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See page viii. 



Cabtstocfe ladsfe ilecortis. 


R. N. mmXH, F.G.S., 

Author of the Histories of Devon, Plymouth, Devo?i/>ort, etc. 










Churchwardens' Accounts ... t 

• • • • 1 

Deeds and Associated Documents . . . . 65 

Miscellaneous . . . . . . . 109 

Appendix : 

List of Abbots . . . . . . no 

List of Vicars . . , . . , 121 

List of Members of Parliament . . . . 124 

Plate, Registers, Parish Books, etc. . . .130 


The documents contained in the old parish chest of Tavistock 
were examined in 1827 by Mr. A. J. Kempe, brother of Mrs. 
Bray, and partially described by him in the Gentleman's Magazine 
for 1830; whence Mrs. Bray made sundry quotations in her 
Tamar and Tavy. They were also consulted by Mr. Edward 
Smith for his intended History of Tavistock and its Abbey. For 
over half a century they were then forgotten, until, on the death 
of Mr. Stannes, for many years churchwarden, it was found that 
they had been in his keeping. 

Having examined this interesting collection, the Rev. D. P. 
Alford, Vicar of Tavistock, brought them under the notice of his 
Grace the Duke of Bedford, who desired that a full examination 
should be made by someone familiar with ancient MSS. This 
examination I had the pleasure of making ; and upon reporting 
that the records were of very great local interest, and largely in 
such a state of decay as rendered the preservation of a digest 
desirable, his Grace liberally directed that a full calendar and 
abstract should be prepared and printed. Hence the present 

While the value of the documents is mainly local, exceptional 
personal interest attaches to them, from the numerous references 
to the families of note of whom Tavistock has been the cradle. 
They supply important genealogical material for more than three 
centuries before the Tavistock " Church Registers " commence in 
16 1 4. Many points touching the social life of a provincial centre 
in the Middle Ages are also incidentally elucidated. 

The records are moreover almost unique in the full picture they 
present of the progress of an ancient town, in which the Gild 
never merged into the Municipality ; but in which an efficient 
system of local government developed upon the lines of the Saxon 
Township and the Feudal Manor. 

The earliest dated of the documents is a deed of 1287, pre- 
cisely six centuries ago. They may be classed generally under 
two heads : Churchwardens' Accounts ; and Deeds and Associated 
Documents. The Churchwardens' Accounts are very imperfect 
as a series : but they begin in 1385, with what is believed to be 
the oldest Warden Roll in existence ; and comprise eight anterior 
to the roll of 1425, with which the records of St. Petrock, Exeter, 

viii Editor s Note. 

commence, and which has hitherto been regarded as the earUest 

In the preparation of this Calendar the documents have been 
classified in three divisions : Churchwardens' Accounts; Deeds and 
Associated Documents ; and Miscellaneous — each section being 
arranged in order of date. A description of each MS. is given, 
with any special point of interest. In dealing with the Warden 
Rolls personal entries have been reproduced. The following have 
been given either in full, or in full abstract: 1385-6, 1425-6, 
1470-71, 1538-9, 1555-6, 1561-2, 1566-7, 1573-4, 1574-5. 
1588-9, 1605-6, 1684-5. Many of the entries are periodical. 
It has not been thought necessary to repeat these, unless they 
were in some way of an exceptional character. 

Nearly all the documents down to the reign of Henry VIII. 
are in Latin ; and several of those of later date. With the excep- 
tion of some very obscure passages, which are quoted as they 
stand, the whole have been translated, and in doubtful cases the 
original is given as well as the rendering. Great difficulty has 
been experienced from illegibility and imperfection, some of the 
MSS. crumbling under the touch ; but where there is a doubt it 
is indicated by an interrogation point [?]. Proper names and 
surnames are given in every case with their variations of spelling. 
Christian names have generally been translated into their modern 
forms, Joan being taken as the feminine of John ; and wherever 
the spelling of a Christian name differs from that in common 
use, it follows the original. Notes and explanations in the Warden 
Rolls are put between brackets ; and condensed passages are also 
bracketted. Elsewhere the entries are given fully. Quotation 
marks indicate either a verbatim citation or translation. The 
Deeds, except in quoted passages, are in abstract. 

To render the Calendar more complete and useful as a local 
record, an Appendix is given, containing lists of the Abbots, 
Vicars, and Members of Parliament of Tavistock. The Rev. D. 
P. Alford, to whose interest these muniments owe their recovery 
and preservation, has kindly drawn up a list of the Register and 
other Books of the parish, and an account of the Church Plate. 

The seals attached to the deeds are not, as a rule, so interesting 
as might have been anticipated ; but some of the earlier are re- 
produced by way of frontispiece. I. Virgin and Child, attached 
to a lease granted by Robert Isaac, warden of the Maudlin 
Hospital, 1542. II. Attached to a grant by William ffresshepond, 
1464. III. Seal of Robert folka, 1330. IV. Rush ring seal, 
attached to grant by feoffees to William Cadelegh, 1460. V. 
Seal affixed by John Wale, chaplain, to grant to Thomas Mewy 
and Richard Melaton, 1389 (?). VI. Seal of Maudlin Hospital, 
attached to grant by Robert Isaac, warden, 1542. VII. Seal 
attached to lease from Luke Wyndsore to Roger Bykawylle, 1389. 

The seal of the Abbey is given on the title-page. 

Tavistock Records. 

CI)urcl)\Daineu£;' 9[ccounts, 

[1385-86] Tauystoke — Account o{ Reginald Strepa,\wdirdtn 
of the light of the Church of the blessed Eustachius 
of Tauistoch, from the feast of the Invention of the 
Holy Cross, in the year of the Lord, 1385, to the 
same feast then next following, in the year of the 
Lord 1386. 

Arrears — The same received of iij^ ij*^ of arrears of the 
year preceding — Total iij^ ij*^. 

Rents — The same received of iiij* ix*^ of rent of the park of 
crewelake for the year And of xij'^ of rent of the garden of 
Christina Crokker (c°kker) for the year And of vj*^ of 
rent of the garden formerly Robert Wodemanyswyll for 
the year And of ij* of rent of tenement formerly Robert 
brente for the year And of x*^ of rent of the garden which 
Richard spora now holds And of viij^ of rent of the 
garden of Saint Marie — Total ix^ ix*^. 

Pence received — The same received of iiij''^ vij^ vj"^ re- 
ceived of Thomas Icye, warden in the year preceding, as 
shown at the foot of his account And of xj* of link 
money (p'cunia lichenis) this year And of xviij^ received 
of wax money this year — Total cxvj* vj'^. 

Full total received wath the arrears above vj^' ix^ v*^. 

Buying ivax and tallow, with making the wax and other 
tilings to the same belonging — The same accounts — To 
cxl lib of wax bought this year, Wf x'\ price per pound v^ 
To xxxiiij lib of tallow for mortuaries [lights at tombs] 
bought this year, iij^ price per pound j*^ and ij more in all 
To links bought this year xij^' To making the wax [tapers] 
for the year ij* To fuel and provender about the making of 
the wax for the year, by custom ij^ — Total iij'''' iiij^" x''. 


2 Tavistock Records. [1385-86 

Keeping and repairing the cJmrch — The same accounts — 
To rushes gathered against the feast of the Nativity of 
St. John the Baptist iiij*^ In venia die dedicacois ecclie 
at t^ndall sursu inHendo et deorsu querendo. [This seems 
to mean the provision of a trendall, or rolled wax taper, 
for the anniversary of the dedication of the church, but the 
full sense of the passage is very difficult.] To j collar 
(banderio) bought for the bells j^^ To bokeram [buckram] 
bought for the repair of vestments j'' To hiring a man to 
buy wax at Plymouth and a horse, and to his expenses 
there, viij'^' To j quarter and a half of lime bought xv*^ 
To carriage of the said lime v'^ To half of [di' ? 500] tile 
stones vij'* To carriage of the stones iiij*^ To old glass 
bought iij^ v*^ To repairing of a glass window in the end 
of the church ij^ iiij'' To fuel bought iij'* ob To Iviij 
pounds of lead bought \\\f x'^ ob, price per pound j'^ To 
vij pounds and a half of tin bought xviij'^ ob, price per 
pound ij*^ j farthing To hiring a mason (machionis) to 
repair the said window ij*^ ob Itm to fuel bought ij'^ To 
repairing a glass window in the vestry vij* iiij'' ob To 
repairing xi feet in divers windows in the said church 
iiij^ j** ob To vj feet of new glass bought vij* To viij 
feet of old glass iij* iiij'' To fuel bought ij'' To repairing 
the old glass in the window in the end of the church \sic\ 
To repairing defects in divers windows with new glass xvj*^ 
To making three figures in the vestry window xij'^ To 
fuel bought ij'^ To repairing three shutters (claterias) to 
the great window in the end of the church ij'^ To divers 
expenses about making divers windows, in meat and drink 
vj^' To drink (bibera) at making the windows iiij'^ To ij 
ropes for the bells xij'^ To making [no amount]. To rosin 
(rasina) bought vij'^ ob To making ij torches vj^ To 
expenses about the said making iiij'' To j beam 
bought vj*^ ob To j little cord for the cloth (velo) j*^ To 
V yards of linen cloth to make a rochet ij* ij'^ ob To 
making the same rochet vj'' To eight feet for a girdle (de 
cest) viij'^ To making a deed (carta) vj'^ To j bier 
(libitena) bought vij^' To repairing vestments for the year 
vj'^ To washing vestments for the year vj'^ Itm to the 
chief lord for rent of the park of crewelake xvj'^ And to 
divers altars of the church aforesaid of the rents of the 
park aforesaid namely, to the light of St. Eustachius iij"^ 
to the light of St. Stephen iij'\ to the light of St. John 
the Baptist iij*', to the light of St. Katherine iij^' To 
the clerk for writing the account xij'^ To mending a 

1385-86] Churchwardens Accounts. 3 

window ij*^ To parchment bought ij^ To repairing divers 
windows, with xxxvij feet of glass xiij« x^ ob — Total 
iijii vij^ iij'^. 

Offering pence (libaco denar) — The same accounts — To 
offerings to the sacristan of the monastery of Tauystok for 
oblations pertaining to the high cross of the parish church 
aforesaid iij' iiij'* for the year For the altar of St. Mary at 
' la southdor ' vj^ viij'^ from the feast of the Invention of the 
Holy Cross to the same feast then next following For 
the altar of St. Eustachius xij'* for the year For the altar 
of St. Katherine xij*^ For the altar of St. Blaise iiij^ For 
the altar of St. John the Baptist vj"^ For the altar of the 
Holy Trinity vj'^ For the altar of St. George iiij"* For the 
altar of St. Salvator with the chapel of John Dabnoun iii*^ 
In offerings to Sir Simon the vicar for the year for the 
anniversaries of John CuUyg and sormunde his wife, Robert 
Wodemaniswylle, Richard lamborne, Roger Trelanni 
[Trelawny], and Walter popelsto vj'^ — Total xiiij^ vj*^. 

Total of all the expenses and offering pence vij'' vj* vj'* 
And thus exceeds xvij® ij'^ And after is charged of cxxj*^ 
iiij*^ ob for lights (de luc) sold at the high cross And of 
viij^ received of arrears of William Strod And owes 
cxij^ ij^' ob, which is paid Simon Rogger upon the present 
account, and so the said accountant resteth quit. 

Memorandum that William Strod owes of his arrears ij^ 

[At the back, partly illegible.] 

Wax — Total ccx lib — received and bought — this year ; 
of which is accounted for cxxx lib ; and remains Ixxx lib. 

Tallozv for mortuaries — Received x lib of tallow And 
of xxxiiij lib of tallow bought this year — Total xliiij lib 
of tallow ; and there remains xij lib. 

Treasure of the church — The same received of j cup and 
cover of silver, with two gilt angels holding a glass recep- 
tacle (vit'" clausu), wherein the body of our Lord is borne 
[this was the vessel in which the host hung over the altar] 
And of iiij silver chalices and patens And of^ ij silver 
cruets And of j silver pix for the body of Christ And 
there remains j cup and cover, iiij chalices and patens, and 
ij cruets with a pix of silver. 

[A defaced entry of three lines begins, " Computus 

[John d'Abernon, of Bradford, gave the manor of Wyke, 
Brent Tor, to the Abbey of Tavistock, 26 Edward III., 
and was probably the founder of the chapel bearing 
his name.] 

13 2 

4 Tavistock Records. [1392-1400 

[1392-93] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. JoJut 
Tawitoiin, warden of the light. 

Pence received — Paid by Andrezv Vendake, warden of 
the preceding year, Ixxiiij*^ v^' ob Link money for the 
year v^ Wax money for the year xix^ Of the executors 
of Henry Globbe for a legacy vj*^ Of the executors of 
Laurence Schakelok xij^^— Total iiij'' xix^ xj'* ob. 

Rents [including a meadow at Tankardysham, formerly 
Walter Jurdan]— xiij^ viij*^ — Total receipts cxiij^ vij'^ ob. 

Payments [among others] — Y for cxij^' of wax bought at 
Plymod, the carriage thence costing iiij'^ ; with xviij^* 
xxx^' v^* and xij'' bought at different times, the price per 
pound v*^ to vj*^ ob Tallow at j'* per pound, iij pieces 
vij", iiij^ x'^ Gathering rushes for the feast of the Nativity 
of St. John the Baptist iiij'^ Rushes bought for strewing 
the rood loft before the high cross j'^ (solario st'aiedo cor alt 
crucis) Divers deaths for the year ij'^ Cord for the 
trendall and the lent cloth [the Lent cloth or veil hung 
before the rood, &c., during Lent] iij^' Speknaylys bought 
iij'^ ij lights (lucenis) bought for the window in the aisle 
of St. Blaise xij'^ Hiring a carpenter to fix the same iij*^ 
Cord bought to repair the cords of the bells and doing the 
same ob Making ij bells for the dead out of the parish 
metal xvj*^ Carriage of sand (zabuli) and mixing it with 
lime ij*^. 

Total expenses cxxiiij® ij*^ Received for lights sold at 
the high cross iiij^* xiij** vj*^ Paid to Walter Bradclegh, 
warden for the next year, iiij^' xiij® vj'^. 

[1399-1400] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. 
William Webber, warden. 

Arrears received of John Hope, warden in the year 
preceding, xxxvij^ vij'^, and Wf iij'^ balance from previous 
year Wax and link money xxx^ viij'^ ob Old timber 
sold xvj*^ For the sale of trimmings of timber (spons da 
me'mij) vj*^ Old links iiij^. 

\P roper ties paying rent — Garden formerly Robert Wode- 
manyswill ; garden late Christina Crokker ; tenement 
formerly Robert Brenta, in which Sibilla Durrant dwells ; 
barn formerly Walter Popelston ; garden commonly called 
Seyntemaryhaye ; meadow of John Glaucestre ; tenement 
of Richard Julkyn next to the mill of the Lord Abbot ; 
park of the same Richard at Creuwelake ; tenement of 
Margery Sopa — Total rents vijl] 

Total receipts vj" xiij* viij'' ob. 

1400-2] Churchwardens Accotmts. 5 

\PaymeHts—cz\\\^^ of wax were bought at Plymouth, 
and \f paid for the carriage] To keeping a bullock in the 
winter time vj*^ (Itm in sustentacoe vmq bouell in tempe 
y^mali) Buying a new wax [candle—' cere '] and repairing 
another wax and vestments KM\f Timber bought for the 
aisle (gilda) of the said church iiij« viij^ ob. [tiles and laths, 
&c., were also bought, and tilers and carpenters hired] 
And bought 'de la schrydeles' [loppings] to the said 
timber belonging ij'*. 

Total expenses viij" xyj** v'^ ob William Mayster 
succeeding warden. 

\_Stock ill hand, set forth on the back of the roll] — Wax 
yjxx^ijh Xallow iij" The church vessels, with the state- 
ment that the body of the Lord ' is borne in procession ' 
in the glass receptacle held by the two gilt angels j 
bullock Lathes C Lathenaylls j mill Lime ij quarters 
Tile stones j mill CCC. 

[1401-2] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. John 
Aysshefoi'de, warden of the light. 

[Receipts] — Wax and link money xxx^ Bullock sold of 
the store of the light vj"* viij*^ — Total receipts viij^' xiij» x'* 
ob, with vj" ob from previous year. 

Wax bought ccxxvii'' costing v'' xviij* ij'' Tallow for 
mortuaries, xxv" costing xxi'^.] 

[Pa}'vie?its] — Rushes for the feast of the Nativity of St. 
John the Baptist iiij^ Itm in venia' die dedicacionis ecclie 
et Trendenlill ac cordub p campanis cu banderiis eorndm 
sursLi portand et deorsu querend p annu iiij*^ [This is the 
longest form which this hitherto annually recurring and 
obscure entry takes, and with this year it disappears ; here 
cords and collars or girdles for the bells seem associated 
with the trendell.] Cords bought for the bells xv'^ A 
cloth (hers) bought for the high altar in the chancel xiiij'' 
ob Grease for the bells for the year j'^ Making gates for 
the cemetery of the church, with timber bought for two 
gates, v^ Making funeral tapers for the high altar j^ 
Three yards of linen cloth bought for the high altar and 
thread (stamand) xx'^ Two yards of linen cloth bought 
for ' veste spou[.^;/]sal ' xvj'' [Whether this means a wedding 
or baptismal 'vestment' is not clear. In the former case 
the ' care cloth,' and in the latter the ' chrisom cloth ' is 
suggested. By decree of the Council of Exeter, 1287, 
each church had to find a velum nuptiale.] Repairing and 
binding books belonging to the parish iij^ vj'^ Washing 

6 - Tavistock Records. [1402-12 

vestments and other necessaries of the church vj'* Repairing 
vestments for the year vj'' Clerk writing the account xij*^. 

Total expenses vij" xiij^ v^^ ob Received of the incre- 
ment of the church for the year vij" xvj® viij*^. 

John Pasndc succeeding warden. 

Memorandum that there is to be paid to Walter mylemete 
for a new missal for the church iiij^' xiij® 'nVf. 

[There is mention of St. James of Milemete September 
27th, 1388, in Bishop Brantingham's Register?^ 

[1405-6 Similar account to that which follows, with 
heading gone ; but as the balance of xxvij^ vij*^ is paid 
over to Stephen errell, presumably it is for 1405-6. 

[Neither the receipts nor payments are complete ; but 
among the latter is wnf VxVf for a ' pixacce.' The figures 
for the oxen and cows are gone, but there are accounted for 
as remaining in stock xij wethers (mutton) j ram (aries) j 
ewe (ou matrice) j lamb (agno). 

[This and the two following accounts are not on rolls, 
like those of the wardens of the ' light,' but on small pieces 
of parchment.] 

[1407-8] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. Johji 
Drake, warden of the store of St. Eustachius. Stephen 
errell apparently preceding. 

[Receipts of pence illegible.] 'Letting' (locac5) of oxen 
and cows — j ox xvj*^ . . . cows ij^ iiij^^ Sale of wool xxj*^ ob 
• — Total receipts v® v'' ob. 

Necessary expenses — Pasturage of j cow in winter iiij'^ 
The clerk for writing the account and divers parcells of 
accounts iiij*^ Balance iiij^ ix"^ ob paid to John Nyk. 
[See 141 1-12.] 

[The back of the account contains a record of stock.] 

[1411-12] Feast to feast Invention of Holy Cross. 
Walter Wyjidesore, warden of the store of the blessed 

Letting cattle iiij^ viij'^ Sale of wool ij^ Sale of iiij 
cattle xlviij* vj'^ Sale of x goats xij^ n\f — Total receipts 
iiji' vij* w'f. 

Delivered to John Nyks, governor (gubernator) of the 
church F Hook (vnc) bought for carriage of timber from 
Byrewode W'f v'f Clerk for writing the account iiij^ 
Balance paid to Nyks xiij*^ viij''. 

[On the back an imperfect entry of stock.] 

1423-26] Churchwardens Accounts. 7 

[1423-4] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. 
William Ayssheforde, warden of the light. Jolin Plente, 
warden preceding. 

[Arrears received of Ralph Beamond, William Lybbe, 
John Lake.] 

[Several entries of monies collected by various people, 
imperfect.] — Of Thomas Brun and Ralph Beamont, col- 
lectors of money for the new bell ... Of Thomas Knappe, 
collector ... Of iij* ix'^ received of Nicholas Weryng, 
collector Of xxvij^ \f received of Simone mey, collector 
And of iij^ iiij'' received of Joan the wife of John Raddon 
. . . xj* iiij"* ob received of the sale of a brass pot (olle 
enee) belonging to the church out of a legacy And of 
iiij*^ received for corporas (crpps kercher) sold And of xx'' 
received for old 'metall' of the church sold And of ij^ viij*^ 
received of Walter Wetyng — Total receipts xiij^' xvij'^. 

\_Pay7ne)its\ — Rushes for the feast of the Nativity of 
John the liaptist iiij^ Fuel to burn in the cemetery of the 
church on the vigil of the Assumption iiij'^ A flagon of 
wine iiij'^ Timber, &c., for the frame ('logge') of the bells 
viij*^ Item ij covers of skin bought for the repair of the new 
missal vj"^ Item payment made to Alice atte Crosse for 
having \i.e. ' bringing' — hendo] a cup xij*^ — Total vij'' v^ vij*^. 

[At the foot of the account there is record of payment 
by Thomas Coche of cxl* x'^ to Matthew Rouwedon about 
new cross, bells, &c. (p noua pleg noue Crucs p nouis 
capanis) Also of iij*^ iiij*^ collected by John Jagge.] 

[1425-26] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. 
Richard Durrant, warden of the light. William 
Gerard warden of year preceding. 

[Total receipts with arrears vij" vj^ viij*^ Roger Sturt, 
vicar of mylton, named as paying xiij^ iiij'^-] 

W^ax bought ccxliij lbs., costing iiij" xj' ij"^ Oil for the 
lamps x^ Links vj* iiij'^ Making ' bondell ' and torches 
viij*^ Fuel viij^ 

\Paymcnts\—^\xs\\Q.?, for the Nativity of John the 
iiij^' Two seams of fuel bought and burnt in the cemetery 
of the said church on the vigil of the Assumption of the 
Blessed Mary the Virgin iiij'^ Binding the old mass book 
and other books of the said church — parchment v^ viij'^ 
Two skins for covering of the same mass book vj'^ Two 
calf skins bought for the same mass book vj'^ Lxpenses 
made about the Rector of Calstok and Nicholas Tremayn 
in wine viij'^ Two cruets bought vj^ Chain bought to 

8 Tavistock Records. [1425-26 

repair the censers of the church vj'^' Repairing and clean- 
ing the said censers v'^ One skin bought for making bands 
(banderiis) vj*^ Making of the same iij*^ One lamp bought 
ij^' Repairing the baptismal font (fontis baptisterii) ij'^ 
One quart of oil for the chapel of St. Mary the Virgin iij^^ 
Expenses about the seisin given to the warden by Agnete 
Coryton iiij'' Paid the portreeve of Tavystok for fine 
(am'te) of Roger Sturt, vicar of Mylton x^^ Paid to the 
clerk at the Archdeacon's Visitation ij'^^ (dno Arche Totton) 
j m of lathis bought at holle x^ xvij m of tile stones raised 
(ext'hend) at Odetreu xvij^ Clearing (p'gacoe) the quarry 
with victuals found \f iij waggis [wedges] of iron bought 
x*^ Carriage of the tile stones by Thomas lucas viij'^ 
Expense of victualling about the carriage of the tile 
stones ix'^ x quarters of lime bought of William Drake 
vj^ viij*^ Expense for carriage of the same lime x'' i refter 
bought of John Drape to put upon the gable (pugnone) of 
the said church viij'^ iij m ccc of lathnayll bought of 
Thomas att Oke v® vj^^ v m of lathnayll made by Thomas 
Babell of iron gathered in the town v^ x'^ i ' borda ' with 
nails bought to stay ' le belhol' iiij'^ Covering the north 
part of the said church xxv* Repairs on the roof of the 
aisle (sup gildam) of St. Catryne and the vestry xx<^ 
Tile stones remaining in keeping vj m Parchment for the 
account ij*^ Clerk for writing -the account xij^l 

The sacristan of the monastery of Tauystok for an 
annual oblation at the high cross of the said church 
iij^ iiij'' Oblation for the altar of St. Mary the Virgin at 
the door (in porticu) of the same church vj^ viij*^ For the 
altar of St. Eustachius xij'^ For the altar of Sts. Thomas 
and Katherine xij*^^ For the altar of St. Blaise iiij"^ For the 
altar of Sts. John the Baptist and James the Apostle vj*^ 
For the altar of the holy Trinity vj*^ For the altar of St. 
George the Martyr iiij'^^ For the altar of St. Salvator and 
St. Andrew the Apostle with the chapel of John Dabnoun 
iiij'^ Paid to the vicar of Tauystok for the time being 
for the anniversaries of John CuUyng, Sormunde his wife, 
Robert Wodemanyswill, Richard Lamborne, Walter Popel- 
ston, John Glaucestre and Margaret his wife, Walter Soule 
and Mariote his wife, John Honte and Christina his wife, 
John Russell and Sabine his wife, Ranulph Honte and 
Idome his wife, Galfridus Talant and Olive his wife, Henry 
Talant, Ade Smyth, John Lymscote, Richard Sope and 
Isabel his wife, and Margaret his wife, Richard Marschall 
and Tolewne his wife, Hugh Shurborne, Richard Hay, 

1426-27] Churchwardens Accounts. 9 

John Okelegh and Alice his wife, Eustace Byre and Amice 
his wife, William Beamont and Alice his wife, Reginald 
Strepe and Christina his wife, Henry John and Christina 
his wife, John Wynd and Joan his wife iij'' iij^^ Paid to 
the same vicar of rents received out of the tenement of 
Richard Julkyn with the garden adjacent and ... of the 
meadow of the same Richard at Crewelake for the anni- 
versary of John Wyndout and Alice his wife annually vj'' 
To priests and clerks and bread at the exequies of the 
same John and Alice out of the same rents xij'' — Total 
expenses xij'' xj^ vij'^. 

[Next warden Walter att Oke. At the end of the 
account Richard Pipe is mentioned as being in arrears 
vj^ viij*^; and there is the following list, presumably of 
balances in former accounts : Walter Parson ij'^ Thomas 
Lyrea xvij'' ob John Mochell xxij*^ William Tayle xvj'* ob.] 

[An 'anniversary' was the celebration of the office for the 
dead on the anniversary of the death of the person com- 

[1426-27] From feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. 
Thomas atte Okc, warden of the light. Richard Pipe 
late warden. Richard Diirrant warden preceding. 

Total receipts iiij^' ij^ vj^. 

\Payme)its\ — Wax bought clxxxiij di lbs, costing iij" xvp 
j*^ ob Links v^ Oil for lamps ix* Expenses about making 
' bondell ' and torches xvj*^ viij lbs. of rosin bought for 
making torches vj*^ Making wax [tapers] with fuel found 
viij^ [Payments for rushes for Nativity of the Baptist and 
fuel for the vigil of the Assumption continue.] Bread 
bought for the exequies annually celebrated for the anni- 
versaries and the benefactors to the church vj'' vij flagons 
(lagen) of ale bought for the said exequies x'' Making 
the deed (carta) of John Lybbe's garden given to the 
warden of the church viij'^ Ale drank when seisin was 
given to the warden j*^ Repair of the ' logge ' of the bells 
iiij*^ viij yards of Cornish (Cornub) cloth for making 
rochetts for the clerks v^ Eor making the same xvj'^ 
j bolt for the great bell newly made \\\f Victuals bought 
at divers times about the repair of the bells ij"^ j cord 
bought for the Lent cloth 'f (velo quadragesiali) John Drape 
and John Plommer for taking a letter to the Bishop of 
Exeter vj* viij'^ (Ira Epi Exon hend). 

Total expenses vj" xviij^ iiij^ Nicholas fforde succeeding 

lo Tavistock Records. [ 1470-71 

[1470-71] From feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. 
Jolin Brnue, ' Custodis legitti ' of the parish church of 

Receipts — vj^' ij^ viij'^ of John ffoster, preceding warden, 
Et de nich recept' de S*^ pulors mortuo3 hoc anno ToUing 
the bells and having the cross in the day of the death of 
Nicholas Weryng xij*^ Torches (torticiis trimantibus) in 
the day of the death of John Calegam iiij'^ Tolling the 
bells and having the cross for John Mychell xvj'^ [Ditto 
John Snovvdon viij"^ Ditto for the wife of Baldwin Coteler 
viij^^J Of John Medowill for broches (verutis) ij*^ Of John 
Pacchecote for letting [?] the same broches (verutis ejusdem 
locatis) ij*^ John Plumer [ditto] ij"^ John Chubbeston 
[ditto] ij*^ Richard Deer [ditto] ij*^ John Vdy for bell 
and cross iiij^ John Drake bell and cross 111]*^ And of 
xxvij^ received for a girdle sold out of the legacy of John 
Bodeer, whence xliij* vj*^ to the store of the church and 
xiij^ vj*^ to the store of St. Eustachius And of ij'^ received 
for broches (verutis locatis) Walter Browne. 

[Broches is the term used in subsequent accounts. The 
word is sometimes employed for the clasps of a cope, and 
it is possible that these payments were for the special 
ornament of this vestment during the service. But it is 
also used for a taper. Vide ' Piers Ploughman.'] 

Rents of Assize — Lands and tenements in Nuttelegh, 
late John Gylla, \'f viij'^ Garden formerly Robert Wode- 
manyswill vj'^ Garden formerly Christina Crokker xij*^ 
Land formerly Robert Brenta, in which John Dorant now 
dwells, ij^ Meadow formerly John Glauceter, at Pashill, ij* 
Garden formerly Ranulph Hunta, which Joan Bvsshoppe 
now holds, ij"* Meadow formerly Amice Bere, which Joan 
Busshoppe [holds], ij^ Tenement and garden formerly 
Emmote Heddon xij*^ Tenement formerly John Atte 
Wylle, which Joan Tankrete now holds, xiiij* Garden 
formerly John Okelegh, which Joan Tankrete now holds, 
xij*^ Meadow formerly Coryton, at ffordestrete, ij^ x** 
Land and tenement formerly Richard Hulet, which Richard 
Laurens now holds, in Crewbeare, xv'* Lands and tene- 
ments formerly Richard Hulet, which John Wyndesore 
now holds in Crewbeare, xv'' Garden formerly Agnes 
Coryton, which Roger Smyth now holds, xij*^ Garden called 
Sient mare hay which John Mey lately held, xvj'^ Tene- 
ment formerly Robert Lucas xvj*^ Barn formerly Robert 
Popleston, with garden adjacent, x" Tenement formerly 
John Saull, next the tenement lately John Colmystorre, 

1470-71] CImrchivardms Accounts. 


iij^ iiij^ Tenement of John Lybba x« Land and tenement 
of John Jele, in Werpisworthi, xx'i Garden formerly Wm 
Lybba, nothing Tenement and garden formerly Richard 
Estecote, that William Comb and Katherine his wife now 
hold, iiij* \f Tenement formerly Stephen Cotell x« Garden 
formerly Paschal Mychell, which John Saull now holds, 
viij^' Tenement formerly Richard Estecote, which William' 
Comb and Katherine his wife now hold, xvj^ Tenement 
formerly Thomas Brune and Christina his wife, which 
John Gen'way (?) now holds, xij'i Two gardens formerly 
Christina Strepa, at ffordestete \sic\ \f v\\)^ Tenement late 
John Brun, at Churchebaw, xx*^ Land and tenement late 
John Bodeer, in Petepasse, xxj^ v\\f Tenement late 
Mariote Dumer, at Banawyll, xiiij'i [Et de ij'* recept de 
vna cam^'a in domo elmosinario locat' — a chamber in the 
almshouse — nich ; erased] Of part receipt of rents of tene- 
ments in Tavystoke and a meadow next Trepacps, which 
lately were John Mason, xiiij^ 

Total of rents of assize vj" x^ x^ Total receipts with 
arrears xiiij'' \\f ix''. 

Wax bought clxxij'' et iij quarters, costing cxv^ x*^, at 
\\vf a lb. Rosyn bought, nothing. Links xxiiij" iij^ at j*^ 
a lb. viij flagons of oil for the lamps viij* iij'*, at xij** a flagon 
Making the same wax into candles and torches viij^ iij*^ ob 
— Total vj*' xv^ iiij*^ ob. 

Repairs of the parisJi church include — Mending an altar 
cloth xiiij'* Mending one 'chesepell' [chasuble] xij"* One 
box for holy bread (I pixide j) sto pane) ij** Tile stones 
bought for the ' vestre ' xij^ Carriage of the same xij** 
Meat and drink for the same carrying iij'* Carriage of 
timber for the 'vestre' xv'* William Papa and his servant 
for making the 'vestre' ix** Mending the almshouse viij'* 
ob John Saull for parish expenses x^ Mending j Obe 
[alb] j*^ Making a ' guttur ' for the almshouse x* vj'* Timber 
bought for the gutter of the church ij^ Nails bought at 
the same time xv** The ' carpyntres ' table [i.e. food] xxij^ 
Lime bought ij^ Carriage of the same x'* Tile stones xx'* 
Carriage of the same xvij'* Laths bought x** ob Nails v'* 
ob 'Pynnys' for the tile stones viij** Paid the tiler and 
his servant iij* (tegulatoribus et servientibus suis) The 
table of the same ij^ v'* The plumber for making and 
laying of lead xiij^ iiij'* Fuel the same time xvj'* Fuel 
bought for the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed 
mary iiij"* For j lace for the pix containing the 
body of the Lord iij'* ob Lead bought for the church 

12 Tavistock Records. [1470-71 

xxxiij^ iiij^ ij cords for the bells ij^ iiij'' Rushes bought 
for the church iiij*^ Cloth bought for ij ' rochyttys * xxij*^ 
Making the same xvj'^ Wages of the carpenters for 
making the gutter iij^ iij'^ Sir (dns) Thomas Adam ' soc ' 
priest iiij^' ij ' mason for the vestre ' ij** vj*^ Making the 
glass (le vyte) of the belfry xx'' Laths for the ' vestre ' 
ij^ ij*^ Tile stones for the vestry iij^ vj'^ Carriage of the 
same ij^ x*^ Lime at the same time xxiij*^ Carriage of 
the same xvij'' ' Latthnayll ' at the same time xx*^ Rafters 
for the * vestre ' xx*^ ' Pynnys ' for the tile stones viij'^ 
Wages of ij tilers \\f vf Wages of their ij servants xvj"^ 
Meat and drink for the ij tilers xvj'* Paid for ' crokys ' to 
make ' le pipam ' of lead secure ij'^ Timber bought of 
John Drake iiij^ j piece of timber bought of Elias 
Donnyng x*^ Piece of timber bought of Thomas fforde j*^ 
Cord for the lamp iij'^ A lamp ij"^ For ij paces [?] for 
the ends of the great altar (pessiis ad pertand fines magni 
altaris) ij*^ Mending j rochet j*^ To the bedeman for 
keeping the bells viij^ For the labour of the plumer for 
the 'vestre' and making the glass (le vyte) and windows 
in the belfry viij^ For shifting (transversis) the bells v^ 
Sauderlede xxij'^ Robert Smyth For removing ij paces 
[Gresu] in ij aisles of the church vj*^ — Total xij^' xviij'^ ob. 

Offering pence — The Sacristan of the monastery of 
Tavystok for oblations at the high cross of the said church, 
and for oblations at the altars of St. Mary the Virgin, 
Saints Thomas and Katherine, the Holy Trinity, St. 
Eustachius, St. Blaise, Saints John the Baptist and James 
the Apostle, Saints George, Salvator, and Andrew, with 
the chapel of John Dabnoun, xiiij^ j*^ The Vicar of 
Tauystock for the time being for the anniversaries of 
Robert Wodmanyswill, Richard Lamborn, Walter Pople- 
ston, John Glawceter and Margery his wife, John Collyns 
and Sormunde his wife, Walter Sowla and Mariote his 
wife, John Hunta and Christina his wife, John Russell and 
Sabine his wife, Henry Tallond, Ade Smyth, John Lym- 
mescote, Richard Topa and Isabella his wife and Margery 
his wife, Richard Marschell and Tollewyte his wife, Hugh 
Shirbron, Richard Hay, John Okele and Alice his wife, 
Eustace Ber and Amice his wife, Williarn Beamond and 
Alice his wife, Reginald Strepa and Christina his wife, 
Henry Jon and Christina his wife, John Wyndowte and 
Joan his wife, Walter Lanskarftbrd and Thomasine his 
wife, William Coryton and Agnes his wife, Thomas Hulet 
and Sarre his wife, Richard Hulet and Joan his wife and 

1470-71] Churchwardens Accounts. 13 

Alice his wife, Robert Marchell, Christina his daughter, 
and his wife, Roger Heddon and Emmote his wife, Walter 
Abell Joan his wife and Elizabeth his wife, John Gerard, 
Paschal Mychell and Joan his wife, John Atte Wylle, John 
the Hermit (Johis heremyta), John Brun and Joan his wife, 
\f Vf To iiij priests viij'i To ij clerks at the same time 
ij"^ To the almsman walking about the town with the bell 
f \i.e. to give notice of the exequies] To the Vicar for the 
exequies of John Gille and for Me berell' John Jele and 
Joan his wife, Roger Raw, Richard Estecote and Matilda 
his wife, xiij'' To ij priests the same time iiij^ To ij 
clerks the same time ij^ To the almsman walking about 
the town on the obit day of the aforesaid John Gille f 
For bread and ale bought on the day of the aforesaid John 
Gylle for the pore xx'i Paid to the Vicar for the exequies 
of John Bodeer ^\\f To ij clerks the same time \<\f To 
j priest \f the same time To the almsman going about 
the town j'^ Bread and ale bought the same time v\f 
Rent to John Glauceter, chief lord, j^^ To the Mayor of 
the borough of Tavistock (Maiori Burgi de Tavystok) for 
chief rent iiij* iiij^ To the chief lord for the rent called 
Sient Mare rent iij*^ To Richard Hals for chief rent xij<* 
To John Osmond for the tenement late Richard Estecote 
vj* V\\f To the chief lord for Jeles in Petepasse, late 
John Bodeer, xvij^^ For the land of Ralph Hunta vj'^ 
Parchment for the present account viij'^ Making and 
writing the same xx'^ John Honychurche and VVilliam 
Webbe for expenses in going to Exeter x* Fuel vj^. 

Total expenses xxj'' xiij* vj'^ ob Also received for 
increment of church viij^* v\\f \vf ob So owed xviij* x*^ 
Delivered to John Drake, merchant (? — mere') for divers 
expenses, viij^ xj'* To John Kyth ij^ \\vf- And to Sir 
Thomas Adam for his pension vij* iiij'^ Left iiij''. 

Stock — -From previous year cciiij'^'^ xij^' wax Pure wax, 
nothing Tapers and candles xxiij^' Wax torches cclxix^' 
Bought clxxij'' iij quarter wax. 

Total quantity of wax, &c. — cccclij" iij quarters Ex- 
pended ciiij'^'' xij^' iij quarters — Remaining cclx'' Tapers 
and candles xxij'' Wax torches ccxxxix''. 

Oil, viij flagons, all expended. 

Treasure — One cup, with cover of silver to the same, 
with two angels of silver gilt above holding the glass 
receptacle (vitru clausu) in which the body of the Lord is 
borne in procession, with a little cross to the same. Three 
silver chalices and patens to the same belonging, of which 


Tavistock Records. 


one chalice is gilt. Two cruets of silver. One beryl set 
in silver, and with a chain of silver to hang the aforesaid 
to the pix with the body of Christ in the principal feasts. 
One cross of silver gilt with the figures of Saint Mary the 
Virgin and St. John the Evangelist to the same belonging. 
One box in which the hair of Saint Mary the Virgin and 
St. Mary Magdalene are contained. One cup of silver. 
One little cross, the legacy of John the Hermit. One 
censer (tribula) of silver. [All the articles were received 
from the previous warden as noted, with the exception of 
the silver cup and the cross left by John the Hermit, who 
may have given both.] 

[Circa 1535] Reddit assis Omn' terr' & ten' 
Ecclie pochlab3 de Tavistock cum OmbJ 
eidm Ecclie ptinens. 

Imprimis of John Torr of peterstavy for 
certyn lands & tents in Noteley that some 
tymes were oon John Gylls p an"^ vj^ 

Itm of Roger Caunter for a tent & gardeyn 



Itm of John Franckelynn bocher for a tent 

& a Close of land Called petypas p an"' 
Itm of phelip peryton for a tent & gardeyn 

& a Close p an'^ 
Itm of Walter harry for a tent & a medowe 

p an'" and also for a litle pee of grounde 

att parsell p an'" 
Itm of Walter Soop for a tent & a gardeyn 


Itm of John Alyn for a tent & a Close p an™ 
Itm of John Dwayne for a tent & a gardeyn 

p an" 

Itm of John lybbe for a tent & a litle medowe 

p an™ 
Itm of Jone ffoster wedow for a tent p an'" 
Itm of John Kendle [?] als Bawden for a 

tent p an'" 
Itm of Walter Browne for a garden p an™ 
Itm of the heirs of John Brente [?] for a 

annuell rent p an'" 
Itm of John ffrenshyp for a yate [gate] called 

Saynt mary yate 







xnj* nij 


xxvj* vnj'^ 






1535] CJiurchiuai'dens Accoujits. 15 

Itm of Robert laurance for a pee of grounde 

at Crebeare p an'" xv"* 

Itm of the heirs of Rychard lybbe for an 
annuel rent p an™ xv® 

Itm of John Glubb for a htle pee of grounde 

adioyninge unto lacches house p an"' ij^ x*^ 

Itm of John harte for a annuell rent goyng 
oute of certyn lands & tents in Crebeare 
P an"^ xv^J 

Itm of John Eustott for a gardeyn called 

Sajmt mary haye p an'" xviij"* 

Itm of John Vere for certyn lands att War- 

pysworthy p an'" xx'^ 

Itm of John ffranckelynn Bocher for a tent xvj'' 

Itm of Walter Robie for an annuell rent 
goynge oute of the tent in the whiche he 
novve dwelleth p an"" iiij^ yf 

Itm of John Rawe for an annuell rent 
goynge oute of the tent in the whiche 
he no we dwelleth p an'" xij'^ 

Itm of John Tooker for a gardeyn p an'" xvj*^ 

Itm of the heirs of Richard lybbe p an'" ij^ 

Itm of John Tayle for a gardeyn p an"* xvj^ 

Itm of Willy am franckelyng for a gardeyn • 

p an'" \f 

Itm of Robert Kempscowe for a tent p an'" viij* 
Itm of Richard lybbe Shomaker, for a annuell 
rent goyng oute of the tent in the whiche 
he nowe dwelleth p an'" viij^ 

Itm of alse pascowe widowe for a tent 

gardeyn & medovve p an'" xxj^ 

Itm of John Servyngton for a annuell rent 

p an"' xij** 

Itm of John Alyn for a tent & a gardeyn 

p an™ iij^ iiij*^ 

Itm of Richard Sawell for an annuell rent 

p an™ iij^ iiij*^ 

Itm of Nicholas Clye for a barne att 
Cakeshyl ff 

Itm of John Crooker for a gardeyn p an'" xij** 

Itm of Walter Crooker for a anvell p an'" xiiij** 


1 6 Tavistock Records. [i 535-39 

Itm of Robert Kempscowe for a gardeyn 

Itm of John Carter for a gardeyn p an'" xvj*^ 

Sm* totalibus p an'" xvj" ij** j*^ 

[On the back of the roll are some imperfectly legible 
entries of chief rents in Latin, beginning :] 

Capit Reddit de terris et tents infra scripto. 
In primis maiori de Tavestock p an™ ix^ viij*^ 

Itm mgro senescallo de Tauystock p an™ ij^ vj'^ob 

Itm hered Ricd halse |? domo elimosinario 

p an™ xij"^ 

Itm hered Thome Bonde p capit reddit 

p an™ iiij^ 

Itm hered Johis Osbourne p capit reddit 

p an™ vj* viij^ 

Itm hered Ricd Crocker (?) p an p le ponyon ij^^ 

Sm^ xxj** iiij*^ ob p an™ 

[Then follows also in Latin a list of lands and tenements 
belonging to 'Jesus yelde.' The first entry is of xviij* by 
Peter Syble for land in Petertavy formerly William Cadley. 
Next v** for one Skynner for a tenement and garden on the 
Cause formerly William Cadley. Richard Dobell vj^ viij** 
for another tenement and garden by the Cause. Heirs of 
John Havvkyngs xvj*^, for property connected with the 
Cause. Then apparently two properties at Bowenhyll, one 
held by William Lybbe. Simon Jele also rents. Total is 
put at £2 19s. 8d., and the charges appear to be 20s. id.] 

