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MAY 16, 1795, TO DECEMBER 31, 1T98; 




Committee of Correspondence and Inquiry 




From March 12, 1773, to April 7, 1775: 


Journal of the Committee of Safety of Virginia, 

From February 7, 1776, to July 6, 1776, 

Preserved in the Capitol, at Richmond. 




Secretary of the Commonwealth and State Librarian. 





Entered according to an Act of Congress, 


For the State of \'irgitiia in the office of the Librarian of Congress at WuBhingtor 

JAMES E. GOOUE, Pkiktbr. 



It is necessary to state in explanation of the fact that the subjects embraced in 
this volume are not in chronological sequence with the ])receding volumes, that they 
were not discovered until the papers of those volumes had been calendared. Their 
value need not be impaired thereby, as they ^constitute matters pf C'olonial history, 
never, it is confidentl}^ believed, heretofore given to the public. 

The letters of the ** Committees of Correspondence" indicate the gradual devel- 
opment of the scheme for National Independence, which inspired the minds and 
hearts of the Fathers of the Republic. Tn the perusal of these, no Virginian can 
fail to feel a just pride in the part acted by his own State, and the position accorded 
to her by the sister Colonies for patriotism, resolution and wisdom. 

The records of the ** Committee of Safety" show that upon it devolved mainly 
the organization and equipment of the army and navy of Virginia, which constituted 
so large a portion of the force which wrested our land from the dominion of Great 
Britain after a seven years' war. Tn these will be found much that is highly inter- 
esting to the descendants of those brave ancestors, who contributed to this grand 

It is proper to state that in the copy made, the language and spelling has been 
strictly' followed. 

The preparation of the Calendar in chronological order is resumed at May 16th, 
1795, page 240. 

GalendaF ol State JapeFf. 



Committee of Correspondence and Inquiry 



From March 12th, 1773, to April 7th, 1775. 

By the House of% Burgesses, Friday, March 12th, 1J573. 

Whereas the minds of his Majesty's ftiithful subjects in this Colony House of 
have been much disturbed by various rumors and reports of proceedings Marchl^' 
tending to deprive them of their ancient, legal and constitutional Right*} ; 1773 
and whereas the affairs of this Colony are frequently connected with those 
of Great Britian, as well as the neighboring Colonies which renders a com- 
munication of Sentiments necessary : In order, therefore, to remove the 
uneasiness and to quiet the minds of the people as well as for other good 
purposes above mentioned — 


Be it resolved, That a standing committee of correspondence and 

inquiry be appointed to consist of eleven persons, to-wit: the honorable 

Peyton Randolph, Esquire, Robert Carter Nicholas, Richard Bland, Richard 

Henry I^ee, Benjamin Harrison, Edmund Pendleton, Patrick Henry, 

Dudley Digges, Dabney Carr, Archibald Cary, and Thomas Jefferson, 

Esquires, any six of whom to be a committee, whose business it shall be 

to obtain the most early and authentic intelligence of all such Acts and 

Resolutions of the British Parliament or proceedings of administration 

as may relate to or affect the British Colonies in America ; and to keep 

up and maintain a correspondence and conmiunication with our sister 

Colonies respecting those important considerations; and the result of 

such their pro<*eeding8 from time to time to lay before this House. 

Resolved, That it be an instruction to the said committee that they do 



House of without delay inform themselves particularly of the principles ai 
Marr^ri^' ^^"t]K>rity on which was constitute<l a court of enquiry, said to have be 
1773 lat(»ly held in Rhode Ishind, with ])ower8 to transport persons accused 
offences committed in America to ]>laces l)eyond the seas to be tried. 

Resolved, That the Speiikerdo tninsmit to the Speakers of the diflferc 
Asseml)lies of the Britisli Colonies on this C'ontinent,coj lies of thesaid R« 
lutions and desire that they will lay them before their respective Assei 
blies and re<iuest them to appoint some person or persons of their respt 
tive bodies to comnnmicat<* from time to time with the said committ 

Williams- At a meeting of the Committee of Correspondence and Inquiry, 
^""iT ms"^ Williamshurcr, on Satunlay, the 13thof March, 1778: 

Present — The honorable Peyton Randolph, Esquire, Robert Carl 
Nicholas, Richard Bland, Benjamin Harrison, Richard Henry Lee, Dudl 
Di»?ges, Archilmld Cary, Dabney C'arr, and Thomas Jefferson, Esquires. 

Resolved, That John Tazewell l)e apjM^inted clerk of this commits 
and he is to keej) a fair record of the proc^eedings thereof from time 
time. Peyton lUndolph, Robert Carter Nicholas, and Dudley Digg« 
Esquires, are appointed a select corresponding committee, and they a 
directed to request of the Speakers of the Assemblies for the Coloni 
of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, a f\ 
account of the principles and authority on which was constituted a Cor 
of Enquiry, said to have been lately held in the Colony of Rhode Islar 
together with an authentic copy of their commission and proceedings. 

Also to procure a copy of an Act of Parliament passed in the prese 
year of his Majesty's reign, intituled "An Act for the better preservi 
his Majesty's Dock-yards, Magazines, Ships, Amunition, and Stores," ai 
all other Acts of Parliament which now are or may hereafter may 
passed relating to the affairs of the British Colonies on the Continent 
America, and copies of the Journals of the House of Commons from — 
to the present time, as also of their proceedings in future sessions 

The corresponding members above mentioned are empowered to c; 
meetings of this committee whenever any emergency may require th< 
immediate attention. 

Ordered, That copies of the Acts of Assembly intituled "An Act i 
making it Felony to forge the pa])er currency of the other Colonies," 
immediately transmitted to the Speakers of the several Assemblies on ti 

Williams- At a meeting of the Select Committee of Correspondence, at Willianc 
^'^e'mT^ burg, on Tuesday, the 6th of April, 1778: 

Present — The honorable Peyton Randolph, Esquire, Robert Cart 
Nicholas, and Dudley Digges, Esqrs. 


The committee came to a resolution to correspond with Mr. John Nor- Williams- 
ton, of London, merchant, and directed a letter to be prepared requesting ^"^' AP""" 
him to send them a copy of an Act of Parliament, i)assed in the present 
year of his Majesty's reign, intituled An Act for the better preserving his 
Majesty's Dock-yards, Magazines, Ships, Amunition and Stores, the Jour- 
nals of the House of Commons from the session in 1765-6, and all other 
Acts of Parliament and ])roceeding8 of administration which may affect 
this or any of the Colonies on the Continent. 

A letter to Mr. Norton being accordingly prepared, was presented to the 
committee read and agreed to as follows : 

Williamsburg, Virginia, AprU 6th, 1773. 


At a late session of our Assembly, the House of Burgesses judged it 
necessary to enter into several resolves, of which we take the liberty of 
enclosing you a copy, and at a general meeting of the committee they 
thought proper to appoint us three members of their body a select cor- 
responding committee, with an injunction that we should take the earliest 
opjX)rtunity of procuring such Acts of Parliament and Journals of the 
British House of Commons, and all other authentic intelligencies which 
may answer the expectations and further the views of the Housed of Bur- 
gesses. Upon considering of a person in England with whom we could 
correspond with advantage, our attention was presently drawn to you as 
a gentleman of integrity and well known attachment to the interest of 
this Colony. We, therefore, desire the favor of you to procure and trans- 
mit to us, by the first good opportunity, a copy of an Act of Parliament, 
passed in the present year of his Majesty's reign, intituled An Act for the 
better preserving his Majesty's Dock-yards, Magazines, Ships, Ammuni- 
tion and Stores, and of all other Acts or Resolutions of Parliament, or 
proceedings of administration lately passed or entered into, or which may 
hereafter take place, by which all or any of the Colonies on the Continent . 
of America may be, either immediately or eventually affected. The 
Treasurer, some years ago, by order of the House of Burgesses, imported 
Journals in folio down to the Session of Parliament in the year 1765-6, 
inclusive, and as we are directed to have the collection made comi)lete 
and continued so from time to time, we desire that you will also send us 
the whole Journals at large from the period above mentioned. We shall 
hope to hear from you by the first ship, and desire that your letters on 
these subjects may be directed to Peyton Randolph, Ksq'r. 

We are Sir, your mo: ob't Servants, 

Peyton Randolph, 
Rob't Carter Nicholas, 
Dudley Digges. 


Williams- Ordered, That the said letter and a duplicate thereof be sent by the 

^""6^1773"^ first 8hii)s. 

Ordered, That letters be prepared to the Speakers of the several Assem- 
blies for th(j Colonics of Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New 
York, requesting an account of the principles and authority on which was 
constituted a Court of P^nquiry, said to have been lately held in Rhode 
Island, together with an authentic coi)y of their commission and proceed- 

A letter was accordingly prepared to the Speaker of the House of 
Representatives for tlie province of Massachusetts Bay, which being read 
and approved of by the Committee, is as follows: 

Williamsburg, Virginia, April 6thj 1773. 

The Sj^eaker of the House of Burgesses of this Colony having trans- 
mitted to you a copy of the resolutions entered into by their House at 
their last scssioix, constituting a Committee of Correspondence and En- 
quiry, permit us to refer you to those resolutions. That committee have 
appointed us a select corresponding conmiittee, and in pursuance of 
direction we are now to request the favour of you to transmit us a full 
account of the principles and authority on which was constituted a Court 
of Enquiry, said to have been lately held in the Colony of Rhode Island, 
with powers to transport persons accused of Offences committed in 
America, to places beyond the seas to be tried, together with an authentic 
copy of their commission and proceedings. 

We have it also in command, to transmit to you a copy of an Act oi 
our Assembly, made at their last session, to prevent counterfeiting the 
currency of other Colonies. This Colony having of late years sustained 
the greatest injury by having their paper currency forged, and it haWng 
been rei)resented to our General Assembly that the principle author oi 
this mischief is an inhabitant of North Carolina, they judged it necessary, 
as well to prevent such dangerous practices in future, as to show their 
regard for other Colonies, to pass this Act. 

Our Governor will transmit copies of this law to the different Gover- 
nors on the Continent with a request that they would be pleased to recom- 
mend it to their several Assemblies to enact laws of the same import 
respecting Virginia, and we are to request your countenance and assistance 
upon so im])ortant an occasion. 

We have the honor to be very respectfully, 

Sir, your mo: ob't serv'ts, 

Peyton Randolph, 
'^ Ro. Carter Nicholas, 

Dudley Digges. 


Also a letter of the same import to the Speaker of the General Assem- Williams- 
l>ly of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in New ^^1^73" 

Also to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the C^olony of 

Also to the Speaker of the General Assembly of the Colony of New 

Ordered, That the said letters be sent by next post. 

Copy of a letter agreed to by the Committee and orderetl to be sent : 
To the Speaker of , 

Of The Commons House of Assembly of the province of South 

Of The House of Representatives of the province of Pennsylvania, 

Of The House of Delegates of the province of Maryland. 

Of The House of Representatives of the Colony of North Carolina. 

Of The House of Representatives of the Government of the Coun- 
ties of New Castle, Kent, and Sussex upon Deleware. 

Of the Representatives of the Colony of New Jersey. 

Of the House of Representatives of the proWnce of New Hamp- 

Williamsburg, Virginia, A2)ril 6th^ 1773. 

