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Full text of "By-laws, roster, and muster roll of John F. Reynolds post, no. 6, Department of the Potomac, Grand army of the republic, July 1, 1891 .."

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V^ Vf" .. -^ " A" ' 




John F. Reynolds Post, No. 6, 


Grand Army of the Republic, 

JULY 1,1891. 

Instituted October 6, 1868, and nameJ in honor of Maj.-Gen'I 
John F. Reynolds, who was killed at the battle of Gettysburg. 
July 1, 1863. 

Post Meets at Grand Aemy Hall, 1412 Penna. Ave. X.W. 

Washington, D. C. 

On First and Third Friday Evenings of Each Month. 


Commander, .... 
Senior Vice Commander , 
Junior Vice Commander, 
Adjutant, . . . 
Quartermaster, . 
Surgeon, . . . 
Chaplain, . . . 
Officer of the Bay, 
Officer of the Quard, 
Sergeant Major, . . , 
Quartermaster Sergeant, 

Albert H, Van Deusen. 

. H. M. Bennett. 

. Wm. N. Thomas. 

R. Emmet Smith. 

Lewis B. Parker. 

W. W. (jRANGER. 

W. H. Gotwald, 

Francis L. McKenna. 

. R. R. Brouner. 

Alden Bradford. 

Phil M. O'Bryon. 



W. W. Grangee, H. M. Bennett, W. H. Gotwald. 

I. W. Stone, S. E. Faunce, E. A. Jacobs. 


N. D. Adams, E. P. Upham, L. C. Griffin, P. M. 
O'Bryon, I. W. Stone. 


Lewis B. Parker, Thos. Galloway, A. Stern, J. K. 
Cramer, E. Minor. 

Frank H. Sprague, George E. Corson. 


Henry A. Myers, . C8-'9 
Ray. p. Eaton, . 18G9 
Frank H. Sprague, 70-'1 
Elisha A. Jacoijs 1872 
William H. Kuhns,* 1873 
Rich'd R, Broxjner, 1874 
Augustus Ridgely, 1875 
George E. Corson, 1876 
John O. Riley, . 1877 
Squire G. Merrill, 1878 
George E, Corson, 1879 

Wm. W. Granger, 1880 i 
Lewis B. Parker, 1881 
R. E. Smith, 1882 

Eugene McSweeny,*1883 
Chas. W. Sherwood, 1884 
Solomon E. Faunce, 1885 
Thomas Galloway, 1886 
Edward Webster, 1887 
John P. Church, 1888 
Henry Jenkins, 1889 

N. D. Adams, 1890 



Article I. — Title. 

This Post shall be known as John F. Eeynolds 
Post, No. G, Department of the Potomac, Grand 
Army of the Republic. 

Article II. — Meetings. 

Section 1. The stated meetings of this Post shall 
be held on the first and third Friday evenings of each 
month. The hour of assembly' shall be at 7.30 o'clock 
from October 1 to April 1, and c.i 8 o'clock from April 
1 to October 1. 

Sec. 2. Special meetings and quorum are governed 
by Chapter II, Article V, Sections 2 and 3, Rules and 
Regulations of the G. A. R., but no business shall be 
transacted at a special meeting other than that men- 
tioned in the call. 

Sec 3. On vote of the Post adjourned meetings 
may be held, which shall be opened in like manner as 
stated and special meetings, after which the order of 
business shnll be resumed at the point at which it was 
left off at the time of recess. 

Sec. 4. A short recess may be declared by the Com- 
mander at his discretion. 

A.RTICLE 111.^0 fficers and their Duties. 

Section 1. The officers of this Post shall be such 
as are" provided by the Rules and Regulations of the 


G. A. R., Art. VI, whose duty shall be as laid dowr 
m Article VI [, and who shall be elected and installed 
as required by Article VII. 

Sec. 2. The officers of this Post, while in the per 
formauce of their duties in the Post and on parade 
shall wear the G. A. E. uniform with side arms. 

Article IV. — Committees and their Duties. 

