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STANFORD university libraries STANFORD 













On paj^e 8S, 8th line from V>c»tt<>iii, for "James Junes," read 'Manies Innes." 



Wm. p. Palmer, M. D., and Sherwin McRae. 






Entered according to an Act of ConjcresM, 


In the OtHct.- of the Librarian of CungrcsH at Washington. 



The present volume of the Calendar of Virginia State Papers is the fifth of the 
series, about one half of which was arranged and edited by Dr. Wm. P. Palmer, M. 
JD., of Richmond, Virginia, when failure of health compelled him to abandon the 
work which he was so well qualified to condubt and complete, and the residue of the 
volume was arranged and edited yby the subscriber, with an index added. Each 
successive volume of the Calendar iVirnishcs facts'and information illustrative of the 
history, genealogy, and biography of the people of Virginia, for the most part not to 
be obtained elsewhere. Much knowledge of the genealogy of Virginians is derived 
from the numerous names and places recorded in the Calendar— often indicating an 
ancestor who had been sought in vain, through all the mists of tradition and vague 

To the individual, family history is one of the most interesting subjects of human 
knowledge, and thus a paper appearently trivial, recorded specially for preservation, 
is often found to be the source of valuable information in personal history or gene- 
alogy; but the chief value of this volume of the Calendar, consists in its containing 
the papers which relate to the Commonwealth, at the point of time when Virginia 
transferred to the United States certain sovereign powers, which the state had 
exercised exclusively; but the volume is yet more interesting for the history of 
events transpiring at a time when the United States was in danger of disruption, 
and the integrity of the territory of Virginia was threatened. 

The perils of the United States soon after the adoption of the present constitu- 
tion, exceeded any to which the country had been exposed since the termination 
of the revolutionary war. The years 1789-90-91-92-93 were peculiarly critical. 
When the constitution of the United States was adopted, the western and north- 
western frontiers of Virginia were the theatre of never ceasing Indian murders and 
robberies. A cry of distress floated on every breeze which blew from the wea^t. 
The frontiersman was the object of Virginia's special care and solicitude, and her 
western domain among the most valued of her treasures. Kentucky was her oldest 
daughter, and the pride of the mother. Virginia guarded this treasure with cease- 
less vigilance, and organized an army of scouts and rangers for its defence and 
protection as the most suitable which could be devised. One of the most import- 


ant subjects which first engaged the attention of Washington was the relation of 
the United States to the Indian tribes, which inhabited the western frontiers of the 
United States. The pacification of the Indians, and judicious treaties with them 
be regarded as of much more importance than the relations with European and 
other foreign powers. 

Owing to the great ext43nt of Virginia's western and northwestern frontier, ber 
relation to the Indians was more comprehensive, and her machinery for the protec- 
tion of her people more elaborate, complex and expensive than that of any other state. 
Washington well knew this, and at what cost Virginia had defended her western and 
northwestern frontier from the savage ferocity of the Indian. Under the constitution 
of the United States, the power which had been exercised by the State for efficient 
defence, was transferred to the United States exclusively. This transfer was 
fraught with great danger. The United States unprepared, found itself unable to 
give the frontiers the necessary protection for life and property. Kentucky and 
the border counties protested against the withdrawal of Virginia's protection, and 
although there were constitutional difficulties in the way of State protection, the 
good sense and patriotism of Washington preferred the cooperation of Virginia 
with her plan and means of defence, to massacres and pillage, which the govern- 
ment of the United States, without the aid of Virginia, was impotent to prevent. 

Acknowledged inability of the United States to protect the settlements from 
murder and pillage by the Indians, would have been fatal to the government; but 
this was not all of the perils to which the new government was exposed. In the 
midst of the Indian troubles, there arose a controversy between Virginia and 
Pennsylvania of the most serious character. The constitutional obligation to sur- 
render fugitives from justice, and to surrender fugitive slaves, with the complica- 
tion of contradictor}^ testimony, sustained by the oaths of credible witnesses; the 
quarrel fomented and aggravated by the hatred of individuals and the creed of 
fanatics; the States being coterminous, and the hostile parties in close proximity, 
the irritation was perpetuated by constant contact, and could not be allayed. The 
propriety of complying with the demand of Pennsylvania was difficult to deter- 
mine, and required time for decision. Unfortunately before this case was disposed 
of, two other similar eases arose between the same states, increasing the excite- 
ment and difficult}^. The ])ower of the United States was invoked to coerce Vir- 
ginia to make the surrender, but Washington recognizing the delicacy of the sub- 
ject, abstained from participating in the controversy, although pressingly urged so 
to do. The prudence and influence of Washington averted a collision which 
seemed inevitable. But one of the greatest perils to which the state and United 
States were ever exposed, lurked in the mammoth land companies and schemes of 
gigantic land speculator, the design of which in particular cases, was the control 
of the vast domain extending from the Mississippi to the Pacific ocean, and as an 
essential feature of the scheme, to form a Western Republic, surpassing in extent 
of territory the original thirteen states, and in fertility and mineral wealth any 
other part of North America. 

At this day we have but little conception of the danger which lurked in these 
land companies. Most of the incorporators no doubt, were seeking settlements on 


tbe rich lands of the west for the peaceful pursuit of agriculture, but the arobitioas 
statesman and greedy land speculator saw a vast territory greater than that of 
the original thirteen states, of matchless fertility and wonderful mineral wealth, 
which Spain invited them to occupy almost gratuitously. While the invitation to 
such an Eldorado would be largely accepted by citizens of the United States and 
people of all nationalities, there was reason to believe that Kentucky would be the 
leader in this enterprise to form a great western republic with access to two seas. 
Kentucky, the pioneer commonwealth of the west, ever agitated by the ceaseless 
claim of the free navigation of the Mississippi, a privilege indispensable to tbe develop- 
ment and prospenty of that rising commonwealth, tempted first by the French, 
and then by the English, to withdraw from the United States and become the 
great Western republic — the Spanish forts to be captured, and the navigation of 
the Mississippi to be made free; removed so far from the seats of government of 
Virginia and the United States, that speedy communication and relief in times of 
exigency and distress was a physical impossibility — separation from the east, and 
alliance with the west, seemed to be the dictate of necessity as well as of policy. 
The free navigation of the Mississippi, and the head of a great republic destined to 
overshadow the United States, were offers to the ambition of a state, which few 
people could resist; but whilst the French and English as rivals, were proposing 
to conquer the free navigation of the Mississippi, on condition of Kentucky's 
separation from the United States, Spain, with great address and complete foil 
to her nvals, not only offered the free navigation of the Mississippi, but a territory 
of matchless fertility, exhaustless mineral wealth, and sea and rivers for the richest 
commerce of the new great republic. 

This offer of Spain was peculiarly dangerous from its character. It proposed 
qaietly and peaceably te settle this fine country by the agency of mammoth land 
companies covering the country at once with an expanse of population, which in 
the ordinary settlement of new countries required years to effect; led by men 
selected for their intelligence and energy, from the different states of the Union; 
sustained as a financial scheme by capitalists and speculators, and as a political 
scheme by the ambitious and adventurous. With such advantages, if Kentucky 
had separated from the United States, and the Indiana company had established its 
title to the northwest territory, (claimed by Virginia by charter and conquest), the 
new Madrid company might have bridged the Mississippi, and the western republic 
have become something more than a myth. But Kentucky did not separate from 
the United States, although so strongly tempted, and the mammoth Indiana com- 
pany did not succeed in establishing its claim to the northwest territory; and what- 
ever might have been tbe result of the secession of Kentucky or the success of the 
Indiana company, the danger of disruption was imminent; indeed, so imminent, that 
Mr. Dawson, a distinguished statesman, in view of the Morgan land company, writes to 
Gov. Beverly Handolph of Virginia, as follows: "this transaction I consider of the most 
interesting nature, and one which will probably produce a remarkable era in the Ameri- 
can history, as a door will be opened through which the United States will lose many 
thousands of her best citizens." This letter of Mr. Dawson was written imme- 
diately after the reception of one on the same subject from Washington, and no 



doubt reflects the sentiments and apprehensions of Washington, as well as his own — 
a strong belief that this Spanish land company would be the means of transferring 
thousands of the best citizens of the United States to the west side of the Missis- 
sippi, and the formation of a western republic. That Washington entertained 
similar apprehensions from the same cause, is evident from his appeal to Jefferson 
for his reconciliation with Hamilton, and would be much more apparent if Wash- 
ington's private correspondence in full, on the dangers of the Union could be seen. 
There is reason to believe that the most of these lettei'S were destroyed. 

It is plain that if the Indiana company had not been defeated by Virginia in their 
claim to the northwest territory that favored and splendid region would have been 
settled early during the foreign intrigues to disrupt the Union, and a reservoir of 
supply would have been furnished to the western immigration beyond the Mississippi 
at the expense of Virginia and all the eastern states. We are informed that the 
most valuable men of all classes in the states were engaged to sustain this enter- 
prise, and only waited for the signal to advance. 

Not onl^^ the numerous lettoi^s of Morgan, IIendei*son. and othei*s connected with 
these land companies are inaccessible, but the lettei*s of Washington to Dawson, 
and Dawson to Washington on Spanish intrigues and western relations, which no 
doubt could reveal so much, are not only un])ublished, but we have reason to fear 
have been lost or destroyed. Dawson's letter to Governor Randolph of Virginia, 
printed in the 4th volume of the Calendar of the Virginia State Papei"s, describing 
the New Madrid company, and depicting the consequences which would result from 
its success, gives probably the best information of the collossal power of these com- 
panies for mischief, extant, except the deposition of Mr. Henrj' given in the Hen- 
derson case at Williamsburg, June 4th, 1777, and printed in the first volume of the 
Virginia Calendar. Now these are Virginia papers, but necessary to fill a void which 
exists in the history of the United States, and which probably cannot be filled with- 
out their aid. These companies had an intimate connection with the destiny of the 
United States. The name of Patrick Henry is now one of the most famous in the 
world's vocabulary of names. His eloquence, wisdom and patriotism arc proverbial, 
but probably there is no service which he performed for his state or country more use- 
ful or honorable than his resistance of the claims of these land companies. Mr. 
Henry informs us that being a member of the first Virginia convention and also of 
the first Continental Congress, that on reaching Congress he was informed of many 
purchases of Indian lands, shares in all of which were oltered him, but which ho 
declined for reasons stated in his deposition. The acceptance of these*shares would 
have confeiTed immense wealth on Mr. Henry, probably many millions of dollars, 
but would have committed him to the su])port of the Henderson and Indiana claims, 
and yet more to the magnificent scheme of the Madrid company, with its power of 
expansion over the richest portion of North America. The public virtue which George 
Mason saw in his first convci^sation with Mr. Henry was Virginia's shield. The name 
of Henry was a tower of strength to any cause which he espoused; withholding it 
was the death knell to Indian titles, sustained as the refusal was by reasons 
the most cogent and a patriotism which covered him with a mantle of honor. His 
course was decisively influential on the leading men of the two conventions. With 


the Indiana company this grand scheme of General Morgan and Gorduquoi toppled to 
the ground, and the government of the United States was i*escued from the most im- 
minent danger which has beset it since its organization. This sentiment may seem 
strange to many, yet the writer believes that the government of the United States 
is stronger to-day than it has ever been since its formation, and that it has now a 
power of self protection equal to any future emergency. But in 1789, the case was 
widely different. The most perfect constitution which statesmanship, philosophy, 
and human wisdom (under the circumstances), could devise, had been adopted, but 
the sectional diiferences between the states were greater then than now, and the 
cohesive power of the constitution weaker then than now ; indeed this cohesive power 
was so weak at the time of the adoption of the constitution, that it was regarded 
as unsafe even to relax its bands for the insertion of necessary amendments, for 
fear they could not be tightened again. The amendments therefore were added to 
the constitution, instead of being incorporated, thus impairing the symmetry of this 
incomparable work. The same causes which made it difficult to unite the states in 
each a constitution as the present, made it easy to disunite them. The general sen- 
timent of the northern states, as indicated in a resolution of the first Continental 
Congress, was adverse to Virginia's claim to the northwest territory, and thus the 
effort of the Indiana or Yandalia company to subject Virginia's boundary to limita- 
tion and prescription by Congress, would not onl3\ if successful, have confirmed 
that company's title, but prevented Virginia's concurrence in the present constitu- 
tion of the United States. 

The paper which relates to the history of the suit in the supremo court of the 
United States by the Indiana company, against the State of Virginia, to compel the 
acknowledgment oi that company's claim, will appear in the next or sixth volume 
ol the Calendar, now in course of preparation. 




Petition of Joseph Seldcn Represents that he stands indebted in the 1789. 
Solicitor's Office in the sum of thirty pounds or thereabouts, as security July 2d 
for Duties, and an execution has issued against his property, which 
from the great scarcity of money in the County of Elizabeth City, will Elizabeth 
not sell for one tenth its value ; he therefore humbly begs a suspension ^^^ County 
of the Execution until October next, so as to enable him to dispose of 
so much of his property as will discharge the said Duties. 

Col. Wm. Henderson Encloses to the Governor his recommendation July 2d 
as Sheriff, by the Court of Campbell county, and requests that his 
commission may be sent to him. Accompanying this communication is 
a protest from Charles Lynch & John Ward, and a note from Richard 
Stith on the subject of Col. Uenderson's Commission. 

Nc^ttoway County Julj- Court, 1789. — Freeman Epes Gent, is recom- July 3<1 
mended to his Excellency the Governor, as a proper person to execute 
the office of County Lieutenant. Peter Randolph, Colonel, Thomas 
Jones, Lieut. Colo., Edmund Wills, Major, Moses Craddock, Capt., Abra- 
ham Hatchett, Lieut., Henry Fowlks, Ensign, Samuel Watkins, Capt., 
George Green, Lieut., John Wm. Connally, Ensign, Thomas Epes, Capt., 
Wm. Sidner, Lieut., William Gunn, Ensign, Wm. Jennings, Capt., 
James Dupoy Jr., Lieut., James Cooke, Ensign, Warning Peter Robert- 
son, Capt., Alexander Erskine, Lieut., Murdoch Coper, Ensign, Daniel 
Verser, Capt., Wm. Jones, Lieut., Robert Winfrey, Ensign, Sharp Lam- 
kin, Capt., John Evans, Lieut., Thomas Ellis, Ensign, Nathan Fletcher, 
Capt., Wm. Cabiness, Lieut., Daniel Parham, Ensign, Samuel Morgan, 
Capt., Charles Willson, Lieut., John Tucker, Ensign, Samuel Pincham, 
Capt. of Light Horse, Philip W .Greenhill, Lieut., Ubrick Mark, Cornet. 



1789. Sam. Coleman, A. C. C, States that by the pay rolls of Major Lanham 

Jaly »>th for the Snperintcmiant & Artificers, and for the <ruani at the Point of 
Fork for the last quarter enilin«r the 30th of June, 178!). it appears 
that there is due to the former. One hundred and twenty-two pounds, 
nine shillings and three pence, and to the latter, Seventy-two pounds, 
twelve shillings. And hy a ''Statement of Receipts and Disbursements 
it ap|>ear8 that tliere is in the hands of the Superintendant, the sum of 
Ninety-four |K>unds, nineteen shillings, said by him to be intended! for 
the purpose of providing clothing for the present year. " 

July 6th At a Court held for Ohio County on Monday the 6th day of July, 

1789. Present — Zachriah Sprigg. Isaac Meek. Benjamin Biggs and John 
Henderson Gentlemen, Onlered that Stepbt^n John Francis be recom- 
mended to his Excellenc}' Beverly Randolph. Esij., Governor of Virginia. 
as Ensign of the Militia in Ohio County. 

A Copy— Teste. 


July 6th Francis Young to Governor Beverley Randolph. 


I send you herein enclosed the Sheriff's Commission for Mr. John 
Goodrich, with a certi6cate of the proceedings had thereupon^ & also a 
certificate of Mr. Sampson Willson s resignation as a justice of the i>cace. 
I have conversed with all the Gent in the commission of the peace in 
this county as well as with others, & I am convinced that no one will 
accept the office of Sheriff to be made liable to the collection of the 
Tax for 1788. Indeed I am well convinced that were any of them so 
inclined, it would be out of their power to find security, that is from the 
appearance of things at present. Mr. James Wills qualified as She^ff in 
the month of May last, who then declared that it was not in [his] power 
to find security for the collection of the said Tax. He still fills & occu- 
pys that Office, but does not presume to me<ldle with the 88 Tax. 

I am, &c. 

July 10th Peter P. Archer Commissioneil as Cornet on the 8th day of May, 1789. 
in the "Militia Cavalr}' of the County of Powhatan," who refused to 
act, and **Wm. Bentley, rec*f>mmended in the room of Peter fd. Archer." 


L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to the Executive. 1789. 

July 10th 
Reporting on Banks & Co.'s claim, and is in tlio foUovving words: Hiehmond 

'' Pui-suant to an Order of Council, dated 4 Ultimo, directing mo to 
examine any further proof Mr. Banks might produce in support of 
Messrs. Hunter, Banks & Co.'s account against the Commonwealth, I 
find he has procured a Coilificate, herewith inclosed, from Mr. Armistead, 
which admits the receipt of the two articles of Sugar & the expencc of 
reprizing Tobacco amounting in the whole to £686, 14s. Mr. Armistead 
seems also willing to admit the Return of eight Hogsheads of Tobacco 
paid on Account. Mr. Crothers on similar principles that have ever 
guided on such occasions, to wit: where it did not appear that the loss 
was occasioned by the delay or inattention of the party — in this case, 
neither the time of paying the Tobacco to Messrs. Hunter, Banks & Co., 
or the time of the notes being tendered in return, appearing, the Cer- 
tificate seems useless, but from another Certificate it appears that the 
Notes for 7013 lb Tobacco were paid Messi*s. Hunter, Banks & Co. the 
5th February, 1782, which being at a period since the devastation of 
the Enemy, & the Tobacco being then of old standing, seems the most 
favourable circumstance, therefore it is submitted to the Governor & 
Council's consideration, which, should they be pleased to allow the notes 
remaining, amount to 3884, & a supposed note for774tb, all which gives 
rise to the following account: 

Sugar delivered Col. Morgan, - . . . 

Sugar, 25 lb. 

Expencc reprizing Tobacco, - . . - 



. 262 


- 166 




£686 14s turned into Tobacco at £50 per Cwt., is, - - 1,373 


Tobacco Notes presented — Return in part of 7,0 13ft). 

1 for 844 

1 850 

1 868 

1 - - - - . - 492 

1 834 


A supi>osed note, . . . . . 774 


Interest on l,373fti Tol)acco from Augt. 1781 till ]mid. 

Do 4,662 '' " Feb'y 1782, 

I have omitted the calculation of Interest untill the Executive w^iil be 
pleased to direct the extention, saying it will "be allowed. 


1789. John Harvie to Governor Randolph. 

July 16th Sir, 

When the DirectorH of the James River Company made their de- 
mand for the publiek Shares upon the Requisition of the 20th of May 
last, they made a Mistake in the amount of £25, this has since been 
corrected by the auditor, & a warrant gi*anted to Mr. Buchanan. 

You will bo pleased to grant an order on the Treasurer for payment. 

I am Sir, &c. 

July 20th Lankston Ford of Hanover County petitions the Governor and Coun- 
cil for the remission of a fine of ten shillings imposed on him by a Court 
Martial, for the reason '^that he was in a bad state of health, and 
unable to attend muster at the time he was so fined." 

July 20th Col: Arthur Campbell to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Washington Sometime ago I received the enclosed, which I did not, nor could 

County j^^^ comply with, for reasons obvious from Mr. Barnett's own Statement. 
Harvest being now over, and a plentiful ci'op of grain secured, it will 
remain with the Executive, what oixlers they are pleased to give on the 
subject. However, on attending to the idea of the President of the 
United States, and the advice of Council of 30th of May last, we can- 
not help concluding that a Ranging Company stationed on Clinch, will 
ill answer the puq)ose of defence — To repress the spij-it of Enterprise 
in the hostile partys of the savage Tribes that annoy us, the surest way 
is to make them feel the same inconvonienceys, in their own settlements, 
as they unprovoked inflict on us. But this may take time, and no small 
expense. Another mode of defence would be, to have companys of Reg- 
ular Troops, so stationed, as to intei*cept the enemy coming in, or going 
out, or at least retake their booty, which is always the principal incent- 
ive to hostility of the disorderly parts of the Tribes. Take away the 
motive, and inaction on their part will ensue. On this plan 60 men well 
officered, might suffice to defend that part of the frontier from the Kana- 
wha to the N. Carolina line. These Troops next year could bo removed 
for more distant service if our transactions with the Indians will make 
it necessary, and the advanced Settlers may supply their place. On the 
proposed plan also, an auxiliary means of defence would be the integ- 
rity and activity of the Suporintendant of Indian affairs and their 
Deputys — For if they should be concerned either directly or indirectly 
in trade, the profits on the plunder purchased from the Indians are so 
great, that we might expect not only their conniving at predatory 
excursionSj but openly countenancing them. Not a few complaints of 


this kind bavo already ariacn againt Traders in S. Carolina, who have 1789. 
been known to purehane the Ilorses taken on the Kentucky path, and July 20th 
from the back Settlers M. Gillivray with an host of assistants, have been 
for years at it, to the ruin of many. The booty carried off by the 
Shawanse and the Eenigadoes that takes an asylum with them, arc 
generally disposed of at Detroit — To intercept that, one half of the 
proposed number might be stationed on Sandy River near the Fork or 
where the Greenbriar road to Kentucky crosses that river. To guaixi 
against the Cherokee and Creek parties, the propercst place for a Fort 
seems to be near Cumberland Gap, on the Kentucky side of the Moun- 
tain, As of late it is known the Southern Indians, in order to advance 
on us more privately, come up the West side of Cumberland Mountain 
to near the head of Kentucky river, from thence pass over on our settle- 
ments, and return nearly the same way. When N. Carolina is admitted 
into the union, the plan of defence may be varied to advantage. 

I am Sir, 

Your most obedient servant. 

The following is the enclosed letter to which Col. Campbell refers: 

•Russell, May '20th day, 1789. 

On friday last, the indians fell on the family of Joseph Johnson in 
the rye cove settlement, it being twelve in number, of which but throe 
in number himself and two sons Escaped. His wife and child was found 
about one quarter of a mile of the house, kill'd & scalped, the bones of 
one child found burnd in the house, the others 1 have not been informed 
whether kill'd or taken. Attempts have been made by voluntary enlist- 
ment to raise the number of tifly men in our Count}', but to no purpose, 
it apears they cannot begot. I request you in behalf of our County, to 
furnish with the number of Fifty men & their proper proportion of 
Officers to be continued on duty untill the first of Sep'r, or longer, if 
needful, And provitions to supply untill that time. The scercity of Graine 
in our County and other provitions apoaringly it will be impossible I 
think, to purchase them on good terms on public credit. William Hun- 
ton on Mockison have some corn for sale. He inform'd me yesterday he 
wou*d take half a crown p'r Bushal, Cash, paid-in hand for twenty- 
fivo Bushals, And if any more to spare he wou'd let it on public Credit. 
If you sir^ Can Comply with the above Requisition, order that the men 
be under the direction of the field oflBcers of Russell County while on 
Duty. Present necessity require part for the i^e Cove, & the remainder 
in Powals Valley. Please Write to me by the fii-st opertunity, when 
the men will come and their place of rendezvous, what can bo done 


1789. about getting provitions in your County. And the name of the Cap- 
July 20th tain that is to have the Command of s'd Company. Please let it be 
done with the most immediate dispach. 

I am sir, your obedient and very Humble Servant." 
To the County Lieutenant of Washington County. 

July 2l8t Col. Wm. JDavies to Governor Randolph. 

Richmond None of the Gentlemen who acted under Major Claiborne have as 

yet rendered a statement of the credits to which the State is entitled 
with them. Stephen Southall is the only one who appears to have 
attended to the business at all, and as several of them can authenticate 
chargxjs againpt the United States to a very considoi*ablo amount, T sub- 
mit to your Excellency whether it would not be proper to renev*^ your 
application to them on this head. How far an assurance of compensa- 
tion for their trouble may operate, I cannot say, but I think Captain 
Russell, & perhaps others are tardy for want of some such stimulus, or 
possibly have it in view by withholding information to induce the State 
to use its influence to procure the establishment of such arrangements 
by Congress as will enable them to accomplish the settlement of their 
accounts, without the necessity of an expensive attendance at New York, 
or the prospect of receiving final settlements only in discharge of the 
balancies claimed to be due them. Should it be thought proper to 
hold out an expectation of any agency of the State wilh respect to their 
situation, it might probably prove an excitement with those Gentlemen 
to recommend themselves in return to the favor of the State, by fur- 
nishing properly authenticated the desired information. 

I have the honor to be 

Your Excellency's 

Obedt. Servt. 

Proclamation of Governor IIandolpu. 

Virginia, to-wit — By his Excellency, Beverley Randolph, Esquire, Gov- 
ernor of the Commonwealth: 

*A Proclamation. 

Whereas, it has been notified to me, that the Senate and lloiisc of 
Representatives of the United States in Congress assent bl -d, have taken 
measures concerning duties and Imj)osts, I have, therefore, thought fit, 

* Bears impression of the seal of the State. 


in obedience to the act of the General Assembly, entitled "An Act con- 1789. 
cerning cei*tain public Establish m en ts," and by and with the advice and July 2l8t 
consent of the Council of State, to issue this, my proclamation, hereby 
rcquirin<^ all Naval Officers, Collectors of duties, and Searchers, to cease 
the exercise of the power vested in them by virtue of their respective 
Offices, from and after the 1st day of August next, except so far as 
relates to the collection of a duty of Six Shillings per llogshead on 
Tobacco exported. 

Given under my hand and the seal of the Commonwealth, at Richmond, 
this Twenty-first day of July, in the year One thousand seven hun- 
dixjd and eight3''-nine. 

At a court held for Augusta County July 21st, 1789, The Court doth July 2l8t 
recommend James Steele, Joseph Bell, and John Wdsou, Gent., to his Augusta Co. 
Excellency the (lovernor as fit persons to execute the office of sheriff 
for this county. 



Sam'l McDowell to the Governor op Virginia. juiy 26th 


A Letter from the County Lieutenant of Mercer to the President Danville 
of Convention, inclosing the copy of a Letter from the President of the 
United States to your Excellency, and your Circular ordei*8 to him, on 
receiving that letter was laid before the Convention. The members of 
convention were of opinion that, as a convention, they could not take 
up the consideration of these papers, but that as Citizens of Virginia, 
and inhabitants of Kentucky, possessed of the confidence of their brethren, 
inhabitants of the District, and suffering with them, it was their duty as 
an assembly of individuals, to take them under consideration. 

A committee of the Convention reported the following remonstrance: 
To his Excellency the Governor, and the Honorable the Council of 
Virginia — The Remonstrance of sundry Inhabitants of the District of 
Kentucky, who are also members of the Convention for the District, 
Sheweth, that the discharging the Militia of the District from any fur- 
ther service, on account of the State, before measures can be taken by 
the Federal Government for the protection and security of the Inhabi- 
tants of the District, from the depradations of the Indians, will probably 
be attended with injur}' to all, and deplorable consequences to some of 
the good people of the District, Because from the discharging the scouts 
no notice of the approach of the Indians, can possibly be given to the 
People to enable them to secure their property from their depradations, 


1789. and their Lives from their Cruelty; nor to assemble always in proper 
July 26t]i time to intercept them in their retreat, by which they might have a 
chance of recovering part of the property taken by the Lidians, and 
chastising them for their cruelties. In consequence of which, many of 
the poor Inhabitants on the frontiers will probably be obliged to leave 
their Habitations and remove to the more secure parts of the country, 
to their great loss, if not utter ruin. That the strength and stations of 
the Federal Troops at present, are such that it is impossible for them to 
afford the smallest security to the People of Kentucky; a striking 
proof of which is that they aflPord no security whatever to the people 
of Jefferson, who are the nearest to the Troops stationed at the falls, as 
will appear from the many depradatioils committed by the Indians in 
that County, but more particularly from their attack on the seventeenth 
day of this month on Mr. Chinowith's Famil}''. 

Your Remonstrants consider your Honorable Body as on your own 
motion, withdrawing from us our only defence and depriving us of that 
securit}^ for our Lives and our Property, which has hitherto been granted 
us ])y Government. As his Excellency the President's Letter did not 
require the immediate discharge of the Militia and discontinuance of 
the Scouts, which has hitherto been employed for the Security and 
defence of this district, Your Remonstrants must be of Opinion that 
the expenses incurred in defence of the District of Kentucky would not 
be at the sole charge of Virginia, but would be a Federal charge. 

Signed by Order of the Committee. 

Danville, July 26th, 1789. 

The following paper accompanied the above protest : 

An account of the depredations committed in the District of Kentucky 
by the Indians since the first day of May, 1789: In JctFcrson Count}* — 
On Floyd's fork, two men were killed; Near the same time, and on the 
same River, two persons were Killed, and three taken Prisoners; On 
Brashear's Creek, two were killed and two taken prisoners; On 
the 17th of July, Chinowith's Station was attacked by- a number of 
Indians, who entered Chinowith's House while the family were at Supper. 
Three of Chinowith's family were killed and seven wounded. Three of 
the wounded are since dead and several others yet dangerous. The 
Indians plundered the House of everything they could carry away. 
There was at the same station before this date, One man killed and one 
wounded. The number of Horses Stolen from this County exceed 

Nelson — Two men killed and two wounded, and a number of Hoi'ses 
Stolen to the amount of about twenty. 

Lincoln — One man & one child killed and two women wounded and 
about twenty-five Horses Stolen. 


Mmdi^on — Oc the firet d^y of June the lodirnDs bivke ioto the Uoiu^ 1789. 
of Edmund Stei>bcDM.iD and w<»uQdod ooe |M.'rsuu. Thej' have »U>lea a July dtjth 
namber of Horses fnun this Ci»uiitv. 

Buariion — Two meo have Ihx*u Icidly wouudtxl ^ ai^out filieefi Uoniee 

MasKrti — Two men Kilied k Fortv-oiie Horses Stolen. 

Woudlord — l>ue Ik»v KilJod mtid Mfvenil Hon^es stolen. 


A List of saudr\' Induiti Tril»ei* noi included in tiie Uite Treaitv: 

To the iKvrthwest ol Keulueky are the Shmw&neeK. Twiefatweetf or 
Pict^ ^mnkeshiiwfv. KickafKKih. Ka^dLiuikies. WiogtenouK, Wsiweogtetious, 
lli»lQeki»DA. llaHqnaqoeb, k & Banditti fn»m several Nations now living 
on the Heiids <»f Sandaskv. Si-iotho. ^ the lliaiuies of Lake ErieA Ohio. 

To the S^*uthward i»f Kentucky. The I'riK'ks, Chiekama^ra^^. k all tlie 
other trilK^ of the Chnxtkees, Cht»etaws k Chiekasaws. 

lhbt*ney JfiiKirs a<^fiHint airaiti^t the CV>mmon wealth lor the eirt^i'liiofi Jol.v :%tth 
of a Neoeanary in the Oa]»itoJ \ atrd and furnishing materials lor cauue, 
£43, 13s, Id. 

Certi6t«te of John CaiuplielU Keeper of the l>u mines Distriitt Jail. Julv IKttlj 
that he had recteived into his custody u tnirLaiu George Quiek, who was 
coDvietiyi of Honn* St^^Iiiiir and who had esea}KKl £K>m Jail in oompaoj 
with a i^tenain Jeti Roaeh. who was also e(»nvieted of horse Hlealing at 
the Hame time. 

Gas&ett Mjwor. «'<!! wtt LiEii or Louisa ti» G\»v£&noe Bevc&lst JuIv »ith 



John PomcieiOer who was appointed to the command ol a company ixniitw 
ol Li*;^ht Itifaniry to W- raim*d l(»r Louisa, having Kesigued, Give me 
leave to recsommeiid in his steud, George Miehie. as Oapt.. James Poii^ 
dexlor, Lieut., k Chapman While, as Ensign. 

J am, &c. 

Juihh: Wm Flwuhw t(» Governob Betbrlet Kanik>I4PH JuU 3l«t 

This will Ik* handtHJ you hy Mr. Bennet Ballew, who is on his way U» jHuumerx'ille 
Sew Turk in eom]iany wiiii two Chiels oi the Cherokee nation of In- 


1789. dians, & doputed by thorn to lay their grievances before the president of 
July 3l8t the United States and ihe Congress, and to make pi-oposals for a per- 
manent & perpetual peace & union, with full power to act in their behalf 
& stead. 

I have been many years acquainted with Mr. Ballew, and think him 
an honest, upright, intelligent man, tho' he sensibl}'^ feels the want of a 
liberal education, but from his long residence among the different nations 
of Southwestern Indians, he is well acquainted with their manners, 
politicks & connexions. The Cherokces rely much on the friendly Offices 
of Virginia to forward their views & obtain their wishes. Mr. Ballew 
therefore desires to communicate to you in detail, the different objects 
of his mission, and hopes that you will with the advice of your council, 
give him such an introduction to the president as may best tend to pro- 
mote the reciprocal interests of the United States, and of the nation he 
has the honor to serve. Permit me to add sir, that my humanity feels 
itself deeply interested in the success of these unfortunate people, who 
1 believe have been much injured & distressed by some who call them- 
selves our fellow-citizens. 

I have the honor to be sir. 

Your most obed*t servant. 

July Affidavit of llichard Chapman "that indisposition rendered him 

Hanover incapable of attending as one of the Grand Jury at the time he was 
fined," &c. 

August Ist ^^^' Arthur Campbell to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Washinj^ou ^^^% 

Since my last of the 20th July, 1 have received information from 

the Indian Country that a difference hap])ened between the Creek In- 
dians and the Spaniards. In the attack some lives was lost on both 
sides. That in conseciuence thereof the port of St. Marks have since 
been shut and no intercourse can now take place with the Bahama 
McGilvery Islands. That McGillivery alarmed at his situation, seemed anxious to 
put a stO]) to hostilities with the American States and entered into a 
Treaty, and that he had proposed a meeting in September next. This 
unexpected turn of affuii-s offers to the general government a favourable 
opportunity to chastise our late invaders, or to bring about such- terms 
of accommodation as nuiy ensure a lasting tranquility. If a Treaty is 
preferred, which from the State of our finances it is most probable will 
be the case, Virginia ought to have a commissioner at it as well as the 
three more Southern States, and from the importance of the negociation 



it is much to be wished that one of the Executive could attend. The 1789. 
Cherokee Indians greatly depressed by their calamities last year, deny August let 
their being concerned in any of the late murders except a few of the 
Chickamogga Party, who had mixt themselves with the hostile detach- 
ment of the Creeks sent out by McGillivray to Kentucky and the set- 
tlements on Clinch. About two weeks ago a skirmish happened in 
Powell's Valley with a small party of Indians that were stealing Horses, 
in which we had one man badly wounded. 

I have the honor to be with great Respect Sir, 

Your most Obedient Servant. 

Mayo Carrinqton to Governor Beverly Randolph. 


In consequence of your last letter to me respecting the property 
belonging to the Buchanan Furnace, I called on John Fearn of that 
County, who was a purchaser of one of the negroes. lie did not hesitate 
to deliver him on demand. He is a fellow of small value, and appeared 
to be desirous of remaining there. I consented that he might continue 
with Mr. Fearn until I received instructions from the Executive as to 
the further disposal of him & remains there still. Mr. Ross was the pur- 
chaser of the other three; on application to him, he informed me that 
one only of three were in his possession, the other two have absconded 
immediately after he purchased them, & readily agreed to deliver the 
one to my order. The public business I am now engaged in called me 
from home about the latter end of June, since which I have not been 
in Cumberland. I authorized Mr. Codrington Carrington to apply to Mr. 
Ross for them. I, a few days past, rec*d a letter from him informing me 
that he applj^ed to his agent at the Point of fork, who refused to deliver 
the slave in his possession, as he had not received instructions for Mr. 
Ross to do so, & that the two that were absconded had come to jn\y 
house, and still remain there. Any instructions from the Executive as 
to the future disposal of those, as well as the one in possession of Mr. 
Fearn, I shall be glad to receive at the next Cumberland Court, as 
that is the only time I shall be at home between this and the latter end 
of October. As I shall during that time onijagcd in the business before 
mentioned, a letter lodged with Mr. James Dean in Richmond will 
come to hand at Cumberland Court. Thooderick Scruggs who leased 
the furnace lands of Mr. Rively has lately offered to deliver the posses- 
sion of the land to me. The offer I did not think myself authorised to 
receive; at his request I promised to inform the Executive of his propo- 
sition; he wishes not to be involved in a suit on that account, which is 
the reason he offers for wishing to give up the lease; if the Executive 

August 1st 


Property he- 

lon^ng to 




as to their 
disposal will 
reach him at 
C. H. 

Lease of Fur- 
nace land 


1789. think it advisable to accept of bin proposition, tbeir instructions on that 
August Ist bead shall be my guide. 

With respect &c., 

Yr. Mo. Ob. Serv. 

August Ist The Governor laid ])efore the Board a Letter from Mr. Mayo Carring- 

Major Car- ton, informing him that he had, agreeable to the former Instructions of 

'^^ ter^ ^^® Executive, taken into his poHsession several negroes the proport}' of 

the public heretofore emplo^^cd at the Buchanan Furnace. 
Instructed Whereon it is advised that Mr. Carrintcton be desired after ffivinff 
to sellthe s"^^>®^^ notice, to offer them for sale at Cumberland (>ourt House, on 
negroes six months credit for specie, taking Bond with suflScient security for 
the amount of the Purchase money. 

August 4th Go. Washington, President op the United States, to Governor 

Beverley Randolph. 

New York Agreeably to the Resolution of Congress of the 5th of Juno, I do 

myself the honor to enclose to your Rxcellency an act to regulate the 
Collection of the Duties imposed by Law on the Tonnage of Ships or 
Vessels, and on Goods, Wares and Merchandizes imported into the 
United States. 

I have the Honor to be With due consideration, 

Your Excellencys most Obedient & most Humble Servt, 

His Excellency Beverley Randolph. 

Auj(iist4th ^'^^'- ^w. Davies to the Governor. 


Captain Dcnham, who has been engaged in the business of his 
appointment, has applied for £7 more. The bearer, Col. Lee, can inform 
you what he has done, that ii' 3'onr Fixoollenoy thinks proper, a warnuit 
may bo given to him. 

1 am your Obed. Servt. 


Two Petitions to the Governor, numcrouslj- signed by Citizens of 1789. 
Loudoun County, and othei*8 praying the pardon of George Quick, late Au^ist 4th 
of the Count}' of Loudoun, who was condemned for horse stealing, at 
the District Court held at Dumfries. 

David Sheppard, County Lieut, of Ohio, to Mr. Archibald Wood Esq., Aujriist 5th 
Transmits a full list ol the Number of Militia in the County of Ohio — 
Effective Men, 545— Non effective men, 72— Cavalry, 18— Total 635. 

Sales at Auction of the State Boats Liberty <fe Patriot, Whale boat, August (>th 
Searcher's boat, <fec., pr. Order of Capt. Richard Taylor: 

Boat Patriot, James Young purchaser, £431, Loan office or Soldier's Norfolk 

r«^-*:«««*^ ^1© ^f the 

Certificate. y^^ p^^^^^ 

Moses Myers, Purchaser of Boat Liberty, at £501, Loan office or and Liberty 
Soldier's Certificate. 

Thomas Allen, purchaser of the Whale Boat, for £325, Loan Office 
or Soldier's Certificate. 

William A. Bailey, Purchaser of the Searcher's Boat, £3G, Loan Office 
or Soldier's Certificate. 

James Caton, 1 Lott Bomshells & Pigg Iron, £81, Loan Office or Sol- 
dier's Certificate, &c., &c; 1 ''Lott Bomshells & Pigg Iron; 1 Sein, about 
35 F'athom; 1 old Foresail & Some blocks; 1 Arm chest, Contain'g 
Musketts, Pistols, &c.; 1 Arm chest Contain'g Musketts, Pistols, &t!. ; 
1 old stove, oyl Juggs, <fec.; 2 Two pound Cannon Gunns, & 16 Swivells. 

Nett proceeds of the above sundries being £28, in specie; Nett pro- 
ceeds of sale of boats, £270, 6s, 3d, in specie, making a total of £208, 6s, 
3d. Deduct Commissions for A<lvertising, (/rying sale, Collecting, 
taking bonds, &c., a 5 p'r cent., making £14, 18s, 3Jd, leaving a nett 
balance of £283, 78, 11 Jd. Above sale was made and Account sales signed 
by George Kelly, N. M. 

Account current of Capt. Richard Taj'Ior with George Kellj^ giving August 8th 
the nett proceeds in specie of the sales of the Stale boats Liberty & Norfolk 
Patriot, and Materials as pr. Sales, amounting to £283, 7s, ll.|d. 

Pay Eoll of Company' of Rangers st^itioned on the Great Kanawha, Auprnst 8th 
Wm. CJendinen, Capt. : The names of said Company being Wm. Clondinen, Greenbrier 



1789. Capt.; fvco. Sbrnw, Lieut. : Fnincii^ Watkins. Ensiirn . Sho«ienek Hmrmon. 
Aii(n»4 Mh Sgt.; Bulien Slmoter. S^: and 26 privaies, viz: John ToUyprurt: Wm. 
fUntei^ Cmrroll; Wm. Turrell; Saml. Dunbar: Th.js, Shirkev; Wm. HyllanJ: 
John Humfl: XicholaA Null: John Carinder: Isaac Sneviii'or: Arr*her 
Priee: llenr\' Morris: Wm. Miller: Bvnjn. Morri?: Cha«. Youna^: John 
Buckle; Levy Morris: Wm. Geortre; James E^lirer. Joseph Burwell: 
Alex. Clenilinen : Miehl. Wm. Bo:;!^^: John Moore: R*>bert 
Aron; Wm. MorriM. 

Aogml KHh Certificate of rations fumishe*! Rangers hy <ieo. Clen*linen tor 26 pri- 
Rationn Udt vate«, 2.Sergt«., one Ensign, one Lieut., and one Capt.. from lirsi of March 
^^''^^ till fir»t of July, amounting to Three th«>uAan*l >even hiin«Ired iV eighty- 
two rations at seven peni*e half pi'nny |K'r Ration i^ pun*hase*l of Wm. 
Morrirt, I^tconanl Morris & others, being a ration |K'r day f«>r alcove num- 
ber of men. & amounting to £118. 3s. 9d. 

AngiMt 10th Geo. Clejtbixes to Governor RAXDt»irH, 

Greenbrier Inclosed I have sent your Exeelleney a letter re>|K*^-tinir the Situation 
Aflaimon of Affairs on the Kanawha. The Re<*onimen«lati«>n for Mai^ist rales in 
Kanawha *^® "**^ <^'ounty : The Pay Roll of Wm. Clemlinen, Capt. of the Ranirers. 
together with the amount of Rations actually funiish'«l. 

I am vrtur Exeellene«>s obt. Si»rvt. 

Aofnifft lOth Letter prom Gvak Clexdinen and Andrew Donnam.y ti> Governor 


New rounfy Your Excellency and the Hon'ble BoanI b}- Recurrinir to the Law 

of Kanawha farming a new count}' out of the Counties of iireenbrier and Mont- 
gomery, will find that it is to be a separate and distinct one. calkHl and 
known by the name ol Kanawha, from and aiter the fii*st <lay of October 
next, and whereas, we have palroniseil The formation of saiil Count}*, 
and with the people of this County it is Expected that we will do every 
Recymimen- thing in our power for the promotion of the new one: and whereas, no 
M iHkJ t "^ person or |>ersons, as we have understoo<l, have yet procee<Ie<l to Re<*oni- 
mend the Magistrates for said new CJounty, We therefore take the liberty 
to Recommend to your consi<leration. The following Gentlemen to-wil: 
Thomas Lewis. Robert Clenilinen, Francis Wat kins, Charles McClunir. 


Bciijjimii) Strotber, Wm. Clendinen, David Robinson, Uoo. Aldorson, 1789. 
Lconurd Morris, <& James Vanbobbcr, Gontlomou as til persons to till August 10th 
tbe office of the peace in said new County, and as in all probability, no 
opportunity will again serve for their Commissions to come to Hand 
Before tlie s'd County takes place. We hope if the Executive should 
approve of the afores'd Gentlemen, their Commissions will be forwarded 
by the bearer Mr. Reuben Slaughter. Wo are Intirely unacquainted 
with the mode pursued in those eases and theix'fore must Beg your 
Excellencies pardon, and Hon'ble Board, if we have assumed a part 
which we ought not. 

W« have the Hon'r to be with great Respect & Esteem, 

Your Excellencies Ob't Serv'ts. 

N. B. His Excellency «& tbe llon'ble Council will, I trust, pardon the 
appoanmce of my name to tbe recommendation of two men so near to 
me as Brothers, Jfc be assured that my Indelicacy in that Re<ipect has 
proceede<l from no other motive other than a i^neiousness of their 
merit, which I flatter myself, their public and private characters will 
manifest through life. 

I am with true Respect, 

Your Excollencies ob*t sorv't. 

LinrrER from Gko. Clendinkn, C. L. G. C, to Governor Randolph, in August 10th 



I Received your Exccllenceos favor of the 23rd of May last, by the Greenbrier 

Hand of young Mr. Renick, wherein I found I was directed to inform 

the Executive of tbe number of Scouts and Rangora I had Imployod NuhiIrt of 

for the defence of the Inbabitants of Kanawha, and also to dischari^o ^"^^"t** * 

11 11 mi * r> RangerH 

any number that exceeded a sergt. and twelve men. The number of 

Rangers I bad ordered on duty, I should have specifically mentioned, 

but considered it unnecessary as I could order out but one half, unless 

I had previously Consulted the Executive; and as to such part of my 

orders as Respected the discharge of the Rangers, I should bave most 

pointedly obeyed, had not the Indians previous to the time of my 

Receiving the Executive's orders and after I had wrote to the Executive, 

killed and taken ten persons on the settlement of Clintch, (and noer to 

the settlements of Kanawha.) and likewise, other sign of different Indians 

Indians discovered in divers place on that quarter. However, imme- munlerinjr 

diatcly on the Receipt of your ordera, I wrote you by private convey- ^^^^ ^j^ " 

ance, (as you had Requested mo to make use of such, as frequent as Clintch 

posBible, and forbear to send by Express,) tbe danger that to me was 

apparent. • The number of Scouts & Rangers, then Imploy'd for the 



1789. dofeiieo of Kanuwliu, and thcii Immediutcly Ropair'd in^'Hclf U> the 

Au^imt lOtli Statioim on the Kuiiawlia and to tbo mouth tliereof, at P<»int Pleasant. 

In order to find out an iully as ])08siblc the disposition ot the Indians, 

as the Executive had Informed me they had no official Information 

thereof; And must beg leave to lay beiore your Excellency and the 

Honorable Board, that In my oppinion no other disposition prevails 

amongst thorn Towards our frontiers, other than that oi Committing 

Every murder and Theil in their power, which is clearly Manilested lis 

Iiidiiui lollowetli: The first of last month they Barbai'OUKly murdered A man, 

iiiunler near ^^j wounded four othei*s at the mouth of little Miami, killed a Capt. 

and in King neer Ilockhockon, and a very few days agoe killed a Mr. Davis In 

Kanawha Kanawha, Robbed four other men of thefr l[oi*ses in said County who 
neerly escap'd in the night with their lives, and since I left the Station 
at the mouth of Elk, there has been the sign of tifteen or sixteen dis- 
covei*ed neer the late settlement Established at the mouth of Coal, twelve 
miles below Elk; which ditlerent Hostilities together with many otbei-s 
that are daily committing on our neighbouring counties, 1 doubt not will 
Justify my Conduct in Continuing the Rangers I ordered on Duty this 
Spring, Who's number, as I wrote you by my private Conveyance, Con- 
sisted ol Twenty-tive privates; Butfindsincel Receiv'd the Captain's Mus- 
ter Roll, Consists of tw^enty-six privates. Captain, Lieut., Ensign, and two 
Sergts., which officers, to me, has over apj)cared Indispensably necessary. 
If the Company is even not Comploatc, there being no field officers or 
Captains noorer them than one Hundred miles, Consequently, If a Gen- 
oral Invasion was to take place, It would bean improper time to a])point 
those oflficei*s. Indeed, I believe If they could be procured at all, to 
serve In the moment of Invasion, they w^ould scarcely answer a God pur- 
pose, being, perhaps, such as would be altogether Inexperienced in In- 
dian Affairs. And, However desirous the Executive may be to Husband 
the public money, I beg leave to Inform them that a less number than 
those now on duty will answer no Essential i)urpose, as the present 
number are oblidged to be disporced in sundry ]>laces to Guard the 
people in attending their crops, and cannot collect a sufficient number 
when mischief is done until the savages have an opportunity of Making 
their Escapes; thus the Good Design of Government is obstructed by 
an over Rigid Paiximony. VVhereas, If the whole company was on 
duty, a sufficient number Could be always kept together to give chase 
on a moments warning, as was the Case last year, while victory mark'd 
the steps of Every attemiit was made to pursue those wanton destroyers 
of Mankind. Yet, notwithstanding the very great neeessity I see of 
augmenting the number of Rangei-s, My power is .so Definite that unless 
I have the Appi*obalion of your Ilon'ble Board, no other consideration 
than the County being Generally Invaded would licen<.-e or Justify an 
augmentation by me. 

I have herewith Inclosed the Pay Roll for the pivsent year, up till 


the firtit of July, and also the amount of Rations That have been actually 1789. 
furnished, which Rations were as difficult to purchase as well as convey August l(Hh 
to the Kanawha, as they were last year occasioned by the Tardy pay- 
ments of those lately furnished, and the Extreame Bad appearance of 
crops in our quarter, from an Excessive Drooth that has prevailed all 
over our back Counties. The Executive will therefore be pleas'd to fix 
the price per Eation knowing how it was settled for last year. 

I have the Honor to be with great Respect and Esteem, 

Your Excellencies ob't & very fl*ble Servt. 

P. S. On receiving no answer to the last letter I wrote by private 
conveyance, and not knowin^j Row I shouH oonduct myself, I have 
been compelled to send these B3' Express, and trust I shall be fully 
Instructed How I shall proceed the Ballance of the year, or such part 
thereof as danger may bo apprehended in from the savages. The num- 
ber of Scouts that have been Imploy'd this year are four; To-wit : 
Leonard Cooper, Charles McClung, Charles Asbury, & John Young, 
certificates of the time of their service is herewith Inclosed, which 
accounts as well as those for Rations, and Rangers' services, I trust 
your Excellency will direct to be Audited, and pay*d if possible. This 
Express will, I hope be paid, as it is with great difficulty That I have 
procured his service. 



Some days ago, I committed to Jail, six pirates for the cruel and Portemonth 
Inhuman murder of a Captain Lapelle, master of the Brigan tine Aurora, French 
sailing under the French flag, and a subject of his most Christian Pirates 
Majesty. He was bound from Port au Prince to Cyann in South 
America. Ten days afler he left that place, three of the crew rebelled 
and threw him and the cook overboard. They then took command of 
the vessel, stood for the Continent, and made the E. shore of our State: 
upon the appearance of it, they sunk the Vessel, took to the Boats, and 
came on shore; from thence proccded to this place, reporting as they 
came along, that their vessel foundered at sea. 

Now, sir, will you be so obliging as to inform me if there is any law 
of our State to condemn those wicked wretches for this barbarous 
murder committed on the high seas? 

It is doubted here, and some say they must be sent to France. Pray 
be so obliging as to favour me with your thoughts respecting them, and 
directions how to conduct myself, as the committing magi.strate. 

I am with every sentiment of respectful attachment. 

Your Excellency's 

Most obedient .servant. 


1789. N. B. The French Consul has this moment left me. He wishes to get 

August 10th the criminals to send them on board the fleet at York Town. I beg you 
to be so good as to give men your orders by return of Post in this busi- 

Your most obedient humble servant. 

August 10th Charles Lee to Govb. Beverly Randolph, in reference to his 

Proclamation respecting the cessation op Duties. 


Alexandria Last month I received 3'our letter accompanied with 3'our proclama- 

tion respecting the cessation of duties, and I have accordingly conducted 
myself. Herewith are the returns from the naval office of Alexandria 
for the last quarter, viz: from the 20th April to 20th July, and from 20th 
July to Ist August; also the returns from the naval office of Yeocomico 
for the last quarter, viz: from the 20th April to the 20th July; whether 
any entries have been made there since the 20th July 1 do not know, 
and I have not had time yet to hear from thence in answer to the letter 
I wrote touching the termination of the office, but I think it probable 
no entries have been made there since the 20th July, in which case, the 
present returns are complete as to this district. 

From the manner in which the laws are understood hero by others as 
well as myself, I consider it my duty to receive pa3^ment of the bonds 
as may be offered hero, according to the 27th Section of the naval office 
law of 1787, which stands unrepealed, for the act of last session 
relates to books and papers of office of such nature as to require public 
preservation, and not bonds which on pa3'mcnt of certain sums are to bo 
restored to the obligors. To retain these bonds makes this difference to 
the naval officer, that if he collects them, he will receive a commission 
of 1 pr. cent, otherwise not; and this difference to the merchant that ho 
will pay them more conveniently here than in Richmond; and this 
difference to the Commonwealth that the duties will be sooner pai<l to 
the treasury. However, I am read3'^ to obey whatever orders ma3^ bo 
pent me from the hon'ble Executive upon this subject. 

I have the honour to subscribe m3'self most respcctlull3' Sir, 

Your most obedient and most humble Servant. 

August 10th John C. Littlepaoe, Clerk op District Coitrt to the Kxecutive. 

Alterations Sending a copy of the order of the Court appointing four gentlemen 

^ St^lT* (^^©roin named), to examine into the condition of the Gaol, and report 
Goal Buch alterations and repairs as they may deem advisable for criminals 



UD'l debtoi*s, together with an Estimate of the Expenses ol such altera- 1789. 
tioDS, if any, shall be found necessary. This copy of the Court's order August 10th 
is accompanied with the return of the four gentlemen suggesting certain 
alterations, repairs & improvements with estimate of cost thereof. 

J. Ambler, Treasubeb, to Mr. Blair. 

August nth 

Rej)orting Cash on hand in the Treasury Aug. 1st, 1789, as follows: Treasurer's 

report to 

Amount p. Mr. Auditor's Return of warrants issued to Auditor 

Scouts & Rangers, . . - . . £6,759 Is, 7d. 

And then Rations to 1st Aug., 1789, - - - 5,300 0, 0. 

1,459, 1, 7. 

Warrants to Scouts & Rjingers discharged, viz: under Reso- 
lution of Assembly, to amo. of . . . . 

Discharged & set apart, under order of Executive to July 31, 




Specie remaining in Treasury, 1st August, 1789, 


LIenry Banks to Governor Randolph. 

August nth 

In relation to certain claims he has against the Commonwealth, con- Richmond 
tracted by Mr. Armistead, an agent of the government, during the clan ns vs. 

lievolution, and about which previous correspondence had been entered 
into with the Executive. Mr. Banks encloses explicit memoranda from 
the bcK)ks of Mr. Armistead, and requests a settlement of his account, 
strengthened by the explict opinion of Mr. Armistead, that the claim 
ouifht to be paid. 


George Wasuinoton, President of tue United iStates, to Beverly August llth 

Randolph. New York 

Acts for Ter- 
ms' ritory N. W. 
^'^^ of Ohio 
1 do myself the honor to transmit to your Excellency the following River 

Acts, viz: An act to provide for the Government of the Territory North- tt ^^^ i- 

est of the River Ohio. An act lor the Establishment and support of Executive 



1789. Light-HousoH, Boucont«, Buoys and public Piers. An act to cstablitth an 

AugiiMt 11th Executive Department to be denominated the Department of War. And 

Deittirtment likewise the duplicate of an act for settling the accounts between the 

• tween United States and Individual States. 

States and ^ have the Honor to be, with due consideration, 

individual Your Excellency's most Obed't Servt. 


August nth Hillary Moseley to Govr. Beverly Randolph. 

Richmond A petition citing the tact that he is Security in a Duty Bond for James 

Petition for Coats, for about forty pounds, on which judgment is obtained. Execution 

securftv^n '**"^^ ^"^ ^^^ propert}' found. As he is likely to sutler thereby, begs the 

Duty bon<l of Governor to direct the Solli^itor to suspend an Execution against him 

tias. Lx>au$ until next April by which time he can either get the money from Mr, 
Coats or pay it himself 

August 11th Wm. Davies to Governor Randolph. 

Richmond Informing him that he has nearly completed the collection of the 

Vouchers vouchers that are to be found here and asks directions as to the mode of 

to be ttirned taking them safely to New York. Ho finds the entries in the Auditor's 

books in many instances so .short that the nature of the charge cannot 

be known but by an examination of the Executive Journals and those 

Asking for of other Boards. The books of these boards prior to 81 are indispeiisa- 

pernussion ^Yy necesssiry, as the orders on which the Auditors acted were destroyed 
to c*arry with ./ ^ ^ j 

him Audi- wilh their other j>apers. He is compelled therefore b}^ necessity to ask 
TrcasiSei^s ^^ ^^ entrusted with the books of the Auditors & Treasurer up to 81 in 
books and order to have extracts taken and copied, also with the Executive Journals 
Jouraa\s ui) ^^ ^^^^ y<^ar, promising to keep them no longer than absolutely neces^-ary. 
to 1781 watch them with the utmost care, and return them by the safest con- 
United veyance. Suggesting that the Expenses in this matter may properly be 

States to i^ay demanded of the United States, 

August 12th L. Wood, Public Solicitor to the Executive, reporting on claim ol Banks 
& Co., and is in the following words: 

Kichmond Pursuant to an Order of Council, dated the 4th June, I proceeded to 
consider the Certiticale of Mr. Armistead's, then grante<l and reported 
thereon, which wm^ lai<l before the Governor A: Council at the special 
instance «Jfc rccpiest of Henry Bunks, Esq., who thought he could prevail 
on Mr. Armistead to be more explicit. Mr. Banks has now produced 


another, which I think, sanctionn the whole Account & therefore con- 1789. 
ceived there was nothing further for me to 8ay upon the aubjoct, but it August 12th 
appearing from Mr. Blair's information that the Executive still expects 
a report from me, I am constrained to make the following observations: 

II the Executive admits Mr. Armistead's Certificate dated July, 1789, 
as conclusive, Mr. Banks' Account with Interest, will stand as I appre- 
hend, nearly as he states it in No. 2, except such alterations as the errors 
in Interest may occasion. 

But on the other hand, -should the Executive disapprove of this 
settlement & it is lefl to me, I cannot recede from my former & inclosed 
report, which was made on Principles tliat have ever guided in similar 
instances, to-wit: where proof of transactions are wanting & Books 
belonging to the Department remain whereto reference can be had, the 
publick Books have been the rule of adjustment; so in this case; Mr. 
Banks presented his account; reference was had to Mr. Arm i stead's 
Books; Mr. Banks was interrogated as to the difference in the Entries 
which ho could not account for, A the account was adjusted agreeable 
thereto. Mr. Banks wished to return Notes for Tobacco, which wore 
then supposed inadmissable from the delay. Mr. Banks applied to Mr. 
Armistead, who with good reason said that a lapse of eight or nine 
years might be supposed, would prevent an accurate recollection, but 
admits the small charges of Sugar &c., as proper. He refers to sundry 
accounts for the charge of Money paid Mr. Moss, if no other proof was 
offered by Mr. Banks, which have been examined & nothing appears. 
Mr. Armistead admits the propriety of receiving the Tobacco Notes, 
bad they been returned during his agency, & thinks the Interest reason- 
able. It appeared to me from the list of the Tobacco, that it was paid 
since the devastation of the Enemy, induced me to admit it, in addition 
to the smaller articles, provided the Notes were deposited in such office 
as the Executive might order; still subject to the final consideration of 
the Executive together with the Interest. This adjustment still being 
dissatisfactory to Mr. Banks, he craved time to repeat his application to 
Mr. Armistead, thinking that he might still have it in his power to con- 
vince him of his loss should the account be closed as proposed, & from 
what Mr. Armistead sets forth in that Certificate, I then thought, & 
still think, all was allowed that that Certificate would justifie. 

However, it now appears Mr. Armistead settles Mr. Bank's account. 
He admits the £3,000 paid to Mr. Moss, tho. not recollected, & seems to 
justifie it from the difference in the Money credited tho State by Mr. 
Banks on account of Col. Godfrey, & the sum charged therefor on Mr. 
Arraistead's Books to the Debit of Messrs. Hunter, Banks, & Co., a con- 
nection that I must confess I do not understand. & was it not for Mr. 
Arraiftead's well known intimacy with accounts, should suppose he 
mistook the matter. 

Mr. Armistead has received from Mr. Banks, Notes for 6 hhds. of 
Tobo., pormitts his debitting the state with a deficiency in reprizing 20 


17811. bhiJii. ot Ti>l>aeco. anti dccma the InU-rot n-ax>nal>U' uniilt itai^l; heiico 
Alienist I2ili thure a|>|K.*an» iiotliiiig lor lue Uj aiiju>t. u|»oii u i<>ii|»(>*je»itii»n that the Ex- 
ecutive a«JrniU» Mr. Armi^^leatiV 7k.*llleiiic*i;t :is final. < HberwiM.' my re|K»rt 
is ad iiichised. 

With ail s^ubiuisoiun. I am the Executive's 

Most obt. & very b'ble Her\'i. 

Ai4nii4 \Mi ArcbiImM Denbohii to fioveriior l^ii«lol|»b ret|iicstini|^ him to men t ion 
Kicbiuuinl to the < ouncil the a|i|»li€*ati<»n Mia<le by him this ihiy tor Five Poumls to 
pay Mr. Burnley, wbicb he advance«l bim. 

Ai4nL'4 l-'itb Daviil Buchanan, ableruian of >ui(J Town. CVrlitii-alt' tit' Kei!^islcr of 

I*eter»lmrg Scho<jner Liberty, lately lielontring to ibt- Stale, i> a s«]uare starnci Ves- 

lUnA^ertpf ^*l ^^ ^ixty tons Burthen, built in LIani|it<»n. Virginia, in the year 84, is 

wbiKmer commande«J bv llillerv Mo??i»lev anti uaviixated bv lbn.-e men: Ownetl bv 
Lilierty • - - - - «' 

Moi«es Mven> an«J William k Jaine:* Dou:rlas. citizens of this state, an«l 
that the master and mate have l»een citizens of' this State for more tbau 
oiiu year |ireceeiling this date. 

AU);Ui<t Ihth EdMIND Rl FFIS, Jr.. CoL.. To IJOVR. BevCKLV ELvNDOLE*!!. 

I'riniT- Return of the Militia of Prince GcH.inre fur April. 17S*J. with a ivlurii 

(rt-iina* To. Qf arms. ammuniti<»n k acctMilivmenls, tni^clber with a letter explainini; 

IMum of the reas<jns why he had not made the ivlurns tor the last year; sjiying 

Militia, kt-, ^\y^^ j^j^^ returns for last vear were reirularlv made t«i Col. Blan^l, his 

Hn|>erior officer, who can alone relieve him tn»m this dittieulty. If the 

iH^turn is meant to account for fines, he has never till the date of encbised 

return, been invested with the jKiwer to direct the collection of, or 

receive an v. Col. Bland beiiiir then eiiirai^ed in Coni^ress, and the com- 

mand devolvin;^ on him. If clerk of the Ct. Martial of his county can 

furnish the ami. of Fines heretoliire imposeil. will make Enquiry as to 

their collection. No inforniati(»n to ascertain the sums eollei-ted or to 

l>e collected hatl been put into his custo<ly. 

All;nLSt istl, ^^M. Da VIES TO GoVEBNOIl IUMH»LPI1. 

I'rin*-** ii'iviU'f^ informalion ihal at leasi £250 >pecie are «lue in ibis disiricl, 

ij. *'*-'\ which should have lieen collected lonir niso, could he have prevailed on 


the proper officers to have received it ; and suggesting that orders be given 1789. 
to Capt. Morton, formerly district Commissioner to collect it, and pa}^ it Auj^istlSth 
over to the present proper officers. 

Wm. Davies to Governor Randolph. August 19th 


I beg leave to inform your Excellency that on consideration of the Richmond 
8tatc of the business under my direction, I find there will be an absolute Continuing 
necessity for the continuance of two clerks with me. There are several ^^ ^ ^r s 
reasons which might be mentioned to prove this necessity, arising from 
the extent of the business itself The darkness & uncertainty occasioned 
by the loss of vouchers & papers, which can only be supplied, and at best 
very partially, by a laborious research into very numerous extraneous 
documents, from whence aAer all, not much information can bo obtained, 
and yet that little maj' be the best to be found. Add to this the derange- 
ment of accounts & vouchers, which an almost entire want of knowledge Accounts 
of the laws and arrangements of the State has occasioned among the 
papers taken on by tlie District Commissioner, and which must all undergo 
a revision, so far as to correct accounts with vouchors, and to make Revision 
.such adjustments of them according to the laws which produced them 
and the agents who conducted them, as will facilitate the application of 
the proofs, and render the whole more perspicuous. Mr. Dunscomb, 
u|>on farther conversation with him is willing to continue on his present 
allowance, trusting however to the future consideration of the Executive 
for any thing additional which his services may deserve. 

Mr. Burnley, who is a young man of patience & understanding, will 
be the Second Clerk, but on account of the greater expense of living in 
New York, hopes an allowance of £20, or £25 a year more than his 
present wages. When the paj>ers arrive at New York, there will be an 
absolute necessity of renting a room for the purposes of the examina- Renting 
tion & adjustment, which I have before mentioned, and of comparing ""ooni in New 
and selecting the proofs. The expencc on this account will perhaps be 
at the rate of £40, or £50 a year, and shall be discontinued as soon as 
it can be dispensed with, and indeed I should hope that after a while, 
perhaps one clerk will bo sufficient for the common business of the office. 

_ » 

Mr. Burnley will set out with the papers as soon as they are ready to 
move, but expects his expences will be borne by the public. lie will be Horse, Sad- 
at a loss for a hoi'se, saddle, & bridle, unless your Excellency shall ^^^» *^^** 
empower him to procure them at public expence, to be sold at New 
York, upon his arrival, or shall point out a better mode. I have not yet 
been able to contract for a waggon & team on such terms as I think Wagon and 
raoilei-ate. I beg leave to assure your Exccllenciy that fully sensible of ^^"^ 
the number of years since this business of settling our continental ac- 

\ . » • - . • ^ T ■ J. ^ 

^ ■»■ - • 

""■ir»*« r>ii • I ■!»♦ •'♦•• *'■' i'i_ "v"!--^. 


ii.ii^i»^»n»t V u**iiii*x*i»n. ^ »itnii«*. V'll;i.ii X-'j*Mi. '..• 'n»"«:im ' '»«Fiif. 
J#i*n«iTt V ilium jfiuil**'*!!!. r.uii.. T**— » * ».:. r-.*^.''n.. 7\'t<M'» • "..i.ii- 
X'U'*A,u*r' ?'Mm\x:\ -V^iliiun TiiT^ir^is- "i.m., ITn i.»»nn>i«ii ■."•<.':!ii«* r..i:«r 

^^^ rt.tfsi 


Gjrard Robinson Hull, Ennign ; Edward Sanford, Capt, CharlcH Muse, 1789. 
Lieut., John Marraaduke. Ensign ; Richard &lu8o, Capt., Richard San- August 21st 
ford, Lieut., John Perry, Ensign ; Klliot Monroe, Capt., Lewis Smith, 
Lieut., Lovel Harrison, Flnsign; Williain Payne, Captain, James Brewer, 
Lieut., John Pierce, Ensign. 

Uayn£s Morgan to Gov. BEVERLy Randolph. August 22d 

Complaining that the County Court had recommended Lieut. Col. Pittsylvania 
Stephen Coleman to he Colonel of the tirat Battalion of Militia, and ^^^Y 
Mr. Constant Perkins a private in the second Battalion, to be major 
in the first. He (claims tbat he is entitled to the promotion, being the 
Eldest Colonel. These promotions occur by reason of the death of 
Col. Abraham Shelton of the firet Battalion. 

Andrew Dunscomb to Lt. Gov. Wood. August 25th 

Asking the Executive for an order for the amount of wages as clerk. 

Geo. Wasuinoton, President of tue United States to Govr. Beverly August 30th 


Sir, New York 

1 have the honor to transmit to your E.xcellency a liesolution of Kesolotion 
Congress for carrying into effect, a Survey directed to he made by the f ^ SurT^v* 
late (V>ngi"eHs\ and requesting the President of the United States to 
appoint a pro]>er person to com pleat the same. 

Alsti the duplicate of an Act relative to Negotiations and Treaties Negotiations 

with the Indian Tribes. ^»th Indian 


I have the honor to be with due consideration. 

Your E.xcellency's most ob't and most Humble Servt. 

Woodtbnl County Court recommending to the Governor the ap|>oint- Se|»t. 1st 

iiient of Rol>ert John.s(m as County Lieutenant, in pla;e of Gen'l Charles W<xKlfonl 

ScotU who to act. Also i"econimen<ling Wm. Stute for Colonel c^uiitv^Lt, 

of the County, and John Finney, as Lieutenant Col. of Militia tor this ^'ol- ^f 

^ * County 

i^««nty- Lt.CoL'of 



- ' f 




*- r 

♦ .•"!< 

.>^tJ^ T. • ■ LI i*. 

f J 

t •. 

f 9 

I.' ','/f ■ / 

I . 

1.'^ //,'r:..:- . ,^,,.,. ^, ir „ •?..■—. 



•'/j^ iM, 

.\vr>?i»"r :f SF- "' :» ^" -. 3^vr:w:. .■ jI.--.-:l- :-.!l 

i.." ■ ' .ii . 

u u'L-Miui -r 

Ni<|i/»ri (iu 

Nrr.flov CorvTV '"'.rRT r-* r;iE 'I'iVHa.N'ia. 

I.Ji'Mf of Kr-ornrn-'fi'lrriif Will M;iy K»r f.ifin.-iiauf. ■ l' :.»!.:• •-'•/•iriLy Pr»jc:ti»r 

'""' ^ hnlljinl lo 111' ('\\y\ ♦»! Milinn P .rf-.-in.'"' r i'«»r LicULcnant : J-jLh 

\Tlllflii <»n'i Ifrihin^ion Kfi-*»^n ; K'lwanl WilJiarn'* t'«»r < ':i|>i . biivi«i Clcavcr t'wr LictJt . 


PWpl ifilti 

fnri** KliWAMIfM T(» Uo\ K f»KVKUf.Y UANr><>Ll*U. 

llHlMtinli Mil 

' """'^ 'Mm. ill! Iifipil i>i iiti fM •••mill III iIh' Kxp(*iiHrH iiiciiiTiMl in the dcfi'iicc 

l'ti|iihu- III <•( lilt* ritHiiU nl IImiii liMii. Miiirp \k\\\v fiPlh'i* uimI julvicc' of (*ouia*iL 
lit H Hi k II n^,t,|i| II iiM^ I MiiiM'iM I lull \\\\^^ ini|»«ri»i| into MP! virr lor a Hiiiall spuro of 
tliiit' on itii' ino'ti iIImImiiI honl ii>im, uihI Ironi wlioin I havi' iiol l>tvn 
\\\\\\ \\\ ii<Mi|i\ln itiu hi>oMi|i| 10 JjuMliini llioii' rvpoipiituivs. All tlic 
U\|in \ loh. \v \\\\ \ \\\\\\\\\v\ !(>« > IhM'ii l\so Mh'ii woiiinioil aii<l soiiu' lK>lSo^ 
*M'*^ >* ^^ I li'U ^ i\' .l\,'l MO i»iln'i ^\tl<'iiM|iti>h( to t ill* •(jst'liar^i,* lit iln^» 

\\ \ \\\ '\ .''\\\ \ .^\\\ \\\A.\ .v\ ^V\ ' sA \\^\\.^\s,, »\ ^|*%i ttH:^ till' \Mlll to SlilifMirt 

4t *■ .1 I \\\^ \^■\.\\^ ^ ■■ »« MUn^^'»^ • \i\». \o Koil t'Hl \W \\\\'*y^\\^w l«v*...nic 
.\'\\ '* \^ '^.i'^ \M M » t»' \l. o. . ,» \ ,'SM » »!,» I'. • ..•»»^ '.I»» u 11 (Ov-»» uIa*1 pu\cltt«*-i 



Doubts have arisen from my having anj' authority in this County 1789. 
under the invasion and insurrection Law, and as we arc suhjeet to frc- 8ei>t. lOth 
quont and su<ldcn attacks from the Indians, fi'oni which we cannot bo Indians 
n.dieve4i from the Sciittored Militnrv force on the North-west side of the 
Ohio. I theri'fore bci: vonr advice with the Executive's on that subject. 

I am sir, 

Your ol>'t Servt. 


Sept. ICHh 

Making application for the office of (^oiinty Surveyor, in place of Fayette 0>. 
Thomas Marshall. resiirne<i, and this letter accompanied by the recom- (bnnty 
mendation of Favette Countv Conrt. dated July ITuh. 17S9, for sai<l 
To<ld to that |>osition. 


\Vm. Cocke'8 Account Current with the Commonwealth of Vir- Sept. 11th 

GINIA, AS per agreement WITH CoL. Wm- l^AVIES. 

For hire of Waggon, team. &c., to carry Books t\: papers 
belonging to the State of VirginiM fVom Richmond to 
New York, amounting to, .... 

Cash advanced by Thos. W. ('ocke, drivci lor ferriage, 
as per sundry receipts, «fec., from flichmond to New 
York and return, . . . . . 

3 days detainure of waggon for want of a <lischarge, 


Hire of 
wopgtm find 
£27, Os, Od Hooks, k^v! 

to New Yi»rk 

3, i), 8 

1, 10, 
£31, 198, 8d 

1789, Aug. 25— By Cash Rec'd of Col. Wm. 

Davies in part, 
Sept. 11— By Cash rec'd of R. liurn- 

Balance due W. Cocko, 

£15, Os. Od 

8, 3, 
8, 16, 8 

£31, 198, 8d of ferriages paid by Thos. W. Cocke, on above trip: 

789, Aug. 


Cash p'< 

1 at Fredericksburg, 







George Town, 



Elkridgo Landing, 

















1789. 1789, Sop. 8. Cash pVi at Shamany Creek, 
8ept. 11th 8. ditto Delaware, 

9. ditto Newl>rnn8wiek, 

Same Return in/L(, 






£1, Us, 


1, 14, 


£3, 98, 


The above account of ferriages is certified to by Thomas W. Cocke. 

Sept. 13th David Shepperd County Ijieutknant to Governor Beverly Randolph. 

Ohio County Stating tliat ho had sent a list of the spies & Rangers of the County 

Spies and for the current 3'ear; Sa3^s that lliero is a balance of £49, 7s, due the 

Rangt'trs last year's con ti'ac tor for rations, which he ihinks him liable for, and 

C5apt. Bildcr- bopes the Rxecutive will settle. The articles of agreement between 

t>iu;k and them and his proven account is in the hands of the Council; have had 
wire taken 
by Indians no disturbance with the Indians since Capt. Bilderbuck & wife were 

taken prisonei*s about two months ago, & not j'ot heaiil from. 

Sept. 13th David Siiepperd, Co. Lieitt., to Govr. Beverly Randolph. 

Ohio (>)unty Returning Capt. Wm. McMahan's Pa}- Roll for 3 officei's & 50 pri- 
vates together with a list of spies ordered for the present 3*ear, for the 
defence of the County, to-wit: Vackal Dickeson, Lewis Whetsell, John 
Millar, Saml. Brady, Peter Cox, George Cox, & James Mitchell. 4,040 
rations delivered by Walter Buckhannon at 6d per ration. 
Two addi- Peter & George Cox wore sent out b3'the request of the inhabitants of 
tional SpK« ^Y^Q County as additional spies, and to bo laid before the Executive. 
Accompanying this is a letter signed by Benj'n Biggs & John Henderson, 
dated Richmond, Nov. 8, 1790, stating that the frequent incursions of the 
Indians, and the constant dread of a helpless & Extended frontier, 
induced the County Lieut, to call into service tw^o additional Scouts, viz: 
Pete & George Cox, who discharged their duties with fidelily, hoping 
the Executive will lay their claim before the Board; trusting that they 
will reconsider the matter, & allow (hem the compensation they justly 


Wm. C. Dunbar to the Governor. 1789. 

Thi8 letter is so queerly written and spelled that it is almost unintel- Sept. 15th 

ligihle. It seems that Mr. Dunhar is perplexed of women, who follow Noplace 

him through the Country; that he is afraid of his life, and cannot attend J^iven 
to his business; asks assistance from the Governor to put a stop to this 

J NO. Bousii, Clk, of Court to tde Governor. Sept. 18th 

Certifjnng that the Court recommends the continuance of the pension Norfolk Co. 

heretofore allowed Sarah Linton, widow of Bernard Linton a soldier in Pension 

2n(i State Regiment, for the benefit of Lemuel, Ijydia, & Lucy Linton, B^jnard 

orphans of the said Bernard & Sarah Linton, they being young, and Hia or]>hans 

having no means. Also certifying that Elisha McBride had been ap- I-cniuel, 

. . , ., ,. « .. . , . o . .. Ijydia, and 

pointed Guardian or the said orphans & given securUy. Lucy 

Alexander Moseley, Ck. Hustings Court, to the Governor. Sept. 21st 

Certifying that the Court recommends the following persons to be Norfolk 

officei*s of Militia, vizj James Ramsay for Lieutenant and Jphn Brent, Borough 

John Swallwood, & John Pryor, for Ensigns. This certificate is enclosed Militia ofR- 

in letter from Thos. Newton, Jr., asking the Executive to send the Com- ^'^"'^ 

Mr. DeMarrots to the Governor. ^^pl^ 2i8t 

Introducing Mr Chevalier a French man, who has claims due him ^^yr York 
from the state, and requests that he be afforded Every facility to a 
settlement, as soon as his claims are ascertained. 

John Beckly, ('lerk op the House op Representatives. sept. 2l8t 

In the House of Representatives of the United States, Noplace 

Monday, the 21st September, 1789. ^^'^n 

The House proceeded to consider the Report which lay on the Table Pennsyl- 
firom the Committc to whom was referred the Memorial and petition of ^^"^^ Credi- 
the public Creditors of Pennsylvania. 


1789. Whereupon. 

S<*l»t. 21sl Resrilved, that this Housi* consiilor an aikM|iiato |»rovij?inn tor llie sup- 

NatKinal port of lh€» puhlicCre«lit, a*^ a matt»-r •»!* Iiiirli i ni !><■)« an«*i^ to the National 

honor I I 

honor an«l pn»tfi|H?rily. 

rhin RcsoIvihI. that the .Si*Mx*tary ol' the* Tn*asiirv Ik* <rnvultMj tr» prepare 

a Plan tor that piirp<ise. ainl t«» l%e|M»rt tlif same t'» thii* flousi* al it!« 

next meeting. 

Exlraet fn>m the Journals. 

CompariHl with tlu* «»rii;inal in thi' tittici.- ot thr Seeretarv of tlio 

WM. t/VER. Asst -Secy 

iN'r»t. 21si ^" ^^^^* House of Ropnsentaiives ot* the Unites! Stall's. 

Mi»!nlay. the 21 >l Si^ptrniher. 17>^9. 

(>nlere«1. that the Serr^tary **f the Treasury he «!ireete*J to apply to 
iho Supr^^me Exeeuiivi'S ot the Sevoi-al States for Statement^ of their 
puhlie Dehlrt; of the lun«is provifli'tl for the payment in wh4ile or in part 
State Dehts of the principal and interest ihereot', an«l «»f the amount of Loan office 
Certificates or other puhlie Securities ^f the Unit«>l Siate< ii. the State 
Treasuries, resjHH'tively : and that he n-pon to the llou^o such n\ the 
said diK'umenls as he mav ohtain at the next Si-<sion of Conirress. 

Extract tVoni tlu* Journals. 

.; O »py) 

Compared with thf <>riirinal in the ofli,v ot the Se<retarA- <»f the 

WM QUER, Ass t SiVrv 

s**nt. 21.<t James Gorih^x to Gov. Revkrly RAxnoLpn. 

I-amtwter Re^-ommendations tn>m La nca.ster County 1 'on rt that Jame> HalLJun.. 

r4innty Henry f^wson. anii Janii^s Wallace Ball, are pro|KT persons to otfiriate 

Sheriti's . ,• * oi • ** ^»^ 

oifitv ^^ ^"^ SheritTs oflnxv 



Noplatv Treasury Pepartmeni. SeptemKr l*»;ili. 17S:> 

In ol»e«liencc to an onlor ot the llous*^ t»i Ripnv^MUatives oi the 
21st Instant, .Copy o| whirh I have the houtn* to oni'h>se. » It In^-tHues 
my duly to reque?»t your Excelleiiry t«» pn^Mire and trsin-»mit t«» this 


ortiee the Docuinonts aii<l information tlioroiii re(iuiro(l. As tho noxt 1789. 
Sessions of the Legislature will he on the 1 Monday of January ensuin*^, Sopt. 2(>th 
it is greatly to he wished tliat the whole of the ahove Statements may Statements 
he forwarded to this office hefore that day; particularly the Statement*' lic^DeVIt* 
of the liOan office Certificates, or other puhlie securities of the United Ixuin othee 
States, which may ho in the Treasury of your State. CA^rtilicatus 

This last Statement is immediately necessary to enahle mo to prepare 
with tho requisite accuracy, the plan referred to in other resolutiotis of 
tho House of the same date, witli those ahove mentioned; a Copy of 
which is likewise enclosed for your Liformation. 

It would he advisahle to transmit at the same time, as accurate a 
Statement as can he made of the Fnterest, if any. which the State may Interest 
have paid on the Evidences of the puhlie Deht ahove mentioned. 

I have the honor to he sir. 

Your most ohod't Servt. 

His Excellency tho Govornor of tho State of Virginia. 

Benj'n Wilson, giving a list of the Mischief done hy tho Indians in tho Hi;j>t. 27th 
County of Harrison, viz: Harrison 

Septemher 19th, 1789 — William Johnson's family, tour killed and four 
Captivated, horses taken, Cattle, hogs, & sheep kild & tho house plan- Indian 

dered. Massuere 

and doHtruc- 
Septerabcr 22d, 1789 — Mr. Mauck's wife & two children kill'd, Cattlo, tion of 

(fee, and house Burnt. proiKjrty 

September 22d, 1789 — Mr. Statzer's house Burnt, Licluding his house- 
bold stuff; the family hardly Escaped. 

September 23d, 1789 — Jethra Thopson's house Burnt. 

September 26th, 1789 — John Simms* house Burnt and hoi'ses Taken 

The above Mischief done from the nudle ol County & upwards. This 
Evening I iJecM an Express that two Indians was seen near the Lower 
End of the County. 

The BeaixT can (iive you I'uller information, he wa.^ j»resent and saw 
*¥juii: o! those that were kille<l. He may he l>ej»ende<l upon as he is a 
Gentleman of varacity. 

FiocKiNGUAM County Colut to tiik (jovkk.nou. s<'i»i. 2Sth 

fte<-'«>iii mending the following pc*r.-*oiis to he ('ommi^^i(>ned Utv Rock- It^Mkiji^haiu 
iii;rb:iiu C4>uiiiy. viz: Jacob HyMm for Captain. Jame> Blair, for Capt., O^nnty 
A < -aria L Berry, for Lieutenant, Martin Kile, for Kn>ign. Jacob Arga- Militia fifli- 
brii^Lt. lor Aieut.. George <iilmore, for Kn^ign. John Bright, lor Lieulen- *^'"^ 
^uu aod SmiDuel Uarued, for Ensign. 




OiiiiU^rl2Ui«l Ccriilying tbul Murtiii Pc:ux*o bud bavu tiiii:«l uikI tivble tuxeil tor 
iouiity p^j^ rendering un uccouiit of bis ndingebuir witb bis li»t ot* olber taxable 

ppoport}' to I be Commissioner. 

Fiiietl fur The fine onlered w Five Pounds. Sberitf to bave £1. 6s, tor bis ser- 

b^ rld^' vices; the clerk 12s, 6d, and the Commissioner 10s; tbe ballance £3, 16s, 

eliair to be applied towards lessening tbe Courty Levy. With tbis pa|»er are 

8eut affidavits lri»m a numlx^r of Mr. PearL*e's neighbors, testily ing tbul 

at tbe time ol* listing tbe pn»|H?rty, Mr. IVaree hud no riding carriage, 

as bis old one had iK^en taken to pieec*s to seeure tbe in»ns from which 

to make a new one; and that at that verv tinie« the old irons were luv- 

ing around tbe Smith's shop waiting to L»e attached to the new wtxjd 

work, when it was ready lor them. 


HurrisiiD Sir, 

CoontT I understand tbe protection oi tbe tronliers «jt* this state is now 

iiov. St. put into the hand of Governor St. Clair, who I l»elieve. is Now 

"^ Absent from the station at the Mouth of the Muskingum. The Imlians 

Indians are ver}' Troublesome in this County, as will ap|K'ar by this inclosed 

troablesnme 15^^ ^^^ Depradations. 

I\iHJe Our |KH>ple is dispiriti.»il, :^s the bave s*.kui felt the Uiri^full Etfi*cts <»f 

•Lb«|»unti^l jj^u Efficient Tn*aty with the Indians, in wliich they ha<l put some Con- 

The jK^rsume if C«»ngress knew their >ituulitMi. it wouJ»l so*>n Ik? other- 
He«|uests wise, for which puqKx*.* 1 Eanie^itlv renu^.'si that the IWarer Major Wil- 

ihai .luj. jj^j^^ Lowther Mav Ik' Call'd l»i*''ure vv»ur B«»anl and Ex:imine«l »»n Oath, 
n m. l.«»w- - • 

ther be as Touch in sj the lute Ineursiiuis in thi< t.'ouiitv \ u i*oi»v i»f hi«i Testi- 

exammtM m im^^y j^^m l^y (.'onirrv^-i, that ihev mav l»e uoiuainte«i with the .SulTerinirs 
i\isur\l to - > " * 

In«liau of their |^»eople. and the III Erfeets of Partial Treutys. 

ini-una^ins j^j , ^ ^ Humble Scrvt. 

and tin*tx- 

uiMiiy s^'ut TIj^. ;iK>vc paper lo K* imlfsol Iti the President **t the I'niled States, 
to 1 «L«Ui:re5*i 

the asc>i.'mbly buviuir taken up the >ul»jvvt. Qi»ibing to K* *U*uv by I be 




<Jt*«»n:^- Eneb.itsing e%.-rtaiii a«'v«miil> taker fr«nn hi-* iiHik>uu«I loiivin,: ilic i«»ni- 

i'«»IUl«k'll.'*l- "^ • I - I ■ I It I - f - I 

ti«in for lK,'ii>aU*'i4 »'l Ijimscll un i as.>i>laiil. v.vntnu;v i w lU ";. i!.*. ::l *.\i "t tlio 
s^'lf and Govcrih.»r*s letter. f»»r their in»uMe. Im the *ioVvrn»»r. a^kin^ luiu l«» 
encloise the warrant lor his servi».x'^ bv tbe K-arer. Mr John J. Tbweutt 



Jno. McCally to Gov'r Beverly Randolph. 1789. 

Rcquosting to bo removed from the Commission of Justice of the Sept. 30th 
peace of Harrison Co., giving his reasons therefor, that there are already Harrison 
Twenty-two justices, and the Court has lately thought meet to recom- County 
mend Seven more, making Twenty-nine. As there are only four Hun- 
dred and Seventy odd tithables in the County, he thinks 28 Justices will 
bo sufficient for tho business of so small a number of people. 

Commonwealth op Virointa, ^^^ 30^^], 

To William Davies, Dr. 

1789, Aug. 26 — To my Salary from the Ist June to this day, Noplace 

when the office closed at Richmond, .... £46, 17s ^^^" 

Sept. 30 — To my Salary at 6 dollars a day from the 27th Augt. \Vm. Davies' 

when the papers set out for New York, is 35 days, 210 Dol- ^^^T Acet. 

lars, - - - - - - - - 63, 

£109, 178 

1789, Aug. 20 — By Cash advanced in part, - - £75, Os 

Balance due W. I)., . . . . . £34, 17s 

E. Lanqham, Supt. op State Post at Point of Fork, for Quarter Sept. 30th 

Ending Sept. 30, 1789. 

Quarterly returns from the Point of Folk, enclosing Account of Cash Point of 
Expended for sundries with accompanying vouchers amounting to i,^'*'^ 
£109, 17s, 12d. Account of Clothing issued and on hand. Quarter rji^fu- 
Master's stoi*es issued and on hand; Also the Pay Roll of the State Pay Roll 
Guard, composed of 26 men, viz: John Maddox, Jno. Dillanl, Jno. Livne, Men 
Jno. Finch, Jno. West, M. Jorden, II. Perry, R'd Cawthorn, VVm, Cooper, 
J. Wood, D. Akers, Jno. Seay, Wm. Hopkins, Ro. Cawthorn, S. Bridg- 
water, Jos. Griffin, Ro. Ilarslep, Wm. Harslcp, Jas. Harriss, Wm. Bashaw, 
L. Cawthorn, G. Comer, C. Williams, Jas. Hawkins, R. Wood, B. Sim- 
mons; enclosing also an Estimate for forage for the 3^ear 1789-90, com- 
menc'g Oct. 1, 1789, viz: 80 Barrels of Corn @ 10s, making £40, & Estimate for 
20,0<M)tb fodder or hay at 3s per Cwt., making £30. forage 


S«^]>t. .f^P Ak\S, I), «'.. PlTTSYLVAVlA <%».<;« if RT, n> TIIR (Tt>VTiaNOa. 

ronnty RofomTneiiflini; Jo^pylll T Willijun?* for fiiont... an<l Thomas Tanner 

Militirt for Rn«iirn ol' (h«- >fintia 

Otobor M MkMORTM. prom JoifV filNTOm TO THE <i*»VRUIf*»R. 

r>iuiifn<^ J^otlint^ I'orlli ihal ih* n:v\ h«»ofi r<*iiiori'«i t'rnm liir* ottiec t»t' rn.s|>ei'tor ol' 
IJfnioval Tohaffo hy iho County <'oiirt of PHikm* William Co. in Scpleml»er la?*t. 

frrun To?*ar- ^iii^oiit hoinir hoanl or noijritMl of* anv <'har!xe. He <-laims that be hufi 
CO Inniier- »* • 

tr»rV otfirr tlisfliarure*! hi** ihiiios taitlit'iitl}' an<l t4i the Sati>tariinn of the Merehants. 

N<^»t iu»tifif'il That |»re**iimini]r |m* wouM retain his prvsiti*)!! <lnnn^ i^rn-Mi iKrhavioiir. he 

or h«^:inl i^j^^j |>on«rht :i lot and huilt a rf*«i«lrnei* t'nr his taniilv in Dumtries, Nvhi^-h 

he iinHfr other ein-iimstanervi wi>nl«l not hav** «ione. Flis interest theivhv 

nestroyt^H. iM'sifjeM hin i^rKvl name atff'liMl in his «hH*linini' vears. ( *on- 

Ror|nost si<leri» this action withont prefefj««nt or authority. Ri^qnest** that the 

'7''*'^'*'^}^! '*^. Governor »t roiineil onh'r tlu* ♦•har:rf>s. it' any. to Ih» hroiiirht betoivthem. 
l>ron^nt Ik-- •' ^ 

fore th<(^ir»v. J^n»l unless irnrui eanse he shewn to the eontniry. he he«l in his 

and ( oiiiuii ^,f^Ve. This memorial is also neeompani«*«l hy the siifnatiires of FitYeen 

mi'rehnnts, eortityini^ to the taets r*ontain»M| in the memorial, Exeept 

respeetini; the noiie«^ not h#*iiii< i^ivi^n Mr. fiint^m. of wrhii'b they eannot 

hnve knowlerfjre. 

FJ<<lfor<l <'n ^^ fiKKTWirn ('oi,. of MfLITIA. 

(Mol»err»tti ''^**- ClioekeHaw Chief <V. his eom|»aiiions on their way to Compress, 

Ontheirwnv ti«v'in^ ^oo<l vouchers for their eoiMliief, arif! on puhlif^k husincHH, they 

to Con^rrew aro rcconinH'fHled to the peoph* in this ( *ounty for aHsistanco in provisions 

U(»e«im- ^*^^ tluunselves. Ik Morses, fakifii^ a reeepte from the Interpritor Mr. Fry, 

mentis thiMn for the same, 
to the|M»ople 

Ciiven iiniler my IuiihI 

Miijoi- fh)hert Kinjr will also pass his reet'e for the provisions. 

tJrtnhor tlth Cl.r.nK or Cf»UNrV CotTHT OK RoOKURinOK ro TflK GOVF.RNOU. 

riinnty^'*' Ct»rtilyinir that the Ciuirt nM»onHnen«ls Janu^s Te<lf<»nl for Lieutenant, 

Mliitirt nnti Hohert Amlersnn for Knsi^n. 



Dr. Sir, 

You (Jiroctcd mo to give the Executive an account of those peiijons Octol>er8th 
who had acted vlh Heads of Departments, k had moved to the district of Winchester 
Kentucky. I find that Colo. Abrm. Hite, Stephen Ash by, & Richard PerHtmsact- 
Easton, the two former of Hamshire, and the latter of this CJounty, *"^*j^^j^ 
have moved to that Country. Ashhy & Easton acted as Comniiss*nrs mcnts and 
Provision Law, & Colo. Hite was County Lieut, of Hamshire ; Him, or Kentucky 
his son Araham Hite, acted as Paymaster & Commissary in the Northern Hite, Ashby, 
Department in an Expedition against the Indians in 1776. The son, as *"^ ^ 
well as father, is in Kentucky. These are all that I know of who 
have moved to that Country. You will please to communicate the 
above information to the Executive. 1 am now on my way to Hamshire Hainnshire 
& Hardy, & shall procet^d over the mountains «& finish all the business in *"^„ntle8^ 
that Country before I return. Have done some business in this County, 
& shall use every exertion to get it com pleated as soon as possible. 

I am Dr. Gen'l, 

Your Obdt. & Humble Servt. 

Okiqinal Letter from Georije Washington, President of tue United OrtolwrSth 

States, to Governor Beverly Randolph. No place 


United States, October 8th, 1781). ,,,''^""." ^'' 

' ' WaHliinj^)n 

Sir President U. 

I have the honor to transmit to your Excellency the duplicates of ,^ ,. . - 

•^ '^ ' Duplicates of 

the following Acts, viz: An act to establish the Judicial Courts of the Acts of Cou- 

United States. srt^ 


An Act to regulate the process in the Courts ol* the United States. courts 

An Act to explain and amend an Act entitled an Act for registering Phk^css in 

and clearing Vessels, regulating the Coasting trade, and for other pur- ^"^^irts 

poses. j^n(l clearing 

An Act to i-ecognize and adapt to the Constitution of the United vessi'ls, &c. 

States the establishment of Troops raised under the Resolve ol' the Trooiw, &c. 

United States in Congress Assembled, and lor other purposes therein 

mentioned. ''.»^'»*^'** ^>'"- 

sioners occ 

An Act providing lor the payment of the invalid Pensioners ol the Allows 

Unit<id States. ^''^'\i ^^ 


An Act making appropriations for the present year. nay of Capt. 

An Act to Allow the Baron de Glanbeck the pay of a Ca|)tain in the *" ^**®. army 
Army of the United States. next cSn- 

An Act to alter the time for the next meeting of Congress; and a gress 


1789. Rciioluuon for uoiitinuing John White, John Wright, & Joshua Dawson 
OctolKT Hth iu office until the 4th of February, 1789. 

Jno. Wri>?hi, 1 iiave the honor to be with due consideration, 

Jn^; White, Your Excellency's most obedient Scrvt. 

and Juehuu '' 

Dawson in 


October 9th L. Wood, Pub. Solicitor, to Gov. Bbybrly Randolph. 

Richmond Sir, 

Delinquent I am to request the I'avor of your Excellency's onler to the Auditor 

Sherilfe, Ac. j^^j. ^^y pomi^iij upon acct., to defray Expences of sending out Notices to 
delinquent Sheritl's & I)ebtors, & lor Duties. 

I am Sir, 

Your Excellency's most obt. Sorv't, 



Northum- Certifies that the court recommends George Ball, (Doctor,) for Cap- 

berland tain, John llughlett for Lieut., William Nelms, for Captain, Cuthburt 

Militia Uarcum, lor Lieut., Thomas Keene, lor Capt., Robert Crowther for 

officers Lieut., & Joshua Cockarill, for Ensign in the Militia of Northumberland 


October 12th David lioss and others. 

Coluud)ia Recommending Peomingo or Mountain Leader, a principal chief ol 
the ChickasawH, & other chiefs of that Tribe to the hospitality ol the 
people, through whose country they may pass, on their way to Now 
York on business with the Government, respecting their Nation. 

Letter op David Ross. 

Pc^minco or ^^^ Bearer, Peomingo or Mountain Leader, I know to be a Chief & 
Mountain Warrior of the Chiekesaw Nation. 

^^ His Nation have over been singular in their attachment to the whole 

people, and have uniformly held it in abhorrence to shed their blood. 
Kind and They are remarkable for their kindness & hospiudity to people passing 
hospitable through their Country, and their friendship is in a particular manner 
servicable to our Western people, who adventure to New Orleans with 
their produce, as they generally return home by Land thi*ough the 
Chickesaw Towns. 


From this charactor of thoHO people, which I am sure in the truth, I 1789. 
l4ike the liberty of Recommending them to friendly & kind treatment Octol>er 12th 
on their journey to New York. Keconi- 

Thi8 letter is accompanied by papers of the same tenor from Isaac mends them 
Shelby, giving the party permission to pass unmolested; also one from nient 
DanU Smith Command*g the Miro District; and a certificate of the 
same import as to their friendly actions, signed by Wm. McDowell, 
Thos. Barber, Wm. Kennedy, Ro. Lawson, George Muter, Saml. 
McDowell, Caleb Wallace, Harry Innes, George Nicholas, Christo 
Greenup, Ben. Sebastian, & James Brown. 

Wm. McCkaw, Jr., to Governor Randolph. Oct<>l>er 12th 


Your favor of the 30th July last, was handed to me yesterday. • Halifax 
I observ'd the contents, & you may rest assured that 1 will as early as 
possible, furnish you or y'r Successor with the acct. required. 1 intend 
engaging the business this aflenioon. I expect to be in Richmond Established 
between this & Xtmas, with all my public Books &c., and will do my acx'ount of 
Country that Justice as give you any information that will tend to the with the U. 
BsUbiisbing of the acct. of this State with the United States. ^^tes 

1 am sir. 

Your Bxcoiry obt. Scrvt. 

John Bbckley, Clk. op the IIouse of Representatives, to the Gov- October 13th 


Enclosing three sets of the Journal of the House ol Representatives New York 

for the late Session : one for the supreme Hlxecutive, and one for each House 

branch of the Legislature of the State. 

Saml. A. Otis, SEc'y op the Senate op the United States, to the Senate 

Governor. Journal 

Enclosing a Copy of the Journals of the Senate at their first Session. 

Haynes Morgan to Gov. Beverly Randolph. Oitober I4th 

Stating that he had written him some months past, res|>ecting some Pittsylvania 
vacancies that bapjicnod in the Militia of Pittsylvania, occasioned by 

I ' 

.•-. ,:..«- 

-• • •■ »• I 

"J* ',77. fA»i: ^ -irit 

■ * ". 


- > .-- 


-1 i»^ 

. t- t ^» ":^j 

»'' i* 

. *■ 

/ ^* 

• ^ 



• « * <*..*< •»» • I.I .•!•' Li:i«'ii. 


/ * 

09^ it 

/^ .r#J«-«». / / . '/ . i 



i *:i^.»>.*-^«. 

/ ^ ,,/ . ^'jr'ii' t ^f * * "'tt. i.9,** \ fA»* .'St '/f »f.i". *IA- •^ijlr-i !•• the 

> \^f\, n (Iff' ' ' ' " 

' f(// ttliil Ht nttif f Itf iit'.niy §tt!f-^.i\i I •fl»;*n luk*- if. a- :i -iii:r«iiar ifi.-lafM-c of 

t'liinlhii,' ^.,f,fi \»itiihi**" li v^M "»ff hiffM^li r'ol. John Tri;r:r. who will «Jelivci' 

Mfh' In ,''!'. ♦» tmtfiy nl rioul<»i l/yh^ll Ac Jolih VVjmJ'n Lot ti*r. also any 

'flliM |Mf|Mh' in \iinii\ mmmIi mhi* of l»y tli<t Hiii<l A«latiiH, aH Maj. Ward 

Ihl'/Hri'i HM* l(( iH I'M Mi^MMHl (iny miii^Ii I^oMit. 

I uin hir, lCiSH]KM!( fully, 

Your Mo. Ob't. 


H. Knox to the Governor. 17^. 

Kxtnw*.t ol uTi Aox to rec*a<^nizc' nnd adapt to Tho Oonstitntion ol'tho No t}Mo nr\*\ 

United SlAles. the EiHt4ildisiiinent of the trooix raised under the rc^olvo^ no plne*^ 
oi' the Ijnited States in Oon^cj^s assomlde<l. and for other pnr|>O!*0N 
tht^rtMn niontione<} — Pu«8ed 2!tt,h Se]>t<*.nihcr. 17f^9: 

** Swftion 5th. And lu- it further Rnaet-tMi, That for the pnrpo?^e of Prot/»Hinf? 

]>roteetin<r the inhahit^nts of the frontiers ol the Unit<*d t=^t«les from ^^^,^J^f"^'<; 

the hostile inourwions ot the Indian^, the President is hertd>y authorised frontiers 

lo eall into serviee frcim time to time, sueh part of the 'Militia of the pJ^^^wfilT 

States respnetively as he may jml^c* neecssarv for the ]>urpose aforesaid, nnthoriwvl 

and that their pay and sni^sistenee while in service. I>e the same ns the i^^iji'^^ {,,J^ 

pay and sulmtstenee <d" the troops ahove mentioned." seniee 

'^Se^^tion And he it further Enaete«l, That thi> Aet shall eon „^)j^">Jl|J^. 

tinoc and Ik* in foree until the Rnrj (»f the next st»ssion of <^nntftvss, and en<\' 
no U»n»r^»r. ' 

Wm. Patirs to Gov RfrvTRi.Y Rant^olph <Vtobor Tf?th 


The Oommiftsionors of the hoard of thnv* are still ahsont, and tho New York 

Com ptn »1 ler & Auditor ot the Trejisury have not yet an'ived ; theiv is Nom^tk*- 

iherefore no h^sinc^ss i»oinix forward in the settlentent ot aeeounts with 2? J!l 

individual States, hut in the offiee of the Commissioner of army aoeountw with indi 

idniil Stat 
>^>injt on 

wlio«e cognizances is confined to advances for j>ay A depre<'iation to tho ^ '**"'*' ^^^'^^ 

arm 3' and pay of the Militia. He takes them in oHer as hnVt in, and 

he has not yet come to Vir^nia. 1 find almost universally to the Rast- Mileafie ot 

ward the militia have charge<i milca^ to A fi»m camp, in addition to Mintin 

their |)a3'. This seems to have l»een unattended to in Vir^nia, and as 

the perio<l when Coui^n^ss allowed t his com|>ensation was prior to AmohlV Arnold V 

visit, the Evidences of the memlx^rs of our militia who wetv in mMviee, ^'^"^^ 

and consequently of the amount of the mileafj^e to which they wetv 

entitle<], were burnt with the other puhlic |>a|>er!^. 

The Collc<»tor8 of vouchers therefore shouhi W as oxpi^litiouM in tv^necHom 
procuring & forwanling the proofs on this, as well as other heads^ an the <>f V'^^J'jhert* 
nature of the husincss will permit. I confess it eacapi^l me at the time ox)MMhtiouf« 
of preparing instructions for the (\)lle<'tor8» to ^jrive them any speeial ^^ P«^w«ih1e 
ilircctions on this suhject; how far your Rxcellenc}' may have it itt your \\\ff im>«>fr, 
power to direct their attention to this ohjeet, I cannot say. The ^»ntle- ^'' 
man appointed near Winchester to collect vouchers, Ac., I foar Is either (V>||ei»tor of 
not qualified, or not dispose<l to act in the husiness. General Wood XV! *'''l'**^. *^' 
promised to take some uj^oncy respecting the appoint tnent. i have 
heard nothing from Mr. Langhorne^ and 1 atn appivhensive (hat Mr. 
Yarbro* ia inattentive to tlio duties of his appointmotit, tho' very t»apn- 
ble of executing it advantageously. 1 conversiMl with him very parMcti- 

*Ait\t^i^^^ IT »»i^A»r tiUk;: i#»: tu^oju: •-- ^whj't*^ Z viljL i»» nnvi •s'-*:!'^^'^ ^'*^i\ your 
*bv(ur -/ ^ntt i^-V-itrv/ii* *xf#^i»*>uT Si*;«i^: ii* >.itLait i: ▼:«l»s itnTrr v: II^»t^ Peter 

Y \<iT Ex«rIj«>tTr V "Terr ^:^«e»L S^rrt. 

fMit/A^ t7ih Vtertrio% num Tapt Thomjl? Whitxs Comcast ••r Miutia or 

UA%ovtu 0^r%Tr. to the G-'Texn-* A O'^rscn. or State. 

H^^/y^ H\^sw'iU*j xUaX *:v*:r\ one of ib«.-m had ^•^•n fine*'! V^ E:&ch hv a Court 

//»iM7 Martial for non-atUTi'lance at a General Master. & praTin£^ u^ l>e 

^^iMM ^/r $if'ji\}i\iuA i'or the followinir rea.*ii<^»n^. That they ha«l not been wame*! so 

ti^^t^nu^t^i' If, i\if thai the *»heriff trave ihern the first notice bv demamiini' the 

i^^tsf^l fiu*^) that they eonfMrive that they have the Constitutional rijxht to lie 

H^^^f ti4riir4 ^H'Sor^; \Hi'tUi£ eondemne«J: are ^rmvince-l that upon principals ot 
fi^A ymf$u**l , Iff 

\U^Ui Oi \m' itdttutunu ju*>tiee, they eouhJ have clean*^! themselves, had thej' l>een 

Ut^ffi St^^m* f^\\fty^tii\ the liJnjrty of* defehdin^ lhemjH.dves; and appeal to the disiHsns- 
tU^utki^'A »»K I^/wer of the Kxc^-utive for relief from the fine. 

^S'S'tT^ *" ThJM iN^lition ih afreompanie«J by a swum statement from John 
I hi' y,%t't'H' ' ' "^ 

Ijvi* r*ha|i[Hd, Nathan Barker, & Jeremiah Lindsey, Serjeants in Capt. 

HinU^titi'tti TliornttH White'H Company, ^'tting forth that they did not receive orders 

^^h!!* ^,'"**I*^^ to warn tlie wiid ('ompany to appear at the General Muster, & did not 

warn ihaui that they heanl noHuch ordcrH given; Lindsey however reool- 

hjel4!d hearing the f lieutenant of said company. af\cr the company- was 

, dinlmndod, and a great part gone, give notice of the General Muster. 

NiiiiM*Hof Tim narncM of the (yom|mny are Wm. Spur, David Martin, John Bailej-, 

I'l'llflniMTH Niithanlel Talley, David (tooeh, Edmund Hooper, Jamea Bingham, 

.foliii WcK»d, .fcdiri Hoatriglit, Olu;diali Tucker, (ieorge Slaughter, 

Anthony Ingram, JoH<q)h (iathright, Thomas Slaughter, Elias White. 

David Acre, llcjartwcll Hoatright, John Perry, James Hooper. Jcdin 

Acre, Aaron Marsh, Kicdianl Mcux, & Joshua Acre. 


iliiMth Li'vi'l IncjoN'd you will find my ('Ommission with thanks for your Compli- 

ment, thf)Ug hog the favour that ^'ou will not appoint mc to any puhlick 


post at all, for it is my wish until I can reconcile myself to ho a partizan 1789. 

to keep as dare of Puhlick posts as possihle; it is true 1 have made a Oftol>er 17th 

small stroke at one of our grand J)arty, hut 1 will promis him if he will Green Ix'vel 

excuse me for it 1 will do so no more. 1 have heard an old proverh that ReHijj:ning 

honesty is the best policy, but 1 can venture to say an honest man can 9>« ^*^o*;ni8- 
•^ . sion as Capt, 

not always come at justice. of militia 

From your ohe'd svt. 

The above commission was issnc<l at Richmond to Wm. Ilelm, of 
Prince William, appointing him Captain in the militia of said County, 
dated June 5th, 1787, and signed by Beverly Randolph, Lieut.-Gov'r. 

H. Knox, Secketaky at Wak to the Governor. No place 


War Office of the United States, 

October 19, 1789. 


I am directed by the President of the United States to request that CMober l*Jth 
your Excellency would be pleased to order an exac^t list to be made out 
agreably to the form herein encU)sed and transmitted immediately to 
this office, of all the military Invalids to whom pensions have been ListoflVn- 
grantod and paid by the State of Virginia in pursuance of the resolves ^'^^JJiJje 
of the late Congress of the United States. 

It is to be observed that no lists have been received at this office of 
the invalids residing in the State of Virginia since the one for the year Invalids in 
1787. The list now i-equested is indispensibly necessary in order to virj^uiia 
make an ari-angcment for the payment of the Invalids in March next. Payment 
agreably to the information published in the newspapers. 

I have also to request that your Excellency would be pleased to direct 
a return to be made out of the officei's' widows or orphans, if any, who Olfieers' 

have received from the State of Viri^inia the seven years half Pay widows or 

^ ^ ^ orphans 

stipulated by the resolve of Congress of the 24th of August, 1780. 

This return to State the rank, and time of the officer's death, the amount 

of the annual pension paid to the widows or orphans, and the years 

lor which it has been paid. 

I have the honor to be 

Your Excellencys most obedient Humble Servant. 

James McGavock*s receipt book containing sundry receipts to him ()ctol>er llHh 
from the officers of various counties for public lead. These receipts date Public Leatl 
from July 21, 1786, to Oct. 19, 1789. 


October 20th JouN Caldwell, Lt. Col., 2d Reot., to Governor Beverly Randolph. 

Nelson C'O. Returning tlie number of Militia of Nelson County, viz: Ist Regt. 
Retiirusof 600 rank & file, 2d Regt. 050 rank & file, doew not recollect the exact 
Mihtia jiumber of otiicerH, but they are not proportionable on account of resig- 

October 20th Walter Crockett, County Lieut, of Montgomery County, 1*0 Gov- 
ernor Beverly Randolph. 

Uichmond Sir, 

Two spies Agreable to your Excollencie instructions to nie sometime last 

th» ^ntiers '^P^*"^' ^ Ordered Out two spies on the frunteersof Montgomery County 

which Continues on duty at this time, but the frunteers of that County 

is Seventy or Eight}' miles in length, it was emposseble for two men to 

make the nessery discoverys and to watch all the inroads that led to the 

Indian frunteers of the County. On the first of this instant A party of Indians 

massacres ^^^^i^ ^^^^ Willey's family, killed and scalped foure of his Children and 
took his wife and her youngest Child prisoners. About the same time 
they killed one Whitley, and masscreed him in Abrbaros manner. 
There went Twelve men in persute of them Emeadiately, and was gon 
Twelve days when I left home and was not returned, therefore I can 

In pursuit Give Know account what success they had. I emeadiately Ordered a 
Capt. and Fifty men with proper officers to Rainge on the frunteers for 
one month from the time of thire Randezvousing at the place appinted 
for them to meet. This is a true account of what happened in the 
County of Montgomery by the incui*singrt of the Indians last Summer. 

Sir, I am with Regaurd, 

Your Excelenecy most Obe't Humble servt. 

October 2l8t J- Pendleton, Auditor, to the Governor. 

Auditor's Stating that he never considered the reference of an account from 

office l\^^^ Executive to him ibr settlement, as precluding an examination of 

'exaSna- ^^^ charges contained therein, but when so referred, he conceived that 

tiou of ac- to be an admission of the claim to be settled according to tiie legal or 

l*OI1tlti4 1*1*" 

ferred to customary rules of the office, and hopes tl:at if the Governor & the 

Auditor members of the Council are now of opinion, there was no necessity for 

Executive ^^^^^ instruction on this subject, it may be rescinded or expunged. 


Thomas Parker's account against the Commonwealth of Virginia, 1789. 
for his expenses from 20th April hist, to this date, in ohUiining vouchers October 23rd 
for this State against the Continent, amount'g to £15, 12s, 4J, actually Account of 
paid, exclusive of hoi'se. ex|>en8e8 

John Logan to Govr. Beverly Randolph. October 23<1 


Stating the Strength of the Militia of Lincoln County, at as follows: Lincoln Co. 
14 Field officei-s, 1.3 Captains, 18 fiieutenants, 1.^ Ensigns, 20 Sergeants, H^^ll^^^ 
and about 800 privates. 

Resolution of the House of Delegates for the relief of the Chickasaw October 23ni 
Indians, and is as follows: 

In the House of Delegates, 

Frida3% the 23d of October, 1789. 

Whereas some of the Chiefs of the Chickasaw Indians have repre- 
sented that the Creek Indians have committed many insults and 
depradations on their Nation and have attacked them in a hostile man- 
ner, and unprovoked; that they intended to make application to the 
President of the United States for assistance to repel those violanccs 
but are prevented from executing that intention by the groat distance 
to New York, the advanced season of the year, and the pressing 
exigence of their affairs. And the General Assembl}'' calling to remem- 
brance the long and uninterrupted friendship which hath existed I^ong and 
between the said Indians and the people of this State, who have received wnj'jternipt- 
constant proofs of their affectionate regards, and at the same time ship 
pitying the defenceless condition of the said Chickasaws, who are Defenceless 
exposed to the fury of their enemies from the want of ammunition. condition 

It is therefore resolved that the Executive be desired to furnish to the Resolution 
said Chickasaw Nation, such quantity of Gun powder, not exceeding ^P mrnish 
two thousand weight, and lead proportioned thereto, as their necessities powder and 
may require and the public can conveniently spare; and furnish such of ^^^^ 
the said Indians as are in this City, with such articles as may bo proper 
for them, and also make a suitable compensation to the two white men 
who accompany the said Indians. 

Resolved, That it be an in.struction to the Committee appointed to Resolution 
prepare an address to the President of the United States, on the subject ^^ P^j^I>a'^^'^" 
of Indian affairs, to represent to him that the General Assembly have the Pn^Hi- 
been induced to interpose in the manner expressed in the foregoing JjfJjVj 
resolution from an expectation that the peculiar circumstances of the dian affairs 


1789. ChickaHuw.s, who are now applyiii;^ to the (lovernment of Virginia, 

(K.inlKT 2^^r^\ wouhl rt'iKler 8iK»h iiitc»r|)08ition ju'ceplahle, jiikI that the reciei*al Govern- 

Ketrihiition ment will no! ho avei-no to make retrihiition for the atlvanees on this 

for *«va"<»;« occiHion. 
made on ttim 

Oi-'i-OHion Teste: 

1780, Oct. 2r)th, A^reea to h}' the Senate. 


A Copy Tente: 


Octol)er 24th Kingj William (-onrt appoints (-hristopher Tompkins & John Callett 

KiTr Wil- '" Fehniaiy, 1783, to receive the value of the damaj^os done by the 

lium (Viunty British 'u\ Saint Davids fairish in this county in May, 1781, a^rcaldy to 

I ersons jip- ,^^ ^^.^ ^^j. ^^^^^^.,^1,).. j^ that case provi<ied; and in OetolKjr, 1789, Jamei* 
|K)ini(Hi to re- ^^ » ' » 

rcfivf <ljini- Hill and Isaac (/uarles are ad led to the former order of Court, any two 

l^U-Hisli ^^ ^^^^ whole to perform the same. 

Returns This return was macle <fe signed h}' Christopher Tompkins, Jolm Cat- 

'"*^* ^ lett, <fe Isaac Quarles, which was ordered to !»e certified by the Court. 

Slaves, «fec. The losses com]>rise slaves, cattle. Tobacco, silver spoons, &o., furniture, 

wearing apparel of every description with various other property*, fully 

descril)ed in the respective sworn statements of the loosers which aeeom- 

Names of pany this report. The persons claiming damages arc as follows, together 

^ammints' with amounts, viz: lleuben Sizcr, £75, Samuel Bennett, £100, Walter 

VhiiuK^I Dugleas, £45, VVm. Toler, £14«, John Hill, £11, 28, Christopher Tomjv 

kins, £380, IGs, M, Thomas Nelson, £029, (Jeroud k Vial, £6,241, Alice 

Taylor, £75, 2s, Thomas Nelson, £4,540, 10s, 8d, Wm. Nelson, £701, 13s. 

Richard S<ir. Taylor, €74, 8s, John Nelson, £59, John Anderson, £30, 8s, 

Christo. Taliafaro, .£5, Yancey Lii)scomb, £100. 

October 24th WiLLiAM MoRRiss to the General Assembly op Va. 

