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Pe^- Xu'^fLi e^ . Cjz. 







1821. (^?rv: 




TO Tdl 



fv. Ife. Ifiu 


or THt 

eatnttts Annual llcgtotetr, 








SECnoit T.— OeiMnit Impnoemtm tf BrilUt hXditlmm 
ISIO omf 1821, emaideral iJtiti TerrittrM md FtlMttU, 
Fvumdat mnd Commereul Rehtimu — BmouUrin mmi Am. 
thontif iM laiO; tkeh csMirim o* tin aidt tf Ibpml, Jbf. 
we, maktmtta cumI R^afmt Blmtei—it^eBum m rttmlf 
cf late WBT—AmtMat Bveame and Ourgtt *fl8e0-10, <uu[ 
«to»«ii* ywrt, to IWO-M— Pr»^pertfee facnw* ^ A»e- 
iMie— fl&»«3r ofllu BdiM Dda~Chau,t» «i lAe <?«». 
mmxef Great Britain toUktndta-^Optmaig ^ Om IVvd^— 
Aertncfwiu retaiMed—AUentiau in Foreign Tnde~Paa 
aWprewaf amonnt of Ovrnpamfa, Free, Fbrtign andCoait- 
Mj T^ade—Popnlatim—Conehuim g\ye t 

Sectiom U.~Foreig» Po&of of the India* Ootienment—Ctm. 

futl of Jaxa— Expedition iailt— Arrival at Balavia 

Slonang of ComeUt—FUfht of Qaeral Joamtt— Pimtl 
— Engagement at SoMorimg— Surrender of the JiUmd— 
Eitauion of Britith Autltoritf~-Nativ« Prineet — fugga 
Serta itonned— Sultan taMen—Sntmum mhmitg — Bagng 
Emgin taken — Expedition to Pakmbang — (fUy (oAm— • 
Snltan dtpo»ed-~Hi* bnthsr made Snltan—ne firtt SnttoM 
rt0ored fry Ike Briliih Retident^Jtemoved by tke Oownt* 
»tnt,andkii Bretieragain^S^an—Thebt^depQHdbftka 
Addl, and tke M Saltan tvplaeed—Be Ajfeli tke Datek— 
Thif rOak^ PtSaabang, and- meenure depn* 4tM(M(('re> 


- tfore hii Brother— 'JmM fnTWgutf-^fTmftniei-cial— RkM— ^ 
Judicial imprmmentf—EnediHon^tt Cdebet—Jata re$ta^ 

■redtt the iXiAA.....;.. .-.-.'i.;;i,.<.. ...' Paffe 31 

BttXio'SJtl.—Affa^ofMaia-MdAjtiiefc—Riie of iSndkia't 

' family —Acceuioa of DomttU Ifao^Power broken bf War 

' tcttk the EbjCsI — SotSm-^i jftmiljf-^Jnnt Gavemaumt vf 
Ahalya Sdee md TukOfde 'SoJhar-^T^Aaje^t Som — Jet- 

"vM^ Jiab pTofeolSr—Aaiir JtjJtni — Mmi Si»h, Raja of 

■ JoShpar — A pretcnSer'tupportediy Sieai Sink — Rivalry and 
Warbetween the Jdyjtvr and Joiphur Rajas — Siege of Jodk- 

pw—SqiaTation of 'JnuT Khati— Retreat of Benegert^ 
jawrderofStvaiSinh—Jtuanily and Death of BoUm-.—At. 
tempt of Dhemia Kmear— Defeated by Amir Khm— Death 
^-tkx Pfitteeu qf O^i^pttr—Reooiuiliation iftheBi^^ 
ExKlifiiu tfA^ir Khm amd SSohammed Shaw Kh^n—Suc- 

'. temim of MuOtir Rao HoOar—Admimitretioit of Tubee 
BaeK—Sirndkia:! de$^ mpM Bbopal ~Ri$e of that Slate-- 
AuxMNM Prmeu— Www- JUehmMiitd—lMiatimrf Bhopal 
by the troopt of SiMBda and the Nagport Saja— Capital be- 
tieged^Sitgrraued—Siitdhia'iti^wgatvM of Dhar, Rag&u- 
Sher, 4t.— Patfr4etT'JSWir-r«Pii«B&*A>K ofRjoijeet Sink 
— S«^«jraI«o» of Nohammedan SttOw—AppropriatfoH of 
Gi^eral mtd other Sikh States— Ea$ter» chiefi protected by 

., .lie Britith Oooernv^—Detigns o» Mutton end Cask. 
mir-~Cavdt¥l~Di*pv.te between Skt^a vi Mulh md Shah 
Mahmoud— Seizure rfShuja by Jdatndad Kha»—In»atioH of 

■ Caihmirby^hMiihMO»d md Ruttjeet Sink~AUockappr6- 
priated by the latler—War between the confederalee—Shuja a 
prisons at LiAore—lMXUioH of Caihinir by Runjea— 
ItsJaUure Page 4S. 

SfcOTiON tV.— Policy of the Ooyenmptt <f Britiih AuUaSom- 
ittfftferemie with Kattoe Powtrt — Dtmttic Ihaufictioiu— 
Bmuileemd Chiefi ptattaledfrom extttiuU aygree^ion— Inter- 
wd camKseiofU reetrimiied—Pvrmit ofQvpal SithSibrpriud 

* by Caioad Brown^^Agaim by^Cmptai* WtUtm — SuhinUi — 

Xaiehdar of KalaftfatMfmcteep—Fonreabem^ed -Stormed^ 

. fUAire tifthe St<ffm-~aubmimv» ^ktJOilffirJgglfi^-'A- 


.cDKmvA urn 

tiruariiy »f At Jt^-^Ukvaf* .jmlajWtHt JW*— '^a/on^ 
piiit—OpavtUmw tgrnimi Aft feudfOPt V^J*~'SKt'haii 
^atdom td — EiUimri Mlormed~~Claeft of Rata Mbmit—Margth- 

ted—GmrUta enenadmaiu — CiitU^mig^ AnkJuat .Asfieb — 
finwy to Am ~Defrat—JUp»ated atUMptt—md Jbtat death 
^ ^ityb«riitff-~'P^liYM^^oiUham Jagtrdon—Cudipaat 
leitk (4ft Smjv if Colflfptr. md SofBamtiMn — ^drahat. 
jMciuuitp-fPiiutarief-rl^vliitioe eMChntuf—Progrett, tf 
literatim and Society — Arraat of lard Moira — Departmrt 
of lord Jiato-CoKchtrim PagelA 


fieagal Ocatrretct* ......'..1... ..... Pagt ' t 

Xadru Oecurrtneei ,.:: ' - tSl 

PombayOreuTTotoa,,,,,. ' .....;.:... ' klfi 

fauatg OceHTrmctt "...,*", ...•,.',, ■ 171 

CHAPTER ilL ,^.,' J ''_'._ 

' PVBI.IO noc&axtfn. ' ■■^. 

Ciml tttipiJniwia '.^'>^i'.l.^.'i,, '...,., Page. 1 

itmdvtg Wdtrt and Military RegvUHmu '. ■^..''.'. ..'^27 

TV Charter of the Hom'hie Eait IiuiiaCompaRg i,...7.^ '77 


Fr^eeedhfi^ParUtumt.mtmtiielndimgmue.oitiMt: \ 



A Jtmrtug from BltoMgiilpei^ tkroMffh tkeJtajmahl BiH»^ 

^Ueut.Col. W.F^muMi* «.. P^e 1 

JommltfaPoaeagomertheMomaami^Nepal , IS 

AM«mi«/'alftiKbt0nMu,lya B. WU»o»,E»f .,.,. M 
JtoMnb M AW AW <)^<SwuHilA,%4iU*...., ....,., 84 
JVoM^MtJb^Mfi a/lAe EorlofMinto, 

igjfmtidmitmt &t. .-.«..r..... 97 





Mmrir^tkeMtr^ftmifamtiiigB. ,,.P^e 1 

MmMitralimMtoBriam Page 1 

'9inl», Mmritsn, mud Dtmht. . 



TfaE Mort Noble ths Mah4DI<ii »f HiUTiHoi, K. O, See. itHt 
The Han'ble Jobn Adam, Eii(. tiaveiaat General. 
The Han'ble JOHN Fsndall, Etq. "J 

B«]rle;,W. B. 

Bidwcit, CrdL 
Birch. J. B. 
Bdl, W. 
Bagiluw, J. 
Bniley, R. A. 
Brewer, John 
Bedell, W. Col. 
Boilean, SalooMR, LienL 
BediDEfield, H. O. UeiC 
Bird.W. v. 
BodduB, R. H. 
firaddoo, R. C«pk 
Birwell, E. 
Bem^W. H. 
Butler, EnugB 
Bryce, D. 

BeatMR, W. S. CapL 
B(7lev, O. T. 
Briers Fraacii, H. 
Begbie, A. V. 
Bowyer, C. Capt, 
Bird, I^ S. U»aU 
Boldero, J. 8. 
Bmr, E. 

BackiQKhui, J.8. 
Bin at, Oeorfe 
BarDi,J. O. Ueat. 
Bamett,Jolia 1 
Baiaei, O. V. Hiyar 
Betls. I>e«i* 
Bicucll, W. Lieat. 

Celdwetl.H. Capt. 
CvmbertiMfa, B. 
Colvln, Alexandtf 
Col via, Jahn 
Carrie, P. 
CranMBCtin, C. & 
farter. J. 

Col*in, A.J. 
C«onit>s, J. M. Ktim 
Cor He, Danl. Re>d. 

Campbell, J. 

Ciitheari, Robert 

Cowel), Vf. 

Ch«ap, O. 

Clavion, Henry, Contat 

Chirter*, W. 8. 

Cox, H. C. H. Capt. 

Clark, D. 

CUrk>ion,J.O. Capt 

Ciarluon, E. Aitlnt. Saig«e4 

Camming, Hugb, lueut. 

D'Crni, John 
ParidiOD, L. 
Drnniniond, D. 
Draper, J. 
Dpnby, W. C. Capt 
DectiiienB, W, Capt, 
fiminniond, J. O. Llentl 
Dennis, Chan. 
Dnnbar, J. W. Ueat. 
DeDton, S. Mr. 
Dicli. J. C. 
DoQElaf, J. W. Lieat. 
D'Oyly, SirCbarlet, But 
Donglai, Henrjp 
Doirla, D. Capl. 
Dempiter, H. 
Doaglu, W. EniigD. 

Ewing, Javei 

Pagan, C. S. Lieat. Cot 
Fraaer, Willlain 
Piddet, T. Capt. 
Firming Brawn, J. LiOBtl 
Pnlton, Robert 
Fergmaon, C. P. 
Farrington, H. H. Ueat 
PraneUiD, Lhnb-CoL 
Portyth, John 
FariiM, Hngh 



Gordon, 6. J. 
Gl», C. T. 
Gmnl, L. Uent. Col. 
Goldic, A. Lienl. 
Graham, Ileniy 
George, J. Capt, 
GrHni, W, Ca|it. 
GardDCT, Vf. L. 
Gordon, J. Junr. 
Gibts C. R. Junr. 
Grant, P. W. Lient. 
Oall, G. H. Alajor 

H«l), F. T. 
Hamilton, Sir F-.Burt. 
HawLiitii, F. S. Lirot. 
Hodetan,-J. A. Captain. 
HoHtei , J. Capt 
Ho(-«. J. W. 
H»Jt[.on, Wm. Lieut. 
Hickman, Ci- Lieut. 
HavcU, JohD 
Hall, Ancui 
Htmter, C. 
Hcltdinien, C. V. 

Imlach, H. Col. 
Impcy, H. R. Lieiit. 

Jiidce Advocate Oeoeral'* Offiu, 
Jolmatooe, Jame* 

Keble, J. P. Uent. Col. 
Kerr, J. B. E. J. Cuiign 
Sinloch, Jpba 


Linniay, c. R. Hon. 

Lockctt, A. Capt. 

LiDRe. W. 

Lindiay, A. 

Ltidlow, John, Lieut. 
Lawrence, E. C. 
Lambert, Williain 
Lithbridgc, W. F. 
Leilh, J. K. Major 
Lumlejr, J. H. Lient. Col. 
Latter, R. J. Lieut. Col. 

MMnMhten, Tbe Hon'bU Sir 

Markenzie, Holt 
Macdonaid, Jamei 
Macnagbten, E. C. 
McClintock, Morton and C«. 
Hackeniic, Jamet, Coioet 


,R. B. 

Matheaon, P. O. Lienk. 
Melvillf, W. L.HOU. 
MacLeod, N. 
Morrii, O. J. 
Muter, G, C. 
Maiter, Jobii 
Mllford, Robert 
Mlirray, J. Linit. 
Maiciw, T. P. M. 
Milleti, P. 
Morton, J. 
McDowair, v. 
Money, J amen 
Moodir, Tlio<i. LJenb 
MacQneen, K. 


, Wig 

icTfonald, A. Cant, 
Maddnck.T. H. 
MacDonald, A. R. Dent. 
Monat, IX LiaaL CoL 
Macrarlan, D. 

Mac^reror, J. A, P*nl, Colonel 
Maria)', George, Col. C. B. Mil. Se. 

rretary lo tb« Commander it 


Nifolson, 3. 
Niibct, Havrr 
Nisliet, R. P., 
Na<;li, Jamei, Llent. 

Naiion, S.Major 
Kepean. F. 

Nash Sebattian, Llent. 

Oiiver, A.C-apt. 

Orr, A. Capt. 

OcliterloD*. D. Slr.'Majar Gent. 

Owen, H. T. 

Palmer, W. P. 
Paton. Cbu. Capt. 
Paimer, J. 
Playl'alr, Qeo. 
Printcp, Jamci 
Paton, W. 
Pres|ra»e, D. Capt. 
Price, W. P. Malvr 
Paton, J. Lient. 
Ptssraore, W. Cnnt. 
PaltariOD, C. 

^d by Google 

PmA, H. E. Capt. 
Priucp, H. T. 
Prin>cp, Win. 
PcBbertoB, R. B. Ul 
Famlwrion, J. J. 
FdqIc, CbM. Utjot 

WuAtrIi, B. 
BoiTCll, W. 
bttriy, R. H. 
Kitt, H. P. Ueot. 


n, C, 

RobenoD, J. C«pl. 
Unvttt, C. D. 

Bamtay, Sir Tlioi. Lieut .-Calt 
Itaniuv, A. Hoa. 
R«ilf , Jamei 
Robertwp, LieiiL<Co1. 
Ba»«]i. H. P. 
Ricb aril Hon, C. R. 
Kooorth, Mark 
Roberl', Raok. Lien I. 
RfM. W. W. IJ«ul. 
RIcbardKiD, D, L. tiDijn 

Merer, J. V. 

Spanhle, R. Adiocata Gtattti, 

SvKlmhtm, Htaxj 

Svintna, S. 

Swinton, Genrg* 

Shake >p«ar, J. 

Smith, CDDrliiST 

Sllakeiiiwar, H. 

Scan, A, C. Enilgn 
SaBd>, W.J. 
6«nKr*ilip, J. Capt. 
Sinclair, P. C. llic Hon. 
Sooierville, R. En<i:.'n 
Sim pill, Franoii, Hau. 
Swavnc, 8. Lieut 
8«aiae, T. 
Slasri, C 

Stcsart, Robtrl, Eaiigii 
Sannder*, O. 
8Bitli, Clia*. 
Brott, J. W. Lient 
Smith, A. Lieiil. 
Smitii, T. P. Major 
Smiih, E. P. 
SFjdon, F. T. 
Seatt, U. 
SioiavD, AnJro 

Sinmare, B. Capb 
Saga, J. W. 

Sand ford, John 
Smllb, L. Capt. 
Spien, Alex. H^w 
Stuart, J. Capt, 
Shortland, Viuccnl, Llent. 
Shapland, John, Lieut .-Col. 
Ipeucer, Edward F, EuigB 

"niroer, W. LicnI. 

Thore,by, Lleat. 

Turner, Juhn 

T hacker. Wni. 

Tayler, RcTd. Mr. 

Turner, R. 

Tltompion, Thiw. 

Thomas, D. LieuL 

Tbornion, Thai. 

Taylor,J.W. Mirier 

TbomioD, Harry, Major 

TliomiDR, B. M. M. Dr. 

Tirgliman, R. H. 

Taylor, W. Aji»i.t. Surgean 

Taylor, Jamei 


Turner, John, Astiitaot SurEeoo, 

Tare, M. R. 

Torton, E. H, 

Warde, O. 
Warden, G. Capt 
Wardrop, A. 
Walker, W. B. Major 
Walicii, H. 
Walker, R. C. Capt. 
WitkiDSon, J. E. 
Wheler, F. Lieut 
Walker, Roliett 
Welluley, O. 
Wilson, Dr. 
Walter, Geo. Lieut 
Wilton, G. R. LiMit 
Wheatley. J. 
Wollen, ff . 

WliliIinKham, Sir Sararord, Cal. 
Q. M. Oeul. K. T. 

\tU, T. 




Waiotital Sftrtc8» 


OcKeral Improeemenl ofBrititk India betwai IRIO and 1821, 
camiiiUreJ in iu territorial and Political. Financial, and 
Commareial Relationi. — Bmtndaria and AulkorHtf in 1810; 
tkeir extmion oh the nde of Nepal, Malwa, Wahratla and 
RajapKt Stain. — Refiexiona on rentUi of late War. — Amount 
Jteoentte and Charge* of L809-10, and nbu^nt gears, to 
1R20-2I. — Protpictive increau of ReeenKt.-^Hiilorit of the 
ludian Debt. — Change* in the (Commerce of Great Britain 
with India. — Opening "fj^ Trade. — Rettrietimt retaitud. — 
AUeration* in Foreign Trade. — Past omd present amount nf, 
Company's, Free, Foreign, andCaatting Trade. — Popniatim 

The period at which we 
commenc' i>ur labours ii little 
favourable la historical inter* 
nL Tbe animatioa of conflict 
faai ccaa*<l, tbe esuttMion of 
tiiumpli has subsided, and the 
tmlj objects that now present 
tJieiDsetrea to onr observatiun, 
ara the tame pictures of pros- 
peritjr and p«ace— the estab- 
liahment of social nr<ler in re- 
giona where it haa been loa^ 
ankaowta— tbe happy effects 
of ita protracted eiistence in 
prorivccs where it followed 
tbe march of earlier rictery, 
and tbe geon-ftl but nileat ad- 
vancement of the Britisb eu- 
pr« ia tbe ' East in ttability 
aod power.— Tbe>« topics »- 
leoe can ttow fnrat^the sub^ 
jeet imtter of the record, but 
they hare net beeq found 
■ft* gimXiijiad to calm scru- 

tiny tfaaa liTely excitement,' 
and are less acceptiible tbere- 
fore to the patsioat and feel- 
ing of manbinil. 

The irresistible impulse of 
cultivated knonledve and dis-- 
ciplined pniweas. has carried- 
witfa inconceivable rapidity 
the British power in Hindus'' 
lui to an elevation unprece- 
dented in the authentic annats 
of this Conniry — From tlio 
Himalaya to tbe ocean, from 
the forests of Atum to the 
deaarts of Sindh, India ac- 
knowleges bat one master 
— the lorbaarance of tbe vic<: 
tor has, it is true, relrained 
ia many inttances from ezact- 
mx the penalty incarred by 
opec hostility or traaoheroua 
defection, and a policy as \v- 
bsral as prudent has ofWa 
beau cmitaot to substTtuta tha 
B Biithwi^ 


CALCUTTA anNcal Register isat. 

autboTity of iofluence for that 
or commaiid — still that ftutfao- 
ritjr has been mssumed, mnd 
its operation extends through- 
out the vide limits nbore as- 
signed to it. They must be ill 
read in ludiah history who 
can dispute the necesMly of 
this extension of the British 
aiceiidancy.or questii'n its sa- 
■ lutary effects, upon those who 
are comprised within it^ 

The commaoding attitude in 
which the British power in 
Hindustan is finally plac«d, 
it the work of its present en- 
lightened ruler : it was reserv- 
ed for the Marqueu of Hatt- 
iti^t to g;ain a victory over 
enemies more difficult to be 
defeated than the armed hosts 
which be scattered in tb« field; 
to triumph over timid policy, 
and popular prejudice, and to 
establish beyond the riak of 
question the important truth 
that " Bcticmea of conquest, 
" and exteusion of dominion, 
" in India, may be measures 
" conformable to the wish, tbe 
" honour, and the policy of 
■' the British nation." We 
ahaH now, it is to be preeum- 
•d, bear no more of the affect- 
ad moderation, which aban- 
dnits humble allies in. the hour 
of peril ; which aubmits to in- 
ault and ptllaze with scarceLy 
a murmur, and which loses 
tiglit of national name and 
-prosperity, in the fear of i^. 
nbrant censure or interested 
nisrepreientation. Disregard- 
int; the tendency of past de- 
cisions — -founded on errone- 
«MU orpattUI Maaomag, tha 

present' Governor General hM 
not hesiUted on all occasions, 
to assert the dignity of the 
British Government, and to 
manifest its determination a^ 
■ s well as ability, to commenit 
resp'Ct. Occiirrences as oppor- 
tune as spontaneous, forced 
this spirit into action, combin- 
ed ivith the resolves of a souuil 
and manly judgement, to set 
open tlie flood gates hitherto 
self closed to British superior- 
ty, &nd let the torrent forth, 
to carry through the fields of 
Hindustan, ferlilitv— not ile- 
solation. The result has surpa.^- 
sed anticipation ; order has 
succeeded to anarchy : habita 
of social happiness to the fe- 
rocity of the robber and tha 
murderer: and plenty and 
peace to frequent famine and 
incessant war. Whatever ad- 
vantaf^ea tbe British power 
may derive from the late con- 
quests, the greatest, fall to tho 
portion of die vanquished, and 
the fine provinces of Central 
and Western India, which wer« 
lately subjected to. every 
■Qourge that assails humaniiy, 
are now, after a Ion; interval, 
about to taste once more th» 
blessings of civilisation. 

tt is not only however with 
regard to the external relati- 
ons of the British empire iiv 
India, that the last few years 
have added to its power and 
prosperity: its internal admi- 
nistration has been alike pro- 
gressive, and the provineea, 
subject to its sway, have con- 
tinued to advance in die meana 
of lupporting a contented peo^ 
de, and aupplyios f wonrcea 

=d by Google 


to u> apaloiit ateto : to ftp|>i«- 

ciite bovTVTer lfa> eitent of 
tbcM iraprOTemeDU, «nd tlie 
BUare of the cbaticet which 
fakre tekan place, tt will b« 
neccMar J to adopt sane fizeil 
point of comparison with tha 
preseatdate, and in canfarmi- 
ty wjt'i the putpaie we hava 
adoplad.nt follotriiig the .isia- 
tie Awuuil Rtffuier, as aui 
model, the obviou* plaa 
is to rafer to the perioJ, to 
«hiah that work hu brought 
the history of British India, 
or thn year IBLO-ll, and 
compare that date, with tha 
year 1920-21, with which 
ire comneDce, in respect to 
the Terr4U>rieii, Political rela- 
tione, and Resources of British 
India: Haviiis thus estalitish- 
cd a geaerai view ot the ad- 
Ttnce made in the interven- 
ing time, we shall then eiidea- 
votK to take a luinmary re- 
trcMpect of the steps by which 
itiiasbem attained, providing 
iy tiiis arraujieuient, materi- 
als for the historical coaipen- 
dium which the present com- 
pitatioa war be expected to 
eoBlaia, and fur^iiahiug, with 
tbavolnmas of tha AsiaticAa- 
■nal Kcgisiar, a i)rier, but 
COBSected, and not unservicea- 
ble record, of tbe transactions of 
(be British lUMion in India, 
through a Ioag> an active, and 
•venttul period. 

The Territorial passes^iotis 
of tha British empire in India 
k^d nndergone in 1810-11, 
few material alteiatioDS, eub- 
aequent to the adjustpieats 
a4«4>tcd, duriag the second ad- 
Biuistratioa oi Lotd Cfmwai- 

Ht, and that of Sir Ccm^e Bar- 
low, and the small district of 
Uwriana, with anch portions of 
hmm d lei mn d as were exchanged 
for the cessions made by tha 
Peshwa in the Dekfaan, and 
the Simgranuik district takea 
from the lUtea Rajah, wer« 
tie only actual acceasions of 
any note from- that period to 
the year 1B16. It is noteasy 
to deline the limits of the Bri- 
tish possessions at this period, 
as they embraced varioua 
states of a more or less inde. 
pendant character, the proper- 
ty and local administration 
ofwhich, were vested in their 
own priticei ; but it may ba 
observed, uf the directions in 
vrhich more recent event* hava 
led to a removal of the then ex- 
isting limits, that the Briliih 
possessions were bounded on 
the north by the dependenciea 
ef Nepali-extending through 
the whole tract of ttie Hima- 
laya, and occupying the low 
lands below the first ridge of 
mountains on the Ooni^q>ort 
frontier; by the Hajaput and 
Mahratla powers of Centrat 
Indie to the wrst ; whilst th* 
slates of Seror and Poautk, 
intercepted the communicatioa 
between the BeoEal Provin* 
cea and those of tae Dekhan. 
I'roB a very large and inter- 
esting portion of India, tha 
British power, therefore, wu 
excluded, and the jealousy of 
the Governments, as well an 
the distracted state of the tar* 
.ritories themselves, denied ac- 
cess to visitants, and with* 
.held opportunities of enquiry; 
so that tbeae contiguous r«- 
B 3 ' gioas 



giona were alnoat m littl* 
known to EaiopcBni, sa tli« 
bithrrlo unexjilored domaiM 
of Central AJriea : tb* t«rri- 
lorJM properly British may ba 
Toiixbly estimated, Btlh* ft- 
liod vr« are dMoribinc. ai 
conUiuinfc about 470,000 
atfuare milei. 

Of the princea estahlitlied 
witliin the British bouiidacips, 
or at least within those limits, 
to which the British authority 
extended, some bad been ta- 
)ien within the pale of its pro- 
tpclion, to save them from the 
encroac-hiiieiiis ol ambitious 
ami tVirroidnble neif(hbours : 
the prot'Ction panted iit these 
cases, was of a feudal cha- 
racier, esacUus no return but 
occaaional militury service, in 
■easous of «meri;ency, and in 
ordinary au'l tranquil times, 
insisliiig oo no stipulations, 
but the quiet adrainistration 
of civil affairs, and the unre- 
served refereuce of all dts^ 
putes with their aeiichbours to 
the decision of the British Go- 
TernmenL The priucipal mem- 
bers of this class of princea, 
were the Rtgiuot Bhurtport, 
mA lUaekeri,iiii3iaidalacbiefs 
whose possrssious skirted the 
froatierfl of BumtUeeund, and 
the Sik'h chiefs on lh« left 
bank of tl)e Setl^. 

A more integral part of the 
Dritisfa empire was composed 
of those princes, who had re- 
Bif ned into its hands, the tnili- 
litary power of their states, 
and foregoing the pririlege of 
peace and war on their own 
behalf, tuppUsA from their 

tarrltorihl resoarcoi tha pa^ «t 
the forctta requisite for thmr 
defence;— the foreea thus 
maintaiaed being disposable by 
the British G avemm en t alone, 
were consequently anactiial 
part of its military lUength. Of 
these, the relations contract- 
«•! with the prinoeaofOtMfe and 
Sifderabad, were anost valua-' 
hle.aad most to be relied upon^ 
from the extant of their aub- 
aidiary arrangementa, and 
their long and cheerful ao- 
quiescenca in the systeai. 

A compact no leaa secnr* 
connected the Britiih Go- 
vernment, with ibe ruler of 
Gnxerat; it was indeed of k 
more iatimate nature, dian 
those described, and tha 
managemeni of the whole re- 
venues of tho country was 
delegated to the superior state, 
npon its liecoMing security for 
the payment of the burtheni 
aome load of debts, due by 
the Guickwar Government. 
This arrangement was in fuK 
operation at the time when- 
our surrey commences, and in 
1810, under the new manage- 
ment, the rerenaes of tlia 
4?ateihoar eaceeded his ex- 
pencea, by abotit IB lacs- of 
Rupees, which sum was ap. 
propriated to the diaehai^ of 
the paUic debts. We nay here 
obserre Anally of this amngo- 
nient, that its results have- 
answered the expectations for- 
med of it by the contracting 
parties ; and that the old debt 
was paid off in 1816, by 
funds, raited npoa a Inait, 
of less than half the arigiBal 
■um, orUlaas, at ft rwdnc* 



4m of-tliTM permnj. upon 

the former rmi« o( interest. 

Thft sttbsidiary alliance ex- 
hliD^ with the Peshxa, wa» 
of a vny diff«»nt camplexi- 
«DTthat priDce at &II tiroca 
evinced the createat jealousy 
of any attempt on the part of 
the Kritisii reaidetit, to con- 
firm and cement the union 
betnefn tbe two atateajand 
it waa very obvioua, that the 
conoexinn wKe considered to 
be dfrogatory and embarass- 
iajr- and that opponHnily only 
Wat wantinji on ilie perl of the 
Peahwa, to- shake it oft': the 
event* of the last few years 
luiTe fully developed the in- 
security and faollowness of 
tbis polriicat acsociatJon. 

With the other powers ef 
India, die British GorTn- 
neni was connect"'lt only by 
professions of amity, and the 
adiaiasion of Residents at 
Rrne of the Courts : of these, 
the principal were Simdia and 
lb« Raja of Nagptire, both of 
whom it waa apparent, en- 
Itrtained do very friendly 
Hfltiments towanls the Britiih 
power. Tbeinsaniiy of JetwwU 
Kate Holhmr, and tlte eonse- 
<)Deat distraction of (he Indore 
Government, had suspended 
oar intercourse with that state, 
■nd no immediate connexion 
Iiad been eatablixhed with the 
^nces ofKvfaptilana. To tlie 
lorth west of the iStU chief- 
taia, Rv^it Siftg was en- 
tand in those schemes, of 
eitended dominion, in which 
Is kas crer since been oc- 
capied; and «ltbofl|i;h hr pru- 
^atlj vrmded VftKj ftciat of 

doubtful contact, with th* 
Briiisih Government, it conld 
not be questioned, that the 
interference exerciser) in br- 
lialfof the chiel's of Sirhind, 
had le't a recollection not 
favourable to (ha establish- 
nent of friendly relations. Tn 
1808-0, an attempt had been 
made to establish an amicable 
intercourse with the court of 
Oabul, but the civil dJasen- 
sions of that country, and con< 
sequent dcposiC'on of the 
reigning Prince S«ja wl DUtk,' 
trustrated the purpose; ptaciug 
the mis-ion spnt with that 
view, in a predicament, from 
which although no other means 
of extrication offered than those 
adopted, no accession of 
strength or credit was iferived. 
Along the northern mountains 
a stale of great ambition and 
enterprise was eitendin^ its 
Bothority In a spirit avon-edlj 
ho!4ttle to alt its neighbours,— 
and with a rash confidence 
and arrogant presiim|)tion, that 
might be expected to involve 
the Garkhit 'and British Go- 
vernments in that collision, 
which has since ensued. How- 
ever amicable and pacific 
therefore the British rel.ittona 
with the native powers in 
IBIQ-It, mte;ht nppear to be, 
it wna maniicst to ail who 
looked helow the siirtece, that 
the seeds of dissension wera 
actively fermenting, and that 
the seh denial and forbearsnca 
so sedulously exercised during 
lhe(>nvernments ofiSiVOeor^ 
Barlffxe and Lord Minio, in 
obedieuce to tba declared sen- 
timenU of (he £a(Ush Parlia" 



simt, and the Court of Direc- now unnacessary to conjactore t 
tors, tend d only to foster n it vaa met promptly, and it 
jealous and hostile feeling in wa> suppressed : its disappoint- 
tbe native Courts, and to nf- neirt induced desperation, and 
ford leisure for tbe accumula- the ovort acts, thus compell<wl 
tion oi resources, Biid the ma- produced that aggrandisement 
tuti'ig ordeeiens,fur the annoy- of the insulted state, which w« 
ance and emharrassmeut, if uot are now to notice, 
for the ultimate subTersion of The first exteoaion of tb« 
the British povrer in tlie East. Britisli Territory waa con- 
Tbe reault howerer could ad- ai^uent upon the war with 
init of DO doubt — every such Nepal; by the Treaty with 
attempt, must, as Ion ^ as the that power ia 1810 tlie dis- 
elementary principles of na- tricts o( Soolioal and Skeraj, 
tional wiirfare are utterly be- between Goruckpore, and th« 
yond the concepljon of the first range of hills, were finally 
Princes of India, redound to appropriated to the British Go- 
Uie confirmation and consolida- verniuent: the Gorklias wei* 
tlon of the British power ; such cxpeLUd from the whole of tb* 
cfTorts might harrass, but coidd lands, below the hills, west- 
not harm; they might tease, wardof the CutuJtaAi ot Cost, 
but could not terrify. To suh- as well as part of the SIo. 
init to petty aggression how- i-imj/ Eastward of that Hirer, 
erer is unworthy of a mighty necessary to maintain a free 
atale, and the insect that would communication by tlie paia 
ating, though it cannot destroy, nf Nagracote, with thd T«r-' 
merits to be crushed. How ritory of the Siiim Raja, and 
much longer the British Em- that Prince was relieved 
pire might have been exposed from the yoLe to which 
to such a svstem, how much he had been lubjected 
longer its subjects might have by the Nepalese, and first ad- 
been shut out from the fairest mitted to the henefitofa friend* 
I'rovinces of India as traders ly connexion with the British 
or travellers, its accredited power. To the westward, the 
agents rrfused admission at provinces or^emaoit and part 
India Courts, or if admitted of ff^nr/ial, asfaras the A^m- 
BUbjected to insult or suspicion; nunda River, with the valley 
how much longer its bounda- of Dehrah, orthe iJcArnA Dooit 
ries might have been unavowed- beyond it, were placed under 
ly assaded, its frontier villages ihe British authority. Th« 
Mimed, the fields devastated, rest of the territories as far as 
and the defeaceless people the iSi?//^, were restored to th« 
lobbed and murdered ^how representatives of the families 
Btucb longer this petty malice which possessed them befora 
niight have exerted itself before the Gorkha invasion, or whera 
it broke out into more daring the aicient families had be- 
and leu disftiUed hostility, it ia come extinct* Were conferred 

=d by Google 


m chiefi who served theBri tisb 
Gorerament with Zealand fide- 
liry during th« war. In tbess 
cues how«ver the respective 
chiefs were to bokl their lands 
ina sort of feudal dependancu 
M the BritJHh GovernmcBt, 
wbich leaving to them the free 
cieTciseof internal adminis- 
InboD, undertakes their pro- 
tKtian against foreign aggies- 
lioD, and expects the ai'l of 
their resources in times of need. 
In one capacity or other, the 
British authority was esta- 
hlisbed througliout the wliole 
of the plains below tli« Hills, 
and through the fiimSlatfa from 
llbetto the SetleJ— with the 
Mceptron of Nepal, now eon- 
fiaed to itsorigiaal limits, and 
compelled to admit an inter- 
national intercourse, and the 
preience of a British agent at 
lU CourL 

The advantages thus attain- 
ed were of a very important 
descriptioD : the successful 
closeof the brief but arduous 
conflict wa» of itself of no 
mean value, as it established 
the inefficacy of great .natural 
ilreit[:th,in a country courage- 
ously and deiterously defend- 
ed.tohaffle orresist the Brit. 
iih arms: the condition of the 
reiiona appropriated, exhaus- 
ted hy opptessive rule, has 
hitherto rendered them o( lit. 
tie value, as a source of reve- 
nue, and the limited means and 
iopoverivhed resources of the 
dependant chiefs, have equally 
opposed the prospect of their 
contrihuting to ibe financial 
hurthensol tile state; bat there 
CH be BO doubt that uadaioa 

iraprored administration, tha 
territories acquired will ad- 
vance in population and pro- 
ductiveness, and in the mean 
time it may be considered, 
that an actual benefit i» deri- 
ved, even in a financial point 
of view, as there is no loniter 
a necessity to maintain an ex- 
pensive defence, against an 
encroaching and warlike nei'h- 
bour. Other advantages ara 
like^ to occur from the esta- ' 
bhsliment of commercial rela- 
tions with the vasLcountries be- 
yond the Himalaya, to which 
we have now for the first time » 
ready and secure access; whilst 
above alt other considerations. 
Bust be ranked the acquisi- 
tion of a barrier, wbich in tha 
hands that now hoJ<l it, may 
be fairly regarded as impreg- 
nable : the peace with Nepal, 
tiierefore, although its impor- 
tance has been eclipsed for n 
time, by the lustre of suhse- 
quent transacUons, forms an 
era of no mean interest in ths 
history of Biitiiih liidia. 

The treaty with Mulkar 
Row Bolkar, on the eth of 
January, 1818, secured to the 
B.itiah Government the terri- 
tories to the south of tha 
Satpura range of faille, tha 
possessions of the Holkar 
State in Khandeth, and such 
district* in the Dekhan, 
as Awber, -Ellore, and 
others which were intermix- 
ed with the territories of th«t 
PeshwB, and Nizam : it also 
abolished the claim of Indoro 
upon the districts within or to 
the north of the Smtdi bills, 
and tlie&ajpatatates,and those 



«f Kotah, Bund), and other 

Sietty government*, and trans- 
irred certain diitricls to A- 
mir Klum, Qhaffur Khan and 
ibe rul*-r cf Kotah, who had 
inetitpd the conaideratioQ of iha 
British C-ovpTDmrnt, and fi. 
' Bally, by tlie admission of a 
British force for the purposes 
of maintainiug internal tran- 
quility and defence et;ainst for- 
eign enemies, placed the In- 
dnre Government itself under 
the immediattt controul of 
British authority. 

As Sindia was seasonably 
prevented by the prompt mea- 
turpsof the British Govern- 
mei^t, from being entangled 
in the confederacy, vhich 
provv*il so falsi to its mem- 
ners, he escaped the penalty 
which he would else hare 
flhared nith thcin. At tho 
•sme time lie was compelled 
~ to forego all interfeience nith 
the RiJ a put states of Joudporr, 
Kotah, and Bvndi, and other 
|»rincipnlities on the left banks 
oftheCAum^^, ceding in some 
instances the tributes they 
irere accustomed to )iay hini, 
vbolly to the British Ciovevn- 
nent, and in all others con. 
signing to it, the act of col- 
lection — He has since been 
induced by considerations of 
prudence to solicit the inter- 
lisrancsof the British Gorern- 
Kent in the letllenient of ma- 
By ofbis other Rajaput depen- 
dancie<i. and partieiilarly of 
tiioss GntBMUi chiefs, who 
had long plundered liis coun- 
try. Dowlut Row Sindia 
bus in short, without any for- 
Bal obligtktiona, sijic* 1617, 

fallen intoa state oF dep>ni)- 
aoce opon the British Go- 
vernment, and arpears to look 
to it alone for relief from bis 
embarrassments, and <br that 
tranojuillity, which seems at 
this moment to be the chirf 
obiFctofhis ambition. 

The arrangements with tha 
Oowrnmenls of Holkar and 
Sindia, involring t.:oge with 
a number of petty principatU 
ties as those of jDAar, Dtwat, 
Jikopal, Banmrmrtih, Dangw 
pur, PvTtab Oiw, and others, 
lo all which the protecting 
influence of the Hritish supre- 
macy is extended, and by all 
which it is cheerfullv recog- 
nised, have rendered the 
whole extensive province of 
Mafwit, a virtual dependency 
of the British Government— 
this'de|>€ndancy brings with 
it a comparatively small ac- 
cession of territory, or reTe- 
tiue, but it forms a great ad- 
dition of political resources, 
an<l in the extirpation of the 
freebooters, who found ail 
asylum amongst it fastnesses, > 
and covert protection from it* 
chiefs, has added consid ra- 
bly to the prosperity of thos« 
frontier provinces of the Bri- 
tish empire, which were front 
time to time the scene of their 
depredations. To the elates 
of Halwa, the connexion al- 
tbrds inestimable benefils ; 
from beinc 'he arena of per- 
petual conflict, the theatr« of 
incessant depredatiiiri. and 
spoil, the province is now lh« 
aei-l of security and peace. 
Besides the direct hostilitins 
of (he principal powsra, anil 



ttc pcqwtual cDDteiU of tfa« 
moU powarful st«te> with ra^ 
fractory dspettdmnts, or pitty 
lUjas, the country wai ov»^ 
run with brge luiUtary bodiM, 
uoder lawless leaden, rmdy 
to mII their MrvicM to every 
purchuer, and realiftng m 
coaditioH of tbe coolnct, u 
wdl u '"■'■*»'"'"g them* 
■elret when deittitate of Other 
&nd*, «t the expcBca of the 
peec««ble inb&bittnt>-Hiudi 
trere at one period tbe trnope 
of Jimeini Rao Hdkar him- 
self, and auch wen the tar- 
hulent battalione of jlaucr 
KkoM ; scarcely less forraida> 
lile were the Grvmuk or 
plnadering native chiefs, who 
dtiren from their possesaions 
by inraders, establtshed and 
maiotaioed a claim to a ehare 
of the reyeDue npon the 
ciound* of their power to 
diUiirb or preTCDt its coUec- 
tinn.- oUier natiTe plunderers 
of a Bon desperate chsracter 
were Ae Saamkes, a body of 
twslfe ' bundred horse and 
abore niflc thousand foot, who 
all subsisted upon plunder, 
their own poasesiions in 
Soaadwartah beinj in a 
complete 'state of desolation. 
Bcudea all theae the Pindarees 
carrieil ba*ock and niia 
througboDt the proriDce, add 
n tbe Ticitiity of their baueta, 
sad the neighbourhood of the 
Qoands aud Bhils, other 
Buandiog tribes, hundreds 

* Heece tbe appellatioa, from 
Gru, a MMtVal In referenea 
to thr iniilliiMs of tbe eontin- 
|tnt diey elumed ■ ri|ht ts Iwy. 

ofrillagei were roofless and 
deserted : or to use die natiTtt 

eapressioni they were without 
a lamp^In the present period^ 
ti» foreign nercenarlea are 
expelled— tbe native marau- 
dws have turned their sabree 
mto sickles, and eren the 
wild inhabitants of the 
VvuBijfa range, and along ih« 
banks of ttie iVerteJda, ib» 
Gomcb, SUlaUi and Bkih 
have become sensible of the 
blessings of civilized life, and 
by the latest accounts were 
coltiTating their lands, and 
forming themselves into 
Tillaite communities, with ri 
rapidity, that gave promiae of 
an early and complete change 
in (he whole face of the coun- 
try. yVt need puote but one 
instance from official reports^ 
to illustrate both tiie reouced 
stat« of the province of 
Mabmt'tnlBil, and its rapid 
subseqaent improvement: —^ 
twenty years ago the territories 
of litMar conUineil 4000 
villages; in 1817, tbi^y wpre 
reduced to 2391.- in 1820 
tkey amonnted to 8411, being 
a restoration of IISO villages 
in three years, in a progressive 
rslio that well deserves re- 
mark-^or 289 in 181B, 343 in 
1819, and &08 in 1820— a 

Kogreasion that speaks vo- 

The sudden and (reacherotia 
aggressions of the Pethva, and 
R^a of Nagpore, and dieJr 
subsequeni inveterate oppo- 
sition, admitted of no terms of 
Gompromise, and the whole of 
theit territories were subject. 



•dlo Ui« Britiahpowar: tht eoBtrol of th* BritUh Go> 

^wprioM bMoningftoMp^ ¥«raiiieiit, , wd tb« [einaiodar 

toi&ted fugitiye, uti tba alii«r u well a» the diatricta of tit* 

4 priaoiifi.lVithtbvinodanUiott Satara Btga, will eoDtiMi* 

bowerei tlu4 hu Always ia> ^spemUot ubod ths Hinsau- 

flueiic«4 ihe caHBcila gf tb* wmMf ia tU tbair aitemol 

•XMuti** Oovemnantof ,Ia- t«l»ti«iw; 
diik, ft poTtion of tha kdvftit- 

tagesthiiBlagitiiDKtaly obtftitf Tut inpott 

wL WM l)bMBll<r relin^uiihoilt tmi hv tfae poaition of the ac- 

Ud ,lbe lawful at>i«f ot ths quired diatricta, ibry are cal- 

JWa Ar a H aiwaaraimt^tcd in the cuUtad to connect aad coimo- 

IbioiM of bia ancestora, the lidnle ihe British poaiesaiona 

JB«y« at Satara, witba ter- in tha North aad South of 

tilery bvundfl^ to the west Hiaduataa. The effect upcHi 

}rj the Gbftta, the Warna the pteTiiwee.thenaeUei caa* 

•mI Krisbna riTeia to the not m leaa beneScial, than it 

South, the Nira and Bhima to bae proTedintbe aeigbbour- 

tbe North, and tha ftoatiera ing regbwStBnd reaerved 

•f tbe- Nuam'a doviQioiM W tot the new lord* of a larg« 

4b« Eaat. By thia arraoga- portion oftheae leceoliy ac- 

■Milt Mid thoae already ootic- quired dominion*, to open peo 

•d, the large proriecea of Tious patbn through thicket^ 

KhtmdeA, Avm^^bad, and and onfrfaatneaaes hitherto in* 

Byafon h«ve been finally ancfaaible, fronlbeif own na- 

iaoorporaled aliaoat wboll^ tare, and that of ibeic inhabt- 

with lb« Britieh Empire ui taaU,*andlodiffuaetb«bleB». 

mindnataB. Ugi of ocdei, and^cirili«atioBh 

Tbe Borereign^ of tha throughout aa exteaeive traoj^ 

Ka^nr ^tata waa aaaigaeil to tenanted by beings, bitlMrto 

Bt^ae Aaa^A«iu&>,thegrand- BQarcelymorehuaiui<M)d,tli«B 

aon «f the fonaer Kua, whoae tha' beuta of j^ey with whoa 
.yontb. conbined with th* (lis- . tbey share thaif nuaerable «^ 

toaetad atate lof tba-connby, bodea. 

aad tb* insuAnencyof^ tha The introduqtiffn of tha 

indcriiluals lo wbo«t aloa« British as«tndaiM:y..oTaT,tha 

the «daiiniati«ti»n oanld be Chiefs of fi^'tqnt/MMcqiBpkiit 

nttiMtad.ieiide<editnac4»a»- th* amnf^vieBta whieh f^. 

'ty ftn- the Ti-al povet to be lowed the lata. wart by tbeM 

retained in-tbe bands oftba the Rajas of .AgpM-k •^•su^Mr 

Brkiah .tastdent. until at least . Qwd^i^ 

"^ "S* ?!!r" 'T "^ *** ": • *» ■«"'" °°««> ^fU^ 

aane the interoal maaagement cendlUM of tha Emmiw ftMU <r 

of hit country. Considerable Ooandwtna ovy. be nhlslaml 

"ac«asiolj» of tonitory in ihe $«" CsfUin Blunt't itfufttm 




O miifV , ■ «ad ' other state*, 
arc rendered dependast lor 
defence and enteiica, nptm 
tha Brituh GoTwa m— f. tha 
oaly terriloml acceaaiim ex- 
acted, and- that wta fvoA <5di< 
dEi, warn the Unn* aad n«|;fa' 
bonring diatriet «f Ajm«r«i 
ia which a uilitBrj caDton- 
■eat has been Btationed ; thri 
oaatribatkniH to the' charge of 
■ilitanr pratectioD, being d*- 
rived r-Dm a traasfer of thota 
toib«t«s hitherto rendered to 
&MfM. aad Bolkar, which 
Bra soir paid to the Britiah 
ttaai u r y . The adrantage ac- 
annaa frosi thia extansien of 
Britirii supremacy beiog the 
carapIeUon of its political con- 
trtd over Hinduitan, and tha 
lbnnui(»> in this, the only 
nawniag diraotion, of a pr*~ 
■•■ely sarked and readily de- 
leaiiihla fraatier. To tha prio- 
eea of RajapKtaaa, the benefit 
t> laeatiMable, aad their relief 
from the naattiBg and rainona 
fretennosa of tlieir MalamiUt- 
■aigfcbowra, ia far more than 
aa eqaivaleBt tor Ihalifht bur- 
then of riefrajriag die main- 
ttsaace of a diacipUoed and 
protecting fbree.'n>elate diaas- 
troua period baa exercised an 
•peratioo aa laTere on many 
parte of R^aptOaiui, aa en 
Mat^m, aad the Britiah antbo- 
li li aa have bees obliged to aid 
tba priacea of tfae country, ia 
Hm aMenptto iotrodnce sotne- 
tUag like order into their 
prinoipalitiea. No precise de- 
tail of tha effects of d»t inter- 
ference are yet before the 
jMUic, bnt all acconnta from 
|ba spot spee in colifirmiiig 

tha gradnal - dcffosiot of tb« 
natiiral consecpiencea of ooir- 
fidence and iranqnUlity. 

IIm political aaoendaney 
ind extended doniaion thus 
finally eetabliahad, nay bie 
Considered as the conanaMw 
tioH of that aystem of mdiey* 
vhich becaa with warraM 
Hastings, iaflaevced the ftrat 
Oorernmeat of Lord COniw^ 
lis, was the avnwed olqriet of 
Lord Wellesley, and has bees 
eariod to a suooessfbl ' Iti i u t- 
aatioD by the Manpemtf Bu- 
litf: It has been np|ioaed r** 
viled, checked* and prohibit* 
ad in Eaglaad. bat the coaraa 
of eveats has iheira thalft 
ooutd not be exingmbad ; ita 
prtacipla itf life War too rim* 
ronsand -eldstic to be winia 
the- reach nf tbaetelical 
leptistetioa. The eppoeitibm 
to itcotildaot have beea rmrf 
feaerally hoiest, and ■B'Moat 
saaea it any be tmeed-to- par- 
ty feeling. Thatitbasooftasi' 

of iiBprajndieed indiridasla 
•nay be admiUrd, bat Itda .mky 
be easily aocouDted fcr, mf 
rafarrias to 'that diapoaitiMi 
which is shewn in -qaealioaa 
of Indian poUcy; aa wM aa «f 
legillAura, mm filiAMe, to 
.'• >«e Indiaa afftisB wWH Bag* 
liih ayea, and cany iB wr gpa a a 
aotioaa into ladiaaffactiba.^ 
It may ba ^obearr^d dfo 
that mdeb of the &iNal rawiM> 
iag against ^tlm HBJmialityjet 
the Briti^ ' 

Appeu'lix to tiia fifth Rapsrtaf 
IhcBalaeteeB^aeai ' •'" 



diulan, is foQnded on itsia^ 
Bos«d impracticabiLitf , aod it 
nas bcMi trgued, that the at> 
tempts which must stop short 
of such ORtire control, could 
•Illy lerve to fotter resent- 
Bient, proToka aggresiion, nnd 
JDvolv* the British omjure in 
p«rp«tnal - iWBtestB wiA its 
. neighbours, which, although 
theymightnotendangsrthe ia- 
tegral existviKW of the state, 
would infoUtbly impoveriali 
its nsanrcei, ombairiss. its 
finanoes, and render India a 
burtiien, sot a benefit, to Eb{^ 
land. Tosnch objectioos the 
nsolt of the late war is a 
triynphant reply : universal ' 
peedownanca id India is now 
in the fa^nds of the British 
Gevertment, and the natural 
boundaries of Hindustan pre- 
amtnopower from whom future 
hostitity is to be apprehended. 
It may be searcely be safe to 
hope witii Mr. PriDs«p,* that 
the late war is ihe last which 
the English may hare to waf;« 
in. India; but the occnrrenoe 
of aueh a nrcessity is reduced 
to a bare and remote possibi- 
lity : at any rate the chance 
must for a conaidcrable period 
be restricted to foreign states, 
aad-both by the political aitua- 
tian«Cthe nei glibou ring kin K' 
dflas, and tbe military strength 
of 'the ■ British frontinrs, the 
danger bf Sggressi^ from with< 
out is immeasurably diminish* 
ied, and the oertainty of its re< 
pulse proportionably increased, 
'^Ve have already said enough 

to proTA the benefit of tha 
system, to the naliTe ststetf 
now subjealed to our authori- 
ty or control, to satisfy all, 
who are net determined to ex- 
tract from the past slate of In- 
dia, argameats or doubt and 
disbelief, which are wholly 
inapplioable to its present con- 

' From the view thus taken 
of the territorial and political 
relations of the British power 
in India, we are now to direct 
our attention to the proeret- 
sire improvement of its Finan- 

The official records ofonr 
' predecessor, cinted with the 
accounte of 1809 — 10, b<it n» 
' these were at that time made 
up by estimate only, the actn- 
a! accounts not having been 
received, it is not a matter of 
snrprise that they should have 
notbeenqwitecorrect. Accord- 
ing to the estimate, the Reve- 
nues for 1800-10 were reck' 
oned at £ 15,6S5,9SS, — th« 
charges and interat at £ 
15,957,071, and a conseqnent 
surplns charge of £ 1,680 wai 
anticipated. The actual re> 
suits however were much 
more favorable. The reve- 
nues amounting to 8a. Rs. 
14,52,32,852, and the ehar|[ea 
to but 14,19,16,788; b6 that 
instead of a surplus char^, a 
surplus revenue was realized, 
amounting to Rs. 33.16,866. 

From the accoi^nts made up 
for the period at which we 
commence, or the year 18J0- 
21, it appeari that the re- 
venue of tt(e three Pfeiiden- 




c5w ttien anrannted to Sa. Rs. 
lR,71,13/>88,bEinKan increftsa 
or4,18,90,4e6, since 1B09-10, 
tbe charges and interest 
uiomtMl to 17,ei,M,1!80 be- 
ing in increase of 8,44,38,509 
leiTing on the trmmaetknfB of 
(he Tear a. nett surplus of 8ft. 
R^ 1,09,68,7110. 

The large increase ta the 
revenue and cbarcei, that 
bas occurred since 180S-10, it 
nay be observed, has not been 
Biidrlen or fluctuating; after 
a due period of permanence, it 
advanced with the extenaion 
of the Bridsfa Empire, and has 
aince naintained the character 
of progreasive and regnlar ad- 
vance, as the subjoined table 
will * exhibit most satisfactori- 
Ij. The Tiew preseDts results 
lb« more gratifying, from their 
contrast with those of tbe 
period immediately precedinf; 
it: the veTenteeii j-ears from 
1793-9 to 1B084, leaving, «a 

it is stated in the second Re- 
port of the Select Committee, a 
nett deflcitofRs. 3,99,01,408, 
whilst tbe above IS years ml- 
tbough inctiiding two seasons 
of military operations on « 
scale of unprecedented mag- 
nitude, furnish a nett snrplaa 
of8,22,3e,83P, forming a tottil 
in favour of ^c latter and 
sliorter period of Sicca Ra- 
pees 12.21,40,214. 

At the same time that wn 
notice the different tVsnlts of 
these two periods, tt they ap- 
pear upon record, it is but 
equitable to add , that the con- 
partmn luvolres no sweeping 
censnre of the least economi- 
cal series; the Go'reritmentB 
of India during a conai<(arable 
portion of the first sAretrteen 
years, 'were en^^ed in atm^- 
glin^ for existence, in contend- 
ing «f!tinst foreign enemies, 
«n4 domestic prejudices, in 

' Yrart. 








14 a6.4&.a84. 




1. 30.47.72). 


la 20.01. 300. 

83 04,268. 



1. 46.33.100. 



1. 1H..W.4I2. 

1815- IR 



1. 00.97.238. 


. 41.70.108. 




def. 11.77.001. 


17.65.81 .304. 

do. 16.61.841. 




1. 08X8.7881 

% ■ ■ 

Dcdoot Defl 

ioncy in 1818-20, 
of IS years, 
nal SorpluB 


. Kelt Sarpin 







CMintcrRCting the eril conse- 
quences of partisl error*, in 
coofirfDuig tbft British UnurC 
in the Kast, tiid in laying lii0 
foundation of that very pro>- 
perity, vhich the tranatctions 
pf the BDuiiDg BdminittTBtions 
display .* the biatory of an 
Mipira n Kot to b* coptem- 
plated through the Daiiow 
Tista. of a scanty tarm of 
jBxn; the connexion of public 
CTents in not at once diacetni. 
ble, and in political economy, 
eauMa cannot be expectad to 
produce galvanic reiultii all 

f>ublic measures that arawiae- 
y weighed .are calculated with 
a view to remote not immedi- 
ate consequences, and tempo- 
wry inconrenience, and ez- 
pMCcaiewellenonnntared, to 
obtain a certain though a dia- 
tant good ; obvious as thesi) 
trutha are, they have been too 
often disregarded in F.itgland, 
and the Governor Generals of 
India have been frequently 
censured for prodigality, or 
SKunmended for economy, ac- 
cording to the balance of th* 
current y*ar, when a brief 
delay would have dispelled 
the charm, and shewn the eco- 
nomy, to be wastei the seem- 
ing azUBvagance economical 
•spenditure,; it may not be 
wholly foreign to our subject 
to advcit to a few instancies 
of this erroneous applinalion 
ofcreilit or blame. 
* Vpon the retirement of 
TTarrcn Hastings In 1786, tbe 
Mate of Irrdia was described 
tty bis slircossoT, OS being far 
fiom hap^y and praspdrous ; 
tba war of I783,iu4 absorb- 

ed the rerenues, left larjra 
airearB due to both the civil 
and inilitsry serrants nf the 
Company ; had impaired pnb- 
lic credit and thrown every 
thing intoa condition that an' 
nounccd approaching bnnk- 
luptcy andruin. IhelastHis- 
lorian of India insinuates that 
these were the conBeqnencvs of 
a vicioua administration, bvt 
what was tbe fact: the power 
'and resources of the British em- 
pire were mainly extended by 
submission to tbe temporarr 
perplexity, and so far ftoiia 
ruin being hasarded, a very 
few years were saffioient fa> 
dissipate all anxieties, reani- 
mate public credit, and rea* 
lise the prospect of a litgm 
anrplua revenue; the receipt 
of 1782-S, leaving a balancs 
above the expencea of 
1.218.678 £b sterling. 

The Governiaent of Lord 
Corowallis closed with thia 
favourable state of affaira. 
■otwithslauding the expeacea 
of the War with Tippoo, and 
the increase in the puUio dis. 
burscaients, incident to tfa* 
augmented extant and impor. 
tance of iheBritisb possessions. 

The policy of Sir John 
Shore was pacific and econe. 
mical. Tippoe wm eonciKated* 
and the Nixam abaodooad 
to the Harhattaa ; bat what 
w«re the frnancial resnltsT Tfa* 
amount ' of the Revenac m 
I797-B was diminished, tjiat 
of the charges increased, & 
■ett deficit on the year'a ro- 
ceipt of 100,000 £. incurred, 
and,- what waa of wne ma* 
Ment, ladia was left in uit- 

=d by Google 


mutucas that eonld ii«l qaillity of Britiih India, ud 

fail of anndily iDTohing ttw itttimateljr aotailed its naual 

Briliih GoTerament, with ita ooAtequencaa, ciihanGed «X- 

TfsouTGca impaired, and a sni' pmditare — Th« addition^ 

lied repnUtJoR, in the moat charf«, hnwavar, hava bean 

dangeroas boatililiei. enconatered, and hava a^ia 

llie energ7 and talent of faHea below the maaaa. Tha 

IiOrd 'Welleslay, fortunately Haranii nf Haidogi bai an. 

pTOTed able to encounter the joyaa the good roitnae da* 

criaia ; the nigeocies of the nied to Lord Wallaaley ] 

atate were resolutely and be baa Gondactad bii po- 

ptmaptly met; the revenues lltieal and fiaaacial amngA. 

were nearly doubled ; the ter- maata to matnrity, and 

rilary proportion ably extend- closaa bia career with tba 

ed, and the predominance proTiiinn of a anrplus re* 

asd aecurity ot the Uritiah venua, calculated at no dia* 

enpirein the east, first esta- taaf- period to effect the re- 

bllshed on a ba»is, which no daction of the publio debt, to 

hostile asa&ulta could in future supply a fund for the demanda 

hope to shake. To efFecttiiese of the state, with a diminntioB 

vast parposes, heavy charges of existing imposts, or to ba 

were inoispensably incurred, expended on objeota of pubtie 

sad at the close of the ad- uUlity and bonoo^. To ratura 

niniitration of Lord Wallea- however to our aubject. 

ley, . exceeded therevenuesby That a continuance of 

Ba.S.2.e8.6oe. 'ihiseohance- progressiva advancemaat ia 

■eat however was but tern- the superabundant Revenaa 

perary ; the premium paid for may becoofidently expected, 

fatnre profits; the price of snb- a few consideration! will suf- 

seqoent prosperity ; ao. ficiently evince : part of the im- 

eordiagly the surplus cbtrta provement, it is true srisea 

rapidly disappeared, and n fromcircumstanceswhiohaiajr 

the year 1809-10, was trans- cease to opwate, such aa the 

foiraedintoaaarplua revenue extent and profitableneM of 

ef thirty-tbree lacs of Bu- the sales of salt and opiim 

pea*. in the lastfeivyeais,*althouffa 

This aarploe hat dnca a 

maintained ita groond, as al- ' • AmountlDf In 18».I ta 

ready observed, through the' $*lt. Ri. i. «>. St. 991 

succeeding years; bas finally Opium 1. n. «S. Wt 

liiiim[ A ed over a troubled mo , BT. 11 flat 

costly period ; the fmit it may d,, u ' ' 

be remarked of the injudicious Salt tU.l. U- Tl. IM 

and enoassiva adherence to .>- Opinm. ■ TO. K, IH 

acaaoBBT, whkh under Lord Si * II W act 

Vellaaiar's saccessots com- %xt9tt in ftvonr 

poDised the honour and ttaa- af nao-l - — St. Rs. as 69. *M 



nfaUiDg Aff in tbm firat at leut, 
is not to bi «p|»reh«iided } 
yet, & f erjr considerable por< 
tioD, of the augmentfttioD 
coDnistine of advances in tbe 
land rcTenue*, and cuttoms, 
and in the augmented produc* 
tireneaa of fixed aources of re^ 
«etiK«, which muat proceed 
with the progress of ciriltaa- 
tien aid society, are of a d»- 
cjdedly permanent character.* 
The collections from the 
newly acquired lerritbriea, it 
is obrious, must yet be far 
fcom yielding that addition to 
the Revenue which they may 
he calculaUd to afford, when 
their productive powers shall 
have had time lo recover, 
from the extreme depreasioo 
to which they have been re- 
duced:t fr om these sources 

■Sarli marbecan- 
■Idered Poit Office 
rolkctiOM sod 
Ulsmp ituti«t, a- 
arountinff in 1600-10 Bi. «■■ 

te,p.o.c s. 87. ore 

SUrup* 4. 02. 60S 

S. dO. flSS 

Sa. 74 000 

ExcMt in favonr 

«fl8i0-2t .-...U. M. >11 

As a part of I he iiiereaie in IbrStanp 
Dntiet bonever arisei frDin ■ 
trin«rer from tbe direct Judid- 
«l ColJ«riiona smoiinlliij; In inW-IO 
to ren lacs, and Id ItSO-SI W about 
five and a lialf, the difference of 
four laci and a half must lie de- 
dueled from tliit iiirplut, leaving 
tliei-efore tlic balance In favour of 
I820.-SI over 1809-10, aboiit ten 
lari on tiieit two itemi. 

I Tlie; ai'fe Ihas ettimated lij 
Mr. Prime p. 


of re- 
venue may be anticipated^ 
more than sufficient to com- 
pensate for any deficiencies in 
those branches whicharemorer 
liable (o flnctuation' 

lliat the progressive in.' 
crease of the charges should 
have kept pace with tbe 
growths tbe receipts, wae 
of course inevitable : aug' 
mented territory involves ad' 
ditional agency, and Civil nnd 
Military fODctionaries must ba 
maintained as far as the limitn 
of tbe Government extend. As' 
long as these Charges are ful- 
ly defrayed by the means, 
which tkey are direced ta 
provide or secure, they ar« 
rather advantageous than pre- 

Na^pore, Sa. Ra. ita.rT.OM. 

HoUar I.OO.OO*. 

Sagur, ,.., S.OO-OOBl 

Ajmeer, 4.00.000. 

Tributes, ... . 

ea.4rlooD. ' 
Poona, . , . 8T,ll.7si. 
TViai, ,„, I41.S8.KS. 
■nd be calculate* the net produce, 
after paying Civil and Military 
Cbargea.Mllkdylo aDionnt to 9* 
lac* a year. Tlie nett produce 
oflbefirtt aggregate However it 
J^peart cannot Jet be eipccte4 
lo exceed 36 laca per annDM^ 
being aboni 9-tltia le>a tUan Mr: 
PriDiep'a estimate. ThcPwrnaRe. 
lenue la atated at id groii amount 
EuIUte Ciiarges of tbti slate are 
lo heavy, Ibat the net Heveuneia 
etUaiated by Mr. Printa^ himielf 
■t DO more tlivt 50 la«), and if we 
deduct 8-Sllirf from ili»t lattea 
amount, we ihall have 90 lac* fof 
tbe net ReveDue of Poooa, ani 
cosieqnentjy 06 laei for tbe total 
annual incresie of tbe Reveoaet 
of Briiiah India sriaing from tlieie 

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JitdititI to t1i« State, enabling thAse heads may Aerefore be 
ft' Ooveinmeut to diffuse confidently' calculated, lod 
more widely the stimulus, from ench reductions, as well 
wtuch public eocQuragemeDt aathe anj^entatioDofthepnb- 
aSbrdsta national indusliy, licreceipts, thftaufplusreTenua ' 
aild to attach to ita iaterests of India will ia all probability 
additional mattes of popnla. exceed in the ensuing years, 
tioa, by connectiag their main- thehigbert amoaat, totrhichit ' 
leaancp with ite prosperity in has been hitherto carried in tbo 
peace, and prrnerTation in most farourable periods, 
war. Tbat the cfaarges have In truth, such an increase ta 
aot exceeded those limits, is am'atter notof choictf nor de- ' 
apparent, from the net torplus sire, but one of necessity, 
iniich appears on the tnnsac- What is termed the surplus Re- 
ti6nsol every year since 1609- venue of India,' is ouly to be 
10, with two exceptions only, lO considered in its hical oper- 
and which in the last year, ation, and the Indian accouuls 
under review, amounts to which shew all the political 
aKore a crore of Rupees : it is receipts,' do not present all 
also <iatisfoetory to observe the politica) charEes. A' 
that upon die whole the po- considerable portion ofthes« 
greR8iTeincrea3eotcharge3,has is incurred in England, and 
proceeded in an inferior ratio, their amount has yet ^nnu-'' 
tothatof the receipts, aswhilst ally exceeded the surplna 
the final excess of the latter revenue applicable to theh- ' 
■nMunts tb Rs. 4. 18.90. 436, liquidation. By the published 
the final excess of tb« for- accounts of these charges, it 
iii«f, is but Rs 3. 44. 38.508, appears that ibey extended in 
leavingia 1^0-21, an increase 1814- 16and 15-16, to nearly 
in hrbur of tlie revenue, over two millions sterling per an- 
ttn charges as compared with nam, and by other statements, ' 
those of lfl09 10, of Rs. i' is calculated, that the tntal 
74.51. S3S. advances in England on t*r- 

It la almost uoneoeuary ritorial account had averaged 
U observe also, that the durlagtlie seven years preceed- 
laonht charges af-1820-2l. ing L82I,aa K«. 1,54, 33,436, - 
can scarcelybe cohtemplated per atlaiira. I'he average 
U permanent Much of the surplus revenue of these 
disbars^nient Urast have been yean as shewn in the atate- 
edstingent and ttniporary, msnt above given, hu been 
gitnring out of the unsettled ■ but Rs. 63, 63, 256, and con- 
state of the new Territories, saqueotly a d-ficit of resources 
and the consequent' expendi- has annually incurred, which 
tare of military establishments has involved a corresponding 
OD a scale, wliicb the return of increase of the public debt, 
order witt render unnecesssry. This addition in four yearaend- 
Eiteesivr retrancfameot* under - ingl817- 18, ■■ shewn by Mr. 
• D Prnsep, 



Prifinp, to haT« bem Sa. Ha.- yMitn from thla, in 1700| tfao^ 

3,07^7,0901— of tliia lum ^«bt hiul grown to Un milU- 

Hi. 06,68,780. borrowedof the ou»,buttl>« proporttonftl rats 

IfaWRb of Ouda had been can- o^ iDtersit wu faighar — baing 

cfllled by hitn, in coaiiders- nearly nine per cent ; Rnothev 

tionofK tarritorial cquiviileat; period of five yaara BUtde wi 

aqtfaat thcnett adilitionofilebt immanM additioa b> tiie dabt 

wubutRi.S, 12,18,340, male- ^baviag more than doublad 

^ aiaouiit of the Indiu debt, it, to that in l804 It ai90UBted 

ittl818,8a.R8.26,S8,04, 004, to nearly twenty niUianB,Ki 

Swbtaquanladditiona have been an average inlaraat «f 8} pec 

taa^ to tb* amount, and tb« cant. ; tha next fiva $aar» 

I>ebtb«wineint«i«stinl8ao-21 maiotaiaed a lika r»U of pro. 

U.Sa.-Ra. 1898,90,400.* pnssioa, and tba net debt 

. The history of the Indian of 1808-8 exceeded thirty-oae 

debt 18 an epitome of that of miiUons. — AnasgeiiMBts how* 

Hm Indian Government, and ever bad been made towarda 

csprestaawitfa contiderableex- the eipiralion of the term, fbr 

aetitude the gradual triumph a reduction of the rate 6f the 

-over difficulty and distreu, interest; ao that it averaged k 

and the great advancement of proportion of little mora— thao 

Ibe state in wealth and ere- B per cenL — The nexb five 

"dit The Appendix to the ae- years effected an importOt re- 

coad Report of the Select ductionofbalbprincipalandin* 

Committee, contains a mi- tereat, and in 1814 tb* fotmr 

nhte detul of the progress of amonnted to less than tweolf 

tkedebtrTOml783tal800,BniI seven millions, whilsttbe natt 

from this, and other equally in- interest did not on oh exceed 

disputable authorities, we may 8 per cent. The period tl»t 

'selectafew remarkable exam- followed 1814 was one of 

- plea ofita various conditions. In warlike operation i, and the 
'^702 die Indian debt, bearing excess ofexpenditure.with tliA 
' Interest, little exceeded sevf^n home supplies, regularly far- 
' millions sterling — Uia interast nished, coasnqnenuy augmeot- 
'• exceeded six hundred thousand ed the amount of debt, makiilg 

pounds, bearing a proportion it in 1816 a little oiOre thui 

- ofS, 6-lOths per cent. Seven 20 millions ; whilst- tha high 

: ' ... - BcaUofexpewiastitllieecMalf- 

'■ -■ThcecconntaTeccDlIypablub- |y incurred; tt We -bay% -Boli- 

-•f«li»»ec.lllt««.3flS,iM.If ced above, has OOntiaiMa 40 

; S?utt.S:.5Wn';.l7,'J'i"; addtoth....b.a«ftb»G^«,«. 

cMveraloD of Rnpeei low tlie ■"'■>(• "><> >>■■ >»Kde thdnt In 

I wwDd sterllnir. of as.thsoirTSDt 1631 ral^- mofa.-(h«B~the7 

. twti in th* iJT will Efve ni n^Uwn".— f«tmmg averyatw- 

f Sl.miTT— mnA tiisaaiM as Contrast, however, v^ 

. flwiaMllafthsfDgliih.aDcaaatt, ibaMUMtoaafetft jtv^jli^. 



Aitliig'vliichth* Kvengs an- 
Bml iDCteus <raB ntarty equal 
fctha aggng«t«wIdttion of th« 
nAMqaMt twelr^ yesrs. Al- 
fiiottgh the uuunt of the pria- 
cfpal bis b««ii bereaiett, tbs 
ntt of iBteMst fall kept the 
tMoe leva!. Wing bo more than 
6 per c«iit. and consequently, 
totwithslsftdivg ttae princin^ 
ftnonnt of the debt, w ratW 
more, thecb«rg«far intereitia 
■bout 1-ftth lets than it waa in 
IMB— the - anbjoiaed deuil 
WW- mora partioularly ahew 
^hai« concluaioHa. 

J>tH. Amt. lnU. f. tt 

ins CT,I9S,M4. 6I0,«Tfl. B. OC' 
1TM_ 10.037 .943. 9IW.96T. 8. OB 
IBM— 30.giT.7Il. ].rsl,41l. 8. S> 
1soB-ai.ifii.43 1. ).fit.sis. a. os 
1SI4— ift.iso.MB. s. m 

liH— 99.11 a.Ma. l.fBl.T44. 0. 01 
Ull— U4T1.ITT. l.^«.4S5. J. 00 

■ Of theae Kreragai it may be 
obtetTcd that they oipreiM the 
nte borne by the Intoreat ac> 
toaily paid, (o tbe Snaa nomi- 
nUy borrowed, and Conaaquent 
ly irben the actual and nomi' 
aal principal are not the same 
thing;, the fomar baaring either 
pr«iuum or diacount, the real 
rate of Intar&it .proportion ally 
lalla or ciaea; in this way, Uie 

,real nieaw«re foserally higher 
than Ihfy baro aaeai to have 
been, capecially .in times of 

.pttblic praaauM,— thaa in 1709 
noBoy ytja borroired in Jtangal 
at 11 per cent. andJn tbe two 
years pcooedwg iat \% per 

Thd pmnt anownt of tha 
Indian debt cannot be c^nsi- 
An-ciihaa forming any opprea- 
4iTe bnrtlKn npon the finances . 
tf duiUto. WM'hftva tkaady 

■een the payment of the interaat 
proTidad for by the resourcaa 
of the country, and in tha 
anticipated improvement of tba 
receipts, and tbe diminution of 
tba expencea, oaturatly re- 
aoltiag from a cOntinuanca of 
tranquillity, and aoherenca to 
aueh economy as is no( u^- 
compatjble lyith prudent li* 
liberality, it might be rawoD- 
abty atoned that a very abort 
JoterTal would provtd* meant 
for the liquidation of tha prin- 
cipal. That such an arrange- 
ment is desirable bowaver may 
admit of question, — a nattonu 
debt, of which the interest is 
easily provided for by the atl- 
nual revenue*, is rather a good 
than an evil. It is a political 
benefit to the Government, in 
the stability of which atl hol- 
ders of public aecurittes mutt 
be vitallf iaterested,* and it ia 
aitvantageona to a very largn 
class of the community, aa it 
aAbrdt them the meaoi of pro- 
viding a resource for them- 
aelve* and families, in the in- 
vestment of their savings in a 
security, tbe least liable to ac> 
cident, of all, which human es- 
tablishaiauls present, and 
which is easilv available to tha 
thousands, wbom want o[ lei. 
«uTe and knowledge, effectu- 
ally debar from improving theic 

*Tliii principle 
in the act of ir«, wUcb left 
two mlllioni of Pcbt to be onpakl. 
It li alill more nn«qalToca]ly itated 
by Mr. I>nndii in bi* icheiaa Ut 
ue liqnMallAB of Ifaa Compain's 
Debt; and a roiervitloii ofl^ 
m ill ioni of tbe public dabtli al*9 
aathoritcd bjr Art' U of Ssix IIu 



funds by otiier Un obvious, tempoikry JaprcHion ofoapi- 

and less unfluctuating ezpedi- tal in senu^, twa-given on «ii< 

ente. It is true, that the amount hanced value to tha public 

of the interest must be levied funds of ladia.aadraisea them 

on the people, and the advan- above their proportiooaUevelj 

tage to the state might thsre- thera is no reason however to 

fore be the same, if the nccea- doubt their preaervation of 

sity for such levies wereavoid^ their full value, as long aklho 

«d, and aa equivalent portion judicious administration oftbe 

of Revenue remitteH : if the British A&airs in India, coiw 

sums so levied indeed were linues to suarantee their pros- 

such as to press upon nation,- perity and pacmanence. 

al industry and to subject agri- There is one peculiarity ifi 

culture, manufactures or com- the India Debt to which we 

nierce,tn disproportionate burr may be here expected ^ a<U 

thens, the objection would be vert ; the more especially as at 

perfectly unanswerable; but theperiod with which wecom- 

where Uie sum is so small, in mence, it has undergone avc^ 

the aggregate, aatobeinsen- ry material alteration; we meap 

sible in its lubdivisioaa, it's connexion with the Indian 

through tfav mass of the popu- borne concern, and the payment 

lation,' the inconvenience to of its principal and interest iq 

which it subjects them, will be a different country from that 

far rromcommensurate with the in which the debt is contract- - 

advantages which a national fid. The first provisions for tbia 

debt realises to the Govern- purpose grew out of anDtivoa 

inent and to the public creditor, which are noW| it is to be sup* 

themselves it must be recol; posed relinquished.the purpose 

lected, constituent and impoc- of tronaferring the whole, 

.tant parts ofthe social whole. 'o( the IqdiaaDebtto li^ii-Uad, 

III what lii^ht the public debt with a view to it's discharge 

oflndiais considered by Ii^- from the profits of trade, or the 

dian Capitalists, the last lightening of a part of the bur* 

two years have decidedly then, by solyeoting it, as long 

propounped; it has preserved as unpaid, to an Boglish, in-* . 

Its value amidst the depreci- stead of an Indian rate, of la-r 

ation of all other securities, terost — an arrangement of ao 

and h^ been appealed to with slight momaat when the iat* 

an avidity, wliiph has raised lerwaslS and 10 per Cent> . 

its niarket value SO per cent With this otyect the IndiaoGo- 

above its origina] price. There Ternmeut were authorized iq 

■re few public securities in the 1785 to grant Bills on the Court 

old or new world whicli with- of Directors for the piiocipal of 

out any enhancement of th^ the Debt, to the extent of ai^ 

rate of interest, have ever wit- crores oT Rupees, payable 648. 

nessedsuch a premium on the days after date at lbs ezchpilga 

capital; it ia btu tliat m of l». dd. the ounent Eupee^ 




wiih dw power retained bftitm is to be trsced in (he p^Jticil 
Court of poUponiD^ payment Mmte oT ladia, frnm waich th« 
of the priflcipal, whilst allow- deraand for funda became so 
log an interest for it of 5 per pretaing as to faave induced iho 
Cent per Annum. The first Oorernment there to have re- 
year after thiasrrangement it course to a ayalem of raising 
aeemed likely to ancceed; money bj loan upon anew prin- 
tbe amount subscribed being ciple. From this circumstance, 
£l,49B,71S. but in the next and the iocreaaed facilities of 
year it was so inconsiderable, making remittances to Europe, 
as-to he reftnrded indicative at a more advantageous rate of 
of a lotal failure, — a result ai- exchange, consequ^it, it may 
scribed by the Government be preaumed on the eiteoftion 
to the low rate of exchange, of the private trade by the 
tfat remote period held out for terns of the charter of 1793, 
the itquidationof BillsoR Eu- andthefurtheraccomraodatione 
rope, the advantages made in granted in 1602, the plan of Uio 
India by the purchase of Pa- transfer remittauce was entire- 
per, and the superior profit ly auperspded. 
dniTcd from remiltftnce by It may be conjectured also 
foreign channels. that the optional Loans corn- 
To renore one of the menced in 179B, interfered 
frouods of objection, theunfa- materially with the transfer 
vonrable rate oftheexchanee, plan : these gr&nted Hills for 
this was subsequently left to the interest half yearly, and 
the discretion of the Indian for the principal when due*, 
Goremmenta, and the conse- at the choice of the creditor; 
qoeiice vas improved success, it conld only therefore be in A* 
Tbe renewal of the Charter in oase of the return of a credi> 
1793, recoenised the plan, and tor to Europe that he would 
itwasthen~ provided that the wish to transfer bis property 
iDdiandrbtahould be trani''er- thitber, and it may be coajeo. 
redintfaismannertofnglanditill tured that he would not be 
it vns reduced to two milhoni very, anxious to effect this 
Blerline. limitingthe annn^ a- trans'^er, as tongas the tompts' 
nonnt also to £ 000,000 ; th« tion of a much higher rate of 
uchango was fixrd at Is. lid. interest persuaded hioa to leaTs 
ttecorrent Rupee. This mea* it vested in Indian funds: tho 
urawas for sometime attend' payment of the interest in En- 

td with die expected jesolts, glaod could be easily effected 
sad bills were drawn opon the by Uills on the Company, and 
Court in transfer of tne debt neither for them nor the prin- 

lnthefii]laveraeeextent,unttU cipal were there any gro 
l]i*yearl600,when the amount of apprehension. The conditi- 
dnwn fell to £ 60,000, and in ons of the exchange were al- 
180S and 4, ceased altogether, ao favorable, the exchange 
'Che du«ct cante of this vShdt being takea Kt 3a. 6d. the 




Bupee, and the Bills made Uched to tb« Company'! detrt 

payable sixmonths after siitht; annihilated. The next me«- 

the termnof these loans being; aure was the redaotion of th« 

in fact dictated by the necea- rate of interest, and in 1811^ 

■tties of the local Govern- Loam were opened at an 

ment, engaged with an empty interest of 6 per Cent., to 

treasury in a succession a( which a vCry consideriibl* 

arduous and expeosive war- portion of the ontatanding 

fare. debtj was transfened ; th« 

From IQO6-7 to 1809<10. rate of interest then fixed has 

however a variety of circum- remained nnaltered, but in 

Btancps conspired (o enhance 1812, the conditionil T^T- 

the demands upon the home ment of the principal by Bill^ 

treasury, and the payment of on the Court of Directors was 

thetranslerof principal andio- resumed. This payment dilTer- 

terest became so burthensome, ed from the former, in its not 

as to compel the Company to depending npon the choica 

have recourse to Parliament of the creditor, but taking 

for pecuniary aid. The chief date only upon the discharge 

cause was a temporary de- of the debt whenever the Go> 

pression of the trade, both Ternment should find that exa 

Company's and private, sod peitlent. In this and the pre. 

th« consequent profitableness ceding Loan of 1811, all th« 

of remittingcapitnl iiponterma prior public demands were 

of exchanLre, which calculated gradually embodied, and tb« 

lira .Sicca Rupee nearly twen- terms of their contraction 

ty per cent, above its intrio< continued unaltered until 

sic value; to this was to be the year under Kevieir. 

added the natural effect of In May 1R2I, the Loan of 

the arrangements with regard 1811, was paid o9 or trans* 

to the debt itself at that tima ferred to a uew Loan opened 

in progress, in India, where, at the same time, in which th« 

in obedienoe to the orders of payment of either principal oi 

the Court ofDirectors, and in interest by mtls on Knglancl 

conformity with the obvious was finally abrogated. We may 

l!>ecesaity of the case, measures add, although it is rather an tav> 

'were taken for exonerating ticipntioo of the result, that 

Vie home treasury of the bur- with regard to the remittabl* 

then imposed upon it. In the portion of the debt, measoret 

fl per cent, loan effected in nave been since adopted wit^ 

180a-8, the payment of the a view to its reduction, anil 

principal in England, ceased the loans sabseqoent to 1811 

therefore to form one of the were tranaferred to anew loan 

■conditions: to this loan aeon- opened in 1821, than'otes.of 

<Riderahle portion of preceding w hi oh date 30th June, 1822. 

Joans was trausferrtd.andthe la -this loan the interest n 

-tflconTtttieat' stipulations at- made remittable by Bills oq 



HISTORICAL sketch: S3 

dw CoQrt of Diracton. in The olteratiODS introduced 
l}ie case of auch creditOTS into the syatDin of coinniercial 
^1 ue bonl fid« rnidenU intercouria with the Compa-! 
IB EwrMM, at the eKcfaaoge of ny's territories and the United 
2>.ld.theSiccaRupee,siidtha Kiaiidom have abolislied the 
principal, which ■■ not to he monopoly of that tradr, and 
|Mid off for the raniaining under certain restrictions, ad- 
portion of the Company's mitted the mercliants of Ureat 
cbartert ia finally payable op- Britain, to a free part>cipBtioii 
tioaallj by Bills on Eoglaud of it« adratitages. 
aaSa. 6d. ^ba ftapce. These ar- The reBtrictions imposed by 
niageiaeDts virtually abandoo the act of 1813 are chiefly of 
tbesrojcet of traDsferring the two descriptions, those affect- 
Indian debt to English funds, iag locality, and tho^e affect- 
and with very aufficient rea- iiig tonnage. Tii« Utter pro- 
aoD.In fact the project is now hibit the trade from being car- 
tuderttd impracticable by the ried on to any places eaatvraid 
UKwntofthe debt, inexpedi- of the Cape, except New 
tat by the reduced rate of in- fiouth Walen, in vessels of a 
tereet, and incompatible with lower burthen than 350 toas. 
Uw claims of the far greater The former exclude the do> 
Biuaber of the public credi* minions ol the emperor of Chi- 
ton,* who an Natives of India na wholly. Bey<'nd tliis in 
CaB have no inducement t<( Oieir general sense tiiey apply 
fraasfer their property to a to all couiiLiies. withii the li. 
remota and foreign country, mit^ of ths £iat India Gom- 
Tbe cwmmarcial situation of pany'a charter, but the act in 
tba Britiah possesaions on tlie effect establiahes three subdi- 
coatineat of India has uader- visions of these limits (exclu- 
ipoe within the last few years aiveof China) t' eachot'H-hicli 
a change, no less important a different regulation is appli* 
thai tbair territorial aoa tinan- ed. 

cial relations ; it will therefora ' Firs', the Company's own 

be aeceasary to take some no- poi seas ions ^their temtoiiea 

itica of the position in nfaich on the continent of Asia frooi 

Jhey atand at the period, with the Iniies to Malacca, Princ* 

ptuch we commence, and tha of Wales' TsLind and t.ia 

foolraat they present to their factory of Bencoolen. Th* 

^^dition before the measures trade to tliese places req^uirea 

^brcTsiva of their former cha- a licence from the Court of 

racier w ere adopted. Directors, but if directed t« 

■ Mr. Tncker wuib t01u«rra'- ona of the )irlacipal seUle- 

Utm on the meaiare* adopted, ments as Fort William, Tort 

*e. ini) IU»1 Enropeani hold gt. George, Bombay, and 

fc«r-«flki of the llebt, bat ,.-;„-_ nf VVal*,' Ulan,! Th- 

tbh i« vary «<u»t[0Dable, and I/'"*^^ ?" " "'" i*™**'. ™ 

••••iMid woald be probably licence is demandableof right, 

saarariheb prupertiaa. UioiigU not granted without a 




Cee.— With respect to any other 
place ivTthin this ilivision, tb« 
Court of Directors may refuse 
to grant a Licence, bat are 
required to state the reasons 
of their refusal to the Board 
of Commissi oners, who may, if 
tbey see cause, ilirect them to 
grsnt the sohcited permission. 
- The secoml division, some^ 
times calletl the Boar<rs limits, 
comprehends all places not 
induded in ihe first division, 
tyint^moreto the north than 
11° Sontli latitude, and hetween 
C*" and ISC'* East longitude. 
These limits c ompreh end Cey- 
lon, Javaand the Islands of the 
Archipelago, with a few excep- 
tions. To tliese places the trade 
SnybecODsidered entirely open 
aa aithouch a licence from the 
Soard of Commissioners is 
nquifed, the Board baa pro- 
inuigated ita intention to grant 
ticeiices in all cases wiUiout 
•xception, and without a lee. 
The third dirision includes 
«l) other places within the li- 
miti of the charter, as New 
»OHth Wales, the Isles of 
France, the Persian end Ara> 
feiaa (iulfs, end the East 
Coast of A-frica: to these 
places trttd* nay bo carried 
6a, in vessels otihe legal bur- 
then, without licence or hin- 
drance from the India Cdm- 

- The ragulationa tima enact- 
•d contemplated only the di- 
rect intercourse between ' 
Great Britain and the Kast 
Indies, but it was svbseqiietf^ 
ty band axpedient td cjitand' 
the taciltties «f . cirouiloua 
Cfaer in India or is- 

Europe, 'and several atels BKVa 
been sine* passed for ttiis 
purpose. The cirfevttchis 
Trade Act empft#«reit the 
private traders t« • tench 'and 
trade on the outward 6r horrid 
ward Toyase at Coreigii porta 
in America, St the Cape - and 
St. Helena, and^on Uie out- 
ward voyage at the Canaries, 
Cape De" Verdes and Madeihi 
'— and secondly, to carry 6n 
trade, directly and circuitous- 
ly, between all ports and 
places wfaataoever, - bcbveca 
the Cape of Good H6pe and 
the Straits of Magellan. 

By the Malta Trade AKt 
British vessels werepermitMd 
to tonch and trade af M^a 
and Qibraltar, and to tritda 
between those places, aadths 
limits t>r the charter^ *ithottt 
oomingto a British Port. 

Aad fto«)ly,the l-st and M-of 
George the 4th coniprtae «H 
the reaaiaing objects of- re- 
pervation (except as to Urib 
tish colonies) hy permittia^ 
British Ships to cany ott 
trade between all pwis witH- 
ifl the limits of-thecbait«r, aaA 
all ports, whether tii'Ewop* 
or elsewhere, belongin; to 
conutriea in attt^-vntli'W 
Majesty. The traSc ao pm^ 
mitted imsf eitber -be carmd 
on, in ship) va;;agiaf > anrffer 
the act of M19. fnwu ami-t* 

JPertni the Uniked Kiagd 
Ota, M it may be canj^ otf 
)■ Mnpi which nvtber cou- 
»«Dor .Mr terminate their 
«oy«|w«t a Qritiafi Pui«;-^t(i 
•hot I Mt w et n a-*he sestf igtigw 
oS4k»»ct:^ MM-are i»"Bft 
iruy applicable. - - ' 




,JkM IWr ftcrefora u the trade ftil to h&r* oceuloned a eon* 

tMwean Great Britain and lb- Hderable angmentation of th« 

diab aSactcd, KarCely any trade or British India, and wi 

A)Mada to an nnraatrained in- shitt now cndaaTOur to farm 

ttreoarw remains ; the size of some eatinUe dt tha amoant 

6ia vaiwla, irhich ii compltuo- df thai increase. 

cdofmthr«ason;asuasuitabl« .' l)he published data on whicft 

iolhetraffic withtb's Aichipe- to found a comparative estimate 

1h{n, is oTno ^eat importanca ofthepattandpreseiltconditioit 

in that to the Indiari Continent, ofthe trade of India, ar« stngn- 

aod ih* liceoces to trade are larly defective, par^cUlarly. afl 

obtainable at a trifling charge, it has been so often tha sabjecl 

*ithogt any great diffi- of parliamentary enquiry, and 

taitf «■ delay: the dnly im- has been investigated ttiroagh 

ptdimeat tiiat yet axiats, is prolix testimony and cornpli- 

Aa CompulaiTe' restriction cated accountg. The third and 

of the trad* to the chief fourth lieports of the Select 

MtUcment«,wfaicb itwoald al- Committee" of idu A 1B12, 

Wavs however apontanaously and the tst and 2il AepArts of 

saek, and the absence of a the t^orda Committee od For- 

pemisaion to carry on a di- eign trade, with the third Re^ 

rect irafSc with the subor- port of that oF the Select Com- 

dioate stations on the coasts mittee of the Commons of 

of the Peninsnla, Tbeae dif- 1020-211 havabeeTi especially 

fieaWes ara not likely. to da- appropriated to this anqniry; 

hract much from the total a- tney tnrnish however no cam- 

•oaot of the ladiaii trade parativd view of the penerel 

*nth tha tToitttd Kingdom. result, and we must mdea- 

The foreign trade haa necea- ^oart> trace this comparisoit 

■arily nnilersone an alteration as satisroctorily as we canV 

BO lesB importaitt than ttiat of from the varions scattered lio- 

Great Britain, and the restoM- tices and details whidb thes« 

(ionofpcaea has Brought in. Iteports contain. 'the coAcIiisi< 

lodMlBdianports.those^ags, ons can of codrse be correct 

which had for a long time vi- only within a certain latJtndjT* 

lited ttem only aa the trophiea andidttstbe regarded at best 

ef naval victory. TiM indepen- but as approximationi to thi 

imem of Soath America has imth. 

riao bea n feUowad bya direct B'fore examining thA d4> 

lutoi — HT — , prtt^oualf ttii- taila of the trade between 

linewa. nA the tanporary Great firitaia and India, w« 

beting aequred by the fiig- Any observe that aa uairorni 

tith'natie* in tile Eaalcni admispi^nofiu increase exist* 

AreU^ago haa givwi « nair in din Reports.-^The Lords 

ia^Mdaate In^vi ooa^aeiM remark, that ' although ■ it ia 

in tint dirwitioB. Ill* tasalt df difficult from the great flnota- 

NhM liiiiiMalaaaaa > eaanot atton wfaieb tha trade has wx* 



^«dmceJ,to eitiintt«tba prf 
dse amount of it'i increaM, 
"jvt ifs pTogrvis has craatad a 
conBum[tt)on of Englith^a- 
aufactnrea amoneit th« N&- 
tivei orindia.likely tolead to 
a itill further axport&tion of 
Britisli n&nu^turei, and 
tb&t itlUiouKh tha India mmr- 
icel iss been OTerstockcd, 
and K subseqnoo) dimrnution of 
iha axporta bad ensued, yet 
tlus diminution was likely to be 
tint temporary) and tlia trada 
^a> aotuotL^ recoverinfc rrom 
tha cbeck it bad suitained. 
Tbe report of tha Commofls ra- 
narki, "It appears certun that 
dia trade' with India, wb«- 
ti)«T of import or export, hai 
nsteriallr iRCTcased linct 
1814. — TbeBa conclusions are 
drawn from the testimony of 
a nnmbsT of intelUg^ent and 
•xperienced indiTidnals, mora 
or feas connected with the 
tradi, and admit no doubt of 
fhair accuracy. It onT^ramaini 
Uiarefore to aacerlain the a- 
IBoant of this increaaa,by com- 
paiiag; anch avrrage returns, 
MM ar* attatnabla at perioda 
prior and subiaqnent to tha 
(^ningof tha trada \m ISH." 
' Tb« trade with Great Bri- 
tun >■ ratolTabla into two 
beads, -tha Company's tracla 
and tbe Private trade; wa shatl 
first tberarota endeavour to 
datermiaa tb« araomt of tho 

' former at the period under ex- 

.. In tba supplement to tba 
4Ut Roport, or Appendix No. 
47, in tlH ObsanatioDS on tha 

' JSrt^anea' telating to tha Pri- 
vsta trad«t aubmiUed by Uw . 

Court of Directors, it ia stil'. 
ed that tha total exports of 
the Company for 61* yeaca' 
from 1700 to 1809, were, 

Oood £46.659.458. 

Treasure .. 14.6&6.687- 

£63 316. 04S. 

From the raloe ofihe Goods 
Ijoweter as admitted on other 
statements, 10 per cent is to 
be deducted from the invoice 
price, and tha amount will 
then be 

Goods . . 48. 658. «S{». 

Ded. lOper Ct. 4. 860^. 940. 

43. 703. 5t2. 
14 03S. S87. 

&0 years, .. S8. 430. 099- 

ar(. pr. annum. £l. 160. 002. 

The average thus obtainaA 
exceeds however that deriva- 
ble from other sources, the ex- 
cess being ascribable to tha 
inclusion of the exports to 
China in the general return; a 
source of perpetual embarrass- 
inent in calculating tlie value of 
tha trada with India alone ; 
w« must enileayour tlierafora 
to correct tha above result by 
a comparison with other state, 

Appendix to the dhirJ Re- 
port No. 6 is a lilt of ttia 
Goods, Stores and'Buflion Ex- 
ported by the CoioiAny for 
19 years, from 1791 to tflOifl- 
10 inclusive. This account 
distiogiiLshesTndia'fi-om China, 
and sbawa tlte amount of ttis 
exportstn the Utter, to'be fa- 
tfatrmore tban thaa* !• India. 



Hw total exports in sipaUaa 
years toIndiabeingSO .847 - 3 1 A. 
Bod thoie taCbmu.2l.070.tS91. 
the amount of tbfl Indian ex- 
ports from this document ap- 
yean to be, 

Gtxxts .... £l4.15tl,34B. 

Dedt. 10 pr.ct 1. 415. 835. 
12. 743. 513. 

Treasure .. g. gSB. 988. 

Avg. f. ranuA, £1. 083. 709. 
This may therefore be con- 
tidered as a fttir average of 
the saount of the CompsBj's 
uports to their Indien poft- 
Mwioaa prior to 1813. Ilierfl 
iino reason to aupjfose that 
any miAerial increase of their 
-exports to India took place 
.between 1800-10 and 1813- 
14, as even at the former pe- 
tiod it was considered tnat 
tbe Indian maikets were sup- 

Jiicd to the full extent of theii- 
(■and, iadependeiit of the 
<«Dsignin«nts made by private 

Tba Imports of theCom- 
^; from India, are tbe siib- 
j(ct of a- detailed Statenteat 
•opended to the 4th Repurt 
[No. 26], and as observed in 
the body of the Report, the 
trersffe cost of the goods im- 
ftrted fram India during 17 
Jan. hoin 1793 -4 to 1809- 10, 
.Tu £J..387. 12;^ persnnutn. 

The extent af me private 
.bwle pr'ior to the jrcar 1813, 
.il i) scarcely poBsthie to esti- 
iiale vith any certainty, al- 
■liOB^ profa^UyaVerj; wide 
d«Tiatir>n from theamouDt may 

*MhSepan.p> 4» 

not be committed. The Aepptt 
of the select Committee re- 
marks, with respect to thif 
branch of it's enquiries, that 
lbs " amount of tbe exports it 
is not practicable at all to »»• 
certain, neither can the Tfr . 
lue of the imports be tbewa 
otherwise than by a Renartl 
computation, governed by.ths 
proportion between the piim* 
cost and sale amount ofthji 
Company's Goods." Agree- 
ably to this principle the coaC 
of the Imports of the Privat* 
tt%de for 14 yearsie caleulat- 
td at 30. 700. 000. or mora 
than a million per annum, and 
it is added, no doubt can bo 
entertained that the purchaso 
of these Imports were effected 
by (he value of the exports in 
partontv, the difference being 
prnvided for by the amount 
-of Indian capita^, which itfo 
holders reantted tu I^flaod, 
through tbe ohanBel of tlis 
Private Trade -. the amount of 
the expoit radaon^rivale a«> 
couDtwiU be consequently lesa 
than (hat of the Impgrt, and it 
IS therefore probable tl)at 'tie 
statement furnished by the 
Coiirtof Directors, of the a- 
mount of this trade ibr 6 years 
from ISOSto 1800, was not far 
from the truth, in giving an 
annual average- export on 
private account of *£84B.7ft9. 
The imports oi tjte private 
trade e* stated ajbov; « and 
which were calculated from 
- ■ .file 

* AppFttdix It te ObiarvaHeiis 
•n tbo Eildeae* in the RuMle- 
'wicM to the 4Ui Rsuart, pnMM 




'4e«sioiiiit b%\e» of Private 
■ani Pmilege $ood,s at the 
JbiIu. house, after deductiug 
cD>t« autl charceB, average an 
.•Boual ^aliie ol £1. 314. UOJ' 
■ Snm 17«3-4tol809-10;tLare 
ia bUo ^ 't^i'^^^ of the ex- 

Iorla triUB. the Compaoy's 
adiftn teiiitoriei to G reat 
Bei^B for 6 yeara (1802 to 
SJB06) ou psivaie account, 
.wl>i«i.aTerasa8 a yearly value 
of Rupea 1. 11.43- 110, or 
>n9-£l. 114. aiit. If we take 
the average of tliese two re- 
aults, w« iball make th« Im- 
BOtta of Indian Goods into 
.^fireat Britain Irom Bridah 
^die. -' Wi private account, 
amoimt to a yearly average of 
£.1. ai4. 166. 

V . The ((eoeral view of th« 
trade between Grant Britaia 
• Ud India [viar to its being 
.tlKowa entittly open to com- 
•meroiat' adventure, or before 
UM^ear 181314, may now 
■be thus sbaied 





i lis 


s i,i 



i = 
i i 



= =. 





Wo are now to endaaTovr to 
aacerlaiii ita amount, aince Lbe 
change of character, it at that 
period assumed. 

The Company's exports t» 
India aiuce ihe year 1B13-14( 
are estiiuated with the Uko 
difficulty that attended their 
calculation prior to that perio>l: 
thr statemeutd of the Ouaton 
House ordered to be printed 
by the House of Commona 
the lOth of July 1821, bl««d 
as usual the India aad China 
Trade, and furnish no means 
of effecting their saparatioD us 
a satisfactory mannsr.* Froa 
these returns it appaara that 
the exports effected by tba 
Coftipany to India and ChinK 
coojointJy from ISlfi to IttSO, 
amouuted to £ 8. 047. 038, 
or averaged during this period 
£ I. 491. 113. par nanuu. 
Another account stated tha 
amount of the Company's «x- 
porls to China to haVe beaa for 
the same pariodt £6. 490. 723, 
or £1.083.287. per ann. leav- 
ing for the exports to India cmi- 
ly £ 407.886. a quantity K» 
doubt below the truth ; ib all 

•ccoiiuti hiai besn •titeJ si 9t, 
bolli for lbe cooreoisnca of calou- 
lai>OD, sad beeaiua, ■« ibewa In 
tke Sutameuti pciuteil wilb ti|« 
late Bepoi u, tliii rils civm saf- 
ficieiitly ace urate totalt, wkea 
eqoally applied to t(a CslcDUB, 

Bfadras, sod Bombay Bopeei. 

■ It^Ktn of tba ponmittsa af 
.tke Lard*. Mr. Orant's svidMc* 

ISS, and Aupendix iDtfaa saaia c*. 

port, N. No. S. 

Xrcamre. . . .Ij 6u», ftST. 
«,490,Tai. < 

=d by Google 


jnbibility the. smouDt of 
treasure is not included ia 
t^ tint tccouiit, in which case 
It must tie likenise excluded 
frou the tatter. Tbeamouut of 
qspwts to China will tlien ha 
but £ 4. 890. IW. or per year, 
'£B15. 02L. leaving: for theCou- 

Ey'a exports of Goods to 
ia £ S7S. 152 per annum 
-it value that k^ieei with the 
teiuU of other atatemeuta. 

In the Appendix to the Ka- 
ptKtof the Urdv (L No. 10 
page33tlBud M. »4a) are de- 
tailed accouuts of the value uf 
Bfitieh Mt;ichaDdJze expurted 
to alLpatto of India, exclusive 
at China, by. the £ast India 
£onpany, from 1814-15 to 
i8l9-20, u follows ; £ 

■ lill4-15 707.061. 

.»lfi-l6 &57. 584. 

1816-17 ..<... 732. 148. 

Jftll-rlB 431.281. 

]818-1;B 603. 720. 

1810-20.. . . . .690. 6d6. 

Total for 6 jears 3. 709. 260. 

.AvertgA (fl8.210. 

TW averagejcombinedwith 
'ihe preceding;, will give us 
tberelors for the adiouat ofex- 
K>rts, an average of £S47- 181. 
u Merchaodize alone. 
. . The altered character of tll« 
Britivh Indian trade, ha's ren- 
dered it no longer necessary 
tq export, from tike funaer 
,' (guulry, Treasuru in any Very 
oouidetable quantities : atth* 
Mme time, a certain propor- 
tioii Has -Utb«Tlo tocned part 
ofill'tf e'export* ftoOf Great 
Bniarn.M* 1"<1>|^> '" both the 
Piinte andCompwir'* tiade. 

aVid the exports of tha laOar 
therefore, as aatimated abore, 
must receive the accessioN 
arising from this louree, bafora 
their full amouDt can b« ap- 
preciated— Xow, in tha period 
already quoted, or from 1814. 
15 to iB10-2D, the importBtioii 
of Treasure by thaConpany tn* 
to Bengal alone, amounts to R«. 
2. OU, 28. 026. or £. S.083.8Sa. 
pvin^ a yearly averase oE 
£. 347. 148. without indarf- 
ing the imports of Itfadraa and 
Bombay, which ar« bowanr 
in all probability iasigni&caiiK 
The average exports of tl^ 
Cumpany agreeably to theia 
caluulutiona may therefore b» 
stated at £. OOt. 310* or say 
one million per annum. 

The Imports of tha Coapa.* 
ny for tive years, from 18L6-ia 
to 1810-20, produced a sale, 
amouiir of £. 0. 810. sas.t Tb« 

eaving the coats mad okargM 
£8, 305. 268. If vra eitiMUa 
the latter at 2» par Cant, tka 
price of tha Gooda wilt b* 
£, 6. 29s. 443 or per annum 
£. 1 . 250. 288. We may comet 
this by a comparison with 
another rough statemeat— tha 
averags exports on the Cob' 
pany's account from Baa^ 
to Gr«at BriUia fwr 6 years, 
freml8l4-l&to 1810-80, wera 
Ka. 72. 47.052, They nay ba 
eitimaUd at 2->rds of the ax- 
port* from Ae Urn* Prasiden* 

t Ut. «iaaf 8 tiUmatt »• X** 



oi«s, trhiich will giva for th« 
whole. Rupees I. 08. 70. 67S. 
or£..l. 067. 057. The arerage 
oftbisaad the amount furat- 
shed by that calculated from 
t(ie Bales at the India Hnnse, 
will give for the estimated va- 
Ifte of the Company's Import 
Trade £. 1. 173. 172. per 

The- details of the Pritrale 
Trade which have b«aa pub. 
Ii8he<l, are more definite than 
those of the Company's : frnm 
these it appears that the Ex- 
ports to loaia on this account 
for 4 years, Irom 1814.1.^ to 
3817-18, amounted to Rs. 
05. 85. Sai. or per annum 
1.61.46. 39 > or £. 1 ■ 5 14. (339* 
— ^The London Custom house 
•d by the Private Traders, 
make them alone amount to 
£. 1.935. 0't7 a yearduringthe 
longer period of six ytiars: 

181S ..870. )7T 
, leia 1. 4S4. T28 

■ BIT I. Si;e. B96 
1818 S- 70S. 024 
1810 >. la. T41 

nao 1. «o. 338 

- ATeraite. . 1. Oii. OS? 

«f these. however, soma part 
Wentlothe Eastern Archipe- 
lago, and cdiiaot therefore 
fnrnith hs with a, fair a- 
verage. — whilst the for- 
JMT Btatemenl. a]thou$;h more 
correct, ii w Cu objectionable. 
M it applies to a period not 
only very contraoted, but 
embracint; the earliest and 
there fore, teart improved con- 

* Sir. Grant's evUence, p. ISO. 

1 Aiiprn'KK LoriU' Commitl«« 

ditioa of the privata tmfa^* 
This is indeed admitted by th* 
venerable and iatelti^nt Di- 
rector,' from wfaoas avidenc* 
the document is extracted^ and 
who observes that from >ha 
London Custom House Re- 
porta, an increase must be oz- 
pocted in the Inijian accounts 
of Importa from the Cnited 
Kingdom for the two rollo v- 
iitgveara 1818-19 and IB19-20. 
whilst it may be assumed that 
for IB20-21, and the following 
years, those accounts will in^ 
dicate a similar decrease-*) 
The following Bengal r*t 
tunis of the imports, oR 
this account, will partly coir- 
firm ih'ii view.and will furnish i^ 
w ith some aid in a more extended 
formation of an averag;a bw>) 
I8U.15 Ra.lC.'M. 993 
IStS'Ki Ce. S9.'4B| 

I8i6'ir m. 10. ses 

1817-18 1. ftr. 10. &4» 

1HI8.19 3. Kl. 06. «H 

lfll'l-^0 1. 29. fS. S92 

liiJl.->\ 1. 03. W. Ml 

Bi. 9. 24. &i. 4W 


. 13. or. TTSpSrtt*: 

The average exports from 
Great Britain to Bengal, 
are. according to these i«>> 
turns, for s period of 7 year»^ 
£l,3i0,777. To judge lrorath» 
particulars of the amount of 
merchandize imported intotha 
three Presidencies in the fo«r 
years, from 1814-15 to 1817- 
18,t the Bengal imports ara 
.about two thirds of the whole, 
aud according to tiiis piepor* 
tioi i 

* Mp. Grant'* etidsacc, p. 107. 
t Lordi Report, l y pea d ia, 

A p. S38 




fin Hkt wlio^s of ths imports 
into tliB Indian Presidencies 
from the TTiiit-d Kingdom, 
%]11 hiT* ATcraged about 
£1^1,165 pn aonum, during 
tilt lut 7 years. That we 
Mij not boweTer over fl»ti- 
Bitc th« amount, we may 
Uke tlie mean of this and the 
]oirf«t rate, stated a bore, 
which will give u« for the 
ITere^ amount of the exports 
The Imports of Itie Private 
^rade Pot the period now itu' 
jet discussion, are stated as ; 
•mouDtin? during 4 vears to . 

laiMs* 1. M. ID- 418 Rs. ins. 

)BM-Ift a. 08. 74. J>9» 10 a-jit ; 
JBIMT 1. m. M. SM „, "' A 
mi 18 J. SO. S». 4T0 »' " * 

Totil 7. TS. 4J. 189 087, per 

Britain, and taking ttie mean 
of the liiglier and lowei resMts 
we msy »enture to estimate it 
at JE1.U9B.762. We may now 
therefore thus slate (he ave- 
rage amount of the trade with 
C<rcHt Britain and India einca 
the abrogation of the CoiB- 
pany's pnTilege. 

Aitrsga I- «•• !<>■ B^» 

BythaBaagal reports of exter- 
nd comnerce, the Prirate 
Trade asportations toGreatBri- 
tun,foxseTen years, amount^o 
lU. 9.(86.46.04, and aTerags 
therefore 1 .37-92.392 per ana. 
m4-l6 1. ». 43. S8I 
UII-IB 1. W> 44. SOS t. M. M- «M 
IBtf.W 1. tW. IS. MS 

wi8>ift 1. u. n. tat 
1SI9-S0 I. 29. ei. »i 

IBO-Sl 1. 06. OS. MS 

Tata] B. «. 4S. t4« 

iTersgel. *r. 09. S9S 

expotte from the other parts of 
Indi^, we shall hare an average 
Bval Indian impocUtiDns . of 
tte Prhrrte Trade into Great 

»*«-^ — ■ —. !-r— r — 

, ■ beid't depart, f. 193. 


H n ^ 





5 ^ M 


all i i 

'I'he alterations theretiir* 
which this trade has ontjer- 
gone, appear to be the follow- 
ing, 'rhe Conipaity's exports 
and imports have both dirain- 
ished by 236.0021. Tiiose of 
the Private Trade have in> 
creased by 1 6'14.750l— i*nd 
thenett incre^tsc on the wh^la 
Trade is 1.448 0881. or above 
S5 per cent. 

This extension of the actu- 
al amount of the Iradf^, has 
been necessarily atteni'ed 
with a rednction of those 
profits, which the limited sop- 
ply of both narkets, tended 
naturally to enhance. Wiiat 
may havs been the degree of 
diminution oo the private' 
trade, it is not possible to 
ascertain, but it ^peari that 
the profiu of the Company's 



Ittporttru)« hare been redn- 
e«<l from about 20 per cent, 
which they realisetl in tbe 
^vG yrars rrom IBIO-11 to 
ISM-Ij, to about 14^ per 
CAiit. hetwceit 1814-19 &»d 
1810-20. If this diminution 
of profits howevet may be 
taken as a criterion of the ^e- 
- neral reduction, it bears no 
propOTtion to the increase of 
trade, as vbllst the one is 
less (ban 5, the oth>r in 25 
per cent. ; and it need scnrce- 
\y be obsfTTcfT that both India 
and England mast benefit in- 
finitely more by an extensire 
commerce, which yiehls but 
a moderate advantatie, than 
by a more restricted traffic, 
which erouloys and enriches 
bnt a handful of indiriduals. 
Before dismissing the snb- 
ject of the trade between In- 
<Ka and Great Britain, we 
may notice one or two of 
those branches which have 
been most materially affected 
by the late chance of aysteni. 
jn the details of the articles 
«f which the trade with Great 
Britain formerly consistef), 
we find thnt wines, beer, 
and spirits, aiticles of Euro- 
pean aress, metals, ironmon- 
jcery, and glassware formed 
about half the exports, whe- 
ther of the Company's or P'ri- 
vate Trade. Of the import 
trade, piece goods formed 
the bnitt of the ConipaDy's, 
and indii^ of Ihn Private 
Trade. In the details now 
published.wefind. besides the 
genera) increase on the arti- 
eles of the former trallic in ft 
frnvorable Maton, an entirely 

new item of the first raasnU 
tude, and cotton piece goods 
of English fabrio, first iatrodu- 
ced into the eiporis from 
Great Britain, amonntinii; in 
the reports of 1820 to 3.'>4-780l, 
In like manner, British wool* 
lens, which were formerly al- 
most confined to China, have 
been exported with consider- 
able success to' the liidiaQ . 
continent, amonntin^in ItllO- 
20 to the Ta'ue or274,733l. 
'llie increase of these and other 
ezportations have so entire^ 
altered the nature of the iit,< 
(ercourse with Great Britain* 
that in place of cnn^iderabl* 
difEcultiei bemg found to ob- 
tain funds, fdr thcr payment 
of importations from Indin, ft 
has become a matter of^iffi- 
culnr to provide In equivalent 
in India for the payment «f 
British Importations : the Chi«f 
articles of Indian export haT« 
however generally impro*e<|, 
with the exception of thos* 
which the Cotton mamirac-- 
tures of Great Britain bar* 
stfpplanted on their ow^i 
ground — The average aonnal 
value of India Piece Goods, 
from 1804 to 1808, sent la 
Great Brbain was £1.040.009. 
In 1820-21, it was bat 
£309.215 — In the fire years 
between 1810-11 & 18l'4-15. 
the Company made a [V''*f'^ 
upon the snle of those arti- 
cles «f £l.0»S.57I. In th« 
five subsequent years, ftonn 
1814-15 to 1810-20, th«r 
sustained a loss of £8.785. 

In this branch therefore. 

tlie Indian exports to Graft 

Britain may be considcrwd to 

' Ukr« 



luT« closed. In others they 
kaT« improTei], as obs«rred 
•bove, and as lh« Slatemnnt 
M the note* will shew. Tbe 
utkle Silk here is particularly 
noticeable, and promises to ■ 
become an equipoise for the 
eahanced aapply of British 
Cotton Goods, as it bas been 
]N'o^reasively encreaaiag du- 
rini; several years from 4 or 
M0,000ibf. nntill in the year 
1B30, it more than doubled that 
qoantity : the importation into 
Great Britain of Bengal'Silk 
•ztending to lbs. 1. 078.871. t 
It n observed in the report, 
that this' commerce appears to 
be oae likely to be productive 
of great reciprocal advantages' 
toereat Briuin and to India. 
■ Tbe Trade with Great Bri- 
Um ig that ivhieh is most in- 
tiiWely connected witii the 
iotere^ts of this Country, and 
tbweforc, althongh we cannot' 
omt' noticing tbe commerce 
which India maintains with 
other powers, we shall not 
think it necessary to ftnter so' 
particnlarly into detail. The 
lobjoined statement will con- 
vet some idea of its past and 
pnKat amonnt, and the alte-' 
nliwis which are apparent 
npon the face of the stDteuient 
ie(|air« no explankfion, as 
they are the obviona corise- 

■ IMI4to 18M ISJO-Sl. 

B»w Silk,f I20: Sar. 1.078. 671. 

S»t«r, 339. 'OSS. ■ SSa. 17S. 

S»Wpel«, 319. m. 63». «»; 

IwtitOs .. 788. SM. l.U8.'MSi 

W«I . 104. 281. B7S. 494. 

qnencea of those political ra- 
volutions of which European*^ 
America have been, or ftio 

' l.Tse. 9V). 4.7*3. 3T0,. 

t Swnnd'flejiort of tbc Lords* 
Conmliiee, Appendix A. p. B«. 



— 15 


S i 


1 iiU " 







^ ■ 




SsHislli. . 



53iSii|S: ' 



*' • . 












S;S3S = 3 













SS533 : 




-,:-;« : 





iiiii ': 



n IS a a n ; 











- :t 

^>.-i : E 

s = s ■* 

■ iitii 





• Of this stdMmaot we iMist 
ohs«rT«, l8t— Tli« trade with 
cMitinental Rurope >■ less 
nugmeoted than might have 
been expected ; kut it must be 
recollected, that this bcail for- 
mcrty included a very large 
trade to Lisbon and Cadiz, 
Tpbicb wero the entrepots for 
its tranamission to the PoKu- 
fiuege and Spanish Colonies, 
and which have now been 
relinquished for the direct 
trade to South Ameiica; the 
whole amuiitit of which ac- 
cordingly appears as a new 
article in the trade with India. 
2d. Tiie trade »ith the 
United States has actmlly di- 
minished, but this it in some 
measure attributabla lo the ab- 
sence of the trade, altogether, 
during one year, which wai 
that ofwar, and its imperfect 
recovery from the elfecta of 
the hostile relationa io which 
that country and British India 
were placed. The American 
trade with India, however haa 
dec! iiied, independently of these 
considerations, if we may judt,'fl 
of it by its amount in the port 
of Calcutta; the four years 
1606-6 to 1808-9 baring ex- 
ceedeil tite amount of any sub- 
■equeat period of equal leugth 

Exporti & Imports. 
I805-S to 1809-10 Ri. 1.98.79.IMS 

iBog-iD ta ieia-13 3.i2.96.iai 

leis-M to I8i6-ir.., 
To form an estim ate of tb« 
actual amount of the Com- 
merce of British Indiai we 
muBt add to the above results, 
the Company's and Private 
trade as above atiated, and the 

Cttestiiig trade as giren ia tka 
statemflflts for ISlVlfi bi 
1817-18,* although tbeoatim 
of the Utter, renders It highly 
im probable ,ti)at the amouvt is 
a very near ap|>roxiMalioB to 

Total Tshie as ■kava^ 

£ a BS7 491 

Carapuiji') Trade,.... 8 US 17U 

FrivBle dilto, 3 747 064 

Cnasting dttto, a STft ear 

AmhI. uaeal vsloe ) ^. ,_ ,_ 
of tUe ludia trade («""»•"* 
In proportion to this sum 
the averai^e trade of Uie 
Port of Calcutta, for 
the last 8 J* ears, fro id 
1813-14 to 1820-21 inclusive, 
amounts to a yearly value of 
£ 10.628.001. 

Wb canaot otnit, whilat vo- 
ticin)( tb4 reso«ucss of Bri- 
tish ladia, the suuoieratioa of 
those subjects, over whom lier 
empire is extended — ai tW 
■am« time, so few autheoUe. 
documents exist oa which t« 
found ao opinion, that it is. 
scarcely safe to hazard a coa- 
jectHre, as to the numbera oC 
tin Indian populatioD. Tfa* 
latest, and by far the best 
vork on Indian Geography 
and Statistics, the publication 
of Hamilton ia 1820, enuoM- 
tates the British and theii tX-, 
Ties at 123 millions, in an arsft 
of 1,103.000 square miles, 
giving therefore an arerage 
population of 111 persoDsto 
a square mile. If we coin- 
pare this with the witent 
and population of Great Bri- 
tain, we shall form « mAr« 
■ Lord's Beport, IM. 



•MffTito ■otion, of botli Ik* Oil th« other huid, the Ala- 
ahtQldM ud proportioa»t« a- tricta in questioni are amongat 
Tb« •quamnilea of the best cultivated and pev 

pled in India, aiidtherefore are 
far froai furaishingajuat ave- 
nge, notwithstanding they 
do contain a large propoitian 
of unoccupied soil: the hills 
of Ithauulpur uid B,!bar afTord 
hut scanty susteoance to a few 
tribes, and tlie 
forests of lUc Eas- 

tbe British Islaadu ere eeti' 
aated at I07,S13, the ai^n' 
gate popalatioB IS millioos, 
or aboHt 14U to the square 
nrle— in astent therefore they 
tre about 1-lOth of that of 
ibcir Indiajt Dependencies, 
■sd about l-7th in populalioa 
—they are more densely peo- 
pled howeT«r, aud England is t«ra iiruvincest, not yet reiidi 
M to a very considerable ex- ed salubriuus, by clearing ana 
t*Bt, as the proportion in that cultivation, operate as very ef- 
eouatry is reckoned nearly feotive ehocks upon the in- 
200 persons tn a square mile, areaMr of their inliabitaats. 
— [tb notunlikely that the to- I« Runsporc for instance, 
tal papulation of British En- the Eastern division of the 
in, staled in Hamilton's Ta- district oontaias at the rat* 
Ue, is somewhat underrated; of only 90 persons to tiia 
and the more especially, as square mile — and even these 
where we fiad those ret urae proviuoes therefareare notyet 
of population for particular overstncked with population, 
diatrictst on which moatreli- To the North and in the cen- 
sace is to be placed, furnish tre of India, Nature opposes 
■0 much larger ratios — the in ber hare rocks and iiupnr- 
■KMt careful record of this rious forests insuperable ob- 
defcription availabte is tint stacles t-i cultivation, and the 
pshlishad in the Asiatic Re. Ijimalaya and Vindhyamoun- 
■aarclweb7W.B.Bayley,Esq., tains, and the Glials of the 
Ina which it appears, that Dekbin, present a vast blanlc 
the population of Burdwan, in the popelatioii of India, 
lives 600 persons to a square In provinces where nature is 
Bile. The next authorities io propitious also man has- in-' 
point of credit, are the Statis- terfered, to prune the excres- 
ticsl Reports of Dr.BucbanaB, cences of the increasing 
tiie average of which (indud- principle, and the fine and 
ing Bovdwan) will yieU 464 fertile province of Malwa, is 
to tbesaaie extent, or oalouleted to contain no more 
Iminw, . .-w« i P*"*"" '• ">■ than 9B persons to the square 
dJZ:.... «/''""""■ o.iie.-^lf therefore the pro- 
portion given by Haaidton ha 
BOiBetbt!);^ undoi the real rate, 
tbeinleriority is probably not 
very considerable, and tlie po« 


' F2 




aeqoentiT is yet very far from 
pr-'ssing upon the means of 

Of the disposition of these 
Tast n ambers towards their 
pres ntRuUrs, by which alone 
the power uf ttie latter is to 
be ealimsted, it is not now 
difficult to speak. The liTes 
and property of all ranks ar« 
ift perfect security, and the 
time ia uot SO remote, but that 
toany can yet recollect having 
trembled for wealth and for 
existence : for security there- 
fbre they feel grateful, nnd 
contented, but in propoTtioato 
their confirmed enjoyment of 
theip bletsings, they wilt na- 
turnHy ei:-nd their iimbiiioD, 
and iday learn to coret, what 
thflir soTerei^na may not be 
disposed to conoeda, a share 
in the mana^ettent of the 
ftublic inteiflats — along peri- 
od, it is true, must elapae, as 
■bclety in India ia at Kresent 
sonstitutcd, before any class 
of individuals shall arise, able 
to wield, the mighty but cum. 
brouM engine of popular dis- 
aatisfaction, with energy and 
■uccesS ; but it is far from dif- 
. fi'cult, to excite suspicion, in- 
fiama discontent, and ^ive 
birth to convulsions which 
iflust impair, although they 
may not overturn the fabric. 
It behoves the government of 
bi'iia therefore cautiously to 
preserve the confidence of the 
people; to disregard the dis- 
tant clamours of European 
ignorance and prejudice; and 
to resist, with the wise infle\i. 
bility tbe;^ have hitherto dii- 
playad, tha ibort-aigbted im- 

portunity that would ur|tt 
them to tamper with the feA- 
ings of their subjects, with re- 
gard to interests, 'on whiok 
their jealousy is tremblinelf 
alive. The Indian Char«ct«r, 
amidst the varieties which 
may be rc^iinlud as national 
distinctions, has one featurs 
is common ; a spirit of pasairs 
resistance, which wilt enduj* 
much, and lon°;, but cannot b« 
overcome, by persMaaioR' or 
force, and which, wheq urged 
to extremities, breaks forth ia- 
to sanguinary ferocity, or des- 
perate daring. On what occa- 
sion such an explosion may be 
anticipated, as moat likely, is 
sufliciently obvious. Political 
Tights, and religious farth, have 
ever been the ul)jects,rnr wbicb 
men have been most forward 
to contend. Of the first, the 
Native of India has nerer 
formed u notion; his forefathers 
have beijticathed none, not 
even a name for them, to bis 
inheritance: not »o widi hia 
belief: that, descends to faim 
from the shades of fabulous 
antiquity ; is interwoven witfa 
■11 his aocial propensities and 
habits ; is th*. source oif hia 
most valued recollections, 
and moHt cherished hopes ; 
and in spite of its absurditiei. 
is no less dear to him than bis 
existence. To wean him from 
this attachment must be tha 
work of time alone; the at- 
tempi tu loosen it abruptly 
would be as perilous as hope- 
less ; the interposition of au- 
thority would Ije as impolitic 
as unjust, for if our holding 
the Empir* of Jitdia, ' by the 




ttnort of opinion, bear any th«m in tke undisturbed en* 

fignificstion, it implies, th*t j«yinent of their prejudicet, 

our labjecta, civil and milita- uid errors, till they spontane- 

xj, Miiidmejan ond Hindu, oualy diaappear, before the 

feel aecnre of the deterrnina- alow, but certain, diffusion of 

liM of tiiair RuUra, to lean knowledge. 


forij/a PoHey of the huhaA Gementment. — Cotupinf of Java.-r 

■ ExpeditioK Saiit. — Arrival at Botaoia. — Storming of Cat' 
ntltM. — Fttght of Qtneral JanienM. — Purtait. — hngatfematt 
ml SamaroJig. — Surrthder of thr. Itland. — Efletuion of Briluh 
jMihwity — Native Princei.— Yvgj/a Kerta Harmed. — SuUan 
taken. — fiiuiuui» nbmiu. — Bogus liangin taken. — Eipedi' 

■ tiwn to Patrmbang. — City lakeit--^ Sultan dtpoted. — Hit b>v- 
ther taade Sultun — Tltejirtt Sttllan rettored bg the Britiih, 
Xemdait. — Uatuwed by the Cooemmait, and hi$ Brother 
ejpotn Siilim — Tiie latter deposed by the Dutch, and the aid 
StiOen replaced. — He expeU tlie. Jhitch.^—Tket/ retake Ptt- 

■ hwtbang. and once more depote him and restore hit Brothet. — ' 
Java Iraitifvil — Oomntereial — Fiscal — Judicial Imprwve- 
m*nif--:—.ii*pediliott to Celebes. — Java restored to the Dutch. 

impending disturbance of the 
pacific reUtiouq of the Britiah 
Uovernment: in the mean 
time however, their attention 
had been directed to other 
quarters, and the energies of 
British India had beeu aud- 
cessfuUy applied to objects gf 
national as well as Golonial' 
importance, audthe eTtetision 
of the credit and power of 
the parent couatry in the Eas- 

TuE interval tfetween the 
doie pf lUlO, and that of 
1B13, wben the admin islration 
of the .V'arquis of Ijastin:-* 
^moWDced, was distinguished 
oath* continent ot India by 
DO remarkable occurrences, in-; 
Tohing the British ai.tbuTity: 
the public tranquillity during 
tha early portion of that peri. 
^ confd scaicely be said to 
luffei any interruption from 
(he meat urea adopted to en- 
force th« obedience, or re- 
preia the violence of one or 
two pttty marauding chief- 
^int, and it was only towards 
ila taruiination, that the en- 
fioBctuaenta ot the Xepaleie, 
ud the iasiirsions of the Pin- 
tEareus gava intiications of an 

tern seas. 
^ The termination of the year 
181Q, wait signalised by there- 
ductioo of the Isles of Bour- 
bon and Maurice, and of the 
minor possessions of tbeDutch 
in the Eastern Archipelago, in 
pursuance of a wise, as well 
aa spirited determioatioD, too 
■ lung 



Jong delayed, to ajinibtlate queitly have no faturt •aem- 
(he nteao^ofannoyBDcewliich aioii to recgr. 
til* enemy of Kiiglaod Atrir- 'I'he force deHtined lor Am 
«d frcMD those re[BBima<t: colo- conquest of Java, eonaimHag 
■i«B, •nd directed with ai of aliout 12000 men under the 
much peraerertinca as lucces*, command of Sir S. Acbmu^, 
cgainst the Trade between laiiedfroni Madrai and Ben* 
Cireat Britain and her Indiae gal, in Apnland May, 181V, 
domtnioiis. In furlher pro. rendezvoused at Malacca in 
aeculion of this policy, the June, and arrived otF the north 
Bubjugation of Java was nn- coast ot Java, on the 3d of 
dertaken and accomplished August,— the fleet was coii* 
in the early pnrt of the year mandcd at first by Comaio- 
1811, and the aHcendancy of dore Broughton, and after- 
British power and commerce wards by Admiral Atopfard, 
in the i-^st, finally left with- who jutned from the C4pe. 
«ut a European enemy or ri- The Uovernor Ueneral, Lord 
val. Minio, accompanied theexpe* 

Tite conqnest of Java, ■!- dition. 
though achieved by the regour- The debarkation of tfa« ar* 
CCS of British Tndia, is rather my, and its advance to B«ta< 
a matter of British than of via were effected without dif- 
liidian History, and has in- ficnlty or opposition — a fee* 
deed been assigned its place h)e attempt was mad* to cut 
in the anntd^uf Great Britain off Colonel Gillespie, with tha 
— the subsequent relinquish- detachment thrown forward 
Bient of the Island and its de- upon Batavia, but tt was foil- 
'eiiciea, to its orrginnl ru- ed with little loss, and in Hia 
has also detached it en- further progress oi the inrxd. 
tirely from the interests of ing army, the advance en- 
Bindustan, and it will not countered and repulsed part of 
ifaerefore be necessary to bes- the enemy's force under Q«- 
tow more than a summary no- neral Jumel, a short distaaclr 
lice upon the details of its from Wclterredeii, a military 
conquest, whilst Ht the same cantovmeni about three mt^es 
time we may connect them from the capital* the chief 
withthoseofitsocciipationand reliance of the enemy how«> 
abandonment, as although by ver was placed upon the po* 
so doing we shall Komewbat sitiou they occupied at Cor^ 
exceed the limits we purpose nelis; an entrenched camp, 
assigning lo our Historical defended on the eaat and woal 
Sketch of the affairs of Briiish by twit rivers, and on tiie ndrtlt weshall secure the and southby strong lines con» 
advantage of finally disposing necting the natural defencPS', 
et" a subject, to which no sub- which were further strength- 
sequent trausactjons relate, aned by batteries and re> 
audio which we shall conse. doubts-^Ute ltii«B tf €imreKc 




MMHited 280 pieces of cannon 
— iMd weFB defMid«i( by a- 
boat 13000 troopfl, under the 
GooiBanil of General JaoBeRB, 
who had lately arriTcd from 
franco, with reinforcenients, 
•ltd had succeeded Marshal 
DiNidels in the GoTcrniiient 

' The Enfltsh army broke 
gronad before Cornehs, on the 
Ktit ol Auf^Bst, and on the 
next aiKl several guccessive 
iwys, an ective cannonading; 
n betb sides took place; it 
was evideirt however that the 
Itren^b of Um posilion >Tould 
enable it to resist all re^lar 
approftches, untill at least tite' 
■easen wouM becenae Hnfn- 
Torable lor field operntions, 
aadin that ce«e, the contjuest 
.ef the Istftnd must have been 
naterially dekyed, and great 
aaxiety and expeaditure iii- 
eurred;it only remained there- 
fore to endeaTuwr to carry it 
by aaaault.and fortunately in- 
ttllige nee was obtained, which 
rendered the luccesa ol' such 
an attempt less uircertain, than 
■he nature of the post gare 
leasen to apprehend. 

The weakest part of the o^ 
neray'a pasitton was upon 
^eir right, where a bridge lay 
over the Slokan, the canal 
ttat defended them, on 
Aat fltde; the end of the 
bridge farthest from ihetr en- 
campment, was protected by a 
redoubt, but it appeared pos- 
sible to surprise or force dna 
eotection , an d by- crossin g the 
idge, effect a passage into 
the heart of the position — a 
Hlfct body «f trot^ wa» dtt- 

tached for this' serricr vtider 
Col Gillespie, on Uie morning 
of the 2Gth of Aagast, whiUt 
other attacks, to be regu- 
lated accDrdiiig to circum. 
stances, were madeinfi'Dnt by 
the main body under tfaeCoai- 
mander in Chief, and on tha' 
leftand tear by a detachment, 
commanded by Major Vule 
and Lieut. Col. Hacleod-^tli* 
enterprise was- completely 
nuccessful: the attack of Col. 
Oilleapic was' as nneSpected 
as bold and vigorom, and 
successfully penetrated into 
the enemy's camp; the attack 
on tbe rear of the' position war 
also successful, and the eiy- 
trance of thesediTisioasinak<- 
ing wayfortheadvaaee of Iha* 
rest of the army, the fort and 
camp of Cornefis were en-- 
tirely abandoned by the ene- 
my, who in the assault, and 
more especially in the pur* 
suit, sustained a severe losV 
both of clhcers and men — six 
thousand prisoners, amongst 
whom were two Generals, and 
many officers nf rank, fell' 
into the hands of the victors, 
and altbou'^h General Janseti* 
himself escaped, his means of 
effectual resistance were au- 
nihilateit, and Java in the pow- 
er of the inTaders-~the loss' 
of the assailants was great, 
though less severe than might 
have been aaticipated ; about 
five hundred were killed and 
wounded, of whom (orty eight: 
were officers ; the heaviest 
loss of course fell upon those 
engaged in the main attack, 
and much of it was owing to 
die explosion of a-magasiuw 



in ODe of the enemy's redoubts, 
just as it had been carried by 
tli0 troops under Col. (iibbs's 
command. Thepriacipal offi- 
ceiskilledwereCol. Macleod 
of His Majesty's 60th, who, 
commauded the attack on the 
suulheru iace, aud Cot. Camp- 
b^l oi the 78lh, who did lif- 
ter. Uu; action, of hiswouuda. 
General Janseos fled to Bui- 
tenzorg, where he collected 
Bo.iDe o( bis scattered forces, 
and vas Joined 'by Cieneral 
Jumel : itwashis original iii- 
tention to have taken up a po- 
Eition at this place in the event 
of Cornelia being captured: 
the dispersion of his tioops 
however by the active pursuit 
which h&d followed the stor- 
ining of that place, and the near 
appioach of Col. Gibbs wiih 
a division of the English ar- 
my, compelled Mm to continue 
his retreat, and be withdrew 
to the Eastern portion of the 

The first object of the 
invaders being to clear the 
island of any of the agents 
of the late Government, 
the puisuit of its gover- 
nor was actively maintain- 
ed : a squadron was sent to 
eccupy Cueribon, a place from 
its situation of considerable 
importance : the fort was given 
np on the, first summons, and 
General i^'iniei the second in 
in command, arriving there 
shortly afterwards, nnconsci- 
ous of iu being in the poss- 
■essionoftbe British.wasmade 
prisoner. General Jansens had 
retiifd to ^amnrang, where 
lie had colletittd ft iorce, res- 

pectable in point of number^ 
but consisting almost cxcln-. 
sively of native troops, and 
therefore little formidable, 

Uader an idea that Ge- 
neral Jansens would pro- 
ceed to Sourabsya, on the east 
coast of Java, .Sir ^amuel Ach- 
mutyleft Batavtafor the pur-! 
pose of foil owing himthitheroa 
the fifth of September, — Upon 
ascertaining his actual positioB 
however, Sir Saumel sailed 
to Samarang, where he collect- 
ed about I'2ti0men,aad march- 
ed with that force against ths 
enemy on the 16th of Septem- 
ber — they were found posted 
on some high and rugged hilla 
at Jaltoo, about sis milea 
from Samarang — to the num- 
ber of above 8000, armed how- 
ever c'.icfty with pikes, but 
defe:ided in their position by 
its natural strength and thirty 
pieces of cannon : they wer* 
atlaaked in front with so much 
promptitude, thatthey seemed 
taken by surprise, and were 
unable to bring their guns to 
bear upon the advance with 
any effect — neither did they 
remain to receive the assault; 
but when the British line 
commenced to ascend the hills, 
retreated and dispersed — leav- 
ing General Jansens with all. 
his. resources exhauate.l, and. 
no alternative left him but 
submission; he accordinglj 
assented, although with an in- 
difi'ereut grace, to the terms 
offered him by Sir Samuel 
Achmuty, ami authenticated 
the suireuder of Java and its 
dependencies to the British 





lis Tilaid oT J&va beiag 
•ow Bubjected to the Rritiab 
QoTeninient. wu placed un- 
der the conttoul of duly con- 
•tituted functionaries, and 8. 
ttaffles, Esq. vru nominated 
Lieut Governor oftha Island 
and id dependencies, assisted 
bj aCouncil, composed P^i^T 
of English andpartly of Uutch 
members. ATter providing 
for the administration of the 
Colony, and suggesting the 
cipediency of such alterations 
M might appear upon a cor- 
TectanH extended information, 
conducive to the adrancament 
of individual happiness and 
public prosperity. Lord Mtnto 
returnea to Bent^al — where be 
resumpd his SRat on th>> 19tfa 
of Xovember — Sir Samuel 
Achmuty also returned to 
Madrss, and Col. Gillespie 
remained Commandor inChief 
oftbe Forces tothe Eastward: 

'Ibe attention of the new 

Srernment of Java was abun- 
ntly occupied in the resto- 
ntionof that order, which tfan 
rlaler.t measures of the last 
idministration, and the relax- 
UioQ of discipline during a 
itste of war had seriously in. 
lerrt^ted — The two chief na- 
tire Princes were ibe Sanaian 
of Solo and SMltm of Tugya 
Kerta, wboby treaties with tlie 
Dutch Government held their 
authority, nominally at least 
of that Government m fee. 
Mushal Daendels in 1Et08 had 
however prn claimed thosa sti' 
pulatiaas null, and announced 
t determination to consider 
•hem as independent Princes. 
Ths SuUan accordingly acted 

tipoB tbesv deelaratioiis, and 

C4in£ed so determined an ibtai* 
tioD to maintain his indepen- 
dence, that Marshal Daendels 
was compelled, at the ezpench 
of his consistency, 10 rednc* 
him forcibly to submission ; 
the overthrow of the French lit* 
lers seemed favourable to Oft 
Sultan's designs, and he waa 
engaged in concerting a coil- 
federacy of the native Princa 
for the expulsion of the Ed- 
ropeans, when his parpotM 
were detected and prevented*; 
the Lieut .Qovemor after find- 
ing it impracticable to effect ati 
amicable treaty witb the Sul- 
tan of Matarem, and ascer- 
taiainy that projects against 
the lives and property of tha 
European colonists, were ob 
the eve ofezpToding invari. 
ous parts of the Island, waa 
compelled to exhibit a prodf 
of the power of the English 
Government, to hold the na- 
tirePrinces in subjection, and 
punish if not prevent rebellion. 
OnthelTtli of June 1813. 
the Lieut. Governor and CoM- 
mander oftbe Forces repaired 
in person to Kn^a ^erfo with 
such forces as could be col- 
lected to compel the Sultan 
of Matarem to assent to this 
terms of the British Govern- 
ment — the Head Qaarters df 
the Bri^h were esUbtished 
in & Fort erected at Yugyk 
Kerta, by the Dutch, aboot 
eight hundred yards from thia 
Kratan or fortified Residenott 
of the Sultan and his Court; 
this place was about thr** 
miles in circumfarence, sur- 
rounded by a bread wat ditdi 
fl with 


CALCIrtTi. ANIrtTAt RECnStER 1821. 

.with- {trftwbri<lg«B, k strong 
- thick bigh rmnpart with bav 

■tioAs, md defanded by ne&r 
'.ona bunihftd piece* of cEUi- 

.Bon. SoTenteen thousand re- 
■^gular troops BKnned the 

works, asd sn ttmed populati- 
.Mi of mora than ona- htindred 

tbooMod, was cdlecud io the 

> Dpon tlw rcjectioa of the 
-torow offiN»d to tk« Sultan, a 
•cuwiBade wt» ioterchaog- 

«d iMtwMB the Kratan and 

Fort, of little effect on either 
iffide. lbs British force was 
-too tnooBsiderable to ni^e a 
-t^lecisiTe attack npon the ene- 
'wy> aad (be coafidence of the 
-Jctter was ao ovenveeDi j?, that 
■they sent to demand the uii< 
-COBditional surrender of the 
'Port and its defend«-s: these 
were joined on the snoraing 
«f die I9tb, by Ltent. Colonel 
Alaaleod, with a detachment 
-Bere effectln from its tb- 
loar tfaaa its nimtMrs, but 
ihnttngwith the troops alrea- 
^ on the epot, a force Jn * 

o storm die fortined 
'yalaocof dieSultan — diis mea- 
•newsB accordingly carried 
inln effect on the morning of the 
sunk" -the ramparts on the 
-Mwth East face were ap- 
yroMhed with great silence, 
mad eeooladed with equal 
promptilwle and courage, by 
m select twiy of troops an- 
der UeoL Col. Watson, and 
IbafMtj opening the noiA 
gste for lb« admisaion of Uie 
•ohfran under Col. Hacleod; 
whilst an attack on the aouth 
'fcee nder Col. Dewar, also 
■NoMdiBg> the R^iparta wet* 

speedily in pos'sesaion of #if 
assailants, and the troopx of 
the Sultan fled in all directions 
from the Kratan, — the fugi- 
tives were encountered by 
parties of Dragoons and HoT«e 
Artillery Btatioiied to inter- 
cept tbem,aD<1 the Sultan thus 
finding; no chance of esoape 
with life.snrreidered himself a 
prisoner : — the hereditary 
Prince had prerioujily placed 
himself in the hantls of the 
Tictors, anrl Ytiffya Kerta and 
the conspiracy against the 
Snglish power, were>hus m- 
nuitaneonily overtomed — 
the old Suttan woe exiled to 
Prince of Wales's Island, and 
the hereditary Prince elerated 
to the throne. — llie Smhmpi 
benefiting by tbe lesson thus 
afforded him, readily acceded 
tn the terms offered by tha 
British GovernmenL A turbu- 
lent adrenturer named Bagne 
Rongin, who had for several 
years baffled the attempts of 
the I>utch tn sMze his person, 
and disperse his lollowen.waa 
taken prisoner in the course of 
the same month : the diffen-nt 
chiefs and Princes no longer 
hesitated to acknowledge the 
supremacy of their new mav 
ters.and trani|uillity was esta- 
Uished in the Island of Java. 
•—the adjoini'ig Islands de- 
pendant on the Dutch Go- 
rernment of BataTia, had been 
fur the greater part reduiK 
ad to subjection in 1810, but 
some were still to be brought 
ander the new adminislfation, 
and in fact, the fallofYugya 
Kerta had been preceded by 
SO txptditioB af this nature, 




«bich haA effected a revola* 
'tion is the atate of Pat«m- 
bangoa the laland ef Buma* 

The Raja oF Palerabanf, 
witling lo doubt to avail him- 
•dr of a eeamiBgly faToraUe 
opportaaity, to get rid of I'o- 
' trifa cootroul, and probably 
* u caaiUtencfl wiUi hi« barba- 
■rian notioiis, conceiving tlia 
d**tnictioa of ttieir enemies 
would not be unacceptable to 
the MW conera, had in the 
Btonth of September, forced 
Ihe Itesidaats of the Duteh 
factory and I'ort on board vea- 
•ds in the river, and most ia- 
kHmaniy murdered them : to 
paaigfa thia actiof perfidy, ta 
aipedhioa waa immediately 
-fitted oat, and aailed rrom Ba- 
tavia OB the SOlh Alarefa 181S, 
aadar the Military commAad 
aad political direction of Col. 
QiUoBpie: the expeditinn ar> 
ri*ed«B t'lefiileeMhof AprH, 
Aff the waat Chaanel of the 
fklembang River, when the 
-taope wera removed from the 
large ataipa and traniports on 
boud ariae'l brige and amall 
«nft. aad proceeded up tho 
liver, eonvoyad by his Ma- 
j>a^'a aluop I^cris, two of 
the Company's Cruizeraani 
two Sahoonera ,— the fi rat shew 
of resisteaoe that occurred waa 
at Borang. about 40 milea froai 
the coaat, wbsre an Arab abip. 
aaomber of armed Prowa and 
Coatiag BaUeriea were aUli- 
eaad. Boianf; ttadf waa 
ftroajly defanded, and cap»- 
ble of making a formidable 
Msistaace .- on the arrival oT 
ihc flotilla, honavar, the (aui- 

tOD deserted their pott, and Ul 
the defaiieea were iwreMaler' 
ed by the Paaganng in eoA* 
mand. without a»y attempt «| 

The R^ah who waa at Pn' 
lembanei ao sooner beard«f 
t^ occupaiien of Borang, 
than he fled higher up the A' 
rar ; bia flight was the aigpal 
of general pluoder and cOnb- 
aion.and a promisctieua maaaa* 
ere of the Chinese and otfaar 
wealthy inliabhaDta, was ap- 
prebeaded. To prevent aucICa 
eatoatrophe, Coi. Gillespio 
pushed forward to PalaM- 
bang ; he arrived ihwt eaiir 
in the oveniag, with no oAor 
Carce than aevea tirenadielk 
and a lew ofieara, who in two 
canoes had outrowed the ^ 
ther boats detached. With this 
slender atteadance, Colonel 
Gillespie landed at aitht o- 
cloelttntheeveBiBg.aad bdm 
Jjinfd by some other oS- 
cers with tan grenadiers anA 
a few seaatea, he tootc poa> 
•esaion of the Kajah's PaJaM 
-~be was reinforced at ni^ 
light with afoont sixty aea, 
and the if^ole i^ the advanaa 
joined early in themOniing: 
the rapidity of Col. Oi(le»- 
pie's arrival, altbongh coA- 
sideling bis insuAicietit meaaia 
of self defence, shvoaring of 
temerity, had Bodonbt the ef; 
feet of saving tho city from thai 
apoliatioB, With Which if was 
nenaced, and which had idnea^ 
dy commenced — Whan tba 
British force, were concM&r%> 
tad at Falomlwtg, an enquiry 
was made jt)tD ttie asaataieatn- 
fi» eftiM Dalch Bi!Hd«iUa,.aad 

'oa BM* 



, iip«» du prooCi afforded bj 
that iaTe>ti|^tion, and other 
circumatanoea.of thebarbaroua 
and brutal character of the 
.Saltan and hit iion, it vas 
datenniaed to ramove both 
from the supreme authonty, 
and the brother of the former, 
]*uig[eraDg Adipati, who 
.iraa reputed a prince of a 
.mild and bene&cent character, 
vaa raited to the racant 
throve. In CQnsideration of hia 
•levation, the iultan ceded 
tho iilands of Bancs and Bil- 
.litoi), dependencies of Palem- the Caglish.-^olooal 
.Gillespie immediately after- 
wards quitted Palembang, 
.took possesaioi) of Banca oa 
.the 20th of May 18).3, and 
fetatrned to Bat<|?ia on the 
Jat of June. . 

The navr 4ultaa of Pahm- 
l^ang remained undisturbed ia 
iiie ai^thority, and hia amicable 
rnlations with the BataTianGo- 
Yerament, unlit 18L3, whon 
by ail extraordinary arrange- 
ment made by the officer then 
Bsiideiit, the old Sultan, fiedr 
ud Din, wa> brought from the 
interior, and replaced on the 
throne. On his paving 200,000 
dollars ai afine.— The arraugg- 
ineiit wai instantly disavowed, 
'ftndannuUeJ by the En;r|igt| 
Oo7ernmeot,tha money return- 
ed, andNajm ud Din the bro- 
thuT again seated on the throae, 
from which Qedr ud Din vrae 
once more removed, being at 
the same time treated vrith the 
Utmost delicai^y and consi- 

In this state Palembang ra- 
juiised tiauquil uatill the £•■•, 

toration of the Datch autho> 
rity in Banca, and o( their in-: 
fluence in Palembang— an ia- 

,-flueoce which they coulil 
acarcely claim as a right.whioh 
they would never hare ra-ob- 
taiaed, had it not been aeour- 
ed for them by the intermedi- 
ate transfer made by the Go- 
varnment of Great Britain, 
and which they Tcry aoon 
abused : theSulian appointed 
by the English was remoTed 
and sept prisoner to Batavia, 
and Bfdr vdDin, the murder- 
er of iheir conatrymen, re»- 

. tored to the title, at the ex- 

EBOoa of hie treasures and 
is power. The Sultan was 
still the inveterate enemy of 
the Dutch, and very aoon suc- 
ceeded in ezpetling them from 
his country. In revenue of tbi« 
treatment they - converted 
thdir prisoner Najm ud Dja 
once more into a Princa, 
and after various attampta 
in which Sedr ud .fiut 
displayed unexpected valour 
and firmness, and inflicted se- 
vere losses on bis invaileca, 
they succeeded at last ia 
June isai, in compelling hia 
surrender and in reducing thf 
state of Palembang whoUy 
under Uieir own authority, m^ 
ministered by the shadowy 
prince, whom they choaa 
to Qatpe SulUa.f 


loops and obaut IM) 
giiii vciteii, besidci bouts for tM 
traofit, sipountlns to 40M iwH 
cliislly Europssai. ' 



Tbt tranquiliflBtion of J«- 
n tiariug relieved tbe 
British (joTernmBiit of ti^e 
Islaod, of die care uf ie|f pro- 
loelioH. its Attention waa 
henceforward almqst exclii- 
■ively directed to the diffuaion 
of ^* advautages of peace, 
security and ciriltsation, an(l 
to the iotroduction of a vari- 
ety of beneficial chaaepa, con)- 
mercial, fiscal ^nd judjcial. In 
fba firit of these branches the 
.result was the rapid increase 
of the trad^: by an oilici^l 
return mad^ in March 181^, 
the tonnage of vessels board- 
jfd QD their passage tl[rou-:h 
tbe Straits of Suqda amounted 
in 1812 to ' 45,000 tons, ta 
}8I3 to 56,000, io 1814 to 
fl4.0Q0 tons, ^ad 1815 to 
130, OQO toD9 : the quaiftity in 
the fourtti of these yean 
oeing nearly triple that uf the 

Aprngress**^ iqproTeoieqt 
took place in the second de- 
partmeqt uuder merely a Dior« 
regular admiuiatr^tioii ofexist- 
iog regulations ; the Revenue 
of Java and its immediate 
dependencies, which in {802- 
3 was only Java Hupees 
2,376,-20g. amounting in 1814- 
. 15 to 7,0-10,0110. .^rly in 
1814, however, au entire re- 
¥ olutiou was effected in the 
mode of leveying the Re- 
venue, the benefits of which 
the Dutch Governngent will 
have rea|ied : tbe foundation 
of the amended system was, 
Jsl, the eutire abolition of 
forced deliveries at inade- 
quate rates, and of all I'eudal 
gftuetf, witb the ostablUJi* 

Utevt of, peifeqt freedom i^ 
cultivation and trade : ^d, 
tlie assuiQptiun on the part 
of Uoveriimcnt oftheiiutosr 
diate supertBtendence of (bo 
lauds, w)th (he cullection of 
the Resources and KeoU 
thereul' : and 3d, the rent- 
ioe out of the lands assumed, 
to the actual octupanls, m 
l^gf or small Estates, accord- 
ing to local circumstances, on 
leases for a moderate term.— 
The experience of three yearn 
fpUy demonstrated tlie ad-' 
vantages rGSultiu); from theso 
O[tera|joat to the public rev«- 
npe, and established ilie fact, 
that alter die aboliiiou of tha 
taxes bearing on agriculiure,' 
a revenue of at least four mil- 
lions of Spanish dullars, n.igbt 
be relied upon, as the rsiitat 
of th« whole Island, of whicl| 
one fourth would accrue ti) tho 
native princes, ^nd the r«' 
maioder to the European Go-' 
vernment. The judicial 
cjmoges were no less imjiort- 
aul. A procUtmatiou qmdel>j 
I,ord Minto, dated lltli Sept. 
1811, defined the rights of 
the colnnists, whether Dufcli 
or Euglish, abolished torturo 
aud mutilation in all cases, 
and rested in ttie Lieut. Go- 
reroor i(i Couucil, the power 
ot malciug new lanS, subject 
to the confirmation of the 
Governor Geueral of India. 
— a further ruoditicatiou of the 
laws affecting Ell ropeaus was 
made by Mr. Rallies on tlie 
tern forth* native inhabitants 
wa|S not completed till Februa- 
ry 1814, ffiiea an*ulixely new 



CdiI« of Jiidiciftl and PklJc* iiniiieditte mtmiiMloa %Dd 

Rtifutationi, founded on lh« they proceedad to Macassar, 

iDOst humune, liberal, and sa* where th«v arrived on the 7tfi 

gacioUB TJens, wss finally of June;tha town vrat uS' 

proraolgated. taulted and carried with ^rcat 

The |>acilic operations of intrepidity, but the Raja «f^ 

tha GoTernnient of Java fected liii eicape, and main* 

were temporarily disturbed tained a predatory warfare, 

in 1814, by a milltarv espe* untill the ceasion ef the Isl. 

dition HKoinst ibe Raja of and to the Dotch. 
Boni in Cilebes, who refused In Aucust 1816, Java, Cb- 

toBcknowle'l^e European su- lebes and the Soice Islands 

premacy- The force was com- were ceded to the Dutch, in 

nanded byOen. Ni);htinfale, virtue of the treaty conclude 

and touched at Bali on the cd with ihe King of the Nrw 

voyage, in order to repress in- therlands, and cease oonae- 

dicatioDs of a retiactory spi- qnentiv fiqm that time, to b« 

rit in one of tlie chiefs of port of the objects that claim 

thatislaud. The appearance of the atlenlion of the AunajUaC 

thf troops M'M followed by pf Rritif^ lldja, 


Affair* ofMa'mt andAjmert — RueafSindhia^tfavtihf — Aeeenivm 
tf Dovhit Kao—Poirrr brohm by War mitk the EaglMf 
Juottar'i/mmilii — Joiat Gortmtiu'Kt ofAkalya Baet ami Tt^ajet 
JJoliar—Tukajet'tSons — JeauuMt liao protector — Amir Kttm— 
Man Sink Raja of Jodlipwr — A prvtendrr ftppotied hif Sivai 
SiiJi — Rivalry and War betwem the Jaypur muiJodhpvr Ra}a% 
— Siege of Jodhpttr — Spparatioit of Aviir Khan — Retreat of 
Beiieger$ — Nitrder of Sinai Sinh — fatanily and Death of Boikttr 
•~AltemptofDherma Kowar— Defeated iy Amir Khan— Death 
of the Princrst of Oudtjpvr — RecuHeiliation of the Rajat-^ 
Exaetimit of Amir Khan and Mohammed Shah Khan — Sucee$- 
itoH ofMuVtar Rao HoUiar— Administration of Ttihi Baet^ 
— Sindhia't detign* uponBhopal — Rise nf that State — ^vcceMt'va 
Prineet—Wazir Mohammed — Invaiioa nf Bkopal by tht tronpt 
of Siadhim and the Natfpore Rya —CapHat beuiped— Sieat 
raited — Sindhta't athiagation of Vkar, Raghugher, Sfc. — Ptn- 
dareet — Bbih — PuHjab — Rise of Ranjeet Sinh — Sal^ugation of 
Mohammrdon Stales — Appropriation of Gvjerat and other Sii^ 
Statet—Eailern rhieft protected by the Srilith Government— 
Design! on Multan and Caslitnir — (Janhul—Bispnte beticeen 
Shiga ut iftdk taut Shah 3IahmoudSehMre of Sknja by 

=d by Google 

til9!tOtltAt SKETCH. 