Section 1 . The Commander, immediately after hif 
installation, shall appoint the following Standing Com- 
mittees : A Relief Committee consisting of three mem 
bers, a Finance Committee of three members, an| 
Entertainment Committee of five members, and a De-I 
linquent Committee of five members ; which Commit- 
tees shall act until the next regular election of officers : 
Provided, That should a member of either neglect his 
duties the Commander may report the facts to the 
Post, when, if no satisfactory excuse be given, he 
may declare the delinquent's position vacant, and ap- 
point another comrade to fill the vacancy. 

Sec. 2.~Pdief Committee. It shall be the duty of 
the Relief Committee to visit all comrades who may 
be reported sick or in distress within twenty-four 
hours after such notification, continuing such visits 
as often as may be found necessary, and if found 
worthy, and the Committee is satisfied that such com- 
rade is in good standing in the Post, it may, during 
the recess of the Post, order an appropriation not ex- 
ceeding three dollars per week for the relief of any 
one comrade : Provided, Said order be approved by 
the Post Commander before being paid. The Com- 
mittee shall report its action in writing at the suc- 
ceeding regular meeting, and it shall also perform 
such other duties as may be appropriate or that may 
be imposed on it by the Post. No larger sum than 

that above specified shall be appropriated for the re- 
lief of any one comrade at any one time, except by a 
unanimous vote of the Post. 

Sec. "d.— Finance Committee. It shall be the duty 
of the Finance Committee to audit the accounts of the 
Adjutant and Quartermaster, and report in writing at 
the first regular meeting in each quarter, and at such 
other times as may be advisable or as the Post may 

Sec. ■^.—Entertainment Committee. It shall be the 
duty of the Entertainment Committee to provide sucb 
entertainment as the Post may desire from time to 
time. They are also empowered to recommend to the 
Post the holding of-camp-fires, concerts, &c., as they 
may deem advisable, but they shall not make the Post 
responsible for any expense connected therewith with- 
out first obtaining the consent of the Post. , 

Sec. ."). — Delinquent Committee. It shall be the duty 
of this Committee to look after such members of the 
Post as may be in arrears for dues, and call their at- 
tention to the matter and urge them to place them- 
g^lves in good standing ; also to urge those who may 
have been dropped to reinstate themselves in the 

Article V. — Nominations and Elections. 

Section 1. The election of the officers of this Post 
shall be held at the time and in the manner provided 
by Chapter II, Article YII, Rules and Eegulations. 

Sec. 2. At such election the Commander shall act 
as judge, and he shall appoint as tellers two comrades 
who are not candidates to assist him in conducting 
the election. 

Sec. 3. When the poll is oyen the Quartermaster 
shall call the roll of comrades entitled to vote, and as 

their names are called they shall step foiwardaud de- 
posit their ballots. 

Article Yl.~Fees and Dues. 

Section 1. The muster-in fee and the fee for rein- 
statement in this Post shall be two dollars, which 
must accompany the application, and which shall en- 
title the comrade to the Grand Army badge, a copy 
•of these By-Laws, and of the Rules and Regulations 
of the G. A. R. If the applicant for reinstatement 
has a G. A. R. badge the fee in his case shall be one 
dollar and fifty-five cents. 

Sec. 2. The dues of this Post shall be seventy-five 
cents per quarter, payable in advance at the first 
stated meeting in .January. April, July, and October. 

Sec. 3. A comrade received by transfer card from 
another Post shall pay to the Quartermaster one quar- 
ter's dues in advance before signing the roll. 

Article Yll.— Accounts and Funds. 

Section 1. All accounts against the Post, except for 
Department dues and rent of hall, shall be referred 
to the Finance Committee to audit. 

Sec. 2. No account shall be paid by the Quarter- 
master except upon an order signed by the Adjutant 
and countersigned by the Commander. 

Sec. 3. The funds of this Post shall not be appro- 
priated, in whole or in part, except upon a two-thirds 
vote of the members voting, except as provided for 
m case of funerals in Sec. 2, Art. VIII, these By-Laws. 