1538-39] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. 

Roger Collen, warden of the high store (alte Instaur) 

of the parish church of Tavistock [receipts in Latin ; 

payments in English]. John Watts, previous warden. 

\Bicrials, &c.] — Of William Lovage for cross and bells 

(Cruceq3 Campanis) iiij'^ Of Thomas StowfTord [ditto] 

Vf Of Alice Lovage [ditto] iiij'^ Of Alice May [ditto] 

viij'^ Of Walter Master [ditto] iiij^' Of John Williams for 

anniversary of Richard Lybbe viij'' For the anniversary 

of John Rowe of Bucketon iiij^ Of margaret horsewall 

for an anniversary iiij*^ Of Joan Whitchurche for cross 

and bells viij'^ Of Joan Havvkyngs widow for an anni- 

1538-39] Cliurchzuardens Accounts. 17 

versary iiij^ Of Joan lybbe for an anniversary vj^ Of 
Joan Benet for cross and bells v\\f Of Henry Toody xij*^ 
Of Joan Servyngton for an anniversary viij^^ Of Stephen 
Tooker for an anniversary \\\f Of Roger Wyndessore for 
cross and bells, xij'' Of William Master cross and bells 
iiiy^ Of William poynter for an anniversary iiij^ Of 
Richard Tooker for the grave (sertifago) of his wife vj^ 
viij'^ for cross and bells viij^ Of the said Richard Tooker 
for an anniversary viij*^ Of Alice Bost for cross and bells 
iiij'^ Of William Drake clerk, for an anniversary, viij'^ Of 
William Poynter for cross and bells iiij'' Of Robert 
Poynter for cross and bells iiij'^ Of Joan Chubbe for 
cross and bells iiij"^ Of Juliana Burnard [ditto] iiij'' Of 
Joan Peke, of Downehouse, for cross and bells xij"^ Of 
the said Joan Peke for a gift viij*^ Of the gift of Joan 
]\Iadaford for cross and bells vj*^ Of the gift of Blanche 
Holman for cross and bells iiij'' Of the gift of John Glyn 
for his grave (certifago) vj® viij"^, for cross and bells xij'' Of 
the gift of John Tayle [ditto] xiiij'^ Of Robert Armytt 
[ditto] iiij'* Of Richard Kechyn [ditto] iiij^ Of Joan 
Chubbe [ditto] iiij*^ Of Joan Euscott for a gift to the 
church iiij"^ — Total v'' xii® iiij*^. 

\_Payments\ — Wax, links, and oil, liiij® j*^ Itm paide to the 
Abbott for the oblacions of the churche hoc anno xiiij* Itm 
paide for mendynge of the morowe [morning] masse belle & 
for drie woode viij* ij'^ Itm paide to lange the helier [slater 
or tiler] & his man for iiij dayes helynge vppon the 
Churche mete & drynck iiij* j'^ Itm paide to langes man 
for oon daye iiij*^ Itm paide to Jane Hamlyn for a m iiij*= 
[1400] of helyng Stones ij* viij*^ Itm paide to John 
Williams for a m of lathe nayles ix*^ Itm paide to William 
Poynter for iiij*= of latthes xvij'^ Itm paide to John Glanfyld 
for a peck of helyng pynnes v'' Itm for Redynge of the 
lake iiij'^ Itm for Carynge awaye of the Skoole [rubbish] 
there ij"^ Itm paide to John ffyssher for takynge downe of 
the olde argons ij*^ Itm for a gleeve to mende the litle 
argons j*^ Itm paide to lau'ance Brune for Kepynge of 
the bells xij*^ Itm for grese viij*^ Itm for ij looks & 
keys for the Coffer and for gemes [hinges] to the same 
Coffer xvj'^ Itm for a new key to the greatt Coffer iij'^ 
Itm paide for blowynge of the newe argons when they 
werr mended j'^ Itm paide to the helier Repe for helyng 
vppon the Churche ij dayes meyte & drynck xij'^ Itm 
for takenge downe of the glasse W^ndowe and for settyng 
vpp of the Strawe in the same Wyndowe viij"^ Itm for 


1 8 Tavistock Records. [1538-39 

beryng of the Tymber into the churche in dryncke ij** 
Itm for Carynge oute of the Skole of the churche ij** ob 
Itm paide to William glasier for mendyng of the ledds ou' 
the Wardeyns Sege [seat] xviij'^ Itm for Redynge of the 
passion on palme Soundaye ij'^ Itm for Wyne then ij<^ 
Itm for Ryppyng of the helyng for to hange vpp the lampe 
& for helynge of the same agayn ij*^ Itm for makyng 
Clene of the glasses in the Churche ayenst Ester v*^ Itm 
paide to Alsen Smale for Skorynge of iij Chandelers and 
the lampe v*^ Itm for beryng of the Crosse in the rogacion 
Weke ij*^ Itm for a newe aulter Clothe for saynt John is 
yelde xv'^ Itm for a newe Rachett viij'^ Itm for mendynge 
of a look to the Coffer that kepith Synggying bredd [wafers 
for the Communion] in j'* Itm for iij queres of paper for 
the newe booke vj'^ Itm for makyng of newe keyes to the 
cases of the Candelstycks iiij*^ Itm paide to S"" John Jhus 
priste for his yeres Waigs vj" For bredd and Wyne xv]*^ 
Itm paide to William master for a yeres Waigs xxvj^ viij*^ 
Itm paide vnto the Sexton for a yeres Waigs x® Itm paide 
to William Euscott for Carynge oute of Stones & bones 
oute of the churche yarde ij*^ Itm for makynge of this 
accompt ij^ Itm paide to my Clerk for makyng of my 
books and for getheryng my rents hoc a" viij'^. 

Total repairs (repacionis) x" xvij® xj'^ Exequies 
xviij^ iiij'^ Total expenses xj'' xvj^ iij*^ John Lybbe 
warden succeeding. 

[An inventory of the church goods in Latin follows, 
Collen acknowledging them as in his custody, and handing 
them to Libby in the presence of the parishioners. The 
list is of peculiar interest, as immediately preceding the 
Reformation.] Three silver chalices, one gilt ; two silver 
vials (or cruets) ; a stone of the beryll, with silver gilt 
setting ; a box containing hair of the Blessed Mary, St. 
Katherine, and the blessed Mary Magdalene; a little cross 
of silver, the gift of John Armytt [John the Hermit], in 
which is a piece of the holy Cross ; a cross of silver gilt, 
with figures of the blessed Mary and St. John the Evan- 
gelist ; two silver candlesticks ; a cup of silver gilt ; a pax 
[a tablet kissed by the worshippers], with a crucifixion and 
figures of the Blessed Mary and St. John the Evangelist, 
the gift of John Sawell ; a beryl (vnam lapidem de le 
Berell), the gift of John Sampson ; a pix of silver for 
bearing the body of our Lord to the sick ; two censers of 
silver, one being the gift of Richard Cade ; a ship of silver ; 
a great cross of silver gilt, with a crucifixion and the figures 

1539-40] Chiirchwai'dens Accounts. 19 

of the Blessed Mary and St. John the Evangelist ; a chalice, 
the gift of Alice Cade, in use at the altar where daily mass 
is celebrated, and which remains in the hands of the clerk. 
Trees puUeos, aneos, cum quatuor splentros ferr' eiusdem 
ptinent. _ [Probably three pulleys, rings, and four laths or 
bars of iron connected with the arrangements for hanging 
the Lent cloth before the rood, &c., during Lent.] 

[To this succeeds on the same roll the account of John 
Lybbe for the year ended at the Annunciation of the 
Virgin 31 Henry VIII., as bailiff of the parish lands. 
This is the first year in which two wardens appear.] 

Total rent receipts xvj'' xxj^', including xiiij'' of Walter 
Crooker for 'vno Inonde vocat an anvyll ' p an"'. 
^ Expenses— yWf \\\f paide to m"" Sariant Amadas for the 
ffyne of Jelis lande att peterstavy whiche he paide to the 
same Jeles for the Churche Itm paide to theseid m'' Sariant 
for lede xij« Itm paide to John Cutty the Kerver for 
makynge vpp of a Selynge betwen the Rodeloft & Jhus 
yelde iij* iiij*^ Itm for a looke & James [hinges] to the 
dowre in the Rodeloft viij'* Itm paide to theseid John 
Cutty for makynge of a ladder to the newe argons and for 
Tymber for thesame xij*^ Itm paide to mery the argon 
player by the comaundem* of the pisshe x^ Itm paide to 
the Blacke Souard for hie rentts p an"^^ ij^ v'f ob Itm 
paide to the kyngs visitours for iij Tabernacles the pament 
stones of the Churche & for dexis & Chandelers v'' vj** viij*' 
Itm for my ffee for gatherynge of the rentts this yere vj* viij*^ 
Itm paide to m"" Meye for the exchaunge of a Cope in the 
Abbey v\'f v]^ Itm paide to m"" Meye for the hole paym' 
of the newe argons whiche he hadd paid for the Churche — 
[no amount] 

Total expenses xiij'' vvf v'' ob. 

[Allowance asked for v® ij*^ unpaid rent, for which Lybbe 
had ' taken distresses.'] Itm John Alyn & John Brownesdon 
haue paid att this accompt for the Increase of Saynt Martyns 
yele hoc a° xvj^ 

[Circa 1540 — Account with the upper portion missing, 

and name of warden lost. Payments in English.] 
Rent John Hawkyns, of Morwell. Receipts xxij'' xix® v^. 
Payments — viij*^ paide for Coverynge of Walt Glanfylds 
pytt and for lyme Itm paide for mendyng of a Surples 
& for newe gurdells for Obis viij'^ Itm paid to Smale for 
beryng of the Crosse in the rogacon weke ij'^ Itm paid for 
Redyng [ridding] of the lake before the Church bawe [the 

c 2 

20 Tavistock Records. [1640 

arch of the tower] & Almeshouse iiij'^ Itm paid for ij Treses 
[? traces] for the Argons j^ Itm paid to John lau'se for 
Coverynge of John Comyns wyffs pytt [grave] iij'^ Itm paid 
for a newe Showell for the bedman xv"^ Itm paid for ij newe 
keys to the longe fostelett ix'^ Itm for a key to the chest 
in the Rodeloft iij'^ Itm paid for a key to the Coffer in 
the Vestrey iiij*^ Itm payde for Coveryng of Thomas 
Coche is wyff pytt ij'' Itm for lasynge to bynde the Case 
of the greatt Crosse j'^ Itm paid for mendyng of the Copys 
ij'' Itm paid for mendynge of the Glasse wyndowe ou' the 
pulpytt & for glasse iiij** Itm paid to the kyngs collector 
for the ij'' paym*^ of the kyngs Subside for the Church lands 
v^ iiij'' Itm paid to John Savvle for the iij pecs of the 
Cence the which that Richard pyke did breke of viij'' Itm 
paid for Coverynge of Retryoks pytt & for lyme v'' Itm 
paid for mendyng of ij Clapers and for mendyng of ij bell 
Collers viij'' Itm paid to lau's Brune for kepyng of the 
bells p an"* and for grese for the bells xx'' Itm paid to S"" 
John Jhus [Jesus] pryst for Redyng of the passion on palme 
Sounday xj'' Itm paid to Smales wyff for the Skorynge 
of the lamp & the ij greatt Chandelers vij'' Itm paid to 
lau'ce Brune for makynge Clene of the Church wyndowes 
iiii'' Itm paid to Rauff the bell Rynger for oyle for the 
cheme & Clock xvj'' Itm paid for wyre for the Cheme j'' 
Itm paid for ffranck Cense iiij'' Itm for mendynge of a 
iTourme & a Tressell iiij'' (Chimneys were mended in 
John Kemells and Jone fosters houses) Itm for wasshynge 
of the Churche Clothes p an™ iiij* Itm for mendyng of 
oure lady bell Claper \f viij'' Itm paid for mendyng of 
the Coffer att high*^ aulter ij'' Itm paid for mendyng of 
the watch hule to the Clock vj'' Itm paid for mendyng of 
the Orlage iiij'' Itm paid for makyng of a Rentall xij*^ 
Itm for making of this accompt & for parchem* iiij^ 

vj'' Solut Johi peryn Jesus prest for his waygs p an™ 
Itm paid to hym for bredd & wyne p an'" xvj'' Itm paid 
to John Eliott for his waygs p an'" iij® iiij'' Itm paid to 
William master the Clerk for his waigs p an™ xP Itm paid 
to Richard peke for iij quarters waigs for the Seckyssyn'g 
[sexton] Shyp xv'^ Itm to Rauff hookyng for kepyng of the 
Clock & Cheyme p an'" xx*' [Rents paid] — Portereve of 
Tauystock ix^ viij'' m"" Richard halse, almeshouse xij*^ 
John Badge my lord Russells bayly ij* vj'^ ob Heirs of 
Thomas Bond iiij'' Heirs of John Osbourn vj* viij'' Heirs 
of Richard Crocker, rent of a 'ponyon,' ij'' Itm paid to 
the Vicar for a gen'all derige & masse & for redyng of the 

1540-44] Churchwardens Accounts. 21 

bedroll p an™ for all the Sawells of them whiche gave lands 
& tents to the churche whose names be conteyned vpon a 
Roll vj"^ Itm to prists & Clerks thesame tyme xix'i Itm 
to the Bedman j^ Itm paid to the Vicar for the dirige & 
masse & for redyng of the bedroll of Rog"" Sterte xiij<* 
Itm paid to prists & Clerks the sametyme xviij^ Itm in 
almes to poure people thesame tyme xx'^ Itm paid to the 
Bedman j*^ Itm paid vnto the Vicar for the dirige & masse 
& for redyng of the Bedroll of William Ayssheford xiij*^ 
Itm prists and Clerks the Same tyme xvij'^ Itm in almes 
to poure people thesame tyme xij*^ Itm to the Bedman j*^ 
Itm paid vnto the Vicar for the dirige & masse of John 
Bodier and for Redynge of the bedroll xij*^ Itm paid to 
prists and Clerks thesame tyme xviij*^ Itm for bredd to 
poure people thesame tyme vij"^ Itm to the bedman j*^. 

Total payments xx'' vj^ ix'^ ob Also received ' Increment 
Cere ' for the year iiij'' xiiij* viij'^ ob. 

Succeeding warden, John Sawell. 

[1543-44] JoJin Cozuch, warden of the store of the parish 
church of Tavistocke [Fragmentary]. 

[Receives iiij^' sterling from John durrant, the previous 
warden. Mentions John Newton coryer. Receipts for 
knells, &c., from John Kechyn, William Payne, John 
Hawkyns, John Lybbe, David Wynsore (.-•) for anniversary, 
Peter Gaude, and others.] Rents received xvj" ij* j** 
Total receipts xxiij'' xv* xj*^ Balance carried on iij'' xix* 
vij'^ ob. 

[Pajincnts] — Itm ij beames to the valew of xvj*^ a pece, the 
whiche the warden gaue to the church Itm p*^ for a tresse 
to blow the Orgons j'' Itm pd for Ixxx foote bords & xv 
ij^ viij'^ Itm vnto Wyllm payne for the makyng of ij new 
torches w* the Stuff for the same xj* xj^ Itm pd for the 
hewng [digging] of ij pytts iiij'^ Itm pd vnto george 
ffisher for ix dayes worke makyng the Sepulcre & for mete 
& Drink . . . Itm pd vnto m"" Servyngton for wenskot for 
the Sepulcre . . . xx'' Itm pd vnto peter Eggecomb for 
[Deale] bords for the same xvj'' Itm p*^ vnto Richard 
ffoster for bords xiij"^ Itm pd for nayles for the same ij** 
[This would appear to be an Easter sepulchre] Itm pd 
vnto John Drake to helpe the warden to gether the church 
rents v^ vj" pd to S"" John perj-n Jhus prest for his wags 
by the yere. 

2 2 Tavistock Records. [1545-53 

[1545 — No name of warden legible. Fragmentary. Balance 
accounted for from John Cocker] 

\Payme7its for burials, &c.] — John Brune, Richard Meye, 
anniversary; Johanne Glanfyld for Me Buriall ' Walter 
Glanfyld vj'' viij'', for cross and bells xij'', for an anniversary 
xij'^ ; Ralph Hockynge, Richard Pentr, John Smale, Henry 
Badge, John Comyn tor burial of his wife, William Charells, 
John Eliott, Walter Robye, John Badge, Peter Eggecomb, 
John Trelawny, anniversary, John Coche, William Vile, 
Domina Montioye for an anniversary, Andrew Brooke, John 
Servyngton, — Baker, Thomas Coche for burial of his wife (?), 
John Keygyll, Walter Burgs, John Badge, Richard Lybbe, 
Robert Wode, John Corter, William Poynter, Robert 
Retryoks, Richard Kersvvell, John Kersewyll,John Edwards, 
William Drake, clerk, for an anniversary, Stephen Sowton, 
Roger Prowte, Walter Gyll, John Langbroke, Thomas 
Coche for an anniversary, Richard Rennell. 

[Lady Dorothy Mountjoy obtained a licence, March 
loth, 1 540-1, for a chapel within the Abbey enclosure.] 

[1550 (?) — Fragment. i6th century, possibly Edward VI. 
Among the items decipherable are a receipt from 
Richard Drake.] 

[1552-3] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. Walter 
Gloubbe, ' warden of the pyshe.' JoJin Glanfyld pre- 
ceding [all in English]. 

\Iiurials, &c. — For burial of Richard Drake, William 
Brewne, John Brewsye (.''), Walter Browne, Thomsyn 
Cornyshe — each vj^ viij''.] 

[Entries of sales to different persons of various articles — 
tapers (fflaks), ledd. Ire, old tapers, glas, an anvell (xxvj^ 
viij*^), a cofer, ij peces of Tymber, another Cofer, & Truses. 
There are several entries of sales of tapers, two old ones 
fetching iiij'^, and new ones \\f a dozen. Also several for 
' the broches,' in each case ij'^ The payments for broches 
are by John Hawk, William Vynton, William Boucher, 
Richard Rowe, Walter Cole, Nicholas Hytchyn.] 

Total receipts xxvj'' xj^ iij'^, 

^Payments] — Itm pd to S'' John vj* viij*^ [quarterly] Itm 
p'^ to peter the lockyer ffor a Cofer key iiij'' Itm p'^ to 
wyllm neyler & other ffor settyng vpp & takyng Downe of 
the Skaffolde viij^' Itm p'^ to the Paynt vij'* Itm pd to 
James Blackaller iij^ iiij'^ [quarterly] Itm p'^ for the 
expencs of v men att Excetter xiij"* viij'' Itm pd to the 

1653-58] Churchwardens Accounts. 2\ 

glasyer ffor the Sowth wyndow in the Schole howse 
vj« \'\\f Itm p'^ for the Communyon boke xiij** Itm pd 
ffor pryck song boks \\\f Itm pd to the bedman for 
labour in the churche viij'^ Itm pd to Pallmer for 
makyng of Seats by the vvalles in the Churche iiij** \\\f 
Itm p** to foster for the Coverynge of a buryale ij*^ 
Itm pd to Wyllym Gwyn for ij gemyes for the Chauncell 
dore yi\f Itm pd for pauyng in the churche \f Itm pd 
for the keapyng of Thorns hurst v* iiij*^ Itm pd for bredd 
& wyne for the Communyon vij* viij'* ob Itm pd to wyllm 
Gwyng for a spanne of Ire for the vvyckett of the styple 
doore ij*^. 

[Other payments are made to William Burgs, George 
ffysher, William Alyn, John Badge, John Warren, Richard 
Kechyn, William Poynter, for work done.] 

Total payments xxv" xvij* x*^ ob. 

[1555-6] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. 
Richard Bater, warden of the parishe churche of 
Tavistocke. Jo/iu ffranckelyng preceding. 

[Receipts] — Receuyd of John Phelyppes for a leche belle 
ij^ Receuyd of Stephen a Bourne for his pytte & the 
palle vj^ x*^ Itm Receuyd of John Rawe the Smythe for 
the palle ij'^ Receuyd of Kynesman for the palle ij*^ Itm 
Receuyd of Anthonye the Schoemaker for the palle ij'^ 
Itm Receuyd of Wyllyam hayne for the palle ij'^ Itm 
Receuyd of John Glubbe for the Brochis ij'^ Itm Receuyd 
of Richarde Eggecomb for the Brochis ij'^ Itm Receuyd 
of Richarde Douregge for the Brochis ij^ Itm Receuyd of 
Robert Saunders ior the Brochis ij*^ Itm made of the 
Weaxe Candele this yere xxvij* j*^ Itm of prowte for the 
pall ij'* Itm of flesheman ij** for the palle Itm Receuyd 
of Stephyn Come for the palle ij**. 

[The total rents of assize of the * Churche landys ' are 
set forth at xvij*^ xiiij* ; and the total receipts xlvj'' xvij^ 

Itm Receuyd of Harrye Wyllye for money that was lent 
vnto the Tynn's [tinners] iij''. 

[Payments] — Itm payed for waxe for the churche this 
yere at dyu'se tymes & for makyng of the same xxvij^ x'* 
Itm more for iiij" of Sope to washe the churche Clothes ij^ 
Payed for franke sens iiij'* Itm payed vnto Wyllm Walkey 
for makyng of a beddestede for the Scole master and for 
mete and drynkyng viij*^ Itm payed vnto Wyllyam Bonde 
for Bordis for the same Bedde iiij"* payed for nayles to 

24 Tavistock Records. [1555-56 

John Bonde for the same iiij-' Ttm payed for a nalbe to 
Anthony Skeret iiij^ iiij'' Itm payed vnto Alson Hawke 
for makyng of the Same albe viij'^ Itm payed vnto m"" 
Badge for garnyschynge for the albe xx^ Itm payed to 
Anthony Skeret for iiij yeardes of Clothe to make too 
Rocchetts Witheall, att vij'^ the yarde, ij^ iiij'' for makyng 
of the same Rocchetts v'* Itm that I delyu'yd vnto John 
Cornysche to paye the Scole m'" Wyth*' ij^ payed to one 
to goo vnto Buckeland to fecche Robert the Carpent' ij'' 
Itm payed vnto Rawe of Whyttechurche for ij thowsant of 
hellyng Stonys vj^ payed vnto Wyllyam pallm' to loke 
vppon the Clocke hamm' j'^ payed for mendyng of the 
Crosse ij*^ Itm payed for a yearde of Brettyn Clothe to 
mende the albe vj'^ payed for a lasse to hange the 
Canopye w^ll ij'* payed vnto the hellyer for v dayes and 
for matte & dryncke iiij^ iij'* payed for a newe Bell Rope iij^ 
payed for Staryng [tarring] of the Belle Ropis iiij'* payed for 
mendyng of the wheyle of the Clocke vj'* payed vnto 
John Glandefylde the m'chaunte for Tymber for the 
churche ij^ vj'* payed vnto Come for bryngynge home of 
one lode of Tymber iij*^ payed vnto John Drake for 
bryngynge home of a lode iij* for theyr mete & drynke vj'* 
for a lasse [lace] to hange the pyxe w*all j'' for a Trosse 
of faggottes to drye the Churche Clothes iiij'* payed vnto 
the Too Sawers & theyr mete & drynke ij" payed vnto 
the same Walter for gemes to the churche dore of the 
chauncelle vj'* Itm payed vnto m"" Callmadye for the 
Sewte o Recou'y of the Churche landys and the chargis 
that Wyllyam Grylls laide ovvte at london and at excett' 
for the Nicprius xxiiij'' xj** iiij** Itm payed vnto master 
hucchyns for money that he layde owte for the Churche 
Beffore vj'* Itm more payed vnto m'' Counstable for a 
nant [altar] Clothe & makyng ij^ iiij'* Itm payed vnto Alse 
Smale for makyng Clene of to greate Candellstyckes iiij*^ 
Itm paid for Bordis for m' Blente and m*' fytz is Seagis 
[seats or pews] and for pet' is labour & meate & dryncke 
ij^ Itm payed vnto Robert the Carpent' for makyng of 
the frame for the bells vj*' payed vnto lauerans the hopper 
[hooper = wheelwright] for iiij hoppis to mende the Wheyles 
of the belles viij'* payed vnto Wyllyam hamlyn for drayinge 
of Stones to make a newe ault' xij** payed vnto John 
Browne for his wagis abowte the newe alt' and to heue to 
Coynes in the Styple iij^ xj'* payed vnto Bawden the 
massyn for his labour & meate & drynke x^ To Crosseman 
to fynd the mason iij"^ Itm payed vnto John Pallm' for 

1556-62] Churchwardens Accounts. 25 

makyn of a ladder for the Clocke howse ix'^ Itm payed 
vnto Richarde Bonde for a dewtye that he demaundyd of 
the viij* men vj'* for a m'chement Itm payed vnto Barna- 
cotte for mendyng of John Gaye is Barre of Iron that was 
Broken abowte the frame of the Belles vj'^ Itm for mendyn"- 
of the Carpent' is Chessell viij^ Itm more payed vnto 
Barnacotte for Ire work for the frame of the Bellis and for 
the iij Clappers iij'' xix** iij^' ob Itm payed vnto m'' 
Counstable for a masse Boke xiiij'^ Itm more for Caryage 
home of the Same Boke xv"^ payed for a penye Tresse 
for the organs j'^ Itm payed for a schrowde Clothe for the 
olde Webber \f Vf Itm payed vnto pet' Rawlyn for 
makyng of the wrytyng ij* Itm payed vnto John Cor- 
nysche for that he layed owte for the payuyng vppon the 
Este Brygge vj^ viij*^ Itm payed to Henrye Wylley and 
to Wyllyam Gryllis for theyr Charges When the Rode to 
Excetf to appere beffore mye lorde Bysschoppe and other 
the Commysson' for the pishe xj^ payed vnto the Coun- 
stable for to Brasses for the Belles v'f \f Itm more for a 
Corde for the paysse [weight] of the Clocke x*^ Itm payed 
vnto Robert the Carpent' for a daye & d' xviij'' Itm more 
payed vnto Elford & his man for settyng vppe of the Beamc 
for the Rode xviij*^ Itm more payed vnto George maye 
for a plancke to mende the Crosse for the Rode xxij'' Itm 
more payed vnto John Weryng and to Corcke to Same 
him to make faste the Beame iiij'^ Itm for the bellestockes 
and Bryngyn home of them vj* Itm more payed vnto 
Edwarde Denys for that he was nat fulle stessfyed and 
payed of his Accompte when he was Churche warden 
xxvij* vij'^ Itm payed vnto Collyn the Cam' for makyng 
of the Rode xxxiiij^ iiij'' Itm more payed for naylis iij'^ 
to nayle the Crosse w*all Itm more payed for a quere of 
papper to kepe my Reckenyng in iij^ Itm payed vnto 
parnacotte for Ire worke for the Crosse ij*. 

Total expenses liiij'' xvij^ j*^ Due to the warden vij'' 
xix* vj'' ob [The expenses were the heavier in consequence 
of the money spent on the restoration of the Roman 
CathoHc ritual] 

[1561-2] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. 

Richard Webbc and Jolui Boivdcn, of K}'lleworth)'e, 

'wardens of the parysche churche.' [All in English; 

rents of assize entered first.] 

{Receipts — Burial pa}-mcnts : Richard Sawle, Nicholas 

Gubb's wife, William Drake, Robert Schyrwood's wife, 

26 Tavistock Records. [i56i-62 

Henry Wylleye's daughter in the Church, Richard Ell- 
forde's mother, Richard Sopper's wife, ' the myller is wyfe,' 
Roger Wynsor, Robert Vynton's servant, Nicholas Master, 
the 'olde woman Vawdon,' Richard Rowe's child.] Itm 
Recuyd for the churche loff this yere viij** iiij*^ Itm more 
Receauyd of the gathering moneye for the Reper acion of 
the Churche this yere viij" viij^ Itm Recuyd of a Bowyer 
for stondyng at Churche Bowe x*^ Itm Receauyd of 
wyllyam Collyn of harts holle for the foure brocchis for his 
Son is weddynge iiij'^. 

Total receipts xxvj'^ v^ Rents of assize xvj" xiiij'^ [The 
addition would, however, make the total £26 5s. 6d.] 

\Payments\ — Itm for a payre of glouys for m'' vicar 
p'ce xv*^ [lime bought at vj*^ a bushel] Itm for a payre of 
Tresses for the organs ij'* Itm payed for a payre of 
gemmes for the deske viij*^ Itm payed vnto the players 
vj^ viij*^ Itm payed for wedynge [? weeding] of the Este 
brydge ij* Itm payed vnto the quenes maiestye is players 
xiij* iiij'^ Itm payed for the exchaunge of the Same moneye 
x'^ Itm more Spent vppon the same players x'^ Itm more 
payed at mye lorde Byschoppe is visitacion for hallffe of 
the Boke Callyd the Callne vj^ Itm payed for the Tenne 
Comaundements & a Calendar ij^ Itm for the artycles & 
the quene is maiestye is in Junction and a byll xvj*^ Itm 
for Cuttynge dovvne of the nettels in the Churche yarde ij*^ 
Itm payed for a queyre of papper to make a boke for m"^ 
vicar iiij*^ Itm for Reddynge of the brydge att Church 
bowe vj*^ Itm payed for Caryinge of Scowle that laye in 
the churche yarde ij* viij*^ Itm payed vnto John Blyghe 
for Settynge vppe of the new bell ropis vj*^' Itm payed for 
Too Saltte boks [Psalters] vj^ Itm payed for a paraffres of 
Erasmus xv^ Itm payed for a bybyll of the largis volume 
xxvj** viij'' Itm payed for the Caryage and Recaryage of 
thes boks iiij^ Itm for wasschynge of fyue Surples & one 
Comvnyon Cloth iiij^ Itm for mendynge of the Surples vj'^ 
Itm payed vnto Ellis Drake for the blowynge of the organs 
xvj*^ Itm for mendynge of the bynches in the Scole howse 
& naylis x*^ Itm payed for makynge of a butters to beyre 
vppe the lynye in the Scolehowse x'' Itm for mendynge of 
the glasses wyndowes in the scolehowse vj^ Itm for wedynge 
of the Ivye vppon the walls ij'^ Itm for thre quarts & 
d' quarte of Revvde to thatche the lyni In the Scolehowse 
iiij* viij*^ Itm payed for the foure men is dener at the 
Archedeacon is vicitacion ij* viij*^ Itm payed for Bredde 
for the Comvnyon for the hole yere this yere v** iiij*^ Itm 

1562-67] Churchwardens Accounts. 27 

for Wyne for the Comvnyon this yere xviij^ iij*^ Itm payed 
for makynge of a essement Stovvle in the Scolehowse vj'^ 
[' Hye rents' paid — to m"" John Seruynton ij^ vj^ to m' 
Badge 'for hye Rent dewe to mye lorde Erie of beddforde 
iij"* j"*,' the porte Reffe vij^ ' the quenes maiestie ' for annual 
rent viij^ John Crocker at Rocke \f, m"" Grylls xij*^, m'' 
John Hals 'for hye Rent for to yeres p allmes howse ijV 
John Newton, tanner, ij^ * Itm payed for Sylu"" moneye of 
the londs in Tauye Seynct Pef j*^ '] Itm payed vnto the 
Baylyffe for Bowg"" lands for to lawe dayes vj*^ Itm geuen 
vnto the Scole master is wyfife at hur departyng x* Itm 
payed vnto John browne maynerde & veyze to drawe 
stones in the more x'f Itm payed vnto wyllyam Grylls for 
that he was to london for the Recouerye of the londs iij" 
Itm payed vnto John Come for hauynge home of tymber 
from pke wodde [Parkwood] xx'^. 

Total payment xxvj'^ ij* ix*^ ob. 

Wardens of ensuing year John Edgcoinbe and Waller 

[Inventory of church goods delivered to the incoming 
wardens, the first given after the Reformation.] Itm a 
chells gilltyd Itm a nother challs pcell giltyd Itm a 
Casse Too carye the Challs in Itm more a Coffer to holde 
the Euydence. Itm more one payre of Sarples Itm more 
a payre of Redde Sylke vestement Itm a Corpus w^ the 
nackyn to the same Itm more iiij Towelles Itm more a 
grette Clothe [the Lent Cloth] to Sette beffore the Rodde 
[This would seem to imply that the Rood remained] Itm 
more a pere of wdiette Uamaske vessement for Decon and 
Subdecon Itm a nawt"^ Clothe of Redde Sylke that m'' 
hamlyn gaue Itm a Sute of vessement of yelow Sylke 
Decon & Subdecon Itm a pall of Blaccke Veluat Itm 
Too Curtyens of Redde Saye Itm ix Stoles & manuels 
Itm one whytte Coppe of Sattyn of bourgis [Bruges] Itm 
a Table Clothe of Checkeryd Veluatt for the Comvnyon 
table Itm more Too fyne Tables Clothes of lynyn for the 

[1566-67] From feast to feast of Invention of Holy 
Cross. William Houghton and Jolm Glanfyld, wardens 
of the high store of the parish church of Tavystock. 
[Partly Latin.] Thomas Molmn and John Bnrgys 
previous wardens. 
[/?f(rr///.y Burials, &c.]— Of the wife of Richard Richards 

for pall and bells vj'^ Of John Eustys for grave (certifago) 

28 Tavistock Records. [1566-67 

of Richard Eustys and for pall and bells vj^ viij^ for bell 
after the death of Edward ludgate viij^ of Edward Denys 

Of William Browne for bells \nf of William Hayne for 
the great bell iiij*^ of William Bater [ditto] iiij'^ of John 
Carter, Joseph ffrye, Joan Browne, Joan Webbe, [ditto] of 
William Nycolls for grave of his wife with pall and bells 
vij* viij*^ of Walter Giubb for grave of his wife [ditto ditto] 
ot Thomas Glanfyld for grave of his wife [ditto ditto] for 
grave of Henry lapsam with pall and bells vij*" viij'^^ of 
John Grland for the great bell iiij'' of Stephen Williams 
[ditto] iiij'^ of John Drake for grave of his wife with pall 
and bells vij* viij^ of Joseph Aiyn for pall and bells viij"* 
for the great bell after the death of John Bolle iii'^ of 
John Vynton for the great bell iiij*^ Total received for pall 
and bells xvij^' xvj** vj''. 

Rents of assize xv^' xj^ xj^ 

OtJier receipts — le Sondayes pence viij^ viij'^ Itm re- 
ceyved of the pissheners towards the mayntenaunce and 
repayryng of the churche as appearethe pticulerly by a 
book thereof made viij" vj*' vj'^ Itm receyvd of Thomas 
Sowton for the m'kett houses & ffayres this yere whiche 
was dewe att michelmas last paste xiiij^ 

Total receipts Ivj" iij*^ vij''. 

\Payments'\ — Itm paide to William Gaye for takyng of 
ffoxes x*" Itm paide to Walter potter for a horse that 
Gaye hadd att the same tyme viij*^ Itm paide for 
mustrynge home of Chypson from exetr xiij* iij*^ Itm 
paide to Rafife hookyn for his quarters wage due att 
mydsom' iiij^ Itm paide to a man of Plympton for Carry- 
enge awaye the powre men to berstable [Barnstaple] ij^ 
Itm paide to a man of S* Domyneck \f \\\f Itm more 
paide for halfe a quarter of lyme xvj*^ Itm paide to 
Willm Gaye more towards his charge of kyllyng of ffoxes 
x^ Itm paide for m of helynge stones v'f Itm paide to 
John Keyosyn' the helyer & his Sonn for xiiij dayes Worke 
att viij*^ the daye ix** iiij*^ Itm paide for xj hundred of 
lathes att vij*^ the hundred vj^ v*^ Itm for iiij thowsand & 
d*^ of lathe nells vij*^ vj** itm paide for xj thowsand of 
helyng pynnes att iiij*^ the thowsand iij* viij"^ Itm for the 
helyers meate & his Sonnes for xiiij days att ix'' the daye 
^js^jd Itm for a n ewe Crest v^ Itm pd for a Galon of Wynne 
& a pound of Sugar bestowed [?] to m'' S...f. ..Id & m"" 

1567-74] CJmrcJiwardens Accounts. 29 

Copleston when they kept Cessyons ij^ Itm paid to the 
Constable for the Sawdyers vj" viij^ Itm p'* vnto hym att 
an other tyme for the seid Sawdyers xl' Itm paid to 
Badge for bryngyng the Sawdyers to exeter x'' viij'^ Itm 
p^ for a lattyse for the Scole howse wyndowe ij* Itm 
paid to John Browne for helynge [covering] of pyts in 
the churche xv'^ Itm paide vnto the Scole master att 
Sondrye tymes iiij" xvj** viij^ Itm paide to William Shre 
xxxiij* Itm paide for the vij mens dynneres that dyd 
appeare before the Commyssyoners iij* j'^ Itm more for 
the same men ij^ \\\f Itm paide more to the Scole maister 
x^ Itm paide to Robert horsewyll for mendyng a Surples 
iiij*^ Itm paide towards the Comyssyon's dynn's when they 
Satte vppon the Subsidye iij^ Itm paide more to the Scoole 
master at Ester xxxiij^ iiij'^ Itm paide to the Constable 
towards the Charge of the Sute for the moore xxvj* viij"^ 
Itm paide to Steffyn maddaford for the Same Cawse xx^ 
Itm paide to CoUyn the joyner for iij dayes worke for 
plancheyng [flooring] vppon the heyer m'kett howse ij** vj** 
Itm paide to Jose palmer for other ij dayes vppon the 
same ij^ iij'^ Itm paide for hatche nells & bord nells for 
the same xix'^ Itm for ccxxv fett of bords for the same 
Ixv^ Itm paide for the quenes armes & my lord of Bedfords 
[in glass] & for Settyng of the same & for xxx quarcUs 
sett att the same tyme xv^ viij*^ Itm for master ffytz 
armes & for the Settyng the armes & mendyng certyn 
quarrells att the same tyme x** iiij^ Itm paid for bredd & 
Wynne for the Comunyon for this yere xv^ ij'^ ob Itm 
paide for Wasshyng of the Churche Clothes & for mendyng 
of them ij^ Itm paide to Walter harrys for his Charge 
rydyng to exeter yn Gyvyng for evydence for the Comens 
[Commons] vj*^ viij*^ Itm p^ to Will™ Grylls abowte the 
Charge of John Soopers [?] Sute xxx^ iiij'^ Itm paide to 
Walter harrys for the sute of . . . house for iiij yeres past ij* 
Itm paide to mystery ss . Servyngton for xP' weight yn 
Brasses for the bells xiij^ ij*^. 

Total payments xxxv'' ix^ xj'^. 

Next wardens William Pdymix and Thomas Lybbe. 

[1573-4] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. 

Anthony Nycols and Richard Sazvell, tailor, wardens of 

the store of the parish church of Tavystock. Richard 

Glubbe and Richard Breiven preceding wardens. 

[Receipts — Burials, &c.]— Roger Coles child, . . . wife, 

Walter lau'se of Woodovys, William Langfords child, John 

30 Tavistock Records. [1573-74 

Kynsmans wife, John Dyrrant and wyfe, John Corter, Walter 
Rawe, Thomas Burgys child, Joan Pyke widow, John Cornysh 
child, CoUyn of harts hole child, Richd Gays child, John 
Brusy, Henry lyllyks child, — Wynsore, Elizabeth lybbe 
widow, Joseph Collyns wife, Richard Harrys child, Roger 
Keygell, Michell Borne, John Tokers wife, William Poynter 
jn"" child, Robert Badges child, Roger Rundells child, 
Thomas lybbes child, Walter Burgys wife, Richard ffoster, 
Christopher Kylwortheys wife, Michael Ludgates wife, 
John Keygells child. 

[The receipts, which are entered in Latin, make Ixxxviij" 
viij^ ob ; the payments, entered in English, Ixx'' xiv® vj'^ ob.] 

Payments — Itm paide ffor the charges of m"" Bassett & 
other in Commysson with hym att a mowster of the Tynn's 
iij'i vj* viij*^ Itm paide ffor planchyng & Rayles where the 
Weights Stond Vf v'xf- [query waits, i.e. town musicians] 
Itm Geven John Williams by Comaundem* of the viij men 
towards his paynes ffor Rynggyng in the mornyng att iiij 
of Clocke \\f \\\f Itm paide to Willm gaye ffor kyllyng 
of a ffox xij*^ Itm paide ffor a Jemy ffor one of the Seiges 
ij*^ Itm Geven to a Skoler of Oxford xij"" Itm paide ffor 
mendyng of the lyme Keve [tub] vj'^ Itm paide to the 
Constable to sett ffourthe the Sawdyers in to Ireland v'' 
Itm paide ffor my lord bysshopes s^'unts dynner att his 
beyng here vj^ iij*^ Itm paide Cornyshe the mason for 
Cour'nge of pytts in the Church xij*^ Itm paid the bedman 
ffor helpyng hym about the same pytts vj'* Itm the Charges 
of them that Rode to ayshebton before Certyn Comyssyon's 
ijs vj*^ Itm paide ffor Willm Gaye half yeres rent ffor 
takyng of ffoxes ix* Itm paide ffor a pound of Candell 
and for bredd & drynk bestowed att the Rynggyng att 
nyght the xvij of Novembre xij** Itm Geven to one that 
Gathered ffor Wade brydge viij*^ Itm to one other ffor the 
lazer howse of pylton iiij*^ Itm gyven to one of bryxton 
his howse being brent vj'^ [' One of Wythecomb ' had 4d. 
on a similar account, and one of ayshewater 2s. 6d.] Itm 
paide ffor a ffrese Gound Gyven to the Bedman xij*^ Itm 
to one that Gathered to the lazer howse of honyton vj'^ 
Itm paide to one that Gathered to the Kyngs benche 
p'son's vj*^ [A like amount for the 'p'son's in the m^'shalsye'] 
Itm paide John Browne ffor his labo"" in Workyng abowt 
Certyn pyllers of morestones yn settyng the newe Seges 
in the Churche xij*^ Itm Gyven to one havy ng a testy- 
monyall vj'' Itm paide Willm Huggyn ffor newe makyng 
the dexte ij^ Itm paide to Drake ffor a Cord ffor the 

1574-75] Chtirchwai'dens Accounts. 31 

Clocke viij'' Itm paide the Glasyer fifor a lyver hole glase 
fFor the almeshowse xij^ [Other expenses on ' Drossells 
howse '] Itm paide Robert Collyn for makyn of ffyve 
newe seiges in the Chaunsell and ffyndyng tymber to the 
same iij'* vj* viij'^ Itm paide Trenaman ffor Jemys ffor the 
same seiges ij* ij*^ [Nails for the same j^] Itm paid 
Collyn & his man fifor settyn vpp of other seiges in the 
Church xviij*^ Itm paide Collyn ffor mendyng the fforme 
and makyng of ij newe Chests ij^ [boards cost ij^ and 
nails ix'^] Itm paide for a Shrowde ffor the old Woman 
Symon of the almeshowse ij^ viij'^ Itm paide the vycar ffor 
teachyng the Scholars this yere x" Itm paide Willm 
Drake ffor kepyng the Clock this yere xvj* Itm paide to 
Willm Shere ffor teachyng the litle Chyldren this yere iiij'' 
[vj* viij*^ also allowed for the rent of his ' chamber.'] 

