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in 2011 with funding from 

CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 

I*or you will learn to see most acutely out of 
the corner of your eye 
to hear best with your inner ear 
r there are late signs and early signs 
>r the patient's story will come to you 

like hunger, like thirst 
or you will know the answer 

like second nature, like first 
: or the patient will live 

and you will try to understand 
: or you will be amazed 

or the patient will not live 

and you will try to understand 
'or you will be baffled 

or you will try to explain both, either, to the family 
or there will be laying on of hands 

and the letting go 
or love is what death would intend if it had the 

or the fever will drop, the bone remold along its lines of 


the speech return 

the mind remember itself 
or there will be days of joy 
or there will be elevators of elevation 

and you will walk triumphantly rr^ 

in purest joy I 

along the halls of the hospital ■**< 

and say Yes to all the dark corners 

where no one is listening 
or the heart will lead 
or the head will explain ' 

but the final common pathway is the heart 

whatever kingdom may come 
or what matters in life is how the human spirit is spent 
or this is the day of joy 
or this is the morning to rejoice 
: or this is the beginning 

Therefore, let us rejoice 

Gaudeamus igitur. 



-John Stone, M.D. 

from Gaudeamus Igitur 




College Fees 

A matriculation fee of five dollars will be charged on entering 
the college. 

Fee for first year $100 oo 

Fee for second year ioo oo 

Fee for third year ioo oo 

Fee foi fourth year ioo oo 

A scholarship ticket which includes all fees for the 

entire course will be issued for 300 00 

payable in advance. 
Students will be required to deposit with the Secretary five dol- 
lars as security against damage to laboratory or college furniture, 
to be returned if not forfeited. 

. Graduates from other recognized medical colleges may attend a 
full course of lectures in this college by paying a fee of $50 and 
matriculation fee. If they apply for graduation they will be re- 
quired to pay $50 additional and take examinations in the fourth or 
senior year studies. 

Laboratory fees $5.00 each. 

All fees are renuired to be naid in advance. 

Loyola University Chicago was founded in 1 870 and moved from 
Chicago's west side to what is now the Lake Shore Campus in 1909. 
Recognizing a need for a strong medical school, Loyola affiliated with 
Illinois Medical College in 1909 and with Bennet and Reliance Medical 
Colleges the following year. In 1915, control of this loose organization 
was passed to the University trustees and became the Loyola University 
School of Medicine. 

In 1917, with the purchase of the Chicago College of Medicine 
and Surgery building on South Wolcott Avenue— across the street from 
Cook County— the medical school found a home. Loyola's efforts to 
improve its facilities were limited by a lack of funds until the 1940's 
when Samuel Cardinal Stritch lent his name to an annual fund raising 

dinner which remains a source of contin- 
ued financial support for the medical 
school even today. In his honor, Loyola 
became the Stritch School of Medicine. 

With new-found funds and 
Cardinal Stritch' s encouragement, 
Loyola began plans for the construction 
of a new medical center. Several sites 
were considered before the University 
decided on one in May wood— adjacent to 
the Hines Veterans Administration 
Hospital. Official construction began in 
1965. By 1969, the new medical school 
was in operation. In honor of a generous 
benefactor, the new teaching hospital 
was named the Foster G. McGaw Hospi- 
tal of Loyola University. 

As the demand for medical care 
grows, Loyola grows as welL.Mulcahy 
Outpatient Center saw its first patients 
in 1981. 1986, Russo Surgical Pavil- 
ion was added to the complex... the 
Cardinal Bernadin Cancer Center opened 
in 1994. ..Stritch moved into its state of 
the art Medical Education building in 
1997. ..the Center for Health and Fitness 
welcomed visitors that same year. 

The never-ending growth and 
improvement of the Loyola University 
Medical Center continues to make real 
the vision of Samuel Cardinal Stritch 
and all those who share his dream. 

Near the turn of the century, our 
mother institution was founded 
as an "eclectic" school— one of 
the irregular sects practicing 
medicine. The eclectic dogma 
denied therapy of bleeding, 
purgery, and emetics, which had 
been the main tools of the 
"regular" physicians in the not 
too distant past. The eclectic 
motto was: "Prove all things, 
and hold fast to that which is 
good." Amidst all of the 
growth and change, our foun- 
dation, no doubt, remains the 


Strife* School o< Madidna 

■ ^ 

> , j IS- 



Loyola Stritch 

School of Medicine 

Life in... 

Ski Trips 





The Future of Medicine 

: U\:?«:^*-U4:l< 


Anthony Barbato, MD 
LUMC President & CEO 

Daniel H.Winship, MD 

Dean of School of Medicine 

Ralph P. Leischner, MD 
Senior Associate Dean 

Teresa Wronski 
Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs 


James Whitehead, MS 

Dean of Campus Life 

Mary Langbein, MS 
Assist. Dean of Academic Affairs 


John X. Thomas, PhD 

Assoc. Dean of Medical School 

^*m. iiXvJ .jfe 

Michael Lambesis, MED 
D^fl/i of fun 



Ladonna Norstrom, MED 
Dean of Admissions 

Sandy Brehm 

Mgr. of Academic and Student Affair 

Office of Educational Affairs 

Fran, Rose. & Judy 
Office of Admissions 

Joanne, Dr. Goldberg, & Nurse Mary Diane Lona-Roundtree 

Student Health Computer Lab Manager 

Mary Kay and Joanna 

Judy, Dee, and Kevin 
Office of Student Affairs 

Cafeteria Staff 

Phyllis and Toni 
Office of Campus Life 

Bill, Donna, Geri, and Katie 
Bursar's Office/Financial Aid 

Jeannine, Annette, and Helene 
Office of Registration and Records 








1 d£& 



l" . \ 


Library Staff 

Andrew "1-1-1-2-3" Gugalo 
A- V Extraordinaire 

Mike Dauzvardis, PhD 
"Most Likely to Dissect " 

Department of Anesthesiology 

Chairman: Stephen Slogoff, MD 

Department of Surgery 

Chairman: Richard Gamelli, MD 

Department of Physiology 

Chairman: Donald Burs, PhD 

Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation 

Chairman: Terry R. Light, MD 

Department of Family Medicine 

Chairman: Kenneth M. Blair, MD 

Department of Pathology 

Chairman: Kenneth McClatchey DDS, MD 

Department of Pharmacology 

Chairman: Israel Hanin. PhD 

Dept. of Cell Biology, Neurobiology, & Anatomy 

Chairman: John Clancy Jr., PhD 

Department of Radiation Oncology 

Chairman: Bahman Emami, MD 

Department of Neurology 

Chairman: Gastone Celesia, MD 

On Initial Presentation ....July 1995 


Ahmadlan.C Alnsworth, J Anderson, A Anderson. C Ashley. J Babka.B Badcr, K Banlch.J BarUmo C cla.M Beamsley, M Beck, A Bclarmlno.J 