' Jdiamdad KkoK — Tnvanm ofd^athmir by Shah Xtahmmd tmd 
Rmjtet Sink — Attach appropriated b>/ the latter — War betveat 
onfederatet—Sbtija a pritoHer at Lahore — /miwium ef 
--r bg Ruajtet^It* faibtTK. 

when Ranmjee Sindkia, orU 
gtnally a hereditary rillaga 
accountant, and a Iter ward a 
the menial serrant of tbs 
Peihoak, ■ Bajeerao, whois 
slippers it was his duty ta 
carry, became a oiilita- 
ry Cominaiider and a Chi«r 
of Power: he had several 
SOBS, of whom (he eldest, 
Jagapa, was inurdercd at 
Hagpvre, and left hit son 
•fanakajte, the Chief of the 
family. Jankajee was kil- 
led at Paniput, and the supre- 
mncy Ibeii devolved or 
MadhaJM Sindhia, one of 
Kanajee't other soos. — Thii 
Prince first gave a substan- 
tial form to the fortunes oi iiis 
rsce, and under various pre- 
tences posssessed himself of 
those territories in Malwa, over 
which his descendant and suc- 
cessor now rules, Tliis how- 
ever was but a smtll portion 
of Madhajet Sindhia'* pow- 
er; lie occupied in his own 
oame, or that of the I'aktoa, 
extensive Diitricts in Hindus* 
tan and the Dekan. — Thtt 
Princes of Rijaputana were 
compelled to ackuowli^dge his 
superiority, and whilst the 
nominal protector of the Eia- 

Eeror of Delhi, he availed 
im^eif of his possession of 
(he person of Shah Akm, to 
Atend bis own authority a- 
long the Jumna and the Gan- 
ges. To maiataiu and extond 
his power, he introduced Eu- 

' During the occupation of 
the Oovernment of British Fn- 
dia wttfa esternal interests, 
tad the absence of any direct 
claims of im porta ace upon its 
local onergies, we raay avail 
oarselres of the opimrtunity, 
to taki n brief view nf those 
transacti'iiis, of which inde- 
(teadant India was th« thea- 
tre, and particularly of those 
occurrences, which agitated 
the states of Malws and Aj- 

The Damet of SuulUa and 
hMar have been rendered 
familiar to English ears by 
various iapoTlaot events, and 
especially by the hostilities 
carried on by thera, ngninat 
the British Oovernment, dur- 
ing the ^ministration of the 
Marquis WeOetleu: the re- 
sult of those hostilitieA curbed 
fheir amhitjou, crushed their 
tesources, and rendered 
then Utile formidable to their 
Eaiopnan neighbours : they 
ftill however continued to 
hold a high rank amongst the 
Native Princes, and exercised 
an infiuence no less extensive 
than mischievous over the 
politics of western India.— Tt 
may not be uninteresting to 
take a brief survey of the 
steps by which that rank was 

' I'be family of Sindhia, ori- 
fijnally of huntble origin, rose 
6r*t into notice aboutihe mid- 
tfeoftkefcvaateenUi century. 

:,, Google 

48 CALCDTTA ANNUAL REGigtEll 1(141. 

lopean OiBcers and diacipUiw 
aiiioiig;st hia Truops, and at liis 
draiti in i7!i4, hp left a nu- 
merous and trell-aphointed 
force, under fJen. Dr. Biiignr, 
to the diapoaal of bis succes- 

Madhajte Sindhia ado[>- 
ted as his heir, Dowlut Rao 
.findhiit the saa of his younger 
lie))liew, Anund Hoo: this 
Prince was but thirteen years 
of ai^e at his accession, and 
vQs (^nmpellcd to overcome 
some opiiosition from tha fa- 
mily uf his predecessor, before 
be nas quietly seated on the 
Musnnd: be puraued the path 
narked out by Bladhajet 
Sindhia. and through a variety 
«f conflicts, crimes, and in- 
trrgiies, arrived at an extent of 
dominion and poner, uupre- 
cedcnted in Mahratla history. 
At this stnf>;e of his ambition 
lie pruvoked the lioslility of 
tfie British Government, and 
^iR Edifice ho had toiled to 
laisc was overthroirn ; his dis- 
ciplined Battalions were des- 
troyed; his Artillery captured, 
and the sacrifice of someofhis 
finest pOBnessioDS in Guzeral, 
and Bundlecund, was the price 
of peace : be still however 
icmained a Prince of respect- 
able resources, and formid- 
able to his neij^hbours, to ex- 
tend and confirm his sscen- 
dancy over whom he continued 
thenceforward to be the chief 
sim of his ambition. 

The situation of the family 
ot Ilolkar, presented a pro- 
mising fiehl for the exer- 
«ise of hii inUrfercnce: this 
family dated its origin from 

the same period as that of 
Hiitdhia. Mulkar Rao Bolkhr, 
the son of a peasaiiti adopted 
the profession of arms, 
and entered, about 1720, 
into the service of tha 
new Peshwa Bajet Rao: be 
soon disUnguislieil himself, a< 
in a few years, besiiles the 
grant of lands in Malwa, h« 
was nominated to the manage- 
ment or the Mahratta interests 
in that Province : he continu- 
ed to take an active p&rt in all 
the turbulent scenes that agi- 
tatad Hindoostan in tbe mid- 
dle of the I8th century, and 
after the battle of Paniput, 
retreated into Alelwa, where 
he employed himself in set- 
tling bis possessions, even then 
nearly the same that bia suc- 
cessors continued to away : be- 
sides these, he left several 
districts, in the Dekhan, and 
Khandesh, and heavy claima 
of a pecuniary nature on the 
Princes of Rajputana. iVvJ- 
fior Rao died ai the advanced 
age of 76 ; he was succeeded 
by lUalUe Rao, his gran'ison, 
his only son Kandi Rao, hav- 
ing been killed shortly after 
tbe battle of Faniput, at th« 
siege of Kumhhir near Deeg^ 
Mallee Rao survived his ele- 
vation but nine months, and 
died insane. Reports, sine* 
proved to be void of any t'oua- 
dation, attributed his sfleedy 
deatli to the practices of hia 
mother, Akali/a Bate, who in 
the absence of any other heir, 
and in oppusiiion to tbe threa- 
tene<l hostilities of Ragoba, 
Ibe uncle of the Ptthwa, as- 
sumed the rMDi of Govern- 



nnt, tntnutiiiK tli« MiliUry 
GoaiiBmad, and tbe colleotion 
of tlie Rereaues in Rajputaaa 
ud the Dskhan, to AAojm 
Attar, sfsvouriuComniftnd* 
cr with the late MuUuar Rao. 
h Tbtt diviaion of Authority led 

to DO separaiion of interests, 
ud the >tat* of Indora con- 
tinued to flourisb for thirty 
yean under this syitem of 
joint adrainiMralion, — Tuka- 
jw Holkar kadine forth th« 
armies, and diractinn the in- 
terests of the principality a- 
broftd, wbilst Aliaii/a Bate 
re|pit.tteit at thn Capital the 
detail* of domestic adminis' 
tritiun. Aluilifa Baee was a 
woman of siogular charac- 
tn ; of irraproachahle couduet, 
rf iadefatigBbla induBtry, aad 
Bienplary derotion. That aho 
bad extraordinary merits cau- 
aM be queatiaoed, aad during 
ker long reign, the territoriea 
af indore were ezampt from 
asternal aggresaion, and .were 
fclually fr<« from internal 
disorder. Her devotion howe- 

■ thsB 

i of a 

di^slity Httle becoming a 
viie Prince, and the auma 
that she laTJahed at Guya, 
aitd Beirarea, and other aeats 
of Hindu auperstition, might 
hare been more profitably ex- 
pended nearer home .* it has 
alio been injuriouB to har pos. 
thomoua fame, for the testi- 
mony borne to the blessinga 
of her away, assumas a 8u»- 
picloua character, whan we 
find that much of it restn up- 
on the authority of those 
Brahmins, and religious men- 
dieauta, who wua tha vipa- 

cial objects of her nunifi- 
cence. Thecoacurrenct.liow- 
cver, of general report, and 
the uniform absence of do- 
traction, art) no curamunevi< 
dencea of snperior woith In a 
womun, and a Hiii>lu, likely 
to have been intoxic!itt:d wilti 
power, and little beiieliled by 
atuJy or obserration. It 
must also be adoiitti^d tliatllie 
reality of her merits ia the 
more probable, a^ tlity may 
he traced to a tliorouuh con- 
Vfctioii of human wiakness, 
aiid a sentinient ofpiolbuad 
veneration for tbe attribntes 
of Dirinity. A'labfa Biten 
died at the age of Odin ilie 
year 1701. Tuiajee IJol;ar 
Burvived her but two years, 
and left the succensioii to ba 
disputed amongst bis sons.* 

The sons of Taia/ee wra 
four, Kati Rao, ami Mal- 
har Rao by Ilia wife, and 
JeiwHHt Ran and Iiojef^, 
by a Mistress : of ihe^p, Alal- 
iuir Rao, disputpti ilia 
succession with his eld-^r Bro- 
tlier, who secured tbe aiip- 


" A ciiituiii |irooi' «t'iba ini|ier- 
fect iiirurmiiian pa»es«e>l uC tlia 
real statu of affdira in Aldlwn ucriin 
inHuinillan to \fha«e geinrrul ari^ii- 
lAty WB hftvealreiidy borne te>tj- 
monv, Hmay»(l,TlJ) ■■ llieSon, 
and tlie Biand (JbiikIi'" it' Mnlliar 
Rao, Alial-in Hart, died in liii o«n 
life time, bin wire Ooutams Bhye 
■do|ite<l a nepliew Tuk^ee Hul- 
kar, who suceeedei) to lii~ lerrllu- 
riei." Besides llie very impnrlaat 

thelon^reiitn of Ahalya Baee, a 
mifluke of less moment ii made 
with rei^ard to Tiikijee Holkar, 
wl)a wa* no raUtiou to Uultur 



feort of SindUa, ud employ- 
ad tbal aid to effect the de. 
Mnctioa of Mulhar Bao; 
^»t PriDC« Wks attacked ud- 
■zpcctedly by iSnwUta* troops, 
mnd waa killed bafara ha 

Soald offer ^ffeatiTe resistance. 
ESWVNT Rao, who had at- 
tached htingelf to hia came, 
piade hit escape, and for soma 
time led the life of a fugitive, 
Mekiog security amongst ihe 
hills and Woods of Oondwa- 
Ba. At length, obtaiainE the 
•uiftance of Jmir Khan, 
•ndnis band of mercenaries, 
h* adraitced ajcainst Indore. 
His martial and adventurous 
■piiit was better adapted to 

fain the affections of the Ma- 
rotta soldiery, than the imbe- 
citity oi^J^on Raa, and con- 
Mquently, Jenevnt Rao was 
■peedily joined by the forcF-s 
sollected to oppose him. Hj 
became immediately master 
of the Govfrnmeut, but in 
compliance with the prejudi- 
ces of his countrymen, which 
beld his illegitimacy as a dis- 
aualifi cation for the regal 
aigniiy, he professed himself 
a servant of Kandi ^a<f, the 
infant son of Alulhar Jtait, 
and exercised supreme au- 
tbofity as hie representative 
And euardian. 

The immediate and most 
dangerous enemy of Jet- 
tout Rao Holiar was Vouf- 
kt Rao Sindiah, end a 
war ensued between these 
(wo Princes, which for se- 
veral years held the prepon- 
derance ofeiUier in suspeps^, 
hHi ajKead desolation from 
^putaaaUthaDakhan. Tho 

conrse ofeTents was cbeqaofr 
ed ; battles were lost and was 
on either side, and Oujetn and 
Indore, the respective capi- 
tals of both IVinces, were sur- 
prised and plundered by tha 
adverse chief. At length, 
however, the machinations of 
Sindhia and Rafftyee Rhotimk, 
the /faja of Berar. baing 
levelled against the British 
power, it was judged ex- 
peilient to secure the co- 
operation oiHolkar, end his 
alliance was purchased by tha 
advantageous terms, on whiob 
in 1B03, peace with Sndhim 
was offered to his acceptauca. 
Although Jtttnmt Ra» 
JJolk^ir disregarded the slipn- 
Utions of bis nevr allianca, 
and withheld the succours ha 
had engaged to contriliuta, 
his defection originated in no 
motive of affection for the Bri- 
tish Governmei t, withwhom 
he was speedily engaged in 
war. He even became tha 
aggressor, and invaded tha 
Britisli territories, with » 
force amounting to nearly 
one hundred thousand men, 
of whom not above ona 
third accompanied his ra< 
turn. He was soon obligad 
to sue for a peace, whichcon- 
tracted his means, and annihi- 
lated his hopes, and confined 
him in future to contend ftv 
Safety or pluiider, with ;SiRd&ta. 
and iha Princes of Malwa 
aad Ajmere, 

Tha Chief agent in HoUutr'* 
exactions, as well as the great 
iostninimt of his original ale- 
vation, wasAmti* Klum; thi* 
Ctiiaf WM anatiraaf Monr«- 




Mncl, wfa«nc« he deputed iB 
«rly life, with ten followers, 
to se«k fail fortune amidst 
•ceou of turbulence aod war. 
After aerviag Tarioua petty 
princes, he attached himself 
to a Mahralta Chief, named 
Balmma t»ghm, who was en^- 
nged in hostilities with the 
Mboboi BkopaL Upon the re* 
call of hi* leader to the service 
of his feudal lord, SiAdhia, 
then eng«pd in eiitablish- 
ing hia claims to succession, 
Aw^ Khan was left in the 
fsTt of Futteb^hur with a force 
of fifteen hundred Foot, but 
be soon nirrendered bis post, 
Bpoa the arrears of bis troops 
h«ag pxid bj the Bhopal 
Prince. Once more loose upon 
the world. Amir Khan joined 
Jmanmt R»oBMar as already 
■entionadi and enabled that 
Prince to adrance upon In- 
Aorc, aad acquire the supreme 
Uthotity over the territories 
■abject to the family of ' Bal- 
Imr, In the orifcinal campact 
between these Chiefs, it was 
•tipulmtod) that their future 
acquisitions should be equally 
divided 1 but it would appear 
Ifaat ii« intention, nor expecta- 
ben of the fulfilment of the 
stipulatim, was ever entct^ 
taiuad t in fact* Amir Khan 
during bis whole career, seem-- 
cd to limit his ambition to the 
command of a mercenary band » 
formidable alike to friends and 
foes, and not unfreqheatly to 
its commander : with these 
forces he followed HoUar into 
Hindoostan, and after the 
peace with the British Go- 
fennent, he was left, when 

JttKMHt Ban refomed to Mai* 
wsi to make what adrantag* 
he could of the disseosionk 
that thien existed in Ajmero. 

Upon the death of jBUM 
SbA the RAfa of Jodhpnr i« 
1803, without leaving any ehil4 
dren, a distant kinsmdn, Ma» 
Simh, was elected by theChief* 
of this Rajmput state to sac* 
eeed the deceased Prince:— «■ 
however one of the widows oC 
■BAtM .SinA was pregnaat Mtb* 
time of her busband'e dcatbt 
the election was conpled widi 
a provision for the |fofl^aiB« 
ous infant, which if a girl was 
to be betrothed to one of di« 
neighbouring Princes, but if • 
boy, to be iuvested with thoM 
domains which were naual^ 

said of a boy, but the eveafe 
Was kept secret, and the chiU 
privately conveyed to the car* 
of Sicai Sath a chief of con- 
siderable iniuence in the Jodh* 
pur state. 

Previous tofais election, Jfon 
iSniAhad been engaged in hos* 
tilitiea with hia lie«e lord, and 
the i^titiide which he evinced 
after bis rine, to those who had. 
befriended him on that occa' 
sion, elcited the disaffection 
of many of the Rafofmi chiefs^ 
and especially of Suai 
Sink, in his resentment, ba 
communicated the yonii( 
Prince's being alive to manr 
of the Nobles, and with their 
support, announced to the Bofa 
the existence of the child, in 
whose behalf he demanded the 
assigned domains — MrnmSink 
with sufficient reaioa, ques- 
Hi tioiHd 



tion'eil the birth of this child, 
and wbep the itmnte was ap- 
pealed til, she diHOwoed tl)« 
infAQt— This auBpeoded further 
proceedings, but did not iiatis- 
fy the Chieftains, who attribut- 
ed the disavowal of the Rinee 
to appreheimions for her own 
safety, aud cither were, or 
chose to appear, convinced of 
the (ceniiine descent uf thepu- 
pil of Sivai Sinh. 1 hus fur- 
Btithed with a cunrenient plea, 
tlieir disconteDt would have 
broken out into open rebellion, 
ir>SVu«i SinAhud not preferred 
recoiirse to a MachiavtHan 
policy, which ultimutely proved 
tM titai tu himieli', as ruinous 

'I'lie dauK'iter of the Rana of 
Oodypur Kiiiku Kwiar, a 
Princess «t* |[reat be«u(y,had 
been betrothed to the last R<ga 
of Jodbpur, the predecessor of 
JUanSinh — She was now soli. 
«tted in marriage by Jagat 
Sink the Rnjit of Jsypur, in- 
t.isated to the demand by tli« 
intrigues of Sinai Sink, and his 
•wn amorous propensities i on 
the other hand Sii^ai Sink 
practised on the pride of 
Man Siitk, to urge pre- 
tensions to ih4 Lady's hand, 
founded on her already being 
betrothed to the family of 
Jodhpur : the chief object of 
these Goiiiicila bein|[ to excite 
the rivalry, of the two Princesi 
and engage them in a contest, 
thecDur'ie of which might be 
propitious to the projects of 
Sicai Sink ;the scliuiue in pait 
succeeded: thu presents which 
in token of assent hud been 
litrwarded from Uudypur by 

tke Anw, to the R^ao( Jay- 
pnr, were intercepted by a 
party of Mahrattas in the pay 
of Man Simh, and retnriied to 
Oodypur, whither the Saj* 
of Jodhpur senthis enToys to 
claim the hand of the Piinceas. 
The disappointmeat and 
insult thus offered to the Jay- 
pnr Prince inflamed his tit- 
most indignation, and he col- 
lected an immense body of 
forces to retalial« upan his 
riTal. To his own troops wera 
added Amir KAan'* battaliong, 
detachments under aoma of 
Sindhia's Generals, the forces 
of the llaja of BikanMr and of 
most of the Rhatore chiefs i 
whilst Sieai Sitth avowing bis 
intention to place bis protegi 
Dlwhii Siah, upon thtt 
throne of Jodbpur, and secur- 
ing the support of many of tJia 
feudal chiefs of that state, 
joined, wi^ the young Prince, 
the camp of the Jaypur Raja- 
The forces oiMa* iSinA wem 
unequal to the contest; atP«r* 
knttin an engagement tocA 
place, tit which, deserted by 
many of the Rajaput tribes, and 
defeated by the enemy, ha 
was glad to make his esoap» 
to Jodhpur with the loss of 
his artillery, elephants and 
baggage. At his capital he re. 
solutely awaited the approach 
of the fictors, and repelling 
all their attempts to carry the 
place through a protracted 
siege of five months, afforded 
an opportunity lor the opera- 
tion of intrigue, and the natural 
effects ofwant of discipline, 
to introduce distress and mu* 
tiny, disuust aud self ii 



IntotlMcuip ofdMBlliM.miMl wera cnnveying; to A«ir ow* 
dissolve tbcir conTederafy. country: accordinely under tba 
•Amir Khan, dissatisfied with command ef Indm-mja, tba 
the prospect of iniidequste hereditary Dnean of Jodhpur, 
reward. Mid prevailpd on by thoug;h not ib« less a late deser* 
Ibe promises of the Jodhpur ter from his nia8ter,theyattack- 
-Priacc, iras the first to with- ed the remains of Jagat Sink'a 
draw.-bewasnosoonBratadis- army on the frontier, deTeated 
lance from his former friends, and dispersed it, captared all 
than he determined to secure the ^uns and stores, anil iwco- 
liiB own payment, and levied vered the pilla^d wealth. Tli* 
«ontribatioas on tiieir land*. Xoysof Jaypurwas in bis turn 
A force was sent altrrbim to compelled to take shelter m 
«top his depradaliona, which his cnpitat from the superior 
%l first obtained some advan. ascendency of bis recently 
Cages over the Pafhan lead- humbled rival. 
«r, biit at last having concen- The Thahmot Jmlhpar lia- 
trated bis bands, he lell unex- Tin|; joined AmirXhan, march- 
pectedlyuponbispnrsnersand ed with him to the capital ; 
twmpletely deleatedtbem. At- they tTtre received wiih jny 
ter ttiis sTent lie resumed his by Mnn Shtk, alltherrortVncea 
work of spoil, and laid waste were pardoned, and Hilttraj 
■the smroundini; country to was reinstated in bis post^ 
Ihe gates of Jaypur. In the Anir Khan haH still a part to 
taean lime the besieging army play, and undertook to rid tlia 
(tafiered great privation, be- Rajah of his inveterate enemy, 
ing in want of money and fireat .%iA.-nccordJnp[ly tie left 
provisions; many of the Kaja- Jndhpur in seeming iliscontent, 
put chiefs dif^laycd a dispo- and marched to N^gx>re,wher* 
lition to return to the service Koai Sink with tlie pretender 
of MtM Sinkt and quitted the DAokiU SiitA was prtfpaHng for 
Camp — whilst Amir Hhmn'* resistance. Bylhemost solema 
proceedings (ilUng Jagat Sink protestations of a fiiendly dis- 
with apprehensions for the position, and proposals of fu- 
safety of his own Capital, ture alliance, Sivai Sfn* was 
be imnediataly broke up the tempted to return a visit, 
s^ife. and sat out on bis which Amtr Kkan had with 
boDMward .retura. Hm aiareh seeming confidence previously 
was Bot condacted with im- paidhira.andtotrUEtliimselfia 
paaity.; tb« BafopM fcuda- the camp of the Pat'ban. 
tones oC Jodhpur. in order After the enterUiuments pre. 
to efface the sUin of their pared for the occasion had 
1^ rebeilioa, now conoer- continued some time, Amir 
ted meaaures for the spoli- Khan found an encnae lor 
atioa of their former friends, quitting the tent in which th* 
and the recovery of the Gooty interview was lield, and short- 
.■which the trooiia of Jaypur ly afterwards the tent wae 



precipiUted od Surai Sink 
•nd his tiillowGrs, and whilst 
cntHtigled in its folHx, ihey 
urere aUaokeil and murdered.* 
The head of Sivai Sim/h was 
cut olfand eentto Jodhpur-^ 
«nd Amir Klum was reward- 
ed Tut his treachery with ten 
lacks of Rupees and two 
towns, MiiriihaDBnd Kochila-' 
bas, in Jaghir. Dkokitl Sink 
who was in Nacpore, Aed to 
Kvtree, in the Shekaoti coun- 
-try, wh re he found an asyj 
lum. The Pat'lian battalions 
were then let loose agaiiiirt the 
JBickiiner Jtaja, whose territo- 
ries they ravaged, and wbom 
Ihey soon compelled to pur. 
chase peace :t they also oc- 
cupied and plunderedNagore, 
end obliged their ally Man 
Sitth to redeem its reliquea 
for six lacks of Rupees. Va- 
luable |>reseiits and estates 
were also forced from him to 
■atisfy the claims of the dif- 
ferent leaders, and the friend' 
■hip of his mercenary alliesf 
was little less prejudicial to 
bim, than the eiiniity over 
which they had enabled the 
Saja of Jodhpur to triumph. 
The rapacious career of 
^mir Khan in Rajapulaoa, 
was suspended by a pressing 
aummons from the family of 
bis old associate, and chief ; 

■ For a pwticular acconnt of 
tlili IraniBclii n tee Asiatic Aa- 
BunlReiiBlrrfarlBlO'll p. 39. 

t AnlntcrotioE Bcconnt ofthe 
■ccne at Bikaneer ocoirt in El- 
pliiuitone'* Ctiibiil. The oiiDion 
•rtivinir there Nov. 1S08, nhen 
Ibe Jnillipiir tro<>p> were ■)>- 
proarhiii; tlint cilj. Introdnc* 
tiw p. IK. 

ftfterthe return of Jinonf 
Hao H(4/tor (torn Ajmore^ 
he* exhibited aymptomstif a 
disordered intellect ; he ub- 
derlook to reformtand remod- 
el bis aimy. and urged Iria in* 
novations will) a treifnl and ve^ 
hement impatience, that brook- 
ed no interruption nor delay; 
his memory was iropaiMit an4 
bis temper became so uMgovetiK 
able, that it was nt lust necessa. 
ry to confine his person : tba 
^rosyms of violence becama 
gradualU lent outrajceou^ 
and were alternated with fita 
of folly and mischiefi till thej 
at lant subaided into conlirn>> 
ed fatuity: In this bopelesa 
State hs lingered for tfarea 
years, when his disorder «raa 
terminated br liis destb : faa 
died on the -iTth of October, 
11)11, and was buried at Ban^ 
poorah, where a handaoma 
Mausoleum preaerres hit 
ashes, and his famei 

Soma time previous to fata 
insanity, JeanaU Rod haj 
removed the Princes^ whose 
claims might else have beeM 
then successfully asserted : hia 
elder brother, Kari Rto, waa 
murdered by Garu OAiataa- 
Bhax, nnder who^e charge he 
bad been placed at Khergond: 
his nephew KandL Rao, in 
whose name ^enoaat Aoo ei- 
ercised the regal functions, had 
been jntrusteil to a mutinous 
portion of the army, as hos- 
tage fur the payment of their 
arrears : to accelerate that 
payment, ibe mutineers pro- 
claimed (he voting Prince,- so- 
Tereign of Indore; but their 
object was no sooner effected. 



4lbu they mbandoncd the guard, thepersona of Jefmmt 

yotttll to hi» uncle's aweken- Rao and Tvlati Bacf., and &<• 

•d JMlouiy. Within a week, lowed none to upjiroach Uieni 

dwdeatbof Kandi itoo waa without hii permission: on 

annonnced ; poisoned, it is uni- pretence of conducting Jt»* 

vtnally JMNncnt truncAao to a celebrated sbiin* 

JIiw.'OneconiiMiupnceot' theaa of J/atsdm nt^ar Oiidipnre in 

•times howerer was the tran- the professed hope that thia 

Jail cKCrcise of the reu'^ncv, pil^rimapfe would restore th* 

urinfc the insanitv of this chief to retison, Dherma oiott 

Priocs by his wife Tulan ed towards Mewar, On tha 

£a(e,aaaiited by BnJaram&tft frontiers he was overtaken by 

tsninister.and ■upporied by Amir Khan, vho had hasten* 

die alliance, of Amir Khan, ed to efface the recollf^ctioa 

who leaving the conjniand ef of his recent disco|nliture on 

his tionpB and caie of his in- the side of Nagpore, by hi* 

terests in A Jmere to Pajah efi'orts in behslf of the person 

Bahmdmr, and Mokaned ShaK and family of his old master 

BOW transferred tor a short and associate. Thoie eft'orl* 

period bis intrlicnes and were successful ; after several 

Violences to Malwa and the days of skirmishing, the troopg 

Dekhin. Vfh.iht Amir Khan, of Dherma became weary of 

in confederacy with the Aa6oA the contest, and allured by th* 

sf Bhopal, was engaged in it promised payment of their ar- 

predato'ry invasion of the Nag. tears, they betrayed their 

restate, which was prompt, commander, seized him, and 

repelled by the aid of a gave him up to Tultui Ba«a, 

firitisn force, ami of which an who immediately ordered hia 

mceount is tivcn in the last to be put lo death, 

pages of our preilecessor,* the ^mtrAAan after placingtlia 

power and person of Tvlan battalions of Dherma Koteen 

Bate, were expnaed to jmmi- under the charge oC Tanlim 

lent danger. An enterprising Jo^, who from that time be- 

adrenturet named Dherma eame a person of iraportanc« 

j^mer, a man of the cowherd >n the Holkar Oovcrmneiit; 

tribe, and a personal favorite and leaving the euardiunship of 

with Jencmi Rao, had been bis own interests in charge of 

raised by the new minister to an (fhafur Khan, who was niarri- 

impartaiit military pomipaiid. ed to a sisier of his wife, r^ 

This elevation only served as a turned to Kajaputana. The 

■timulua tq his ambition, and quarrel between the two Ra- 

with the view of possessing japut Princes was still unde- 

himself of the chief power, cioed, and although all partiaa 

ba seiMd and latt under strict were weary of the contest. 

,, „ ,,, neither was disposed to con- 

t Asfatlc Aa«ul Beriiisr far «^« *l»e hand of the Princes* 

tflS-n. f,»f. W hu tWal, It weuld bars bees 




considered a dafrrailBtioii for 
the' Rana o( Oudipar to faare 
ftOianced liis daughter to %Kf 
ether Hindu Prince tliui on» 
•fihe cotitendine Kajas, snd 
it was incomiiatible with th« 
honor of his family, to allow 
bnr to remain unmarriad. 
These considerations were ur- 
ged with peat Tehemeno* 
by all parties, friendly to tha 
jestoration of tranquility and 
ftraoncKt them, by the /*<■> 
than Chief, whose purposes 
it i»ow suited to re-establish 
peace, and whose res en t- 
nent, it was not vary safa 
to provoke. Im(>elled by these 
KOtives, tUe Raiut of Oudipui 
CMiMnted to the death of bifl 
dausbter, as the only method 
af extricatin!! all parties from 
their real or fancied embarrass- 
Bients, and the Princess, bo- 
iasi presented with poison hy 
the hands of her irant, fell a 
aacritice to mistaken principles 
«fpatiioti«m and honor: hor 
death was loudly and univcr- 
aally lamented ; and the pusil- 
lanimous prejudices which hod 
instigateii the crime, weicpu- 
ninhsd for it by disappointment, 
although an ostensible peaod 
was established betweeu Iha 
eontending powers, and con- 
firmed by intermarriages, the 
Raja of Jaypur marrying the 
daughterof JfanSinA, and the 
latter espousing the sister of 
Jagat Sink, the provinces of 
Rajnputana were far from tast- 
ing the Messings of tranquillity. 
Afiy Khan and bis marauding 
bands still occupied the coun. 
try. under the plea of collecting 
tba tributfti due by tnUy lo tint 

HnlkarState.or in establishiv|p 
their own claims to the a»- 
signmeoCs of retenuas and 
fands, granted tu tile different 
Pat'baii leaders (stlie rewards 
of their service^ or price of 
their forbearance by the Hinda 
Princes* In the prosec'iitioa qf 
these purposes, ^jltir Klum 1)1 

fierson, or by the 4iislrumenta- 
ity of his Captains, amongst 
whom Mohammed Sh^k Khaik 
was particularly Jistia^uished, 
continued for several yeais to 
alfliat Kajaputaiia with iil^ 
exactions, and (o spread byhia 
desotatine marches, tbrougb- 
out its whole axtent, terror 
and dsTastatioii. 

Upon the death of Baikar in 
1811, the succesMon devolved 
upon his son, Hhdhar Rao 
Holkar, the chdd of Jenntmt 
by a woman of low caste, but 
adopted as her uwn by 'I'ulat^ 
Baee, \u whose hand^ accurd- 
ini;lv tUeregencysiili coutjnu- 
ed. This lady's cltaracter lurma 
tlte contrast of that of Ahal^a 
£aee: of violent temper and ud- 
governable passions, the slava 
of artful and renal favourites. 
her government was a perps- 
tual scene of disorder, violence 
and apprehension. The troops 
ill paid, and worse disciplined, 

* Id ISIO-tlie demaad of Aioir 
Khtu oiijavpiir wa> Thirty Lacks t)t 
Baan IHll Iti^ agreed tstikEFiflecD, 
but being joined by Mobuomed 
Shall KliBU, ilie demand was railed 
to Twenty : it was finally MttieJ at 
Seventeen Ltcki ; and in ISIS, 
■II Imt Five Lsck* had been dJs- 
charged. UtiltaDUued Shall.. Kb^n 
wilk Amir Khan's tioops neverthe- 
1«M contiuued hU rarsge* as nsual. 



petfiataanT threatened the mt- 

aistcrawiwdwgnce and destb. 
Til appeanetheir clamours, and 
get quit of Uieir presence, 
^Mi{c<iineDt9 on various His* 
tricta were granteit' to thrir 
^Bunamtera, ^ho were sent 
to collect wbatever they could 
from the dcpendencieq of the 
state ; they were sent forth in 
fact to plunder, and this priri- 
Ifge they eTercieed with litlle 
regard to distinctions of place 
or timet and scrupled not to 
levy contributions on the neigh* 
l^rsand allies, of their titular 
■iiperiors: such were the bands 
9t Jmggat Bapoo, Ram Din, 
and other chiefs, nominally 
officers of the Holkar Stale, 
but in truth the licensed Cap- 
tfios of Banditti: the conse- 
quence of these mischievous 
expedients, was the perpetua- 
tioa of the evil they were de- 
igned to remedy ; the desola- 
tioa of the Provinces preclud- 
^ the collection of legal 
daea, and ibe means of reple* 
Bvhing the public trensury 
were cut off. The troops a- 
^n frii ii arrears ; the very 
privilege to plunder became 
wortfaleas, and scenes of muti- 
ayand violence were replaced 
1^ abort intCTvah, tbrough- 
Mt the ensuing period. 
Itbeae distractions i^are not un- 
freqaently fomented by the 
Muties who disputed the Civil 
&>verDneDt of the StatSt and 
who. besides ntnor and occa. 
siosal branches, may ha con- 
sidered, as ranging for some 
Kus in three district divisions, 
e first waa under Metnah 
Jtoae, the lervant and .confi- 

dante of the Regent Bate, ip 
confederacy with Taniiah AH' 
her, and tlie Commander Ram 
Dirt; the second was under 
the Dewan Otmpat Rao, the 
personal favorite of the Re- 
gent, and 7hnfia./o9;the third, 
and most respectable, .was 
headed by the minister Bala- 
ram Setk.who was supported 
by Qhafur Kkan, andofcoursa 
also by Amir Khaa. SindKin 
gave his support to the first, 
and Zaiim Sink the roler of 
Kotah to the second, and m 
spite of various aUernatioDs of 
power or peril, the exclusiva 
prevalence of either faction 
long remained undecidnd i tha 
acts of atrocity that finally left 
tjie advantage with Tantiah 
Jog and Ganpal Rao, belong to 
a period more recent than the 
transactions hitherto noticed> 
and will be subsequently de- 

The insanity of Holkar, an.d 
the factious contests thatdis. 
traded the Regency of Indore, 
enabled Sindhia to extend his 
own power over the neighbour- 
ing Princes, without the fear 
of opposition. Cpou the deadi 
of his old rival, it waa indeed 
to have been expected, that h|B 
would have taken the opportu. 
nity of afceble ad minis (rati on ,t9 
have seized some ofHatkar'i ter- 
ritories, and a plot, which broka 
out in the beginning of 1812, 
in bvor of a distant kinsman 
whom one of Holkar'i wives, 
was to have adopted, is gene- ' 
rally ascribed to SmdUia'f 
macbinatious. The design, 
however, was frustrated, iukI 
as Gkajvr Khajn, who wa« 
I ' principally 



pfii'cipally inatruinenlal in it* 
defeat, it eel areJ liimsolf us th« 
leprcxentative of ^'nti' Sha/t, 
the defender of ihn young < 
Maihar Rao, ftrfl ai tite IIu- 
ter of KoUh, Zalim Sitth e- i 
vtnced adispotitian to co-ope- 
rate in bii protection : the < 
dread of these Chiefs jiraba- • 
biy induced Siudhia to mode- i 
rate liis aims, and confine 
hinaelfto tbe acquisition of 
an indiract inflttonee orer the 
Couneiln of the R^^ent, by the of the settlera and nattifaT 
•how of friendship and alii- difEciiltiea of ilie country^ 
•nee, and by secret intri^uea surrounded by mountaiDoui 
«'ttti the contending divisions hei|bts and thick foiesL*, pre^' 
of het court, Varioni asaig- served the inJpppndance of 
nationa of territory were in Bhopal, less etTeeluklly it 
fiict made by th« ministers of may Be presumed, than the 
Tulaii Bom, to SmUtia, (or mutnal jealousies and disor- 
pecuniary or political conti- deily governments, of ittf 
■lerations.but it does not appear stronger nci^i ban rs. 
that tbpte stipuUtions n>ere 

ever fulfilled by eitber party ; ^oit Mohammpd tras sntt- 
at tha. same time tlie attention needed by a minor, ShiltuH' 
of Sindhia was mere power- Jfluhammed Khan, bnt the nia- 
fully diverted to another quar- nagpment of the interests of 
ler, andthft entire extinction ttieptincipality vf as vested In 
of tha independence of Bho- for Mokammcd Kkatt, wtto', 
pal. long contemplated by this ahhooah tlie eldest soti of 
Prince, was at last seriously Voit Mohammeil, w-us deb'ar- 
undertaken ■ by Irira, in con- red by the usaLCS nf his tiilio', 
junction with ttie JRaja of from tlieactnnt successiAn, rii 
Nagpora consequence ofthe iltegitirtaJ 

The principality of Bbopnl cy of his birlh. Thia pnnitiiili^ 
ifss founded in ihe reign of of authority has since conlrntt- 
Atinutgxeb, by Dmt Moham- ed to exist,' and the tilta and 
*n?d. an Afghan soldier of 
fortune.' in the course of his 
adventures be was appointed 
by tb* Soubtihdar of Sfalwar 
to the cbargs of the district of 
Dersiali, and here, being join- 
ed by his family, and a colo- 
ny of bis oountfymeu. lie «. 
Tailtd luiutif .of the, troubles 

- •. ' . ", - " Ttriably' 



nna1>Iy, « mtmbcr of tbe 
twae family as the £uAan. 

Tbe bmh iof }W H^om- 
mtd, Feix Mohammtd, tuc~ 
tceded to the Mucnud, and at 
^if death, Baiat MtAammed, 
bi» bfoUi^r, became ruler of 
'(faopal. Buth tliese princes 
vere vtterly iDcompetent to 
die duties orgOTeiDinent, mnd 
bblh devoted theDuetvea to a 
ufe of religious auiterity and 
Kcltision : tbeir Ministers 
^rre therefore the real mu- 
(en of the state, aud the post 
if OtKOM was the object of 
frequent and sanguinary con- 
<ttt. 'lliese disputes, and th« 
incapacity of the contaading 
iiidiiiduals, had brou^t the 
priucipality to the brink of ru- 
-iu', iafroduceii hordes of mer- 
cenary nllies, as dabgeroDs as 
ftieods-ss foea, .andeaooura- 
ged the designs . of the Nag- 
pur ffofa, whosetroops, aided 
bj the J^mdaTU, had alrea* 
dy entered Bhopal, when it 
wss saved1>y the conduct ajid 
^rit of Waxir Mohammed- 

'Hub Prince was related ta 
the niliiig family : liIs father 
and uncle had sometime be- 
fore quitted tiie capitaf, dis- 
^sted with the dJEseDsions 
eicited by the disputes df 
Btiat UohamBied'i favo rites 
and ministers. An nnsuc- 
^eufiil attempt wa<) mad? to 
enforce their return, but in the 
sfiray Skerif iHokammedt the' 
fotlier of Wasir Mohatnintd, 
iMtlusfife. JTuffiif iVo^mmnf, 
the brother' of tbe Ibrmer, 
eStctul bis escape and that of 
his iiep'li<;w, and took Ye'uge 
tt lUjthusliur ; at this ptXc* 

iTtdnil Mvhatk^ed waskillad; 
defetidiag one of the gates a- 
gainst the Malirattas ; hid 
nephew subaequeiitly sougllt 
and obtained iheltei' in differ- 
ent places, and whilst yet a 
youth was habituated to thti 
endurance of privation, and 
the exercise of arms : ttl« 
death ofthelate Dewa* ot Bbo- 
pal CAofaAAAoa.who, it isas^ 
serted, had even set a prio4 
npon his head, had rem<»> 
red the only enemy ha drea<C> 
ed, and be now returned til 
offer his services against th* 
iDTaders of his native country. 
Wazir Makomated voon be- 
came distinguiahed and popH> 
lar : bis elevation to powe> 
was however impeded for a 
time by theopposition ofthp 
Deioan, M*rid Khtm, nhoss 
rise was marked bv meaniiesa 
audhypocrisy, ancl whoSe. cn< 
joymeni of aatbortty' served 
only to gratify bis avarice and 
cruelty : although chiefiy in- 
debted to the favorite iuis< 
tteaa o{ llttiat HlohaMfiied Kkm 
for his noiniiiatinn as Dewmi^ 
he had her assaesinateJ, aJid 
appropriated to his own use, 
the exiensive treasures wbicli 
she had amassed ; niir did tlia 
Nufoob, or his son G^ani Ma- 
hamrntd dare expiess their 
sense of this traneaotiOR' H'«i- 
xir ShKamned was very soop 
the object of -Vitrid khan'* 
jealousy and apprehension, and 
she sdopte<l various ex^pedienta 
to accom^>lish liis ruin ; upod 
their failure, he cslkd to his 
aid Balamo Ingliah, one of 
Shtdkiai predatory Chieftaiiu, 
antt put him iu jpOMession Of 
2 Futtebgbur 



TuU«V^uidUie citadel of Tbtt JMloniyof OioAJfe 

^bopal. H'onr Mahaaimtd im* hammed wlio succeeded to tlie 

imedidleljradvaHcedagBiasttha principality, and who |Hefer- 

lllahraUas, and TortuDalely lot red the dansrroui aid of 

JIhopal, tlie necessities ot ftnJUa, and the NegpOTc B^ 

Situihid conspired witli the ef- ja, to the support ol' his 

<ort>oi' its youtliful deftoder kinMuao, induced }Vagir JUt- 

{fii iu.relief. Salarao was re- hammed to withdraw, for « 

called, and forbidden all fur- short time, l>om the adouiua- 

therinterferciice in the affaxra (ration of affairs ; aa tlio piic* 

oi Btiopal: the mandate wu- of the new alliaiicH which the 

Beremptoiy, and beimmediaLa- Nabob had formed, I slatnnagar 

^retreated, carrying;with him was given up to SwAia, uid 

the JDewoH, of whom be de- Hoseinabad to the Benr Hm- 

iuiaud«d the treasures he was ja, whose troops also occupied 

luiown to possess. The dread of tke Capiu) for aevci al weeks ; 

torture, and the still more ter- but GiiauJlfoAaMRiedwaa soon 

nfic tfioughti of parting with aeosiiile of his ecror, and u|»o« 

bis wealth, threw Mvrid JChan the retreat of the NagpuM 

into afitofillness.of wbicbbe troops, welcomed the rctiitp 

abprtly died; upon the -retreat of Waxir Mohammed i» hjc 

of the JtfaAraffoi, f uttchghur forner asceadancy ; theisTa^ 

waagiveoupby jtMtrjKAott, in tion of NaiEpore, by jimir 

^hoHe charge it had been left, KJum waa uded by Watir 

to tfattr Mohammed, and ke Mohammed, and he thus i« 

so«D assumed the fuDctJons of currsd the <laDger of aunibilft> 

'DeKon, which Mvrid £,km» tion by the British contiageut 

bad tieserted. which protected the Nagpove 

: I'he necessities of the Bfao. atate : bis ready uffsi howevar 

pal state, distracted by the te aubmitto the arbitration of 

recent conteptioas, and ex. CoL Clott, hia professed ra- 

tiausted by die exactions of gardand reppectforthe Britiah 

ineraudi a g invaders, compelled nation, and the claims which 

■ Wazir Mohammed, to imitate the Nabobs of Bkopal ba4 

die 'e;iample of Smdhia and upon the gratitude of that 

Holhttt, and aupport his army GoTernment, for the ^gcUys 

by similar acts of aggression and indispensable succour af- 

'OQ Ilia neighbours : he laid the forded by them to the march of 

Burrounditig territories, belong- GeuertU Ooddard, across the 

ing to the Peshua, Siiidhia, continent, averted the im- 

and the Rtna of Nagporc un- pending storm, and preserved 

der contribution, recorered .tb^BhapBl st^ from a colliai- 

aeveral districts wrested from on, from which the talents a^d 

his country, and strengthened tsIout of its gallant chief, 

himself by alliaace with the must have been inadequate iw 

Findari leaders is the vicinity defend it. 

of Bbc^aU . - The conduct oud -prowess 


mSTOSlC<\I. SKETcfi. 

flt' Wktir M<4tamm«d had & 
Very few yflara aftetwarda, 
ftBipl* op^rtunity of di*- 
-ptsy: neacnres were concef 
-tod iff IBIS betwMu SindAia, 
ud tbe Berm Raja for iha 
tubTersion of Bhopal, and in 
1813 the capital of the priii' 
•iprfity was inv«sUd by an 
arniy of sixty or aerenty 
thouaatidiBen, under the com- 
and of Sindkia't Oenaial, 
Jtgyoo Bapoo, and Sai&k AH, 
Ihv (i^neral of the Re^ of 
Na^pore,- It was defended 
by Waxir Mokamv»rd witb 
about 11,000 men, of wfauta 
Ibree' thousand were Pinda* 
fi«, eommmaded by Namdar 
Kimt, a nephew of JiTiiTveM 

-' The limiU of thia sketch 
in not pertbit our euierin^ 
nlo a detailof the occurreacea 
«f the sief c,. which coatinued 
fer nine months : the works 
ef Bhopal were in a rery 
minlMia- condition ; the num- 
ber of dfe-defenders, at first 
bet sesnty, wa« sooti rednced 
by- the- necesssry departure of 
the Pindom, and mostof the 
nounted troops, throush wmt 
of forage, and ibe' garrison, 
was soon straitened for pro- 
visions, the avennea bein^ 
completely posnessed by tb« 
besief:ers, and tlie only sup^ 
ftlies being introduced ij tlie 
lake, which extends aleiig the 
western side of Bhopal : for- 
tunately for the defenders, the 
4tUck of fortified places is be- 
yond native Btfience, and lit- 
tle i^an' attempted for the re- 
duction of the place, except 
close mTCSlituw) and iliruet 
■. . ■ i 

Kssaults.* aeveral of w%ieh 
were made with {[reit reao- 
hitiott, bnt vreremet wiUi nipa* 
rior intrepidity, «nd auGce»>'^ 
fiilly repulsed. At length, tbA 
supply by the lake waa in. 
tercepted, and the dii«lre» of 
the besieged became encoea-' 
aJTe: deaerlioD, tbe dearth of* 
food, and the sword of the eu»-' 
my, had reduced the Bumber 
of the garrison to aboot 200 
men, and little hope romainod' 
of tfarir being able to ofl'er tL 
more protracted reaistaned'. 
In this stiite of affairi, iho 
failure of a scheme, in whicli 
tiie treachery of one of Waaeir 
Mohatirmed't officers had in- 
troduced five hundred of tiw 
Tfagpore troopii into 'be poat' 
he cunmamleil, but wbn'. 
were discovered, and put to 
flight with great loas, by 
Wasir MaJtammei, and hii*: 
•on, iVazser MohammteS, with 
a-haudrulor men, exhrasted. 
^e patience of Sadik J&t 
and in spite of the objnctknu. 
and entreatiea of his cuii^ 
derate, be abandoned Uw. 
Siege: his departure destroyed 
the hopes of ^Udki*'* forced^ 
already dispirited by th* 
duratiuu, and events of th« 
siege; they accordingly itA- 
lowed the example of tba 
Nagpore troops, and marched 
to Sarmngpur, where tbey 
were cautoued during tM 

AltlMU^ the attack of Bho- 
pal was thusre pel led .there was 
every appearance of its be- 
ins speedily and successfiilly 
resumed, •/eanmt Rao Bhac, 
wha Butceeded tQ the com- 



qiatid of- Stiidhia't uiny, was 
making (liiigeDt )>repar«tious 
^' renew the liegeruftei' tlui 
raiaa, he vi^a reioforced by 
Jem* BapUHe, . ^aolhei o( . 
SindJtia'i oQicers, and al' 
£iirapeatt descent, wlio had 
eigfat well appuiuted Batta- 
IIoiiSi and forty guiil under 
hiscommsnil : the goini fortune 
ef Waxir JUohammed howcvev 
■uspruded the peril; the two 
cemmatiders of Sindiia't army 
disputotl and fuu^t ; the Aho^ 
wft defeated ; biH troops dis^ 
^rsed; and bis canp plun- 
dered; and before tile final 
vmngemeati for the siege of 
Bhopal were completed, the 
Brilijit GovcTUDient tnterfer- 
ed and rescued the priuc'rpality 
from all furtUer. danger i th« 
•atiaes, and cliaractOF of this 
iDlerrersace, wa ^hall hereaf- 
ter have occasion to describe. 
Althongli Sindhia was thus 
di^aupotDtcd ill his .views uj^ 
oh Bhopal, he had beeu mora- 
sBCcessiul in .otlier qxaj'ters, 
Aeid hi!) leaders hud despoiled 
Anand Xao of Dhar of the 
]!reater part of his patrimoay. 
In ld09 SambafCB Liglia sub- 
dued the district of lieilnawar, 
belonging to I>har, but en- 
sagedto relinquish it on pay- 
n^iit of 71.000 llupees, which' 
were due, it wasasserteil, to 
Sindhia ; the money was raised, 
bat jfitand Rao dying, both it, 
and the territory, were detaia- 
*(1. The widow of daamd Rao, 
Mtejia Batt, being delirered 
4}f a son after her husband's 

death, eMiimed the reEency,. 
and being a;^ wom^n of. liieh 
spifi^ ftiu conoectod w}Oi ue 

family of the mler of Giiie* 
rat, sbe ' was able by bcr. 
own exertiuus, and the aid uf 
ber kintmau, toeaatch asmall. 
fragment of the. priacipatitf 
from the annihilation- wittk. 
which it was threatened, ah<l, 
preaerve il in the Powar la' 
mily, by which i[ had been 
governed nince the cTuse of- 
tlie 17lh Century. A branch uf 
the same family,. w,ho enjoyed 
the •overoig'Hly oi Dewas, 
and whose territories situated 
in the most part of 
MalwB, had also b<^en sub- 
jected, amoHRat the exnctioiia 
of other freebooters, to tliose 
of Sindliia, aod he annexetl 
Sarangpoie to his own poi« 

The Rajapitl state of Rag- 
hughtr, had been seized by, 
Madhajet Sindhia, but restur* a ruinous .condition to. 
BaiwatU Sink, its iegitimata:. 
Prince, at the intercession of 
the .Ra;'iMofJaypuraiidJodh.t 
itur,. and on couditton ^f & 
large pecuniary consideration s 
the state Of the Province ren-. 
dered tbat stimulation imprac- 
ticable, and Balipant Suul, 
vho was of a jpM and indo- 
lent tlispQsition, abandoned- 
bjs hereditarv territory one* 
mora to the Mahrattai. Upon' 
thc nanfusion that followed 
Dowlel Awt'f accession, Rag-, 
hnglter was restored to Saga^ 
Sink, the son of its last Raja, 
Mud.Ditrjan Lai, a kinsmau 
of the same, took the oppor-^ 
tanity presented by that evenL 
the distttrUanceBat Poona, and' 
tfa« ,w^r. with tti9 Engliab, to; 
ejtabluli ' ' an iufle'pcii'dafit' 



priDupality for bintiisir in the 
ciiteni districts of Molwa, or 
V^ich Bahadergliiir "was llie 
CapitttI ; the recovery of these 
j^stMsioiis wts A main ob- 
ject of Simdia'M ])o!icy, aiid 
in 1812. his Oencral, Baptitle, 
{fosiessed tiimHlF'of the dis- 
tricts, nnd'thc capital nf Dur- 
^(M Lai: the Itajpiit leader, 
boitevef was not disbfartencd; 
ti« commpnced a war of d»- 
(ail against his erfemy. and 
irith the aid of Knreent Khin'i 
Piwdarii carried terror to the 
DeigblMurhood of Gwalior ; 
his gallant efforts were stop- 
ped by Tiis death; Saya Sinh 
the hereditary Prince of Rag- 
lfii<;her, wai no less diatin- 
(cui^hpd for valour and enter-' 
prise, than his kinsman, a1- 
tJioo^h ihoSe qualities were 
ibtliedby adegcee of violence 
lipd ferocity, which bordered 
apon insanity, and Vere nttri^ 
buted to that cansR : be had 
Afite coiisiderable progress 
ip the recorery of his patrt- 
Mony, when ms career was. 
checked by Saptvite, whose 
di«cip!itied Battalions wkto 
*1i(iblv employed in the re- 
ducUoa of tboie Princes, 
whoin the Court of tiwaHor 
held refraiCtory nr rebellious. 
Tile power of Ji^a Slnh, was 
oiiequal to the conleftt; Rng- 
iTngher was ttiken ; the wliole 
"(islrict Kubdued; and the 
kajaput Prince, no Jonj^pr 
tbe ruler of a seltTed govern- 
nlenl, became the leader of a' 
def[^a(e band, at the head 
sf irhicb he imversed the' 
IiVisefsi&DS. of Ilia' enemy; 
awiptaigiug hiia foltoifnabf 

contribution a on the pitblie 
fundi □nariP^, and abstaiiiini^ 
ft-flin individual pinuiler; s(*elf- 
ini; all favorable opimrtdnilieS 
of eilCOunterini; the trooiw nf 
Stadhia, whom h« iitnally ^e- 
fffated with disproporlioimttf 
numh^s, Brtil ■ bafllidsi every 
attemm to effect his capture Olr 
his siibjo^tion : this contest 
alone fnnnshed' abtindant ifg- 
enpatiou to StHdkfa'i forced, 
and cnnlracted bis means of 
interfering to" sTjy profit J a 
more- distnnt negotiation ;■ nor 
was he qwrt Of this formidll- 
ble antagonist, until the break-' 
ing: out of the late war, ^rhefi 
the prevailing epidemic Jtilt'tiR 
imd to bis nuxiedcs ^nij th* 
lifB bf JoM Sih*. 

The other principnllfjM' rtj 
Malwa, or on the iielghhrtur.' 
ingf confine*' of fl^japiitiiiia, 
were all more or less InVolyeA 
in the fuinous dis|m(e.i,' tVfAcft' 
ajrilated their -neighbniiTs, AhA^ 
the Aafu of PertabtrWer', 
Banswara, and I>Ong;erpu/, 
besides suffering th^ occnsT- 
onal exactions of the leadO'i 
of predatory bands; wcr^" 
compelled to piirchsse theif 
iadependftitcei by'fixwif 'tri.' 
butes, to som? of this most 
powerful of ' the lUakratt'i 
Princes; the Rnia of Kotab, 
was in like manner tribiKary 
to both SintUda and foliar, 
but the -wise policy of the 
niniater, ZoHm Sink, pre^ 
served amidst every revula- 
tion; the respect and frien^- 
■hip of the oontendlti)^ chrefii; 
ana t'le maranrting forces, and' 
ennbled bis territory to ap* 
poar av ui« baaia of. the <l«^' 
- • - aett, ■ 



■Dti petice, amklst the s»r- 
MtiKiliug circle of wu and 

'Hm irunecUons wn have 
alresdy detcTibed.BufTicientiy 
■•xplain the cauae of that luia- 
•d and diaorgaaised conditioD, 
into which the provinces of 
'WHtemladia had declined . ■ 
at the same time, thecoutest* 
«f the chief power*, and the 
•P«liaUoB9 of their armiea, 
wer* far from beiag the on- 
ly eonrcea to which the misery 
, of the cnuDtry wanascribable, 
ud Endependently of these 
•etoTS m tl^ scene of a- 
.Buohy, Iks dietrivts were 
infested by hordes otprofesa- 
•d freebooters, and lawless 
jtribes, who uodei tiie name 
tffPindaries.Grassiae, Bhils, 
Bhilalas, and SooBdeu, com- 
mitted the most atrocious 
depredationa on the villages 
and towns ofMalwa, and 
the diatrieta bordering on that 
]pT0Tince. A short account 
.of these bands is therefora 
piccesaary to complete the 
putiiue we have attempted to 
del roe ate. 

The orifpR of the Pinda, 
ns has not been sHtisfactori- 
Iv traced : it would appear, 
niat they sprang into notice 
when the Dthkin was invaded 
by the Armiea of Aiirvtgxtb! 
when the final suppression <^ 
the Hohammednn dynaaties, 
who ruled the upper part of 
the Peninsula ; the Captnre 
of their chief cities ; the dis* 
persioBof their Forcea; and 
the predatory warfare main- 
taiued by <Snii]ree,«tulbis £oi- 

Jowers, connlsed a -wid«.«i, 
tent of fertile country,' and 
drove the peaceful cultiyator* 
of the soil, to seek their live- 
lihood hy plunder: the word 
PiiMtara in its original import 
signifies a herdtwtoM, and ' in 
the histories of the period ta 
apparently used to deiiiguaie 
an indlvidnal, possibly one of 
a tribe, but not of a mingled 
asaociition, whose only com- 
mun attribute was pillages 
the names of tlie Pmdaritt 
that occur are al^o Mahratta,* 
not MobammmedaD, — -and 
there is little doubt therefore, 
that the freebooters who lat- 
Icrly bore tlie name of Pin- 
ditri9,wereof a different de-t< 
cription, trom those, wliq 
co-operated effectually with 
;S'itNi;#e to aneat the armies of 
the Emperor of Uindoostan. 
The subsequent revolutions 
of the throne of Delhi, an^ 
the conteats between the ehiefa 
of the Marhattax, perpetuated 
theexistence.whilsi they alter* 
ed the condition of these pre- 
datory hordes, and gave lhen« 
the character that entailed 
their extermination. 

The first appearance of the 
PindarU in Malwa, as & bn^ 
dy of marauding troops of 
every L-ibe and faith, under 
a Mohammedan chief, occur- 
red in the time of MuUunRao 
Uolkar, to whoite Cajnp a 
separate corps, su called, wa* 
attached, under the command' 
ol' ChurtU Khmi, one of the 

* Such lie PvM^a, and IIm^' 
m moie iita|>crly I'dofea wUcU ae^ 

d^v Google 


fons ofGliaH vd Dm, a soldier 
' of fortone, in the service of tbe 
first Bajee Rao. The bands 
' commanded by GkwiH KAm 
were swelled by the distrnctU 
ons of the time, to a niimerons 
' Bss^niblage, estimated at one 
period at thirty thousand men : 
' at hi« death, they separated 
under various chiefs, of irhom 
tlie must poverfut in recent 
limes was named Kadrr 
Baikik: the screrat Cnrpi 
hnwpver continued attached 
'tolhe family of Holkar, i\dA 
were therefore coHectirely 
knnwn as the Ilolkar ShaJii 

Tlie oilier ion of Ckasi 
vdDiti. Shah BnzKhm.Qonec- 
ti\ another herd of marau- 
ilpn, with whom he entered 
the serr ice nfRanrjce Sindltia ; 
bi' wa^ •iiicceeited in (he com- 
mand by hi5 two sons, Zferwi, 
and Bfren, «ho after the death 
of lUadAajee Sindfiia, lent 
themselves ns Instnirnents to 
IheBmarltaja, to inflict the 
most lamentable calamities on 
the little principality of Bho- 
p»l. Upon their return, the 
Roja of Xaspof compelled 
(hem to disgorge their plunder 
into his coffers, and threw 
Jtrrea into confinement, iri 
trhich he died. Heren fled to 
Dovlel Rao Siadkia, and soon 
afterwards dying, left the 
combiaml of bis followers to 
Diut Mohamed, and Wastr Mo- 
hammed, his sons ; the former 
commanded the detachmenta 
that had ihe audacity in 1812, 
to violate the Brituh tsrrito- 
ties, and by their ravages on 

drew down its resentment up- 
on their heads. 

The bands which Berm 
commanded, did not after bia 
death devolve to his son, but 
ran(5-d themselves under -a 
different leader, attm^d Dubia t 
to his authority, bis son Ao/qm 
succeeded, but the real pow- 
er was exercised by a mora 
enterprising adventurer, Chee- 
foo,the slave and adoptrd-snn 
of Dubla, and who, whilst K« 
belli the real sway, treated 
Rajtm with the respect due to 
the hereditary chirl'tain of the 
cnrps. After the fall of th» 
celebrated Pin'lari leader. 
Kureem Khm in ISOT.Cieefoo 
was regarded as the mo^t 
powerful of the Piitdari 

KHrerm Khan commanded 
K small body of Pindam, un- 
'der Beren, when his leader was 
seized, and confined at Nai- 
pore ; he effected his own 
escape, and joined Dovlet Rao 
SiadAia in whose service ha 
subsequently remaind, until, 
as the recompense of Ins at- 
tachment, lands were graated 
bim, which had been wrest, 
ed from tlie Pomir family, 
and (he ' Nabobs of Hbo- 

Sal, and even (he title of 
Tabob was con^rred upon 
him. Tliese honours and sc> 
quisitions inspired him with 
views above his profession, 
and tempted him to erect as 
mdependant principality wbicb 
ha might bequeath to his dei. 
cendants: his successful prose* 
Gution of this enterprise, awa- 
kened tho jealousy of bis 
ptraaiMiit Lord, ud Simdhia 



having iDveigled him into his 
power, by profeuioDs of regard 
and promises of axtasded mu- 
ni iiceace, threw him into 
fonlinemeat, dispersed his 
followers, sod seized upoii ths 
districts over which he had 
extended his supremacy. Ku- 
reoH Khan was detained for 
four yeaxs at Gwalior. la 
IBil, die payment of six lacks 
•r Rupees liberated him from 
kis conliaement : a seeming 
lecoDcilistton took place be- 
tween him and Sindhia, bnt a 
very short time served to recaU 
tha suspicions of the latter, 
and to engage hitn in a renewed 
attemptto annihilate his vassal. 
Jvggoo Bapoo was sent fl<^aiaat 
Kureem with a large force, 
and Cheetoo having been in< 
duced to Join Smdhid"! Batta. 
lions with his Pindaris, rhe 
confederacy proved too strong 
tot their opponent, and KiBtem 
sustained a sevvre defeat in the 
province or Omutwara: he fled 
with a few adherents to Kotab, 
but the prurience of Zalim 
Mnh transferred liim to Amir 
KAok, by whom he was recetv- , 
ed 'Vith" apparent cordiality ; 
tq lilii I f^ 'Apprehensive however 
•f the disproportionate growth 
of aucb a power, and perhaps 
not unwilling to hold Kureem. 
as the ptsilge of Sindfiia't 
forbearance, the Patha» chiuf 
sent him to the Court of Holkar, 
and placed him in restraint 
there under the charce of Ghar 
fn-Khan. In this detention se- 
veralyearsmore pus sed, daring 
wUch the iGiittered follower* 
of Kwtttm, equally hostile ta 
AMiU« ud BfUiar, and ths 

objects of attack to the c(na< 
mandera' of both PriaceSf 
continued engaged-in the com. 
mission of perpetual depreda- 
tions, wherever they directetl 
tlieir migratory course; tha 
chief body of them however, 
under Ifandar Kkau, the 
nephew of Kvreem KkaH, 
co-operated with the Rajapuls 
of Duijan Lai to lay waste 
especially the districts of Sind- 
hia, and lent their aid to the 
Rulet of Bhopal, to defeat tha 
same Prince s designs upoa 
that principality. 

Althougli the Pindarii like 
the bands of Amir Klum, and 
the free companies of Kurop* 
in the middle ages, were roving 
mercenaries, without a native 
country, or supreme ruler, 
they differed from them in the 
subservience of their military 
to their predatory composition, 
and in the occupation of fixed 
seats of residence, whencs 
they issued upon nccasions of 
war or plunder, and to which 
they returned to rest <'rom iheit 
campaigns, or to revel on their 
spoils. It was a consequence 
of tliis occupancy of territory, 
orip;inatinp in grants of land 
iDudc by Bolkar and Sindhpa 
to their chiefs, that the Piiuf- 
duris attached themselves to 
oue or olhei- of these Princes, 
and were thus distinsuished as 
Holkar Shahi, and jSiWAm 
Shahi: the bond was very loose 
it is true, and altep;iaiice was 
rarely paid when it could not 
be enforced : it still had some 
influence upon these bands 
however, and at any rate, it 
famiihed them with a baDner 



loMknr,wh«f « itrnte of war the nsumi attendants ra auch 
|a«e promiae of auEmen'ted ncenea resorted, and for a time 
oppOTtunitiaa of plunder. In the cantonmcDt of the Dorrati, 
ttmes of peace, the only milL presented a apccUcle, the gaie. 
tary operations of the Pindaru ty of which olTerod a singu- 
vara pTofessedly undertaken Ur contrast, to the honor* t* 
for the collection of spoil, and vhich it owed its origin : to. 
partie* wen annnsDy sentforth ^ard against such depredator! 
to levy contribntions on the wasirapracticable: th« secreef 
KieUmvriD^ countries. andcelf^rityef their moTeraeats 
TbeHistricts occupied by the rendered it imposible to anti- 
i>ManGfaiefBlay»ostIyalon^ cipate their atUck. and diAi- 
tfce skirls of the mountainoua cult to overtake their retreat ; 
ttaeta in £aatem Mahrai Hiere was nothing therefore 
tboefh which the Nerlndda left but to seek them in their 
flows to the West ; the Dwra hsunts, and annihilate a confe- 
or horde of Jknt Mohamwud Jpracy, hostile to erery princi- 
and bis brother, lay the most p|e of social organization: the 
Bssterly; that of Knreem particular events that led to 
Kkwit was next, and that of the adoption of this measure, 
Vitttao more to the West) and the entire success with 
they were all disposed around whicb it was attended, will b« 
Bbopa), and their cantonments the subject of a future page, 
•itber were, or had been Of the remaining freeboo-- 
b flwny instances, part of that ters by whom Mabea was de- 
principality ; Trom these sta- solated, it is unnecessary toof- 
tiaot they issued forth in parties, fer any detailed account, as 
Bsaally cansisting of two or they nerer rose into politicnt' 
three thousand horse, under importance : the Urai^a cbtefa 
ibe guidance of Lehbehriahst were the Kajput occupants 
or persons acquainted with the of ibe country before it was 
route they purposed taking, parcellednut amongst tbcMris* 
aad the country tbey proposed rlUta or Mi'hamroedaR iliv«- 
to plunder: they mored with ders: driven from tbetrptttrinM' 
tspidity, and refrained from de- nial possessions Into tbswood* 
pradstioB, till they reached the and mountains, they collected 
<Ajectoftbeirexpedition,wbea followers of iheirowntribeand 
tey swept the surface of the caste, and maintained them- 
difbietoferery tbiagvaluable, selves by the prodacts of tha 
■adrcturaed with the like cele- plunder which tbey issued frotf( 
rity with which they had ad- their recesses ocesMoaall^ to 
vasced : their arrival at home collect. In time their exacbons 
•wa a season of rejoicing : a were bousfct off— a fixed price, ' 
Mkorhir, was opened for the a sort of black mail, was paid , 
disposal of their booty, to by theneigfobonringvilla^s, te - 
which the surrounding villa* prevent the Grasya enaction*, 
ferst trarcUing deal«ra, agd and tb^ enca atipiriated vras 
* K. a enr 

=d by Google 


«Ter aftar cllimcd by Ihcm: 
wbeD the demaod waa not 
complied with, or whea ihe 
aum agreed upon was not 
duly teudered, the villages 
were attacked, Ud their iuUabi- 
tauts compelled tody or be mur- 
dtired. Tho Uruyachieftt were 
very aumeious throughout 
hlulwa, eud were vety exten- 
aively connected by intermar. 
liaj^e*. The Sondett inhabit 
an extensiTe tract, exteadiug 
]toai (jaogtaut to Ougein 
north ftii'l south, and from Agar 
ti> the Chanbul easL atid west: 
they affect tu call Uieni»elve9 
Sajaput«, but are the desceu- 
donts of a mixed and outcast 
racci Their GOUDlry bad aufi'er- 
ed severely from the eon tents in 
vhich it bad beea involved, and 
its iuhabilauts always tJirbu- 
lant and ferocioua, bad defiene- 
rated into a large conmuoity of 
■ bAndittl 

Iheinbabitaotsof ibemoiiD- 
tainoga traoU which form Ihe 
aeutbern boundary of MaJwa, 
and extend from the British 
ppaaessiona toGuzerat, are te* 
naated by tribea utterly uncivil, 
jzod, and their addiction to pre- 
datory habits waa iherefore oh. 
ly a necessary con sequence of 
titeir barbarous notions and mi- 
serable oonditiou; the eastern 
portion of the range is occupi- 
ed by the Oonds, the western 
by the Bfails ; both are luiowa 
to the ancient literature of the 
Hindus in the character whioh 
they still retain, and tbay are 
'probably the aborigines of the 
^ivoods and mountains lUcy in< 
habit, if they were not, at a very 
remote period, the savage na- 
tirec of the pUias of Hmdus' 

tan. The tmiUttMr, «ataalfei* 

and particularly Uie dialecti of 
these wild tribes have beea hi- , 
therto little iurestigiUed ; aa 
fur as has yet been ascer- 
tained however, their gene- 
ral cbaracteriMtics correspond : 
although worshipping various 
uncoutli forms of the divinities 
of tbe Hindus, they aie unac- 
quaintud with distiuctioBS of 
caste, and are little sorupul^u* 
in the article of food; tbey are 
subject to petty chiefs, i«T«r- 
ence their Bliais or £tard«, «re 
ill housed, go scaulUy dotbed 
and imperl'eully armed; ara 
of small stature and wretcbed 
appearance ; set little value up^ 
on human life, aad are trea- 
cherous and sauguiuary .■ tl|etr 
predatory character is alike 
couituou to both classes ; any 
disagreciae.nts of local tradittou 
arc mosCprobablyofiiltle vuiue, 
and it chiefly remains iLereliore 
to compare tlieir dialects, aud tti 
determine whether the languages 
of the Kutea.theUouds.the N iaa- 
dasand Bhils, the various deoo- 
minatioiis of the luounlaiueers of 
central aud western tiiudua- 
tan bear any affinity to eacti 
other, or Lo tlie more ci.ltiva- 
ted dialectH nrouuil them- 

Tbe Iran sdc lions we have 
now detailed complete the 
histnrv o(, the llajaput States, 
aud Mdrhalta Princes of Mal- 
wa aud Kaiideah till about 
tbe year 18U-U, when tUeir 
proceedings begau to deuiaud 
tile active interfaieoca of the 
British Govetnaieiit. Befora 
howevei we advance to . a 
recent datei we shall briefly 
advert to the countries lying 
to the north of Rajputaaa — 



to Ibe SiUi fodaraUon in the time restrBm^ tiM tmbhha 

Piiajftb, ud the iuKgdoai of of tbe new ruler of Laborsi 

Oabul. KDd at one period eodMig«r«l 

- 'J'he GorerBinent of that hia persuaal safety, Cp«D tbs 

But of the PuBJab whicb be- final abandonment of thoM 

WB;ed to the Sikha, wbb di- tkaigns which Zeman Shak 

vided amongst ft number of awbiiB cheriBhed, of aggimn^ 

petty chieftains, each excr- dising himseli on the side tyl 

(ningiiidepeQdant«overeignty India, Runjeet Sinh ma en- 

within bisowne«tUes, «ndco. couraged to adopt « 4>alder 

operating with the rest at a aysUm of policy, utd eraa 

fMCral federetive council, aitacked the foroea of the 

which assembled at Umrulair> Monarch of Cabal< — Id coii> 

ia cajtee affecting the com- cert with tbe Rater •fGujerat 

nun safety iir interest- : aS he defeated the Afghans ua> 

there was no contiouiiirg der Ahmed Khaa Duiani, 

power to maintain or enforce compelled them to retire be- 

■atcrnal tranquillity, the Sikh 'yond theJhetum, and took poa- 

eonfede racy was at all times Aession of Rawal Pindi asd 

distracted with mutual broilst othrr places in the Puajab* 

Bad tbe seveml chieftains which till tbea bad been re> 

prosecated their schemes of garded as depeadencns of the 

resentment or ambiUon at the Alshan kingdam. 

expeuce of their neigbbonrs, Tbe first aggreafioNB ttf 

and associates. The chief, who Runjeet Sinh, were prudeat- 

by an extraordinary mixture of ly coiifiimd to this direciion, 

eaterprise and conduct, fiirally and secare whilst thus eagag- 

carried on these projects with eil, of the encouragement and 

the greatest success was, aid of tbe Sikh Chiefs. Ite 

Runjeet Sinh, anil he has continued to attack tin petty 

now eogrossei) tbe supremacy Mohammedan principalities 

of almost the whole uf tha in his vicinity, and enlarge his 

8ikh dominiona. The grand- pessessions at their expanoa. 

father of Runjeet, was the At last a favourable oppoftn- 

proprietor of one or two small ntty occwring, liis own coua- 

Ttllages, but laiil tbe fbnnda- tr.ymen becamp tlie victims 

tion of the rise of his family, of hisambition. Sahib Bioh tha 

hf sucvesslnl depredations os Huler of Gujerat, was involv- 

bn neighbours. His sou Maba ed in dissensions with his «■• 

Sinh, still further extended dest seui and to obTiate the 

bis acquisitions, and on the occurrence of actual hostili- 

death of Kiiaa Behader, the ties, the parties unwisely a- 

Kawab of Lahore, coatrived greed to refer, their disputes 

t» possess himself of that city, to the arbitratiou of Runjeet 

which be left to his son. The Sinb. They ace ordiagly re-- 

mwer of Zeman Shah, Ifae paired to bis capital to eub- 

K'me of Ccbul, fo( aoioe mil their diMgraemenU to his 



d«««ioD, but they were bo 
aoODCT in hin power, tlikn ha 
threw them both into confine- 
nent, and lekdin^ an army 
iato Gujerat, annexed tb«t 
■t«te witfanut opposition tohia 
own principality. Sahib Sinh, 
Mibsequeatly effected his aa- 
cape ; but dcapairiDg of the 
forcible recoTery of hi* tcr- 
lilory, he gladljr acceded to 
the proposali ol the Ruler of 
Iiahora, to aaanme tlie cha- 
racter of K feudatory Chief, 
and hold his patrimoDial 
posses ai on 1 as a dependancy 
of Lahore. Vizeer&bad and 
Jemoo next fell into the hands 
of Bunjeet Sinh; the Haham- 
meddan state of Gheib waa 
next assailed, and ita Chief 
Afalk Nawab, bein^invpigled 
into a friendly interview with 
the Sikh Go^'ernor of Pintti, 
waiseized, and dptatnedpri- 
floaer. Allab-yar Khan, the 
brolherof Malic Nawab, &«• 
■embled an Ar^bBn force, and 
attacked tbefurtofPindi, with 
• view to his retcue:the result 
night haTB been expected, 
when the means employed are 
considered —the d itch was a ae- 
rions impediment to the sssai^ 
lantH; they therrfore construc- 
ted a moveable wooden turret, 
higher than Uie waits of the 
fort, dafendinfc its sides and 
rampart with the coarse blan- 
kets, the fabric of the coun- 
try, which were kept wet, and 
they manned the tsachine with 
matchlock men, wbosa fira 
effectually commanded tha 
defences of the fort The ba. 
aeiged were so galled by 
this contrifaace, that tka^ 

oflarad to eapitdate, hot A*: 
assailants now conEdent of. 
success, would listen to no 
other terms than nnconditiotK 
al sarrander, and the aiagv ' 
was continned — In the mcaa 
timeFotteh Sinfa, arrived wtth : 
rft4nforcaments; the assailants 
of Pindi ^rere driven ttSi. 
with loss, and Malk Nawab. 
waa conveyed in an iroa 
cage, ft prisoner to ht-, 

Having at leneth redaced . 
all the petty Pnnt^es, botll- 
Mohammedan and Hindu, in 
theneiebbourhood, to subjec- 
tion, Runjeet Sinh directed 
his views to remoter quarters, 
and proceeded to extend hie 
authority westward to MuL.- 
tan and eastward to the Sikh - 
principalities lying between . 
the Setlej and tiie Jumaa. la 
this emergency the Sikh. 
Chie& applied to the Britisli. 
GovemmeDt for protectioa,- 
and as tne immediate proxi* ' 
mity of so ambitious a Prinoe 
«ra» likelv to be productive of 
future colltsioD, their applica- 
tion was favourably received, 
and the shield of British power 
dlsplaye<) in their b«h^. Inlba 
end of 1008, Mr. Metcalfo 
was dispatched on a mission to 
this effect to Rmjtet Smk, 
and his ne^^atioit was sup- 
ported by the advance of a 
considerable body of troops 
nader General 8t Legei ; as,, 
iaiarfereice of this deacriptioK 
could not &l1 of auccass ; aai 
by the artanfcnants fiaaUjr. 
conoludad on the 4Ui April. 
18W. tho'Sedcj was nade^Uw 
boundwy of Bm^ ^Sink^ 




taHuxitj M -iha nil* of HiB> 

The Aairos of Sii»fKi SM 
upon tba iwmctpalit^ of Mnlun 
VMcinnre aucceiirul, although 
th« eatiro orerthrow of tbat 
•tate ■«• pTotraoted till a term 
bejoud tbe limita of our pro- 
^eat purpose. The forcei of 
JImigeet roadily onrrtii the 
country of Multan, but tita 
capital rMlsted tbnt itrenuoua 
Bad reneweil asHulta. In the 
brpoaing of IBIO the Baja of 
l*hore was prevailed upon to 
deaist fioio hoaiiliiias by tbe 
promise of the Nawab Mooxaf' 
fir Sha» tu pay tvo lacks and 
a halt' of Kupees, and keep up 
a bedy at burse in tbe Raja's 
service : tlie pled|>;e was proba- 
bly never fulhllad : for to tlie 
tiiTee fallowiog years repeated 
demoQStrations were made for 
a renewal of the attack : these 
vets diverted for a while how- 
ever by the prosecutioa of a 
plan for the i eduction of Cash- 
Bir ; a project {■'Owing out of 
the dial racted conditioa of the 
lunf[dom of Caubut, which 
it will therefore be necassaiy 
to describe. 

The disputes that arose 
amongst the soos of JHmwt 
Skak, tbe deposition of Zeman 
Skai, the accession of his 
brother ^mjaairMuUt and his 
•apulsion by another brother, 
Skak Mahmomd, are uanated at 
ItMth in the appcodix to Mr. 
El^uostone's account of the 
■iaaioN to CaM : it is only 
•MBMary tharafcH* to conliBH 
dH Mirativa fro^ the loar 
IMS, whan the aooftaBt rafn^ 
taA to unuuu^. 1» the 

early part of that year Shmk 
Slmja waa compelled to al^n- 
doa his capital by tbe victori- 
oaa MaJioioud, and the minister 
to whom bis success was 
wholly ascribable, Futtak 
£iaH, and seek refuge in the 
mountains, sending his family 
into the territories ol the 
Sikhs for protection, whither 
also be himself, after sonu 
interval repaired. 

The fort of Attack still hold, 
ing out for the deposed Prince, 
Shak Makmoud advanced and 
laid siege to it. £venl9 how- 
ever soon pot a termination to 
this enterprise. Atla JUoham- 
vudKhan the viceroy of Cash- 
mir, forgetting the animosity 
which bad latterly separated 
his father HJookhtar-ad-Doulak 
from SAiija, and which had cost 
the former his life, declared for 
tbe expelled monarch, and » 
party ofCashmiriao troops un- 
der OmI Mokamoted Khan eur- 
prised and took Peshawtr. 
They were dispossessed hj 
MokamMed Azim Khan, dis. 

f>atched byiffoAiHoad to the re- 
ief of Peikawer ; but this event 
was followed by another which 
required the prusence of Mak- 
attnidbimaeir. Oneof the many 
sons of Tiiuur Shah, Prince 
Abiat, badbt'cn detained with 
▼arions intermissions in a state 
of captivity at Cabul : by the 
aid of some discontented 
chiefs, he effected his escape, 
and collecting a force of about 
7000 me nprocl aimed himself 
King, in February 1811. Xo- 
kmm»ud Axim immediately 
maiohed from Peshawer, and 
WM foUowad from Attock by 



JRiAmow/ and' Pmteh Khan; <)crsbIeforce,ftnd»<lvaiic«d't» 
K fierce eagagement the viciaity of Peshkwer : her* 
which A bbai^^a defeated Mtd be was encountered bv ](fo' 
taken with his ptrtizans, the hammed Atim, on the 9th No* 
Fatter of whom were put to vember, and again suffered ft 
death. Abbtu was brintT- toUl dereat. 
ed, agreeably to Asiatic I'hese repeated <Iiscom6tu re* 
policy, and remanded to cap- itwould appear, did notffxtin* 
tiriLy. In thia encoanter a guish the spirit of 5/iaA •S^rgai 
ip-eat part of the city of Ck- er his faithful partiian/lffaAfo- 
bul was burnt. Aammed; for in the cotmnencs- 
S&aliShmah, being now left ment of 1dl2, th«><r ones mor« 
vith l).V,\e hope of recovering took advantfl<;f! of the Persias 
fais crown, wba utad to find inrasion of the western pro- 
an asylum in the doini- Tinces to invade those of th* 
Dions of the Sikh Chief, by eastern Af:;ban« : this enter, 
whom, lands at Bhpra, yield- prise was for a whilf^ succe«a- 
ing an annual revenue of fal : MokammtMt /fxim, tb^ 
70,000 Rupees, were granted (reripral of Mahmmd, was de- 
Cor the support of the In-o de- feated and compelled to Tall 
posed Princps, Slitija. and his back. and Peshawer otKre mortt 
wler brother ^emtTR WiaA, his reverted to the autbonty of 
asspciate in misfnttnnc and Shvja nl 3/ulk. Mahmond a'ter 
exile. This generoKity waii not repelliti;; rite Persinas,re turned 
wholly gratuitous, there is rea- to Cabul, where he remained 
son- to suppose, as Runjeet some time without attempting 
iStHAwa^engagcditi the course any enterprise a^ilist Skah 
of the year in necnciatin^ Sh-nja. At lenfrth the army 0/ 
with the Minister oi'Mahmmd, Mohammrd Azim, being re- 
ft joint invasion ajid partition mforced, he was enabled again 
ol Cashmir, intimidnting pro- to advance against Peshawery 
bahly the King of Cabul into and once more compelled tho 
au acq^uiescenc^a with the ar- unfortunate Sht^a to retura 
rangenient,. hy the counten* to the frontiers, and take n- 
ance thus given to his nnta^n- fuge at Attock. ' ' 
nist in the struggle for royalty. Atthisseason,8omeof thott 
Awards the end of the year the vnaccountalde and improTV 
"Persians having reneweH their dent intrigues were get oa 
periodical attempt uponff«raf, foot, which hare sooften pror^ 
and the mountain tribes rebel- «d fatal to Indian politicians., 
ling against Mtikmovd, S/ttijii Sktija nl Mulk was thrown 
was encouraged to make aoo- into ca|>t'rri^ by the two 
filer effort for thetecovmy of Chiefs who had hitherto bean 
Ills kingdom: assisted by the the sole supporters of kit 
Viceroy of Cashmir, and Join- causo : he ■ was seised by A* 
4<1 by many of the Dnrant iaitdad Khan, th« Govamor 
AT^Sf. faecDnected-Rconsi> oTAtlMkf'-aad •tnaaftrradM 


BmOltlCAL ntttCH. 


Ini brMbw Atta MokaauUd, 

lU Viceroy of Cuhmir, hf 
whom be wsb detaioMl & pri- 
ioi«r. The Mtenaible pn- 
tett. (or tbls conduct was, a 
dnpute about the arreara of 
the troops between SUam sad 
MaMUd Kkan : but tftcre ia 
htdtf doabt that ibe true rM< 
MM was of & diffrrent natun:- 
th> hcl is, that the negoci&tiont 
for a joint inrasion of Claib>' 
wit by tbe Argbans and Kklli 
were DOW matured,' and it Jl 
pnaible tb ere fore that tha 
blathers kaowiD^ thia, flatter' 
ed'lhenisel»es tbey mijtbt a- 
rtrt the storni by an offer of 
tiia person of ShajAlU Mvlkt 
or, irhidb is more probable, 
Shjak had actually listened, 
ai it was reported, to 0Ter< 
IttTes frotlt hia brother JIfaA- 
•WNd, and had agreed for an 
equiTslent to co- operate irith 
the Court of dabal for the 
fecoTery of Cashmir. — It ia 
BOt easy to decide which par- 
ty maybe nostjnstiyacciMed 
of breach of faith ; bnt somo 
■neb cause of mutual distrust 
did exist, and was productive 
of fatal consequences to both. 
Tbe possession of the strong 
wst of Attock by Jehandad 
Kha*, rendered the approach 
of tbe Afgliana to Cashmir 
iDpractictble. by the most 
direct road — it was therefore 
necessary to cross the Jndus 
lower down ; and as this route 
bnwgtrt them in contact with 
the possessions of MMJttt 
Stmk, it was equally indispen- 
t^e to secure his co-opera- 
tion: hence arose the alUaDce 
betveea thcfe ptnTcri^udtlia 

covaaat of die Court of Ca- 
bal, either tn relinquish oi«- . 
half af Cashmir, or to pay « 
tribute of elrven laolu a year 
to Jtwrieer SM.— The troops 
of Cabut ttDder t^ttdk JEAon 
aeeoTdingl* croaaed the laduit 
ID the pna of 181t at Ufaerft ' 
Ghaxi Khan,artd being joineil 
by the Sikh troops uader 
JVnUtM Okmd, ney enter- 
ed Cashnir ia the begin- ' 
wnf of 181S. Atta Mo' 
lUMWud Khan tnefftctaally ' 
opposed the inraden. Hia 
priacipal forta were captured, 
his troops defeated, and him- 
self tak«n prisoner. Hia cap- 
tive also SUnoA hI MuUi fell ■ 
into the hancfs of the victors, 
bat was treated by them with 
deference, and left at liberty ' 
to follow his own ioclisadon : 
considering himself more in 
security with the Sikhs than ' 
with his own countrymen, he ' 
joined the camp of the former, ' 
and accompanied their retura 
to Lahore. 

l^R booty obtained by the ' 
successful invasion of Cash- 
mir, enabling Puttek Kka* to 
acquit himself of all pecuniary 
obligations to the Raja of La- ' 
hore, he disminsed the Sikh 
troops, and retained the vhola 
province, committing it to tho 
government of . If oAamnetliifiia 
Klian. This arrangement was' 
little palatable to iliu^eeC 
Sink, whose chief object bad 
been tf> obtain a footing itt> 
Cashmir, and he therefora 
complained bitterly of hariBg. 
bean duped by hia allies. Oa 
the otiier hand, the Afghan 
gowiUMBt WM eqiwlly mv 
L lifiei 



tified Bvd ineMMcl bj* Rim- 
Jeefi BGt)uiriDs the strong fort 
of Attock, which Jdtandad 
Khan gKve Up to the Sikh 
Prince for on eqairalCBt in 
Vizeetabad ; — tbas gratifying 
hiB reienliiMiit towards the 
Court of Cabal, and mora ef- 
fectually providing for hia own 
security. Futltk KIum im- 
nediately attenpled to reco- 
Ter possession of Attock by 
force, and in the early pert 
of 1818 a batUe was fought 
in the vicinity of that place 
between the Sikh and Af- 
glian armies, in which the lat- 
ter being totally routed, Fml- 
tehKhan retired to Pesiurwer, 
after dispatching the remains 
of his forces, to the defence of 

A considerable period now 
intervened, during which Iha 
troops of KvHJeet SmH were en- 
gagert in extending his autho* 
rtty along the Indus, and in the 
nioijntainous countries leading 
toCashmir.Somealtempts also , 
■were made to divert him from 
the threatened aBsault by ami- 
cable negudatioa, and by mili- 
tary demonstrations on toe In- 
dfasand towardsMultan. They 
bad the effect of delaying hii 
progresM, bnt not of preventing 
it, and early in 1814, his forces 
were concentrated in Rajore 
and Faouuch on the frontiera 

of Cashrair. Thair &rH oftp-- 
atiODB acaiait that proTinc* 
were attroded with succea* i 
bnt their triumph was of very 
brief duration — the oatunl 
dICcuUies of the country,— 
the bastility of the peopi*,— 
and the aUe conduct of Jtla- . 
hammed Amm Khan very >oen 
tamed the scale : the differ- 
ent divisions ol" the Sikh army - 
were separately repnised : 
the want of supplies reodered. 
their retreat indispensable,. 
and on their relurn ntl aum- 
bers perished ihroDgh want and 
fatigue, or were cut off by the 
BillCbiftTt, who, aaMehnD- 
nedaasi wera the natural foes - 
of the invaders. The Hakin, 
of Paounch, OA-ncOa KhuK,. 
was pai^culaily distinguished 
on theoccauon, and destroyed 
an immense number of the re- 
treating enemy. RmgtH Shtk 
returned to Lahore on tbe 11th 
August, and wasfoUowed by 
the wreck of his army. Shak 
Skujn was still at Lahore, 
where he was in fact detained 
a prisoner by the Ra^a. In 
this position stood the affain. 
of Northern Kinduataa at the, 

Eeriod to which we have 
rought those of the matm- 
Southerly states, and to which 
we are uuw to conduct those. 
of ihe British possessioiis. 


Poiitjf t^ the Otmemmeni of British India — NOn-interferenee 
u)Uk Native Powers — Domeilic Tratitacliont — Bnndelarnd 
CMefr, pralected Jrom external aggremon—Inienal eonni^- 
tittu mtrfiined—Fntiat oJ'Qopal Sink'-Sm^riKd byCal. 
, . .. .. Brouoi 

bv Google 

' HisTORlCXL SKEtctl. 


Brwni—Agaw by Captabt TTatoo*- Swbmiti—KHIehdar of 
Kuh^ar - r^fraetory — Fartreu BttUr/td—Stomted — JaiAcrd 
•/■ th» Starm-'-SiAmmio* of (As Oki^—Retoa—Huinoeritg 
if the Raga — Tnopi wnf vgaiiut kirn — Ao/a m&mili — Op9' 
—natmt at^ainti hU fetidalwry CHeft — Smt'k^ni aiimdm«d~' 
£>(mR ttormtd — Oki»f» «f Xeioa tMbmit-^Baryvm appro* 
priattd — Sikh Ckieft—Palyala OaeemmaU rtgtdattd—Oor' 
Utm awvaehmenti — Ohitlagong—Arultlum R^b—Emwuf tt 
Asm— Defeat— Hitptated tUtemplt-and f»al death of King* 
ieriag — fieihwa ~ SouthrTH JayirJart ~ Compaett with tkt 
Xajat of Colapnr and Sawanttemri — Bj/drabad — lAUskiunB— 
l*ndiari» — Lefjislative tmaetntaiilt ~ Propreu of LUeralara 
aad Society— A'tital of Lord Moira-~Departmn oj Lomt 
MiMo — CoNciitiioii. 

Tre adiBinistntion x^ Bri- 
luh India duriii; -the period 
UHkrranaw, wan ehBrncteri^ 
»l by the icrupuloui obserr- 
«no« ofthoae inttnictioni from 
'En^am}, which prescribrd 
4m nrefal avoiiliuice of worjr 
kterference wilh tho nei^- 
boarin^ states, which might en- 
Atoger an appoal to armti.-tha 
tarbnlent dtstradioas of W^est- 
era mad Northorn ilindnstan 
were thflrsforo contotnplawd 
wi^ indifference, and the n^ 
liTe Princn were allowi^d to 
worry each other, and wealed 
tbeaielTMs, without the slight- 
vttcflbrt being made to recosi. 
vend or enforce their observ- 
nce ef moderation and equity: 
itwu in vain that repeated 
^pllcatioaa were Asde to tiM 
interest, Uie policy, or the hn- 
auily ofthe British Govem- 
aent; it was to no purpoite 
tliat Uie Hindu Princes of 
Bajaputana offered half their 
rcTenQesiif the remainder were 
fienpted, from the extortioag 
tXMakratta and Pathan rttpa- 
tity i it wa» equally ratn for the 
IhM of Sbutvt to preis du 

acceptance of the whoUofhis 
Territory with the reserve of 
bis patrimoDiml estates, it' sobs 
might prMerve tbem, and him- 
self from the gripe of Runieet 
Sinh : these splendid bribes 
were all refected, and the in- 
variable refusal of the BritUh 
administration to interfere, 
may claiia the merit of disia- 
terestednesB, although it can 
scarcely be regarded -as wis* 
-or htimane. 

Whilst this rigid abstinence 
from foreign interference wae 
practised, its partial but unin- 
tentionalabandooment, on pre- 
TioQs occasions, bad entailed 
' a variety of perplexing discua- 
'Sions within tnoae limits, to 
which the British authority 
was extended. The cessioiw 
-ofthe PetkvM in BandelauKt 
■ had placed a anmber of petty 
-Chiefs in a relation not rei;y 
accurately deAned to tiia Bri- 
tishi autborities, andthe soma 
had recurred witk regard to 
the Silih Ot^eftains, snatchftd 
in time from the comprabka- 
sive reach of'R«n;eM iSiii&.' 

S Ju 



Tbt mdkpetidut, ihkt wbatvnr 
pecuniary or military obliga- 
tions they might owo to any 
mperiors, they pMuaud tiio 
iinooiitroiil«d admiBistiation of 
•Airft witfain thoir own liniti, 
■nd tta« miacbioToua privilag* 
of going; to war with ooo an- 
other. In the nngagements 
made with them by their new 
■overeiniB thii principle was 
•dmitted.11ie Britiah lAWsaad 
toguUtiona had no operation 
within the territoriea of these 
chiefs, and although the Britiah 
Oovernnteat eodaidered itaclf 
posieiaedofa right tointerpoae 
ioT their proteotioa from for* 
eign atatea, or froineaoh otheri 
H did not hold itaeU pledged 
to exeniae that right, and 
■conaequently the chiefs were 
•BOt bound to appeal to it. 
3t waa soon found howerer 
tiiat the ahstreot poueuion of 
■% right which it waa not meant 
■to exercise, was a nonentity ; 
that B right to intermeddle posa- 
■csscd by one party implied a 
claim in the other to apply to 
-it, and that, in abort. If the Bri- 
-tiah OoTerameot did not wish 
'to eeda a great part of Bun- 
daleind to SiMdiak or Amir 
JfA(m,orifit waa anxioua to 
.prerent a oonaiderable portion 
of the praTiaoe from being 
torn to pieces by intestine com* 
motions, it waa nooeasary to 
pnt in prBctioe, the right it a? 
- vowed in ihtory, and K) inter- 
' fere decidedly, both at home 
and abroad) in 'order to pte- 
aerre the integrity and peace 
pt Bvndeleimd. 

-The interpositian exercised 
Iwyqad^ Uniu of tU F(o< 

«iace,was chiefly called tat hy 
the pretenaiou of SvuUam, or 
the aggressiona of his officijrB ; 
thesB were long and repeated- 
ly directed aiainat aevefai of 
ttie frontier Chiefs, but parti- 
cularly the Bhaoqf Jhaoai and 
the RbjbIu of Dutteah aod 
Tehree, and were not repreaa- 
ed untill a<'ter frequent expoB- 
tnlatiun and remonstranco on 
the part of the Reaident at 
ftiBdnia'a Court. Tbedetermin^ 
ed support gtKnled to those 
Chiefs by the British Govern- 
ment, end tlie apeuific treaties 
finally entered into with them 
-to that effect, were ultimately 
productive of the dewod re- 
suite, and from the year 1813, 
they were exempt from Mab* 
ratta depredation. These -ar- 
rangements were udjusteit 
without any recourse tofaos- 
tililies, but thoae required by 
the internal condition of Boo* 
ddcuad, were not effected 
wilhoBt tbe ipterventioa of 
military force. 

The reduction of Adfgffier, 
and the defeat and pursuit of 
G«pai SmA, growing out of 
the attempt to enforce pubt 
lie order in fimtdebMd, 
have beta narrated in lbs 
pages of. out predeceasor ; 
-the final suppresaion .of 
tbe refractory chieftain, bad 
not at that time bren accoro« 

Elished, and he waa left in the 
egianing of 1811, a fugitiTo 
in the rugged country of the 
CkmdayttAia. Asthenatnra 
of the tract, as well as its 
diiorderly condition, preclud- 
'«d the prospect of overtaking 
oc discoveiiRf Jtim, active 



«pemti«iiB »«re Air m while 
■oapended, bat at the sane 
tiae the force nnder Liemt. 
Col. Bnw», which had been 
«o utcceurully enployed a. 
gaiMt ftmai Smk, waa ktpt 
)a tfaa field. In the month of 
Jeae, the marander emerged 
from bis retreat, at a plac* 
called Cdiirgtum, dependant 
OB the JS^a of Benr, and ai- 
luated in the Mcond range of 
GhmU: baring; collected a 
band of followeia, he deacend- 
ad the GhaU, with the intea. 
tioii of renewing hia predato- 
ly inroada on the Coropany'a 
tttntory, but the detachments 
. under Lieut, CoL Brown and 
Col. SeBy, aocceeded in 
coanteracting his designs, 
wUlst another body, under 
C^. Watmi, having on the 
7th of Jun« airiTed within 
half a mile of Gfipal Simk, 
eDcamped at Komptara, and 
■early anrpriaed bis party, he 
was induced to retrace his 
ptepB and reaacand the QImU. 
Altbongh these measures 
bad warded off all tmtnediata 
danger, they still left Gopal 
&nA with his forces unbroken, 
and coas«quently prepared to 
kTail hiuaelfof a favorable 
opportunity to renew his de- 

Gedations : it was therefore 
gUy desirable that his pow< 
er of doing mischief should 
be curtailed if not annihilated, 
and that object was complete- 
ly accomplished, by the de- 
tachment under Ztsaf. Caloiul 
Srotcn. Having received intel- 
ligence of Gopal Sath't posi- 
tion, that oHicef moved with 
great speed and seerecy, to- 

wards him, and -on the nUht 
of the S6th June, came hy 
surprise upon the enemy. 
Their cmmft was pitched at the 
head of the /Jowoaee pass in 
the tforao hills, in the dry bed 
of »Jhil, protected by thick 
wood on every aide, and onl|r 
accessible by passaa leading 
through the mouaiains. , The 
detachment advanced through 
a narrow defiLt, beset by close 
Jangle. On arriving within 
musket^ »faot of the Cam|»i the 
iiifailtry lormed and poured « 
volley into it which nrat s*M 
the oneniy notice of their 
presence : the troops oF Gop^ 
immediately fled in all direc- 
tions, and owing to the dsdf- 
aesa of tlie Bight,aad the ua- 
(nre of the couDtry, efl'ecUd 
their escape : their dispersioa 
bowercT was complete, and 
the greater part of the hag- 
bage and stores fell into tha 
hands of th« victors. Upon 
Jthe rettira of the favorable 
season for field operatio«a,t]i« 
punuit of Gopal Smk was 
continued in the hills, and hia 
fortified |>ost al CthirgeuH, % 
fastaesB of most difficult ap- 
proacb, was attacked and car- 
ried on the 7th Sept. by tbo 
British detacfament under 
Copf. Wattm: the enamy at 
first made a show of resis- 
tance, but gave way upon the 
first charge of the infantry, 
and a s<|nadroa of the eth 
Native Cavalry coming round 
nearly at the same instant by 
the Kavines, the whole force 
was destroyed or diaperaed. 
Gopat Sink made hia escape, 
ua fril back towarda Sau- 



fof, iw tbc Vieinitfef whick North west extrmnily, 'decnj. 

piBGS be continnad for lome ning tbencs to the N. eastern 

Une : cnnvmcetl hcwcver of eomer. Tfie Hill is isolated, 

the fiAJlitf of protrected re- but at the distance of about 

sistanee, be cKtertiiDed to 400 yards opposite to the 

throw hinself upon the lenity X. West extreoiily ot the 

of the Oovemment, and to larger beicht, rises aoothpi 

]irdAer hn Mtbmissioa : his Bmallur elevation, the bilL 

•dyances were bvombly re- Kalaiyaii, and the plain in 

oeiv^, aitxi in the inontli nf which these.sUuul is bounded 

I^bmary 181t, he joined the by tbe mountaiaous rang* 

British Camp before KuIotu that extends from Rhotat to> 

j4»',-»rsTinj previously receiT- Jjiure. The Pettah or wal-^ 

tfd pardon for past' offefices, led towo of, KaUmjoT lies at' 

end ft smaH gra»l of Land the foot of tbe Dortberti fac« . 

fat his ftrture maiatenanee. af tbe mountain. Tbe main 

1he KiHadar of Kalmjar^ asceat to tbe fort is by paa- 

^Me Deriao SbtA, was the aaf es practised in the roclc^ 

mt Amde&s chief, who pro> and defeaded by walls and 

Toked the Brilbh 6overa> four gates : the wholeof th* 

jient to tbe ese of their pow- sunnait is enclosed by a wait 

ei*; haviag afforded shelter to with battlemenla,, and loop 

ttwleaa ^ plunderers and re- holes, and tbe aides of the 

fcactery' leaders, refused to rock are further delended by 

gi*« thenr tt|» to tbe anperior vartoua oatwoiks communi- 

autfioiHy, and treated tbe re- eattag with the plain. ITpoa 

quisrtions end remonstntncea tbe aummit, rise the present 

of tfio Af^t with diarespeot fortiticstioDS, apparently oS 

aitd contempt. The strength of Mobamntedan architecture, 

his Terlress animated him to bat the materials arc chiefly 

this dondoet, and the saeceM. the mutilated fragments of 

fUl rMistance it bed eosbled Hindit sculpture— the HitI oC 

him aton^ to make to the at- Kalanjar having long been a' 

tabks of AH Belkader, encon- distinguished seat of the wov- 

raged him te hope a like re- ship of Siva, and still prcsent- 

aall Would attend a similar ing oumeroua splendid speci- 

opposition to superii*'' resoor- mens of the shrines in which 

ce«. - that worship was celebrated j 

Tltft ftirtiffed Rill «f fa- tbe rock of Kalanjar is In ma. 

Jlm'ar is situated about 90 oy places perpefidicular, aod 

tnifes to the south east of B&B- in all of difficult ascent,, eithei: 

ds: it is abont 1000 feet in from its steepnessi or the thick 

heifht. aod the base where it jungle with which it isp^Ur^ 

drrerges into tbe adjftiniig allycoTcred, 

plain, iacattrnlatedtobo abont The force asserabted . for, - 

tea or twelve mUes in cir- the re^nctrsii nf this fortress. ' 

CdmWenee; tbeehvatioawf consieieA -o( i. compairtes-of - 

ii^ Hill ia greatest at Uie H. M. fiSd Regiment, » sqaa- 



Aran «r tht ntb Light I>n» 
puma, 3d Regit o I Nativ« 
CaT^ry, S BttUalJomof la- 
fcntry, the ngkl companies of 
Ibelst BattalioDs ot the Sd 
and flth Nalive Kegts., three 
cfmtp&nies of Pioneen, % de> 
twbnsnt of European Artil- 
kiy, and a batrerin;; train of 
IS and 18 pounders. The 
troops irere coIlecMd before 
Kalanjar on the 19tfa pf Ja* 
Bsary 1812, aad the prelimi- 
■ary operations of the siege 
eommenced, under the com- 
MuiilofGeM. MartimkU. 

After harieg recoDSoitred 
A* defences of the Fort, it 
vas determined to erect bat- 
teries on the smaller eteTation, 
and by the 26th of the month, 
after incredible exertion, ia 
laising itie gene, two batten e* 
were completed for the recep- 
lioa of 4 eighteen pounders, 
opposite to the eastern angle 
•tthe Port, and a mortar bat- 
tery calculated to enfilade the 
works was constrncted od 
tiM ridee, a little mare to 
the north. In the course of 
Ike S7A, two additional bat- 
teries, one for two eighteen 
ponwtera and the other for 3 
twelv* ponndara were raised 
at the foot of the Hill, 
exactly opposite to the great 

Steway: die interral had also 
Eo appropriated to attempts 
at negociation, and Tarioas 
miuions had been inter- 
diaii|ed bntween the Fort and 
the Britisb- Agent, Mr. Ri. 
tkarium, but withnnt any sa- 
tisfsctory resulL Everything 
therefore being preimTBd, the 
battalia opened oa th» 29(b| 

with' great cfiiMti their fir« 
was Tery inadequately retarn' 
cd by the ordnance of the 
Fort ; the town was occupied 
on the name day by an ad* 
Tanced detachmsat wi:bout 
eny serious opposition, the 
enemy retiring to the Fort 
nuder corer of a heavy but 
ifl.directedfire of matchloclu, 
from Wliicll no loss was bus* 

By the 1st of Febnrary, 
the batteries had effected what 
was considered a practicabia 
breach in the noru-east an- 
gle of the Fort, and at Sunrise 
on the second, astroBgatorni- 
in; party attempted lo carry 
the place. Tlia party cu«aist- 
ed of the lire go m paw as of , 
the S3d and all the flank com-! 
panies of the line, rorniag > 
body of about 3000. men, 
commanded by lM»t- CbImH 
Mawbjfi as they ascended the 
hill tliey were received with, 
a brisk fire of musketry ac* 
eompanied by a tremeadoue 
volley of massy stones. Not* 
withstanding this opposilion, 
the assailants made good 
■heir advance to the foot of 
the wall, when they found 
themselves stopped by a pra- 
eipitouB, and mostly, perpeo' 
dicular ftoi of rock, which it 
was necessary to surmount 
before they could arrive at the 
breach. 1'he looseness of the 
soil on which they stood and 
the missiles hnrled upoa 
them from above, rendered 
their attempts to plant their 
ladders but partially suc- 
cessful, and the few who 
coatrived to fix ud soala 



the ladders <o ai to at' 
taiii the foot of the bnacbj 
were instantly knocked dowa 
by the GODstant shofrer of 
heavy gtoneH. After an una- 
Tailing struggle far nearly an 
lour, in wbioli tbe mott de- 
termined spirit aad cauragft 
wer» evinced, tbe awaylt was 
abandoned I as hopeleui and 
tbf trumpets sounded a re-, 
trent. In this attack thecora- 
paniaa of tbe &8d suffered 
most severely, every officer, 
except CoL Mavby and on* 
other, was killed or wounded^ 
and the Grenadier Company 
was totally disabled. As the 
chief hurts however were from 
thcstoneti thrown upon tbem^ 
the loss of the asaaflanU wu 
uliimately not very consider, 
able. The assanlt< elthougb 
not in tfae first instasce sue- 
Ceasfidiwas productive of fi. 
nal advantage, ai the Killadar 
and bis brethren, who claimed 
ft participation in his autbo- 
Tlty, apprehending the conse* 
quences of a renewed attack^ 
resolved tosurrender the Fort< 
Lands of equal value above tiio 
<ifials to those which were 
telinquished, ..formed the ba- 
sis of the stipulations agreed 
upon, and upon the assuranca 
of this equivalent, tbe strong 
bold of Kalanjar, and tbe 
adjoining territory were gives 
ifpto the British authorities. 

The fall of Kalanjar toge- 
ther witii the preceding oc. 
vurrences, aeema to have had 
iht effect of impressing upon 
the Bitndela chiefs the iueffi' 
^acy of resistance to the con. 
tcouliD|[ 9treii£th of tbe .Go> 

Terameat; trhilstthtir je^Ml* 
sy of any covert intention iit 
the latter, to alter the naUuw 
of their future teaure, waft 
removed by the formal dtasA 
Vowal of such a purpose. A; 
pablic refiuladon* was pro^ 
mulgated at the end of tSlV 
dcclaring what territories and 
Jahgirdars in Buadlecand* 
bad always been, and wer«- 
still to be, exempted from th« 
operation of the general ra^ 
Kulations, and from tbe Juris* 
diction of the Courts of Ci« 
vil and Criminal judicature. 
By this mesMire twenty- mvea 
petty chiefs were then coo-h 
firmed in their independancy^ 
and tbe Province has uncB 
GOntioued prosperous audi 

^'he territories of the Baoa< 
Haja^ aitnated to the BOvthr 
east of Barndbautd, next n-, 
qofred tha ioterpoiitios of am-, 
Uiority : besides affording aa 
asylum tolreebooters and re-4 
bels. the Riga was unable t» 
prevent his own milyects froot; 
the commission -of acts of ag-i: 
gression, and the five petty 
chiefs of Smkgmut, . mar 
head of whom was the Mom, 
Raja, were rebeb t»- tbnr 
Ijege lord, > ami enemies: 
to the pnsperity of «>eir» 
neighbours! The condnek of 
the Raja himself was not oal- 
oulated to ioBpira any confi^^ 
devce io his siaoerity. and In, 
contravention af tbe terms of> 
an engagement oondudedwidk 




Vunin 1819, he treated tlia' 
I4aIJTe A^mts uftbe Btiti*li 
uihorilieB i*itb contempt snd 
ODtnge, and oppoted a free 
Mnafanlcation throiigli hm 
territorj' between those Brittsh 
sUtioDs which it separated 
fron each other : tt became ne- 
ceuarr therefore to compel 
tbe Itaja to ailhefe to the 
conditiDns of ezining treaties, 
OS tats oiro part ; and on that 
of his Taisals, to engage for 
their conduct, or to resigil 
them to more efficient con- 
tronl: with these ricwa, a. con- 
■iderable force waa collected 
b the early part of 1H13, and 
wai led by CoL MarlbideU, 
hto the Rewa diitrirt in the 
noDth of April. On the 3d 
the troops srrired at Oomree, 
wiibhi S miles of the capita), 
vUen after a ahortioterral the 
Baja convinced of the vanity 
•f fntfaer resistance, and 
^tppoiDted in tbe effects of 
Ibe demonatTationt of the 
I*indariB, with whom it ap- 
peared fa* hart held some 
correspondenco, professed his 
rradinesatosubarit, and repair- 
•d ia peraon to the Brittah 
camp.^A suspension ofhoa- 
tihties had been previously 
settled, and the terms of trea- 
^ w»re adjusted between the 
Kewa Chief and the Biitish 
A(eM, which was finally teipt- 
ed on Hie 2d of June. In con- 
•W|ttence of these measures, 
ndtbe'approaeh of the rains, 
the force brdte up and re. 
titad into can ton Rents. 
' At tha done of the rainy 
trasoafhe operations iir Rewa, 

repression of the petty chiefs' 
of Sinhgrana, were resumed 
under command ofGol. Adoilis ." 
the Arst steps were taken' 
ag^jniit the Kaja of Ratliani,' 
in whose territory an insrilt 
had been offered in the pre-' 
ceding CamYiaign to theBri.' 
tisharms. When Col. Jlnrrelf 
with reinforoements advanced' 
from Miriapw to ioin Colontt 
MariirtdtU, a snTall detach- 
ment of Scp'iys escorting a 
cart with stores, and pro- 
ceeding in faith of the suspen- 
■ion of hostilities concluded 
on the 3d Mav, were sudden- 
ly surroundeif on the 7th near 
tiie villa(;e ai Satkani by af 
large body of horse and toot,| 
by whom several Sepoyswere 
killed, and the property was 
plundered — the Rajaaf BewiL 
disclaimed all participation in 
this atrocity, nnd it appeared 
to hare been the nnautboriaed' 
act of some of (be ihdepen- 
dant cliiefs, particularly, of 
mkhpal, fleja ofSalkani. and. 
Surneid Stnh, of Entourt^ 
against whom therefore the 
troops were first cooducteda 
The Fort of the Haja of Sat/ia- 
»ee was abandoned on ths 
approach ofrtic British troops, 
byt at Eniovri a ifelerraiued 
resistance was encountered. 
and this place was subdued 
only after a protracted conflict, 
in which several officers wera 
wounded. The fort was at last 
carried. The chief. Suniaid, 
Sink, disdaining to survivpits 
'all, strewed a quantity of 
gunpowder upon *» clotb^ 
which he bound round him^' 
and sellinz fire to it; Utmhiat- 

:., Google 


•dhiiezutance. Troia EntonTi 
tbe force proceeded to Oatrte 
Kud Jomri, two mud Forti, 
which weie abaadooed, and 
vbicbt *• welt aa the others 
ibat were taken posseaaion of, 
werelerelled wiihthe ground: 
these operation ■ put an 
■nd t* ail farther gppositioa 
•r procTaatiaaMon, The Rajas 
of C'&owJhal and Mow, Juioed 
tiie firitith camp, aod pruffej:-- 
•d uacoaditiona) submiasion, 
nod the Rewa Raja's aecood 
^tm. ZactAuMa SMt, was de- 
puted by his father to adjust 
all diffefRRcea with the Briti:>h 
Cammander. Id coasequence a 
treatr of alliance was tiiially 
^ncfnded is March, 1814, 
which terminated Che dispute, 
•nd which whilst it restored to 
the ItflwaRaja, tlie authority 
pTer thoBe possesaions former- 
ly aequpstraied, established 
tiie right of tlie BritisI) govern- 
jpent to a controuliiig «way, 
■qd unrestricted access. 

Proceedins aloug tlie Bri- 
tish frontier to the north, our 
Attention is next attracted by 
tbe fCFttlement and aoaexaliuu 
At tlia Province of Bpryatta, 
vbich were effected in the 
«stly' pf rt of the period under 
discussion . Subaequently to 
1&06, this district had been 
graated to different indepen- 
(lant chlefa, who had exhibit- 
ed marks of attachment to th« 
British inleresta during the 
Mahiatta war, but in conse- 
quence of the unproductive* 
■teas of the diatrjcl, and the 
depredktiona of the' BKattu, 
% wild and predatory race 
hrisf to tilt waatwaid of Ba- 

n/aaa, the revenue! prove d 
■o inadequate to the expences, 
that ita new Sovereigns werfl 

S' d to relinquish the charge, 
e last Ohief, was Abdoot 
Smnnvd Xhan, who notwiih- 
atanding his activity and ta- 
lents, was in a sbort time so 
involved in heavy di-bta, that 
he prayed to be relieved of 
them at the price of his prin- 
cipality. It was evident indeed 
tliat the only power cai>able 
of d*- riving ail vantage from 
this Province, was niie wbtcli 
could cummand a force suffi- 
cient to Euppn?s» tbe predafo* 
ry inroads of the Bhattis, and 
funds competent to restor* 
that system of irrigation, 
which depended upon tba 
canal dug by i'tios Shah, and 
which ^one rendered Harif- 
ana fertile and productive ; it 
was accordingly dctcrinined 
to asNume the direct' maaasa- 
ment of the Province, and ita 
tranijuilization waseoou efTect* 
ed. The AAaffts as usual rf- 
aumcd tiieir depredatian&t on 
which, a force under Cof. 
Adamt marched from Hant^ 
and advancing into their coai^- 
try, punisi)cd their piesump- 
tioh, by the capture of Seratti, 
FKttehabtul, and other place^. 
This active exertiou of this 
British resources, speedily re- 
duced the Bhatii duet's to 
■ubmission. and Zabita A'Aoh, 
one of the princip^il leader*, 
gave himself up to the Britiab 
force. In consequence of tlufl 
submission, and his entering 
into a formal engagement to 
preTent the future incuraians-of 
nit people, bui f^sta^s wsr^ 



Mttored to hint, trith the ex- 
ception of FtHtehahad, which 
was occupied as a military 
lUtioB. Occasional attempU 
GaT« been since made by the 
Bkatii* to bresic rhroug:h the 
TMtniiils imposerl jpon them, 
but tho^e attempts hare not 
Msentially interrupteij tho 
peace and prosijerity of the 

Ute protection given to the 
ffiu chiefs has already been 
lilTertei) lo : as soon as tbe 
GDniaon danger was thus re- 
nored, these turbulent indi' 
TiJnals resumed their domes- 
tic <)isputes, and were oo leas 
nortilied than disappoioled, 
vhen they found their disor- 
derly habits corrected by Bri- 
tiili interposition: being wilh- 
ontrem'^dv however they sub' 
■iitpd their disputes to the 
Supreme Government, and 
hiraised the British authori- 
tiei for many years with com- 
plaiats of mutual aggression, 
■Dd petitions for restitution or 
radre*>. Tlie^e disputes how- 
erer, although occasionally 
i«(|iiirin^ the presence of a 
■mil mditary furce, led to 
BO transactions of general im- 
poftance, and need not there* 
fore be h?re detailed: the most 
idportaat erent in this quarter 
was the superceasion of liie 
Bfg» of Patgala, in the admi- 
Diitnttion of his own affair*, in 
consequence of his violent and 
oppresfire conduct, which 
Wis considered to be little 
ibort of mental derangement : 
the esecutire suthorily was 
Ifaerafore Tested in die Aoxt, 
tidad by effieteot ministers, 
Ud flupporttd Bod couuouled 

by the British fanctionariM. 
Tlie arrangement encountered 
much opposition from the Ra- 
ja and his parti'ians, and an at- 
tempt was even made against 
the life of General Ochteriony 
the British Resident, which 
there was reason to snspect 
arose ontof tbeas trusiiCtiMs. 
A young Sikh, who iiowrvet 
disclaimed all primeditatloii 
or preconcert) attempted o^ 
the IftthofMay to shoot th* 
Resident in hu jnlankcen, 
and this purpose being frus- 
trated by Oentrat Ockterloiy'i 
promptitude in seizing tits 
barrel of the matchlock,' and 
leaping oot of the pal an p 
keen, .the assassin attacksd 
him with his sword, fend tn^ 
dieted sefarat wounds be> 
fore he was secured. The SM 
was sent prisoner to DdkU 
but haviDE made aa attempt 
to force bis )ruards, be wa< 
killed to die affray that ensu- 
ed, and no further light we* 
tbrowit upon tho occurrence. 
The General speedily recopor- 
ed of his wounds, and the af- 
fairs of the Patyala statacon* 
thtued to improve in the hand* 
of the RmU and her minister 
Mora Kowiker. In 1813 tfaa 
Raja of Patyala, ,SakA 
Sink, died, and was succeed- 
ed by his son Kvrean JStnA^. 
who giving hi& confidence ta 
the Ran€t minister, no chango 
of system took place. 

The apprehension of tiio' 
Sikh chiefs was now ezeitedl 
by the appearance Of 'a new- 
enemy, and the GorUa Go< 
vernors in the neighbouring 
mountains, aAar apptopn^y' 
all the higb lands, began to 
2 encroach 

g4 CALCUTTA AKNFAl HEfflBTEtt 184!. 

vncToacU upon the country 
At their foot -. here however 
tbav encountered jRwtjeet Sink 
and the British feudatories, 
-and their advance therefore 
was not Buffered to proceed 
'iFitbout notice or opposition. 
The diacussioas that ensued 
it ta unnecessary here to de- 
tail, as the t^eneral encroach- 
ments of the Nepalete wilt 
be better cotmected with th^ 
war of which they were the 
proTocaUon. It is sufficient to 
observe, that these agi:res«ioiia 
fCominenced so far back as 
180C, and that in thfl years 
1810 and l8ll, they were ex- 
ercised on various points, 
through the -whole line of 
frontier, from the Seticj to 

The iniall course of eastern 
boundary from the hills to 
Ckittagong, afforded no occa- 
sions for the conflict of 
national interests, and we 
nujt proceed therefore to the 
latter tor subjects of record. 
In this quai'ter, events took 
place, which were productive 
of protracted and vexatious 
negotiations with the Court of 
4oa,aBd which have no doubt 
-left in that quarter impressi. 
o/ts unpropitious to the es. 
tajjlisbment of a friendly con- 
nexion, although the grounds 
of that disposition were un- 
justly aud haatdy adopted. 

The oppicsBJve Govern- 
aieflt of the Biirmat had for 
Bonle years driven a nu^iber- 
o.f ills natives of Arai/mn, to 
abnodon their haaies, aud set- 
tle in tlie Company's territory. 
2f« eueptioD wu takta- to 

their, emigration, and coatt* 
quentty no diOiaulues weri 
thrown in the way of their 
change of resideiicp. The re. 
membrance of their nativ* 
country, and the resentmeui 
kept alive by tbe arrival of 
fresh fugitives, produced at 
last a determination amongst 
them, to attempt to revenf^e 
their wrongs, or redeem their 
rights. With these purposes 
tbey collected in great forc» 
under the cammanil of an emK 
grant of some consideration, 
named KMgbering, and inva- 
ded the Province of JriMuai 
io the beginning of 1811. 

The issue of an armed body 
of men from tbeCompany's ter- 
ritories, naturally appeared to . 
the£urjRa Government, an act 
in which ihe British a otb or itiea 
participated, or at which they 
connived. It was stated indeed 
that the force had been coU 
lect^d with the utmost secr«. 
cy, and had marched wilbont 
the knowledge of the iiritish 
functionaries; but liltle credit 
was attached to these asser- 
tions, and otiier causes of jea- 
lousy and doubt occurred. 
^imgberuig. having crossed 
the Naf, detached patties inta 
CAitlagonj Io collect rein forctt- 
mants, and even to compel ths 
Mugt to join his army. Ilia 
very limited - number of 
troops in the district rendered 
it impossible to step this pro- 
cedure, and before an adeqnat* 
body could be collected, tha 
insurgent fon-e, considering 
themselves now sufficiently 
strong) advanced laUtAraJihatt 
trbore findiiig fiieoda in iba 
pop uUtioB, _, 



fOpDUtiMi,.d»7 tpeedilf orer- 
■na tbe country and csublUh. 
.«d tlieiii»I?es in every place, 
fiUi file only exceirtbo of 
• tbecapiial. 

To remoTe tbe impreuion 
vhich these events were 
cajculated to occasion, it vu 
deemed ftdriaable to aend an 
enroy to Avu, to appiise the 
Jhtrma Government of the 
actnal circumstances under 
vbich the invaiion of Ara/ihan . 
bad occurred. Captoin Can- 
idttg «aa dispatcned for tlie 
jmrpoae, ond arrived at Pan. 
jmm in the end of 1811, 
where lie was amicably re- 
ceived, althougli, as was ex- 
pected, he found the Viaeroy 
persuaded that the Britisn 
tiorerament waa implicated 
iathelate transactions. It was 
not however difficult to wea- 
ken this belief at Rangomt, 
and tlie same effect might have 
attended the envoy's repre- 
sentations at Amerapura, whi- 
ther he was iinmediataly in- 
vited, had not freati causes 
of suspicion arisen, and liia 
journey been prudently de- 

The Burma troops baring 
atlut encountered the insur- 
gents, completely defeated 
Ib^m. and an the fugitives na;- 
tsrally retired to the Compa- 
ny's territories, the victorioua 
army followed them in the 
same direction. It wan now 
ucessary to Ofipose their fur- 
ther profresi, and a small 
fofce under Col. Morgan, waa 

SMtudon the right bank of ihe 
'e/.toprntaclthe fritish pos- 
■ncioua froia iasaiioo, lliia 

neaaure of preaantion was in. 
terpreted to mean a hogtila 
intentinn, and the proliibitioB 
anoonnced against all furtiier 
putsnit. waa considered aatbc 
protection of thefugitivas. The 
tone adopted by the JiajmJt of 
Arakka*, who jointly witlt 
the General TynJapo, corn* 
manded the troopsoi Aoa, was 
not that of oonciliatian, and bs 
threatened to overrun th» 
Province otChitlagong w.idt 
80,l)00rafln: small detadinienta 
were actually sent across tho 
River, but wore driven back 
by patties of Seapoys, and 
their aggrcstion disavowed by 
the Burma commander. The ar* 
rival of reiaforcements front 
Bengal removed all apprehen- 
sion of the rxecuUoo of th« 
Jlaja'a menncesr and enablftd 
the British authorities to insist 
on the retreai of the Bvrmai, 
from the insulting positioa 
which they occupied, engaging 
at the same time to use every 
effort, to represi any attempt 
to repeat tlie inva^on of^- 
rakhan, and to seine and se- 
cure the persons of the insur- 
gent chiefs. The demand 
of the '^^i of Arakhim 
for the deuvery of thoaa 
chiefs was resisted, as the 
aajiguinary and vindictive 
temper of the government 
of Ass was too well known,, 
to render such a measure 
consistent with the claims of 
humanity- — In the early part 
of 1812, two of the chiefs, Kak- 
loo and Larvngba^t, being ap- 
prehended, were santprisonara 
to Dmcm. 'Ite rainy season se- 
paratad tbt aniea, and Uia 



wliole of the Burma force 
was vithdrawn from tlie Naf, 
"esoept a fuw liiinilred men. 

The sit'iatioti of the envoy 
'at Bantjoon now became pre- 
.CEirioiis. It was evident that 
tlie Government of Jm iroidd 
not be satisfied with less than 
the surrender of the insargent 
bhiefs, nnd it iras highly pro- 
bable that if they could gstn 
possession ofthe envoy's per- 
son, they would detain him and 
bis suite as hostsf^es for the 
Helirery of the rebels; it was 
therefore thonght expedient 
to order his retiirn, without ac- 
cepting the invitation to i4me- 
rapura. Thrse aiiprehensinns 
were not uitfoiintled : various 
. attemn'-i to *ci/c the envoy hart 
brill projrcted, but were not 
Pxcciited. appare::;!y throii; h 
the tiiuiditj- of the Viceroy, 
and the ptPCinitioTts taken 
agninsf their SHCfrPB by Vap- 
taiit Otmninrf. His safety was 
further ensured by the pre- 
icnce i>l' the few cruizers and 
Vessels thut conveyed succes- 
sive dispatches from Bengal, 
and whose arrival filled the 
fiincti' naries of Rangoon, with 
Violent alarms for the security 
of th(! City. Such was their a- 
gitalion that a public order 
M-as promulgfitsd, 'lor every 
house to prirvide a man, armed 
with a sword and lanco, ready 
to appear on three stmUes of 
a Ojng. Inconsequence of this 
state of things tlie Envoy nuit- 
ied the town, and resided on 
board the 3/.i&i&nrCruiser,&nd 
the British Residents also re> 
paired on board t'le Vesseli 
m the River. At last the «£!• 

tation baring tnbsided, tkvj 
ventured to return, and at the 
requestof the members of the 
Government.Capt Catikingn' 
sumed his habitation on shore. 
After a variety of nnplea. 
sant discuMions, and alternate 
exacerbations of distrust and 
confideoee, the return of Cap- 
tain Cannmg was finally de- 
termined. On theSlstCFt July 
two deputiesarrived at Ran' 
goon from Ameraphra, profes- 
sedly to ascertain the reason, 
why the Envoy's visit to 
the capital was so lon^ da- 
layed, but in fact, to compel 
bis journey thither, and to re- 
move the Viceroy, as the tiu. 
nishmeiit of his having failed 
to effect this object. The in- 
tentions of these officers were 
however frustrated, and the 
mission qaitted the BangoiM 
River on the 16th of August. 
There could be no question as 
to the wisdom of this deter- 
mination ; it was only to be re- 
gretted, that knowing the bar- 
barous characterof the Aaraa 
Government, and anticipating 
the probable consequences of 
the invasion of jlraUoK, such 
an embassy siioold have been 
sent. The baste to ori^nate the 
representation on the part of 
the British Government, could 
only appear to Burma judg< 
ment, as a suspicious promp- 
titude to excuse a fault, and • 
timid anxiety to escape reta- 
liation: the' necessity of doioff 
so proved uliimately imagina- 
ry, as the BurmoM shewed no 
reluctance to demand reparS' 
tion by their own agents, and 
ihtRttjaot JraUM accord- 




isgly MBtUa own Vakeel* to 

After the raiiB bul ceaied, 
tfae chief of ttiB inaurrection, 
Stmgberixff, who liad lain con- 
cealed in Uie southern diviai'm 
vfChUlago»g, ftgmin inatle Lii 
appearance thete, collected a 
force and aasailed the Arak' 
ka* Government: the rt-mlt 
was equally uDsuccetit^ul at 
be<ore, and he was again com- 
pelled to fly fo^ref•lg;eto6'Ai^- 
tagoKff. Theme (epeated violati- 
on of social order now roused 
(be indisnatSon of the British 
GoTemment, and a rewant of 
6000 Siipees was offered for 
Ibe app'ehensioD of Kinghe- 
ring, and 1000 Rupees for that 
ofei'ber of his subordinate 
chieftains'. Sereralofthemwere 
in coBseqnence apprehended, 
bat (he attachnient of King' 
btrin^i adherents waa strong; 
enoug;h, to induce themto op- 
pose every attempt 'or bissei- 
inre, and even to attack the 
troops sent in pursuit of htm. 
This opposition proTed effectu- 
al, ami he continued during 
the Istter part of 1612 in the 
bills and jutitrlcs south of 
Cox'i £oior, collecting and or- 
faniiiinp forces for a renewal 
ofhisntteirpta npon Arakian, 
in which desiin, his parties 
BOW be^an lo leTy snprlieg 
from the villapes of the Pro- 
vince, and even to carry off 
the Tillattcm. nnd compel them 
to join J^in(76«"t«.7'< standsrd. 
It iras therefore necessary to 
■«e active measures for the 
■nppresaion nfthisbold adren. 
tnrvr, and the Sd Battalion of 
Iht M^ Be|imcBt af M. I. v^t 

■ent lo ChiUagaitg. In NoToa* 
her aparty iiiJilerXteut. Vmmg 
surprised a body of the insur- 
gents under Aiugberitig him- 
self atCitxV Bazar; attacked 
and completely dispersed tliem; 
he Hed by the sea cuast to th« 
other side of the Bazoo river, 
assembled a handful of follow, 
era and entered Ar^khan;\im 
was once more defeated and 
fled to tbe north towards Ti' 
pera, where he for a time dis. 
appeared. I o April lbl3, ha ' 
was again heard of amotigBt 
the uninhabited fastnesses ia 
the south of Chiltagoug, but 
deserted by most of his fol> 
lowers, and in a state of ex- 
treme weakness and distress. 
In the course of the year ae- 
Teral attempts were made by 
tbe Court of Afa. through tha 
medium of tbe Raja of Arak- 
ion, and the Vicerby of Sim^ 
goatt, to obtain the persons of 
the rebel chiefs, by neuotiation 
with the British G uverument. 
AnagBDtrromtfaefornier,anil a 
mission from the latter arrived 
in Calcutta, and were receiv- 
ed with more attention than 
their rank or application 
merited, but were dismissed- 
with the reply thai hnJ all a- 
Ioiie: !):e:i n;a'u lo their de- 
mand. Tbe refusal lo deliver up 
tbe other chiefs was steadily 
adhered to, hut us at the end 
of 1813, Kiitffbering was pre- 
paring to invade Arahiaa a- 
gain ; as these repeated a^- 
KressioQs perpetuated the ex- 
istence of hostile feelings be 
tween two sto'.cs who had na- 
turally no cause for enmify : 
imd V Kingberw^'t persevo- 



fince'^y pTdtMbly taeoun- 

S'd by the confiction Itmt 
ipennii was not ' likely to 
All into the handa of the Bat' 
■HUjit Wksdetemiineri to ad- 
opt ' a diflvrent eotfOuCt to- 
wards hin, and to give 
Um no longer ttie be- 
Jialit of that persvaiion ; he 
was therefore apprised, that 
tMlesi be desisted from liife 
iatoads into the Arak/ion dis- 
tricts, he woiild, wtiRnefer ap- 
prehendeir by the British, be 
-delu'ervd to the officers ofthe 
Kincofilvtr. Atthe Bametimp, 
•matt (iMaclnnentu of Seapoys 
WCra^Mtell in th6 aohthern 
fntnftlle ProTJHce, by whon 
the iusiirgentf were attacked 
•asoatTaf'tllVy tellected, their 
fltdckadM and ' magazines de- 
atrt^tl.'and their' attempts on 
the storeiand p^rscns of the 
Villafeta cleteaied. Theae o< 
^•tiOMs ' dilabled Kingbe- 
rto,9^ora while from assembling 
t faraa iuffieient to inrade 
ilni&ilaii.'but in IBI-the siic- 
«Mried in detachinj^ a party in 
thatdireMiottiihey were,as us- 
ml, defeated and comprlied to 
Mtitl^to their ordinary hannts, 
Cspectnlly their chief hold at 
3^1; a stockndpd fastnoss a- 
niingfit hiUs a«d thickets, the 
wihealthineSn, as well ax riii^- 
gedness of whi(^, rendered the 

S»t iatfcceftsible to the British 
robps." The menaces of the 
Bittish OoTernment weiT treat- 
od witb contempt, and Ftom 
th« abuBtlant supplies foiiml 
ia tha captured stockades, it 
Waa evidAiC tht>t the penple of 
the couatry wei'e generally 
friendly to 4lis aaueeof the 

TVbet chief; (here aeeBiAl 
to be little probability thcre^ 
fore of cfteeting hia ca^ 
tore or suppressing his perioo^ 
cal depredatioDs, n hilst on the 
other hand, the Ara Gorerw- 
ment was not sensible of the 
difficulty, and regnrded . it aa 
a subterfuge, and nlthoiie;h the 
new fls/o of Ankhm. the 
former having died, proteased 
amicable disposiliona,heBeeni- 
«d entitled to but little faith, aa 
bodies of the Barotst oeaasi- 
onaily eomroitted outrages on 
the Company's territory. This 
unpleasant position was in 
part relieved ia 1814, when 
the cause of Kbtghering w»s 
materially wesjtened by tha 
death of two of ^ia principal 
Hirdars : disseniiins alsg arosB 
between fattn and his aurvivins 
chiefs, and a rival for the stf* 
preme command disputed hia 
authority over tlieir cr.n>m«n 
adherents — These erenU put a 
stop to his depredatioas, and 
prabably contribnted, with the 
frregularity of (he supplies, and 
the unhealthiness of the sta- 
tion, to terminate hislifei be died 
inthe begiaoing pf 181S, tha* 
closing a strujrglc with tw» 
powen'ul hiates, which is hi>< 
norablelo his perseveranccbia 
spirit and his abilities. Tb* 
conduci of the Government of 
Ava, waa worthy of their p)ac« 
in the scale of cisilization : ih* 
arrogance and insincerity di^ 
played at llamg«o* and u^ 
the frontieii of Ckiltagong, 
were even leas prepoatecoiip 
-than the extravagance whiiJl 
prnmnted ll)em >o send !>^cr^ 
agents to Senara and ^cAi. 



I OD of tbe Princes or Hindiw- 
tkD ftgaiust the British power, ' 
Tli« tnai;aificeatscbeaie coded 
io a Hufiicicntly amusing mao- 
ner, and the emissary deputed 
tucoDtbiue Piioces aod Kings 
afai&st a state which had sub- 
jeeled them to its authority, 
carried bark as the result of 
his oepotiatioDs, a young Uin- 
dustani fimale for the haiaa 
of Amerapmra, whom ha pass- 
ad upon tha Ooldtx PnmM», 
fat the daughter of the Raja 
of BeMoret, and the offering of 
that Prince's homage. 

i'he pacific relations of tba 
British power to the westward 
suffered do iiiteirupiion during 
the period w« are describing, 
•od the connexions establish- 
•d witli the Amui of SiMdk 
and the Ruler of Catolt, conti- 
nued uudistutbed : w* bars 
therefore now to direct our 
attention to the internal inte- 
rests of the British state, and 
shall first advert to the trans- 
actions growing out of tha 
partassumeil in tba regulation 
yl'the subsidiary powers. 

Tlie southern portion of tha 
MakraUa dominions, was di- 
vided amongst a variety of 
feudatory chiefs, whose posa- 
fssions, originally grants for 
■ilitary service, had been con- 
verted into hereditary estates, 
by the power of tha holaers, 
and the weakness and distrac- 
dons of the Couit of PoonaK. 
Amongst thfr principal in digni- 
ty was the Raja of liolapttr, a 
Ilsceadant of Hieaje*, and 
consequently ot kin to the 
£■(«-« ]^itia:Uu; first iupuw* 

athowarer wh Am P w lw m 

lUkwt family, originatinfc with 
the seren sons, of Gapal Sari, 
on« of whov was the fanuHH 
Paneram Bluu : «ll tbesa, Inft 
ezteasive Jaghirs In their som. 
and thasa Sirdan weta a«t 
enly powerful tbcralinrt indt 
vidually, hut aa they saii^ 
taineil a family vampaet, waaa 
atitl more fonnidaUa bythair 
mutual alliaace.Tha head of tha 
family in 1810 was ffawdhw- 
dor JppaA, comaonly oallad 
roBs Btao, and naither ba adr 
his cousins wera iodinad to 
pay to the PesAioc, £aja$tm9, 
any particaUr attatition ot t«» 

In 1B10 tbeCsrtof &caMf« 
having onca mare fslUniato 
tiie bands of a Mokamwtedam 
Chief.JMW^JUaa* thacoa. - 
Ungenls of the setitheni. dib 

Jikirdan were called an I* afr 
Rct Its recovery . . Aflei tnwi 
delay, Appak SaM alonajao^ 
tile held, and reoapbvad-tlia 
fortress, but refused tn ralifr 
quish it to tb« PetiKO. Am tbu 
WBsacase which jnstifiadBiw 
tish interposition, the sabsidn 
ary force was about to Barak 
against the chief, when b« pra- 
feised submission, andgavs 
up iSavoxore and tha other 
places be had taken oa tha 
part of the PalaMt with tha 
exception of UcM ej /. Thia 
submission, and other projacts 
entertained by the Pahem, 
prevented therefore the prm^ 
cution of Military operatieni : 
they yutt however aubaaL 
quently resuned, and in tfea 
cud of 18i2, the auhaidialT 
N fore* 



Cores from Pooaa mOTsd to tha 
banka of the Kittua, whilst a- 
notber body of Britisli Troopa 
advanced from BMtry ta the 
Toambhadra, and compelled 
tha inutheTn Jaghinlara loac- 
knowledge Uie aupremacjr 
«f th« PethwB, wliilst tbey 
•xacted securities for the cea- 
satioQ of the predatury or pri> 
latical attacks, that were fre- 
quently commiltftd by theiub- 
jectt of the Kelapur aiid Sof 
acttiUwart Statea. By lheagra»> 
■tent with the Riija of tha 
formor, thercforei in which the 
British Government under- 
took to arbitrate betwenn him 
and tlia Pttima, the session of 
the Harbour of Malan wna 
slao stipulated, and by a like 
agreement with the chief of 
the latter, the Fort of Fmoor- 
lof and port of GtmBramo Tem- 
ie were ceded. Tiie iiitereit 
Ikua taken neceasarily in tfa« 
■ffaira of . these atatei, waa 
productiTs trf aome trouble- 
■ooaa diacussioiiB : in the begin- 
Binf of lSi3, the Raja of 
Jiolajmr dying, Iba Pethcm 
-«nd«avo«f«d to avail himself 
of the opportuii.ity to disturb 
ihe sBcoessioD and diamembar 
th«'a»vareignty. In these views 
fas was foiled by the new pro- 
tector of tha state, and the son 
ol tha JbfB succeeded his fa> 
tiker.The troops of A^pal^ea^ 
which threateaed KotapKr, 
ware compelled to retire upon 
. ihe approach of a British force, 
and Um Paahwa's daims wer« 
annulled after due and deli- 
berate inreatiKatioD : however 
unpriatable to the court of 
Poona, UiMefvia, aU prwaed- 

ings on the subject were clased.' 
AC theendof 1813,* force wa« 
still iu tlie field : the Rmi U 
Saiemtluuai, in the prosecu- 
tion of some olaims upon 
Kolapvr, had taken violent 
possessioQ of the fort of Bha, 
lof^Aer. Lenient meaau res' pro v— 
ing ineffectual, the petty st&ta 
of iSawaMiwari was placed in a 
hontile relation to the British 
Government aiid adetachment 
waa sent againatthelbrt, which 
waa immediately surranderedt 
the contest was too unequal ta 
be long maintained, and as Um 
design oi the most powerful 
atate waa lass to chastise 
than to aw«, an amicable ac- 
oomodatioo waa speedily af- 
fected, and tranquillity re-esta- 
blished on thecoaat of Jlajofior. 
The tiusaelions of th« 
British Goveniment with thm 
other courts under their aup- 
(uiutendance, ftquire no parti* 
oular notice. At Bifdmbmdth* 
object of their poitoy, was ta 
support the Jtetaa* Chattdo^ 
Lttl against the machiaationa 
of Moneer tU Mulk, who had 
been nominated Chief minister, 
and who yras known to be ua* 
friendly to the British interesta. 
At iMflamo tha labours of th« 
Resident, were long and re- 
pea tedly, but fniitleasly direct- 
ed to the introduction of a re- 
form in the administration of 
the sUte : his suggestions 
were opposed or evaded by 
the avarice and jealousy of 
Sadet Ah, and the subjects of 
the Visir continued expoa- 
ed to the extortions of ths 
Officers of iheGoTernmant, or 
the Utaun i^ the- rsrcnue* 

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An- importvtt proviiion vu purpose by the British detach* 
Juwever tatroduced in 1811, meai stationed at Lahar^Bon; 
in the event of the Brilieb they then proceeded to the 
Troo)ts being called upon to North, and in March 1813 ap^ 
repress the di«turbancea that pearing in the neighbourhood 
vere caused by natural resist* of JUirzapore, plundered two 
•nee to oppression, and their vilhigesin its vicinity, and fill* 
cnploynient in such a service ed that c'ty and Benares, wiUi 
WBsonly allowable, when upon consternation. They did notfiip- 
a previous investigation of the ther ptosecate their altempia 
case, and an equitable adjust- hqweVer, but retired with their 
went of the disputed rents, it booty to the hills near 9lin- 
should appear (o the British xapore, and thence turning^ 
Kestdent that an appeal to Southward, passed through 
Aireewas justifiable and right, aonthem feAor, where they 
&>(£ef-i4Kdiedonthe)llh July coninritted extensive depre* 
1814 sad was succeoded by dations, and excited consider- 
his son, GhosA vd Din. able apprehensions. Thetroopa 
Ihe aggressions on thefiron- at Bniarei and Oinaptre, and 
ti«n,alreadydescribed,produ- other places, were put in mo- . 
ced no sensation in the more tion upon the first appearance 
central ProrinceaoftheBritish of these freebooters, and al- 
-Emptre, and the nranaced ap- though the rapidity of their 
proach of the Pindari bands inarch prevluded the possibi. 
excited, although with a less lity of overtaking them, tiieae 
adequate cause, a mor« lively demonstrations obhged them 
slam. "nifliT first aggressions to make a haxty retreat frofll 
were committed on states the British possessions. They 
-either in alliance with die were heard no more of untin 
British power, or under itA the close of the raioB, whe« 
protection, and in the end of titey approached the Bmidel- 
IBll thuy enterad the Berar cund frontier and committed 
tsrrilory, and pushed theit- their usual depreitationa on 
deptettetioaa even to tiie capi- the adjoining districts. A 
teliplunderingandbumingpart body of Troops accordinrly 
nt Hmypore: they then menae- marched from Keitah under 
cd the PesAtCMi's country, butin Gmeml MurtindeU to oppoaa 
that, aa wall as in the former them, and another force was 
astaace, the advance of tht concentraledatBenarea under 
British iVoops compelled them Oeneral Wood, which subse- 
to a preeipilate retreat. After qnently advanced to Saaer- 
die defeat of AiA-eratATAmi, and am. In the southern parts of. 
Um dispeiaioa of his followers Bthur also, diA'crent detach- 
by Stmiliia'i forcas, a body of ments were xo posted as to 
them threatened an advance cover ihat Province, and tlia 
•aAewHfby tbeWestemroute, whole of the firoiiti«r being 
bill wen datacrad fian tber lined with troops, was secured 
* K 2 agaiua 



•gtiastanr manufng incnr- mnid, llie Mme enMtmMt 
aioD. Thcie measures had ifaa comprahendeiiatheriiiidorpro^ 
desired effect, and confined VHionB, calculaisd to ragulata 
tha Pindarit to a field mora the ratei, at which peraotti 
remotely aituated; thfloatrag«c parchaiin^ land nt the pobtMT 
bowever which they lubte- aatea were entitled to colleot 
quently committed in the Dek- the rents ; to explain the intent 
bin, appertain to a period poa. nf the exiating; rules regnrdiBK 
terior to the date which limits tba sale oi esUtea for the r»- 

eurpreaent nottce, eorery of the arrears of public 

The legialatire ennetmenta BMesament; and to annul ezi*- 

of the Bengal Goremment tin;; prarisioDS for levying ia 

faring the years 18tl-12 and eerUin cases a peaaltyof twelve 

IS, although comprehending a percent, in addition to the ea- 

Tarktyof detaila of local tm- tablished rata of intereat om 

^rtance, comprise none orrery arreara of rent. In addition to 

pecntiar and general interest la theae,in the course of 1812 and 
April 1811, aregnlatioo for the 18, three several Tei;utatioiM 

conduct of foreij^a trade, and wereenacted for referringtbo 

defining the duties to which it adjastment of a permanent re>- 

Vas liable, was enacted, and ia venue settlement in the Ce^ed 

August of die same year, a Provinces totheresultofarevi- 

tegalation was passed for pre- aian of die past proceeds, ao^ 

venting the importation of actual conditioB of eataiea, 

■larea by sea or land, and their and annoancing that priaoipic 

■ale ia the territories subject as die basis of the adjustment 

tothisPreaidency. In IBlSthe to be made in the oooquered 

most important enactnent re. territories along the Jumaa, 

garded the rerenuea of the and in Bendlecuad and Cal> 

country, and one of some mo- tack in the year 1815. 
■lent, wni passed on the ist of The literary ennals of the 

Alay Tor amending sone of the Britiah posseations i» dieGast 

rules then in force for their are confined to a limited 

colleciion. By this enactment, sphere, aid embrace little 

the proprietors of lands pay- more than the proaresa mad* 

ing revenue, excepting by a ia the cultivation of the Orjen- 

Bubsenuent regulation those of tal languages and literature. To 

the ceded and conquered pro- diis, it was customary during 

Ttnces .were declared competent the period under review, for the 

to grant leases for an unlimited visitor of the College of Fort 

period to their tenants; their Williamannaally toadvert,and 

power to distrain for arreara of die speeches of Lnrd Miato 

rent waa regulated by fixed madeattheannualdispntatiou, 

rules, and subjected to suspen. convey a detailed aad interest 

•iOD upon the tenants giving ting representation of the moat 

aecurity for the institution of a important incrdents in this de. 

iiuttotrylbajuaUGeofUitdt* ptruatat. la the firat ye«r 

=d by Google 


tMI, At ftbunce of Lord cUin: hu «arlf death w«^ 

Mint* transferred this aanuBl desply to be regietted : ]i« 

daty to OsBerd Hewett, wu ia truth but just about 

«bo bor« twiiDMDy to the »• to ooniiaeBce those eoquii iesL 

tihty of the College establish, tar ifhich his pa*t studies had 

meat, and the diligence ol the eininflntly prepared liin, ana 

■tadeata. hat refened to Offi- Ihe appJicatioa of bis acqaire^ 

eial details for the progreas of Meats, with that wnquencha^ 

Orieatal letters. By tbesait hie zeat and iodefntiualije ii^^ 

afpeared that aince the preoe- dustry, which nere so )ie. 

dn; year, eleven works, inoli»- culiarLy tbe ch^ractemtica 

ia; Ur. Lamsden'a Persian- of his genius, o^uat in dun 

Oraamar, six Tolenes of Per- time have yielded a gloiioua 

aian selectioas, the tiidaya, harrest. The teitiuioay horaa 

tiro Tteatbea o« Uiadu Law, to the merits of Dr. Lcydc^ 

witfaa translatiaobyMT.Cola- was not more boaorableiobia 

brooke, aad the thud Tolume noith, than to iho feeHn^ pi 

af theKaBiayaaa,had been cum- hit noble encoaiiast Tlielist 

oleted, and that ten otfaarpuh- of puhlicatious ahaweil tbnt 

nealioDa, amoRi^st which weM «i^;ht works had beeii publiaJt- 

tbe iSEaraA, a celebrated Arabic «d during .tliis year,, one of 

Dictionary, the Secundaria- which was tJie first Tolums^ 

aia of JVizonti, and SiOdhanta and unfortiwatoljr it has beea 

Caamadi orSanecritGrammar the U^jt^of the t^xt of ihe 

•f Bkattoji Dicshita, had been ShabNama; alike number of 

cemiaeBf^cd under titn patio- uevr publicaliuu) bad C9in- 

■ai;e of tbe Collese. foeaaed under tl;e tosteiiug 

In 1813, Lord Minto re- auspices of the College. 

tarned to his aeat, and besides The £arl of Miuto presi- 

tbe usual comparative view ded at the Co]le||e disputa- 

•f the atate of the College, tioaa for the last time, on th^ 

adteited to a variety of sub- SOthSeptember I813,anilartcr 

^cta coanected with Oriental theortlinary details, and th« 

literataro. Amongst other t»- specifi«atioa of sev(>rat norka 

facs he dwelt upnn the loss «£ more tlian usual interest^ 

which that literature had sua- took leave of an Tiistitntion, 

taiaed, by the death of Dr. ia whichhis anaualdiaconrsea 

Leydea, who had tnrroinatMl shew him to have taken, id 

hb hriUiaat but too brief ca- perfect sinceriu^, thai warm in- 

laer at Java. The extensive tcreat, tvilh vrliicb the College 

and Tariaua acquirements of of Fort William must ever be 

this d>atin°uished Scholar coatemplUed by the atates^ 

havebeen duly apprecinteil, man and the scholar. Nin* 

and he has assumed that place workii had been published 

in the literary phalanx of his since the last disputalions, nnd 

country, to which his merits six others commenced- ^Tlu! 

|ave bim fUi uoqueatioDable Uwa of Menu in the nrigin^I 




Sanacrit msy be regardBd as dency, if not rnlirHiBd, ttU 

ttiemo*tr«iBBikableofthefor' disnipnted, by the awful aa> 

mer. and ib» Alif Laila or ori- xiet; with which men's niiwla 

fiiiat of the ArabiBii nigliU avmitcil the termiaatioD of 

ttrtertaiDments, the moit ia- the extraordinan' a(.-cuTTencn 

terestiDg of the latter. then exhibilins lu Europe. 

The impedimenta opposefl At leng:th thia anxiety waa 

totheeiteflBionnrEngliBh 8o<- alleviated, by the triumphaBt 

ciety inlndiabythe tenureua- termination of the war, and 

derwhich the country is helil, . full scnpe waa allowed for 

admitted of little changeorad- the exertion of these anergiea 

TUDcement in the character ef which cannot wholly be i^ 

tbat Society ; the protracted aorbed by snious duties, or 

teiidence of the Oovernment important cares, and which 

faowever at Calcutta, the ia- therefore in all Societies de« 

crease of territory invoking mand light and wholesonc 

an augmented number ofpub* food, or'wiil be wasted in no* 

lie functionaries, and the en- refined and mischievous iik 

largement of commercial en- dulgenc« : it may be considci* 

terpriac, tended to .effect an ed therefore fortunate for (ha 

actual, alUiough a tlow addi- public, that a taste for dramfc* 

tioa to the aggregate of Eu- tic entertainments had been 

KOpeans collected within its for sometime gaining ground, 

limits, and this numerical ex- and thatitatlaNtproducedtlia 

tension was oeceiaorily fbl- construction of a theatre in 

lowed by a modification of tlie Calcutta. Many years bad 

terms of social intercourse : elapsed since the existence of 

the character once borne of such a source of amuHemeut, 

intimate and familiar associa* and it* revival was expected 

tion ceased therefore to exist, with avidity and impatience i 

and in the aasemblages that several attempts on a dispro- 

now took place, cordiality be- portionate scale were made 

gan to give place to distance, in llie course of ISllend 18)3| 

and reserve. No valuable sub- but the present or Cbouringhes 

atitute for this loss of private Theatre was nolcompleted till 

uniun was gainad. Indiaof- tbecloseof llil3; itwasopeo- 

fered not the resources of ed on the 25th Nev. Tbm 

England, and the individual establishmeut has undergona 

whn felt tiiat sometbiog was various modifications since its 

wanting in the interest of pri- commencement, but has not 

Tate intercourse, could not yet assumed the only foou 

hope to recreate hie leisure, ingonwhich its permaneoe* 

by participating in public can be ensured: Uie volunteer 

pleasures: the important events talent by which it baa hitherto 

indeed transacting in other been supported, being una- 

regiona, furnished s<Nne relief, voidably irregular and pieca- 

aud th« duUnaia of the Presi- lioua, and a duly organised 



••fapany cF pcrformen being 
nsential to its effective maiu- 
tcBsnce : tbe object is le» tri- 
vial thaa it might at first up- 
peur, *ad the existeoce of a 
Theatre in a city circuuiKtaoc- 
cd *» tbe capital of Britisb 
Jodia, ia connected with im^ 
partaat coDBiderationa, al- 
liectJng tha diffusioa of tha 
Xngliah Language and Li- 
laratnra, ami the perpelna- 
tioK of £ugli«h feeliugB, 
BOt only amoagtt thoaa 
long aeparataJ from their pa- 
tcatcMiBlry, butamongit a 
DnmcrouB and important claan 
allied to that country by ori- 
g^, but bound to it Inr no 
other tie*, and Icnowiog Uttle 
Vfit but the name. 