Api)ointed A petition shewing that he was appointed by the Board of Trade in 

KuiKTintcn- March, 1779, to superinUmd a ship yard established at Cumberland, on 
<lent<)f Hhiiv - ' „ , n r 

ynnlatCnni- York Kiver, for the pur])0ses of Commercial Department, that ho eon- 

berland tjnued to act as such till March. 1780, when said ship yard was discon- 
1 ard diHcon- ' * "^ 

tinned tinned; that he kept (ui his books a fair & just account of all hi8 tran^ 

actions during his service, of which he sends a true copy, showing a 

Balance in balance in his favr>r of £207, 9s, 8}<1, which he, nor any person for him, 

his favor j^j, received any compensation, though ho had frequently apnlie<] to 

No COUJIHMI- * » •' I I 

Hution 1^**^ Hoard of Trade. The State's Agent & the Commissary of Stores 
for that pur|»ose. The account could not be settled for want of 


vonehora, which vouchers were destroyed by the Enemy as will appear 1789. 
from Certiffcatofl of J. Ambler, one of the Board of Trade, Benj'n Day, C)cto]>er 24th 
the State's agent, k others hereto annexed. He prays that the Assembly could mrt be 
will enact that this account be liquidated, and he receive such compen- settled 
sation as the case may require, and they in their great wisdom shall ^^"j \,^^]j.r 
think just. Accompanying this petition are the certificates of J. Ambler, and others 
Benj'n Day, Robert Witchell, Boatswain of the shipyard, & Wm. Lucas, "^^J-JJ^ 
clerk of Ship yard. 

Henry Lee to the Governor. Octol)er 25th 


I have the honor of your Exellency's let*r of the 2nd Sept. covering Richmond 
commissions for the officers of militia in the County of Westmoreland, Militia of 
excepting in the case of ('olo. Washington. By consent of Mr. Nelson ]»nT(^^^ 
did the Court recommend Col. Washington, in consideration of its (k)l. Wash- 
being highly agreeable to the militia, & because Col. Washington |iad '"^^" " ^'***^ 
lost his rank in the militia when he entered into the minute service. 
It is not necessary to enter into a minute explanation of Col. Washing- 
ton's pretensions, as the recommendation of the Court was done by the 
express consent of Mr. Nelson. 

I have the honor to be sir, with real regard & respect. 

Your Exc'y's hum. Ser. 

Nathaniel Wilkerson, Justice of the peace for Henrico, certifies that Ocrtober 2Cth 

Walter Crocket, Lieut, of Montgomery County, made affidavit before Henrico Co. 

him that no monies arisinij from militia fines had ever come into his '-"icut. of 

" Montgomery 

bands. County in 

regani to 


arising from 
Militia fines 

David Fatteson to Robert Goode. October 26th 

Stating that SamM Weisiger was appointed Flour Inspector on the Manchester 
recommendation of the Court, and acted as such last season, to the Flour in- 
satisfaction of all concerned, as far as can bo known. Mr. Weisiger i^^^flf^ 
failed to apply to the Court at the September Court just passed, for and its 
reappointment. Ho requests that Mr. Goode will make the necessary ^^^j^^j^^' 
application now to the Executive as he is certain that Mr. Weisiger 
would have been continued had he made the proper application to the 
Court. This letter is accompanied b}' a certificate from David Patteson 
& James Harding, stating that Mr. Weisiger had discharged the duties of 
Flour Inspector last season for Manchester and its neighborhood & to the 
satinfaction of all concerned as far as they know\ 

^ ...liLI^.iJ. :*f -Tr-n *x-.^Ta:r 

'^"^ } ? i'Cl" T* Tin TH'^TajtML. 



^w*''/.«'» ur» wr :*T u'.wic-r* tTtu ^i,t « i :• -•■• r:»tr niLT :» ■.i-tti ae 

'^^ *•". n k. .vwv^ -a li'i r-^r'A-^r via," '.ittT iiiT-r ir:«:o:-:*i I "B^ -; : 


/|r|/,>^rX^h WH. Mr-i'LKWIT TO THE GoVKRJfOR OF Va 

U^tUimtwt HU%Um lliftt iJm? niirfilHjr of rari;^eri onlcrt'^l for the rounty ot* Monon- 
I^Mi^i'r** i«i i/fi\'ui hy 'Urt'Ui'uni of ^-oiiiuil in May la?^t, had lK.fii consitlomlily n.»«luetMl 
rl'ttiiTv *" "rditr Ut k««;|> out rnorf; h^-oijts than wore onlered \*y tho Council — the 
t*tt,n\n Hiifi'fy of ih*? rronehTfi nM|Mirin;^ it. He ^iw?* this information lest tlie 
iUmm'W nhoiihl hav<' *hrti<fiilti«;?< in punnin;^ iht' accounts oj* iho^* now 
nfiMi'l, lh<'n< ImiIii^ more? HContH than were r)nlert?«l, A: rerjucHts the Gover- 
nor to hiy i( h<?fon? Ww (Joun^ril for iheir approhation. 

Uilnhdi'JiMh Tiirnnr Monthiill a jiiHlico ol' th** peace for Ilenrieo County certifies 
llnnili'M t'li tliiit hi» hml lulniliilMtenMl to <!yruH (iritlln the Oath prescribed hy law to 
hn liiUtMi liy a Trivv <-oii!ic(«Uer. 


HkAKKLY K*\Nho|.Vll. 

Nv\^ \«»il« Vour h«Uer hy the hint Post, without date. 1 have had the honor ol 

reeeiviUk\ I peieeivo that you had com ludiMl t«» defor <nris.'tin*; tlio 


aDiount of tho Stuto Debt to bo furnished till a provi«ion ia made by the 1789. 
Legisiutiire respecting funds for discharging it. Allow me to remark, Octolxjr 29th 
Sir, that I am persuaded, for a variety of reasons, that the amount of Am't of 
the debt is the most material part of tho information desired by the toSxiVur- 
Ilouse of Representatives, and that in regard to Funds, it will be a com- nished the 
plete answer to their enquiry to state those which do exist, if there are Dept'^^ 
any, and if there are none, to state tliat there are none. 

Under this conviction, I beg leave to urge that your Excellency will 
have the goodness to direct that the amount of the Debt be immediately 
transmitted to this office, accomi>anied with such remarks respecting the 
other objects of the Resolution as the actual state of things shall suggest. 

1 have the honor to be with perfect consideration, 

Your Excellency's Most Obedient and Humble Servant. 

Copy ol' the proceedings of Brunswick Co. Court again t Robin a October 31st 
negro man slave, charged with feloniously Robbing Bottom Steagall of a Brunswick 
Gun, & wounding him with a knife. ^ County 

At a Court of Oyer & Terminer held for the County of Brunswick 
on Saturday, the 31st day of October, 1780, for the trial of Robin a 
Negro man Slave, tho property of Humphrey Traylor of Dinwiddle 
County, charged with Feloniously Robbing Bottom Steagall of a Gun, 
& wounding him with a knife. 

Present; William Thornton, Benjamin Blick, James Harrison, John Justices who 

Stith, & Edward Birchell, Gentl. ^"^ ^^« 


The prisoner was led to the bar, & being arraigned, &c., &c.. Plead 
Guilty, and for trial put himself upon God and Court. And on examin- Prisoner 
ing tho witnesses and considering the circumstance of the case, the **^r^^^^*^ 
Court are of opinion that the said Ne^ro Man Slave, Robin, is guilty of Guilty 
tho said offence, and do accordingly pronounce Judgment that he be Judgment 
banged by the Neck till he be Dead, Dead, Dead. And ordered P'^Tob^'^'^ 
that the Sheriff of this County cause Execution of this Sentence to be hangSi 
done on the Fiflh day of December next, between the Hours of 12 and 
2 of the Clock, of the same day; and thereupon the Court having taken 
into consideration the Value of tho said Negro Man, Slave, Robin, do His value 
accordingly value him to Sixty Pounds Current Money. 

JTho minutes of those proceedings were signed, 


Copy — Teste : 

CHAS. B. JONES, D. C. B. C. 

On the trial of Robin, a Negro Man Slave, tho property of Humphrey 
Traylor, at a court held for that purpose on tho Slst day of October, 


1789. 1789, Bottom Steagall of Lawful age, being 8worn, Deposed & said that 

Octolx?r 3lHt on the 4th day of Augimt last, as he was Walking round and off Corn 

Testimony field of his, he discovered the said Robin in his field gathering <& eating 

Stp li" l>^ii^'l^^»j inid on going up to him & questioning him, he said that he 

belonged to Col. Allen, but not being able to tell his overseer's name 

gave him reason to suspect he was a runaway, & ordered him to go 

before him to his house; the said Robin had a knife in his hand pealing 

& eating of the Peaches, and after going about One hundred k fifty 

yards, they came near to a thickett of Bushes, when all of a sudden the 

said Robin turned about upon this Deponent and seized the gun which 

he had in his hand, and fell to cutting him with the knife till he had 

stabbed and cut him in about 12 places, and disspossed him of his Gun, 

and this Deponent further said that finding his gun was gone, he 

retreated back some distance, and that the said Robin pursued him and 

contiimed to stab him untill he had cut him in several other places, 

which last cuts occasioned the blood that had settled from the first 

wounds in the Lower part of his bosom to gush out in a large stream, 

when the said Robin dissisted and walked off with this deponent's gun; 

and this deponent further said that he supposed that the said Robin 

expected he had killed him or he would not have left him. 

Gun pro- Whereupon the said gun being produced in Court, this Deponent 

duced m further said that it was the Gun which the said Ilobin took from him 

and that it was his property, and that it had been Robed of many of 
the Ornaments and very much disfigured since it was taken from him 
by the said Robin. 

And further this deponent s&id not. 

Certificate of I do hereby certify that the above appears to be a true state of the 
elk. ofCx)urt p^vidcnce and facts which were produced on the triall of Robin a Negro, 
Man Slave, the property of Humphrey Traylor, when he was condemned 
by the Court of Brunswick, Bottom Steagall being the only witness. 

Teste : 

' CIIAS. B. JONES, D. C. B. C. 

Brunswick County, October 31st, 1789. 

C^Ttilicutc of I do hereby certify that at a called (vourt hold for this county the 
Clk. of Court .|,|)Qve date, that Wdliam Thornton, Benjamin Blick, James Harrison, 
John Stith, & Edwarg Buchett, Jr., were the Justices that sot and con- 
demned Kobin, a Negro Man Slave, the property of Humphrey Traylor, 
for Feloniously Robbing Bottom Steagall of a Gun, & stabing him. 

Given under my hand, the day & Date above. 

CHAS. B. JONES, D. C. B. (;. 


Brunswick County, October 31st, 1789. 1789. 

We, whose Names are hereunto annexed, sat on the thial of Robin, a (k-tober 81st 
Xegro Man Slave, the property of Humphrey Traylor, when he was 
condemned for Feloniously Robbing and Stabing Bottom Steagall of the 
county of Brunswick of. and carrying awa}' his Gun, and from prin- 
ciples of Humanity, do re<*ommend him to h'.s Excellenc}' Beverly Kei-um- 
Bandolph, Esquire, Governor ol this State, as an object of Merc3\ "*n"eiT\-^^* 


Endorsement on back of the last written paper signed by Thornton Reprieve*! 
& Blick: '* Negro reprieved Nov. 12, '89. 

In connection with this case is a letter from Wm. Barksdalc to Col. 
Wm. Fontain, dated at Petersburg, December 1st, 1789, and is as fol- 
lows : 

Dear Sir, 

I have your favor 29th ulto.. accompanying a letter to my 
Care, sent by Mr. E. Harrison, directe<l to the Sherriff Brunswick 
for Robin's reprieve; I accordingly hired an express & sent up for 
fear of the lettere miscarrying; the man has retum'd. & brought 
the Sherrirs rct*n. & reports that its impossible the fellow can sur- 
vive untill the time in which he is suspended for. say Ist Friday in 
next month. I did not suspect it was a Partial reprieve at the time 
I hired a man to carr}'^ it out; he says the fellow is Iron'd up against a 
wall, standing, bear of clothes, exposed to the cold, without lii'e. in a 
manchol3' situation, as well as. in very givato pain. Thei*e are holds 
hoore threw the Loggs, Sc Iron bolls threw fastining the out side with 
a ke3'. From this information yon may judge the situation he must be 
in. He is almost reduce<l to a skelloton from the cruel treatment he 
gets from the gard. Humanity has taken its flilo from the people of 
that count}- that are privy to the circumstances. Mr. Tiaylor is now 
here present, & says unless a reprieve can be Immediately got, the fel- 
low had better be hanged at once, as it will be easing him of a very 
tedious & lingering pain, which is more terrible than death. He says 
the fellow has perfully made his peace, as he was constantly praying 
while be was present, & desires to be hanged sooner than undergo the 
Torture of his present fate. Should the fellow be kept untill the time 
of his <*uspension, & should not dy within the time, Mr. Ti*aylor says he 
cannot be worth within Twenty pounds of the prise he was to give. 
The fellow must be inevitably frost bitt, should nothing else befall him. 
These things considered, there had better be something done decisive. 
Traylor has agree*! either to pay the money which he was to give, or 


ffi'i't '>•<•» ?/•»•< '»!•' ••K.y jr, 4 r -ar^ h«r v.ii r>ar I'm ti* tcAiii >a i_s? >tixr 

£ am Yr. Xr. S*. ^r. 

••/, .if#/ /,r Wr**^fK»4r ri«/#*f J''»«^ f* ^with .t FUn L.iW'io^ to the G*'»'STms\m^ 
)A^ft**ty ^^f^ WrKKrH-* '*r nrr 'V*«:f'fi. r:« Behalf ow Hajipdi^c >n>yKT 

A-« yon iin*. iiof, |i'«*- 'ii-»rin:4iit!-hed tWr your abilities & tA^to 

ir> fr^hf' l^Mrr»ir»i/ thtin fV^r your hif^h rank in the <tate. we an^ en- 

/ ofirMj/"'! lo tif\f\rf^n yftu in iM-hjill* of fhv CoIUri^e of Hampden Sy*iney. 

••f»i*l^if»#i*l h hM«« Ir^/'n »f»«ffful<'<l aii'l frtrrir-<l ori to a consi»ierable decree of useful- 
ly rf/>hMf)/rrf* i .1 I .' i' • I- • I I -*L *. J U 

rroffj hiHl '"'"*' ^V ''"' j(f'rM'r/»i»** /lormfioim ol iiifhvKluuls. neither connecte^j by 

\'\i\im\** jirMllMilMr rnv/Mii- nor inlfn'Ht. Frr)Fn the wuine benevolent source alone, 

wi« 'b'rl\«' II '»ii|i|»ly lo ii ii** wrr th*' vurioiis ^^xi;^enees which arise in such 

fhillillhu M nri hmlllMllon Am vvn rirn now nn^iii^ivi in ImiMing a Common Hall for 

"'11""/" i' Hh' iHililh Mi'Mdonilf'iil PxrrriHt^ of th« Ktndonts, and have no funds for 

Nn flMiMM I ... 

^tnlii II mIiI di'fi'Mvliuf ill" nn)iiMiiM«, w(« iiro obli^od to sojicil aid from the Patrons of 
Mih>ni i« liii- ilijii |iMr|io*4o. Our principal design in the erection of this 
liMlldhiii I'l to |M'oniotM the UNi^inl At orminiental practice of speaking 
^^)lh i'iiMo In puiillr. And u*« ymir i^xpcrienco in the business of the 
Mlhlo nndnnlttiMllN (Minviitcun ynti <H«ntlcntcn of the importance of an 
iMU'h hiil'll ittid Hd«li'«»'4M in oratorv, wc pivsunio you will cheerfully en- 
I'MiUHM*' iniN Mti'hil plan hn* tho t'nitivation of it in this Government. 
\nd M»* lln» pnhllo poriodlral \>\hil»ition of the Stiulents at the College 
bin o b»«»»n •Ut^MnhMl with iho host otVoi'is thi< wav, thoujrh tbev havo 
li\l«\«iu**d nnd\»i nnnix vLsads anln>;x^^ for iho want of a proper building 
\\\\ \\\\ \^\\\\^^^^\' \\v Ibutor ournolw^H thai you will grs^nt us such assist- 
m^ \ t* * von \\\^\ lUvl^x* t\» Iv v\ni\oiuont, iV n\H'o>s;iry upi»n the pivsont 

Wv aiv lieuilcmen. 

Your vorv humble Sv-nrts. 

\ ^ '^ . N 

• ■« • V 

V'. x.^ X **■»' X » V » '■ f'\: '.' -^LV K.- 


BEKJAmN JoHKsoN, L. C<>L. Orange Militia, to Ctovern<»r Beverly 1789, 


Reporting the strength of the Militia of Orange C-ounty to he 1 R<>gi- October 

ment, 12 Companies, 1 Lieut. Col., 1 Major, r» Captains. 11 Lients. 10 OranceCix 

Ensigns, 28 Sergeants. 3 Cc»rj»oials, 2 I>rummei>s. 2 Fifers, and 731 Pri- "^^™* 

The County Court of Amelia, October, 1789, appointeti Franeis An<ier- <\iolH^r 
«)n. Jr., Ensign., Archt^r Johnson. Jr., Ensign. Jacob Roberts, to \*e Ca}>- Amelia CVx 
tain, Parham Booker to l>e Lieut.. Pinkish BcK)ker, to be Ensign, Grief "^^1^^* 
Talley, to be Caj»tain. Matthew Wills, to hi- Lieut.. William Cousins, to 
be Ensign. E<ivard Wilkers(»n. to be Caj»tAiii, J<xl Jaekson, to U- Lit-ut-, 
and <''rofford Anderson, to l»e Ensign. 

This repon seems to be in the hand writing ot Edmund Randolph, Ortober 
one of the compilers appi>int<^d by the General Assemlily in Oel.. 1789, Compilers 
with Messrs. Mercer. Taasewell. Preniis and Tucker for the jiurpose ol 
making a new edition of the laws ot this CiMumon wealth, with a distri- Xew e-ditinn 
ballon of the work to be performed among the said gentlemen, and con- 
tains some letters from him to the ]>artie!S named on this subjei-t^ and 
also memoranda of the work in hand cojiied tn»m the Acts of Assembly. 

of Stat I* liiWS 

Major E. Langham to Govr, Bkverlv Randolph. Xovem. ai 



I rec'd yours yesterday resj>eoting ammunition. &e., for the Indian Point of 

Chief of the Chicasaw Nation, all of which shall be complied with as ***^*'^ 

speedily* as possible. It will not Ik? possible to get waggons in this Ammunition 

neitrhborhood tor the purpose of carrviuic the Lead. I must therefore f^^^Chioka- 

• j^ S3iw nation 

send to M'tgomery and have waggons engaged to Carr}' the Lead to 

Winchester, or should there be a nigher rout to redstone, they shall be 

engage<l to deliver it there. I can make out to get waggons in this 

neighborhood to cany- the powder to Winchester & must go that far my- 

self to engage the carriage to redstone. I judge it is at least as tai from 

McGavok's to redstone as from this [dace. 

I judge it will cost £160 to gel the powder and lead delivered at nni- Cmi of 

stone, therefor© would be glad to receive pr. bearer £80 for the purpose ^'^"^'ing 


IT*;'* ol 9:XK*:ux\rr^ ihr ^Ua'ific-^, an*i ih»- F*alari«.-v. whatever ii mmy be, may re- 

Vff^/t. 2d mairi untiil the work U «-t>nipit:tc«i. Y«*a will find by my last aecot. of 

Ca.*h *-xrf»;ri'ieii. that there remaiD* in mv han'i:^ odIt £10, 15s, 9d. which 

wiil ar«.«wer r«o purptx* in tbi^^ biiMnes;?. I shall pay every attention 

ne<re)^ar]k' to the In<1iari!« k •l[sf»ati.-h them :iS early a<« possible. 

I have the ht»nor to tie. 

Your Exc-ellencv* mo, Hble. Servt. 

TYtc ritit'i'n The Chief. Pe<>minir. has this niorn*;^ ma^le application for about 40 
aM#li«-ation (;^\\f,j^^ ^,f mm i,y ^pve them on their mute tiown the Ohio. He savs 

that he quite forsTOt to apply to ytiu, but wishes me to do it in his behalf. 
Your orden* on this occa-sion 8hall be obeve«i. and furnished if vou choose, 
if at all. bv vr. contract. 

So\*iit.'M Wm. Davie-s to «jovxr. Beverly Randolph. 

.Ww York In which he Mates that he has just rec'd the Governors letter of the 

'm*\ ultimo. He lK.*g> to refer him l«> three former letters, and in addition 

HiTninark requests to have forwarded to him the accounts and letters ot General 

and oih#rn» (j|j|r|^ ^ others relati\'e to his Shawnese Expedition. He thinks that 

<?x[i<.'«lition from all he learn in reganl to the settlement of the claims of other states, 

he can, with these ptt|>ers, accomplish a credit to the State for their 

amount, & solicits the aid of the Governor in procuring them for him. 

His last letter was on the subject of money and says that at present be 

is in real distress. 

SifS'cm'.uU Arthur Campbell to Gov. Beverly Randolph. 


WaMhin^ton Enclosing a ileturn of the militia of Washington County for Oeto., 

^■^'' 1789. States that it is very imperfect by reason of neglect of officers 

.Militiii lawH commanding companies. Thinks that the frequent altering of the 

two fn*- niilitia law has a pernicious tendencv. In October, 1788. the Court 

<|iiriitiy '^ " m 

alt«n*d Martial was strict k fined a number of officers. The law of last year was 

considered as a privilege to have a rehearing, and at the last Court Mar- 
tial all the fines of the officers were remitted Except one. Is doubtful of 
their powers and requests the Governor's commands on this subject. The 
remainder of the fines, which amounts to upwartls of £20, is not yet 
collected, tlio' the Sheriff answer him he has made everv effort in his 
.Militlii power. The Militia Return is 1 county Lieut., 1 Col., 1 Lt. Col., 1 Major, 
n'tuniH |r, (japtains, 18 Lieutenants, 11 Ensign.s, 30 Sergeants, 3 Druramei-s, 2 
Fifers — 675 Rank & file, adding in the Remarks "no Returns from three 
companies, nor of the Arms, Ammunition, Dead or Ronioved/* 


Sam'l Coleman to the Governor. 1789. 

Reports that Ohio & Nelson Counties have made militia Returns, but Novem. 3d 
made no distinction between officers and privates, so send no return of Militia 
their arms, accoutrements, & ammunition. Monongalia Co. makes this q^^ Ndson 
distinction, & goes no farther, ilanover return is in form; states that and Monon- 
he has rec'd a letter from County Lieut, of Goochland, saying that ([^oShl^nd 
Judgment had been obtained against the sheriff, for amount of fines put 
into his hands for Collection. The sheriff has appealed, <fe County Lt. 
requests to know what further steps to take. 

Botetourt returns are made in due form for the year 1788 & 1789. Botetourt 

Affidavits tending to the excuse of the County Lieut, of Botetourt for 

not making returns for 1788 sooner, are received; has rec'd an affidavit 

proving that the County Lieutenant of Montgomery hath received no Montgomery 

fines. The County Lieut, of Campbell has resigned. The Colonel of Col. of Ohio 

Ohio has resigned. I^incoln return of Militia deficient in Form; says Lincoln Co. 

that pui'suant to a letter from County Lieut, of Westmoreland, com mis- Westniore- 

sions have issued to Wm. A. Washington, as Colonel, & to VVm. Nelson, ^r a 

^8 Lt. Col. of Militia for that County. A letter from the County Lt. Washington 

of Hamshire, on the subiect of a Lt. Col's, (yoramission to a Mr. Fox, „"• ^^fson 

*' ^ . liainshire 

is withheld for the resignation of Major McGuire. Return of Militia 

from Chesterfield is in due form; the County Lieut, has resigned, & Chesterfield 

made affidavit that no fines have come into his hands. The above & 

foregoing are since last Report. 

Clerk of Court Martial, Louisa Co., certifying fines assessed against Novem. 3d 
Tlios. Andei-son, Benjn. B. Hope, & L. Pullam. ]m\^ 

H. Brooke, Clerk of Fauquier Co. Court, to the Governor. Novem. 3d 

Enclosing a copy of the order of the Court for September, 1789, in Fauquier Co. 
which he is ordered to apply to the Executive for a Proclamation, 
directing the Court of said County to be holden at the house of Thomas 
Maddux, in said County, until the building in which the Court was 
formerly held, is repaired or rebuilt. 

He states that the Court was induced to make the order, because the 
present Courthouise was unfit to do business in, occasioned by decay. 
It is BO much out of repair, that it w^ill not keep out the rain, & does not 
think it safe to be in it, in any thing of a wind, as the roof is almost 
entirely rotten. 



1789. Edward Booker, County Lieutenant, to Governor Beverly Ran- 

Novem. 3d Return of the Militia of Amelia Co. for 1789, viz: 1 County Lieut., 
^mliitia^' 1 Colonel, 1 Lt. Col., 1 Major, 7 Captains, 8 Lieutenants, 6 Ensigns, 20 
Sergeants, 472 Eflfective. 

Novem. 4th E. Langham to Gov. Beverly Randolph. 

Point of Sir. 

^^ Pioniingo, the ''hickasaw Chief, wishes to change his rout by 

Piomingo way of Holston, instead ol redstone. He observes that the talk he had 
chan^his ^^^^ J^"' ^® wishes not to violate in the smallest Instance, yet he eon- 
route eeives that if it is his choice to have the ammunition delivered at the 
long Islands of Holston, or thereabouts, provided it will not be 
more expensive to the State, that you will have no objection. He 
observes that he is fearful the river Ohio will be frozen up, before he 
can possibly be prepared to go down, & in that case he will be in a bad 
situation; That on Holston, a number of families are making read}' to 
go down, and that if he can have his stores there time enough to ac- 
company them, he can go down safe. If he is not time enough for 
those families, that he can send a small part of his ammunition with 
ordei's for a Guard to come to him for the safe conve3'ance of the 
remainder of his ammunition down the Tanesee river. My order's is 
to deliver the stores at redstone, & must do so unless ordered to the con- 
trary. I am so sure that you will not object to the rout, that the Chief 
proposes, that I venture to set out the powder that way on Saturday 
morning next, knowing that the expense to the State will thereby be 
considerably lessened, as from Magafocks to the long Island of Holston 
is not more than 120 miles, and to redstone would be 380 miles. I shall 
wait your orders on this head, & so soon as I receive them, shall proceed 
on, either to deliver the stores ordered at the long Islands, or to turn 
the powder to redstone, & engage the carriage of the lead to the same 
pla';e. The chief further observes that even should he be detain'd the 
winter, it will be better for him to be on Holston, where he is acquainted 
with Capt. King & other friendly families, than at redstone, where be 
is a stranger; provided you consent for him to change his route, he 
wishes to give up the letter that he has to Mr. Kean of Winchester, & 
that you will authorize me to furnish him with the rifles by purchase, 
or to agree with Capt. King of Holston to furnish them. 

1 have the honor to be 

Your mo. ob't Servt. 

I rec'd the money pr. Mr. McDonald. To-morrow morning the 
waggon sots out with the powder. 

-o:i ..T. »^ <•: -^1 ": • ^ri-^ 7^ 

bm lain iMnio?- iiuL iirc x-nnu iii»< in> iwi?*M''!^HWti m ,>*>*, i»m<. >#»^^. Kf 

0»«!!^a. TK*-Ofiy<irL ;* f iulisji'j, 5v tv,vrwixviii 3N3f>riwu\ Svkxa.^ijp^. \v\v»i»y s«^ 

Stating that be w\U l*e aWt» 10 5<^j^ti a rcmn^ xM" iho ^irx^nii^h xM' Uu^ W^nvx^^'^Wv 
militia after the fOth in*t^ that KMnc General M^^^u^r vlav b^ th\^ m^vAix M^^^h^ 
time he re<x>mmeii<i> Wiu. Di^^^sk Jr., Ww. AUoo. Jtv. v^ Uumj^hivN 
Harwood, as proper men to serve as Oav^nlry orti^vr^ Tvxr this l\MU^ty 

Charles Hat, Clerk of tiik Uoi sk ok l>\).vrKSv N*\\vi\\. rth 

Resolution requesting the Executive to have print^M^ the usutti humht'r 
of copies of the Laws &, resolutions of a puhlio natutv of iho pnv^ent 
Session with all possible tiispateh, that the nuMuhors may ho Knahle^l to 
carry to each county its respective pi*t»portioh ; a!»«' thai I ho Kxooulivo 
make such allowance for printing the same out oi" iho salary ol tho puh» ^^^hho \yr\\\\ 
lie printer as they shall think reasonahio: pi*ov'hUmI iIio puhlio pnntor *^* 
cannot satisfy the Executive that ho oan porfoiMU I ho huHlnoHH hln»»olf. 

Agreed to by the Senate Nov. 12lh, 1789, * certithMl hy II. Brt>oko, ( ■. H. 


1789. L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to Gov. Beverly Randolph. 


Noveiii. 7th Inlbrming the Governor that he had continued the motions against 
Kichiuond the following County Lieutenants for not making returns of militia & 
Motions not accounting for Fines, to the Ensueing court, and wishes to be in- 
coun^ structed whether to prosecute or dismiss them, viz: Wm. Bowjer, of 
lieutenants Augusta Co., not making return of militia and not accounting for Fines; 
James Pendleton, of Culpeper, for same; John Fitzgerald, of Fairfax, 
for same; John Wilson, of Pittsylvanin, for same; David Mason, of Sus- 
sex, for same; George Hillern, of Botetourt, for not making return of 
Militia; Thomas Edmunds & Thos. Claiborne, of Brunswick, tor same; 
George Thompson, of Fluvanna, for same; William Ward, of Greenbrier, 
lor same; George Haii*ston, of Henry, for same; Nathaniel Burwell, of 
James City, for same; Francis Peyton, of Loudoun, for same; Henry 
Walker, of Mecklenburg, for same; Thos. Gaskins, of Northumb*d, for 
same; Edmund Rutiin, of Prince George, for same; John Black well, of 
Fauquier, not accounting for tines; John Skinner, of King George, for 
same; Thomas Mathews, of Norfolk, for same; John Bowycr, of Rock- 
bridge, for same; Edwd. Harwood, of Warwick, for same; Thomas 
Posey, of Spott83'lvania, for same. 

Novem. 7th Will. Dan. Claiborne to Gov. Beverly Randolph. 

Noplace Declining to serve as sheriff of King William Co. longer; and asks 
given ^i^^^ another appointment take place. 

Novem. 9th CoL. Wm. Davies to Gov. Beverly Randolph. 

New York States that he omitted to mention in his last letter that the return of 
Pensioners Pensioners, which he delivered last Spring to the Secretary of War, and 
which he says he sent to the late Board of Treasury, cannot now be 
found. He does not think that it will make any immediate difference, 
as the new Auditor has but lately arrived, and there can be no con- 
jecturo when he will be able to attend to this part of the business, as he 
has not only his share of the new accounts, and all the old of the Treas^ 
ur}' I>ept. to adjust, but also all the accounts of the five great Depart- 
ments that were left by the late Commissioners Burrall & Walker are 
Mileage to undergo his examination & decision. In regard to the subject of 
rharged by ^lilage, he states that Ma.^sachnsetls ha** charged it to Camp lor every 
setts recruit, and it is not rejected as yet. by the Commissioner of Army 
accounts. This charge seems never to have been thought of in Vir- 
ginia. Says that Mr. Beckley's early return to New York, will afford 


a safe opportunity of sending the papers that have been eollccted; say 1789. 
that he will have to buy a set of the Journals of Congress, which will Nuvem. 9th 
be returned to the Executive, wlien ho has finished using them, lie 
well remembers that milage was allowed the troops in 1777, at settle- 
ments he saw made at the army, but thought the allowance had been 
repealed. The allowance is in addition to the pay; the same to soldier Same to 
& officer. It is a penny of Virginia currency a mile, and 20 miles is ^^fdierT 
estimated a day's march ; nmking the milage J pr. day, being more than a 
soldier's, and less than an officer's daily pay. The fact is the milage has 
no relation at all to the pay. 

The coliectoi*8 of vouchors would do well to obtain from the General, 
Field, or Commanding officers of Companies, certificates of the places 
where their several Corps joined the Headquarters of the Southern 
Array, and where they left it, as the distance which numbers of the 
Militia marched to the Southward, renders the charge a matter of con- 
sequence. These enquiries he say^, can be made in every county, in 
respect to every tour throughout the war. It is a matter of regret, 
that this matter has not received Earlier attention. Gen*l Stevens, Col. 
Mason, Col. Burwel, & several membei*s of assembly can give infor- 
mation on this subject. Mr. Yarbrough's ])articular attention should be 
directed to this object, as he thinks that the troops who marched to join 
GenM Lincoln in South Carolina, went entirely from the south side of Genl. Lin- 
James River, & Chiefly from the district assigned to him, the distances ^ 
found on the attendance books of the asssembly, will be of much use. 

The President of the United Stales, it is supposed is now on the 
return from New Hamshire. The Comptroller arrived yesterday. 

W. II. Macon, County Lieut, op New Kent Co., General return Novem.9th 

OP Militia & Arms, &c. 

County Lt.. Col., Lt. Col., Major, 5 Ca])tains, viz: Nathaniel Wilken- New Kent 
son. Stanhope Vaugne, George Ball, George Wilkenson, Win. Chamber- uiihtia 
laync, Lieut. William Ilockaday, (J Lieuts., 3 Ensigns, 18 Sargeants — 
303 Rank & file. No other names given. 

Anthony Street, County Lieut., to Governor Beverly Randolph. Novem.9th 

Enclosing four recommeiidations, no names given, for officers of Militia Lunenburg 
for Lunenburg County, also General return ot Militia for the year 1789, ^^• 

viz: 1 Regt., 1 County Lt., 1 Col., I Lt. Col., IG Capts., 16 Lieuts, 16 Militia re- 
Ensigns, 14 Sergeants, J> Drum's & Fif'rs, 686 Effective. ^^^^^ 





Harry Heth to the Execctive. 

Noveni.rnh Account Sale« of 39 Ubds. Tobacco rec*d from Matthew Andereon by 

Richmond order of the Hon1 the Executive: 

Hales of Sold to Alexander McCauley, 39 flhd., at Ware, 39,456lb6 (a, 16s, £315, 

tobacco 12s, lOd. Payl. 20 Dec'r & 20 Jan'ry, Specie. 

Novem. 9th 

Statement of Harrt Heth. 

Richmond Being Transcript from Sales of 181 Hhds. Public Tobacco from Oct. 

Sales of puf>- 7th to Nov. 9th 1789 — inclusive wgt., 184,048!b8, prices ranging from 168 

lie toliatco 1^, 20s per lb, amounting to £1,632, 128, 7id. and sold to Robert Goode, 

Alex. McOauley, Jas Brown, Ben. Harrison, Loll & Higbeo, Benedict 

Crump, John Swann, John Hopkins, Robert Page & Cash, 

Novem. 10th PETITION TO the Governor & Council op Virginia, from numerous 

Citizens of Goochland County. 


Captain of 
militia com. 
Xot a full 
Does not re- 
side in the 

Pray that he 

be not 

allowed to 


Setting forth that Heth Jones Miller had been nominated by the 
County Court for Captain of the company of Militia, lately commanded 
by Capt. Thomas Royster, who has resigned his commission. That the 
said court was not a full bench for business, being composed of but five 
members; that the said Heth Jones Miller docs not reside in the Dis- 
trict of which the said company is composed, and pray that notwitb- 
(standing the said Miller has received his commission, the Executive w^ill 
direct the said court not to allow him to qualify, but proceed, a majority 
of the Conil being present, to nominate some fit person residing in the 
District for the position. The certificate of Wm. Miller, D. C. of 
the couil accompanies this petition, stating that on the day the 
recommendation of Miller for the commission took place, it was after all 
the other business of the day was over, say between 4 and 5 o'clock, 
and after the Justices, or a major portion of them had left the bench; 
so that only four Justices sat & nominated H. J. Miller. The sheriff 
was ordered to call in members of the bench, but none came. 


Henrico County Court, upon application & complaint of the sheriff 
that a jail be assigned him, as the present jail of the County is in the 
possession & use of the Jailor of the Richmond District Court. It is 
oi*derod that Nathaniel Wilkinson & Miles Selden be appointed to wait 
(m the Executive, respecting this application, that the difficulties attend- 
ing the same may be removed. 

calp:ndar op state papers. 59 

New Kent County Court to the Governor. 1789. 

William Hockady, & Williara Foster to be Captains, Joseph Wood- Novem. 12th 
ward & Thos. Howie, to be Lieutenants, James Williams, William ^omint>^^ 

Bailey, Thomas Rateliff, and Georfije Meux, to be Ensigns in the Militia. Militia 


Stott & Donaldson to Gov. Randolph. Novem. 12th 

Stating that his letter of the 9th, was received, advising that they Petersburg 

might receive £49, 178, current money, on account of Col. Wm. Davies, their c/^^ 

& request that the amount be paid upon the application of Wm. Mitchell be paid to 
of Richmond, who will grant the necessary receipts. Mitohell 

J. Pendleton to the Governor. Novem. 12th 

Audr's office 12 Nov., 1789. No place 

Sir, ^'^" 

I have received an order of Council, directing me to furnish an Donations to 
account of the donations given by this state to the officers & soldiers of ^^^j? *"^ 
the Virginia line on Continental Establishment, and beg leave to inform 
your Excellency that there is no particular amount on the Auditor's 
books of Donations to the army. They are carried into account along 
with the advances. Expenditures, pay & supplies, & charged under the 
general head of Army., and therefore an account of the donations w'ch Under gen- 
have been paid, can only be made up by selecting those charges from ^"^1 head of 
the auditor's Journals from 79 to 89. The Commissioner for adjusting The com- 
the Continental account is possessed of all the day-books belonging to missioner 
this office, and from the establishment of the board, up to the 1st Jan- books 
uary '89; and as all the donations which have been paid at the public 
Treasury, on warrants from the Board of Auditor's, must appear on the 
day-books which I have said are in the hands of the Commiss'nr, I 
presume Sir, he may with equal facility & more propriety raise the ac- 
count himself. It is the duty of the Comm'r to select & bring forward, Commis- 
and not the business of the Auditor to furnish, such charges as ought signer to at- 
to be introduced into this State's account against the U'd States; and business, not 
with respect to the donations, I suppose it would be necessary to ex- ^^^ auditor's 
amine the Laws & Reso's of Assembly from the commencement to the 
close of the war, in order to ascertain the donations which have been 
allowed by the Legislature of Virginia. 

I have the honor to be. 

Your Excellency's most obt. Servt. 

^ '.i^.;-i..i= vM fC^j::! .*-^,*^fe 

i'#».,M»/'A ''// >»»4vifi*/ t.^v i.* ♦'ji»«v>i»%5>> .Ui*)X»»-afc- »>t*n,:i»tA.i^ it i^earkra K* k2< wound, 

* > 4u^'; 4u^x t4>* <>v^^*jjvf Vj }xiy JLj<^ ♦^ttttt ttfd^.frt- ii*t: A*»*fcaiit*lT. ti^l Le may 

V^wMrt^i^vu ^^ |/^< '">'' *« ^uv V/ x*^-! t.'>«i>»ri*j ijtj^ v^ liAk* aixH:3ris> ic^ libe pftin he has 

|'4*y4Hi>' '>/g#/<^'. >''/v, ^vyyrl, *:*Ttifi** tbat Jobs Kins:. <iaij proved, 
0^*«4 >/<i U.j-j' I5r4j^ 4kiy '4 Hskr*i\$. 17^1. b-f wa*^ a pnTate soWier in a eoni- 
|/M^/> ^'f^w$h}$$^i*'A if) ^'iA\ii. Natharjiel Cunnioj^am. in a regiment com- 
U*uh4^'4 hy iUA t^uiUauM ^Utt^ka. wLi'-li then was part of a Brigade com- 
l^mh^M Sty h^hi K'lward Hu^visupn ihat on the daj* aforesaid, at Guil- 
toyti i'omi ItoHi^i, U^ rM'iiivmi tt rjiii»ket bail m the upper part of his 
H^l|/lr hy whtt'U U»' i« f'oti*i\'U*.rtihf\y dinahled; that he was at that time a 
</MIK'*'M ^/I iU\f i'nuniitthwi^uUU, k in the nervice of this State. Where- 
U\inh^ \Uii'\tn' inUu ToML Hlufcji* wiiM ordered to examine his wound, & 
u^^'WHy \ii IIm« Kx»'<'ij(iv«% uH<f4«rtuiirmg the several degrees of disability 
Vkm\u\\ iiMUttlniM**! llMirnby, iti imUw that hij may receive fi pension in proportion 

Ml h|}H»'»'x Mr. JmImi Tmiu'w Hhtlor'n (H^ilirtciitu aeeompanics these papers, dated 
"♦'"♦'♦♦'•' I''h.Vi«Hi» ('miiil,v, K»Milinl(,v, Lrxini;l(m, April 15, 1789, stating that ho 
\\\\\\ I'IiiiumIiiimI I ho wiiiiiiil nl' .Inn. King; ihoro was a large formation of 
MiMlhH' \\\ llio thigh In (MM)N(M|uon(!o of a wound by a ball, which peno- 
iruliul Iho llnih, \\\\\{ ho NVUH dlnuhhMl thereby for ^\q months, & has to 
I ho |no«ont \\\\\\^ oxporlonotMl grout weakness in the part affected, with 
« l^onov^O dohilH^N , whioh nppoai^s impossible to bo entirely removed. 

\\\ \\\\\ ^^* b\\M»ihoo oovtirto" that th'* patient is about 28 years of age; that a 

nb^*VH\vO\t\ ImOI b»^H pt^nned thi^Mi^b bin thigh %V gi\>in. near the neck of the thiffh 
\\\\\\\^. y\\\s\ the^v \va^ bo no doubt, but a iHiUMdoiablo degree of disability 
Iv^ iiM|^|N^^i biu\M^lt. bv bm\l laU^r ouJn- ^xist:^ 


Thos. Ridley ccrtifyin«j; that Benjamin Blurt County Lieutenant of 1789. 
Southampton, this day made oath before him that he has received no Noveni. 13th 
money by virtue of his office W militia fines for the yeai-a 1788, & 1789. t^"^(^*™^. 

Trial & conviction of George, negro man slave, of Alexander Glass Novem. 14th 
Strachan of Petci-sburg, for Felony ; His sentence to be hanged, and Petersburjj 
Petition of the Court, & other citizens for his pardon. 

At a Court of Oyer & Terminer, held for the town of Petersburg, at 
the house of James Bromlej-, heretofore called John Hares, in the said 
town of Petersburg, Nov. 14, 1789, for the trial of the said negro George. 

Present: Simon Fraser, Esquire, ma^'or; Joseph Westmore, Esquire, Court 
Recorder; Samuel Davies, Thomas G. Peachy, James Corran, Gentle- 
men, Aldermen. 

Richard Gregory, Deput}' attorney in the Court of the town of Deputy 
Petersburg for the Commonwealth, gives the Court to understand and incUctinent 
be informed that George, a negro slave, the property of Alexander 
Glass Strachan of the said town, not having the fear of God before his 
eyes, but being instigated by the devill, sometime on or about the six- 
teenth day of October, in the present year of our Lord, One Thousand 
seven hundred & Eighty-nine, and within the jurisdiction of the said 
Town, Did break and enter the Warehouse of Messrs. Kellock & Morri- Break and 
son, with force and Arms, and the following Goods and Chattels, being enter 
the proper Goods and Chattels of the said Kellock & Morrison, to- wit: 
two pieces of sheeting, a piece of brown sheeting, three pieces of blue Goo<l8 
half-thicks, a piece of Green half-thicks, and sundry other goods to the 
value of Twenty pounds. Feloniously did Steal, take, and carry awa}^ 
Contrary to the Act of Assembly in that case made and provided; and 
against the peace and Dignity of the Commonw^ealth, wherefore he 
prays Judgment against the said George, &c. 

Whereupon the said George w^as led to the Barr in custody of Robert Led to the 
Armistead, Gentleman, Sargeant of this Town, to whose custody for ^^^^ 
the cause aforesaid, he was committed, and being arraigned of the 
premises, he said he was in nowise thereof Guilty, and for his Trial, Pleaded not 
according to the Act of the General Assembly in such case made, he K^il^y 
put himself upon the Court. 

Whereupon divers witnesses were sworn and examined, and the said AVitnesses 
George heard in his own defence. On consideration whereof. It is the sworn 
unanimous opinion of the Court that the said George is guilty of the Opinion of 
Felon\* aforesaid in manner and form as in the Information against him ^^^ Court 

. . VTUlltV 

is alledged, and thereupon it being demanded of him if any thing for 

himself be had, or knew to say why the court here to Judgment and Asked if he 

Execution a^^ainst him of, and upon the premises should not proceed; j^?^^ *">'" 
" ^ '■ ' tnmg more 

he said be had nothing but what he had before said; therefore it is con- to say 
sidered by the Court that he be hanged by the neck untill he is dead, 


1781). and it is commanded the Sergoant that because Execution of this judg- 

Nr»v(;in. 14th ment to he tUmv on .Saturday, the Nineteenth day of December next, at 

, \ the uHual phice of Execution. 
naii^iMi ' 

HJH vahu* " he court aUo valued him to sixty-five pounds, Current money. 

The minutes of these proceedings were signed, 

A true (^'Opy. 


To llis Excellency Beverly Randolph, Esq. 
Petition for The petition of the Magistrates composing the Court, for the tryal of 
Vh^'T'ourt ^'^'^**'K^ ^*" suspicion of F'elony, Respectfully sheweth : That circum- 
stances inclining to mercy appearing to the Court in the course of his 
trial, they cannot refrain, having neglected to make the usual entry recom- 
mendation to mercy on their minutes, praying of their own mere motion, 
that your Excellency will spare the life of the said George, his condem- 
nation being founded on a confession produced perhaps by a promise of 
mercy, when a greater villian, more guarded as is the opinion of the 
subs(!ribei*s, escaped. the punishment due his crimes, & who no evidence 
could convict, George being charged as principal in the felony. 


JOS. WESTMORE, Recorder, 

SAML. DA VIES, Ald'n, 



IVtition The subscribei^s Humbly beg leave to add their solicitations to that 

('V/"i ** ^^ ^^^^ (V>urt, in praying your Excellenc}* to spare the Life of the crimi- 
nal CJeorge, whom they are told was alone convicted by his own con- 
fession, and as they believe this to have been the first offence he has 
Sivjnt'rs been guilty of to af!ect his Life: Robert Turnbull, Will Cole, RichM 
Swe}»son, Robert Torrence, Wm. Barksdale, John Stuart, Arch. Grncie, 
W. Knox, Ma.son Stott, Daniel Stanifoni, John W. Shuter, Willson 
Stevenson, William Douglass, James Duulop, Robt. Barber, ChristV 
McConnus, George Torrance, Isaac Hall, J. Grammer, Thos. Shore, 
Hichani Jones, William Robertson, Patrick While, Conway Whittle, 
Daniel Dodson, Wm. Stabler, Samuel Hough. 

Ntiveui. I4th Samtrl Pavxk to the Governor in CorNciL. 

Uiohmond 1 take the liberty to inclose my aecot, for bringing the two pris- 

2 prtsimen* onei's \i\n\\ Boston, which I Ii0[h> will Ik? thought reasonable, particularly 
fViim B«ie4ton ^.onsidering that wo won.* obligd lo appropriate a nx>ni on purpose, and 
wore at a considertkble ex|KMu*e in stH'uring them. 

I am yoar very H'ble Senrt. 


Gan-ett Minor County Lieut, of Louisa, sending a General Return of 1789. 
the Regiment of Militia in the County of Louisa. Novem. 15th 

1 Col., 1 Lt. Col., 1 major, 12 Captains, 11 Lieutenants, 12 Ensigns, Militia 
29 Sergeants, 3 Drummei-s, 4 Fifers, 632 Rank & file; also 5 Swords, 11 r^^^rns 
Muskets, 71 Guns, 1 Bayonet. 

Col. Wm. Da vies to Govr. Beverly Randolph. Novem. I6th 


I hope your Excellency will excuse the trouble I have occasion New York 
frequently to give you, but I find such deficienc}' on examining the Deficiency 
papciTS delivered to Mr. Winder, that I am obliged to have recourse to *^ i>ai>ers 
your assistance. Having m}- attention principally directed to the 
specific claims, previous to Mr. Winder's departure, I had no oppor- 
tunity of investigating those which were said to have been presented, 
I find however, that the accounts of stores furnished for public purposes 
from the public rope walk, the public tannery, the laboratory, hospital, 
and some other departments, are not here. The gentlemen who directed Accounts of 
in these departments as usual, have, I suppose, settled with the Auditors ^"iorif^^ 
for their disbursements of mone}*^, but of their application & distribution 
of stores, I can find no accounts among the papers here. I shall there- 
fore feel myself much indebted to your Excellency, if you will direct an 
inquiry to be made in the offices for the settlements of the store's ac- 
counts made by the departments before specified. Col. Lynch last year 
promised me an account of the lead furnished from the mines, as most 
of the papers respecting it were destroyed. He has not as yet com- 
plied with his j)romisej perhaps an application from the Executive 
would produce the desired effect. 

I am very respectfully, 

Your Excellency's most obed. Servt. 

Mr. Dunscomb obtained from the Audr's office all the accounts & 
vouchors which have been settled, relating to the departments men- 
tioned in this letter. 

Audr's office, 2 Dec, '89. 


Robert Porterfield to Gov. Beverly Randolph. Novem. 17th 


I received a letter from Colol. Davies, dated at Richmond, 27th Augusta Co. 
August, inatructing me to transtuit your Excellenc}^ such papers as I 
might in future collect, to be forwarded on to him at New York. Pre- 


1789. vious to the receipt of which, (earl;y in Septr,.) f sent on such documents 
Novem. 17th as I then had in pos^ses-sion, by a Mr. Edwards, Inspector at Manchester. 
Papers to be They were vouchers of considerable value, and as its probable Mr. 

oi)M']iwe!r ^i^v'^'*^ »^ft^ 1^^'^ RichM before Mr. Edw'ds had an opp'y of handing them, 
at New York you ma}* perhaps think it proper to have enquiry made thro' what 
^^y Mt^^ channel they were sent on. You will receive* by the hand of Alexan- 
Edwards der St. Clair, ?]sqr. a small bag containing the bulk of papers which may 
paiiere bv' ^^ expected from district No, 8. There are still some remaining, which 
Alex. ' shall be forwarded so soon as in my power to have them authenticated. 
I have taken every step which I thou't most likel}' to gain the informa- 
tion required, and altho' succeeded better than expected at first seting 
out, have met with much embarrassment owing to a degree of diflfidencc 
in some, & negligence in others. 

I mentioned in a letter to Colol. Davies among many other reasons, 
why information cou'd not be obtained, that the County Lieutenant of 
Rockbridge had destroyed all his papers which related to supplies in 
Pa[ier8 time of war, but believe he will certify in a general way, ''That all 
rejrardmg ^ lawful requisitions on the County for men, money, &c., were comply'd 
troyed bv with." He is now in R'chmond. I must beir leave to observe that the 
f R^ "k^ sum advanc'd has prov'd inadequate to the necessary expences attend 
bridge ing the business in this district, which I will undertake to say is not less 
from its Northern to Southern Extremities than 300 miles, & crossing it 
not less than 200. Mr. Johnston who collected the papers in the south- 
western Counties, has kept an accurate acco't of distance & money ex- 
pended. 1 have done so in this quarter; I wish to know when the 
business is finished ; whether its necessary that I waite on the Hon'l 
The Executive for a settlement or not. If there are any further 
instructions in this business, they shall be attended to. 

1 am with due respect, 

Your Excellencie's ob. Servant. 

Novem. 17th J- Pendleton, Auditor, to the Governor. 


Auditor's I have the honor to enclose the statement required by an order of 

ofhoe Council of the 12th instant. I could wish it were practicable to aacer- 

Certifieates tain the amount of outstanding Cert's for Militia service & warrants 

Militia ser- ^ov supplies to the army, but the former havint; been entered very 
vice cv war- *■ 

rantx for irregularly, & such of the latter as were issued by the Comni'i-s Jones & 

for supplies Carrir)gton, not being entered on the Auditor's books, 1 find it impossi- 
ble to come at the amount. If the Executive should think it proper to 
make any alteration in the form ot the enclosed abstract. 1 hope they 
will suggest \i U* 

Your Excellency's 

Most ob. Serv't. 


H. Brooke, Clk. Senate. — Copy of Extract from the Journal. 1789. 

The House, according to the order of the day, proceeded by Joint Novein. 18th 
ballot with the House of Delegates, to the choice of a Judge of the In the 
Court of Appeals, in the room of John Blair, Esquire, who hath re- ^^"^ ^^ 
signed. The members having prepared ballots with the name of the 
person to be appointed, & deposited the same in the ballot boxes. Mr. Elwtion of a 
Carter, Mr. Southall, Mr. Anderson, & Mr. Jones, were nominated a "^r^^i*^ 
Committee to meet a Committee from the House of Delegates, in the Appeals in 
Conference Chamber, & Jointly with them to Examine the ballot boxes, ^ bi«-- ^^* 
& report to the House on whom the majority of votes should fall. The resigned 
Committee then withdrew, and after some time returned into the House, 
and reported that they had according to order, met a Committee from 
the House of Delegates, in the Conference Chamber, & jointly with 
them examined the ballot boxes, and found a majority of votes in favor Ja^i. Mercer 
of James Mercer, Esquire. chosen 

Charles Hay, Clk. House of Delegates. Novem. 18th 

Certifies that the House proceeded on this day by joint ballot with in the 
the Senate, to the choice of a Judge of the Court of Appeals, in room of {w^"^f^^ 
John Blair, Esq., resigned. The Committee to meet the House Com- House com- 
mittee were Mr. Benjamin Harrison, Mr. Henry Lee, Mr. Edmund ™*t^^^ ^^ 
Harrison, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Taliaferro, Mr. Preston, Mr. James Wilkin- 
son, Mr. Dawley, and Mr. Roger West. They returned to the Senate, and 
reported a majority of votes in favor of the Honorable James Mercer, 


Chas. Hay, Clk. House Delegates. Novem. 19th 

Certifies that the House proceeded on this day by Joint ballot with In House of 
the Senate, to till the vacancies in the General Court. The Committee l^^l^?**^ 
to meet the Senate Committee were Mr. Benjamin Harrison, Mr. John- Vacancies in 
son, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. White, Mr. Turberville, Mr. Cleery, Mr. Strother. (^.^^frtlmld 
Mr. Nicholas, and Mr. Preston. They returned to the House, and Jos. Jones 
reported that a majority of votes were cast in favor of Joseph Jones a"d Spencer 
and Spencer Roane, Esquires. chosen 

Sam'l H. Saunders to Governor Beverly Randolph. Novem. imh 

In which he states that he was employed during the war to manu- Powhatan 
facture »ome wheat lor the public; That he was called on by a Mr. 



1780. Morton to settle the accoiiots of that transaction, stating thai he was 
Nuvem. ItHh authoriz'd to do so. He said the public had no use for the remainder of 
Mr. Morton the flour on hand. & he would dispose of it; that he agreed with him 
^acwunto ^ for it, and gave him his obligations therefor; that when he manu- 
Flour factured the public wheat, he supplied 102 flour barrels, costing him 
^^^ 2s, 6d, each; that he brought this charge when settling with Morton. 
Not settled Morton said this charge did not fall within his department, as he was 
^^ employed to settle for remains of the wheat & other public property in 
Millers' hands; but that he would represent the case to the Executive, 
& had no doubt of its being allowed. He pressed him urgently for his 
obligation for the balance of the flour, saying his business would be 
closed when that transaction should be settleii. On this, he gave his 
obligation to him, not doubling that justice would be done him. Con- 
trary to his expectations, a suit has commenced against him in 
Powhatan County Court, and judgment awarded. Mr. Morton con- 
ducted the prosecution, & refused to suffer any credit to go against my 
note. He understands also, that he has never represented the State of 
the transac*tion to the Executive. Therefore, hopes the Governor will 
submit his case to the Council, who he is persuaded, wish on all occasions 
to dispense justice, which he has a right to ask. If they will bo pleased 
to examine this matter, & will fix a day, he will give Mr. Morton notice 
thereof, & bring forward the proper proofs; or if more agreable to the 
Executive and the boaH, it will be equally so to him, to submit the case 
to any reputable, well-informed gentleman, either in that County, City 
of Richmond, or elsewhere, that his Excellency & the Council may 

Novem. itHh ^I- Brooke. Clerk of Senate. 

Eleition of Certifies that the Senate proceeded on this day, on Joint ballot with 

Members to ^|j^ House of Delegates, to nominate a Committee to meet House Corn- 
fill vatranc'itw . , . , . , ..,.-, . . , r«. ^ 
in Onenil mittee, & count ballots tor vacancies in the (reneral Court. The Corn- 
Court mittee of Senate, Mr. Southall, Mr. Karnes, Mr. Cabell, & Mr. Coleman, 
Jo(<eph , - ^ , . >. . ^^. 1 . 
Jones and upon ivturning to the donate tn^>m the Conference Chamber, they 

Spencer re|>ortod that a majority ot votes fell upon Joseph Jones & Spencer 
chosen Roane. Esquires. 

Novem. •J:>ni Will Fixnie to (tov. Reverly Randolph. 

Norfolk Stating that he had a letter ivc\l on yesieniay. from Col. Wm. Davies, 

asking information an<l explanation of sundry considerable claims, he 
wishes to establish against the United States, during the time he acted 


as Deputy Quarter-master General, from the beginning of 1776. He 1789. 
has written him that it is impossible to give him the desired information, Noveni. 23rd 
unless he could attend him in person, as many of his papei^s are filed Col. Davies 
in the different offices, where he finally settled his accounts. He is niation 
willing to attend him during his settlements, and thinks that he would about claims 
be of infinite service to him in establishing many claims requiring sup- ?^ited 
port & information on both sides of the question, as he acted for both States 
State & United States for about same period. He will require a moderate 
allowance made him for his time, and say that he will proceed to New 
York at once, if the Governor so orders it. 

R. Harrison to the Hon. James Wood. Novem. 23rd 


In compliance with your request, contained in your favor of the Alexandria 
16th Inst., I have the Honor to inclose for the Information of the Hon- 
orable Executive, the most accurate Statement I can form of the prize Prize sent 
sent by the Liberty to Martinique. Part of the effects, as you will Lib^rty^to 
please to observe, and of which I have stated the net product, were Martinique 
sold in that Island; but from the loss of some books and papers, it is 
out of my power to ascertain the particulars. If however, such account 
should be thought necessary, I presume it may be found among the 
papers of the then State Agent, to whom different copies were trans- 
mitted at the time. This is the only prize in which the state was con- 
cerned, that ever came under my care. 

I have the Honor to be, very respectfully Sir, 

Your obed't h'ble serv. 

Benjamin Harrison to Govr. Beverly Randolph. Novem. 23rd 


The Inclosed is a strength Report of the Militia of the County, but Rocking- 
Rather Imparfectly taken Because I have not officers In commission to ^*"^ County 
command the Whole of my Militia, for Instance, there was two^Capts. In regard to 
companies as laid of that there was not a commissioned officer in, there- "^^f^fl- 
fore I was under the needcessity to appl}' to a former Return for them. 
I Received your favour of the 19th August, sign'd Saml. Coolman, some 
time in this month, Leting me know some errows committed in our 
County Clark, Not Making proper & nesesseiTy Remarks and Distinctions 
in the Recomadations to your Honour; But for the futer, I hope to be 
Beter Serv'd, by seeing that the Recomadations Be made agreeable to 
your Directions. 

I am Sir, with Due Esteem, 

Your Excelleye's most obed. & H'ble Servt. 


17R9. Rioii'd Kknnon, ('ountv Likutenant of Mecklenburg Co., to.Gov- 
NoviMii. ijr»(ii ERNOR Heverly Randolph. 

kU'liiiioiKl EiifloHin^ roturn of* the Mililia of Mocklenburg County, and telling 

L «..!.?.* tl>^' (lovornor that the County Court had by mistake omitted to make 

Mm urn *^ •^ 

recommendations for one of Companies belonging to the second Regi- 

Jnhn. Hop- nienl. The otlicei's omitted are John Hopkins, for Captain, & William 

WllliHin llendriek, for Lieutenant; and asks that their Commissions be made 

llendriek i)ut. lie states that the militia return inclosed, includes the Troops. 

Novenu LMth Wm. Daviks to the Governor. 

New York Thanking the (tovernor for his attention to his application for money. 
Says Mr. (trittln being in hast, he tiefers till next mail, a particular 
AURWer to his letter; meantime he begs to commit the enclosed to his 

Nowm. i?sth Ckrtikioatks from Charles Hay Clk of IIorsK op Drleoates, akd 

H. Uroorr IY'k op the Senate. 

The t\^^^ Staling that the Joint Committee of the two houses met in the con- 

lio«M(^ fv^rvuiv i^hamlvr this dav. lo examine the ballot boxes, and report on 
on<^x^^ !* • ^ r^ 

tnnvmor whom the majoniy of voles tor (Governor should tall; hia term of office 
being tor one year fi\>n^ the Thii>i ot Pocemher next, Hou^. Committee 
Wxxiii Mr Richani Tah\ Mr. Corbin. Mr, Marshall, Mr. Walker, 3k£r. 
Hopkins Mr. Urei^kenridge^ Mr. Wilsi>n. Mr, Pendleton. 4 Mr. Thurston. 

t^^xvmtM- SnkAte (hryimitfm K^ing Mr. Soxuhall, Mr. CaWL Mr, Carter, and Mr. 
IVx'jsrix Wills, Thev re|H>rtesi ihal the maiontv oiC votes had Mullen on Beverly 
Raiitt^M|>h. fv5>qiiire. 

llent5<^^ O^^nntv — To^wii : 

1. John Pendlet<^n. a magiflrate for the said 
^'ijithsiid- <^'»nnly, do heTvbv oertil^e thai 1 have this day administered to EDs 
miTiisrensl Kxeellenoy IVverly Randolph. Ksqnirw iTovemor or chief majri^lrate of 
the iVmrnoTiwc^lih of Virxrinia, the «"»aih> pn*scribed by law. 
iviven uTt.lor my ban^i ibo >ith dav of .decern her. 1TS9. 



M. Anderson to Governor Beverly Randolph. 1789. 

Sir, Novem. 28th 

Some time last month, a Negro man slave, named , the prop- Richmond 

ert}' of Mr. John Lawson, was arraigned and tried for Robbery in Slave tried 
Gloucester County, found guilty by the Court, and sentenced to suffer j^entence<Yto 
death on the fourth day of next month. death 

I was not one of the Court who sat on his trial, but the Clerk in- 
formed me that the precise Proof adduced against him was that he did 
in the day time enter into a dwelling house, the door of which was 
open, stole out sundry clothes, and was making off, when a young 
woman, who had been out, as well as I recollect, getting wood, was re- 
turning to the House, observed and followed him a little way, calling to 
him & begging that he would return the clothes, which he refused to do. 
Last week, Colo. Boswell, a magistrate in Gloucester, shewed me a letter 
from Mr. Lawson, earnestly requesting that he would if possible, get a The owner 

reprieve. promisini( that if it could be etteclod, he would send him so 'T^l^^^,^* 
r X o 1 reprieve 

great a distance, that he never should again do mischief in Gloucester. 
Colo. Boswell, as well as myself, felt himself in a very delicate situa- 
tion, as neither of us sat on his trial, but he requested that I would lay 
the matter before the Executivie. 1 do indeed feel myself in a very 
delicate situation, but humanity in this case getting the better of deli- 
cac3', forces me to be thus troublesome, for which I hope I shall be 
pardoned by your Honorable board. 

I have the Honor to be wnth every sentiment of respect Sir, 

Your most obedient H'blo Servt. 

T. Posey to Governor Randolph. Novem. 28th 

Stating that a mistake had arisen in respect to a commission issued in Fredericks- 
favor of Beverly Stanard for Lieutenant, vice John Woolfolk resigned, "^ 
in the troop of Militia Cavalry to be raised in Spotsylvania. The truth 
beinff that John Woolfolk was cornet, and Beverly Stanard was recora- Beverly 

mended to take his place. He returns Mr. Slanard's Lieut.'s commission ' cornet ^ 
and wishes a Cornet's made out in its place. 

Thos. Newton, Jr., to Governor B. Randolph. Novem. 28th 

Says he ordered a General Muster for the Borough, which was held, Norfolk 
but could hold no Court Martial for fining delinquents owing to the 
death of one Captain and absence of another, so can make no return. 
He is much at a loss for another Colonel, for though the Corps is small, 


1789. yet he finds it difficult to hold Courts Martial. If the Major is absent 

Novem. 28th none can be held, as it is judged the Command'g Officer cannot set on 

Courte them, being the returning officer of* all delinquencies. Wishes to know 

* a la j^ jj^ j^ entitled to a Lieut. Colonel or whether the law excludes the 

Settlers commanding officer from setting on the Courts martial. Says that they 

have many settlers in the Borough who have not taken the oath of 

citizenship & who refuse to do duty. Wishes to know if they can be 

compelled to muster or pay a fine. Many of these men he says have 

married here and enjoy all the benefits of the country and contribute 

nothing towards its protection. 

No Place P. Tardiveau to the Governor. 

Received Petitions and shews that in 1787 he was clerk to the Commiss'i's for set- 
ovem. tling the Expenditures of the campaigns under Genl. Geo. Rogers Clark 

& Col. Benjamin Logan. Being no printing offices' in the District, be 
was forced to buy paper to write the books & certificates. He has been 
paid for the writing of blank certificates but has never been reimbursed 
the price of the paper, and asks that the amount Three Pounds, fifteen 
shillings be counted to him. 

Novem. 30th Charles Hay Clerk of the House of Delegates. 

Public Certifying that the House resolved that the Public printer be directed 

pnn mg ^^ print four copies of all public acts & resolutions of this Session for 
each county. 
Agreed to by the Senate Dec. 2d. 

H. BROOKE, Clk. Senate. 

Novem. 30th Hugh Patton to Gov'r Beverly Randolph. 

Richmond Petition stating that he purchased of Harry Heth last September, 

Purchase Three Hundred Hhds. of Tobacco, said Heth being the State Agent, as 

^^'^aojo^^ per enclosed Invoice, the money to be paid Ist January, 1790, The 

tobacco to remain with Heth till he returned from Philadelphia or found 

need for the Notes, at which time he was to deposit public papers or 

cash to guarantee his performance of the contract. That soon afler his 

Tobacco arrival he demanded the tobacco according to the bargain, but to his 

State^aeent surprise was refused, Mr. Heth alleging that I had not complied, which 

refused is entirely groundless, and begs that an order be given for the delivery 

^^f?^*^' of the tobacco, or the matter be loft to arbitration or any other mode 

that may be judged best. 


Turner Sodthall. 1789. 

Cortif3'ing that he has administered unto Charles Carter, Esq., the Novem. 30th 
oaths prescribed by law to be taken by a privy counsellor. Pri^ <^un- 


Sam. Coleman to the Governor. Novem. SOth 

Reports that the County Lieutenants of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Uardj^ Richmond 
King William, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, & Northumberland Counties Militia 
have made militia returns for 1789. The county Lieuts. of Southampton, r^^^'irns 
Fairfax, & Fluvanna certify that they have received no duster fines for 
1789. Francis Goode has resigned iiis Commiss'n as Col. of the militia 
for Chesterfield Co. 

Jacob Rinker, County Lieut, op Shenandoah, to the Governor. Novem. 30th 

Inclosing a General return of the Militia, arms & accoutrements for Militia 
1789 — all the arms being private property. 

Joseph Hornsby, Treasurer of Lunatic Hospital, to Grov*R Bev- Decern. Ist 

ERLY Randolph. 

Enclosing a copy of the Order of the Board of Directors of the Luna- Williams- 
tic Hospital, directing him to request the Governor to apply to the „ ^"^ 
Auditor for his warrant for £200 for the present support of the Hos- of Lunatic 
pital. ^^P^**l 

Arthur Campbell to James McGavock. Decem. 2nd 

Stating that he had an order from the Executive for (he thinks) 2,000 j^^ad 
p'ds Lead. Thought he had sent it to him, if not, will make search & 
see how much had been received, by the time McGavock's son returns. 


Thinks he has received 3 whole large bars and a half 

Ck)L. Wm. Davies to the Governor. Decem. 3rd 

Replying to the Governor's letter of the 13th ultimo, says that the ^ew York 
Btatement of distances is expressed to be from the seat of Government, 




IXvoiu. SrtI 



Bountiea^ by 

CWt of 


but as the route of tbo Militia from many of the Counties to tbo Array 
lay wide of Hiebmond, a list taken from the books of Attendance at 
Winsburg would be of Considerable use. With I'espeet to the militia 
who joined the army in tbeir several Campaigns Southward, & the reputed 
distanees of tbeir counties, Gen'l Stevens, Col. Mason. & other members 
of the assembly may give sufficient information. 

Tlie donations to the army given by the state appear on the Auditor s 
book, which he now has. He would like to have the day books for 
Januarv, 1786. and for the whole of 1785. The Commiss'nrs of General 
Boanl say that no further testimony will be admitted after the 19th of 
next month, that being 12 months from the time of their commencing 
the business. They consent, however, to receive as of that day what- 
ever he may offer prior lo 1st February. He is concerned that it should 
be deemed impracticable to obtain information of the bounties given by 
divisions, as it is ot such magnitude, he cannot yet give up hope. He 
ivcollects having heard that the recruits cost at least £20 on an average, 
specie value. This was under Act of Spriug 1780 for raising 3.000 men, 
which gave a Tobacco Loan office certificate as the only public bounty. 
He has diivct evidence of 1,311 men being recruited under this law iu 
36 Counties, and pivsumptive jiroof of many more, i^ has no doubt if 
full returns from the whole state could be had. that at K^ist 2,500 men 
were raised. Thinks that the Amount would be about £40,000 Specie, 
a sum iCK* great t<» be lost (»n one law. 

The county which the division contnicted with their substitute for, 


was procure^! by compulsion when not voluntarily contributed, & may 
therefore with more ease be ascertained. Thinks from the small number 
of vouchei"s so far obtained fi'om Mr. Langhorne for his ilistrict, makes 
him fear that Mr. L. does not fully comprehend the business of his 
Appointment. Spoke in a former letter of the practicability of pro- 
curing the admission of the claim for the expenses of the Shawanese 
expedition; to effect this, he should sent to him Gen'l Clark's letters A 
other papers ivspecting them, & will return whatever is sent. Is flat- 
teretl bv the Executives assurance of assi.stance in the removal of difli- 
rulties. it will n»i;ularlv communicate the rirL-umslances as thev oc-cnr, 
which in any manner may atfecl the miportant businesc* Entrusted to 
his care. 

I>eifm. 5th 

Resolitiox or House of 1>elei»ates. 

Addr\-!*iiii Reipiesting the Exeeutive io take the earliest op|H»rtunity ot trans- 

ihe Presji- mittini^ the address «»t the <ti'nerul Assemblv «»f this Commonwealth to 
dent on In- . t* . , *• • i- • i o i * i • . ..• t i- i -i- • 

diau Hu^ the President ol the I !ule<i States on the subjei*t ot Indian hosiihiies. 

t ha.s. hay, Clk. 


H. Brooks, clk. of Senate, certifies that the St»nale ascrt-e^^l to this rt'!Si>- 
lution on same day. 


Col. Wm. Da vies to his Excellency Beverly Randolph, Esq. 1789. 


I omitted to mention in my last the expediency of hastening the Decern. 7th 

collection from Mr." Yarbrough's district which is an important one. New York 

Should it be thought eligible to divide it, Mr. Roney, who, while a clerk Collection in 

in this business at Richmond, had considerable agency in arranging & b ^ii h's 

preparing the papers relative to the district; would be glad to undertake district 

part of the collection. Mr. Price too ap])ears to have been very diligojit J; i!i^^^^.L 
»^ * » ./ » recommends 

as far as his abilities would extend, and possibly might be willing to be Mr. Roiiey 
employed in this way again, ('apt. Carrington's assistance if it can be 'caotain 
obtained, will be preferable to either; should he not act, tho' neither of Carrmgton 
the other gentlemen may be equal to him, yet they will be both very 
attentive in making the enquiries pointed out, which are fully expressed 
in the various papers forwarded to Yarbrough. 

Within these few days the accession of North Carolina to the present Decern. 7th 
Constitution has been announced, and public paper has appreciated x^tlf*c!aro- 
with greater rapidity than before, tho' it has been rising for many Una to the 
months. An act of the Vermont assembly has just appeare<l for ascer- gt^tution will 
taining the line between that State & New York, and for removing cer- rapid appre- 
tain obstacles to the a<lmi8sion of Vermont into union with the United pubHc^Daoer 
States. These are the expressions in the |)reamble. In the enacting Act of Ver- 
clause certain persons are named with full powers to treat & establish blv^or^^er- 
with the New York commissioners the boundary between the two States, tiining the 
"and t^ adjust k finally determine all & every matter or thing, which in ^'Jhatstete^ 
any wise obstructs a union of this State with the United States." These and New 
are their words, and as New York had sometime ago appointed Commis- ^^^ to^ Ve^ 
sioners for the settlemen'y of the line, there is no doubt here of the mont's ad- 
addition of Vermont to the Union. The Act I have quoted was passed ™{^ Union 
the 23d of last October. 

The enclosed letters to the late armourer, and to the principal con- 
tractor for the Navy, 1 beg leave to recommend to your Excellency's 
care, as they must be possessed of many valuable vou^^hers which Mr. 
•Langhorne ought to collect. 

I have the honor to be, Sir, with tho greatest respect, 

Your Excellency's most obedt. Servt. 

James Crane to Gen'l James Wood. Decem. 8th 

He writes in behalf of one Jno. Smith, who is a wounded soldier, and JohnSmith 
had been duly examined and put on the Pension List. He has lost or pension 
mi.slaid his certificate, and so cannot draw his annual pension of £12. 





1789. Sernis enoloscci an affidavit of Jno. Smith made before Wm. Cherry, a 
Decviii. 8th Justice of the peace for Berkeley Co., netting forth the above facts, and 
requcHtH tliat a Duplicate cei*tificate may be sent him for Smith. 

Decern. 9th Benjn Wilson, Clerk op Court, to His Excellency Beverly 


Harrijion Co, Certifying that a sheriff' h commission fmm the Governor, dated Oct. 
16, 1789. to Jno. Powei^s being read to him at November court, 1789, s'd 
Powers came into court and said that he could not procure the security, 
when having taken the oath to that effect as provided by law, he was 
discharged, and Thomas ('heney, George Jackson, and John McCally, 
(lentlemcn recommended for sheriff of said County. 

Det!eni. 10th 


New justices 


niended to 

be rtddt'd 


At a Court held for Hampshire County ihe 10th Dec, 1789: 

Present — Abraham Johnson, Cornelius Free, George Beall, William 
Fox, John Mitchell, & Thomas Collins, G. J. 

James Martin, Edward Macart}^ Isaac Pai'sons, Virgil Mecrakin, 
Solomon Jones, & Jonathan Purcell, Gent., are recommended to his Ex- 
cellency', the Governor, as proper persons to be added to the Commis- 
sion of the Peace for this County. 

The following Gents who were in the Commission of the peace for 
the said county, have removed since the last additional Commission in 
March, 1788, viz: 

Samuel Dees removed to Green Brier Co'ty. 

Ralph Humphries removed to the Missisipy. 

Marquis Calmes removed to Kentucky. 

Ovid Mecrakin removed to Mar^^land. 

Michael Cresap, William Vause, dead. 

Andrew Cooper removed to Winchester. 

The following Justices remain: 

Abraham Johnson qualified & act^. 

Isaac Millar ditto ditto. 

David Mitchell has not acted for some years, and refuses to do so. He 
IS generally at Hagerstown, Maryland, in business. 

Elias Poston, present sheriff. 

Ignatius Wheeler has not acted lately; has sold his land and means to 
remove to Kentucky in the Spring. 

Jno. J. Jacob qualified it acts sometimes; lately ordained a Methodist 
minislor t^ seldom in the County. 

Thomas Maccubbin, sheriff Elect, has never attended court but once 
since his qualification, & means very Soon to remove. 


Cornelius Free qualified this present court, & and says be will act. 1789. 

Philip Wiggins qualified — seldom attends. Decern. 10th 

George Beall ditto acts. 

John Mitchell, Thomas Collins, James Monroe, Okey Johnson, Wil- 
liam Fox qualified & act. 

John Ta3ior refuses to qualify. 


Clk. Hamshire Co. Court. 

Resolution op House of Delegates. Decern. 10th 

Resolved, that a copy of the act for the cession of ten miles square, Act for the 
or any lesser quantity of Ten'itory within this State, to the United territorvfor 
States in Congress assembled, for the permanent seat of the General permanent 
Government, be transmitted to the General Assembly of Maryland *^^nm^t^' 
without Dela}'. and that it be proposed to the said Assembly to unite 
with this Legislature in an application to congress; that in Case Con- 
gress shall deem it expedient to establish the permanent seat of the Gen- 
eral Government of the United States on the Banks of the Potomack, On the 
so as to include the Cession of either state, or a part of the Cession of Potomac 
both States, the Assembl}' of Virginia will pass an act for advancing a 
sum of money not less than one hundred and twenty thousand Dollars. Money to be 

to the use of the General Government, and to be applied in such Manner ^jlvaiiccd by 

' , ' * V irginia and 

as Congress shall direct towards erecting public Buildings. The said Maryland 

Assembly of Maryland on their part advancing a sum not less than (""^r pubhc 
-^ J 1 » buildings 

three-fifths of the sum advanced by this state for the like purpose. 
Dec. 14th, .1789. Agreed to by the Senate. 

CHAS. HAY, Clk. II. of D. 

H. Knox, Secretary op War, to His Excellency, The Governor of Decern. 10th 



By desire of the President of the Ignited States, I have to request War office 
the favor that your Excellency would be pleased to direct a map of« a 
Kentuckc}' and the western parts of Virginia to be transmitted to this ",^"P,^f ^^?' 
office, with the divisions of the counties marked thereon. the western 

The maps which are in the public possession are totally wanting in P*irts of Vir- 
ihe division of the western counties, which oeca.'^ions considerable per- 
plexity in ascertaining the information of the Depredations of the 
Indians in that quarter. 




1789. I have also taken the liberty to enclose a letter of some public conse- 

Decem. 10th quence to Colonel Arthur Campbell, which I pra}" may be forwarded to 
him by the lirst opportunit3^ 

I have the Honor to be, Sir, 

Your most obedient Humble Servant, 

Decem. 12th Sam'l J. Cabell, County Lieutenant of Amherst County, to the 

Governor of Virginia. 




No power to 

hold courts 

martial, &c. 

The power 
being in- 
vested in 



Enclosing the proceedings of the Field officei's & captains of the 
Amherst Co. Militia, declaring it their decided opinion that they have 
no power to hold a Court Martial or an enquirj' of assessment of fines. 
The power of regulating the Militia by the late adopted Government 
being invested in Congress, and no rules relating thereto being received 
from the aforesaid body. He flatters himself that this action of his 
officers done at his suggestion, will meet with the Executive approba- 
tion when they advert to the part of the 8th section of the lat article 
of the Federal Constitution respecting the Militia, and compare thereto 
the 11th amendment as proposed to the aforesaid part by the Conven- 
tion of this State. 

He is conscious that the Commencement of the lately adopted sest 
sion of Government rendered null and void all state regulations ot the 
Militia as far as respected Organization, arms, & discipline, and is aware 
of the powerful necessity of preserving impressions in the minds of the 
militia favorable to a strict adherence to our State Regulations, so far as 
relates to assembling & training, until Congress could form' a system for 
the said purposes, in consequence of the Exposed situation of the West- 
ern Country to the hostile attacks of the Indians; these facts impelled 
him to recommend to his officers the mode of procedure as pursued as 
being the most likely to quiet alarm, preserve acquie ence, suppress 
investigation, & and render subordination cheerful. He trusts that his 
line of conduct will be satisfactory to the executive. 

The annexed proceedings are signed by the foilowMUg officers of the 
1st Regiment: 

Sam. J. Cabell, C'ty Lieut., Will. Cabell, Jun., Lt. Col., John Loving, 
John Barnett, Thos. Morrison, Wm. Warwick, Stephen Watts, George 
Campbell, James M. Alexander. 

Sam'l Higginbotham, Col. C. D., William Ware, Capt., Chas. Talia- 
ferro, Capt., J. Stewart, Isaac Tinsley, George Phillips, Charles Ellis 
Daniel Tucker, Caj^t., Rich'd Harrison, Henry Turner, William Horsely, 


J. Pendleton, Auditor, to the Governor. 1789. 

Stating that Co\. Davies desires the Auditor's books for 1785 for- Det'em. 12th 
warded to him. They are not journahzed. Wants to know whether he 
shall send them or not. 

Resolution of House of Delegates. Decern. 12th 

Requesting the Executive to have the same number of Acts of Con- Printing 
gress printed as are usually printed of the acts of the General Asseni- ^^^ ^^' 
hly, to be distributed in like manner among the different Counties & 
Corporations; also, five hundred copies ot the Journal of the House of 
Representatives to be distributed in like manner, and so many copies of 
the Senate Journal as to furnish one copy to each member of the Gene- 
ral Assembly. 

Agreed to by the Senate Dec. 4. 

Report of the Committee to whom was referred the letter of the Decem. 14th 
Directors of the public buildings with their accounts, Ac, through Mr. Public build- 
Edward Carrington, and agreed to by the House. ^^ 

The}' report that the whole amount of funds which have been appro- The capitol 
priated to the building of the Capitol is £25,761, 13s, 4d; of this sum, 
£11,500 arose from the Treasury by votes of the General Assembly; 
£2,000 from subscriptions of the inhabitants of the city of Richmond, 
and the remainder from the sale of confiscated property in and near the 
said city. That there remains about £2,000 yet to be collected from 
said confiscated property; that the contracts heretofore made by the 
directors will consume the whole of the funds appropriated; that from 
information of the Agent, about £8,000 will still be requisite for com- 
pleting the capitol; that in addition to the work already contracted for, Additional 

it is absolutely necessary for the preservation of the building from ^'^^^ neces- 

. , sary to pre- 

ruin, there be immediately a pedimont roof put on it to be covered with 8er\'e tne 

Lead, that the Portico and General Court be paved, that the flooring be building 

finished, and that some painting, plastering, and other small things be 

done; that it is necessary for the present General Assembly to provide 

£3,476 for the building of the roof, £382 for the pavement of the Portico Roof, &c. 

and General Court, and £142 for the other purposes before mentioned — 

making in the whole £4,000, and that it will be propei* to leave the 

farther completion of the Capitol to be provided for at some future Contract for 

peri«xl; that Samuel Dobie contracted with the Directors in February, *lf^^J^^^ 

1787, to put a flat roof on the Capitol which should be tight and dura- 


1789. ble for £170, but after much labor in honestly endeavoring to fulfil his 
Decern. 14th contract, it is apprehended that it will be impracticable to make the 
Willing to roof a tight one, and said Dobie is willing to make a reasonable com- 
compromitK* p^.^^^^^jg^, q,^ account of said contract. 

Your committee think it will be proper to authorize and instruct 

some pei'son or pei^sons to adjust and settle the accounts of the Direc- 

toi'S for the funds that have been appropriated in their hands, and for 

the disbursements thereof. 

Authority to Resolved, that the Executive be authorized and requested to make 

compromise ^^^^j^ compromise with SamM Dobie on account of his contract, as to 

them shall seem just and reasonable. 
Accounts of Resolved, that the Executive bo authorized and requested to cause 
ubl^build- ^^^ accounts of the Directors of public buildings for all the several 
ings to be appropriations heretofore made in their hands, and of the disbursement 
adjusted thereof, to be adjusted and settled. 
Contract for Resolved, that in any contract or contracts to be made by the Direc- 
^^ tors of Public buildings for Lead, the said Directors be authorized and 

Preference re<[uested to give preference to such as is the production of this Com- 
leaVimder J"^"^'^^^^^' ^* ^^® same can be procured in season at a rate not exceed- 
certain con- ing five per centum higher than other lead would cost, 
ditions Agreed to by the Senate Dec. 11), 1789. 

Decern. 14th H. Knox, Secretary of War, to His Excellency, The Governor of 


War office Enclosing a letter of public importance, which he wishes forwarded 
to Daniel Smith, Esquire, of Miro district on the Cumberland river. 

Decern. 14tli Resolution of House of Delegates. 

Some i)erson Certifying to a Resolution by the House, that the Executive be re- 

toreiwrtcon- ^.j,^jj,^^3^ to appoint some proper pei'son to examine & re])ort the situa- 
(iition of * 111 1 

light-house tion and condition ot the materials formerly provided by the State for 

materials ^^^^^ purpose of Erecting a lighthouse, and if deemed necessary they 
To be sold if contract for securing the same, and be empowered to dispose of them 
exi»edient ^,pQn mK^-h terms as to them shall appear most advantageous to the 

CHAS. HAY, Clk. 
Atrreed to bv the Senate. 


W. H. Maoox. CorxTY Liei'tf.xavt i»F Nf.w Kv.xt Ooi \tv. t\> His 1T^^. 


Statino: that be incloficji a reiuni of the miliiia nn<lor hi:s: tv>mm;!irni. IVwui. 14th 
accomjianied with an a<*count of tinos im]>«>seti hy the iVtirt Mjirlial 
la>t April, amounting to £21. llhs Ia-^^ C2 }\ai«i James Poin^ioxtor. olork 
of xhv Court Martial, and 6s, Sd |>ai(i Richaivi Fostor, Prc^vost Martial. 
& sworn to lH.*tV»rf John Bacon on Dtv. 15. 1789, 

JoHX Caldwell tx^ His ExcKLLExrv, The (iovkrxor op Viroinia. iX^vm. l.%th 

Stating thai Capt. Matt. Walton has ixM'tain cortiticatos tor Soout sor Uiohmond 
vices, which he cannot get settle*! on account of some inattention of the In nvanl to 
ofticer who granted them, it their not beinar si^^ntvl hv the (\nintv Tiiout. *^^'^*J? . "* 
Those granted to Wm. Foster tt Edwar^i signi**! by (\>1. (^>r t>ay 
Jno. Hunlen, he knows to be just of his own knowledge; that the 
service was performed b}* tbe diivction of the l^ouiUy Lt., who oHered 
Col. Harden to place them as he saw best for the safety of the iV^^ntier, 
& being in tbe neighborhood of (\>1. Harden*s ivsidence. and the corlirt- 

cate of any fiebl ofticer within the <-ountv, was <leemed sutHeient to 

•• • 

secure the pay of these scouts. The certificate of Mason McC^iUum was 
intended for a scout, and James McConnell appeai*s to be in the same 
condition as McCullum. There was a dispute among the ofllcers of the 
county which was the right term — Scout or Ranger; and to nuike it 
certain inserte<l Spy, which would answer the purpose to describe the ser 
vice performed. 

Sam. J. Cabell, County LiEtrrENANT of Amhkhst CotiNTV, to Hih |>iMvni. 15ih 

Excellency, The Governor of Virginia. 

Stating that he transmits a certificate of the oath reipiired annually iilehtnund 
of the County Lieuts. relative to monies rcc'd by them for delinquoncies, AinherHt Co, 
&c. Upon his return to Amherst will send return of the militia. Hays Militiii 
that he rec'd his Excellency's letter with the enclosed order of the 
Council, and tho' he diff^ers with them as a member of the Assembly, 
3'et. as a soldier, will strictly execute the militia regulations as before, 
conceiving himself now fully justified so to do, ^c. 

Kesoli'tion op House of Dklegatkh. Dweni. 15th 

Resolved, that the Executive be requested to use the most effectual i;iini*c^*Miitry 
means in his power to prevent the employment of unnec<^MHry (lunrdn H^tt^rtin 



1789. over the prisoners confined from time to time in the several District 

Difttrict jails jails, and to enforce the necessity of keeping the said jails in good 
to be keDt in * 

jfood repair r^pfti^* upon the courts of the Counties in which the District Courts are 

by the coun- holden. 

District Agreed to by the Senate Dec. 16th, 1789. 

courts are " CHAS. HAY, Clk. 


Decern. 15th Cornelius Conway to the Governor of Virginia. 

Berkeley Co. Petition showing that he had been fined by the court Fifty pounds 
Petition to for shooting at George Rootes, and upon the unsupported testimony of 
of afine of ^^^^ Rootes; that he was ready to prove that he did not do it, but that 
X50for his counsel had informed him that the case had been dismissed, so he 
Geo^Rwtes ^^^^ ^^^ attend court, and had no witnesses summoned for his defence. 
Thinks the prosecution was malicious and the fine unreasonable. En- 
closes affidavits of several of his neighbors as to the facts stated b}' him, 
together with one from Arthur McCan, who deposes that he fired the 
gun to scare Rootes, and that it had powder only in it. Many neigh- 
bors certify to Conway's good character & peacable disposition. The 
(lovernor is asked to relieve him of this fine, as his goods have been 
levied on by the sheriff, and he is in danger of great <iamage thereby. 

Decern. 16th Privy Councillor chosen. 

Election of The Senate proceeded this day by joint ballot with the House 

member of ^^ Delegates, to the choice of a member of the Privy council in 

place of Cyrus Griffin, resigned — Senate Committee being Mr. Nelson, 
Mr. Mason, Mr. Cabell, & Mr. Pope. The Committee report that the 
majority' of votes wore found in favor of John Dawson, Esq. 

H. BROOKE, Clerk of Senate. 

Decern. 10th Thomas Underwood to His Excellency, Beverly Randolph, Esq. 

Warranto Enclosing a petition to the Governor & Council, shewing that he has 
Warrants drawn on the General fund in favor of George Rogers, clerk, 
amounting to £903, 6s, 5d, dated July 1st, 1783, which he requests may 
be placed on the Agregate fund, which he thinks is agreeable to a clause 
in the Revenue Law passed in 1787. He states that he purchased these 
claims in 1784 upon the faith of a law passed then, & which placed the 


claim on a Fund to be raised by a Tax of Ss. pr. Hundred acres on all 1789. 
lands to be patented in the Western Countr}', w bich Law was repealed Decern. KHh 
by the next Assembly; since which, no funds have been assigned for 
the pa^-ment of his claim. He thinks that by the act of assembly, 1787, 
it was put into the power of the Executive to place his claim on the 
Agregate fund, and he has greater hopes of success, seeing that the 
General Government has given this State credit for the Amount of 
those debts, and seeing that the arrears are fully Equal to the discharge 
of the balance of all such claims, & so far as they are distinguished by 
Foreign claims, have this Session placed them on the Agregate fund. 

Robert Harvey to His Excellency, Beverley Randolph and Decern. 16th 


Asking to be relieved from acting as Sheriff of Botetourt County, as 
he is a member of the Assombl}- and Superint. of a furnace & forge, 
which occupies his whole time. Ho recommends Martin McFarrin, 
Esq., as a proper person to be appointed in his stead, who can doubtless 
give the security. 

Thos. Harris to Colonel Sam. Coleman. No date; no 


Informing him of his great distress & poverty, with a wife & 7 
small children. Has been chief armourer of the State at Williams- 
burg and at Fredericksburg under the Committee of Safety; thence to 
North Carolina, & took care of the Arms under Gen'l Green. Applied 
for a pension, but time had expired; wishes he would put him to work 
under Major Langham at Point of Fork. 

Captain Thos. Lilly to Governor Beverly Randolph. Decern. I7th 

Informing him that his schooner (Donald) went ashore on Staten New York 
Island in a gale of wind on the night of (he 26th November, loosing his Schooner 
whole cargo of Tobacco, barley, & flaxseed. Is in a distressing condi- Donald 
tion, & would be glad to have about 300 Dollars; wants Col. Thos. Ran- 
dolph A Col. N. Burwell. of Carter's grove, informed. The schooner is 
nearly repaired, and will be as good as ever. 



X m-M *-— --*» I >. ..*. -_. —A ... _« 

A«>T -^BntJrrjwar •» *^%-iL r^ iii:* £xiTKLL 

: ja 

> •* 



;> .ixiSLLS9cr. 

am 'rikw 


ri»*w***J. He "*<fOiL«* at; amirs'- » . J«?. J^iru .jzn "'fHiijuyLL 3t*arri *', 

fi#*rf-rj, -rr*! 

?iE3fDiJEio3i.»ja^ ?•> 'it^vmoiK 3«TiaLr ^Iajfiidlph. 

:»iH»p^. I'^th 


\fTlftrtr'.- >-r- 
Ml H fan- in- 

•r' 'h*? "^inkin^i :iin«j q -•<-»uriiw.ri».tii vuh i '.' »miniuet? :r»»iii -tie Srnau\ 

T»»ur ' 'ommitrttr *tn«J •b.a tic ^mm :J.rK-ll> Ilii^ !iaii; •ufii ruraiMit^l 

•«" 'li«- rrr'u>iLrt>r 'U u-wuui »r *ti«r SuK.iiii^ riiuu. 'Uat Jut ii *be 

:n«*»ni«-* 'bcL- :i*irfui'jt^.L *btfi? 'ia»' nftni pun-fm&^^i xu^i >n."^iv>-»i -tie r«»U 

ililftury •ertirii-ate^ uciiMifiii ^ -urpiii> 'miiiary rrrta«\ :*«r ^:5iJ.;i5(i. 

£1«»3 N. 2tl Milittu^.' luterut^i 'w^urauifc- :k»r £11. ••>-. ma. Loan »ifii-x: .^^ir- 
tirii-at**** ri»r t:1.7!!5, •!». ii»i: tJimtiuifeut liuiii '^ritmuiit- :ur tUiL ITs 'Jit. 
r»i«l*^nff» Imwii m Pinal .<tertit>mifiic» u*r i^^tiso, IIK ^♦i. Srvuuia vmur^ 
>fiMu»ry Inr%*rpj»t ^ikrrante :or £i-kr. LI>. l»»ti. rilll«tt^i -witiattite^ :i)r 
i2«T. 17^, M. 


Your Committee also find that there is on hand belonging the said 1789. 
fund £3,386, 98. 0}d in specie, and that the nett sum of £63,208, 18|s in rJe<«eiii. 18th 
public securities has been made since the establishment of the said fund Funded oer- 
up to the nineteenth of October last, as will more fully appear by the 
(leneral accounts hereto annexed. 

But your Committee beg leave tnrther to obsei've that exclusively of Nett suui in 
the £3,386, 9s, 03d specie, tliere are public and other securities in hand [-^^Jj^n^the 
for Tobacco sold, and monies advanced conditionally under the direc- establish- 
tions of the Executive to the amount of £13,079, 18s, Id. specie value; ™^^ft,nd"^*'' 
these advances have been made upon deposits of public securities, at a Other scjcuri- 
price something lower than the market price, witb a condition annexed, 
that unless they should be redeemed before tlie first day of January, 
1790, by repaying the money so advanced upon them, with an interest Interest at5 
thereon at the rate of iivi} per centum f)er annum, they shoubi become percent, 
the property of the Sinking fund. These deposits your Committee 
must observe in justice to the caution and prudence of the Agent, are 
more than sufficient to cover the monies so b}' him advanced under the 
authoritv of the Executive. But they be*' leave with deference to 
repre<vent that the mode of lending mone}' at five per centum per annum 
on depreciated public secunties. which bear an interest of six per 
centum, is highly disadvantageous to the state, since it receives only five 
per centum from the loan of specie, whilst it is paying six per centum 
on paper that sells in the market for oidy between five and six shillings 
in the pound. The Executive were, no doubt. induce<l to authorize the 
Agent to advance monies in this manner on these deposits, with an ex- 
pectation that they never would be redeemed, an<i that the sinking 
fund in this case woubl be enriched by the conditional purchase of 
public securities at the rate of four and five shillings in the pound; but 
Toor Committee conceive that a little reflection will prove these expec- 
tation^v to be delusive, sinee it will seldom or never happen that those 
who Jiorrow money from the sinking fund as deposits will suffer them 
to be forfeited, whilst they are in a state of appreciatirm, and whilst 
the said borrowers are annualU' receiving an Interest of six per centum 
•»o ibe nominal value of the said deposits, and only paying five per 
^^rfitam j>er annum tor the loan of actual specie. 

Tour committee l>eg leave further to represent that this practice 
appear^ to them to defeat the main purposes of the Sinking fund, since 
ti^e holders of public .*»ecuriiies will never dispose of them whilst thev 
t^Lik procure money to answer their pressing demands upon such advan- 
XM4StoaB terms. These are the ideas, that a theoretical view of the sub- 
i«t Las «agg«*te<i to your Committee, which, tho* experience may prov^ 
tKtaa to be fallacious, it wits nevertheless their dut3' to state to the 
k*o«ide. Your Coromitt^fe think that the business relative to the said 
fv^ ka^ been transacted by the Agent thereof with accuracy and fidel- 
hr and vitb advantage to the public, but they cannot help expressing 


1789. their wiMhen that the Executive had directed the monies in the said 
IhH'f'ui. iHth fund t<i have been appropriated altogether to actual and not conditional 

Whereupon, on a motion made, 

ReHolved. that the Executive be requested to direct the Agent of the 
Kinking fund to apply the monies appropriated to the said fund solely to 
the actual, and not conditional purchase of the public securities of this 
C(immonwealth or of the United States, bearing an interest of six per 
centum, and to no other purpose whatsoever. 

Agreed to by the Senate Dee. 19th, 1789. 

CHAS. HAY, Crk H. of D. 

Dorein. lutli Wm. Hartshornr, Theasurkr of the Potowmack Company, to the 

Honorable Governor and Council op State. 

Alexandria Petition of said Company, shewing that some time ago they made a 

Potomiw demand of five pounds on each share 8ubscribe<l to this undertaking, to 

denumdH for ^^ P*^^** *^" ^^ before I5tli of Nov'r last, and in reliance of its payment 

5 pounds iH»r many contracts have been made necessar}* to the Conduct of the busi- 

** "''^*' . ness; that they have applied to the Treasurer of the State for the 

amount, but were informed by him that there was no money in the fund 

appropriated to this business; that they are advised that the Gov'r with 

the assent of the (^Mincil, has the power to authorize the Treasurer to 

pay the said Sum of money out of some fund in which there is money 

suttieient for the purpose; that they relied on the punctual payment by 

the State of its proportion, and hope that the Treasurer may be author* 

iEed to pay the aforesaid demand. 

IHHHMn. imh Resolution ot the House ot Delegates, and agreed toby the Senate on 
siune day, ilirectiug the F^xecutivo to forwani certain petitions claiming 
Payment for military services to the proper Federal officers, vis: claims 
of Isham Medlock, John MeLogblin, Bernard Stovall, Johnson Crews, 
John Lennum, Thomas Wishart, Thomas Walch, Paul Shry. William 
Carter, John Bridges, Anderson Bryant» William Flood, Thomas Pope, 
Samuel Hi>sier. Andrew McCreery, William Gnmes, David Owen, and 
David Wooils. with the eanu^t wish of the General Assembly that the 
claims be enquire*! into and paid, if they Ikj found just and right. 


Augustine Davis to Archibald Blair, Esq. 1789. 

Oft'ering to print 2000 copies of the Laws, at £12. 10s per sheet, being Decern. IJrth 
£3, 9s, 6d. per sheet less than was allowed last session, and which on Ofl'erforpub- 
account of the marginal notes, will be attended with more trouble & ^^ P'' ° °^ 
labour. The difference iu price being made on acc't ol' the Extensive- 
ness of the Job. 500 Journalw of the Lower House at £2, 158 per 
sheet; and 200 of the Journals of the Senate at 40s per sheet. The 
whole to be completed by the time the Laws of the present session are 

Col. Wm. Davies to the Governor op Virginia. Decern. 20th 


The issues of arms and other military stores from the public maga- New York 

zine by Mr. Maupin, of Williamsburg, appear to have been very con- In regard to 

siderable, but the only Evidence I have as yet obtained, i^oes no farther issuch of 
' " ^ 5 & arms, &c.. 

than to prove the purchase of these stores, the delivery of them to Mr. from public 
Maupin, and that the militia were often in service, and the regular ^V^ wj]^^^ 
troops armed; altho' this is presumptive evidence, I would willingly burg 
procure more direct proof, which I hoped Mr. Langhorne would have 
obtained, but as he has not, I have addressed the enclosed to Mr. Mau- 
pin on the subject. Mr. Boush appears to have been keeper of the pub- 
lic naval store; whether he ever accounted for his issues, I cannot say; 
but I suppose not, as there seems to have been no office which took up 
that kind of business. He lives in Mr. Yarbrough's district, but as I do 
not know whether Mr. Yarbrough has engaged iu the collection of 
vouchei*s or not, I have thcmght it the most certain expedient to write 
to Mr. Boush on the subject. Anything from your Excellency on this 
business will have weight, and stimulate the various agents to afford all 
the information they are able at so late a day. 

The Commissioners of the board of three have consented that the 
charges founded on vouches of reception, may be sustained by vouchers 
of delivery, altho' they may not individually apply; a liberality of con- 
struction which I conceive will be productive of infinite advantage of 
our claims. 

I am Sir, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most obedt. Servt. 

J. Pendleton certifies that he has administered to the Honbl. John Decern. 2l8t 

Dawson. & the Honl. Jno H. Briggs, the oaths required to be taken by Henrico Co. 

niembera of the Privy Council, and the oath required by an Act of Con- Privy 

•^ 1 J council 


1789. T. Posey, County Lieutenant of Spotsylvania County, to Gov- 
ernor Randolph. 

Decern. 2l8t Enclosing return of the Militia, together with arm8 & ammunition of 
Fredericks- Spot-s^'lvania County for 1789. Will make returts of fines as soon as 
^ the Sheriff makes his report to him. 

Decern. 2l8t Memorandum from Auditor's Office in Case of Joseph Leiplono. 

Jos.I>eiplong Suppose the distance from Richmond to C'ross Creek to be 280 

miles at 6d, --.-... £7^ Os. 

5 day's detention at 10s, - - - - - 2, 10 

Ferriages, ...--.. 4 

9, 14 
Received, ..--... 8, 

Balance, . - . . . £i^ 14^. 

Decern. 22d George Clendinen to Governor Randolph. 


Richmond I Recoiv'd your Excellencie's letter, dated 20th of August last, on 

Order of the twenty-seventh day of the same month, with which was Inelos'd an 

June Ist Extract from the Records of the Executive, dated the first day of June 
No longer ' -^ 

necessary for last, Informing me that It became no longer necessary for the State at 
the State to ^^j. Qwn Expence to pay the Troops Called into service; and also a 
troops Copy of two letters from the President of the United States on the 
Indian subject of Indian affairs. I find from the Extract Inclos'd. as well as 
T d h^ e ^^^^ Your Excellencie's letter, that I was paiticularly directed to dis- 
allscoutsand charge all the Scouts & Rangers by me Ordered into Service, which 

o'^dera iTot ^^'^^^^"^ ^ ^"^ Shure will not be Exacted of me, as I am willing to be 
received till upon Oath that I never Either Receiv'd or heard of them until the 
Aujfuet-./th aforesaid twenty-seventh day of August. 

1 also find from your Excellencies letter and the said Extnict from 
the Hon'ble Board, That they ware dissatisfied at my Conduct In Con- 
tinuing more Rangers than a Serg't and twelve men. "Having 
acknowledged the Receipt of your Kxcellencic's letter to that Rfft^'t," 
and altho' 1 was told in said letter that from the Representation of the 
Murders and thefts committed on our frontier by me state<l, that your 
Hon'ble Board ware of Oppinion that the said Serg't and twelve men 


ware Sufficient; Yet I find In the subsequent clause that I was directed 1789. 
To Inform the Executive from time to time the precise number I found Decern. 22d 
necessary to Call into Service, which ver}* clearly demonstrated to me 
that In Case actual Invasion or very Eminent danger appeared, that the 
Executive allowed me to Exeitiise In some measure a Discrationarv 
power; In which situation your Excellencie's letter found me, for from 
the time that I had the Honor to address the Ilon'ble Board and the 
Receipt of your orders, they Indians had Committed many Hostilities, 
Insomuch that If I had not Receivd vour ordei*s for a Diminution of 
the number, I should from my Gcn*l onlers been Induced to Augment 
them; therefore I trust that your Excellency & the Honble Board will Wishes his 
Reconsider my case, for in my oppinion it is an Extream hard one. For ^^i^^^^"' 
while on the one hand I viewed with every aw and Respect your Excel- 
lencie's orders, I Beheld on the other the distressed Situation of a De- 
fenceless frontier, who look to me for protection ; and Beg leave to men- 
tion that a smaller number than what was Realy In vService would have 
Answered no valuable pui-pose, as the people are very nuich dispei*ced 
In their Situation, and the Frontier Exceedingly Extensive, which will 
more fully appear from the Representation of the Honble James Wood, 
well acquainted with the Geography of that Count}'; which Informa- 
tion I am Confident he will give on this occation. 

I Beg leave further to Represent that since the discharge of the said Indian hos- 

Scouts & Ranjrers, which was in three days after I RecevM your Excel- fvitiessmce 

^ ' -^ •' discharge of 

lencies orders — they being for the njost part One Hundred miles distant st^outx, &c. 

from me at that time — That the Indians have killed a man In Kanawha, Man killed 

took a Boy of about sixteen prisoner, and a negro man and somewhere Boy taken 

between twenty and thirty head of horse creatures; And Since I arriv'd prj^oner 

at this place I am Informd b}^ Colo. And'w Lewis, of Botetourt, that Htolen 

they have killed young Daniel Boon, And took his Father, old Colo. Xj^^^^,?,?"? 
•^ ^ o ' > Boon killed 

Boon, prisoner. I fear this news Is true, as the Cii'cumstances that Old Col. 

accompany the information gives Credit to it. Boon 

'^ "^ '^ prisoner 

i beg pardon for taking up so much of your ExceRencie's time, and 
that of the Hon'ble Members, And have only to add that whatever 
aspect my conduct may Represent, I did for the best. 

I have the Honor to be, with great Respect & Blsteem, 

Your Excellencie's Obt. & very H'ble Sevt. 

N. B. Inclos'd is the pay Roll of the Rangers, the appointment of the Pay-roll of 

Scouts and time of their service, and the amount of exponces Incurd rangers in- 

closeo cvC. 
the present year, together with the Recommendation of Officei*s, &c.. In 

Kanawha County; An Answer to which, I wait the determination of 

your Hon'ble Board. 

jif ' - ' p '»• ^ c -i \ p^3n25. 

»' • •;■' ( ' 

y ^ •• 

-/'mT.* ff^f*.'' '•* r^ ♦'^r ^f'-^,^/f' T»«k'*'r .'"UmsMr-t ■ > riwii. 3*'^|;ixma '^irMMert. 

ffn/ff, /",/» .f P^r^rrp^*^ ro the <#ov«i:io». 

^•f^f/Mr< • f'.Mf/./| f/r •V'/rifM A ff^ff^/ff^ fV»r arrfi*^*** ifi fh** year '•8. k t«>r Rations 

iuihiu 'ff/l /r AiiffNr,r.« TO T»r, Oover?ior. 

'('IMNIM'f'w W(i^/.|*. }f( (III* 'f>i.rt*fift oM »Im« '^;H l>fir., ilHU, - . £7,149, 138, lOd. 
'*'^"'*' hhillM'l Ihf WM»'lMlil«< hi HciiUiM ik Hntt^vvn Up to the* 
•^IKll Hi|n . If Mil j (i*^hl(M'(vl WMrnifilx unpaid ; mem- 
lii'lM * nllh'MM III A«Mi»fnlil,v Hiipiilil, - 2,000, 

l(t«MU(iiiM. . - . £6,149, 138, lOd. 

\V^AN\>o\\\\N ^"»H i^WN ^^^^^)n ^^ \\ ^^m• •»* \>o^ 1V^ Hv^w w^^v^^ v^n^^v^ \:»wo m Maivh ct^xl. 


BsYSRLT Randolph to Jamss Innss. 1789. 


I send you the act concerning a new Edition of Laws spoken of in No date 
your letter above, which does not in the opinion of the Executive, in any Sends the 
manner interfere with the question stated to you yesterday. We there- *^ aW^" 
fore will thank you to favour us with your opinion upon it now. 

I am respectfully, 

Yr. h'ble Servt, 

Jas. Innss to the Governor. No date 


Upon perusing the act you sent me, I am the more confirmed in Morpcon- 
the opinion given on the other side of this sheet. nnncHl in hia 

I am respectfully sir, 

Yr. most obt scrvt 

James Innes to the Governor. Decern. 23d 


When I sent my opinion yesterday on the question submitted by the Richmond 
Executive, I had not seen the act concerning a now Edition of the Changes his 
Laws, &c., and when thro' yV means I had an opportunity of giving it ^P^"^*^^ 
a momentary survey, the last clause of it escaped my notice. 1 dis- 
cover that the last act for appropriating the public revenue has been in 
force since the date of its passage. By adverting to the sixth section of 
that Law, I have no doubt but that the Legislature, by omitting to Thinks that 
mention the warrants issued to Scouts and Rangers, among the other papore ]^^g^*i*,^^ 
in the said clause contained, for which the Executive in cases of certain rangers are 
deficiencies are empowered to make a provision by Loan, must have f^^ thenro- 

intended to exclude them from the benefit of such provision. visions orthe 


I have the honor to be respectfully, 

Sir, y'r most obt. Sevt. 

Dec. 24th, 1789. 

L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to the Governor. Decern. 23d 

Enclosing the acct, of expenses in forward'g Executions & notices Richmond 

previous to last court, for balance of which £74, 8s, 8d, he asks an order 

to the Auditor. 



1789. TnoMAS Underwood to the Gentlemen in Council. 

Dccerrt. 24th Calling their attoniion to the fact (when his petition lately offered is 
Claim under consideration), that his claim stood charged on a branch of the 
Revenue Law in 1784, and continued so till the Tax under that law was 
repealed, when he was left without any fund except his claim, C4in be 
put on the Aggregate Fund, which he thinks the Executive Authorized 
to do, as all similar claims have been so placed, & as the State cannot be 
injured ho hopes his claim will be so arranged. Says that the only dis- 
tinction between his claim & Bosserans, Carbinces & Co., is that they are 
foreigners and Gen'l Clark a native. 

Decem. 24th A. Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury, to the Governor. 

Treasury I have been duly honored with your favors of the 28th of November 

department ^ g^j^ ^^^ December, with their inclosures. And I beg leave to make my 
acknowledgments for the attention which has been paid to their early 
transmission. I presume in the account transmitted, the Arreai-s of In- 
terest have been added to the principal; should the contrary be the 
case, permit mo to request that a statement of those arreare, if any 
exist, may be forwarded as speedily as possible. 

I have the honor to be, with great respect, Sir, 

Your ob't & hbl. Sei-v*t. 

Decern. 24th CoL. Wm. Davies to the Governor. 

New York Stating that he had received his letter of the 8th instant, with en- 
closures, and a packet of papers by Mr. Beckley, who informs him 
that he was desired to take charge of a box of papers for him, but not 
being entered in time at the Stage office; it remains still at Mr. Blair's. 
The box brot on by Mr Griffin had safely arrived, and contents properly 
applied. Regrets the delay of the other box, especially as the commis- 
sioners limit him to a short period for the introduction of vouchers. 
Thanks his Excellency for referring him to the files of Congress & the 
war office for information on many subjects sought from the Exocutivo. 
This resource had not escaped him, but he looked on the papers in the 
publick offices under Congress, as vouchers already presented, and from 
that circumstance all benefit from them already secured to the State. 
Thinks that the returns from the Southern arm)'^ are in every respect, 



loss exact and complete than those from the Northern. Will postpone 
recurrence to those offices till the period of bringing in vouchers ex- 
pires. He is surprised at the difficulty among the collector about 
milage. Thinks nothing could be easier or more simple, than to make 
Enquiry in Each County, whether any officers or men from it went to 
South Carolina; for instance, in the spring of 1779, to join Gen'l 
Lincoln; or to North Carolina, in the spring of 1781, to join Gen'l 
Greene, & so, with respect to other calls of the militia. Collectors 
should not depend entirely on Commandants of Counties for this in- 
formation, hut apply to the parties themselves as they find them, & so 
obtain the fullest and most satisfactory information. Cites the case of 
his Excellency, to show the ease with which the desired facts may be 
obtained, hy application to those who were personally acting in them. 
Wishes his Excellency to have the information concerning his militia 
command properly certified, & give the computed distance of the march 
of the militia of his three Counties, from their several Court-Houses to 
High-Rockford, & to Ramsay's mills on Deep River, & of the greatest 
number composing his command at any one time. Mr. Dunscorab de- 
nies receiving from the Auditor's office the papers mentioned in Mr. Pen- 
dleton's certificate. Thinks it probable that no other settlement has 
been made at Auditor's office, than for the disbursements of money, but 
none for stores, which account is wanting. Capt. Thomas, who directed 
the Rope walk, is dead. Probably Col. Thos. Newton can obtain all his 
public papers from his representatives,. in relation to supplies from the 
Rope walk for the gallics, public cruising vessels, & for other naval or 
military defence. If Mr. Yarbrough would make the application, it 
would be much better, and save Col. Newton that trouble. Is led to" 
suppose from his Excellency's letter that Mr. Yarbrough's place has 
been substituted by Major Williams. He knows Major W. to bo a man. 
of ability, diligence, and honesty. Not knowing of the substitution of 
Williams, & feeling unhappy at the disappointment which has taken 
place, in that district, he says that he in a letter of a later date, recom- 
mended a division of the district, and the appointment of Mr. Roney & 
Mr. Price, giving to one, the counties to which Col. Newton was for- 
merly district commissioner, and to the other, those which Yarbrough 
himself formerly superintended in that character. Hopes thdt this 
businetM will be arranged as speedily as possible, and so avoid injurious 
delays. Suggests that Mr. Gressit Davis of Petei'sburg, as a proper 
person to engage to state and authenticate the supplies & services of 
every kind, obtained by George Elliot for war purposes, & which were 
Dot paid for by the Continent. Thinks the amount will bo immense. 
Has applied more than once to Davis, but being rather a mercenary 
man, wished for engagements he had no power to make. 

Will draw on 1st day January" next, upon the Governor for his ac- 
eount, which will then be due, & concludes that there is no living in this 
Expensive place without money. 

Decem. 24th 

from south- 
ern army not 
as complete 
as nortnem 


Mr. Yar- 
^ brough 

Major Wil- 

. li 

Mr. Roney 
Mr. Price 

Da vies 


1789. J. Knox, Secretary op War, to Captain Thomas Holt. 

Decern. 24th Ordoring him to deliver to the order of his Excellency, Governor 
Gunpowder Randolph, 2,000 weight of Gunpowder and lead in proportion, according 
and lead ^ ^^^ quantity furnished by the state of Virginia to the Chicasaw 

Decern. 27th John Morton to Honorable Jakes Wood. 

Saying that ho had received on last Even'g his order of the 4th Doc., 
and a Copy of Mr. Sam'l H. Saunders' letter; that his transactions with 
Saunders were as district Commissioner. Is sorry to have to contra- 
dict almost the whole of his letter. Ho had great difficulty in bringing 
him to a settlement for the public wheat in his mill, and finally sue- 
cceded in getting his bond, which he promised to pay in a short time; 
he has never paid a shilling; had waited on him about two years. The 
last time he asked him for a settlement, he for the first time brought up 
the charge of the flour barrels, which of course I could not allow, but 
referred him to the Executive. Thinks this charge a trumped up one. 
Is now very unwell with the general disorder that prevails through the 
county, but as soon as ho can ride, will carry out his Excellency's orders 
to him. 


Decern. 29th "^HE James Riyer Company to (toyernor Randolph. 


Broad Rock ^^® James River Comp'y at their last meeting on the 26th instant^ 

tiling for Resolved that their should be paid the sum oi Fifteen pounds on 

£15 ctfi each oach share at three payments for the expenses of the ensuing year, and 

Flattering ^m the present situation of the Canel, we have the flattering prospect 

prospects of ^f making very considerable progress in this business the ensuing year. 

We are now taking measures for Carrying on the Work with vigour. 

We shall therefore be much obliged to your Excellency for a Warrant 

on the Treasurer for the sum pay'ble by the Common Wealth agreably 

to the said Requision, that we may use it from time to time as the 

money may be needed. 

As Directors, We are. Sir, 

Your humble Servants, 



Johnny Scott to the Executive. 1789. 

Certifying as Justice of the peace that Benjamin Johnson, Lt. Col. of Decem. Slst 
the militia, made oath before him that he never yet had received anj Orange Co. 
monies into his hands by virtue of his office. 

John Ambler to the Governob. Decern. 3l8t 


There appeare to be at this time in the Treasury belonging to the Treasurer's 
several funds, £5,210, IBs, lid, specie. Several of the members, the offi- office 
cers, and expences of assembly still remain unpaid; the sum of £1,200 Report of 
is also to be reserved for the senators and Delegates to the Continental ^^^^^^^Ji-y ^ 
Congress, and probably some other specific payn^ents ordered which 
have not yet come to my knowledge. It will require some time to post 
up the accounts of the several funds, whereby alone the specie belonging 
to each can be ascertained. 