This Colony hanng of late years sustained the greatest injury by 
having their paper currency forged, and it ha\'ing been represented to our 
General Assembly at their last session, that the supposed principal author 
of this mischief is an inhabitant of North Carolina, they judged it neces- 
sary, as well to prevent such dangerous practices in the future, as to shew 
their regard for the other Colonies, to pass an Act to prevent counter- 
feiting the paper currency of other Colonies. Our Governor will trans- 
mit copies of this Act to the different Governors on the Continent with a 
request that they would be pleased to recommend to their different 
Assemblies to enact laws of the same import respecting Virginia. We 
have it in command to furnish the Speakers of the different Assemblies 
with the like copies, and to request the favour of their countenance and 
assistance in accomplishing our wishes upon so important an occasion. 
We therefore take the liberty of inclosing you a copy of the Act, 

We have the honor to be very respectfully, 

Sir, your mo. ob't serv'ts, 

Peyton Randolph, 
Robert Carter Nicholas, 
Dudley Digges. 


Williams^ At a meeting of the Select Committee of CorreL^pondence, at Williami 
^i^' -V*"* burp, on Thur»<Jav, the l>th Jan. 1774: 

Present — The h«>norahle Peyton Randolph. E£i4|uire, Robert Carle 
Nicholaf<, and Dudley Digges, EBqrB. 

A letter receiveiJ from the Committee of Correspt>ndence in Connecdcu 
vrofi laid bef<»re this committee and coni^idered, and the following answe 
thereto agree<l U|Km: 

Williams- WiLLiAMSBiRCi/ Virginia, Jan. 6thy 1774- 

»>ay;J;?'y Gent: 

We liave, agreeable to your request, inquired into the proceedingi 
of the General CVmrt of this Colony, on the requisition made to them foi 
Writs of Assistants to the OflScers of his Majesty's Customs. We fine 
two a]i])lications of this S4>rt have been made by direction of tlie Commis- 
sioners of the Customs in Boston: One in the vear 1769, the other in th< 
yc»ar 1778, and we now inclose you cojiies of their DetemiinationA, and 
also a cojiy of the Writ aj>proved of by the judges. By the form of ihu 
it appears t4» have been their opinion that the Court was not warranted 
by the Statutes to grant the general and standing writs which the Com- 
missioners ha<l directed the Attomev-General to move for, but tliat when- 
ever the officers thought these writs necessary, u|^>on a motiim to the 
Court, anfl an affidaWt pursuant to the Statute, they would direct a pro))ei 
writ to issue. 

In compliance ^ith the latter fiart of your request, we have attentively 
considered this Determination of our Supreme Court, and think it strictly 
conformable to the Statutes, ami that the Legislature never had an idea 
of giving S4^ dangerous and ojipressive a |»ower as that now claimed by 
the Commissioners. 

The whole authority for issuing these writs depends on the Stat^ 12, 
Caz. 2, chap. 19. For the 14th Caz. 2, chaj>. 11, makes no alteration ia 
the manner of obtaining the writ ; the 7th and 8th of Will. Sd, only 
extends the laws relative to the customs to the plantations, and the 7th 
Geo.. 3rd, directs that the Supreme Courts in America shall have |K>wer 
Ui issue them. That Statute is in these words: 

"That if any j)erson or |)ersons at any time after the first day of Sep- 
teinl>er, KMJO, shall cause any goods for which (.\isttmi Subsidy or other 
Duties are due or payable by virtue of the Act |)assed this Parliament 
(intitled a Subsidy grantetl to the King of Tonnage and poundage and 
other sums of money |>ayablc upon merchandise exported and imported) 
U) l>e landed or conveyed away without due entry thereof first made and 
the Customer or Collector, or his Deputy agreeil with, that then and in 
such case upon oath thereof made lK?fore the liOrd Treasurer or any of 
the Barons of tlie Exchequer or chief Magistrate of the port or place 
where the offence shall be committed, or the i)lace next adjoining there- 
unto to issue out a warrant to any person or persons thereby enabling 


him or them, with the assistance of a Sheriff, Justice of the Peace or Williams- 
Constable to enter into anv House in the Dav-Time where such Goods J^*,-?? ^ 
are susj>eoted to Ixj concealed, and in case of Resistance to break open 
such liouses and to seize and secure the same po<Kis so concealed, and all 
Officers and Ministers of Justice are hereby required to l>e aiding and 
assistinji thereunto." 

It plainly intends to prescribe a method to the Ofhcers of Customs how 
they may obtain a |X)wer of entering and seaR^hing Houses, Shops, and 
Cellars, of breaking open doors, &c. 

This they propose to do by instituting a new writ which they empower 
the Ban>ns of Exchequer to issue on an infonnation that such and such 
things have happened, and on an affidavit of the truth of such informa- 
tion. It cannot be doubted that this is a new writ, unknown to the com- 
mon law, and one that affect the most essential rights and privileges of 
the subject, and therefore ought to receive in all Courts the most literal 
and restrained construction. It is well known that the Judges of England 
have ever considered general search warrants as illc^i^al and dangerous, 
and Officers who have depended on their authority for pmtection have 
ever been disapjKjinted. 

We may venture then to affinn that the Court of Exchequer or any 
other Court to whom this power is transferred in issuing writs of this 
kind, without these previous requisites, or issuing writs conveying a power 
of doing these extraordinary acts at all times and on all occasions, cannot 
be justified under this Statute, nor are they warranted by the judgments 
of the Courts of Great Britain in any similar instances. 

When the motion was made to the Court for these writs, the opinion 
of Mr. De Grey, who was then his Majesty's Attorney-General in England, 
was introduced and relied upon. He says: 

1. "There can be no doubt but that the Superior Courts of Justice in 
America are bound by 7th Geo., 8rd, to issue such writs of assistants as 
the Court of Exchequer in England issues in similar cases to the Officers 
of the Customs. 

2. " He seems surprized that the Chief Justice of Pennsylvania should 
think he was not warranted by law to issue a writ commanded by the 
Legislature, founded on the Common I^w, enforced by Acts of Parlia- 
ment, and in daily use in England, and which from the import of the 
7th Will., 3rd, ought to have been set on foot from that time in America, 
and which Statute the late Act only meant to explain. 

3. " He thinks the form of the writ issued by the Exche<iuer should be 
sent over together with the manner of applying for it and granting it by 
which they will see that the power of the C^ustomhouse Officers is given 
by the Act Parliament and not by this writ which does nothing more 
than facilitate the Execution of his power by making it a contemj)t of the 

Court ^ 


William8- 4. " That it is not granted upon previous information nor to any par- 
6^17^4 ^ ^^cular person nor on special occasion. The inconvenience of that was 
experienced upon the Act of 12. Can: 2, chap. 19, and the present method 
adopted in lieu of what that Statute had prescribed. 

We take the liberty to say upon the first point that ttie Courts of 
America are not bound to issue writs of so dangerous a nature, let the 
practice of the Court of Exchequer be what it will unless they are war- 
ranted by law. 

To prove that they are not so we refer to what has been said before. 
The 7th Geo. 3, does not establish the Legality of the Writs of Assistants 
issued by the Exchequer, and in our opinion does only intend to direct 
what Courts in America shall be applied to for such writ as the Court in 
Exchequer may legally issue, a point which remained doubtful : a doubt 
arising in this case may show the propriety of what has l>een observed, 
that this Act must be cautiously confined to the letter. For information, 
information is to be made to the Court of Exchequer, and there being no 
Courts of that sort in America strictly speaking, the liCgislature thought 
the end of that Act would be defeated unless they should vest the same 
power in some Court that did exist among us. Permit us to ask whether 
this power have ever been controverted in the Courts of Westminster, and 
whether on such controversy it has l)een conformed by the Determination 
of the Judges. We doubt not that Mr. De Grey would have been ready 
enough to quote the instances if they had ever hapj^ened. 

As to the 2nd part of his argument when he asserts that these writs are 
commanded by the Legislature he evidently begs the question. The 
question between us is not whether any Writs of Assistants are com- 
manded l)y the Statutes but whether the General and Standing Writ he 
seems so desirous of imposing on the C\)lonie8 is commanded by any 
Statute. This jussertion therefore ought to have followed a proof that 
this is the writ i)rescribed by the Statute which he has l)een prudent 
enough not to attempt. The position that they are founded on Common 
Law, is entirely new, as we know of no ancient I^ws and Customs that 
gave Officers of the Customs a right to enter Houses, Shops and Cellars, 
to break oi)cn doors, Ac, but have always understood that the secure and 
unmolested enjoyment of this kind of property was a great object with 
our ancestors when the Constitution of our mother country was framed, 
and that whenever any abridgment of this right has been necessary it has 
always l)een by Acts of the Legislature, and has been generally attended 
with the munuurs of the people. 

How they have been enforced by Acts of Parliament has been explained, 
one directs how they are to be procured, another directs this Act shall 
extend to America, and a third substitutes the Supreme Courts here in the 
room of the Exchequer where the application is directed to be made by 
tlie first Act. Whether thev should have been set on foot from the 7th 


Will, is not material in the present discussion, but we believe the objection Williams- 
would have been thought a good one, that the power of granting these (P'1774 ^ 
writs is given to the Barons of the Exchequer in England and cannot be 
assuraed by any other Court. 

In the third point of this Gentleman's opinion he advises the form of 
this writ to be sent over to us that we might see the powers given to the 
(yUstomhouse Officers were given by the Act and not by the writ. A nice 
distinction, very inapplicable to the present debate. Whether these 
powers are founded on the Act or the writ is not material in a question 
what those powers are. However, it had a very different effect than was 
expected ; it alarmed us and made us suspect that it was a poisonous pill 
prepared for us which the learned Attorney vnth all his art was laboring . 
to make palateable. 

We come to the last part of the opinion and here we think he has 
destroyed all that he had been endeavoring to establish before. He says 
that the inconvenience of granting this writ on a previous information to 
a particular person and on a special occasion had been found under the 
Act of 12 Caz. 2, and the present method adopted in lieu of what that 
Statute prescribed. By which we may learn that this is the metliod pre- 
scribed by that Act and the method which the Exchequer followed at first. 
Nothing can justify the adoption he talks of but an Act of Parliament 
allowing the judges to alter the method before prescribed. As there is no 
such Act^ and the whole power of the Court of Exchequer depends on the 
12 C-az. 2, which directs the writ to issue in the manner we contend, for 
we may safely conclude that the Court has been in error and that the 
America Courts will l>e wrong in this instance to follow their example. 

We are sorry the subject has occasioned our being so tedious, and are 
with great respect. 

Your mo. ob't Sis., 

Peyton Randolph, 
Ro. C. Nicholas, 
Dudley Digges. 

At a meeting of the Committee of Correspondence and Inquiry, at Williams- 
Williamsburg, on Friday, the Gth of May, 1774: ' ^"e^im^ 

Present: The honorable Peyton Randoljih, Esqr., Robert Carter Nicholas, 
Benjamin Harrison, Dudley Digges, Richard Bland, Richard Henry Lee, 
Ednmnd Pendleton, and Patrick Henry, Esquires. 

The proceedings of the Select Committee of Correspondence were laid 
l)efore this Committee and read together with the several letters which 

have been received from the different Colonies, all which were ordered j 

to be laid before the House of Burgesses now sitting. jj 

2 ' 


Williams- At a meeting of the Committee of Correspondence and Inquiry, at 
^2^'l777 Williamsburg, Wednesday, the 2r)th of May, 1774: 

Present: The honorable Peyton Randolph, Esquire, Robert Carter 
Nicholas, Richard Henry I^ec, Archibald Cary, Richard Bland, Ekimund 
Pendleton, Dudley Digges, and Thomas Jefferson, Esquires. 

A letter received from the Ck)mmittee of Correspondence for the Colony 
of New Jersey, was laid before this Committee and read. 

Ordered, That the said letter be laid before the House of Burgesses 
now setting. 