The cIo«e of the year 18(3 
waa attended by a change in 
the administiDtion of the af- 
birs ofBritiih India, and the 
Earl of Minto was aucceed- 
•d by tbe Earl of Moira in 
tbeimportant situation of Go- 
Teraor General. Lord Moi- 
ra, afler tonching at the Isle 
Af France and Madras, srri- 
▼ed off Saugor in tiie end of 
September, and landed at 
Calcutta on the 4th of Octo- 
ber: be was accompanied by 
the Countess of Lopidon and 
Hoira, and his family. Lard 
Minto received the public 
brcwell of the settlement on 
the third of November, and 
both in that, and in his reply, 
there breathed a spirit of mu- 
tual sincerity, which does not 
erbnps invariably charactei- 
' the interchange of public 
Civililies. Iij rruth, whatever 
my ifv thought «f the mailtf 

•f Lord Minto'a goraimnent, 
an estimate of which in tliis 
place would neither bedeco. 
fous nor impartial, thera 
prevailed no differeocp ia tb« 
appreciation of his personal 
qualities : of domestic habits, 
elegaut taste, and tmpretend< 
ing talent, deeply imbued wi& 
literary partialities, nourished 
by eaily association with tha 
poembers of a brilliant cohort", 
in which it was no meati ho- 
nor to have been enrolled, and 
strongly disposed by nature to 
•BterUia all the kindly affec. 
tions which patriotisB, friend. 
ship, and kindred engender. 
Lord Hinto poMsessed many 
claims, which were readily 
acknowledged, upon the es- 
teem and regard of the com- 
munity. Besides the address 
already noticed, a public <;n- 
(crUinment was held on tbe 
6th of December, in which tha 
seatiaeDtB of the Society wer« 
onc« more expressed, and a 
numerous assemblage evinced 
tbeir respeot by attending hia 
final departure on Saturday tha 
11th of Dec. His Lordship 
survived his return to England 
but a short period, having died 
of an Inflammatory complaint 
on the 21st of June, 1814. 

'File arrival of the Earl of 
Noira accompanied the an. 
nunciatien of an important 
change which had ukes 
place in the inteicourse be- 
tween England and India, 
■ and 

• He had been a memlirr of 
tire Gerard Street Club, the com* 
panion of Joliniian, Uurke. Her- 
nolds, GoldsmUb, Garj-ick, and 
Other celebrated cliaracters. 



Knd the mttoval of tboan r»- k»m, MBlfialm, and oAet 

strictions whicfa had hitberto cmiDentoharactcnni^ bare 

cramped the tn|)« betwcaa lad us to expect. AttbesMM 

the two GOUDtriei. The re>- tim« it is itot altogelhef Bativ- 

seWkl of tbe Compiny'aOhar- hctory : Ute testimoiiy oftb* 

terwas brought to tbe nntic* moat enlighlened personi i« 

Ol'th* HousBof CoBiDona oa of^ at variaHce, and upoa 

tb»SSit<ot'March,lHtS, when tb« wbola- tbere preTaits a* 

Are House reaoiTed ita^f into trideiit leaning to the princi' 

■ romiDittee.toinveatiicate tbe pl«8 which were advocated is 

rtion, and the outliae of betanirofthe renewal of th« 

prt>{>oMd madifioatioo of Comp&By'a monopoly, Tba 

tbeCbarler, waa aubmitted by ehief poiota to be aacertaiDed, 

Lonl Castlereagfa, t» their were the conaequencea of 

•atnitteration. After aooie throwiag open the trade witb 

preliminary diacusaion, it waa aegard to tba extended iatro- 

'd«teruiiBKl'lo hear evidence duotion into India of Britiah 

m cerlaia point* coouected manufactuaea, and tbe aug> 

witb ike measure, and the meated influx ofEuropeans. 

•xamiaation oftbeindiTtduala 0» the firat of these, allbougb 

wbo we«e in conaeqiience the prejudiaea of the natirM 

called, coomeoced on die f f India were aomettmea re- 

Mth of the same month. yarded as bostile to the iii^o. 

'Ifae inTi!«Ug4ttonof tbetee- ductlou of Britiah manufac- 

timoiiy khuB epptiaied to, con. tures, yet no Te^y great atress 

lioued to efij^ge the lioute was laid lyiotu this ob%tacl«^ 

«a(il themiddleof April, when ^nd aome af the beat judge* 

coDsiiieiable inconreaienoe Rented their existence. Col. 

being foiiud, from the inter- I^uuro observes, '* tbe Hindoo* 

niptioH thuB occasioned to bave nqprejudice« a^inat tli^ 

ellicv public buainfisa, it waa use of any thing that they can 

reaotvad to refer rta termioa- convert to a v^ful purpose— 

lioii tu a Selrot Oommittee : ihey have a pri^udice. not an 

the examinations of the Com- uncommon one in £agland, 

■ittee continued throughoiit against paying a higher price 

May, and elicited a variety of fo{ a worse cammodity, and 

eiirioue and interesting infor- itatil we can undersell them 

mation, relating to the actual Mi Bu,ch articles as they re- 

aud proapectivestateof India, quire, we can have no hope 

from a number of intelUgent cf extending the usfL of out 

ifldividuale connected wiA manufactures in Indl^,"— and 

tbat oouatry in every depart- Mr. Sydenhai^ atates in tha 

ment. Thia evidence was aame manuer, " whenever we 

subsequenlly published, and can furuiih from this country 

displays that talent and ob- a similar manuiacture, as Eood 

aervatioo whidi the namea of as their own, and a Titti« 

Ha9tiii5», Munio, Syden. clieapfr, they will pce^r it Ut 



tbeir OWB." The optnioM 
•f Umbo mt«lltgnt Ben hft«« 
been verified by the r»< 
■dt, to an eitcBt which tituf 
uulombtodly vaiy Ktde satei- 

The affieetoftbfl meltifAi- 
cmkm «rf £uropMMi ia laoiM 
aeened to be aaivenaUy de. 
pcecalad. The apprekeaiiotw 
on this twn, hawtrer, ar« !«■• 
sb«agly maikad ia tba evi- 
denec of th« late oburrersr 
Mch as DH»e already DOticedr 
than in than of the older Ser- 
vantsoftboConaajrai Lord 
Taiffiunoulll and Sir Cliarlea 
Matet. It i* worth while ala» 
to obaerre, that the chief oi^ 
Jcctions to colonisation grnw 
evidently out of the difficulty 
of le'D'taring Britisb cotoaist* 
ameoable to Indian juriidic- 
tion, and the supposed aeoes- 
aity D< BubmiUia;; sll cases in 
which they nM!:bt be parlies, 
to the Courts at the Presiden- 
cies— such a necRetily would 
indeed be a suflicieal leply to 
lil die are'inttfnts urged in fa- 
vor of tke aeaaiire, and would 
engender erili more than suf- 
ficient to counterpoive the ad- 
vantages resulting from the 
■nfusion of Buropean capital 
and actifity into the country — 
As connected with the open- 
ing of the trade, howerer, 
aeither a vast increase of Eu- 
ropeans, nor their permaaent 
aeillement in the country, were 
considered by men of sound 
Judgment as inevitable conse- 
fjuences. Soch of the opini- 
ons of Col Munro on this anb- 
ject as have been brought 
to the test> have been fully 

eosfiraed, aodsach aaapply 
only to poasiUe cootiogenvta^ 
woald, uo dawbt, piova eqaalr 
ly lagacioua and.jusL 

Willk lagard t» tbo i»Aw( 
»f SwropAaaa, ha gav« it ii% 
kis opinian, that altbM^ th^ 
■ uBtberBiglit ^at first aqit- 
aidarably aanianted, it woulll 
i«t foi aay ki^th of liijae bf 
greatly iaoroaaed ; thiU it aiu*! 
be ragatated by the «U«nt «| 
the trade aloaa, as fo othqf 
means af admuitagaops aattta-' 
naat were likely tu be attaHH- 
able under ika pieaenl cir^ 
cnnataneea of India ; th^ 
the MgtdatioDt against coktv- 
aation were fully efeclive f^t 
its prerantioa, and that e*a« 
if the reatrictioDs were withr 
drawn, Europeana would hard- 
ly colonise toaay cateni. a* 
liiey wouM be borne down by 
the superior popoWkoa of the 
Natrres, mora iadustiKMta aad 
mora ecoaoaaical ihaa tben* 

Of these sentiments wanajf 
observe that exparienee has 
fiilly pro;red the ju^ea af tiiv 
first, and that the opeainr 
of the Trade bas prodaced 
in eight years no sensible nd- 
ditioii to the number of Euro- 
peans resident in India; of 
the small augmentation that 
has ensued, also, almost the 
whole is limited to the prin- 
cipal settlements, and by f&r 
(he largest portion is connuad 
to Calcutta. Colonisation has 
been as effectually prevented 
as it was formerly, aod all ap- 

Erehensions on thesp accounts 
ave been proved therefore 
void of all reaionable grounds. 
O The 



■ The opinipn of Colonel 
Munro, reffanting the imprac- 
ticability of colon iaatioD would 
no doubt be BB fully conlim- 
«d by evanta as tkat regarding 
the influx of Europaaos — a few 
individuals posHeasiog i;apital 
.might be scattered over the 
Indian Eminre, but they would 
be lost in the mighty maa« by 
which they were surrounded. 
India is m occupied conntry; 
> right in its soil can only bo 
gained by purchase, and that 
«»nDOt be always extensively 
«■ economically -.effected — 
none but capitalists therefore 
can pretend to settle, and it 
is not very likely that Europe- 
us poflsessiag the means of 
Mcuripg European enjoyment, 
will devote those ineaox to 
the formatioB of an indissoluble 
BDion witli India, a country ao 
physically and morally oppos- 
ed to their habile and tbeir leel- 
ings. Jt is time however to 
return to the progress of the 

OatheSlst of May Lord 
Gaatieraagh moved ia aCom- 

mittae of the whole House, 
the 1st Resolution, the expe- 
diaacy of the continuance of 
the East India Coaipany with 
Us priviiflges, &c, for a further 
period, with the exception of 
certjun limttatioos and modi- 
fications, and this BesolutioB 
was agreed to without a divi- 
sion; the other ReaolutioDa.a- 
mouotiag to fourteen, were 
discussed at subsequent sit- 
tings, and ihey were sent to 
the Lords on the 16th Jitne. 
Except on its first introduc-. 
tion, the measure passed th* 
Lorda with little oppositioD^ 
and after several warm dis- 
cussions ill the Commons on 
the different clauses, the bill 
passed into a law just before- 
the cioBL' of the Session. The. 
new Charter granted in con- 
sequeaoe will be found in a- 
netber part of oar volume. 

The commencement of »- 
new administration in Indja^ 
indicates anatural pause iaouc- 
narrative, and we sliall lh>^e- 
fore reserve the ensuing evcniat 
for a future oggoiutakj. 




Fbr January^ 1821. 

prgTWWOt ia tkolMihkof th« Oentlemett. Tb« tnuiBlnhtioii, 

<ihr, thoofh it itiil eontinoM which commaHoed td tea and 

mlr. eoBtinnod dll one, wu e<M<ine*i ' 

' "Ontho 3rd HJi Bicellenej ed ia tho anaaX maoueri-tho 

ft« HonTtle Sir Heory Black- boyi, of whom abont a huu- 

Vood airfred between 3 or 4 dred and forty were ptesent, 

f. K. at tiie house of R. W. beinrfirst examined in Read-' 

Pm, Biq. Coramereial Resl. iiiK, Writing, Aritbractlo. and 

dtnt M OMiiinbakar, a<M(Hiipa> the tnt class i» Enjrtish 

tiedbjr C^t. Bie^rdtOD and araniinar ; and afterwards a- 

Ks Seeretary, wben he was n- AlMt eWu In Bengallee, ia 

eeiTed b; Captala Maean, Aid- which they read a pottioi) of th» 

de^unp to the Most NoMe the ger^tnrei. After this tha 

Owefaor Oenerel, and ioined Oirla, of whom about ei^lity 

tn dinaerby theprincipm CIWl were present, were examinedin 

tad MiHtarr OentlemeBoftbe Rending, Writio^. Koittln;;, (of 

fMitn. On themotBliwoftlls hMh stoekia^ and gloves) (tad 

jthHia Bxeallenej vintedtlM N«adl»>werk of variana kinds. 

Bcthampore Cuitonmenta na- The profidenor of all the oUl- 

der dw osutd aali\te>. Id the dren appeared to give general 

renlu; His Hlghaess the Ni- MtisfactioD to the company pre- 

SDQ entertained His Exeellency sent; bnt the sight of soman/ 

tod (he Ladies nnrl Gentlemen (MfIb, from the lowest abodes of 

bftfaevtation at Cbniapahpoa- porer^ and wretchedDess, thus 

kah. At 7 9. H. the company trained «p In Itidnstry, (u w«B 

sat down to an excellent Din- as ia those branohes of learning 

«n, at which His Highnes* pre- irtioh beat suited to thnr situa- 

■ided; after which there were tioninlife, aaemed to excite a- 

Nantches, Hindoostaanee Co- glow of delist in the minds of 

nedies, and a brilliFuit dts- all present. A Lady in the 

iday of fire-works; and the higiier walks of life, whose name 

Gardens in the ndnity of the we are not authorized to neik- 

Botuewere itlmninated. ' tiee, had preriouly sent a large 

"Thia morning the &eMMM^ box arelotbes ; whleh, jn(lici< 

IgF with the Host NoUe the Oo- ouly dUtrU»ted among the 

vemor General's Fleet, arrired meitBecessitousarthechildreB, 

tt Beriiampore, wkore Hia hat, at this eold aaasoo, diffused 

tordsblp is expected to arrive gladness orei the minds of belli 

on the 4th of innaarT." children and parents. 

CUmIM.— On Wednesday, Csi, Jeto-. Jut. X 

the 30th of DeeembcT, the Cbil* 

dren in the Scheols belonging Mr. ttMrerofft JoKnujrv— 

to the BeneYolent Inslitntion It ia reported by the people wh^ 

«ne AaMinedby-tbe aecreta> eomein&oa Ceoloo Ohanbdl 

ty. Dr. Marshaan. at the and the other Bill SMtea, that 

SchMd B«aaM In the Ml Ba- Hr. Meoni^ is atiU in Ladaa 

B eMphrM I 


fltaploTcd in triJBc. Some 
manndt of Shawl Wool th«t 
IkBTe been purcliaied, h^haa for- 
Wttdtd Uirou;;b iiif hit)* toward* 
Napnl, thence to be lant aa to 
' Calcutta ; he i* -codeavoiinK to 
establiah % factory in Ludaa. 
Mr. M. hai tea or twelve lol- 
diari with him lor pcrional pro- 
teciioD 1 *tid irilhout aITaJlg»^ 
t^ents witii thf 'Vultaiukfs he- 
oanDat proceed iaitbertow^Eila. 
Tarluind, he baa therefore leut' 
onatFUtj peoon to inaiu tbesa 
VTUWcmAi'ts. Meet Lennl Ool- 
leh Khan, .hSTing a friend i^- 
yarkimd.hMwntieD to him to 
manage for tlicjoad beiofc freed 
tDth(^> Uecr.Iesut OoUah ii 
lUmialf along with Mr. Moor- 
- iS^, Moprproft probably writes 
to atime of Ua frieudt io Hiiio 
doostoa. Uii leUer* muit b* 
U|1i1t intcreatin));. A> far a* 
has been jet laatnt. Mi. M'l 
pro|T«asbBa notcn-citeii jealous 
ng. AtLahraeaod Cote Raa- 
giah he .wM treatad with iiiod- 
jKU aad leapeci. Meet luut 
OoUsb, hia companioB, is a moat, 
lotclligont and pruthint joaa. 
IleWftia public aervant undar, 
"Sit. £llplu[L*toae, when that 
gentletnan wentaa pleaipotan- 
tlary to Cabul,aod Mr. E. wilt 
no doubt feel satjsfaatiaa ia peiv 
ceiriQK Uteentcrpriie and eDcfgj 
of a map brought forward bj him--. 
aelf. if Hi. Moorcraft aawtot 
return by Bokhara through Fer- 

Ehana, Aeet Jezo) OoUah will 
e able to conduct him trot^ 
tba ChinQjie FroBtiw by the 
yooiuf-Zf countrr, into Aa val- 
lay of Fethawnr. Ia paiaii^ 
from . Ludaq.tP Caahghar and 
Tarknnd, Mir. M, viJl have u 
f rijss the chief branch of the In< 
^n«, which oonies from the Ea^t, 
l^ase extraoti are drawn 
ftom information forwarded 
fion Ummtair bj mercluiriia. 
Kunjeet Sing ia on the jhj- 
to^pnbaUj' lUiikiDc of aito- 

tbcr axpedition to Featikwiir. ■- 

atruments iu the Orehcttra Tcrjr 
perfect. The Band at the eiH 
trance might benefit too by soma 
Judicious auperiatendence, ai to 
the choice of pieces for ^le in- 
tervals between the Dance- 

guadrilles aeem atill to bold 
their place in general e*1jm»- 
tioB ; and it cannot- be deni- 
ed that both the music' and th9 
movenants of this dance ar«' 
more ogreealile and more grace* 
fill than any pther in use ia Ba* 
giish Society, so that they ar» 
Ukely to maintain their ground, 
gotwilbitanding the many vfl» 
abstain from joining in thena 
and confiiTe their part5etpatio» 
to the cauntry-d^ce alone. 

Tbc great preponderaitee of 
Military above all other «' 

In an Indian Ball Room, rt<«s 
it an appearance of a difier«ot 
nature from the Balla of Bn^ 

gland, except peAaps those «f 
garri>oncd towns, Amm^ tbc 
Ladies too, there is a stnlQ^ ,' 

giaracteristic to distinguish tfa* ' 
all-Hooros of India from thoi^ 
at home. For hero there km 
neither Dowagers of Sizl^, nof 
young fir)>«f fouiwan, wfj* 


fetifoAt occxm^^scts. 

- Awawfio'ectmBf jotnla tbe 
Dance, tbe limiti are stiU more 
eODfin«d as to skf, seldom paW' 
b^ the extremes of IS and 30 
ea diber side. If there ii not 
qaite ai much of animatioii and 
-Tealintereitltifhe scene, there 
ia at least an eqnal proportion 
«f flne ftrrtns and feataresi— 
'Mme<hiDg deficient in Moomof 
GOmplexioa -.—quite ai mneh of 
tagldatt, though less jieifiaps of 
taste and richness of dress. 

Ibid, Jan. S. 

- OBefat accounts haiin|: 
reached Bombay oonfinning' the- 
iateffifeoce preriomlT received 
tfftiie anfbrtauate affair at Las> 
luree. au eipedition was im- 
mediatelj let on foot, for tha 

Cibse '- of siippOTtin)C tho 
nia of Muscat, and punish- 
ing-ihr rebel power which had 
prored so fomiiilable aj^nst 
biiD. The expedition was ex- 
Bccted to sail from Bombay a^ 
boat the end of last month. 

It appears tb&t accounts from 
BaoEoon mention the de* 
tenmnalioa of the Court of 
A«ft again to commence wat- 
Uka operations agaiust Siam, 
aadfieat preparations are said 
tobe making to cairv its plans 
iaU> eiLecutlDn. Tlie speedy 
sceajnulation of a large force 
faAe Binnau dominions ia not 
«SenlU as ihe lands are held 
hj suUtainr tennre, and everjr 
nan is liable to be called upon 
Ik his nuljtarv aeivices. The 
Connunent, nowevcr, in thn 
prcceot iutnnce has fl;(ed a 
(iut ti> its demands, and r&-' 
OBlreft oitiy one man from eacb 
aaaily. or on equiralei^t in mn- 
MJ- The Siamese have repeal- 
•dij anffcred from the incur- 
■ana of the Hirmans, wjio in 
17M sacked their CBpiCal, and 
wytued all their maritime poa^ 
aeiriani in tb« bay ot ^tScuRnl', 
Md tioag tk^wftcpMt oCti>9 

At the Hoairablfl Comuwiy'* 
Opium Sale which took place at 
the Exchange on SittwHiy last, 
wenndcrstaed that BeharOpi'' 
um averted Sa. Bs. 2,435 I 9.- 
per chest, and Benares Opitim 
Sa. Ra. 2,463 5 7, per dttut 

Lait Sand^nlfht rixjathalf 
past nine r/doclcwe felt a shoek 
oranStrthqnake.which'gaTO « 
smart motion to the pnnlcahs. 
.and the oil iathewaU^shadef; 
and eoatinned upwards of a mi* 
ante. 'Thei{br«ti<m veeaiedto 
b* (toni ^aft to West - 

Govt. &B7. Ar. ii 

IMh'.— Lffttets rttm IMU'of 
the 31 9t of KovembVT, itate'thtt 
the weather was not then naarijr 
an cold as it had been a Wedi or 
two before, when left wa« vtrf 
general. It' was reported %t 
Delhi that His Majesty's 14Ut 
Regiment of Foot were febont to 
mftroh to Bonb^. Letten of 
December 20. slate diat th« 
weather was then SO cMd A 
that three blankets At nlgtit and 
great coal*' in the day 'wera 
barsly ■nfficient to Kffttrd ths 
neeeMsry protection ftom eolti 
arid covghs, of wtdcti Mery ooti 
wa> coBpLaining. The' snn^ 
which two menfts previous t» 
tidi was shanned by all Euro. 
jtBdna.'bad new become the ob^ 
jMt'OrfhetrrCicaTd; Indkdoif 
dir <H9> wMeb hid him from tiiefr 
aigfat, was looked on with as 
«Ueb horror u the Bngliah fbgS 
af' November. Rain wa> ex* 
jMMted abont Christmas, ^ 
thoic skilled In the prognostics, 
tf weather; and severe f^ostf 
were then expected, tifdik 
tugbt fcheek tiie crlips, thoogS 
tiiese were already ven foi>^ 
ward. - ' 

Govenur CtntraVt Parig,^ 
We hear that the Governor Ge* 
nernl and bis part^ aie 0)i Aeii 
rPfurn, havinf; . g;pn(i.ajY«;(fl 
Gun((;ipetsaud, from wafenea 
2 thej 

:. Cookie 


Ahif raummoed rctrajrodliiKm 
. bcr. -HiB ExoeneiKy h^ted to 
.pasatbartiristinas atPeerps- 
hu ; ai Oii«HMtlak on W«d- 
Aesdayaad Tbandfty to sport; 
And atrWcd at ' Downanom- on 
Jridmy IheaMb, from whenceiw 
>WM to move tke nert moniliie. 
/the . party, irei* rapeMed at 
JierhuDpoEA abovt the 3d of 
^amary, t»«mbark tkrace fbr 
CalMtt*. CW. Jovr. Jm. 4. 

. fidwriwr G*ntr«rt Pttrty. — 
Z<enen ^m Berfaamttore, dtt- 
jCd Ad Srd of Jannaiy, mentlnn, 
thalthtt GoTCraM General and 

In onr prcMOt -obttnarr ■ 
deatb will be found reci»rded, 
Wbicta seema to ckU for mmbc «b. 
nervations, aa it afford a Twy 
melancbolj initUKe ofbumaa 
life fallioK a sacnfice to tba 
grosseat snperatitiOBa. We nn- 
denUnd that tfae Tietim ttUad«4 
10 was a young athletia mu, 
iu[] of blood, wh« wu aeiied 
Vifh fever, with « ptediapoartioa 
iirbloodto theJuad, ud whs 
Might have been speedily restore 
•d to" tii« ctijaynicnt of good 
healiai, hadthe Surgeon of the 
■tsliai bceM altowed to bleed 
Uni,Mtd lq)pty aiKh treatment 
•tfcenriM as the caae required, 
Slu «a.ieii(kia of Auiituoe to> 

tnaAa ksnffteting felfow tttia 
ttireifta net, bowever, pertait* 
led, and be was barried in con 
\»equaietf to a premature end. 
- On tbepart ofthe-Uindeoerwed, 
-'whfrii atittRdatea tomeh acti- 
ona, it ii onaeeesoary to exftntl' 
Kte, neitiiei do we mean to a^ 
Bert Oat positive and ^ner^ in* 
terference to prevent its oper»- 
tloa could beproperiyreawYod 
to. Yet the pn^eaa. of tiai* 
fartrodncea many great «hangis 
in dLe opinions irf every socjel;, 
cj^ecially where ancient super- 
-aiitions may oontinrie ' lo kavo 
«xte(METe inloenoe, whUothc^ 
are opposed by tlie incronsinc 
opantioo of more enligbtaioB 
ideas. Thus we are ennUed 
to maintain, at present, that 
gnat TCTolutione of seotimeat 
vo talung plaeo among onlr 
Hindoo biothcen by the pU- 
InnUiTapioMtd able exertions of 
Hanmohnn Rt^; and wear* 
afsnnd t? those, who have tb» 
best opportnnitiei of acqnitiBC 
Information <m the nbfect, u3 
who can have no inducement to 
excite erroneous impreasiona, 
that there are tboasands, vrbo, 
ft'outbe pcEaaasuQ argumentf 
of that respect^e individual, 
way (o 


comes _^ 

<ruel in the cxtrem^' and t)ia 
very idea is most revolting ta 
the feelings of humanity. It 
otq^teertainly, &erefore, to b« 
made a subject of enquiry, whe- 
ther some proper pledge coold 
notbe secnred to these people, 
diat the entreaties and plans of 
lolatlvet liumld not be success^ 
M in oUitf>c, tiUm. lo cwnplv 


• B^«^ OCaVBBZNeES. ft 

.«ja » OMtoB yitdok tkij M«i< Halt, •tOa Iwv «r Mm s'dock 

.9(ul]r aod eoonietiliowljr ilii- f*tbaBfteniOM>,ai)di«Manram 

Bpjirovo. toiiiqBire,onUbtf oflkskiMb 

In this cut we «n ««ft|ti«)r kuw ¥imiaaKaii,tFortng09a^ 

(iattsh«dintbM«ofthea(ri>Hr- ud a Hindoo, nuMd Hoockeo- 

Wt ax^iimenu UM o«iMk« nmI>ou,Mrv*nl|reuMlndidr 

p*«B, la aiqtpcHt of tite piinoi. iettOu. 11im» wu m «meiuo 

ntesoftluMo, .«b» bMvrolwtlr to proio ugr daraweBMBit «f 

. oirtct their aUoniion to tho ok, vind in eithor cwo. The bodv 

jeet of dUfosiiig luowledfo a- of the uid Frauds BaU, win 

soanf th<inallTeiafIndiaib]> ifco biiad f« T>i atffid is a booaeat 

neMUofScbooUandoiheiwise. Amr^toUah, iadwTbaKHtJU> 

^OT'rtatGaBboBoraBanradlT lUan, No. ai. Tba txtdet 

MecMifulinreiiu>vi]if Uielhru- ^r-w^r, which had been futeiw 

doat of soperiiition, undor cd Im a stnng iaside, had boea 

whic^ the aMiTca oftbeoono' . ontttrouKhby anttftliboiiriipa« 

Uj an geacnlljr Kraaning, thm firtf iw^vii^ infomatiiM tftfa* 

cmJghtoang the aunda of Ifco ^al cicciuaitanaa. 

tetpnnwpKB. Tawpportsaoh HMch^«Do«, in bSb- 

«lSSJi^~"?^?.'' •«h-Gony.'naM» Di^rio^S^ 

STSJS^ .J? 1^^' 'l*^ ** «■ " S»«" '«*" : here the door 

Mdwthobeliofftatiotbewbr aTie»oftbebodT.Up«nenterint 

^religwn aad booianitr. nnd had ofideirtl; Sun, down! 

w^!^ At CaUa on Oe Srd inst. frOM Oe tl^bt Materials iiiAch 

ll^hw^ fib*» R^ Pertab be hwl used flw his rturposc, (« 

**»»t«*«^o»»r»o»o«Wrf... fewbentmn «iw« twisted to- 

wu^ tothipri«aofkfc«adwbii« BnooserooBd fafi neck.andtho 
other part was perceived to bo 
tied Found a bamboo of die roof 

.™-„j™ .1 hU [e«idiiiT~Hi "^*t'-_»i_i ^ o^- -J 

W" draB|«I to the ibomiD.ble ^JLI-i^L'* *""**** "* 

ftwn uia felt . Mcrifice to the ""«* ™ ■'o* <>"«■ 

ifBornieeand laperstition oftbo Wnt.Gtar. An. II,' 

^ple, hopiB^ th^enby to have bU 

afai wuihed aw>r at hl» last mo- Smee ow last Sio Hon'bl* 

«Mt>— M Ibe Sknndii and Bbu- Jahes Stuaht, Member of 

vtibK** abuten han: deetired, Ooonci), has left Caloatta an. 

not bf djing there « penoa will dor the salute doe to his rank, 

■btau abMrptin In Unnll vrith- to proceed to the Cape, foiUM 

.« recrftoeood worki.Mide- Iwneflt of bis health. 
^aaUy with a worm or Rranhop. 

por. dj^isf tbaro, obtaiii blii* la Tb« Bishop embarked m 

Broaiii. Aitri.jM.ll. board the ship Skian an Hon'- 

— , , ^y under the nana) salute. ' 

OmiMr'tJn^iutt. On Hoik Hit iM^sbip is proeeedinr or ' 

my last, pDTsBBBt to sammoiii, a viiitation to Bombar and- 

aJiU7 uMnJilpd «t tteTvW. (Uffloa. «M. Ca^./ox. let 


twned of Us pcdeet recoven by 
me SarceM of the «titka,lMd ha 
Temaiixa at hit leiidenea. He 



: Jhjmahal HiOi, . We hfcvo o« fbrsoma «»«■ 

From Rajmahal we leajB that tuul mcuiou to notice th«exei> 

Colouel Fkakcillin hu just tio«3 laakin^ at Saufrnr, nnder 

accQOiplislied a most intereit- Uto inmediatfa'aath^t^ of Ik* 

iiig jouxQCT tbrau{^ the lofiieljv ot b^the MMstaneeoF 

S^'mahal Hills. After viiitioc those who have- ontfrrtakea t9 

the (lelachedtange at B^rcool', dew lepanite portions' offlM 

oomistius chieilj of enuiite, lie vbois space of grsaad rynaicA 

ascended the Jcela Coondy bjr GoveTnment to the Sodet^.- 

Ghauf. and ptoceeded over Activity appears gemrdllT to- 

three distinct ranees of monii' prevail, and theprospeeta of ■ 

■ tains of very bi^hdevatioa and ancoessfo] remh are sot inffenor 

«!' Tciy difficnU nsceaL . The to what' thej were, ^riMoa tttV 

bill villages which he passed in subject commanded more of O* 

bis route are said ta be high- public attention. ThefoUowinf 

Jr eurions in tlkeir construo- statement, ftma the pen of Ur. 

tton, and the race of people who Cowles, SQperint«n(fing tlia o- 

faihabit that wild and savage, perations at the Southern exUfri< 

though ploturesquB and ram- mily, where Mr. Falconer wav 

antic regron.eiur.mely singular formerly, will nodoabt be read 

in their hajiits and apocaraiKe. with considerable interest hy- 

The hill maiijees atul gbnut- onr readers, 

walasarer^raseutedashaviug Gvaga Sanger. IGthJeag. 1821. 

been ^ery civil and attentive. We lost a man here on Siin- 

«nd contributed nil io their day moising, who was taken off 

power to forwHTd the p^ect of the banic by a Tygn and carri- 

Ihe Antiausfian's TeseaTcbes. edinto theJoone. Be wfts ■ 

Colonel ,Fl(*KtK,i.i« .has col- poor foolish fdlow, who bgd 

lectcd during hit jwuney a most been here for many months r»> 

Taluableaaaorlmeiit of minerals ceiviog his victuals from the 

CrjslAl in Quarts, Ci;ystalin Coolies, exoept what he got 

riJjU,, and Crystal ia A«ate,; from our tiOjles. He wassoaa 

besides samtUesofiron ore, and by a Coolie, dancing andHU^- 

other ouriow , specimens of ing on the bsnlt. siudimmAdi- 

ntUu/ral history. At the data ately after the Coolie, ofasnrin; 

ofaurlettere he was proceed-; atyger crossing -the bank, lost 

iVgtoviiiitthe MwU* Jkyxm,- sight of the man and reponed 

aoataractin tlio Bbaugulpore. the same .to.Mr. Nnnn. Mr.N- 

diatrictt pituated about eight returued tome witli the iBtcUt-. 

miles inlap^frant the Ganges.- gence, aud wc itniucdiatelj-.sel,; 

It cDUiaU of itwo.^falls, which out acconipsoifid by two Sepojn^ 

taken together, toensure 105 in seatch' .of.the poor.fello^' 

iUtpeipendioolarhei^t. Tiu Going along, the hank we weio< 

^(lUiei' . pAer falling lOver, vast met by gne ol the cooiieB,who. 

uasswofrM^isreeeivedina. hBdthecluthoftJi,einisiinginanr' 

bttsis below At thebnttomof, f(iuad neailj a mile fmntba. 

tk* byweitaU is a oave, lioa- bank, where he was seized and - 
■within wWcfc the w,; all covered.. with blood. Vfe- 

UBH bruiug aa BTch ontbe reached the place, and were 

OOtsidK. It has been geoeraUj able to trace the patlkthroup 

oaUe4 tbertiraterof avolcano. which he- was drasged into the - 
This awestion 'we iiope'rto see* Jungle. AJter roUoffinx the 

decided on the Colond'^ro- traek for* some iimo Host it, . 

jm„ , modfloukingrowiajrathersharp- 



Inv.a^ootsa jHds^BT, 

ainost Onlliiindtr !■«*. J«. SBfc, 

^endop* lM]S.Tygerrini,ij irtthe house of Baboo GopeT^ 

jUrwdy for* ipnns, with W.. mohm, Deb. in Sobha Bwm, 

to o>U oui k> «then " Here he tion of tlie Head Pnpaa df tUi 

fe«t kr!!' '^!°''?i!'"J!'"' iMtitaHon. It wai attended by . 

S™; Jv •♦^""^ k« bead a considerable namber of Euro- 

SS^JSfJ;!!^^'*^^*'"^''- pew»UdiesaodOenttaniBn,an* 

iter roared most Wdeourir. Mr.- many natirea of the flrit ru. 

Knautd omBtpoy cameup. pectability. 

2^^-w* "T" ^"' ■'■«*" I ""le EsBMiiMrtioa consisted of^. 

r^.^^"'- H^""^-- J*" P«rts, that of the Hiddoo 

wergotspaiulwaa&iakincoff. boys edncated m the "tndigp- 

5*6 otber Sqwy was now by, «»is Schoob ;" and Uiat of thus* - 

<B>d It appeiri had beep so *''" ""pcnces of irtiose edncati- 

Aighteiied that be could not dia- "" *^ *^" Hindoo College ar^ 

^arre ba piece. Not knowing defrayed by the School Society. 

ods I saatehed the musket from '*'*'" «>n«pany present were m- 

Uai and ga^c chase to tbetyeer. 'onnedby the Secretaries, that 

On cobdor np I thrnst the bay- *''* " ^BAigeiKma 8cho<da" ar« 

Met tatA Wm op to the muigle *"'* '™''"' Native Hasteqi in 

ofthe pie«e, when the animnl "riom parts of thecity in which 

Mtacked me, b*it I (food slir *" '"'5'* P"? *•"■ *™ ^'"^ ^^-■ 

tomy rtarfe. He di en lamed •'*'''">; whilethe School So*ie- 

Bsdrun away with me for near *^' '" <""derto secure their im-^ 

K hmdredyards, andHostboth 
of my iboes before 1 bmught 
Un op the second time. He at- 
tacked- tne ag^n— I looked' 
MBBd to see- if there Was any 
•aiiatattee at hand, but not a 
■•■I waa in sight, except my bdy, 
■wto wBSclose at my heels with 
utacsm,iitt\ia^tmt " Bundaok, 
SOabP Te««j[ht the piece out 
•fbUWUd, and pnttlnf; 

proTement, funiishes each mas-- 
terwhha limited mnaber of in- - 
■traetiTe Books, and at stated 
pAiods examines fln prt^egj 
of hi* Head Pupils in s know- 
ledge of their contents. I'ho 
exaninatiens are held thrice in . 
tfceyear; and aecordlng tolh* 
proficiency made, the masteria. 
rewnrded with a small giaUfty, 
—"-exoeediDf six nipees each 

WHtttp'flieiyEw'shead.hc wai "»™""ation, orone mpee e^hf. 
dead Wcirtiiy one came nn *""** P" month. Of thesv 

wtA.a. ttii. — L-j , . r Schoolsthere are 66 nnder th»- 

patronage of the Society, diatil- 
buted into four Divisions ac-- 
cording to tbeir sitnations in tba 
ci^, each vnder the immediatft' 
aaperintendenoe of a Bengali**^ 
Gentleman re sidinc in the neigh-- 
bonriiood. The £ree or toar- 
Head Boys of each School hartt-- 
baen thrice examined duriry tii» 
past year, and have exhibited^ 

ttt knodced me about 
•Atkat Iwaa scarcely able to 
y^ tie next day, and my 
■KSst ■ is much pained now, 
**ete be drore me musket np 
Mdnst me as I attacked him. 
He was at mnch as twelve men 
•mWcany— eteren feel along, 
and Jris fore leg mncb bigger 
Oan my thigh. I never will lay 
aayhlarae te a'sepoyforheinr 

ttghtened ataTyper, fortha^ ^^'^J^'^'fL^ *'^^> 
fetlowwonid have UUed twentr *'^' «»d Eaat dhisiOM, ■very- 
Sepova ifthOT had mlssodtha "•"'■rtwy proofs of tMrim..' 
first are, and in the jnnglahe pwommt. 
war enongb %o fHabten the de- ' The total nnmber of boys eda. 
rStiwuUif.' Avrft. Jn, 22. ' catcd In ftese sobotds exceeds 



SMOL To coBw l wwh ■ naintW 
f«r Ifaa pHtpoM of exwciaiBg' 
Til Ml. MsttaTOd w- tfao]' tn in 
diffatstplBOuaftbotitjr, torn* 
nitwdistaBt frMB «Mdi other, 
fcwat itUed, WBtnot deifraUe, 
«Mii U h TOO i^aetlcabls ; m 
ttsr iMflAer «(mU rendot Mr 
ttidg Mkt aa axnntnatloii of 
tbMr promii imposrible In tnj 
SJBiM SmefaithuAiiiintilExa- 
■rfutian, Iberebre, ■ imftU nnm- 
fcer oC tbe OKWt adranced Boya 
feem kll Uw AtMooo, aiaoaRliii; 
W abont 140 (boiof U numj' u 
itwu c^iposed coaldbe exa- 
adaodfaiaa tloM allowed for 
ttat irarpoie) wera iriected. 
dwf were aninwed In a line as 
tt»y anived, and than Mb-divi' 
dedlmo ronraeotioni or dlvi- 
^u of about 30 6B«h, b^liimfatf 

n» Sntmlnatfoa eo vmoBoad 
M balf pait 3 o'CIook. 

The flnt DlvUaa were etxa- 
Mined in Readfaf. 

The Moon4 in nneral Gea. 
(taphj, with an EpTtonie of Aa- 
troiuiny, and the HLitory of HJn- 
dooB, than aa conttined tbroDEb- 
«nl Mveral nninbera of tbe in- 
Btruotire ocoj books pabliihcd 
by theS«Aocd Book Society. 
. Tbe ttdrd in SpetUiif . 

He feoith in Aiit£net]o, in- 
dudiiif the almple nilea and ma- 
17 ^iie;riien> ia the componnd 

Speeimeiu of theii writing 
*ere also exhibited. 

TIm Bots beinK amuifed 
imtrtlj/mktfkafpaMdto arrive 
Aom differont puts of tbe city, 
were not at all aware, prerioiulT, 
of the particnlar depmtment lo 
which they were to be cxaninedt 
10 that, by lUs ehnple ananfo* 
nent, a correct tiew oftlie pro-' 
(TMBOftbe whole nnmber pre- 
sent, in all which they profeai to 
Ime leant, was roadiay prasaat- 

Hie popilsof each Diviidonto- 
Ung place, according to the rea- 
diness and irarrectneia ot their 

Abswers, and FeceiTidg reW^rJla 
of books, more or lees valuable 
Rocordins to ^ '3"'' tbey htuf 
attained, at UiA time appointed 
for Ac clotfe of their exanioa* 
tien, all peronved that the ut- 
most impartiality was shewn, 
and the merit alone, whetb^ it 
was found in the hJ|i4Mr or lowr 
er classes, was rewarded. 

The Indigenous Boys bdiq; 
dismlstcd, the elder pnpils eda-> 
Bated at the Hindoo C<dleg* 
were then exunined ia Englitk. 
Tbe first class in miscellapeoua 
qncidons, proppsed by vadous 
Gentlemea present, in Geogra^ 
v^y, Astrovomy, and Natural 

The readiness and accnraoy of 
their answers lurpriaed and gra* 
tified every one present Tl)« 
three lower olassoi were then 
■uccesaively examined in Read- 
ing, Arithmetic, the spelling and 
meaning of Eogliih words, &.c, 
in all wtiiehthey acquitted ibW" 
leUei.nuch to the sstisfactiall 
of the oompany. To these boys 
also, according to tbeir profit 
cieno;^, were distdboted books 
of various value, in English an^ 
Bengalee, as reward*. 

The mcctinf was closed bj the 
examination oCannmber of Sen- 
dee Girls belonging to a school 
instituted by tbe Juvenile Socne- 
ty for the establishment and sup- 
port of Female Bengalee Schools. 
TbeknowledKCofihe difficulties 
which existed in gcttii^ ftcaigal- 
lee Girii under insttucUon, with 
(he preience of so. many (up- 
wards of 20) and the enooorag- 
ing progress of Uiose who were 
examined, added much to the 
Intereit of themcetiDg. 
. The Officers of the Sobool S»> 
dety repet to state, that neU 
wilhstanaing the eoanomy of the 
plan, on which their exertions 
are conducted, the expence of 
itke Society far exceed its in- 
come, and that it wi|l require 
more vigoroos efforts araoopsl 
Hi friends of Ralire Edneation 



4Mirii>ttlB ila cxertioBS to their - {>n Fiidar CTenln lu^ thft 

■Kseat extent, moch more t(t foaidi of Hr. arid Hn. M^^ 

falsife tbetn- Tbej tberefura Comhittatbok phce'rt tliMw a 

$^ leave to inrono the Public, HaO, wtdehvu hononH^lM 

ILkt sutwcriptioiu or ddnftdoiif bccwahhy 'Vta ft'eivaH'-tX 'Vk 

'to a&j uyoimt will be'tliankful^ BEBrquU iai HaidfitfH^lft'VF 

iy TccciVeif bf Mr. Laprimaa- Hutiii^, Sir BBwvrd- -airiliA^ 

dne, Clive-streei; Collector ; «hr Bast, fce.'&S.- 'TOe MMoK 

|Cr. Hoata^.u. Fark-atreet, or Gun iraB dtoifethet' ■fimnent^ 

Jb.FtMtee, CircolaT-road, Se- And hiriiljr feaMfrtabK; ani W* 

erelviesiorbjBDy oftfaeCom< treiooBnrfto i w l tt W 'ltatft* 

pitl«e. CU. Jrar. Jm. 30. Coneert -affbrded \n6M fdiiena 


' TvIbhw Mt Ikt Jilmi of Bmda. breoeded It daring tbe- plVMIt 

•—An eniptioii took place from ieaiOD.' WeforratUs dpiliiiiA 

'ttie Totcano, oa the iiland « wqQ flrom the -latbrnMea 

fcif Panda, at noon; on Sunday that we found KCnertSyexprtast 

die Ilth of June, 1890. Sud- fed asfroraoar«wnfeel{n^,Bn9 ' 

genly athickvolome of smoke wi Aitin^tiKhed'S'ome of Mt» 

uned ont of tlie mountain, &&• taiiisba & the'MiiflrabI« mUet- 

'MADDBnled hya dreadful sofie dim thrit hM been raMefcrth^ 

'alBulaTto that of thunder. The lirenU^. andtbtiiovrtBaM^ealA 

^ed Sa|^ wu hoiited in Foit no -niceh amatenr' MAMano^ 

2elgica — the helli were runr, wu i«ndered lo IvJildsomel^ . 

;tDd an alann given. The inbalS- nnd itiA saeh eharafinr 'effect. 

\ant» were in i«iue<]iience aeen Wn do not teeolleot men Ht. 

-Tunning in all direcuou, in the vnd Mri. titef exartid ' their 

'erentest coofiirion. Meanwhile owd transcendnttC fWweti tnaik 

'tte eruption continued throwing liappjiy, KlStQdgltft'ma matter 

'■p atones with greet force and ofre^et to obtetiejibtit, Kt. 

*noiae. At nigbl the ipectablo Lacy hadtb^erithttldsmcce^ 

.became trulj; awful and appear- sive part« under tUd {Pressure <tt 

-■' like R pile of fire. Earth- indiapositioD. Alftougbtfa^ com^ 

.makes, and thunder and light- "pany was 'nDmerans, yet we r 
'wnp were 10 frequent «a to oc- muked ftatagood number 
ctuion the greatest terror. On the lubscHbers were absent, 
■oAda)t6ellth,andtothel5lh -who coidd h^e beert oolykcpt 
the atmosubere ap^ieared to be 'away by positive enga^ments, 
Mi«ne and calm, with Jightva- -and who no dimbt'regret boorf- 
'liable winds, Agreatnnraber derably the loss of what they 
'of ftuft trees and nlants had -vould hsvci regardetl as a verr 
'IwAi Injarcd. The ship i we^e delightful treat.^ B»rlt.JiM,A 

'xemored to a considerable dia- ' ' 

'taace, and ready to put to sen ' Saprme t^rt. ■ 

in cave of necessity. The ervp- On Monday, the First S^essloin 
■|ion aahiided »fter fonrteea of Oyer and Terminer and OniS- 
fla.}!, and the Inhfcbitanti r«- ra) Gaol Delivery was opened 
turned to their homes, idthoQgh V!ihthensualfonnaltties,andlfi* 
the Volcano cotfiiiiueS to' scud following Gentlemen were cb^ 
forth Rames and thick (moke in sen of the Qrand Jury. ' 

a leaser degree. Borne' o^ the George Crtittcnden, 'Bsi. 
fnhabifanta i'emem1>er to have I^rem an, Willis Earle, J. ^. 
nitnessBdthe former emptloii, C Siithethnd, C."rrower, John 
' and observe that it Was equal- OampbelLThas. Hntton, Alei. 
ly drcadfn),' and contiuRed fbr ^'ilsion, T. I^eannoHlh, ^tftn. 
'•bvaal^ears. lUd. Aiuslle, H. L Oluppeatlall, 


W. H. 0*k«i> B> S. Pott^uu. 
p. MoTley, H- Smith, W. 
Prinaapt TiedwaT Clarke, C. 
T.Gla»,^B, Uojd = "- 

S. L«r 

wriauuiiiaftr^' Wyatt, S>Greg-, 
Ha,WrH. Uobhoaae, and). 
Buibaw. Ea^tSi 

^nu clu)is« to fhe Grand Ju-, 
» wM 4riir«rcd b j the Hajv^l^ 
Mr Fiuci* Macnaghten. 
_ " Some pieUminaiy biuiDesi 
WioE gooB *brougb. the t<eaiii', 
^ AdvcMate iSenual idm to oo- 
tiMthaCiK of Criminal Infor- 
nntion for Libel, against tli« 
E^IOTttftba CakitUm Jotirnal, 
whu no opposition bcisg ntade 
lantbepait of thq l>e£'«ndant'a 
CounaalftiiQ role wu nude ^ 
■olute. The leanud Ittdge. Sir 
Fi!««ais M*CB<<bten, observed, 
ttwtiUi the ouestion of Jnrbdio- 
tioOfheludcoasnlted tho best 
nuthorities, and bad fanned his 

eiuiont bathe shoubl prefer 
ving t^ question now argned 
«t length, when ha woold bo 
Itfepucd to giv? his opinion 
thereon. The BoDorable the 

Shic^JuitioeproCBg^edalso to 
aa examined tUo groonOs of 
thisnuu^on with great dil^nce 
iuul Dulh himaeU and Sir AlUbo- 
Pl Bnller still retained the opi- 

eoni fortiierly professed, name- 
in favor of ttie Jutis^ctlbn 
which had been questioned, 
libe Advocate Oeneral obierv- 
,«d, that as the DcCendaot's 
Conuelhadbeeniualructed to 
let themotiou pass without op- 
jpoiition, it would be ufiuecesiar 
ry io argue the point, and the 
Jtule beu>g n^de absoli^t*, the 
.Criminal Information wttf fil«d 
accordingly." , 

larged th* 
ful murder 
Powell at 
'{ovinoe of 

. Jcnninga being •WDjtii.dv***' 

Thftt be knew tht priMnn rt 

the Bar, he is an BnglishiBUi, t 
liiUve of Werkwlckihire : b« 
faiewbis wtfe Blizaheth Paw«1l, 
the ii now dead, the catbe by 
her death by a'masket ball; dii' 
charged from « flrdock by 1h> 
fjtisoner at the bar, on the night 
of the artb Joly last, betfreeS 
11 and 12 o'clock. On befnf 
desired to m^^tion the clrcwo- 
tlances sltindlDg he/ death, ba 
stated— that he *as W the -rer- 
andah of iht Second Dragook 
Barradcs bt Ghazeepore, and 
heard th* report 'of a maaket 
Kemtngly ftom fte bungalow 
Mloil occupied by Wm. Powell- 
He immediately ran over and 
tftw dorporal John CoCkbim 
holding prtionei^ by bofb bit 
Arms ; he hnthediately rati and 
seized the prisoner; Pristmot" 
said that he need not bold him, 
Ihat he was not goine to fun a- 
way, that he Was guilty of mnr- . 
der and that be should die Mr 
It He then saw a woman chisa 
to where he had laid bdld Afth* 
prisoner with a great 3eal "of 
Blood npon hct. Cdrporal RJ- 
'chard MorriesoO' and hfmself 
immediately took the prisoner 
to guai^. Me then returned 
hack to the bungalow and 
tbfc woman apparently with 
some symptoms of life remain- 
ing—witness knew her to'Be 
thewifeorWiniamPowiill. Af' 
ter this vritne^s returned to the 
Bartadk-room— Elieahetfe Po*- 
eiriived about 10 mi[iD(HaFttf 
lihe was (hdt, shtifas' di'a* hi- 
■fete heleft bet. The'ball Md 
entered the lowiPJuV,' d<h;i ndt 
know Where Ae ball ' W^nt oW, 
belleVfei,itdid dot go' out any 
*here—6eard prisoner say iWt 

IniowleHgb leeifElianDethPo^- 
•II that day before. '-'^ * 



"Oo 1irfn|[ 'q<iMtIoH<'(t'by fh^ mpn, wiHi ordm to lo^ffllite 

yritoner, witnean fitted that h^ tn the main-^aril. Be bad 

Mi(t]ia«f d tbe boBgaiDW to bs a- (een Pflwell'i wif^ between 7 

Vont lAO yard! froia Ihe Bais and 8 n'slock in the eTcniiif vf 

tacki, thatbe did not sen lb« the 97th of July — this happened 

priaoDCr firr the musket, hut batwpien ll'an<L>12. There wag 

that Iherr i* eTidenne in Court nothing tbe matter with her 

of his Ijaviag fired the muiket. that he ^bj aware of, (he ap- 

JabB Cockburo corroborBted pearcd u oHiat and did not 

the principal facts alledged ih complain. Theie oeonrrencn 

the evidence of letmin^. He happened at Ghaerepore — iril> 

liv«djn thebunfpilAw with tbe neitf cannot a,sj whether it it 

priaoner. The nutmenttie heard near Benares, serer hn*tnf 

$be report of the gun he ran been bftcher up tfann Obacee* 

from his own room jn. the bnn- pore— Ohazeeporela a MilHerjr 

(alow, (next to ihq.prUnner's) itat ion, there ore alwaji troopi 

udsaw tbe prisoner with tbe —witness does not know wh<>* 

tuaket in his hand directly af- tbertheTeisaCompa^aUagih 

Cer hf had 6red,be was lowef- tmte there-^udge Bird exa> 

li% tbe piece and lodging it at mined' him in this rase — does 

the back of the door. Nobody not know whether be ii fnths 

«lae vaa in tbe room at this time Company'* ien4ce or not--^t> 

fiaecpt two -children who were ness had aeen four pertoni tt 

■■lees- BliKabeth Powell wnj the table tn Ae Hini|«Iow quita 

•stiide the bungalow when tbe jorinl together, between 7 and 

■hot waafired, and when wjt- 8 thn( evening, the deoeued, 

acas aaw her she was laying in Powell nnd two oAer men. 

tte cfaaniiel on her hack, appa- Examined by the IMioner. 

renlly dead, bat a man that laid Witness haa known Itjm for 

hoMof her aaidthnt tbere was a many yean, nerer knew him to 

little Ufeyettobefelt — She had offer violence to any person— • 

Veceired a wutiD'1 in the thickof his character in Iho regiment 

therightarm which had peoft- vaieicelleattmtilthirhiippen* 

trated her rhin ratber to tbe ed — Sir F.H^nagbf en directed 

ti|: ht. He immediately seized the attention of tbe Jary ta tUi 

the prisoner as tie brought tlie part of the evidence.' 

butt«adaflhepieceto the floor; The foreman of the ju^ber» 

— priamer made no resistanco eiiqniredaf the witneii wnetber 

— if^^oeaa asked him what ho the prisoner wns aober attha 

Wasfihant, whrtherhewasmad. time — witness answered Siat hv 

Hr tpid he, was not mad, hot nould not swear he was drnnlc, 

WM^ndltjiumarderBDdihouId be spoke as n lober man aad 

hvkanged for it. Wibieaa saw walked ateadily. 

a peat deal of blood where E- William Budn was eaned, bttt 

Bubalh Powell was Ityini— h* was reported sick In the boipt> 

•annot say abe was it'aif, she tal and upable p} attend, 

tad eierr appearance of bein^ Richard Morrleson awon— 

■o.— Heis not aware of than knows the prisoner, heisasol- 

havii]£ be«>n anj othni firclook dier lu H. M. STRi Regiment, 

than Powell'* in the Bungalow and was oi) duty at Ghaieepor« 

~hewaa the only person b«- on the 27tb July last— doel not 

Bide* Powell living in it, and he know bow far thai plaCe is from 

had none— witnesa did not SP Benarea, it is beyond Patna, 

trith Prisoner to the guard moaa dAd not >o fat np' aa Benarea, 

—he gmre him in cMarge ot two koaw tha daeaued BbnheEh 

' « 3 PotNK 



Vmttll, A«wutlie«U»ora« 
priBvncr, oatinot swear that the 
pdsoner fired themiuket, but 
■•«. the iMk in the pan, wa* 
tllmi in eompaajr with the S«- 
JMat wtui ordered him ton* 

ainunediatelv to the place. 
did so and foond thejHi- 
Muu. In the aim of Coiporal 
C«okb«ni, ke inunediatiri j ■«)»- 
«d the nriMner bj the am, b« 
wid rWbneu need Dot do ao, 
be waa ioU^ pi mnrder, Aat 
■be iraa dead, and he ahosld bv 
ba^ed forit.. Wltneia did not 
aee Eliaaheth . Paweli at titi» 
tine, bat when be retnioed a- 
flia after leading the priaoner 
-to the puid-nwai. On being* 
desired tn Kpeat, if he eoald 
reooUMttbem, the worda aaed 
Iwthcpmoiier, with regardtfr 
hu' wife's death, be said, that 
imnediatdy on Ms seiih^ the 
piiionei by the arm, he ex- 
nUimed, "Yon need not pull 
me, I will g» with foa, I am 
piiitf oftbe Hwrder, she is dead 
nftd I kwn* I shall be hanged 
for ber." The deoeaeed wae 
ITOMsded, the ballet had pene- 
mtbd the rigbt ride of her 
«Ub. As be took the prismer 
ttnrardathe ^ard-reom, at the 
vndor.theBangalowhe (priso- 
ner^ aald " I witl make a will 
aqd0v« my property to Mery 
Aan Uniapbieys, thonj^h I may 
blame her father for the whole 
«£ 41." The woman was not 
dead when witness saw her on 
Iw return from the guard, she 
was still breathin;;, ^ve two 
becvy siKha and expired. 

Qar«(t«wd by the jirisoser. 
** Ubrrieaon, do you ttnnk I had- 
** tuty Inteatlon to make tty will 
"ttf HnntpfaM^'s' daagbter? do 
" joa think Oere was any eo- 
"aiiQ betweea mya^ and 
"BnmplWfjsr Witness bad 
. reMnted to the Oourt what the 
'pMoKtr had said,' be always 
«ancid«red Hioairiireya to be c 
pa>delriM&iMid«flIfepri«oa9r, ' 

■— hetoek ore nfMi Jna^tiw, 
,a. child of six y«ars of .age; 
Qnesdoned by the fesenandf 
tbeJdry. llcre were no dtffesv 
ences between the prisoner as^ 
his wife, he had seen quaneb 
in the Batradc-room between 
them, bnt had not been for son* 
days io tha Bnnpdow. Ha* 
freqnently seen the prisoner's 
wife in liqnor, bat oannot any 
iriietber she was drunk that day. 
By another Juryratm. Did yea 
hear the prisonCT asaijrn any 
canse for the rash set ! He said 
WiUiun Humphreys was tb« 
cmse. Heundersteodtbatjei^ 
lonsy was^ the cause of the 
nmrder, but (to a raieatioB tton 
Sir F.Macnai^tenl) never heard 
the Prisoner sayany thiiwfkii:* 
tber, than that Wil&ain Haa- 
phreys was the cause of it. 

WiUiam Hitebell examinedt 
Knows the Prisoner. At ^out f 
pastil o'clock on dienigbt<tf 
tbe27thof July last, nabewas 
laying (be had not been asleep) 
in the Venndah of the leeoH 
Dragoon Barracks at Ohawre 
pore, he saw the flash In Mkm 
pan and beard the r^Mirt of - 
a musket, knew it proceeded 
f^om the Bungalow which btA 
formerly been a ueM-raOM 
fjr the oflccrs, and Corporal 
Conkbura and William FoweO 
had pemlision to liTe in It. Km 
immediately ran thither. H* 
donid not have been man tbaa 
II or 3 minutes ranning, tb* 
distance was so short ; when tm 
cane there be saw the deeeascd 
lying in tbe ebannd of the V*. 
randah all over blood, and A» 
Prisuier in tbe anus of Cwpo* 
ral Coctbon. Camot any n«o. 
tber the woman was dend at Ibia 
time or not, bnt saw no algns of 
life. He aatisled in carrying 
tbe Prisoner to the niard-roon 
— Prisoner desired him nott* 
maal him, that be was a prisott* 
er, be had -done the deed and b« 
would be baM*d for ib 





Mora«fluBk kBomiaiMitlut 

wu dMil )U BbiwtilMiibre IS 
g'olpafc tfaU auu nlclit. Hot. 
1m( il)* ndgU ha*» Und tftei 
•h« WM. wmutded k» caniut 3 V 
— ««vthe wonwliit the cttetk 
«BdBgrMtdMl of blood iisa* 
big Am it. 

<kiHtfom«d bj the Friwner. 
" ToQ hBTB koown me o nnm" 
kBOr^cua, did ;od ever know 
IM to offei Tiolence to any 
todyr Witne*. "Poireli, I 
bare known yap fomtDen } eafir 
I kavD bMiD twice in th« sam* 
conipwiT with yon, and I oevei 
Lnew yoa la offn violeoca t» 


W. D. Smith iWOTii— 

faiaira a place called ahue»- 
fon, aitiwtad between Patna 
and Bmuks — Does not kooiT' 
vbethar it ia a Military Station. 
Itiaaboat a day 'a journey by 
land from BenaKS— It ia in the 
CoMpaaj'a, Territoriei, and 
wbaa bewu there, manyyeara 
■Cg^therewa* a Company'i Har 
fUtiMeatationed there. 

8ft Fiancu Haonaghten then 
•AdniMd the Jviy in nearly 
ftaJGiUtnriac urmi — 

1* Getttleaen of ^ larj, 

*Tbia oue hae come, tot 
Bueh to mysatiafaetioii,andl 
bcUevs to Aat of Iha wh^ 
CQvCboliare a Jury for a lecond 
tM, at, aiBGe the prisoner wm 
laat triflidt many eucometaaaci 
bacTO beoB mentioned to me 
wUefa I oonddei mooh in laa 
fiwoF— ThcvD i> reuon to be- 
|wv«tkatbe iraa exasperatDd. 
b^ wnrda befiveen himielf ana 
hu wife, to coauait |be rash act 
with wbioh he nowitaada ac- 
cuedL I coofora I am inelined 
to. tbbilc« from the character I 
have board Riven of the man, 
aince ke was laat put on hit trial, 
that of bia beinr in hii general 
doBUuiouT . a luunulo Aud a 


ffMdflkvi, ftan ne «r Ui ovaB 

Cmiow who has been in the b»i 
ti of intimaoj wilb Un fotf 
uw aid* of fourteen years, neref 
ba*iuK known him to otttr «!*• 
lence to any body— ^indyoaiuajr 
peihapabe iudinodlo tnCcr)-^ 
that lie could not withant tb» 

Seateat proTocaiion, ina.wlU 
I, wicked and delibetUo dub> 
t>er have taken away tin Bft «r 
awsoianthen living under If* 
pToUciion. — From what Ihawa 
said you will obierre thaf I 
•faoDld be happy if it were in mf 
|K)wer to bring to your notio* 
any ciroomatancea, which niiM ' 
indace you to eoiertain tks 
Icaat dodlit, with rcipeot t* fits 
actual commtssioD of the net by 
the priaoner, hot the erlde^as 
i> ao clear that It ia Impo*. 
Bible to diibellere that h» 
did ooauitt the offnie*, that 
ia to aay, that he did, in aO 
the tetma of the Indlctmn^ 
perpetrate the murder of bin 
wife-.It ia true that there ia no 
Surgeon produced to prove that 
ahe actaaliy died of tne wonnd 
-7-A. man who lived in the aame 
Bungalow, however, eame ont 
on heariu the report of th* 
Huaket, he law the niJMneK 
lowering it with bia right band, 
there was no one elae in O* 
roon, and the woman waa lyia^ 
bleeding in the channel of th* 
Verandab— It is uibet Impo*- 
alble to doubt, both tk^m th* 
abatein which ahe was foukd and 
fron her having died in baU; 
some of the witneaaes even 
affirming that abo dU not •»• ' 
vjve a quarter, of aa how.^M 
she did die fn cooseqiieaee of • 
woand whieh ahe hM reeeifvd 
by the hands of tUs nabap^ 
man. Whatever ciKumstaooct 
have Bp^ared In exMroMioB 
of the pniQBer'a DOttda« wlQ 
be the duty of the, Conrt t* 
give them doc coniddenttioB 
— I am aurefarnyiwit thati 
abovldbsnut bWTtAWSt* , 

=d by Google 


UatoliTeia that state of pfJ 
ititeftne whie!i, fTom what I hnve 
aeard of bii condnrt Mince hii 
AnnliDGfraeat inOaoI, I amcoD' 
^tnce'tbe would, in case yim 
Vbiralil Snd him not tpiilty of tti« 
Capital crime witli wbirh he i9 
vhsr^eil — I repeat timt 1 should 
lie liappy, ifl could, to noticft 
(»By ciroumstjmoe triich might 
ieod to throw thf least shadow 
•f doubt nn his hsring commit' 
ted that act— bnt, GentlemcD, I 
***not— 'I «an cmty tell you that 
•me an dispo«c'd' to ghe dnq 
^nslilerritlart to Ihe prnrocati' 
entrbiehit is evident be hntl 
Keeivedrmra bU wife, and leave 
Wm to ^aas the remainder of 
ids dnys in a state of penitence 
■nd contrition— N»w therefore, 
(entlemen, there i^ nothingfar- 
■ther for you to do tlian 1» return 
that verdict, which T am convin- 
senl,' from the facts which 
hiivf appeared in evidence, yoa 
will not fail to do." 

The Jury retired and shortly 
-afler rrlitrnert and reqnested to 
fcc fnrorraed, whcthrr the stjI- 
diers were in the h;ibit of lecp- 
inp their ppms loaded. 
' The Chief Justice observed 
ihnt thefc was no evidence ai 
■tb this point; thr Jury Main 
retired and retameil witfi a 
Verdict of " guiHy," botrecom- 
inendtd tfte prisoner to' mercy. 
■ On beirg Jnterrogated in UJo 
tTsutd matiner what he had to 
say, why sentence of desth 
abonld not he passed npon Mm, 
the prisoncrHr^ed nothine, Euid 
Ihe Chief Justice proceeiled to 
pass sentence, in the fDllowlns 
hnpressive speech. 

'^« Prisoner at the Bar, 
" Yon have been cnnTlcled by 
B jHi^ of yfrtir countrymen of 
thewilfal ntnrder of your wife, 
by ihonttV);^ at her with a loai)- 
ed musket; the feet of yoilc 
liaTintr eau^d thfi' unh.ippy 
woman's death is beyond doobt, 
>nd it ie aLno dear that lfi» aet 
4hu not committed withilt any 

rff thotclefpil boniidiiHirblrtfc*'' 
Lafwhasso Wi«ely adopted, Si»" 
order to i^ctenunte the dreadfat 
ettme of homicide.' Therr'!« 
evidende ' of yonr baVing bewB' 
preriousfyintier company iirtth 
two other persons, and aboTtly 
after one of the witnesses benrd 
the report of a mnsket, ana 
fastening to the *jy/tt found ytm 
in&e act of depositini; the miw- 
ket neat the door and yonr wrfa 
layineoutside. Weltering in hef 
blood. The fart therrfore of 
your havioK killed herta beyonil 
a doubt 1 ibere is no fact provetl 
which could have warranted (tta 
jury in di '" Other 

verdict 111 done.' 

This fearf h yon 

have come bang 

with dread irouc 

own mind, rfcum- 

alanees in , . . _ i havs 

induced the conrl to extemj 
their meroy towatds you. It 
appeared onafonnei-trinl.inor* 
distinctly than it does o^ tiii», 
that this womiu, yonr wife, waj 
a woman of loosa prinRiples and 
had actoallv had criminal eon- 
nection with other men prerioat 
to bee marriage with you : that 
ber rondtiet was Such a.* to in- 
flame the pas:iiin of your lieart 
to the highest pitch, and It »^ 
pears that it was her intentlbti 
to do so. It would •>*»« beeif 

bi^ the act,' Uu4w-her anw 
round the neck of this man in n 
manner calculated t<* -fOitAtm 
yonr strongMt'[QiMtt«ient,'aMl 
nudsr these circumstaniaa It »p- 



to indiiee joulo take her lUe;- 
«c MSt for whiob ;ixl hav« no 
wAJTABt. befote Ood or ni*».-r 
Her condnct vras diigruscfol ta 
ImaelT, - it Vu difgraoeful to. 
;im,iet that WW wa offence for 
~ wUdi n<iilhw jou nor any other 
peiionhad a right to lay '« fLo^r 
OS Jicr. — But.yoa, ontjiUppiUis 
4>e boonda of the law utd the 
coDuaaiudtneiit of fMur .Ood, 
wen wound «p bj joht evfl pai- 
■ipm and. TMcDtment to commit 
tliu mtzoctoiu wsL Yqq hi<,ve 
alrea^r (Vdergone the paihfut 
aituatjon of .twice appearing 
tieGore (bir court to hav« j.our 
C3«e decided «o. in the face 
cf jtmr cowatty and of joar 
Cod— ^you haTB twice bad the 
jndpnent of a jary parsed Or- 
gainst. Td«, and Jiitve'been for 
^considerable tiiiaer for sevcraJ 

■oral of ^e iadictncnf wtiich 
had been made ont a^niinst jou 
■^Under tbeie circomatancei we 
are dispoiedto save your life, 
and to leave you to Tcdreiueat 
4Bd to that repentance which 
yiaa havp so welt begun.— Bdt 

C to have offended, against the 
VB of yoar ua.tive country, and 
that fspnatryfou' must never ex- 
pect to reflfiMt again; jou will 
be reiDDTsd begoad tkt i'»t, there 
ft is loped, HiaX you will be able 
by ywr fatuK good conduot to 
atone before God and.mau for 
this Rnbappy act— Xt, now only 
lemifdns Ppt me to ptiuiouace the 
awful lenfepce of ^e Iiav.upv 
T<w,.wblch li tiiaiX you be. taken 
no^L beace, fo the .place fruu 
whence yon oame. and thface to 
the place of execution, there to 
J^twiKedby (he neck till you 

■ JiMr. Jan. 11. 


imr, 1821. 
'' Tke Advocate Otaerri rose to 

ios^netcd to «t^aIl.AuAai.9«M 
cfcdiiiKS in the proseoutiatt oC 
Ml. Buckingham . the Hditoi: of 
V<t Calcitu Journal, for (h* 
publication pf a Libel, in Uu^ 
papec. Govenunent liad .been 
Vituted in giving him theia 
iostructioiu by the consideinlio^ 
of his (Mr. B.) not being faims^ 
the persoa tliatpeaaedtha aften- 
sive lattec, and by Ae mm* 
which be had shewn, of the imi 
proprie^ of that latter and of hi* 
Gouduct iuadnuttingapaperi^ 
(hat nature into the CtJcutW 
Journal ; and it been th* 
^^ct of bia Lordship in Counuil 
in ihstJUiliug this proiei-ution ra» 
Iber to put an effectual •top ta 
the-pubUcation of matter of such 
an improper tendency than, to 
puniib the individual : he trmted 
and hoped that this woujd be a 
warning. to bUn to 'he mora 
careful in future. The Learned 
Gentiemao then reada letterfron 
Mr. BuckingUum to the Gover- 
nor General m Council, purport- 
ing as far B3 we. could gatbei^ 
that in addressing his Lordship 
in Council on the subject of .tha 
prosecution pcndiiu against him 
in the Supreme Court fur the 
publication of a letter under thp 
signature of " .4ilmulus" in th« 
Calcutta Journal, it wouldbaEdljr 
be necessary forhim to state bpw 
foreign to bis sentiments thoM 
eiiprcsscd in that letter must ba. 
Ibid bow ioconsintent with tha 
high terms, in which he bad al- 
ways spoken of the acts of hji 
Lordslup's Government. He hnd 
not attached that importance U> 
the letter in question, whidi tu 
Vas now convinced he oughtlo 
have done, being fully aware of 
its impropriety, and be trusted 
that his . Lordship in Coundl 
would acquit him of any malii^- 
bus. intention in.sufi'ering it to 
appear in his paper. lie did 
not urge this in justJGcaUohof 
his having done so, but iiidulg- 
,ing the hope that he miglthe 
spusdlhe pain of being pulfiict- 



% libeller of the Oorenuiient at 
ibe veiy dme he enjayed the 
Privilege eommon to thoH who 
ud the happhieu of living; un- 
der Itt proteeOon. 

Murk. Jm. 18. 

' TBI tINO *. W, atUllCK. 

The Indietment charn<I ^^ 
prisoner widi lutliif wilfnlly 
;^t M, and wounded, a toui^ 
%omui named Wkj Aim Jonea 
or BuKfaee, at Me^mt on tlw 


Mr. Honej addrMied tke Ja* 
rp to tbft following effeet. 
*'GeMtl«Bun o/tkt Jury, 

" Tba prisoner at the bar 
^andi before you, to be tried for 
the erime of inootinK U a jounf 
wonao named Har; Anno 
lonet. The facta of the oase 
are extremely iimple, and of 
Ihem, after heaiiog tke eri- 
deace,it will be impoiailde for 
Job to entertain a dwibL The 
«nly point on which jon will 
kave to decide is, whether or 
not there was malice in tbe act, 
for that ii rendered neccMarj 
by the itatnte ; the words of the 
>tatute,nnUemen^Te (the laam- 
•d ganUenian here reed part 
af the aet of Pariiament render- 
tng pereoni liable to pvniah- 
ment a* Felon* for wilfully and 
natiolotttly ahootiog at others) 
and he ii therefore, for mob 
■_ wflM and maliciooa ihooting, 
oapitally liable. The f«ct« of 
the eue are tbc»e: William 
Gilleaoe, the priioner, is a pri- 
vate loldier in his M^esiy'i 
Sth Dragoons, the person whom 
he shot Is a young woman who 
appears to have been at the 
tune at Mcemt, where that He- 
gtment was quartered : between 
two and three o'cloi^k of the 
IJtIi of Au^uiit last the ooctir' 
tni'S happenttil. He had en- 
gn^fld to po out witli one of liis 
CMuradei, to shoot nt the bulU 

f)M-«wagef, akd'W 
that apparent parpoae, »Am 
fcarhg Idaded hie QaraUM. 
The young woman was afttia^ 
at the door of the barrMki 
with her BOolher and a uMM 
woman, at dfamer ; the prisoner, 
as soon as he eame up to tihem; 
lifted his Carabine and poinUag 
It at dw MrtlTe woman, aaid 
*' Htasee, lit riraot rott." Sh* 
made aome obsernttioB abont 
her ear being sore and, on her 
telKng him not to hurt h«, 
withdrew the piece and port- 
ing it at Harr Ann Jonas, told 
her he woald have a shot at heaj 
she being frightened got ap and 
attempted to ran awar, bttt 
stumbled at a short distance, 
when Qilleece fired and she Ml 
wounded. These are the plnlB 
bets of die case, and of thm 
evidence there can be no qnes- 
doa, as the yoong woman wh« 
tras shot will appear befbre y on ; 
die only onestloQ wlS be, wb»- 
flier he wilfully and malldouiljr 
shot her. The circumHtancea in 
hvonr of tbe prisoner, for I 
would wish to state all in his (h- 
vor, as well as what makes a- 
gainst him, that the trial ma^ ba 
conducted as fairiy as possible, 
are these. He was undonbted< 
ly engaged to go but on Ihs 
snooting party, and that ntay 
account for the loading oftha 
gun ; it will be for you to de- 
cide whether it was loaded with 
that inteatioB, or for the pur- 
pose U> which it was afterwards 
applied. Another circumstance 
seems ^so to weigh in soma 
degree in hit fhvonr. It is this 
^Wben he came np to the 
place whore the women were 
sitth^ he first pointed it at the 
nedve womao ; now one woaM 
' hardly suppose that, coming 
■ there widi the inteddoa of shoot- 
ing Hary Anne Jones, he.wonld 
'first have thieateaed to shoot 
anv one else. These are hcU 
iriiicb muU have soma wucht 




those aKwnat him we, I wn 

aotry totfty.flicMdiiiKly itraof, 
I donotdrairthiajufereace froin 
Ihe Mt itidf, of whiofa Um evi- 
denoe is decuivtt and clear, but 
fram circamstMMAa ivhicb u> 
eonpuiied it both beCaVe and 
»ftu. Aa soon, u he bad'hpt 
thcj'oung woniM), oa.a^ers^n 
•imiinK up to him and ualuPK^uni 
Uhe was Bwaie uf wbul Im liad 
done, and wlijr he had done it, 
be did moX cxpreis sorrow, liut 
said "I know «hat I have di>ne, 
Md it ia nolhviS to *ny one w^y 
I did it." 'Afterwatdi the >er- 
jeaat saked him the lame auei- 
tioD vnd he leptied, " I have 
done it, aad thal'^ enough." 
While ,cm)ductiii(. him to the 
purd Toma, the KrjeanX atked 
wune of the aotdiers whether the 
jooDK Komao wai dead, which 
.Gineece'.. hearing, exclaimed, 
" I I>W4 ■'■^ '*t ""' i°y life ia 
gooe. . When at the guard room 
be tcwlAe officer of the Guard, 
that iiEe MUt aiid had his trunk 
•earchedie would find a letter. 
.The content* ef that letter, gen- 
denei}, I am itot authorized to 
ftat'e to joa,but(f there should be 
nBcient evidence to admit oCits 
being read, yoa will foTtn yoor 
narnopinton upon it. Ihave not 
jet nwnfioDed any tMn^, which 
.c;ui account for the pruo^ier hav- 
,tnfc fifed at the giri, but evIdeuM 
wiUbe adduced which may to 
Hme extent It will appear that 
he had formed an attaofameat 

.to be raairied to another perioni 
ikt went to one of hJi comntdea 
and aaked if inch wn tb be the 
'.edse, he »id he had not heard 
ofh. The primoer then alBrmod 
Aathwaz the common talk on 
'guard that she was Roin; la be 
Barried to Serjeant A«piueII, 
ftddiog ■" If it ia in my power to 
prevent it, tknt uiarriaKe -ahall 
never UUtt place." CeuUemen, I 

bve nowatntod tn jraathn vbda 
of the circumatancea of the case, 
u they will oome before you in 
the evidence, upon hearing 
whLcli it will be for you to deddo 
whether or not the act was per- 
petialedwilb a wilfid, wicked and 
m&licioiu iulentian ; and upon 
that ihuple queititm yoni vevAtat 
uuattam. .. . 

. Attbir Johnson, a serjeant of 
the'Sffi dragAoUv proved' tho 

[irisoner to be a native oflre- 
and. ■ • . 

Mary Anne Jones was Ae 
next witness called. Sbe de- 
posed, in, addition to the ehr- 
cWituicei stnted in Mr. Mo- 
ney's addreM to the Jury,,diat 
the prisoner had never mad* 
'prapojals of SCarrlage to her, 
nor was she ever' aware ofllfa 
having Irad that intention— Iltt 
'put Itie Carabine up to'his shoul- 
der when he said be wopldhave 
a slot at tiannec, bnt not at the 
time he tired it at ber, 

Heiiry Forsyth, after girlBg 
evidence to' the drcuuatanoea 
attending llie shooting of the 
glri, deposed to baring seen the 
prisoner loadinc the pleee with 
a ball carlridge,' at which 
time he had told him that he waa 
going to fii« at the Butts, wttfa 
one of the men of the name of 
Hagan fiir a rupee's worth of 
liquor — Had never heard iba 

Crisoner i>peak of any love he 
ore te the girl — As soon as be 
had shot her he stood still, nor 
did he speak, to the wituaaa' 

QoestJoned by the ptiaoner. 
Had been eight month* in the 
troop with him — had nev^r 
known of hi a having n*ed 
bis aims to the Ujaij of anj 
fellow ereatore — To the wit- 
nesa' knowledge man* of the 
carnbinea that had formerly 
belonged to the 21st diagoboa, 
bad accidentally gone oSiit the 
half cock — Did not know of any 
persons of the 21stdragoonii 
D having 


1ft CALCUTTA il!^tAt ItfeEl'lSfilt l&Sl. 

$^.UU ItnUldDdliicoD- 
Mqnoice of wbnitdi received 
BOm t)ie , CanbiiiH gwng off 
mtt^^ectbdl j"— Does DOt jknow 
wneuer the one with wbi<£ 

j^ offat tliB baltcooL— As he 
Wfslpndiiuit, lie obxeiTWitd 
ttie priionM that the ball wai 
njher luge — He ■■id he conid 
Aft^ it tmall etioun and taro- 
^ the hnA taxd of the oBrabiae 
ttfi aad fbroed it in, bj beatiuji 
itualitittha iiTouDd — Witnesi 
Wld Un to b« M«re, Tor that 
'H.wuprimsd — He reeomeDd- 
^^IdnvXo let HoKBii have tho 
fhe $rft ihoti.u tu piece wai 
dirty ,«nd oai of order — Pri- 

Kner said he tatended to have 
I fixft shot. 
. Witbei&wtflthei) questioned 
^ Sir F. lI'aeiMKbteD, by Mr. 
jHoaey and hj/ the genllemea 
,^(be JuTj, uid fai( aosvers 
Were to the followinK eSect-^ 
That he suppoied the prifODe* 
gru jolunf when, b« >aid ho 

' would have a shot ^ Haaoee, 
boT^dbe ccmeeive him to bo 
Id earaeit whep he said he 
would shttot Uirjr Anne Jonei 
;— Cannot ■■; this, was One of 
jbe HnsMU that was likely to 
io tiS at die kslf-oodc, tbebeat- 
Jnf of the jHcce against the 
jrround in the nanner he bad 
a^scribed would render it more 
Uable to go off nnoxpectedlj, 

.|ie. cannot say. whether the 
i^eoe waa at the belf-cook when 
Otis prisoner was heating ita- 
fainsttbe (round, 
tie Cai^tine was prodnced 

; jud inspected l» the Jnn'. Pri- 
ao^ expressed , a wish to pot 

''soiiie qoesdow to Mary Anno 
JlplMSs, she beint recalled depos- 
ftd—That the prisoner bad al- 
wns behaved as ^ kind friend 
fc^ ber and ^ad assistad ber with 
jfui pay as well as with hb good 

- On beiog Interrogated by the 
Tniy, aha Slid ilw could ootba 

min that the ft&mei: had Aot 
her intentionally. She did not 
think either one way or other 
at th9 time. She codd no^ 
•uppuie that the prjwxiei would 
hare pointed bis mnsqaet at her 
fa pU^. It was however a Tcrf 
oimqion practice with stridien 
tb present their mnsqueta at 
Uieir friendl and relations, sBv^ 
tng they would shoot theiB. SEA 
had never had a dilpoto Wit^ 
him, he hud always behavedln 
the kindest maimer to her. 

John O'Ndl, a pii*Nte in Hii 
8th dragoons, was on theapM 
at the tiAe prisoner fired m 
carabine, Ind lelnd Um by tho 
neck immediately, and askpj 
bim why be bad done it. Htl 
replied " I liBTe done it aqd an 
not sorry for it, and 1 wiU stand 
^y it" He made the same an- 
swer ^en the samie 4nAtM)il 
was afterwards pat to biita byS6r- 
jeant Huddart. Piistthef ap^ 
p«aredto!umlobe!n a curioot 
■Ute altogether, and nottobk 
In his senses at the time. 11% 
did not seem to be quite ratfoB* 
U when he agreed to shoot with 
tiagan. He had been for *omi 
time before tliis apparently mod 
karrassed and distrplsed in^ 
mind, but he does not ktuiw iha 
cause ofit. From bdwliTe^ 
and free to every body be had 
become ven dull and Iboti^e- 
fill. He had lAse'rr'ed tlkii 
change in Urn for upwards ofk 
moath before the aociduit Iiap- 
pebed. Cannot believe cithA 
Rom his general demeanour 'la>- 
warda file girl, or fr^nn Us ctw 
dflct at the tiOie, Oat }Sa 
ooaldbavefired'at hfcr iotvntt- 
onally if he .bad been in his ririit 
sensu. Does not knt^ Whe- 
ther there was any matrfajib 
engagement between them. 
or whether any other person 
had been courting the girl, b 
not acquainted with, tte band 
writing of the prisoner. 

Questioned by the Prisener. 



Bwba a i Bp ff t rto of three yean tlie prisoDor. loteiroftted by 

M tilt same tcoop with blm, BsJ the pri»oa«r. IJaj bcenia tlia 
Laa n^Tcr known hiin to make tropp '^ilo Un liaoe Septenbet 
^e of hia wmi to the iajnty of 1817. His oon4oo' hH bean 
^w hnnuui being. ^wajs good rinoe be bat koowa 

* Jonathan Cloucb, (alio a pri- him, more remarkably n fot ttf 
*nte" in the 8Ht tlragpon^) last two ot tbree moitdii befbra 
CBOW3 iwtbitig pf tfae qbootii^ Ihii and ia eonieqneaoe that h* 
oTtbe ginf bat um the prisoner was about to be promotedi 
afterwards, as they were cok- H« wai however tried t^ k 
ducdoghim to tfaefcnard. Scrjl Court Mo*"''^. aboat a i '* 
Bnddan waa with him and-aric- ' ' 
C(l bum if he was aware oCwUnt 
b» had done ; prisoner said he 
wa4. f*ty iveU- Huddart then 
yslcsdwne^er the girl was dead. 
OillMteB said. " 1 hope sbe is, 
Bvmy nntllfeis gooe." This 
iflip not above a^iiarter oT an 
l»ar after Uary Anne was shot. 
Ae owabine ifitb which the prl- 
■oaer shot her belonged ta the 

eocfccd, the least toachio the 
jforld maid fire it. ' 

to questions put to btm by 
fte pritoner. witne^ stated that 
•ebad known him nearly six 
jCBM, daring which he bad1>een 
in the troop with bim and is not 
urare of Us ever having made 
ma io^troper nse of his arms np- 
•nany oecasion. GiUeeoebore 
Ma exoelleat character, and bad 
been reeomnModed forproiflo- 
jlioa to a corporaluj'. 

Serjeant Johnson recalted-7- 
ICaows nothi^ that occurred 
antU the prisoner was taken to 
the gnatd. He went whh lieut. 
Brett, the oCcer of the gnard, 
to searoh in the prisooet's trank 

tat a letter. 


Mr. Brett 

before, which i . 

ofhis pramotioD beinr pat back. 
The letter above allnded to waf 
tbearoid. It was as followa; 
{directed fo Thomas Hahon ona 
ofthe ptisoner'a comrades.) - 
' ** Uy dear Ttjomaa, 

"yooT'oIdmeadii noirad; 
dresiii^ a fbwlines to job, tt^ 
Wis nov on the verge ofateTn^ 
ty, yon must be a little obaritir 
bte and not senator fna far tbf 

iel write you. 

Dear Tom the last reqnert 
J want from yop is that you win 
write to my mother and let her 
KiMw I am no inore^you ne«a 
not tell her tbe cause of m; 
death. Dear Tom all taj goo^ 
intentloos are turned ant to my 
min, and as all my iweteadcd 
ftiends hat tarned tint to be in 
traduscrs and calumneaton I 
am afraid to live. 

•^ And the canse of all I win 
iendbefoio me. 

" Dr. Tom direet fbr Hra. 
Bridget GiUeece dnatt to the 
eere of the Post' Uaster, bo^ 
aakea connty Tirmtnagh Ireland. 

"Dr. Thomas I am agooa 
deal in debt, I wonid wish yog 
would reouest my mother to 

a prisoner had toldhim he traostnit what will liquidate Itla 
wonldGnd there. In a pair of plase of her purchasing my eft- 

crey offcralls ; be (bund tbe let- 
ter soil delivered it to lieut. 
BretL Hie orerails were at 
the top of all Oe clothes in the 
^best. Witness hne identified 
a letter, wUch was produced, 
to be tba ooe foaad In the ptl- 

Cm'a tniak, and also swore to 
Mogiatke tiaiid viltiag of 

knement, dear Tom you will 
fad in my box a Testament, 
and will obUdgemeby sendtBc 
It to Kedding with my h>ve. - 
" DearTpmttii nseless to give 
yon a full detail of my mitfbr- 
tunes therefore I will condoda 
«rilh my last wjibes to yoa and 
all dilintei«ited friends. 
2 •'J>r, 



"\>r. Tom good bj— Ood bleji 
yon anil kerp aoli^r and the lait 
rcqueill willMlcorOadwillbe 
U> allow me to irander on the 
earth to torroent my calamnea- 
tors Dear Tom. 

" Toor'i fcr. 
(Sf^ed) " UDfortunatoWm. 
" Gilleece, Sth Dragoons. 
" Dated \3tk AufM, 1820." 
Samael Rodger* another sol- 
dier in the same regiment iworn, 
depoiM that nbont 12 days bo- 
fore the g:irl Wai ihot, the pri- 
soner had come to him, aa he 
was sitting- on his cot in the har- 
raclcj, and said be wished lo 
■peak to him, and they walked 
out together, this was about 7 
o'clock in the morning. Gilleece 
vsked hint if be bad been ts 
.BhuTch. He said he bad, he 
then asked him if Mai; Ann 
Jbnes and Serjeant Atpinell 
had been asked in charch> 
Witness replied " No ; who 
told yon so V' Prisoner said tt 
iras the oaa)mon talk on guard, 
thai they were going to be miir- 
lied, adding " I think it is now 
" full time for me to ohtnge my 
" way of lifine, so not one drop 
" of liifnor w)ll I taste nntil she 
" is settled or at leasttillChrist- 
" mas i and Seijeant Aspinel] 
" shall never be married to her, 
" whilst we are at the SBroo ata- 
" tlon together." Witness ad- 
rised him not to Interfere in the 
bodneai and lo they parted — 
PrisoBcr oame again to him, be- 
tween two nnd throe o'olock in 
the aflenioon of that same day, 
'and asked if he had a Testa- 
'nent whioh formeriy beioneed 
'to a man of the name of Wm. 
Redding nnd (old him to bring it 
to him. Wltnesii said he had and 
gave it to Ibe prisoner, who tbe|i 
,todk^'e book nod swore not to 
tasteaMropofbquor until the girl 
vai leltled ; kiaied (he book and 
'closed*it,' observing at the same 
time, thathe hnd not forgotten . 
ifbit hb had said in the morn- 

ing relative to the marriage, for 
while they were in one statioB 
she shoold never be married lo 
Serit. Asptnell or any body elM 
withoat his leave. — The pn^tnoer 
was pot into confinement direct- 
ly after he had shot the girt, and 
tne witness is convinced that 
daring that day be had no op- 
portunity of writing any letter. 

Examined by the prisoner. — 
Had never heard him make oa* 
ofany other expressions relative 
lo the marriage of Mary Anne 
Jones and Serjeant Aininell,'— 
He (prisoner) was always a 
friend to the giri, witness knows 
that he allowed W a rupee per 
month tawards ' her food, and 
that he has frequently bought 
small articles as presents for 
her. He has been in the troop 
with prisoner since April, 1810, 
and never knew him offer vio- 
lence to any hnman hei ng, and has 
always considered that he had 
the welfare of the girl at heart. 

The prisoner beTng called oa 
for his defence observed that he 
had no witnesses, nor had be a- 
ny thing parti cnlsr to siiy to the 
Jury. He had made an agree- 
meut tn shoot with one of his 
Oomraden for a rupee's worth of 
liqnor. and had loaded the piece 
fbr that purpove ; when he tame 
to.the plnce where the women 
were siMlng. he presented the 
Carabine to the native woman, 
and stud he would have a shot 
at Iter, she made <iomc excuse a- 
bout her head aching or her ear 
being sore, and hewidtdrew 
ths piece fVom her ear, and 
as he was lowering it, Maty 
Anne, who had been sitting 
npon a little stool, got np 
to run away nnd the Carabine 

3iute nccidentaHy went off and 
le girl fell. From that time nn- 
(11 he was taken to (he orderly 
officerbe knew nothing of what 
passed, nor is he now aware of 
any thing that he did or said 
during that time. 




Sir F. MketiMglrteB, In a com- 
pcbeosivc manner, aanunod np 
tbe pridenee to the Jury, ob- 
artriag Oat it was a caie niiich 
would require their most seiioui 
MtnUJon bi-fore they fonnd ■ 
Vtrdict rithpT for or ag^vat thb 
piisonKr. The principal point 
to whidi be adrfjttrd was dw 
Irttef which had been read, and 
whidt he contended wai evi- 
dence mach in favor of the pri- 
four. He obserred that in that 
letter he does not expreu Bay 
intentioa to comtnit fliii or may 
other Set. except that of Ti<rieDcD 
agriaat binuelf. He talks as If 
be was abont to make airav with 
Inauelf. He duires that hu nw- 
UwT maj not be acciuainted with 
tbe mode of bin deatb, and con- 
dudes with eipresaiog a hope 
Ibat be may be permitted to 
wander Ifarodgb the world tq tor* 
mrnthii nalmuBiators, and the 
buned Jndifc would uk whe- 

ther, if it had been Ida interfton 
to bring bilnself to an ignomiu- 
ous death by taking away the 
life of a fellow creature, this wai 
the sort of letter he would hava 
written 1 llic learned Jud^e al- 
so obsarved that be did not at- 
tain nrach importance, as tend- 
ing Hf^ainst the prisoner, to what 
be had said after be committed 
tbe. act, and was Inclined to giv» 
' credit to his assertion that be 
was not aware of any thing be 
said or did from the time he shot 
the girl to tiie time he spoke to 
Lieut. Brett at the guard room 
about the letter. His Lordship 
look a distinct review of the de- 
positions of all the witnesses and 
alluded in stroDR terms to the 
good character which the priso- 
iwr bore in the Regiment. 

■ Tbe Ji4ty retired for ahont 10 
minutes and returned with a 
verdict of " Not Guilty. 

ffurk. Jan. 30, 


/%r February^ 1821. 

DuKng Affmir.—Wt have 
been kindly favored with the 
[allowing extracts ofa private 
lriii>r, giving an account of a 
<tuhin^ affair by a partv of the 
N'ilam's Horse under the rom- 
■sad of Lieutenant Suthetlanrf. 

Soelgali. Die. 25, 1820.— 1 
thote to you from Oodgur, that 
I intended it> march against 
Soiriyali on the morning of the 
14(h, on our close approach to 
lie place we were Tcry wannly 
IMnved. I however kept well 
«fand»one of us were touched. 
Uer concealing one half of the 
dctocbment and attempting with 
be other to draw the garrismi . 
iu« tbe plain, inwhidi, however 
ndid oot •nccecd, eacamped 

at a CO nsiderttble'di stance from 
tbe plain. The fellows were ex- 
cessively impudent, came out in- 
to the plain, and, 1 believe, had 
half come to the resolution of a^ 
tacking'us. In this lencoura 
ged them, and at fonr o'clock in 
the afternoon went with Hyaoo- 
ba Khan's atid Jowba Sney's 
parties, and got concealed in 
a deep ravine m a line with tho 
ghnrry. where we were unseen 
by the garrison. When a favot^ 
able opportunity offered, m 
charged down and ent off their 
advanced parties, all of whom 
were speared and sabred ; 
whilst we were doing this, a par* 
ty of matchlock men came oat 
and fired at u, wc ebaigMl back 


i^ALCvreA iMiUVJA Wmm- ^m- 

M Ottm, ttfe fcitte Ml Ant, and 

swept closr Toutid the bottom ef 
Ike Kliuin, aai leTfral men 
j>«n pistoled an the top of the 
-baitioni. ' { never lierote sur 
Men act iadivlduAil; with aodi 
yalkntry. We caaiplet^ sub* 
lined the fire of thechurrjr, and 
I wsi at one time half uvelined to 
attempt a stehu, aiUist Ousj 
jrcie in inch a panic. On M9' 
jng tbeplace this mornias, Ian 
IMwever c^ad that I did not at- 
tempt it, for althoDgh itii of no 
fieat itrenglh, it would require 
f thirty feet scaling ladder, and 
the remainder of the ganiion 
amoootcd to a hundred men. 
JScoUnga vent olT with his party 
about the fuue the moon rose, 
and I waa neither able to pre- 
^edtbioknor moleit himonliia 
aetreat ; he has, however, left 
behind tiiid man; papers Bud let- 
ters, that will be of great me in 
tracing bis sssoclalei. There 
are two othel gburryi tn tUe 
neigbboarhood, to oneofvfaicb 
jtiasftid he baa gone, btit ma nei- 
ther areofancb alrBngtb aa Sool- 
yalt, I do not anticipali an; fur- 
ther oppositfom. I shall march 
to one of tben> tomorrow, having 
made over the ghurry of SooU 
y all to the Tslookdar and di- 
rected him todcltroy it. 

Both mf Orderlici ifcre - 
wounded, and Uow^^tnv I>jBvis'« 
haneis-apraiedaad aaniod.Jjut 
I hope may yet be Ct fuir service.. 
Bowanny Singh, Ft^i»ine. from, 
the light Company qf t!te 4th, , 
leapt front bis tioiSB ^dfg1|ov- 
ed more tbaa -one maji iut^i a,. 
sortofRowajoaJI, wljiereliegot 
wounded, and an- coning, out 
was neaiiy sabred in\ oiie of our. 
men ini«taluug him ior . one uf . 
the ganisOD, fu ba hj»d on a . 
vblto augreca. Altpgethcr I. 
never wifiteued a more pretty 
UtllbaLffair, the gwod cllectf were 

ttilVcmUBni ^b«, ii^jpvCT 

o^i nave been '% „ _ _ „_ 

quarter of ^(^ we have bat i^ 
cently 'heard; from our Cotref- 
pandentj beiuf prObnMy to* 
much engaged in Ae acenp lo 
furnish iia with Ihe detail?, but 
as we hJ>ve acea no' rqrart of 
them in the pnblio papers, it wi)! 
■till be New* to most of ou 
readers, for whose infannati^ 
we have drawn up a brief ab- 
■tiect of ibe Letters tliatbave 
been but recently sent toias, arid 
dieir delay is stated in ope (tf 
Jbem to have' ticea' oocaswned 
by the drcumstanoe of do 
ditwks be|og estnblbbed in the 
particnlai' quarter ^m wben£« 
Ihoy come, until very lately. 

cer in Ajmeer received inteiu> 
gence of many of the Tbaashfe 
of Towns in the H^-oowtiT 
near bim, beii^; murdered by 
the Meeoahs, or mountaineera 
of that regioD. It was stated 
.also that they poiposed plon- 
dering and baming a larn 
towp called JWusoodjib, in Oo 

Slams, a little lo tbe K. E. t^ 
afcl). The Officer of Gover%. 
tneut who had icccived this in> 

tiiry aid from tbe Commandant 
tBcre. A SijaadroD of the &£ 
Cavalry was unmediately ordvr 
ed to the threatened town, 
and aipved there on the l^b, 
just in time to rescue itjfom iu 
fate. A second Squadron gf 
Caralry, and » Pntacfament of 
the. l7Ui K^tjve InAntr^, toot; 
up a positioa in the adjoioir^ 
bills, tb^ remaitKler of the I7tfa 
niBgimenl jmned thCM a dia/.nb 
ler, and a Detachment of th* 
34 ftait^m.^lhs"j^ Nativ^ 
' 'la&utllTf 



iti>*oaa«k, wbn C<d. tl^n^ 
wen ff the ArtiU«r J imivftd on 
thfc I4(ki with itwo brBM ris- 
foaites, thrM tumbritt, kod a 
m(M*ili>B»te deua of oficon 

Ct utMcri that Aeafc refru^ 
toir Hul-mcB, Ike Meenalui 
tut heen iliiveo oat of tfa«ir Ibrt^ 
trwia !■ I8I», and tbe vitt9 
tlAtbt coimbj icoiuvd, vkm 
tte^ entered faita amieabte 
tcm With the BritiBh Atitlw> 
ifiias, and pnt thenuelTei no^ 
'in tte^ protcctian. It wm 
(hMfhttberefiireaBt their d«- 
fcctian did not entille them to 
t^dakeoee, mo that ■ plnii «r 
-•tlai±wu laid on. the Fort of 
Jak'o, where they had ahscm. 
tied h the greateit Bwabcrs, 
*Bd ft«n which freat reststuue 
wii eii^iiected. The approach- 
*t ap Uffoiqih difficult passe* 
were ao jn£dausl; and effec- 
ndy taadfc, however, ^tall 
Ac eolnmns ntit-ied at one 
paint bMiIt ■■* ^^ aaae mo- 
^wat of ti»e, and «xeeptinc a 
tbtlt desnhery fire, no re«Ut- 
nwe Was made, there bdns on- 
ly three of the enemy IcHled, 
-nd ttro eepoyb wDonded. The 
peapla «f (he neighboarbeod 
dewrted tkeb HHage knd left 
ttflir reiq»ed eropa on die 
frovBd, which were ateaeon* 
* deslrof ed ^ tke 

_Ke wilhotrt bis pernds- 

rian. Tbe vstnn of Ae eonn- 
trjwtM aa<A as to-be very fk- 
vorMh to 1b«ird«fehee,'un6 
VHeeled iwrrtagM vodd pass, 

llfe-Bmia ' -«—»»- .-- 


B-deptaants, and hi ran 
barfMoh e<MM ouW t 
brtten. Bfl^enl irf U 

Ubd fran leont holes in thH*- 
passes, and n Thaanh of on* nC 
tbe toittu had been fugnd mar- 
dend irith Us hodj mocb man- 
^d. Ua dothea tafcbn oK, hid 
bead bent dow^ to the enrth« 
and Ma hanJs jmt t«Ketber aa 
if aning for mercy; Hw ponlion 
waa eridentb one into wbieh 
the body had been pat after. 
death, and it was iuteiprelet 
to silcaHy that the Heenaha or 
Hill-nan woidd so deal with al 
the town's Mwle whom Ihaf 
Mffld fall in with. 

There it hen aa inttml ei 
abont a aioBth between onrtatk 
tta», bat we learn from the nezft 
which are dated towards tbo 
end of December, that Colonel 
Hhxwdl'a Sctai^KeBt of Ar- 
dUeiy, ander the cnmaand^f 
li^ntenut C Sndlh, had hnm 
condaetiag soOe opcratioBs a. 
KtinattteFortof HattowK. «■ 
the ntot that BMinlh. Ontho 
lAth the Detachnent descend- 
ed into the plains, to the'eaaK 
waid of that Fort, where thej 
were gained by Lieutenant Dix- 
on, with a bbbB Batterii^F train, 
and the Head Qnarters of the 
R^jpootaiui DiTision of ArtiU 
lery. Tbe Datachment then,, 
proceeded towards Baira, Bai- 
rawani, and Handla, 3 towns 
bda^nK to the Heeuahs. 
liny anired befim the first of 
these on the 70tk, and fonad the 
b>«ii standing on thekill, from 
whencH tbe cntomy opened a Are . 
with their matchlocka, as Bie 
advanced ^Mrd were appit»di< 
ing the town; tiie bonse* of 
wMoh are bnilt Of stone and the 
iralls «f ipeat etrenrth. Tho * 
ICana were soon brouKbt np and 
S battefiet opened on the town, 
wMIe S cohimns Were forming- 
for the Bsaarft; bvtas soonas 
their approacA was pcrceKed 
tbe enemy fied, and were puna* 
ed by fhe troops for a few tnilea, 
00 or 00 ftf uiem beinf fcMled 
and. * tn*\ malm Iroanderi, 



«Ui Ibr loM of one Seipoj on!j 
«D the aUe of dw BrMah. 
- On tbe nest da; the Dotmdi- 
-nent mored to BnifMrara, » 
fswtoilM f«tb«rwidiintbehilb, 
-theniRd^ Hbdnirwi bad lint 
: ttreqi«rod8Et«|ritaiiUtD cvry 
; abnwitwn, and a ponndar, 
-■kd IB- Caaeb to oany (ke 
AmaU qumli^ of amnunitioD 
takeu for the purpose. Tt»j 
Saaad tho phww deserted on 
.' akeir vrilrd, and leaving Major 
fait:».BaltWkw ttcK to keep 
■foiMiMoa MiMcned u> Baira, 

carapi to (brow UnaeH and M- 
lowen on the oMioy (< the On- 
. dipoor CoBit. 

TbenoKt letteiaia Ote order 

«f date which hnre reached u, 
are towatda the end of Jannvrt 
when the Battering Train vi^e 
icinniiiii; from the Htllt tomirda 
Cantonotenta, and C<rioDd MaK- 
vell'a Detadtnent were to re- 
move towards B^(rgree. On 
IhU ntorch they eutered on the 
14th,gaiug in a nwtheriy direc- 
tionaod encamping at Kot K»- 
rana,a village about 10 milei 
distautfrom MondlK' — Buggree 
. is about miles to the north' 
waid of this, leated on a low 
&iU andcomnMndcd by ciurouad- 
iiigbei^hts. Thcnextdny at sun 
liiie tbey, reached this, b De- 
tuchmentuf the 17Ui Native In- 
fiintry under Major Fast having 
gone iiiBdvauceof theniain bO' 
dy. lo corameocc the attack— 
Only flO or 00 pcrsoDX were 
found there, the rest having de- 
sciled, and these of cDur«a 
made but aver^ faint resist 

Colonel M'axwell received in 
tbe course oftbe same day, In- 
f^niationof the Khan of Mut- 
toon, being at RamKuri). a vil- 
■age aboat a day's miircb to the 
norlh of Buggrcc, to which place 
a Detachment, consistlDg of S 
Troops of Cavalry, and pnrtlei 

ol tte«tb,<inb, aadfSA NiMfe 
la&Btry, 3 compamee . of «»eh, 
was »entagmli>l it, aadar 43e|>- 
tata Gioter, who rewfaed tte 
plaee faafere d^ break MMtiwe- 
pared for the attaA. Tkoiitpe 
Cohunns of Infanln were led 
w by Captain Chwtie* 
«th, Ueateaant Bailey of tbt 
17lh, and UenleaiuiL Pidaw of 
the SMh— Th^aUHnwA^-AiNi 
posti tagettei aa the day broke, 
and raabad on at ih»» to the 
attack—The phue soon UXr- 
The Khan himtelf waa kiUod, 
aawdlasone ol'hb ama, and 
about UQ of hia paoplo, ahent 
300 prisMiers and flOO cattle 
were taken, although on the side 
of fte auaoltiag puty a Hurka- 
ru only was wounded.. . 

Ramgurh ia placed on a rockr 
eminaoce, and aaeunonnded by 
•inilar ground, . that ■ CavaJry 
could not act near it— liut it was 
taken completely by suipriie. 
The Detaohment of Caplaia 
Glover had . returned towards 
Buggree where tbE wholft of the 
Detacbmeota before emmient- 
ed had united—but a portion of 
them were ftoiog on the 31st of 
January, the latest d^te oftrfaluh 
our letters extend, agaluit auO' 
ther town of iheic Hilf-jaeo, 
called Haanpoornb, and-jhtant 
a few miles only from ttMir posi- 
tion at that village and Camp of, 

Maorihtdahail, Ptbrumrf- 7, ' 
1821. — A few day* alaee a mnr- 
der was committed at Betfcam- 
pore, by a Serjeant of His Ma- 
jesty's 17* Foot; ae eiream- 
staneee attending it as far as I 
have been able an e«riket Otem 
are n fcUowa :-.4te Ibe evening 
dP the oemnrissian ef| tka mar- 
der. the Sttieaat was on^ty 
M the Main Ouwd, and wboa 
Ms wilb'htougbt Mavhia-even- 
tag's Meal, she c a^a ii ad tfhe 
iKtcndad eoming-iahiagqmcter* 
at'OsKht; as .tb» qaeaban was 
onaMBt, it ^>peatM niber sin- 


ttsf^it doctmREi^dEs. 

ritariifar, and he Bade M terir.— 
wlna gtrfng Ihemuida n BLght 
ke csDed U fais Qtnrten la the 


g^« rise to saspioioit ttttkll 
wuBot M'H should be; nd Id- 
' 4Med UmWopoDthe ear^Bfl 
tf Oe bed, OB doing which ho 
«tisbOfered « 1MB with his wife, 
BBd'he UmedhttelT drew hi* 
bBTOnet and made s fclow «t 
thewtnuui, who reoeiTod It In 
her arm. Bei oilei awaked 
hftr ooinpaiHOBf wfae attenipte<( 
to escape, bat was MIowod h^ 
tteenraged hnaband, wfaa isadv 
i Anist at Um with tfeebi^eaet, 
which took eSeet la hh right 
tide, uid passed mdertte heart 
to die loft; the Manlmmedlatslr 
Ml, the Serieatt dwB retdnied 
ta Ufl -mite, tnit daring tte short 
farterral Aat bad el^ised,alM haA 
maaogred to eoniteal- herself.— 
no WBandetf nan explred-tn a 
few'ndnutes, and tte Seijeant 
smrendered himself a prisonerr 
Ills added he bad noTor beeit 
on bad terms with the deoeued, 
and expressed his tegnt that 
he had UUed hiiri. 

Cat. Jotar. JU. 18. 

We hare fre«[aeotl; had oo 
eaiiMitoaotlGe with pleasure 
ffie important and extensive im- 
proveiaents, that lure been 
made in Calcutta of late jears, 
laadiBg pestlj to increase the 
beanty, salnbrit^ and conTeni- 
•aeeaAf the Indian Metropolis, 
Md«t the same time refleotins 
the Ucbest credit on those, un- 
dtr wlsase maoacement MOh at- 
tttatkms have tuen ptaoe. In 
MoMnplatin^ the progress of 

hsrealsB beenindiBedtobnia** 
lU (onMtioiis, <«erod Ihroagb 
« maJlMi of the press, have 

dBne, and ft ht gtaMy in r *^ 
fldak from all diat we see doiu 
ttat Ae advanoes of Inpny^ 
meat are rather beeoming- aoe^. 
Iwawd than odierwise^ Tet im 
the stadioos desire to aeoom- 
-pHshmIld^itm&J happen Ibak 
-•rreet to what baa been tor- 
tUBBteljr compteted, widt th« 
object of HMreastng pnblieoai»- 
fort, msjr be oeeaslonallj otci^ 
looked. Wo shoold fanaglns 
that fton soma sm* cause thft 
vsfiaeioos amdtiet, tbathaa 
Iteen earried doi^ the ItaniiBN 
toll A, has Mied as jettojrield 
ttat gratefal benefit to-tbe fnba- 
bttanu of the street, aadtotKosk 
who bare ocosalon to pasa 
Orongh it, whtcb they had been 
.-anllouBljr looking for. Thb 
oemplaints. Indeed, that wfr 
kare- beard lately respecter 
Iheolendsof dnst Mi0credti> 
■weep along flm Dtntoiuhdlab, 

wliHe as means of 


their rise «r aeeomnlation ap:- 
pear to be aeeessible, hare been 
Very namereas, and as f)tr hs wb 
have seen fpom easnaOj- pu- 
ring In that dlreoflon, hkTAbeea 
venr just. Circtimitan<«es, of 
which we are not aware, mi^ 
at present prevent the aqn»- 
dnct ftom being filled, bnt ifaera 
can hardly be any thatconld 
not be speedily removed, anfl 
die relief afforded in the pr»> 
'sent season by filling the aqn^ 
duct and enabling the inhaf. 
blianti to water the street prfl^ 
periy would certainly he vmx 
material. Surely a public tA- 
Taotage, so obvious and so mnoh 
deaiied, cannot fall tobeimme- 
diately conceded. Nothing (kr» 
tber appears to be necessaiy 
than toletwaterinto the aqne- 
dnct and provide aregnlar sup- 
ply, for we do not sdppoae thai 
any resident in tbe street would 
decline to water every part <rf 
ilia front of bis premises, and 
thus remove what mast 


;« CALCpiTA 4innTAL WmtSff. inu 

aoasldm«dMpr«Miita»il«uu» UUcdoMBMB. TUi if the •«■ 

fireryooe, wln,li ttdiik1t<mMldfaedlScmti»de4 

Hm «ear>e of u •venkitf'a ridt^ ta4 U* Mndact ttt any Om oi * 

fnamimtram town ufcr m Irj, Kleut MptaraiiMs wm« 

dHrMe lU&d, BuntbaWcO lo saob ifuiui him that b« 

abletokppi«cliMtlMgl«M<W- BedUtka Mui of Warmtjf»> 

Arcneo u to comfotUUe feel- •■•. 

InKithatiiexpcviciiMdiiidriT* Tli«Cbiiineu a«nat fnviat- 

f;-nu the gwim whi^ii ad ok ■ Inan being d^Urcred «p, 

tCfad, attd tha road totha and -th« Commftdora Bent -m 

titaw4c4 ovar vhich crerr Ofleer d9WD to seatch for tb« 

toaatU.Qf wiad atir4 vpathick Oalpih-^e vaanottofaefoaud, 

MqudaTdU^ The diSerenct knt, uth« Marahwu muklAg 

In a Rrea^ iriitm Ac reaidenta on board dio Adte of York, tb* 

}wve gmurall; to Bpend tha Smdier of that ihip cot hi* 

e -eater pwtion of thdr time, dinat; It was innnediBteljMf- 
attbenoclilTeateriandtliera gaaladtliat he Aoald bep*sa> 
tanbeBoeoinpaiisaB betweea ed 4^ at ihe Horderet. I^a 
the id^M of dqmeitle somfbn atidenee of tka dead Chlim. 

« ' direniay, where tka via- . . . 

dowa .ean be opeiwd at tee gan tke Mandarines to on- 

Esaavre aad fte ftmltoTe, &e. demand that the real oB^nder 

stfll kept elean,^— end tke had euaped ewtef to ibe neg- 

ijMbva exoUedbf die oonaci- Ugowe of theii own Polioe, that 

oontrarj to the laif a of 
jBngtand to deliveiap aninnd^ 
cent perion, but at the same 
time told theitf Ibe cfrctii». 
stance at the Butcher o 

il that scarcely nny mode 
«rahatti>v tip a bouse, wUdi ean 
be i«BOTted to without extreme 
' iBoeDTeidetice. can pritvent a 
1a<^vrardnat mm htin^ dbtii- 
Buted tmt every tfaiair con- ling suicide. The; immediate- 
lained "wltbfai tte dwel&Bg in h agreed to take bim, and a 
"tte eenne 9t eveir half hoar. large procession of the Prin^ 
[BurihFAB. pal Mandarines accon^anied 
' hy China Doctors &c. pro- 

ceeded on l>oard the Dvki ^ 
Ytrk, and having satisfied tfaeia>- 
■ ■Vr';S^r^7"~*' • VT "'. IcItcs that the man's dcatii wis 
.•" Xbe iitmtrUm WOBid gtre- caused bj cotliug liis ihroa,t 
M»BeeM»Uof«beaMfoiUM- made up the business, much to 
• ?**^i* T^ *! ****^ *>^ lallifection, but not so to 
«M;tlwiMtl>«T^*M*Chi- tha Chinese, who appear «tv 
It-vasbyfu^auft eagry wthemaMerinwhiobit 

hu *^. A- A^. ;;* *Btiled.-Owio, to a great 

ttOrtality amovgit thecobliea, 
-ittM oovTO]' the 'teas enr the 
■aottntains, our <n^;Ms areaot 
yet allatCanioB. 

Bvrk. .Pi*, n. 

•Uexaasable cmntof* tbatdw> 
^ffpHiM tet erev feapptM»4. 


wdlag i 

lartberiimL <a»tbey,flt»Viei^ 
.(!«) bf«|**Q ■Ant* tbenbr cell- 
ing names kc,. on wUafc bedr- 
.fdtnti^ltt^pMf uid^wovided __,_,_ , ,_ 

.fwaidMUnnt^ttasn Kith baU and km iafbsted 4ben«i)MUy.t>e- 


B£ifOAL OCCintRl^CES.' 

9mcp HydraB94 *Bd Nigpora, 
rnderinc tfae nwU iKbont ikb 

iwaat to travel in, u AeynQt 
Mliy ^qder vi[lHK«i in itioir 
m<|hbo»rtao<l, t>ut lery qflotii- 

bufoBi upon the pcrsoiu aaii 
tagfiiK« qS bavellers. It «p< 
peiu« ^t lieqL Biuett of tht 

nlsolfrmtaraclltM Aa Uq^i 
lioat of OaptnU Ankert tta* 
OBwn and -bmb of U> BbUbIU 
•p, to aU of whim tiM Hanf 
OhaenI deikea to offerjoa ma 
MD^Mt kb bnt thwkf. 

ttf the Aslnio Sflctetr «tit1i3g 
on Satorday, tke llwtif Pek 
M tbe Socie^^- KjiirttntwUn 
ChonrinftiM. T4te^8ttriida'(7 
H««Tn«iB In e» Hiarfft ■ - ■■ 'i 
The foIUiwuii; ^flemn).wer» 
—~ "ijly' elected mM^erf 

ttb Native lafaiUi^ and a 9«> 
larTiwmt under hia e onw narf, 
witb Uant Ne»iUe. of H. Mi 
WA, after an uttxaetdiaMj 
mardi «t 70 ntileft tbroofh tJw 
junKl«.caineoB a party of about 
aOQ, and out them ujl. UoaL 

Smherland, of the Rebrned -. --^ t-~, 

2IaTse,basalM9uooeedadiad»B. " lae Socie^: Wj(,i,uMJ[<£Xf 
traring aooAer, nqd It i» to bo cutek, ^sq,v Dt- . .Waltbb 
ktmed th«t tkc above examplei OoiLvy, Sir JRoBBat CoixtV^ 
jiiU Iw effticlual in checkisK the houn. Bart. CouktneV Sh'it^ 

increase ot tboie ntarandaEs, and Cn( »— ij »t__..j___ 

nho have so long distarbed the The fl 

iiJiaaia'a dominton*. [C'«/. Jour, MitctOmutt f_ . _....., _. 

, ■ lisbed At Uia Baua^ntQ^dwuBa 

I,. • « J . «• - ^ Preai, Beawoleri. FMBTMen^ 
flutnrt Or(feri iy Myor-C*. ,ed by Sir,Su^OBO,£»Fttl», 
, nerai l^tvedag, Conmuinifiny thrangli fli0 ai>edl^K (^ y-'— 

dCiiARLEi Aiii't^ Ssqjuircv 
rhe Brat volutuitt JtfmjfM 
irecOnuM printed .aM.pu» 

. Bfaaru DnmoA of tA« ^i^ 

^ ''*' £.M«r, 29J JP**. 1891. 

Major-GencriU I/)veday deri- 
yed sre at snlis faction from the 
jDSpection this mornine of the 
la( Battuliun IQlh Regimeat 
NalJT» Infantry, ondet flle 
command of Captain Anbett. 
TUe dress and appoiolmBnta 
botU uf OfficerB and men at- 
trncledlbe Mnjor-General's par- 
tieular notice, be being aniforo 
in every respect. 

The step and dr^MiVK nf-.the 
Bea in ptuains >" tttriflw wew 
food, and'Rt was rnuoji plcftaed 

General BaKI>wic«^. I^i^iuiV 
Ir obierT«4 ttia]t s..|i^o4v^ 
vork,'|mnt«iJn SiunatrotAD^ 

I Baatem tilandi, can- 
not fail to be intereitinff to th« 
pablic, vbile' R may be the 

•ideate: 4lf -preaerTtt^ iDntnOtf 
of Many' -MTV tmd^ttcnatiu 

•ftWi - uu» p»>tt«Bl«A "«Vie& 

-IR)U)ieekl«M otui -■ — 

?e«h<lwinbeloatk ' 
obAtaiAa aeteril t 
•Mtogical rtawR 

-ee«nt«f Van- SMtay-^rUmli- 
}n»ds of tifwr; RbtH, Sa*«, 8>- 

sbtte«orrect DBiLrapjid fuma- '46v, Ico.^— ttlricMtfe (T'BtiWnM^ 

.iMsof th'.t^Hre^ the .advawe and toiw^aillnkuf'Matitie'tb 

in line. 6tw;, whectfaBPifilwe^, Strto In thaaMhiprfh^ Of »)!• 

AnAKlbe- (lie* )ie:td of colunu, eia-^toKe^het' With iMteomtoAC- 

alio the Lir^ht Infaiilry move- -bill taMea.Mtl'me^eMdlmi 

menla, and the lilinp of the -of th^ mat«-0<beolfw<jtw- 

4fp^« thrai^onl sncta a« t 

' tbera^f tfacfOTtMiMFWrknoV 


« €AIjCnTi:A^^^ESnf?AL'ItEGI8T£& 1821. 

lf»eumt wt modtnut i* fffitt. 
idowtiM m«<)Wn«9ii«it> iiinth 
#ib«, twvft boea presented fi> Ik* 
Society by Hoiu. Picabo, is 
tte name of die auOior. 

Afaturwasrekd froBOaplMa 
V- VaiCE, rMpocting tbeiiH- 
•oriplioM oiitt«plstaa«feoppv 
Hepoiited at Ponr'Wnr, ■ d«pai- 
4oaoy of Bodin Aiiti, and Mid- 
way h ct wae u the Temple and 
ffcrtt JH^i, and saM to contain 
Ae History of tkeTenple, an4 
«lM tenata of tbe Braddha fdtii. 
St waa alaa imderatood by Blr. 
ifoOKCBon, who borwnred 
tksae platan, and aanttheatB 
CalcBtta, thaltlu tiuorip*i<»a 
ware in * laugoage aduiowii to 
tlia Aw&aMNrin atteadanoe at 
tfca ToBple. Captain Prick 
haaoxaauood tlie ias»ipt)ons, 
aad it ^tpeara that they do not 
soutain, aa Hr. HooacaoFTwai 
infaTmcMl by the flaaiJitt. a his- 
tory cd the tetaple of Badmi 
Urntk, nor of the tenets of tha 
Bauddha faiili — neitker are 
tiiey ioa laapie^ or charaotaf 
nnknovn. They are limply 
Soyal adioti deelaratory of a 
tfharitabln doDatton of Inada, 
datod about the same ^raiodof 
time, and •caicelydilfering from 
eaoh other exoept in the luune 
of tlia doneea, a descniptioa of 
the laoda frianted, and tiie pnr- 
po*e for which they wctqW*- 
tawetL Th« lansaage is para 
Smterit, and the charaoterlfc- 
vaaayari, varyiiiK oonsiderably 
^■vcTer froia that ogwin.Qse, 
4iid remarkable for the uDoom- 
von form of tome of the oon- 
■PDants, aad the umsaal method 
adopted, of marking tha 
ToweU. Captain Pkice haa 
rlvoD the foUowlafc abitract of 
l)ie ooatanta of ona of the ina- 

The plate has a drcotar aiv 
BCiidaite of- lead livetted to It, 
apparently iateaded to ra;i£e- 
■eut tha i^npreawm of a «oal. 

-' The begifmio^of the inscdp- 
tioB ootnpriaes the sttdbBtcaoT 
JihurjaA (£»■) is the aaod 
■lyle of invocation. The ttat 
Priaee menlioued ia A'iMiir^ 
jwheMpraisea oecnpy scnr«tal 
lines ;~be is staled tfi hava had 
a aon by his qneen JVam dni, iub> 
med lihtm joaa Zno, who ia 
e<|Bally_ the anbject of pane^rio 
wilii Jtii father, whom be.ap- 
poars to have auceeeded in &• 
gavenuneoL l*Ua oflu /ns 
Cad for hia .consort Vtj* Jigai 
— of her waiboTD talittt'varmf 
Whoae valor, wisdom, and lib«»- 
ralitf are detailed at great 
lenKth. LalUt$'toara then pro. 
ceeda to enjoin the inbabitantt 
of (he surrooBdiog oountiiei, 
and (be Fiinces, ootmaellors; 
yeuerals, and officers of hia 
court assembled at QtMinjupar 
to obaerTc and obey hia pateiit 
which gra&ta in pnoetukytwo 
scfaU viUagea (palUoa) da|ieD- 
denoies of Carlicpynpwr, tof;e> 
ther with ' thdr trees, gardcoa, 
and fountains (ejcoeptiof what 
belongs to tha gods and Brah* 
laa&s,) to Achat* Bhatta, wha 
is to employ the revenae aristuy 
t^om them in the repaira of a 
Temple dedicated to ATarayoMa, 
and in the support of his woi^ 
ship. This property is to bo 
auecesaiiely possessed by th« 
degcndaats of the grantee* ua 
long as the moOD, fire, -aadeartb 
ondure, and is not in any res^ 

lows, which Dntbrtonately is' 
eompatedonly by the rcini tif 
RomePiinoe, \7ithout the least 
refereuoB to any known or estn. 
bliahed era. 

" In the 21it year of the rri^w 
of Pkavasodua nana vijay*, 
on ilie third dayof Oe ligbt, 
fortnight of the month Kaglm^ 
Pijtaa, diatribttUr of dw Ua^w 



doutloaa, wnrtfl tUt (imorip* 
tiua>b]r «fder of AavATA, ■«• 
penateadeiit of the affaita of 
wkT' and paacc.. and Oahoa 
B'haoba au^in-ed it with « 
Mfle or ehlBcl (butcoIetriMiB.") 
TM whole ooncladek with nino 
atuuas quoted from the Dktrma 
JSutrm or Jtoib sone poem (per^ 
haps a J'urflaa or. / iaw u yawa)) 
trf wbioh -Captun Peice hw 
ftihifliaed a traiulaticui. 
' ^e.iaMuiptioiu having beea 
sarefolly copied, the pUtea 
luve beea retuined to Pant* 
itiar aocoTdiBg- to the agree- 
umt •Dtered into by Mt. Moon* 
caoFT with the Pmnditt. Cap* 
taia Pbice waa requested at 
the meeting' to piepoie a verbal 
Iraiulaliuii of Uie inacrip- 

. Aa aocoaDtoftheTrigoBomfr 
trioal «ad AitronoKiioal operatt- 
mat tor detenu iaioK the UciKhta 
aad Pdsitioas ol' tiie principal 
^eaka ot tiie Htmmalya Hoai>' 
taiDi, aituated between the la- 
tiUides of 31- 63' 10" tad 30-16^ 
30" North, and iht Luu^^tudoa 
of ,77- 3i' 04" and 70- 6?' 92" 
£ut. bj Captain J. A. UoDo. 
■OK, imb Regtuent N. L. atid 
lient. J. O. HcRBEBT, Sth Bfr- 
(imcat N. I. was laid befora 
.be Souety at thi:i meeliug. 

TtiU paper b arnuiged ondac 
(he I'uUtfwing beads. 
V !■ — A general introductorj 
aoeonnt of the origin aad pro* 
peas of the Sorvey, ol' the ua^ 
taraoflbe Coimtcy, of tlie in- 
•lnwtcnt»iaadBDae of; and of 
the modca of oalouUtion. 

2.— Table of the Latitudes of 
i priaoipal Tiigonooietifoal Sto- 
UoBS obaerrcd with the reflect* 
big «irolCv andcircuiarAstroao- 
loical JLpsutuacut — oontaiuiAg'. 
the results of 122 croaaed ob> 
tetfttimtna oi the Svn and Start 
a« both aides of the Zeaidi. at 
tMtStalMn near S«barunpure in 

Spiaiiia of tbe Doab, and of 
fitn tita Uoiuitaiji. IStaUon pi 

€b»Cbtau, of «I.MtIwFiirt«f 
£aurant, of S2. *t iJitoiiiiiiUa, 
andof'Sa, BtWartoo, which 8 
W Stations, ate also mi la% 

3.— The Longitude of the 1st 
BieTidlaa«f the Survey, dedu- 
ced from M ItMuersioHS sod 
Snteraious of Japiter's 1st 6» 
tellile observed with OaHaod'a 
Achromatic Refiacling TeleB^ 
cnpcB. of 42 Inchits ^staoeev 
at tbe Station near aeh^oiw 
pore, or rednced to it. 

4, — A gHoerrd acooisit of th« 
measnrement of a Sue Line at 
3)7dM fei^i in the Xttrrnh Does 
with explanations ol' tbe H^ 
thoda, liiBtrum^nla.tind of A^ 
paratuB ccnsiraotad for tbepnia 
pose, andDrawiogaoftheSaKm 
and an aceonut of the ■ small 
and ptimarjr Triaognlation pso* 
ceecuQ^ from Ibe mcaaured 
Baae, to coiuieat the Stations at 
Soorkuaida and Budrigb. Aad 
a Table of theLinrs and Angles 
of the SB amall Triangles, ar. 
ranged in cohtmns under ttaa 
fiollowiDg Heads of data. 

Angles {duened at tbe 3 S(a* 
tioos. - 

Angles reduced to theceirtm) 

Anglei for caJcnIatioii. ■ 

Logarithmic liites. 
' 3Logaritiims of theaides. ' 

Length <rf tbe (Odes in'feet ' 

&. — A similar table of 19V 
fTMLt TrianKles shewing the df »J 
taneea of other Trigonometrical 
StvtioBs, and of snowy and' 
olhet Uaaatuns, and piinolpal 
paints. . 

~.d.— Tid>le oxhlbitle^r th» 
hsights abora- iht s«a of 3HI 
aamry Peaks,' the columns con* 
tailing the 'fottnwiDg daUi - 

Nane* of flt«dens. 
- ^titmlM obsaiwedillMr^im.' 

Are of Distances to thoow 
served pMcki . ' ■ ■ - 

Can-eutad «le<a^a, ; 

Tandem of thvsamb u 



«^ CALCCTtA AlTKVAt ftE6tSTEIt Ittl. 

tile AzimaOi of tlie ptlDci)^al 

JO.— CaiDplel» -deUHl ftT tk«« 
mejmiremcDtnf eaak poitioa-oC 
llib -taae line. - -<■■ •• ' 

-lU— Plan of'tkf tnall-«laBi - 
gits. ■ - 

12.— Flan of tlie#re^ tdan-: 
glei, cuiiiprelrendlfljr-fcliii!tte; 




■I fen aunred Br a 
«b> had carefouy en 

dftnUly exact ^' I 
pMUnt examGom 
pointed ont ia the onl^r or mj 
descr i ptioB. ' T hare ipated no 
ma* a coUectiD; infonnatioii 
fitoi etery' quarter. I have had 
the atfniittag:G of receivinfc ac- 
cbmts from ji great manj' intel- 
Ugeat Menils, among whom I 
Ittre the pleaante to mentioii 
One Medical Gentlemen ofthii 
place. An thdr aceoDiitj afree 
ranrisfnglT wen. The model 
kas oe^ ehomi to many of them 
and my account read, with the 
rihntniejp of which the; are en- 
tfady latlffied ;-Hia I am persa- 
Med fhlt my own obieirationi 
ettnld act have added much 
either to ae Valne or Tsriety of 
Awe which I hare been bo foi- 
tanate a> to receive from others. 
" A-ke was bora nxteen;ean 
ago, i» the district of Tun-ian^- 
yntn, Cvtichplaee is called m 
tte Mandarin tonsne, Gaa-ping- 
heen, in N. L. 33* i', Len^. west 
«r Canton 1* 15' or 90 miles 
8W. of Canton,) with anotbet 
Mile di9d of nearly the same 
sfse nnited to the pit of his ato- 
Btch 1^ the neck, at If bis bro- 
6ttt had plunged bis head Into 
Us hreut The sfcin of the priu- 
eipal here jiJIlis thttt of the op. 
^pait «f tbeoeckof the pa- 
rasyte. <f^^ 'regolarty and 
■lootUy, tStceplinKfte super-' 
•sid bhmd *esseb, which ap- 
pntr«ome«hM(ntgtd. TboniF' 
fftinK* of A4 ihother were so 
Aeat, Aat abe snrvired the' 
nrtfe ' laf Ilia iBUHtttei only two 

■* SbtM Utot^ii^, Aepan- 
syt« hai not nwdi increased iv 
^se.* and «t present is not 

■ 1 hmfs'dw autheritT of IJtoL 
t<}«l:'Wei)4, foriutlDgmsticwe. 
ftt^Be^u^aneot (rf the poruytt' 
ataitaUl at'tU'rsfoafti the traak 

aneh lafgor thaa MW botn is- 
Unyi_ niuiUy are; but the bonea 
are :«ompletdy formed. Hm 
shoulder bones are remarkahhr 

Kraloent. Here the model it 
\Qt siooe it represents th« 
rouDoaess of infancy, but all 
this plompoets has disappeared 
from the original, where bone* 
seem only to be ooveted with 
akin. The hips of the model 
are too pronuneat. The man- 
ner in which the thigbj appear Ls, 
i^te happy, but the feet, par- 
tioularly tue left, are not aulficir^ 
ently clubbed. In the original, 
xenerally the feet and toes are 
lets perfect than in the modeU 
The toes adhere, and oue.qr two 
are wanting. 

" The Bttacbment of the neck 
ot the parasyte to the oliest oT 
the principal, admits of a semi-, 
rotatory motion. The natural 
position of the bellies is towards 
each other ; but A-ke can turn 
his brother so far round that ho. 
can bring either side towards his 
own beDy. He also sboirs that 
his brother's arms can bo moved 
freely. The thighs and legs ro- 
niain stiffly bent, as represented 
In the model: the thigh being 
aiichylosed with the dim iimomi- 
natd above, and the tibii* below. 
Tht kidoevB seem to perform 
their fnncbons perfectly. The 
anus is wanting. 

A-ke Is now about four feet and 
ten Inches high, of a feebleframo 
and sickly appearance: but 
excepting theencumbraocc abovo 
described, he is in all respects 
perfectly formed. He appears 
to bo sufficiently conversable 

ly w^ with the ilia I have meifc- 
tioDcijbut SI the DiadeUert ta' 
Chiua do not work by any scale, it 
wDUld b« urttau to deduce any 
exact BMUBremeut of the whala 
Agon b^k&oMAg a part. 


CA-UCTTTtX AtnSVXt tiSSJSftEB! 1821. 

«^ hMUgmt, *Dd Mfa *» 
k«JiMliw*wDe CMUBgaf wfai. 
If aqr pMt aC Ui brolbw'a fto^ 
k hart, Mir It WW dw uaam 
fart of Ua owa bodj.: evai ite 

own pcuoo, !• eqttuljF p«(Mpt>< 
y» tf iVpO^ *» hi* brotkRu 
Hi» rtrt w wrt wu Bwat nti*- 
fcetoritr tonfiioMd hj u iosenW 
ou M«d»caL OnwDMut, wbo, 
obMKTiiif A-ke'aBtteMi«BtDb« 
firily it^iojtd, Mxt Uf bead 
mndawa; ia ft-contmr dira»- 
tkHv pinebed ^ckly tbe yp o£ 
llw uraayts; Ark» iaataiidir 
■traoK tha uhm put rfUiown 
foMH, jmt M if HM b»d beca 
Ito piMlied phca. 

" P«aueris h» liad nwoa to 
isKi^aet froB Mttdn obmia 
■Mitioiu which he per«atved 
witUn hto btolhei, when b» wts 
hMuelf ia pain, that all their 
feelinga wen tadprocal ; bat CM' 
•one doe peat be Ins not been 
•eiuiUeortU*,«soaptias wben 

Bi* bFothnr nerei Ulia tmyoit 

Ua urine at the aBine ttoie, whe- 
ttatf be baa «ecasion te lidievA 
nature, or to j^tifj the curiosity 
•f spectatora. 

- " A-ke'a reapirationia never 
ftufoadj frae, on the ooQtraty, 
it ia oommoolx laborioua, and 
ao the slightest exertioa, such as- 
walkios lA alittle dlatance, n- 
aoendingaflightoratepf, ortha' 
Illte, he brentbea quickly, and 
with difficidty. To leUeteAis, 
be sappoits the panayte witb 
his bauds, but to obtain hDanii- 
deraUe degree of ease, « raeuDi* 
beat poibire is necessary. Hia 
poise is comraoolr quick and' 
atnall. Mr. GonieK, otie of the 
Hedioal Gentlemen before men- 
tioned, frit ilistioctiy tbe pulsa- 
tion of the oarolids in tbe occt 
of the paiasyte ; it was feaUe. 
He also exaonned «areftilly the 
pulsa at the miat; ft is rtif 
■tow Ctwitb UhU.) 

":^ha anal tempentkra A 
botbta natnra). A-kewtwrsaM 
muisnal qaaMftgr of dethes, ;«• 
ha aarac appean to perspirv 
eren iu tbe waraest . woath<mi* 
His naoal gait is anittwady awl 
leable : when be walka, np or 
dawn stairs, be anppoets himaelf 
wMioiia band, andWs breifaer 
with the otfaer, and brings both 
kufeetapoBtba tame nop, ba- 
ton be attempts t« adrance »- 
■odier foot. 

" Wben inUa baH Mate of 
besdtb, lia infbtnad Mr. Omiaa 
faia appetita waa' ao good that bai 
•odd take aa^awdi fhodaaaay 
Ifarae efUa-age, atpraaentU* 
kaaltb ia ■neb ialpBked^ H* 
eonplaina «f weaknest of at*- 
' lose of ^^atite. Mto. 


" A-ke'a faAer ia ona of 111* 
paarest claai of hnabanitoea. H« 
haabeen content to hire ilia son 
for Rve Spaoiab dollara a MtwtA 
to the mao^ who baa for hia tronv 
Ue aU the pntBta of the exhibi' 
tion. Ten eaah (leas tban ■ po»> 
ny sterling) ia tbe price « ad- 
mittanee into the endoanre. 
which ia made in pablio places. 
He walka to private beaaes ; iIm 
paniayte appearing while )(Diiip 
dirougib tbe atreatb like a toniar 
under hia dotbea. ' On tbeae oA- 
easioBS (he axbibitet ia eontenf 
ta receive iMatewer Is flven. 
Ha oommoiilyjiela half « dollar 
era di4]wr. ' The eonoem doA 
not appear 10 be proUaMe. - 
' "' Having atated att the t^fi- 
of this V 

Mlv aa they have oonrt -ta mf 
kim'wledi^, I mieirt be eWaae4 
for anj abservattoDS,— tha fleM 
M anqile, BWi no daabtn vhtiMf 
ef ingeuloni opiniona irtll Ma 
fttnued. 1 tbiok bowent, jwt^ 


tasReAL occtntMDiGis. 

my 'MB,vfllb«dMta«Mto'&mT« 
ay nAeetio»oa mmm polots ; I 
flutU thcmfore Bcattm ft fbv. 

" It will prabiAly be Umlt. 
ted, Itat at Iks ttaantlty of noii> 

dnirw faai tbepiiDdpal rf»- 
ttmt ia <nlv suSdent ts pt«> 
■emUa witlwntBddiagtotk* 
Mk of in pan, it McaiTM Uood 
ariy liraoi iBall aitaries, pep* 
kapa fi«n tke bcanriusaf ths 
■pnwiniary arteries, where th^ 
~ aaiy. ifloaa^ata yikh tkelargv 

lagdaat to rappoit ■ 
aftdf *t (dfcabttioa, nailM 
ta ttat (tf tha/aCMf IK Httra ; .tbt 

UHJ^iMdifietffcflfbre'wa aaaht 
enwiod to Meovnt fbr the few, 
but ^teetsive fcnO wfafah betonf 
tatHs put of tha Mbjaet: to 
aeerant fortheM on oomnumly 
ractiTed piiaoiplw, it will ba 
iieeeaaai7to HippoM tbat dia 
thm on Oa PrinHdltl gem. 
nda cotrfaetare fmnovaa aoma 
af o«r oncaniac. It czphdn* 
bowih» bntaa A^e iiin all 
nBp«(da a Simtr i mm eam nmu 
to both. ThM tfce pan^te ia 
titer a twa only a dapSoata oTth^ 
erincipftl, mt nora diSevU t» 
M imagined Hum a aappleBm^ 
tary tageror loa. Hem bow 
•var oar Md axpaadi into • 
wildernoM, into wbidiitwooHl 
ia eater wilhoat a 

) ataca 
a Uoad 

mag.^m i iliiia J tofbapriiwipal 
^ a aet of vsliii peanliar to tta 
paruytic state of exiitenoe. it 
iVhi^} prd>ablo tkat tkeen- 
tfelB fflhMnaijr ayitem iamtat' 
lag, or iaa atale',af oonMleta 
•acpor, aad Own the Sactaa ap> 
yeanqce of the abdomen, wa 
e^ soBixtely doubt bat the eiy- 
Ippofclte wvra na in a ■imilar 

" TUa view of our aobjaot 
•ecoads aafficioDtly well with 
that Theory of Houtrotw Pro- 
4notiMH whicih tuppoiea that 

Co diitiiKt ambryoa had ooa- 
iced by tome aoaidsntal dr- 
camiianoei) which may hava 
canwd the ainona of eedi W 
l^dWe ; and eontrorerti an 0(£- 
^on ^ab at one time had ma- 
nv odroaatu reifnting the oaa 
ai tiw liqtur ammi. . It may be 
•onjeatored on the Mmenew, 
Aftt the great sympathetic nem 
m(MM suppKeitheuriaBry ^id 
genital arstoma, and that ih« 
■ertes of his ^a art. difFoRDd 
•aar that of hia broihec also^ AH 
> .ftis will require that the ner- 
,Taas qritau shall ba cmuidan- 

Colons) OBOKot Paoak oon- 
nanltiated to the meeting Os 
thanks of BanmSBNoa of Fa* 
lis for Iba Ugh marie of dlstine:. 
^oa he had raaeived In heiqr 
•lootad aa honataty memher m 
the Aalatia Society. Colonel 
PAoaNobsotred, that the Baroa 
was prmaiing to transmit to 
the Soeiety the flrit part, proof 
impression, of a most extensive 
wofkoaHeda Uuirersal Hl'sto- 
nr of Art, 'freit the oaiffieit agoa 
WWB to Ae preseiH period, tl> 
lostrated by nnmerotu enjcrtf- 
Tiugi. [0*vt. 0«r. Afr. 33. 

By, the Argj/U w« have had 
onr files of Mauritius Papns 
eampleted to the 9th of De- 
oaiMtcr, bat the contents ofihose 
which we bave now- received 
bra very unlntcre sting. Wa 
published oa Monday, from 
tb^ oolomna, a list of Shipping 
Arrivals at, aiid Departures fhna 
Port IiOois; and we only meet 
wldi u siDgl* arlSbie besides, 
that oan be acceptable to oiir 
^aaders. This indeed, isioiii' 
■ ■ "th Bi*. 




jM(a, 00 trUck flte ax«rtio«i of 
KOod men in the preaent ago 
Save been suoceufliUy employ- 
ed wiih Uie most praiM-wortl^ 
lea), anil the coBtamplalioii *r 
wbi^isso^eBaUvto the pbi- 
Jaatkro prist, that we tranalaM 
tfae wtiole a* we ind it, for tlw 
information oi our read;ra. 
•' Port hovi^—^ib NoTem- 
ber, 1821. 

" Arrived on tb« 9M, the 
Grab Elha, Captain Coutour- 
out, from Tainatavc, the 5th in- 
stant— cargo 230 bullocks. 

" PasKngers — Mes«s. Haf. 
tie and Venier, two Htnislers 
and 17 subjects of the King of 
the Ovalts and flva Government 

•« Yesterilaj, llie24t!i,«lone 
p. B. tb; OvA Princes, Rat^ 
fe and Eiuricn Simirete, accom- 
panied by Ht. Hastie, the En- 
voy of His Bicellency Govern- 
or Farquhar, disembarked from 
the Grab £Kz<i, on which they 
had been brought hitbcr from 
-Tamatavc. _ _ 

by Bedamem U be enip layi d 
in the ocenpations of Hnabas* 
dry and Maoufactnres of the 

" What more gratifynif ^a* 
ry MDid Oreat Bntain expeot 
from the employment ofaamaU 
portion of fa«r resonroei during 
the peaice, than that utidag bvm 
ttM entire elvilisatioo of a p«»- 
' pie so onmerons knd ingenwoi 
«s the inbalHtanta of Hadafcas- 
car, which is ever]' day making 
-temartaUe progress 1 

" Mr. Jones, who had (iidtow. 
«d Mr, Hastie, has remained 

guards or domest- 
ics; and bring the conBrmation 
of the treaty made for the aboli- 
tion of the Slav* Trade with 
Badame, who, as a pledge of Us 
sincerity, has sent with his 
Amliassadori ten children of the 
£rs( families in bi| kitiedotn, to 
be forwarded to England for 


t lobe 
n sent 


resenrehea and atndies, 8oee»- 
sai7 for completing and traw- 
latii^lnto ^fliah tbn Freoab 
and Hslcactas DioHoBarv tf 
H. d* FroberviUe.'' 

On Saturday morning last, m 
race of very great interest took 
place on the Calcutta Course, 
between BittoriUi*tt and Send, 
each carrying Bst. 7Ib. Craven 
DiHance, 300 Gold Hohurs. 
Be IS to a considerable extent 
bad been made, generally even, 
as the doubts entertained of 
Scitd with respect to slarliag 

Crope/ty prevented those who 
ackfd bun with great reacts 
■ess from offering odds. At 
starting ReUaraiian had a little 
advantage, but at the noribero 
turn of tlie Course Stud took 
tlie lead and kept it to the win- 
ning post, garuing ag^areotly 
with great eajie, 

Anoiher race look place im- 
mediately after between Hr. 
C.'a /,ap/wreI/o,and Mr. Black's 
Waltim, G. M. qwners riding. 
Mr. C. had no saddle or stir- 
rups, but only a horso clot^, 
and won easy. 

The races of yesterday an 

said to have been good, hot wo 

have not been supplied with snf- 

Uvient iufurnuUon to be enabled' 




tosUIMlMB|iw1bdMiy. Tb« M. MMv degT«0 <hiTiBt< flitf 

fint vu B i«c«pttaJBei foTtwQ iiiaatb,'«n4 the River* have con- 

jHU oU iHks wUcfa i»>a wm tkiaod BavigBblo Tot a period of 

vitli {treat ea» fay Capt.'d'Kek two iBOBtlu longer than they did 

If'B bq illy ... . . . Tto Se- last year. Bud^eiows ba>e sUe- 

aoni was the Hunter's Siakea, «eedefl in jiaMin^ up and down 

for vhieh six horses run, vti tbo Bhagntty to the ead of ths 

the rac* vas well ctmteMed— awnift, and, Crom its present 

nwMcra riding and oatrrying list siste, it may be expected to r»* 

•acb. Wtm by Mr. C's if uaiQ navigable for small-sieed 

•MvUv, brkatfanecfc. Budgerows until (he end of 

Hmrk. Fa. 37. March. Tbft larger boat* with 

— — merchandize have »o( bttn obitr- 

Ob Honday flvening, (be Pro- ttd to pi$t htivily Udtn i^aai^' 

■id I aiij was Tisited t)y a North oat the month. 
Weater, the first of tbe preiient The Indigo of AttiaandKar- 

jeaaan, which blew with consi- fie— is promtsing — particularly 

derafale violence, BceoaipaaM the pthnt of the former. The 

with rain, lightning and tiuBder cold season has been favotabla 

Ib abandmoe, for the space of for such Kartic Plant as had 

at least two hours. Its effect* baeB.sownia tine. — Although 

were felt to r caastdenblv dis- the U—iii h^d been all parched 

tanea froii Calcutta, the rain during January, the plant still 

ialliDg very copiously dorins preserves its vegetation, and 

the night some miles tA the tiie leaves have again appeared 

Eastward of the town, bat, al- at the end of the iuonth, in con- 

though accidents have hippen- sequence uf the increasing 

ed, as tuoal,' on the river and warmth of the weallirr. The, 

elsewhere, we are happy to plant, however, of the latter 

state that we bava not heard of sowings of Kartlo has not been 

>ny whioh have involved ieri- obseiVed to surrive at the end 

oas consequences. The early of the month. Owing to the im- 

occurrence of this North West- mense t^antit^ of lands sown 

er may be accounted fur by the in Callaye, dunng the past sea- 

BDosnally warm weather, to ion on the Diaras in Bengal; the 

which we Jiave been lately jnb- plwiter has obtained tbe oppor- 

Jecled, and the Intensity of tunity of ploughing and prepar- 

which it has served to mode- ing the greater part of hiiiculti- 

rato considerably. valion, so as to receive tlie seed 

H»k. Feb. 26. with tbe lirst sowing shower that 

may occur. 

^erfca&wW Sepprt mtd SfSs- ?»« Jtf"fl«Ty (Toot) has been 

m*tU <4 lit Wtatktr, iftt « fft™r3'>ly affected by the cold 

L»rtr BiK»l,for Ftbrmra, "a»on. and its growth has beea 

j8ai. daily acoclerated since the mid- 

' wth "**' """ ■ '"'^''riant appear* 

' """ ance towards the end of tba 

month, bntasthehotweatherhaa 

Tki W«tfr> of the Bhnfihitf set in suddenly this yoat, (about 

and G»i»gtt~-bA<nj fallen but in r month earlier thau it did tho 

F3 iMl) 


«l cALcvRA ^mvM* vmixrjm lan. 

bap ft* pidn (of Batlej ud 

wfieat) hu not leen lo. wetl 
filed a* was expected. The oat- 
ting of the earlier aoVn cropft 
cqmtn'tnced at the latter end of 
the monfli. and is in a forward 
»tflfe. , The Barley and Wheat 
cropi Have ripenedootuideraUy 
■ince the 16th. 

' The Boad', leadinc from the 
Presidency to R^nnCbl, are still 
ia good order, and afforded ao^ 
ceptable faoilltiea for the pur- 
pose of internal conveyance. 
' v. B> No report has beeq 

■iTCB fbr Iwaamtf, mm ■ 
WAmng of notico was n ne 
iMntioaed, and it mut bna 
been a litsral oa|9 at tbat fw 
pecenber, with Ike aingle ■ddi' 
ti«ul statMBOBtfthatdntingtha 
month of Janavy the grain 
otapM were (cenerally diriviiig< 
The pnhlioalion of the pteaant 
np<xt hni been deli^d in con> 
teqnenoa of the neaaamBO* 
oeasarily adopted to- ascertain 
and state preoisdy ihenrai*- 
stanoea of (]w river pavigatioo. 

fbr Marchy )821, 

Teiterday tb« OjHtiin SMt*,. 
mnounced by advertisement 
for some time bade, took place 
nt tb« Exchange Rooms and 
lasted a little more than three 
hours. Daring that short spaos 
of time the aoaotitr of tbe Drag 
disposed of letcbed nearly fiftg 
fow Itici of ri-ptet, and the Sale 
was particularly distiagtushed 
by the rapidity withwhich it waa 
completed, the boldness of tha 
native speculators in their pur- 
chases, the small difTerence be-, 
twceu the extremes of. prioe, 
and the unprecedented rates to 
vrhich tbe whole advanced. Th« 
first 42 lots were knocked down 
*CTy. speedily to a native pnr- 
ebftser at 3&&$ rupees per chest, 
and in subsequent cases quanti- 
ties to a large extent went off 
wifll eqval dispatch. The fol- 
lowing isa suiament of the re- 
nttii Yic. 




1 Vs. 






11 u 




. Tbe renlti of tbe lut lal* 
in Decfinbn were coniidered 
«xt»iuel5 high, the aTernKe 
price per chest of Behu beini; 
$43A 1 9, and of Benares 
S4S3 & 7, bat It will be seen 
Arat tliB avenge prices at pre- 
sent exceed them, in the former 
<asebyneariy 113 rupees, and 
&i tte lattn by more than 30. 
Tbe UgliMt pnee of Behar at 
^K last tale falU abort of the 
■»■« price an tbe preaant, by 90 
fBp«e>, and tbe bigbeat of Be^ 
aorea at the last aale is onlj 
Cqoal to tbe lowest that the 
pame quality ha* brongbt at 


Rales ae diffeieDce 
Ob present is rtxj gmt, U 
ttiui, In Harcb, IQIQ, pro- 
daced 816 8 2, and Benarea 
821 10 6, per cbftst, leis tb^. 
tkey bave now fetcbed. 

Bufk. UTarck 1. 

BmeltJor'i BaU.—Tbe Baeb»- 
lon of Calcntta gave a very plea- 
dn( proof of their good idlow- 
^p andjcallaatry at tba Town 
Hall on noaday last. Upwards 
sir seven bnndred cards of invi- 
thtion,we andentand were is- 
vned, and tbe dencinE room pre- 
sented a splendid scene of gai^- 
tT and fuhion. It is almost 
Heedless to say that all tbe beau- 
ty and elegance of Calcutta 
were a«Ben£ledon thu feitive 
oecastoa, and that tbe President 
wad Stewards performed their 
ToluDtary talk witfa the ^Kstest 

BoUteness and pleasure. The 
Maiunis atid Marcbioness of 
HastliiK> honored the Baobelori 

with their presence. Dancing 
commenced about half past ten 
(^ClodE, and was continued till 
phst midnight, when Supper was 
announced in tbe Haibie Hall. 
Hie arTUDgements were of the' 
lint order ; there was a profa- 
rion of every thing to gratify tbe 
tiuta and aight. After anppar 

Hr. Wjuch, who presided uaA 
was seated between his iUostri- 
ons gnesta rose, and rcuuestcd 
tbe gentlemen to fill up a mnqxr. 
Every ear was instantly on tfa« 
alert, and fortunately we hap- 
pened to be so near him that uot 
a word escaped us. 