I am with great respect. 

Your Excellency's most obed. Serv't. 

Sam. Coleman to the Govebnob. 1790. 

Stating that the County Lieuts. of the following counties had made January 1st 
returns of their militia strength since last report, and are duly entered Militia 
in the General fieturn, viz: Nottoway, New Kent, Eockingham, Essex, ^^^^^ns 
Payetto, Washington, Prince Edward, Louisa, Amelia, Augusta, Hich- 
mond, Northampton, Orange, Surry, Charlotte, Spotsylvania, Nanse- 
mond, Caroline, & Shenandoah ; County Lieuts. of Dinwiddie, Mecklen- 
burg, Halifax, Isle of Wight, Henrico, Eichmond, & Amherst have made 
oath that they have received no fines or other monies by virtue of their 
office. C*ty Lieut, of New Kent acknowledges on oath a balance of 
master fines in his hands of £19, 3s, 4d, and the C'y Lieut, of Nanse- 
mond acknowledges the reception of £46, 10s, Od. for fines, &c., but 
brings the County in his debt the sum of £52, 9s, 6d for clothing fur- 
nished the light Infantry of said County to the amt. of £98, 19s, 6d. 
This being the first charge of this nature which has been made, but is , 
justified by the militia Law. The C'y Lieut, of Charles City has re- 

\% ..- . :, r ~r .TE .-.If !IEr- 

'•** Tmf/*wi.^ 

^•il ^ .J'li*^ o hfajn ^»nur rati/^itcti'iiy oiormaLioa Jv:*ii«!f:Uiii^ ditt iif- 

Vr-*' i''ffV \fl(i»Hr** K*rt;U.H'«hrn#'nt .r' 'he ^.iiteti '*tatcs». The number •*£ ^^Toii- 

vfi rt*»r*; r/,fy>rnf-*«u fi#-/l jftlffrr* rrrrrat*-*. An«i nm^eians :o be Ijillj. ami ^lu&n 

1 ' /*i\. *''r:*' .'i •/♦'ar«i iini^-iuft r»reTioib*fr iiseharze*! *^ir Law. Thev <?IulU be :U>le- 

f'iii#M \>fA\fA tmf 'in#t#^r 5 Tl »> .nf'h«a* ^^^ ':rithuat 4iues. out Tunltar IS aor 

TU^u f'/)m*' Itill inf^rnwtion^ j** ro Lhe 'itficers to ^.^omnuuid die troi>^: 
f h^ fr^rrnfif ion into ont? re:rinient of intaotrv to <.-uii242»c 'H three b»&sai]«N» 
»ri/l <^>ri«T ftftf^llion of art iilttry. Jcc iu;.. pay an«l ^absu^^nee. «ke. 

.fiifrfmfy ifh A<'t, of fVmj^T'w** ;U. itn -tenomi •}e<wion to Enable the officers and soi- 

Vr<w V^ffV ')i''r<< of t)M* Vir^nift Lint: on Continental e»tabii:»hinent to obtain titles 

It/rtrrtfy \** '^TtMin f^sin^lM lyinLf Northwrent ot the river Ohio, between the little 

V)fHfWfJft llm» 

.fnffifriry f»h '^ f>.5ir>f.rrow, ArxDiToa, to the Goverwoe. 

In r<ilrttloft to fortairi ohnr^en of interent claimed on Oliver Pollock's 
Mil u\ K«<'ltJiri^<» for |3/i78 (Hilviir), drawn on Messrs. Penet, DaCosta, 
KroroM il iUt., of Nafit4*H in France, k purebased by Michael Porrcau, of 

JtntiKMv ny» ' llAiiHY IIktii to 

V\\\\\W TnumtMlpI IVohi «iU»^H III' pulili(« Tobacco Ironi 9th November to 26th 

h»imH'»* \\ss\^'\^ ItMH, ln«'lM«lvi\ bohiK 2117 Uo^heuds. and amount'g to £3,107, 


L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to the Governor. 1790. 

Slating that James Herren, of Norfolk borough, offered this morning January Gth 
to pay a bond given by Moses Myers and James Douglass, of said Bor- Richmond 
ough, for £502, with military certificates, the Interest to the 1st Instant 
drawn. He wishes to know the Executive's opinion in regard to accept- 
ing this offer. This transaction seems to have arisen from the public 
sale of the State's boats. Liberty and Patriot, with their guns, rigging, 
& apparel, a whale boat and searcher's boat; all of which appear to have 
been offered at MaxwelPs wharf for sale by George Kelly. 

Wm. Hat to the Governor. January 6th 

Informing him that the Directors of the Public buildings have con- Richmond 
trac'ted with Moses, Austin & Co., to cover the roof of the Capitol with Contracte for 
Itsad; also with Dabney Minor to furnish the materials and do ^^® ^f of ^ni^ 
wooden work ; also with Andrew Hosie and James Kerney to pave the tol with lead 
General Courtroom and the Portico. They will require some advances, x^^^ tn 
Some little plastering and painting, and finishing the flooring are also advance 
necessary to be done; they have agreed to advance Austin & Co. £600 
upon their executing the contract & giving bond and Security for its 
performance — £300 will answer for the other purposes named. The How balance 
contractors agree to receive the balance out of the arrears of taxes of***^ "® P*" 
1788 & the surplus of the Tobacco duties, unless when the work is fin- 
ished they prove unproductive; in which case, it would be reasonable to 
borrow from some other fund. He desires the Governor to lay this 
matter before the Executive Board, that the measures may be taken for 
raiding the amounts named, so that the work may be hastened as rapidly 
as possible. 


M. Anderson to Gtovernor Beverly Randolph. January 6th 

EoclosiDg sundry affidavits stating that from the evidence, James, Gloucester 
(negro slave of Jno. Lawson, tried for robbery, and condemned by the 
Gloucester Court on Nov. 2d, 1789,) did not come within the law against Negro slave 
forcible eotry and robbery, by putting person or persons in bodily fear. 
Nobody was in the house at the time, and no locks were broken. Thinks 
be has suffered sufficiently — being naked, chained to the floor, his flesh 
worn by the irons, and his coffin kept steadily in his view. Prays for 
a pardoii absolutely, or a reprieve till the facts in Evidence Can be 
stated k presented to the Executive. 


January 7th GrEo. EoBERTsoN TO the Governor. 

^Chesterfield Certifying that Edw'd Archer, the Inspector of Tobacco at Jno. 

County Boiling's warehouse, died on the 3d inst., and that Mr. Jno. Rowlett was 

Tobacco appointed a J Inspector, & wishes now to have a corn's as J Inspector. 

Inspectors gj^^g ^^^^ j^j. Rowlett Gill comes as security for Mr. Wra. Rowlet, and 

thinks him sufficient. 

January 7th Certificates of sundry persons in the case of Jno. Morton, District 
Powhatan Commis'r againt Saral. H. Saunders, a miller of Powhatan Co., who 
claims a credit for a certain number of flour barrels that he alleges 
were furnished the public by him during the war, and for which he had 
never been paid ; and which Morton declined to allow him for in the 
settlement made with him, giving as his reason, that he had no authority 
to allow it, but promising if he would close the matter, & give his bond, 
that he, Morton, would see that the claim should be properly presented 
to the Executive. This he has failed to do, & has brought suit and 
obtained a judgment against Saunders for the bond. These certificates 
indicate that Saunder's mill books and accounts were accurately kept, 
and evidently seem to show that his claim was a reasonable one. 

January 8th Geo. Bird, County Lieutenant, to Governor Beverly Randolph, 

Middlesex Enclosing a General return of the militia of Middlesex County for 

Militia 1739^ ^ith arms & accoutrements, being 1 Rogt., 1 C'ty Lt., 1 Col., 1 Lt 

Col., 1 Major, 3 Capts., 3 Lieuts., 3 Ensigns, 12 Sergts., 1 Drummer, 1 

fifer, 249 Effective men, 80 good muskets, 41 bad, 14 good swords, 1 

good spontoon. 

January 9th Wm. Eskridge to the Governor. 

Frederick Informing him that the business entrusted to him lies in such distant 
& remote places, he fears he will not be able to furnish it by tho time 
required by Col. Davies. Will however, use every exertion, & get it 
finished as soon as possible. 


Harbt Heth to the Goveenor. 1790. 

Enclosing mcraorandum of am*t of Sales of Public Tobacco from 1st January 9th 
Feb., 1789 to the 26th December, being 2,989 Ilhds., amounting to Sales of 
£31,498, 28, Id, also an account of his travelling expenses to the different ^^^^"^^ 
Warehouses, & incidental expenses of his agency from Mch 2d, 1789, to Agency 
Dec. 26th, being £39, 9s, 2d. expenses 

Cape Henry Light-House Account with -Bassett Moselet, Clerk January 9th 

AND Treasurer. 

From Feb. 25th, 1774, to Sept. 22d, 1777, amounting to £8,113, 48, 4d., Norfolk 
with a certificate from Thomas Newton, Jr., one of the Commiss'rs, Cape Henry 
that he had examined said account with a book kept by s*d Moseley, Ligbthouse 
and found them to correspond. 

Harrt Heth to the Governor. Jan. lOth 

Hopes that he will excuse him for writing on business on Sunday, Richmond 
but Mr. Scott leaves in the stage to-morrow, he thinks it necessary to Mr. Scott 
have his advice. He offers 17s. specie, or 19s. Half cash, & } War for His offers for 
150 to 200 Hhds. of Rappah'k and upper Powfomack Tob'o. This is ^^^^^^ 
the best offer he has ever had for that quality. Mr. Scott will take no 
Tobacco inspected prior to the year 1789. 

Armistead Long to Governor Beverly Randolph. jan. nth 

Enclosing a detailed Statement of his proceedings as a collector of Richmond 
vouchers for District No. 6, composed of the 8 large Counties, to-wit: 
Prince William, Stafford, Culpoper, Fauquier, Loudoun, Fairfax, Spotsyl- 
vania, & Orange, and asking a proper allowance for his services, &c. 

Geo. Clendinen to Governor Randolph and the Honorable Mem- Jan. 13th 

BERs OF Council. 

Desiring that they would examine the Enclosed papers, and report to Richmond 
hini (that he may inform the holders), What measures are to be pui'sued 
regarding thorn ; also, offering to take out any public papere the Execu- 
tive may have for Greenbrier or Kanawha. 



«. -^ 


■»«!» «k% 

- ' -* _ ' ■ 

« • 

**~-.n:r' TEL: UL ^MXanSSSSMkr JllUlfc- £ 

--::... •*- .».• a3bf*>- ^iisr. -ajdSHfc- T 1* Sfi "=11^1: • li 

-«- ^i* A 

* mm -mt^xA * ■ * f, ^-^ .^^ MM. A 

aSkdT ■««.vm»>-: \xJU ».*: ..JUl^t^'* "^"^jiMl- il£ 1 JUT? 


1 iiiDcr; -T 

AJtt ToCL 

jla#n »tiM,(»,'M 


Tinm r 


r lae: 

. .**• 

.^.4^.: ^'%^ rf\j9^ ^ A. ._.>_ ■■ lil ^^ ZVT aL TMms% J>r • IBTSSSs SBC JF xiD J\ 

^i*^z:^tJfA .-> {#!- i^y .in- ui*l -.-U^iuipt "«» :ilu ?i3^t "illi*! ill "1»r -ir»itiun;»: 

,;/,•<» II'* tfaf bi i.'z!i»tif .'irr*?irr^ IT'iiiui.* :aa£ uie simtt ^*^nt2 '^oui 

^.»*«. ZX»« »*r:' i.f. V\ivf- V rr ZHm ZIi»l if Limii itace*! vita tzi%i jcua%^. 

\.i\\*U :'.4iliiii/ .i» ;'#i«' f-^ •!' r*tiiiir >iir!#ia inuttr liit.* -huhL 


the Cbesapeake lU £1S,00(I, Tiririni* curroDcv. ThiTiks ih«i noihiiic i*4 17J*0. 
present can be couiji^^d <iii hui liit- >ii i hk^, TIjc l«nov*i mcw proTnd<\d by -Ian. ISnh 
tbifi state, tot tb- eapper vft> aft^rw^rd> oonrcnod to otbrr stAic ptir- 
poses, Tbe vbole at ihc facme i< covcrt^d hy drifting fy^nd 2(i to 50 fbot 
deep, k tbe diggins: out wii] proliably amount t-o half its valno in 
expense. He declined makinjcr any ccnitraxt for looororing tho ^^n^, as 
it is not known wbetbej- trcncral Govornmcnl Mill bnild with st-ono; 
thinks that an imnaediau* att<^m]^t shonld he made lo dispt-i>»o of it t^ the 
Government as it now ^oands, or rocorcrod from tlio s^nd, whieh Kver ^ 

should be thought tbe more advif;al»)e. 

Wm. Clayton, clerk of New Kent Oo. Oonrts eeriifi<>s th«t VTilUatn H. .Un. \4\h 
Macon, high sheriff of this eonnty, c^me into eourt »n<^ ^jjive notioo Xom Ke**l 
that he inl-ended X<o resist his t^^mmission at the next Fol^njury <\>«r1.. 

Jajos Gordon, Jamiis Tapsoott, and otheiu? to thr itovRRxoR ,Un. I^h 

A memorial asking pardon for James, a negro man slave, ot Jt^seph l^no^mter 
Shearman, tried at a court of Oyer and Terminer for shet^p st<^slliug, on ^^ 

Jan. 16th, 1790, convict-ed and sentencixl to Ih* hung. This slave l>eing 
young, and his first offence, besides the evidence in their opinion not 
warranting the rigor of tbe sentence. 

Thos. Johnson, President op the Potomac Company, to Govkrnor Jan. mth 



Informing him that Col. Gilpin, one of the Directors and Mr. James 
Smith, their manager, last July & August, surveyed the river iVom 
Tide water to the mouth of Savage, connecting their work with former 
surveys, which -had been carefully made; from the whole of which. the 
charter plan accompanying this has been formed, ami which thoy are 
satisfied is accurate. These gentlemen have no doubt that navigation 
will be extended to the mouth of Savage, & think it may at considerable 
expense, be connected with the western waters, sevcnil of which, they 
visited and examined. Inland navigation is now consU\ntly performed 
by Batteaux of ten tons burthen, and upwanls, from East Cumberland, 
and a considerable distance within the South Branch to the Great Falls, 
within nine miles of Tide water, the boats returning on an average of 
twenty miles a day. The navigation has already become useful. The 
fallft at Shenandoah which had never boon passed, are now rendered 


1790. safe and easy. They now require but little labor to put them in the 
Jan. IGth state they are designed to be left. Seneca Falls are (jompleted, as well 
as the Canal at the Great Falls, where the Company's force is now em- 
ployed preparing seats for the Locks. Detached rocks in some places 
must bo blown, & shallows deepened by narrowing or obstructing the 
current, which is all that remains necessary to be done above the Great 
Falls to the mouth of the savage. They expect to accomplish this in 
one favorable season. It will require some time to cut the Canal at 
the Little Falls, and fix the Locks there and at the Great Falls, with 
the little labor necessary in the intermediate space, tho. they have no 
fears but the whole will be completed on as little expense and to more 
general benefit than was first expected. 

Not being as well informed as to the navigation of the Potomack 
and the distances on Tide water, as the merchants & others of Alexan- 
dria & George Town, they beg leave to enclose a printed cop}' of their 
statements, which they think can be depended upon. 


Jan. 18th L. WooD, Public Solicitor, to the Honorable James Wood, James 

McClurg, and Carter Braxton, Esq'rs. 

Richmond Stating that he had rec'd their letter respecting the Executive super- 
In regard to intendence of his office, the necessity of their being furnished with a 
the books, g^^^to of the books kept, & of all papers properly coming in and deposi- 
Solicitor's ted in his office. He says that originally no books were intended to be 
office kept in this office, but finding it impracticable for the public books to be 
always posted so as to ascertain an exact balance due from any public 
debtor, he was compelled to make use of temporary ones for the sheriffs, 
to aid him in forming the accounts preparing for Judgments. These 
books have in course of time become useful in finally adjusting the 
accounts, & the books in the Auditor's office will be Closed from them; 
after which, they will be of very little Consequence. Considerable diffi- 
culties have arisen from the want of similar books for Every other 
species of Public debtors, in proceeding against Inspectors, clerks, and 
naval officers; ho has waived it, hoping to ascertain the balances from 
the several collectors by the Auditor's books previous to March, 1787, 
which are now in this office, and he hopes nearly effected. 

The papers properly coming into this office now, are the Returns 
from the Tax Commissionere in the several Counties, Sheriffs & Inspec- 
tors' Bonds, with all other papers relative tbercto & necessary for ob- 
taining judgments, & pursuing them to the recovery of the money. 
Some of these remain here, & others are finally lodged in the auditor's 

Any other information necessary for the Committee will be given on 



Peter Williams to Governor B. Randolph. 


Sajs that on perusing the papers sent him for Collecting vouchers to Jan. 18th 
establish the claims of this State against the United States, he finds a Prince 

great part of them scarcely practicable ; he has, however, begun the Cq]|^2^« 

business, and will do all in his power to complete it. vouchers 

Bartlett Williams, Attorney for the County, and the Members Jan. 18th 
OF the Court to the Governor and the Honorable, The Coun- 
cil of State. 

Petition for the pardon of Phil., negro slave of Win. Tyree, tried & New Kent 
convicted of felony, and sentenced to be hung. The court declare that 
the Commonwith's attorney showed them a law for hanging the said Petition for 
negro, and that upon their afterwards Coming into the Tavern, they ♦^J^P^'^o^ 
were informed by the Honl. Edmund Eandolph that the law under Phil, 
which they were led to act was not in force, and the offence was punish- 
able by brarding in the hand. The attorney & court all unite in the 
prayer for pardon. 

Col. Wm. Davies to Governor Beverly Eandolph. 

Has received his Excellency's letter of the 30th ulto. & in conscqueijce 
of the directions of the Assembly, will do nothing in regard to the 
Shawanese accounts, but by advice of the delegation from the state, 
thinks it unfortunate that Genl. Clarke's letters & vouchers should be 
missing for tho' the vouchera may apply perfectly to the charges, yet 
the necessity & propriety of the expeditions could probably be sus- 
tained only by the correspondence between the Executive and the 
Western officers. Says that excepting a few papers by Mr. Beckley, 
and the Shawnese account from Mr. Pendleton, he has rec'd nothing 
from Virginia since the box by Mr. Griffin. Has heard but little 
from the collectors. The Board of three began to act on January 
19tb last, and continued 3 months when Mr. Baldwin resigned, since 
which time thay have never made a board nor pointed out what 
proofs they require. The ordinance constituting the Board requires that 
they shall all be present — their continuance in office is limited to 18 
months from the time of their commencing to act. 

He will endeavor to procure a longer time for the admission of vouch- 
ers. North Carolina is in some instances as tardy as we have been, and 
he thinks it as well, perhaps, to waite the arrival of members from that 
state, hoping that they will bring forward a proposition for the purpose, 

Jan. 18th 

New York 


Board of 


Mr. Baldwin 



yu ' .\ .KNj' J m sum VAUEBy 

^'^' •»'..• »' i^i'i/.^i.' if ^ tf f*iiii. tvi^i pmuulirv iiiitTx*<n. XI' h- tilt murt 

•=*' .11..* . itii '*.)»! •» Ai • i^l^tji^oi A tw* oiAic jnomtHfiv it^'jil out 
r.**, :*»..' ;ju . •• ,»•♦»•.«•' i«eF*iu^>^ in- i«rt«cn' uteMDifeTi' o: liti li'scn- 'C 

<^«' t •>■!'! fi .1..' r; iii>*iiiiir iH»iur* Uit ouu oi tJti 1^ tilt i«!Ti<»L i*i 

I r « _ - 

I I * ■ -■ ■.' , . 

..'.•.«^i»iil. .»^;a*iif«' tii« t |jiU« NLUM»t. Tilt" llit?DlJ»eivirOIL tilOiit TWf- *siai«* 

»»iii ' oi.' i«i •! i iitt-u'-iiti r* ii 1^* I. 11 iu\ I rn ID joi< tiicn TH'w* EL liiir res}»wi- 
ii.'y.i/j j» ».i»* » .^ii<>iii(. i.«^if«-4:i\i ti uf iiiuirij c(jihit»queii(ii' ii» TjTiTiiiijfc. liiey 

111^1,1 1^1 ii .,, fti.*j^4/.,i.f; ii 1itN<M ii 

*'• *"•■*•' 'III' h.'ii,\ \ ^ ,'uj»j»iii.r iiitiuii|!i.'<t t»v Mr lirniiild it ttir aarber j»f rioi^ 
•/I 1 1.. VH .u ii|i|^i a* t«' \»iw \n:*'i, uiMiNiu«*rui*lt.' bin iit* liu^ Tif» ]iaj»eT* in 
in |.'i, ».< ...'.I'ii. li.iti )iio\c ilii'ii- )ini)M'r u}i]iii'^utH*Ti. Col. MiiTv' OarriDg- 
•'^' ■'■ .» l.'/i.« 'J.i'iri' I ii« mu^ hiiA> ii<!»tliiiiir iib(»ui Liiii ID biiT of his 
l«il"». A jiioi.jiM^ v^iu- ii«>i u<:'juti»ntA;d witb tbt- ujreDty f"'! Mr. Ronald. 
VV'.nM l« yln^l '^; iius4 i)i( i|«M'kfr ifj tbf different crfBc-es l<x>k over their 
III'. «.»» Mm ju.jMu- vJ Mr AriiiihUrad lor 81 A: t^ His >XK>k* for that 
^ I .n iij.jiMii !«/ Iutv4 l/i 4 fi «/i»i-4- ih ih«- j*</H**e^ioD ol Mr. Ihinseomb. who 
tliii.l*. |ii«; ilii y^ Jhavi- hiffj |/la''<'d in r^ifne of the offices for ocfa- 
I ..i* h:,^' •• n. |.iii|>i^-i, h<i)»* iliiit <'u|;t. iVyloii ha** never J*e tiled his accounts 
•\ 111' *• <«»M j»i" if Mui i» «;l i•l(»t^, \#hM'h wore considerable, do not appear. 
A - III whmIiI h'M |/Mftii«bl> iilh'tMl in Hii-hmond, suggest that Mr. Price be 
•'•hi M|« "I »MMM> mIImi fur Hm* h|M>('iiit pur|K>Ko of procuring the amount 
iMnj ^niiibini Imi ai I V li 1 1< a riii|i|i|t(«n. Ih* iMifloHcs thc copy of tho rcso- 
liiih MM III I hi- N« " VmiIi AiimMiibiy, vvhirli hiivo ju8t appeared in regard 
Ir iIp II » liihito llio UiiKod SliitrH. 

M« ««rMl«l lt> /JmiI In Imi l\tnlt^bo<l with an account of all the military 
liih'l ftiniiinii >Ui\« b Ih«>o bot»H iNwuod by Virginia. In the general 
M- ■ • Mi»i p n«b H »i «.» M» \N \\\A%^\' \\i ndvnnct^s for count v, he has made a 
'bnu« t- I iln lini.l'' »sU«»N>\»l b\ Ih\x io the Virginia inwps, though he 
• I • • t ibiu h \> Ul \u\\ bo f\«lMu(U>d \xubo\a dispute. Thinks thai from 
lb- 'unhpn^ i» \i>\ \i^»K A up»M\ m*Ntv m:i I «r\* reflection. I he lands 
VM»^H\ •,»■>»»<« \ V » *»\.!.|^,N »,iN»'o^ u^.v Is* sr.pjwn*^! a> a just cbanre 
> . Pi 1 t^' ^ ♦. V < ' » M* »i -^u*. p" ,v A'»> «xj\\ h\'r^-jkt'\4 r Sc*cn.v-i up»."»n. 
\ ' \^ ' \ ''i ' * ^^ , , -^^K \ f,^ } ys- :.* ^v 'iTTTS^i*-: wlih a li>t 


Ordered, that he be censured, and that his Command devolve on his 1790. 
Lieutenant for one year; after which, if he prove before a Board of Trial of 
officci*8 that he has behaved himself as becoming an officer, in the moan i^cCaTKr for 
while, he shall be restored to his Command. drunkneness 

John Harvey certifying that Thomas Madison, Esq., made oath before Jan. 19th 
him, a magistrate, that he would support the Constitution of the United Henrico 
States, & well & truly discharge the office of a Councellor of this State. 

Robert Porterfikld to Governor Beverly Randolph. Jan. 19th 

Stating that the heavy rains lately have rendered it impossible to Augusta Co. 
make s^ny headway in Collecting vouchors. Has done, and will do all Collecting of 
that is possible, though does not expect that this District will prove of vouchers 
much consequence. 

P. Felham, Clerk Court, to the Governor. Jan. 20th 

The Court I'ecommends Benjamin Goodrich, John Goodwyn, John Greensville 
Fisher, & Wm. Sykes, Gent., for Justices of the peace, and Lockett ^^"^^^y 
Mitchell to be coroner in place of Peter Pelham, resigned. 

George Washington, President op the United States, to Governor Jan. 22d 



As it is of considerable consequence to the Public that a letter which New York 
I have just written to Mr. Jeffei'son should reach him at as early a Enclosine a 
period as may be, and as I am unacquainted with any other certain t^i. 
channel of Conveyance, I have taken the liberty of enclosing it to your 
Excellency. The importance of having it delivered to him with cer- 
tainty and expedition, I hope will be Considered as an apology for the 
trouble which may be occasioned by this measure;. and even for the 
farther favor I am about to ask, of having it dispatched by a particular Asks to have 
Messenger, in case no opportunity (that might with safety be depended i* disi^tched 
upon) should present itself of forwarding it in a short time from Rich- Monticello 
mond to Monticello. 

With Sentiments of Esteem, I have the honor to be 

Your Excellency's most obedient Servant 

}\0^ * x-i^L^] .-i. ':»-' «?i^jrt3 

iiutitivt M J^iitft^ L-ur^ .Lvc. inm. luii' inimitx. 

^iti. t^ J*V i^*^.»-'t. JmUSt^ Ht'PPIS ^Ai^ BtI^. I&&Ar ^EASLOb. MX» FmASCIS 

JC«i«|r >Su- J.ifl\>niiii(^ iij«m 'tiii: Tiiiff. Ituiksr ithk liaenteid imidriahl^ u> dis- 
**?* KtfSHT* ******^^^ '^^'^ aut»»3»- if!f ♦ibfrtfr \t viiit-i iilBf^ iit lad lasehr W«b comniis- 

^w J;5iDe libei' ir.45!f^ udvinutfC itzu: Jub. HiL ioftd nadc s^ijifiaQaaD k»W sf^^iit^d 

ti^U<4«CMHi uj4,^jtt? a! istoic •fviuiriT '.il lih: rbRinisiiia: or iiicsncsTr «f fwd Botler. 

jbniiM^tii' »'iif Tiikf if iv iMfbur^ v'ju? H'.>iii»r^ li;^' Juci. HiL k^ tMmvusx^ bjr t^na to be 

w*^*^^*^^ n v-^rv uiiii A: lu:f»r.»j>fr vtntrb'.i^ff i-^* Itt tfliUnKOiad villi littl iaponaiit 

4 ttfa* t»* \'XM*fy lifcT^ *.K>fij •j-rtrijt'lT :iil>*niiei otnbod 4 mfearcd persons 
^x^At' 1/ V/ av vuniu*?^ w;ii: i'liL \'j **c*iwr cfiitttT jnfok^:. 4 tia^ in: has noi 

s/r f-iiy-A. uLt'i irhi.Jt: h, v*-rT ^^LoTi iiiii«. vLexi b<- aim- an opening for 

if>'/. ^IkoltI*^. ':yk *A *jfAirL t^ni^^at iLai T. Bml«r came into coart & 
^r'A^'i^A Lie <'//f<iXJiii^k/ti SMb frLtrriif of thk toanty. ami siid that he 
4y/«/l'J !•/! Iurfii<^ii ih^ w^.urily. whiefa wa* unkmdd to be certified to iho 

4<N> TfiU ^' HamiI/Toiv. H§s0:iitsrAtLY or the TaKAsrar, to ths Govunor. 

ft4.t^ y^^^ ' <*"* fttvor^r'j with your letter of the 11th instant, enclosing a Cer- 

UihuUi ihfiu till: Afi'liUir of the HUiia ou the Subject of my inquiries of 
iU*i 'lilU oi \uni fiionlli, 

tUi |/l«'ttiM''l Uf tu'j'M]ti my acknowledgments for the attention you have 
«iIm:w II nu Lifin oc<;uiifofi, and to believe me, 

With perfect respect, Sir, 

Your most obod. & h'ble Serv*t. 


Georqe Washington, President op the United States, to the 1790. 



I have been dtify favored with your Excellency's letter of the 14th Jan. 2^>th 
instant, enclosing General Wood's report respecting the materials which New York 
were placed upon Capo Henry by the States of Virginia and Maryland, Materials for 
for the pui-pose of building a Light-house, and have put both the letter I^iJ^^hthouse 
and report into the hands of the Secretary of the Treasury, who is Henry 
authorized by Law "to provide by contract, which shall be approved by *2I5^,*^^'^^ 
the President of the United States, for building a Lighthouse near the authorized 
entrance of Chesapeake Bay." I have also directed him to write to ^ ^j^^hiU*^ 
your Excellency upon the subject, and to take such steps in the business houses 
as may tend to a speedy accomplishment of the desired object. 

In the first place, it will be necessaiy that a deed of cession of the Deed of oes- 
iand upon which the Light-house is to be erected, should bo executed q^t^ ne^s- 
from the State of Virginia to the United States; and when this is accom- sary 
plished, as the building of the Light-house is to be done by Contract, it ^]^*i,„iit^ 
is probable that the person or persons who may contract for the build- contract 
ing of it, will make such agreement for the materials as to them shall 
seem proper; and in this case, the expediency of their being purchased 
immediately by the United States will be superseded. 

I have the Honor to bo, with very great esteem, 

Your Excellency's most obod't & Hural. Serv't. 

Colonel Wm. Davies to Governor Beverly Randolph. Jan. 29th 

Informing him of the arrival of the two boxes & his letter by Express. Now York 
Is pleased at their reception before the Ist of February, to which time In relation to 
he is at present limited ^^" *^'^ r^-.-«->^:««:^««^ ..4 *u.. ri..^..^^\ ii^«,..i claims 

by the Commissioners of the General Board. . ™, 

3y will not be rigid, tho' their authority is some- states 

Hopes, however, that they 
what circumscribed by the Act of Congross. Our Delegates are fearful 
of an application to Congress for a longer time for the admission of 
Evidence. Virginia has been so frequent in her complaints of different 
kinds on this head, that every measure must be brought forward with 
great caution. The accession of North Carolina and the relinquishment 
of Territory lately made by her to the United States, seem to render an 
application by her most promising of success. Her Senators are here, 
but as this more properly belongs to the Representatives, it will be neces- 
sary to wait their arrival. Meanwhile endeavors must be made, if pos- 
sible, to influence the Board of three to propose something necessary to 
accomplish the object of their appointment more fully than the Existing 



1790. Acts of Congress seem at present to authorize. He finds it a peculiarly 
Jan. 29th fortunate circumstance to have the books of the Executive (mutilated 
as they are) with him, as fi-equently advances of money on account can 
nowhere else bo found, owing to the imperfect construction of other 
Boards, and the destruction of papers by the Enemy, which tho' of 
itself only presumptive Evidence, yet combined with information from 
other documents, frequently rises to positive proof. Hopes that the 
vouchers from the Collectors will be forwarded as early as possible. 
Would like to retain all the papers & documents in his possession for the 
purpose of Comparing them before handing them over to the Commis- 
sioners, but that cannot be done, it may be necessary for him to have 
the Acts & Journal of the last session of assembly, which may be for- 
warded by water as opportunities are frequent. 

Jan. 30th 6. Nicholas to Governor Randolph. 

Danville Having been informed by some of my friends that they have men- 

Mentioned tioned me to the Executive as successor to the late Attorney-Greneral 
toTlate^iStor- ^^^ ^^® district of Kentucky, I now take the liberty of informing your 
ney-^neral Excellency that if lam honored with that appointment, I will discharge 
^TT^J^llw *^® duties of the office to the utmost of my abilities. Perhaps it may 
be proper for me also to add that I have not, neither shall I accept of 
my commission as attorney to the federal court within this district, 

I am, with the greatest respect and Esteem, 

Your Excellency's most ob't Serv't. 


Jan. 31st Francis Preston and Jambs Breokenridge to the Governor. 

Mont^mery They write in relation to difficulties likely to arise with the magis- 

Co. trates, County clerk, &c., of the new county of Wythe, which was 

of Wythe formed out of the County of Montgomery at the last session of the 

Assembly. They say that some of the competitors have written to 

the Executive in regai*d to these offices, and persons are recommended, 

which, if confidence be reposed in, the county will be likely to suffer. 

List of mag- They send the names of the old magistrates, whom they think should 

^^*ti?e^ retain their commissions in the new County as they reside in that part. 

These are Walter Crockett, James McGavock, Andrew Boyd, William 

Davies, James Newell, Kobert Sayers, William Ward, William Love, 

Jehu Stephens, John Adams, John Thompson Sayera, David McGavock, 

Houror Swifl, & William Thompson. 

Jas. Newell James Newell is recommended for High Sheriff, being entitled to it 

for sheriff by rotation. 


Thos. Parker to Governor Randolph. 1790. 

Finds great inattention in the persons formerly at the head of the Jan.3l8t 
business, in preserving vouchers for the payment of money advanced Northum- 
for the recruits'; can get but little information; will be in Richmond ^uchera 
shortly & will bring all the vouchers then obtained. Directing his letter 
to Westmoreland instead of this county, he fears some valuable vouchers 
from Col's Lee & Peachy have miscarried, as ho requested in that letter 
to direct to him in Northumberland. 

J. Ambler to the Governor. February 1st 

Specie in the Treasury on 1st Feb., 1790, - - £2,370, Is, Id. Report of 

Deduct for Warr'ts unpaid to Scouts tiSlrary on 

& Rangers due pr. order of the Feb. Ist, 1790 

Executive, - - - - £324, 14s, lOd. 

For do. to Foreign creditors under 

apportionments of the Executive, 84, 16, 

Registered Interest warrHs supposed 

about, ... - 200, 0, 

609, 10, 10 

Remains seventeen hundred and sixty pounds, 10s, 

3d, - - - - •- - . £1,760, 10s, 3d. 

Sam. Coleman to the Governor. February 2d 

Reports that militia returns have been made from Amherst, Prince Militia 
George, Pittsylvania, Greensville, Powhatan, and King & Queen ; county '®^'""°s 
Lt. of King & Queen has resigned. The clerk of the Court-Martial of 
Goochland for 1788, has stated that the Fines assessed amount to 
£139, 10s, & are in the sheriff's hands for collection. Fines assessed in 
Shenandoah for 1783 & 1784, there appears a balance due of £20, Is, 6}d 
which has been paid into the Treasuiy. The C'ty Lt. of Powhatan has 
received Fines to the amt. of Five pounds, which he has disbursed 
according to Law. The C'ty Lts. of Lunenburg, Essex, Greenville, 
Hanover, & King & Queen, testify that they have received no monies 
by virtue of their offices. 




Thomas (.'oleman to Beverly Randolph. 

February 2(1 

. Kin^ & 

Queen Co. 


Scott for 




Docs not 
wish to act 

Stating that his name, with that of AnderBon Scott, was sent to the 
Executive at last June Court, as fit persons to act as sheriff. By the 
accompany*g certif. of Ro. Pollard, Clk. of the Court, it appears that at 
the Court held Jan'ry 11th. 1790, the said Anderson Scott produced his 
Commission of Sheriff, and offered security, which the Court adjudged 
insufficient, and ordered that it be certified that said Scott had made all 
proper efforts to obtain sufficient security, without being able to do so. 

He learns that the sheriff's Commission will be sent to him, which he 
trusts will not be done, as he does not consider himself a magistrate 
now, nor has he acted as such, since the oath imposed by Congress, 
under the new Constitution w^as offered to, and refused by him for 
reasons peculiar to himself. He would by no means wish to act as 
sheriff, being very old and infirm. 

February 2d 

Chas. Lynch, Sen'r, to the Governor. 

Staunton Stating that the bearer waits on him with his vouchers as enclosed, 
Settlomont to settle liis acct. with the state, which if found right, leaves a balance 
of lu-count jj^ IjJj^ favour of £112, 19s, lid., & interest from 1st Nov. 1783. 

Feb. 4th 

L. Wood, Pub. Sol*r, to B. Randolph, Esq. 

Richmond Informing him that Messrs. Myers & Douglass had altered their 
opinion in respect to their Bond to the Commonwealth for the purchase 
of the Boats, as on yesterday, they paid their Bond for £501 in Mili- 
tary & Loan certificates with Interest thereon to the Ist ultimo, at the 
same time delivering to him the waiTants for the Interest, all which 
together with £3G certificates for another Bond, (Interest undrawn,) 
he holds ready to paj^ the Treasurer or Agent of the Sinking fund, 
whichever ho may by the Executive be directed. 

Myers <fe 





Feb. fith 

Thomas Jefferson. 

Albemarle Received from Joseph Clarke a letter addressed to me, endorsed by 
the President of the United States, and forwarded by his Excolloncy 
the Governor of this state. 



John Peyton to Governor Randolph. 

Stjitin<^ that Ciipt. Williams, at the request of the Executive, had 
applied to him tor information, regarding his transactions while he 
continued in office at Post Point of Fork. 

He can only inform him what he believes he knew before, that full 
and regular returns were made Quarterly, and adjusted in the office 
lately Kept b}' Col. Thos. Meriwether, and the vouchei-s lodged with the 
returns; However, lest they should have been mislaid, he has deposited 
in William's hands his books, which he will lay before him for his in- 
spection. They contain a true statement of the whole business. If 
deemed necessary, copies can be sent to Col. Davies, but the Books 
must be returned to him for his own justification. 


Feb. 6th 

Point of 

L. Wood to Beverly Randolph, Esq. 

Feb. 6th 

In which he expresses surprize at the receipt of his Excellency*8 Richmond 
letter on the subject of speculations. Suijgests to the Governor & coun- Speculations 
cil that the charge is too general for an indiscriminate censure. Has 
written to his clerks recommending a forbearance from all such practices, 
has also shewn them his Excellency's letter. In reply, one clerk declares 
**that he has never directly or indirectly speculated upon public papers 
of any denomination since being in the office"; the other writes **that 
ho is entirely clear of having ti'ansactions with any person coming under 
the description mentioned in his or the Executive's letter"; & both say, 
they shall in future adhere to their former line of conduct. This ho 
trusts will wipe off Every ill impression, that vague reports may have 
made upon the minds of the Honorable members. 

Edmund Randolph, Attorney-General op the United States, to Feb. 7th 

THE Governor.' 


I had the honor of receiving last night a letter of the 6th instant. New York 
fpom your Secretary, Mr. Lear, inclosing by your order a representation 
from Louis Poutant Beauregard and Le Bourgeois, two different state- Claims of 
mcnts of their respective accounts wnth Oliver Pollock, and a certificate Beau^iard 
of Daniel Clark, and requiring my opinion thereupon. geois against 

From these documents, I understand that in the year 1780, Pollock p n % 
being an agent for the western army of Virginia, and authorized by the 
Governor and board of trade of that State, to draw bills of exchange 


ll<t CALZ5i»A^ OF ?TjiTE FAPEES. 

77)^, v&i liK irtiuM v<^ FifittfL iHKJiHiisu FivRaf^ Slid McongwDT. id KjLDtXy for 
>%n. T-1 C^.f14 :*c*liii:r> aia>c firt^ rrijr.. Bfsks;«:phrG aaid Cmdfft SftrdA. deceased, 
i^x. ii.rt>^ :<!r liji*^ i*llk. iJif jthJc fee ii*eiL issAXEL^r in G\Ad k Silver; 
lint: liTV/r tLt t-r;* JT»,tj:«i' '.if eirit**^. ]DMnit«L. jtdraie ir»f' K««Ted of the 
u'.*i» ak»xitijil^i**>t 'X 'it* \*'Sir'hz» psrtd2ftM»d &-cii£ Fv^kKk : that in 17$4, 
F«A »'.*•/£ •^.-::>»?i Lf aw.»uxi* whi Vir^ia iij «I^«" dcJiij%. iiKrJaded in 
u^tii l^jxyrv£]Lr:> ja*c SjLri«^'4^ dtimaxid. asii ^^nji3iMi»d ^laigeg at the 
r%.^A: 'A El^Vbts. ytr (M:xruixL aird aii isKv^es^ •otf &x f«er e«iitiim per 
ULXLis . Ucai hf>xsT?(^S)i Lii» nt&rned iLe vidcT c^ Sardet: tkat in 17S7, 
CUark beotz^ P^^yx-ir'^ artA^t. ik^c^l s^t iLe i>c«^^at«ef<«i Hlk which had 
Imaa prrx«(ft^ as tLe ^^axssxs^ k^ xw^xi: and a ha2f f«cT tvBtmn. and at 
axi iiitA-ret^l of £t<: jver tit:i.ii:«c j*eT ay-T^tiL. and paid tW amoant estima- 
UA ^m \\t0svit pfiiy.^f -k*. ill the }Af«pr i»??5ikTr ^^rf■ Xew Orteaas ; and that 
oc»^ LuCfdred atii cixtj-tw^ d<vbr^ a&i c«b half of thk paper money. 
vai^ bO Kbcrrv iLan e^naJ to oi>e hunired «c>rer dcCais. 

Up^/n th*«: alkr^cati^'^?- * reqotjsi i* i-yozA^^ that the President of the 
VmuA StaU* * ir<Z? c-t**? Jwstioe f :- ?-f d-ymL' Bt J%it^ i* ment a com- 
p«:t/«atif/ri for tLe diff»viK:e between the ^iama^e^ of ci^ieen and twelve 
af*d a Laif per eecitum. l^etween $ix and ave f<c7 eentom per annum- 
ai«'i l.«tweefj ^Iver dollars and the paper d<«llar^ <»f Xew Orieans. 

To rne it appear^ that the«e transactions do in no manner fail within 

the *^pLer^ of the President : 

%tAt^*MA Kt. It i«^ not pretende>j that the bill> in qnestioo were drawn l»v 

I^ 5***^ PoU'X'k in behalf of the Unittd States, or cnder their licen>e : on the 

¥:iMUiii Contrary', he wa^ treated with as the ai^ent of Vinnnia. and under the 

f/arti<rular power* of the Governor and board of trade ol Virginia — 

eoniieqaently, the debt arising from the protect of thei«« bills never 

wa« a debt of the United States. 

U. T^'t it then \ye allowed for a moment that Vin^ia is bound to 
make the compen*iation required. The Constitution of the United States 
ext^rndi* the Judicial power to all cases between a state and foreiirn sub- 
je/.ii*. IJeauregard k Bourgeois profess allegiance to his Catholic majest}-* 
and therefore have the courts of the United States open to their claims 
agaiiiHt Virginia. 

3^1, Perha|;«, however, the President mav sometimes think it advisa- 
ble Ut reiiiOfi«trate with a state on its conduct towards foreigners; But 
on thiH occasion, the tnith seems to be that Virginia will always be able 
Uf defend hermrlf. The papers arc silent as to many important facts 
whi'di ought to be aHr;ertaine<l, and which, when ascertaine<i. might 
probably by their own weight, support the refusal of Virginia to pay 
what iH cittinicd; But enough is in my opinion disclosed for this purpose, 
ft \n admitted that Beauregard k Bourgeois consented to accept in the 
pap«jr money of New Orleans the damages of 12} per centum, and the 
Interest of five p4?r centum per annum. The course of business renders 
it corittiii that (^lark receivod the protested bills from Beauregard k 



BoiirgeoiH, and that they wore delivered up to Virginia when Pollock 
closed his accounts with her. Virginia then, ignorant of the distant 
negotiations between them, and finding Pollock in possession of the 
bills, infers with great pi*opriety that the rights of all other claimants 
were relinquished in favor of Pollock, and adjusts the debt as it is 
agreed fairly & honorably. Nay, even if Virginia had been apprized at 
the time of the adjustment, that Beauregard & Bourgeois had made a 
bad bargain with Clark, it surely was not proper for her to undertake 
to rectify the want of prudence in individuals, who resigned everything 
when they surrendered the bills. These reasons apply with equal force 
against any reimbursement for depreciation. But it may be added with 
respect to this point, that Clark, altho' he paid paper money, paid a 
muney which was legitimated by the sovereignty of New Orleans. 

4. In short, (if a dispute can be said to exist at all), it must lie between 
Beauregard & Bourgeois and Pollock. If he has deceived them, the 
laws of the United States afford redress. But as the merits of their 
contest do not relate to the General Government, I shall not trouble you 
with any observations upon it. 

I have the honor, Sir, to be, with the highest respect, 

Y'r mo. ob. Serv't. 

Feb. 7Ui 


settled with 


fairly and 


The dispute 
if any, must 
be between 
& Bourceois 
and Pofiock 

J. Pendleton to the Governor. 

Feb. 8th 

Informing him that owing to the declining health of Mr. Southall, ho 
was induced to recommend to him a few weeks' absence from the office. 
He flattere himself that the Executive will permit him to employ an 
assistant in his place, at the rate of £100 per annum, to be paid out of 
the contingent fund. He supposes that Mr. SouthalTs absence will not 
exceed two months — the salary to a temporary clerk being a trivial 
sum, and the indulgence will no doubt be very pleasing to a valuable 


a leave of 
absence for 
Mr. Southall 
His salary 
How to ha 

Wm. Tatham to Governor Kandolph. 

Enclosing the copy of Mr. Gilpin's survey, finished as requested for 
the use of the Council. Thanks the Executive for entrusting its execu- 
tion to his poor abilities. Presents it to the Board in testimony of his 
sincere attachment to the United States, but particularly to this Com- 
monwealth. Did not conceive himself at liberty to take a copy or ex- 
tracts from it, but if no impropriety intervene would be glad to do so, as 

Feb. 8th 

No place 

Copy of 

II j «a:.HNJa?. *>{' -iX^iTE PAPSH.S 

ITlMi [|i» iijpi tnr ^r.'ral r*Kir^ ^»een ••'»ileennir ^vory iniDTnuuion time majO'O- 
p.•^. jih TT^rif,' u\ .1 ^TitTui .€ii«.\vie?iLr*i »i '-iic' >)iutitfrn DfVTa?iun -if ihe Unit*?*! 
.^t;it»*.«. rio *hink?* thai f ii»»iiTiia •>*• p«?rcDitt*i»i :u fnj"|>eft '»r t:rajM4:n^«e 
:i'»'>fn tli«» '>n»»ii«* :>ap«tra .>f' V:ru3uia. he voulii be ubie ui tumish belter 
[nt«»mi:iT.«>ri '•» 'h*" Tor!ft 'tiun iiait hereuitoir* '.Hien niib{if4ie«i — bATiiiLT 
bml -h*' lit'^innurt* '♦!* manr p?ars pergonal ohsseminiin rhr»}ii:rc the 
XT!^t*'^t pfir*, i«-:»iiJH« :i :ff*nt*rU 'ntnrmaUdn ttammrti the lev^nii i^^^-art- 
m#»n»-* «if -Mr'], miiiram- snn mercsintiie liife. 

ff.» fiJiM ••rint«»mnlar»'*l ^iiuu-r'akinir a wuHc :n :idtiici<jn to Mr. Jctfer- 
-•>n -• 'in :i plan -nmiiar:** 'h«» »ne •»£* E»r. Biimif now jd hi» ExL*ell«?ni-y < 
|V)«wwH««iton think'* ra«^ 'ai«k :in ardiioiu« 'ine. but '*iui he at:trtimp[i:fhe<l 
hj' jvr^*'^«*mnc^». in«i rhnnt^h ;t mny '>e imperteetiv^ extnrute«i :kC an^t. 
•,r'Cl ar. j»»a>*t n»*rD»*rsuit;»* -Jt kii»)^ii*<tir*t it* nurrtive nuitter. that miiv ^ivo 
li'^r %> r'iifiiifj iiifTt?*. Ht* -yoniil az^k the ^ncie 'if the Exet'iitive on the?^* 
4fihi»*r'r^ ;in<t rlii'ir pitcrana^r*?. Thinks that the privileire. however. 
4(ii<tti*i lv» ^rc**!!!^!^.'. 'Hh»*rwii.»e the ^mjint-y ot the ••tmncry w»>ulti n*n«ler 
rh** '*AnMiit«»ra(if>nH na«it!^|iia£e ti> th*.* anilertakiotr :uiii neeesitiary '^;keni- 

f»»K ^'h -^ Ktox .'^fraETAa.Y o? War. t«> ♦i«>viB30« ELiSD«>LPa. 

tnv^M ' ^*"^*^ ^^•' ^•'''^'^''^ ^^ a«:knowie*i^ the ret!eipt o£ j*>ar Elxceileni y ^« 

P'^-nm^^Vi^r^ f,wo f^7f>r< oi fhe 2J*th ot' I>e«reniber An»i 11th of January bkfi; the 

f<r>rmer </>'9<ir\uu: ^ l»?*t ot Invalid p^n^Loner!*. iLilcti IJJth ot* Deevmber, 

fr»vi«)kff« f ^'^'iC kave t/> of/*K5r/r; that the list of Invali'i* acknowledged on the 

2?rth y\pni. IT^ft. r// hav»^ ^K.-ic:n ivtreive*] by me. wa* a H>t for the year 

17^7. whi^h r»*,n*'l^:re»J a more re<r-ent list nece:*sary. 

t^r^i^-Mikl In tbft ^\'v*'.rl\^',m(*.T\t reii|HXting the payment of the Invalids^ it is 

Wf/f. M<^>i ^ij^j^j^i i\^^i thrj^'j tor V'irtHnia woaM be paid bv William Heath at Ber- 

HrffKlf^^M rnnda HnridrM; but a^ a matter of accomm^jdation. he will authorize 

M n^h' f^4fmv. ^tfTTAftu In rfiakc the payments at Riehmond. which it is hopeii will 

^rt? a «at*r<< factory arrangement. 

UttuUih''< Av»\hui/^ th*' pfibli'- of your ^o«jdness, I have the honor herewith to 

"*"'' transmit oiw of Uutt:UtuW Mapi« oi the We;»tern Country, which althuui^h 

not a/'r'iirat'\ will nUow the divisiond of the counties) generally, when 

f,b(5 HurrM: Hh'ill b«) marked thereon ; you will then please to return it to 


VowU'r I pray your Bxrcllenry to consider that it was the intention of the 

whHW*'^\ Uf |#p.^|,i,.„| oi th« United States, that Viri^inia whould have the best 

1/1 b#' r«'- powtliT mturncd lor the a'lvance she made to the Cbickasaws; It, there- 

l»ljM'4"l by i'^fp^^ tin, report of the Commissary should bo unfavomble to the public 

III J, It4>st 'I *' * 

pdwdi^r at |»rcH<Mil in Virginia, 1 will, on being informed thereof, direct 


that the quantity to bo roplacod shall bo shipped either from this port 1790. 
or Philadelphia, to such place in Virginia as you shall please to point Feb. 8th 

I have the honor to be, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most obedient Humble Servant. 

A. Singleton, Agent of the Sinking Fund, to the Governor. Feb. 8th 

Specie on hand to continue the purchases, - £8,365, Os, 5}d. Rejportof 

To be paid by Messrs. Lott & Higbo in all this ^'sSe on"^ 

month, ...... 2,106, 3 8i hand 

Do. by Drury Ragsdale in do., ... 91, 14 lOJ 

Brought up, - - - - - . 6,557, 8 8} 

Total, .... £17,123, 7s, 9Jd. 

The whole amount of Warrants which will be drawn by the Agent of 
S. Fund on certificates purchased, and certificates received from the 
Treasury for the use of the said fund £7,494, 4s, 3d. 

The above sum of warrants will in the opinion of the agent, produce 
at least in specie in the course of the year, £6,557, 8s, 8}d; and how 
much may be counted on for the 1-10 arrears of Taxes, the Honl., The 
Executive, will be able to form a better idea of than their 

Obt. Humble Serv't. 

Public securities purchased by the Agent of the Sinking Fund from Purchases 
1st Jan'ry, 1790, to 6th Febr'y : 

Military certificates, ..... £14,935, 19s, 6d. 
Loan office do., ..... 393, 9 } 

Fundod do., 246, 17 7 

£15,576, 68, Ud. 

Edmund Randolph, Attorney-General of tue United States, to Feb. lOth 

the Governor op Virginia. 


On Saturday last, a question was submitted to me officially, respect- New York 
ing certain bills of exchange drawn by Oliver Pollock in favor of Beau- 
regard and Cadet Sardot. 1 requested permission from the president of 


114 CALR^u-iii OP ^xYE Pj^HBS. 

I7W tint XTniUiti "^iicesi ui in^nm ^oiir dXceOencr: ami am aDdmriaed u> 
P**h :arh inthrm jmh iwcf»rdinit!v 'ihat BeaurcgrkTri ind Lti Bt^nr^miiav thti ntprt- 
f&Wm yf Rjc- '*enuMi'7*? of' ^anief. 'iav»* Aileirefi that their bill& amumiting tti about 
^^uWjr^ laiVHl tollar*, ^»ire taken ap bv Piaoek^ AoTPnc Mr. Dtumd Clark, at 
12^ p^r 'lintiim tamat|eA. ifve pt^r t^nnun. intere^isc. ami in the pckpt^r 
money of 5^»^xr (>rteanrt 'hspnseiattiii co VSQ\ when '^mpanni with lOO 
•ip«cie li>tlar^ .^honid jon 'ienini '^pie^ ^it the pap«is» thej may be 
pmeiirefi by an appiieation co the presde&t. Supp«j«ii^ it p<wable that 
thin im^rmation might not be tueieflft. I dioiu^ it my ^fixty to my coon- 
try to GRummic it xa yma, 

I hftve the honor, ^sr. eo be, with the hi^est r eapeet , 

T*r mo. oh* S 

f^v. Ron' The ^olimtor will immeiiiateiy examine the -jettJemiwt maiie with 
&?*^\3u^ Otiver Pollock, k report ti:> the Executive whether tbe Kiln spoken oi 
Uvr \n (vmrd in the within Lietter make anr Part of the account li at what Bate of 

CO fwl Silk D^r^eiatioo the %'A B'dla were ^settled. 

GboBCil ehamber, Feb'ry 2^ 1790. 

Feb. iMi A. Hajtiltos, Sk&ita&t or thx Tmi^isrsT, to Gonasoft BaxnoLFB. 

S^sm York Informing him that the President of the United States had relerred 
hi« letter of the 18th Dec'r last, transmitting the copy of an Act of the 
Commonwealth of Tir^nia, empowering him upon certain conditions to 
f^ff^t^^onnf^ make the eeiKsion necessary tor building a Light-honse near the entrance 
«e entrsaeft of Chesapeake Bay; that as doon as the proper instrument shall be exe- 
jbistCiLH \fKf cnted for tbe cesnion, arrangements will be made for carrying the object 
h^mZi^'^^^ execution. He thinks it desirable that tbe full qoantiiy of Two 
a<:rre$i which he is at liberty to make, shoaki be ceded, 
Mal^fttff fftt In regard to tbe materials on band^ tbe bosiness, if practicable^ should 
W ^t^ f ^ executed by an entire Contract, and the purchase of these materials 
fUfnfi )fy(^tTi' ^ill depend on the Contractor, who it is to be presumed will find it ex- 
tract pedient to avail himself of a supply on the spot 

Feb, ]^h Will. Russell, Clerk. 

I/uniitfc Certifying that the Directors of the Lunatic Hospital, at a meeting 

Hciffpita] 1,^1^ p^i, 15^ 1790^ ordered that tbe Treasurer of this Hospital be 

directed to apply to the Executive for £400 for tbe use and maintenance 
of said Hospital. 


Will. Russell Clerk. 1790. 

Certifying to the Executive that John Blair and James Innes, Esqrs. Feb. 16th 
have resigned the office of Directors of this Hospital. Hospital 

Col. Wm. Da vies to Governor Beverly Randolph. Feb. 16th 

Stating that he has waited the result of the measures he had taken New York 
to relieve the State from the embarrassment in regard to the time of In regard to 
producing Evidence, before troubling his Excellency on the subject. ®^^j^^°^ 
Found that the Commissioner from North Carolina and Gonl. Matthews United 
from Georgia were rather inclined to wait fortuitous events in course states 
of the session, than make direct application to Congress on this subject. 
Meanwhile, Mr. Gilman's arrival completed the General Board. As 
soon as this month began, the limit of the period allowed him by the 
other two. He renewed his application for prolonging the period, for 
arranging & exhibiting the Evidence. This was declined for want of 
authority. He then urged the necessity & propriety of referring to the 
Comptroller of the Treasury, and the Commissioner of army accounts, 
all the papers, which by the Ordinance were the proper objects of their 
discussion. He was fortunate enough to get this allowed; which has 
enabled him to proceed in the statements of papers brought by Liblong 
k others till this day. It is necessary however that the Collectors 
should send in their vouchers as speedily as possible. Fears that the 
delays, which a variety of circumstances have occasioned, will have an 
ill effect. Has conferred with the Virginia representatives from time to 
time, and particularly with Mr. Madison, whom he finds zealous on 
this subject, and has promised his assistance at all times, when he can 
make it effectual. Meanwhile, he is perfecting and arranging the ac- 
counts & evidence in support of the claims for pay, & depreciation, k 
bounties to the army, k advances to the militia, k for pecuniary and 
specific payments to the requisition of Congress. lie requests the 
Governor's interposition with Mr. John Hopkins, with respect to Mr. 
Claiborne's papers. Hopkins informed him that Claiborne would 
assuredly come in with Mr. Jefferson, and under that hope, he has 
promised himself an authenticated voucher for all the supplies furnished 
his DepU, during his Quarter-mastership. Says that the Auditor of the 
Treasury proposes to attack his papers, k thiiiks that even if a legal 
step of that kind could be adopted, yet the attainment of the desired 
Evidence without recurring to compulsion, would be better and possibly 
Mr. Hopkins might be prevailed on to affiord his assistance. 

New York k New Jersey are now both engaged in the same business 
of Collection as Virginia, tbo' theirs are confined to the accounts of 
their military k militia only. i 



1790. Tobias Leab, Sbgeetery to the Prbsident of the United States, 
TO Messrs. Podtant Beaureoard and Bourqbois, New Orleans. 

Feb. 16th Stating to thom that thoir letter respecting an account between Oliver 
Beauregard Pollock and the Representatives of Cadet Sardet, had been received by 
claim^^** the President, and by his order referred to the Attorney-General of the 
United States for his report thereon. He now has the honor of trans- 
mitting a copy of the report for their information. 

Feb. 17th 

L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to Beverly Randolph, Esq. 


Richmond Enclosing a report on the returns of Such Executions against delin- 
Delinquent quent sheriffs, as were issued previous to the late Gen*l Court, setting 
forth that sales could not be effected for the want of buyers, and asking 
whether it is expedient to order a removal of the property. The sher- 
iffs are Wm. McClanachan, of Botetourt Co. ; Vivion Brooking, of Amelia; 
John Calloway, of Campbell; Abram Stratton, of Pittsylvania; John 
John, of Buckingham; Stephen Sampson, of Goochland; Wm. Moore, 
of Orange; Wm. Washington, of Westmoreland; John Rogers, of South- 
ampton; Thos. Hughart, of Augusta; Wm. Leftwick, of Bedford; Mar- 
tin Pickett, of Fauquier; Robt. Wood, of Franklin; John Lacy, of New 
Kent; Wm. Todd, of Pittsylvania; George Rives, of Sussex; Morgan 
Morgan, of Berkeley ; Maurice Langhorne, of Cumberland ; Joseph Fox, 
of Westmoreland. 

The foregoing relate to delinquencies occurring in the years 1782 
1785, & 1786, as specified on the different margins. 

Feb. 17th 

No place 



Thos. Newton, Jr., to the Governor. 

Stating that ho finds on a settlement of his certificate, that he is 
charged with damages as shown by the account. He assures his Excel- 
lency that he spared no exertions in collecting the taxes, but from the 
circumstances of the country could not got them in, and what ho now 
pays is in advance for the people. He says that he has overpaid £156 
in the Revenue, and hopes the Executive will remit the damages in- 


Sam'l Shepard, C. Sol., certifies under date of Feb. 20th, 1790, that 
.Thos. Newton, Esq., late sheriff of Norfolk Co., has paid the balance of 
principal & Interest, with one percent, damages, on a judgment obtained 
against him for the certificate tax of 1786. 


Thos. Newton, Jr., to the Governor. 1790. 

Stating that during the limo he acted as Sheriff of Norfolk, he had Feb. 17th 
an Execution sent him against Capt. Thos. Brown, of Portsmouth, for No place 
some disabled public cannon bought of me to the amt. of £54. He had 
some discounts thereon for taking several large cannon out of the water Ca^t. 
and landing them on high land, done by order of the Executive. He cha^of ^s- 
has endeavored to get the amount, but the condition of Brown's affairs abled 
are very precarious — He has lately died. The only settlement he could grown dead 
effect was to have a continental final settlement lodged in his hands ot 
about 4,000 dollars as security. He has also been informed that Brown 
had 10 ton 15c. more disabled cannon than was charged to him, which 
were carried to Boston by a Capt. Turner on one of Brown's sloops. 
Brown's illness for a long time previous to his death prevented him 
from taking his bond for the payment, and considering also that the cer- 
tificate was ample security for the debts due the public. Brown's Execu- Brown's 
tors allege, however, that he has no right to stop the certificate further ^^^" ^^ 
than the duties, as it was lodged for that purpose, the state having no 
greater rigl^t to the debt than other creditors. He has plead that the 
debts due the public are of the greatest dignity and must be paid first. 
Brown's affairs are in a desperate condition, and unless the ceilificate Brown's 
can be stopped, he fears that the debt will be lost. Ho asks the Execu- ^^wratc 
tive directions in this case. The money arising from these sales was to condition 
be applied to fixing a shelter over the good cannon now lying at Nor- 
folk and Fort Nelson. 

At a court of Oyer & Terminer held Feb. 20th, 1790, for the trial of Feb. 20th 
a negro man slave named Joe, the property of Warning Peter Robert- No county 
son, charged with feloniously consulting, advising, preparing, and plot- T^ofof 
ting the murder of the said Robertson, by administering poisonous negro slave 
medicines for the destruction of the said Robertson. Poisoning 

Court present: Rawleigh Carter, Peter Randolph, Abnor Osborne, 
Edmund Wills, and Samuel Pinckham, Gents. 

The said Joe was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to be hung on Sentenced to 
Friday, the 26th day of March next. ^ ^"'^e 

The said Couil valued him at Seventy pounds. 

J'S. HOLMES, Clk. 

Harry Heth. Feb. 22d 

Transcript from sales of Public Tobacco from Dec. 26th to 22nd Feb- Richmond 
ruary inclusive, being 655 hhds., amounting to £6,887, 2s, lOd., prices ^|f^^^ P"^" 
ranging from 158, 9d., to 20s. 


1790. Alex'r White to the Governor of Virginia. 

Feb. 24th Informing him that his letter to the Repreaontatives of Virginia, in 

New York Congress, with enclosures, accompanied by a chart or plan of the River 

Chart of-" Potowmack, was received by last post. They will lay the same before 

Potomack Congress as soon as they can with propriety. The other members have 

requested him to make this communication, and suppose it unnecessary 

for them all to sign the letter. 

Feb. 24th Wm. Tatiiam TO Governor Randolph. 

Richmond I have youi^s of the 23d, and will execute the business alluded to, 

or any thing else that will afford mo an opportunity of evincing mj 
gratitude to the Executive for their attention. 

The immediate information of the President for the purposes of 
Government, is a consideration that waves every other, and we must 
Map describe what is wanted for the present use on Mr. Hutch ins map, tho' 
it should prove to be unavoidably inaccurate. 

If materials for the Department of War only, is the object of tho 
Secretary, and tho* time will admit of a short suspension, I had much 
rather furnish him an original draft ot those parts, adding your injunc- 
tion against any publication from it, till my present undertaking of the 
Southern division ol the Union is finished so as to be fully explanatory. 
I am stimulated to this wish thro* various inducements, among which 
if I know my own heart, a pecuniary one is far distant, altho* / have 
heretofore hinted tho expediency of making this work exclusive, as an 
indemnification for the loss of time, expenccs, personal labor, and neces- 
sary sacrifice to the magnitude of the attempt. But I have reasons of 
greater moment, when I view the eyes of a World turned on a rising 
Empire recently ranked among the Nations of the Earth, and see the 
component States engaged in a laudable emulation for local superiority, 
certainly it is a justifiable policy to avail ourselves of our own materials. 
Virginia is among the oldest settled Countries on the Continent; her 
resources arc superior to any, but we cannot equally boast tho improve- 
ments of civilization. I trust she will not much longer yield, the plaudit 
of foreign powers, to the industry of Her Eastern Sisters. 

You will pardon my Enthusiasm, for if it is wrong to be partial to 
tho Antient Dominion, I confess myself extremely criminal. 

I thank you, my dear sir, for your polite care of my Interest ; I feel 
alternately on this head the delicacy of the Executive and my own situa- 
tion. Resolutely determined to espouse tho cause I have served in on 
independent principles, and buoy'd above every sordid motive, I have 


struggled thro' the War regardless of Emolument and offered my whole 1790. 
substance and connections at the shrine of Liberty. I have in exchange Feb. 24th 
a Heart-felt satisfaction in pursueing my duty and inclination; the 
world has no power to rob me of this, and I see no cause to change my 
system — This is to me a full compensation. To be the hireling of jobbs, 
would degrade me in my own estimation, but if ever my services become 
usefull in official Life, I shall then willingly accept the annexed Emolu- 
ments as the necessary support of my endeavoui*s, a security against the 
Irowns of adversity or inabilities of old age. 

Whenever I am furnished the utensills for drawing on the large scale, 
I shall be at all times prepared to enter upon the required delineation ol 
the several counties. I have furnished Mr. Mann with a list, but I find 
a difficulty in getting him to work. 1 shall, however, occasionally use 
your name as a spur to his industry. 

Doctr. McLurg has returned my circular letter with your Excellency's 
note. I thank you for the correction; I meant the expression as a term 
of comprehension only, but it might have borne an impolitic construc- 
tion. I have made some progress in the arrangement of the firet vol- 
ume, which I shall continue to forward till I am prepared to proceed on 
the Map; this will, I hope, give me an opportunity of Mr. Jefferson's 
opinion on the plan before he leaves us. 

I have the honor to be, Dear Sir, 

Tour obt. and much obliged Huml. Servant. 

Sam. Coleman to the Honorable The Council. Feb. 25th 

Reports that in obedience to an instruction from the Governor, he has Council 

examined the account of Mr. James McGavock for public lead delivered office 

^ James 

at Fort Chiswell, with the vouchera to support the same. The whole McGavock's 

quantity of Lead said to be delivered is 72,482} lbs.; 651i lbs. of which ^i^^teld' 

is receipted for by Col. Walter Crockett, himself, and by his order for delivere<l at 

the use of Montgomery county ; 511 lbs. receipted for by orders of county ^^ Chis- 

Lieuts. of Greenbriar, for the use of said county — No authority from the Montgomery 

Executive for these deliveries. 542J lbs., said to be for Washington Co. p^"?*'? 

in 1788, wants a voucher for delivery; of 44,093 lbs., said to be delivered County 

for Mr. Moses Austin, 7,406 lbs. are not receipted for, and 8,107 lbs. ^c^^f^^ 

want the orders of Mr. Austin. N. Frisbie, said to be a manager for Moses 

Mr. Austin, has ordered the delivery of 158 lbs., which is charged to ^ F^^^b* 

Mr. Austin. No order of council adduced authorizing the delivery of Examined 

lead to Mr. Austin. ^^^^^^ 

He has examined the Auditor's books from 1782 to the present day, finds no 

and finds no advance on account made to McGavock. it appears, how- ^^^^^^^ 

ever, from the journal of the Council, that his acct. was settled and a Account was 

warrant on the Contingent Fund given him for the balance due. settled 




Feb. 25th 


Removal of 


L. WcK)r>, Public Solicitor, to Governor Beverly Randolph. 


On receiving this Morning your Excellency's orders for the removal 
of the Sheriff 'h Property, I observed to Gen'l Wood that the Executive 
bad be«n pleased to direct the sales to be made for Money or such war- 
rants or other governmental Securities of this State as were receivable in the 
several Taxes respectively. In the Taxes of 1785 & 1786, a certain pro- 
portion of Indents were to be received, & which seems to me still to bo 
permitted by the word Facilities being used in C. 38, sect. 3 of the last 
Assembly Acts. I therefore presumed to hint whether, if the words of 
this State wore left out & the words according to Law inserted, it would 
not prevent an Idea that Indents were inadmissable, and the Act of 
1787 directing the removal of Property, uses the words Money or Gov- 
ernment securities, without confining them to those of this State alone. 

My motive for making the observation, was to prevent the delay that 
I apprehend may be occasioned in some ca^cs, & therefore hope the lib- 
erty I have taken to propose an alteration in positive instructions from 
the Executive (altho' I may bo wrong), will not be deemed disrespect- 
full or impertinent. 

I am, Sir, 

Your Excellency's most obt. h'ble Serv't. 

Feb. 20th 

Captain E. Langham to Beverly Randolph, Esq. 

Point of 
Fork . 

Not e<iual to 
that fur- 
nished the 
Indians by 
the State 




Reporting that ho had agreeably to orders examined the powder at 
Now London, belonging to tho United States. Ho found it by no means 
equal to that furnished tho Indians by this State. Uo says that about 
3,000 lbs. of load may be had fVom Now London, which will replace 
only ono-half the quantity fYirnishod the Indians. Suggests that the 
Secretary of War should be made acquainted with the fact that the 
powder belonging to tho United States at Now London will in a short 
time bo of very littlo account, owing to its ago. Thinks if it wore now 
sold, enough could bo realized to import i of tho quantity in new pow- 
der, but if ko])t two yoai*8 longer, will not produce suflSciont to procure 
more than one-fourth. 

Uo also states that there are at Now London a considerable quantity 
of United States muskots, very much injured for tho want of moans to 
keep thorn in repair. If attended to in time, considerable saving would 
bo made, as it would cost much loss to repair those, than make or import 
now ones. 



Hcany Tfawesu certiiyiiig tiist hi^ ctolloainic. Oapt. Pounr Thwaau. m^ 17^. 
AS In^ioctar si Eoficn Bcdiin^'^ ic«rebon<ic, cUsfwruid tbi^ liic- oii Friday. Fip^«- Sj^^^ 
liie 26tii d»T of tiik. Insuuii 0«pi. Pi'***^! 


OaLofzxL di^am 



Hftii^s CJo., dtted la Bicbmosd, Ftil. 22d, 17:^^7, wid iiU^ by Gw- ^J^J^'^ 

eniar Sdmniid Ssndolph. 

RfiwgnmlicHi a£ lik conmuasioiii «« 10.^*01. cd the XDihtia of OiMkBi<»r> Oh<«4<<rfi€4d 
ficM Col, dio^ JKL RiithTiiaiid, July 36ti^ 17S7. &Dd ^xrMd by ircycwMyr O^^t^ 
Bererley fiando^iiL. 

Majok a. Pamtub to imm Howo&a^lb Gowunhi akh OocrNcn. or FebroMy 

Infomuitg ibem thai be serr«d sevenU yoars i^ Major in ib^ K>wor M^vh^ A% 
Battalion of tbc* Amberst ICititia, and tbat be rosigned bis commission •^!^^ 
to County Lieat. CoL J. Ciii»ell, about July 17SS. Amb<?r^ Oo 

Williams i>o B. Rjlkdolph, 

Informing him that be is proceeding in the collection of vouchci>i( as 
rapidly as circumstances will allow. Finds the business aitendod with 
great expense and trouble, besides difficulties in obtaining voucbci>, :is 
many persons wbo acted during tbe war in different do|>artmenl^, not 
supposing tbat tbeir voucbere would ever be called for^ have cither U>st 
or mislaid them, so have to trust to their recollections. 

Ho finds in several counties considerable sums of money in ShonfTV 
hands, collected from delinquents of the specific tax of 1782. Those ho> ' 
counts having been placed. in their hands for collection by the County 
Commissioners. He desires to know whether to pix>ceed against those 
sheriffs to judgment, should they fail to pay over the sums upon 


Maivl\ l«l 


Money in 




1790. Martin Oster, Vicb-Consul op France, to Bbvbrlbt Randolph, 

Governor of Virginia. 

March 1st Enclosing a copy of a decree rendered at bis tribunal, on September 

Norfolk 10th, 1788, and signed the same day, by which Messrs. Adrien, Wiscart, 

Decree and Augustin de Neuville, fronch merchants in Hanover Town, are 

de^^ravtue ^^^^^^ ^^ render account at the expiration of five months to Mr. Pierre 

Ordered to Francois Dauchy, attorney for his brother, Alexis Francois Joseph 

aoMmit^ Dauchy, a merchant of*Dunkerque, in Flanders, a province of France, 

5 months of the management and administration of a cargo, valued at £85,617, 
^^^'^ 19s, 3d, which had been entrusted to them by the said Alexis Francois 

Joseph Dauchy, on the ship, St. Aldogonde, which aiTived in Virginia 

6 months on October 15th, 1784. The five months allowed for rendering the 
elapsed account having expired on Feb. 10th, 1789, and the said Wiscart and de 

Neuville not having as yet showed any diligence for the satisfaction of 
Asks the Mr. Dauchy, he is requested by the latter to ask the favor of his Excel- 
to ordw the ^®°^y ^ issue the necessary order for the execution of the aforesaid 
execution of decree. He prays that this will be accorded and thereby justice will 
the decree be done. 

March 3d H. Knox, Secretary of War, to Governor St. Clair, ob Bbioadieb- 

General Harmar. 

War ofllce In pursuance of powers vested in the President of the United States 

^^c5ai? ^^' ^^ ^^® ^^^ ^^ Congress, passed the 29th day of September, 1789, he au- 
Bri^ier thorized you by his iuHtructions dated the 6th of October following in 
General certain cases, and in the proportions therein specified, to call forth the 
authorized Militia of Virginia and Pennsylvania for the protection of the frontiers 
cMM^to^^^l ^g^*"^®^ ^^® depredations of the Indians, 
forth the Since transmitting you the aforesaid instructions, he has received sev- 
aM/nst ^^^^ applications for protection from the Inhabitants of the frontier 
Indians counties of Virginia, lying along the South side of the Ohio. These 
lor wo^^ applications are founded on the depredations of small parties of indians 
tection during the last year, who it seems have murdered many of the un- 
guarded inhabitants, stolen their horses, and burned their houses. 

Until the last year, an arrangement of the following nature existed 
at the expence of Virginia: 

The Lieutenants of the exposed counties under certain restrictions 
were permitted to call forth a number of active men as patroles, or 
scouts as they are generally termed, and parties of rangers. But the 
Government of that State thought proper to discontinue this arrange- 
ment on the organization of the General Government to which the 


inhabitantB of the said counties now apply for protection. All ap- 1790. 
plications of this nature have been placed before the Congress for their March 3d 
information, and in order that they may adopt such measures as the 
case may require. But as *he season is fast approaching in which the 
inhabitants are apprehensive of a repetition of the injuries suffered the 
last year, they seem to be of an opinion that their situation requires 
some conditional security previously to the measures which may result • 
from the deliberations of Conejress. 

The President of the United States has therefore so far conformed to 
their apprehensions on this point as to refer the case to you, or in your 
absence to Brigadier-General Harmar, and to give you the authority 
herein described : 

Ist. That if from good and suflScient information it should be your 
judgment, or in your absence the judgement of the commanding oflScer 
aforesaid, that any of the frontier counties of Virginia lying along the 
South of the Ohio are under exciting circumstances threatened imme- 
diately with incursive parties of Indians, that you or the said command- 
ing officer under your hands and seals empower the Lieutenants of such 
exposed counties to call forth a particular number of Scouts in propor- 
tion to the danger of the said Counties, not, however, exceeding for any 
one county the number of eight men. The said scouts to be continued 
in service no longer than the danger shall exist, according to the judg- 
ment of the County Lieutenants. 

2d. That when the said service shall be performed, the following Evi- 
dence thereof shall be required: 

Firstly. A return of the names, ages, and residence of the said scouts. 

Secondly. An abstract of the pay of the said scouts specifying the 
exact days in which they were so employed ; the pay to be regulated by 
the lowest price in the respective counties in which the service may be 
performed, and on this point you and the Commanding officer will be 
particularly accurate. I have been informed that 5s. Virginia currency 
per day has been given to each of the Scouts. If this high price has 
been given, it must form the excess to be given on the part of the Uni- 
ted States. 

Thirdly. An account of rations, each ration being stated at not a 
higher rate than 6d. per ration. 

Fourthly. All these papers must be signed and certified on oath by 
the County Lieutenant, or commandfng officer of each County, and 
transmitted to Brigadier-General Harmar, in order to be delivered to 
the Paymaster of his regiment, who will have the accounts passed, and 
draw the money for the same. The money so drawn, to be paid by him 
to the County Lieutenants, who must produce to him the receipts of 
the individuals for whom the money was so drawn. 

The commanding officer will also issue a reasonable quantity of pow- 
der and ball for the said scouts, to the County Lieutenants. 


March 3il 


It is however to be strongly remarked that all measures of this 
nature are uncertain, opposed to the principles of regularity, and to be 
adopted only in eases of exigence, and to cease the moment the said 
exigences shall cease. 

That therefore, you, or the commanding officer aforesaid, will not 
confer the authority herein contained, but in cases of the most con- 
spicuous necessity, and that when such cases do arise, that you, or he 
transmit ta4.his office a particular detail of the evidences, whereon you 
have formed your judgment. 

The foregoing instructions are written in obedience to the particular 
orders of the President of the United States. 

I have the honor to be Sir, 

Your most obedient Humble Servant 

March 3ii L. WooD, Public Solicitor to Governor Bkvkrlt Randolph. 


Richmond Asking an order on the Auditor for £25, for account of office expcnRes. 

March 8th 

A. Blair, Clerk of Council. 

In council Martin Ostor, Esquire, Vice-conaul of France, having certified to the 

Martin Oster Executive in due form of law, that he had taken cognizance of a certain 

^^^^^ controverey arising between the Messieurs Alexis Francois, Joseph 

Dauchy, Merchant, and subject of his most Christian Majesty, represented 

by his brother Mr. Pierre Francois Daucliy, complainant, and the 

Messrs. Adrien Wiscart, and Augustin de Neuville, likewise merchants 

and subjects of his most Christian Majesty, defendants, and on the 10th 

day of September, 1788, had determined the same by condemning the 

defendants to render good sufficient accounts of their management of 

the cargoe of the ship St. Allegonde, belonging to the complainants, 

and to pay him the balance together with the whole costs of suit, &c., 

within five months from which notice of this sentence shall be given to the 

Mr. Peter Robert de Neuville their representative, under penalty of 

being constrained thereto, and imprisoned ; and the said Martin Oster, 

Esquire, having required aid for executing the said determination. It 

Governor is advised that an order issue to the Sheriif of Hanover County to 

advised to execute, or aid and assist in executing such determination, according to 

the Act of tbe General Assembly, in that case made k provided. 

Writ to Virginia — to-wit: 

To the Sheriff of Hanover County: 

In pursuance of the foregoing advice of the council of State, I do 
hereby order you, the said sheriff, to execute or aid and assist in cxe- 

Sheriff of 
Hanover Co. 


eating the above-mentioned determination and sentence: provided that 1790. 
the manner of executing the same does not extend to life or member of March 8th 
the said Adrian Wiscart and Augustin de Neuville. And 1 do moreover 
direct that you endorse on this order the manner in which you shall 
have executed it. 

Given under my hand as Governor & under the seal of the Common- 
wealth at Richmond, this 8th day of March, 1790. 



April 24th, 1790. 

Be it Known to all whom it may Concern, that I, Wm. Andei*son, Sheriff's 
sheriff of Hanover county, did on ye day and date above mentioned 
(agreable to ye within orner), take into my custody ye Body of Adrian 
Wiscart, one of ye defendants therein named, Augustin de Neuville, ye 
other defendant being no inhabitant of my Bailewick, ye s'd Wiscart 
being now in my custody. 

Given under my hand, this 1st day of May, 1790. 


Sam. Coleman to the Governor. March 12th 

Asking permission of the Governor and Board to employ a young 
man to assist him in his office at his own expense, and for whose good 
conduct he will answer. 

Colonel Wm. Davies to Governor Beverley Randolph, Esq. March 12th 

Stating that he had heretofore informed him that he found it necos- New York 
sary to place the papers in the possession of the different offices, fearing Claims 
difficulty, if longer retained. Many of the papers are not fully stated, 
and he had not sufficient time to arrange fully the evidence. Has lately 
received another box of vouchers, but can not at present make use of 
them, but will when Congress makes some regulations in regard to the 
further admission of Evidence. 

He is now engaged in selecting his charges for the examination of the Commis- 
Commiosioner of Army accounts, for the bounties, pay & depreciation of of^A^^^ 
the Army and advances to the militia. Wants all papers of this descrip- accounts 
tion sent as fast as safe opportunities occur, as the Commiss'r is of liberal 
sentiments, and as yet has taken no steps to ascertain the papers pre- 
sented, and as he occasionally withdraws numbers of them, without any 
stipulations, thinks it will not be difficult to obtain admission for any 


1790. evidence which may come to hand within the next two months when 
March 12th the examination will be^iu. Congress will not probably do anything in 
Shawanese regard to the Virginia accounts for several weeks. He has suggested to 
the Virginia representatives the different desiderata necessary- to be 
attended to in the Bill providing for the State debts. He has all the 
papers relating to the Shawnese Expedition, and shall be attended to 
when Congress is discussing our matters. 

March 12th Thos. Lke, Jr., to Beverley Randolph, Esq. 

Dumfries Informing him of the death of Hon'l Wm. Grayson this day. Alex. 
Wm. Gr^- Henderson in letter to the governor, dated Mch. 13th, sends intelligence 
^" ^ of his death also. 

March 13th Robert Porterpield to the Governor. 

Richmond Enclosing an account of his Expenses incurred while collecting vouch- 
Vouchers ers for Col. Davios in the counties of Augusta, Rockingham, & Rock- 
bridge, being a part of District No. 8 ; also the acc't of John Johnston's 
expenses while collecting same in North Can)lina, South Cat*olina, & 

March 13th J. Pendleton to the Governor. 

Richmond Stating that the list of pensioners lately sent to the Secretary of War 
Pensioners contains only the sum's paid by Virginia to Cont. pensioners from Jan. 
1, 1786, to Jan. 1st, 1789. The alterations made by the Executive in 
the allowances of 1789 affecting the annuity of that year, docs not, nor 
should they appear in that list. Thinks perhaps that it would be proper 
to furnish a list of those alterations, but doubts whether any augmenta- 
tion allowed here afler Congress assumed to provide for the pensioners, 
will be regarded by the Secretary ot War. 

March 15th David Mason to Governor Randolph. 


Militia or- Stating that he rec'd his Excellency's letter requesting him for full 

dereil from information bv deposition in relation to the Militia ordered from this 

8ouu"caTO- state to South Carolina in 1779. Being in possession of nearly all the 


papers relating thereto, he thinks that a clear verbal statement before 1790. 
the Council would be more satisfactory, and desires to learn his Excel- March 15th 
lency's views on this matter. The troops returned to the Southward, Bounty 
receivcii each private & non-commissioned oflScer 3 bushels of salt as a 

Stott & Donaldson to Beverly Randolph, Esq. March 18th 

Asking him to pay to Wm. Mitchell, the sum of 33J dollars, which Petersburg 
they are advised by Col. Wm. Davies he bad written to the Governor to 

Harry Heth to the Governor. March 18th 

Enclosing a statement of the tobacco received from the Treasury^ and Richmond 
the amount sold. The Amount of Warrants still due from the pur- Tobacco 
chasers of Tobacco is £7,253, Os, 6d., and Specie £13,434, 13s, Hid., statement 
making in the whole £20,688, Os, 6}d., agreeing with the statement 
rendered on Monday last. 

The accounts show for the year preceding this date, the total am't of 
Public Tobacco sold to be 4,296 Hogsheads; total am't brought in 
Specie, ...... £31,062, Os, 3Jd. 

Warrants, ...... 9,264, 11, Hi 

£40,326, 12s, 3d. 

John Hoberts, Jailor, to Beverley Randolph, Esq. March 19th 

Informing him that Wm. Brown and Elijah Newston (white), and Northum- 
LeRoy Nickens (free mulatto) confined for felony, had broken jail ^viJ^^Bro^ 
through negligence of the guard. The two whites are retaken, but the Elyah News^ 
mulatto is still at large. Desires to know if the expenses of recapture rI^' jjjckene 
& advertising paid out of his own pocket will be refunded him. Broke jail 

The Members op Nottoway Court to Beverly Randolph, Esq. March 19th 

Petitioning for the pardon of Joe, a negro slave, who was tried and Nottoway 
convicted and sentenced to death at February court last, for plotting 
the murder of his master, Mr. W. P. Robertson, by poisonous medicines. 




Marth 20ih 


oatb to Kup- 
port the con- 
stitution of 



All Ktate 

J AS. Innes, Attornet-Gbneral, to the GrOVKaifOa. 

ThiH is an opinion on the question submitted to him by the Executive 
upon an Enquiry from the clerk of Cumberland Co., in regard to whether 
magistrates appointed or chosen previously to Aug. Ist, 1789, should 
take the oath to support the Constitution of the United States. He 
considers the Constitution of the United States the supreme law of the 
land, the judges in Every State bound thereby, regardless of the laws 
and Constitutions of the several individual states. Congress has passed 
this law, and in bis opinion the letter and spirit both clearly mean that 
all the officers of the state appointed or chosen previously to Aug. Ist, 
1789, & those then in office shall take the prescribed oath within one 
month after Aug. 1st, 1789, in order to give all ample time to comply 
with the law. Those to bo appointed or chosen hereafter, of course to 
take the prescribed oath before entering upon the duties of their offices. 

Man^h 20th 

Major J. Prtor to the Governor. 

Hichmond Enclosing as accurate a statement as possible of the Military Stores 
issued, during the time he acted as Commissary. 

March 22d 

No plm^c 


Huiimul l*ar- 


Sule t)f 

PriKo to 



Rawleigu Colston to Honorable General Jas. Wood. 


I received your letter respecting the money which Mr. Samuel 
Parsons of St. Pierre, in the Island of Martinique, was impowored by 
the Executive to recover; and in answer thereto, must inform you, that 
iniinediately on the receipt of the powers of attorney & Mr. Henry's 
letter, I forwarded them to Mr. Parsons by different Conveyances : since 
which I have hoard nothing from him, tho' I have no doubt of his hav- 
ing received the papers. This debt originated fix)m the sale of a prize 
to the brig Musquiito, Capt. Harris. I was once requested by the State 
Agent to liquidate this business, but having no correspondent in the 
iHland of Ciuadalouj), where the prize was sold, I addressed myself to 
Mr. Parsons, who as the successor of Mr. Bingham, I believe Considered 
himself as the Agent for this State in the Island of Martinique. It was 
in Consequence of this I presume, that he applied to me, to procure him 
power f\*om the government to recover the money. I will again write 
to Mr. Parsons k Communicate the result to the Executive. 

I am Sir, your mo. obt, Ser. 


Alsxandkr Mosblbt, Clerk of Court, to Beverley Randolph, Esq. 17lMh 

CertifjiDg that at a quarterly session Court held this day: Mixrch 24th 

Present — ^Robert Taylor, Esq., Mayor George Kelly, James Taylor, Norfolk 

Benjamin Pollard, Gary H. Hansford, and Paul Loyall, Geat^n Alder- K^Mml' 

men, reeomraend Kich'd Evers Lee for Recorder, in the room of Ed- luond 

mond Randolph, who hath declined to accept that Appointment; also, i^\J!*jJ|r 

Donald Campbell, Esq., for alderman in the room of Richard Evers Lee. Hixxmlor 

J. Pendleton, Auditor, to the Governor. Maivh 2r)th 

Stating that from some official occurrences, he finds that an opinion Riohiuond 
prevails among the public collectors, that under the XL sect, of XLIL Public 
chap, of the Acts of Assembly, they are at liberty to discharge the ^^ ^^ *** 
arrearaices of taxes due for 1785-6-7, in facilities or Tobacco, without Taxi»s dnv. 
the returns, required by the laws which regulated the collections for ^ ' 
those particular years; from a cursory reading of the law, he thought 
it a mistaken opinion & refused to permit any payments otherwise than 
in the manner prescribed by the former laws. But upon reading the 
paragraph more attentively, he owns that he has some doubts whether 
the Legislature did not intend to dispense totally with such returns in 
future, as he wishes this law to receive such an interpretation as will 
coincide with the probable intention of the Legislature, and accord at 
the same time with the public interest, he hopes this subject will be laid 
before council and that they will direct him how to proceed under the 
clause referred to. 

L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to Beverley Randolph, Esq. MixmU 25th 

Informing him that he finds his health so far impaired, as to render a Riclimond 

recess from business indispensably necessary. He trusts that his absence Huiilth iiu- 

from his office will meet with the Executive's permission. IMiinMi, 

Mr. Sam. Shepard, who has been with him a considemble time, is not (luiriMl 

only conversant with the business, but he will continue to give hiin Jj"*^!""*!! 
every necessary instruction for its execution, and also endeavor to in- 
crease his natural exertions by an additional allowance out of his own 



1790. Johnson Tabb, Clerk of Elizabeth Citt County, to Beverley 

Randolph, Esq. 

March 26th Certifying that Benjamin Bryan is Escheator for said County by vir- 
City County ^"® ^^ ^ commission from the Governor, dated Fob. 12, 1790, and that 
he qualified to said commission M'ch 26, 1790. 

March 26th A. Donald to Beverly Randolph. 

Richmond Stating that the scarcity of current money has become so groat that 
Mr. Brown Mr, Brown will not bo able to comply with his engagement to Mr. Heth 
Mr. netn without great difficulty and sacrifices. He trusts that the Governor 

will extend the same indulgence to Mr. Brown as he has to others in 

bis situation, 

March 26th Jas. Taylor to Beverly Randolph. 

Norfolk Enclosing the proceedings oi the Commissioners appointed by the 

Marine Governor to contract for the building of a Marine Hospital in the town 

ToTO of ^^ Washington ; also a copy of the contract, with Robert Boreland 

Washington for building said hospital, dated May 8th, 1788; the whole building to 

Contract ^^ completed on or before the last day of November, 1789, according to 

the plans & specifications cited in said contract. 
Commis- This paper is signed by the commissioners James Taylor, Thos. New- 
Contr^tor ^°» ^^'* Josiah Parker, John Boush, Edward Archer, and John Cowper ; 
also by the contractor Robert Boreland. 

March 26th Sam. Shepard, Clerk in Solicitor's Oefige. 

Richmond Enclosing returns of delinquent Sheriffs for 1785-6, of J no. Law- 
Delin(^uent rence, of Hanover, J<is. Ewell, of Prince William, Newman Brockin- 
Sherifib borough, of Essex; Lawrence Baker, of Isle of Wight, property levied 
on, but could not be sold for want of bidders. 

March 29th Sam Shepard, Clerk in Solicitor's Office. 

Richmond Making a return of the execution against James Upshaw, Sheriff of 
•^^- ^^K^*^ Caroline, delinquent for the arrearages of the Certificate taxos of 1785 

(Proline & 1786, with a petition from sjiid U|>8haw, praying to bo relieved from the 
P«tv^"^f*^ damages, as the principal cost, and part, if not all the Common interest 
relief firom is paid, and that the said taxes could not have been collected earlier 

"•"^■^^ firom the people of Caroline without greatly distressing them. 


Robert Porterfield to the Governor. 1790. 

Informing him that Col. Chas. Cameron, who acted as a District Com- March 29th 
missioner, will hand him papers pix)ving a considerable part of the sup- No place 
plies which came thro' his hands while so acting. He will also hand Colfcharles 
him Copies of Col. Sampson Matthews' accounts, which he took the Cameron 
trouble of copying. Col. Matthews says that it was underetood between q^i Samp- 
Col. Davies and himself that he was to receive compensation for copy- son Mat- 

ing so large an account. If so, he is entitled to the compensation. accounts 

Sam. Coleman to the Governor. April 1st 

Reporting that the County Lieuts. of Gloucester, Middlesex, Henrico, Council 
Halifax, Campbell and Southampton have returned the militia strength ^^^^ 
of their counties. Those of Orange a^id Middlesex certify that they Militia 
have received no monies by virtue of their offices. Col. Joseph Hobson 
of 2d Regt. of Halifax, Lt. Col. Bernard Mark ham of Chesterfield, & 
Major Pamplin of Amherst, have resigned. The vacancy occasioned by 
the resignation of Major Pamphlin has been filled. 


Jambs Innes, Attorney-General, to the Governor. April 4th 

This seems to be an opinion given in answer to an enquiry from the Richmond 
Governor, whether he had a right to withhold his signature from patents Patents 
in which the grantees claimed, under the latitude expressed in their 
Patents, the property over the waters of James river flowing be- James River 
tween the Rocky Islands. Two, at least, of his predecessors, Mr. Jeffer- isSni 
son k Mr. E. Randolph signed Patents of a similar nature, and both 
learned in the law. But from the short consideration of the subject, he 
is free to confess that he has his doubts but that the waters flowing 
between the said Rocky Islands are a commons, belonging to and sub- 
ject to the free use of all the citizens of this Commonwealth and indeed Free to all 
of the United States, and also whether they are not within the intent, 
Spirit and meaning of the Land law ; and he is doubtful whether he as 
Governor of the State, is at liberty to enquire judicially into the pro- 
priety & legality of such grants. However, should prior rights be con- 
travened by these patents there can be no question that they can be 
legally set aside and rendered null and void. Upon these grounds he 
leaves it to the better judgment of the Governor and Council to deter- 
mine upon the propriety of affixing his official signature or not. He has 
no doabt that patents may issue to embrace such rocky Islands as are 


April 4th 


evidently prominent above the face of the waters in their medium and 
common flowing, and Huch as do not properly appertain to the bed of the 
riveff hut more, he cannot advise positively until these questions shall 
have undergone formal adjudications. 

April r)th 


Bam Coleman to the Governor. 

Reports that he has examined the accounts of Elias Langhan, Supt. 
q^the Post, at Point of Fork, for the quarter ending March Slst. He 
finds £136, 19s. due the Supt. and artificers, and £72, 12s. due the guard. 
There is still £34, 8 pence in Supt*s hands. Estimates for clothing for 
the year 1790 amount to £67, lis., 4d. which is submitted together with 
a contract for furnishing the Post with provisions. 

April 8th 

Wythe (b. 



fcir MA(ris- 


Wm. liovo 
for sheriff 

Francis Preston to the Governor. 

Informing him, that in transcribing the names of the magistrates 
from the list sent him by the clerk, the name of Enoch Osborn was 
by mistake omitted, and ho was not commissioned. If not improper, 
would be glad if he would send on his commission. Also, that Capt. 
Newell, who has received the appointment of Sheriff for Wythe County 
cannot servo, being about to remove from the County; he recommends 
Wm. Love, Esq. for that office, as a proper person, he being one of the 
magistrates commissioned by the Council. 

April 8Ui 

Wm. J. Vercker to the Gtov^rnor. 

No place Requesting an order for £8 till he completes the business that he has 
^^'^^^^ put into his bands. 

April imli 

Sam. Shepard to Governor Brverlt Randolph. 

Uiolunond Ro<iuosling an order on the Treasury for £35 on account, to defray 
ex|H'nsos ol riders with Executions against public delinquents. 

\\\n\ l^h 

ARTBrR Thornton to Governor Beverly Randolph. 

Oin^Huo Informing him that the Militia fines for Caroline County had l>cea 
Militia linee p^^ j^^^^ ^|^^, hands of the sheriff, as the law directed for collection. lie 


has made repeated application to him, but cannot get a shilling. He 1790. 
has at last given him notice that he would move against him. His April 12th 
deputies say the people will not pay, & many assert that it is conti'ary 
to Law for distress to be made. Some are of opinion that he, Thornton, 
is the sole cause for pressing for the fines. He is anxious to do his duty 
to his country, and also avoid the censure of his county, and asks that 
his Excellency will give him express commands as to proceedings in the 

Jas. Innes, Attorney General to the Governor. April 12th 

Asking for the pardon of James Johnston, Convicted of Burglary, Richmond 

and sentenced to be hanged on May 14, 1790, by the District Court of Petition for 

Richmond. Being a young man, a foreigner and stranger, convicted on ^^^ pardon 

01 V allies 
his own confession, afler hopes of a pardon had been held out to him ; Johnston 

besides the two partners in his guilt and equally criminal were acquit- 
ted for the want of evidence. Thinks that this is a case of executive 

Wm. Hay to the Governor. April 12th 

Informing him that Mr. Minor has delivered the plank and scantling Richmond 

for the Capitol roof, agreeable to his contract, and asks that £260 be piank for 

furnished to pay this account, which includes a small balance due Mr. capitol roof 
Minor on last year's acc*t. 

H. Knox, Secretary op War, to the Honorable Harry Innes, April I3th 

District Judge op Kentucky. 

Stating that from recent information received, the Indians still con- War office 
tinue their depredations on the frontiers. He encloses the same author- Indian 

ity and discretionary power in regard to employing Scouts for Kentucky, troubles in 

as were sent on M'ch 3d to the Governor of the western Territory, or, in Employing 
hitt absence, Brig. Gen'l Harmar. scouts 

Wm. Tatham to Governor Randolph. April I3th 


I received yours (without date) with Hutching's map, the Report on No place 
the Pennsylvania Line, and the following Extracts of the several acts given 
for creating and dividing the Counties in the western parts of Virginia, 

%^ cxlfj^i^jJl «>^ ^TAn: ? 

A.t A^cerau'^im "^ 'J^it ffmsoif \rtbt oecwsu Wa^iiiiii^Hi ifc M^MiCgoB aey y. 

^Vr^'ifmnrta^ •tniiiifij ?ak«in rrooL B*)C2i£i;aiirTL smi parr: oif B»c&«A>art ikUed 

Fjfcrt ^4 Aii^nttca. i^ftMt zrk HjJOAhiT^: &iekfjiipiiiaL ibraufd olf port of 
Aa^ptttjk a4ki U^Jth^A^ fd port < j^ As^faHta. aiiti Bi>€MdOKsn. 

Fart <^ Ao^^vMdk a^ieti u> JfMioo^al^ 
fiarriiMfi uJke« frrm HovKOtt^aEa. 

Boori^yn taketi frr>m Fajette^ 

flftsm^\ taken fnym Was^hingtoiL 

Tthi#>gaftia 'le^trojed bj tbe Pem^jlrania Line, aini nmuuiHier added 

t^ Obio cr/onty, 

(^paniy fA Lineotn divided into Tbree disliiici coantied — Mercer 

MadWffi, & Lincoin. 

Mardjr taken from Hamshire. 

HanfMph taken from Harrison. 

P<mdletan formed oat of parta of Augusta, Hardj, k Rockingham. 

Manon taken from Bourbon. 

Woridford taken from Payette 

Kannaway form VI of Parts of Grcenbriar and Montgomery. 

Wythe taken from Montgomery county. 

I have since found among the Papers of the Council, The Report and 
Hurvisy of the Line extended by Walker & Smith between Carolina A 
Virginia* The Return of this on the Records of the Assembly seems to 
have been omitted on account of the Enemie's interruptions at that 
Time, preventing the Executive from laying it before tbe House; and 
it would be well, perhaps, that some step should be taken on this Head 
before the meeting of tbe intended Commission or any confirmation of 
the two states. These authorities, with the surveys of Potowmack, and 
maps in my own possession, will enable mc to come as near your Excel- 
lonoy*N request as any individual, but I am clearly of opinion it will at 
present be impracticable to answer the secretario's expectations, for it 
will be OMMcntial that some Draftsman visit the premises in many In- 
stances whore neither the Drafts nor personal acquaintance of the best 
Informed Inhabitants will bo adequate to the necessary knowledge. I 
will, however, examine the materials ip their proper order, and a 
oonelusion may be drtiwn fVom*tho several notes and observations 1 
shall make. 


I will begin, first, with the county of Fincastle, which was the Fron- 1790. 
tier in July, 1776. I am not yet furnished with any extract by which April 13th 
this county was established or taken from the county of Bottetourt. I Counties 
recollect something of its origin (the circumstance of Mr. Byrd's being ^^ altered 
appointed clerk of the court, will perhaps remind your Excellency). I 
think it contained all beyond the AUegehena mountains, and was the 
third Division of Antient or original Augusta, westward ; But as the 
Frontier depended on several collaterell Transactions, Treaties, Lines, 
&c., I allways held its bounds ideal and indefinite in Law, and have ob- 
served a frequent difficulty between the sheriffs and Inhabitants on that 
account. But whatever its supposed bounds were, it is very clear it 
could never exceed Donaldson's Line, because that Line established by 
Donaldson (I think at the Treaty of Lochaber), was the extreme of the 
Antient Dominion of Virginia under the king's authority. 

In October, 1776, The county of Fincastle was divided into throe dis- 
tinct counties — Kentuckie, Washington, and Montgomery. It is practi- 
cable to trace theese on Hutchings's map. At this Session the Boundary 
between Augusta and West Augusta was also established. But all the 
Maps, when compared. with the respective Laws, are evidently errone- 
ous in theese parts, insomuch that even the begining cannot be ascer- 
tained in any of them without very considerable amendments and alter- 
ations, nor does Hutchings contain the Rivers mentioned in theese 
Boundaries — even Mr. Jefferson, himself, is so imperfect in. what is par- 
tially laid down, that it will bo necessary to view if not survey the 

The counties of Yohiogania, Monongahela & Ohio were also established 
at this session, but stand in a similar predicament. 

In May, 1777, the Lino between Washington & Montgomery was 
alter'd. This Line calls for the Lines of Bottetourt & Henry Counties, 
which are not furnished me. Many other places are mentioned, which 
I cannot myself ascertain without view, tho' tolerably acquainted there. 
Tho same session the County of Bottetourt was divided to create 
Greenbrier, and add to Montgomery. The Augusta and Bottetourt 
Line is here called for as a begining. This I am not furnished with, but if 
I was, from thence courses and places are named, which fixes this County 
under similar inconveniences with the last, as they are not laid down in 
the Maps, and will be at best, a piece* of incorrect guess work if laid 
down without a view. The addition to Montgomery is equally 

In October, 1777, part of Augusta was added to Hamshire. The 
county of Rockingham form 'd of part of Augusta, and the county of 
Rockbridge of part of Augusta & Bottetourt, But I am not furnished 
with theese extracts. In 1778, there seems to have been nothing done, 
as nothing is fiirnish'd of that year on the division or creation of 
counties. In May, 1779, part of Augusta is added to Monongalia, but 
the Lilies are entirely impracticable on Hutchings or Jefferson. 


1790. Both must be oiToneous in thccsc parts, as neither agree with the 

April 13th Division Line. Mr. Jefferson seems here indebted to Hutehings for 
Counties errors. This case will require a view or survey. 
linS altereil ^" October, 1779, Kentuckie is divided into throe distinct counties — 
Jeffei*son, Fayette and Lincoln; but Hutehings has omitted many of tho 
principal Rivers, and is so veiy erroneous that it is impossible to do any- 
thing with him short of correcting tho greatest part of his map, for I do 
not find anything to be depended on but his main work of the Ohio, 
which, as far as my knowledge extends on information, has a tolerable 
appearance. Gen'l Weedon carried away a Rough manuscript done by 
Col. Todd and myself in 1780, which contained theese three counties 
with the Boundaries delineated ; perhaps the Executive might command 
this on application to Him. In May, 1780, part of Augusta was added 
to Monongalia, but this is impracticable on Hutehings. From this time 
till May, 1784, I am furnished with no materials. I conclude nothing 
of this kind was done in that space. 

1784, May — Harrison taken from Monongalia, but cannot possibly be 
laid down on Hutehings. He is erroneous, and on too small a scale for 
the object. 

1784, October — Nelson taken fi"om Jefferson ; impracticable on Huteh- 
ings for reasons given under Title Jefferson. 

1785, October — Bourbon taken from Fayette. This is situated as tho 
last is. 

Same session, Washington & Russell divided; here Hutchins might 
be corrected to answer tolerably, but the scale is too small to give a 
perfect idea of the country. The same session, (Octobei:, 1785,) Yohio- 
gania county is destroyed by the extention of the Pennsylvania Lino, 
and a residue thereof is added to Ohio. Hutehings here appears to be 
exceedingly erroneous, and the Report of the Comissionors on the Penn- 
sylvania Line equally as imperfect. The first has misplaced tho Rivers, 
creeks, & objects — The Latter wholly omitted them, and have only told 
us " they cut vistas and planted Posts," (which marks their language 
intimates). We may find on the Premises, if we trace Mason's & Dix- 
on's Latitude of the Pennsylvania Line, a certain number of Degrees of 
Longitude; certainly this Report ought to have been accompanied with 
a survey of the Line, such as the one of the Southern Boundary re- 
turned by Daniel Smith, which is the only accurate mode of convoying 
to official Bodies or futurity, a distinct idea on the subject. 

The same session the counties of Mercer and Maddison are taken from 
Lincoln — Theese cannot be laid down on Hutehings for tho Reasons 
before given. They will require a view or survey. This same session, 
the county of Hardy is taken from Hamshire. I am furnished with tho 
extract, and it might bo traced on Fry and Jefferson or my Copy of 
Gilpin's survey by makeing some small amendments, but I apprehend 
this is not within the Secretarie^s request. 


1786, October — Randolph is taken from Harrison. This cannot be 1790. 
traced accurately on any of the Mapps — a sketch might be shewn on April 13th 
Hutchings, if connected by a person well acquainted with the parts, but Ckmnties 
His scale is too small for anything but a general Draft of so extensive ijn^g altered 
a country, 

1787, Oct'r — Pendleton is formed out of Augusta, Hardy, & Rocking- 
ham, but this county being dependant on the other, cannot be ti'aced on 
Hutchings or any other of the Maps. 

1788, October — Mason was taken from Bourbon ; Woodford from Pay- 
ette; Eannaway from Greenbriar & Montgomery; & 1789, October — 
Wythe firom Montgomery; but theese are all under similar circum- 
stances with the last, and therefore cannot be delineated. 

I now come to the Report of Messrs. Walker & Smith of the Carolina 
Line, which notwithstanding the dispute of about Two miles parralell, 
has more merit than any other public work in my possession. But it 
will be much easier to form a now map, than to correct the errors 
of Mr. Hutchings, even as to this Line, and we must bo content to 
acknowledge his credit for a general Draft which contains amidst his 
inaccuracies many valuable truths. 

I trust your Excellency will pardon me for being more lengthy on 
this Report than I cou'd have wished, and will excuse the Time that has 
elapsed on account of indisposition and unavoidable interruptions of 
public meetings and private Business. At all events I thought it useless 
that you or myself should advise the Secretary of War of the impracti- 
cability of His Request, without ascertaining the several dificulties; for 
when they are made known at the Federal Seat, they will lead to an 
enquiry into the subject mentioned in my Letter to Mr. Jefferson, and 
will shew the necessity of this Department being suited officially to the 
extent of our country and its military security, as well as the prosperity 
of our Peace establishments. I would not, however, have it understood 
that I am carveing Business for myself. Certain I am it must be done 
by somebody, and the sooner the better; therefore, that the Country 
may have the imediate benefit, I will at any time chearfully pursue the 
object, requiring nothing but necessaries, and leaving the rest to the 
President's decision. If I might be permitted to add my opinion of the 
best arrangement to accomplish the wish'd for end, I shou'd propose the 
most perfect Theorist we can get to be named in a Comission with my- 
self, with powers to call the county surveyors to our assistance. I shall 
do myself the honor to call on your Excellency shortly, that we may 
have an oportunity of conversing on whatever may occur. 

I have the honor to be, 

Your Excellency's obt.* H. Serv't. 




1790. Joseph Howell, Jr., Paymaster-General. 

April 13th Certifying that the list annexed is a true copy of the original re- 
New York turn of subsistence due the officers of the late line of Virginia, amount- 
Pay office ing to $5030 88-90, as reported by the late Paymaster-General to the 
due ^^ers Commissioners of the late Board of Treasury, also the amount of 
of Virginia $17261, 76-90 specie pay due the non-commissioned officers and privates 

Specie due ^^ ^^® ®^^^ ^^^^ ^'"^ ^^ Virginia, as reported by the said late Paymaster- 
non-com- General to the said Commissioners of the said board of Treasury, 
mjisioned *" 

officers and 

privates of 

said line 

April 14th H. Knox, Secretary op War, to the Governor. 

War office Informing him that by direction of the President, he transmits him 
copies of letters written to the Governor of the Western Territory, or 
in his absence to Brigadier General Harmor, and to Judge Innes. He 
states that letters have also been written to the Lieutenants of Harrison, 
Randolph, Ohio, Monongahalia, and Kanawha Counties on the 13th 
instant, investing them with a similar authority to call out Scouts not 
exceeding eight men. 

He says these letters will show his Excellency the species of pro- 
tection which have been afforded the frontier counties of Virginia, at 
the expense of the United States. The arrangement directed is to be 
considered as a temporary expedient, until the President can take other 
measures of a more general and decisive nature. 

April 15th Colonel George Clendinen, County Lieutenant of Kanawa, to 

Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Kanawha Enclosing a letter from Robert Rankins, of Kantuckey, directed to 

Robert Col. Thomas Lewis at the mouth of Kanawa, representing many deprc- 

Thos^T^is ^*^^^^"8 lately commited by the Indians, also his letter enclosing the 

Indian same to him. lie says that it is unnecessary for him to mention any- 

epre a. ions ^|jjj^^ respecting their situation other than they are collected in bodies, 

Waiting for and wait the moment when the savages will make a formidable attack 

the attack ^^ depopulate our settlements on the Ohio and Kanawa. Mr. Rankin's 

notice was forwai*ded to Col. Lewis by subscription, and that from 

Lewis to him by a person hired for that purpose. He has also hired a 

man to carry it to Greenbrier Court House, expecting that it will meet 

with a speefly conveyance from thence to Richmond by the Post. From 

the mouth of Kanawa to Greenbrier C. House, is one hundred and sixty 



John Roberts to Governor Beverley Randolph. 1790. 

Stating that be had taken care of the two prisoners. Wm. Brown and April 15th 
Elijah Newsten, also their guard during the whole of the winter. The Northum- 
Distriet law seems to make no provision for the keeping of the prisoners Wm. Brown 
under the jurisdiction of that court. In fact there is no District iail in *5^ Elijah 
his county. This expense has been very hard on him, and be desires 
the Governor to afford him such relief as is just and proper. 

H. Knox, Secretary of War, to the Governor. April I5th 

Informing him that his favora of the 10th, 17th and 26th of March War oflSce 
last were received. In regard to Mr. Langbam's report :;oncerning the United 
powder of the United States at New London; it has determined him to derat Wew 
draw both powder and lead from the arsenal at West Point, on Hud- London 
son's River, which will be transported to Richmond, to the orders of his 
Excellency, as soon as a convenient opportunity offers. 

Ho thankfully acknowledges the information from Mr. Langham, in Other stores 
respect to the state of the other stores, but apprehends that no efficient 
measures can be taken for the present for the reparation of the arms 
and other stores at Now London, nor for a proper disposition of the 
same; the important business in which the Congress is engaged will 
probabi}'^ prevent them from taking up any new business this session. 
The arrangements of the arsenals and Magazines will most probably be Arsenalsand 
deferred until next session. magazines 

The payment of the invalids, whose pensions had been increased by Invalid 
his Excellency during 1789 will be conformed accoi*dingly, he having pensions 
issued his warrant for that purpose. The arrearages mentioned by his Arrearages 
Excellency, as due to the invalids previously to the 4th of March last, 
will most probably be provided for by Congress this session, at least 
their opinion of the manner in which the said arrears are to be paid 
will be taken. 

The claim of John Skurry has been put into a train of investigation, John Skurry 
with the other claims sent by his Excellency on December Slst last ^^^^^ claims 
past. The said claims have passed one, and are undergoing a second 
examination, and the result shall be transmitted to his Excellency. 
Such of them as will be a subject of petition to Congress will be sub- 
mitted accordingly, and those peculiarly belonging to the State will be 

From the Commissioners of the Marine Hospital, containing several April 17th 
resolutioDB in regard to the work progressing on said Hospital, and the Norfolk 
payment on account of funds to Thomas Borland, the contractor. 


1790. A. Mercer to Beverly Randolph, Governor, and th« Honorable, 

THE Council of the Commonwealth. 

April 22d This is a momorial in behalf of Lady Mary Peyton, relict of the late 
Lady Mary Sir John Peyton, Baronet ; High Sheriff of the County of Gloucester, 
8ir5Sm stating that the Chancellor had proceeded to a judgement against the 
Peyton, high estate of the said Sir John Peyton for the taxes, and interest due 
Gloucester ^^^ ^^® whole of the year. That the said John Peyton had used all 
diligence, and secured judgements against Mrs. Ann Fox and Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Whiting, whose several Testators were securities for William 
Duval, Richard W. Royston and James Jones, his deputies, for the full 
amount of the taxes recovered against him as High Sheriff. 
Wm. Duval, That the solicitor having sued out executions on the judgements 
Ro V8^ & against Sir John, Sir John sued out execution on his judgements against 
James Jones, the said Mrs. Fox and Mrs Whiting, by virtue of which executions, the 
deputies estates of Sir John, as well as those of the Testators of Mrs. Fox and 
Whiting were offered for sale, and upon the executions, were returned, 
not sold for want of buyei*s. That the estates being all in the hands ot 
the same sheriff, it was his intention, as well as duty, to proceed against 
the estate of the said Sir John, unless the estates in the hands of Mrs. 
Fox and Mrs. Whiting should fall short, a circumstance next to impos- 
sible and not suspected, thereiore, the said Sir John rested satisfied, 
being as secure from loss as legal diligence could make him. 

That before any further proceedings could be had, Mrs. Fox and Mrs. 
Whiting applied to the General Assembly in November last, and for 
reasons offered the Legislature, were graciously pleased not only to remit 
to the said Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Whiting all damages and interest arising on 
the taxes due from the said Duval, Royston & Jones, (which they 
ordered to set off against the Commonwealth's judgment against the 
High Sheriff), but the said Legislature were pleased to resolve and 
order, that all proceedings on the several executions against the said 
Mrs. Fox and Mrs Whiting should be suspended until the first day of 
October ensuing. 

That notwithstanding these proceedings of the assembly, the solicitor 
conceiving that he was not justified in suspending the Commonwealth's 
Executions against Sir John Peyton, because the words of the Resolve 
according to strict language did not include his Executions, was pleased 
to sue out in the month of March last, writs of rendition & directed to 
the sheriff of Gloucester, whereby he is commanded to proceed in the 
sale of the Estate of the said John Peyton to the full amount of the 
Commonwealth's judgment against him, and for ready money at any 
price the Estate will fetch. That the said shenff was about to proceed 
in the said sale, when ho was advisoti by counsel that the legality of the 
said sale was doubtful, and it would be safest to wait to the last day of 
return. The said sheriff did postpone the sale in order to give the said 



Sir John time to take good counsel on tbo subject & to apply to the 
proper Tribunal for his redress. That the said Sir John being about to 
set out to make his application to his Excellency & their Honors, whom 
he was advised had the power in this case equal to, but more expedi- 
tious than the chancellor, was taken suddenly ill on the 25th dayot 
March last, and died in the space of one hour. 

That this unfortunate family are in great affliction, and the operations 
of the executions being in full force, have so alarmed the friends of the 
deceased, that the Executors of the will have actually refused to under- 
take the executorship, unless the execution can be suspended until Sir 
John's estate can have the benefit of the executions against Mrs. Fox 
and Mrs. Whiting. In consequence there is not, nor can there be any 
repi-esentative of Sir John, who can legally apply to his Excellency or 
the chancellor so early as this case requires. He therefore conceives it 
to bo his duty to this unhappy family to lay this case before his Excel- 
lency and Honors, whom he conceives have ample power to afford relief 
upon information of the facts, without waiting for the application of a 
legal representative, or any other legal requirements which might be 
necessary to give the chancellor jurisdiction. Then follows some argu- 
ments to prove the illegality of the Legislative proceedings, which he 
thinks will beyond the possibility of a doubt induce the chancellor to 
enjoin all further proceedings against Sir John's Estate, until the sus- 
pension shall bo taken off from his executions against Mi*s. Fox and 
Mrs. Whitings 

April 22d 

Mrs. Fox 
and Mrs. 

Colonel Wm. Davies to Beverley Randolph, Esq. 

April 22d 


Stating that he begun not long since with the Auditor of the Treas- New York 
ury, an examination of the specific account of Virginia. They soon 
found that no distinction had been made between the documents of col- 
lection and those of issues, and that an entire distruction of vouchers 
from the accounts & returns to which they once belonged, had taken 
place without regard to laws, dates, objects, counties, or agents. This 
will necessarily require a re-examination of the papers, that new state- 
ments may be made. The commissionei's he fears will become rather 
impatient, as it has hitherto been difficult to arrange Virginia claims, 
owing to the groat irregularity of the business. Under the circum- 
stances, it will be impossible to dispense with the assistance of cither of 
his clerks. 


