraring wells for, 46W 

companies legalized, 6100 

BubscriptionB for stock, contracts, 5101 
capital stock, limit, 6102 

entry on lands for, 6103 

acquiring right of way, 6104 

appropriating lands, damages, 

^ 5106-6108 

Stock held by tnutees, 6109, 61 10 

control of gas from, 7610 

plugging of wells, 7611-7614 

cities and towns, regulating supply, 4306 
agroement as to holding stock, 

■ 5109,6110 

penalty lor viol 

not tooe allowed from wells, 
flambeao lights prohibited, 

penalty for oaing, 
inspector o(, salary, 

law as to repealed, 
jDmbo bnmers, Dse of, 

time allowed to bnm, 

penalties as to, 
leakage, repairing, 
mixen, refusal to retora, 

penalty for refosal, 
pipes, inspection by eopervisor, 


231 S 

, .., , 7505 

condemnation, peaalty, 7606 

■---' *^ 7507 



Natnral Oas, 

supervisor, bond and oath of, 
duties of generally, 
annaal report by, 
contents of report, 
pipe-lines, inspection of , 
condemnation of pipes, 
examination as to violations of 


wells, boring of, rights as to, 5099 
gas from to be confined, 
abandoned to be plugged, 
manner of nlaggiog, 
failure to plug, penalty, 
plu^np by land-owner, 7613, 
recovering expense of work, 7613, 

Natnral Gas Inspector, 

repeal of laws as to, 
salary of, 

eapervisor, appointment, dntiee, 
•^ 7604.7606, 

Natural Bights, 

constitation, declaration as to, 


Africans, naturalization of, 
children o( applicant who dies 

of naturalized persons, 

of citizens born abroad, 
congress, power to regulate, 
declaration of applicant, 

of alien soldiers, 

of seamen, 
enemies, naturalization of alien, 
five years' residence reouired, when, 
minors, how natuialized, 

of naturalized parents, 
residence required before admission, 

of soldiers, 
seamen, naturtilizHtion of, 

when deemed citizens, 
soldiers, naturalization of, 
widow, when a citizen. 


plugging of wells, 
pumping prohibited, 

penai^^ as to, 
■alary of inspector, 

of supervisor, 
mpervisor, office established, 

geolo^st to appoint, 

term and vacancy, 

removal of, 

salary and expenses, 

inspector, salary of, 






Navigation Companies, 

articles of association, 

filing and fee, 
by-laws, adoption, 
company, persons forming, 

seal and powers, 




[S^ermteM are to SteUoMJ] 
Vol. 1. S«CS. 1^846. Vol. 2, Secfl. 278S-S5»4«2. Vol. 8, Bees. SSOS-eTSSe. 

Navigation Companies, Negroes, 

QUUTUtge with whit«a, penalty, 8267 

witn whitea void, 7290 

orphan aay lame, allowance for, 4698 

BchoolB to be prorided for, 6983 




books, keeping, inspection, 6449A 

by -laws, adoption, 
vacancies, fllling. 



vote at elections, 


regiatrntioQ certificates, 

H49>, H49al 

stock, increase of, 


vote at elections, 


closing transfen, 


certificates and tnuulen 



64491., 6449? 

sale of preferred, 



stock not voted. 


taxation of property, 


tonnage, tax on. 



«onn«Bfl to maintain. 


president to command. 


states can not keep. 


Ne Exeat, 

affidavit to obtain writ, 1192 

arrest, order of, 1193 

bail or commitment OD, 1194 

dJ8chai«e from, how, 1195 

bail, special by defendant, 1194 

commitment lor failure, 1194 

liability o(, II94 

surrender by snrety, 1194 

bond ol plaintiff, 1194 

discharge on securing performance, 1196 

habeat eorpui, right to writ, 1197 

i'oint contractor, right to writ, 1196 

ustice, proceedings before, 1198 

jurisdiction of, 1199 

remedy, who may enforce, 1196 

Borety, surrender of principal, 1194 

right of to writ, 1196 
Abbcst AKD Bail, See. 


Jadgrnent taken through, relief. 

official negligence, penalty, 


prisoners, escape by, penalty. 


for, 5613 



civil rights of. 


conveyance of lande^by. 


enumeration of males. 


indenture of, validity. 


jurors, competency as, 


fishing with unlAwfDllr. 



New Counties, 

tormatioa of, 


New Trial, 

time for maViDg, 



issue and trial, 


civil actions, causee for. 



motion for, when made. 


application, how made. 


criminal acUon, definition. 


effect ol grvntine, 


causes for grantinK, 
motion, when made, 


damages, sroallness no cause 



ejectment, granting in. 



Justice, granting by. 



supreme court may order, 




county hoards to sabacribe for, 
recorder to file and bind, 
payment for, 

publication of legal notices in, 
proof of, bow made, 

New Year's Day, 

holiday as to commercial paper, 
liquors, sale on prohibited, 

Newton County, 

circuit, in thirtieth Judicial, 
congresaioDal district, 
courts, terms in, 
representatives, apportionment 
salaries of county officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distnhuted to, 

Next Friend, 

bond to be given by, 
consent in writing to act, 
costs, liability for, 
infants, appearance 1^, 
removal of. 

Next of Kin, 

damages for death goes to, 
estates, right to administer. 

p. 673, 1394 


p. 673, 1894 


Vol. 1, 8ec8. 1-278M. 

Night Schools, 

Night Work, 

females working la tactoriM, 7087c 

Nine-Pin Alley, 

keeping for gaming, penal^, 8181 


tltlefl of not granted, 9, 60 

Noble Connty, 

circuit, ia thirty-third, p. ff73, 1394 

congreaeional district, 3326 

conrt, terms in, p. S78, 1394 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of count)' officers, 6483 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statotes distributed to, 7ei7d 

Nolle Froseqoi, 

entering of, when allowed, 1742 


briberr to secure, 2327 

candidates to be put on ballots, 6215-6220 

name but once on ballot, 6216 

election between nominations, 6220A 

primary elections for, e339o-6339al 


actions against, where brought, 314, 316 
appeal to supreme conrt, notice, 664 

attachment, when cause for, 926 

attomevB, rights of non-resident, 976 

bonds tor costs by, 698, 6535a 

contest of will by, 2771 

costs, bond for, 598, 65350 

cranberries, taking from lands of, 2236 
crimes, liability lor, 1644 

execution sale, refunding bond, 801 

executor, notice by pablicatiou, 2402 

heirs, suits against, limitation, 2697 

poor, relief of, 8166 

publication, notice by, 330 

as to executors, 2402 

process, service on oat of state, 321 

wages, jurisdiction of courts, 970 

Normal School, 

admission to school, conditions, 6043 

tuition free, when, 
apportionment of funds to, 
Impropriation for annnally, 

payment of appropris'tioiu, 


[BtftrtncM are to SmHom.] 

Vol. 2, Sees. 27Se-66e4«2. Vol. 3, Sec8.6696-8783c. 

Normal School, 

board of viritors tor, appointment, 

duties of board, 

report made by, 

pay and expenses, 
building for, erection, 
certiflcatee granted to teachers, 
corporate powers, how vested, 

powers of corporation, 

name of corporate body, 
connty superintendent conducting pri- 



diplomas, issuing and effect of, 

donations offered for location, 
acceptance and location, 

establishing, purpose ol, 

free tuition, who entitled to, 

funds, apportionment to, 
appropriations by state, 

instructors, selection of, 
salaries, how fixed, 

location, donations to secure, 
duty of trustees, 

model school, organization, 

name of school, 

officers elected by trustees, 
terms of officers, 
bond of treasurer, 

pay of board of visitors, 
of trustees, 
of treasurer or agent, 6062 

president on state board of edncation, 5849 

pupils, conditionsol admission, 6043 

tuition to free, when, 6044 

standard of teaching, 0046 

religious tenets not to be tangbt, 6045 

religious tenets not taught, """ 

report by trustees biennially, 
annual report by, 

salaries of instructors, 

secretary, election and term, 

state superintendent on board. 6035 

apportions funds to, 6048 

university to have department, 6088 

study, course of, how fixed, - 6042 

Uzes for benefits of, 6166a 

teachers, school to educate, 6034 

model school to train, 6041 

pledge as to teaching, 6043 

certificates and diplomas to, 6049 

treasurer, election of, 6037 

bond of, 6037 

pay of treasorer, 6062 

tees, number of, 6036 

appointment of, 6036 

corporate powers of, 6036 

state soperintendent a member, 6036 
name of board ol, 6035 

terms of trustees, 6036 

vacancies, filling of, 6036 

president, election, term, 0037 

secretary, election, term, 6037 

treasorer, election, bond, 6037 

instroctors, appointment, 6012 







[StftTtHdtt at 
1-27846. Vol. 2, Seca. 

Vol. 1, Seca. 

Normal School, 

traeteeB.BalariesofiDBtmctora, fixing, 6042 

Btady, preBcribiDg course of, 6042 
conaitionB as to admittiag papile, 6042 

reports to be made by, 6046 

certifi(»teB and diplomas by, 6040 

pay of truBtees, 6061 

ezpeaaee, how paid, 6051 

UdUon, when to be free, 6044 

DiuTeraity of state to have depart- 
ment, 6088 

risitora, board of, a^Ktintment, 


duty of board, 
report made by, 
pay and expensea, 

Northwestern Territory, 

statates admitted in evidence, 460 

Notary Public, 

acknowledgment, falM certiflote to, 

penalty, 2110 

explaining inetroment, 2111 

of deeda by, 3352 

date of commiasion in certificate, 8039ii 

acting after term expiree, penalty, 2112 

afiidaTita, false attestation of, 2100 

may take and certify, 8030 

appointed by governor, 8036 

certificate from judge, 8035 

term of office, 8035 

commission to, 8035 

bond BDd oatb, 8035 

natnber appointed, 8036 

bank employee not to act as, 2108, 8041 

notes, protesting of, fees, 8042 

penalty for violating section, 8043 

bond and oath of, 8035 

certificate, nee as evidence, 404, S040 

falsely making, penalty, 2109, SllO 

date of commiealon stated, 6039a 

corporation officers acting as, 2108, 8041 

date of- com mission in certificates, 8039a 

depositions may be taken by, 422, 8039 

explanation of instruments, 2111 

false certificates by, penally, 2109, 2110 

fees for protest otDank notes, 8042 

tor other services, 8044 

general powers of, 8039 

fntiadiction as to territory, 8037 

oaths of notaries, 8036 

administering by, 8039, 8080 

officers can not act as, 2108, 8041 

of bank or corporatlonB Dot to 

be, 2108, 8041 

protest ol bank notes, bow made, 6042 

fees for protest, 8042, 8044 

seal, character of, 8033 

acta to be attested by, 8038 

term of ofilce of, 8035 

expiration stated in certificates, 8039a 


Vol. 8, Seca. 659fi-873Sc. 

Not Gnilty, 

bank broken, sale of notes, penalty, 228& 

con utertei ting, penalty, 2356 

apparatas, having, 2300- 

Notes and Bills, 

actions on, howbroagbt, 271 

limitations as to, 294 

bank, payable in, effect, 7520- 

loan companies, payable in, etlect, 6012 

Bet-off, pleading to, 352 

Notes, Promissory, 

action on commercial paper, 

joinder ot parties, 

where anit cironght, 

hv assignee, 
appraisement laws, waiver, judgment, 
assignee, suit by, 

defenses against, 
attorney's fees, agreement to pay, 
bank, payable in, effect, 

rights of holders, 
bills of exchange not affected, 
commercial paper, suit on, 

joinder of partiea, 

where suit brought, 

holidays as to, 
damages on protested not allowed, 
holidays as to commercial paper, 
indorsement, negotiable by, 

indorsee may sue on. 



indorser, liabiHp', 

defense by indorser, 
indgment without relief of valoaUon, 

negotiable by it 
payable in bank, effect, 

in loan companies, effect. 


adjourned terms of court, 
appeal to supreme court, notice, 
notice to co-parties, 
service of notice, 
non-resident, notice to, 
restitution after reversal, 
assessment of damages, 
books, production on trial, 
capiaa, arrest, notice to plaintiff, 
change of venne in vacation, 

ot name, notice, 
aX.\%a and towns, how may give, 
county, publication, limit, 
rates for publication. 







Vol. 1, Seca. 1-27M6. Vol. 2, Sees. 


critDinal action, notice to promcator, 169i 

depooitionB, contents, service, 423-425 

publication ot, 

perpetoating testimonjr, 

divorce, notice Bj pnblication, lOlS 

drainage, notice of, 5624 

ejectment, notice ol new trial, 1077 

election ol joBticea, 1490 

notice of elections, 6191 

«Btatei, removal of execntor, etc., 2402 

release ol surety, 2407 

of appointment of executor, etc., 2414 

of Bale of pereoaalty, 2431 

of petition to aell lands. 249S, 2494 

of sale of lands, 2610 

of settlementa, 264S, 2560 

of order of insolvency, 2561 

copies and proof filed, 2616 

examination of adverse part)*, 516 

execution, sale of personalty, 702, 1596 

sale of realty, 769 

to obtain against body, 806 

discharge, notice to creditor, 620 

tees tor publishing legal, 1302, R087 

county, rates tor pnbliBhing, 6594ii2 

legal, pnblication of, 8087 

fees for publishing, 1302, 8087 

rates tor county notices, 66Ma2 

publication, how to be made, 6087 

fees allowed for, 1302, 8087 

guardian, sale of lands by, 2697 

removal, notice, 2688 

Aa5«(i« corpiM, to parties la interest, 1136 

iajunction, notice in, 1164, 1172 

interpleader, notice ia, 274 

judgment, offer to allow, 622, 523 

opening ot, notice, 610 

review ot notice, 631 

set aside by justice, 1561 

Justice, notice of election, 1490 

new trial granted, 1665, 1656 

Judgment set aside by, 1561 

, publication of, 1299-1303 

fees for publishing, 1302, 8087 

defacing or tearii^ down, 2061 

posting nnlawtolly, 2062 

county notices, tees, * 5594a2 

levy on property, notice of claims, 937a 
MtpeiuttTU notice, 327, 328, 335 

failore to file, effect, 333 

name, change ot, notice, 1014 

new par^, notice to, 275 

new irial in ejectment, 1077 

trial by justice, 1666, 1556 

nou'resident, publication, 320 

appeal, notice ot, 663 

in divorce suits, I04S 

posting unlawfully, 2062 

prool of, 2616 

proof ot notice, bow made, 481| 482, 489 
of publication, how made, 2610 


publication as to n on -residents, 320 

in divorce cases, 1048 

how to be made, 1299-1303 

tees allowed for, 1302 

proof of, bow made, 469, 2616 

receiver, notice of application, 1244 

records, reinstatement, notice, 1248, 1267 

right of property, trial of, 1613, 1614 

surety, notice to creditor to sae, 1234 

widow, notice as to devise, 2666 

will, notice to produce, 2762 

contest, notice ot, 2708 

writing, when to be in, 490 


action for, when lies, 290 

who may maintain, 291 

abatement and damages, 292 

city, jurisdiction outside of, 3616 

corporation, punishment tor, 1970 

dead animals and offal, 2166 

public, punishment, S1S8, 2154 

water, stagnant, creation by, 2156 

Nnncapatire Will, 

execntion of, who may, 2747, 2748 


inspection of, 7042a-7042* 

Nursery Stock, 


administering by circnit courts, 1374 

by master commissioners, 1466, 6066 
by sheriff, when, 750, 923 

by anpreme court, 1327 

by execntors and administrators, 2619 
who may administer, 8086 

auditor of state may, 7636 

auditor of count; may, 7829, 7981, 8086 
clerks ot courts may, 7933, 8086 

county commJBsioners may, 7829 

jud^s of courts may, 8080 

justices ot peace may, 1603, 8080 

mayors of cities may, 3497, 8086 

members of county board of re- 
view, 6632 
members of state tax board, 8641 
militi-ry officers may, 7S6S 
notaries public may, S039, 8086 
prosecuting attorney may, 7813a 
school officers may, 6030 
surveyor ot oonnty may, 8029, 8032 
township trustee may, 6642, 8068 
treasurer of county may, 7993 



[Rf/arenctM are to SeettonM.} 
Vol. 1, Sees. l-278«>. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-«iM«2. Vol. 3, Seci. 6B96-8733c. 