Gentlemen, said he, were I 
about to offer any other toast* 
than that wbidi I shall bave the 

EleBRure of proposing, I should 
e inclined to commence, La- 
dies and Gentlemen, an o&usual 
mode I bebeve of prefacing 
toasts in this Hall, but apparent- 
ly called for oo the present occa- 
sion. As it is, however, not- 
vittutanding the seeming want 
of gallantry of my commenco- 
meot (for which I hope to utono 
before t conclude) it is to yoa 
Gentlemen I address myself 
nbtsi I menHon that I will givo 
yon a health — to say you wiU ro- 
ceive it well— were too cold an 
expression — you will driidiit,! 
fbel assured with tbe entbusiasm 
the subject naturally inspires. 
— ^tt will hardly be expected in. 
prefacing this toast, (whicb yoa 
will doubtless have already anti- 
dpated) that I should eulogizo - 
tbe felicity of conjufn>l We : that 
happiness I haveyet to expert', 
ence, and unless l bad itOf tb» 

Erospeot before me of enterine 
tto that happy Mate, I should, 
not now have the honor of ad- 
dressing you: an honor I duly 
appreciate, but cannot bat la- 
ment to find myself entitled to t 
—neiUier is it very desirable Uk 
detail the ndseries of a singlo 
life, of which, I have had suffici-' 
ent experience : and thdog^ sin- 
l^e, as I have Ae consolation oC 
not finding myself singular ia 
this respcot, I am on willing to 
run the risk of unnecesaaiilf 
wounding the feelings of my 
worthy aasoriates by dwdling 
on this part of the suftject I res- 
pecting which therefbre, in Jsom-' 
pauien ts (heir fMlnf s and my 



•wil, fhe lew laid, die better ; Oantlemeiv— t will ^'ve f oa fL« 

eapeciallT as Ibe mueries of a Marchioness of Haiti:ig3, and 

Bachelor s life aie too well th« Ladies who hava this utgbt 

koown to need bdj lUHber dei- honored us tfith their presence, 
criptioa — ftoi G^ntlemtD, will I The Tout was of caurs* 

take up i our time and attention drank with delight and rathnsi- 

—so much more\'edly de- asm. Soon afterwards the par- 

Toied.atid so justly due to tha t; returned to the SaU-room, 

(lir guests of this eTeiiin|, bj where the sprightly dance waji 

describing generally, the luGu' resumed with increased auiitaa- 

cnce of female charms on our tioii. A great number of ludiea 

ftaver occupations or lighter did uot retire till about ihree 

MUttseioents.— Thos much, how- a'clodk, and the Bacbctors, a- 

«ver, I trust I may be permitted moog whom was the eloquent 

to say on behalf of my Bietbren Preddent,. were resolved upon' 

kndmyself Ihatmen.anduottba doiugampic honortotbe occ»< 

least so. single men, must ever aion, nnd contbnied tQI" pa.j- 

be Mabitiou of winning, and of eyed mora beffan to peep. 
^eierviB^lj to win, the approv- 6ott. 6*i. iskr. 1. 

ing smiles ot the fair 1 for it ii ■ 

at their shrine, that the moat ex- As exfraordinart report of » 

ailed talents must he content to violent outrage has been la 

iow. before they can hope to oirculafioii since Saturday lasL 

eonqner; it is at Ihc altar offe- -^It is briefly as foUoTa:^ 

mala beav^ that the proudest On Friday nigbt about eIeTe4 

trophies to which valaur can as- ^'dock, as two gentlemen, Mr> 

pire, aretobe obtained, — With- PeSousa and Hr. GonaalvM, 

wtttbcm peace would nolonger Were rGturuing (a Calootta. from 

be pleasing, war c«ase to be h». the Citoutingbee '['hcatie, their 

■orable. — Society if indeed it Ba)i:gy was suddenly stopped 

deserved that name, witliout by t^vo JGuropeaos muffled up in 

them sinks iuto solitude. — Exis* grent cijats, uud with muskets im 

tcncB becomes a burthen and a their hinds. 'Hit: ru([lao^ 'oiitoe* 

blank. — Their's are indeed ttio diately demanded their watches 

■miles which if granted, lift ua 6aA money, aud procee^d to 

to rapture, but withheld, doom fUnber acts of violence, lb.. 

ns lo despair.— Still less Gentle* (JoBsalves, who declared that h^ 

men it ia neccaaary that I should tad notldi^ valuable on bis per* 

detain yeu longer from the toast, sun, was dragged out of th* 

for which you are naturally bar- Buggy and beaten over the bead 

patient by expatiating on the in a most brutal manner. One 

]partieulat Instra abed on this of t)ie awtilauis fired a musket. 

Assembly by Oe cbarros of at bim, and ibe ball pased 

which we are now proud t« tbrougkUaloWMJaw. Bu. De 

boast.— To do jasiice to those dooza is aUo said to bare beea 

ehatms I feci myself unable, aad shot at twine, and had Ids coUar 

■luit be content in respect to bone brokeit. lie was also pjnn- 

tfaem to adopt flie espressiona dared of Jtii watch and a fe# 

tflhePoct, whenlsay, rupees. He Buggy bwsa, fd^. 

" To such, as see them not, tened by the noise, ran away^ ' 

my words ware weak. and the sufferers were lelt io a ' 

To those who gaae on them, deplorable state fhuatiiewonnds 

what lanruH([e oiu thef tiie^ had received, andtheagi*- 

■peaki'* . tation into whioh thoT bad been ' 




.ttrawn. Tbty homtntr tnccDed- 
ed in getting borne, aod tho moit 
sotire «sertioiij at the Police 
Ofice were aet on foot for tb« 
poTpiwe of tracing and appT»- 
Bendiox the luppoaed perpetra- 
tors of diii extraordiaary ont- 

. Wfl bave KDtheri^ to itat* 
fliqt Ibis story of a robbery by 
roSaos malBed in great coats, 
or in any atber vaj, is entirely 
without foondation I Mr. Gon- 
■alves was woonded by a pistol 
(all, and it was not till Tuesday 
evening that he was able to de- 
fcribe the niaiiqer in which it oc- 
curred . ibid. 

Catealtm Atuiliary Biblt S<>- 
Htli/. — The AsaiTcrsary Meet- 
ing of this Society was held at 
the Town Hall on Wednesday 
ttt 31ft oltimo, pursnant to pub- 
lie wtic«, when (he Report of 
Ae proceedings during the last 

Ktt- was read as usual by tho 
esidont. W« aro bappy to 
add that the oce«ision a[)peared 
to excite a strosger interest 
^aa any ot Aose wUch have 
-preoeded it, owing to the recent 
•stablishBMnt of an AuxilialY 
BiUo Society at Madras, ft 
wilt be reeolleoted by those who 
baro attended ta the annaal re- 
port of the Calcutta Society, 
that tins was the only event that 
was wanting to complete tin 
chain of Biblical eporatiani in 
the East. Since the establish- 
-MentofOe Calcutta BiUe 80- 
dety, similar institstioas had 
%een socoessiTely formed atCo- 
iaiabo, Bombay, the Haaiitiu», 
Prinee ef Wales's Island, Cape 
'•f Good Hope, and Bencoolon. 
Madras alone remaiiied of all 
-the prinidpal Britiah Satdo- 
Bents, without its looal as»ooi»- 
tioD. Early in IS30 an Aviolia* 
ty Society was at Imgtii esta- 
■jibbed in that place. Tbere- 
-Bort oMde a prorainent mention 
«f tbat instllutioii, as oiw de^ 

tined, in all probability to per- 
form very essential service to 
the general cause in a quarter, 
where the local advantages for 
deliberation and action are so 
great, and where the field of la- 
£our is »o Taut. Some interest- 
ing particulars were given of 
the progress of the New Societf 
since its oonunencement. In 
tile absence of the more fu> in- 
iMniution which may be expects 
ed in tiie Madras Report, it wiH 
be satistkctory to the tHends of 
the Bible Society, to observo 
that all tiioie deparlinenU of h:- 
bour, which embrace the versi- 
ons reifuircd in the Peninsula, 
have been transferred to the So- 
ciety at Madras, and adoplcl 
there with increased vigour, and 
witli the best prospects. Indeed 
the names of the Gentiemen as- 
sociated in the Patronage and 
in the Management Of the So- 
ciety's concerns, sRord a sura 
4>lcdge that nothinf? can bo 
wanting, which zeal and talents 
■nited in the best of oanses can 
■apply. Thus the Calcutta Bi- 
ble Society, after ten years of 
bibonr, during which it has di- 
rected its attention with a pa- 
rental solicitude beyond the li- 
nits of this Presidency to every 
place in (he East where its ser-i 
vices were required, row sees 
hseir surrounded with auvtia- 
ries in every dircotlon, and en- 
joys the satisfBCtion of wit- 
nessing general and com- 
bined efforts which, with the 
blessing of Providence cannot 
but be productive of ex- 
tenrive good. We could with 
pleasure advert to manv parti- 
milars contained in the New Re- 
port, tending to shew the (mo 
diaraeter of such tnstitations ; 
but as the subscribers and Uie 
pnblic at large will soon have 
an opportunity of seeing it in 
print, we content ourselves with 
observing that the topics «dveri-' 
«d to were calculated to impress 



tht ChriitUD with a. lense of 
tbankfliliieu fta «bat ims been 
•Iready aecomplUhed, u well 
as to iupiie bun with the beat 
hopu for the foture. Some 
stnluDi; facta wiU be fbondin 
Ihe AppentUx. caJcaleted ' to 
prove what essential aid is af< 
Ibided by Bible Socteticg, to 
Christian Charches, and Chiis- 
tiaa Misiioiu. Thoie wlio?e- 
Joice in oomtemplating the ad- 
vancement of true religion taaj 
console themselves witii the aa- 
•oiance that tho great move- 
Btents whieh are now in pro- 
cress Oroaglioat the world for 
ttsdifliuion and establiafament, 
taken in connection with the 
sore word of propbbcj, afford 
the stronfcit encouragemeat to 
perscvehng labonr. We are 
fcappy to hear that the conlriba- 

iBgyear by about 4,000 Sicca 
Rupees. Ibid. 

Aatai nfTanjort. On Friday 
last His Highnifas the Rqah of 
Tanjore arrived in the neigh- 
fcoiubood of Caloatta. He waa 
net by C. R. Barwbli^ Esq. 
Judge and Hagistrale of the 
Bniiurbs, at Uie distance of a- 
bout a mile, and coodoctedto a 
bouse prepared for liim at Snl- 
keea where he was received by a 
dentation from H. T. Piiihsep, 
JEsq. Secretary to Qovernmeotin 
the Persian Department, to con' 
rratulate his Highness. Two of 
the Oovermuent Bhanleaba were 
assiened him, and Hoitday tiav- 
incbeen flxod for bis interview 
vttb flid Moet Noble the Go- 
VEKNnR Gehbkal, the Persian 
Secretary met him at Chandpaiil 
Ghaut and accompanied him to 
the Goverodieut Hoose in a 
eoach and four, provided foi the 
occasion. There were tliree o- 
dier carriages for the acoouuuo- 
datioa of his Suite, A ■aktie of 

■erorteen gmu was find ftoBi 
the lamparts of Fort WtUiam oa 
hb landing, and the Body GouA' 
and Honorary Gaaidweredr«wii 
out. The Chief Secretary, and 
the Political Secretaij, received 
Jiis Higbness at the grand ocT- 
traQce.andon the approacli of 
the VLkikteUx Marqma of Hast- 
INOS rose, and came forward k 
Cbw itepa and embraced. Hia 
mghoesya attendants presented 
NutitTM, and five be^des bimaelf 
bad ohaira. 

The Rajah is travelling to Bi^ 
naiei and AUaliabad. sod camo 
hero to be presented to the Go- 
VEKNOB Genekai.. He has, Wo 
understand, bean invited to Bar- 
rackpore. He is said to have a 
relinue of about 2000 men, band- 
aomely eqoipped. . 

Hamilton in hia new work on 
the Geography trf Hindooitaa 
gives the fidlowiog aocount of 
Hia HighueM. 

SeBFAJEE, the present fiajab 
ofTaqjore, is the adopted son of 
TuuAJEB, who diedio 1786. He 
was oarefiilly eduoated under a 
most respeot^e Danish Missi- 
onary, Mr, SCHWARTi, and 9- 

Brahminical dootriaes andsoperr 
stitions. In otter respects be ia 
a man of liberal sentiaients, and 
particalariy Indolgent to the D^ 
nish Missoaaries who Hve in bis 
country, and whose oondnct doe« 
honour to die Chiisdaii name. 
While yetanindqMtdant princ^ 
he protected their sohotda, whic^ 
were fostered, by his old tntot. 
til. ScHWARTs, and extended 
hii Idndnesstotfae Roman Catho- 
lics alio, who, in ITSO, were e»- 
limated atlO,OOOpersons. Ser- 
rAJF.i understands the Encliab 
language perfecfly well, and has a 
library of £ngllab books in irtiiab 
he passes great part of tlie daj, 
and he reads the Bnglish new^. 
p^era, J»i4. 



■ On Satsidliy ««eiilnr t&« ex< 
tteeted tem between Smd and 
aSoMla*-, fbr tWft miloi, took 
)i>iee, on the Course, but tlta 
upMtxnoDS tttti wwf large b5< 
traahbre of iMcttitdrB wen 
wrtibij nbtfitOy gratified, for' 
the'Unei wan nston the 
fraaadrntiiao Ban had rank 
to ttalioricDn. nd m increas- 
li^kae. wbioh nppenrcd verjr 
pmi Ue Oie harbinicer of ft 
North Wester, rendeied llie 
■ore dutsnt puts of flu Conne 
MUWly diMemiMe. Anotbor 
pottpmmnent of tbe nee was 
cspwted, or B dedBloii of it by 
tte paynKDt of forfeit, when tiie 
btnci «er» dfBr.oTered niBkin)r 
fan As vtartintr T>ost. wbich they 
tMdml fts Ok ttackramg clouds 
Mbeosae very black to tba 
K.W.awt over tke river. At 
ihi<lHI,1n|Mi mini off ttt B tear- 
hq^Mtfi. &»d taking the lead— 
IbeVaylvjddch tUQ' were mo- 
weed eoM "aawedy be judj^ 
eflNnrerer, (torn the Stand, dd- 
P,4cy appniBcbed it, . when 
SWwu seen I«adln|^ wtll in 
baifd, Us rider chiefly carefal to 
prereBtthe efforts of Seiuttvr, 
iBne^stely b^ind btm, from 
Mdojr in^e. kTta qniting 
hand Mnaibly ahead, wastd 
me gained a jrteat deal on tti« 
Otter beftiro Ihey reached the 
pilonttft tnn. He wka then 
leMlufdiB nntd abrerat of tbe 
laa,«hMt allowed- Snator -to 
MOM np. and - Ae Interest tf the 
nee appeared tUis to fabrease, 
ht Ae cenfldeMeplaead In tiio 
nperior bottom W Samtw by 
Uibeekoradia mot ndte their 
teh, aa it was »j 

. _ da need, 

dn*» .eaiffed Ibr tbe othfT, 
tW M nrUutr beldnd ermy s«- 
#jl, tnA&wl eameiii In srsnd 

style, witbont qppenrliig at all 
more fa tinned than SauUor. The 
Issue of tbia race goes to prove 
B foot, which was little suspect- 
ed, that rS'ruffr- bottom Is at 
least aa good as that of Senalvr, 
lioce he eanled 8st. 2llb. to Se- 
tutor'«7st 111b. and, altbough 
the rider of the latter was &• 
reeled to keep him at fats gpeeil 
all round, yet the cdebratMl 
Jack Burnett, who rode jSnuf,' 
took care to shew- him that h* 
had no chance of getting fore- 
mosC . Hurk, Martk &t 

It 1^ gra1if)ingtolie(ir of thtt 
cnlisriiiened interest with which 
bis Hi);hDMs tfaeRiJAH of Tan- 
JORE has gone into various de- 
pBTtments of Kiirapean Scienco 
and in a traction since his arrtvaJ 
in Calcutta. At the Dock Yards, 
particutarly that of Messrs. 
Kyds and Co. he is anderstood 
to luiTe commissioned large 8Dp> 
plies of requisites for Sbv-baild- 
ing, and to hare engwed a Ua»< 
ter ArtiUcer of talent m that tine, 
lli&twtiicb, peritaps, does more 
honor to his intellectaal and ba- 
maneliberality^s his noble dona- 
tion to a Christian Charity. Ha 
visited the' Free School on Sa- 
torday last, and was so pleaaetl 
with the object and management 
of that valuable Institution that 
ho mnniGoently presented for its 
support a donatifAi of 1300 Ro' 
pees. Some time sp, we be- 
ffeve. tbe snme Inatitntlon was 
aided with no less a Bequest 
titan ten thousand Rupees, froia 
ftat exodllcnl m»i, Akthur Ja- 
cob Macam, Bsq. The Gover- 
tiors of the School would no 
doubt be disposed to make out 
of Uonations of such magnitude 
a kind of perpetnal BeaeAt to 
Ibe poor of Cslcntta, iuTesting 
tbe BfflouBt in a manner distinct 
from tbe ordinary small sub- 
■er^OM, and cemraemoraling 
the partiealar donatiana by a 
p wHI o neord en the waUs or tlw 

.. Google 


Scliool. ne proceed! or interest We have much pleworA^ 

of tbeae-twvfiftl WiU -pnbaU^ |^*iiw pnbGoity to the utm Re- 
aieiBt^ balf « doKD peoT cUl- ' pihiMHU for Oe " B^HMt Afilfr 

Attn ot Calcntta in anoceuim lary Wiihiit' Fmd," which biv* ' 

for ever. The visit of his High- I&telf heta vpprATiid and enao- 

liess will Bt any late have beea ted by du Members «f that ex- 

pivdaclive of no contemptible ecUeat instltiitiOB :— 
advantRf^ to the Chriati&u in- 
ferests of tiiis place, la raialuf 

frbrnpoTerty and ignorance an ■ 
vnceBsing snccession of at least 
OH poor diild after another. 

Stft^ and Mrs. Ucv's last Vo- 
csl Concert fnlfilied ia a strik- 
ing diegiee the exjjectalUHU that 
bw been entertained of its suo- 
ceu. The ■election fromHaydn's 

Creation were sung with great . 

pathoa, solemnity, aod effect. 
Nothing could, «c think, exceed 
the depth and harmony of Mr. 
Jmgv's voice on that occasion, 
and notwithfttandiog the exerti- 

aaie, ., /.;,[;,,... 

1. The . exiatinfg reitrietiooi 
irttKhUaiitthe subscriptionsi of 
Menhers to the Class" of their 
several Eegiaiental Raafcs ai« - 

2. AllCommissionedOfficers. 
Chaplains, and Medical OBirera 
(whether attached to the Mili- 
tary or Civil hranches, or to the 
Sstof AssisUat Surgeons, bat- 
ing given ap womotion)' are 
hencMorward at Dberty to sab- 
scribe to any of Oie Kanks ch 
Classes in the Fund, on paying 
the donation estabKshedfer such 
Jtank, andinaH respects coin- 
plyiag With the- hxistlng Rules 
oCtheJ;oati^1WB,.wlai4 down 
for soeh Glass. 

3. Officers' and ' others (as 
above) akeidy Hc"^^ iif ftie 
Kind, are periaitte'd,aeiw< d<; "^If 

fmttn time, to beowie iHember 
-'- higberCUss,'«A' paying tlte 

On ' gatnrday evening Iwt 

Sr. MiTPORD's B^ Bn^isli 
srseSnuI, 8H. ^b. beat Un 
Tkeves' Grey EntfllA Horse 
Se«ator,7it. lllb.-4lataiw«twa 
miles, SDO OoM Hohurs, H. F. 
— £tMf took the lead shortly af- 
tat, sbtftiiig and won in B cMiter. 
Acnbettinfaweek befuie the 
nwloh was ran, which rose af- 
terwards to 3 and a to 1— 4n la- 
■iiaXiOiStitii We hear however 
that Samttr net with an aool- 
itmX befbrs running, and that 
the same matok WM K|<dn offiw 
•d, bnt Mftisedt 
Snd was rede byJ.Bamatt 
iSnwtor by Fox— Tins 4n. 
I8i4 ' {««(.6ar.ia)v8. 


BENGAL occurrences; 

inft RbIm ua suck tugbeifUMfl. 
in t '^ nspecti u if thvf wer* 
poMutod to BvpanoT Rukin. 

aobtal riik and place in the So- 
cim, orHidta to d Ugh«r, ««- 
MMiB^ ' to U> «m«CTBeiioe ; 
btfl toi^lber vllh tneretud' 
P W Bihi W , tuid l« marrmt tk* 
meremttd Ri$k on the patrt of 
tba -Fmd, he- mast fonush « 
freib CettiSciito for evefv riie 

of aH9. 

A Tbeataliai^Mid wdfitrs 
«f thifl Fufld, UM of aU aisoci- r 
aliou for stnifkr. pnrpiues^ - 
maifiljr demanding i» the an- - 
doobted goodneis of die lives^ 
wUob it cavers, ud Um nA, i 
which it mdertalies, it is eues- 
tial'to declare moit distiaotlf , 
thttt DO applioBtions for nete or 
t aaraw«ij Itislu can he granted 
when the individuals we on 
aotnal gerTice, or serving Ib 
placet notoriously nnheBl- 
fhy, or under tlie visita- 
tion of Epidemic disea^ie.— • 
The Direetors are Aerefor* 
compelled to reserve Hie fullest 
power of reiection; but they 
vrili slate their reasons for the 
exercise of this power on their 
proceedings, tmAifdriirrH, M 
the partT so rejected. 

The foitovli^ corrected forma' 
of Certiflcato are to be *8ta- 
blisfaed for tfie Aitora, in lieil 
of those now in Use : 

We the uBder9ifpl«d'HMI(HA 
Ofltcers in the 9&vie« of Hi>' 
Mnesty or fte Honortrtittr Bast 
Inina Company, [at lAe cms 
Wr] do hereby sotemnty deJ 

b« tBooBve^entto oowinoe tugl 
•obKiiptionii, ■!« ut liber^ tq, 
deJcenatoAiowi»Ola«(, in the, 
m»Ib; bat ihoHld th9y,wi»l^la^:U« ". 
■ j a ia t<M>higher-fHBW, tjboir, arv-- 
to eoafwm if Mtfry raguu to tho , 
preceding a^l^> 3 imm 4 ^ 
rtapeetto eer^catq an^jdouB^ ^ 

darfc npon onr honor, that w« 
_ Iwve earefoUy and petsonalljr 

■A. HembcTB towbomitmaj:' examinedinto the state ot At 
B.'s health, and that we pro- 
nnbce Unto be ftot ft«m .^a,y 
bodtlgr eomplalnt of adtngerotw 
tcHdeaay, attd betiere oiB t» 
b» a rood life. 
• C. D. >AmA, Corp* <m( 
S. P. i StmMu 

■!" A. B. do h«nby. Mtemnlf 

able by Members laBKfibiHfW a ; AMIore nilon my hoBor, that tktt 
contents of die above Certift' 
cate are in dl respeols traev ti» 
th« best of my k<iow1«dK« and 
belter itfaat I have «ieio»ed t» 
IM«rB. C. D. andE.F. every- 
tMA#r«)alfttg4«»y-bealtk and 
constitation ; and that! do be- 
HMKXff^sfclC to'bv' a peH^cUr 

g#oMi»ni.'- '■ ■' ' ' ■ ■, .. 

- ki-K. \0iiHk,€v^, Suaivnt 
!>■(«.] Siftted ana dedand im 

:. Cookie 


Mag mt [Gmf.'m tl 

lalbB-oBM of Pt«iMMC or 

'DirMtoroooDniiV' JDtt* later* 

mM Htedngf, ■ spedBl MetU 
'fnglato be eaUod (nndcr tha 
' fonu above prcMlibad' ud »o- 

■ oTchuiinffa saeooiaor, Fnuka 
> -vethqcasMbretiMvidAd. - 

!£. On ooCuien of «n7 pvd* 

txita- aad toponMrt botineM 

r vMohiM]' BeocMirily ra^re 

Mm cttDenrraBcs or oplaloa-^ 

I tliffSiMfety at lane, AiMoUl 

I MoMiagawiU be oriManfci 

I (Iw fbnn- ab«*t p(«KttbM, 

I -PhmImdM Toiiaff. «» ttMr 

alleged ■idMWDaBaiii«it4MC «flteT 

, emcTgcM NMo Ao«M>wm 

-«» any twelve- UemberMMtlb- 

' 'Mribets to nfatns' ' 'fll# 4»- 

!, ttov «f the SocMly «t tarfe. 

imoti B Special Moetiar ilMll^e 

jgitttiMMd. hT'lte- ftcridtnt, 

■•lltte 'wrltlanfeqdnltiaM 4ar 

OMtlb twelve Henlfen OF Mlb- 

■wiben andW- tbe' form aboW 

'wesorfbed. .'..-). 

. •'■ /. TOUNQ. PrnUim- nd 

■ 4V«MMMK B* OMkr «C the 
miM^txii,- H. MlUtn N DBLts 

■ ClLOOTH WiDOtM' Fdhb ' 1 ' 
'.Omeii r*b.9T. 1831. 1 
' . [<)W. Gar. Mtf. 8, 

torgorthepa^t je(rf,'"1ilWUlA- 
--UBfidbflatMlftlMo/ iiltnl 
- l»ihUlf> '6«riHrifaHJtr(abt 
~ "iMwi (Mtt"nriiaBayih*ie nb*. 
-.inbalcd tatteVH^iinilBTiitN 
-iDotiMabfiKQAt 'Mr 4feeotseiUasl 
a iilDl|t1wbi)i(freMl)liiH9ithi8<'8te 
xeMilRi(t<b'Kiwnb irter nammiae 
e lhatAt»o«iiM t^ndnfirai^iiig^, 



•iUftpUMe««it(B lbs WV- 

about hair pMt 4liCF4.y'clMdc. 
li»'»rKkoB.Ui«stii>ai off. Nu- 
K«T|Wil Point. . Slie.iraa tken 
--(DiJ)e«dieritl«of;.1(aM« 'pbr 
- Afnu.witb«tiid(lu«uiLiMt£iw ' 
■:JUid aloft. Thv fint eflavtt mule 
; to fct b«r off havins fiwJ«d„fke 
- . *u drivwi fMibe[<e». t)i4 i^al, 
.. sod iu About baU>a bow. 'h' 
itraok so heavily that tht rud- 
der «*hipiHB4. ahf. being ; 
.■iMOt 2h feet b> the alero. 
-Thauicborwsa vt^ W, yre- . 
WBt her . 4iifii«i; mwv ^o 
bnaktaa, ,bat the le^^bU aooa 
p»rt«d. AtdajligbtaUthttU- 
4m* wen *«fcl][..ooDvflyed.»ii 
. ■bote.UoD»«ftbeship'a.boW*, 
«pd it^ would appeu that^DM, 
■UeMt,itf the othei pwueiimri 
W)r««JWwd lofUft in ^eheit 
.V»v>ik<9 omUi'U Jilt wiilK 
o«f %)«ttw>Lfr«» **'«'» •»« WW 
.^iwte^ayi, "|eei«cti»beltflr 
.. cMieyfuiof fron auffl^ UaA 
' G«i, f»t wite Mfe jbh fhou, 
. ^Mhough w surf .WW Terr 
. bisk." Xbe CaRbun »9d OB- 
ccn rematined on boud, but 
, iy» [sohabilitsr remtdoed of gei- 
.ttaB,Uieibipoff again, u eho 
IMUMttftlLW leaatfl feat .in 
.tbeiewd- Several boats had 
(^nfl off from tfac ibqie ,to„her. 
op ttw !Wth, «Dd «t WW Ihmfht 
^thatlheywonltt he abletofet 
all the cargo out, which only 
,cADMeied.«f aoae-bw, .buu, 
. fiheeaea, kfi.., Va WfflwpRy lo 
.find that «»livAK are stated to 
.hMehqealnMip ooKM^aettOtt 
.0F thia .MWEKtnoMe acoideid, 
^4>thji aitoatloa of the paa- 
iMHWa. iWia«H> U they reaob- - 
M tfeaufbafOr- wu rendered 
. iwrf''l*fM*'IV. ^ wun hof pi- 
.M^«r^r..T«ykK, iheCaoi. 
iquniftf ReHdoKt at Uadapol- 
WMWhowill) Mrs. Taylor. b«- 
Mf ed inJthiB fciiidMt and m«it 
lUlMtfKfiiaaaner to all.. Tliey 
AJwkM.>t« Mi^ioM Cal«Htt«, 

in twD or tbrae ditf •• fa a tnall 
. »Mae) IbBtth«y had Undlbr 

-/IHTX. ««■. !«. 

wKen no inarka of violence' wero 
discovered on bii body or clothei 
an4 ><Hne rapeea were found in . 
bis pocket. 

Iq the Noitb Welter OfBatUF- 
iaef tA^tt a native' daOdy, 'cm- 
plojvd In aame of Ae bectv on 
tb»it«(a,»pcrienDMl » fataai- 
aHaxtortiiaiboTe; aadwe havft 
been inforMed, althongh «• 


lag the North Wetter ftat then 
Utrkt JfaP. Ml. 

:,, Google 


- di^ were joong agun, it '» !»•• , 
possible to SAf where their , pa- - 
titode would stop ! 

Cat. Jour. Mmr.\. 

AJltilUib»d,M»rtk 10, 1821.— ' 
T)ie tchabitantB of Oie Station > 
of Allahabad were ytttarAa^- 
fratified with tbe brilliant ipec- 
tacle of a grandReriew and lo-^ 
■pectioa of that Gaecoipa, Uie . 
lit Batt. of the ISlh RcfL eoni' 
manded by Col. Dewai. The 

OarLetterafionilhe tnterioi 
haj^%eea^in«ielj[:telltja idilhm 


oceBuottiaqwrn^.^liitl ,M)3ir- 

At 3tMoie>tjtm»J»mMnjf>-' n 

yeral N^tl^wMrtnta Vithiitahia 

) weather waa. 


SBsroja occimfttMess. 

-,.1 VMOf hmtrMe la 

■SBeral for ue mtlthation of 
xadigo, »bA O ' cty thtni: ipnmi*- 
•ffUrfoT KsDod crap. 

From Dacca, b Correspand- 
•Btwiitva vaUrair 

** ne llcst rain ««' ksd thb 
9«tnat Daecaw«sOntha eveS' 
lag; oTflie 36th, and a lecond oa 
«ie lit 9f tUi BMBth, but on 
SnndaTtite 4tli tids city was vi- 
sited wth tremendaoiu htdl 
storm and rain. Daifc fldok 
clouds becaa to collect ' to 0» 
N. W. ahot two in the aFler- 
BMiB, and at | part 3 the itonh 
act in with a ■hower of hait 
•times onlj, of an namDaUy 
larf^rize, from l(tO' StocliM 
•Dd vpwards in ^asantcr; ao- 
cdnpanitf witka violent ^6 
of ariad, and in Itas tbaa fire 
MitRtteh tti« gtoaai vas 'flodTC- 
ly- 4ȴcye4 with ball ; tt- sonii 
' ""jrttf talB, and fortvnatelj 


■UW-'dtMUiAf. A cow, aback 
by-it tlbflt hair atone, dropped 
dirHi'afead.'and a great ntmber 
«f Wvdil' have' boeflf klQed and 
dhMM^. -We bad a ■ecood 
•aB'iSr&Aowtit tit nin, irillt 
•mjn kail atonea, tm the aame 
wiKealBB, ttfid the aky did not 
dear up antit afier midnigtit. 
HaltMoaes at aa laif;e a aise 
artf hot retaeiabered to have mt- ' 
•rb^ora been seen at Dacca.'' 
' TberftwaaafUIof^ailainrai; 
thft rain hers At the Prealdeney 
~ ' ■ ' also, bat • 

t oreMed 
aayiaiatT'or vUcb w« an i^ ' 
ware. Cti. Jokt. Mmr. 10, 

i|i4I«Rfeitpo(ideHt has ttaiU-^ 
ri WHdWt^hDrfy»te,fioataH>^ ' 
iu tke ameaMe^MaftteniKr' 

MAIIm^ SMhTAMrifi tt^ «K'~- 
HOMtetMfft <«aHtr'^b«net<61«M <'- 

a InMtMtBMlif IM^e/ hnil 'teA 
tt^k^itf glWWW' Areata- ' -' 

pore, aiMl hw ftartber tTaamSb 
ted , aa a neiDenlo of ilia ealeeiQt . 
three foM medals, eaeb bearhtfT 
anlmprMrioaofkisbiiat. Htqr 
tiieh- naefiil and plfianthrople 
labora attain all the aaccen 

-We hare bettl lAte to oolfeM - 
no fttrther pattielilara regarding 
the fire of "nmrBday etetung. 
tktaattbr.tbmo it is n!d«i> ' 
-bave originated in the hut of s 
FaqueeT, in CbnnaniOatlj', and 
that tliir man had l>eea raken 
into enitody ; while otbera a^ 
diRtit'wai oci^iuionedb]rachild 
gtring W bormw Fire from the 
hoage ofalTakiam or' Native 
Dootor. iBlVttIInitt!aVZ;itne.'-Its 
ravagM 1^ iiT^^'Hchibdld ' 
h<f Cniniani'enl^'wid-OSbMitil- 
lab, in Oe '«»*») K«f*4<^~ tbe ** 
Bow ROMor Mid'WeXIKiixm'' 
BiMd,tuidi*MitYai«IA'^fiaear. ' 
WlMgaa'm dlfdktl^d ilbtrrft .* 
firse^cKefi; AWniat'g^'iifider - 

ewv««der»'Kt'l!bePMifyeB' ' 
«»■ win- r«W»efc(>h very h»*aft- * 
.p^at of OuHAtf. trbicfa tobtr' 
weWeri t4at-"ii4a itxperienced " 
bere'Db the'evSii^Of Tneaday' * 
last. 'We-liMVatfcertaiDedUiat'' 
tfaD^UgbtUlm; i)MAt struck tbo ' 
attf»M>Ww'x;fet."Grftlmi,l8T- ' 
in#^Bi'a#Rft«/Wf iffwn; hut " 
irtlMt«)'UKfttig'W>BK provided 
wttfr4 'Vbbft' Obtidactor, the 
elei)tfid'*lWlS''w^' carried off. ' 
wtthotk aMMtRat'JnJniT to the' ' 
Ebii),«ftH'bmiitl#t6thetD.eiioi) ' 
boahJ.'Wbfdb'K oAeHHie might 
hav4« dMet^-'USa^ XcjV^ lo de- 
meittBtt«W 'Ot^VliR^'tfr 'AtnUsh. 


vidWl ■« _ _ 

lowe»;er(ieralt)'-ii''dnlV fcdto " 
thel*attet'sedgB. HW(.*to-;iflt"J 

We'arft'glarM Teartt'ail^tiiilr"' 
Priv((f»PIBtfffftli«Boi>*'Afg^ J 



Uft atimtmy, *ltll ■ Okv* 
j^ «ra« Mtk uid 4001 Trao> 
fCn, aa «a BMort to Hr. W— » 
«■ I Hbifam here; the obiert ' 
«f wUfJi I don't know, Md lam 
aotcarioaiKboat. WeaniTC4 
Aereoa the lit, and sinoo Aat 
hmTo been eng^Kcd in Tidtlsn 
•ltd cnvttontes with (he Rbjui. 
.It li needless to gffe jOn u> u- 
ematteflodettoor, ea joa mut 
alrendj bnve hadii fuH one fron 
—, md than who were her* 


tu<«fMror (Mr Sniaint tha 
'Tom AAotiSalwdvSni^ 
last, lb^«M MM tfem M la 
wuibat, wmtmi^Kikj tt^em- 
TUMlitjr, haiMom nrf m^oT- 
nent 4uH*Mili« to the ooca- 
BM, The woithn Wv m Uwm . 
ef the laat . A»nii> tmrf, Mr 

in th» Ch^ M !thM-«*exRl«n 
alM, Mid wna Mp|»wtwl in 
Us faetifn dstm «y Cdimtl 
BndihKw, M Viee-PresidenL 
His eremnc wu one 4t nnia- 
tempted plcawre to all, the 
TosaOr wem aypfofriiit*, and 
MveraJ ^gBMlteat Sobm w«t« 
.WUC ^tfc gBsM spiirit— (he 
paitj- bsukittg' up abwrt two. 
T»gh» tba Miiat aapla tinM 
fiipawatiwaiiliiiflliiiaiiii ilii 
aiwrvaiyi an AdverliaeiBeiit 
btvheF^liafaed dn the 1st of 
Uanh -praaading, whleh <wltl 
|dT»aU aa opponwuty oT tsl^ 
uiIt' Mni^eiaante aeoardftii^^. 

tMunaat 4aA Male wgrthy of 

. Wt wBdfecMBBd tet a Iter* 

Pattr wu-fllvMr oa tt» lama 
vvMaMhythaOSMH ofH.H. 
«7ih KapmentatllielrqmrteTa 
In fart WOUhbi. which vat 
ke(tt wp wkh beeoflBiac ■ipfrit- 

^P^ ; •! 

totxtte Capital of lo lar^ a 
terriWrjint^emidstof a cooB- 
try M deMrt aolesi Hie R^ 
pool's own aoeovnt of this iBal> 
ter be tmc; tjc. that on A« 
faU of KinnMis. the RbatoT* 
.to<A poattMioB of thii oeantry 
aa a nrfinge from the HuialinaV 
inredcra, and haf tng oTerBDtM 
the AboriKtncs, fixed their Ca? 
pital at tite andeat city <tf HoA- 
4oDT, the scantj Ttnaln) of 
which are to be seen about 8 
inilea N. ttf Jodepool', In th* 
hllla. Here Oey remained nn- 

■ that a« R)^ of 1 
foatwa* ai pe a t a d to anive at 
BamaAMlha Wlh iwtatri,aa 
feb way thaoNfh Beriwmpnia 
to Bnaiaa. Banaah ia mnt 
lOmlloiftMaBflriianfMin. Hm 


• Auiaaaala 

heoB the Capful. 

tlM pnlod of tbia i^ Btaied at 
Aftifl.and'VO ytan agoj fcal 
" 1 nUt^e Bot, there b a 
Id fibont Km ' 



Pebniarjfly ISait— ' 

Made B taiwaUjr axaM i._ 
Mf of Oe rev, Mrf npf^ 
mmdk Oe vwrt ef »> MM ii 
•arjr battwnaeatta to Mmm 
the fiatitmlcaaBd IninJfti^i 
sa tfair irfwmepiMydflija^igit 


IttXGit'ocbtmRiNcra. ' 

i3,jre lk« m«aii9)rth«^ 

.M'-<»t and Us Forctt . 
ImtQunciiU on thfl 

,.---:, WW . 

tbej wQl remeanhor it . 
ttnM. Sfvx «w of . 

J tV 
li &t . 
WW , 

taof ,. 
3ieir I 

p^ or OMipooi Tt 


«(>tiie:cM*Mtl fim* af BiU.* 

In mlPtk iM «lriMe(n»te#ln>> '1 
mop;. StrfK»CirMACli4ailb' 

- ff(n(i:n&.dMie49t ;-< 

tnc latelr hnS la oppw tlft liy* 
orwitttMiMs Hn Anffabllv* 
dMp«ltttt(M> Md.b«<'tto SttM I 
dents. of dw 'fliB(*ii'>CoM>qi« 
at Bcoarca, I hKVBthi^MVMM"^ 
aecowit 9fi»'(ircamstaKM)^»«(^ 

of -coBsidurattona^alMf 'ito^^Ml^ 
uMdyytMile to ' wmi of I^MTtI 
teaAej*>4a tabn -U' famnirte^ 

The CoU«K« of BuBiwr(^»>J' 

setrital mnMeimt A»s-UIIm|M*I 
attwcted bat •iftidt ihonnaf'- 
pi44i«#1it«ntt>>i>^*^ i« bntVtri*'^ 

kiio.nn t« tit* KOMHOiff o^nI-'( 
royeaoi. Jt»Bj>ieD»eM«beri»'i 
fore to prefix a short «atMe AT* 
iti origin and paat^on^tion. 

n>er«t*4arM)rE«M CDtt(«4 
wa*. dR lRt« JtH BffUiilt oMMf '^ 
|>ater»ahlHp»lliMr«li» nn« =. 

toff nDiodUi •aicMiMiri'*!''** *%r' ^ 

Itiputf Mi i^ tH ifteBiW lMJ l-J 

niu«f Tltmv- ^DMhAMeMoit^r'" 

(hfaS'tM-'iAifa* ^ag if Jnrt f 'J 

lunrt *he<:'Ml]^l<Mttf'^4'U 

twenlj lliotiauid M t^U U ti^H^ * 
a apin»piMe<fa(A ItBe pnrpoie, 
,, M)d regnlAT pr»feHnn of the 

..unMiWI ibv^UoMa lm*ftk-MM 
, t»inedlj*l( .'^ iduTdi*! .wotr't'jl 

Wfr*wtl*<Mto^B«M «Mf 
ntablished thD itot* of Bftttrtt 



- ^WhMk f S M^WMIIt,Md Ibc pte- 
-. ^inci nhick tbair prepeedliif 
■ S(mnu»« bad rarj Mldom at> 
> UnnfMeil la -OToreaoiR brother 

- UBHf diitii those mlcnlidBd to 
^va IbMB deeper root, sxirted 

. OenaBunvlIie Hindu in al) 
' tkcii.idlevtrnigth. A17 inter- 

- iei*nc« tberefotv beymid the 
• cveadoa «r tba eitaUialnBeiit. 
. -TOi deemfld vnadviseable, and 

uiras ooniijderi^d nttnecesawj : 
t'twr^rictKc.howBvsrpiftved tbitt 
' depriiecl'Of tiw superior intelH' 

Eencp, vtiinh called it into behi^, 
-"Ueimtitaliaa oonld not enjoj 

a Iwaltkr exiitenre, and it ?«!) 
I into> B.fauiinnAijig conditton 
•' AmnirkiGli it ha* only of late 
< bcen-aroased. Tbe attention of 
. .iheGoTflmrneBt Iwebeen called 

- to iti.actDil Goaditien, and 

- measnmbKrelatci]' been adop- 
ted wUch promiie die most Aat- 
teringt MiiWEait for raJsing the 

' otdlf^ to a doeatatapfeBear 

«y antf cpedlt. 
■ . '. 3W Bentm CoUef e cotnpre- 

- kenda'th0ifi>)|D"^?')fi claiaes. 

A Snna'bji 

-lagiMlmtaniar^N^ra orLo. 

■it^iJVtUja, ■adioine.—Dker- 

R-«B«»ltKrHA>«l0M«f Poetry and 

RbMoric. Two gnauiiBr oImbt 

->Mti»d twp daiaea Cm tbe nn- 

MWriwlsdattSffifKiM aritbder 

tie Ik aetaonoU^TbeM clatsei 

-' MMtdn'tiaartj' a bandred «ta- 

- 4mUi dl-iriib a fbw exoeplions 

of the Brahmanical order, but 

• BblTPni ofievery p»rt af India 

■ il^tbBifl'eUngtelt to Nepal. JUost 

i- bfi tbM tbaitmiat ewJTO a sntaJI 

-TiaatMy ■ttfamVi bat.thefe are 

l-nvjctntta^nat ^«dc«ta .»>» 

.kham no^peeMiaiy. Jndiioemcnt 

idilbbieolhm> 'And Ibnre 


' Of Uholeraj sfncaithc catabUiffi- 
■I KiaatbaaaeMi«e4«aaiigit>eateil 

Sltdenti are admitted, ftoqi 
the Bgt of 13 to 18, bat in al| 
«airi )t ia expected that thrj 
shall bare aoqoired tbereqnislla 
elrmentarj knowledge, and are 
only adtaitted Kftcr nitde^oing 
an exBaiinadon ia. Sbantcril 
fcrammar. A rcKular conrie of 
Btnjj islbmlaiodoini, tocomr 
plele which tbe tna of 12 years 
fa altotted— Diligent attendance 
is enforced by a strict anperiisi- 
on, and the dfgtee of prognM 
M^rtainedby a.^qrter^.'ex' 
amination of the classes, both 
conductect, under. 'tfap ; Wifbority 
of a oanptittee . of auperlnten- 
dencr, by Ibe able Sbanaerit 
Schdnr who holds the ' ritoetibi) 
of Ihrii Sefretorj-. To rewn) 
indualTf, Hiid stimulate applir 
cation, an annual ekhibllfon of 
tbe proficiency of the. heMt por 
pile, with a publio .prciaathiion 
of rewards tA the aiost 'dlatln< 
gvished haa b^ established, 
and it WM the prripary mtcirr- 
lenceof tl^spartoTthenev at- 
ranKCmeoU whiob baa t^^tu 
rise to the presept (xtowunica- 

Tbe first annaJ exaarfaation 
ofthepnpilstook pUc«ib De- 
oeaiber lBst,Bnd on the Aret of 
January a nqmerwA: party of 
Ciril andHiUluir Oscars, the 
Indies at the StMwn. /and of-the 
: distii^cyMbed natives rayi- 

Bioaka. Hie (Jowwi^t (Senprara 
Afcent, nod Pfcudeat «f ttie 
Conimittefli t« wfioeas t^ dis- 

EHlations by IbO' pupil*' of the 
DsUlBiion in. jfive distinct 
brancbea-ofj^terainre, and-^ 
tbefqll««iBK«)Kle>'>.^ - 
. , lat 6'ranuMr, ^'fqrt^ ^' AifOtt- 
tion on PrOH^*" :,, 

' . lettippooenF^JicraoarayaBa. 

3d Opponent: Rnmasahata. 
, . Moderalor : V»ti|ij)l« Sa«l*i. 

8d tii-^Fii*lw:;Pf««;,!,".Ptt Ilia 
•atarefliSJflfttpVgnft," j.i; ,;;,. 
' lat.OfVt>iWfe: S^^WV^B- 


MHoAt (kidURSEKolM 


Moderator : Bri KaaM Miira. 

' Nf^m CitMt : " On the prin- 

tii(riesof the-TarioDS ijstcBuof 


Ut Opptncot : Sintd^ahu 

- 3d Opponent : Damodaiab-' 
batta.. ■ 

Hodcmtor: CiiuiilrantriyBif 

JUmmmc CUm: "■ On the 
pnclic«l put of t«Hfi(ut and - 
'1st OppoB«at : SamUmDckui- 

' 2d Oppoilrat: MBthurinitb. 

- Uoderktor : Sabhasiatri Tat- 

- Vtdmnta CUu i " Oa abitract 
and apeculatW« worsbip." 

litOpponeBt: Umiram.' 
SdOpponeal: Kiditanath.' ' 

•, Hvdtsrator ; Dbanpati Mitra. 
ijne- Ov : ' " Hoir partituiD 

*ot'b«ii«i^ ■moufst manned 

" and'anrarrted brotben Aovlif 


2d Op^nent ; lUmd Chatta. 
'*'""" ■ Vh^BwaiBr Se- 

' Wh«a the ifiipatMioBi had 
eondad«dtb« following apfio- 
ptiate addreas to the nwdftT 
and Pupils,' waa^voDoaneed in 
the SmiUita' Mdguage bv die 
SenTetU}-, GkptBiB FeH, la tfa« 
HUM of the ClnuHUtee. 

■• 1 am dMtred b^ the Qeittle- 
Dien boufpostns the CofDmittce, 
ineTtprMstojOt, ttehigbsatis- 
fictiva they have derived, Arom 
the toy OtvoraUe repott of th^ 
pramu of the SludoAts, cvinc- 
- c#Vr th«lat« exuoinatlbiu 

"The attenfloB«bw#b'b;tbtf 
hffiAifa |0 titeir renieethb clai- 
Ks has Hot eatatpid the sariots 
«R£tld0ra(iMi- ^''tb* Cdntmit- 
(cejand it' aSUrrffl' :them' the 

rrest pkaSDre,'to lhlak!,''that 
Bcnaref hitlitiltioBt {Bust, 
itith the Slime coMliiiiledoaf^Vn 
IHr >«rt (ilT Ae-PAKliU/and 

ptfnev eriMie oa fhef art vf -flitf' 
Puplb, be.-DHWt fuUy cMablub^ 
ffd ai a seaaitiarj of the varj 
flrat ordar ; and fiurtber, titst tlitf 
piottd' oonaohttioa of bainf a 
tifatBriAl«au9a oT ttie rettorati-- 
dn •£ SanSkriU hleiiatittfl, mUI 
toe.appliubH to this instimiion: 
'iade«d,it behoteayonaliiBasil 
ricrimraly lo -relleot.' that tbe>re- 
vlml of fidiiv Hindu Loresa 
»ell aa-Ae Fame of ihaCoUcp, 
feats eniirelr on th» exetliona 
dnfl talents Jisplayed by yon «a 
Member, of tfab Govenunent 

' " The (jammenoement' ii io- 
deed bigM* flatterinti; ft»d &« 
Coinmitlee B detendaed to bold 
out cnHMregeDKiit^ to'a Mntl- 
■luation of the aalnvooHrM, that 
baa beeA adopted bj>diatribBt- 
ing prizes do the Boatdiilin- 
gniahed schoUncand' to report 
to the MoM NoUe tbb Oovecnot 
OenerMlDCouBCil,- AiafBTMA- 
Ue presage <rf'<tb« UterarytCbHia 
of ue College.' At' Ac Mma 
time, I an'deainid, M'aDqliaiiit 
yoa, 'thtt-hKTii#H»M«#v'<he 
good uBmeoTtBHrpaklifll^Bi- 
Tiary, aolibenaiyeulbMedrflM: 
Cuinvittee kw jeKdaedtoTe- 
move (foot the -utabUahnwo^ 
Uiy memberwho mayheiaff- 
leotful of'tiKB paftieumi'dnties 
altotied to bipL*' ^ 
' TMs Most- diatiugidAad Mbo- 
fnrs of the dlffeieot daiaes wir« 
tben indi«iduaUT 
Prcad«nt and I 
OunraHteedlatriboted tteptt*' 
Mi awarded. ■ ■ : 

The Mole' of tlM pracvdtfM 
. frnsOentemidaledvHblboihMi- 
*i ■ sninhMian ■aAdedght^br 
' the NutiTaa pf estnt, and ttvww 
currcbe« has not only inapiied 
ibMD' wilhtttoawotaiT sen^a. 
> itDu of pride wd ')E«Btitiida faf 
■ iUt bobon- and- Mteutflmltti* 

C'd to AelrlenralnEandaaend 
gaage, bat it baaioBtoudcd 
'Its liiflueneato. •nwrepwina' 
- atndy btMftif al renU. 0ai(^ 



ttf-rf Owmost^itingiiiibed ttnri 
ppalent of die native gentleRien 
of Bennres, includinf^ theRajm, 
Utbaraju Udit NHTBy«ii& Uati 
In^ expreased, tro andenbtnd. 
Jl wish to be pemittcd to assist 
tite fundi of Ute CoUCRe and es- 
laUiati anaaal rewards r«r end- 
Sent pioflcicDcy, there is evory 
E'ORpect ibereforc Ibat the Cof- 
ge will DOW fnin the object of 
its fooQdation, and in its dissc' 
minatioa of mkicb teal and u*^' 
fat knowledge, u ir«n as in it> 
keepine up a spirif of liberal 
audratjonal emuiHtion, will cdd- 
Csr most ciMDttal benefttSBpon 
file Hindus tbenHelTes, whilst 
It «iU Bav9 tbeir ancient Ian- 
place and Uteratnre from tbe 
totu darkness that tbreatened to 
OTerwhelm it in the land oF It* 
nativil;. The advantages of 
tbis institution aie tndeSdafft 
Umited to ttw narrow field of it> 
own direct operation, — its Ioo»- 
fit; enbances Its tqiportance and 
the myriads who annually leave 
panares on their return from 
Itiiariniage, must L-arry away 
IriUi them the knowledge of its 
•xistencei ^d they will then 
M^f testnnoay iii every patt of 
India, to the liberd spiHt wUeh 
fouaded, which fosters and per- 
j^luates the Instttntio^, ' 

'. lutThtnWIiryAyening' abont 
ma sqt, a tremeiidotrs fife broke 
9111 among a ctnster ofttiehuta 
to tlw. northward of EtowBosar, 
)ad westward of Chunam Gul- 
ly. During the space " of two 
^iiri the conflagrntjott present- 
ed an awerulspcutaclc, ond'cve- 
tv combustible material wilbin 
ue sphere of its operation, wu 
Completely destroyed. We have 
Snacooant before us in wbicb It 
U said that seve^allives weTe 
lost UK the oecastoiii'tint ether 
Taports, which weeoiiceiveare 
aiore autfaeatic, are happily sil- 
CBtonthe sabject. 

' Smook Commmt.- 

Mitv «r ititrogitiff.TUtrt. Take 

a atroag abaric ■ booL, with- a 

fope to the chain, and nake U 
fast toasUotqrboagbof a tret, 
so that die hook be tiupcaded 
• feet above tbe'gcoaod; wkea 
the wind blows in&od, bait iks 
kook with-tiie oOkl of a Sbscp or 
thelongsofMiOz J adccootiaa 
of valerian root may be sprink- 
led near the trap «• aaun ^m** 
crfnl enticement to the. not 
tihan the uimal maitaft Vh* 


bait, wiUJ) 

morning, aad-Btay. b» ■) 

ed with aafetym tmtk: la* <U» 

trwsj Two or ikfe* similar tB^» 

rtioiild be set &Mr-eMik«thesL. 

J* .a 

lictters from KedfCMi a^ 
tHKinced Is OS yesterday. tbaaafe 
arrival of the Brig AUta»mbvm 
Harsapore, from «heiw« ak* 
jailed on Sunday the '7th oHT 
-Harcb, witkCapt. Fennand the 
Passengers and Crew of iha 
BrtOiamt, which was wraelud om 
tile preocding Sunday, Febrak^ 
lyXatli, ooUieSbadofNan*. 
pore. Cant. Budb kad londeA 
at the Kedgeree Light Hooaa, 
and was to eome on to Calmitta, 
by water last evening.- Apart 
of the wreck b brought round 
in ibis hrijT. tanhidiay. an doubt 
tite packrts .•£ Lellsrs, naall 
parcels, and suoh etbor arlielM 
of tbe oargs Smd atorea aa eovld 
be saved. CtLJmiT.MarKSSU 

My. Mo^rtrtfii—Tha Per|tii(p 
Letter, of which w« spokCk ia 
4MX Jonmat of Thunday^.j^ 
written by a Native iiainvd 
Meet lamt OoUah, address«d 
tobla Friend at Delhi, uodffr 
date of the 6th of l)ecw>b^r 
1S20, and was nuintionMi «i 
firom Meer ASeotetoft b) via- 
4BlEe, it kanog. cone kat^ 0^ 


I aB«»AI.,OCCTJH»B?Jfi».-t:xif.a 

Uii» pwtr(,wtd-iii lb« ■■■» 

envelope Wnhathef ndvices i«^ 
gardios Hiat ei^iptisiBK Trar 
veUsc, fromXaiUk. A» Ear aa« 
hutjr AaiulBlion woald Rdmil 
of acovtuiri tbe letter of Ibi* 
Nalne ia oculy m fullows ^— 

" On the and of Aupst I v 
rWed at SutlanpoTs, wbioh i| 
the Caiat^ of Koloo. Tbe Rat 
jah of tbat ptasa is mncd Ai«ot 
fitagh, aad ia afcad abovt Ifr 
jMia, The Wuseei, Sobha 
Haa^ -adauistan the GMemt 

: <Oa OflUtth of JUgtut, I d^ 
yartwLboBr Sokanpoio, aad act 
lirad am. Oie- Slat at Tvadee. ia 
(heco^ilniaf Ldiid. AAfltWt- 
tiaKMapuce,fi>rlh»e orfiMr 
aiagM, oar javnwjr la; Ihiaiigk 
cohivatod iaudi ; then for twdn 
4hf k tbrongh desert, and again 
for four or fi*« days through 

' jOd the aMh September, (Sub- 
daj) I anived In lafet; at Lai 
(Lch) or Iriidaffh, in cratpaay 
with Hr. William Moorcroft, 
and with atlendaati. When 
«e trere distinct from Lutlagh 
fivcaJf «ix atas«s, the people of 
tbe Haja of Lai came lo qucs- 
tlen as aa to oar oireuia static ea ; 
hit as wa were fflea in a deicrl, 
ttey'Aepaitdd.. .. 

Wbab' we ar(BT«d at Oyab, 
afLuda|[h,"thea^Bh in quea- 
tial person. iiamed.Kagbalren- 
deen. to bcldd out approach- 
After I bttd<visited avdaatiifiBd 
faim, be eoBseated tfl our ad- 
vaace. We proceeded another 
at^[«, whea uiotiier iuterdiMiun 
vaa reoei(«d ; I ^atadespatcll- 
•d a tetter^ £adi«s1cd bj, taymU 
tfr Khw ijiwSMik 14 iyeCE , alao «■« 
kon mself, ahd auotber •■ 4(e 
tmit^of Hr.' Moororon, to-ibe 
KeaovB, who has supeme po*- 

, lCta|iit^l'<«hwK. NiyaK, wlu 
^- X-itmjhtimb'iM, iis»^ 

aSehiwfc^f ejwrfy ^0 

— ,,„.„_..„ ^„-,_<iiii», 

ractpr. He qUDdi)cd.and,!|ii^ 
jectpd 4ie ,di«aireot|e(J c^uWw 
0|C,Tofraii,ofii(ii<4 Jb* inhalS* 
taoUiuitw coali,au; obcdicatanil 
undeR.restroint,,. Tbe )0iw4J* 
■aliased ^ %fifl^fif andl gtf- 
miMlonbein i:eqetv^4 7'"-.'^ 
teredXAi. . 

Ob iI 
noon, ai 
Mr. Ml 

With a 
but Bl 3 
effect fa 

^»erj tb 


we atrii 


tbere i ^ 


ftost aj 

tboae , 

croft ba 

lioles I 

wliivb I 

»ume, b 

at i'xi, and in Jmte IS^ *^,\f*'* 
for YaikiuLd. ,, ,„ /. , .,' 

1 am your depend^ut, an4 
am employed iiv v!^9yi>i£ for 
jfoat cood forluiM;. SbuuTd 
jtra wwb for Morse*, or aiyr 
otbct productioa3 of tl^i^part 
9f the world,, I tmX'm jjeifly 
. jan "-ill fciv<g ,we w;t|k J?" 

.i#a ^u ,nt9};,fcffftiMflni,>r 

, hrflthet, $i«Oif 4 AiW«Bi>9P'^ 
It w*» jepojtec^i^PiihvWaha. 

— i JfWiMO . ,. , 


; #4 CALClrtTA ANNtTAL BfiGISTBlt irfi. 

■vaa d«siioQs of attending for 

■ the purpose gf pajing his ros- 
'- pecig. Sh1iK> Siiig JomiKlaT 

'tras drdercd tu cmiuh'e into the 

■ cause of tht messenger's coiff- 
tng. UalizFazil Khanwaain- 
Irudticcd, anii iircaenled 5 ru- 
pees, six bottles of foreign 

'%iQe, aiid three pieces of 
cliialz, and some driifcs which 
• LiHlbecR cnmaiissioned by the 
*MQlia Rnjali, who enquired 
lindly after Mr. Motorcroft, and 
^uboui UiecoDiilry of Ludak. 

■ A letter friim Mr. Moorcrofl, 
'-i(iile<] tliat Mcrcliandize were 
ou ilje rowd from Futtvshnr 
;c(iiniug<o bhu, and tliatiiere- 
'<)uestc<l its free passage, a- 
inouting to 40 porters' louda. 
the Maha BajnU proposed tliat 
these Kooils should go by tlA 
road Mr. Monrtruft himself bad 
takcii, 118 the route Tiy CasH~ 
meer was much iufeiteil by rob- 
Lers, uiid if aoy aeoident luLp- 
peued the fault would lay with 
■Jiiin. We therefore directed Fa- 
silKbanto consider the ttoods 
{u question uudcT spvciaJ proteo 
. tion, after tlie Suiluj, and that 
they should pass free of all i»- 
iy, nAiltug that o:r the Cash- 
neer ruad. DbondoD.anatoj'i- 
vuspluiuleritn; uhief, was ia a 
tcfractorj state, and might per- 
haps succeed in vtitfiag olf flie 

. Meer Izi 

. Meer Izjut Oollah liad writ- 
ten to ibe M.ilia Aajahy in fa- 
ynr uf uparticulatnian of leput- 
c(t Sduutit^v of Cnshneu-. . The 
Mallei Rtunh, from liis Qie»d- 
«lup for Meet Izzut OoUah, re- 
leased the Feerxaduh's. estnte 
from Rltachiucut 'Hie Maba Ra- 
«h furibcr treated Hafi* Fanil 
Khan»i;h ^eulLiuduess, sent 
IILq k_ present of a hundred ru- 
pfe^s;' aud iiitioiBicd to hlitf 
that if be further ehos'e to pro- 
-«ecd by tbe Casbmeet^oad, he 
juiKl't do so without resltaiut. 

In tbemevi time tbe Maha 
K^alt (ave loiiiasot , lEtroduo' 

tioii,'Bs orders for profe<!tioDaqtf - 
safe and free transit, to Kajtdr 
Esuree Sein, of Hunduvee, R&-' 
tah Kurnm Seio.of Bisio^ee,- 
Kajah AJeet Singof JCooioo, aod 
toSeewanMoteeSaoi, and de- 
livered them toHafizf axil KhaSi; 
■ It must be particularly grati- 
fjingto those Genllemea whtf 
ba>e promoled Mr. Mnnrcrgft's 
jonrnej-,and fostered bis cotw-. 

trize, to see his laccess uaje 
nowntothe Public It ■moat 
lie aatislactory also to them to 
perpeive that Mr. Moorcroft ha!» 
conducted bImsHf wiOrftddreii 
and circomsjiecirun, and {aioftd 
thepwd opinion arid officei of 
Native Chiefs, tlvo' wbosa coait- 
tries he h<is passed under i)i« 
simple character ot a Brititb 

Some tiua «ga * rsport pre- 
tailed that Mr. ifoorcnift'a. *•■* 
tendanthad b acafilB with IW 
people of laid^. in vrliiob al&af 
a good part of Ibb former lost 
Aeir lires/but that Mr. Hoot' 
fiiDftwaasafc. Tliis-wiiaamera 
feport,«ad fronr its nodcoatiiw 
matiooby sulMeqacat acoomtt 
ItisprobablyUBfonaded. Whi- 
ter ia the leasM far trareUiag 
from Ludak toCotii^ar, b«- 
oause tbe rtvera and itreaau be- 
epme fnicea over, whereas «t 
Other timta thnV rapidity aiMl, 
strength eppoM great dlffieoL-' 
ties lo a passage, and tbe largor 
]^Brt of die journey is tkro^b BB 
liRJnhabiied tract, ven freqacau 
ly. in the ootnaes of. rifata, bed^ 
of torr«nt«t and hbllows of 
a.ttcBWs totally idturactioaUff 
'nhen tbe saowb melt or raiif 
faUi, Col. Jour. Mur. m; 

We utul«rslaDd.tbata« mor^ 
taljty from Cbolcia,. within tbtf 
Butub settlement of Cbiuiureh' 
is conitderabte at ibe present' 
time. During the last tci^'days' 
tbe KTCragD uambot' Of deafha 
lMfbcea.18 duljr,' Nu vomP. 



'tiii|C bas been ihanj cM«efc- 
pericuced. ^Hurk. Mar. 2CiA. 

■ Fire at Cftoiorin^Af*.— Wo 
liave a^aln to uottce oni pf 
tlwie nnfortuaate occnrTchcCs 
ftat are so common at ihis sen-' 
lonoTt^e year. A lire l>rok» 
ov't Iftstnigtitbetwcpn tl and t2 
o'clock am in g the Nnliv« Huta 
fti Beeb; FoSter'a kronnd, situ- 
ftted in the Bamnn Buitee.itear 
■ttK HighRo^otatioiiringiiea, 
'Unrt directly ovpoaite to tha 
l^iildnde of Mr. Shakespeurc. 
^t a Tittle past midnight no less 
jtn^tllte'fifs engines were plaj- 
tt^^oilna it, nnder the snper- 
fnttm^^ndeofMr. Miller, who 
dtSi^ytil'tbe highest praise for 
W» active etwtions in the canse 
sf hnmanit]'. The fire wa« 
floafiiiMt-witk^R a apace of abniit 
40 yuds' MObe, and W hntx 
wsrtbnnt'lathagnMBd.' Tfaa 
BMiaW itrere «nU supplied 
wjUi watef , altbo^h the Bhec^ 
teta tad t* tniilg it froH a non* 
■ideraUe distauee ; but at tha 
wind Uttv alrong from the 
•oMk, and tbero way a dry 
dHoh in ftoat of the fire, nad 
in * Une with the road, the en- 
iines caaM nat approacb near 
MWosfc: ao tliatin gpileof the 
aMUtv and »at dtaplayed hy 
Hr. Utlkr nad these under 
Uxt, the Sn-- baffled their ever- 
liona tiU ahtmt a qoartwr befora 
que, when it'was completely 
•aMned: ¥he tin is ntia ta> 
Kkre ottginaftid fai a hat inha-- 
bited by a KkMmutgar in the> 
«iWee of.Ma Oborge Ward,' 
feottbv saaatiHwelf does not' 
kuv.hdw it fta^pened. He 
ma that hewaa routed ont of' 
|u aleep by a cry of " Firo," 
jcMthalHAeVrd wa« discover-, 
ed'ln ' the corner of liis hat ; ' 
Inl how it came there hedoe^.'- 

jp«t,|fr.a'a. . . ,. 

5]0^"j|'onday''nij:ht,'abont \\ 

o'clock or soon after, a firs 
broke out auon;r some nativA 
huts, situated in Cnmao Street, 
not far hnm the Theatre. It ra- 
ged fun'onsly for a nhort tim» 
^nntil ten or twelve huts wers 
'bornt down, when it was got 
under with much difflaulty. W» 
were not present at this seen* 
ef destrucGon, so that we can- 
not stnte whedier any of the et- 
traordinary occurrences took 
place, which were so well ob-- 
served and descrihed on a lata 
occasion: hut we heard the rEdr 
tiing of the file engines proceed- 
ing towards the place ' about 
half past 11 o'clock, and w»' 
have been since informed that 
they arrived in the highest or- 
der to render promyt mtutanea 
about hair an hour after the Hra 
had b'ecu entirely exiingntsheij. 
The eierliond of two or threo 
eentlemen, who got the Arc uit- 
dcr in so short a time, were pf r- 
haps Very raorbfving to soma 
of Uio sufferers, who may he 
thereby prevented from sharing 
in the rewards, that are mw 
held out tn tetnpt the cupidity 
of iboje who may chuse to prtr 
pefrate the crime ot^r»rjn. The 
Sphere of buinan ioeonsistency 
is certainlf wide indeed— mfiny' ' 
r^spe'ctahlb arid even intelligent 
men iit ^aliU'tta have bcenlar 
bouring foj .(evpral years to 
Check tf)e infamons practice, 
which harf teeh often followed 
by lascar's, of burning the ships 
to whirii ftey belonged ; but, 
as if destrueiion and not safety 
onght to be tde ordcf of the day 
on shore, we are told that they 
are preparing to reward the 
same 'offence when committed' 
in the iqidst of this populous 
dty, [Hui-A. Mhr. 28. 

The Scqond Sessions of Oyer 
and Terminer and geuer-ril Gaol ' 
Delivery, for the present jtiaF«- 
^...._ -linttJiiiy Iftsft, ' 



aai tbe faUMriof fnfodmnaa- it be o l iae n rf,'. wqn M«cJb|^ 

v«i»«boK» of (be Grand Ju- tio« Foitv. J^<fca^.wi.i f B(Mi! ^t 

^ ^— ble Due>, ddibaratc hd^i^MHB . 

. JtniN Smith, Esq. J'orwmm. a priociijte p( nveoge if^i^Kif*. 

. J«hB SibkU, Frkncis Mao- der.' .... , -,•>. 

Vtl^Miit Jcrim GOnore, HoBry "IntlieoaM, t|)^ wiU.conVv 

4^D Palnor, i«mH CRider, b«fara jou, Umk 4p**-4^ i^..: 

Wil&ua LiBMod, jDavid Cor- pear to hwe been, nay Om»Ug^ 

aiatfmm*, Owim BalUid, flie paanoa to haT» 4i0aic^ .1^ : 

DwcBB Gw^kbelT. Bvil Ro- tti« Prisonw i^H'OArB l» hwr». 

naU. OwiIm Blanej'. Joha raBaftwtbe doawaod di««Bilf... 

Hwter. I>a>id Uufariaae, from bii ova bed 4tt.t)wt A^^m 

JamM McNeigbt, Hmcjt Cooke, dooeasvd aod theaJBW flg Utely - 

William Monon. Browne Ko- stabbed him with bi« bayoneW 

b«tB, QensK HBokillop, Hen>y ortdeb oeoauaned his deatfe. Bat, 

Hatbww. Jmas Wm. Taylor, Gentlemen, there taaj' be c«s» 

At Croskf -^jriiMaiiJ. H. Mac- wheie e,ven the lindins woiber 

<Mftbb< £»qTp. ID tlw act of Adoltcty ntHj- not 

Xhe Jorr reeMved thea c))ar|;e be auQicieiit excuse for the Ini»- 

from Ike Uon'ble Sir Antony bond, thotifhbe thoold uuie- 

ByUAil, KniKlii whMi we copy diMely kill the maa ; for a cua 

fioin tke Bet^miUvkaru. hu oceiined where ft hvsbuwt,' . 

?' OflBtlMaem of iba Graad hamng becainfonned of the »- 

tmrj, . ■ dulUrer's fuBiiliatily with his 

'f On readiag aver t])e inftH'' irife, saiiMc would be revesgvl 

malieD> taken on the ooiwiit- of him, Mid>&cr<fiiidins hinia 

imats liM* trial sines the laat tbeactkiUed bin, and lUl wan 

SaasioM, there appeared to me be)dta b« Unrdor. I nKation 

bat litile on whi«k it could be of thii. that yan n^y anfoin iMa. 

the least ass to make <aay re- the. cirououtancea that aoqnrraA 

narlu to you. There \t, iodeed, prOTiov* to th« ditcorerj', AIL , 

oo« case in the Galeadur, ta that appaars, 1 believe at m^ 

lAlch I will eail jour attention, sent in the iiifonnatiov»,ii that. 

" A Soldier Hm Wen commit- the Piisoaer was aeen itMli:^. . 

tedonachaigeofkilliDKaiiDlber lileady tolas bed, where*l«^ 

Soldier in the same regiment; wQl probiMy eonolndtt, he iK** 

bnt tlie circumttBDces mxf pro- oovered tiM deeeaaed owl tua 
bablf lead you to conclude that 
the deceased was discorrredby 

the Prisoner in the Act of Adul- qaotedtoyaafron JWt. ^iuik» 
tery with bis wife. IfafaMband Faster, that deUbecatehawoida . 
sotfaasnddenlylliidsnii Adnl- on apTiiiciploq(Tev«w«i*in all 
terar aod in the OnttriiMport of oases Hunler, aad oaaj tlofli; . 
passioakiUshim, thelawoonii- s)Hiatd »y^ts, wUch w^aid 
deri the erlme as amoonting on- make you conjudat that tj^ . 
\y to manslniiKbter, and thM too Pnaonter. havinf Kwi^tulr 
M flie aligbtcst kind, for thcra kaown^lhe miwoodnotof tta. 
ean be no greater provocation, deoaaiad and his wi&, bad watt-. 
fti^dAe law makes exeuM far ed for an tmartuoitjof fiodip|C. 
haman frailty in. easel evAi them togeOier lo mtnfGt hia^ 
where the injory is mneh less; self, yoa ouBhttoind On Bill- 
bat if he kjUs him deliberUoty foi Jilnrdcr. - 
aod on revauKe after tbe fact and " Since I came into the Conrt 
■ufiaieot cooGnf time, it would I have heard that there has been' 
BbdoHhte^bajiuudcr, for 'let, iniulm iiaiaMitiiiiiiil fur miiiliy 


' BENOAt OCeuBItlliCES: 

■nJiiiliiiJ, M Ae PriMMier's 
■ »fprt>- 

B of Imw, I Mivn, ui- 
. It will be for 
JOB to SBj. on cMUtdering the 
•iieamfltHioWt wbether yon b»- 
Bnc tlw prfscmar was the nuiii 
wbu oommitted the murder or 
mot. • 

"In Ifae eoane of the thr«e 
UATermf lereral cominitinentS' 
ha.*e been made by the Court for 
Perjurf , Kitd I trait that the pn- - 
■if^ent, from time to time, of 
neb offend era will in some de- 
grMkeep in ckeok a crimo, of 
iUch nnfortnnaiel; the in- 
ftmcea are toe frequent in lhi» 
Court. One of flw cammilmeBta 
took [rtaee at th« 8itti>p after 
tte'laxi'Tenii,oathe trial of an 
actfon bron^t Ibr the value of 
■one timbera, dlegcd to he sold 
hrthePIaiMtB'doBe to Defeo' 
daM. Itwunot, Ibeltevo, dls- 
natod that the timbers wen in 
Iket Mid by a person of the qaiae 
«f8arroopchiui<}, (whanp^ared 
asmrittesi fior the Defendant 
«0d w«»on« of the persans oom- 
mhttid) and'tbot he sold in his 
own name, and not in that of the 
Plftinliff, for whoataftilwas al- 
Icdged, fce acted only as a Dakit 
or broker. The defence set up 
was payment of the whole ndo* 
onhe timbers to Sarroopchand 
Udlffhreat times, allpmloiMto 
»ny ootics behiK Ki*«n to the 
DtfeadaiH that he was not the 
aetvtd owner, noder which cir- 
umstftncek each payment wtmid 
kave been a complete disohargv 
tothe Defendaat, ' and it wasal* 
so iuisted u another detcrtcB to 
the action, that SnnoopiAund 
VIS not a broltBT for the I^aio- 
tiffi btit with respect to these 
tii^iers at least, was in partner- 
■UpwkhUm. Ulhan&nbe- 

oame I raMerW qvestloa b»^ 
tweenthe parties— Ut, whether 
payment had been made to 3nr- 
foopchnnd, had — if sq — whether 
notice bad boen reeeired by tho 
Dofimdant'oFHic Plalntifl' Mag 
the owner (rf the timbors befbrct 
all or an; of the payment had 
baeiimmk; abd.SMly— whetiwr 
Snrroopotatnid had am* ri^aw 
wM the PiKimfff inttte ikaben^ 
'^I mention, OeBtiemen, th« 
points whi eh aiosoin the case/ 
that yoo may he better dile to 

jny or Coaaptvaby wUuli lb» 
parties will probably lay bsforo 
yon. lam happy to fas abloto 
oonpratolate yon, OmtlemoB, 
that a hlRbwa? robbery, whkti 
was lately repmiod to hava 
been committM by aome sol- 
diers, turns out to bo witbont^ 
foandati(m, iiaoagh 1 fisar tlw 
oase ^ich gtna rise to Aat re-' 
port is ens of a Tf>rv serimis 
nature tn haelf, yet it does not 
affeet the fenet^ welfire of- 
the Society, as mttoft its was at' 
first apprehettdcd. Theiafbnnft-' 
tiotts have 'notyet been returned, 
and I am not Aerefore able t» 
make anyobservatioasto joaon 
the case, 

*' These, Gentlemen, are tho 
only obsrrrations which I bavo 
to tnake oa the very few caSes 
which are litrfy to be bron^t 
before you," 

AflMT tbe cbarf e was deliyer- 
ed tbe OenUemnn of the. Jury 
retired to fliid tho BiUs. and in 
tie mean time the attention of 
the Court was ocBupied in hear- 
ing and disposing oi the motioiu.' 
of thoGeallemenofthe Bai. " 

Shortly after tiie Grand iarf 
tetnrned, bringing in a tnie bin ' 
agnlnst ilAitfAoar, Sammo^vK' 
and Govt ; wbo were aecord^-' 
lypnt to tbe bar and arralrn^ 
Tlie indictment ebarfed aeni,' 
sayeiaily, witk bsviac ilolfv 



from a* Immm of TbamM Bijo 

ion, in Heredyth's Lane, oa tiM 
14tli Pebmary, 50 doUars 200 
aicca, II Aroot andSBombBj 
ropees &c, and one wooden bos* 
Tbe PritKuen doolared tb«m> 
selves inoooeot, except Mut- 
thooT if^plaeded guilty, utd, 
though ialbraied tlwt be nuHt 
luit expeot (o b« pardoned in 
conieqnenoe oC aoob ft plea, re- 
fused to letraot bit oonfeMion 
(Ktakethe advantasoofatriaL 
. n«MMif^dm stated ttat be 
Iras oonunander of a ifc^*. and 
d«riaK Febriiaiy last « teetdcat 
in Meredith's Lane. The three 
prisoneis were then bis bearoMi 
and on tbe Uth, at a o'clod^ 
had taken bin^ in bis palanqain 
to.Clive Street, wbate tbey left 
lum, saying they weie coinK, a4 
asual, to get tbeir bsedOBst. At 
'noon, wfaeo he wished to retura 
Jioiufi they had not Eetnnted—Ha 
WIS compelled therefore to hire 

iiiiin the Folica there, and from 
what passed be went up stairsi 
vttere ha found his bed room 
door broken «peny(whiQh be had 
left locked and f^tened) lua 
•best of drawers forced and a 
■DoaU bos containing money and 

{Boers missing. He went to the 
olioe with tbe peon, when he 
naw tbe prisoners and fnund 
tbe box, laoaey and an old res* 
ftondenda bond which was hi* 
property. The Prisoners at tbe 
police acknowledged being the 
witness's aervsnt, and Mutthoor 
ftulher stated he had done the 
ftct. which the others conlirnied. 
iHrxa Huumi AUU, « naib taor 
nadar, deposed that he went 
by Order of tbe Magistrate to 
tte proAOCntor'S house at Mere* 
dithslana on Feb. 14, where he 
Ibund in a biriMiag which the 
Prisoners atrid was tbeir cook- 
voom, n obest oontaining the 
h«x n4 lome papers. 

w«re tbmi hre^btiA CMtttatf 
■worn l« bj tht Pnaoentor. 
. Jmmm$» i; a Polieo Biufcn»« 
doM, Mated ttftt sUle at hi* 
station in Ike oMor bawtdariM 
ofCslcntlsjaboKl S» dnya bn* 
tore, ke saw Ihe tlnree priaone** 
fo tMBp^j pasilng idoag-^ 
Hattbooi appeared to ht«« 
Mmelbing eoneealed nnderbfl 
aim, wbioh waa MBl appareni; 
thoagb a Uankel wmstUmrao- 
*«r that sMe. Witnesa <Mfle4 
ent asking what they bad wttfc 
flmniaUf^rfied, '^noOinft what- 
«Ter."~H« asked where th*y 
Were g^ng. Tbe priamms tnb 
Bwered to their country; On thta 
witness Rcfned Muttboor and 
f6and on bim a cloth contaiitiii^ 
rupees and other money irod nv- 

Sirs. He immediately vltk A 
thnr Bnrkandass took £ 

the Jemadar and Aonce «> thfe 

Jnffptrnaut Siriy Corroborated 
At testimony of the pntoedfii^ 
witness ; end after the evldeitbo 
had then been recapitulated hj 
the Judge, the jtir}-, withoUtb'iC 
sitailoB, returned a verdtef, 
flndlugaN the Prisoners f!uiltg. 
0«Ki. Gax. Afcr. B, 

<Vtwfjw( Sirf*, Frid^, TiMtrek. 

THi xise *. pATiucxa 

Tbe Grand Jni; having on 
Thnrsday returned a " tnie UH 
for TDimler, in this ease, the PH^ 
■oner was anirigBed aadaJnry 
having been awom, die indict, 
ment was read wirich stated OM 
he, Petriek Carpmter, M| Am 
COtfa of Jannaty 1831, afBeri 
bam pore in the provhice of lleni 
gal, did with a bnyonet wilfnUj 
aitlict on Joseph Brown a mortal 
wonnd ofwbieh died. Thk 
prisoner pleaded not ^Mtfcr. ' 
Mwhmil Cmamr, a private ia 
H. M. 17th foot, suthuied last 
Jannsry atBeAampore, knowa 
the pdsoner, Patrick Caipentet; 
«to bia Irialn*«i'aadflM;}Mait 



'tetwen 9 Hai -10 iT'cltoek M 
-flS^fet, WAtAiM Mug f a bftmeka, 
fMM Wwtictrlold MMe Bsleep, 
«Md^«vt<Bni< Um^ljtu on his 
«M'Mlke-Mnwr •fUteattirs 
aqdttdnc 'Sflijeant Out^^'^*^ 
torib,'tle uv, t^thv Hghtof 
«>fc Imp iridDh liatiK neuly ovtt 
.*e stain, tbe priMoer come op 
<rawed'ln fall regimcBtBia, {ett- 
«cpt hi* fuiM poach) and with 
lia^de mnaa (ni,bei>K(m ^UBr4 
Aat'wgfct— lie ati^ up la A 
famterin^ my, on tiptoe, tat 
MiiiBKtbe ntrtaliu of m* berdt 
wn^^n-— ti nnnnte and « half 
lad •ouraelj puaed, whea-wlt- 
pesB henrd Serreant CaipenM:^ 
Mf« or* oat, and aswa with od- 
fykis«tairtoa rvatiut ar priw^ 
Acr'a bettkinta Gwpl. Brawn's, 
Mrsncd bf Snjeant Carpenter. 
Tbe man had just time to throw 
Umaeir OB the eot— start ap a. 
I, and timw hiiajelf on Cb> 



mm througih wiA 
WitBBM mae up, when tbo map 
flnt ran oat, BuspectinK smb^ 
'tbioK wrong, and on lew^ *fhM 
Iminediatct; ft^owed cried out 
murder — when alight was ihorl- 
Ir broi^t In lluimBa OiUespls, 
some men were aupporting tbe 
Vaonied penim, wiiu wm in tbe 
laatafooiei of death, and whom 
Mneas reoojemaed to be Coipo- 
m Browv. He did nut aee Mts. 
CicpeBtcr dll the next mominc. 
The priaeuer has beeri nearir 
two yean in the regiment with 
•rftness, by whom h« baa always 
been ooasidwed as a Very reptu 
lar, decent, aober and inoden- 

' Jtkn P*rktr, a prhale in H. 
H, ITth ftlotwai awoke oothe 
nif ht dt the SOth January last, 
jiy the altfieka of a wamaa— Ho 
fose ap Mid perceived Seijeiuit 
(jamsnter'a wife runoatfrom 
}wr DcrUi along tin barrack rooA 
Hm^»g.—At Ab aans tfaaa 

hearing a notse (ntkeeentreh^ 
•nnt there to-learn the matter- 
there he fotisd Serjt. C. nes^ 
Corporal Brown's berth, vhA 
teld htfli not' to he snrprised, hq 
had eaught Brown in bed wit^ 
)hs M(*!, and that he waf 
mfnAi he had net dene hi* 
Mfe'bjob as weH as Brown's. 
Witness Imnedlately saw 
9rowB In his shlH, l^ing en the 
Door, sHO fiH*e,«nd inrrennded 
by several persons — «1icn wit- 
ness saw Uin again, aboat two 
hfura titer, he Was dead. 9ooq 
aftifr Sem: Clue's 6rder, wit- 
Aess took the prisoner ttp, who 
requested to go to his own berth 
fifst, where -witness aceompa^ 
ided bfan> On examiaiDg his 
bed Carpenter fotuid undel' tha 

lierve am dotbes aboaf Brown'k 
berth. Witness belonged to tb^ 
IVgiment befim Bnjeant Car- 
penter joined 1^ wint his wife'. 
He has always behaved to her 
«S well as a man in his ritnatjcn 
oonid, and ^as a weH-bebared, 
tteady man, raspeet^d by aH th^ 

Thaethjf Oitr, a niTate in H. 
H. irth foot was lying on Ms oot 
on the night befirre mentioned. 
When Mrs. Carpenter eame ruii. 
hing to his bedside, and, eaHink 
(»i him by name, begged of hiiS 
to save faei—that herhuSban^ 
had killed Brown sod wonlA 
klH her. On AIs, and seeing 
her arm all over blood, witness 
vot up and look her down tj) 
Se^t. cage's berth, who is k 
married man. He and Mrs'. 
Oliffe were both there, where 
Witness staid with Mrs. Carpcrf' 
ter tHl about half an hour after. 
When he went to see Brown, 
whom he fennd lying nsicrllb 
oot, lo all appeamicc ' dead anil 
vnrroundedby several pe^ions. 
7%eiMu Gt&(picof Hl M. IT* 
foot-wai sitting tWtlitRU on 
3 C«uwr'» 



ChwiMX'i cot, trtkl&f to Urn of 
Umbo, wktB Um lattarobwrrcd, 
** ther« goes OMpro^^ cnaak- 
bg Into hU berth Uke a rat," 
^vitDeM «ouId not B«e him, har* 
liV hit bank tonwd thatway, 
but almMt direotly afta-, he»w 
ing a ahijelc aod tafaiiut'»MMl, 
ks law a penaa na nom the 
wiMMr'B berth, naked all bitt 
fcisahiri, wbowaa paiiiBK un- 
der DK' lamp, diallaBUiMcd 
to be Brown. He trai pnr- 
aoed byCarpewMr and hM tat 
turn U urov Umielf on 
hia eot, andca the PtiMMwr 
8rara«alied,'UBprbi|rBp again 
ftiM leiae hta loand the waiat 

UM leiae hfan loand the waial, 
Carpenter eamcbt Um nana 
tbeneok, uid, in the atrvge^, 
cafe Brown a atab below the 

Bhenlder. — After the blow waa 
vlvan Carpenter latd "Don't 

Ibnty wiA 


ritnoaa caught 
Urn ' Mid' IM «nlred about 
throe Bifsntea aner in wic- 
' MW'i arau. II« had not power 
to ipedt, and thoae were the 
laat worda he ottered. The bine 
trowwn, uenttoned before, 
'Wer« fMmerly a regimental 
"dreaa, Uid &ere are very few 
mm in die oorpathat have nat 
a pair. ' Brown and Carpenter 
wete veiy famiUar and profeu- 
«d great Mendship for each »• 
tter. Carpenter bora an »««!• 
lent oharaeter and behaved a* 
> Bwn to hii wife in every rea- 
pect to the beat of witnna'i 

' — CW^.aaojeMtlnthelTlh 
WM rowaed on the night of tine 
SDth January htit, by a noiia in 
the barraok room— On gMtiiic 
■p- ianeditMy t«, leaia Uw 

wife Tan into Ua bnru, and, 
aeinag bim Jby Um. am, as- 
clahned "Oh dear I Sna bo^- 
, Carpenter la hiHina Btowa.aBd 
wiU hiU me." Witneaa want 
dtrcctly ts iha ■piiiOBar'a bestt 
wbarO' he wu itanding near hia 
Wt— Be.iaid— '" I tave naaght 
Brown with myn^ and wk* 
anmndadUn.^ Witneaa did 
not aee Brown till aftor hia 
death: he wai than in hia alMjt 
v^arpcnter waa dnaaed fi)r 
gnard, but bad not hia 6uaa 
ponob OT bnyoaet on. Wltnefa 
bore tcatimoqy to the Friaooer'a 
•asceUent cbaraotn. 

Sir Hvde East addreaaad tha 
inty— The evidence, taid kta 
-Iiordahip, waa particnlniiy «i^ 
onnutanlial and oould Uavoaa 
donbt, on the ninda of ttmaa 
who had heard it, thai the Pii* 
aonex waa Oeman wluiinfliotnd 
the wound on SMwb, of whiah 
he died — But the oaie wai « pe. 
ooUar one, and to ba consltla'- 
ed with all It* relative oircuift- 

Itancea. The priimcr, having 
mpbcit conGdenoe in hiR wife, 
leavei her, as ia auppoaed, for 
4be whole night, to attend hia 
duty which oalU bim on gnard. 
Having occaaiou during the 
nij^bt toga to bia eot for aom* 
trifle or other, he find* bis part* 
ner in the aims of his «wn denr- 
.est friend — that person, whs 
should have watthed over bin 
henor, and eareinlly guard it 
fVoM the 'SUghtest stain, ia th* 
very man to injua him on tbat 
poiotr— the provocation is Im> 

ereat for human infiimiif la 
ear pai lively, and nnder-lh* 
influeaoe of the moBeBt ia 
plongeahis baycmet indie b>««t 
of the deocaced. Our EeellngB 
most guide ni to make »mrT 
allawanoo for a man— a loldtar 
(do— who thus unexpeotq^y 
woundedinhia teodereat jiart 
>"his honor, and by bi» fnMd 
—apta- widient duibamtiiMtia 



WIW Wiiiiii niil LoifliUiroaB- 
■|ad«d .ikfirafKa i^ .aA^dag 
•Ae 0Ritl«Bnt«f tlw Jnijin do 

tut uicua mj. |lM 1 i « ft a 

n adomtB. to the da«d. 
i«T7 mm a ihst fltmml' 

~ .TIwJ«T7B^aih(xtfltBUiil' 
'tMtoa ntoned-jt vkOu .-of 

- ' Bir HydcEutlton pncaed- 

„,.„ — .!,„, .^ unit bA (ft- 
4taSed t«t the verdict TCtnUMd 

bTtt« uapoi^ 
•M», not to fMl a lyapaltair Cats 
MTMH' iuiaiinpc mt piovoiu 

•■ iBJary ftvn hB-tnendt whs 
•ted tikCB •» buo aa KdtBDbge 
(•f ibeb ItitiMaqy— imdeedtit wis 
- — ■itinly to b» expoctod of tbe 
Mfloaar toJukvc moducled Un- 
'fwtf oikenriM than he b«d^ 
■UU ' tAdahip conKratslaMd 
'Um iW'tllB exaoUBDt cbaractar 
4w beldy wUob all bis «omradf ■ 
■ had brfmo cowioUfied Uatimouy 

to, and conuoded by ttatiaf: 
-Ike Mnuoce to be that he shtwld 
.pi^tf aondaal fine ef one Jrupse 
.•ndbefiHlberuapiisonDd until 
' «uA fiaa vu iw'd. 
. . Hurk. Mm-ck 6. 

OaTueiday the Grand Juty 
. wa» discharged. bavioK inished 
all the bosinesi that was ia';a 
MlieieBt state of forwaidaesi 
to be submitted Ut its iutesti- 
ifarion. It nay bo piouei: bjsie 
U notice tkat a true bill was 

• found against a native, iudiet- 
-'«d for anutsanoB, ituu^ataio- 
' Ids * pl>Loo - of filtbv reMirt, 
idMs tO' puolnb bum hmiees, 
( tte tsnants of wUch were ^o-, 
«'*«w9od by medical laeo to 

fcna their health exposed to 
JirioTT by the aKsaranry attnos- 
', Herv loat floated aroiuid then. 

AiAough it aiay be father uo- 
■ pleaMnt to bring toch t b iinpt tn 
. the notiea of those, who are 

iKtonatslj far tesawod from 

• thM, udnotusanperluH^of 

~ thdr BzistNiMy yet v« «^ lAl* 

to ohswe.tbat Ufid ioqaiir 

- has he«n dii!«cted, by Hhs qw^ 
to < the , sultJMt of «uiSH«94 
whidi in m»nt slWVM U abo«> 
doBt in Cbkatto, «nd vUs^ 
MKUt ke.aqwUy unfavwisbki m 
the appesnjtce. Bod prtjjudi^i^ 

■■ 10 tiw Rolnbriiy of the .biw% 
-'JWa.a« pcnu^cd tliat wiUMk- 
-oea oE *iiift]n*.sv>to-exiet,wbk^ 
.have only to be ditlr rq^ieofr- • 
. od to.the proper wtttMriiips .i« 
.isdectoiw leMoved. 

■ 5ah>rAvy 17«* Wo*..'"- 
' All the .buinitsq of the Sf 
««Bd S.esaiiin9 of Oj er wKl T«»- 

:n)lMr, iM: the OUfrjyit ^Cflf, 

, having bean.fioisbpd q^Ftn4ui, 
the Judge) j«et this day to 4^& 
berate on Hut .>uluaa paoish* 
menta lo Ji« ii<^tgtl.4i> ttw..*$- 
•Tcrat pnsquefs wBhifWdduruic 
. the. SesSioBS'j tl>«r.<t'ord*twBS 
.fcavicgdaoidei vpcw the^et ph 
tered the ofiurl jfjfttiJiftAi; iMp, 
.when, aftn dieifMiHC pf .4 "few 
.motiCDtfrow the iter,' d)«ijChi*r 
.Jitsliee proceojod. ^tjiass tho 
.fbUowing MotAwesoq lli9q^ 
.fenders, of whichi -delivcrM a^ 
they w»re k« the JH>»t .f«)pr«M- 

- ivc laaguBge-. mkitA^g-maff- 
oer, wa ar»oob' aUt.ti famish 
Uefoiloi^isg^rMrepiKI. . 

; " Alterm ^m^:.Jvitit^ Xop, 
Julee, \\v> e hWK>(ji thufld 
Kuilty of stMliDKSM'fir^ shawla 
. the pr«pertjr »>f,Niwui)t :AU«e, 
liom Uii boMse-TiiQvsitil of tbeeo 
were, shortly . after; thqy had 
been lost, feiutd coooealed up- 
der yourbed-ryou: sinld in.«s- 
eulpatioa, tbattbeyJtad bejiB 
^left with you by JJevntui.bM 
the jury disbelieved the fa«taa 
'stated hjr JOB,, and saw jio rea- 
son to distioguisb btttweeny^u 
and Uocntn, with wheiQ a itill 
greater pariMm of the goods 
was fooncL^Nor is there an/ 
reason to give ccedit to the ttlo 
^ «hi«h yon sBikuued 


m CALcirm jistxital itEonm issx. 

A jtim&r, for a* tut ar 

ic (mcMliD{ thcae flMWla 
iti 7001 bed si^cieDtly jfo- 
I tut yoakoew bow ik«y 

«muBatedto triuuportatiDtf» 

ftnce is diat of •leallns 14 pl*- 
ceiofclatfa. Some bales aboot 
to be pawed duniKh tbeCM^ 
■Una House trera ' placed «idor 
-»* * I . . 
protected them from otbeta.^- 
-Bat foii.wlw beicmg to one of 
-tbe most honoiaUe ctvps in tkv 
vorid, who Bve BO tess esteesk- 
ed for tlieir fidetilj than (bek 
bnvetr, take tbe (q»poTtiuuij of 
tbe DarWu's abaimoa to G«t •• 
^»en one of tbe bales aBd.take ■»■ 
way H^ecesof Cloth. Year at 
foiice, bowever, bj no meaas iow 
eliotttei the honor of tbe oorp% 
wr thej took everr poatiUf 
atep to briog y«a to Joatic*.-^ 
it in, tlMrefoie, impOMible jtm 
can remain in the sama cwpp 
or country with them. Ti0 
judgment of tbe Cooit is, th«t 
you be traDsported Iv BencooU 
en fot sevea years. 

Mr. ArmHronff for an aasaatt 
was fined 100 rupees and sob- 
tenci^ to one DM>Dtfa's iin|>rtBOB- 
tnrnt in theCommoa Jail, mm^ 
to enter inte recoKnizances to 
fc<^ep tbe peace for oae year of 
SDOO mpees for bimsMf, nntl 
1000 nipees eeoh for two nttf 

CminatA Mi>trtt md Rnrnt m^ 
wo, for a -conspiracy, were cosr 
dmnocd to be jia)<nBoned in tbe 
Bouse of CorieolieD for-twoi 
Ud JSnBpt«Uak aad B^tddtr- 
novfA, for receMoKsHrian gooda* 

The SessioM weretiiea«i»- 


Fbr April, 1821. 

MlowiBC b t trEiniiatiDD of a& 
•xtnet ftem the BeitKalM« 
ife**pBper|fnbIEihtd at Seram- 
pmt. Bad exbibiu a pictuie of 
aepravh; toth !Ui the Oegnided 
Mate or the HhidMs In this part 
of IndlR rendert too common: — 

a of tte vOlue 
ks, tn Bardwnn, hav tag nanied 
die dugbter of anotber BramiiL 
«f Oopupore, aboMr aftM- mar- 
ftafewenlto Us fAtbtT4it-lBW^ 
feooae. Oooday, Us brother-la 
Inr and fathcr-ln^Bw, wttb thb 
TatoeUar of the fflstrict aa& 
kevetal otbera, tatft to celebnfft 
h certain drmtken and mott ob> 
feeene feitiTal pcealiar to B«n- 

gl, and known by the nattie of 
uehtr. This Bromin beinf 
Uiiieh importniied to Join En tbs 
ViSlaa, refaied ; hit brother-in- 
law, aererdieletii took lom* 
Iplriia nnd pnt th«ni en Ma 
farefaead ; thf aon-in-lB«, after 
tone KB^rj words, retired to 
berform ablntion*, and pntUy 
bnaelf from the pollution ; hfa 
ttotber-iD-Jaw oa bearing this, 
became Migty. and abused ber 
konJaJanr. At night, the Brah^ 
Ida- having eaten nothing, tdld 
Uawtfe tbatbe mmt remnito 
Ua OVB bonse, and that ha 
innild aend for her also In a few 
daya. His wife compU«4: the 
Mrtlief^D^iaw orerlKMrfng tnis, 
became enraged, and si>oke tO 
tiff fea^and And son In barah 
Mdient to suffer thii man to lire. 
Her bnriidiid, aon, and others, 
yiho hzd been celebratinc tbB 
fcittTal, then went to thetionA 
and fcnoddng at the door aaked 
lar tobaoco; tba BrahnlB bav- 

lujc opened fhe door in ft 
burr;, they rushed in — gaggefl 
the mouth of bis wife, and then 
toroceedrd to mtirder the ha^ 
band, in a manner too bruttid 
to be described. After this, th* 
Chokeedar of the viHage baTin^ 
got information of the murder, 
came to tte tpot and saw A* 
corpse. The Talookdar Qiem 

Kve Um 10 rnpf es to conceal 
9 natter, "tbe Chokeedar 
Wok the body to a Peer^s'Tonib, 
where a Fdceer staid, and htrn^ 
tt upon a tree. A little beforo 
^ay, tba Fakeer on seeing tfaa 
corpse, gave 5 rupees to the Mtm^ 
tThokeedar to remove it Ano- 
ther Chokeedar of the neigiN 
boqring vfllage alterwards bad- 
«d the Dodf near a tank. Nest 
tnoniiiv, the father-in-law wrote 
a letter and sent it to his sov 
In-law's bouse. The father of 
the deceased, bn reading tba 
letter, proceeded to the father- 
in-law's house, and on the way 
receivedan account of bis aoa^ 
death from his •wo broHief. 
Mnmbers of people then pro- 
ceeded with the two brothers tn 
Oopalnore, to the father-iri. 
law's Douse, where thty were 
told that the son had hanged 
himself on the Fakeer'a tree. 
The widow of the deceased,how- 
ever, bnnting into tears reveal- 
ed tbe whole story. Her fatbet 
and brothers then endeavour;4 
to kill the father of the deceased, 
bnt the people who Were' vlA 
Um made a noise, which brought 
the Chokeedar and people of the 
village to his assistance ,who witls 
Ibe Daroga, came and boond tba 
^tmrderers, and apprehended ths 
Pakeer, who informed on the 
Cbokedar. Tk« body was thea 

=d by Google 


were •ent U> Burd«BB 

TheC%Meih>r is ■festival m 
kononr of Kmlee, tma one of Um 
■on obioetie of all ihe Satitr- 
iwlis that diagraoe the mcdom 
nl^on of 4he Hindoos of Ben- 

Eil ; is freonentlT Iwld M 
Bly^aot. 3oth sexn of all 
Mats are BdEoitted to tfae liMft 
•o a footinic of perfect eqaalit^'t 
the lowest Sooder oi Ciumdal, 
k tieated witbtbeaaMe rupee* 
lU' the lii^hest BiafaiBia; md 
IkeyTie-viili each other ia all 
■pecioa of obscene leTckrt'.— 
Fata! TeT»f*Hnce i» inrariably 
folUoted OB tbOse who refnsc to 
join iu the orgies, OS in ttn io* 
■tasoe.— /uf. Gat. Afr. 3.' 

WhMh-aer then ospiitfd, m ■■> 
•rifioet to the cspticeofaUan 
hotwqed an Deapot. 

Ship iMiintk. — On ToeMi^ 
vaa lumched from the buiidiiM 
eslabliaLnent 4^ Meaan. 7i, 
SooUaadCo. atFort-QioMer^ 
an elegant little Sl^ o( about 
aSO Temi, which ae a tnuk of 
tespeet to the preseU NaTU 
CoruDanderin Chief wm calk 
ed the Ltidy Biackitood. 

- ■ CaU Jour, Apr, 6. 

■An Extracriinmry IhMrf,—' 
In an Anonymoua Ceiniiuinie»> 
4ioD from Dinapore, .pnrpottiM 
to be ham an Offiou of 
6&ih Begiment, wo. have teeoin ' 
«d an account of an cotnovdi- ' 
wuy Dwaif, who visited tho 
BegioMnt in Camp at Man» 
Ah;. As no nanw appean t» 
souoh for the amheaikito of tbo 
atatcmcDt, it ii impoioiUe tn^ 
«*ta prOBounuB ou the u«di( 
wliiehit deserves, Jiut we. can 
.«Be no.object that could he aik. 
.aweted on the supposiiion of 
-hs boin^; fabricated. The IbU 
lowing i* the most material part 
'«f the desoiipiioQ. 

Iiami»o £,am, a Hindoo of 
Jaw cast, a naiive of the Tillogo 
ofBetloo Serai, oatheliai^af 
tbo fiunduck river, is the dik 
tiictof Uosnfferpore, nertfaW 
the Ganges, .is, by hie owiLand 
brother's acconnt, aboot 40 
jearsofagc, and the first view 
of his de^p f;im:ow0d ' ' 

.. CtJttUtM — The HoBHasOBloTer 
the weU-Mincmbered " BUck 
Halt" of CulDBlta, is at 
length l^en down, and «• 
(hiiik should long ago have bees 
demolished, for we can aeew 
benefit whatever likelv to arise 
fWim keeping alive in aw ainda 
ni any one, but particularlr the 
Natives, the r««oUeotiou <tf Ae 
horrors udtered hy £i)gli*^BM«, 



•onvapondi, vMh to Dot tto 
e&se with OMft of the IhmA I 
baveMCH. Tb« on); p*rU that 
•eeowd kt sU dupi>aportioaed 
w«*c Us Mtn, irtiob ware a IfU 
«e lMS«r thut the itee «rUs 
b — ^reanirwl. 

■n* MhHriiig are a Inr oThU 
Mneuimu tiwt Wen takeit ta 
«ka pt —t w u ot Mvenl of A* 
Ofloera ) 

B«iBht, 87f liiobea.^lfeK< 
iOKs round the He»d,)B).— IKt- 
to dltW the OhMt, 1H-— Uitto 
dMo the Wrut, 4.-J>ilto dit^ 
te tlw Ankle, 4C— Ditto dltts 
the Calf «f the Lqrr H-* 
I.MKtfe«rth« F(Wt,6|. 

W«lght. toetadiof the ehMh 
■o«id bto knoB, asd aootherlM 
«M |Mt hi, tfthoofcoo the »teet- 
)nr4, 95 PonBd* ud 4 Oaaooa^ 
«U A win tmkn him abont 9)ft 
a <|^te nahed. 
no Raa, by Ua mra ■*- 
—at, eats bitf R ponad af 
Uceer OttdiinAe noialBf, 
■Bd-the MM ^udty ia lh» 
•rcaiiv.aadtfoavnat leooUeaC 
«r haraic «*«r bMB aWt. B« 

dar. ] 
aw of tha ardinarf aiie, aa veil 
«aA sma. yovager brotfavaaf 

mnvaa of Oris dreadlU tiaeaaa 
may prabaMy be iacreaied bf 
tfaebaUta of the people. The 
HnrahBaat i» general eat lato 

im the enniiif , aad then indnlgw 
tbrtr appetite* to »aA a degree 
Aat the ezteuioa of the sto* 
widi and abdomea is vei; W* 
■ble; aflei snch exoeu they 
are incapiAle of ezertioo, aad 
Uke the sloth geaaidl; retite t9 
■leep olTiti eSecta, and that ire- 
•aendy ia the open air. - Un- 
der theM oirannataoees san it 
be a matter of aatenishment, ia 
weather soeh as we have lately 
•xperiAeed, ttat they are seiz- 
ed with Bts of indi^stioa which 
fcaqtMBtly prove fatal ?— In- 
deed, I haTa lately heard of 
s«ae inilanoes of their fcoing 
to sleep after inch ioordiaate 
Mtln;, abdinafeir faoara be- 
iBKfoilad dead. 

AwUi>fflt.-~A Stjtiadron of 
Ike OiDveraor General's Body 
Guard was Jafely sent from the" 
PresM^ney, towards Singh- 
hOoBi, ia pnmdt of a bjmd of 
A^wedators that had sppeRrd 
Ib ihat-qoarter, and we are glad 
to lean, from letters receivet^ 
in tawn, that Acy have com- 
pletely snccoeded in routing 
ttem. A letter now before n* 
itates that on the !6th, tho 
S>]aadron came np with the E- 
aeray, when they made « bean- 
tiftil ahar^e led on by Captsia 
Thornton, and eut ap betweea 
M and 00 of them. The loss 
oB ow side was trifUnK, two 
TVoopart behig badly wounded, 
1 SyoB aad 1 Native Dootor 
MUed, fi Horses woanded and 1 
MlsBBg. Botii OfBoera and Men 
an s^ to have behaved with 
§nm spirit mdgayaatiy in Oa 

' M*ar*ftnfaiaif,.,4]m79Q,lflei.' 
¥esterday evening, a gale of 
«fnd set ut fron tbo < 

id^ aad huff; 



wHmM vcn- An ripa of ». pU 

feon'* «gf. 1^ rala wu veir 
KUODkble to anable Uw oviu- 

ir flome <]&;■ past been ii^ 
WaOy hot, Tli* «S«oU ef tin 
at«rm wu mocs severely fek at 
Berhuat>ore than in tke iBKa»* 
diafe ndglibouibood. JoM aft 
the nm wai fired at 9 o'clock, 
the lightaiiic sUnck the Blatt. 
on FI«K Staff on the bank of tke 
lircr, which came down with k 
tremendoni crash. It was ap> 
parcnUy attraeted by the iron 
work abosl the cap of the lower 
mast, and the eleotrlo Anid 
passing downwudB, completely 
lent the mast to pieces, the top 
Bast above the cap having jm 
kon work to atliaot It, it leia 
injured, a s^iall partonlj being 
splintered of). A tree, covered 
with a creeping plant, la tfae 

Krden, and near the bonse of 
IcHiel Edwttrds of His Ma- 
jesty's '17th Foot, (Co^naiandiBff 
Officer,) was also destroyed, bat 
" tpily no lives have been last, 
I heard of any (tardier 
oainage eeinRdooe, 

Col. Jeur, April Mu 

. Caxftpcrt, April \0. — The 
country .around die cantomnents 
exhibit* a most flourishinr and 
laxuriant ve;:etatiaa, and the 
ieeoDd crop of wheat is vprina- 
fng op with nncommon <niicK< 
acM.— The first orop of Um 
grounds appropriated to the g»t 
vemtnent atndsii already stale- 
ked for the i>abtio tervloe, 
'ttu>nKh some rains andbeswy 
■qnaLt had excited appreh^iat- 
ons ; these were however hap- 
ttily dissipated, and ^ Ryot* 
auticipRte a prosperous season. 
*-T\t natives In themdjaoent 
towBi aresoficrini; from partial 
ambks of fevct and dysHitery. 
battbetioopa aie eomparatlve- 

&beaiay, Uionffa Oe hot wind* 
r^tetii^aiid ikekcatofth* 


K letter firaia (be vicinity o( 
Bnxar, states, that inmciis* 
elonds of locosts were seea bo> 
veriog at a Bbort distance, as if 
aiith the intention of al^hting ; 
h«t that after keepii^ the spe% 
tatori in anxioac SDipenoe fof 
Boatiy an haw, these deatine- 
live lenonn denned ia an ea»r 
telly careoti(».— The very bbp 
merons and large topes of maiv 
goe trees be|in now to makea 
Bohlc and intereatmK appeal* 
ance, beiof; covered with fniitt 
in short, tiie snrroandinK l>nd> 
so^e, thongh devoid of (laib 
dew, snblhnity, w even A« 
picturesque, presents to the eye 
the BoKd and neeftal beaaty of 
eat general matiier teemmg with 
the neoassaries and oomlorta of 
«xistence.— ^iace tke rvriew 1^ 
Major Oencral Loveday no oo- 
oarrenoe of interest has takea 
piaoe in the atatieo. The river 
IS very low, and but few boati 
are seen on its sarface. 

DwrowUt, ZMak Sarmn, Afr> 
B. Tfae hot winds have set i* 
kve so stroBf , pmticDlBjiy dnr- 
k^r these fire days past, aa te 
nndei av^iy tbing aronnd m 
iby and uncomfortable. Clouds 
■f sand, of burning sand, oreiw 
spread the whole atmoepliera, 
and na« only, parch up the f;raaa 
bnt oar faoea and llpq to boot 
Tatties are now makingr, which 
wiH render ni a Utile more oom- 
fbrtaUe, bnt wfaat snrpcise* ue 
post is the exoellent state «f 
the iBdigo pkuit. The hot winds 
ia net ^peai to fear* any et 
faet opatt i&— peibapa tliisi« 

kaUyiiGh and «Dad.b«t,aa] 
m not a planter nself, I am 
Wt tittle avqaidBlea w^lh the 
asUect. I tlutfc of all the parti 
of India, in iriiialtlhBVaheet^ 
I hare never yet seen avriefc 
and highly oaltivaled a '^UAah M 
Saftn^ iti««perfect<«W«« 



taHia place, >di«tuoe of -fbrtf lltehDtwiBdveoatiMe IS Uaw 

Wo hn» Ulbwto rtft*mfd tj Mi^lrtMly dool :— " M>-«f 

ItOBHidMaatlaeof lfaeop«»- «Mn/"'Mt)wconataBtri3r. Th» 

lag of Vm«i Chwel ob tW prcHrvatian of beahh amonfC 
cmUne Of WedBMdBy ' 

. ^ .. MBylaat.ox* 

imttliig thtt ■ome of oBg LO t in i- oonflvqumoo of tM ciwUmm 
pODdeau, who woie prascnt on pfodoced by ihe talioi In -ntf- 
tbt occuiOD, voold l»t« fAnm (y wlMloir of tlie kturMk-n>oiM 
■sanHocoontofthtpMoeodifigB. whieb are wolt sappliod «iu 
Asihnlni not taken irfoM -wo wMer.— Yesterday twooattvaa 
■R laft aov to >iate l^fly that mddenly dlopt Mad noariha 
ibe Cbap«l wu opened at tbo bfuar ; they wcr« atnick by tk« 
tine which bad beeBfixedspoii, hotwinds, and «Jipteed in oon- 
end the nitons sef tices tp- valaive agtmwa. SMrbodiea 
propnate to the opportoniM were mach awellad, and afaooat 
««n c(»td«cted by the Bev. H. immediataly bofan - to ezhlbit 
TDwnley, lAo de)i*ered a very nnptoina«f pnlvefcfltiaa. Two 
exorUcnt diuoniM from the JBuropaMU were pBanKdaaA 
fbUowini^ ten, "And he iball to the oatiTei at the tim*, %ni 
tains 'fcHA the headatono tbcy attribote their preierratiDa 
tiioreof'With ahovtintn, crryiDcr. to wst handherchiefh, wldoh 
Gr«cB, '(trace." aeohariab. IV. they had M>pUcd'to*«ir aaoiitfc 
7. Tta Chapel is ef-saflieieBt widno*trifa. The alekoaM a< 
wtme Xo oonttia ahoot 400 ekansk bxx« the nativoa )> dacraaainr, 
and notscantieu warM be aa<t (he Ewo^eana ire totarably 
fcmd after the wrrioe com- healAy. The pooei Af Aoar, ot- 
«en«ed. Indeed a nonber Of tak, Teisublea, be. contiMM 
MTfloM. who aenld notflnAnor wn reaaonabte, and the banJana 
wo^Dodation within the wrfia, anticipate piwulAil at^Uea, 
«antinDed in Ike V«r«*dah dor^ 9ln Nopa ofwkeat lately auclc- 
iM tke whole of thfrliae. After ed have been xemaricably pio- 
- (tateBent of tke *wtiTeaiii aaaww. 

Funds, releed bv rabicription, „ . ., . ■ 

and devoted to the ereMionaf Aiitit Snufy.— A Ueetlnc 

Ibe Chapel, w«» wad by Mr. T. of tiieAsiaticSaciety wasbel^ 

from wlnoh it appeared Oct a at Chourin^bee on Fnday.tb« 

debt of bettwsen tbice and flwr Htb of Apiil, at which the Mo»» 

HHMuaad rapeea atill remained Noble the MarqnU of HyiaTiNiig 

tobe liqoidated.' A coUeotina pcSHded. 

•WM aftenrards aude, whW^ Jfajoi-ftouaaBEDOE, prppWr 

'&on the UberaUty of tkejujdi- fid>lU. tfee pneoeding meatuifii 

'eoee, he^aMtatodisanaateiiaBr »m .nnanun««ljr AeOmA.-^ 

tnatafchirupaaMtcfonnieEa- a«nbei«f tbe$o«ety^ , 

perienoadtndie^iiiUlnKfiaod, Qn the resigoatian of BoIJ 

-that the^eomnutteeibaAhbeli >fieKBNBiE Esq. one of the 

•fcle i»'declh».ilbaraiarfptKief M«mbeM of the Cfuuautteo-i^ 

"Aiflker' moDlhlykaabstai^ttank Papcit.Colanel GeokgeFaoui 

affbrdcd ^ymflibMl.' k«ba->haM waaffJcotetiinbia room. 

.bMsacaUto«B«a/t«piB«ote!bi Aleaer ww |«ad from tb^ 

4hiRnaner the ab^ wUtfi Seorewry, ad^eueA to. . t^g 

^ubcei>soaaKC«aa< Coroinittee.yCf^HiCfB.jffifeQBej 

|iiab«d; i&ui- ^1^26- «oce to vhiiih tt.jr^iEf^M^ 



ttattbn Hoieam 4m pat (mtie- 
v«U; Bodtr the ehsrge of ik« 

Se«r«tary, witfa the Mtabliab* 
inctit, u voted io fonncr Fro- 
veedlogi, and that one of till 
Jlembers of the Society b«r»- 
guested to CKermae Bueh s«pe)« 
fnlendeace over tb« HiKeonM 
•Oecta tbe •cieiitiSc fAaMiflOA- 
lioo, 'and proper urmgemmiti 
sftha arlioles it contaitil. DiC 
Abam baTittpf rifmfied his ve»- 
diD«9s to UDdenak« the tMk, tt 
wa» aMmimmisly resolted tiiat 
fce-bS'-qoniimted Superintend- 
vBtof the Museum. ' 
"• A iMter was r«ad from Hr^ 
iGiBMNst preseMitiK aDotfaer 
inodri of the CUneae monster, 
(described in oiir last report) in 
theMmeofCiitiiLEa Palmes, 

> Mr. OiBBONs aim ^reseated 
two Weapons' used by the iuhK- 
^tants of the OanW HiOs. 
. Dr. Abam pAseated a collee- 
tfonof marKiQ piftdnotionB, oon- 
liistiKf 9f thirty specimens of 
flhells, lo pairs. tbieeofCDnd 
wnja'frfeee of rOck, bearing 
came besutiiW varieties oTOor- 

Eria of 8«a Pern. The Bliells, 
(h the exception oftwefhim 
IheManithts, are the prodac- 
tlon of Ibe South West Coast 
«f ^Thiuti't and the rock with tht 

ttihnM,of4M Rtawrf Emjf^ntu^ 


M*r(|i<i* of HA*TiKa» 
preseslad four nuabers of the 
MMmum ANrinutt im«4m«m 
Otl'Hindmgtm, in the nuMof 
Hmu. Lanolbi. 
.-'Mk. WH.SON, the SeeietaiT, 

Cented to tlie Soeietf two H- 
Bated ' Sanserit Mamt- 
latipU, th» J&mpiM and Bmm' 
C mttth a , in tlie mme •{ Captai« 
Pull, «nd onthe -pwt of Golo- 
oel WiLFOHD, two aatocmh 
manusonpts tn ■ IiatlB> ttie Com- 
menMries of IfoNSBka'sv, « J«- 
Bult UiisioiUDy ftt lfe» Coartef 
Aksbr. - -'" ' ' 

AnEmNf by Colonel Wil- 
FOBD CM) the Bomidariee ot Ana- 
Oangnm, its Mountains, For- 
ests, and Rirers. from Sanscrit 
and Classical Anthori lies, was 
also read. Of this elnl>orat» 
and learned work, Irr one of our 
moat oelebmted Orientalisla, 
we sHeiU endeaTonr te give some 
idea by advertiaK to a few por- 
tions of it, which partiGulariBa 
the new authorities bebaaenn- 
•ultad, and seme oDriooa and' 
iupoitant points of id«itifioati> 

Fauranios i— and lastly, histori- 
cal descriptions of someoftha 
principal towns, sacl) as Poll-' 
bothr^ and Palaltputia. 
' AaitiUaw.—Ot tbe mounr! 
ti^Ds Colonel WilWrd pW 
nrwt, tlut-tline itre toj^ 

bv Google 


mrA* of ladis.tlma'TMWM-) 

ffima, oe; inowv, ii to th« umUI' 

<Ktb» ffalden rawataJnt iab^-. 
jruBd Tibet, and Sitlmditu li^ 
fjaTihoK aofth. NftypaU la b»n 
twMo tke P«I«pB.orfooloftfaa 
■XKuilaiiu. vid tfiflM- Oar *&• 
cieat eieognpben w«re Mqoaiit, 
UiwiOt the two £rst, UnMiM 

or Sm^tu. T^tii iaSoxvulaJta 
«u ao doubt vMj dafealiwo. Bad 
tbsir idea* Mnocmiac .ibeio, 
wors oE coNMa voi; ufdutinot,. 
aad cAolkBod, •• It appaaia 
frwa Ptolkkv'* »ap. Our au-. 
Jfaor baa added tuiinferiDr iwfi'f. 
wbiefa ta«-Mlb B«f9trhus. nU 
range wilb Jaiaua and Emoda*. 
be bas dupoacd in the sbape of 
tb* letter Y.lmaiu-is the Bhaft. 
and the olb^rs nuke the two, 
bnMKbea i Eiuodia is to tbc le^ 
pi noitb, 'aad BepgrriutMioVSM. 
right or Mwlh. Euodiis bejoad 
^bel, is eotireljr out of its place 
bere, and of cumM nuut be re- 
wcted. Bepyr^hui is derived 
ttont Ibe Suuorit Bhiam-ptd* 
or Bbaya-pada, oi tbe treuen- 
dous pau up and doira Ibo 
Eaouataias ; literally tbe trentea- 
dous fooliiica. rest* for the foot, 
or steps. These woiia are pro- 
liouaced bj the Naypaltise 
Stimjtlud, Bhimphei;^ and 

Skaj/pluil, Ot fihai/yJicr : but In 
Bindec tbey sar BMm-paid^ 
SJUm-paii\ ana Bhijnpairi, 
Bbay-paiid or Bbaj-pairi, F'eiir 
aad terror, are spread over 
^lis' immense ' range, and 
XtrangeVs' ' and IrRvelleri are 
lOuaayedal^^e sij;ht oftbem.' 
I'ne PauT^ic's' admit, it 
ii trae, this et^molopicalderiva-. 
tiuiiof these worJs, of nnd BhU 
' iU4par or Bbayapar the iieaij 
jnanaioD ; Hut tbey bave ^aos- 
i'ened the sensation of terror 
fr im strUQeri and travfllers Id 
ibe iuKabllant) themselves, and 
Accordingly tbey bave framed 
tfiTcnl lostadi.. 

. 31wI>fMM«iof FTKMfT.iMt 

p(y tbenHiikemow)untadas,lhiim 
Ue Swucrit Yamy^ and Yft> 
ma^ya, vbkb sifoify tbe aoHlbj 
bocaaso Yajaa ndea there. The** 
»«Td>, in Uie spoken dialect*, 
■t« pcoaoonoed Janyaand Ja^ 
nyejUh.'&oiA' nbich last tht 
G>i«eka made Damaui, aa Diur 

SUM tw Jamunaj and whoa 
UNT- aaya tbat the Hindoos 
called tbe aoiMbam porta of thn 
wofld Difpuua, we sbooLd lead 
Piamaia or Damasa. Bestdea 
■lama, or Pluto, U supposed la 
reside partipularly tbere alsof 
henoe.ti^sf mountains, or part 
oftboin, arflcalled Jaoa-dbatat 
wbiub iippty eitiier tbe scattbua 
moyotains, or tbe mountaiua of 
Varna, die lulei of the SouA ia 
Sanscrit In tbe ipoken dialecta 
tkey say Jamdhaia, from wUcb 
SEBNiER oiade Cbajndara.* 

ColoDcl Wu-roBJ) iben passe* 
to themounlaiaato tbe eMt of 
Bengal, Between tbatconntiy 
andTrqipuift, tber«isATwye u 
bills wbicb passes clwe to C9r 
niiJlBb, tUen all abm; the sea 
sboie^ and ends near CiatfioUt. 
This range is oaBed BagJmntut^ 
{^aa in the Csbetra-iamaaa, uii 
in the district of Cka^aM, tbert 
are two porliims o/it ; one li 
called ChoMdra-tetliMra, or CAoht 
irv jfiri ; in tliii is SetiMHindjit 
or the pool of Seta, and (be bur- 
niog weU. The other portica 14 
callep Viii^pacfhya, 

The mounlaias, u ttbH 04 tb> 
country to tbc eastward of 
Traipura, are often called idMnk 
by tbe natives. Wbcn vie leni 
in M.-ijor Dow'a History of Hin- 
doostan that Sl^ltanSljah fled 
fromSliacca to Arac an, through 
the almost impervious foresti 
and mountains of Aapiyanuiti, it 
ii a mistake, as it should be Ih« 
forests and mouotaias of "Rtgng, 
Jt is not like); that that nnforp 
^ , , . . , , tupalj 

Tol.adp.17fc - - -*- ■^°" 


W CALCnftA- XS^UAL tl*6tSl^ IBM, 

t^ite f>yjilce lAbuM tj th)iq 
Syhacti^ to KnUfBttiDt on Qi« 
loTde^sof AsaiDB, s peotwRf 
ibwards the north ; but It is na- 
^raJ to'sappose that be woold 
tf art at ' ohce into the wilda of 
Tr^ipnra and Resng. 

FoTM/f.— The FoTesta wUcb 
covertbe Vlndhyui mdontHin) 

Src in Ken'eral called Jiatiekaftdm 
IwA^S pronounoed Jharit]umd, 
In the spoken dialects, whicb 
DlfCnifies a country abonnding 
irlth jhari, or places o»ergrowu 
IMlh thickets Aid underwood. 
Acdordtn^ to Majtn- DoVs His- 
tory, when the Emperov Fibosb 
ni. En the y«ar 1366 wasTO- 
taraingfro&i B(Jn^B(,'he poMcd 
IbroUf^ the 'Pa'diMrata forests 
>rh!ch is one of the old names of 
ratnB, once (he metropolis of 
that coaotrj'. These forests a- 
lonnded in Kephants, and tho 
Emp*Tor ohu'glit marij. For* sf- 
toitart'eitfJDD the'moontnins and 
/orents of .War-cAmtrf are balled, 
In tKe Peuting Tnbles Hie Lti' 
tnodu* oinnntains abonnding in 
Slephants, and placed th^re to 
the south of the Oanftcj. They 
Tfiftlty were in the country of 
Maf^db, or Ma^il, as f^enerallr 
pronooaded, and which was a1- 
■b'tlHi'tiame of Patna and of 
South Behar. Mnch informa- 
tfifb 'oonceniinB India was de- 
ifred'frain Arabian Herchanta 
•bA Saihrrs. with whom tho 
^mk Rod Iloman fleets were 
«BI«Sy manned. These preRx- 
edfo'thename'of countries tfte 
Arabia arfide Al aslo ^^Ti. 
t^,'AUSin, ^c Thus tliey satd 
Al'Ma^d for Maf^adh, Al-M\iri. 

Sand Al-Aryyaca, iinr Hura, 
Mnrica and Aiyyaca, froia 
mtbtbeGrtaks aade liny- 
ffMLftDdLariana. Bl-MBiedor 
Patteis pitfced 1b thb abpre 
Tahle^W nonaa nUeqtethe 
ramardof the ooaffaenovof 
Wmm-wiift'th^OawM, ud fii 
ntt« fs mf ttMf Aero CMMidv. 
AoH fbmts, u-*««a«d bimm;. 

TriA'A nhf-iarea(k. Ud tttf 
hiliBbl«ants Bhallate or Bbal' 
fatfaa. Bear btniten or Bear 
killers. Tleae are'Oia PlnHttae 
ofPrdLENVaaddie BvOiifot 
Captain Robkbt CovEKT.TImw 
were also the Dtyllv-Pb^IUtae, 

eiibably from some plac« iiewr 
erowly. fiat Oondali, noir 
fim Oonds (u Beiml& fr«n 
Banga) were part at flic Phrlli- 
tae. TMa shews tintt the Bear 
hnnters were spnad ner a most 
extenrire repon. 
- JR(>*fr.— The first tiverttftaoto 
b«lDW Hordwar, and on flic 
right aide »f the Oati|;«s is the 
Calnuft' or CWfnu, for both arar 
nsed indifferently by the katiwn 
and whieh HA\i lato tke Gaa^ev 
near Caiioge. The royal road 
from the Indos tb PaUbothra 
crossed this river at a ptaos 
ealled CaftaipBuAn aceordutPtV 
MitGABTHENEL, and nowprobs- 
Wy Codabfninfce : Caltnipaesha^ 
in Sanscrit stoniSes a place nesr 
the Caiini. Tli« next rirer fo 
tlie blue Yvmwia or CatuuK, In 
the spoken dialects it la oallod 
JaimiiiK, Jumna, and-Jnbimff, 
parlicDlarly in Bengal. It i« 
tailed DiommiB by ProLeMT, 
Jonanes by Pu wy, and Jabarea 
by AxatAN, probably for Joha> 
DCS or Jabona. ItiaoalledCau 
lindi because it has its aonrev 
in the hilly ooant^ of Oalinda, 
aalled Culinda lathe geogn^ 

eical oommeBtaries oa rim 
aba-Baiata. It la tbe Colitt* 
dtiaeof Ftolbmy, &om Colin., 
daa, a deriVBli*e fonnCrom Co* 

MagnttRfclu. In the Qatar' 
targa-Cbinamam It is deoUreti 
liiat ttan Dalty aa hariog oaoe 
been defeaiM by the godj^ 
fled flroia before tttcm ;' butfind* 
^ no place of ahriter, dteir 
ooansellor Sacratdiaryya orcatod 
•n immense magnet lifea « 
movntun, which attracted dM 
amnrsofthcKoda, wiuch werg 
pointed with u«d; ■ Jm tr n. rpmf 



via toA tbfwlBi asd divide^ 
it into namberl«H iidiDr 
tM»; awnefbU upoadia laad, 
MOM iotothe aea. One foil ior 
to A« B** to Ibe MHith Eaat o( 
CbMtOU W Ckal^mah, Uld tllik 
U Iba reuon whj it j« «« 
difficult to get ovar that »»] 
W« we wqn^Bited irith tir« 
■pUmera of tkat.qiewitaiD,«a« 
near the Dwnth of tbo rivev 
of NegiaMkiwdviUedhr th« 
vfttivea Hani, m'd. Itr u Dia« 
■wnd laland, kUdIi dawBii- 
BRtlcHu UB almplj^. ByaoMjri 
■ana I fer the jnwlivu known 
foimorlr ia Suropa wdcr tk* 
MtaMof Adaaiant, wUeborigi- 
»aBjaigiii6edaIHuaoBd. Tbm 
Fnoch say t». this day jfimiMf, 
BDt aarcly on secoiuit of its Iotq 
of iron. Theie magnelick rooka 
tf which ve nre now speaking 
are ine»ti(Hied in th« Arabia* 
M^ta, and in the English 
tmuladoiis tfie; ate called ili« 
rocks of Adamant. The othw 
tfilintDr h near Parindra, or \k» 
Lion'a plaoe in tb« Uon's Mooth 
Koonpar. TImm macnatlok 
lodcs eonatitate Hw Manjote 
Uands of Ptolihv, whitA, ha 
says, attraeted (he iroa nalla at 
every aMft that passed that May. 
There vera ten of them, and ^ 
fnon^the islands of Sincapnr, 
them are abent tea larirer than 
tbereet. Their name, Mamolw 
b obeioasly tnm ICan), in a dar 
4*niiTe froai Manlyata, whiefe 
fs adjQisnbla In ^e present 
ease.. El Bonissi haa 
each another splinter, 
attbeentraaoeeftbe KadBea, 
and caUa it Handab, whioh GA 
WiLTOwv takes to be from the 
Saaacrit Manidvip, and intfct 
•pekoa dideeti. Manl^Ub. 
: : We oonld with pleaawe brfaif 
fotheDedeeafonr readeramau 
Vf eCher paaaafes fnm the 
WBaed wacfc of Cd. WiLnoaDt 
hi -vhkk be ^reees tfie conrae 
•f'VU Hm. piiMl|Ma liven, lor 

waa^* tt« y > i egaffaitng ih* 
6reelc with Saosnit anthontieii 
and intiodtuiiiig avaiiety'cif inr 
teresting olvervatioiu,-T-bnt au/t 
report would in thf^t ease b* 
drawn to an incQaveiiioii( 

An Abatract of tiie A^^o-iaitr 
40, a Sanscrit Poem hytheee* 
lebtated CaLfDAf A, ^ Captain 
Fu4. of Benafes, wu also Iai4 
before lheSo<^e^. CalbB4S4« 
« Brahnii), was fyxa in Titfaoot, 
and is sapposed to have Uvei) 
aboot SO years anterier to thf 
Christian era. The Poem com 
Biats.of aiaeteen Cantos, anil 
contains an historical aoconat 
of the progenitors of JUt 
toA, to the fooTtfa degree* 
and of bis lineal deseendaata« 
forming a gwaalogioal tftble of 
twenty-nine Princes. Calbt 
pASA is said to have been one «i 
the nine Geou of the Courted 
tha Pnaee of Dliar in Malwa. 
Itie icite f)f flut nwient oapilM 
la still to be jHsen, we aodersltkn^i 
about two mileato the south of 
Oujeio. Tbenajna ofC*LiiDAt 
■A IS known to the En^ilUb readr 
erby Hr. H. H. Wilsok's Iransi 
latioooftbe Claud Mttttt^trtl 
that diadngnished Poet, 

^oTt. Car. 4pr. iSk 

The foUQTiDK has been trana* 
lated fronr a Bengally Newspii^ 
per, and contains as aeeonnt af 
practices fp hoipfclei that it it 
djSioult to believe, snch bnnii% 
Monsters exist, a* tUs ezami^ 
MtiMseema t» de«ifte< Wo 
have altraad thq trasaUtioB* 
aitle.tcreeder ltHiittM«toa« 

' -q^a AtoMM, PtAtm , ._. 

. ■ Ob ■Jmtia.y aig^t. tho I^A 
Af»iiie0l. oaneapondiqg with 
AtaUiJtt Ck^xtt 1337, ow 

:. Cookie 


}oli]l,offhe ^tOafm OfB&Mter 
Kluriin Jointetpora,' iiippoaed 
to be of the age of m jatn, and 
%lioM profeniini wu that of 
tininK landi, wm - iiiiiiiiwiil n 
tBaorn*:— » ■■ 

(^ Wb; did ;0ii Men tfiv 
•nwecutor Moaoo, of Tmitty- 
Uaol?— A. W« three penon* 
*tKt directed ^ one OocAont 
feiuffiant Koosar, tbebiUtter- 
la-Iawof BwnsiMr, who iitbe 
iodapendaiit HmM ofMntee- 
par«,to praeeed in qneMofk 
•MD. thai Im might he tacrifl- 
•ed before Kalln. ' In obedi- 
ence (« this order, we Ullee, 

lot that porpoM MdoMi|;fat Ho- 
aoo, who otarmed the people of 
the Tillace aad thejewpedos. 

Wevemy otlMr penoMb«». 
rfdea younelvea mm DjrKooRnr T 
•—I do not know trtw tliw mif 
other penfou wereaent. 
' DidjTMoa anj former onsea^ 
floa »tno and ddivei any perl 
pen to Cooaiw Ir— NOt 

bEooaut to givp' von B19 
tUiW ai ooai]>ootati«n nr;roiir 
Veii^ aodbrlagiOf aaua T— He 
b not t« Kire n« m^ lUxtg. Bat 
.VebareMenttooedto ezeoate 
tU order*, bein; InbaUtantaef 
KUeeoatiyaad from the fear of 
ImIoK 901 Ure*^ 

' (AmnWttwo nllt'oriUc 
karfn^ been foond ontbeoflM- 
«en, they were aaked what tber 
«sed them for T to wbicb thn 
a^ied, " to fag the taaiA 

' Did Rajan Ramilnf knov 
ffml foa were dewed ty his 
krotbar-la4aw to Mug a aan 
ftirciblf !~~H4doef not kaofflt. - 

Did jon erer aee the tanno. 
tfttioa of Hunan Ticdme ?— Yea, 

WUMQ nctmia everr jnnr. 

Of what ooonbT wan the aan 
tBed last rear I— I da not knew. 

Hownunr people hare jnn 
Ihai Men kiUed t— It in doM 10 

riatar of R^ah Itainf«. mA 
■mee Oen, he ha* nrried <» 
thM practl<^> 

How many people doe* be aa- 
criGce overr year? — I cannot aaf 
eiBotly. But tbrtheie last fonr 
montha from Jwniat; to AprH 
he has immolated Hnman vie- 

' h lAnt manner doea he por- 
Hmn the oeiemonjr T— After t^o 
aMntloB of the man who uin- 

tended to be sacrificed, a gU' 
■and ofiomsn la placed round 
Ui neck, and then his head in 
ant off h; B scimitar. 
' DidKooaurdeiirejontoaata* 
toriei or not !— i waa desired to 
bring a man, but wn were not 
told from what oonnlry— ^Ae- 
ther ^m the Company a T«irt- 
torin or KniAhnr, or eftewbcre. 
Does Rajah RamsinB oppoao 
•uch brntal conduat of Kooaur 1 
— He dues — and beildei he baa 
iasaed orders to the whole of hia 

that cany off haman victima. 

WaiwK Rajah Ramaing dis- 
pleased with his brother-iaJaw 
nftw hearing these cireum> 
atanoea I^ Yes, he waa. 

■ Where doe* KooanrUref— 
'BaUresin one of the houseaof 
-Rrtjah Hamsing. 

FOrwhat parpoae dona he idll 
men 1~4 bare been totd,(b« I 
have never witneued It) that af- 
ter perfimning the eeremony 
Onbaflia in the blood. 

Wtebaftea In^ Uoodt— 
Koeanr's wifh. 

. b KoMmr^iwifepresent ntea 
the eetemony takes place ^-> 
Yes, I leant that she pMsonal^ 

When yon aawhoman rbtlma 
sacitteed, did yoa erar ae* 
Kooav'a wlCs prescmt T— ^o. 

■ Do yon know whelhm- Oe aet 
•r huaalathw haman rtctl^ 
WMdneOfkii own 4ll,orhr 
Iko laVMM vf Ha w^ t-tt wo 



ttoneVr^^'r mntoal conseat. 
with the view, u 1 voderftUod, 
to abtun progenj. 

" How 'many persona were <». 
ieted . to propeed in quest of 
pSopIbiftRd' who accampMuod 
pM 1 Othe'ra came put foi^thftt 

lit Gaiixee and Habesn iacuoi- 

- Do jou know the nail's of 
tHroCbera wbocame out seuk-- 
iufflor hiimsu .victims ^~-I dtt^ 
■ol know tlie^r oniBei. 

'Howmiay persons nera.yotij 
Ofdeted to seize T — Only one. ' 

KiSriitutf^AgVig oS robbers 
wfcA'™fcsr 'the rgad betwixt- 
KmlMftitdfDehU.latelj exe- 
cat^'.'inait'andEicioiisoutrai^a. - 
A Gedtleman witfi his family 
btiit^encaqiped at Gttrouuda, 
wila'artfusedfttcleudofaiglitout . . 
of his sjeep by tlia shrieks of a 
fenale, who^ prored to be th9- 
Bafieof fhc'cliildj'Uie rutfiana -. 
were t^'mSUn^, andhadbodir 
ly lifted her out and w> .Wfy 
wiih l^ei'tVodi tie interior uf.t^e 
teat' 'irlfne the Ucallomah and 
Lady 'Were sleepinj;, foe tliQ 
Mke of omameDts ,abnut hsr. 
BduEclov^Iy pufaued. tlityr *( 
l<!n^h reltnqiiiahed the poor w»> 
nan. SbVaeoftha^rtn; weiaap* 
preheaded in th^ village, thouRh 
maiiri^^ed withcoajidenibie 
boo^.' GJtJour.4pr.K. 

iftW Ateidcnt.—Wf) lean 
(hat on Tuesday evening, ogo 
of ih'6 bbya belon^tntt to « Ship 
iTii^off^thg.i^olice Ghatil, wu 
■wiionn^ Kouild the, vmbcI, 
«ad in (he ttct of lading bold of 
the cabttiltffhtf stream, when be 

^ jTli* UHAr^it would 

if.a moment, ^obadily 

"^ "^iftjlcalitt had .t«a 

egooj; Boj'i tiwt. 

If ay beluugiog lo'a 

Spuiiah Strip et«aslns &e spot, 
1m wm»r«sl6ied by the persona 
in bw, befoTtt the nih could 
teaenr ft> attack. 

Snch. repeated secid^itl off 
Ma nature, aa have froA 4m 
ta tfane been racorded, ougMio 
•pervM aa a' wamin^i ^ot to 
Sailors and Boys, who'selddn 
read or besr oTtbnO aceideotf, 
throvg'h ticmpMen, 1>ut at 
least to ComiriBS^ra and OR' 
i:!BrB,i^omgta ttf^ttliQ strict-^ 
CBtfatjanetfou a^instthe prac- 
tice of riimu ifciy ' <n ^Iv^s or 
Harbours; inbJehfV>'s*''-h Inter- ■* 
niptloB*u lk«ffi.'fAiir.'JF4nF,^^' 

On Handartttf'fiM'ihitanf;"' 
Hii MjiMgi-rf^it«i~dify wu;' 
Delebnlodnrtth the' UjhiA 6eT«- 

XaM-NofelirllM OtfvrkNtfit CTei ' ' 
, NERAL (^n-Mi «1e»^"'!bJiIr' 
and SoppW] V*'lh6'"OfiiWi- 
, nwt -{hina^witf fcrtBldnft^lK , 
; luminated. Tho 6nmd ' En-? 
.traawa ovtllk'«Dl1h ride, abif 
thofatevaya^'worvsuperhiyde- ' 
coraud'mk •rtM6|ated la^al. 
-and AutwilhMuMill^VUfl' neat 1 
oft^B weather, ttS^mll'-roiAa*'. 
jwas orawded iri^ bettnf^'tinj " ' 
fashioB. Aftottt K 6M(^; ths *" 
Jtarty descended to'SiftiteV ih*/ 
the^irMe KaH, IrMcbSrliTMi ' , 
•f daikxv, and where every.' 
thhifMis liMndly proridedto ' 
dohmarto^be Ondve am) l.oy- \ 
•I occasion. 

, Aoootorta' (h)m AIKhatiaijl " 
menlioir ttio prefralenco rf ' , 
OptAitMaat that Station, and ' 
partieoiavty amonf clrildreo. 
which t« sUpl^Med to 'be pro- ; 
daced^ dnhM-lHMa. The '. 
•ye-lids stnH; - VxA a great 
qaaikiily-of AMter is secrete*^ * 
but ai a^ a M a Hqa -wifli water, 
lad ootHlnf ' loiiona, have been, ' 

~ ■ " to remove ths , Z, 



Fbr Mayy 1821. 

< On Swiday aOaraMtt mnother 
(he improprieQ' and danger of 
batlunR outtleMly in the river. 
Fmt men, belonging to one of 
tbe Bankihall boats, baa bean 
a^d were coBU»gJ)»«S*Al*^ft*":. 
tor, when * SterV.t^?ftff«'SJ*f 
th(W from MlM«d. 99^<ffi^m^ 

*9BdWLin«wiM,j;jW- "- 

die Hit»pilU4i,«A».! , . 



Atfoa sKpi paited from the «• 
Uu witliwliich.tbe5 ware moor^ 
e^ and itnaft were drives foul 
of each other. We have heard, 
bowerer.of no aerioua damafe 
flmt bM Men tfaerebr aocasio»- 
•d. Bn^ M*s M, 

We KB tony to Mate ttat 
MConnU from Rajeihajo report 
Ae onjnrrence of a droadftil fin 
ftere, whidt broke oat acoidca- 
tmy, sod vaa bo ipeedllT ex- 
tended bjr dH op«<ralioiiof a 
ttronf wmd Uowtnf at the tima 
that the tnn ws> nd«ced to 
ifihes, aad^agee bnmediately 
«4jaeeiit were not eared fres 
flrinn injur <r. The Sadder Aiu 
neea'ft cnteherrr wa» entirely 
atmranied, knd the combnstiblfl 
-nUBrM* with the Mntenta of 
tte Iteritter's cntcherrr, al< 
-am^ftwas a pookah bnil^- 
Uf, wemlto deetroyed, not- 
withltaDfitiir ^^^ exertion that 
•imd b9 naed to Bcreen them 
Ham fafltaiBg la ibe general 
cstastn^e. The records thus 
destroyed were- considerabTe in. 

Siantity, and th^ )om will be ■»- 
onaiy ftlt in that part of the 
C6tinlrf, notwithstanding every 
■reasare thatmay be dcrlied for 
t^ilacing them. Httrli Mag 18. 

We have been faTored with 
tke foUowin; new* fVom the 
iforth West About ayear a^o 
SBaB MooaaS, the eon of toe 
Ameer of Kundoos, a province 
Ijinf between Balkh and Bn- 
dnkshan, eiMleoted a large foroe 
cfaJeBy of Usbek TaHan and ' 
mbdned the ftothnrinK coantries 
h the gpacv of etf bt months ,- 
Badafcshan, Balkh, KertSfreen, 
Koolab, the diitiiet of Uie Ha- ' 
■irehs. dependents m Khoolm : 
bderab and Khooa, depend- 
«Kieson Cabal, and Ohattenil, ' 
'AM h also known by the 
warn at UtHs- Haahkar. . ThU ' 
extraordinary- Conqneior has ' 
sdppled tbe polii^ortntBttlaBt- 

IngU* aew nbjeoti Gram Oelr 
Mtive Beat! to other anbjogtted 
provincea, the inhabitantt of 
which are in liite manner trans« 
brred to tfaoao vacated by tbe 

' WfttindentaiKl tbBtthft.Vo- 
tiier (rf Saooj^ the Bx-king of 
Cabal, haa traiu&md Uft 
throne of Cabid t» OUiAL 
Sbah Habkood »d his ua 
Kammam are at Henab 

tfw enrsoij. remarks on Col»> 
nel PkancklinI tonr throng 
tte Rajmi^ BiUa. and tx- 

Keiwd anr hope of obtainiiic 
I opinkHi relatiTe b> the cane- 
(tly rtDehed Idea of a 1^>toa» 
. MO, beiag ot having been, in &a 
-Tlcfattty of th« WatOTfCdl called 
MoBtt* .MMrao.' limited in 
those HiUs. By. J«ttei« lately 
received' ftOm jffhMirippar wo 
learn .that 40-i*t«ft^ 
indefatigable Towial dees not 
concMniShaJ flfob « pbaiomea> 
on ever eslated there. 

At the entHBoe of the Tallej 
ntany of tbe nooks kM-iaid on k 
haatyview, tnijuUealea.vola*. 
idc orifin, bnt after diligeqC 
examimUion and toadns tho 
fragmenta (^ the -watercourse 
to the Fall, they prove te be 
Xtvp in various i^esof d&- 
oompoaitioii. The preiupice it- 
self which forms the cascade ia 
eompoaed entirely of Trqi, and 
indeed the whole of the R^ 

The < 

may aoconnt for so many fertile 
spots tbrounhout the Raiwes, 
in flie same manner aa it is done 

ia tiie Highlands oC SeoOand. 

Ghaxetpor*, Mag IS.— It to 

pleasing to be aU« to write, 
that this station If MBnirmmiti'lr 
healthy at present i Hygeis 
■eeau to iwT* bikM op Ik( 

I op bee 


TOildMioa hue, in ipite Qftlw 
■ztrcioe ftrvor toA m^tf 
of tiw hot wmda, vJuoh itiU 
fiwitiiuie, in all their '^uUsn and 
freqaentlj dewUtjngfiwaeiiess. 
Some RjroU wha have KrouDda 
wid plantalioiu in. thp vioiiBiy 
ofGbueepore, liav« pEwolaelt 
Die A fall acoouatef Aaemat^ 
tliod tbey have laio))' made un 
of in irrigating tlieir Unda, 
which tbey db9ciil)c ai teaurfc- 
ably succiBisful, combuti«g«>M>, 
expedition, and cCTtaiaty. 

' At i>«fr.-^'nia foHowiiir a 

Ml ettrast fanaa letter, dated 
»Mr Bhrntpeirei April 96th, wUeh 
kitf been furnutied to us tat 
pBbtioatiDii, in Older ta ahew the 
duwsa, to which tboie, who 
■rein the habit of keeping deer 
i»aiame at Mmflnad itAte, fere 
under cMtain cirenaatnnce* 

Ute bQdf, ■when he expired after 
• lew groana," — Burkara, 

ioioM.— The Northern Akli- 
ban stute ihat Pnitjcet Siog 
IfAA given orders for the reuio~ 
ialof all thr rtld buildings im- 
mediately withoat the wnlb of 
Iiahore, but that lb e adauaa- 
line compositions of a Musaul' 
man Tomb defjiup tlie rommoa 
tools and power ortlic fiildan, 
headt^ted, at the iDsiance of a 
Byranghee, the barbarous ex- 
pedimt of offering up homan 
Blaod to hallow tiie dcstruclioa 
of the Tomb, when It is added, 
its resistance inunediately was 
Appcasedt and it easily gaTa 
»ay ! I 

Drlku — The samesonieesBp- 
vties infbrmftUoD of a moat di»> 
fioUcal Puriuide, reccndj bewt 

Ererpelratcd at Pdili. An 
.nfe(ior Merchant whose famiJj 
consisted of a Soo abouLSS 
ytaia of f>ld. wd a Diuigbter 
about ot iOt was deliberately 
qnvdcred by the fonner, in le- 
•nmge for buit«.r«rased a eon- . 
linuennepfjlieipeciiniftry sup- 
port or Lifl dilMlatp extrayH-- 
£ance: and alter hewia^jtut 
Eatber's liodt to piflceK maKfr 
teditio a(iulcproYlo|i^ f>I^ 

Ccd by him Li Alie >aHl ot'iMi 
se!— rJuUie .^tSaaaMtrntOf 
thin demon ^eoA the &oa:Wi« - 
assiatea Ijy «oin»ffC hiajCoaqiAt 

Epxl^.mAming/ltMittihi* ifalliH 
B(^«twwtly^ dqpaftwltA^itckt 

KJ)(iy»n (p,{^ftt(t, ifduclktfatisfiBd 

h^eiiif,. , hawPiOT, .' UwiIIAioIq 
fi)4ferVfifi.,W« day whilsl.mnin 
Vi»»t.fhmttft AirenHive.siBell'oS 
PB.^eOirtpflsHhicL the Nephmv 
e:igeffy insisted Bros« fironi'M 
d^taqt Avarter, tiMMighjiHti- 
deutly emiUed fr««a.,tt«tff 
O^ fuel ,ifi fkvujfmiiiTiUii& 



t)j the bye- had been, pi- 
led over tlie hole wbcre tb« 
corpse laj', to conceal or p«r- 
liaps to eoniumc ii) and rc- 
maikiDg the peculiar asllation 
bcfmi ed by liij Nepluw during 
the discussion, itie Uncle's sns- 
picioD^Fasciched, whereupon 
be lodged information at the 
PoUce, and on search beins 
made, the remain* of the uafor- 
binatB man were diicovered, 
■hoekingly manned into sepo- 
rale pieces, (o be iDoro eo^ty 
•ecteted in this infernal bete. 
tilt Parricide was throw* into 
Jail, and it is uniteTtall; hop«d 
hf wfll be gibbeted, tu a Yisible 
WtA laetio^ warning to otb«ESt 
aad to shew their sobjeclJi tbitt 
.^ir.B^U&b Government |lo9ot, 
MSSitpoGomiuanlj thouc^l, viut 
HfijtrWf* ^y "'"' species ,of ,pa- 
^bm;4nt (hard laboT on ib« 
fn»4^)v;bich hashiihcrtabeea 
0)e CASS ID and rouud Delhi. 
(fr»m-'0*r Ghattpori Car- 

■ Okax**p»rt, Mag IWA.— It is 
^th ftrsst pUuwe I state that 
the statioa is uncomtaoDtr 
bealthy, the bet wiDd» still cod- 
tijnie to blow with extreme fer- 
roar. B; reoent aaoonnli fi'oiit 
Dlnapore, I haTe leaint that the 
»aal iir*«n>8e of patients in hoa- 
pltKl'Bltny«e«ceeds iOO, while 
MtbiS'StatitialtrKrely aHinanIs 
l»-«0; andl tbCT'ttwaber of the 
tiass>Df 'EutBpixM' "surII; ad- 
■tttBd tsi'DbMly-OB a par at 
Urtli.Ip)liMvp4>''r^M«iBber at 
UfotteohMyeM, D»es of fe< 
i«C'J)>Mntoi7 Uid ebetera were 
' 1 hequetnly fatal 
■ nnA tbo 

tetitmtiimvyvf iMrntjnft; but 

McU'>di«e«fe»-'l»e''ttt liresent 
TC*f-'iM»'tti>'OlMMMbre, 4tia 
aridoMtaitfk '•" ■■ 'i '■"- ■' 


the HxAiAti^, inclo4o|'; iliRnftL 
ring. Mill wMeiiUE fte soil npM* 
an iniproved plan bave been 
attended with frrest eueccm. 
Thi'y B[:cak hi»h!y of the rro 
duco of wheat, JugHT, opium, 
indif and lobaeoo -. and an old 
Zemindat-, «i(1i tvhom I con- 
TtTBed.spokeof Ihis, as one of 
' tts nitmereus happy effects of 
tbe tuo/ibrfTti •jslem :— it woi 
witbJ6^ and' exaltation I heacS 
this rerorend petiiareh exclaim, 
with DO sbaU poHion of nrdvut 
and Kraleful emotion, that " ih» 
Biituli OoilentiteDt tad doiw 
maie forithe ifieopleiaf Jadta 
dwlag Abe Jnt^l ^M^icd' of ^itsc 
S(nQ»u«iray,(fcaa]hbsiie«B M« 
t^fn*dkf mU t&oJiatiia'ifwnranyl ' 
ainoe thadsandidl' ~*"^-'T|rf ■ 
rut power.".) i ' '..- !''i i''- ■■-■• 
.Notbinft bnbtba- Maal>Hile» 
•f: milila^iwcuiiwina baK>it»j 
ken place in the aataaaiAvt 
■i^coMjiJwtir-i.'T': ■;!.'.■■ 

AoBoiBris.'&oBa 'Mymamliiv 
atate>tUt«adli0iit:iAetik3)r « 
theowUn the Ttlr 't 
ton JDJUutea ' aOtmbw * riock Mtf 
tb»bfmbi^.i- >'/fwA. ATm^OS/ 

the Bthlhd r&thS lat ■in, dllil ■£ 
attccMMon of flibWerrftbi' tbrels: 
days, -wit^ ihe lli'e mora~ 
ini, bas at lehgtb rirriflWeiJ 
ti^' ■wiiiH -i lltiR rootei<-tia 
hiiai-wasfor iprop "day^ c*i^e4-,, 
rive, and t^c'thcinioritetci' lb' 
tbt Bhade"ha.i fre riutuOy s'tifio: 
atlOOat 36'c ' " ' 

decree!; itbovf 
CnlllvaiorS 1 
sidernbiy, as i 
very lidiq gra 
wbal w^'a tu 
complt^Hy p 
were e<iuall^ | 
late ihowers 
nnbr/aoh ofS 

ing hew 


bewiiio 1* 


•m CAunnTA AltKitrAL BfecrtSTfih isn. 

I^Iut fonr dajt ftu teev 
very . favanraUfl, tad colti* 
vatuD u Koing on krisklT. 
It is to be hoped. Aat althauKb 
bte;, we may nave plentind 
eropi, A4 such ft sncccMion of 
stsanity niut be mpst painfully 
ftilt by tbe labODriag clan oC 
M»li»e»;— indeej, the long 
drmight befcan to operate on the 
prioei in the market, but (h« 
MBionable fWU of rain we bare 
lad. ebedced its prOfreM. 

The itomu snd heat have 
fteewgEedterthfeyear than ex- 
perienced' for upwards of thir^ 
jears,'— and more casoaltief by 
Hghtun^r haTO' occnired than 
•waacrer remembeieil by tha 
aUoatlBhabftanU.' €kL JiMor. 