1790. Newman Brockenbrouqii to Beverley Randolph, Esq., and the 

Honorable The Council. 

April 23d Praying lo be relieved of tlie 15 per cent, damagen which he has in- 
Richmond ciirred as sheriif of* Essex Co., for a balance of Bovonuo and certificate 
15ixjrcent. Tax for 1785. This judgment was obtained against him in 1786, and 
iSse^fo) ^^^^ dormant till 1789, when execution was issued thereupon. Ho de- 
clares that he was totally ignorant of any such judgment being oblamed 
against him, and from the assurances of his deputies was firmly under 
the belief that he was not in arrears. From the accompanying acct. 
from the solicitor's office, it will be seen that all his accounts have been 
paid up, and as the eountr}- has sustained no loss, and the delinquency 
proceeded from no intention of his to defraud, but entirelj from his 
ignorance of his situation <& ])lacing loo much confidence in the sayings 
of his deputies, he hopes that his p]xcellency & Council will remit the 
said damages. 

April 23d James Ewell, Sheriff of Prince William County, to Governob 

Randolph and the Privy Council of Virginia. 

Petition setting forth that the public taxes could not be paid for the 
years 1785 & 1786, on account of the most unfavorable seasons for 
farming and cropping; that notwithstanding this frequent distresses 
had been made, but generally no sale, for want of bidders; that he had 
paid out of his own pocket £518, 3s, lid. for the Revenue, (besides cor- 
tificates, but large balances slill remain due from individuals. He now 
offers of his own property, the fuither sum of 9,778 lbs. crop Tobacco, 
which he thinks sufficient to discharge the said taxes, (Except certificate), 
exclusive of Interest. He therefore prays that the Ilon'l Board will 
remit the damages unavoidably assessed on th > said Taxes, in conse- 
quence of judgments obtained thereon. The tobacco may be received 
at the prices affixed by law, without the formality of an order of Court, 
and for the Interest, if necessarily required, and he may have a reason- 
able time given for the payment, from the balances still remaining due 
in the said collection. 

Yelverton Peyton, deputy sh'ft', certifies that Col. James Ewell, late 
sheriff, has put into his hands for collection the books of his sheriffalty 
Mbr 1785-1786, and that there appears thereon to be due £492, 12s, lOd. 
for the Revenue, an<l £323, 4s, 7d. certificate ; 15,610 lbs. Tobacco for 
levies, for the collection of which he is allowed 7 pr. ct., and that fre- 
quently no sales are made on distresses for want of bidders. 


Lieut. John Woodson to the Governor. 1790. 

Stating that Matt. Cox was fined by a court of Enquiry held in april, April 26th 
1788, ten shillings for not attending the November muster in 1787. He Cumberiand 
does not remember crossing Mr. Cox at any time, and verily believes it 
a mistake. 

Gressitt Davis to the Governor. April 26th 

Informing him that he had handed his Excellency's letter to Col. R'd PetersbuiTg 
Elliot, who states that his counsel advises that nothing more than a copy Colonel R*d 
of expenditures, issues, & impressments shall be furnished. That a copy ^^ EHiott 
of receipts for money, grain, &c., would constitute a legal claim against 
the estate of George Elliott lor the amount, which he thinks cannot now 
be made out against it, as he apprehends the State books are lost on 
which those charges were made; but whether this is the case or not he 
is willing that every charge for expenditures & issues of grain & pro- 
visions, with every other thing furnished by his brother after the resig- 
nation of Col. Finnic, shall be made out and applied to the credit of this 
State in accounts with the United States, after discharging all charges 
which the United States has against him after that period, if any such 
there are, as he thinks the whole was done under the authority & with 
the money of this State. 

Being certain that the amount of payment j and impressments of grain, 
beeves, &c., from the different counties was to a very capital amount, he 
suggests that the Executive receive those accounts and transmit them to 
Col. Davies at New York, accompanied by Col. Elliott's order for them, Col. Davies 
to be applied to the credit of this State. He will waite his Excellency's 
answer before opening the chest of public accounts & papers, & will then 
proceed in any manner his Excellency shall direct. 

John IIarvie, David Ross, and Wm. Foushee, Directors of the April 26th 

James River Company to the Governor. 

Informing him that they have immediate occasion for money to meet James River 
their engagements, and requesting him to send an order on the Treasury Company 
for five pounds on each of the public shares agreeable to their requisition each share 
of December 29th, 1789. 


• * I I.. M . U, n| sT A TF. rxPEHS. 

•'•••• I n ^\ »\i 

Miriiiriai: ri. Tli» tYitVERNOR. 

• •• »*-» .'. U,,,|. ; t:»*>=^ . ., ^ 



Sam. Shepard, Clerk in Solicitor's Office. 1790. 

Statement of account against Goodrich Willson, sheriff of Isle of April 29th 
Wight Co., for Revenue tax of 1784 amounting to £1,784, ISs, Id, which ^jeriff m"' 
^as settled in full on this date. of Wight 

Jko. Houston, Sheriff of Rockbridge County, to the Governor April 29th 

AND Council of Virginia. 

Stating that he had this day paid up in full the amount due for taxes 
k Interest for the year 1786, as per statement from Solicitor's office, and 
pnrmying to be relieved from the 15 pr. Ct. damages standing against 
him, as the distressed condition of the people would not allow an earlier 

Mr. Oster to Governor Randolph. April 29th 


Mr. Pierre Francois Dauchy, of Hanover Town, has informed me Norfolk 
liiat the order which you were pleased to accord him to compel Messrs. 
Adrien Wiscart & Augustin de Neuville to render him the accounts 
irikieh they owe him, has never been executed against the said Augustin 
deXeaville by reason of his actual residence in the County of New 
iLtfli. And the said Dauchy requesting me to apply aj^^ain to your Ex- 
ec=Ijeficy to obtain in his behalf a new order executable against the said 
AiL?a«tin de Neuville in the county of. New Kent, as well as in all the 
cnirtrr counties in ihe State if possible. I have the honour. Sir, to request 
dkijLt you will do this expeditiously. He will be very much obliged, and 
I \orj frhall be the same for your condescension. The duplicate of this 
Atfiwr yon will receive through Mr. Dauchy. 

I have the honor to be, with the most perfect respect, 

Your veiy humble and very obedient servant. 

H Randolph, Clerk of District Court of Brunswick, to ^p^i 29th 

THE Governor. 

<'*niiying that John Goodrum had been fined 400 pounds of tobacco Brunswick 
ftr -cKiMiempt of court in not auHwering to his name as a grand juryman, C/Ouuty 


. ,'f ^'i -^....., ,.. ,<. --^, ,..,....•• ;,,._ j..y; i|i-, lin*'. WfT" prt*«n*Ii' •»! Hiu^trf 

•JO ■• ..•: -'II •.» • --III "a -:iT»iiii«ti.— 117" III" iuerif .aJiL Uit uii\>tK'i' 

tt-? *■« ^ . '.« *••;:;.'"' • '.If -mil III '111- 01 lAb' iM^^ — a1. r«»iniiu: Iv iLt- 

' -fi** )u-i<» ' .»■ •,•-♦ ^•' 1 4«#'f lull" V(m^ ur»- ;. hSTlhi ^ttminiOlYr- 

Ji«' t^u** j^' |^,i» i.^rMi'_ •■•.ai**iifi:i- "• to**»'»»uiii- iunLins- .*<iiu. liiaMTWvl i'lr I»tTt-LUf 
!/!.''• «.-^ IV i.»i«- •• rTn. <•. !7^ uii ;t::aTiis: liainii Pit'K^r *m uiv '.•enifi«»u- lax 
111- ^' ^ !7<»< r ii»r'. M :i?. «• TT'^'T — turn* Jiti-<»uni- ••I'li^: tiiiiiiiitreil 

i1ii..*»«» ».rta'.M»-iir.*.-ir "i! tui riiiiri: SuiLtv. AniiT»>veij Apri. IJO^L, 17:^': 

J-.i».i<' ^y> '.'/iiiijfuiii* • <»*• 'iMluiTv infT nioniii. f- miiou?* ]»cr day. 

. •. •• ^ *• ». •« 

*. o ^ «. *. 

• *■ * I •• «^ •« 

* ■ * • ■ I «M «• *• 

» •• •- J »- »• «* 

J ill JiiUvtJ i/'> *.ijiit>\f^\ 'A nuk: ]*r.«urici of Ini-i'. or liirtH' ^uarterv of a 
j.'/ui*«] ifi i^t/i'k- *jix\: i^/uii'j *A l»resi«J t*T iJ»»ur. H&lf 21 jjill of Rum or 
i/iui.J^ '/* v>ljirU«s . tfiii- «j»iart of «all. Two qu&n> of Vineirur, Two 
j;v'H''i.- 'yl .oaji oiM jy/'jii'J vf ^lifi'ilt.*- for ev*^rT LDDdivd rations. 

1*1/1 /♦y iii< i« '/ij* <iij/iuo« "tiv Li«Mjtvii:iiit. 4 oDe En>i^; ]i*r50men — 
• /ii" J/i«. tji* uaiii 161 i'.Jii'i/ij , Kor 2^0 to 30 men— Hine Lieuteo&ut or Eiisitrn. 



'^4*^/. till 


i^«» ti^t.-ifUtr 






•^U*;^i/«Hr f Hi 





^ '<>i|/<>j«i! 


i'j*. »il',i A UMijSli' 




A|,nJ .4/Hi 'i'|lo4lAf Nl-.WioN, .In, TO (ioVERXOR BeVERLT RaXDOLPH. 

f,,„|,,i). I'.iM lorm^y II nimii ol llm Militiii of Norfolk Borou*^h. which ho 

Alihii.j |„ ),, ),M|». <i Mill pi».»i, iiM'n'iinn |.o a Kc^iment of 500 men. He luis never 
Im i II «ili|i Imlo iMi) Ihliif^ W'llh (/lipt. Brown'Nn<im'n4 in relation to the oun 


non, but will retain the certificate until the State is satisfied. Ail the 1790. 
large cannon on his land are claimed by Col. Finnie as belonging to the April :iOth 
Continent, and ho intends sending them to New York, but presumes he Brown's 
will lay the claims before his Excellency before doing so. He under- j^ri?e can- 
stood they belonged to thv State, they have been a heavy expense to it, nons 
in bringing them from South Quay to Najisemond, and then to this ^i Finney 
place. As he had the care of them, be would be glad to have the Execu- as con- 
tive's opinion in the case. The State cannon lie scattered about this place, g^^^g cannon 
and as they are valuable and may some day bo of use, he would suggest scattered 
that they be collected and placed urder cover, which he imagines would 
not cost more than £30 or £40. 

At the bottom of this letter, Sam Coleman begs leave to inform his Sam. Cole- 
Excellency and the Honl., the Council, that, to appearance, there is a Tron"^^nnon 
very valuable piece of iron cannon in the wood, within 300 yards of his in his wootis 
house, about two miles from the Capitol, supposed to have been hid there 
during the invasion of the Commonwealth by Cornwallis. Without Cornwallis 
being moved it cannot be known whether it is spiked or not, but at all 
Events appears to bo well worth the attention of the Executive. 

Arthur Campbell to the Governor. April <30th 

Informing him that an order was made at last April Washington Washington 
Court, recommending a number of persons to be added to the commis- jj^"c^ 
sion of the peace. At the instance of several good citizens, he is induced 
to request his Excellency to postpone his decision in the matter, till an 
opportunity can be had to make a full representation to the Executive 
of the transaction, and adduce proof if necessary, that the measure 
apparently would be not only very improper, but prejudicial to the 
administration of justice. 

lie is happy to inform his Excellency, that the Boat with the ammu- Boat with 
nition for the Chickasaws, has passeJ the Narrows or Whirl in the ^"^'chk-^^^^^^ 
Tennessee and the lower Cherokee Towns without molestation, the saws i>a«8ed 
apprehension now is for what may happen in getting through the Muscle ^f x^nessee 

Militia returns from Pendleton, Northampton, Campbell, Chester- Ajml 3()th 

field, Princess Anne, Lo!iisa, New Kent, Cumberland, Rockingham, Militia 

Henry, Greensville and Norfolk borough; also the resignation of Capt. returns 
Ralph Pigot, of the Portsmouth Militia, have been received. 


'ALH:TD\i2 .iP ^TATS ^JkFWB». 


'aptacw 3- 





P^tmn -liutnrnif dutf- he smisTaaic die *sBMeBSum. 'if Tuxbs fiir 17S6 
iff ^ywhmlskn Oi.. intiisr Bieki (rmmp. &%- -^iffirff: dutt tho* be c&scd 
biiv rM!^ •»n«i4>a!7^Ri. he '^oiilii affC "niltiec ad tiitf isuebs wfdiui the time 
prp^p^rfbM hy^ :aw inriiur ^3 die Escr^esB 'ir tim ptieple. caused by the 
Ifvw -^f *hi^ir irhear tirripii ±«niL ihe i^ and «jdier ai?euiitiit& From the 
enctrvie^ -ti^rtidcace it w^ tie -iefltn dior die wlmie tax ba^ here b«e& pcud 
tr'tb leopl i nearest. He diereiDre pcftj^ dia£ the :ihertf maj be reOered 
fvoQi the 'iaiiuitfM m die Jad^siitaic aoinst biiii. 


Cockpit, pa 

€«Tn50ft A5D 

thmtf90t9 f'A. Hhrt^Ytiif iJma in ol^ediesee to as or*ler <xf the coaiicil dated March 8tb, 
J7^, h^ )mA Utken \tit/% bis etist«>iy the body of Admn Wiiseart men- 
ti^/f^ ih^srmt^, bat the process beiag^ entirely new and nnknowit to him, 
f^ f^k him«ieif entirely at a Ioet» a.^ to the proper mode of proceeding, 
a6d tb4>; reinrr^ h« :9bofiId make on ft. If it is inteiKled to be an inter- 
Upf'^ni/ffj /nAfif fm\j, he preaomes the de^&odant may be relieTed on rea- 
ntffiH^fS^ ^f%%\ ) if it i^ an execution, he i$ plained still in a difSenlt situa- 
lf//r», fffJ'HW^ the <>rder doeii not express to whom the acconnts shall be 
f#ff»/I«if^l. li V9 himself he u not able to jndge upon them or determine 
whni that f/alanr^ in, which ia directed to be paid; if to any other per- 
n^ru, hh w\nhm that fienion named — ^viewing the process from the lan- 
f(fiHf(h iff iho (UpunuVn judgment to be intended as an Execution, the' it 
hh^ lUfi thni cisritiiniy re^juiMitc under oar laws, he is about to commit 
fJio d/tf^ndnni t/;^fiol; but this being a dangerous experiment and his 
niUmi'utii o.nim%\. \ui prays further information, and that the nature of 
tb« |ir<i('Mss A the mode of execution may be explained by their nonoi-s, 
ilml. hff rnny bo thoroby enabled to discharge his duty with safety to 
blrri^tn and iiropriuly towards the parties. 




Gressitt Davis to Governor Beverley Eandolph. 


Stating that ho had received his letter of the 14th ult. Col. Elliott May 5th 
has gone home, but he will transmit him a copy of his Excellency's let- Petersburg 
tor and of the auditor's extract from the state books against the United 
States for moneys charged, aa furnished George Elliott, dec'd, and will Geo. Elliott, 
inform bis Excellency of his answer. Meantime he thinks it would not 
be amiss for his Excellency to urge a settlement, and inform him those 
books are not missing as he expected. 


Wm. Jessop Verbker to the Governor. 

Informing his Excellency that according to his directions he has ex- 
amined the books and papers of Richaixi Claiborne, late Deputy Quar- 
ter-master of this State, and of his assistants, and selected therefrom the <>f ^^^hard 
accounts, vouchers, and returns to be exhibited by this Commonwealth examined 
as claims against the United States. 

May 5th 
Books, <fec. 





James Keath, Cl'k District court, Giving list of the names of persons 
in the commission of the Peace for Frederick County, who sat on the 
bench within the last Twelve months, together with those removed out 
of the county, and those not qualified. 

Charles M. Thurston, Isaac Lane, John Smith, Robert White, Joseph 
Holmes, Edward McGuire, Joseph Berry, Sheriff, James G. Doudall, 
Thomas Throckmorton, Joseph Longaire, William Holliday, not quali- 
fied, John S: Woodcock, David Kennedy, George Noble, Elisha Wil- 
liams, Richard K. Meade, not qualified, Thomas Massie, Robert Mackey, 
William Helm, Ignatius Peary, not qualified, John Thurston, removed 
to Kentucky, Thomas Buck, Gerrard Briscoe, John Kean, Strother Jones, 
dead, Isaac Hite, Jun'r. 

May 5th 



Peter Williams to the Governor. 

Informing him, that having been appointed clerk of this County 
Court, and having accepted the oflSce, he will no longer be able to col- 
lect vouchers for the establishment of the claims of this State 'against 
the United States. He states that he signified his resignation to his 
Excellency on the 28th of April last. He now sends all the vouchers 
collected by him, by Capt. Gee. Capt. Gee, Mr. Peter Woodlief and Mr. 
Briggs Rives wish to be employed in this business, all men of good 

May 6th 




clerk of 


No longer 

able to 




1790. cburiiC'tcr. lie think*' tiiai Xhv di«triet nbould \te dirided, itud ibonrby 
May .>tli getting tbc* buKine;).*^ unirt- quickly uud better done. Hib ]»iijK?rs? anJ 
.| *^- inHtruclioub will bi- delivered lu wboin bib Excellency may ajipoint Jind 

Higuify to biiu. 

May 7tb Sam. J. (^'abell, Corprrr LiErxENAKT or Amherst County to 


Soldier'fcj Juy Encloniug Major Jauie^ PanijiliuV commiHHion an major ot Militia, 

Mjijor J. wbieb be winbet* t<» renigii. on ac^eouut of bi^ inability to j>erfV)rm the 

n^^c^on ^"^^^^* *^ active an ap]»oinLmenu by reason 4rf*old age, and bopeiJ that 

bit» Excellency will connider Major Pamplin's request reasonable. 

Date of This coniminnion is dated at Ricbrannd, on May 6tb, 1782, and sii^ned 

M>muiUitttou ^y Governor Benjamin Harrisfni. He wi«be*5 the Governor to nend up 

the eomminnion^ lor Harrih and Crawford. a» recommended bv Amherst 


May «tb ALEXANDER Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury. tc» Beverly 

Ranik)LPh, Esq.. Governor or Viroinia. 


TrtiaHury I have been duly honored with your letter ot the 23d of february, 

J>e|iartiiieut ^^^ acknowlo/lgement of which has been pofitjxmed by very urgent 

avocation« connecte<i with the Session of Congress. I am now to 

VAwturd inform you that Edward Carrington, Esquii"e, hasi been requested to 

Carnugu>u ^j^j^^ ^j^^ Cape and make a selection of the spot, upon wliose rej>ort to 

(ja|ieaud you, it will be Hatisfactory that the cession be completed. This step 

HeU^^t the jjj^^ been ifidicat<jd. in axjdition to what is mentioned in your letter, b^' a 

representation that the spot formerly in contemplation of the State, is 

Drifliug peculiarly exposed to accumulations by the driRing of the sand, and 

that care is necessar}' to avoid as much as possible this inconvenience. 

I have the honor to be with the greatest respect, 

Your Excellency's most obedt. & h'be Servt. 


May 1 lib Wm. Hay to the Governor. 

Uiclniinnd Informing liini thiit the referees who were selecled to settle the 

DirtM'lorriuf difference existing between the Directoi^s ni Public Buildings and Sam- 

Tl 1 l{ 

I ..;i is.!,^ iHil hobie, ri'specting his clalin for services as Surveyor of Public Build- 

iind Hiinninl ings, have this morning given in their report. He now lays before the 

\ Ohio |<Jxtu»uiive Dobie's original c'ontract for making a safe, durable, and tight 

tTALSLxir-Afic H>r >T^r:i: y\L-"^?*rb>s tM 

Mr. Kav. iKe pS^si^f^r III* >^ 5C^ sr!jk:«p^ !^>ir xfclfcwwl^^^d^ ^j^^^m^i^^ iWi!^ ^iMiJ^vXv. 

ha* been oblig^l t»> repair. Think:> Mr K»y :i^>wM Ne^ t^:fL;j^ii^>li^l ** l\^ 
the extent vf the injurx. He vill auenJ on K^h«)f <i>l^ ih^ IHioh^UM^ 
Upon the <ettlement of jux^mni* now iu;ji\K\ tliei\> i* \lw^ him tW hU 
services £26. ft*, 91., a^ >«rTeYor, t«.^ whioh wUl K^ 5i\lxUsl whi^U^vvv ^Mm 
the Rxecutive thinks prv>|H^r to aJlow hun uiutor his Oont^^ot tW tK%^ 
Roof. A copy of the aeels. with the nwjinK m^vm|X{^nit\^ ihi* K'^IUM' 
For the sum found due, the Exei^ulivo will Iv pK^s\vi to ^i^mnl m^ \^\lor 
to Mr. Doble for a warrant on the Tn^asurv. 

Stephen Sampson, late Sheriff of Go<hmii.ani> TorNrv, to thk Uov- Mw>' WWs 


Praying that he may bo relieved (inm\ the daiuu^oM awnnioti ugulniit 
him, on account of the arrearages of laxo« for Iho your ITStl; that tho 
principal has nearly all boon paid into the TroHury ; that hU i^al and 
pen^onal estate has not only boon loviod on by tho proHont nhurit!*, but 
actually offered for sale, but which owing to tho Nliort notioo givuii, 
could not bo sold for want of buyers; that if his poi*sohul pniporty iM 
removed to another county, it will bo greatly iiijui'oil and dlniihisluul in 
value; that in view of all tho circumstancos, ho prays ruliof from tho 
damages, but if that cannot bo done, ho trusts that tlu« salo of thu pr<ip 
erty may take place on his own plantation. 

Armistead Russell to the Govebnou and tuk (UmNiHL ti¥ 'm¥. (*nH f^^^^ mi^ 


A memorial showing that he a/*te<l as sheriff of New Kent T'o., ihy ^ij,i..|j^| ,^f' 
1787, by deputies; that he relie<J itiipli'fitly upon them to 'aiefiilly tol- W^w K^^ol 
lect and punctually pay the Amounts inti; the 'I'ri^at^ury ; thai h<i did 
not interfere with them in their duties; that (/; hi* surprise be leMros 
that he is in arrears, and the t»'>lieiu>r has obtaine^i judgOieiiL against 
him; that the amount with damages, 4<'-. wijj Im> betw<M,-n iCJ^O A K\,^^HI, 
and that if hi«» projMfrt^* i* now ly^ld a« lhreat>t»ii<Mi, be wjJl bv c^xO>.'OH'ly 
dlstre?^*fo*J thereby. He iberejore prays for *>U'.h r<*lit^l, as wili e^yb; 
him to take a reaM^^nabk* time U* *ji\U}^:\ aod pay up without buvio/ Ut 
make immediate H»i/raii«:se «/f his pr^jM-rty 


1790. A. Singleton, Agent op the Sinking Fund. 

May 11th Statement of this fund on this day, viz: 

State of the Amt. of Specie drawn from the Treasury for the pur- 

Sinkingfiind p^g^g ^f the Sinking Fund, . - - - 13,478, 128, 6d. 

Amt. of Tobacco Rec*d from the Treasury for same 

purpose, at rates it was sold, - - - 1,739, 19, 6 

Nett sum of Profit appears to be, - - - 99,629, 1, li 

Final settlements on hand. 
Military certificates on hand, - 
Funded certificates " " 
Loan office certifs. " " 
Indents. " " - 

Interest warrants on military 

certificates on hand, 
Specie on hand, 

£114,847, 13s, lid. 

£27, 68, 

102,889, 17, 

420, 16, 

3,349, 19, 

485, 19, 





5,791, 9, 
1,882, 4, 


£114,847, 138, IJd. 

James McClurg & Carter Braxton certify that they have examined 
the books & papers of the agent, and specie in his hands, & find the 
above statement true. 

May 11th James Madison, Jr., to the Governor. 


New York On the receipt ol your letter on the subject of the Inspection law of 

Inspection Virginia, I communicated the matter to the Secretary of the Treasury. 

fclaw 2[^ gggg j^Q impropriety in his giving the requisite instruction to the 

Custom-House officere; and having promised to do so, I shall decline an 

application to Congress. 

State debts Since the late separation of the State debts from the national, the 

^*^]from House of Reps, has been chiefly employed on objects of the inferior 

National kind. Bills are now brought in for the intended provision for public 

lie cTeSit ^^®^*^- They correspond in substance with the plan of the Secretaiy so 

far as it relates to the national part of the debts. If the assumption of 

the state debts should not be revived, as wo apprehend may be done, it 

is probable that a little time will now close the deliberations of the 

House of Reps, on the subject which has so long occupied them. 

Encloses I inclose the papers of this morning, and have the Honor to be, with 

this mom- 

Your most h'blo S't. 

ing'8 papers ^^® highest respect & esteem, Sir, 



Wm. Pollard, Clerk of Hanover County Court. 


Certifies that Peter Robert De Neuville and Adrien Wiscart, to the May 12th 
knowledge of the court being persons of good character, and having Peter Robert 
resided in the State upwards of two years, and now taking the oath to ^Adrien ^ 
support the Constitution of the United States, agreeable to an act of Wiscart 
Congress, are admitted to become citizens of the United States, which 
is ordered to be certified. 

Wm. Clayton, Clerk op New Kent County Court. 

May 13th 

Certifies that Augustine De Neuville took the oath to support the 
Constitution of the United States, and admitted to be a citizen of the 
United States. 

Pr. De Neuville to the Governor. 

May 13th 


As Mr. Semple has informed you, Mr. Wiscart and my brother Aug't Mr. Semple, 

De Neuville took the oath of allegiance before the Hanover Court on ^5[* ^t^n? 

tuesday last, and in consequence. Naturalization papers have been ac- Neuville 

corded them ; but Sir, as this act does not admit them to the citizenship ,9*^^ ^^ 

'^ allegiance 

of Virginia, and they desire to be such, under the privilege of the new 
law of Congress, a copy of which you were kind enough to have deliv- 
ered to Mr. Semple, it was necessary to recommence the operation. 
Mr. Wiscart also, who was then on the spot, took a new oath on the 
last day of the Hanover Court, and 1 have the honor to send you here- 
with a certified Copy of his admission to citizenship according to the 
terms of the law of Congress. My brother who had returned home, 
was not able to repeat his oath at the same time, but ho will do so at 
New Kent County Court, which commenced yesterday, and I shall like- 
wise have the honor to send you his special certificate after the session 
of that Court, not being able to obtain it before. To this I shall add one 
for myself, because, having determined to remain here with my brother, 
I have equally to follow the same course as he. 

I have the honor to be with profound respect. 

Your very humble and very obedient servant. 



(*»HI AiilhMii^ MiMnhv, Hmilh HI»o|i|ummI, Jr., Wm. Sheppord, Jr., Paul 

W'W I'iih |>i:ohHjt;, Mulllu>\> l*Mllm, »it»l»M Pullut, Wm. Pallut, Thomas Thompson, 

WllluuM MMHiMgiuUH, Wm IWI Wooithoimo ami William Bishop to His 

Ji>v\iHviu.\ , \iu» UovvvvMuv, H mi»moHal »howing that they had been 

\j^"^\^U«u\v\ iuvliivivl \\\ \\y\^ ^M«UU^V K\^i\\^ HI Surtl»lk tW an assault upon, and false 

id-T^ull^^V Um^VUsHUUv^U v*i v^Mvi -V^^vMi Wvwksi. ifcuU th«kl thi>y had been sentenced to 

^^f \u^o-, ^u^\ vUv Muvv^ ^^ vvumvvv^u^V\v.t 'I'ki^i |b^\Y a^^tVom Prineees Anne Co., poor 

W^'v^** mul u\a ^ov^v^^luu^i wUU vho U^^ a>Ki b^u^ in Ibe serrtee of the militia, 

uv Uni Uk\ iv\i,\ u^^aii lu^U'uv itvoA^ 4« v^> ibcm. Tb^nt they all bear good 

^ UuiiuU^io ;U Us^Luv;4^ |>v^vi4blv i^u^l tu^ abiding c!tit»Nij!v which is reri- 

U\U i>v Oiv^ i4vvvt')u^^u^\u><tj^ wviiitivHi^^ iJtviu a uumber ot* (he be$t and 

luvtaL uitluvuuul viii^ciKx v.^i ih^i Oouuiv. 'L*hev thou^chc thev were 

^v Uii^ vvaii ^>vs»^ivu uiKtcr ihvU' v^idvtK and hope thac th«ft daes^ will 

lU^'tuv. i>v- ivukkiuU. Ml. thv'cw Uiaiiicvk.xv/i Xorioik, iu i>ev*eraii leCDer?^ cu Gen'l 

^^ ^^ ' Ju^. VVo^»U, :4>iva tiisv ^i^iiicuiHr ;%UcuUou ti> Lu%iss%» pMtifcioQeRk and. bope^ 

tU<\t Uioii iuv*iu\»riui ^val f>c iavv»4H*>4V 0>ik>idvre«i bv the SauDcutive. 

.; ^v V : » I ' , "^ 

k l',^\ . .>.» ». 

v. ■ V -vv , ^*jkUj^**:lK* 


ant employed bj him fell short a considerable sura; that he has taken 1790. 
all preeaatioos lo secure the Commonwealth, and prays that he be given May 15th 
till August next, to pay all demands ai^inst him, which he is confident 
he can do, if his estate is not forced into market now. which will ruin 
bim. His land & negroes are abundantly sufficient for the claim. 

Thokas Newton, Jr., to BEVEaLY Randolph. May 15th 

Informing him that his letter is before him, & that he will inform Col. Norfolk 
Finnie of his directions. He states that the Cannon demanded by Col. Finney 
Finnie, were brought from Spain, and landed at South Quay in the War. Cannon bn>t. 
That be had them then brought from thence to Nansemond River, at ^^ "^ ^^^^"^ 
SlAte expens«^ by order of Col. Davies, as Com'r of War at that time. Col. Davies 
He begs leave to refer his Excellency to an order of Council, respecting 
his services as District Commissioner. Mr. Pendleton, the Auditor, 
would not allow him anything more than a common Certificate for it; 
this be declined, in hopes the Executive reconsidering the matter would 
allow him agreeable to the intention of the then Executive, a specie 
Warrant; nothing at that time was pass! nc; but specie. His attendance French fleet 
on the French fleet cost him out of his own funds, double what a cer- 
tificate is worth. He had £100,000 paper in possession of the public 
at tbe time, k was obliged to return it, as his accounts with the Auditor 
will show. He would be obliged to have this matter finally determined, 
and whatever allowance is made, put to his credit with the Auditor. It 
Will take some time to make a full I'eturn of the State guns, as the}' lay 
d*> di*persed. The number is between thirt}' and forty. It will cost 
al*>at £50 or £60 to collect and build a house over them, which will be 
weli worth the exf)ense, as they will thus be preserved as they now lie ; 
^y emiv taken of, in all probability, in a short time it will not be known 
they belong to the public, and may be carried off, us much property 
been heretofore, and of which Col. Finnej- can inform him. Col. 
Davie** can ascertain the property of the large Cannon he speaks of, 
^•rk^ftjnng to the state, fi-om a purchase of the two ships taken in the 
Bay by the French fleet. They are 4 and G pounders, & some caronades. French fleet 
H«= will send the exact number as soon as possible, and will alwa3'8 be 
Jy to give his aid to his Country whenever his Excellency itjquires 

J«jes Curd. County Lieutenant of Goochland County, to the May 


Eo<:lo6ing a copy of the proceedings of a court-martial held on April Goochland 
>ick. 1790, wherein the court taking into consideration the authority 


1790. vested in them by the Federal Constitution, are of opinion that they have 
May no constitutional power to impose fines upon the delinquencies which 
Court have occurred since the last Court-Martial. 

"^"^^^ Ordered, that all fines assessed for delinquencies since the adoption of 

the new constitution be remitted. 

Howell Lewis, capt. of cavalry, dissenting. 
Militia in a Col. Curd says, that in consequence of these proceedings, the Militia 
gj^^ are in a very confused state — Man}^ of them refuse to obey their officers, 
Requests in- and assert that they are not liable to tines, as there is now no Militia 

the subject ^*^- ^® ^^Y^ ^^*^ ^® '® unable to satisfy the people of their error, and 
from the requests the Executive to let him know if such is the law or not, and if 

Tj* Y Ann t,l V A 

there is anything to be done with the officers of the said court-martial. 

May 2l8t CoLONKL Wm. Daviss to the Governor. 

New York Enclosing a statement of the claims of the Commonwealth of Vir- 
Claims ginia against the United States for advances and supplies on account oi 
»^ the lato war, with the vouchers attending them, and which the Commis- 
States sioners refuse to report favorably upon to Congress, alledging that the 
report scale of depreciation is unequal and that the proofs do not sustain the 
favorably facts, that the parties were settled with at the rates of depreciation, 
ruling at the dates of the settlements. 
Mr. Madison Mr. Davies takes up all these objections and refiit<)S them by a plain 
statement of facts, and says that Mr. Madison calls their action a libel 
on Virginia by their attempting to throw discredit upon her just claims. 
North Carolina & Georgia are also stigmatized, but their vengeance 
seems more particularly directed at Virginia. How far their own specu- 
lations may have influenced their conduct, cannot be ascertained. The 
House was so little pleased with their report, they would not offer it to 
be read, and on request of Mr. Fitzsimmons, with the general assent of 
the members, the printers and short-hand writers were desired not to 
publish it. 

It cannot be known now what will be done. There is a bill now be- 
fore the house for the Continuance of the General Board, and it is 
necessary that the papers from Williams and Eskridge districts should 
come forward as soon as possible. 

The statement of claims referred to at the beginning of this paper is 
as follows, viz: 

Amount of payments made at the Treasury, from 

April 19th, 1775, to January, 1777, - - • £459,&44, IGs, 5d. 

Amount of payments from Jan., 1777, to Sept, 1, 

following, 341,929, 15, 8 


Amount of payments from Sept., 1777, to Slst Doc, 1790. 

1780, reduced by the State scale, .... 575,837, 10, 6 May 2l8t 

Amount of Specifics supplyd under requisitions of 

25th of Feb. & 4th Nov., 1780, .... 757,497, 3, 9 

Amount of warrants granted by the Auditor of 
Accts. subsequent to Jan. 1, 1781, which have been 
sunk by Taxes, or otherwise discharged; the paper 
paj'ments reduced by the State scale, - - - 456,446, 14, 11 

Amount of Bounties paid by Counties and classes 
under Recruiting Acte of Spring, 1779, 1780, 1782 
and fall of 1780, 158,673, 5, 7 

Amount of Certificates issued to officers & soldiers 

for Pay and depreciation of Pay, - - - 986,830, 7, 6 

Amount of Certiiis. for Militia services, as per Pay 

Rolls, 231,670, 17, 8 

Amount of Lead supplied from the Mines • - 15,000, 

Amount of Waggons and Teams and drivers form'd 
by Counties, and clothing by classes under Act of 
Fall, 1780, 21,000, 

Amount of Paper money on account of old emis- 
sion Requisitions of Congress : 

Paid in 1785, .... £615,985, 16s, 

Paid in 1786, .... 1,319,863, 8s. 

To am't acres of Land, as per acc't of Bounties : 

To am't of Interest on the several sums above, 

Virg'a Currency, £ 

The above exclusive of Interest, Land and payments in Paper money 
amounts to £4,004,730, 12s, or 13,349,102 dollars. 

Alexander Moseley, Clerk, to tuE Governor. May 24th 

Certifying that at a Hustings Court held on May 24, 1790, William Norfolk 

Plume is recommended for Alderman of this Borough, in room of Ben- Borough 
jamin Pollard, resigned. 

Jam98 Madison, Jr., to the Governor. May 25th 


Previous to the receipt of your favor on the subject of the arrears to New York 
the Virginia line, a proposition for remedying the abuses which have 
taken place, had been made and was under consideration. It has since 


1790. pa866d the two Houhos in the form which corrcBponds with the idea 80g- 

May ri-^tb ge»ied by you. I take the liberty' of inclosing a cojij, the' it hajfi not 

Arrearnto \'et l>een submitted to the President. As »oon as it shall have had his 

FaSied the^ sanction, it will be made known to yon by the eommanications required 

twoHousee from that Hource. 

Hubiuitt^ to ^^^ Proftident has latelj' been dangerously and almost desperately ill. 
the It is with ver}' peculiar pleasure that I am enabled by a favorable turn 
The Presi- ^^ ^^^ complaint, to acquaint you that he is now not only out of danger, 
dent but 80 far advanced in bis recovery as to be able to ride out. 

rw^on ill 

Now out of ^® ^^^ flattered ourselves that the project of assuming the State 

danger debts was laid aside, at least for the present »SeBsion. The measure was. 

State debts 
Revived iiowever, revived upon us yesterday, and it is probable that some lime 

will be again sj>ent u|>on it. We hope this is the worst to be appre- 
hended ; but the zeal and perseverance, as well as the number of its ad- 
vocates, require that we should not be too sanguine in our calculations. 

I have the honor to be, with the highest respect & esteem, 

Your Excellency's mo. obt. & h'blc Serv*t. 

May gOth The Kesolutioiis of Congress enclosed by Mr. Madison on the subject 
of arrears due the Virginia line, are signed by John Beckle}', cPk of 
House of Reps., and are in the following words, to-wit: 

Congress of the United States, 

Monday, the 24th of May, 1790. 

Resolved by the Senate and House of Rcpi'esentatives of the United 
States of America, in Congress assembled, that the President of the 
Unit^id States be requested to cause to bo forthwith transmitted to I he 
Executives of the States of Virgmia and North Carolina, a complete 
list ot the officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates of the lines 
of these States, respectively, who are entitled to receive arrears of pay 
Arrears of due for services in the years 1782 and 1783, annexing the particular sum 
l^y ,_?" that is duo to each Individual, with a request to the Executives of the 
said States, to make known to the claimants in the most effectual man- 
ner, that the said arrears are ready to be discharged on proper applica- 
tion ; that the President of the United States bo requested to cause the 
Secretary ol the Treasury to take the necessary steps for paying (within 
their said States, respectively,) the money appropriated by Congress on 
the twenty-ninth day of September, 1789. for the discharging the arreai-s 
of pay due to the troops of the lines of the said States, respectively; 
that the Secretary of the Treasury, in cases where the |>ayment has not 
been made to the original claimant in person or to his J?e])resentative, 
be directed to take order for making the payment to the Original claim- 
ant, or to such person or persons only as shall produce a power of At- 
torney, duly attested by two justices of the peace of the County in 


which 8UC'h person or persons reside, authorizing him or them to receive 1790. 
a certain specified sum, except where Certificates or Warrants have May 25th 
been issued under authority of the United States for any of the said 
arrcais of pay, and the same shall be produced by the claimant or 

Walter Crockett, Clerk op Wythe County Court. May 25th 

Certifying that at a Court held for Wythe Co, at James McGavock^s Wythe Co. 

on May 25th, 1790, Robert Adams, Gent., is appointed surveyor for said Robert 

county, and is therefore recommended to the President of the Qolleffc Adams 

•^ " Surveyor 

of William & Mary, as a proper person to be intrusted in that office. 

Richard Henry Lee and John Walker, United States Senators May 25th 

FROM Virginia, to Beverly Randolph. 

Informing him that in consequence of information received there, New York 
that a set of unprincipled speculators had by false statements, fraudu- Speculators 

lently purchased up the rights of the soldiers of the Viri^inia and No. in arrears of 
•^ * ^ ° " soldiers pay 

Carolina Lines for arrears of pay in 1782 and 1783, the Resolves that 
we have now the honor to enclose, were introduced and have passed 
Congress. (These Resolutions are the same as those sent by Mr. Madi- 
son of this date). They request the Governor to see that the soldiers 
receive speedy and effectual intelligence of the provision coming for- 
ward in their favor. The wonderful and vicious activity of the specu- 
lators, and the gieat dispersion of those who may yet fall victims, 
induced them to forward a copy of the resolutions at once. Fortunately 
this speculation has not so far been carried into execution as to have 
drawn from the Treasury the unappropriated money, which has fur- 
nished the Government an opportunity of so regulating the issues, as 
that the money should only be paid to the honest proprietors. 

Sam. Shepard, Clerk Solicitor's Office to the Governor. May 26th 

Enclosing Status of the Venditioni Exponas issued against John Richmond 
Callaway, former sheriff of Campbell Co., for the Revenue taxes of 
1785-6, & Certificate tax of 1785-6. 


1790. James Madison. Jr., to Governor Randolph. 

May 20th Enclosing a copy of the instructions given by the secretary of the 
New York Treasury, on the subject of our Inspection laws, which has been put 
into his hands for that purpose: 

Treasury Dept., May 18, 1790. 

, I am informed thro' one of the Representatives of the State of Vir- 

ginia, that some co-operation with the oflScers of the Customs is neces- 
Tobacoo sary to the perfect execution of the Tobacco Inspection Law. The act 
^^^^^^^ directs that the Tobacco Inspectors shall by every boat or other craft loaded 
with Tobacco, send a list of the marks, weights^ <fec., of every hogshead of 
Tobacco then ddivered, which lists every master of a ship is to lodge with the 
Naval officer by whom his ship is cleared. 

It being ray wish that every assistance may be affoi'ded in the execu- 
tion of a law, at once so salutary and important, I request that you will 
Continue to receive these lists or manifests as has heretofore been the 
practice, and that you will return them to such persons as the supreme 
Executive of the state may point out to you. 

I am, Sir, your obed't servH, 

(Signed) A. HAMILTON. 

To the collectors & surveyors of the state of Virginia. 

May 28th J. Madison, President op the Court of Directors of the Hospital 

FOR Lunatics, to the Governor. 

Enclosing an order of the Court of directors, at a meeting held at the 
Hospital in Williamsburg on May 14, 1790; that it be certified to the 
Executive that there are two vacancies in the board, occasioned by the 
death of Dudley Diggs, and the resignation of Edmund Randolph. 
Wm. Pasteur and Robert Hall Waller are iH3Comraonded in their steads. 

May 28th Sam'l Eddins to Captain Sam'l Coleman, Clerk to the Council. 

Richmond Asking him to mention to the council that he wishes to puix'hasc the 
disabled brass cannon that lay at Hanover Court House. He will give 
whatever old brass sells for, and will take them from the Court House. 


Henby Banks to Governor Randolph. 1790. 

Enclosing a copy of Governor Miro*8 letter, which, after his P]xcel- May 28th 

lency has made such use of it as may be thought expedient, he will Richmond 
thank him to return. 

Jas. McGavock enclosing various Receipts for lead, issued on the Ex- May 28th 
ecutivo orders, amounting to 49,093 pounds. Lead mines 

George Hairston, Col., certifies that at a Court-Martial appointed to May Slst 

bo held at Henry Court House May 31, 1790, there not appearing a suf- Henry Co. 
ficient number of officers to constitute a court of Enquiry as the Law ^^i 
directs, no business can be done. 

John Dickinson and Others to (tovernor Randolph. May 31st 

Petition praying for the reprive of James Ridley, now confined in 
Winchester jail, and under sentence of death for horse-stealing. 

Will. Irvine, Clerk op Madison County Court. june Ist 

Certifying that David Gass and James Barnett be recomniended to Madison 
his Excellency for sheriff, also stating that the Commission of David David Gass 
Gas did not come to hand until the sitting of the Court, and he is now 
recommended again. 

for sheriff 

Sam. Coleman to the Governor. June 1st 

Stating that since his militia report of April 1st, The County Lieuts. Militia 
of Princess AnneA Fauquier have made returns of the strength of llunr re"^''^ 
militia for 1789, herewith submitted. The delinquents in respect to Di^linquents 
fines for 1789, ai-o very numerous. The County Lts. of Southampton, ^ ™** 
Fairfax, Fluvanna, Dinwiddle, Mecklenburg, Halifax, Isle of Wight, 
Hanover, Richmond, Amherst, New Kent, Nansemond, Goochland, 
Powhatan, Lunenburg, Essex, Greensville, Hanover, King & Queen, 
Orange, Middlesex, Chesterfield, Campbell, Louisa, and Princess Anne 






1790. only having accounted for thorn according to Law. For April, 1790, the 
June 1st County Lieuts. of Northampton, Pendleton, Cumberland, New Kent, 
Norfolk Borough, Orange, Chesterfield, Rockingham, and Greensville 
have made returns of the strength of their militia. 

June 3d Frederick August Muhlenberg, Speaker of the House of Reprs< 


New York I heg leave through you to communicate to the Honorable, the Exe- 
Death of cutive of Virginia, the death of Theoderick Bland, Esquire, one of the 
Bland niembers of that State in the House of Representatives of the United 

States, who departad this life on Tuesday and was interred yesterday. 

This melancholy event occasions a vacancy in the Representation of 

your State, which, I doubt not, your Honorable Body will take the 

earliest Constitutional Measures to supply. 
Proceedings I enclose for the satisfaction of the friends of the deceased, an Extract 
tSei^n* of the Proceedings of the House of Representatives, on this mournful 

occasion, and sincerely participate in the Common regret which the 

Citizens of your State will feel in the loss of an able and faithful 


I have the honor to be with due respect. 

Sir, Your mo. obed't & very humb. serv't. 

Resolutions CoPT of the Resolutions referred to in the foregoing letter. 
on his death 

In the House of Representatives 

of the United States, 
Tuesday, the 1st of June, 1790. 

House in- The House being informed that Theoderick Bland, one of the mem- 
formed of bers for the State of Virginia died this morning: 

Committee Ordered, that such of the members of the said State, as are now pre- 
appointed to gent, be appointed a Committee to take Order for superintending the 
the funeral funeral of the said Theoderick Bland, and that this House will attend 

House will the same, 

Wednesday, the 2d of June, 1790. 

Members to Resolved unanimously, that the members of this House, from a sincere 

^Ij^iad^ desire of shewing every mark of respect duo to the memory of Theoderick 

of moummg Bland, deceased, late a member thereof, will go in mourning for him 

one month, by the usual mode of wearing a Crape around the loil arm. 

Bxtract frorpi tl^e Journal. 

(Signed) JOHN BECKLBY, Clerk. 



James Ross to the Clerk of the Council. 


Stating that he was appointed Notary Public for the District of Ur- June 3d 
banna, by Commission dated June 29, 1789, but that ho had omitted to Urbanna 
forward his bond as required, which he herewith encloses. 

Ben Waller, Clerk op James City Court to Beverley Randolph. June 3d 

Informing him, that by the death of Col. Dudley Diggos, the County is Williams- 
left without a sheriff, and the court desires him to know that Wm. Lee, sh^ff 
gent, stands next in the commission, and will accept if appointed. Wm. Lee 

Beverley Randolph to the Attorney-General. 


Mr. Page, Executor of Archibald Cary, Esq., deceased, produced to 
the Executive, two certificates of the Treasurer of Virginia for 
monies paid into the Public Treasury, according to the act for seques- 
tering British Property, enabling those indebted to British subjects to 
pay off such debts, & directing the Proceedings in suits where such sub- 
jects are Parties. Mr. Cary having neglected to deliver these certifi- 
cates to the Govemour, and take his receipt for them, as is directed by 
the above mentioned act Mr. Page now delivers up the Treasurer's 
Certificate & demands the grs. receipt. The Executive doubting whether 
such receipt can now be given, request your opinion on the subject. 

I am Sir, 

Y'r obdt. Servt. 

June 4th 


Mr. Page 









Jas. Innes, Attorney-General to the Governor. 

June 4th 

I am of opinion that the Executors of Archibald Cary, Esquire, Richmond 
deceased, upon the delivery of the Certificates of the Treasurer of Vir- Opinion 
ginia, for money placed into the public Treasury by their Testator, 
under the act for sequestering British property, ought to have receipts 
given to them by the Governor, pursuant to the directions of the said act. 

S. Shepard, Clerk Solicitor's Office to the Governor. 

June 5th 

Enclosing account of expenses in forwarding Executions & Notices to Richmond 
the coming Court, and asking an order on the Auditor for the amt. 




John Harvib to Governor Randolph. 

June 5th Requesting in behalf of the Directors of the James River Company, 
James River a warrant on the Treasury for the remaining fifty shillings, on each of 
*^ ^ the pubh'c shares to complete their liequisition, payable the first day of 
May last. 

June 7th 


Sam'l Coleman to the Governor. 

Reporting the claims of 2 scouts for services rendered in Montgomery 
County from 1st March to Nov. 14th, 1789. 

June 7th 

Gloucester County Court to the Governor. 

Nathaniel Certificate that Nathaniel Wilkins is in indigent circumstances, and 
wuKms cannot support himself by reason of having lost his hand in the late 
war. Said Wilkins is a pensioner on the General list. 

June 8th 





aeainst him 

Court met 

Papers lost 





Colonel Jesse Bwell to Honorable Wood. 

Addressing him on the subject of his arrest on charges exhibited by 
Capt. Helm, and conceiving that it may have the same effect as a formal 
memorial to the Executive. He states that after several applications 
for trial, &c., every member of the court appointed met in October last, 
and in presence of the parties examined the witnesses on both sides & 
took their depositions — Everything appearing as set forth in his memo- 
rial, which accompanied depositions taken by advice of council of the 
6th Nov., 1788. The unanimity of the court could not be doubted. 
Unfortunately the papers intended to be forwarded to the Executive 
were lost on Major Brent's portemanteau & no copies retained. 

Col. Fitzgerald was prevailed on to appoint another meeting which ho 
fixed to the 15th of May, when very few of the oflScers attended; that 
he mentioned in the afternoon to Capt. Helm his apprehension of a dis- 
appointment, who said that he had not come on that business and was 
determined not to attend another meeting; that he replied that there 
was a necessity of having the business finished ; that he answered that 
he had informed the Governor that he should do no more in it. Ho may 
suppose that his non-attendance will give it an ex parte appearance, bat 
his witnesses are known & may bo called upon at any time. Another 


full meeting of the officers cannot be bad but b}' Executive order; there- 1790. 
fore, if it is improper to call for a certificate of the court's judgment, June 8th 
with the Evidence on which it was founded, viz: the depositions of all 
who were sworn on the trial, taken by Commissioners appointed for that 
purpose, he trusts that as many of those officers who can be easily con- Asks for 
vcned, bo directed to proceed again without delay, that the public may 
be informed whether he had merited censure or not. A view of the 
hideous garb in which the charges are dressed, must show him to be 
equally entitled to a speedy trial with those under criminal prosecutions. 

n. Knox, Secretary of War, to the Governor op Virginia. June 8th 

Enclosing to the care of his Excellency a Letter to Lieut. John Steel, War office 

of Augusta County, also one to Ensign Thomson Seayres, living near Lieut. John 

Richmond, informing them of their appointments in the Battalion of •^' 

Infantry to be raised in pursuance of the Act of Congress of the 30th Thomson 

of April last, and which he hopes he will have transmitted to them as ^'^^ 
early as his convenience will admit. 

S. Shepard, Clerk in Solicitor's Office. june 9th 

Certificate of settlement of Jno. Napier, Sheriff of Fluvanna county, 
for Revenue of 1787. 

M. OsTER, French Vice-Consul, to Governor Randolph. June 9th 

Stating that Mr. Dauchy having complained to him that the sheriff of Norfolk 

Hanover Town had allowed Mr. Adrien Wiscart to be released without Dauchy 

his intervention, consent, higher authority, and without legal right after ^"^pI^|^ ^^ 

he had been arrested by his Excellency's order, he had carefully exam- release of 

ined the subject, and must say that Mr. Dauchy has much cause to com- J^iscart 

plain of this sheriflf for his illegal release of Mr. Wiscart, as the said 

Wiscart & De Neuville have by no means satisfied the consular judg- Wiscart and 

ment which sentenced them to render i^ood and faithful accounts of the ^ ^®"^^P® 

° have not 

cargo which they sold on account of their constituent, but, on the con- satisfied the 
trarj', refuse to produce a great number of vouchers to support their ^ • ??\^* 
accounts & expenses, and without which, it is impossible to verify or 
conclude anything. The conduct of the sheriff, as well as that of Wis Conduct of 
cart & De Neuville, appear to him as irregular as reprehensible, and the 8^^"^» <^ 
said Dauchy has suffered greatlj' by the devices and cunning employed 




June 0th 

new oHer of 

Rxemtion of 




arv with his 


PrayB the 

Governor U) 

fcnuit hiH 


by th«>8e peiMiinn for the last thrcMS y<^ar» to c?H:apo rendenng him any 
account. TJwUtr thc8C circurantanees he ha« to request his Excellency, 
in behalf of Mr. Danchy. to iwaue a new order as soon as practicable for 
the arrest of Wiscart and De NTeuville, that they may be compelled to 
execute -strictly the -sentence against them. 

Ht^ «iay8 that hin solicitation being founded upon principles of the 
greatest juHtice. he hopes that hi» Excellency will deign to acquiesce, 
especially as he knows that Wiscart and De Neuville took the oath of 
allegiance to the state for the sole purpose of barrassing Mr. Daachy 
as long as they could, and to evade the consular laws which obliged 
them, immediately to render their accounts according to justice. 

The law of 177!>, leaving the execution of consular sentences discre- 
tionary with his Excellency, the fate of the unhappy Dauchy is in his 
hands. This man is without bread and without resources, and as these 
Messrs. Wiscart and De T^euville have plunged him into this state ol 
misery by depriving him of the enjoyment of his brother's means since 
his arrival in Virginia, and whom he represents, he prays that the Gov- 
ernor will take pity upon him according to his application, by obliging 
Messrs. Wiscart & De Neuville to settle with him without delay. 

Jnne 10th 


Wanhingt/^^n Giving their reasons why Alexander Montgomery was recommended 
C/OTinty f^^ sheriff, instead of John Latham, whose name stood first in the list. 
The said Latham having removed from the county and state some Eigh- 
teen months ago, and the court having no Evidence of his intention to 
return to this county. 

Jnne 10th 

Flour bar- 

Sam^l n. Saunders to Beverly Randolph, Esq. 

Calling his attention to a claim he had for Flour barrels against the 
public, which was not settled when ho closed his accounts with Mr. 
Morton, as he said ho had no power to allow the discount therefor, but 
wonhl have it arranged for him. The letter he wrote to the Executive, 
ho learns has boon by the groundless assertions ol Morton, acted upon 
to his prejudice. Ho is conscious of the justness of his claim, but to 
ontl the mutter will go into the General court & confess judgment, if 
Morton shall be directed to receive the principal with 5 per cent, inter- 
est instead of 10 pr. cent., which he says he must pay for appealing, 
unlcHH remitted by (.Iu5 K.\'0(uitivc. 



H. Knox, Secretary of War, to Governor Randolph. 



The indisposition of the President of the United States has been the 
cause of your Excellency's letter of the 5th of May being unanswered 
until this time, as it was necessary to submit the same to him and take 
his orders thereon. 

The same number of scouts which were allowed the counties of Ken- 
tuckey, and the other counties lying to the northward thereof, on or 
near the Ohio, were extended to Russell county on the 29th of April 
last. Although the President is convinced of the inefficacy of defensive 
measures against the predatory incursions of small parties of Indians, 
yet he was contrained from the complaints of the people on the frontiers 
to furnish the Scouts to be called out in the manner heretofore allowed 
by Virginia as a temporary measure, until some other arrangement should 
bo adopted by the Legislature. 

The result of the deliberations of Congress on the information sub- 
mitted to them relative to the frontiers, has been an Act to raise an ad- 
ditional battalion to the troops before in service, making in the whole 
1,216 non-commissioned and privates, and a general authority to the 
President of the United States to call forth the militia when necessary 
for the protection of the frontiers upon the pay established in said Act, 
which I have the honor to enclose. 

Under these circumstances, the President finds himself restrained 
from ordering out any more Scouts upon a pay higher than the Act of 
Congress authorizes, and he will shortly be obliged to confonn the pay 
of the Scouts to the pay fixed by Congress for the militia. Until a 
general arrangement shall take place on this subject, he is unwilling to 
take any measures respecting the counties of Wythe and Washington 
which should seem to place them on an inferior footing to the other 
frontier counties. But, if your Excellency should judge the case to be 
really exigent with respect to the said Counties of Wythe and Wash- 
ington, you will please to direct a small party of militia for each, not 
exceeding a Lieutenant and 15 non-commissioned and privates, which 
shall be considered as in the service of the United States for the time 
you shall so order them, of which I shall be obliged to your Excellency 
to be informed. 

Arrangements are making for the raising of said additional battalion 
which will be employed on the frontiers, and 1 have the honor to inform 
your Excellency that the President of the United States has directed 
that ninety non-commissioned officers and privates be raised in Ken- 
tuckey and the frontiers of Virginia, and that Major Alexander Parker, 
Capt. Ballard Smith, Lieutenant John Steel, and Ensigns Richard 
Archer and Thompson Seayres, citizens of Virginia, are appointed oflB- 
cers in the said additional Battalion. 

Jime 10th 
War office 

and other 





Pay of 

ments for 



1790, The ideas of Colonel Tatham are more extensive with respect to the 

June 10th Map of the frontiers than would be necessary at this time to have exo- 

Col. Tatham cuted. The outlines of the respective counties was the principal object 

^ wanted. In future, it may be necessary to have an accurate survey 

made, not only of the frontiers, but of all parts of the United States. 

I have the honor to be, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most obedient Humble Servant. 

June 12th H. Knox, Secretary op War, to the Governor. 

War office It is with great diffidence that I take the liberty of requesting your 
Judge Innes Excellency to forward letters, but the enclosed to Judge Inncs, contain- 
ing dispatches of great importance for Brigadier General Harmar, I 
request the favor of your forwarding them. 

I have the honor to be, with groat respect. 

Your Excellency's most obed't Humble Servant. 

June 16th John C. Littlbpage, Clerk of Nansemond County Court. 

Jno. Cole, Certifying that John Cole, James Godwin & Nathaniel Buxton are 

NaS^^r* recommended to his Excellency, Beverly Kandolph, as fit persons for the 

Buxton office of sheriff. 

June 15th William Hay to the Governor. 

Richmond Informing him on behalf of the Directors of public buildings, that it 
Mr. Austin would be proper to advance Mr. Austin, two hundred pounds, in order 
Mr. Minor that there may bo no delay in the completion of his contract. Mr. 
Minor's contract is also finished, and the amount due him is Two Hun- 
dred and fifty pounds. These gentlemen having made application, he 
would be pleased if the Executive will grant them orders on the Treas- 
ury for the above amounts. 

June 15th Ro. Pollard, Clerk op Kino & Queen County Court. 

Joe. W. Lee Certifying to his Excellency, that Joseph W. Lee, Surgeon, was re- 
quested by the Court, held for the said County, on Feb. 8th, 1790, to 


examine into the disabilities of Capt. Benj'n Hoomes, and of John Mar- 1790. 
shall, pensioners, and report their condition to this court. June 15th 

Jos. W. Lee repoi'ts that he has made the examinations as requested, 
and find neither of them any better qualified to support themselves 
than they were at the time they were made pensioners. 

G. Thompson to . June 16th 

Certifying that the Certificate signed by the Governor for the admis- 
sion of James Askew to the pension list, was lodged in the Clerk's office 
of Fluvanna, where he has received his pension up to the end of the 
year 1788. 

Wm. Tatham to Archibald Blair, Esq. june 17th 

Sending him two volumes of Barnadiston's Reports, the property of Bamadiston 
the State, collected under his order in 1782, from the remains of the reports 
Enemie's destruction, and will send any others that may fall in his way. 

Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury, to Beverley june 19th 

Randolph, Esq. 

Informing him that as Col. Carrington will be unable to execute in Treasury 
convenient time, the business committed to him, relative to the Light- l^emrtment 
House on Cape Henry, the President has transferred that duty to Thos. Carrington 
Newton, Esq., of Norfolk, to whom the necessary instructions w^cre Light-house 
dispatched by the last mail. Upon his report to his Excellency, the Henry 
President will be satisfied that the Cession be completed. 

Armistead Russell, George B. Poindexteei, Benedict Crump, Sam'l June 19th 
Mark, Geo Wilkinson Jr., and John Bacon to Governor Ran- 

Petition for the pardon of Abraham, negro man slave, the property of petition for 
William Allen Atkinson, sentenced to be hung for felony on July 30th pardon 
next. The above named persons, members of the Court of New Kent 
County, who tried k convicted & sentenced to be hung Jeese, a negro 
man slave, belonging to Mary Dickcrton Webb, and Abraham, negro 



1790. slave, property of tho said Wm. Allen Atkinson, for having on the 28th 
June 19th day of May last, in the night time, feloniously & hurglariously broken 
Abraham into the smoke house of one Thomas Howie, and stolen 18 pieces of 
bacon & other articles. The said Abraham was found guilty as an 
accomplice. They are sensible thai a pardon will be more effectual to 
attain the good intended by punishment than a rigorous Execution 
might be, & this his first arraignment, recommends him to his Excel- 
lency the Governor as an object of mercy. 

Jane 20th Col. Wm. Da vies to Governoe Randolph. 

New York Stating that his letter of tho 7th inst. is just received, but the papers 
Virjjinia entrusted with Mr. Marmie, are not yet arrived. lie thought that he 
auainst the ^^^ examined every book in the Treasury ofiice, and had brought on 
United or made extracts from every one that was useful, and yet does not par- 
ticularly recollect the Ledger mentioned by his Excellency. That 
would appear to be important particularly on account of the period 
Prior to 1777 which it comprehends. Prior to 1777, all settlements of public accounts 
allsettte- y^Q^Q lodged in the Executive office; between that period and the last 
lodged in of the year 1778, when the Auditor's office was established with its 
t*^ ffi ^' pr^s®^!' powera, there wore commi8sionei*s or auditors appointed to 
Redster of examine & certify all accounts. They kept only a Register of balances 
^*^^^^ alphabetically arranged, but the settlements or accounts themselves were 
sent to the Treasurer with a certificate annexed of the sura duo to or 
from the individuals, making the settlement, and it seems to have been the 
duty of the Treasurer to charge the settlements under the proper heads. 
If this Ledger contains these accounts thus digested, it will be emi- 
nently useful, otherwise it will bo little more than an arrange- 
ment of the Treasury' receipts. Ho encloses a few Extracts from tho 
account of payments at the Treasury during tho above mentioned 
period, which will enable his Excellency to judge how far the Expen- 
ditures are specified upon that Ledger. These Extnicts arc an example, 
two of the only evidence now in his possession to pi-ove the due appro- 
priation of numerous charges of monies advanced on account. His 
Excellency will observe that this Evidence is no moiH3 than an entry of 
a farther payment for the balance due on a settlement, and does not 
always prove the Expenditures to have been for State dtfenco, and much 
loss for Continental purposes. He thinks this Evidence can only be 
found in those old vouchers of the Treasury office, (as Mr. Wood calls 
them in the enclosed Extract), which appear to have been in his bands 
& Mr. Smith's for the purpose of arrangement sometime subsequent to 
Arnold's Arnold's invasion, and ai*o much to be desired, as the account of 
invasion moneys is very considerable, and very often he can find nothing in the 
Executive books or papers showing how the monies have been applied. 


Since his last letter, ho has spent two (hiys with Mr. Madison exam- 1790. 

ining the various reports ot" the public offices here, and is happy to find June 20th 
that under all her disadvantages, Virginia will appear at least equal Mr. Madison 

in her exertions, to her more immediate antagonists, Massachusetts and m^^*. 

South Carolina, should the business of assumption be brought on again, setts and 

He says that the two Commissioners for their crude report, are disposed to TheTwo* 

shelter themselves under the excuses of want of time and misinformation commis- 

Bioneis : 


from their principal clerk, and he is inclined to think that the circumstance ^j^^jj. ^^^^^ 
of some of the unstated papers brought on by Mr. Winder, being at the report; their 
time more immediately the object of attention with the principal clerk, ^^^^^^ 
induced him, and consequently them, to be more particular with respect 
to Virginia than other States, tho' their mode of expression has so dis- 
gusted most of the Southern members, that in the new Bill, two or more New bill; 

Commissioners are provided to be added, and much of the business of"°}^^i^™" 

^ ' missioners 

the board transferred to the Comptroller and Auditor of the Treasury, to be added 
so as to make their continuance less necessary. From the report, Mary- 
land, Virginia, North Carolina & Georgia appear to be in about the same 
state of preparation with their accounts. South Carolina is represented as 
having her claims regularly stated and vouched, though at the same time, 
from the annexed letters from her Senator and Representatives dated 
so late as April 29th, 1790, they prefer an additional gross claim of three 
millions of dollars. Mr. Dame has come forward as an agent for that 
State, and pretends to say that he can support a claim of fourteen mil- 
lions of dollars, but to do this, he must count upon obtaining a credit 
for a vast amount of extravagent bounties paid for short services, and 
must also succeed in the extension of all paper money payments subse- 
quent to March 18th, 1780, at 40 for 1, as that State claims at present. 
He would here observe to his Excellency upon this subject, that a mat- Grovemor's 
ter has occurred, which will require his speedy attention and assistance. *^t^^^!?° 
As far as he can discover from the accounts of the different States ren- matter 
dered, as well as from the report of the different public offices, there is no 
State in the Union, whose State paper was either in circulation so long or 
to such an amount as that of Virginia, and every State besides Virginia, 
appears on the books of the Treasury to have a credit after 18 Mar., 1780, 
on all their paper payments at 40 for 1, while Virginia is only credited for 
her payments in State paper according to her own scale; and he observed 
in one of the books of the 5 departments, the difference in the two 
modes of appreciating one single entry only, will amount to more than 
£300,000 specie. He thinks this mode of discriminating between the 
State and Continental paper seems to meet with some Countenance 
from one of the Commissioners; it will be necessary to show that to all 
Common purposes they were equally current, and that if in any case 
there was a difference, it was but trifling. He begs to recommend 
this inipoitant point to his Excellency's attention, that such testimonials 
on this subject may be forwarded, as will effectually secure the State in 
this particular. 


1790. In regard to his Excclleney'8 anxiety expressed in a former letter to 

June 20th reduce the expense of the office with respect to the clerks, ho remarks 
Reducing that by the time he is favored with an answer, he will be able to dis- 
^huT^^^ penso with one of them. He believes Mr. Dunscomb^s allowance is £70 
Bfr. Duns- more than Mr. Burnlcy*s. He is better acquainted than Mr. Burnley 
Mr^^Burnlev ^*^^ what was done under his direction, but so little of this can be 
acted upon at the present, his information from that circumstance is ren- 
ored less important. For capacity & attention, he thinks Mr. Burnley to 
be preferred, and as he will soon bo still more engaged with the Commis- 
sioner of Army accounts, he will be under the necessity of confiding more 
than he yet has done, to the judgment and diligence of the person assis- 
ting him in selecting and stating. As Mr. Dunscomb holds his appoint- 
ment, ho conceives in some measure under the immediate authority of 
the Executive, and may perhaps be from some circumstances entitled to 
some indulgence, he thinks himself bound to be guided by his Excel- 
He has no lency's choice in the matter, it being wholly immaterial to him, provided 

choice ^jj^ State be equally well seiTcd. 

Will require He will need the services of one of the clerks for another quarter to 

^^^ the complete the statement of the specifics, a tedious piece of work, after 

quarter which he hopes to save the State any further expense on that head. 

His own time is wholly engrossed in selecting, arranging & applying 

the evidence found in the public books & letters, which is a very difficult 


June2l8t P- Waqener, Clerk op Fairfax Co. Court. 

Fairfax Certifying that the Court recommend George Augustin Washington, 

Magistrates William Thompson, Lewis Hyikins, John Jackson, John Fowler, John 
mended Chapman Hunter, Blisha Cullen Dick, and Edward Washington, JunV, 
to his Excellency for Magistrates; also that the following list of Justices 
& those marked Removed, Dead, &c., is a true statement of the Justices 
Present of the County, viz: Robert Townsend Hooe, sheriff; George Mason, rc- 
Justices, Ac. gjgjjgj . Charles Broadwater, Robert Adams, dead ; Hector Ross, re- 
signed; Alexander Henderson, removed; George Washingtony President ; 
Thomas Pollard, Martin Cockburn, resigned ; Rich'd Chicester, resigned ; 
Geo. Gilpin, Chas. Little, James Wren, Henry Daruo, Inspector; David 
Arell, Lunatic; David Stuart, Chas. Alexander, W. Payne, Jno. Moss, 
W. Denealo, Jno. Fitzgerald, Will. Brown, Benj*n Dulanoy, Thos. Gun- 
nell, Goo. Minor, Inspector; Rich'd Conway, Will. Herbert, William 
Lyles, removed; James Waugh, resigned; Roger West, Jno. Poltz, 



John Wilson to Governor Randolph. 1790. 

A8king him to postpone having the Revenue tax of 1787 collected, till June 2l8t 
the people can realize from the present Crop of Tobacco now Growing. Pittsylvania 
From the great scarcity of money, the people are now suffering, and if ^ 

I he sheriff is forced to distress them, their goods will bring little or Asking their 
nothing. The collector has given Security for the tax, and a reasonable ^^^^^ z^ 
time now given the people ho thinks cannot be of any disadvantage to poned 
the State. 

The Governor endoi*ses this letter to Brigadier-Gen'l Wood, as follows: 

Cumberland, June 24, 1790. 
Dear Sir, 

The above letter was delivered to mo this moment by Mr. Clay. Governor's 
He i« charged ako with a petition from his County, praying some indul- Z'"S^' 
gence in the collection of the Revenue Tax for 1787. I do not think Wood 
that the Executive have any legal authority to interpose in this Busi- 
ness, although there does appear to be some Hardship in having the 
collection of two yeara' Taxes going on at the same moment — more 
especially as the failure of the different sheriffs & collectors to give se- 
curity, has probably occasioned the People to be totally unprepared for 
so sudden a Demand. 

1 am, D'r Sir, 

Yr. obed't Serv't, 


To Brigadier-General Wood, Richmond. 

Hudson Muse to Governor Randolph. June2lflt 

Acknowledging receipt of his letter of the 7th, respecting instructions T&ppahan- 
from Secretary of the Treasury of May 18th, to collector & surveyora o^**?^^ *. 
on the clearance of vessels. Agreeably thereto he will transmit quar- Treasury's 
torly to the Auditor of Public Accounts, all Tobacco manifests delivered instructions 
to him by Captains of vessels that may clear at this port. Manifests 

Sara. Coleman stating that tho' no scouts were allowed for 1789 to June 2l8t 

Monongalia County, by Executive instructions dated Dec. 31, 1788, yet, No scouts 

upon consideration of letters from Colonels Evans & McCleory of April w^ ^^^,. 

21, 1789, two scouts were allowed — one of which Levi Morgan has been for 1789 
paid. The claim of the other, David Piles, is presented for services from 
April 25th, till Jane 8, 1789, and is of course just. 




Nathaniel Mahsik to tue Governor in Council. 

June 22d 

Contest for 



him and 

Wni. Hol- 


Stating that tbo Court of Goochland on yesterday nominated two 
persons for the office of sheriff — The contest being between William 
Holman (who is first in the nomination) and himself He thinks that 
he is entitled to the office, as he has constantly & unremittingly per- 
formed his duties as a Justice ever since his Commission was issued, 
while Mr. Holman, after acting several years under his Commission, 
actually withdrew himself therefrom and refused to exercise that office 
for a long time, but which he has since resumed, and now claims his 
rank of seniority merely as being the first mentioned; that they both 
were commissioned at the same time, but that his qualific^ition was prior 
to Holman's. He bogs that tbe Executive will delay issuing the Com- 
mission of sheriff to the said Holman till he can bo further heard in 
support of his claims to the said office. 




Vaults and 

Wm. Duval 




agreed on 

Their report 

Wm. Hay to the Governor. 

Stating that the Directors of the Public buildings beg to lay before 
the Executive, a state of their proceedings respecting the columns of 
the Portico, on which they require their advice and direction. That 
Edward Voss contracted with the Directors, on May 11th, 1789, to 
build the columns of the portico, and the vaults under the portico, of 
Brick, according to the directions of the Superintend't, his measurement 
and under the conditions of his former contracts, as to the quality and 
form of the brick, the goodness of the mortar or cement to be used, and 
for which he was to be paid Three pounds, ten shillings per M, out of 
Bonds, due the Directors or Commissioners of sales of public property; 
that on July 1, following, the said Ed. Voss entered into bond with the 
Governor in the penalty of £1,500 for the faithful performance of his 
contract, with Wm. Duval, security. That the said columns were fin- 
ished so late last season, the Directors postponed the vaults till this 
season. Upon the application of Voss for permission to begin the 
vaults, the Directors excepted to the Columns, as being in their opinion 
insufficient & not built in a workmanlike manner according to contract. 
Thereupon Mr. Voss and the Directoi*8 agreed that Alexander Quarrier, 
Thomas Warren & John Collins should view the same and report to the 
Directors. These gentlemen met & in the presence of the Directors and 
Mr. Voss, heard the testimony of the Honl. Robert Goode, SamM Dobie, 
& Dabney Minor, and having inspected the columns, reported in writing 
their opinion; ihal ihey considered ihem as insufficient, and are of 
opinion that they ought to he taken down, the whole or at least a part, 
and also that they deferred their opinion of the inefficiency of the work 



on Mr. Voss's part, or otherwise, till the taking down of the columns, 
at which time, they would bo particular in viewing the same, and then 
report finally. That upon Mr. Hay showing the said report to Mr. 
Voss, he refused to take down the columns, allcdging that his workmen 
were otherwise employed, but said at the same time, that if upon a fur- 
ther view of the Referees, they should be of opinion ho was faulty in 
the execution of the work, he must pay the expense of taking down 
& putting up the said columns. The Directors not being satisfied with 
the answer, furnished Mr. Voss with a copy of the Report of the 
Referees, and asked for his determination in writing, whether he would 
or would not take down the columns, or as much as would be necessary, 
or whether the Directors should have it done at his expense. The 
expense thereof depending on the final award of the Referees. Mr. 
Voss failed to answer in writing; a meeting of the Directors was 
called, at which he verbally answered that it was not in his power to 
take the columns down, and desired the Directors to employ some other 
person to do it, and if they were condemned on account of the badness 
of the work, he would pay the expense attending the same. 

The Directors having considered the foregoing determination of Mr. 
Voss, & having from the opinion & conversation of the Referees, some 
reasons to believe that Brick columns may in the end be defective, and 
ultimately as expensive as stone columns, if coated with a hard finishing 
to make them resemble stone, they feel inclined to postpone the fur- 
ther Execution of the work until the meeting of the General Assembly, 
that they may give directions therein ; and will proceed to have the 
vaults finished with all possible expedition. As it would be unsafe to 
trust a Lead Cover on the roof of the Portico until the columns are 
made sufficient, they think that the roof should be shingled, & the front 
& sides of the Pcdimint sheeted with plank to preserve the timbers from 
injury; and they are more induced to this opinion, for the reason that 
they fear Mr. Austin will not be able to finish more than the remainder 
of the roof & gutters this season. 

^j» These matters are all submitted by the Directors to the consideration 
of the Executive, & beg their opinion & advice therein. 


.Time 22d 

Mr. Hay 

shows the 

report to 


ask for his 






preferable to 


Lead cover 

unsafe now 

Roof to be 


Ask the 

advice of the 


B. Wood, Clerk in Solicitor's Office. 

June 22d 

Statement of Jno. Buck, sheriff of Shenandoah's acc't, for taxes for Bichmond 
1787, paid up with interest & damages. 



1790. Jno. Pendleton, Deputy Clerk of Caroline County, to the Grov- 


June 22d Certifying that George Guy and Anthony New were recommended 
by Caroline Co. court at its June term, for sheriff. 

June 22d 

Job McKay to the Governor. 

Petition for Petition showing that he had been unjustly & illegally convicted of 

paraon forging a receipt in full for all demands from him to Ralph Withers, by 

Frederick Co. Court at May, 1789, term, and praying to have the fine of 

Twenty pounds remitted, also the costs, which are 1,132 lbs. Tobacco 

and 15s. 

June 23d 

Harry Heth to the Governor. 

Richmond Enclosing List of balances and accounts on the Books of Westham 
Westham Foundry, liquidated by the scale of Depreciation, leaving a balance in 
LmnnS ^avor of the Foundry of £877, lis, Gjd. 

June 25tli 

Colonel Will. Heth to the Governor. 


Bermuda I have roc*d youre of the 7th inst. Knowing how essential the 

Manifesteof '^^'^^^"^sts for Tobacco shipped were to the State, I made a point of duty 

Tobacco to demand & receive them, from the clearing out of the first vessel in 
this District to the present time, and last December I informed the 
Treasurer and Auditor that they were ready to be delivered whenever 
called for. I will embrace the first opportunity of forwarding all those 
which were rec'd from the 17th Aug't to the 31st March last, as you de- 
sired, and the most pointed complyance with your request may be ex- 
pected from me. 

Sensible as I am that this acknowledgment of the rcc*t of your letter 
would have been deemed sufRcient, yet, Sir, such are my wishes to have 
it in my power to do every possible Justice to the State, and such is 
my anxiety to see a system of absurdity — the coasting act — i*endered 
intelligible as well as advantageous to the revenue, that I cannot for- 
bear offering some remarks on those laws, to which your letter has 
reference, from a persuation that you will think them worth mentioning 
to tbe Virginia representation in Congress, 



The salutary purposes for which the Act of Conc^ress was passed, di- 1790. 
reeting the officers of the Customs to be governed by the Inspection June 25th 
laws of the respective states, will in a gi-eut measure be defeated in this Customs 
State, by one of the many imperfections in the Coasting Act. Vessels inspection 
of any burthen duly licensed as Coasters, and laden with Amencan pro- laws 
duce only, may depart from any port in Virginia for Maryland or North i^den with 
Carolina without clearing ; and by the celebrated explanatory Act to the American 
Ck>asting Act, pass'd towards to the close o( the last session, and of 
which our honest, departed friend, Colo. Bland, was the author, a vessel 
of fifty tons burthen, laden as aforesaid, may proceed to any parts of the 
U. States, without clearing or entering,, so that vessels of these descrip- 
tions, andtAits laden, will always take the shipping manifests with them. 
For tho* it may be a question with some, whether the Act of Congress 
" To prevent the exportation of goods not duly inspected," &c., does not 
do away so much of the Coasting Act as exempts the description of 
coasters aforesaid from clearing, by obliging them, when they have 
Tobacco, Tar, pitch, turpentine, flour, bread. Hemp, pork, beef or lum- 
ber, to clear out; yet it is not so understood; and if the master of a 
vessel, who hath been accustomed to go from District to District free of 
any expence, should now be called upon to clear out, if he has any of 
the above articles on board, and which clearance would cost the enor- 
mous high fee of 25 cents, it would occasion much grumbling; and if all 
the officers in the State should not construe the laws alike in this par- 
ticular, you may easily guess what displeasure it would create, should 
this be my construction, and I should request the surveyors in this dis- 
trict to conform thereto. The language of the Laws of Virginia, 
respecting Tobacco, runs thus : 

Ist. The master shall deliver on clearing, a fair manifest, &c. ; 2d ly, Language of 
Shall produce & lodge on clearance, the Inspector's manifests, &c.; Virginia 
lastly, no vessel shall be cleared out, unless the master thereof shall pro- concerning 
duco a manifest of the Cargo, & make oath that the commodities to be Tobacco 
exported have been inspected, &c., &c. See May Session, 1783, Chap. 
10th, Sect'ns 3 & 4; and Jan'ry 1788, Chap. 4, Sect. 57. On the other 
hand, the laws of the United States exempts vessels of certain burthens 
from clearing, if laden with Am. produce only. But by the act of Con- Act of 
gress of the 2nd of April alluded to, it is expressly declared that " no Congress 
ves-sel having on board goods liable to inspection, shall be cleared out, 
until the master or other proper person shall have produced, &c., &c." 
Now, whether this clause can have • reference to vessels which were 
intended under the Coasting Act to be exempted from entering or clearing, 
or to such only as the laws of the U. States have, in clear and unequivo- 
cal terms declared, sJiall clear out, in the District where they load, under 
certain penalties, is a question which will admit of much being said 




1790. upon both sides. It is at least, a moot case, and such as in my humble 
June 25th opinion requires Legislative explanation. 

I have the honor to be Sir, 

Your mo. obt. Servt. 

June 29th 

James Wood, Lieutenant-Governor op Virginia. 

tion for 
arrest of 

Richmond Who in the absence of the Governor, issues this proclamation for the 
arrest of one Benjamin Woodward, who upon the confession of James 
Ai'thur before the court of Dinwiddie county 2l8t June, 1790, when 
apprehended on suspicion of having forged or assisting in forging or 
signing certain certificates issued by the authority of this Common- 
wealth, he has reason to believe has been principally concerned in coun- 
terfeiting & passing such certificates & public securities of this State, 

1160 reward and offers a reward of One Hundred & fifty Dollara for the apprehen- 
sion & conveyance of the said Benjamin Woodward to the District jail 
of Petersburg. 

June 29th 

Sam. Coleman to the Lieutenant-Governor. 

Bichmond Stating that the claim of Edward Pindell lor services as a scout, is 
not authorized by any order of the Executive. 

June 30th 



Harry Heth to the Honorable James Wood, Esq. 

Informing him that he sends for the inspection of the Executive, a 
list of balances from the books of Westham foundry, which were put 
into his hands by the solicitor by direction of the Execulive. The bal- 
ances are extended in paper currency as directed, agreeably to the scale 
at the time the last entry was made. As he is about to leave town to 
make sale of tobacco, & will goto Fort Pitt to see a relation before his 
return, he requests that he may receive an order on the auditor for 
whatever amount the Executive may consider his services worth. 

June 30th Militia returns for the spring of 1790: 

From David Shepherd, County Lt. of Ohio Co. 

Arthur Thornton, do., " Caroline Co. 

Benjamin Johnson, do., ** Orange Co, 




r om Wm. Hondcrson, County Lt. of Campbell Co. 
Wm. Waring, do., *' Essex Co: 

Jas. Bayton, Col. 2d Regt. " Gloster Co. 
n. Smith, Command'g officer ^' Russell Co. 





Jane 30th 

H. Knox, Secretary of War. to Governor Beverley Randolph. July let 

Informing him that his letter of the 22d Instant was this moment 
received. He thanks him for the information respecting Ensign Seayvoe. 
The appointment is for the son of the late Col. John Seayres, and will 
thank his Excellency to forward the same to Thomas Seayres. 


Thomas Harris to the Governor. 

Complaining that he had been unmercifully beaten by Major Lang- 
ham, and discharged from the garrison, where he is employed as an arti- 
ficer; that Major Langham will not tell him the reason of this treat- 
ment, and asking the Governor for a full investigation of the matter and 
restoration to duty if he is found innocent of any charges. He speaks 
of great irregularities going on at the garrison, and of the public prop- 
erty being converted to the private use of Major Langham. 

July 1st 

Point of 

Beaten by 

Asks for a 
full investi- 
ties at the 

Thos. Rogers, Deputy Clerk op Hanover County Court, to Gov- juiy ist 

ERNOR Beverley Randolph. 

Certifying that Parke Goodall, John Syme, & Elisha White are re- Hanover Co. 
commended for sheriff of said County. 

Colonel Wm. Davies to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

July 2d 

Stating that he had lately received the box of papers entrusted with New York 
Mr. Marmie. The lid had been split and the box but little more than 
half full. He can't say that it had been opened, as it was well secured 
with nails and the paper.j did not appear deranged. 

The vouchers from Williams & Eskridge Districts are fewer in num- Vouchera 
her than he expected, tho* ho has not yet particularly examined them. 
The bill for settling the accounts with the individual states has passed 
the house of Representatives, giving the Commissioners of the General 



July 2d 

Two more 
ers added to 

the board 

with indi- 
vidual, since 
Sept^ 1788, 
not to be 
against the 


accounts of 

himself and 


board nearly the tsame (>owers a8 l>oforc, excH^pt that the quota of eaeh 
State is settled in the l»ill. and two more Oommissiouers are to be added 
to the present. It was originally proposed to transfer a considerable 
portion of the business to the Auditor & Comptroller, but they having 
represented the impossibility of attending to it, the clause was struck 

The scttlementi> made witli individuals since Sept'r, 1788, by the dif- 
ferent States are not to be admitted against the Union. The Repre- 
sentatives having applied to him for information on the subject & find- 
ing the amount did not exceed £3,000 or £4,000 at the utmost, they 
d^rmined to favor the motion, supposing that Virginia would ulti- 
mately be a gainer by it, some of the States having made many settle- 
ments of a later date — particularly New York, who as soon as there was 
a prospect of the assumption of the State debts, opened an oflSce for 
receiving claims for services and supplies during the war. 

He encloses the accounts of himself and assistants for salaries from 
April Ist, to June 30th, 17^, inclusive, to- wit: 

Wm. Davies, tor services as Commissioner, settling the accounts of the 
State against the United States 91 da}^ at 36s, amounting to £163, 16s. 

Andrew Dunscomb, his assistant, 3 mos. at £200 per annum, being 
£50 Virg'a Currency. 

Reuben Burnley, his assistant, 3 mos. at $400 per annum, l>eing £30 
Virg'a Currency. 

July 3d 



Point of 




Sam. Coleman to General Wood. 

Enclosing £. Laugham's quarterly returns Ending June 30. for the 
Post at the Point of Fork. The amt. of pay due the guard is £72, ISs. 
Amt. due Superintendent and Artificers, £229, 7s. This latter sum is 
considerable & is occasioned by the number of guns stocked, being 225 
at 6s, 8d. each. £100, lis, 6d^ remain in superintendent's hands, said to be 
for the purchase of clothing. 

From return of clothing, it appears that Each of the guard has re- 
ceived within the last quarter 2 p'rs overalls & 1 Regimental Coat & 

July 4th J. D. Smith, County Lieutenant, to Governor Beverlet Randolph. 

Honorable Sir, 
Russell Co. I cannot but think it my duty to trouble your Excel- 

lency with the following accounts: 

Early last month a party of hostile Indians crossed through this nar 


row CouDty and fell on the House of a certain Capt. Newland in Wash- 1790. 
ingtoo county near thid County line; plundered bis house of all that July 4th 
was valuable that they could carry away, burnt many of his goods that Hostile 
they could not carry, and took his wife and three children prisoners; Captain 
but being quickly pursued and like to be overtaken, they kiird & scalped Newland 
the woman & children in this County & made their escape. 

Last Spring John Frazier, Esq., had his on (a little Boy) taken priso- Jno. Frazier 
ner, A I am well informed that unfortunate man has since had the rest 
of his family killed on the Kentucky road. 

I doubt not but your Excellency has been informed of Mrs. Wyley's Mrs. Wyley 
oath, who was taken -prisoner last fall and runaway from the Indians 
late in the winter. I am credibly informed that her deposition was 
taken in Montgomery County, & reports that the Indians informed her 
they would bring four hundred Indians against Clinch River & Blew- 
stone this summer. There has lately been much sign of Indians dis- 
eovered on big Sandy River. We keep out twenty- five Rangers & four Rangers and 
scouts, but as our County is about 150 miles in length, that small body ooouts 
is insufficient to guard it. Should our distressed situation incline jour 
Excellencie's tender feelings to redress these grievancies, I would hum- 
bly propose that fifly men at least be appointed to range on our Fron- 
tier untill the fall; I find it exceeding difficult to get men to range, as 
the whole of this county from its narrowness is considered as frontier — 
a man will choose rather to submit to a fine than have his helpless 
&mily exposed to danger while ho performs a tour of duty. If such a 
number of men as your Excellency may Judge necessary for our defense 
should be ordered raised in Washington, which this county covers 
in its whole length, it would be the best & most natural defense that our 
frontier at this interim can expect; in all probability it would secure us 
from such frequent and cruel barbarrities as this County has lately 

I have resided in this county during the last war, and I do not think 
that during the whole war I heard of more cruel or more frequent acts 
of cruelty than has been committed within a year past. 

Permit me. Sir, to instance one act committed last fall on the line 
dividing this County k Montgomery, on the person of a certain Mr. Mr. Whiting 
Whitley, who went a few miles in the woods hunting his Horses, when 
the Indians fell on him, killed him, and cut him into small pieces ; cut 
out his guts & strung them on the Bushes ; cut Out his heart k flung it 
against the ground with such violense that it covered itself in the soil. 

The Bearer, Mr. Fletcher, having some business in Bedford, I have Mr. Fletcher 
prevailed on him to carry this Express. I hope your Excellency will 
be pleased to order him such reward as you may adjudge him for his 

I have the Honour to be, 

Your Excelleneie's obed't H*ble Serv't. 


1790. S. Shepabd, Clekk in Solicitor's Office, to Bevebley RAin)OLPH, 


July 5th Informing hira that at the last General Court, held June 15th, 1790, a 
Richmond motion was made in hehali of the Commonwealth, at the request of 
Greneral Charles Lee, Esq., late Naval officer of Powtowmaek River Bist'ct, on 
Chf^S\ee * ^^^^ dated August 1st, 1789, given by John Laird, & Buchanan & Pat- 
Bond given ton, for goods imported from George Town, amounting to £40, lOs, 5d. 
I^idand "^^^^ motion was overruled, the Court being of opinion that the Bond 
others, for was taken afler the Laws of this State on the subject of Duties, ceased, 
jj^^l^^^l^ He encloses a copy of the order of the Court, also the Attorney-Gen- 
eraPs opinion to the same effect, as he says that the Court having 
unanimously determined that the Laws of the state concerning duties 
on imports, ceased so early as the 2l8t July, 1789, "he is of opinion 
that the solicitor should deliver up any bonds for duties, which were 
entered into after those Laws ceased to the obligors, upon application for 
the same, and the Auditor should credit all such bonds accordingly ; they 
having been illegally taken. " 

As he has a number of bonds taken by Mr. Lee, dated on and after 
the 21st July, 1789, in his office, which he has demanded to be given up, 
on behalf of the obligors, in consequence of the aforesaid order, he 
requests that his Excellency & the Board of Council will be pleased to 
direct whether they shall be given up or retained in the office. 

July 6th Otway Byrd to Saml. Coleman, Esq. 

Charles City Enclosing the resignations of Major Gregory and Ensign Marstors, to 
be hande^i to the Governor, & requests that other commissions will bo 
forwarded in their places. 

July 7th Col. William Da vies to Beverley Randolph. 

New York Stating that till lately it was the custom to neglect printing the 
In regard to Resolutions with the Acts of Assembly, and also to omit entering on 

the former h^q Journals of the House of Delegates, any amendments made by the 
custom of t3 1 J J 

not printing Senate. A resolution after having passed the House, and then amended 

^^^h^Ui°* by the Senate, never appears in its amended form in any of the public 

acts, Ac. records, except it be in the Journals of the Senate, tho' the amendment 

may have materially altered, if not entirely changed the nature of the 

original proposition. 



He says that he is trequeotly referral by the jj^pecilic vouchor* to a 17W. 
Bes^oiutioQ of Nov. ITth, 1780, which &s it ap{>oars ou the Journal of July 7th 
the Delegates, was only an authority to the Executive to take uiea»ut\H» Uitii Uvuhle 
tor salting ap a quantity of provisions tor the tHieceeding campaigu. 
The resolution was amended in the Senate, but how« he has not been 
able to find out irom any thing in his possession, and requests the 
Governors assistance in procuring it ; possibly from the Auditor. 

He says that the bill for the settlement of accounts is before the Sen^ 
ate, and the Eastern members will endeavor to strike out the advlitioa 
provided in the bill of two more commissioners, fearing that one of the 
additional commiss'rs will be taken trom Virginia. Ue cannot yot tell 
what will be the result, tho' Col. Lee thinks that the v>piH>sition to this 
part of the bill will not be successful. 

Thos. Xkwton, Jr., to Goyunor Bivk&liey Randoli'U. July loth 

Informing him that at the request of the President and Secretary of Ni>rlblk 
the United States, he had chosen a spot whereon to ereca a light-house. 
The place formerly intended to build on, is now fixed upon. The cession Snot ehoAcoi 
to the United States may now be completed. ^ survey and plat (if ^^J^^ht- 
necessary) may be directed by his Excellency to be made> that the bouu- (X^<m to 
daries may be known. He has informed the Secretary of tho stops fcHll"^ 
taken. He will be happy to render any assistance in his power to carry now be 
so desirable an object into immediate Execution, as tho trade suifers UMwle 
much for the want of a light-house, & it will in all probability bo the 
means of saving many lives. 

Andrew Dunsoomb to Governor Bkverlky Rani>olpii. july mh 

In which he refers to his past and present services to tho State; ho Now York 

begs that the Governor will make such addition to \m Hulury as will AHkinir for 

give him a livinij, and allow him to educate his ohildi'on. At present *^" ***^dition 
r. ,^ , .1.1, * to hiH mUary 

his needful expenses exceed his allowance. 

Colonel Wm. Da vies to Governor Beverley Randolph. July I2th 


I enclose to your Excellency a plan for tho Hnal Rottloment of the Now York 
continental accounts & contributions of tho individual StatOH. Your 
Excellency will readily perceive that tho ratio of representation will 

Jtt^ (SAht:^hxxL O! mxxTL I-Al'lillh 

ifiyiK <#|M»iiiU- vor\ ^.nfverfultv tii lia. filial i&diustiiieni. and liiai imle«»' ii*e 

Joi.* jjrti. UiidiMM. iA U^f ^rttper atecuuiii will, tutr l"nii«i Btaia^ beimattT iuikvar 

>>i^^I^i4f ^ ijfi' Virgin a; nu»: ^W U uitiiuiii^iv a deinor. liuii buisTitft:. from ilit- l»esi 

^^^\ ^.^Uc- vitJiA' iw liii it'xtmiiU' wuK-t J a»vt- i#t«?i. at>Kr u- otniiiTi. ap^nmrF to t»e 

*awjt of tU lii/ou! >^.VU».^Oi< doliaf>. but vijetiier Tinrmxii vil! finalh- i#t n de^oor or 

^^^jy^^yj,!^ ^. ^^rudiUH". <^iiijat iM. ktmwii till liit- aceotimjh ol «aeij sUHf hxs^t beeri ad- 

juiiUTd. Tiie bill lor «etlltu^ ttit^ uceoutit* l*eiw«eii tbt- Piih«d Buaes 

4c iiidti'idiml 8UiU$^ iiit^ tviumed inmi linr Seusu- witlj amnndiDtiiitfi, 

oii^ iA wiiioL it; It; Htriiif uui liii- twu CamiUHifiioiieiiF jiriiposed br ibe 

bill 11* U: uddtKi it> tbt^ }ireb«in ; ibt reatjot of ifak. I fnii^crested in a 

Jk#rii4W letuir. Tbt bou«e of rt3]ire>»>euiistrr4* iiavf lun t<51 -Uiktfn the 

atueudiuf^lfe itfU/ *juii«id«rttticrti, tbu tbt- miSintKjrF Urimi fK^mt- of itc 

fuiddiv k boutiierti Htai^A> b^eui iii»t «ali«iied w'ilL xbc- alieraticnt. 

ii*!k/idj4f 'J'bt; |nip^i% <jolle<.'Ufd bv E^kridirtr art Dm bo DiiiDer(»i]f> or (Kiiiij«leai as 

^^'^^ td)Lykjii!!\AA. aiid I ♦^alJ bart v.. mh* mueL on tbf- prcFimstd assiFiaDoe of 

CoJ. WbiU?: <Aii iifc rutunu buiufc. He iran«acaed a ^aod deal of public 

bubiii4;M^ iju tUa^ |iart oe} tiifr o<juutrj. ajid afisnrc^ me «f bi^ ei^eaTox^ 

itAMAApwwx ^ autbeciik*aUf fuJJj* tb*- waiit:ii^ vfjucli^T^. Tbf act of Congress, fixing 

'^ ^^^J jj^u, ^^ U«iJM/ruiy beat <^' ^^^fmineut in Phiiadt^lpbia. viU be attended 

{0^ ^juaA m witb bOfiM; iii<M>ri veil ieiiOt i additiozial exjienw to tlu§ c«ffiee. as by lh« 

^^^^^ i^**^* *^^ tl**^ |/ubjk" dej^rtfwt'CJt* attaebed tc* lb*? seat of goremment ai* 

U^kMi m l^biladeJ|>bia hy Xha fin«l Mondar in I>t>oeml»er n«xt. 

I bave lii« bofior to be Sir, with great re^MCt. 

Your Exedlenej'fi moist obed*t Senr'l. 

^MJy i2ib H'^bi^M^ Ut iiXitm\i\\ify tbe Mettiement of Account between the United 
Hu^ York ^^"i iddlvidiml Htaten, on the principle that each State is to contribute 
in proportion t/> a given ratio tov.ardu the expence of the War, also 
Mh^^wing upon aHiippoHitionB Htutement of ballanccH due from the United 
TUtiHtiUmiu* HUliiM, wbnt credltM would be funded to the cre<ii tor States, and what 
(trtidilM woulil Im t)iil($rc3d on the books of the treasury in tavonr of all 
thu HtatoM extfept the f^nniteHt debtor state, to be discounted in any 
luture direct tux iiiler Uio prcsunt debt shall be disch'g'd, or to be paid 
UUt ol thu annual revenue after the present debt shall be discharged: 

(■il.EXlLlIi IIP fiTATE IMTEie 































^J 1 




. 1 



ii J 







7 — 






il 1 






11 - 














Nvw HumptOiiR 














^.^ =■ 



Uhodu Island, - 








Connecticut, - 








New York, - - 









Mi!w Jersey, - 






1 o^- 


21 :l 

Pi-nnrtylvania, - 








101 ! (1 

Udawarc, - - 






1.1 S' 


11 ■ 

Maryland, - - 








* * 

Virxiiiia, - - 





2 a; - 


81 6 









21 4 

Sou lb Carolina, 







1) 1 A 

Gworifia, ■ - - 








— 1 4 







601 , 26 

The credits in oolumn No. 9 being placed on the bookn ot the Ti\m«- 
ury. It tben after tbe present ilebt la diitebur^ed, u direct lax aliuuld 
Ih.' levied of 86} dollars, and tbe |iroporliou of each brought into Ibc 
Treasury, and tbe credits an stated in tbe 9lli Column disibarged, iberu 
will remain in the Treasury ot tbe United Slates tbe several HUinn 
Htaled in tbe next eoluinu, (being the ditferenie between tbe sums in 
ibc 8lh & 9th columns), tbe aggrogalo wburoof is equal to tlie aggni- 
;r:ite of tbe funded credits stated in tbe 6tb eohimii, and tbiiH oqiml 
Justice will bcdonui or if 84] dollars sbould alter the paynient of tbo 
]irvM.-nt debt, remain in tbe Truanury, orconio ibcruin from tlio onlinury 
revenue, tbu cinidils in ibe 9lb Column would be disebar^ud, and tberu 
would remain a sum equal to tbe aggregate of tbo delit now Itiiidod in 
favour of tbe Creditor Slates, or tbe tiiilance diiu fiMm the debtor 





Stepuen & Moses Austin to Bevebly Randolph, Esq. 

July 13th 
Ixiad mincH 

Number of 


Ore inex- 

Sufficient for 

the United 


To levv a 
duty on lead, 

Calling his attention to a cortificato from Arthur Campbell, R. Sayois, 
k Wm. Migomry, who have inspected their lead works in Wythe County, 
and wish to inform the state of the condition of matters there. They 
certify that between fifty & sixty men are now employed as minors, 
artificers, and labourers. Seven pits are sunk about seventy feet deep, 
which are so productive that six to eight tons of ore may bo raised 
daily. From appearances, the ore in the hill is inexhaustible; that at 
present, a very simple but improved manner of beating & washing the 
ore is adopted. Materials are now getting ready for the erection of a 
new furnace, which will soon be ready for use. The one built by the 
late Col. Chiswell is now so repaired as to smelt over one ton & a 
half of lead, while it stands. They think from the activity & views of 
the owners, that with a small encouragement from the Gont)ral Govern- 
ment, so as to compensate in a degree for so distant a land e&rriage, 
lead will bo produced & manufactured in the course of the ensuing 
year, sufficient for the consumption of the United States. They con- 
clude by saying that the time has been when much depended upon this 
manufacture, and that similar occasions may happen in the course of 
future events, that will show the good policy of being independent of 
all the world for so necessarv an article. 

Messrs. Austin desire that his Excellency & the Council will call the 
attention of Congress to this subject, and the importance of giving the 
preference to the manufacture of this article to our own country, by 
either levying a duty upon imported lead, or giving a small bounty for 
the encouragement of the discovery of this article, as at present the 
expenses attending its long land carriage, make it impossible for them 
to stand upon an equality with the importer. They cannot sell the 
quanti^ they could wish, nor can they obtain a price sufiicient to repay 

July 15th 

Captain E. Lanoham to the Honorable James Wood, Esq. 

Point of 


Harrifis dis- 


from the 


Stating that an old man named Thos. Harriss, lately employed at this 
place and discharged by him on June 23d, had, as he learned, made com- 
plaint to the Executive against him for inhuman treatment; that he 
supposes the Executive will pay no attention to his Htatement, as he 
would have given them his reasons for his action, had h ' considered it 
necessary; but has never cc»iiceived it to be his duty to tpply to supe- 
rior authority to point out the punishment for any one o!l nding at this 
place. This man is a tolerable good workman, but unwilling to be 


steady at any one tiling; he is dissatisfied, assuming, & impertinent, & by 1790. 
no means fond of truth. lEe does not stand well among Iiis old neigh- Jnly 15th 
bors for honesty. 

If such information should come to the Executive & make an unfa- 
vorable impression, he will rely on his goodness & friendship to bo 
informed of it. His constant studj- is to do for <fe please the public, & 
should he fail to do so, the best wages that could be offered should not 
keep him in service one week when his conduct should meet with frown 
or censure. 

Colonel William J) a vies to Governor JRandolph. July 15th 

Stating that he is apprehensive that in his last letter ho mado a mis- New York 
take in tho date of the resolution he requested should be transmitted, 
as it passed the 15th of November, and not on the 17th, as he fancies ho 
has erroneously mentioned. 

The bill for settling the accounts between the Individual and the 
United States, was returned to the Senate with several amendments; 
all of which have been disagreed to by the House. A conference has 
been appointed, but not as yet held. The assumption business is again 

H. Knox, Secretary op War, to Governor Beverley Randolph. July 17th 

Stating that he authorized him by direction of the President of the War office 
United States, on April 13th last, in certain cases of imminent danger, Authority 
to call out for tho protection of the frontier counties a certain species ^^^^ ^^. 
of patroles, denominated Scouts, at the expense of the United States, scouts in 
He is now directed by the President to inform his Excellency that tho au- <^®'^i^ caaes 
thority relative to the scouts is to be considered as having ceased upon Authority 
the receipt of this letter, to which an immediate reply is requested. The ^6^*^^ 
reasons for this action are, that conditional orders have been sent to the therefor 
Governor of the western territory, and to the commanding officer of 
the United States troops to act oflPensively against the Shawanese and 
outcast Cherokees joined with them inhabiting northwest of the Ohio, 
who are probably the banditti, which have for some time past committed 
depredations on the Counties Ijing along the Ohio; and as the militia 
or rangers hereafter described will, in cases of necessity, bo permitted 
in lieu of tho scouts. 

The representations of the then deplorable situation of tho frontier 
counties, and the high estimation the said scouts were held in by the 
inhabitants, were tho inducements of the President to consent to calling 
forth that expensive species of militia as a temporary measure for the 



July 17th 

anxioufl to 

the front iere 



each county 


protection of the exposed countiew. Experience, however, has proved 
the inefficiency of defensive nieaHiiroH for an extensive frontier against 
straggling parties of Indians. 

The President is anxiously <lesirous of effectually protecting the fron- 
tioi's, and will take all such reasonable measures as in his judgment the 
case may require, and for which he shall be authorized by the Constitu- 
tion or the laws. 

In addition, he is directed by the President to inform his Excellency 
that he has empowered the Governor of the Western territory & Briga- 
dier-Gen*! Harman, or either of them, to make the arrangement here- 
aflcr described for the internal security of the exposed counties. The 
said Governor or commanding officer will under their hands & seals, 
empower the Lieutenants of such counties lying along the Ohio, to call 
forth the number of militia or rangei*s, as they shall judge necessary, 
and under prescribed regulations. The siiid militia or rangers shall not 
exceed, for the internal defence of any County, one subaltern, one ser- 
geant, one corporal, k twenty privates; but such less number may be 
ordered at the discretion of the said Governor, commanding officer, or 
County Lieutenant. The said Militia shall receive during the time of 
their actual seixices, the same pay as establishcil by law for the regular 
troops of the U. States, & the Militia, to-wit: Lieutenant, twenty-two 
dollai's per month; Ensign, eighteen; Sergeant, five; Corporal, four; 
Privates, three. 

Rations furnished the mngers, in such manner as the County Lieut, 
shall think pi*oper. The subaltern to have two, and the non-commis- 
sioned and privates, one each. The LTnitod States will allow for each 
ration, six pence Virginia currency, or eight an<l one third hundrcths of 
a dollar. The Lieut, ot each County to be resp<insiblo on oath that the 
said rangers shall be calleti into service in cases of imminent danger 
only, and discharged as soon as the danger shall cease. Ho hopes that 
his Excellency will impress U|>on the County Lieuts. that these tem- 
|)orary expeilients should bo conductetl with the highest economy, so 
that the ponnission given, if used with great discretion & only in cases 
of real necessity, will in the future justiiy a more extensive & |>crfe<»t 
protection to the frontiers, should they require it. Copy of this cir- 
cular sent to the Lieuts. of the Counties of Washington in Pennsyl- 
vania; Harrison, Randolph, Ohio; Monongahalia, «& Konhawa, & Russol, 
in Virginia; & Mason, Bourl>on, Woo<lfonl, Madison, Lincoln, Mercor, 
Nelson, & Jefferson, in Kentucky. 

July liHh John Jambson, Clkrk of Cl'lpeper CorxTV (-ocrt. to toe Gov- 

Sherifl Certifying that the Court this day rectimmond'* Saml. Clayton, French 

Strother, & Edw'd Stevens lor sheriff. 


Gloucester County Court, Members thereof, to Governor Kan- 1790. 


Petition asking for the panlon of Dick, negro man slavo, property of July 20th 

(yharity Buckner, an orphan, tried <fe convicted by Haid court on June Glouccfiter 

24th, 1790, of burglary, and sentenced to be hung on Friday, July 30th ^"'^ ^ 

MicHARL Bailey, Clerk op Sussex County Court, to the Governor. July 20th 

Certifying that the ("ourt at its July term, recommends liawrence Sussex Co. 
Smith. Green Hill, t^ Rich'd Harwell, for sheriff. 

O. TowLEs, Commonwealth's Attorney for Rockingham, to the July 2l8t 


Petition for the pardon of a negro man slave Jack, the property of Siwtsylvania 
Wm. Irehmd, of Rockingham Co., convicted of burglary & sentenced to ^"'^'^y 
be hang. Ho states that he is the Commonwealth's Attorney, and Asking for 
prosecuted the said slave. That the testimony of the accomplice was ^^^ Secro" 
allowed against him, which is illegal, and conflicts with the act passed slave Jack 
in October, 1789, a part of which reads thus: "That approver shall f^lj^ny 
never be admitted in any case whatsoever." That clause was totally allowed 
overlooked b}- both myself and the Court, and in no manner construed 
for him in his favour. The other testimony w^as light, and could not 
have resulted in his conviction. He confesses that his inattention is a 
very i>oor excuse, when the life of a fellow creature is involve<l, but 
that it was carelessly, not wilfully done. He trusts that a pardon will 
issued and be given to Mr. Thomas Harrison, the bearer of this letter, 
which will be faithfully transmitte<l to the proper officer. 

Mary White to the Governor. July 21st 

Petition praying that certain muster fines assessed against her for No place 

her son Robert, be remitted as he is only 18 years of age. The certifi- given 

cate of Fllisha White accompanies this petition, in which he states that To remit 

he has examined the Register of the children of David White, deceased, ^^u^*^*" fines 

for her son 
& Mary his wife, entered in an old family book now in Mi-s. White's Robert 

possession, and finds that Robert White was born January 23d, 1773. 

He ob.sorves that the ages of all their childien stand legible & plain one 

after the other, without any appearance of fraud or erasure. 


1790. .Ino. IWiACKKii TO Heveulkv Kandolpu. 

July 22il Callin<( his attention to the case of Ilaman Snow, a mariner, who was 
Williams- yesterday admitted as a patient in the Lunatic Hospital. From the 
Ilaman <loposition8 taken in this case, it appeared that he had Bcrvcd hisapprcn- 
Snow tiecship from the Port of Philadelphia, but that ho has sailed two voy- 
Norfonc ages at least to the West Indies out of Norfolk, from whence he was 
sent to this place. It was doubted whether this entitled him to a set- 
tlement, as the Court conceived that the object of the Hospital was 
limited by the Legislature to citizens of this State. But as he could 
not be permitted to go at large with safety, the Directora thought it 
prudent to admit him as a patient, and to submit it to his Excellency & 
Council to represent his case to the State of Pennsylvania, & make 
application for his support, if they deem such a measure necessary. 

July 23fl Edmund Randolph to the Governor. 

Philadelphia Stating that he found the enclosed treaties in his baggage, and that 
Enclosing by the endorsement in Mr. Blair's handwriting, he suspects they belong 
to the E.xecutive. Under that impression, he takes the liberty of 
enclosing them to his Excellency. 


July 25th Thos. Newton, Jr., to the Governor. 

Norfolk Enclosing a plot of the two acres for Cape Henry Light-house, with 

Cai>o Henry the Cape lands. He does not yet know what the cost of the survey is, 
Light-honsc! j^^^^j wishes to know how the surveyor is to be paid. Thinks the spot 
chosen is the most proper place for the Light, and requests his Excel- 
lency to inform him if the Cession can be completed without further 
proceedings on his part. 

July 27th Peter Williams, Clerk op the County Coprt, to the Governor. 

Prince Certifying that the Court on this day i*ccommends Fnincis Rufiin, 

(ieoFK*^ Ck>. jK^|,„„„^| Harrison, & Wm. Ball for magistrates. 


Lieutenant John Bullock to the Governor. 1790. 

Petition showing that ho had bi/cn fined by a court-martial Throe July 27th 
pounds for non-attendance at a General Muster on October 18th, 1787. Hanover Co. 
That he would have attended said Muster, and set out for that purpose. Petition for 
but that his horse was taken sick on the way, and he was compelled to gj^^ ^f j^" 
return homo. These facts were stated to the second Court-martial, but fine 
they have no power to grant a remission of the fine. He now applies 
to the Executive for the remission, for the reason stated, which has 
been sworn to by him, and herewith annnexed. 

Thomas Allen, Clerk of Mercer County Court, to the Governor. July 27th 

Certifying that the Court recommends Grant Allen for magistrate. Harrison- 

James Bland, Clerk, of Westmoreland County Court, to the July 27th 


Certifying that the Court recommends Samuel Bust, Beckwith Butler, Westmore- 
& John Rochester, for sheriff of said county. ^^""^ ^^^^ 

Sam. Coleman to the Governor. July 27th 

Stating that he had examined the claims for services rendered for Council 
the defence of Jefferson & Mercer counties referred to him, and begs office 
leave to report them just. 

Thomas Shore & A. W. Robert to Beverley Randolph. July 27th 

iiecommending Mr. Henry Morris as a flour Inspector, for that part Petersburg 
of Petei-sburg formerly Pocahontas, in the County of Chestei-field, as a Henry 

TUT ■■■.* 1* 

competent person for the office, and conveniently situated, besides being |J^»y 
sufficiently at leisure to attend properly to the business. inspector 




KsQ., Governor op Virginia. 

July 27tli 
Now OrUMins 



Puhlir li^'iit 

ft»r UnitiMl 

St4iti'8 and 




Tlio houror of this letter, Mr. Oliver Pollock, had the honor of jictiii^ 
(iH Public Agent at this jduce, during a conniderable part of the late war, 
on the part of the Unitc<i Staten, and also for the State of Virginia. 

Mr. Pollock in the execution of the onlers he from time to time 
received from these states, contracted very considerable debts at thi» 
Place, which he was unable wholly to <lischarge, altho' he di8|>oscd of 
all his Estate, real and personal in ihisCountr}', at a git)at disadvantage, 
for the purpose of fultilling his engagements with his creditors in this 
Pn)vince. Mr. Pollock has since his late arrival here, very honorably 
and to the entii*o satisfaction of his cnxlitors in this Province, dis-* 
charged all his remaining tlebts here, to a considerable amount, which 
he owed on account ot the United States & the State of Virginia. The 
gival Integrity evinced by this Gentleman in the faithful! discharge of 
his engagv^ments enteivd into for the serviceof his country, strongly inter- 
ests me in his favour, and induces me to pray you will have the Good- 
ness to take him under your pix>tection. and that you will bo pleased to 
give bim your aid in obtaining as s|M.HHly reimburt?ment as may be for 
the monevs now due to him fi*om the United States & the State of Vir- 
ginia; which I shall e^leem a** u persiuial tavour ctmferred ufion myself. 

I pniy Goil to take you into his llolly keeping. 

1 havo thi' lioiiuur to bo. wiih the greatci>t respect. 

Your Exeelloncv*s most olnxliont, humble Ser\'anl. 

JulvSSih H- Knox, Secustakv ok War. n> GovKEXoa Bevkslet Randolph. 

Wat i>thtv Informing him that his letter oX thv llUh insi. with encloioiircs, had 

Kiu^'U Ihvu nH.xMVvHi and suI'miitiH) lo the PrL-tiidoul. Ue >sivs that if his Ex- 

i\Mmiy lo tv ^^,jj^,,,^,^, should think thnt fr\Mn ihc iH.xul;ar cxicni of Russell county, 

funlu^r in il> >iluat:on xvi»u!d rvN^uir^* as^ a idiiiona! prvvuvli^-n tu that mentioned 
otMTt^Mu %^»Att ,jj 1^^^ K»iior of tho l:*vh iusl . iho Pri:s'\ien: %>va>cnis lo bi^- irivinir direc- 

Uon to ono l.iouliuau:. oiw v!\>igr.. iwv« >or^'afiis, iwo corj»oraK and 
|\^onty MX pnvaUv uudvr >ii;iH^ rv,n;^a:K*si> a> have tn-vn pivscrilic^l for 
the r;iiUi^*rs of I ho other iVuVitKo. The oriicr> irlvon bv hi* Excellencv 
iu va>v ot 3in uivasi\Mi fi xixd Oourxy t^y a Sair^* Ksly of Indians, ap|>ear 
js*rt\vt<y ju>i Aiid pr^^jH T 


L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to Govehnor Beverley Randolph. 1790. 

Regretting that he is still unable to return to Richmond. His knee July 28th 
is considerably mended, yet it is far from being well. Hopes that a Hanover 
cure is not far distant. Ho has examined Mr. Shepard's work in the Not well yet 
office respecting the Duties, & finds that payments have been made the 
Treasurer for what has been received, and trusts that his management 
has given satisfaction. He has attentively perused the Council's advice Councirs 
respecting certain arrangements to be made by the several public offices, reaa^ to 
if his office can be furnished with the state of accounts whenever requi- certain 
site to calculate the Interest & Damages that Executions may be menteTn^he 
endorsed & proper copies prepared for Judgments, Avhich the usual accu- public offices 
racy of the Auditor & his assistants doubtless will effect, the arrange- 
ment will bo attended with singular benefit. He will cheerfully trans- 
fer his books to the Auditor, and ])rosecute the business in such a man- 
ner as his Excellency & council shall finally point out. He suggests that 
it would bo well to request the Auditor to furnish the state of accounts 
for endorsing executions, as also those for Judgments at fixed periods, 
that the Auditor may know when to prepare, and the Solicitor when to 
ho furnished with them, which will be the means of introducing a regu- 
larity that may be useful. Should anything further occur to him before 
receiving his Excellency's final orders upon the subject, he will lay it 
before him. 

H. Knox, Secretary ok War, to Governor Randolph. July 29th 


I had the honor on the 14th of April last, to transmit to your Ex- War office 
cellcucv copies of certain lettei-s to the Governor of the Western terri- Grovernorof 
tory, or in his absence to BrigadierGeneral Harmar, and to Judge Innes, f^-Htorv" 
in order to exhibit the species of protection which had been authorized 
on the part of the United States for the protection of such of the fron- 
tier counties as should he exposed to the incursions of parties of Indians. 

Since then, repeated information has been received of depredations Depreda- 
comraittod on the Ohio, and in the counties Ij'ing along the same. From *^ionson the 
a variety of circumstances, it appears highly probable that the Shawa- 
noHC and outcast Cherokees and others joined with them, have been the 
pcr]>etrators of the said depredations. These Indians seem to form an 
incorrigible banditti, whose outrages cannot be prevented while they 
arc suffered to inhabit the country lying between the lakes and the 
Ohio. Their whole numbers probably do not exceed two hundred fight- 
ing men. 