BdminiatTaton admiDisteriDg, 2619 

arbitrators, oatba of, 846, 847 

asaeesiag dam&ges, to jnrore, etc., 923 
aeaeaaora of townehipe, fonn of, 

8508, 8620, 8S23 
attorneys, oath of, 977 

auditor of Btat« may administer, 7636 

of countv may administer, 

7829, 7981, 8086 

bail, oath to surety, 1779 

benevolent inetitation officers, 8010 

circuit court, administering, 1374 

by judges of, 8066 

city officers, oaths of, 3S30 

clerks of courts administering, 7988, 8086 

copies of official, depositing, 7S36 

county commiseionetfl taking, 7819 

administering, 7839 

debtor on exemption of property, 728 

on diBCharge from arrest, 818-821 

depositions, oaths to witnesses, 432 

deputy officers must take, 753S, 7fiSG 

election officers, oaths of, 6204, 6206 

executorsadministering, 2619 

exemption of property, oath of debtor, 726 

factoiV inspector adminiHtering, 7087u 

general assembly, oaths of members, 6688 

entry on journal, 763S 

witn eases before committee, 6699 

governor, oath and entry of, 7535 

grand jury, oath of, 1721, 1722 

foreman adminieten, 1728 

inspectors of salt, etc., oatba of, 7028 

of mines, 74S2, 7453 

of oils, 6999 

of natural gas, 7604 

interpreter, oath of, 603 

udgee may administer, 8086 

urora, oaths of, SS9, 1552 

ury commissioners, oaths of, 1449 

nstices of peace administering, 1608, 8086 

abor comraisatonera, oaths of, 70606 

oaths of arbitrators, 7050A 

oathe of witnesses, 706OA, 70eOn 

lieutenant-governor, oath, entry, 7636 

master commissioner, oath of, 1463 

adminieterinfc by, 1465, 8036 

mayors may administer, 3497, 8086 

medical board, administering by, 7322 

military, oaths of members, 7368 

oaths of officers, 7360 

ot members of court-martial, 7409 

of iudM advocate, 7410 

notary public may administer, 8039, 8080 

officers must take, 226, 7533 

deputies of mnst take, 7633, 7586 

indorBement on commisnon, 7534 

copy given to officer, 7534 

depodtJng copy of, 7636 

pleadines, oath to effect, 363 

denial ot vrriting, 367 

dilatory pleas under oath, 368 





prosecuting attorney administering, 781S« 
referees, oaths ot, 804 

school officers administering, 
sheriff admdniatering, 
short-hand reporter, oath of, 
supreme court administering, 
judges of administering, 
surveyor of county administering, 

tax board of county, oath ot, 

members administering, 

board of state, oath of, 

members administering, 
town clerks administering, 
township trosteea administering. 

. form ot, 8608, 8620, 8523 

treasurer of county administering, 7993 

witnesses, form of oaths to, 502 

interpreter, oath of, 603 

before legislative conunittee, 6609 


bushel ot, pounds, 8732 

Obscene Fablications, 

deflnition and punishment, 20B2, 2083 
sale or gift of, penalty, 206S<i, 20S3fr 


drains, removal, 6832, 6639, 6676, 5710 
highway, obstructing, 2049, 2273, 2291, 2297 
justice, obstructing administration, 2124 
l^al process, execution ot, 2120, 2121 

navigation by bridges, 4660, 4667 

railroad tracks, penally, 203fr 

state treasury, examination of, 2141 

Occnpying Claimant, 

claim of, who may file, 

color of title, what is, 

complaint and contents, 

where sales are detectiTS, 

defective judicial sales, 
recovery of possession, 
complaint by purchaser, 
adjusting claims ot parttea, 
safe ot premises, 

improvements, recovery for, 

issues, trial ot, 
findings under. 

property, electioD ot plaintiff 
election by defendant, 
sale, when made, 
disposal of proceeds, 
tenants in common, when, 
writ of possession, when, 
EjxerMBMT, See. 








Vol. 1, 8«C8. l'2T8iJ>. Vol. 2, Sees 

Odd Fellow^ 

baildinge, owning stock in aeaoda- 

tioDB, 6047a, fi047b 

erecting and controlling, 6047c-6<M79 

oigsniialion of lodges, 4589 

real eatat«, owning of, 5016 


ion, notice, 



division of, ponialunent, 1642, 1613 

Cbihbs, Bee. 


judgment, offer to confess, £23 


acting before qualifying, 2131 

acts of legislature, who entitled ti 

7«lfe, 7817/ 
lading officers, 1760 

refusal to gire aid, 2126 

appoiatmeDts, how made, 223 

arrest, freedom from, 2895 

blank certificates, signing of, 2366 

bonds and oaths of, 753S-7668 

books and stationerj tor coanty, pnr- 

chase, 6529 

briber}', diaqaaUflcation, 87 

of offlcen, 2096, 2138 

eettificates, signing blank by, 2366 

of election to, 7670, 7571 

cities, election and terms, 8476 

▼acanciee, filling of. 3481 

contracts, interest in, 

8639, 3778, 3911, 4061 

claims, not to perchase, 

3779, 3912, 4062 

qnaliflcationB of, 4191 

of 100,000, election, S778, 3782 

of 60,000, election, 3906, 3915 

ol 43,000, election, terms, 4066, 4065 
eommissions, how iseoed, 228, 7669 

eontracts, havinK interest in, 2136 

city officers having interest, 

3539, 3778, 3911, 4061 
deed, false acknowledgment, 2110 

refusal to explain, 2111 

defaulter, ineltgiDility, 91 

deputy mast ti^e oath, 7633, 7686 

non-resident not to be, 7587, 7588 

duel, challenge, disqaaliflcation, 88 

election officers, 6200, 6201 

appointment, qoalifications, 6200, 6201 
false attestadons or certiflcat«e, 2109, 2110 
garnishee, summoning as, 954 

impeachment, caoseslor, 8108a 

of state and jadicial officers, 8106a 

resolution by house of representa- 
tives, 81066 

tr« to Seetiom.'] 

2:85-5694«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6696-878Se. 


impeachment, delivery of articles to 
senate, SlOSe 

time lor hearing, 8106d 

notice to officer, 810e« 

failure to appear, bearing, 8108/ 

obiectiona and plea, 810^ 

objectiouB ovemiled, answer, 8108A 
oaths of members ot coart, 8108f 

vote necessary to convict, 8108J 

judgment on conviction, SlOSik 

majority vote on resolution, 81081 

Judgment, what rendered, 8108m 

suspension, fees, salary, 8IO611 

suspension pendiuK tnsl, SlOSo 

chief Justice, presiding, 8108p 

crimes not barred, 8IO89 

senate to continue in seosion to 

try, 8108r 

judges and prosecutors, removal, 

supreme court judges, trial, SlOSt 

county, townstup and other offi- 
cers, 8108u 
accusation, contents, SlOStr 
service on defendant, 8IO81D 
appearance and answer, 810&c 
character ot answer, 6108|r 
objections in writing, 8108< 
oral denial, SlOSal 
objection overraled, answer, 810861 

filea of guilty, judgment, trial, SlOScl 
nry trial, 8108dl 

frocese for witnesses, 8108*1 

idgment for removal, 8106/1 

apiraal to supreme court, 8IO80I 

vacancy on appeal, 8108 jl 

prosecuting attorney, removal, 6108A1 
malfeasance, idiarge and hearing, 


removal of officer, 810811 

intimidating officer, 2124 

intoxication of officer, 2132 

removal for, 8068 * 

insurance, n^Iect, penalty, 49I4x 

judgments, no stay or relief, 686 

law, officer practicing, 2106, 2107 

legislative acts, who entitled to, 

7ei7e, 7617/ 

liquor laws, enforcement, 728^ 

lucrative, holding of, 90- 

malfeasance, removal for, 810811 

negligence o( office™, 2127 

notary public, acting as, 2108, 8041 

oaths of officers, 226, 7633, 7636 

deputies must take, 7633, 768C 

office, keeping at wrong place, 2133 

usurpation of, 2130 

for county officers, 7SS3, 7833a 

personating officer, 7689, 7690 

register o( kept by clerk, 7931 




setUementB not conclaeive, 7913 


holding after expiration, 225 

beginning of certain State, 7b74a 

beginning ol certain coontj, 7674b 
asnrpation of office, 2130 

AaansoR or Cocntt, See. 
AasEsaoR of Township, See. 
Attornbt-Gbnebal, See. 
AnDtTOB or CoirsTV, See, 
AuniTOR OF Statr, See. 
Benbvolent Insth 
BoABD Cocntt Co: 
Bureau op Statibtics, See. 
City Absbssor, See. 
. City Attoenby, See. 
CiTT Clbrk, See. 
City CoKitiaBioNBBs, See. 
City Coubt, See. 
City Enoinbeb, See. 
City Makbbal, See. 
City Tkbasurbb, See. 
Clbbk op Circuit Cocet, See. 
Clebk op Medical Board, See. 
Clsbk or pRiNTiNa Bdbbau, See. 
Clerk op Supreme Coubt, See. 
CoHHiasioN OF Labor, See. 
CoMmssioNEBB, OP Pbintinq, See. 
Const ablbs, Bee. 
Coroner, See. 

CtrsToniAH op Public Bcildinos, See. 
Enoinebr, State-Hodbi, See. 
Factobieb, See. 
FtBH CoMHissioKKK, See. 
General Abbemblv, See. 
Gbolooist, State, See. 
OovBBNOB, See. 
Inspectors, See. 
JiTDOES, See, 

Jdsticb op the Peace, Sea. 
Labor Commission, See, 
Law Librarian, See. 
LiBBABiAN, State, See. 


Master Gokmissionbk, See. 

Militia, See. 

Natural Gab Ihspbotob, 8e». 

Notary Public, See. 

Police, See. 

Police Juixie, See. 

Police Matbon, See. 

Police, Metropolitan, See. 

Prisons, See. 

Peosbcutino Attorney, See. 

Recorder of County, See, 

Repobtbr, See. 

Reporter op Si'preue Oocbt, See. 



Salaries, Bee. 

Secbktaby Board op Health, See. 
Secretary op Labob Comm usion, See. 
Sbcretaby op State, Bee. 
Srebipf of County, See. 
SuEEiPP OF Supreme Court, See. 
State Peibon, See. 
Supebintbndbnt of Pubuc Instiiiio* 
TiON, See. 


Supervisor of Natural Gab, Bee. 
SuPBBviaoR OP RoAoe, See. 
ScPBEMB Coubt, See. 
SuBYBTOB or County, See. 
Taxation, See. 
Tax Commibsionbb, See. 
Township Assbsbor, See. 
Township Tecstbk, See. 
Tbeabuber of Citt, See. 
Treasurer of County, See. 
Tbeasureb op State, See. 
Tbustbes, See. 


contest of election, a290-88S< 

for mnnicipal office, 6323 

vacancy pending, 7681 

count}' offlcera, providing for, 7S33, 7SS3a 

fees and sslariee, """ "*"' 

legislative, election and p&y, 

vBcandee, filling of, 

pending contest, filling, looi 

women, what may hold, 6031, 6090 
Opficbbs, See. 

Official Bonds, 

Bonds, OpFictAL, Bee. 

Official Neglig^enee, 

^definition and paniahment, S1S7 

Official Printing, 

academy of science, reports, 7604a-7604e 
advertisinf tor bids, 769S 

appropriation not to be exceeded, 7601 
bonds of contractors,^ 
clerk of bnreau of printing, 

duties of clerk, 

salary of clerk, 

not to receive leee, 

(alee certificate, penal^, 

not to receive feee, 
CommiBsioners of printing, 

dntiea of commiseionera, 

secretary of state records acts of, 7600 
contract for printing, 7696 

bonds of contractors, 76OT 

not to exceed appropiiatioD, 7601 

inspection of work, 7697 





[Btferences are to SeettOTU.'] 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27M6. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-5594«2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-8733c. 

Official Printing, 

l^^lative jonrnala printed, 7604 

payment for work, 7597 

funds made from, 7603 

printing, what done, 7699 

reports, when printed, 7593, 7B02 

number pnnted, 7693, 7604, 7604a 

secretary ol atatej records kept, 7600 

daty as to printing laws, 

7616, 7617, 7617a-7617c 
Pbintino, Public, See. 

Official Reports, 

agricnlture, 8tat« board, 2788 

county societies, 2803 

hy interstate fairs, 2820 

Anditor of state, annual by, 7691 

blind, troetees of institute for, 

3047, 3053, 7591 

snperintendent, annust by, 7591 

bureau of statistics, reports, 7760, 7761 
deaf and dumb, trustees of institute, 

3068, 7591 

by superintendent of, 3060, S064, 7591 
fairs, interstate, report by, ' 2820 

feeble-minded, trustees for school, 3087 

by superintendent, 3116 

female prison, by board of, 8265, 8296 

governor sends to iegialature, 7602 

printing and distribution, 7693 

bonae of refuge, by board of, 8307 

insane, traatees of hospitals, 3044, 7591 

saperintendents ot hoepitala, 

orphans* homes, by trustees of, 3146 

by steward of, S161 

by superintendent of, 3162 

printing and diatribntion, 7693, 7602, 7604 
prisons, state, reports bv officers, 8253 
reform school for boys, oy board of, 8307 
secretary of state, annual by, 7591 

superintendent of public instruction, 7591 
treasurer of state, annual, 7591 

university, state, by trueteea, 6081 

contents and printing, 6084, 6085 

Krports, See. 

Ohio County, 

circuit, in seventh jadicial, 
congresBional district, 
court, terms in, 

representatives, apportionment, 
salaries of county offlcera, 
senatorial apportionment, 
statutes distnbuted to, 

p. 670, 1394 


p. 570, 1394 

Oiiio River, 

crimes on, jnrisdiction, 222, 

ferries on, license, 

fishing in unlawfully, 2229u, 2229c, 2 
jurisdiction, civil and criminal, 222, 1648 

17— OSN, IN. 