. , 




Beamsley, M Deck. A 

Beutler, K Bissonncitc. J niuinimii. m Bosse, M BroderlclcW Brunei, C BudovecJ CafarellaJ Cahlll.S Caplea, G Casaqulle.A Cleary.M 


Corbln, C 


Coney,] Corbln,C CoylcK CulllgBn,T Cuslck.N Darrow.J Deorlo,] l-'aiigusaro, J Eitzpalrlck, M Klelsher.A l-ord.A Eredcrlck 


Galvc/,E Garcia, M Garritano.J (iaiy. M George, C (iihlis. (I Gisondl.M Grandlnciil, K Greaves, M Gudausky.T llalmir, l. Han, S 

Harness, N Harrington, N Harshman, CHarlmanwIkbcrg, I Haynes, P Helms, A Helming, R Hilton, K llocrr, a Hora.s,.s iinssaln S 


W:ik -Jti J ' 1 ■ ■ I >■■■ I ■■'^■i «■ .-'! r? ill 

Jalhal.A Jim, S Jose, A Kasscn, M Kessler, W Kons, J Klin, M Kouglas. K Kurylo. D l.avellc.M l.clschner.J l^wlnnky M 

y. M MeShanc P 

Jul ft2& Ikj AM " ifc Jfli 

I Haynes, I' Helms, A Helming, K Hilton, K 


Jose. A Kassen. M Kessler, W Kons, J Klin, M Kouglas, K 

l.lehovlch. K 1.1 .anas, J Uindblad, K Macenlee, A Manlell.l) Mailln, J Mason. A Mus/ak, G McDonou 

A d CS a, a r^ /• i% r% 

Italia ; JHHH hHHI I BmH ,! ilA - 

Minks. K Moehiing.GMoolamkunnam Moian.J Morgan, L MoyerJ Nee. J Noonat 

Rupp. J Ryan.S Sanlneel. R SbHSClinJg, E Shea. M Shuber, II 

I.I- Tehrani, R lYaJano.N Trauth, D 

Mighlon, K Minks, K Mochrlng. GMoolanikoiiiiani Moian. J Morgan, I. Moyei, J Nee. J Noonan.T Nucclon, S 0' Connor, M O' Donnell, B 

am hbH i MB * J j - >\. HHfl BUKi am ,< ^' 

Oulmeiie.l. Page. S PawlowsklJ Poepplng.T Prock,R Rupp. J Ryan.S Sanluccl, R Sbasclinlg, E Shea, M Shubcr.H Smith, C 

Smith. E Stanley, S Stone, K Storm, S S/alkowskl. I- Tehrani, R TYaJano, N Trauth, I) Truly. S Vanderleesi, J Walsh, C Walsh, M 


■*//, ,-ii «*MIM.I.: A, I'M" lit "'" 

Walton, J Warner, l< Watson, W Webb, K Weher, C While, P Winkler, I) Wright, K Yu, I) /.agsl. J /.i lerman, M 



enthusiastic (but nervous) smile 

luge backpack slowing 
vaik from Lot 1 1 

Jotre Dame T-shirt 

Skull for home study 

6-piece dissecting kit 

Aromatic labwear 

Anatomv flashcards 

>asic science texts 
all read thorough Iv 

>^Loyola hat shows school spirit 
.ook Mom, I'm in med school!" 

Multi-colored hiuh I i sinters 


American Journal of Anatomy 

Ethics case-book 
•still in wrapper) 

Freshman class roster 

adaver juice 

Jeans - everyday!! 

Anatomv text 


Orientation Week 

Jen & Seneca are anxious to get to Deacon Brodie's 
so they can meet all those cool 2nd years. 

Those new Stritch students really know how to 
stand out in a crowd. 

BK and CJ review the metabolism of thiamine 
for the upcoming Biochem exam. 

"Who says med school isn't fun?" 

Structure of the Human Body: 


Fhe place where we all learned the answer to one of life's 
most intriguing questions: "Boxers or briefs?" 

"Is anyone awake? anyone? anyone? 

Banished outdoors. ..after weeks of warnings and threats they finally figure out that 
no one in the main hallway or cafeteria wants to smell their cadaver-stained coats. 



I" I*. 



H|$ * 


Ciliated pseudostratified nonkeratinized columnar epithelium.... 
the MDL ponders the significance of their latest diagnosis. 

"MMM... working on those cadavers 
all morning makes us hungry!" 

Enjoying our first St. Luke's Dance. ...has anyone seen Beth? 

Mud Bowl I 

Function of the Human Body 

Celebrating one year down 

they are oblivious to the pain yet to come. 

•«— » 




'"What do you mean 

I have only 2 months of vacation?" 


" if 

SL 3^-"""*" 

Nicole worries about the repercussions of forgetting to ask 
about childhood immunizations in her upcoming history. 


S3 insensitive ears 

Enthusiatic smile, 
(a VA virgin) 

Adult and pediatric 
blood pressure cuffs 
(Just in case!) 

'-step physical exam 

^flex hammers for 
urate neuro exam's 

Dmplete set of 
ning forks 

mpty black bag 

Dress khakis fo 
patient interviews 

Otoscope with 1 7 
speculum sizes 

Deluxe penlight with 

three-way switch 

and filter 

ENT chart 

Pristine short 
white coat 

S3 sensitive 


with six heads 

Pharm cards of 

all known drugs 

and their interactions 

Opthalmoscope with 
500-page manual 

Twinkies for surviving 
Dr. Leischner's small groups 

Board review books 


Mechanisms of Human Disease: 

Pathology, Pharm, & Micro 

While chillin' with his posse, OD flashes his sign to rival Stritch gangbangers 
setting off a six month MDL turf war. 

IPM II: Physical Diagnosi 

Tear down the old gym 

These guys are ready to 

revolt until they hear 

that the new gym will 

have coed hot tubs. 

i This is the future of Medicine? 

"Wow! 38 ATPs from jusl I glucose!" 

USMLE: Boards Part I 

A Lesson in Cramming 

y god. there's only 528 hrs, 36 mins, and 47 sees until Boards! 

In the beginning, BK and friends exhibit organization and optimism.. 
...but that doesn't seem to last lone 

Final page of the Medical Boards 
Boards I? No sweat!" 

Is that a kee in the Doc's lot? 

Post-Boards Party 

"Hello, my name is Beth and 
I'm going to be your doctor.' 


Too tired to smile 

Mr. Hankey (to keep the 
peds patients from crying) 

Plenty of steri-strips, 
hemoccult cards, sterile 
jelly, staple removers, 
4x4's, 2x2's, etc... 