MtiK 6fikeWtatk»r,lee. 6i Lover 
MmgiiXfivnt t/mUtto' M* IMt 
Mtuf, ISSl. ' 

Tfi»- WmtlSer.-'Vtob !&• ItC 
lo^be lttt^ Iho weather has bMa. 
eMeffy cloady tad frfeaiant, 
aonethnos dtetinptUbed by the 
eoearrence «f dry andwfltMortb 
Weslffrki and in sonw <|aartera 
MtavyfiUb oftUil. aceoi^aaied 
with litander-aBd lifhtoiajf—the 
Ssihej of the httter qiata lirid^ 
and the aeali of the lormee ter- 
rific, with winds for the nioit part 

JS^Hny.— Both have nien.lhe 
ftnner in a triffing mcaaare aati 
tte entire rica of the latter haa 
been dtoxether about fifteen in- 
dtei. The present rise of the 
Bfaagritty is chiefly oningtoihe 
Hajemahal and the South a^om- 
itiif ffiff JVu//uAr having riien, in 
which quarter heavy &dl> of 
nln h^e occiured from tfa« b«-> 
HinirfngtrfttemoBtfa. This rise 
■bo eoiblea tin pauinf of the 

MKfier BadRcrowa,. and arid* 
iOfag «&ed Pinnace*, up and 
dknntbe BhaftriUT, at Oie lat- 
Mr- Busntioned pwtiod, and by 
** t app*ai«nce of Oc 

Blvm ut unrer Bengal on A« 
I6th instant, k may. Wm be ex- 
pected to conluu4fi,Bs«MaUe for 
tte pment yearT-whidi H^a 
eircomstanccs hasnet occarre J 
ajlnce 1B17. Boats carrying 30(k 
nunnds harden an also paasinp 
between the Great River (th« 
Gangea) i. e. tUxjre Sooty, to 
about Au^rdeep — and lai^cr 
Boats of harden carrying- about 
060 maands oan now succeed 
faetween the latter, to SwriL-aan- 

TAt M^errf (Toot) Plant 
atUI oontinues to tbrire. 
_ J^ /niwo rf Ammh and fiirr- 
tie. — The Plants have again rtv- 
eovered their leaves in manr 
^Darters — from the commence- 
ment to the I0tb of the month, 
tlM growth baa bean r^d, ow- 
ing to tha said faTOuraMe mild 
weafliaF^-Tbe Plant of both has 
a thriring appearance, and is a> 
boot three weeks earliu; Itian 

The Imlig«> »f AfwM and 
CT Wn- ~ h a t af«ob«enacoplerat- 
ed in iu growth firom the rain 
between the 1st and die lOtta 
initaat'-the growfli of the for-' 
aerbaar froa IS to 17 inekes, 
and the latter from 8 to lo. in- 
ohes in height. The rains of Ui» 
nwath in some cases have been 
partial— toward the 8. bmmds- 
ri^ of Bangl^>ore> 8. and S. 
W. of Haldab— and partly Nat. 
Uve — also the greater part of 
Hoorshed^ad and KiAnagbnr. 
-^ which quarters, nost tf the 
Planters have B«ady oonoloded 
Uisir Sowing for thu Season — 
tbourii in other quarters, parti-; 
oulany about Comineroolly, so,. 
veral FlantMS have been nii(6». 
tunate in not haviuE obtain^ 
aaffident Sowing Showen ta. 
cOBclade dieir mMMi Sowings— nt, 
bat the greatw part of Jes£oi» 
Planlerg have shared more or 
less of the Bajns of the montli. 

Th tadv9 Samttgt tf Bf^^k 
mtd Jet'k~iMo heen pnueeuted 

=dbv Google 


I cTery pMiiUe Mpcflifiok 1)l«J[Do<(^rda^— tbeoUef mdm 
hj tlM Rj-ota and Planten--^ of-uelrnmaimiiK piod te tl 

of tbe fonner from e to V l«Rfrtlitof-«nii,Jsowii«lo«(» 
and that of the latter trota Ifwnag noSm^ve - - — 


3to4,— «»B*«tOTlywiQda|(PeaU ^air! faNi'MMberlafMowSif 

It assuted the latter Sowwr br to^ho Hair^aft «f HnsdnKswai 

the atmospbere beinr cool— JUitt Smtehniiiir taken aTDorftwa 

41.. j^_:_ ._j^«L^_ a J ai.^^, d. . *«_. .1 T7i . . «« « - - 

hepiming of the taonth, 


Jbr J»W 1821. 

SatUrdiT lut, the Sd istutt, 
dte 3d Animal Heetlnr cf 
fte IKemlieri and Prienas-er 
dda Botietr, to<A place at thtf 
Town Hall, to receire there^' 
l>ort af the Comaitfeti's pro*-' 
ceedlDga dtahn^ tbepait rear, 
and appotat f»' Oaiu^ttM w 
IheeDstinf Tvaf. '' 

The HoMWalM %« Chibp' 
Jnrici, SlrS.'H'. Eim, haTing- 
Uiny takes tlieAUr, proceed^' 
ed' W roffd -the report of tbcr 
e«BJAflU«;; it detailed the 
mUa^tM'>tM3 had adopted, 
Iwtf i wtirt. » Weoonomy, tOT»- 
HSre'ttie SEMfHyof the «harsea 
«r'ari''iec^ldftr «r Honaal 
AhddUli*&^''kad been Mtft* 
bB^ibiie*' a'BleMitiiMagtttSf 
4r'4i»i'«Wtk''M'<«r, mwilr'Mar 
itttktHtUU3t»^nMdb^ «ia r»-' 

«)r«u<)e t« dMfr «c^eMe and tk»> 
cAAtateMt^e 'jtTMtUp •-limarii'' 

tfMt^tbvly •f%«the arf|^,' 
KitlWteredalMf SmumeA hf 
Aib«HoftUiUMIlaSsft< Hui 
«ltiMH, It'ilintibf «0^' 
Mtca^bj ^Khid^ tMflMitble' 

L-fnini . Ika .Galaatta.- 


JVB Mboola, fawluded' 

^ dMiton «f tb« towB, !»• 

der their owb ioperintendattc^ 
exaislnatiou of the head b^> 
bcH^ Md periodieaUT at -iW 
caMKM^ vinttflaaaof tiieoffi>. 
ejal and other memben or 
ftUnda of tbe ■odetrv and a 
u rincipri anb aailj. U . Saaaatm,' 



iBiTi and maxjv ua amiite 
iJ ie i B i a te'the dmiw I«ipbMr*> 
HHd piy ^Mm . b«yai >i9bi)> lU* 
IVirh^ aba lpt e lJ w a »#iv<« oTUmi 
atattsartUl 4*paitiBWft.«ftbe 
Janaaij last. The totaj flun- 
liar>af'.fallgataotaiSafc0al> in 
Oalooltar is TbtftoMed . at.SU, 
ooMaiutoff upwarda «r lUIMi 
bc^:— «r wUch wen oonuM 
oAor rewarded ia iamuir. Iw*> 
nOtaaohen of 38S8Hr*V beii«> 
iaitaMiboT berond the m*idtj«i 
Ae Uwl lyear'a ciumlBfttioii^ft. 
a«(fitlinel scbo<^M«OTiII4ys«i 
ali>dM>earlr 4-&th*;^rthf(it»w 
tiwftriiters awl.ttobr MdlHtti 
ia^4!alcalta, tan[rMtr>o<)fi-lMl^ 
tbAideuH of inuattTeshftttbaMfc 
aA'to metbod^MlnMttt f«y«fep-; 
iivor recaivine'edilMtioB^lHi 
livable from «dri |Mfr^ iStab 
Auuli nqpidte'fbMbejnpvowt 



tneUt^nnce of fliii Hjgtem 
(whioti »ptios BO well calenlated 
to Wil on the natives to he Iho 
viilhi;; means ofibdrown im- 
proTcment) appearril, from tho 
report, to be so fast dimiiii^hinK 
*s to presMjt strong daitns on 
itftshwef sapport nmoDgthr 
benevolent Jnstitations' on foot 
intUg melropglh. Bot further 

defftilsare uunecessary, 
nmTersland the Report is in the 

ATter ftp Report was read tbo 
Mlowinp resolutions Wire mat- 
ed and seconded by tbe Europe- 
an and Native gentleaint aa- 

1. "Tbalthe report be adop- 
ted nnttprimcd for IW general 
jafonnatifm of tbe Members of 
theSooictj,*' ' -' 

Oil this occasion, the' "Rev. 
Jtr. Keitti made somejnst ob- ' 
•erratioos on the •important 
connection whirti 'the' edaca- 
titm of the fcin-Tes *of India 
bad with (he success of any ' 
measures ' for tho moral 
advancement of the people of 
India f-enerally ; and bore his 
Iieartfeit evii!eQce to the value 
of tliB exettions ofthis and ' 
other kindred Institutions in 
this Conntrj-, whicli now afford- ■ 
«d to ihotisantis the means oF 
renrfing:, &c. from which 'they ' 
&ad been hitherto deliatred. 

Thi- Hdiiortble the CRrt* 
JiTSTrcB also observediri con-" 
1hwsSori'*or the ' siibject, that ' 
thoforvftrionsren.ions'lhe dis- 
poiilim d/respfectablc Natives, 
toSeetHcir females raised bv 
Kpltiln c'dftHtion to Qie le-.L't 
tteyarii' einltl^ato Bold, 'bid " 
Bot bten'cviirtreiflii any piibtfd 
manner, yet be hntfthe gtnii^- " 
cafhm f 6 KtitiW^Af s6'mc n:ili'ves 
■<r«e'fd'Bfc'fBiirt& Ofi^ie fir!;"h- ' 
«t' TCspfrtahttity; who wir^ ' 
giv^S l!1<^T attcnirnVi to the'SiA- 
j«t; ^iJ IK som^.'llisflmWs 
privatrlv pniltavouringlii theft 
dofiiestic'ciMea to "eiW!"eire'ct"l 

to these des^s for the uiitni«> 
tfon of their femriM. 

2. "That the ihanJu ofiha 
meeting be gtven to the Trea- 
surer, Collector, Secretaries. 
and Committed peoerally, ai 
well as to the fonr Snperintend-. 
ing Baboos of the Indif^enoas 
Schools* for their services da- 
ring Oie past year, and that they 
be requested to continue in theif 
respective Offices for the ensu- 

Mr, MoNTAou then tendered,- 
, his resiiniation of Iheloflice of 
Recording Secretary of the So- 
ciety, expressing his cn^q in- 
ability 'to continue longer^ any , 
oflicialchatgeundertho Socielj, ' 
solely from want of leisure, and 
not from less disposition to pro- 
mole the Societj's .objects, 
which he would willingly con- 
tinue to do as a member of ths 
Commillee ; and moved, 

3. "That Mr. Pearce (cor- 
responding Secretary,) be rc- 
(juested to act as Secrotarj-, till 
tlie Committee can make their 
final arrangements respecting 
tbe appoinlmenta of the Secre- 
taries.'* ■ 

Ou the motion of Baboo Rod-- ' 
bacaijt Peb, 

4, Moi-ed, that the thanki or.' 
the Society he especially recbrd-' 
ed'toMr " '' 
vices to I J 
period ol 

s.^'.n * 



un up va 

ml t>ou^i * 

shc'c Mia ■' 

"CllKEGhc ^ 

,tiva, iCoi * 

^h» tannui* vi 




ren ta 


og iho 
;n but 
SoUl enptfc meats of seveial 
Uemberi,) then hrdkc np. 

Oot(. Co*. Sunt 1. 

^^ weather in Calcutta dur- 
ing Uielut fortnight, has beea 
Intensel]' hot and oppretsivt, 
bnt theptcscnt elondlnessof the 
■ky, and the falling of a fev 
•bowers, with thunder and light- 
ning, leem to indicate the com- 
mencement of the taini. Yes- 
terday theairbegnatoleelcoa- 
parattvely cool nnd H'esb. 

LuiMM Sahira. Fret» a Corrt*- 
mdent. On the 31sl ultimo, 
.thewifo of a Sepoy belonging 
to the 90th Regiment of Native 
InTantiTt v» delivered at Bar- 
TMAporeofa atillbora Child,. n 
iwmetflr. At the people wers 
tskioe ifce bodr to be tnrown in- 
to tlw river, toe report of tbo 
■li^lar birth flttractad the ca- 
riosity oTftgeatleman, pasiing 

' at die time, V whom ue foUow- 
hg ptrtlcntars hare been giTeB, 
He examined the Airtu aatane 
w rainatel; a* di« Imperfect 
U^t wonid admit, tt being put 

. 7 e'cloofc in the OTening. The 
monster had fbnr eyes, two n- 
btfre the e)re brewi, nnid two In 
their proper plaeea ; the nataral 
aoais were oroned in front, and 
flrom Uie elbows ttoie projected 
two eKuresoCBoei, more like the 

' ln«ora*shtliaadMnrmsofan 
Infhat; tke bat Wid legi wets 
It fbrmed, but m a rino 



hands end-arau. Tka at a erftt 

waa nrprisod at the extrera* 
fi^rnesi of the objeot, and tho 
Itrilunglyregnrar proportions of 
the month, nose, and chin. El* 
wuprevaated&oraafkrtber in. 
■pection of dila asionishing pro* 
dactlonbjr the orowd presoinf 
In upon him, and from the ex* 
ceasive beat ; it required indeed 
the united e ITorta of an Us bear* 
ers to enable him to sec as mnek 
as he did. He was at lengtli 
compelled to withdraw, the 99r 
pojs bdnc evidentlj unwiOii^ 
that an Barapoan should wli> 
peas anoh a sight 

Owt. Qax. Jw»t 14. 

Qia wyp f Frtt SehocL 
We hsTO great satlsraclion m 
pnblishii^ tiie following ar- 
rai^meata for the eatanUsli- 
mcot of a Free Seboel at C»ni- 
pore, under the patronage of 
Major Oeneral Sir Oabeiei. 
Maktindu-l, K. C. B. The r»> 
solntions auAclentlj explaia 
tho rale* and objects of this 
ffioit laudable Institution, and 
the sums already sabicribed, 
afford reason to hope, that these 
objects will not be oisappointed. 
Ffom the best aoconnta tli« 
Committee have beoi aUe to 
coDeet, it appears, that &e nov 
ber of orpnan and destitnto 
Children, tne offspring of Eui^ 
peans, and some, the Children 
of Officers, amounts to about 
two hundred within the pre- 
ciocts of Cafmpore: and that, 
of these, xery few are eligible 
for admission to any of the es- 
tabliahed obaritable Inatitutiaof, 
—while others, it is preramed, 
hare not the means of prefer^ 
Inr their claims. 

We cannot Introduoe to our 
readers the resiriutions thathaTO 
i>eea adopted. In any tangnaga 
more appropriate, Oanwillbe 
found in (M roUoiring estract 
. of a lottet from arespectahla 
eta&mMM, wbese lesl aod 




lis,' Kati %e requested t« becomtt <jr mui. Prm witiiiii cloHa, 

SkMu J thereof. t<Nniu,witbtattiei, mndpunku,' 

"•'Wtv Tliftt Uesm. <;bTf9tiBll, tlie "niennometer bfts atood go- ^ 

Talby.Biri Reddle, dnd Captain neraUy about 100 aioagfiDiit, 

^(e, ilk elected Hemben of Ben^ ftnd Bebor. At' tb».t 

diti «H«nt Coimnittee, aitd Preatdencj It hu beeri'leii oji. , 

JPfin yaiTtiriif BftnnennaaDe're- pressure tbui faiglinB the Rtver. . 

^Citsttfi Kct u IVessniet and at Moarahedabad,Bei)are>, &£. ^ 

aDeettr of Ae Inititiftlon. ' but even here the Tliprtnomet^i . 

lOlb. That the Committee itf^e iifaade has rfeldom bees, 

Slielt'tlic co-operation of lomo below 100 attbehotteBttlmpo^ 

[dr (^ Ladies at Cawopore, (he dai^ On the Weiiteni and 

^ Uie' supedmendence of tbft Eufera Gossti of India, W«. 

^i^c department. And the saiae.extoeme heAtla^, 

"illk. ' Ttiat these Beaolntiont beeh preyaleBL Tbeietfin^lm 

te cojpiedand ciTcaUled vith of the Raini.huthendbrebeen 

ncflltrorikiief^lors, and that looked for with ntuuraat imtiBr 

B^kfioniaod SSbiciiptioiis be tieaee. Tb'ey hKve commeace^ 

frimicd-firom eofporate bodiea tt CaleattK, but ik a matuier 

lid iDdividoalf fortliejrapport qdite as nnusaal asthe Seaioif 

of 'tbe Iiutitatioii. precedinelliem.foriiuteid of tiic 

HMiUf coottnned thtmder, itoniu and 

ShmtUmt. Sait. Tiolent and heaT]r ftlU ef rain, 

8irO. Marrtiden. MQ M which omallf malt tlie am feir 

!!;?i^S^t:.'"—""*'*."t !2 daya ofthe Monsoon, we have 

wa'^S^ ^ « '"'1 """y »*» <^'S' ot KWlf 

2*wi!SF'"**"*'" JS *'»*«*' "^ *MiBSml«,aa. 

S', 'J Slll" "" M la •omnaidBd by iome thunder. aod 

^-fe,*™?*^ so M « gjoomy >ky, and foUowed «p 

TCB^'^VI''' M 1 byrday^ciear.aii.bineasfc 

a;cr;n^*Ul C^tloD 1 .„- theSeuonWdnot yet proaef. 

oai'EHbErdiy ^i . I y comnenoed.- The atmo»pbei» 

J MaliUi •■••• ~ U> us bMD mnch pooled, hawoTer, 

ir. lITwaisoB, - -^ n and theMrcbed aftdborntsar- 

JunekMoaey,... ;. '— 10 ftce of tlie earth miH))itefrc^ 

edbytlie imailqaandtyafrtm 

..n«> M that haa (Ulen, lo &at the tiili>- 

F. ^ewB»^»* "•■•-■—■; -- * terafaly oppres^ve heat whloi 

lOo la Ckiilagou. — lietU. FiAer, 

Mal-ilK-'.r". IM ■- AsshtantiJthe Sariofiig.Ot 

J^i^DetnSb'rV 100 ^ partrafant; #hd VU seiied lur 

^i)et'>S(trey,'..'...l..J. — la ibe'Ebtctiar Rajah, tifbolary to 

'flJStiteltiMl, •■••' — la tbeBurmas, in ttie dfrection9f 

""'■'■I"" ^y fKAOw.JaM'n. "SyUiet, I am alirwd is not it- 

,-. >■ ( - i._i,, leased yet:tbe Governtnest 

' ' iS^tM'ikf'tfuavr.^^iXtm lUTe written aboat Um. Tie 

"Wbii^ve^ pirti^'^he Inierior BunvuhAVcalsosetudamiii' 

ncTJdeiieeafllM ber of hii men, wbo wvreiait 
baiWi; been the 'out lone time ago by Doctor 


''jJtff1S<££eai!^«r^from its to- HCfta, at tblji pUu;e, tocatBh 


jMif tiMiti to Hio S. E. of IhiM, ^anbtta-doMA tmOnM^ 

.!to Oovemment, and bwA.baaa moMeBMBtoftlteKaias. - 

-ltottiiHlhein»BTtinly«i>dhBiig- ■ ekmiMfor^^^hetton from 

iBKifaMaiipbjtiiDheelitoAiiOT. i6kt:£eepoi» of tiM l«li itifUat» 

.l£>Ha£istnteb«rewn>tetotbe >eoavioui, *» d» fAthcfwer** 

BnxtuionlMMlkeiB-.tlMyre- MiTCfirom tbe interior, oC O* 

-pkiodauUtoOOB*. weraaeat -iatatm b«R «f tbe ««aAuf. 

them, aUo nil tbe El^hanU ve Tka Stud Htnea then, ««M 

,waB|^ tut 7MI, in ttwtdirec- mM t«bo-dji^iuiiisuany tMt. 

ttM, nd about l,a00IU.ta pay •!«•; <r^r«4akMt out of Stabletf 

- Ot^thBT' IMiottnJw, <[«. UM7 every night and tied to Bamboo 

. 'ww rtd niMn then, bat not -Biakw.sndfir trees; UMddi- 

:4ldter«lHk lUs bu b«n re- «dfram tte lit to the IMk ol 

'^«MM«d to 0««anuneitt by ttwinOdtb. The Troops. boA 

' «ha Maitctrate. Wv exp«ct to European and ' Native wow, 

'tM'MM-ontia theoeldweatber -alljaeXceUenthCBltli. . 
.■Clteat Ac Bnnus to pve Oal. Jimr< Jum^OB.. 

■ IbMBBttgfatfaiMn atoBoa,for ^— ■-■ - 

Aiprefiw Cdurt.: 

OblMdw InaMW Oird Lafr 
Term of tba piment year ogn- 
neoMd, and avMaaiaa ofOji- 
«r and terminer and OcBtml 
-Ooa! DeKnry waa opened wUk 
' tbe anal fofUdWea. 

■ Tbe Qraad Jury bavin; beaa 
nnrt, raftelved- their cbarga 
(Mb the HoBerebls Ae Chibi 
'J«inos;which«aa tttke ttiU 
loving DffMt. ' 

■ *'I tut very happy to stato. 
Qwt^lhv number «f offences in 

~thi«ftWMtit Calendar i> umuu- 
•By-amall, f artienlarly with re- 
Cfctmoe Ulhe. tima- when the 

' 4aat <t*and tery vaa diseharKed. 

- This embraoea a ptc»d>»f three 
moniba, darinfr wfaieh, only ire 
•ewvasea ofFehmy have been 
bnnt^t fnvard, BBdibreeof 
UtadeaNanar. To these are to 
be aidded three «tbn cases «f 
felanjt an4 tbvee of miidemea- 
WV, whidl oeeuad before .or 
-itofimg Urn last SessionSr hnt 
. wfaioM wen na( then ready (or 
trial: inaklnriB«lli of otd Ud 

. Ben* (R^'fliiiraeaB daMS. ^ ■ .. 

"iBoalpapnlaasianri waimenelal 
''4tar,u alikft aMatiabto>,tatih« 




Ac relMivdy emy and mmMI 
^prt liUuit of Jbe Uboriow «la*> 
.aM'of dM MsiCty: and.U,'.T 
■miM OJa hope, a lym^liMa of 
Aeir improriKE cdiuattos tad 
B<inte ItuuieiaorenmHEto- 
«bl«asitlUL9 oMiUted dilii^ a 
pMi9d - of estramdiDaiy «»»- 
ancreid Aepnnkn ami 4t«|M- 
<ioD of trade. 

. '^nere are but few vt tba 
•mica tobe you 
wMch reqaJTo mj particular 
•tMorratloiii trom me^ 

" One of tfaese la a iaisd»- 
iMeatKWebaiged tobe committed 
%]r Cootvb aad Amter, in aasault- 
i^ Hr. Inlay, and tliiairiD^ 
fire-worki a§abist tbe itniw 
bulldfnRi af'a-IMnMV Moi%- 
tng to kna, faf^vliielk wj Tani 
greiaij cadasfored. loe two 
otfeodciawerv .aeiwA ostofa 
. (TMt e»i«d of petseBAoaUoMed 
to promote Wwitneas the qrartt 
and tlwefbre jtm wUI firatnaka 
■are tbat these daliBndaDt»»«e 
thepciataiaotivdy coBConwd 
•in pianuitiag the. BidfawftMd 
danicer. Thatlhe '" 

Ox Autgitot bis .'pnpwvi* 
mlBwfui; caimot^.daiiuiid: 

. And yoa wiUfflnd; that vpwiM* 
peevlsUyiiiterfare with th« In- 
landed aBinMiitetitaC th#-papp- 
lace until hu preniuaa.>iul ^ac- 
tually eBnghtfiMr' vbeti'^e 
idanfertftU aparrt-Baaft.kpve 
1>«eomo apparency and Ihm «K- 
«ue of ni«oe. hebdteaiQSBa.^'p* 
no iaaKvaimi»dh]t.i±yerbaps 

- HwonldbetonatoeliltoMIii^Ap- 
'.AntfM dapdiitiaaa , bc'£»f e ne, 

^ tkBtthe««taidappts>.did :Ui»ai- 
andy aodowaoar tO'^cfciaailo 

?*4MpreiBiwa/MfDB: dint '.would 

. tBcndejv dBaiieio]U;ie|tent,#i 

• »«tt aSa «IHtal. ■ot^—ior vjiich 

• lkiowiin»:aai appear u>:ii*re 

m^ loitliii 

M iadlouMc ibattheiratirtfa 
'vUftdfy: doae to tb« per«»n«l 
wmoyaBce-.iiHid -fcazanl «f th« 
prodKOtDr, or 1« tbe nnunfest 
dangarofMi iirendwa, of teUi 
jtS^lntA there. '«|4itaM -talpt 
,wridtwu!tf. .. . .1 

.' :«*>Beifbrcl4(Bit thii ai^eot. 
It nUtyDbe^ueftil toadds paUto 
■•rsrDUir upon a .attuaoiml*- 
nnae. waioh it but tp p fr a^ wt, 
not oBty bf.tiM ^e ^tho^MU 
roads adioinux.but alsoin A« 
tbat of fittnf! pistols fmdgwwlii 
and near the .pubUfi Vlbmaj', 
and »recta,i«tke.«rt«t slant, 
■dmetjmes lo tfaatctaial daiwar, 
of thoye whoaca piiMu«'«n 
fianebaok«rlnaWTUffea, Tk» 
TCiy alam oTAe panMage^ 
may bo; aappoatd 1^ wme 4a 
lieiiMeii tk« tpmtt -ft<itiu'««t 

•ebai alittn ;e«fpna of qtliats, 
or. baodlMp •otlitui vlann pr 
4an0tb ^'Wlmtf, bQ...i»fonii!fd 
AaithtL wtitself u . uubnM 
what panefvan vra ^4^nt, pr 

-and tbainpoiDMinT^tu . „ 
mynv •tdtjest'to be 


ftvd aBd jB^dioaed, 

. . *f A^ivuer offBocQ (>f A puM 

.tortHtskiadi* abaiged.a«iii>t 

JfaBt j l Hf jfaBQqpur|;pate>geqa, 

rmdlda uaiatantSfrrw^e JUfO. 
■It. •Alt faet aXoled U ttnB, 

th« Acn^^bM Bhu4ad.U».PE> 
, $pe under. tW Peli^et 4nA.oon> 

xeptcd the autborit/ (iv«p to 
.Jm» for pie»etVipg the iipjpB 
. .of tbe olliy, -wd far prptaetuiK 
.tbejt^taftfii, nod prviteriijr ^Ut 

iali»bitan)a> «)ta..!i^ WE'Bt.of 
. >eKiiifc ' and ^^Q'Ji ., wn^ch 
.:M>wld. be .:ltzi«atii noc^v^Utni 
..«£ kit 9ffwcfc..i'fil|is mw in 
,-«iJtar^« 9Mw.:flf f:^i«4wi> .itt 
■ .'|i«WS<BM*VMJ!;jeWl»PB i" 

-bf!iwwrfO«4PiLW9>'¥f m^T 
. »oiliiat.,tte-.lwnis a^d-Hoder 

=d by Google 

(^ CALCUT^ ANNPAl' .?^I»IE?t !«"• 

pifostcutor taiT'Wen Itefitftf 
threatened by the P«nt wifli 

f' ettingliiiD& flo^Kintc *hiie thi^ 
'con was dragpnf Wm to MK 
BlBCtjniere's snte, nnd nftrt 
tbey got thcrs. "* 

"U then. Gentlemen, jtfa 
areofopiaioBthat the prtsccKt; 
tnt parted witli liis money iner*- 
Iv from fear of being eatritdl)*;- 
^re the Magisltate, and OieTi 
aceused of'iome offeHee' Wf 
which he flnglit hj Vrtinglit tg 



WHiuuitted ondv kfalie ocen- 
aaiioii, «atU tke troth coatd be 
tegsUr mada tBiOvii ; Uu that 
^tonkl have mm r mlifottuiiQ 
-wlieli kaa bebAaB Athar iwiO' 
«[aiit BPCB, and whick wu to be 
b<Kfl|s Iks* maa, till thelavs 
ofhi* C9«tky cfHud do bbivjat- 
tioB. iro» Hm vlkerhudioa 
are sf •pimoa, tbfit iha Usea nn- 
dec wUeb ttw loo^^aulnr parted 
wMk Ma WQuejr, -ivaa that he 
■feavld',fca dragged aomewhere 
•laq tkaa beSon the Mai^itrale, 
aadthtrabave been somefear- 
nd^nd daagemus miicliirf !>• 
Kotad <to bii peison by t]ie'op< 
prcaaonii whope pawethe «as, 
|kea the offence wjU ajDaunt lu 

," Tha OiiljTetniiimtig case ii 
ttkmtai-Mr. Lmit'Dt Sevi.a ; 
Wid Qiifl uuft-e Htiiiccfiunt.ible 
M Motite, or mora extranrdina- 
a in riFfution, wtii never, I 
dlieve, preftcnted to n .Court of 
iuetiee. The act with nhicb he 
atandi ctiarf ed is,'nUg»\ Inriaj, 
thehatiw wUfuHj and ualUioi'S- 
iy fired a loaded piatot at Atr Jo- 
seph Gotitalvca,whic}i being dow' 
noder cifcum stances that, it' 
deatb had ensued, would uave 
ataonated to murder, ism;i'1e. 
and deaerTcdlj made. a. capit^ 
ftlsn; bytheactof Ihed Gcq, 
I. c.ZSt, commonly e.-ilted tha 
Black Aet.. Bnl, in pinin laa- 
piage th^naliappy Prisoner la 
ebarfod with a base and hor- 
rid alteoipt to assaesinate Mr. 
Gmttahtt, by firing at htm a 
loaded Pistol, on > anddea, 
and without piovoeation or 

RDtiee, nhile be nan in die a^ 

CmUjr friendly act af diifing 
boine in bis bORgy from the 
Thsstic on the nisht of tlie 33d 
of Fetvaary lait. It is noit 
palaful ^ contemplate anch a 
caac, bvrt 'there is no compro- 
ftiltuc wifiAn apon this sult- 
j*Bt Jf, jousball be jatiafiid 
1h«t^,ncMBTe sintcd 
Jg tbfl^^MCVtor, and confirm- 

ed in coBattral circiioistancea, 
by other witnesses, there Is m^ 
escaMn^ one or other of thes* 
eondnsions, either that thc^ 
Prisoner is an atrooioqa aiiB»- 
■in, or, that he Is an unforta- 
nale object of compassion, ho w> 
ever dangerous tosocieiyi ivitlw 
out ifltdleot salBcienl to goida 
h'fan in disdnguiahing moral gooit 
horn evil. The fkcla «r Qtm 
caae, as diacloaod in tlio depo- 
oidons, point to tUf aa the Aoit 
promiBeot and fearful isatte. 

" There is, first, (he Aetata* 
led by Mr. Cmtalvtt himulff 
thath* luidnatgrt ^quXrrtlat 
tht tme vith tht pritOTitr, nor 
trtr had anji. Hie bsTbaroui 
nttrmpt to morder blm tltero* 
fore, without varninK, or even 
BccutatioD ofanj land of of. 
fence, real or pretended, wh 
an unnatural and .unbccoout- 
nble act, mi .easily dedycitrf* 
cvcnfiom fbe Worst passions 
ofarreioningmao. . ' 

" Then tod will consider tlio 
ItuceJTectlu tbc same point of 
Vicwof tbR nixed evidence of 
prcmeditadoa and actddent, 
^^-llic^l the cue exhibiis ; firsti 
the PiisonT's bailor .abuuttcf 
djiys uefurR pcooured jiistola 
frooi i tradcstnan, mod having 
GUI ried one at Icestto the The«. 
tre tthi'Th Jic bad concealed »• 
boutbim Kt the lime when ho 
waAretutiiing home iathe bug. 

Kwith iJie Prosecutw^; ^ut 
vi^ appareafly mifl nim at 
the Theatce by accldwt, ani] 
still more apparently by acu^ 
dent Mr. Oot^vtti paJaukcei| 
iaring bcen.en)cai[e(l 6>r» (pdjf 
at a re^ucit of a llur d berstfq—; 
thovgh tUiw^ieQectctUhrou;^ 
the applieallpa urtLe j^ri^aeft 
— next, the apparept ea^ Aid 
nnaffocted nuuiuer of .fh^Pji- 
foner, when he offered to t^M 
iii". pTosecuior home. Soaibn^ 
wiihtiie sending awnj ft^Sick 
before tbc^ Uirocd. out pi.m 
straight n»d lo 1^ iouod Vyt^ 

■- Google 

«k calctttta AaimnjAt fiwusra issi. 

«(m»fr,4irMi|lpaH« eaiiitt 

AM ftr gsiDK mand tbM way. 
tfUt'HKf riKMM< therabf vrrivs 
iB B Ii w at-l»n«t wiiti Aft Btftpi 
ffcf lattwaynBtfOT prMeno* 

MMT oamiigM ««« pMslnfft 

MUM tiw etttM« ' ftt AMkM 

MbBlgtttf Mm Distal If tMI>^ tt*; 


' «viKtt tb»*uriit[«, kndlna fli^ 
Wu rtWIy fmr -a sboit distiBefl-, 

MibmttMtRiiif ft vflH oWtnAT 
MyrMAk to tbe PMSMOtor, but 
fcaVtag only tin imtaiit betora 
iHfcaa about btm^nmulv. AH 
Ubit ntxture of preaftditt&tioii 
«f>hMOmplet«MSS of Tosduttan 
4M[ of-delay ; of finwioos b(tt>- 
fcHttf towards t!ie abject iti th« 
nteMtion, not atd]' wuhout any 
ynn4oM-^iaptDin «( ^tenontd 
aMllM^"fe«t frith • MDtinalnfr 
flbtwor r " 

MMHiywiAMBrat o ep rtM, 
whM tbe(bBl7«aMWxion and 
freqinst tnteraoaraeor tke par* 
ttn nMt b«M MBtiimallT pr». 
ABBted, wUlo IMW oTlbeM 1^ 
♦Wgwwa- U rq a i aite pcBa rfiiH 
Mtng'svldeiKa «f ft delibent* 
JMgatekkcd itmoMOt Mood, 
•tfa«n m- of that dabioait 
•vcr-cnnidnn jmbMllo, w In- 
desertbabla ohanteter of tMUtg 
ind iDtellmt {u laiv M^" 
' detneatspaBibaqaMOM 
moral mA legal rcsponai- 
bHit; of th« actvr in this aaat 
jKrtnn and botrid som«. 

" AnotbCT fact is slated by 
a« PrOBcoator, h the only 
tUairtowbich-heoan attrlbat» 
tiie Prisoner's condqot. H* 
mys, that som« short time bo^ 
ftirp, the Prisoner Bsltod bin' 
to ffo in his ho^fj tft m« a c«n-> 
tleman fiioviiheil to Aaoe Jbcai; 
tbat ncoorrfin^y be went vtm 
tvenxng with bioi. The PrI- 
BonDrfho says) drove ecroM th» 
plain towai^s and near tii* 
Theatre, and, when there, k«p« 
drivinK aboat. The .'^MMontw 
asked bim wfaal he UnM waillar 
fH, and after some ttd4 rMeA«> 
e4 for answer that be (ibe Piis«- 
ner) had fcrou^t Um -to aae M 
ditH, bat tbat tlu pnl^Num »» 
luM tsomc. Tbe Proeectttor aakoA 
bow he eould tl^nlc oE mttiafr 
himfatosnchasoi«pe. Tatscir^ 
Antstance, the ProfeentM-anrB* 
he mentioned at dinner ev tba 
Sands? wcelt before ; and that 
tb* Prisoner was anxT >t i^ bat 
dial npoB hie icIUm; the Prose' 
ontorthatts (tbe<Prb««i«r>had 
Intaided t» Mrt llU <*u^ tlM 
~ < apologitedfM bnviqip 
iti aad the T' 

lerity' of speeofa, 
whM neibhf sonBemed Uie en- 
tartalnneot at tbe Theatre, dn- 
■tiig tllrtritro)p«Rs fWiai it. wifb 
tteidnjiravit; of purpose nedi- 
«ate4br the Prisoner i tbo ve- 
flipipi^c occasion and scene of 
Mioh'WUeh was selected to b« 
p. asit was upon Aft 
assertion^ by the 
^ross and improbable iiwentiM 
of 9B ^vUbbanr - by Barepeans in 
<wr>W^'*f'<ie eorenment 
H*aM'!ftt!Mrik'« line as 11 

mm^ ::f«MMia wiKbt >»'exi> 
■Brtid fcybcawriUfft aMKoM 


«M»^n>.'naaTi MtoMeM Aett -nM, •'Ttrrwell, amnr 
ndtaealnlaU* <Ltt;aiMluae» Bind." 

tatttat^MlMmdiot'.'ilM M«rrt * mu Mraii|!««»nnt «(l»Ka 
«9ihlCaUiUj WM'lMm Mt 4f dttTcnnt eeMidenUoni. M 
ShormsMn- inpUMtvd la all may euMMt plain «■«•(*■ «f 
jkngnUe al Ae net wUdiba4 
teea-^ipettatad on bis-Mnak. 


. ■ ■ BSKOAI, 0C(TUilB£^^01iS. 

nitorj but bad not Hum miul« up 
lui KmAhf^, to wst. Ha mppe va, 
ll«WM«i , to >av». upMMt hif 
pnrpoM, KIwJHd: wv. Ut Dm 

iMimer, T^« , Ptoaecotaiv. ••> 

I^jtbUiPKil, had.Doiuipuiioa 
tkat if «M tbd pwkh with 
i!h«M4)>e dad WW ixUadMl to. 
M, /piyhl f ifioA, jet. witlioat 
tUta^poaitioB, ^e wkole ti«B»- 
■ictioBumewra chiUiih and tu-: 
iDtcUi^Mc,) and ha betrajra pa 
KMitdoBiueaa of an; cxisluif 
'-Mit of auimoBitj b^veen him- 
Mlf and the Priioacr. The Pri- 
■oaer neithar alleged nor liinted 
anj thing agaiait him ; but wbe- 
iMTitvaattiePraiecutor or a 
ttuid perMn wUh whom the Pn- 
iM(rat,lMtatatedth«t he waa 
toitaTe,« daci, it siuat amear 
•quallv •inuice that tho pruoner 
Unlddraw llieproaeeulortbera 
wIm tha pretcaca of nuhag him 
Ifv^ t9 Mina ynUfmtait, fwd. 
MiUjnpceUiat b» ahoald tnedi«* 
tfUi* d«l, or an; Qther evil mL 
vtbuf body at aucb ntinte aad 
mBo, Ibuij view, itaeanato. 
*tii^ • ft , dutuibed iniagiBfrt> 
lioMra mind Ubanrivg undu. 
•aiLttMughla or broodius upoa, 
imtbfef, witbtfut adiatinotpei- 
onniMt *f tbfl evil. Of .of ib«' 
■MMrof.eBcotitiE it, to which 
tbenf<ve, the tonfoe aotild aot 
pie diaUnotatleraBoe. . . 

" Uatly Mr. HoCovan, lb«^ 
S«%«ia. fAv Bttcnded botb-tbe- 
ProKtatot Md.ith*. Priaourt 
^1, tfaatbeba«'fr«iueat)y al< 
••ded the Pnaaw j« » nodi-, 
w capacity, tU:)i^ atwHyiaon * 
Meitd bin M a wfbb .wi»deA 
>«■■■ IWB.I andnbe Kmmw Um| 
tie hat been treated by bia' Kla> 
*"'• * yarm:dflfi«(eKt,ln in- 
jw**' x«. CaBUeiMW, mpu 
>• MlappriKd that itere weai^ 
Miitf aud, or deilcieiicjr o£ 
■waoV ia not auAciMit to ««- 
•■MaMy^naoniOT Iha ' 

lo (iMtfOf or maleriaUjr ta in^ 
pair the moral ■«■■« of Mod' and 
oil, leaving lh« ,a«eiM M p qga 

ad which be wediitotaa. .6k tba 
otbashMd, ;U ia aol w^aiaat to 
Make bim. rcipaqHUa that tb# 
parQ ii aUe . to deiin.fBMtdat 
Had to ezfcouto Jt; fi;^ .daaidW 

WUb nei^ fiuoniaf ««d addiMa. 
9^ ^ *vide«ee of awib a «miit 
of.»teUc<it.a»dntoa»l,iwi« niWrt 
M .wUl taka awaj fa^ponwtmUr 
fcr the oonnuaioH oi, lib«.#nai9 
unputed, iavatbn WbeMMfltf 
ferin tbedaatflBlioQ ef- di vuft 
tivc founded ipiealiQf, (ood.iir 
bad, for tba aot ; ia^tha abaana^ 
of all paaaioai whieh hn n i M fcimfr 
mit; uf t«iii|)er, .miMntttbo*- 
■ion ot ■ uddaa . punmcHliM 
might engando)) in tiraciiw^M 
•ct U.tli^ «ewwoiltiBe«Mbd^f 
ordered iaBEiM«<»fM«Mliii( 
facta wilboot.MU' MtaatiEmaMU^ 
tloiH«r plaiol} dli«»riiit and 
imtatvlyvs aueb^Mtew a«rM> 
lation to the pnrpoM lin titiRt 
abeveall, by invaaitnitill( . iOa 
opiiuena and judguMmta-af pefr 
aqiu irell Mquainted vkb lb* 
acouaed aa to their pre«i»«aiia» 
pntiaionj of fata iotellaot aad 
0M<lMct upon other oooaaiaMb 
when they were Dnderja*,lHa« 
Get Of againat blat. 

" If upon baantw . tfae evi- 
denee (bi ; tb« .^MOfMiMVTM 
a» plaudy aaiMad, tbU> tftt 
Priaosci labond vMkriMebi'Mi 
infirmity of loipd a a^jpeapaafc 
Mo biMfrom &dHs<ad Mm* 
Mtiiidii« ibpMHKinBlitf.tM 
V*«0«MiHed«pMimaH d«|*» 
4 atoMli if90«:inriir dMttopa 


(ft «tber rtVMla odfefc^trMfc-af 
the facto riw«id.)«riMtMa.-tt 
'*iU be imaridntTto ■wblbt.hillc 
Uaviog h ,to the- Vtaty -totf. M 
dta» dMk J ' — '--^ ' — '^- 



wliDleflfae cvidenee tiiktmiT 
iwofflind fot ud a^nst tbo 

i ■" Yoru wiB BOW proreed to 
tH Uvestlg^Rtlon of the bill* pm 
a^tHedta ynu." 

Govt. Gax. Jmtt 91. 

A Yffiry ftnportant w%A tti^ 
tn-eitin; Cue ««s vifaod 
before ^e Stipren>« Court jtt' 
ttt^y: It was tm Appeal 
ftmn Oe Frovimtal Coart of 
H«orBhedabad. Cliaric* Beed, 
Ba}. PlflintifTv. Byinaat Sin^. 
Tbeh&pOTttuitpointlobc decid- 
M wiu, whether or Hot the PMit' 
liffwu entitled to the rlgbtBand 
pMlegM of a British Sabjcet i 
llr. FKM«ira8o« mado a terf 

Ae same Btde bj '*At. Cohftow. 
Afl»r a Reply IVOHi tlie Kin^s 
Advocate GeNEKxi., the Court 
•TMiOQneed (heir jndgMnent, aj 
m M w« vMild collect to the 
fllll«wfa^l«<BCt! '"That, in this 
thMHItj, tt'petsAn whose Father 
liW'BMfhh -Subject, but bom, 
Dtvtelawflil -wedlock, of aw»- 
Hlivwhaifs^iKit ft British Sub^ 
|MI|"h'ac«onlin)r to the anifbrm 
fttt(=l>**of^e Courts, and Qtb 
midetit IntODtiDii of the StatirteS 
AMVMpect Indin, not eatitidci'- 
«d as a BMah Hubject." We 
tone lioen 'promised nmore-fuU 
•Dd^aMtirata Report oT thn in- 
tOHMtitiK Cue, to which, if ob- 
li(^tt^ AindBhed ns, w» ihtf bb 
Mppf tQ give insertion. T1i« 
Om'fo) weunderstaod, to !>« 
ntWdaaenried ts the PUintiS' to 
Miw the mbject to &e notlse of 
tte^ -Ltfi^lmUini Iff a PetHion, 
tatoMiMetJon with aS-tboH wtio 
hni'ipMBMl'lii the lame predt^ 
««aeilb ... eal.Jtmr.JittuVt. 

lim..'ThiB (H?: « ease o» cbimi.^ 
AvmUia intvmt and iDtportaiiM 
«luM before the Sapreuo Uoart,- 

ihvotvin; a rery sastarial 1e|[d 
qnestion, on which, we foeliere, 
a decision had not befors b«ea 
pronoinieed. Applioatian had 
been made for Letters of Adnir 
nijtration to the Estate and BF> 
fbets of Robert Gould, and AU 
nander Campbell, lata of the 
town of Calcutta, Herchanta 
and Auctioneers, to be granted 
to J. S. Brownrif fT, Esq. a Hem* 
ber of the Finn of Messrs. Pat* 
taer and Co., as Attomejr, anil 
for the vse of John Palmer Esq. 
who had been named Etecutor 
to the last SDrrinn); Partner. A 
eert»n number of the Creditora 
of the deceased opposed lUi 
AmiliaatioD, and 

The Advocate General on the 
put of the Caveators, toso ta 
state to the Court, their ofajepr 
Uons to Mr. Brownriff 's cliUM 
to administer. He stated, that 
in BcdesiesUcal Courts ia t^of- 
hmd. It is castomarj to grant 
Letters of Administration dur- 
ti^ the noD'SKe or absence of «« 
Executor. He referred la the 
oases of Slaughter and U4;h 
Peer and Williams, where it 
was setrfed that in Ike ahseite* 
df an Bxecutor tlie Ciiuct.havy 
li rtfht t(i name any fit persM 
they think proper tD appoint, a> 
noone hasa le^al.rifhl. As 
Hr. Brown rim then^ could have 
no ri^htet Dommonlnw.' hesaii 
claim to be ap^oiidad.onlT-M 
Attorney of tlieEsecntfir. Bui at 
no person oould sny; whbther ot 
not Mr.PalmerbeaKve.aaweeaa 
not be oertein whether orBoChe 
if present, would acoefft the tA 
liee of BxecntoT, sqtplkationit 
made for a proper porton to b* 
appointed in the meantime, te 
admintsterto the EatRte. The 
persim named Executor in the 
Wflt,' watt not known to the 
OHurt, as he bad done no act of 
an Bxeoulor. He allowed that 
if Mr. Pahner had dothed him- 
sHfwIth the limraoler ofEze* 
Gutor, he mijht tbcn have ap< 



CiiBtod anol&cr perean to Mt 
sUni-; bat u litis wu not tba 
«■». be coatentled, ihM bo 
cottldnot. Hearted furtber, 
ttat apcnmwbo a appointed 
Atiome; for BDOlber muatbavs 
m iftiMt pawer; poiotiuB o«t 
tfac act* whicb be is to perfura^ 
•Bd 'irUcb miut depend i» 
vigbU Mtnally existing; at lk« 
titM, and not anob aa may ariM 
frcmfatore caatiii|;eiMies. Jia 
deniedtiiat Hr. Brownrigi: coald 
hate Powers af AUorne; «irt 
auid dnr, ready for all ooeaMf 
ona. Tbeoueef Dickion aod 
Sinallj (SUinier'i Keports, 418) 
wca raferred to. The Ha^ot 
and City of London had appoint. 
ed tbeir Bailiff to collect their 
tight aaritamafce entry t aulit 
^raa decided that where new 
rigbts acoT«ed, be bad do p»wer 
to acL Now, Mr. Palnei want 
aivay about the lOtb of Janno* 
ry, and Mr. Gonid died only in 
mc bcgjtinin; of Jane i and ai 
<1m n|ht of the Bxecnlor at- 
•ttcbei only after the Teatatoi'a 
deMh, the Pover of Atuiraey 
Axeeuted by Hr. Palmer prior 
. toUsdcpaitiuCiOauldbe of no 
eflcMy;fM a person when he 
Kraata a poww to uiotbcr nast 
Kepoueiaedofa right to excit 
tbU Power bimelf. It cannot 
tkerelbrfl be prospective, and 
Wtttnin to (atnre contisgeb- 
aies. "neabaenaeof the iixe- 
cabwis, what tbe Law BoeU 
•all a ** Q«aai~Int0Stai9 ;" and 
by tad Qco. IIL o. IM., ti^ 
Cavt ve ulboiised' la oonsti- 
tntailw Begisliair AdniBUlnt' 
tor fat Intestate Britisb Sul>< 
J«««i. AaAiitwas passed, or- 
daininrtbatlbe Entcntur or tlie 
admfa& Ual er lawfaUy awMnb- 
•d, or those «DliMed«a affiiiini*- . 
•ec to tbe Will' «J ptnoas 4&r 
•eased, ■•! resident vtthintb* 
Jariadiotloaaftka Ge«n,Vov« 
orsoC Attttineyf tq paHwa t» 
aetlMTthen; and thai, tbe per- 
MM towboBthey vnu>U4v«MU 

be entided to obtain Letteri of 
AdministnilloiH ffsnanl «t apw 
eial, as tike case may foqaiEs. 
Now tlie Queatjon is, faow Lhesf 
abienteea shall appoint piorsons 
to act for tliem ? ^re Ijia Pow< 
en of Attorney to b« -prowMi 
tile I' 

The Honorable the Chief Jns- 
4fae expressed bis opiaioo, Ibat 
SBcdi was «eiitesiplate4 bj tbs 

The Adfoeala General nid, 
that the thjnl olaiue of the, Aat 
diieets dM Courl to recall tb* 
Letters of Adaiinistration grant- 
ed to tbe Registrar, when tbs 
Power to act for tbe Exflcnfor 
Bamed In the Will shall bdM 
been hmttmitttd; and (bat 
Iherefore ihe.tiaasmMtion oftb* 
Fowerof Attorney was contonr 

Cted, not that il sbaDld be \n- 
out and dry beron hand (Mr 
side Ike Agent. The words «r 
tbe Act, wlueb seem to bavft « 
(olive ^cidiBKtioB, IftoludMf 
persons wao " are or may m 
appointed," ExeoaMs^ becanr 
tended, Tcftrred to- th? tine.oC 
pasdag tbe Aot i aid .iwM 
Biaant to comprebeikl Uioaawfc* 
bad been a4)p«inted ftiot to-tha 
Act, as well as those who dioaUl 
bo appointed aflarwards ; ana 
were notmeant to apply to la^ 
t«ntFowersof Attorney, wtkiflk 
are to eomeiato sBtienatany 
person's deocaae. IftbeitLanU 
ships sfaould get over tbe dUS* 
oulty of a Power of. kOomtf 
being granted beiiiM toe etM 
extated, towfaichityaa to ap- 
ply, they would than hA*« «• 
Attorooy wUbout: a Prinoipalt 
CerlieiWLdid tbeyitaKMr^tbat Hn 
ralmermti aUfe 1 XbaAfida* 
?litrpa<lBocd<aajB that be. .is to 
tbe>Sa«4wttEaii<i..e<,iindw tte 
nenetal aoapeirfwaiir Isasdabipaf 
MrMitUia*... /nia Act of Pan- 
liament refers to persons who 
|P»t*Pl>it;snl of AtUwrny alter 
tbe Tesuter's deal^ by vUak 
1km ivb of ^mcsMe Atiauhea. 

a . , . .., il 



,al|(tuld i>a to Btofideot 'it>- to 
]t»aPow«Maf AUsrnry Mady 
pep ved for all hia neighI>o<us 

-JD cue Kny of tkem tkould be 

-kind f BouRh. to die «nd te»*e 

.him Cxraulor. fa that oaMia 
pcnoR mijElit «ay, " I kaia-dii- 
pof ad of »tl m; own piopcXr : 

- 1 muit BOW provide for mjr cm- 
tinfoncUi." BaferiioK acain to 
the cft*e of Paar u>d WilliaUf, 
wd »l*o to the oue »f Uaig« 
and Clare, he coBteiided that, tn 
tkeabMDDe of Mr, PiOmer.tJke 

' Court bad » ri|fatta j^>p«tata 
peTMDta tdoAmtterifqt that 
Hr.Palaier hai aot and qwU not 
proiide Utbe lime of hi* ilcpar- 

. ture for t|u* &(ar« OMtiivraqr- 
He did not OMa t» *aj that tbey 
•bouUnot wkfivt Hr^JBrMD- 

-nUi tlwr.mifU.aMaint him 
aa well at any one else r hit at- . 
•wding teiheif WMl diieieti#D 

• tliey vtBltl iaoiMMa .remictiou 
npoB Mm. Utlii Execotoc hiat- 
■M)f ifamU. appeu. tk« Court 
etnii-mfMt DO reMdottaw^n'^ 
4>v-liaii Irat ll«9i-iWNil4-«pOB 

. Mr. Bfamuigt, .TUt/ «a« all 
hi* Coaititotenta, the CaMB< 
ton, waaMd : tbey mem a« way 
inxioaa for the Adminittradoa. 
Tbc? had agreed to an a*arafe 

. boDd,llMtla,tkalall ihevldbe 

Kaid atui t^aalrais, aaoept 
BBd oreditort, wbo shMkt hare 
the usnal ptaTtMiwe. Aa an 
tUnatratioaoftlieiMelliiMtbat a 
tight nmtt be eenplete before it 
eaa be tranamitted. he nentiaii- 
' ctlthatif the Bwontor ibaatd. 
die before be geU a Probate of 
the Will, hit Exeoator eould not 
■ act, (tUi waa aaieotcd ta by 
Hrv tttgnmoa, Gonnael for the 

- 4lleaaaif Ibeva bad beam an o- 
y||«iHl lotwtMir. The Advo- 
M«e Oeseral eenrinded by re- 
■ qneethiiv tliatia erdet to fn- 

■: tmt -the Pnpert; from heinr 
fl^iiM^ theiri«*dBh^ w««ld 

be pleased (itbcc to graat'tfc* 
adniaiatration to hia C«iiali- 
tsentR, under aoch tOUietiane 
ai might' seem proper; <v tu 
-srant a limited and reitriotcd 
AdnuDUtiBtioii to Hr. Brown- 
■tifg in the meantime; for it 
•wu a mere tempanirf arraoge- 
ment, nntil tkt £*ecator'a r«- 

lb. Compton. in riaing to nd- 
T«cate the aaaie tide of the caaa 
. Hid he waa afraid, aflar the vcxy 
jdilaMHUDBiiBwhicb it bad been 
argaed by faia fijkad Mr. Spaa- 
kie, leaf hii obiarrationa aboBld 
■eem ta weaken the atnuig 

rnnda on which be had reated 
He thovght it wonld be in- 
potsible for their I<ardshi«a to 
cohaidet that the Power of At- 
toroav granted by Mr. PaJaaer 
(wald entitle Mr. Browiuiggto 
- the AdmiuistralioB. Except W 
' the Aot referred to by Mr. Span* 
kie, there oeuld have been no 
doubtoa the«abject. Mr. Browu- 
iigg** righ^, if be bad any.nuut 
dependupon that Act. -The 39th 
oftfae40thof the King waa paa- 
■ad forJhepocpoieid protoct- 
log the right* «f peraona, who 
were abfent in ^^""^ A 
Gentleman then at Madraa .of 
the oame of Andrew Roea,had 
aomany adminiatrationi, ibat 
he iraa inpnoaed to bare gfaen 
ri*e to the etaaae rafeiredi ;to ;.ao 
tb«t it wn generaUy; ca^d 
" Andrew Boia'a danae." T»ii 
Act, not bejng tfaongfat auScient 
tocorreattbeefilravether i^ 
pasaed to cttabje pefai4na..ia 
England, andiffeaownqtolihe 
JuriidicUoBoflhe Court, |iVi 
If preaeat, would b»v* IMf ||«n- 
titled to act aa Bxeculniii,; to 
grant Powers of i^tonwf .to 
others to aot for then. Bu^ it 
aorely waa not meant to apply 
te a person reaidii^ here,. or 
who usnally resides her* and 
may be absent, for a weak or a 
i«pDih <er die benefit, of hi* 
beallh, Hr. Palaiai wv^ap^ 


t(«m ;'a»d' had gene away f«*'K ner himidf: tat i;aj«s mlf^Kt 

tewporarr patpoie ODly, Tor happen in whibbAttornieiitiigA 

*iaaMnient,orrorfhe b«nrinfif IM appolaled, aot eqaillj H!». 

' iMftlfli, wiUttheinteittion ofTe- ponsfble; and be would a«k.^ 

tormng; and waa tberefore not Bach a ease, eould tfaaf maiis 

the detenptwD of penou nob- tbeExecatDrt-eapofnibh) fitr'hla 

letaplated by the Aet. Oriffla Attorney ? Mr. Pfdmer's rigtt 

WMAe deieription of penM, didladoed Mtaeftrforn tbetini* 

T«t the Power of Attorney he Af Ibo Teatator'a deaA i but it 

haS granted waa not suSivtent, U m»t«o«ip)ete anlil be had Oi- 

be contended, to enable Mr. «d bimielfby aoceptftnce of the 

BrowarifK to aet for Mm. Tf U ' tra*t ; uidliad obtained a Vth- 

clear thai tfae ' riglil of the Bx- ' Iwttfl j and untti luoh time' aa'fla 

ecutor doea not attoeh fill the ' kad olMfaed binidf wild tK* 

deatb of theTestator. BfV. PaU cbarooter of Ksemter, h« could 

mer had ho rigbt reipectiB^ this not delMStv it to Ma Attorn^. . 

cwc at Ibfi lime he KranWd the The mtMHty «annot be gr^au 

Power of Attorney, and tbatau' «d undt ttae pcnon Kraotiaf 

tbokity be would delegate to a- knowa wb&t aaAority ho bM 

notfier,' It waa necensatr he bimaetf. He "Siou^ht Ii qiuta 

'^Bkonldat tbattimebepoiieaaed abatrrd to ^appMe that a p^. 

vfliimfetf. Hr. Palmer thet»- ' aon otratd gra&l a Pttwer bcfmra 

fore could not, before W knew lie^lUMW th€ ^xiaimint of-wtntt 

Of the death of Mr. Oonld and hewn pntlfyg. lf*contend~ 

Accepted of the oflce of Bxcou- «d tkat their- Lerdatnpa coald 

tor, have dele)tat*d Mr. Brown- notgranllhs wdnyniatratloata 

rifCg to act for him. . "nie Power Hr.'BiWrit4gg,'«i*attt thtMr- 

of Attorney nutfierlMd Hr. IngAMniATQfy ^■tJMtion hv- 

firc»WDri» to condvct and ma- tw«atit«Hefal4nA-'apa(rtHl<ni%- 

nage tic Bttatn of pertnaa to ert«f Atteraeyi- KWaKevitfant 

whom John Palmer " msy ba iMaiddtbat w Mv. BriMriirMrs 

■nBteeator." To tfaia it waa waahiGakattk attiM'tfawMr. 

nAtObjected! when Ur. Palmer Goald died, tf. the 1attM>r1ihd 

aboWd be dodied with the oha- wtabad hbn to be hia ' BkcMSii'. 

nctArofEXMUtor, Mr. Brown- ' he Murid ha«« iHtiUdaced' liia 

iigg mifht not for htm. He namv intn the Will;' but aa iic 

^T<nld'attBh*T«« right to do nppointed Hr. Palmer, Baodii- 

Vq. Bat thewordaoftbe Pow- tor, if Hr. BrowarigK'he 'Mlb- 

■*t wh i c h w u tbottoed Mr. Brown- - aiitutedinM»alead. no vogtrd 

tj^>*toaunagetke Batateaof ia paid -to the wish and intaiKl- 

tKnotat ntuatt a," la not proi- on oftba Teataior. The Ooan- 

peettve^tuCVMnea to the peo- aelreoapitrfBted bis arg ■uncala 

■ ' ■" B 'Br. Pahner *aa ^lat, tiiatdi«£i£eciatorwaanot 

lOfl line the Power 
wat^anted. 1%e learned Coan- 

- •d'tlea t)d*«Med to the injuri- be Uo Xtt* sort af>peraMiirtMd- 

ottooalfciaeneeithat iniglit be m| by the Aot;'yetaShe vmboI 

avppoaed to low from aetlng SlcMutor«l tbe-tiMBthbiPwwer 

•n tfa« principle that an After- of AttorAw waa:graBt«4,ish« 

-ncy may in aaob casaea, nctfor G«ttldnotdalq)MetaHr.iBt!|lv»- 

AdBxeetitor. In this ca>e he rijrrnini-nTt hrhail ant hiintf If 

was md* to acknawlsdg* that ' He oonehided Iqr obt«niBgitliat 
liAotHe«ilon Atnld'he mad*' to. aa'thaBatatv-wwlU .net ^p»f w 

"|ka Attoniey, Wb*' Vas u i\;s<' «aiiaa iu Ika- iapM, ^Mtf. J<v<l' 



tridpi voaU. Bte the neaeiaJty 
tf pieveating die iotereat of th« 
Creditors from being iuiared. 

The Chief iustice iBid, UiBt 
iftltuwu K' cane Rt Comnuin». they should put all tlia 
creditor* cut bd equal footlDg, 
that tbej might receiTO pay- 
ment pari point ; but the Law- 
bad leatrieted thorn: in so far 
•s bond debts have a prefer* 
coce: and although there might 
be no rrason that the Hxeouiur 
ifbould liHTe a. {U'eference for hit 
•witdebtH, yet the Law has de- 
cided that it shall be so. fbe 
Act of Parliament aj^iea to 
MTEons not resident within the 
Juris diction, antl therefore the* t 
persou must be supposed to 
fraot PowfM of AttoTney wjlh- 
wtt b«iDg clothed with the cfaa- 
vacter of Executor. The Act 
uentiooB " at are or nay bei^- 
pointed ExecntoH." and thers- 
laratDmstbeprDiipectiTe. But it 
1t«a been said Hut these words 
■pt^y to those appointed Exe- 
cutoia before akd after the pas** 
fngsf-tbe Act: there seems no 
(.easofiibr rajikiag sach a dis- 
tinction. , ,A$ to the BxeoDtor 
knowing or n«t knowing of his 
baviog been appointed Biecu- 
ior. and q( tlie death of the Tes- 
tator., what reason could there 
be for, the Legislature making a 
dntinclion between them ? The 
object of the Act wag to secure 
the Administration iotbeprrsan 
naneil Gsecutor in the' Will, or 
Us Attorney, in opposition to 
the Registrar and all other per- 
sons. Ngw if an Attorney were 
uM so appointed thivt he could 
vetfor the Es ecu tor immediate- 
ly en the death ofthe Testator, 
the Court must nocesaarity ap- 
point some person to take the 
Administration of the Estate ia 
Hre-iataa time, which would in . 
a peat degree defeat the very 

a sot of the Aet. The object 
bo Aoi was to enahlo the 

Executor^oiat an Attoik 
ney to act for him ; hut if it 
were necessoi'y to have iufor- 
mation of his baTtng become 
Executor before he could ap- 
point an AUorney, adelay niusi 
necessarily be incorreJ, and 
consequently a chaa|e of the 
property from one hand to aqo- 
tber, which it is better to aiioid '. 
whereas by the property beJD( 
from the beginning in the hands 
of the £xecntor or of bis At- 
torney for whom be is responsi- 
ble, it coQtinaes hU along tn tho 
same hands. 

The right of Mr. Brownrin 
to the Admiuislration of Uio 
Estate of Gould and CampbeJl, 
as Ibe Attorney of their Execa-. 
tor Hr. Palmer, and his claim 
to preference In the payment of 
debts dne to the Execuvor. in 
prer<n-ence to the other Bond 
Creditors, waa therefore fulhr 
Mtablisbed. Hiri. 

Imputt. — On Satnrd^ an 1n- 
^ttiest was held at the Coroner'a 
office, on the body of ons Raio- 
narain Mnndle, a Hindoo boy 
of about 12 years of aice. The 
body was found by the father ob 
Friday at one o'clock, sewed up 
in a gnnney bag with many 
bricks in it, and ^aced amon^ 
some rushes in a tank, in the . 
neigbbourhoodaf the deceased's 
house, with his throat out. 

The boy was missiiig sinoe • 
o'clock on Wednesday mortung, _ 
and some suspicioa attaching to ' 
a man named Prawn Dntt, that 
he had enticed tbe boy aW^, he 
was arrested and kept i» con- 

lo a godown trndBT the boose, 
in wl^ch Prawri Dntt liTed with 
hit brotbeis, were found, soma 
pieces of breken cudgree pots, 
with aeteral targe drops of 
blood, and in an adjoining go- - 
down, separated only bj sn 
arcbed doocvsgr, > great ^aaati- 




tf nflninp bhck (the pHsnner ii 
* painter) iru itrewed is a dr- 
ciilar ipaea of about two feet 
■is inches dtameter. — A p'recs 
ofrtoth exaetif corrcspontlhis 
wjtb anpther mncli ligtT pipce, 
wbich was rolled roatid the de- 
eeued'i neot— w»s also picked 
np in fbe aamc room. 

The Jury bavin; sat antil a 
quarter past ^Rbt o'clock, nd- 
jonriied tiit 3 o'clock on Hon- 
daj, en which da^ was disoorer- 
«d in the atune room nmonff 
■ome loot* hrieki, a cook knife 
and the remaloi of the stlk bd- 
UntKing to a gold necklBce. ail' 
*er bnngle* and one nnnTet, 
irfaicb hid been ronnd the aeck, 
wriif s «nd arm of the deceased 
— Bltopiether to the Ttlue of a^ 
bont 96 Rupees. 

The Jury after a patient hear- 
ing at eight o'clock, tm>aghl in 
their verdict of Wilful Murder, 
af^nit Prawn Dntt. and a per- 
•on or persona unknown. Im- 
mediately after the diieorerj 
of tbe body, all the relntiona of 
the prisoner, riz. bii mother 
— his two brothers — and the 
wife of one of bis brothers fled, 
Hnrh Jniu 27. 

A grimltiiritl Report anil Slatt- 
mtnt of the Weather it', in Lok- 
tr J$efisal,fnr June 1831 

*Tke WffliiAej-— From the 1st to 
the 10th of the mnnth. the wea- 
tmrhss been chiefly dear, wiUi 
boll seorchinf Srintlieriy Winds 
-Vromtbe 11th to the 2rih the 
wVqthetb^s been mostly clou- 
df and^leasant— from the 28lh 
td'tbe 90th the atmosphere has 
been close and soltrr, partieU' 
laHj' dhriOK the ni^hl — and in . 
timii distriell showers have 
bAit fl'eqncnt. and often heavy, 
wjtb chanf^eable S. W. triads. 

The Waten cfthe Ganget and 
Shagritty — The aTera;;fl rise, 
frrnn the comroeacemenl to tbe 
IKfhcrt'lhe moatb, has been fTom 
t|'to2 Inches per 24 hauls — 

from tbe 19tb to tbe SOtb instant.' 
the rivers hare riten to about 3 
feet — altogether the entire rise 
dnrrng the month has been av 
bont (t feet— The larger Pin- 
naces and tbe heavier Boats of 
harden have succeeded np and 
down the Bhasritty ilnee the 
30th instant 

The IniKgit PbiU.— In ffenerat 
the Indij^ Plants have Ariven,' 
subsequent to the llthoftbe 
month, inmost quarters. Several 

Slanters in the Kishnagnr anj 
foorshedabad dtitricts hare 
commenced manafaetorinir <»>' 
the 24Ib instant, and some plau' 
ters as early as on Qie 19th. — TW 
planters in the distrieta of Nat^ 
tore — Maldah —and tbe Sou- 
thern Bound arfes of BaaglepooC 
— may also begin to aaanufae- 
tare in (he earlier part of July. 
— TTie crops were far from beinj 
pronrisinf*. as to appearance, at 
the end of lSae month— owing tn 
the greater part of tbe BCarob 
cultivation havlflf failed. The 
Jieldi kan'nff vnd^one tAree and 
few retomnjfw in most dlstriets, 
and the greater part of the 
plants of each resowing' also 
having mostly fuled, most of- 
tbe planters chiefly now depend' 
on the moderate rise of the ri- 
vers, and faronraUe weaAer, to 
bring forward the Bysnck and 
Jet'h plant which on the SOth 
instant, were chiefly small, and' 
ahout a month backward (o that' 
oflaityear: and should the ex-- 
peclations of most planters e- 
ven take plaee, tbe greater por. 
tion of the Jcth plants will at 
least require from 35 to 40 daya - 
longer growth— <tn tbe TOth Au- 
gust,) before they can be in a 
ripe state, and fit for manufae- 
timng : which circumstance ae- 
cording to the late average of 
years, is not very likely to oe-' 
cur ; particularly tbe latter soirv 
ings of Jefh, on tbe lower Dla^ 

ree lands. - ■ ■ ■' 

Xt* Cram ami ttk4r Stt* 



Crept— Tteae au al» thojxt u. 
mt»nlli bock, nbcn campared to 
tGbflc'of last year, chieflTintha 
districts of Ntitiore— HaldAb, 
ai)(J th« Southern Bonndiuies of. 
BauEleepoor dislrict ; wberv 
the Ryota have been ralher nn- 
fortunate latterly froin want of 
rain, notwiUistaniliafc the latter 
nentionett dittricts had Bbored 
of thec«piouiebower*of Maiek. 
But tbe showe^i ver* Kraatly 
deficient in tbe moatb* of April. 
May.and JutM. wbi^haTabeen 
the aattie.of the faUute of the 
frealer pailpfthfl Indigo luid 
Grain crepi. The periodical 
nima.o! thi> seaMn conuueQCMl 
abhnt the \8th of the moath — 
and . have set in very moderate 
in most district*, and in a (nat 

meMare rerired the Tadipi, mM 
well as the Choit and BjaacA. 
Grain crofis, wlricli latter were 
tpvatly fMidied ; the woedinic of 
tbeM fields. hBTc heen oomplet- 
ed dorinK the mttndi, aad alas 
Am bnaiDeas at weeding &n 
iefk grain fiaUa is now in pr*- 

TJte MuUtrry (Toot) atitl con- 

dtnmf mtit Rmjtmmial—O^iaf; to ' 
the rains faavinfc set in, very 
few TraTellen baie been ob- 
served to bare travelled by 
dawk, np to the end of the 
month; and the roada bare been 
also injared in a slight defcree, 
oTiti)^ to tk« traverie of ^H«|c* ■ 
hadceries. tfimti 


fhr July, 1821. 

Ow iMtqri from the Interior 
Bpeakof tbeifeather u almost 
iuwArabte. From every qnar- 
tertte (ame tale is repealed; 
bot Dli^tf and hotter days, a 
painhed soil and whiriwinilg of 
dnft : (Bf Bultrj, most oppressive 
weather without n breath of air. 
There htu been much sickness 
in Ae South East part of Bengal, 
and Cholera has been very pre- 
valent inSjIbet, and other dis- 
tricf»T bliiiaring on the Bnrham- , 
pootnr, ■ Wliole Tillages are said 
to have been destroved by this 
dceadftil nm^'ad;. the heats in 
Behar^tnd Benares have been 
exooMtlve w'ifhuniteBdj'yariabte 
windt.'Biid frequent- gnsts of in- 
■uffaraUe hot nir. The natives 
have b«en partinnlnriv aicklj in 
thatiiii:irTer. and sodden deathi 
from extreme beat have been 
eoiMikn. B; our last aeeoinli 

the Ganges was rising rapidly. 
The Centra and Upper Pro- 
vinces have beenmore fortunate. 
Great heats have it is trae pre- 
vailed, but these have perhapi 
not beenmore excessive Ibnn i^ 
snal: and we do not heartbat tbejr 
have been attended by any nnu- 
saal unhealihiness. The troopi 
ax well as the great body of tha 
natives, arc slated to have been 
cenerally exempt from disease. 
Cawnpore, Lneknow, and some 
other stations in that neighbouf- 
hood, most, however, be except- 
«d ; Cholera havinv afnua brojlc 
ont there, and at Cftir^potft eji- 
peciaUr, oairled off ma^Euuv.,, 
peaDi. Bnndelcanq .VMj.fQ* 
west of India, haw Aft'WF"^ . 
greadj fk-om^hea^ ;. 1u1d.9t.Safl>- ,. 
gOT, a siatloD proverhfal for )t* , 
mild climate. a( which blankets' 
tdA G«v«lfltB hiTt been more 


e fonnd oomfortalile' bi . On fonner occMioiu, G«Rfle> 

Mofthe )iotM«Mm,tIW men, it was ifiuaT far oar An-' 

. leter ib ctiid to baire nna] Reports t6 contain « n- 

. . I sank bdowM dnrins nbty of observalioiu apoa ihi" 

May ; vadmoit of "tte ireUa nv oiinsei like); to operate raroor- . 

stttttdtoliaTo bMU complvtelj ably or anfMTournblv upoh th« . 

dried M^ Laold};, no dlieaM recetpls and ifcneral saecen <^ 

aee«m[raBKd tUs - nncominoa an E5tBb1iShm«nt of Ae natnris , 

Matoofthawaatker. Oarlalten of iht> Cbowriofhee Theatre;, 

fimmNaxpoTe and the Nurbnd- batft appears to Us ^af'tfie ne- ' 

da-mentlsB. dhat the Cboiera ouolty otentdriiiR Into lach^e- ' 

yntt atiU prevaleat intbosc qnar- nerftl reitsOiunga now uo lonrpr , 

l«rs, and tkat leveralWTps, exiatt; eTCi; prdpHetor faavrnf ' 

both fiakK<i' ^d -HMfra*. liad had'e^tpetimea safficieptlaeDa- , 

nffared -vtrj jdvmclr wkilit Ue Idni t»' detect fitoile tvatw 

marcUng daiiDK the tircrilar astfaeroew, uhI to caUnlate 

veather of Jtaich and April. pret^ - ootrettly OhjC ' keverd 

After tbia-baat]' (ketdi, it •iU beaif nn «nd DltlniatA effacU. ' 

bopatif^aK to tMt' ■e fc aa ti to It ml tber^bre, now be nif 

— J ^'-aia, thaifteabienoe neeetMiTfcR' tu to Aibnit Vi ' 

i-faae keptback-aH roaabriefStatebent fifths a»:' 

«(hat dpfpa, haa been faTWiabb coaittua Aeyat^r«MM rtattd." 

to the incL^o plant, whi^ gene- and to biio^ to jonr recoUeotJOB 

raUjp promiaea welt, especiallj tbcRjifolutionswhichirerepas^ 

4atkelovlandaofBeii|^,where cS at jour laat Annual Heetinr. 

Ae freat Afptfi >■ ftojn uiutida- At the Genend He^tiwin Ju- 

tion. .' [Xmbi JSmU, Ja/; S. ly lS2D. adeSciebcy Wa^atated 

to exiit apon the Booka of ths 

' AMKualT^eatneaiartetinp, iTb^atreto (fipainoimt orS456 3. 

Punnant to Adverfiiement, It it proper od thia occiuion to 

flic annnal Meeting of the Pro- cectifr an error whioh oocorred in 

prieton of the Cbonriwhee tiie preparation of the Accounta 

Theatre wai held at the Town last jetu:,,an4 to 8tat«'tluifi mfi 

Han, on Monday last, the Oth fngtoBnoreraifl^t«rth«airoln3~^ 

of July, when the Hanagters the Sum.of.Sa.. Rl. MKh'W**'.. 

laidbefora them' the foUowjog then omitted ta W deUUd'«ir-^' 

leport. the Books' oCtho Theatre; '!I1h«' 

-filMTLEUSN, Debt, therefor^ ff the SiAatra 

' The conclusion or another laatyear, wu S^Ra. 13,6(13 OS' 

Thfcatrical'year hiring brought instead ora,4A6 3. TheamoiUit ■ 

«s once itunre (ogetlier, it be- . of Pebt as then eitinatad was ' 

c«niet tbe.dd^ of the manage-, conaiderpd of so mnph motteat 

men to submit to ^oynccor^DK that you. pasted the SMamfhg • 

.(a cUtote, a Report oftheyeai;^ Resoiutiona, . ,. ' ' ' ' 

pnxSieifippii and ii^r tie pjeien't " On a propodllaa hf. . J.'V. 
stifle ot our' l^rcit^tir;; i^ like- . I^lUao, Ein. aecpnded br HiTb . 

VUH Ucbn^ir Wifli j>oa apfti . Prinaep.Baq,' 
thetteiodoreithercontiiidiaffto . (. "Iim^ Refotved; 
safiperf -ilin' Difatn laDoiij^ti' ^thBSiimafSa,JU.^beraiaa4' 
pHMBt 'ayatoOi ot'^L^>WK,^by'cafltijbatioD fnna«aa^X>M)» 

aata aft tt g e iBenta n Tfotf ap- :pnelf>i,h((|dinEaDaSharaeiilf4 < 
pefrb«tt8»ealBqlat^U'protU<;',/ai4A<iittCMhProjtrietar laihl^ < . 
Wttutf&a MBcidm^W^Lye ing,mpraJhU(unSb«ratb»«av^ 
M ^ 'occMipnaliy.i^i^Jja-., r.of jiit Rs..on the IstShare, and> ' 

.„ l7S&,.fiw«achahai«aiM>*»«aey*' 

.rV-o'i"9« -■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■-*•* 

11i« first Quarter of Oie' 7A 
Theatrioil jtv endiiigwitli&ep- 
fentber 1B90, nahered 3 Plsyi tA 
your Dolice. The Ssle oflldo 
Cts npon whicdi anoualcd-ta ^>. 
Ka. 0863. Aa ^ ExpenoM kow> 
CTcr were 6136 9 10, there wu 
canseqnentl; aloss ttlkedoM 
of the Qnarterty Aooouat of 3*. 
R*. 3»5 S 10. 

SttU o/TicktIt, 13031 <^ 
£rf>*m{itMr«, 11280 U 3 

IHOl 1 » 

M CAlCtrfTA AKM [TAt ll£GtST» 1821. 

VotwilSagittwewn, footrrf 
fte foT^oinK Resolutions into 
liUl effect, and baviiiK pven ap 
fiteideaor maldng the AddiU- 
•os, 8(C. the neoeaaltj of whidi 
»>« MoHjAt titled, and which 
Was ao atroiiKly Impreued upon 
yon In oar la^t report, we deter- 
nined ttot onlj 3-3rds of tho 
iappliea voted should be ool- 
leeted, and we have aoeordinKiT 
to report, that a collection to the 
esteot ofSa. Rs. 9,AO0haa been 
fnade out of which the old out* 
fetaadinff demand of Heisra. 
)IaclttDtash Bod Co. afcainst the 
Tlieatre, ap to the 30tb April 
|aat, amouDtlng to Sa. Ri. 
8491 3 waa ordered in Conk- 
iiuttee to be liquidated, leav- 
ii^ a Balance, therefore, of 
Sa. Rs. 1008 13 in the hands of 
the Treasurers, 

The spirited line of conduct 
U tlie part of jonradTea, Gnn- 
Uofoen, evinced in youi ready 
contribntJMi for the discharge 
of any balance agndnat tM 
' ilieatre, bas not been rewanled 
Jto Uiat extent which your Ube- 

tallty merited. We are, however, 
aopj U) state, that the preaeni 
deficit npbn the Books of the 
Theatre, has'by no means ap- 
^toaohed that extremity to 
which under more nnfavorablf 
fiircnra stances, the Management 
irould have been fully authuriz' 
itd inproceedln^.and the bounds 
pr which are distinclly mark- 
C(I in the BooV of Regulations; 
\re allude to that ReKulatioQ 
Irhiob Authoriaes the Managers 
to «acunulate «ny debt not ex- 
ceeding Sa. Rs. 35,000,withont 
Reference loyon. The exabt point 
jLt wliich we have now an4ved 
in our proKreis towards that 
Bam willha correctly aecertaiO' 
ed hy the ronowias Statement. 

. XilQwirter, 

JSxpmdilvre, BI35 10 

£»U of Tiehtr, 6809 ' 
JMfit, 'UTi » 10, 


The second Quarter of thtt 
same yeu ending whh Decem'- 
ber 1S90, lea*ei ft Balance ia 
Avotu of the Theatre of Sa. Rs. 
1804 10; Six Plan weiera. 
}iTeseBted dnrini; this period, 
upon which the Sale of TioketB 
unoonted to 8a. Ri. 13031, and 
the expendltcrre upon the Qustb 
terto8a.Jts. liaie 14 3. 

3d OMctn-. 
Hxpnditurt, \i67 * 4 
SaU of TitlMt$, B184 Q 

4 4 


ne third Quarter endi^ 
with Maroh llii2l, exhibits • 
loss of iai» 4 4: Four Hays 
faavini; been perfonned intha 
■tiitae: The Sale of TiekeU np< 
-OQ which produced B184 Ra. 
while the expencei ofthe Quav- 
4u-amoa))tto8a.RB. »713 44. 

Ath QHorttr. 
ExptnUtwt, 13057 11 A 
StiU^TUktU, 0473 ft 

4485 11 3 

' The fourth Qniirter CBdioc 
vithJune 1B31, also exhibits • 
loss, & Plays only were npn* 
leoM; oti account of the Tbea* 
Sro jiqldinf a Sale of Tickets 
(Bt^. afaount'Of M79. Tb* 
Bxpcnces however, upon the { 

Qiuiter, uuniatiuc to 13tUT 



n S, lenrei bIom of 8a. Rj. Le^Ttnithe Tb«a- 

44«t II 3 at the caaolnSioD. *" minns thi. ye»r, 

The Proprietors bave thna BlEc«EDpees, 9tm • 9 

had tbe opportmiity of attRnd- _^. . , ' . '..J* 

i^iv. JiC^.-^InrianUuv Ithni been thtma tbore that 

» the course of the last 13 ^:;,e?,„ 2ii7 Bupeef-wlZ 

montha. 1,1,0 kteraie expeoce *• 

The total financial view of the jggg qidddc tn 2196 Rs. or an ex. 

jeni present! the followiuc Re< 1 cqm of charge on lacb FLiir 

KifU. St IT 379 0*. 

ThelBPlay* ■ctej 

ctHt 4»n r • 279 

Towhleb Bintt be The ailffilions and iraprore. 

•Ue<t In1*t. en petty jnents behind the irrn"! a» 

'■draaceior c«A by well as certain repairs inffi^T^^ 

*l*'^'-**.* lOT » « siWe to the ssMy of the Fabrio, 

Aiw !kre« • cow- oblief d na to incor nnder Ihosa 

■S^w'"" ■ ma Jl "head»the»ninofSa.IU.74B5». 

'*'''''^'— '" f ■ The expensive play of '* PI. 

Mtkinc thB totaf «aiTo" was got upon In comnll- 

ebargc of iS Plays, •4»1« • * ancB with a Btrons general wlaji 

. OroBtn average anilander thehope that so at* 

per PlajT 8a. Si. tractive a Play would repay iit 

nofl. 'cbarves, end lenve a handsome 

The aeted iveeipta inrpfus on the lepetilioii, nnfor. 

•f tiuM 19 PliQw tunately for the TheBtrieal year, 

were .. M1«T ofwhicbthe actoants are now 

-Ti-H^'S:.. *' 1M « • fceforeyoo.all the expenses Of 

^«.™ n.,:^ 1» t • that spectacle fall nponlSO*.?!, 

rtf." aZi bSS: -!;"« ^8au*2 the coming year, 

•criitfiwu .. .. MM • « wilt reap all the profits. 

Cfvcrpaid lait year Th* Governor General and 

■ad Kceivcd back, . , »7 7 II Lady Qutmgs desired to havB 

Contribuiion* vot- " Pizano" repeated on the eth 

ed tut year, of Instant, and it has not cost nioro 

which actual^ re- th^ an nrdinary Play, while on 

reived IniD Ae its first Representation, the coat 

Bi^, .. .. tMO t t of prepnT»tinn and getting np 

- . - B ■ .„ • ; „ • was BO less than 4241 fl 11, or 

TMal.aa.Ri "**' J " twice that of ao ordinary p«- 

T^ «« ._! "fonnance, the receipts onth« 

■»2rof^7e.'„ (41614 7 11 ?tl>" '"^»«J Y'"'' ^''' *«■ '""• 

Deduct expeew. Ing an actual defiriton the plaj 

•••bove,..........*4114l 8 Of289 6 II. 

__„^^ Besides the above disadvan- 

.. LeiVincan^ppaTfiit tages it must be noticed, that 

Xilance m favor of onr experience of now seven 

theTheatre, 4471 7 I years bps shewn yon ttiift if 30 

Acatnvt wb)cfa is to Plays are got np every year, and 

beietoffthedebleef they of a fair average CoHKnett, 

lh»tbe.i«e lutyear, mOSI the Theatre can support itiretf. 

• ' ■ - ' — Tt has done eo — five years ont 

■ * the averaae of which per of the seven ; for during all tlikt 

7Uy(nol liiclnmng (•ntribuaoa) timetwo contributions only have 

luvctSe. R». tlI7. bcoB tCQuircd— one of 300' Ka. 

.■-■-■'-■ - ■ g»- ■ . :^-.- ■ . ■■ .vn 



.'Mor ln'(«'>b«)aii iMicd. Last 
-ibaMiiiiwakMd l&Ffo]"- lUi 
-3«uiMbftT«ftad bat 18, and 
-llwjr-lmsfeMo^^aiteKat up by 
. Ihe'riMtrnMn ox«tliaiu of a few 
' atMtbch unxirtcn of tbe Dni- 
'OM^aBdofiMnwM infinite 4U9' 
.4M1Q. Of theae 18 Plar*> oae 
eon more Ukftn Uric* an oTdina- 
,isVla,y,md did DM oovu B> 
,«wn espBDCea, 

.. If dobotiook u-« made Car 
Bvpain and e»i " Puari«" to 
•JlMntentDrUMa Rnpeea, the 
cxcuiof averBiecoitovw Re- 
■ niplfn ckoh'Pla} will dwindle 
:dowiitomttBMwt wbiohiifDOt 
tUtnaily iulKnUcaBt, wiU at 
taNtbaiwarljia tlwawnapiv- 
l»r1ieN a»' mt ul fonpar jneva 
■a|ih» Ua baya bad fewer, tbaa 


' ' The cBMlBKfieasao, itfaan- 
. advelo k^od with the .TJiaatre, 
^wiJI start with tta adf anUgc of 
1 ftctaoBft init^ad of a deai naar' 
-' »e. . . ■ 

• TUa &v^ble cammenci;- 
*|UeHt will we tnist proTe but a 

true aagnry oftb^ sucfeu of the 
- Whola jeor, naoe we are b^py 
:iD- thiaktfeat the apirit of attaolf 

■ aMiittatto Drama mcdu to bp 
'iwiwtnii, vt leaatif wema^ judre 

■ l9itb»'»[vcarance uf new A- 
niateura to fe-inforcp the ancieat 

1 ■ 'ItiaiiefwJaft to yoa, Oenda- ■ 

• MaH,'itodetertaiDe whether tl^e 
onimtre , lah«AI ^ on. or itop, 
-Tlw debt wbafh (Boar amoantsto 
.-«ta|li»-«OOQ JM- "lut in attMr 
<;dltca)be vai(l> «Sbeuld joti n- 

Ba1*eoii«i«ii«l)tnp, tbosaleof 
.Ob PsenuiB»(the Kocfc. b«ing of 
-ttnia or m Jntrinfio ralim);woutd 
TMy doubt :fetok a.coi^UuaUe 
'••■B,-tkotAr> balowiiriiat'il'luu 

coat DS all, wbilo lucli an ereQt 
"IK>i)M ^t'K atM'pcdnpi^ for- 
-'ttter^-to'Cdaatli/TbeatdBaljii If 
^W tfaa «(hw hand it ahould prd«e 
-tVlMtfcvCrawdwuli tbattbi^ 

.the only regnlar pnbUc ana^. 
mentoftheidaceihoiild atiUbe 
kept up. ways and ueaiu mutt 
Ite provided for carrjinK on tbe 
Concern by paying off the Pebt, 
repairing and painfiofctheThea- 
tT'e< fIu^ stands much in need 
Qf it. At all eveou it will Ju 
. such ca»e bo indiapensible that 
we be assured of your dlatiact 
aaaent t« raiifyiDg an engafre- 
Bwht ve propose to form with 
Hisa WiUiains and Mrs. Bcwugh 
for the ensuinf SeaKin, ami 
wfaMi after iba foioor Wth 
which Miss Williama' aixerttoki 
have been so generally recehrod. 
—we hardly think it neceasarr 
to say, we consider indispenu. 
ble to t)i^ f)itare prosperi^ and 
■uccesfl of tha Theatre, fi^ 
ahould now coudnde, but at a 
time when tbe foftunes of a ^- 
yorite EatahllshinwU with which 
ire have bBen so long connecl- 
pd, are plqccd ql jour dispoaal, 
and when by your itet t^alostta 
jn^ in a moment be depriv«l 
of a delightful and Ealiunal en- 
joyment, we cannot conaeat to 
part without saying a few words 
with a view of beipeakit^ your 
Ikvour in it's behalf. Therto 
can be only two eood gfounda 
for breaking up the Establish- 
ment, cither iltat the public ia 
xveary ^ the amusement: w 
-tbatthe pi»prieto» think it is 
«biaiaad.attM>,freata pecoai* 
aiyi aacr«Ji«fi. We think w« 
may decidedly aay that the iai-> 
^tgrosbd doea not esst.-^ 
The refpfcfabte and full audi. 
ences which bave been wmtj- 
ably secured on eacb luccea-' 
sivaday'n perfonaance, in apite 
of thqi state of the weather aojl 
other unfnTorable circumatan- 
oes, prove that to the pabltc, tba 
Theatre ia atill a favorite pla^ 
of reaort. It would he umuit 
to yen, Qentlemoa, iho Pro- 
prielori, to (uppoxe that yoM 
fell abort of tbe {neat body ^f 
"" " itt louetoslti. 



■nd ceal Ibr the welAure «iid 
titolonged existence of onEitti- 
blishmenl formed entirelr by 
yoDTRelTes. The EitaUuh- 
weat may from time to time 
have oo*t ;oa a little mooej, 
but the bnrdcD bus never beet) 
veiT great, anil in return f6r It, 
beeidet the advantages peca< 
Uarly eDJoyed bj you ai pro- 
|Kietarti^oa have had the great 
Mtiahctiim of reflecting that 
without Mcfa aaerificei on yonr 
part tb« metmpi^s of Indi* 
Woald long rince bare oeaie(| 
to have even the name of tf 
neatre. We are persuaded 
tUat the public spirit which 
prompted Uiage laeriflcea li 
hot yet exbaaited. bvt that It 
li sdl) ready to itep forward 
io'prolongiag an innocent and 
pleasing mean) of recreation, 
am) in npboldlng a most valaa- 
He fabric wholly reared by It- 

We now beg leave to con* 
^de our tteftort, awaiting 
jroai determination npon the 
pftints anbmittc^, an^ (br the 
adtfptloh of others Cpnneoted 
with the fnlure Govenim«t of 
the Concern, and to tender oar 
resignation of the 'office with 
yUoh you have honond lu for 
the past jear as Mumgera of 
the Chowrioghee Theatre. - 

Hott. We may add the 
iDfonnatieq that ainoe this 
Report was drawn np. Piavni 
^ been repeated, and has add- 
ed alMBl seveatceA hnndrad Rn- 
peea to the Paads, after all the 
" " epaid. 

T%e KepOTt havinc bem read, 
Ihe following ReioMtioQs were 

Pint. — Resolved ■ 


If tliat the Tbeatro be eentined 
Jersuiolheryear. ' ■ ■ 

SfMMtf.— That th»> Un^ft, 
meat be empowered to. call i^n 
Ae Proprietors 'tor V'snm'nbt 
tioMdlDr 100 aU'-p«<>£haM, 

over ud abere tta ba!«noad«« 
on the oontiibatioD voted hat 
year, for Oe purpose <rf psqrinr 
off the exbting D«bt and repair^ 
the HoDse ; and as it ■• eenti> 
dered bi^t fiiir that an opportQ- 
nitybe given to Ibe Pabtie tf 
bear part of 4ie great berdea ia- 
corrM in sopportlng an Bst^ 
blishmentofaparely publion»< 
tare, an appeal be made to them 
in behalf of the Iheatre, and thai 
tbe amonnt of soch Donalioajs 
SIS may be thua ooUeetM shall 
form a deductton from the 'pn>- 
posed requisidon on the' Pro- 

T'AirJ.—Reiolwd, Ibat O* 
Appeal be aaade to the PabUe 
»n behalf of tbe Proprietor* by 
the Coamiittee of Haaageanit. 

jPsurtA.— Resolved, that . ay. 
thority bo vested in the Haaage- 
ment to add as many Henonncj 
HembeT»ta their Body as la Uft 
eoterdse of a sound disotftwi 
they -may couldet ntotnUKf 
and conducdva to the iMeresU 
andsuppoat of theTheiUre, uid 
that it be not imperative en then 
to confine their selwlioi^to tl|f 
Pmpnetary Body. 

rifUt.~fteao\ytd, thai tho 
lateUanageis be elected, and 
the thanka of the Prepristors ho 
presented to dun for their aUo 
management diuiaf the. palft 

SutA.— Resolved, that Ur. 
Witaon be elceted a Member of 

dbMHOl.— ReHdved, .that tbe 
thfmks af the Pr^vloteis be ot. 

fisied to Ifir^ Alaof fiu bis gnat 
exsrttons In Iteeping np the 
nteatredoriig the past year.. 
. A^Ari^— Resolved fiwihw, 
that the thaakaofflie Fropaif. 
tors be offered to all the other 
Amateorsfor their Und esMti« 

IthftvlngbMn stated bv Oe 

Chairman ^> the meeting that 
•Hiss Williams and hfaa. Krough 
.vere willing to renew their p^ 



goiceaeiiti for llie soxt yeat 
upon tbeir ucual Salarf , and tiie 
former aponcoodiiion that abe 
Ik allowed a. Benefit within that 
period, the follawiag rciotutiaiti 
were passed. 

A'trt/A.— Resolved, that Miii 
.tVilUams and Mrs. Broofch be 
to-engaged for twelre monthi 

3WA.— Beiolfed, in respect 
to the beneAt lolicited by Mbi 
tVitliams, that it cannot be com- 
fliod with upon general prind- 

E/iwfliti.— Resolved, that 
Miss Williams' Salarybe rais- 
fd to 360 Rs. per Mensem, and 
that Mrs. Brougb receive her 
former Salary of 12S Ra. pex 

TicB^A.— ResoWod, th:it the 
Thanks of the Meeting; be given 
to Mr. Larkins for bia able cob- 
4u,ct in the Cbair. 

Adjouioed. , . 


Gort. Gat. Julij 12. 

On Monday the 16lh instant, 

hsant ike day , appointed by 
FusLic Disputations in tb» 

aident and Members of the 
College Council, the Officers, 

'ProfNsors, and Stadaols of the 
CoUefre, net at tm o'olook ifi 

,tiie Foronooa at tbe GoT«rn- 

jnent HtMse, where the H<v 
norable the Chirf Juitice, the 

.Lprd.BjgHQP of Calcutta, the 
Bounrabic JoHN Adam, ai^ 

itbc Honorable John Femdall, 

^ontbersof the Supreme Coun- 
cil; the Honorable Sir Frakcts 


8ir Ahtoht Bullbb, JnAgsf 
of the Supreme Coort, and ma- 
ny of the Civil^od Military Of* 
peers at the Preaidency, as well 
as several respectable Native^ 
were aaaembled. 

The Mascuioness or Hai* 
TINOS,. Mrs. Fbnoall, Un,' 
MioDLETON, Mrs. Udn'Y, and 
many other Ladies of the Set> 
tlement, likewise honored tb* 
College with their proaence on 
the occasioo. 

Soon after 10 o'clock, th* 
Host Noble theVisior. attend- 
cd-by tbe Officers of His Excel, 
teooy'a Suite, entore't the roona 
where the Disputationa were tft 
be held. 

' When the Visitor had take* 
his seat, the Disputations com* 
menoed in the ftutowinK order. 

Position.— 71« Afdnt/ OU* 
racter'aiid ComHtiMt itftktN*' 
tite pofitlatiiin of Huidooitun^ 
vould be etMKHtialbf improetd hf 
rAe ifOradAtion of tke liitni 

Beipon. Una. A. P. Gtrdn. 
Itt Oppoa. Mr. J. Ytim, 
Id Oppon. Mr. E. lU. Gtrd^, 
Maderatar, Lient. D. Bryet, 

■ Position. — Tht dcieriptivt 
mtd tatirital writitigi ofHimiootm 
ttmt* A^Mthari, art tuperior tm 
Mny of Ikeir Speeitt of Comfori^ 
tionf<»tndiri.etker Works. 
Rrspon. LieuL R. B. PanhtrU^ 
• lit Oppon. Mr. £. lU. Gsrdoa, 
ad Oppoa. Mr. J. rout, 
Moderator M^orJ. W. Toybr. ! 


. Position.— A kaoxih^gi ^ 
ihe Bengalltt Lmguagt frigf 
*.. .■ • ^ f^ (j^. 

SfTovter \ntpartm 

'' t&t. Mratk'oi'd, Ifobi ^ 
Standing on the Genenl List, wu 
appointed lirtq^Moenc, bnt ai'-btft 
own Tcqaeit was allowad- to 4a4 

tUoitt. - ■ -• 



. IQ*, 

< M» > efmMk twawj fa BOf 
g^ (Am u« HindootUmn. 
Keapoodcnt : Mr. J. Stow, 
Oppca- Mr. C. R. Ctrttrigil, 
IMmtor : Stid. Dr. Cb^. 

When the CertiGntfb bad 
been read, the Visitor preseDl- 
«d to tbe Students llie Medals 
oflferii,fUid at thestunetimB 
«xpresMd tlie sat] ifacll oo which 
be fdtiDCoaferrinK them. 

litePriseaandnedals, nhioh 
bad been awarded to theseve- 
Tal Students, were distiibnted 
to them respectively, — after 
wliich His jBxoellency the 
Visitor delivered the foUow- 
faig diseonrae. 

I meet joa at tUs periodical 
eeremon; of onr institniion 
with the nine feelings of satjs- 
^tion which have ever animat- 
ed me. when called en to diR- 
diarge this portion of the funo- 
tioaofmy office; and ilispe- 
enliartj gratilyin(t to fl»d my- 
•elf. in the present instance, 
absolTC by the general profici- 
tncj and correct conduct of 
Ae Stndents since I bad last 
file honor of addresring jon in 
this place, ttom the painfal, 
CbouKh, sonietimeB, imperious 
necessity of passiag an aoade- 
mical eensnre on anyofyonr 

Snticltoiis as I have ever 
Bnrfessed to be rerarding; the- 
rtpntation and welfare of the 
CaDeKe of Fott William, con- 
■ected as they are with the 

-» ' •- — 'i name, and 

9 namerons 
ler its da- 

this Conntry, joa 

4f|l readily believe me not 
to bare Men content with 
tIewfagBlf saperintendence of 
Ae Inffitiition as a nominal and' 
Aaptv titte. adapted only, to the 
mtification of indfvidud vanity: 
UBtbeco&tivy, I have alwayl 

|len of onr nation's ni 
flw bappiaess of the z 

looked to it u «1ii|ch and homr. 
i^le branch of the Mered tnist 
of sdministeriflic this Gover». 
meat, and iuieparable from ita 
faithM and consclentlons dis- 
ctiaq^e. I have aocordinKly given 
die most deliberate consideratioii , 
to the reports and cammunica-* 
lions laid befoM me, from tims 
to dme, by tlie Council and OBt> 
oers of yoor CoUeite, beside* 
having been penooally observant 
and vratclifnl of every dream* 
stance affecting your character' 
and interests. It is therefore 
with very considerable ^easurci 
that I feel myself enabled, by 
those goarces of information to 
prononnce the general resolt of 
the examinations during the past 
year to be highly honorable to dia 
Insdtution. Within the period 
here indicated, sixteen Stndenta, 
belonging to the Civil Bstablish- 
ment, have been reported quali- 
fied to enter on the public Ser- 
vice of the Company, by a com- 

fietent knowledge of two of th« 
angnages prescribed by the 8ta> 
tntes : In addidon, (aldio' Ihey 
are not by an inoomplete ac- 
qoirement rendered fit for ^nblio 
employment,) it is still sadsfad- 
tnry that fnor other Gendemea 
have been foond of adeqsat* 
proficiency in one langnage. 

Atdiehalf-yeariy examiRadoM, 
in December last, the Gentlv* 
men reported qualified, wers 

Hessrs. Becbie, lames Da« 
vidson, Bnshhy, Armstrong, 
H. P. Russell, Toons and 

A separate examinadon w^ 
subsequently allowed to 

Hessrs. Robert WilUami, 
Oe«rge Udny, and W. P. Pal' 

Hr. Begbie, whose name is U 
the head of the foregoinir !cen&> 
ral list, tnd who was admitted 
into the College in June of the 
preccdinf year, has been re< 

=d by Google 


ported to iB« to hare attained in 
tte ihort period of ive montbi, 
Ifae Brat place in HiDdnrtani, and 
tte tUrd tn Pcnian, and, be- 
■Ides, to bare obtained Hedala 
of Merit for ntpid and consider- 
able profioteiKT in both langua- 
te%^ He is itated to have poi~ 
atsMd, « the tine of his enter- 
ii^ the CoUKr, a rei^ectabte 
lMiried(;e of Hindaalani, bntto 
have been only ^gbtlj aaqnaint- 
ed «Wi the Peman lanpinge. 
TJw •neceistal exertion faowever 
of tdeM«aduddaitr bai pro- 
«nied tor bim a dtitiiifnished 
Tank. Hie latter qaalitj haa 
bees anetialroeBlly proved hj ■ 
reKular sttendaBce on -the lec- 
tnrej, notmUutudiiic M* health 
hsting been very ntffferent, 
doriitf the rreater portioti of hia 

Mr. Janea DavidMm entered 
the InstitutioB at the aMine thne 
aa Mr. Begbie, and- is second 
•ir tke feaend list. likti Mr. 
Begbie too. he has bad the bo- 
Bor of obtaininf^, dnrinf; a iihort 
period of stadj, Mcd^i of Me- 
rit for early and pfteat progresa 
in Petilan and Rindnatani. He 
heM on leaving the Collcf^, the 
firataltoe in tlte fonner, and flie 
foarth in the Utter Innguaicv. I' 
moat meanion it ae credftahla 
both to the Collefe and 1o Mr.' 
Dmrirtniti, that hta know1^d|;e 
waa ahnoit wholly aoqnired dur- 
biffhla (dioit attendance at our 

Mr. Bmhby, Mr. ArmstroD!- 
and- Ur^ Benry Patriok Kiu- 
•ell. follow Ur. Davidson on 
tbe ceaervl Uit. The ftnit nam- 
ed denlleilian «U received into 
the IMIeffainJi&ielBli), and tbe' 
otfaeri Mrere admitted i»S<^«m. 
ber •«( JUn auae year. Mr. 
Baih% and Mr. ArmstroBg 
nre atynpenled-to kKve aaqtdred 
« pnotiBat 'knowledire of' tw«- 
lanpni^a. U adegree which ia 
very -nraditBhle te tham. Tbv 
PwTiiBB and Hindanani langua- 

ges were those to whkh Uttj aft 
well as. Mr. Rassell gave tbeiri 

The seventh and eighth on the 
list are Mr. Youi% and Mr. 
Cooke. They entered the Co!-' 
lege in September 1818, and. 
studied the Persian and Hln* 
dastaoi languages. A se-' 
vere iodbpontion which 
occasioned his absence from tha 
pieiidency, for a short time, 
necessarily interfered with fli8, 
regularity of Mr. Young's at- 
tendance on the public lectorei. 
Mr. Palmer was admitted hi 
November, I8I9, and was ia- 
dolged with a separate exami- 
nation in May last, at which he 
exhibited a knowledge of thpi 
Persian and Hindustani lan- 
guages competent to entitle 
bim to be reported qnaliged foc 
the public aenrice. 

liir. Udny who entered only the 
College in NoTembcr last, was 
foimd q^ualified in Hindustani, . 
at the examination which took 
place in the foUcwing Decem- 
ber, even before he had attend- 
ed the lectures of the profess- 
ors. An examination in the 
Persian language was allowed 
bim, in April lut, at which ha 
was so successful as to be re- 
ported qualified for the publio 
■errice in that lan^age also. 
To these proofs of his acqni^'e-' 
meats, has been added the a- 
wardofa Medal of Merit, for 
early and remarkable pro&cien* 
oy in Hindustani. This outlui9 
of his Collegiate career BuSici-, . 
eotlf attests bis assidui^ and. 

Severe illne js having preven- 
tad Mr. Williams, admitted ia' 
January 1SI8, from regviarlr' 
attending tfae lectures. of the;. 
College, he was in June 189(L 
by ekpress permlMion exandne^. 
at Patna^ whlthei he bad been 
cmipetled to proceed for (he re-, 
^ovffry of his beaHh, and irtM, 
fonwl odUifled in the Htndn*-; 
^ tatf 



iSiii ranguage. HI4 ijualiricati-' 

31 for tbe Service was com- 
eted by hig aaccessfuHy paj- 
-" xamJnation ia Persi-' 

ii recent retom to tho. 

Charles Diipre Rus- 
BlnekburtiR, Mr. Sta- 
d Mr. Jolui Dick, Tour 
1, whose tardy ad- 
: in inslraclioD bad 
tlie thirtj'-third and 
lb of the fourth Chap- 
Statutes, the three 

1 were iiibsequeutly i 

examiocd, and have been found 
tl to be empfojed on the duties 1 
of tlie public service, 

II b proper that I ghonld bete 
mention my bavin; been re- 
minded of an omission in my 
last speech, from iliia chair, 
mpecling Mr. Fraoci), a dis- 
ooalifed Student, whose con-' 
Ouotit was mj duly to repre- 
hend anaterely, whPn I }iad 
Iho hopoar of add res a ing jou 
inAngust 181B; on my return 
from the North TVcStern Pro- 

prevented by jevere ilfawia 
from sttea^ug tba Hindnstani 
examinationi, be would proba- 
bly, I learn, have stood first in 
that laaraue also. His. rapid 
and cotuiderable , pjpficieacy: 
in Fenian have aoquired for 
him a Medal of If erU, and ho 
has day as >firat«p> 
poncnt in that languaga^ 
_i — ■ — ,':."7 :■ "."~ AmoM! thaSiudantsofUieCn- 

£^. ?'Pll^„riJ S!!" »? <:<^.^«. Mr. GordJl. l.C 

bavB annoDoced Mr. Franco '„ 
baving established his qualifl-' 
calion for the public service at 
an examination held at Barellee,. 
where he proved his possessing, 
a competent knowledge of two 
Eastern languages, and thereby 
liberated himself from the fur- 
tkr operation of the interdict 
Witt which he had been visited. 
liient. Martin and Lieut. 

Eisbed as beioi first la (fc« 
St ; Mr. Venn, having QwougIL 
illness 'been incapBioitatad front 
b^K examined with , c^mpctb- 
tors m Hindualavj. , Mr, Gof 
don was admitted to Ibo CoIIega 
in Jnqe 1820, and ia rauk«d flrSt 
in Hindustani, and third in Per- 
sian. .Thetugb Stations be has • 
gained evince his medL 

Mr. Bradford is next flti.tM 
fCeneral List, He mas admitted 
in September last, Bofi. is cluied 
secondM Peisiaa, astd-seeood i« 
Hindnstani, And has boon «. 
, irardada Medal «f Merit, tb* 
..vapid. Mfld ootuidenbla pnH* ■ 
,inen$y in.. Oo Penian L«». 
, . f oafe, ^mDccwn; tUs GeB> 
..MenuaandHr. Ven the Per- . 
■ian . Proleasor. tepMtt il^ . 
' die indefaiigableaodsaccess- 
"ful iadusti7 wyoh Hessr*. 
^ "Teia 

I ,-<,::. Cookie 

lOfl CALCUTTA ANNUAL R£aiSTfi|t 1831. 

fbcir proBcietwr in PerMaq, fktl 
tvoteuai reports tliem to hAve 
read the OooUstan, the Uuwaar 
Sohjiee. the Bahari Danuh and 
Abool Fooxul. Their afteml^ 
ance at Lectures be stales to 
flave been unilbnuljr regolar, 
and coDsideti both as scholars 
at the higher order. 

LieiM. Ludlow, Otueler, 
3rasLen and Wifcox have air 
so made coDsideTaUe pro^eu 
In the Persian and Hindustani 
^agaufta. I am happy to add 
t)iat the conduct oftnese Gcib- 
ticmen has been reported to ma 
u having been correct and exi> 
mnplarj since their a dwi ssiott 
into tke ColiM^e. 
.Tha raluaUe services of th« 
Conncil of the College and its 
learned Professors and Officers 
are, as'lhej have ever been, en- 
titled to the highest approbad- 
on, and it is with unfeigned cop- 
dialilr of sentiment that I avail 
l^ielCof t}iei«oiUTence oftbls 

wld'tila*!. "^ ettemew to r«i«=»t ^w »"«r- 

■HtrXaamwui-inBli'inUta r«HD« of niy . deepest acknow 

laSaofttabev, MOO, Mdatands .ladfam>ti. 

ertbiaPoitaim'*'^*^)"' aeatlanflu of (be CoUegfl ^T 
L BeJi ramfced imoU to poH WilBlu*— I"^"'"" 

Vr. Ramilton on thecenwat tD«ary witkaae : 

liiw, and his' DOiiducthu been ^iA. tbepmotic 

tdnaUy praise-worthy. triotu persona, < 

Kr. Okeden, adnritted to the have presided •' 

lids (be tklcetbe 

adverted (other 

jhJsne words to Ae- Students jegKad- 
t on (ha ■ im,g the dutiM, and obligatioas 
studies jnpoaM On those about to qnlt 
;d much d>e , InatiGMiM, through whifHr 
tion. the; faanro bee* to catiy fubi<)<>^ 

Lieat. ed tbt impoiAeat Viwfltfqns< 
atod to These .it is true see ;*rite.a»d 
ntbey ^have.noti .boen^^pa 

impractibaUc), the. ,DsB«a^e 

Arabic sad resohillolisifto.whichliher 

Dwledge pmnt would :i<eadyif 4^H^st 
Ktpn- ■■ tbemseWea, las-i- ^: p»)|9<-- 

■peotiiic - ntnt-feutbaadifilnej'tiownrr 




fttienT and manly nind. Xthir 
iioa to them however should 
4dt he omitted in any (brmal ac- 
aderoical addreii &am your 
jAsitor. I mait not forbear 
naincalcatioaof what 1 flnnV 
tuy ht; usefiil, tlirough the set> 
4iB Apprehension that ray gt- 

S'us may he deemed sterile 
}m my reneirini; coanseli al- 
ready givFi), instead of deri- 
iAaa somefhin^ new for jonr 
tfoDsideratioi). The reflectioti ia 
fee more cogent from the peen- 
Ttarlv favorahle ctrcumstanoea 
(rf tnia jnnctnie. Hany fears 
mnd estrangement which exiat- 
«d IB fl>e minds oF the nativea 
Bcspectio; mare of late visihly 
YatiiHt "weakened. That we 
Yhooldfor a tonglime bave been 
TB^oeilwitlijealciasy, udaua- 
ijic^ttns aiumosity aa Intradera, 
'u'nel n^Hilfni;. Intntden ve 
'ftave^imqaestioiiahlyheen. Tot 
peilaptf never wu there in 
'lEiiy other treapasa of ineh a nn- 
tnreaA'eqmd want of premedi- 
Ijitldtt, nor was thete eM before 

tnor'sAGtfle cm^dderatLon bf 

cyie vliii rtv|;ewa tiie atepS l^ 
HiilCb "ll^tf B^. PoHtn haf xttai«< 
<ed ffjf stupendooa eleratian In 
ftb Mttntnr, It wfU be Obvjana 
Oal Ha fof^sljiht waa exescUad. 
'Otar qcMntlTaien Acted frcaathe 
'cWMbcT' w self' 4^eBti,ee, the * 
■ttneM^ M iiiotoedi^ tboae 
MtaM^A^tt whioh finr pnr- 
^(Mt^tHerty ubcMuieciled with 
Wriieiriearor'dOnrfnati9n had le- 
gftfauUfely tou^t,' andhndre- 
i0Mf edTrom tlie deliberate Free 
vnn elf' (MWpetevt Autfaaitiy. 
SdBdedt'fcir the dar wm tte 
«XpMlent- tbfermr^ ^and.tticy 
«illfced'%«'rsnh«. TfeE-ftraddnl 
WatiihilliDna Of tenttonc which 
MWeoeeUTrM, hidtvfcsMed 
dM^ e<t' indisponsiblerraecia- 
•Met akainsl the repelWoiluf 
•VateiMOai aUdftaddMao 

■olTered, were probably iMTer 
eontemplated as an dtne^t fof ' 
tenure beyond the existence df 
tlie sfin ImpendinK danger. F*V' 
IT any. at the time' JwroetVeil' 
that, if Oioae poSie^aiJMia wieM i 
barrier agaiBH one exiMileneed 
peril, they i^er6 on tfie'olhe'? 
Bsad Aa ^gmented ^citement 
to cupidity, HntI as surh ae'tnl' 
creased BcM fbr hostile oaRfstoo. 
When a tardy convibtion of.thK 
fact arose, we were no longer 
able to recede. Urged- 19 a sue- 
cession oT omenta tndepattdeiil' 
efonrctmtreill, we had witlh- 
out plan^otfHd^oar-MdnDatiaa 
of tertiteiy bf Mi-«ndparTBsaiiis 
nttent, Ha:dea» o£ Thcareiio 
FMmy' 4Mi:>9ramiMdfitb& har- 
rowjtuf'Wiir ftMtttcaSand'tfe 
conbdlfTlflC- <ja< ivteeoglk, 
-wtthiiia Uiora •o)d:<nieBEihMit- 
paA; iliptdnutaoam opp^- 
aed'lhAnMhcB to ihe (attempt. 
Our madtmtlon would jMft re- 

Simwtbe oebaut rf tfaalte' 
re iPowera on .aw border. 
OtiT Witu iiBlshmwBl aC-, ritfc^ndi 
trauitiU i^ovlMer adnU ia Mr 
vMw tt uoribad taflnoaikk k^t 
epMotena *aBluicfeb5:Stiinis. 
ttened bythoae mOtxnm'^mk 
w» bad ^nmdiitibd« tbfffo 
Chieftoim woald. liri^W^t^t 
otir heals, gt>aa«itl) 0» mVeat 
file appeajUice idf SMV99fm : 
And,lha in^pitfsttisn. of ^W^tw- 
bility wouUibe iin>ifTe|usti^e 
leftpiafion fit Ib^t xttj nHfare 

' a» epilation . ef whMi covM ha 

' tlla sole i^tknal tsdncquieat &t ' 
auoh a' tain eC aaorifiea, ■^-' 
yondtUawe had ptigbledmo* 

'Medori to th»iithaUlan(Sipf tho 
Dhtrictit in qiieatton aa ttNtfis^* 

.4tf ibeb' BdjaaesfMnoo^, (jor ' 
nde. Theii' a^tbmU^m, . mA 
hocn ' hmlDstt fMiftrfiar ,aad 

■ riieerfoll- Tbeyi liftdSa^gd' 

'Ibeirpml of the ovnpact ; and 
itrw«uld be b«e to iet/ni' tlMka 
Ibhew HaMerawtioiwmid, \)S ' 

- findiotive aanctty ' of f piirfmiii 

:. Cookie 


Urn vioteft &r Oar teiSBO* 
nry BdmoiriedgemeQt of onr 
flwaj. Of eouiM, the inditi- 
dulf in whoBK tile iffBi°g*"y"^ 
«( the Compwij's affairs wu. 
ttas TCfted, wen ooastnnud to 
Vdotaia fludr fauliiw; no;, not 
«idj to maintiiB h, 6atoft«aito 
uanine stiU forwkrdar pesiti* 
doM, when after reptfliDjF iranton 
attack!, the; itrove to guard a-.' 
Iptmst the re-iteiKtion of the Tii 
olenoe. The lattei proocdore 
Iteqneally >abjeoted m to iD-> 
oeued oanseB and EauiUties of 
Ag^relHOn, while it parried one 
|i*tticnlar ' baciird. Hj more 
muuediatePredecHion lawths 
peculiarly of the public cbcDid- 
staiKMs. niey eomprehended 
the peiplexitiei Id be the una' 
vtridable reault of efforta de- 
pendiDg on Ae initlgatioii of 
chance, coDSeqaeotlj aeldont 
guided by reference to any sys- 
tem. Tfaerafbn tfaey judidauft- 
ly endeavoured to connect and 
totnooldinto aliape, thoMina- 
leriali of Empire which hod 
«biefly been heaped together, 
firom accideot withont unity of 
deaini. I bave indulged my- 
wdfln tbia'detailto *faow how 
incoTrect are the notiona «d ge- 
Borally. entertained of our doun- 
Iry^a luvinf acbloved Domiwon 
if India through projects of ean- 
<^ut. .No, we are not Cou- 
qaeucs, we are lomething; far 
pioader. Tbou . dignified Pcr- 
Mna^n to whom I last adver- 
tiod' never prosecuted ameasure 
«r harbored a wiihfor the sub-, 
^gatioi of India. They stu- 
died tbpve a form and fasbtDn 
ta the stiucture of our Foner, 
Wioha^hy discouragios assault, 
andaotby imposing an odious 
tbraldoin. viicfal produce a Qui- 
et M diatuHtly beneficial for the 
3iaUve'StatM,w it was desira,- 
Ue fJactte adranta^ of onr own 
eoMtia*. I repeat that tho.. 
pn-gtainctit AAtfaority which we 
M^ojF i« apt IW &ni of. uabi-^ 

Afected the estabUshraent i.. 
parantountsbip, tbou^ it 
necessarily the Subudiaqr 
Mean thro' which those NatiTtf 
States who witbed to admit oat 
influence were enabled to sur^ 
mount the obitaeles that ehecfc- 
ed Uieir inclination. On wliat 
(bundation then does our luproi 
macyrestT On that opinion o( 
tbe British Character which in- 
duced the aeveisl States now 
leagued imder us to place im^' 
plicit reliance on our OooA 
Faith, our Justice, and oqr H»- 
norable Purpose of fostoinr 
their Interests. I have statea 
it on former occasioni, but I re- 
peat it now with augmcaited 
Cf and triumph ; ttevei be^ 
was there so glorious a te%. 
dmony borne to the Piioc^c* 
of a People. Wliat dues Hu~' 
tary tecurd that could be an, 
equally pure subject of National. ' 
Piide! Britishswayin Tndia is, 
upheld by the rordial concur-, 
renoe and active miui^try of tho; 
Indian Population. CoDtraA. 
this with what you luxnr to hav^, 
been tlie tone of Roiaan Rda^' 
tiona towards BUl)dued wintU. 
midated Communities.' YonweU 
rerocmbec a desoiiptiou giveniQ.. 
a single phrase by a Roman A». 
tbor which is the anplest exp»v. 
sitinn of bis Country's conduC, 
in that'respect: For tbo'heputai. 
the charge into the raoath of ati, 
enemy, it could not baTo bMK' 
BO advanced but for an inuontesi 
table verisimilitude, " UIri aoK*. 
tudimea fadunt, ptcem ^pd*: 
.lant." Where have we roarM 
the Olivebraach IbatHuUitvdea. 
have not flotdted and reaewsd 
their suspended ladHstrr wilk 
all Lbe glow of sonsdoHs Seen, 
rityl Han doei aot flee froi^ 
oar Rule. . He seeks it at th» 
espenoe of breaking (hro* all ' 
the bai^ts and prepoaseBaioiv . 
which attach lum to his Natir*. 
Spot. Tho Magiatntfi <tf B»., 



Fniictionariei, aadi««tftel >»i 
volted at the tiiottgtit of iliMp* 
pointiiis tkeir expsalalions. A» 
boot to be Iftunckfld inUi tit* 
public sorvico, sat out wiUtasp 
ceitaiouig to rotu owa oiindB 
the teaor of amidaot damaalM 
fronaj-oo. WercjpunoJjrtaFB* 
GoUeot your being poitiaipatoim 
L bare stated «■ poticsied by 
our country, yon would (ImI it 
nnmiitfay to enjoy jour alnoKia 
■Istb, BiDch more to doftoght 
that might taint inyonraigh'ess* 
foir a fame, Bnt you an to net 
under a Htricter band than Ihaf 
of attention to your own Cradit. 
Yon will have reposed i« jon 
the Mwred trust of maJotainisK 
pore tita miiTakd Renown of 
yonr native land. It is not 1^ 
correctneas inyour own tf anntot 
tions alono that ttiis duly is to 
be fulfidlcd. Each of you, re^ 
uopiizin^ this oDfiagflmeiit ag 
superior to every other tie, mnst; 

was an addition of sbote Two 
Thousand Two Hundred and 
SevCTtj Houses to that City, 
In one Diatrict which the rava- 
ges of Predatory Bdnde had 
caused to be left wholly uncaU 
tivated; and which indeed had 

Md me Aathesawat some of 
AesmaUTowns tlie people bu- 
sied in lerelling the fortiScations 
which had, pMhaps for i^enera- 
tions, been the ^irotention of the 

Elace. On agkinf; tbe mottTe, 
B was answered that tliey 
Aould now wnnt space forfts 
CKpeclsd increase of Inbabi- 
tantSi beside whinh the place 
would be more healthy, from the' 
free current of Air, and Ram-' 
parts were no longer necessary 
fyr Ihdr Security, since they 
bad come nuder ttie British Oo- 
Ternment. I hare chosen diese 
Inttanees from parts of the 
Conntry widely separated. Tb9 
faols sinrly are not Very ma- 
terial; bnt when taken ns 
samples of ao Aggregate, 
th^ hratsh matter of heart- 
felt reflection. To you, younjc 
Hen, whom I hanthe honor of 
addresiinip, they will nfford an 
MeAd hint how mndt the com- 
feHs of *aat namher^ of yonr 
fsObw Crtatares depend on the 
Tigilaift supeiiirtendence exer- 
eised by the tadtrtdualH placed 
Ik MSi^al stntfon among them. 
"Xou eannol I am oontldent, be 
saaeible of the flattcriirir reli- 
noe wbiebTeur Kati*« fellow- 

laxity which be ahall peieuTo 
respectinj; it in othen. ABpe« 
oifio pledge of Honor must bit 
understood aa redprocally exa 
iatinR amonK all the serranta oC 
the Honorable Company forthei 
homane, the upright, the eneige* 
tic dischar^ of their sarerot 
functions; so that he who maj- 
be found failing' stunild be deeoK* 
ed to have broken bis word t9i 
his Comrade, and to hare for- 
feiled every pretension to foiM 
bearauce. A want of dofloitibn' 
as to what is ine«mb«nt on yoo: 
will bo no excuse for neglect. 
The obli^atiooB are indeed mul- 
tifarious. The possible calls oa 
your justice, your sagaoity, yoa» 
finnnesB,your exertion, your pa>. 
tience, and yonr kindness, might 
be impractiaablD to eaamerste.v . 
But every man onj^t to have «. 
short summary of what b«eoaiea> 
him. When appeals for fMT' 
interveatioD ooow, it will be' 
MttilwtitMWlk «f jw lay Iv 

:, Cookie 


VmuSt, "TbAladfgnatnqnlres 
'^a suBfaiidif); band, tiio Dis- 
*"trMsed reriwres soothtag, the 
•P(?ip!eiced yftiuirtw c'minsel, 
", Oie Oppre^lefl Tcqqirca coun- 
••icnnnte, the Jnjnied requires 
•" redress : rtey wlio present 
'tltdmsett^ to me tn these 
* ■f-rdieamenlS arettyFcUtrw 
^Men: AmdTdn vBrfimi.*' 

' 'IJie Mtowiai'ejrtnict of a !et- 
Kr from a Cotre spend enl ftt 
CaimpOTe, fliralsties a statement 
«f Ihe'faialconseqneiiees Ibat 
ftore reunited IVom As extreme 
heat of the weather at Qiat stall- 
On, to which we'barc al^eadj 
■nntled:— ■ 

^''Cattntpore, Jvtg7,t^\. Ihi- 
Aag the lait montli the heiit at 
ftis station htks been intolerable, 
And the sickness has been proi 
Sort! on ably 'great. A fewoaja 
fence a casnalty of a "rerj extra- 
CrcUnary nnture took place-— 
twelve hackery loads of ^aln 
fiart been driven Into tlio Market 
from n viltnge at some distance, 
and, strange to relate, within a 
(horc time after thetr arrival, 
the whole of their twelvedrivers 
saddcniy died.* The Cholera 
Borbus' has Tisited as, bat itl 

wkneaf u-toth*iaK 

portaM- fact «f wtaHMT ttwr but 
MWaanj of Aa gni» inqatftiaO. 
VWttayjnine fManaoMdUiaNa 

ii .WtfBri 1)MMM it U pnteble, 
Bfy, iint9tt aerUia, 1biit.UM<f naut 

tavedonejo. Could ■ cerum per- 

pTopriely I 

l*r«f t hyp«« W» ^ww." TBwTt is 

%«Ut I«(n«»y ~"""" ' " '"' 


.t «?c' 

■ .;;«»•/ J» 

ravacei hxn been ictieHj na^ 
finedto the nativei. Some caa^_ 
however, hare oecarred xmonr 
Ae BaropeaDS, — ei^t mea <rf 
B. M.8th Draxoons, and [bar 
men of H. M. 94th BeaimenL 
have been carried off by It, 

The disease, however, wld(# 
boa been t>ur actrargc in Aa 
month nf Jnne, ti Kpt^exf. h^ 
most cases ibt tmforaifate {»• 
Heat has died withfa a ft w Itoar* 
after he was attacked ; Mine, i 
tmderstand, on their raid to At 
Hospital, and one pOTt'fdkiW 
while the SnrgeOnwaapreflOtflH 
in^fbrhim, w^iora toUlM 
tog sent there' t 

The death* in Ihfl MSBm 
detachBont (thnee Compauma 
during tlii& iatal '»""'''. aie lu^ 
to have been •eventeuu *■ tit* 
8th Dragooot, twen^ ; md lij^ 
H. M. 24th Ke^ent, tbljli-. 
The attODtioA ot the ' Med»»I 
Officers oould not have been eK> 

Seeded — the e&eilions of aQ aor 
lorities have been slrcnuouil|- 
pat forth--iiothinK has been 
Qmitted which coold add to ih^ 
oomforts, dimintsk Iha lickness, 
apd pieaCETB the lives of our 
poor soldiers — but all these n* 
ipted 1 abonn havebmn trultlqsa. 
Thne Is no OMitendinB with awr 
cess against the Mlinale m 
Cawopore in the month of Jun^ 
One foot lecarduic tliis toot- 
taljty amqog the. Enrop cans U 
cuiiona, anJd dfservci ta, 1)* 
meDtioiied ;-^iiot only tJta taax- 
UiHy but t)te siokncsB even has 
been almoit exckifive^ coafia' 
ed to the Soldicu, ^it bo object- 
ed, that thU moat Kiult from 
their own. iopraduit excesf e;^ 
w front cxpotarei, and aot-tfoio^ 
the cUroMe of Cawapore, — why 
iImii, I sDuver, has not similar 
peatUenca preyailed at oll)& 
•UUons— Betfaunpofe, GhaztWf 
Ktra, or Mofnit, (or jjutanof^ 
?he habits of Ufe of ow Soidi^ 
afo the nne all aver iBdia-*!^ 
fame pi^antiont an emy 

,Nz<,i:.., Google 


yon of tiAix heftltb— and why, 
ttoi, if not froia climate, bava 
^MeJJBiledin thelt ptyeotoiiiti*' 
^ Ciwoporo ! 

. Xhe rm> tuTS b«ra loiu; ud 
iiuioaBly looked for, anal re- 
jqicD to say tbey have n^w made 
t&ttt appeanooa- They letiii 
taro daif s ag«, and have coutl- 
Biiedimhinufomi moderation 
fine*; There has been but ve. 
{y iittle tliaader and Ushtning, 
Vid.aoftreely any viad— indica- 
tiuw,waa^pTeiiUDe,ofa etea- 
tf and plenliful fall of rain. It 
hiabenoped tliatweshaU not 
M disappointed in this expec- 
tation, ioi a recurrence of the 
ithilJtatinC weatber, under 
Wnch we have lately labored, 
«hd daring which the eligfatest 
bodily sxertion teemed exces- 
idvefatixae. would certainly b^ 
tnEtremely Astreiiiag. 
~ ' A stonn of wind occorred two 
a^a before the aettiaf; in of the 
nJns, which waa violent for a 
abtxt time, and injnred more or 
ttsseverr tbatcbed roof at the 
place. The damage, however, 
ba no where been eoniidemblfr; 

■'-' Oor ireWaril «« generdly a- 
Mkre of the'dtaturliances, which 
tto^l^e'lafely in a part of the 
^ten&ocnn-eetintry, and to co»- 
jM>te wUdr the otMrations of a 
Suftry- force vere Ite a short 
Sb.A foon'd necessary. We bad 
Vtoie Att) tM informaUan on thia 
SlMeoiV'fr'wfct *o our rea- 
"(Jwli^bBt W6 have Iweh ddap- 
^K^d At accident in sMoeea- 
1^ anfl i& dthet^ the antleipa- 
<teH mtejiients have i»t yet 
-iBSched Off.' We are rt»le, fioW- 
evftr. at pTrtent to gWe a brttf 
Wcoant of thff tnrSBleM racte, 
^oBc onffBges ulbiMteAAem 
J((' punishment, obta&eiHVoM' a* 
sflcerwliowaaeiilpioyAtl on Hie 
femice aljnded to. ' ' ■ 
-jbB Lorkaeotes irb SMd-'M 

ootutrv for about a ccntarjr, <. 
4og w&iob time, ai tbidr wun* 
beianave increased, tbey hava 
been esmoacbiDg «ii tlwic neigbi 
bouii, and have extended ttteia 
qy stem of dcjiredation with tlieia 
tenitoriea. The axact ^laoa 
born, whence tlxty «ame u not 
known, biit they are cDnBidejted 
to be a wandering tiibe from 
the Westward. . .The religioK 
that ttu^ {HoTesa is not aaeei- 
tjuned, bnt they have no Mn^ 
hommedan oi Hindoo scropfe^ 
with regard to food, as they ^ax 
that tbey arc .ot the same cast 
with (Sabeb log) the £ngli9h4 
and eat every thing, except ele-, 

?hanta, horses dogs and cats, 
heir territories, a part of 
Slnghboom, abonnd with vin»i 
CM, some of tbem large — Iha 
Eoiues of which are eotirely 
Vuilt of wood, and kept very 
neat and dean. They yoBsesi 
cattle, sheep, goals, pigi an4 
{toullry in great abundance, and 
tbeir field! display the froits of 
considerable aViliandioduitry 
In agriculture. The countiy Is 
s 6ne valley between two riuir 
ges of hills,, and ii watered hi 
the rivers Rbro and Kurkje witn 
«ithera of less size, ^ery vil- 
lage bns . its buning ground, 
where the ashes of the dead (as 
they . burn all theic bodies) to* 
interedftokd atones of consider- 
ahle BWgaitade, formed . of 4 

rnet of. skcU, are planed 04 
graves, estlier flat or upiigM 
awn tbelr ends; Hie eouiutf 
i»w(>ll wooded',' hVving^ttUli* 
fid tofies ef tree? scAttKred- W 
«very direction and pHscnUtig 
very fntef^ttog views In mai^ 
places, , I, , „,.. 

Tbepeople are an active,' tq- 
bust, aiulvcry|boldrac«rfond pf 
iodapendeaoe, but ^ 
aennbarbaroaw tnhes to inline 
in violence and outra^ , Tbur 
sear noeletbeB, exeejlt • said 
«ov«niig Ja Ihaparta Cur afhioh 


CALCOTlPA ASSftSA ItE^Rflffiit tOti. 

delink ^Pftiirrfbcs eom^mhni, 
■ad they are well exercised in 
fte' tfM of the ireltrinm, wiifcli 
ftey etnpltiy -for atlarfc or de-; 
ItlMe. 111636 are chiefly bows 
■Bd arrpws, aod bRiile axes, 
«alle9 limi/eei. The tatigees ue 
#f « Tery convenient size Tot 
mtt, todhavc thdrlicadsofra-' 
jrimis aliapn, some wttfr tbe 
«*!ge of a convex and ofliets of 
■ conc*ve shape. Tfie former 
tfe moat esteemed andcotisi- 
Ared, ' most eClicIent. \ And tbd. 
powerful ann of a Liirtacole, 
aocttatouiet) to band I e hisirea- 
pBt», renders It' sofonuidnbte,, 
tbat fliey hare beeoknowo to 
«*ttbe heads ofhbrs^s olT, each ! 
with B single blow. Their boif 9 
^ttt of bamboo, and their bow- 
ttitagA are also fabricated frOm 
tbe same material, so tbat tliej 
■re ne»er aJTected by the mois-. 
tare of tbe atmosphere. Souh 
as we have seeti are nide ia 
their co»sirnction, but thcj ap- , 
{ksar weB calcidiited for iheir 
purpose, and evidently require 
a eossMenible exertion nfmos- 
enlar atrengtk fortbeir proper; 
jnaifOKeHtent. TVir arrows are 
of van6tiS Stees and shapes, ac- ' 
cording to the diatance at which 
tfaey pre to be used. Such as 
are framed for distant ex ecntl- 
on hare natf^shapciT iran beads, 
topdrfiig; to a point and angalar 
but notheibed. 

Those bitnidedfor «IoSe qnar^ ' 
tera, are larger and bf differeot 
•izei,wttli'he«dSAinirDrmly bar- ' 
bed Riid eapaMe b^ intlicling 
very sevens woonds. The for-' 
Bier wUt strike their ffiarVs at' 
«W yard* diaiawcfe— tha }!rtlcr ' 
areaied wifhfn 20 6i"30 var^g 
«f tha object. The shafts krti- 
all of bamboo. Hfeh't nhd,*len- ' 
der; only th6se*fih;h hilTtbar-' 
bed heads brfnfi fHrMsljed with ' 
fealheM, crrf I nrlLei^ short. Id ' 
direct (heir ffighl. f*<}BC of thfe 
heads Itave been tfftcoTJr'ed to'' 
he p«i»««d> ■ - * ■ . 

"The tiiAiilBnce (if tfes. 
pie bas'^een for somelitae^ 
slderahle, iaA its effects | 
sfrurtk greattrttor'infd ,' 
ocighboors, who AUd Am 
fcTi tbeiflselves leotee'r^ 
flieir \ioleKcri. ■ It %a^' w 
practice to mnr<ter stft^H 
ibnnd williin diftf.wftop^ 
wd ontra^-FS or tUS KJIiif Wem 
BO frequent a&u ib. no.ttfiiinu^ 
that it became ntiesi^ry ^; 
Cknernmenl tosend. Aibtqjii^ 
gainst them, for (he purpose 'oT 
"'":kinK such cnonullies, b"*' 
n alteration in; Oi , __ 
Thcibrcc df^ed 
for tliesei'ice wSs large enpiij;^'. 
to render opposition bopelesa,.' 
aiid wisely caJGi' acc^m-'' 
pGsl) its objectwlUi tFLe'stpotrj! 
est attention to bomanily, xKe '. 
Iiorkacoles, howcTer, resisted^ 
all tenders of aoooouaodai^oo, . 
aad were desperate in ^et^.qp- 
pbsilion, until their .atoies^r^^ 

Crovisiotu began tb Tall into Ilia 
ands of the troops, "aiid Mea- 
sures we^e adopted .tb'j^ew;^ 
that farther warfare co^d qplj' 
bdQK utter 'deslructioi^^fpat^ - 
villages fnd posiesaioas, Tbtj" 
were attached. oi\. 'fill sidaabj.^ 
detachments .from the', SoAr^ 
Guard, Ibe 13th K;I;tke^; 
Rangers, Ramg^ur Bafi^fili^g^ 
and CutlackXegioa, amonnttnK' 

the CO ■, 


cd, ai l- 

up St 

ed,; Ih 

life' aj 



$gtmm t^ poor feUowi, who 
tefnxd to vield, oreo nrbea ift- 
filN wotudfl left tliem but Hide 
p4Nrcr ofanDOyanoe, Some'tft- 
fvftta were discovered andei 
Himd, froD} wbiclt parties of 
•^ua and cluldrea were on- 

AA«i nrittancewu leento 
be nnBratUog 'ai Ihe ba^iuro 
«r man; granarie> hkd iwal-' 
linked Op tkc meaol of ftitura 
fUbpistenee, lbs natives sub- 
inittsdi .luid eoaaag' inta the 
Bunpi in coiii;)U;iuuc Willi iiivf- 
toiioni which tbuy lind at'Bist 
■purnod, fhey a<:(iiue3ce<I In the 
tenns proposed fur the re^%- 
tlvn or theii fiiiuro behnvtnur, 
twearinf) accordioR to tholr 
custom, m iht tigei'i mHia to 
«bidc liiitliruU; by their agree- 
aieiu. JWrf. 

' Our Oazetle of tLe 7Ili of 
Jowe ooataiiied a iliort tribute 
to the charaater of the laie 
Uenienant Culonel George 
GBckMiii Faeiu; but thia vu 
ha too bricfto be adequate to 
W'^tinffnlihe^ merits. The 
CWeral Otder, therein quoted, 
iHoA'^ tjae Sa'preme Oovern- 
Sfi\ ia Ueatenant Colonel 
PSkn^i leliiKiuistim^lnt of the 
9000 or.Adjulant Oaaeral of 
Sie Itatig^ Army, wlilcli must 
be adnSlCedby all to have betn, 
diiti^f the whale period which 
Be fln«d it. the nojt laborious, 
amlom, tad aetive depait- 
inent in his S err ice .—certainly 
4aKi|;iHi his pubHo conduct, 
iM prtidudes the aeeeisit; of 
any particular advertence to 
hat period of bis pablio life ; 
but tlierA are earlier services 
srUiih' were rendered by hjm to 
the Gavernment, aad wliich re- 
Mired to be adrerted to, if oiw 
\j Ut the pnrpoie of proving 
nntufb (bis example, that ta- 
lantii' kWI detotedaest to the 
•nfi«, wke3 diKcttd u lUs 

'tereit. most eventiliUlv ook^ 
mand success ia public Ufe, mod 
secutc disiinction in the com* 
tneudatioa of tiiosc whose pnisa 
is boDOr. 

The lubjeot of this Uemoii^ 
soon after his sirrival in tb» 
GODutry ia 179S. tendered Ua 
■er>iues89 aVoluoteer to th* 
Curouiandd CoasI^Aod served 
during the whole <il the lljsor* 
War of 1790, ia oonunand «f-« 
Grenadier Cumpaoj'. At tbf 
close of that memurable Wai, 
be lost bis lell «im, iaoadeai> 
vouring to lender a Tohutaiy 
perstmal service, wliich procure 
ed him, at the tuomeat, tho- 
bouoarable uoUce, and, lubia- 
quently, (be substantial favu 
of the Governor GeuetfJ^ Aas- 
qals Welleitey, in bis appoIaU 
aicnt, as Assistaat Seoretar; M 
the Military Board U 1S09; till 
which time, he contiaued U do 
duly witlt liis Corps. Ia that - 
■itaatiou Lis lervices war* - 
highly spprovcd. In every ba- 
arficial airangement oooaected 
with the equipmeol, the sapplf, 
the S'lbiisteufe, the aioieakeat, 
and liie K'^<vil eiUnieiioy of th» 
Army, be fiarticipaied muek - 
tnOre thitu bis os^nsibie aUua- : 
tic ii required, and he received 
more tbau once the writlen Wr- ' 
kqriwiodgeiueiits of (he PoJUitt 
OBicf rs wbo bore iho , laigeat 
rtid luoit resjioaiible sharela 
those arraugemeajts, as weUaa ' 
in the luburiuui revi^oa of tha ' 
whole of the MititanEstablUli* • 
meals uikter this rrasitleiKj.''- 
which took place dariagijord ' 
Wcilluslcy's adminiamiioa. Ia 
Jane leoG, the adilitional si(aa< 
tlouaf Secretary to the Board 
of Supf rihtoodence for Imptu^ 
iufc the Breed ofCaialry Uorses 
was coufcrrcd on bin, aod la 
tbis situatioD^ though tb^ A<^.. 
titisa of that BktabKshmaRt bad . 
beea detrrmiaed ujt by Sit O. 
Barlow, soon lifter be b 



fMtfng thb ItDfttit^^' of «• 
Houurable Court*! to- tba Ar>> 
n;, the Oof eroment isibeiE 
tiie foUowlDg Bcmeai Or- 
^ra, (dnted Be);Kcnil>cr tip 
1814,) «mpr«iM»er of tbdc 
iatljfftctloa at ih* exwptioo.; 
tkus m«<)i) by tbn. Has»iiil>lc> 
Cniirt ia Ikrwr af UeuC CoU 

" Hii Bxaellenoy tb»HMi. 
Ute Vies PRrideut in Covncif 

trao; the RiBttt HonMabl* ttifl 
OowAidrOeDeral and Connao' 
der in Chief ha* derived and 
taprdsfed on (Aterrii^ tbaC 
tkt Hoaonble the Court of Di' 

fin the oiDce of Adjntntt 0»a^ 
TBlbf the Bcagal Army, bmi 
beeA pleuod ta oxeapt fiovi 
the «peratl«Q of that rme tha 
rtrj tueritoriow offlcer who 
BOW hold* tliat ftrdaotu and 
important altaatiaD. It is trus 
fiaditBM b«eii«»pKisdjd«- 
dued bj the Honorable Court, 
Aalthe order was not to ad'ect 
ihe appointment -of Uenl. Col, 
Fagan, Its toope woial4 /lo^ 
have aecessarilj deprived ibf 
GevenuacDt and the (Comman- 
der U Chief, of that officer'^ 
highly valuable aervioM, siaco 
Bis promotioii . to the rank of _ 




a»«HbiUo to liknjL CoL FanoA^ tennbi»tlon ^f.tkfM- «ui^XLeai 

idiAraoter. the Vice President Col. Fa^wiwna ctwipikledtp 

Si. ^ =' ' '"• witliilraw froin Uielabonnar 

id* affic«, nwl to soli^t leave ^ 
proceed ta tlie..C*pe.Df.Go(^ 
Hapfi fortbere-eatabUibmentaT 
Ihb bf altti, which wu aerionslf 

itt Goaneil, in eoncoiTeactf wiUt 
tbe Governor General uti CoiOr 
naoder in CUet CKDnot deent 
biiiweir«xeiued fioin disctmifh 
wg, what ke thiaks an act of 
jtutie«4othMaAeer** lepctati- 
M), by vxpreasnc Us bUli i>pt* 
nfon or Lieut Go), jrasu'l 
patrtfcobv qnaKfleaiioni fet «<• 
•catto)? the offloe, •!>(;-, and by 
rfedariDg tati own personal gr^ 
tifioation in the power to atail 
bimseir of Lieut. Col. T%fUi'» 
taleats and indefaliKa^le aui- 
auUj." . . 

DnrfMg tbo late aTdBOjBl 

impaired by aasiduAus and i^ 
Arfatigable application toba- 
>aincss- Perouasion w»p ao- 
«otdin|[Ir and immediata^ 
.granted, and Mime announce^ 
•lo bitn in tbe fnUowioK letter 
.<dated Dec. 29, 1915,) from U» 
.SeoKlarj toGoTerBmentin tl^ 
-Militarji Depattment. 
: " Sia<--1 am directedbf bia 
■Bxaoltewsy the Kigbt Honora- 

etMteat witb the State of Nof lUa the GoveTnoi Geite'falUi 

paul, Uent Col. 6corfc« Fmm Council to adtnowledge the r«- 

wa* to the fleld with tbv Mar' .eetptof ]"■" letur, (No. SO, 

^m -of KastiafT*. bparins <b* .A,>dated the 24tb instant, with 

fTinoipalabareinaUtbedetaiU -tbe Medical f^ertiGcate wbi^ 

and arrangementa connacted .-accompanipd it, and to ac^ooif t 

withtbe amy eogaccd intliat you, Uiat permisi ion will ba 

DiDmoraMB wui an^ burMU^ 'gnantad tojOfi i^^ Qenetal cy- 

tic«s were dnly appteciated i^ersoftbis dat«, to oiBkea 

and aoknowted^d by Ux 0«> Toyage:t» *ea i^cjr tb^ lecoTegr 

▼erniaentlB tlieiiGe«iVal Of- .p(jr«Aib«imii fud tpfiei{bse^t 

4«r» «f tbeaotk Hacqh lail^ .mi tb«t«ooiHiat7o^t«n.nontIi^, 

AaiHMuiaing the triampbajM .tm AmiawK ^e ^rescvib^ 

eloseortlintvai,a>'tb«foU«f|- CertiftDMia . froi^ lua Paiy De- 

i^ r«lMl*V extract iront tfeOV pattMcat Jb< inak>M this com- 

OrdeiV wlUlndicate:~ .mnniNtioB, 1 am ^ected )• 

"Thete aeknowledsene&tr .-aigniry to.yon the svicere ie> 

vnght not to be doted vitbant net of ^ QaveTiiar Generpl 

•n Bdrertenee to tbeolninMt.qf :jn &nin«l) (bat ill-health ap- 

tbose wbo, theoKh not actual^ onw^oned atteo- 

•erridc witli tha divisions en* -ban to the dafiesof tbelaboii- 

vtoved, during the two.Cois- , «ub and.iDpoftant Department 

yB'g"*; essentially ^Mnioted of which yon sfce thi ' ' 

Hie success of the pnbUc efortt. 
VaUtat. Co\. Fagan. and tliB 
oflieers nader bun, in.the Adju- 
«Lnt Qeneral's DtqtartmcDt. op 
Vlunn In the execution :of the 
Conmander in Chief's orders, 
3e\-blved Ibe prmoipa) labor of 
detaO'lB the preparadon of the 
Jcooiia for the Held, and in di»- 
ny snbieqiKat pionsioas, the 
bbligatlons of GoTunaent are 
.«nfSgitedIy felt" 

Afewmoatfaa ptecediagthe 

. steidd for ti season deprive tha 
Go*eRinieDt of the benefit of 
yonr valnabla services; aodto 
express tbe anxions hope of 
bis Lordship in Connciftbat 
. t«nporai7. oesession bom your 
pnbiio amentiions and change 
. of elinata nay effectnally res- 
' tore Ton tv Ibe iei»o]nnent of 
' At Ibe Cipe «f Good "Rope 
. Lieut. Co), Fagaa ronained s 
twelve month witbont aoj i^fi- 


:,, Google 

H4, CALCt^TA ANNUAL-'l^i^f^ lesi. 

<ia','iiiien^m>iit 'in Us tekntT,, 
txti Us immediate retrrn to 
Xngtui'd was in conieQuence 

Jeemed advfseable. Ho ac- 
orAiagly embarke'd fur tfint. 
eolfniry in November 1818, and 
thereby deflnitivrly vacated tba 
ttleli tiffice ivbich he had so 
Ions filled, not only by the ac-' 
Imowledgeioentof the Sopremff 
6oveniineii1, but bj that of tba 

Siitbhc, #tth transcendent abill- 
J, knd~%~2eBl and Bn ardour 
wUchluiW no bpunds,. He re- 
tarUea Rgala to India at tho 
«nd of the year 1820, and after 
• sbort period of a few moifths 
closed till mortal career on tb'e 
S5lb May 1S21, U the ase of 

" SaCh a tiharacter, tho yonns 

officer aspitibg to distinction, 

luay justly talce to himself as 

trifodel: while bis numeroirs 

'relatives, and lViends,'[and it 

^Waahisfortudatelot to number 

'Binong the latter, many of the 

~|noit eininent and faoaor;iMe 

'members oX the serrico) cannot 

'but derive coasolation from the 

teflectioa, soiootbioK toreaso- 

nable minds, that Iboagh cut off 

: in theptime of life, he had lir- 

'«d anfficienlly long for his own 

honor aadrepuUtiOD, and to 

seebti public life held ap, as 

«n example, and an Incitement 

. to the anny- To a hiehly culH- 

^vated Dnderstanc^ing, innule 

-loveof Atudy and meditation, 

! hmbitoated 

2 idgoment )n- 

ntiuenced by 

py talent of 

uid express 

'i withtbe Bl' 

' r, —7 qualities 

ly Rtted him 

ment, IJeut. 

n. joined the 

.more impbr^asl and endtarii^; 

TiTtoes of a moral and religi- 

ieus character,— 111 s dispdaitioit 

/waa.jTCntle aaJ l^inane, and 

-.UfouumcradiguUied, kind, awl 

band, a fbnd parHit, snd affro; 
donate brother, fi flrtn'arld dli'* 
cere fHead, ind an indulgent 
m uta. To hia Crea^ he nam 
the constant and ardent trlDuli' 
of 4eTMI<»«nd-r«««nKm, rod 
the whole tenwofUa life shew- 
ed tkat s senne of piety wujA( 
wa>3 nearest hts tmrt,- 
' Sitrh was Ihe'Rfte CliearC*!. 
G. H. Fagan, as'to'Dfflcer, and 
as a nian'. by the (aleRtswith 
which he was' ebduwed, and 
the jadirlous ue he usdti of 
thf.m, he not only samiTed-V 
laiting reputation, bnt render- 
ed' fairaself bi^ly bMcfieiiil ta 
ttepnbRe; )K fits vtrtuea beMa, 
Isstingtr ondeared Ma titmotf 
to his family and IVieadi. tfM 
become prepu^d i<>r that hap- 
py iranortality promWd ttl 
the truly fOuA and Airtaeiub 
His remains, attwded by * 
latn potiittn oftbe HQtiotj^f 
Cuentla. «ad including tli« 
Civil aud Hilitar; offioera.wbv 
had for years wilaeued bis us* 
.rivatlerfaftiliiiei i««a««v-.w«r« 
entombed Id Iheismc vault wilk 
-those of K beloved t^tcc t and 
OB Ua HMnuaenlsI Toblet is i» 
taa memory, in the l>cltpgs aod 
aentimcata of which, notcnlj 
bis tHeniisi bnt the Intlloa cen^ 
mnait} will particip»te: . 



Grnerai of tht Army, 

He poitesM'il In in ciiTlnvfiit de^rtft 

tiic qanlitiet which romnitad 

fiCipect, and imore Sotf. ' ' 

eeiBin PsMie Ufti; ' 

IcAeilble in prlncipte, ■',' 

Btaai^ in Hue object of hiabOM). 

nbbt fuTHlu, ■ - * 

tts Dav*Tiii| I 

With seal vbidi. kuw bo Woiif 


jase-^i<.oeoviWEHcw> • 


domed ) 


tir nttTATl tan. 