Article Nil!.— Deaths and Funerals. 
Section 1. Upon the Commander having been in 
formed of the death of a comrade he will at once 

ascertain if it will be agreeable to the family of the 
deceased to have military ceremonies at the funeral, 
and if such consent be given he will convene the Post 
for that purpose at the proper time. Comrades will 
assemble, in uniform if possible, punctually at the 
hour named by the Commander. 

Sec. 2. Upon the death of a comrade in good 
standing the Commander may authorize the expendi- 
ture of a sum not exceeding thirty dollars towards 
defraying the expenses of the funeral, should the ne- 
cessities of the case demand. 

Aeticle IX. —Rules of Order. 

"With such changes in phraseology as will make 
them apply to a Post this Post shall be governed by 
theKules of Order of the J^ational Encampment as 
promulgated in the Rules and Regulations. In cases 
not provided for in said Rules of Order this Post shall 
be governed by the ruleslaiddown in Robert's Manual. 

Article X. — General Insimctions. 

Section 1. Officers of the Post must memorize the 
ritual thoroughly, so far as it relates, at least, to the 
office they may fill. The Vice Commander should be 
familiar with the Commander's duties. 

Sec 2. The Commander is wholly responsible for 
the discipline of the Post when in session or parade. 
Should a comrade so conduct himself as to bring dis- 
credit upon the Post, the Commander is authorized to 
cause him to be removed from the Post-room or the 
line, as the case may be. 

Article XL — Amendments. 

No part of these By-Lnws shall be repealed, amend- 
ed, altered, or suspended, nor shall any new by-law 


be adopted unless by a proposal in writing stating the 
alteration or addition to be made, and to be presented 
to the Post at least two stated meetings prior to its 
discussion ; when, if two-thirds of the comrades pres- 
ent and voting vote in favor of such proposition, it 
shall be adopted ; but any part of these By-Laws 
may be suspended for the evening by unanimous con- 

Adopted February 1 , 1889. 

E. Emmet Smith, 

A djiitant. 

Headquaktees Department of the Potomac, 
Grand Army of the Republic, 

Washington, D. C, February 27,1889. 

By command of W. S. ODELL, 

Department Commander. 
C. H. Ingram, 

.4. .4. Q. 



Allen, John E. 

Kelley, M. Frank 

Beckeet, Adolph 

Kelly, James 

Belle w, James P. 

Kenyon, Charles 

Bkown, Calvin W. 

KuHNs, William H. 

Chandoine. Victor 

Lehnert, John 

Clausen, Chaeles F 

McLjonald, Robt. E. 

Cox, James P. 

McElavee, John 

Cunningham, Jr.. Jas. 

McLeod, Alexander 

Dorian, Thomas H. 

McSwELNY, Eugene 

Draper, L. J. 

Madden. John A. 

DuBant. J. H. 

Maugee, Martin M. 

French, Alpheus K. 

Michener, John E. 

George, George W. 

O'Malley, Edward 

Gleason, John H. 

O'Meally. Michael 


Halpin, Henby 

Peck, Charles H. 

Hanley, Timothy 

Sloane, Robert 

Harrison, Wilt iam F 

Smith, Montgoisiery P. 

Haughey, Allen B. 

Swan, William R. 

Harvard, L. A. F. 

Thomas, Samuel 

Holt. Edward B. 

Webb, George J. 

HoEiGAN, Michael 

WiNSOE, William H. 


George A. 


[Note— Only rank above private is noted. Unless otherwise 
shown, the branch of the service is infantry.] 

Comrades are requested to notify the Adjutant of 
changes in their addresses. 

Abrams, Daniel F., H, I22d N. Y Washington, D. C. 

Adams, Jacob, Sergeant, H, 17th Ohio 2:19 13% sw. 

Adams, Nelson D., Bandm'r, 3d Vt. and ist Vt. Brig.....'.ii2i I nw. 

Alden, William H., ist Sergeant, H, 42d III 1308 S nw. 