Williams- • At a meeting of the Committee of Correspondence held in Williams- 
^28^1 m^ burg, on Saturday, the 28th of May, 1774: 

Present: The honorable Peyton Randolph, Esqr., Robert C. Nicholas, 
Edmund Pendleton, Richard Henry Lee, Richard Bland, Benjamin Har- 
rison, Dudley Digges, and Thomas Jefferson, Esquires. 

Ordered, That letters be i)repared to the several Committees of Corres- 
pondence on the Continent requesting their sentiments on the appoitit- 
ment of Deputies from the several Colonies to meet annually in general 
Congress. According 

A letter was accordingly prepared to the Committee of Correspondence 
for Maryland, which, being read and a])i>rove(l l)y the Conmiittee, is as 
follows : 

Williamsburg, May 28ih^ 177^, 

The inclosed papers will explain U) you our present political 

state here with respect to the unhappy dispute with our mouther country. 

The propriety of appointing Deputies from the several Colonies of British 

America to meet annually in general Congress, appears to be a measun 

extremely important and extensively useful, as it tends so effectually t( 

obtain the united wisdom of the whole in every case of general concern 

We are <lesired to obtain your sentiments on this subject, which you wil 

be pleased furnisli us with. 

Being very desirous of communicating to you the oi)inion and conduc 

of the late Representatives on the present posture on American affairs a 

quickly as possible, we beg leave to refer you to a future lett^jr on thes 


We are with Respect, 

Your mo: obt. s'ts, 

Peyton Randolph, 
Robert C. Nicholas, 


To the Committee of Correspondence for Maryland. 


Also letters of the same import to the Committee of Correspondence Williama- 
for Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusette Bay, Connecticut, ^1774^ 
New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Castle, Kent and Sussex upon 
Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. 

Ordered, That the said letters be sent by this day's post. 

31, 1774 

At a meeting of the Select Committee of Correspondence, on Tuesday, Williams- 
31st of May, 1774 : ^ ^"I^'i^t? 

Several letters from Maryland, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Bay, 
lately received by the Speaker, were laid before this (^^onnnittee and read. 

Whereupon it is ordered. That a letter be inmiediately prepared and 
sent by Express to North C-arolina inclosing copies of the letters and 
papers received by this Committee, and also an account of the steps which 
had been taken in consequence thereof 

A letter was accordingly prepared and being read and approved of by 

the Committee, is as follows: 

Williamsburg, May Sid, 1774.. 

We take the earhest opportunity of forwarding to you by Express 
the inclosed papers, which are copies of such as we received last Sunday 
in the afternoon from Maryland. We w4sh most earnestly that the senti- 
ments of our sister Colonies could have been known pre\ious to the Asso- 
ciation entered into by the late representatives of this Colony, a copy of 
which, together with the Resolution of our House of Burgesses was trans- 
mitted to you last week by post. Our Moderator upon receipt of the dis- 
patches from Maryland, immediately convened as many members of our 
late House of Burgesses as could be got together upon so short a notice, 
and we yesterday took the important business under our most serious con- 
sideration ; the result of our deliberations will best appear from the in- 
closed which Ls submitted to your Judgment. It is much to be wished 
that it had been in our power to have done anything more decisive at 
present but our situation would not admit of it as you easily see from the 
reasons suggested. So soon as the late Representatives have fixed their 
final resolves we will not fail to communicate them to you in the most 
expeditious manner. At present we must beg the favour of you to for- 
ward copies of all the inclosed papers, together with such resolutions as 
you may think fit to adopt to our friends in South Carolina, with our 
joint requests that they will be pleased to forward them, together with 
their own sentiments to Georgia. We shall hope to be favored as soon as 
possible with the result of all your deliberations, and have the horor to Ik?, 

Gent: your mo. ob't serv'ts, 

The Committee op Correspondence for Virginia. 
The Committee of Correspondence for North Carolina. 


Williams- The following letter was also agreed to and ordered to \ye sent to the 
31^*1^4^ Committee of Ci>rres})ondence for Maryland: 

Williamsburg, Slst May, 1774- 
Gentlemen : 

We had the honor of writing the 28th inst. to the Speaker of 
your Assembly, inclosing him the resolution of our late House of Bur- 
gesses and a copy of the Association entered into by the late Representa- 
tives of Virginia u|x>n the dissolution of our Assembly. We suppose this 
letter with the other pajjcrs must have to hand and that they have l)een 
communicated to you. We liaVe now to acknowledge the receipt of your 
favor of the 25th inst., tlie several letters, c\:c., from Bost<:m and Philadel- 
phia. Our Moderator, without loss of time, immediately convened as 
many of the late Representatives as could be got together upon so short 
a notice, and we yesterday took the business under our most serious con- 
sideration. The result of our deliberations will best appear from the 
inclosed to which we take the liberty of referring you, and beg that it 
may be immeiliately transmitted through the hands of our friends in Phil- 
adelphia to our friends in Boston in the san>e manner as their sentiments 
and resolutions have been conveyed to us. 

We wish it had been in our power to have done anything more decisive 
at present, but our situation would not admit of it as you will readily 
judge from the reasons suggested by our resolutions. 

We could wish to have known the sentiments of New York. We foimd 
a letter from the Committee of Correspondence in that province mentioned 
in the Philadelphia letter, but no co[)y of it inclosed nor the puqjort of it 

We shall hope from time to time to l)e favored with the sentiments and 
resolutions of all our sister colonies and this in the most expeditious man- 

We have the honor to be with great respect, 

Your mo. ob't s'ts, 

The Committee of Correspondence for Virginia. 
To the Committee of Correspondence for Maryland. 

Williams- At a meeting of the Select Committee of Corresix)ndence, at Williams* 
^Ti774^' burg, on Thursday, the 4th Aug., 1774: 

Ordered, That letters l)e pre[)ared to the Committees of Correspondence 
for Maryland and Pennsylvania, inclosing copies of tlie resolutions foi 
appointing Deputies on the part of this Colony to meet the Deputies foi 
the other Colonics in C4eneral Congress. 

A letter was accordingly pre})ared, rejid and approved of, and is as foi 


WlLLiAMSBiRc;, IN V^iiMiiNiA, Auy. 4th^ 1774' Williams- 

Gentlemen: ' ^471774^* 

Delegates from the different counties in this Colony, composed 
of the Representatives of the people, met in this city, on Afonday last, to 
consider and deliberate on the present critical and alarming situation of 
the British America Colonies. 

As these matters are still the subject of their dclibemtion, we cannot at 
present make you so fully acquainted with their determination as we 
could wish. The expediency and necessity however of general Congress 
of Deputies from the different Colonics, was so obvious, that tlie meeting 
have already come to the resolution respecting it which we now take the 
liberty to enclose you, and of which they have directed us to give you the 
earliest intelligence. 

We are with great esteem Gent, your mo. ob't sts. 

Peyton Randolph, 
Ro. C. Nicholas, 
Dudley Dtgges. 
To the Committee of Correspondence for Maryland. 

Also a letter of the same import to the Committee of Correspondence 
for Pennsylvania. 

Ordered, That the said letters be sent by express. 

At a meeting of the Select Committee of Correspondence, in the city of Williams- 
Williamsburg, on Friday, the 7th of April, 1775. ^"t^'iHs"^ 

Ordered, That letters be prepared to the Delegates for the province of 
New York, and to Isaac Low, Esqr., agreeal)le to the resolution of the late 

A letter was accordingly prepared to the Delegates, which, being read, 
was approved as follows: 

Williamsburg, Vircunia, Aj)r'il 7th, 1775, 
Gentlemen : 

The late Convention of Representatives of this Colony judg- 
ing it essential to the common interest of America that every proper means 
should be used to preserve an union of sentiments amongst the Colonies, 
and in case of defection that they should be able to distinguish their 
friends, came to a resolution of which we have by this conveyance trans- 
mitted a copy to the Committee of Correspondence of New York. 

That we may omit no means of obtaining the most authentic informa- 
tion, we take the liberty of inclosing you a copy of the same resolution, 
and shall hold ourselves much obliged if you will l^e pleased to exert your 


Williams- particular endeavours to enable us to make a satisfactory rei)ort to our 
"**I^\;^P"* next Convention or Assembly. 

7, 1775 '^ 

We are, very respectfully, y'r mo. ob't S'ts, 

Pkyton Randolph, 
Ro. ('. Nicholas, 
DllDLKV I)i<;oR^. 
To Isaac I^ow, James Duane, John Jay, Phil. Livinj^ston, John Alsop, 
Will. Floyd, Henry Wisner, John Herring, and S. Horrum, Ksq'rs. 

And also a letter to the Committee of Corresjiondence for New York, as 
follows : 

Wms'buik;, Vihg'a, April 7th, 1775. 
Gent. : 

The enclosed resolutions of our late Convention will fully explain 

the reasons for our troubling you with this letter. 

We have only further to express our earnest wishes that you would be 

pleased by the earliest opportunity to furnish us with the most authentic 

information, that we may be able to make a satisfactory report to our next 

Convention or Assembly. 

We have the honor to be Gent., your respectful humble Servants, 

Peyton Randolph, 
Ro. C. Nicholas, 
Dudley Digoes. 
To the Committee of Correspondence of New York. 




Committees of Correspondence and Inquiry 



From April, 1773, to May, 1775. 


New York, Ajyril Uth, 1773. New York 
Sir: . Apri[ 14, 

Your letter of the 19th inst. to the Speaker of the General Assembly 
of this Colony I this day had the pleasure to receive, together with a 
copy of the resolves entered into by the hon'ble the House of Represen- 
tatives of the Burgesses of the Colony of Vii^inia, both which shall be 
laid before our Assembly as soon as they are convened, which do not 
imagine will be before the latter end of this or the beginning of next 
year, unless they should be called upon some extraordinary occasion. 

I have the honor to be, with Regard, 

Sir, yr. most obt. humb. Servt, 

John Cruger. 

To the hon'ble Peyton Randolph, Escjr., Speaker of the House of Bur- 
gesses of the Colony of Virginia. 

New York, A])ril 24th, 1778, New York 
Gent: April 24 

I had the honor of your letter of the 6th inst, acquainting me 
that the Committ(^e of Correspondence had a{)pointed you a Select Cor- 
responding Committee, and that in pursuan(;e of their direction you 
rcHiuest the favor of me to transmit you a full account of the principles 
and authority on which was constituted the Court of Enquiry said to 
have l»een lat4^1y held in the Colony of Rhode Island with power to trans- 
port [)er8on8 accused of offences conmiitted in America to places beyond 
sea to be tried, together with an authentic copy of their commission and 
proceedings. As I have received no information of the nature and k 


New York import of the Commission, nor any account of the proceedings thereon 

i77<i but such as have been conmiunic^ited tli rough the channel of newspapers, 

it is not in my power to give you an autlientic coi)y of either. We have 

no committee of of the same kind with yours appointed, 

but as soon as our Assembly meets shall lay your letter before them. 

I herewith transmit you a law of this Colony, which, I imagine, will 
answer the good i)ur{)oses intended l)y that passed by your Assembly at 
their last session. 

I have the honor to be with regard, Gent, your mo. obt. St., 

John Cruger. 

To Peyton Randoli)h, Ro. C. Nicholius, and Dudley Digges, Esquires. 
[Copy of the act enclosed.] 

Chap. CC(-LXXVI. 

An act to make it felony without benefit of clergy to counterfeit the 
bills of credit of any of his Maji'sty\s colonies which pass in payment in 
the colony of New York, passed 8rd July, 17G6. 