Candy to survive 
Pickleman rounds 

Multiple tape sizes 

frauma film 

asty OR shoe covers 

tylish bouffant OR cap 
S\ sensitive stethoscope 
00 lb. lab coat 
Hemoccult developer 

'J& . jOne dozen free pens 

-■Surgical Recall 

and pocket 

medicine manual 

P^^Unread journal articles 

Used exam glove 

Oral hydration to prevent 
V-)\ ! kidney stones on surgery 

OB-positive scrubs 

Harrison's. Cecil's, etc. 

300 pounds 


3% recall 

*T 35 


The Big Rich or the Big Deaver.... which will I get to hold today? 

Say hello to your new home 

The post-call look... ugly fact of life. 

Look Dr. Leischner! Open containers of food in the new run Mint! 1 
Old hubits never die easily. 

Eating next to your patient's comode: the sign of a 
successful transition to 3rd year. 

Does anyone know how to use this thing y< 

C'mon, let me see those red reflexes. 

It's Sam and we have nothing better to do in here but take pictures 
with the babies and fight over who gets the rocking chair with the cushic 


Too cool to be enthusiastic 

Designer shirt and tie 

Beer mug 

TV Guide & 
NRMP Handbook 

Sub-I manual 
Minimal texts 

Gym bag 

"Home stretch" smile 

Pseudo-MD patch 

Suntan oil for 
St. Lucia clerkship 

Favorite pen 

Social pager 

Mardi Gras beads 

Match success books 



"Am I a doctor yet?" Chief Medical Student Bill Watson in the ER 

'Here's my extramural application, intramural cancellation, and change 
....and oh yeah, I'll be taking 2 weeks off at the end of 

Radiology rounds in the atrium. 

Still searching for the cause of Craig's I si year syncopal episode. 

Aileen catching up on the latest Springer 
episode in the resident's lounge. 

owling in Broadview 

All show signs of acute Campyloslackeritis: l)easy fatigueability, 2)lack of motivation. Grant, Brian, Sean, and Frank take time off from their demanding 
3 (increased awareness of places to "hide out," 4)general disregard for the lunch "hour." 4th year schedule to have some wholesome fun at Mardi Gras. 

In between cases, Scott, Julie, and Kris discuss 
intubation techniques over a Peterson's icecream cone. 

Once an 80' s chick, 
always an 80" s chick. 

Winter Formal on the Spirit of Chicago: 
a portrait of pain and pleasure. 

Post-Boards II the home stretch 


Self-satisfied smir 

New designer sportcoat 

Keys to new car 
and first home 

Bottle of wine^ 
HMO paperwork 

Stack of loan report 
statements - finally 
in the black! 

ropecia induced hair growth 

Cuban cigar 

Prescription pad 
for lifelong Viagra 

Investment magazines 




ine Italian shoes 


Christina Ahmadian, MD 

Jerry Ainsworth, PhD, MD 

To the three guys who tutored 
me thiough medical school 

¥ 45 

Adam Anderson, MD 

ttdbw^ Gw4^^//Z) 

■Mr *r 

- - R 

1 1 ;: * * s4s> 


«A-fe' £» B 

pi I BB 

1 ' ia 

^ ■■ 

f ■;{ 


Jennifer Ashley, MD 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. 
And sorry 1 could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 
And looked down one as far as I could 
To where it bent in the undergrowth . . . 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 
I took the one less traveled by. 
And that has m.ide all the difference. 

The Road Not Taken 
Robert Frost 

Brian Babka, MD 

Michelle Bartimoccia, MD 

T 49 

James Banich, MD 

Aveen MacEntee Banich, MD 

Good company on a journey 

makes the way seem shorter. 

-Izaak Walton 


Mark Beamsley, MD 


■Ml W^" 



James Belarmino, MD 


Dana Ben-Dov, MD 

J)0sHA jf. 3^ L dW /// 

^^* -0&H mmmM^^^BL. 


r '^ j 






Hp ' ,g|. 




... »«9«6 



Karen Beutler, MD 

I 55 

John Bissonnette, MD 

R. Michael Blumhoff, MD 

Matthew Bosse, MD 

William Broderick, MD 


Without my family, 

none of this 
would be possible. 

Thank you 
Mom, Dad, Beth, 
Stephen and Jane 

Joseph Budovec, MD 



W ' m^K 


^SH^" : " -^-^^B^Sfe^d 

Sean Cahill, MD 

James J. Cafarella, MD 

Kimberly Cafarella, MD 

Geoffrey Caplea, MD 

Michael Cleary, MD 


Joseph Coney, MD 



Corinna Corbin, MD 

Thanks to all of you 
with whom I laughed, 
prayed, traveled, 
studied, and took call! 
Also, a special thanks 
to my dear family 
for all of their support. 
Good Luck 

and God Bless! 

tL- mfr 

Timothy Culligan, MD 

Nancy Churosh Cusick, MD 


Joseph DeOrio, MD 

.''' ■.>';'"' 1 v ; . .' 
'.-:.'■', ■•'■"■ '-"■■' 

y Jaffa ;. -V 

L JHfeS 

BL ^ l „ l , ll .Ji 



Aileen Donausky, MD 

Jason Fangusaro, MD 




*0a&% MT> p 

- Bp - 


7 ^ Ai 

Jl • 





Matthew Fitzpatrick, MD 

M 8HH&. C 




^,^* ^ 

H^B — j " 5 S^BiK3?»<'i 

Amy Fleisher, MD 

Allison Ford, MD 

Jennifer Fredericks, MD 

Evangeline Galvez, MD 


Monique Garcia, MD 

Joanna Garritano, MD 

Megan Gary, MD 


Christopher George, MD 

Gordon Gibbs, MD 


E. coli 


I I 

^ ^m 

V i 

Michael Gisondi, MD 

Kimberly Grandinetti, MD 




*f P 

Bw '] 

, mm 


— -T^^ 

Maria Greaves, MD 

Todd Gudausky, MD 

Luke Halbur, MD 

Steve Han, MD 

Neil Harness, MD 

Nicole Harrington, MD 

Catherine Chang, MD 


1 1 j M 

T ^^^Bl 

W \ 

1 k 




Lukas Hartman, MD 





\^M Hpw^^ ^JHiMal 

i^^^w If 

w y 

Paul K. Haynes, MD 


Ann Helms, MD 

Rebecca Henning, MD 

Kevin Hilton, MD 

Amy Hoerr, MD 

f 97 

Samantha Mucha, MD 

Scott Hubosky, MD 

¥ 99 

Syed Hussain, MD 




Br' --^H 

^^fr 1m£s m 

Jeffrey Kons, MD 


Seran Joo, MD 

Alaina Jose, MD 

$6u»- A^- MP 


4- 1 


Michelle Kassen, MD 

104 ¥ 

Cynthia Keller, MD 

NT" K/" '_ 

\ vv. F\ 

■■Kw ^9^Bhh1 



■M_i .• i B 

. )<iiLM_yv\r) 

To my family, without whom 
there would be no joy in any 
of my accomplishments. 