Anderson, John P., D, 163d Ohio 2116 i6th nw. 

Atkinson, Edwin T., A, 198th Ohio 127 E nw. 

Barnes, Almont, Capt., ist N. Y. Lt. Art 411 4ih ne. 

Barnes, James J., Corp., ist Mich., Lt. and Adj't 24th 

Mich 1433 R nw. 

Barr, Charles, I, ist Md 1309 C sw. 

Bennett, Harrison M., B, 39th Mass 907 M nw. 

Betts, Robert H., Sergeant, H, 14th Ohio 637 Mass. ave. ne. 

Bogue. George W., Ensign, U. S. Naw 636 R. L ave. nw. 

Batt, John, Sergeant, D, ijth Mo 2251 Cleveland ave. nw. 

Brailen, James R., A, 23d N. Y 2211 14th nw. 

Bradford, Alden, C, 17th Mass P. O. Department. 

Brennan, Daniel D., Landsman, U.S. Navy.. ..310 Mass. ave. nw. 

Brookings, Edmund J., B, i6th Maine 1501 6th nw. 

Brouner, Richard R., 5th N. Y., Lt. and Adj't, 7th 

Md 723 12th nw. 

Brown, John P.,C, 7th Ind., Musician, i6th Ind... Rising Sun, Ind. 

Bruen, John, D, 17th N. Y New York, N. Y. 

Brust, Albert G., Carpenter, U. S. Navy Anacostia, D. C. 

Bryan, Augustus S., Surgeon's Steward, Pavmaster's 

Steward, U. S. Navy .'....1749 Pa. ave nw. 

Bryant, Lewis C, C, 33d Pa 341 D sw. 

Campbell, Charles D., H, i8th Ohio, 2u W. Va. Cav...i2o nth ne. 

Carr, John H., D, ii6th Pa 1224 28th nw. 

Caverly, Edwaid, Musician, 32d N. Y., K, ist Conn. 

Cavalry 1726 15th nw. 



Chambers, Emmet 15., ist Lieut., 33d 111 5 I ne. 

Chase, Gabriel T., K, 12th N. Y., 89th Co., V. R. C 512 E se. 

Church, John P., 2d Lt , Bat. I, istMich. Lt. Art. ..2026 14th nw. 

Clements, James T., A, ist Battalion D. C. Vols 1237 32d nw, 

Coleman, William H., Seaman, U. S. Navy 423 6th se. 

Cook, George, Sergeant, E, 48th N. Y 107 2d nw. 

Corson, George E., Com. Sergeant, 17th U. S., Hospital 

Steward, LJ. S. A 211 C nw. 

Cramer, Israel K., Lieut., E, looth Ohio 630 G nw. 

Cramer, William W., D, 86th Ohio Studley, Hanover Co., Va. 

Daniels, Ara M., Corporal, A. 6th Minn 1401 T nw. 

Daniels, Joseph, Capt., ist Minn. M't'd Inf 1315 Q nw. 

Deland, Francis S.. I, 17th Maine 815 T nw. 

Dunn, Thomas M., 4th U. S. Artilleiy 940 Enw. 

Dunning, Hugh, Landsman, U. S. Navy 34 K nw. 

Elkins, Philip M., A, ist Batt'n 111. Vols., F, 68th 111. ..415 3d nw. 
Emmons, Lucius H., I, 8th Ind. Cav., 75th Ind 626 I ne. 

Faunce, Solomon E., B, 3d Mass., Sergeant, F, 38th 

Mass 907 N. Y. ave. nw. 

Fichter, George, D, nth U. S.. E, is^h N. Y. H'y Art. ..815 T nw. 
Fix, Louis F., Capt., 58th Ohio, Lt. Col. Mo. S. M... 6th and Gnvv. 

Fletcher, La Quino, Corporal, F, 49th Ohio 922 9th ne. 

Flynn, David, ist Sergeant, H, 3d \j . S 211 loth ne. 

Galloway, Thomas, Capt., E, ist Md. Cav , 

13th St. and Whitney ave. 