[1574-75] From feast to feast of Invention of Holy 
Cross. Richard Dimrydge and Walter Payne, wardens 
of the high store. [Partly Latin. Anthony NycoUs 
and Richard Sawcll, preceding wardens, hand over a 
balance of xij" ij* iiij^' ; and there is also received xx^ 
of Thomas Sowton on the arbitration and order of 
John Newton and John Rubye, indifferently elected to 
decide as to certain arrears of the market houses and 
fairs upon the account of Richard Skerrit, Richard 
Poynter, and others.] 
[^Receipts — Burials, &c.] — Of John Newton for grave of 
his wife and pall and bells vij^ viij*^ Of Richard Sawell 
sen' after the death [post mortem] of his wife for pall and 
bells xij'^ Of John ffytz esquire for grave of his servant 
and pall and bells vij^ viij'^ Of Thos Vynton after the 
death of his child for the great bell iiij*^ Of William 
Charles after the death of his wife, pall and bells xij'^ Of 
John Carswill after the death of his child for the great bell 
iiij*^ Of John Carswill after the death of his mother for all 
the bells viij"^ Of Stephen Fyke his child the great bell 
iiij*^ Of Walter Mounck after the death of Richard Mounck 
his father the great bell iiij*^ Of Ralph Sowton after the 
death of his child the great bell iiij'' Of the executors of 
Wm Whit after the death of the said William pall and 
bells ^\f Of John Coll after the death of his child the 
great bell iiij** For pall and bells after the death of Alice 
fursman widow xij"^ Of John Burgys cordwainer after the 
death of his child for the great bell iiij*^ Of Walter Fyke 
[ditto, ditto] iiij"^ For pall and bells after the death of 

•2 2 Tavistock Records. [1574-75 


Nicholas Pers xij*^ For the great bell after the death of 
the child of the aforesaid Nicholas Pears iiij*^ After the 
death of Mr. Edgcomb for pall and bells viij*^ Of Thomas 
Hamant after the death of his child the great bell iiij*^ P"or 
pall and bells after the death of Robert Brent xij*^ Of 
Roger Burroughe after the death of his child for the great 
bell iiij'^ Of John Badge [ditto, ditto] iiij<^ Of Richard 
Crage [ditto, ditto] iiij'^ Of — humphry [ditto, ditto] 111]*^ 
Of John Vynton [ditto, ditto] iiij*^ b^or pail and bells after 
the death of John Woulff viij^ Of Philip Pyke after the 
death of his child the great bell iiij'^ Of John Whitmaker 
after his death (post mortem sui) for all the bells viij"^ 
Total xxix® \\\'f. 

Rents of assize — xvij'' vij*^ vij^. 

Sondaies pence viij® Itm Receyved of the pisshen'^s 
toward the maynten'^nce of the church as appeareth in a 
book thereof made viij'' \\f viij'' Itm Receyved of Richard 
Drake and other his pten''s for one whole yeres rent 
quarflie paid for the mket houses and pfitz of the faires 
. . , xij'' x^ Itm Receyved of Willm Poynter thelder for 
c^'tayne woad sold growinge at St Savyers meddowe xl^ 
Itm Receyved of dyu''se of the pishen's of the fre guy ft 
towards the makyng and setting vp of the newe bells and 
cheame as appeareth pticularlie in a book thereof made of 
their names vj'' ij^ vij'^, 

[Total receipts, with fines on leases, Ixxxxvij'' vW'f vj'l] ■ 

YPayments^ — Itm paid for ij Copies writing of m'' Robart 
Charles will w°h Copies were sent to London to have advise 
vpon \\f \\\f- Itm delyu^'ed to m'' Constable for ij Costeletts 
bought at Plymmothe iij'' Itm paid for one halberde 
vjs viij'^ It[n one flaske and tough [touch] box ij^ vj'^ Itm 
delu^'ed the Constable for settinge fourthe the sawdyers 
into Ireland and for armo' at that tyme vij'^ Itm paid for 
the chardge at Plymmothe of them that bought the Armo"^ 
ij8 vij'^ Itm paid for makinge the conveighaunce of the 
lands geven by m'' Grylles towards the maynten^nce of 
the power people in the Almeshouse iiij* Itm paid Pynche 
for settinge of a sege in his place agayne by the chauncle 
dore w4i was before Removed iij*^ Itm paid John Browne 
for mendinge the cundyt Iron ij"^ Itm paid to John Courtys 
for whippynge dogs owt of the churche iiij'^ Itm paid Plater 
for mendinge the leache [death] belle viij*^ Itm paid for 
two stones Roppes for the bells vij^ iiij'^ Itm paid Walter 
Burgyes for mendinge two bells Collers vj*^ Itm paide for 
hustinge vp the newe bell w*^!! arraue into a boot at 

1574-75] Churchwardens Accounts. "3 

Plymmoth iiij'^ Itm paid furseman for his wags and for 
meat drincke about placynge and settinge the' new bell 
ij^ \f Itm paid for a pounde of Candles iij'i Itm paid for 
greyse for the bells \f Itm paid Cornishe for mendinge 
the pollys ij^ Itm paid for a bell Coller xxj^ Itm patd 
Trenaman for mendinge a clap [per] and other things 
conc''ninge the bells iij^ Itm paid to one of bastable 
having a testimonyall xij^ Itm paid for a pound of 
Caundles about hanginge vp of the newe bell \\f Itm 
delu'"ed one that gathered for the poore w4iout east-gate of 
Exeter viij'' Itm paid for caryadge home of the newe bell 
from morwelhm ij^ viij'' Itm paid for greyse for the clock 
and bells vj'^ Itm paid for a bayes [baize bag] to put the 
Communyon Cupp in vj'' Itm paid fursman and his sonnes 
for workinge about the bells and frame xxiij* \f Itm geven 
vnto one that was Robbed vpon the Seas xij'^ Itm paid to 
Pvndory for mendinge the wheyle of the great bell ij'^ Itm 
paid to Trenaman for makinge twists for the dore vpon the 
loar [lower] planching in the steple ij^' Itm paid to John 
Elyote iiij*^ Itm paid to mr Vicar for a book viij** iiij*^ 
Itm paid to William Drake for kepynge of the clock for 
thre quarters wage xij* Itm paid to Walter Burgis for one 
other quarter iiij^ Itm paid to Walter burgis for goinge to 
milbrock for wyere xij^ Itm paid to Walter burgys for 
fetchinge two pollys at Lam^'ton and for mendinge the bell 
collers vj'^ Itm paid to plater for a staple to hange the 
clap [per] to xxj'^ Itm paid to Walter Luggar for bringinge 
home the bell from buckelond [abbey ?] iij^ iiij*^ Itm paid 
the Register for a book x^ iiij'' Itm paid to nicholas 
Glanfild for weyre \\f V\\f- Itm paid Trenaman a new 
clap and other Ire worke about the bells xxxix® Itm paid 
for Rydinge the brydge before the almeshouse and at the 
churchebovve iij'^ Itm paid for caryadge awaie of the 
scoule iiij'^ Itm paid for the cheame makers for ther 
charges beinge at Plymothe to vewe the other bell ther 
xij*^ Itm paid for a shrowd for henry Rodge ij^ iiij*^ Itm 
paid preist money \f \\\f- Itm paid the same tyme 
towards the gentlemens dynn"" xx'' Itm paid for one that 
was kept for a souldiers to Willms bouchers howse & to 
John harte for meat & lodging ij^ ij'^ Itm paid to a p'"cher 
that made a srmon here for his dinn"^ and horse meat 
iij^ iiij'^ Itm p*^ vnto John Collyn at morwellhm for one 
newe Ropp for the cheame iij"* iiij'^ Itm paid for one peice 
of Tymber for the cheame and for Caryadge thereof vj*^ 
Itm geven vnto iij pardon'"s [religious mendicants] at 


34 Tavistock Records. [1574-86 

seu'all tymes xviij'' Itm paid to plater for mendinge the 
litle bell vij* Itm paid for makinge of the books, one for 
the collection of the bell, and the other for the Repacon 
of the churche xij'^ Itm paid m'' vicar for his wags this 
yere for kepinge the schole x'^ Itm paid willm Shere 
for one yeres wags for teachinge the children iiij" Itm 
paid for his house Rent in the church yearde this year 
vj* viij** Itm paid for the suite of Thorns Sowton for his 
arrerage of the mket house Vf \\\f- Itm paid m"" Cocke 
at Plymothe for one newe bell and the charge of bying and 
caryinge home of the same bell xxj" Itm paid for vij 
hundred and halfe of belmetall and the chardge paid by 
the wardens at the weighinge and at the castinge of one 
other bell xv'^ vj^ viij'^ Itm paid to Plater for hundred 
quarter and Twentie pounde of bell mettall ou'' and above 
the broken bell and the peice of Tynne geven by m"" mohh 
towards the bell liij'^ iiij'^ Itm paid to Plater for Castinge 
the newe bell and for one other m''ket bell weyinge xxij 
hundred, at vij^ the hundred, vij'' xiiij® Itm paid the 
cheyme makers for makinge the cheyme vj'' x^ Itm paid 
for a new coUer for the great bell ij^ vj'^ Itm paid for halfe 
yeeres rent for Willm Gayes house towards his paynes in 
taking of foxes ix^ vj'^ Itm more paid for wyere for the 
cheyme \\'f V)xf Itm paid for one hundred & halfe and 
ffyve pounds of lead for the peak for the cheyme [no 
amount] Itm paid at Plymothe for chardge bestowed 
their at thensealing of the conveighaunce by m' John 
Amadas of c''tayne of the pishen'"s lands and the chardge 
of them that rode about the same vif \\\'f [Mr. John 
Honychurche was also concerned, and had xxj* viij'^ 
'towards his paynes and chardgs comynge to Tavis- 
tocke'] Itm paid for the supper of them that were 
witnesses at the takinge of the lyu'"ye and season made by 
u''tue of the newe feoffem^*^ of the same pishon's lands iiij'^ 
[Mr. Honychurch & others also had iij^ iiij*' in wine] 
Bestowed about the scholehouse by m'" Grylls xliiij® xj*' 
Itm more deliu^'ed vnto Charles Grylls & John Glanfylde 
towards the Suyte taken against the heirs of Robart Charles 
touchinge the Annuytie geven by him by his wyll towards 
the Releyffe of the power people of the Almeshouse xx^ 
Itm paid for a quart of Sacke geven vnto m'" Calmadie vj'^. 
Total payments cii'' v® viij^ ob. 

[1586] Almshouse account of ... & William Broivne. 

1588 89] Churchwardens Accounts. 35 

[1588-89] From third of Maye to third of Maye Wardens 
Thomas Boles and John Collyn. i3i5350 
{Receipts']— Bury alls and ^£'//.?j-— Margaret daughter of 
Roger Dollyn ; Richaurde Powell, widdow ; ' Itm Receaued 
vppon the death of Agnes Drake for all the Belles and her 
Grave, vij* iiij^ ; ' Alee Truscote, widdow, all the bells, 
v\\f ; Jane Dawsen, widow ; John Prowtes wyfe for all the 
Bells and her grave, v\\f mf ; Philip Atwill ; the widow 
Collyn of Hartshole ; Matthew Trewman ; ' Ewesties 
Collyn ' all the bells ; John Peeke, Taylor ; Elizabeth 
Parr, widow, all the bells ; Edward Russell, all the bells ; 
James Helliers wyfe, all the bells; Christopher ffoxe his 
wyfe; Margaret daughter of Peter p:dgecombe, weaver; 
William Prediaux Gent for all the Bells and his grave, 
vij^ mf ; Richard Pudners child ; a childe being a Sonne 
of one Leonard of Plymmouthe; Gregorie Jeeles Ser- 
vaunte ; John Sargeaunts child ; Alee Truscotts child ; 
Johane Earell, widow, all the bells ; Thomas Brownes 
childe ; Bennett Glubbs wyfe, all the bells and grave, 
v\f mf ; m""'^ Pyper, all the bells and graue, vij^ iiij'^ ; 
Thomas Pollakes childe ; Richarde ffosters childe, the 
Glasier ; Richarde Bloye of woodeovys ; Johane Keygell 
of Tavyton, all the bells, viij^^ ; William Trusts wyfe; 
Wilmott Vynton, all the bells and pall, xij^^ ; Walter 
Trowtes wyfe, all the bells and grave, vij^ viij'' ; John 
Peekes child, of Burnemyll ; Hugh Roe ; Richard Gaye, 
baker ; Ralph Sowtons daughter ; Agnes Treble, widow ; 
Johane Kemell, widow ; John Williams wyfe ; Thomasyn 
Diggen, widow ; Richard Beallies wyfe ; Johane Piers, 
widowe ; John Tooker ; Richard Sheere ; John Lovylls 
wyfe, all the bells ; Johane White, widdow, all the bells ; 
Richard Savvies wyfe, all the bells ; John Chubbes ' firste 
wyfe,' all the bells ; Robert Tuddies child ; Roger Scobbell ; 
John Truscott ; John Edgecombes Sonne ; John Crosse- 
mans daughter ; Christopher ffoxe ; Walter Palmers wyfe, 
all the bells. [When nothing is specified against the name 
the great bell only was rung, at a charge of 4d. ; ' all the 
bells' cost 8d.] — Total iij" vj** viij^. 

Rents of assize — William fflaysheman, vj^ viij'' Annual! 
Rent comynge out of his landes in Nutleighe ; Richard 
Twigge, tenement and garden, and close at Pettipace, 
xlj^ viij'^ ; Richard White, tenement, St. Mathewes Street, 
and garden under the way leading towards Inscombe, 
xiij^ iiij*^ ; Richard Glubbe, tenement at Churchbowe and 
meadow adjoining to Perswill, xxxiij^ iiij'^ ; William Vyn- 

D 2 

^6 Tavistock Records. [1588-89 


ton, tenement at ' the well in the west Streete,' xij^ ; John 
Sooper the younger, tenement, garden, and close at Banna- 
well, xxiij^ iiij*^ ; Thomasyn Glanvill, widow, tenement, 
garden, close, and two meadows at Bannawell, xv® ; 
Walter Burges, Taylor, tenement and garden, xiiij^ ; 
Blanche Payne, widow, tenement by the Almeshouse x® ; 
Robert Myserie, garden at Cackshill, iij^; John ffytz, 
Esquier, for an Annual Rent going out of Two Tenements 
and a Garden now in the tenure of William Kestlake, 
which land the said John ffytz late purchased of Richard 
Lybb of London, x^ ; Nicholas Glanvill, marchaunt, out of 
a tenement in which Thomas Browne, Pewtner, dwells, 
\\\f \f ; of the same out of a tenement in which Roger 
Sowton dwells, ix^ iiij'^; John Hawkyn, rent out of a tene- 
ment in which John Roe, Smyth, dwells, viij® ; John Burges, 
weaver, for a garden, v^ iiij'^; Marie Tooker, widow, for a 
Garden, xvj*^; John Glanvill, esquier, rent out of a tene- 
ment in which Hugh Odye dwells, xij*^ ; Ollyver Sawle, rent 
out of two tenements upon the Cawse, iij** iiij*^ ; Walter 
Kedley, tenement and ' Grasehaye,' and meadow called 
S* Savors Meade, xxj*; William Standon of Peterstavie 
for lands there, xx® ; Johane Skyrrett, garden late in 
tenure of John Skyrrett, on higher side of the waye 
leading to Inscombe, ij**; John Gawde, tenement upon the 
Cawse, vj^ viij*^ ; Jasper Badge, tenement upon the Cawse 
and piece of land called ' Perswill peice,' xx** ; Richard 
Glubb, tanner, for piece of land adjoining sometime Latches 
house, ij^ x*^ ; John Collyn, tenement and garden at fforde- 
streete, xiiij^ ; heirs of John Hawkynges, rent out of tene- 
ment upon the Cawse in which John Coller dwells, xvj*^ ; 
John Drowsell, tenement by almshouse, and garden at 
Cackeshill, xxiiij^ ; Edward Dennes, marchaunte, garden, 
viij^ ; 'John Glanvill, esquier, for the libertie of the water 
comynge into his howse where hee latelie dwelled from the 
Cunduytts by the yere ij^ vj*^ ; ' Thomas Lybbe for a Littell 
meddowe lyinge att Sokerhowse, iiij^ [The wardens are 
' charged ' with the following rents : x'^ payable by Thomas 
Mohan for tenement and garden at Cackeshill ; vij^ iiij'^ 
payable by Mohan for tenement and garden at Bovvden- 
hill ; xx*^ payable by the heirs of Charells for lands in 
' warpisworthie' ; j'^ payable by heirs of said charells 
for 'St. Marye Haye'; iij* iiij*^ payable by Thomas 
Mohan 'for the libertie of the water Comynge in to his 
howse from the Cunduytte ' ; vj^ viij*^ payable by Grace 
Lawxford for a little house by the almshouse, late in 

1688-89] Churchwardens Accounts. 37 

tenure of William Sheere, deceased.]— Total rents xvij^' 
xiij^ ix*^. 

{Other r^r^;//j-]— Richard Sawell and others his parteners 
fifor the markett howse and ffayres xij'' Itm Receyved of 
the pishioners of Tavistock towardes a rate made for the 
settinge fourthe of Souldyers for the guardinge of the 
Oueenes ma*'«^^ pson And towardes the mayneteynaunce 
of the Churche this yere as appeareth by a Booke of the 
pticulers thereof xxxj'' xMiij^' 'W ffytz August 18, 1588, 
vjw vj*^ Walter Barges for the fiformes of the Churche this 
yere ij^ ix'^ [Twelve and a half pounds of old Ire sold 
xij*^ ob 1307 weight of lead 'taken downe of the Porche 
and solde after the rate of x^ everie Hundred,' vj^' x* v'^.] 

Total receipts Ixxvij^' v^ v*^ ob. 

{Payments — The payments commence with the chief 
rents— total xxiiij^ ij^^ ob — which are paid to the Queen, 
John Glanvyle esq., the Portreeve, Charles Grills gent, my 
lorde of Bedfords Bayliff, Richard Hals esq his Bayliff 
(almshouse), John ffytz esq 'for the ponyon ende of the 
howse where William Vynton dwelleth,' also for parcel of 
the higher market house, one of the high rents paid to the 
portreeve being for parcel of the lower; 'for the suite at 
pcell courte by the yere vj*^.'] 

Itm gaue M' Bickell, W Batteshill, M"" Knighte, and 
other Preachers who preached att Seu^'all tymes in the 
pishe Churche this yere ix^ viij'^ Itm paide for a longe Rope 
for the Lower ende of the littell Bell x*^ Itm paide for 
Wyne and Breade this yere for the Comunyon Table 
Ix^ iij*^ Itm paid John Drake the Scholemaster for teach- 
inge in the Grammer Scole this yere xij^' Itm paide to 
Nicholas Watts for wages for teachinge of the littell 
Children this yere iiij'* Itm paide att the muster in 
August last past xl* Itm paide in August laste for the 
expenses of the Souldiers att Plympton vij^ Itm paide to 
John Purges for his paynes in goinge with the Thrum 
[drum] vj^ Itm paide the Eighteenth of August laste to 
Richard Drake towardes the charge of the Tynners vj" 
Itm paide to AP" ffytz which he loned M"" ffysher xx» Itm 
paide to M"" Nicholas Glanvile for the like xxiij^ iiij^ Itm 
paide vnto M"" Houghton, IVP Lybb, M"^ Dennes, M'" Moore, 
M"" Scawen, Richard Drake, Walter Kedleighe, and the 
widdowe Nicholl, everie of them x^ whiche they before 
had loned ]\P ffysher, in the whole iiij" Itm paide vnto 
Thomas Sowton, Walter Master, William Grills, Richard 
Brewen, and Peter Edgecombe for the like, eu''ie of them 


8 Tavistock Recoi^ds. [1588-89 

vj^ viij'^, in the whole xxviij* iiij*^ Itm paide John Tickcll 
for the hke iij^ iiij*^ Itm paide James the Cutler for 
makinge cleane strappynge and other Trymmynge of the 
Corselett and other Armour of the pishe, And for a Newe 
Daggar vj^ Itm paide for a Newe Girdell xvj'^ Itm 
paide for a Booke of Articles att the fifirst visitacon and 
for other ffees then xxij'' Itm for wrytinge the p'"sentm^*' 
att the visitacon and lynige in thereof xij'^ Itm paide for 
the expenses of the wardens, Sydemen, Clarkes, and others 
of the pishe att dynner thatt daye v'f \'f Itm paide to 
Thomas Watts for Amendinge of the Bible and the 
Bookes of Comon prayer, beinge toren in dyvers places 
Vf \f Itm paide for the Expenses of the Constable, m' 
mohan, and of John Collyn one of the wardens And of 
Stephen Hamblyn And of the Constables man att 
Plympton, beinge there att the Assessinge of the Subsidie 
the xth of September, 1588, Wf 'f Itm paide to Three 
Iryshemen whiche had a lycence from the Earell of Bathe 
vj'' Itm paide vnto John Bonde for Two Buckells of Ire 
for the Bells viij'^ Itm paide to a poore man of Saynt 
Sidwells whiche hadd a Testymonyall vj'* Itm paide for 
Candells the xvijth daye of November last, for the 
Ryngers and for Tallowe for the Ropes xij'' [This ringing 
for the anniversary of the accession ot Elizabeth was 
probably an annual charge] Itm paide to Cudlypp the 
Smythe for the Amendinge of a Tynnehooke, And for a 
Staye for the Create Bell, And for wadges, And for a 
Keye, And for Nayles, And also for amendinge of a 
Clapper of one of the Bells, and for other Ireworke in all, 
vj* iiij^' Itm paide Walter the Smythe for Amendinge of 
the Coffers xviij^ Itm paid a pore man thatt collected for 
the hospitall of Saynt Leonards vj*^ Itm paide William 
Peeke for Two Bushells and a halfe of Lyme and fetchinge 
thereoff att Plymmouthe ij'' ij^' Itm paid John Collyn for 
keepinge of the water of the Conduytts this year ij^ Itm 
paid him for settinge vpp of a Garrett Stone on the Toppe 
of the Steeple xij*^' Itm paide hym [William Wylls] for 
Tymber bestowed in settinge vpp of the ladder in the 
Belfreye xiiij*^ Itm paide the Paver for amendinge of 
the Pavement by the Conduytts and the Streete by the 
higher Church Bowe, xxij'' Itm paide for Three hundred 
of Shillinge [roofing] Stones xij'' Itm paide for a locke 
and a Keye and setting thereof on the Pulpitt Doore, And 
for amendinge of Two other Keyes and Lockes of the 
Church, And for makinge of a Newe Keye for the Steeple 

1588-89] Churchwai'dens Accounts. 39 

Doore for the Clercke y.v'f Itm paide William Gaye for 
kyllynge of Eighte ffoxes this yere v\\f Itm paid John 
Bonde for Iron Crookes for the Scholehowse windowes xv*^ 
Itm paide for a newe Comunyon clothe and for hemmynge 
thereof vj^ ij^' Itm paide for a Ladder for the Churche 
ij^ v'f Itm paid for Tvventie poundes of Sauder, ffor 
Twelve poundes of Leadd, ffor Candells, ffor Two Seames 
of wood, And for the Plummers wages in amendinge of 
the Cesteron and pype of the higher Conduytt, xv** ij'' 
Itm paid W Nicholas Glanvyle for Threeschore and 
ffyfteene ffoote of wyre att v*^ the ffoote, ffor the Schole- 
howse windowes, and for Carriadge thereof, xxxj^ \\f Itm 
paide Walter Burges for settinge vpp thereof vj'' Itm 
paide for a newe Keye for the deske in the Scholehowse 
iiij*^ Itm paide for lowinge vpp of Stones in the churche- 
yearde iij'^ Itm payde vnto M'' Grills for Two Tymber 
Trees xxij* Itm paid for a Chayne and settinge in thereof 
for the fastenynge of the Dictionarie in the Scholehowse 
ix'^ Itm paide vnto Walter Master for a newe peire of 
Stockes, A newe Locke And Keye therevnto xiiij^ vj'^ 
Itm payde vnto John Brownsdon for ffyve dayes worke of 
hymsellfe and his Boye, and for ffyndinge themselues, 
aboute the porche and Schole howse v** ij'' Itm paide hym 
[Walter Burges] for one plancke and Nayles for the 
amendinge of the widdowe Nicholls and Walter Poynters 
wyfes Seate and other Seates xij'' Itm paide hym for 
coveringe of Sixe Graves in the Churche this yere xviij'^ 
Itm paide hym for the makinge cleane of the windowes 
and Leadds of the Churche this yere xvj'^ Itm paide the 
saide Walter Burges for his wages xxvj'^ viij'' Itm paide 
the saide Walter Burges, whiche he paide for newe 
Earynge of the Pickaxe of the Churche, iij'' Itm paide 
William Trenaman for Three Chaynes of Ire w*h plates, 
And for the fastenynge of the Bible, Paraphras of 
Erasmus, And M' Juells [Bp. Jewel] Booke in the churche 
iij* ij*^ Itm paide John Hawkyn for Twelve Bushells of 
Lyme and bringinge thereof hither vij^ vij'^' Itm paide 
Two masons for one dayes worke fyndinge themselues in 
makinge vpp of the Porche wall xx'^ Itm paide for a 
newe Bible for the Churche xj® viij'' Itm paide for a 
Cover of Leather for the same Bible iiij*^ Itm paide 
Richard Sawle for Two Tresses fetcht with hym the 
Ringinge daye iiij'^ Itm paide for the Dynner of the 
wardens and one of the Sydemen the xxiiijth daye of 
Maye last att the delyverey of our p'^sentments for the 

40 Tavistock Records. [1588-95 

laste visitacon xij'^ Itm for the writinge and puttinge in 
of the same p''sentments xvj'^ [The wardens claim to be 
respited of certain rents due from Thomas Mohan — * all 
whiche Seu'"all Soiiies dewe by the saide Thomas Mohan, 
amountinge vnto xiij^ iij'^ hee demaundeth to be allowed 

of in pte of payement of a debt of dewe vnto hym layde 

out by hym for the pish Cawses when he was Constable '] 
Itm paide hym [Mr. Glanvill] more which he bestowed on 
Mr. Moore the preacher for his expences xxij^. 

[Total payments Ixxv^' viij^ xj'^ ob, leaving a balance 
of xxxvj® vj'^, ' Whereof xx** was deliu'"ed to the Nevve 
Wardens, & \\\f thereof was remitted by the eight 
men vppon the newe Wardens accompt, and the other viij^ 
is paid by these Accomptants vnto the newe Wardens 
this yere to come, to weete John Nicholls & Augustyne 
Voysey so these Accomptants are discharged of this 

[1588-89 — Almshouse account of the same wardens, 
together with Edivard Domes, merchant. Imperfect, show- 
ing a total net receipt of £'S 8s. Qi-d. Tenements, &c., 
are rented on the general account by Walter Peter, Ellynor 
Cornyshe, Thomasyn Glanvil, Thomas Denford ; and yield 
a net return of vij'' viij*^ ix'^ ob, which is given to the poor 
people in the almshouses in four nearly equal quarterly 
instalments. Agnes Servington's lands are rented by 
Johane Palke, widow, and Nicholas Smyth ; and William 
Grills's lands by John Prowte (cottage and garden in 
Gullaford). These yield in all £\, which is given to the 
same poor people in four equal quarterly instalments.] 

[1594-95] May 3 to May 3. Margarett and John Wythc- 
cojiib, wardens of the parish church. [Fragmentary.] 

[Rarij)ts — Burials, &c.] — Thomas Brusye ; John EUycs 
of Plymouth ; Peter Martyn ; John Burgs, merchant ; 
Trysvawes wife ; Pykes wife ; Thomasine Glanvile, widow ; 
Stephen Hamlyn, servant to ' francs Drake ' [This is 
clearly not the great seaman.] William Browne; Joan 
Soper ; Daniel Glanfylds child (?) ; Bennett, son of John 
. . . ; William Drake ; . . . Burgs wife of Kyngford ; Ed- 
mond, son of William Rundell ; Richard Raw (.'') ; Margery 
Brownes . . . ; Joseph (?) Badge ; John . . . ; Christopher 
. . . [Not half the names are legible.] 

Total receipts Ixxiiij^' xiiij** vi'f. 

[^Paynieuts] — To Abraham Kenner for mending . . . Itm 

1605-6] Churchwardens Accotmts. 41 

geven one that gathered for the hospitall howse of plymp- 
ton vj*^ Itm p'* Walter Pytts for pavyng att the Church bawe 
vij** Itm p*^ for a Sword . . . Itni p'^ for a pyke the same tyme 
iiij^ iiij<^ (?) Itm p'^ makyng the same pyke a hole Smaller 
ij*^ Itm paid xpofer ... for two dayes service with the pishe 
armo"" xyj*^ Itm for makyng Cleane the armo"^ and Car3'n"-e 
of the same to Plympton ij^ ij^ Itm p*^ for mendyng . . . 
mohuns seate in the Churche iij^ Itm p'^ for a prayer 
booke which was Redd in the Churche after the goyng 
fourth of the fleete iij*^ [This would be Drake and Haw- 
kin's last expedition] Itm p"^ for fetchyng home the 
Sheepe that Willm Symon Gave to the vse of the power 
iij^ iij'^ Itm p'^ to michell Baylyffe and Philip Blackadon 
when they went to plymouth for to go in the last ffleete ij^ 
Itm p'^ Robert Ryppor for Goyng in post dyu'"se tymes With 
letters iij* iiij'^ [also William Whytchurch] M"" Mohun for his 
charges ... in obteynyng his hono""^ letters . . Sir ffarde- 
nando Gorges for the discharge of the . . . Should have ben 
sent dayly [to] Plymmuth during the abode of the fifleet [This 
appears to refer to supplies, but is too fragmentary to be 
made more of] Itm for the forte of Plymouthe xxvj* viij'^ 
Itm more paid for the same forte of Plj^mouthe . . . Itm 
p^^ Willm Whytchurch for Goyng to Buckland [Drake's 
residence ^ for the queenes busynes viij"^ [There is mention 
of a composition made with 'the Captaynes for Ireland 
Service ' and of a letter sent ' from the lords of the 
Counsell in this behalfe '] P'or Wyne and Sugar bestowed 
vppon M"" Crymes . . . For Scouryng of the lake this 
yeere viij^ 

[1605-6] May 31 to June i. John Glnbbe and Richard 
Cudlipp. [With this account the shape is altered to 
a folded sheet instead of roll.] 
{Receipts — For the interments of John Gobie (.'), gent ; 
INIathewe Edgcombes child ; Margaret Lavers ; William 
Sawle ; William Hawkins wife ; ' Itm of fifrauncis 
Drake vppon the death of his wyef for her graue in the 
church and all the bells,' amount illegible, but in other 
similar cases vij* iiij*^ ; Richard Hawkin ; Katharine Nicolls ; 
Thomas Lybe ; Robert Edgcombes wife ; Samuel S . . . er ; 
William Truscotts wife ; m''^ Houghton ; John Cudlipp ; 
Peter Sleeman ; Margaret Warrynge, daughter of Richard 
Warrynge ; Alice, daughter of Peter Lyer ; Stephen 
Pointer; John Wonnacott (.?) ; Walter Warringe ; John 
Saverye; Margaret Crocker; EUize Stephens child; 

42 Tavistock Records. [1605 6 

Edward Elliott; Mary Cole; William Crosman ; Emett 
Lucas; William Honnye (?) ; John Crosman; John Jack- 
man ; Johan, servant to George Pennye ; William OUyver ; 
Thomas Martyn ; Thomas Havvke; Richard Payne; Agnes 
Bowden ; Johan Glubb ; Peter Glubb; Walter Kedelie ; 
Thomas Hawke ; Richard Payne; Alice Gryffyn ; Alice 
Somervvill ; Digorie Rodd ; Thomas Carkitt ; Elizabeth 
Collyn; John l3rowsell ; Johan Vinton; Andrew Bright; 
Agnes Marke ; Christian Collyn; Dewnes 111; John 
Knight ; Johan, wife of Richard Hamlin ; Thomasyn Comb ; 
Penticost Horwill ; James Godeyn of Okehampton ; 
Thomasyn Spiller ; Roger Rundell ; William Rudgway ; 
mrs Mohun ; Richard Woode. Some of the names are 
illegible, and others doubtful ; in several cases the fee is 
said to be received of the person buried. The total is 
vj" x^ viij'i.] 

Total receipts of the year Ixv^' xvj^ ij''. 

\Payinents\ — For drawinge of stones to the East Bridge 
\f for Carriynge home the moore stones for the East 
Bridge viij^ Itm paid for lyftinge of the fowerth bell ij^' 
Itm paid for the wardens and sidemens Charges at the 
visitacon at Plympton viij^ Itm paid to the paritor iij"^ 
Itm paid for Carrynge of the stones to the East Bridge 
and for earth for the same . . . Itm paid for [the removal] 
of the Rubble from the higher markett howse and from 
the Church bridge xx*^ Itm paid to m'' Thomas Mohun 
the Earle of Bedfords hundred Bayleif ... in hurdewyke 
Court sett vppon the pishners for that they offende the 
statute in not wearinge Capps on the Sondaie \\f mf- Itm 
paid for healinge graves in the Church xviij'^ Itm paid for 
a New Cote for William Jane and for makinge of the same 
Itm paid to the Preacher w°h did preach here the 
xxth dale of Aprill iiij* Itm paid to Abraham Kenard 
for mending the East bridge xiij* vj'' Itm paid to John 
Williams for goeinge to Lamerton with the Kings procla- 
mation iij*^ Itm paid to Arthur the Cobler to goe to 
Lam''ton w"^ a vagarant pson ij'^ Itm paid to Christopher 
Cocke for keepinge Cleane of the Church armour viij'' Itm 
paid to John Williams for mendinge the pavem* at the 
Church bridge iiij'' Itm paid to Thomas Browne for a 
Cocke for the higher Cunditt and for mendinge the leads 
and for his ffees by the year xxix^ Itm paid for ffower 
seames of wood w'^'' was burnt at the Cronacon daie ij^ viij'' 
Itm the same ixth of April paid Robert Collyn for the 
Reliefe of the Towne of Otterye by an imposicion layd 

1606-28] Churchwardens Accoitnts. 43 

downe by the Justics at the Chapter House iij" x^ Itm 
paid Anthonie Ham for mendinge of the Cage xij'^. 
[The total expenses seem to have been ^'jj 9s. 4d.] 
Wardens for following year William Sviith, John Brewen. 

[1610] Bundle of ten receipts of Mr. John Jacob or 
John Jacob, gent, 'one of the Constables of the hundred 
of Tavistocke,' dated in 1610. April 20, £\ i8s. were 
received of the hundred for the year 'ended at or about 
Ester next towardes the prouision of his ma*^ howsehoide 
... I saie reed By mee Aaron midwinter for the vse of 
my m^ S*" George Smythe Knight.' The payment for the 
hospitall was 3s. 3d. a quarter ; for the ' maymed souldyers/ 
7s. 7d. ; for the ' gaile,' 6s.] 

[1618-19] Almshouse account : John Elford a.nd Aj'thiir 
Peeke wardens ; with Thomas Edgcombe merchant, and 
William fficshman, ' appoynted for one yere ended the 
seavententh day of may 16 19 for the receipt & distribucon 
of such rents and other yerely profitts ' to the poor people 
of the almshouses. 

[1619-20] Almshouse account, year ending the fifth of 

June. William Grilles merchant and Roger Dier 

with MatJieiv Edgeomb and John Gaye. 

[Tenants on Cowch's gift — John Merifeld als Austyn, 

butcher; Anne Lyer, widow; John Parkyns ; ffrancis 

Birch ; John Olyver ; George Paddon ; Thomas Hawkyn, 

baker. Sir Charles Howard, knight. Clear receipts ^^^13 

15s. 4jd. Tenants on Agnes Servington's gift — John 

Dunterfield (sometime Brute Palke) ; Nicholas Smyth — ■ 

Receipts £1 9s. 4d. Tenant on William Grills's gift — 

John Prowt, 4s. Lady Knyvett's gift — Mr, Foynes, by 

the hands of Mr. John Yard; Bartholomew Windsor — 

£\ 4s. Pillaton — Mr. Thomas Mohan (i*) £i\. yearly issuing 

out of the manor of Pillaton.] 

[1627-28] Year ending June 2. Daniell Sleeman and 
Walter Godbeare. 
\Payments'\ — To two Irish gentlewomen the xth of 
October by order from m'' Thomas Edgcombe xij'' To a 
Irish gentlewoman the xiijth of October by order from m"" 
Mathewe Edgcombe and m"" Grilles ij^ paid for rent for 
St Johns [St. Johns Chapel] xij'^ paid m"" Thomas Edg- 
combe for a rate imposed vppon the Tynners ij* paid for 

44 Tavistock Records. [I627-30 

a horse & a man to carry a sicke souldier out of towne vj'^ 
paid Richard Rubie for killinge of ffyve foxes v^ paid 
Richard Rubie for killinge of seaven foaxes vij^ paid the 
nth of Aprill for powder and match v'' paid for a but 
[hassock] and a mat for the pulpit iiij'^ paid the trayned 
souldiers for theire beinge at Plymouth by Comaund 
beinge 33 of them in 8d. the man is j'' ij^ paid the two 
sergents ij^ paid for a sachell to carry the powder x*^ paid 
m'^ Elliot for keepinge of the Register booke vj^ viij*^ paid 
m^ Elliot for writinge out of the Register xx'^ for a dis- 
tressed poor man w4i came from Ireland and spoyled by 
pirats iij'' paid John Stephens by order from m*" John 
Rowe for a souldier imprest at horrabridge iij'^ iiij'^ paid 
m'' Cole and m'' maynard for Christmas q*'ter iiij'' to an 
Irish gent the i8th of ffebruary by order from m"" Willes- 
ford . . . ij*^^ to an Irish gentleman & his wiffe by order 
from m'' Willesford vj*^ [There are a number of payments 
in relief of soldiers, and also of sailors, no doubt in con- 
nection with the assembly of forces by Charles I. at 
Plymouth and the foreign expeditions. The relief given 
to the Irish falls off seriously as the year goes on. We 
learn from other sources that large numbers of desti- 
tute Irish visited Devon about this time.] 

Total receipts _^95 i6s. iid. ; payments ^^93 15s. lO^d. 
^5 paid to Francis Vennynge, 'succeeding warden.' 

' Also there was deliured to one m'' Guidon a schole- 
master by consent x^.' 

' Alsoe there is given in allowance for ffrancis Drakes 
water xij*^.' 

[1629-30] Year ending ]\Iay 17. Roger Glbbs and Raphe 
\_Payinents] — paid m'" Cleake the schoolemaister for one 
qter of a yeeres teachinge ended at midsom'' iiij'' [other 
payments of like amount] paid for two quartts of wine for 
the preacher w'^h lay at Walter Godbeares ij^ paid Pawle 
martyn for keepinge of the doggs out of the Church for 
one whole yeere iiij^ paid John Jane for redinge of the 
lake for Michaelmas q^'ter ij* vj'^ paid Stephen Browne the 
mason for makinge of new durnes . . . [jambs] paid Hugh 
Anstice for makinge cleane of the east bridge for Christmas 
q'ter vj*^ [a recurring item] paid for wine for severall 
Comunions ix'' xiij** paid John Randle for bread for the 
Comunions viij* vj*^ for keepinge cleane of the Comunon 
pots xviij*^ paid ffrancis Dennys wife for carryinge of the 

1630-33] ChurcJiwm'dcns Accottnts. 45 

Register to Exon vj'^ paid for three meats [mats] for the 
Comunion xx*^ paid to the Officialls Court for Raphe 
Pike being p^'sented and excomunicated for not makinge 
of the dore in the Churchyeard ix^ iiij'^ paid for his horse 
hire and for expences to goe to Exon v^ paid the Ringers 
that did ringe at the Comynge of my Lord Bishopp iij^ 
paid for a pottle of burnt sacke to bestowe vppon my 
Lord Bishopp iiij^ 

Total receipts £6^ 13s. iid.; payments £6^ 2s. Qd. 
[Peter Edmonds mentioned at foot as one of the wardens 
for 1634. For the almshouse the wardens are associated 
with Matthczv and Thomas Edgcombe, IVilliain Grilles ^ 
John Gerrye, and Richard PVillcs/ord.] 

[1629-30] Seven Bills, with lists of Burial Fees. 

Work done for the pish of tauistocke By David Ball vid* 
in may 1629. 
Imprimis for wadges for the great bell and 

spekes in wight 3'' 3 quarters xviij'' 

for makeing of anew Bow and for mending 

the fleet of the fowerth bell Clapper being 

almost broken away viij^ vj'* 

for worke done for the Cheames and Delu'"ed 

to Andreis Keygle x*^ 

more for Iron added to the Clocke hamer 2^' 

halfe xij*^ ob 

for nayles dellu'ed to John Jane ij^ 

in all xij^ ob. 

[Receipts by Thomas Edgcumbe of Roger Gibbs, one of 
the churchwardens, in 1629, inler alia.] 

[Aug. 2] s.i'f iij'^ ob one quarters pay due at Midsomer 
last — for the maymed souldiers, v^ ob ; for the hospitall, 
iij^ iij*^ ; for the gaole, iiijl 

I Rec'^ of him for the pportio of this p'"ish for towards 
the repairare of horabridge & stickelpath bridges xv^ viij'^ 
& for priesto & dowrish bridges ix^ v^. 
for the-Muster masters fee for one yeare ended 

as before at ou"^ Ladye daye 013 4 

for his Ma** purvayor for one yeare ended at 

Easter 1630 _ i ij ^h 

for my expences in ridinge to Exo for busines 

for the pish at Michelmas Sessions o 12 o 

[1632-33] Year ending June 10. Robert Tickle and John 
Lugger. [Imperfect] 

46 Tavistock Records. [1633-58 

[1633] Two Receipts for work done by Thomas Pennyngton. 

[1633-34] Almshouse account for year ended May 26. 
Thomas Pointer and Robert Ciidlipp, wardens, with 
Thomas and MattJieiv Edgcombe, William Grilles, 
John Gerrie, and Richard Willesford. 

[?] Fragmentary 17th century account, next wardens 
apparently Richard Crymes gent, Stephen Rtmdle. 

[?] Bundle of undated Receipts and memoranda of 
Burial Fees, probably in the earlier half of the 17th 

[The scale of burial fees this year was — Adults, grave in 
the church and all the bells, lis. \<\. ; grave in the church 
and the great bell, lOs. 8d. ; children, grave in the church 
and the great bell, 5s. 8d. ; ordinary interments, the great 
bell, 8d. ; all the bells, is. 4d.] 

[1654-55] Year ending June 4. William Dier and JoJin 

[^Payments'] — Paid fower french men having a passe 2s. 
paid Ellis Bray for keepinge of the Clocke for one yere 
8s., and more to him for wyre and oyle 5s, paid John Drake 
mason for [work] at the higher m'ket house as by his bill 
appears 8s. paid John Drake for castinge [apparently a 
hook] paid John Rowe for a [wild] catts head 2d. 

[Writing very much defaced by the ink falling off.] 

[1654-55] Almshouse account of same wardens, with yoh7i 
Pointer, Richard Cndlipp, and Francis Toller. 

[?] Almshouse account. 

[1655-56 Imperfect ; names not legible.] 

[1657-58] Bundle of twenty-five Receipts. 

[Raphe Bright masons work ; ffrancklyns for glazing ; 
Peter Jessop carpentry ; Daniell Callamay ditto : on church, 
schoolhouse, * margett-bell,' &c. Work done for schoole- 
house includes ' Thwart cutting hewing and sawing of the 
Tymber at Morle-ham ' and work by John Martin and 
Thomas Burgis. Timber supplied by Mr. William Hore of 
Tauestocke is paid for by Mr. Nicholas Opie. Hore was 
one of the wardens ; Robert Cudlypp the other. 

1657-58] CJm7xhiuardens Accounts. 47 

[William Hamlyn (among other items) ' fifor coueringe 1 1 
graues 2s. Qd.' 

[Elizeus Braye 'ffor souldring the Moone globe is.' 

[Thomas Craggs ' collector ' gave Roger Stanton of 
Petertavie a receipt for ' his Lords Rents which is rated in 
our pariesh ' for three months, 6d.] 

The 17^'' off September 1657. 

receive! off Mr. William Hore chourchwarden ffor 13 
hadgebores 2s. 2d. I say receivd by me Robert Howd. 

John Pointer ' Rec'^ of W"^ Hore for the writing of ffower 
bookes for the monethly assessm** from midsommer last 
past 1657 vntill midsommer 1658 the som of viij*. 