William Kessler, MD 


''<- w, - T fK 

*•'■ ... 

■ ■ 



^ - 

1 | 


106 ¥ 

Pamela Kirkwood, MD 


■ iMw 


■ ■ -.. 


^ /_^, '/k*+*Jphx.& 


Dorothy Kurylo, MD 

Michael Lavelle, MD 


i- ^!1k 

MM i J| 

* HUH !!8^ 

^/J^jP J^soce^y^/? 


Julie Leischner, MD 

Kristi Lundbland, MD 

Jerry Martin, MD 

My holy of holies is the human body, 
health, intelligence, talent, inspiration, love, 
and absolute feedom - freedom from 
violence and falsehood, no matter how the 
last two manifest themselves. 

-Anton Chekhov 

"76e OH&if. fuctunct. tHat *) 6-ave o£ awi yca-ia in 
vtudiccU. 4£&aot oac in. nty, ieaxL. Settee 7 eutt not 
<m tft<Mt>uUo>i eutd t&ene in- ft& utacAinc (AcU com. 
extract fUctunca, faun- a, frenAOtt-'e. drain. 7 <u*t. 
(e£t udti- t&e <nte tUtemuiiwe t£at uunAea. jouic 
to- ttte. 7 t&auq&t t£<U 7 tvottld oAoac one- o£ ttuf. 
^xwtnite poetic ukxiAj uutA cfcu. <md * (title 
iotHCtfaiu} t&*t icvuiitdi ute o£ uUuit- it' a. all 
alottt. y Relieve ttutt tve've all cHatu^etC oun 
ftexceptioK o£ freojde tutd t&e tvo*ld aince 
ieaituutu). tttedieal tt&aoC a*td that cve've ea.c& 
fruittd a di^exuit meanitiq. £0* aunaelvea.. "ZOc 
have teat and exfl&Ueneed a. <yieat deal o£ ui&at 
&eutt). 6*utiati tnultf. ntea*t4.. 7 tHi*tH tluU tAe&e 
ewetUt. Aave ttot anlcf. node <m- <?aod fiJufticiiutj , 
bit 7 t£ut/b tAat t&etf. Acute made ua fatten, 
people a*, (veil. 7 umo£ yau. all pnotfreiity. and, 


Z7hc ScoCen ChiCd 

CUheRc dips che Rochy high/And 

Of Seuch CUood in che lahe, 

CheRe lies A leAfy island 

(JJheRC flapping heRons wahe 

Che dROujsy woccr racs 

CheRe we've hid our fAeRy vacs, 

Pull of bcRRies, 

And of Rcddesc sccien chcRRhs. 

Come AOJAy O human child! 

Co rhc waccrs And rhc wild 

CUich A fAcRy hAnd in hand, 

Por chc woRld's moRe full of weeping chAn you can undcRscand. 

UJheKc che wave of moondghc glosses 

Che dim gRey sAnds wich lighc, 

Par off by fuRchcRcsc Rosses 

CUe fooc ic All che nighc, 

(UcAving olden dances 

CDingling hAnds And mingling gtAnccs 

CHI che moon hAs cAhcn flighc; 

Co And fRo wc leap 

And chase che fRochy bubbles, 

CUhUe che woRld is full Of CROubtes 

And Anjcious in ics sleep. 

Come AwAy O human child! 

Co che waccrs and che wild 

CUich A fAcRy, hand in hand, 

foR che woRld's moRe full of weeping chAn you cAn undcRscAnd 

CUhcRC che wandeRing waccr gushes 

fkom che hills Above Qlcn-CAR. 

In pools Among che Rushes 

Chac scarcc could bAchc a scar, 

(Lie seeh fOR slumbcRing crouc 

And whispcRing in chek cars 

Cive chen unquiec dRcams; 

Leaning sofdy ouc 

fjtom feRns chac dRop chek ceaRs 

Ovcr che young scReams. 

Come away O human child! 

Co che waccrs And che wild 

CUich a fAeRy hAnd in hAnd, 

£or che woRld's moRe full Of weeping chAn you can undeRscand. 

AwAy wich us he's going 

Che solemn-eyed: 

fle'll heAR no moRe che lowing 

Of che calves on che wARm hillside 

Or che hecrle on che hob 

Sing peace inco his bReasc, 

Or see che bROwn mice bob 

Round and Round che oacmeAl-chesc- 

fx>R he comes, che human child, 

Co che waceRs and che wild 

CUich a fAeRy, hAnd in hAnd, 

fkom A woRld moRe full of weeping chan he can undcRscand. 

-W.B. VLXTS. 1886 


Edward McDonough, MD 


James McMahon, MD 

Michael McNally, MD 


Kristine Mighion, MD 

'Bfou- U yh m Mb 

Edward Miller, MD 

i 117 

Kenneth Minks, MD 

Grant Moehring, MD 

¥ 119 

Elizabeth Moolamkunnam, MD 


'J^\JHx(lyy^ l ^ u ' J/ ^^ v ^ irf-i). 

B ~* H 


Br* J 

I j 1 

r^^y^^'""4lBf *'• 

h J 

- 1 ■Jj/il 


1 ?-f ■ 

«' 'i* 

^ 'V^ 

^^ ^£fl 

Thank You Daddy, 
Mommy, Jakcymol, 
and all my family 

and friends. 

I could not have 

done this 

without you. 


Jill Moran, MD 

Janice Moyer, MD 

James Nee, MD 


I would like to express my deepest gratitiude to: 

My Mom and Dad for their love and support 

My brother, for his encouragement 

My friends from Loyola, who made these four years full of laughter and 

good times. 
And, my friends outside of Loyola, who never let me forget about the 

world outside of medicine. 

Timothy Noonan, MD 




' V t 

-'■->-. SSg^lfeJ" - <""&•• * "^.J"' ' $j*£ 


1 m 

124 ¥ 

Stacey Nuccion, MD 

Marie O'Connor, MD 

^/WaJujc / ). Q(jriAA^i^}A.V 

May you always have. ..a sunbeam to warm you, good lucl 
to charm you, and a sheltering angel so nothing can harm 
you, laughter to cheer you, faithful friends near you, and 
whenever you pray, heaven to hear you. 

Brian O'Donnell, MD 

Sara Page, MD 

Janet Pawlowski, MD 

Thomas P. Poepping, MD 



Robert Prock, MD 

James Rupp, MD 

Sean Ryan, MD 

Elizabeth H. Sbaschnig, MD 

Michael Shea, MD 

ffftekJ Jfu.« wo 


Heider Shuber, MD 

Elizabeth Smith, MD 

Scott Stanley, MD 

Kristen Stone-Mulhern, MD 


Frank Szatkowski, MD 


140 ¥ 

Rodney Tehrani, MD 


Nicole Trajano, MD 

Donna Trauth, MD 



ft- .> 


H|r H» 






Sharyl J. Truty, MD 

Passion is powerful... 
Nothing was ever achieved without it, 
and nothing can take its place. 
No matter what you face in life, 
if your passion is great enough, 
you will find the strength to succeed. 
Without passion, 
life has no meaning. 
So put your heart, mind & soul 
into even your smallest acts... 
This is the essence of passion. 
This is the secret to life. 