Whereas many (;vil-disposed and wicked persons have lately counter- 
feited and circulated in this colony large i)an*els of bills in imitation of 
true bills of credit, struck, emitted, and issued in the colony of New Jer- 
sey, and have passecl the same as good and true bills of credit to the great 
hurt and damage of his Majesty's sulyect.s of this colony, for prevention 
whereof and of other like miscbiefs in future — 

1. Be it enacted bv his Excellencv the (Jovernor, the Council and the 
(ieneral Assemblv, and it is herebv enacted by the authority of the same, 
that if any person or persons shall hereafter counterfeit any the true l)ill 
or bill?s of credit now or which shall hereafter l>e struck, emitted, and 
issued in the said colony of New Jersey, or the bill or bills of credit now 
or herenfter to be struck, emitted, and issued in any other of his Majesty's 
colonies, or shall alter any the said bills of credit so that they shall appear 
to be of greater value than the same by the law of such respective colony 
are, shall, or may be intended to pass for; or sball pass or give in pay- 
ment any such counterfeit or altered bill as aforesaid, knowing the same 
to be counterfeit or altered. 

Every pei'son who shall so counteifeit or alter any the said bills of credit, 
or knowingly pass or give in j)ayment any such counterfeit or altered bill 
as aforesaid, shall l)e guilty of felony, and, l)eing thereof convicted, shall 
suffer the i)ains of death, as in cases of felony without the benefit of 
clergy, any law, usage, or c^ustom to the contrary in any wise notwith- 


New Port, May 15th, 1773. New Port, 
Sir: May 15, 

1 "T^O 

I had the pleasure of receiving your favor of the 19th of March 
with the resolves of the House of Burgesses of Virginia, which, with the 
letter from your Committee of Correspondence, I laid before the House 
of Deputies of this colony at their meeting the last week. 

The House, thoroughly convinced that a firm union of the colonies is 
absolutely necessary for the preservation of their ancient, legal, and con- 
stitutional right*^, and that the measures proposed by your House of Bur- 
gesses will greatly promote so desirable an end, came, nemine contrade- 
cente, into the resolutions, of which I have the honor to enclose you a 

I am desired to inform you that the committee appointed V)y our House 
of Deputies will, as soon as |)ossible, transmit to the Committee of Cor- 
respondence of Virginia the best accounts they shall be able to obtain 
respecting the Court of Inquiry lately held in this colony. 

I am, with great respect, yr. mo. Obt. St., 

Metcalf Bowler. 
[Resolves inclosed.] 

May 7th, 1773 — In the House of Deputifx 

Resolved, That a Standing Committee of Corresi)ondence and Incjuiry Resolves of 
be appointed to consist of seven persons, to-wit: the hononible Stephen r5;^^\^-^ ?\r 
Hopkins, Esquire, Metcalf Bowler, Moses Brown, John Cole, William Rhode 


Bradford, Henry Ward, and Henry Merchant, Esqs., any four of whom ^ *"** 
mav be a committee, whose business it shall be to obtain the most earlv 
and authentic intelligence of all such acts and resolutions of the British 
parliament or proceedings of administration as may relate to or affect the 
British colonies in America, and to kee]) up and maintain a corresi>ond- 
ence and communication with our sister colonies respecting these impor- 
tant considerations, and the result of such their proceedings from time to 
time to lav before this House. 

Voted pr. Ordr. J. Lyndon, Cler. 

A true copy of a vote of the House of Dei)uties or lower House of 
Assembly of the colony of Rhode Island. 

Teste: Josias Lynix)n, Cler. 

May 7th, 1773 — In the House of Deputi>». 

Whereas this House hath ap})ointed a Committee of Correspondence 
with committees of other colonies in North America respecting the right*» 
and privileges of the colonies, &c., it is therefore 

Resolved by this House, That his honor the Governor be requested to 
deliver the said committees a copy of his commission as one of the judges 


Resolveaof of the ('ourt of Enquin*, c*onRtituted from home and said to he held in 
l>eput^ of ^^"*** colony, and of all such other papers as were laid l^efore the said 

Rhode court as may he <»onsistent with his honor as (lovemor of this colony. 

Island y^^^, pr. Ordr. J. Lynd^in, Tier. 

A true copy (»r a vote of the House of Deputies or lower House ol 
Assemhlv of the coUmv of Rhmle Island. 

• • 

Teste: Josias Lyndox, Cler. 

May 7th, 1773 — Ix thk H<n:sK ok Depities. 

Resolved, That the Speaker of this House he requested to write to th< 
Speaker of the House of Burgesses in Virginia, and to all other Speakers 
of Asseinhlies in North America, informing them of the j)roceedings o 
this House relating to the preservation of the Rights of the Colonies. 

Voted pr. Ordr. J. Lyxdox, Cler. 

A true copy of the vote of the House of Deputies or lower House o 
Assemhlv of the colon v of Rhode Island. 

Teste: Josias Lyxdox, Cler. 

Portsmoath, PoKTSMorxH, New Hampshire, 27th Mn^j, 177S. 

New Hamp-SiR: 

* 27*1773^ Messrs. Randolph, Nicholas, and Digges' agn»eahle favor of the iSX 

April, 1778, with a coi»y of an act against forging your paper currenc; 

and a letter dati'il Mar. 10th, 1773, unsigned, enclosing the Resolves < 

the Hononihle House of Rurgcsses of Virginia, I had the honor to rcxviv 

And on the first nic(jting of our Assemhly I took the earliest oppo 
tunity to lay those interesting papers l»efore them, whose uanimous (lin> 
tion 1 have t^^) present their thanks to, and assure your Hon'ahle Houi 
that in every constitutional i)lan for securing the Rights of British Anie 
ica and removing the present infringement** thereon, our sister colonic 
may rely we sincerely join, having no wish for ourselvt^s of an exclusi^ 
natun; in those matters, ever looking on the whole as emharked in tl 
same common Bottom, and so represented it in our address to Lord Dai 
mouth at our first meeting after his appointment for American Aiiairs. 

The House have appointed a committee for the proposed purpose 
(!onmmnication, and flatter ourselves that some means mav vet l)e hit < 
for restoring the mutual confidence once subsisting between Great Brita 
and the American provinces. 

The jict j)roj)08ed to prevent counterfeiting the pajK^r money of t; 
colonies of British America the House of Assembly detennine to ta' 
into consideration, and wish such laws may be enacted as will effectual 
prevent such j)emicious practices in future. 

I have the honor to be your most humble servant, 



Province of New Hampshire, Portsmouth, 

la the House of Representatives, May 27, 1773. ^^J^^^"^^' 

27, i773 
Resolved and voted. That a Standing Committee of Correspondence 

and Inquiry be appointed to consist of seven persons, viz.: the Honor- 
able Ji)hn Wentworth, Esqr., John Sherburne, W'ilUam Parker, John 
(fiddings, Jacob Sheaf, Christopher Toppan, and John Pickering, Esquires, 
any four of whom to be a committee, whose business it shall be to obtain 
the most early and authentic intelligence of all such acts and Resolutions 
of the -British parliament or proceedings of administration as may relate 
to or affect the British Colonies in America, and to keep U}) and main- 
tain a correspondence and comnmnication with our sister colonies respect- 
ing these important considerations, and the result of such their proceed- 
ings from time to time to lay l)efore this House. 

Extracted from the Journals of the House of Repres^intatives of the 
province of New Hampshire. 

Attest: William Parker, Cler. 

Province of Massachusetts Bay, June 3rd, 1778, Province of 
Sir: Massachu- 

The very judicious and important Resolves entered into by his j^^ 3 1773 

Majesty's most ancient Colony of Virginia on the 12th March last, together 

with your obliging letter enclosing the same, have been laid before the 

House of Representatives of this province. 

The wisdom of the measures proposed in those Resolves and the great 
and good effects that may reasonably be expected to How from them, not 
only to the colonies, but to the parent State, were so obvious that the 
House immediately adopted them and appointed a committee to keep up 
and maintain a free communication with Virginia and the rest of the 
Sister Colonies. 

That there has been long a settled plan to subvert the })olitical consti- 
tutions of these colonies, and to introduce arbitrary power, cannot, in the 
opinion of this house, admit of doubt. 

Those who have aimed to enslave us, like a band of brothers, have ever 
l>een united in their councils and their conduct. To this they owe their 
success. Are they not in this regard worthy imitation? Here it is praise- 
worthy to*be instructed even by an enemy. 

The object which the conspiritors against our Rights seem of late to 
have had much in view has been' either to lull the Colonies into a state of 
profound sleep and security which is forever the forerunner of slavery, 
or to foment divisions among them. How necessary then, how impor- 
tant, is it to counteract and defeat them in the fatal design? 

To awaken and fix the attention of all to the common danger — to open 


Province of and maintain an uninterrupt<*d intercourrfo among the colonies that all 
^tT^' may be fully apprized of the true st^ite and circiimytances of each, and 
June 3, 1773 that the councils of the wliole may be united in some effectual measures 
for restoring the public liberty. 

That this may be the happy effect of the truly laudable and generous 
design of the House bf Burgesses of Virginia is the most ardent wish, 
and it shall be the object of the attention of this House. 

In the name and by the order of the House, I have tlie honor to l>e 
witli strict trutli and regard, Sir, 

Your most obedient, humble servant, 

Thomas Gushing, Speaker. 

Province of Provinck of Massachusetts Bay, 

SBa''" ^'^ ^^^' ^^'^^'-^^ ^'^ Representaiivej^, May 27, 1773. 

May 27, 1773 

Whereas the Si)eaker hath communicated to this House a letter troni 

the truly resi)ectable House of Burgesses in his Majesty's ancient Colony 

of Virginia, inclosing a copy of the Resolves entered into by them on the 

12th of March last, and requesting that a committee of this House may 

be appointed to communicate from time to time with a corresponding 

committee then appointed by the said House of Burgesses in Virginia; 

And whereas this House is fully sensible of the Necessity and Impor- 
tance of an Union of the several colonies in America at a time when it 
clearly appears that the rights and liberties of all are systematically 
invaded, in order that the joint wisdom of the whole may be employed 
in consulting their common safety — 

Resolved, That this House have a very grateful sense of the obliga- 
tions they are under to the House of Burgesses in Virginia for the vigi- 
lance, firmness, and wisdom wliich they have discovered at all times in 
sup}>ort of the Rights and Liberties of the American Colonies, and do 
heartily concur with them in their said judicious and spirited Resolves. 

Resolved, That a Standing C-ommittee of Correspondence and Enquiry 
be appointed to consist of fifteen members, any eight of whom to be a 
quorum, whose business it shall be t,o obtain tJie most early and authen- 
tic intelligence of all such acts and Resohitions of the British parliament 
or proceedings of administration as may relate to or afl'ec-t the British 
colonies in America, and to keep and maintain a correspondence and 
comnmnication with our Sister Colonies respecting these important con- 
siderations, and the result of such their proceedings from time to time to 
lav before the House. 

Resolved, Tliat it ])e an instruction t^) the said committee that thev do 
without delay inform themselves particularly of the i)rinciples and 
authorities on which was constitutiMl a Court of Enquiry held in Rhode 


Island said to be vested with powers to tran8i)ort persons accused of Province of 
offences committed in America to places beyond the seas U) be tried. se^^v" 

Resolved, That the said committee be further instructed to prepare and May 27, 1773 
report to this House a draught of a very respectful answer to the letters 
re(*eived from the Speaker of the honorable House of Burgesses of Vir- 
ginia and the Speaker of the honorable House of- Representatives of the 
Colony of Rhode Island; also a circular letter to tlie Speakers of tlie sev- 
eral other Houses of Assembly on this continent, enclosing the aforesaid 
Resolves, and requesting them to lay the same before their resi)ective 
Assemblies, in confidence that they will readily and cheerfully comply 
with the wise and salutary Resolves of the House of Burgesses of Vir- 

Then the House immediately made choice of the following gentlemen 
to be the committee of correspondence and conmmnication with the other 
colonies, viz.: 

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Samuel Adams, hon'ble John Hancock, Esqr., Mr. 