At * ryicB^tBratlier, TaAa tuS 

■ ''HAbMd, 
' IbilI«Meb-i»t«iloaibahu 

■ ' liiftr Hum 
m* *IB Ions ^Mp **" !>'* *">* 
vz ir*« RoiHMXD AMD ton»- 

M, JmI^ 4, ISSt.— Wa 
V«a (hit jrrar a desrev of heat 
na'ekpwtcr.ttisiaMt, ibaD.u) 
U)y DreecdbiK v«ar. Tberuu, 
vUoD eoBmoaljr oonuneoce *• 
bout 4>c bepniUDg of Juso, u« 
Mt jet icpiluly Mt in. 
- Gknttpen, Jvtg 8.— Lc«W9 
IhuntUa Sution of tUi dalfl, 
■tvntioa that the Rainj Scuon, 
■etla there on the lit itutitnt, 
•■d that alOioaeb few ibowerii 
kadfaUea,the weatfaerbad be- 
•ome nuMinaMj cool. Thoweji- 
tker bftd nmioiutf been ex- 
teesiTelr hot; bat i»pf^ no 
■UcrlRl CMualdea «eeurred hi 
eamMqReBoe.Freaatfie let to the 
4tb inM«Bt the nln feU Id k rest 
^uatMei vm Um birtber >ue ef 
iberiT«r; otheriinuteTt in ike 
Bcigbbonrbood of tte Station 
were StlU in wUtt of moiunre. 
Tbii had prodvced great eom- 
ptaiate amon; the Rrots and ap- 
prehenaiona ot k dearth. The 
MQkneM amoDf the Natives had 
Gouiderablj abatcdf and the Eu- 
TOpeima odnliniud to etijof Bit- 

CaK7tpor<.— A Correipondent 
from CawRpore iaforma lu, that 
the Kaina had aet in at Aftt Stn- 
ti«n abovt the hegiDnutg of the 
pteaent nonth, nuiDk to the sa- 
4WaotiDn and emifbrt of 4hB ra- 
Mdenta, wfco bad inbred dread- 
Uij frm the beat of 'the veit- 
' nat, wUeh man; of the Nativea 
I^Sim (o.bxra been more int«|ii« 

fld»MHi» tlwqtiBilbaeatotiwm 
for a period of tWent;.yeara« , 

£«Aotv-— Runlet ^Bjth-liai 
tt leagth knooked -Aa-tbe heal 
all the petty fiajaht frTm. La* 
bnre to Caahmere-i-hbd tollllii^ 
Hahajont and Sahooa, that ttn^ 
toss nov assure iherosekea n 
ennre safety to Ibeir Caiavaoaii 
He is forliCfJDg Ltihnre. toAa, 
as he sa;s, pieiJ«red/oTeilbc( 

He had some timA' RfO, aa 
Bmbiusy ttoai the Qhoorbda^ 
end Was so juucb pleaded with 
the appi'v Knee oflbd tnea w.u* 
escorted the W<dc6el,.ibat he 
bes^d they ' uii^ht be mrnejl 
over to his Bat'^'oi* : ^od he 
funlicr ranaesteil, that men of 
a milar '^poanmco mi^^ht bt 
seut to Iiira from Nevauli Tbp 
elder K.mur (Kark Sia^} to (Q 
tbe h!:a<f Qf an. Arnu^ jntendeA 
to roarrh npftli (He i!Mtric;s oo- 
.cupiPilby tbe Arghni^Chirf.Rfi^ 
homed 'A^t^to K lan. Ttunjeet 
loulu witK ii» nn'iniet ejo ■ ti>- 
wards Itinloisfsn; the l^Bft 
movemeiit ranJi) by. the Coin- 
tnissarirsof Ordn^.ce.attlELnil 
'or LoodiaoBb, givci Irtm aslif^t 

BSi>;wu7,-iS6me' *daya ato, 
the yuunft NuwRnb ^t tiDder 
i roj al HRluti-, clothed ja a Khtl- 
}iMt of Invratiltfre from the Qo- 
pernor Oeiier,Bl ; on -wbich op- 
casion t|e prciieD^eit a Ntisair pf 
I05.UoJdM')liurs,.Umj nckoow- 

ledgiuer the Gqveinur" General 
to be the Moi^Dl, The betrab- 
ny Is tiQ (louht a Veiy cnmforta- 
ble thinij, but the ^ozcer-ool. 
Mootliicfe'are mot-e hriinaiit, luld 
are ngw quinrly- nift^ini !»« 
JTm CanopIi)jJChBh:oi'aiiXHt^:of 
Fdaces. i'""'f -i 

JeMtoiw.— Shat Shypjs-Kw]- 
Mooni, ansaccMjfal in w» at- 
tempt at remounting: the thi^oite 
Ofhis ancestors; tiRi Fontft'a- 
crass the. Sesert jtom-Shlli^- 

:. Cookie 

XU CALCmTii AMNITAIb^iraaiSllSl 1821. 

foot, utd- HktoDtla promodiHg 
«n hr- XMU to U» <dd uylam «t 
b(»odMDah. Tbft pcraonsi cha~ 
neter of this Kiof is oi'tha irue 
lOHiUiuiUo «a*t. ladol«M aad ail- 
AMed 10 [dfaitire ; he mi^t 
youWr.'pTNflr.'c fail tbrone in 
MMMi>I»titaBi bat icemti totalljr 
dwtitnte of the ennf y and la* 
ImiMtrcoisar; tore-acaaiKons. 
J ihM.~fht Bx.Kinr oj C«- 
ftMt; Shooj^ul-Mnlik. lo long 
•Mttaed M Liluite, nnd linces 
wanritTcrr tVon one uylnm to a- 
••the*,: int -recBBtiy nacdied 
ftHht; vlti J;n^(i», after sBEtain- 
tttffit iMMplete dcEut by H*U- 
mond Shake Vldr. Thbie wb* 
■felrVB HDd-Hr. 'JBIpMtMtone's At- 
«m¥^^ of litis UHsUe PiinM, 
«B*racoUcat (be iaiii«r mign*- 
Ac«ee b^iriri ah ka mtuurratwdt- 
cd. mavin hispreaant iiiualioa 
And xibpto aad paisfol reaiui /or 
nmrukmog on ibe iiuta^iUty .of 
HamnirPaver : a«d m ,tlia Ln- 
»nritkd»af Snmtta Nature. 
• . ■.. i-aLJtttr.MfOa. 

n* Vninm.—Tbo, TUiinoee- 
toH bas)oDg beaii^oniid^redtlw 
^iiicora of the iBible, and *ai 
•apposed to posjeis all the pro- 
^ortiM a»c'ribed to ibat aDimal, 
— rage, untHDii-aMcuess, great 
3ut tbe Kliioocerns htnrn no si- 
nilarity nbatever to tbc draw- 
ings wbich we a^e Rcuustomed 
Useeortbe 0aicorn, and has 
ihe single cbincidenue of one 

Major Latter, vbo commfind* 
IheHaiigpare BattnUott, has late- 
jlf llRd an opportUDity of Dorreot- 
ftlgftc error into which Natn- 
irasMS'bavefltllen, by ascertnin- 
fng thfit ttte Unliwm i^etually 
'«:Sst^iu thetdterior ofTkibet, 
^d is WHl known to the inhnbv- 
tanti. This %xtraordiw*y fact 
>ras Arst eomBtaniaated to Colo- 
tael Tficol Id Vtbmwrj IStWi 

"In a TUbetion BMDusdripl, 
iKys H^or ■iMnMM, cbntaBinf 

the names of dtffttmtvniiMlai^ 

whiohlproonred thp othL-rdky* 
from fUa HiBs, the IhUcornir 
dassed under tbe headofllioH 
whose boofg are (Itvided; itia 
cnlled the one horned Tmfa, 
Upon inqolring what kind otaa 
animal tt was, to our astoniib- 
Bunt the person, who btoagU 
me the mannicript, ^lescribcd 
exactly the l^nicoin of. Ibe 40^ 
eiPnt*. It u a native of the m^ 
tetbt/if Thibet, about the sia» 
wlld,aeli)omif e?er9av|^talire( 
tut frequently sbot,' and &« 
iesh is u&eil fpr food." 

Tbc person who gave melhto 
informatian kai tepeutcdly. leen 
th« animaU, and eaten tbe Besli 
of them. ' The go logetiuv in 
lietda lilce oUr wild buffa]oes,aDd 
are very freqnently ta be met 
«ith on the borders of the grest 
desert, nhrat a month's jonme]' 
from Lhassa, in that part of tha 
oountry lahabitad by the wan- 
deringTartan. Upon tbe pcrsoB 
beiDg asked if he oonid in:*/ 
the ngure of ope, he did so Bm 
OB paper, and considcrinf t£e 
roughness oftheexeculioa pro* 
duced a striking ■imilitude of 
the Uniooni. 

I observe in tbe Encyclap»> 
dia that the Uniooni U snppoit- 
ed tn be the Orgx, or Indiaii 
Ass of Abistotlb, who says i^ 
has bnt one born, and also to b* 
tbe Ftr* Mimocerot of PuKY, 
both of which came from India. 
Plinv in faia account describes 
the great black born, and bog- 
Uke^. My informant who has 
reyentedly seen the animal Ob- 
sMibedthetailtobelike th^tof 
■ Hog, or rather of an Aas, uM 
Afferent ttam that oC a Horse. 
' It mast be remembered that 
this manknew nothing nbont our 
Unicotn, bnt merdf. gave Ihs 
deaeiiptiea of an animal he hina> 
■elfhuseenand waa well ao- 
qnabited witt. 

. atAUMJM auAtioH Umt thai 




cati bKs beeo found delinenled 
on the plun i urfaca of a rack ia 
CaSruia, 4ud aeverul people at 
tbe Capa laUJ me the anme. 

It U not possible that the Wild 
A*s and Unicdcn in the Book of 
loi, areoneand the same aoiT 
■utl? If so, tliedeicri(ilion given 
tb tbe Wth chapter of Job would 
momxatStitse at In? &ch verse, and 
esdatthe L2th. MosEsinbless- 
VtsJoaiTH, aayi, ' His glciT} in 
Wee ItM liMiling of bis bullock, 
fnd bis boraa are like the tiorn) 
tf IJnicenu, with them be shall 
path the people tt^ther to lb» 

Balaam, irien apeaking inbia 
parable of Jacob and Israd, laji 
-f' God brought him I'orth out Of 
'Bgjtt; be^th as it were the 
strength of an Uniconi, he iball 
0U np the oalioiu his enemies, 
and ahsll bteok theliboaes and 
laBrce ihem thrmtsh his anows. 
- DaViDabo says 'Than hast 
te«dmeCromae beras'of tbe 
•d fraokgreatilaiiger. 

b) *bew *!>■'' ^^*' U>icOTa or 
Aemofthe Ecriptttres, waathe 
RhiiMKieras, but the Unicom of 
Thibet as deseribed to ine, an- 
«trers exvetl)' to tire accoiiut v« 
fcave of the auitOid inlheSacied 
WrititWS. Isaiah says, ' And 
Ae Unicorns ahail come dowa 
witb them, und the Ballouks witb 
the Bnlla, and Aeir land shall be 
MwIlbA tvith blood, and their dust 
^■ds fat w»h ^UNf^>' 

I hare given tbeso qbotatt- 
yiutajihetr tjiat Untooras an 
tpokenoftn fieripturos as A«r- 
dfiM ogttiur. which Uiey aittual- 
Ir do, W the man of himself 
^(ulJonlarlj' meatloned that they 
weHC in berds, and kept toge^ 
A^ Hkeibar wlM Buffaloes. The 
mUiiRiieros on the oahtraryia 
<Valfbtfy initial. In the Thibet 
" L th« rthlAoceroa & , 
'' - ■ iMd-wiS 

Oe BI«(diknt,~fee. Tbe'thiieorTrs 
cannot be misttJceo tit thevild 
horse ^wetl knoieu in TUb^ 
whieb is called h/ It diBermt 
name, and espresal]r utAntor 
ned under the bead of aitiaiA 
tbathafe uot tbeiiMif diaideiL 
whereas the Uniconi iatMi 
honf divided. ■ * iT 

, I have written to tbe Saidrft 
Lama re(;«et[tn| Um to [UMnre 
me a peifoet akia of the aniHtat 
Vith tbe head, faorit,' and 1uo6k 
butitwiltbealaar tusw befiHs 
I oftD get them down u the Ta*- 
po is not to be ne* with neaieir 
than a ouuth's iguraej bom 


This- tntaies tins ramnranioat^ 
(wWastransnittedby tbelEato' 
«oia of HaniHai to Sit Joswh 
BaNKaa, and a Mr vxKacts from 
it have been pdUiahed inUte 
English Papers. A few daya t^ 
'^HaJM Lattu aniredat Cat 
oatta bom Bsusg^on, land hife 
kindly faTOored'us witb.MBi)^ 
fartbeapaitieutara relaliMg totha 
cniious animaHirquestion. 

" I Bod on reference to the 
Hebrew Bible fli at mo'Altiietit 
words are na'ed la the book ef 
-Job, for tbe Unicorn and WilA 
Ass, and conseqaenHjr tfabd»' 
smptitm given in the 38th Chatt* 
ter, (h>m tbe Stb to 12th Verau, 
refers to two difTerentamoalsatt- 
coidinRtodieEDgnsb Versioit, 
and tboogh the. Unicom and 
Wild Ass may ha^e riniil^to- 
bit:., ifhd be found in the aani* 
jiertof the coantfj. ' ■ 

" There are sercral cpllntcr^ 
circumstances wliinh tcii'ltaes. 
tablish (ho fact qt JJjft Tljwoi^ 
hoin% found (b Tfebci. ■ ^Wt-ito his »mV?sW to ^r 
Jioo Lomboo. aneniMffls.-^hat'af 
Booiaji Ra^ ieHJwo«^f-^^ 
one aKveat a Bilwildislpncew:'™ 
Tassisadon. . »ew..,ta ?■* "'V 
■ Tels from MoscojrW vpaxt tiiSt 
Mhe Aussian Bmba»sj-, dosmbss 



thom ftauliflMf-SilMna 

.Tv»R«aiair CatfaoUc ^liiti- 
ooaiieswhft tnTsUed- overland 
from Gtaiiiftta'£urope, tkrough 
NepMil, BBcaCtDa that Ua Ho. 

ber of mii aowiidi m tiiia put 
of tbe deiart wherai (Imv passed 
the giaatiwslhof CUaa." 

tliBr {Mn.olaynui; TJoieora 
fromtbe Sacliia Lamia, irhich 
is aow befoie oi. It is tweatf 
ini-hea inlwglh, attbe rootitis 

the Registered Debt oCtt. 
■idencr inuuediktely after A* 
Notes of fbBtLDWi. 

The Commisrioners wiUbiM. 
tbaii irst MeetiBg, for th» ttfcovs 
purpose, at A* Acdramtant G«* 
neial's OSc<-,oii Mondaj Ac 30tk 
Inslaat, at 1 o'clock P. M. and 
will subs«qucatl5 laaet, fitoH 
time to time, as maj- thea k* 

It is of course lobe anAt^ 

stood, that the 'Coaduaaoaea' 

areatliber^ to 'Acoept <nr^- 

fouiidcheaiuidttbalfSncUcuia' jeclsuh portioa of ue Not^ 

femice, and tapers tospojut, 
it ia llaok. rathci B&l at the sides, 
nad^as Hfuea liap, ' but they 
' LTt odIj promiaanton otie side 
ItA n^arlj straigbt. Major Ur. 
TE^ «xprcta'tDobtaiii-the)Kafl 
oftba BiiimaJ, the boof. and the 
tbs %\Lia,rtTj shortly, wbfeh 
alford pontire pcoof of the ftntn 'WebR:Tet>eeaO!)IieInfljniT0r- 
Bod obarao'er of tho Ttmto, lit ed, b; a corresptiuaent at Cttt^- 
THibet Uuici^ra. — €4vt, Qar,- tack, witb the fol Ionian BtM6' 

tondered, as tnv be judgvd 

''^PubUsWd- Br .Order ATBIt 
Exodlency tjie Hott' N«ble Mk - 
Gouersot GcoeraThi GonntiU, ' 

ilOLT' MACKIKnil, 
• Stt^totitm Gott. 


-<T*rTltoriKl Beaatliunt, " 

7'iW 9fi«h .Jab. lifiU 
Tub PaUio ue neeohy Uibt- 

tor di« rKtsctioBi«CifaflI>Dbts 

tnent, respeOtiQK tb6 laife native 
religious ft«ti\Rl Rt lufgni. 
naiilh. ' ' 

" On Bccouflt of the lateaesi 
of the Rath Jaihra, tliii Tear, it 
was otft expenerl (bat &t te^ 
aetnblBKeof pllftUs'Woald 1% 

' of the. Honovi^to CosopHiiy iM peat :— bUtnothinglikiethvM. 
India. haT» been aaHiOiIssd to ling cflbsi-took pIaoe'(l' be* 

rafleire, nntflPiiitftererdaTa, Isok 
ders of tbo'PiODidBaery Notes 
of tfafs Oovanmant, wkeibar 
adv«rds»d for pajnent or not, 
in parcbue-«( jJeniQoates beat- 
ing m Intnwst of Six tt«r Cent, 
per Annoflk, from toe day ob 
■wUdh tbay may belsiued, to 
the SIM d^ of Uanb next, and 
"" gtfae boldera to reoeive 

1ieve)wBS anticip alad. Mw uic w 
Ju^Bi fact mm almost daaeriad 
— and Hesars. BrajolB, PukM 
andOo; tbreeten tofemove U* 
worship tA a mora «eBtfiul: a|. 
tuBtioalB India (d»>aeiRlibon](f 
boodoT Mohtdabad.) W«mwi 
gratnlate - oitr friends la ibat* 
parts onthctTgood .lidi in the 

„ ._ _. prospects of soob a I visiL W« 

ouder Asit date* Promissory aresonr toat^< that f^om^ilM 
Notes foir the pnndpal sums, «pi<taiu«, want, and enMrnvej 

thelDttretflen the Cerliflcatas 
being payable la CaA. 'Snah 
Noteaare to baaiuotly ofthc 
saua teaer aa the PiafsisBttry 
NotesofftaLaaa pablisbcdia 
the Governnwnt Gaaetteoftbe 
1st Hay, 1631, but viU Mpla*^ 

the ihertaU^ ameogtt ua feV 
ddndad wreta)iae<c<nDpMUt*ei 
1 V ) tb at did 'eeme WW- nrf ufciH 
Wei - 

.' oCJtqr 

fs drawjtirta a ilnae, or at'lettst 

apoirthr decliaK— Tto ra|tia« 



. - . ■■■.-. \ 
atabfettErtddtber wooldiot* 
' otconld not drag the Ratlu, 

•ihI the Frietti «f Ihii Vile inn- for the pupMO of extraclf nr "^ 
pMtioii wen oUif^d to etdl m the moisture oftWridei. A ' 
other ain^taii«e^--If the N&tiTes ' thickhlack doud ohwged wlthr^ 
mrabotmsjet becoatinK Chiii- llghtiiioYandTatn. paaied orer . 
tUns^ wv hatirfre theyuebe- the atation atthe tima'Uiitpbi^ ' 
cominK' leaV wiilUiK dapei to noteenoD eoenrrod; Our 'rsbu. ■ 
AKBtatmat.~K» devotee wu ' have completely lettn, batitis < 
f<»ad'tU3.,n)Uoa topavethB ■tll^ver)rbat: the thermomefiv 
wav with his hlood forHohHih. ^"'■''nl'T ranging between BO ' 
— Tteiigbt, «t ibe opadagof and M* 

thefatea foi AeuUniidoDof ' — — i 

Pill^nu, ' vould have md- Exlraet «f s L*u*r, dited €*• ; 
ted the heWt of a saraKe.— nffor*, Jaty 30, 1891.. . 
Kbmben ottiq&AB% wretehes ' "TbenoasandesoeBdiiisfai-t 
were carriedln. that tbermifcht ; so mUd, eqaaUe amd tamperato . i 
AriMlbe itaKlited' iad horrid a manner, thattiiemMtttoiui>kr > 
•hriae. itastead'oKatforiBg flieir ' ing and laxnrtant- eropa maj bv 
domfMio . GomAtrts inr tbmina-' most, coilideiidjr 'expected^-: 
tiveTiflaKd.'—WIiti.tbat witness- aromd tUs«o]ti«ated-and beal- . 
ea MbeacsoC mch acenei but tbjr natioiL— The gararmnent - 
mnat lor^ for Ae- time when lands are bDv plovgUng, after : 
thuft-vtlei degTBdins ahd vltrib- yiddfng tiiott' ample - Bnpplies ;' u 
leaa ' ritaids ' wlir paia away, ' ' ' 

asd the para, rimple, exaltii^ 
and ■peaeo^giving Religion of 
Jem^bteas the ben^ibted ploiiu treme, atf frir ah :r^*ardkTf!geta- 
of Hindooitan." tlon ; ball am aorr} to My tlUt 

. {JokuB^JvUyW, sicknCM ia atill very prenlent 

'■ at 'that place, thongh tUkOf 

AlUIMiU, .Mjf %ltl, imi, GonfiiipdtaflWDBtiTea.-tABain- T 
V'eHeKday between 3 iind 4 . bet of alligatara of a size tbab ' 
s'cloekp. H^tbe iahabitaBtior almoit nnebda th* otiiaKtj ^ 
tbia stuion weie grati&edbjr ' poweri : of b^ofi' were latelj', ,. 
th». ^pearaaeaqf a tamwa*. seenloandai; on-. flieeaadi«C - 
ter ipont which tmnodlndia ' theTiver; three that verQired ^ 
GfiigEa bppoaitB to ttie Knei; -atlqrieBm afii»ra,.aetdally«x- i 
ai«lwa»waftcdby tbcwlodand-: oe^dod. twentj: ^et iKlength*' t 
cmBBiltfia: a-eonrideraMe »pa«r'" and wiere of a proportiimirtv ,i 
downtitB-attenn, whei bbnrat .bulk.'DteVeathiof tiivttoepa . 
^tfioBita to tiiepaiiit lAAnvr iin^hos|^^»remay moderatej : 
dwv~ it waa ooe of the bu^ . aadicttnluadly beatjcompaiiAa' • 
est .of.theaa: phoeaomenael re^ , with' thcappalling »ccMuttil«C t 
ntwabetrb) have seen; tbe «»•'.' geaetat jaaokMsaE haw.icad - 
laWm dettaadedia a beantibl.v of ia'»me 'private lelUr fraia .. 
pentine iiM from tte donds; ^th^' oppM «t>;tifnai^r tm a»-. - 


and TBI 

__i Tet]i«TtdeBtty. exbttiUad'a- etaaoaaatf SpMutodiB iChah i i^ r, 
apiinl natlDti NCthia- ka.eoDv amAairthoaatireiliLjtbttawn'oC ' 
ca«^.Bomethi^ai»iUr brdta . GaaaeporetodMa Mimpi Bdaiiaa, i 
clioriatloa: oE the Udod ia a " arattkoaiaB 4eoBnwiag,jand:8af . : 
liTing.aaliaaL Hhtaideavaaaa , nerid^^ : yield t" nV^ib*^ fdalti ' 
Cnoly 'im|ve»aBd apoiMbena- - on. wnnr.batblhK. and bkodt' 
thra.Utatwtth Arii.ViBid a^. , nomf^^PiUK.'of bitts' V»x and' 
piHtee/thej ezplaiiied the ap- opium 'aca tba q^pUcalibiu of 

:. Cookie 

ftvudni 'OBllMM'OcouioDi. be laflci^tlir iwdetploodJlMit. 

• '«• «mlBC -UndBeiv^ here, nablc aaj ona to determlBe &ov 

AMpmidy bliafi t«hiy inlBd Tar this sumnHy eXMaplesM^ 

? Ihat bnnltfal dnniptioii of dia opraate as a. ooriec^ve tp tk^ 

• ni)>bo]',1l*Mj pMbliabed in the predatory kabiu: slioidd it oat 
> Bnrkuta, " «1)0H Bf ch wu ce- deter them from a rec^irenw 

• tnuMoa, itt key-atone — tbe to tlicir mHipraotf cei, f t may e^ 
inBL." — N« iBoident of any mo- aaperate ihem to add, im veag«- 
meat hai Islely oocnred, worth ance, ciuelty, and morderta 
nlatiDf.'' Bmi, tbeir robberies. 

—— " tSy letter fnto. Kecmittch 

We liave been IhTored with notices a second aasnall ttade 

. the following exirast of a letter by Ae same Dotadment, otti 

.fronAfcra: — Tillage wher« a&oflierband «f 

' "Afriend atN'eemntobviitc* tiiese plondcran, trat oT tin 

to me that, some time back, (he Uogle race, vere ihelUieidl 

Sheels in Uut neigbbovriiood Success rewarded the efiortsot 

beMme,intlieiraKgTesiioiiH, lo Uie officer and bia party «b this 

-daring as to render Beocssary occtuioa also. The oasaalitea 

.for their restraint Ifae pressure on tlie nde of the tfoKfese^ 

Amongst them «C a small In&ukT ceeded bonddenblj np kw 

try force. suitaijicd li^ the BMImJ' 

. "Thia party wbiobwuMSt- — ~ 

cd on the veige of fiie Bfaeel The diPeqlties and dauMfc 

jungle, lyas commanded,, it attending tlie BaviSation oTC^ 

aeems, by lieot. Hebbsttimof Bomhli/,, from tbe SaodBeadi 

fhe Sth Regiment, irhobdiaag ~to Calcutla, are biit too VeQ 

the &tn Regiment, irbobdnag to Calcutta, are but too w^eu 

resolved, if practicabio,. tnbeat bioini,Bnd'aipaan|^au»3an4i, 

tip their qnarten, exectei htm- called the Mmes K^d Itair, tn^ , 

, aelf to obtain Qorrect infoitnati- been always fbupd'tfaemoitpnt- 

OQ regarding tbe baunts of the daotiTe orserfoiis'ibcident. Va- 

qioU active of tbia (Iiie*ish lious st^enes have-|i9ea fao- 

tiace. Having gained intelli- posed for iU remfirdf-Iiatin 

- geoce that conid b« depended are not aware that«U ^oly , 

' npOD.XrieuLUapbnnie oqnoot- attempts' h&TewcU UeiKntw- 

: cd bis plan for a.sarprisc, which ed as lor effecting so deairabia 

'Biet-witboem^etasDCQesai' By -'wa object. The plaoaf atiii^ 

■ ^akilful arraagement, the scouts jug I^ by making a cut across 
by whom his ottm|f was closely Bdtpn Point, throogfa which thfL 

. watched were decBTedrandaf- nV^ tttfgtt , shape a dirwt 

1^ a rapid nitht maiefa, tte-Je- Mi/nie &ito''ae rea4d>J>eIow,^M 

tacbmcnt reubed, ^Kwtday- lieeii often talked of, and It is 

lireak, Ibe neat of the Bbcels, surprising that It sfaoidd ner^ 

' %bo at that bour reposed in se- bare been serionslv BoM Wfna 

: oiiri^. na avenues leading by fbose, whose Interest Is V* 

■ fiemthatplaotiweieMaaed'Me mncb oonnectad with aiiir mel- 
..aiqr alann GonJd begiven; the ame* tbatbaye &r tbeirdbleet 
, cmiMquetme was,, that many tiie improvement of the 1 

ariqDiun.AAiinttt the bands «r n'avlgation. WearenJatltoaep 

]9». Betaohment, with tbeaa- tbe plnu brought rj^Ute is 

■ ^nfice-oTveij'fev lives. 410600,111 an appeal io the omA* 

. '* Amongst tbe jpriaaMnL the mercial sodrtr- ef'Oblorttit 

Utost aotwlaosimnMlert bate made by aa- flmdneer. vT 'ko- 

Jjiac f Ha w eateeated. The Bhcel koaw^e^^ aUIlty,' aaS :«• 

•fipntqlv d0«s a» aiBfrewtp tmU 4Mt^ fl«f«vv^<nifc 



(w' AnHy earned into effect, 
itj p^ w^ tk tiori, to irhicb m a]< 

M« Hjjiparent erj>tdieacy of aU 
■ , UrqathtCiaMtloflieHBog- 
&' Kntr, brtiet** Puitah anit 
, pm m md ffartmtr :— 
. Vint. It imut be obvioiiH to 
■MMt nmtoCafciarTatioB aad re- 
(lnMliii on MBlictl aMain, that 
.4w pHliniltT MHiM oT the rival 
«t Ifea ylaw in ^neslioai wiA 
tta «nio«s danfet and inpe* 
iMpiiiliitj iililrliil ii kttend«d, 
#Mm« toin«4te h to ktmI mr- 
.M(v«a of aacb human BennB, u 
.ProvUcDM )«• [dMOd in mv 
pow«rto iapron die navifstign 
fg tUM Important tiTer; not 
mmAr by fsdlitnlinrtiM fro- 
drau of dtqx, b«t by mnti^ 
Wing mMerixlljrto nsirufb- 
^ by KTwd tog 0De of the matt 
4Higemi» noMtdM alioab in 
AwvlMia rirer. fhsee uiio 
the. f^ml dittcol^ of innring 
ikKvtf 0VOB ^nwli tte utmost dm-' 
MBOotf and «n«nT. It will no 
tiMlrtfa adnattad; that vmongit 
Mfood MMUn'i qoBliflcntionl, 
t* •Oj^ to.pnVM) prndence, 
,'ilMv^i and icMlotion, bst fte- 
'qneal eoc^ie* and preMrradoni 
•M tM liable witli moit man, to 
aseaW exceu of confidNice,«nd 
WdtbeB tobantd not onhr tta 
■t/fiftAjhmiQx^^ot den- 
tiiatad 4atb«t ch«i^e,%MnM 
Witied iadlKreet mvuore. Such 
ttaga oAoD occni dnrinjf ■ aa>< 
.kri triala, vhen <-*arioii> i>i»- 
^n^fnduoe UmU, venturaon 
^^^MfaoMita viiich be ongbt not 
ii,tpeamnte. Would ittheie- 
fan, n^ b« indif^us to remote 
iMutatwm.iRxn tUeir ooone, 
■ipjHMt Jatha-pBcnliM oase witk 
.D^j^wtin qnMonl . 
'. -AAeiidr - niij nsrigsfion of 

iKicIi-ft roiWk at-BotHjlFPklM, 
bni beli^rl^ (be lanifedtata tici< 
niiy Of the I><nMdab an4 Bot^ 
narian Rlrern, Oie jonotiono^ 
tlieietbtea OKnuadaiiKeralia', 
collection of (bnoldable quick, 
■hnds.^tbe Jameinod Han*a' 
and Puitah Sdnd), with m/ineh 
the two fonnei rtter* abound, 
snd the evil is not a Httle f«e-, 
niented bj )he strong tides and 
eddies In tbat 4]iia>ter, which 
have in some in«tiuices caaiCd 
almost instant destniotloD to 
die fittest stdps^ and with the lm< 
minent danger of Qiose on board 
(ifthe yeuel aboold be sharp 
floored), when tbe earrent and 
qnick sands would Readily (hw. 
trate every exertion to reicnef a' 
■Up in ^ch a diatressinK situa- 
tion on a fbUji^ tide, indchia' 
auva prednant wftb inunediatol' 
daitger, tfian being aritore in tile' 
opmr oeeaa, tiiooi^ tbo liver 
^rbelilte amiU pond. IVa' 
mB, I heHeve, be admitted by. 
every nnprejinUced naTig:a(oi or^ 
sttadian of experience. Under' 

*• HMglr i« wA odr mateinl- 


Wodldit not be advisable to' 
devise snltabla neasares far re> 
iboving tboH evils wUcb appa- 
rently can 01^ be doie by 
dianglDgthe Hiin Gbanndof 
tliBBiver, which die coarse it 
pnrsiics seemato etiaoiirageia' 
fD attempt.. Some maj poasi- 
blj aay, that this woafd be a dtf- 
flcnlt, «i pciriiapa cm impraotlea- 
would be an ardnoas and rathCr 
dxpensive messure, the labosi- 
ous part of it mi^ be got 

-tiiraagb in one year, or at ail 
evetatain two, and the river iu 
s^elf wootdin a fow aeuons da 
therest, with a jndieioo* . ma- 
naftement and noenionid'aa>i>.' 
tanee. The wboleof Ada ndglit 
certainly be acdompHitaed fttr a- 

' boot Four Lao> and a Balfo^ 
aetitaf ttubtMtmuMtr, an Esti- 
mate baviog been- made ; aad 

.'tlws)w»itil-«f :(&•. ttow atfflrc 


]f| CALCim'A AKN1TAL KSaiSlBR im. 

M ftttaaaw tiMa be owifcwAte. pHKMri^ o£ -tfaU loiportMlr 

^__.__.. .._.,._,__- = ,_ briiiili«B -' - '-*^- "-- 


oftkvprapoBcd oHtithi* m)|lit tbatOw mildBg"S7rtcM i 

muUy M done by a Bbw, mtb injnie tbe lowei -ttaaoela 

« Sluioe Oat*, ivUah would rirer, I rirall i auMy n^MSt 

bercafio beoome aiMliiur&blav tliemto couider baw. »■•)»»• 

neore^ and cunTenknt place, bleit U to expect diattb«aaU 

.not Hiercl; to keep akipi in " -' «_-».._ 

secttiitj, bat to load tbem, or 

even beave them down to over- tended orer the I _ . 

baul tbeir bottomi and give par~ face that tbe rivei occnpiea bom. 

iial repairt, which can oalt be IKaHioiid Harboor dowawardf, 

effected in atill water. Those — nay indeed, it wonld be more 

* necesaaiy neastuea miKht cqd- likely to improTs.the lowercba*- 

aequenlty be acGompnahed on neli, ai the p'eat body«f water 

- emergent ocoaiioDt, without ttaatoowpreaMs down the Hoo|[^ 

blinking the ahipa up to town, IVjin the Rtini nnites with the 

iriien the whole of tbelr cavfoea Damftdah Kod RoopnaiaiB, and 

■bigbt be speedily landed and^ ooiis«qiiendy contnbatea not a 

aecored in good Warcboiuei/ Uttle to icatter their pemldona 

'Within « BtMe'a throw, and re* qaicfc at*da; bvt eren adndtt- 

idtippDdinafewdi'J'iontbere- !■( the < pmpoaed cut ahonld. 

pBua being accomplisbod. In saueanew aaod, yet itianot 

abertlhe-situBtioa ia aimiiaTto likely ta be *o bad a one «• the 

Ibatof the toodoa Docka, ex- Jamea and Mary'a, aaitwoald 

cept in regard to distance iroin probably, become attticwary, 

. town, but, ia one respect, this i* having no qniek aand te feed it 

an advaolegCi u it would save or riyerslib (helatlartoahHtit 

much tirae aud risk with heavy about. However, ahovld tbeaa 

ships. Even our Indiamen that ^qkreheuioDabe eoBaideradfMr- 

now lay and refit at Diamond midable, there is aMtfcer waynf 

}larbour, might lay and refit effecting the ofajeet, wUehisj^ 

. there in a much shorter time naUng it a regnlRr Canal wiA 

than they could in an open Loi- • Slotee Gate at each andi Imt 

sterous river, and with tbe ad- this would be mote expeasin, 

>dilipnofa spacious dry Dock, aordo E think it would beW 

it would Boon beicome a uMst good, M it would be no ea^ 

Important place, and produce matter to. huidle sUpa of eoi 

' ample returns ibr all that might SDOtoaain aaj.-oaan, (oaless 

be iw&vnwfy expended. Such with a ataaai tBg>t.bnt, that » 

.a UBsin and Sluice as I would weO as aevtral other polats, «a 

.propose, might probably be for pjtefessfiWBl mea io.deter- 

.formed for One and a Half Lacs nuneprevioua-tosBcha wcsKbiy 

of Rupees. WarcboQses would tudertaUng hietng reaolTsd ea. 
'ofcpuricdepeudonciiouwtw- ^- . ■, ., .. , .JolmSfM. 

I ccsj and b{«onw a liUaie roooi- .,■ . ... .•-— . 
deratioa, as well as a dry d0C)(; iDalflnerftom Diudimdiad, 

. yet, it appears reasonable and dUad tlysOtb' July, we meet 

,|>roper to embrace a cursory wlib.lhe JbUowigc paragnplM* 
.view of the several advantages ■ .".Ihe rains, aetla here on the 

,^alBMy be contemplated for 3diast«at, and. the weatberis 

the securi^, wuveoieDce,. ud 4el^t()i4l2fleaMti Aa thupil, 
■ . , ■ ' faowiTto 




. Bpbsed <Mi fidk eulh. witbodt 
U) nixtura of (aad, it is iapos- 
■ible la otii ont, withqut apee- 
•Utf cwUccting two or tluTMseen 
of MithapoBjoorabowi: Thu, 
•fconne, jrvtuera it extremely 
UcainfortaUe, mnd in 601ue de- 
RM Dwnpela m> to lemaiu at 

or-wUA vf) kUM wits tlgtn. 
Two of thMo-'gave very fair 

Sort, ^d o&e Wu the iMf «dt 
M 1 bam etePMm, flemew- 
■nred, two boivs aftel^ tw^aa 
kmad,ia^ bui<)«'lii^,uidlO| 
feelloDg; aodl^avDDO AtMht, 
had be bean oeaaured before be 
w»s atiff-aiH) contraoted, tbal b« 
veuld bkve been-found to atand 
IShapds." JmUAJI. 


Fhr Awgt^, 1821. 

Biace tbe cstabHshmeiit of tb« 
Cemnittee for imitrovinp the 
torn of Cakatta, tbe nnmerou 
work* that hate be«H luderti^ 
beniDd completed' under tbelt 
diceetioiia, disptey In a very 
conniicaoea maniieT both iHo 
■^lioMioD tbat tbejr have b»- 
tlowad rathe lukaadtheja- 
diciou x^tma that fltey have a- 
doptedloT otriTiiv it on. Tb«ii 
hu^er afMratimia apeak anfflei- 
anH; for tbemaelVea,' end tbe 
ilisbieat attention dit^tttedio 
-tt« improTements AaUein'tbe 
minjty oftb* rhet wiU'ahow 
hmr materially tey haveio- 
creaaed theeontnueocetf'of tU« 
town and enbaneed the valae of 
Ae adjolntnr properft^' The 
aew aijaare a|si>, Intbe Domim- 
^allab, witt tbe street paaaing 
iioBf Itoweflem ;iiiIeto the 
-Bott BaxBT, mnat be aa faToi*- 
Ue to tbe aafaibrito as they aro 
-araaimnrtal totte appenranco 
iflhatpartofthelown. Agreat 
-dw),hmr«v«r, faasbeenat tbe 
Mae dme dfected irith the di- 
not <A}ect of remorin^ nnimtoe 

eonHiied placei, which It not 
eqa^y apparent to comoutno)^ 
Krv^, wbo may JMtbe awaiii 
iirflle many nozuma tank^that 

lupin a 


int iJ- 

have given a nev f^e to tba 
moat S'eqnetrted partaof tbs 
town, ' and reBect tho Ugheat 
credit On tboiB who have been 
concerned in ptodadng ttiem. 
it i» particalariy fratifying 
toobaerve, that the measures 
which have been adopted for 
accompHaliitig farther improve- 
ments, are alao planned upOn- a 
large and liberal acale. In or- 
der to give ttall effect totlie eon- 
veniencea Atained by the sev«> 
Tol wide and handsome a^ 
prosches made lowardri the ri- 
ver, tbeniRUngofa tpaclotn 
road baa been commenced and 
is advancii^ rapidly along tho 
bank of the river, which win, 
when completed, Citend WlA- 
ont interruption from Chattd- 
panlGiiaul to Cbifpore. The 
great utility of tbls Strand (fer 
Hob, we bin, it ia to b« etHed^ 

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iRB^f^ %)r«cl^ted In ttiB tib TecftiM Tooitu, ArHrititf<i£' 

ftnmeTOtis clames, who Have cOvd has been fitted op ft>t tW 

feompfanted (br jean or tbc reception of the Colle^ LJbra- 

AScoltles expertenced JD met- ry, whicbwill thta McbiW fbte 

feaiHJIe afFain, 1b canEeqnence fcKinia, eacTi 3D feet Ioritb)f M 

Of the roaaner in which the brand. On tliri iim>«r fWorOe 

Crtiiter part of thrf river bai partition walls hafe Ttef^remo- 

fi«^bitfa«rto ^iRitupIn fhtilttif ved, Boasto throW IHe KreaWi' 

tke town. Its advatttRfCes WiH portltjn of the spatie Into i 

aervrthdesri Ve Stiincienfly ap- iBi^ehall, intended for the «n^ 

(iBreiittifallwhohayeoiieniDb minntion Room, liUeh ts flf 

Kt my titae to approach it. A- feet' long and sUfMl fc#o»1R' 

■naother mderial improvement The remaining' aptetment li 

' tfcoot to be mado, ia Uic opadng ttted np for the use of th« Sik 

of ■ coinmodiotu afreet from cretary. Gachof thepedlmenU 

'tteBowBasarto CUtpore, to at the extremtties of thebnild- 

be comv^petToppoiittf M Ao Itg front* two sBitts of ^>arl- 

end of wellinKtoo Street and to ments, which will afford aocom- 

ns to the Northward about modation to the Secretary and 

half way hetweea the Obit|Mro oneofits professors. The in- 

'«nd Circnlar Itoads. termediate bnildings, eleven 

fndfraotittgtbe attention Hf In number, will accommodate 

'cnrveftderr to this nbiect, w* twenty-two students, so that the 

«>Bnot -omif odverdn^ to the Aitlre range wilT be sufficiAt. 

ttopWWd t>pp«taWKe of Tnnk for the nse of the College, Oie 

0(lintre> U conseqaenoe of the Co11ef:e Officers, andaamany- 

WoAseaiWfaigQn under the im^ ofthe students as are ^erttUf 

ttedlNt6«(mi0rityandat the ex- fbund to require acconimoda- 

gMrtwrtfOAremrnvnt. Tlieneff don ih the nelehbonrhood of 

ttaston Reuse, hxvhiKftt ebct«> 0ie College. {Jvkit BttO, Aug. 8. 

tfpr completely finished, stands 

Mm«lepmtand s^ely dma- ATturm:-^A.yetyi;axiadita- 
Inenttb Hli« part ofthe town, ritnncVof tonKe*ityinSdsoa(t»- 
«fcel« ftb site wM furmertf oc- try has jast been brooKbt to oor 
mofSet br ^i mesn looking; notice, tn the ptrson of Seffenit 
Aonch nrtiqsated remabia Of Robert Ross, of the Pendibit 
tte Old Fort, anditwlll soon BstabKshnent, liiho began ld< 
•fford AeMst Facilities in, its militsry career in thereini' or 
Inteiierfor reg^ttlntin^ fbecom- Oeoi'g^ the II. Ross it ap« 
ftieroo of the port The Writers' pears, inlisted Into lite Kinpa 
BnilADrs, also, ftma hdn^ r&. Army In die ;ir«ar 1753, as n 
teattableotdyfarthenakednelt priv^tb IHthe lTii|MRnd Regi- 
BTHlefr appearance, wbtcb con- meitt, commanded by CrAontA 
feyed tile idea of a woric-houso Simon Praser, and proceeded 
Vt range of ware-honses, hdre to Aitierica, idid contintted «i 
Bieen ornamented with three po- senii^e there ftt>m that pnlod 
•" . - -. .__..^_i_jT„ (in 11..,.^^, tnw»> cr. _r.i. _— . 

front, snpported on tHllheyear tTfft, He ^ 

eofonnades wbitb form hand, gtieed at fhe'tAJBl^ of QMko, 

Mme vtcraudafas. The centre an^ was present at the acoA oT 

-«ne adorns the front of four Htd imtiHirfal IVOLTC ' on tiiS 

■ Vnites of apartments, now ap- hei^tWa of Abrahanl.- On hit 

■trnlpriMtedto th«ns* of theCol- tetnrnlo'fti^andfn lTtttheen>- 

lepe. Bird altered In order to af- Ihted'fnto fte Coinpony^r Andy, 

fbrd the reqaislte Bccounnoda- and RrHved in Inoia: in tUv be^ 

■tbm. ^ke tower floor contthia Ktoafalg iBf ^T W- 'w I i M f O bO' Iw 


■mmQu, ofxmvuNom. 

t^ pceerat, .wtltout any Au- 

tpi^r •FUK^d u a41 the poriioiu 
■pnpfifM of the EMtwtt iwtf 

19)19, ia acbunfl«<^ene|it «f m 
■mivd Q^ctpnl >emee »£ tiibtf • 
Sf» jm»iM. vtA u now tbe oUeat 
Sulcilv -iB t^ doDuplons of the 
Cfpimy, de if Itl ywn «/ 
■gv. ib^ i< M prBMSt in Cat 
cut^AMl hw latelr .patitiooti 
tbenvwtNoble.tha uEuquii of 
Hmtivp* to ntieva Us diA- 
cfiltieft l^f MM9C v^ditkuiJ tMim>- 
JLordahip ht», Wk- 

dr.»e TOT I 

■ttiweaafue cmo. genen^jr 

snuntod ttds , lemnrkaUfl Veto- 

Gtat. GaX. Atuj. ». 

SON of tb« Civil SeTvio«. will 1m 
^^leaatul to so* the foUawisg ^t^- 
tUtfdoit tcatimnny to Ua Herilx 
■Ml ebatoctw. Thou who an 
jfTiniirc thu mom Itomnblft 
Pfnec and who Huloaily de- 
vote tfaenuefves. to tlwfidtiiAd 
dbi4^aea of theii ^oUic dotTt 
will probaUy reoMve an ad- 
ditioual ■dmoiiu to rxeation bt 
obsnJns thU Uberal acknaw- 
IcdiEiMBtof deant Iv t^ Conit 
. it I>^octon. . 
Strmetif «. IttUr from thm 

AMraU* fh* Cwt </ Di. 

rtttmrt. itUd dc 13tA -Daem. 

-.Pan. 903. 'Weoannotbruv 
fUa sabject iff q clqsQ wilfeQat 
fafiachow dawlj ,we Unf at 
tftnd Aat Daui hu. deyaved 
Woftbawrticci of,,JiIr..Wat- 
•ao. ,Ilr.,>V^ao«') jiiiblio life 
waalxat bimwitto aui.«atiaa 
W hia aWo SSfHurt w tittJlwl 
fiflliwiy of tbf af Peiicaniiuft 
, In .(be iqltMaiwiAt Re- 

GtMdt w* lWT» dfcHtud *• 
aaaae unnmiltiac acsloiu o^- 
fBTta w t)uRideoflHAlio» ani- 

HuisaiiU]'. The jwdm yos- 
hww eotertaiiMd of hU matir 
is maoifut froK bit adT«noa. 
meat in the serrioe. We Ifciidf 
it lifAt At the peaent oeeaaiaM- 
tp bold hiffl ap aa an «>ywfto 
4> our aairiee, and to piMo np- 
oatbe PubUe Keoorda a du« 
tiact axpruaiOB 4rf the wUk 

torta af .Jit. .W;«^ ui,.()tft 

and firtuH» and , of aw repia* 
fur hia loai. 

Gnl. Gn. A^-W^ 

Wort WmMt^ '^ . . 
Ttrritmai Z>«pn-ttH«a^ 17i4 

Notice is havehy give*, Ibat 
•U tba Pioaiiaotjt Nate* a( 
tbis Govenunent, baaTiDg date 
tbeWMhinaaUll. vAiobba** 
sot beau. abKwdy advadaaedGar 
paynMBt. mi ^ati)| ontataad* 
IDS, wUl be i) )ii )ia iw«l >t th* 
GenaralTuaHuy, m Saterda* 
tbe 2lMi Oolobar naxt,oiLwbiah 
day tba luiereat tbarepn m^ 
eaaae. , , 

J'aWul«WiyOr<br.^ ■?>> Sm. 

— i w « f fieaaraJin CmmtU. 

Haut H*CKBai»a,, 

. . Art "wmm, t^ 

Ttrritorui D^fmrtmm^lStt 

Aug. 1821. 

Tbe Pnblie acahara^ iufbim* 

cd, that tke CoMitiaetoMMa fa* 

tbe Rednotioa of the HouDr* 

ableCompw?'* Debts in lodM 

aie not to tacMve- uf Airditv 

Tendea qf tba Fruntia)^ 

HMaa of tbia OavanaMBt, in as* 

ebaoKo. fbi I^an C eiUfleatea, 

..under tbe Notifioalion.publiahad 

.ontbea&tbntliiBo.. . 

iamas tha MMt IMtktJttGw* 

Holt bUcKmtEiB, . 



Mtm-atdMbad, A*g. 9,'imi. the nr«>mditiI810J^rratpi«t'' 
—On the moning of the Wi fordi but a imall foM for tb» 
inMMit, tfMik pUce the Foneral Bio|r«pber,miid, IregntlOMV, 
efBislateHig^bneasShoojaboal modi leu Tor pfti)j>g«rie. Had* 
MaollEh.HoabBiiTroekoddDow- Hm Hirtneu bevnmore select' ' 
loh, Ali Jah, 8yed Zefn odd in th«<^Beof hliCompanfoM, 
Dc«ii, AH Khan, Bahkdoor, ft- it f> probddo Unit be Iraald 
rom Jung;, Sonbab of Ben^,- hare obtained tba oteem ud 
Bcbar, and Origsa. Very early respect of tbe hibkUtanta of 
tntbeHonrinf 3 Compamtesof the city; nwioe, hi■nlUBrpat- 
H. H. ITlhPoM, sndftComp*-' sion, weak nnd nndecMedU fab 
-' ~ of N«(iTeinfmtiy,wtthtwo judpmnti, strea ap V> dreir 
iMMnden oadN tbe Com- Idndof debanobery, andCtrided 
d of Major Beck, reydea- ^ theeoanaltof* MtoflBM-' 
Tooaed in tbe Cboke,*diiii^ tbe etted and deaigtdnjt indiTMoato 
period the ecremo&ial of bathins oftbe loweat Oteas, tbA p«nf oi* ' 
tbe Comt waa perforauag. At ont advfee tu ld|M)r m^IhU-' 
S. tbe Preceiaion eoutenoad, - cial to Ua liitM«at>,-4ds Mb- 
Bieccdod by tbe Onna and per not oAly nmtRrally Itad, wai 

Troopi, with rereraed Amu, the lo woiked ^Kn 1^ the Ka^iv^ 
BandofOsMiierty'slTthplay- tiiMsorilMaeaBprino^led eha- 
lBgaMeii»li«reb,Rftefwhieli raMen, th« be was at vartanet 

n tbe Body OB a kind ofBier with tbe whide of Ua fiunily. 
«OTered irttk (^en velvet, over [CmLJowr. jtiy.-U. 

which WM eirried a Canopy of _—. 

tbo Biune malerialB. Then Ad- StMt* mmt etktftm. — On 

lowed tbe Blepbants, Stat* Wadneadny last. Tliw nn wCihMtt ' 

Horaes, and Troofis of the d»- Btm trju, n nan ol' eonaidern*' 

eeaied, with Bodled Kettle ble wealth nad resptatatdB^, . 

Dnuna, the whole Proteiaion died at OiOea aboat 1 o'elook.' 

moved at aalow pact towards after n tong lllnui ef neartf- 

lafferOoDgo, tbe Borial. Place a y«ar^ 'dotation, wpparantfy 

eflbeNadou, ^onttwo miles mnoh rej^eratted bjtbe nntiTn' 

distant fromtheeityi and was. pvpalation. - 
atttaded, dariBf the whole dis- This ■elanchely evwtgcr* 

tanoe, hy the AxMit of tbe Go- oocasion toanoAer bOBniiink 

Tenwi e^nd and the Civil orifleeinthepersonoftlMWi^ ■ 

Sorgeoo of tbe Stadon, on foot, or rather Widow oCtUe Baboo. 

On tbe arrirat of tbe Coipieat ThetioHniwaa an nn«»inaoa> 
tbo place ofinterment, three vol- , pratty woman, oflTor M yoam 

lies wire fired by tbe Troops, af- of nge.andin appearanee aod r - 

---r J withtbe sgeo 

Higfaoeis. The whole tX tbe an nnmnai degree of « yint n rt s > . 
cetenomal was condooted with ingpi^inaMTraandinKinobof 
thentaost precision, thro' ex* tkoasanda, -wborOBOtber-aimi-. 
«ell«it BiraogemetiU made by larooca^ons.bjrtfeebye.Intnat. 
M^^Bedt; the ocmdact of die remoik, Ihave not twdced ta 
Troopa vas exenplwy, and the be mnch girwi to the " melting' ' 
regularity of tbeirmoTen)enU,al- . mood.'' ButtboU^ rankofthsv 
tcr having prenonsly performed deoeaied, and Uaegreatpeuon- 
nfitiigaiagmoroh ofnearly nine b1 beauty of the violini,KaTe an* . 
miles, was highly creditabloto nsnal interest and impottanoB to 
tlieir OIGcera. this Sattae, and readcMd thn . 
Ua Utft HiidHWM aacendnd basioal spootacle rerj impoe* 



, jQPN«ftt,oci;v]»sKCB»< . : J lift 

l4hiri«lMM>*4Qaa- alBW t bey h w bcpwan ttiu,»Bft 

1h«£ pMUr fMtniMi OM ii&kI i)o.^«wWT« is tlw. pt* 

■0 1Mtt1i^t^tBna, -wbieh (o» «[>, raul. SHSeaitUHtreforatoMyir 

lh« fwu of . nufc p w r» ywjiioqft witb^^ fw i mw ifttfUWde. Atr 

mI HHtjUMii uw "11 Uw whip* tpT diatnbudas •!«■, to thflft* 

maTiOTHoC|Mp«>r<Mon>aQ4 moulofMor li,000 Kap««h. 

Tl1<Mti louW Iwf hM-wi 't»- ■lMpfcf»aMdtbauMialPMff«A«. 

- ■..■---.<-■-— »ii4 ^1,1^1 into tkq Pile withcQ. 
■Hwk Mewliiiflfi and connosara^ : 
M lo atlrwrt Kfoiuat adniralioii, - 

. itof«f- wliiotiwu wMwUxi^r^xvrfu- 

_ vltalte filU4B«j«lMHtfa^Bf g p ii il»« tf 

ladahuionwCtlMif II«««a(rtii|)»t wMttovt-bM*. 

iHMto v«taiiM. «l:«ipMatMMi ihovt. N* vriw wm ii«w4--4i« 

tet aotUag pn «>m fWMn ^t n m l i iuM w. - < 

«i9«kU«CMnitiiwtb«M44»< ■ > VmIm £N«t 4iv. U. 

Hifca*. 31n!t. UmtAMmmn «( . SubfutoC ^ittUtftrnMym, ■ 

«»4Manrttaai|kt «f K)i«o*ii« paM«f*dUMl9Mi4Bly, isau ■ 

IriendA— llM p W wwy of n*> ".We'bMretMlMt,thttBkO«d, 

tttmlafMtkw— IbepuMpMtof latlhc niw^w hi ah — h e it v. 

^ mat •zcramatiBK dMtb— > n-^*utnt. .JtiMMy WgMito 

tl^iil fem km wd dMd ia d<M|Mit of' bavfaM ■tlMia«t-alU 

IMrMlkudM*. Ukimntta^ th»»ad MUMfiiktiuM'tilltW ' 

W<>Ww«fw, -to okMn*, Om as&of'tBMnwMbi bk^mtfuUfp- 

tn thU imiwn, w fa taoat WB*ftMMt mul Juttiwasaarm 

iHt«iMM«(t)MU>d,ICNit,tlM tba<4)U«MN»ii«MatfthbptaiM, 

uakippy woaia waa lauri«4 andi.tbavB an . wmm pritty d4 

W<|M».de»B fai tha baC-<v*- slMpa iiiii'it,Mty-tiMiy^Bat'atr». 

N^'HU arbar pda&l'knw aoUaot lo aaUry asaaaaa. .GnM* - 

natad, tint )iar Haabaad'a da* ia- ah eipir tbi^.. yaai tlua hJtaa 

niia*.ae«w)«d «b««t 1 VckMli, WaKesraoaiie>jiaaf»paaL>ania 

aa^atdytbiridinr Jiaa aaUad U-ntttr-acUiiigat U aeenpav • 

tolbaawMPU*. fiaahiiMlaedt lufee^ aad tbk raw ■« lUSnt*- 

waatkfl^eaLaiidaBxia^ sflba paaaw«chlT-taa<*in, by 3U in- 

tunfoia^nlatisca-jBiavDlhaa* peaa'^kan almait- aaj . otbaz 

nuhauda aftba4ao«Med-4>r plaoa. Wbaabat UJ ••«» F«v 

Idid w^ and tliM aay AtlM nMOtasduaaia pfapaciiaii." 

«eia>pi«ieM attha aeraawoy— r Bxtraotofalauarb^Had.' 

^■)«M til* aboBUMOile fits irith babdea, dated fiUiAag, U31:— 

die M*tinp mat tbu in daapita » I sea jw rcBarfca ia yov 

gf tha Taoiudi'a iatedaMace, Papat, af-tha waatbai- about 

4e« waoldBOt waittiaaanmid Fanvedpore.ortbaladJfoaiBitt 

B[t)ka.aluBlardcnIhnalbaHa. wUchiaintba bif^iaHpeiwcti* 

^■trata. ia-lMt, itiaprohaUv en.bottba watan to lewtheM 

tb«taba.-W»a aoHuitt«d toib* u bu fetliBfC m it, aodirtiat' 

•aaiaa avaftbafaweBajt. lepcM doeaaotaa in bariag keauiip* . 

Nacbad him a( the mmuattaa- Huwarda af a uuBtb, Is obieBj: 

•crHtaUi aiid,at6o'clucfc, tba HUftem, and givaaaa ]w»dae* 

|bnrijif aiba«4rftbiaiMevMtiaf fran tba alow riia of tba Gang-* 

Mdivldwd were t halaould ba ea. The ebura tbat faarly mead 

MM- toba-iMBdalodWid tba pIpH 

' « . 8 duBsjied 

im OALCDTTA AjnnjAL BfiaOTER lesu 

Anuija,M«vitedbmter1hn ud ta wt Ob qnnte A-Mflf 

•*er iiwra befora; mtsletf at ratas nn be dadf«d. Ifw 

ku bvoiloM, battkaprodM* the otter tea^lHw J Ite of w aJ. 

as oaul from Cbn phut Twr in poiitioii -wfU be dMemiaod 

poor; tbegMtenl and oUefoCMi- wttli sucb aoeanty, u tabs 

frfaiBl if WKBt of prndnoe. Th« Ughlr bsnoScUl to tfaa [ntatmU 

WMther bu been Monny, ud a ^d MoiiiitT of NenmtioB. 

food pan of Jnlr verr ratny. fiME. jhw. U. 

Tbera will be a gieatdcal af lo- 

djp> made duayesr.tbree times the fbUowiBg i> am extnst 

the qoantity of lait yaar io tUi fron a lettor by tbo Zoth Flu^ 

^Batter." JmI.Ov. froBthsCape. - 

I kave now panpd a wkoto 

Atwiber Mteiapt la to be year M the CafM'Wid ea ye riu ^ 

uadfl for tbe Dtsearery of eed all ibe leaMiiw ia bm. 

tbe bale of Gottoa Rook, tb« Tbe Bpting and aotnaa. are 

ndstenee of whieb ii aa pertj- deUfffctlid, tbottfili not «dd 

nadoiuly mRintaiind-bp w^w, cnoi^b, capeeiBHr vkeli «■• ia 

and ao eoDideady denied by iseUmdtotaheiloleBtanreiae. 

— ^ — Two of die HoDorable ■^---' -— - — - 

Conpitiy'i Sorfeying Teaaeli aeqaenoo dSDpneil, wbtah bjr 

are, we hear, on (he e*« of mH- tbe l^e itaMtofteataaarf^ 

iof oDtUsCndaa, and one of be expected, mt oeeaaiondlly' 

them bai already dropped down «npleaaaat la Cape-Towa, tlm 

tltaH«ef, preparatoiytoberde- streetidry aosooatkbtl do Mt 

pttrti|n«. tbink I wm profcated tnm tak' 

The Uarine Snreyor 6ene- lag exeroise aboTe four or Ato 

ral, CapMo Coort, procaedtin dayibut wfnurbyaewaatber. 

comnand ofoneiif theae ddpi, la «amme», wMb tbe bawae ia 

and Captain HaxBeM. of tbe well ihaded. It li bardly ever 

ether. Hie abfUty of tbeae of- mirfeaaantin doen, aadextr* 

ftoers for mab a task wUI euine etae ia the monrfoiranl ereaiaf 

ail tte Booeesa that Muitleal faa g ioBatfa;bat Intha idddia 
flcienoe and practical Seanun- 
Bbip caneommftiMl ; bat,italmt 
be arimittad that Oe txoiiag 
the exaet podtton of ao smalt a 
rock, placed ta a wtda etpaaaa 
of Ocean, and tbe de tnwnJWa g 
tvitb praciaioa a tpot to IftifaQ 
maiA variooa pftdtioiii a^as> 
tfgned, reqnkM all tfaa maai tk- . 
vorablo eomUaatknu o( dati 

ana moderate weather, b%t- ^ j 

dom ftom brqcokr eotraitj, I bear ftera' Ji a feeliag ia 

and ataificteat length of ttma flalaattalhitt the'lndalaeaca of 

to cross and reenist every mile eoiningto.theCapeliiA^sed — ' 

«f Uttttide wiOila Hw esctremo which I am sorry to leant, asA 

of tbe Ifanit thai is soppotedto raidlyd»B«tlbli«itialkeeaa«. 

eoatalti it Ifaneh fbrocable Toa know what my iq>lniowi 

oircamstaBees riiaeld eambhie were on lUs-pCHaA befar^ asd 

to flM Aeir researoboa, ttefar I have aean ■• reaaon to alter 

fellare to disoover the Roek ia then rinee I eame hen, bat 

^eattoB May be AeeoMd atiSd- ahoaid ttere be- «a exceplfOB 

ttitttrdii^psove HaexiatBBoa, or tiro» s«k t^nfs must be 



iD-fiWtiM ts 
■DfiMwaMe to the bdk of in. 
VlUA. 'ImpMVMHBt te hMks 
.A« MKofffli, *■ aUtt^ to tife* 
:«M«M «BMiM«faiiditlw-eli. 
aMf»««tlM to Hd IkMnra, an 
tf hmj obacnon ooomived to 
lie ccrt^u isAoadoDB that in. 

««ta HnHb,* bat In dri 


MtnbB d«Boked. Bros whore 

■boaMrefleet-Oot dMBoiMat 
<rf rMtoradon to he«ldi is not 

iwatoda^is pnipor; tait tbMt 
•FlMkorMoldMMis KeMraUr 

'Mcflwwy to u m/t r m the Mqid'- 

peMon dcrire peiMuleat bMo* 
•t mUat th«f pM* t«awii» 
Ian In the ootair. 

Tfc«i , r 

tta losa of the Xarfy LuMmglM, 
near Cortaga. ware reeetroA oa 
Snnd^Uut. One of tbo ttmir- 
'iar l a l fci w a kai mtna tbo fol- 
lowii« aMo«t«r Oia dMdfol 
aWMt.«Ueb weoov7 bam ths 
Jw<i« CmiHi. 

■ "WAifeUed froB Uafawoi 
tte Mb, -nd hai'tav fan Paa- 

iMpoaofbolivaUo to hud the 
fcar Pasaeogai*: («h«t« mmA- 
«Dbi)ta fto owninc-bntavr- 
lag to tiU atiwMC Mnsot ««- 
■were MsdderaUj to leawaid of 
•AePortby dtq-ligMi ve ofl^ 
dBaMond-ttro d^t ud a niKbt 
r^^ti ibe iqadward. b«t 


_„ Jw«t IS uiUea to tbo 

• W fttf M r tf d <f Cariaga. Tkfmtf 
nky^rfhi^ fw taM dajraj ao ' 

^D-PaaileDoMafc, bat •■ anioa- 

•B. ^e Captain gaTftoadento 
atandoatto aaa until 13 o'ale^ 
at otgbt, and dwn taek is to Oo 
had i tbe CU«f JIate Hx^ tbo 
ooBKiaBd of the. dook atviid- 
A far fton the land that wo 
oonld not poMiUr nafib it.btk- 
fon day-break ; the ibip tnokad 
—A breeoebwiiig apranp op we ' 
Wera akmad by tho ibp atrik* 
ioK aUffbtlj on u^mumI abovtl 
e'doak in ^ mohlmf. NotUac 
aaa paint tbo datraasiiig MOne s ' 
and evety' waro diiTingovec 
the abip added tooarhMiiUo 
Nlaation. Labalfanbontoverr 
saatwaa over the aide (tola*, 
ward) Ike ah^ had drifted into 
atieiMMdoas aar^, everj boat 
wu atived b the atleaipt to 
lower them, and tbe k«4 half 
amiloaD'Oartee. TbeaooBeoC 
bon«r Hid distmatheo becasifl 
indamtimMe— We bad notbiac 
bat to tniat to the mk*«a, and to 
plaee ovr eonfldeooo In the AJU 
taightT 1 The ories of die f emalaa 
and ^ilteen were heaxt-rend- 
iag. It.'w«a taid that the bottom 
hulputed from the nmwrworlu. 
Smtj panoa wai naked and up 
to A» midde in water, and tho 
dletreas. waa ia*reaainir n«n 
Homont. Tltfce apara of wood 
-were got over tha^Of on whi^ 
-lix penona iucladlog mj»tlF, 
providendallir foaehedthe ihore. 
We were aU aor muA axbaust- 
•d, that' bad not tbe Nativea 
oome to owaaitataiMa, the To.- 
tnm of the aorf wonid havo 
enrried ■ aa -out ag^- Wofoond 

Ktbe abore a Sailor, who had . 
m waabed Mecboard. to 

:. Cookie 


ll.the abip puM urouA* O^pfciiB O i n iptBa.lhglqMwW 
■PkUMt"" weivofalliMtoMt ww i r fc ; " bii tonpgpy ^ jtow^' 

«ot grtnktr tlw wtMk, Mid hrt 
aftflrwBrdi to d«iist,«ndfBKll 
teMMUate ba arfartk«r«ft». 
A PHMhoMB, lit wife UM~ 
rimgMera, with two oTOc 

" ! M 4 

renek Iwhn 
•MerdangMerraadwatt __ 
tbt father with the ehfld perijbk 
«d, u did the two CMIon, 6m 
of wholD WM sera at dmrk atielc- 
nv to dMreBkitu ofthebowi 
wbloh wu heM br the AMhora. 
ne aboM for 8 ntilai «w ttmr- 
•d with bo sup aad Cwso." 

The foUowiof^ b a Qst of tha 
Paaaengera who hava hoen pro. 
Tldentiall; saved .- 

We, aiagwanUr < 
CbMn:, forth* M— giMUBtar 
thajWiln «r tha IMsd Ba« 
ladla C—p— y . 4» aefcaaiwi 
Mga md dedam ov nod 
ftted and AH; tta Nabob Aar. 

ptmM WaUa JU^nW ^A. 
awrf ilUKUn MOmdwr, Yo^ 
er Brother of the Nabob Sf- 

aeeded to tiie Sabadanr ^tha , 
Prnttacaa of HnsBl, Bahar asd 
ortaaa, hi wUoh W« wfB aaaist 
aadfappatChha to Iha atent 
•r. o«r !povai; and We abw 
beieby reqnirfl m^ *— — ~rrl 
allMiraona wWdnor betaaalMr 
to oar JuriadJattna. nd Wo dv 
dartre aU pavaeM our fiindi 
•ndAUaa, toaekaawlodim tha 
nLonaa, I2th Baafd MidMabob SmndAkmad AOm 
^ _, „ Jnna*»>il<A.>aa«abhdar^ 

Hadaaie Bxituaean. the aaM Pmfoaea. 

Hadl. Rosaaeaik PobiMmlaadimoUiBed far 

ThefDnowinsuaUitofaom*- order of tha OorcrMr OMeiri' 
Qf.tbe unliNlaikata peraoaa, who in Catmeil. 
W««draiuiad:— W. B. BaylET. ' 

.t^Mta Wrifht, 31«t Hadnv UU^Aa.Ca0aal. 

. Captaiit Hanittoil, Tft ditto. An mUtaMlUl A^- USI. ' 

Hqim. RoaaMaa,aBdaaoof- HU EaoaDaiti^ tha llo« Ho- ; 

Us daw^teiL Ue tha Oororaar Oaaav^ fa- 

Ur, WiUon, fbnacd j Puaar Gonaeil baa boaa pteMfld ta di- 

iaMHUe Bengal Tradar. reoL thataSaloteof Ntoeto u w- 

Hr.IffsteiadOOM of tho Oau be Hiod Aom ttaSam.' 

-^t««Ai)v(ra. . -.. pltta«<fatt.WjlHia>,at t» 


U^iOrWelfaarrii^ 'BajwlifsatM. 
Mra- WethoraU. 
Uent HcArthor, Uat U*» 
Ataa, N. L 
lieat. Carpe^er, H.M. Aad 


. ClytaiaL 


Metw hM of. Hla Highnu- tto ami aim 

Vabob AiMiri Ati* £iakN to AajlMa, who. mUocM i 

AeHauadof ttoPmiMwiar ■^bcrsfUft. 

nitil, HiIiii mil THIiii. ■ml JfcflU Jtwrfwgy, iiM«iraB.-a 

*MD»«b*«l«Bitioiito ft »m iMcttMl to «irD.O«b. 

*Md. at tta.liMd -ofaB tht tecta^, lliatniMqr r«tuM hat 

TraopsiB OtniMa at SumM MlMvieiiiU, dnuff tkat dajr^ 

ttiaAxalac-inderft S«lala«r to IkB BpUwila) ua oa ttia 

«htMV«lliMofMBaqiwtiT. «lat, itlndtaBM««rp«rtMl,4kal 

- W.B.B«rTUT, t«Blw»dr«lnatUitfk»d'dtapA 

CiJ|f&«. ••«««; afltmtMatttMday*. Osdw 

— M, tWi^ «f th* UgMr «d«nr 

J>riM,jtiVMK3Lr-OiiUwlri «C tlwiafeaUtaaM dMfrfGkM 

■Bri 4th S«pteaber, SO mtmm tirk. 

4ied of Ohokn ia Oe Port m. Ltktntt A^mit .96w— Oroi* 

!••&■ Hia '■HVcMy akn wat ■■nhm hne 4icd«f ttaeChw tan. SaoriiMK Md fnrcm 

wtwl>hi»Pfc > rt ri aii» pi w ttrlbaa. luve be«a«tfaMdi^ fc«~A'MiM 

and a aaciUMirf ttbtfalout AMtan. CU. Jmn 
»gM».at«aakaf«hBSaiBa of4b* 


fbr Sepfemier, 1831. 

_ . , ana a wry Wiffct scrnflRy wm 

*m ito •ariy pwt «t Ike y«u itiBkient to prove to bim ttiml 

M14, w about tha tina tb* ftw were pcifectly Ii«nn1ej«, 

anra *rf Paaoo Naobed tM> -rflthe locks bein^oot ofenjer. 

«MBbT> Oaplaia Pa»ct i of tb« - After umo conTCrifttion witH 

4ipfin«r,.aakiiTalim vcnagv tbe neopte who acciffapaniei 

bMlbablttrfRvce ta Kan- Mm.helsugbed witb them, and 

— — 1 J-- «. . — tfceyibMwcntawy, palHngfll 

aa t naoa of Maaaowry far wood roandlbe Hhip before thej t 

aMwatar: th« aatlraa flooke* Hrel; leftber. 

«*baa^M>dat fint appaaro* latbe Bflenmon inofliei ca- 

a« fa*dlji| batfaiaiar yama hm entie abonrd, brintring, ta 

Md fowla ta Captain DuKia Ae peat anrprfae of Captafa 

ami baa «ww ftir tobacco, at a Daidela, a wbite nan. Thi* 

▼VTMOd«BatB«sdiai«e, . «Nlow Md the ^^aptafai (bat ti« 

On the aacoad -nomiii; tber ms an KBRltibman and ba4 

ww » iga tt od>yaCaftea>nJi& beenlefltbereby aman ofwat 

torn (ny a natfra Wwmb) wto foot years before, when harint 

'mMi»«am»tir^&jtaM timg Mien asleep wbHgt wooffloi:, 

mm tha DaaM. Thoy obaen^ ae sUp iaiM and left blm be^ 

adidM rmWai ng wry atriedy bind. Captain Darnel* fbnn* 

A I HHketa wUdi tte Laaeara by eertBcatea !ii ponsesrion of 

' ' 4Mk.«Mf fte Natiwithat tha ZaA ftifwM 



MliMt«ddwidndiiM«j«w Hodgu, of Hadrii, voirt M» 

bofots t bnl tbt if-gW'*— » Mid Mmnaowrr Harbour t amA C» 

Hut h* W4» ikea at •Botbtt part ulBU«^arbaifateed«idilii 

«C tht Ulaad j bovavef h» woold paopls far beiel-iMit ; bnt •• 

mctm |»ia tko Cmw. Uia ««b- mmb ai tbey foiuid she hada 

dnat mtwlArtaMUai, appMced fraatinimbarofbalaawidcban 

varj nupMotu ; ha addrasMd •■ board.-tkoj laid an'- 

UaMtffrMuamlirfiDlbeNa&iaA aat her oC, and tke En^ 

n Itti aod tbair KeitOTM, gava the afKiial t* begmlbr 

vorkof alaaebler, by fcaoaktey 

down and nardcring the Ca[v 

» >U|^i MuakeM : ha asoke tain asd sUof male. Tha aa- 

• ■ — Is, ami OB — • ■ ■ '"■ 

huptandttaatidttii ««i 

lug: sbMt dW iMMOtiN 

^ttosUp'iMuakeM: he 

_^ ... tires Oen cleared to dadu, kill* 

nnvtaldCwtatoDaaieli tng ill the «rew cKoept adrd 

'd aae liia agiia i> who ware Id tha hold : wn took 

, lav^lBC at. tiie all the goods o« of bw, aa4 

Uno. CaplaiB DanielK bnntaebfigfiiclbeukeaflM 

uprehaitduf mm Ua manri iron aad oopper. Two of tht 

ttat he-bad aone ireaahOT ui • Brig's <nw altorwmrda got ta 

view, got Bp fraiB the hold «mI ltaB«oo* t ■'>' oae of Aev ro> 

vahiited ff-poonders^ wbioh vtU lated Aia horid tale to G^itait 

tter llw EngUahnuniiKir the Na- Daniels. It appears that tUs 

tiveseoald have known of his. SogUshKan'SDameisWotthliig- 

baring on bonid. ton, and tkatke desMted froa 

After day4ight Captain Da- H. H. FHj^te .Bari)wUhr», 

Biels got flie ship nnder wei^; wUbt shewas III the ■HaibMC 

and jut u the sun rose, Mag: ontting spars. Captain Cliaries 

then nnder the topaaUs, they BBlth, of die Cowitry serfiee, 

opoaed the monA of -the Har- was-aoUng Uentenant of the 

hour, and saw this wretch (the ship at the time of thla man'a 

Biwlisbmaa) coauag with abont desertioa." 

aDUrgeeanoesfbllofmenin a Hy Uead co&dndes beiet 

double line of hatde, anda Urge bat I may add,- that Ua ooauHa- 

BoiBub trading boat, (which idcatioii gtoes strong reaaon fw 

had probaMy taken at soma iMdieWaf that the aapiMMMiHi ef 

former period) leading^and pul- the' ship Ala&Mate^r bafinf 

ling a deobta tier of paddles. beeneatoffatNanoowry, iahat 
too weU feoaded; aad t abo^d 
think Ibai fn tbeae peaaaaWa 

derasmnKsttbcat; and aathey times, one of HlsH^eetr's ridpv 

(opeoted to have nothing to en- oould Mt be better employed 

oOtmter bat the old' muskets, than ia the e a ds a ae a r to aaowtf 

Ihey we(e thrown into luoh cen- tala tUs, aad to get bold ofm* 

fiidon and alarm, that they all briig ta eoadtaB' pantsbwnt, sT 

took to their paddles and pnUod wretth -that dligraeeS' aol Ue^ 

for the sbme aa- fast «• they ooaatry alone hat .bnaiM aa.^ 

could.' Ciqttain Daniels ia- tare. CsL/av. Afrt.d.* 

■tantly made all sail, and an- -^— 

ohoted at Caroioobar the oexfr We regret to aaaoasee 4(f 

morning. The nUives of this oeearrsaee of a west oalisrttf*' 

island told lum,. that Iha Nan- male aeeMaMt,MrtMi ' baa Wd- 

oawry people wera very bad to the 'dettraellsn ^'fre' 

men. - ef * Aa - HtMorMb' - Oe^* 

, AihorttlbeafurtUaeecer- paanr's. Dtanensaty.'- BatweM' 
nwinnAdgn a*«Mfe, •axiM' 

noce, the Brig' 2I«ii«,."CaptaiB 



ftvenfBg efThonday, a bottta' 
mas bmrd Id «xpl(>d« in tb« 
«toT« raom. nesr thecomponiiil- 
fe|^ shop, irldch i> alwaj^t look- 
ed np Woreduk. The uri»- 
tout, •tBriooB to ftoeertain iriiat 
<Aaaa|Kliad oecnred; tudooked 
tt« door, and, okatrriBg 1h« 
fcottoBioforiti oftkemoat loftr 
sbeheitobe wet, be manntMl 
to MMrtaishmr many hottlu 
lad bant. Aj a natlTC wai 
h MwU ag np a ligkt, it a apa w 
that b« Iwd ptit it withla lb» 
■pbere of tkp etkereid vapoon. 

I initaataaeoariy 

Wa««.. A gtgkt of water 

laune^ately pouied upon tba 
0BBA*. bnt the beat iiiirarta> 
BMe^ . Clacked the adjoiniiig 
wtHMand in five minatei the 
Whole atote toom beoane a 
■oane of oenligntiou. TW 
fluMi raged with frteatTiolenea, 
•Bditwaaimponblelo preraat 
tbem tana oomuBnioating to all 
patu of Ibe Diapensarr, w^ch 
•oen exhibited a Tokiaiiis ap- 
pearance, from the oooasbnal 
•xpioaions Aat fare freib ini' 
pnbfi to the devoodns elements, 
as it spread its iaBiienee aver 
tte inllanimablB preparalians 
distrUnted ihnm^iODt the build' 

Nmnbera ot all ranks repnir- 
•d tpeedily to the iceue, in or- 
4er to render imiatance. and 
tiietr exertiona were ap[died in 
a moat active and praiieworthy 
manner. The fire enginei were 
worked with great diligence, 
being sapi^ed with water from 
tfte LoU Dirgy- to which the 
pew gate on the Smith ride of 
^ e^oatve gave a ready ■<>• 
MM. Hr. Sogg. the Hagis- 
tiatat was oonapkinnialy ao- 
tivaottdieoocaiion, and gratf 
oreifltiv dneto apai^of the 
STifctkMathe fort, whose aer- 
neeairenrerybenefidal. No- 
tttDg hoiHTcr-* aoild wn anr 

'bete 4|nor 
in a art I 

pert of Ibe Dispettnury or tbft 
aparttaentf of the aMJatanta 
ftom deatraotl6n,' batit iajnr^ 
(trying tp (Mnk that the flames 
were prevented ' frotf apreadius- 
fhrtber, Tbe wind- was prOft> 
dendally ao twbt. as ta aUow tka 
«flbrta made fonhiiMupdta^ U- 
prove saocenfU. Had it been 
otherwise, tbe darastatlaa 
nighthave-bMa-oftke gfoaiett 
magnitude, at beaideat^. H«c- 
Whirter'a Honaa, dw General 
iPoatOfietf— ihe Records ofiho- 
Pablio Department.— tha On* 
venunent Stahtei — ^Tbllob'a lt> 
celhra; with Measra Stella 
art and Hobeitscn'i and Hr. 
Smonlf I premiaee, were all in 
the iitfmMliate tidid^. 

Tbe fire waa not got under 
nntiU pact nidnlgfat, and tho 
DicpoBsaiy exhibited yesterday 
amassofsmt^dngralns, apart 
of the roof having Ml« in, and 
tfaefie still oonlinuiiig to bom 
ia the interior of the ^;a^inia. 

It haa been aacenainad. w* 
tuderctand, that thv Tain* 
of tbe Hediod Stores, laielr 
daalroyed b|r tbe €re at tbB 
Hob. CMnpany's Diapenaary, 
exceeds two taca of ntpeeat 
jet is fiiTtanale that no grwUin- 
oaovenieaae will be experianoad 
in oonaeqnenMofthe disaster, 
aaaUtbeamyd^Mtta are w^| 
•applied with iwdiunes, and 
one hi4f of the present yeu'a 
importation of Stores is yetdiuw. 
The Marquis of Hastinga, wa 
are infoimed, has given 6<M 
rupees to be diskihated among, 
the port^ of the S7tb regimen^ 
which aided so oonapicnoualjp. 
la cxtinguisbinf the 6rc. 

At a GtiuTMi Amuial Matting ^ 
the Pr^rittart ^ tht Satigar 
JtUnd Societv, AfU at tie 
Tomt Haii, CR Mintday tit ■ 
SdSepitmbtr 1S31. 
Preaent^— H. T. PaiNsir.U 

AtPAVtiMoiii C l^owra. SU. 




BoBUTMNr H. UAJUtM, IL mj hne, aig l M M^ — «f te 

HuKTU, J. TouNQ, J. KvD» limn ud wtcntwu «)lb wUa 

Smm, C^rT. Ckarlii P.iToig tlie Comnuttea anlend mi ItM 

Baboo* BiwETiiciH»NXA«oKih labon of Ibe jpMt v«u^ thej 

Hun Dm, K4PH#HiDu« Aentvifm,tit tt atatemvA «f tbt 

Banoohjic, BAHrEMAUD Ba- nst^ml circumsUuo^i Uwt 

MOKJii, ud Raxumoit J>STU k»ie acoHced sinoi. Iwt Mept* 

OnlkttmMiM of Hr. Pmn* ing, ud to ftxhihitu briel^.M 

<ir. iMMMled 1^ Iff. HvvTU, BOMibie, tb« lualt «t lb* ptft, 

Hr.Tovii* »M MdMm Ita •«|ltuw«>«* «*w wed with 

Tt* fcllowlBg Report WM _^*' '*' *S '**f*? •'*?* 

IkwpKSfnUd to the Ueefinc jwiwoeiawf •»»*»*«« •" tta 

by tEeCMnmittee of Mana«- M"!! ^ Mr. Priwaw^ "Hioii 

IHB^ and ordered to b« rrad bj *• Co«iintteo M' » -SgiletB* 

tbeir Sectetarv. •*" '■**> recwrtly »pp«IaM M 

' Ifcg rtwue althe So wiW j ' apria* 

• J> ffe gffrtlwM^ Pnp r M on «lpar 8MiBfr «t URbt Bom* 

^tk* Sf^or Jtlmnd^Miitf. - Fdat,Uidfroga vbmvfixpnCt 

eiRff •BdjadMoos'mmncaacaM 

vnAwm «3cpe«(ed, AH M V 

hi^ cwme of Mrteaber, «• 

to IrvfMifedlV'WnrUs ftmaK* 

to EDgtand. ' Mr.T. PMe wa* 

Kppomtod Mir. PalcoMt's-mo' 

ceMor, ami 4irp«ted topn>9ea«t* ' 

tte vofkon ttH'plantald dmni 

by Mn,- ifMoh' «m i>Tiaar tfa* 

byvotaiioA. A doubt tas ul- 
aenkfto vbctbec Ur. Trowor 
Ml wbom Ibe tmu w»«|d otbar- 
viie fall, if to be lOomidared by 
tlM canatiiulioD of tho Societ^ 
a pemaBent ex-«ilcl» If cKbor 
•f tbe Cammittas, M to feU«Mi< 
IntbeopeiatioB of Iha Kobenl 
nia, as thii is a potal that can 
miy be deterauned by tba Go- 
meni ■ Meeting. Your Gam- 
nittee are precluded ittmtA- 
atdy naiuing tbe Hembcn wko 
jetire ob tlie prea^at occaiiop. 
After tbe TCi^ full Report lata 
by your Comnutlee of Hanafe- 
inent before the last' Annaal 
Mee'tiDg of tbe Proprletora, it, 
irilLaot be aeoeasary to detalii 
} ou oa tbe presont occasioa with 




Wfu n ti of lOOO wep eimploydl 
.OB the work; liDl the illncH of 
Mr. PBlconn-pfvdacedaiempo- 
nrf disorgaiiuaticu of th« eotk- 
blJsbKenl, that Ht. Tote faoad 
iftMitdiffiimil^ia i 'e ot i frw g.Piitil 
tbe iDootii of Fefaniny. howcr a r 
there wu ev«rr rouon to hope 
that tbe object would h«ve b«em 
affected in ti>e Seuon, but in 
Hiat DMnth Mr. Pote likewiM 
Ml ill, wn QHiKed (Uddeitly to 
I— »e tbe (4*00. kitd oltimatctj' 
nKiKiitimd dw cnphiyaenl. 
Mr. Hodgwa. tbe Surgeon ap- 
potated by OovcroaeBt to sne- 
oOTd Mr. Oaitard. who in No- 
-TCHberlaat Ml a victim to k 
f a«ar oantracttd on-tfee leland, 
WM Bt the time of Mr. Pole's 
alMek himself in n^ a state 
fromillaMs, as tobeabte toaf- 
ford d» naeifU aisiita 
hM indeed' beea rest 
ed to prwe e cJ to 
beaM, ftaa addh 
iiaaMtvthe tiitor i 
vietimto the dtmMeof Si^nr 
imfrr/ Tbeae SMidmU Oam the 
lualNhrTty o« tUa part of the U- 
land wen beynul onr oalcDht- 
tiM). It aoay be right to men- 
ti<a in lUs^ace that ll is only 
the Soatfa.Weatem pail of tbe 
liland Aat hasprvred' so ina»- 
lobriouBto'BBi'^aMilbe ata- 
tion of Mud Point is partionlar- 
ly hraUhy Btiropeana 
and nativea, iniomachDuit there 
has atritr been an; provalenoe 
of f^ver or «f mortality ftom 

I amonitst-peofrieof aowtiaBofl 

the coaAned StacUdeR iritUn 
wbich it ia ikeoessuy for the 
people to be lodged dnrin; the 
■Jgbt. may bare had the effect 
<tf diflarinf its inflnfenoo over a 

Cter number ttan.woDldb«To 
affeded, had tbe. pcof^ 
bten apnad aboatin ViUaces; 
with proper |wecs«loBB bowe- 
ler, even this cMsaeqaeaee has 
been prevcMod, aa was evident 
at Hud Point, where this de- 
stmcliTe peatil^oe diwipeand 
after the seoond day ttom tbe 
frst decided ease of attach 
which tbe Committee attribato 
entirely to tbe jndicioiu arraaigO' 
meats immediately adopted by 
Hr. Haeloaa.— With respoet to 
the caacBOfBarayeaaa, itmay be 
remarked generally, that un- 
neoessaty expoaore and in- 
leaperttDOe, or at leaat tbe want 
of daepmdeoce bare contfibv- 
led in aeveral iutances to brine 
OBtbediaeaaea wUoblneapa^ 
taied the individnda employed 
on the lalaad; more than one of 
the eaaea bare indeed been de- 
cidedly of the charaoter of 
.atrakea «f the Son. Toretoni 
however to the reoapitUtetiaa of 
the measiim adopted at Ufbt 
House Point 

One of the Committee, Mr. 
James Kyd, having offered bia 
services to proceed to examino 
the aUte of the Light House 
Point SettleoMBt with a view i» 
detormifM bow^ br it ndgbt bo 
deairabla to persevere in tbe «x- 

either claat at Ibatstatioa.- 
Bendly, indeed, where proper 
^eeaotioin are taken to aeoure 
deanliiKaa, tbe lotnras of peo- 
ple employed on the bland in 
4>ftreotparta have not ezhiUted 
a plater proportion of sick from 

' ■"■ iplaius, that 

r, than would 
Iwve been experienced in the 
cleared partaof Bengal.— When 

'. Falconer'a Flan, 

arrived at tbe lalaad, Jnit after 
Mr. Pote was seiaed with ferer. 
Having examined what bad 
' bcMi done, be expeotcd on bis 
return a distinct opinion, that 
tho wotk had been no far re- 
tardcd by the drcamttanoaa 
above relaled, ai -to leave no 
hope that it ooald be eompleted 
in the p«*ting aeason. Mr. 
JLyi'a report will befeand re- 
corded on oar prooeedings of 
Ae sniL Febmary, when after a 

r v#u 



my M GonMenriita of tfl totx the uMOBt iidiiiMir 

the ^inntfanu InvvlTBd, ytmr in which this shall be gnurtod. 

Coiunittee CMse totlie detn- -Tbcwfaotecaii«epondeiwate«- 

Irtnatiw ta diMMdnoe tte aeMed with thi« aiO^cot wa 

woric at light House Point iM- ttanfore be laid oath* tiM«. 

li«dla(e)7, ud UpotsiMe, to To fmeeed with thedetaflar 

bun the whole «stiMisbtM«t the ac oM re it eci of tto vew. 

mDOTed.baforeftosettii^inor Thestation atOoxa Idaad 

the Tininit Soatlieilf wnda, oommeaeed at Ihi awwaili 

whenHia bothdUlenlt andox- tioaafCoiBaMdere Hajea, aad 

penrire, to ftanish arapUesin nader the SnperiDtendence of 

toffleleitt dMiMdaiKe. Tbeex»- Mr. Thonas Aadrews, tte Har- 

cntleB of Una fmportant openi- hMirftUi^.whohBdaBfferoilaa 

Mod wHs entniatM to Mr. Hao' -acnnlf by the tpftnga of Aa~ 

lean, to whoae aed, activity and gast and September. Oat the 

Ja^inBnt the SocielT has boe« eaamitleodMitcd Mr. Fako- 

indebted oo more than one «c- -ner in Oeteber to exaniBa and 

eaatoR. Indeed tba'Camaytl** report ooAoexpedleaoy eroao- 

hate generally nralled tlteai- tiaoiag the woik there «■ aa 

aUvesofhisserricesintfancior expeBsive asato^Hia apiiaM 

dhioal^ or embwrassment, and bauig nnfevoraUe to tbealathn, 

hare ahraya acen reason to l>e 4ie Oonasittee deteraained to 

aalisfted wlA the maaner ia eiaphiyaBlyaeaaMlleattfibb- 

wMoh he execoted thedn^as- MeatofMaaeB wfao-had haea 

■laned htsa. In the preseat in- kept up dariag the raiaa, and to 

B Hr.'MaotoMloat not a Hafcathe deaked enpeitasBb 

— . ,_,__._ ^_™. M*otf ^" ■ " - 

tioD at UgbtHoase Paint, mi 

baring, after ■ most pattontto- . _. _ _ 

vestipitton, -settled OMooBht- -MBvUagawft rata of hatw cca 

UaMd by dMir aaeanar-no 
•MBvUagawft rata of h 

* of Orse aoBfla Vft>aM M Rs. pr. 10» i 

'atandiBg, snceaededin aoeOM- «f'8alt; hwlading tha expeaee 

|rtiiWng.fli» abandwwwnt of fte of Amishii^ Water ton Kied' 

atation, and the romoral of tbo garae;' aeaseqaaady, tikm -Co«- 

wboleestdilftbkDeDt aerosstho aifttee findtag that while tbo 

iBIrerlBtbeoowaiBariheEMaia -StatioB ooattaied dastitiito of 

■of Maroh, while the weather a itipplr of this aeeessary Ar- 

Wks yet faroraUe. Tin Con- tkfa, the Banafactnre wonld 

«itleedeifawpanie«lHriy to rail not paji itself aa oondnotedex- 

yonr attenUon to the Hiativo- periaaoatally l»y Mr. Asdrows, 

4lonat iss«ied'0n this ooaasiiMi, ordered ita diseonttnnase* to- 

and to Hr. Haetean'i reports of wards the end of Deeenbw, aP 

the manner in wMdi theywore ter a ^joaatfty of only -ItA 

' coieAited, beaaaae-in ihMr opi- mannds had been prepared. 

Iiion Hr. Ifaol0an''s sendees A sabaeqnent expatiaent 

havB«siabliBhBdforhiB«eliiM laadehyorder of theC^amH- 

toaKtSB rennnBraliow, anditia < - tee 
|uestion wUcb haa been ape- 


- .^"TI^'^J^ thedrtwnil- ■ ( Leltef Of InrtrMfloin to Mr. 

natMBoftbe «enaral Meeting, Hademi, dated 9Bfr FVbj. ISBl. 

' — ' ■■■' HbroplTdatad MAwikOm. 

> TruxBUtledwith km latter to arittee'tofisraf »••£*. m gntA- 

tha CoBUBluae, dated fld April, .^. datsd Uth A^ ItU. Mr. 



IMiitMtrd Pohrt, proved lliat ion at AU itathm, ifUohf»b«> 

•xctnsiTCof dieciiarge for Wa- tleved not to have been well s»- 

tn, the Salt ctnild be nnde by leeted ! 

'»«•»■ of CooUes cmplojiedat Tkc Comnitteei haw WUiA 

tilente'of4Ra. ennh permen- RrKtificatJon in dmrinKthe at- 

»m;atathart(toTeOor iHpn Icotlan of the OenerBl Heetiiig 

-lODmaDnriB. wldef 

Ae ealeidatlon i 
Cffnnnfttee last f«ar recemmen- ■aperintendenee of Hr. Uaolean 
ded the SocfetT's •nftapnfr it) trata the tims tf its flrat eata- 
-the apecntatlon; so soon indeed bliahiae«t: Hutj ha*e alwaji . 
'>• the Stfitians shall bf> ftimish- angarad loofll favtHaUy of tut 
'«d -wHrTanksremaiaiR); fresh alatiaD, and tticj are happv to 
nil the je&r round, vhlch the mj that Us present state mly 
CTiMttittee confldently trastto justifies all their prediclians ; 
hbve already elTected at Hud by stoppiai; the month and ex- 
Point, they propose to revive oavalins one of the largest 
the anbjeet. The experience of Cheeks, nad by vurronndiDg a 
« short period of the .ensuing eomideraUe spaoe within wbicli 
'4ry seuoD will be suflcient for itlies, with aBmallbiuid, amost 
tiieimaaratice in this respect. Btatnufieent tank haa bees for- 
Id otdtrto lare expence, and mcd, widch was filledwilh water 
ItMametheCoitimllteeweTenot entirely fresh on the firstfallot 
idtogetbersatistied with the man- rain that took place In July ; Ao 
»er in"wMcli tbetr plans had (rratind too ta Ihid out as a ^- 
been tnreculed at Cox's Island, den, and offers n most inTitini; 
under Mr. Andrews' nonage- appearance to settlers who have 
neat, tbty early in Jannary di- waited only to see the b»dcm9 
rected'Mr. Hodges the Snrgeon ef the tank to eome there in 
t»takeGhargeofibeworkstfiere; ahnndoiKs. — The ground that 
< e Tei rf nreqfnstsnces however has been elearedaboBt this Sta- 
euulfibnled to delay the esecn- tion forms a space of - abont 
tfonef tfaljniessnre, andinthe 0,600 Beegflbs, and la eitremely 
IMeiiM, tbenBalleitabKshmeDt rich, and can now, the Commlt- 
nt-Ctn*! Island tna employed tee may Tantnre to assure tho 
IB preparing for an eventual Oeiterat Heeling, bo let out at x 
iodgmcnit en the main land of fent at any timeit may be deem- 
Hie Ialand'*nthe opposite side edadvisable t» do so. Thns 
of'tte GrRek, TMs conlinned Aereisbvery pmspect efamo- 
tD be Aelf employment nntil derate return being yielded {toim' 
tbepertod when Hr. Hadean nest season forwards for Ae 
w« dtspafched'frttm the North^ ontisy Ant has bean here ex- 
'em extremity of the Island" to pended. The Committee have 
tveakiip the •stablishment at rtoeatly "oondnded a bargain 
liircbt House Point, whenit was forao,000 maontls of the wood 
resdred, that be shenld similar- tbat has been cut Incloaring Aia 
ly superintend Ae abandon- pmnt; at Ae rate of 4 Rs. per 
BCnt of Cox^ Island, which is 100 maunda, as it lies on the 
-eqnally exposed,' and diHcolt of baiAs of the River, Ae pncbas- 
•Htwadanngtlie'HonsoMi.' It dr behif^ at Ae Bspedoe oflond- 
Im a iMirtiinnn •lnck-(he<Com- ing his own boaU with it. The 
nittcc woidd Wish to1iB*«*Ao Oomnutlee hopcto be able to 
«pliitfn of Ike Oeberal" Meeting; make frequent stntlnr bargilns. 
wtiKkW-ftft itatfca aball be're- The Committee ba«e premised 
commenced in Ae ensifing sea- the AoveMef stiiemenit of As 


3w cAioimA ANNFAi n»H9raR IWl. 

Sftt Boefh, for the ffiaoe «f 
land that migbt have been clear- 
ed bjr tk« aKeMj: of these .pei>> 
pUoBthe Sodetr'a. nde . c»f the 
ArbaM Bankee- The aocatutt 
hu lot been finally doled from 
Aa want of a proper la na an f- 
neatofthe ipaoe dcared, bat 
-the amouBt haa been reoeWad 
bjr tke Secne^ in foil, with tba 
CKeeptioo of MO n. hold im ie- 
sarre to oovar Ae eraataal de- 
sand on thii account. 

HeMrs. CaMer aikd Captat* 
Patan ba*e pioeeeded on a dif- 
ferent prinolplfl &0B1. the other 
Eanteet of (be Societf, and 
■lead of auldnc aa exlenaiw 
oalUj for the poipoM of eamr 
nen^t^c wMi a conaiderable 
apa«e readr cleared, Ibmr have 
nore eautioDsIf dit«aled- than 
firtt effotu to the preparathm 
of tanks, the mairafaahire of 
brioka, and other woifca Ukalf 
to afford a more speedy ntani; 
from their haiisf adooted this 
■fitem, tbeTCMiUof Oeopen- 
tiODB of Ihii year at Calder 
Town doea not exhibit any thine 
very atrtiili^, but it wUI ha ob- 
* erred from the aooompanyiof 
report from theae Oentleman 
' that they have iierertheleuoiiear- 
ed a apace of 1,200 Be««aha, 
whereof no les* than 280 are 
surroaoded hj a atrong mud 
embankment.* The Committee 
are aaanred that the franteaa 
bava HKceeded in reimhitratiic 
tiiemeelvei for ih* Kreater patt 
of their outlay.aud bare beaulea 
■ecored the advantage of freab 
water during the antt of the 
paat di; ae&aon, wUoh ia more 
tban can be said of an; statioM 

- - r ■ • One of the Proprietor* at the 

that the Committee agreed to meeUon Mrroborated thii laMt 

nuikeofer to thi» concern tho f„Uy, ^ nutiaa *«t be h«d lately 

MoKi broiif^ht rrom Chittagong, vtiited Calder Towa, mai that the 

' at the chfirKi^ of fhe Society, en enttnt of clvinnce and baadiaf 

bemg repaid the eipeace incuf- made ww bmi rwpcctable. 



PoiMt and tbue oa BKOgor pVq- 

f n additisn t»4ie«bo«e hmM 
til* Coayni«M wen isMeeAiii 
DniwlMtr Iwt, t» ««cedfti tarn 

(tiwtof tbeland totboxml^ 
'■«i4 ht Dof'a. «Mki LMlwUaK 
the apwftdewaAfN.tkrSoal*. 

EapM contiMt 1>y B«i)«9 
M. TbetitwtionwiM tkM^ 

nHnMriy tke Idee 
Hr. Bemett enlerwdee. 
^ ami peeMiar.qBaliAoeli- 

JMedsit&oMltsr «f KenaraJ be- 
MittoAeJmereMi of tfc» S»> 
«i«l3r,:«ketUe.exntioiu ekMOd 
W dincifld let Ae rbrthtna^*! 
the eleMnBW of the»- 
yaOeAtwaa m tite «th at No- 
«emb«r^enMei*»d ecommiini. 
.ceti«a pfewinag e gnuit oT the 
fkum. pcmtad <mfc h.r Unuetf. 
llteboBBdHieB era so indeftnite- 
b ieid down .In (hie oovreipfp- 
deeca, &Bt it is impoeaiUe to 
f*r ^bet pHTtimUr land* Hr. 
HeaMf lolNited. 'Tku.iadia- 
<innf w ougibt .hiKwerer OMiij 
kcre.bem reoMdied in drawing 
«paedeeda,.betnii tot thic 'date 
Ihejr beve not beos. executed. 
end it bu been Mcertaiaed tbet 
Mn ' Qeelljr fcea yet nuule bo 
ladiipneiitoathe Isleodiiior tnkea 
•Bj other itsps. to fonrwd the 
fMerel olyeate of .ibe. propeaed 
fraut — it reuiiM fptAbtgene- 
nlneetiiic to detfirmioe wbe- 
(her Ais alieaatiMi « offn- 

TbeeeoideD»fiaiaTi|;e» in 
the cooEHaflbis yva bete not 
been Tefy nanwrona, the Sooie- 
trhaslaet eltofcther onl^ throe 
personi.' two at Mud Poiat >nd 
me Kt the Ught house Point St»- 
tioo. Mr. Palmer baa lost one 
Aifiatast.' Mr. Vioenti, end 
Heafn^Kyda. Hunicr and Co. 
one by the Miuo MUM.^--<:in the 

alheikiwd(lMie>r«re toolSgen 

killed, one in n mait daanr 
mUKier b; Ur. Vowt^ Ura^ 
ud the other «t Uud Poi^ 
. where bmriBK in the oootae ot 
tbejufht taken poateasionaf n 
Umiksnijth'a But ootaide the 
Stockade, .be. wai fonod and 
«bot in the. jnormng. in nddl- . 
tion to the above aocidenta Ana 
nan bcfonKinK to tbq pstabHih- 
neotaoflteavit.Krd, Huntcfe- 
■nd Co, waa deetrojiBd by an 
AUi(atu,,vho bajne oat oi. tbn 
water .to 9w» baa. 

With reipect to tbd preaeiA 
ntate of the «onoeui -md.nnt- 
jweta «C the mkcivtjt Ibe Coi»> 
mitleeliKTe oaued ab^traetaof 
the .Acooonti to be prepared aa^ 
laid, before the General Heetiar 
iaanoh;a ibrm af-ba^ aeeveS 
to them best ealciilaled to abew 
ibetealatateof tbiaga. It wiO 
heaepn that the total espendi- 
tareof the, year baa amovated 
to 7:1.^1 B*. wltQrwf U.37S Bi. 
yraa expended at JJghjt Uguso 
Poiiit,.e3M Ra. 14 Ai. at'Cox'a 
Iiland. And 35J>27 Aa. 13 7 4 
Hnd PMat, wWe tbo Uigcat 
cSort waa made. OCtbe,origL 
naljMekwith whiob the.Sncielj 
oonu^cuoed, there noHf only riQ- 
moina 85,331 Its.». which ia not 
nucfaaiore than anKeient .for 
another year's ehargu if conli. 
nued in the ^mae scale, to- 
ilependflptly boweypi of the 
sums expended on the ,Ialai)(t' 
jtbe Socutj hai in the peat vear 
mej^with a.losa froia .aiocio^^ 
which ia a.BOun;^ of real reicr^ 
to the Coaunittee, and tliat is in 
the wreck of die Rattler Cutter 
which ran foul of a sunken wtedt 
on the Jaoie» and Mary, and 
notwidistanding that ever; aai*^ 
tance was immediately aent 
down,she waa wholly ioat, with 
the exception of a fet^ ,Storea 
tfiathad nut been injured. In 
addition to thi.i misfortune, the 
two itoaXg which were leporied 
Inat jiear 10 b»ve.b«en puichaae4 



mtibi Ids of Hr. Smtthft Tm> Ihetiair'ae 'OMBariHev imeM 

ftny, vte. the " drt^Mte' asd M adapt in the eoM^K (eMM. 
a LMMcb. dw rorme* of whkk Tlie MMeof tb« Amdi forMd* 

•Ml Ba. Bi. 3000 ud tiM tntter ' mr vxtautra^an of dearanM 

eai Ks. laoo bovfl ptored, after ImIdk aAdArtHken; tliey kocorA: 

.fehvint b«tD put ' into Dodc; to inKlfpnipoMODly to{Mrr«iMtb0 

be refit, wbollj unaewieaUo, so elearnnoa «t the aMtJon'«rU«d 

iMcli'Bo. u MhaVe been atrid ' PoiM, wUdt MeoMto befarby 

br Mify 8«. R«. ai U»*iB thftwwt flauriiriiltt|t «f tlteaat. 

ieiag pot Op to the AuctfMi u tteawnta to tbe ■■had. Bnn 

«he9"»fn«d tn'the I>Mk. The tke completioa of ttebaMhton 

CoQMnltiee abided by tbosdvlM gagor praptr, tSe Connitteo 

»fHi. R. K|r«l in naUnK the Mnk, alter tha expotfaMco 

y t hMCT, Md apan fate report aeyliave bad of the extftim 

•oneeived tfaemsiMra to bate iMalubrttr <rf that bland to Ba- 

Mbl^Md » molt adtantviceoHs ropoaria, tt wUlbeb«tt«rno« to 

tel^atam 'both oitSM, uiitt>tte nr^ at ffreannt f tMtarda tbe 

nporfof Hr. J.'Kyd. who an- «a(lofNovean«r,bo«rever, tb«r 

deiloek tba repairs, coBiplmaly inlrad -to BeBd-daini aamall 

«)<c«;eiv«4 tbem. The COM- puty with ordenr'ta olMr (he 

Buttee trnat that bUme wHI aot grOmtA ffbontthK-tampIi!, in or- 

be eoBiidered to attnoK to them der toatlMd Inwvaaed AettMiM 

Itoi' thia nsfortatiale rMnIt of t»th<Mew)H) mar fV«mfttt!ke 

tbeae parcfaases ; they maecfr- t«o Ki«al ftii*- held 'tMc«, Mie ' 

«d tbetatBelv«g to have taken n DeoMabe* md tta'olberla 

every precawtlon that irtg ine- jftmary.RndtA eataMlak'allant 

eeaaar^ to abcure the iotercDta on aeoount of' tbft Soctetf on 

bTtiie gooiety from rMi, and if those ocebrioMi This tho Com* 

th(7 were deodve<lby' the ap- mnteetmst'Wilt'botbbe'pVsritit' 

pearance of the Boata, it was b[e to the 'Sodtty md of the 

«ierelf o«ta!t'to Ifaedefcayha*- almoit beni»M to the pHrrima 

jlif^ spread through the timbers and others, whn atpresenteK- 

ki flueh a.muaiiei'aBtoetcape ^erieilce cdMtderaMe dfUfbdl- 

Ibe efe of the most ifcilfattiait- ^n, tJipeeiaHy- in'^pfmiMUnK 

•Abm, AeTattk topro«<M«fffitefi 4tis 

' "Hie total deatnKtk)n«f these nnnecessar)' to say that if is 

Boata is What swells the chai^ very fttr TrArn the ' inteatjon of 

noder the head of " Pttdlt and tht; €onmt(tee ' t4 itapo^ any 

Loss" In tbe' BcooonW to 'belaid new exaerlbmi; ortoifrterftre'la 
on die'tribte. Any waywfth tVe fbtl ec^toise 

A ftrf few'wordB will Mflhie of the rtfW of pl%rfl*aBe by 
to explain flie plan Wbidh, with these' *inr have been in the ha- 
(he aanolimi' of tito Gcaeral bit of resftrtlns totTist-temple. 

; ■■ • • ■ ■ In addltltm to flie abov4 plan 

Ae Committee intend, to eaa« 
fCbwJot«o,r.» -■• aw 0.0 ©overhnieot MH aBbrfl ewwm- 

UasU, Rigfi'Vi ^'^- ' 

iti^ ' fi a Cf^eekt t 

of the 3oci(4j iti'openiiilf a 
similar ehmmtinioitlion Atom 
Mod Poittfdown th Dog^Cwek, 
■n hr as (hetine May tw 'flto* 
leMttill takmgi&g to Oc Soei- 

«"°^'"-'-' «''i fi^^Spisr.^^sis! 



«tT> The "m — '*"- hne mmt- 
Mwed that ih* «nr0ws of tha 
portiona of Imad mlionfttad Drill 
caeh Mn7 it on thro' tht spwie 
occupied by their (rruiU. Unit 
taveboen indilfied tft ctwuto 
ttU ToMlatioB hy a uMUMiiucft* 
ticM>fr«ntbe Pott liuter^*- 


kMl with inatt^oliame to no a«t 
iauBediato necnlfoDT aad. u ' 
the' leeiirityM amaa, ofiah- 
»taiiao<th«j tnutto he. iA)e»- 

tioa fiKW Diaawnd HBihoav wkd 
C«lo«tU totiie N«» Aachonife 
RlSemH; betiTMB whioh paiat 
ami KtdffBnt the paeaftgA >- 
ATOM ia for acwerAl montha-oK- 
tRi&ely daoferwu lor even, the 
he*t boatBt BBd aonvtwee^what 
Jf inMToepted. 

The CoBunitUe jtniit thM the 
Genwal Meeting «iU afraeiu 
the epiBMn entutsiaod by them 
•f tb« deiire^leaeaa with a 
*iew to the otueeia of the Socie- 
tf , nfiBmniiq; aovtee^MKOc in 
■idofthia meamre, audit wiJI 
ho faHy eonpfiiMted to the 
Confliittee by the ffpening, at 
tbBVMMBce of Ooverament of 
•-raM t»tte ppiat onpoute 
the . Statioii of Had Point, 
wUdi wiUseoeaaariljr.beJipre- 
liminvyt to .^"T wncc bonir 
ineanrM- fiMva - the Soeiety'i 

Since the . «h«ye-wv arafled 
the CovmitteehaTereceu'ed in- 
IJMMliow.lhat the suit reported 
laatyeacto have bees iastiut- 
ted Sfaaitt thecoi>ti:»ctor Bam- 
|i^ Knr, Bad his aeenrj^y Lneh- 
me Mm^ob, £m the balutce 
doe on the eonUaot entered loto 
by thv fiaimer to clear IWO Be- 
.Kaa,at.the nteofeiU. fiAa. 
.per BvgB, was on Thuradi^ lait 
decided is favacgfthe Sptiiety, 
wlmhaTethnaobtaiBied adecree 
Am- filflfr^lO against Ibeetrpcts 
o( the (kuntractoi: (wjjp bimaelf 
di«d pending the Juit) , and a- 
4«iiut the aecnrity fo* .the ' re- 
«Minder. incaaeofthe effaRls 
• tet pvfiBgfutE^iMt. Xbi dom- 

deemofL ■ > 

H.T^PKimBV, CI mi r m m. 

A/UrtktLB4port i pa* rmt l . 
. OntbenMlOB of Mr. Hat- 
TSKW. se<x>nd«d byOttrKVHO* 
uuN DEB.itwaa 

Readmd— That the Meeting 
Bn»o*esf)fdw proceBdiBgaL«l 

dariBf tli»-pBat' yeaz, w aet 
fMth. in the able Repott mm* 
mad, «nd that thoane he pah- 
Uahed la the GovtirnBejat' Oa- 
aette on Thursday next, fov ge- 

. RcBnlved-r-That it appaara to 
ihi« MeetlnK that ia the origJBal 
iBetkntiOB of the Socie^t it 
wMtbe lalMitioB aflbeSBb. 
scriben thatChas. Trower, Eiq, 
tbeaatteelDr of the 84-FeTRBn- 
nabs, ahoMid be a pernMneat 
eR-«Aow MM*bar eflheSoeie- 
ty.. ;. ■ 

That* DotwithttaadiBg Aiaia- 
teniion there is notfatBg ■ on c^ 
pord in tbepreoeedinaa ar dead* 
of the Sodo^ deoriy defiaiag 
thii point — or aatiifaotorily 
pointing out, that Mr. Ttower 
waa ta be paniitled a member, 
whether ia refeienca.ta Ida pM- 
aaaaJ exertioM in farmaag the 
Soele^, or to bia ata t Jea as 
Colleator. That theaoUeotor of 
the 3* PergaaaabB Hotappear- 
iagby the hava aa 
official right to remain ai a per- 
miineDt roemiwr, Mr. TroWer 
be caBsidered to bate TWMtCd 
bia leat In the Comnatlee by 
totation, hat that In conseqneaoa 
of ihe'impresBisn that he waa 
personally intended to have 
inMatimony of the senaeentof^ 
tainedi>y the Society of bia ex- 
effioaa, Hr. ^ower be re-elecC- 
adfiiKlliwith to tkesoaBageiBent, 


nomber >o hog- u he oontiiniM 
m CoilMtoT vf the 34-P«tkkb- 
nate md a Proprietw. 

]teao)*ed— Tkmt the Mlmrinir 

Utioii~4ii addiUon to Mr. Kjndj 
who tiu scMpted <he ofice of 
Seeretaiy tottm CttmiiitUM,'-. 

NMBaty — Hk-Trowm, Mr. 
Pu.kB». VLmI Yodmo, Horky- 


JteMilTad^ThRt tktt fWtow- 
iBf OenttOBMi bo eleotftd num 
btn ottke CMi^tUe for the 
next jeu, In Ifce raoB of tho«e 
gtAag aat 1^ nAstieD, and of 
Ma. Ctv, OtaitiUts to Oe 


■tMeorAe' SwAflty'i'fb&di dift 
not ftdmit of their offering Hr. 
Madnn a greater giatnity than 
SieoaJSopeea 300, ox a montb'f 

the CoMnUtee to Mr. Heall]) b 
eooflnaed, and the Conuniue* 
he lulmetadto haven «l«ne 
iuattetf in the Deed of grant, 
•pecUlJiuiK ttattttdettUanetnal 
Mtdement tn the Iriand, by the 
lit of Jaaoaiy Wa, be eAet- 
ed, and nnleai by next Oenenj 
Meeting a oomntele ipnfie of 
IMO Beegaha (InatbdfnK that 
cleared l^ lUvje; lEnM ahall 
be oteaied, tiie grant aball atand 
forfstlnd tn the grantMB. 

Reaolved— That the Commit- 
tee be iFbitterlnitructed in lien. 
of the indefinite mention la Iheit 
letter of auaraiwie to Mt. Heal^ 
Ijr, dated 2Mh November IttSO. 
of an avenge rate for the 
Orocmd rieaied byRnniJ*; Kor, 
to apecif; in the grant the rate 
of4SicoaRapeei per Beegah. 

Reaolved— That the Plana 
and niggaatloM of tte-Coauft- 
tee (a> Ret for« in their Report) 
fbr contimdng the openHoiu «i 
the irdand are approved. ' 
' BeaOlTed — That the nnnki 
of the Beciety are emineirtly dge 
to Hr. Prinsep far hii indeAril- 
aable, aMe, and aealoua IrixHira 
in proteontioD of the Intereats 
of the Sodetr daring Om perjod 
-that he haa Oled tte atntien tiit 
President of the exeenttre CMn- 
nlttee, and £■ ' Meordingl)> re> 
qneated to aneept of the cordial 
thanks of the Seciet}'. 

Reached— That the thanka 
«ftUfl Meeting be Convened to 
JamosYonng, Ksq. for bu oon- 
dnot in the Chtir. 



Gttt. Gmx. Stpl. 13. 

- A HeeUng of the Snb-Com- 

mittee, appMhted to nKulate 

tbeapproprMtioanCtbe Pundit 


!f»elj>— M*. Timwn, Mn. 
PALHBn. Mh. Youno, Hr. 
Davumoif, Ktf-rtected, — KaAa- 


The Committee fortbeettiB' 
ing year, will therefOfe eonalat 

C. nowEB, Ban. Permanent 

J. Paimir, J. YouNO/L. A. 
DAVinioN, Re-elected on an^to 
aenin 3 yean frtm 8d SepL 

J. Calsrr,- HaD<niaPH9B, 
Banoorjrr, Bleoted on, and to 
aene 9 jeara fteaa 3d Sept. 

J. C. C SDTiiBRtAwn Bea. 
lt.lIlUJTtRi CArt. C. Patok, 
SustAUOT DuTT, Bleoted on, 
mid to aerve for S^yeara from 
Ut September 1891. 

H. PRiMiar.EM. Chainni^ 


Elected on, and to aerro S 
veara from 1st Sept 1831. 

Reaolyed-That Bb.Madean'B 
claim for extra remnnermtion for 
Ua tronUe in tweakidg up and 
aettliagtfae aoooaMB ofOoxe's 
Island' and light Honae Point 
elation eatabtUbnems having 
-bean oonaidcTed by the meat- 
ing, tliey fatly reeogniae the 
nieritoriow* Services of that 
tifudcman, juNlr«gtet tfcittbe 



_„ ACiit tba ereelioo of* 
a StatDa to the memory oC 
Wakrbv HAiTLHaa,toak pUos. 
onThuradajr finmogn at th« 
hoaae of the Chainaan, S. P. 
Xwkiv, Em. wbea a, state-, 
jsent T«sp«ffanf tte Fuada waa 
aabnitt«d.lo thur notioe. .bk- 
kibiliiiK.tiie foUowiag rMnhii 

TotaT Amount of 
Sofcacriplionf, : 

Dfldaet CoBtriba- 
tiona D<A teali*- 
ed, from tbe 
death of SDb(> 
flribeurpriot to 
payment,...."'- 650 

mar and Co. 
Tkttaaoivn, op 

1831, -. 3O.40O 13 7 

D«daet Minling 
aid olMr cx- 

up. Tkft|rIwTo bMnvMjBlHw: 
Urat in (hia qwrter, bat of late; 
w« have beea oompleloly innn- 
dated. Tbe weatbw baa bean. 
pret^ muck tbe aame all wot 
Baikal. BlthiNi(h vbh aoma. 
Tarwgr. Aboatllidnaporatiwi 
wbele of laat moatli waa ax>. 
oeedimtr wet, with almoatdai-. - 
I? hwj (alia oC rain tetterlf. 
At CatluL. agaia, althoa^ tb«. 
aky waa oooataatly dos^, tb» 
fall of rain «aa incoailderaUe, 
and at BaUaare it waa.parkapa. 
moreaowtj. To tkeBaatwafd. 
and Saatbw|vd tb^ hava bad 
daily ibowera witb frawieot 
JiaaTy: faUa i aji Ukewise wont 
.BuMwaa and Itooribadabad. 
The'nnr Jiaa bew lately aa bigk 
.almoat a« ever M i«aa knttwa. 

. The barreit of tbe ladi^ 
. Phatar in tba Uiwer Pnvinofia 
baa been very TariaUe. la th« 
)owlaa4>itbubeeii Banoratly- 
aoan^ firom intudMbm. About 

tbnbava doae pnt^ veil, ami 

at Jo 


3(^370 13 7 

Addlirfereat, ere- ___ 

dited by Palmer been lane. 

and Co. totiie lnth»]IiddUaadUnfrPra- 

KHh April laai, 3,313 3 S' tinoea tbe rabv bave Veen fUl 

and laaaimahfc!! aadtfcaweatbay 

41,683 lateljrbeaHhy. llMGboleiabaa 

iteBauu te be bowaTer, #bw nnnalilnraMu 

3,960 ,.miBaiuafinOada.Ithaa|maUr 

— .diaappeared froBBeagal, and 

^643 iodoad tbe wbole of aor own 

- - - proTinoea, atieaatfiir tbe ^». 

luS. G*z. S^. 34. 

Tbe present eqainox appeara 
(abepafalnrofer very tempe- 
rately. We bave heard of no 
badmathaibeknr, andtbrnvh 
It baa bean niay and diaraal 
aanoA bora foe naariy a week, 
Ae ttr baa bean vorj oool and 
te days bare been plaasaaL— • 
WemyVBrr soon axneet ibo 
iUmea Dt m,uia^ l».brsalt 

Onr aoooonti from dw Cbam- 
.faroA frontier are ^tCoiie, and 
■tate tbat tbe beat thera, tbto 
.seaatm, laaled mtjltas, nd tba 
ralna b«*e been anooomorir 
lata. Tbe few andaeaiAr •how^ 
en, that Ml balbn tbe Mthef 
Angnat, vera oomoletely fiiito 
qnate to prodnee tbe lewteoel- 
■est, and Ibe a&aaaphace, be- 
- Ave tet VKiod. M^ r - 




btrikdAf tad Bigfat, 

mise feeHng of mfiboaliBf lul- 

trinen. The miuBqii«MM wm 

,agn»t iMtMM' »f siekneBfl _. 
tbt>n$ike MtlvM, cUoty cum 
ofFererukd Rbooamtiam, u«- 

' of the to««U, and appimvtlr 
oeeuiwW by rieapiog or repaa- 
in^. altor exeniM in tbe East 
wind. M^ny of theae «uei 
«ere (htid. B«t tntte Bfter- 
Boon of the aboro date s nfost 
Violent Btonn «f wtad, ttandei 
and rata, took ptsac, wUch had 
a Ip-Mt effaot in rtdadnc; the 
temperatnre of tiM air and ren- 
dertt^ ttBOrasahibfkNU. Itn- 
nedintety aAer, a Batted dlml- 
nntioii in the Btwber and fatali- 
tr of the Mtes of ikMeH waa 
obseimbfe, and -the distriot U 
BowtokraU^ healthy. Bxcapt 
inn few umguoas-oiKA, r»- 
tfaer gnppoied ttan certainly 
lOtoWD to' have been Cholera 
Morbefl, that part of the eoan- 
tr; hna during tbe present sea* 
aon been enttrriy free froB thia 
iattA GpidMnlc. 

We leatn' «rilh iMMMtlon 
from onrnedlcal Mends, that 
Calctrttaia at proHM very heal- 
tbr, and that the Bon(h of '8op- 
tember haa Sflldom paiaod over 
wMim Ktdo aiAneai. Thia it 
probaMr owhK to tho OoelnMa 
of the at, the *n>orBnnetOT b»- 
Ing geldoMraucA ahoTO 80, and 
havttw: onee or twice fUlen ' aa 
low aa 74. Ate BM, Stpt. SA. 

ocoaaioif, thff 


pTMiUHgt rflMe Vk'Amliial 

V«turml JtfMlfH^ o< tha Ctkmm 

CtaTneadav the 9Mh inartant, 

vaa held at the Tow* HaH in 

' CU«BMa,tbaC<aarthAMMalO«- 

kreral Ideetiag; «f ttw BahaeiUKn 

«Bdl>VlradBortln«alHral. Book 

_ ._. to Ae Chair «■ (Ike MMiM 
afthedlMior^la the QhteC Jaa- 
tiea, read the reoortof the C«a- 
nitlM'a PraoMOings ■ 

hdns th»4 
BtateotttoFuBda at tL_ _ _ 
of thelaatAnaMlHoatiiv, aol 
Oe ocnae^uent ombanaaBaent 
experienced la the ffgaranapfO- 
■ecatiOB of tbaoh^ecla of ib«U- 
atilntion, thorqwrtprooeedad lo 
explain the voatOEaa adopted 
hj tiie- C e Mi ittee, with a view 
to proeore for tbe InalitatkNi the 
pewniary aid and a upp w H of di« 
Smreme OoTcnxnant. 

ilie oorraapoad m ae on 4il 
anbjeet, the whole of wUeh wai 
read aa a past of Ao npott, Via 
extieBoljr Intereatinf . and the 
Ffienda of the InalitntlonwiU be 
highly gratiied by the pennal of 
ttie foUmrin^ ExUacU oC the let> 
ter anD«BBCuiK tho losolntioas 
of-OoicrBment on tbe a«d>iect of 
the Gommittee'i attpUoaaoh. 

" It ia impoaaihle Cot a Oo- 
" Veraaaeat «hidt haa-tbe. ifel- 
^(aroofkasobjeotaat heart, to 
" behold without eoidial giatiS- 
" cation and an>laaM, tfaa^ axei- 
* tlona of BO TospeotaUo.a' body 
" (rf InriJ^tdnala apfdied to the 
*■ hoDOndile objeet of asoeliorat' 
" inf th*«Mdilion of tikcar fellow 
"erBatnraa, bj Ae diaaeniBa- 

lioti of knowtodge and meral 


AHhoT the vMoMe of the.wea- 

"MMantad. It wiaia ttal 
"BimpeBBa, Mmwafaiana aid 
" llirtaaii ■■liii—lihMl ii Ihn I 



" and iatOtraatiaB throasboot 
." thia land of ignonmo*, utd Uie 
" prinoiplei on <M)>k)i the pluu 
f'0ttba9«ciebf are oaadmrted, 
" are «s «M|iiivooal^ deolared, 
" aa th«} ar* wiioly and dimx- 


Mtioiu fertile pre' 
^iMrtuM^f eduiatlon la the nM- 
"tber country have had trom 
" Aeir eoBBf aoeawiU, the coaii' 
" muwce oT th« aoat dltwtriooa 
■". Pattali«t<9) and lavs beaji i 

tf wafl b«MBp tlMftfoia aa Pn>- 
" iootm of ^o^r auootadon tD 
*' wdd up thu 0Tntiiant tocauplfl 
" ibr JHiitolifla in these Pronn- 

!t Bntpitahdi^ thMe Mnti- 
" menta Ike Oovsntor Oener^l 
'"la-CoBiieH.eaBliave no heaitar 
^ tiMi tegivinf jttorapfdiowliM^ 
" bit ibdM fftTOorabte oouMlfir- 
" ali«B, and sappurtingjrMv So- 
" (Mth'by tba MMUity ud pro- 
" '-- "^-w of Ooveraneat. while ■ 
■ arc M jadi«loa«|jr 
M preaeid 

' of thelHtltnliwi are ■tilntain 
-'' taioed wilboot variation. 

"Tha HaaaraUe Ihe,. Court 
" of iMiactou bare already e- 
"riaMd'their diapositiaD to aid 


HwaiafaKtlie Mtivfla, 
«tioolng ansDtUy do- 
— HUB for the nppart of the 
"SeheidiorixinaUr eat^riUhad 
" by tha latoUr. Hay. at Cbi». 
"Hnktand HiaEMclleacy i# 
"CoBnei] tkeiaAire'CaB m* vb- 
" tertais aw doabt that fha Ho- 
" aoBiaUe Govt will approve « 
"liberal eonttUiQliw'.oi) Utepart 
" of tUl '6»eiqotrat ta aflooia- 
"J. tbioaefr wboiB agenoy, 
''■m atOKou laf iaiprewement 
" wUdi tb* HoQorabla Caurt has 
" oooMefaaoed, have bean s^ 
" wiiety aaCBf nfed. 

". deratvina. His Bm^Mufy ia 
" Council ia of opinion, that 
.*' the Socletjr, of which Ton are 
" the reprewutatlve*, hM per 
" caliar olainu on U>e iibcrali- 
" ty of Goveniment, The purr 
." MiiU )o wUch you are engaf- 
." ed tend to lulU an object A 
" national ■olldtude, and, by 
'' exlrieatinfc tbo Sodcw from 
" ita pccBidacy difficaltiei, Iba 
." Govemakent, to a certain de- 
'• gree |u»oni|iUsb«i its ova 
" views and wiabei, for the 
" happiaeaa of tha people aiib- 
." jeqied to ita role, 

" His fixcellency in CooacO 
." acoordingly eonuaahda me to 
" inform yon, mat the . 3ab- 
" Treaanrer will be aatboriud 
," to place at the dispoial of the 
." Treaanref of youi Society, 
." the sum of seven thousand 
" Rupieea, and. to pay .to his or- 
" dermond^' the swnoffiva 
handred - amtfa, oommea- 
ling from the Ist ifutaat, 
"hf above donation and al- 
." lawaaca however must be 
," subject to Uie .confirmation of 
." tife Honoorable the Cpatt tjC 
." Siieotora. 

"I have, S(C' 
tSigmed)" G.I.USmNGtON', 
" Ste. to tAf GqvL 
" CuitJitilChMnbn;tluUk2£aa 

Itia ve^yjustlf observed br 
t)is CoauiUUee la referiiag to 

" Tl 

titeabova c 

Mtion^ tha^ 

.the value of the jieouaiiary aid 
thus liberally granted is greatly- 
augmented Vy tlie iavorablf 
.|ie«limeals miffb. ^ytnmfit^ 
Ipa reoordw of tb« tJmwolef 
rftad ntiUtr of the .batit^tira : 
it may in^d Jie xeasoqa^- 
-iMflMd that jthe eanr«a«on of 
tboae aenUmenta will t^td t» 
iSjeoppa . a ddrtwnat ■snwwt- to 
iheJMtiwUaj^ fr«» tVf.-o«mn>«- 
ly r«Bov« some aufoaadad «»■ 

^l««walL j« Mt^uA (o..ihe 
» prinotplea 



Miiwlfd«B and sbjeets of tin 

Amongst other pointi of mii- 
ceUanMoi informatioa con- 
tained in tke report, the recent 
utnbUahttent of n School Book 
Soeietf at Penau. the succeft> 
atveprOfreeiofsuiuUr instiui. 
fiOM at Uwhrma and Bombay, 
and the endowment by OoTcn^ 
nent of a Hindn College «1 
this preodenoy, for the encon- 
Tafement of the etudy of Shan- 
■kTeet,and throoiA the modi* 
nm of that langni^, of general 
Uteratnre, were pardoularly mi- 
verted to. 

Mr. H,- Wiuoir has eon*en- 
ied to npnlnteDdtiie pnbHoaii- 
on of the 6 first books of Bnelid 
in the Shanikreet language on 
acooont of the Soool Bode SeoU 
ety, and the repnbUeatlMi of ex- 
teniive editieai ofmaoy otthQ 

tary work*, whieli are now oat 
«rfiist,ha» been recently Ae- 
fen^ed on. 

The state oTibe Sodety'i fi- 
jttiwea, aa shewn intheTrea- 
sorer'i acconnti, exUUled ftlka- 
iMoeofaboM ILOOO Knpeei a- 
(ainit the Inantntion on the 
date (tftho meeting, and the 
••BtiBa«d wpport and sealeo* 
vxeitfana of all these who an 
ftiendly to the ednoation of the 
natiTes are argently required to 

bapionuMt of the people of 
tills Tast eaiptTe. That the 
ftaida of tfab lociBtr shoold not 
have kept pace with its bene- 
Tolent intentions is not at all 
•nrpriiing, and Tory eaiUy and 
•atufactorily aocoasded for by 
fte npid sind growing ozteo- 
■lon of if* leld of BoUon. But 
it mast give genuine [deasnre to 
every man, who has the sama 
object at beait nUxh has boon 
ndvoeatnd by the Society, to 
loam that (he Oovernor Oeneral 
in CounoU dniy appreciating tfa 
pnro intentions, ifs lattdlMe ob- 
Jeots, ifs hotwit eilMts, ttnd if a 
wise and prudent means— nO 
tending to the a>oftalinalnictl<n 
and progressire happiness of 
tte native snigeets of every 'alaaa 
and descrtptioB, has ge- 
neronsly and wbdy, as hesame 
a paternal Ooremmenl like thaf 
under wfaiiAwe have the hap^ 
pioesa toBve, extended Ui pe. 

aCerditig therebv a MoMe Bx- 
ample to the wtiole 'Country, 
■H an enoonr^ement to ever j 
Individaal in it who has tlM 
good of Us Oenmry at heart, 
lampemadod. Sir, that diero 
woold be no want of enooa- 
ragenent to Ae SodetyHroni 

) those exiendve bene- 
fits which with adequate means 
it ia sa well oal<^ilat«d to diitasto 
amongst tfa« inJiaUtanU of these 
mens Pro^inoei. 


Si neet^- 19 the foUowing 

** It b qnite nnnecessary to 
expatiate befiire the Oendemen 
present apon die great valno 
and impoftanee of tiie Report 
wUehhasjoBt been read, and 
wUck OOHHIMA ML tg Manx 

respectable Nadves tl ^-_, 
the provinces, in addition tb 
flioae who kre asioelateS witK 
Ike British Members for on« 
oonutton parposein Catentta, 
if lbs objects abd works tit tha 
Society, as detafled in the re- 
port yon hne tUs day -rend^ 
were but more generally koown 
and nndeniood. Every man of 
good sense would Immediatolj 
^predate die inestimable bless, 
ingof sonnd nuwal education 
and valuable Instniodon in the 
omM Hrta «fUb«mweU»- 

:,, Google 



dBptedtamKke ifooi men sad 
good cnbiscta. Feniiit me timi 
to Bige and press qxn yon to 

vant^ knowa 7001 repDrtto 
tt« pmiscw ttumghoot lad^ 
Bdis tho biuinea of tU> Soci- 
en, aoBpoted uit is oC Britiih, 
■■iVlnMii ud Hindoo Gei»> 
tUmen, banc to di« ksowledKe 
ud konaehold ocncera of ilu, 
tod fOBManiotbil tosecoretbe 
•pprotatiM at the moat -motthf 

nd ijta rimpriahxi- UBOBg thClD, 

andofraccMBf (beiT lopport. 
IncoHdndon, I be^ leave to 
nunre ttmt the repoR be appro> 

Sir B. B. E*«T - tbeo tnored 
tliat tbe repoit be adopted and 
pdntednadcr IbedtrMtlon of 
Ibe Oomniittee. The motioa 
wuicQMided bjH. Uackir. 
>iE,Efq. and iuui]imDuj]r t^ 
peed to. 

On tk« motbmof C. LvsaiKo^ 
mi, Bsq. aeconded by Mr, 
HotBteoM, it WHS nnaniinotislj 
KMived tbat the tbimki of the 
■eetiBg be riren to the Preal- 
deat and Vicfr-Preiidcnli and 
to this Koiopean and Natite 
Membera of dw Committee for 
ttdi past exerttons, and that 
fln be reqoeated to continne 
thar terrices dtuiny the enau- 


jeChainnan then tom, and 
ifler expTeaalnt; his regret, lhat 
theierere indiaposilioD of Mr. 
Moattsu the Secretary, Lient. 
BiTCB tbo Collector, and the 
Ker.lHr. Tates, Seoretary to 
the Sab-Cemmittee in the Sti«D> 
ikicet and Bcngallee Depart- 
BNDta, had pieAnted their at* 
leadaace on tbia occasion, ad- 
ncledto the vahuble uitIcc* 

wUcIi OMy had mderad to te 
tnstitotion, and oonchided by- 
aoviBK ttutt the' eapeolal thaitks 
of the Meeting be elTered ta 
ttoM Gentlenen. to Iahu Cal- 
B«K, Eaq. die treaaurer, and to 
the natire Affioeia of the InsUto- 
Iton. . . 

Ttda motion vaa aoboadod ^ 
Dr. Gary and nnanimDUll^ »• 
greed to. Vx. LakkIm then 
rose and after aomo prefimiaaiy 
observatlou with regard to the 
important aid which theSodety 
had received from numeroua li^ 
dividaa}!, natives and Eoropfr- 
an(, as well at the PreBldency 
aa is tilie Interior of the country, 
moved, "that theMeetiag do 
offer tfietriftrateflil aclinoivledg- 
raeati to aH those Mends of the 
Institatton who have so ably and 
to kBoeesafitlly exerted them- 
selves to promote Ac views and 
objects of theCalotitta Sebod 
Book Society." 

This motion wis aeooaded W 
Captain Beatson, and nnanf- 
monsly agreed to. 

On the motion irf'Mr.'BAf. 
tZY, seconded by Oie Rev. Mr. 
Thonison, W. B. Hartvit, 
Dsq. wsa'tmantolbusly elected 
one of the Tlce-Presi^ats of 
the Society,in therooraofG. 
T. MBTALFE.Esq. wbtr badlelt 
the Presldenoy. 

The Dsaai acknowled^enti 
were then voted to Qie Chair- 
manandtte Meeting broke np. 

We onderstand that tubsorip- 
tfbn Hsti will be shortly ctrcula- 
tod in order tbat those who have 
notUtberto snbsctibed to fl^s 
Taloable faistlttitloii, bnt who 
na^ be wilUng (o (Ive thefr aid 
to It, may have an opportunltr 
Of doing so. Govt. Ckx. 5tpr. izf. 




For October, 1881. 

LicDt. -Colonel Maxwell bu 
tnncb pleasure in publishioj; b> 
tte Detacliinrnt under his com- 
aiand. the Tollowlnic Letter ftom 
Captain Tod, Political Agcat 
for llie 'Weatcfn S^poot 
States :— 
' To LitMt. Col. MaxmU, 

Cemmanding tkt Forte in 
Sra.— Tbe PalitEcal Ageot of 
Uie Govenior Geiwnil, offers 
his coiifn^tnlaliaD& lad ibanks 
to Lieut^ColoD«I Maxwell and 
the Force nnder bb commaDd, 
'Jn lb« ■ of the affair oF 

?>eiter(tay, which baa complete- 
f MJiRcd the intentioDR for 
whiBhitwas fonhed. inbreak- 
■OK vp and roaiing die Anti; of 
the TitulaT Prince of Kotafa, 
usemUed Ear the puipote of 
' luMtilitjr, and oppo^i^ the 
cxiiling provisioaw of the Trea- 
ty wllfa th« State of Kotah. 

. In oBeriDft titese hi* sin. 
«cce CoBKratiilatuns to every 
'Itnueh of the Foroe einpleyej, 
' it ia witb deep regret Captain 
Ti»d hu to laaaent, in coiiumhi 
with the fdetBchmenl, the losa 
of tiMU brave and Talnable 
Offieera, Lieatenants Clerk tm& 
Reade, oT the «h Cavalry, to 
' the ebaigc led by Major lU^a, 
in.wbieh thia (^cer waa pec- 
•OBalljr iKtunded — I have tha 
bowr. &c. 

(SijtiieA 3. Tod. 

'Vamfp iSmigrmU, Oct. 3. 1631. 
<M. Jowr. 

Afipdk &ifL— A Letter from 
Delhi, dated Sept. 16, wMoh 
tMwhed us by Hondaj's Dawk, 
eaoiaini-tbe /oUowin; inlercst- 

Ing particiilars itg' ai iWiig lU 
Ex-Rajah ofNagpore, wWch we 
live in the words of oat Qcr- 
tes^odent: — 

" Appall Sahib, the Ex-Rsjnb 
of Nartore, wbeahe escaped 
fyom m guard, first fled to the 
Goai^ hills. When poshed 
H)ere,lie eacaped to Ajseer^nr, 
where he temaiaed 15 days. 
He left Asieetshur in tte 
habit of a mendicant, and 
came to OaaUDr, &t>m theoee 
by a round-abont kway to 0el- 
1>1, in which city he remained 
some time, and from it he visit- 
ed Hurdwv. Re travelled on 
foot Fwm Hurdwar he pro* 
ceedcd to Umralsir, and nude 
bis arrival known to Runject 
Sin^, who directed liim to 
leave bis lenitories, Ptaoola 
8iagh protected )iUn at Vmrnt- 
sir, where he was liitclf , olher^ 
wise, to have been apprehend- 
ed. PromUDinitsir he retired io- 
totiie Country of ScmsarClmnd, 
wiio now proteota and feeds 
him. He possesses no oste'n* 
■ible property in jewels or mo- 
ney, and himself and aboat lOlf 
followers, menials, Ike. kc art 
supported by Scmsar Chund. 
It does not uipear that he had 
any msaJisofoHbiiig.tbeSoldien 
who escaped with bim ; prob»- 
bly they were won by high pr». 
mises. . None lof them are no* 
with blm ; he is apparently un- 
happy, bat treated with mucb 
kioduess by Semsbr Chnnd. 
Tliia aocount is given by ■ ser- 
vant of his, seat into our pr». 
sinecs for some purpose of a 
personal nature. The circun^ 
stanoe of the Ex-Rajah's being 
at Shoojaao^Kwi b now no 



■ncret ttU TMnvktUe hoif n' 

rSDD brosght op so, Bestled 
the Up of lusniy, sliontd 
ImTc beea able to make fai« way 
in the manner he kas done tiom 
Oondeemna to the Fnnjab. 

Csl. J«ar. Ort. 3. 

Wc ioTc l>een reqaeatod 1ii> 
inteii the foDowiiTK notice by 
die Direeton of tbat Mceellent 
bitttntion til* HUituy WkUii^s 

" The Directors o! the Milita- 
n Widew's Fund have great- 
in ao<)aaiAtiiig tlie 
tt large that since tbo 
near Ileg«lsti<«a were circuiH' 
Icdiodic Array tbe numlter of 
married Offlcers who havebe-- 
cwae M c»btT« hu increased' 
(rem IM t« 200, a. greater nam' 
ber tbaa has belanged to-tlM 
randaikcaieag, andth* nun- 
her of naaowfied OSceis wha 
hare iKbsaibed has beea.nKm 

The DireetMs oonditded that 
bj wadiag Ibeii Ciioolar Lettar 
«f AeJit Jnly t»«Terr Offioer 

KegimeBtorB^taUflB, they had 
tHve4 iU compute oirovtatioa 
thnmghtba amy, but tbfy lure 
ue«ruiiud with iffrret from 
recent application!, for infor- 
■utionniKardtnetJie forms and 
terms of admission, that a conii- 
dnsble nnmber of OfioeTs who 
ire interested in the subject are 
itil^nnaoquainted with tfas con- 
tents of this letter—They hare 
tbeKfore takrin this poblle ms-: 
•a <^ amoaBehiirthM 

■ ■>«it t»«- 
very CommandaMMTa BMtair* 
on or lUglnwnt in Jriy ikM, 
and that theyhare detgrw U ed 
ik order to give alfiii4wd«stre it 
*B opporlmMy of jiriniag th* 
FoDds^ t»ext«iwl't«(he lst«f 
Janaarynaxt the-ptriod -oTttX' 

Oftcers will bo admttttd vpam 
ftemisbiiif tbe regular eortUi- 
«mtp« of their beahh and mamasK 
(Hulbi 16tb and link) aodpay 
ine the Douatton* prpsenbedh 
in RnU Stb, witbont ng nSaw- 
enoe to the iotemd between. 

(Signed) 1. YOUNO, 


NmutabKd, Oeltiir S, im.- ' 
— Capt ToA aimmnaad «■ tb». 
3Mh ultiaao, to Ool. Uajtwel, 
UMt all hopes-of' a« a^jaatment 
tknaigbnBgotietionwas at aaend) 
awl that nothing, tkerafoe, n^ 
malned t* bvdone^hvt ts dtlacto 
tbeMabMaaXishoraSlng. A«* 
cordlngly, on Iha mondag a< tW. 
m of OotabCTf the eomfeiaad'. 
fteld foroBS of A^fxwtannanl' 
MoamBBh BMved Ckhb tJMv iw- 

ffitife r iniaa^wints *t ».■ and' 
: pasta, te the wnrpaaeof: 
ftttackikg baaa sear Waiigraa 

ei dctaohMentat «a Ika Uf^ mh 
vorad by a aaBkia frMit,»«al< 

OR«n <iroiMd iai 


no^'or this poiitfain, opantl- 
doa were dimtad ta ba 8a*« 
peaded. Captain Tad, baiiif <as-. 
aia<ist»'Ki«e tb« HahHasooR 
noaeappDitnni^fiir caning «• 
w. ThU attempt like ail tlw 
(Hhavs, 'ftiling,S pieeaa of bbt 
ArtilleiT and« Captain Caaq>- 
bdlwera advaaaed>to-wlthin«. 
boat aao yards ofihe Haliara«. 
Sixcorapanivsof thatd Batta* 
lion «th Jiatkn In&ntrf, aaqnfr* 
dranofthe 4lh. Gnvalrj:, nttdvfe 
goosynadBr Captain Taiiiutoit 
wer« detatdiad snder Bfajor 
Prioefto nttaok the nntaw.'s.Mt 
and avea«nDy>to eiit ttff hb as* 
MOtad ti|ht-t«mad(.| 
MwuMMniwoMht ft 



CiqiUia CimpbeU, u excd- 
laat afloer, sooa cante nj^ and 
dnnetbeeiiAnijfiroiii tbeir po- 
■Uoa; tke; were pumted for 
MvaalfcMin, their lofB is itat- 
•dnt about aOO in killed and 
■Moded, th«ir bamga wuaO 
MBliired, and their Camp was 
loft standing, so Utile did they 
iKpect dereat.Phiilee Sinf, lh« 
Haharao'a yonnser brother, was 
wwmded, and taken prisoner, 
Btd manj Qiiefa hare fallen. 
Oar loss nu? be reekonedadS 
killed and aa W(Hude4> the ene- 
my flod 8 koe* wilhont itopplag, 
and are Buch di^ersed. Lim- 
teaamt nnd A^nUnt Clerk was 
■ most nperwr iohe officer, 
nnd nneh beloved by Us brother 
adIcetB and by the men of Ua 
Cofps. GaplnfB H^. Assis. 
nBt<jtoavt« Haiter Oencral, 
vas «lk the tro*pt, and by Us 
ailaiialihi ooadnet of the depart- 

. ," . _ Siqu-tme Court. 

• On Monda^ot«as(», bmd •f' 
tar ten o'eloek. the fonrth Sessi- 
ons of Oyer and Tcnntser and 
OeNeral Gaol Delivety for dm 
earrent year wu opsn«dattW 
Supreme Coort wiUi the w^al 
IbrmalitJM. ThefM<n^$tm 
tlenien wen eboma of tlM 
Orand Jnry; vin. James M>to> 
KitLOP, EtQ. Fonmn, Taiin 
CoIHe, Benjaitiin Fesgnssaa, 
WiUiam Lloyd OibbMM,JaBe« 
Mann Macnabb, John Melvillp, 
Cndbert ThorahiU Olsss, Jtobert 
MitAMd, James Ha«N««ht, 
Leith Alxdr. Davidson, G«orn 
Tyler, Bavid HaoFartM, J«ta 
Slndfa. BrownrifT, Stephen Ii»-' 
prlnandaye, Aogiulas Charfas 
Floyer. Charles Blnney, John 
Oilmore, Henry Hathnr.Jdw 
Small, John Andenon, Janes 
WiUiam Taylor, Aaron Crosfa|r 
Seymonr, mtd Matthew Smith, 

Haviog been sworn, they were 
addressed by the Honorable Sir 
Francis Macnaghten, the snb- 
stance of whose ChBiwe we are 
only able to gin, whieb was to 


^SNQAX <$cctmti:^oiEK ' 

untaBM of dte CiWTt hi urj ■ 
mtance, tlDiy -wonlit obuln it. ' 
'Se idd it tad been tboofkt 
n^ei to aend one of 1ui'Hb^>^ 
^^ •oldlera to bo plraieciited 
•B a charge df Harder, «iid tbst 
upon tlie endenc« (if it ahoud 
at bH coneitioiul witbtHe Do> 
poMtlotu that iMd been takei 
where tbe offence i> alledged to 
have been committed,) be ap- 
pKhMded <ber would »t>nd 
awy dtfbott; iEMBding' him to 
a» Cooit fer -llie worBOw aC takt- 

tfhlalri4. HUIrfwdah^aM* 
IkMlW'Ihe Muneof Ihaifai- 

Ha aaM'thore waa uetiwr 
cM«-af mnidci; oaninutled by • 
MlkV'intteeit; ofCaloatta^U 
b«Moa0lnMM« tbtaa^That a 
j»i^ bBT'hadtM80> ■drderedt 
IWIM aMeoftha orwuieatBha 
wore, acMwd . ta be> beyond 
«R*t. wadf ifrtm Ue fiadiaKof 
*• CarowM** bK(ueat« aad ^hev 
#eiiaMtNBOM, iiwwa tv tteaapt 
paaedthatothan (aaeooMd pea- 
ton at leaat) were ooaoowedf 
■llbongbone oal^ bad been ap. 
M^M i Jad. Agauut Lim, ma' 
LtcdahtP SAid, tliiirc wad ev)T 
jhMoe.wbtch wentto-chew that. 
b waa very fv iioi" lieimc pleai 
VS nupieion! bi)^ \vbmlicT they 
VHuld.tbiiik it proper to send 
h{n before appltv jury , was for, 
tkeni^clvei to detetmiiie. It 
wai icerlalu ibatamost barba-, 
roiu mordei hail been conjmiO- 
ed, and flfois oue of the worst of- 

He then mrntloncd a charge 
l^at.waito be braogtit before 
U<-'i& agaiait a man for a most' 
lb Dck ill g outrage commitled on , 
akiaaie iofaiit, a child uniter' 
lM,.,agc of idne years. Hia 

Irffrdabfpaidillhafit,' fike attar 

■uch ckaea, waa neoeasaitt; a«> 
eompaiiied by detaib ttKt dia> 
(aanng to mention, tf the DMiill- 
on of tbem moM be antded— 
that, if the naB dMMtd be pat 
npon Ma Iriel, tbef vntt be o- 
penly diieusaea, howeter offea* 
aive theiy wdgfatbe to doeewnf or 
morab; bat lie tbongbt there 
«rai a derree oC obaaqrity-(n the 
lafoTmationa, which Ite ht^ed , 
die Gentlemen of the Grand Ju- 
ry would have denred ap beforq 
they init this ii)tui oponUstrfal 
-i-tiJad he Maid the ino*t approv- 
ed, as wdl a> the beit rule wa*, 
for the Giaqd lory not to Hnd a 
True Bill ualeaa opon evidence, 
wldoh in their opinion woald. if 
miiMfwn'nl, induce a Petty Jo- ' 
ry to come t^acunolusionof thb 
Ptisoner'a guUt, 

The rest of the Calendar wasi 
bis Lordship said, made up of 
oftsqces, sndi as sltrays had 
betn broogbt before Grand Ja-> 
lies at every Sessions, and snoh 
as we must always, ho feared, 
entect'ln spcha population aa 
this: but, be said, that the Ca* 
lendtir did not form a criterion - 
from which ther, the OtandJa"-' 
ry, could judge of the -good' of^ 
der or seciirity of this pTacA.far 
they all knew, and pf(bap*s«iMt 
of them had ecperiencieVil', that 
tlie most daring and desperate 
robbeKes might be commHted, 
and Rrticles likely to lead to A 
discovery carried nway, find yet 
tl)e robbers escape detection. 

We all, he obserted, knew 
that for a fortnight or three 
weel(S. hardly a night had pass^ 
edin whiuhsoraehnijseHt Ohow^ 
ringlite or the Circalar Roa4 
bad not blsen broken into «nA 
robbedhy thes; mtdnightphm^ 
dercri — that althoogh wo 
h&dOot very latcff heard of tnch 
otfeaces. we were not tberelBrft 
to eondndc fliat we were iii a 
sfate' of security. The alama' 
b6catne feneial/Bud tlM nbhara- 


fM cALcoTEft iMtfTAt Boaonvi ^m. 

imnrvid tors ■lipu i mm 'te 
b««ii «ar gnivd to tM fnwnt 1 
lMt,iiriiwre affwttal ■nnrM 
ftkn^tn ysfrtn -praiitlae veca 

Mfft ftdO)iled, ha h&daot ft doubt 
bttHwtthMadMuiifcHi of qw 
ntt WooM lemw: thw atfaelu 
•BMMi artki^ tud nntw to 
fceliflra we- mw tew o»wr 

t(i* IpidAtp eoiiffadmT, that 
M hoped it voqid notM mp* 
poied lie meant tlie ilighteat de- 

SrfteofreflecHflnOpon the Ren- 
emenwboi^erein the Commit- 
•!<m of th« Peace. Ho d«elw- 
cd that nothing wat Tartfaer from 
th mention — that he bellered 
■lihad been done that cotild be 
done bj tiiem for our security— 
aiid he very much lamented the 
Uterference with them, ^ch he 
nndeistondbadsomeyeBrs since 
V'adri them really spprtheniivc 
ef tiie consequences of doinv 
^eir duty, and pniribty had 
^&de iltop ihoit of the Um to 
iffaich thej Mj/IA itfii^ kave 

Hoiaidhe Ii»d olten beard, 
apid he could not but believe 
tfaat A» natiTe part of (he Po- 
lice attaJ:ili*hni(iat wai nupieri- 
cally derective ; knd, If it wai 
fonudercd thatf^oro the nature 
*i Sit cUmate, we could not 
piiuihry juake our houies >&• 
tare agolnit the midnight as- 
aailant, he was of opinion, that 
lie aoold not expect to deep in 
peace, if We had not the protect 
tecQon of a numerous and active 
poUce,^that the prevention in 
«ll Queawai better than puaiEh- 
t^ahmest, and in this ca«e it wa^ 

oertaiRhnu oflhenighL 

Hii Lordahip was avai^ ba 
afaaetred, that anaii a pewor 
nrightbo^naadi but if it be. 
cavft HeMiBWy to coBf«rit,all 
«a ooiM do waa to take every 

Cacawtfam agaiaat ahue, and 
prment dl ^^nxiaa that may 
bacotonittad mdt At mImt 
oftMhuitj. Ha added bawaa 
of opiidon that no tiow wm v^. 
Ve IcMt In bringing aneh panoaa 
IM mlriit be a|»|nefc«l4ed oa 
■Mptcfam before tma Juatkoa 
of ifaa P«ao»~-tbat Ibty ought 
t»b9 immmSMflf diaeharped, if 
gnaada fbr kaeplag tkean ia 
caatadydid sot a^wari and if 
it dearly aypeared that inch 
peraoaiftUwitUn the Au&if- 
tioDof vafaboadaor *a|ra(>ta( 
that the Jutiaea ouRht to be al- 
lowed to oonmit thna, by way 
ofpunlahment, far a retionahia 
tiDM, to the Ho»e of Cvireoi 
|Ie*aidthat^l(«tl»* ■ 

to give power lo t&e police to 
f^oreJieDd, and take into ca«- 

lioa nifcht aspMur lo hava aaort 
weight tfaa it realljr deierred, 
h^tteairbt it right t« add, thai 
it proceeded fi«« Umtaff i^tn 
wiAmitUa baring «aa«>ltMl»r 
^ oM on tba««bj«M,'rand tM 
M ooold not preteadfhm kaaWt 
tadfe or otherwiae .to. be <«>■• 
petaat to give a» opinMO. 