Pd Mr. Speckman 

for a warant for John Tucker of Brentor 

for a warant for Steven gardener 


for a warant m'' Cuninghame and thofelshman 








for an order for Haris for Auther 

[George Howard gives a receipt for 4s. for six years high 
rent due to the 'heires of S'' John ffitz from the parish of 

Tauistocke the 2^ July 1638 

Receiued of William Hore churchwarden the lastN 
1657 for medicines deliuered to sicke people vizt 
Richard Orchards child, Jn° Badge & others according Uo^ 
to the orders of Mr. John Poynt & William Hore, I 
say receiued thirty shillings which is in full to this day, 

p me, Jo: Countis 

[Michew Willesford receives from Mr. Hore £1 los. for 
the 'gool hospitall & maymend souljers for one hole 
yeare'; also 35s. 'which was in arreare the yeare before 
when m"^ Watts was Churchwarden.'] 

for Draing vp of the brinots to go to a triall 

a bout Hellar 6 8 

for I Jurny at Exon for my Self and hors 
for 4 Jurnyes at Plymouth 
for 2 Jurneyes at Beckligh 
for I Jurny at Harowbridg and i at Lamtone 

I 16 2 




48 Tavistock Recoi'ds. [1665-85 

[1665-66] Almshouse account for year ended June 4th. 
Beniamyn Speckman and David Sargent. 
[Tenants of Couch's gift : Heirs of Edward Dennys for 
house in which John Nutchmoore dwells ; James Hocka- 
daie ; Richard Wilberton ; Thomas Pennyngton, sen ; 
Peter Rowe ; William Gill ; Edward Bound ; William 
Chapman — Net receipts Li'j 6s. o)A. Tenants of Ser- 
vington's gift: Francis Dunterfell, i6s. ; due from Hugh 
Hunsdon, £2 8s. 4d. Tenants of Grills's gift : William 
Cawnter ; Reynold Rabson — cottage and garden in Gul- 
worthey, 19s. £\ out of Pillaton, given by Robert Charles, 
Esq. — due at Michaelmas. Knivett's gift: Rubietoune let 
mr Edward Jacobbe, 12s.; of Thomas Windyor, I2s.j 

[1680] Almshouse account. JoJin \Burne\ and [George] 

[1684-85] Commencing Apriel 16, 1684. Robert Martain 
and John Haruy, wardens. 

[Receipts — Burials in the church, 20s. ; collected in three 
rates, ;^35 i8s. 6d. ; 'for one butle of wine Thomas Millet 
had, IS. lod. ;' ditto, Thomas Spry, Abednegoe Light, 
William Wering, Robert Martain, each is. lod. ; of old 
wardens, gd. — Total £'^'j 8s. 5d.] 

[Payments] — April 16 — fifor the Booke of articles and y® 
expences at Court 12s. April 23 — ffor Ringing on S* 
Georges day they had in Beere 3s. May — Bought for the 
Sacrament eleuen Quarts of wine, at is. lod., £\ os. 2d. 
May 29 — [Oak-apple day] paid what the Ring [ers] spent 
vpon the pish account 8s. 6d. more for one seame of wood 
for the Bunfire is. more paid then for the Releefe of John 
white and 3 other seamen is. 6d. June 14 — for Riding 
to John Spryes w^h peter Kimber to demand the poores 
tenpound is. paid Mathew Bealy and Thomas Millitt for 
bridge moneyeS;^5 6s. 8d. July ii — gaue Thomas Tregare 
and seauen other distressed seamen is. 6d. July 28 — gaue 
m''* Margan Millbank and m""* Mary bateman and thare 
ffamilyes distressed by fire is. 6d. Sept. 12 — gaue Elizabeth 
Brittwell w*"^ fower Children two twines and an-other Maid 
distresse persons, the twines quar. old is. 6d. Sept. 13 — 
gaue gilbert Rescarrocke aredeemd captiue is. Oct. 2 — 
paid will: worth for comming w*'^ the Deane Ruler [this 
is a common use for ' rural '] to veue y^ church is. Oct. 3 — 
Bought for y® Sacrament at Michi 8 quarts of wine with 
eight Buttles at is. lod., 14s. 8d. ['Jeall and Hospatall' 

1684 91] ClmrcJiwardeiis Accounts. 


money paid to Thomas MilUt I2s. 6d, quarterly] Nov. 5 

ffor Meat and Beere for the Ringers los. more for a seam 
of wood for the bunfire is. more to m*'^ yealdom for 
Candles 6d. [Christmas sacrament 12 quarts of wine] 
Dec. 25 — paid will: ward for cleansing the church yeard 
of brayers is. for one going then to John Sprye to 
demand the money 2s. [Dec] 29 — for goeing to Steauen 
Knightons is. paid william ward and the old Hugh for 
clensing the Church After the great snow 3s. [Feb.] 22 — 
paid John nute for caring of Buttles from town to freesauer 
to feech y*^ parish wine 2d. [B^b. 24] — paid william worth 
ior bringing a proclimation 6d. paid for killing of farments 
5s. [April 6] — Bought for Easter sacrament 36 quarts 
wine at is. lod., ;^3 6s. [April] 7 — gaue william pengelly, 
John collings, william cornish, and John Thomas seamen 
and planters with there families, beinge 14 in number and 
in distresse 2s. 6d. [several similar entries] paid for keeping 
the Reiester is 2d. paid for entering the Reiester is. 
paid John Tallman for a church bible ;^i 6s. more for a 
Table of marages 3s. [April] 20 — paid the dark for his 
wages and washing and keeping the Lining and plate and 
Bells and for one dayes Work helping Robert ]\Iartain 
;^3 7s. for making of the Rate Book is. for The two 
tables and mending the seates in the chur: 3s. [Robert 
Williams] fiue da)-es Labor on the leads 12s. 6d. paid to 
will dauies 3d. . . . out of the Qd. wee receiued of the old 
churchwardens which william worth drink by y^ pish 
consent for Leauelling of m''^ J opes Tom [b] in the 
Church 6d. paid Thomas Chub for beere drink a Crow: day 
5s. paid Will: Davie for bread Giuen to the poore 
then 5s. 4d. for beer drink then to William Dauies 9s. 
paid for what was drink to William pommery 5s. for 
Bread for the Sacraments in the hole year is. 
Total payments ;^3i i8s. 6d. 

[1690-91] Walter Edi/io)id diVid JoJui Glanvill. [Imperfect] 
[The almshouse account is made up by the wardens and 
following feoffees : Dauid Sargent, Richard Doidge, jfohn 
To liar, James Lees, Edzvard Pyne, John Roive, Nicholas 
Cndlipp, ending May 15, 1691. The general account was 
audited Aug. 3, 1693. The receipts appear to have been 
£61 1 8s. i^d. ; the payments ;^43 14s. 

Spent at seurall times vpon the Receiueing of the news 
of the Victory at the Boyne and the kings Safe Return 
from thence and at a Rejoycing day upon the same . . . 


50 Tavistock Records. [1699-1725 

[1699-1700] Almshouse account. Thomas Willcsford and 
A aron Williams. 

[1721-22] Griffing Richards and diaries ffacy. 

[Total receipts set out, ;^48 ; payments, £\<^ 14s. 6d. 
The payments, which are fairly complete, include :— ] 

Itm p'^ y*" ffees of the Court when sworn 5 4 

Itm the Minister for his Dinner at Visitacon 2 6 

Paid William Row for keeping y*' clock 260 
P'^ the Bell Ringer and for Carring hue & Cry 

and whippin the Dogs out of the Church 218 o 

P*^ the Auditor for Rent and Receipt i o 7 

P*^ the Ringers this yere on seural occasions 310 o 
P'^ the Parish Clark as by his bill appear 448 
P** Mr. Griffin Richards for wine for the Sacra- 
ment & other occasions 9 4 3 
P'^ Robert Williams for Repairing of the Church 

Glasse 346 

• ••••••• 

allowed for petitor Money & fetching of it 106 

P*^ Richard Bound for keeping y'' bells i o o 

• •■••••a 

[lod. paid for high rent to Mr. Courtenay ; is. to 
Mr. John Edgcombe.] 

P*^ Symon Radford Carpenter for work in the 

Church and Tower as by bill 116 o 

P^ William Wood smith for work done in the 

Church Tower & scoolhouse 2 

P'^ the apparitor for a Book & with the Dene Rurall 
P*^ for writing the Account and for parcment 
P*^ for writting the Parish Rentall 
P'^ Charles Cary for one yeare Repaireing the 

Church Helling 400 

[1723-24] Griffin Richards and Charles ffacy. [Imperfect.] 
Receipts, £47 17s. 2d. ; payments, £^4. 6s. 

[1724-25] Griffin Richards and Charles ffacy. [Imperfect.] 
P*^ the Bell Ringer and for Caring hue & Cry and 

for whipping the Doggs out of the Church 2 180 
Total receipts, £S9 2s. 2d.; payments, ^^43 13s. 8d. 






1655-1725] Churchwardens Accounts. 51 

[The almshouse lands are set forth as follows : — Given 
by John Couch, gent : Arther Cake for new house in 
Butcher Street, id. a year ; and house late widow Hocka- 
day, with garden, £t, 12s.; Daniel Budge for barn, 
meadow, and close at Banawel, ^^5 6s. ; John Wood for 
meadow at Ins well, £1 i6s. ; Elizabeth Hoidge for house 
at Banawel], £1 6s. 8d. ; Bartholomew Row, house and 
garden in West Street [;^3 6s. 8d.] ; Edward Bound, 
house and garden in West Street, £2 los. ; Stephen 
Chapman, house and garden in ford Street, 5s. — Total, 
£\8 2s. 5d. 

[Given by Mrs. Agnes Servington : Charles Gary for 
tenement by the brook late John Haruye, ^i los., and 
garden beyond the malt mill, 17s. ; in all, £2 17s. 

[Given by Mr. William Grills : George Smith, tenement 
at Gulworthy, £() ; James Rapson, ditto, 12s.; twelve 
shillings lost. 

[Given by Mrs. Mary Glanvill, widow : Jacob Sanders 
for eighth part of a field called the Strout at Bowden 
hill, 4s. 

[Given by Lady Knivet : Mrs. Russell, annual rent out 
of lands in Rubbytown, 12s.; Henry Mattacot for rent of 
lands there (elsewhere said to be in Cudliptown), 12s,, 
which was bestowed in turues distributed among the poor 
people in the almshouse on All Saints' day, Christmas-day, 
and Candlemas day. 

[Given by Mr. Nicholas Watts : Mary Hockaday for a 
tenement on the Reeue, 15s., bestowed in books and given 
to several poor people. 

[The payments to the almshouse people — eleven— were : 
July 26, 1724, £4. 19s. ; Oct. 30, ;^4 19s.; Jan. 27, £/\. 19s.; 
April 30, 1725, to ten, £/^ los.] 

[?] Fragment of account i8th century. 



A Churchwardens' Record Book with the memorandum 
on the first page : — ' This booke is to Lye in the hands of the 
Churchwardens & is to be deliuered over from one to other 
yeare after yeare.' 

Also the following : 

'The 9**^ day of July, 1660. Memorandum that it is 
this day agreed by the Masters of the Towne & parish 
of Tauistocke that they will meet together in the 

E 2 

52 Tavistock Records. [1655-85 

church euery first Monday in the moneth to consult 
of & consider about the busines of the parish Hen: 
Pointer, Richard Cudlipp, Jo. Jacob, John Leere, Micheue 

The chief matters in the book are : I. Lists of the parish 
officers : — Churchwardens, overseers of the poor, collectors 
of the poor, and in some years supervisors for the high- 
ways. II. Lists of collections made in the parish for various 
purposes. III. Memoranda of dealings with the parish 
property. IV, Records of apprentices bound. The entries 
are very irregularly kept. In the following synopsis of its 
contents only those passages within quotation marks are 
cited verbatim. 

I. The churchwardens given are as follows: — 1655 — 
Henry Vosper, John Elford. 1656 — Nicholas Watts, 
Robert Wood. 1657 — Francis Glanvill, esq., William How. 
1658 — Mr. John Gerry, Walter Peeke. 1659 — Beuill 
Weuill, John Trowte. 1660 — Alexander Goue, John 
Nosworthy. 1661 — Mr. Richard Vivian, Danyel Reddi- 
cliffe. 1662 — John Jacob, gent, Daniell Humphry. 1663 — 
Mr. Ralph Stephins, Richard Chubbe. 1664 — Richard 
Redstone, sen., Daniel Vinton. [In 1663-64 the outgoing 
wardens acted as Sidesmen.] 1665 — Mr, David Sargent, 
Mr. Benjamin Spackman. 1666 — Mr. John Hoggesen, 
Charles ffacy. 1667 — John Toller, Walter Cole. [In this 
year the supervisors of highways are two for the town, t\vo 
for the east, and two for the west.] 1668 — Nicholas Veale, 
Bartholomew Rundle. 1669 — Richard Hitchings, Michael 
Doidge. 1670— Thomas Doidge, Richard Keagle. 1671 — 
Edward Cole, Robert Peeke of Wimson. 1672 — Walter 
Burgisse, Edward Lugger, 1673 — Joseph David, Pancras 
Maddaford, 1674 — Nicholas Hunt, Mr. Thomas Edg- 
combe. 1675 — Mr. William Kelly, Daniel Cutlip. 1676 — 
Edward Payne, William Spry. 1677 — Eustace Edwards, 
Mr. James Leere. 1678— William Willcocks, Walter 
Burges. 1679 — George Dipford, William Elford. 1680 — 
John Burne, George Rundle. 168 1 — Walter Shillauer 
[elsewhere Shellabeare], Richard Dobson. 1682 — Andrew 
Doidge,John Row. 1683 — Ambrose Mannaton, esq., William 
Doidge. 1684 — Dawbeny Williams, esq., William Doidge. 
[In these two years there were apparently contests ; under 

1683 being entered 'Mr. Mathew Cudlip stood,' and under 

1684 'Edward Ward stood.' The officers of 1683 are said 
to be chosen by 'the masters and parish.'] 1685 — John 

1686-1733] Churchzvardens Accounts. 53 

Whitchurch, Rodger Cole. [John Paine, warden for the 
MaudHn lands.] 1686 — William Burges, Stephen Russell. 
[The officers this year, with the exception of the church- 
wardens, are in two sets,one for the 'borough,' and one for the 
'parish.'] 1687— Edward Payne, Richard Dobson. 1689— 
William Doidge, Richard Rundle. 1691 — Elias Wilburne, 
Edward Peeke. 1692 — John Souton, Richard Cudlip. 
1693 — John Souton, John Easton. 1694 — Mr. Nicholas 
Cudlipp, Stephen Cudlipp. 1695 — Mr. Nicholas Cudlipp, 
Mr. Richard Cudlipp. 1696 — Walter ffytz, John Bayley. 
1697— Mr. William Spry, Rodger Veere. 1698— Mr. William 
Newell, Roger ffacy. 1699 — Mr. Thomas Willesford, Aron 
Williams. 1700 — Mr. Henry Vosper, Stephin Rundell. 
1701 — Arthur Cake, Peter Oxenham. 1702 — Thomas 
Harvey, Richard Dobson. 1703 — William Hutchings, 
Jefifery Raddacliffe. 1704 — Beuell Row, John Russell. 
1705 — Eustice Pike, [Mr.] Arthur Cunningham. 1706 — Ditto. 
1707— Walter Spiller, Charles Rundle. 1708— Mr. John 
Edgcombe, William Stephens. 1709 — Ditto. 17 10 — Mr. 
John Diptford, Richard Peek. 1711-12 — Ditto. 1713 — 
Mr. Stephen Bunney, Mr. Stephen Maddaford. 17 14-15 — 
Ditto. 17 16 — Mr. John Whitchurch, Mr. Edward Vigours. 
1717 — Mr. John Pennington, Daniel Raddaclife. 1718 — 
William Hawke, John Gill. 1719 — Mr. John Weymouth, 
Mr. Arthur Mudaford [elsewhere Madaford]. 1720-21 — 
Ditto. 1722 — Mr. Griffin Richards, Mr. Charles ffacy. 
1723, 24, 25 — Ditto. 1726— Mr. Tobyas Parford, Mr. John 
Burnaford. 1727 — Ditto. 1728 — Mr. William Spry, sen., 
Francis Row. 1729 — Mr. Hugh Pyne, Mr. John Glauil. 
1730 — Blank. 1731 — Mr. John Edgcombe, Mr. John Row, 
sen. [' Mr. John Herring and Mr. Thomas Doidge were 
Elected two Masters or Eight Men for the Town of 
Tavistock.'] 1732 — Mr. John Edgcomb, Mr. Thomas 
Doidge. 1733 — Mr. Thomas Doidge, William Dobson. 

H. 'Briefes colected in our parish as folow.' 
The list of ' briefs ' and collections made in the parish 
is exceptionally long, and full of interest, especially the 
series for the relief of captives in the hands of the 
Algerine and Sallee pirates, who took many men out of 
western harbours in the reign of Charles I., and ravaged 
the coasts of Devon and Cornwall for several years during 
the earlier part of the 17th century. All the collections of 
a local character, with others of an exceptional nature, are 
cited. The book is signed in many instances by the recipients. 

54 Tavistock Reco7'ds. [I66O-66 

'29^^ of April), 1660. Colected for a Company goinge 
to new England taken by the Ostenders the some of 
£2 6s. 6d.' 

May 27, fire at Maungers howse, £2 13s. lod. 

June 10, Steven Condy, £2 2s. lod. 

Jan. 13, 166^, harbour of Watchett, £\ i8s. 

* Rebuilding of a Church w'^h was ruined,' £\ i6s. 6d. 

'Collected the 23*'' of June, 1661, for the Borrough & 
parrish of Pontefract . . - w'^h was ruined in the Late sad 
distractions the sume oi £\ 4s.' 

July 7, 1661, fire at Fremington, £\ os. 4d. 

[Fires in London, Ilminster, Great Drayton, and Oxford.] 

' Collected the 10*^^ of November, i66i,for and Towardes 
the releife & Support of the Protestant Churches in Lithu- 
aina and for the furthering & finishing the pious worke of 
Translatinge & printing there Bible the sume of ;i^i i6s. lid.' 

Jan. 5, i66i, 'Henry Harrison Marrin"" Late Master & 
sole Owner of the ship Patience Lost by Shipwracke,' 
£\ OS. 8d. 

'Collected the 29*'' of Aprill, 1662, for and towardes the 
expence and charge of one Elizeus Cruse of this place in 
travelling to London to bee touched by the Kings Ma*'® 
for the Kings Evill, £2 6s. 3d.' 

June 28, 1663, Elizabeth Burgin acknowledges the receipt 
of 6s. 5d., ' Athorized ther vnto by my husband John 

Aug. 23, 1663, 'on a briefe by his Magiesties Comand 
vnder the great Scale . . . towards the repracon of the 
Church & Steeple of the Borough of Harwich,' 17s. 3d. 

Sept. 20, 1663, towards the repair of a house in Great 
Grimsby, i is. 5d. 

Oct. 9, 1663, fire at Tiverton, ;^i is. 8d. 

March 6, i66|, 'rebuildinge of an Ancient Chapill be- 
longinge to Borow in Somersett,' 13s. 

May 8, 1664, steeple in the porte Towne of Sandwich, 
I2S. 8d. 

Oct. 9, 1664, collected in the parish church (most of the 
collections are so specified), ' towardes the repairinge of the 
pish Church of Basnig in the County of Southampton 
being suddenly burnt, 13s. 2d.' 

Jan. 18, 1 664, 'towards the support & releife of Henry 
Lisle of Gisbrough . . . whose house was burnt by a Sudden 
fyre,' los. 5 id. 

' An act of w* was Collected in o"" pish Church towards 
the releife of in fected psons & places, 1666.' 

1666-80] Churckwardefis Accounts. 55 

' Colleccon vpon the wednsdays fast & paid to Mr. 
Prince the Bishops Secratary, £1 i8s. September the 
6*'^ Collected £^ 12s. iid. October the i«* Collected 
£Z 2s. I id. November the 8"' Collected £2 8s. 6d. 
December the 6*^ Collected £\ 15s. 2d.' 

Sept. 16, 1666, for the 'present poore distressed people 
of the towne and Vniversity of Cambridge,' £a^ iis. 6d. 

Oct. 1 1, 1666, ' Collected towards the releife of the poore 
inhabitants of London who have lately suffered by the 
lamentable ffire the sume of Eleven pounds ffive shillings 
nine pence halfe penny.' 

Sept. 19, 1667, for ' the losses of one Jn° Cooke of 
Wickham in the County of Southhamton who had some 
of his house burnt by fire and the remainder likely to be 
taken from him by his landlord,' 4s. 8d. 

[Other collections were made in 1667 for the inhabitants 
of Weymouth and IVIelcombe Regis, Poole, and Hinxton.] 

June 13, 1669, rebuilding the house of Edmund Arscott 
and Edmund Gascyne of Okehampton, ' burned with fyre' 
April ^, £1 15s. 4d. 

April 17, 1670, for William Gold, 'Ana Kinacol,' and 
Richard Berry of Broad henston, houses burnt, ;^i 4s. 6d. 

May 8, 1670, for sundry inhabitants of Isleham, whose 
losses by fire amounted to £6j'/0, £1 los. 6d. 

Oct. 13, 1672, relief of John Baseley of Tavistock, 
blacksmith, collected in the church, £2 ys. 4id. 

Oct. 20, 1672, collected at the Maudlin Chappell for the 
same John Bazeley, £1 los. 6d. 

March 28, 1675, for John Cole of Nutley, £1 i8s. 6d. 

Sept. 12, 1675, John Twigge and his son of Bickleigh, 
'for their losse by fire,' £1 5s. 3d. 

Nov. 21, 1675, Richard Warren of Tavistock, husband- 
man, i8s. I id. 

Feb. 27, 1671, fire at Topsham, 14s. 9d. 

March 19, 167I-, Walter Badcock of Petertavy, 9s. 3d. 

Sept. 10, 1676, Thomas Colling of Tavistock, ^T i 5s. 7!d. 

Dec. 3, 1676, fire at Okehampton (no amount). 

Jan. 14, i67f, John Crosman of Maritavy, 8s. 2d. 

May 27, 1677, Edward Heayes of Autongifford,^i 2s. 5d, 

Dec. 2, 1677, rebuilding St. Breock Church, 7s. 6d. 

Dec. 9, 1677, Hospital of St. Laurence, 6s. 6d. 

May 12, 1678, fire at North Tawton, i6s. 4d. 

Aug. 24, 1679, Pearce Clarke of beerferris, loss by fire, 
1 6s. 9|d. 

March 6, 16^^, fire at Samford Peverell, 7s. 6d. 

56 Tavistock Records. [1661-82 

June 27, 1680, Richard Sowton taylor 'being a long time 
sicke,' £\ i is. 4d. 

March 5, 168^, Protestant churches in ' lesser Poland,' 
IIS. id. 

March 19, i68i, East Budleigh, iSs. ojd. 

December, 1681, general collection in town and parish 
for the ' present subsistence & reliefe of the distressed 
Protestants of ffrance [full list given], £6 12s. 3^d. 

1682, Toune of Columton, £2 3s. 5fd. 

The following special collections were made for the 
relief of captives : — 

[Part of a collection of 6s., March 31, 1661, is for 
prisoners in Turkey.] 

Sept. 23, 1666, towards the freedom of Thomas Sediams, 
£2 IS. lod. 

Feb. 21, i66f-, 'Towards the Releife & Redemption of 
Seuerall parsons [persons] now Slaues to the Turkes in 
Algeirs & Sallay & other places,' £i 2s. lid. 

March 20, 1669, 'Towards the Redemption of Will Macy, 
John Gessup, John Stretton, Christopher Way, John Chipman, 
and Richard Wheeler, all late in Turkish slavery, £\ 8s. 5d. 

Sept. 25, 1670, redemption of William Austin and 
Richard ffabin out of Turkey, £\ 19s. 2d. 

Aug. 3, 1673, Robert Wollaton, Hercules Mudge, and 
William Broad of Totnes, £\ ys. yhd. 

Sept. 28, 1673, Gilbert Pack and his son of Revellstoke, 
^i 9s. 6hd. 

Feb. I, 167!, William Clarke, Linkinghorn, £i is. 6d. 

May 3, 1674, Abel Carter of Combebintenhead, Stephens 
of Kgs Carswell, & Hunt of y*^ same, three seamen taken 
by the Turkes, £1 15s. 3d. 

Sept. 20, 1674, William ffarant, Topsham, £1 2s. 3d. 

Jan., 1674, 'Barbara Stephanson of fifalmouth her son in 
Captivity vnder the turks,' £1 2s. 4id. 

May 9, 1675, John fiforslett of Millbrooke, Cornwall, 'a 
poor captiue in ffez,' ;^i los. id. 

June 13, 1675, William Burry of Poltimore his son, 'out 
of Sally,' ^i OS. 2^d. 

Feb. 27, i67f, Joan Bampfield of Limpston her son 
Edward Bampfield, captiue in Sally, 14s. 9d. 

March 19, 167I, John Lawes captiue in Tituan, 9s. 3d. 

May 7, 1676, Richard Mansling of Dawlish, captiue in 
Sally, 9s. 

Aug. 13, 1676, Stephen Avent of Dartmouth, captiue in 
Sally, IIS. 9d. 

1670-80] Churchzvardens Accotmis. 57 

July 8, 1677, John Addams of Overton, captive in ffez, 
;^i ss. ii|d. 

June 9, 1678, Thomas Syms of topsham, captiue in 
Sally, £ I OS. 2d. 

Oct. 27, 1678, son of James Cole of totnes, captiue in 
Argeer, 17s. 7^d. 

July 27, 1679, Edward Woodward of Exmouth, lis. 

Sept. 21, 1679, Benjamin Tapley of Exon, 9s. 

Nov. 23, 1679, John and William Smith, 7s. ghd. 

Nov. 23, 1679, Joseph Gill of Topsham, 6s. 

Nov. 30, 1679, Robert Harris of Topsham, los. 

Nov. 30, 1679, ... of Implepen [Ipplepen], 8s. 4d. 

Feb. I, i6|f, George Vosie of Dawlish, in argier, i8s. 

March 14, i6l%, Thomas Stone, in argier, 8s, 

March 14, i6f2, Thomas luckes his son, 8s. 7d. 

May 9, 1679 (80 i"), Richard fferris, son of Mathew fferris 
of Newton Abbott, in Argier, los. paid to his father. 

May 9, 1680, Ambrose butland of Furmoone, in Argier, 
lOs. paid to his wife Mary Butland. 

June 13, 1680, Thomas Jackson of Plym°, in Argier, 
17s. I ifd. 

Tv^o general collections were also made in the town 
* towards the redemption of the p'sent Captives nowe in 
Turkey,' 21st to 24th November, 1670; and in the month 
of August, 1680. The names and amounts supply a very 
fair view of the adult inhabitants and their means. 

The first list is as follows : The Hono^'*^ Lady marie 
Howard lOs., George Howard Esq'"^ 6s., Eight s'vants of 
theirs 4s., m'" micheas Wellesford los., m"" John Cudlipp 5s., 
Johane Randle 3d., Walter Doidge & his wife 2s. 6d., 
michaell Doidge 2s. 6d., Thomas Sawle 6d., marie Sawle 
,2d., Thomas Doidge 2s. 6d., Richard Scoyne 4d., W™ 
Trotte 2d., Elizabeth harris id., Thomas Howe, id., John 
Rowe id., James Thomas id., Arthur Launder 6d., George 
Small 2d., Wm. Webbe 3d., David Launder id., John 
martyne 3d., Raphe Chapman 4d., Edward Burgis 2d., 
Walter Veisie id., W"" Husband 2d., John Rider 2d., 
Henry Borough 2d., Philip Mattacott 2d., John Chapman 
2d., Johane Guscott id., Andrewe Kinsman & his son 6d., 
W"' Burman 2d., Jasper & John Bickle 6d., Gregory 
Saunders 2d., John Badge 2d., Daniell Condy 2s., Samuell 
Sowton 4d., W'" Sowton 6d., Ric. Stevens 3d., Emanuell 
ffrost 6d., martha ffrost id., Thomas ffrost 6d., Stephen 
Goade id., Walter Gibbens 2d., Anthony mathew 2d., John 
Ambros 2d., Anne Duram id., Ellinor Vivian 2d., W" 

58 Tavistock Recoj^ds. [1670 

Launder id, marie Carswill id., Robert Edmond 4d., 
Digory Hixe 2d., John Walters 4d., Abel Skirett id., 
Rich: Basleye 2d., Thomas James 6d., Robert mace is. 6d., 
Edward Weymouth 2d., Edward Bound 6d., Ric. East- 
ridge id., John Doidge 4d., marke Hikes is., W°^ Webb 
IS., Johane Webbe 6d., Johane Gatch 2d., Stephen Rowell 
& John Mace 3d., Walter Edmond 6d., Daniell CoUyn id., 
Arthure Pike 2d., Alice Pike & her sister 2d., Sampson 
Remett 6d,, Rich Callamay 2d., John Davis 6d., martyn 
Sowton 4d., m"* ffurlonge is., Bartho Cunnyngha is., 
Constance Williams 2d., marie Rogers 2d., Bartho: Turner 
id., Nicho: merrivill id., George Pearce 6d., Jane Trowte 
6d., widdowe Rowe id., widdowe Hilman 6d., widdowe 
Gibbs id., Antho: Rowell is., Nicho: Glubb 2d., Ric: 
Littleton 6d., Bartho: Sowton 6d., John Randle gd., marie 
Randle 2d., Nathaniell Knight 6d., m"" John Gerrye 6d., 
Jane Greene 4d., James Blackadon id., Stephen Symons 
id., m"^ Gerrye 2s. 6d., Eustace Olliver 6d., Hanna Kittow 
6d., m*" Elliott is., m'' Hogeson 2s., Robert Hogeson 6d., 
Ellis Bray 6d., John Sowton 6d., Antho: Blackadon 2d., 
John Bannycke 2d., Nicholas Watts & Elizabeth Watts 2s., 
Ehzabeth Watts 6d., Agnes Watts 6d., Margarite Radd 
4d., John Cunnyngham 6d., W'" Blackadon 2d., W" Gill 
6d., m'' Whitinge is., EUinor Skirrett 6d., Tristram Gendle 
2d., Daniell Sowton 6d., Sampson Pitts 6d., Andrewe 
Dowlinge 4d., John Gay 4d., m"" Thomas Glanvill viccar of 
Tavistock & Grace his wife 2s. 6d., Katherine Badge 4d., 
Ric Toocker 2d., Nic: Stuttaford 2d., Jane Vpright is. 6d., 
margarite Cornishe 43d., Johane Hamlyn 4d., m"" Vivian 
2s. 6d., Jane Harris 4d., Arthure Dewe 4d., m™ Cudlipp 
6d., Tho: Jessopp 2s., Stephen Wood 2d., m"* Pointer is., 
Christian Tickle is., Thomas Edmond 2d., Jerom 
Cockram 2d., John Sawle 2d., Robert Rowe id., Edward 
fifarwell 6d., Walter Dawe id., Peter Trixe 8d., W"^ Skynner 
2d., John mutchmoore 2d., Walter Strowt 4d., Andrewe 
Doidge IS., W™ Blackadon sen'' 4d., James Hockaday 4d., 
John Chiswell 6d., James Lesson 6d., Edward Ward 4d., 
Abigail Abbott 2d., Samuell Bultayle sen & his son 
2s. 6d., Sarah Sowton 2d., Edmond Condy is., Johane 
Streeke 2d., Ric: Drake 6d., Katherine Hawke id., Henry 
ffarwell is. 4d., John Countie 2s. 6d., W™ Smith 6d., Bartho: 
Rowe 2d., John Sheare is., Peter Browkinge 2d., John Gove 
6d., Agnes Gove4d., Bevill Wivell is. 6d., Eliza: Wivell 2d., 
marie Thomas 2d., Ric: Jane 2d., Raphe Carter sen'' is.. 
Raphe Carter jun'' 2d., Em Carter 4d., Sam Carter 6d., George 


1670] Churchwardens Accounts. 59 

Bannycke jun'' 2d., Jasper Badge 2d., Sam Carter Jun"" 2d, 
Ric: Wood 4d., Sam: Chubb & his wife lod., Augustine 
Bond 3d., m»" Henry Tarre is., Grace Knighton 2d., John 
Hogeson 6d., Stephen Chapman 2d., Johane Rowe 2d., 
Thomas Kelleye 2d., Elias Richard 2d., Johane Rundle 2d.i 
Thomas martyn 2d., Jesse Noble 2d., Joseph Philpe 2d.,' 
David Sargent & his wife 2s., margarite Coadc 2d., Tho: 
Trante 2d., Antho: Harvie 2d., EHas maynard 6d., Hawke 
Hamlyn 2d., Walter Kelley 4d., Nehemiah Bennett id., 
Peter Glubb 6d., James Wilton 2d., Robert Harris 2d., W"^ 
Dunterfille 2d., Eustace Olliver 2d., David White 2d., 
James Keagle id., John Keagle 2d., Pethericke Harris 2d., 
Roger Langford 6d., Tho: Carter 2d., Eliza: Hardie id., 
W" Day 4d., Nicho: Glubb 6d., Nicho: Smith 4d., W'» Gye 
6d., Jeremy Gye 2d., martha Gye 2d., Susan Gye 2d., marie 
Gye 2d., W"^ Warryn 2d., malicah Parnell 2d., Tho: Chubb 
3d., Daniell Callamay 6d., Nicholas Ham id., Tho: Drake 
id., Henry Egber id., margarite Jasper id., Nicho: Webb 
6d., Hugh Jane 2d., John Sowton 4d., John Blackwill 2d., 
mathewe Glanvill id., Thomas Jessopp 3d., Walter Shella- 
ber 3d., Thomas Harris id., Susan Tarr id., Arthure 
Cunnyngham 3d., Rich: Abbott 4d., Anthony Pike id., 
John Cary id., Johane Carswill id., John Snell 2d., Thomas 
Crase Jun"" 4d., W'" Crosse 2d., Edward Collyn 2d., John 
Payne Jun"" 3d., Eustace Glubb 2d., Agnes Payne 2d., Ric: 
Hamlyn 2d., fifra: macie 6d., John Burfise 6d., Daniell 
Temple 2d., Grace Laskey 2d., W"^ Kinge 6d., W'" fterris 
2d., Susan Kinge id., Ellinor Kinge id., Ric: White 2d., 
AUex: Bright 2d., Edward Payne sen'' 6d., W"^ Chubb 2d., 
Edward momford 2d., Marke Rundle 2d., John Denford 
2d., Tho: Knight 2d., Widdowe Hunte 6d., Grace Hunte 
2d., Tho: Crase sen'' id., Tho: Bray 6d., Nicholas Wood- 
man 6d., Henry mattacott 6d., Thomasine Mattacott 2d., 
John Mattacott 2d., W°^ Mattacott 4d., Daniell Stephens 
4d., Walter Payne 4d., Alice Payne 2d., W'" Coginge 2d., 
John Payne 2d., Anne Whitchurch is., John Whitchurch 
IS., Margerie Whitchurch 3d., Eulalia Hardie 2d., John 
Davie 2d., W"^ Edmond 2d., Welthian marshall 2d., Susan 
ffrie 2d., Anne Skirrett is., Edward Payne is., Kathcrine 
Gidley 2d., Eulalia Pitts 2d., Margarite Scawne 3d., Digory 
Austyn 2d., Ellinor Shutt 2d., Thomasine Edmond 2d., 
James murfiU id., Raphe Bright Jun'' 6d., John Baseley 
4d., Johane Murfill id., Raphe Bright sen"" id., Allyn 
Nicholls 2d., Thomas Geach id., James Cowch 4d., Nicholas 
Hockaday 2d., Ellinor Jessopp 2d., Nicholas Glubb 2d., 

6o Tavistock Records. [i670 

Nathaniell Harris 2d., Susan Harris 2d., John Trix Jun'' 
2d., Nathaniell Wood 2d., George Chester 2d., Widdowe 
man 4d., Katherine man 2d., Henry Doidge id., Edmond 
Pike 6d., Hosea Peter 2d., John Pike 4d., Dewnes Palmer 
2d., Samuell Pitts Jun'' id., Isacke Rowell id., Tho: Symons 
3d., David Condie 6d., Elizabeth Condie 2d., Elizabeth 
Toller 6d., Margarite Sargent 6d., Nicholas Hender id., 
James Cowche id.. Christian morgan id., George Warryn 
2d., Humphrie Hogeson 2d., John Collyn 6d., John Williams 
3d., Bennet Vinton 4d., Ric: Browne id., Thomas Browne, 
6d., John Oxenham id., Roger Jackman 2d., Walter Sar- 
gent Jun'' 6d., David Sargent Jun"" 6d., John Gluddon 2d., 
Joseph Burdwood 2d., Blanch Day 2d., Eulalia Condy 4d., 
Joseph Anthony id., W'" ffrye id., Alice Hamlyn 2d., 
James Strowte 6d., Robert Vinton 4d., Charitie Payne 2d., 
OUiver Scoble 2d., m'' Battishill is., George Bannycke & 
his wife is. 4d., John Bray 2d., W"' Hore 6d., John Toller 
6d., W'" Prowse 4d., Ste: Rundle 6d., m"^'® Countie 6d., 
margerie Knight 4d., Eustace Edmond 4d., Daniell Baker 
2d., John Drake 4d., Leonard Rich 2d., Henry mattacott 
2d., W" Wilcock 4d., Johane Poolinge & Hanna Jope 2d., 
Arthur Symons 4d., Widdowe Pennyngton 2s., Edward 
Cole 6d., John martyn 2d., James martyn 2d., Ellis Chal- 
don 2d., Nicholas Hunte is. 6d., Susan Collyn 2d., Thomas 
Southall 4d., Nicholas Rundle 2d., Daniell Humphrie is., 
John Talman 4d., m'' Brendon is., Ric: Wilberton 6d., 
Stephen marshall 2d., James Legoe 4d., Nicholas Rich 
2d., Thomas Pike id., Walter Webb 2d., Thomas Glubb id., 
Thomas Harvie Jun'' 2d., iTortune Bickle id., Widdowe 
Bickle id., Walter Cardewe 4d., Edward Weymouth id., 
Thomas Rundle 2d., Raphe Stephens is., Elizabeth Sowton 
2d., Ric: Chubb id., margarite Chubb id., Ehzabeth Burgis 
2d., Joseph Davie 6d., Peter Rowe 2d., Love Rowe id., 
Thomas Burgis 2d., John Bownd 4d., Tho: Stonynge 6d., 
Walter Burgis 6d., Elizabeth Burgis 2d., Tho: Harvie 2d., 
Jonathan Condy 2d., Joseph Ward 4d., ffra: Davie 2d., 
James Chaldon 2d., Bridget Hockaday 2d., Beniamyn Sprie 
id., Johane Rowe 2d., John Wyatt 2d., Ric: Huggyn 3d., 
jj^ris Vosper 6d., John Stephens 4d., Ric: Cheriton 2d., Tho: 
Ellis 6d., W'" Robins 4d., John Robins 4d., John Knighton 
6d., Peter Jessopp 2d., W'" Ellacott 6d., John Wood 6d., John 
Pennyngton is., Eustace Pike 2d., W"^ White 3d., Henry 
mindson id., Ric: Christopher sen'' 6d., Ric: Christopher J un"" 
2d. Eustace'Pike J un'' 2d., marke Rowe 2d., Susan Headon 2d., 
m'' ffra: Toller 6d., Lancellott Hutton 6d., Nicholas Veale 

1670] Churchwardens Accotmts. 6i 

6d., Ric: Hitchings is., Alice fifriend 2d., Jane Leache 2d., 

Henry Edwards 2d., ffra: Doidge 2d., James Hernaman is., 

Nicholas Veale Jun' 4d., Eustace Warryn 6d., Noah Cliffe 

6d., Anne Davie 2d., Henry Vosper 6d., Henry Hore 6d., 

Patience Ward 2d., Peter County 6d., Ric: Trowte 3d., 

John Russell is., Stephen Russell 6d., Eliza: Russell 6d., 

Phillipp Kundle 2d., niargarite Ward 2d., Julyan Wallen 

id., Robert ffogwill 2d., Emanuell ffacie 2d., W™ Rider 

Jun"" id., Tho: Reed 6d., Anne Reed 3d., Johane Bourne 

4d., marie Hooper id., Ric: Goard 2d., John Wilcocke id., 

Ric: Pike is., John Pike 6d., Judith Pike 2d., Rebecca Pike 

4d., Tho: michell 2d., m"^ Eakins is., Edward Pike 8d., 

marie Pike 4d., Elizabeth Pike 6d., Roger Rubie 2d., 

Edmond Dewe 2d., John Gliddon id., Edward Lugger sen"" 

IS., Eliza: Lugger 6d., Edward Lugger Jun'' is., Kather 

Gedgcomb 2d., Kather Dewe id., John Russell of Vppaton 

2d., Peter Gliddon id., Kather Reddall gd., Dorathie 

Guscot 3d., Jasper Wood 3d., Tho: Reddall 3d., m"^ Jacobb 

28. 6d., Johane Jacobb 6d., Jane Jacobb 6d., George Hynes 

2d., James Hill id., Thomasine Radford 2d., W"^ Sprie is., 

Thomasine Sprie 4d., Daniell Blancke id., Susan James id., 

Elizabeth Reed 2d., Thomasine Reed 2d., W"^ Rowe id., 

John Dunrich sen'' is., Richaurd his wife 4d., John their 

son 4d., Josias there son 3d., Robert Cudlipp Jun*" 6d., 

Eliza: his s'vant 2d., Tho: Wyndyor 6d., John fifugers 6d., 

Thomas Caron 6d., John Holland 2d., Susan Nosworthy 

4d., Edward ffuge 3d., Robert Collyn 3d., John Badge 2d., 

Phillipp Collyn 2d., Nicho: Warden id., Daniell Collyn & 

his mother 6d., James Stevens 2d., John Rubie 2d., John 

Blatchford id., Ste: Bourges wife 4d., W™ middleford 3d., 

Tho: Rubie 3d., Roger Atwill & his mother 6d., Edward 

Rundle 4d., Stephen Rundle is., Roger Rundle 4d., marie 

Edgcomb 2d., Robert Hawkesworth is., Johane his daughf 

3d., Daniell Vinton 6d., Daniell Yole 2d., Susan Caron 6d., 

Agnes Badge 6d., Daniell Wood is., Tho: Smale 2d., 

Christian ReddiclifF id., Ric: Badge & his son 6d., Ric: Roe 

2d., George Heale 2d., Bartho: Rundle is., Walter Burgis 

6d., John Burgis 2d., Temperance moises 2d., Ric: Baseley 

4d., Robert Wood is., Walter Pike is., Ric: his son 4d., 

marie his daught''4d., Ste: Winton 3d., Eliza: Edmond 2d., 

Jasp Withecomb 3d., Ric: Sprie is., Ric: his son 6d., m"" 

Nosworthey is. 6d., Roger Charels 6d., Edmond Statford 

6d., Raphe Ambros 2d., Bennett maddaford 2d., Roger 

Combe 3d., Edward Webber 2d., John Hodge 6d., Tho: 

Weymouth 6d., Robert Horsman 6d., marke Rundle & his 

62 Tavistock Records. [1670 

daughf 4d., Raphe Chapman id., W"^ Hodge 6d., marie 
Stroode 3d., Wilmote Ruby 3d., John Vigis 4d., m'' Tho: 
Edgcombe 2s., m'''^ Rebecca Edgcombe is., Ric: Cawnter 
6d., Eliza: Cawnter 2d., Eliza Cawnter 2d., marie Cawnter 
2d., Ric: Rundle is., Ric: Rundle 4d., John Rowe is., 
Johane Rowe 6d., Phillipp Stephens 2d., Agnes Rowe 2d., 
W"^ Cawnter 4d., Constant Strowte 4d., Eliza Wald id., 
John Rabson id., Grace Hodge 2d., Ste: Cudlipp is. 6d., 
Johane Dawe 2d., Ric: Charels 3d., mathewe Collyn 4d., 
W"^ Chapman 6d., W'" Chapman 6d., margarite Toocker is., 
George Thomas 4d., John Windyor 6d., James Coram is., 
marie Edgcombe 6d., Ric. Rundle id., Charels ffacie is., 
Charels fifacie 6d., Ric: Lavers id., Ric: Lavers id., Daniell 
Windyor 4d., Sampson Symons 6d., W"* Barryball 2d., W^ 
may 2d., Dorathie Tom 2d., Ric: Keagle is., John Trowte 
sen'" 2d., John Trowte Jun"" 4d., marie Homes 2d., John 
Lavis 2d., Anderie Bourne 2d., Sarah Trowte 2d., Ric: 
Hardie 6d., m'' Arthure Cunnyngham 2s., his son & daught' 
6d., Tho: ffleshman 6d., Tho: ffleshman Wilmote & marie 
ffleshman 4d., Ric: Goodinge 2d., John Cole sen*" 2d., John 
Cole Jun*" 2d., Sam: Sowton 6d., John ffleshman 6d., W™ 
maddaford 6d., Ste: Cole is., Anne Knight 2d., Peter 
Doidge 2d., Pancresse maddaford is., marie maddaford 4d., 
Jane Apta 2d., Ste: maddaford 6d., Jane maddaford is., 
Alice Maddaford 4d., Barbery murgyn 6d., Walter 
Cole sen'' 4d., Walter Cole Jun'" 6d., Patience Vincomb 
3d., Thomasine Cole 4d., John Crosse 3d., mathewe 
Cudlipp IS., Ric: maddaford 2d., John Weaver 6d,, Roger 
Weare 6d., Peter Oxenham 6d., John Badcocke 4d., Abigail 
Lux id., John Brownsdon 3s., Henry Bourne 4d., m"^ Leere 
IS. 6d., John Comb 2d., John Vinton 3d., m'"garite Hodge 
2d., Ric: Chubb & his son is., Gervase Cunnyngha is., 
James Leere is., michaell Doidge is., Jonathan Cole 4d., 
John Galferie 2d., W" Venneram 2d., Thomas Baker 6d., 
Antho: Knighton 3d., John Knighton 3d., John Lange 3d., 
Ste: Edmond 4d., Grace Cawnter 2d., Augustine Edgcombe 
id., Ethelthreed'Way & his mother 5s , Daniell Reddicliffe 
6d., Ric: Elford 2d., myriam Hawke 6d., W'" Saxfen 6d., 
Elizabeth Rowe id., John Pike 2d., Agnes Elford 2d., Susan 
Elford 2d , Ric: Elford 6d., W'" Elford 6d., marie Braham 
2d., John Cudlipp 2d., Ric: Cudlipp 2d., Agnes Hawkyn 2d., 
m™ Johane Cake is., Johane Rowe 3d., Robert Pike is., 
Thomas Rowe 2d., Robert Cudlipp is. 2d., Johane Webb 
2d., Johane Dicket id., m'' Speckman 2s. 6d., Christian 
Shale id., Susan mattacot is., Daniell Cudlipp is. 6d., W'" 
Cole 6d. — Total, £,\6 os. 9|d. ; 730 contributors. 