William Phillips, Capt. William Heath, hon'ble Joseph Hawley, Esqr., 

hon'ble James Warren, Esqr., Richard Derby, Jr., Esqr., Mr. Eldridge 

(lerry, Jerathmell Bowers, Esqr., Jedediah Foster, Esqr., Daniel Leonard, 

Esq., Capt. Thomas Gardner, Capt. Jonathan Grunleaf, and James Pres- 

cott, Esqr. 

A true copy. 

Attest: Samuel Adams, Cler. 

Savannah, in Georgia, 5 June, 177S, Savannah, 
Sir: Georgia, 

I had the honor of yours of the 19th March enclosing a copy of the ' 

Resolves entered into by the House of Burgesses of Virginia upon so 
interesting a subject as that of an attempt to deprive his Majesty's faith- 
ful subjects in America of their ancient and constitutional rights by trans- . 
]K>rting i)ersons accused of offences beyond the seas to be tried, therel>y 
depriving us of that invaluable blessing of determining the same by the 
oaths of honest and lawful men of our own vicinage. 

I am also favored with yours, Mr. Nicholas, and Mr. Digges' joint letter 
of the 6th of April, inclosing the copy of an Act of your colony to pre- 
vent the counterfeiting the paper money of other colonies, a practice 
hitherto carried on with great success, but highly injurious, and calls 
aloud for the interposition of the Legislature; both which matters I shall 
ta-ke care to lay before our House of Representatives, and am hopeful 
they will join in these and every other measure that may tend to the 
benefit and advantage of America. 

I have the honor to be respectfully, Sir, yr. mo. obt. St., 

Will'm Young. 
Peyton Randolph, Esqr. 


Savannah, Fairfikij), in CoNNK^TicrT, ^4 Jfiiu\ 177S. 

iJeorgia^^ Sir: 

' ' I have it in com n land from the House of Re|)resentative^5 of thit* 

Colony to acknowledge the re(*eij)t of your favor of VM\\ March last, 
together with the Resolutions of the ]>atriotie House of Burgesses of the 
Colony of Virjrinia, which came to my hand in May last, when the Asseni- 
hlv of this Colon V Wiis sittini?, whicli, without delav, I communicated to 
the House of Repn^sentatives of this Colony an<l received their com- 
mands to transmit to you the Resolutions they came into thereupon, ami 
request you, as early as ma}' be, to lay them l»efore that hononiMe house, 
hy which they will see how readily they approved of, cht^rfully a<h)pte<l 
the mc^jisures pn>posed to them, and have a]>j>ointed a committ^v of cor- 
respondence as requested, to and hy whom matt(*rs relative to the ^eneml 
interest of the Colonies mav Ik* connnunicated. Thev have expresseil 
themselves so fully in the matti'rs as l(*ave me no nM)m to add anything 
hut that I have the honor to he with ^rreat tnith, 

Sir, your most oht., lunnhle servt., 

Ebenkzer Silliman. 

The Hon'le the Speaker of the House of Burgesses in Virginia. 

In the HorsE of Ref*rr«^entativp:s of the Colony of Connecticut, 

Fridrnj, 21st May, 13 Q\^x 8rd, 1778. 

Mr. Speaker having laid before the House a letter from the Si^eaker of 
and certain Resolutions entered into by the House of Burgesses of the 
Colony of Virginia on the Tith of March last, viz.: 

Whereas the minds of his Majesty's faithful subjects in this colony 
luive been much disturbed by various rumors and reports of pnxn^edings 
ten<ling to dej)rive them of thoir ancient, legal, and constitutional right**; 

And wherwis the affairs of this Colony are fre<iuently connected with 
those of Great Britain as well sis of the neighboring Colonies, which ren- 
d(^rs a conununication of sentiments necessary. 

In ord(*r, therefore, to remove the unea^^iness and quiet the minds of 
the peoj>le, as well ajs for the other good j)urposes alK)ve mentioned — 

Be it Resolved, That a standing committee of corresj)ondence and 
Incjuiry be appointed, to consist of eleven persons, to-wit: the honorable 
Peyton Randoljdi, Es(ir., Robert Carter Nicholai^, Richard Bland, Richard 
Henry Lee, Benjamin Harrison, Ednmnd Pendleton, I^itrick Henry, 
Dudley Digges, l)al)ney Carr, Archibald Cary, and Thomas Jefferson, 
Esquires, any six of whom to be a conmiittee, whose business it shall be 
to obtain the most early and authentic intelligence of all such Acts and 
Resolutions of the British parliament or proceedings of administration as 
may rebate to or affect the British colonies in America, and to kee[» up 


and maintain a correspondence and communication with our sister colo- Savannah, 
nies respecting these imj)ortant considerations, and the result of such T«n ^'^^r'Vs 
their proceedings from time to time to lay hefore this House. 

Resolved, That it he an instruction to the said committee that they do, 
without delay, inform themselves particularly of the i)rinciples and 
authority on which was constituted a Court of Inriuiry said to have l)een 
lately held in Rhode Island with powers t^) transjKirt persons accused of 
offences conmiitted in America to places heyond the seas to be tried. 

And further resolving, That the Speaker of the said House of Bur- 
gesses do transmit to the Speakers of the different Assemblies of the 
British Colonies on this Continent copies of the said Resolutions and 
desire that they will lay them before their respective Assemblies and 
request them to appoint some person or persons of their respective l)odies 
to communicate from time to time with their said committee. 

This House taking into consideration the contents of the said letter, the 
aforesaid Resolutions and the reasons on which thev are founded, are of 
opinion that they are weighty and important in their nature and design, 
calculating and tending to produce hapj>y and salutary effects in securing 
and supporting the ancient, legal constitutional rights of this and the 
Colonies in general, do therefore approve of and adopt the measure. 

And thereui)on resolved. That a standing committee of corres|Kmdence 
and Inquiry be aj)pointed, to consist of nine persons, to-wit: the honor- 
able Ebenezer Silliman, Esqr., William Williams, Benjamin Payne, 
Samuel Holden Parsons, Nathaniel Nagles, Silas Deane, Samuel Bishoj>, 
Joseph Trumbull, and Erastus Walcott, Es(|uires, whose business it shall 
l)(i to ol)tain all such intelligence, and to keep up and maintain a corre- 
si>ondence and communication with our sister Colonies respecting the 
important considerations mentioned and expressed in the aforesaid Reso- 
lutions of the patriotic^ House of Burgesses of the Colony of Virginia, 
and the result of such their i)roccedings from time to time to lay ]»efore 
this House. 

Resolved, That the S[)eaker of this House do transmit to the Speakers 
of the different Assemblies of the British Colonies on this continent, copies 
of these Resolutions, and request that they will come into similar meai<- 
ures and communicate fnmi time to time with said c(munitteeon all mat- 
ters wherein the connnon welfare and safety of the Colonies are con- 

The foregoing Resolutions being sevendly read a third time, were, on 
the question put, agreed to l)y the House. 

A true copy extracted from the Jouriiiils. 

Attest: Wm. Williams, Cler., D. R. 


F^ndon, LoNiX)N, 6ih JiUy, 177S. 

July i\ 1773 

The hon'l)le Peyton Randolph, Rol)ert Carter Nicholas, and Dudley 

Dirges, Esquires: 


I have within these few davs l)een honored with your letter 
of the 0th of April, and think myself under great obligations to you for 
the confidence you are pleased to rejKJse in nic by thinking me a proper 
I>erson to correspond with on the subjwt matter reinted in your letter. 

In consequence thereof I have i)rocured and sent you under favor of 
my worthy friend, Mr. Benjamin Harrison, the Act of Parliament for 
preservmg his Majesty's Dock-yards, Magazines, Ships, and so forth; also 
the JouniJils of the House of Connnons from the period of time you 
mention as far as can at j)re.sent be had, whic^h shall be continued, and 
you may be assured I will be diligent in my enfjuiries after all other 
Acts or Resolutions of i)arliament or i)roccedings of administration lately 
passed or entered into, or which may hereafter take i)lace, and that may 
in any degree affect any of the Colonies of America, and like a faithful 
watchman acquaint you therewith. Our i)resent parliament, who are 
just }>ron)gued, have made such strides towards despotism for some time 
past with respect to the East India Company, as well as America, that we 
have too nmch reason to dread bad conseijueiices from such proceedings. 
Some of my friends in the India Direction tell me that they have tlioughts 
of sending a quantity of tea to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Virginia, 
and South Carolina, which (iovernment seems to api>rove, but they sus- 
pect tlieir motives an* to make a cat's paw of the Company and fon-c 
them to estal)lish the 3d pr. lb. American duty. 1 advised the gentlemen 
not to think of sending their Tea till Government took off the duty, a.- 
they might be well assured it would not be received on any other terms 
What their Resolution will be time only will discover. When anything 
offers worthy your notice I shall take the liberty of advising you again 

At i)resent nauain with great respect, (lentlemen. 

Your verv obedient servant, 

John Norton. 

Charles Chaklks Town, 8ou. Carolina, ,////// 0th, 177S, 

Town, South Sir: 
Carolina, When 1 had the honor of receiving your letter of the 10th Marcl 

' ' last th(^ Connuims House of Assembly of this province was under ai 

adjournment to the (Hh inst. As soon as a House was formed, whid 

was not till yesterday, I laid your letter before them ; iis a j)rorogatio; 

was expected, which accordingly took effect at noon, the House lost nc 

a moment's time, but instantly proceeded to the consideration of you 


Resolutions which you enclosed me, and, unanimously appro\Hng them, Charles 
appointed a committee to correspond with yours, agreeable to your Q^J^lina 
recommendation, being desirous to shew their readiness to co-operate July 9, 1773 
with your House in a measure dictated by such wise councils and directed 
to such laudable ends; A copy of their Resolutions I now enclose you, 
by which you will see, Sir, the pleasing task that is assigned me of con- 
veying to you svpd the rest of the members of the honorable House of 
Burgesses of your province the thanks of the Commons House of Assem- 
bly of this province for communicating the said Resolutions, as well as 
for their steady attention to the general interests of America by which 
your province have so nobly and uniformly distinguished itself in the 
great cause of liberty. You will also be pleased to observe that the 
House have paid proper attention to the measure recommended and 
adopted by your House to prevent counterfeiting the paper money of the 
other Colonies by ordering a bill to be brought in for that purpose ; and 
though the prorogation has prevented at this time the carrying the same 
into execution, yet the House will certainly take up the matter and pro- 
ceed uj)on it as soon as they can go upon business. 

The obstacle which has for so long a time past prevented the House 
from doing business is not yet removed, to-wit: a clause dictated by an 
instruction which the House is required to insert in the tax bill, but 
which they never will submit to. 

I am with great respect. Sir, 

Your most ob't, humble St., 

Raw. Ix)wndes. 

Hon'ble Peyton Randolph. 

[Resolve inclosed.] 

South Carolina. 

In the Commons House of Assembly the 8th day of July, 1773: 

Mr. Si)eaker reported to the House that he had received a letter fn)m 
the Si)eaker of the hon'ble House of Burgesses of Virginia inclosing sev- 
eral Resolutions of that House, and the said letter and resolves were read 
to the House. 