OIlio River, 

process, service on, 6644 

United Statee improving, rights ceded, 



boring tor, rights nnder mining laws, 

inspection of oil, 6996-7014e 

salary and fees, 6414, 7000 

mines, oil for, inspection, 7014e, 70l4d 

pipe lines, companies, 5112 

wells, conflning oil from, 7610 

Inspktion or Oil, See. 

Oil Cake, 

purity required on sale, 


Oil Companies, 

acquiring lands for use of, 
pipe lines, 
wells, boring of, 

confining oil, 

plugging abandoned, 






on WeUs, 

boring of wells, 
companies for drilling, 

acquiring lands, 
.wells, boring of, 

confining oil. 







sale of unlawfully, 


Omitted Case, 

laws continued to nipply, 



bushel of, pounds. 


Open am) Close, 

civil cases, who has, 
criminal cases, who has. 


Opera Houses, 

doors to open outwardly, 



appellate court, when in writing, 1360 

certifying to lower conrt, 1360, 1351 

jnror, cause (or challenge, 1862 

supreme court, in writing, when, 166 

certifying to lower coart, 674 

on contest of will, 2776 



[R^firetuxi art to Stcttotu.'] 
Vol. 1, Sera. 1-27641). Vol. 2, Sea. 27&6-fi694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 65Sfi-STSSc 


exempt from medical license Ikw, 7323c 

OrsDge Coonty, 

circuit, in lorty-eecond, p. 576, 1S94 

coDgreeeional aietrict, 3317 

court, t«TmB in, p. 675, 13B4 

repreBentativea, ap^rtionment, 6693 

BBlarieB ot connt}r officers, 0486 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

Btatates distribated to, 7SI7<1 


attorneys, oatha entered on, 977 

bail, order for entered on, 1763 

entry of recognizance on, 1773 
clerk to procure and make eatriea, 7931 

iudgmenta entered on, 688 

transcripts from justices, 625 

stealing of, penalty, 2014 

tranacnpts from jaeticea, eatrj', 626 


appeal to snpreme court to test, 644, 1337A 

cmes of 100,000, 3789-3793 

ot 60,000, 3922-3926 

Of 43.000, 4072-4076 

crimes, not to make punishable, 1709 

passage and publication of, 3634, 3536 

towns, proof of publication, 4366 

suits on ordinances, 4382 

g to vote, 4443f^-4443bl 


allowance for support by county, 

saylams for by private associations, 

4587, 4608-4612 

purchase by coonties, 4600 

establishing by conntisB, Siseo-Siset 

bindinK out of orpoaaa, 4697 

colored children, rights of, 4698 

county, allowance for support, 

459S, 4598, 4603 

purchase of asylum tor, 4600 

eetabliahinK asylums, 8186a-8186f 

care ot orphans by counties, 818S 

Obphan Astlums, 8ee. 

Orpbaks' Homi, See. 

Orphan Asylnius, 

agent for state, appointment, 8186A 

duties of agent, 3186& 

salary and expenses ot, 3186J 

allowance for'sop)>o<Tt of i^ildran, 8186« 

appretttiaing of children, 8186« 

associations for building, 4687 

board of charities appoints agent, 3IS6A 

reports made to board, 3186A 

payment of appropriation to, 3186J 


Orphan Asylnms, 

buildings and grounds, S186fr 

duties of county boards as to, 31S66 
children, allowance tor support ot, Slg6c 
admission ot to asylums, 3186d 

release ot rights by parents, 3186e 
apprenticing of, 31S6« 

homes, procuring for, 3186/ 

not to b« kept in poor asylums, 3166(r 
duties ot state agent aa to, 31S6A 

expenses ot transfer of, 8186i 

conahr boards may establish asTlnms, 

groonda and buildings, duties as 

to, 8186ft 

allowance by for enpport, 8186c 

not to allow children in poor asy- 
lnms, 8186^ 
may place children nnder care of 

agent, 31S6A 

allowance tor expwses of trans- 
fer, 318«i 
pnrebasing by connties, 
expenses of transfer of children, 

Eardians, associations become, 
mes for children, procuring of, 
visiting children in homes, 
state agent, duties ot concerning, 318^ 
parents, release of control of children 

to, 81B6a 

poor asyloms, diildren not to be kept 

in, 3186(r 

salary of state agent, payment, 3186i 

unexpended money returned to coon- 
ty, siset 

Orphans' Home, 

admission ot inmates, rules, 

adoption of inmaten, 

agreement to surrenderchildto, 3168 

child over fourteen, consent, 3169 

Sprenticing ot inmates, 3181, 3183 

ild over fourteen, consent, 3168 

home not liable for serriceB, 3170 
services not traneferred, 3174, 3185 
person taking not liable lor, 3174 

colored orphans, homes for, 4698- 

allowance by counties, 4698 

control of children, 3172, 3183 

renunciation In* parents, 3178, 3179 
corporate powers of home, 8171 

discharge ot inmates, 3175 

education of ofaildren, 3176, 8184 

enticing children from home, 3186 

homes for children, 3172, 3178-3181, S18S 
wreement of persons taking, 

3173, 3176, 3164 
services of child not transferred, 

3174, 3185 
persons taking not liable for serr- 

ice, 8174 

renunciation by pannts, 3178, 31 79 

keepii^ ot unclean, 213^ 



Vol 1, Sees. 1-27M6. 

Orphans' Home, 

EniKhtatown, hom« at, 3142-3167b 

"orplian," meaning of word, 3177 

parents, renunciation by, S178 

eSect of renunciation, 3179 

Okphan Asylums, &%e. 

SoLniBBs', Etc., Obfhans' Home, 


linutaUon ol adjone, see. 

29S-307, 1661-1606 

OTerflowed Lands, 

Overseers of Poor, 

dntiee of oTeraeera, 8142'8165{ 
townsbip tniateeB are oTaneera, 8069, 8142 
Poor, S«e. 

Owen County, 

circuit, in fifteenth jndidal, p. 671, 1394 

congreMional diatrict, 3316 

conrt, tenns in, p. 671, 1394 

imreeentatiTes, apportionment 6683 

salaries of coonhr offlcera, 6486 

■enatorial apporaonment, 6682 

■tatntes distribnted to, 76174 


boontiee for killinK, 7871 

Packet Companies, 

•team packet companies, see, 5487 


detadog in jrablic librar;, 


obscene. Belling or aending, 2DS2, 


attorney withholding, penalty, 
court pBijets, stealing or destTDying, 

altoriog or defacing, 
inspection, order lor, 
production, order for, 

NxwsPAPKKB, See. 


answer, separate numbered, 
complaint, separate numbered, 
reply, separate numbered, 

council, provision for, 
governor, power to grant, 
president may grant. 


child, suit for sedoctioo of, 
death or injury, suit for, 
custody of, right as to, 

Parke Coanty, 

salaries ol county officers, 
senatorial apportionment, 
BtatuUa diatnbuted to, 


board in cities of 100,000, 
appointment of commisflioners, 

terms and removal, 

duties and powers of board. 

cities and towns, establishing, 4307-4312 
commissioners of in cities, 3737-3743 
sale and conveyance by, 36S0a, 36506 
of 100,000. park board, 3904a 

duties ana powers of board, 


of 60,000, acquiring of, 8927 

shade trees, control of, . 3748a-S748e 

towns, parks in certain, 4368a 

wbeelways, construction and use, 


Parole of Prisoners, 

Statb Prison, See. 



Parties to Actions, 



asslKnor, when to be, 
bondB. official, suit on. 



joint suits on, 
child, seduction, suit for. 



injury or death, snit for, 


death not to abate suit, 



joinder of, 

bringing in new parties. 





{BtferenctB are to Seetlotu.] 
Vol. l,8ece. 1-27M6. Vol. 2, Sees. 278B-6594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6695-873 

Parties to Actions, 

estatea, sale of landa, 2491, 2498 

setting aside iettlement, 2668 

heirs, suite by creditors, 2598 
eiamination of aaverae, 617-521 

executon sod tmsteea, saite bf, 262 
torecloBure ot mortgage, parties, 

llOe, 1109a 

heirs, suit bj creditors against, 2698 

iofantB, auita bv, 266 

next friena, consent, 257 

removal, coeta, 257 

bond of next friend, 258 

gaardian ail litem, 259 

not liable lor costs, 260 

interest, real party in to me, 261 

interpleader, notice, 274 

joinder of plaintiffs barred, 268 

of joint debtors, 271 

joint interest, soit by one for all, 270 

liens, foreclosure, parties, 1109a 

married women, suits by, 266, 286, 267 

suits concerning lands, 6974 

mortg^[e, foreclosure, parties, 1108, 1109a 

new parties, making of, 273 

notice to new parties, 276 

brought in by defendant, 278 

official bonds, enits on, 253 

joint suiU on, 254 

partition, parties, 1200 

plaintiff, real party in interaot, 251 

who must be, 263 

joinder of when barred, 268 

joint interest, suit by one, 270 

poor person, attorney tor, 261 

officers to serve without costs, 261 

order, when annulled, 262 

pnrcbase-monev. suit for, parties, 276 

seduction, suit oy unmarried woman, 264 

suit by parent or gnardian, 266 

transfer of intereet, no abatement, 272 

trastees, anits by. 

Actions, t 


action for, where bronght, 
who ma^ proeecote, 
^uriadiction over, 
administrator mav sne lor, 
advancements to be considered, 
arbitration of claim tor, 
attorneys' fees, allowance of, 
civil practice to govern in, 
commissioners, appointment, 
qnaliflcations of, 
oath, entry ot record, 
platting ot lands, 
report, how made, 
designation of shares, 
confirmation ot report, 
setting aside report. 





commissioners, report ot indivisibil- 

order ot sale, 

partial partition, effect, 

not to purchase at sale, 

two may act, 

vacancy, effect, filling of, 1219, 

pay of commissioners, 

surveyor acting, powers, 
coBts, payment from proceeds of sale, 

apportionment of, 

attorney's fees allowed as, 
debtors, insolvent, partition of lands, 

deed when landa are sold, 
distribution of proceeds of sale, 
executor may sue (or, 
guardian acting for wards, 1 

insolvent debtors, partition, 
interlocutory order for, 

contents of order, 
joint tenants may compel, 
judicial sale, partition by wife. 









furisdiotioi . 
ots, division of lands into, 

acknowledgment ( ' 

recording ot plats, 

sate of lots, 
married women on judicial sales, 
minors, guardians may act tor, 

laying off lands into lota, 

review of proceedings, 
partial partition, e&ec} ol, 
parties to action for partition, 
petition for, contents, 

in what court filed, 
pleadings, rules governing, 
recording transcript of record, 
report of commissioners, 

how made, 

designation of shares, 

confirmation of, 

setting report aside, 

of non-divisibility, 

of partial partition, 
review of proceedings, 
sale of lands, when ordered, 

on trial of issue or consent, 

of platted lands, 

on report ot indivisibility, 

terms and conditions, 

limit as to price, 

notice ot sale, 

sale of part of lands, 

commissioner to sell, 

bond of commissioner, 

deed by commissioner, 

mortgage tor purcliase-money, 

commissioners not to purchase, 

payment of costs and expenses, 

distribution ot surplus, 
shares may be set oS in body, 





.d by Go Ogle 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-2784II. 


rarveyor acting as commiBsioDer, 

powers, 8033 
taxation, transfer of lands for, 7939, 8448 

t«nBntfl in common may compel, 1200 

transcript of record^ recording o(, 7839 

widow, setting off interest of, 2603 

vite, partition after judicial sale, 2669 

will, proTiaions of to control, 1204 

Partition Fences, 

building and maintaining fences, 6964 

by townaliip ttustees, 6666-6569 

fences, see, 6564-6674 

hedges, trimming of, 6687 

township tnietee trimming, 6588-6590 


criminal pleading, avennents as to 

owneranip, 1622 
partnership, see, 8109-8129 

sarriving partners, assignment, 2920 

see partnerships, 8122-8129 

taxation of property of, 8423 

Pabthebsrips, LiHiTin, See. 

Pabtnibsbips, Burvitob, See. 

Partnerships, Limit«d, 

actions by or against, parties, 8119 

aadgnments by, conditions, 8117 
consent of creditors, presumpUon,8n8 

notice of assignment, 8118 

bosiness anthoriised by, 6109 

capital stock, statement in certificate, 8111 

redaction or withdrawal of, 8116 

certificate to form, 8111 

contents of certificate, 8111 

acknowledgment and recording, 8112 

false statement, liability, 8112 

pablicstion of copy, 6113 

on renewal of partnership, 8114 

dissolution, how effected, 8120 

notice, pablication. recording, 8120 

firm name of partnership, 6115 

general partners, number of, 
liability of, 
names in certificate, 

to transact business, tti lo 

special, when liable as, 8115 

enits by or against, 8119 

ineOTBDce not t« be transacted, 8109 

liability of general partners, 8110 

of special partners. 8110 

when notice is not (tiven, 8113 

special liable as general, when, 6115 
for withdrawal or reduction of 

stock, 8116 

and rights of generally, 8121 

Bame of firm, 8115 

special partners not named, 8116 

liability when named, 8115 


8110, 8121 


Partnerships, Limited, 

notice of formation of partnership, 6113 

on renewal of partnership, 8114 

of assignment to pay debts, 8118 

of dissolution, 8120 

parties to actions, 8119 

renewal of partnership, how made, 8114 

special partners, who are, liability, 8110 

naming in certificate, 8111 

not named in firm name, 8116 

use of name, liability, 8116 

contracts by, liability, 8116 

liability for withdrawal of stock, 8116 

parties to suits, when, 8119 

taxation of property of, 8423 

Parthebshipb, Survivor, Bee. 

Partnershipe, SurviTor, 

appraisement of property, 8123 

selection of appraisers, 8123 

oath and filing apprtuaement, 8123 

affidavit by sarviTor, 8124 

assignment for creditors, 2920 

bond of survivor, 8125 

failure to file, receiver, 8125 

release of sureties, 8129 

death of partner, closing of bnrineefl, 8122 

debts, filing list by survivor, 8124 

distribution of surplus, 8128 

inventory, filing of, 8123 

appraisement of property, 8123 

failure to file, receiver appointed, 6126 

liabilities, filing list of, """ 

receiver on failure to file bond, 


on failure to file inventory, 


dut^ of on appointment, 


petition for appointment. 


notice to surviving partner. 


report by survivor on settlement. 


payment into court, 


distribution of surplus, 


settlement, time allowed for. 


sureties on bond, release. 



evidence, use of as, 

472, 477 

records, using of as. 

473, 477 

recording of patents, 
Wabash and Erie canal laods, 

473, 477 


Patent Rights, 

affidavit on filing copy of letten, 


copy given to applicant, 


copy of letters filed with clerk, 


note given for, contents. 


penalty for violatii^ act. 


Patrons of Hnsbandry, 

articles of association by memben, S181 

execution and recording, 6131 

business aathorised by, 6131 



{Btfert>ux$ are to StcUoiu.'J 
Vol. 1, 8eca. t-2784&. Vol. 2, Sees. 27S(>-5694e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6SgB-S733e. 