1660-80] Churchwardens Accounts. 63 

The collection made in a similar manner in August, 
1680, for the same object realized £6 i8s. 5d. It'^was 
headed by ' Dawbeny Williams Esq"", with los., 'm"^ Jasper 
Cann vie*" with 2s. 6d., and ' Samuell Bulteel gen' 2s. 6d., 
John Jacob, gent, and Daniell Condy, mercer, each giving 
a like amount. There were 359 contributors, the great 
majority being found on the former list. Among those 
who are not given there, in addition to Williams and Cann, 
are : — Amy Wyuell wid is., Gideon Dingle id., M'' Rookley 
6d., Tho. Hornabrooke 6d., Huiah Jope 2d., William Corbin 
2d., Sibella Keagle id., Widd. Sideams 2d., Richard Ayre 
id., Widd. Waite 3d., George Pipford 2d., Jane Greene 6d., 
James Lesson 2d., Jjerome Clogg id., Robt. Blanchett & 
Ann Joanes 3d., Widd. Drake id., Richard Euerard 6d., 
Thomas Euerard 2d., Geo. Keeine 2d., Thomas Buckler 2d., 
James Moorefell 2d., ffrancis Tranter 2d., Ben: Brimridge 
2d., Dan: Sleaman 2d., John Winzor 4d., Step: Bunny 2d., 
Pet. Langworthy id., George Metter 2d., John ffursman id., 
Thomas Carne 2d., Mary Sleepe 2d., Joseph Atwell 2d., 
Edward ffugars 2d., Lidea Pike id. 

The similar collection, December, 1681, for the distressed 
Protestants of France, gives the names also of John 
HoUocke, Andrew Halls, John Halls, Ehza Drake, Jesse 
Noble, Robt. Kinsman, W™ Hunterfeild, Jeremiah Cock- 
ram, Peter Austin, Thos. Lanion, William Ollivet, Peter 
Palmer, Rich. Tiddy, Hopkin Haise, William Quint, Dego: 
Merifield, Doro. Glanvill, Wilmot Seccomb, Mary Landery, 
Goyn Burley, Mary Bunkin, Eliza Goode, Peter Giles, Rich. 
Giles, Aaron Williams, Peter Oxenham jun"", Susan Oxen- 
ham, Joan Bunsall, Agnes Mutton, Charles Hardy, Valen- 
tine Gill, Joan Tarr, Mary ffilpp. 

HI. Among the miscellaneous contents of the book are 
entries relating to charities. 

1660, John fford of Buckland Monocon bequeathed £2 
to be distributed among the poor people of Tavistock ; 
and Richard Glubb of Tavistock lOs. 1669, M"" Digory 
Tremayne gave £2 ; and Roger Coale of Broadamore 5s. ; 
and there is mention of £6 at interest, part of the money 
given by William Spry, deceased. 

1673, May 19, 'Walter Burgisse & Edward Lugger paid 
over ^95 14s. 2d. of the poor artificers stock vnto Joseph 
Dauy & Panchras maddaford.' 

There are entries of this sum being handed on from one 
set of churchwardens to the next as ' the parishe Stocke of 
Tauistocke to bee lent out yearely to the poore Artificers 

64 Tavistock Records. [i673-i7i4 

of Tauistock/ until in 1678 'by the Consent of the Masters 
and other the Inhabitants' it was made up to ^100, and so 
handed on. From year to year, however, such deductions 
were made to pay the outgoing wardens the money due to 
them, that when the parish stock is last named as such, in 
January, 169!, it is stated to amount to £^ 13s. 'j\6.. 
July 2, 1694, four bonds are said to be due — Andrew 
Kinsman £2, Peter Wescot £\, Richard White ^^3, John 
ffleshman £Af ; but whether they may be regarded as part 
of the stock does not appear. 

'The i/*''^ of 7''°'' 1666. It was then agreed vpon by the 
Masters of the Towne & Pish that whatever Moneys shall 
be Lawfully disbursed by any of the Constables or other 
officers for the vse of the pish shall be reembursed to y™ 
by the Churchwardens for the yeare [Signed] Richard Cud- 
lip, Walter Godbeare, ffrancis Toller, Micheue Willesford.' 

'Masters' whose names are signed to a memorandum 
of lease June 10, 1673 : Walter Godbeare, Micheue Willes- 
ford, Jo: Gerry, Richard Spry, John Cudlipp, Dauid Sargent, 
Will: Saxfen.' 

'May 19*'^ 1673. This day it was agreed on by the 
Masters and inhabitants of the towne and parish of Tavy- 
stock that whosoever shall kill any ffox, within the said 
parish, shall receiue for his or their paynes, in so doing the 
sume of three shillings & fourpence [Signed] Walter 
Godbeare, Jo: Gerry, Richard Spry, Dauid Sargent, Will. 

'The 20*''^ of Aprill 1674. It was then agreed vpon by 
the Masters and the overseers that Anthony Bickford 
should have ten shillings to buy yarn to make a kersey.' 

' Wee acknowledge to haue receiued on the 7*^^ day of 
June, 168 1 : Of John Bourne and George Rundle Church- 
wardens of Tauistock for the yeare last past : — Two 
Challices with Couers, ffower great fflaggons of Tin, One 
Quart of Tin, One Bason of Tin, One Table Cloth, Two 
Napkins, and one bagg to keepe the same in.' 

'April the 2, 171 1. Memorandum then due to m*" 
Christopher ffurneaux Scoolmaster of this Toun the sum 
of Six pound due a Lady Last past.' 

'April 6, 17 1 3. Edward Willcocks agreed to make 
coffins for the poor 'to haue seuen shillings for men and 
women and four shillings for childrens coffins under 12 

April 18, 1 7 14. Stephen Chapman agrees at six shillings 
for men and women and four shillings for children. 

1287-1307] Deeds and Associated Doctiments. 65 

Oeetis auD Sissociateti ^Documents. 

[1287] Grant by VVilliamsonof Walter of VVike, to William 
son of Antony, cordwainer, of Tauystock, of a meadow at 
Wynenston, in English called Blakedhic mede, adjoining 
two meadows of the Abbot and Convent of Tauistok, and 
a meadow of the granter called ' Le Ham mede,' reserving 
a way six feet broad on the west along the ditch near the 
meadow of * Ric de Ocleg ' ' to go and come from my 
meadow.' Witnesses — ' Walter de fonte,' Aug cobn, ' Robert 
Le Sal', Galfrido Cake, William of Bowedone. Dated 
Morrow of Circumcision. 14 Edward I. 

[This is the earliest dated document in the series ; but 
there is reason to believe that the undated ones which 
follow are of nearly equal antiquity, perchance older. 
They are in part connected through the recurrence of one 
or more of the same names.] 

[Utidafed] Quit claim by Alan Gyle to ' Nicholas le saler' 
of Tauystok, of tenement there between the house of John 
soyle south and the house of David . . . north, to be held 
of the Abbot and Convent of Tauystok at the rent of four 
pence annually at Michaelmas. Witnesses — Henry de 
Kestawyk then ' senior ' [ ■■= portreeve] of Tauystock, Robert 
Dauid, William Set, Thomas Osmer, William Stacy. Prob- 
ably Edward I. 

[Undated] Quit claim by Gomelina, daughter of Ralph 
Vrcekol, heir of Ralph son of Walter Schuland, to David 
son of Richard Strod, of place in Tauistok between the place 
of George son of Claricii lottis east, and the royal way 
leading towards the great bridge. Witnesses— Walter of 
Wyke, Stacy of Solario, Symone Vppedone, Reginald 
bola, Robert Nigello. Probably Edward I. 

[1307] Quit claim by ' Walter le Gnat ' to Robert ffolke of 
a piece of land which he held of the aforesaid Robert. 
Witnesses— John Popelston, Walter Culligh, Robert Dauy, 


66 Tavistock Records. [1320-25 

Roger Stacy, Dauid Math [?], William Gurd, Walter Gilla. 
Dated Tauystock, Monday next before [Easter ?] 34 
Edward I. 

[1320-48 ?] Quit claim by Robert Dauid, burgess of 
Tavystok, to Robert ffolka of Tavystok, of house and 
curtilage next Banawelle, with piece of land adjacent east, 
which ' Walter Le yeem ' sometime held. Land formerly 
Bicheman north, way from Tauystock towards Woddon 
south and east. ' As it was determined by our common 
counsel and assent ' (confecta fuit per commune consilium 
nostrum et assensium). Witnesses — 'Walter de fonte/ 
Roger Stacy, John Populston, Ranulph Cissor, Robert 
Blakesmyth, then portreeve. 

[This 'burgess' might be David de Romelegh, member 
in 1320, or Robert Davy, member in 1348.] 

[1325] Grant by Walter Cullyng, Roger Stacey, William 
Seleman, Robert the Salter, and John Populston, brethren 
and wardens of the light of St. Mary in the parish church 
of Tavystoke, with the other brethren and sisters of the 
said fraternity, to Reginald of Eggecombe, clerk, of a 
house and garden in Tavystoke between the house late of 
Walter Hogheden, and the garden of John Populston, at 
the rent of i6d. a year. Witnesses — Robert Dauid, Thomas 
Cullyng, John Magha, John Secheuill, Robert Vyna, clerk, 
and others. Dated Tauystoke, Monday after Michaelmas. 
19 Edward II. From the age and interest of this deed it 
is cited in full : 

" Universis Christi fidelibus pra^sens scriptum visuris aut 
audituris, Walterus Cullyng, Rogerus Stacey, Wilhelmus 
Seleman, Robertus le Salter, et Johannes Populston, fratres 
et custodes luminus Sanctse Marian in ecclesia parochiali 
de Tavystoke, et omnes alii confratres et sorores dictse 
fraternitatis, salutem in Domino sempiternam. Noverintes 
nos unanimi consensu et assensu nostro dedisse et con- 
cessisse Reginaldo de Eggecombe clerico unam domum in 
villa de Tavystoke, cum orto adjacente, qua^ latet inter 
domum quae quondam fuit Walteri Hogheden ex parte 
una, et ortum Johannis Populston ex parte alia; tenendam 
et habendam totam prsedictam domum cum orto pra^dicto 
sibi dicto Reginaldo heredibus et assignatis suis de dominis 
capitalibus feodi illius libere, quiete, et integre, jure et 
hereditarie, imperpetuum, reddendo inde et faciendo prae- 

1325-30] Deeds and Associated Documents. 67 

dictis dominis reddita et servitia de jure debita et consueta 
et nobis et successoribus nostris annatum sexdecim denarios 
ad duos anni terminos, videlicet ad festum Paschs octo 
denarios et ad festum sancti Michaelis octo denarios aquis 
portionibus pro omnibus servitiis secularibus quaeritatis aut 
demandatis. Et nos vero praidicti Walterus, Rogerus, 
VVilhelmus, et Johannes, et omnes alii confratres et succes- 
sores nostri praedicto Reginaldo heredibus et assignatis 
suis, prasdictam domum cum orto pradicto et cum omnibus 
suis pertinentibus contra omnes mortales tenemus waran- 
tizare acquietare et defendere imperpetuum. In cujus rei 
testimonio huic prresenti scripto sigillum totum [?] fraterni- 
tatis nostras duximus apponendum. Hiis testibus Roberto 
Dauid, Thoma Cullyng, Johanne Magha, Johanne Seche- 
uill, Roberto Vyna clerico et aliis. Datum apud Tauystoke 
die luna; proxima post festum Sancti Michaelis, anno regni 
regis Edwardi filii regis Edwardi decimo nono." 

[?] Grant by William Golda of Tauystock to Lavinia 
daughter of Robert fifolka, of a piece of ground adjoining 
Banawill, which the said William has of the gift {ex dono) of 
Robert fifolka, brother of Lavinia. Witnesses — Robert 
Dauid, Roger Pen . . ., John fifresh, . . . D[urne]ford, and 
Simon p . . . 

Very much defaced, but in the 21st year of one of the 
early Edwards [III.?]. 

[?] Grant by Robert fifolka of ' Tauisth ' to * Girardo de 
Durnaford,' of all his garden in ' Tauistes ' between the 
garden of Thomas Wodemanyswill east, garden of John 
pers west, king's highway leading from ' Tauysth ' towards 
Banewill and Woddon . . . Witnesses — Robert Dauid, 
John Popelston, Richard Hyndeford, Robert Kroker, 
portreeve. Dated 'Tauystch,' Saturday in Vigil of Simon 
and Jude. Edward [III. .'']. 

[1330] Conveyance by Robert ffolke of Tavystoke, to 

Gerard of Durneforde, of three pence and one halfpenny of 

silver, annual rent issuing out of the lands of Nicholas of 

Langeforde in Woddone, adjoining Tavystoke. Witnesses 

— William Ekeworthui, William Staci, Robert Dauid jun., 

Augustine Petipas, Nicholas Bovy. Dated at Tavystoke, 

Wednesday next after the Invention of the Cross. 

4 Edzvard III. 

F 2 

68 Tavistock Records. [i33o-4o 

[1330] Grant by Robert folka of 'Tauistch' to Gerard 
of Durneford of all his lands in Woddone, lands of John 
Toker west, of Robert Dauid east, of the Abbot and 
Convent of 'Tauistch ' in Hurdewyke north, and so by the 
garden of Thomas of Wodemanyswill to the garden of 
William Solla, by the said garden to the garden of Alice 
' my daughter,' by the said garden round to the king's 
highway from 'Tauistch' towards Hurdewyke, and by 
the said way northward to the lands of William Toker. 
Witnesses — John Popelston, David fifynarywill, Richard 
Hyndeford, Augustine petipas, Thomas of Wodemanyswill, 
Richard Kroker, then portreeve. Dated ' Tauistch,' Monday 
before the Conversion of St. Paul. 4 Edward III. 

[Vesica shaped seal attached. Device apparently ^fleur- 
de-lis : S' ROBTI FOLKA.] 

[1338] Grant by John Bobur of Tauystok to William 
Scarleth of tenements in Tauystok — tenements John 
Secheuyle east, Reginald Sm.yth north, cemetery Tauy- 
stochie west, highway leading from the gate of the abbey 
towards Lamerton south ; also the reversion of a tene- 
ment held by Walter Gilla for life. Witnesses — Robert 
Dauid, William Eckaworthy, Maurice Gages, Richard 
Mileward, Ralph atte Wylle 'then portreeve of the 
borough of Tauystok.' Dated Tauystock, Monday next 
after the Assumption. 12 Edivard III. 

[?] Lease by Robert Bonda, warden of the hospital [of 
St. Mary Magdalene] with the assent and consent of the 
brethren and sisters of the same, of a garden 40 feet broad 
to Nicholas of Romysleuu, John of Northcote owner of a 
boundary property west. Witnesses include William 
Eckaworth and William Tankard. Given at Tauystok, 
but date gone. Probably Edzuard III. 

[1340] Grant by Alice Plente in pure virginity to William 
Millward of tenement and garden in Tauystok — tenement 
of Richard of Hyngdeford south, of late Philip Plente 
north and west, highway from the pillory towards Hurde- 
wyk east. Witnesses — Robert Dauid, William Stacy, 
Richard marsschall, Richard Hyngdeforde, David of Mile- 
mete, portreeve. Dated Tauystok, Thursday after Nicholas 
the Bishop. 14 Edzvard III. 

1342-60] Deeds and Associated Documents. 69 

[1342] Grant by Robert Godrych [also Godry] of Tauy- 
stok, to Luke Prechour, Alice his wife, John and Margaret 
their son and daughter, of tenement and garden in Tauy- 
stok — tenement John of Croundale east, John Deuenabyri 
west, garden of the Abbot and Convent south, highway 
through the midst of the town of Tauystok towards 
Kelestok north — together with a halfpenny of annual rent 
from the tenement of John of Croundale. Witnesses- 
William Stacy, William Tankard, Roger Golda, John 
Crocker, John Wytham, portreeve. Dated Tuesday after 
St. Martin. 16 Edward III. 

[1342] Quit claim by Robert, son of Robert Godrych, of 
same to same. Same witnesses, save Robert for John Crocker. 

[1349] Grant by Luke Prechour to Thomas Coula of 
tenement and garden in Tauystok. W^itnesses — William 
Stacy, Ralph atte Wille, William Honychurch, Robert 
Dauid, Simon porteioye. Dated Tauystok, Saturday in 
Easter. 2^ Ediuard III. 

[1357] Grant by William atte fiforde, son and heir of 
Walter atte Forde, to Luke Wyndyshore and Lavinia 
his wife, of tenement and garden in Tauystoke — gardens of 
John Wadfalle and Walter popelston west, tenement and 
garden of Roger Bykewelle east, garden of Richard ffort 
north, highway from Tauystoke towards chapel of St. Mary 
Magdalene south. Witnesses — Richard lamborne, John 
atte fforde, John Drake of Lamerton, Roger Bykewille, 
William Stapledon. Dated Tauystoke, Friday before St. 
Ambrose. 3 1 Edzvard III. 

[1358] Grant by John of lychififelde of Tauystoke, to 
John Panter and Joan his wife 'my daughter,' during 
lessor's life of lands at Kyngforde. Witnesses — Ralph atte 
Wille, Richard Lamborne, Richard Krokere, John Notte- 
leghe, Walter Broun. Dated Kyngforde, Sunday after the 
Purification of the Virgin. 32 Edward III. 

[1360] Grant by Thomas Coula to Alice widow of Luke 
Prechour, of tenement and garden, which he had of the 
gift of Luke Prechour. Witnesses— Ralph att Will, 
Richard Croker, John Wendout, John Croker, Walter of 
Lanstharaford, then portreeve. Dated Tauystok, Palm 
Sunday. 34 Edzvard III 

70 Tavistock Records. [i36i-75 

[1361] Grant by Richard of Southeton, son and heir of 
WilHam of Southeton, to John of Mevvy, of his tenements 
in the borough of Tauystok — tenement of John Plummer 
and Ahce his wife east, late John Tankard west. Witnesses 
— Walter of Lanstharaford then portreeve, Richard of 
Lamborne, Richard of miieton, Roger page, Roger of 
Kyngford, Simon perteioye. Dated Tauystok, St. Gregory. 
3 5 Edzvard III. 

[1364] Quit claim by Richard of Southaton of Tauystok, 
to John Mewy of Tauystok, of I2d. annual rent issuing 
out of a tenement formerly Robert Mydelstonas in Tauy- 
stock, between tenements of John Tankard and heirs of 
John Adekyn. Witnesses — John atte fiforde, then por- 
treeve of the borough of Tauystok, Roger Milleton, 
William Strout, John Russel, Walter Lanskareforde. Dated 
Tauystok, Friday after the Annunciation. 38 Edward III. 

[This probably refers to the property in the preceding 
entry, on which a rent of 12 silver pennies was reserved.] 

[1366] Lease for twenty-one years by Luke Wyndyshore 
and Lavinia his wife, to Roger Bykewylle of Tauystok, of 
tenement and garden there, between the tenements and 
gardens of John Wadfalle and Robert Eua. Witnesses — 
John Wendout, Roger Milleton, . . . Strout, Thomas Brade- 
forde, William Stapeldon, then portreeve. Dated Tauy- 
stok, Wednesday after Saints Peter and Paul. 40 Edzvard 

[1367] Grant by Christina Pers daughter of John Pers 
to John Paneter of Tauystock, of tenement and garden 
there — tenements formerly William folke south, formerly 
William Gnat north. Witnesses — William Strout, William 
Lanskeforde, Roger Kroker, John Forde, John Weryng. 
Dated Tauystok, Friday after Ascension. 41 Edzvard III. 

[1375] Grant by Alice Iby to John Hayword and Joan 
his wife of garden at Tauystoke. Highway from Tauy- 
stoke towards Entyscombe south, 'park' of Richard atte 
Wille north, garden Thomas Coule west, garden held by 
John fforde, 'skynnere' east. Witnesses — Roger Milleton, 
William Strout, William Stapeldon, Luke Selyman, Walter 
Mey, then portreeve. Dated Tauystok, Sunday in the 
Annunciation. 49 Edzvard III. 

1378-88] Deeds and Associated Documents. 71 

[1378-9] Lease by Joan relict of John Panter of Tauy- 
stok, to William Bodyer and Thomasine her daughter, 
lands in Kyngford, apparently bounded by properties of 
John Flammek (?) and Robert Mathu. Witnesses include 
John Sachevyle, Walter B . . ., John Crokker, William 
Strode, Richard Estecote, then portreeve of the borough 
of Tauystok. Dated at Tauystok. 2 Richard II. [Very 

[Seal with two figures under canopies, apparently male 
and female, and shield in exergue, apparently with three 
roses ; legend, SIGILLUM WILLI MORI ?J 

[1382] Quit claim by Richard Lanskareforde to Roger 
Milleton of lands and tenements in Tauystoke, Wilmyston, 
and Wykepatipas, that he held of the gift and feoffment of 
Walter Langeforde. Witnesses — John Wendout, William 
Thorne, then portreeve of the borough ' Tauystochie,' 
Luke Selyman, Robert Joce, Ralph Longeworthy. Dated 
Tauystoke, Tuesday in Feast of St. Mary Magdalene. 
6 Richard II. 

.[1385] Grant by Alice Iby in pure virginity to John 
Wale, chaplain, of messuage and lands in Tauystoke. 
Witnesses — John Babyll, John Baggetorre, John Morwell- 
ham, William Walshe, John Godeleman. Dated Tauy- 
stock, Saturday before St. Bartholomew. 9 Richard II. 

[1386] Quit claim by John Hylle to William Strange- 
man, of tenement in Tauystoke — John Tankard east, 
Margery Tope west. Witnesses — William Strout, Roger 
Bykewylle, Thomas Baker, John Wyndout, Richard 
atte Barne, then portreeve. Dated Tauystock, Tuesday 
after the Annunciation. 9 Richard II. 

[Seal apparently two birds billing.] 

[1388] Lease by Luke Wyndesore and Lavinia his wife 
to Roger Bykawylle of tenement and garden in Tauystoke 
— tenements John Wadfall west, Roger Bykawylle east. 
[Fifty years at 6s. a year rent, then in perpetuity at 1 2s.] 
Witnesses— John fforde, burgess, Ralph honta, William 
Strout, Walter lanstareforde, Philip Sacheuylc. Dated 
Tauystoke, Feast of the Purification. 1 1 Richard II. 

[1388] Counterpart of preceding. [Seal with a bird] 


72 Tavistock Records. [1388 98 

[1388] Grant by Roger Milaton and Alice his wife to 
John Wale chaplain (capellano) of tenement and garden 
in Tauystoke — tenements of Roger Bikawylle east, 
Thomas Baker west. Witnesses — William Sau, John 
Sacheuyle, John hnta, John pteioye, Reginald Strepa. 
Dated ' Tauystochie,' Tuesday after Conversion of St. 
Paul. 1 1 Richard II. 

[1389] Grant by John Wale, chaplain, to Thomas Mewy 
and Richard melaton of tenement in Tauystock — tene- 
ments of . . . Bykewylje east, Thomas Baker west. Also 
tenement adjacent between tenements of Nicholas Pson . . . 
and Roger Sow3ttona west, which he had of the gift and 
feoffment of Roger melaton and Alice his wife. Witnesses 
— William Strout, John Sachewyle, John Porteioie, Regi- 
nald Strepe. Dated Tauystock, Wednesday St. P"ride 
Virgin and Martyr. 13 Richard II. 

[Seal a figure with hawk and dog.] 

[13S0] Grant by William Wytham son and heir of 
Roger Botta, to Richard atte Barne and Sarre his wife, of 
tenement and garden in Tauystoke . . . John Wytham west, 
Thomas Bakere east, highway from the pillory (piloria) 
towards the great bridge . . . Also tenement in ' ffordestret,' 
between tenement of Robert mathy east and garden of 
John Praw [.■'] west; gardens in 'ffordestret' 'juxtaaquade 
Tauy,' and a dove-cote (columbarium). Witnesses — 
Robert Aysforde, then portreeve, Walter Launskerforde, 
William Strout, Roger Bykewylle, John Wyndsore. Dated 
Tauystoke, Tuesday Feast of the Salutation. 1 3 Richard II. 

[1396] Lease by Joan, relict of John Panter, in pure 
widowhood, to Nicholas Rychard, of a park lying in 
Kyngforde, between lands now held by Robert Lucas 
south, and meadow called Kyngfforde norfh. Witnesses — 
John fforde burgess, John Crokker, Walter Laurens. 
Dated Tauystoke, St. Katharine. 20 Richard II. 

[1398] Grant by William Stranggeman of Salesbury, to 
John Bacheler of Tauystoke and Christina grantor's sister, 
of tenement and garden in Tauystoke — tenement Stephen 
Cotell east, of Margery relict of Richard Tope west, high- 
way ' iacentes in vtras ' north and south. To them and to 
the heirs of their bodies, but if none then to revert to 
grantor and his heirs. Witnesses— John fforde, burgess, 
' Ranulph de hunte,' Roger Bykewell, Richard atte Berne, 

1398-1407] Deeds afid Associated Documents. 73 

John Crokker, Thomas Baker, Walter Bradeleygh, then 
portreeve. Dated Tauystoke, Tuesday before Pentecost. 
2 1 Richard II. 

[This, it will be seen, is really of the nature of a marriage 

[1402] Quit claim by John Hope, clerk, to John Maynard 
of langgeforde, of tenement, two gardens, and meadow in 
Tauystok, lately in the occupation of Walter ffresell. 
Witnesses — John Gorgeys, John Wysa, Peter Eggecombe, 
John Maynard of Bremeham, John Samson, John 
Sacheuyle, John Walradon, then portreeve. Dated Tauy- 
stok, Tuesday after Epiphany. 3 Henry IV. 

[1403] Grant by Bartholomew Wyndesore, to Walter 
Wyndesore and Joan widow of John Brademo, daughter 
and heir of Alexander Waleforde, of tenement and garden 
in Tauystok — between grantor's tenement south, John Egge- 
bear north, highway from the new town cross towards 
Hurdwyk west ; also garden at Banewill within the 
borough of Tavistock — garden formerly Robert Wode- 
manyswille north, of John Franceo3 west ; also annual 
rent of iid. out of a tenement held by William Coule 
at Banewill. Witnesses — John fforde, ' burgeys,' John 
Sacheuyle, John Plenty, Walter Bradelegh, John lybbe, 
then portreeve. Dated Tauystock, Sunday before St. 
Barnabas. 4 Henry I V. 

[1403] Appointment of attorney by John Clobery of 
Tavystoke, apparently relating to Petrestavy. Very much 
defaced, but in the 4th year of Henry IV. Richard 
Clobery one of the witnesses, Richard Vespound [.^] another. 

[1406] Quit claim by Alice daughter of Roger Miller, 
late wife of Reginald Gylle of Tauystok, in pure widow- 
hood, to Roger Bykewill, of meadow at Inneswill next 
Tauystok — lands formerly Robert Dauid and late John 
fforde ' burgeys ' north and east, meadow of John Sacheuyle 
south, highway from Tauystok towards Lamerton west. 
Witnesses — John Sacheuyle, Stephen Cotell, John Plenty, 
William Bradelegh, [Richard] Pip[cr], then portreeve. 
Dated Tauystok, Monday in St. Mary. 8 Henry IV. 

[1407] Authority by Ralph huntc of Tauystok, to 
Thomas hubbere, to give seisin to John Roche and Richard 
lybbe, wardens of the light of the parish church at Tauy- 
stok, of a garden in the town. Witnesses— William mey, 

74 Tavistock Records. [1407-34 

John Sacheuyle, Stephen Cotell, John Plenty, John Pasmer, 
Walter Bradelegh, Richard Sacheuyle, Thomas Babell, 
Richard Pip[er], then portreeve. Dated Tauystok, Wed- 
nesday after the Beheading of John the Baptist. 8 Henry 

[?] Conveyance to Walter Reed and John Page. John 
Lankyster one of the witnesses — Page another. Very frag- 
mentary. Dated Peterstavy, Vigil of St. Barnabas. lO . . . 

[1417] Quit claim by John Alfameston to Bartholomew 
Wyndesore, of tenement and garden in Tauystok — tenement 
and garden formerly John Wadfalle on one part ; formerly 
Robert Eua on the other. Witnesses — Thomas Brun, 
Roger Praw [.-'], Thomas hubbere, John mey, Richard ffrch 
then portreeve. Dated Tauystoke, Friday after the Nativity 
of John the Baptist. 5 Henry V. 

[1430] Quit claim by John Kelly, clerk, Robert Laurans, 
and William Tayle, to William Laurans, of their lands in 
Crewebeare, of the gift and feoffment of the said William 
laurans. Witnesses — John Colmestorre, Walter Pson, John 
Bounde, John Wyndesore, Thomas hubbe. Dated Crewe- 
beare, Thursday Vigil of the Epiphany. 8 Henry VI. 

[1433] Power of Attorney by John Maynard and Joan 
his wife, to Thomas hubbe, to give Richard Langebroke 
and Richard Sope seisin of tenement in Tauystok — tene- 
ment of Thomas Coche south and a little lane called 
Maggelane north. Dated Tauystok, Saturday after St. 
Matthew. 12 Henry VI. 

[1434] Grant by William Bodyere of Tauystok and 
Thomasine his wife, to John Bodyere their son, of all their 
messuages, lands, and tenements in Tauystok, Inneswill, 
and Kyngforde. Witnesses — Richard Estecote, John 
Plente, Walter Tayle, Thomas hubbe, Roger Toker, 
William Tayle, William Aysheforde, then portreeve. 
Dated Tauystok, Monday in St. Peter. 12 Henry VI. 

[1434] Lease by Nicholas fforde to Bartholomew 
Wyndesore and Matilda his wife, of tenement in Tauy- 
stok — tenement John Bacheler east, John Tayle west, 
highway from the churchbowe towards chapel of St. Mary 
Magdalene north, garden of Abbot and Convent south 
[Walter son of Bartholomew also mentioned]. Witnesses 

1434-38] Deeds and Associated Docimients. 75 

John Colmystorre, John Julkyn, John fifytz, John Brune, 
Richard Hill. Dated Tauystok, Friday before St. Andrew. 
13 Henry VI. 

[1438] Grant by Christina, relict of John Bacheler, in 
pure widowhood, to William Ayssheforde jun. and Joan his 
wife, of tenement in Tauystock — tenement late Stephen 
Cotell east, Thomas lucas west, highway south and north. 
Witnesses — Thomas Coche, William Ayssheforde sen"", 
Richard Langebroke, ' Eustachia ' Salter, Richard Tayle. 
Dated Tauystok, Monday before St. Gregory. 16 Henry VI. 

[1438] Grant by Peter Brendwode to John Bodyer, of 
tenement and garden in Tavystok — tenement of Walter 
Wyndesore south, of Richard Durrant north, ' le ffysshe- 
lake ' east, way from the town pillory towards Hurdewyk 
west. Also garden at Banewill — gardens of Thomas Hubbe 
and Walter Wyndesore west, meadow of Bartholomew 
Wyndesore north, meadow of aforesaid John Bodyer east, 
a little way leading from the king's highway to the lands 
of heirs of Thomas mylemete south. Witnesses include — 
William mey, Thomas Coche, Walter mey, Thomas hubbe, 
Richard . . . Dated Tauystok, Monday in St. Michael . . . 
17 Henry VI. [Imperfect] 

[1438] Bond by Peter Brendewode in £\o to John 
Bodyer, to secure free and peaceable possession of above- 
recited premises. Wednesday after preceding. 

[1438] Lease on life of Walter Wyse by Peter Brend- 
wode of London, to John Eggebeare of Tauystoke, of 
tenement and garden — tenement John Eggebeare south, 
Richard Durrant north. Also garden at Banewill, between 
gardens of said John and of Walter Wyse. Witnesses — 
John Pechenyle, John Tauton, Thomas Plubbere [i*]. 
Dated Tauystok, Wednesday. [Date gone, but perhaps 
17 Henry VI] 

[1438] Quit claim by Peter Brendewode, to John Bodyer, 
of tenement and garden in Tauystok, which the said 
John has of Peter's gift and feoffment — tenement Walter 
Wyndesore south, Richard Durrant north, ' le ffysshclakc ' 
east, highway from the pillory towards Hurdwyk west. 
Together with a garden at Banewill — gardens of Thomas 
Hubbe and Walter Wyndesore west, meadow of Bartho- 
lomew Wyndesore north, meadow of John Bodyer east, 
and a little way leading from the king's highway to the 


76 Tavistock Reco7'ds. [1438-44 

lands of the heirs of Thomas Mylemete south. Witnesses 
— WilHam mey, Thonnas Coche, Walter mey, Thomas 
hubbe, Richard Hill. Dated Tauystok, Wednesday after 
St. Michael. 17 Henry VI. 

[1439] Quit claim by John Stacy of Tauistok, to William 
ffreshpond, of tenement and garden at Boshedon in Taui- 
stok — garden of Walter Berell, late of John atte Wylle 
south, tenement of John Crokker north, highway from 
Tauistok towards Kyleworthy west. Witnesses— Richard 
langbrok, Thomas Coche, Richard Tayle, Robert Kyngston, 
Thomas . . . Dated Tauistok, Sunday after All Saints. 
18 Henry VI. 

[1441] Lease by John Bodyer, to Richard Northecote, 
of a close in Wyteham called Medepark, which he had of 
the grant of the Abbot and Convent of Tauystok. Wit- 
nesses — Thomas Coche, Thomas hubba, John Durrant. 
Dated Tavystok, Saturday in the Annunciation. 19 
Henry VI. 

[1442] Grant by Thomasine who was wife of William 
Bodyer, in pure widowhood, to John Bodyer her son, of all 
her land in Petipas Wyke. Witnesses — John Colmystorre, 
Walter Pson, Thomas Coche, Walter Mey, Stephen Toker, 
Richard Langebroke, Richard Tayle, Walter Swetyng, 
Thomas Mayst'. Dated Petipaswyke, Saturday St. 
Augustine the Bishop. 20 Henry VI. 

[1442] Appointment by the said Thomasine of John 
Tanton as her attorney to give her son, John Bodyer, 
seisin of the said lands. Same date. 

[1444] Quit claim by Matilda who was wife of Walter 
Knygt, Joan Kny3t daughter and heir, and Robert Blake- 
fforde, to John Bodeer of messuage in Tauystok — tenement 
Andrew Gela south, 'ours' north, highway towards Hurde- 
wyk east, 'our' garden west. Witnesses — John Harry of 
Lamerton, John Colmystorre, Philip Debell, Richard Tayle, 
Stephen Toker, Richard Langebroke, Walter Reda, Walter 
Mey, John Honychurch. Dated Tauystok. 23 Henry VI. 

[1444] Lease by Walter Wyndesore, to Richard Wylle 
and Joan his wife, of a tenement in Tauystok — tenement 
Richard Tayle west, John Bacheler east, two gardens of 
the Abbot and Convent of Tauystok south, highway from 
Churchbawe towards the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene 
north. Witnesses — John Wyndesore, Walter Pson, John 

1444-60] Deeds and Associated Doctmteuis. 77 

ffytz, Richard Bater, Richard Tayle, John Brun. Dated 
Tauystok, Wednesday after St. Matthew the Apostle. 23 
Henry VI. 

[1447] Lease by John Bodyer, to John Mason, of 
meadow lying between the meadow of John Row south, 
meadow called ' Sondepke ' north and east, way from the 
pillory of Tauystok towards Kellworth west. Witnesses — 
Thomas Coche, Walter Swetynge, Richard Hylle, William 
Kyngeston, John Chamberlayn. Dated Tauystok, 24 Dec. 
26 Henry VI. 

[1450] Inspeximus and confirmation by John Wyndesore, 
of grant by Luke Wyndesore to Roger Sope and Joan his 
wife, of messuage and garden in ffordestreet — premises of 
Walter Millward west, William Kerde east, way towards 
chapel of St. Mary Magdalene north. Witnesses to original 
deed dated Tauystok, Sunday after St. Matthew, 45 
Edward III. — Richard Lamborne, Roger mylaton, William 
Strout, Walter Lanskerforde, John Wyndout. Witnesses to 
inspeximus — Walter Pson, Simon Harry, Richard Sope, 
Richard Tayle, John lybba. Dated Friday before St. 
Margaret. 28 Henry VI. 

[1458] Power of attorney by Thomas Wyse, armiger, to 
John Shynner, vicar of Tavistock, and William Drake, to 
give seisin and possession of his lands of Petypas to John 
ffytz, John honychurch, Richard Tayle, Richard Lange- 
broke, and others. Dated at Petypas, Monday before the 
Nativity of the Virgin, '^'j Henry VI. 

[1460] Lease for 20 years at 21s. 8d. rent, by John ffytz, 
John Honychurche, Richard Tayle, Richard Langebroke, 
Walter Swetyng, Thomas Coche, John Lybba, John 
Wyndesore, John Bachelere, John Codelyppe, William 
ffreshpound, Richard Hylle, John Dorant, William Aysh- 
ford, Thomas Lybba, John Onger, John Burgys of Code- 
lyppe, Walter Gylla, Roger Whyteford, John Hancombc 
sen'", and John Snawdon [This is evidently a grant by 
parish feoffees, and is the earliest preserved] to William 
Cadelegh, of all their land in Petypas. Witnesses — John 
Swetyng, John Drake mercer, William Gambon, Nicholas 
Dorant, John Tayle. April 4. 38 Henry VI. 

[Has a seal with a plaited rush ring embedded in the 
wax. These seals are scarce, but have been noted at 
Barnstaple and at Ipswich, &c. The occasion of their use is 
probably to be found in the following extract from Dean 

78 Tavistock Records. [1460-68 

Trench's Study of Words : * Stiptdation or agreement is so 
called, as many are strong to affirm, from ' stipula,' a straw, 
because it once was usual, when one person passed over 
landed property to another, that a straw from the land, as 
a pledge or representative of the property transferred, 
should be handed from the seller to the buyer, which was 
afterwards commonly preserved with, or inserted in, the 
title deeds.'] 

[1464] Grant by William fifresshepoupd of Tavystoke, to 
Nicholas Ware, of cottage and garden at Bowdon Hill, 
Tavystoke — garden Richard Crocker east, . . . highway 
from pillory towards Kilworthy north, garden of John 
Honychurch south. Witnesses — John Whitlegh, John 
Honychurche, John Thornyng, William Drake, then por- 
treeve. Dated Tavystok, August 24. 4 Edward IV. 

[Partly illegible. Small seal, with figures.] 

[1464] Grant by John Smerdon of horebrigge, smith, 
son and heir of Robert Smerdon, defunct, late of Peterys- 
tavy, husbondman, to John Gye of horebrigge, smith, 
Thomas Nyoke of Whitechurche, and William Stentiford 
of Buclond, of lands and houses at Petertavy. Witnesses 
— John honychurche, Elias Gy, John Torrynge, John 
. . . mrygge, John . . . Dated Peterystavy, August 7. 4 
Edward I V. 

[1466] Grant by Walter Maynard of Lamerton, to 
Nicholas Ware, of cottage and garden at Bowdon Hill, 
Tauistok, which the said Ware lately had of the gift and 
feoffment of William ffreschpond. Witnesses — John hony- 
church, William Drake, John Bruyn. Dated Tauistok, 
Friday after Invention of Holy Cross. 5 Edward IV. [It 
may be the fourth year.] 

[1468] Quit claim by John Lybbe, son and heir of Thomas 
lybbe of Tauistok, to Nicholas Ware, of land that John 
hurt [hunt .''] had to farm of Richard Sacheuyll. Witnesses 
— John Honychurche, William Ayscheford, John Brene, 
John Kny3th, Elias Dunnyng. Dated Tauistok, Jan. 29. 
7 Edzvard IV. 

[1468] Lease by John Wyndesore, to Richard Tancrete, 
of tenement and garden in Tauystok — tenement of Thomas 
Coche east, John Lybbe west, garden Thomas Cochc north, 
street (' stratu ') south. Witnesses — John Honychurch, 

1468-70] Deeds and Associated Documents. 79 

Richard Tayle, William Bocher. Dated Tauystock, Dec. 
26. 8 Edward I V. 

[1469] Appointment by Richard Bykebyry, clerk, of 
Richard Tayle sen'' and John Brune jun'', his attorneys, to 
give seisin of tenement or close in Tauystock to John ffitz 
sen'', John ffitz jun"", John Honychurche, Walter Hony- 
churche, John Bacheler, John Dorant, Richard Dorant, 
Walter Gille, John Toker, merser, John Wyndesore, Thomas 
Wyndesore, William Ayscheforde, John Burgys, John 
Cudelyppe, John Drake, merser, William Cadlegh, John 
Brune, Thomas Brune, Walter Brune, John Lybbe, John 
Alyn, Richard Crocker, John Mayster, John Lybbe jun"", 
John Saull, and William Drake. Dated Tauystok, Thursday 
after Easter. () Edivard IV. 

[1469] Quit claim by Nicholas Toker alias Nicholas 
atte Wylle, son of Henry John, to John ffitz, John hony- 
churche, John ffitz jun"^, John Bacheler, Walter Gylle, John 
Dorant, William Ayschforde, Richard Tayle, John Saull, 
Richard Dorant, John lybba, William Drake, John Calygam, 
John Codelyppe, John Burgys, Richard Tankrete, Laurence 
Alyn, John Wyndesore, John Hancomb, John Brune — of 
tenement and garden, ' atte wylle,' in Tauystok, and garden 
at ffordestrete, formerly the property of Christina, widow 
of Reginald Strepa. Witnesses — John Codelyppe jun'", 
John Alyn, John Lybbe jun"", Ralph fifoster, John Brune 
jun"". Dated Tauystoke, Sunday after St. Laurence. 9 
Edward I V. 

[1469] Grant by the grantees in the preceding with the 
substitution of William Cadlegh for John Wyndesore, to 
Richard ffoster at 2s. 8d. annual rent, of tenement and 
garden in Tauystok — tenement of Richard Crocker east 
and west, highway from the churchbow towards St. Mary 
Magdalene south; also garden at ffordestrete, formerly 
Christina's, widow of Reginald Strepe. Witnesses — Thomas 
Wyndesor, John Alyn, Ralph ffoster, John Wyndesor, 
Richard Crocker. Dated Tauystok, Sunday after Assump- 
tion, g Edzvard IV. 