And the said Resolutions being unanimously approved of by the 
House — 

Resolved, That Mr. Speaker and any eight of the other members of 
the standing committee of correspondence be a committee to inquire for 
and obtain intelligence upon the several matters mentioned in the said 
Resolutions, and to corre«|)ond with the committee appointed by the 
said House of Burgesses and Committees appointed or to be appointed 
in our Sister Colonies respecting the same. 

Resolved, That Mr. Speaker do transmit the thanks of this House to 



Cbarien the Sj><^ker and riienilierx of the issdd Houtie of Burges^se:* of Vii^nia for 
(^iniiwil coniinunifating the said Re:^>lutioD«$ to thL> Hou>?e, as well a.-^ for their 
July 9, 1773 aUxuly attention t4> the general intere:^ of Americ^a. 

Mr. Sjjeaker alwo rejiorted Ut the HouiH? that he had reeeive<l a letter 
fn»ni the coniniitt4*e nientione<l in the Resolutions of the Housi.* of Hur- 
gesrieH of Vii^inia inclosing him a copy of an Act of the General Assem- 
bly of Virginia to |>rev($iit tJie a>unterfeiting the pajxT money of other 
ColonicH, and the ssud letter and Act were rearl to the House. 

Ordered, Tliat leave be given to bring in a bill to prevent the counter- 
feiting the paper money of other Colonies, and that Mr. Rutledge, Mr. 
Gadi^den, and Col. Pinckney to prepare and bring in the said bill. 
A true copy from the Journal. 

Thos. Fark, JunV, Clerk, 


The Speaker of the House of Representatives of this Colony 
having transmitted to the Speaker of the House of Burgesses of your 
colony a copy of the Resolutions entered into by their House at their 
last Hcssion constituting a committee of corresixmdenee and Inquiry, ))er- 
mit us to refer vou to those Rei^olutions, bv which vou will see the Hmise 
of Representatives of this Colony have fully adopted the mejisures ]»ro- 
posed by your patriotic House of Burgesses, and with pleasure follow 
the lea<l given, an example set by the fathers of the people in the ancient, 
free and loyal Colony of Virginia. That committee have appointed us a 
select corresponding committee. 

We have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter directed to the 
Speaker of our House of Representatives, and in answer say with respect 
to the Court of Inquiry said to have been lately held in Rhode Island 
vested with extraordinary unconstitutional powt.'rs, that the committee 
of correspondence in that ('olony can and doul)tless will give you more 
full intelligence respecting that matter than we can. 

As to the copy of an Act inclosed in yours, our Governor had not 
received the letter you mention from the Governor of Virginia, nor has 
he yet receive*! any. We waited for that till it was too late in the session 
to move it, in expectation of a motion from that quarter. If no letter 
from the Governor of Virginia should be received before next session, the 
matter will be taken up without it, and we can imagine no oji})osition 
that w411 be made. 

We are directed to request of you the favor to inform us wliat has bec^n 
done by the Judge or Judges of the Sujierior Court in your Colony on 
the Requisition made for writs of Assistants. That matter is now under 
the consideration of the Superior Court here, and as it is a matter of very 
great importance to the Colonies in general, we wish your answer that the 
f)roce(»dings that have been had with you and your candid and free sen- 
timents thereon may be fully knowTi here. 


We shall at all times and on all occasions with the greatest i)lea8ure Charles 

and readiness execute our commission of correspondence and Inciuirv as Town, South 

^ * " Carolina, 

we are firmly j)ersuaded of the utility of the measure so seasonably j>ro- July 9, 1773 
posed by the Colony of Virginia and, we hope, universally adopted by 
the other Colonies, and hope thereby to cultivate and strengthen that 
harmony and union among all the English Colonies on the Continent of 
America, which daily appears to us more and more necessary to preserve 
and secure the safety, peace, prosperity, and happiness of the whole. 

We are with great truth and regard, Gent, 

Your most Obedient, humble servants, 

' Will. Williams, 

Silas Deane, 
Benj. Payne, 
Joseph Trumbull. 

Colony of Connecticut, to-wit: Lebanon, 10th Aug., 1778. 

GEoiuiiA — Commons House of Assembly, Georgia— 

Fnday, the 10th of September, 1773. Commons 

House of 

A^HSdnl)! V 

Mr. Si)eaker laid before the House two letters that he had received from September 
the Speaker of the House of Burgesses of Virginia, and also of the House ^^» ^^^^ 
of Deputies of Rhode Island, inclosing resolutions of their respective 
Houses, and also the copy of an act to })revent counterfeiting the paper 
currency of other Colonies, which said Resolutions being severally read 
were unanimously approved of. 

Resolved, nem. con., That that Mr. Speaker and any five of the Com- 
mittee of Correspondence be a committee to Enquire for and obtain the 
earliest Intelligence of the many Important matters contained in the said 
several resolutions, and that they likewise do from time to time corres- 
pond with the respective Committees that now are or may be appointed 
by the House of representatives on this Continent. 

Resolved, nem. con.. That the thanks of this House be transmitted to 
the Honorable the Speaker and members of the House of Burgesses of 
Virginia, and also the Honorable the Speaker and members of the House 
of deputies of Rhode Island, for communicating their Intentions firmly 
to support the rights and privileges of his Majesty's faithful and loyal 
subjects in America, and also to the Honorable Peyton Randolph, Esquire, 
Robert Carter Nicholas, and Dudley Digges, Esquires, for transmitting to 
this House a copy of the above mentioned act. 

A true copy taken from the original Journals and examined by 

Rich'd Cun'ym Crooke, Clk. 


Province of and maintain an uninterrui)t^(l intcrccmrso anion*!: the colonies that all 

settslftiiv" ^^'*^^ ^^^ ^"^^-' a])prize(l of the true state and eircunistanees of each, and 
June 3, 1773 that the councils of the whole may be united in some eflectual measures 
for restoring the public liberty. 

That this may be the hai)py effect of the truly laudable and generous 
design of the House bf Burgesses of Virginia is the most ardent wish, 
and it shall be the ol)ject of the attention of this House. 

In the name and by the order of the House, I have the honor to be 
with strict truth and regard, Sir, 

Your most obedient, humble servant, 

Thomas Cushino, Speaker. 

Province of Provinck of Massachi'setts Bay, 

^tfrBa"" ^'^ ^^^ ^^''"'*^ ""'^ Rcprf.^entatin\^, May 27, 1778. 

May 27, 1773 

Whereas the Speaker hath communicated to this House a letter from 

the truly respectiilde House of Burgesses in his Majesty's ancient Colony 

of Virginia, inclosing a copy of the Resolves entered into by them on the 

12th of March last, and requesting that a committee of this House may 

be appointed to communicate from time to time with a corresponding 

connnittee then appointed by the said House of Burgesses in Virginia ; 

And whereas this House is fully sensible of the Necessity and Impor- 
tance of an I'uion of the several colonies in America at a time when it 
clearly appears that the rights and liberties of all are systematically 
invaded, in order that the joint wisdom of the whole may be employed 
in consulting their common safety — 

Resolved, That this House liave a very grateful sense of the obliga- 
tions they are under to the House of Burgesses in Virginia for the vigi- 
lance, tirmness, and wisdom which they have discovered at all times in 
support of the Rights and Liberties of the American Colonies, and do 
heartily concur with them in their said judicious and spirited Resolves. 

Resolved, That a Standing Connnittee of (\)rresj)ondenceand Enquiry 
be apj>ointed to consist of fifteen meml)ers, any eight of whom to be a 
(luorum, whose business it shall be to obtain the most early and authen- 
tic intelligence of all such act.s and Resolutions of the British parliament 
or proceedings of administration a.s nmy relate to or allect the British 
colonies in America, and to keep and maintain a correspondence and 
communication with our Sister Colonies respeitting these im[)ortant con- 
sidemtions, and the result of such their proceedings from time to time to 
lav before the House. 

Resolved, That it be an instruction to the said committee that thev d( 
without delay infonn themselves j)articularly of the principles and 
authorities on which wjis constitut^<l a Court of Enquiry held in Rhoih 


Island said to be vested with powers to transport persons accused of Province of 
offences committed in America to places lieyond the seas to V)e tried. ^'^ "" 

Resolve<l, That the said committee be further instructed to pn^pare and May 27, 1773 
reiM>rt to tliis House a draught of a very resp(H'tful answer to the letters 
rei-eived from the Speaker of the honorable House of Burgesses of Vir- 
ginia and the 8i)eaker of the honorable House of- Representatives of the 
Colony of Rhode Island; also a circular letter to the Speakers of the sev- 
en\l other Houses of Aasembly on this continent, enclosing the aforesaid 
Resolves, an<l reijuesting them to lay the same before their respective 
A.s.seml)lies, in confidence that they will readily and cheerfully comply 
with the wise and salutarv Re^solves of the House of Burgesses of Vir- 

Then the House inunediately made choice of the following gentlemen 
to Ik* the committee of correspondence and conmmnication with the other 
colonies, viz.: 

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Samuel Adams, hon'ble John Hancock, Esqr., Mr. 

William Phillips, Capt. William Heath, hon'ble Joseph Hawley, Esqr., 

hon'ble James Warren, Esqr., Richard Derby, Jr., Esqr., Mr. Eldridge 

Gerry, Jerathmell Bowers, Esqr., Jedediah Foster, Esqr., Daniel Leonard, 

Esij., Capt. Thomas Gardner, Capt. Jonathan (irunleaf, and James Pres- 

cott, Ksqr. 

A true copy. 

Attest: Samikl Adams, Cler. 

Savannah, in (iKokcua, 5 June, 177S. Savannah, 
Sir : Georgia, 

I hafl the honor of yours of the 19th March enclosing a copy of the ' 

Resolves entered into by the House of Burgesses of Virginia upon so 
intt^resting a subjwt jis that of an attc'mpt to deprive his Majesty's faith- 
ful subj<:^*t,s in America of their ancient and constitutional rights by tmns- 
jKirting persons accused of offences beyond the seas to be tried, thereby 
depriving us of that invaluable blessing of dc^termining the same by the 
oatlis of honest and lawful men of our own vicinage. 

I am also favored with yours, Mr. Nichohis, and Mr. Digges' joint letter 
of the 0th of April, inclosing the copy of an Act of your colony to pre- 
vent the counterfeiting the paper money of otlier colonies, a }>nictice 
hitherto carried on with great success, but highly injurious, and calls 
aloud for the interposition of the Legislature; both which matters 1 shall 
take care to lay before our House of Rei>resentatives, and am ho[)eful 
they will join in these and ever}' other measure that may tend to the 
l»enefit and advantage of America. 

I have the honor to be respectfully, Sir, yr. mo. obt. St., 

WiLL'm YolTN(J. 

Peyton Randolph, Esqr. 


Savannah, Fairkikld, in CoXNEcriaT, 2^ Jtmr, 171-^. 

Georgia. Sik: 

I have it in euinniand from the Mouse of Representatives of this 
C'olony to acknowletl*^t^ the reeei])t of your favor of IDtli March last, 
toj^ether with tlie Resolutions of the juitriotie House of liur^esses of the 
Colony of Virginia, which came to my hand in May last, when the Assem- 
hly of this Colony was sitting, which, withinit delay, I communicatc^d to 
the House of Repn^sentiitives of this Colony and received their com- 
mands to transmit to you the Resolutions they came into thereujjon, and 
re<iuest you, as early as may he, to lay them hefore that honorahle house, 
hy which they will see h(»w readily they approved of, cheerfully adoj>ted 
the measures pro})osed to them, and have appointed a connnittiic of cor- 
resi)ondence as recjuestiMl, to and hy whom matters relative to tin* general 
interest of the Colonies mav he communicated. They have expressed 
th(»mselves so fully in the matters as leave me no room to add anything 
hut that 1 have the honor to he with great truth, 

8ir, your most oht., humhle servt., 

Ebenkzek Silliman. 