The President of the Unite(l States, upon mature consideration, has 



1790. therefore thou«^hl proper to give the Goverror of the Wowtern territory, 
July 2Dth and comiuumling officer, conditional orderH to exterpate the said ban- 
Ordered to ditti: provided the same could be effected without interferin^ij with the 
pated general object of peace with the regular tribes lying upon the Wabash 

and its vicinity. 
General It is proi)osed that the expedition should bo performed under the im- 

ccminmnd *"^^'^^^^ Command of Brigadier-General Harmar, with about one hun- 
the dred Continental troops, and three hundred militia of the noighbouinng 
expedition QQunties of Kentucky, who should bo engaged for thirty days from the 
Troops to be time of their arrival at the place of rendezvous. It is further proposed 
that both the regular troops and militia should bo mounted on horse- 
back, if the nature of the Country should permit that mode of opera- 
tion. The orders on this subject are to be considered as in force until 
the object shall be effected. 
Expected As it is to be expected that the result of the said orders will bo pro- 
th^"orders ^^^^^^^ ^^ security and tranquillity to the frontier, and as the oxpence 
of the Scouts is considered as too great to be longer supported, and as 
the rangers directed may effectually answer the same purpose, the Presi- 
dent has thought proper to direct that the scouts in future bo discon- 

Letter on J have the honor to enclose your Excellency, the copy of a letter on 
8ft me subiect -r 

enclosed to *^^® subject to the County Lieutenants of Harrison, Randolph, Ohio, 

certain Monongahalia and Kenhawa ; and also the county lieutenants of Mason, 
Lieutenaiits Bourbon, Woodford, Madison, Lincoln, Mercer, Nelson, and Jefferson, in 
Kentucky ; and if you should be of opinion that the same protection 
ought to be extended to the counties of Washington, Eussell, and Wythe, 
you will please to have the goodness to direct the lieutenants of the 
said counties conformably to the general rules pointed out in the regu- 
lations on the said subject In which case the lieutenants of said coun- 
ties, instead of having the service certified by the governor or Com- 
manding officer on the Ohio, will have the service certified by your Ex- 
cellency, or by your order, and the abstracts transmitted directly to this 
Information I have to i*equest the further tavor of your Excellency that you would 

m regard to \yQ pleased to direct that the wai^s which have been allowed and paid 
formmg *^ ^ *^ 

wages of by Virijinia for the scouts for each year since the peace to bo transmit- 

^'^^^^y ^® tod to me, together with the general rules which were directed by the 
requested state for calling s:iid scouts into service, and the evidence required of 
the performance of such service. 

I will thank your Excel hmcy for dii-ecting that the enelos(Hl letter be 
conveyed to Judge lunes. which, besides the letter respecting the ran- 
gers, contains letters for Brigadior-Goneml Harmar. 

I have the honor to be, Sir, with ijruat resp. t. 

Your most 4»bedient antl very hipiible Stirv't. 

N. B. — The letter to Jud-^e liiiicji *t iIk- Lieutt*nant> ut the counties 
of Kentuckey w^ill W prepared in a tew days, and are not enclosed. 



Sam'l Coleman to tue Governor, 


StJiting that tho County Liouts. have mado returns of the strength of August 4th 
the militia for the spring of 1790 from Essex, Camphell, Russell, Glou- Council 
cestor, Orange, Caroline, and Ohio counties. 


George Adams to Beverley Randolph, Esq. 

Stating that he was instruc^ted b}' Madison co. Court to enclose again 
to his Excellency the names of Thomas Kennedy, John Goggins, James 
French, Samuel Estill, John Kinkaid, James Anderson, Green Clay, & 
John Adams, recommended to be added to the Justices of this county at 
June court last, and certified to his Excellency. He is at a loss to guess 
the reason why they have not beer, commissioned. From some removals 
and the daily extension of the county, the court was of opinion that an 
additional number of magistrates ought to bo appointed, and pursuant 
to the Constitution proceeded to recommend the above-named persons 
as the most proper to be appointed. He imagines that this order should 
have been superior to any private information which could be given. 
He now makes application for the commissions agreeably to the said 
order of court, or the reasons for the contrary, as the court may take 
further order therein. 

August 4th 



Colonel Wm. Finnie to Governor Randolph. 

August 5th 

Enclosing instructions rec'd by him from the secretary of war, in Norfolk 
regard to having certain Cannon belonging to the United States & lying Cannon 
at Tucker's mills near Norfolk, also a quantity of shot & shell lying at Norfolk 
Yorktown, removed t6 New York. He says that there is no doubt of Brouj^ht 
the fact that they helong to the United States, as he well remembers ^"^ ranee 
that they were brought from France by the way of Carolina. He has 
engaged a veasel to carry them away, and requests his Excellency to 
issue the onier for that purpose. Some of the shot & shell at Yorktown 
have been pilfered by some New England vessels, & he is informed by 
Col. NewU>n that some of the cannon were carried away from Norfolk 
some time ago. 


1790. Spotsylvania Coirt to the Govkrnor. 

AnguMt 6th Recommending Jack, negro slave, convicted on June 28lh. 1790, oi 

Nivrri nUvcf burglar}', k Bentcnccd to be hung, for pardon — He being Convicted on 

moji(\^\for ^^^ cvi<lencc of a negro who was an accomplice in the said burglary, 

(janion but wan not iudicte<l for the same. If the witness here mentioned comes 

under the description of an approver & is applicable under the Act of 

Assembly passed in 1789, to the present case, they wish him pardoned. 

Au(<ust 9th Bkverley Randolph, Governor of Virginia, to the United States. 

Richmond Dee<l of cession of two acres of land at Cape Henry, in Princess Anne 
Cession of County, Va., for the purpose of erecting a light-house thei-oon. The 
two acr(« United States to build the light-house, equip it, and keep it in repair, 
house; and to pay the salary, wages, or hire of the person or pei*sons appointed 
by the President of the United Stales for the superintendence and care 
To Ije built of the same. The light-house to be built within seven years after the 
seven years ^o^***^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^'^ acres of land. If it should not be built within 
said seven yeai-s, or if after it is erected, it should be allowed to fall into 
decay or rendered useless for the purposes for which it was erected, and 
so continue for the space of seven years, then the property in the soil 
A the jurisdiction over the territory hereby vested in the United States, 
shall revert to this Coromonwealtb, and the property & jurisdiction to 
bo considered in like manner as if this act had never boon made: pro- 
vided that nothing contained in this act shall effect the right of this 
Materials State to any materials heretofore placed at or near Cape Henry for the 
nincwl fU P"*T^^^ ^^ Erecting a light-house, nor shall the citizens be debarred, in 
Oajw licnry consequence of this cession, from the privileges they now enjoy of haul- 
ing their seines and fishing on the nhores of the said land so ceded to 
the United States. 

AiiRust f>th H- Knox, Secretary op War, to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

War ofl\ce liequosting him to forward the Enclosed packet of letters to Judge 
Inntm, of Kcntuckcy, in the safest and most expeditious manner. 

August 10th Wm. Tatham to Governor Randolph. 

Dear Sir, 
Rii^mond This morning's work on my map brings me to a very serious 

subject, which (tho' it may escape common observation, as it appears 


trifling at iirst view.) 1 conceive luy liuiy lo cauMiii your KxivUency on, 17 W. 
as a coutiilential business. It is t^imply the i*i»K>uring of the Islamic in Au^nis^ UHh 
the Mississippi; for if Wo ever mean to contest the sole Exclusive navi- Work ou his 
gat ion with the Spaniards (which one da}' must he the case), we ought "* 

to neglect no step to propagate the earliest evidence of |K*rpetual claim, 
and as Maps have a tendenc}' to beget prejudice, which often turns the 
scale of Fact on intricate and distant matter, there can be nothing amiss, 
I suppose, in such a peaceable assertion of our future exjyectations ; for, 
if I am right in my general obsi'rvatiou, such is the disposition of the 
People and common course of nature, whatever present policy may dic- 
tate officially. 

I would not, however, have it understood that I apply lo your Excel- His Kxivl- 
lency for anything more than your opinion and advice foundeil on ample /h>V|\{\** 
information; for if you think it well to consult the supreom authority, 
perhaps the Communication would come thro' your ExcelloncieV hands 
with the greatest propriet}'. At all events I am pei'siuulcd the People 
of Carolina, Georgia, and the Western Settlements abstracteiily con- 
sidered, will avail themselves when they have power to seize the whole 
to their use independent of Eastern consequence. 

I have finishc<l the outlines of Maryland. If your Excellonc}' can Outlines of 
point out a Channcll by which I shall get their 'District and (bounty ^hiO*'""d 
Lines, &c., you will oblige mo much, as I have no acquaintance in that 

Whenever you have leisure, I shall be happ}' to see you or an}' of the 
fientlcmcn of the Executive at my office in the Mjisons* Hall, and the 
oflener the better, as matters frequently occur wherein your advice 
might be pi'opcr. 

I am, D'r Sir, 

Y'r much obliged II. Serv't. 

P. S. — I have platted the Pow tow mack by the manuscript Maps, and The Pow- 
the Ohio by Ilutchings; the Carolina Line being extended by Walker's ipj^??!^-! 
added to Bynrs of 1728, and Fry & Jeffei'son's of 1749, agrees so accu- 
rately tho' taken from different scales, that after going round so nuiny 
Hundred miles, there is not more vanation than might be occasioned by 
the prick of the Compasses, which 1 hold as a strong proof of tho (!or- 
rectness of all those works. 

Simon Frazier to Governor Kandolpii. An^nwi loth 

lie is directed by tho Common Hall to inform his Excellency that an potcrsbnrK 

attempt was made to burn the Town of Petersburg on the night of the Attempt to 
4th inst., by setting fire to the house of Mr. Alexander Ilorsburg in two ^'"'''^ ^*"- 
places, which, if it had not been provideiitially discovered & extinguished. 



1790. great dcHtruclioii of private properly, as well as public j)ro|>crty in the 
AugiLst 10th Tobacco warebouHen, would have, been tbe result. A reward of one 
Reward hundred pounds has been offered b}' tlie Town, for information that will 
theTxjFiIo- ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ conviction of tbo perpetrator or perpotratoi-s. The pro- 
priety is suggofttod to his Excellency (being the guardian of the public 
proj)ort3%) of issueing his ])roclamation to the same purport. The inten- 
tion was, it is supposed, to liberate the criminals from the District jail 
by drawing the attention of the inhabitants to a more distant portion 
of the town. 


AiiRUHt 10th S. Shepard, Clerk in Solicitor's Office, to Governor Randolph. 

Richmond Enclosing a report of Executions against delinquent sheriffs, issued 
Delinc^uent previous to the last General Court, and which are now returned to this 

office, with endoi-sements setting forth tbat sales could not bo made for 

want of buyers, viz: 


Garland Anderson, 


ff of Hanover, 

for taxes for 1782. 

Peter Sampson, 





Abram Penn, 





Wm. Nail, 





Jno. Pollard, 





Lawrence Baker, 


Isle of Wight, 



Otway Byrd, 


Chas. City, 



Simon Triplett, 

• (( 




Jno. Bcpnard, 





Jas. Upshaw, 





Hugh Innis, 





Wm. Royster, 





Armistoad Russell, 


New Kent, 



Jno. McMillan, 


Prince William, 



Geo. Rives, 





Thos. Mountjoy, 





Aujriist lOth 

The Auditor to toe Governor. 

Auditor's Informing him that he has no vouchera for the service of scouts or 

oflico spies since Marcli, 1781>, at which period he made up an account of the 

ExjKMisos of expenses incurred by the State in defending the Weslom Frontier sub- 

Mxmtsor j^equent to the cession. An account of the claims settled since that 

time Can bo made up supplemental to the one transmittcil, which he 

will set al>out immwliately if directed so to do by his Excollency. 


J. Pendleton, Auditor, to the Governor. 1790. 

An account of tbo paymeuiH by the State of Virginia since February August 10th 

20th, 1789, for the sei-viccs of Scouts & llangcrs on the frontiei's: Auditor's 

To Sundries per Voucher, No. 1, for the year 1788, - £1,278, 18s, 6d. 

ditto, '•' '' 2, *' " 1789, - 1,590, 13 5 

£2,808, lis, Ud. 

Tuos. Anderson to Governor Uandolpii. August Uth 

Petition asking that a fine of £50 imposed upon him by the Mecklen- Mecklen- 
burg Co. court for jissaulting one Jno. Winkler, bo remitted as being '^ 
excessive, extravagant, & immoderate under the circumstances. The Petition for 
court encloses a certificate to the same effect; in which they say that Jq "^ f^^ * 
£20 would have boon in every respect sufficient. tine 

Geo. Washington, President of the United States. August 13th 

Proclamation of a Treaty of Peace between the United States and New York 
the Creek nation oi' Indians, composed of the tribes of the Upper, Mid- 
dle, and Lower creeks, and Semanolies, concluded on August 7th, 1790. 

John Brown to the Governor. August 13th 

Enclosing a statement of his account for arranging 3,760 suits pend- Richmond 
ing in the General Court to the Several District Courts, making two Account for 
lists thereof, & taxing costs in 5,072 instances for plaintitFs & Defendants. ^^^'^^ 
Making Copies of necessar}' pai>erH at 10 lbs. Tobacco for each order, 
and 1 lb. Tobacco for every 20 wonls in the other copies, will amount to 
6,386 lbs. Tobacco. The British Suits have been retained by order of 
the General Court, and are not included. 

JouN Marston, Jr., to the Governor. August 14th 

Enclosing his Commission as Ensign in the militia of Charles City Charles City 
County, dated Aug. 1, 1787, and signed by Beverley Randolph, Liout.- 
Governor, at Richmond 14lh of August, 1787. 


1790. Thomas Davies to the Governor. 

Au^niHt i4th Slating thul he 18 inclined to believe that Mr. Oldham has from Party 
Northum- (iJHpute, been plac«;d the last in the nomination of Tobacco Inspectors. 
Mr. OMham ^^'^"'^^ ^^^^^ ^^»J8 will not only deprive him of a Comfortable office, but 
forTolKit^'o at the same time injure bin character, he has applied to him for asf^ist- 
' ^ ance in this matter. He therefore takes the liberty of saying that he 
believes Mr. Oldham the most usclul, & indeed the most agi^eeable of any 
person in the nomination, to all who have any concern for the reputa- 
tion of our Tobacco, and hopes that the Executive will continue in office 
a sober person, who has served the Publick three years in this capacity 
with diligence <& honesty. 

August 14th Simon Frazier to Jas. Wood, Lieutenant-Governor. 

PeUjrBbuiv Enclosing sundry affidavits of citizens of Petei*sburg, on which to 
ground a proclamation from the Gov'r oifering a reward for the appre- 
hension & conviction of the person or persons who attempted to tiro this 
town on the night of the 4th Inst. 

August 17th James Lyie, Alex'r Banks, Andrew Nicolson, Nat. Kolso, & Fuming 
Chesterfield & Wardrop, to the Gov'r & Council, recommending Wm. Ball for Inspec- 
tor of llemp for Chesterfield County. 

August liith Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury, to Governor 

Beverley 11andoli»u. 

New York 1 have the hont)r lo acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 

l{c<vii)t of 9th inst., containing u Cessi(in of two Acres of Ground on Cape Henry 

cession of ^^ ^^^^^ Uniled States, intended for the Site of the Light-Uouse. On the 
two a<Te8 " 

for Light- return of the President, who is now on a visit to Rhode Island, meas- 
/!„ "w „,„ ures will be taken for the early completion of a Buildint^, so necessary 
to the Commerce of the States on the Chesapcak. 

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, 

Your Excellency's most obedient Servant. 



Arch'd Denholm to the Governor. 


Calling his attention to the unusual indistry and address displayed by August 23d 
him in the collection of Vou<*.hers in the Gloucester Distinct, asking that Richmond 
his services in this matter be reconsidered, and he be allowed a further 

Letter from the Governor. 

August 24th 

Reporting that he had visited the Post at the Point of Fork Report on 
and Examined the Arsenal, magazine, &c. The new French arms Point of 
continue in good order, except some small spots on the barrels, occa- Fork 
sioncd probably by the late rains. Three of the apartments in the 
Arsenal Contain by the Return 5,717 old dissorted muskets; these Old muskets 
appear to be in good repair, except that the greatest part of the bayo- 
nets which have been forged at the Post, are in a rough State — never 
having been ground. The machine for this purpose being reported out 
of repair. 

The new Cartridge boxes & other accoutrements imported from 
France, are carefully packed & appear well preserved. There are a 
large number of old ones in good repair, lying on the floor in the loft of 
the Arsenal — they appear to be somewhat mouldy; they would be bet- 
ter preserved if packed in cases like the others. A large number of old 
arms are piled in the loft of the Work-shop, very rusty, and should be 
cleaned immediately. A number of good musket-barrels cleaned, & he 
is informed that the stockers are preparing stocks for them. The pow- 
der is all removed into the new magazine, the walls of which do not 
appear to be sufficiently dr}'. This is occasioned by two or three leaks 
in the roof. He is informed that the Superintendent intends putting on 
a new roof immediately on a better construction. 

lie is unable to make so accurate a Report as he wishes on account of 
the absi^nce of the Superintendent. His assistant not being so well 
acquainted with the business as to give satisfactory answers to some of 
the inquiries he thought proper to make. 



Henry Anderson to the Governor. 

August 24th 

Petition shewing that the Amelia county court are about to fix the Amelia 
courthouse and public buildings on the land mortgaged by him to secure Courthouse 
a debt due from him to the Public, on account of the late ChriHtophcr and public 
Iludnon, Shorilf. And uh the ('ourt ha>* <l<nil»t.siil)out their right to place 


"SfZ '',A:,5l>l-,ia »>:♦ -TJLTE PJL?EE:^. 

li^nHf. i^ifti*. R>r'*.i^i>,r..-v ■.. /-!> '.K* C'>»ir: Lt^a-xi vi '.aj:^ jt* aioa^ jiires- ^sf ihe said 
iAA«ir* ^or '.r.'^, A^.CT-t ^••.•p^i«* 1^ ATi f r'!?**:r'b«**f "y ATT Tb<y paying the 

5f^*f**4« Certiff iftif tiiAi tb« Oxsn rc»>/a.iiicii.'is J-Kll. Bunsh, Ge&u, for alder- 

^'^^'^ tMkit^ in pbkC^ fA Wm. Plmm<. ge&i^ wbo 'icctibcd qualifying to his com- 

An;rnH, '/tAh Jfto, \UDt:k\izy\ Clerk of ih*. Ifoa-^^r ^jf R«.-piv?Nentalivv'e*, tram<^milting 
}i*cm Yfitk Ihre*: Cofm* of the J^>umal of ihc f^o'-ee^liD^ of ihal lIoii:$c — Geo for 
th<; Kxccutive, and oiie for each branch of the State legislatore. 

Arii(fMi 2Mi Jonn Edwards, Conrrr LiKUTE9A!rT or BocuBoy Cochtt, to Bbv- 


Ktfniw^ky Htatinif that he had at lievcral times traosmitted the numbor of mili- 
^iims ^1^ j^ ^Yiii^ iifmniy^ tho' the Emigration is so considerable, he cannot with 
any <ixactncsH inform him of the number. There has never been one 
|>cnny eolluctod for fioes on acct. of delinquencies in this County. 

Au((Ufii 20th Beveeley Kakdolph to the Attorney-General. 

HIcfiniond A Doubt ban arisen whether tho commissioner's Fees & other ex- 

Oimtnln- ponces attending tho Sales of Land under tho Bovonue Laws are to bo 
^^^^aHi ****** defray od out of tho Amount of tho sales. As this matter is of consid- 
erable moment & has boon much agitated in some counties, the Execu- 
tive request your opinion upon tho subject. 

I am, Sir, 

Y'r obed't Serv't. 

AuKtwtS7th Jambs Innes, Attorney-General, to the Gtovernor. 

Ulrhmond I am (»r opinion that tho Comniissionor's fees, and eviry other legal 
Th<« opinion oxponco uttonding tho hJalcs oi' Lands under tho Bovi'tnic Laws, are 
payable out of tho money produced thorofroni. 


Thomas Jeffersos, Sscsuxlet of Statx; 7H3 the Itovixxoil 171^ 


I have the honor to send yon hertnn enriof»oti a coll(*ot.ion of tho Aot;5< Ai»!q<« iVH>» 
pasMxl by the Congress of the Fnitod StdU^s %\ rh«r sc*oon<i ?*c«iion, to N<*w York 
which arc annexed all the Treaties which have boon alroadv niado and RncloMnir 
pronmlgod nnder the Authority of the Unitc<J Siatos, and of Ix^infr with 1,^^|,|<| ^| 
sentiments of the most peHeca re^K<'t> tro«l»» 

Yonr Kxoellcncy's 

Most obedient ^ most hnmblo Sorrant. 

Colonel Wm . Daties to Goveexob RAKi>OLrH. Aiu!nf4 Slrt 


I had observed the application made by Mr. Joffersion prior to the Xow York 
receipt of your Excellency's letter, as I formerly informed you. I have Mr, Jeffor* 
aince examined the matter more particularly, and find it has no relation **^^ 
to any discrimination between State & C .ntinental pa|x^r, but onl^' St«u»an<! 
renpects a tran«action between the Continental Treasurer and a |>erwn ^w^ 
on whom the State had procured a bill for a sum in pa|K>r, which the 
Treasurer had exchanged for a sum in specie; which exchange Mr, Jef- 
ferson did not wish should bind the State, but that a cnxlit for the 
amount of the paper should be given her. The board have not sat for 
8omo weeks past — their authority having expireii, and the now appoint- 
mcnts being but lately made. Their clerks, however, still go on with 
business. The proofe of the relative value of State & Continental i>aper 
forwarded by you, seem satisfactory to the Commissioners. 

In haste, I have the honor to be. 

Your Excellency's most obed't Serv'L 

S. Shsparo, Cleek in Solicitor's Office, to Governor RANDOLrn. August aist 

Asking for a warrant for Thirty i>ounds to del ray oxponcos of Riders Richmond 
with exocntions, &c., against sundry publick debtors. 

Daniel Miller to the Governor and Council. Anf^ust 

Petition asking that a fine of six |)oundB assessed against him by Winchester 
Frederick County Court, be remitted — It being for a broach of the Petition for 
peace committed by him against one Wm. Phillips for excessive abuso. >^""i^ion of 
Ho asserts that the prosecution was malicious, and refers his Excellency 
to the signatures of his neighbors who testify to his character as a 
peacable, honest, and industrious man. 


17M. El/WAHI^ V<.«^^ TO THE GoTKUKIB. 

K*^. l«t Petition Kbewiiig xhMl be haid *»eeii fioad Fire pcrands hj the Courl of 

UMAiSutmA Ktn^ 4 Qaeen CVi^ for ODtempt of court for ooi askiii^ & obtaining tbc 

l^*;kM\ym Um- leaire ^/f tbe <^iourt after baTing h&tm efDpanD«led as a jaror. fie states 

MOD tA a ^^^ ^^ ^^^ caiied tci that eoort a^ a witness in a case; whicb case was 

fine ffjt or/D* ytttAiptmed ; tbat tbe i^benif sommoned him for a jaryman ; tbat he 

cJoft ^'rytsd oti oue Jury: tbat being ignorant of the costoms of courts, 

(never bavitig i^rved on a Juxy in Bicbmond on account of his engage- 

Dients with the Public^, and being very anxious to get back to Ricb> 

mond to bi^ buf^ineM^ik family, be left — not being aware <^ the necessity 

of fir^t obtaining leave of the court, and in this way committed tbe 

unintentional contempt. He therefore prays the remission of the said 


8eiJt. iMt T. PoM;y certifying tbat John Eager enlisted with him on February 
John Esieer 13tb, 177G, in tbe 7tb Virginia Regiment. Ue re-inlisted in said Regi- 
^^^ria "* '0*5"^ ^^ ^^^^' ^^1 1777, during tbe war. Ho was detached on Juno 10th 

following from the 7tb Reg't, & incorporated in his company in the 

Rifle Reg't commanded by Ck>l. Morgan ; in which Corps he was on tbe 
Wounded l^th September, 1777, wounded through bis left arm by a shot at the 

battle of Stil water; that he continued with the Reg't until November, 

l>ost the use when be was sent to the Hospital where his wound mortified & deprived 

of his snn ^^^ totally of the use of bis arm. He can with truth say that a more 

orderly & brave soldier was not within his knowledge. 

Bcpt. 2(\ H. Knox, Sscretabt op War, to Governor Randolph. 

New York I have the honor to ac^knowledgo the receipt of your Excellency's 

Protection favor of the 11th ultimo, with the enclosures therein contained, and I 
to liuflsell gtatcj to the President of the United States the protection you have 
a|)nrovc4f by extended to Russoll county, who expressed his approbation thereof. 
i\ofT^^ I have also tbc bonor to acknowledge the receipt of the lieutenant- 
governor's favor of the 17th ultimo, with its enclosures. 

Governor St. Clair has in person, laid before tbe President the plan 
of the proposed operation against tbc Wabash Indians, which has been 

It being the anxious desire of the President that the expedition should 
bo oiroctiial and not require a repetition, all the arrangements are made 
to aec<)m])lisli no dcHiroabl*"* an end. For this purpose, Governor St Clair 


has been further empowered to require, it' necessary, au additional num- 1790. 
her of men. II* therefore, there are any measures necessary to be taken Sept. 2tl 
by your Excellency and the Council, in order to facilitate an additional 
number of men, the President of the United States hopes that they 
will be expedited with all possible dispatch. 

It has been suggested that the expedition may be liable to miscar- Jealousy of 
riage from a jealousy of the militia and regular troops. It is devoutly |^j RSIiVw- 
to be wished that such suggestions may be entirely unfounded. But if troops 
jealousies should exist, it would be highly important that they should 
bo entirely removed, or suspended during the season of activity. I shall 
write particularly on this point to Governor St. Clair and to- Brigadier 
Genei'al Harmar, to adopt the most conciliating conduct. 

It has also been mentioned as a circumstance of considerable impor- Cols. I.<ogan 
tanoe to the success of the expedition, that Colonels Logan and Selby *^ °® ^X 
should be induced to accompany the militia on the expedition, even as 
volunteers, great confidence being placed in the charactei^s of those 
gentlemen. Could your Excellency therefore influence those gentlemen 
to go forth on this occasion, it would be highly acceptable, and might 
tend greatly to the accomplishment of the public good. The expence 
of the expedition will be great, and if it should fail by any circum- 
stances whatever, the public injury and disappointment will be in pro- 
portion. It is thought proper for particular political reasons, to give 
the expedition the appearance of being levelled only at the Shawanese. 

I have the honor to enclose some copies of the Creek treaties for your 
Excellency; and am with the greatest respect, 

Your Excellency's 

Most obedient and very humble servant. 

Col. Walter Crockett to the Governor. Sept. 3d 


I, a few days ago rec*d your letter dated in June last, informing Wythe Co. 
mo the President of the United States has authorized the Executive of President of 

this State to afford us some assistance in case the savages should com- ^^^ 

mit Depredations in our county. I am induced to believe, if the Assistance 

authority be no further extended, that it will be of very little service ^^^^^^^ 

to us, after the commission of hostilities on the frontiers of this county, tions of 

250 miles from the Executive. Communications would then be altogether ^*^® savages 
unnecessary, the savages would be out of reach before orders could be 

received. A week or two ago, 5 or 6 pei^sons were killed by the Indians Persons 

on Clinch, in Russell county, which is very near us; it is uncertain when k»11^ 
hostilities may be committed on the inhabitants of this County, but I 
think we are in as emenent danger as any people can possibly be ex- 
posed to. 


1790. Tho rocomnicndutions of militia officers for this county were put into 

Sept. 3d the Ilandu of Colo. Lynch to carry down 3 months ago; it seems they 

Militia have by some means miscarry d. I Have now sent by way of Express 

o cers ^^^ recommendations of militia officers for this County, & an acct. of 

Sitnation of the present situation of its harrassed Inhabitants. I am Hopes your 

^tonte * Excellency will grant Mr. Joseph Evans an order for his paj^ — he having 

Jos. Evans rode 250 miles to carry this, without any other business. 

I am, Sir, 

Your ob*t Servant. 

Sept. 6th H. Knox, Secretary of War, to Governor Randolph. 

War office Requesting him to forward the enclosed important packet to William 
Governor Blount, Esq., Governor of the Territory of the United States coded by 
Wm. Blount j^orth Carolina. He is on the frontiers of North Carolina, at Washing- 
ton Court House, between the forks of French, Broad, and Holstein 
Col. Arthur rivers, which form the Tennessee. It may be sent to the care of Col. 
Campbell Arthur Campbell, with a request to forward it by Express to Governor 
• Blount, if his Excellency should have an immediate and safe opportu- 
nity. If not, he will please forward it by a special Express, whose 
account shall be paid on information of the amount, by order on Colonel 

Ho also transmits to his Excellency some proclamations by tho Presi- 
dent of the United States, respecting the observance of certain treaties 
and a law passed the last session relative to indian affairs. 

Sept. 7th Jno. Jas. Maund to the Honorable James Wood, Esq. 

Westmore- Requesting that he will propose his name to the Executive, and ask 
land tijat ho be appointed a Notary Public for Westmoreland, Richmond, 
Northumberland, & Lancjvster Counties. 

Sept. 7th Alex'r Brown to the Governor. 

Prince Wil- Enclosing the order of Prince William Court, recommending him for 
Ham Co. Sheriff, and asking that his Commission be sent him as speedily as pos- 



Jno. Hardin, County Lieutenant, to Beverley Randolph. 


Stating that ho had sent him a general return of the militia for this Sept. 8th 
county. Very few of the officers have commissions, owing principally Nelson Go. 
to removals, resignations, & proferments. There is not a commissioned M^i""^ 
Field officer in the county. He asks that he will order at least one hun- 
dred blank commissions to this county. 

Edmund Randolph, Esq., to the Governor of Virginia. 

Sept. 9th 



land claims 

The board of property here, have decided on several claims under 
Virginia, to lands which have fallen within the limits of Pennsylvania, 
in consequence of the meridian drawn from the Western Extremity of 
Mason & Dixon's line, when extended & due west, five degrees of longi- 
tude from the river Delaware. They are about to proceed still farther, 
and from a communication made to mo yesterday in the lino of my 
profession, I am satisfied that the rights of those who depend on the 
support of Virginia, have at least not boon well understood. 

I suspect that the board has not yet received an authentic statement Land laws 
of our land laws. This was formerly directed to be prepared, and I had 
a conversation, long since forgotten, with the Attorney-general of Vir- 
ginia on the subject. As well, however, as I now recollect, he could do 
nothing in it without a full copy of our laws, for which he might 
possibly have depended on me. If you conceive that I can be instru- 
mental in warding off the injuries, which many claimants may sustain, 
from an ignorance of our laws, I shall bo ready to state them to the 
board, in behalf of our state; and perhaps it may be considered as 
proper that your Excellency should have a report of what has been 
done in those cases of lands, claimed under Virginia titles. Here too, 
ray services are at your command. If thoy should be thought important, 
a letter to President Miffiin, might best open the business. 

I have the honor Sir, to be, 

Y*r respectful & obed. serv. 

Jno. Edwards, Clerk op Bourbon County Court, to Governor Sept. 9th 

Beverley Randolph. 

Stating that ho had made application to the commissioners appointed Bourbon 
under the Act for Equalizing the Land Tax for the books of the Land 
Tax, but has not received them. He has since been applied to to com- 
pare and cei'tily the Commissioner's lists, which he cannot with safety 
do for want of said books. Ue desires a speedy answer on this subject. 

I^nd tax 

books not 


Jfif^ < Af.KNl.AH OF .iTATR t^APRIL^. 

I71^> Wrn N'^jMon Mt*rt< '>f ' 'amKntt 'miniy 'Toiir*, •»«Ttit*yiiie that Peyton 

y^f»pf 'ff}\ 5?f«*m Thorn jiH AI»*or-k. Wm. Biirkm^r. ^i»n r an«l Ttira**!* B«>wie, anf n?- 

rnp>MTip Crt <*ommin)ii4^d f.o Ihh R!Ct*«H«*nry. ilm ^it)v<;mor :inil C«»iini»iL fi>r Tohoci-'O 

l^«iH)iii#^ f^'^tit.Kin tor th»i par»i*>n of Jite. noirro man-^av«>. nricd and •^ntenced 
f/> Kf^ hnnjj^ for a4miniKt«^nnt5' •Ini*^. Tht»y ttjel u<Mun^i of hm imnjc^oce, 
whi^'h th*\y r^y U;w hcen prriVi»n no tlioir r^atiHtuciioD, Ami that the Evi- 
(U^tif-A wbi^.h con^ir.t-t^ri him wa^ int«in(leii aa E^iicnee ogaintit hii» iokther, 
Ma/ar, ;v no^ofro man-Hia^'?, who ^oa icnff)wn to have mixeti and aticniDi»- 
U^ff^i 'iru^. T)^t^ -uiid Mazar at a .•4uiiH«^|^tient trial wa^ trit.'*! and also 

«#^ii. 15th If Knox, .ScrRCTART or War, to the Govtasoa or Virginia. 

WRf In piir»fiaiwre' '>f an Act of the Conj^re?« of the United StateB "to 

tH^mriUiPiui ^^1,1^, the (Meem and Soldrem of the Virginia line on eontmenlal estab- 
Off\f4'.m nnfl Iwhmrrnt, t/> obtain titl<r< t^> certain fand.s lying northwest of the river 
wrId'Mrffi j/f i)}^ffy \tt^wmn the little Miami and Sciota," I have the honor to trans 
THIf* Ut niit U} your Kxcellcncy a* of naid otncerHand :^ldier», who arc upon 
luml ro<?ord in thin tifhva. 

I have the honor to he. 

Your Kxcellency'rt MoHt olH;dient k mont hum. Serv*t. 

M«'|»1. ITfth H. KWOX, Hie<1HKTARV OK WaR, to the (fOVEBNOR OF VIRGINIA. 


Wiir Tlio (Jon;<roMH of the United Stuten have directed the register of the 

muffirinittnt ^i.(,5mi|.y to iMHue curtiflcutOH to the military invalids and to the Widows 

inlltliiry atid ()i'|)Iiiiiih of hucIi olIlcerH, non-comniisHJonod and ])rivates who were 

nivrilliK miimi or <|i4v| while in the Service of the United Stiites, and who are 

l^tititliMl to etithlod to peMHioMH hy the Act ol CongresH tor the arreai*s of their pon- 

poimiotift rtiniipi iliio prior to tlu» Itli ol March 1780. It is therefore become nece&- 

Hnnifi thio Nai*y to uHtertuiti with prorimon the sum <iuo to each individual of the 

ahove doH(*ripllon. An msveiiil of ilio States may have paid a part or 

the whole of the r«iiid iirriuirH since the iiJturn recoive<l at this otlieo. 

• Nt»t tVmnd. 

inr»JiTT*iiial ^ If ao payuL^in-- ii^i^v bc^n ajjL<k' ^a«:^ ^bv i;*u 04 ^i)A: UfMj. 


l<^ muwWi 

This i> & petition <!^n«>i by sk lan^* numbor \>l* tbo tuh;ilMt^t>ts. vxt Wt^^twxrt*^ 
FriNlerir-k an«l atljoininj: fxmniii'< pruyin;; tW iho |v»r\iKM» v^t' IKh ^v^r IMkIn^^ (ft»4 
James Me«ilicoit. who wak> i^^nviclini jtt tho Ust Oistnvt wurt hoUl \\\ f^ J^^u^ 
Winthcwler. ami s<»nieficv«l to Jkt hun^; on Goto ±ht nest* tor tho mwr. M%^UHn»II 
<lcr of one Wm. Uefferman. Thoy state that ho was exoiwhu^ly prv* 
vokcd with abusive epithets, aiui struck with a heavy emi^^'l by thesaUl 
UetTcrnian, when he ran into the house« seiievl the first wea|HU\ heiHUibl 
finii, which pruvetl to l>e a ^|mile. with which he struck the U^veasoil ami 
by which blow lie was killcnJ. They ci>nsiiler MtKilicolt a peacably iIIh 
posed man, and the eircuni*»tancos very a^4ji*avalihi»» and though the 
law declared him guilty, anJ pi-onouncetl his sentence, thev yet appeal 
to the mercy of the Executive in this case, and beg thorn to oonsider 
the great ditfereiice in char.icler ol* tho two men, and extend the moi^v 
which they bO earnobtly seek tor ibis unibrtunate nutn. 

(-II. S1MM8 TO (lOVBRNOR HbVKRI.KV KANlKlLni. Sojil *«MMli 


llaving a Title derived from the State oi Virginia t«> u cnnHiilonil»lo AI<«Hiiniliii) 
quantity of land in the territory ceded by Virginia to the State cif Pen I^mhI \\{Um 
nylvania, I take the liberty of int'ornung you tbal by an Act ol tlu' KegU ** vuiiIh"^ 
luture of that State, all titles which sball not be carried inio grunt by 
the first of next April, are declared void. 

The board of Property in Pensylvaniu refuse t<i ordi«r PiiIciiIm for llimidof 
Lancis claime<l under Virginia rights. iMrcansc tliey nay flicv an* iiof fur l"*'l**'J'jv ri« 
nisb«54l with a c/)mplete collection of our Lund laws duly uullicntt^utrd 



1790. Unless those laws arc speedily forwarded to the Boai'd of property, 

iSopt. 2()th many citizens of Virginia will be deprived of very valuable property 
within the state of Pensylvania. This consideration I am pei*«uad4'd 
will induce you to take effectual measures to furnish the Board of prop- 
erty with all the Laws passed in this State, respecting the granting of 
Lands. Most of those Laws have been frequently revised and continued. 
The Acts for the revival and Continuance of them ought also to be for- 

I am Sir, with due respect, 

Y'r obcd't Sorvt. 


Amelia (b. Certifying that Henry Anderson, Edmund Booker, & John Pride, are 
iShcriff recommended to the Governor, for sherifi*. 

Sept. 27th J. Pendleton, Auditor, to the Governor. 

Regulations Enclosing the report of the Committee appointed Dec. 29th, 1789, lo 
^^ officers make certain regulations for the more efficient and safer conduct of the 
Auditor'.i, Treasurer & Solicitor's offices, and which had been submitted 
to him for any suggestions he might think proper to make. He states 
that he has no alteration to suggest. That he is satisfied with the laws 
as they now stand, but will use his best endeavors to render it adequate 
to the attainment of the objects of the law under which it is formed. 

Sept. 28th Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury of the United 

States to the Governor. 


Treasury I have the honor to inform you, that the funds necessary to dis- 

department charge the arrears due to the Virginia line, have been placed in the 

Funds for hands of the Pay Master General, with instructions to remit them to 

to th^'^'^ John Hopkins, Esquire, Commissioner of Loans for your State, to whom 

fsinialine the execution of the business is Committed. Mr. Hopkins is furnished 

placed in yf[i\^ x>\^c, official returns, and has my directions to inform you of the 

Pay-master receipt of the money, that you may cause the same to be made known 

(teneral ^^ ^^^, persons concerned. 

I have the honor to be with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most obed't & mobi hum. aorv't. 


S. Sbepard, Clerk in Solicitor's Office, to the Governor. 1790. 

Requesting an order on the auditor, for a warrant on the Treasurer October Ist 

for £30, to defra}" expencc8 of* Riders with notices to delinquent Inspec- Richmond 
tors, and on duty Bonds. 

Sam. Coleman to the Governor. Octolxir ist 

Stating that ho has examined the Pay Roll of the Supt. & artificci-s CVmncil 

at the Point of Fork, for the quarter ending Sept. 30th. and finds the onwo 

.same truly stated, with a balance due of £138, 16s, 6d. Pay roll of the Pay-rolls at 

Guard, as usual for the same time, amounts to £72, 12s. By an account ^^hrk 
of cash received and expended, it appeal's that £27, 7s, 4Jd. remains in 

the han<ls of the Supt. £73, 4s, IJd. having been expended for contin- Amounts 

gern-ies, and to clothe the Guard, the account whereof is submitted. ^'^1*^-"* ^** 
Estimate for forage for 1790-1, as usual is £70, & is also submitted. 

Capt. E. Lanoham to the Governor. October 1st 

Stating that his letter of July 16th not having been received, is the Richmond 
rca.son that his Excellency had gotten no answer. He is sensible of the 
justice on which the Ilonl. Board took up the business in regard to the 
complaint of Thomas Harris. He observes the number of charges Thomsts 
against him, and for his general conduct at the Post, must refer his Hftrris 
F3xcellcncy to the artificei-s, soldi^re and the neighboring inhabitants. 
He frequently has small jobs done in the shop, both for himself and Jol^s done in 
neighbors, but they are small jobs & such as cannot be done in the ^ ^^^^ 

neighborhood, but has never made a charge, either for his own or the 
public*fl benefit. He keeps the public waggon in his own service except Public 
when wanted for public use, for which service he amply repays the pub- waj»on 
lie by purchasing fine wood of Mr. Ross at his own expence, & hiring 
waggons at his own expence to assist in hauling whenever occasion 
requires. A great quantity of work done in the shop, appears to bo 
private, considering the place as an armoury onl}'', but from the number 
of buildings requiring hinges and other articles made here, which would 
have to be purchased, and which my returns will prove, the public are at 
no expense; all old musket barrels and other unservicable material are 
worked up when occasion requires. Lastly, he conceives that it is im- 
possible for hira to waste the public property, when he considers that he 
must account for all deficiencies, or give just reasons when they are 
gone. As to his punishing & dismissing Harris, he considered his (;rime Punishing 
sufficiently deserved it, and he knew of no other redress against him. *"^*^ 


1790. He has been here but 2 months & 23 days. He endeavored to get the 
OctolKir 1st artificers in confusion by trying to dissatisfy them with their wages, 
saying that the Supt. was the cause of it, and that the Executive desire 
was that their wages should not be so low. That he had influence with 
the Executive & would see that they were raise<l, & other tilings of this 
nature, which he thought (togethei- with being informed that he was 
not honest), sufficient reason for punishing & dismissing him. 

October 6th Arthur Campbell, C(»UNTy Lieutenant of Washington Co., to . 

Washington Stating that he had on Sept. 2(5th last, received a letter from Lt. (lov'r 

.^*^p- Wood on iniblic business. Also one directed to the County Lieut, ot' 

and for- Riiss^^'ll (>).; also Letters to the County Lieut, in the Kentucky Dist.; 

GoveJnor^St ""'' ^'''^' ^''^^''*' ^"^^^ ^'^*^'*'' *^^' throtigh Mr. James Campbell, of W^ythe Co. 
^fc'' Clair and Said lettei's have been forwarded to Harr}' Lines, Esq., through Jersi* 

others Walker, Esq., and doubtless safel}- arrive<I in Kentucky before this time. 

October 7th Daniel Tompkins to the Governor. 

Collector of Stating that he had boon Commissioned by Honl. Jas. Wood, to col- 
taxea mr j^^.^ ^^^ Revenue Taxes of Henry County for 1786, but was too sick to 
procure sufficient security before the last Court adjourned. He now 
has the security to offer when the next Court meets. Col. Geo. Hair- 
ston applied to the Court to be recommende<l in his stea<l. He trusts 
that his Excellenc}' will, under the circumstances, permit him to retain 
his Commission, and give the proper security at next Court. 

October 7th John Tyler, Peterpield Trent, and Others, to Bevkrlt Ran- 
dolph, Esq., Governor. 

Petition for This is a petition for the pardon of one Charles Burkes, now under 

^r-h^^V ^^ sentence of death for horse stealing. They state that his conviction 

Burkes could only have been effected but by his confession, which ho was induced 

to make by promises of raol*c3^ They acknowledge the very bad 

character of the criminal, and plead his pardon for the reason stated 

above, and for the sake of his aged parents, who are highly respectable 

peo])le. They promise to send him away from the Continent if par- 

Remon- doned, with the assurance that he shall never return. Accompanying 

strance these petitions, is a remonstrance from numerous well known citizens of 
apainsthiH ' • . ,i • i • • • r ^ ^u • .l- 

pardon Nottoway County, against the law being interfered with m this case, as 


they are prepared to prove to his Excellency the numerous frauds and 1790. 
other viihinies which the »aid Barken has committed, and wliom they Oct(.»her 7th 
conceive to be not in the least entitle<i to clemency. 

John Hopkins, U. S. Commissioner of Loans for Viroinia, to the October 7th 



1 am directed by the Secretary of the Treasury of the United Instructe*! 
States, to acquaint 3'our Excellency that he has instrm^ted me to dis- arrears of 
ohar/:^e the aiTears of pay & subsistence due to the officers, non-commis- pay, <fec., of 
sioned oflficers, and privates of the late Virginia line, on Continental privates of 
establishment, agreeably to statements of the balances duo, which have If^tc V'ii^inia 
been transmitted to this office, and further to request that your Bxcel- 
lenc}' will be pleased lo communicate this information in the most 
effectual manner, to the several claimants, to j)revent impositions. 1 
have received from the Paymaster-Cxencral sundry drafts, of the 
Treasurer of the United States, on the several Collectors in this State, 
which I have put into a train of Collection, the monies to be applied to 
this object, and 1 have the expectation of being in complete readiness 
lo discharge these arrears upon proper applications, agreeabi}' to the 
terms of the resolutions of Congress ])asscd on the 7th June last, in the 
course of the ensuing week. 

I have the honor to be with great respect Sir, 

Your mo. ob't servant. 

Wm. Pollard, Clerk of JIanover County Court, to Governor October 9th 

Beverly Randolph. 

Certifying that John Sj-me, commissioned to be sheriff of this county, Hanover Co. 
liatb not entered into bond with security, for the collection of taxes as John Syme 
the law <lirects. 

John Syme to the Governor. October 9th 

Stating that he had offered sufficient security to the Court for his office Hanover 
of ShcrifF. but the}' would not determine on its validity, alledging that Security 
they wanted a full bench. They seem to bo contemling against the ^h^**^. 'ii 
Executive and wish to <leprive him of his undoubted right to the Sheriff- not 

alt3\ He requests that no new commission bo granted, as no evil can determme 
arise to the public by a postponement of the matter. 


1790. Sam. Colbman to the Govbrnor. 

October mh Informing him that a letter, together with a pay roll has been put 

Conncil into hi^ hands from Otho II. Williams, Esquire, in regard to the .services 

omce ^£ jj Company of Militia Cavalrj'. in Jefferson County in 1788, asking 

Militia such information thereon, as may be necessary for the adjustment of the 

Jt^fTeremi O^ *^^^^^ ^^^ ^^'*^' ^^ ^-^^ leave to report to his Excellency, that the said 
Pay Kolls had already been presentoil to the Executive for settlement, 

None but was rejected upon the principle that no militia cavair)' were author- 
authorized jj^ ,j^, ^^^^ j^^^j^, ^^^ y^^ ^.^^^1^^ j^^^^ service. 

That a Petition to the assembly for allowing the additional cxpences 
atten<ling the emplo3'ment of Cavalry instead of Hangers, hath been 
rejected. That the Board of Officers Authorized by the Executive to 
Si*r»nfs and emplo}* as scouts and liangers, such number of the militia of the Dis- 
ranpers ^pj^.^ of Kentucky as they should deem proper, ordered for service in the 
County of Jefferson, for the j'ear 1788, twelve si-outs and rtevent3'-five 
ningers; and that no ])ay roll for the rangei's for that county, in the 
said year, hath been settled in the Auditor's office by onlcr of the 


Norfolk Stating that the Commissioners for building \he Marine Hospital, had 

Marine rc<iuested him to apply to the Executive for information as to the state 

hospital ^|« i^jj^j funds remaining in the Treasury, which were appropriated for 

that pui'|)ose. The Commissionci's are apprehensive that considerable 

time must elapse before the c<mipletion of the building, unless the 

More funds Assembly adopts some mode of raising the necessary surplus required 

n>c,uinMl ^^^ complete it. 

Octol)erllth James Lyle to the Governor. 

ManelKwter Stating that he was informed hy Mr. Daniel Tompkins, that he 
Daniel had been Commivssioned to collect the Taxes in one of the back coun- 

Tompkins ^^^^ [^^^^ jjj^^j [y^Qf^ unavoi<lably prevented from givin<j the requiriMl secur- 
eomiiiission •' » C7» cj * 

ity at the last Court. He considei's Mr. Tompkins a suitable person for 

the business, & ho])es no other recommendations will be made. 

rk!tol>er nth Klisha WniTE TO Governor Beverly Randolph. 

Hanover Oj. Asking that he be commissionofi as sheriff of Hanover County, the 
position for which he was recommended by the Court, two years ago, 


but which by foul play, Mr. Audci^son oblniiicd. He conceives that his 1790. 
long Hcrvice :is :i niagisti'ate in Lunenburg and (MiarlolU^ (bounties, (X-tolxjr 11th 
entitled him to the proleronco. 

Sam. Coleman to the Governor. October I2th 

Stating that no alteration had taken place in the Militia uince his last Council 


report, except a return of strength from the County Lieut, of Louisa. 

L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to Beverly Randolph, Esq. Octolier I2th 

Enclosing a letter which he received on the 10th inst., purporting to Hanover 
give information in regard to certain pro]>erty in Frederick County, 
about which a suit is pending in favor of the state. He does not know 
exactly how to act in the matter. If true, such information would bo 
very beneficial to the public, and shall bo answered by a publication in 
the Gazette. It may bo a plot in order to get the suit against the 
Security removed, and amuso him in searching after imaginary property, 
in which case it should not be noticed. He requests that his Excellency 
will decide as to the propriety of sending an execution to Frederick 
County upon this information, & should property bo found, then suggests 
that a public acknowledgement of the letter should be made, as an 
encouragement to future information of the kind. 

Mrs. Connor and Others to the Governor and Council. Octol)er 12th 

Mrs. Connor, widow of the late Jno. Connor, deceased; Terry Connor, Applyinj^ for 

Christian Bowers, Jos. Liplong, Thos. Upshaw, Thos. Harris and i, JJ^I^'u 

othei*s, to the Governor and Council : place to the 


Their several petitions, applying for the position of Door-keeper to 
the Executive, made vacant by the recent death of John Connor. 

Edmund Lyne to Colonel Henry Lee or Colonel Alex'r D. Orr, cKtol»er Hth 

in the Assembly. 

Informing them that things have taken such a turn with him, he will Mason Co. 
leave this place next December, and settle on Hinkson's fork in Bourbon j^wer Blue 
(/ounty. Residing in Bourbon Co., it will be incompatible for him to be Licks 
bheritf of Madon Co. He requests that the Executive be informed of 
these circumstances, and also that it is his earnest desire that Col. Henry 


1790. Lee, who stands next in the recoininendation, be made sheriff of Mason 

Oetoljt^r 14ih Co. Jle states tliat the army composed of about 2,400 men under the 

(V)l. Henry eommand of General Ilarmar, marched from the mouth of Liekin*^ 
I f 

sh 'rilfTif ^^^^^"^ ^^ fortnight ago, but no accounts have been had from them. The 
Mason Co. Indians are perfectly still in this quarter, so that he supposes they are 
making ])reparations at home for their dofencc. 

October 17th ANDREW DuNsco3iB TO THE Governor. 


Richmond 1 request you will bo pleased to direct the Auditor of Public Ac- 

Reiiuostfi to counts to adjust my account for Pay and expences, as also for tlio loss 

&c^ »ttffi^' si*^t^^"^*^ "^ House Rent in consequence of my leaving the service of the 

State previous to the expiration of the term for which I had taken the 


Had the cause of my quiting the service of the Commonwealth have 
proceeded from any other source, or could 1 be satisfyed of the rectitude 
of the motives that led to it, my mind, as well those of othei*s who are 
(k)neeive8 equally friends of the State, would be better satisfj'-ed; for myself, I 
views as ^ hesitate not to declare that I conceive the views of the Author as design- 
designing as ing as I do his heart — an opinion that led me to quit the office imme- 
nis nean Ji^t^dy upon being furnished with a Copy of the minutes of Council; 
which, untill then, were known only to himself, and were falsely related 
and repeated with different constructions and a denyal of having writ- 
ten in the stile of the minutes — ])roducing your Excellency's letter to 
prove the assertion — but his to you was mislaid; concluding with a de- 
claration of sorrow at my quiting, as he intended going on with the 
business alone af\er the next quarter — a declaration I viewed iu the light 
of his others. 

I trust 1 shall be pardoned for observing that I neither feel satisfied 
nor well treated at being obliged to quit an office that has not sustained 
any injury from my unremitted exertions, nor does reflection induce a 
belief that my future Conduct, with a character more open and sincere, 
would have been less productive. 

It perhaps might be considered obtrusive for me to deleniate the 
view I conceive I stood in in the eyes of the Representation of Vir- 
ginia. I will therefore only observe that I feel myself easy on that 
score while in office and anticipated a better return for my integrity, 
assiduity and laborious struggles to promote the Interest of Virginia 
than 1 have experienced. 

I have the honor to subscribe myself, 

Your most obc. llumb. Serv't. 

P. S. — The Accompanying Letter the Attorney-(ieneral <»f the United 
States was pleased to give me. 


Sam. a. Otis to the Governor op Viruinia. 1790. 

Enclosing a copy of the Journal of the Senuto of the United States Oetol>er 20th 
at the second session of Congress, begun and held in this City January New York 
4th, 1790, with a request that he may have a line in answer hereto. 

G. Thompson to Beverley Randolph, Esq. October 22d 

('barging Tunstal Quarles, High sheriff of Fluvanna county, with Kichmond 
gi-oss and palpable abuses of his office, viz: in 1783, he then being a ChurjjjeB 
coroner, an Execution was put into his hands, being the Commonwealth •j^^'^gtal 
against William Henry, sheriff of the said county — said Quarles was Quarles, 
applied to not to levy and he should receive Ten pounds; which sum ho piuvanna 
did receive, and the Execution returned "no effects"; that the said T/ounty, with 
Quarles, as sherifl* of Fluvanna co., in April last, conducted the election £ijj*^^ 
of Delegates contrary to the laws of the country; that he also faileii to 
i^turn to the clerk's office all the names of those who voted for Geo. 
Thompson at the said Election ; that about the Gth of September last, a 
writ was put into his hands, being Meriwether Morriss, plaintiff, against 
Klias Langham, defendant, which he was desired to execute; after that 
day, and before the return day of the writ, Quarles administered an 
oath to the said Langham as a Juror, to view a place for a mill. The 
said writ is now in the office of the District court at Charlottesville, and 
the return on the same is ''come too late to hand." The above charges 
can bo proved by him. 

Charles Hay, Clerk op tub House op Delegates. <>'tobcr22d 

Resolved, that the Executive open a (.-orrespondence with the Presi- Resolution 
dent of the United Stat<?s, on the subject of a Woollen manufactory, in President of 
order to bring the negotiations for the establisment of a woollen manu- Unite<l 
factory within this Commonwealth to some definite shape for future Woolen 
Contract, if deemed proper, and that they report their proceedings Miinufactory 
thereupon to the next session of the assembly. State 

Nov. 8th, 1790, Agreed to by the Senate. 

Kobert Carter to the Honl. Beverley Randolph. October 22d 

Stating that he had been confined at this place since Sept., 1789, by sick- Westmore- 
ness. This, together with advancinl age disqualifies him from acting with hmd County 
that spirit and diligence requisite under his appointment. Mandamus 
dated 13th of June, 1789, now most gratefully acknowledged. 



1790. CttAs. Hay, Clerk op the House of Delegates. 

October 23*1 Kenolved, that the Petition of Col. Wm. Finnie, praying to be allowed 
Reflolntion certain a<iiiitional pay granted by the boani of war, while acting in the 
oe^Jn Quarter Master'rt Department^ with the vouchors in support thereof, 
ax^hlitional ought to be referrwl to the Executive for settlement, and they direct 
>fm Fiimie ^^^ Auditor of Public accounts to issue warrants for whatever compen- 
sation thej shall think said Finnie ought to receive for his public 

Nov. 6th, 1790, Agreed to by the Senate. 

October 25th Sam. Coleman to the Governor. 

Council The inclosed Papers contain claims for services rendered by four 

*^®^ scouts for the county of Harrison, for the year 1789, commencing in 
Scouts in September. The Governor's letter discharging the Scouts and Rangers 
' is dated the first of June, 1789. Only two scouts were allowed this 
County for '89; yet on the 17th of October it has ho hap}>ened that 
four have l^een paid for services rendered in the course of this year. 
Hr. Jackson says, that the Governor's letter did not get to hand till the 
time of the conclusion of these services, but that will not justify the 
employment of four Scouts, when but two were allowed. 
Scouts in They contain also claims for four Scouts for the services rendered in 
'c^nty^ Randolph County, in the year 1789, without any authority that I can 

I have the honor to be Sir, 

Your Most ob't Servant. 

October ^ih S. Sbeppard, Clerk in Solicitor's Office, to the Governor. 

Richmond Enclo^jing the Annual Statements of the Commonwealth's Revenue k 
Expenditures, together with a list of balance due from the several 
Counties for the years 1782, 'SS, '84, 85, '86, '87 k 1788, which he i-e- 
quests may be laid before the Honorable House of Delegates. 

October 26th ^^^' Prkntis to Beverly Randolph. 

Williaifis- Stating that hi.<< letter of the 15th inst. came to han<l on yesterday, 
buj^ That Mr. R;indolph and he signed the rcjiort some time in Juiie^ and 

-*•'. ^ra't-^iH. i^ffTuiaui ''in^**-*. ' imu-^ins*- K'^Tt*-** sim .'n». (ii 'n%'\i\t, $s-ji«vikms. 


i'has. Hat. CuatK *vr mu H^m-sh ^vr UKi.i^;\riis \\^^^]|^^ *^^^\ 

A p»Hiii«»o of Henry Stmtton. whirh wsis rx^lomxsl l*^ iho tN^M^uMnV |\^hi«>s^^ ^\| 
on i'!ajniTon«] roportotl tn>m samI i\»nmuU\v I^x Kivhiii\l I*\h\ cdi^inutMV J^^^^^^n 

Henry Stralion apponrs lo havo ci^nunAmUsI I ho Sl^lo St^h*r All^rt^uv 
•inrini: the years 1779 ami 17S0, and in the i^>ur^o of Iuh \i>iiuiu\iuL k\\\ 
vanecJ a conHiderable 8iiin of money in pun^haHin); n^MHv^^u^i'v nmU^'it^U, 
prrivisions, and in disohan^in^ HonmcnV \va^^; (hal on Mtm^h l\\\, tTSI, 
he Bet tied his aeeount of Biieh advanoen wiUi William AnniH(oud« Iho 
(/ommereial Agent, who80 iH>rtif)eato of that date aekno\vl«Ml^(t^M u ImiI HidtMUi^ \\\\v 
ance due Baid Strratton of Fourteen thouHand« nine hunthvd and el^t^d\ ^^^^^^ 

seven pounds, two shillingH, pa|H«r mono}*. 


1700. R^iHolvcfl, that it ia the opinion of thia Committee that the petition of 

(MolwrL^th fho nfi'ul Sfmffon with iho vouchers in support thereof, he referred to 
li<<»4<»liitlon ih(; F«x<fC'iitive Tor Hcttlemont. anil if it shall appear that there is a bal- 
'"mont**' *"''^ *'"** \i\n\, th«y report tht? fact to the present General Assembly. 
Nov. n, 17f>0. Affroed U) by the Senate. 

()i't<»l>f»r 27!h I?ob't If. Saundrrs to the Governor. 

(iofN'hInnd IN^tition nnkin^ that four yoars' taxes on his nc^ro man, Sam., amount- 

onnfy j^^^ j^, forty Hhillin;(s in HptM'ir Jk lorty shillings in certificates, be i-efundcd 

Askin^cthnt to him, hm saiil nc^ro wan 4ix<'mpterl from taxation by the court which 

HnriiTMT'^' ^^^** *^"'*^ nM'onliMJ, notwithstamlin/^ this tax had been annually col le(ae<l 

r(«f^ni(lfM| from him as per shcritf's receipt herewiih enclosed. 

(^it4ilM«r 2Mth Joshua K. V. Kniuut to the Governor. 

I'etliinn ffir IVtitlon asking for panlon on account of his youth — having been con- 

7lorH«(" victiMJ <if horsestealing by the county court of Caroline on Octo. 9th, 

HtealitiK 17!M>, aiKl seutence<l t«) be hung on Novomlwr 18th, next. This ]M)tition 

is signed by about 150 poi*Hons, male and female; among whom are some 

of the best and most influential citixens of the county. 

(Mols^rt^th Major John (irruory ti) the (iOvrrnor. 

Ui^luiiutU»n lUVignlng his ('Ommission iis Major of the Militia of Charles (^ity 
of Ids tNmiitv. 'fhiH iMMnmissi^Hi is dated on C>el. 28, 1786, at Richmond, and 
sighiHl by Patrick Henry, iiovernor. 

iVMn^r^h lloWKI.I. l4R>YtS TO THE GOVERNOR. 

G«HH bland CerlilVing that John Williams this day mailo «iath Mbiv him that a 

\\suity militia f^^w for non aUeudance at miistor wa.** im|Mit4cd upon him in the 

Militia t\iH« y\Hir I7SS: while at the same time, ho hold a eorlificato fn>ra tho clork 

^th^*^h *** *^** i'*»uri i»f oxemption dattnl in 1781, on acinmnt of Unlily infimii- 

o\vui|^«nI tio<!(. and that ho was still laUvtiriiig umlor the samo. i^ourt eertt6edte 

I^MVH MWr horxMU onvk^oitHi. Ho pray^ the iiitor|io«4lion ot ih» K:cecttiive in his 

oalexpae or >tate fapkrn iii 

A. *. 

*tal ^jlsuk^ w> BiTiKLrr Ra^o^mi*, Ki«^ 17W. 

iMi be v^Bf- zt:^ s iin je assovitsiicd lo bear & >ov «isiv< ju^v iVM«rr ^ 

biflL Li^-T rt-f«tiiivc '^ b» oftciju cbamict^r: mil tM wbk4i b^ int^tt:!^ ^** 'v^L^^Z!?-^ 
- " *- mill jtOit^iiR^ 

l*t %1^it^ ;•'* drift r«ct rate. *i>p fcHiihk«d in «Tvr. aihI c^kd im«> exiMc^Ky^ 

hT \\t't frmq^Aitkrjis: ^ % nMlifraukX bean. As si cMipiitatMi ot iWti^r 

Hi&r!!V& :k dKAii wfv&id he too prc4ix jind tedknis lo impoM" upMi bis 

RxrTW>«rt J. ki^ bTpes be will saspeiHl his Of^nkni rKipodiiu; iboir Tmli«l- 

ity nm:; ibe \ii%L wb^-n be will be able to eslaKtisb bis iniH^cvney by Will «^<»K 

the iiH>«n iiif->iiiesiibSe testimonv. siihI haflle tbe calamnv ot bis a<^r««^r, ,'*^ ^** 

Tiiu AKTHum Campbell to Gotkexok Rkvcklt RAXiKiLra. Ntn>H)v 15« 


The Ifitt-rs '^^nt ia<t September by Mr. Jjimes CampK^ll of Wythe Waslun^tw 
c-oimty. wa^ forwanled to Kentucky a few liays aAer their Arrival here^ to Kentwekv 
bv a Mr. Je>eie WalktT, and I have simv heani of Mr. Walker's safelv bv J^x^^ ' 
rrtu-hini;: the Keniueky settlements. On the first day ol OcUx laji^t> \Viitker\i 
ilannah Tac-kitt. one of tbe CaPtivi*s t^ken at the mouth of l\de River ^^ arrix^l 
in Kanawha County, made her esc-ape from an Indian who was carryinij TW^Mtt 
her south wanJIy. and paid he was of the Crtvk nation; hatl s^we as an i^'5i|^>l ft>H« 
express to the Nodhwanl Indians last spring, ami was rotuminir with 
a war party desio^ne*! for the more sou thwanlly settlements in Vinit'>^»»; 
but uncx[KH-tedly fell in with the defenei^less |H»oplo at the mouth of 
CVile river. The fellow had hy unc'ommon can\ |va8se<l undisetn'onni 
thnMiirh the thickest settlements in this county, ami had nearly re;tcho<l 
the great roount^iins south of ns. 

The 18tli ult., as a party of Rmigrantd was ]>assing through the Indimut 
Wilderness to Kcntuck\\ they were attackinl hy a part}' of In<lians, 
Our people were dispcrse<l : two killed and several wounde<L Fnuw 
another cjuarter, we learn two party's of CherokiH> Warriors has set out 
to liarrass the Travellers to Cuml»erland an<l Kentucky'. If so, the 
a^K>ve may not be the only mischief done by the Indians: Nf>r notnl w*e 
l(K>k for peace as long as the banditti of si»veral Tribes finds an asylum 
in the lower Towns of the Cherokces. 

A general oxpccUition that a change is about to t4\ko place in the 
regulations of the Militia, and perhaps some neglect of tlio ofiliH^i^s. It 
is out of my power to make any thing like a correct Return to your 
Kxceliency at this time; however I have confidence, if the liOgislatun^ 
this session does their part, that a love of onlcr and a marthil spirit 
wmII soon again return. 

1 am Sir, 

Your most obedient sorvant. 

Ill f ALhShMi Oh -STA If: PAPERS. 

17'^/ Mf.mOtlAh lO ^iOYtJIL%OIL IftA1liI*>«LPH. 

f%if^* in ^^ lU 9t) $1 t'f/;/*- ut»*i J'fUu fl*'ii-l<-rfci'>rj. of Ohio fvjunly; John Evans. Jr., 
Ihi*/i*i' iit»*l ^fn M"<'U-^'t\ , nf M'^M^nirstiia '•'•unty: iieo. J»4'ki*on :in<l John 

I'rijiiiy. or Ihirrii^^fi f/Mjnly . f^•^Mrli^^ lUptJ^M an<l Abraham Cla}'- 
j*'#'>l ol l«i4fi<|ol|#h ^oiinU : An«Jri*w l>/#nriaih' an*! deo. Clemlinen, of 
Kitfiliiiwiiy ''oiiiifv , Tlio-. K'Jj^ar an<l W. U. ("avcnilish, of (iretinhricr 
<'oiiiiiy , Hi'n fi'ntt'>t'y uii'l 1^ S:iy<frK. of Monl<;ofn4*ry c-onnty, to (Jov- 
t'nmr l'«'V<*t'l4'y Uuii«lol|ili : 

,ln\ui Joiiil fiMiMioriul from l\^^^ atfov** |H'i*w»nH, i]c*le^lt*ft from the nt^veral 

iiM'iiioriiil I'tmuiUm iiu'itlUmvtl,^ that the «h^h»n<-okH'H ('<»n<iition of those 

roiMith'H, ionniiij< li liiio <i( nearly four hundred milen alon^r the Ohio 

hidiiiMH river, <<x|M)Hed to th«^ honlih^ ifivanionH of the Indians and de.stituti> of 

every MUpporl, in Indy ahirniing, no(withHtan<lin;r all tho regulations of 

IhyiiJiillMiiM (he (^'tieiiil (iov(*riiiiient in that <'ountry. Hitherto these re<]^ulations 

"',*'" have Immmi lottilly inelU»etiuil lor tlM»ir protection : that it eon M not ho 

iiii*tit olhervvihe, iiH iIm« (JarriMoii k(*))t l»y th<^ (/ontinental troops on the Ohio 

hiellerliiMl ^.^^^^ j^^^ ^^j \\^\^, Merviei», if any, except to the Kentucky nettlenients 

whieh they iinmcdiately cov<m', an<l lK'in«^ from two to four hundred 
miles helow their front i<»r Si'ttlcMncnts; that agreeahly to the hist 
arranK*'"***''* lor their dcfenec as dcclariMl hy the Secretary at War, a 
Huhaltern oHh'cr, a sergeant, a corporal, Sl twelve privates wore allottiH] 
to some t»f the ahove c<mnties, to he (continued in service only durin,£C the 
aitpiNAal id" tho ( 'Ontinental (-onHnanflint; oflicer in the Western eoun- 
trN , they to he at the same time, un«ler such i^eirulations as make it 
in^posMJhh* for the Inhahitants to <»omply with — the communication hc- 
tween him and them heini' cut otf hv a distance of two to four hundred 
miles, autl that thi»u^h an nninhahiti^l country it cx|>oseti to the 

Old i>lrtn ef Indians, that haviujx <^ntiivly e\plo<!c<l their old exi>crienec<l mo<ic ot 

defjxniv ,h^|oudinif thel^Mutiershv keepinjjout S<N>u1«t^' llanin^rs for their inform- 

ation %^ piN>tt^Mion,o\vin>j to ihe fae^as they are informcil, that tho new 

\y\^\\ i?» hv*s ex|HM>sive ^ihoui^h iKe savinjj, if any. must In? smalH, «wighl 

not li^ l>f> d^vmotl a jiyi>«Mi ix^ason to alter fn>m a known measure to one 

that i« onlj snp^><\^Nt to Iv a.*^ j^vxi. when tho live** of f»o many of the 

tX^fiHit oi oJt>Kon> atv e\j>«Ns«Ni to the Knemy. Thoy further say. that they have 

«>^n \n»\\ ^>,Nj^v,\n t*^ tx\'^v ihe %>M>T«\s^uenc*>>of the defeat of our anmy hy tho Indian** 

oi^ the lftt%' e\j'Hstition,a> the Inttiuns flnshxxi m*lih \ictory will douhtle?^ 

tall »M^ ^'^nv t^N>nuei>^ as >HV>n a> <he weaiher wit! permit, ami exort-isi* all 

lMft») to th'^^e hiMrid wniNlers in^^tdeni i«^ tho,r invasii^ns. that ii w«Miid U* much 

»'«V*l"»''»'** tho K«^no^ 1.^ >»*p^^Ml ih»^m he th." e\]>»M»^' what ii may — than to o^miH-l 
ih«M^>A»>dN ,\t OM v'jiir«Nnx ^ ho h5i%e ^i.ffoT^sJ <»•> miiok anJ s*> h^iuj imm 
ihe S<H\ j^i^^ to ^n I ihe o«^nriir\ 

Tiic%- iunher suiU' liuu thov Uimk iho *ml\ uuv^huis* \> hs h >mIi v^tnt* ^ »**M^ 

litiL ihv c<»iiliaeiii-i- 4il our irtUiiioi {vv4>|tK' iii \\w iiovorniuont ^n^l )mmiu. ^^''^i' 

lilKiut Uit Eud ]ini|iosod. uvwu: Uioir s»t<H> A |»ivits*uoh >niM K iv> T^^M^^^"^ 
eiufMiwcr Lbc County LiouumiiDts m KmoIi oI Ow^^t^ ^sxidiuvs «o y*\'Ux\ \>\\\ 

breaks up, to pUu^ some Ivani^ors on tho <>n(Ni<h «>t (ho NoiOotMx'iHri 
TLis i^ a iomporaiy maltor, and to ooiuinuo (ill m1MS^ «>f)oi(U{^l ihoniih 
are provided for the pruUxaion ol' thai ^'ountry \\\t^ o\|u'hm« 10 bv «>•! 
llod by the Auditor of the St4iti\ Aixi rhiir^r«H( to tho iiohoittl in^xrni 
mcnt; which ihey hopt^ 0on^n>?t8 will allow nil lho> oxiohd \\sn\ ph^ 
toetion which as VirginianN they have a light lo *>\pit(. 

They further say thai they ho|H> that Vir/^iiiia will uov«M' ipo»Ml\ n»M« 
inactive till peace in redtoretl to all lier < itiKont*. 

They conclude by nxjuoHliiipf liiH Kxcolli'iity, in (lii» i»v» hi li»' liitM noi 
the |K>wcr i<» relieve them, to lay (lioir <*oiiiplaiiilM bofiM't' llu' pi-opi^i 
Tribunal, where they may l>e i*e4li*uaMMl. 

£i>w^ai> PicufiAM, Je., to thk Oovkunon ot* ViRoiMM Mmv yd 

Inlormiu^ him that Mr. John Youhj^. livinf^t )'> Oo' n«>i^liiH»)ioo'l ol rniinhiltll 
Ben. Wood wai*d, lately found in an untW^j urn u><i iila< i' In iIm' vv/odh'. '"^'//^l' ' "<" 
Beveral thousand )K>undt» ol .Nortb <'ui'Mlina <'Ui'i«>n4'y lloil^iHi piul «/^ immi iiiid 
which ih uij^od; al^o a large bundle of <Mi»r(i (If hUik, vvidi i^^^iy linpb ^MlMinlJil' 
ment nece6«ary ibr eounterieitin^^ the MUid i^\in'^}n*>y k *:**i^MUmUm», mIm^/ 
for coiuiug, with sundry other arf.i(;le»* iUiiU/, i»ppreh4*n»i»v«- o^ diMy,<«i 
irom thoiM: concerntMi in tltat fU}l«;«ilubli> bui<»fni>Mf, hi i</<|ii4.Hi/4/d lonf 0/ 
take charge of them, whicli h«- itur doit* 

He requetith ihc Kxcculivc Uj |*»vi nu*'\t d»rM*<»on* m. ^|H^■ mi^' V # n* 
they may think itwiomtury. 

La3 HutAir ^^,^ti4ur '#r K ^J»«/ dtz/^o*- '.^//.i**/ 

» ', / v/ 

£<•*." r .Hirf^* w* 'J*** rr v* «* V »■* .'i* . ^^- 




1790. resigned. A joint eomiiiittee composed of Mr. Ilenr)- Lee, Mr. Walker, 

Nov. Uih Mr. Braxton, Mr. Puttei*»on, Mr. Up^liaw, of Essex; Mr. Holmes & Mr. 

Robertson, of the Iloiist^; and Mr. Pimplei*, Mr. Pope, & Mr. Claiborne, 

of the Senate, reporting that they hml examine<i the ballots, & found a 

majority of the votes in favor of the said Geo. Nicholas. 

Nov. nth 


Riehmond Iiol>ert Goo<le, J. Ambler, Wm-.Hay, and Turner Southall, Directors of 

Public Buildings, to the Executive: 


Requesting that Moses Austin l>e ^rante<l an order for Ei^ht hundred 
]H>undH, on account of his contract for covering the roof of the capitol 
with lead. 

Paid Nov. 11, 1790. 

Nov. 12th Miller Woodson to the Governor and Members op the Council. 

Cumberlund Memorial Hhevving that he had been tined by a court of Enquiry for 
County ij^^ attending muster in 1788, when the fact was, he had never failed to 

Muster fines attend any muster, except when prevented by his duties as clerk, and 
by reason of a disorder fnnu which he hiu) been suffering for several 
years; Affidavits to this effect annexed, lie pniys relief from the unjust 

Nov. 24th Geo. Deneale, Deputy Clerk of Fairfax County Court, to the 


Alexandria Certifying to the correctness of the copies of certain de]>osilions 
against the Inspector of Tobacco in the Alexandria warehouse made 
by Wm. Hodgson, Wm. Wilson, James Patton, Wm. Lowry, Robert 
Hamilton, J no. Dundas, & Wm. Hepburne; in which they charge grosa 
irregularities on the part of the Inspectors, & great loss & inconvenience 
sustained by them in consequence. 





Nov. 24th P. Waooner, Clerk of Fairfax County Court, to the Governor 

AND Council. 

Tobacco Certifying that Chas. Jones has resigned his appointment as Inspector 
lufipcctors j^|. Alexandria Tobacco warehouse. 


Richard Saiidford not being able to give bond & Security for the iiiith- 1790. 
ful discharge of his duty as Inspector at said warehouse, it is ordered Nov. 24th 
that he be no longer considered in office, & the same be certified to the 
Governor & Council. 

The court ordered that Henry Darue, Win. Darue^Geo. Thrift, Thos. 
Darue, Jr., be recommended for Inspectors at the Falls warehouse; and 
Geo. Minor, Thos. Grafford, Jr., & Wm. llalley & Jacob Cox, for Inspect- 
ors at the Alexandria warehouse. 

H. BaooKE, Clerk of Senate. Nov. 2Gth 

Certifying that John Steele and Miles Solden were elected members of John Steele, 
the Council of state in the room of Carter Braxton and Charles Carter, 
who stand removed from May 28th, next — Election by joint ballot of 
the two houses; also Uarden Burnley, F)sq., in room of Thomas Maddi- 
son, Esq., resigned. 

G. Dent, Speaker of tub House of Delegates of Maryland, to Nov. 27th 

THE Governor. 

Enclosing a resolution of the Maryland house of Delegates & Senate, AnnaiK)li8 

agreeing to advance the sum of 72,000 dollars (being three-fifths of the Advancing 
amount proposed by the assembly of Virginia,) to the General Govern- ^^Jlral 
meiit for the purpose of erecting public buildings; the Am't to be paid Government 

to the order of the President of the United States in three annual pay- i^uifjinirs 
nients. They request this information to be laid before the General 
Assembly of Virginia. 

Jacob Faulcon, Clerk of Surry County Court, to Archibald Nov. 27th 

Blair, Clerk of Council. 

Certifying that Lemuel Bailey, John Southall, John Watkins, Jr., Surry Co. 
James Allen Bradby, and Benjamin Edwards Browne, are recommended Justices 
to his Excellency, the Governor, to be added to the Commission of the 

Chas. Hay, Clerk of House of Delboates. Nov. 27th 

Certifying that by the Joint resolution of both houses, the petition of Petition of 

Dan'l Herring, late sheritt* of Isle of Wight County, is reasonable. Mr. t)aniel 



1790. IIcrringH gave bond for the faithful collection of the taxes for 1787, but 
Nov. 27th gave no bond for those of 1788. A Judgment has been obtained against 
him, however, for the lull amount of the taxes for 1788. Mr. Herrings' 
petition to be relieved of this unjust judgment, ought to bo granted. 

Decem. let Colonel Wm. Davies to Beverley Randolph, Esq. 

rhiladel- Stating that since the removal of the office to this City, his time had 
Office ^^^" wholly engrossed with that part of the specific account, compre- 
removed to bending the supplies furnished under the j)rovision laws. It will take 
^ ^ P ^ several weeks to complete the examination, and he will be necessarily 
obliged to retain the services of xMr. Burnley. He as j'et can find no 
Alex. Baugh account of the transactions of a Mr. Alexander Baugh, of Chesterfield, 
sei^'eof Yc* k ^^^^ appears to have procured large quantities of supplies during the 
siege of York. It is very important to collect all the evidence possible, 
to ascertain the amount & appropriation of the specifics furnished by 
the State; for though this part of our claim will bo better supported, 
when arranged & stated, than he once expected — yet from the unlucky 
measure of separating the ])apei's, which had been once methodized by 
Pierce & othoi*s formerly employed in the Commissaiy Department, 
there are many documents still to be sought for. He encloses a letter 
Payments at to Mr. Pierce on this subject. Ho also finds many payments made at 
treasury ^^^ Treasury not vouched for among the receipts brought on by Mr. 
Winder, which shows mismanagement in the selection from the Treas- 
ury books. Thinks that it would be better to forward to him the receipt 
books themselves to the 4th January, 1781; to which period, they arc 
the best vouchei*8 we can produce. 

He has not yet had leisure to examine the books and papere from 

Woodlief's district. They are very trifling in number, and ho would 

have suj)p08ed from the instructions given, that much inoro extensive 

Diflerent information would have been procured. He says that the diffei'ont 

statesset- States seem at lenijth seriously attentive to the settlement of their 
tlmg their ^ •' 

accounts accounts; all of them, except two, have employed agents ho!H> — some of 

them being gentlemen of Eminence. The General boaixi of Commis- 
sioners are proceeding with thosie accounts, as th<^ agents udmlt them to 
be complete. 

Decern. 3d J. Pendleton certifying that he has this day administered the oath 
Henrico Co. required by law to be taken by the (Jovernor^ to his Excollency, Bever- 
ley Randolph, Esq. vJiven under UU hand. 


Dennis Dawley and Thomas Lawson to Bevekley Randolph, Esq. 1790. 

Enclosing the petition of Lemuel Cornick. Anthony Walkc, and Decern. 4th 

other prominent citizens of Princess Anne Co., certifying to the general Richmond 

good character of certain militia from that County, who accompanied I^emuel 

the Sheriff to arrest one Amos Weeks, near Suffolk, and who were fined 9^n?*^^ 
_ Anthony 

by the District Court jury held at Suffolk, upon the complaint of the Walker 
said Weeks that he had been illegally o[)pressed by the said Militia. 
These militia being ordered by the sheriff to assist him, thought that 
they were acting according to law; and from the known orderly and 
inoffensive character which they bear at home, are entitled to the dem- 
enc3' which they pray at the hands of the Executive. They trust that Ask romis- 
their fines will be remitted, and they spared the distress wliich will be "^^^n^*^^*^ 
visited upon them, should the fines be collected from them. 

J. Pendleton, Auditor, to the (Governor. Docem. Otli 

Stating that the enclosed bills of Exchange, and all the endorsements Auditor's 

thereon respectin<r the claim of Mr. PauK^y, beiuix in the French Ian- .. ^ , , 
' , J 1 ^ ]yf r. Pauley's 

guage» and requesting his Excellency to appoint a (^)mmi8sioner to claim iii 

trnnnlate and state those described in the decree accompanyini' them, I'rc.nch 

. ' •' ^ laiifruaj^e 

and to report the same either to the Executive^ or to him. 

Wm. Shannon to (tovernor I^everley Randolph. Decern. 7th 

Stating that Mr. Coleman, to whom was referred his accounts for set- Richmond 
tlement, during the time he was Commissary & Quarter-master under Accounts 
Gcn'l Clarke in the Western Department, being appointed in 1779, and 
acting 3 years, had reporte<l adverrfcly upon certain claims which were 
unsupported by voucliers. lie remembers distinctly that when his 
papers were put into the hands of the Commissioner, they were com- Complete 
plctc, with the vouchers to support every claim. Some of these vouch- when P"^^" 
ers seem to have been carelessly lost or misplaced. As this matter is cominis- 
very important to him, he requests that the Governor of the Western signer 
Department be applie^l to in regani to these claims; and that a speedy 
determination be arrive<l at, and reported to the General Assembly. 

V. n. Macon to Beverley Randolph, Esq. Decern. 8th 

Stilting that he held a Court-Martial of the officers under his com- Court 

mand on tbo 27tli of last month. The majority of them were of opin- martial 
ion that they could not enter upon the fines with propriety, as they 


WMk double'! if there wii^ any law in exi?^Uroce for the trovemment of tlic 
\^-i%i\u. Mh rriiZiti&. He ha« heard that Con^rew passed a law at their laa^t sobj^Ioh 
\}t»n\^ for ihf- orifanizini; the militia, but had not «on it. Ho requests the 
taw {rhuv* in Excrutive to instruct him how toj»nx^ce*i. He Mates that Lt,-Col. John 
fixii^*'ntt' u» Bar-on wa« fi ne^i £3 la-t fail, twelve month«. for not snrinsr notice of the 
H':::i mental muyjter. tho' the sum is incrinsiderahlo. it will dii»tre«s him 
verj' much to pay it — Inrinir very po*>r A with a larj^e family. He re- 
quests that the fine may Ih.» remit te*!. if his Exeolleney can ilo s^> with 

T)Hfffin. 8th Sam'l RrgT to the GovEBXoa of Virginia. 

W^jKlmore- Certifyinj^ under his hand as a Justice of the Peace, that Jeremiah 
«»un y j>yj.| ^jjj^, ^^f ^|j^ Tolmcco Ins|H?clors at Kiusale *k Yeocomico ware- 

h(9UM^. dcparle<l this life on 22d of N<»vemlKT. la^^t fiast. 

Uaof-in. 8th JnO. CriBB. Sr., TO RlCHARD LeE. 

\V<?«lmore- flc4^|UCHtin<^ him to send 2 quii^es of crop notes. 1 quire Transfer notes, 
am '». ^ I ,p,jp^» manifcstH, by Mr. J no. Onibb, without fail. 


Kinf< A Petition prayin;^ to be relieve^l of a fine of £50 asACBsed agiiinst him 

Quw-n Co. 1^^, ^|j^ District court of said county on Sept. 16, 1790, for an assault & 
IViifir»n for batterj' uj>on Robert Bovcrl}'. The |Kititioner states that he was induced 
n^llcffrom ^ make this attack on account of false asjwrsions made by said Bev- 
erly upon the character and moniorj- of Col. VVm. Roano, his father, 
in a printed Libel addressed to Spencer Roane, Esq. This had the 
effect to highly exasperate this petitioner, and meeting said Bev- 
erly by accident, demanded satisfaction ; which being refused, he was 
induced to do the act which gives rise to this application. Ho states 
that the said Beverly has prosecuted him with the most inveterate ran- 
c/>ur, and was himaolf the j)rincipal witness to support the indictment 
for the assault. Said Beverly has moreover a private action now pend- 
ing in Ksscx county court against him, wherein he may recover ample 
damages for any injury ho may have sustained. Under these circum- 
stances ho ho]>es that due allowance will be made for the passion & in- 
firmities incident to men, and the remission of this fine be crranted. 


Joseph Hornbby to Governor Beverley Randolph. 1790. 

Enclosing a Copy of an order of the board of Directors of the Ijima- Deoem. 10th 
tie Hospital, & rcqucfltin<yj his Excolleno}' to direct the Auditor to insue Williams- 
bis warrant on the Treasurer for £400 for the support of said iros]nta1 "^"^ 

made pa3^abic to Mr. Wm. Russell, now in Riclnnond. 

Ja8. Monroe to the Governor op Virginia. Ik^oom. loth 

Dear Sir, 

I arriv'd hero on Monday last, the day appointed for the meet- Philaxlel- 
ing of Congress, in time to take my seat in the Senate of that assembly, jvicetincof 
This branch of the legislature form'd a house on that day, and the house Conjrress 
of Representatives on the next; they respectively communicated it im- 
mediately to the President, who conven'd them on the next in the Senate 
room, and address'd them in the terms you will find in the enclos'd.* As Addressed 
I have just arriv'd, & have been indispos'd of a cold contracted on the ^X ^ ^f u* 
journey, so as to bo unable to form acquaintances, or in fact do any- States 
thing but attend Congress, I can give you nothing except what this 
paper contains. I consider it my duty to communicate to the State 
whatever is of importance to it, the station will permit. This I shall do 
with plcjisure <fe shall be happy occasionally similar returns. At present 
I write in Congress, A C4in only add that I am with great respect A 

Dear Sir, 

SiiHHM'ely yrs. 

Sam'L C'oLEMAN to the CioVERNOR. IVcem. 11th 

Iteportipg on the claims of certain Scouts for services rendere<l in C>>uncil 

1788, which he finds correct. The names of the scouts are as follows, '* **'^' 

and the service performed in Jotfei'son county: Jacob llubbs, Wm. Seontscr- 

EIrae, Vincent Robins, Jno. Sherley, Henry Smith, Wm. Drennen, Aron ^'**'**^ 
Vaneleavo, Thos. Neal, Mark Thomas, Peter Smith, Preserved Wilcox, 
A Mathias Ilesler. 

*The jiapcr refernnl to by Mr. Monroe as encUisiMl, in a printed C/Opy of the 
a«h]reHB of Geo. Washin^i^on, Pnvident of the Unittnl Stat(»s, <leIiver«Hl to the 
Senate & House of Reprcsontativos, and date^l Dec. K, 17iK). 


1790. S. Su£PARD, Clerk in Solicitor's Office, to the Governor. 

Decern. 14th Iiiforining him, tlmt at the last General Court, two judgments were 

Solicitor's rendered on l^onds taken for duties by the Naval officer oi South Pow- 

Bonds^for ^^^^^''*^*^^'^^) contrary to law. Said bonds being taken on the 2l8t day of 

duties con- July, 1780, on which <lay the laws of this State on the subject of duties 

niry o aw ^.^j^„^,j jj^ j^.^y^ ^\^,^^ ^\^q p-^.ties liable to these judgments have applied 

to him, either to <ieliver up the Bonds, or give them such acquittances 

as will keep them safe against any Executions on the said judgments. 

One was against Francis Peyton for £85, 2s. in certificates, the other 

against WiMiam Wilson for £10. 13s, 4(1, payable in specie. The clerk 

of the General Court objects to deliver up these bonds, lie requests 

his Excellency Sc the IFonl. Board to instruct him how to proceed in 

this business. 

Decern. Ifith LoTT & IfioREE, TO the Governor. 

Richmond Saying that at the request of Mr. Harry Heth, they certify that 

Ci»-rtificate their Express agreement with him in the purchase of the following 

AUowance fohaccos, was that an allowance of thirty-four shillin<^ & sixpence 
on tobm!cos * j n i 

for tnuiHix)r- per Hhd. on Lynches, and Eighteen shillings on RivaTuia should be 
tuition made them for the transportation to this place, — Say Sixty-one Uhds. 
crop and twenty Ilhds. Transfer, Lynches, and thirt}' hhds. crop and 
three hhds. Transfer, Rivanna; in all, £169, 8s, Gd. 

Decern. IGth Oliver Pollock to the Governor. 

Richmond Enclosing certain bills and certificates, together with a letter from 
the Governor of New Orleans, addressed to his Excellency, fully evin- 
cing that he had discharged all those bills and also all oThor debts con- 
tracted by him during the war. The^so papers have been obtained b}^ 
him at great cxpence and loss of time in a foreign Country. The legis- 
lature of Va., through its Committee, after examining my accounts, re- 
ported the sum of £27,69G, 8s, l}d ; this currency to bo duo him, bearing 
interest from 18th Dec'r, 1785. The Assembly thought proper to 
instruct the Governor & council that £16,307, 17s, Oid. of thooRtablishoxl 
balance wMth interest thorcon at G pr. cent., should remain unpaid until 
tho bills drawn by him should bo produced to the Executive in proof of 
tho State being exonerated from all claimants on account thereof; but 
that warrants should be issued in his favor for tho residue of the said 
£27,696, 8s, Ijd. The retention of these tunds has subjected him to 
great inconvenience, ik obliged him to dispose of his warrants at a very 


heuvy loss. Ho trusts that those papers, togc^lior with tho letter of the 1790. 
Governor of Now Orleans, be laid before the Legislature, and he be fully Decern. IGth 
reimbursed for his heavy advanees. The balance already liquidated now 
amounts to about 42,000 Dollar; which ho hopes may be provided and 
allowed him without delay. 

L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to Beveuley Randolph, Ksq. I)ei*em. loth 

Informing him that sundry executions against Debtoi's to the Com- Solicitor's 
monwealth for Duties, resident in Norfolk, were <lelivered to Mr. George " *^^ 
Loyull, the sergeant, returnable to the late General Court; some of Kxecutions 
which, little or nothing can at present be foun<l whereon to levy. Mr. ^'^Norfolk "^ 
Loyall thinks, however, that opportunities may bo had Si full jmyment 
obtained, could he be permitted to retain the Executions, which he can- 
not do without the consent of the Executive, and thus avoid the penalty 
of the Act of Assembly of 1789. Should the hoped for benefit to the 
Public appear to his Excellency & council sufficient to induce such a 
proccedure, he will so acquaint him on being empowered so to do. 

James Monroe to Governor Beverlev Randolph. Decern. 10th 


To-day tho President laid before the SenatO a letter fi*om the (rovV Philadel- 
of the western territory of the 6th of Nov'r, & likewise one from Gen'l ^ "^ 
Harmar, of the 4th, communicating the result of the expedition lately Pre8i<lent 
executed by his order against the Indians inhabiting between the Ohio Q^J^yemor^of 
& the lakes. By these we find that the loss on our side was, of privates, Wwtern 
183 killed & 28 wounded; of officei-s, two majoi-s, 3 capt'ns, 3 Lieuts., & ^ Jf ^(^^i^J^e^^ 
4 Ensigns killM. The slain on their part amounted to, by the General's Harmar 
sLutement, between 100 & 120. The principal Action was on their re- 
turn, after having completed the object of his mission, by the destruc- 
tion of their towns, corn, & all their other productions. The Indians, 
it appears, gave up these to ruin without an otfbrt to preserve them ; 
the attack afterwards was, therefore, either the effect of de8j)air or a 
plan of defence previously arrangM & most probably the latter. Gen'l Bnivcry of 
Harmar speaks highly of the hravery of the troops both regular & *^"^ troops 
militia; his communication waspostpon'd untill his return to Fort Wash- 
ington, from whence those letters were ad<lress'd. 

The pa])ers respecting tho application of the District of Kentuckey 
for admission into the Union ju^ a 8eperat<5 & distinct member, have been 
referred to a Committee of the Senate to report an act to that effect. 
U|)on the ^^xamtuation of those, we find that the law of Virginia requires 


ITlKi. tliat a majority of the brxly i.'lect<ed shall ai»|»rove the sopirrat ion , that 
IhitDtfttt. iMh vJs of that Ik^Jv may prcxetiJ lo buMiicjis. There is uuthing in the act 
of the coriveritiofi. nor the uiemoriaK to ^atidfj' the houne that th«»:»e 
conditions have lxH;n complied with; nor has any statement of the 
numWr ot Inhabitants in the District been forwarded here. These cir- 
cumr^tanccii were attendee! to by the other memlx;n> of the committee, & 
therefore, as the\* might have weight in the deci:<ion on the subject, I 
have thought proi>er to communicate them to your Excellency, that 3'ou 
might furnifth me with such documents (if within y*r reach) as might 
remove them. 

I am with great resjiect k esteem. ^ 

Y'r Excellency's most obi. A: humble ^*rvanl. 

lhyi:i'Au. iHth El»WARi> lliLL TO 

Certifying that during the time he acted as District Commissioner, bo 

lodged several acc(»unts and vouchei>» with the late Sam'l Jones, of 

Richmond, to be delivered by him to Mr. John Peirce; among which 

l^»l»ert Hill's accountH was one of Robert Uill's as Commissioner of Provision law in 

iu-cr>uiit King & Queen County, which ap|»eared to him to be all settled and the 

Hionerof money pn»perly accounted for; had this not been the case, ho would 

I r»»viHion imy^j received the balance & lodi'etl it with his account, as he did with 

& Qut^Mi (>). the account settled by him with John Hill, Commissioner of Pi*ovision 

Settle*! |j^^ j„ King William County', who paid him £IIJ64, 3s, 4d, balance due 

from him, which was lodged with his accounts as above mentioned. 

Decctm. llHh ^^- LAN<iUAM To Governor Bkvbrley Randolph. 

Point of Stating that from a letter received from a Iriend a few da3'8 ago at 
l«ork Richmond, he learned that unfavorable im)»reHsions had been made upon 
His iiHvate ^^^ minds of the Executive by a Mr. Morris, in regard to his private 
conduct con<luct. 

lie requests that opinion may bo su8pendc<l till the story is fairly 
investigated, wIicti he flatters himself that his conduct will not ap]>ear 
in the same light as represented. 

I)«K!em. 2(Hh ^^' Knox, Skcretary op War, to tub Governor of Virginia. 

^y^,. I had the honor, on the (Jth of September last, of addressing to 

I)epurtnieiit your Excellency's protection a packet to William Blount« EsqV, gov- 
ernor of the territory of the United States, coded by the State of North 


Carolina. A duplicate of which I enclobcil to your Excellency, to be 1790. 
forwarde^l to governor Blount in ni}' letter to you of the ninth of the Deeeiii. 20th 
8anic month. 

As it is to be apprehended that the said lettei-s have inlHcarried, 1 have Siiid letters 
to request you would be so obligiui^ as to inform nie by whom and by ^^iV^^^^J^nisj^^^^ 
what n>ute you sent the said packets, and whether they were addivssed carrieil 
to Col. Arthur Camj)bell. 

The honoi*able Lieutenaiit-(iovernor Wood informed me in a letter of Lieut. Oov- 
the 21st of September, tiiat '*lie bad pi\)cured an Express to take charge >v[|^Prt 
of thoni as far as Colonel Arthur Campbell's, of Washington county, letter 
but fortunately heard that governor Blount has passed tbrough this 
place on his way to New York; this determined him to withhold the 
dispatches until his return, and had left a cani at the Inn whei\'' he 
lodge<l, to inform him that the dispatches were still in his possession.** 

1 have the honor to be, with great i*espect, 

Your Excellency's most obedient & humble servant. 

CiiAs. ifAY, Clerk ov the House of Delegates. Decern. 20th 

This is a joint resolution of the House of Delegates of this date, and Joint 

agreed to by the Senate on Dec. 25th, authorizing the Executive to ^^»^"^i^^ 

direct such temj)orary defensive operations in the fi^ontier counties of KxiHmtive 

this State, as will secure the citizens thereof from the hostile invasions ^^ ^^^^ 

ol the Indian Enemy; also that the Executive be requested to transmit me4isun»s to 

to the President of the United States the memorial from the liepresenta- ^^^Jntier ^ 

tives of the frontier counties, and communicate to him such defensive citizens 
measures as Ihey may think proper to direct, for the sole purpose of 
afl'onling defence to our frontier citizens, until the General (iovernment 
can enter into full and effectual measures to accomplish the same object. 


Informing him that the t^uitK brought in Powhatan court in behalf of Suits in 
the Public against Sam'l II. Saundeiv and Col. Harris, }et renuiin untried, . .1^ ihi t 
though they have been at Issue four sessions. The Attorney for the S. II. Saun- 
(Joinmonwealth has use<l every exertion, but to no j)urpose, as tlu^y have Harris^ 
always foun<l some excuses that have satisfied the Court to continue Still untried 
them. Mr. Saundei-s wishes his ease left to referees. Mr. Sam'l Pleas- 
ants having obtained leave of the Executive to have his account settleil 
by referees, Mr. Edward Carrington has been Employe<l to assist the 
f'ommonwealth, who will doubtless undertake Mr. Saundeiv' case, if 
deemed exj)e<lient by the Executive. Mr. Wm. Watts desires also a lit- 
tle indulgence, whose letter is herewith enclosed. 



1790. Wm. Rose, Keeper op the Public Jail, to the Govebnob and Hon- 
orable COUNOIL. 

Decern. 22d Petition shewing that the General Assembly being previously informed 

Petition of the ease of Josej)h Clarke, who had been committed to the Public 

jail about two months before by a process from the court of Hustings 

Resolution for debt, that ho was poor and unable to pay the same, passed a resolu- 

^InSlvent*^ ^^^" "' 1786, Empowering the Governor to liberate all such poor persons 

debtors who then were, or might thereafter be confined therein on account of 

the public, without attending to the formalities directed bj' law for the 

discharge of Insolvent debtors. The Governor did, therefore, discharge 

the said Clarke from custody on Jamiary 10th, 1787. Ue now petitions 

John Rose for the discharge of John Rose, who is now a prisoner for debt in tho 
public jail — having been committed by the Sheriff of Uenrico county, 
on an execution Irom the Genei*al court for the non-payment of certain 
duties, &c., the 4th Oct. last. He has been so very poor for the past 
year or more, as to have scarcely a change of raiment, and is now almost 
naked, without money, property, or friends. Unless relieved b}' the 
Executive, ho must ineviUibly die in jail. He has been confined in close 

Prays his jail 79 days. He humbly prays to be discharged, agreeable to tho afore- 
"**' ^^^ mentioned Resolution of the General Assembly in that case made and 

Decern. 26th Colonel Wm. Davies to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Philadelphia Informing him that his favor of the 10th inst. came duly to hand 

Letter and with the enclosed voucher, which will be useful. Those brought on by 

voucher ^^ Giles are of much im]>ortiince, and ho hopes Mr. Woodlief may 

Mr. Giles obtain many more such in his district. He has now gone through the 

Pa|)er8 from inspection of the papers returned by the Auditor of tho Treasury & 

of Treafi^*^ selected from them, & stated the articles receipted for by militia, military 

and staff officei*s, and having compared the vouchers granted by the 

commissioners of the provision laws with their returns, and with the 

books formed by tho Auditoi's, & by Jones & Carrington, and also with 

tho list of specific documents which was drawn out & delivered to Mr. 

Si>ecific Winder by Mr. Dunscomb as containing the whole specific claim of the 

dAiiii of the State, ho finds some omissions and deficiencies which require to be 
stato; . 

omissions, speedily remedied; for instance, the public books contain many entries 

&c. found fQ|. supplies furnished for which there are no vouchers found, and which 
Returns of are therefore not included in the above-mentioned list. Tho returns 

Commis- from many commissioners enumerate a much greater number of recoiptb 
sioners "^ . 

or voucbera given by them than appear here, or aro noticed in the above 



list. There arc numerous roceipts or vouclior« granted by the commis- 
sioners for which the returns are wanting; and from the broken, desul- 
tory manner of the running numbei*8, it is evident that a large propor- 
tion of the vouchei*s belonging to the missing returns are also missing. 
Of course these are not comprehended in the above list — many of the 
returns from the court of claims do not appear; they often explain the 
purpose to which an article was applied, when neither the Commis- 
sioner's return, the voucher, nor public books express it, and in very 
many cases when the claim of the individual has been established before 
the Court by oral testimony alone, the return is the only voucher on 
which the settlement at the public oflice was made, and the only Evi- 
dence of the application which c&n now be adduced in support of the 
claim. Many similar cases of deficiency are found, and in all probability 
omitted from the list. The returns from the Courts which are here, 
often specify claims as founded on receipts or vouchei's granted by offi- 
cers & continental agents, while the vouchers are frequently missing, & 
consequently not expressed in the ab<»vo list. The most important defi- 
ciency of the whole is the want of many of the returns <fe vouchors of 
Commissioners* issues — a matter which he has repeatedly made the sub- 
ject of representation to his Kxcclloncy with much advanlage, as the 
niejisui"es adopted from time to time hav'e thrown great light on it, by 
bringing together a variety of Evidence in support of the due appro- 
priation of supplies raise<l by the State; a point which in the prepara- 
tion of the accounts seems to have been too little in view. Had due 
attention been paid at fii*st to these various particulars, or had he found 
these papers within the control of the State, so as to have attbrded him 
an op]>ortnnity of knowin;^ their situation before their removal, many 
of these inconveniences might have been av<)idc<l. As matters are, a 
careful examination of the Auditor's ollico, and selection of what may 
l»e wanting here, close ap|>li('ation b}- a man of ])ationce and judgment 
for a month or six weeks, will be sufti<-ient for the purpose. Should his 
Excellency concur in this measure, he would previously wish to give the 
person em])lo3'cd such instructions as may point precisely to the objects 
of Enquiry. 

With respect to the proposed redu(^tion of his salary to four hundred 
]>ounds a 3'ear, his Kxcellenc}^ will pardon him if he views it as a devia- 
tion from an ex])ress contract in which the Kxecutive is as much hound 
as himself, so long as they think proper to continue the business in his 
han<ls — that undoubte<lly <lepends on their pleasure. It is true that the 
duration of this business is perhaps beyond what was expected; but it 
is equally true that it has not been prolonged through any fault of his. 
Indeed, in the actual situation he finds the accounts to have been when 
he undertook their managemennt; this circumstance has been of import- 
ant advantage to the State, as affording an opportunity of collecting 
not only more ample evidence, but of supplying omissions to a great 

Decern. 26th 


from court 

of claims 


fipom the 



re<hiction of 

his salary 

The Imsiness 


beyond the 

dunition of 




;k*»«t 4k :jk=.v<r«.Hi> rvt<aLrvt» :Ar*i<Lri :k 7^*i?c Hiio^ x ■iit£t^r«jiiyii^MXa> acu&er 
^ryi^* (jx dt- *-••(, uib. rt -4».» •' v '^ : J t J •: :*:♦; iL^^u • ri t^^ A ^>j*ecc> 3' > w ai«: ^ t bey 

Oc^^ tvr^ic'v:^ Jl fi.-^i.A.v^'N v !.• -.1 f ' ;r^' .it- ^ nr!!^%H:ic«ia. >»-a:j> ii^ c\r ••r 

ini.W^. a flit/ /•' ^, V" Hfiiii?- t\~ sr«Ti«i :«MT><:UUiMt«ru. ItUI "**ait!!i* -i^i^Jta^mTtrB^:^ 
t,^nlKit» .f|^/li.K-r ^^*<j4*tt. /r Tij-U\jr vuim »i: ^'^'^um. ufurm'u'^ti^ 2i«/»i: ^ia*:^- wiixi 

n*Jk.MH^'»n4. n?>r»,-v>um A •■ inii^r>«»t *• ui*v:un^ ti. a. jiimunti. iJiiiii!aA>i 
11%; '»ni»it4\« '^»a^> »\ i»t^ H*kr^'-ttu!n%^u, w. fee- «. luisvi iK?niwmtiii tt i*i* 



leave to give his Excellency this early informatiuii, that in his opinion 1790. 
and with his present knowledge of the suhject, the tinal adjustment of DiHX»m. 2()th 
the account of Virginia with the United States, cannot with a most 
devoted attention to it, be a(*com})lished in an}' less time than that 
alh)W4.wl by Congress. As for himself, the rei>eated delays which have 
fM-enrre<l have subjected him to some mischiefs, which a previous appre- 
hension of them would have prevented. The loni' absence from his His absence 
small aifairs in Virginia has exposed them to material injury; while the "!jr«ia'^" 
maintenance of a family here far from the resources of one's plantations, cjuisinjij 
the inconveniences of two distant removals together with the aggra- i,i!JJr^r^t<Miip 
valing circumstances in the last of dead rent, brokage, & loss of furni- affairs 
lure, and an ex|>08ure in the most essential articles of housekeeping to 
all the i-apacity of extortion at an advanced & inclement season of the 
year, have ereate<l such an increase of expence n^ he feels sensibly. 
Under all these circmmstances, and observing the very different allow- Allowance 

ances annexed by Coni'ress to similar offices of much less labor, as well J ^^^njzress 

J r* 'to Runilnr 

as by the states to most of the gentlemen employed in the same line as ollict^s, iVtc, 
himself, tho' not encompassed with e<iual difficulties and meaning, as he 
ought to do at this ])eriod of life, to ask such compensation for the devo- 
ti*>n of his time to the service of the public, as be may deserve and they 
\>c well able to give, he is induced with great deference, to declare that 
tho* he thinks himself entitled while employed in the business to all the 
a^lvantages of their origiiuil agreement, unless waived with his own 
consent, yet as there is a prospect of the continuance of the business 
beyond the probable calculation of the Executive, and it may not be un- 
reasonable under su<di circumstances to afford some security against 
rtMnissness on the One side, as well as stimulus to siu-cessful exertion on 
the other. He shall therefore rest satisfied with five hundred pounds Will n^st 
annuall}' till the conclusion of the business; at which time, if no just cause fl*^tisiicd 
of complaint appear against him, he shall receive the arrearages that £i)Oper 
may be due liini agi*ecably to his first engagements, as well as an a<hli- ^"""'"» ^^' 
tional compensation as promised, if his services in tho opinion of the 
Executive shall daserve it. 

He has now, as desired by his Excellency, laid before him the present 
state of business entrusted to him, and respectl'ully hopes that the terms 
which he has suggested as a reasonable annual allowance during his 
continuance in it, may prove satisfactory to his Excellency <& Council; 
as any less sum under all the circumstances of his situation k <luty, he 
shall not conceive an aidequate compensation. The scale of depreciation 
required by Mr. Rlair, he <loes not recollect ever to have seen, nor is it 
among the papers here. 

He has the honor to be, with the greatest respect. 

His Excellency's most obed. Serv't. 


1790. Jobs Uixos to the Governor. 

liewuj. '^n)i Ifilonnin^: hirn. that the Law8 mar be completed in the time limitetl, 
Kk'hiiion<) an<] a Kairiple of the |»afHfr shall (>e furnished him in the morning. 
Friulin;; the Note. — Thi- k-it<.T j^eem** to h»e in reply to one stating that all the 
^*^ laws pasHc^J at cvcrj- sc&sion <»f the General Assembly shouhl be printed 
un<i publii^he^J within thirty dayf> after the rising thereof; and in ease 
the^' nhoiiid not Ik.- done within the time lK?fbrc mentioned!, the Governor, 
with the a'lvif.'c- of the CoiinciL is hereby authorized and empowered to 
ap|Kfint any other |M.'n»on to the office of Public printer, who fihall exe- 
cute the office and liave the salary allowed to the public printer for hiB 
wild t*ervicef*. 
lUititAuiion The foregoing is a Het^olution pa«%sed by the House of Delegates, and 
ttUMjt pmit. j4,,.,rove<l by llie Senate in 1783. 

Another Ker^ilution was pa-sse^l at the session of 1787, authorizing the 
Governor & Council (to prevent delay in the printing k promulgation of 
the LawHj, t^» cause k^> man^' printers to Ik? engage<l in exei-uting the 
DuticK (tf the public printer as they shall judge expetlient: and his sal- 
aiy paid them in sii«-h pro|K»rtioii a> the business n»s|KH*tivel3* |K*rformed 
b}' (hem Khali render just and proper. 

Ik'c.imi.'MHi f/OLONKL Geo. (/Lrndinrn to Governor Randolph. 

Uii'lmiond 1 lust evening r4»ceivM your Excellencie's letter on the subject of 

Kanawha Defence f(»r Kanawa, an<l The neighbouring frontier Counties, and am 
d«|i*iice, ami to find that the proceedings of the board Tend to destroy the 

roiinticH objectt of the General Asseinbly so far us it Uespects our Immediate 
<lefence, us I am confident thoi*e cannot be one man got for the allow- 
ance that is ma<ie, & If I was to attempt drafting the militia under tht^ 
Militia Law, they would disobey, (and In my oppinion with great pro- 
jiriety), as the allowance there made them is Taken away without any 
law for that puq)ose. 

If your Excellency and the IIon*blo Members of the Council will 

Reflect u moment that the militia, whether prt>cured by Voluntary In- 

On inui^h listinent or by Draft, arc on much worse footing than Regular tro<»ps, 

worst' f(K)l- iiiftHinucli as they are neither furnishM arms, dothinij: or any other 

rutmlar emolument that is due to Regular troops, and are subject to be tlis- 

trooiis banded Kvery moment. 

Trusts the From those considerations I trnst the Hon*ble board will Reconsider 

iMianI will this very Important subject; If they do not, Confident I am That the 

whole object of our defence is Intirely defeated. 

1 am, with great Respect and esteem, 

Your Bxcelleneie's ob't H'blo Sevt. 


Col. Geo. Clendinen to Governor Randolph. 1791. 

I, a low hourn pa«t, rocoiv*d 3'our Excollcncio's fuvV in ai)8wer to Jan. Ist 
mine of yesterday, and have to lament that the llon'ble board have not Richmomi 
made any alteration in the ordorn dii'ceted to me on the 8ubjeet of the His favor of 
WcHtcrii defence, and be^ leave to request the Ilorrble board to con- ^.eivcnf 
sidwr the peculiar Bituation of the County of Kanawha, and the disposi- Hitiiation of 
tion the Indians have lately exorciHod against it, and that you and the ^^^^ ^ 
Board will Indulge the County with four scouts, in case the (ren'l 
Government may not make such arrangements as their exposed situa- 
tion may require. This number I am certain, are not sufficient, but 
tliev would be of i^reat service merely to alarm tlie Inhabitants of the To alarm 
approach of the enemy, so as to enable them to collect together, inij^ijitunta 
to secure themselves fi*om savage cruelty. I feel myself disposed to 
make this Last re<[uest from the most tender motives of affection for 
my own Family and the lives of my friends and neighbours, eqully 
exposed, being convinc'd, as I mentioned in my letter to you of yester- 
<lay, that I cannot procure one man under my present ordei's. Trust- 
ing nevertheless that the Gen4 Government will make more ample 
provision; if they do not, I am fully persuaded that the County will 
be very shortly depopulated. If those scouts should be approved of 
under any restrictions or limitations, I beg one thing may bo left in the 
power of some officer or officers; that is, that they may be ordered into 
service when it may appear they are absolutely necessary, as no advice 
can reach this place in time to do us any service, and if such discre- Discretion- 
tionary power bo not vested in some person or persons, the whole will, ^^^ | fi^^to 

or may prove abortive. be vested in 

some one 

I have the Honor to be, with great Respect and esteem. 

Your Excellencie's obt. U'ble Serv't. 

JouN Ambler to the Governor. Jan. 3d 


Without my knowledge, I was numbered ftmong the Directors of Richmond 

the public Buildings. Being utterly ignorant of architecture, and lully iu»siinis as 

employed with m\' own business, I have from my fii-st knciwinir of the "!'*^ ^^ *'**^* 
. , . , , , . .. Directors of 

apfHimtment, used every means in my power to be struck oft the list; the Public 

I am informe<l that the Ilono'ble the Executive are now authorized to buildinj»s 
receive resignations and to fill up vacancies. I therefore request the 
Ilono'ble Board will be pleased to appoint another in the room of their 

Most ob. Sei'vt 


1791. Ambrose Jeter to Beverley Kandolph, Esq. 

Jan. 3«i Slutiiig that be hiul been intorineii by Mr. Cbatfin ibut be wuh one of 

Amelia tbe pei-boiiH rocoin mended for an uHsoHHor, in conjunction witb unotber 
Reconi- ])ei-Hon from tbe County of NoUoway, to re-aswess the lands of Amelia. 

inen<lc<l for g|,j^yi,j jjjy Excellency tbink well to nominate bim, be will take upon 
one of tbe ^ -^ ... 

assessors bimself tbe trust, as be tbinks tbei*e can be no objection from the ]>ch>- 

ple of Nottoway, boldin<j^ as be does Undn under botb former ansess- 

menls, and believing it to be almost tbe general wisb of the people of 


Jan. 4tb Henry Banks to (tovernor Randolph. 

Kicbniond Stating that be has been informe<l by tbe agent that be has some 

Tobacco Tobacco in different warehouses. He has proposed to bim to purchase 30 

Pro])CKSi^ to bhds. at tbe limited price, and pay by a claim he has against the Com- 

anl imr^ mon wealth of a much larger sum, established by a suit in the lligh 

witb bis Court of Chancery, which cannot be confirmed till March. H* the 

airainst Com- ^1^"'^^^^ Board tbink proper to instruct tbe agent on this head, tbe 

raonwealth, accommodation to bim will be very great, as bo linds it now necessary 

to remit some money to Kentucky, Si tbe postponement till March will 

l>e attended with danger. 

Jan. 4th Elias Lanuham to Governor Kandolpu. 

Richmond Informing bim tliat the Contractor's time for furnishing rations lor 

Contractor's the ])Ost at !\)int oi Fork, will expire May 1st next, & therefore thinks 

time for fur- j^ necessary to enter into a new contract early in the spriuir, so that 

rationH whoever engages in the business may be in i*eadiness witb the necessary 

to expire yupplies. He wishes an onler of Council authorizing him to open a 

new contract at such time, as the board may tbink pi*oper. 
.Vddition He sa3^s that be has without advice, bad an addition made to tbe 
built to the pjii^iie mill i^t tbe Post, at an expense not including tbe mill-stones of 
£21. He encloses the millwrigbl's bill. His motive in this was, that 
be thinks it will be productive, inasmuch as the lole earned might sup- 
ply tbe Post witb forage, & save tbe expense of purchasing a Consider- 
able part, if not tbe whole short forage necessary for tlie supplies of the 
Post. He still thinks so, and if his ju<Igment fails in this matter, bis 
conscience will stand accpiitted, as bis intention is to lessen the ex[)ense 
of the Post as much as ])0ssible. If the Board do not think proper to 
allow tbe additional expense, he will pa}' it himself & depend on the 
nett profits of tbe mill to repa}' bim. As the artificei-s' times will 
expire in April next, be desires to know whether they shall bo engaged 
for a longer term or not. 



Sam. Coleman to the Governor. 


Reporting that ho had examined the quarterly returns from the FoHt Jan. 4th 

at the Point of Fork. He finds a bahince due the Superintendent and Council 

Artificers to the fii-st day of January, 1791, to be £111, 9s, Od, and the ^^^ 

Amount of the Pay-Roll for the Guards to be £72, 12s, as usual. Mr. Quarterly 
Langhara's Cash account states a balance in his hands of £4, 14s, 3d, "^^^^^^JJJ°^ 

which being deducted from the balance due the Supt. & Artificers, will Fork 
leave the sum of £10G, 14s, 8Jd.; for which, with the pay due the Guards, 
warrants ought to issue as usual to balance the accounts to the 1st Jan- 
uary, 1791. 

Geo. Clendinen to Governor Randolph. 

Jan. 4th 


I wish the Executive were disposed to take back the ordera direc- Richmond 
tod to me (of last week) on the subject of our defence, and grant my Defence 
request of Satunlay last, together with thirty privates and their proper 
proportion of officers with the allowances made the Militia under the 
militia law. This number, tho' Inadeqet to defend so extensive a fron- 
tier, wo'ld in a great measure insure protection; this would increase 
expences very little, if the other mode was even practicable. I hope 
your Excellency and the Ilonl. board will pardon my frequent solicita- 
tions, as my motive to you must be obvious. 

On Saturday Evening last, I received a letter from thellon'ble Andr*w 
Moore in Congress, on the subject of Indian affairs; from which I learn 
no step is yet taken by them, nor does he signify that they Contemplate 
any other measures than those already adopted. 

I am your Excellencie's obt. ll'ble Serv't. 


Wm. IIay to Jaquelin Ambler, Esq. 