K. Michael Webb, MD 


Curtis Walsh, MD 

My family made this possible 



liHlfifiii Hta^^MMflHK ratjAil 

' - '■» '"J 

si K3 .« if 


''■: ,-^^r v ^ jf. 

I / 

fl ■ 1 



Jeffrey Walton, MD 

Rw^ .Z^MHtf^fl 



J;. ^fcjj^^i 

r ifl'' ' 

— ^i.— ^M rf ^U 




William Watson, MD 

Paula White, MD 

Katrina Wright, MD 

"I can do all things through Christ which 
strengthens me." -Philippians 4:13 

QJ(am\oJ & • 1/vWJ' H. ■ l) 



David Yu, MD 


Jeffrey Zagst, MD 

Michael Zimmerman, MD 

Carmen Anderson, MD Kimberly Bader, MD 


Adam Beck, MD 

Brian Dobozi, MD Christopher Ladner, MD Kevin Liebovich, MD 

Gary Maszak, MD Daniel Mogyoros, MD Jeff Palacios, MD 


Craig Smith, MD 

Seneca Storm, MD 

Jennifer Vanderleest, MD 

RobertWarner, MD 

Beth Winkler, MD 

Adwait Jathal, MD 

OUR M0ReFu£e9.To pay For THeSoRGSRY You NeeD. BoT TWY SertT OS 
THIS ScALPeL, A BtfTTLft of TyLeHoL Aut> A copy of "GRAYS AHATort Y ' * 

Not Pictured: 
Brian Cadre, MD 
Min Kim, MD 
John Lacy, MD 
Alexandra Mason, MD 
Elizabeth Nemickas, MD 
Raymond Santucci, MD 
Matthew Walsh. MD 


Fish Dance 

Stritch started a new tradition during our 
2nd year—a winter formal. It gave us all 
a break from the winter doldrums and 
allowed us to actually take advantage of 
one of Chicago's most popular 
attractions— the Shedd Aquarium. 
Ok, so we didn't actuallly dance with 
the fish but it was still a great opportunity 
to get dressed up and celebrate together. 

St. Luke's Day 

In honor of the patron Saint of Medicine. 
St. Luke. Stritch celebrates the annual 
St. Luke's Day on the 3rd Thursday of 
October. We all look forward to that day 
since, of course, it is a school holiday. 
No lectures, no ward service, no call. 
Mass in the morning is followed by 
lunch and poster presentations of 
research projects by 2nd year students. 
But the day is most notable for the 
Dinner and Dance at the Carlisle of 
Oakbrook. Here students and faculty 
enjoy cocktails, dinner, and an awards 
presentation and then end the evening 
by letting loose on the dance floor. By 
the end of the night, we are all left 
wondering why they don't give us the 
day off after St. Luke's Day. 

158 f the Carlisle 

Playing Doctor in Paradise 

The St. Lucia Extemship 

For those 4th years lucky enough to go, St. Lucia 
offered Loyola students the opportunity to play 
doctor in paradise. Loyola's affiliation with St. 
Jude's hospital began in 1984 and each year 
roughly 24 fourth years make the journey to the 
island nation in the Southern Caribbean. At first, 
most of us were in culture shock— high humidity, 
boiling all water, plantains, pumpkin soup, and 
goat meat at every meal. However, after we 
became accustomed to "St. Lucia Time," we 
learned to love the place. We ate pizza at II Pirata, 
drank Pitons at Sandy Beach, snorkeled at Anse 
Chastenet, watched the sunset at the lighthouse, 
shopped in Castries, gorged ourselves at Ladera, 
danced to Soca Frenzy, and enjoyed relaxing 
around the compound with the many other 
volunteers from all over the world. Of course, 
St. Lucia wasn't all fun and games. Q4 call in the 
ER treating vomiting and diarrhea (St. Lucia 
standard), asthma, sewing up lacs, and scratching 
our heads over more complicated problems that 
were difficult to diagnose with the limited 
resourses. We learned to be frugal with labs and 
Xrays. and thorough in our physical exams. In 
all, St. Lucia was a rich and rewarding experience 
in and out of the hospital, providing memories 
-«,**:. to last a lifetime. 

160 f 



Human Spirit 

Match Day 


- - ?'* J 

* <* 




Christina Ahmadian Indiana University 

Jerry Ainsworth lohns Hopkins Hospital.. 

Adam Anderson Wright State University., 

Carmen Anderson Loyola University 

.Internal Medicine 
.Emergency Medicine 
. Diagnostic Radiology 

Jennifer Ashley Virginia Mason Hospital- Washington Internal Medicine 

Brian Babka Lutheran General Hospital Family Practice 

Kimberly Bader Medical College of Virginia Internal Medicine 

James Banich Loyola University ENT 

Aveen MacAntee Banich University of Chicago Internal Medicine 

Michelle Bartimoccia West Virginia Hospital-Morgantown Pediatrics 

Mark Beamsley University of Wisconsin Family Practice 

Adam Beck Loyola University Neurosurgery 

James Belarmino Loyola University General Surgery Prelim. 