[1470] Quit claim by John Smerdon, of London, labourer, 
son and heir of Robert Smerdon of 'Tauy sci Petri' de- 
funct, to William Cadle of Tauystok, mercer, of messuages, 
lands, and tenements inherited by him from his father in 
Tavy St. Peter. Witnesses— Robert Willughby, armiger, 
Thomas Wyse, armiger, John Tremayn, armiger, John 

8o Tavistock Records. [1470-83 

Glyn, John Cole, Richard LangifFord, John Yeleford. 
Feb. 1 7. 9 Edward I V. 

[1476] Grant by Richard hylle, to John Trecarell, John 
honychurch, Walter Burell, John ffitz, John Sawell, John 
Toker, John Drake, William Cadlegh, William Ayshford, 
Richard Dorant, John Alyn, John Lybbe, William Webbe, 
Bartholomew Wyndesor, John Brune, Thomas Greston, 
Richard Walshe, William Amadas, Richard Webbe, Thomas 
Brune, William Drake, Walter honychurch, Walter ffitz, 
Thomas Sawle, Stephen Toker, Robert Honychurch, John 
Dorantt, Richard Lybbe, Richard [LJandyer, John Hawcomb, 
John Swetyng, and Walter Maynard — land in Tauystok, at 
Pashill, and the gift of John Tayle, lately held by Hylle 
and others now dead [feoffees ?] The boundaries include 
lands of heirs of Walter Person west and south, and a 
highway leading towards the vVater north. Witnesses 
include — Richard Eggecomb armiger, John Sampson, 
Ralph fifoster, John Tayle, Richard Tayle. Dated Tauy- 
stock. Invention of Holy Cross. 16 Edward IV. 

[1477] Lease by Ralph Yrysh, prior of St. Mary Mag- 
dalene, to Ralph ffoster, of close belonging to the hospital 
called 'le mawdelyn parke.' Witnesses — John honychurch, 
William Ayshford, John Drake, mercer. Dated Tauystoke, 
Vigil of Nativity. 17 Edzvard IV. 

[1478] Grant by John Alyn to John Salter of tenement 
in Tauystok — tenements John Sawle east, John ffitz west, 
John Knyght south, highway north — lately in the posses- 
sion of William Choke, defunct, of the gift and feoffment 
of Eustace Salter. If John had no heirs then reversion in 
succession to Richard Salter his brother and his heirs, and 
Alice Babell their sister. Witnesses — John Honychurch, 
John ffitz, John Sawle, John Knyght, Thomas Pepell. 
Dated Tauystok, Simon and Jude. 18 Edward IV. 

[1483] Grant by William Ayshford to Benedict Taylour 
and John Alyn of all his messuages, lands, and tenements 
in the borough of Tauystok and in Endescomb within the 
parish of Tauystok. Witnesses — Richard Tayle, John 
ffoster, Thomas Pepell. Dated Tauystok, Saints Peter 
and Paul, 1483. 

[Sealed with a rush ring. This affi^rds one of the earliest 
instances of a distinction made between the borough and 
parish of Tavistock.] 

1490-1500] Deeds and Associated Documents. 8i 

[14901 Letter of attorney by Nicholas Ware to William 
Wylyam and William lache, to give seisin to Richard 
Vicare and Joan his wife of a barn and garden ; in default 
of heirs by the aforesaid Joan to go to John honychurche, 
John ffytz, John Savel, and others. Dated Tauistock, • in 
festo adiuncta sci ptri.' 5 Henry VII. 

[1491] Grant by John Wyndesor to John Skynner and 
Walter Coche, of tenement and garden and two closes of 
land in Tauystock — the tenement having tenements of 
Thomas Coche east, Richard Libbe west, highway from 
the Churchebaw towards chapel of Mary Magdalene south ; 
of the two closes, one in Waddon and one in Innysvvill. 
Witnesses— John ffitz, Philip Brune, Robert Gyffard. 
Dated Tauystok, July 10. 6 Henry VII. 

[Seal bears a pair of shears for device.] 

[1497] Conveyance of William Cadelegh to William 
Lacche and John Dorant, of lands and tenements in Smcr- 
don, ' pet'staui.' Witnesses — Richard Lybbe, then mayor 
(' maoris de Tauystok ') of Tauystok, Walter Honychurch, 
John Sawle, Walter ffytz, William Amadas, John Chypston, 
William Hawkyn. Dated Tauystok, INIonday before St. 
Michael the Archangel. 13 Henry VII. 

[1497] Appointment by William Cadelegh of Philip 
Brewne and William Drake his attornies to give seisin of 
the aforesaid lands. Same date. 

[1497] Appointment by William Cadelegh of the said 
Philip Brewne and William Drake his attornies to give 
seisin to William Lacche and John Dorant of two tene- 
ments and gardens in Tauystoke. One, lands of Abbot 
and Convent of Tauystoke east, tenement of John Smerdon 
west, meadov/ of Abbot south, highway north ; the other, 
heirs of John ffytz east, tenement of Walter Honychurch 
west, close of John Tremayne north, aforesaid highway 
south. Wednesday before St. Michael. 13 Henry VII. 

[1500] Conveyance by Benedict Tayllour and John 
Alyn to Walter ffytz Gentilman, Roger ffytz Gentilman, 
John ffytz Gentilman, William Honychurche Gentilman, 
John Sawle, Thomas Sawle, Stephen Toker, Richard 
Lybbe, John Lybbe, John Deraunt, William Lache, 
William Benet, John forst[er], William Amadas, William 
Hawkyn, William Drake, Thomas Burgys of Kynfford, 


82 Tavistock Records. [isoo 

John Toker, John Herte, Philip Browne, John Amadas, 
Roger Wynssore, Walter Tayle, John Codleppe, Philip 
Wyllym, John Monkelegh, Peter Bowden, of a certain 
tenement — tenement of William Lake, late John Lake, 
jun"", east, heirs John Aunger west, highway from the 
bridge of St. Matthew in the town of Tavistock towards 
the great bridge, south, two tenements of the Abbot and 
Convent of St. Rumon of Tavystok north. Also another 
tenement — tenement of Abbot and Convent west, John 
Cotell east, highway from the high cross of Tavistock 
towards Indescomb south, highway from the high cross to 
Kelworthy north. Said tenements with garden being gift 
and feoffment of William Assheford. Witnesses — John 
Chypston, Richard Langbroke, John Bocher, John Keche, 
Robert Alyn. March 17. 15 Hejiry VII. 

[1500] Appointment by Thomas Sawle of Robert Browne 
and Richard Langyffmd his attornies to give seisin to John 
Chypston, clerk, of properties dealt with in the ensuing 
feoffment. August 31. \6 Henry VII. 

[1500] Conveyance by John Chipston, clerk, to Walter 
ffytz, Thomas Saule, William Tankeret, Stephen Toker, 
William lacche, John Durant, Benedict Taillour, William 
Amadas, Richard Lybbe, Walter Drake, Bartholomew 
Wyndesore, John Hert, sen'', Thomas Burges, John Toker 
of Inscombe, William Honychurche, Richard Lybbe, jun'', 
John Lybbe, John Coche, John ffytz, Ralph ffoster, William 
Brune, William Drake, sen"", William Drake, jun"", John 
Chipston, John Amadas, Roger Wyndesore, John Hert, 
jun'', and Thomas Maynard, of a tenement and garden in 
Tauystoke — tenement Augustin Strode north, John Eliot 
south, park called ' haukyns ley ' east — which tenement 
and garden had been in Thomas Coche, Roger Toker, 
Thomas Hubbe, and Roger Cake ; also a tenement and 
meadow between the garden of Thomas Coche south, 
' magdalene ' north, highway from the pillory of Tauystoke 
east towards Hurde[wyk] ; also all his meadow adjoining 
Wylmyston called Blakedyche mede, which were in Richard 
Langbroke and Richard Soper. All which the aforesaid 
Chipston had lately had of the gift and feoffment of 
Thomas Saule, son and heir of John Saule, jun"". Wit- 
nesses — Richard Cade, John Chipston, sen*', John Lymmys- 
cote, William Haukyn. Dated Tauystoke, September 6. 
16 Henry VII. 

1625] Deeds and Associated Documents. 83 

[?] Feoffment by Walter Honychurche, son and heir of 
John Honychurche, to John Rowe, serjeant at law, Thomas 
Stowfford, William Amadas, William Hawkyng, Richard 
Prediaux, John Herte, John Coche, Walter Browne, John 
Cole, Thomas Burgers, William Hawkyng, jun'', William 
Amadas, jun"", and Richard Meye, of land in ' petypase ' to 
the use of the parish and wardens of the parish church of 
Tavistock. {Henry VIII., but date uncertain ; very much 

[1525] Feoffment by John Dorant as survivor of previous 
feoffees of a yearly rent of 6s. 8d. out of Nottleghparke, 
in Nottlegh, Tavistok, granted by Roger Stourte, vicar of 
Mylton Abbot, and William Burdon, to John Colmestorre, 
John ffytz, John Julkyn, Richard Tayle, William ffreshe- 
pond, Richard Langebroke, John Bodyer, Stephen Toker, 
Walter Pson, John Wyndesore, Thomas Coche, Walter 
Swetyng, John Codelyp, William Putforde, John hony- 
churche, Walter mey, Roger Kyngeston, William Kyngeston, 
John Babell, John Lybba, John Tayle, John Dorant, Richard 
Hylle, William Ayschford, and Thomas lybba. Dorant 
grants the same to John Rowe, serjeant at law, William 
honychurch, Thomas Stowford, John Amadas, William 
Plawkyng, Richard Hawke, Richard mey, Richard Prediaux, 
William Amadas, John Hart, John Coche. Walter Browne, 
John Cole, Thomas Burges, Antony Honychurche, William 
Hawkyng, jun'', William Amadas, jun"", Richard Mey, jun"". 
Dated Tavystok, April 12. 16 Henry VIII. 

[Seal of arms, saltire.] 

[1525] Feoffment of John Dorant to the same feoffees, 
of annual rent of 2od. after the decease of Joan, wife of 
John Brune, payable at the annunciation at the ' Churche 
bowh' in Tavistok, the same having been granted by 
Richard Tayle, William Macy, clerk, and Walter Swetyng, 
to John ffytz, John honychurche, Richard Langebroke, 
Thomas Coche, Walter Mey, William ffresshepond, Roger 
Kyngeston, John Dorant, John Wyndsore, John Bacheler, 
John Codelyp, John Burgeys, Walter Caunter, John fford, 
John Lybbe, Thomas Lybbe, John Onger, William Aysshe- 
ford, Richard Hylle, John Hawkyng, Roger Whytcford, 
John Walsche, John Att Wyll, John Calygam. Same date 
as preceding. 

[1525] Feoffment by John Dorant to the same feoffees, of 
land in Kyngford, with dovecote and garden, which Thomas 

G 2 

84 Tavistock Records. [1525-33 

Wyse, John Tawton, clerk, Walter Mey, and William Clobery 
gave to Joan, who was wife of John Beyer, for her life ; 
then to Emma, wife of John Burgeys, and his heirs of her 
body ; in default to John ffytz, John honychurche, Richard 
Tayle, Richard Langebroke, Walter Swetyng, Thomas 
Coche, John Lybbe, John Wyndsore, John Bacheler, John 
Codelypp, William ffressheponde, Richard Hyll, John 
Dorant, William Assheford, Thomas Lybbe, John Onger, 
John Burgeys of Codelyp, Walter Gylla, Roger Whyte- 
ford, John Hawkyng, sen', John Snawdon. Same date. 

[1528] Lease in English by the ' Wyp Thomas Glanfeld 
pryor of the hospytall of mare magdalene & seynt Thea- 
baldy in the Borow Towne of Tavystoke . . . yeman,' 
to John Glob, of the said Boro smyth for the 'Terme of 
theyr lyvys ix ffowte grownd of the seyd hospytall lyinge 
by the seyd hospytall place & Boundynge frome the West 
Corner of the hall of John Stubys howsse vnto the swynys 
howsse [pigstie] Corner.' Rent lod. Condition that he 
shall ' noder in Cresse nor wast the forsaid grownd but 
kepe hyt a Cordynge as he fownd hyt' Witnesses — 
Richard Longebrok, John Glob, Rychard ffoster, Thomas 
Gwyn. March 25. 19 Hejiry VIII. 

[1529] Lease by Thomas Glanfeld, prior of the hospital 
or lazar house of St. Mary Magdalene, with the brothers 
and sisters of the same, to John Whitefeld, of the close 
called the ' mawdelen parkes ' north of the hospital, and 
the 'mawdelen mede' adjoining lamborn — 60 years, at 
20s. a year. Witnesses — John Stubb, Richard Wering, 
John Weryng, John Glubbe, John Raw, smith, Roger 
Hamelyn, Richard Drake. Dated at the hospital, Nativity 
of John the Baptist. 21 Henry VIII. 

[1530] Lease for 14 years by John Hert the elder [of 
Creber] to Water Glanfyld, of close at Banwyll, held by 
Richard ffoster. Rent * one peny at the fest of the 
natyute of seynt John the bapt if hyt be lafully askyd,' 
Glanfyld to keep up all ' hagges & dyches & eats ' [gates]. 
Attornies of Hert Nycholas Sclee thyngger [the younger] 
and Thomas Neler. April 12. 21 Henry VIII. 

[1533] Lease for 16 years from the same to the same of 
the said close, Glanfyld paying the same rent of a penny, 
and keeping up ' all haggs, grepyes, cattys ' [hedges, 
ditches, and gates]. Same attornies. Witnesses — John" 

1533-42] Deeds and Associated Documents, 85 

Sargent, clerke, John Herte the ynger, Wyllym ffrankelyg, 
Water Crocker, Nycholas Master. Nov. 17. 25 Henry 

[1533] Lease by John ffytz, John Amadas, John Ser- 
vyngton, John Williams, Richard Drake, Walter Browne, 
feoffees, to Walter Cooper, of tenement, garden, and close 
at Banwyll, then held by him. June 16. 25 Henry VIIL 

[1533] Lease by the same, described as feoffees to the 
uses of the parish church of Tavistock, to Walter Harry, 
of a tenement, meadow, and piece of land at Me Wyll,' 
then held by him. June 21. 25 Henry VIIL 

[1540] Lease by John Harte to John Nuton, ' corier,' and 
Jone his wife, of tenement and garden in the ' burrowe 
Towne of Tauystock,' in which William Masters, deceased, 
lately dwelt, also a close at ' Banwyll hedd,' which Walter 
Glanfyld held at will. March 22. 31 Henry VIIL 

[1540] Counterpart of same. 

[1540] Lease by William Cole, prior of St. Mary Mag- 
dalene, and the brothers and sisters of the same, to Richard 
foster, Christina his wife, and John, son of Richard foster, 
of a close and garden north of the hospital, the Spettell [?J 
lane west, and the ' maudelyn grounde' east. Term 60 
years, at 6s. 8d. a year, and a new house to be built within 
the term. Witnesses — John Glubbe, Richard Lake, John 
Langbrook, Stephen John. March 16. 31 Henry VIIL 

[1540] Lease for forty years by John ffytz, John Amadas, 
John Servyngton, Thomas Stowfford, Richard Meye, John 
Williams, Richard Drake, Walter Browne, to Peter Sybley, 
messuages in Peterstavy. Oct. 12. 32 Henry VIIL 

[1542] Lease by Robert Isaac, by divine permission 
'custos sine gubernator' of the house and hospital of poor 
and infirm lepers of Saint Mary Magdalene and Theobald 
of Tavistocke, of three gardens at ffordestreete, to Guy 
Leyman and Joan his wife. Witnesses— John Glubb, 
William Roo, John Roo, Richard ffoster. Sept. 29. 34 
Henry VIIL 

[Seal with Virgin and child.] 

[1542] Counterpart of same. 

86 Tavistock Records. [1543-63 

[1543] Lease by John Harte generosus to Peter leer 
' ffrencheman ' of the tenement at Tavistock, in which the 
said Peter leer then dwelt. Oct. 20. 35 Henry VIII. 

[1543] Counterpart of same. 

[1549] Lease by William Hawkings, of plymmouthe, to 
William Sharke of ' one litle medowe of myne . . . lying in 
the Northe Side of the Cause ledylng from Tavystock 
towards the ' maudelyn,' which Nicholas Richard held. 
Also ' xij ffoote square of grounde next adioynyng vnto the 
lords grounde beynge pavyd aboute the high3 Crosse . . . 
in the southe side of the seid Crosse & betwixt the greatt 
Coundytt & the seid lords grounde pavyd there.' April 6. 
3 Edward VI. 

[Signed by ' Hawkyns.'] 

[1549] Lease by John ffytz, of Tavystock, esquier— as 
holder of the lease granted by Glandfeld, prior of the 
Maudlin, &c., to John Whitfyld, barber, 21 Henry VIII. — 
to Thomas Stabbe, of Tavystock, glover. May 16. 3 
Edward VI. 

[1552] Grant by Richard Williams, of Tavystock, to 
John Touker, John Badge, William Kedley, William 
Grylles, John Glandfyld att wyll, John Glubbe, Henry 
Wylles, and Walter Mayster, of piece of land estimated 
at twelve feet square, adjacent to the land of the Earl 
of Bedford, pavement about the High Cross north, land 
of John ffytz south and east, land of Richard ffortescue 
west, 'ad solum opus vsum & pfitum omn pauperis de 
Tavystock ' for ever. William names Hugh Bulle and 
Richard Skyrrett his attornies. July 2. 6 Edward VI. 

[Endorsed in 17th century writing 'The lower pte of the 

[1553] Lease by John Badge, Henry Willy, John Glubbe, 
William Grills, John Glandfild att Wyll, John Cornysche, 
Walter Master, William Poynter, otherwise William Kedly, 
the ' eight men ' of Tavystoke, and Edward Denys, church- 
warden — to John Couch, of Tavystock, of tenement and 
garden in West Street, which he before held — lands of 
parish west, of John ffytz east, Thomas Tremayne north, 
highway towards maudlyn south, — on the lives of John 
Couch, Agnes his wife, and Walter Smale her son. John 
Crocker and Richard Penluce attorneys. Nov. 6. i Mary. 

1553-60] Deeds and Associated Documents. Z-] 

[1553] Lease by same of garden called Saynt maryhaye 
at Cakeshyll, next maggelane north, John ffrenshyp's 
land west, land of William hookemore east, of John Halse 
esq., south, which garden Thomas Baker had held— to 
Robert Myserye, of Tavystok, ffuller, and Joan his wife, on 
their lives. Walter Gloubbe and John Edgcombe attornies. 
Nov. 6. I Mary. 

[1553] Lease by the same of tenement, 'grassehey' 
and messuage, and also one meadow called ' Blackedeche- 
mede vnder Wyllmston — which tenement, legressehey and 
medowe, one pascovve Knollyng beffore held ' — to ' William 
Keddeley als poyntr, Mowte his wyff, & Water theyr son 
for their lives.' Attorneys Richard Skeret and John 
Retoricke. Nov. I2. i Mary. 

[1554] Lease by the same to Thomasen Lybbe, of Tavy- 
stoke, widdow, Thomas Lybbe her son, and Elizabeth Lybbe 
her daughter, of a little meadow in Tavystoke in her tenure 
— lands heirs of Bond east, heirs of Edward Combe west, 
highway * leading from Choke mylle towards the loer Prke- 
wood ' south, lands of Antony Honychurch, and heirs of 
John Brune north. Dated May 4. i Mary. 

[1554] Lease by Thomas Payne, 'prior of the Spytle 
howse called the Mawdelene, in the toune of Tavystoke,' 
of a garden called the ' blynde hey ' to Richard Ruspell. 
Witnesses — Constantyne Colyn,William Gove, John Walkye, 
John Dyner, Peter Smyth, scolemaisf. Aug. 18. 2 and 3 
Philip and Mary. 

[1555] Lease by Richard Raspye, otherwyse Dyck, of 
Tavystok, ' Ouyller,' of tenement and garden towards the 
mawdelyng, to John Cresse, Elnor his wyffe, and John 
their sonne. Blackaller and Constantyn Collyns attornies. 
Witnesses — James Blakaller, John Gaye, Walter Globb, 
Henry Westott. Feb. 20. 2 and 3 Philip and Alary. 

[1560] Lease by William Kedlye, John Badge, William 
Grylles, Henry Wyllye, John Cornyshe, John Glandfylde, 
John Glubbe, and William NycoU, ' the eight men,' Richard 
Roundell and John Skyrret, churchwardens, of tenement 
and garden in West Street, before held by Robert Skynner, 
— to John Gawde, eldest son of Blaunche Gawdd, deceased, 
Blaunche Burges and Elynor Burges, daughters of William 
Burges, for life. William Elyner and Walter Burges 
attornies. April 21. 2 Elisabeth. 

88 Tavistock Records. [1562-65 

[1562] Grant by John Coche, of Hurdewyke, to Thomas 
Lybbe and Thomas Kemyll, of an annual rent of 20s. out 
of his lands and tenements at Tavystock, to the sole use of 
Joan his wife, and after her death to the sole use of Joan 
A!yn, wife of William Alyn, of Syllamyll, during her life. 
Sept. I. 4 Elizabeth. 

[1563] Lease by John Amadas, of Plymouth, gent, son 
and heir of William Amadas, deceased, of house with 
garden and orchard called 'golyn',' which Symon Maunger 
then held at will, to waiter proute husbandman, Katheryne 
his wyfe, and John their son, for life. Attornies — John 
Couche and William ffrannclynge. Witnesses — Walter 
Pepell and Thomas maynder. Sept. i6. 5 Elizabeth. 

[1563] Lease by John fytz, John Charles, Thomas 
Williams, esquiers, Richard Servynton, William Houghton, 
William Predyaux, Nicholas Carswyll, John Burgys, 
Thomas Mohun, Edward Denys, Richard Drake, John 
Durrante, Richard Edgcombe, Richard Webbe, William 
Williams, John Souton, John Retorrycke, John Skyrett, 
Richard Twygge, William Oliver, Edward Nuton, John 
Edgcombe, Peter Edgcombe the younger, Richard Sawell, 
Tailler, and Edward Russell — of meadow between lands 
heirs of Servington east, John Charles west, John Gland- 
fylde att wyll north, way from Tavistock to Lamerton 
south — to John Collinge thelder, of Tavistock, and Richard 
and John his sons, for their lives. Sept. 28. 5 Elizabeth. 

[1565] John Glanfyld, of Tavistocke, merchant, bond in 
£60 to John ffytz, Richard Servington, armigeris, William 
Houghton, John Gylle, John Coche, William Kedlye, and 
William Grylles. Dated March 3. 7th Elizabeth. Con- 
dition that if the above-named, with John Cornishe, John 
Glanfelde at wyll, John Glubbe, John Badge, William Nycoll, 

Thomas W , Edward Denys, John Skyrret, Richarde 

Drake, John Maton, Walter Glubbe, Ewstys Drake, and 
Thomas Lybbe, do peacefully and quietly have and hold, 
&c., a tenement with curtilage adjoining and a garden in 
Tauistocke — tenement having tenement of Queen east, of 
John Malett, esquire, west, garden of Earl north, and 
' mylbrooke ' south ; garden having garden of Earl east 
and west, 'millbrooke' south, highway from the 'village' 
of Tauistocke towards Inscombe north — according to the 
' trewe meaninge of a ctyn gyft & graunt beringe the date 
of these presents,' then made by the said John Glanfyld, 

1565-72] Deeds and Associated Dociunents. 89 

merchant, without any manner of disturbance or expulsion, 
&c., of one Elizabeth Webbe, wyddowe, late the wyffe of 
William Webbe, or of other persons on her behalf, or of 
Glanfyld, Alice his wife, or any of them, and heirs, &c. 
Signed by John Glanfyld, m''chantt. 

[1568] Lease by Willyam Houghton, Willyam Grylls, 
Willyam Poynter als Kedley, John Badge, John Glandfyld 
at wyll, John Glubb thelder, Willyam Nycoll, Thomas 
Lybbe, ' the eight men,' William Burne, and John glubb the 
younger, churchwardens — to John ffytz,esquyer, of garden in 
the possession of John Northcott, at Tavistock, ' together wHi 
power lybertie and Authorytie to digge and make a trench 
any waie thorowe the same gardeyn aswell to laie therin 
pipes of tymbre ledd or othewyse to Gary water in the 
same from one fowntene or sprynge lyinge & beinge in 
one close of the saide John fifytz called the bought hayes 
vnto the mansyon howse of the saide John fifytz as also 
from tyme to tyme as often as nede shall requyre to 
Repaire and Amende the saide pypes at the wyll and 
pleasure of the saide John ffytz duringe the saide terme.' 
Sept. 8. 10 Elizabeth. 

[Seal of fifytz attached.] 

[1572] Lease by same lessors of land at Peterstavy, 
which moll Rychards, otherwise Davy, widow, had held, 
in consideration of £10 fine paid by William Stondon, of 
Peterstavye, to William Stondon and Elynor Rychards als 
davy, 'whiche Elyno theseid Willm Stondon by godds 
sufifrance Intendithe to marry & take to wyfif,' for their 
lives. Rent 20s. a year, the best beast for heriot, and the 
'shyefifc peny.' After them to Margery Sybly for her life. 
Attornies — John Hannaford and Richard Wadman. July 
10. 14 Elisabeth. 

[1572] Lease by William Houghton, William Kedley 
als poynter, William Grylls, John Glanfyld, Edward Denys, 
John Burgys, Richard Drake, and Thomas Lybbe, the 
' eight men,' with Richard Brewen and Richard Glubbe, 
churchwardens, of tenement and garden in Bannawyll 
Strete, land late Roger Wynsore south, Richard Egge- 
comb, merchant, Agnes his wife, and John Browne and 
Margery his wife, north ; also a close in Waddon between 
the lands lately given 'towardes the maynteynaunce of the 
poore people in the Two Almshouses of Tavystook' and 
lands of William Grylls — which land, &c., John Soper the 
younger, of Tavystocke, cordwainer, held — to the said 

90 Tavistock Records, [1572-77 

John Soper, Joan his wife, and ' mawld ' their daughter, for 
their Hves. Attornies — Peter Eggecomb and John Redstone. 
Sept. 3. 14 Elisabeth. 

[1573] Lease by same ' eight men,' with Richard Sawle 
and Anthony Nycole, churchwardens, of tenement ' nyer 
by the Church bawe' — lands of Earl of Bedford and John 
Hals, esq., east, and of the said Earl west — which John 
Couche lately held ; also meadow which Walter Harrys 
lately held, now in the possession of Richard Glubbe, of 
Tavystocke, Tanner ; — to the said Richard Glubbe for life, 
with reversions in turn to Bennett Glubbe and John 
Glubbe, his sons, for their respective lives. Attornies — 
Thomas Watts and Richard Sowton. June 25. 15 

[1574] Lease by same lessors of tenement and garden 
above the ' cause,' now in occupation of Robert Warde ; 
also an acre and three quarters of land on the west side of 
the way leading from ' berecause ' towards Shyllamyll ; — to 
Jasper Badge, of Tavistock, yeoman, Richaurd his wife, 
and Rychard their son, for their lives. Witnesses — John 
Sibley, Robert Warde, William Burroughe. March 25. 
16 Elizabeth. 

[1576] Lease by John ffytz, esq., William Houghton 
William Grylls, William Kedley thelder, John Glanfyld, 
Edward Dennys, Thomas Libbe, Richard Drake, and 
Charles Grills, of tenement with orchard, garden, and 
'grayshaye,' and meadow called 'St. Savyers mede als 
Blackedichemede,' in the possession of Walter Kedley the 
elder, to the said Walter Kedlye, Alice his wife, and 
Walter their son, on their lives in succession. Attornies — 
John Skerrit and Richard Sawle. March i. 18 Elizabeth. 

[1576] Lease by the same of tenement, lands of Richard 
Hals, esq., east, heirs of Robert Charles west, ' S*. mathewes 
Streat ' south, Earl of Bedford north ; and garden in the 
south part of the way leading from Tavistock towards 
Inscombe, garden of Earl of Bedford east, garden of 
heirs of Burell west ; — to Richard White, of Tavistock, and 
Margaret his wife, in reversion after the death of John 
White, Richard's brother. Oct. 20. 18 Elizabeth. 

[1577] Bond in ;^20 by Peter Crocker, of Tauistocke, to 
John Cole and Walter Burges, churchwardens, to give 
them a good sure and lawfuU feoffment of bargain and 

1577-81] Deeds and Associated Documents. 91 

sale of certain property. Witnesses — John Twygge, 
Richard Sawle. Jan. 21, 19 Elizabeth. 

[1578] Surrender by Richard Twygge, of Tavystock, 
yeoman, to John ffytz, esquyer, William Houghton, 
William Poynter, John Glanfyld thelder, Edward Denys, 
Richard Drake, Thomas Lybbe, and Charles Grylls, of ' all 
myne estate Right title Interest & terme ' in the tenement 
and garden in which he dwelt, also in a close called pety- 
pase, otherwise the ' Churche pke.' Witnesses— Robert 
Knighte, vicar, Thomas Grilles, Thomas Watts. May i. 
20 Elizabeth. 

[1578] Lease by John ffytz, esq., William Houghton 
thelder, William poynter thelder, John Glanfyld thelder, 
Edward Denys, Richard Drake, Thomas Lybbe, and 
Charles Grylls, to Anthonye Nycole, of Steylesweke — of a 
tenement and garden on the west side of Bannawyll 
streate, * within the bourroughe & vyllage of Tavystock,' in 
which Richard Twygge dwelt — also a close called pety- 
pase ; on the lives of Anthonye Nycole, Richawrde the wife 
of Richard Twygge, and John Twygge, son of Richard. 
8s. 4d. reserved to the Queen as a rent charge geven to 
Edward VL by Act of Parliament ' vppon the dysselucon 
of Chaunteryes.' Witnesses — Robert Knighte, vicar, W. 
Grills, Walter Master, Thomas Watts. May 3. 20 Elizabeth. 

[1581] Lease by John ffytz, of ffytzford, Esquier, Charells 
Grylls, and William Houghton, gentlemen, William Poynter 
the elder, Edward Dennys, Richard Drake, and Thomas 
Lybb, to Richard Twygge thelder, Richawrde his wife, and 
Richard and John their sons. Reversion of tenement and 
garden on the west side of Bannawyll Streate, and petypas 
after the term of Anthony Nycole to ' Richawrde, the wyeff 
of the said Richard Twygge thelder ; ' and after her death 
to the sons Richard and John : if Richard Twygge sur- 
vived he was to pay ^10 in the porch of Tavistock Church 
at Easter after the death of the survivor of his mother and 
brother. May 2. 23 Elizabeth. 

[1581] Lease by the same of tenement and garden in 
Bannawill streete — lands of Edward Dennys south, of 
Thomas Mohun and Orgues his wife John Broune and 
Margery his wife north ; also close of land at Waddon 
between lands lately given to the almshouse and land of 
William Grylls — to John Sooper the younger, cordwainer, 
Joan his wife, and Rochard their daughter, for their lives. 

92 Tavistock Records. [issi-ss 

Attorn ies — Richard Tvvigge and Robert Hollavvay. Wit- 
nesses — Nicholas Glanvill, Robert Moore, Roger Upcott, 
John Redstone, Edward Kechynge, John Kechynge the 
younger. Aug. i. 23 ElizabetJi. 
[Armorial seals of ffitz and Grylls.] 

[1585] John ffytz, esquier, with William Houghton, 
Nicholas Glandvile, Robert Moore, Edward Denys, Roger 
Vpcote, Thomas Libbe, Richard Drake, and Thomas 
Sowton — ' selectid and chosen the eighte men by gen'all 
assent & consent of the pishe of Tauistock to be Sup- 
uisors and dispensatours to & for the behouf and vse of the 
saide Churche & pishe of Tauistock & of the poore people 
of the same, and also of the lazar and poore people of 
the hospitall there, namelie for appointinge, doinge, vsinge, 
dispensinge, and ordringe the yerelie Revenewes pfitts 
lands tenem*^ goods chattells and other afifares that any 
waie touche belong or concerne the said Churche & pishe 
. . . whearas John Batte prior of y*^ hospitall or Lazar howsse 
of S* marie magdalene and S* Theobald of Tavistock,' and 
' the bretheryn and sustern ' by deed 20th August 27 Eliz. 
leased to Fitz and the eight men — for 1000 years — the 
mawdelyn Chapell with the chappell haie to the same 
belonging, also the three closes called the mawdelyn park, 
with one garden adjoining on the north part of the 
hospital house, and the east of the lazar lane, now in the 
tenure of John ffytz or his assigns, and also one meadow 
called the mawdelyn meade, near the water of Lambourne : 
In consideration of ^10 for the Relief and mayntenaunce of 
the lazaars and poore people aforeseid and other purposes 
expressed in the deed ; also of the increase of more 
yearly rent for the like use than of old ; also in respect of 
giving up the old interest and term in the mawdelyn 
meade,' — the aforesaid eight men, &c., assign to John 
ffytz the younger, ' sonne and heir apparent of John ffytz,' 
for 60 years at 33s. 4d. rent, the mawdelyn chapell, chapel 
haie, mawdelyn parke, and garden north of the hospital 
house, reserving paths to and from the houses of the 
hospital or lazaars on the north side of the chappell haie, 
and against the west end of the house ' lately ' called the 
mawdelyn chapell. Witnesses — Walter Masters, Robert 
Harcomb, Richard Glanvill, Edward Lybbe, Thomas 
Hole, Gregory Gay. Sept. 23. 27 ElizabetJi. 

[This is ffytz's counterpart, and bears a seal with the 
device of a centaur on a shell.] 

1589-93] Deeds and Associated Documents. 93 

[1589] Lease by John ffytz, armiger, Charles Grills, 
William Houghton, generosus, Thomas Lybbe, Edward 
Denys, and Richard Drake, of tenement and garden — 
tenement of Earl of Bedford east, of William Drake west, 
meadow of the Earl lately known as the Mawdelyn Trunche 
south, highway from Tavistock towards late mawdelyn 
Chaple north — which John Collyn, defunct, lately held ; to 
John Leyman and Christina his wife for life ; then to Joan 
their daughter for life. Attornies — Thomas Boles and 
John Collyn. May 17. 31 Elizabeth. 

[Signed by ffytz, Houghton, Lybbe, Drake, and Denys. 
One of the seals, apparently intended from the position as 
that of Drake, has a merchant's mark and E D, the initials 
of Denys. But Denys has no such seal in the preceding 
deed of 1581, and the one there attached to Drake's name 
has ' R K.'] 

Endorsement of surrender by John Leyman, Jan. 28, 
161 5. Witnesses — Henry Vosper, Thomas Edgecombe. 

[1593] Lease by Thomas Mohun, Richard Drake, John 
Edgecomb, Peter Edgecomb, and Richard Sawell, of close 
at Waddon to Roger Sowton. Witnesses include — Nicholas 
Glanville, Robert Moore, William Grylls, John Pdyaux. 
March 25. 35 Elisabeth. [Imperfect] 

[1593] Lease by Thomas Lybbe, Richard Drake, and 
Thomas Mohun, of messuage and tenement within the 
'vyllage' of Tavistock — tenement of Queen east, heirs of 
John melett west, garden of Earl of Bedford north, East 
street south — to Nicholas Smyth, Elizabeth his wife, and 
John their son, for their lives. Recital that the said with 
other properties was conveyed by John Glanfyld, merchant, 
now dead, March 3, 7 Elisabeth [1565] to John ffytz, 
Richard Servyngton, William Houghton, John Gyll, John 
Coche, William Kedlye, William Grylls, John Cornyshe, 
John Glanvili att Wille, John Glubbe, John Badge, William 
Nychole, Edward Denys, John Skirrett, John Nuton, 
Walter Glubbe, ' Ewstys Drake,' all now deceased, and to 
the grantees, for the benefit of the poor people in the two 
almshouses adjoining the churchyard, and for lack of such 
to other poor. March 26. 35 Elisabeth. 

[Signed and sealed ; neither Drake's nor Lybbe's seal has 
any personal device ; Mohun's has ' T M,' with ornament.] 

[1593] Counterpart of above, less imperfect. Witnesses 
to both — Nicholas Glanvyle, Robert Moore, Wm. Grylls, 
Jn. Pdyaux, Edward Lybbe. 


Tavistock Records. [1693-1600 

[1593] Lease by same of tenement which Joan Palke held 
—garden of Earl of Bedford east, garden in tenure of 
Mary Toker west, the ' myllbroke ' south, way towards 
Inscombe north— to the said Joan, widow, Brute Palke her 
son, and James Palke, son of John Palke, for life. Same 
rental. March 26. 35 Elizabeth. 

[1597] Lease by Charles Grylls, gentleman, and Thomas 
Lybbe thelder, of Tavystock, of tenement and garden, 
once held by William Vynton, now dead, apparently 'at 
the welle in the West streete' — tenement of John ffytz east, 
of ffytz and Charles Grylls west, sometime Robert Hunt 
now of poor people of almshouse north. West Street 
south — to Christopher Byes thelder, Petronell his wife, and 
Christopher their son. Attornies — Peter Edgecombe and 
Richard Pyk. Witnesses — William Grylls, Peter Lavers. 
Jan. 25 (J) 39 Elizabeth. 

[1597] Lease in reversion by Charles Grylles, gentle- 
man, and Thomas Lybb the elder, of Tavystocke, gentle- 
man, ' feoffees of dyvers landes & Tenements to the vse of 
the pishioners of Tavistocke . . . upon request by the syde 
men and others of the cheifest of the parishioners, of lands in 
Peterstavye held by EUyoner Standon, widow, under lease 
of July 10, 14 Elizabeth, to Joan, wife of Robert Kynge, 
of Peterstavy, and Henry Standon, her children, for their 
lives. ^^"40 fine paid to Henrye Purges and John Wydde- 
comb, churchwardens. Witnesses — John Predyaux, Samuel 
Sumpter, Richard Drake, of Taviton [who makes his mark], 
John Pomrie. Nov. i. 39 Elisabeth. 

[1600] Lease by John Edgcomb, Peter Edgcomb, and 
Richard Sawell, of tenement in the 'village & borroughe' 
of Tavistock — tenement Walter Trowt east, John Glan- 
ville. Justice of Common Pleas, west. Earl of Bedford south, 
street leading from Church towards Cakeshill north ; also 
garden on the higher side of the way leading towards 
Innescombe — garden late heirs of Trecarrell east, of Robert 
Moore, gentleman, west, ' Brome pke ' north. Ann Leer, 
of Tavistock, widow, having surrendered her right therein, 
they are again leased to her for life, and in reversion to 
Peter and Walter Leer her sons. Attornies — Peter Lavers, 
Edward Payne. Witnesses — Robert Moore, Richard 
Adams, vicar, Peter Edgcomb, Thomas Lybbe, John Gove. 
March 28. 42 Elizabeth. 

1600-2] Deeds and Associated Dociunents, 95 

[1600] Lease by Thomas Lybbe and Charles Grylls in 
reversion after the death of Walter Kedley the elder and 
Alice his wife, of tenement, orchard, garden, grayshaye, and 
meadow, ' Saynt Savyers mede,' to Nicholas, son of the 
said Walter. Witnesses — John Scowen, William Grylls, 
William Peynter, Peter Edgcomb, John Gove, Richard 
Pyk (?), Gregory Geles. May 24. 42 Elizabeth. 

[Curious seal, with date 1585 below, 'K' above.] 

[1602] Lease by John fifytz, fifrancis Glanvile, esqs., 
John Scowen, Robert Moore, Thomas Lybbe, William 
Grylls, Walter Master, William Kedlye, John Gove, Peter 
Edgecomb, Richard Bruen, John Glanvile, Tobyas Glanvile, 
Mathewe Edgecomb, John Moore, gentlemen, Robert 
Vynton, Walter Trowte, John Nycolls, John Ruby, John 
Hawkyns of Gawton, VVilliam Burgys, Richard Cudlip, 
Edward Payne, and Peter Lavers — to Thomas Hawkyns, 
baker, Agnes his wife, and Suzan his daughter, of tene- 
ment south of the street leading from the church towards 
' Weast Bridge,' and garden in ' loarsyde ' of way leading 
from Cakeshill towards fifordestreate. Attornies — Nicholas 
Watts, John Watts. Witnesses — Nicholas Watts, John 
Palke. Jan. 10. 44 Elizabeth. 

[1602] Lease by Charles Grylls and Thomas Lybbe. 
gentlemen (i^io being paid to Thomas Mohun and Walter 
. . ., the churchwardens), of tenement and garden, with a 
barn now built in the garden, held by Walter Burgys, 
taylor, for life, to Nicholas Watts on the lives of fifrancis 
Watts and Mary and Elizabeth Watts, his children — the 
tenement between the street leading from the market- 
house towards Inscomb south, that from market-house 
towards Kylworthy north ; the gardens having the garden 
of Anthony Burrell east, garden of parish church east, 
highway towards Inscombe south. Witnesses — William 
Grylls, John Gove, R. Adams, vicar, Henry Challacomb. 
April 18, 44 Elizabeth. 

[1602] Lease by Richard Halse, of Kenadon, esq., to 
W^alter Trowte, of Tavistocke, yeoman, in reversion of a 
tenement in Tavistocke, formerly in the holding of Joan 
Bater, widow, and houses, &c., called Brocks Walles, some- 
time occupied by Richard Bater, deceased ; which had been 
leased by lessor's father, Richard Hals, July 20, 23 Eliza- 
beth, to William Bater (son of the aforesaid Joan), Agnes 

96 Tavistock Records. [I602-3 

his wife, and Thomas their son. Agnes and Thomas 
having died, and William alone surviving, Halse the 
younger now leases the property in reversion to Trowte on 
the lives of his daughters Elynor and Jane Trowte, lessee 
to do service to the courts of Halse in the manor of White- 
church, and two 'harvest jorneys' yearly on the manor, or 
paying 8d. at Hals's election. Witnesses — John Rowe, 
Roger Sowton, William Beele, Gregory Geles. April 20. 
44 ElizabctJi. 

[Seal of Hals — a death's head, with motto AD VITAM 

[1602] Lease by John Skawen, William Grylls, Walter 
Masters, William Kedlie, John Gove, Peter Edgcombe, and 
John Moore, gentlemen, Walter Trowte, William Burges, 
and Mathew Edgcombe, pyshioners of the pyshe of Tavis- 
tocke. Whereas John Bate, late pryor of the Maudlin and 
the bretheren and sistren, did Aug. 20, the 'seaven and 
twentieth yeare of the moste happie Raigne of oure Dreade 
Soveraigne Ladye Elizabeth,' grant, &c., for looo years a 
little tenement & garden in fiford St. in tenure of Marten 
Roundall and other properties : Since when John ffytz, 
William Houghton, Nicholas Glanvile, Edward Denys, 
Roger Vppcott, Richard Drake, & Thomas Sowton died — 
and Robert Moore & Thomas Lybbe ' them overly ved, whoe 
enioyed the whole pmissis by waye of surviuorshippe,' and 
upon request of the churchwardens did Sept. 10, 42 
Elizabeth, set over to the above, with Richard Brewen 
and Walter Kedlie, deceased : Now these feoffees, in con- 
sideration of ^3 paid them by John Nycholls, of Tamerton 
ffollyett, professor of physicke, being the Arrearages of an 
Incombe and certn Rents formerlie due for thaforesaid 
tenement, &c., now or late in the occupation of Walter 
Palmer, grant a lease of the same to the said John 
Nycholls, on the lives of William Nycholls, Thomas 
Nycholls, and Katheren Nycholls, his children. Wit- 
nesses — Nicholas Watts, Samuel Sumpter. Signed 'John 
Nicolls.' July 10. 44 Elizabeth. 

[1603] Lease by Charles Grylls and Thomas Lybbe, 
gentlemen, of messuage and garden upon the Cause in 
the West street, to William Gawde, of Berefferrers, on the 
lives of his sons Richard, Thomas, and George, £\ being 
paid in consideration to Nicholas Harry and Gregory 
Hamlyn, churchwardens. Witnesses — Robert Moore, 

1603-19] Deeds mid Associated Documents. 97 

William Grylls, William Poynter, Peter Edgcomb, Thomas 
Stoyle. Jan. 10. 45 Elizabeth. 

[1603J Counterpart of same. 