Jan. 4th 

Informing him that he is confined with a severe complaint in his bow- Richmond 
els, & cannot attend to-day, & a.sking him to obtain an order from the 
Executive for the balance of the note of the assembly of 1789, being 
£353, 19s, Id, of which £150 is to be paid to James Carney; the balance 
had better remain until to-morrow, when he may be able to attend, 
unless a small sum — say £60 or £70 — may be necessary for Mr. Austin. 
There is yet a good deal to do to the Roof The late high wind has 


Sick, and 
attend to- 


1791. turned up a hIiccI, which had remained no many days. He tears Mr. 
Jan. 4Ui Austin ha^ no plumber competent to finish it since his workmen leit, and 
thinks it prudent to enquire into these circumstances before a full pay- 
ment is made. 

Jan. 4th Gbm'l Joskpu Mabtin to the Governor. 

Henry Co. I this day i-otumed from North Carolina, and am sorry to inform 

Returned your Excellency that 1 co*ld Not in every res|)ect, answer the cn<ls I 
C^lijoa ^*^ *®"^ ^ ^***^ state for. as they did not seem Dis|>osed to <lo Any- 
thing respecting the boundary line, as they Conceivetl they had no 
power. But with some Dificulty, I prevaiPd on them to refer it to a 
Committee, where 1 had an opportunity of giving my sentiments. I 
found it very Dificult to collect the Committee, Being oblige<i to do the 
duty of a door-keeper, by applying personally to every one, & soliciting 
them to attend. The report I herewith send, as also the one Past in 
1789. I endeavoured to have a law Past, but could not. After much 
time being spent, the Assembly agreed to let that part lie over until 
Next Session, as they should have as much power Then to pass the act 
as they had at this. 
Act for It was out of my power to send the act for Cuting the Canell, the 

^omal^noT >^^^fl<>"9 ^^^ Governor has assigned your Excellency, the act is similar to 
sent the one past in Virginia, tho' not exactly; in one instance They compell 
the subscribers to have it to Draw Five feet water; the Virginia act 
only three. 1 also send for your information a Copy of the Session act 
by which you will see whether North Carolina with propriety can pass 
Walker's any act to Establish Walker's lino; if so, it probably may be done next 
® Session. I mentioned something in my last letter Respecting a Report 
of a Committee on the latter. I wrote Mr. McGillavray In order to 
Explain the Matter more fully ; have sent the Original report, sign'd 
by William Blount, who is now Governor of the new Seadod territory. 
Mr. Savier The other Depositions aluded to was Exhibited by Mr. Savier, in order 
to answer his ends; these were the Reasons I have bcH)n told Congress 
did not Continue My appointment to the very great injurj' of the fron- 
tiers of this State. The Governor of North Carolina has wrote a verry 
long letter to the president on tbe subject Recommending to appoint 
Recom- As your Excellency has been well acquainted with My Conduct in the 

mending Indian Department many 3'ears, if you think me worthy of that trust — 
appointment if you & the Honorable Council thought proper to write to the Presi- 


dent also — It mought put thing to rights, & I might Have it once more 1791. 

in my power to Render assensial services to my poor Distressed friends Jan. 4th 
on the Frontiers, as nothing else could induce me to accept of any 

appointment under Congress after their neglect To me; which the poor Congress' 

ii6firlect of 

suffering frontiers cannot help. I have lately had a long talk from the him 
Cherokey, with a belt of wampum, requesting me to come Immediately 
to their towns. But I shall not go before I hear whether I have any 
Encouragement from Congress or this State respecting a Garrison at 
the Ford of Cumberland. I have lately had several letters on that sub- 
ject from Cumberland & Kantuckoy. The ford of Cumberland is the 
line between the United States and the Cherokee Indians. If I could 
get liberty from Congress to purchase a few. Acres of land from the 
Cherokeys at that spot joining mine, I could easily affect it — I mean a 
few acres for the support of the garrison ; 50 acres or a 100 might not 
bo thought extravigant. If this could bo affected, & I get liberty to Liberty to 
trade, & the sitizons restran'd from taking spirituous liquors to the 
towns, I am well assured Could do something Capital for the frontiers 
of this State. 

The Indians in their Talks to me, mentioned That some time this fall White men 
some White men came to their Camps where they were hunting, & kilPd gcalping two 
two of their men, & scalpt them & took from them a large quantity of Indians, &c. 
Bear meat & all their skins, &c. They seem much confused. I Beleave 
a party of Creeks who are not very well Disposed, have been tempering 
with them; also the Western Indians. 

I could say much with propriety on Indian afairs, but it Might appear 
to some that I wanted to get into Business. I Conclude for the present, 
by saying that it is my opinion that if the same attention had been 
paid in that Department For twelve months past, as had been for many 
years Before, the frontiers would have been on much Better footing. I 
Belivo your Excellency will recollect That no Combination among the 
Different Tribes took place, without the Executive of Virginia being 
informed, nor no expeditions by any Tribes, as I had by way the Chero- 
kees opened A Communication to the Different tribes over the Ohio. 
General Harmer might have known what numbers & tribes he had to General 
encounter Before the action, &c. armer 

I Cannot with Conveniance wait on your Excellency Immediately; 
have therefore employ 'd Capt. Alexander to set out with all Possible Captain 
Dispatch with the enclosed from the Governor of N. Carolina. Should ^*° 
your Excellency Honor me with any further Commands, shall stand 
prepared to execute them on the Shortest notice. 

I have the Honor to be, with the Greatest Respect, 

Your Excellency's most Humble & mjst obt. Scrv't. 


1791. L. Wood, Public Solicitor to Govebnou Randolpd. 

Jan. 6th Your favour of the l«t Innt., I recoivod last Night. The Executive 

Hanover may be assured of m}' attending as formerly to the Duties of my office 
The Kxecu- as soon as I possibly can do it with any toloniblo safety. I was in 
of^his^urn ^^^^^"^^'^^1 ^ ^*^w days during the sitting of the Court, but was for a 
to duty as week aftorwards unable to use my iefl arm. I returned again as soon 
p^ibW Clin ^ ^ to^** ^ '*^^^o better, & on coming home had a sore brake on my riglil 
arm, as also my leg bi"oke out afresh. These places are again mending 
& I shall be in Richmond immediately on their healing up; of which 1 
have every indication that can be wished. I have. Sir, for your & the 
Executive's satisfaction been more jiarticular, as the in<lulgence I have 
received demands my utmost assiduity the moment I can resume busi- 

Most respectfully I am, Sir, 

Your Excellency's most obt. c^ h'ble Serv't. 

Jan. (ith Oliver Pollock to Governor Beverley Randolph. 


Richmond I was honoured with your Excellency's favour of the 17th ulto. ; 

Enclosing the Contents of which I daily observe. I now take the liberty to inclose 

*^f^Ix» -^ Copy of the act of the Legislature wherein it is directed that my war- 

lature rants shall bo Issued bearing an Interest of 6 pr. Ct. pr. annum; this 

has hitherto been omitted. Supposing the Cash to bo directly received at 

Rcquestfi ^^^ Treasury, but this not being the case, I have now to request that 

warnmtsto ^]^q Auditor will be directed to Issue the warrants airreable to the said 


agrecjvbly to RCt, as also that the Interest may be settled for those already Issued, 
said Act, <fec. agreable to the time of payments made at the Treasury. 

I have the honour to be, 

Your Excellency*8 most obedient, Hum'blo Servant. 

Jan. 7th J. E. Howard, Governor op Maryland, in Council, to the (iov- 

ERNOR of Virginia. 

Annajiolis We have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency's 

letter of the 1st of December, on the subject of the materials formerly- 
provided for the erection of a light-house, in which our States have a 


joint interest. And we encloBc you a resolution of the Legislature au- 1791. 

thorizing us to take measures in concert with the Executive of Virginia Jan. 6th 

for the diBposal thereof. 

A8 we recollect from former communications that your Board sent one 

of it.s members to ascertain the condition in which these materials are, 

we are persuaded that the intention of our assembly will be perfectly 

answered by our referring the matter entirely to the Executive of Vir- The matter 

ginia. We therefore notify to your Excellency that whatever contract q^i^^i^iq 

you may make for the whole of the materials will be accepted by this the Exccu- 

State, and in that case we request your Excellency to take proper meas- *^^ ^ *^" 

ui"es for the payment of our part. In the meantime, if any proposal 

should be made to us on the subject, we shall take the earliest occasion 

to apprize your Excellency of it. 

We have the lionor to be, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's mo. obed. Serv'ts. 


Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State, to the Governor of Vir- Jan. 7th 


Enclosing a printed copy of an act to provide for the unlading of Philadel- 
ships or vessels in cases of obstruction by ice. This act was passed by P *^ 
the House of Representatives on Dec. 6th, 1790, and also by the Senate, An Act to 
and approve<l by Geo. Washington, Prest. of the United States, on Jan- ^^n/^inc*^ 
uary 7th, 1791. The purport of this act, is: That as it sometimes hap- vessels when 
pens that vessels are obstructed by ice in their passage to the ports of ^ |)y"|ce 
their destination, and it is necessary that provision shoulcl be made for 
unla<iiDg such vessels, It is Enacted that in all cases where a vessel is 
prevented by ice from getting to the port at which her cargo is intended 
to bo delivered, it shall be lawful for the Collector of the district, in 
which such vessel may be so obstructed, to receive the report and entry 
of any such vessels, and with the consent of the naval officer (where 
there is one) to grant permits for unlading or landing the goods, wares, 
or merchandizo imported in such vessel, at any place withrn his district 
which shall to him appear most convenient and proper. And further, 
that the report & entry of such vessel, and of her Cargo, or any part 
thereof, and all persons concerned therein shall be under, and subject to All persons 
the same rules, regulations, restrictions, penalties, & provisions, as if the ^^{^^^ 
said vessel had arnved at the port of her destination, and had there the same 
proceeded to the delivery of her cargo. nnes, <xc. 




Jno. Harvie and Others to the Governor. 

Jan. lOth Jno. llarvic, David Robb, and Wm. Foushco, Directors of the James 

River Company, to Governor Randolph: 

Richmond We have jiiHt now made a Requisition from the members of the 

Re<]tiisition James River Company of f\yo pounds pr. share on the whole Capital to 
iKmnfls pw *^® ^^^^^^ ^" ^^** before the 20th day of next month. As this is the sea.son 
Riiare on the for laying in provisions and several other articles essentially necessary 
rapVLd ^^^ carrying on the Work, we shall bo much obliged by your favour- 
ing us with a warrant for the money which will be due for the Public 

We do not mean to draw the whole monej^ immediately, unless it bo 
agreeable, but shall endeavour to accomodate the payments to the con- 
venience of the Treasurer. 

We have the Honor to be, 

Your Obt. Serv'ts. 

Jan. 14th 


Report of 

balance in 


J. Ambler to the Governor. 


We have between a thousand and eleven hundi*ed pounds specie 
now in the Treasury; it is impossible to determine when & to what 
amount it may be replenished ; however, the pressing calls of the James 
River Company, I should presume, will justify an advance of £500 for 
their present need. 

I am. Sir, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's obcd. Serv*t. 

jan. 14th alexander •hamilton, secretary of the treasury, to governor 

Beverley Randolph. 

Trwwury It is necessary to the adjustment of the public accounts, that the 

Department QfR^^^s of the Treasury should be informed what sums in final settle- 
ment certificates were paid over to the several states by the agents for 
Statements settling the accounts of their respective lines in the late Army. The 
of agents Rtatements of those agents are the only documents on the subject of 
which the United States are possessed, and it will be roadil3'' perceived 
that they ought not to be accepted as satisfactory vouchers. 


I am thoreforo obliged to roquost the favor of your dircctiug a return 1791. 
of the Bum received by your State to be made out as expeditiously as Jan. 14tli 
may bo convenient and transmitted to this office. 

I have the honor to be very respectfully, Sir, 

Your most obedt. Servant. 

Wm. Hay to the Governor. Jan. 17th 


In order to enable the Executive to come to a Determination re- Richmond 
HlKJCting the application of the Fund provided by the assembly for the Application 
purpose of paying the Debts due by the Directors, and for the further ^ ® "" 
prosecution of the Work, I beg leave to transmit to you Copies of the 
statements laid before the Committee of the Assembly. 

No. 1 is a state of the Debts due, out of which is deducted the Bal- 
ance then due & since received of the vote of the preceeding assembly. 
This statement is not accurate, but I believe it does not exceed the sum 
that will be duo when the work is measured & the accounts are settled; 
until this is done, the Directors do not wish to proceed any further in 
the work of the Capitol. In order to satisfy the most pressing Demands, 
I conceive five hundred of the seven hundred and fifty Pounds will be £500 suffi- 
sufWcicnt at present. ^^^nt 

No. 2 is an Estimate of the sum necessary for paying the Debts and Estimate 
executing the work taken notice of in the Eeport of the Committee. 

The Directoi's at a meeting held before the Eesignation of Mr. Ambler, Resignation 
had come to a Determination to sell the Inclosure 'round the Capitol, as AmWer 
it was of no further use for the preservation of the materials; in this 
they wish the advice of the Executive. Besides the act for providing 
the sum of fifteen hundred and sixty-two pounds, there is another em- 
powering the Directors to provide a Bell, &c., but as there is not a 
majority of the Director to constitute a meeting, no new conti^acts can No new 

be made until the Executive fill as many of the vacancies as they see contracts can 

•^ •'be made till 

proper. vacancies 

The Executive will therefore be pleased to act in this Business, <fe to ^^ ^^^^ 
advise the Directors how far they can depend on money to comply with 
such contracts, as by these acts they are authorized to make. Agree- 
able to the Directions of the Executive, I have entered a claim against 
Mr. Cary's Estate for the Debts due by him, & will furnish the Attor- Claim 
ney-General with such Documents as will enable him to sue for the agahistMr. 
Debts due to the Directors & the Commissioners of sales of public estate, Ac. 

I have the honour to bo, with great Respect, 

Your Excellency's most ob. Sev. 


1791. StatomcnlH No. 1 and 2, referred to above, are as follows: 

Jan. 17th No. 1. 

StaU'iiient State of the Debtri due by the Directors of the public Buildingw: 

To JameH Carney, &c., stone-masons, • - - £221, ISs, lOjd. 

To Moses Austin & Co., - - - - 230, 8 

To John Barroll on account of Edward Voss, includ- 
ing Interest from the 8th July, 1789, when his claim 

was adjusted, 129, 12 5J 

To Samuel Dobie, 53, 10 

N. B. — Of this Sum, there is £10 which appeal's to 
have been an over-charge by the Commissioners upon 
a former settlement with Mr. Dobie. 

To Joseph Kay, whose work is not measured, but 

suppose, ------ 150, 

To Dabney Minor, whose work is not measured, but 

suppose, .-;--- 200, 

To Heisler & Cooke for stoves for the Senate room 

and the Court room, - - - - - 14, 11 

To Wilham Anderson & Co., balance of the imported 

materials, - - - - - - 100, 5 lOJ 

N. B. — This sum has not been ])aid on account of 
a claim which the I)irectoi*s have for the Drawback 
on the Cilass, & for some nails which were unlit for 
use, «& which has never yet been adjusted. 

Some small Balances due the workmen, - - -1, 2i 

£1,103, 19s, 1<1. 
Deduct for the Balance of the vote of last assembly, 353, 19 ' 1 

Sum to be provided, .... - £750, Os, Od, 

Stat<)ment No. 2. 

No. 2 . 

An Estimate of the Sum necessary for the objects in the Report of tho 

Committee, formed upon the best Information the Directors can at this 

Time obtain, vrz: 

To pay off the arears — say, ... - £750, Os, 0<1. 
Lea<l for the Cornice, wall-pipes an<l windows, exclu- 
sive of the Load on Hand belonging to the Public, 

say 11 Tons at £52, ..... 572, 

F'inishing the Cornice in plaster or wood — say, - 2*10, 

Plaistering the offices under the Portico, - - 50, i) 

do. the rooms unfinished, - - - 50, i) 

£1,562, Os, Od. 


N. B. — The Debts duo to the Commissioners & the Directors enumera- 
ted in the Report of the Committee, with Interest to tlie fii*st of Janu- 
ary next, would amount to £7J)6, Bs, 6d, which is more than the Debts 
stilted above to bo duo by the Directors. 

If the Assembly agi'ee with the Committee in allowing to Moses Aus- 
tin «fe Co. 5 pr. Cent, on their Contract, The sum of £142, 9s, 2d. ought 
to be added to the above F^stimate. 


Jan. 17th 

Sam. Coleman to the Governor. 

Intorming him that since his last, on tho subject of the Militia, the 
following returns have been made by the County Lieutenants, viz: of 
Spotsylvania, Chesterfield, Mecklenburg, Southampton, Northampton, 
New Kent, Fluvanna, and Lunenburg. Tho County Lieutenants of 
Fluvanna, Amherst & Chesterfield, & of Mecklenburg, have respectively 
declared upon oath that no monies have come into their hands by virtue 
of their offices. The County Lieutenant of Nansemond by a statement 
of Disbursements and of fines received makes a balance due him upon 
oath of Eighteen pounds, twelve shillings. He begs leave to submit a 
Genei-al statement of the Returns received during the year 1790, and to 
assure him that he is with great respect, 

His most ob. Servant. 

Jan. 18th 



Wm. Hay to the Governor. 

Jan. 19th 


The inclosed is a Copy of the proceedings of the Directors of the Richmond 

Public Buildings at their meeting this Day in the Capitol; In conse- Copy of 

quence of which I have drawn orders to tho difierent Gentlemen named Pr^<j\^*^J"g8 

therein for the respective Sums to be i)aid to them. You will therefore of the 

be pleased to grant ordei"s on the Auditor to them, on Behalf of the « j i- ^ 
Directoi"8 of the Public Buildings. 

I have the honour to be very respectfully, 

Your Excellency's most ob. Servt. 

At a meeting of the Directors of the Public Buildings held at the Meeting of 
Capitol the 10th day of January, 1791 : the Directors 

Present: Bichard Adams, The llon'ble Robert Goode, William Uay, 
Dr. William Foushee, & Daniel L. llylton. 

Upon consideration of the statements laid before the Assembly of the Debts due 
Debts duo by the Directors: and the work directed to be executed; and }}y ^^^ 
the Letter to the Executive of the I7th Instant, wrote by William Hay 
on Behalf of the directi>i*s : 



1791. Kctfolvod, that of the sum voted by lost AbBombly, the sum of five 

Jau. lUth hundred Pounds bo drawn in order to pay off the most pressing Debts 

due by the Directors, and that in the mean Time the work unsettled be 

measured and the amounts thereof adjusted in order that every claim 

against the Diiectors may be paid off, and that application bo made to 

the Executive for an order for the above sum by William Hay to be 

applied in the payment of the Debts due as far as it will go. 

Pereon to be Resolved, that the above sura of five hundred Pounds be divided as 

^*j^cSnte ^ follows: to Moses Austin & Co., one hundred and fifty-five pounds and 

eight |>ence; to James Carney, seventy-one pounds eighteen shillings 

and ten pence, three farthings; to John Barret, two hundred and twentj'- 

nine pounds twelve shillings and five pence farthings; and to Dabney 

Minor, forty-three pounds, eight shillings. 

Inclosure Resolved, as the opinion of the Directors that the Inclosure round the 

'^^f tcfbe ^**P'^^' ^^ disposed of by William Hay at public or private Sale, for 

sold ready money or a credit of three monthb as may appear to bo most for 

the advantage of the public. 

Signed, R. ADAMS. 

A True copy : Wm. Hay. 

Jan. 20th J. PENDLETON, Auditor, to the Governor. 

Auditor's Having perused the extract of Colo. Davies*s letter to your ExeelU 

^ ^ ency sent me yesterday, I begg leave to inform you I do not think there 
Col. Davies' remains in this office a single voucher or document of any kind respect- 
letter jjjg ^^^ Cont*l acct.; I can only judge of this, however, from the fre- 
quent recourse which has been had to our books & papers for the pur- 
pose of selecting vouchers & Collateral proofs to sup|>ort that account; 
and as the Comm*r seems to flatter himself some further proofs might be 
derived from a careful examination of the office, perhaps, Sir, it may be 
The object proper to encourage the enquiry, the object will surely justifie the 

will justify oxpence, and the Comm'r will have no cause to complain of remisness 
the ex pence * * 

oftbeexaini- here. If the examination should be advised, Pll be ready to give the 

nation person employed all the assistance in my power. 

I have the honor to be with respect k regard, 

Y*r Ex'ys most obt. servt. 

Jan, 20tb CoLONEL Arthur Thornton to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Caroline Stating that the General musters in this County having been fixed on 
days that proved so wet that he had not sufficient officers to hold a 


court-martia] ; of course ho mado no returns of the ntrongth of tho 1791. 
militia, for which he trusts that ho will bo excused. While on the sub- Jan. 20th 
joct of Militia, he would say that tho fines heretofore assessed had been General 
put by him into tho hands of tho Sheriffs, from whom he cannot obtain pjnes here- 
one single shilling; they say the People refuse to pay, and they doubt tofore 
the propriety of seizing and selling. His situation being truly disagree- inSheriiTs 
able, he would esteem it a singular favour to have the positive orders of hands 
his Excellency and the Honl. Executive, whether he as Commanding 
officer of this county, shall move the Court for a judgment against the 
Sheriffs for the amount of fines put into their hands for collection, or 
whether ho shall let the matter lie dormant. lie flatters himself of 
being indulged with absolute orders for one or tho other. 

Oliver Polt^ck to Governor Beverley Randolph. Jan. 22d 


By your Excellency's order at my request, the clerk of tho Hon- Richmond 
ourablc the Council has handed me Copj'^ of a scurrilous paper directed Copy of a 
to tho President of the United States, signed by Lewis Toutant Beau- *^^J^r^ 
rcgar<l an<l S. Le Bourgois, accompanied by a voluntary certificate directed to 
signed by Dan'l Clark, <lated New Orleans, 14th October, 1789. I was ^ent^Tu. 
honoured at same time with Copy of the Attorney- General's oppinion States and 
upon those papers, dated New York, 7th Feb'iy, 1790, and given by i^^Jj^xou- 
order of the President. tant Beaure- 

This oppinion is so fully pointed to the Purpose, that it leaves but ^ * ^' 
little for me to say on the subject; therefore I do not mean to trouble 
your Excellency with a tedious argument upon a business already so 
Discussed, that inspiration could hardly throw a new light upon it. 
There are, however, some points in view which the authors of those 
pajKsrs maliciously insinuates, 1st, that I never had anything to loose, 
and of course they never looked to me for tho money; & lastly, that I 
may have defrauded the State as well as them. Respecting those charges Respecting 
for tho information of your Excellency, I have 1st to observe that I , &c 

carried on an extensive and advantageous commerce for twelve years 
before the revolution ; during which time I wassupply'd with diy-goods 
from London, negroes from Africa, and flour from Philad'a to the River 
Mississippi, (for all which I had no bills protested); and by the Corres- 
pondence 1 had with the principal Commercial Houses in Philad'a, I 
became known to the United States, and early in the revolution I was 
solicited by them k this state for important supply s which I then fur- 
nished with my own funds, and my own Credit long before I had the 
honour to touch Beauregard or Bourgeois* money for tho unfortunate 
bills upon Pinot, Daeosta k Co. 


17D1. T!h>8c CJcntluincn suy: "In 1784 \vc were inforraocl that Mr. Pollock 

Jail. 22(1 had settled all his publiek accounts with the State oi' Virginia in which 
ho included our demands with an allowed damage of 18 p'r cent., & In- 
terest of 6 pr. Ct. pr. annum. Yet untill the year 1887 we heard no 
more on the Suhject." They must had more than common indulgence 
to their debtors to remain three years in silence without making any 
demand on me» and nine years without making any demand even on the 
State, which they now say was their whole Dependance for their money ; 
but I presume they lorgot how they commenced suits against mo at the 
Havana & New Orleans. 
Inclosed The inclosed Copy of my obligation, dated Havana, 2d May, 1785, (to 

olJicatioir ^^^^ Spanish Envoy, Mr. Gardoque,) and now upon record in that City, 
dated destroys their assertion. Facts and dates are too stubborn to be done 
Miiv 2*^"*86 ^^'^y ^0' flattery and falsehood. Lastly, Concerning the mode of ]>ay- 
ment, I have only to refere to their receipts and General acquittances 
which was given at the Publiek Notary's office, dated New Orleans, 
10th & 15th March, 1787, Gth March, & 27th May, 1788, and there upon 
record, and now on the files in the Auditor's office of this State. 

Those documents require no comment. It now only remains to inform 
your Excellency respecting the paper money businos. In the years 
1787 & 1786, I shiped my attorney (then Mr. Clarke), negroes from the 
West Indies & flour from Philad'a to New Orleans, to be there <lisposed 
to the very best advantage to take up those bills, and all others that 
unfortunately had my signature hanging over me for the publiek Borviec. 
Mr. Clarke in this transaction received the current money of the 
country for my property, and, of course, paid it away as received. 
Interest and It appears also by this Gentleman's certificate that I had gained 1 p'r 
damages q^^ Interest & 5i p'r Ct. damages. Granted he acted aa my attorney 
him and did only his duty to make the best bargain he could for rao, "how- 
ever sorry ho or them may be for it now," for which I paid him 5 p'r Ct 
on the sales of my Goods, and 6 p'r Ct. for taking up those bills, but 
this is out of my own pocket, as I did not act in this instanco as agent 
for the State, or did the State furnish me with funds or Cro<Iit to take 
up those bills, but on the contrary, I risked my own funds and my own 
credit in the regular line of Commorco, and paid those gen tlcmon in their 
own Currency at their own door, and if I have any proffits by the ncgo- 
ciation, I presume all men of candour will think me justly entitled to 
thom, but what is most to be lamented that they have got the paper 
money which was Equal to Gold and Silver at New Orleans when I was 
there last year, and I am, to this day, not only laying out of my Caj)ital 
but also out of the Interest of my money. 

I observe Mr. Clark's certificate cloaths Mr. Beauregard with the dig- 
nity "of one of his Majistie's council of Loussiana." I hope ho has got 
better credentials to produce for it than that flimsy vouchor, but if he 
has such appointment it does him honour, and it is probably from that 


circuinHtancc of Wis having acquired a proper knowledge of the Recti- 1791. 
tndc of that Government, that prevented him from having the audacity Jan. 22<1 
to la^'^ such a claim before that Honourable Tribunal, although I was 
on the spott at New Orleans at the verry time he secretly put it forward 
to the President of the United States, & by that artifice put it out of 
my power to bring them to Justice. 

I have dwelt the longer on those points, because in my humble oppin- 
ibn they comprehend the whole of the business — the rest is unworthy 
of notice. 

I have the honour to be with much Respect, 

Your Excellency's most obcdt. Humble Servant. 

The following is the Copy of Mr. Pollo<!k*s obligation referred to in 
the foregoing letter: 

1, Don Lewis Sirrano, Notary to his Majesty, & attorney for the royal Copy of 
trcasurj' in this City & Island, Certify & make known that in the pub- Mr.iollocks 
lick register of my office, on tlie thirtieth day of April Last, Don Oliver 
Pollock, of the Anglois Americano Nation, & residing in this City, has 
bound himself to Pay to Seignor Commissario Ordinador Don Deigo 
Ganloque plenipotentairy of our Sovereign to the United States of 
North America, immediately upon his arrival in that Country, to which 
place they are now both rea<ly to Depart, the sums which he ows to the 
roj'al Treasur}' & to other Individual persons, to-wit : To his majestj^ 
13,112 dollai-s; To his Excellency Count de Gabrez, 74,087 do.; To don 
Joseph Fouche, 210 35; To Mr. Bourgai-d, 3,000; To Mr. Saarsy, 3,000; 
To Mr. Santiago Mulen, 12,200; To Mr. Cadet Fardet, 2,155; To do. for 
another sum, 13,000; To Don Marcos Olivares, 2,000; To Don Narcisso 
Dealva & C, 8,107 1 ; which Sum arc the same Due to all the Creditors 
which are pending in the Court of the Intendant-General of the Army 
an<l royal Treasury, & on which the Suits are suspended by virtue of his 
having engaged to pay them in the said provinces to the said Signor 
Commissario Ordinardor on Condition that out of the debt duo to the 
royal Treasury are to be deducted 1,878 dollars, whifjh ho assorts he has 
paid, & for which Sum he is not Credited in the proceeds; for whivdi 
reason, he is to pix)duce to the same Commissary Competent vouchers 
for the payment of that sum, in order that it may be discounted, 
and the same is to be observed in respect to Don Narcisso Alva 
& Co. debt, which the said Pollock asserts does not amount to 3,107 1, 
the sum demanded, of which nothing appears in the suit to the Con- 


1791. In Testimony wbcrcol' ^ of Ibc writlcu obligation abovo mentioned, 

Jan. 22il & in virtue of tbo verbal order of tbe H'd Intendant, I give these Prca- 
entH in the Cit}' of Havana, the 2d May, 1785. 


This transhitioii appears to Contain the substance of the original. 

New York, 12th July, 1785. 

Jan. 24th H. Knox, Sbcrktary op War, to tiir (Jovkrnor. 

War I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency's 

department j^^^^^ ^f^ ^^e 3d and 7th instant. 

Oblige<l for I am exceedingly obliged for your kindness in forwarding the letters, 
l^ttE^^/Iciov ^" ^'^^ manner 3'ou mention, to governor Blount. I am in hopes he will 
Blount receive them. I was apprehensive they might have been forwaitle<l in 
another manner, and perhaps suppressed. 

Entirely disposed to comply witli your request in all things, I have 

communicated with the Secretarj' of the Treasury upon the subject of 

Commuta- returning the commutation of the meritorious officer, Willis Wilson. It 

*'**^"t*.^^*"*^ appears that he has already received one year's ]>ension fix)m Virginia, 

and one year from the Uniteil States, amounting to Two IIun<lred and 

sixty-six dollars and sixty-six and two-thirds cents. But it does not 

appear to whom he has returned his commutation, but it is presumed to 

No discrc- have been to Virginia. Upon investigating this subject, it doth not 

ilowoT appear that discretionary pow^er is lodged with the public servants to 

Jo<r^<i with take any step upon this subject, and thei*efore that nothing less than an 

vante to**act ^^^ ^^ ^^^ Congress would be adequate to authorize the return of the 


As Virginia has been pleased to gmnt him the amount of his half-pay, 
Ills idea 8iib- and as the United States will continue their payments to him, I submit 
the idea to your Excellency whether upon the whole this arrangement 
will not be much better for him than to endeavor to obtain a return of 
his commutation? 

I have the honor to be, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most obedient, humble Servant. 


Jan. 24th Colonel Wm. Davies to Beverley Randolph, Esq. 

Philadelphia On examining the extracts sent me from Major Claiborn's books, I 

find the person employed in this business has mistaken his object. The 


pnpore made out by him consist of Major Claiborne's cash account, and 1791. 
a general return of supplies furnished by the State. The copy of the Jan. 24th 
cash account is of little use, as it is immaterial to our purpose how Clai- Extracts 
borne applied his money; our only enquiry is, the sums advanced by the ^{jJiljorne^s 
State, and that already sufficiently appeal's by the books of the Audi- books 
tors & Treasurer. On the other hand, the supplies were received thro* Supplies 
a vast variety of channels; a minute statement of which is necessary, 
both for the purpose of ascertaining how much of the supplies which 
he received are included in the receipts which I have, as well as what is 
the quantity for which I have no other vouchers. 

This object can only be accomplished by a minute specification of the liow the 
county, person, office, & time to which the supplies delivered bear rela- "bject can 
tion; otherwise I cannot distinguish how far these supplies were appro- plished 
priations of the articles obtained by purchase, impressment or taxation, 
the three modes by which the State procured them. Ail these circum- 
stances are omitted in the return sent me — nothing more being particu- 
larized than the amount of the articles received by Claiborne, and five 
only of his deputies. I will bo much obliged to your Excellency to have 
this matter remedied. 

On this occasion, perhaps, it may be proper to inform you that on the 
9th of May, 1781, Wm. Claiborne stands charged with £81,000 on 
account to purchase horses for the army; and on the 17th of July fol- 
lowing, with £168,000 on account to pay for horses for the army; and 
on the 28th of February, 1783, with £187, lOs, specie, for expences of 
continental horses. Whether these entries on Major Claiborne's books 
have any relation to the transactions to which your Excellency in a late 
letter referred, I cannot determine. The documents forwarded by a Documents 
young Mr. Johnson, of Augusta, who appeara to have been Employed ^^^ ^^ ^^' 
by Mr. Porterfield, have been collected, I fancy, upon a very mistaken Augusta 
principle. They support claims to a large amount, and would have 
been admitted without hesitation had they been sent on in their original 
state; but it seems to have been the idea of Mr. Johnson, that the de- 
sign of the collection of these vouchera was to obtain compensation to 
the individuals; and unhappily an affidavit has been annexed to a great 
number of the receipts, that the proprietor has never received any pay 
for the articles expressed in them, subjecting by these means all charges 
in our account that are found on these vouchers to the hazard of rejec- 
tion, upon the principle that if the State never paid for them nor raised 
them by tax, she has no right to charge them. I shall write to Mr. 
Porterfield on this subject. 

I have received by Mr. Belli the treasury receipt-books, which I de- Mr. Belli 
sired, and some which I did not, being for payments a year or two prior 
to the commencement of the resolution. 

I have the honor to be. 

Your Excellency's most humble Sorv't. 




CusTis Kendall to Samuel Coleman, Esq. 

Dear Sir, 

Jan. 'i^tli I rccoivcil yoiii'H, <iiito(l December 6lh, 1789, culling upon me 

North- to make immediate payment of my subscription for a month's pay aiui 

ainpton interest due thereon from the Ist day of JanVy, 1788, at which I am 

Called on to much supprisod. In answer to which, I have only to say that I paid at 

nljHt'^ii ti! n ^^^^ settlement of my acct. with the Continent, Mr. Andrew Dnnscomb 

Ac, Fiily Dollars, the sum which he inform'd mo I was to pay. That was 

in March, 1783. As to the six dollars I d(» not recollect of my paying, 

and should be glad to know before I do, what it is for. 

I am, D'r Sir, with esteem, 

Your obed't, Hum. Serv't. 

Jan. 26th 


Sam. Coleman to the Goveunor. 

I do myself the honor to enclose you a return of the amount of 
final settlom't and Commutation Certificates roc'd by Mr. Charles Jones 
of Mr. Dunscomb. Of this amount, there is yet in my possession the 
sum of Sixteen thousand and Seventeen Dollars and fifly-two nine- 
teenths of a Dollar, to be paid to the Claimants. 

The above return is made out from Mr. Jones' account of receipts and 

I have the honor to be, Sir, 

Your most ob't Servant. 

Jan. 2()th 






J. Pendleton to tue Governor and the HoNORAnLB Board. 

In obedience to an order of Council respecting sundrio bills presented 
by Oliver Pollock, esq., the auditor respectfully reports to the hon'ble 
Board as follows : 

That the sum retained to indemnifio the State on account of sundrie 
protested bills drawn in favour of Mr. Pollock, on Penct & Co. of france. 
Amounts to, - - - - - - - 838,381) 05 

Bills — of w'ch these have been paid 

One for, 

do., - - - - 

Remaining, . - - 


15,478 00 
22,911 05 


Brought forward, . , . . . 22/Jll 05 1791. 

Mr. Pollock produces now the following bills with Jan. 26th 


One for, ..... $13,000 

do., ...... 2,155 

do., ...... 3,000 

18,155 00 

Remaining, ....... 4,756 05 

To obtain this balance (of 4,756 dolls. 5 cts.) Mr. Pollock produces 
two protests — one for 1,773 dollars — the other for 200 without the origi- 
nal drafts; and for the remainder sundrie lettei"s of correspondence w*ch 
are not within the authority of the Auditor to be admitted in lieu of 
the bills, & therefore are refered to the hon'ble, the Executive. 

Note. — The bills to be paid are entitled to 18 p*r Cent, damage, & 6 
p*r Cent, interest from 1st August, 1782. 

By reference to account current of Messrs. Pinet, Dacosta Brothel's, & Account 
Co. with Oliver Pollock, it will appear that the state of Virginia issued kScTa^!^ 
a letter of credit on them in favor of Pollock, on Nov. 6th, 1779, for 
65814 piastres, 4 xa*s, upon which he drew his drafts in favour of sundry 
persons, for the full amount, the last having been drawn by him at New 
Orleans, on the 13th of September, 1780. 

Thos. Lev, Jr., to Governor Beverley Randolph. Jan. 29th 

Informing him that by a late decision in the Court of Appeals, the Dmnfries 
State is put in possession of a large tract of land in this County, State lately 
known by the name of Bristow Land. Ever since the land was confis- .^^ijession of 
cated, and the suit pending between the State & certain individuals, the a large tract 
late Mr. Wm. Carr has been receiving the rents. He supposes that his eaUecnlris- 
Excellency and the Hon* Council will appoint some one to receive the tow Land 
rents now due on behalf of the state, as also to settle with the repre- 
sentatives of the late Mr. Carr. He will be glad to receive that appoint- 
ment and execute the business, and will be at all times ready to receive 
their commands on the subject. 

JosnuA Chaffin & John Royall, Jun*r, to the Governor. Feb. ist 

Recommending Matthew Robertson, George Baldwin & Ambrose Jeter. Amelia 
of Amelia, and Capt. John Morton, of Prince Edward, as proper per- 



1791. 80im to bo appointed to i*o-aBS08B the lands of Ainolia & Nottoway Coun- 
Feb. iBt tics. George Booker, Sherwood Walton, John Gooeh and Sterling C. 
Thornton formerly assessed the lands in the above mentioned Counties, 
neither of whom it is hoped, will bo rc-appointod. 

Feb. 4th Governor Beverley Randolpu to Brigadier General Wood. 

Dear Sir, 
Thinks it Thinking it unsafe to venture out for tbo first time in such 

unsafe to ^^^^ weather as the present, 1 beg leave to send you such public Papers 
as I have received since the last meeting. I received by last night's 
mail, a private Letter from Mr. Monroe, lie informs me that the Sen- 
National ate have pass'd the Bill establishing a National Bank upon the follow- 

^^lishedT^ ing Principles:— The Capital to consist of 10,000,000 of Dollars; 2 mil- 
lions of which sum is to be subscribed by the U. S. out of tbo money 
lately borrowed in Europe, to be afterwards borrowed of the Bank k 
repaid in 10 years by Equal Annual Instalments. The Residue to bo 
subscribed by States or Individuals, in shares of 400 Ds. Each; } in 
Paper securities & i specie; to commence its operations when 400,000 
Ds. specie shall bo subscribed. No charter to be granted to any other 
Company for the space of 20 years, that being the Period limited for 
the Duration of this. 

Mr. Pollock Mr. Pollock is so obliging to take charge of a Treasury Receipt book, 

will take v^riji^.^ was by mistake left out of the Box last sent to Colo. Davies: 
charge of "^ * 

Treasury will you bo so good as to have it sealed up in some strong Paper & sent 

ho^ff^^^r 1 ^^ ^*' ^^**^"^*'''*> where Mr. Pollock lodges. I hope I shall be able to 
Davies attend the Council at their next meeting. 

I am Sir, 

YV obt. Serv't. 

Feb. 4th This is an Act of Congress, signed by the Speaker of the House, 

Kentucky to President of the Senate, and Thos. Joffoi-son, Secretary of Stato, & ap- 

be admitted proved by Geo. Washington, President of the United States, Feb, 4th, 
into tne • •» c? * / i 

Union 1791, declaring the consent of Congress, that a new State be formed 
within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and be ad- 
mitted into this Union by the name of the Stato of Kentucky. The 
said admission into the said Union to take place upon Juno 1st, 1792. 
The paid State of Kentucky to be at that time received & admitted as a 
new and entire member of the United States of America, separate from 
and independent of the said Commonwoaith of Virginia. 


J. Ambler, Treasurer, to the Governor. 1791. 


By the act entitled "An act to amend the act entitled, an act for Feb. 7th 
clearing and improving the navigation of James River," I am required Treasury 
to purchase in behalf of the Commonwealth, so many shares which may Act for im- 
be offered for sale, provided they shall not exceed fifty, nor the sum to ^f^^j^-oJf 
be paid by the original proprietor for each share. The Directors of the of «iame8 
James River Company, have this day made an offer of fifty shares, at I^^ver 
fifty pounds for each share, and as they are fixt in their determination 
to purchase the said fifty shares in behalf of the Comppny, rather than 
part with them at any less rate, I am inclined to take them at fifty 
pounds each, for the Commonwealth, provided it meets the approbation 
of the Hon'ble Board, whose advice I am anxious to have on this, as 
well as on every other important occasion, in which I am to exercise 
discretionary powers as a servant of the public. The concurrence of Concurrence 
the Hon*blc Board is more particularly desirable on the present occasion. Board 
because they can best judge of the future ability of the Treasury to desired by 
comply' with cash engagements. The Directors say there will be abso- 
lute need of six hundred pounds in the course of throe months. The 
present state of the Treasury will, I think, justify the parting with 
at>out £300, and I should hope the remaining £300 may be spared by 
the time the money will be wanted. 

I am with great respect. 

Your Excellency's most obcd. Servant. 


Wm. Alexander to Governor Randolph and tub Council. Feb. 8th 

This is a petition from Wm. Alexander, Agent of the attorneys of the Richmond 
creditors, Simon Nathan, of New York, pra3'ing that the sum of 15,000 Wm. Alex- 
livres, together with costs, damages. Interest, &c., be paid to the said ^el^froS^ftT^ 
agent or attorneys; It being on account of a draft issued & drawn by payment of 
the Board of Tnide of Virginia for that amount on Pinet de Costa, ^^^i]^^^^ 
Freres & Co., of Bordeaux, dated on or about March 22(1, 1780. That the exchange 
said Nathan received said draft in lieu of a bill which he returned at 
the same time to the Board of Trade for 15,000 livros, drawn in favor of 
Major Godfrey Lintot on Pinet, Do Costa & Co. ; that the said Nathan 
paid away the Bill drawn in his favor to John Donaldson, which Bill 
was protested for non-payment; that the said Donaldson proceeded 
against the said Nathan and obtained judgment for the amount of said 
bill with costs, interest, &c., and received full satisfaction. The said 
Bill & protest is herewith enclosed, together with the affidavit of said 
Nathan taken before James Duano, Mayor of New York city ; that he 


1791. is justly entitled to the amount of the Haid Bill of Exchange with costs, 

Feh. 8th interest, &<.!., from the state of Virginia, he never having directly or 

indirectly received any value, consideration or satisfaction for the same. 

lie humbly prays that such ordci's will be given as the nature & justice 

of this case demands. 

Together with this is also a similar Bill for the same amount, drawn 
b}' the said Board of Ti'ade of Virginia on said Pinot, De Costa & Co., & 
Peter ^ protested for non-payment. Said Bill is now in the possession of Peter 
Whiteside, of Philadelphia. He trusts that this may be put upon the 
same footing with all the others of the same kind. 


Feb. 8th H. BowYER, Clerk of Botetourt County Court, to the Governor. 

Botetourt Enclosing a copy of the proceedings of Botetourt County Court, to- 
County ^j^. 

At a court held for Botetourt County the 8th day of February, 1791 : 
Present: Patrick Lockehart, Thos. Rowland, Martin McFarran, and 
Matthew Wilson, Gentlemen, Justices. 
Sam*l Todd, Samuel Todd, Gentleman, Sheriff of this county, together with Roh- 
^swurituS^ ®*'^ Harvey, George Hancock, Wm. McClenachan, Thomas Madison, and 
James Breokenridge, his securities entered into and acknowledged Bond 
in the penalty of Ten Thousand Pounds, according to Law, for the 
Collection, &c. of the Taxes due from this County to the Common- 
wealth for the 3'ear 1786; which bond is ordered to bo Recorded. 

A Copy — Teste: 

H. BOWYER, C. B. C. 

At a court continued and held for the County of Botetourt, the 10th 
day of March, 1791: 

Present: George Shillan, Wm. McClensachan, Patrick Lockehart, Mar- 
tin McFerran, John Bailer, & James Mason, Gentlemen, Justices. 
Legality of The Court having this day taken into consideration the Legaliity of 
said bond ^j^ order made on the 8th day of February last, for admitting Samuel 
Todd, Gentleman, to give securit}'' for the Collection of the Revenue 
and Certificate Taxes for the year 1786, for this County, and the sub- 
sequent proceedings, and having council on the subject, arc of opinion 
that they were not authorised by Law to admit any person to qualify 
as a Collector of the Taxes aforesaid, for any other years except those 
for which said pei'son was commissioned by the Executive, and that 
Bond the order aforesaid ought to be, and the same is hereby supci-cedcd and 
annulled annulled, and it is ordered that the Clerk of this Court do Transmit to 
the Solicitor certified copies of the preceding orders immediately, from 
which Martin McFerran, Gentlemen, one of the Court, dissented. 

A Copy — Teste: 

H. BOWYER, C. B. C. 


At April Botetourt Court, 1791: 1791. 

Present — George Shilluii, Thomas Rowland, John Cartmill, & James Feb. 8th 
M:ison, Gentlemen Justices. 

Ordered, that the Bond E.KCCuted by Samuel Todd, Gentleman, sheriff Bond 
of this (*ounty, and his securities therein named for the Collection of ^^ rnveniip 
the Taxes for the year 1786, be given up to the sjiid Todd, It appearing to Todd, 
to this Court that said Bond was Illegally taken. cally taken 

A Copy — Teste: 


Thos. Lee, Jr., Travers Daniel, Jr., and Others, to Governor Feb. 10th 

Beverley Randolph. 

This is a petition from the inhabitants of Prince William & Stafford Petition for 
counties, praying for the pardon of James, negro slave of Wm. Adie, of P«^**<»<^'^ ^f 
Stafford county, who was tried and convicted at the Court of Oyer & slave 
Terminer of Prince William County, on Feb. 3d, 1791, in connection 
with Ben. Coots, slave of John Lawson, for burglariously breaking & 
entering the corn-house of John Hedges, and carrying away two bushels 
of Indian corn of the value of ten pence, and sentenced to be hung on Sentence<l to 
12th of March next. These gentlemen give James a good previous ^""^ 

cliaractcr, and think it more than probable that he was induced to join 
in this felony by the seductions of the said Ben. Coots, who is a notorious 
villian. His pardon is most earnestly prayed for. 

Richard Stith to Governor Randolph. Feb. I2th 

Dear hon*d Sir, 

In hope of moving your sympathy toward me, I inform Campbell 
you that my shoil reign in shorifalty has thrown mc into much Trouble ^^^^ 
and (I know not how great) danger of loss. Charles Lynch, jun'r, the His short 
Farming sh'ff, received the executions vs. the former sh'ffs, and return'd ^herift^Uv 
'em executed (Pm informed) upon 100 negroes — when realy nothing in has thrown 
hand! afterward in course followe<l the writs of venditioni exponas — trouWe^^*^ 
Int, to the succeeding sh'ff (Col. Henderson), nothing found; 2dly, to 
me; I to Lynch. Now I am informed that the next step will be a notice 
from below for me — no one so proper to intercede for me as the Gov- 
ernor. I pray you for your Sollicitation and intercession, that youM 
please to explain (at the right time and place) that I was but passive; 
that Charles Lynch, jtm., (and James Adams to assist him), with un- 
wearied diligence, obtained the Commission for me; afler Pd given 


1791. under hand to Hondersou. And (it Boeuis so) when they had served 
Feb. 12tb their purpose, they suffer'd the Commission to be superceded [here 1 
inform you that Lynch in the agreement was to find security.] If a 
man in my situation can be exempt, I pray you have me exempt, by 
turning the notice, Ac, to Lynch; for I am informed that the Law gives 
the option of proceeding vs. the sh*ff or the Deputy, (the saddle u|>on 
the right iiorso), and Lynch is Rich. I pray for your endeavours to 
make mo ohh}*. 

Am, Sir, 

Your honor's affectionate, H*blc Servant. 

When my Buainoss leads me to Manchester, I shall presume to make 
yon a visit. 

Feb. 14th Lewis Burwell to Governor Beverlbt Randolph. 

Stoneland Stating that the bearer, Charles Burton, has a petition to lay before 

Charles Biir- the Executive, praying for the remission of a fine of ton pounds & costs, 

ti^o^for ^Q^^*'^®^^ against him at the quarterly term of Mecklenburg County 

remission of court hold in November, 1790, for assaulting and beating one William I. 

a fine Burrus. Said Burton supports an honest, good character, and is not 

quarrelsome. Burrus, he knows to be a drunken blackguard fellow — 

very quarrelsome, & fond of fighting. The facts stated in the petition 

he believes to be true, and he, with several other gentlemen, have signed 

it — hoping that the Executive will remit the fine. 

Feb. inth Colonel Tnos. Newton, Jr., to Governor Beverley Randolph. 


Mr. Me- Mr. McCombe, who has undertaken the building the Light-house on 

Combe Cape Henry, requests to know the price of the Stone lying there to be 

Light-house dug out at the expence of the State, or what price as it lies buried in 

on (^pe ^^Q sand, by the perch. Your Exe'y knowing the situation thereof, it is 

^needless to describe it. Be pleased to give an answer to this proposal 

as soon as possible. 

I I'cspectfuUy am, 

YV Ex'cy's ob't Scrv't. 

Feb. 17th S. Shepard, (Jlerk in Solicitor's Office, to Governor Randolph. 

Solicitor's EncloHing a list of balances due from Tobacco Inspectors to Oct., 1786, 
office ^^ appears by the Auditor's books. 


Act of Congress pasnod Doc. 6th, 1790, and approved by George Wash- 1791. 
ington, President of the United States, on Feb. 18, 1791, declaring that Feb. 18th 
Andrew Brown, or any other printer, be permitted under the direction Phila- 
of the Secretary of State, to collate with and correct by the original AnSrew 
rolls, the laws, resolutions, and treaties of the United States, to be by Brown or 
him printed. A certificate of their having been so collated and corrected p^jjfter per- 
be annexed to the said edition: Provided that such collation and correc- niitted to 
tion bo at the expense of the said Andrew Brown, or such other printer, ^^iq laws of 
and that the person or persons to be by him or them employed in such United 
service, be approved by the secretary of state. 

E. Lanouam to Beverley Randolph, Esq. Feb. 2lBt 

Stating that tho* he thinks it would not be proper to enter regularly Point of 
into a contract for the supply of provisions to the Post sooner than 
April 1st, as perhaps the arrangement then will be different from the Provisions 
present one, yet he thinks it necessary to have some expectation of a ^^ e os 
supply, be the arrangement as it may. 

From a conversation with Col. Quarles on the subject, he seems not 

satisfied to continue furnishing provisions on the same terms as at 

present. He would be willing to furnish at 7d. per ration of meat, meal. Will furnish 

& salt. He desires the Governor to t'ive him his sentiments upon this *** ' PJ^.^^e 

° * per ration, 

matter, so that he may know whether or not to encourage the preten- &c. 
tions of a contractor, or if the probability is that no contractor will be 
wanted. In order that he may be able to look forward — as corn may 
be had now cheaper than is to be expected hereafter. II a contractor 
should be found necessary for the next year, he apprehends the 7d. is as 
low as any person will take the business, lie will pay due regard to 
the last orders of the Council, and his Excellency's letter on the same 
subject. All is well at the post. 

Sam. Coleman to the Governor. Feb. 23(1 


Pursuant to Mr. Quarles' Contract, he has furnished the Post at the Council 

Point of Fork with rations fi-om the Ist of November, 1790, to the 31st Mr ^Quarles 

of January, 1791, inclusive to the amount of eighty-five pounds, twelve contract for 
shillings, and one penny. supplies 

I have the Honor to be, Sir, 

Your most ob. Serv't. 


1791. James Wood and IIobert Goods to thb Governor. 

Feb. 23(i Reporting that agrcablo to the request of the Board, they bad called 

Koi)()rt on on Mr. Dickson (the j)ublic printer) and find 2,008 copies of the Laws of 
oAEe"aws ^^^^ Assembly ready, tho' not on paper agroable to contnict. He is 

of last about the Journals, wh'h will be ready in fourteen days from this tunc, 

Feb. 23d T. DixoN to the Governor of Virginia. 

Richmond Stating that the reason the Laws wore ])nnted on two kinds oi* paper, 

Why the was, the notice he had was so short. lie procured all that was to bo hati 

printed on *" ^^*'^ place of the size, and sent to Petersburg to get some there, but 

two kinds none could be had. Being limited to a certain time to have them fin- 

^^ ished, he thought it most advisable to expedite the business with all 

dispatchj which was more preferable than having the publication 


Feb 2r)th Act of Congress passed Dec. 6, 1790, and approved by George Wash- 

Phila- ington, President of the United States, Feb. 25, 1791, declaring That 

( e p la iii^iii i\^Q Representatives in Congress shall be apportioned according to 

ActofCon- an actual enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States, the 

^"'^ States of Kentucky and Vermont shall each be entitled to choose two 



War The President of the United States has this day referred to mo 

^^ your Excellency's letter to him of the 17th instant, relative to your 

Communications of the 4th of tho last month; and in obedience to his 
Communi- orders, I have the honor, Sir, to inform you that your communications 
hidilv'im- ^^^^S considered as higlily important to elucidate the present Situation 
portant of the frontiers, wore therefore with other papers of the same nature, 
on the 20th of last month, laid by him before tho two houses of Con- 
Measures That measures calculated for the effectual protection of tho Frontiei-s, 
tio^ dJdiber- ^^^^® ^^^" repeatedly under the deliberations of Congress, and it is 

ated by expected will be concluded upon in a day or two. 



That aB soon aa CongroHS shall docido upon tbis important subject, 1791. 
the result sball bo transmitted to your Exeellenay. Feb. 2Gtb 

With groat respect, I have the honor to bo, Sir, 

Your most obt. & most hum. Servt. 

Anthony Smith to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Informing him that agreeably to the Executive's instructions of Jan- 
uary last, he niised a company of Rangei-s, fifteen in number, by volun- 
tary enlistment. That he used very great exertions to accomplish this 
End, and supposed he would have the command of them. That he is an 
Ensign. He has been informed by the County Lieut, that there is 
one other older Ensign than he, in the County. He has actually 
appointed him to the command, tho' he did not raise six men. He 
thinks it is not real justice that any officer of the same rank should have 
the command of rangers raised by his exertions. He believes the 
County Lieut, is only governed by a motive of establishing an uniform rule 
of calling officei-s into service. He yet trusts that the Executive will 
conceive him ousted out of his right. He hopes they will give such 
instructions that the right officer may be put into command; Be it who 
it may, or recommend the County Lieut, to leave the matter to the 
decision of the fiehi officer & Captains of this County, who are all well 
acquainted with his exertions in this matter, as well as with his other 
conduct fi*om his youth to the present day. 

Feb. 26th 



enlistecl by 

by voluntary 


Hoi)es the 
will con- 
ceive him 
ousted of his 
right, &c. 

Thos. Newton, Jr., to Beverley Handolpu, Esq. 

Feb. 2<)th 

Inft>rming him that his fav«»r of the 24th was received He will Norfolk 
make the offer to Mr. McCombe, of the stone on Cape Henry, but hjw Stone on 
no hopes of obtaining the price limited. If Mr. McCombe does not .^'^'P^ ^^"""^ 
purchase it, his Excellency may count it a total loss. McCombe is to Mr. Mc- 
now ill New York, but he will write to him on the subject, and inform Combe 
his Excellency of his answer, when received. 

A. Mercer to Beverlet Randolph. Esq. 

March Ist 

Stating that heretofore on account of his connection with Lady Mary Richmond 
Peyton, having intoreste<i himself in the misfortunes attending the 
estate of her late husband, Sir John Peyton, deceased, he was induced 





March Ist 


himself in 

the estate of 

Sir John 



Estates of 
Sir Johns 
and others 
to be sold 


requested to 

advise the 



to advise, doviso, & solicit tho passage of an act of the late Bcssion of 
assembly, entitled "An act for the bettor 'securing certain debts due & 
owing to the Commonwealth,' " and conceiving that that act authorisMsd 
the property therein mentioned, being sold for Tobacco & certain paper 
facilities at their nominal value as affixed by the Revenue Laws of 1782 
& 1788. That he submitted this opinion, as also the opinion of sevonil 
members of the assembly, and also of Counsel eminent for legal know- 
ledge concurring with him, as the Rule to be observed by tho Commis- 
sioners under the said recited act, who themselves concurring in tho 
same opinion, wore on that account alone induced to undertake that 
disagi'cable Task, & to advertize the sale of tho Estates of 8*d John 
Peyton, dcc'd, & others in this recited act mentioned, on tho terms as 
expressed in their printed advertisement to which he begs leave to refer 
his Excellency. He now being here on his way to tho sale, understand- 
ing for the first time that doubts arise in tho construction of tho above- 
recited act, and it is questioned whether Tobacco at any price, or whether 
any paper facilities can bo received in discharge of the Bonds at any 
other rates than at tho Specie value, lie is humbly of opinion that it 
is his duty to submit these doubts to his Excellency and the privy Coun- 
cil, & to request that they advise the Commissioners on that subject, 
that in case a mistake shall have arisen, the purchasers who may be 
induced to attend the proposed sale, may bo apprised of tho mistake as 
early as may be. 

He fuHher begs leave to submit to his Excellency, that should it be 
the opinion of the Honl. Executive that the said recited act cannot be 
carried into Execution by the Commissioners according to the obvious 
intention of tho Legislature, whether it will not be just that tho sale of 
the slaves ought to be postponed till the meeting of the Genei'al Assem- 
bly, and that tho Executive will be pleased to advise tho Commissioners 
on that point. 

March 2d 

Will. Steptob, to Leiohton Wood, Esq., SoLiciToa-GENsaAL. 


Hewick Having the misfortune to serve under tho command of a certain 

^^^Lk^ng"* Goo. Bird, tho Commander-in-chief of the Middlesex militia, I do hereby 
enquiry mto demand of you that you sett on foot an inquiry into tho mode of a])pro- 
mndi^t^of P^^^t*"^ ^^^ Fines paid by tho Delinquents in tho Corps under him, and 
George Bird do pledge myself to produce proof of misconduct disgraceful to an offi- 
cer or an honest Man. 

I am, Sir, 

Your most ob't Serv't. 


Act of Congress, passed Doc. 6th, 1790, and approved by Geo. Wash- 1791. 
ington, President of the United States, M*ch 2d, 1791, to explain and March 2d 
amend an Act entitled "An act making further provision for the pay- Phila- 
ment of the Debts of the United States." That the duty of one cent Act^fSrther 
per pound laid by the act "making further provision for the payment of providing 
the debts of the United States" on barr and other lead, shall be deemed ment^o/u'ie 
and taken to extend to all manufactures wholly of lead, or in which United 
lead is the chief article, which shall hereafter be brought into the Uni- ^ ® 

ted States from any foreign port or place. 

Further, that the duty of seven and a half per cent, ad valorem laid 
by the act aforesaid on chintzes and coloured calicoes, shall be deemed 
and taken to extend to all printed, stained, and coloured goods, or manu- 
factures of cotton, or of linen, or of both, which shall hereafter be 
brought into the United States from any foreign port or place: Provided 
that nothing in this act shall in anywise affect the true construction or 
meaning of the act aforesaid in relation to any of the above-described 
articles brought into the United States before the passing of this act. 

Ij. Wood, Public Solicitor, to Beverley Randolph, Esq. March 4th 


Uaving received an order of Council informing that the Executive Solicitor's 
intends enquiring to-day the cause of the Solicitor's absence & state of otfice 
his office, am induced to address your Excellency. In regaixl of the Cause of 
first, I can only assure you that had it been possible for me to have absence, &c. 
attended more punctual, I should have done it. But if, as I apprehend 
Ihc case is now, that the Executive conceives the publick*s Interest will 
no longer admit of my absence, I shall endeavor to give proper attend- 
ance, & if impracticable will inform your Excellency. In regard to the Enquiries in 
situation of the office, T submit all enquiries on that subject to the pleas- "if^^i^^^f 
urc of the Board, & in such manner as they chuse. Sensible of the the pleasure 
indulgence already given, ^ I 

I am respectfully, Sir, 

Your Excellency's most ob. & very h'ble Serv't. 

Thos. Madison to Governor Randolph. March 4th 


I send by Mr. Harvie the Tob'o notes which you delivered me with Botetourt 

Directions either to sell, or to have transported to Richmond. It has Tobacco 

been out of my Power to make any sale. Several who proposed & who -J?^*^l^| 


1791. followed the BiiBincss from Lynch Burg of transporting Tob*o, have 
Manih 4th (iisappointod mo. 1 refer you to Mr. Hai'vie who can inform you of iho 
situation of the Tob*o. 

Your mo. ob. 

March 5th Ohristo. Greenup, ConNTY Lieutenant of Mercer County, to the 



Danville Inclosed is the Recommendation for several militia^officers in Mercer 

Recom- County for whom you will please to have Commissions forwarded. 

™)?^i it"" Some of the Recommendations have been formerly sent, but no Com- 

ofBcers in missions have arrived. You will also observe a Recommendation for a 

ercerCo. magistrate who has not been Commissioned. 

I can*t close this Letter without observing that Recent accounts in- 
forms us that the Indians appear in high spirits from our unfortunate 
Attacks expedition last Fall, and menace us with attacks in the Spring, and I 
nexu!i> 1 ^'^^ ^*^*^ expect they will infest us with predatory excursions, but can't 
think they will come in largo bodies. No mischief of consequence has 
been done latcl}' in our District. 

I have the honour to be, Sir, 

Your Excellency's ol>ed't Serv't 

March 5th CoL. Wm. Davibs to Beverley Randolph. 

Phila- Informing him that he has received a treasury receipt book & a few 

Troawi*^ of Woodlicf's collection of vouchers, thro* the hands of Mr. Pollock. 

receipt l)ook. The number of vouchers from some of the counties in Woixlliers <li8- 

^., received ii*\qi^ \^q thinks far short of what might be obtained. lie must content 

Pollock himself however with what he can get. An indisposition from which he 

has not yet recovered, prevented him from an early communication ol the 

particular objects for inquiry in the Auditor's office, lie has enclosed a 

list of some particulars, which will probably be sufficient to direct to 

the objects. To expedite the statement and forwaixi the comparing of 

the various vouchera, returns, and accounts, he will be obliged to have 

occasional recouree to one or two assistants; but upon such reasonable 

terms as shall not cost the state more than was allowed Mr Burnley 




J. Pendleton, Auditor, to 


48. duty. 68. duty. March 7th 
Thorn ley & Boon, Inspectors, Gibson's warehouse, 51, 11, 5, 76, 6, 5. Amlitor's 
Pankcy & Fowler, " Roekey Kidge, 143, 9, 10.* 


* The inspectors have told the Auditor they had voucliers (for the Inspector'fl 
drawbacks of this duty) sufficient to discharge that amount, but theyVe balances due 
never been presented. 

List balances due for the 48. on Exports from Oct. *86, to Oct. '87, & 
for the additional 6s. within the same periods. 

Tnos. Lee, Jr., to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

March 8th 



Informing him that his letter of the 15th ulto. was received, but in- 
disposition in his family had from that time to the present, prevented 
him fmm forwarding the Bond, which he now enclosed. He had, how- 
ever, made enquiry of the Executors of the late Mr. William Can% in 
what state the Business appears on his books; who informed him that 
little of what has been collected remains with his Estate — he having 
annually paid the rents collected to Mr. Bullit, who was the Commis- Mr. Bnllit 
sioncr on the part of the State to sell the confiscated property in this 
County. His Excellency will therefore see the necessity in the power 
transmitted him, to include that of settling with both commissioner and 
collector as expressed in the Bond. He expects to receive the necessary 
powers and instructions. 

Note. — The Bond above referred to, is given by Thos. Lee, Jr.. with The Iwnd 
Bushood Washington & Rich'd Brent, his securities, in the sum of One 
Thousand pounds, current money of Virginia, for the faithful perform- 
ance of his duties as Collecter of the rents due, or which hereafter may 
become due & payable to the Commonwealth of Virginia, from the 
Tenants? of the lands corfimonly called Bristoe Lands; and also to settle 
with, and ref'cive from the Commissioners and collectors of the rents 
heretofore received by them from* the Tenants of said Lands, the re- 
spective sums and Balances in their hands, kc.. 

L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to the Governor. 

March 8th 


Finding by the tenth article of the late arrangement, the Solicitor is Richmond 

directed to take charge of the paper money Books, and "to use all pos- Solicitor's 

sible expedition in adjusting every account contained therein;'' I am at a ^^^ 




March 8th 




Major Ja8. 





directions as 

to making 

these entries 

loss to know whothor under this expression is meant that the Solicitor 
should audit and pass the accounts exhibited by Individuals in dischargo 
of what appears to their Debits on the Paper Money Books, therefore 
must entreat the favour of the Board of Council to say. However, to 
prevent delay, I have undertaken to do it in the case of Maj. James 
Quarles, who has presented the within account to show the disburse- 
ments of £5,500, with which ho is charged, altho' receipts are wanting 
for a number of articles; all such as appear I have marked & submit 
the consideration of this account to the Executive, praying their appro- 
bation should it be deemed proper to allow it on Maj. Quarles affi- 
davit, which is subjoined. 

The vouchers that appear arc for travelling expencos for himself, Ser- 
vant & Horses ; some express particularly the nature of the Expences, 
such as Breakfasts, Dinnei'S, Lodgings, Ac, whilst some others are Re- 
ceipts for Expences in gross. 

Maj. Quarles asserts he has Lieut. Thomas Quarles's Receipt for the 
£393, <& Lieut. Pointers Receipt for the £342 advanced them sevcnill}'. 
I must likewise represent to your Excellency & Council, that the Entries 
of these two Sums to be made on the Books appear to bo attended with 
considerable difficulty. Lt. Quarles attending, said, ho settled an ac- 
count in October, 1780, with the Auditora, and therein accounted for the 
£393; receiving at same time a warrant for the balance, amounting to 
£654, 18s, which warrant 1 find on the Auditor's Books, the 2l8t Octo., 
1780, under the Army Head, so that thcso seems to be a great impropriety 
in charging it to him, altho* the account of particulars wherein the £393 
ought to appear is not to be had. It may very probably be the same 
case with both Lieut. Pointer & Mr. White, whose last Receipt is pro- 
duced. This obliges me to request the favour of the Executives direc- 
tions in what manner to make these Entries so as to be clear & explicit 
at a future day, & to prevent the trouble of any application hereafter to 
the Parties & yet to support the Commonwealth's claim against the 
Union for these expenditures, — many of which lie I fear, concealed from 
publiek view from similar causes. 

With great respect, I am Sir, 

Your Excellency's Most obt. & very hbl. sorv't. 

March 8th 

Ste. Smith, Clerk op Franklin County Court. 

Franklin Co. At a Court held and Continued for Franklin county, on Tuesday, the 
8th day of March, 1791. Present : llugh Jam^s, John Smith, Swinfield 
Hill, Thomas Hale, John Hook, Benjamin Cook, Daniel Brown & David 
Bai'ton, Gentlemen. 


Onleiwi, that it be eertifycd to the Executive thai Thomas Arthur^ 1791. 
one of the Juaiiceis of the Peace for this County, trom his oondact here- 3lareh 8th 
tofore, is by the Court thought to be of Infamous character. That he Order of 
stands^ charge*! before the Hon'ble the District Court with Forgery, also xhomLs 
for forging the name of George Tumbull, G\^ to a Certificate of the Archer one 
Proof of Notice to Thomas Lcvsey in a suit then Depending in the Dis- Jqb^^s 
triet Court; for which the Grand Jury of this County found a True Bill, 
from which charges this Court conceive his Character to be Infamous, 
and reloseth to set on the Bench of Justice with him; that he frequently 
Intercepts the Court in the Progress of the Business of the County by 
Takeing a scat on the Bench. 

A Copy of the order. 



Your letter of the 21st Feb'ry, covering an act of the last Session Kings Mills 
of Assembly cf>ttceming a new Edition of the Laws, <fcc., was this day New edition 
deliverefJ me. I have no objection to undertake the execution ot' that ^^ "^J^ laws. 
Act as fiir as I am able, but fear the necessity which will soon force me 
to l^^'gin my circuit, will put it out of my power to enter upon that em- 
ployment until the beginning of June. 

I am, respectfully, 

Your ob't Servt. 

Tbomas Jbffsbsoh, SwcmwtASLY OF State. March 10th 

Certifies that the Act hereunto annexed, entitled ''An act for raising Philailelphia 
and abiding another Eegiment to the military Establishment of the Act for 
United States, and for making farther Provision for the Protection of ^jj[[if,^ 
the Frontiers/' is truly Copied from the Records of the Department of reg:iment for 
State. In testimony whereof, he has caused his Seal of oflSce to be ^^^i^^*^*^ 
hereto affixed this Tenth Dav of March. One thousand seven hundred 
and ninety-one. 

The Act above referred to was passed Dec. 6th, 1790, and approved 
by George Washington, President of the United States, March 3d, 1791, 
Providing for the raising of the above-mentioned Regiment, and the 
means of paying the same, ftc^ &c. 


1791. Cutu't Bullitt to Beverley Randolph, Esq. 

March 10th Upon the institution of tho Suit by Mr. Clrahani and others against 

Prince the Commonwealth for Bri8toe*8 Lands in this County, the late Col. 
1 nam Poushee Tibbs and myself were authorized by the Assembly to receive 
Bristoe's the ixjnts arising from the Lands. Col. Tibbs, from his time of life, do- 
lands clining to act personally, and my other business not pormiting rae, wo 
Wm. Carr, appointed the late Mr. William Carr and his partner, Mr. Chapman, of 
Chanman to ^u"^^'*^^^ ^^ <'^ l'^>^ business. We wei-e lead to this measure by their 
do the punctuality and attention to business, but more especially as they were 
U8mi«8 ^^^ ilmn Agents of Mr. Bristoc. Tebbs and Chapman shortly died, and 1 
continued the businesH in the hands of Carr untill his unexpected death 
which happened last fall. His Executoi-s, from a circumstance that sel- 
dom happens (his too great wealth), were prevented from qualifying to 
his will untill our last court; and 1 have since applyed to them, and 
Rent roll they have promised in a few days to deliver me the Rent-i'oll and his 
account respecting this transaction. I shall then i)roceed to have the 
arrears (where they are not paid without) distrained for, so as to be 
able to get the business closed against the ensuing fall, when it will be 
my wish to decline the Agency. My being better informed of the ti'ans- 
actions respecting this business than perhaps any other, is n\y motive 
for proposing to Continue in office for the present year. 

I wish the advice of your Excellency and the Hon*blo The Privy 
Tobacco in Council, respecting the Tobacco in the hands of Carr's Executors. They 
exwutor's ^^^ willing to pay it up, but I have declined, and shall decline receiving 
hands it untill I am honoured with your answer. It has been received at dif- 
ferent periods, and generally when of a much gi-eater value than it is at 
present. May it not be just that his Estate should account for it at the 
value when received, and perhaps with Intoi'cst. I should have advised 
you earlier of the state of this business, had I not waited for the account 
and been detered in some measure by a long and painful state of bad 

1 have the honour to be, with very great esteem, 

Your Excellency's most ob't, humble Servant. 

March 10th Sam. A. Otis, Secretary of the Senate op the United States, to 

THE Governor. 

Secretary's Agreeably to the order oi Congress, I do myself tho honor to enclose 

office your Excellency a copy of the Journals of Senate of the United States, 
at their third session. 

I shall thank you for a line acknowledging the receipt of the copy. 

I have tho honor to be, Your most obed*t. Hum. Serv't. 


Jno. Harvie and W. Fousuee, Directors of tue James River Com- 1791. 

pany, to the governor. 


Tbo Directors of the Jamos River Company having been Instructed March 11th 
to make the Purchase of negroes for the use of the Company, & wishing Richmond 
to comply therewith at a sale shortly 1o be nmde in the County of Glos- Directors 
ter, we have to request of your Excellency & the Uon'ble Board for such ^"!jj^t^*^ 
supply of money, or Tobacco at the present value, as will enable them negroes for 
to make the purchase, & whatever money or Tobacco is furnished, will (V)mi»nv 
be as BO much in part of the requisitions & demands which the Directors 
have against the Public. 

We shall be much obliged by an answer as soon as Convenient, and 

Your ExcclFcy's most ob*t Scrv'ts. 

JouN Beockenbrougu to Beverley Randolph and the Honorable Murch nth 

Council of State. 

Petition showing that he became securitj^ on the 24th day of July^ Security for 

1785), to one Richard Lewman, for duties on rum imi)orted on that day , Richard 
*. . . . .. T* . . T rm . • . . , J-iCwmanfor 

from Antigua in the Brigantine Jooma. That it appeara by thejudg- duties, on 

ment of the General Court, that bonds taken for duties after the 21st ^^^^j^^^* 
day of July. 1789, were illegal & not recoverable by Law ; that it Such bonds 
appears by an oi-der of Council, dated July 6th, 1790, that all such ^j^^S^*" 
bonds were directed to be delivered to the obligora. Now that those 1739 
have been benefitted who have not paid up, their petitioner thinks it 
just & reasonable that he who showed an early disposition to pa^", & 
actually did pay into the Solicitor's office the sum of £340, 6, 3d, Mili- 
tary Certificates, and also the sum of £143, 12s, 6d. specie, should have 
the sums refunded, the more especially, as their Petitioner was only 
security to the bonds, and the said Lewman went off without paying 
him, and has never returned, so that their Petitioner will lose that money 
out of his own pocket, unless relieved by the Executive. 

Trusting to the justice, equity, & legality of his ciise, he doubts not 
but his Excellency & the Honorable Council will attend to the prayer of 
the Petition, and direct the money to be refunded agreeable to the 



1791. L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to Governor Beverley Randolph. 


Manrh 14th Being roquostod by John Brockonbrough, Esq., to state to your 

liichinond Excellency the nature of his demand against the Commonwealth, 1 
John Brock- take the liberty of doing it, & suggesting a Mode of retribution freed 

^"claim^^ from the inconveniences of delay, expence, & trouble incident to judi- 
dicial proceedings, which he wishes if possible, to avoid. I find that 
Richard Lewman with Mr. Brockonbrough as security, entered into two 

Bonds for Bonds, the 24th of July, 1789, for Duties on Goods entered with the 
rtutKJs l^aval officer of Rappahannock, one for £320, payable in Certificates, & 
the other for £165, p'ble in specie, or warrants admissible by Law. It 
appears by Mr. Muse, the Naval officer's indorsement on the last men- 
tioned Bond, that payment was made him the next day of £21, 78, 6d., 
which left a balance of £143, 128, 6d. Those Bonds were then delivered 
to me according to Law, & notices of Motions for Judgments were sent 
lawman not Mr. Brockonbrough, (Lewman the principal not being found), previous 
^^" to the last June General Court, in consequence of which he attended & 
paid £340, Gs, 3d. for principal & Interest of the Certificate Bond, & 
£113, 15s, 5d. in part of the Balance due on the specie Bond, & on 
promising shortly to pay the Balance, the Motions were dismissed. The 
Court on a Motion for that pui'jiose, gave opinion that Bonds taken 
after the cessation of Duty Laws, were null & not demandable, fixing 
the period to the 21st July, 1789, & in consequence, Bonds of that & 
subsequent Dates not paid, were delivered up, the Balance of this specie 
Bond has also been relinquished. But Mr. Brockonbrough wishes to bo 
refunded the amounts actually paid, without the necessity of a Motion 
in Court against the Commonwealth, which I presume & hope that your 
Excellency & Hon'bie Board of Council will likewise think may be af- 
fected with propriety. I will beg leave to refer your Excellency to the 
1^W8 on Laws on Drawbacks, passed in 1786 & 1787, whei'o persons having paid 

Drawbacks Dy^ijjH ^ afterward proving their rights to Dmwback according to form, 
were entitled to receive the amount from the Treasury — ^Acts of 1786, 
chap. 40, sect. 30, & 1787, Chap. 4, Sect. 60. It appears also (& I think 
it's similar to the present case), from the 29th Chap, of 1787 & 2d Sect, 
that where Duties have been paid on Brandies, then remitted in certain 
cases & proof thereof made to the Governor, the Importer was by the 
Governor's directions, to receive from the Auditor, Warrants on the 
Treasury — An instance of which I think once occurred with this alter- 
ation — the Importer claimed retribution, but the Executive thought 
proper not to direct the Auditor to issue warrants, but ordered one to 
allow the amount as payment against a Bond of the Importer's then in 
the office, altho' for Duties on a different importation. Mr. Brockon- 
brough in this case i*equires not j»ayment fix)ni the Treasury, but only 
that the Auditor be directed to give him Warmnts for tho £340, Qa, 3d, 


& the £135, 2b, lid. actually paid the Naval officer & Solicitor, they Lav- 1791. 
ing paid the same into the Treasury. Should your Excellency in con- March 14th 
sequence of this Statement, think proper to direct the issuing these 
Warrants, I am to request the favour of having the order sent to me, 
& am with all respect, Sir, 

Your Excellency's most oht. & very h'hle Servt. 

L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to (iovernor Beverley Randolph. March I5th 


Being not at the office on acco. of the weather yesterday, when I Richmond 

wrote your Excellency respecting Mr. Brockenhrough, I find on further Solicitor's 

enquiry I mistated a part of the case, in saying that Notices of Motions j^rooken- 

for Judgments were sent, which in<luced payment, &c. previous to the brongh's 

Juno General Court, whereas Notices were not sent, but Mr. Brocken- Miggtate- 

brough of his own accord attended & made pajment. Whether this ment in 

circumstance makes in favour of the claim or not I submit to your corrected 
Excellency- & Board. 

Being respectfully Sir, 

Your Excellency's most obt. h'ble Serv't. 

S. Shepard, Clerk in Solicitor's Office, to the Governor. March 18th 


Hearing from Mr. Blair that it was necessary for your Excellency & Richmond 
Honorable Board to be informed what kind of facilities Doctr. Brock- Solicitor's 
enbrough paid on his Bond, am to inform your Excellency that the par- olnce 
tial payment made on the Specie Bond was in Intrust Warrants or war- Brocken- 
rants of Equal value; the Certificate Bond was discharged in Military hrough^s 
Certificates, which Certificates were actually paid into the Treasury. 
One circumstance attending the payment of this Bond recent in my 
mind is, that Doct'r Brockenhrough tendered a Certificate large up- 
wards of four hundred pounds, which I endeavored to get exchanged 
for smaller, by the Agent of the Sinking Fund, and offered at the same 
time to leave the amount of the Bond in his hands, provided he gave 
me Military Certificates sufficient to satisfy Doct'r Brockenhrough for 
the oveqdus, which he could not do, but obtained the favour from some 
other person. 

With great respect, I am Sir, 

Your Excellency's obt. & very h'ble Serv'U 


Calendar of state tAtERS. 


J. Ambler, Treasurer, to the Governor. 


March 2l8t It isinconvoniont for some of the members to attend, who were for- 

Richmond morly appointed by the Ilono'bo, the Executive, to examine and barn 

Treasury the Paper money of the State, received into this office. I therefore beg 

leave to recommend the appointment of Mr. Edmund Lacy in addition, 

who can expedite the business very much, and of course save expence. 

I am, with great respect. 

Your Excellency's most obt. Serv't. 

March 23<1 

Wm. J. Vereker to the Governor. 


Richmond I have received from Mr. Blair, a list of such documents as Colo. 

State's claim Davis thinks necessary towards the adjustment of the claims of this 

**^nion ^ State against the Union, and intend waiting upon you next Friday for 

any instructions that you may be pleased to communicate on this 


I have the honor to be, Sir, 

Y'r most obt. & very hbl. Scrv't. 

March 27th 


Mr. Mc- 



Thomas Newton, Jr., to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Enclosing a Copy of a letter rec*d by him from Mr. McCombe, dated 
March 15, 1791, New York, — in regard to the purchase of the Stone 
belonging to the State, & now lying buried in the sand on Cape Henry. 
Mr. McCombe states that as he was on the Cape but a short time, and not 
being acquainted with the situation of the ground on which the Stone 
were laid, finds himself at a loss what proposal to make for it. If there 
is no more sand on them than he was informed, they are well worth 
taking up, but the expence is uncertain, as it will depend on trial. He 
will attempt to get them up, and pay such a price for them as he can 
afford agreeable to their quality & quantity, deducting the expense of 
raising them. He says there are some persons here (New York), who 
will furnish him stone at a much lower rate than those were that are on 
the Cape, but it he can get them up at a price that will answer, he would 
prefer it, as it will facilitate the business. He will be glad to hear from 
him as soon as Convenient on the subject. Mr. Newton remarks that 
bethinks Mr. McComlwj's offer very fair & would be glad to know His 
Excellency's sentiments. He thinks the experiment of a trial worth 

OALMdak of state papers. 


making. If succeesful, tho State will bo tbo gainer, if not, the expense 
will not be great. Mr. McCombe will be the proper person to make it, 
as be will be much interested in succeeding, & will be at much less ex- 
pense than any other person, having his own labourers on the spot. He 
thinks that if he would give 20s. per Ton for it aflor it is raised, it 
would be a good price. He has no idea of what it would cost to raise 
it, but if it were his, he should be for making a trial, & if he found it 
did not answer, would not go to any great expense, as the matter could 
soon be ascertained. 

It is possible, that on trial, if Mr. McCombe should see a chance of 
getting the stone easier than is imagined, he might make an offer for 
the whole, as this is the only chance of making something out of it, he 
would not stand if he would give 1 or oven i of tho coat of it, for now 
or never is the time to dispose of it. Should His Excellency bo of his 
opinion, it will be necessary that he should have the power to agree 
with McCombe in relation t^ getting the stone up, or disposing of it at 
any price he may be able to obtain from him, an he expects he will be 
for proceeding rapidly with the building. 


Thinks the 

offer feir 

and the 


worth trying 

This the 
only chance 
to ffpt some- 
thing for it 
Would take 
one half, or 

even one 
quarter the 

cost of it 

Will. Russell, Clerk, to the Governor. 

Certifying that a meeting of the Directors of the Hospital for the 
maintenance and cure of Persons of unsound minds, held at said Hospi- 
tal M'ch 28, 1791. 

Ordered, that the Treasurer of this Hospital be directed to apply to 
the Executive for a Warrant from the Auditor of Public accounts upon 
the Treasurer of this State, for the sum of One Hundred pounds for the 
payment of the necessary out-houses to be built at the Hospital; and 
also for a warrant the further sum of three hundred pounds for the use 
of the said Hospital. 

March 28th 

Directors of 

Apply for 

£100 for 

out houses 

to be built 

J. Ambler, Treasurer, to the Governor. 


There is a protested Bill of Exchange drawn by William Black, the 
30th of November, 1773, for £150 sterling, and endorsed by the late 
Colo. Tayloe, remaining in the Treasury. This Protest appears to have 
been left by Eo. C. Nicholas, Esq., the former Ti^easurm*, on the final 
adjustment of his accounts with the Public, as public property. The 
Hono'b'e The Executive will be pleased to direct the slops necessary to 
be taken for securing the money to the Commonwealth. 

I am, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most obd. SWt 

March 28th 



bill of 



1791. JuDHEs Geoiuie Muter, Sam'l McDowell, and Caleb Wallace to 

Beverley Randolph, Esq. 

Man'h 28tb The Reprortontiition of the Judges of the Supreme Court for the Dis 

Danvillo triet of Kentucky, on behalf Mr. John Rodgers, one of the ConimiH- 

Petition in sionci's of the Tax for tlio County of Mercer, Respectfully Hhoweth: 

J 1 1 ^rhat information having been given to the Receiver for the District that 

R<xljrerH the said John Rogoi's has neglected to take in the Taxable property of 

several persons in that part of the County allotted to him — On which 

F'uuhI CTyO the Receiver moved against him for the Fine of Fill}'' pounds imposed 

by Jjaw. The fact being proved, the Fine was accordingly assessM in 

the Supreme Court. 

We beg leave to Represent that it did not appear on the Trial, tlmt the 
said John Rodgers had wilfully incurred the Penalty aforesaid; That 
the Pei'sons omitted in his list had but lately remove<l to the Country. 
From the upright and good character which the said Rogers has always 
supported, and his declaring solemnly that he did not know of the Per- 
sons so omitted, we are induced to recommend him to the Pjxecutive 

Recom- that (if not inconsistant with established rules) the said Fine may be 
memled hi?n „,,^uz^,i 
that the tine remitted. 

l>e remitted This Petition is accompanied by one from Jno. Rogers himself, sotting 
forth the same fa.'ts as state<l in the above, and praying that the Fine 
be remitted. 

March 20th Peter Saunders, County Lieutenant of Franklin County, to Gov- 
ernor Randolph. 

Franklin I have Inclosed your Excellency a Coppy of charges agaiust Colo. 

County Thomas Arthur, for which I have arrested him, and for Further Pro- 
Copy of ceedings I shall Leave to your Determination. You will find also In- 
charges closed the Record of the Court of this County against him. I shall bo 
Thomas g^^^ ^^ know your Determination as to the Rest. A letter lodged with 
Arthur M,., James Freeland, merchant in Manchester will be forwarded by him 

to your 

Iluml. Serv't. 

February 25th, 1791. 
Arthur You will take Notice that you are arrested as an officer of the 

arrcst<»,d militia of this County for the following charges, viz: For forging the 
hand John Gipson to a warrant to Turn Coonroad Hartcrider Out of 
Possession in January, 1788. Also for Being Concerned and assisting 
in forging an order from Sarah Grayham to the Sheriff of Franklin 


County to pay tho same to Goorgo Asborry; also for forging tlio liand 1791. 
of Thomas Prunty to Cortiiin Bccoipts for the payment of a certain sum Miircli 2l>th 
of money to tho amount £3, Os, 7Jcl, dated the 20th of Janimry, 1788; 
also for forging the hand of George Turnbull, Esquire; also for supims'd 
Forgery in making Oath before the Judges of the District Court at New 
London in April, 1790, that Isaac Rentfre wiis not able to attend as a 
witness in your suit & Thomas Linsay's; also for a charge alledged 
against you for Bearing false witness in the suit of Mrs. (Juthery against 
Hugh Innes; also a charge of Drawing a larger sum of money out of 
the Treasury when in the Assembly than you was entitled to, and for 
lying and not conducting yourself as an officer of the Militia. 
Given under my hand the Day & year above written. 

PETER SAUNDERS, County Lieutenant. 

Gkoroe Muter and Others to the Governor. Munh 29ili 

George Muter. Sam'l McDowell, and Caleb Wallace, Judges of the 8u- I>unvill«^ 
premc court for the District of Kcntuckey, to his excellency the Gov- 
ernor and the Hon. Privy Councill of tho Commonwealth of Virginia; 

We, the Judges of the Supreme Court for the ]>i«trica of Kcntufkcy, Amln^w 

Beg leave to recommend Andrew Ik*aiclo, convicted of Iforse-Hteatinif at ^-ttKl*' /'^'JJ- 

^ ^ ** vu^'A of 

the March Terra, 1791, for Mercy for the reasons following: horw; 

1st. That we were not well satisfied that the testimony i>n/«Juced »jt4«l»"K 

against him was sutncient. tnt'Whr^i Ut 

2ndly. That he is very young, and {k^^-ssM of a dcgre«; of under- a?^*^*? 

standing but little remov'd from Idiotism. iiJu/t 

We have the honour Uf be. 
Your fixcc-llcoey's and llonours' mont oln.NJicnl, huirible .>i;rvant#t. 

JoH5 W0ODSO5 TO BcTEftLET RaSTIiOLFU, fW Msu*U '/Mfih 

.Sialing lliAi Mr. Bcd. Ilau-Ler ^L'/w«^i hirn at r'Mnil/«rHand r'ourt oii ^f y^^^ 
yo?tenJay. a letl<rr rtrr^rcvc*! from Maf«^:hertt^r, iuformluir hitu that -rii*/:*: Uatrli^Tt 
hia dvpartun: from HAUch^ivr bi?i U-ry, B^Ai, hsul irf:f:u di.v?r/v«r#rrj to \m \\,^ ju,i, 

a iJAnb«;r in a MonhjQ* arrt in Mantches^Ver, aij'J frr^ca lk«: f:irr:mnAUi$tf:*aHt diM^/f#rr#^l 
as they appear U> bim, be mail b« by ihv I^w CofA*:tf9fi*A, fl#; Uib«f^ 

tb«r Iil>erty at lbt!» «aHy day to r^^n'H&meA^ tb^: \ff9y aa %it ^rff^i^.t f4 fMify, 
&h'/ul*l tbtf eaiie \ps aM a^J■c»Tf: «app»>4^t. If"; h^ y^iot*^ ar^l Usk^ t*«rret/>l^>rv: 
cx^ndiictai bim^rif a^ a iruAty %a*1 raiiuJrt'^ ^fvar»&. Th*:^-, f^VMtn- 
»f «■»•, aikkd tu Um; ytakM^biiiij 'JmA mjfta^ fAtUt ti^iuu* ban ht^i Mttt 


1791. into this act, induces hira to mention the subject to his Excellency. No 
March 3(.»th information as to the boy*s chai*acter warrants his interference, 'tis his 
Known him knowledt'e of him fn>m his birth. His master, Mr. Hatcher, will doubt- 
'^birth"'* lusH make every proper cifort in his power with the Executive to pro- 
cure the redemption of this creature's life, should ho be condemned by 
the County Court — which he hopes he may obtain, should the reasons 
appear to his Excellency as he trusts they will. 

Manh oOth Robert Graham, Clerk of Prince William County Court to tor 


JiwtieoH of Certifying, that the Court at its September, 1790 term, ordere<i Phihp 
^'mltml!.'^ Fitzhugh, John Bi-own,. 8coit Blackburn, William Downman, Charles 
monde<l Tyler, John Brown, (B. R.) and Charles Ewell, Gentlemen, be recom- 
mended to the Executive, as proper pei*sons to execute the duties of Jus- 
tices of the peace in this County. Enclosing also a list of Justices in 
the Commission of the Peace, for the County of Prince William, & cer- 
tifying the Days Each were present in Court fi'om August 1789 to 
Justices of August 1790 inclusive, viz: Ilowson Ilooe, declines acting; Wm. Tebbs, 
now In^coiii- 15 <Jjiy«i declines acting; Thos. Lawson, declines acting; Wm. Carr, 12 
mission, <&c*. days. Dead; John Uooe, 3 d*ys, declines acting; Lynaugh Helm, Dead; 
Wm. Alexander, declines acting; Jessee Ewell, 24 days; Richard Gra- 
ham, 18 d'ys; James Ewell, 4 d'ys; Jno. McMillian, declines acting; 
John Tyler, Dead; Alexander Brown, 14 d'ys, Sheriff; Burr Harrison, 
Dead; Arthur Lee, lives out of the County; George Graham, 11 d*s; 
Alexander Lithgow, 40 d's; Matthew Uarrison, 22 d'ys; \i[m. Linton, 
Inspector; Robert Brown, Removed to Fauquier; Val. Peyton, Dead; 
Bernard Hooe, 20 d'ys; John Pope, 4 p'ys; Wm. Edw'd Wiatt, Removed; 
Thomas Montgomerie, Alexander llcndei-son & liev. Spence Grayson, 
decline qualifying; Rev. Thos. Uarrison, 10 d'ys; Henry Washington, 3 
d'ys; Robert II. Hooe, 1 day; W. Y, Tebbs, 37 d'ys; John Macrae, 5 
d'ys; Thos. Lee, Sen'r, 38 d'ys. 

Mim;h Slst W. & S. WiLLiNK to tub Governor. 


AinsU'rdam We beg leave to ad<lress your Excellency under the auspices of Mr. 

Mr. Short, Short, charge des affaires of the United States in Paris, afler a convcr- 

&&a^ in ^*^^^^"» ^® S^^ with him on the subject of loans, we desired him to inform 

Paris, from us whether the State of Virginia could not employ money to advantage, so 

^ tales ^ ^^ Q^^ knowledge Some objects in other States wanted to be carried 

on, to which purpose it was in deliberation of borrowing a sum of money 


here, lie encouragod us to write to your Excolloncy and to inform him 1791. 
of the probability of succeeding, in case your State miglit wish to bor- March Slst 
row for some purpose or other; we talce in consequence the liberty to 
offer our sentiments on this subject, that the increasing credit for 
America, gives the highest degree of pi-obability for succeeding in it, 
provided the Terms are acceptable, that on the security of the money 
lenders, some objects, be it duties or taxes, are engaged sufficient to pay the 
Intci-est and discharge the principal in Time, which periods may be stipu- 
lated according to the desire and conveniency of your State, the Interest 
at 5 pr. Ct. pr. Ann'm. The charges of borrowing want to be deducted The charges 
from the borrowed sum, viz: the premiums to y*r undertakers, the 
brockeridges, bonds. Seals or Stamps. Notary, Commission to the house, 
will amount together once at 1} j)r. Ct., and 1 pr. C. Comni'n of the 
Interest, which is yearly paid, and J Common of the Capital when dis- 
charged. In case of any application, your Excellency will be conscious 
that a power of Attorney in due form and Legalised by our Consul, is 
required. Tho* your State may not be disposed to borrow, we flatter 
ourselves 3'our Excellency will give a favorable interpretation to our 
intentions, and be convinced of our desii\) of becoming usefull to your 
State, in serving their Interest with equal zeal ^ attention, as we alwais 
performed for Congress, our House being suHicientl}'' known in Phil., Their 
New York, l^altimore. We beg leave to refer you to the first character r^f^^J^^'^^^^'B 
for auy infonuation on our acct. 

We have the honor to be with respectfull esteem. Sir, 

Your Excellency's most obedient and Humble Servants. 

The ft>liowiiig enclosed letter from Mr. W. Short to his Kxcellency the Mr. Short'H 
Governor of Virginia, referred to m the loregoing communication is letter 
datird Amsterdam, March 8th, 171)1, and is in these words, to- wit: 


The house of Mers. W. & S. Willink of this city wish to be made Hoiujeuf W. 
known to you on account ol' some proposals they intend sul>mitting lor *^ '^- 'Villmk 
obtaining money on loan here lor the State of Virginia. I am not 
acquainted with the [>articulars of their j»roposals, nor can 1 conjecture 
whether the State of Virginia will be disposed to make use of this 
resource. The object of my letter, tliei'efore, is merely to inform you 
that the house which will make you these proposals is considered among Considered 
the richest & best accredited in this city, & is one of the two which is ^*"^"^"»^ 
emplo\'ed here for making the loans of the United States. Whether the best 
system which this house may propose be adopted or not, it cannot but ^^is dW ° 
be agreable to receive this proof of the favoi*able light in which the 



1791. credit of the Sluto is viewed in u |»lace of which the opinion is considered 
March 31st as tlie best Ihormonietur of the credit of all foreign count riefl. In 
addition to this motive for troubling you with the present letter, I feel 
another also in the opportunity it affords me of renewing assurances of 
those sentiments ol attachment & respect, with which I have the honor 
to be, 

Sir, Your most obedient & most humble Servant. 

April 2d Brigadier-Genbral Chs. Soott to the Governor op Virginia. 

Ixixington I have the Honour to inform your Excellency that about the 22d 

IJoat goinji; of March last, a Boat going up the Ohio, about forty or fifty miles above 
up e 10 Lj,^^^.gt^Q|^t3^ with fourteen Men on board and twenty-one on shore as an 
Escort, was attacked, and eighteen of the party on shore killed dead on 
the spot, and one killed and two wounded in the Boat. Four days after, 
two large Boats coming down were taken at the same place. The In- 
dians after plundering the first Boat, which was manned entirely by 
Frenchmen, and killing the owner, put the rest of the Hands on board 
their own boat, took away the oars and set her adrifl. She arrived at 
Limestone and was there taken up. Every person on board the other 
Boat was put to death. Several other Boats have been attacked, & by 
Bravery of their gallant defence have escaped. The bravery of a Capt. Hubbies, 
Capt. Hur>i |.^^ Q^ i^jj^ Continenlal array, exceeds anything we have heard of lately. 
The boat on which Capt. Hubbies was, carried but nine Men; of these, 
three were killed and four desperately wounded, and four out of six of 
The attack the Hoi'ses on board were killed. The Indians made their attack on 
board two large canoes carrying twenty-five men each, with such ardour 
and pressed so briskly that the few remaining hands were reduced to 
the necessity of tlefending themselves by throwing billets of wood. The 
Indians were finally repulsed, but immediately took another Boat with- 
out the fire of a single gun. About the same time, they drove in the 
Guards at two posts which I established on Lii;king — the one near the 
Great sign of Iron Works, the other at the forks of Licking. The day before yester- 
jriT ^'^ *^^y ^^^^ ^^^" were killed and several horses taken near Frankfort, and 
frontiers great sign of Indians is seen on every part of the Frontiers. 

The depredations committed on the River Ohio, together with appli- 
cations from the County Lieutenants of Mason and Bourbon, has in- 
duced me to call into service five hundred and fifty rank and file; three 
hundred and thirty of whom are yet out, the remainder have returned — 
some afler three, the others after four days* service, without meeting 
with any Indians. 

Col. Orr, who commands the party out, will I hope bo more success- 
ful. His rout is up the Biver Ohio. lu the coui*se of this Business, I 



have been obliged to employ Bxprossoa, but to no considerable amount; 1791. 
a particular account of which I will transmit as soon as Col. Orr returns, April 2d 
which I hope and trust will meet with your Excellency's approbation. 

The ITon'ble John Brown arrived hero the day before yesterday from lion. John 
Philadel])hia with ordci*s from the Secretary of War to discontinue our 
temporary defence under the state Government — Congress having taken 
effectual measures for that purpose. The federal reguhitions will take 
place on the firat day of May next, when the tour of the Guards at 
present out, will expii^e. I will take the earliest opportunity to trans- 
mit accuiiitely the amount of the whole oxpence; by which time I shall 
be able to make you an exact roturn of the Strength of the militia of Strenjirth of 
the district. ^^^ ^*^**^^* 

I have the llonour to be, Sir, 

Your obedient and humble Servant. 

Teos. Newton, Jr., to Governor Randolph. 

April 3il 

Stating that his favor, with the act of Council of the 30th ult., was Norfolk 
received, and he had written to Mr. McCombe on the Huhiect, with the Mr. 
request for a speedy answer, lie also requested him to make an offer K^t ii«!u'd to 
for the stone as it lies. lie e(Mild have wished the lilxeeutive had allowed make an 
a small sum to make the experiment of getting out the stone, as it would gtone 
have encouraged the undertaking. 

JonN Beckley, Clerk of the House op IIepresentatives, to Bev- April 4th 

ERLEY Randolph. 


In obedience to an Order of the House of Representatives of the Philadel- 
Unitod States, I transmit two copies of the Journal of the proceedings ^ 
of that House, during the late Session of Congress, for the use of the Transmit- 
Supreme Executive and Legislature of the State over which you pre- «q •'J^ of the 
side, Journal of 

And have the honor to be with due consideration. Sir, 

Your most obedient and very humble Servant. 

Cdth Bullit to Governor Beverley Randolph. 


I have been honoured with youi*s of the 19ih March last, which I 
should have answered at an earlier period, but for the following circum- 
stance. The Resolution of the Assembly, (a copy of which I enclose), 

April 4th 



171>i. with M>me other imp«>rtant |»a{>ors rcs|»ei*tiQg the business, were in the 
April 4th p«>9t9e^ioii of Col. Tc-bb-i at his iloath. ari>I I .s{)oke to his son (^the Exr.,) 
Pap*=rr» in to «ieIiTer them to me. ThL* was nosrlectetl. an*l when I called on him 
pijiuVii'.ri at ^^^^ them was s*urpri>eil to relative for answer that he had delivereil the 
hii* «i«iih whole to Capt. Carr, wh«>*e tiaughter he has marrieti since the death of 
hi"* father. I have obtaine*! a copy of Carr's aect. in part, viz: from 
1785, inclnsive, k am sorry to dnd it very defective, Jb am proniise<l a 
copy of the precedinir a»xt.. fn>m C*hapnian*s Ex'n», who are the same 
jH:Ts«>ri.'», shortly U>th of whiih I shall ileliver to Mr. Lee, whenever he 
will do me the favour to call on me, with all the information I am mas- 
ter of, and with full jxiwer fn^m me, (sht*uld it l>o thoui^ht ntK-ess:iry\ 
to priH-etti in the business. Unal»le from the situation of my hi'allh to 
act mysi'if. my frieml. the Ilon'l Mr. Pojie, had undertaken to do it for 
me, but as hi-^ motive was friemlsliip only, he is happy in being dis- 
chargeil, and I have taken the earliest opp4irtnnity of informing Mr. 
Lee that he is to pn>ceed un«ler your Excellency's c<»mmis.sion. 
Commis- I must refer 3*our Ex4*ellen«-y to my former letter respecting wliat 

ought to Ik* received, Jii whether witli, or without Intent! ; an«l furl her, 
I wish to be informed what c«immission should l»e allowed Mr. i'arr's 
representatives, he having Hiargt^I H> p*r Ct. 

I am, with ver\- great i"t^|KH.*t, 
Y«>ur ExcellenevM moi*t oUslient Humble Servant. 


In the ITouso of Delegates, 

Thure<lav, 21st of June, 178L 
Resolutions Resolved, the Commissioners of Esi*heated propert\" in the county of 
of AsBcmbly Prinec William, be directt'^l, not to confirm the Sales of the Estate of 
17S1 Robert Bristow, a British subject, unless they are bound by Law to do 
RrilK?rt \i Resolved, that the said Commissioners do in the meantime receive 
estate the profits of the said Estate, and account annually therefor, at the 
Treasury office; the acc'U of the said pn"»tits toeing first auditeil. 
June22d, 1781, Agr\l to by the Senate. 

W. DREW, C. S 
Teste : 

John Bbckli!Y, C. H. D. 

April 4th Sam'l Coleman to the Govebnor. 

Council Upon application of Major Langham, I have as usual examined the 

accounts from the I'ost at the Point of Fork tor the last quarter ending 




March 3l8t, 1791, and find the amount of the Pay-roll for the Guard to 
bo seventy-two pounds, twelve shillings, & the balance due the Superin- 
tendent and artificers to bo £235, 17s, 6d. 

There appears from an account of cash received and expended, to he 
a balance in the hands of Major Langham of twelve pounds, seven shil- 
lings & four pence for Contingent Expences at the Post, which, he says, 
will be necessary to discharge some claims against him for building an 

I have the honour to be, Sir, 

Your oh. Servant. 

April 4th 


from Point 
of Fork 


Wm. Claiborne to Beverley IIanoolvu, Esq. 

April 5th 


Trusting that the enclosed memorandum of a settlement made with 
Mr. H. Randolph, then one of the auditoi-s of j)ublic accounts, will, in 
the opinion of the Ifoirblo the Executive, supei'sede the necessity of 
applying elsewhere for a liquidation of my accounts against the State, I 
have taken the Liberty to transmit it to you. 

Your Excellency will be plcase<l to lay it before the Board so soon as 
they meet. I was lucky enough to find it a few days ago in serching 
over sf»me papers whicrh had been laid jiside several yeai"s. 

I have the honor to be, with highest respect, Sir, 

Y'r mo. ob't, h'ble Serv't. 

dum of a 
imule with 
Mr. H. lian- 
dolph, then 
one of the 

Certificate from A. Blair, C. C, Nov. 8th, 1790. — I do certify that Mr. Wm. Clai- 

William Claiborne was appointed in the year 1780, by the Kxecutive, to lK>rne 

' * . "^ . ap]>onited m 

purchase horses for the Continental Army, Sc to grant certificates to the 1780, to pur- 

Ownci's for ye value of the said hoi'ses. This is Irom n^emory — the <^uiw<^u<^r8e8, 
books of that <late being destroyed by the Knemy. 

Alex*r Moselc)', clerk of Norfolk Court, Norfolk Borough: 

At a quarterly session Court held the 28 day of March, 1791 — 
On the application of Sarah Ilutchings, relict of Colo. Joseph ITutchings, 
dec*d, a pensioner of this Slate, It appears to the Satisfaction of the 
Court that she is Intitled to the Pension of Seventy-five Pounds agre- 
able to a List of Pensioners transmitted by the Executive. It is ordered 
the same be (/crtyfye<l to the Auditor of Public Accounts. 

April 7th 







April 7tli 


Please Issue Warrant for the above Seventy- five Poiindw to Edward 
Valentine, and obhVo, 

Yours, <&e., 


7 Ai^l, 1791. 

To Jolin r*en<llrton, Ksq. 



April 8th 

Thinks his 

were taken 

from the 

Auditor by 

the AsHeni- 

l)ly, and 

nifc'rred to 

tlie KxccMi- 


William Clairorne to Governor Randolph. 


T am oi opinion that the assembly took my ane'ts a^i^ainst the pnb- 
lie out of the liaiwls of the Auditor, & refer'd it to your honMde Board 
for a<ljustment; therefore, tliey come now properly before your Ilonoi's. 
& not before tlie Auditor. 

If the Auditor can shew a receipt in full for amount of the Due-Bill, 
let him do so, & the Business is at an End. But if this cannot be done, 
I hope & trust, & I do not Doubt, but your Hon'ble Board will do me 
that Justice which I am entitled to, & which has been so long withheld 
from mo. 

I Conceive that your Honora have a right to call upon the Auditor 
for any papers he may have respecting my claim; But I conceive also 
that his opinion aught not, & indeed I am certain it will not, Govern 
your Hon'ble Board in the settlement, as I do not expect from prejudices 
that his opinion will be favourable to me. 

I have the honor to be, 

YV ExcTy'8 mo. ob't & h*blo Se'v't. 

April 9th James Brlson, Prothonotary op Alleghany County, Pennsylvania, 

TO Tiios. Mifflin, Esq., Governor of Pennsylvania. 




This morning I had the honor ot receiving the Packet, containing 
your Excellency's Letter and Proclamation for apprehending the Per. 
petrators of the murder of the Indians at Beaver Creek. I inclose the 
depositions of William Wilson and John Hillman, who were at the 
Block House, on the East side of Beaver creek at tlie time the munlor 
was committed on the opposite side. Mr. Wilson has beon a settlor 



hei*e for many yeiire and is a man of property and very good Cluiracier. 
Ilillman is a decent sober young man, the pon of a Farmer, who lived 
near the Bloek House, on the Bank of Ohio. The committing of this 
murder, with other ahirms, which were very frequent on the frontiei"s, 
occasioned such confusion as prevented every pei'son, I believe, from 
thinking of having Inquisitions taken on the Dead Bodies of the 

The Coroner of our County has removed and settled in the County of 
Fayette. I shall, however, send him the Packet addressed to him which 
came by express. 

I have the honor to be, 

Your Excellency's most obedient, humble Servant. 



of Win. 

AVilson and 

John Hill- 



Coroner lias 



Dear Sir, 

Your favor of the Cth Ins't came safe to hand; Mr. Thomas 
Dawson will deliver this to your Excellency, & to him I wish the two 
hundred pounds to be delivered for the use of the Lunatic Hospital in 
part of the order of the Court of Directors for the said Hospital which 
I had the honor to deliver y<ni the 2d Inst. 

I have the honor to be, with much Esteem, 

Your Excellency's most obed. Serv't. 

April 10th 


Mr. Thos. 

to receive 

the £200 for 



David Boss to the Governor. 

April 10th 


From a report which has prevailed for some time past from our Richmond 

Western Country, I feel myself so far interested as to take the liberty 

of addressing you in behalf of myself and some other Gent, concerned 

in the purchase of Lands Irom the State of Georgia, in the Western I^nds 

TerriUjrv of that Government. 'Tis said that a number of Arm'd men P^'^'^i^-d 
•^ , from the 

are collecting in Kentucky, to take possession of the Bent of the Ten- statcMif 
assie, and another comp'y to take possession of the Lands near the ^e^r^^*^ 
mouth of the Yazoos River. I know nothing of these operation but 
from common Report, and am ignorant of their extent, and I should 
not presume to trouble you, but that I am told a Mr. O. Fallon, a prin- Mr. O'Falon 
cipal actor, calls himself the Agent of the three Companys who pur- 
chas'd Land from Georgia; this induces me to enter into a short expla- 
nation of these Compauies. 


1791. Some time ago a piireluiso was made from the State of Georgia by 

April loth private adventurers. They compose three companies designatcfi by the 
names of the Virginia, So. Carolina and Tenassie Companies; of the 
former I am a member and perfectly acquainted with every movement, 
and 'tis upon that Ground that I lay before you the following Facts 
which 1 pledge myself to support. 

That the three Companies purchased Lands from the State of Georgia, 
and each purchase delineated by certain boundarys. That the Com- 
panies are distinct & independent, the one of the other. I know noth- 
ing of the operations of the other two Companies, but am certain the 
Virginia Company have neither directly or indirectly, either concern or 
even knowledge of the settlements making or intended to be ma<ie just 
The Vir- now in that Country but from common report. The Virginia Company 

^niiii rom- j^ overv step they have lakon or mean to take, are i^overn'd by Law 
IKinv tc» Ik) ^ I ^ ID J 

jiovefned by and good order. So far from their attempting to settle the Lands pur- 

liiw ;in<l chased, they have ex|)re»slv forbidden any person settlinj^ within 
good order f j i « ^ .^ i e» ^ 

their bounds, as 'twas, and is their fixt plan and determination — finst to 

complete their payments to the Slate for the Lands i>urch'd; next to 

quiet the Indian claims agreeably to Law, and to have the jiermission 

and approbation of the General Governm't for the settlement, and that the 

tirst Emigmnts shall be accompanied with civil & Militia officers Legally 


This let Ut 1 have jn*esumed to write this letter to prevent any misrepresenta- 

writtiiii to (^iQijjj; which mi<i:ht arise from distant and imperfect communications, and 
prt>vent any • • i • 

misrepre- 1 will not trouble you further than to assert that every member of the 

sentations Virginia Compan}' in the pursuit of what they may deem for the inter- 
est of themselves ami their posterity, will never loose sight of the pros- 
perity of their ('ountry, and will not be induced by any temptation to 
adopt measures which may be derogatory to the dignity of the Govern- 
ment, or tend to disturb the publick's tranquility. 

I have the honor to be, with great respect. 

Your most humble Servant. 

April 12th Ww. J. Vkrkker to thk Govekn(»r. 

Suinuel Agreeable to your direction yesterday, Capt. Denholm and my.soir 

liiisloy, and |,.^y^, engaged Mr. Samuel Tinsley & Mr. Turner Jlichardson to ivssist us 
UiclmnlHon in the present business, who have entered thereon, & we expect to get 

engaged to ^J,olhor to-morrow, which we hope will be sutticient to complete the 
assiHl mem * * 

in the business by the time required, & beg leave to mention that no exertions 
pn^ent ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^.^ nhM be wanting. 

I have the honor to be, Sir, with Bespect, 

Your mo. ob't & very H'bie Serv't. 


John S. Wills to Beverley Randolph, Esq. 1791. 

Informing him that ho had this moment received his letter of the Gth April loth 
instant, respecting his undertaking the collection of the taxes for the Me of 
county of Isle of Wight for 1788 & 1789. Since he had the pleasure of ^^'^^^^^ 
seeing his Excellency, at which time he had some thoughts of under- Collecting of 
taking the collection of those taxes, his business has taken such a turn lygg^g'^ 
as to prevent him from undertaking it. 

He returns thanks to his Excellency and the Honorable Council for Will 

the offer of the appointment. He will however endeavor to procure a ^" f?T™*^ 

* * * procure 

proper peraon to undertake this business, and get him recommended by some iwrson, 
the Court. ^^• 

It will be necessary for him to be informed what time will be given to 
the person undertaking the collection, as it will depend much on the 
time to be given, to induce a person to undertake it. 

David Suepakd, Liei^tenant of Ohio Countv, to Tuos. Mifflin, April 21st 

Governor of Pennsylvania. 


Having the honor of acting as County Lieutenant of the County of Ohio Co. 
Ohio, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I feel myself anxious that the 
County should have (as it covei's a large part of the frontiers) every 
protection that Possibly can be given by government, and fi*om the 
Hostile dispositions that we have discovered among the Indians, during Hostile dis- 
the last winter and spring, we are all sensible that our lives and Prop- t^^riV j^o^a 
erty have been, and are at present in the greatest danger, I have there- 
fore agreeably to the authority vested in me, at different times, called 
out a number of men to act as scouts and Rangers on the western side 
ol the Ohio River, in order that we might have a knowledge of the 
Indians coming upon us, and have an opportunity of making the snuill 
defence that our situation would admit ol. About the fii"st of March 
last, a number of Indians came down to the Banks of the Ohio River, 
in the Western Territory, and killed in the most cruel manner four of Four citizens 
our Citizens, and took two prisoners, and a short time before having ^{^'*^!|^f^."*^ 
taken a great number of skins and furs from a ])arty of our men, who fast 
went a few miles over the Ohio, only with a view of hunting. 

I thought at that time it was necessary to send out a small party in order 
to prevent those Indians from doing any further mischief; this party I sent 
out discovered the track of the Indians but a small distance from where Indians 
they committed the murder; their Track they pursued to, and in the ^"p^^^^ !" ^^ 
State ol Pennsylvania, in Allegany County, on Beaver Creek, where vania 



1791. coming uj) with those Savages, they Conceived themselves Justified in 
April 21st destroying the Perpetrators of so atrocious an act, which our own safety 
rendered necessary, and neither Justice nor humanity forbid them doing. 
I trouble you. Sir, at present with this information, because I have dis- 
covered by 3'our Proclamation, that you have offered one thousand Dol- 
lars to any person who will apprehend and Prosecute to conviction, the 
persons who killed those Savages on Beaver Creek. I have the great- 
est respect for the State of Pennsylvania, and Lament extremely that 
their Chief Magistrate has not that true information of the Situation of 
this Western Country, which is necessary to render us protection from 
the Savages, and to establish harmony and peace between the Citizens 
Infonnation of the two States. The information given in this instance, which by 
^feJse your proclamation you say is authentic, is most certainly false, so far as 
our people attacked them, as you say, without provocation, or that the 
Indians were Peaceable or friendly. I appeal to any of the Citizens of 
your State, in the neighboring Counties, except a few individuals who 
live in or near to Pittsburgh, who, have I been informed, given you this 
false information, their names are well known, for they have rendered 
Tradini? and themselves infamous in the opinion of every man who is a friend to his 
th^^amw Co^"^*y» ^y carrying on a mean and pitifull trade with those Savages, 
in times of which has furnished them with the means of Committing every act of 
«*og®r violence and brutality on the People of this County, which their savage 
dispositions could invent. And this I know is not only the case at pres- 
ent, but those persons I allude to have always, and particularly in times 
of Danger, supplied the Indians with arms and ammunition, and have 
by every other means that has been in their power, encouraged them to 
commit every act of violence upon us. If your Legislature has never 
interfered in this business, it is time they should, if they have any regard 
for the People in the frontier Counties in this State. 

I have further to observe, that as some of the men in this expedition 

live in your State, and who went out voluntarily to our assistance, that 

I am sorry to find that you have no other means for apprehending them 

but those you have made use of. As for the Citizens of this State that 

were in the expedition, I have to inform you that the County considoi-s 

they are under the greatest obligations to them for their services on that 

particular occasion. We have enjoyed more Peace since those Indians 

were killed, than we have had before for a Long time. But, Sir, if any 

of our Citizens have committed an act of violence in your St^ite, I should 

conceive it much more consistent with your honor and dignity to apply 

to our Executive, who is authorized if his discretion so directs him to 

Hopes be deliver them up to you. The result of this, I hope, will be that you will 

th^ l^JJ^^x. destroy the effect of your Proclamation by a further proclamation, and 

theprocla- suffer not those men who deserve the highest credit for their conduct, 

mation by ^^ ^^ stigmatized l)y having a reward ottered for their persons. 

I am, Sir, with the greatest respect, 

Your most obedient, humble Servant. 


Certificate of the Governor of Pennsylvania. 1791. 

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 

To all whom these presents shall come greeting: April 22d 

Know ye, that Alexander James Dallas, whose name is subscribed to Philadel- 
thc Certificates accompanying the annexed several affidavits of William 
Wilson, and John Hillman, is Secretary of the Commonwealth of Penn- 
sylvania, and that John Johnston, before whom the said affidavits wore 
taken, and whose name in testimony whereof is subscribed to the 
original affidavits, of which the papers annexed are copies, was at the 
time of taking thereof, one of the Justices of the Peace, in and for the 
County of Alleghany, in the said Commonwealth, duly appointed and 
commissioned. And full faith and credit is, as ought to be given to 
them, the said Alexander James Dallas, and John Johnston accordingly. 

Given under my hand and the seal of the State, at Philadelphia, 
this twenty-second day April, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, 
seven hundred and ninety-one, and of the Commonwealth, the fifteenth. 

(Seal.) THO. MIFFLIN. 