The Hon^e the Speaker of the House of Burgesses in Virginia. 

In the HorsE of Rei»resentatives of the Cof.onv of Connecticut, 

FrhJaij, 21st May, 13 Geo. 3rd, 1773. 

Mr. Speaker having laid hefore the House a letter from the Speaker of 
and certain Resolutions entered into hy the House of Burgesses of the 
Colony of Virginia on the Pith of March last, viz.: 

Whereas the minds of his Majesty's faithful suhjects in this colony 
have heen much disturhed hy various nunors and rej)orts of jn'oceedings 
tending to deprive them of their ancient, legal, and constitutional rights; 

And wherejis the affairs of this (-olony are frequently connected with 
those of ( Jrcat Britain as well as of the neighhoring Colonies, which ren- 
dei-s a communication of sentiments necessary. 

In order, therefore, to remove the uneasiness and (|uiet the minds of 
the people, as well as for the other good purposes ahove mentionc^d — 

Be it Resolved, That a standing committee of correspondence and 
Inquiry he a}>pointed, to consist of eleven persons, to-wit: the honorahle 
Peyton Randolph, Esqr., Rohert Carter Nicholas, Richard Bland, Richard 
Henry Lee, Benjamin Harrison, Edmund Pendleton, Patrick Henry, 
Dudley Digges, Dahney Carr, Archihald Cary, and Thomas Jefferson, 
Es(fuir(»s, any six of whom to he a connnittee, whose husiness it shall be 
to ohtain the most early and authentic intelligence of all sucli Acts and 
Resolutions of the British parliament or proceeilings of ailministnition as 
may relate to or affect the British colonies in America, and to keep up 


and maintain a correspondence and connnunication with our sister colo- Savannah, 
nies respecting these important considerations, and the result of such i^T^^^^i^-7q 
their proceedings from time to time to hiy hefore this House. 

Resolve<l, That it he an instruction to the said connnittee that they do, 
witliout delay, inform themselves particularly of the ])rincij)les and 
authority on which was constituti»d a Court of TiKiuiry said to ha\'e heen 
lately held in Rhode Island with powers to tnmsport persons accused of 
offences committed in America to places l)eyond the sea.s to he tried. 

And further resolving, That the Speaker of the* said House of Bur- 
gesses do transmit to the Speakers of the different Assemhlies of the 
British Colonies cm this Continent copies of the said Resolutions and 
desire that they will lay them hefore their res|)ective Assemhlies and 
request them to appoint some j)erson or persons of their respective hodies 
to communicate from time to time with their said committee. 

This House taking into consid(Tation the contents of the said letter, the 
aforesaid Resolutions and the reasons on which thev are found(Kl, are of 
opinion that they are weighty and im])ortant in their nature and design, 
calculating and tending to produce ha])j)y and salutary effects in securing 
and supporting the ancient, legal constitutional rights of this and the 
CoKmies in general, do therefore approve of and adoi)t the measure. 

And thereuiM)n resolved, That a sUmdingconnnitteK'of corres]Kmdence 
and Inquiry he aj)pointed, to consist of nine persons, to-wit: the honor- 
ahh» Khenezer Silliman, Esijr., William Williams, Benjamin Payne, 
Samuel Holden Parsons, Nathaniel Xaglcs, Silas Dcane, Samuel Bishop, 
Jos<,'j»h TrumhuU, and Erastus Walc()tt, Escjuircs, whose husiness it shall 
1k» to ol»tain all such intelligence, and to kecj) up and maintain a corre- 
spondence and connnunication with our sister Colonies respecting the 
inqi<»rtant considenvtions mentioned and ox[)ress;ed in the aforesaid Reso- 
lutions of the ])atriotic Housr of Burgesses of the Colony of Virginia, 
and the re.sult of such their proceedings from time to time to lay hefore 
this House. 

Rc»solvifd, That the Speaker of this House do traiismit to the Sj^eakers 
of the different Assend)lies of the British C()lonieson this continent, co|)ies 
of these Resolutions, and retpiest that they will come into similar meas- 
ures and communicate from time to time with said connnittee on all mat- 
ters wherein the common wcH'are and satetv of the ColoniiN^ are (*on- 

The foregoing Resolutions heing severally read a third time, were, on 
the (piestion put, agreed to hy the House. 
A true copy extracted from the Journals. 

Attest: Wm. Williams, Cler., I). R. 


New Castle l>y them on the 28th of May last, and requesting that a committee of this 
T> ? I ^^ 9-^* House may be appointed to communicate from time to time with the Cor- 
1773 res])onding Committees appointed by the said Assemblies and named in 
the said respective Resolves; 

And whereas, this House is of opinion that the measures adopted by 
tlie aforesaid Asseml)lies and proposed to this are very salutary and highly 
necessary at tliis time, when the Rights and Liberties of all appear to be 
svsteniaticallv invaded, 

Resolved, That this House have a very grateful sense of the obligation 
they are under to the House of Burgesses in Virginia, for the vigilence, 
firmness and wisdom which they have discovered at all times in support 
of the Rights and Liberties of the American Colonies, and do heartily 
concur with them in their said judicious and spirited Resolves. 

Resolved, That a standing committee of correspondence and Inquiry 
be appointed to consist of five members, any three of whom to be a 
(juorum, whose business it shall be to obtain the most early and authen- 
tic Intelligence of all such Acts and Resolutions of the British Parliament 
or proceedings of administration, as may relate to or affect the British 
Colonies in America, and keep up and maintain a corresjmndence and 
(•ommuni(^ation with our Sister (-olonies respecting these important con- 
siderations, and tlie result of such their proceedings from time to time U) 
* lay before the House. 

Resolved, That it be an Instruction to the said committee that they do, 
without delay, inform themselves particularly of the principles and 
authority on which was constituted a court of Enquiry held in Rhode 
Island, said to be vested with powers to transport persons accused of 
offences committed in America to places beyond the seas to be tried. 

RcsoIvimI, That the said committee be further instructed to prepare and 
n^port to this House, Draughts of very respectful answers to the lett-ers 
al>()ve mentioned, also a circular Letter t-o the Sj)eakers of the several 
other Houses of Assembly on this Continent inclosing the aforesaid 
Hesolves, and requesting them to lay the same before their respective 
Assemblies in confidence that they will readily and cheerfully comply 
with the well concerted and wise Resolves of the House of Burgesses in 

To which said resolves the House agreed nemine contradicente. Then 
the House immediately made choice of tlie following gentlemen to be the 
committee of correspondence and communication with the other Colonies, 
viz : 

Mr. Speaker, Cieorge Read, Thomas McKean, John McKinly, and 
ThoniJts H(>l)inson, Escjuires. 

I do hereby certify thci above and foregoing U) be a true copy from the 
minutes of the Assembly. 

David Thompson, Clk. Ibid. 


Colony of Connecticut, New Haven, Colony of 

Nov. 4th, 1773. ^-S^S'n: 
Cf ENTLEMEN . November 4, 

Since our letters of June last, nothing material has occurred ^^^^ 
worthy transmitting to you from this distance. The extraordinary Court 
of Inquiry, at Newport, in Rhode Island, is closed without effecting any- 
thing, nor can we conceive it to have been projected with other serious 
view than to establish by precedent the unconstitutional measure. 

In our last we took notice of the Act of your honorable House of Bur- 
gesses respecting counterfeits of yours and the currency of other pro- 
vinces, and informed you that his honor, our Governor, expected a letter 
on the subject. That not coming to hand was the reason no Act passed 
in our last session of Assembly. The present Assembly at this place 
have taken up the matter, and by a general act made the counterfeiting 
of the currency of any of the English Colonies on the Continent equally 
capital with the counterfeiting our own. The act passed both Houses of 
As.sembly this week, and in our next will transmit you an extract of it. 
There are no offences in this Colony punished with death except murder, 
conspiracy against the Government and others of that kind. Robbery, 
counterfeiting, &c., have heretofore been punished by l^randing, cropping 
and imprisonment, but the present act sentences offenders of this kind to 
to confinement and labor in a copper mine from which we judge an 
escape is impossible. 

The late Resolutions of the minister to permit Teas to be sent by the 
East India Company to Boston, New York and Philadelphia where they 
are daily expected, give us the most uneasy api)rehensions for. the conse- 
quences, though we have the utmost confidence in the firmness and virtue 
of the inhabitants of those capital Towns on this occasion. 

It is with the greatest satisfaction we see the seasonable and beneficial 
example set by your honorable and patriotic House of Burgesses already 
followed by almost all the Houses of Assembly on the Continent and 
doubt not that it will be universal soon. 

The union of the Colonies is of the last importance and we conceive a 
regular correspondence the most certain means to effect so saluturv a 

We are with the highest Esteem and respect, Gentlemen, 

Your most obliged and very humble Servants, 

Ebenezer Sillimax, Will'm Williams, 

Erastus Walcott, Sam. H. Parsons, 

Silas Deane, Benj. Payne. 

Committee of Correspondence. 

The Honle Peyton Randoli)h, Escjr., and others the committee of Cor- 
respondence, Virginia. 




Colony of Extract of an act made and passed by the Governor and Company of 
N^w^H^ven* ^^^ Colony of C'onnecticut at a General Assembly holden at New Haven 
November 4, on the second Thursday in October, A. D. 1773: 

Be it enacted, «Src., That whosoever shall presume to forge, counterfeit, 
or alter any of the Bills of Credit of this Colony or the Bills of ('reditof 
any other of the English Colonies or Provinces on this Continent; or 
shall utt^T and put off any forged, counterfeit, or altered Bill or Bills, 
knowing them to })e such ; or that shall counsel, advise, procure, or any 
ways assist in the forging, counterfeiting, imprinting, stamjnng, altering, 
or signing of any false, forged, and counterfeit Bill or Bills, knowing 
them to be such ; or that shall engnive any i)late or make any Instru- 
ment to be used for any of the purposes aforesaid; or that shall stamp 
or any other ways counterfeit any of the several sorts of coin mentioned 
in an A(;t of parliament made and passed on the Oth year of the reign of 
Queen Anne, <frc. — 

Such person or persons so offending shall for the first offence suffer 
imprisonment in said Gaol, mine, or Work-House, and there be kej)t to 
hard La])()r for a term not exceeding ten years, at the Discretion of the 
court before which such conviction shall be had. 

Any if any such perscm shall commit the like offence a second time, 
and be thereof convicted as aforesaid, he or they shall suffer Imprison- 
ment in the said Goal, mine, and Work-House, and there be kept to hard 
Labor as aforesaid for and during the Term of his or her natural Life. 

Compared with the original Act. 

p'r S. Deane, Cler. Com. 

Savannah, SAVANNAH, IN Georgia, 20th Nov.y 177S, 

Georjria, Sir: 

•^^TT.'f^ I have the hcmor to trant*mit the thanks of the Commons House of 

Assembly of this province to you. Sir, and the other members of the 

House of Burgesses of Virginia for communicating your intentions firmly 

to support the Hight»s and Liberties of America on that most interesting 

subject contained in your Resolutions. 

I am res])ectfully, Sir, your most obedient Servant, 

Wili/m YouNfi. 
Hon. Peyton Randolph, Escj. 