Gibbs, William H., Capt., H, 15th 111 Jackson, Miss. 

Gideon, Francis M., 6th Mo. Cav 1934 15th nw. 

Gotwald, William H., A, 26th Pa. Mil 309 nth sw. 

Granger, William W., Lt. and Adj't,3d Mo. Cav... 1518 Caroline nw. 
Griffin, Charles L., F, io2d Ohio 59 K nw. 

Hanlon, John J., F, 3d U. S. Cav., Lt. 19th Pa. Cav J19G ne. 

Harvey, John A., I, 23d Ohio 1228 C sw. 

Havens, Jonathan O., K, 92d N. Y. Vol. Inf'y 84 H st. nw. 

Hermnan, Samuel H., 15th and 47th N. Y , Soldiers' Home, 

Hampton, Va. 

Hinton, Richard J ., Capt., 2d Kansas Cav 1215 L nw. 

Hoagland, John H., 2d Lt., 6th N. J 64 C nw. 

Honey, George W., Chaplain, 4th Wis. Vol. Cav.. 1722 loth st nw. 

Howard, Thomas P., K, 69th Pa 643 B ne. 

Hutcherson, William H., D, 7th Bat'n, D. C. Vols 448 M nw. 

Jacobs, Elisha A., I, 4th, and H, 44th Mass 909 L nw. 

Jenkins, Henry, Com. Serg't, A, nth Pa. Cav 722 F ne. 



Jesse, Augustus, B, 2d U. S. Drag and V R r tt x^, 

Johnson, Daniel, 2d Ass'i Entr ii'i lij ^- ^ '^20 Un. PI. 

K, T^ . , looi 3d se. 

ohr, David, A, 87th Pa 

lS V7 "■■ «• 39'X >o-"''' -■ '" 1 ""■ 

tS'^irHf A^iif N*-' V ^ ^ ^«'-' ••■■■•■■■•■■V4o,-pa''ivi'' ::: 

!>. rr ,, ' 205 Pa. ave. nw. 

McKenna, l-rancis L., Sere't U S M r 

Mandeville. James H.'c, 44th and A \.n,h-M v ^°^ ^ '" 

Mangum, William H. ist DC VoU ' ^ ^ 3ioi P nv . 

Manning, John S., 1st Lieut A iifithVVh;^ ^^^S L sw. 

Marun,^NathaaC.,C..o6thN'''f^^^^^ '^' ' ""• 

Marx, George, G, s'thN'y '^''^ ^°^^ ^'^■ 

Merriam, Ephraim C , Med ■'cader'''r"^"'A" ^^'^ ^^''^^ ■'''■^- "^^• 
^"a Ass't Sure. 40th Mass , ^ ■^- ri.. 

Merrill, Simeon H^, Gapt I „Vh M;;"n ^'" ^- J' '-^^^^ "«'• 

Minor, Edwin H , Ser^^t 8th Pa R. ^ 9^'^ i' "vv. 

Moor. William H. I Id U S ^^'"^« 1215 12th nw. 

Moore,^ Patrick, Trumpeter/Scott';' '^oorN - Y ''" ^ ""• 

M^S;?^^- ^^'iS^'f ^s:M:-ca;::;.:;::;;;;:::::4 ^: -; -. 

''^' M^^'S k S--':^ :?^^-"^^^^p^o- paTand^^^ ^';;^"- 

alo^!'.":.!:' 9'^^"^- ^"'- -dirsthTnrja^v'- '"^ ^'^^^ "-■ 

Rear of 214 G nw. 

O'Brien, Maurice, A dth TT S 4r^;ll 

O'Bryon, Ph.lip M., A:;;;i^^.^^y!--ols.:-;.y^^^- -' -• 

PhSS,WniL!i-G^:^>;^St\'?fi-^ti ^^35x3thnw: 

Pidcock. Edwin. 32d N Y and Trh V ?• ^°'^^;-,-<-Ottage Hill, ne. 
Piper, Horace L.%d £t.,\n'tf M^ll^" ^°'-^534 ^. Gapitol. 