A. J. Dallas, Secretaiy. 

Alleghany County — ss: 

Personally came before me, John Johnston, Esquire, one of the April 22*1 
Justices of the Peace in, and for the County of Alleghany, the subscriber Affidavit of 
William Wilson, who being duly sworn according to Law, Deposeth "h.„ 
and saith: 

That on the ninth day of March last, the deponent being at a Block Respecting 
House on the East side of Big Beaver Creek, saw twenty-five armed y*,^ munler 
white men on the other side of the Creek, opposite to the Block House, Big Beaver 
attack twelve Delaware Indians, of whom seven were men, three creek 
women, and two boys, the Greater part of them much intoxicated with 
Liquor; three of the men and one woman were killed; that afler the 
fii-ing had ceased, and they had stripped and plundered the dead Indians 
and took what property they could find, consisting of nine Horses, 
three Rifle Guns, the Goods which they had purchased with twenty 
seven Bucks and some other articles, the Deponent called over the 
Creek to them, and asked who commanded the party. They answered 
that each man was his own commander; that they then desired him to 
come over the Creek and speak with them, which he declined, not 
thinking it safe, but asked if Captain Samuel Brady was one of the 
party. Some one answered that he was not, and still insisted that the 
iJei)oncnt should go over to them. He then told them if Captain Sam- 
uel Brady was there, he would go down to the Creek and speak with 


1791. him, but with no ono else of their party. Captain Brady then spoke, 
April 22 and desired the deponent to come to the Creek side and ho should not 
be hurt. The deponent then went to the Bank of the Creek, and two 
^^P^-^'^w^l men advanced to the opi>osite Shore, whom he found to be Captain 
Capt. Fran- Samuel Brady, and Captain Francis MeGuire, both inhabitants of Ohio 
018 McGuiro County, in the State of Virginia, near the mouth of Buifaloe Creek. 
They asked the deponent who these Indians were. He told them that 
they were Delawares. MeGuire said that they had followed the ti^acts 
of Indians from opposite the mouth of Buffaloo Creek, (where they bad 
killed a family,) to the waters of Mu^•kin^-run, but that the heavy rains 
had defaced their Tracts so that they could not follow them with cer- 
tainty, but that they seemed to turn or Lean towards that place. The 
deponent tohl them that it was not Possible that they could be the same 
Indians that they had followed; that he knew those Indians well, and 
was convinced that they were innocent; that they had hunted at the 
Salt Lakes the last summer and fall; that two of them belonge<l to the 
Moravian Society, that the deponent had employed them to go to the 
Salt Lakes on Beaver Creek with their own horses and some of his, to 
bring in a quantity ot Peltr}* belonging to a Delaware man called John 
Letart and some of his relations, which service they had faithfully per- 
formed, and returned to that place, the Block house, a few days before, 
where thev had remained, untill the time the mui-der was committed. 
Captain McGuire said that if these people had not done any mischief to 
them, yet othei-s had, and they were all alike. He desired the deponent 
to leave that place immeduitelj-, wiiich he did as soon as possible he could. 
The deponent asked Captain McGuire how many of the Indians were 
killed. He said four or five. Late of the same evening, one of the 
Indian Boys came Back to the place where the other Indians were 
killed, and called to the deponent to bring him over the Creek, but the 
deponent having sent his canoes away, was obliged to leave the Boy 
there untill the next morning, when he brought him over and conveyed 
him safely to Pittsburgh, where he now i*cmains. That the next day 
alter the munler was done, the deponent with some hired men, went 
over the Creek from the Block House, collecteii the Dead Bodies of the 
Indians, brought them over and buried them near the Block House. 


Sworn and subscribed the 9th day of April, 1791, before me. 


I hei*eby certify that the foregoing is a true, perfect, and entire affi- 
davit of William Wilson, filed with the Reconis of the Executive 
Department of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

A. J. DALLAS, Secretary. 

Secretary's oflice, 

Philadelphia, 22d April, 1791. 


Alleghany County, ss. : 

Personally came before me, John Johnston, Esquire, one of the Jus- 1791. 
tices of the Peace in and for the County of Alleghany, the subscriber April 22d 
John Ilillman, who being sworn according to law, deposoth and saith AflSdavitof 
that on the ninth day of March last, he was in a Block House near the niUman 
falls of Big Beaver Creek, where Mr. William Wilson of Pittsburg was 
then living, that he saw a party of white men about twenty-five in num- 
ber, five or twelve Indians, who had come to that place to trade; that 
as soon as the firing commenced, Mr. Wilson the deponent, and three 
other men who were present, rushed instantly to the door, Mr. Wilson 
called aloud and begged them not to kill those Indians, that they were 
civil, innocent people, to which he did not hear any reply, nor could 
not have heard if reply had been made at that time. The firing of Guns, 
the shouts of the white men, and the screams of the In<lians, was all 
that could be heard. The deponent heard the Indians frequently cry 
out that they were Delawares. F'our of the Indians were killed in his 
sight. He also saw the white men strip and plunder the dead Indians, 
and take away nine horses, with sundry other effects belonging to those 
Indians. That some time after the men had left the ground, Mr. Wil- 
son the deponent, and the other men that were at the Block House, 
went over the Creek to examine how many of the Indians were killed. 
That they found four killed, three men and one woman, and that he 
saw the trail of Blood in two places, where they had made up the hill 
from the Creek, which he supposes was made by wounded Indians. 


Sworn and subscribed the 9th day of April, 1791, before me. 


I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true, perfect, and entire copy of 
the affidavit of John Hillman filed among the Records of the Executive 
Department of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

A. J. DALLAS, Secretary. 

Secretar}'*s office, 

Philad*a,22d April, 1791. 

John Nicholas, Clerk op the District Court op Albemarle April 22d 

County, to the Executive. 

(Certifying that Thomas Thomas, otherwise called John Fowler, late Charlottes- 
of the County of Louisa, lal)Ouror, who stands convicted of horse- ville 


1791. stealing, was again led to the bar in the custody of the keeper of the 
April 22d jail of this district, and being asked if any thing he had or knew to 
Thomas say why the court should not proceed to judgment and execution 

Th^rwise ^^^*"®^ '*^'"> ^^ ®^^^ ^^^^ ^® ^*^ nothing but what he had before said. 

called John It is therefore ordered by the court that he bo hanged by the neck 

Fowler yntill he be dead, on frida}^ the 27th day of May next, between the 

houi*8 of ten in the forenoon and two in the afternoon in the same day, 

at the usual place of Execution. 

April 23<1 Thomas MipPLiN, Govebnob op Pennsylvania, to Beverley Ran- 
dolph, GovEBNOB op Virginia. 

Phila- I have the honor to transmit to your Excellency, authenticated 

delphia Copies of the depositions of William Wilson and John Hillman; from 
Copies of which it appears that on the ninth of March last, several Indians 
^JyP^lll?,^ peacably assenjblcd for the purposes of trade on Beaver Creek, wilhin 
and John the territorj^ of Pennsylvania, wore attacked bj* a Body of armed men, 
Ilillman ^^^^ ^j^^^ ^^ their number inhumanly murdered. Samuel Brady and 
Francis McGuiro are the only offendera on this occasion, whose names 
have yet been discovered ; and as they have fled from Justice into the 
State of Virginia, I am under the necessity of requesting that agreeably 
to the provision of the second section of the fourth Article of the Con- 
stitution of the United States, your Excellency will bo pleased to direct 
the proper measures to be pursued for apprehending and delivering up 
To be the two above-named persons to bo removed to this State having juris- 
removed to diction of their crime, 
having juris- Besides the obligations of justice and humanity, which demand the 

diction of immediate punishment of so wanton an outrage, you will perceive, Sir, 

their cnme o ./ i. » . 

the policy of preventing, by a seasonable example, the reinforcements 

of the hostile tribes from those Indians who have hitherto evinced a 

friendly disposition towards the Union ; I am confident, therefore, that 

your Excellency will chcarfully concur with me in accomplishing the 

object of this application. 

I have the honor to be, Sir, 

Your Excellency*s most obedient and most Ilumblc Servant. 

April 26th John Upshaw to Beverley Randolph, Esq. 

Worthy Sir, 
^^iBQxCo. It's with much concern I am constrained to address your 

Excellency in relation to the taxes duo from this County". I have lately 


been Sheriff, k ara apprehensive my Deputys have not paid up quite so 1791. 
punctually as they ought to have done; tho' all the Importunities I was April 26th 
capable off have been used by me to stimulate them in the Collection of Deputies 
the taxes for 1788 & 1789, which were the years they were to Collect p^jjj ^p 
for me. They have promis'd to pay up now the balance of arrearages punctually 
due for these years, & if so, hope your Excellency will be of opinion the promised to 
damages ought to be remitted, as it hath been very difficult to make pay arrear- 
Collections for these years in our County; & if contrary to my expccta- ^^ 
tion, there's any balance left unpaid, I will use my utmost exertions to 
have it paid up immediately. I am aged, & at present a little infirm — 
otherwise, should have waited on the Honorable the Executive per- 

I am, with the greatest deference, 

Your Excellency's most obedient Serv't. 

John Dixon, Jr., to Beverley Randolph, Esq. April 27th 

Stating that by the death of his father, John Dixon, Publick Printer, Richmond 
his family are left in indigent circumstances, and look to him for support; Death of 
which support he will bo unable to render, unless His Excellency in his puhjiL^^' 
great goodness would be pleased to appoint him his successor in the Printer 
ofiSce of Publick Printer. He is well acquainted with the business, and 
assures his Excellency that the utmost of his abilities will be exerted to 
render general satisfaction. 

He fears that his father's creditors will seize what little they have, 
unless he can give them assurances that their demands will be speedily 
complied with. By granting his request the distress of a family will be 
greatly alleviated. 

Will. Steptoe to Governor Beverley Randolph. April 27th 


When your Excellency's letter of the 25th ulto. arrived, I was from llewick 
home, and did not return till the 17th Inst. I immediately gave Mr. Middlesex 
Bird notice, and took the Depositions, which I have the Honour to Depositions 
inclose. I do not doubt but that the proof of his misconduct might be 
much more ample, but suj)posing the inclosed sufficient on which to 
found an enquiry, have deferred it till the day of tryal. I beg leave to 
i^bserve that the sooner your Excellency can begin an enquiry, the more 
agreeable it will be to those under Mr. Bird's Command, and to no one 
more than to him. 

Who has the Honor to be. 

Your Excellency's most obo. Serv't. 


1791. Ralph VVormoIey, one of the magistrates of Middlesex County: 

April 27th Virginia, Middlesex Countj', 

21 April, 1791, 

Present — Wm. Steptoc, Esq., & Geo. Bird, Esq. 
Wm.Steptoe This day attended Wni. Steptoe, Esq., who charged Geo. Bird, Esq., 
Geo. Bml (Jomit^y Lieutenant, before the Governour & Council of malfeazance in 
office, & of having received fines from sundry persons not attending at 
muster according to Law, through the hands of Capt. William George, 
formerly sub-sheriff* of this County. 
Deposition Capt. William George being first sworn on the hol}*^ Blvangelist 
Wm George <lopos<^^b & saith that on the 13th of March, 1790, he paid Col. George 
Bird as County Lieutenant, thirteen pounds, three shillings & six pence, 
for muster fines that came to his hands as sub-sheriff. 
Deposition Major Thos. Ilealy being first sworn on the holy evangelist, who acted 
Thomas ^^^^ ^^ sub-sheriff in this County, deposeth & saith that ho paid to Col. 
Healy Geo. Bird, as County Lieutenant, on the 27th of Octo., 1788, as by Col. 
Bird's receipt is also proved, the sum of twelve pounds, seven shillings, 
for muster fines levied by the Court-Martial holden Octo., 1784, agreeable 
to an order of the last Court-Martial. And further the Deponents say 

Given under my hand. 

.\pril 27th James Jones to the Governor. 


Richmond Caleb Hill is at present under sentence of death in the district 

Caleb Hill prison of ilichmond for a supposed horse-theft. I have used the woivl 

under supposed, bect^ise I do not think the unhappy man really guilty of the 

death for crime for which he stands condemned. The evidence against him 

sup|)08ed amounted to no more than this: That he accompanied a white man, who 
horse-theft . • i • • 

was in the possession of the stolen horse, and was made an instrument 

in the sale of him. The white man, upon the detection of the thefl, 
made his escape and lefl Hill, who is a coloured man, to abide the con- 
sequences of the transaction. The man to whom the was sold 
appeared before the Court under so suspicious an aspect, that he was 
Hill served denied a certificate as being the apprehender of the thief. Hill served 
in the lat« i\^q United States in the late war for the term of three years in the 15th 
Virginia Virginia liogiment, with fidelity & credit; and against him, no charge 

regiment g^y^j ^i^j^ unfortunate affair, could be imputed. With this candid reuiv- 
with tidelity ~ 

sentation of his case, I leave him to the Justice & mercy of his Country. 

I have the honor to be, with duo respect, 

Your most ob't serv't. 


Geo. Bird, County Lieutenant of Middlesex County, to Governor 1791. 

Beverley Randolph. 


I have made a General return of the Militia of the County of Mid- April 29th 
dlescx, for the year 1789, & also an acc't of all monies that have come General 
into my hands by virtue of my office since my last return ; this return Mi|}^^g^x 
was made out in the month of JanuaiTi in order to be forwarded to County 
year Excellency, but having heard that there was a law passed at the ijgg made 
last Session of the Assembly, repealing the Militia Law, & that the 
Monies imposed for fines were to be returned to the people who had 
paid them, I thought it unnecessary to make a return until I had seen 
the Law. 

I have the honour to be. 
Your Excellency's most obed't & most hum. Servt. 

The following papers accompany the foregoing letter of Geo. Bird : April 29th 
Militia Returns by County Lieutenant. 

A General Return of Ye Militia of the County of Middlesex, for the Militia 
year 1790, together with ye Arms, &c. 1 Regiment, 1 County Lieut., 1 ^^i^^^*^ 
Colonel, 1 Lt. Colonel, 1 Major, 4 Captains, 4 Lieutenants, 4 Ensigns, 12 
Sergeants, 1 Drumcr, 1 Fifer, 266 effective men, rank & file, 6 removed, 
4 exempted, 7 added, 90 Good guns 40 bad guns, 4 good bayonets, 5 bad 
Swords, 9 goo<l swords, 1 good spoontoon. 

I do hereb}' certify that all the Monies that have come into my hands Ortificate of 
by virtue of my office, since my last return amount only to Fifteen .^^- ^^^^Ji 
|)ounds. Eleven Shillings. Lieutenant 

Given under my hand the 4th day of January, 1791. 

GE. BIRD, Co'ty Lt. Middlesex. 

P. S. — This money was paid into my hands the 13th March & 28th 
June, 1790. 


I do hereby certify, that all the money that have come into my hands C'ertificate of 
arising from Muster Fines in my County, is Thirteen pounds, to this .^**^;^,^'^'^^ 
Date, DecV Ist, 1788. Lieutenant 

G. BIRD, Co'ty Lt. Midd'x. 
Middlesex, Ss: 

Swoin to before nie, one of the Magistrates for the 
County aforesaid, this 2d Dec*r, 1788. 





L. Wood, Pi blm; Solicitub, to the Governor. 

Mav M 



eeiuw? of pai?t 


Slalinir »l»al liaviiitr had a reirinien. Exercise Jt bathing prescrihed for 
him t<»r the >jirinir, iV whieh he couM not effect in Richmond, has 
o<casioii<'d hi^ late absence, it having proved benetieial. he is advised 
to continue it for a week longer. He \ia> aUo Injcn called uiK>n to attend 
Hanover Court as an evitlence. which sil8 on Thursdav next, & mav 
be ke|»t for the ?ix succeeding days. Under the circumstances, he hopes 
that liis Excellen<33' A Council will not ileem a a further indulgence for 
that time impi-oper, a.> he will be in Richmond so soon as discharged 
from Coun. He besr* leave to assure his Exeellonev k Board that he 
shall ever retain a grateful sense of past indulgences, & is with every 
sentiment of respect, 

Their most obed't & very h'blc scrvt. 

May 3d 

Geo. Hancock to the Clerk of the Executive Council. 


Mr. May, I am directed as Attorney for the County of Botetourt, to prose- 

of ^tetrurt ^'"^^ ^"'* ^^tiio clerk Mr. May for his deficiency in recording the minutes, 

court lobe Deeds. &c., and am not able to do it without the bond which our clerk 

prosecuted j^forms me, is transmitted to the Executive, and no record made of 

such a bond here. Will you oblige me so far as transmitt a copy of the 

bond, so that the orders of the Court can be complied with in instituting 

the suit previous to the removal of Mr. May, which will be in three or 

four weeks. 

I am y>ob*t ScrvH. 

May 3d 

Proclamation of Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Ricrhmond Declaring that whereas it has been representetl to him by his Excel- 
lency, Thomas Mifflin, Esq., Governor of the Slate of Pennsylvania, 
supported by the Deposition of William Wilson & Jno. Hillman, that on 
the 9th of March last. Samuel Brad3' and Francis McGuire, with a body 
of armed men, made an attack on a party of Delaware Indians in friend- 
ship and amity with the United States of America, and that four of 
them were murdered on Beaver Creek, in the said State of Pennsylvania, 
by the said Samuel Brad}* ainl Francis McGuire and their adherents, 
who have since fled from justice into this State; and whereas a demand 
has been made by the Executive authority of the said StAte of Penn- 
sylvania for the delivery of the persons accused in conformity with the 





second Section of the fourth Article of the Constitution of the United 1791. 
States: I have thought lit, by and with the advice and consent of the May 3d 
Council of State, to issue this, my Proclamation, hereby offering a 
Reward of six hundred Dollars to any person or pei-sons who shall The reward 
deliver the said Samuel Bnuly and Francis McGuire, or three hundred 
Dollars for either of them, to the Executive authority of the said State 
of Pennsylvania, in the City of Philadelphia, in order to their being 
tried agreeably to the laws of the State having cognizance of their 

And I do moreover require all Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs and 
Constables w^kin their respective Departments, and exhort the good 
people of the Commonwealth to use their best endeavours to appre- 
hend and bring to Justice, the Perpetrators of a crime so dangerous to 
the Peace and good order of the United States. 

Given under my hand, &c., 3d- day of May, 1791. 

A Copy from the Record. 



Colonel Wm. Da vies to Bevebley Randolph, Esq. 


1 have received by Doctor Griffin the papers entrusted to him. 
Wood6n*s are of little value; Denholm's are hurt by affidavits endorsed 
that the State has never paid for the supplies mentioned in them; An- 
dereon's are explanatory of his business, tho' not very important; Thrus- 
ton's & Snicker's account for large & valuable advances from the 

I have frequent applications similar to Major Nelson's. It will be 
impossible to attend to any of them before July, when the time of pre- 
panng & presenting claims will be over. 

When I suggested to your Excellency some time since, my hope the 
Fixecutive would see cause to alter their resolution respecting my pay, 
I acted from reflection. I knew the severity ot my duties <lid fully en- 
title me to what I requested; and altho' J am not in the habit of boast- 
ing, I now fear not to assert, that from my pei^Honal agency & practical 
acquaintance with the men & things & laws during the war, to which 
the accounts & vou:;hers of Virginia relate, and from the experience 
and knowledge of th« subject which a laborious attention to it for uj>- 
wards of two years & a half has bestowed; 1 fear not to assert that I 
am better possessetl of the extent and merits of this business than any 
other man whatever. Yet such has been the singularity of my condi- 
tion, that the more aMe I became to be servifealde to the State, the 
less useful 1 was rendercil to myself; and the more I dc<4'rved Emolu- 
nient, the less was I to receive f<r»r reward. Permit m** to enclose the 

May 5th 

Wood fin's 

I Miners 

hi8 i)ay 


1791. act of the Assembly of Pennsylvania, respecting their Commissioner. 

May 5th The cannot but be impressive; nor will I detain your atten- 

Act of tion longer than to observe, that while in point of Situation, assistance 

Pennsvl-^ and compensation, their Commissioner has every advantage, yet with 

vaiiia, res- respect to real difficulty & consequent labor, there is no comparison bc- 

pectmg their ^^^^^Q us. As I have it in design not to trouble your Excellency on 

sioners this subject again, having formed my own opinion of what justice to 
myself & family will make it proper for me to do, I shall think myself 
happy should I be fortunate enough to obtain the concurrence of the 
Executive, at least from the end of the present quarter. 

I have the honor to be. Sir, 
Your Excellency's most obedient and humble Servant. 

P. S. — Since writing the above, I have received a letter makoing it a 
matter of great importance to be at Petersburg by the 20th of this 
month. The consequence, as Mr. Baker can well avouch, is of greater 
moment than every thing I shall receive from the State, yet at such a 
crisis is my public business at this time, that I am compelled to hazard 
considerable loss to myself to secure the State fi*om any. As I do not 
mean to expose myself to difficulty and perhaps distress, by an atten- 
tion to an undertaking, which does not at present afford me a moderate 
compensation for the peculiarity of its nature, situation and trouble. I 
hope your Excellency's goodness will pardon me for detaining you so 
long on a subject at best unpleasant to both. 

MayGth CoL. David Sheppard, Lieutenant op Ohio County, to General 

Knox, Secretary of War. 

Ohio Co. Agreeable to the orders to me directed, I have ordered out the 

He has Militia, agreeable to the enclosed return, but since that, wo find that the 
orderedout number is not sufficient to the pressent emergency. Within a few 
days past, the Indians hath made a general attack on us, and hath 
kill'd several of our Scouts. Ensign Enix was kilTd, Ensign Briggs 
wounded, and several privates. They have made seveml attempts on 
Block-Houses, but have fail'd. They have killed several of the Inhabi- 
tants, the number not yet known. We have alarms every day. The 
Capt. Kirk- Bearer, Capt. Kirkwood, will be able to give you a perfect account, as 
wood will Ijc ^as in one of the actions, to whom I refer you for a true State of 
feet account afl^^a^i^- We are without ammunition, and but few arms. Everyday 
shews new scenes of cruelty, and the appearance of a general invasion. 

I am with duo respect, &q. 


Col. David Sheppard, Lieutenant of Ohio County, to Governor 1791. 

Beverley Randolph. 


Tho continued Depredations of Savages upon our frontier Renders May 9th 
our situation truly alarming, and of consequence increases, when we Ohio Co. 
find that a proclamation has been Ishered by Governor Mifflin, of Penn- The con- 
sylvania, offering a reward of one thousand Dollars to any person who (lepredations 
will apprehend & Convict some men or any of them who kill'd some of Savages 
Indians at tho mouth of Big beaver Creek, Allegany County, west of frontier 
Ohio fcalling it an atrocious act), and as some of that party was under 
my comand from this County, I Conceive it my duty to Inform your His Excel- 
Excellency of the Facts which Induced our men to attack the enemy in info^Sied of 
their quarters, (to-wit): About the 16th of February last, a party of the facts 
Indians in a most Cruel manner Murdered five persons near tho Mouth induced our 
of Buffalo Creek ; plundered the house of all that was valuable, and men to 
made off; upon this I thought it expedient to send out 4 spies for our 
better security, who soon Returned with Intelligence of the enemy's 
approach; upon this, a party from the different Companies A.?sembled 
at the Mouth of Buffalo, where the}' were joined by a party from Wash- 
ington County; crossed the Ohio, and undvr the Directions of the Spys, 
went to meet the enemy, who, finding they were discovered, made off^, 
and kept along the poor hills, that it was with Difficulty our men Could 
follow their tracks, unto a place known by the Name of Big buffalo 
Licks, weere a Council was held by the officers, in which Capt'n Brady 
(being one of the Spys), well knowing the Subtilty of Indians, informed 
them that they would only Retire to some distance until the Return of 
our men, or Probably go to their usual place of Rendevous, at the 
mouth of Big beaver; a Block house Erected & occupy d by a Wilson & 
Co., who was Notoriously known to supply them with ammunition & 
arms of all kinds ever since war had been Declared against them ; under 
these Considerations, 26 Volentiers from the party proceeded on the 
trail, and soon found by their movements, that the Block-house was 
their Intention, upon which they Crossed the hills and fell upon the 
trail about 3 miles Distant from that place; they sent forward Spies, 
who Returned with Intelligence of the enemys being encamped oppo- 
site the Block-house; upon this, our men left their horses with two men to 
guard them, divided their small Company, Attacked & defeated the en- 
cm}', killed four men and one woman, which was not known until too 
Late; these are the true State of Facts as they were Communicated to 
me by persons which were present and whose Veracity I Can Confide 
in ; for further particulars shall Refere 3'ou to the Bearer, who is ac- 
quainted with every Circumstance of what then happened, Likewise 
those which have Lately taken place. During Last week 29 persons 
have been most Cruelly Murdered; Yet upon the authenticity of Wilson 



1791. & Co., does Governor Mifflin send out bis Proclamation; his government 
May 9tb it appears, is not Confined to Pennsylvania, and his Informatiou from 
those who have feasted upon the Blood of our fellow Citizens by sup- 
plying the Savage with every Instrument Necessary for our Destruc- 
tion; if we have erred in being avenged of our Enemy, we are willing 
to be Corrected b3' your Excellency, upon whom, we, at this dangerous 
period, rely in hopes 3'ou will, if possible, make provisions to rcleve us 
from distress. 

I Remain Your Excellency*s most obedient Humble Servant. 

May 9th John Harvie and Wm. Foushee, Directors of the James River 

, Company, to Governor Randolph. 


necessity for 

a small 

amount in 


Sale shortly 

to be made 

of all public 


Stating that the James River Company has a pressing necessity for 
the amount of Forty pounds, six shillings, and ten pence, in specie, 
which they will thank the Hon'l Board for a warrant to that amount, on 
account of the Requisition now existing on the state shares in said Co. 

They also inform him that the 200 hhds. of Tobacco formerly 
directed to be advanced on account of Delinquent shares by the Treas- 
urer, at a price to be agreed on, has only been partially made. Find- 
ing now that a sale of all the public Tobacco is shortly to take place, and 
thinking that a selection for the above balance in such Tobaccos as they 
might choose, would derange the sale, they will be obliged for an order 
on the Treasurj^ granting the said Company a credit at the sale for the 
full balance of the said 200 hhds. of Tobacco. 

May 10th Jno. Brown, Clerk of the General Court, to the Governor. 

Richmond Enclosing his account for arranging The various suit^, including the 
British suits pending in that court, taxing costs, making the necessary 
copies, Ac, for 1790, & 1791, & asking that his fees be allowed. 

May 10th 

J. Ambler, Treasurer, to the Governor. 

Treasury Enclosing a list of the Crop and Transfer Tobacco now in the Trcas- 

Tobacco in ury, received in part of for arrears ol* Taxes. lie desiivs to be directed 

the treasury ]^y ^\^^^ Ilon'l Board, when and in what manner it sliall be dispose of, 

whether at public or ]>rivate sale; whether any thing but Cash shall be 

received in Paj-ment, and whether the notes for the Transfer Tobacco 

shall be disposed of, or the produce collected from the several inspectors. 



Public Tobacco in the Trensuiy tljis 10th day of May, 1791 

80 Ilhds. at tho Upper Warehouses on Potowmack Kiver. 

" Lower ditto. *' *' " 

at the Upper Warehouses on 11 ap pah an nock. 
Lower ditto. " *' 

Lower warehouses on York Kiver. 
at tho Upper Warehouses on James River. 

'' Lower ditto. " " 

at the Warehouses on Appomattox, 
at the Warehouses on the Kastern shore 





















May 10th 

Tobacco in 
the Treasury 

Anthony Singleton, Agent of tue Sinking Fund. 

May 11th 

To whole am't of specie drawn from tho Treasury 
for the purposes of the Sinking Fund, - 

Amount recM in Tobacco from the Treasury for 
same purposes, at rates which it sold, - 

The nett sum made to the State by the Sinking 
fund, appears to be, 

By final Settlements on hand, - 
Military Certificates on 

Funded paper money ccrtif 's 

on liand, - 
I-oan office cortif^s on hand. 
Crop Tobacco do.. 

Specie for ballance do.. 

State of the 
£13,575, 13s, Ud. ^^^ 

4,449, 11 7 J 

126,094, 9 31 
£144,119, 14s, lOd. 


















£144,119, 14s, lOd. 

May 11th — J as. McClurg & J. Dawson certif}' that they have exam- 
ined the books of the agent, the papei*s iV: Specie in his hands, & certify 
the above statement true. 

J. Ambler, Treasureh, to the (jovernor. 

May 12th 


Mr. Prosscr is desirous of purchasing about 80 hhds. of Tobacco Trea8ur>' 
for the purpose of paying for a delinquent Sheriff for whom he is Surety. 



1791. If Mr. Pi*088er is di«posed to allow for the public Tobacco such price as 

May 12th is satisfactory to the Executive, I presume the Hon'l Boai*d will tDcline 

Mr. ProsBer to accommodate Mr. Prosser. 
<iesirt»8 to 

tobacco to Your Excellency's most obcd. Serv't. 
pay for a 

Wm. Claiborne to Governor Randolph. 

May 12th Sir, 

Enclosed An irksome Confinement from which I ardentl}' wish to be freed, 

pa^rs fur- ^^^ ^j^^ known desire of the Honorable Executive to decide on my 

evidence claim according to justice, will apologise for troubling your Excellency 

i^^to ' ^^^^ ^^° inclosed papers. They furnish Evidence that the recollection 

recollection of the Auditor is not All ways Correct; and by obviating his last objec- 

^^^iredT^^ tion, may lead to a determination in my favor. 

I have the honor to be, with the greatest respect, 

Your Ex'y*s mo, ob. Serv't. 

May 14th 

Charles Hay, Clerk of the House of Delegates. 

Extract from Enclosing the following extract from an act passed in May, 1780, 
act concern- "Poi* <rivini' further power to the Governor & Council, & for other 

ing a print 
ing press purposes 



And whereas a good printing press, well provided with proper mater- 
ials, is indispensibly necessary for the right information of the people. 
Be it enacted that the Governor with the advice of the Council, bo 
authorized, and he is hereby authorized and empowered to engage with 
& employ at the public expencc & for the public service, a good and 
able printer, of firm and known attachment to the United States, who 
may be willing to bring a good & well provided press into this Common- 

May 17th 


Henry Anderson to the Governor. 

Informing him that he sends enclosed to him, an advertisement dated 
April 28th, 1791, and signed by Jno. Townes, per D. Sh^lf, stating that 
There will be offered for sale at Colo. Edw'd Booker's, agreeable to Law, 
on Wednesday, the 26th day of May next, and continued from day to 
day, until the whole are sold, or as much as will satisfy the claims here- 


after mentioned. Thirty-ono negroids, the property ol* Henry Aiuler- 1791. 

son, Esq., taken to Satisf}^ sundry Executions, to-wit: Jaeol) Williuni- May I7th 

t^on, Joshua Chaffin, ass^nee of Jiawlev Fosseit, Ab. B. Venuhle, Wm. ."^l negroes 

Ford, Dan'l McCallum & Wni. Tallv. lie ini'ornis His Excellenev that 

these very negroes arc Mort^ai^ed for the j)aymcnt of his seeurityship Said nejjrocB 

for a debt due from Ciiristopher Hudson, the late Sheriff of Amelia inortimJed 

Countv to the Publiek. He has thoui^ht it advisable to make his Excel- 

lency acquainted with thost facts. He has more than once set up a part 

of slaves with the full intent of dischari^in^ this debt, but they 

bein«: mort<i:ati:ed, it was rloubted whether he had the riirht to sell them. Ritrht to sell 

He requests his Excellency to take the necessary steps to stop the Sheriff, <*ouDtca 

and signify his approbation of his selling them himself, in order that ho 

may pay the Publiek, (which is his real intent to do), without being 

subjected to any necessary exj)ense, by a move or otherwise. 

He states that he wrote to his Excellency a few months aw in re<card Two acrcB 
to the 2 acres sold to the County Court of Amelia, for a Court house. o^urtlioiiKe 
They are entered on record bj* his direction. The money coming from for Amelia 
the sale of said land £3, 10s., to be paid by the sheriff towards the dia- '^"^ y 
charge of this debt. 

Sam. Coleman, A. C. C. May 19th 

Embracing copies of two letters trom Governor l{and<)lj)h to the In Council 
Governor of Pennsjdvania; one dated May *]d, and the other May lOth, 
1791. and are in the following!: words, to-wit: 

In C(mncil, May 3d, 1791. 


Immediately upon the receipt of vour favour of the 23<l ultimo, Proclama- 

I issued a Proclamation, a copv of which is enclosed. ofVerin;": a reward "0^"^*^^^^'<^ 

1 . ^^ Copy 

of three hun<lred Dollars each for ap]>rehendinir and <leliverinir up Bradv enclosed 

and ^[cGuirc at the Citv of Philaddidiia, at the same tiim^ conimandinir ^V/-^ ? 

' ^ ^^ JMcCiuire 

the proper otiicers to every exertion to bring to .lusti(rc offen<lers 
who have so flagrantly violated I'xisting Treaties of the United States. 

I have the Honor, \'c., 


The Governor of Pennsvlvania. 

A Cop3' trom the Record. 




1791. In Council, May 19th, 1791. 

May 19th Inclosed is an extract of a Letter just received from the Lieu- 

Extract of tenant of the County of Ohio, on the Buhject of tlie attack lately made 
I^eutenaS "P^^*^ ^^ pi^i'ty of Delaware Indians, near the mouth of Big Beaver 
of Ohio Co. Creek. We are informed that Willson and Hillman, whose Depositions 
Hillmar^ have been taken upon this occasion, carry on trade with all the Indian 
tribes whether friendly or otherwise. It is also stated as a fact, and 
generally believed in that part of the Country that they supply even 
the Hostile Tribes with arms and Ammunition. It would not perhaps 
be improper to enquire whether these men have been licensed to trade 
agreeable to the Act of Congress to regulate trade and intercourse with 
the Indian tribes. 

From the circumstances stated by Colonel Sheppard, supported by 

the Information of Capt. Connell, it appears to be ver3' probable that 

Murders the murders near the mouth of Butfaloe Creek have been committed by 

Creek DToba^ ^^® Delaware Indians, if not by the very party who were attacked on 

bly commit- big Beaver Creek. We should have taken Capt. ConnelTs information 

Belawares ^" oath, but that he declared he was not wnth Captain Brady, but 

&c. related facts as he received them from several of the party, men of 

respectable character. 

I have the Honor, &c., 


The Governor of Pennsylvania. 

A Copy from the Record. 



May 22d Henry Banks to Governor Randolph. 

Richmond There appears to be a misunderstanding touching the Petition 

Misunder- w^hich I presented to the Executive, and now I beg that this may be 

standing'd as an exi)lanation. 
Regard mg * 

the Petition If T had supposed the demand to stand on the footing of a Balance 

The explan- ^yj^^fji,) i\^q view of common Law, I should not have stated its equity. 

Mr. Hay T knew that I had given Mr. Hay a rec't for payment, which I was 

under the necessity to do, or no pa^-ment would be made. My situation 

and Business required it, and no ratio of Depretiation was then estab> 


iish'd by Law. The rec*t was given to Mr. Hay to whom I referred the 1791. 
Board for enquiry, and altho* Mr. Hay has forgotten the several Cir- May 22d 
cumstances which pass'd on the subject, it does not therefore follow that 
I also must forget. 

It was the Policy of Hunter, Banks & Co., in many Instances to serve Hunter, 
the public; it is now lamentaitle to reflect that for having done so, not ^^"*^8*Lo. 
only a considerable actual Injury is to be the Consequence, but the 
Petition for equitable redress is deem'd reprehensible. If 1 had not 
been overloaded with other Losses and misfortunes, I sbould not have 
made the solicitation, nor sbould I now trouble 3-ou, except to place it 

With respect to the Guns they- were without Trunnels, and spik'd. The guns 
They answer'd no purpose, except to create considerable expence in 
preparing them for When they fail'd, the Tryal was made with a 
few — the number I know not; for these few Guns, Mr. Hay detained 
other sums of money, which I expect he has advised, and formerly 
thought himself satisfied, for, even if the highest value of such Guns of 
good mettal was to be ascertain'd, the money so detained was more than 
eno. Mr. Hay admits that there was to have been an arbitration — it There was 
must have been to an equitable revision of the acc't; this was the Fact, ^^orhitra-'^ 
and altho' it may not be believed, and altho' I may be forever precluded tion 
from Compensation for the Loss, becauso I can't prove my right thereto, 
I shall never cease to feel the Injury, nor to recollect that they were the 
greatest sufferers during the war, who attempted most to support it. 

I hope that as this letter is dictated by a desire to remove the appear- 
ance of ambiguity, that I shall be pardoned therefor. 

I have the Honor to be, 

Your Excellency's most hum. Ser. 

Henry Banks to the Governor and Council of Virginia. May 22d 

The petition of Henry Banks humbly sheweth, That in the Month of Petition 
March, 1781, Hunter, Banks k Co., whom your Petitioner rej)rcscnts, HanklT&^Co 
sold to David Ross, the then commercial agent, a large quantity of Mer- David Ross 
chandiHc amounting to £284,065, paper money, and £134, 16s, specie, ^^^^^^^^ 
under an agreement that the respective payments were to be apportioned 
agreeable to their value and dates; the goods then sold were extremely 
necessary for the army, and being in the state of Noith Carolina, could 
not have been impressed, even if there had been a disposition, so that 
the Contract was fair and mutually assented, without restraint or com- 
pulsion and according to the scale of depretiation as afterwards estab- 
lished by Law, amounted to £3,291, Is.; according to which, y^our Peti- 
tioner humbly conceives a settlement ought to be made. 




Mav 22(1 

Win. Hay 
iiKUstcr in 


Heron and 


1 larrison 


Prays tliat 

tlie tnnis- 

artion may 

be invi'sti- 


William Hay, Esquire, tlio Master in chancery was at that time Co- 
adjutor in the commercial business, and paid to Hunter, Banks & Co. the 
sums of money \vld(di are stated in the annexerl aceompt, which to the 
scale ot'dej>retiation amount to the sum of £1,561, 148, leaving a balance 
of Cl,72G, 7s, but as the said House were then engage<l in considerable 
Business, it was necessary tor them to receive si. me payment; otherwise 
their Credit and Business would have sustained a considerable injurv. 

Shortly afterwards the sole direction of the Business devolved on your 
Petitioner, an<l he had various conferrences with Mr. Hay, and informed 
him that the claim not being extinguished, antl that it was his wish that 
the same should be arbitrate<l; to whi(di Mr. Hay agreed, Sc Mi*. James 
Heron and Benjamin Harrison were diosen lor the purposes; but the 
otHce of ('ommercial Agent soon alter being discontinued, neither Mr. 
Ross or Mr. Hay have supposed theuiselves authorised to do anything 
relating to the Business, and your Petitioner not knowing how to pm- 
ceed to obtain justice, has been obliged to bear the injury in silence, 
excei)t only that he has freipiently reminded the said Ross tV Ha}* of the 

Your Petitioner is now advised that your Honorable board has 
authorit}' to grant such relief respecting the premises as is equitable, 
wheretbre it is that your Petitioner prays that an authority' will be 
given to the auditor or s»>me other, to investigate this Transaction; an<l 
if it shall be found that the suggestions of your Petitioner are true, that 
your Hon'ble Boar<l will grant such ivlief ami payment as consists with 
equity and right. And your Petitioner in duty bound will pray, &c. 

May 22d David Ross A* William Hay, Ivstp-s., 

Commercial a^rents for the (Nunmonwealth ot Virixinia, 
In account with Hunter, Banks & Comj)any, 



March. To 1.972] yards (1(»th (a 100 pr. yar.l, 

To 42 ]>ieces ot' Canva**. v5.0l»r) yanls. (// £2i, - 
To -1 casks lead iV 1 of slu^t. weighing: 1:0:1:20, 

Oi 33 Livers pr. C. is, Sjiocic, X'l34, li>s. 
To 8 lb. Tea pr. Doctor PajH', - 
To 131 lb. Steel (// £45, 

£284. OGs, Gd, agreeable to scale, 

£.*>. 15t>, 5.S, 



73, 5 

(50, 3 


£284, 6s, 5d 

£3.291, Is. Specie. 


Crs. 1791. 

ITDl. May iJd 

April. By cash, £Ii><).«>*M» £I."»m> ^aie, I'Mp for 1 

amoant.-* Vk - - - . - £!.♦)•)•), <)jn ♦XL 

Auini!*t. Bv «.TL-h. £:iS2.3l5 ^iai»^ 5<m» t*. i* L - 5^. 14 

£1.^64. U.<. tW. 

Balance -fae H'iii:»rr Bcin-is i; O.'.. a^^v:t^a^Ie 

to the ah»:*Tc <a.Leair:tii:. - - l.Tf*>, 7 

Trt Kalanee iae Haater. Bank< A I'-x. - - £L7:i^, 7^, iM. 

To Inten.-st to l*^ a-^ciirriaiticii at <*jtt lenient. 

Errors Ex 'J. 

Some Guns spik'»i. an i with t»n:>k<^n Truns, lent by the state which 
provt^l of no valat?. wcrv clatm'*} i*y Mr. Hay'an'i alU^wamv was retused 
hv H. B. «Sl Co., whkh is -iiili untied*:*.- j. 

Henry Bank;< to «iovER.\oR Beverley R.\m>olpii. May 23^1 

May Sih, 1791. 


I am in«lebte«l to the Comnnm wealth in two instances; one for a liuiebteil to 

Lot purchased of the Commiss'i-s a few veal's ai'O, for which I have no tluHx^nuium- 

* wealth 

Title, nor have I ever given boii«l; the other for duties on Juil&^ment. 

I have uhlain'd a decree as the representative ol Hunter, Banks, il ProiH^sition 

Co.. ai't the Comnionweallh, and l)ropo^ed to the Alt'v-Cieneml to .!*' ^^*^^ 

. . , J 111* Attorney- 

appropriate a nominal amount e<pml to discharge these dehls, aiul diree- Ijenenu 

lions Were aeeoniingly Given to the Auditor. 

I appropriated the residue ol the decree to another peison, and now 
when I wish to have the Business ended, the auditor suggests that the 
warrants which I have arranged, are not of equal value with the debts 
due b}' me, and recommends that your Excellency lie consulteil, for 
which purpose I now apjdy, and hope that directions will be given, not 
only to release me from the Judgment, but also to give me a title to tlio 

I am apprised that there is not a power now to jilace warrants on 
any fund, yet I hope where an Individual owes i'or private contract, and 
where the public are indebted to him, that your hon'ble Board will 
authorize a discount. 

1 have the Ilonor to be, 

Your Excellency's most ob't & hum. Servt. 

Mr. Pen<ileton, in whose hands are the papers will shew them. 


1791. Affidavit from Captain John Cooper: 

May 22d I do certify that twenty Cannon Guns wore sent on to mo in North 

In relation to Carolina by Hunter, Banks & Co., in the year 1782, for a ship of theirs 

nonfl^whSi' '^^^^'^ ^ ^'^^^ commanded after being repaired with Trunnion's bands, 

bursted on &c., was mounted on board the said Ship, and when I got under way to 

shJD ^^ proceed on a Cruise, fired one of the said Guns as the beginning of an 

intended salute, which was charg'd with powder only, and the Gun 

Bursted. I then thought it prudent to land the remainder of the Guns 

and try them. Did so, and as well as I recollect seventeen of the 

remaining nineteen bursted, and those escaped were considered of very 

little value. 

Richmond, May 26th, 1791. 

City of Richmond, ss: 

The above sworn to before mo the 2Gth May, 1791. 


May 22d The Governor laid before the board a letter from Henry Banks, 
The Gov- inclos'g a decree of the high court of chancery in favor of Hunter. 


emor laid 

raor laia g^nks & Co., b}' which ye Auditor is directed to grant these warrai 
BanksMetter to ye amt. of £1,066, 13s, 4d, with interest thereon from Dec, *80, and 

Comcil i^^*^>''"^^"g ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ agreed with ye Attorney-General that there 
should be resei'vod out of s'd warrants a sufficiency to satisfy certain 
debts duo from him ye s*d H. B. to ye Commonwith, viz, £107, lOs, 6, 
with 6 pr. Ct. interest from 12 Jan'ry, '85, & £5, 17s, 6d, due for duties 
& costs as per Judgm't, and ye further sum of £260 with interest from 
ye 1st Sept., *85, due for a lot of Ground purchased of ye commissioners 
for selling public property in Richmond, which reservation had been 
accordingly ordered by ye att'y as appears by his Certificate on yo back 
of ye s'd decree, but that ye auditor insisted upon retain'g out of s'd 
warrants a sufficient sum to produce £333, 178, specie, the am't of ye 
debt due for ye Lott £141, 8s, 6d. of each amts. as will discharge the 
duties & £5, 178, 6d. specie, for costs, which he conceived to be unjust, 
Whereupon & therefore beged ye interposition of ye Executive in his favor. Where- 
itifl advised, upon it is advised that 3'e Auditor be instructed to retain out of yo war- 
rants decreed to H. B. & Co., only the nominal arat. of yo sums directed 
to be rised by ye Att'y-Gen'l, & the further sum of £200 to secure yo 
payment of debt due by him, for certain cannon rec'd of yo public during 
yo war, when their value shall be ascertained. 


Archibald Stuart to the Governor. 1791. 


The active part which the Executive have taken to procure a full May 23d 
discussion of the subject against our public collectors, has met with the Staunton 
warmest approbation of every good citizen, & I trust will have its effects Subject 
with those of a Different Description, but I am sorry to add that their good ^^Sic 
intentions are likely to be frustrated. When the clerk of Augusta was collectors 
called upon at our last district court to produce the original lists on 
which the Indictments were founded, he gave the Court to understand 
they were not to be found in his office, which brought forward an 
enquiry into the cause, &c., when it appeared. That the office had been Office taken 
taken from Mr. James Lyle, in the month of October last, who had done from James 
the Business since ye present clcrk*s appointment till that date. That 
said Lyle, with ye other papera belonging to the office, delivered up to 
his principal the lists above mentioned, in the presence of four witnesses 
called for that express purpose. That M. Gambill was appointed a Mr. Gamble 
deputy in the Room of said Lyle, who deposed that said papers were ^^puty hi 
taken out of the office without his knowledge. Altho* I have certif^-ed Lyle'sroom 
copies of these lists, I believe they cannot be given m evidence to sup- tified^S^ 
port a criminal prosec'n, which I suppose must now be droped. They Cases 
have however been continued at my motion, till Sept'r for further con- ^^ ^^" 

From some circumstances attending: the removal of Mr. Lyle from He had a 
office, I had a foreboding of some such accident as has taken place, & of ^m^suSi 
was the adviser of the uncommon caution obsei'ved upon delivering up accident 
these papers. All public prosecutions must be founded upon Records & 
papers committed to the officers of your Courts, & if due attention or 
any other necessary qualifications be wanting in them, public Justice is 
at an end & is of more serious consequence to ye Commonwealth than 
the offences we were attempting to punish. I highly approve your 
Excellencie's Ideas of Rendering prosecutions for malpractices in office 
as public as possible, & giving them the countenance and aid of public 
authority. From the or<ler of council of the fii-st of Feb*y last, with 
which I have been favored, I observe the records on this subject have Reconis on 
been referred to the Attorney -General " to report tiie best method to be ^^^^^^^ 
pursued for the recovery of the public monies which have been so the Attor- 
embezled j I have not been favored with that gent*s opinion on this ney-General 
subject, nor do either of ye gent to whom your Excellency has written 
ap[>ear to be willing to Join me in ye business. I have therefore 
delayed this Business not so much for want of aid, as to be satisfy ed 
of the mode of pn)secution, which shall be recommended by Mr. Attor- 
ney. The public claim is founded not only upon the proceedings which 
Lave been transmitted to the Executive, but for not having returned a 
single list of sapemumeries for several years, which the commissioners 


iMiiy 23d 


say amount to a largo sum. I have doubts in whoso namo yo suit 
ought to 1)0 brought. Most jioual Laws point out j'o modo of reoovoring 
ponaltios, which T foar is not yo Caso in yo act »'oforod to. 

I shall wait the commands of your Excollency upon this subject 
doterminod to oxocuto thom with that zoal and diligoncc which its 
imporlaneo dosorves. 

In tho moantimo, I havo tho honor to bo, 

with tho highest rospoct and esteem, 

Your Excellency's most ob't, Ilunildo servant. 

May 2:M Alkx'u Moselkv, Clerk of Norfolk Court. 

Norfolk At a Hustings Court held tho 2:M day of May, 1791: 


Present — James Taylor, Esquire, Mayor; Paul Loyall, Cornelius Cal- 
vert, Donald Cam])bell, Robert Taylor. John Boush, Cary II. Hansford. 
Gout. Aldermen. 

Court The Court recommends to His Ex<*elloncy, the Governor, and Council, 

reconunonds x « /- * « *i » * ' . ♦ . i m »• 4 1 i 

James Ram- '^^^*^^'* liamsa}', Gent., as a fit jiorson to execute tho otlico ol Alderman 

say for of this Borough, in room of George Kelly, Gent., who hath resigned, 

May 27th 


berland Co. ? 

Walter Jones to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

I herewith inclose my Commission as coroner in this county, and 

intimate my Rosignatior^ of that, which tho Executive will please to 
Resignation accept. There is another Coroner in the County, and shall give notice 
mission of ^^ "^^ Resignation, on tho next meeting ol tho Court. 


1 am. Sir, with groat Respect, 

Your obedient, humble Servant. 

Commission Tho above mentioned commission was issued to tho said Walter Jones 
*^lSilnun^ at Richmond, on tho 12th day of October, 1787, and signod by Edmund 
Randolph Randolph, Governor of tho Commonwealth of Virginia. 

May 28th 


E. .Meade to the Governor. 


Agroable to your request, MajV Egglcston & myself Examined the 
Mortgage Given by Mr. Henry Andoreon to the Commonwealth, & tiii<J 


it to contain tiie samo nunibor & tbo samo names of negroes, as is taken 1791. 

in execution by tbe Sberiflf to Satisfy sundry debts due to individuals, May 28th 

the sheriff on Wednesday last, summoned a jury to try the right of Mortgage of 

property which the jur^' did not condemn. We gave notice at that time ^^j^J^n 

by advertisement & verbal warning to the people present not to purchase examined, 
the property. On Friday last, another was summoned with the same 
auccess. On both occasions we fully comply'd with your request. 

I am, with great respect & esteem, 

Your humble Serv't. 


L. Wood, Public Solicitor, to Governor Beverley Randolph. May 29th 


Finding myself far from enjoying a state of Health suitable to the Hanover 
confinement necessary for the prosecution of the Business in my oflSce, Finds his 
I shall be obliged to resign it so soon as a few particular transactions ^^fovJie'^f^ 
can be finally adjusted. I take the liberty of addressing your Excel- the business 
lency at present with a view that the Hon'ble Executive should have of his office 
previous information. I have written Mr. Sheperd to state all difficult 
Matters that may requii*e explanation, & as soon as that is done I shall 
be in Richmond to give him the necessary information & close my 

With much respect, I am. Sir, 

Your Excellency's most ob't & very h'ble Serv*t. 

James Breckinridge to Governor Beverley Randolph. May 30th 

Enclosing a petition of William Clark, of Washington, together with Enclosing 
some affidavits, which he requested to lay before his Excellency. He ^^^^(5^^^ 
believes that the statement may be true. Clark has the reputation of 
an honest, inoffensive citizen, and from his knowledge of him, believes 
him to be so. Ilis family is large; he is in the decline of life, and ho 
verily believes it will take nearly all ho is worth to satisfy the amerce- 
ment with its costs, &c. 

He is Ilis Excellency's mo. ob't & very H'ble Se'v't. 

The petition of Wm. Clarke of the county of Washington, to which Clark's 
reference is had in the foregoing letter, shows that he was indicted for petition 
retailing spirituous liquors on April 4th, 1789, without a license, by the 
Grand jury at a court held for the District of Washington and Mont- 



1791. goinory in October, 1789; and in conscquonco tboroof, was fined £10 & 
May oOth CohIs — an Execution was levied upon bis effects; tbat being conscious 
of bis innocence, and unable to emplo}'' counsel, made no defence till ho 
was informed it was too late; tbat be replevied by giving a bond paya- 
ble at tbe end of 12 montba. He states tbat tbe grand jurymen on 
whose information the presentment was founded, have since tbe impo- 
sition of the fine, acknowledged tbat they were mistaken in presenting 
him, and tbat therefore be conceives tbat another person was intended; 
that be is advanced in years, and unable to provide for bis large family, 
and tbat if the fine, together with costs, &c., making now fourteen or 
filleon pounds, is satisfied, by the sale of bis effects, be will be reduced 
to absolute Beggary. lie prays tbe remission of tbe said fine, &c. 

May 30th Thos. Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania, to Beverley Randolph, 

Governor of Virginia. 


Phila- I received your letter of tbe 19th instant, inclosing an extract from 

delpbia |^ Representation, which bad been addressed to you by the Lieutenant 

Oonceniin^ of Ohio county, on the subject of the attack lately made upon a party 

latehMi^de ^^ In<iia"8 near the mouth of Big Beaver Creek; and I have now the 

on H mrty of honor to transmit to your Excellency, copies of the various doeaments 
Inaiaus relating to that unfortunate transaction, from which I believe you will 
be convinced not only of the propriet}' of the steps tbat have been taken 
on the part of the Government of Pennsylvania, but also of the peacablo 
and friendl}' character of the Indians who were attacked, of tbe identity 
of the persons by whom tbe assailants were commanded, and of the 
Lieutonant credibility of tbe witnesses, upon whose depositions I founded my appli- 
of Oluo Co. ^»j||j^)n requiring the offenders to be delivered up as fugitives from jus- 
tice. To the^^e papers, I have added a copy of a letter which the Lieu- 
tenant of Ohio county has likewise been pleased to write to me; but 
with how much impropriety, your ExceHency will readily perceive, and 
therotoro I shall spare nn^self the trouble of a comment upon this ex- 
traortlinary part of that gentleman's conduct. 

I cannot^ however, omit the present opportunity of thanking you, Sir, 
in behalf of the state of Pennsylvania for tbe prompt and liberal atten- 
tion that has been paid to ibo call, which justice, policy, and humanity 
concurrcii in rendering it my duty to make; and I hope tbat whatever 
may Ix* the event with respect to the immediate objects of the proceed- 
ing, this public Wnetit will at least result that our citixens will be taught 
tbe res|H*ct which is due to the rights even of Indians^ and that Indians 


will be encouraged to place a confideiice in the power and protection of 1791. 
our Government, instead of vindicating their wrongs by acts of retalia- May 30th 
tlon and hostility. 

I am, with great respect, Sir, 

Your Excellency's most obed. and most H'blo Sorv't. 

The following are the Copies of the various documents enclosed, with May 30th 
the foregoing letter of Gov'r Mifflin, and referred to by him in said com- 
munication, viz : 

FaoM Corn Planter & Other Indians, to the President of the 

United States. 

Pittsburgh, March 17th, 1791. 


When we raised from the Great Council of the thirteen fires, we Indian 

mentioned that we meant to have a Council with the chiefs of the bad i®*^',^5 - 

President of 

angry Indians. Through the whole Quaker State, as we came up the the United 
road, we was treated well, and they took good care of us until we came Stiitt^s 
here; one misfortune happened only, that one of our waggons is not 
yet arrived here; the one we first engaged with the goods you pre- 
sented to us. 

Father! — Your Pi'omise to me was, that you would keep all your peo- The Presi- 

plo Quiet, but since I came here I find that some of my People have dent's 
r *> J J I promise 

been kill'd; the good honest people who were here trading. 

Father! — We hope you will not suffer all the good people to be kill'd, 
but your People are killing them as fast as they can. Three men and Three men 
one woman have been killed at Big Beaver Creek, and they were good Tvo,nan^have 
people, and some of the white men will testily the truth of this, been killed 
When I heard the news, I found one boy had made his escape, and got 
to the Trader's house, who saved his life. I now wait to see him. 

Father! — We have been informed that twenty-seven men came from 
another State, and murdered these men in the Quaker State, and took 
away nine horaes and all the goods they had purchased from the Tra- 
der. Our Father and Huler over all mankind, now speak and tell me, 
did you order these men to be killed ? 

Father! — Our words is pledged to you that we would endeavor to 
make Peace with all warrior nations. If we cannot do it, do not blame Not to be 

us. You struck the innocent men first. We hope you will not blame blamed if 

r J they cannot 

us, as your people has first broke good flules, but as for our people, make peace 
they are as friendly and as firm as ever. 

Father! — We must now acquaint 3^ou with the mens* names Who did Namesofthe 
this murder at Beaver Creek. murderers 



1791. Samuel Brady, formerly a Captain in your army, and under your 

May 30th Command ; also a Balden, persons, was concerned in this murder. 








The boy P. S. — The Boy who made his escape at Beaver Creek has arrived at 
this place, and I have taken him under my protection. 


To the President of the United States. 

True copy from the original. 


JNO. STAGG, JuN'B,ChT clerk. 

A. J. DALLAS, Secretary ol Penn'a. 

May 30th 

His arrival 

in the 


Presley Nevill, Esq. to General Richard Butler, 

Extract of a Letter from Presley Nevill, Esq., to General Richard 
Butler, dated, Pittsburgh, March 19th, 1791. 

On my arrival about ten days ago in this Country, I found our Fron- 
tiers greatly alarmed by the Savages, and many have actually moved 
off from about the mouth of Racoon Creek. To increase the Danger, 
on the ninth Instant a party of Virginians, under the command of 
Captain Brady, fell on a Party of trading Indians at the Block House, 
and killed four or five ; since which, I tind it very difficult to prevent 
the settlement adjoining the River from Breaking up. I have ordered 

Thirty men under a subaltern, to ran^ near the River, from the Yir- 
men to range '^ • o » 

near the ginia Lino upwards, and give intelligence of any parties that may be 
"^^ Coming to war. The Militia are greatly in want of arms and amuni- 

He has 
ordereil 30 


tion. I have been obliged to get a Quarter Cask of Powder and one 1791. 
hundred weight of Lead for their use, from Elliott and Williams. May 30th 

I am, &c., 


True Extract. 

JNO. STAGG, Jun'r, ChT Clk. 

True Copy of the Extract, 

War Department, Mar. 28, 1791. 
A. J. DALLAS, Secretary. 

James Morrison, Esq., to General Richard Butler. May 30th 

Extract of a Letter fi*om James Morrison, Esq., to General Richard 
Butler, dated Pittsburgh, March 17th, 1791. 

The Indians have not committed any depredations on our frontiers 
since my Last. Notwithstanding, a party of Militia from Ohio County, Party of 
in number 30, came to the west side of Beaver Creek, opposite the qu-^*^* ^^J" 
Block house, where William Wilson, of this Place, has been trading for 
some considerable time past, fell on some Delaware Indians who had 
been trading with Mr. Wilson, killed three men and one woman, took 
nine horses, the Indians arms, &c. ; the residue of the Indians made 
their escape. This ill timed stroke (to say no worse), has greatly 
alarmed the settlements opposite Beaver; they have left their houses 
along the River for some distance, and collected in small bodies some 
miles Back. Should the Indians revenge this Injury done them, on our 
frontier, which it is more than probable they will, that thriving settle- 
ment on Raccoon will break up and fly a considerable distance into the 
interior part of the Country. 


True Extract. 

JOHN STAGG, Junior, chief clerk. 

War Department, 28th March, 1791. 
True Copy, 

A. J. DALLAS, Secretary. 

Gen'l Henry Knox, Secretary op War, to the Governor of May 30th 


War Department, 28th March, 1791. 

I have the honor to transmit to your Excellency a Representation 
made to the President of the United States by the Corn planter, a 


1791. Seneca Chief, upon the subject of the murder of some friendly Indians^ 
May 30th on the ninth instant, who had been tradeing at the Block house on Big 
Representa- Beaver Creek, within this state. It would appear both from the Repre- 
the Presi- s^^ntation of the Corn planter and the information of Persons of Res- 
dent by pcctable characters at Pittsburg and its neighborhood, herein enclosed 
whose names it might not be proper to make public, that the act of 
killing the Indians aforesaid, is considered by the good Citizens of the 
frontiers as an atrocious murder, and Deserving of the severest punish- 
If such If such crimes as the murder of friendly Indians should be suflTered 

s^red^to ^^ P^®® ^^ ^*^^ impunity, the endeavors of the United States to estab- 
paas with lish peace on terms of Justice and humanity will be in vain. A General 
unpumty jij^jjj^^ y[^j, ^[\\ \yQ exited, in which the opinion of the enlightened and 

impartial part of mankind will be opposed to us. and the Blood and 
Treasures of the Nation will be exposed in the accomplishment of 
measures degrading to its character. 

To avoid such Deplorable consequences, every exertion will be imme- 
diately made within the power of the General Government. 
Gen. St. Major-General St. Clair will bo instructed to enquire into the facts, 
ordered to^ and, finding them as represented, to call the relations of the deceased 
enauire into Indians together, to disavow and disapprove of the murder in the 
the facts strongest terms ; to assure the Indians that every measure authoriKed 
by the Laws, will be immediately taken to bring the murderers to con- 
dign punishment, and to make the said relations entire compensation for 
the Loss of the Horses and property taken from the murdered indians. 
The punish- But the punishment of Murderers will not belong to the General gov- 

ment will ornment. The crime having been committed within the jurisdiction of 

not belong ^ •* 

to the gen- the State of Pennsylvania, is to be tried by its Laws. No doubt can 

eral govern- ^rise that your Excellency will view the transaction in its pix)per light, 

and that you will demand the accused from the State of Virginia, 

according to the Constitution of the United States, or take such other 

measures on the occasion as you may judge proper. 

I have the honor to be, with groat Respect, 

Your most obedient servant, 



Secretary of the ConVh of Pen*a. 


General Henry Knox, Secretary of War, to the Governor of 1791. 


War Department, Slst May, 1791. May Slst 

I have the honor to inform your Excellency, that in consequence of Lieut, of 
tho representation made to me by the Lieutenant of Ohio County, of ^^^o^- 
which the enclosed is a copy, and the verbal communications of Captain Capt. Kirk- 
Kirkwood stating the deplorable situation of the inhabitants of the said wood 
County for want of arms and ammunition, that I have in behalf of the 
United States ordered that one hundred arms, two barrels of powder, 
and four hundred weight of lead should be delivered out of the maga- 
zine at Fort Pitt, to Colonel Shepherd. That he should account to your Col. Shep- 

Excellcney for the disposition of the said arms and ammunition, and herd to 
•^ *^ * account for 

that the same should be charged to the State of Virginia. them to Gov. 

I hope the nature of the case, which would not permit the application ^^ Virgmia 
to be made to the State of Virginia, will render the advance of the said 
articles in the manner stated, acceptable to your Excellency. 

With great respect, I have the honor to be. 

Your Excellency's most obedient, hum. Serv't. 

S. Shepard to Governor Beverley Randolph. jane 3d 

A difficulty occurring in regard to receiving certain warrants for paj'- Solicitor's 
mcnt of duties in specie, the Treasurer regards them as being "equal office 
only to militia certificates." Requests the Governor and Council to 
give him instructions to that officer, as to whether he shall receive. 

Petition of Thomas Roane to the Governor & Council for remission of June 4th 
a fine imposed upon him by the District Court of King & Queen Co., Essex Co. 
"for an assault on Mr. Robert Beverly." Encloses a certificate of the 
Jury, in a suit against him in another county for the same offence, 
giving reasons why the aforesaid fine should be remitted, as follows: 

"We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, being of the Jury in the 
Trial of a suit of assault & Battery in the court of Essex in March last. Assault and 
between Robert Beverly, plaintifl^, and Thomas Roane, dei*t, do certify battery 
That on the said Trial it appeared to us in proof that the def*t met with 
the plaintiff on the public road accidentally, & then and there demanded 
oi the s'd Plaintitf to make him acknowledgements for the Injury he 
had done to the memory of the s'd defendants deceased Father in a 



June 4th 

printed publication addressed to Spencer Roane, Esq., whereon being 
refused, the Defendant was urged to give him a eaning. That is was 
proved to us that the said plaintiff had reflected on the memory of 
Colo. Wm. Roane, in the said printed paper, and it was also shewn that 
the said reflection was unjust, & that the s'd Col. Eoane was in his life- 
time, wholly incapable of such mal-conduet as the plaintiff had therein 
imputed to him. That it was not proved that the defendant knocked 
the plaintiff^ from his Horse, but rather that he fell in avoiding the 
Blows. That the action was supported by proofs of a confession maJe 
by the Deft to difl\3rent persons, to whom it appeared he had disclosed the 
whole Transaction, and that the Jury on their retirement, found a ver- 
dict against the Deft for eleven pounds damages. 

Signed, T. Dunn, Jr., Sam'l Croxton, Warner Harwood, William 
Howerton, Major Boughan, Isaac Gatewood, Wm. Fisher, Barker 

June4th Tnos. Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania, to Beverley Ran- 
dolph, Governor op Virginia. 


Enclosing demand for certain fugitives from justice, against whom 
Indictments had been duly found in the County of Washington, Penn'a, 
Free negro for having seized the person of a free negro with intent to sell him into 
iSTskve^ slavery in Virginia or Kentucky, &c. 

Information leading to the arrest and prosecution of these offenders 
had been duly furnished the civil authorities of Pennsylvania, as appears 
from the following petition: 

To Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania: 

Society for The Memorial of the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the 

*^f^!^*^" Abolition of Slavery, the Relief of Free negroes unlawfully held in 
Bondage, and for improving the condition of the African Race, Respect- 
fully sheweth, that John, a free Negro Man, residing at Washington, in 
the County of Washington, in this Commonwealth, entitled to and en- 
joying the peace and protection of the laws of this State, was, on or 
about the tenth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand 
seven hundred and eighty-eight, with force and arms and a strong hand, 
assaulted, seized, imprisoned, bound and carried without the jurisdiction 
of this commonwealth, b}' certain pei-sons in disguise, and at that time 
unknown; and that at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and general Jail 
Deliver}', held in and for the said County befoi*e William Augustus 
Atlee and George Bryan, Esquires, Justices of the same Court, on the 
tenth day of November in the year aforesaid, Bills of Indictment were 
presented and found to be true by the grand inquest for the body of the 


County of Washington, against Franein McGuiro, Baldwin ParHou», anil 1791. 
Abraham Wells, for imprisoning, binding and carrying tho said free June 4th 
negro, John, out of this Slate with intent to cause him to be sold as a 
slave, contrary to tho Act of Assembly in such case made and j)rovided, 
and against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth as by the 
Reconis and Proceedings of the said Court; true copies whereof from 
the Office of Edwaitl Burd, Esquire, Prothonotary of the Supremo 
Court and Clerk of the Court of Oyer an<l Terminer for the said County, 
herewith laid before the Governor, fully appears. 

The memorialists further shew that the said Francis McGuire, Bald- 
win Paraons, and Absalom Wells precipitately fled from Justice, taking 
with them negro John; and have taken shelter in the State of Virginia, 
or perhaps in that part thereof which has lately been erected into a new 
State by the name of Kentucke, and the said negro John is said now to 
be held in a State of slavery i>y Nicholas Casey, near Romney, on tho 
south Branch of the Potowmack. in Virginia. 

That by the second Panigraph of the second section of the fourth 
Article of the Constitution of the United States, it is provided that ''A 
pors<in charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who 
nhall flee from Justice and be found in another State, shall, on demand 
of the Executive authority of the State from which he fled, be delivered 
up to be removed to the State having jurisdiction of the crime.'* 

The memorialists apprehend that a crime of deeper dye is not to be 
toun<] in tho Criminal Code of this Slate, than that of taking off a Free 
man, and carrying off with intent to sell him, and actually selling him 
as a slave. And inasmuch as the grand inquest for the body of tho 
County of Washington have, upon their oaths or affirmations, found 
this crime to be truly charged against the Persons above named, they 
respectfully request that the Governor will be pleased lo demand from 
the Executive authority of Virginia or of Kentucke, that the said Fran- 
eis McGuire, Baldwin Parsons, and Abraham Wells be apprehended, if 
to be found within their Jurisdiction and delivered to the Executive 
authority of this Commonwealth, to be proceeded with according to 
Law; and that the said negro John be also sent into this State to the 
end that he may be restored lo his freedom. 

Sealed with the Common Seal of the said Society at a special meeting 
held in the City of Philadelphia, the thirtieth day of the fifth month, 
called May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and 
ninety-one, and signed by order of the Meeting. 

Attested by: JOHN McC^REE, Sec'y,* 

WILLIAM ROCJERS, Vice-President. 

♦ Note. — Tliis <Ux*ument bears Seal of the Society, ilinplayin^ on its field a fijnire 
of Libt»rty holding a staff iH'urinj: cajxif liberty and with one foot restinjj uix)n 
prostrate figure of a lion. In the Kxergon, the words for motto; " Both can't sur- 




1791. 1 certify the foregoing tx) be a true copy from the original memorial 

June 4th deposited with the Records of the Executive Depailmcnt in my custody. 

Secretary of the Commonwealth. 

June 6th Affidavit of Richard Roy, of Caroline Co., in regard to balance of an 
"Execution levied for the Commonwealth against the Inspectors at 
Roy*8 warehouse," Ac, Is really due from his son, John Roy, late of 
Caroline Co., now of N. Carolina. The latter, before going away, had 
provided for its payment, by leaving ** a negro woman and child with 
power to sell them if necessary," &c. 

June 6th Return of Ordnance and oi*dnance stores at Manchester, Va., belong- 
Manchester ing to the United States. Articles enumei'at^d : Brass guns mounted, 
Limbers, gun-carnages, beds for cohorns, shot, solid shells, grape shot, 
muskets, swivels, fuzes, cartridges, steel ramrods, pistols, bayonets, 
swords, Espontoons, Pikes, sponges, ladels, worms. Port-fires, slow-match, 
tubes, belts, bitts, priming horns, priming wires, canteens, howitzers, 
shell scrapers, sheep-skins, bugle horns, French horns, &c., &c. — indeed 
every variety of implement used in managing ordnance, known at this 

June 6th James Innes, Attorney-General, to the Governor. 

In reply to enquiry of the Governor in Council, with regani to dis- 
pute concerning commissions due to collectors of the Public revenue in 
certain cases, &e., as follows: 
Allowance of "The allowance to collectors of the public revenue is five per centum 

tax collec- ^^j. collection, when lands are destrained and sold for arrears of Taxes 
tors m cer- ' »avc»j 

tain cases under the law of 1781, By the act to remedy abuses in the manner of 
selling lands for payment of public Taxes, passed on the 7th of January-, 
1788, the manner of selliiig lands for the purposes mentioned above, is 
altered ; but the compensation given by the act of 1781, stands unchanged. 
The act of 1788 directs in cases of the sales of Lands in the manner 
prescribed therein, payment to be made into the treasury to the amount 
of the debt due to the public, with the Damages and expenses of such 
sales in the first instance, from the money arising from the sale thereof. 
I conceive the words of this Law furnish a full answer to the Gov- 
ernor's enquiry. The expenses of advertising the lands sold for Taxes 
ought most clearly to be defrayed out of the sales thereof. *' 



GoYERNoa Beverlet Randolph, in Council, to James Innes, Attoe- 1791. 

N by-General. 

"Tho Executive request the favour of Attorney-General to inform 
them whether in his opinion the courts of the respective counties within 
this state, have authority by Law to make new elections of Commis- 
sioners of the Taxes at any stated periods, or at their Discretion, without 
any vacancy having happened by resignation or otherwise." In reply 
the Att'y-general says: "I do not think that the county courts have a 
right to exercise the powers above described. The Commissioners of 
the Taxes appear to me under the Laws to bo entitled to continue in 
office, dum bene se geserant, or during good behavior. " 

June 7th 

Powers of 



HsNRT Banks to Major John Pryor, late Ordinance Officer of June 8th 


Making enquiries in regard to certain cannon purchased by him from Richmond 
tho late Gov. Harrison, as Executive of the State, and intended for the 
use of a ship, Ac. In reply, Major Pr^'or says: "In the year 1782, when 
I was Com. Mil. stores, I accompanied Mr. Jno. Banks to W. Ham. to 
look at some cannon that lay at the ord. Foundry, w*h had been spiked Cannon left 
& their Trunnions broke by the Enemy. He told me that he had the ^^-p^^^^ 
permission of the Executive or Colo. Davies, to take such as he thought 
would answer to fit out a vessel. Said Banks concluded to take some of 
them, but what number or size I have forgot." 

In regard to question as to the terms of sale, says further, "I do not 
well remember the terms, but he thought then that they were of very 
little value as they lay. They were all spiked, and most of them had 
one or both Trunnions broke off, & appeared quite new & never to 
have been tried, and I do think that such terms were not unreason- 
able, and as good as then could (have) been obtained. " 

John Stanley and Wm. Richardson to the Governor. 

Humbly complaining, showeth your petitioners, Inspectors of Tobacco 
at Meri weather's warehouse, New Castle, that in the year 1789, they 
have incurred a forfeiture of £500, for not accounting for the Tobacco 
ex|>orted from their warehouse during that year, & are now under the 
prosecution of the Solicitor general, & are remediless saving by the 
Inteqiosition of the Hon'ble the Executive of this state, & think it 
ailvisablc & proper thus to state simply their lease, & exhibit their 

June 9th 



June 9th 

required of 

Vouchers to the Board. Your petitioners aver that the above laches 
did not arise from any sort of Design to injure the Publick, but firmly 
imagined their annual salaries wou'd at any rate be allowed them, 
which would have defrayed the publick duty on Tobacco, and moreover 
wou'd have made easy every claim against them of a public nature, but 
lately conceived their error when it was too late to prevent the entering 
the Judgment against them for the s'd forfeiture, have only now this 
resource of pniy a Remission of the s*d £500 at your Hands.. 

Annexed hereunto you will find not only the Treasurer's ree't for the 
duty, but the solicitor's also, for the Costs of the Judgments, whereby 
ever}' claim is now discharged, except the 8*d forfeiture, which we pray 
may be remitted, and your petitionei's will ever pray, &c. To which is 
appended a testimonial of sundry citizens in favor of the potitionei-s in 
part, as follows: '' Iti the highest estimation as we hold the Laws and 
Constitution of our Country, but in taking a survey* of the Relative 
Connection existing between the Governor <£: Governed^ we conceive that 
while protection is given to one, protection also ought to be given to the 

For the guide of Inspectors the legislature have laid down a particu- 
lar Duty to be observed; and a forfeiture (to be applied to jmblic uses) 
for a non-performance of that Dut3\ The Inspectors in this case have 
unwarily incurred the forfeiture, depending on their salaries to defray 
the public acc'ts; but being mistaken in the Law in that case made & 
provided, have thereby subjected themselves to the prosecution of the 
Attorney-Gen'l, wlio has actually obtained a Judgment against them for 
the s'd forfeiture, which must have been incured from an inottensive 
Disposition, & not thro' desigfi or intention to injure the publick. Now, 
Sirs, if the Destruction of two resjjectable citizens be preferable to the 
sum of five hundred pounds in the publick Treasury, then ought we to 
acquiesce & bewail their misfortune; but if the sum bo inadequate to 
the sacrifice, then do wo trust that the forfeiture will be remitted. 

From these considerations then, we humbly conceive that a Remission 
of that forfeiture will be granted, as it may be done, we think, without 
any sort of Inconvenience to the publick, but of manifest advantage to 
the Inspectors." 

Signed: Arch'd Dick,* James & Benja. Oliver, Jas. Lyons, Rob't 
Fleming, John S^-me, J'n'r, Nicholas Syme, Thos. Talley, Thos. Phillips, 
Henry Cobbett, P^lisha Shcporsou, David Cochrane, Frs. Irwin, Sam'l 
Crutchfield, Constantine Riddick, Jno. Kilby, Thos. Taylor, Sam'l Rich- 
ardson, J'n'r, Francis Taylor, Christo. & Rob't Johnston, Geo. Clark, 
Wm. B. Christian & Co. 

*NoTE. — An'hibald Dick wajs a Kovolutionary officer of merit. John Syme was 
half brother to Patrick Henry, and Lyons, Fleming, and Taylor and others, Wi?re 
prominent men at this date. 


Sam'l Coleman cnoIosiDg to the Executive, approved, the account of 1791. 
Mr. Quarlcs, contractor to furnish the " at the Point of Fork" with June 9th 
provisions, &e. 

Jons S. Wells to Govebxor Randolph. June 10th 

Rcportinji: his inability to proi-ure -a pro|>er person'' to undertake to 
collect <lelinquent taxes for the years 178S & 17S9. within a i^iven time; 
but will continue his etiorls. &c. 

Benj. Blunt desires information as to the construction of an Act of June 11th 
Assembh', passed in 1790. remitting all militia fines imposed "since the South- 
adoption of the Federal constitution." Does this include the period of wnpton Co. 
time when the powers of the "old Confederation" ceased? Wants the 
opinion of the Executive. 

IIesry Knox, Secretary at War, to the (Governor op Viroinia. June 11th 

In reply concerning defence of the western frontier of that State. "\Var 
He will refer the points at issue to the President of the United States, Department 
(who is now absent;; but in the meantime, must <lecline to turnish any Philadel- 
other articles require*!, except ammunition. This can be supplied fi*om I^^^*^ 
the Public Store, or an allowance granted for the purpose, to be 
accounted for ''at* the time for the adjustment of the accounts of the 

Wm. Claiborne to (Jovernor Randolph. junc i4th 

Inclosing bill of costs of transportation to Phihidelphia fi*om Rich- 
mond, Va., &c.: 

''Stage hire from Richmoml to Phila., - - - Dollars: 18i Ex pence of 

Ditto for Trunk of papers which must go within the travelling, 

Stage, 18J ^* 

?]xj)enses travelling, including ferriages, &c., &c., say, - 20 

Dollai-s: 57 


1791. Governor Beverley Randolph to Attorney-General Jakes Innes. 


Jane 14th "The second section of the fourth article of the Constitution of 

In Council the United States, provides that a person charged in any State with 

Firet csiec of treason, felony, or other crime, who shall flee from justice, shall on 

"iHciMsed" <^^"^a"^ of the Executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be 

delivered up to be removed to the State having jurisdiction of the crime. 

**The Executive, doubtint' as to the mode which it will be necessary 

to pursue in a case now before them, have determined to submit to your 

consideration the inclosed papers, and request that you will advise them 

what are the legal steps proper to be taken on the occasion. 

" I am, Sir, 

"Your obcd't Servt, &c." 

The Attorne3'-General, after several days* consideration, returned to 
the Executive the following reply: 


The question you have stated for my advice seems to bo confined to 
the manner of delivery & i^emoval of persons charged in any state with 
treason, felony, or other crime, who shall flee from Justice and be found 
in another state. 

The Constitution requires that there should be a person or persons 
charged with a crime; that that crime should be one comprised within 
the 2nd Section of the fourth Article of the Constitution of the United 
States, and that such offender or offenders should be within the limits of 
this Commonwealth before a demand can be authorized. The charge in 
the sense here used, must bo such an accusation as of itself furnishes a 
suflicient evidence of guilt to put the accused upon his trial, or to justify 
his immediate punishment. It cannot be an accusation founded on 
a mere suspicion, it must be founded on some Judicial Act. In this 
respect, the demand sent on by the Governor of Pennsylvania, may be 
proper if the crime stated in the Bills of Indictment, are sufficient to fall 
within the provision of the General Government. 

It is not either Treason or Felony, (for the Indictments state the 
taking away of the negro to have been done violently, and not feloniovLsly,) 
and other crimes must be confined to such as the State making the 
demand, possesses an exclusive Jurisdiction over; for if either the fede- 
ral court, or the courts of the State into which the offenders may take 
refuge, are authorized to punish the offenders, there is no danger of an 
escape from Justice, and no reason for a demand. The delivery and 
removal is only to be made for the sake of a proper Jurisdiction, and 
therefore neither can be required from a Jurisdiction that is proper. There 
must be a defect in the Jurisdiction of which the demand is made, and 


an exelasiTe Jnrisfiktioii Id the St^te making ibo denuni. The ciki^ 1791. 
stated IB ihe Indictments trtns'iaiiiei by Gwemor JXilSlin. uvuM Juae lAh 
amouDt bat to ^ trvsf«ase bv <mr Iaws. as between the partits^— as Knw*<e« 
the offeniicTS and the Commonwealth, but to a broach of the Peace. In 
the first instance, the remedy follows the persons of the offenders into 
oar State, and there is no defect of Joris^iiotion here. In the letter 
case, the offenders may ^ippear by Attorney to the Indictments: if they 
ehoald be acqaitte«j. there can be no occasion for the demand ; if found 
guilty, and their personal presence should be ni-cessarx* for their punish- 
ment, it will he then time trnongh to make a demand of thom. I pr\^ 
sume. in this respect the laws ot Pennsylvania are assimilato^l to our 
own: if they are. then the oifenees stated do not appear to me to cf>me 
within the description of cri»nes contained in the above oite^l section of 
the federal Constitution. As it is necessary that adequate priH^f to tix 
the residence of the offenders against the laws of one State, to be within 
the limits of the State of which the demand is made, should prece^lo 
such <lemand — for without that Evidence no right to demand can exist — 
»€} it bec'omes necessary that some pnx»f of that tact ought to accom* 
puny the demand ; otherwise the State of which the demand is made« 
will be forced to ascertain fact atler the demand, which should have 
been the precedent basis on which any demand could rightfully l>e made. 
In Governor Mifflin's letter and its inclosures, no evidence is contained 
of this fact, and the demand might as well be made of Georgia as Vir- 

Let it bo conceded, however, that the Constitution of the United 
States hath in all these requisites been satisfied, it is then required that 
the offenders should be delivered up to be removed to the State of Penn- 
s^ivania, possessing an exclusive Jurisdiction over their crimes; in what 
manner are they to be arrested for delivery? How are the}' to bo re- 
moved? Every free man in Virginia is entitled to the unmoloslod en- 
joyment of his liberty, unless it be taken away by the Constitution or 
laws of the United States, or by the Constitution or laws of Virginia. 
!No moiestiilion, seizure, or removal of his pei-son can take place but 
under the authority of these or some one of them. The Constitution 
and laws of the General Government, as well as those of this State, ai*o 
silent on these important subjects. If the delivery and removal in ques- 
tion can be effected, it must be under the authority only of the Consti- 
tution of the United States; by that the delivery is I'equired and the 
removal authorized, but the manner in which cither shall be effected, is 
not prescribed. There must be a legal control over the persons de- 
manded, before they can be delivered or removed; that control ought 
not to be acquired by any force not specified and delegated by positive 
law. Neither the Constitution of this or of the United States, nor the 
laws made under them, direct the mode or delegate an authority by 
which the magisti*acy of this State can acquire such a control. It there- 

328 calp:ndar of state papers. 

1791. fore can ouly be acquired by force; and that 8iich an exercise of undele- 
June 14th gated power over the liberties of freemen would not be justifiable, I am 
sure 1 need not add. 

It irt therefore my opinion that the Directions of the General Govern- 
ment, un<ler which the Governor of Penn83'lvania has made a demand 
for the delivery an • removal of the persons mentioned in his letter, 
cannot be complied with by the Government of this State, without some 
additional provision by law to enable it to do so. 

I have the Honor to be, very respectfully, Sir, 

Your mo. ob. Servant, &c. 

June 15th CoL. Thomas Marshall to Governor Randolph. 

Kentucky Reminding him of his having "in January last" resigned his position 
as " Receiver for the District of Kentucky. " After thanking him for the 
flattering terms in which the Governor ha<l conferred the appointment, 
he adds my "son James will be at Richmond this fall to settle my accts." 
In consequence of his resignation, Sam'l McDowell of Mercer Co., 
recommends Capt. Thomas Barbee as a worthy successor to Col. Mar- 
shall. This is warmly seconed by Thos. Muter, Esq., writing from 
Danville, Kentucky. 

June loth Griffin Stith and John Stratton Jr., make oath before John Harvie, 
Henrico Co. Justice, to the following statement, viz: that two men, named respect- 
Lynch I^w ively, Ralph Singo, and James Richanls, had in January last, in Acco- 
'" tb*"^*^ "^^^ County, been hung by a band of disguised men, numbering from 

six to fifteen. They were "hanged on a tree at a place called Matches- 

sungo, near the sea shore, in the sM County, (fee. 

Joseph Hornsby to the Governor. 

June 15th Informing him that "the money advanced for the use of the Lunatic 
Hospital is all expended," and requesting an order on tbo Auditor for 
balance due the Hosjiital, according to the last order of the ** Court of 
Directors of the said Hospital," &c. 


Sam'l Coleman, Clerk, reports the number of scouts paid, from Kussell 
County for the year 1789, as follows: *Sani. Porter, 96 days; John Alley, 
165 days; David Lewis, 10 days; Sam. Oxer, 84 days; John Dawson, 
30 days; Austin Bush, 48 days." Does not know whether the claim of 
Alexander Ritchie, froin 13th June, to 15tli Aug., 1789 should be allowed. 
The claims for services for the year 1790, pertain rather to those settled 
by acts of Congress. 



June 17th 


Governor Beverley Randolph to toe Governor of Pennsylvania. June 20th 


I have had the honor to receive your favor of the 4th Instant, Richmond 
which has been submitted to the Council of State. In the discussion of In Council 
the demand made by you (or the delivery of certain persons charged 
with an offence committed within the Jurisdiction of the state of Penn- 
sylvania. Doubls have arisen as to the mode which it would be proper 
to pursue for arresting the persons so charged. In consequence of these 
doubts, the whole subject has been referred to the Attorney-General ot 
this state. You will therefore be so good as to excuse the delay which • 
this step must necessarily produce. 

I have the honor, &c. 

Samuel Coleman to the Executive. 

In regard to a claim of one William Jialston, against 'Hhe Foundry." 
On the books appeai>. a balance of £7602, 5s, r)d., paper money due him, 
which '*at 74 for one," will make £102, 14s, 7d. Requests consideration 
of the case. 

June 20th 


Colo. Wm. Davics gives receiiit to Mr. VVm. Claiborne for "a trunk June 2l8t 


in irood order containing a number of public papei*s & accounts. " 

Landon Carter to the Governor. 

June 25th 

Begging a reprieve of his slave Branom, condemned to death. lie Cleve 
hud on a previous occasion Inclosed to his Kxcellency "a coppy of the 

♦Thewf scouts were employed in watching the hostile Indians, still ver>' trouble- 
some on the western limits of the state. 


:i:ji) CALExi^Ar: of -^tate pap 

17!>I- pfr/;*icii:r.^ o^ th* (y/nr^ o<f Kinx •»<»>rre Cjizatr. «k !«eiit item to kIms 

impl'.ini i&rr*'j for the p»>'/r •iTiiiicii prl-stjr.^r. I t»> «'h«>i& belongs all the 
iTwentmcfit for :Le injur%-. I nr»|Ticr*c y':^ar in.iak^enoe. for that I eoo- 
•i4er that I>»i:ath in the eel > n-> pant^hciLent in iteeli ; nor are the 
fciFe'.t* or. nrie ^.rrLoMfrr* Trh'.- flv-.k x* t»> a *hcw. to the place of execu- 
lion, hut Ci'vmvntafj. a» she paLi:fthraeEit. Ae." 

Jane 27ih Alex. ILlm iltox to thc <ioTxxsoB or Vibgutia. — ^ Crncnlar 


Phila4#>l- The Iegi«latare of the United States have directed in the 18th section 
^^ of the act making provi^n for the pabltc debt, that the payment of 
Trfrsmarj Interr-at *houH he *a<pende«J in respect to the debt vf anv state, 
t^poitment ^hit-b n^y have issued its own eertideates tor those of the United 
Stated" until it shall appear to the sati?^fkction of the Secretarr of the 
Treaaurj'. that certificates i^sue•i for that purpose bv such state, have 
been re-exchangeiJ or redeemed: "or until those which shall not have 
been re-exchanged or redeeme<i .^hall be surrendered to the United 
States, ^' I find it necessary therefore to request your attention to the sub- 
ject, if the state of Connecticut has issued any such certificates as are con- 
templated by the above recited Section, it will give certainty to the opera- 
tions of the Treasury, and may prevent delays inconvenient to the 
public creditors, if you will direct the proper officers to cause the state 
of the facts as it regards Connecticut, to be made to api)ear to me. 
Should this general suggestion be less explicit than you desire, I shall, 
on being notified that it is your wish, point out more particularly the 
documents that would appear to satisfy the law. 

I have thc honor to be with perfect respect. Sir, 

Your most obedient and most humble servant, Ac, &c. 

Jime 30th James Wood, Rob't Groode, and J. Dawson, Committee appointed to 
examine the "Offices of the Treasurer, Auditor, and Sulici tor-General," 
make report, 1st, That on account of the varied and numenms subjects 
involved, the Solicitor has great difficulty in executing the duties of his 
office. The ballancies in specie are arranged, and will bo transferred to 
the Auditor's Office. By reason of difficulties attending collections, the 
accounts against shorils in paper money will still be long delayed, and 


In most cases legal proceedings will have to be instituted before they 1791. 
can be finally settled. A Statement of Interest, costs, and damages on June 30th 
Judgements against delinquent shrifs, will soon be delivered to the Au- 
ditor. Many claims against debtors already recovered, it is to be feared 
must remain uncollected, because of the insolvency of the debtors, or 
because of their having removed from the Commonwealth. These are 
known as *'Duty Bonds.'' Many Injunctions have been gained against 
the Commonwealth's Judgement, but these bills of Injunction will soon 
be in the hands of the Attorney-General for his action. They find a 
number of suits against persons who have not accounted for monies re- 
ceived for recruiting purposes: and against othei*s who have obtained 
certificates for })ay. &c,, upon forged vouchers not yet prosecuted, on 
acc-ount of insufficient evidence. Capt. Coleman, the clerk, will proceed 
at once under the proper authority to collect this evidence. 

The Committee find that the of the Commonwealth have been 
from time to time continued to ensuing Terms of the Court, because 
partial payments have been made, thereby .so much reducing the bal- 
ances, that it was considered politic to exercise forbearance; in other 
cases, it has been found necessary to postpone action for want of suffi- 
cient evidence to support the motions of the Attorney, &c. They 
recommend that the Council reconsider the question of adjusting the 
accounts in paper money and in specie which have not already been 
committed to the Auditor. The Solicitor thinks the present plan **will 
not be in the least useful.'' They have directed the Auditor to furnish 
the solicitor with statements of accounts against any of the late naval 
officers who may be in arrears, to be proceeded against according to law. 

The Committee, upon examination, have found the Auditor has duly 
performed the duties of his Office, entirclj' in accoiflance with the pro- 
visions of the Law, excepting only in one instance. In this latter, the 
duties under a certain section of the last enactment have been so insig- 
nificant as not to have attracted his attention. This will be arranged 
t^efore the next meeting of the Council. 

They find the Treasurer performing the duties of his Office with satis- 
faction; but he apprehends it will be necessary to form a committee who 
shall determine by the end of this fiscal year, "the amount of specie, 
tobacco, & certificates in the Treasury," and certify the same to the 

They recommend the continuance of the present system under which 
ihe several offices are conducted, from a conviction that with pmper at- 
tention to business the imblic interest will continue to be forwarded. 

E. Langham. Slperintendent, to the Governor. July ist 

He is much in want of a Ton of Iron *' suitable to forge bayonetts, 
ramrods, &c./* and hopes the Board will allow him to purchase it by a 


1791. warrant on the Treasury for payment of the same. Adds, ** The Presi- 
July Ist dent of the United States, hy his Seei"etar\', has requested rae to have 
Point of a brass Howitzer, (one of the Trophies of Saratoga.) removed from 
Halifax old Town to the Point of Fork, provided it meets with your 
approbation," &c. Desiivs a speedy rejily as to this request. 


July Ist Landon Carter to the Governor. 

Cleve Interc*edin<;j as^ain in belialf of In's nei^ro slave Branom. condemned 

King George to death, and enclosing "letters of countenance from four of the magis- 

trates who sat on the Tryal, and the fifth was promised, but his ahsencc 

Negro slave from home twice that my servant waited on him, had deprived him of 

jmrdoned ^^^^ unanimous approbation of my con<luct, which would have done me 

honor before your Excellency and the Hon'ble Board," &c, 

Bellisle, June 30th. 


I have just rec*d your circidar Letter, together with Mr. Wood's 
directed to you, b}' which I fin<l that is not customary for the Governor 
to grant a Pardon on the application of the master alone. I therefore 
sincerely join you in recommending the Prisoner Bi*anom to the mercy 
of the Executive. 

" I am, Sir, 

'*Your mo. Ob't servant, 


^^Chesnut Hill, June 29th. 

'•Dear Sir, 

Character- "Your circular letter of this date, inclosing one from Mr. 

istic letters Janies Wood, directed to you, was delivered me by your man Martin, 
in Dehalf of ./ » ^ ^ j 

condemne<l from which I find an application to the Executive for a Reprieve for 
negro your negi'o Fellow Branham, now under sentence of Death by the 
Court of King George County. The Crime with which he was charged 
and the proof, occasioned my voice against him, but I well recollect at 
the time of Trial, you spoke highly in favour of the Fellows genci-al 
good conduct, which has always occasioned him a favonte, and that 
this was the first otfenco of any degree of Magnitude. These circum- 
stances would induce me to join with you in recommending the Fellow 
to the mercy of the Executive. 

'' 1 am, Sir, 

"Y'r most obed't Serv't, 



" Pombroke, Juno 29th. 1791. 

" Dear Sir, 

"Martain delivered me your Circular Letter, enclosing me July 1st 
from Mr. James Wood, the contents of which I particularly attend to. 
I sincerely accord with you, and really compliment you upon your 
human principal, for I am confident 3'ou are actuated by that alone. 
Branom, I flatter myself, will be sufficiently intimidated by the late 
sentence pronounced against him, to prevent bim from committing in 
future any other outrage, therefore froin the good character he has 
heretofore supported, flatter myself 4he Executive will consider him an 
object of mercy. 

'*! am with much respect, D'r Sir, 

"Your ob't, ll'ble Serv't, 


** Albion, June 29th. July 2d 


" Mr. Wood's favor of the 25th Instant to you, T have now before 
me, also yours of this day's date to me, both respecting the reprieve of 
your condemned slave Branom. I am really' pleased at your having 
made application to his K.Kcellency the Governor, for his pardon ; but 
I am more so, at my being instrumental towards the obtaining it. 
Therefore hope the honorable Board will be induced to pardon him. 

"I am, Sir, with respect, 

" Vour most obed. servant, 


The Governor in Council rejects the application of certain citizens of 
Fauquier County in behalf of negro George, condemned to death for 
arson, &c. The case is fully set forth in the following statements: 

"To the Honourable the Governor & Counsel of Virginia: 


"By being pressed with the sense of Humanity and a Cose of 
fcalling for mankind in Genenil. and one of the magistraits that sot on negroes? con- 
ihe trial of negro George, a man-slave, the property- of Mr. Thomas death for 
MaddoXy for being privy to the Burning of Mr. Charles Marshal's House, arson 
do say that from the nature of the Testimony that was delivered from 
negro Ben, the property of Mrs. Rosser, who was tho only witness that 


1791. had wait with the Court and other Concuring circumstances, tho' Ben's 
July 2d Testimony was delivered in a very aquivical manner, did say after some 
length of time that George has applied to him for Advice, and also En- 
gined him to secrecy; then told him that Mr. Chas. Marshall's House 
must be Burnt, and Expresed some oneasiness on the account, teling the 
said Ben that his young master, Richard, said it must be burnt and by 
such a day, for their was papers in the House that must be dcstroyd; 
not knowing the Carrector of the said Ben, was induced to give my 
Opinion for convicting the said negro George, but must confess that I 
did it with reluctance — being since informed of the carrector of the said 
Ben, find him to be a very ill-disposed Fellow, pretending to be a Cun- 
gerer& forting-teller; and also in the time of the war did make an attempt 
to recrute a company of negroes to Joine the British, and was tried and 
ordered one Hundred lashes. This has induced me to think what he 
had told before the Court was false. I therefore recommend the said 
negro George as an object of Pittey. 

"And am, with Due Respect, 

"Your Honner's Ob't Serv't, 


"Fauquier Court House, 30th June, 1791. 

"May it please your Honours, I was one of the Court that set on the 
Trial of George, a slave belonging to Mr. Thomas Maddox, and M0II3', a 
slave, the Property of Mr. Charles Marshall, for Feloniously burning 
the Dweling-house of the said Marshal. Molly, on her Examination, 
confess'd hei^self Guilty of Burning the s'd house, and say'd she was 
Pei-suad'd so to do by the s'd George, her Husband, but on Trial the 
Court did not admit her as Proper Evidence. The only witness that 
appear'd against the Crimonal, George, was Ben, a slave, the Property 
of Mrs. Rosser, that had weight with me. This F'cllow Pretends to be 
a cunjourer or fortune-teller; his Testimony, in ray opinion, was Deliv- 
er'd in a very Equivacal manner. After some considerable time spent in 
delivering his witness, he say'd he knew the house was to be burnt. (1 
then ask'd him how he had Gain'd his knowlidg — whether by his art as 
a congourer, or did any Person Inform him so?) His answer was, 
Partly, and Proceeded to say that George, the Crimonal, Told him a few 
days before the Trial that the house must be burnt, and that he, tho s*d 
George must burn it; that his master Richard, meaning a son of the s'd 
Thomas Madox, wou'd have it so, and that tho Papers must also bo 
burnt; on which the s'd George was sentenced to Death. On the niijher 
approach to their Execution, the s'd Molly I am Informed, has been 
Frequently heard to say that George was Innocent, as far as she knew, 


of having knowlidg of the burning the houso. I was yesterday at the 1791. 
Court House. She Expross'd a desire to speake to me — I went to the July 2d 
Prison window; she there Told me that her husband, George, was Inno- 
cent of the Crime as far as she knew, and did not know how she came 
to Crimonate him. What her motives may be for Retracting, I know 
not. I only mean to Resito Facts to your Honours as they appear to 
me; and although the s'd Molly was not admited as a witness on the 
Trial of the s'd George, what she had say'd so corresponded with the 
Testimony of Ben, did not altogether loos its weight with me. I have 
long been acquainted with Ben, the witness, and have but a pore opin- 
ion of his Integrity. I am therefore of opinion that the life of a man 
is Sacred, and aught not to be Touch 'd Except on the most Claire and 
unequivocal Testimony. On mature Consideration I confess my Doubts 
on the occation, and mean to Reflect on no Person's Judgement but my 

*' I have Thought it my Duty to give this Information to your Honours. 
His life is in your hands. Dispose of it in what way yoxiv Wisdoms 
may suggest, I shall be satisfyed. 

"I am, with all Due Esteem, 

"Your Honours' most ob't & Humbl. Serv't, 


Petition of the Inhabitants of Fauquier County to the Governor. 

To the Hon'ble Beverly Randolph, Esq., Governor of the Common- 
wealth of Virginia, and the members of the Privy Council, The petition 
of the inhabitants of Fauquier humbly sheweth: 

That sometime in the present year, the dwelling house of Charles 
Marshall was voluntarily and maliciously set on fire and consumed; that 
the culprits, a negro wench, the property of the said Charles Marshall, 
and a negro Fellow, the property of Thomas Maddox, have since been 
apprehended, and upon full proof of their guilt, been condemned by seven 
Justices of the Court of Fauquier to suffer death. That your Petitioners 
have been informed that a petition is now handed about praying for a 
reprieve from the Executive for the life of the said negro man, who is 
condemned upon satisfactory proof of his guilt when abstracted from 
the confession of his wife, who pleads guilty and was condemned from 
her own confession. Your petitionei*s conceive that from the character 
and conduct of the said negro man mnce his confinement, that should 
he be pardoned, offences of a similar nature wil probably thro' his 
means be perpetrated upon others, that having once been prevailed upon 
to commit so dangerous a crime, should he now go unpunished (with a 

2ryL ;.i.i. 11*** » — 1. . •: • ••i::.'-^-- *r & i ,- '■"^"iimt?*n> TiiH!:iavg: ii iH'^ ir^tat^ . 

y a.* 2-'.. .- Ml* *■- Hi--*-*:. •••. -i.'-n.": . / *i:- Zl <iii-* r 1. m.""**-*!. «»L;n.3 
Tuntt?- 2r*-i. i.!- L ^ liI:-.'iii-:Lii-«''r*" I'liiii?^ Z'lCTs^ Jnniiifc- 2iri»r«fct 

*' -. ^ *^ \*"*: ILwi" Z*. n !»!•.- .1-"- Z— ' ^iviil:i Tin**- i.»|J. Hiilt* iiS- 

11 iiiiLR '-rb-rj-^ii* Z ••nit:- .'iia I»»m. ." aii Tlunitr -}r»uv a «:a^iiK>.a« 
' »u 

■..i»t i.*i;L:ni'.r.t-T *: * •r"~i'--" v- : i : 1.. -^mx— .- iiii jti'"!! vt i^Qtd**; j. li-r 

^'^r.ttlr.'* :i":«. Ir--*: i^l. Ir?r I. U- ",l;l.~ ~.l»t ' •-»;*. fi^t !?• -^i-u:«:*ta j -C •i-4" 
rt- lift JUL 1 l.J* • lil^Ti 1-1?- '1 "-Itr Tii^-. iOjL Tl '•^rliUlT if *itt ?tt-. I ILikt^ 
iutr^ *T Ci" '•••r Atr 7 LI-L J t"^ '■ : l*-— - 1 1 J 111* Hj.1>>> LIj*- «L J lT~«it^»nf 
laTt lj*v 1. IL VL* 1. l.--£T I1U.1 liLTtri*: £»:a.Sl*Ui."l /LlH JiT n«i'^J :C Mr*. 

Ei -tt^.^ . "v ii sL'i •5.1 'r f^i : n- 'I'lr- tiu^"" itt j»'xn -s^jl ^^. «:•£■: *ar 

Hi-Ti •!.* J •<: •;• •: r* *: "rti'^r 7 •!:• IE at iltv -v—.j ':a.'H' P-fcn? al c-Vnfc-i- 
'i^ -^ •• n-^-rT-r i.1.1 ::.'rr"^:'*f^ 4.1 'i t ;*Lr Prtciorortc^ -^ia ^t^t »<.>«:( 

ATttr?'*" *>*ajL7:*:. vr-i^. 'S'i.*:r ••■"l"j* 52 S:*:»ii iii^.tri. ;. Waa. 

• — 

» ,— •••* ■■ 1 ..-i, '. - "^ •■--»•—. -c- .••■-. — .„ — , •• » • - * "• T" '••—-•■A f •.■■/ .-ft '«kr »»* 


have lived u near neigh lK>ur to Mr. Msuldux over {since he hugbeeii in pos- 1791. 
scdsion of sM nogro George; during his l>oan Mr. Maddux'.sHhivel have July 2d 
never none him to be charged with any disorderly Conduct in any one 
respect or other, and I do believe from the knowledge I have of negro 
Ben, whose Testimony condemnM George to be hung, that George is 
positively Clai*e of the charge given him by negi-o Hen. From my 
knowledge of s'd negro Ben, who lives within a mile of my Rosidenc«, 
and has for many years; S'd Ben openly Professes To be a congerer, 
and I believe him to be a notorious villian and that it is his General 
character by every one that ever I heard say anything about him, and I 
believe what Ben give in testimony against negro George was thro' predi- 
giss, for to my positive knowlcdg, and othei*s, he, the sM Ben told two 
stories in giving in his Testamony at the bar. 

In the fiftieth year of his age, Fauquier County, G June, 1791. 

*'To the Hoirble Beverly Randolph, Esq., Governor of the Commonwealth 
of Virginia, and the members of the Privy Counsil, the Petition of 
the Subscriber, Justices of the County Court of Fauquier, humbly 
sheweth : 

That wo were summoned to attend a call Court, for the trial of a negro 
woman, the property of Thomas Maddux, who was arraigned & tried for 
having voluntarily & maliciously set on fire and consumed the dwelling 
house of the said Charles Marshall. 

That we the subscribers, did with caution and deliberation examine 
the testimony adduced, and were then most decidedly of an opinion 
that both the said slaves were guilty, & therefore passed judgment of 
death against them, & that no mitigating circumstance has since been 
made known to us, by which that judgment is l)y any means to be 
impeached. That Thomas Maddux, the master of the man slave, has 
applied to some oi the subscril>ers to Petition the Ilon'ble Executive to 
Reprieve the said negro man, wliich has been refused, because they 
were of opinion that the S'd negro was guilty, and thought a pardon 
granted for an offence of that sort would have a dangerous tendency 
among tlie slaves in the neighborhood, & that similar offences might be 
connnitte<l by the said negro man. That the other subscribers to whom 
no application has been made by the said Thos. Maddux, would not 
sign the Petition, if presented for the same reasons. They therefore 
submit it to your Hon'ble Bo<ly, whether a reprieve ought to be granted, 
and will ever pray for the Peace and Dignity of the Commonwealth. 

" Edward Digges. Aylelt Bucknor, Jeremiah Damall, Thomas Diggs. 



July 2d Charles Marshall to Wm. Marshall, Richmond. 

With request that if Wm. Marshall should bo absent, Mr. John Mar- 
shall, (chief Justice,) is requested to open this letter and attend to the 


I am informed letters have been written to the Executive by Capt 
Pickett, and Francis Tnplitt, praying a reprieve for the negro fellow 
who is now under condemnation for burning my house. I am therefore 
under the necessity of again reminding the Executive of the dangerous 
situation in which I shall stand, should this be effected. The greatest 
objection these two merciful Gentlemen have to the Execution of 
George, is that the witness upon whose evidence he was condemned, 
does not deserve credit ; that he was a fellow of bad character, a con- 
jurer, and fortune teller. 

The witness has long lived in this neighborhood, and as far as general 
report can establish credit, he stands unimpeached for veracity and 
integrity. He has lately pretended to be a fortune teller, for which 
he often receives a dram or some other trifle. This however was fully 
investigated on the trial, & still his credit was not in the opinion of 
Capt. Pickett & Triplet!, impaired. 

An argument has been urged that the witness was an insurgent 
during the war, and attempted to levy troops, for which he received 
chastisement. This circumstance as far as it was true, was also known, 
I believe to the County in general; but I cannot conceive that to be an 
argument against his credibility. He did one evening when drunk, (as 
I have been informed,) propose to enlist one negro, for which he received 
a flogging. It has also been stated that the wench was not admitted as 
a witness, but still her confession has weight upon Capt. Pickett's mind, 
and induced him to condemn the fellow, & that she has since been 
heard to acquit George of being in any manner concerned. True it is 
she has at short intervals denied it. The owner of the fellow is the 
keeper of the Jail. Testimony bore very hard agaiut part of his family 
and he will not suffer any person to hold conversation with either of the 
criminals, without being watched. The family have also been heard to 
caution the fellow against a confession. They have therefore pre- 
vailed upon this wench to deny that her husband was guilty, in order 
to obtiiin his reprieve. The weiich has also been cautioned by the Siiine 
persons against a confession, after she had made it in the fullest manner. 
I expect the conversation alluded to by Capt. Pickett, was a lesson 
taught thcin in order that it might be overheard by a person who was 
carried to the window by the owner of the man slave, & through that 
means made impressions favorable to a reprieve. I am strengthened in this 
opinion from a circumstance which happened. One of the guards who 


is a young man of very fair character, did at a dead time of night when 
the criminal had no reason to suppose any person was awake, overhear 
a conversation between them. They then each requested the other to 
restore my property, and by that means save themselves. This if 
thought necessary, can be proved. George at the same time, mentioned 
his confession could not avail any thing, as he could not be a witness 
against white people. 

Capt. Pickett & Colo. Triplett have with a great deal of caution, 
omitted mentioning the witness having been very intimate in Maddux's 
family for a considerable time past, and his being sent for a few days 
after their negro was apprehended, to consult in what manner his life 
could be saved. This however was in evidence on the trial, and confessed 
by the family. They have also forgot, when stating the evidence, one 
other very material circumstance in my estimation. That the witness 
the Sunday before my house was burnt, came to my wife and informed 
her the day on which it would be destroyed and desired her to be cau- 
tious. He then described the persons who had the burning in contem- 
plation. When he was interrogated upon this subject in Court, his 
reason for not being more explicit by giving up the names, he said he 
thought the mode w*h he had fallen on would answer the same purpose, 
and he was afraid of being murdered had he mentioned the names. 

Enclosed you will receive two petitions, which I should be obliged to 
you to lay before the Executive immediatel}'. I consider myself in 
danger of assassination, should this fellow escape to go at large in the 
neighborhood, irritated as he is against me. There may be a chance for 
me to obtain my property if they are not reprieved. 

Maddux will also send down a Petition stating the foulest falsehoods, 
and subscribed by a set of persons not knowing or caring what they did. 

I am y'i*s aff t'y. 


July 2d 

Sam'l Coleman informs the Governor that he has examined the ac- 
counts of the superintendents at that place, and finds the condition of 
his Pay-Rolls correct. His account for "stocking 637 musketts, is two 
hundred, twelve pounds, six shillings & eight pence." For contingent 
purposes, **tcn pounds, two shillings & lour pence" still remain in his 
hands, &e. 

July 5th 

Point of 

Georok Jackson* to (tovernor Randolph. 

* From all the infonnation now at hand, this person inuHt have been the jrreat 
ancle of T. J. Jack8on~(Stonewall Jackson). 

July 5th 

Complaining of the conduct of the High Sheriff of that County. In Harrison 
a suit for slander against himself, this otticor had caused to be carried to ^'^unty 


:hrT ^i.ry • ix. . r3il-=»i in % ^-fA-k-rC^Li":. a '^riALbisj tji ^rittil spirits wiih 
ttL:.:. iLtt rii:- ^-rrrr .;-Trr-" iL* c^^^. Tl-c iorv rocm-i a Teniiet rn his 

i: ir.r !x< rl-iyii-L.* Lii -^-^i :i> -.:?•- cLCEitAn^s^c ;•> LLs injary. by aAving 

tr-* T^i* Tai-^-ri At -i-eTrrL §!l!i.LL^. Hivinjr 6>arj.i ihls •Jill fMlkV WlthlD 

Jzlr O.h 

hziGBTTj^ W.>:rl> T»> THM G^DTKB^TOL 

l:if.L:.vx^»i H&Tini: 'ialy att<rn*:ed 10 wb<e I;k?t an«i Dete^^ssanr ba«ine«&. in aecortl- 
,Sr>i>.i:r>r* %tifx with hi? prtvioc* Letter to hi* Ei^lencj. he now r^aes^ts -per- 

m^-^i^^ti to nr«i:rn the oifiie <•! SLnicit'i^r," sensible ot the indulifeni*e 

STT^iite*! him in hi^ la^t LuncTSe^ 


JoIt 7th J. Pexdletos !*:• the ^tOTERXOI. 

EncL^aini; dtreree of the General Coart in the matter of certain *State 
military Mffii-er^ flairain^ half pay an*! commotation nnder certain act or 
act-s of the Gen'I A<5<L-mbly. ao'l reque*iin^ Instmetions as to whether 
he !?haU lake ihi-* 'lecision to the "Iliirh Court of Appeala," Ac. 

Jalv 8th 





I do myjielf the Honour to inclose yon a copy of the opinion of 
the Attorney-General of thi< State uj»on the subject of yonr letter of the 
4th ullo.. deman«iin:r the deliven' of Baldwin Parsons, Francis McGuire, 
and Ab-*aIom WclU. «:-har«rt»«1 with foreil.»ly seixinij and carrying tmni the 
County of Wai»hinirlon in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a certain 
free negro man name«i John, with an intention of selling him. 

*Tlie followiiur names api»?Jir on this lu^t: John ^lini^on frult, 5H*ni<»r FleM sur- 

jTrt^ii; Tliofiia.> < art»*r. Snnrt^tn "f Tavalrj' untler l*«ilo, I>ibney; Bam^n. heir- 

at-I^w «if Jaiiu-s B;irp»n: tnilirit-l Maii(>iii. ket^jiernf the Pablic mni^arinoi at U^'ius- 
biinr; John NeWm. lute niaji»r in itivsilry: Thomas Quarle^ a Lieutenant in Col. 
Ihibnry'p Ia^od: Win. Mrave:?. Comet A t^^^rter-MaKter of cavalfy in Dabn y'l* 
Ixnrion: James Markham. (*a|»tain in the Marine iHTviee of State, and Thomas 
Quac'k, major in the Va. State Line» Ai\ 


Your Excellency will readily perceive that the opinion of the first 1791. 
law officer of the State must preclude the Executive from taking any July 8th 
measures for apprehending and delivering the persons demanded by you. 

It is to be lamented that no means have been provi<led for carrying 
into effect so important an Article of the Constitution of the United 
States. This case will, however, we hope be the means of calling the 
Attention of the Legislature to a subject of such consequence. 

I am, Sir, with great Respect, &c. 

Copied from the Records. 

' Attest; 


J. Madison, President of the Board of Directoi's of the Hospital for July 9th 

Insane Persons, to Gov. Randolph. 

Drawing on the Executive for supply of money necessary for the sup- Williaini*- 
port of the Hospital, and dwelling upon the absolute necessity for such '^ 

aid. Enclosing also an acc't of fifty pounds in favor of " Richard Cole, 
as full compensation for himself and one guard,'' for bringing a lunatic 
from the County of Woodford (Kentucky at this time). 

Jas. Innes, Attorn et-(ten£kal, to the (jovernor. July lOth 


I do not think one Auditor is legally competent to discharge the Ridjuiond 
duties incident to the office of Solif-ilor. The Law of 1785, for the re- 
form of certain public boards, empowers the Executive, sub modo, to 
devolve the functions of that Department on two Auditors in common 
with the TreuHurer, but I am not ac^juuinted with any act of assembly 
which capacitates one Auditor alone to act as S^^licitor/' 

E. Lanirbara. Sapt. P. of Fork, re^juestn the Governor to or«Jer the Julv Jlth 
payment of thirty |><»un'l-, bein;^ the f^um necessarv **to procure a ton Uk-hiuoud 
of suitable iron.*' 


1791. Dd. Stuart to Gov'r Randolph. 

"Dear Sir, 
July 11th *It being the intention of the Comraissioners to draw on you 

Hope Park for as much of the money granted by the assembly for the erection of 
Al "^d 'a ^^^ Public buildings, us they can be informed is ready. I am desired, 
previous to this step to make the enquiry from you. 

Major L*Enfant is about drawing a model for the house of Legislature. 
I have mentioned to him the one sent in by Mr. Jefferson, which ho 
desires to see. If there is no impropriety in it, I would bog you to 
send it to him by the stage. His residence is at. Geo. Town. If not 
adopted it shall be returned immediately." 

I am Sir, very sincerely, 

Your most obt. Servant. 

July 12th Sam'l Shepard, Clerk, enclosing to the Governor proceeds of sales of 
Richmond "Public Boats and Gosport Lands," in account with Leighton Wood, 
Solicitor, &c., and asking for receipt for the amount of said Sales — the 
funds having been deposited in the Treasury by said Solicitor, &c. 

July 15th H. Knox, Secretary at War, to the Governor of Virginia. 

War I have the honor to inform your Excellency that the force destined 

Department f^p ^j^^ offensive operations of the campaign northwest of the Ohio has 
been raised, marched, and the greater part arrived on the waters of the 
Ohio, and that the rendezvous will bo at Fort Washington during the 
present month. 

The regular force which will be assembled, is considered as sufficient 
for the objects to be accomplished. But a more extensive combination 
of the Indian nations, and other circumstances not estimated, may 
render it otherwise. 

* The writ<»r is here referring to the money voted by the several States for the 
erection of the bniUlinp^ necosstiry at the new National Capital. Major L'Knfiint 
was a (liHtinjriiished Enpinc^er who earae over with the Count de Roehiuiil)eau. 
After nerving in the Revolution, he was employed in laying off Uie City of Wash- 
ington, which he did under dirtH'tion of <fen*l Washington. The moilel here 
spoken of, wiis the Hiune nio<iifie<l copy of the " Maison Carre," at Ninu^s, Franw, 
whieh had iK^en sent In' Mr. Jefferson for the pro]>08e<l Cajjitol building at Rich- 
mond. There in no evi<lence it wilm evi^r sent as requested by Mr. .Stuart. The 
pn.'Hent C^ipitol at Rielnnond wiu» niodeliHl from this building. 


In this case the Commanding-General is authorized to call for such 1791. 
numberH and species of militia from Kentucky, as the nature of the ease July 15th 
may require. The President ot the United States has commanded me 
to make this communication to your Excellency, and request that if 
there are any measures on the part of the Executive of Virginia which 
would add efficiency to the call of the General, in case it should bo 
made, that you would be pleased to issue the directions accordingly. 

I have the honor to be. Sir, with great respect. 

Your most humb. Scrv*t, &c., &c. 

Thos. Newton, J'n'r, informs the Governor that he has just returned July 18th 
"from the Cape." Mr. McComb is hard at work liaising the stone, ac- Norfolk, Va. 
cording to contract. But he has great difficulty because of the sand, 
which rolls back into the excavations almost as fast as he removes it. 
This has to be done by means of wheel-barrows. The sand frequently 
has to be carried fifty yards in order to facilitate the work, &c. The 
cost will thus be much increased, and will have to be settled by "indif- 
ferent arbitrators." Mr. McComb talks sometimes of getting stone 
"from the quary"; but he encourages his perseverance in the present 
work, &c. 

Gov. Thomas Mifflin, of Pennsylvania, to Geokge Washington, July 18th 

Esq., President of the United States. 