Patrons ol Husbandry, 

baalBsH carried on by, 6131 

organiealiou tor, powers, 6131 

management and stock ot, S132 

gcuife, state, organiEation, S129 
coanty or cbetrict, orgMuiation, 6129 

corporat« powers, 6130 

stock, diviiion iDto ■harei, SI30 

sale and transfer of, 6130 

real estate, holding of, 6130 

Mganisation of order, 458U 

stock ol bonnees corporation, 6132 

increase or redaction, 6132 

division into ahares, 6132 

sale ot stock and property, S132 

stockholders' liability, 6132 
annnal stal«ment as to, 


asylams, patting children in 

6(i33, 8172, 8173 

poor, see, 

state, briDDng into, 
PooB, See. 


cities and towns controlling, 

ot 60,000, regnlating, 
taxatioa, ( " ' 


appeal, acceptance bars, 
demand at particular place, 
^miahee, payment by, 
lad^ent, entry ol on record, ■ 
limitations, eSect of on, 
not to affect plea of, 


bond to keep. 

Peace Officers, 

camp-meeting, power ot officers, 448S 

conaactors on trains are, 1771 

constables are, 1771 

coroners are, 1771 

fails, officers, when are, 2074 
jndicial officers are, 17S, 1771 

marshals are, 1771 

depoties ot are, 1771 

meetings, disturbing, arreata, 2074 

police officers are, 1771 
recognizances taken by, 1378, 1778 

certifying and recording, 1778 

ssxtons of chnrches, when are, 2074 

sberifh are, 1771 

depaties are, 1771 

watcbmen are, 1771 

1676-1682, 1687, 1926 


bushel ot dried, pounds, 873Z 


cities, control ot br, eJ. 23, 3541, SMla 

ot 60,000, regnlating, 3927 

license to be obtained dj, 7231, 723U 

to soldiers free, 723U, 723U 

Penal Code, 

basts ot relormation, 63 

criminal procedure, see, 1S42-1974 


actions tor, where broaght, 309 

limitation of action, 294 

for in cities, 8601 

cities, action by to recover, 3501 

extent of recovery, 3616 

delinquent taxes, penalty OD, 8670 

limitation ot action tor, 294 

offense, to be in proportjon to, 61 


aiding escape ot convict, 2117 

convict escaping, rearrest, 1769 

escaping, penalty, 2122 
state prison, see, 

Btatk Prison, See. 

fees not charged by conn^ officers, 8353 
firemen, payment ot penaions to, 

police in cities ot 100,000, 3004«2-3904t2 
soldiers' home, payment to, 8373> 


extortion from, penalty, 2136 

tees not charged by coanty officers, 8363 

Peremptory Challenges, 

civil cases, challenses in, 640 

criminal cases, challengesin, I860, 1861 

Perishable Property, 

administrator, sale ot by, 2392 

attached, sale of, 941 


definition and pnnlshment, 
frauds and perjuries, see, 
Rrand juror as witness, 
indictment, allegations in, 
taxation, false oaths as to. 

Perpetnating Testimony, 

depositions, see, M5-490 



Vol. I, Beoa. 1-S784&. 

Perry Conntj, 

{jrcoit, in second ladioiftl, 
coogT«Mional district, 
«oart, terms id, 
reDi-eaentstives, Rpporticmm 
salaries of coant); officen, 
aeoatorial apportioBmeDt, 
statutea diatnbated to, 


[ B ^ ft >« a c«* «rs to iSwMOM.] 

Vol. S, 8ms. 278»-«W4«2. Vol 9, Sees. fltti-STSV. 

Petit Larceny, 

deflnitioD and panishmeat, 
goods Irom other states, 

p. 869, 1304 


p. MO, 1394 

action for injury to, joinder, 279 

survival ol action lor Injoiy, tSS, 2S6a 

meaning aa oaed ia statates, 1309, 1973 

tax lawa, meaning as naed in, 8456 

Personal Injuries, 

action by parent or guardian for, 267 

BDrvivalot Mtl(« for, 288, 2860 

contributory negligence, 359a 

damages in actions tor, 285 

omplo^es, injuries; damages, 7082a-70S7 
factones, ininries in, inveatigatious, 70S7A 
limitation of actions for, 291 

Personal Property, 

action to recover powwion, 1286'-1298 

before juatlcea. 


accnmalation, running 9t, 


allowance from, 


eatatee, sale of, 


7S2, 763 

sale by oonatable, ' 


levy on, trial of rights 
joint owners, iiefat« oranr 
meaning as naed in aUtat4 






as Deed in tax lawa, 



righta of, trial, 



taxation, deflnition tor. 


listing lor, 



Personal Representatives, 

judgment, review of t^, 
enforcing against, 


false of person, pentl^, 
of officer, penal^. 

Petit Jnry, 

civil cases, trial by, 
<!riminal actions, trial by, 
<lrawin^of jury, 
pay of jurors, 
^oaliflcations of jurore. 


1468, 1460 


abridging right ot, 

Petrolenm Oils, 

inspection of, 


board created, 

appointment, tttns, 
organication, meetings* 
examinations, license, 
pay and expenses, 
fees tor registration, 
penalties tor violating act, 
qualifications of applicants, 
salee of drugs prohibited, 
Bocretsry, bond, duties, 
pay and expenses, 


killing of unlawfully, 
sale ot when not shot, 
transporting unlawfully, 


obscene, selling or sending, 






S237J, 2227Jt: 

80S3, 20S3 


aaaociation to protect,^ 4S96j 

births, reports of by, 6720 

county, employment by, 7861 

attends work-house prisoners, 8339 

deaths, reports of by, 6720 

dentistry act, exemption, 6606jfc 

deposition, taking of, 427 

insanity iuqueat, fees, 3242 

license, obtaining by, 7818-7823« 
prescribing medicine when dtook, 1994 

secret medicine, 1990 

witness, competency as, 606 

MBniciHi, See. 

Picnic, Soldiers, 

protection of, 91909 

obscene, selling or Bending, 2089, 2083 

selling or givins away, tOBSa 

penalty tor violating act, SOSSi 


eonstmction on streams, 7S88a, 7S8S^ 



[Befereacea are Co Section*.] 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, SecB. 2785-6594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 669&-e73Se. 


killing wild, 


2217 congress maypuiiieb, 

Pigeon-Hole Table, 

gaming, keeping tor, 2181 

minora, allowing to pla; on, 2162 

allowing to congie^e aboat, 2183 

Pike County, 

circuit, in fif^-seventh, p. 677, 1894 

congraaeional district, 3315 

court, terms in, p. S77, 1394 

repreMutatives, apportionment, 6883 

BalariM of connt}^ officete, 6489 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statutes dislTibuted to, 7617fi 


Kinds, amount, approTsI, 


fees of pilots, 



icenee of Ohio falls pilots, 


governor to isane. 


number and terms, 



appeal from order, 


penalty (or violating act. 


Pipe LIdcb, 


Pipe-Line Companies, 

certificate to organize, 

cont«nts and recording, 
corporate body and powers, 
directora, number, election, 

quorum of, 

election of officers by, 

by-laws, adoption of, 

record of proceedings, 
existence, dnraUon of, 
personalty, acquiring and sale, 
real estate, acquiring of, 

conveyance of, 

proceedings of appropriation, 
seal of compan;)', 
secretary, election, bond, duties, 
stock, specifying amount, 

fixing of amount, 

divtBion into shares, 
transfer of stock, 
not to buy other stock, 
payment for stock, 
certificate ss to payment, 

stockholders, liability, 

taxation, assessment, 

treasurer, election, bond, duties,' 

5120, 5122a 



capacity to sue, testing, 
joinder, who must, 

when part barred. 
Joint, Bait by one for all, 
non-resident, cost bond, 
suit by one for many. 

Flank Boads, 

oesesBment of damages for, 

gravel roads, see, 
obstruction ol, penalty, 
taxation of companies, 

Flank-Boad Companies, 

taxation, i 


insarance of, 4927" 


auditor of state of stale lands, 

7156, 7166, 7166 

of county making, 798ft 

cities of 70,000, approval, 3770, 3771 

adoption by cities and towns, 

423I-4Z34, 42386-4238/ 

approval bv cities and towns, 


legalized plats of, 4238, 4238<r 

in cities of 100,000, 3830 

in cities of 50,000, 3963 

in cities of 43,000, 4117 

decedents, platting of lands of, 2507 

donations marked on plats, 4412 

legalised plate of cities and towns, 

lost plat, making new, 442S 

partition, making plats in, 
towns, adoption of, 

approval of piata, 

legahied plats of, 

record of additions, 

donations on plats, 

acknowledgment on plats, 

penalty tor violating act, 

imperfect, correcting, 

survey and making plats, 42386-4238/ 
MiNss, See. 

Pleadin^B, Civil Actions, 

abstract of title^ filing of, 
abatement, verification, 

time of filing of, 

judgment, pleading over, 
adoption o^ beire, petition. 












[Be/erettet$ a 
Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27M6. Vol. 2, Sera. 

Pleadings, Civil Actions, 

allegations taken as true, when, 3S6 

amendment after demurrer suatalned, 345 

when there ie a variance, 3»4, 31(5 

when a matter at right, • 

vhen by leave ol court, 

costs of making, 

delay tor, affidavit, 

to correct mistakes, 

by inserting names, 
uiBver, when ol^iectiona taken by, 

demarrer to answer, 

contents ol answer, 

paragraphs nambered, 



contributory negligence, 

to coanter-claim, aw 

abatement, filing, veriflcation, 368 

as to propertv dietraineU, 379 

evidence under general denial, 380 

on conBtructive service, 389 

■eseesment ol damages, pleadings, 908 

assignment, effect on cioae-deiiuuids, 355 

denial under oath, 367 

bastardy, pleadingsin, 990, 1002 

bill ol particulars, order as to, 366 

under ooth, default, eflect, 386 

capacity to sue, demurrer tor, 342 

denial, prool, 368 

complaint, first allowed, 341 

contents ot, 341 

Saragraphs numbered, 341 

emurrer to, 342 

SQstained tor miBJoinder, 343 

amending after demurrer, 345 

objections waived when, 346 

want of tacts, no waiver, 346 

demarrer and answer to part, 347 
receiver, allegations, 1242a 

condition precedent, pleading, 373 

denial, proof, 373 

consideration, want or failure, 369 

as to commercial paper, 369 

constmctive service, defense, 389 

proof ot complaint, 390 

examination of plaintiff, 391 

setoff or counter-claim, 392 

personal jndgment. 393 

construction of pleadings, 379 

copy ol writing, filing of, 365 

lost pleading, use of copy, 382 

tor use of adversary, 383 

costs on amendment, 345, 397 

on failure to plead counter-claim, 354 
variance, amending without coats, 395 

connter-claim, set up by answer, 350 

what constitutes, 353 

omission to plead, costs. 354 

assignment or death, effect, 356 

n action dismiesed, trial, 356 

Pleadings, Civil Actions, 

cross- demands, assignment or death, 365- 

damages, allegations not taken as true, 386 

recovery ot^ 387 

delault, admisBion ot account, when, 386 

demand at particular place, 371 

defenses specially pleaded, 359 

contributory negligence, 359a 

deflttition ol pleadings, 338 

demurrer to complaint, 342 

sustained for misjainder, 343 

docketing causes, 343 

amendment after ruling on, 345 

to part and answer to part, 347 

judgment on overruling, 348 

no reversal when, 348 

to answer, cause for, 349 

to reply, cause lor, 360 

denial, excuse lor not making, 364 

dilatory pleading, verification, 368 

divorce, petition tor, 1043, 1046 

answer, admissions, proof, 1051 

cross-petition, 1052 

ejectment, pleadings in, 1066, 1067 

occupying claimant, complaint, 108S 

issues on complaint, 1089 

excuse for not admitting or denying, 364 

execution of writing, denial, 367 

ot assignment, prool, 367 

exhibits, flling copies ol writings, 365 

accounts, copying of, 365 

variance, amendment, 365 

fictions in abolished, 381 

forms, distinction abrilished, 339 

general denial, prool under, 380 

guardian, answer tor ward, 358 

habeag corpus, complaint, 1122 

return and other pleadings, 1130,1131 

indefinite, making certain, 379 

infant, answer b^ guardian, 358 

information in civil action, 1147 

injunction, application tor, 1183 

insane, answer bv committee, 358 

interrogatories, dling ot, 362 

answer under oath, 362 

ipelling answer, 362 


to test truth ol pleading, 
"' e tor answer. 


failure of i 

9 to. 

[allure of consideration. 

ea, calling, 

filing pleadings, duty of conrt, 

failure to Ble, judgment, t\n 

judgment on overruling demurrer, 348 

§ leading ot inferior court, 372 

etault, admission of account, 386 

reliel from, when granted, 399 

not reversed for technicalities, 401 

lor failure to plead, 404 

judicial notice, need not plead, 377 

justices' courts, complaint, 1626, 1629, 1634 

answer before justice, 1528 

set-off, pleading of, 1530 

replication unnecessary, 1631 

amendment ol pleadings, 1532 




Vol. 1, Sera. 1-37846. Vol. 2, Seca. 

Pleadings, Civil ActioDg, 

libel or Blander, mieral allentton, 375 

proof ol apeaking or publication, 37fi 

juBtiflcation or mitigation, 378, 376e 

loot pleading, oae of copy, 382 

numdate, apptication for, 1183 

iasnes, how formed, 1 165 

mayor, rulea before, 3497 

Bvermente necessary, 8499 

misjoinderj demurrer aaatained, 343 

docketiDg separate cansee, "'" 

error as to, do reversal, 

names, correction of mistakes, 

unknown defendant, practice, 
nambere of casee continnons, 
oath, pleadings nnder, effect, 

denial of execDtion of writing, 

of execution of assigament, 

pleas to Jurisdiction to be under, 368 

to pleas m abatement, 868 

paragraphs, numberiag ot, 841, 360, 860 

partition, pleadings in, 1201, 1202 

pleadings allowed, 340 

B abicri bing of , 881 

presumptionB not pleaded, 377 

private statute, pleading of, 374 

receiver, complaint, 1243a 

relief, demand in complaint, S41 

what may be granted, 386 

reply, general or special, 860 

demurrer to reply, 360 

numbering paragraphs, 360 

to answer to counter-claim, 360 

setoff, answer ot, 360 

when allowed, 351 

Srincipal and surety, pleading, S62 
oath or assignment, effect, 356 
main action dismiBBed, trial, 356 
limitation, pleading when barred, 370 
sham pleadings, what are, 385 
interrogatories as to, 385 
when stricken out, 385 
signing of pleadings, 361 
statute, private, pleading of, 374 
supplemental pleadings, 402 
supplementary to execution, 834 
supreme court, none required, 667 
techntcalitieB dieregarded, 401 
uncertain, making definite, 379 
rariance between exhibit and pleading, 365 
when immaterial, 394 
proof ot material variance, 394 
amendment of pleading, 394 
immaterial variance, amendment, 395 
failure ot proot, what is, 396 
Terifled pleadings, proof, 363 
denial of execution of writing, 367 
of assignment ot writing, 367 
of pleas to joriBdiction or abate- 
ment, 368 
writing, filing of or copy, 365 
denying execution or assignment, 367 
lailure of consideration, 369 


Vol. 8, Beo. ( 

Pleadings, CrimiDftl Aetlons, 

arraignment, bow m«d«, 1831 

pleading, time tor, 18U 

Nfnsal to plead, entry of plea, 183S 

construction ol plesidiags, 1805 

copy to accused, 1826 

corporations, answer by, 1754 

cooBts, separate, when, 1813 

loinder of, 1614 

larceny, joinder, 1817 

defendant, plMdings by, lg!7 

filea ot not gnimr, 1332 

□sanity, plea of, 1833 
guilty, proceedings on plea of, 1836 

descriptions of writings, 1820 

ot writings in forgery, 1821 

elections, avennent« as to, 1818 

express companies, ownership, 1823 

first pleadins, what is, 1799 
forgery, misdeecription of writing, 1821 

forms and mles for, 1796 

of indictment, 1801 

of information, 1802 

guilty, plea of, jodgment, 1836 

by minor, sentence delayed, 1838 

indictment, contents, 1800 

form of, 1601 

construction ot words, 1806 

charging offense, 1806 

indorsements on, 1738 

prosecutor signs, 1738 

what need not be stated, 1808 

separate coont« in, 1813 

joinder of counts, 1814 

when sufficient, 1824 

not quashed, when, 1S2S 

copy to accused, when, 1826 

quashing, reasons tor, 1828 

information, contents, 1800 

form of, 1602 

amendment of, 18(M 

affidavit, amendment, ISOi 

construction ot words, 1805 

charging offense, 1806 

what need not be stated, 1808 

separate counts in, 1813 

joinder of counts in, 1614 

when Bufflcient, 1824 

not quashed, when, 1825 

copy to accused, when, 1836 

quashing, reasons tor, 1S2S 

how made and filed, 1747 

must be baaed on affidavit, 1747 

cases prosecuted by, 1747 

insanity, plea of, 1833 

acquittal, proceeding, 1834 

joint ownership, allegations, 1822 

judgment, pleading of, ISOO 

on plea of guilty, 1836 

larceny, joinder ot counts, 1817 

manslaughter, describing means, 1815 
minor pleading guilty, suspension, 1836 
misnomer, proceedings, 1811, 1812 



[Jfc/imieej are to Sectfont.'] 
Vol. 1, Sacs. I-276M. Tol. 2, Sees. 2786-SS94«2. Vol. 3, 8«ca. nM-0738e. 