Dana Ben-Dov Northwestern University Internal Medicine 

Karen Beutler St. Elizabeth's-Appleton, Wisconsin Family Practice 

John Bissonette Massachusetts General Hospital Pathology 

Michael Blumhoff. St. Joseph's Hospital- Arizona Family Practice 

Matthew Bosse UCLA/Santa Monica Family Practice 

William Broderick San Antonio(USHEDC) Internal Medicine 

Joseph Budovec National Naval Medical Center Internal Medicine 

Brian Cadre University of Illinois General Surgery 

James Cafarella Spectrum-Michigan Pediatrics 

Kimberly Cafarella St. Mary's-Michigan Family Practice 

Sean CahiU Loyola University Med/Peds 

Geoffrey Caplea MacNeal Hospital Family Practice 

Michael Cleary University of Michigan .Internal Medicine 


Joseph Coney Case Western Reserve Opthalmology 

Corinna Corbin Rush-Pres-St. Luke's Family Practice 

Timothy Culligan St. Elizabeth's- Appleton, Wisconsin Family Practice 

Nancy Cusick .Navy Medical Center/San Diego .General Surgery Preliminary 

Joseph DeOrio University of Southern California Urology 

Brian Dobozi .University of Kentucky Internal Medicine 

Aileen Donausky Loyola University „ Pediatrics 

Jason Fanusaro Lutheran General Hospital Pediatrics 

Matthew Fitzpatrick Northwestern University Diagnostic Radiology 

Amy Fleisher Montana Family Practice Family Practice 

Allison Ford University of Pittsburg ENT 

Jennifer Fredericks West Suburban Hospital Pamily Practice 

Evangeline Galvez .Rush-Pres-St. Luke's Med/Peds 

Monique Garcia Loyola University Pediatrics 

Joanna Garritano University of Colorado Primary Care Medicine 

Megan Gary .National Navy Medical Center-Bethesda Psychiatry 

Christopher George Medical College of Wisconsin Emergency Medicine 

Gordon Gibbs University of Colorado Diagnostic Radiology 

Michael Gisondi Stanford University Emergency Medicine 

Kimberly Grandinetti .Oregon Health Sciences University.- Pediatrics 

Maria Greaves Franklin Square Hospital-Baltimore Family Practice 

Todd Gudausky Indiana University Med/Peds 

Luke Halbur UC/Irvine Internal Medicine 

Steve Han University of Wisconsin/Madison Urology 

Neil Harness Harvard University Orthopaedics 

Nicole Harrington Northwestern University Psychiatry 


Catherine Harshman Chang University of Florida/Shands Hospital Internal Medicine 

Lukas Hartman UC/Irvine .OB/Gyn 

Paul Haynes Indiana University Internal Medicine 

Ann Helms University of Maryland Neurology 

Rebecca Henning University of Arkansas/Little Rock Anesthesiology 

Kevin Hilton University of Illinois Orthopaedics 

Amy Hoerr Wash U./Barnes-Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine 

Samantha Hora Mucha University of Chicago ENT 

Scott Hubosky Thomas Jefferson University Urology 

Syed Hussain University of Illinois/St. Francis General Surgery 

Adwait Jathal Indiana University Internal Medicine 

Shirley Joo Wash U./Barnes- Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine 

Alaina Jose Good Samaritan Hospital-Arizona Family Practice 

Cynthia Keller University of Washington Pediatrics 

William Kessler Indiana University Internal Medicine 

Min Kim Lincoln Medical Center-New York Emergency Medicine 

Pamela McShane Kirkwood Evanston Hospital Internal Medicine Preliminary 

Jeffrey Kons Indiana University Family Practice 

Dorothy Kurylo Emory University Pathology 

John Lacy University of Washington Neurology 

Christopher Ladner New York University Neuro/Rad 

Michael Lavelle Oregon Health Sciences University Urology 

Julie Leischner Loyola University Internal Medicine 

Kevin Liebovich Loyola University Internal Medicine 

Kristen Lundbland Lutheran General Hospital Pediatrics 

Jerry Martin Tulane University Neurology 

Alexandra Mason University of Chicago Emergency Medicine 

Gary Maszak Cleveland Clinic Internal Medicine 

Edward McDonough Miami Valley Hospital-Ohio Orthopaedics 

James McMahon Loyola University Internal Medicine 

Michael McNally National Navy Medical Center General Surgery 

Edward Miller Yale University Internal Medicine Preliminary 

Kenneth Minks Loyola University General Surgery 

Grant Moehring Medical College of Wisconsin Emergency Medicine 

Daniel Mogyoros Einstein/Montefiore-New York Internal Medicine 

Elizabeth Moolamkunnam Evanston Hospital Internal Medicine 

Jill Moran Medical College of Wisconsin OB/Gyn 

Janice Moyer Cook County Hospital Opthalmology 

James Nee Catholic Health Partners-Illinois Family Practice 

Tim Noonan Loyola University Orthopaedics 

Stacey Nuccion UCLA/Santa Monica Family Practice 

Marie O'Connor Rush-Pres-St. Luke's Family Practice 

Brian O'Donnell Travis Air Force Base Pediatrics 

Sara Page Duke University Pediatrics 

Jeff Palacios University of Southern California Psychiatry 

Janet Pawlowski Loyola University Pediatrics 

Tom Poepping Madigan Army Medical Center- Washington Orthopaedics 

Rob Prock Loyola University Radiation-Oncology 

Jim Rupp Loyola University Internal Medicine 

Sean Ryan UC/San Diego Psychiatry 

Ray Santucci University of Cincinnati Internal Medicine Prelim. 

Beth Sbaschnig .WSU/Detroit Medical Center General Surgery 

Mike Shea Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital-N.C Jamily Practice 


Heider Shuber Mercy Hospital OB/Gyn 

Craig Smith St. Vincent Mercy Hospital-Ohio Evergency Medicine 

Elizabeth Smith William Beamont Hospital-Michigan Med/Peds 

Scott Stanley Loyola University Orthopaedics 

kristen Stone-Mulhern Loyola University OB/Gyn 

Seneca Storm University of Washington Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Frank Szatkowski Loyola University General Surgery Preliminary 

Rodney Tehrani Loyola University Internal Medicine 

Nicole Trajano Oregon Health Science University Family Practice 

Donna Trauth UMDNJ-RW Johnson-New Jersey Internal Medicine 

Sharyl Truty Rush-Pres-St. Luke's Family Practice 

Jennifer Vanderleest UC/San Francisco Family Practice 

Matt Walsh Loyola University General Surgery Preliminary 

Curtis Walsh Loyola University ENT 

Jeff Walton MacNeal Hospital Family Practice 

Rob Warner Children's Hospital-L.A Pediatrics 

Bill Watson Indiana University General Surgery 

K. Michael Webb University of Virginia Neurosurgery 

Paula White Loyola University OB/Gyn 

Beth Winkler Resurrection Hospital Family Practice 

Katrina Wright Loyola University Internal Medicine 

Dave Yu Children's Mercy Hospital-Missouri Pediatrics 

Jeff Zagst Cleveland Clinic Anesthesiology 

Mike Zimmerman University of Chicago Emergency Medicine 

Class Nominations for Faculty Awards 

Basic Scientist: (tie) l.Dr. John X. Thomas 
2. Dr. John Clancy, Jr. 
Clinician: Dr. John Muraskas 

Class Superlatives 

1. Most likely to be a "guest" on a trashy talk show Ray Santucci/Donna Trauth 

2. Most likely to become Dean of SSOM Matt Bosse 

3. Most likely to be the only Doc in a small town Amy Fleisher 

4. Most likely to have only afternoon clinics Matt Fitzpatrick 

5. Most likely to work 24hr/7 days a week Scott Hubosky 

6. Most likely to log the most hours on the golf course Brian Dobozi 

7.Most likely to pick up guys/chicks with new found MD status Ken Minks 

8. Most likely to have vanity plates Joe DeOrio/Grant Moehring 

9. Most likely to marry a nurse Jim Belarmino 

10. Most likely to have a syndrome name after him/her Jeff Kons 

1 1. Most likely to make the most money Kristine Mighion 

12. Most likely to start a free clinic Maria Greaves 

13. Most likely to be a "Loyola Lifer" Jim McMahon 

14. Most likely to be on the cover of Chicago Magazine Jim and Aveen Banich 

15. Most likely to follow in the illustrious steps of Myles Sheehan Bill Broderick 

16. Most likely to be a cruise ship Doc Tom Poepping 

17. Most lilely to be a professional sports team physician Frank Szatkowski 

18. Most lilely to make a discovery to change the face of medicine Jim Banich/Jen Ashley 

19. Most likely to be Surgeon General Scott Hubosky 

20. Most likely to be the medical correspondent on CNN Min Kim 

2 1 . Most likely to retire early off their sugar mama Sean Cahill 

22. Most likely to win the "Hi everybody. I'm Dr. Nick Riviera" Award Jason Fangusaro 

23. Most likely to set up his/her own medical clinic/parasail rental in St. Lucia Julie Leischner 

24. Most likely to quit medicine and become a TV weatherman Joanna Garritano 

25. Most likely to be an underwear model Mike Lavelle 


One Last Look... 