[1607] Lease by ffrancis Glanvyle and Robert Moore, 
esquyers, William Grylls, William Kedley, John Scawen, 
Walter Masters, John Gove, Peter Edgcombe, John Moore, 
Matthew Edgcombe, John Glanvyle, Tobias Glanvyle, 
gentlemen, Robert Vynton, Walter Trowt, John Nicholls, 
John Hawkyns of Gawton, William Burgis, Richard Cud- 
lipp, Edward Payne, Peter Lavers, 'yeomans,' of meadow 
called Inneswill (land of the lady Godolphin west), which 
John Collyn sometime held, and late in the occupation 
of Richard Collyn his son. Agnes Veysey, wife of 
Agustyne Veysey, of Tavistocke, and daughter of John 
Collyn, surrenders old lease, and has a new one granted on 
the lives of herself, and John and Katheren Veysey, her 
son and daughter. Oct. 31. 5 James I. 

[1615] Lease by ffrancis Glanvill, esq., William Kedley 
thelder, Mathew Edgcomb, William Grills the younger, 
merchants, John Gove, John Cole, gent., Walter Trowte the 
younger, and John Gerry, of tenement — lands of feoffees 
south, almshouse north, churchyard west, street east ; also 
moiety of garden — land of Earl of Bedford north, John 
Cake gent, east, highway south and west — to Stephen 
Budge, of Tauistocke, hellyer, Leeve his wife, and Nicholas 
their son. June 10. 13 James I. 

[1618] Lease by Gregory Hamblyn, of Tavistocke, 
yeoman, of messuage in South Brent, alias South Brentor, 
in Lamerton, late in the occupation of William Badlam 
thelder, to Michaell Sleeman, of Milton Abbot, weaver, 
on the lives of Sleeman, Phillipp his wife, and William 
their son. March 2. 16 James I. 

[1619] Lease by John Moore, of Moore, Devon, esq., 
William Kedlye als Poynter, and Mathew Edgcombe, of 
Tauistocke, merchants, and William Burgis, of Tauistocke, 
yeoman, ffeoffees of the Mawdlin lands — of tenement and 
garden late in the tenure of Robert White, deceased, pcell 
of the Mawdlyn lands, to John Davy, of Hawkeshole, Tauis- 
tocke, husbandman, on the lives of the said John Davy, 
Margaret his wife, and John their son. May 8. 17 James I. 


98 Tavistock Records. [I621-47 

[1621] Surrender by William Gaunter, of Tavistock, 
weaver, to the feoffees, of all his right in the tenement on 
the Cawse in the West Street. July 3. 18 James I. 

[1622] Lease in reversion by Sir ffrancis Glanvill, knight, 
Mathew Edgcombe, and William Grills, merchants, John 
Gove and John Cole, gentlemen, John Gerry and Walter 
Trowte, ' yeomans,' of a tenement and garden on the east 
side of Bannawell Street, and a close at Waddon, in the 
tenure of Richard Burgis, widow, to Roger Talbott als 
Stephens, fuller, on his life and that of his wife Julyan. 
May 10. 20 James I. 

[1622] Counterpart of same. 

[1622] Assignment in trust for himself by Walter Trowte, 
yeoman, to ffrauncis Birch, merchant, both of Tavistock, of 
his interest in the property leased to Walter Trowte, 
deceased, by Richard Hals, of Kenadon, in respect of which 
the said Hals had granted a further term. May 10, 13 
James I. The tender of sixpence in silver to annul. Aug. 
20. 20 James I. 

[1633] Lease by John Moore, esq., and Mathew Edg- 
combe, gentleman, of tenement and herb garden, late in 
occupation of John Rider, deceased, now of Rafe Chapman 
thelder, of Tavistock, husbandman, and William his son, to 
the said Rafe Chapman, on the lives of Agnes his wife and 
Rafe and John his sons, in consideration of the ' Reedy- 
fyinge ' of the premises. Nov. 8. 9 CJiarles I. 

[1634] Renewal lease by Sir ffrancis Glanvill, knight, 
John Moore, esq., Matthew Edgcombe, gent., and Edward 
Payne thelder, of tenement in West Street, and garden on 
the higher side of the way leading from Tavistocke towards 
Inscombe, to Judith Lyer, widow (who surrenders her 
former estate therein) on the lives of Judith, Agnes her 
daughter, and Walter her son. Sept. 26. 10 Charles I. 

[1639] Lease by Eustace Knight, als Edmonds, thelder, 
of Tavistocke, cordwainer, to his son Gregory Knight als 
Edmonds, of Tavistocke, cordwainer, ' for the naturall love 
and affection that he hath and beareth ' to the said Gregory, 
of a house, or barn, and garden. July 29. 15 CJiarles I. 

[1647] Lease by Mathew Edgcombe, William Grilles, 
John Gerry thelder, of Tavistocke, gentlemen, and John 

1647-55] Deeds and Associated Docu7nents. 99 

Gove, of Lamerton, gentleman, of tenement and garden 
east of Bannawill Streete, also a close in Waddon, to 
Julyan ffleshman, widow, on the lives of John Talbut als 
Stephens, and Alice Talbut als Stephens, her son and 
daughter, she having agreed to pay £11 6s. 8d. to Raphe 
Carter and John Rowe, churchwardens. Jan. 20. 22 
Charles I. 

[1647] Lease by same feoffees of house or barn and 
garden, highway from Cakeshill towards Milemeade east 
and south, late in tenure of Eustace Knight als Edmonds, 
deceased (the interest of Gregory Knight in the same 
being surrendered) to William Webbe, of Tavistocke, yeo- 
man, on lives of Webb, Marie his wife, and John their son. 
April 7. 23 Charles I. 

[1651] Lease by ffrancis Glanuill, esq., John Maynard, 
esq., John Glanuill, esq., son of Sir John Glanuill, knight, 
John Poynter, gent, William Poynter, gent., John Gerry, 
gent, Walter Godbeare and Francis Toller, clothiers, 
feoffees, of a tenement between the street leading from the 
' Guilehall ' towards the Church bow east, churchyard west, 
lands of Ralph Carter south, almshouses north, with a herb 
garden at Kakeshill — to Elizeus Braye,of Tauistocke,clarke, 
on the lives of Ann Barye \_sic'] his wife, Loys Braye 'his' 
daughter, and Alee Braye ' their ' daughter. iJ"5 6s. 8d, 
paid as fine to John Payne and William Cowe, church- 
wardens, and the premises repaired. Sept. 29. 

[1654] Lease by ffrancis Glanvill, esq., John Maynard, 
esq., William Grills, Richard Edgcombe, Arthur Cuning- 
ham, John Jacob of Tauistock, John Kedley als Poynter, 
merchant, Edmond Condy, clothier, John Cudlipp, mercer, 
Stephen Rundle, Edward Payne, sen'', Ralph Pike, John 
Chubb, John Brownsdon, Philip Pike, Edward Lugger, 
Richard Redstone, John Payne, and Walter Pike, yeomen 
(all of Tauistock), of the Hophay to William Chapman, of 
Tauistock, carpenter, on the lives of Jane his now wife and 
Stephen and William his sons. June 24. 

[1655] Lease by John Maynard, serjeant-at-law, ffrances 
Glanuill, esq., William Grylls, Richard Edgcombe, John 
Kedly als Pointer, merchants, Edward Payne, sen'', and 
John Cudlippe, feoffees of Maudlyn lands, of garden, way 
leading from the Church Bow towards Maudlyn north. Earl 
of Bedford east and south, Thomas Edgcomb merchant 

H 2 

lOO Tavistock Records. [1655-65 

deceased west, to William Chubb, of Tauistocke, ' vitteler,' 
on lives of said William, Alee his wife, and Digory Veale, 
son of James Veale, of St. Stephens, in Cornwall. Alex- 
ander ffitz Geffry one of witnesses. May 22. 

[1656] Lease by John Maynard, serieant-at-lawe, ffrancis 
GlanviU, esq., John Glanvill, esq., John Pointer, marchant, 
William Pointer, gent., John Gerrye, gent., Walter God- 
beare, clothyer, and ffrancis Toller, marchant, ' feoffees of 
the pishe lands of Tavistocke.' Whereas Dec. 18, 15 
James I., the feoffees leased to Samuel Carter, of Tavis- 
tock, blacksmith, deceased, a garden, lands of the lady 
Godolphin west, of ffrancis Glanvill called the Warren 
north, of the feoffees east, highway from the church 
towards Innescombe south, on the lives of William Carter, 
Isett Carter and Jane Carter, his children ; and whereas 
Isett alone survived ; the reversion now granted to Ralph 
Carter, of Tavistock, blacksmith, on the lives of his 
daughters Anne and Emme. Dec. 10. 


[1658] Lease by same feoffees without Francis Granvill, 
of tenement and garden on ' the Cawse ' in the West 
streete, to Philip Mattacot, of Tavistock, weaver, on the 
lives of said Philip and Joan his wife, in reversion on the 
death of Christian Cawnter, widow. Nov. 19. 

[1665] Lease by Sir John Maynard, serjeant-at-law, 
John Glanvill, esq., counsellor-at-law, John Gerry, gent., 
Walter Godbeire, clothyer, and Francis Toller, mercer, 
feoffees, of tenement and garden on the west side of 
Bannawill street, lands of the ladie Marie Howard als 
Grenvill north and west, of John Cudlipp, merchant, south, 
with the highway from the higher market-house towards 
the Buddie, east, then in the occupation in the right of Anne 
his wife, of Richard ffrancklyn thelder, of Tavistocke, glazier. 
Reversion granted to ffranclyn on the lives of William 
and Richard his sons. April 22. 17 Charles II. 

[1665] Lease by Sir John Maynard, John Cudlipp, of 
Tavistocke, merchant, Edward Payne thelder, tanner, 
feoffees of the Maudlyn lands, to Edward Bownd, of 
Tavistocke, cordwainer, of garden in his tenure, on the 
lives of John, Danel, and Edward Bownd his sons. May 
1 . 17 Charles II. 

[1665] Counterpart of same. 

1667-86] Deeds and Associated Documents. loi 

[1667] S"" fifrancis Drake, of Place within the parish of 
Buckland Monachorum, and Suzanna Drake, widowe, 
mother of the said S'' ffrancis Drake, in consideration of 
6s., grant bargaine & sell to Nicholas Carkett of Plymouth, 
merchant, a Messuage or Tenement and Two Courtlages 
thereunto adjoining in Batter Street, Plymouth— Batter 
Street west ; lands of heirs of Samuel Trelawny, esq., east, 
Stillman street south ; land of heirs of Thomas Gaye north 
— being heretofore in the tenure of Leonard Pomeroy, and 
called Pomeroy's house, now in the tenure of Christopher 
Warren, esq. — for three months, paying at the end of the 
time one penny if lawfully demanded, not otherwise. Nov. 
6. 19 Charles II. 

[Signed by both the Drakes, and endorsed ' a deede for 
execution of S'" ffrancis Drakes ffeoffment.'] 

[1678] Lease by John Gerry, John Cudlipp, Richard 
Spry, David Sargent, Richard Doidge, and John Toller, 
' Masters or Governors of the Town and parish of 
Tavistock,' of moiety or halfendeale of house lately erected 
in fifordstreete, where an old house formerly stood, late 
in the tenure of John Davie, with moiety or halfendeale of 
the garden — the east part of both — to Roger Rowe thelder, 
of Tauistocke, husbandman, on the lives of Sabin, Mary, 
and Sarah Rowe, his daughters. Sept. 30. 30 Charles II. 

[1679] Lease by Sir John Maynard and John Cudlipp, 
feoffees of the Maudlyn lands, with John Gerry, gent., 
Richard Spry, tanner, David Sargent, tanner, Richard 
Doidge, gent, and John Toller, merchant, of house and 
garden late in possession of George Peeke in fiford Street, 
to Agnes Webb, of Tauistocke, widow, on the lives of 
Thomsin and Margaret Webb, her daughters, and William 
Simons, son of Nicholas Simons, her grandson. March 20. 
3 1 Charles II. 

[1686] Lease by Sir William Courtenay, Bart., Ambrose 
Manaton, esq., John Cudlipp, Richard Spry, David Sargent, 
Richard Doidge, John Toller, James Leere, and Edward 
Payne, gent, feoffees of the church lands, of tenement and 
garden west side of Bannawell Street, lands of Sir William 
Courtenay north and west — to Mary Mattacott, of Tavis- 
tocke, widow, on surrender by her of former lease, April 22, 
17 Charles IL — on lives of William, Daniel, and Henry 
Mattacott, her sons. 2 James II. 

I02 Tavistock Records. [1686-97 

[1686] Lease by Sir W. Courtenay, Ambrose Manaton, 
John Cudlip, David Sargent, Richard Doidge, John Toller, 
James Leere, Edward Payne, Richard Dobson, and John 
Rowe, feoffees of the Mawdlyn lands, of tenement in 
fford street and herb garden, late in the occupation of 
Ralph Chapman deceased, to Elizeus Harvy the younger, 
of Tavistocke, glover, on the lives of Elizeus Harvy, 
Amey Sowton, daughter of Samuel Sowton, of Tavis- 
tocke, deceased, and Dorothy Harvy, sister of Elizeus, 
July 23. 2 James II. 

[1686] Lease by same feoffees, excepting Dobson and 
Rowe, of tenement and garden, close at Bannawell, and 
'one little closure' of land and garden at Bannawell, in 
the tenure of James Hillman's widow, to John Davie the 
younger, of Tavistocke, maltster, in reversion on the death 
of Jone Hillman and Thomas Hillman her son. July 23, 
2 James II. 

[1686] Lease by same feoffees of tenements — lands of 
Sir W. Courtenay west and north, highway towards Newton 
south, lane commonly called Pixen Lane east, formerly in 
tenure of William ffairchild, deceased, lately of Stephen 
Chapman, to John Lawrence, of Tavistocke, yeoman, on 
the lives of lessee, Joan his wife, and Joan their daughter, 
former leases of Aug. 30, 18 Charles II., and July 23 last 
past, being surrendered, Nov. i. 2 James II. 

[1692] Lease by Sir W, Courtenay, Ambrose Manaton, 
David Sargent, Richard Doidge, John ToUar, James Leere, 
Edward Payne, and John Rowe, feoffees, of tenement and 
garden, part lately in tenure of Edward Bound, deceased, 
in reversion to Edward Bound, of Tavistocke, shoemaker, 
on the life of ffortune Bound his wife, after the deaths of 
Mary Bound, widow, and the said Edward. Dec. 20, 4 
William and Mary. 

[1694] Lease by same feoffees of ' one back under house 
and chamber over the same, with an herb garden and 
orchard,' in fford street, to Thomas Harvey, of Tauistock, 
labourer, on the lives of himself and Katherine his wife, 
March 27. 6 William and Mary. 

[1697] Lease by Sir W. Courtenay, David Sargent y® 
elder, tanner, Richard Doidge of y*^ parish of Whitchurch, 
gent., John Toller, mercer, James Leere, gent., and John 
Row, yeoman, ' ffeoffees and Masters Customary of the 

ie97-i706] Deeds and Associated Documenis. \o% 


parish lands of Tavistocke,' of tenement — lands of John 
Cornish, gent, deceased, east ; of Hugh ffountaine, esq., 
deceased, west ; St. Mathews Street south ; of Duke of 
Bedford north : also garden north side of way from Tauis- 
tock towards Inscombe — lands of Duke of Bedford east, 
of Richard Hutching, deceased, west, millleat south ; 
both late in possession of John Kelly, deceased : to Arthur 
Cake, of Tauistocke, 'velmonger,' on the life of Arthur 
Cake his son, in reversion on determination of the estate 
of Thomas Kelly and Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Callamy, 
son and daughter of Thomas Kelly, glover, deceased. 
Aug. I. 9 William III. 

[1700] Lease by same. Toller excepted, described as 
* Masters and Gouernors of Tauistocke ' as well as ffeoffees, 
of dwelling house, outhouse, fields, closes of land and 
meadow, orchard and garden, containing about 14 acres, 
commonly called Church parke, to James Hicks, of Tauis- 
tocke, carpenter, on the lives of James Hicks, Elinor his 
wife, and Patience their daughter (lease of March 20, 29 
Charles H. surrendered). Oct. 4. 12 William III. 

[1701] Lease by feoffees as in last of tenement and 
garden in the possession of Edward Bound, on the life of 
Walter Bound, in reversion after the said Edward and 
Fortune his wife. Jan. 26. 13 William III. 

[1705] Lease by David Sargent, tanner, Richard Doidge 
of Whitchurch, gent, James Leere, gent., John Row, yarn- 
jobber, William Spry, mercer, Henry Vosper, gent, John 
Cuningham, clothier, Nicholas Hunt, maltster, 'masters 
or Gouernors of the Town and parish of Tauistock and 
Trustees of the lands commonly called the Maudlin 
Lands,' of moiety of house and garden in fford street, to 
William Lauers, of Tauistock, husbandman, on lives of 
lessee, and Joan and Elizabeth his daughters. Sept. 29. 4 
A nne. 

[1706] Lease by same feoffees, Doidge excepted, of the 
Hophay (formerly so called), to Stephen Chapman the 
younger, of Tavistocke, carpenter, three former leases 
being surrendered. Feb. 18. 5 Anne. 

[1706] Lease by feoffees as last of ' messuage & tenement 
and a Little meadow now a garden to the same adjoyneing, 
as also a Grasshay now full of Apple Trees, parted from 
the said Meadow ... by a Little Water that Runs betweene 

I04 Tavistock Records. [1706-11 

it,' to Joan Lawrence, of Tavistocke, widow, on the life of 
John Burgin, son of Walter Burgin, of Tavistocke, yeoman, 
in reversion on the death of Joan Lawrence and Joan wife 
of said Walter Burgin. Feb. 18. 5 Anne. 

[1706] Counterpart of same. 

[1706] Lease by same feoffees, of tenement, orchard, 
and grasshay, to Agnes Wyatt, of Tavistocke, widow, on 
lives of lessee and Thomas and James, her sons. April 5. 
5 Anne. 

[1706] Lease by same feoffees of tenement in the street 
that leadeth from the church towards the Maudlin, and 
garden on higher side of the way leading towards Ins- 
combe, to William Hockaday, of Tavistocke, carpenter. 
July 3. 5 Anne. 

[1709] Lease by James Leere, John Row, William Spry, 
Henry Vosper, John Cuningham, and Nicholas Hunt, of 
house ' adjoyneng to the Shutt in fford street,' and another 
tenement in the same street (former leases being sur- 
rendered), to Elias Harvy, of Tavistocke, glover, on the 
lives of lessee. Amy his wife, and John their son. Feb. 2. 
8 Anne. 

[1709] Counterpart of same. 

[1710] Lease by same feoffees of tenement and garden 
in Bannawell street to Daniel Mattacott, of Tavistocke, 
clothier (old lease being surrendered), on the lives of lessee, 
Alice his wife, and William their son. Sept. 18. 9 Anne. 

[1711] Lease by same feoffees of tenement formerly in 
occupation of Susana Gaude, deceased, to Samuel Richards, 
of Tauestock, labourer, on the lives of lessee, Patience his 
wife, and Samuel 'his' son. April 9. 10 Anne. 

[1711] Counterpart of same. 

[1711] Lease by same feoffees, all described as 'gentle- 
men,' of barn and garden or orchard — highway from 
Cakeshill towards Mill-head east and north, lately in the 
tenure of Humphry and Rebecca Hogeson, to Edward 
Bound, of Tavistocke, ' cordwinder ' (former lease sur- 
rendered), on lives of Katherine Hockaday, of Tavistocke, 
spinster, and Edward and John, Bound's sons. June 14. 
10 A tine. 

1711-14] Deeds and Associated Docttments. 105 

[1711] New enfeoffment deed. Whereas Sir John May- 
nard and other feoffees were seized of a rent of 24s. out of 
Rubies (' Rubbyes ') in Woodoues in the tything of Hurd- 
wicke, some time the lands of one Bette Windsore, and 
the reversion of the same with the writings and evidences, 
to the use of the poor of Tavistocke ; and whereas his 
co-feoffees being dead it came to Maynard by survivorship, 
and he Feb. 8, 35 Charles II., conveyed it to Sir Wm. 
Courtenay,AmbroseManaton, John Cudlipp, Richard Sprye, 
David Sargent, Richard Doidge, John Toller, John Hoge- 
son, Edward Payne, James Leare ; and whereas all of them 
are dead except Leare, he now conveys it to Henry INIanaton, 
John Rowe, Henry Vosper, William Spry, John Cuning- 
ham the elder, Nicholas Hunt, John Edgcombe, John 
Easton, Richard Cudlipp, John Cuningham the younger, 
William Sprye the younger, John Rowe the younger, and 
James Edgcombe. The annuity was left by the Lady 
Mary Knivett, and conveyed Feb. 12, 3 James late, at her 
command by Thomas Hole, to Robart Moore, Thos. Libby, 
William Grills, and Peter Edgcombe. Sept. 13. 10 Anne. 

[1711] Lease by Henry Manaton, esq., James Leer, John 
Row, yarnjobber, William Spry, Henry Vosper, John 
Cuningham, Nicholas Hunt, John Edgcombe, of Taues- 
tock, gent., John Easton, of Tauestock, gent, Richard 
Cudlip, of Tauestock, gent., John Cuningham the younger, 
William Spry the younger, John Row the younger, and 
James Edgcombe, son of John Edgcombe aforesaid, gent., 
feoffees of the parish lands — of tenement in Butcher Street, 
to John Webb, of Tauistock, glover, on lives of lessee, and 
Edeth and Grace his daughters. Jan. 14. 10 Anne. 

[1714] Lease by Henry Manaton, of Harwood, John 
Rowe, William Sprye, John Cuningham, Nicholas Hunt, 
John Edgcombe, John Easton, Richard Cudlipp, William 
Condy, mercer, John Rowe the younger, yarn jobber, 
John Cuningham the younger, clother, William Spry the 
younger, mercer, and James Edgcombe — -of tenement and 
garden to Mary Hockaday, widow, on her own life, in 
reversion after the death of John Hockaday, brother of 
William Hockaday, joiner, deceased, and John Hockaday, 
son of William. June 7. 13 Anne. 

[1714] Lease by same feoffees, of house or barn and 
garden or orchard, to Edward Bound, ' cordwinder,' for his 

io6 Tavistock Records. [1714-22 

own life, in reversion on the death of his sons, Edward and 
John. June 7. 13 Amie. 

[1715] Lease by feoffees as below, with Henry Manaton, 
of moiety or halfendeale of house lately erected in fiford 
street, where an old house formerly stood, to Nicholas Peek, 
of Tauestock, butcher, on lives of Jane Peek his wife, Jane 
Peek his daughter, and Annie Peek, daughter of William 
Peek, of Tauestock, husbandman. Dec. 25. 2 George I. 

[1716] Lease by John Row, William Spry, John 
Cuningham the elder, Nicholas Hunt, John Edgcombe, 
William Condy, John Easton, Richard Cudlip, John Row 
the younger, William Spry the younger, John Cuningham 
the younger, and James Edgcombe, son of John — , of 
Church Parkes to Stephen Bunney, of Tavistock, ' malster,' 
in reversion after the death of Elianor, wife of James 
Hicks, and Patience his daughter — on the life of Edward 
Hutchins, son of William Hutchins, of Tavistock. April 7. 
2 George I. 

[1717] Lease by feoffees, as above, of garden and barn, 
'Brome parke,' commonly called the 'Warren' north, to 
Loueday Brownson, widow, on the life of Mary Brownson 
her daughter, in reversion after the death of Loveday 
and Peter Brownson his son. July 23. 3 George I. 

[1718] Lease by same feoffees, without Hunt, and with 
Stephen Maddaford, yeoman, and Hugh Pyne, the younger 
Spry being described as of ' Exon,' of house and herb garden 
adjoining the 'shutt' in ford street, and tenement adjacent, 
to John Haruey, of Tauestoke, velmonger, on the lives of 
Susanna his wife and Martha his daughter ; reversion on 
his death. July 14. 4 George I. 

[1721] Lease by feoffees as last, of tenement in fford 
street, also orchard lying under the * Keeve,' lands of Duke 
of Bedford south and west, highway from fford street 
towards the church south and east, lands of Nicholas Lyne, 
formerly of James Courtney, esq., east — to Charles Cary, of 
Tavistocke, hellier, on lives of lessee, Margaret his wife, and 
Joseph their son, Cary undertaking to rebuild the decayed 
tenement. July 29. 7 George I. 

[1722] Lease by same feoffees, the younger Cuningham 
excepted, of tenement north of the brook or mill leat, with 
herb-garden or orchard ' Between the Malt Mill and 

1722-28] Deeds and Associated Documents. 107 

Tucking Mill,' the lands of Duke of Bedford east and 
west, brook or mill-leat south, lane leading towards 'two- 
bridges' north — to Charles Gary, as above, on the life of 
Margaret, Gary's wife, in reversion after death of John 
Harvey, tanner, and Jane his wife. April 16. 8 George I. 

[1724J Lease by feoffees as last, with Arthur Gake sub- 
stituted for the elder Guningham, of Ghurch Parkes, to 
Ralph Sowther, of Tavistocke, yeoman, on life of John 
Bound, son of Edward Bound, of Gallington, in reversion 
on the death of Patience, daughter of James Hicks, now 
called Patience Reed, and Edward Hutchings, son of 
William Hutchings, of Tavistock, pewterer. Oct. 13. 10 
Geo. I. 

[1724] Lease by same feoffees as preceding of tenement 
and garden on the west side of Banawell street to John 
Weymoth, of Tavistock, Taylor, on the life of William 
Edwards, of Tavistock, taylor, in reversion on the death of 
Alice Mattacott and Joan Quint, spinster. May 22. 10 
Georze I. 


[1726] Lease by same feoffees of tenement, &c., ad- 
joining highway to Newton south, and 'pixon lane' east, to 
John Wemoth, of Tauistock, on the lives of Walter Burgin 
and Jane Burgin, son and daughter of Joan Burgin, in 
reversion on death of said Joan. Jan. 2, 13 George I. 
Endorsed with surrender by Joan Edwards, executrix of 
Catherine Weymott, executrix of John Weymott, for los. 
a year for life, to the Duke of Bedford and his cofeoffees. 
Dec. 17, 1754. 

[1726] Counterpart of same. 

[1728] Transfer by Stephen Bunney, ' maulster,' to 
William Hutchins, pewterer, of his interest in Church 
parkes. Oct. 3. 2 George II. 

[1728] Transfer of same by William Hutchins to John 
Hutchins his son. Dec. 21. 2 George II. 

[1728] Assignment of the same to Stephen Gudlip. 
Dec. 31. 2 George II. 

[1728] Lease by John Row, William Spry, John Edg- 
cumbe, William Condy, Hugh Pyne, Stephen Maddaford, 
William Spry, jun"", Arthur Cake, Richard Gudlip, John 
Easton, John Row, jun-", and James Edgcumbe— of the 

io8 Tavistock Records. [1728-42 

property by the mill leat, and between the malt mill and 
tucking mill, to Charles Gary, 'heller,' on his own life in 
reversion on the death of Jane Haruy, widow, and Margaret 
Gary, wife of Gharles. Dec. 5. 2 George II. 

[1730] Lease by same feoffees, of the Hophay, to Grace 
Ghapman, daughter of Stephen Ghapman, Garpenter, on 
her life and that of Sarah her sister, in reversion on the 
death of Stephen, Sept. 2. 4 George II. 

[1733] Lease by William Spry, sen"", John Edgcumbe, 
William Gondy, William Spry, jun*", Stephen Maddaford, 
John Herring, Thomas Doidge, Sampson Manaton, Richard 
Gudlip, and James Edgcumbe, of tenement and garden 
upon the Gause or Reeue in West Street, to William Edg- 
combe, of Tauistock, carpenter, on life of Mary Edgcombe 
his daughter, in reversion after the deaths of lessee and 
Elizabeth his wife. Sept. 11. 7 George II. 

[1735] Lease by John Edgcumbe, gent., William Gondy 
the elder, mercer, Stephen Maddaford, yeoman, William 
Spry, John Herring, Thomas Doidge, gentlemen, Samson 
Manaton, esq., Richard Gudlip, gentleman, James Edg- 
cumbe, of Exeter GoUege, Oxon, clerk — of premises in West 
Street commonly called the ' Royall Oake,' and garden on 
higher side of way towards Inscombe, to Richard Edg- 
combe, of Tavistock, searge maker, on life of Deborah his 
wife, in reversion after death of said Richard Edgcombe 
and John Hockaday. April 11. 8 George II. 

[1736] Assignment by Elizabeth Hodges, of Tavistock, 
widow, to William ffarwell, of Tavistock, house carpenter, 
of lease of tenement in Bannawell Street. Sept. 17. 10 
Georo'e II. 


[1742] John Duke of Bedford, James Edgcombe, John 
Gudlipp, Thomas Doidge, John Gunningham Saunders, 
William Spry, John Dipford, Stephen Maddaford, William 
Gondy, Richard Edgcombe — of tenement abutting on 
high road from Gakes Hill towards Milemead, to 
Edward Prideaux, Tavistock, weaver, on life of Edward 
Prideaux, now aged about 26, reversion on the deaths of 
John and Elizabeth Harvey. May 3. 15 George II. 
Endorsed ' Lease for Mounthoungary.' 

1370-1438] Miscellaneous. 109 


[1370] Appeal by Stephen, Abbot of the Monastery of 
Tavystoch and the Convent of the same place, with 
John of Meauvvy, Richard Lamborne, John atte forde, 
Richard Tope, Robert Reeke, Roger Milleton, John Wen- 
dout, Thomas Ock, William Strout, Robert Ayschforde, 
Luke Selyman, and Robert Joce, burgesses of the borough 
of Tavystoch — for alms towards the sustentation and 
repair of the great stone bridge adjoining the town of 
Tavystoke, over the great water called the Tavy, which 
runs down violently from the Moor, where there is no good 
ford, and which cannot be maintained without the gifts of 

the faithful. John , collector for this purpose, is 

recommended to the good offices of those to whom the letter 
shall come. Seal affixed in witness thereof at Tavystoke, 
Friday before St. Bartholomew the Apostle, 1370. 

[The deed is imperfect in parts, but the description of 
its purpose may probably be expanded as follows : ' Cum 
ad pontes et alia bona opera que antecessores nostri magno 
labore et non modico opere levaverunt et perfecerunt ad 
eorum sustentationem tenemur omni necessitate indies 
urgente. Cum ad presen[s tempus] sine fidelium elemo- 
sinis sustentari et reparari minime valeant. Hinc est quod 
quidam magnus pons lapideus per antecessores nostros 
iuxta villam Tavystoke supra magnam aquam veniens et 
violenter de mora currens que vocatur Tavus . . . carente 
vado bono erigitur qui sine fidelium largicione elemosi- 
narum reparari seu sustentari non valeat,' &c.] 

[1418] Sale and grant by William Talbot, Chevalier, 
Escheator of the king in the county of Devon, to Richard 
Pipe, of Tauystoke, Bocher, lately outlaw at the suit of 
Peter Bruwer, that he might again possess all his goods 
and chattels that he had on the day of the promulgation 
of his outlawry. Dated at Tauystok, Monday before the 
Nativity of John the Baptist. 6 Henry V. 

[1438] Receipt by William Hoper, doctor of laws, of £^0 
from John Bodyer and John Chamberleyn, of Tauystock. 
March 7. 16 Henry VI. 

I lo Tavistock Records. [1439-41 

[1439] A series of documents having reference to a suit 
of novel disseisin touching lands and tenements in Hurde- 
wyke, between Thomasine, wife of William Bodyer, and 
Joan, who was wife of John Maynard, Richard Bonde, and 
Agnes his wife, in the reign of Henry VI. 

1. Writ for trial, before William Godered and Richard 
Newton, Justices Itinerant. June i. 17 Henry VI. 

2. Bill of pleadings for Joan by her attorney, William 
Bollegh. The land in dispute was a toft of 52 or 60 acres 
and a acres of meadow, in the ' villa ' of Petipasweke, 
within ' villams de Hurdewyke,' formerly belonging to John 
Lychyftelde, father of Joan, mother of Thomasine. Other 
persons named are Walter Langeford, Alice wife of Robert 
ffolk, Richard Lambourne, David Doun, Matilda ffrensche, 
and Joan, daughter of lauina ffolke. 

3. Bond by William Bollegh and Richard Bonde in ;^40 
to Thomasine, who was wife of William Bodrere and — 
Bodrere, on the part of Joan, wife of John Maynard, 
Richard Bonde, and Agnes his wife, to abide the judgment 
of Peter Eggecomb, William Mey, Thomas . . . ., and 
John ffitz, touching suit as to lands and tenements in 
Hurdewyk which had come before Godered and Newton. 
March 3. 17 Henry VI. 

4. Fragmentary bond in the same case to abide the 
judgment of William Meye, arbitrator. July 20. [17] 
Henry VI. 

5. Fragmentary bond by William Bollegh and Richard 
Bond in £ap, to abide arbitrament of Peter Eggecomb. 
Date imperfect. 

[1441] Memorandum made at Exeter of monies de- 
livered by Master Henry Hillyng to the Abbot of Tavy- 
stoke, ' collectori scdo medietat decie in Deuon,' by the 
hands of John Bodyer, of Tavystock. 

The monies set forth as paid to the Abbot are : Sept. 26, 
1441, ten marks ; Oct. 16, ^14 ; Nov. 6, ^10 6s. 8d. ; Dec. 
12, £1^ \ Dec. 20, 66s. 8d. Other payments were made 
Jan. 20 and March 15 ; but the amounts are not legible. 

[This memorandum, written on a scrap of parchment, 
5 inches by 4, is the only document of the series having 
any direct connection with the Abbey.] 

1479-1543] Miscellaneous. 1 1 1 

[1479] Indulgence of forty days by Bishop Peter Cour- 
tenay, given at Tauystok during his visitation, July 26, 
1479, and in the first year of his episcopate, to all true 
penitents who contribute to the construction, repair, and 
sustentation of the Bridge of Tavistock. 

[1502] * Byll ' in English between the ' pisch of Tavystock 
& Alsyn Cade,' late executrix of Richard Cade, of Tavys- 
tok, under which she agrees to pay to the 'bofif sayde 
pisch ' sixteen marke sterlinge, ' in viii ere nexte comyng,' 
the bequest of Richard Cade aforesaid, in 6s. 8d. quarterly. 
At end memoranda of receipt accordingly by John May- 
nard, late warden, Richard Langbroke, Richard ffrend- 
schepp, John Lybbe, William Master. March 18, 1502. 

[1511] Lease for forty years by John AVere and Ralph 
fibster, wardens of the gild of St. Saluator, with the consent 
of all the parishioners of the church of St. Eustachius of 
Tavystock — to ' paschasio knollyng,' of all their tenement 
and a grasehay lying in Tavystock, and also a meadow 
called Blacdechemede, under Wylmyston, which formerly 
pertained to Christopher Skynner. Witnesses — William 
Amadas, William Hawkyns, William Lacche, John Dorant, 
John Chypston, Philip Brewne, John Lybbe, William Mey, 
John Smy3th, William Master, William Cornysh (.^). Feast 
of St. Michael the Archangel. 3 Henry VIII. 

[This should be in the last section, under Deeds, but it 
was not found until that portion of the calendar had been 
printed, and is therefore put in order of date here.] 

[1515] Fragment marked 'of great interest' Nicholas 
Wadham, knight, given as of ' the other part.' Mentions 
mayor and bailiffs, Richard Lybbe, John Amadas. January. 
^ Henry VIII. 

[1533] Bond by John Tokar, of Carsantak, in the parish 
of Lawhitton, and Joan his wife, in ^10, to John Sawle, of 
Tauistock, merchant, and Joan Smale, widow and executrix 
of William Smale, of Greston, in the parish of Lansant, to 
accept the award of William Kendale and William Pipar. 
July 19. 25 Henry VIII. 

[1543] Bond by Richard Clotworthy, of Lau . . . ton, 
'yoman,' in ;^20, to John Sawell, that William Clotworthy, 
his son, do keep the covenants he has entered into in a 
pair of indentures with the said John Sawell, of Tauystocke, 
merchant. Aug. 20. 35 Henry VIII. 

112 Tavistock Rccoj'ds. [nth cent. 

[Undated, 17th century.] A very fragmentary document, 
of which the following are the most consecutive parts : — 

' feoffees, their heires Assignes & will be 

p^'sent in the Schoolehouse on Friday [e]lect A 

towardly youth out of the ffree Grammer Schoole 

The pfitts for his maintenance at one of the universities. 

' [Transf]erred over to S' W"* Courtenay, S"^ 

Richard •■ ffrancis Drake, Arthur Tremaine, 

jn"", Sam. Bulteele, John Cudlipp, Richard Doidge, 

& John Toller, gelly; Richard Cudlipp, Nicho[las] 

Sargent, John Hunt [to] the vse abovsd. 

' S"" W'" [Courjtenay Grants An yearly rent out 

\J\ of Pitstloffe to [Sa]m Bulteele, John Gerry, 

John Cudlipp, David Sarg[ent], [D]avid Sargent 

the younger, to the vse of the poore of [Tavistock]. 

' Eliz Moore Grants the ffee of A Wast & ruinous 

place to have An Almes house built widdowes.' 

[Undated, 17th century.] 'Lands giuen by John Oough 
the fifirst ffounder of the hospittall of Tauistock & for & 
to wards the mayntenance thereof for euer to be Receaued 
& paid by Certayne psons Appoynted by the ffeoffees of 
the said lands to the valine of 1 1^ 17^ 05*^ 

' High Rents paid out of the said Lands yearly 2s. ob. 

'Lands giuen by Agnis Seruington, widdowe, towards 
the mayntenance of [the] hospittal of Tauistock for euer to 
be Receaued & paid by Certayne psons Appoynted by the 
said ffeoffees vnto the said hospitall to the valine of p 
Anm 01" 09^ 04*^ 

'lands giuen by William Grills gnt for & towards the 
mayntenance of the said hospitall as afforsaid to the 
vallue pr Anm of 00' 04^ 00*^ 

' lands giuen in by the Lady Knivett for euer & towards 
the better Agmentation of the hospittall of Tauistock to 
be Roeaued & paid in by Certayne psons Appoynted by 
the ffeoffees to the yearly value of 01^' 04^ 00*^ 

' There is giuen in by Robert Charells, Esq"", in & by. his 
last will & testament for the better mayntenance of the 
hospittall of Tauistock the some of 4" p Ann for euer out 
of his lands in pellaton, in the County of Cornuwall, to be 
Rceaued & paid to the said hospittall people by Certayne 
psons Appoynted by the ffeoffees thereof 

[Undated fragment, 17th century.] ' Parish Landes Given 
to the Church for repaires, &c. 

1635] Miscellaneous. 1 1 3 

* hill peice wee find by Deed [date not clear] in 

these words volo & concedo q*^ p'^ partus .... Ecclie bte 

Eustatij de Tav: & Custodibz instauri remanere 

debet imperpm 

*2. wee find it conveyed to 23 by Deed Indented dat 

Annuncacon bte marie virginis 14. H: 6: to the 

vse that the Grante should A Chaplain or Ceen 

[Communion] Preist for ever. 

' In festo inventios Ste Crucis 16 Edvv: 4 Richard Hill one 

above mencioned Grants over the p^'mises to John T 

Honichurch, Walter Burrell, John ffitz, John S . . . . ell, 

John Drake, W" Cadleigh, W" Aishford, Rich. 

Dorant Wm: Webb, Earth. Winsor, Thomas Creston, 

John Brun, N. Adamas, Rich: Webb, Tho. Broune, W"^ 
Drake, Walt .... Sawle, Stephen Tooker, Robt. Honi- 
church, John Dorant, Rich .... Landyer, John Henocombe, 
John Sweting, & Walter Maynard. 

'A Tenem* in S* matthew Street & Another in the way 
to I[nescomb] Granted 7 Mar. 15 H: 7 to 27 psons of 

whome above menconed is one to fuUfiU the will of 

have not therefore know not the vse. 

' his House & Savorieme Granted of w*=h 

John Sawle to the vse of & then toward the repair 


'August 16 H 7 Thomas the p''mises to Jo: 

Chipston. November 16 H 7 John Chipston & 

others being 28, no vse 

' Tenem* Att will in Ta[vistock] & a garden in fford street 
no vse. 

' Richard Clobery Grants to 26 of w*^'' John Dorant is 

'Tenem* in Bannawill no vse.' 

Grant above 15 Mar: 16 H 8 to John Rowe & others. 

29 Elizabeth, grant by John Honichurch to John ffitz, 

W°^ Pointer, W"^ Grills, Jo. Glanvill, Drake, Thos. 

Libb, and Charles 

[1635] 'Thanke you kindly for your sendinge vnto me, 
and I desire that one of your tovvne may come hither to 
my house of newton, wher one of my servants shalbe 
reddy to goe wth him to show him wher to distrayne for 
the annuitie, and pay my part of it, and so you shall haue 
what is dew to you w*hout any loss to me, and I shalbe 


114 Tavistock Records. [1625 65 

reddy to doe you any like or a greter favour yf it lie my 
way to be able and soe rest 

'your very loving friend 

' William Coryton 
' Newton the 22*'' of 

October 1635 
' If you can send by this berers or by some other what 
day you intend to be here I pray doe.' 

[Addressed to Mr. Lavers, one of the overseers of Tavi- 
stock. Evidently refers to Charles's annuity.] 

[1657] * Devon ff. At o'' privy Sessions held at Lam- 
merton the fift day of October, 1657. 

' fforasmuch as it appeares vnto vs that Nathaniell Harris 
of Tavistocke is in greate need of havinge clothes pvided 
for him to putt him in a capacity for service, we doe there- 
fore order that the Churchwardens & Ouerseers of Tavistocke 
aforsaid shall forthwith pvide the said Harris such clothes 
as they thinke convenient for him, & that also they, Together 
with the Constables of the said pish, shall endeauo'' to pvide 
a Master for the said Harris, wch if they cannot effect 
that then the Churchwardens & Ouerseers of the poore 
shall sett him on worke or otherwise pvide for him accord- 
inge to law. ^ ffras. Glaniiill. 

' Will. Morice! 

[1659. Memorandum of bequest.] Item I giue to the 
poor of the Towne and parrish of Tavistocke Twenty 
Pounds to be paid within one moneth after my Death 
to m"^ John [Gerry ?] m'" Michew Willesford, m'^' ffrancis 
Toller, and m'' John Toller, to be by them bestowed and 
Impleyed in a stock for setting to worke such of the poorc 
people of the said Towne and parrish as they in there 
discrecon shall think fitt, and I doe desire my good ffreinds 
George Howard, esqr., m'' John Jacob, and m'^ Richard 
Vivian to be aiding and Assisting to them for the seeing 
the same to be Imployed accordingly. — 28th March, 1659. 
Proved att London. 

[1665] Memorandum of award in a difference between 
the parish of Tauystocke and Arthur Cunningham, gent., 
touching a certain rent of 8s. issuing out of a house of the 
said Arthur, in the occupation of one Jonas Webb, als 
Kitching, payable to the churchwardens of Tavystocke ; 
also a rent of is. 4d. out of another house of Cunningham's 


1665-82] Miscellaneous. 1 1 5 

inheritance, now or lately in the possession of William 
Rowe, ' upon ye Cawse in the West Street/ likewise pay- 
able to wardens. Whereas Ben Speckman and David Sar- 
gant, gent., .wardens for the present year, did distrain the 
goods of the occupiers ; and whereas Thomas Glanuill, 
vicar of Tauystock, and Thomas Preston, rector of Mary- 
tavy, were ' arbitrators and wardsmen,' they award : — (A) 
Cunningham to pay all arrears to Speckman and Sargent. 
(B) Speckman and Sargent to repay Cunningham all the 
said money towards his charges and expenses, except 30s., 
to remain to the use of the parish. (C) Cunningham and 
his heirs to pay the 8s. and is. 4d. regularly. Signed by 
Thomas Glanvill and Thomas Preston, October 30th, 17th 
Charles II., 1665. Accepted by the parties as testified by 
the signatures of fifrancis Toller, William Hore, John Cun- 
ningham, and John Toller. 

[1682. Articles against Jasper Cann, vicar of Tavistock, 
1682. 5 leaves, fragmentary.] 

The first four articles set forth the duty of a ' minister of 
the gosple' to ' be honest, not double tongued, not given to 
drink, riott, or other disorder, noe striker,' &c., but a 
'wholesome example and patterne to ye flocke of Christ'; 
'setting forward quietnesse, peace, and loue amongst all 
Christian people'; rendering due obedience to the laws of 
the Church and to his Ordinary, &c. ; and fulfilling his 
duties as a parish minister — in baptizing, burying, cate- 
chising, and performing all other acts in the Liturgy and 
Rubricke prescribed. 