FleadingfS, Criminal Actions, 

monej, allegatioiie as to, 
murder, second degree, means need, 
name ot accused, use of wrong, pro- 
ceedings, 1811, 1812 
of owners of property, 1822 
olfeiiBe, how charged, 1806 
oral plea by defendant, proo^ 1832 

perjary or subordination, 1816 

plea on arraignmeDt, 1831 

of not goilty, proof, 1832 

of insanity, bow mode, 1833 

refusal to plead, entry, 1835 

of gnilty, judgment, 1836 

of guilty by minor, snspension, 1836 

private statnte, pleading, 1810 

qoashin^ of, when not to be, 1825 

motion and reasons for, 1828 

when accused not discharged, 1829 

prosecution by intomiatipn, 1830 

trial or discharge, 1830 

style of prosecution, 1797 

time, statement as to, 1807 

writing, description of, 1820 

misdescription in forgery, 1821 


ececution sale of goods held as, 734 


administering criminally, 1992 

while intoxicated, 1994 

animals, poisoning of, 2054 

ristem, putting poison in, 1993 

draggist selling, 2195a, 2l9bb 

fleb, poisoning of, 2231 

Uqnors, poisoning of, 2168 

murder committed by, 

jurisdiction ot crime, 

giving with intent, 

springs, putting {toison in, 

water or well, poisoning of. 

1862, 1669 


camp-meetings, appointment for. 4488 
cities of genersi class, regulation, 

el. 8, 3641 
of 100,000, regulation. 3864-3878 

of 100,000, charges f^nst, 3868 

hearing and punishment, 3868 

additional and special police, 3871 

police lor board of health, 3886 

of 50,000, department, S927 

regulation of police, 3996-4010 

of 43,000, regulation, 4161-41fM 

metropolitan police, see, 3701-3730 

railroad condactors, 1771, 5183, 6184 

MrrBOPOLiTAN FoucB, See. 

Police Court, 

dtiea of 100,000, 


of 50,000, 


of 43,000, 


Police Jadge, 

dtiea of 100,000, election, t«rm, bond, 3689 
Jurisdiction, sessions of court, 38S!^ 
salary of judge, 8896 

of 60,000, appointment, 4019 

Jurisdiction, appeal, 4020 

salary of judge, 4026 

Police Hatroo, 

appointment and duties In certain 
cities, 3730(1-^300 

Police, Metropolitan, 

appointment and duties In certain 
cities, 3701-3730 

Mbtbopoutan Police, See. 

Police Pensions, 

in cities of 100,000, 3904«2-3004r2 


peace officers, powers as, 1771 

Metropolitan Police, See. 
PoucB, See. 


insurance, conditions, prohibited, 4S69a 
illegal condition, proceedings, 

iNstTRANCE, See. 


altering or destroying, 
aaditor ot county furnishes, 
blank forms for, 
care of after election, 
names, entering on fraudulently, 
Electioks, See. 


assessment, who liable to, 
exemption from payment, 

Polling Jury, 

civil actions, practice, 
criminal actions, practice. 


flsh, poisoning'of, penalty, 
pollution ot, penalty. 



[References are 
Vol. 1, SecB. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2; 


elections, selling on, 2177 

tceeping room for, 2176 

selling of pools, 2179 


gaming, keeping lor, 2181 

minore, allowing to play on, 2182 

allowing to congregate abont, 2183 


actions, prosecatdon ot by, 261, 262 

attorney appointed tor, 261 

ttenographers' report of evidence, 1474 

allowance to attorneys, lS48a, 18486 

by or against townebip, 8144 

appeals from jnetices in matters relat- 

bigto, 8166,8157,8176 

apprenticing of children, 81651, 8168 

appropriations by connty, 8145, 8166^ 

asylnro, keeping unclean, 2126 

for, organization of society, 4587 

for insane poor, 32501-32502 

for poor, 8145. 8166 

maintenance bv coanty, 8145 

joint by seTeral counties, 8166 

saperintendeDt, appointment, 

8166, 8166a 
salary and term, 6166a 

employes, rules, pay, 8166b 

appointing, removal, 8l66r 

daties of superintendent, 8166(1 

supplies, estimates, purchase, 8166e 
produce of farm, 8166/ 

appropriatione, 8166ff 

removing poor to, 8165in 

tax to build and fumiah, 8169 

removal of panpere to, 8170 

bond of su):«rin ten dent, 8IT1 

reports to county board, 8171 

education of children, 8172 

sending children to school, 8173 

discontmaonce and sale of asy- 
lum, 8174 
board of visitors for asylum, 8177 
datiesof board, 8177 
pay of visitors, 8178 
attorney, appointment for poor, 261 
allowance to, 1848a, 18486 
auditor, report to charities board, 

8158, 8161 

reporting expenses of poor, 8165n 

blind, allowance by coanty to, 7876 

burials of poor, 81651-81651: 

charitable societies, Inquiries, 8154 

co-operation with, 8155 

report to board of, 8158, SI61 

charity, associations for dispensing, 4595c 

children not kept in asylomB, B\S6g 

apprenticing, 81S5I, 8168 

dties, infirmary in for, 3653 

'.o SecUont.] 

■85-5694(2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5595 -8733c. 


county, duty to support poor, 814.5 

settlement in, how acquired, 8146 

diecretionary allowances for, 8162 
directions to trustees to relieve, 8162 
accounting to bv overseers, 8165p 

settlements with overseers, 8165A 

asylums, duties and powers as to, 

814fi, 8166 
tax to build and furnish asylum, 8169 
removal of paupers to asylum, 8170 
discontinuance and sale of asy- 
lum, 8174 
tax to support poor, 8105a 
visitors tor asylum, appointment, 8177 
pay of visitors, 8178 
matron, appointment and duties, 

blind, allowances to, 7876 

cripples, relief afforded to, 7877 

homes for women, appropristion, 7878 

cripples, relief afforded to, 7877 

education of poor children, 6033, 8172 

seodinK lo public schools, 6033, 8173 
of children under care of matron, 8I8I 
school books, 6870, 6033, e033a. 8187 

homes for indigent women, appropri- 
ation, 78^6 

legal settlement, acquiring, 8146 

removal to, 8ie5-8ie5<l 

matron for poor children, 8179 

appointment by county board, 

8179, 8180 
children under control of, 8179 

duties of matron, 8181 

education and employment, 8181 

Eay received by matron, 8182 

uildings and grounds, 8182 

additional matrons, 8183 

duties and expense, 8163 

homes for children, 8184 

agreement of persons taking, 8184 
record kept by matron, SIS5 

retakiufc of children pat oat, 8185 

expense of matron, 8185 

board of visitors appointed, 8186 

duties of visitors, 8186 

medical aid, funeral expenses, 8187 
school books, expenses, 8187 

orphan children, care of, 81S8 

county liability, when ceases, 8189 
notice lo matron as to liability 8189 
orphan asylums not affected , ' 8190 
non-residents, relief of, 8156 

overseers of poor, township trustees 
are, 8142 

trustees so designated, 8143 

duties of overseers, 8147 

claims for relief, duty, 8148 

temporary aid, 8149, 8163, 8164 

labor by applicants, 8160 

assistance Dy relatives, 8151 

amount of relief, report, 8162 


Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 


overseerB ,additioaal aid, 

charitable Bocieties, inquiries, 
co-operating with societies, moo 

noa-residenta, aiding, 8156 

traDsportation, 8157 

peDsltiea, 8159 

record of persons aided, 8160 

copies of record, disposal, 8161 

aid by order of county board, 8162 
tomporaty aid in asylum, 8164 

residence nncertaio, aid, 8163 

overseer removing from township, 

settlements by overseen, 8165ii, 8I65A 
burials, duUee aa to, 81661-8165jt 


[Sefertnees art to S«etion$.J 

Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6594e2. Vol. 3, Seca. 5696-8783c. 



biDding out children, 
removing poor to asylams, 
pay ot overseer, 
poor-book, overseers to keen, 
record kept of persona aided, 
contents of record, 
copies filed with auditor, 
copy sent to board of charities, 




proceemngs bad to obtain, 81650-^165(1 

repeal of laws aa to, 8165o 

■onool, sending children, 

6033, 8172, 8178, 8181 
books for children. 

5870, 6033, 6033<i, 8187 

Wttlement of poor, how acquired, 8146 
how settlement may be lost, 8146 

removal to place of settlement, 8165 
complaint before |uatice, 8166 

appeal from decision of Instice, 8165a 
trial in circuit court, 81666 

amendment of order, 8165c 

duty to receive person removed, 6166d 

■aperintendent of asylnm, 8166, 8166a 
appointment of, salary, 6166a 

general duties of, 8166<I, 8167 

employes, rules, pav, 81666 

appointing, removal, 8166e 

eappliea, estimates, purchase, 8166« 
produce of farm, 8166/ 

receiving paopera, 8167 

apprenticing children, 8168 

bond of superintendent, 8171 

reports to county board, 8171 

education of children, SlT:f 

aendine to public scbool, 8173 

tax to build and tumiab asylums, 8169 
for support of poor, 815S>i 

township trustees overseers of poor, 8142 
designated as such, 8143 

suits by or against, 8144 

general duties of, S147 

relief of poor, duties as to, 8148-8163 
record of persons aided, 8160 

copies of record, disposal, 8161 

removal to place of settlement, 8165 

township traetees, proceedings for re- 
moval, duties, 8165a'8166d 
delivering books to successor, 8165/ 
settlements with county board, 

8165if, 8166A 
burial of paupers and soldiers, 

binding out children, 81651 

removing poor to asylums, 8165in 

pay as overseer, 8165« 
visitora to county asylnm, 8177 
duties of visitors, 8177 
pay of visitors, 6178 
to home kept by matron, 8186 
duties of visitors, 8186 
women, home for indigent, appropria- 
tion, 7878 

Poor ABjInm, 

< provide, 192 

Id maintenance of, 8166-8178 

insane poor, asylums for, 3250<-325Or 

keeping unclean , 2 126 

organisation of societies to maintain, 4567 

PoOB, See. 

Poor- Book, 

register kept by township tmstee, 8160 

Poor Laws, 

repeal of, 81660 


bushel of, pounds, 8732 


altering marks on barrel, 22S2 

barrel of, pounds in, 8732 

traad in packing or sale of, 2251 

inspection of, 7016-7020 

marks on barrels, altering ol, 2252 

Porter Connty, 

circuit, in thirtv-flrst, p. 673, 1394 

congressional district, 3315 

court, terms of circuit, p. 673, 1394 
superior established in, 1426<i-l 426(12 

terms of superior court, 1426i;l 

representatives, apportionment, 6683 

salaries of count}; officers, 6490 

senatorial apportionment, 6682 

statutes diatnbuted to, 7617(1 

Posey Connty, 

circuit, in eleventh, p. 570, 1394 

congressional district, 3315 

court, terms in, p. 570, 1394 



ISefemiets are to SbcIiom.] 
Vol. 1, Swi. 1-2784*.. Vol. 2, SecB. 2785-6594*2. Vol. 3, £ 

Posey Connty, 

repreeentativaB, apportionment, 
Balariei of connty officers, 
aenatorial apportionment, 
Btatntes iliBtnbated to. 

Posse Gomitatiu, 

aid t» officer, refusal, penalty, 
Bommoning otpone, ] 

Foathnmons Child, 

inheritance by, 

will, revocation of by birth, 

office not lacradve, when, 


congreaa may eetabliBh, 


congrees ntnj establiab, 

boahel of, ponnde. 


mines, nse in, 
opening and ose. 

Power o! Attorney, ■ 

deeds, power given to execute, 3338 

recording of power, 3337, 3338 

married women may join in, 3369 

Judgment, release or satistactioQ, 690 

recording of power, 690 

conlesrion nnder power, 697 

landa, power to txtany, 3SS7, 33S8 

married women, power to convey, 3869 

recording power, 3S37, 3836 

fee for recording, 3339 

of power to release jadgment, 6W 

■eal to conveyance, 3421 

when neceaaary, 6660 


tmeto and powets, see, 3391-3419 

Practice, Civil, 

action for persona) injury, sorvival, 2S6a 
agreed case, trial of, 662-664 

appeal to Bapreme court, 637-685 

bill of exceptions, ase of original on 

appeal, 63Sa 

ooiniu od reipondtndmn, issuing by 

justice, 1619 

change of venue, 416-421 

Practice, Civil, 

commencement of actions, 
confession ol jadgment, 6Z2, 623 

continuances, 413-415 

(Miporations, constructive service o: 



dismissal of actions, 


evidence, written. 




exceptions, taking and reserving 




forms of actions. 


interrogatories submitted to 



issues, formation and order. 


kind of and trial. 


insurance company, foreign 


of proceea, 
joinder of actions. 