Top 10 Quotes 
overheard at Loyola 

"Look at the 4th years. ...people much stupider 
than you have passed this rotation." 
-Dr. Pickleman during 3rd year surgery orientation 

"A lesion in the amygdala will cause 

a cat to have sex with a rooster." -Dr. Neafsy 

rhis is what you call a 60 watt bulb in a 40 watt a 11 
-Dr. Cooper 

"No, I don't have a complex about losing my hair.' 
-Dr. Thomas 

"Nice Green Lawn." 

-Dr. Davis 


'90% say they do it, 10% lie." 
-Dr. Renshaw 

"I'll speak slowly for the 

Domers in the room." -Dr. Shea 

identify this. ...not this, not this., not that.. .but this. 
-Dr. Clancy clearly identifying 
the subject of the histology question. 

'Well that's a good answer.... 

but it's absolutely wrong." -Dr. Fahey 

"You have to wonder about any patient 

whose tooth-to-tattoo ration is less than 5." 
-Dr. Baker 


'hen entering a lecture late, one should; 

a. walk in the front door, pass in front of the professor and sit ir 
ie front row 

b. walk in the back door, stroll down the aisle blocking the 
'ojector and climb over ten people to get to that corner seat 

c. walk in the back door and take a seat in the back of the room 
jietly without disrupting the entire class 





- - -■ -■ - i a v s a - a " - ■■ - 

Some things never change! 




-Our Pride and Joy- 

Dr. Rebecca Henning 

We couldn't be more proud of 
all your accomplishments. 

Congratulations I 


With all our love, 

Your Family 


Kristen Stone-Mulhern, M.D. 


Doctor Matthew J. Bosse 

We are very proud of you 


love you very much 

-Mom & Dad and Family- 

Congratulations on your graduation and the attainment 
of your Doctor of Medicine degree. You have always 
held high goals for yourself, and through tenacity and 
hard work have managed to reach each one. Your 
latest, graduation from medical school, is by far your 
greatest accomplishment and a fitting tribute to your 

We are now, as always, very proud of you. We wish 
you the best during your residency and a long, 
fulfilling, and prosperous career in Medicine. 

Iftfom, !Dad, !%far/Q & ttfarieffe 

w\\ \ \\ 


^T"^ ^S 

TO\ »• \ ^?N \ \ ^ ^ X \ X \ \ S % S \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ X \ \ \ \ \ \ \ X \ N ^ \ \ \ \ \ X V \ N \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ >. \ X >. ^ % \ \ >■ * V-S 


i ' ■ •* > > a 

f I can ease one Life the Aching 
)r cool one Pain 

f I can stop one Heart from breaking 
shall not live in vain 

)r help one 
ainting Robin 
Jnto his nest 

shall not live 
in Vain. 

-Emily Dickinson 


1c*k, Dad., ashd- &ck 

-Beth, 6months. and Dad 

■ - ' ' - - N s '■ s s ' 

We 1 




be a 

Congratulations, Bill! 

Love Always, 

Dad, Mom, Karyn, Kristine, & Jeff 

Z^h&^> Z^J\ 

(Dr. Cynthia %tller 

'Is rheRe 
\ docroR 
n rhe house?" 

Now there is, m 

Alfchelb BcurVirriDaGlcL' 

M m D Q c( Mofr 

Congratulations to you and your 
support team, Andy, Kim, and Jack, 
on achieving another goal! 
We love you! 

Mom, Michetfe, 

^^^^^^^^— ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

\\\\\\.S\\\\\\NNXX\\\\\\\ ^-JS"^-^ X N X S 

* s s s s * s / s s s s s * s s * s * s / s / t s s-j£>* s f s • / 

\\\\\>.\\.\\\.VN\N\X\\\\\\\\ "©fc "■. X \ IK7 > 

Congratulations Dr. S 

""Whatever is true, 
whatever is noble, 
whatever is pure, 
whatever is lovely, 
whatever is admireable 
if anything is excellent 
or praiseworthy- 
ink about such things 
Philipians 4:8 

With much love. 
The Han Dynasty 

Thank You Joe 

for who you were 

for who you 
have become 

for who you 
will be 

Congratulations on all 
of your achievements 

S£oi>e, £)ad, cMom,, and £fti// 

0^ %r School Days ££E OYER / 
Welcome to : "TheReol Wortd, f " 

SlOaO- u ; s - Sut 3 eon ^^ 

Sf rTkk\ S>cVi©ol 

Ql _ B^WScVvool 

<r 7Q — Usvr\derqoir+ert .^ 


l nr7 Preschool 

/ / ' Dropout , 

'HL- fVes,cJWoo\ 
IV Dropou-t-, 

These years for us have gone by fast 

And now you're Doctor Tim at last. 

You've always given it your all 

Whether studying, working or playing ball. 

We're proud of all you've done so far 

But love you most for who you are- 

A wonderful, caring young man, Doctor Tir 

s / f s s s gfcSv s 

To our dear David, 

lAfe admire your gentle and 

friendly nature 
/our zest for fun and adventure 
And yet, inside you have that 

will to succeed 
To excel, to share, to give and to lead 
Praised by folks across land and sea 
Yes, the reasons are plain to see 
Now that you have added more to your laurels 
By becoming a doctor in spite of hardship and perils 
Our congratulations and best wishes are in order 
You are as precious to us as your brother 
For being who you are and what you can be 
As parents our hearts are full, our pride replete 

' ' '■■■■' i r • .,,,,,.-. . , .-,,,,,,,, , , , , ( , 

Go/7</zatu/atio/i3, ofCe^an. 


We are very 
proud of you 
and wish you 
Good Luck 
in the future. 

C/fCo/n & 

Jim McMahon 
3 years old 

Your great attitude 
lets you see things 
as an opportunity 
rather than a 
problem. Your 
are outstanding! 