Bis Lordship (HstlnoHydaT 
clared ttiat he did not rwemw> 
Mend any plan, hot aa ft wa»a 
matter of the in*atesl paWo 
conocvn, he wished the (>eotl»- 
men of the Oruid JnrT wooM 
take It into their conaiaMtitiMt. 
jle obaerved that naNy of thei^ 
misht themselves be able lo 
(t^ve valnnble opintona, that 
they would have all opportonU 
tiea of getting informatioii, aqd 
hebadnodoubtbut tbatanyof 
the magistrates wfinldgiTe thmi 
the Ixtnelit of their jndgmenl 
and experienr.a.- ' 

(ltd liordthip tltm <4»en»d 


*Mirtww>ygti%imttM r » w w fc fa Rijilwdor lido^, for tSh' 

Xiidia,ii«>iMiha4 cwrnleivd - qM^Hnrtmi, Hvna wdA O^k* 

ibe praitldMift «r Dettk «hb |«mi, iMm OuagaMniiyallM 

kbMMaM,flar«a9 ofaM «t< Onagbadhnr,' fls'ftlMMr MtA 

«ept (bM at Martw "— d itet tWai<r< Md Hm^mJ Mi^ 

be wbhed Iw niKkr tevs>4k» ftr p«ijiRT^1lnr- ^thtmr^ «ik 

aoMolrtfaaofw> ai gitojwtoi* ittrt wgiiuit-lftiUMMi TUlwMi 

lafewlttoefhwibt w wb f flir«riiiij>.sitd bn^wrj< ■- - 
eonnnHI in eideinv Ite •«- Ramloiwo vutkenpattothtt 

temwt pnria^MMt fcr w i iulfc a r '%ar,>iii(l«iM>'Aott(ii«lofB» 

•ftcDM. He ipooM tnt, b* mM- p»tioukr latorwt, fbiutd nROwM 
«d,4eoton ir»bMiA«Md ml Jeim S>a, Oct-iL 

taeofriglblff <bvact«» ikoQld 1M 

fMlT crantoted of UwM aid. Wer^:i«t t» itsta Otti )«t-. 
b{|^ depredationi, that ha ten from S^edgem.whieb^GattM 
irooM -wHMmM Ui auvtioB op jMtorou' ttUmaaa^ wii^. 
flronttapreMaitsevotityofpa- 'tBiatbeanirelooiiiB and melaA- 
BMnMBtknowD to ooT Uwi; -cboljdeUiUoftlwloMoCaPk*- 
bottbttbewonldgtveitwiththe fliir* Bomt ontheRlTer, anddC 
greateatnlnettuwein wajnnh tiUlimtrf Klmoitall the p«r- 
c«9«,4fsTei7fr«Hfe«MtMM««r« M)n» -#ho had the mufortaunt 
... ._-!,__ prtvlooilj' tMort- to bo on board her. 

ptspoae of prevMt- The bofti naiwd lbs CUiUin* 

noa. Wongiog' to Meiin. Henr^ 

HlsLordirtdpdMland he did Hatfceir and Co., and one o[ 

not rMwmMfHff bdj meunre ; thefiBeatBoation theRivecw^ 

bat,aihethen fel^if tbeGp- lent to Doctor JCorriMm, for th» 

nmnneBt ahonld tfafnk proper purpoie of going down to meet 

to fcaaae rack a B»KalBiioB aa some of Uj FanilT expeoted 

hehadUnWd at, acoonqtanied fromBnglaadinthe sUp -fFiOU 

with etety proper preeantjon %- am Mtlu, and he ira aooorapk ' 

ninst Um un»e of nntbority ; nied <m tbo auanlon by Mr. or 

flMrt he for one woold oonour in Cast. lindtajr of the RigineeKi. 

gnrinr it the fane of a Law. It —They arriTcd lafely at Kad|;»< 

waald, he laid, bo far fton, ree, #hen from the ftteneas of 

(the Grand Jury) to eenaider theireathei they were fmiaooil 

befbre Ibey leparated, -whether to eonflnna tteir trip bxdiec 

it wonldbe proper to reoon^ down, and nceordinglj prd- 

'Hcnd any plan for the preserva- needed onward. On die tnar&tg 

lioa of onr peace, — If they did, of thelOth, itblewreryhard frofi 

he ooold only hope that it wpnld the 8. S. E. and they bore np to 

bo reeeiTed with all theattenti- follow an Arab Ship itanmnr 

o», wUA be wa< aure it would Into the River, In order to qtea^ 

be tpnnd to dcMrre. her. The Boat wailanrforwar^ 

The Grand Jnry than refirad, nnd a fattaaJler: and ftamtta 

ud retomedat Tariou tbnen, Gentlem^inaiattaiKoiiovT^ying 

Snding true bUU ayainat &e fdl> a heavy presa of tm, Ae w^at 

lowiiw -Privmera— RamtoDOO, bows nnder, fiDed, aaa.inataiitljr 

for Cefony 4nd barglary— Kam- sunk. Oat qf twenty^-iix pet- 

dnn, Habomed Tnckea and A- mdi who were on tioard, lnolil> 

seaa,forfelony— Kistno, forfo- ding flie two Gen^enie^ taU 

loin— HybattooOah, Ciu>galle« 'twraty-fonr ^atires, only tif» 

•ndHaboBed Jnmmah, torfe- periona vere sared >-the 8^ 

Inqr— BawnryaalUaDhKdwo ntncotlkkSoal, aaoMmfoMI 

L ,l,z<,i:,.,G00glf 

^M CAUStTFA JtmVW'&L ItEffBTIR isn. 

-«Hd MpeftaiMd itiM, and « 
- Bearer, who reaohod the aborc. 

TUB^readftd acoUem happcu- 

«d'bdo«> 4m liomr H<mti>g 
.Bmaj of Kedpee. at about a 
,^l— iW flwdj and u th«m9ni> 
;iii(ti'*(n>Kb-lite Sennit did «At 
awa«*th«'rtor«'«lK«d|!flree Ol 

#reo'ohMktail)»e evening. 
r The tDsiant that thu fata) ao- 
««M«iit *m made kaowB, th« 
.EnRllih-'OMrtlainm atKedgo- 
.no >a|iplied to the AssislBiit 

Barboar MaaOeT, who, with two 
•Mker GoittleiDCB,'iawiedMelj 
fVentofTtB the Row Boat to see 
-if any pcnoiu could' b« fonni 
.floatng, but nnfMiaiMtely it 
-was too tate. The Beraag mt*, 

that be mw the two EnjiKiib 
.CentieaieB who wnaoaboai^, 
idmginKtoa benoooy after tbe 

boat had aank, and some faint 
'hopes are «nl«rlainod tka t they 

■wjpoiaibly faavehad Nb«t^:th 
'enough to readi the alioie to 
,«be S. W. <tf Kedtcree. 
. 0*tbeB«rninroftftoMlk,«t 
:about 10, SO A. M.'lhe wreck of 

a Brff pasaed sp fanght of 
.Kedgaree. The aaata were K«ne 

aod nothiuc bat ber bowiprita 
.seaiined abOTe tlwhall. She 

appeared to bavea Boat hong- 
'Ing'On beratarboaid quarter, 
' but no peraop ooald be pet- 

ceived onbaard her. 
The tnitii sf this nnfmrtanata 

accident la beyond doubt, aa 
-we have before na at tltiaauv 

nent, tkiee aeveral Letters d»- 

lailiog the narlieuiars aa «m 

havegivep tteio. We sboDld 
,vejolee to bear, the fduthope of 

iheir being yet saved, cfinfini^ 
'«d. €mL JMr. Oh. 13. 

.'at the Sooiety'a Abarlmrata in 
.Oionri^kee on Frldaj evening 
Hoe lath of Oetober-i-tba Host 
Koble theMa»|ais afHASTlKOa, 
.^Prasideitt, in the Chair. 

HVMlMir AMBbMlieoiMid di 

■ 4!he9f, nHmlnr of Oi« B«gtf 
Aeademy «f InacriptiaBS' Wd 
Bdlea LettKB, a»d PvoCasaer 

of the flamorit lananage uAa 

■ Royal College of Frniaa, w« 
elected an-Honorary Member af 

; the Societf. 

A letter waa read fron Baran 
' HanuBw of Vienna.b-aMinlttiaK 

■ thelaataaitnberaftbe aialh va- 
Jmneortbe Mime* tU tOrint, 

- together wi A ibe Sth, l(»h aad 
lath nni^era of tba VUm» 

- The asth, 37th and 3Slh t*. 
Intnea of the Tr^waatkna of tbo 
Society of Arts, tut. ware r»- 

. ceived from Arthur Aikin, Es^. 

. the Seeielary l» that laatito- 

TboSknlUofw Elo[AaBt aad 
anAllieatoi were preoeBted to 
the Muaeum by R. Bcrnoyi Es^. 

. of the Cidl Servioe, throngh ihe 
niodium of Mnjor J, W, Tavlor, 
Frofeaaor of Hindooetanee in 
the College of Fort William. ' 

A letter was read from the 
Secretary io the Anmcan Phi- 
losopbkal Society, traasmitting 
a Tolume of Hintaitod Trani- 
actioDS, piibliahed 1^ tl»e His- 
tocal branch of that lostitBtion. 
Mr. Gibbons preientcd to the 
MuBCBB fort)'-mie Spoeimeaa 
of Minerals fronr Nepaal. Blr. 
Gibbons also presenled, in the 
name of Hr. Boileau, several 

the Rajah of 
Tipperdi, alruok in the year 
1743 erf the Snkabnda vBra. 

From Captain BidweH several 
Coins from BgTpt were lecelv-* 
ed. Of silver, five of the Ptole- 
viies: and of Copper, eight ftf 
Diocletian, four of Masimillaa, 
oaeefCaruB, and two ofCaii- 
ims ; of gold, one of Arcadios. 
Also, three porcelain, and two 
metallic Bgyptian loiaees, six 
or eif^t iDohea long, •na a pieca 
«f ^yptian bread. 

Captain W. Biwce, rasident 
at BbiIwo, praioiltl^ soma ca. 


tin niwber, eoll«et«d b; hioualf .tli« jip9ollMi(i» J 

JdMlV MMiMt ^m, Ibirtrrlomv A^aon vfa IMe it^wii«mw 
d bj: hioualf .tli« jiptMllMim £unt« Jm* «> 

.tbc Arwcides, probably tha iiiriKiiUier of tb* HiadM awftf 
.first,uidseveralof the Ckibh. lb« - MuMolniaQ ) 


A letter was read frara Dr. .Tbdi ,c1iiar». ^MJIIr. ■ottHed tt 

.Gibtoa, coBuuiuiicftUag the ,De»:filiqE,.HiAili9iirliol(]ar.tUs 

'.4e«th of .the Laokaow LumU absurd atoiy my.fQtbQtS'Anw 

:A'aAu-edeicrib«dinourlaitr«- antaf theoireamMMMm of the 

port. Mid traiuaulting the (ub- CmhiI .Chief :. of ■ ttefc fgrtnaa 

It tar anfttfHiucal examiiutMin Jtannft bees lakoi- -bj -MM ^ 

, the Saciaty ; but tbe diHsoW- sAvnut^eeh't Gtmaaiamd iM»- 

!ed lUte in which it uri<.ed jiedpiuoatr toDelU, wbonte 

.preclude* tbe possibility ofde- >iid fna Iwdt relanMd toiibin 

.mJBfC, ban dincction. Buy sm- on embiacinK tbe.MnboMnadta 

tisfactory iofornatioB of its pe- AilliL (B»xailioii3-7.)- .. < 

JshUbt structore. Allho' when - Thedesoeiidaiita«f tb^Bun*- 

in life Ihs two bodies appeared leM iqwstMo are then .saiil. to 

. to be iofluenccd by diatiact feel- Jiare spread themaelvcH ^^T'pff' 

JBgs,, aa whilst one cried tlie Jlie hills and jimgly re^iMas of 

,«lher«iilen dept, they are said Goadw«na, and tbeLorlu lU^ec 

.to have died (on tlie 8th of fixed themaeives at Jesposi^ 

Aofciist> at tbe same instnnt. whence aparty .ofsixty coave>- 

^Tbe; seem to bavfl improved in 'ed, as p«laj|kMli beaiersv.tM 

Jiealth and loohs op to neaiiy iUKdaughtciB of Uie Bajah.upon 

^the period of their death. their marriiigis . iWilJi the soni 

' A short statistical noSqc of and BeptewseC' Aijun.iSiingh, 

.tilt Lttrka-KoUt, ia the district .lUjah of SiagUieom., ' They 

^ Singhboom, was laid before .wore invited La roaiaia anctthe 

tlie Society by Captain Jacksoo ^jafaga^ntliefn rfxtydutnoto 

,«f the Qiwrter Master General's in the pflrfUDnah of Jiiggematl^ 

depatlneut. To this notica was pore, ea covditwi) of pea&tuiat 

^auDoxedy a brief historical me- set^ice wlitji.reqnked. Tfiej 

-moir in ihe Persian Inofcaa^, iteoepWd,tiu t«opakal,oooupi^ 

which ascribes, evidently with- .the distriots whiob4h«j' peopled 

'out authority or|irobabiiity,the .with their -ann faoiiliics, and 

^originoftheKoles ID anapostate frOH^ which tlKy expelled the 

,<on of one of tlie Enuierorj of prigiiitd possessors, retnitMg ia 

.Delhi; but neither bu.Duae, eMh village a Cowkeepcr, .« 

nor at what period liia apottaoy Barber, a Potter, and a Jllaok- 

.occured, are.menlioBsd- He Hiiilb. As they saulliplied and 

is said to have bad s tiacl of firew in poww tiiey beaaioA 

■laad as«i|^d bim ib tioudvK- dangeroas and troubkaoue i«- 

.Ba. and to have settled atGurrs -nwles, andin.a short tlme.AuiK 

,lfMDdela, where inlflrm«rryiaK seeded to ^propriatiufc ,A« 

.srithtte daughters of HiH (^ie& themselifs tho entire territory 

.be had seven sona, frOBi whooi of Kngl'lihootoi 

■icain desoeaded tbe seren . Tliis oarralivftis «(. Utile ink- 

- tribes c&lled oulkrtively Oboo- .portame. It may .be .founded 

«is, but sevcf ally, iMrka, Oiifa- an thetraditioas oflbepaopla, 

wan, Kataria^ ^luini^, Masoo- linl<Uie traditiooa of so faarhar> 

.Utall, Gooeri.«ndSbik«i, fron ,0Dsnraec canqot be of a very 

their progenitors who were so accurate n&t we, < joot of teiao^ 

jw^mt, JSbo&ttf iiinff.Dlw -ivUWr .V^isA9:iM».9V 

t, , kvn 

=d by Google 

«» cALotm-A AsmrjLt. luseifitsi w»u 

MrtlMejl ItitniAera In tiM 
iKiMlfroM) diitriGt, tukl ninr- 
|iaa Aa lands M no very 
<ll*tsBt pnjod from s fW 
HtoAoo ntOen. U is Terj 
ynbabto sIm that thejr era 
HMnMh^ a braiieh of ths 
n«Ht: Arntf luailj, ■'HhiA 
fSraw U>B popnladon of the 
VbhO^i ebdn. , TIm XoIu tn> 
dMd Hoen to be wMely umd 

VMdiBttly to tii« weKwnrd of 
OhaiHW, <ir abont the Kimoor 
glwat. (AiiKtio BenanhcB, 7. 


The GoataU cui scarcely ba 
oeasidered at Hindoos, u thef 
cat every kind of flesh. Th«y 
kaTe some ru4D snperMitlons 
luaonKRt diem, bairowed per- 
lap* from their pei^hbonn, aod 
"Vorabip Banff" <*'' SaiKM Dna, 
toirhom the^ oll'er fowls, ^ats, 
ftoit, rice, grain, spiriti, and in 
short nhatcrer the conntry af- 
fords. Tbej distill ft sort ttT 
spirituous liquor called /EMdut, 
and are much adActed to iu< 
toxieation. Thqrare very ex- 
pert in the diaee, and kill gamO 
-with bows and an«tn t thes* 
«boare their etainftrnplencvM 
of war in addilioD to the hatdi- 
«tand«nird. When they me- 
ilhateany aot of aggression, the 
dneGi of the villages, after faM^ 
ing for a day. take in the eren- 
ing two fowls, which they deilg- 
nato B9 their own and die opr- 

left buried during the night la 
the morning the fowls are taken 
from tbmr sopulobre, and the 
tbrtone of the eontest is fore- 
told, acoording to the bird 
which hns survived the night's 
inhumation. Shoold their own 
Tsprescutalive have pnish«d, 
tbchostflepnrpcseii abandon- 
ed, 01 suspended. All dispates 
kBODgit tliemselYes are decided 
^ the chiefs of the villaite, tvh« 
leidDni awnd a Mvvnr paw 

I «Mt «f flifc> 

iKg tte ncqaitted, orviatoTlMa 
parbr. Tbeir maWiageS dtinot 
lake place before tte 14A or 
I6di year, and ■eema to be ni> 
tended with a singnlRr c^resaa- 
ay. It is said that the Bride 
is bninght home In the eveirii^. 
when In an assembly of tM 
people, the Bridegroom appUas 
tiie frontal mark, made willi 
Tetmilion, throws a gartand of 
flowers ronnd her neck, ^aA 
then retires and conceals US- 
selh in the thickets. I^e re- 
latives of the Bride arm Oen- 
selves and i^ in qnest of Mn, 
and ifhe isfonnddartDgthe nl^M 
the msrriage is void ; — if not 
discovered, he appears in the 
morning, takes the Bride by 
the hand, removes the veil fma 
ber face, and ttiey danoo toge- 
dier in the centre of a ttag, 
formed by the assistants, who 
also duice round tbem. The 
ceremony is' thns oompleted, 
andtbe r^stof the dayis devo- 
ted to festivity and ndrtk. Hie 
LnrkftKoles bntn theirdeadlk 
ftont of tiieir dwellings, bnry 
the wbet, and bnm a Ugh t on ttto 
graveforthe space of mie month. 
They then erect a stMM QpoB the 
spot. Their Utile' trafte eoBsisk 
obiefly of an exefaaage <rf pnlse, 
mnatard, sesannm, and gbe«, 
for salt and coarse oloHn f^m 
th« neigbbonring pergunnahs. 
The eetimated popaiation of tha 
disttiet of Slnghboon, gives a 
total of 3ft,«32 males, and SS,ti» 
females. ' 

' Major Qenetri RAK»wi«n 
presented, iu the name of Cap- 
tain W. S'. Wrirh a britf ao< 
count of the inscriptions (Per- 
sian and Sanscrit) on a mar- 
ble slab, found at Sirsab in ISIi^ 
ritferring to the 12th eontmy of 
the ChristiAn nrn, acoompamed 
by a full insed represeolation of 
them, in which the Agnres deno* 
tincyfars are FFtc-sitttles. ' 
ffiiMb 1i si«iate« akoM M 


mB'-N< W. «C Hwitt nd Br bl» nirivcrMl •cvirrmvtm. 
ifufiwmerly s ^inaipal town mnd conpreheaiive ganiai hm. 
baa Identified himMlf, with lbs 
iitUlIeotunl iatere«ts of netf 
a^e and clima, aud by )iwt>owH 
era, as a linKuiit «tid r «ritii> 
bMn qualifled }iins<lf to lit ia 
jud^meut, on.lbe moit omjneiit 
produclionft of CTory ouMTBted 
toDgue,— in this ctfAtitj, bU 
h»» bithorto cbiellj bosn ceto> 
brated in Barop«, and bo u e»- 
pcciallf knawn to na, u Qi^ 
most eloquent, and perUi^istbo 
most able comiaeiitAtoi, that 
bas ever olTeTed homuge to th» 
geniuR of Sbaketpoar— he noir 
appears as tba sealons ijultiT»- 
ter of Oriental studies — with 
what saocflss remnias to be as^ 
Mitained, butin tb^TneaD tima 
it eannot be donbt«d, that hi* 
opioioiu will h« widely diffused 
Md will exercise a powerfal i». 
fluencc on tbe Biinds of bis oon- 
temponiries ; it ma; not (hore- 
n>ie be noiatcresting to English 
leadeis to be made aoqaainted 
with the lentinientB be has ex- 
piesied on tbe oaltiTatkn of 

„.-, . . , Sanscrit Xitetatera, by tboab 

pioeeedinn of the Society now vfao luvft ittea, m are atill 
UdpreoDsiderfttion.iiintiDiate-t mMdiend Wimagst the Mem. 
i)F oonncctod with Its puraaits. bers of the literary oonumiuitr 
a|Hlon.thal aeoonnt deserving of b^K, and it wiubenr-"—^ 

If U fiwmerly s ^inaipal 
i» th« Bhattia provinces. 
Annst 1819. whoa tbtf forco 
■uaer Uaj. Geo. Asnolu en- 
campod there, it was atl in rains. 
Iha fort is situated on a hill, 
and contains a few boTeis with 
•at nnd roob— iu outer waU it 
alaestdown. Tbe slab in qucs- 
tion was round anwnfcst the 
rabbish of decayed biuldiuKs, 
%m1 was the only piece of mai- 
Ue seen there. Its dimeniioiM 
are 4 feet 4 inobes by 2 feet 3 
itwhea, and 4 inches thick, and 
■necifies that tbe building; com-i 
qteaorated was constmcted in 
the reign of Mahomed tbe 2d, 
who according to our Indian 
bstory reigned from 1181 to 

la one oT the nnmbersof iho 
XndUelu Bibhalktk, publish- 
«l at Bout, by Avoustus 
VoM ScHLiOEL. and Iranamit- 
titd by him to the Society, there 
la an essay on tbe pToi;Tess ol 
Oriental laterature, written by 
tte Editor, which, tboogh not 
behuigiBg tauaediately 

1^ rem^ in this plaee. Tlie 
Mtltor has not bocD backward 
in deprceiatiiiK fhe efforts of the 
BaglUfa. nor in Bagnifjing 
the seal and learning of his 
aoontrymen Id the plnlology of. 
tte Bast ;— but we shall lay b». 
fore onr readeri an aUe analy* 
Bis«r ScnLRoiii'a dUsertatioa 
uepared awl read b; Mr, H., 
B. WiUON, th« Seoretaiy at 

nH^ontrfthls intorest, thalth* 
view which he haa taken, ia far 
from flattering. 

Tbe * Indische Bibliotfaek.* 
opens with an Essay, on tbe aa- 
tnal aUte of Indian PbilolofTy; 
this Essay was miginally pah. 
lished in 1810, in the Annual 
Register of tbe Prussian Unt- 
veraity of tba Rbioe, and seema 
to have excited much intemat 

the last Heetiaf , wliich will on the contineDt, baYin^ alre^ 

tblljr shew its tftiideiwy and 
SMrits. It ia aa follows : — 

Tbe auna of AooOBTni 
ScHLESBi., the author and coi>- 
dactoi of the * Ivduclu BibliO' 
tkA' ooenpics deservedly, a 
disUagoiahed plane in tbe Li- 
twatiue of tbe jireseut ditj. 

dy been twice translated inl» 
Ftench, and pnblished in tb« 

Literary Journals crfFrance 

ita laagth and diffnaeneia render 
ita translation on the present oc 
cadoB objeclioaBble, and it will 
be sufficient for onr purpose te 
tranalata thoee j^aasagea, only; 


f0« CALCirrrA annual REOi5T£Il 1821. 

vbieta TolRle to the cnttiTMtioii 

^rSanitcrit Literature by Eog- 
■h Ubvorets. 

Tbe p«ciiUwr ritnatiaii of the 
Cerman N>tioa, bu hitherto 
preTented them from directing 
|o tbo stody of lodifui tetters, 
that diligence and talent which 
hate placed them in etery d, 
tber branch of lcni)wTedi;e, upoit 
Ik level, vilh their mostdhtio- 
ruisbed neifsbbourft : the Bng- 
Bab on the contrary bave beeii 
enabled by tbe luperior advan- 
taf^es of their position to obtain 
an almost exchishiB access to 
theiitCToi'y treasarps of Indta, 
mud pothioalconsidcrationsbare 
Induced them to aviiil thrm- 
»elvps of the opportunities thus 

E laced witfiin their ruHch : the 
apulse was Urst given by two 
tneo of pre-eminent tnlcnls, and 
In Warren Hastings and Sir 
Wra. Jones, tbe Statesman iind 
FSilosophcr were fcrfunalrly 
associated, lo direct the cnerf^iCR 
of thei» Cnnntrymen, to the 
^oani, btit fitted to extend the 
repulalion and power of Creat 
Britain in tlie EaKl. 

In order lo petpetiiate fli» 
durarionof an empire more e^ 
tensrre than that of the Mocrri, 
to which they have sueeceded,' 
*e EnfHsh hatfe tomed their 
prarident attention to Hie opi- 
irionfl and faabiti of their rab^ 
jecti, lo tin' administration of 
mch lawa as' ire beM 
naered in tho Bast, and tf> 
thR direct and pctsonal eXeti 
dhoofthe aathority which they 
liRf e assumed : lo attain thene 
ebjecii, and to afoid bein|7 
misled or dftcel*ed by InterMted 
or ijnorant interpret ati-jn, it 
was iniHspensabty nweasary 
thnt they shontd onnKfy thnn- 
ntves to 'bear anil answer, tft 
•omnmnientft (Veely sad inde- 
pendenHj with those 'sohjeflt to 
tiirir power and en titled to their 
protection, and to pTamii)f;ate 
their ordnn aM-UM ift- n ftr« 

thatshoidd he onderstbod ^' 
those to whom t^ey were aof- 
dressed : in a word, it"wa» ne- 
cessary that they sbonld acquir* 
fte mastery of the Native lan- 
gvases. These are of a mixed ' 
character, composed in Rcncnfl 
of Arabic, Persian or other ad- 
ditions, in a fTcater or les* 
dcftrec, to a Sanscrit base, and 
therefore dettiand a varfnos and 
hiborjaiis course of study for 
their aciulrement ; to fat'iv 
ntnle their aciinisltimi, the 
Prc5s has been employed nnij 
ColfeeeH hnvc been fbn&de4 
both in India and in Etirope. - 
The slody of Orjentat lite- 
Mtore is Ihercforf to' the 13n!»« 
Hah rathertlie means than IhB* 
end, iOie in'trom^nt of their prt» 
licy, rather Ihnn the amoscmeirf 
or occupation of OteitintcWet, 
To the Germans au(;h an inJ 
ducement is unknown, bat tlie^ 
well content tbemselves witB 
the BxUlcmcnls that AnIiquitK* 
Phibilogry, and Philosopby, ad? 
minister, and can find an attraorj 
Kon of infinite interest in ths* 
inve^llgRtfoD of new and tfnvi- 
sllcd regions of re^jearch. Lonr' 
and fntimata rcnort havcren-' 
dered thetn fhmtliar #lth Ifati' 
leaitfrequentndbauots orihsri^' 
ing, and tbey win need- but Tit-' 
tie extraneous inelteinent ttt" 
pinnae boldiv into the nreclouij 
mines of knowledjre wbirh San- 
■erlt Literatnre holds out t6 onr' 
expectation, whether the fighf 
ft throws upon the most hue ien'f" 
oompo^loii^ of ((very toA|<;ue' 
and people and upon the orl^n' 
of the human rnc^, be consider-^ 

of the Indiab Mjlhologry, the 
ulegant Imnginings ofirspoct-' 
try, or the deep hhdlbnifnoiis 
speculations wiffi whioh Hi Wif- 
losophy is stored. ■ ■ . * 

Tlie means of bbtninfhi; ac-* 
crsfl to a colleofim of intcHec- 
MtU labotaisbDiilHlidDs imqaeit' 


wanaJkh ooovKKKscss. 

uathiu tl 

« tluui the kmeaMd libnir . 
of Oa^nuutdyM, and «B>hiuing 
BMice iiBportant tntlu lhuith« 
Uenglr^o ot Bg>'pt conoeal, 
sniKiw In tooie nMuare offer- 
•d to th« acoepUnoe of every 
BsiapMB Nation, bf the pnt^ 
Ikatiou of the few EwUtk cnU 
tiTOtori of thlf oxtMiKVo field: 
vhat Oey htve Utberto elected 
Vnr*Tcr)»»betBfb ftonpio* 
peitloaiit* to what A^ poMeaa* 
odth* nMau tf neentlaf, and 

«d th* nMau tf suAitlaf , 
leaves even iulheeleueaCaoC 
ttcena^ymuhto bejetper- 
foHMM- TkoBnopMiioaaiyui- 
1^ la in Gut wltk regard M 
fibdn. Idtetatnre in Qto relatl- 
an in wkich it stood to tbe woika 
of Classioal Antiqaity, irhan 
tkty first bccane the objects of 
^ieiiiry omioaii}'— ibe means 
are dmctive, Ae gnides inooD* 
HteiM, tbe sanw dtOcoltiea 
abatfoet fte eager piOKma of 
Aa student, and they are only 
to be omeame by atikedlK 
play of eu>|y 

•TaOMsIs sMahnr fcat>l>Hr 
selcoted, oad bo oniM vuxtf 
Mm sir prtoan Inportanee. 
— Vpaa tte wbele famrerer 
tbe work is coanaodiou and 
■Befal,nBd baa AovetinstRiil- 
floaat advantan of befn^easi- 
^psoearabio In Barope.- B^ 
Me* tbeso paUioalioiM, tbrea 
original WMU an Onuuur 
baT«bMB MiBted, tbe Sntras 
ori>aDiai,flw »ddhantaCaa. 
modi and the M ogdba Bo^ni. 
Ileae bodu are bowerer ntter- 
hf nseless to tbe Earopean Stn- 
dent( Ae mukoit tboyfbDow 

Snopcaa cainnui> ar« very sinfialar and peooHar 

wikten is aieoedincly' c 
—No —aiti bfcTto been aaqtloy' 
«d to renady tbeaedefbvta, a«d 
torendsa tbe* fat^Hgible, as 

bng benn noy oafl 
bwioine afaUaUe, wtttaevtOw 
aid of naflre Instraetora. 
, Altei' OrasaMMW the baafca roi- 
fOirodbyaSMdenA, areBfcti- 
enaties, andlnlUa ratpectwa 
■an evan worse off tban In As 
farmer— tbe only waric of lk« 
Und y«t published ta tbo ^aww 
Cbeia, a Voeabolary wltb an 
Alpbabelioal Index, and ttM^ 

r translation^ <Mabsooh«. 
nooeaslty of eonsnlti^ia 
tkis . pnbUoMiaii two or norw 
plaoes Cdc tba ■aanlngs of s 

.Th» En^iisb bare pnbUahed 
Smu rranmars of tbe Sansorit 
Lan^we. Those of Forster 
avd CoUbrooke are uifinisbed, 
and tbe latter nay be soffend 
10 cnna^ sov as in oooaoqiunco 
probabb «t tba imperfsctlons- 
«f Hkkoo Qpographor'atOiepo-. 
^d.atwbicfait was puhliiBed, 
1^ nales occapy so auich spa^e- 
as to IMVB none for exaqvles^ 
1^ iUnstrations — ^The naait 
swr of Carey is more vafaublaia. 
this zesiMct, bvt is luDommodif 
«oi i&0» itsisrtent, and defeo- 
lif « in iu partial adoption of tntri 
Ac Enropaan and Natne sys-' so < 

In use, andtts Usitted extent^ 
its arbitrary am 

' loaofsDtl 

Ae Enropaan l„- _ _ . 
tvms, fbUttiriag ooaaMonally, 
one, and occaaianaUy tbe other, 
— ^3ttjns has sneoosded ia 
eonvertiac the Algebia of Bior 
dn, into ibe plainer AsiAnwtie 
of Enrtpaan Grawnar. and bis 
work i« tbe .best— at the same 
tina bis lemdnolonr .srsystaa 

. _ ,r aoaioe. The 

text af the Amtmi 


lias baa also been printed la 
Cafautin, bat as ttey an not U- 
lastratod by eossment or eKpl»< 
^Ulen tlMf aro of no SMire prao* 
tieal vahn tiian '" ' ' ' 

Ibe original 
noHMd. k. 


■HB. t IwTe had no opporto* 
nitj of comparing Sit Willi aa 
.ionea'a ttanriations of the Zftto. 

ud X«iM ^ Jfm>, wia the 
oiigiaAb, bat I eBtertain m 
doi^t of tkdr ^apcrior merit, 
— Sir William Jooei waspo*. 
49Med of gteat' jthilalagioarac. 


•EiieAL eccvtitiwKia.- 


Mtltoiial niBAQera. -^Thefreo 
IraMlatifta In rhyme, win bft 
lM>ww»«r of no Berrice to Stu^ 
denta of llM Sanscrit lantmicb. 
n^ latM pren Inu been kc^ 
iholy eaiptojed daring tfi« lR!i( 
few jehn, tai « variefr of o^ 
KtniJ WMlu'Bave bdeh printei!, 
•^-u aiei)r ha«e been left Mleiy 
to tfie Superintend enee of Nsr 
tfM SebolBrt, mnermny WRnt- 
teir even the ftifinf aecompanf- 
Meat or wi EBsQib Title Page, 
aadastKoBi) Individunls were' 
aUcijaaiuted With any method 
preferable to the order and ap- 
pearance of AHr Maaasorlptt, 
fliej bave not been able of 
en arse to fntrcdoee anrpractf- 
Ml improvement upon the anto- 
fTBTAs, to whfeb tbej bare 
teen acciutomed, — fhjnftil ad-' 
kerence to the orig;{nHl3, has fn- 
4eed prevailed to such an ex- 
tent, that lome of the book* 
isTe been printed exactly of 
tbe form of the Ion; narrow 
kaves of which the MaoBScripta 

With ngard to Hie I^atani| 
BlsKny tud Geo^ph; of In- 
dik, the manners of the people 
aid their Modern Htstpiy, the 
Bhfliah have ^een cealonsTy in- 
dastrious: thUis tbebrightside 
of tbe picture. It cannot bo 
denied, however, that with re^ 
pect to the M'onuments of Art, 
die French displayed, durln^ 
flieir tempoiary occupation of 
^^pt, more assiduity, srience ' 
and learoint, than the Enftlish 
have exhibited dating their lone 

E' id undisturbed possession of 
indnstan. No work of a pub- 
lip cbaractcr, has ever been at- 
tempted, and the perfomiannes . 
ofprivatoindi visuals in thl s II nd; 
are in general rather calculated . 
to pleajie the eye, than to dis- 
seminate infonnation. .Soni(^ 
ideas of ancient Hindu arohi:- 
tcctuie may be gathered from 
tic prints of Dauel, but of la-^ 

Aan senlpfnre. AlrspeAntfu 
have been pnblfshed, and tboso 
have been eridenliy destgnej 
tHthoat iht ^BJlsl repard tocha^ 
rncteristic e^qyreoshm; h ni^Att 
erenof BonAay.onc (ifAflchW 
fteats oribeBDjilis1rfimpire,Ifei 
flie Islind" of SHlsefte, and yet 
we know nothing of ftirCavcra 
Temple, but by Ta^ne Tcrbaj 
descriptfon-: no one hn ever 
talcen tfc» trouble to' describeit 
to copper. Tn hctlfterary Or 
seientiite teiS appears To be no*' 
known to the Enjclislr iir TmMi,' 
find the Spirltlfflee called Into 
animaffonby Sir Wfflftm'IOne* 

finct. Webnve no newworlw 

the old fh^holars. wbmn names^ 
are rendered MnsMmn by titv 
* AsiaAie neiveaHwes, wiu itr 
does 'not appettr Antanj' TOitit I 

German dUIzence tnd fcarntD^, 
and erery tMnf eonaplras ta 
ronse tiiMn to iw cnltivanona 

fliemwItb-Ae reqtUrtto mateii- 
ots of oriental typorr^by, atiil' 
althoa^i their appfioaiftin may 
fbr a while be limited, orim- 
perfeet. they wHl »ffO«r be- 
A man of whom bis pateraai. 
land maT weM be prow, Alex- 
ander Von flmBbnlt' baa hmtl 
E rejected a jooFneytlirongh 
ndiB to T(b«; 'by Ifce efioeti- 
ragemant andaW of the Royal' 
Oovemment, ample means win' 
1^ placed at his disposal, and 
alflionfih the wAifcs of nature 
wear iaVtS eyes the form th»! 
most attracUve, yet his taste ia 
too comprehensive, bis know- 
led^ too vast, fbr pass 
by without rejtard the laere*." 
Teidgos of Ah tiqdi ly ,->*4o bitli 
then may ir«be indebted feraa' 
accession to our literwy we Ml 
and tiM ndiowate al Iwttt ««>*'' 



iDuipeoplt. latlw .. 

jBiuh la to ba KtcUnod, with 
tbe InptaiMiita in our TMofc. 
and the auw* of Bo ~ 
Ckesyt aliMdy «ffor 
Stent and coMiBMn. 81 
the Bn^Uah be UH^^ 
to rebun a ■onopolr of Sanciit 
"■ '^tkemtfthw 


iaiMj for «U«ii AeOanuM 
bave ahnya bea> wl f fciMe d 
awf be iirMtedto1bedi(BO<«- 

TYeMnrea of intelleet are the 
CMunon lif bt oftbe wkofe cM- 

ANBwtaMSchlagd, uK! and Us 
catunateAf tbe UlctM]' effort* i 
qtewr eeimHyaaen ao— otbia 
lemaikinaj perb^abejutr^ 
many of thnn hmraver ma; be 

Litentnre of bdia m 
hUv eoDtains/^Thcre oaa bene 
fecliBf aaaMgetoar coontiyiMB 
beXile ta the mttevp^tbe 
priaeiai^entothe oompetitioa 
of dm wbele wotld i b«t H is to 
be beped that we ban apMt 
eooaKb aiMaeit ae not t» i»^ 
sin It wlAont a atninle. It 
win indeed be Hide to the cre- 
dit of the nadonal eharaetar, 
aberid tbe ealttratiaa of Sana- 
tfit U tetatom be adtaatagMV^ 
JytranaftredfrtaHOeae regiMa 
vbare it ia iadtgeadaa aadwheta 
all tbe meana of oulture are at 
band, to the nncongenial fielda 
of BoBB a&d Paili, wbere it 
«aa opl; be foTced into piodiio- 
ttveneaa by ttw lapettoi aUU 
•ad energy of the (»tti*ator. 
StMt. Rax. Oct. as. 

nndonbtedly gioonded on error 
4r miaapprehendoa, and few of 
tbem aeeni l« have been dietat- 
od by eoniiderate JRd|;eraent or 
Uheral aplrit,— W* m^ indeed 
^Dspeot that poUoy baa prompt* 
cd mnoh of us onoDiaf Eaaay, 
and that ScUecel haa paipeawy 
liadervaloed tbe patf laboars of 
^BngUab in wder tbe nwre 
affeOtaaUy to atimalate hia ooan- 
trymaa to emsdative exeitiaa.— 
It lata be wished that he may 
aveoeed, and that the patient' 

■ Mr. Bebb It ■ nitiTe of BaTa> 
ila, seat to Bnglud at dn ex- 
geaee ef tbe Kiof of that Moatry 
I«r tbe perpoM ef atMbtaa Saait 
viL Wia Uw OMbtuce af Mr. 

WUkteae^slb he hat aoqaiied patiently borne before the 
api«fi«leacylndiaUarf«e,u>d Smot began, asit wasdarioK 
1^ ^vaa «i7 able iwoeb ef hu ...- =-^— -?. iL ... ^ r9 

Public Auemhfy. 
'- Ibe Pirstof the Snbacrlptioa 
AsMmbliea, which was held en 
Friday Evtmag, was am we had 
anticipated, well attended, and 
the rtole effect ir*y, brinian^ 
and aniiaating. Hie good in- 
tnrtlans of the Stewards were, 
onfortanately not seconded lo. 
effeetnally as we had hoped ; foT 
tbgngb many peraooa were In tbe. 
room before 9, Danciag did not . 
cpmmence andl a later boar,. 
and the Promenade was not so 


sDCMtsful qnutcatloD in 
puhen of SuucHt ud OreekCon- 
[ngatioD," and a literu trmnilitlon 
In the Latin Isngnsge of the Nala- 
abk'lifm, an BplMMle in the JI&- 

t Meat. Cberr. dte nntleftiu 

HsMer «r«i4 Adatle twsiety, l. 
tke mcetiog af tbe iwh 00, uai. 

tbe interval between tbe Setts, 
or after Snpper. It is Dot(n< 
deed in tbe nature oS yonna' uA 
buoyant spirits, to hear ue la- 
vitlaff Bonad of Uasic, and not 
be anintaled and impatient (a 
move tn them in lighter and 
marc idry :<te|>s than the j^leion 
tread of a long and cmbfLrrassed 





'.-it «i* cntncd iMowilk 

put vMt, aad QaaditHes and 
CmbIr Oudea taMeedm eadi 
•Iher «uk anffident Mti* itj ta 
RTO nU aaoppoiliinttY of jtrining 
b - thin «xkiliiuiaf enterlniii* 
ntMrt. .Tbe room wm w«ll lifht^ 
•dt Uw HfUic excellent, A* 
Stammb-pKrticnlarly aticMlm 
— daU wawBMpwtirf— OBJ 
iMad. plo»* 

'. Ib-mMt'NoUetheHaRiiitt 
and Mucktoncfs of- UaiifBUi 
a*PanMt9 «r tkb.'BiiUrt»i»- 
MeqlrkoDonri it with tfceir pro-' 
■CBM; ud appeared ta pai1ak» 

tenf aad bam tmm, ■ 
- n» Simper Roemwaaop«B> 
•dat midni^t; and k is tmt- 
jaatiee to the SUvaidi, aa welt 
ai the Froviden of tbe Feast, to 
•ay Uiat'we'lMns scMom Men 
the ettBifoTt ef the guesU ^ter 
attended rto. 'Zbe viands were 
ud good— die wioea 
euellBttaad iraU cooM— Ibe 
servasts saSeMMly nmneFons 
t« fnraUi aU the aid reqi*ed— 
a-mff t iwey ef room and ohain 
at tabU f(v all present— and ao 
mnch quiet ep}M«ienl of coat* 
Ar(,'flwt ran vWtor at paUio 


Far November, 1821. 

- Bmviag just received a vat; 
niaable Goramatucatiaa on Um~ 
eonditioa andproipects of ani; 
ifllant ■ot^eineot of Sincapore, 
fFt commit it to tho press witb- 
e«totfcer oomment tbanaaas- 
luranee, that it is from a nuMt 
tcspactalile quarLer, and that 
ve have reason to thiak ow rafr- 
dcrs aiaj depend on the oor- 
rectsess of all tbu it advanoed 


Srfract of « Ltuwr daud o» 

- (oord tkt Skip Suttnpvf* 

. Batipg stopped and obtained 
bcre as much freii^fat as we bad- 
nwpi for, oor oonseqoent deten-^ 
tion has been sufficient to ena- 
ble pe ftilly to gtititf the cnrio- 
fit; Ihad to im lliia iufantaod 

mneb tatted of settlomeat. Bad' 
transmit jon a isitUiul aceount 
of it-v-Oreat as my expectaUons 
wen nised by all I have iieaid 
iaits praise, I eimaotsBy theyr 
have been attcuded with dia^. 
poiatment, as too inqucnUf 
happens in such uases. Un tho 
ooMrary,! tliiub, thatjlsocaUBl ' 
and sheltered* 
heart of the Baetarn Coanttiea 
and Islands, where it is not in- 
apUy ealled by the Natives the 
hmc) thereof, and in a strait 
thro* wblcb vessels, to and from 
varioQS parts, are cooitaattj 
passing and canoot pass wltfa- 
oDt going dose to it,,llie facility 
with wbicb goods .can at all lime^ 
be shipped or landed, the good- 
ness of the water and setl, tbft 
abundance of wood, and the ot- 
tieiM salnlintj' of tiuf diraatcv' 


Mft CAiCITn'A AftKFja' KBSISTlR 18St. 

IS well M 
flttpaUIities, atl cosuplffl to mt- 
4er iu Miebtioa, for the pni>i 
poso far wMeii it it lMsn4«<l, a 

My astooiriiHMDt oo findhqf 
M lugeitpopatMiaBorCliiiKiej 
A^JB, Hui^a, fcc. eomfortsbV 
Mtded nA tadnstrtoadj' em- 
ploywl oa ut idMd that,- ' 

«MS«d, on «r being smiutA 
tfut this sadden wmTcnion of. 
wottds and solUade Into a deaf 
ed and iababiteil Coanbry—41 
IMtIm sod bosj port— had 
been the work of onlj; a feir 
Koatbs after the judicious oc- 
eapation of it, b; its enterttrfv 
lag and iatelligrat fonnder, who 
was deputed to carTf idto effect' 
the wise and enlif^tened views 
oTaSaperior ADtbaritj, by 6x- 
Inf that fonndatian of Eastern 
Commeroe and CfrOiaation for 
wbifdt Bincapore is so well enl' 
flolated, tbe great nBCertahrty 
of its retention bj the British, 
whloh sabsequentif prevailed, 
kaving checked alf farther ad- 
vanocBietd. — The late fivn^Iv 
Keport Itowanr of tbe Selecf 
Comimttee erf tlie I^rds on the 
<ipiiuoti of the Forrign Trade of 
Oreat nilein, in as fltr M re- 
lates to Stncapore, teems ta 
ftave-inspired >neb a eonMenecr 
on the part oTtheBBrmean antf 
■oAte of th«i»ore opnfent Cht 
nese Merchants, oT an (dtimate, 
if not speedjr, GonQmiBrion of 
IfaePort, as to* Induce tiiemto' 
commence tfie erection of pe^' 
laaneat and snbstantial Honsei 
and GodoWns.-^rhe 1e«s adren-J 
tarmis Armenian, Arab, Chuliah* - 
and other Traders wiH no donbtr 
''oon (f^low the example, and ar 
fhe soH. shores and forests «f 
SIncapore ftiraMi an inezhaoa-^ 
tiUe q<uatitr-o<Mcfci> «M|r 

Wharft ahing thebaaka-of dia 
Kreromtter MetDf tbeSei^ 
eontigunn to wbhA -ttcprini^ 
pal Mercantile part trf it IS ni>M 
■ed ont and tlrewly partlr oe> 
espied with tbe Wat«-bo«)ei of 
•ams of tbe Indhidiialf to aina 
pOTtiou -hate been ^dntted^ 
VUs faWt Mnetratei far tms 
tbe interior, in a winding oonaet 
—is about 300 lieet wide toirardt 
Hi' ffoiKtn, '^ las -le^utiff ilwr tf 
YrtoehTin '^ftoet at tbe Sptingf 
and la oap^Ie W 'admlttbic 
Ve9Mlsoratlea«I«0Tbas. I 
^self having ja»t witnassctf 
the dropping oat of tt of an Arab 
Ship of that tmrtben. 

Befween tbe Inlet and • ptx 
nllelrtvoletto tbe'rtafat as jori 
laud, and at' tbe diifanor of 
aboot i of a mile, there is a 
nearly square plain C^e gre a t e r 
part of which 'is uproprlated 
for a Cantonment) faced with a 
Mgh sandf beaob, free from 
Surf, and terminated on the 
inner side by a, Steep Hill , of a 
saRelMit elevatnmHrt pos'sM^a 
IHeMtirbl and comtBatttibig'Thfw 
of tbe stnTOanu^g eoaittfj ttv 
the Straits, and^rfUeli baa bees' 
^ared preparatory tn the eie» 
tien of a ue^ency HottM tnf 
I^-OA the ibrtber dde tt tbo* 
Uet is, on one hand, a ftgttar* 
Wbnilt Chinese Town; and, oar' 
the otber, beycrad the rittriet. Is' 
an extenrive plain, in (Vaatof 
whkb the sandy beaelr' be(bt«' 
mentioned stretches intO' an- 
inn^r bay andwhPDCi; another 
lldef tesemlMin^ a Ti«bt ittcom* 
passes It behiiilf— Tbe neater 
part of this plain is marked out 
flR- a Btffopean Towb and intA-. 
seetcdby. roads at right angletf' 
tef each odier— ITiat more re-' 
note la partly occupied by the' 
Soigk and Malays. &c. — And It' 
i»«eMttefl«ltn<iMHl«s.' . * 




vhich, Asm a late Owwral $v* JUeoL RuTSBRf okB o 

:««jhj.tWBMidfmt,»Ai»idtb iur ikaBaeort. 

ib«MTer>ltiflwslBigeTtkB)iwM . Th« itfmtvt the Oomnot 

«ippaKd or u laid dCFwa in the Peaeral ii depatod, we atHlR> 

-Cbwti, eonusti ot an vndiiUK itaad, to the Cwirt o^ siaa and 

In* mixtan sf hills anil dala^ Codd>' CbUu, ac Hit lord- 

vnich «baD oleand and divert abip'B Gdtc;, with the rior of 

.aJ6edwitltwuHHBt«wtfeB,wiU tttendbw aropeniiw a Cobh 

readarit boA iutaMaliBK and veieavitfc eranlriea uowa M 

itiitaabki. i^atalimaoTfiaBiP poH«w a imt popilation, ad> 

liier. Pq>pw and Spkcs am vaaseddviliaatMB, andnatitnil 

•Ireadj nRking -tteii appear adranteea •< the Ugbeat -klad* 

•neeiBvaiqr pamof tt— CoV Frou the eiperieaoe, talentai. 

ftration ieaba DfaJnaipg to taJM ud aKteasive iafotaation o^ 

alaMiDMraweritMMMiibow* Hu Gandenaa eo judldousl; 

•■g UUmU, and tkeae aa well «bMen for thk uieaien, who la 

W Biocapon UMtf. vUoh, liiio* known In iepatati«i ot'leaet t» 

fte latter. wa« die Mat ef tl« ailthe Headers of hb T^mU4 

•MiaDtjBinptn oCiohur, haT* Wotk on the ladisn ArA^aii 

far centuriei mnaiaed in a pof^ w, aod the Reperti ottbeEvi- 

tine state ef salne, and aerred dence glten befere the Cmn- 

l^tta haihMir RntecniajM BAteeutheHauaeofLurda,aar 

tine ba expeeled to be.ocauiik tte extaaitoii •cf the Barters 

•d by apepaUtiOB «f Uduitri-* Tnda, itnuir be Urly if«iaiii^ 

eoaaadciTiliaedinhabiUBtB.— . edthataUthe adTaatwek am- 

It ilia eoataaplation to effect pahio at being deiived mat ea*' 

an orerluid aMninuniQatiff^ «irT and negaciaiiea, will bai 

between StMapwe Bud Ae iivi ifttalned.. Two Gentlemen a£ 

tederaf aoaae of thoae Haliw - . .- 
8tateaaa the Bait ilde «f tb« 

FeBinMde,«]iaie ports are Ant oUeeUeC vUehaTe,.we iearn^ 

op fttaa all c ewenitw tioo dor- wboU? anoonaected .wHh poUli* 

j_- ,u. _!.. . .u. X n ^,ip^g, Weaagar.Uiewifoce^ 

■•■t favoftblr of its iuae, and 
mUkittumj pouible tucoeaa. -. 

MwNPn *• Smm^Thtmm . ^ Jaw. JAw. Kbi 

Ship J»im Ad^, whtoh Ut -r^ . i 

C*l«Btta.yeate(daT,i» proeaed- ,JadgtnKfroathepiKc«ofma.> 

!«; w w^leara, with a ^Mciat ay aitiolei of export on the Cal-r 

HiUsMn ta Slaai and eHher^ epRa Barkatvwbickareinaa> 

. pane oC-Oa Kait, fros «Mah tise, it wouMappewthirioeiB*' 

. we hope gnat and vaMul ber, ateiciai speeolatieDa ve ink" 

will, any altinalel; rtta\,U proving and baeoauBpnefe ex- 

TlM foUowiDC an tha pailj tensive. The nwst reautAaUo 

^nbaAedinlheJnbijl^aM: change, that has taken pUoe la- 

JahnCuwPoas, Em}. jUeat. tUi respect, is that whicbw- 

at the. «ov«raor Oea«n| in, gaide the Indigo of flie present- 

efaarge af tha mission^,. Hra., saaeoa, wUeh has attaiaada 

Cuwvotp, wlta acoomMniea piiqennpieeedeniadlyliiiA, -irf 

Jw"!"^"* <•*>»• "!■«•. »d' "WAlliBhw we apprehend than. 

b«r UliMrt oIhU. .C«pL. Dak-, wu expected a very short time 

•unK»D4{UteBoaibajaiiBr,, baok-aflerithadriaeoeoasider- 

^■■istant to the Governor - 6«- . ably beycmd the arerase of past 

■Mal'sAStltillbriNUUM,, y\u%. Haviivtetelyadfa^ 



to 900 nipwi per mamd, %1n- 
Act tfdnace Wm loAed for, bat 
a« most nnsnlM <Bd Bot tbei 
■MIn'lb Itetidpatetkeniaxi^nm 
unmn thu 920 or 280. 0% 
Ifiin^By,' htfw««cr, <TiMuitltl«t 
were sold u bigli ■» MOkiM 
KO; tn8, jn^linK fuA'tbe ^ull- 
tif-bftheThrtt^a thusioHtritft 
ihf btiTikAr-s." M tlw demud Rn 
k, tbe lirlflers of thnffneMsort 
#rtR yr'steMay fn eipeotottoa 
•frfTertiiip- IhttW lilei «t a na^ 
tnial advuicc tm tb» faigbeaf 
mieea diu *'• biTC Mofed. 

Svprenu Ctrttff. 
PriuntmtMaf tktSrtmd Jmfy 
fir iht FBKrih BttiimuefiW. 

Tbe Grand lurj faningdis-. 
pond of all the Bilk slibmllteil- 
qir Arir dedston. and tbenbe-' 
i^ iu> niriber busitMM befor*' 
ttem. present ^msdref ti> 
TMT L«rdsbips, tb saBcitt&efr^ 
itocbai^ ; b« before bHng dia- 
i^tfed, theV htt tolivhelM*^ 
iaat ho*AAifn (Ke r^lt oT 
Aeir ^»iD^ conltdereU the Ta-^> 
rioBB topics Wwhiofa tbdt ct- 
tentio* was invited by Ae learn- 
ed Jndce from wkom'lbby're' 
«efredlbdr cba^. 

In tvntfi^'UMi' atttotibn ttf 
flte sabjecis allude^ tD,tbelii-' 
0baTe.donenb iiibrein con- 
■nfance witb tbe exprcsa wishes 
«f tbat leaiMd Swift:', Ibin 
Jlrbm any coiifldence in Acft^ 
«WB qaaHftcabinu fo albr tm 
dpinioD on measure* cilciriBted' 
toremeth tbe erils complaiited 
of; ami in now troubHnf yoWi 
Kotdihips with tbe result of' 
tbeir enquiries, tbe Jury can-' 
aotbal lament thai (Ms inndfM 
^lacy has' been mocb aagsieiK 
ted hj Ibe beavjr bosinns of th& 
Sessico, as nlsu by thv pressnrn' 
of their nHvate nvncatiolM^ 
^vbicbbaVelertlhem Kitletim» 
to meet tbe enqhiry the^ bare' 
attempted lo coudnct, mlb tbat 
Ctavft Gt«sidci^tj«a «Bd stoij 

iMt dnunded. 

At tbe point irttte ivporlfc 
IDbe, tbe j«T baria^ InstitceBt 
ta enqtitrv iata (be oire«Bit>#> 
<letat(e*<MBt oftdielato robb*. 
ries in Cheuriagbee, «ad from-4 
itenual of tbe doensents wiA 
vUeb tbe kiBdMtsef tbe Hagiic 
tales baa aiipplied tbem,aswel 
aa from tbe \»BmaDictdiaiu df 
ncfa lodhidiMlsof tb« Jury aft 
i^re aaOB^ tbe nfferers: k 
itraog grnud bts beea aRonief 
for the f remsptlon. tbat mnt 
«r fhese robbertea,-irtt0t aotnat 
ly perpctTftted by Dm «lonestSi 
serratttfl of (he bovaeapliuideTet 
were committed' ader a dire^ 
onmiTanoettnlbdT'part Iftbb 
Jtiry are 'correct lb tbe ojriaioil 
they bare forrafldiilis 6i>*iinA 
Hwtttla qiooies of depredttioi 
presents the most fonJidkbIt 
ofaatadea to deteetjan -Hibeti^ . 
elef. wbioh tbe mosf V^;tUM aii4 
iettve syslrm of PafMe, comtt 
hrirdly be able to Arerocne, fb^ 
tftfaeactiThyoftbe maklef fall 
In BtlachiQK the east to tbe prcM 
A^party, tfbtS«a{iBaM4ithal 
int litfh) b6pe of ■deoew la t£ 
be ^tenaioed froAthe iaUfifaf' 

MjAaewin iMMeirfe irbert ^ 
01 acanirerprOj^etW, ««rid wiCf 
faom^ be diapMe* of. airt a< 
Ibe endirfrlfasU (b« Imf *«•« 
1^ aera th tb« bcUe^ tbM fMfa 
l(«oi46t« of Ut^hi? U IMtC 
htm been' «ct«Bt«dby(MnK«ln*> 
■y: or indeed Mm nbifftallNW 
vme of mere iflandet; i iMtf 
froUd feelineliMd t» -plaD«« 
fUrt'eKanee ton UetooiM »n% 
of prermtioa tbsta of tft X a iia 
ment— ormeasarAMbM) MMillt 
bti calcinated to tuMUlMotkaa 
nccptact<!s Ibr ktolM ot^mptH 
BBtly aoaolrtd proper^WnMl' 
itislo be foaeti inf^ttrw 
■bmdhttt In OidMila,- taiMM)* 


tetroAi oicetTKlttttets. 


tf«ees iipp«u to be vithln tb* 
(novledce, tbougii nt'preamt 
irittiout Out contronl of the Mi^ 
pirates, tbe 3my, with itibmis- 
tioa. would bep to recomdieiid 
Aat a fummar; power be vested 
lii.the UaEiitrac; to eatei opoa 
ind pat down all natoriotif re- 
Mpt«d«s for atol en property , all 
petty auetton looma, nmblinit 
udotherbonic of ill fame, to 
wUab personi of bad or fttK 

Gdoat cbainciei ma; be in th* 
l>it of resortiai;. 
' Inratensian of tbe latgeot, 
iaitistoba apprebended, tbat 
*adi faHltt; for tbe coavejinE 
Awajr itolra property ii afforded 
tj tbe Dumeroas anregiatered 
ind onlicenaed dii«ert of haclb- 
Meaaad kjrancMei, twatmeo, 
jpalanqnin betrera, and commoa 
MoHei.whocamtbdrdail^' "^ 
■SttODce bv pljlag for hire ... 
CalouttK, tbe Jary wooJd furtber 
reoomnteDd diat tbe HJagliirates 
be empowered to lleeose all 
pcioiu of the a^re descriptt»ii, 
BBd tbat ibey be Ritnired to 
reghter tbeneelvea M the Po* 
lice, aa well a> to noinber their 
earn, kyruutUe*, boat* and pa* 
lanquiita in a ooBiidcnoat mtOr 
^— the cooHca twinr reqair- 

ei to bear badKBB, and it were 
rtbcr to be deiirM tbat aom* 
iloDtroUinf power were vested 
in tHe Hi^lattaoy on certain 
Ibopi «nd tradea in Calcutta, 
reqabiDic all of lach deicriptt- 
tn or ouraotet ai ml^t appear 
meet Hkdy to focUitate the con. 
ee^ment of atoleD property, 
^nonfrt wfaidi description the 
Jorjwotdd etaasbswkeri, pad- 
hva, pMwiArokeri, Bk. to tako 
tat licences for tbe proaecutioa 
it their basin eis. 

neloryarcawaretbat ttni^ 
af}eotlan may be taken to tha 
opcdlenoy or propriety of the 

Ht tbay bavo tlM Slttisfoctlon of 
knowing, that In oar native land 
%bcra tbe real liberty oftbe mb- 

JeerVftttelbfl aavnehretrar^* 
od •* tt%' soQ^bt to be ber^ 
to09t <tf no restiiedfe nital^ 
tlons An recommended baro 
fcn^becB In fidl and Mcoeaitiil 
o peta tioM. 

- vna reapeet l» Ibo ptriiff 
mosti^ninglybnMqbt bem« tn 
Qielr attention by tbe learned 
Jndse who jmro them tbef^ 
chanre, the Jvry eannotbirtbc 
sensible ot tbe enr«me caatlOB 
with whkfa a prapodtlaQ, in. 
Tolvlnc ottOBdiH to compro- 
mise the perMnaimmrty of ^^ 
■abject, oagbt to be approaeb- 
ed, and here they hare ns*^ ^ 
lament tbelr (nopmpeteney t^ 
ifronbonee on an^ matter, bat 
tbcybave tbdr eacoara^ement 
in ^e belief eapiVlBed by tho 
learned Jadg;e, that their ng- 
sub- Kestions, hoirever omde and 
hastily thrown together, will bo 
produetlre of pnbHe benefit. 
Adverting toAe ttonlcipa] re- 
niatione irf the Hetrop<dis of 
AiglaBdi which appear to em-' 
power tbe Hagiitney ^ere t« 
take up and detain all sospici- 
oos oaaiaetar* nMbleloKiTe* 
MliafHilSTy woonnt of them-^ 
sdvea, ±» Jory canttot dlseo^ 
«er tiiBt any very serious ineon-' 
veidenceis llMyto arise froa' 
tbe vesting a tUtaiDoant nalho* 
tity in the Pfdlce estalAihmeat 
in the HettO|)oIIs of India, pro*' 
^ed that coBvenlent oScei 
wero at the' same tfme est»* ' 
hUihed In tbe four wards of the 
City, to ba conaideTed as do-, 
peodendes of the head poliea 
oflce in the Loll Banr, and fnr' 
nisbed with tbe most constant 
atteadance, day and night, of 
trnst-wortliy and reaponsiblo 
Bnropeans, well anqnafated 
with tbe native iBognq^ and 
eostoms ; before whom all per- 
sons partaking of tbe character 
alluded to by fhelearned jndge, 
aQd ^tpttdtendod anAit the df* 
eumstanccs mentioned by bin, 
ahooU be Insttmtiy brought Ar' 


fframlnatfon, and ailherMa ht- 

■taoUj diftoharK^d or huided. 
over to Um littiag magiitrate to, 
Im Airther d*«lt with a»tbe c&- 
wa migbt appear to require. If 
it were fuilher provided, that 
all iiutaiwea of improper or fri- 
folou» apprebcDaian or deten- 
tion, whether on the part of the 
Bative Choke>dar or the £u. 
ropean should be visited with im-' 
mediate and si(n>a) punishment, 
the Jury ate not without bopea 
, that much practieal beDefit«ad 
Increased aecority for property 
would resuit (rom the intrwlnc- 
tion of the regnlatious thiu ad-, 
verUd 10. 

The Jurj at flie same tuna 
epnsider it incninbent on then 
to remark that from the abniv- 
dant oppoiluailjes afforded for 
the commiasion of petty . theft 
and robbery, occasioned by the 
loose and inadequate mannfr in 
which premises ' and property 
are secured io the city,'it is not 
lat the 

of dc- 


1. COD- 

u the 
f seem 

ves on 


it sub. 

of the 
exponttve aaftarilies; who. in 
giviajc effert thentp.>- 
Tlde.for the due observance of 
that vigil npce-aad propriety of 
conduct on the part of the Po- 
lite EstabliiJjniant alreadj al- 
luded to. The Jai7,lioweiieijoan- 
dvlly eotftH.Mwt. thair irant 

of time and leisnrv. petfeclly to 
inquire into the matters treated' 
o/tnast deprive their opinion of 
mnch of that titla to attention 
which a closer and less inter- 
mpted study of the lubjeet 
ifould demand for it. 

The Jury have hitherto only 
eansidered the robberies com*, 
mitted lately in Chowringhee. 
and alluded to in the learned 
Judge's charge, but they feel It 
to be tbcir duty, now to ^otica 
another extensive system of de- 
predation, which in the indivi- 
anal knowledge of someoftbo, 
Juroia ha< long existed : front 
the prevalence of which the 
mercantile coounooi^ have been 
heavy suflercrs. and against thft 
recurrenoe cf vyhich no adequato, 
protection appears hitherto ia 
have been provided. AUnaion ia. 
here made to the nuraeroiia 
thefts which have been from, 
time to time committed on the- 
valuable property while in tran- 
sit to the ships loaciing in difler- 
eot porta of the Jtiver ; thefts 
of serious aniou«t. which it i» 
to be feared, ftom the impnoity 
that has. in most cases attended 
tbdr ooHunisauHi, will greUly 

The Jury, however, are not, 
prepared wilh a recommend^' 
tioD as toany particolBr systent. 
of Police, caieidated to prevent 
flbis aorious evil; bnt they ea> 
tertua a perfect conviction, that 
the subject: only requires to be 
brOUKhl fully before the notice 
of ^ execDtive authoritiea, to, 
iqeet with that attention which 
it appewe to require. The jfu- 
ry cooteot themielves with theao 

lioe^es tablisliineat .hA< DOtltocp, 
augmented— ^ijEh (hey hava 
iu],dcrstood it^to Ee th*opiBi6)k 
of the Uagisfrates that taiujl o£ 
tbe wtpivxoiwni^ted in,fhq. sur. 




fMiwHs ft atlribtitnble to tbo manj otiier profeiiioM, of Bat 

Police establishment of Calcut- more labour and less response, 

ta, not beinic on a scale snllid- biljtj. It would seem, tbere- 

eailf extended tomeet the Id- fore, that the present system 

creased and inorcasini; popnia- does not afford snficieDtlndacek 

tion : and 'this opinion of the nent for qnalihed persons to 

Aaf^istrates appears to be cor- engage themselres, and It Is to 

roborated by the fact, that the be feared, that the Ohokeedars 

total PoHce establishment xil fioir employed nnst in manj in- 

threeofthepriooipalcitlcslnthe stances be Incossnetent totheir 

Mofussil, appear to be aboot S daties, or that tney derive ad 

times more numerous, than that inoome ftom sources, at once at 

Of Calcutta, trhilc the aggtegate Variance with their duty, and 

of hoQsea tobC'guarded scarce- destraotlre b well of the' end! - 

ly exceeds those of the metro^ of Justice, as of the obaraetet ' 

potis by oife third. of an effldedt Poliee. 

A statement of Ibis hind ap. j^, ,^ ^,„„ „, „,,;, ,,,, 

pearBlooatr,it.owneo,»™at ,he Orand Jury hare to apolo- 
aid lis owo rtmedj wl h llSetf: u, ,„ baying so long trespass, 

mdth. Jnr, hare Utlla doub f a on your Lordsbipf atteiaon. 

I«t thai the wndom and rljllant j^^ i„„ ..ij,,, ^ ,,,„ ,,. 

e.™ of the execauye will de- ,j„ '^j „ ai„„. ^5 „t u,, 

si« measures Ibr that nerease (rst'importance to the sscotiti 

V^ r ! a^i . SSi o' 0" 'StJ, and they hare thu. 

Ml on shore Ud ajoal, whM i„ iasen.iblj betrayed Into 

Oieinorened population and a g,ei„e,ieagtb,tb«»lhcy intend- 

view to the complete aecnnty of Jj They hire endiavouted 

(bepioperty Of the city appejr „ j ffieiabjeot aU Ihejusdco 

to require, The Jary are of opi- , |,^, nowet-if thef h„o 

i»n that tftngntpatrae. were t,iied in t£eir object, tbiy hav« 

BtabHahod, under lh« charge ,hi, eoa.olation, thai anv mek 
of European Cohatablea, who ^ oriainaiina with the Go. 

?.""" ^ r^T"/ " ii"^ ;S.Ta"r.'ntarf bytt. 

diBerent Choheedary aiMonS, ii.dom and experience of your 

anincreased conddence and se- j^,^,^^.^ j,„„'i, b„i be pro- 

^?rS^l':,S.'?""'"" <ln.ti,e'ofaign.ip.l,licbe.S^ 

■^heJui^tSStJIlea.cof '>''«''" "P™™^ «■■ »"talj 

SE.^ iV. ».hJ i,™il?^S them.elres, may hereallcr bo 

J^;». li iSSjd Sn»S( called apoatodlschargellier... 
il, cannot b* IMked ftr onlU ^^i ' ^^^„ ^^ ju»o„_ 

SSf.SSSnS'dSlS'K Orand'arybythcir Foreman, 
tent ratM of ptlv frtren to • J*HM UacuiaLOP, 

. _ Jmadlra >M Cm«e<lsri do Cf&«tt«, lit Wm. im> 

lltttr«i)l]"feo«ivft4HDpers]»«r —— , 

itfon(h;''krUe«( wages ttani- Orinriiul 7n^omMt«n« (Mwi 
fe^HT ia*deMai« to theft main- tgaiiuetke £W«r iftkeOd- 
VatmttB, tuoA mo MnM y hri<wr - etitla Joutyitl. 
Mat'lb^ ffaiM-.gM •«*•■!' Is -K&t^ Sopma* Onrt, jtM- 
- * X 3 terday. 



tn&Kf.iitvr.. 9\, Hr. SpMiU«» 
the Advocate Oeou*), viotmI 
lot « Bnla to ifacv cauM -^itj- it 
CtiaiiiMl Infonavtion ahoatrt not 
be filed Ksioit Mr. Bucldng- 
luv, Ibi tM publication of aoi 
venl aitioletaod Letters in dm- 
C^knttslMUiuttoftha let. Sad 
■tpd, and 6tk of Norember ia. 
ataMi U tcadlns to pen«t tha. 
•ndtofJttiticfl: to rasovetba 
WQie of tha ]4bd smr nnder 
proMOoliad by tbB..S«ot«taiie» 
«(QvtaraiMmt,fKia iupropet, 
tMBM. ae SapMBe Ccqit, mod 
■»ke tt m«tter-ot appeal to tbe 
piAKa i iDil as *ii «iteropt' ta 
*atp or WtnfDw vbEiJ'It tbe 
loiBat of tiMtiewbo ■titbtconb 
poae the Jdrr, ba fui» wfagp tlia 
ribbed UbelvUl be tried. Oar 
Itcpbvtet'wu ncR.Iit Court at. 
Iha eoinlMK«a«it of tbia ao< 
lioBflvtba Bvloi'^t iber». 
eoUeatloa*«f tboie wba wer«. 
pkelent citable blm to prei«nt 
tke Mlowlas brief Scfmrt of 

71m UbclM> or objoeOoaabla 
paita ennateraiad n tha Adr 
Tocato Oeacrali aa the fiaaad 
of tbia new rvowentioa od tka 
part of Hm tkw^nunent, ined- 
4itiim to that of the Saoretades, 

Aaabaaaorpalmap iaSop. 

le sane Paper, ptgrn 

the Idlt«r signed Riuiard. 

land. la-ihesi 

wmdia M\tntte$: 

In tha paper of _ 
Xov-Vtba Mitnrid Renaihi 

iitpas« 1. In'th* sane Pap«r, 
page 4i tha Letter <i|rnedSam 
S(iMMde>;*nd tbe Letter aign- 
«d Biawier. In tbe same Paper ' 
MK* !«, the Letter alinied 
PatontiiBiit, and as Editorial 

In tha P^«t«f Fttday, No- 
ranbars, pageM, the Letter 


IB' the Paper of Satatdajr, 
MovaaiberSi paMM,theLeu 
tfT'ligaed'A PnUie Piuotiona> 
Tj Nen-PreaaqnoBB. 

in -Aa PiMr of Taesdaj; 
Sleyembar «. tne Letter sigtifd 
Speolator, wiUi tbe ^notatien 

fnbbston OaoK-Kreen or Mor* 
lifioatioD, addressed ** Deax 

We eovld twt Icam Khelhor- 
tbe Sportini! Intelli|[eBce of liOk 
Pedi|(rea was included- in Ihn 
list; iir whether it is inlBnda4 
to wait for bt( Secand Letter 
on the Matofaes said to be «ada 
up for further oontesta, the pBB» 
ticuUM of which ate net jet Ba> 
eertained, . 

The fere^ag, with this last. 
e K CipdoiU' were represented bf 
the AdToeata General, .as in* 
tivdfnir to pervert the natural 
ohanadsof Jaitice. tu). ho. fce, ' 
bnttiie feUowing is the Report 
ooUeeted bam those who were 
in Coorl at the tiaa, na well aa ' 
oan be gathered, of Us eem^ 
Bienton the two last LotMai 
named, of Spectator and Bi*^ 
prd Fnhh"!*- 

In oaameniiiig on the Letter 
of the Journal of 
tba Mb of Noramber, the leacn- 
0d Advoeile remarked Una pas-. 
aaga:-^ Th^ Asian on n pre* 
peaitlon tfcathas bceaiinie sinc«, 
Um di^s of Adun;" Jcc. Ico. Tba 
obrlOQs "1— ■'*(r of which was. 
heaaid, Oat thoae wfan aaald 
not obtain redmsa bv appUoati- 
on to flie Deeretanei, shaoU 
apply n> the. Editor of theCid* 
enttaloomal. H« nainlained ■ 
that tUa was It libel on the Go- 
-vetameiit, Hid was oaleolateA. 
toiaake an arroneoas impree* 
slan (tn the pvWio mind. N* - 
Oswamment was so ens; of ac* 
CMS, and he had known innamoK. 
raUe iasiuuei oTpciSMS nu^ 
isf andiaatioaa meeting with, 
tbe readiest attention. Tba 
laaeting of the Letter was.that 
anleos 70« have the ear of the 
Seardaileal- application is tm 
nJn. Sneb -iosinoadons mast- ■ 
hsve a greataCaetoB tbe pntdia i 
ai>«M Ikt pfaHBttiBp; b*^. . 



9n« tipHMMtioa la«-«XAik 
beiBg a grest BovelijrkMe, nn- 
■; nug written 'on-tke-Miln^et 
If M d«voin«d wUb Kviditjr. Tha 
Writer of tbe Litteiv proctadtd 
(he iciwuked) tlma: " ikua, 
nraiii>(of Hr. Wiadtein) are 
«faUgh«inoiMl: tbeM inp^ 
tuiont ue OMis gtaxti direct, 
and ipeciBc, thsa anf to be! 
fHAd IB 8>m Soberride*:! vet 
aH Eq^and caald not prodflov 
BM man ta proHonte tbe Joas* 
iiRUsts.wbo printed Mr. Wind- 
bem'i Speech, loiich lets Mwh* 
QMtidJnr0TS to. convict diem 
foraLibeL" Ibii.wss evUent- 
Ij.he tbOBKbt, ■ icfleetion on 
oe Grand Jn^, conTcjiinff . Ihn 
BMitiog that ' id . all RnglMiil 
peraoRa. oooldnot luTe been 
foand to net AS tbej had ^one.. 
Buwketborit'TM an alluainn 
totben, or was Itself a goad w- 
IcnMiit or not, ma nolbingu; 
llMMrpoae. Sncb aricnnienu . 
ttripit be addreaied to tbe Jurj, 
batltwaa not proper tbat tb«y 
iboqid be bniHtht forward ox- 
tn^iidleiaUr to prejndiee the 

Intheaama Paper of OieM,; 
Qia «witiaved,>tben waa a Ijet. 
In beaded '*nric0— NoNeai^ 
cr." He did not exactly noder.! 
ttaodtbeneaniBgaf tboae worda 
aateM tber meant tbat it wai b ei t 
to keq) suU on tbe weatbergage 
of tbo Law, bowerer near one i 
n^approneb-it. Itbafuby 
■qiac a " Clnb of putou are , 
MmngievcrelT ander a Gang-, 
rant." Now if tbeir LordalHiia 
Vera fnid of panning, be woold ' 
t«U tbem irint be. lad learned 
"•■bia friem). Mr. Comptont 
wboandentoodtbete matters aa . 
veil at any-one wbo erer atodi- 
«d that art. Tbe GaDg-Rreen It - 
4 signified pwions dreised 

*aw dressed in green, or lo any 
•4ai paraoM diaafed ia tbi* 

nnvMr.Bat {t ah».al_ 
tbat they w«e io a state of f^v 
grtut o> nurt^CMtMW, . on aok 
oount, no daabt, of., tbe tdampb 
of the liberty of ttMlVesa. [Bm 
thal«tter proceeded, tUs .Gaant 
arecD."ba;>e.Mriterf." NowUmu' 
Lordships knew. that > aboit 
time .J before, .ibe i'roaeantou 
bad been coUad.Ihe ".Untiled 
Seorataoae^". The. JMttar traob 
on," Jt ia xet>ttted the .Oaad 

faifttbim BndatTan.GoaBU^ 
refcrrinf.itD <«abt to tlu Bilk 
ry. The writer aani •' I bftrab«e4 
Uld, nay. 1 redly iwUeve, tbi* 
tbara afc asMafSl tfaeaa £*». 
fteena eoniwGeaileaiHi of grant 
worlb and toloatst and i«Bi. 
aairjiovlt; tbat is, I atBooe* 
TT tbat aajr anoh Oestlemeai 
akonhl be foand in nny inch.Aa< 

thelearDed' Gonnaal oontODded: 
tbat tbe noUlabcr ihml4 be pio». 
aeontedror contempt of CparL- 
"TUi dndtui; of thn QUI, itls 
laid, lo a aeriMs affair, and it- 
may be .'warib tbo, pmns tout* ' 
dacTonr to asoevt^ wltellietn- 
ny are lo sttnated aa'to have la<a 

la f^vor of any. one or mdre eC 
tbe CM." Tbe learqed Advb- 
cata eoatianod in tbla aanaer tn ' 
theendrof Ae iMllet'i cooclad* . 
ing tbat no one ooald bein tUab^ 
ing that aona individiMbefihe 
Grand Jnty ware ipteaded bj 
dteteallnsioDS, and if there wen - 
any 0«uMleman in Ibo Beofetic ' 
ly'a OScetoiriiom th^y applii - 
ed, Wbo woold not think. thit 
lAeKwera aimed atl But tb»- 
personi meant wen not desif» 
nnted, mid the attempt ta^Iibtll 
wuao etrennaoa, that jo wiafe. 
ing to attack one, It ^ns lafel.,' 
led at all. To s""" ui tbia ttaa-. - 
ner, from dayto day, was an at- 
tempt, be said, to defeat tba 
c»)se of Pohlio Jostioe. If or^c 
^ag after .wuni^.yaofle'^fe^' , 

:, Google 


felfrsilrer« luerfcte^, and tt «A- nlg^ be cwlled Whbn ^rantrt.- 

peared tbej innBl niff«r In tbu He liirt not meaa to mafce SBf- 

BmiiH«r mnext Seisions, nn- declBrationof Us sentimeatsoii 

let* Iheir Lord ahipi pat a atop this oaaa, of to fm-ecldM liiiB> 

to it. A porion who took npon aeirin any manner as'to Judge- 

hirnsdf the odium ofa ProMeo- tSeMhe shonid aR«rwarda pro- 

tion to correct thii evil did a me- noonce; but Ite thought that 

ritorious pnblic aetvice, as be while a pe»(» waa under one 

austained those assault on hia prosecution, no oae would wiah, 

own character to gave the repu- bdIoss it were absoLately neoca- 

tetion of others less able to bear anrr. to vibjeot him to another, 

or to repel them. They are lik« Tbe Advocate General did 

the Plapiea of JBfC:n>^ ""^y "*^ I"*' think he coald bave applied 

companied people in their chain- to the Grand Jurj, ifit had been 

kers andin the field, whether vtiJlsitting: and eitedthecaseof 

they were at borne or abroad. It theKin|r>- JoHs, where an af- 

Was a proper case for a Crimi- fldavit had been presented that 

Bnl laiormation ; he could not Jolly, while the case was de- 

takeit before the Grand Jury, be- pendlnjc- was atte«iptinc in tha 

<anae Jurors of every descripti- mean time to prejudice the 

on were liable to be attacked, nindi of the Jury, and aCriipl- 

He did not remember any case nal Information was granted, 

where a person indicted for a Sir F. McNa|;hten did not 

libel went on in this mantier ar|[ue as to whether or not ih* 

froni day to day arguing his own Court of Kin^s Benofi would in 

cause, prejudicing the psblio sachaoaBe as this grant a Cri- 

mind as to matter rub jvdict, minal InfarmalioD. He merely 

I ~ - ■ isideratioD expressed a doubt as to the Jn- 

Forum 10 risdiction (rf Ibis Court, and 

3 Opinion, whather they oould grant a Cri* 

foraCri- minal Information. He had a1- 

cBiDsl Mr. ready declared that he did not 

/hstrucliac pronoance any opinion on Iba 

e Justice, case, and he wished so tob* 

» much on noderatood. 

_. „, yidaals, as The Honorablothe Chief Jus> 

(inbehalfoflhePublio. tloe made aome remarks, tka 

Sir F. HacNagbten said le tenorof whidi we could pot cot- 

hnd before expressed hia doubts loct. 

{is.tolhe ri^ht of the Court to A Role was made to shew 

ffiftnt Criminal Informations, cause witliia eight days, why ft 

ar.d these doubts were now in- Criminal Information shonid 

t^reaaed. He thonghl there mitbe grauted against J. S. 

flionid always be some way of Buckinf^am, Editor of Ibe Cal- 

Brocceding in such cases aj ouita Journal. 

ie<te, originating after the Cat. Joiar. jtin.' d. 

Grand Jury mishtbe dischnrg- 

«d, and it therefore appeared to Supreme Courr.— He Ru1» 

him A very wrong practice to hrinj? granted on the 8th inst. 

discharge the Grant) Jury while to shew cause why a Criminal 

tiie Criminal Court was sittin;^. Infarmation should not lie fildd 

Altlio' tbe Grand Jury were not agninst Mr. Buokingham, the. 

discharged itwoold notbene- Sklitor of the Calcutta Jdnmalj 

eesiary for them to attend for several publication* !<perifl- 

daily iD'th* Court; bnt tfaejr ed by ihe Adrocale Genei^V 




te ^nution was arcaed with livered tbeir opiniani, uidtlw 

neu elcHiuencc sad abililyt ftule «m tutde aliiolut«. 
befoir the Bench, on Fridaj the. Got. Gat.Ifaa. 39^ 

Utb, &£tet which th* ^udsu d»-. 


Far December. 1821. 

lowing- ore the piincipal cireiim- 
■lances deacriptir« of and con- 
nected with th«honlb)e outran 
to which we aUnded jest«rday, 
■1 having taken place on Tuet- 
day niehtln the Bow Baaar. 

The owner of the hoau, 
which was made the acene of so 
dreadrnl a cataatroptie, was a 
widow, whose husband, a late 
iheriff'a offloer, died a few dayg 
«eo. She bad three chtldnn 
with her besides her mother, 
and, after ten o'clock on Tue»- 
day Dight, when they retired to 
rest, directioBS were given to 
two serTantt, who were imok- 
Iftf in the small compooDd at- 
tached to the house, to he par-' 
tlcular ia shutting the outer 
door before they went to sleep. 

After isidDight the moth^' 
was wakened by a noise at tbe 
house door, and recognized the 
Voice of a peon, who had been 
einphiyed some time back wit& 
her lon-in-law, accusing the 
nrranta as having' occasioned 
bis being dilcharged, and cat- 
ting them unmercifully with a 
Weapon which he had in bis 
band. Soon after he entered 
the honse, and approaching the 
idace where they all slept, bis 
blows were Erst directed to her 
and then to her daughter, who 
wa* roused from sleep by the 
noise of his enUance. The 
daagbtei took het ■jma%tM 

child ill her arms andbemj 
for mercy to the babe as well u 
herletf. A parley ensued, dur^ 
ing which they got oat of bed, 
and thfl niscreaot promised 
ti> spare the woman's life, pni- 
Tided she engaged solemnly not 
to make a noise or ioform a- 
|aiast him. 

On ber asiendng ta thess 
Candmoas, he permitted her t» 
leaTe the house, in order to 
carry the child to the bouse of 
her grandmother, which wna la 
Chnoam Onlly at do great dis^ 
tauce off. when iibe wni pro- 
ceeding along the street wiA 
Otis intent, he accompanied ber, 
and in the mean time her mo^ 
tber made shift to quit the hoas* 
also and to apply for the aasis* 
tance of the Cbokeydars attach- 
ed to the Tannah in the neigh> 
faonrhood. These persons, pro- 
ceeding with her in qucstof him^ 
found a man in tbe street wfacni 
■he recognised us the assassin ; 
Knd hCj Dnding that escape wet 
impossible, eiclaimed (hat, a( 
anatiTe of Hindoos tan, he could 
not submit to be taken and kiU 
fed by Christians, bat would 
sooner die by bis own hapdir. 
He immediately applied tb4 
■word to his own throat aqd eat 
it, but he was not able to indict 
a mortal woond before he wai 

The two lerrants, whom ht 

Ind- kiUed- befoie ke entered 

- til* 

=d by Google 


tee hooM, wera mail akoek^- Howu heard •bout 11 r. tt* 
If.mangled, one of tbeh hetaa down in tlie oviopotmd nakntf 
beia; atmoR endTelj' attend » noiie. whidi wu BottKBiBad 
from Um bodf, and both hands With Un. At twv the naia^ 
•f tbft odxr betnc cnlinlj cnt heaid waa of « vtrj different 
•r, apparently from hii hltdag daaciiption, and betokancd src«t 
fiOedthem up together, when pain and iUneu. Hevatfbiwd 
int Bltaik«d,iii» lAB prataetion Iflafiath* omeao&lbe eom- 
«{ his throat. ~ Tbeoihen Hj ponad. Ha body (faffly igpport' 
aowatlha Nsti*e Hoapital.aa «d afaitut thn wall, 6om wbic^ 
«dl n Iheuwtaiiit all xven- poHnait ht w* reaared with 
IrwODtMled. Mvoh dificMltj, and bfooffbt to 

A Catonar'sIiiqBaitwathal- the (ntraDceroOH. where he r*- 
den on Wedneidjqr to invptd- iiiMd to ga tether. The Dais 

Kt» the nrceaaUBccrof the wma aoA U«M^efc«elMA^t«pt 
nid trnMedon, when a ver- («r elleaMiraauediiatiiepoBH 
jdJQt ai Wili^ livritr waa re- nowid for tkvj ceald qot aleep 
tirned apaiitat the mfaereaBt, lBOODHi)aetM)e«f the Mnliaued 
wboae Aune » Tarmil ^%. mtHuade Iqr U4*t O'Shauffb* 

i)i4. Gax. .Om. S. aeuj of whom they aaarcely 
— ever lo*t fifht) the whole nighta 

. jr>t«r 0'iSK«v<Rfiqi.— Th» i^lucb compoand ii very imnll, 
vyMcrioBs drcumstaaoei at- Hid hat on egreii but tbrong^ 
tendinf Ike ^ath. of the late the door, the Key of whlchwas 
M^or O'ShaaBbnaasy, and the kept b^ the Dnrwan. Wbea 
vevdiot of the Ceroner'i Jary found in the ritnation above do- 
-thereon, bavlojt oi^eated a great aoribed he wai exHctly in tba 
•cnaalioB in, iha pabUo misd» lame dreu, or rethct ondresi. 
the Magiftrafea of CakiiUta in which be retired to hia bed- 
tboagbt it tlwit dniy to inetitnttt room. 

deot Maiot OWiati|luieuT con- 

■tutly denied havinc been bea> 

ten, or having been in ai^ sSray, 

and he nenUted la tUs auerd- 

OD, niMil half an hour before htt 

expired. He then talked indis- 

tlncdy of Deadmaa'a Lmne, & 

tilace not known, and It ii mads 

ont ai appeara on evidence beforo 

the Coroner, that he slated Im 

had been .auaulted by threa 

JSuropeens And' one Molatto. 

Nawit is proper to remarkhere, 

that the Mulatto allttded Ho waa 

at (hat time a iiriwaer iu a« 

hoiue of Correction. If,' bow. 

ever, it }■ believed ^a't he' was 

aisaalted atall.theauaiiltmnst 

foom lometime afterwards, that have happened bflfbrctea o'clock 

lio appearance of bfood or soil at night. A more lmpt6babl* 

of any sort appeiired on his circnnistance can scarcely b« 

^rt, and that he retired to his Imapned, than that such a man 

bed-roon wptrcDOytB perfect as U 4or O'ShaaKbaeisy,— re- 

keaUb. wufcabfe for ku pi«ili*tfs 



oUieiDcwt motbMn btattn ai heeo in , 

popolooi put of Calcutta, 
.juhoor'wben tcarccly aa; ^ 
unities Bfc retired- to iwt,— 
'^ONldbave »ufferadhiins«lf to 
]be bcUcn is mat ft nuumer m 
to ooouioB bu d«irth,witlMU 
.1^ mgkUst tnoe tbathehad 
Kwl0 aay mlmutM, -wk^lwHit 
u^ ilum b^K Bi*eni or notw 
of my Wft beard, wittoat ■ 
>oU m hb dotlMSi wilbont a 

Jrucat at ail. — Mitcfa of the evi> 
.d«nce n[>oii wkiob this view af 
.tiie cue ia foanded, did not ap- 
pear before the Coroaer'i Jn- 
ry, none indeed that Meat to 
prove the H^jortoliave been 
«f bone bU night, a ciroum- 
Uuto* not brought at all hone 
l» the Jaij ; but sworn to b; iha 
Dorwai and Hnualchee, who 
hnre been eub*fqaendy eu- 
joiued ; nor were the cleth«i 
which hn had worn, oxamiaed 

by tbem, thmgh tt appears the 

es, and In Ols ittie widUn; de- ■bin was bloody when i era sp- 
'UberMdyhbnw.sittinrdieerfttl- oohimintbeisDTakigv Ifth«|e 
. J _^_:-_ faotihadboaithenostaWiihed, 

ly down to sapper, and nttefitf 
'do complafni, but'rethin^ in hii 
nsnal manner, a> was supposed, 
to bed. 

' The place where he was fouq^ 
in ibe Gompounfl f* e^^acUy un- 
diu a tcrraoe which h»s a low 
railiiw- TIie.bed room Qf,Mft> 
jor O^hxugbqeaqy .c^ens upim 
tliis terraced difficult tp 
conceire a motive forhis getiias 
overtbiamlias.bat'if B cesUsss- 
.■ess of mind and botly which 
waq halHtaal to hiiv, which . be 
had shewn in a p«at degree on 
that eTeotog, be taken ' 

it is not improbafaic that a dif- 
ferent cDodasion wmld htiv« 
lieen drawn. The opinion now 
formed, however, derived froqt 
• peranluf tbe deposidonsialb- 
en belbmlbe Corooar, frcun tbv 
orldeaee aubieq^Mitly <drtainad 
and from an ioape^ioD of t^ 
premises, ia^ . limt tbe late Mer). 
O'SfaawluMsey did not oom« 
by his death in conscience ti 
anyaaiauU' made upon himia 
tbeatraeUof Cokntia. 

We understand that the exa- 
minations entered into by the 

count, lowe mottle of cntiojity Sl^stcates, have been laid be- 

nuftbt hare excited him, aop 'ore the Govenunenl, and ia 

bsve ied-Ium tu Etttenuit fetting noDitquenoe of the erroneous 

(wer, or -to hi* b«*i]ic over- imputations which have gopa 

-reached himself, and in tliat nbroad, arising from tbe suppol 

ca>e «faU fromsuGba he^iit >'*'*>° t^^t ^ desperate oo^ 

wooM naturally occasiipn the **tS^ bad iMen committed in 

bfuiaesof whicbbedied. IbeftreetaofCalmitta, tnwhicft 
Major O'Shanghnoisy bad net 

. The dyiag declajntton of Ma- . U* death and that the perpetr*. 

Jor O'Sbaughnesty is to be tors hnd neaped detectidD. Vr% 

>eiKheda£ainstthesefhctsaiid are anthorUed to state that'tbA 

inferences, and Woold indeed deatfa of Hajor O'Sfaanghaes^ 

.baie been condusivB as to the is not, in ine opinion of GoL 

.atepspropertohave been taken Ternmeot, aseiibi^ld to ^af 

ia a pTOsecuHnn, were it not for beating or violemie on Ae part 

,Uie very unsatisfactory manner of wtbera, bat to accident,* and 

iD.whiai thisdvinfc dedaratiqn tliat the account glfenbybiiA 

was obtained, and for tbe coa< ialis last momenta was ai^ 

tradictwry accounts foriwo days donbtedlv the fAatof atftwif- 

,preriou;ily given, ffiat be had dcredmud. 



of the Uiocesc held hia trienni- 
al Visitation for the Architka- 
eonrj' In St. Johu's - Cathedral, 
whiuh waa attended by all the 
Clergy coiineclcd with the Pre- 
sidericj, or stationed widtin R 
reasonable tlistance. — After Hm 
ttsaal morniiifc Service, fallowed 
bj oo eKceltent Sermon fVoA 
the Kev. D. Cor.KiE, Senior 
Chaplain, bis Lordship deliver- 
ed an impressive iind interest- 
' Ins charge lathe Clergy assen- 
bled, the most prominent topic sT 
which was the sitnatioo and cir- 
cumstance of Christians and ot 
iLe Heathen in the eaily ages 
of the Gospel, as collected from 
the Ecclesiastical nriters of 
ttiat period ; compared with the 
state of each reapectivcl}- in 
tUa country at the present day. 
On Tnesdny ntoming'tte Bi- 
Miopfaeld a ConBnnstion in die 
(Tatliedral. when AM penoi^ 
appeared befare his fcordshipfor 
ikt sotemn -porpoae of opi^Dly 
and In-tbeirown uame rcheiTr 
inf their haptisiha]- vows.' Of 
Hmo by fkr the j^eMer pkrt 
wteyiNiwr persons ^ust enteth 
isg into life ;- bul it wupartt- 
ffularly gnciiiirliig' to ace alio 
otbers moMadvanoadtstad-t* 
avail thmnsel*M af aa opportnr 
nity, wdueh aught notbefon 
IfaVrB been offeteA ta thorn, of 
^aaUng tfcfi' opaakiii-soteiaK 
idwUratMn «f tbejrv faM and 
fcofea, and when itii^ta b« pH- 
sumadt noAiaf- bat a ' ajnocaa 
cenvlotfoa of their own doty 
«ad>of(ht propria^ of tUsaf- 

bospitahljr received by Major 
"General I^akdwickb ai Dum 
Dnm House. At ten o'oloct 
the BiSMor proceeded to hold » 
Coofirmalioii ia thu New Chtircb 
«r St. Strpben, nbkh was na- 
aieiaaaly attcndedi 

GMtt ti(t7.aec.aik 

Mr. HovoK andltfr.ltuTHEk- 
TOKD, proposed at the Ifst Hee{- 
iog, were ballotted for and duly 
elected Mtmbersof the Society. 

The Heeling tbei)^ proceedefl 
to elect Ticc'Prc»Klcnt« and 
tte Committee of Aipers fbt O* 
ensuins yean — 

idollvered an addrest wall ea^ 
aalated to liapMU dn soena eb 
tba Bladl of all; wlto wHacsa- 
ed <a took part fa it, gome ban- 
drpd fHnud voolei « -wUab 
»w»nft«»a(di dlMribntad- »- 
nong Ae peraoni pteaant. 
. YoiWAV BMO^ hb Lord-. 

Seranpore. Press, c 

Paper, and iu an improved form. 

A letter was read from Mi. 
Smytfae of Caen in Normandy, 
presentiuK a fac-S!mile of a 
OooBiiiitiDriptlon. ' 

There, kara beaopreanrtfcl 

fn. the CaOiedral of Bayaa^. 

futinte itUuiOMtial. certain 



-BEVe-Af. OCCmiTlEXClB. ■ - vm 

mttrSotal j^nnenb of irr<at foUawa.wlijcliinay 1n( litertllr 
aniifiLiitv which Ae tradilinns trwistnted Ibni— 
ofihiit Chuich attribwlelo Hi- - 
«hopftpf;uob«'t.irfio flourished **>■ 4' „,*»-Jl*!Jl *_» 
iothesisfli wntiirr. and has T" -' c/ -^ r^ 
fcwn Ci>nom»f d. fheie retici JlUli^UvjilclS"*!*,. J 
are krpiin an iTory casket, '' J 
coYcrwI yrtth riher gilt onia- . ■" Jn the na*.e o/"(Af nmt j»«r-. 
menls «r ftat kind osiially *j/i,J Corf, on-t/y Aw Biwcy it 
termed Aralxntpie. But the re- jrentfANd Au A(iw;Sc*iu:« iMiMr- ' 
marknlile circumstjace attach- fa/." ,• 
«d lu Ihii nrticie is an Oriental I eimiot coBcelve bow Mr. 
iflsmptiwn in the front sor- HamMer made oot from the in.- 
ronwJiag llie kej-bole, proicc- icription,—" bas »«t bis good. . 
ted, au(l oonccafeil by na escuU oesss and jrace he/ore iim.(litB- . 
fhccn ^i^ini; to the lid from rally between faii feet.") (1 ra- . 
abinge, and slniltinj(^dowao*er tberthinkfhat the phrase, "be- 
thel*^ Tliis iawnption doea tween his feet," (which hwr- ' ' 
not appeu: U hav* teen undor-i «ver is oat in ftfc original) caa- 
jtcod RDonK the iearnod is sot Ik' Kodered " bt/ort Urn." 
Fcance. andwaifhe«bjcclof« i ecrtaialy never saw it thns 
literary. iinpo»mre, hazarded renderod.W it is TerycommoiC 
b, Petia-ia-liJ^rou. in 1714. i- jUdMinn.., ^ a, 
■Whfn this inicription, was "'*'»l«t<'My *> -Xi ^ 
ihewB to TH[r. Smythe, hexe- "^ bttwetm,hu%mndt,tQi hgfort 
(Coesindwithoutaaucta difficulq ^i*- — A.t all events there is no^^ 
that it was in tfeo Arabic Ian, thing like either gf these phra- 
Snan, aiid«i<hflCuofic chaiac- ■«» >*> *« ofiginal Arabic" 
ICT. but dot biBiig Bible ^ r^ad Major General Hardwick* 
jnoretfaaq llw Ilrgt word, he presented foj the Museam a 
»ent it to Van Hauiber, of Vi- Tooth . of the Narwhal, an aoi- 
enpB, wfm debrttherdlhe whole w"' n"*"* of the Polar Seas, 
and render*^ it aa foHowa : /« *« *<> »»n>e of Captain Luin»- 
-tkt MfM af fiW, efeinen/ ona ^cn af <be Artillery, recently! 
mmiM. flf *« ^cvt hu Good- retomed frooi Eo|^d. Thi* 
«w Mwl Gract haort Urn, riite- Tooth waa obtained from Ihtt 
taily between Ui fee l] It u Iftlo havigatois totheNoillern 
TOppased that "the CB»l«t muat pwts of Davis's Straits. 
haTC be(inlhed*natibb(>fao»e Captaia I. Bryant preaented, 
Noitaan or Anglw-Norman " U>e name of Caplftin Peachy 
Croiader.*o*e1liotheJChu»li Ae hcdd of lie EHiiopisn Hop. 
of hii i»ati*e CoUtttry. Si" Eikwpiau, avanetj found 
.—n .f ,.- - in Southern Africa, from tho 

tt. M«mb«. KOftm doobttd " ^„i„,. nuduiinjoirt. 

lie aeeiiracy df the tranrfatioa "^ l„ , |oh«s or »Btil« 

„idtob..ebee« ^adebytte ^J^eV threy'e".'* Ve^pTSS 

hjanied Van Hanimer ffld ha. . ^ g^^ .„^ ^^^ 

siace favored M with the foU ble addition to tie Museam. 

'*•'"« remaite :— ^^ 32j g„j '23jj Numbers o< 

^' Mr. MBinai'eiseems not to Ihe niMum«nf iti VHiiidatutait 

.have prqpcrly deciphered the wcra received from the colupiltt^ 

listlide vf ihB originalCooflc Moos, Laiigles of Paris. ' 

Anbic. TM« tT^e fending is •» One VDluine of Stuart's nnlU 

2 2 ■ ■ ^iiies 



Acurioo^ Aditionarthe Role 
for Dnvia^tlie Hainan Fitcure . 
by. tbe oeltbraiod Albtrt Durtr 
W4S preMolffd to llif Society 
by Hsjor Generftl Hardwicke 
io-^a aame or Mr. Wiliiam 
TbuiasrSurtisoa iMeljr atloeii- 
«d to tbe . Artiller?. Tba work 
wu printed in laOii. 

, A latter and GtKDinunieatiojU 
mToread fron MesM-s. Diard 
ftttd Ou Vanod, dsacribing tliree 
aMOua of {/mM.— One of the 
S{/it T^rtout, one of a /.Mrrfa, 
«Mloseof a Linuue, wiihdraw- 

• An Eaaay enthe Extractioo of 
Ibe iteoU b€ luteKera, a» prae- 
tfaed by the Arabs, by John 
T;tlN, Eaq. was forvwdedbyL 
llpe Hofl'ble I. Adam, and laid 
before the Society. 

An AccoUDl of Bootan by 
Kriihoa K'bant BUote, who wiki 
tlapntedbf order of Guveiiunxat 
into the coOAtry of tbe Deb Ka- 
iah in 1815-6, and translated by 
DaTid Scott, Eai). of the CJvU 
Servioe, wM forwatded by. Mr. 
Swiaioa, Secretary TO Goveru- 
ment in the Poliiical Depart- 
naeat. This local de.inri(ilion nf 
ftter^itorj- hllherio little known 
ia entiemely curious in many 
fespeotj. BootAu is bounded by 
tho Compaoy's domioiona on the 
Houth. oo tlie east by Assnm, qu 
tba Dorth by the Unu.fa tefrito- 
n», aqd on the weit hy the 
Iiopha country. WesliaU only 
briafly advert to a few poinia 
oharaoteriatie pf the mannera of 
tbe people of Bootan. 

In war, the Booteeaa havs 
natohlodii, but they sre- of 
Utile ua»,U they cannot hit a 
mark with ball. They are afriiid 
to Am one off with more than 
two injtera of powder, and wbon 
they load more heavily they tie 
Ike piece to a tree and disdiarge 
it from a distance. They ight 
well with aknife. Wben a man 

ii fcillAd in battle both par1i<f 
rush forward and itrug^e for 
the dead body ; thoie ' who (ttc- 
eeed in Kettinf; it take oat tin 
liver and eat it witb butter and 
■URKr. They alio mix the fiit 
and blood with tarpentine, and 
making candlei of it, bom then 
before tho Shrine of tho Deity. 
Hie bones of persoai killed in 
war are also used for aokioiE 
musical pipen. and of the soalb. 
diey make beadii, and *ho keep 
thHB set in lilTer for sii^inf 
water, at the time of the per- 
fbrmance of religiona cere- 

' The Booteeai do not 6^ i« 
an open manner, but fire at one 
another firom adistapce, and at* 
tack at nif^bt. or lie in aailH»- 
oade. They wenr iron caps and 
ooBts of mail of iron, or qtulivd 
jackets : they, ere ormed wifll 
fonr or five knives in case of 'ao- 
oidenti, and diey carry bowl 
and arrows ;— before tngagiag 
they drink plentifully of fer- 
mented liquor. 

It is said that the Gylonp, Or 
Bnoteea Monks, ^re not allowed 
to sleep, or even to tie down ; 
nlj^ht and day persons of theor- 
■ i!ly keep wafch over 

wliicb they apply to tlic ahould' 
ers of any one that is seen to 
nod. The Oylon^ called Lnbe 
bathe iieparately fh>ni th»othwf. 
Tliere are also convents ef wo- 
men, who wear jeltow ctetbef, 
and make vows of tiiastHy. 

Bootan produces abnnidcaee 
of Tangui borsea, Maaketa, wi^ 
nati, mask, chowr mnrtails, 
oraoges, and munjietb, which the 
Inhabitants sell at RanKpere. 
aad-tbenee lake b«4 wootten 
cloths, puttom, indi^, sandal, 
red sandal, assafsfedtlB. nutmegt, 
etoves, Duskhee, nnd coarse cot- 
ton cloths, of which fliby nse a 
part in Bootan iuid send apart 
10 Lbnssa. 

Tba Booieeas wmUoiaap^. 




The cl^e^II]axltn of TeliglOD* 
fliith wnoDfi* tbero i* lliat of 
Kpariuff tfee life of til' airimoli. 
The fish in Ae rhera itry rio not 
■How mnv oae to kill. Tind the 
f«nnin tli*t ififeit tbeii Lend* 
and clothes tb«v catcfa nud tbrbw 
amy; bap me* treat in iho 
Mmemnnner, andvCTerpTit Stiy 
fcludof thing creattrretD death,' 
ntfiriBBniaKesdre'contTaela by 
tpcf mctat ofne parties, and no 
r^retMsIts are obMrved nt their 
ttttbrMpa. Por tbe most pnTt 
tlwkiubtindsHre inthe bouit* 
of tbeir viin», the latter letdoin 

J DiDE to their husbands' hoase, 
.rioiman tnaj keep ai maoy 
wives as' be can mmntBiti, nna 
when poor, three or ftur broiliers 
dah'tBperlfer and keep one wife 
amongst them. The cbildreii of 
nch aconnectioo call the eldest 
brother ftther, anti the others 

The bodies of the deceased 
are bvrned; the ashes arc col- 
lected and carried home, and, 
in tbi; nondng, <bcy are placed 
ID a brass pot and covered with 
silk, and, attended bj a proces- 
non, canicd to liie river, when 
the cooteots are iluown into the 
water and the pot and silk pre- 
stated to the Gj loaf s orPiieSls. 
Kkibhn.( Bean, Ibe Hindoo 
writer, States that, ia Bootaa, 
H^ining doM not descend from 
the ^uds, «s in Bcnsal, but 
tisec fron the earth, which, he 
ssys, is tuuTenally rcoorisd to 
be the cnse by the iaikabitama, 
InBooiaait oevor tliuuders,nor 
doiiieolouits ever ^near of a 
Uack colour, but meray resent' 
Uemisl; the rain which falls is 
also exceedingly fine. The Boo> 
tSB-teriitory' is entirely 'ouiunr 
taiDous, except on the Souib, 
South West, and Eastern parts 
'twere tltereis level land. 

The three first Parts of an nc- 
<nnnt of Hindoo Sects by Mr. 
H..H. WiLBO*t, the Secretarj, 

was hid beAfte ttc Hefcling by 
the author.' 

An early dlrtsian of the Hin- 
doo sjiien, and one confonni- 
ble to all Polytheism, aeparated 
the practical and popalar belief, 
from the BpecuIatiTe or pUloBe- 
ptiical doctrines, wbiM the c«^- 
com people addressed Hiefr 
hopes and feaft to slodts and 
■tones. Tbeworsbfps of the po- 
pnlnce being deroted to idiS'er- 
CDt divinities, the followers rf 
the levffa] gods natarall^ itp»- 
rMe d* into d liferent assonafion^, 
and the adorers of .B»wftBiB,K/«A- 
neo, nnit' Sna, or Other pfant- 
toms of their faiili, became div- 
tlncl and insitiaied bodfe^ in the 
peseral BEc^reg ate. TlteconHict 
of opinions on sabjeets on whicU 
hatnan reason has never yet a- 
necd, led to stmiltr dilTRoncea 
In the philosojAuosl claSs, nad 
resolved itself iotolhesix Drr- 
jDMi, or schooll iif Pirflosophy. 
^r. Wilson haaooncctiM tlloin^ 
formation emtainell fn thfs £h^ 
f ay from works M the Sanscrit 
andPerstait langueges^ andia . 
a great measure from oral in- 
nntryat Benares, the SbM of 
Brahmiuiaal learaiag:' and st»- 
perstltion. It is tbll of cBritraa- 
matter relative t6 the found^rr 
of ibedittervntBectsibot'tAoexk- 
tenaive In its (letflils to admit of 
moie pnrtlralnr notice in tU4' 
Ifmitdd report ' 

Capt. LocKETT presented *■ 
copy of Mr. Rich's Second Me- 
moir OB Babylon, which eontains' 
the corrcgpondence between 
the ancient deseripllons' of 
Babylon , antt the remsiltl 
Slin visible on the site, n» sug- 
][ested by the remarks of Mn^or 
Rf.nnell, published in the Ar^ 

'AnCssiiybna uniform "Ori- 
thography for the Indinn IaiH- 
guagea of North Amcricn', aS 
pabliKheitinlheHemeirl ofth» 
American Academy ot' Arts 
and Sciences, by John Pick*- 



MlHfl, of StieiB, w«4 CnnrardT 
*H by the Itev. y^. Ward i« 
ihc Bsme of the Astbar. 

A large conecdon of tHiiheiq 
books was presented 1)y Mr. ^'. 
S. Baylev in tlip dome of Mr, 
Ceoh HELIX, wbo bas lately re< 
tnmed frnm China. Tbe cata- 
logue is as follows: — 

1. Smm^ttaitoe kooi. ^leUni- 
\'erM delineated, ooatainioK 
a view of the bearenly bodies— 
■the eaftk — dis'lin^ished per- 
SoiM — tlie fooi seasons — vari- 
oaa bnildioj;B in China — the 
varimu aits-^lhe wiens parta 
ofthehnraDnbedf — ibe various 
wticfoaor dress^-cnstomi and 
«efeinonifls^^rceiou> (tones — 
anoieut inscnptions — birdaaod 
ttaasiK-^treea . and planU ; in 
IIA volumea. The whole illns- 
tratfd with wood enis nearly 
SOO years, old. A acttreo wodc 
leren in tbiut^ ■ 

% Pok Am tee. A coIIectJon 
of C^inue cuts exhibitiafc anci- 
«Bt vaaes and Teasels of various 
kinda, SfiToIiimei. 

3. Kooyoktoo. A collection 
of Chinese cnta eThibliini^ it 
lireat variety of ancient eacved 
•tones— 8 Tolmmes. 
: A, LteSket. A eoUeofion oir 
ancient inseriplions, andliKuie< 
in sttme — 9 Tolnmes. 

6. San hm kinf. A collecfion 
0( iniagiuary ammBls snpposcd 
to inhabit the mountains and 
«eR> — 4 volnaies. 

. «, Sett tUnktt. An exhibiti- 
tin of Gods, deiiie^ heroes, sad 
feaiots, — 3 vols. 

7. iHwap'hoo. Avorkonlhe 
iirt of Drawing-^ vols. 

8. Hva fhtun. t>TBwini!;3 nt 
vanoDs beasts, birds, plants, 
&c. — a vols. 

9. Skoi cku chat. On the art 
«f writing, and sketching dow- 
ns, &c. — 13 vols. 

10. P«i&-nijr-tBD. A hnn(!red 
drawings of benutifal Womeq. 


inoirs«f iUaatriooi Cbtotiem- 

12. Wao-Avmfimo. ATreir 
t{ge on Dtawinp— 1 tbi. 

13. Unyatoo. FTtfes of va- 
rious kind's intended tbllliisttate 
Hie anment Clas.tics. 

The Rev. Dr. Ma RkH»iAN,-whb 
baa furnished this calaloEoe, 
consider! the ool)eetia« 16 b« 
extremely valuable. 

In addition to theae Hr.baoU- 
MELiN preaented two'volnmes of 
onary, a copy of lis Graroroar 
and a view of China for philolo' 
fical purposes. 

A short nccnnnt nTfbe ori^a' 
and natiiTB nt the Porlajrufib 
Govemhient of Macno, was alia 
coniBunicalcd by Mn. Ckonme* 

W« olt'serre IVoA (tis paper. 
1hat the fnbabitants of Macio 
amoiinted,in18lO. to'lMS, and 
in 1813 to 4053. The statemnit 
InlSIQwas taken by order of 
the Bishup. by the respecdTB 
Parish ministers ; and that of 
1813 is from the GoTernment 
fieerefarj's Office, in neither 
are inetrtdedlbe military, cler. 
gy, and friars. The bulfcofthil 
scnnfy popnlation -eotiatsts ef 
teafartn ft people and nteivhants, 
and of many paupers whose 
trade is beKgiaic- Thf sjaves 
are either Malays or CaffrifSt 
the fnnner arc principaily iui- 
poMed from Tinivr, the Utter 
from Moaambiqae l^ way of 
fton, Maoao is enljtdy depeu- 
dent on China. A yearly ground 
rent is ^aid by the Portucoeee, 
and neither Ships. Houses, 
nor Churches can be built of 
repaired without the previoas 
license of the Chinese GorerD- 
tneat. Govt. Gax. Dtt.Vl. 

Sir Edmird Ht/dt Satt. Ta 
contemplntion of iLo approadn 
inj^depanureforEnfclnndiOf the 
Hon. Sir KnwA:in H\DE East. 
Chiaf Jaslic« «f (lie StmreiDc 


BBWOAt oecmxiii^Nx^ES. 

CoMt, w» tmAentand tbirt a 
fery large MectiDg, compond 
oCtbemMtretp«etableandDpn- , 
len( pait ot tlie Hindoo eommu- 
aity. iru held yesterday ntthe 
Town ^all, (m the pai^aM-o( 
rai^ns ft Fund, by SutasoriptJoD, 
ior piocuring, from Europe, a 
Suiiie af-ltie Cbief Jiuline, f» 
be eieeled' in Uie Tovn Hall, as 
alutiufc tesluBOulat ofthebigk 
eiliiiiiMuD' in ifiiicb he is held 
Vf Ike UiodooSifruin tlie'mnnner 
ia wbicli be has eseieiaed^e 
liinoliolU uf a Juijge in lbi« 
eooBtry, Teirards ttiis- object^ 
dbout Twelve Tbooaand Kupeei 
vtn imaediktely tubsodbed-, 
aad it i.i propMM tbM ttie Sta- 
Ue -sInU ha - e^eouted by (be 
dniel of Boopn 'or aomi) other 
naiocDt Scolptof. 

CaLJoar. Brr.X. 

Marf¥at tf Ananiale.—htb-^ 
tat from Nagporc report tJu 

foRinrinjf remuWH» wmodik 
stanee — A Private of Uio Ajttl- 
lery ha* produoed the neeesury 
-dodUueBti proTiD^ himself Heir 
Utile Tidoand' Bitaies ofthk 
lat* Marqneu of Anaitdil*, he' 
had (uatuBcd tli« nam* of John- 
■on, and bad never beeft heard 
to menljon aoy- thing ofbi».Tn> 
uUy and ooDoeuMu, until hear- 
iu|; from bis Agents hi Burope, 
that QoveriiBwiiti ADlhoritiei 
hadbeeadirootedto mafcanw 
quity wtwtber luli a • pen(» 
wa» stfU lit eiuieoM. We an> 
dentand that he b^ leorived 
a Ubenl . ednoation, nonie- 

auently it is to )MexpM>tnd;that 
lis change ia bis oircamitanoes 
will not turn out as it baa in ma> 
uyinitaaces, a sabjeet oCan- 
hitppinessj Ha leaves thia for 
Hadnushortli'.and ftuiB'thuioe 
embarki forfingland. 

JMn Baii, Dte. V. 

flayi Perfonud at the CkoirmghM ITietttft, (^latU^, 
duriKif the yaw 18B1. . - 

Jak. 6. Kina HtKTg the IV. 

Feb. g. Mui in kerTeeA; 
and Plat a»d Cotmterplitt.. 
' Feb.' 19. Bmle a Wife, ani 

HahciI ^i. Tht B'eir at LtU. 

Apru, 14. TkiBcavx StrM- 

Apiol 27. Piztmro. 

Wk-f. 11. She Stiwpi to Cm- 
T'tr, and'tfie Musicsl Farce 
of A tiuroto, ' King */ Litllt Bri- 

JuNE I. VtmctPrturvti. _ 

JojiB !«. John Bi^fa ^» 
jEnylitAinaH't Finui^, 

iVK^ Wl Frwiee iVewrveJ. 

J^VLT 6. Pixmrro. 

Aug. 10, ,A&'iuC«MR. . 

Auo: 34. A Curt /«■ tJu 

ScFT. 1. Tke Apeifte Suiif 
' Ocr. (Sone.) 

Nov, (Ditto.) 

Dec. 6. Tke.Wh^tl ^ Fot^ 

=d by Google 

<m CALOmTA ANNUAL lOmStER 1821. 


Bmf AiL -Jhf S.IC 

«BiL 4. aixHper?)K*.A.IU.A. - lU.A.Bi.A. 

CeBt-LoBnQb-S 6 4 4 « ioM M. Do. do. 1 ,„ „ „ . 

lipttioM 3 do. l(tl8tolU0 i '^ » ^ P 

Jan. ll.Do.d; 6 6 6. 3 ^an a a a a 

, 6 6 6 9- „ ^ '^" ? * « " 

San. 26. Do. do. do. 6 «W ^T?2',o^"V™i » « • » 

Feb. I. Do. do. do. «10 a 4 do. IBWto.lMO ( * ' 

Feb. 7.'Do.d«.do. 6 10 6 1811 4 4 3 12 

Feb. 16. 8 7 8 June S7. Do. do.) «, if a ■ 

Feb.a3.J)o.dD,do.l4 18 do.lSl&talWe.» v 9 ^ 9 

Feb.3C.«, « 8 8 1811 -4 4 3 IS 

Mar. 8 9 8 8 <ulj S. Do. do.),. . „ ,, 

MbM*. »o. do. » a fl D B do.l81fltoia20r" •' " " 

do.l8iawl8»t " " * • Acknowledgementa . 

1811 S 4-8 13 ofLoaDoi:tli»^Ut 

Mar. ae. Do. do. 1 -rt n o o Miy IMI 7 6 8 

do.l8iawi880J**' tf » 8 July 11. Six per 

1811- 9 7 8 Cent Loan OUi- . 

Uar. 38. Do. do.} » in ifl o V^'>* »818 to 

do.l8l3tol820( '*"'"' " )ttao n 6 10 » 

1811. 8 8 8 AckaowIedsonienU . 

April 4. Do. do.),, ,» ,. - ofLoBBofUieljt 

. do-mstoieaoi" '■' " " Mrs182i„ 7 e • 

1811 8 0' 8'^ July IS. StM iHr . 

-- ■ - - -lit 

)8U 8 8 8 IS20 ......12 Oil 

April 10. Do; do.} ,, .■ .:, ^ AcknowledKeMettta 

do.l813lol830J " " '"^ " orLoaooithulil , 

.1811 e 8 e May 1H21 7 87 

April 25. »,_ f. R a ^^y ^- Six per . 

do. 1813101820 i" 6 Cent. LoM & 

181 1 6 & 8 : UitBtiOB 1818 to 

■ay a Do. do. 1 ,„ a lo' ^ "*20 ■.•....12 811 * 

do.l8iatol8ao»^ o *^ « AcltnowltdgeMMitt 

Mil 4 4 4 0' orirfianoftfaefst * 

Ifaj-O/Do. do.),- 00 „ MayieaL. 7 8 7 

Jo. 1810101820*'" ". w « AnB. 1. Six' pbr ■ 

ISll 3' 4 8 Cent. Loan Ob* ' ' 

Hiiy 17. Do. do;*l .-„ n n « '' li^tioa 1810 to 

'do.lM8tol6aOi " ", «f w . j^^ .../.Rr 911 

1811 -4 IS 4 • Ackaowledttemdnts ' 

May '23. Do; da > a d a ^ ofLoau of tho 1st' 

do.I810tol820» " » " w -Mayie21, fl 8 4 

1811 6 4 4 IZ Auk. B. Six per ' - - 

May 30. Do.'dO.>,.' .„ « ■., Cent Lou -Ob- • 

do.l819toI820j*" " ■ ' fifalin 1816 to 

1811 6 4-4 12 1820 ...IS 811 8 

June 7. Do. do.i ,, . ,. .^ AcliDowledicenfflts - 

• do. 1810 lo 1820 J '^ w iw .w of Loan of the t#t 

Ull 4 12 4 4 May 1831, •& -0 4 « 


Aprii 10. >,^ nir-« .Cent Loarf-OJ 
do. Ibl3to(fj3oi'' " ■ ■ ■* Ration 1819 to 

:, Google 


kng. 1ft. Six p«r 

Cant. Loan Ob- 
. Ifcfttioii I81» w 

1830 ^...11 B W fl 

of Lout or ibe tit 

Miy 1B2I » S 6 D 

^lu. fa. 81* -MT 

Cent. jUiitn Ob- 

llK«tioiL 1819 to 

IJ(W......i Ifl « II • 

lekoowl ed ^mmU 
' nf LoBnof the lit 

U«r 1821, 7 ■ • 

AfK- W. Six per 

'Cent. Lou Ob- ■ 

' Gf;*.don 18U> to - 

U3D IS a a « 

, Atluio wledg«B«tt 


Hay 1821....... 7*7.0 

SipL &. Six per 

Cent. Lo*ji Ob- . 

liffttlon 1819 ta 

1830 11 8 11 

Adt no wlcdgeiuBio 


Mar 1831, 7 M 7 4 

•ml. IS. Six p«r 

Cent I<oaK Ok- 

ligation 1819 I* 

lOO IS Oil ft 


orLoanoCttolat . 

Ma; 1831, 7» 7.4 

S»t 98. Six par 

Cent. LoBD Ob- 

ticatioa 1819 !• 

lUd 13 la. 

Atknowl ednneitta 

ofLoanoftlMlal . 

H«7l831,„.... 8» 8 • 
Snt V. Obt pw 

Cut. Loas Ob* 

ligBtlMi 1819 tv 

18ML 14.0 13 



MarlSai, 8 4 7 13 

Oct. 3. Six per 

Cant. Loas Ob- 

HgatioB lalB to . 

1830. H 13 

or Loan or tba let' 
Hay 1B»....... t 

OcL tl. Six per 
Cent Loan Ob- - ' 
ifcatloi) lBt9 to 

or Loan of the lat 

May leai, 9 

Oct Is. Six Mr . 
CcBl. Loao Obp 
UfTBtioii lai9 to 


A chidWIe'dgeinaali 
of Loon of tbe lit 
Hajls3l,...>,. 9 

Oct. 34. Six Mr 
CcDt. Loan Ob- 
Ugation 1819 lo 
1B20 14 

of Lou of the Ist 

, MajlSZl 9 

Oct, 31. Six per 
Cent. Loan Ob. . 
IlKatlon 1819 to 
18iHK 14 

Hayiaai. 10 

Not. 7, Six nor 
Cent Loan Ob- 
Ugatinn 1118 to 
1S30 14 

Acknowledreinenta ■• 

of Loan of the Ht 

. Hay laSI 11 

Not. 14. Six per 
Cant. Loan Ob- 
ligation 1*19 to ' 

ofLoanofOelat - 
Hay U31.....^.10 

Hot. 91. Six par 
Cent. Loan. Ob- ' 
ligation lalO to 
laao; 18 

of Idanofthelst 
May 1830 11 

10 • < 

013 « 

8 8 


« 9 4 

18 a 
li 9 

4 13 IS 


1ft '« 

10 10 

14 19 
14 10 8 



Bus SeO. , Bv 8A 

St. Jk. lU. jW Bt'.A.R*. 4. 

Not. 31. Sis -Mr AcknovlcdfMMnU 

Cn%. ImvK Qb-. ofLomoCthaUt 

Ugatlan UI9 to Hay 18)11 1110 11 4 

11130 It 17 B L(Mul8l3lol817..17 OW S 


Mmr IKl,. n 4 10 13 

LouulB13toU17»17 M I I 8 U t 

I}e«. fi. Six pu 

' dent. L«ra Ob- 
liffatim MIO to . 1 U 11 1« 

l»iW. i...M • U 6 r ta t 


' arLMBBttbelM 

M»T l>3t, U 4 lOU 

LoMWlsl3toli^..l7 W B 1830 90 0» • 

J>a*. 1&. Six MI AckiH^lfdgemeatt 

C«Bt Lo» Ob.. of Loan of the IM- 

Bffatiea UIS to , Vxj IBZl, 13 10 13 « 

lt30,...w 13 >ia • lovuJ«Wtoin7.4S 9U • 


MA Da A a veouMMSSesM. 

Tni wnithtt 1itel]> hu been 
>ei7 tMditeroH* and nnpleatiutt, 
. and Mlended vith a considerii- 
Ue fall of raio— drcnmituices 
Very nnasnal tt this late period 
orSMtmion.— ligU iho*reM 
are genorall; expeotfld u late 
MM ChriitnwB but a moiptete 
Wet and; brntteroui HHT 
Yemr'a D«]t,aiMDiidAy'Dri)ved, 
iTHCMTcely Within recollictltia. 
Some chanjt* bu taken place, 
and *a naj boW hope la b&re 
the nioal fine Wcatlwr of the 
SeaaoB. Tke >hipa Id the 
Roada daring tbe l«c fteathet, ' 
were prepared to Mand OM— 
bat an fortunately were not «»- 
der the neoeuitj of doinf ao. 
The Barcmetcr the whole time 
kept voir coulderably ibofe 
the dale M|[bt. 

Gott. filer. Jam, 4. 

Ltttirfivm a aailhmmi rtri- 
lK»P M ttu SilflurTTf MMHtatiw, 
Oattdtkeetk butMHt. 

'• With thU joa wiU reeeire 
the Ref liter of our weather Ibr 
December, and sneh a ]>«eem< 
bcr baa perhftpi never been 
Men on these Uonatalni. — Wn 
had actual rain more than half 
the noplb, and the renBinia; 
d^ya were cloudy and damp, 
the Tbeimometer tasking I inp- 
poie lA dcereci in the nighu 
and motniDgft higher than U 
^oal in orHinary acaioni. 

" It aeema to me Uiat we are 
to bate no voj cold season this 
jliar. We have not bad n peep 
at the Sun thb day, and that 
■orE of rain whlob la denominated 
tStt>tci mut bae been falliag 
(MTt vf Ifiai nifclil, and alltbi* 
nnrninc ; tlus we^licr ie doeni- 
edunaaaaUyf^Tearable hi the 
A » 

growth oftbelr^ipIMb, Hid tfllM 
after crops, irtdtb In loAfe »- 
▼ere. leaidns. tat CAWtilctt^ 
destroyed by' nwrtand Mld«V. 
" I am 1M ■» e«it«IMe,tb*t 
tbt.^ baa from i ts Co mmencette^i 
ittta an nnaidlllf mild seaaoa, 
thai Ibe fall *f rain fcM ben 
ranch greatet, tnd the degree of 
•eld Ibd&dbrttlees tfeaa taior* 
dinar> year*. Tb* nnd : if bo^ 
practjeablafbr balukesM nA 
loaded btaOecKat from mU* 
fa> Siadhrttjt ; it must bWMtet 
be always re«oUeeted, -llmt« 
aooAaln lo»i dWen ftoM wm 
•n the plain. I atoladoed MN 
prinedat tbe pr^adiee wUeli 
exisU BglAiat «nr eliaale, not 
withstanding ao n^r proan of 
Its aalobHly; the uaeu^''-* 

ubonrers enj^ed daring I 
late monsoon, exposed' tb aiaiw 
hardships aa tbey necesuriqr 
were, litiagindainp Hllle bats, 
eoniiroctad of bongfo of trcei, 
plaistered with Bind, and 
steeping on the eold grovnd, la 
to me suffident evidoioe that 
the eUmate is woslderfally sa- 
Inbrlous, tha disease af most 

tbe workment was bowel oott* 
plaint, originaUiig .ftom tfamr 
exposure to tbe damp of ||m 
Hoar of th«rlmis in tbe id|bls, 
no daubt,-.4nd yet tUs d»> 
ease oeBsidering meir aumbera, 
wBsrarc.^IbaTS reparkedioo, 
that on ibeit trst arrival b*e, 
several of them got sUgbt at- 
tacl^ ofagns, vbjob I never f^- 
edto enre in 6 or 7 daySrSnd 
they seldom or ever bed a re* 
eurrenee of tbe oomplalBL I, 
la tnitb. consider this eUmate 
as for H mjr expedeftoe ex- 



■ It k^pewi froki ft Let t«^. '>■ 
ted TrmraKore, Tnvudermi, 
tttta »ligkt«biMk ofanE*rlb- 
*jawk»wit ttttaera on (be 1M 
iostanti ftl about 10 o'eWck P. 
M.— the ■otioB of theeinh 
dtdBOtcoBliimv <]iiit» m w- 
BOto, uut'wai pruidad b; > 
nuaflsuodlarto tlie'paiaa^ of 
ftTery htavy snniB^r •TeT>4 
dntwibridf e^thc tky wm p«(t 
ftiSU; clear at the time. 

6*ecf. Ca>, 

Extratt fttm m Ltlter rfaM 
Jlf«i«£(y. 2MA JoHMry. 11 ^• 

tl.E.L*i. 6 and m quarttr 
If. ittVftn tit fTMt aiW thOt 

'■■ Od Satnrdar the 37(h at de. 
v«ii P. 8f . the Bitbt beluK datfc 
and baxf, the Ship struck on a 
rOctc, the ihock «u rqjeaictf, 
bat Id thespacQ of five minutei 
she had pasted intodeep Vattr. 
-The alarm waiflf cooric ^ne- 
nJ and the Capt. (with the rea- 
■ob) Aurin)^ ^ first KomenU 
appeared undecided bow (o act, 
for from the known liatnre of 
the coMt, shootd we proceed, 
It appeared probable (bat we 
had tm>r« roeks lo eticount^, 
Portnuatelj' live lails 6nl} wen 
beHt at tlie ttme, and the wiad 
modemte- While on tba rodt 
the Stilj) for a momerit laj over 
on ber oeun ends, bnt imma- 
diatttly riiffatcd. The atroaK 
cnrrent whiub (in copsecinenee 

- fiftbe Mebt triudi, bad carried 
the Ship to the wutwa^d) facte 
belViended as and forced Mr 
over the roe^ into deep wBt9> 
Ordersw^eimmediatMX p- 
ven fbr all fte iiails to lie laid ■■ 
baok, and'fo prepare to let ft 
the anchor which was soon 
done. By the violence of the 
Inst shock the rudder was.eoia- 

e yoMr>«sfaToar- 

aUe to th« omatilatio^ «»vTett 
fhitirfEaiope.I)ia«e beemex- 
iwsad la ««ery way to tho waK- 
ttar ainoe mf reridatco bare, 
ant and dry more thaaonoe it 
the course of« dajr, without 
pbfftti^ ; and acold -is the dnly 
WMSsIJun* b«eB aofvainted 
wtoh.^. Cm. 

ry ft i«n. 

' - laMt^nant Colonel V^entbn 
-Slacker, O.B. Quarter HaSta^ 
neneral of fhA Amtr, is per- 
mitted to retnrh to Baropa on 
alck Certlfioiite. . 
' The Hotiorablathe GfiTenMr 
in CooncU stBlts himself of 
-Ws opportnnity of eipressioc 
-fcimSMf in Oeneral' Orders, his 
/lii^h lense of the eminent and 
Rctentiflciervicesof LleuL Col. 
-Slacker as Qaarter Master Oe- 
Sieralofthe Aroiy'of Fort St. 
''<CfeorKe daring a period of tea 

' Tbe'GoTeniorio Council dl- 
'fects, that ' tlie following Ap- 
^^ntments shall- taks effect 
'livni: the dale of. Xienteiiant 
'^dloiiel Blablcer's elnbark^tion 
IWBnflaBd;- • ■ 
-■■JIfcjor R. B. Otto, Deppfy 
' bnaner Uaster- General oflhe 
'Arinyl' to be Quarter Master 
- GenrM of ihfe Ann;, with the 
"official rank of Lfeut. t^'olonc), 
'vice Stacker, reaiirned. 

Ueut.' (BreVet Gapt.) lanits 
"Hansbii, Anistnit Quarter 

■ 'MaMer Oenei^lofthe Army, 
td be Deputy Quarter General 
of tfa« Army, with' the official 

-'vankofHajor, vice OttD(pK>- 
■ooteS. • 

■ Oapt e. F. Peile of the id 
"Rtglmedl ofNaiire Infantry, 

' to be Assistant Quartef UastCr 
""OtiieTal of the Army, vice 



4fter la seven fkAonn of water, 
Tlt« Itaxs or '«tl'mir htgrn 
greatly to mbate. fiv wefett 
Thdt if onr >ncllorheld i^e wert 
•«f« ftir thn>. nighF. Tbe Sliip 
.n-Hl'! liltte or.DO water, froirn 
whicti it litevideni that ->hR ii 
^extTRordiqiirv strewth. The 
Capt&in ttirooghoat tilts tryloK 
.danger diaplnjed thft ireatest 
CooIncM and activity, and Jie 
waa nobly seconded by hiq OIL 
fera andCren'. The Carpenters 
were immediately set 10 workto 
inake up a teipporary radder, 
we itrr mrrQiirided qo all sides 
$} riic!;.'i,iin(lma'st lihlnlc have 
' ^ome thro' the only place wlicrQ 
■ SlupB<)p1|lIiavegqt oyer. 

On them()rninftoftlt931it of 
January we ^aia ftot under 
wei)(liviU) a boat ■blinding' a- 
liead, but it was soon observed 
tliatUieship did apt answer be^ 
Jietni. ahe again took, the grouad, 
p ray identi ally there was little 
wiud, so she vaf soon in deep 
lyater, the sails Were taken In 
and the ancbor let cq a sbcoi)4 

tjiue early on the lit of Febraa- 
y ; the rudder had been altered 
and the ship was nRaiii leady 
for theitfleinpt to wash out of 
tiusAeM of rocks, bat tbs wind 
tietni; liEbt, the Captain pro- 
dentty deferred weighing till 
the following momins. But a- 
V>ut 4 p. Mt. alarfte Sbip bovo 
InslgTR fttfd allnebreese sprin;;- 
hg np' fVotn the land at the 
lame time, the Cable was cut 
and we made Mil sail towards 
fter, flrinr sij;nal frnns of dls- 
ttesB at Inlervals ; the stranj^er 
maswered us with bluv lights 
'andaboatsP. M. we'haarded 
hni (be stranger proved to be 
aieCnmbrianbourid from C1ii< 
na to Bombay ; she otTcred ns a- 
"nj astbtance. but was merely 
reqneitad to ^tay by (he Moira; 
during the night. We contioa- 
«d to make the best of our way 
towards Point de G^lle, but 
*inritag td cabni and cbntrary 

'wkida we did sot (tet intb tboW 
Yonds nmll tbe ifth. With Ta* 
TDrableTiAda wc saiKht easily Cdotubo, Bi tw 
shtp'conitilnadlO'Viakeno wft« 
tu; bat the want of iron fast^ 
logs rendered tt>e nidder near* 
ly Qselflu, C^rf 

■ We are lorry to mentla^ 
that d^lorrirhi aoeannti hare 
.bem reoeired of ibe rayagei 
committed by -tiie Epidemis 
in the B. C.-fint Berimentof 
M. r. on its match. ftomNnf^ 
pore to Hyderabad, Tbre*' 
Qlllcers and apwardt of jwo 
bund red recruiting folio wera 
h?d fallen victims to tbic diread> 
ft)l sfoufge of ludla. 

' _ , Cottr. Jam, 12, 

A splendid Pete was eiren 
It His Highness tbe Nabob M 
Clicpauk. OD Wednesday e^ea* 
in^ ibe 37th nltlao^lu iioaor gf 
His Highness' S AQcejsioa te 
the Musnud. Tlie Compaoy 
began' to assemble at the 
Place before niae o'clock, and 
eODSisled of HU Exeeljeti- 
cv tbe Governor and laAf 

. The 

Chief Jdsilfe and Famfly. Tjie 
Members of Coancil. esd.ftott 
of the other priDcipat TamiUes 
at thePre^iflenqy. TheaTenaea 
froln the entrauce of the 
Grounds to tbe Palace, were 
stadded on each side . witlt 
Lamps, while the Palace waa 
lighted vp in a very spleit^id 
manner. Tbe Company were rei 
eeived iu the .spacious toileof 
aparlmeats below, where toei 
laosnud is. placed— rhcre was 
seated ricMy ljabito4 His Hig^- 
Dcss Tlie Nabob— toiealher with 
■ome iVIembers of His Family. 
A fall Jensth Portrait supetTiir 
framed, of His-prescnt Majes- 
ty when Prince of. Vale*. «- 
traded parltoulai aUeAtioft— 
tbe colours harr latoly been ae- 
sewed, and a'ew appear as bril- 


Iisnt and fine u when II10 jAo- 
txtre \ta» first painted. Ladj 
Munro, Lady Stanley, Un. 
SjattoD. and others of the La* 
dici, nho arrived earlj, vjiited 
^er Hi|:hnesR TbeBej^um. After 
theCampanj hadbeeDforaome 
time assembled, they adjauni- 
ed to spncloni and h'nndaame 
Paadtlla placed at the bkok 
- tront of the BuUdiDg, wliero 
wereiercraljrtiiTcss occord- 
]D|:tothe eastern rubion. An 
exbibitioD of Fireworks then 
commenced, which was ot a 
tfOitbrilliaot deacriptioa, and 
cpQtiniied a cotulderable time 
— an immeiuQ concmirse of 

SBtlves had been admitted into 
ic pounds to witness the exi 
hlbillon— these were leeq in' 
large ^oops, as ibfi fireworks 
were lifihted up, and added 
great^ to the Interast of the 
scene. After this exhibition 
the Company returned Idtti the 
interior of tbsBailding.aad iB^ 
down tn tables covered wiDi 
itproAisian of exeellent Tiaodi, 
dressed after the Earopeatt 
ipanner— Wines nl» ortlip fcF« 

qdality were __ 

The rqmit beinc over the CoB^ 
pan; relumed to the principal 
aputments bf the Palace, whca 
nilanda qf Bowen, ke. were 
^tritmted in the castDinaiT 
manner of Bis Ilighttcai,«a«i<t< 
ed by tome of the Ifei^>e» sf 
HU bmily— afttr ^di Am 
Con^an; took tbeJK Ia«Te. 

Sportiitt JfnlVv--T'ne Sla- 
dra> Baoei oonmeueed yott^- 
duf^tbe Mount road Wt^ 
fhroiqnd befott d^y break wi& 
enry demiptioa of vefaic^t, 
and iho fbot puaeofcn weM 
piorQ mmerona than w« arff 
before witnesied. 

Hw Sport was ananany 
and oaexpeetodl; exceUofc 
and thiM beau were adsurmur 
contested for the •Mond Raotf. 
yfe Shalt five a most puHea- 
|ar report of tbenuml^ anOA. 

Four Uorsea itaned £» tka 

Snt rndden, the same noabcr 
»r the seooad. The f land waa 
crowded with all lite beantj 
and (aiUan.o[ the Soltletnant. 
* ^ C«ar. J«ii.J». 


For F^Tuat^^ 1821* 

ne tmproVemenU earryinff 
Into efeot m the part of Madra^ 
in tba neig;hbouihood of the 
Itiik are very extensive, and will 
in a short time be very striking, 
liew Road! bave bean cot in 
tarioos directions^ and a \v%,ti 

Ertton of svanipy pround haa 
en drained and made avait- 
gUe for asafol pnrposaj. ^ 
addition to all thia, the Land 
Cuitom Homo bas ben) lemo-t 
ved to a sitnation where tho 
busineis oouiinnally carrjing on 
irill not Uoclc up and obsiriiot 
the [tassnsaaf the Public Higb>- 
way. Tha paUinR down of ^ 

Idad GuitMV Htnia it tm 
oanyins on. by ^rtdoh acrctt 
smd cryinr Btdiance cf lonf 
Rpon the subject of iapro**^ 
ment), we mnst tMt 'oniit to 
notice Uie wldemng and haW* 
tiding of tbeitwo Bridge* had- 
ins to Madras, wUch ba»a a*t- 
fd greatly to A« safi^ 'afed 
appof anoe of flils otiaiMr. 

ne stnpenAwi Barr*«- "i** 
tended to keen back' the'M^ 
croachmeoti of the Sea ou' Ike 
Fsptanade, is citmin; m «S»h 
p«atj^Witr. [(W^A» 

=d by Google 


fhr Mitrch, 1831. 

■Cbnrdh i«w <9«ned oa Saa- 
4ar iMt, whan Dftins Sm- 
fice WM foribrmed in it torn. 
kaveroiti coHKKgntioo, for tho 
4r»tlte«^ An •ppTDpriktKdis- 
Miarse wh- Miveni) «n tte 
■•aCMlaii by tbe Sev. f . Alias, 
lh. B; anft M. 9- iGrfitor: th« 
.tut WM talMU frm the 3nl 
.CkaplM. oC 81. Paul's flnt 
'BRialbtoth* CoiiniUu)^ tlw 

Ws WMteed *ai CoUn Ro< 
.MS, B*^. ». a. ud Wia. 
fiartt,£M, wwe vdakiod Eu- 
an of ttoKii ~ 

T« fMt it inewalwat n ■> 
tftUtf^toMM de*cirip1ioa vf ' 

-|U*rtpg^t buildins, whidib 
MrtaMy Ilia muM bumtifU 

.•tnutwe IB Ihdru. vdwo 

.koHave, we b*; Toatpie to Mf 
tlia% la point of^voUtMstoK, 
«BdlB avwir ftther raipflet, it b 

.wpnlor to my Prat 


Thewl _ 

.•fMUdUurauy, wi&ontT._ 

iar Woric of. wnr dwraipliai. 

—niftdepth of w InutdBtioiB, 

if miffi^anri ' 


r oft. flu veil, ud tho 

wwittiftjly .onum(_ 

^ftt^^of-titn anlablaluie jtiolf 
,Ala(|t. lA iwlicii:— theWlAtOf 
M dpinBiii.iiieoeiil» li-^ feet 
9ato'l!i*S(H«, the SOuneteriii 

vkirfe of tfce intorior part of Oik 
Gkaick within the w til, SU) tee). 
— The flooriBr if of jfarblt, 
. ud the lenM are of mabogamr 
—The ceiling of the dome ft 
■ttovered wiih fine Chuiuia with 
midch anaaU ^rliouof tv/^ 
LMsuUbas been used, and tits 
effeot ' produced is 4 beautiflitl 

Xba entrance fronts directly 
wesLT-itisnipporiedby adim- 
ble Colonade otllielonioorder; 
— adiomlBg to it is a veatibafe 
wbiuh leads into the body ofl&e 
Church. — Orcr the Tesllbule is 
afineSteeple,l«6feet iijhcigIrL 
We undeutand the donie b 
coutnicted cbielly vith hollofr 
CoaeaintheSjrian style: itfj; 
' at m 

of Hadrai, and mt a peal dif- 
, tuwe by Ships conung fromSet. 
— At tbe east end of the Chntdh 
is along room about SO feet by 
ao, eoieied by arches in com- 
paitaietttt lupporled on «lgi|t 
cotuBus of the Composite order> 
lliii apaitment tends great- 
ly to render the Church cool 
and airy, while at the same time 
itfonns a part of tbe £iBlicfc, 
wbioh oorrnvond) to that whlOk 
' cQm{>oaes the v«siib<ite and the 
side rooms. Sdx. Mat. t- 

The Bfadrta papAs mewUflb 
the death ef/ehn ' Catama^ot, 

^foq, late Senior' Meoihttdf 
the Board of TtadeU this PrA. 
Ijdency.''' "Ric bealth «f tbia 
CcnileiimnAad been long dBeBa- 

'lag, and ha di«d at dingkpor* 
on his return from Chifla. It is 
worth* of rema A, say's the Mad- 
ras Editor, hotriery few pertons 
Uvrbeadlttcd ihdrliMlthBr 



a trip ta thv oetestjpl Emplrr 
vitb iliis de«ir»ble object in 
viev. Wo make, the .remark 
mib difTidence, and ouriQSdera, 
partkulatiy those of the Medi- 
cal profrsaioD, we trust will ex- 

, «ua« us if experience rioes .not 
bearont the observation, (hat 
feiviutaDccs of permanent be - 

'nefit l^otu aiiiitto Chinain 

■ehrchof h<;:tlih have oocarf ed 


iht Aimetntt An flui'anct^' 

stand OB 

>n Wed- 
e, whera 
again to 
iKced 10 
It attlw 
te which 
cd. The 
la pro- 
s' aajled 

The NorHiertf nindi hate left 
ns unusnalljr early thli year— 

' for tbc last fortniF^ht It has blown 
pretty itcadily from the Sonth 
Bast qoarter. On Thursday 
and Hie foUovlai; day rain fell 
in heavy showers, which is a 
most unasnal oceunence In this 
month. By a register of tke iM 

'ofiain of tweo^ years weob- 
■erre that It never rained in 
March durioft that lon^ period 

^ — last year however formed an 
exception. The Sontfaerly winda 
acfemtohfttn prevailed pretty 
Rencrallf in the Bay, sinoaw« 
find (hat the Hooyig was only 
ten dnys on her passage, fnta 
this Port to Calotitta. 

C9M*M*r. 13. 

Suprnne Court, Tuet&y, thm 
im of ifarch 1821.— At the 
Sitting of the Court His Majes. 
(y's Ifuyal l-eUers Patent, un- 
der tbc Great Seal, benriag date 

dte 13tfa day of June, in the lirat 
year ofllie Beiiin of His Majes- 
ty King George Ilie Fuurth, ci^n- 
sHluiioK aud aprointini; Sir 
Edmoki>St<klf.v, Knt. fo be 
Chief Jasllce of His Majesty's 
Suprejue C^ur^ of Judica(urent 
Madras wererend and record- 
ed in the Supreme Court, und^r 
the usual salute from the Port. 
Gfi. Mtrck 17. 

The Honorahle the Court vf 
Directors hnilng lately trani- 
mitted to Fort St. George, & 
Letter from the Kinr lo tim 
NuwAB of the Carnatic, anil 
this day having been appofot- 
ed for ita delivery lo Hia 
Hifhaess, the Troops in Gar- 
lisoa eonniting of His Ma- 
jesty's 34th Foot, tbe 2d Bat- 
trilonSth, 3d Battalion lOth, 
and 3d Battalion Slst Regi- 
ments of Native Infanlrf wera 
paraded, at an early hour, on. 
dettbe command of Colonel 
Hewett, C. B, and marclied 
right in front, to form a street. 
inconjuncttoD with (he Hum 
ArtiHeiy and the Corps ofOb- 
Inndac, from the Mount, — ex- 
tending Oom the Dorbar to tlt« 
Gateway of the tiovemment 

Shippini^ to the Rott4i pretAsH-* 
ed a similar diaplnf of OoliMib 
on tlie oecAsioa. - ' 





, -^t abontT o'clock the Pra- 
ecssion he^an id more luwar^ 
tbepank.~Tha Royal LclVer 
binced oil a costly ctjiusoe) 
Velvet Cnsbion.waa borne bj 
the Chief Secretary, accompa- 
nied by the Persian Traitilaior 
to tbe GoTemiDi'nt upoD an E- 
lenbant «plenilid1v caparison- 
ed.— Ii wax escortcif bf Ihe 
Grenailier Coai|)anf ofHia Ma- 
jcatj'*s34lb Footuitlilhti Rc- 
gimeofnl Colour, preceded by 
[the Gari ison ^aiirf- 

Aa the Letter pasaed, tbo 
,Tro<ips in successlou prcficntcd 
arioai ai|d on entmii£ the ou- 
ter Qb\c oCCIicpaulc It was .na- 
Iutetl)vith21giuiarront'the Sa 
luliuK llaltery in the tiardeo.— 
Mii Ilizli'nesB tbc Priuce U- 
]sc«iq Jah, The Nuwab's brother, 
was here seen advaiiniog out of . 
Kcspevttg His Majesty's Lct- meet the procea^io'n.— 
OpjotninKil, His Hiichiiess fell 
.in Id tbe left. 

Aiiived at the Palace, and 
The Honorable T!ie GiiVGrnot 
baTifis been tecpUcd by Tho 
.NuwAB in the Veranda of the 
Durbar.— the BOYAI, LET- 
.TERwas removed&'i^ the Ele- 
pElaal.— It waa canied by thp 
Chief Secretary to the fou't of 
the Musoud, which Tlie' Nuw- 
^ABno;* i(sce»dinK, the Lett v 
waf prijscnteil to Hia HiRbiicsa 
by The Honorable The Gover- 
nor— under Royal Saiulcs, iji 
Bu'ccesxidu, fri>ui the Horac Ar- 
tillery, tlie Fort, nod the Buiio- 
!■>.«( ,Chepa«k—tt'.wa» aft^r- 
wardsreadby llic c[iicr Scltc- 
tarj— aa foIluVA : 
" THE KING'S LpriJEit.' 

Qmtwpi tiM fionrtli. hff <tli« 
OfSM arOod^King ifl'the U. 
■aUMKimivm «tOceat VritaUi 
mni- laebnd, Defea^M.vl' 4ia 
- ObtistUn Faith, KJos Af a>li9- 

.TAIkllibB.lMlllM)..' . 

X»JMia H)fhti«W.TilM.Priaoo 
AnaiunJah, Oudttt«fM4-Unntb, 

MoLhtnr-ool-HoIk, Roshnn-ool- 
rOowtah, Mabommii<{ Moonwnt' 
Khan Bnhadoor Junj^, Nabob 
Snliahdar of the Camatic. 

It wa^ wiib nraelf conoefft 
that Wc received Inteilfjfcnc* 
frftbo death of yoar Htghneis^ 
Father, tbe Nabob Ateem Hi ' 
DSwInh, vhoae weir-tried fid^ 
lity, and exoellent obaract^ 
were fiiily known to us, and had 
lonfi !iceured to htm oor sineet« 
rciiteft and esteem. 

Deeply wlfcrTns In rolnd wii- 
der the recent privation of Be- 
vetal of our nearest and deareA 
rrtafiven, and more eapecfallj 
ofa beloved ajid hiehl^ «vrt«d 
Fnther, itho hot a few weeks a- 
^o Was removed f^om flds tran- 
sitory slnte, to reedTclnahap- ■ 
pier and ever durii^ life, the 
reward of virtues which wfll 
endear his memory to the latent ' 
posterity : We are the better 
enabled to sympathize, and 
condole with yoor Highness on 
the occasion of your own loss. 

Itisboweyw. -vainto repia* 
at the prdinancos of the Al- 
mighty, .wjioi in His jnfinita 
wiadooi. has mtpoiat«di n atr- 
row limit to hmgan , life: — itrfi- ' 
tbei.beboves w U> it»timat« tbn 
biJKht MMVpleaof our departs 
«d Parenu. 

W&o«ngtatnUtB your High- 
ncM inyour peacqahlo and nn-, 
diap«ted«ioocMion tp ihe ata- . 
tion and digoitieaof youi iUuf- 
Iriottt Anceatou. , . . 

iCoar liigbacas will doublleas 
beUfcMy gnXiCed at Ihe ap- 
paiiUmHit. of our Imsty and t^e- 
lovftd , Sir Thninaa Munro, 
K^gbt, Commander of ' Our 
Moat Itouorablf! MUiUiy Or. 
der of tbe Bath, and a Major 
Genetal in our Army, to the 
inyMrtant Office of Ooveruor of 
Port Saint George, for which ha 
h4A heei) trebled as well on ao- 
cuHpt of lui nieritDtiaus^erv|cea 
iu ta^t an JwdfT a ^rRi persn- 
b aiipa 



taioB, that tromlia many ex- in conclDsion, itie flon. thf 

celleat tjualities, and uhieSy Gov eroor addressing Bis Vifib^ 

'the kind disposition, wbicbioa ness in Perstao, took oocassoa 

more suboidiuato silualion, he to advert to his long aeqnaia* 

uniform]]! manifested towards tanee wiUihis Highness's POi' 

Out Indian Subjects, no one mily ; the interest which he had 

vas better calculated to iosura always taken in its prosperitj; 

their attBchmeot to oarmle and and his solicitude for ibe enr 

GavernDnent. crease of its honor and renoira. 

Wo are coovioced, th^U In The arrival, at this moment, tif 

ftll bis transactions with Your the Letter fVom His Majestj, 

'Hisbnes»,itwillbe the constant whicb had just been read, h« 

eadeavoor of Sir Thomaa Hun- could not bat regard as a nosC 

10 to promote Your Highoess'a auspicious event; and hiafaanv 

comfort, and we imst, that ingbeenthe medinmnfdelivex- 

Your Uigliness wilt repose the lag it to His HifrhaMS wna «b 

Utmost eonlideuce in his wis- him a BaarceofpecnliaT itnU- 

dom, and tHendship, and ever fication. He feit assared tl»i|t 

CDofonm to liis advice, which the harmoay, which bad saloi^ 

Your Highness may be assured, and so happily subsistAdb^- 

will on BO occasion have any tween the British Go*em»Bnt 

«ther Direct than to preserve and theCarnaiioSaikar woold 

unimpaired the harmony which be strengthened and- oentrated 

so happily lubsistod between Infinitely bytUs act of bis So- 

the Bniisb Government and vereign. — It wastheiirat wisli 

your Higboesa's Father, the of his iipart, aod wcnldlM ku 

late Nabob of the Carnatie. oonstant pray«r that " 

We heartily pray, Ibnt your Friendship should be e 
Higiiness, enjoying the inesti- inr- 
maj»le blessing of health, may Dnring this part of th« Cera^ 
leng continue to till you pM- toooy the Nuwab stood up on 
aentexaltedStatioDjandsowe the floor of the Darbar, untpoTV 
bid yon fareweJl. ed by tfce Honourable the Go- 
We are yoar affeclional* Toruor on his right.— His High- 
Friend, ness M{ipeared to be much af- 
(Signed) GEORGE R. fected by Sir Thomas Hnnio'a 
' Given at out Palace at Carl- address. At the close of it h« 
tonHonse.theasth daynfMay ngaintookMsseaton the MnSr 
lino,iiilhe First Year of Dvr nnd; hot shortly afterwwda 
Keigsu arose, and politely Invidnf 

(Signed) GioiaaCANNiNa. The HononUile ITie Oovsmor 

Tbe Persiai Translator to to breakfast, condncted irim to 

the Qovetrtment then read a another part of the Palace, 

Persian TranslaHon of flieLet- wber« anost sumptnomi enter-. 

tcr- and aftcranother Boyal tssdment bad been prepared ft* 

The -Nuwab- i«>«Boended Ito 
Huannd, TW HonMraU* 1W 

' rv, repeated by the Fort, and 
' foUowert by the SUtiting Bat- 

torv in Chepank Gardens, three . . .»_ 

'Vollies were Bred by Corp. In ""f"'?'*^"*.''" r^"** 

succession f^om the right. ^S^t of it ; aud Nnwia w«» 

Khenlnts were then present- iww pn^ted » HwHichanu 

edbyHUHllthneSitotSeChief by several of the KbanaAad 

Secretary, and lothePenian 
" Traulatoi to Govemmenti and " 



On taking Uave Otr, Gooteb 
■ftd Pawn, with CbnpleU of Ro- 
tcj, &c. were, boaotifutly Ais- 
tiibutedl)| BisHighAess, wha 


For ApHly 1821. 

W« m ulkoiiMd to rtats, 
that at a fanenl UeetiBK of tke 
Creditoraaf tkn late Fiimaf 
John De FriM and Co. held on 
tteted IiulanttpsmKittD'nv- 
tiee, a italsiitent of theaflain 
of tb«HoiHeiTas Babinitted to 
the HsBtiiiK, and after the dis- 
ogsrimxrfthe aavnral matten 
kid hefbre then, and at the 
nHsMtian of aome oftheCre- 
ditors. the TniitceB declared 
ftdr inttmtian at makinfc a IX- 
ndend of at least 10 per cent. 
at a Tery early period .'—llr. 
OordoR, who had t^utorod bl> 
reiif^naiioB or the office of Tra** 
tee wa* indnmd at thejolioita- 
tionof theBrinci^ Creditors, 
toreauiniDthB Tnutwutll a 
Dividend ahaU be nade. 

Hm*. Aprii T. 

Poatunmmhe Militarf Atvbmi. 