Judgment, rendition of, 


confession of. 


tion, 376« 

liens, foreclosure, parties, notice, 1109a 

limitation of actions, 293-307 

mayors, rules befor«, 3497 

new trial, granting of, 668-572 

nnmbering cases, 3S4 

parUea to actions, 261-278 

on forecloeare of liens, llOOa 

in partition, 1200 

pleadiDKB. 338-402 

process, service on corporations, 31Ba 

foreign insarance companies, 

service, 4914* 

publication, service on corporations 

by, 3180 

referee, trial by, 666-667 

short-band reporter, appointment, 

use of report, 1470, 1477n 

Bpedal causes of action, 286-292 

survival of actions, 282-286 

of action for personal injury, 2S&a 

tender, judgment, 580a 

trial by jury, 624-568- 

by court, 669-561 

of agreed case, 562-564 

before referee, 665-667 

venae of actiona, 808-315- 

cbange of, 416-421 

change of from superior courts, 

1426y, 1426ol, 142fti2 

verdict, general or special, 664 

intem^tories to jury, 566 

Practice, Criminal, 

accessories, charging and trial, 1867. 1858 

accused, rights as to trial, 1864-1856 

appeal to supreme court, 1964-1969 

arrest and recogniiance, 1749-179ft 

of jadgment, NTS, 191S 

change of venue, 1838-184» 



[Rrference* are to Sections.'] 
Vol. 1, S6C8. 1-27S46. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-66S4e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5696-8733c. 

Practice, Criminal, 

clerk, sending copj ot record 


coiporationB, prosecation of, 
definition ol termB, 

person defined, 
fees, tBxstioii of, 
felonies, verdict and sentence, 

IWOa, 19066, 825S1 

copy of record sent to refonnfttory, 

I906«, 8263 jl 
fugitives from Jostice, ' 

proceedings against, 
p^ud jury, 

indictment and information, 
judgment and execation of, 

arrest ot judgment, 

jadgment in felonies, itni 

copy sent to reformatory, 

1906c. S253> 


J912, 1 913 








jurisdiction of 
loatices, trials before, 
laws continaed in force, 

re]>ealed, saving clause, 
limitation of actions, 
new trial, tcranting of, 
person, definition of, 

provoke, venne in prosecutionB, 
search varrants, 
sentence in felonies, 
soretT of peace, 
trial Dy jury, right to, 

Kstence of accused, 
(ore Jury, practice, 
by court, 
order of trial, 
venue and change ot, 1837-1849 

in provoke cases, 183Ta 

verdict in felonies, 1906a, 19066, 82BSi 

Gbihihal Procedurk, See. 


burning of, peoalty, 2001 

Prairie Chickens, 



cities, division into, 

ordinance creating, notice, 
election, crestdon, voters in. 



6198, 6199 


execution only to issue on, 

lee-bill, filing tor, 

is for corporation issued on. 


advertising or sale of drugs as to, 

pregnant female sentenced to death, 
proceedings, 1060-19S2 


change of venue for, 416, 1838 

juror, challenge for, 1862 


agriculture, stale board offering, 2769 

county societies offering, 2802 

interstate tain offering, 2819 

building aseociations collecting, 

4446, 4451, 4463< 

fairs, interstate offering, 281t^ 
Inbdranck, See. 


churches uniting for, 4716-4728 

colleges establidted by, 4507-4609 


drunk, making of medicine when, 1994 

Hquon, Sunday sale, obtaining, 2195 
druggists requiring for sale, 

7288J, 7283* 

President ot United States, 

ambassadors received by, 13 

army, commander of, 12 

bills and resolutions, Bigning, 7 

vetoing of, 7 

compensation ot, 11 

congress, mesaagea to, 13 

convening in extra session, 13 

adjournment ot, 13 

election of, 11, 36 

executive authority vested in, II 

impeachment of, 14 

navy, is commander of, 12 

oath of president, 11 

officers, appointment by, 12 

vacancies, filling of, 12 

qualifications ot, 11 

treaties, making by, 12 

vacancy in office of, 11 

filling vacancies by, 12 

veto, power as to, 7 

Presidential Electors, 

electors, presidential, see, 



accused presumed innocent, 1893 

death, when presumed, 2386, 2386 

murder, presumption strong, bail, 62, 1756 
treason, presumption strong, bail, 02, 1755 



Vol. 1, 8ecB. 1-27846. 

Primary Elections, 

ballots, prepBTation ot, 633flf 

candidates, notice by, 633!W 

commiasionera of election, fl339(i 

committeemen, precinct, 63;i9p 

electing committeemen, 6339/ 

meeting o(, 8339» 

contests of election. 6339;/ 
counties where election held, 6339c, 6339a [ 

dele^tea to conventiona, 6339* 

election boarda, selection, 6339( 

JualificatioQB of members, 6331>ni 
Qties ot board, 6339i, 6339p, 6339 j 

expeneea of election, 6339f 
penal tiea for violating act, 

6339«, 6339t, 6339u 

inducing violation of act, 6339n 

interfennff with returns, 6339j^ 

poll-books and bUnks, 6339ji 

voters, qualifications, 6339/ 

voting, manner of, 6339o 

illegally, 6339p, 6339?, 6339r 

Principal and Snrety, 

administrators, rights of, 1232 

bonds, defects in not to release, I23S 

contribution by co-sareties, 1229 

creditor, notice by snretj to sue, 1224 

failure to sue, release, 1226 

legal disabilities, persoas onder, 

effect, 1232 

executors, rights ot, 1232 

heirs, righta of, '""" 

interest recoverable by aurety, 

judgment, payment by surety, 1228 

remains in force lor surety, 1228 

surety not to allow, when, 1230 

without relief in favor of surety, 1231 

Hen of recognizances given, 1234 

notice by aurety to creditor to sue, 1224 

failure to sue, release, 1225 

remedy of surety on payment, 1228 

JQd^ent remains m force, 1228 

against co-auretiea, 1229 

judgment without relief, 1231 

interest recoverable, 1233 

suretyship, trial of, 1226 

complaint by aurety, 1226 

plaintiff not affected, 1226 

levy on principal's property 

first, 1227 

indorsement on execution, 1227 


affidavit aa to publication, 481 

fee taxed as coata, 677 

in drainage proceedings, 6715 

for publisning notices, 8087 

county board allowances, 7852 
lees under county council act, 5694a2 
Elktions, See. 

[Befereneet are to Sectiojis.) 

Vol. 2, Seca. 2785-5594e2. Vol. 3, Sees. S595-fl733c. 

Printing Bnrean, 

clerk, appointment and duties, 7593 

misfeasance of, 21S0 

official printing, aee, 7694-7604 

Printing, Public, 

acaderov of science reports, 7604a-7604c 
acts of legislature, 7616, 7617 

clerk of printing board, appointment, 7596 
duties and salary, 7S96 

misfeasance of, 21 SO 

journals of legislature, S706, 7617, 7617a 
official printing, see, 7^^7604 

secretary of state, dntiee ot, 

7616, 7617. 7617oa 
OFFICIAL pKiirrnta, See. 


attorney to answer tor, 358 

citiea, pay b^ for keeping, 3602 

coat of keeping in civil actions, 8195 

of keeping criminals, 8198 

ot priaoners of other counties, 8202 

eacape, aiding of, 2116-2118 

suffering escape, 21 19 

ot convict, penalty, 2122 

recapture after eacape, 1769 

evidence of, how procured, 1887-1889 

insane prisoners, proceedinga, 3228(1-3228/ 

labor, when kept at bard, 1936, 1940 

in work-house, 3602, 8334 

refusal to labor, punishment, 8341 

liquors, fumiahing to, penalty, 2192 

moba, protection from, 1770 

pardon by governor, 8231 

rigor, unnecessary prohibited, 

state prison, see, 

testimony ot, how procured. 

United States not received by a 

Jail, See. 

State Pbison, See. 


aiding escape from, 

cities and towns, erection by, 

female prison, see, 

girls' industrial school, 

goods made in other states, 

license tor sale of, 

applicatioa and bond, 

issuing licenae, posting, 

annual statement, 

fee for license. 

term of license, 

revocation ot license, 

labeling goods, 

contents ot label, affixing, 

penal tjf tor violating act, 

fee ot informer, 
grand jury, examination by, 
home for friendless women, 

1735, 1736 



Vol. 1, S©C8. 1-27846. 

Vol. 2, Sees. 


hoDse of refuge, see, 


jail, see. 


matrons (or prisons. 


state prison, see, 
ODclean, Buffering to be, 



women, prison for. 


vork-bouse, see, 


HoHB VOH Fribndlbu Woken, See. 

Jail, See. 

Reform School foe Boys, See. 

Stati PBtaoK, See. 

Women's Prison, See. 

WoRK-HoDBB, See. 

Private Secretary, 

governor may appoint, 
ularr, payment. 

6662, 7611 

Private Statute, 

pleading In civil actions. 


in criminal actions. 


Private and Special Laws, 

See appendix, pages 1228-1239, Vol. 8. 


definition and ponisbment, 206 


citizens, no abridgment of, 3 
congress, of membeTS of, 

general asaembty, of members of, 10 

special not granted, S 


definition and panlsbment. 

Probate GonuniBsioner, 

appointment, datiea, powers, 
aadstantB tor commissioner. 

Probate of Will, 

certificate ol probate, 
attacbing to will, 

contents of certificate, 
citation to produce will, 

refusal to produce, commitment 

liability lor dam^es, 

affidavit of person cited, 
«lflrk, probate before, 

snopiena for witnassea, 

attesting evidence taken, 

recording of proof, 

certificate of probate, 

refusal of clerk, conrt probates, 
coimtf where probated, 
depositions, use of, 

18— OEN. IN. 


Probate of Will, 

devise to witness, effect, 2766 

evidence, use of will, 2769 

foreign will, probate ot, 2761 

proof, how taken, 2762 

aatbentication ot proof, 2762 

production of will and proof, 2763 

Sling and recording, 2763 

will executed here, foreign pro- 

bnte, 2764 

when admitted in this state, 2764 

handwriting of teetatorj proof of, 2754 

when proof of admitted, 2755 

proof, who may have taken, 2749 

where may be taken, 2750 

witnesses necessary, 2764 

handwriting, proof ot, 2754, 2756 

writing and recording o(, 2757 

witneeeee, subpoena for, 2751 

Sroof made by, 2754 

eath or absence, 2754 

proof ot handwriting, 2754 

Sroof of death or abMnce, 2756 

evise to, effect, 2756 
Wills, Bee. 


Civil Procedure, See. 
Cbikihal Procbddbe, See. 

Proceedings Supplementary, 

affidavit to obtain order, 628 

for order ot arrest, 829 

for order on other persons, 831 

testing sofficiency, 834 

answer by debtor, order (or, 827 

by third personSj 831 

waiver by plaintiff, 832 

application o't property, order for, 833 

arrest and bail, order for, 829 

bond of debtor, 830 

commitment to Jail, 830 

action on bond, 830 

costs, how taxed, 834 

evidence on hearing, 832 

order of court as to property, 833 

pleadings not required, 834 

testing affidavit, 834 

trial, examination ot witnesses, 832 

oral hearings on, 834 

Execution, See. 


agent of insnrance company, service 

circuit court may frame, 
corporations, service on, 
disobeying ot. 



Vol. 2, 

Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. 


foreign iDBnrance compaoy, Bervice, 49141 
obBtmctJng legal proceee, 2120, 2121 

Ohio river, service on, 5544 

proof ol service of proceae, 489 

pablicatioa, notice d}', 320, 1048 

proof of. 489 

railroad company, agent tor service 

are to Secttom,^ 
Sees. 2785-5694fl2. Vol. 3, f 

school corporation, service 



service of Bummons, how m 


on gaardians. 


on insane, how made. 


on corporations. 



when sufficient, 



proof of service, 
Bh»nB, when to serve. 




style of process 


RimmonB, see, 



supreme court may frame. 





governor, taking effect of laws. 


holidaya, sale of liqaora. 



definition and pnuishment, 



coats, taxation of. 


judgment in cases ot^ 


eoperior courts may iisae. 


writ, when may iesae, 


Promlsflorj Not«8, 

action on commercial paper, 7630 

where Buit brought, 7630 

appraiaement lawe, notes waiving, 7629 

aaaignee, suit by, 7616 

detenBCB against, 7517 

attorney's feea, agreements to pay, 7632 

bank, payable in, effec' 7620 

nghU of holders, 7620 

bills of exchange not aflected, 7519 

commercial paper, suits on, 7530 

holidaya ae to, 7631 

dama^ on protested notes. 7627 
deposit companies, payable in, effect, 5012 

holidays as to commercial paper, 7631 

indorsement, negotiable by, 7615 

indoraer, liability of, 7618 

diligence against maker, 7518 

negotiable by indoreement, 7516 

patent right, note given for, 8131 

payable in bank, effect, 7520 

in depoBit companies, 6012 


compensation for when taken, 96- 

definition as used in etatatea, 1909 

exemption from execution, 67, 715-730 
injury to, joinder of actions, 279 

tnal of nght of, 1697-1614 

Proseenting Attorney, 

acts of legislataro distribnted to, 7617« 

of county, auit f^ainat, 
bastardy suits, duty as to, 
bribery of. 



bond, amount and approval, 
combinations to restrict trade, duties, 

county, repreaenta in soita, 

court may appoint, when, 

crime, justice to notify of, jdvo 

notice of, prosecntioo, 7811 

prosecutes actions for, 7812 

dentistry, prosecutions, 66061 

deputy, may appoint, 7684 

divorce suits, duty aa to, 106O-tO6Oc 

tee in suits, 10606 

dog tax, duty as to collecting, 2861 

election and term of, 171, 7809 

beginning of t«rm, 7674ft 

express companies, proaecntdnR, 3312/ 

factories, suits under law regulating. 

lees of in criminal actions, 7814 

in divorce cases, 10505, 7614 

in relation to hedges, 66S9 

for enforcing tax laws, 8650- 

in suits against officers under fee 

law, 6537 

under medical license law, 7322 

forfeited bail bond, suit on, 1791, 7812 
gaming contract, suit on, 6678 

grand jnry, appears before, 1737 

hedges, trimming, suits as to, 6689 

tee in suits, 6589 

horse-racing, suits tinder act as to, 6959/ 
impeachment and removal of, 

eiOSi, 8108A1 

indictment, signing of, 

dismissal ol, 

inspection of, 

disclosing as to finding, 
information in civil actions, 

in criminal actions, filing of, 

lost, filing new, 
insane persona, dn^ aa to, 

protecting interest of, 
inearance companiea, suits against, 

tiiatice to noti^ of proaecntiona, 
iqoor lice nee, procuring, 
marri^e licenae, suit against clerk, 
medics! license law, suits, fee, 
name, reaiata change of. 