Congratulations, Jim! 

§iH, (/Hie, *»*> Vc 

Megan C. Gary 
1 1/2 years old 

Dr. Sean Cahill 


We always knew 
you were someone 
special We are 
very proud of you. 

Congratulations 1 . 

*i Dad, 
& Kevin 

Dr. Curtis Walsh 

We are so proud of you! 


Dad, Mom, and Katina 

'When I grow up I want to be a Doctor.' 

Cong r a tu la t ions, 

T>%. Silt Stodenick 

You made it! 


Dad, Mom, Beth, Stephan, & Jane 


We are so happy for 
you & for what you 
have achieved through 
your hard work, 
dedication, & positive 
attitude. Knowing that 
all those long hours & 
your never wavering 
dedication to your 
goal have come to 
fruition is a dream 
come true for all of us. 

We your family as well as extended family & friends are 
so very proud of you, not only for what you have done, 
but also for being a kind, loving, & thoughtful daughter, 
sister, & person. You have earned your dream. 

God Bless & Cove Always. 

Dad. Mom. Michael. & JCevin 


^%= ■=*>. 


Congratulations, Dr. Corinna Corbin 






L k k ( \ \ 



/.A/ s s / ~£ :: s s s s s s s s / s s s 
if L / K f sss/ssssssssssss 

■ ii.fanh h fc fc ^ 

Cheers to you, P.J. ! 


ove Always, 

Mom, Dad in spirit, 
Liz, Edmund, Tony, Maureen, 
Diane, Dave, and Daniel 

■■--■■■■■■■■■■■■■. ^ ■*■■•■•■■• --^ :■■■.. : ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■ ■■ -. 

One from the East [Mass.] 

C one from the West (Calif J, 

met Bach other 

at one of the best (Loyola). 
He fell for her I she for him, 

and July 4th was 

the wedding of Kim and Jim. 
They both worked hard 

to earn their MO, 

and their families 

are as proud as can be. 
May God bless you in your chosen careers 

and guide you through the coming years. 

Drs. Kim and Jim Cafarella 


Your loving parents 



The future Dr. Brian Babka 

o/iesopd * 

We are so proud of you! 


Mom, Brian, Bill, Mindy, Ba, Patty, Mare, Tom & Fi 

Congratulations to Drs. Lainie, Mike, Paula, 
Rob& lill. 

Bur st in with Tride 

Congratulations Brian 
and Class of 99 

The Goier/Babka families 
J^enee. Tom. J^.ene. & Marian 

U. U k U U U ', U U I, 


Dr. K. Michael Webb 


Mom, Dad, Tom & JCerry 

"You mean I have to go to medical school to 
operate on people? How come?" 

Be the best 
you can be. 
you can 
you can 

We love you 
so very much 
and are so 
very proud 
of you. 

Evangeline M. Galvez 
3 months old 


With all our love, 
Dad, Mom, and Gigi 

We, most especially your dad, 
are very proud of you and 

your achievements. 
We love you very much! 

Jimmy M. 
3 years old 

Congratulations and Good Luck 
in the next step of your career! 

7H<ml. THicAeUc, cutd Scott 

Dr. Allison Ford 

£W* AUUo*,, 

JO&ot a, jay cf&u, fauie oluKUfA icett! 

(Hente. (ZomyuLtufaUuMtA <utd 
tfood J,ccdif 


& tytcutdma, C 



X \ S X X 

Aveen & Jim 

We're so 
proud of 
you both 

All the 
best for 
the future! 


Mom. Dad. John. Barry. & Teter 

Drs. Phillip and Susan Storm 
couldn't be prouder of 

Dr. Seneca Ann Storm 

shown here in December 1973 as she 
begins reaching towards medical school! 
Our best wishes to all of the 
new Loyola trained physicians! 

^Udcui, J niiltip, (L-lizaoetn, ana J niiip (/Sruce ~S^to 


'Tatyana ^arietta-Murray ; MCD 

J, want to thank my fuvsAanc 

fox standing, % my tide 

thwuahout tfiia, journey,, 

my fathet fox pushing 

me along, it, and 

"mom" fox helping, 

any way &Jhe could. 

5Jhu>, U, fox you mommy, 

3, know you 
axe watching f%om heaven. 

£oue always,, 

xxxxxx\\\v\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxx\x\xxxxxxxxxx\xxxx >■ J* x J^J^J^ ..^O, 
\xxxxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxxxx\\x\\\s\x\\.nx\\n\\\* ^^^^.W 

sssssssyssssssssssssssss/ssssssssss/ssssssssssssss/ssss '''''' ''<^'^. '<,-/_/ 
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\\\\xxxxxxxxx\x\xxxxxxx V V .. S J ,VV N J S .. S / V /^ v S , x * s J*Z-9,. 

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss/ssssssss '*'''■»''<' 


• ' • ■ 

' ' ' 


The Loyola-Stritch Class of 1999 wishes to thank 
the following departments for their 
generous support of The Caduseus: 



CBN & Anatomy 

Family Medicine 




Orthopaedic Surgery 
& Rehabilitation 



Preventive Med & Epidemiology 

Radiation Oncology 




Dean of Students 

Academic & Student Affairs 

The 1999 Caduseus Staff 

Well, here it is! The 1999 Caduseus is the 
product of many hours of designing layouts, 
staring at computer screens, and frantically 
cropping photos to meet the deadlines. We 
apprecitate the participation by the majority 
of our class members in this project— we're 
sure you were all happy to see the end of 
the badgering in hallways and evening 
phone calls from us asking you for your 
pictures and signatures. We would like to 
extend a special thanks to those who made 
this book possible. First, to the Office of 
not pictured: Marie O'Con n ; Campus Life— thank you Phyllis and Toni for 

your patience and good humor. And of course, thank you to our advisor, Dean Michael Lambesis, for your 
dedication to this book and your remarkable eye for screening the "inappropriate" photos (i.e. Babka and Cahill). 
Who knows what would have slipped by without you! Many thanks to Diane Lona-Roundtree in the computer 
lab. Without you, our computer illiteracy would have gotten us nowhere. Another thanks to Medical Photo- 
graphy for many of the faculty and campus photos, and to Wycoff Studios for the senior portraits. Finally, we 
wish to thank the Class of 1999 for the four years of memories which fill this book. Years from now, when we 
are all scattered throughout the country, we hope that you will use this book to look back and remember fondly 
all the experiences and friendships from Loyola-Stritch. 
Best of Luck to All— 

$u£ie. Sii<ut. ?'uut&. deny. S&oisitfl, SUi. "Dcuac. ^ciA., <utd 7H<vtic 


^^^^^ i i i i 



Walsworth Publishing Company 

306 North Kansas Avenue / Marccline. Missouri 64658 USA 


\ \ VT 


■miiiii MMBi 




H :**•* 



4 ' 

\Y 1