OaWcdnesdRj the llUi in- 
llant, His Exoeilancj Uentc- 
naM Qsneral Sir Thomas HiS' 
\»p. Bart and 6. C. B. Com- 
nander in Cbirf, viriled for the 
lant time prerioiH to bis depar- 
tae lor Eagland, the Aiytam 
cstablisfaed at PocunatnaUee In 
1810. fortbe Children of tfa« 
time of sevice npitwl Hen of 
aU U^cety's ilBsbwnM r«- 
tatninrto Baropoyand for the 
Orphana of thMe.who dio in la- 
Senrico of tholr 

.fiia BxceUoMT was Mwom- 
Mnied by the HononAle Mr. 
itauam, Kawbor «t Cnaeit, 

Crionri Dmktai e. a. Mfl Urn- ' 
tenant Colonel Ditdceai, of Ms 
Hajeaty's Mth Regtraentt apd 
tin ether Hcmben of the oob- 
Btttoo ofBanBKeBMvt, the Staff 
OaiaeMoftheetation. with sc- 
Tcral Visitors ftvm Madras; a 
pnUie exaatiMUioii was beldia 
the CbapH at PooaamaHeeof the 
pmgn*», and proldenoy of tiia 
Ins<ittition> conducted by th* 
ehMlain the Keverend Mr. Ray. 
Tlie Boys and Girts of tite 
two Schools in nnmber abont 
lao (betng Mieoted from the to- 
tal number, tIs. males and fe- 
Halea at present supported by 
the obarity) haTing beenprofi- 
etisly arranmd on meh nd« of 
the chapel, presented a spect*- 
cie tmly fnten«thi)r- The Plrst 
diassof Boys and Oirts, vera 
examined by the Chqilain, ia 
readinic a portion of tm Scrip- 
tares, in explaining what had 
been read. In SpeUin;, and Ae 
foar Elementary ralee of Arith> 
metio; at the same time Iha 
writing' books, and daUy R««ls* 
tern of the Sahoel, wete laid 
upon a tiJ>1e for inspection. 
The ChlldrtM of the First Clais< 
es beiBf; dismissed, proceeded, 
as teachers, to examine in a si- 
milar manner their respectire 
Classes ae^tfrdluK b> Dr. Bell's 
Byatam. Afterwards iM' ">" 
Ghildran were examiaed by lb* 
Chaplain ia the Chuoh Cate- 
rinsm,espknnedia short qaes< 
tioni. with Scriptnral prtMib. 
The Bofs and Girls of tha bi^ 



ctt DMrit were then pres'^iiied Uurh comuiendatiDn is due 

tiy tke Commander in Chief, U to the Revereoft Hr Malttti, 

PieddCDl of the Inatitatioii, and Mr. Roy, who have ^p^tui- 

irltli Silver Medals i «nd othera toualy sopprioteitded Dieir Bda- 

rcceived rewarda of Books, cation and brODfhitlicm totheir 

Tboae Children alio, lAoibJlis gircMUt state of ac^oiramentai 

Worlishops, had excelled aa wtiile to Captain Millar of Bia 

Tatlora, WeRTets.S(tin»n«,ftnd U^eaty'a 4eth Ke^nept, <wbo 

KBitteraof StoekinKB, were pre- asPay HuterofOoiJpwifliaMM 

aentcd with Hedalii, for todr of Chelsea remaining in India 

industiy and attenUm; stadoned Bt Poonunallee) ika 

His ExceUenoy with the Conmitt«eof ManefemoDt fdt 

other Hemben of the Commit- called upon la express their ul- 

*te, and- Viattara,- then proceed- nuist Mknowie^ementa for At 

«d to ioapeet tke diSarent bmh)- 'nduntary and unnqnilml aasi- 

Ingt appropriated by Qorera- dnl^ wbiob be anceaaia);;!; bc»> 

aacat to tbe iu« of tbe Isstilii- towa towards ttelWfitment of e^ 

Don, ttie Stbool Rooms, Work- very Ahjeot wbioh oan tend t» 

ahopa, Hoapit^ nDdNnrseries, promote tha beneitof theClui- 

and saw ttft CUIdreti partake of rity. 

m plain dinner exceilent in its TheobjeMof the InatitatiMi 

kind. U to give an hunUe edncatiaB 

The pnWic ^xandnaticni «f to Ihe OrptiBM, suited to the 

theOMldfCn of the InstitatiaD station of life which tfaay will' 

was ifratiQinR in the hi'^heflt necessarily fall into and to oiakt' 

defpvc to the President, and them nseful to themselves and 

M«ral>era of the Committee of to Sooiety i with this view the 

Management, aftd the other Ti- Children are tatmlil to SpiM, 

ailors,aadmnohoammendntion Weave.Knit, to Cut ont, md 

vras bestowed on tike Cfaildr«n auke tbmr own Uatlnag— ^ 

fbr tbeii pMfioieaicy in Readiof , sapetBcUl wqnireaients that 

BpriUBITf Writinir, and Aritbme- wonldtead to malte tten aafura 

tK. Nor will the saiisfaetim to Gonditions they can never ar- 

becooftned'tn those who wit- rite at, are oMefnUy exctaded 

■eased tUrnNsl aftecting. and' Oora this Aiyliun. 

iatereating sight— The Officers His Exoelloncy and Visitors 

nod Mem of His M^ies^'a Re^ afterward* dmed with the Com- 

Ert of this Asylum uded by a entertainment had been prepat 

oitUjt Contnbntfon from Ae ed, (Oitable to Ae quality of the 

Oovarnmeat, wyi feel an hoB* gse8ta,and to thekoewn bospi'' 

est exaltation in kooiringt that tali^ of Captain Edwarda wha ' 

by their means, the children prendod, and the Staff of tha 

of their former Cunrndes are G^ntoomant. Gkr. April7,' 

broaght ap ia roUitioBa haUta 

and oaeful knowledge, and Ibey A General Heeling of the 

will aaite in invoking a Messing Madras Uterary Society was 

an tiie bflnevokaH -ftrander tit held on Tharsday evening the 

tiie InstitntiDn, who befeta bis 13th Instant, at which The Ho- 

dapartnve from the Coast hal norable .Sir George C»operpre> 

witnessed the sooceasfnl com- sided. 

pletion of hia bnly charitable' The followlag eommimioati- 

cxertioas in faVoor «f Ute Sot ona were laidbefore thvSoaia^ 

dlar's Oi]ihaat on lUt oooaaiwi) aad read. 



Ofanew, and diiitincl ^ eixis of 

?QtidnipedR, the itafC-sheep. or 
nleaatoo aftfae TumoateaiM, 
«ltb drawings, bj Ihe late Dr. 
Malhcw Christie, and eomnm- 
m'cnted by M. Hacdonell, Eaq. 

These animEila, H Js staled, 
iahaMt 4h«t brancfa ef the great 
nnfC af moantahi.^. wbieh di- 
vides tlR vaJle; of Dlndf gnl fVom 
the Conntry ofHalabar. They 
da not appear to be gregarloua, 
bat to lire in lepHrate faioillei 
in the most elerated, and npe- 
datly, rocky atlaatioDR. Tbey 
are described by the hnnttri. to 
Be very senree, shy anlntaln; 
Kldom seen, and not easily 
caoght, or Iiitled. 

A paper byC. W. Whisb, 
Bsa. Calient, on the origiB, and 
BBliqnittes of the Hindu Zodi- 
at. Dad the s);e, and author of 
the Sorytt Sidhaotii. 

I^e writer of this valuable 
eonmnnication, is of opiiuon, 
that in the InveatiKation of the 
inhjecl too strict a reliance has 
been placed on the information 
offhe Brabmans, and he endea- 
voors to shew, that the Indian 
Zoitiae was borrowed either 
drrecUjr, or mediately from the 
Greeks. — An appendix to a 
ftnner accoont of two inscrip- 
tions, by Mr. Whish. from two 
Btonesfonndin the Tinivanoor 
Kshestrnro, the seat of the Sa- 
UDtri Raiah near Caltcnt, was 
also laid betbre the Meeting. 

A eurioKS inscription in San- 
Mrit talien fVom an ancient xtone 
table, found at Sobageuoor on 
Die sooth bank of tHe Nerlnid- 
da, 40 miles east orHusingahad 
with a translation, and nbserva- 
tbns by the late Oeorf^e .Sothe- 
by, Esq. commnnieated through 
the Hon. Sir George Cooper. 
The Inscription tends to throw 
some light on Hindu Chronolo- 
nf.and toshewtbeagc ofRajah 
Bhoja, the last famous one oF 
this BUie. ' Bil nntie Uimjolk ' 

the date of llffl ; 
and eleveH years later : and it 
is inferred, that Bhojawoa rrig- 
iaglo 1080. (A. D. 10Sl4)or 
mbout 800 years ago, 

A letter fri>m the Secretary t9 
the AsiAtic Sacie^, tranamit* 
ting the I3tfa Tolame of tlwlr 
TmnsactioBs to the Society. 

The Society has also the ho- 
Bor of being presented throagb 
the Board of Revenae, witb 
two of thrvatnahle pspetsof 
the late F. Ellis, Esq. of the 
Madras CSvil Service on Heer- 
assy right, in coaforaiity wi4 
the diredions of the Honorablo 
the Governor in Council at Mad- 
Two Specimens eiAibltiDg i 
very curious deviation from na;- 
tare, in the Goat and the Buf- 
falo, were presented by W, 
Oliver, Esq. in the name of 
Rous Peter, Esq. CoUeotor of 

The former consist* of aUd 
with two distinct, well formed 
heads upon one neck, and body. 
The latter of two Buffalo c^vei, 
Bboat the full size at btrlh,' ad- 
hering to each other, and intl^ 
■nately coeoected alonir tbo 
whole coarse of tlie breast, Tbo 
bead and limbs of both, appear 
to be pretty perfect. One is a 
little smalter than the other, bat 
it does not appear that tiM 
monster conld have ever had 
any loco-motive power, except- 
ing in a very limited degree. 

The remaiuing members of 
die annual Committee for moik 
aging the affairs of the Societj 
srere re-elected ; and the vene- 
ral Archdeacon Vaughan, and 
George Arbuthnot, Esq. were 
unanioiDusiy chosen Members, 
to complete the number of tk« 
M. Macdonall, V. Bruce, -» 





Baker, hnve been duly adinitted 

An abstract of tha Receipts 
end Disbuisementa of the Sod' 
et; riomitsMtallislimentto tbe 
Slit March 1B2I, was sabmiu 
ted to the MeetiuK by tbe 
treasurer, fioiu wliich M arc 
Jiappy to observe Ibat tbe Funds 
of tbe Society have been pro- 
f reiaively eucteaslog. and that 
ibe augmentBlioD in the income 
baa been cousidetable during^ 
the past, year. 

GoBt. Gar. April 10. 

Honday being tbe day ap- 
pointed for the celebration of 
the Anniversaiy of Hb Ma- 
jesty's liirth Day, (he same was 
observed with every demoostja- 
Iton of loyalty and respect. — 
At sun rise aSalute of the num- 
lierof gnoa corresponding with 
Ihe age of the King was fired 
fiom the Fort Battery, and at 
noon a Royal Salute. The 
Royal Standard was Dying 
doling the day from the Eort 
Flas Staff, and Flags were 
hoiatcd on board tbe dUTerent 
Ships in tbe Roads. In the 
evening a grand Dinner was 
ipvea by The Honorable The 
Governor at the Banqacting 
Koom to tbe Gentlemen of the 
Presidency. The Government 
Gardens presented a blase of 
light, while the' front of the 
Building was tastefully and ap- 
propriately decorated with va- 
riegated Lamps— the Company 
proceeded between two rows of 
the Uudy Guard to the Gallery, 
where they paid their respects 
loThc Governor. Covers for 
aboat three hnndred and fifty 
persons were arranged in tfa« 
Room below — where was ampU 
Space for tbe occasioo. The 
Company sat down after 8. 
o'clorjc to a sumptuous dinner. 
When the Cloth was removed. 
The Health of •' Tbe. King" 
was proposed vid drank witb' 

three times three, several ether 
BppropHale Toasts . foUowe^ 
The Governor retired at about 
It o'clock— Tbe Honorable Sif 
£dmond Stanley then rose to 
propose a Toast — introducing 
It with a Speech, in the senti- 
ments of which all present most 
tiordially agreed— ^ir Ednionii 
Stanley concluded by prvposiog 
" The Health of Sir Tliomaf 
Munro"— His Kxccllengy Sir 
Tiiom«s Uislop witli a similar 
prefatory address seconded the 
proposition of Sir Edmoud 
Stanley.— The Toast was re- 
ceived aud drank with Cheers. 
Some other Toasts fbllowedbe* 
fore the Company separate4a 
which was about midnight—' 
among these were — the Bench 
of Madras, tfae Civil Service* 
His Excellency Sir Tliomas 
Bislopi and the Madras Army. 
G«e(. Gegt. Afrit 30, 

MttdrM Sapremt Covrt. 

Charge delivered by Sir Gco< 
Cooper to the Grand Ju^. 
Gtnlltmen of the Grand Jury i 

Though J have been absent 
from yon for some time, in the 
discharge of my official duties 
at a sister presidency, yet 1 aok 
sofficienily acquainted wiibyou 
snd with the great experience ' 
you have had in business of tha, 
kindwearenow met upon, ta 
know how unnecessary itisbQ 
detain ^ou for any lengUi o( 
time with observations upon 
your duties and the law in ge- 
neral cages, and that it would 
be only a waaU Qf your tisM 
and of the lime of the Coort Ut 
dvso. And though the Calen- 
dar ofthe present SessioH ia 
Boosually heavy, both as to tho 
number and the oaipre of tb« 
crimes, cQmprcbending sixpaB* 
es of murdei alone — and con* 
tains therefore beyond th» ntr~ 
age number ofpffences to bej**^ 
pected from the popidatwn.tvbr 
jeptte ihis juiiadiction, yei 
.^ . ' truitii^ 



Inutile to 7onr esperitfiMe I 
■hill puf over the far greater 
|i«i1 oftbe cues rj nnnecesaa- 
tj to be inentioiin] to jon, and 
M; make a few abort remariLH 
upon some of the pftttcipkl and 
ImdiBf eases which will be 
broasht before yon. 
' 1.— The first of tbeie Is the 
me of David Sown ant, a pri' 
tale of H. M. RojBl Scots, for 
ihemarderof Asslat, Surgeon 
Tbomas Bolton, a caie appti- 
MBtlyof annsDsl (ftrage Bttoci- 
ty, in shooting his officer. This 

Ktleman was walldDgfroiD bit 
se towards the hoipttal at 
lUchinopol; on themonringof 
iht atHb Harab, abont slxo'cloelc 
ud wu passing a bonse Died 
U ft Vaton't Irage, when th« 

Ciponnf who bad it appears bj 
s own oODrcBslon been waiting 
there lince 13 o'clock of tbepre- 
ceding night, eame ont from be- 
hind K pillaT of the hovM and 
present^g his ransket, shot As- 
sistant Surgeon Bolton, In the 
Wde, saying ait the saino time; 
" take that, I've done for jou 
it Uit" and then ran away. The 

Srisoner being seised, admitted 
lathe "had been on'the'lnok 
eat since 12 the preceding it>i;tTt 
fbr Dr. Bolton" and declared 
bis "antlpndi]' to him forkeep- 
)ng him on spoon meat." Now 
all homicide is presumed to be 
iialfcioas and of coarse amoun- 
ting to marder, tinlll the contra- 
ry appears, from cirenm stances 
if pravooatloit; and it is Incum- 
beatonaprltoner to make ont 
such el reams tan ces to the sa^ 
tisftiedon of tfaecoartandjnry, 
■bleaatfaey arise out of the evi- 

tte dtcpmsiapoc in this 
tba deceased batfnK k'I>t the 
pTiioaer upon atMMm meat u a- 
taomttBR ta a JaitlScatloa or 
profoeaoca. Jtwasdonewhen 
At prisoner was sick, and for 
Ibe fowl of thi itrvice. Sut 

declaring that he will baTe his 
blood or Ae like, althongb had 
the death happened recently af- 
ter the provoeatloa, the Inv 
might, apart from sncb evideno* 

passion. The motive here as« 
signed, rather savoors of amor- 
bid irritability and disorder of 
the mind ; but is not soffioient 
to exempt the party fVom pnO' 
i^unent. In Lord Onslow's 
case, Arnold wbo met his Lord- 
ship in R lane near hja honsv 
and shot hhn, appeared tola* 
boar OBder a derangomoBt to s 
oertahi extent njKm a miscon- 
oeption of the tine of paUtical 
oondnct of Lord Onslow, bnt 
Mr. Jnstloe Tracey who tried. 
the case, as is reptnled in Av 
state Triah Vol. 1« p. 703, toM 
the jury that itis not every Und 
of idle and franlio hamoorof a 
mui, or something unaoaounta.! 
Me in bis actions that will shew* 
Urn tobe such antadman as fa 
to be exempted firon punish, 
mcnt. And diere bare beetf 
many elber oases of the a aitff 
sort, as Bellingbam's and others^ 
3. — The obscrrationa I bavo 
Jast last made may, lttcwise,b«' 
applicable, as I have some rea-' 
son to think they will, to the next 
oase of Thomas Sweeny, also' 
of H.M. Royal Soots, for tho 
murder of 'Thomas Butwiael. 
He is charged widi shoott^ 
his mnsket into - a orowded 
barrack room, on the WtH 
December, and thereby luHib; 
the deeeaaed. It appears that 
the prisoner said lie meant 
toshoot Serjeant Barry. But 
it is Unmalcnai in sueh a easv 
dial theparly did not intend to 
ahoot the man wbo was sliot, or 
that Homebody elsewaaimcnd' 
ed to be sbot. The law is ex- 
pUoit spoa tin point that if a 

:,, Google 


■MB Ulla Miotlier is doiag buA 
B wUfol net M sli«wi him la bs 
"ndaageroosu avild beait, 
andui cMin; to raankhid ia 
Sonciat i u by gmag dellbento- 
ly with B bane and to hick, or 
4iiehaifmg a ifno MnoBRSt & 
■mllitade of pMple, or thfrnr- 
ing a graat itone or pieeo of 
limber ftom « booae iolo ■ 
■Irf ot, thnnigb whiofa he knows 
tfaBtRittny Br« puilitf; itisBo 
Oxctue that heinteodmliiohanD 
to any one in pBTticular, orthat 
he meant to do it oDiy for iporl, 
or to friKbteo the people." 
- a.— ^Tbere b another ovso of 
■order wbieli oMet exdM k 
considerable dej^reo of feelijic 
and ioteregt. Thatof Pary A»- 
mab anil AntaeiiellaiB, for the 
Murder of Shanmah a |[irl- The 
deceased, a child of about 8 
years old and dnugbter ofsre*' 
peclable Hoorman was found 
desA in a well in her father'a 
(csrden, on the 23d January, 
The prisoacra were enqvloyed in 
the Karden. Tbe ebild had 
oraameiitB about her person 
of about the value nf 40 
PafrodsH, which bad be^ taken 
from her person wken. abo 
WM found in the weH. and 
eren hrrhatr cnt off from that 
part of hM* head where aome 
jpwHi were flxedinlo tbe hair. 
The prixonen wore laat seen in 
tbe chfld't company near the 
wen. and bad been heard pro- 
mlsiTiK her flowers wblch also 
irew near tbe well. But as no 
partof the jewels had been yet 
dtSRflvercd.the evid*nae seem'd 
inenmpletr. and the Orood Jury, 
mJeas sometbfnjr more transpi- 
red before them, woald do beat 
to throw out the bill, benaoae if 
the primners were put upon 
their trial withoot auHdoit evir 
denee nnd acquitted, as tlicy 
would of coarse be, they eould 
■ot he trial afcain, iho«Kh othei 
satiiCaetory eridenoo aheildafi 
ttrwnda earn to Ufht. 

i.—'Oten ia one esse oT 
Grand I^roeDj which maj ba 
Botioed. It ia of Sutw^ee fix 
atealinf Sisty Star Parodaa the 
pniper^ c^AllngappaH Hodet 
tr, wito bad seat piece fcooda bj 
Sawroy Cbitty.abnllockdrirer. 
from Ike Villaf e where ha litet 
in the coBDttj, to Uadru. Tbo 
eanier 'liavui; delitcred th^ 

gooda, received the 60 Paxodai 
I Payment for thorn, which h« 
waa cacryinK bacJ^ when ho vaa 
robbed. Be now proaecntci, 
and tbe carrier is coosidorcd in 
law aahaviofiuch a special pro- 
perty in the goods wLicli be has 
eharf o of, to eoajale him lomaiD> 
tias an indictmcnl. Efco Iho 
dciver of a stage Vouch was h^d 
in amodern cue of Dccou nod 
Soiith at tbe Old Sailcy.tofaave 
a auScieot property to maintain 
an indictment tor steiCitig gaoAt 
from tbe coach upon Uic road. 
6. — ArrooDacbellumandLot- 
choomee, is a case o f mis demea- 
nor iu faaviaf; enticed away and 
attempted to hcII a female child 
of eii^t yeara of aye, to Goolam 
a moorman, fur proatilulion. 
Tbo laie act of54G.3c.101, 
Mtltjecta persona takiog away 
any obild under 10 years old| 
orreccifinf and harbouring such 
child to the puDishinent of per* 
aonscoavicCedorErand tnrcen>-, 
Buttbeatatute does not exicii^ 
to India. The iod iuUiieut is there- 
fore at the coanoou law in thU 
case against the child stealei 
only : and there is little donbt 
that persons receiving luc^ 
child, might alao be indicted for 
it, which wQoId be the wore ef- 
fectual way of checking tho e(< 

6.— There was a case not tii 
the Calendiir, bat which baj 
JustbeoD conimuiiicated tot^a 
Court, remaining tajte noticed. 
It is a hill ofiadictioent for per- 
jury which is to be prescnled a- 
xalnsl Coraara Yacbum Naick 
the Zemiudar, usually called 




M^an i^ nid to have takon. 
Tkis beioc a Mtiou point of 
l&w, it wowd be boi« proper for 
OsCDBrt, Oma tow the Grand 
Jury to HttU iU 
Thelearaed Jndse caitdaded. 

O*. &i^, of V«Mi«taKbeir]r. 

SMildsuolia.bUlbe te'iKcaenU 

ti, I iMoamend O* Oruid Ja- 

ly to flad it, mei«^ to pot tlw 

pidst ttf Um'ui acanrteof invw- 

tigation, for the Court to ha*e 

it Brgosd and dBtenaiaed. I n 
' gave DO (qtinioD in favosr of 

uekatiiU. Generally ^aafeuf I 

IbefairiMietioB does bM extend a 

to Nati«ei livinf ont of Madrae. tl 

Tke doubt kowe<er, wUok ba» o 

arisen in thU oawt ia whetber ii 

tbe party baa not made UinMlf n 

liable to tbe iariadietioa, b; « 

bringing an aMon in tills C3enit b . _ 

against tbe proseentor, aad in tance in its power to' removo 
.proovedDgs wbirt have arisen aacbdiffioalUes. i^tir.ApriiH, 

auof that Bctiaa, tbe alledged 

/br jifay, 1821. 

Tbe Pantbeoa was disposed 
of by ^nblio Anotion on Wed- 
iKsdaj the iSlh instant, for 
8,100 Pagodas r and vaa poi^ 
efatised we nnderstand bj B^ 
ICuorat, ,Ss(|. for tbe purpose 
of bein^ converted into a pri- 
vate dwelliajf. We may now 
~ " " ercot- 

h was 

it answered verj well for the 
purpose, waa neither of tbe 
proper riiape, nor of sufieient 
fireadth for tbe Soeneiy. The 
Frontispiece bowevM, and Iba 
Sfigind Scenery were of 1 very 
•tQtdor description. 



ed inav 

by Tbe ] 



BMl Cb« 
Chief Ji 

Prisoners as follows t 
Prison Essr 

Yon and caeb - of yoo bars 
been conviated after long and 
patient trials of offences of tlte 
deepest <be, and the mostatro> 
ODDS in the oatalogue of homao 
edmes, and attended with cir- 
cnnntaaoes tar beyond the or- 
dinsiy pitch, of bumap wioked- 
itesB-~offence» which strike at 
the very being and -happiness of 
Boeiaty, and tu MCiuity of man. 
ft UBd» 


901 CALdDTTA ANNCAt ABei^TfiR IBit. 

Jdnd; liar wUdi iflleaees Um ^roa^t thmiehru— as m%«i<- 

Imra of yam Coniilr; kwe bJiik to aH wko nay b« pTOMn^ 

juidf foifeHed jobt livM. «r may hear of lkeirimf«PtBaal« 

Dnring the ocmn« of tboM Ate, tkat ihefautir beaett by 

trials, in wMph many of you Itie example and aToidfid&iig 

had tbe advantaice of able conn- ioto Ae aaiae dreadfcl predioe- 

cil, there was no hiddsenoe •Dent — the edma of waieb yaa 

that conld be uked, ao auis- have beea fovnd failty ii that 

tadeo that could be ffranted, no -ofMvrder — aerimeat wMdiha* 

Ixmeflt that eoaM be derived man natnre ahaddera— t^ealut 

from the iricetr and caution of tbe law «r satire and of C«i> 

the Criminal Law, tbat was not «ad wMch I beHe*« li pouahed 

jnoal cheerfully extended to unirerMlly itwonfbouMheworid 

JOB. — Your aceuien were vttbdcalh^ — apnnialaneBtiiille- 

rooi^t faoe to face before yon, ted by the fmaediate iiiiiiwiaai! 

•—the witneaiea in mpport of «r Sod himself I0 allmaakiBd— 

tbe proiecation were eross-ex- " that whoM ahoddott Man'i 

aminedbyyou — yonhadthebe- "Mood, by Haa ibaB bia blood 

netit of IbetflstlnMtiiy of several ■^- • ■^- 

wiliMBHi prodnoedinyoorde- hw is irery enpbatical ia nn- 
fenee— and yoo were triad by faibilinK the pardoK ol Ifar- 
bumane and intdHitent Juries dereri — " Horeevor yon abiJl 

ofyovr feilaw latjeeta, againat "take no laliafacliaD tor tta 

whom yon eontd form BO excep- " lifa ofasordcMr.bstlKaUi 

Hon or even onrieiona ebal- " sorely be put to death : for tbe 

lenge— Bat Dotwttbataadlng all " laad cannot be deenaad of 

Oese adrantagea, joat gailt " the blood tbatbaa bora abed 

was aomanifest, that yoor^*- "therein but by the bloodflf 

ilea upon their oalbi convicted '* those whosfaed it," — of wbieb 

yon witboBt the smallest beri- command of Ood tbeflretmar- 

tation. Indeed a fldrar trial I derer Cain iraa so aeasible. that 

may ventare to say no men «Ter we Sod him exprasaii^ bis ap- 

bad — inawordwrebjbedasyonr prebansiaD, ** that whoever 

condition Is, and tremendous, » "should meet Umwosld sky 

b tbe prospect beftre you, — " faim"—'ao that ia truth hnmaa 

joa can have notUng foccan- Cenrls and Judge* in poniab- 

-idaln bnt your own relentless i«g tUa horrid orimeRraoaly 

Watuation— that orj^ed yon the exjeeatioticra of tbe diTine 
law— bat tbe end a«d objeetof 
aH bamupaniAmentia notby 

-- .,.-. way «f atonement or vetyeanee 

inf Ineold nleod flvetsnoeent oftbevime committed— but as 

Utss. a pracftnllon i^nst fatare 

Itis asnal for Courts of Jni' -efleoees ofihe same lUnd.aad 

tioe before Tbey pronounce the by remo^i^ marderera from tlio 

dreadful Sentence ordained by foeeef Ae eaTtiifi>r the soanrity 

the Law, to open to the Prison- ofiaAnkind, to makoadTeadiU 

'«ra Ihe *atare of tbe crimes of example to deter otlieis, from 

wUdcAeyfravebeen oonvteled deatnyingtlieir fellow creatures 

*— 4M)t fnordertoagKfavateor — and if fiie crime of mnrder is 

woond their ftelinirs,— b«t to nnder any drcumslanoes oapa- 

ronae and awaken tiie mind to Ue of ag'gravMloB — it is wb(m 

a due KttAitioa to tb« c«wi- *itisthe result of «o«tftaddeli> 

deiMloB ' of Die oiAappy aitaa- berate maiioe— of Ufuik »mi 

tfam' iiit« wUeb wey hay* dikbollcal meap. 



Aft* JOS I>»Tid DowBud— trial, so yiMiMta«xpeetMoCtTar 

§vm ouo w«i psenliarly of lh«t or bopc of muraj now from tli* 

dewsiBtioK— joa pot to doatb plea of iaauiitT. whloh you Ht 

wi u wwo t imUo OMUl«mu, tb« «p in ardor to lorew 7«« froai 

<»r g ot> ofyowRoginteQt, at tbe pnniatnmat for the moit 

•Ixo'eloaklathanMBiBf aabe wanton and atfoetooa mnrdec 

wn» MMtas aaunicfl mNsU* nfwUeh yont jory oanTioted 

0W»ln«i* to Aa Hoapilal at you. it •ppearod that yov 

-TrM4>«pol]F to d»Ua dntj^ weighed aod declared tkomo- 

ndftrwItoB yoDlaj w wait tiTeaofthemrderyou ooniiail- 

Witb yo«rlon<8d ^w^et. brood- tadferaome time before, and 

log aver yoar bloody and orael that after yo« camiaitted it yo« 

i«««l<iitioa— from 13 o'cleok the were porteolljr cauBioai of tbo 

l igbt befnre and after yoa had evil deed and the eomemenc 

........ ii-i — ....-i.- -i-:. j-_i^__j toSerjM 

abM'hiae~y«ne«Ueda«t "take ofit^ao declared toSerjeant 
" "" ' ttaat," Barry, n^der who»e i 

JUeuL Bbsvge yon teMainad i 

«b«t,TbaTed«M(tryonatt«at," Barry, n^der who»e 'partioidi 

— a«d yon deotarod to JUeuL obavga yon teMainad from astii 

Blartiftrhaqcdtattriyafter'-that No«.to9lHlr Dee. UH.— " that 

TauhftdbecnowtbewateUrwhim yon wjonld tako eoiae life, and 

fcr aemal bouee—and RTowed yen tbra«te«adtotakebis,"th«t 

y«« aeted fraaa antipMhy B«d re- yen were gaiog to leave tbo 

TBB^ agaioit Um,"— alleiiBs R^t. vd would take m liTebe- 

(bewMdtand fooliih pnwoea- fareyouweat^-andantfaenMn- 

■tton, that wbeo yog were under ioKofthe 37lh .Deo. iarft tbo 

-Ua ear* in tbe h<Mp>(al aome day the aHudet was ooaawitted 

-a»Mb» before, be had pot yon by you— " yea deelared that, 

-■nder^arefcinM* yon did net . tbiogs nDuld not be right natil 

UkOihad'drtianedyMrras tbe MMnonllatn's braiu wereMRU 

■oae of liquors, and bad kept yoi| .tered about, and then tJuro 

lanirer on apoen nwat Ibaa yw would be an end of tbe Pedlar's 

-wliked," bat by that eefinieB ntes*— or it would be broken 

■and'tboee Beoeaaaty rntni^a, t|p," the meaniog of which waa 

beoamdjoq ofyonr diieaeea, that aienwlio were in the babit 

-and. »BtTenfraiB tbeboaplta^ .oC aolliiw Ibeur neoenariei to 

In perfiBel h»altl»~-and there-; -procnre lH|itor, were kept in 

«irR yon MMdo Ha. was t« noit- tanporary contoenent in aopa- 

Tisbnafieeawt hatred inyoor -mtRpartsof the Bamdu aAd 

•heart ac^nt hto; to Msualnate under . itoppngM — until tbey 

'Mm in 9cM blood— aad toeaqd wereaint^incradit JiaraiB- 

•Mm nnw tpeotwUj ' before bis buried the Segt. for the neoes- 

-HakeTwllball-bltlaperfcettoM aaties tfcey sM. and under that 

^HlweewitMMahlsbeBd, and . vaetiahit yon then were, nnder 

jMrfa«*tngBfterw*fdedo<tlare4 tbe obarge of Serjt- Barry, and 

to Cap*, floikiaa In tbe Ouaid in order to procure your releoM 

Hofte.— "Aat you felt no r»> or in renengefor^ubumid and 

-moWofor'rtKfryoB had doBei" r f gii a ental restraint,— yoa do- 

-deim)iiatrtited« very mill|[ii*iit terauaed to put some one to 

-hebrtasd a disposition nrovede- death, and getaway from tbo 

Mhved than is umaHy (• be Beft- — * speesea at offeaee. 

'fenwlhi any bniaan behsg ; in . -Wbieh baa been too frequent v^ 

■abort y«iir ebse is withoat one saong IheBritiih 8oldiers»tthft 

«rttio«atii»s or mlHgatitigoIr- (Mstiuit stations, oocasioned 

-cnnStnMe. prioelpaUy by the aiorbid state 

- Asl»Tm1^MnsMSweeaey,«s ofmind intpwhiob they plun^o 

'•^va nMhod na beneBt on your . aemieliBft by tbe iMwoderate 


'fiM CALOtntA AftNVAt ItE(inTiB. isn. 

meoffntoidfliitiii^'liiliian, sa3 
that temporary *tate of pfarMzy 
prbdttced bj^rankflnneia— 70B 
TOwedWEsrehsiid "you -wonlS 
idn ntmeboAy," -wMch avlnded 
msBce in i^ensnl, or that brutal 
imHiniity of heart, or dealarea 
inteotloDofmiSRhieF, fnllvhera 
jt nlglit — (rftdenciiigaoriielana 
waliKnaiit keart-^-and dnnoa* 
C^tia^ ' &«t you -deHberated 
utdtfaonKhtnpAnit. and tbat )t 
"Wai the TesiOt of reReciion, 
Ihanglit, md dalermlned resolo- 
tioii, and nfln you Sred tbe shot 
'from-thv barrack room *indnw," 
amoDf tho Soldiers asKeiahled 
In the barrack yard , hy w\tlak the 
deeeased Thomas Bndiwell waa 
Vtled, yon deelar«d ■< that it was 
-yon that Bred the shot, arid that 
yoa Would suffer fbr It, bittihat 
.yoalntendeditfbrSeijt Barry," 
— M that yoa weil kaew the Goa- 
Mqaence of the act yon had 
done, «od-thM yoa bad snHcient 
thtttigbl-and reflecttoH to declare 
that yon lateuded itforSeijeant 
Barry — and tho law veryjaatly 
traDsfsrsthe malidoo^ mind and 
lotenfianto the person ifho fHl 
' In oonseqiieBve of yoor miilicimrs 
act,— the law for the secnrity of 
' nnnkhirf, hasvery properiy er- 
daiaed that tho fnnnlty or In- 
capaalty to«xempt a man fi^in 
pnuidnient fbr Ms erhnlnal a«ti 
teinttM) oneqiiivoOBl and plali), 
' snd not >d)o frantic hnmoan fn 
certain parts of hh oonrlurt — or 
-an anaocoanlable mode of 
'HotlOii in certain acts at par- 
'flenlar times by fits and starts, 
WMeh yoo set no to endeavor 
to screen yonrseff from panl^- 
-ttent — Init that there mmt 
"Im KB abmlate (flBp^silion ofihe 
^free and nsturol Af^ncy of tke 
' buniBB mind, and incapacity 
Kod defect of 'free will and dli- 
' erettoR to distlngnlsh between 
'^oral food and evU—tliRt is fhs 
«al 7 specie! oflnsaAity ortnca- 
padty that can be allowed in 
luuiun jndiCKtttCcs — emulitent 

-with 1li« sdfoqr of n 

«oni«tta a^raet vnirderw u^ 
other wicked M(ioD,'bf for Im 
time he ooaHlU «a«i Mw i t Ao M 
-actions; deptlvvtf ' of *k» vfgM 
■^njoymetd ottouaa wdthonaW 
- — batnoNebcscBMainbeMt- 
-piined in Jndloatnre,«sit womM 
eatedtl to the tot^ haiimiity of 
-crimeiof thVBOst atrodoaajMr 
tore, and lo fbft total i na wio d ly 
■of hnman lift»— bnt the defcnM 
■WM left to th« Jnty «pon tb* 
evidence mnet fUly a^d in bv»- 
ry point of view that it « 

Jul to them by th« &. 
nd^a who tried yan «s to jnm 
■tnte of mindnt thnliin* Hi* 
act-«fai committed, nad after 
the most matare' eMiridHnliaa 
4hey fiiitBd yoa gmliy, Ud tknt 
3>our inaiBajv*9aAy aMtmi^ 
■ed to sareen you iroa paniA- 
ment, and in tnttfc iftko law 
were 4a admit inch *x*nwU H 
woald pnta: award in ts tho hn>d 
■ofatery aarafO' aod UccWioa« 
viaaMdeatray private life and 
■diitarb pvbUc order — Such -^ 
■trocity Oodt alMaJn'kia -joStnts 
merayoan pafdoBA^tbM ttibn- 
Jjonal wBtddnakaitaelfaoaeaT 
' aory to the like wilful nod waft- 
- ton snCTtte* of otlur iiuioceat 
Jivei 'srhioh would aUmv . tba 
deatroyen of those in aaettlM 
to eaeape, jw nmi/t wuSan 
prepare yoanetvnafor the ine- 
vitablo avMatton of tbe sco- 
i«tiae I am abMt to aianoimee. 
Tho'oumdlatBDtin point «r 
Jtme than- if it -wore U take 
' piMO Kt the Pnaldonoy, UwiU 
jkotte theteMcertauti oqnp*- 
j«ttve|y jpealdnfyou ban hi- 
-dood bat tt V017 ahort >dma to 
Jiva, bat Bhonuitla, it will 
.nnanddaUy, from tiie dlitanoo 
of Tridiiiiopoly be tonger Ann 
is CDOHBonly ^tHowed 10 intar- 
vene in a case like youra— bo- 
tw^n Bentenee and neontioi^ 
itat ymt oau in tiwaiik^of f- 



Asra, TMfatrispr ttat hj aawob fare, ud CsrwUsbtnjiirrilieTdr 

fag jmi OB tite iipot vher* tb> jooei leooivMl a fetsuauay-^tmr 

^MO-dcn fcr whieh jou are t« jMttMlioa bjr Hie Avard .ttibu 

•nAri»era«Miuiiit(M,italM)uU jiut peoplei— yptjut jatiiiitd, 

b« Bade u impvM^eas iti« -withUwl, bcflecluedliBniDiiU, 

aosiUtle Ar the \mmata nWar MIJiiai.aodha'BourJHiiedLmti. 

«, w nnbappAr tiM Yoeotda <tf lioo and JitUiwl for three geuft 

lUsCoOTt axhUik bu| too DMQf iabislwut, «ndJie put tl)»il^ 

iMnBCM>«f fw tatfatulion Uk« «eaMd to death .with diciuBr 

Taari, l«adlaf U stoh Mlraoi- ataneea of jnorp trutality .-ttaA- 

«u» and waatoB nnrdetft— ia fcatbajrity iha/n oMallf aqcum.w 

«n)«r Cm- tke mora diatJDeUr «oyHeaac,«aiirlaoh dciaMtttaUT 

nariRBK to «. H/a lat BegW edavenmaliiqiRtitheinriaad 

went or Royal HmU aad to alf m to Kittawli 'BraoiajHUc 

.Stitiah Afltpmaata -in lk»ti|rpar wu« ia tb^t of tlio Jiatdecjtf 

StatiaM, what nay b« «xpMi- fwo noabj; Foiiuu), 4bQ^JiMtt 

«d fton tfaa Jnsliee of thia delibeute, inakUoiu and^baMc 

Davtfn«vc*T futiua caaaofa ial oflenoe to ike ii(e.o( aaa^ 

■staOagr )[iiid--at ia deantod ex- and at tbo lame timo tlic;fiaatt 

pcdiaMt l»mnaCM-to TriohiM- aaailyaerpatutedandtbe-inaiC 

poly, the ooalar a«ideaao of ^Siciifl to be. guarded lagaiiiat 

«bM sieasDre -arUck Ibe vevdiGt t— tbat a. campii aay waa eoleiad 

«fa Uadna Jary aadthavi*- Jalo 40 •deatrsy VeetaaamByi 

latod lawa to wbieh you and AO man wbo beaf d tbc (HUdeaoo 

ikty are. aatrnMn, daatipea yon •!»» bave Ibc leaat doubtttMi41 

:<o rccaiaB. tboufb that O0iiu>ir^f ^la^ 

ThUAi'OO-aiaMttanwhalU -baTOjaiiiiniUed wiu«dier«#Jb^ 

CMMNflt to the patpouafall bave not ^et been broufjttttt 

-eapital ■ponislmeat^Df efbtoh, tcial, jat it was -clear tliatjuvi 

-not the coccaetiaD of fba ndiri- tbe FxUobcjt ICjataialt JBianu^f 

dnal tat the esaaipla l» tboaa 1« (be disgrue. of . the aauetf 

ariio aarrtre Um, aid wb« aeo- cbararter yo« aiauiaed, Aeat 

aiUa of ita jsttice, witaesa Ua yoiiraelf aa ai) inst/uucDt, -nf 

■agnorotiiaM gndj ia tho 4iMj»h- leasfrto carry .ifiet coOffWR^ 

jeat. 4alo execulfon. and. that iyoH 

Aa toyva- Cbolay and 'Xiat- -were thebaud that admiuatafr 

Mah Bnniny, my learned Got- £d •Iba J>o<iod, aod tb^t >jr«K 

'leapae and myself have aeareh- wuilhavo iuwwo it -waa <P«I^ 

- ad in vaia fix- aoMe mitiKBtiag JOn.'Wcre proved by .two ,witp 

circsmiUaoefl ia your oaaea; ueaaea iodepeBdeat of the>dar 

bat, 1 laaacat (a aay, ibat the «lantwi made by you befoap 

■Mat lenient «ie« of teunan the (loTonar— and from tbe arl^ 

cnodaet eandiaeowr nolUu of iuluaDner ia trbieh the Calta 

•n aUeriating nature,, or that wa* divided by gitiog Ibat pact 

aoald wwtaait ua, oaDaiatoat -of it wbidi waa muopctrd with 

with'tba duty ve awe to tbe J'oiioit to tome of your .01m 

paUic. to chanica (ha counv of inendi, who were pteaeat, and 

-ikvfattbj txUadiajfjatnf ia .tbe Cake wbicbKiuiQWed-witb 

jon. a very large qnanti^ of Arae- 

The oaae of Cbolay ia a oaie niek to Veerasaivitty, on pror 

•(Murder aggravatett by previ' teoce thatit wee aacred Cak^ 

(laadeclaraiioaorhmice.aiidin withadesire that he should eat 

rerenge for an injary aupposed apartofitandtake tberemaiiH 

4d have been dooe him by the de- der home to bis iMfc and ramilr 

.^mwlfimUHMifUiifeejowibC; spo dautit cube entertained 




Ikat y«a wei« prfry 1o IKa pM md rabstuitkl rwtaMiM c a, nf 

MMlifltoBded bis ind tkri* da»> I nwit itocen^ mm ^Mjo* 

tmetioB — for If k wu iatcnded ataT be eMbtod bf Aseeie eoo- 

•■Bil!iedkiiietocaMY«0ir**nh Mtlaftftryonrm 

■f of a oomplaiiit in tfat bead Oat Boraj Id 1' 

u yon allered bafora tb« Com^ wUeli it U faapo 

tar—itoanld have been ««liiral •totwlth Ifaafoodaflu 

tot you to iiBve told Urn «a — ofe^. and t]t« aafotjr ofn 

vnd Ihera wonid bat* baen no Uod, to axtrad to jmi ia tfani- 

•ecaiioa to send it to Ua fbnily -IlB«jb«al 

to eat, aa it wai not preteadad mM»]ron (a yonipnaent nnbap- 
tiej had anr oowplaintiBtkB pj oandiilM, to reflrct tbal tta 
te«d,wbiehiaWtDba eared, — aBcriioe wUAron an aboiril* 

hnd Ifear tUa iak ineeieaaC nakeoBOaaUarof poUieJaa- 
■arder wUch ia too often Oaaa> lice. May be, aod 1 tnut it vUt 
■rftted BBoniT tlM NUheairitb. betbe-aneaMofaaingtbelo'ea 
finpuoity, firom the faciit; with Bfltundn*. wbo I tmal wiU be 
wUoh U i> petpetrated, and dw earned' iq iW oxanple of jtHK 
dinetrityofdeteetii«it~Pria«^' due , to abstain banathrr^at^ 
»en,— itiatao painf dl ta He to tioaof thoaeaieMs wlitcb bav« 
4|weli longer on a anbject 8» breo^ year atttodua unhappy 
Maek and dreadfni— you we a- .ond,— «Mai(>la and prooaatMwa 
ftcMt to make the on^ alone- «Balnit fatunctiweaeCaaiok 
Mentin your pewo to theoA larkindbeiiw tlte sole object of 
feiHled Laws «f yo«r Cevniry. all severe pimbihineiit, lainenl- 
••d abott is now ike period ing therefore that I oannM bgM 
mlloted ibr you> wiateMce in ont to yon any ot dtosoMllett 
4Us woHd. hope of meny — andezhortiac 
ItlswithnHMhnwrosBtisfae- yoa aa I awat oamaatly do, to 
" " ' " ' * employ the little time yon hare 
■ in the Worid with tfao 


aid of ralifioai instraetiaiu— 
the ' 

aUad yoa ean rcceinre notbinf Ibr innkiaf wilb Heaven 

batslrietattdequaljiMice, yet -PbaanwUck Ihia worhl oaaiw 

joa are soon to appear bofotv longer gira yos-^iotUng now 

-an Ahnif hty Jodge wboae ww -teDaaiaa for mo but ta ptaform 

fctboBtaJUe wiadon is able by the diattSMing oOcaoTpnaiiv 

veana inaonp'vheii^ble to one 1t» dMadfct sentence vf the 

aarrow oapaciUes to recondle haw i^eii yon — which is that 

-Jnstice with mu^-^and wboi yon and eaclt of yon be takes 

fcas declared in holy wiirtbat ftom hence to the place fioai 

tLougb your qiaa be aascadet, wheaco jou cane, and fros 

they shall be nhite tis snow, tbence to thoplaee of execeti- 

'tlioii^li aa (iriiDsOn they shall bo on, and there you and each of 

aawool. Buljoainustreroem- yon are to be faaoged by iho 

ber thai iiMifa divine beaedceiioa neck till you are dead — and the 

«an only be obtained by deep Lord bare neroy np^ yoor 

•oBtfilion — sonnd, utfeicued souls. .Goat. O^t. M^f 12. 


MAURA a occvnnaKcam, 

ISs EiceUeDCjr Sir TbomM 
Hislop' At Oakei'a Oardan. 


Tba HerckwU of Hadrat. 

The sroundi wera britllantly fl> Huy other l^Mla follova^ 

Inannated; and Om Compaaj {Mrgpoaed lij dlArMt lodiA. 

vUcfk MBritiednrarlr of 9M dnaU— tka «i«ateat huaumy 

perseas, -awemMafl and met -nA ti»od kamanr pnmlM— 

fria Exeencaer infiifl flrit is- and dieX^oBpaDy did not as» 

atuMe in the Iraaie. The dfn^ parmle waGl -tmrij an Fiida)F 

BCTwaalaia in Snpeil* Tents maniBf. 

■t the back of the BifiMtnc— On Friday rtt ei Mu an. IB» 

and -whether we Tfew the Ea- ^xcellrticjSirThonai Blalor' 

fertidnment M Klatea te ihe Moharked fer England— T)w 

ftrranKcmenU, or «i regard* Troop« at the Presidmc; wer* 

Ihe TIands or exodlenee rfihe drawn out and ftnmed a Strael 

'Wtnei, it will he fednd eqnal to the Beach. His XxoeUeacy 

ir not aotteHar to anj that ^aa wai acconipaiiied by Tba H*! 

been given at Madras on a noraMeTheCfaier JMtiee,na 

like occaiiion. ^lonorabhs -Ofloriie StratMm, 

The followiDC are among-tbe Scq. the StaC, and «tfcan nt 
Toaats from the Chair, wMoIi the principBl 6«ntleaieD of tfa* 
was ably filed 1^ Oeneral Preiidenoyt and upon step* 
Vorbes— an appropriate Traie jdng into the Soat, «Mei*»4 
faring been played by -the three hearty Cheera. Hia 'Ex- 
Band after eadi Toaat. eellency Bh- ReBry Bladcwool 

TbeKiBR. -aeDoMpaiiied SirThonaa Hiv- 

■•T;**!? ?"Jrl)5?' _. -!. <»« Leander)— where Sir Tho- 
He IWca of Veih, Mrf Hm ^,, remain, the gnett of the 
Tbi'DBkaof Cl-«noa,a-dtU Adiairal for aome dmya. The 
™ uaaa w uunna. •"o uw ^nj^maTy Salatea were Are* 
Tlie' Eut India Coaipaoy. "" **' occasion. The Lean- 
Hie MkrqoU of HuUagi. ^^r and AOigntor did not leatT 

• strT-Mnaro, the Koadaonlil tbe forenoov*^ 

nanorable M.ETphlDttMie, and Saturday. 

.theSanbay 'GoTernnient. OotUGptt. Jitmtt 

tbr July, 1821. 

Haaal Qowtcm, Ciov/(rjr PUnn, ' AteiBDderCampbrJI.IJflrt.Bnd 

I6(A J«>». l^il. a. c. B. need scarry I y enprest 

«. e. BTHiB kxcFXLRNcvcBNp- the pride and fcrntlfi cation be 

BU. tlB*LHXANDF.B CAHP- fecN, IQ assuming; hix appotnt- 

BiLL. >AKONiT & K. c. _B. rnent to be Communder ui Chief 

Bis SxeeUeocy General jir ofaodisliDguisbcda portion of 



lSe'KitiJ9k^ner,«lltie- Bbd' pertntaBdefiocraKtbftQ(rilefc«f 
na- Armf, with whicb it fau Fort St. Ocorgtf. 
B«CD' bis good fortvae to Kn[v ^trw< o^ a Jttpori frtm lir 
fiir« long period oriusUfe — His Board of S^trwttiUUnet far 
Szcellen^'s mind is so sin»t- tht College 0/ Fart St. Qtvrge, 
lyjiDpresietf witl» tli»brilll«iit 4aUd Qth Jify, 1821. 
mploiti it b Awihleved, u mil "IloowreisuoaforiHtOil^ 
■s-the-psrfeothHtof its diadp- to tbc Hun'ble the Oo>eraor in 
Uacrad'nbordintitira, tbmt no Council, wbicb of tb« Students 
Vks^oaly to MMiKt tbe Awaj at ttave qualified themsclvet for 
la^^ it will be the leading fe»- quitilng the CoUege, ■ndentei- 
ltita of -Us- an^ttioo to lopport Iqgoa tbe Htckuge of pvUlo 
Us' Itras- BSttbliilMd chuaetei, duties. 

iwd^ if possible, to «dd to tbe "Of these, the llrit In ereiy 

jpstranownitliH 00 ell ocoft- respect is Hr. Goldingham — 

stonsdaimeif, and to which title Hli attainntents in Tamil, wo 

OiRHhdiasJ^y added so bril- have stated, ue of a ver; 1^ 

lUntan-exanipk^uiideritf late order, and his knowledge of T»- 

■fdl'nt Commander in Chief, toogoo is not far inferior— These 

nr.THO>Ai HiBLOP, during tbe acquirements hare been attalo' 

lUaCainpaigns in tbe Deckeu. cd in one jcar from his admiS' 

Tkv-OeDeral-s intimate know- »»<«> joW the Madras Conege^ 

IMk^-oflboprofetsioDal talent la refMcacc therefore to iheex- 

al nerito oifa rf eat part ol' the Jf"* "f. 1^. t^owledBe and to 

OSoen, now holding high oil. JJ^ d'ligenl use of his time, Mr. 

dal'statioas. as well as tbe ge- Ooldingbam ments a 1"B»> pl«« 

mral diaiaoter of tbe Ofleeri of "»nS ^^ «o»t dwtinsujshed rf 

die Amy; for.. seal and weU di- too G«atlemcn, who have jtu- 

r»rtedexpBriesoe,isas«flkient -^ed at Uas InsUtatioo-it will 

Dledge, that be wUl meet their ^o be in the recollecaon of 

JmwtfaliBpport in preserving its- ^e Governs in CooncU, that 

chanctnr wd.well estabUshed Mr. GoldiUBBam on his admiw- 

^^ on tn the CoUegOk passed a verjr 

„. '" _, 01. ■.,.._.> r-. -. aatisfactory exannnatioa in Pw- 

OfenendSlrALMAKDEirCsMP. ^^ ^^^ Sanscrit, -nius 

KLT. profits b, the jweasioo of poon^ed he will have no difr 

lmm«i.«iM,«nf:ce«l(™rU«i.te- S„„, t«eoateodwi*,ia master- 

. _ ialelj succeeding lieute- 
nant. General Bmvnn in the 
Command of the Army, to ex- 


BT^'^'^uT^"!:*''^'''!''^" al duties, he may hereaitar ted 

pcstforbu character and Ser- jt jeslrable In aiqaire; and in 

"'^.*.V J J It. reporting Mr. OoldinBham fliUr 

All orders ftnd general W "'aiine/to enter on Uie PhWo 

Ihdons cstabbsheU hv Hu ta- j^Mt^ we add, with mat s*. 

oellency Lieutenant General Sir tisfaction, thai we eoosfder him 

THOM*pHib..0P, Ban.ando. c ertloc«l?eirti«B*to*eboi»ora- 

a to be considered m fuU force. .^ „( n„ 3^00, 

B.E.HiTCHHil,4.*.o.B. ■'■..webaveaisigreitpleaswo 

"■*" in reponing Mr. Sterensoa as 

Piihlie Dfmirtmtni. TheRo- fully qualifled to enter on the dn. 

Itoruble the Governorin Cooncil ties of tbe PnUle S«r«ic«>-41o 

has much satis faction in publish- has attained n tevy htgb fitolci- 

Ing for general information tlie enry both in the Tttoo^ib aid 

AtUuwing Bxtrnct of fl Report Hindoostiinee Isngoages. and 

aeuci^ed tieai the Board of So- we cotiaidn him to hare fUtljr 



n to tke bo- 
Jipeea 3,60a 
ifsrrcd tipoia 

H or Uie Qol- 
>r iu Cuuu>;i[^ 
Stt. to Govt. 

On:MonAaT tlie'ieOi, tUJto- 

GenlUrUn of tht Collige i—l 
ita hajipj to ubserf e froin uib 
RtipDtt of ibe Cullege fiofid, 
iW two more df youi number 
li»e i|ow qualiHed tbcmsclvea 
lof eaterioj lipon tha dotiea of 
tfie Pkililio Serrice, and that 
Ibeir Mqurisiueiitf have not 
been inferior tu those of the 
ilLost distinguuhed Student! 
iipaa taij foiuier exaBuaation — 
that Mr. Gol4iiutiaiii, besides 
Us skill in otiier ungua^en, bas 
■iiown a luioAledgo 61 Tamil 
which baa never beia surpassed 
—and perhaps never eq^ualled — 
u>d that Mr. Steveaaon has «t^ 
tidned aJtlKhjdegree of proGoi- 
euy both in Teloogoo and tiid- 

Yonmnst all be aeosibte of 
■Off oiaeh consequence it is to 
yonrselTes that jon sfaonid Mir- 
■ne your stadies successfully; 
ion are Mt here like young mea 
fa ft CoUeg« at home, who often 

honever mucli ibey may b« 
yoHUKer in the Service— Your 
tuturc fortunes and Tdu pubUo 
oharaclcr wiil probably in a, 
great measure be determined b^ 

?our early exertidnB here ;— bat 
audcipaie wiih conRdeace^ 
that ifou will not disappoidt tlis 
txpectalloiu which nave be«i 
foriiied of yoii. Govt. Vmzi, 

tt Appiiars frwn A Register 

Sibljsbed in the Madras Gaxett* 
at between the Ittth and ai}t& 
of June, the leut belKfit of the 
TfaermoQMler in a Imt on ths 
Nilgherry Hoaqtidns was A^i 
and the p-eateit height In tlw 
same interval, also lutder cover, 
was 66 : the Matest hjright ex- 
posed to the SuD having been 
78. Below iKe MowiUiiis, du- 
ring the ftjst 1& days ofjnne, the 
Tbennonleter in a hat was at 
73t, androwtb 9^1— 4)ie gTM- 
test height wliAB exposed to Ae 
Sad was 113. 

Aecording to a Itegister sent 
nj by fi CoTTflspondent at Mag- 
pore, the kastfieight of the ther^i 
nuiiietcr at 8 i. M. during the 
tnantlt of May last at that place 
was T7|, bnt this was only for 
a very ihoct iotuval, tlt« general 
d heigW 



died Iter that porpoM. Rsffci^ 
eaten thli meal, ( the lut, poor 
fellom, irtdcb two oflbemwon 
del lined to eat In tMa world,) 
the; all tet ont togedieT oa a 
ramble amoof die rocki. Thef 
eonii aeparaled however, and 
two of them. Captain Nelthrapa 
and Euign Powell, with tbetr 
serTaola, ihonl^ after tetnmed 
towa/da the tent. Their path lay 
by a magBBoe wUch had beea 
recently emptied of some da- 
maged powder. Near tbta was 
a cBTem, ioto whidi the laaoani, 
fmn idleness I aoppose, and 
thiDkiag , pferfaapg, au no liui« 
was Ukdj to arise from it, had 
thrown part of the powder, tni 
stead of depositfaiK tho whole in 
a well, altaated a little farther 
off, and i4>prQpriated aOleljr ta 
that purpose. The latter OB- 
cer is said to have heen imoa- 
IdnfT a segar mt the time, and, ob 
passing the oare, to hare tbrowK 
the lighted remains into It, littlo 
dreaming, poor fellow, of tli» 
dreadfnl conseouenoes that ea- 
•ued. The whole explodedrsad 
these two unfortunato Oficars, 
with one of their servants, wer4 
in an instant fanrled into elttnt- 
ty ; and a ivilive boy so shock. 
ingly mangled that he followed 
tbem in a few hours. 

Tfau», Sir, have the negflgeoca 
and indolence of a few wretohei, 
in a moment deprived the ser- 
vice of two valnable Officers ; 
theone a tried and approved 
servant of the Company, and th» 
other a yoOng lad who promiaed 
to become an oniament to bi« 

Poor fellows 1 they rose ia 
the morning with all the happy 

ties daring Hay and to the 34th 
of June. The Barometer in May 
when lowest was at 38,630 inch- 
es, and did not rise higher do- 
nog the month than 38,026. In 
Jane the extremes of the Baro- 
meter Were 38.644 and 28,900. 
A good deal of Rain appears to 
kave fallen towards the latter 
part of Jane. 

In January the Thermometer 
■t noon at Nagpore varied from 
OS to 70. In Febraary from 08} 
to 861— while at 8 <. M. it was 
■omeClmcs as low as %}. In 
Harcb at noon it was from 70 
to 8^ : and at 8 4. m. from 691 
to 81. . In April the height was 
bam 84 10 84 at noon r 
and from 77 fo (K>4 at 8 in the 
morniiig. The Barometer du- 
ring these montfas varied from 
28,89 to 3&,19. 

Govt. Gat.JtUy IZ. 

■ />re«<y»I C«liuIropft#. LtOtr 
to tht Courier. " Daring the 
whole period of yoor labours, it 
has. probably never fellen to 
yourlot, to relate an erent, so 
tnetancholy in atl its circum- 
stances Bi the following. I shall 
feel moch obllgod by your giv- 
tng it a place in your paper. 

On the morning of the ISth 
Instant, some OScers of the 3d 
Bat. 14th S. I. stationed at 
Chitlledroog, proceeeded on an 
Bitended party of pleasure to 
the hills on whleh the Ftortis 
partly situated— meening tn 
spend the day there, breakfast 
was prepared underati^atpit- 

pating a day of pleasure. Wo 
all intended to jofa them in (bo 
eonrle of the day, and to phr- 

take of their happiness. Jota 
them indeed we didj but, O^ 
OodI andet what ortiel olrdum- 
stances ! Instead of seeing Out' 




CM of fill present, ne bebeld Ihe 
notilUed and dUflggred bodies 
•fd^^rtedfrieods. lute ad of' 
ntntnins bome iviDt tbea, u we 
vere wont to do, to cloie tbe 
iiy in cbecrbloeu and convivi- 
liajf Fiovidence ordaiaed that 
ve ifcenld follow them to tbeii 

Bvei. Tbvii day of pleaiure 
. ended in death, find ouri 
«U ebauged to ooe of tesri and 

Tboie .who beat luew C^tun 
Nalthropp, ofinbeit fippreciato 
biimany uniabte and i:udearing 
<)ulitiei. lo Uie vaiions rela- 
baiis of husband aod father, 
fticnd and soldier, many nfif b« 

bia eqnala, J>iit fflw hia ■■petion*. 
Hebasieft a widow to bewail' 
ioB loss, and an infant to leari^ 
in alter years, the fate of its ud- 
fortanatB Parent— Tbe friends of 
poor Powell have to lament his 
short bat merry career. ,Hea- 
Tea, in its wisdom, has deemed 
fit to deny hiip tbe time whieH- 
wquld nave nourished and 
brought to maturiQ', the talenta 
and exceUeat qualities _ with 
wiitih he was piled. 

Peace to tbeir remains! Their 
memories fviti be cherished with 
sorrow and affection by . their 
brother Officers, to tbe last hour 
of their lives." J. C. 

CltttlUdroog, 35t& Jtdg, 1321, 


JP\}r August, 1821. 

Fvrt Si. GaoTft, Friday, Sd Aw- 

gMtt, 1631. 
- Hspfitdies of wbioh tbe M- 
wwiAg are Copy and Bxtraot, 
ktip he«D reeeired at tlds Prest- 
dnnr EroB St. Helena tIb Bom- 

A. fftUtu, IM Mag, 1891, 
I b^lefivA to Inform yon, tli«t 
Napoleon Bonaparte e^^ired 
eatbe &th «f Ibis month, at about 
10 miaiites before 6 o'clock in 
the eremng, after an Illness, 
wUehhad couHnQd bim to bis 
menu, sinM the 17th 


He was attended during the 
early part of his indisposition by 
his own Medical Austslant, Pro- 
fessor Aotommarohl, alone. 

During tbe Utter and greater 

St of tiie time, be reoeived tbe 
ly viuta of lb. Aroott of Bis 
Majesty'* 30lh Regiment, in 

His body was opto ad, with' flm 
concurrence of the persons of 
his Family on die day after hia 
dee ease, In the presenoe of tha 
ftre prinelpal Hedieaieeml*- 
men on the Island. 

Professor Antomnurohi also 
attended aod was the principal 

The stomach was discovered 
to be the seat of extensive dis- 
ease, tliere being a sobirrons and 
oanoer near Ihe Pylorus, which 
had penettated the coats of tbe 
■lanuoh.the internal surface fff 
which to nearly its whole extent, 
was represented to be. a mass af 
canoe reus disease/uofschirrons 
portions advanung to cancer. -. 

His Father had died, a^ men- 
tioned by the pfirsoos of his 
Family here, at an early age Of 
this disorder, 

Hia body has been interred 
d s with 


nr QALCcrrFA aivkum rbqistxr isn. 

with tiie booon doe a Gmoril 
^ew of fte Uriieit rnk. 

I bavetbe faonoi tdboi 


Tonr ti)oat oliedieat and 

moiit tumble SerTfint, 

(Signed) H.'LOWB, ' 

Linit. Gtmtr^. 

SiK THOS. MUIfflO,?. c. B. 

OovEKNOK or ISavrm'. 
XXTKACT ftoip ft dispatch from 
fhe 0<neniment of dt. Helena 
toaeOoYernotlnOooncil at 
FoH Sl Gooifc, dated Stb 
Jue IWl, 
' ^ We do banehci the Iionaf 
10 apqwaint jaq ibut in fodm- 

^^Uiwy J 

8rK RrDSOH Lowe Iras bid On 
honoT to anaonncK to jonin Ui 
letter ofihe lOtb May— the Peri 
of Ibis lalainl will be open itr 
Britiih Vessch and those of all 
nation!) in amit)' ^tb Great Bri- 
tain, En the lame manner at' 
tOtmfAy nsed to iw^— all Ve»- 
Bcli op' appTonchlng: the liland 
aa was beietoftire the practlee, 
Kpdtng aboat' tq'llia iboreio 
make known t(icird«tir« to Mt- 
cbor and waitlnK tb« reply be- 
A>t« Aej pwv any of Ae fcti- 
terlei, which oonunand the 

Pohttibed hj order of the Ho- 
jMiable the Governor iq Conndl, 
^ ' E. WOOD. 



^br September, 1821. 

- Ve leant from a priYSte Ost- 
ler from Hangatore Uiftt on the 
nifhtof the 21st nit. at aboot 
lialf put 9 e'dock, a Meteot 
uued orei that ■tation, the 
lll^t of which daring iti pa»- 
gtfe was most brilliant, and con- 
fiimed aflted Steady liRbt for 
•boats or 6 secooda^In aboot 
3 Ddnntea afterwards a mosl 
iremendona ^port was beqrt] 
which shook every borne ih 
tte place. ' ' [Cowr. Sept. 4, 


TcrtSt.Gmnt, tVh Sept. 1931. 
■ Pan. I.— The Honorable thi 
'povernor brfoe about to visit 
'the interior, fi pleased to decltire 
fnConBCil, diat the Adminis- 
'tration at tbo Presidency will. 
In his absence, be conducted 
by the remaining Hemben of 
|d|e GoYornment,— His Excel- 

lency Generd Sir AlexnBtt 
CampWH, Bart, and k. c. ji. 
Offipintinf; as President, aed 
•xeiFcisinir as ndt the needs- 
tomed Military Command «f 
tl|e Garrison, and aU the pow- 
ers and aulhoritiea appertain^ 
Ing to tbe office of Acting Pre- 
smeot. in Council.— AH oftdsl 
correspondent is to be carried 
inn, and A« ' reselnliops of the 
Government wjll nonfiiHie to be 

'«.-~11)e Honorable the Oo< 
vemor, daring his absepce (Vem 
Ibe seat of OoTcniinail will ex- 
ercise all the potrrrs which are 
veltedin hjmlfy I^av wheoiv 
Coancilat the Presidency ; ahd 
,1he sevenil autlioriiies in fle 
Provinces, CiTil and Hilitat;, 
arc herebv required to yield rea- 
dy and implllp obedience to 



tA mA eticru Mid instratllnAa iAMant, *s f^pem firam ib* 

kfetbe Honorable the Govenxir Letter of ■ CorrespoodtKS- 

Miav deem proper to iasae. wtnott we have published. 

■ IBw <mUr cf thf HomrOU Tb- i,eight of tbc Thenooine- 

tit 6<wniiT m P^'^^.^ ter on tjie' ^filf(hetr); Mountain 

« r:,^ *\: dnnnr last moiith waa aa 

Cfint SEbBCTAAT. foIloTfg. - ■ . ' 

TV Flag 6tiS of Fort St. MHimpmiii ..,".••■'» 

S^isth, ««ortbff t« in. iS^t^TflV-M::::;.--;.:::::::" 

BaaicMbma. Tha weathei of Me «n at Noon .....;. ...08 

Jite has be«ti nnBoninMdy fine Mean nt B p. M. . . ... . •. ■■'.'. ■ - -si 

--«otwithstan<BRK tbe prcveil- MeaoTeapcntnre...... 63 

itg wind luu bten fttm tlio — -— 

Moiuoon quarter. Yesterday Smrtvnt CoBrt— Atlhe«itllns 

hbwoverappeitfniceBWfreinore of the Conrt on Wedn^sdav 

MonsooB like.— Moat of di^ Iliat, Tbe Honorable 8tr Chmrlh 

' small cntfl as well as tbe larger JR. «rty,toA hia'lieat on tho 

Tessels bave quitted flie Roads, Beach and iirodnDed HiaMi^ei- 

' The Weather at tbe Presf- ty'a Bdyal Utters Patentnodet 

denCT baa coalinned nnuaad the-Great Seal, conatitntinK and 

for the aeason—^a food deal of wpolntit^; Sir Chaa Edward 

Kain baa faHcn sinrv o«r laat Orey a miiaiie JpiitiBe on tbe 

ftport, accompanied witbThnn- HBdrBS urncb. The Letten 

der and Ligbtntag, and latt^rlj Patent bavitif; bcenread by tbe 

< fresh Land WinH. Tbe W«a- Re^hrtrar, tbfe aeTerkl oatbs of 

tfaer along the Coaat aeema to Office were administered to Mr.- 

harebeenJprettymucbtheaBinB-' Jattiee Greg hj His Lordabip 

aa at thePreridenby—an awful tbe CliiefJostice Sir E. Stutilryt 

and an anusual viaitation of upon which occasion a Rofat 

guilder and LigfatninK took Salute wns Ored from the Foit 

bUcc 4tNcgapal<imontbe21st Battoriea. Cour, Seft. 25. 


jFbr October^ 1821. 

Smprtmt 0<mrt. 
.Tbe Seaatons of Oyer and 
Vetminer Suiihed on Krida'y. 
FeAaps no former Criminal 
Ssaalon beld'at this Pretidoncy 
was ever dlitingoiabed by a 
bore remaitaUe trial than the 
teie byi^M^ the Cowl wai od- 
copiad bB M oaday and Taeaday 
llsL' W» refer to the oase of, 
tbe KlBg* on the proaecntion of 
. CotoMi iulaiiMaTAal], Veraba 
VAct PatteriDQ, a Sarfccon in 
llw Vxm, CoiDpany'i Serriee oa 

this eftabliabromt, id which bv 
etaiids very bi^h on the list, and 
who waa tried for a Eaf|«ry of a 
Very pecnliar and oneonunMi' 
nature, dangeroua to the safely 
of property, and fortdnalely Mr 
bs tecofity, of rare acGurrenee. 
Tbe false making cooaiated of 
baiiog by meana of the ^>Uca- 
tion of a obamlcal proacas ex- 
punged frwn a paper, . tbe <writ- 
iBg'thathad preceded. or atoad 
above tlie signature of the 1at« 
Lieat. Colonel 8. Uocdoaall. 



and SHbititnting ib itg plico « ihal^ aad that the antotHHto 

foraiL of a ptoaiaaoij note in fa- Defendant derived every advu^ 

TOf of the priiooer fot 8.749 tage hii situation was capaU* 

sa^das 7 fannms and cash 50, afTeceivliiK from the legal ac*' 

bearing interest at the rate of teneu aiM eloqaeiice of Ur< 

10 per ceot, whicli the seal sig- Stayalj. The oaae for the |iro- 

Katuro was thns made to appear seeatiaa howeverwas too itFODf 

to antboDticBte. Tbe pmooer to be abakea, and. indeed ifU 

bad pleaded net soilty to tlie had not beea ao, tlia oompleta 

charger and traversed it over breaking down of die one let up. 

from the Jnly Sesiions. From by th« Defendant troRld bar* 

tbe great tmpottanoe and local ensured his conviction, 

interestitf the trial, and the si- The Chief Justice summed np 

toatioQ and rank' (^ the parties theevideoce with hisasnalaa- 

eooeemed, we were induced to luteness, by which he cleared 

cndeenwlo taiie notes of it for awayallthedifficultieatliatGOoIdi 

publication as we have been in possibly arise in ctnauic to a 

tbfrbabit of doing OQ former oc- just conclusion. His I«rdsbip 

«a*iNis,wbm>lbe interest of so- was (bUowed by Mr. Jnattce 

cietj seemed to roqitire it. Wo Grey, who also delivered a moat 

«£» however thia time only pertinent and impressive cbarga 

paitidly successful, for tba to the Jury. 

Cosrt was »a extremely crowd- Tbe Jury retired from the bos^ 

ed during the whole of the trial, bntthey were not abseat mora 

that we were literally vnable to than three minutes when thc^ re> 

obtain (tauding room in the ba> tamed with a verdict oftiuilty. 

dy of tbe Court, and were oblig. Tbe PriHmer,irho had condoateil 

ed to take our stalion in places, himself with great padenee and 

luitlbemoat favorable for note apparent confide ae« daring the 

taking. Thus situated we could trial, seemed overwhelmed with 

on!)' tak^BveFylmperfectsketch grief when the verdict was r»> 

ofthe leading features of the corded. ' ' 

cuae. but as we have a complete The Priioners wereallbionght 

recoUectioa of all that passfid it ap for sentence on Friday. 

unot improbable that thcae The Srst Priioners pnt to A» 

notes with a little dressing up Bar were Michael Mosely, Wil- 

may eoaUe as hereaftor to give Bam Taylor, and Robt-ttaches, 

a perfect aadfaithfql tepwrtcf who had been oouvicletf of a 

the Trial. ver^ ^grnvated robbery. On 

IheCormpondoits who have their being asl^ed why seutaaee 

addressed utonthesubjectmay of death should not be passed 

W assured we willdo ill that ia npoo them acoordinglo law, an 

ponSde to meet their wishes, (Ejection was taken by Mr. 

ve&e faHr aware bow greatly Suvely ta the indie tmant,- oip 

ohatMter and interesu ot tbe groaad of «ome inforaaU^ 


.-.itishSoeie^ in India are in. in tbe laying of the proMr^ 

Tolved in this unfortunate trial ; stolen, oooasioned by an altera* 

but tbtt task ia mt one of eaq tion which was nuide by tb^ 

aocompUskBent. Grand tuty provi««s to tbeic 

In the neaaliiBC we cm on^ flnding tbe BtU. The Court, dft. 

atatc that the prosecntioa waa siroasoffivingeveryadTantaga 

aioet ably eoudueted by Mr. toprisonersialheiruilbctunain 

l^aWttheCaoiuelfoiCaJ.HW' aitui^iv leipited Jagde«oa> 



vnffl Oe O|riidon gf the Jndrea Utr for the orime «r Fer- 

irf Catcntta ckn be obtiJiiQdon ^17; oDeufthe mostdaDKemu 

tiie objendOD taken. to Sociolj in (he catalague <]£ 

Jamm Pattenm wu next human offenceB — and for a ■)— 

Pit to the Bar. The nnfortonate cies of Forgerj too the oiMt 

liionei appeand deeply htuni- diSctilt to be detect* * ---' - 

)Uted, and Ua dtstresa waa ao which human prai 

creat that hewas icaroety ablo oantjoa are hardly iidciMttt* 

'liioner appeand deeply htuni- diSctilt to be deteeted-acaiiiM 

)Uted, and Ufl dtstresa waa ao which human '~~~ '-' 

creat that hewas icaroety ahlo oantjoa are hard. 
to anpTKirt Mraself in the Dock, gvard, apd wliidi teitds to det- 
Be Mlercd no addresi to the my all confldence between uam 
Court. Hie pHJnfnt duty of pai< and man-all safety eroaTrespon< 
rinc acntence upon Um waa desce—knd the credit and -dt- 
peribnned In a very iinpresalTB eulafionofpapeTcinrencywhieh 
Banner by thefAiefJastfce, Sir fa so necesiaty to be maintain. 
^. Staitley. We arefonuunie- ed inviolate in a comniercial 
ly aUe to ftive a pret^ corirct eonntry— a ci-ime indeed «f 
report of the lubataoce of the wLirh {f you bad been fcoad 
' Addreis af the leained Judge, tullty in any part of the Uoitoa 
Mjeh we are snre wiH he read Kingdom of Great Brttafn anfl 
with attentloD and interest by Ireland, yo« life would moat 
ftothBritiahandNativesubjeeta. certainly have paid the far£eJt 
Hia Lordship expressed himself of your offence. 
nearly in the fbllawing words :— Yon have been eomlDted attar 
J.MM P.I1M-WH; alongniidpaUert trial, dorinj 
, , , , tte cotirse of whiob, yon bad o- 
1 can troly say and with the „„ advantage wf Coonwl anB 
Mt nnaaeotMl i-UKwaij, that ^rery benefit tfcirt the nicety, 
aUcelhave aat m ttoaplaoel ,^ti„„ ^^^ « of tiM 
fcatenover perfumed so pain- criminal Law could extend t» 
fcl a daity as that which I am _„„ „, tj, ^j „„„„ „„ i,;, ^ri j 
MweaUednpomtoduebargo. Jorasimilar offence.-Yonr »#. 
British Gentlemen nnd sub- enscri were brought faoe to (koa 
JMIs tn this country, and panj- before yoa — they were crosi-ex- 
cnlariy thoseintbeserriceoftha nmined by your Counsel, ani 
Company, ha*e in general hero- scleral witnesaes were produced 
toforo maintaiaed a pre-emi- in yonr defence : though I am 
■eneo and •■periority of oha- aoTty t« observe not one was 
noter wlndi has devated them examined to your genwal char- 
above the coounon class of man- aeter— and we have the sfttls- 
Uud here, and Inspired the Na< fhotlon to reUcct tbaf not a tittle 
lift* ofthis oonntiT with a res- ofquciitionfible or even doubt- 
poet and >nneration for thrir fal evidence waa admitted -a- 
iOBs vtftd for the eotmtry gainst yon npon yonr trial^^mt 
n whence they emanated — notwItbstandiDgalltheie Rilvan- 
andthoreforellispecnliariydii- tages, a well connected efiotnof 
tresaing to see a British subject clroomstanaes (tiieoidy evidence 
bred to nraspeetahle profession which a crime 10 secretly con- 
and admMtna to an Donorablo dticted and to artfuHy ^anncA 
aervioe, wboae vdtMBtian it in general admits of)--togctbeir 
al)[ht be snpposed would have with the circumstances of im- 
restrained Mm from mean and probability appearing npon the 
'VnlgarofiBnces, standing at the ftoe of the written decKtncnts 
ta-oonvtoled by a' Jury of bis thcni9elves~aud the «ridence 
oeantiymen, and about to re- of your endeavour to unborn 
Mho tkft Jadgauait of tlw^ wltoesscs to swear that the 

:. Cookie 


feotei were genaine and ieliTtr- HA. Court of jwUn tt-Hmnf^ 

cd tvjoa br the late Coloael rainlstTattoii o( the laws iit>k(i 

gvtheriand Mar4ooall, fottifif d un distinallcMi ol' pntoui— bM 

b; tfa« conoboraliDg cirviua- that bitili pad Ioki, rioh aai 

ataaceof the written last ructi- poori . Britisb an<d Nafive, aw 

ona for tlie wttnessei fn yt>«r eqnall; ondci ita prcriMlutc 

town faaud-wntintr.aod other pa- aare, and otpaHij piiiiUbetLlsr 

J -;.j . —Lj-t "t vHidwiiTe jaMic©. , 

Prifoaerj 1 do not wiih M 
)aiid yont feeliaKabj dWeUidt 

indnced Ibem to ooi^Tict yon anj; tonfcer en tt)o anonnilj ai« 

wltlioat the iDialleM hesitation danfferaua tendeuey <if ;oarof^ 

•misdeed it fairer trial I may fDBoe, andltnut Itia aat m- 

•Bj no tnan ever had— and you ceaaary for iae to AeHiiba it itt 

have nothiOK to cotfcplain of bat oalooca man Udoovs than hav« 

your own infatualioB nnd iaaa- alreiidy preaeal^ tbtmalvcjl 

tiahle avarice tliat telipted yon to yonr own eonfCJeae^— lutf 

(o demte from tlie. paths ef •! am lorry to av that the uau^ 

t«otitnde, ajkd to endaavor to {mlU^Hon and iiuMWtlve which 

acquire wealth by such disho- MfmetiMea haatoMpMd nentp 

nestaud diahonoiable raeana. bonunit the cttmc of forgery 

The Court upon the foHut tortticva them fnua neceas^ 

eanalderation fCM no ground or the andden prenre of di% 

to impeach the jaitioe of that treii, did not exist in yoor 

verdict — avd wc cannot bnt eaie, aa yon were ina servica 

feel the great and iqjarioua ef- la which the Company gi*e' li^ 

fcouihat moat resalt from the b«ral iUldwanc«s to Imit >«r- 

bad example and iDflueoae, TSilts, ini ytm wer* a iiieMber 

whioli such a crime, cammitted Of H prifffcealoB the pt«flt« dT 

ftya Britith aabject and ^ya afhieb might haTO yieMad ybuk 

perMD of your understand] agi comftertable and rMpeotablv lit 

eduoatkm, nqd proCkMion« muat dapeadeooa. It is too ItUnk 

have npop Ifce low and aniiK an addltiaind drevAutapce «f 

{formed clsMciofihe Natives, aggravntiOD that dua crimfe wa* 

■who are already too msob ad- eommlttad by nme. ohamiaal 

dieted to the cnmea ef forgery pncen by a petMn in the H«l 

and aubornatfon of Penury. dlOBlbnejifthoMpreEeaMaiifM. 

Ifancb enmes are committed n{shea<to one viaMUly wcli*j 

hy persons of your description, ad)BtiehMay modea.aod mntat 

what must bo expected Arom rials for dok^ mlsdiieri ' 

the uncvntroaled passions — the Bat altiio^h the Setttene^ 

mdrnpTOTed intellects, and ha- aT the Jww, aa it exftta in tUt 

bitnafvioeiefthelowmaltkude. eounuy, doe« not affeot yanr 

— If indeed the Natives ihould life— yon mnst pa» aom« yeari 

seeorconceive thatthq ^word of It in exile. In that Mile 

of justice passes lightly dver I hope yon will oondast yoov* 

the heads of the higlHfr classes, aclfinoTe coneetly and neqoir* 

and falls with weight and »ev«> a batter ^araoler thau t •■ •!• 

illy only on Ibeir owq, I fear it nid yon mai nt ain od.hera- ■ ni rt l 

would very much lessen their I trust that yon wOl ••« daj 

respect for oar laws and the >m. fee) tt to be merdful toyou, bo| 

narliality ofa British tribDnal. only that we have tKrtiwtea««d 

It is necesssry and proper, y on to long i mprtwum ent !■ thU 

Ihcrcfure in this and in all ciiaes place,Bnd to.thoaelnfiunomiwid 

to cwvinve Ihcra that a Bri- oUicf . puiUih— li «hi<^.4n 



tar the ctma of Potgriy— Jwt 
Oat wabavc availed onnelvet 
of tbtt power wmtetttd Vk 
tbs Court by tlie Act of tlw 
S3d QwHge tba TUrd c. 166 
KO. 116, to tend ym &>rtii 
froB) tld* Society, -when yoB 
Bluat faftTe borne b perpetual 
knud.and rmd your coademna- 
tion fo tbe eye* aad eonnle- 
aauce nt cveiy nan whoever 
beerdefyontcriae.BDdlbat Toa 
will have reaaoa to be tbankful 
that yoo an to beeone a inpi»> 
berorthat new and siofular 
GofBBmnity where nlonc ytra 
Hay bope to pass some yeai» 
ef astffulonsand tranqaQUty, 
■Dd where by cbangjag yonr 


babitt and onane gf Itfe, yoa 
■ay by pnsiblity MMtuIre ■ neir 
dwader. and thtmby ever 

Eerhapaloofc toaome de|[ee nf 
itore cslenn. At stt eveats I 
kope it iriQ produce ia yowi caso 
tbe floly object of all buman 
puniihBent. iefnrom:ion and 
example,— that othern will bo 
deterred from coinniiltiii;^ aiia'i- 
laroQencps, Ibst fiU wilt Jt» 
eonrinced of tbe truth of tbit 
IKilden waft '* itrat hooealy is 
the belt policy.". 

Tbe Senlence (rTtbe Coartis 
tiiat you Jamea PattarsoD. for 
tbe crime aforegaid, be iraas- 
ported to New SoBtb Wale* ctu- 
ti&f tbftttctt.of foiirtce* ycMra. 
Cnur. Oct. aOw 


Far November^ 1821. 

Ifo news, forttfCB or local, neceixair that tbe opidoni of 

kave transpired during the lost 
i^ery gloomy and uoprodactire 
week. Tht rain ,bae fallen at- 
Kost inoeuanlly and in tarrenU, 
M> lliat Ihe ialaod commuiiic»- 
llou ia greatly interrupted, and 
in particular the Hail* from 
Bengal are again a few days in 
arrear. At tlie date of our 
. Joteat advicet fiom Calcutta no 
arrival from England dkeot had 
tidtea plaoe. 

tbcCanrt on liilabrancbof Coou 
meiei^ Law ibould be generally 

Tha case la iriiich we refer 
was an action, of Trorer and 
Convetsion, fcrougiit by the 
plaintiff to iBcover the valaerf 
a certain Caryo of Wines and 
other articles eonaloned \» 
KciKi. Booihilloa (fWraiJ at 
Corloga, in trust and for the oae 
'«f tbe plaintlffV by Bleasrs. San- 

sZtrtnu CBiirf.—On Frid^ drrs and Weicke at tlia lil« of 

last ti>e 3d of November, thie 
Coart sat to bear tbe reBtinder 
ofaCanse of great importance ' 
and interest in tbe CosuKroiBl 
world, whidi had stood over from 
0ie last Term Aa dio decision 
pTonoQttoed in this case will pra- 
baUy affect tbe mode of detdii^ 
ttathas obtained in India be- 
tween Merchants and Captains 
ofShips, and other carriers of 
jpnod^ w« tUnk It HsentiaUy 

^France in the yerir 1817. which 
goods were fraadalently sold br 
the Captain of tbe Vesee) on his 
own acoooat at Madraa to fito 

A great body of erideoce was 
ctren in on both sides; and 
Ciuniel, H -. Byrne for tbe plain- 
tiff, and Mr. jftaecin for the de- 
lendant. were heardat consider- 
^le length. 

TlM 4e<4sio««f theConrtwas. 



tbat tho Bin ot Lading of ibe 
«>Tfo sighed by the CaDlaia of 
the Ship Htkn, on which Ae 
carp] was shlnped, for the use 
aiidBtUH riak of the pUintir 

sup Vfho put into Madras bad 
no rt^t to sell the cargo or aay 
part of It to the defenduita, who 
purchased u)mi the credit of 
the Captaia, without taking the 
precantion of reqniciog to see 
the Bill of Lading, the lovoice, 
or other whid it would 
baie appeared tbat the proper^ 
belonged to the plaitrtjff, and 
was shipped and consigned for 

IheNHIrheny Mountains at# 
o'clock in ibc morning in a but 
"•M 80 degrees of Famkbelt ; 
the grcRtest height at tbt aarafr 
kour was 63. At noon in tfa« 
hnt, the variattoaa were fron 
ei to eu: and at 8 r. k. fronft 
.U to 66: in ibe air, at thd 
laaie boar, tht Least height ap- 
peals t» have been SS, and 
tbe greatest <B9%. The are- 
rage beigbt In the shade dur- 
tog the month was therefore 
about 00. Exposed te the Suik 
at noon, the IVetmometM ap- 
pears to have risen ODtvodajB 
89 high as 0S~it wst boneret 
on one day as low as 63, when 
BO exposed — and the average 
did not much rxceedi 76. A- 
bout the time of the unusually 
aold morniuES at the Fresiden- 
cj, after ^e middle of Ia«l 
month, the Tbeimoateter at 
Ij low it appears — we have un- 
dcfslood that early in the mor- 
ning and exposed to a free 
cnrrent of air, h was down to 
M. "tbi mornii^s at the Prsr 
Udettcy have again becoine colo 
sod the weather pleasant-^ 

bv Google 

M4 J>XAS OC CVR R E 7i.CE 3, 

For J)eoember^ 1821. 

liuraiy Socltty. — Tbe Mk- 
4ru Uterarv Society h«M « 
•pedal Gennra) Meetint; at t1i« 
ColEegeHalt on Saturdajr the 
l(t Iiutaat, foe the purpose of 
netiiing tfoat fbe Committee 
ormanagement arepnrt on Hid 
atato of the fundi at the death 
of their lamcBtBd Secretary Uie 
lata Peter Soott, n. b. aaA oC 
•lectinic a lucceuor to tbat 
Gentletsan ■— The followiiiic 
Hembera were present. 

The Hoo. HirBdmond Stan- 
ley, R. Cluke. Gsq.J.Gwatkin. 
Bxq. H. Hods^on, Esq. D. 
Hftl. Esq. J. M. Heath. Etrq. 
The Veil. Arrhdencon Vamrhan, 
Rev. W. Tliomns, O. Hyne, 
K. i>. Major De Havjiland, Ma- 
jor HaaxOD, E. Lake, Esq. Ma- 

Ter, E»q..T. PHtry, Esq. E. R. 
SnlKvan, Esq. J. SIrachan, Bsq, 

Hie report havlog fitthfacto- 
rily exhibited the tiate of the 
fnnds, the Meetinj^ proceeded 
to the eleetton of the .Seoretarr, 
when Uea tenant Monntford, 
Asiistant Surrey or Oeneral. 
was nnatiltnnnaly ohoien to &U 
thft vaeant offluc. 

Thefgllowinf^ Memberi Were 
slated ti hare been admitted 
tlnce the last iiieet)ne|. — The 
Honorahle Kir Oharlea Hdmrd 
Orey, H. Chaminr, B*q. H. 

1, to which nnmher were add- 
ed John Uacleod, h. b. aad T. 
S. Panntoir. Bsq. 

The Soeiety havinR had no 
local President since Jhe depar- 
ture (rf their hiKlily respected 
fMader. %r John Nawbolt, who 
merioii'ily to his qnitting tb* 
-PraridCBOr had boen chosen 
£ e 

Honorary perpe tail Prealdent, 
the Meeting reiolTed to loHoit 
or the HonoraMe Sir Cfaarlea 
Edward Grey, that he wonld 
honor Aem by the aooepti^ooe 
of (hal office, and a deputation 
of Members aeeompanjed by the 
Seoratary were, reipiested to 
wait upon Sir Charles Orey to 
communicate the Society's 

The following interetdaK pa- 
pers, partly on new sabjecls, 
vii putly in ooalinnations of 
former vala^le oomtnanica- 
tions by a Member residing; in 
the Interior, to who.<ie leariaiap 
and ingennity the Society are 
^ready indebted for leTanl es- 
says of great merit, were laid 
before the Heetinf. 

I Paper and Supplement, on 
the Musical Chora, and the vi- 
brntion of tense strings. 

1 Summary of the riae arid 
progress of Theology in India. 

I Second partofauBssay on 
tlie' Hinda qaadrataro of the 

I Supplement t» the paper 
on the orifin of tho Hindn Z»- 

It was resolved at die Heo- 
ting ttat, a report shoald he 
prepared ot the proeeedings of 
tbe tSociety from Ite feiadHtioa 
to the present period, to be 
published with such papers uf 
interest aathoiSouletyBasbeeh 
farored with; aod that the 
HauagtDg Committee do imm»< 
diately take meaanres tobaro 
the iriiole pnt in a fona propor 
for submission to the next Oeo- 
vral Heeling. 

We leara that Sir ChorlM 
Orey has been pleased to aH' ■ 
cept the Sffice of President of 
the Society. Got. Oaz.pec. 9. 

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jlf>P«MtM*M.~Ur. James 
<?ralii*m. Sheriff of U&dta^ 

T1i« wrather lately attAa 
Presidency, hai at times assti- 
ned a tbreaieniiifc appearance. 
M ifaboat to afTanl an addl- 
tioBa! suppl* of RRtn whish 
isrequtKfl.andlogive a-bMnJt- 
inir up oftlie mrtnsoiaaeaion. — 
the wiad hag been verj fresh in 
the day, bat these appearances 
liaf« g<nie oiT without prodnc- 
JDfC the expected eoasecjnences 
— WMIe we wer» preparinf 
this article for the Press the at- 
mosphere has nsfiamed the snme 
threat eninK indication, which 
however vfW probabiy go off as 
Iwfore. The FIbr Staff aceord- 
iniT to nnnttal easton will be 
re-hois(eil 9n Saturtltiy the lAiti 
of DeceoAer; wben'itis con- 
sidered safe for Ships to ap- 
' proadithe Coast; 

Gimt. Gag. Dm. 13. 




Si R, 
Onthe litDcMmber.aWw. 
rior diad. and was burnt in r 
well about 6 feet deep.^the 
satOB day his wife, prior to hia 
deatli, told him she would go 
-vHhblm, and the sftme nifrbt, 
dreamt her bnsband came to 
her when asleep, and bit her 
apontfaeshoalder, ssyinn, "are 
jou aaleep, are yoanot ooid-. 
lairl" Uptmthisshennaiediate^ 
It rose, and i^ve bri child to 
the faniiy, sayiag< t^t" 't> I 
ihatl have nothing amre to do 
with it, and desired thlnfc* 
mifftt be propared as ttre vai 
deietwlned to hnm hersdfat 
4o'o)oekintha aflemoon,— all 
tbo offen of money, &c. &c. 
and persaftsioiis of her brother 
aod fanilr were of no anil, the 

their power to dissaade kit 
from eommittioff the raahao^ 
but she replied, why tronhla 
youraeives abont me, oi my life, 
as she had promised to bnni 
herself -where herhusbMd kad 
beeq bnrat, and she was delet- 
mined to doiL. Asitwaa ot- 
tetly impossible to prabibit tie 
poor girl making away i with 
beraeK, sho at a little- tJttx 4 
o'dock left lieidwi^ingia eoa* 
pony witl)l]er fsAiily, and pro- 
caeded loaTank, near tbevil. 
lasa where Iicr hosbaad had 
beeu.burat, audatler Bakinir 
the usual ceregjooias, walked 
thi«e tines round the well— 
her brother and otber rcUtloas 
laid bold of bar hand, when she 
quitted their bold, «o(l plitnfred 
Into the well and sat dnwn, 
when dreadful to relate. Wood, 
Oil, and Ghee, wore lbro*ni 
npaa faer by a few people.— she 
Vaj quite oomposcd, and re> 
quested the people nol to throw 
any sure upea. her as she wu 
with her husband, aqd ia Uw 
course of a low niautcsshe wat 
oounuied to ashes without a 
fftoaa or shriek— not a Torn 
Turn was beat, nor did the Na- 
tive* about aa geuerally is the 
case, — aUaeemed horror struck 
at What tboy bad wl[«essed. 
Os the forenoon of the day ahe 
was 10 bam herself, she bathed, 
pvtonclepo lioen, ent beetle, 
and held in her hand a ■mstl 
lookiufT iriass, upon which she 
eoiriinaelljrkept lookiDfr. The 
poor cieaiQA waa only is yenra 
of ate, aqd had OM child. Mr. 
£ditor, may we not ere Ion; 
cbcrish a hope, that this barba. 
roDs ctuUxn will soon be ab^ 
lisbed i I believe some <<6w 
joara ago, tho Government' 
caHed upon the Hapstratei 
and Criminal Judges for eer>- 
lalB reports on the aubject of 
Satteea, and 1 trust this muj 
pray* • preparMoiy step ta a- 


: : :ilA»R^6 bdCtRIlEtfiSES. At 

MHiUai;tBt«to,lU««Mtbor. '1bUairid,lMi]iiir(»alrlnrdrAHIof 

■ad mai Mrbuau ooMMi. tb« Kmeral Tesnittu already ■ta^• 

I aim, Hr. AHlor, -«d. It is menrioned iq one tet- 

Yaar'* obedienilT, tar, that the Anierioans vcM 

T. MOORE. gt«atly atarmed lrhU« thft jft- 

Xtm t uilg , SIk Dw. lain. ijaeat waa pVHdiag, and tb* 

— wrfiMtiuMte oolpiit, appcehend* 

The Ftair Star In the ToM ing that he mint be pven up t» 

■waa re-boiRted «n Saturday iie itro^lad, bad become per- 

lut to iadieate Ae- period Iwitly racondled to Ilie fata 

frtiea ttie boUterons Season ia tliat waned to await him. 

aOBaideTfldtobRvepaMedarBr. Other lettera «dd that th* 

Tb« wvatber for the laat Moath ** Spmsmodic pKoUra" ooationed 

bas been witch too fine far th« tst; preTaleat at Canton and 

ScMon, fcr till witUa the ialt Maoaa. The Ataeriean Frigata 

twa days searoely a drop.ef -CeiuHnitiaH had 4ost a great 

rftmhaa (Ulcn iBttottnterral; Dumber of hei crew by tfaia 

- and at preaent appmTanmsdo oraei diieaae «n her bostewant 

not itidieal« any eoattdetaMti Toyaga. Some svrere Ty- 

faU, batthenewmoonon Moiv- phoooa linTe~bMn experiBoced 

dajr aext aiay bring « ebanfe. la theCbina aess-Tbefallovrioc 

Cattr.Dt. 18. deieribai one of tbem, *' Ita]>- 

~- pears that one happeaed on iha 

XiOtterilioB CliiDa gi*a tbo' lZ9th and 304 of June, am) aa<K 

fUloiring particnlara of the tlieron tlie lOihof October. Ta 

qDRTTCla betwesB the Ameti- the fnry of iho latter, on the 

«ana and Ctdnaaa. eoait of Cochin Chiaa, we find 

llie intermplioiii to eomiaer- that the £«<fy jiarhw, XhAeef 

<ial intereoarse, which have oe- Btitford and NrrbuH^h via» 

earred lattertyi arose, it ap- «xposed, as wall aa the Htr» 

peari, fiom thv dreoraatatics of ^'Jfa/aaw. Cevr.Ote.9i. 

a CUnesB woman aad cbild 

haTiogloattheirlivea-ahHiKslde Girittnmt Dtty. wai Aaora- 
«f an Anerioan abip lyiajc at ed at the Presidency dOrinK lbs 
Wliampoa. Thewoman waa in early part with the oastomaiy 
a boat alongiide, widt a child Stdemnitiea; andin'thc Eveointc 
at her back, aa is the nsQal with (bat cheerfnl social iater- 
praotiee in that coaatry, whea coone aaited to thia great and 
ADO of the leanua atroek her joyoas Festival, 
on the head <forwbat eanse we On Satarday the 33d Inatanl 
do not find stated) with a br»- was held the seoond anoaal «x- 
ken jar or name anefa Tessel, amnationaf the Vepeiyhiiasioa 
and she, fallinft overboard, waa School of the Society fbr pro- 
drowned logetter with the inno- mating Chriitiaa Knowledf e.— 
cent little one. The news of. The Boys and Qlrla of the Eng> 
this reaehed Caaton aooa aftn, Uab and Tamil Schools were first 
aad coning to theear* of the assembled iDtheV^aryClnirob« 
Tieoroy, be difccted a doe ia- where th^y were eKamiBad in 
veatigatian to be made into all their reltgioas exeimse^ tbe Atr- 
ibe oireamitaoEea by IbeCbi- raeiby Ute Herd. W.Thoniai, 
neae anthorities, who e^idiiated Senior Chaplain, who obligingl^ 
1JieiraxamiDati6nswitballsarts presided at thbpatt of the du^ 
ftf fbnaalitiesandavaBt dealof ofibedaj.and tbo latter by the 
(i^Titf- We are not acquaint- Revd. Dr. Retilcr and the Revd. 
ed with the pailioalars of wbal h. P. Haubioe.— Tlie conectnesa 



•f a* EaglUh duiM, both ' at -ip^imwi ' of ba#U bMal tt 
boys and ^b, in aEUwering the the iaitttatioD. — Tkt priMiic 
qaestiotu of tlu Church Cato- prua wBftfiwndactiTe^CiiCag- 
vhisiiv, Hod the distfaictaQM Mid eiK 

f ood empbaais i*ith wbicb they Tbe ezavBatioa mi attend* 

lead, were particularly remark- ad by soreral faaiiliM whavete 

«d ; as were likewise the flueocy highly gratified withtbe iDteKt^ 

vitbvhicb tlieTaiDjI girls read iog sceoe tbey wi(iiBtsed.--Tbe 

lh« elementary buoks prepared ohildren w«re «U nmariubly 

in theii own language for pri>- clean and healUiy; and their r»i 

gressive learning', aucording to pid progress in oscM: acqiura- 

the system of tbaNationalSchool vents, — tiieir orderly bebaviov, 

Society. reSeotcd lh« highest credit m 

Tbechildienthenadioiimedto their TeneraUa pastor the RO- 

tbelrscveralstatiansintheSckool TCrend Dr. Kottler, and his able 

rooms— The girts in the Koglisb aadindefalfgablsoo-atijiitortbe 

scbool exhibited to the Visitots Revetend Mr. HaabToe. 

their reading and wriiiog les- ThenvKat ef this lata ii^< 

aons,aiidtheirQeedlework,whieh teoted iustilajiaii, with tbe great 

was observed to be aU or the imnffovemento in the system of 

plain and useful kind.— 7lie dif- tnition and the fnOTease oT tho 

iereut classes were inspected in adiocri in the coarse of two years 

their tasks of writing on sand, from aboat foiQ children to 

«nd spelling, reading and writ- neatly thte* bandred. oaitiot 

ing. Dr. Bell's system having fail to pro*e a blessing of thp 

teen introduced as welt In the mostimpffrtant kind tolhcpo- 

Tunil as the ^glish school, and polons neighbovhood id niuA 

maris and books printed for their it is silnated. 

use. Particular noticti was afc- Govt. Ga*. Dtt. V^ 

traeted by the indnstrions class 

of Tamil girla employed in jj p po wft waf. — Mr. Hettot 

cleaniiw cotton, spinning thread Compton to officiate as Advocate 
and bating.— Samples of tlieir Qenei«l to the' Honorable Con- 
worlc wen laid on a table, witii pany. G«c.'/lw.9lk 


:,, Google 


-ZtiUMrat.— Letters fronBui- 
sorfth dated 3Ist November, 
represent tbat city to be in 
a veijT disturbed state, a 
tiody of Arabs nT Zobeir 
fiiteatened it witliont, nUIst the 
soldiery wilhiD wcxe plonderins 
the uaaimed inLabitaats. 9ome 
misunderstanding bad arisen 
betwee> the Goccmment and 
the British KesidCBt, ud the 
latter was About to leace Bus- 
•ora. andielire toMuhB,nunarch, 
the place where General Mal- 
colm'a mission ence retired ui 
Hoax Feiain. 

Accouota from Muscat dated 
- S9tb Deoenber. announce the 
arrival tLere ofliieut. Col.'War- 
veit. This officer had had an intei^ 
-fiew with the Imaum, and onr 
«ela lions with that Prince uoull- 
itue on the best footing; Ma 
iHighness beingjeady to aid ns 
to the utmos^ of liiji power in 
our fnture eperations against 
the tribe of Beni-Bo»-AU. 

"We are happy also to Icam 
(hat the failaie of the late expe- 
diiioa Hndcr Captain Thomp- 

•on has not been foDowed bf 
an; unfavourable result ; th* 
Imanm's troops and subjects re- 
inaia firm to their allegiance, 
and he preserves his frontiers, 
"lie enemy, after tbe defeat of 
ouf troops, made an irruptioa 
into the imanm's territories anA 
levied some small coutributiotii, 
but soon retired again, and have 
aincc reiaainod quiet 

Tb the northward indeed 
the Jaassaees tiave atteiapted 
te annoy the Imaum. Snitaa 
Jb'en Saggar with .the chief of 
Xigmaum, miirched the moment 
they heard Captain Thompson's 
force had set off, acrois Uia 

Smntry towards Braymec ; but 
eirpiagreas was stopped. by 
this fort, and tfae Imaam is un- 
der 110 appreheoaion of tbei^ ' 
JMing able to advance farther. 

Onr troops have removed &oai 
Deristan t« KiAhme. 

The eKpedition for the c»a>t 
af Arabia and 'Persian Gulph, 
under the command of Major 
Qeneral lionel Smilh, C. B.' 
sailed hanee on Thur^ay morn- 
iag. iMtr.iatkJtm. 

Mr Mbruary, 1821. 

BMnImj Sttctt, Ftb. 9tlt, ored b; the presenee oT La^ 

This being the commence- Colrilte, who arrived only yes- 
vent oF oar mees, the coarse terday from tbe Daokan. 
was crowded with equestrians Fiair a«CB. 
at an early honr, and the Booth The Onyomrar Cup, valne 910 
^iraeed-wtth all the beauty nod golneas.lbrAnihHonesthatlian 
RShioB of onr iiland, and Son- MMM-tMii Psnff, Hale, Matek, 




orSveepsUkM, hsMS ufiei, 

iDftfl. • ■ - - 
Col.- Wfboa') g. a. h. York, aged. 

^ Mr. Crtnford'i b. ■. h. Wab*- 
bee, 6 ditto, Wbite BUck C>p. 
Kt-HatBtim't. g. •- k. No Oo, 

l.k. ScUn, •■ 

« 4iU0~ 

. .Mr. Haal/er'! 

JtJajqr MoHe')c.a.Ii.Sir Bich- 
■ud, li do. BIwk. 

lnr.Vit»rt'ic-a.b. Huqols, G, 

CdpniD 'SpiUer'i m. *.&. Ben- 
iiHlioroaeb, 6; UM Hed Cap. 

Mr. tiUDtt'* |. •• b. CliHlay, 
•eed. ' 

Win witk peat ease b:r Ben- 

SlCon) XACE. 

APIatc for CoUilhat lH«* 
lever started for Plate, Purse, 
Stnlch.orSwei^pstaLcs, of 800 
Kupees [ram ttic fond, and ten , 
GaU Hohnrs each Subicrlbet, ' 
mat Isa MHiMtat. 
' Major Moore'i g. i.e. Badtcal, 
-4 yean. Black. 

' Hr. PiaocD'ic. a. e. SjmBcUr, 
■«4o. HatlemiiD. 

Won by MymiBeti7. 
TheftUmaimg it tit dneriptifm 
■ a/ the Gitftotnr Vvpt. 

Two of the Oold Cupaprv- 
■aeuted bjr hit Hisbiieas SjajOT 
Sow Guycewar havabeen re- 
xretved -by Ikd H;peiion> eaoh of 
the raloe ol'^K) guineas. They 
are magnificent apedmena of 
, Ibe arts, and oi tl» cladaaL 
. taat« of the accomi^iGbed gen- ythatt tbe oueiUian 
. ml tbc eOnnninion was enlnif t- 
«d. Orator is the bolder of one, 
and on y««(ardfi| ' Uw dealJKf 
tf the oUiM was decided. 

The Cup (for Ibe twa reatm- 
-Ue CMb adMit In all - teapaoM) 
if a bigU) MnuntaUd canp*- 
adatvaae, MpporlMl bfacin- 
«uliu' plinth or padeMal ; the 
'iootof thevaie cauisuog of a 
jiBet'OfifaKleaTea and aoanu. 
.!UwJVpM .wropatwitut ft the 

bvdfoftkaCnpif eariebetf am 
-mieaMA, with agioiq^ of raoe- 
iKttHS «DiHheirrlderf^n «ag«r 
contentfam, ezeenled to Oe lila ; 
on the fitben Hffe ia an fnaerip- 
lioii comnteboratlve of the w- 
Mfinee rabBisttoif betvecn (b* 
, BiiUsb and Oa^Mtwar in^ani- 
tngnu. The tover comparinient 
reptcsrnis the nnttoDsl ^ari^fld 
tn rdicT, of Ibe rose, the thlMle 
and the afapmrork. connected at 
the ItnoOt. by a band or monld- 
tog in tfie fonle gty\t. The rin 
is siirmontiied by a festaon oT 
(he lesTcs, fntil, snS tendHln of 
(lie vliie. The height of thia 
beantifnl vme fi ehntat tnfibea 
attd ahairtaaiertBi,-aod TwatTe 
inclddittg the Cs^tooD. It in ttn>r~ 
teeolnchesin dfanwier, and tn 
deptheight. Thetnnkeri!' Hbi». 
Wt. TbefnscTfptlmi fs asfiritowa-. 

Prennted on the 1st af M areb 
IHIO, by bb Higftoua Syaje* 
Row Onjcowar. 

Treaty of Baroda dated tim 
Olst or April laoa, negmfated 
by Lieut euant -Colonel Alexa^ 
derWriker. J 

Supplemental Treaty dnWd 
the 6tb of Xorember, 1S17, ae- 
i;oliated1iy Captidn Jtmes Ret. 
■tet Camac." 

- We are pereaadeid that tba 
mtinj ef Bombay- wiftttofpor* 
mlt this donation on the part «f 
SyajoeRow, conlilbatlTe as it 
*o ubitaulitfy Is to fta annnal 
recreation In nie noUut o( all 
wuiieineiUa, to Iw jtatAfmd, 
wftbour afforfins Mrflighneas 
aa adeanate proof of (be aense 
•ntefMnad of U> libemli^r 
vbTch' extends to tbt«e yeses 
yet to come ; ami we are coofl' 
deUtbal, aRaf tlw u^iratiMa 
•f that pariwif lbs Ouvoowsr 
Cap will ba caMinued tolt* ■»• 
BoaUy ptesented as long s« tfas 
ylUanee lubwtts between ik* 
twa statM. - It is Dot for ns ta 
■vcsest tbc osturc flf the jiie»i^ 


■MnoAX pocinauiif OBS. 

nogli bfcd rvw hone would not 
b« priMd piobidriy ao lurUj aa 
vpaotttOf iwble Dray-BorHa, 
wbkh Uw Nawwib ttf Oudo cbi- 
t»ctCTu«d u (h« Bngluli' Ble- 
pkwrt. We Uiink taowe*«r that 
tho pnMat onfkt to be of a lub- 
atuioe u pernuuMit, u wo 
kiut, tk« dowUigB will prove 
to be. Ow. Ai.7. 

' Btui«r*k. — Tlie«ew> brou^t 
fron BauMntb by tbe AaEelioa, 
is bj ao nean* favocaUe to oar 
eammeta»l reiuiana ia that 
tijiinUtt. In addition to tbe dia- 
Mrbaneea id the flitf caoted by 
tknlato ^MOMaiai of Oovaro- 
maaH, the Tariu were at war . 
witfaaoDM of the tribes oa tbe 
deeert, end bad been foroed to 
take Into. their Mtviue a tribe 
of Curds, to enable tben to repel 
their tnroadi. In connsquenco 
of theae djjturbances ana aome 
other cirauinataacea tbathave 
taken ptaoe at Bagdad, an al- 
most total stagnalioD oftradej 
bas tafcso place. 

We rejoioe to find Oialall our 
lawUs, who have visited the 
shores of the Persian Gulph in 
spmh Dt health, have found be- 
u&tfnm the ohaafs. 
. AvMentitonn of hail, wind 
and rain oconired at £ilichpore 

sadioloadsofdnst, that nothing 
.eoold be dlBliBKoishod aromid 
win any. dliectioa: the gale 
thm iiwnased' to a Tiolent 
•teoB, and tbe hail fett aa larfe 
aa a PifMm'a Egg to immense 
^naatitieai Bost ef the houses 
ft tbtf oantonmenta hare bad 
part of their roofa oarried off, 
and the lasgest teou blown a- 
way aad.biKlediB thenaas of 
Ml. . Smoeof the largest sixod 
twos were bralien down, apd 
filUing^ some teolf orashed 
thene to fiieaes ) oMUih damage 
iraa dane iD^the Linei and ba- 

••r. and tMM wthM «• laid 
to have lost their U«e^ and asa* 
ny nnoh hnrt. Rain Ml fbr 9 
days aftonraida all abontaa 
country ; tbe atom was oUelly 
eonSned to BlUohpore, there b*> 
lag Bona ao miles to the sontb- 

Tbe hall evrered tte gronod 
In many places a foot and half 
thick, and remained all next 

AraiU. — Br priTate aeoocnts 
Attm Hocha &at have reaehed. 
Boodiay ria Hosoat, we lean 
that Captain Brnoe has opened 
his negodattons with the Dtria, 
demaiKDw the reaohitmctioa 
of what u called the Holaa'n 
Jetty, and tbe rrimildlng of tha 
Factory. What bis ether de- 
mands were we have not heard. 
I^Be Dola referred the matter toi 
tbe Imanm of Senna, .and m» 
Highness having ackaowledgad 
his dopendance on the Pacha ot 
Bgypt, Captain Bruoe has, it in 
said, preferred his appUoatlon 
to the latter. With tbe Pnchn 
of Egypt we should hope that 
inch an arrangement may bs 
aleoted as ebdil plaee oar fac- 
tory atUooha in a more respeo- 
table footing and less Habfe t» 
insoK ttma the loeal aatboritlH 
than it has hiifaerte been. ' 

The expedltidn nnder Oene- 
ral -SmMfa landed at Zoor on An 
3Mh Jaaoaiy. On n eompait- 
aon of datee the decision and 
aetivity with wUob this anM- 
nent baa been eanlpped wad dls- 
patobed ia highly creditable ts 
the lesowroes nni the energetin 
ebaracterof this Preeideney. 

On tbe »tb ef Dwwmber lb* 
oBda) aeoonnt of tbe <Hsas. 
troBs affiwr ofju Asksrria waa 
reeeived; on tbe SA of Jannary 
a ferce exaeedinK-4n tbonaand 
Ighting men aaibflwn tbe bat- 
bonr, and we hear of Its disem- 
barkation la tbe Stat week in 



Wchnihij. the fhdiltj iritli b<y«r l^efbr* ft U gpnou ffca 

wbich an effident force oan bs aptrinen nifl fli« Sam* "^betf 

diBpalclied to either Gulf, mast that th«f spin conoa thuad 

operate in kee^in^ down the wtth ; tbb Looin often hi Hn 

turtmlent spirit of the Arab open air beforo Oeit fasaaea. 

bibea wliich have so long carri- Tlie wbaie operation of extaad- 

cd on a destmctJTe waifara Ingth* warp, and wowinf is 

Sfainal Ibe trade of all Matt- the wotd Is aoeoinplhbed, ta 

ttns, aSbrdi a practiaal point 1ms than a day; tbeyuea^M 

«f Uie resources of the British made of tbe eonunba |aioa rf 

Government wbteh oannot fail the oonntrj.wttb altttleoonffae. 

of impressing tbe Arabs with a Tbe material! odst them about 

convictiob of tbe dan^ter of pnr- half a rupee for each Blanket^ 

lUinE a Bjstem, vhich we (kre and a man and his wife van A- 

resolved on annlbllatlDf ; we nlsh four, in six days, by wbi«k 

feel therefore persaaded that tfaej olear bat little inore than 

uongh the local and Immediate enough to live on, say half a tm- 

effect of the armament may be |>ee on each, 

Unimportant, its permanent in- The Wool of thia «uu<tli7v 

flaence will abandantly compeo- the Deckaa, (few sheep ara bred 

■ate Kit the Umitied extent of in the Koakan,) ia not so hank 

its operation and the compara- ak is generally imagined,' tt la 

liveweakness of thcEnemy who readily pressed or beat into * 

fcss provoked these hostilities. kind at fetl, whidi ii uMd Or 

door mats, &o. 

' Woeltt* BUnitft ir Kvalitt, The aheep themselves are tte 

F— Are mauufoctuVed lUI over most stnpid and unsightly oE 

Western India; tbe narrow their race, genMrally wanthoras 

ones, known by the name of and are anlleD and indocile i 

Keish or Sash, and irtiicb come their head is more oarvod tbaa 

jhnn Kandeish and Mahra are in the other varieties. 

■oinet!mesTer}fine,sel1ingfroa They are brought down tbi 

8'to lo Rnpeea each. In Bom- Ghantj in droves of from fiOO ts 

bay themanufaetoreof acoarse 1000, and generally sold leas 

hand is carried onto a great ex- for a or H mpees each, and ttt 

lent, perhaps not less than Ships fw al)0B%4i a good qDar> 

40,400 annually; they sell' in ter of mnttoifhowevcr coats 1| 

g^keral' fhHD ) to l^ Rupees and a sn^rior one 3 rupees. 

each. Notwitha landing the umnwiaft 

' The ManufHofnrers are ehief- flocks of these axifmBis, good 

ly Itaharatas of ibe Coonby mutton is ilffl not always to bv 

tribe, for the art it very simple, obtained in Bomhsy, nnd in 1h^ 

aAd many labotarers ivhen in a laini is often.nottobe proear- 

want of a day's work occupy ed at all ; the kid and goaj 

themadvca, if not in weaving, miitton are however exaeUoai 

tn cleaning the wool. Tbe wod sabstitules. 

la cUeSy Mack, tbongh tbcra Beofal, Biil«pe or Afiica* 

tore some threads of dirty while Sheep, theiefbre, are still epokir 

««caaioBally Introduced. dered, as aooeplaUe praenla. 

' The proAess of shearing, is Cofosldentbla ahipoMnU of 

peifcrmed very slovenly, and it thtnr sUos have been ooensi- 

appeara there is nore dnad onally mad» to AHS«ri«» and 

wool osetl, than live; M hear- Foreign Bo ropa, birtwobeUcvtt 

ever goes through many waah- without Boeh-sAvanl age. 

iagf, Md is oleuwd with tbe Gn. F«K 14. 




4dhere^ way ofHuso»t,«nd 
Capl. BrsM had commeiiDed 
f.«orreip«iklene« vith tfce.pTft- 
•mt ]>Dl«, denandtiig ample 
TC;>mh«umi foi the insulU nnd 
iyfaiiftiirv iwd nceiTod fion 
h«s predseeMor. Notiuof deSa- 
RivahadbeMi acceded u^ bat 
ftara waaftTci; reason to expect, 
ftnu ttw dispoaitioa wMiJi tbe 
ptcwBt Dolaoi Movbn evinced 
Dwac Ji.u* that ourj uit demaada 
would be complieii with, and 
401 fUendlTTelationsreeBtablUh- 
ed with the Imaum of Senna, 
withont onr having recoune t» 
fitf thef affeoaive opetatiDns . 

Tke report brou^t down bf 
0M tranlEcy ftom Muscat, of the 
trrivaloftbeexpeifitioDat Zoor, 
baa been confirmed. Our tioopa 
landed there on the 29th J anuar; , 

Botmimi Educvliiim Sotitty.- 
^ Hondar last the Bduoatio 
Sodlety held their anaori meet- 

ing, at wfaidi His Exoelleocj 
Lieutenant Qeneral the Honor- 
able Sir Charles ColTille, O. C. 
B- pr&tidod. 

Ttie aniiun) report wu read, 
l^viaj a very satisfactory ao- 
oouat of the proceedinn tor the 
last year. lathe boys oeniral 
•ebool ihtra are, 93 ehildren 
nuuittainuo by the Society, and 
68 day-acbotars: in the girts^ 
fentrnlsuhool there are 66 chil- 
4reii maintained and educated 
by the SoQkty. The total re. 
Mipts, inoiuding the CiMupanyfs 
dimaiion of 6,2Mu rupees, hare 
been rs. 3r,3-^ and the Xav^i 
disbtin^n»ts TS> 30,7U1. The 
repoit Kives ebo a general aiM 
eount of the regimental sohools 
wittnn this GOTemaMnt, and 
•d, on Dm model of the Poon- 
amallee Asylum near Madras, 
for obtaining a fixed sobacrlptton 

•nbaeriben wba die or, an t»> 
moved to Europe. 

The report then details th« 
praceediogs relative to thefoT'^ 
matioQ 01 the " Nnlive Sohooi 
and School Book Cummittee," 
of wbiiA we gsTean account (^t 
the time in Au^uatiaat: to tlkf 
short period whicli fybeequcpt- 
ly elapsed l>erarc tJie close of 
lbs year, this committee bad 
not found opportunities of foi- 
tberiiig tlieir designs to any 
(rent extent. 

The annoal examination at 
the children of the two Central 
Schools was postponed uudi 
after the arrival of the Lord 
Bishop of Calcutta, who is daily Bombay. 

cmo-. pa. ir. 

"Hie Lord Bishop of Calcutta, 
landed from ^e Susan, Mondajr 
morniatc, under the salute dua 
to his rank.. We are happy in 
Stating that bis Lordsliip and 
Mrs. Hiddleton are in paifeot 

The Coinwnllis sailed Craai 
Huscsit on the ISth inst. and 
left there soma of out Tnui»> 
ports from Zoar, completioc 
their water J our troops went 
itill encamped near Zoar, wait- 
ing fui tlie Imaun's sapply of 
Camels, in order to remove to 
the interior. Zunr is statod to ba 
a most miserable place, deatituta 
of every thing iu (he shape of 
■applies. Some skiruusliing had 
taken place and on the nigbt of 
the LUih iasL a purty of Ik* 
cneiny, after having driven in 
the Pjoqnet on the le£l af thn 
Camp, succeeded in getting into 
the rear of the liuM (d'.tha Eu- 
ropean Regimen^ and oommit- 
ted macb serions iujaty befOM 
the Reriment conld fcet nader 
arms; but the nosMM that an 
array was formed agaiust them, 
they fled in all directiaos. Oar 
lOsB iu this ai'sir is however 
great. Captain Eair, «I the. £r- 
f 2 npeaa 



topeaii R^rt> i^ S«Tfeaiit ud IS 
Um beltti; kilted, and Col. Cox, 
and lieatenant) Wa&iu and 
Burnet, vith 33 nnk. »d file 
woDnded. Total killed 17, total 
wooimImI 9fr— gtuid total 43. 

Gax, Fti. 38. 

H. M. BriK Curlew cams 
i/a on Sunday last lh>in tha 
Gulf (>f Persia, bringliif as aa> 
coonts trofn both Buisorab and 
TtiBT ; the toUomag are extract* 

Zosr,— FebniBTj 7t1i ; aoms 
tlmB) oall^ «ad written Soor, 
is a Town in Arabia, situated 
in Iiatitude 33 37 N. and Lon. 
gitode fie 3B Bast. 

It b subject to the Imanm of 
Muaoat, but ii siuToanded with 
hostile tribes who are much of- 
tener at war witb tboir neigh- 
liotirs, than at peace. 
. The Roadstead is open, and 
tlie anchorage in 7 fathonii, it 
on a hard bottom ; the landing 
we found diffioiilt enough ; se- 
veral boats have been upset in 
the Surf, the N. Westers make 
the anchorage very unsafe ; our 
Carriage Cattle are not'all arri- 
ved. Bent bu allee ia situated 
vbont 00 mile* West ot'thia 
place, anil is represonted as a 
MrODK position, and we are told 
ihey are detenoined on maUn; 
Kbold' reslstanee. 

' Some spies were eEeentedin 
4m Imaom's camp the olbor 

AiUforaA— The te*trie(ians on 
trade ttill continue; die Com- 
watlia and Brnunfore hare in 
mueqaenca renuinad at Bu- 

' KUhm.—nti H. C. Sarrey- 
tng Ship Diacoveij ii nctiTMj 

employed _la anrretinc t)^ 
Coast betweel) Cape TSusuih 

Muscat, who has been thiet 
year* among the Wababees. 

Cms. Feb. SI. 

Wc understand tljat OoTern- 
lUent, ever alive to the heaKK 
hnd welfare of the troops, hare 
Isnied orders for the hntfing c^ 
H. it. 67th Re^ment.— Ttt* 
work is alreadj in progress ;'eve. 
17 exertion is making to acoele- 
rateits completion :—4nt tha 

Seat scarcity of materials, and 
e almost insurmountable diBl- 
cnlty of procaring bricklayers if' 
seTiretyfelt — Sholapore is r«r 
presented a* peculiarly well 
uiil from it* open xilaaticm, ai^ 
Being perfectly free oF Juiq^e, 
very dry,, and withoat vegeUt- 
tion, there is every reason to ba- 
lieTc it will proTc particalarlr 
healthy.. Considernble taste n 
displs) ed in the construction of 
the huts.— The lines' already 
vssuinea cheerfol appearance— 
and whilst the men's htbtt^ 
tioDs are risinf to the aortA, 
tbe oOlcers' bungalows keep 
pace to the sonA. To Brf* 
tish soldiers nnder the diree- 
tion of experienced oBeers atf 
tiling h difficult.— The impor- 
tance of these labors, and ttift 
advantages resulting (tierefroia 
will be sufficiently felt idurini: 
the ensuing rains. — Welts rr 
■inking thro* the soHd rook, and 
we believe it Is in contemplation 
to erect an fa'ospitd on a rising 
ground Ui'lhelef>. 

Covr. Feh^^L 



For March, 1831. 

The Honorable Ihe Governor 
wu expected to arrive at Ibe re- 
■idencjbjtbe tenth instant 

Cci. Mar. 7. 

(able persoHB in Bombs j ; that It 
lias been seen al sen, and we ob- 
serve by the 'papers oT lo-Awyi 
that it hai been also leea at 
Uatltas. ' 

One of Ibe Twenty tJwd 
Ships built at Cochin, hR5 beea 

I so interesting an 
will be many, and 

! will depart, without 

licinK convinced of the atilitj' 
mnd bimanity of tliis excelient 

We are assured that the Comti 
iaa been seen by many icspec- 

at Ahmndabad. 

Early in tbc moatb .of Mttf 

,1830, two Armeniani wmos- U> 
that city and unplnyed' ttip 
broken to .raiie oasb opon 

' some diamandfl ; the broluv 
introdnced the Arnicniiins Up 
TVuktihah, -the Dio«t ofmleut 
merchant of the lily, nmliinoit- 
diat«ly a negociatiiai cotnmcn- 
oed. After tome barpuninx, 
Wuktshah afi;recd lo take up 
the diatnondi valacd al 13,000 
rupees, for rupees 8600, and 
to give a hooitdee on Palee for 
that amouuL The diamonds 
were in a small tin box, similar 
to, but much flntter than, a com- 
raon wafer bnx. Oa the ar- 

- tan^ement bein^ coildaded, 

' wax waj tooagtat, wd tbe Ar- 



neninns wrapping up lli« box in' kiMrus/a priniad oopjr of wUA 
clolh, sealed it with much ceie- was pteaented to each iodivi- 
mon;. It was agreed that the dual pieuat. 

;„r..: „" j™», ^„^U«i.tolor6 Hi. BccdJ 
»«r>»n7.,ir>.i..i. ■ I. !„„.» r "lio *wo ichools liaTinB been 

n;i"»^\t™ d"i'"£? : c;r* Sid" ivss: 

•imed upon opmioi Ibo box u r^"!' . P""""^,^ ■ 'IweWoW 

( „ „„ '■ Pi~" "K Ten Uiem bv the kmdncas ol La- 

b. o»u»-.„oa p,oe ! ^^ Ooftdle'exhibilod to Ho fe- 

dies tb«ir different attain mrnls, 
and shewed forjr woll eKo«a<eil 
■pecimens of plain needle work, 
Tlie^rl»of ihe gTcaiosI merit 
' were then selected aod prenen- 
ted by the LaAj Pairoticss, la 
the name of the Sodety, with 
silver medals, or a leward of 

The boys were «t tbe aaat* 

time examined by tbo filshop; 

' vbo leafing' soMe of tho jcmior 

classes for another day, very 

ninutely and strictly tried th» 

abilities and attainments of tbe 

1st and 3d classes, particularly 

in spelling;, writing, and arill^ 

melic. (lis Lordahip bi^bly 

cdrnplimeoted someor the cbiU 

dren, wbo indeed proved thnu^ 

9«lve» denerving- ot'his coinmen>- 

datton. Tbe boys of Ihc highest 

merit were then presented by 

the Bishop, ih the name of the 

Society, with medals, or boots, 

KruordiDgto their several prat 

- :ih« lri>td Bbbop of Calcutta fioiencie^ The w*ole of the. t*» 

ieua cwifirmaiion m St. Tho. sobooltr*ere tlien brongM tofit*. 

na«s ohttrcli on Saturday last, tier, and passed before Sir 

lipnards of JS« persons wef« Charles Cohille and- the othMt 

ciiilimiod. After the ooafirma-. ladleSjand ^ertflem-n prcs*nl. ■■ 

Uou, His Lordahip dcliTered Wc five" confident, Ihc pufclio 

In aj»|Mopnate md imiuessive eshibiliSa of th«sa ehildrea- 


IfOMBAY OOGimtlE17C£3. jJt 

fltwt bav» fcem graUfrlnf fn' ed to tnt their wajr'thnraKlitbf 

the Upliest decree to all the Brigade t« the Tope, some few 

■ubacnberi to thii cEeellent !■- lacfieeded, the remaiader ffeUl 

stitntiaii who were preient It akortly afiet two Aromea eaiu« 

u m moit affeotiDK ud deligbt. out vrilh ti Flag «f Truce, aal 

lot aigbt. to behold so bmu^ tbe firiog ceased, but u the ene- 

boj» and fitbi mipportod In the my were evidently eaeaping, U 

cbuity Hsd beDevelettce of Ota wa« renewed with great yisor, 

bighly reipectaUe ooBaiimi^ aod weaugceedediQ makiiiftpd-. 

of thisprendeaey, *nd broa|[hl sonersoftwocbiefi aDd270nei^ 

np by U)eli meaDi ia religiou who are safe in the Fort. 

baMti find uiefal knowledge. «„ _„ __„ij l„„. f.„.«d 

BJLM"«SeSt&* -»" u^UyTr. huad^i'S; 

£:'7f''d"eu"vSr'buU:i :: ^T.b=d"' '--^^•« 

oatbeLord'»p«5ere»orya«a. •f* thousand. 
da/ Aveidnx, during his tUf Oar toil hu beea rather m^ 
bere, as well «a th« Friday a- w«* *«' "• haTe taught them 
itaiMsMoitke preieaL Lent. i^ lessoa that they will not avm 
Comr. Mm-ek 17i forget. The prisuaet«, men, w«< 
Men aad ohildran amount Ut 

AletterrraniBeDi buoHajiaa II^OO- 

UatcdtheSdof March, Aetaili Dr. Gordon was cut to picees) 

the attack at Beai 800 Ali aa Captaia Steward, leTeMtf 

follow*. wounded in tbe bead; Ueat. 

The Baetuy opened ttaai tha Tharman wounded hat not tfatiu 

IS poundera which they had ta- a erondy ; be cut dowa fuuj aad 

ken from the detacbnent .of behaved excellentTy ; Ueale- 

Caplaio' Tbotnion, the third nnntsCuppage, Madden, aal 

ahot lulled a Corpmal of the Mulkem, 65tb, are jlighfl/ 

European Regiment, and shot wounded, 

•ff the ana efa Pioneer; at a- We are informed tbat laea^ 

faoatbalf put one, they begun rare 1 are taking to re-cmhairk 

ao asaenbte in the Tof, on the the Troops from Soor, aad that 

left in Kreat loree. Tlieiaibn. the whole force nay be «x^ 

•penad against (beta 1 the line pectedtobe here by ue end of 

formed and moved down, the the preient month or the flnt 

vifCbt Brigade uadei C<^oael week in April. 

Warrea, in advance ; the Arab* We now tarn to the other side 

'lc<pt«p a smart ^re, and «a«- of the Arabian Peninsata, aad 

seeded in drivinfr ia tlie Sldr- eontemplate with pleasure the 

muher^ after wtueh thejr came soccess of our arms ia tktt 

oat and anade aa impetaoua Quarter. 

«ha«ge cm^ this Brigaidei tlwy ilforAa.— Thinking sfew Ttaei 

ware received by a voiley B^d detailLogsonie piuticDlsnof our 

akargcd, but tbcjr auaberaout- operations in tliii quarter night 

•aaked oars and they turned the be acceptable, I shatl notapo- 

1^ naok l*t I 7tb aad got in logiae for giving you a brief ont- 

tbe rean of that Corps, which line of them, as they have a|>- 

waa thrown into « teaqwrarj peatedto me; wahad a very 

-MHsfuaion, on which three Com- pleasant Vojraga aeraii from 

faiuea of the 0Atb, formed in the Bombay of fonrteen days ta 

.fcan, fired and ^sln chained. this place, where onr Sqaadroa 

The enemy aoon after were aaobored on the Sd Deecmber. 

■awnpletrly 'Wt«d ami attap^^ CaptaiaBruee who waaohargad 

=d by Google 


with ft« paUdiwl ptrt of tb» The NorA Fort wu now tko«^ 

busiDcta, wu OB board the to be enlirely lUModcped by tbo 

Can«» Tnuiiport ; be bid been Eacmy and the AMtelopetMMle 4 

■eiidinconiborcbiafewdeya, Telegr^ih signsL to that effect 

hit bad foBod it neceaaaiy to In tbe neaji time tbe Thainea 

■Kbaifc afain, ai the Nali*M UorUr Uoat threw ber 13 inch 

•vinced no dispoutioa to com- ■helU, into tbe Town, to tb« 

ply with oai dauBxid*; in Dwt great diima; and catuteraatioB 

Ibey cOBld not bdieve.that a of the terrified iBbaUiaBt* I who 

Fo«e was ooming to Blockade bad never believed thingi wovl4 ■ 

tbeir port* ; no aooner bad we be brought to BocJt a pats ; the 

BBcbored, but tbe Signal wu people were suiting the Tows, 

diii^yedon board H. H. Ship and the old Dplah (bosetfajibe 

Timaxe to " prtfart for BattW' principal Uerchanta and otbcrt 

and " (p uhs nf prM*r potitiont on everji aide) treabUng with fear 

fcB•flAarii»g tiMtiorthFart." and apiirehenaion, held faiaaged 

Frigate moved into 20 feet aide* and ezclaimi>4 with tean, 

wBter,tbe Antelope and Benaraa "Ob, that I ahouldlivo ta 

were laying within her, in little aeo thia ; . wbo voold ever 

wtom than their draft, at the have agppeied that I abould 

diitance of about aix or aevea have to fight" ! ! 1. at 10 A. U. 

knndred yarda from the North the Antelope got under we^h. 

Foit, and the Thamea Mortar and worked np in bexntifid 

Boat waa placed cloae in afaorot atjrle (under donbia reefed top- 

•ppoaite Town between tbe two aaila and couriea) to attack the 

WtnU ; and every thing waa Bouth Fort, but in taking cloae 

nady for opening a heavy fire under the lee of thia Fort htr 

Ml foUowiog morning, and ex- heel tooobed and miaaing ataji 

poctation was bigl^ aa to tho abe laj agronnd at tbe diatance 

affect it would produce. of &U0 yarda, bat in an excellent 

AtS A. M. on tbe 4th De- poaition for cannonading it; the 

cetnber the bosineaa was begun Fort inunediatelj opened their 

hy a Broadaide from the Pri< Quoa on tbe Antelope^ but was 

gate and followed by tbe aame aoon aUenced by the auperioc 

Komtbe two Crulaera, the fire fire of that Cruiser, whose pr^ 

was at firat amarlLy, re tamed by eiaion and executioa waa parti* 

the Enemy from all the cannon cularly noticed. Tbe Frigate ha4 

intheirfive Batteriea, but with still coniinned a heavy and well 

little effect, and ahortly after, directedoannonadeon the North 

began ta aUckco. Tbe effect of Battery^ and the ahot which 

«ac Guna waa good, conaider- miaaed it, passed over into the 

lug the distance, for in the Town ; tho effect was consider^ 

coarse of an hour the North able and nwnil'eat, yet it waa to 

BMterywasailencedandaparty be regretted that her draft ol 

of Arabs wbo were ataliooed water prevented ber getting close 

Iheaein (finding our fire particu- enough to make a practicable 

larly directed to that part of (he breach; by noon tbe Benares 

defences) quitted itieir post and had also got up to tbe Soiitk- 

— -"a a precipitate retreat a- ward and taken up aposilka 

Sghthadnow become u ohaec, tbe fire of the oeatte B&ltery; 

and I obaerved one o( them wfaenaFlag of Truceeameoi; 

knocked down by a cannon Sbot and a general Truce was dia^ 

whicb OTerUwk him in tbe race, plajed by the Squadron. Tlw 


croaa the lathmua, towarda the for aupporling the Antelope and 
ifecca£ateoftheTown. The covering the Bomb veaael ftoas 

:, Google 


9opai» BOW mtdfl Tri^nph 
fiigoal, " great many killrd on 
'Sbore, tlej wsnt eight days 
^Trnce, I havR i^aiited 6ae baur 
Kti balf." — Ve now karat that 
tbeDolah Ti^ seat off foiif 3-J 
Pound Shot to thg TmautD of 
Senna, by an express, with a 
dolefnl lami^Dtation ft at bo 
'should hn\c had the bhrdifaood 
toHrcltae compHance with onr 
wished, and tfmj sabject him to 
jpceive '*"<'^ oncourteoiu and 
indigestible Balls of Tran. 

■ At a P. M. tludiHB onr pro- 
posals not answer'd, Oieflrio| 
^iu reCDininenced on the Norta 
Portby tiie Frigate, and on iho 
Town by the two Cruiiers and 
the Mortar Boat, and was coo- 
timied during tbe afternoon ; 
at a quarter past 2 P.' H; tbo 
Boats ot tbe sqakdion manned 
and armed with a party of ma- 
Ttnes and'Mtfllery nmler com- 
nnnd ofUeutenants Voriuly, 
Wrixbt and Atkinton, of the 
Topase, iients. WHsod, and 
HacDowall, of the Benares 
and Antelope, and Llflnt. Jacob, 
cfarliUerr, baling been sjjcm- 
tied rciandtfae Fri^te by signal, 
pushed off with View of taking 
possessron of the Iforlh Fnrc. 
ney effected a landing about 
liairpastS a'cUwk unriet cover 
Afthe nas of the Topaze, bat 
ba se'tffn^ to tbe Fort the door 
was barricaded, and the party 
hi*fi>K no. means of escatadin; 
(bo wan, atitl beiny naable to 
force the gate-way, the assaH- 
|mts were at length relaelantty 
compelled to retreat to their 
Boats nnder a |;aTlin7 fite froni 
jtaatcHlocics of the Arabs, and 
Wtb a heavy lots of killed and 
wannded ; altho' foiled in their 
dbject, no words cbo dd Justice 
io the meiita of the party era- 
fttoyod on this enterprise ; tho 
coola'ess and determined spirit 
bf Oailanfr^ which actuated 
•Tory individael was never 
tkMe oonspicnoos than On this 

trying oceaslon ; bath OHodtI' 
and men w^e obserred gnlnr 
round, and about every side of 
the Fort, seeking la vala for a 
bote to creep ihroagb, or in 
any way to gain acoeis to the 
area of the Work, while many 
werefallingby amnrderous fire 
framlhem-itcSlncklof tbe enemy, 
who unseen and in security, tot« 
deHberate aim at ttietr vlMltas 
Ihro' loop boles in the welTB and 
by burling shot, Btonet and qniek 
lime on their heads from above. 
This is One of lite melaneliolr 
instances wMeh eoeasionally 
oecut on expedltione of thl^ 
nature, and while Ht regret the 
lois of those brave men who hll 
in this BffBir,no Uame ean be at-* 
tailed to any party, That expe^ 
riencedandgatUnt OfRcerGapl. 
Lnml ey wh command* On foree , 
had dnnbtlesi very strong rea- 
son to believe that Oe Fort wai 
tfi andoned, and from the cirekBW 
stoncea of no men baring been 
•eehio,andnotBguD having been 
find fhim it since B o'eloAlt, It' 
was but reasonable to cohclude 
■o, nuii in his feal for the ac- 

Siisitton nf an important part of 
e Iprvice. namely the destrad- 
tion of (fae North Fort, he diren- 
ted it In betaken possession of 
as the bnt means Of termina- 
ting; hostilities, and securinj; 
The British interests b; a speedf 
■cqtiksi'enoe with onr reasond* 
We and just demands ; a correct 
list ofthe Killed and Wounded 
is inclosed. 

The Shells fronl the Bomb 
Ketch were thrown Into tho 
Town with n'^mirahle elfect da- 
ring the night, and (at a 1900 
yardrnnEe^ penetrated the flat 
roofs of the houses and tiirongh 
two floors, and exploded in tht» 
lower apartments,' destroying 
whole families ; the explosion 
of some Shells in the early part 
of the night (paused twb exten- 
sive ctonflagralions In the Town, 
which desttoyedflie Prison and 
r Oovemor'a 


iii CALC'ltrrA ANNUAL REOtstMR 1821. 

GoTcrnor's Stables, iM : Tltere Honebacfc when andwkenlit 

jf as a sineular circa instance of pleases ; hiTc free ingress and 

a Shell falllDic loto U)e Shop at egress to all tbe gatH of Mocha, 

apettj jferchant who had been amongst others of ShaikShade- 

notorious for Ms derision and ley, from which Europeans hara 

abuse of the Bo^^lisb on all oc- bitberlo been exdaded for some 

CBsions. He va shattered to years past; and shall hare at) 

atoms among the ruined frag, the same liberty and freedom 

ments of his warehouse. Ibey have at Busbire, Bussora, 

Semw, the capital of Yemen, ^ . . ,. . 

en boud U.' H. C. Ship E™..d p^u.ion lo pncd 

I.>"T;- 1° S™. ,nJ commVi.ic.n 

l'~s°r.'.T.dd U..1 CpM. "■'Hi. High.... tte to^t 

OS Ui rtu™ lo Enjlud b, ■»rj to do !o,lhc DoUon Hem 

a>;^tJ,z^ "?»f '. .b°^ " "ti" "" ■'■'"^'"■' ■"'"'"' 

U].,„. e„.J».r.Jl, "l"S?-5,j.Th.,0„„oh,. 

— " rage duty of (400 a. c.) foar 

Tbe following Treaty, ncgo- hundred fterman crowns shall 

tiatcd by Captain William bencefortit cease on British 

Bruc«, between HU Hishness Ships, irtiich bas hitherto been 

tbe Imaum of Senna and the levied on all merchant sbipi 

British Government, dated the when they landed cargoes. 

'l&tbofJanuarj 1821,ispoblish- Hereafter no duty on thb ao. 

ed for general information. The count sball be paid, whether 

blockade of the port of Mocha cargo is landedor not, the sam* 

and all the other porta and pla- as His Majesty's Ships and tb« 

ces belonping to the Imaum of Honorable Company ■ VcsaelJI 

Senna in the Arabian Gulph, as of War. 

announced by the Proclamation Article 6th. Allsubjects of th« 

dated the 9lh of August 1820, British Government trading to 

terminated on Ibe conclusion of Mocha, and particularly the 

Hie Treaty in question, via. iba merchants of Surat, shall do stf 

lljib of January, 1821. under the protection of the Bri- 

Artitit i't. That tbe Besl- tish flag (if of the Islam fdth, 

dent shall have a guard of the "nd wish to setdo their dispute* 

same slrengtb as is allowed at according to the Mahomcdaa 

Bagdad, Bussora and Bushire, Sharah, they shall be at Uber^ 

nfthlrly men, to support his res- to do so, a person on the part 

pectability. of tlie Resident attending), ani^ 

A>ii<U2d. That the Resident all differencesamoogtbemsclvea 

«hBll be exempt from all compll- shall be decided by the Re- 

ances degrading to the cbarao- sidenl ; in the event of any of 

tor of the representaUve of the the Imam's subjects being con- 

Bridsh Government; that he cerned in the dispute, byana- 

ahall have full liberty to dde on gcnl on the part of the Resi- 

L ,l,z<,i:,.,G00glf 


tftnt (or hiniolfif lie plouea) 
"iuid the Governor eonjoinlly ; 
If the Imam's subject is wrong;, 
the GOTCrnor shall punish him, 
ir on the coDtrai;, the Resident. 
Also that all the dependants of 
'the Factory of every denomina- 
tion from brokcidonnwardsshaU 
liewholly underthe protection of 
the British flag, and control of 
the Besident, who shall alone 
possess the power of paniihiDg 
them and redressing alf oom- 
plainta against them. 
' This Sixth Arltcle h»s been 
expressly admifted hj separate 

6 ant to Captnio Bmce by Uii 
ijihness the Imam. 
A rtiett 7(A. That the Export 
dntyonthe British trsde anall 
b« hereafter 2) per cent, the 
•ame ns the French, and not 3} 
«< bhheito, and that (he Import 

datj shall be the lame t« tho 
English and all their lubjects, 
and no more shall be levied thaa 
31 per cent- upon Imports and 

This Article is expressly 
gran ted by separata Grmaa 
fram his Highness, as apartira- 
lar mark of tiis friendship to th* 
British nation. 

Govt. Agtnii 
16fAJ(inuir.v, 1831. 

TnuE Copy, 

Gevt. Agtnt. 
Signed and sealed by Ameer 
Falhallah and all the Membera 
«f the- Hocha Coancil to esch 
separate Article, as also by 
Captain Bruce. Cow. 3I«r. 31. 


For April, 182L 

l7th of March, St. Patrick's day, 
the Sens of Hibernia in Katcb 

Save an entertainment to the 
esidentHr. Williams, and the 
Gentlemen of the Cantonment ; 
the ntmost hilarity and unaul- 
inity i>r(. vailed and every honor 
was doue the Saint of die Emei> 
aid Isle. 

Captain Sadlier and Saite 
arrived at Bliooj this morning, 
ftomSciiid; they havebeen near- 
ly a month from Hyderabad, 
they are alt well and lenvc this 
to-morrow for Mandavie, from 
which place tbey are to take 
shipping for Bombay. 

On Sunday last, the Lord 
JBisbop of Calmttn preached his 
last sermon, taking bis text from 
Ue 20th Verse of the 3tb Chap- 

ter Oif the 3d Epistle of Paul to 
the Corinthians ; " Now then 
wc are ambassadors for Christ :" 
after which his Ijordship admi- 
nistered tlie Lord's Supper to a 
numerous body of commnot- 

During this last week hia 
Lordship has cons ecr air d the 
several Burying groonde, at 
Maioonga, Choupattee aadCo- 

We are informed that his 
Lordship will embark on the 
Susan, for Ceylon, eilhpr tMh 
evening or to-moirow morning, 
carrying with him the estecn 
and reverence of onr lltde So* 

Yesterday was the most gloo- 
my day we ever recollect at this 
time of the year ; il rained gent- 
ly throughout the day, and the 
%-% ■ ntf 

:,, Google 


total want of wind caued & 
very vnuBtiftl cloaenesi. H. 'H. 
Ship Topaxe got ondcr wcist in 
titn aftflnuxm, bat wu obUf ed 
to Hwhor tif^a, and a Ship' 

'« total want of wind. Id the 
'ereDioK the wind wai Dgbt from 
th* SoBlkvard, with ainall rain ; 
the Baronicler varied however 
%vt little from fti qsubI itan- 
dard. n thst our feara of on 
April Oale, whb toon set at 
reiL Omx. ApriH, 

The fmndation atone of ths 
UoDnment deaiined to peTp«- 
puate the defenee of Korrgaom 
was iaid-by Colonel Haskision, 
on behalf of M^or General 
^mith, on Honijay the 2tilh nU 
tiino. Thi« interestinK ciremo- 
n* took place at hmf past 5 
o'clock in the CTeninf, in pre- 
■eoceof the chief c)nl and mill' 
tary anthoritiea in the Deccan, 
Tbe part; aasembled in an ad- 
joiniagsaiteoftenlp uid march- 
ed in procession to tbe spot, 
where they were reoei*e(i under 
a general salote by a deUoh- 
'mcnt of ATLillery, two compa- 
nies of Grenadieij from the Iqt 
or Kory)i;Hura Regimeai, and the 
■fcandof H.M'*4/tli Kegimenl. 
A brass ptnte wilh the t'ollowiug; 
inscription ; 

Thii foundation stone wu Idd 

■ Anno Domini 1621: 

Ttie Most Noblo the 

MAitauBis OF Haitings, 

Oonrnor GcupmI of India; 
And tbe Hon'ble 


Governor of Bombay : 
was then deposited in the foon- 
dktion atone with « few British 
coins, and a scroll qf parchment 
Mnt>iniDK die names of the per- 
flons piesrat at the ceremony. 
The Colonel then aseerliioed 
with true masonic prciusion, the 
eonectness of tbe level, when 
three tollies of mqaqoelry, and a 
'TO si salate from tbe Artillerr 

annovneed tbe tcrrainatian of Ap 
proceeding. The party subse- 
qaently retired to an enterini^ 
mentproiidedhy Captain Nut 
of the Engineers (the officer an- 
der whose superinteDdence th« 
HoDument is ereciins), whera 
mirth and conviviality detained 
them tU^ a late huur. Tberg 
were many exec Unit songa 
•Dog.andtbe Band of His Ua- 
jes(j's4Tth Regiment wa4 oblig|- 
ingly spared for the occasion. 

Gai. dprillt, 

Poonak.—Tht Mess ffooaa 
bnilt by the Officers of Ria Ha. 
jesty'a 47th Regt. -in the Caa- 
ton^cDtg atPoona, was opened 
on Fridfty last; Hi. ChapUn tfaa 
Commisiioner, and all tlteMilt 
tary and Civi^ OBicers aC tbf 
Station dined with the Cotpa, 
which was kept op, wlthtba 
grealest harmony, tilt a lata 

The bnitdtng reteota great 
credit on the Committee of 
manegement both as to eomfoft 
and conveniences ; it Is c'apabia 
of dining a houdred people, be- 
sides an extensive Uusic suid 
Billiard Room- 

Tbf whole iinantlty of Nor- 
thern Cotton imported duriai: 
Ibe present season amounte<f 
jesterday to 17,848 Bales. 

Sail. This necessary article 
is roanufactared on all the 
Coaata of Western India, bat 
Malabar iind Kanaral^aTe been 
tdmays, more or Icsi dependant 
on Bombay, as bavo tbe Laoca* 
diva and Maldiv a glands. This 
last year more than a doubly 
qoanlity has been sent to Mal- 
abar, and shipments have beoq 
made to Bengal and to Java, 
as the Salt pans on the Coro. 
mandel coast, owin; to da- 
mage done them by Gales of 
wind, have been nnuble to sup^ 
pi; the tuual quuati^. 



M 0««UimI more or leMin idl 
1b» prindpal viliacu in the 
Sootbeni KoncBa, ■ 

The|:ruid d«pot ii bowever 
•t Bombay and the adjaiLtng 

la no part of the known world 
iaialt madeas oheap as itlsin 
Bombay, or witb sncb facility. 
The Salt mines in pelano field 
with the labour of 1000 persom 
«boDt aOOOTons anuuaUy, which 
js sold for about 260 Eaelish 

?onej per quiutal, of 1301b. 
he Salt from tbe punei at 
Nantwicb io Cheshire is sold 
'forabeatl shilling per owt on 

Hie Salt pans*, Afgar, on the 
Island of Bombay commence on 
the Eastern side at Snree, and 
'iextrad as far as Sion, and are 
BO exteniif e that tbe giand hai~ 
vest in April and Maj will ;rield 
ws much as 7 OT 8000 tons ; it is 
collected as it is made and beep- 
ed up in large pjramids, and 
covered with matis which resist 
even the moosoou rain. 

In quality it resembles the 
Bay salt of Enrope, and Bom- 
bay and the. Adjuiuittg Islands 
• ' Afgar, llie aiitt paiu, ure «o 
called In the MahtattB luigaBge, 
and a tribe wbo are employed In 
ibti manufactare of Salt as well U 
in Hubandry, are i^eqominated 
AggrecR, and on lome occasion*, 
the Cocoaant'ind Bettlennt Oar- 
deni aie alio called Aggar. 

The annual importation of Salt 

Sta Bengal It ilaled as ifimfiOO, 
anndi of Tf lb each, or 140,000 
Tons ; thli appeari to be a very 
large coasompnon, yet It does not 
^eeed that of CantM, and it ia 
Mid that the datle* levied on Salt, 
■mt Canton, aaeaed that of aU tha 
f weiga trade. 

cnnld pethaps, export 40,OOft 
Tons, without much inconvenl-- 
encei as this year without anv 
previous knowledge tfaat sd<» 
adcraBod was piobHble, the ex- 
port, besides furnishing 400O 
Tons to Malabar, has been 3000 
Tons to Bengal and 3600 to Bv 

The Ibnr principal Salt pana 
belong to tbe Company, vix. 
Rowlee, Shaik Hisseree, Wa- 
dalla, and Suree, who keep the 
Sluices, &o. in repair and divide , 
the produce with the mnnufao- 
tnrers ; the others, twelve in 
nnmber, are the property of in- 

A considerable quantity is al- 
to made on Caranja, and al Tull, 
on Satsette at Bassein, and De- 
mann, from ail of which places it 
has been brought this year for 
the purpose oC exportation. 

In compion years the price of 
this article rarely exceeds 2 Ru- 

fersperTon; this year it has 
ecu ashigh as and even 7 at tbo 
Pans, and the charge for lading 
ia about a Rupee more. 

It is sold in Bombay by the 
folhwioE mcKsiirc: lUO Parahs 
of 56 lb. each 1 Anna. 1600 
Pars, or 16 Ans. 1 Bash 4D 

It is however iint40 Tons, fox 
the wastage in the Shipment, 
wirh all the care that can be ta. 
ken, is very great; the Rash 
must therefore be not called 
more than 35 Tods. 

Cii^r. April 18. 

The quantity of Norlhem 
Cotton imparted from the com* 
menccment of the seasop, 
brought, up to Monday lu^ 
amonnt to 22,034 Bales. 

Caz. Apr. 2S. 

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For May, 1821. 

Tha Hon'ble tbe Goveraor %bs 
keen delayed on t!ie rom), and 
nr. understand, is not cs.pect«d 
for some day*. 

The wind bas been Soothetly 
for these some days past, bnt K 
considerable quantity of Cotton 
has seveitheleas come down. 
TVe think, about 40,000 Bales 
Of NnrtborD Cotton axe now in 
land, besides the 10,000 of Soik 
tbern ; the Prices demaniled are 
lowever so mnch above onr 
MnurtMwn, that is about Rs. 170 
per Candy, that ve can see na- 
Ihing benerieial in the result. 

Oh Wedncday ihe 2d in- 
■jtant. at cleTea o'clock, wb» 
floaied from the nppfr Bombaj 
dock, a new fH^tite of 24 guns, 
built rerthe Hon'ble Company'* 
Marine. This vessel, on quitting- 
the dock in whi