1747, 1748 




Vol. 1, SftcH. 1-27846. Vol. 2, S 

ProBecnting Attorney, 

nolle proteqwij when may enter, 1742 

oaths, admi mate dug, 7813a 

official bonds, suite on, 7568 

police courts, prosecutes Id, 3900, 4030 
railroads, prosecuting, Ie«, 5172c 

recognizance, suit on forfeited, 1791, 7813 
removal from office, 172, 8108«, 8108A1 

salaries of prosecutore, 6421 

soldiers* monument, snits as to, 8373 

special, appointment by conrt, 781S 

allowance to, 7813 

street nilway companies, prosecntiog, 

snretjr of peace, notice of suit, 1684 
taxation, snita concerning, 

8466, SS29, 8649, 8660 

fees in suits relating to, 8660 

term, beginning of, 75745 

tnut fnnds, duty as to suits, 7812 

suits agaiosi combinations, 3312o 


abdactioD of female for, 2079 

associating with prostitute, 
definition and panishment, 


bank bills, protest ol, 

Inlle of exchange, protest, damages, 7521 

interest after protest, 7632 

exchange not considered, when, 7523 

drawer or indorser, damages, 7624 

damafea not allowed, when, 7626 

on biUe payable in this state, 7526 

notes discounted by bank, 7627 
general assembly, protest of membeis, 122 

Protegtaat Episcopal Ghnreh, 

corporation and powers, 4729 

name and style of, 4729 

wardens and veet^men consti- 
tute, 4729 
number and terms of, 4730 
diocese, incorporation, 4741n-4741ff 
property, holding of, 4734, 4735 
Bale or lease of, 4736 
holding in trust, 4789, 4740 
rector member of vestry, 4730 
trust, holding property in, 4739 
execution of trust, 4740 
irardens and vestrymen incorporated, 4729 
number and terms of, 4730 
elecljon of and certificate, 4731, 4737 
vacancies, fllliog of, 4732 
change of name and number, 4733 
powers of, 4734 
real estate, holding, 4734 
personal property of, 4735 
sale or lease of property, 4736 
election of new vestry, 4738 
trust, holding property in, 4739, 4740 

are to Seetiom.} 

I. 2785-6594«2. Vol. 3, Bees. 659&-8733c. 


sale of unwholesome, 2167- 



actions, giving notice of by, 320,1048 . 
administrator, removal, 2402 
allowance by county boards, 7862 
corporation, service on by, 318a 
county, allowances, 7862 
receipts and espenditoree, 7856 
manner of and foes, 5594a2 
limit as to papers, 6694e2 
decisions ol supreme court, 166 
expenditures and receipts ot state, 196 
of county, 7866 
executor, removal, 2402 
feee for county publications, 6694a2 
publishing list of allowances, 7852 
for le^ advertising, 6087 
in drainage proceedings, 6715 
borae-racing act, notice by publica- 
tion, e9e9J 
legal notices, publication ot, 1299-13(0 
proof of publication, 489 
limit as to county, 5&94«2 
manner of publication, 8087 
fees allowed for, 8087 
tor county advertising, 66!Ma2 
publishing allowances, 7862 
m drainage proceedings, 6716 
notice of pending suits, 320, 1048 
proof of publication, 489 
Statutes, publication of, 124, 7616, 7617 

Pnblie Buildings, 

construction and sale of, 66S9-6G94 

contracts, interest ot officers, 2136 

coonty boards to have erected, 7833 

custodian of, see, 7779-7790 

doors to open outwardly, 2276 

officers, interest in contracts, 2136 

BuiLDiNos, See. 

BniLniHGS, Public, See. 

GnBTODiAN Public Bdildimos, See. 

Public Debt, 

bonds of state, issue and sale, 8407a-8407e 

state debt, payment of, 194 

debt of stale, see, 8374-8407 

United States not qnestaoned, 42 

Poblic Fands, 

disbursement, acconnts and vouchers, 


applicaUon of appropriations, 6664e 

funds, public, see, 6661-6671 


Vol.1, Sees. 1-27846. 

Fablic OroQDds, 

certain not to be sold, 
depoeiting oSal on, penalty, 
OMtraction of, penalty, 

Pnblic Indecency, 

definition and penalty, 

Public Printing, 

official printing, see. 

Public Sqn&res, 

vacation of In towns. 

Public Warehouses, 


{Referencfi an to SecUom."] 

Vol. 2, Seca. 2785-55M«2. Vol. 3, Sec*. 6595-8733c. 

Purdue Dniversity, 

corporate name and powers, 
donation of Pnrdne accepted, 
hinds, aale of scrip, 

inreatment of proceeds, 
bond of state, lasue of, 
interest and payment of, 
^[ts, acceptan 


warehonsea, pnblic, see, 


Pulaski Connty, 

circuit, in fotty-fotirth. 

p. S7S, 1894 

congresaional district. 


courts, terms in. 

p. 676, 1394 

representativefl, apportionment, 6683 

BBlariea of county officers. 



statatea diatnbated to, 



commatation of aa to boys, 

of as to girls, 
convicts, pnniahmeiit of, 
crael and annsoal probibited, 32, 61 

jorv fixes in verdict, 1906 

verdict in felonies, 1906(1, 82631 

work-honae prisoners, pnnishment, 8341 


benevolent inatitationa, employment, 



widow, rights aa to. 


trusts, protection against, I 

Purdue, John, 

privileges at Pnrdne University, ( 

Pnrdne University 

acceptance of benefits of acts of con- 
gress. ( 
amendment or repeal of act, ( 
appropriationa lor, how paid, 61 
cbemiatry, professor, state chemist, f 
coanty students, appointment, 6180, t 

institutea of technology, establishing, 6185 

investment of funds, 
location of university, 

made permanent, 
name "Purdue University," 

not to be changed, 

corporate of trustees, 
officers elect«d by trustees, 
president of boara trusteefl, 

member state board education, 
Purdue, John, privil^es ol, 
aecretarv, election of, 
streets through grounds, 61 

etndenta sent by counties, 

rights and privileges of, 

number allowed, 
tax tor benefit of, 
technology, institute of, 
treasurer, election of, 

bond of treasurer, 
tmsteee, who constitute fitst, 

obtaining and sale of scrip, 

corporate name of* — ' — 

general powers of, 

meetinga and quorum, 

—' i~ T— provided. 

6169, 6182 


election of prolesaors ajid teachera, 

compensation of instructors, 
by-laws and regulations, 
appointment of trustees, 
terms of trustees, 
vacancies, filling of, 
officers elected by, 
president of boara. 


Patnam County, 

drcuit, in thirteenth judicia], p. 671, 1394 
congressional district, - 3319 
■ '- D.671, 1394 

court, terms ii 

salaries of county officers. 


killing of uolawfully, 

or Belling of unlawfully, 

sale, keeping tor unlawfully, 
selling of not shot, 

transporting of unlawfully. 



Vol. 1, Sees. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Seca, 


animals, eaUblishing againBt, 2S77 

citiea, regalatione as to, cl. 6, 3541 

Quartering Soldiers, 

restrictions as to, 27 


anessment for taxation, 8516 


appointment of, 215, 7341 

qaaliflcations of, 7346 

salar; of, 7424p 
Militia, See. 

Qttieting Title, 

action, who may bring, 1082, 1086 

disclaimer, costs, 1084 

judgment, recording cop)', lOSG 

rales applicable to, 10S3 

tax titles, saits to qnlet, 8640 

Qaitclaim Deed, 

estate conveyed by, 3343 

form and effect of, 3347 


city coancil, breaking of, penalty, 2146 

congress, what constitates, 6 

general assembly, what in, 107 

breaking quomm in, 2147 

jurisdiction of offense, 2147 

Qdo Warranto, 

informations in nature ol, 1145-1160 


mills, obtiuning for, 894 


actions under act regnlating, 6969f 

parties and process, 6959j 

who is to prosecute, 6659iIt 

changes of venue in, 6959A 

attorney-general, prosecuting suits, 6fl59i 

betting on, penalty, 2176 

consecutive races, namber allowed, 6958? 

violating section, penalty, 6969i; 

definition of terms used, 6959A 

highways, racing on, 2280, 22S1 

information and restraining order, 6959( 

who may Qle information, 0969t 

notice to defendants, 69591 

parties to suit, 6969 j : 

ir« to Sfctiong.J 
2785-5594<;2. Vol. i 

Sees. 5695-87S3e. 


information , notice of suit, judgment, 6959^ 

changes ot venue, 6959it; 

prosecution of suit, 6959J: 
limitation as to time and number ol 

races, 6969ir 
November IStb to April 15tb, racing 

prohibited, 6959/ 

penalty for violalinff section, 6959/ 

number ol races allowed in year, 6959i7 

of consBCutive races allowed, 6959? 

penalty for violating aectiun, 6969? 

penalties for violating act, 6959/, 695^ 

pools, buying or selling on, 2177 
prosecnting attorney prosecuting 

suits, 6959^ 

"race," "race meeting,'* meaning ol, 6959A 

restraining order, granting ot, 6959f 

parties, notice, Judgment, 6959J 

streets, racing on, 2281 

winter racing prohibited, 6969/ 

penalty for violating section, 6959/ 


definition and punishment, S176 

parties compelled to testify, 1868 


abandonment of road, what is, 6267, 6271 
completion by another company, 5268 
appmisement, payment, 6266 
distribution ot money, 6269 
pay ol appraisers, 5270 
annual statement, 6272 
completion of road, 6273 
accepting general law by old compa- 
nies, 6196 
actions against for injariea, 312 
by city to recover penalty, 8500 
service ot process, 3600 
arrest of agents, 3500 
aiding by taxation, 5340 
auditor ^ves notice of election, 5342 
certificate as to publication, 6342 
clerk of canvaBSing board, 6348 
records statement of vote, 6360 
completion of road, time for, 6394 
conditions on donation or taking 

stock, 5353 

county not liable for debts, 6364 

donation ol money, 6363 

conditions imposed, 6353 

location ot road before, 6365 

election, petition for, 6340 

number of signers, 5340 

order tor election, 6341 

laws govern ing, 6341 

notice of election, 6342 

opening ot polls, 5343 

conduct of election, 6343 

challenge ot votera, 6344 

ballots, contents ot, 6346 




aiding, Mitifleate b^ jadges, 
cuivau of votee, 
otganiiation of faoard, 
■tatemeat of board, 
recording of sUtement, 
expensM of elaction, 

loTfwtore for not commencing 
work, ^7, 

extending time, 
for not completing road, 6358, 
complaint to declare, 
Jadginent of forfeiture, 
reveraion to tax-payers, 
joint or several actions, 
service of process, 
time given to complete road, 

Uw, effect ol on prior acts, 

levy of tax, time for, 

limit as to tax levy, 

locatdoD of ahops as conditions, 
of Toad before donation, 
of road before collecting tax, 
Boapending tax until location, 

paying money in advance, 
remnding to county, 
vhen company may receive, 

petition to coanW board, 
contenta and signers, 
action by board on, 

refunding tax to tax-payers, 

payment into townabtp funds, 

uncalled for tax, disposal of, 
state line, coanties bordering on, 
county or city may take stock, 
cit^ may issue bonds, 
petition to county board, 
order for election, 
manner of holding election, 
notice of election, 
ballote used, 
certificate as to votes, 
canvass of votee, 
statement of result, 
levy of tax, 
limit as to levy, 
Bubecription tor stock, 
conditions of snbscriptioti, 
petition to city council, 
I order for sabscriptioi 

bonds iasned by city, 
interest, payment, 

I. 278e-65»4«2. Vol. S, Bees. SSSS-STSSc 


aiding, Btock lor certificates and re- 


sinking fund for principal, 
payment to company, 
expenses of election, 
stock, subscription for, 

conditions fo subscription, 
certificates given ' 


apecial receipt tor taxes. 

ceipts, 6372 

unclaimed atock, issae of, 5373 
cancellation of prior stock, 6374 
trustees to vote stock, 5375 

tax, time tor levy of, 6361 

amount ot levy, 535t 

limit as to amount, 6852 

advance to road before collec- 
tion, 6364 
road located before payment, 

care run before payment in 

full, 6355 

vrhen paid to company, 5356 

forfeiture of rigbt, 6367, 5358 

enforcing forfeiture, 6369-5362 
refunding to tax -payers, 6366 

payment into general funds, 


tion, 5368 

suapending collection, 6369 

certificatefl and receipts for, 

5370, 5371 
stock for certificates and re- 
ceipts, 6372-«374 
township, petition in behalf of, 5340 
limit as to appropriation, 5352 
stock in name ot; 6363 
not liable for debts, 
taxes paid to, when, 
trustee to vote stock, 
amendment or repeal o( law, 
animals, injuries to, liability, 

agent to answer as to money, 5316 
proceedings on ineticee' Judg- 
ment, 6317 
contempt tor not obeying or- 


animals, who liable for injury, 5312 

entering on road through gates, 5322 

bill of lading, use as evidence, 6312 

circuit court, action before, 6313, 6314 

summons, service of, 5314 

defendant, who may be, 6320 

farm crossings, construction of, 6320 

gates at, erection, mainl«- 

nance, 6321, 6327 

fences, effect as to liabilitv, 6318 

time in which to build, 6323 

character of fence, 6323 

where not required, 6323 

building by land-owner, 5321 

collectii^ cost from company ,.5324 

repair of fences, 5325 

duty of railroad company, 5325 

repair by land-owner, 63^ 

collection of costs, 6386 

liability as to animala onat- 

lected, S32ft 



Vol. 1, Seci. 1-Z784b. Vol. 2, Seca, 


uiimalB,gat«aBtt»mcroaBfng8, 6321,6327 
erecting and majntunine, 

M21, 6327 
BDimals passing throogh, 5322 
liability lor injaiy. 

agent to answer as to money, 6316 
order of court aa to payment, 6316 

of justice, proceedinge on, 6317 

contempt of ag«nl, 5319 

Justice ot*peace, action before, 6313 

snnunone and serrice, 6313 

proceedings tor satisfaction, 6317 

tessees, liability for damages. 6312 

money, agents to answer as to, 6316 

application on judgment, S316 

judgme"' "" """"" --'-■- 

stunmouB from justice, 

time of service, oaio 

from circuit court, 6314 

time of service, 6314 

annual statements and reports, 6178, 5272 

appropriation of lands, 6169 

entry and surrey, 6160 

description of lands deposited, 6160 

fiorchase of lands, S160 
ailureof purchase, approprifttion, 


notice of proceedings, 6160 

appointment of appraisera, 6160 

ttsseeement of damages, 6160 

width ol roadway, 6160 

coats of proceedings, 6160 

exceptions to award, 6160 

order of court, 6160 

Siaseasion pending appeal, 6160 

uder, effect on costs, 6160 

• companies having benefit of act, 5161 

adverse claimants to money, 5163 

payment into court, 5183 

attorney tor unknown parties, 6164 

amendment of proceedings, 5164 

defective title, new proceediaga, 5166 

possession of lands, 5166 
release of right of way, recording, 


failnre to record, effect, 6167 

public lands, purchase of, 5176 

appropriation of public lands, 5176 

articles of association, 6134 

number ol signers, 6134 

amount of stock subscribed, 6134 

capital stock specified, 5134 

residence of stochbolders, 5134 
filing with secretary of state, 5136, 6137 

corporate body and politic, 6136 

copies of articles evidence, 6135 

copy filed with secretary, 6137 

acts as to legalised, 5138 

ir« to Aetfoni.] 