Reed Cyrus J., E. 5th Iowa r^'^' , ""• 

Kemburg, Louss, Master's Mate u"'^""<r ^'7 '2lh nw. 

Rfi'"! '%^^°'-^^ ^.' Su4eon's'syeward%^^S-N 'V'c ^" 

Kidg^ly, Augustus, A, 5th Batt'n D C VoU °^ P "^• 

R.gglesR.chard, Anderson Rifle.s and slrg't -A-ist'^^^ ^'^ ""• 
■ ■ ^^^ Brook, Princ^ George's Co., Md. 



Riley, Charles V., C, 134 Ills. Vols Dept. of Agriculture 

Riley, JohnO., President's M't'd Guard, D. C. V0IS...1416 T nvv. 
Robinson, Alfred N., ist Lt. and R. Q. xM., 5th Ohio 

Cavalry 326 E ne. 

Saers, Caleb L., A, 2d N. Y. Cav. and U. S. 

Navy Mount Pleasant, D. C. 

Schmid, Ernst, G, 176th N. Y., and Hospital Steward, 

U. S. Army 1536 9th nw. 

Sherwood, Charles W., Sergeant, 3d D. C. Vols., and 

ist Lt. 1st D. C. V^ols 204 New York ave. nw. 

Sigourney, Charles F., F, 44th N. Y. S. M 612 D sw. 

Smith, Charles H., Sergeant, H, nth N. Y. Cav. ..3232 Grace nw. 

Smith, Robert E., F, 194th Pa 3C07 P nw. 

Somers, William, Corp., 2d U. S. Art 724 6th sw. 

Sprague, Frank H., Sergeant, E, ist R. I. Cav...Philade phia, Pa. 

Stamp, Andrew H., F, 8th N. Y. Hy. Art 717 13th nw. 

Stern, Aaron, Corp., Ord. Corps, U. S. \ 601 G sw. 

Stewart, George G., K, ic9th Pa. 

Seabrook, Prince George's Co., Md. 

Stone, Israel W., M, ist 111. Lt. Art 728 F ne. 

Stout, Charles H., C, 8th Ohio, and Com. Sergeant, nth 

Pa. Cav : 1715 G nw. 

Thomas, William N., apprentice, U. S. Navy 926 5th nw. 

Titlow, Benjamin F., Anderson's Rifles, D. C. 

Vols Philadelphia, Pa. 

Tiverny, Theophile, Sergeant, 2d Batt'n, D. C. Vols... 1004 4th ne. 

Tyers, Frederick. E, 34th 111 825 13th ne. 

Tyler, Albert W., D, 1st Mass. Cav 604 nth nw. 

Upham, Edwin P., I, 44th Mass 1205 W nw. 

Van Deusen, Albert H,, Capt., G, 97th N. Y 2203 M nw. 

Webster, Edward, ist Lt., 2d 111. Art., Capt., 4th U. ST^' 

Colored Art 716 F ne. 

Wertenbaker, W. E., Sergeant, 2d Mich 1232 31st nw. 

West, Granville C, ist Lt., 4th Ky. M't'd Infantry.. ..612 nth nw. 

Wheeler, John W., G, I'Soth Ohio 1755 K nw. 

Whiting, William H , 2d Lt., loth N. Y. Cav 1506 H ne. 

Wilson, Thomas, 2d Lieut., B, 21st Iowa Cav., and 

Capt., K, 44th Iowa 1218 Conn. ave. nw. 

Winans, John F., Serg't, D, 67th N. Y 218 4^^^ nw. 

Winship, William W., ist Lieut,, F, ist, and Capt., F, 

2d D C. Vols 1352 28lh nw. 

Woolev, George C, Capt , M, 9th N. Y. Cav 414 6th nw. 

Wolf, John H., B, 25th N. Y. Cav 6oi>^ 4th nw. 

Yingling, David C, Corp., C, 3d Pa 627 Mass. ave. ne.