Article 5 charges his having misbehaved himself at the 
Lord's table, contemned & slighted the person and authority 
of the Ordinary, his counsel and admonitions, 'endeavoured 
to subvert y® ancient & laudable customes of thy said 
parish to y® great griefe & offence of y° people comitted 
to thy charge y'' great scandall and prejudice of thy ministry, 
y^ dishonour of y*^ Gosple & thy function, y*^ evill example 
of good Christians, and y*^ great advantages of the Adver- 
saryes of Religion.' The special offence is the refusal, 
when all had been prepared, to celebrate the communion 
— ' for noe other reason as thou saydst because thou wouldst 
•not weare a mended surplice & y* y^ wyne pvided was un- 
wholesome because not bought where thou wouldst have 
had it.' The remainder of the article is much tattered, 
but inter alia Cann is charged with causing a flagon of 
'consecrated wine to be carried to his house ; with chiding 

I 2 

1 1 6 Tavistock Records. [1682 

and brawling with one of the wardens touching the quantity 
of wine provided ; and with falling in a passion after 
service, and not permitting the wardens to publish the 
names of the elected officers of the parish according to 

6. Charges Cann with converting offertory money (appa- 
rently at the Communion) to his own use and private 

7. Charges disobedience to the orders, mandates, and 
monitions of the Ordinary concerning the wearing of the 
' surplis.' Having been ordered to wear it, 'thou y'' sd m'" 
Cann did positively declare thou wouldst never do it'; 
that the Bishop could do his worst, and that 'thou wert 
Bishop in Tavestocke.' IMoreover that on the previous 
Easter Monday he said to the Masters and parishioners 
assembled in the 'Chancell' on the parish Concerns that 
he did ' not care a straw or a Rush for the Bp ' — one of the 
peers of the Realm — to the manifest contempt of the 
Bishop and his authority. 

8. Alleges the practice of private baptism when un- 
necessary ; the non-certifying of such baptisms, taking 
fees of from lOs. to is., according to the quality of the 
persons concerned ; offering people choice of public or 
private baptism, and omission of 'y'' lawful! use of y*^ 
Crosse in Baptism.' 

9. Charges omission of catechising. 

10. Charges omission to kneel oftentimes when repeating 
the prayers. Part of this article appears also to deal with 
docrtine, as Cann is stated to have told his people that 
they were all guilty of the blood of the Lord. 

11. Alleges refusal to baptise the base child of 

White, though another might do so if he were paid his fees ; 
also with refusing a child — apparently the same — Christian 

12. Charges improper conduct at the election of the 
wardens to take charge of the Land, Stock, and Rents of 
the parish ('of the value of ^2000'), and endeavouring to 
'obtrude' one William Canter. The masters and officers 
proceeding to their election chose Andrew Dodge for the 
town and John Row for the parish, whom Cann approved 
as ' worthy and honest men.' Nevertheless he had William 
Canter sworn one of the wardens, making himself both 
'party and judge.' Apparently the outgoing wardens 
nominated four persons, of whom two were chosen. 

13. Charges Cann with having spoken profanely and 

1682-1765] Miscellaneous. 1 1 7 

blasphemously — apparently of the Old and New Testa- 
ment, saying that they were not the word of God, or words 
to that effect. 

14. States that Cann had taken upon him to excuse 
offences canonical for certain sums of money, and to ad- 
minister the sacrament at times and places people might 
appoint. Also that he had offered to dispense with the 
attendance of people at Common Prayer if they came to 
his preaching. 

On the other side of the last folio is another 14 crossed 
out, alleging that Cann, May 28, 1682, put the process 
then served on him in his pocket, and would not return it. 

Finally : that he had shamefully disgraced his sacred 
function, laying aside his canonical habit, and having 
'disguised thy selfe into the shape of a Nonconformist, 
didst att Bristol! or some other place under that disguise 
apply thyself to a certaine Lady or some other pson of 
quality whom thou knewest to have A respect to that pty,' 
and 'pretending to be A poore psecuted & distressed N.C. 
P', obtained a guinea. 

No result is given, but Cann continued vicar until 1690. 

[1761] A tattered list of feoffment and other deeds 
shown to counsel ; including five feoffment deeds of January 
22, 1752, and grant by Sir W. Courtenay, May 14, 1677, 
of £/\. yearly. 

[1765] Bill for work done on the church by John Bickly. 

Two documents mentioned by Mr. Kempe as being in 
the parish chest when he inspected its contents in 1827, are 
not now in the collection. 

One is a muster roll of the Stannary of Tavistock, with 
the officers and soldiers within the Stannary, under the 
command of Sir Nicholas Slanning, Lieut-Colonel, Joseph 
Drake, esq., Capt.-Lieutenant, John Jacob, gent. Ensign, 
four sergeants and eight corporals. The total of the force 
is 156, according to Mr. Kempe, about two-thirds armed 
with muskets, and one-third with pikes, raised in the 
following proportions: Hundred of Roborough — Wak- 
hampton 12, Whitchurch 13, Tamerton FoHott 3, Sampford 
Spiney 6, Wilsworthy Hamlet 3, Buckland Monachorum 
29, Peter Tavy 7, West Tavistock 8. Hundred of Tavi- 
stock—Tavistock town 24. Hundred of Lifton— Lifton and 
Virginstow 3, Sourton 6, Mary Tavy 9, Lydford 3, Lew 

1 1 8 Tavistock Records. [1677 

Trenchard i, Broadwoodwidger 2, Lamerton 4, Bridestow 
10, Okehampton 2, Coryton 3, Bratton Clovelly 6. Hun- 
dred of Black Torrington — North Lew 2, Keakebeare 
Hamlet O. 

The other document is suggested by Mr. Kempe as 
dated circa 1677 — a humble petition to the Earl of Bedford 
' of your Portrieve and the Masters of yo"^ Towne and 
Burrough of Tavistock.' It sets forth the existence of ' a 
little cottage much ruyned, with two little garden plotts to 
the same belonginge, called by the name of St. John's 
Chappie, bought in by the p'shoners of Tavistocke in the 
Tyme of the late contagious sicknes, and then converted 
to a Pest house, and was verie usefull and beneficiall to 
your said Towne and Burrough.' This property having 
fallen into the hands of the Earl, the petitioners asked him 
'out of your noble bountie and wonted charitie,' to grant 
a lease for ninety-nine years on three lives at the ancient 
rent of is. a year, to ' be altogether converted to the use of 
the poore of your said Towne and Burrough, except great 
necessitie constraine us againe to convert it to a Pest 
House.' The petition is signed by John Cudlippe, portreeve, 
and by seven others, whose names apparently should be, 
by comparison with existing documents, ffrancis Collyn, 
Micheue Willesford, Jo. Gerry, Dauid Sargent, Richard 
Sprie, William Saxfen, Walter Godbeare— Mr. Kempe 
reading Michael Willesford, Jo. Herry, and Walter 

The Abbots. 1 19 


To make the personal view of the ancient history of 
Tavastock as full as possible within the present limits, lists 
of the Abbots, Vicars, and Members of Parliament are 
here appended ; while the record of the parish documents 
is rendered complete by the accounts of the Register 
Books, &c., and the description of the Communion Plate, 
kindly drawn up by the Rev. D. P. Alford. 

Cbe abbots. 

The Abbey of St. Mary and St. Rumon of Tavistock 
was founded about the year 961, probably by Ordulf, son 
of Orgar, ealdorman of Devon ; and in 997 was burnt by 
the Danes. At the Conquest it was the wealthiest convent 
in Devon, owning the manors of Tavistock, Milton Abbot, 
Lidelton, Hatherleigh, Thornbury, Hame, Hurdwick, Ber- 
nintone, Raddon, Leigh, Houndtor, Denbury, Welle, and 
Plymstock. At the surrender, March 20, 1538, its revenues 
were valued at ;!^902 5s. /d. The latest Abbey Church 
was dedicated by 13ishop Stapledon August 21, 13 18; the 
parish church of St. Eustachius May 21st in the same 
year. Roger Millaton, in 1380, obtained a license for 
divine worship in a chapel which he had lately built 
adjoining the parish church ; and there is record that in 
1445 Constantia, daughter of William Coffyn, and relict of 
John Wyse, with Robert Bonefas and Maurice Berd, had 
erected an aisle or guild of St. Thomas the Martyr in the 

The following list of the Abbots of Tavistock is mainly 
that of Dr. Oliver, annotated and revised : 

Aimer, in whose time the monastery was burnt by the Danes. 
Lyfing, who became Bishop of Crediton (uniting the sees 

of Cornwall and Devon) and Worcester. 
1032 iEldred, afterwards Archbishop of York, who crowned the 


20 Tavistock Records. 

046 Sithric, the last head of the Saxon opposition to WilHam 
in Devon, who subsequently joined Hereward at Ely. 

082 Gaufrid or Gosfrid. 

088 Wymond, deposed for simony. 

102 Osbert. 

131 Robert of Plympton. 

141 or 1 145 Robert Postel or Postett. 

154 Walter of Winchester. 

174 Baldwin. 

183 Herbert, to whom the parish church of St. Eustachius was 
confirmed, with others, in 11 84. 

200 Jordan. 

220 William of Kernit. 

224 John of Rofa. 

233 Alan of Cornwall. 

248 Robert of Kitecnol. 

248 Thomas. 

257 Henry or John of Northampton. 

259 Philip Trentheful. 

260 Alured. 

262 John Chubbe, deposed by Bishop Bronescombe. 

270 Robert. 

285 Robert Champeaux, alias Campell, who rebuilt the Abbey 


328 Robert Bonus, deposed by Bishop Grandisson. 

334 John of Courtenay. 

349 Richard of Esse. 

362 Stephen Langdon. 

38A Thomas CuUyng. 

402 John May or Mey. 

422 Thomas Mede. 

442 Thomas Cryspyn. 

447 William Pewe. 

45"i John Dynyngton, licensed to use the pontificvilia, and give 

episcopal benediction. 

462 Richard. 

? John, mentioned in 1483-4. 

491 Richard Yerne. 

492 Richard Banham, created a mitred abbot in 15 13 as Baron 

Hurdwick. He also obtained a bull exempting the 
Abbey from all episcopal supervision. 
1523 John Peryn, who was granted a pension of j[^ioo at the 
dissolution, 26th April, 31 Henry VIH. [1539-] 

The Vicars. 1 2 1 

It is impossible now to compile a complete list of the 
Vicars of Tavistock. That given by Dr. Oliver in the 
AIo7iasticon ExoiiieusishQgins only with the year 1534. I 
learn from the Rev, Prebendary Hingeston-Randolph, whose 
valuable digest of the Register of Bishop Stafford we may 
hope will be but the first of a long series of similar volumes 
on the Registers of the Bishops of Exeter, that there were 
no institutions of any Vicars during the episcopates of 
Bishops Bronescombe and Ouivil, and that the Register of 
Bishop Bytton is not extant ; so that there is no record of 
Vicars for Tavistock earlier than the episcopate of Bishop 

However, in all probability there was no regular succes- 
sion of early Vicars. The parish Church would be almost 
an integral part of the great Abbey which overshadowed 
it, served without institution as to a benefice by members 
of the community. There was much contention on this 
matter between the Bishops and the Religious Houses ; 
the former no doubt being moved thereto by complaints 
that the parishioners were neglected. Thus Bishop Brones- 
combe, finding that no member of the community of Pilton 
had been appointed to serve Ashford, near Barnstaple, 
which was appropriated to Pilton Priory, declared that the 
patronage had lapsed to himself, and collated Gilbert de 
Moltone chaplain Jan. 12, 1264. The Priory resisted the 
Bishop, and refused to recognize his clerk ; but the dispute 
was settled by Bronescombe, Aug. 26th, 1269, constituting 
Ashford a distinct vicarage. A similar occurrence took 
place with regard to Hartland, After giving three moni- 
tions to the Convent, Bronescombe, Feb. 28, 126^, declared 
that the vicarage had lapsed to him, and collated Henry 
de Hertilonde, Here also there was resistance, and settled 
in the same way and on the same date as Ashford, by 
Hartland being declared in like manner a distinct vicarage. 
From the absence of any extreme measures of this sort 
being recorded in the case of Tavistock, it may be inferred 
that the parish Church was faithfully served in the time of 
Bronescombe and Ouivil, and that the parishioners had no 
reason to complain. 

12 2 Tavistock Records. 

I am greatly indebted to Prebendary Hingcston-Randolph 
for these and several other entries in the Registers, and 
there has been a careful search of the remainder, with 
additions from other sources. Though not complete, it is 
not likely, therefore, that there are many omissions in the 
list, which now covers a period of well nigh six centuries. 

1309 July 31 Sir John de Cam eleforde. 

[On the same day Sir Roger de Southboclaunde 
was instituted to Lamerton, both vicarages 
being simply described as ' vacant.' Pre- 
bendary Hingeston-Randolph suggests that 
the Bishop may have been looking up the 
Convent in the matter of serving Tavistock 
and Lamerton, and that these priests may 
have been the first actual vicars.] 
131I Jan. 20 Sir John de Ockhampton. 

[The vicarage had been vacant since July i.] 
13 1 8 July 18 Sir Robert Bodyer, chaplain. 
1349 May 14 Richard de Bolham. 
1349 Sept. 3 David Fot, or Fort. 

1360 Oct. 2 John, vicar of Boyton, by exchange with Fot. 
136I- Feb. 10 Baldwin Langdon. 
1382 Dec. 25 David Bagatorre, Langdon deceased. 
? Simon Tony. 

[The wardens' accounts name ' Sir Simon ' as 
vicar in 1385-6.] 
1391 Dec. 29 John Hykedon, vicar of Landkey, by exchange 
with Tony. 
John Lucas. 
Roger Sturt. 
John Borneslo. 
John Baker. 

Edmund Rawlyn, on Baker's resignation. 
William Mede, Rawlyn deceased. 
John Rene, on Mede's resignation. 
John Skynner [or Shynner], Kene deceased. 
Richard Haukeden, on Skynner's resignation. 
[Sir Thomas Adam 'soc' priest in 1470-71.] 
WiUiam Davy. 

John Sargynt, on Davy's resignation. 
William Lawnder, Sargent deceased. 
John Perins. 

[Probably the Sir John Peryn recorded as 'Jesus 
priest' between 1538 and 1553. The identity 
of the name with that of the last abbot is 
Robert Knight. 










































































































T/ie Vicai's. i 23 

Ralph Taylor. 

Timothy Fisher. , 

Laurence Prychard. 

Walter Ware. 

Richard Adams. 

John Ellistone. 

Edward Elyott. 

John Blythman. 

Tristram Cleake. 

George Hughes. 

[Hughes became vicar of Plymouth Oct. 21, 

Thomas Larkham. 

[Author of the Sermons on the Attributes^ 

Samuel Brown. 

Thomas Glanvil. • 

Jasper Cann. 

William Hame. 

John Rennell. 

Nathaniel Beard. 

William Brown. 

Thomas Salmon. 

John J ago. 

Richard Sleman. 

Edward Atkins Bray. 

Osborne John Tancock. 

[Resigned Aug. 17, 1872.] 

William John Tait. 

Daniel Bring Alford. 

124 Tavistock Records. 

jHembers of Parliament, 

Tavistock first sent members to Parliament in 1295, the 
ancient franchise being in the freeholders of inheritance in 
possession, inhabiting within the borough. This was con- 
firmed by the House of Commons on sundry petitions. 
The returning officer was the portreeve, chosen according 
to ancient custom at the court leet of the manor. No 
change was made in the representation of the borough in 
1832, beyond the introduction of the ^10 household fran- 
chise, which increased the electorate from 31 to 246; but 
one member was taken away in 1868, and in 1885 the 
town was disfranchised, and made the head of the Tavi- 
stock division of the county. The following list of members 
is the most complete that can now be compiled ; and is 
mainly a revision of the return in the Blue Book. Bye- 
elections are distinguished by an asterisk. 

1295 23 Edw. I. Ralph de Satchevill, Walter le Wise. 

1306 34 Edw. I. John le Charter, John Screvinur. 

[Reginald of Tavistock sat for Launceston in 13 14.] 

1320 14 Edw. ir. David de Romeleghe, John Bon. 

1323-4 17 Edw. II. William de Ekkeworthy, William Iby. 

1325 19 Edw. II. John Hay, Roger Stacy. 

1329-30 4 Edw. III. John Mange, John Pryn3. 

1330 ,, William de Eckworthy, Maurice Gages. 

1 33 1-2 6 Edw. III. John de Secheville, Roger Byle. 

1332 ,, John Dolimers, Adam Boghedoune. 

1332 ,, John de Sechevile, Roger Byle. 

1334 8 Edw. III. Marice Gagys, John de Secheville. 

^335 9 Edw. III. Richard Brokere, Robert Gosse. 

1335-6 10 Edw. III. Maurice Gages, John de Secheville. 

1336 » » ). 

1337 II Edw. III. William Stacy, John Otery. 
1337-8 12 Edw. III. Maurice Gages, John de Kyleworth. 
1338-9 ,, John de Secheville, William Eckevvorthe. 

1339 13 Edw. III. Maurice Gages, Robert Tankarde. 

1340 14 Edw. III. William de Eckeworthi, John de Secheville 

1341 15 Edw. III. Robert Tankard, John Popilstone. 
1344 18 Edw. III. Ralph atte Wille, Robert Eolke. 
1346 20 Edw. III. Ralph atte Wille, Maurice Gages. 
1347-8 21 Edw. III. Ralph atte Wille, William Eckeworthy. 
1348 22 Edw. III. Ralph atte Wille, Robert Davy. 

Members of Parliament. 125 

350-1 25 Edw, III. Ralph atte Wille, Thomas Porteioie. 

351-2 ,, John Mille, Nicholas Whytyng. 

354 28 Edw. III. Nicholas Wytyng, Elias Wilde. 

355 29 Edw. III. Walter Langeford, Richard Uppecote. 
357 31 Edw. III. Walter Langeford, William Panyter, 
357-8 32 Edw. III. William Kary, Walter Langeforde. 

360 34 Edw. III. William Bitelescombe, Roger Hikkewode. 

360-1 ,, John Wonard, Richard Lamborne. 

362 36 Edw. III. John Hill, John Wonard. 

Z^Z 37 Edw. III. Walter Langeford, John Hulle. 

364-5 38 Edw. III. Walter Langeforde, John Bosoun. 

366 40 Edw. III. Edmund Brok, Walter Cornu. 

368 42 Edw. IIL John Hull, John Wylby. 

369 43 Edw. III. John Wilby, John Wonard. 

371 45 Edw. III. Richard Cokelescombe. 

372 46 Edw. III. John Hulle, Robert Hulle, jun. 

373 47 Edw. IIL Walter Langeforde, John Wonard. 
376-7 51 Edw. III. Walter Langaforde, William Crokkere. 
378 2 Rich. II. Walter Langeforde, John Wyndoute. 
379-80 3 Rich. II. John Shepwaisshe, John Whitelegh. 

381 5 Rich. II. John Wonard, Peter Hadleghe. 

382 6 Rich. II. William Thorne, John Forde. 
382-3 ,, John Samforde, Ralph Hunte. 
384 7 Rich. II. John Sampforde, John Wonarde. 

384 8 Rich. II. John Sampforde, Thomas Reymounde. 

385 9 Rich. II. Roger Page, Richard Page. 

386 10 Rich. II. John Trylle, John Wyndout. 
387-8 II Rich. II. Ralph Hunte, John atte Pole. 
388 12 Rich. II. John Ford, William VValradene. 
389-90 13 Rich. II. Walter Millemete, John Bithewatere. 

[No doubt Bi-the-watere of this Parliament was the ' atte 

Pole' {i.e. pool) of 13S8, and represents the 'atte 

wille,' and ' de fonte ' of earlier years.] 

1391 15 Rich. II. Ralph Hunt, John Whitham. 

1392-3 16 Rich. II. Matthew Row, Ralph Hunte. 

1393-4 17 Rich. II. Ralph Hunte, John Crokkere. 

1394-5 18 Rich. II. Ralph Hunte, Walter Dymmoke, 

1396-7 20 Rich. II. William Wytham, John Pleicce. 

1402 3 Hen. IV. Ralph Hunte, John Kene. 

1405-6 7 Hen. IV. John Plente, Roger Baker. 

1407 9 Hen. IV. John Godfray, William Brit, 

141 1 13 Hen. IV. John Lopynforde, John Sechevile. 

1413 I Hen. V. William May, John Julkyne. 

1414 2 Hen. V. „ ,, 

1419 7 Hen. V Richard Secheville. 

1420 8 Hen. N. Richard Sechevylle, William Benteleghe. 

142 1 9 Hen. V. William May, John Fortescu, jun. 

142 1 9 Hen. V. Nicholas FitzHerberde John Fortescu, jun. 

126 Tavistock Records. 

[422 I Hen. VI. Richard Sechevyle, William Tayle. 

[423 2 Hen. VI. William Keterigge, John Fortescu, jun. 

[425 3 Hen. VI. „ „ 

[425-6 4 Hen. VI. Alfred Wonstone, Richard Dobbe. 

[427 6 Hen. VI. Thomas Wys, John Fys. 

[429 8 Hen. VI. Thomas Tremayne, John Julkyne. 

[430-1 9 Hen. VI. John Dynowe, John Fitz. 

[432 ID Hen. VI. Nicholas Ford, Walter Person or John Fitz. 

[433 1 1 Hen. VI. Henry Denbolde, Richard Sacheville. 

[435 14 Hen. VI. Henry Denbolde, John Julkyn. 

[436-7 15 Hen. VI. John VVolston, John Spiye. 

[441-2 20 Hen. VI. Henry Denbolde, Richard Tankret. 

[446-7 25 Hen. VI. William Gamone, William Kyngestone. 

[448-9 27 Hen. VI. Thomas Tremayne, William Crwys. 

[449 28 Hen. VI. Henry Denbold, William Milforde, jun. 

[450 29 Hen. VI. Richard Tankret, William Kyngstone. 

^455 ZZ Hen. VI. WilUam Fresponde, Robert Langetone. 

[467 7 Ed. IV. Richard Eggecombe, armiger, Wm. Combe. 

[472 12 Ed. IV. John Gay, miles, Thomas Jenny. 

[477-8 17 Ed. IV. John Honychurch, Nicholas Whytyng. 

529 21 Hen.VIII. William Honychurche, Jacob Dynham. 

[553 I Mary Richard Wilbram, armiger, Thos. Smyth. 

[554 I Mary Richard Mayo, John Fytze, jun. 

[554 1&2P&M John Fytz,jun.,gener.,JohnEvelyghe,gener. 

555 2 & 3 P & M Thomas Southcote,arm., Rd. Mayowe,arm. 

;557-8 4&5P&M George Southcote, Thomas Broune. 

[562-3 5 Eliz. Richard Cooke, esq., Sir Nich. Throk- 

merton, knt. 

[572 14 Eliz. Nath. Bacon, esq., Robert Ferrers, esq. 

;572* Charles Morryson, vice Ferrers deceased. 

[584 27 Eliz, Valentine Knightley, esq., Edw. Bacon, esq. 

:586 28 Eliz. John Glanvile, esq., Val. Knightley, esq. 

[588-9 3o&3iEliz. Mich. Heneage, esq., Anthony Asheley, esq. 

592-3 35 Eliz. Ricd.Codrington, esq., Hugh Vaughan,es([. 

[601 43 Eliz. Henry Graye, esq., Walter VVentworth, esq. 

[603-4 I James I. Sir George Fleetwoode, knt., Edw. Dun- 
combe, gent. 

[620-1 18 James I. Francis Glanvill,esq., Sir Baptist Hexte,knt. 

[623-4 21 James I. John Pym, esq., Sampson Hele, esq. 

[Pym, the great leader of the Commons, often called 
the 'burgess of Tavistock.'] 

1625 I Charles I. Sir Francis Glanvill, knt., John Pym, esq. 

1625-6 I Charles I. John Pym, esq., Sir John Radcliffe, knt. 

1627-8 3 Charles I. Sir Francis Glanvill, knt., John Pym, esq. 

1640 16 Charles I. William Lord Russell, John Pym, esq. 

1641* 16 Charles I. John Russell, esq., vice William Lord 

Russell, called to the House of Lords 
on the death of his father. 

Members of Parliament. 127 

1656 Com. Elisha Crimes, esq., Edmund Fowell, esq. 

1658-9 R. Crom. Edmund Fowell, esq., Henry Halsell, esq. 
[Hatsell sat for Devon in 1654, when no return was 
made for Tavistock.] 

1660 12 Chas. 11. William Russell, esq., Geo. Howard, esq. 
[This was the patriot Lord William Russell.] 

1661 13 Chas. II. William Russell, esq., Geo. Howard, esq. 
1673* Sir F. Drake, vice Howard, deceased. 
1678-9 31 Chas. II. Hon. Ed. Russell, esq., Sir F. Drake, knt. 

1679 » ,. » 

1 680-1 II Chas. II. „ „ 

1685 I James II. Sir James Butler, knt., John Beare, esq. 

1688-9 Robert Russell, esq., Sir Francis Drake. 

1689-90 2 W^ & M. 

1695 7 Wm. III. Robt. Russell, esq., Ambrose Manaton, esq. 

[Manaton's name substituted for James Russell, on 


1696* Sir F. Drake, vice Manaton, deceased. 

1698 ID Wm. III. Robert Russell, esq., Sir Francis Drake. 

1 700-1 12 Wm. III. Lord Edw. Russell, Lord Robert Russell. 

1 70 1 13 Wm. III. ,, „ 

1702 1 Anne Lord Robert Russell, Henry Manaton, esq. 
[Manaton's name substituted for Lord James Russell, 

on petition.] 

1703* James Bulteel, esq., vice Lord Robert 

Russell, deceased. 

1705 4 Anne Henry Manaton, esq., James Bulteell, esq. 

1708 7 Anne Sir J. Cope, jun., knt., Henry Manaton, esq. 

17 10 9 Anne Sir J. Cope, jun., knt., James Bulteel, esq. 

[Henry Manaton's name erased on petition, and BuUeel's 

1713 12 Anne Sir J. Cope, jun., knt., James Bulteell, esq. 

17 14-15 I Geo. I. Sir J. Cope, jun., knt., Fr. Hen. Drake, esq. 

1722 8 Geo. I. Sir John Cope, Sir F. H. Drake. 

1727 I Geo. II. „ „ 

1727-8* Sir Humphry Monoux, vice Cope, who 

elected to serve for Southampton. 

1734 8 Geo. II. Charles Fane, esq., Sydney Medows, esq. 

1741 15 Geo. II. Lord Sherard Manners, Charles Fane, esq. 

1 741-2* Viscount Limerick, vice Manners, deceased. 

1747 21 Geo. II. R. Leveson-Gower, esq.,ThomasBrand,esq. 

1747* Sir Rd, Wrottesley, bnt., vice Cower, who 

elected to sit for Lichfield. 

1749* Sir Rd. Wrottesley, re-elected on appoint- 

ment as Clerk Comptroller. 

1754 27 Geo. II. Richard Rigby, esq., Jeffrey French, esq. 

1754* Richard Vernon, esq., vice French, 


128 Tavistock Records. 

1755* Rigby, re-elected after appointment one of 

the Commissioners for Trade. 

1760* Rigby, re-elected after appointment as 

Master of the Rolls in Ireland. 

1 761 • I Geo. III. Rd. Rigby, esq., Rd. Nevil Aldworth, esq. 

1762* Rigby, re-elected after appointment Vice- 

Treasurer of Ireland. 

1763* Richard Neville Neville [name changed], 

re-elected after appointment Paymaster 
of Pensions. 

1768* Rigby, re-elected after appointment Vice- 

Treasurer of Ireland. 

1768 8 Geo. III. Richard Rigby, esq., R. N. Neville, esq. 

1768* Rigby, re-elected after appointment Pay- 

master of Forces. 

1774 15 Geo. III. R. Rigby, R. Fitzpatrick the younger, esq. 

1780 21 Geo. III. ,, „ „ 

1783* Fitzpatrick, re-elected after appointment 

Secretary at War. 

1784 24 Geo. III. Rd. Rigby, esq., Rd. Fitzpatrick, esq. 

1788^" Lord John Russell, vice Rigby, deceased. 

1790 30 Geo. III. Rd. Fitzpatrick, esq., Chas. Wyndham, esq. 

4790* Lord John Russell, vice Wyndham, who 

elected to serve for Midhurst. 

1801 41 Geo. III. Lord John Russell, Richard Fitzpatrick, esq. 
1802* Lord Robert Spencer, vice Lord John 

Russell, called to the Upper House as 
Duke of Bedford. 

1802 42 Geo. III. Lord Robert Spencer, Rd. Fitzpatrick, esq. 
1806* Spencer, re-elected after accepting Chiltern 

1806* Fitzpatrick, re-elected after appointment 

Secretary at War. 

1806 47 Geo. III. Lord Robert Spencer, Rd. Fitzpatrick, esq. 

1807 48 Geo. III. Lord William Russell, Rd. Fitzpatrick, esq. 
1807* Lord Ho wick, vice Fitzpatrick, who elected 

to serve for Bedford. 

1808 Hon. George Ponsonby, esq., vice Howick, 

called to the Lords. 
1812 53 Geo. III. Lord William Russell, Rd. Fitzpatrick, esq. 
1813* Lord J. Russell, vice Fitzpatrick, deceased. 

181 7* Lord Robert Spencer, vice Lord John 

Russell, who accepted the Chiltern 

1818 58 Geo. III. Lord William Russell, Lord John Russell. 
18 1 9* John Peter Grant, esq., vice Lord William 

Russell, who accepted the Chiltern 


Members of Parliament. 1 29 

1820 r Geo. IV. John Peter Grant, esq., John Nicholas 

Fazakerley, esq. 
1S20* Lord Ebrington, vice Fazakerley, who 

accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. 
1826 7 Geo. IV. Lord William Russell, Lord Ebrington. 

1830 I Wm. IV. 

1830* Lord John Russell, vice Ebrington, who 

elected to serve for Devon. 

183 1 I Wm. IV. Lord John Russell, Lord William Russell. 
183 1* John Heyvvood Hawkins, esq., vice Lord 

John Russell, who elected to serve for 

1 83 1* Lieut. -Colonel Francis Russell, vice Lord 

William Russell, who accepted the 

Chiltern Hundreds. 
Lord William Russell, Lt.-Col. C. R. Fox. 
Lord WiUiam Russell, John Rundle, esq. 

It )> 

John Rundle, esq., Lord Edward Russell. 
J. S. Trelawny, esq., vice Rundle, who 

accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. 
E. S. Russell, esq., J. S. Trelawny, esq. 
Samuel Carter, esq., vice Trelawny, who 
accepted Stewardship of Herapholme. 
1852 16 Vic. G. H. C. Byng, esq., R. J. Phillimore, esq. 

[Phillimore's name substituted on petition for that of 


3 Wm. IV. 


5 Wm. IV, 


I Vic. 


5 Vic. 



II Vic. 




20 Vic. 



22 Vic. 


28 Vic. 


32 Vic. 


37 Vic. 


43 Vic. 

G. H. C. Byng, esq., Sir John S. Trelawny. 
Arthur J. E. Russell, esq., vice Byng, who 

accepted Stewardship of Northstead. 
Sir J. S. Trelawny, Arthur J. E. Russell, esq. 
A. J. E. Russell, esq., J. d'A. Samuda, esq. 
A. J. E. Russell, esq. 
Lord Arthur Russell [the preceding]. 
Lord Arthur Russell. 


130 Tavistock Records. 

Plate, Eegisters, Ipansl) 3Saolisi, etc., 

By the Rev. D. P. Alford. 

Plate. — (i) Two silver-gilt chalices and covers : one 
chalice and one cover of the years 1623-4; the second 
cover 1634, and the second chalice 1684. On the base of 
the first cover is engraved ' Tavistocke Wardens J. P: W. S. 
1624;' on the second, 'Wardens of Tavistock E. J: P. E. 
1634.' (2) A silver paten, inscribed on the flat rim with 
'Ex dono Dawbeny Williams Ar: Ecclesiae Beatas Marie 
Virginis et S*' Rumoni de Tavistock. Ano: 1684.' In the 
centre is a coat of arms — a greyhound, and three birds ; 
around this, in a circle, is inscribed, ' Donum Dei et Deo in 
Christo Salvatore meo Solum Spero dum Spiro;' and half 
around this, on a scroll, 'Panis Vitse Eternje Si Dignus es. 
Religio Protestantium.' (3) A silver flagon, 13 inches in 
height, and weighing 61 oz. Above are engraved the royal 
arms and the arms of the borough of Tavistock, and 
between them those of the Duke of Bedford ; under there 
is inscribed, ' The gift of the most noble John Duke of 
Bedford, &c. &c. &c. Sept. 22, 1761, being the Coronation 
Day of King George the Third and Queen Charlotte.' (4) 
A silver alms dish, the centre embossed with the symbols 
of the four evangelists, and on the flat rim this inscription, 
' To the glory of God in Loving Remembrance of Mary 
Lethbridge. June 11, 1877.' (5) A handsome silver 
chalice and paten were presented to the new church, 
Fitzford, by William Duke of Bedford, November, 1867. 

Peivter. — One flagon 17 inches in height, with no inscrip- 
tion. Another flagon i6f inches in height, inscribed, 
' Thomas Poynter and Robert Cudlipp, Churchwardens of 
Tavistock, in Devon, 1633.' Two flagons I4f inches in 
height, both inscribed, ' Ralph Worth and Richard Peek, 
churchwardens, 1638.' One smaller flagon lof inches 
high, inscribed, ' Alexander Cove and John Nosworth, 
1660.' This has been recently plated, for use in the new 

Plate, Registei'-s, and Old Books. 131 

church at Fitzford. One dish, or paten, iif inches in 
diameter, with scalloped edge 2\ inches high, inscribed, 
* Richard Peek,' in the centre. This Richard Peek must 
be the 'Manly Peek' of famous memory, who joined the 
expedition against Cadiz as a volunteer, and being taken 
prisoner, won his freedom by defeating three fully-armed 
Spaniards with a quarter-staff. 

Registers. — These begin with a fine old folio containing 
baptisms, marriages, and burials from 1614. Our registers 
are therefore about eighty years later than those of some 
parishes; but from their commencement they continue 
down to the present time without any break. There is 
naturally some confusion under the Commonwealth, when 
the marriages are mostly performed by the magistrates of 
Tavistock and the neighbourhood. Many points of interest 
are suggested by Dr. Barham's Digest of our Registers, a 
copy of which is to be found in the Public Library. From 
this it appears that the population of Tavistock was larger 
in 1680 than in 1780. The town seems to have rallied 
very slowly from the shock of the plague in 1626, when 
nearly six hundred deaths occurred in the twelve months, 
and more than a hundred a month died in August, Sep- 
tember, and October. For one hundred and fifty years 
after this the population rather declined than increased ; 
but it made a fresh start from 1780, and then the progress 
was steady, and from 1830 to 1850 very rapid. For 
instance, the population in 1781 was 31 17; in 1801, 3420; 
in 1811, 4723; in 1821, 5483; in 1831, 5602; in 1841, 
6272; in 1851, 8147. Since 1851, with the falling off in 
mining, we have steadily fallen back again to the 7781 of 
1 87 1, and the 6900 of 1881. These figures are from census 
returns ; but Dr. Barham shows that, whereas from 1687 
to 1737 burials exceeded baptisms by 521, marking a 
steady decline ; from 1786 to 1836 baptisms exceeded 
burials by 1697, showing, of course, a rapid increase. 

Old Books. — (i) In black letter and with chain, Frasmus' 
Paraphrase of the Nezv Testament, done into English by 
Nicholas Udall, in 1545. One portion is dedicated to 
Queen Catherine Parr, another to Edward VI. 

(2) Also in black letter, and printed in 1609, a consider- 
able portion of Jewel's works, namely, A Defence of his 
Apology against Dr. Cole ; A Replie to Harding ; A Treatise 
of Holy Scripture ; Comments on i and 2 Thessalonians ; 
and Sermons. 

132 Tavistock Records. 

(3) Sermons by Samuel Hieron, of Modbury, 161 3. It 
has a dedication for nearly every sermon, addressed to 
many patrons, e.g. to Sir Anthony Rous, of Halton, in 
Cornwall ; to the Right Worshipful and vertuous Ladie 
the Ladie Bright Halswell, of Halswell, in Somerset ; and 
to the Right Worshipful my very good Ladie, the Ladie 
Elizabeth Champernovvne, of Modburie. 

(4) Vicar Larkham's Sermons on the Attributes, published 
in 1655, and just lately kindly presented by Mr. Greenfield. 
There are several quaint Addresses to the Reader inter- 
spersed between the sermons. Professor Grosart, in his 
Representative Nonconformists, speaks thus of the book : 
' Larkham's very remarkable quarto,' ' his really great book 
on the Attributes,' ' one of the rarest of later Puritan 

(5) A folio Bible of 1739. (6) A Prayer Book of 1788; 
and, bound up with it, the old metrical version of the 
Psalms, by Sternhold and Hopkins, dated 1777. 

Parish Account Books. — There, are no less than twenty- 
one of these, from 1697 to 18 16. Several give nothing 
more than the weekly payment to paupers ; but others 
have details of assessments, resolutions, terms of agree- 
ment, and other occasional points of interest; e.g. In 1697 
there were nine poor rates, amounting to ;^383. In 1708 
the accounts are 'allowed' by Josias Calmady and Hen: 
Manaton. In 1728 they are examined by John Rowe, 
W™ Spry, John Edgcumbe, W" Condy, Stephen Madda- 
ford, and Arthur Cole ; and allowed by W™ Cloberry and 
John Elford. In June, 1739, it is resolved that no pauper 
shall have the great bell tolled at his funeral at the public 
expense. Under April 17th, 1740, we have, ' There is now 
in the custody of Mr. Walter Whitchurch one pair of 
Looms belonging to the parish of Tavistock, as also one 
iron crock'. Under March 22nd, 1754, we are told, ' Fifty- 
two people this month in the workhouse cost weekly each 
person, salary included, and work deducted, is. z\d.' In 
1750 Mr. T. Wyse agrees to do surgery and physic for all 
the poor residents and chance comers for eight guineas and 
a half. In 1764 Mr. William Bredall will do the same for 
nine guineas ; and Thomas Jessop will keep the clock and 
chimes in order for £2 3s., 'only abuse excepted.' One 
book contains the list of 'those that compounded for their 
statute labour from 1767 to 1797.' In 1789 May Skinner 
agrees to provide the poor with cofhns and shrouds for 8s. 

C/m7'chwardens Books. 


a-piece. In April, 1800, Mr. William Harness agrees to 
attend the poor for ;^io a year; and Charles Conian to 
furnish good beef and mutton to those in the workhouse 
at 5 id. a pound. One rate in 1800 amounted to £60 9s. 6d., 
and of this £g los. was in Irish money. In December, 
1800, .^892 was subscribed by 54 persons, whose names are 
given, as a special fund to meet the distressed state of the 
poor, and to be administered by a committee of twenty- 
five. In the assessment under March, 1799, are many 
names of places, now much altered, or little known, e.g. 
Pixton Hill, Particliff Wood, Muchaparks, Pittapase, 
Newton Chapel, Impham, Two Meadows Part, Winson- 
means, Kemps Hole, Brigge Parks, Butworthy, Wapisworth, 
Indescombe, Deer Park Lodge, House late a fulling, Sandy 
Parks, Sweethams, Herdwick Ho: and Quillets, Trixes 
]\Ieadow, Maudlins, Down housen, A Ho: by the Church 
Bow, A Trulling Mill, Cake's Hill, Ho: at Mount Hungry, 
Bray's Pixton, Oldwooder, The Rectory, Abbey Ho: 
Maggy Lane. 

Churchwardens Books. — (i) After the first book, which 
has been worked in with the old MSS., comes a vestry 
book, from February 20th, 173I, to Sunday, October 3rd, 
1802, This book was recovered from private hands, at the 
cost of £\ 5s., in November, 1885. It has many interesting 
entries. Here are three specimens: January 29th, 1789, a 
Sunday-school was established under the control of the 
parish vestry. It was to be managed by a monthly com- 
mittee of four, and voluntary contributions were to be 
made up by the rates. The children were to meet in 
school at 8 a.m. in summer, and at 9 a.m. in winter, and to 
go from school to church. In the afternoon, they met at 
1.30 p.m. for an hour and a half schooling before church, 
and they ended this day of rest with two hours more in 
school after service in the summer, and an hour and a half 
in the winter. It is ordered that as little severity is to be 
used as possible, but if necessary that little must be used. 
Ten rules are given for the guidance of the teachers, who 
are paid for their labour. This method, it is said, must 
be observed, *as order and regularity are the life and soul 
of instruction.' 

July 27th, 1794, it is ordered that Edward Bennett, 
Richard Rundle, James Andrews, and Thomas Monk be 
appointed to ring the sixth bell for ten minutes, at five 
o'clock in the morning and nine o'clock in the evening 

134 Tavistock Records. 

from Lady-day to Michaelmas, and at six o'clock in the 
morning and seven o'clock in the evening from Michaelmas 
to Lady-day, and to toll the day of the month on the tenor 
bell immediately after, and to have a salary of two pounds 
and twelve shillings a year for their trouble. 

March 17th, 1799, two 'guides,' armed and mounted, 
are to be at the 'Alarm Post or Rendezvous,' on Roborough 
Down, with three days' provisions and a blanket for a tent, 
to give alarm in case of invasion. 

(2) In the Wardens' Account Book from 1750 to 1829 
we have the usual entries about vermin, e.g. under 1787, 
two hedgehogs, 4d. ; Mr. Glanville's boy, for a badger, is. ; 
Thomas Doidge, for a fox, 5s. ; Philp, for a fitch and otter, 
Is. 4d. Under the same year we have, ' For hairing a bass 
bow, IS. 6d.' And so near our own time as 1825, ' Received 
from Mr. H. Rundle, late churchwarden, one violin and one 
tenor viol (no bow) ; from Mr. William Monk one violon- 
cello (no bow) — although by that time the church had its 

(3) The next Wardens' Account Book, from 1829 to 
1846, gives the last church rate, in 1838, amounting to 
;^ 1 86 9s. In 1 84 1, ^600 being needed for repairing the 
roof of the church, and ;^50 for annual expenses, and there 
being no chance of a church rate, owing to the state of the 
law and of public opinion, it was agreed to ask rent for the 
seats in the church, and to open a subscription list for the 
repairs. A church rate was attempted once more in 
February, 1845 ; but on a poll was defeated by 250 votes. 
From the first, the seat rents made a little short of ^170, 
which is just what they make still, in 1887. Under 1843 
we have provision made for the Sunday evening lecture, 
the lecturer being the Rev. Thomas Gibbons, afterwards 
rector of Peter Tavy. 

Rural Deans' Book. — This was provided July ist, 1822, by 
order of the Rev. R. H. Froude, archdeacon of Totnes, and 
father of the historian. The Rural Deans made notes of 
their visitations in it for ten years. But from 1837 it was 
laid aside for nearly fifty years, until the Rev. H. B. Grylls, 
vicar of Maristowe, made his entry as Rural Dean, in 
March, 1886. 

Separate Dociiuients. — i. Copies [a) of the grant of the 
Tavistock Abbey lands to Sir John, Lord Russell, and 
Anna his wife ; {b) Of the Decree for the Augmentation of 

Separate Documents. 135 

the Living of Tavistock. Both of the 31st year of Henry 
VIII. (A.D. 1539.) 

2. An account of the various Tavistock Charities, from 
the Report of the Royal Commission (Lord Brougham's) 
of 1820. It describes {a) 'The Gift House,' now known 
as ' Maynard's Charity'; {b) ' Sir John Glanville's Gift'; 
{c) 'Nicholas Watts's Gift'; {d) 'Charities settled by 
Act of Parliament,' now known as * The Ford Street 
Charity ' ; {e) ' Lord Courtenay's Almshouse.' 

3. The Schedule issued by the Charity Commissioners in 
1877 for the present management of Oliver Maynard's Gift. 

4. The Trust Deed of the Tavistock National Schools, 
appointing the Vicar of Tavistock and the Archdeacon of 
Totnes as trustees, and dated 9th May, 1846. 

5. Papers of Accounts : (a) A detailed account of the 
re-seating of the Church in 1845 ; (d) Churchwardens' state- 
ments of accounts from 1855 to 1880, with the omission of 
a few years. 


FEB . 66 


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