2785-6e94e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 6e»-S733c. 


auditor of state, approval of signals, 6166 
appointing engineer to examine, 5167 

Say and expenses of, 6168 

atiee and powers as to crossing, 


badges of officers and employes, 6177 

failure to wear, effect, 6177 

baggage, sale of. 8294 

benevolent institutions, location on 

lands, 8023 

bonds for money borrowed, 5168 

mortgage to secure, 5168 

conversion into stock, 6168 

sale of bonds, 616S 

guaranty o( other companies, 5216 
petition of stockholders, 5217 

limiting amount, 5218 

branch roads, faitore to build, forfeit- 

nre, 5280 

branches, building of, 5300, 5301 

stock in bridge company, 5300 

appropriation of lands, 5302 

bridges, railroads on, 4658, 4669, 4662, 4669 

by-lawa, adoption of, 6147 

Srovidine tor transfer of stock, 4148 
, use of oy railroad, 6395 

hydranlic power preserved, 6396 

capital stock, specification in articles, 5134 
snbecriptioDS to organise, 6134 

books opened to subscribe for, 6136 
notice of opening books, 6136 

distribution among Bubscribere, 6136 
increase of stock, limit. G139, 6196 
preferred stock, issuing of, 5140, 5169 
priority over common stock, 6146 

calls for payment for stock, 5140 

amount payable monthly, 6146 

transfer of slock, 6148 

calls paid before transfer, 5148 

certificate as to payment. 6149 

filing certificate with secretary, 6149 
lands, payment forstock in, 6160, 6161 
sale of property taken, 6161 

cats, getting on moving, 2290 

rnnning without tools, 2292 

locking passenger cars, 2298 

obstracting highways, 2291, 2297 

operating trains, 5186, 5186 

forming passenger train, 6191 

cemeteries, locating railroads in,. 


charters, sarrenderingof special, 6196 

cities, action against tor penalty, 3500 
service of process, 3500 

arrest of agents, 3500 

granting rights of way, 5398 

grades of tracks in, 3643 

aid in constraction of, S612, 3613 

on state line, aid to, 5378, 6390, 5391 
regulating speed of trains, 

ct. SO, 42, 3641 



[Jif/ereiiM* are to Seetiont.'] 
Vol. 1, Beca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2786-6594*2. Vol. 3, Seca. 6595-873Sc. 


cities, reqairing cleaning of streets, 
ct. 42, 
of 100,000, coatrol over, 
of 50,000, control over, 
of 43,000, coDtrol over, 
street improvement assesBmenta, 
condnctOTS, police powere, 1771 
to wear badges, 6177 
failure to wear, effect, 6177 
ejectiag passenger for not paying, 5181 
ejecting disorderly passengera, 6182 
gambling, ejecting passenger lor, 6182 
police powers of conductors, 61S3 
arrest of passengers for crime, 5184 
affidavit to be filed by, 6184 
connecting with foreign roads, 6281 
appropriation of lands, 62S4 
assessment of damages, 62S4 
appeal from asaeaament, 6284 
title to lands, 6286 
bridge on state line, 6286 
joint nae of, 6282 
acquiring lands, 6282 
contracts for use of roads, 6286 
legaliced. 62S7 
danu^es, liability for, 6288 
foreign roads, connectiona of, 6261 
ntension into tbia etate, 6281 
acqairing lands, 6282 
for right of way, 6283 
appropriation of, 6284 
title to lands acqaired, 6286 
liability to third persons, 6288 
light of way, contract for, 6283 
appropriating land for, 6283 
title to land acqaired, 6284, 6286 
sole right to use, 6286 
consolidation of railroad companies, 6261 
adoption of common name, 6261 
recording of resolQlion, 6262 
completion of road, time ex- 
tended, 6264 
consolidation, how eSected, 6261 
recording of resolution, 6262 
of consolidated companies, 6258 
companies included, 6267, 6262 
electric railroad companies 
consotidatinit, 5257 
corporate powere of companies, 6262 
eontinuation of powers, 6265 
foreign company, contract with, 6260 
frauchiseB not impaired, 6262. 6266 
when not forfeited, , 5261, 6263 
vesting in new company, 6263 
name, adoption of common, 6251 
recording ol resolution, 6252 
resolution to consolidate, 6261 
recording of resolution, 6262 
state line, connecting roads at, 6253 
agreement of eomnaniea, 6264 
completion of roaa, 6266 
franchises preserved, 6255 


consolidation, powers and rights of 
company, 625* 

extending into other states, 5269 
rights and powers of com- 
pany, 6269 
contracts with foreign com- 
panies, 6260 
time to complete extended, 6264 
construction of road, general powers, 6163 
beginning of, when, 5194 
completion of, when, 6194 
forfeiture for failure, 6194 
county, acquiring lands of, 5176 
crossing, failure to stop train at, 229ft 
deceiving engineer at, 2294 
crossing withont right, 2296 
stopping train on crossing, 2296 
failure to give signal, penalty, 229fr 
other railroads, el. 6, 5163 
expense of crossing, 6164 
repair of tracks, 6166 
interlocking signals, 6166 
approval by auditor of state, 6166 
civil engineer to examine, 6167 
pay ancf expenses of auditor 616& 
decree of court as to crossing, 615Sa 
interlocking switches, 61586 
petition to auditor, proceedings, &168« 
expense of interlocsin^, 6]68d 
crossing without stopping, 6168« 
penalty (or violating act, 6168/ 
engineer to examine plan, 615^ 
pay of auditor and engineer, 6168& 
of streets, grading, 6172a-6172e 
when not allowed, 5199, 6200 
highway crossed by, 6172 
manner of making croasing, AI72 
taking of lands for, 617Z 
compensation for lands, 6172 
flagman at highway crossings, 617i 
signals at road crossings, 5307-6311 
failure to give signal, penalty, 6308 
lights at street croBsings, 43676, 6173 
depots, acquiring lands tor, 6160 
waiting-rooms for passengers, 

5138. 5189 

names specified in articles, 
opening stock-books by, 
distribution of stock by, 
increase of capital stock, 
preferred stock, issninK of, 
number, fixing by stockholdeia, 
election of annually, 
notice of election, 
manner of election, 
certificate of election, 
term of office of, 
voting by stockholders, 
who may be elected as, 
calling meetings of stockholdeia, 





directors, annual statement to Btock- 
holdere, S144 

removal by stockholden, 6144 

failare to elect on day fixed, CI45 
Bubsequent election of, 5145 

president elected by, 6146 

officers, election of, 6145 

calls for stock payments, 6146 

by-laws adopted Dy, 5147 

certificate as to stoclc payments, 6I4S 
property received for stock, 6161 

map certified bv, 6152 

classification of directors, 6299 

drains, assessing coat, 6623, 6624, 6683 
repaire, aaaesament, 6633 

election of directora annually, 6142 

of officers by directors, 5145 

employee, forcing contribntions, 2300, 2301 
improper discharf^e of, 2302 

injnries to, damages, 7082(1-7087 

flagman at highway crossings, 5174 

retosal to keep, penally, 6176 

farm crossings, 5320, 5327 

fencing roads, 6323-5327 

forfeiture of nght to bnild branch, 6289 
extension of time to complete, 

6290, 5291, 6291 
corporato powers continaed, 5292, 6295 

freight, duty as to carriage of, 6185 

refosal to carry or deliver, 5190 

Advancing rates for carriage, 5333 

sale of freight, 32!M 

gates at crossings, 6221, 5227 

general powers of companies, 5163 

nighway, road crossing, 6172 

manner of crossing, 6172 

lands taken, payment, 6172 

lights at street crossings, 5173 

Bagmen at highway crossings, 5174 
penalty for failure, 5176 

granting ri^ht to USe, 6397 

sisals at crossings, 5307 

failure to give signal, penalty, 

recovery of penaltv, 5309-5311 

obstruction of with cars, 2291, 2297 

hoga, disinfecting cars after shipping, 

pens of to be kept clean, 2886 

penalty for violating act, 2889 

interlocking switches, constmction of, 


judgment, enforcing, 834a 

animals, iniories, enforcing judg- 
ment. 5316-5319 

laborers, lien of on roads, 7265-7267 

lands, acquiring for use of, 5150, 6153 

taking on stock aubscription, 5I5I 
sale of, when t«quired, 5151 

proceedings to appropriate, 5169-5165 
public, appropriation of, 5176 

are to Sectiont.'] 
p. 2785-559*e2. Vol. 3, Sees. 5696-8733c. 


lateral roads, appropriating lands, 6274 

asseasiug damages, 6274 

appeal from assessment, 6274 

of material, 6277 

assessing value of, - 6277 

nnknowD owners, representation, 5279 

certificate of incorporation. 52T& 

contents and reeordii^, 5275 

sale or assignment, recording, 5276 

circuit court, petition to, 6274 

appointment ol viewers by, 6274 

connections with other roads, 627S 

incorporation ol company, 5274 

lands, entry on and survey, 6274 

aseesement ot damages, 6274 

right of way, width of, 6276 

obtaining material from, 6277 

unknown owners, proceed- 

inss, 527& 

use by public, 6167a 

material, appropriation of, 6277 

assessing value of, 6277 

petition to circuit court, 6274 

appointment ol viewers, 6274 

Tiewers to aasess dam^es, 5274 

viewers, duties of, report, 6274 

proceedings on report, 6274 

pay of viewers, 6280 

lien ot state tor taxes or penalties, 6179 

of citisens for debts, 6179 

of contractors and laborers, 7286-7267 

lights at street crossings, 43675, 5173 

switch lights. 6173a-5173d 

line, alteration ot, 6170, 5171 

map and profile of, 


m^le, duty as to carrying, 6180 

compensation, how determined, 6180 

extra train for carrying, 5180 

map ot route adopte<l, 6162, 5193 

filing in counties, 6162, 6193 

alteration of line. 5170, 5171 

meetings ot stockholders annaally, 5142 

notice ot meeting, 5142 

election ot directors, 5142 

special meetings may be called, 6143 

notice of meeting, 5143 

metal. Bales by agents, 6328 

quantity and bill of Bale, 5328 

failure to give bill, effect, 5329 

duty of purchaser, 6330 

confusion ot goods, effect, 5331 

leplevinof. 5332 

mortgage to secure bonds, 5168 

converting debt into stock, 5168 

name, changing ot, 5296 

manner ot and efleet, 6297, 5298 

notice of arrival of trains, 5186 

penalty for not giving, 6187 

obstraction of tracks, penalty, 2039 

ot highways with care, 2291, 2297 



tSefemeu « 
Vol. 1, Sen. l'-27346. Vol. 2, R«ca. i 


officen, removal by itockbolden. 

election by dlrecton, 
preBideat snd otberofficen, 
o^-Iawb to deeignate, 
bonds g^yen by, 

disotderljr, pnttinK oS, 
gaming, pattinfi off ol train. 



arrest when gnilty of ciinM, 6184 

proMcation ot, 6184 

running of trains for, 6186 

waiting rooms kept for. 6168, 6189 
refoBBl to carry, damagea, 6190 

trains for, how made np, 6191 

on platform, injury, liaoility, 6192 
rules OS to, violation, injury, 6192 

passenger cars, locking ot, 
keeping tools on, 
in mixed trains, 

preferred stock, issuing of, 

president ot company, election, 
selected by directors, 
must be a director, 
temoval by stockholders, 
certificate ot payment for stock, 6149 

process, service, how mode, 
agent tor service on, 
service, how made, 
written authority filed, 
recording and indezii^. 



6140. 5169 

6144, &146 

failure to file, proceedmgs, 

information, service, 

issue and trial, 

judgment of court, 

restraining order, service, 
profile and map ot route, 

filing in counties, 

alt«nnK ot line, 
public lands, acquiring by, 
rates, advancing, restrictions, 
release of right ot way, recording, 5166 

failure to record, purchaser, effect, 

right ol way, entry and survey, 

appropriating lands tor, 

release of, recording, 

failure to record, esect, 

public lands, acquiring for, 

grant by cities and towns, 

weeds on, destroying, 

failure to destroy, penalty, 

use by public, e&ect, 
rolling stock, sate, vendor's lien, 




limit as to credit, 
conditional sale, rents, 
actEnowledgment of contract, 
recording of contract, 

Srior contracts not affected, 
)rm of acknowledgments. 


sale and reorganiiation, 6301 

agreement ot interested parties, 6201 

bonds, power to issue, 6202, 5212, 6216 

guaranty of bonds, 6216 

Etidon ot stockholders, 5217 
liting amount. 

tion, ' 5216 

consolidation of roads, 6216 

cotpormtion, how formed, 6201, 6210 
certiflcate signed and filed, 

6201, 6210 
power* of corporation, 

6202, 6210, 6213 

franchisee posseased by, 6202,5211 

debts, assuming payment, 5202 

payment ot old debts, 6207 

sinking fund to pay, 6202, 6213 

foreign corporation purchasing, 

6203, 6214 
rights ol corporation, 6203, 6214 
franchises, rights ot purchasers, 

6202, 6211 
lien for debts, 6204 
mortgagees taking rood, 6220 

corporate powers ot, 5220 

isBoini stock by. 6220 

acqainng title to land, 6220 

notice of conveyance. 6220 

preferred stock, issuing of, 6213 

purchasers ot roods, rights of, 

6201, 6210 
formation of corporation, 

franchises and powers, 6202,6211 
a foreign corporation, rights, 

6203, 6214 
sale of roads, manner ot, 6201 

notice ot sale, 6202 

sales legalised, 6202 

sale as on entirety, 6205 

place of sale, 620S 

road in different states, 6209 

notice and place of sale, 6209 

law applies to all sales, 5210 

sinking fund to pay debte, 6202, 6213 

stock, surrender ot old tor new, 6206 

release of old subscribets, 6211 

holders, rights of, 6211 

preferred stock, issne ot, 6213 

ot branch roads purehased, 6216 

seal, adoption and alteration ot, 6136 

signals at railroad crossings, 6166-5168 

at highway crossings, 6307 

failure to give, penalty, 2299, 5308 

recovery of penalty, 6309^-5311 

state lands, acquiring of, 6176 

stockholders, Bubscribiag articles by, 6134 

form corporate body, 5136 

sabscriptions tor stock, 6136 

preferred stock, approval by, 6140 



[Stf^rtnet* art to 8tetiort».'\ 
Vol. 1, B«ca. 1-27846. Vol. 2, Sees. 2785-e6M«2. Vol. 3, B«C8. 569S-873Se. 


trains, running traina witboDt tools, 2893 

Kiting on moving, penalty, 3290 

iking passenger care, 2298 

obatracting higfawaTs, 2291, 2297 

cities regnlating speed of, 

d. 39, 42, S541 
to be nm at regular times, 6185 

notice ol time fixed, filS5 

dnty to furnish, 6185 

notice ot arrival of trains, 6186 

failure to give, penaltjr, 5187 

forming paaaenger train, S191 

freight cars not behind psssenger, 

nnlon companies msv be formed, 5221 
bonds, issue of, 6240 

mortgage to secure, 5240 

bridging of Btreams, 6228 

charging toll, 6228 

contracts with other companies, 

6236, 6242 
rights snd duties ander, 6242 

tracks, agreements as to use, 6260 
corporation, formation ot, 6222, 6233 
corporation, certificate ot incor- 
poration, 5:233 
signing of certificate, 6334 
recording ot certificate, 5334 
debts, joint liability, 5249 
directors, who to compose, 6223, 6236 
determination of number, 

powers of board, 6235 
officers elected by, 5243 
board of managers, selection, 5244 
delegation ot authority, 6245 
general j^oners and rights, 69'>2, 5238 
acquiringriglitof way, 6224, 5238 
ownorlense roads, 6237