I think it proper to lay before you, copies of the various docu- Phila- 
ments respcctmg an application which I have recently made to the Gov- ^ ** 

emor of Virginia, requiring agreeably to the provision contained in the 
second section ef the fourth article of the constitution of the United 
States, that he would take proper measures for apprehending Francis 
McGuire, Absalom Wells and Baldwin Parsons as fugitives from Jus- 
tice, in onler that they might be delivered up to this State, having juris- 
diction of their crime. The opinion which the Attorney-General of 
Virginia has given upon this subject, as far as respects the nature of 
the offence is inaccurate, and could not have been given with a previous 
knowledge of the law of Pennsylvania on the subject. For by an act of 
assembly, passed on the 29th day of March, 1788, the offence charged, 
in the several indictments, is rendered highly criminal, and the perpe- 
trators, on convit'tion in any court of Quarter Sessions (a Court of crim- 
inal Jurisdiction exclusively), are not only condemned to forfeit the 
sum of one hundred pounds, but are subject likewise to be confined at 
hard labor for any time, not less than six months, nor more than twelve 


1791. The fact chargod therefore is a crime, made such by the laws of Penn- 

July isih sylvaiiia ; partaking of the nature of a felony, it is certainly included in the 
Philatlolphia constitutional description of "treason, felony or other crime,** and altho' 
an action of trespass might be maintained in Virginia by the injured 
individual to recover damages for his personal wrongs, yet it is obvious 
that no indictment., no trial, no conviction, no punishment in the public name 
could take place according to itiQ provisions of our Legislature, but un- 
der the authority of Pennsylvania, within her jurisdiction, and in the 
County where the offence was committed. It is equally certain that 
the laws of the State in which the act is committed must furnish the 
rule to determine its criminality, and not the laws of the State in which 
the fugitive from Justice happens to be discovered. 

I mean not however, Sir, to enter into any further controvei-sy upon 
this point, it is sufficient to explain it, But as the Attorney-General ot 
Virginia has suggested another difficulty with respect to the mode of 
arresting persons demanded as fugitives from Justice, I have therefore 
thought the present a pi*oper occasion to bring the subject into your view, 
that by the interposition of the Federal Legislature (to whose considera- 
tion you may be pleased to submit it), such regulations may be established, 
as will in future obviate all doubt and embarrassment upon a constitu- 
tional question so delicate and important. 

I have the honor to be, &c. 

July 18th Extract of a Law op Pennsylvania enclosed to the Govebnob 

OF Virginia, by Governor Mifflin. 

Philadelphia ^'Section 7. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, 
Secretary's That if any person or persons shall from and after the passing of this 
oflice ^.^^ 1^^, force or violence take and carry or cause to be taken or carried, 
or shall b}'' fraud seduce or cause to be seduced any negro or mu]att(» 
from any part or parts of this state, to any other place or places what- 
soever, with a design and intention of selling and disposing, or of caus- 
ing to be sold, or of keeping and detaining or of causing to be, as a slave 
or servant for term of yeai'S, every such person or persons, their aidei*s 
and abettors, shall on conviction thereof in any Court of Quarter ses- 
sions for any City or county within this Commonwealth, forfeit and pay 
the sura of one hundred pounds to the ovei-seor of the poor of the City 
or Township from which such negro or mulatto shall have been taken 
or seduced as aforesai<l, and shall also be confined at hard labour for any 
time not less than six months nor more than twelve months, and until! 
the costs of prosecution shall be paid." 


"I certify that tho foregoing is a faithful extract from an act of the 1791. 
General Assembly of Pennsylvania entitled an act to explain and July I8th 
amend an act entitled an act for the gradual abolition of slavery, 
passed on the 29th day of March, in the year 1788." 

"A. J. DALLAS, Secretary." 

Governor Mifflin to Governor Randolph. July 19th 


*'I received your Excellency's letter, inclosing the opinion of the Phila- 
Attorney-Gcneral of the state of Virginia, upon the Constitutional ^^Jphia 
requisition which I made for apprehending and delivering up Francis 
McGuire, Absolom Wells, Baldwin Parsons, as fugitives from the justice 
oi Pennsylvania, and I have submitted the subject to the consideration 
of the President of the United States, in hopes that by an interposition 
of the Federal Legislature, the dilticulty with respect to the mode of 
arrest may for the future be removed. 

As 1 do not mean to involve the States in any further controvesy on 
the present occasion, I shall not trouble your Flxcellency with a minute 
discussion of the other points contained in the opinion of the Attorney- 
General, but as matter of explanation and information, I think it proper 
to transmit to you a copy of the letter which I addressed to the President, 
and an extract from a Law of Pennsylvania, relative to the offence with 
which McGuire and his associates are charged." 

I have the honor to bo with perfect respect, Sir, 

Your most obed. & most ll'ble Servt., &c., &c. 

"Know all men by these presents, that I, John Pendleton, Nathan Jul v 20th 

Anderson, John Ma^'o, William Foushee, and Bernard Markham, are New Kent 
held and firmly l>ound unto Beverly Randolph, Esquire, Governor of the County 

Commonwealth of Virginia for the time being, and to his successors for John Pen- 

the use of the said Commonwealth, in i\w just and full sum of ten thou- dleton made 

1 I ^ r TT" • • \ 1 • I * 11 1 Solicitor, 

sand pounds current money ot Virgiiua; to which payment well and and bond 

truly to be made to the said Beverly Randolph, or his successors, his or given 
their attorney, for the use of the said Commonwealth as aforesaid, we 
bind oui-selves jointly and severally, our joint and several Heirs, Execu- 
tors and Administrators, firmly by these presents, sealed with our re- 
spective seals, and dated this 20th day of July, in the year of our Lord, 
one thousand seven hundred ninety-one. 



1791. Wherefts by an Act of the < Wneral As ^mbly, entitled '-An act to 

JnJv 20th amend the several Acts ot Ast^'mblv eoncemin<; naval officers and the 
New Kent collection of Duties/* it is enacted That the S^.^licitor shall enter Bond, 
with sufficient securities payable to the Governor for the time being, in 
the sura of ten thousand pounds, couditioneii for the faithful perform- 
ance of the Duties of his office, and for the paiment of public monies bj 
him receive<i : and whereas the said John Pendleton. J^n'r, bath been 
appointed Solicitor as aforesaid, now the Condition of the above obli- 
gation is such, that if the said John Pentlleton. J'n'r, shall well and truly 
and faithfully perform the Duties of his !?ai 1 office as solicitor as afore- 
said, in all matters and things touching the same, and especially shall 
well and truly and faithfully pay. or cause to be paid into the Public 
Treasury, or to an\* Person legally appointed tor that purpose, all monies 
by him received in the course of his office for public use, and especially 
such monies as may be received under the above recited Act, then this 
obligation shall be void, but otherwise remain in full Force & Virtue. 


Sealed and Delivered in presence ot — 

Att. J. CARTER, J'H'B. 

"Oath of fidelity: 

"I, John Pendleton, do solemnly promise & swear that 
I will impartially & honestly execute the duties of the Office of Solici- 
tor, to which I have been appointed, according to the best of my skill 
& Judgment. So help me Goii.'* 

"At a Court for New Kent County, the 14th day of July, 1791: 

'John Pendleton, Gentleman, piiNluced to the Court his appoint- 
ment to the Office of Solicitor-General of this State, and was thereupon 
Bworn according to law. 

"A copy: 


July2Uth Edmund Randolph, Attobn£y-^£nk&al, to Prksidknt Washington. 


delphia atmctions, copies of the letter 

Phila- The Secretary of State yesterday submitted to me by your in- 

ctions, copies of the letter trom the Governor ot Pennsylvania to you, 


& of his correspondence with the Governor of Virginia, on the demand of 1791. 
Francis McGuire, Baldwin Parsons & Absalom Wells as fugitives from July 20Ui 

This demand is founded on that article of the federal constitution, 
which directs that "a pci*son charged in any State with treason, felony 
or other crime, who shaW flee from Justice and be found in another State 
shall on the demand of the Executive authority of the State from which 
he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the State huLxmg jurisdiction of 
the crime." 

He must be charged. This term is sufliciently technical to exclude 
any wanton or unauthorized accusation from becoming the basis of the 
demand. It would, in the language of mere legal entries, be applicable 
where a bill has been found by a grand jury. It must be interpreted 
under the constitution, as at least requiring some sanction to be given 
to the suspicion of guilt by a previous investigation. In the present 
instance, a gnind jury convened before two of the justices of the Su- 
preme Court of Pennsylvania have made it, and thus have furnished a 
ground for bringing the foregoing persons to a formal trial. Should 
such a proceedure as this be declared incompetent as a charge, the oh- 
ject of this article in the constitution must be either defeated or be truly 
oppressive. For between an indictment and an actual trial, there is no 
interme<liate examination of the fact; and to wait for the condemnation 
oi an absent culprit before a demand, ^would compel a judgement to be 
rendered behind his back. Outlawry indeed may be practiced some- 
times, but it cannot be always pursued, and even where it is pui'suod, it 
stamps the offence with no higher appearance of truth than a true bill 
received from the grand jury. 

The person charged must be also charged with a criine. That the 
supposed conduct of McGuire & othera is a crime under the laws of 
Pennsj'lvania; the very respectable Attorney-General of Virginia has 
not been informed. It is punishable by a fine & hard labor. 

The first process is a capias. Outlawry is inadmissible on it, & the 
offender cannot appear by his attorney. Some doubt may perhaps bo 
entertained, whether according to a known rule of construction, the 
words **or other crime," being associated with treason & felon}^, ought 
not to be confined to crimes having some quality common to them k 
tieason and felony. Such a common quality does not exist, unless it be 
that of felony itself Why then are the words *'or other crime" added, 
if felonies alone were contemplated? In the penal code of almost 
every state, the catalogue of felonies is undergoing a daily diminution. 
But it is not by the class of punishment that the malignity of an offence 
is always to be determined. Crimes going deep into the public peace 
ma^' bear a milder name & consequence; and yet it would be singular 
to shelter those who were guilty of them, because they were not called 
and punished as felonies. 


Jaf; ijrjth *^,^f i^ •<: prvrt i* irii:"»f'*-ri'ifcr.f. •r.h-.r^i'i*? the m«>*C iacHX^ent eiriien 
rii:iv r,*: '-^irr-ri ir* iLain- rr-»ru h.* •••irEi t*"^ ±n«>tb«*r stACe. It ctknQ*>t be 
• i-ri;*-il th;^r errry :w-**rrt.^'«ri -.f :i •T'iVemvr ouirht to pn>la*!\r arSAent. But 
r*[i«>r. .1 J'l-iiria! '*ti''j •-«••. •'."•tim-^rij i..-n>pi:n^ t'> the jU'liciAl coarn?. is 
al'ifi^- a-I-Kfiar- Jk th'.* 'irnLirii i* th»: •>nlv thiQ;^ whi<:h i* i^fVnv*! to ao 
f:x^^riiWf'. :i\r*oUit''[y. Th'^ •»»r^-rrt-r •>! Virjaia is rv^f^-knMMe l»>r the 
jri-* ii-re '^•f hi* ■i!'i*?reci''»rj : <k if Lnr *h'.»uM jneM t«* the intArmiil eritience. 
ht: rri'i'«t yit'i'i at h;- j^^ril. 

Wirh tf^r^rrr rer^pectful 4efr?n*ri«-e. ihervf<>re f«>r the o>RimuDic*ation^ 
of the ^fovrrnor '/f Penri-vlvaiiia. he ouirhl to exAct the return «>f a 
j»riblic otfi<:*:r '»fj ^oiiitr pHvo'*'*. «»r an afli*iavit. K»f«>re he takc-s measure:^ 
for si|ipr»fh*--ri'iinfr Mc*iuire & other*. On this occa^^ion however, the 
^forvrnor oi" P«Tin*vlvaiiia hnil-i'* his .Jtrniaiid on the <l4>curaent.s tran:*- 
rnitt*f<l to the 'iovemor f»t Viririnia. n«»t on^-of which ha*(the seDiblani*^ 
of \>rirf}f that they *io fi*j*.' t'p>in jn<ti«.*i-. Permit me ti» to ol^sserve. Sir. that 
the (iffVtTWtr of Pi.-nh'iylvariia \< |Hrrhaps ii«>t appri'ieil of a fact which 
the pr^tho. notary of the .supreme c«>urt of PenD;!(ylvania ha** this 
monicrit -itateil to me in writinir. tf>-wit: that in the sprinsr of ITIH). he 
inrtin-'l wntrt ot <'upias ai^ain-*t theni: that it wa.* retume«J that MeGuin* 
k Par*ons irere not foHnd. an»i that Wells wa.s taken ami committe<i. k 
thai nothiiiir wu*» «lone at the laM >e'*'*ion in th«ft^^ eases. Xowthisiji 
no complete prrn^f that even McGuire an«i Parsons have fled from jus- 
tice. It manifests that Welln has not fled, and it evinces the necei*sitv 
of caution in hnintlin:; a man as a (Jeserter o! a fair trial. 

The |>erson chari^cl with a crime must not only flee t mm justice, hut 
he must hr found in another . stale. At first it may seem nnimportant. 
wh«?lher he he .so foun<l or not; because if he be not there, he can sus- 
tain no injury from an arrest. I will not decide how far his chartictcr 
may HUtl'er, if he be proclaime«l thnrj^hotit a state as a fugitive, whiMi 
he may never have entered it; nor j'et what other inconveniences be 
may umlergo. But if the probability of these be striking, he ought not 
to be hunted for by public authority at mndora. The expence. although 
aflerwarcis repaid, and the trouble, which cannot be avoideil in the pur- 
suit, <night not to be carelessly thrown on a sister state. Hence it is 
nuule a ))rerequisite to a demand, that the culprit shall be founil in the 
state; that is, that some satisfaction be given, that government will not 
be put upon a trivolous search. In this case, no legal exhibit is shewn 
to this eflect; nay, it is presiimable that Wells remains in the custody of 

The person charged with a crime, fleeing from justice, and found in 
another state, is to be delivered up to bo removed to the state having 
jitrisfh'rtion. In this place I am compelled to differ from the Attorney- 
(ieneral of Virginia in two points, lie is pleased to aflirm that to sup- 
port the tlenumd, 'There must be a defect in tho jurisdiction of the 


state from which the demand is made, & an exclusive junsdiction in the 1791. 
state making the demand," and that "the Executive of Virginia cannot July 20th 
comply with such demand, until more additional provisions by Law, 
shall enable them to deliver up the offenders.'* 

It is notorious that the crime is cognizable in Pennsylvania only; for 
crimes are peculiarly of a local nature. Therefore his two con<Iitions 
are here fulfilled: namely, a defect of Jurisdiction in Virginia, & an 
exclusive jurisdiction in Pennsylvania. But if it were conceived that 
Virginia might chastize offences againt Pennsylvania, or that an 
action might be maintained in Virginia, for what is a crime in Pennsyl- 
vania, it would not follow that the latter could not demand a malefactor 
from the former, for the clause in the constitution was obviousl}' 
dictated by a wish to prevent that distrust which one state would cer- 
tainly harbor against another in situations so capable of abuse. Besides 
it corresponds with the words of the constitution if the state demand- 
ing, has a jurisdiction; although it might not be an exclusive one. 
And these ob.^ervations would have equal weight, if the federal courts 
in Virginia could animadvert on crimes arising within the limits of 
PennsyUmnia. But the Constitution directs that trials "shall be held 
in the state where the crime shall have been committed." 

I differ farther in not discovering the disability of Virginia to deliver 
up the offender. It has been sometimes fancied that by delivering up, 
is meant only that the State from which the demand is made, should 
express an approbation that they may be apprehended within its terri- 
tories. But as a State cannot be said to deliver up, without being active, 
and it might disturb the tranquility of one State, if the officers of an- 
other were at liberty to sieze a criminal within its limits; the natural & 
safe interpretation is, that the delivery mu^t come from Virginia. 

To this duty the executive of that State offers no objection, but they 
contend that her own Constitution and laws and those of the U. States 
being silent as to the manner & particulai's of arrest & delivery, they 
cannot as yet, move in the affair. 

To deliver up is an acknowledged federal duty, and the law couples 
with it, the right of using all incidental means in order to discharge it. 
I w\\\ not inquire here how far these incidental means, if opposed to the 
constitution or laws of Virginia, ought, notwithstanding, to be exercised; 
because McGuire & his associates may bo surrendered without calling 
upon any public officer of that State. Private persons ma}'' bo employed 
& clothed with a special authority. The Attorney-General agrees that 
a law of the United States might so ordain, & wherein does a genuine dis- 
tinction consist between a power deducible from the constitution, as 
incidental to a dutj- imposed by that constitution, & a power given by 
Congress as an auxiliary to the execution of such a duty? Money in- 
deed must be expended, & a State may suspend its exertions until the 
preliminary proofs are adduced. 1 cannot undertake to foresee whether 


1791. the expondinf^ Stale will be reimbursed. If the constitution will uphold 
July 20th such a claim, it will doubtless be enforced. If it will not, it must be 
remembered that that instrument was adopted with perfect free will. 

From these premises I must conclude that it would have been more 
precise in the Governor of Pennsylvania to transmit to the Governor of 
Virginia, an authenticated copy of the law declaring the offence; that 
it was essential that he should transmit sufficient evidence of McGuirc 
& others having fled from the Justice of the former and being found in 
the latter; that without that evidence, the executive of Virginia ought 
not to have delivered them up; that with it, they ought not to refuse. 

The Governor of Pennsylvania, however, appears to be anxious that 
this matter should be laid before C'ongress; & perhaps such a step might 
content all scruples. But at any rate, I can find no obligation nor pro- 
priety which can warrant the interposition of the President at this 
stage of the business. A single letter has gone from the Governor of 
Pennsylvania to the Governor of Virginia. A compliance has been 
denied, & the denial has proceeded from a deficiency of proof in two 
instances, from a misappi^ehension of fact in another, & probably unten- 
able reasoning in some others. This deficiency then, ought io be sup- 
plied by the Governor of Pennsylvania, and the fact which has been 
mistaken, placed on its true footing. As to any inaccuracy of reason- 
ing, the President can do no more than shew to the Governor of Vir- 
ginia where it lies; he cannot be authoritative, nor would he, I presume, 
even if he had power, choose to exercise it until every hope should be 
lost of convincing the judgment of the State. 

But this argumentative intercourse belongs to the Governor of Penn- 
sylvania, and ought to be managed by him until the prospect of satis- 
faction shall disappear. At such a period, it may perhaps be reasonable 
for you to interfere; but now to interfere, would establish a precedent 
for assuming the agency in every embryo disputes between States: 
whereas your mediation would be better resei-ved until the interchange 
of their sentiments & pretentions shall fail in an accommodation. 

I have the honor to be, &c. 

July2l8t Colonel William Davies to Governor Randolph. 

Phila- Your Excellency's favor of the 14th inst. has been received with 

delphia the papers inclosed. Williamson docs not go far enough in his informa- 
tion, as ho mentions neither the counties assigned to him nor the quan- 
tities, nor kinds of supplies ho received & distributed. At some leisure 
moment it would be well if he would ]mrticularize these circumstance^t 
particularly the first. 


I believe in a former letter, 1 mentioned that concerning the value of 1791. 
the property destroyed at Norfolk, a proper debit against the United July 21st 
States, I had selected from the Auditor's Books the several entries under 
that head, and had carefully collected every paper in the Executive & 
Legislative offices which respected it, particularly the letters of Gene- 
rals Lee & Howe advising & urging the measure. These & other impor- 
tant papers 6n this subject I have here with me. 

The account Mr. Hay mentions to have stated the quantity of tobacco 
destroyed by the British, I find in the books of the Commercial agent, 
to which he referred; but it will be better to keep out of view in this 
business the connexion of that office with this tobacco, *as otherwise it 
will with justice be alleged that it was never intended for the continent 
(U. States), but wholly for State disposal I shall, however, by another 
opportunity enclose a copy from the commercial books with a view of 
obtaining an authentication of ils destruction from other quarters, 
especially as a great number of hogsheads of public tobacco were rolled 
into the river at Fredericksburg by the express ordei-s of General 

I have examined the papers sent forward with young Mr. Claiborne, 
and am sorry so much time has been employed at such expense to so 
little purpose, as a very small part of what the papers contain can be of 
the least service. What I wished for, was a copy of the credits Vir- 
ginia appeared upon Mr. Munford's books, which should not have em- 
ployed one person a week at the utmost to have completed. The gen- 
tlemen, however, have gone a great deal farther, and have sent the 
accounts & vouchers of the issuing commissaries not only in Virginia, 
but in Carolina, as among others. 1 find the issues of the Continental 
commissary at Wilmington. 

I know nothing particular of the transaction or contract with Hunter, 
Banks & Co., renpecting the cannon mentioned in your Excellency's 
letter of June 13th, nor do 1 find anything on the books of the war office 
about it. 1 have, however, some faint idea of having had something to 
do with Mr. Banks on some such subject, and it runs in my mind it was 
for the purpotH; of a valuation. Possibly he may be able to be more 
explicit as to dates than your letter mentions, as it would save a great 
deal of time in searching. As this will go hy a private hand, should 
anything appear on this head before sealing it, I shall enclose it. 

I have the honor to be, 

Your Excellency's most obcd. Serv*t. 




July 2l8t 


J. Pendleton, Solicitor, to the Goveunoh. 

Enclosing of dolinquont sherifts' accounts from twenty-nine Coun- 
ties, for the several consecutive yeai*s, Irom 1784 to 1791. Althoui^h 
these officei's had levied on every species of property liable, they had not 
been able to collect the taxes for *' want of buyers." 

July 22d 

at Caix3 

John McComb, Junior, to the Governor. 


1 have the honor of acknowledgini^ the receipt of your Letter ot 
the 15th, respectinii; the materials formerly de]>osited on this j)lace. 1 
have been much deceived in the depth of the sione, as I was informed 
that they lay within 8 or 10 feel of the surface; but I find lliem from 10 to 
25 feet under the sand. 1 have raised about 100 perch, which has cost 
£187, 10s; being iiiformed that might be raised at a lower rate than 
new ones would be brought for, 1 made no contract to get them from else- 
where. So that I shall be obliged to raise as many as will la}' the foun- 
dation of the Light-House, and will then stop, unless I find ihem nearer 
the surface, as I can have stone brought at lower terms. 

IJiave the honor to be, with due esteen), 

Your Excellency's most obed't & hum. Serv't, &c., <fec. 

July 27th 

J. Pendleton to the Governor. 



Having just taken possession of the public books prior to '87, 
which have been so h)ng in the liands of the lato Solicitor (Lcighton 
Wood) and apprehending they are not in the con<lition 1 might have 
expected to find them; Regard to my own reputation impels mo to 
request the hon'ble Executive will be pleased to appoint a Comin'ee 
of the Board to i/i'^pcct the books of the Auditor's Office })rior to s\l March^ 
'87, which were by law committed to the hands of the late Solicitor. 

I have the honor to be, with respect. 

Your Ex'y's much obliged & ob't Scrv't. 

July 28th 


J. Ambler to the Governor. 


In compliance with the directions prescribed by the act entitled 
"An act to remedy abuses in the manner of selling Lands for the pay- 


meut of Public Tiixos. " I transmit the eerlifieates of the Commis- 
8ionei*8, which have been two yeai^s returned to tiiis office for Lands pur- 
chased by them in behalf of* the Commonwealth, and which still remain 

I am with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most obed't Servt. 


July 28tli 

Samuel Coleman, Clk., reports to the Executive the number of militia 
returns forwarded from the Counties of Essex, Charles City, Orange, 
Norfolk Borough, Campbell, New Kent, Chesterfield, Louisa, for the 
spring of 179L The County Lieutenant of Chestertield makes oath 
that no fines have ''come into his hands by virtue of his office" anterior 
to the 20th of Ma}' last. The commanding offi(x'r of Norfolk Borough 
has sent his list of Fines assessed in April last. 

July 30th 


J. Pendleton to the (tovernor. 

Aug. 2d 

Requests an order for Mly pounds to be paid to Mr. Samuel Shepard, Solicitor's 
to defray the expence of sending out executions and notices against office 
public debtors. 

Jn Council. 

The committee appointed to visit the public offices requested to ins])ect August 2d 
the books of the Auditor's Office, i)rior to the first of Manrh, 1787, In Council 
which were by law committed to the hands of the Solicitor, and report 
to the board. 

Th. J0UN.S0N, J)'d Stuart, and Dan'l Carroll to Covernok Bev- Aug. 2d 

ERLEY Randolph. 


We are vi^vy Hovyy to see by 3'our letter of the 25th of last month 
to Doct'r Stuart, that the State of your Treasury gives any apprehen- 
sions of its inabilit}' to answer our Occasional drafts. 

The President's letter of the 13th April, from Richmond, and other 
Intercourse, did not suffer us to fearanv Embarrassment for the current 
experices on account of the fe<lerai City. We are now so circumstanced 





August 2d 


that wo must in a little Time pay about 8ix thousand Dollai*s, nor can it 
bo omlttod without dis^'oditing tho undertaking. Unwilling as we are 
to add to Difficulties, wo cannot but take tho chanco of a better State of 
the Treasuiy, and have drawn on you in favor of William Deakins, our 
Treasurer, for six thousand Dollars, and begg that if it can be done it 
may bo honored ; if it cannot, we shall be under the necessity to raise 
the money if we can by private Credit, for in this Stage the business 
would be very much hurt by a want of punctuality. 
In treating your best offices, 

We are, Sir, 

Your mo. Obed't 8erv*t. 


Sam'l Coleman to the Governor. 


Tho papers put into my hands for examination from Kentucky, 
consist of a pay-roll and muster-rolls to support it, according to the in- 
structions of tho Exocutivo of the 29th of December, 179D, of Captain 
Cook*s company of Rangers, ordei*ed into Service by General Scott 
under the aforesaid Instructions; a pay-roll & muster-Roil of Captain 
Ashby*s company; A Pay-roll & nuister-Roll of Captain McMurtey's 
Company, and a Pay-roll & Muster-Roil of Lieutenant Hodges* com- 
mand — the muster-rolls proved by the Oaths of the officers commanding 
the several Detachments and signature of General Scott. The number 
of men employed amount to 200 — of coui'se less than the number au- 
thorized; to the command of which a major has been appointed, whose 
amount of Pay & Rations is marked No. 5. Capt. McMurtey's account 
of retained rations, No. 6, is pro])erly authenticated; No. 7 contains 
claims against the commonwealth which do not appear to be authorized 
by the acts of the Executive, above mentioned, unless they can be con- 
strued as part of General Scott's necessary expences; No. 8 is the ab- 
stract and vouchers for the Rations, which appear to be in number 9005 
to which perhaps may be added 1123, which were annexed to one of 
the muster Rolls; this, however, is doubtful — I make tho number neces- 
sary for the support of the troops to be 10,963. No. 9 is General Scott's 
own account, which is not authorized by the Executive, but the pay- 
ment of such expenses as he might necessarily incur in calling into sor- 
vico tho aforesaid troops, was directed. 

I have the llonor to be, Sir, 

Your most ob't Servant. 


Wm. Henderson to Govbbnoe Beverley Randolph. 1791. 

Relating to the Sheriffalty of Campbell County. The commission of August 3d 

Mr. Stith as Sheriff, he supposes obtained by misrepresentation. Campbell 


Harry Hetii to the Governor. August 4th 

Relating to the Tobacco in his hands; that it will be impossible to Richmond 
dispose of it by private sale. There is about "40,000 pounds of Trans- 
fer Tobacco in Crop notes, laying at the different Inspections of Rapp'k 
& Powtomack Rivers & a small proportion on this & York River." This 
Tobacco unfit for market by private sale — Asks instructions as to its 
sale by Auction. 

James Innes, Attorney-General, to the Governor. August 4th 


I have revised the act of assembly passed in the Fall Session of Richmond 
1787, from which you made an Extract in your letter of yesterday. 
That law is improperly punctuated, and from that circumstance, I pre- 
sume the doubts of the Executive as to the purport and extent of the 
word damages must have arisen. The first proviso in the 5th section 
enables the proprietors of hinds sold for the payment of Taxes to redeem 
them by paying into the Treasury the amt. of the Commissioner's cer- 
tificate within six months after such certificate shall be delivered to the 
Treasurer, with twenty-five per centum damages on the amount thereof, or 
within two 3'ear8 thereafter by paying double the amt. of such certifi- 
cate. The second proviso directs that if such payments be not made 
within two years from the time that such certificates shall be paid to 
the Treasurer, in that case the Executive shall cause such lands to be 
sold to pay the amount of the debt due the public, with damages and 
expenses of sale, or in other words; to pay the amt. of the debt, with 
the damages due the public, and the expenses of sale. By affixing a 
comma after the word damages, it becomes disconnected with the expenses 
of sale, and thereby has retrospect to the twenty-five per centum which 
the law in the first indulgence held forth; obliges the defaulter to pay 
by way of damages for withholding the public revenue. Under the 
interpretation of the law, and I hold it to be a just one, the lands 
alluded to must be sold to pay the debt due the public, with twenty-five 
per centum accruing thereon, by way of Damages, and the expenses 
legally resulting from the sales thereof: the residium, if any, to go to 

I am respectfully, Sir, 

Y'r most ob*t Servt. 


1791. David Stuart to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Dear Sir, 
Angust 5th I have received your letter, accompanied with the draft of 

Alexandria the Public lniildin«j^s, and return you my thanks for your kindness. As 
soon as Major L'Knfant is done with it, I will return it. At a late 
meeting of the commissioners, I informed them of 3'our communication 
respecting the low statu ot the treasury. We are, 1 assure you, in a 
very embarrassing situation for want of money. The surveyors, with 
their assistants an<l about forty men who have been employed in opening 
streets, ever since the spring, have received but little pay yet. Much 
is still to be done previous to the sale of lotts. Unleas we can satisfy 
them in some degree, we must expect to lose them. I learn clamors 
will soon be published, and besides discouraging others, will furnish a 
rich subject of triumph to those who still affect to treat the residence 
on the Potomac as chimerical. This boint' our situation, we have 
thought it best to send you our draft, and take the chance ot the tirst 
money which might come into the Treasury, hoping withall, it might 
possibly be sooner than you have expected. Would it not be practicable 
to get the three Southern states to contribute a little towards the build- 
ings? I cannot but think it just and reasonable that they should, as 
the measure of fixing the residence of Congress in so southern a position, 
was dictated as much by the consideration of accommodating them, as 
us. With compliments to Mr. Randolph, 

I am, D'r Sir, very sincerely, 

Your ob't Servt. 

August 5th Col. Ed. Carrington to Governor Randolph. 

Richmond It appears to be the opinion of the district heretofore represented in 

the Senate by Gen'! Edward iStevens, that it would be proper for me to 
give an official certificate or notification to your Excellency of his 
acceptance of an office under the Federal Government. I do not sup- 
])Ose that this would be necessary for the ascertainment of a fact, which 
his exercise of the office of Inspector ot the Revenue must unavoidably 
give daily proofs of, yet in conformity to a request which has been ma<le, 
I now hereby do my.sclf the honor to inform you that General Stevens 
has been appointed to the above office, that he has accopt.ed it, and is 
now acting under it. 

I have the honor to be with great respect, Sir, 

Your most obed. S't . 


Will. Deaken. Jr., to Governor Beverley Randolph. 1791. 


I have by this day^s post, forwarded a letter to you from the com- Autni*d. lOih 

mijisionei's appointed by the President, on the Hubject of the order, (U*ifrui* 

which I now enclose, and for the •amount of which I nhall draw on you OrX" 

for smaller sumrt for the convenience of Xe^otiation here, which draftH aucUmi^A in 

will be drawn p'ble 10 days after sight, as it may be a convenience U> * ** ** *^ 
your Auditor. 

I am. Sir, 

Your ob't Hervt. 

Adam Clement to thk (joveknok. AhuU^U 

Requests the G«»vernor l'» S4:'Im1 hi*^ coinmishion an Sh^friff. >«o thai he iMtaiAtt^W 

'•may take place next Court." or an answer v> that he may know lUtt *>'*^''*y 
Governor's iletermiiiation. 

John St^clf and Milt^ .S*-M^ri. 'r^tunmiX^i*: Ut *rXittn'uw. r*dnnt of wuf' A*HnM Utit 
rants is^-uv-l bv the AudiUir ir^^iu l*t Jsiuu^rv Ut tiTpiU Jul v. of thi* 
year. ne|.»'^r: iht-ni a.-? *'orT*sf^\tt*iA\uif wjih th^r u«i^:*i*!,*^ry rowchtim, Jk 
en trie*. Am:-. 

>AM L r<>»Li:M.%.V 7<J TBI ^/<'Vt*«/>*L At^ JiJtij 


of Mr. Fr-ri^'.-L rj^ir-^iL^r. i»*^ r*^^'T*.-'i i.u*r ^.Vrtjf.i"ii.ii»: */* li^.-^'^Mcu HKf^^M^J^ 
of Mr. CLirj-c* J'.-t/»?^- a.? -3 H* ffir^ri**-! ♦-.i.i* ^vr.t.*--* v.tsi i>"? CvJ^y*r.f<£id 
thr -A>i Crr:'5 vx:-^ v> s* Mr J>ut »fi Voft'j. It. vr^-^ t-^ «> ^^■*i:: -v-^rv^r^^j 

that Ll«'tr ♦•'.•ijri-i i«i'^ •>*:*r!.:ii"t.v '.^if Hu^u^M' wit**i Hvl^iuKAi 

TvW tik«4Ht '.H#*>(J *M:iri- 




Aug. 12th 


J. Dawson to Governor Beverley Randolph. 


It is with sorrow I inform you of tho doath of the hon'ble C. Biil- 
lett; an event which took place on the 8th inst. at the Warm Springs, 
in the County of Bath. 

I have honor to be, 

Your Excellency's most Obed't Serv't. 

Aug. 13th 


Richard Stith to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Relating to the recommendation by tho County Co. of Campbell 
County, of Henderson, Stith, and Clement for the office of Sheriff. In 
his petition, he makes request as follows: "Let Henderson continue 
till next March Court, then Stith take place, and continue til September, 
12 months following, and then Clement to take place at right time of 

Aug. 15th 

Geo. Skillkrn to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Botetourt Relating to a recommendation of magistrates by the County court of 
County Botetourt County, made in the month of May, 1791. Apprehends that 
his letter to the Governor on the subject has miscarried or been lost, as 
no commissions had been received. 

Aug. 20th 



General Charles Scott to the Governor op Virginia. 


I have the honor to receive your favour of the 2d Ma}', (tho 25th 
of .luly). I have to say in answer, that I have don overj'thing in my 
power to obtain such a statement as you require, from the moment the 
business was taken up by the Federal government. But the awkward- 
ness of some and the inatentlon of othei*s, has forbid my doing it to 
this day; nor have I been able to get the returns in any shape whatever 
notwithstanding my IVciiUont lepeated applications. Jefferson has not 
sent in neither its strength or the account ol tho guards, without my 
authority could be extended to arest & bring to Immediat trj'al. 1 am 
sure I never shall be able to do the Duty required. I have sent by Mr. 
Fowler an acc't of all the expenses that I have been able to procure at 


that time, & shall as soon as possible forward the whole together with 1791. 
our strength, as also the Depredations Committed on our frontiei-s, as Aug. 20th 
you wish. Notwithstanding the vigorous exertions that has been made 
against the savages on the noi'thwost of the Ohio, they have been con- 
stantly on our frontier in some or other place. As late as the 6th Inst., 
they had surounded the Post at the great bone lick; the officer at that 
place sends me by express, who passed out in the night for a Reinforce- 
ment to enable him to do the Duty Required. The 15th inst. Gen. St. 
Clair calls of the whole of the guards; this would not only break up 
that valuable salt work at the great bone lick, but Destroy a powerful 
settlement now about to be made in that quarter, & Distress the Inhabi- 
tanee amasingly. Under these considerations, together with the earnest 
solicitations of Respectable Characters, I have thought proper to con- 
tinue a guard of an Officer & 25 men at the Lick, by authority of the 
State Government, which I hope and trust will meet your approbation. 
We have now out under the command of Gen'l Wilkinson 700 mounted 
volunt<3ers — their object is that great town Kekiah, on the Wabash; 
they are hourly expected to return. The Grand Army under Gen'l 
St. Clair moves about the Ist Sept'r; about the 8th of the same month, 
I shall move with a large body of mounted Infantry volunteers — those 
exertions I hope will soon make it unnecessary to continue any guards 
in our quarter. I do myself the honor of forwarding to your Excel- 
lency for your particular satisfaction, an acc't of my late expedition 
against the Indian towns, Weaw & Kithlepohenonk & its neighbouring 
villages, but cannot Learn whether it got safe to hand. 

1 have the honor to be. Sir, 

Your ob't Sei-v't. 

Judge J. Mercer to Governor Beverley Randolph. Aug. 2lBt 


As the season for the District Judges setting out on this duty is Fredericks- 
very near, It may not bo improper for me, an individual, to advise your "^^ 
Excellency that Judge Bullitt certainly dyed at the Warm Springs on 
this day fortnight; his servant & horaes returned home last week; this 
many know, but my Brother Robert yesterday, had it from Mr. Michael 
Wallace & Mr. Thornton Alexander, both just from the Springs, that 
the}' were at Mr. Bullitt's funeral on Wednesday, was scon at night, so the 
truth of this fact is now as well attested as is usual for anything out of 
an Official Line, and I mention it now solely because such a Report 
prevailed in Juno which proved to be premature. 

I have the honor to be, 

y'r Excellency's most respectfull 

& very humble Servant. 




Hardin Burnlev to the Govkrnoh. 

Aiij:. 25tli Been honored with the fJovornor h letter of the 23d iiist., and will 

Orange Co. ondeuvor to attend at I he time appointed lor the meeting of the hoard. 

MathewH Receipt of ArmisM Smith ior three copies of the reviscMi Laws of Vir- 


ginia, for the County of Mathews. 

Aug. 27th 

Report of Committee on State op Auditor's Books. 

Richmond The committee appointed on the 2d inst. to inspect the books of the 
Auditor's office, prior to the first of March, 1789, an4i which were h}* 
hiw committed to the hands of the Solicitor, have in pui*suanco thereof 
proceeded to the examination of said Books and report as follows, viz: 

That the Duties of the Solicitor required to he performed by the act 
ol 1780, entitled "an act for the more etTectual collection of taxes and 
public dues" have been much neglected, particularly a correct list of 
Balances, due either to or from the ]>ublic, and the Balances at present 
can only be seen by a reference to the Auditor's Books, which appear in 
many Instances to be very Erroneous. 

That the act of October, 178G, entitled an act to explain the act for 
the reform of Public Boards, Directed the Solicitor to state all Balances 
due to the Commonwealth prior to the first day ol March, 1787, in a 
special Book, distinguishing between specie, Conimutables and paper 
tmnsactions, &c.; this he has also neglected to perform. No such Book 
appears, and the Balances can only be seen by reference to tho Auditors 
Books, which are very incorrect, and do not show tho distinction fairly 
in any case. The conwnittee are of opinion that in order to ascertain 
an accurate list of Balances, the accounts must be examined, eoniparetl 
with the vouchers, and entered in such a sj)ecial Book as is roquii-cd 
by the act of 178G, under the direction of the Auditor, which will be a 
work of much labor and perhaps the only mode by which such list can 
bo obtained. 

(Signed) JOHN STEELE, 


Aug. 27th 


Report of Samuel Coleman, assistant Clerk of the Council, to th«.» 
Governor, on the letter of Abner Vernon and Jesse Ilargravo, relating 
to the imputed indebtedness of James Hunter, deceased, as superin- 
tendent of the Public Foundery. The letters of Vernon and Hargrave 
with an account, accompany the report and are tiled therewith. 


Colonel Wm, Davies to Governor Beverley Eandolpu. 1791. 


I have for some time past been engaged in a daily attendance at the Aug. 28th 
office of the General Board, with more satisfaction on both sides than Phila- 
was expected. In the examination, I find immense advantage from the 
use of the various executive books, which I have bro*t on with me, as 
where the evidence which is wanting in one is often amply supplied in 
another, and as far as we have proceeded, every charge of monies ad- 
vanced on account has been admitted where a settlement appears to 
have been made, and the object of appropriation defined; nor has there 
hitherto been a single charge rejected, except one introduced thro' mis- 
take of expenditures in Lord Dunmore's expedition against the Indiana. 
From some cause or other I perceive a considerable jealousy with respect 
to the purchase of horses, which it will be important to remove. At 
present 1 need not specily any others than those purchased in 1775, by 
Col. Innes and some others — mostly field officera of the fii*st and second 
regiments. The official characters of the purchasers added to the evi- 
dent necessity of possessing the speediest means of intelligence in so 
exposed a situation as Williamsburg, would have been admitted without 
much hesitation, as sufficient circumstances to support the charges on 
this head; (were? I to judge from the facility with which charges on 
other accounts have been admitted, tho' supported by less reason), did 
there not exist some unfavourable impression on this subject previous to 
their entering on this examination? At present all the charges for the 
purchases of horses lie open for further discussion & information, as do 
those for the gun-factory at Fredericksburg, and the monies advanced 
to Aylett Snicker's account are all admitted to Dec'r, 1776, which I 
believe terminated his agency. Uawkins' expenditures to July, 1776, 
are also allowed, as have been the advances on account of sulphur & 
saltpetre to nearly the same period. 

Having been very much engrossed in preparing for the outset in this 
business, conceiving that a good deal depended on fii-st impressions, 
especially as the present mode of investigation was adopted at my 
request, I have not had leisure to inform you anything on the subject 
for some time, and it is with pleasure I can now add that so far as the 
examination has proceeded, the opinion of the board seems to have 
become more & more favorable; as for these three days past, our time 
has been employed in reviewing charges which had i*eceived only a 
qualified admission, in order to give them an absolute sanction. Could 
your excellency procure from Col. Innes any written information about 
the howes, it will be acceptable, as well, also, at some future time, the 
intelligence requested in a former letter from Mr. Sam. Williamson. 



1791. I have not as vol met with any thing in the public books or papers 

Aug. 28th that ran exphiin the transaction with Banks, to which my attention was 

I some time ago, gave Mr. Charles Baldwin a certificate for bis ser- 
vices for alH)ut two months, the precise time and sum, I have not at 
tiiis moment, the power to recoUect. but I believe it was not for more 
than for thirty dollars, or thereabouts. 

1 have the honor to be. Sir. in much haste. 
But with the highest res|»ect. 

Your Excellency s most humble Servt. 

Av^. 29Ui Ho. Sacndkbs to Johx Pkndlitox. 

Williams* 1 should sooner have answensl your obliging favor of the 3d 

^^'"^ instant, but that i»nstant engagement fn>m home have prevented me 
I now inclos^^ vou theorier ol i-vmrt. ^nntimratiministnition. and when 
you tind a convenience, my father will thank you to r«mit the balance 
of salary. Air. Pienv died :i^7th of May. so that the sum will be easily 

Mr. lie\^m\ the bemrvr, will be a sate band to send monev bv. 

Lkti Rxrvxx to thi Govnyoa A!n> Cocxciu 

Petition tor rvmission ot' tine im|x>9<Hi on him by the Hustings Court 
ot the City of Richmond for rv:ailing spirituous liquors without a 

The pctiiioner States that he employed a certain Isaac Toonghusband, 
a pravrtL^UjC lawyer, to defend h;iu against the charge afon^said, but 
^thac the said I:»aac Youo^husbau i Nf'Qa: calied on business in another 
S;a:e. cailtxi to enter biuiseLt as an a:to'y tor your petitioner, and em- 
ployee no ivrson to atiena to hi* tus-nxtss in his abeenc*. In conse- 
«|ue;ivv v^f whiv'h a juitgment by ^ix^raiil; w;k« awarded against your peti- 
t:v^:v*r. an-i a due impoij^i ou ai'vii Wa^neupoa the petitioner prays 
s;;.vCL rx'Iief as luav s«ai :(SjS«. 

v^pc^ l^ lc>i;>:;QULeei vs. Jo^a vVaae. ti^ y.Mia^r. :a ;h*? c»>anty of Berkeley, 
B^HL'jev CXv JK>* •--• ri'^r^.wr v^* Abcaraai V4.««.>.*irT:v' vic ;h^ :?aa&e ctMinty. Adjourned 
K^ tb"C iwoecal Court. !k*r •r.i?c'i.'*v 



Samuel Coleman to the Gtovernob. 


I have compared the account of Mr. Daniel L. Hylton with the 
Foundery as exhibited to the Boai"d for payment of a balance, which 
appears to be duo him thereon with the Books of said Foundery, and 
find it correspond, and believe said balance to be justly ascertained. 

I have the honor be. Sir, &c. 


Sept. Ist 


Colonel William Tatham to the Governor. 


I herewith enclose a topographical analysis of Virginia, which I 
desire you to accept. 

I have handed this to the World under a State title only, that the 
community may have the use of it; But it is my intention to extend 
the plan throughout the Union. Our citizens and youth may hereby 
acquire a competent information of their county. 

Sept. 3d 

Capitol of 

J. Ambler, Treasurer, to the Governor. 

Objects to the return into the treasury of the Tobacco notes remain- 
ing in the hands of Mr. Ileth, the agent, as such return would make it 
more difficult to settle his agency account, and to be understood by the 
Committee of the General Assembly. 

Suggests that the Board <iirect Mr. Heth to dispose of tbese notes 
either for cash or facilities. 

Sept. 7th 

Miles Kino to Governor Beverlbt Randolph. 

Sept. 7ih 


Mr. Brough informs me he intends to resign his office as Notary ftkhmond 
Pnblick for the Town of Hampton. I will take the liberty to re<;om- 
mend Mr. Thomas Jones, Jr., of Hampt'jn, Ut supply the place of Mr 


With great rc?H[H5i*t, 

Your very Ilumie .S<;rv'L 



1791. William Bri<lgcr recommended to the Governor as a proper person to 

Sept. Stli collect the Revenue Tax for tiie County of Isle of Wight, for 1790.* 

Sept. 8th 

W. FousHEE TO Governor Randolph. 

Richmond Requests a " warrant for Eleven hundred and seventy-five pounds, 
sixteen shillings, & 2?, on account of the purchase of Delinquent shares, 
by the Treasurer in the James River Company." 

Sept. 9th 

At a <listrict Court held at Staunton, "Elizabeth Hazel, late of the 
County of Rockin/^ham, spinster," who had been convicted of niuixler, 
*' was again led to the bar," * * * * when the following sentence 
was pronounced by the court, '*that she be hanged by the neck until 
she be dead, and that execution of this judgment be made and done 
upon her, the said Elizabeth Hazle, by the sheriff of Augusta County, 
on Friday, the twenty-fii*st day of October next, between the hours of 
ten in the forenoon and two in the afternoon of the same day, at the 
usual place of execution." 

Sept. 9th 


Beverley Randolph to Jas. Innes, Attorney-General, 


I am applied to, to issue a commission appointing Brett Stovall sur- 
veyor of Patrick County, on the enclosed certificate, signed b}^ only 
two of the Profes80i*s of W. & Mary college. Doubting whether a com- 
mission granted upon such a certificate will bo legal (more especially as 
it has not the President's name to it), I shall be much obliged to you 
for your opinion on the subject. 

And am. Sir, 

Your Obcd't Sorv't. 

To which the Att*y-Gen'l responds: 

I think under the land law of 1779, the signature of the president 
of the College ought to be annexed to all certificates of Examination 
and competency respecting surveyors. 

*lt seonis that the collei^tor was empowered by the Executive to collect also the 
Ff venue taxes for the yeurs 1788 and 1789, then due, although it was believed that 
the pcHiple would refuse to pay them. 



Sincere and True Friend to Governor Randolph. 1791. 


I bog leave to acquaint you with a circumstance that is thought Sept. 9th 
necessary to be communicated to you. Lately here in this County, one Accomack 
Kichards was brought from Richmond, the pei'son who had charge of 
him was directed verbally to tell the Governor that he might save him- 
self the ridiculous trouble of offering any reward for the people who 
banged the men lately — saying that if the Governor was hero himself, 
and behaved as these men had done, that he would be hanged in the 
same laconic manner. The person who made use of this very impolitic 
cal language, is a certain Wm. Gibbs, belonging to our court here. Was 
he to be sent for to Richmond & have nine & thirty, it would serve to 
produce decency to our Government, which appears to bo much want- 
ing; such expressions as Mr. Gibbs, tends to cut the throat of our 
United Government, which all looks at with much pleasure. 

I am, with great regard, Sir, 

Your mo. obed't h'ble Serv't. 

P. S. — It is highly probable that the person who was sent with Rich- 
ards from Richmond to Accomack, had too much modesty to deliver 
tho message, but true, it is such a rancorous one was sent one, that in 
any other Northern State would be most severely punished & it is 
shrewdly hoped that Mr. Gibbs may be sent for, up and take 39 quietly 
in a publick or private place, at your option & that of your Hon'ble 
Council. Mr. Gibbs has been told be may expect a whipping, & he is 
apparently unable to suppress much fear of it. 

RoBT. Brovgh to the Governor. gept. oth 


As I am about to remove from Hampton, I must resign the office 
of Notary Public for that District. ♦ ♦ 

With the highest respect, &c, &c. 

Jno. Hopkins to the Gtovernor in Council. Sept. 12th 


I have received another drmfl from Col. Deakins, on account of the Bicfamond 
Federal Buildings in addition to the one sometime since rec'd, of which 


1791. one thousand dollars are paid * * * I have therefore to propose to 
Sept 12th receive payment, or a part thereof in the hands of some of the pur- 
cha.sors of public Tobacco. * * 

I have the honor to be, with great respect, 

Your mo. ob't Servant. 

Sept. 14th Treasury Office, 14th Sept., 1791. 

Amount of sales of Crop Tob., ... 5,080, 3s, id. 

Do. Transfer, ..... 347, 17, 7, 

Specie in the Treasury this 14th Sept., '91, - 1,136, 10, 8, 

Deduct allowance made thereout to James River 

Co., £1,175, 168, 2id. 

One of the drafts to federal commissioner allowed 

Mr. Hopkins, . . . - . 300, 

To Lunatick Ilospital, .... 150, 

£1,325, 16s, 2}d. 

Sept. 15th Jno. Hopkins, to the Governor. 


I take the libert}^ of transmitting to your Excellency for the 
inspection and decision of Council, sundry papers and documents, in 
respect to and in support of the claim of Mr. Walter Hopkins on gov- 
ernment, for bis service rendered the public in 1777, * * * * 
expresses the opinion that this claim is as well founded as any that can 
be made on the justice of Government, as will fully appear from an 
inspection of the documents transmitted. 

Should it be impossible to pay the whole sum, hopes "that about 
sixty pounds may be now paid in part." * * 

I have the honor to be, with perfect respect, Sir, 

Your mo. ob*t Servant. 

Sept. 15th Robert Dixon, William Nicholson and George Poythrcss testify under 

State of Oath, that a certain Benjamin Woodward, then in the common jail, in 

^^^^^ the County of Richmond, in the State of Georgia, is the identical per- 

Richmond son who was formerly a resident of Dinwiddio County, in the State ot 

County Virginia, and has long been noted for his vilany for counterfeiting the 


public papers of that State, and for wLoso arrest an J delivery to the 1791. 
proper authorities, a large reward was offered by the Governor of Vir- Sept. 15th 

Thos. Booth to thb Governor and Council. Sept 16th 

Informs the Governor that ho has lately established a Foundry, and 
is in want of old cast iron to carry on his business. iSuggests that on 
the shores of the lower part of the State, there are many old salt pans 
and rusty cannon, unfit for military use, which he is willing to buy at a 
fair price. 

William Cabiness to the Governor and Council. Sept. 15th 

*' Conceives himself to be injured by a Recoinmendation of the County 
Court of Nottoway, in which Philip W. Greenhill was nominated as 
Captain to a company in which the said Cabaness hud long acted as 
Lieutenant commandant." ****** 

He thci'efore "praj's that the commission of Captain to the said P. W, 
Greenhill may not issue to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of 
Capt. Fletcher." 

John Harvie, David Ross, and W. Fousheb to Governor Randolph. Sept. 16th 

Request the Governor to lend the James River Companj^ about one Richmond 
thousand pounds of the publick powder, to be returned and delivered at 
the arsenal when the fresh powder expected from Philadelphia shall 
have arnved. 

F. Watkins to Governor Beverley Randolph. Sept. 20th 

Encloses copy of the Record in the case of John Abbott, convicted of Prince 
horse-stealing, and sentenced to be hanged at a court held for the Dis- Edward Co. 
trict of Prince Edward County, accompanied by a paper signed by P. 
Henry, Wm. Cowan, L. Stokes, J. Breckenridge, Rich'd N. Venable, 

*The capture of Woodward was regartle<l as a matter of so nmrh imix)rtance 
that a reward of $400 was oifere<l for his arrest and delivery to the DiKtrict Jailer 
at Petersburg. He was arrested at Aujrusta, Cxeorgia, and ))n night l)y Major Long- 
street and Alexander McMilean, to the city of Kichmon<l. 


1791. Samuel Duval, Thomas Molloy, Al. McBae, & Creod Taylor, attornioB 
Sept. 20th practiHiug, and Jno. Tyler, the judge presiding at the said Court at the 
time of the said trial, recommending the pardon of the said Abbott. 

Sept. 20th Colonel Wm. Davies to Govsrnob Bevbblet Randolph. 

Philadelphia I continue to be daily eni^aged at the office of the General board, in 
the examination of our account and with the same success. As I form- 
erly mentioned the gi*eat use I find the various books to bo of in ex- 
plaining bj- some one or other of them the object of advance, which in 
many instances would not otherwise appear, I need only hero observe 
that after 1778, when the register formed by the commissioners of ao- 
counts terminates, the Ledger of the Auditor's becomes essentially 
nooessar}-; and unless it is sent to me, I shall be under the necessity of 
opening an account for each person to whom advances were made, 
leaving all the charges in the meantime o[>en till some liquidation of the 
account appears. Whereas by recurring to the ledger, the whole of 
such person's transactions a])pear in one view, and the sanction of the 
General board can be obtained and every advance of money at once ad- 
mitted agreeably to the settlement on it. This would be an unprofita- 
ble labor, if there wei*e time for it, which there is not; and indeed 
without this additional business, I am now and shall continue to be 
obliged to employ a young man at the rate of sixty pounds a year, to 
copy, make extracts, alphabets, tables of contents, references, and to do 
other similar business, as in many cases transcripts of the evidence as 
found in the different books are required to be filed, and it is wholly out 
of my power to do this sort of business, and at the same time accom- 
pany the examination of the account, when my presence is indispensa- 
bly requisite; and from my pi'esent prospects, I apprehend I shall be 
obliged to employ assistance to compleat what remains of the specific 
and militia accounts. 

Fi*om the progi*ess we have made and the principles on which we 
pi-oceed, I am rather inclined to hope the State will pi-ofit by the loss of 
the documents & vouchers as hitherto I have mot with scarce a srngle 
payment, but what, from some of the books, I could shew its object, nor 
hardly one advance without evidence of its settlement; of course for 
want of something to be objected to, there seems a necessity of admit- 
ting the whole charge, although in many cases there would probably lio 
exceptionable items in the account itself, did that now appear; in tbo 
same way too, the payment of a balance often covers a great number of 
advances, tho' in some instances I have reason to suspect the settlement 
to have been partial. 


Conversing on this subject with Mr. Wood (late Solicitor), I am happy 1791. 
to find him of the same opinion, as ho tells me there were many double Sept. 20th 
payments, owing to forged vouchers in the early part of the war, which 
but for Arnold would now appear to the prejudice of the State. I re- 
ceived your Excellency's favor covering Mr. Randolph's affidavit, respect- 
ing the destruction of the papei*s of the Auditor's office. Mr. Blair's 
testimony with respect to those of the Executive and their missing 
Journals would also be proper. Mr. Jefferson has the Original letter of 
which 3'ou enclosed the copy, and will afford his testimony as far as his 
memory' goes. It would be an advantageous circumstance, could the 
correspondence with General Washington on the part of the State prior 
to Mr. Jefferson's administration be obtained, after elucidating some dif- 
ficulties during a dark period of the account, it might be deposited 
among the archives of the State; for which purpose Mr. Jefferson tells 
me he designs the copies he has directed to be taken. I shall have 
occasion to draw on your excellency for £20 Virg'a currency on account 
for contingencies. 

And remain, with great respect. Sir, 

Your Excellency's most Humble Serv't. 

Col. Jas. Barnett's case, comprising depositions and letters pertaining Sept. 2l8t 
to a contract between said Barnett and Edward Stephenson, by which 
Stephenson engaged to furnish the guard at Poi*t rations for the ensuing 
season, in consideration of which, "Stephenson was to give Col. Barnett 
five dollars per month for liberty to furnish the men in rations." 

This element in the contract was the foundation of the charge pre- 
ferred against Col. Barnett of promoting his private interest at the 
expense of the public. 

John Moss to Governor Beverley Randolph. Sept. 22d 

Recommending Thomas Grafford, jun'r, as a proper person to execute 
the office of Inspector of Tobacco at Alexandria Warehouse. 

John Edwards, LiBtJTENANT op Bourbon County, to the Governor. Sept. 26th 

Sends an account of Militia fines and disbursements of money, and 
wntes, " I am called on at present for 123 militia for three months service, 
it appears to be so disgustful to the people, I am afraid, notwithstanding 
every exertion of my oflBcei-s and myself, I fear Gen'l St. Clair will not 
receive tlie number of militia he has called for." 



1791. General Chas. Scott to the Governor of Virginia. 

Sept. 26th I am honored with your favor of the 4th of Aiig't. So far ad it 

Woodford respects myself, it is highly satisfactory, I trust and make no doubt it 
^y^ty ^jjj ^^ g^ iq ^h concerned; there is still some accounts for servieos don, 
that has been sent bacit for want of order that has not been don & sent in ; 
80 soon as it is possible to get them, they shall be sent forward to Mr. 
Fowler, in order to lay before the counsil for settlement; among those 
accounts there is twelve pounds for two men going Express from Lime- 
stone to point pleasant, one hundred & seventy miles; thoy wear fired 
upon on their way & a horse killed belonging to Mr. Charles Vancover, who 
obliging furnished him in onler to expedite the business. It appears to 
me Reasonable that he should bo paid for him, the alarm being well groun- 
ded & Required expedition. You will receive herewith a general Return 
of the Militia of the District, taken in April last. I have ordered a 
more accurate return to be made by the first of November, which shall 
bo forwarded without delav. 

Your orders for fVirnishing the commanding general on the North- 
west of the Ohio, with such numbera & species of Militia as he might 
call for; found us in great confusion, the demand having been made, and 
the men warned several days before your orders Came to hand, & too 
late for me to communicate them to the Distant parts of the District 
before the Day of Rendevous, the consequence was, out of the twelve hun- 
dred called for, three hundred only appeared, which I instantly ordered 
on to headquarters, & sent ordera to the several County Lieuts. to make a 
second drafl to Complete the Deficiency by the fourth of October, which 
I hope will be in time to gain the main army before they get too fare 
advanced in the enemy's country. Be assured. Sir, that every exertion 
will be made to comply with this demand, but the unfortunate cam- 
paign of last fall has alarmed our people so amasingly tiiat I fear it will 
be with great DiflUculty I shall get the number called for. 

The grand army under Gen'l St. Clair has taken up their line of 
march, their front is advanced about forty miles twenty dKys since, 
where they mean to establish a post. I have heard nothing from them 

With Esteem & Regard, 

I have the honor to be, Sir, your ob't Servt. 

Sept.2Wih Religious Society of Quakers of the County or Frederick, to the 

Governor and Council. 

Frederick Respectfully showeth that having experienced the Benevolence of the 
County General Assembly, extended to us for many yeara by the act of 1767, 


Exempting our society from the obligation of attending at musters of 1791. 
the militia. In the year 1784, it was again revived, continuing the Sept. 29th 
Exemption to us. We take the freedom further to represent that in the 
year 1782-1783, and the first part of the year 1784, the court martial 
proceeded to assess fines on us indiscriminately, for our non-attendance 
at General & private musters, the Collection of which in a great meas- 
ure has been suspended, the court not having been fully satisfied as to 
their right of imposing or collecting such fines, and as a general Tolera- 
tion has prevailed over this, as well as many other christian countries, 
we with confidence lay our sufferings before the Executive authority of 
the state, in whom the constitution has placed the power of remitting 
fines and forfeitures in all cases where they may judge it right and 
proper so to do. In support of the justness of our request, we can 
only say that being restrained from bearing arms, or engaging in wars, 
or fighting ol any kind, from our religious opinions, we trust and hope 
in these enlightened days we shall not be oppressed for tenets, which 
restrain us from compliance with what other denominations of Chris- 
tians consider as a duty they owe their Country; in all other respects, 
we consider ourselves as second to none of our fellow Citizens, in a 
punctual compliance with, and respect for the laws of our country. 
We therefore hope the P]xecutive will take our hard case into the most 
serious consideration, and grant us a remission of the fines contained 
in a list certified by the clerk of the Court-martial, and which is also 
certified agreeably to the law, by our monthly meetings. 

Signed on behalf of Hopewell & Crooked run monthly meeting, held 
the 26th & 29th day of 9 mo., 1791, by David Lepton & Goldsmith 
Chandler, Clerks. 

Winchester District, September Term, 1791. September 

The commonwealth vs. John Crane, venire to-wit: — Gerrard Alexan- 
der. John Bates, Thomas Grigg, Benjamin Strother, David Gray, John 
Taylor, Magnus Tate, William Dyles, Abraham Shepherd, Joseph 
Wamsford, George Reynolds & William Helm. 

Commonwealth vs. John Crane, Jr. October 1st 

The deposition of Hugh McDonald * * "deposeth and saith, that 
on the fourth day of July, 1791, he was cradling Wheat in a field of 
John Cmne, with scveml other persons, amongst which was a certain 
John Dawkios. The field we were then harvesting was adjoining a field 
of a Mr. Thomas Campbell, which said Campbell had about twenty-five 
bands reaping for him. Mr. Crane and his hands, together with myself, 
went to dinner; after dinner we returned to our work. A negro man of 


1791. Mr. Cranes informed John Dawkins & the rest of oa, that Mr. CampbelVs 
October 1st hands had sent U8 a ehallcDge to fight them; upon which Dawkins highly 
resented & said he would go and see Campbell's hands, for he was not 
afraid of any one man that was then in CampbelFs field. After some 
little time, Mr. Crane eamo from his house to his field; John Dawkins 
then said to Mr. Craue that Campbell's hands had sent him A his hands 
a challenge. Mr. Crane made answer ft said he did not know what 
harm he had done to offend any of Mr. Campbell's hands, ft said he 
would go and know the truth of it; which we all then went too Camp- 
bell's field to ask them what offence we had given them?'* They an- 
swered, none. Campbell then invited Crane ft his harvest hands to take 
a drink of grog with him; which was done, and then Crane ft his hands 
returned to Crane's field. * * Crane went to his house ft was lying 
on his bed, when the noise of Campbell's hands approaching Crane's 
house, induced Crane to order them off his premises, ft threatened to 
shoot Yanhorn; ft Merchant then assailed Crane, and in the fight Van- 
home was stabbed. * * 

October 1st Jambs McClurq and Rob't Goods to the Gtoyernor and Council. 

Richmond We, the underwritten members of the Executive, appointed to Exam- 
ine the Treasurer's accounts, have carefully examined the specie. To- 
bacco, and Bills of credit of the 18th of March, 1780, remaining in the 
Treasury on the thirtieth of September, 1791; (on which day the Treas- 
urer is directed to close the annual accounts of his office), and find in 
Specie the sura of three thousand five hundred ft forty-five pounds, Is, 2d, 
notes for Crop Tobacco to the amount of three hundred and fifty-nine 
hogsheads q'ty, three hundred and sixt3''-nine thousand five hundred ft 
thirty-five pounds nett; also, eight hogsheads of light crop q'ty, seven 
thousand ft eighty -six gro., and twenty-one thousand two hundred and 
thirty pounds gro. Transfer — making in the whole twenty-five thousand 
seven hundred ft forty-two pounds nctt Transfer, and amounting (at the 
rates at which the said Tobaccoes were received agreeably to law,) to 
five thousand three hundred and fifty-three pounds, lis, 8d. We find 
also, Bills of Credit of the 18th of March, 1780, commonly called 1 for 
40, money to the amount of eighty (80) ^ve pounds, 16s, received like- 
wise in part of the arrearages of Taxes. 

October Ist E- Langham, Superintendent, to Governor Randolph. 

Point of Reports the total number of Arras at Point of Fork, intended to be 
^^^^ put in good order at ten thousand. Adds that it is impossible to state a 
more particular account of the Stores at this post ft other places, except 
by last Quarterly returns. 


Joseph Jones to Governor Beverley Randolph. 1791. 


I am informed that Mr. Frederick Jones. wLo in recommended to l>e October 3d 
the next sheriff of our Count v, isend* over to vou for hi« eouimiH«ion, Dinwiddle 
& that he intends to qualih' at onr next Court. I have t<>ld him that I 
thought he could not until mv two yearn had expired, which will not 
before our next Dec'r Court, as vou'l see hv the date of mv first com- 
mission, which was in Dcceml»er. 1769. By the law passed in 1785, To 
amend the several acts of assembly concerning the appointment of 
shenffs. I find there is a clause that ex^ry sheriff' hereafter to be appointed 
shall continue in office for one ye^ar aAer his qualification, and may with 
his own consent, k the approbation ol the Executive, be continued for 
two vears. It is mv wish to continue in office until December Court, 

mm ' 

as my Deputies are not obliged to make up their collections with me 
until then, and if I shall go out of office, the^* will not then be obliged to 
fulfill their agrc^ements with me ior this reason, i trust that you and 
your Hon'ble Board will have no objection. If Kr. Jones was to lose 
any thing by my continuing until theu. 1 would not wish it. but as I am 
to loose k he not to be any gainer. I am surprised at his having a wish 
to injure me. for he will keep in office two years i'rom his qualification. 
I do not know whether before you and the Council, or our court, is the 
proper place to cioniesi this matter. * * 

1 am, Bir. with great respect, 

Your most ob. Servt. 

John FArLKinsR. D. C, I., to the «xov£itSioit. October 3d 

Being informed that a ]*etitioij will l*e presented to Lis KxeeUencj lor Priooe 
the pardon oi John AbUiit. thinks it hi#» duly to iniono the Owemor *^*'««d Cu, 
of his chara^aer. He *has beeij wLipl. cn»jil and branded lor his ol- 
feoees, and if the most LurieLd iTeattire he ever had in hih charge.* 

^AM'L rktLEMAK Tt* TBE ^iOTOlKOR. Ociolier4tll 


As Qsnai I iiav^ examined thv quarterly accounts i'rom the post cif Council 
Point of F(»rk. and iind the Pay-Koll u3 the Buperintendeiut. Artificers ^«»<* 
abd ru^rd lor the iaxt qiiaru*r u* bt ei^rhty-nine pounds, one shilling 4 
eight peiioe. that in tht couhm: ol isaiU ijUivrver. six hundred and fifty- 
sevtfii niiMikeU^ havr kieen tctuckt^ at the Pust. which at («s. M« «ach. 


1791. amount to two hundred and nineteen pounds, and that by an account of 
October 4th cash received and expended, there appears to remain in the hands of the 
Superintendent, thirty-six pounds, twelve shillings and ten pence for 
purposes therein expressed. The papers are herewith submitted. 

E. Lanouam to the Governor. 


The number of guns that was necessaiy to be stocked at the 
port of Point of Fork to make up the numl^er of goml arms, 10,000, is 
nearly completed. Wants instructions as to stocking such gun bar- 
rels as may remain after stocking the 10,000 required. 

October 5th Sam*l Coleman to the Governor. 

Council That since his last report, the County Lieutenants of Brunswick and 

office Orange have made returns of the strength of their militia for the Spring 
of 1791. 

The county Lieutenant of Orange has certified on oath that no mon- 
ies have come into his hands by virtue of his office, and Lieut,- Colonel 
John Bacon, of the New Kent Militia, and Col. Charles Allen, of the 
Prince Edward Militia have resigned their commissions. 

I have the honor to be, &c. 

Petition of John Kemp, convicted of Forgery. He prays a pardon 
for his oifonce, which is granted. Petition numerously signed by citizens 
of Henrico, urge the pardon of Kemp. 

October 6th H. Smith to Governor Beverley Bandolph. 

Russell Co. Immediately on the receipt of your Excellency's instruction of the 

25th of April, 1791, I gave orders to the commanding officers of com- 
panies to raise their proportions of fifly men, which I Judged absolutely 
necessary for our defence, but not one man would serve. The approach- 
ing expected peace, to be made the last of May with the Chorokees, 
seemed to look with a favorable aspect on our troubled Country. I not 
willing to trust my own judgement called a council of officers, where- 


upon it waB advised to be unnecessary to order any more men until it 1791. 
was known whether the Indians would accept the terms of peace of- October 6th 
fered them at the then expected treaty. After this we remained toler- 
able peacable except some horses stolen, till about the last of August, 
when part of two famihes were killed; the week following, Elisha Faris 
and three of his family was kill'd, and his daughter, a young woman, 
was taken prisoner. Abodt a fortnight ago, ?^amcs Warton, Esq., and 
his family was killed, and a negro taken prisoner. In this unhappy 
situation I cannot raise a man in this county for its defence, no man is 
willing, nor, I believe, can be forced to strip his unguarded family, 
equally exposed to dangers, of the only help and comfort they have in 
himself, to defend others more distant but less dear to his natural 

A very considerable part of the county is at this time, instead of tak- 
ing up arms to defend themselves, employed in moving their families to 
the interior parts of the Country, out of the reach of Savage cruelty. 

I beg leave to inform jour excellency that this county, from its vicin- 
ity & intermediate situation, with respect to the Cherokees and North- 
ern Tribes of Indians, is perhaps more exposed than any other county 
on the frontiers of this State. It covera Washington in its full lengthy 
reaching one hundred and fifty miles in length, and being generally 
very narrow and thin settled, and fi-om the obliquity of Wythe county 
line with the direction of the general Indian War roads, it covers a con- 
siderable part of that county. I am humbly of opinion that 100 men 
or at least a full captain's company, in justice to this county, ought to 
be employed for its defence from the interior counties not exposed to 
danger; and I believe that if something like that is not shortly done, this 
whole county will become a prey to the Savage, or be forced to the 
disagreeable alternative to quit their dear earned possessions to pre- 
vent it. 

I have the honour to subscribe myself. 

Your Excellency's Obed't Humble Serv't. 

U. Heth to Governor Randolph. October 6ih 


Inclosed you will receive acc't sales of crop and transfer tobacco Richmond 
irora 20th Dec^ to this day, also ace. of sales of the Tobacco sold at 
auction, and statement of the Tobacco received. " * * * 

By the 20th inst., expects to be able to close his agency finally. The 
inclosed accounts extend from Dec'r 20th, 1790, to October 1st, 1791. 


1791. Richard Parker to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

October 7th Incloflos tho record of the District Coui*t held at the city of Williams- 
burg, the 5th day of Oct., 1791, when William Smith, Emanuel Driver, 
and John Driver, were convicted of Burglary and sentenced to be hung. 
Col. Parker Htates briefly the circumstances and condition of these 
culprits, and leaves the matter of Executive Clemency to tho Governor. 

October 7th Luther ^Stoddard to the Executive. 

Enclosing several papei*s in his behalf. States that he is in actual 
confinement on two executions in favour of the Commonwealth, amount- 
ing in the whole to about £50, which sum (he) is totally unable to dis- 
charge, or any part thereof; that by misfortune he has lost all his prop- 
erty — real and personal; that ho was only security on the bond on 
which the judgment was obtained against him; that during his confine- 
ment he is deprived of the power and means of acquiring a daily sub- 
sistance; is read}' and able to prove the truth of all his stat<$meDt8 — ^for 
these reasons prays a speed}' release from his confinement. 

October 9th Edward Argher TO THE Governor. 

Norfolk States that he is indebted to the Commonwealth on a judgment fd- 
cently obtained against him; that he has no property — real or personal; 
that an execution has been issued against his body, which will compel 
him to take the insolvent debtor's oath, unless permitted to pay the 
debt by instalments. 

October 10th ^^^i. Granger convicted of the crime of Forgery at a District Court 
Richmond l^old in Richmond the tenth day of September, 1791, and sentenced to 
be hung, prays that he may be pardoned. 

October 10th JoHN CusTis to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Accomac Co. Informs the Governor that there is but one Jail in the county of Ac- 
comac, which is appropriated for the use of both the District & County. 
Mr. Covington Broadwater is now the District Jailor, and was at ibe 


me when so appointed ibo County Jailor; but when recently applied 1791. 
> to receive as county Jailor some prisoners, he refused so to do, unless Octol>er 10th 
1 exorbitant price was paid him. Recommends Mr. Harlly Sapington, 
ho resides in the town where the jail is, as a suitable person to fill the 
laces of both District & County Jailor. 

Wm. Stokes Petitions the Executive for a stay of Execution on a October 10th 
idgment in favour of the Commonwealth for six or seven hundred Norfolk 
:)unds; that unless the execution is stayed, his recent losses will compel 
im, though reluctantly, to take the benefit of the Act of insolvency. 

Petition for Respite. October 12th 

overnor Beverley Randolph : 

The petition of William Granger and Hugh Chavers, under sen- Richmond 
jnce of death in the public Prison at Richmond, Humbly Sheweth 
lat your Petioners understand that Friday, the 11th inst., is the day 
Hotted for their execution. That your petitioners acknowledge they 
ave been rather neglectful of their time in making due preparation for 
mt awful day. Not having a divine to attend them. * * 

mplores your Excellency and the Honourable Council that if you 
on't think us objects of mercy sufficient to spare our lives by a general 
ardon, that you will be pleased of your great goodness, to grant us a 
38pite for a week or two, that we may be enabled through the assist- 
Qce of the Almighty and some reverend divines, who we trust will 
ttend us in order for our edification in the doctrine of religion, which 
■^e are at present very little vei-sed in. Your petitioners therefore 
[umbly pray that as it is only tor their souls' Preservation they offer 
p this petition, that your Excellency and the Hou*ble Council will 
e so Humane as to grant it. 

rovcrnor Beverley Randolph, Esq.: October 12th 

The Petition of the Subscribers humbly sheweth, that they have Fredericks- 
)ng known Humphrey, a slave, * * now a condemned prisoner in hui^g 
be jail of the corporation of Fredericksburg, and until his commitment 
n suspicion for the crime of which he has been found guilty, ever con- 
idcred him as an honest, faithful, and obedient slave, and that they do 
only believe that his guilt in the present instance was occasioned more 


^>j r£.Li:N]':.L or ^ i^tiltai^i:^*- 

17i*l iM til. V ifKi't: KuiiriiiitnMK' ii' miioni liioL irr miv vstivt liepTHTiTT if 
ijiii ;i :ui iiiur*'^ »»■ viiur tsirelitJiii'v uiiL iiUiiiiim- fir iiXrniciaur iKiruoi*. 

> « ft ft « 9 « 

^iii:ii»-'t i'^ II I iirtMitmi; ariiur ui; t in: ant 'I-nniiiLdi'v taitii. I*iaii 
iiiir:\.!VA. uiuuf ••Ill»lMl^ iR lilt fMrj»uruLioL al FrtftitirmfiaJtiiirx: 

f>Aoi*bf liftl <.*<'viii:KOL Brriau^rr ilA.ni4ii^^ ti* "Wh^i^iah Jutsi. 

Ki>.'Uimrtiil -M' Jji»ii^*«l r«yi will u rufcru. wiii- liiiTt il i^iwi(»dr I»tnijuniii Vi».«t- 

«( u ! -a ^ it*.' !«- luk '/L u ; • u li -M'r h ] *rt Hiiiuuut'i i n ' c c liiit SuiU:. iiii.t}ii l i •: > 

l»v lilt h.2L*i*MiV.\*r Tom wiii i»t rreod tiDOuiri' i^ prt^riat jtir -uitiiL ibt 

ujiv-»ici ^o ^j^wj} iXi liii* unuiitT- 

I uiL Sir, 


i>^\isjf:il Appiicmi'/ii I.Neio;^ m&44r for jJurmeLt of the rtic-iosie»d BiH drmwc 

<Miif»: ijy WjJJijifji Hiii^uuov (ju iLc Tren^urer. in laroar f*[ J-obn Girtult. for 
Z^m I><>Jiair>. it \^ UHi:*sw^rv tbjit the Board he infonn<Ml thai the said 
Bill it( oii'r of thooe contaioed in Shmonofi'^ ]iM of Bill«. bv which hi^ 
auyyyufjt wat^ fytfttl^::^ by the £xe«cutire. pursoast to a resolotion of the 
J2i>t *!>«NH»iorj of ANseuiUv. 

I have the Honor to be. Sir. 

Your most obe*i Servi. 

OcUilxfr I'kh Wberea** I have thi.H day received information from his Excellency 
Town of JJeverley Handolpb, E«q., Governor of this state, that Benjamin Woo<l- 
PeUrmhurg ward \h now on hirf way to this Town to undergo his examination, on a 
cdiar^e against him for counterfeiting the Public Securities of this and 
the state of North Carolina. I therefore request any person that 
can give evidence either lor or againt the said Woodward, touching the 
said offence^ that they will inform mo thereof, and be ready to attend 
the said examination. 

R BATE, Mayor. 


At a court held for Hampshire County, the 13th day of October. 1791 : 1791. 

Ordered, that it be certified to the Hon. the Executive, that the Court Oclnber 13th 
House of this County is now in such a ruinous State, that it is become HinnpHhire 
unfit for the purpose of holding Courts therein, and that it will be con- ^<^""^y 
vonient for the court to be adjourned to the House of Posey Drew, in 
the Town of Romney, untill a new Courthouse can be erected. 

A Copy from the minutes. 


Herod Vadcn, convicted of forgery in the District court, composed of October 13th 
the counties of Prince George, Sussex, Dinwiddie, Amelia, and Notto- Petemburg 
way, was sentenced to be imprisoned three months in the District jail, 
and to pay a fine of thirty-four pounds, and after the expiration of the 
three months* imprisonment to be held in jail until the payment of the 
said fine. Petitions the Executive for a pardon, on thccortificateof the 
attending Physician that a continuance of confinement would probably 
prove fatal to the prisoner. 

CoL. Wm. Davies to Govbbnor Randolph. Octr^ber 14th 


I beg leave to inclose to your Excellency my account for the last Phik- 
quarter, as also that of Mr. James Murray, fur his services as clerk, delphia 
As it is almost impracticable for him to dispose of his small demand, he 
has endorsed in my favour for the amount, and I shall include his claim 
in my draft, as well as twenty pounds for contingent expenses of the 
office, as noted below. I wrote some time since to Mr. Ambler for the 
receipt books, from the latter end of August, 1775, U) the first of the 
following year. They were not among those sent on to me, and have 
V>een much wanting. From going over the receipts in the progress of 
the examination of the account, I find roao}' sums omitted, which by 
(K>ssessing the original books, I am able to establish, and tor this 
reason, I think it well worth attention to forward tho«e which were 
omitted to be forwarded. I hope my application for the Audjt/>r's 
ledger may not be forgot. It U matter oi much importaiiC4,', with ret^ 
pect to the expedition of the baiiiiiess particularly. Uitbert/^ i have 
met with nothing in the investigation of the claiius that i have rew¥ju 
to complain oC except, perhaps a Ujo great jealousy oti the part of the 
General board on the subject of horses. I wrote to Colojud H. I>ee on 
this head, expecting more information from him than perhaps any other 
Uncertain however, where be maj' be, my letter possibly may not 


1791. come to his hanilr> tor want of proper direction. Tbe principal points 
Oct/iber I4th to Im estubli.-^hed are tbe kinds or qualities of horseis necessary for cav- 
alry; their prices at various peno<Js of the war; the difficalty, if not 
impracticability of obtaining suitable ones but in Virginia; the modes 
of ascertaining their value, as well as the regulations for impressing as 
practiced b}- the officers of the cavalry; and lastly, the necessity for 
procuring them, and the advantages which resulted from the supply, 
es|>eciaily in the southern service. The continental allowance being a 
hundrc^l dollars, it is evidently an object of importance with Virginia 
to establish her title to an entire reimbursement, considering the over- 
proportion, both in number and quality of those she furnished. I 
took the liberty some months ago, to mention some particulars of infor- 
mation, which Mr. S. Williamson had omitted to notice, and hope it will 
not be found a matter of difficulty to procure his attention once rooi*e 
to the subject. Having no interest with the gentlemen myself, I have 
taken the liberty again to mention the matter to you. 

I have the honor to be, Sir, with great respect. 

Your Excellency's most obedient Servant. 

For contingent expenses on account, - - - £ 20, Os, Od. 

James Murray's wages, - - - - - 8. 13, 4 

1 year's salary for mj'self, . . . . 125, 0, 

Amount drawn for, . . . . . £153, 13s, 4(1. 

October 15th The Commonwealth of Virginia, Dr., 

To Richard Courtney & Larkin Philips: 

Richmond ^^^ g^^"g ^^ Petereburg as a guard to Benjamin Woodward, 

(and) finding their own expenses, 12s, 6d. each, - - £1, 58, Od. 

Pursuant to the directions of the Governor, I employed Mr. Richard 
Courtney and Mr. Larkin Phillips to guard Woodward to Petersburg. 
Courtney informed me that he was obliged to take the Prisoner out of 
the custody of Mr. Rose the over night, and guard him all night at their 
own expense which amounted to 13s, 9d. 


October 15th Wm. Hay, por THE DiaEGTORS OP Public Buildings, to the CIovernor. 

Richmond As it may be difficult to procure money from the Treasury after the 

rising of the assembly which is about to sit, the Directors of the public 


BuildingH think it prudent to have the Balance of the vote of last assem- 1791. 
bly for completing certain parts of the Capitol, set apart in the care of October 15th 
the Treasurer to answer the orders which they may draw in favour of 
the workmen. Mr. Minor wants at present One hundred and fifty 
pounds, & if the Executive see no impropriety in it, the Directors wish 
that an order may bo gi-anted for six hundred & two pounds, nine shil- 
lings & four pence, being the balance of the vote of the Assembly for 
fifteen hundred and sixty-two pounds pr. inclosed State. If the order 
cannot be granted for tbe whole, the Executive will be pleased to grant 
an order for one hundred & fifty pounds in favour of Mr. Minor. 

I am, very Respectfully, Sir, 

Your most Ob't Serv't. 

William McTntosh to the House of Representatives op the October 16th 

United States. 

Petitions that body for pecuniaiy aid in consequence of his infirmity 
produced by a wound in the leg received in the battle at Guilford court 
House, and a wound in the left arm received at the battle of Camden, 
rendered by these wounds "incapable of procuring a necessary support 
in his old age, and possessed of no property of any kind, excites appre- 
hensions of extreme want, without some pecuniary aid from his country." 

John Hopkins, Commissioner of Loans for Virginia, to Governor October 18th 

Beverley Randolph. 


I have the honor of informing your Excellency that I have com- United 
pleted the examination of the Certificates of State debts subscribed to office 
the loan of the United States agreeably to an act passed the 4th of 
August, 1790, and find that the subscriptions to said loan stand as fol- 
lows, viz: Subscribed between the Ist of October, 1790, A 31st of March, 
1791, $87,412 91J Principal, $5,124 18i Interest. Subscribed between 
the 1st April & 30th June, 1791, $359,601 04 Principal, $21,072 82 Inter- 
est. Sub.scribed between 1st July & 30th Sept'r, inclusively, $1,953,323 35 
Principal, $126,036 57 Interest; $2,400,337 30i principal, $152,233 57i 
Interest — Dollars: 2,552,570 88 — amounting in the whole, principal & 
Interest, to two millions five hundred and fifty-two thousand five hun- 
dred and seventy dollars and eighty-eight cents. This is the most accu- 
rate stiitement that I can furnish at this time, as the register is not yet 


1791. completed. So soon as it is in my power, I shall transmit to your Ex- 
October 18th celleney a particular statement of the several species of paper, accord- 
ing to the various classes of them, which have been subscribed to the 
loan. Your Excellency will have observed that the amount of Principal 
in the debt which has been subscribed, is stated seperately from the 
Interest, which has been done with the double view of communicating 
the amount in that particular part of the debt of the State, as well as to 
enable your Excellency to form a judgment of the amount of the re- 
maining debt duo by the State — an estimate whereof I am directed to 
obtain, and which I beg your Excellency will cause the officers of the 
State to furnish. 

I have the honor to be, with perfect respect. Sir, 

Your most Obedient & most humble Serv't. 

October 19th Benj. Wilson to Col. John P. Duval. 

Harrison Co. Discovering signs that the Indians who kille<l Carpenter and others, 
were going towards the West Fork, and thus that the inhabitants of 
that region were in groat danger, and believing that a few active and 
reliable scouts would make the best defence of the exposed people, he 
directed the captains on the frontier to send out ten scouts, for a few 
days, until the arrival of Col. Duvall at Clarksburg. Hopes Col. Duvall 
will apply to Government for their pay, as scouts are so important to the 
defence of the exposed frontiers. 

October 21st J. Ambler, Treasursb, to the Governor. 

Auditor's During my confinement by indisposition yesterday, a warrant was 

office presented at the Treasury and discharged to the amount of £1,500 
drawn in favour of William Deakins, Treasurer, to the commissioners, 
for the federal District. This warrant would not have been paid, but 
on the belief that an order had passed as usual from the Honobl. Execu- 

I am, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most Ob't, Humbl. Serv't. 


Samuel Coleman's Report to the Governor. 1791. 


Colonel Orr presents four Muster Rolls, by which it appears that October 24th 
four Captains, four Lieutenants, four Ensigns, ten Sergeants, and 136 
Rank A file have been emploj'ed under his command by order of Gene- 
ral Scott, to repel an invasion of the Indians against the County of 
Mason in March, 1791. These troops were eight days in service; found 
their own rations, and are exclusive of the number ordered by the Ex- 
ecutive on the 29th of December, 1790, but were thought necessary for 
the particular purpose of repelling the afoi*esaid invasion. He also pre- 
sents an account for two expresses, which is best explained by its own 
face, and an account for his own pay, amounting to £9, 78, 4d. Ho informs 
me that his command consisted of 300 men, but that his repeated appli- 
cations to the Capt. detached under him from other counties, (from 
which also field officers were detached), for their muster-Roils have 
been neglected. 

I have the honor to be, Sir, 

Your ob. Servant. 

James Pendleton, Late Sheriff of Culpeper County, to the Gov- October 26th 


Represents that he was sheriff of the county of Culpeper for the years 
1788 and 1789, and as it was a county of very considerable extent, he 
was under the necessity of engaging several persons as deputies. * * 
That ever since the taxes for the year 1788 became duo, he has urged 
his deputies to settle their accounts of collections; that in June, 1790, 
a judgment was obtained against your memorialist for £1,606, 12s, lid, 
since which time the deputies of your memorialists have paid the sum 
of £1,113, 7s, lid.; that a second execution has lately issued, and been 
levied on your memorialist's estate for the balance of the said judgment. 

Your memorialist therefore prays your Excellency and the Council to 
suspend the further proceedings on the Execution, until the sense of the 
General Assembly may be taken thereon. 

In Council, Oct. 26, 1791. 

On consideration of the above memorial, it is ordered that the same 
be rejected. 

Extract from the minutes. 

A. BLAIR, C. C. 


IT^L ThfinuM B«/<-jca rrtpin* no sh-e Ei»i»!TiujT-<^, thoL la »' mo^^b as the -old 

Crr-j->^r 3-.r.h Ir^n oc :iiL^ "^can^. ' :.:-t-l?l salt rtua:*- hnkfa frfiiij*. rj^i itk>oc aq*! scuhIi-t 

fci»{u3afjcifi arti>i«*« of 'hkr ifcan^^c^r. '!anG.«»r, b»j .>t aiit ojie 5«j tlie Sc^e. an order to 

et'i4:«r»!t th*^ *ajii^ ^'M kvl-jli [*t him :o "c^s^z l>Mir bkr:r^^Ci>Te» tor tiie patlic 

tw**: " oat 'X uh-i *ani'^, Jkt:, 

Wilfiaaai*- At sl mevftinx '>f' t^*-*^ D{r»r»:c.>r* 'A th.-e II'>«pitaI for she maiatenaDce 
'^ And •'^Tir»> of f.^r»«''a- of arL-**^un'i mrn'f. hel-f at the saM H«>$pital the ^h 
day of July. 17!?l- The h^jno^iraMe Joseph Prenii* haTiii^ this day 
rei*igD^i the otKe»r of Din*«jt or to thr* Hot^pttAt Oitiened that the same 
be f:ertifie»i to the Extjcative, an*i that the PresjiJeot be demed to men- 
lion to the Executive the t">[i'>wrri^ Gentlemen a$ coorenientlv situated 
to attend, to- wit: The honoankbEe Cyto^ Griffin, Mr. Charles Hnnt^ and 
Mr. Robert Saander*. 

A copy — Teste: 


October 27ih Cou. Wx. Da vies to Govkksob Bstk&let Raxdolpb. 

Phila- I have received two le^Igers of the Aaditor. which probably will 

aepbia jm^^^er my purpose. The Treasury receipt books are also come to 
hand, and Mr. Venables* has just delivered me your Excellency's lavor 
of the 19th infitant. Mr. Blairs affidavit will account for the want of 
the journals of Council for 1779 & 17S0, which completer the testimony 
required to prove the destruction of the Executive books that are 
miiising. I availed myself of the presence of Mr. Wood to authenticate 
the books I have with me. and to validate them as being the best evi- 
dence the State can offer under the circumstances of Amold*s destruction. 
I gave you my reasons in a former letter why I had hoped that the 
Stale ultimately would not be a loser by that circumstance. I am still 
disposed to retain the same opinion, for reasons communicated by Mr. 
George Webb, (treasurer for two or three years,) which must inevitably 
have been the consequence of the partial settlements made by the com- 
missionci-s of accounts, who kept no regular ledgei-s. I beg leave 
through your Execllenev to request the favor of General Wood to tranih 
mit me a brief statement of the cause and consequences oi the escape 
of the Indian hostages from Williamsburg. The measures taken with 
respect to the Indians at large, and in general, to furnish such informa- 


lion as will shew the propriety of charging to the United States all the 1791. 
expenees consequent on that event. From some misapprehension, October 27th 
neither Mr. Wood, Smith, or Dunscomb have included in their state- 
ments any of the expenditures on this head, altho* they were considera- 
ble, especially when we take into account the allowance to the commis- 
sioners appointed to the Indian treaty, and the sums laid out in goods 
as presents. This omission gives the claim a more doubtful aspect 
than it deserves, and at first induced a suspicion with the general Board 
that the whole of these paj'ments related to the expedition against the 
Indians of Dunmore and the treaty held with them under his authority. 
An opinion rendered more plausible by the circumstance of Lord Dun- 
more's leaving W'msburg before provision was made by the Assembly 
for discharging the debts created by his western campaign, which of 
course devolved afterwards upon the convention, and by this means 
payments at the Treasury wore making on account of both these Indian 
businesses at the same time, and the receipt so intermingled, as well as 
loosely expressed, as naturally to render it difficult to distinguish the 
different objects of these advances to any person not acquainted with, 
or inattentive to the history of that period. Conceiving full information 
might be had from GcnM Wood, I have ventured to promise it properly 

Some time since your Excellency wrote me about a scale of depre- 
ciation, settled in the western Country. In examining the journals of 
the Delegates, I found what the inclosed is a copy of. 

I am with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most h*ble Servt. 

H. Knox, Secretary of War, to the Governor of Virginia. October 28th 


The President of the United States has directed me to inform your War 
excellency, that he has received your letter of the twentieth instant I^epartment 
enclosing the letter of the fourth instant, written by the commanding 
officer of Russell county, stating the depredations thereon by some In- 

The President of the United States begs leave to confide the defence 
of Russell county to your excellency; that if you should judge that the 
situation of the said county demands the services of a full company 
from the interior counties of Virginia, that you will please to order the 
same from such places and for such time as you shall judge proper; that 
tho United States will pay for the services of such a company of militia 
ats your excellency shall order, according to the rates established by law ; 



1791. a schedule of which is enclosed No. 3: Provided that the said militia 
October 28th shall be musterc<i by some impartial and competent officer of the militia, 
upon the commencement and termination of their services. 

Your excellency will please to appoint some suitable character to fur- 
nish the said company with rations by contract — the price for a ration 
of the description specified in the Schedule No. 2, not to exceed eight 
cents, unless the most formal and authentic evidence be produced to 
your excellency that the ration is not attainable for such price; in which 
case, your excellency will allow a sum conformable to the price of the 
ration. If your excellency should call into service the company of 
militia herein contemplated, I request that you will have the goodness 
to notify me of the same, specifying its numbers and time of service. 

I have the honor to be, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most obedient and humble Servant. 

October 28th Jas. Innes, Attobnet-General, to the Governor. 

Richmond I can find no law of a general nature which takes from the Execu- 

tive the discretionary power of remitting damages or suspending execu- 
tions under public judgments; there are several acts of assembly enacted 
for special purposes, which sub modo inhibit the exercise of the power 
alluded to, but I do not think the case of the Sheriff of Orange comes 
within their influence. 

I have the honor to be, Respectfully, 

Your most Ob't Ser't. 

October 29th Wm. Mills, Sheriff of Spotsylvania Countv, to the Governor 

AND Council. 

The petition of said Mills represents that he has paid the whole 
amount of the taxes due from the said county for the year 1789, except 
the sumot £350, which still remains unpaid; that the present deficiency 
is owing to the non-payment of some of the inhabitants, and not to any 
fault on his part. * * Prays that the solicitor may be directed to 
suspend the execution until the 25th day of December (next). 

October 30th Edmund Randolph to the Governor of Virginia. 

Phila- The commission with which the executive of Virginia honored me 

delphia ^ jj^y before the board of property of this State the land-laws of our 


country, has been duly executed. They were exhibited when a claim of 1791. 
the Gist family came into discussion, and I should not do justice to the October 30th 
Gentlemen who composed that board, did I not report to your excellency 
and the council that they manifested groat candor and liberality in their 
decision, alth' they had before made an opposite determination in one 
or more similar cases, they adjudged to that family all that they asked 
under a Virginia title. 

I have the honor, sir, to bo, with sincere respect, 

Y'r excellency's mo. Ob. Scrv't. 

Benjamin Rice to Governor Beverley Randolph. October 

States in his memorial, That in August, 1780, he qualified as an en- Bedford Co. 
sign of the Militia, in the County of Bedford; That in May, 1781, he 
qualified as Ist Lieutenant, and, that in August, 1784, he took rank as a 
captain of the Militia, by virtue of a commission from Benjamin Harri- 
son, then Governor of Virginia, and took the Oath prescribed by law. 
That altho' the several officei's of Militia throughout the State, by an 
act of assembly passed Oct'r session, 1784, were disbanded, and thereby 
exonerated from the duties incumbent on them, and^ your memorialist 
among the rest, yet your memorialist conceives that he was reinstated 
by a subsequent act passed Oct'r, 1785, Chap. 1st, Sec. 2d. * * 

That he hath no company assigned him by the County Lieutenant, 
but without any cause shewn, hath lately been summoned to attend a 
muster as a private. Will cheerfully acquiesce in the decision of the 
executive on the questions involved in the case of your memorialist. 

At a court held for Rockbridge County, Nov*r Ist, 1791, David Ed- Novem. 1st 
mundson & James McDowell, Gent., were recommended to the Execu- 
tive as fit persons to execute the office of Coroner in the County of 
Rockbridge, and at the same time at the same court. On the representa- 
tion of Sam'l Lyle, gentleman, that on account of age and infirmity ho 
was unable to perform the duties of Justice of the peace, the court cer- 
tified Mr. Lyles statement to the Executive. 

In the House of Delegates. Novem. 1st 

Resolved, that the Executive be requested to procure fifteen hundred 
copies of the laws of the last session < of Congress, or a greater number 


1791. if necessary, having regard to the number of Judges of the superior 
Novem. Ist courts, Magistrates, Clerks and attornies for the common wealth, and 
that they be also requested to have the same number of the Laws of each 
succeeding session of Congress printed, and cause the same to be distri- 
buted amongst the several counties and corporations within this com- 
monwealth, in the same manner as the laws of the General Assembly. 



Novem. 1st In the House of Delegates, Oct'r 25th, 1791. 

Resolved, that the Executive be authorized to direct such temporary 
defensive operations in the county of Russell, or other of the western 
frontier counties (not extending to the district of Kentucky), as will 
secure the Citiisens thereof from the Hostile invasions of the Indian 

Resolved, that the Executive be requested to transmit to the Presi- 
dent of the United States, a copy of the letter from the County Lieu- 
tenant of Russell, with its inclosures, and communicate to him such do- 
fensive measures as they may think proper to direct, in consequence of 
the authority vested in them for the sole purpose of affording defence 
to our Frontier Citizens until the General Government can enter into 
full and effectual measures to accomplish the said object. 



Novem. 2d In the House of Senators, Wednesday, Nov. 2d, 1791. 

The House proceeded according to the Order of the day, by joint 
ballot with the House of Delegates, to the choice of a Governor or 
chief Magistrate of this commonwealth, for 'one year from the first day 
of December next, and the members having prepared tickets with the 
names of the persons to be appointed, and deposited the same in the 
ballot boxes. Mr. Basset t, Mr. Wills, Mr. Cabell, and Mr. Nelson, were 
nominated a committee to meet a committee from the House of Dcle- 
gateS; in the conference chamber, and jointly with them to examine the 
ballot boxes, and report to the Houses on whom the majority of votea 
should tall. 



The committee then withdrew, and after some time, returned into the 1791. 
House, and Mr. Bassett reported that the committee liad according to Novem. 2d 
order, met a committee from the House of Delegates in the conference 
chamber, and jointly with them examined the ballot boxes, and found 
a majority of votes in favour of Henry Lee, Esquire. 

Teste : 


Francis Pbbston to Hon. James MoClurq. Novem. 3d 

Informing him that the commission for the sheriff of Montgomery 
County, was lost in its passage from Richmond up, so that Montgomery 
cannot have a sheriff till the commiss*ion is renewed. * * 

Petition of Matthew Pate. Novem. 4th 

Stating that upon the death of the former door-keeper to your board. Door-keeper 
bis widow was appointed to the vacancy, which she unable to perform, ^ Council 
engaged your Petitioner to act in her stead, but with so small a salary, 
and not to be an object worth your Petitioner's notice. * * Humbly 
preys that he may be appointed Door-keeper to your honorable board, 
wherein be will act with care, diligence, and honesty. 

John Stith, Sheriff, to the Governor. Novem. 4th 

Sheweth that a Judgement was obtained against him in behalf of the 
Commonwealth, for the sum of £562, 9s, Id, of which sum £21, 9s, 9d, 
were Damages, which your petitioner prays may be by order of the 
Executive refunded to him. 

J. Pendleton, Auditor, to the Treasurer. Novem. 5th 

Informing him that the commissioners of the federal District had 
drawn in favour of their Treasurer for $28,000, and desiring to know if 
the state of the Virginia Treasury would enable him to pay it. 

390 calendak op state papeks. 

1791. J. Ambler, Treasurer, to . 

Novem. 5th I this moment received your favour informing of a drafl from tho 

federal commissioners for 28,000 dollars — tho balance of the 40,000 Dol- 
lars directed by the assembly to be paid this year on that account, and 
desiring to know whether the present state of the Treasury will enable 
us to discharge the draft. In answer to this enquiry, I can only say, we 
have at this time 27,330 Dollars; this sum we are ready to pay as the 
Gen'l Assembly may be pleased to direct. 

I am, Sir, very Respectfully, 

Y*r obed't Serv't 

Novem. 5th At a court hel<i for Rockbridge County, Nov. 5th, 1791 : 

Present — John Bowycr, Samuel Kej's, Matthew Ilanna, James Caruth- 
ors, David Edraundson, & James McDowell, gentlemen. 

John Caruthers was recommended to the Governor as a fit person to 
be commissioned as a justice of the peace for tho county of Rockbridge. 

Novem. 7th At a court held for Princess Anne county the 7th day of Nov>, 1791. 
James Robinson, gentleman, was recommended to the Governor as a fit 
person to serve as Coroner for the County of Princess Anne. 

E. H. MOSELEY, C. P. C. 

Novem. 7th James Gibson to the Governor. 

Mathews Petition for a reasonable reward of, or the apprehension in Baltimore, 
County j^j|(j delivery to the proper Officer of Mathews county, William Smith, 
Petition for sentenced to death with his accomplices for an atrocious robbery corn- 
reward milted in the said county of Matthews. Petition accompanied by 
papers indicating the good character of Mr. Gibson and the value of his 


Novem. 7th ^- Gam*l Dowdale to Honorable James Wood. 

Winchester Requesting him to tender to the executive his resignation as Sheriff, 
of Frederick County, not wishing to continue as Sheriff tho insuing 


Sam'l Coleman to the Governor. 1791. 

Relating to the claim of a Ranger for the county of Bourbon, in Ken- Novem. 8th 
tucky, for services in 1788. 

Joseph Martin to the Governor. Novem. 8th 


I do myself the honor to lay before your Excellency the situation Richmond 
of the inhabitants near and between Watkins' and Henderson's line, 
from the North Carolina line, on the blackstone mountains to mocker- 
son Gap, thirty-five miles; from thence to Martin's Old Station, twenty- 
five miles; from thence to Martin's new station, twenty miles; from 
thence to Cumberland Gap joining the Kentucky boundary, two miles, 
all of which is a frontier and greatly exposed to the Indians. This is 
the direct road leading t^ Kentucky. Christman's SUition is north of 
Clinch Mountain in Powells Valley, which settlement begins about four 
miles east of the said Station ; from thence thinly settled to Martin's 
old Station, at, or near the said Station, about one hundred souls, and 
about four miles north of Walker's line. Martin's now station and the 
neighborhood, about fifty souls. This station lies between the two lines, 
all of which has been from the firet settling enrolled in Virginia. That 
part which lies in Washington County is very thick settled, being about 
three miles in weadth and thirty-five in length ; were not enrolled in 
either State last July and is by no means exposed to the Indians. 

I am with much respect, 

Your Excellency's most H. & most obed't Sorvt. 

Beverley Randolph, Governor, to the Honorable Board. Novem. 9th 

Dear Sir, 

I am BO indisposed as to be unable to attend the Council to- 
day ; shall therefore be much obliged to you to proceed on the business 
before the Board. 

Your Most Obed't Sorvt. 

Samuel Coleman to the Execittive. Novem. 9th 

The enclosed papers were once before presented for payment, and Council 
rejected. office 


1791. ShannoD'8 Bill was introduced into his account as an Item, and 

Novem. 0th probably rejected because it could not bo ascertained procisol}' how the 
Peltries were applied to the public use. 

Novem. 10th John Fowlkes to the Governor. 

Resigns his office as jailor of the District court jail of Prince Edward 

Novem. 10th J. Ambler, Treasurer, to the Governor. 

Treasury Application is this day made at the Treasury for payment of 

twenty-eight thousand Dollars, being the balance of the forty thousand 
Dollars directed by the GonU Assembly to be paid in this year for 
erecting the Public Buildings at the federal seat of Government on the 

The payment of this sum will exhaust the Treasury of specie. I am 
therefore under the necessity of applying for advice and direction how 
to act in this emergency. 

I am, Sir, with great respect, 

Your Excellency's most ob't Serv't. 

Novem. 12th Copy of SamM Coleman's Keport in Account for provisions furnished 
the Post at the Point of Fork, for the last two quarters, commencing the 
first of May, and ending the 31st of October, amounting to ninotj^-seven 
pounds, nineteen shillings, and five pence, and found to bo correct. 

Novem. 14th CoL. Wm. Da VIES to H. Lee, Esq. 

Enclosing Abstract claims of Virginia against the United States. 

Phila- I awi much obliged by your letter in answer to my application, 

delphia i»ospecting the horses furnished by Virginia for mounting the cavalry 
during the late war. Interested as I am in 3'our good opinion, and 
unwilling that afler the great pains I have taken to render tho claims 
ol Virginia intelligible, anything should bo wanting on my part that 
could afford satisfaction to those who are to pass upon them, I have 



attonded lo yoar intimation respecting the general account required by 1791. 
the Board. The incloeed abstract is a copy of the claims ai^reeably to Novem. 14th 
the mode in which I have arranged the account, and is a transcript 
from the statement presented to the Board since I had the pleasure of 
seeing you. In appreciating the paper payments, I have used the con- 
tinental scale, and when thai ends, I have reduced at 100 for 1. The 
effect of this mode of valuation is considerably in favor of the State, 
and as no rule of ascertaining depreciation, has as yet been established by 
the Board, I did not conceive myself at liberty to adopt any other 
principle of reduction than what had been sanctioned by congress. 
AAer all, abstracts of the claims of the state can give the general Board 
but little information, unless the principles on which the statements are 
made are previously known, which can only be learnt by an investiga- 
tion of their accounts. 

I shall make no apology for troubling you on the subject of this 
letter, since I have heard of your appointment to the chief Magisti'acy 
of your country. I sincerely felicitate you on the occasion, and as far 
as I shall have the honor of acting under your authority, I shall take 
much pleasure in evincing the respect and esteem with which I am, Sir, 

Your obedient & very h'ble Serv't. 

Abstract of the claims of Virginia against the United 
vances and services on account of the late war, viz: 

Amount of payments at the Treasury, from April 17, 
1775, to Sept. 1, 1777, with interest, 

Amount of payments from Sept. 1. 1777, to DecV31, 1780, 

Amount of specifics furnished to i*equisitions oi Congress 
of FeVy & Nov. 1780, 

Amount of warrants sunk by taxes, &c. subseq't to Jan'y 
1, 1781, 

Amount of bounties paid by classes & under acts of 1779, 
'80, '82, 

Amount of certificates for military pay & depreciation, 

Amount of Militia services, - . . . 

Amount of lead from the lead mines, 

Amount of expences of defending & securing North- 
western territory prior to cession, 

Amount since cession, . . . . . 

Amount of property destroyed at Norfolk, Ac., - 

Amount of payments in specie & indents since Jan. 1, 
1783, to requisitions of congress, 

States for ad- Novem. 14th 

$3,985,388 83 against 

4,722,909 89 ^^^ 



3,812,735 83 
2,745,137 28 

830,390 27 

4,868,362 92 

1,166,076 69 

81,500 00 

1,253,877 30 

10,104 90 

476,350 47 

- 1,352,309 84 
Dollars, 26,516,290 84 


1791. At a court of Oyer k Terminer, held at the Court House of Bucking- 

Novem. 14th ham County, on Monday, the 14th day of November, 1791, for the trial 
of Daniel, a nc^ro man-slave, the property of John Moseley and Major, 
a negro man slave the property of John Addcook, charged with burning 
the Tobacco house with a quantity of tobacco, the property of Isham 
Miles. The said Daniel was convicted of the crime charged and sen- 
tenced to be hung. Petitions numerous signed accompany the record of 
trial sent to the Executive praying the pardon of the said Daniel. 

Novem. 14th Claudb Piatt's Petition to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

That (luring the j^ear one thousand, seven hundred and eighty-ftix, 
he was k resident of the county of Prince George, and duly enlisted his 
taxable property for that year, but the officer who took the list having 
failed to return it, judgment was entered against your petitioner for five 
hundred pounds of Tobacco fine, and one hundred and seventy -five 
pounds of tobacco, & seven shillings and six pence for costs; on which 
judgment, execution hath been issued against your petitioner's person. 
Your petitioner therefore prays that the said fine, &c., may be remitted 
to him. 

Novem. Uth Ro. Shield to Governor Beverley Randolph. 

Richmond States that after the Assembly of 1789, Mr. Jno. S. Langhorne went 
to Cumberland, and on his return the latter end of Jan'y or first of 
Feb'y, 1790, informed him (Shields) that he had settled for his services 
up to that time (with the Executive), but hearing that some vouchers 
in certain counties of his district had not been been collected by him, be 
resumed his services in nearly all of Feb*y and March, and died in April 
before he had an opportunity of making a return to the Executive of 
these latter services; and for which he (Shields) is satisfied Langhoroo 
never received any compensation. 

Novem. 16th H. Knox, Secretary of War, to the Governor of Virginia. 

War Upon a statement of Mr. Moore, representative of Virginia, in Con- 

Department gregg^ it appears that some doubts exist, whether the protection author- 
ized by the President of the United States on the 28th ultimo, and 
transmitted to the Governor of Virginia, should be extended to the ex- 
posed parts of the counties of Wythe, Montgomery, and Washington, I 


am authorized by the President of the United States to assure your Ex- 1791. 
cellency that it is his desire that the defensive protection for the above- Novem. 16th 
mentioned counties should be as effectual as the defence of Russell 
county; and further to inform your excellency that the expence of any 
measures which you may think necessary on the occasion proportioned 
to the object and consisting of the militia, and to be supplied with pro- 
visions in the manner as pointed out in my said letter of the 28th of the 
last month, will be paid by the General Government, on the accounts 
and vouchers of the services and supplies being produced at this office. 

I have the honor to be, Sir, with great Respect, 

Your Excellency's most obedient Serv't. 

J. Ambler, Treasurer, to the Governor. Novem. 17th 

Sixteen thousand pounds in the Treasury' this 17th of Nov'r, 1791. Treasury 


A. Davis, John Dixon, and T. Nicolson to the Executive. Novem. 17th 

A. Davis will print 1,500 copies of the Acts of Congress for £10 per 

John Dixon will print 1,500 copies of Laws of Congress for £10 per 

T. Nicolson will print 1,500 copies of laws of Congress for £9 per 
sheet. Folding each sheet (containing 1,500), £0. 10s, Od. ; Stiching 
1,500 Copies, £2, 10s, Od. 

Samuel Coleman to the Governor. Novem. 19th 


The county of Nelson were allowed by the Board of Officers in Council 
Kentucky for the year 1788, twelve scouts and Eighty Rangers. * * ^ ^ 
I find a pay-roll of Rangers for this county settled by the Auditor for 
1788, amounting to £104, 17s, 9d, and a ration account amounting to 
£82, lis, 6d. The documents or papers containing these accounts were 
withdrawn by Col. Davies for use in the Settlement of the Accounts 
between the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia; and in 
the absence of these papers it cannot be determined whether certain 
enclosed claims are included in these Pay-Rolls or not. 


IT'iL J. Pc3n>LR03i. ArDrroB. to the ExscmrE. 

5<yT^/i. Kfth In obedience to an order of the Hoo'ble ihe ExecatiTe, the Auditor 
AnfiiU/Tft THyfTin the ikrAoant of WarrmntA n^ueii bj their orders, for ihe pmj of 
fjftif^. raiioa* of HangerB employed in the year 1791, to be as foliows: 

To Brigadier Gen'l Scott^ k othen, — Kentackv. • £ 8,819, 16s, 9d. 

Harriflon Rangers, - - - . 98, 13, 10 

Monongalia Rangers. ..... 69, 1, 1 

Randolph Ranker*. - - - 95, 3, 8 

£10,082, 15a, 4d 

Sinem. 20th Wm . Mm ACHA5 axd Be5J. Bioob to ths Gotkesioe. 

Rir;hnir/nd In consequence of the communications which we find have been 

made to you by the Governor of Pennsylvania, relative to certain 
inhabitants of the County of Ohio, we the representatives of that 
County, beg leave in behalf of our constituents to make the following 
statement of facts, which we must request you to lay before the Legis- 
lature for their information u|K>n the subject. Two proclamations have 
been issued by the Governor of Pennsj'lvania for apprehending and 
carrying the said inhabitants into the State of Pennsylvania, there to 
be tried for certain offences, with which they are charged, and under 
these Proclamations, supported by the second clause of the second sec- 
tion of the fourth article of the federal constitution, application has 
been made to your Excellency to deliver them up. Whether this 
application bo founded in justice or not, the protecting wisdom of the 
(jcneral AHsembly will determine. The first Proclamation was issued 
against Francis McGuire, Baldwin Paraons, and Absalom Wells; the 
second against Francis McGuire and Samuel Brady. The circumstances 
attending the first, are as follows: Mr. Davis, formerly a citizen of 
Maryland, removed some years ago into this State, near to the Pennsyl- 
vania line, and brought with him a negro who was born in his family, 
and whom ho had raised from a child. After the lino was run between 
Pennsylvania and Virginia, it so happened that he fell within the limits 
of tho former, where by a law passed in the year 1788, in direct oppo- 
sition as we conceive to the federal constitution, negroes residing for six 
months within the said State, became entitled to their freedom. 

In order to avoid the confiscation of his property, which he had not 
forfoito<l by any ofibnce, having been by the unfortunate dismember- 
ment of Virginia cast against his consent into a foreign jurisdiction 
highly injurious to tho rights of a particular species of property, held 


sacred under the government, from which he was torn, he removed the 1791. 
eaid negro across the line of the two States into Virginia, and there Novem. 20th 
hired him out to a certain Mr. Miller. Whilst ho was with this Gentle- 
man, a certain cluh of evil disposed persons, known by the name of the 
Negro Club, and said to be an arm of the Pennsylvania Society for the 
abolition of Slavery, seduced him back into Pennsylvania with a view 
of indenting him, according to their constant custom for a term of years, 
as a compensation to the said club for their trouble in procuring for 
him his liberty. Mr. Miller finding the said negro had absconded, and 
fearing he should be made liable to pay for him, advertised him. Cap- 
tain Parsons, McGuire, and Mr. Wells seeing this advertisement, and 
roused by a just indignation against such nefarious practices, went out 
and brought the negro back. 

For this laudible attempt to rescue the property of their fellow-citi- 
zens from these artificers of Hj'pocricy and fraud, they were branded 
and proclaimed as infamous by the Executive authority of another state, 
where the true culprits alone are to be found. They are charged with 
having fled from justice, when they have in tact always resided and still 
do reside upon their respective farms, when they have frequently gone 
since, and still do go, into the State of Pennsylvania, and even into the 
county of Washington in the said State, (where they were prosecuted) 
in broad and open day, and appear at all public places unmolested. 
That these men unblemished in their characters, independent in their 
circumstances, actuated solely by a wish to preserve the public peace in 
counteracting machinations to disturb it; that such men, zealous in their 
exertions to guard the property of their fellow-citizens against Robbers, 
acting under the sacred cloak of religion, should be injured in ther repu- 
tation by recorded Stigma without redress, is what we conceive possible 
in a free government like ours. We do therefore hope that some steps 
may be taken to procure the revocation of this pi^oclamation. 

The second proclamation was issued against Francis McGuire and 
Samuel Brady. The circumstances attending this business are more 
extraordinary, if possible, than the former. Some time in February 
last, Francis Ryley's family, consisting of seven persons, was attacked — 
two of whom were taken Prisoners, and the remaining five inhumanly 
butchered by the Indians. The people were roused and fled to arms; a 
select party was appointed to pursue them, and they were pursued for 
near forty miles, towards the road l.eading from Fort Pitt to Fort Law- 
rence on the Tuscaroraw River. The savages discovering that they 
were pursued, dispersed. Two spies were sent out — a partj' of Indians 
were seen. A letter was then dispatched to Capt. Wells of the Pennsyl- 
vania militia, instructing him to join the Virginians; immediately he 
did so, and a company went out with Captain McGuire and Captain 
Thomas Wells. The tracks of the Indians were discovered, and they were 
followed to Bigg Beaver Creek in the State of Pennsylvania, whore they 


1791. wore overtaken near to the Block House on the Opposite Shore, and four 
Novem. 20th of them killed. Hero your Excellency will be pleased to remark two 
circumstances: the first is, that Cupt. Thomas Wells, of Pennsylvania, 
killed an Indian with his own hands and scalped him; the second is, 
that Capt. Brady had no command, but wont out as a volunteer — being 
an old Continental Officer, and did not oven fire his gun; but yet the 
Governor of Pennsylvania has thought fit to proclaim Capt. Brady (the 
Virginian), whilst Capt. Wells, the Pennsylvanian, escapes uncensured 
and even unnoticed. It is not for us to draw any conclusions; you will 
form but too just a judgment of this proceeding, without a single com- 
ment from us. Suffice it then to be observed that we do earnestly ]iO|>e 
that this proclamation also may bo revoked, and that the legislature may 
take such other stops as in their wisdom shall seem fit and proper, to 
shield their innocent fellow-citizens for the future from being unjustly 
injured in their reputation, and held up to the World without the small' 
est guilt, as objects of Infamy. Everything before mentioned in tavor 
of the characters of the former Gentlemen, applies as strongly to these 
with this diflPerence only, that they have both served their country upon 
many occasions as distinguished Officers. 

Your Excellency will bo pleased to pardon us for this long detail, and 
believe us to be, with all due respect, 

Your most obedient and most humble Servants. 

Novem. 22d At a General Court held in Richmond Nov*r the 21st, 1791, John 
Richmond Crano, the younger, late of the Parish of Norborne in the county of 
Berkeley, upon an adjourned case from the District Court held at Win- 
chester, upon the special verdict whether the said Crano was guilty of 
murder or manslaughter, it was adjudged that the said Crane was guilty 
of murder, and such opinion certified to the said District court. 

Novem. 22d At a General Court held in Richmond the 22d day of November, 1791, 
judgment was entered against William Anderson, late Sheriif of Hano- 
ver county, for four hundred and twenty pounds, certificate taxes, for 
the year 1786, collected from John Laurence, late Sheriff of Hanover 
County; and that he forfeit and p^^iy to the commonwealth three hun- 
dred and fift^'-throo poun .s, fourteen shillings and six pence, and interest 
at the rate of ten per centum per annum from the nint