Savannah Savannah, in G?:or(;ia, 20th Xor., 177S, 

Georgia, Sir: 

^n^TTT^t"^ We have in consequ(»nc(i of an order of tlie Connnons House of 

Asseml)ly the ])leasure to transmit to you a copy of the Resolutions 
entered into )>v them similar to those of the other Houses uix)n theCon- 

20, 1773 


tinent, and although late as we are in answering your esteemed favor, Savannah, 
yet, sir, we are not the less warm in comciding with the Sister Colonies xoyg^K^p 
in every measure that may tend to the preservation of the Liberties and 20, 1773 
privileges of Americans. 

We also beg leave to enclose you a copy of an act passed in our last 
session for preventing the counterfeiting of the paper currency of other 
his Majesty's Colonies in America, and are hopeful that laws of the same 
nature being passed in other provinces will effectually put a stop to the 
evil so loudly complained of. 

We have the honor to be. Sir, 

Your mo. ob't Servants, 

Will'm Young, 
W. Jones, 
Joseph Clay, 
D. TuBLv, Ju'r, 

Wm. CoiITTS. 

Resolves enclosed in the foregoing letter: 

Georc;ta, C4)MM()Ns Hoisk of Assembly, Georgia— 

Friday, the 10th of September, 1773. H*ou™'^of 

Mr. Si)eaker laid before the House two letters that he had received September 

10 177S 

from the Speaker of the House of Burgesses of Virginia and also the * 
House of Deputies of Rhode Island, inclosing Resolutions of their resj>ec- 
tive Houses and also the copy of an Act to })revent counterfeiting the 
paper currency of other Colonies, w^hich said Resolutions, being severally 
read, were unanimously approved of. 

Resolved, nem. con., That Mr. Sj^eaker and any five of the committee 
of corres|X)ndence be a committee to encjuire for and ol)tain the earliest 
intelligence of the many important matters contained in the said several 
Resolutions, and that the}' likewise do from time to time correspond with 
the respective committees that are now or may be appointed by the 
House of Representatives on this (V)n tinent. 

Resolved, nem. con., That the thanks of this House be transmitted to 
the hon<)Ri])le the Speaker and members of the House of Burgesses of 
Virginia, and also the honorable the Speaker and members of the House 
of Deputies of Rhode Island, for communicating their intentions firmly 
to support the Rights and pri\'ileges of his Majesty's faithful and loyal 
subjects in America, and also to the honorable Peyton Randolph, Esquire, 
Rol)ert Carter Nicholas, and Dudley Digges, Esquires, for transmitting to 
this House a copy of the above-mentioned Act. 

A true coj)y taken from the original Journals and examined by 

Richard Cun'ym C/Ooke, Clerk. 


Georgia— The Act enclosed : 


House of An Act to prevent counterfeiting the paper money of other his Majesty's 

Septeniber Colonies and provinces in America: 

10, 1773 Whereas the want of a sufficient Quantity of circulating Specie to 
answer the purposes of commerce or the Exigencies of Go^^mment hath 
induced this and most others of the British Colonies in America to cir- 
culate certain paper notes as a necessary medium, the counterfeiting of 
which is usually made felony in the respective Governments where they 
are emitted; and whereas it is supposed that evil-minded persons may 
establish presses in this province for counterfeiting the paper currency of 
other his Majesty's provinces or Colonies in America, and by that means 
such forged Bills may be thrown into circulation with greater Facility 
and Security to the authors thereof, and it being judged reasonable that 
neighboring counties having Intercourse in Trade should provide, as far 
as in them lies, against the abasing of their medium of Commerce — 

We therefore pray your most sacred Majesty that it ma}^ be enacted, 
and be it enacted by his Excellency, Sir James Wright, Baronet, Captain- 
General, and Govemor-in-chief, in and over his Majesty's province of 
Georgia, by and with the advice and consent of the honorable Council 
and Commons House of Assembly in general assembly met, and by the 
authority of the same, that if any person or persons, after the passing oi 
this act, shall within this province prepare, engrave, stamp or print, oi 
cause or procure to be prepared, engraved, stamped or printed the coun- 
terfeit Resemblance of any paper money which now is or hereafter ma} 
be circulated in paiments by legislative authority in any British Colon} 
or i)lantation in America with Intention that such counterfeit paper shal 
be passed in paiment, w^hether the same be so passed or not, shall b< 
adjudged a felon, and shall suffer Death without Benefit of Clergy; an( 
if any person or persons shall in this province pay, or tender in pai 
ment, any such counterfeit money, knowing the same to be forged o 
counterfeited, altered, or erased, every such person being lawfully cor 
victed shall forfeit the sum of two hundred pounds, current money c 
this province, and shall be imprisoned in the common Gaol for six caler 
dar months, and during such Imprisonment shall be publicly whippe 
three times. 

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that this act sha 
continue and be in force for the term of five years, and from thence 1 
the end of the next session of the General Assembly, and no longer. 

By order of the Commons House of Assembly. 

William Young, Speaker. 

By order of the upper House of Assembly. 

James Habusham, President 


Council Chamber, 29th Sep., 1773. Geoi^a— 


Assented to. A^^Tbf ^ 

Ja. Wright. ge'S^^l^r 

Georgia Secretary's Office. 
A true copy taken from the original in this Ofiice and examined by 

Joseph Goldwin, pV D. Sec'ty. 

10, 1773 

Maryland, December 6, 177S. Maryland, 
Sir: December 6, 

I took the earliest opportunity after the receipt of your letter of the *''•* 

19th of March to lay the Resolutions of your House of Burgesses before 

the House of Delegates of this province at their meeting in June last 

They then had them under consideration, but before any Resolutions 

were entered into an unexpected prorogation took place. At their next 

meeting in October they resumed the consideration, and most readily 

came to the Resolutions, which I have now the honor to enclose, and 

which I have in command to transmit to you, requesting you will lay 

them before the House of Burgesses of the Colony of Virginia. 

I am. Sir, with great respect your Ob't serv't, 

Matt. Tiixjhman. 

Resolves enclosed in the preceding Letter : 

By the lower House of Assembly, Friday, Oct'r 15, 1773: 

The order of the day being read, the House took into consideration 
the several letters and other j>apers communicated to this House by the 
honorable Speaker and addressed to him by the honorable the Speakers 
of the several Colonies of Virginia, Massachusette Bay, Connecticut, and 
Rhode Island, and resolved unanimously — 

Tliat this House most cordially accept the invitation to a mutual cor- 
respondence and Intercourse with our Sister Colonies. 

Resolved unanimously. That a standing committee of correspondence 
and Inquiry be appointed, to consist of eleven persons, to-wit: the hon- 
orable Mathew Tilghman, Esquire, Speaker, John Hall, Thomas John- 
son, William Paca, Samuel Chase, Edward Lloyd, Mathias Hammond, 
Josias Beale, James Lloyd Chamberlaine, Brice Thomas, Beale Worth- 
ington, and Joseph Sim, Esquires, any six of whom to be a committee, 
whose business it shall be to obtain the most early and authentic intelli- 
gence of all such Acts and Resolutions of the British j)arliament or pro- 
ceedings of administration as may relate to or affect the British Colonies 
in America, and to keep and maintain a correspondence and communi- 



Maryland, cation with our sister colonies respecting these irai)ortant considerations, 
^^rr?*^ ^' and the result of such their proceeding's from time to time to lay before 
this House. 

Resolved unanimously, That the Speaker of this House transmit to 
the Speakers of the different Assemblies of the British colonies on this 
Continent copies of the above Resolutions. 

Extract from the Journal of the lower House of Assembly of the pro- 
vince of Maryland. 

p'r Jon\ DriKKTT, CI. L. Ho. 




26, 1773 


North C'arolina, Dec^^r 26, 1778, 

I have the honor to acknowledge tlie receipt of your much esteemed 
favor of the 19th of March accompanying the Resolves of your House 
of Burgesses, which I lost no time in laying before the House of Assem- 
bly of this Colony, who very cheerfully rw^eived and adopted them. 

I have it in connuand to transmit vou the Resolutions entered into bv 
our House, which you will herewith receive, and am with very great 
respect and esteem, 

Sir, your mo. ObH Serv% 

John Harvey. 
Resolves enclosed : 

North Carolina, 
Jt\ the (rciieral Asxvinhbj^ 8th Decem'r, 1773. 

Ui)on the Speaker's communicating to this House a TiCttt^r from th 
truly ]>atriotic House of Burgesses of his Majesty's ancient Dominion c 
Virginia, inclosing a copy of certain Resolves (»nt4»reMl into by them U|k> 
the rith day of March last, and nHjuesting that this House woul 
appoint a committee to connnunicate from time to time with a corr 
sponding committet^ by them then appointiMl. 

And also letters from several of our Sister C'olonies expressing the 
high appn)bation of and concurrence with so sidut^iry a measure. 

This House Resolve — 

That the vigilence which the honorable House of Burgesses of V: 
ginia have displayed in attending to every encroachment upon the Rigt 
and Iiil)erties of America, and the wisdom and vigour with which th 
have always opposed such encroachments are worthy the imitation a 
merit the gratitude of all their sister colonies, and in no instance m< 
particularly than in the measure proposed for appointing corresj)ondi 
committees in every colony by which such harmony and communicati 
will be established among them ; that they will at all times be ready 
exert their united eflforta and most strenuous endeavours to preserve 
just Rights and Lil>erties of the American Colonies which appear of 1 



to be so systematically invaded; that we heartily concur with their 
Spirited Resolves. 

Resolved, That a standing conimittee of Correspondence and Inquiry 
be appointed, to consist of nine i)ersons, to-wit: Mr. Speaker, Mr. Howe, 
Mr. Harwell, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Caswell, Mr. Vail, Mr. Ash, Mr. Hewes, 
Mr. Samuel Johnston, any five of whom to be a committee whose busi- 
ness it shall be to obtiiin the most early and authentic Intelligence of all 
such Acts and Resolutions of the British parliament or proceedings of 
Administration a,s may relate to or affect the British Colonies in America, 
and to keep u]) and maintain a correspondence and communication with 
our Sister Colonies respecting these important considerations, and the 
result of such their proceedings from time to time to lay before this House. 

Resolved, That it be an instruction to the said committee that they do 
without delay inQ)rm themselves particularly of the principles and 
authority on which wa,** constituted a Court of Iiujuiry said to have l>ecn 
lately held in Rhode Island with j)owers to transport persons accused of 
offences committed in America to places beyond the seas to be tried. 

Resolved, That the speaker of this House write respectful answers to 
the letters above mentioncHl, and also a circular letter of thanks to the 
speakers of the several Houses of Assembly who have so spiritedly 
adopted the patriotic Resolutions and measures of the truly respectable 
House of Burgesses of Virginia and for their obliging communication 
thereof to this House, inclosing a copy of our proceedings and request- 
ing them to lay the same before their respective Assemblies. 

By order. 

James Green, JuV, Cl'k. 


New York, Manh Lit, J77i, 

Your letter of th(» 19th of March hist, together with the Resolves of 
the honoral)le House of Burgesses of the Colony of Virginia inclbsed 
therein, which they entered into on the 12th of said month, I laid before 
the general Assembly of this colony at the opening of this present ses- 
sion, who being sensible that they are of the utmost importance to the 
Rights and T^iberties of the American Colonies, came to the enclosed Reso- 
lutions which thev directed me to connnunicate to you and to desire vou 
will lay the same l)efore your House of Burgesses at their next meeting. 
1 am also directed to return their thanks to the Burgesses of the ancient 
colony and Dominion of Virginia for their early attention to the Rights 
and Liberties of America. 

I am. Sir, your most humble servant, 

John Cruger, Speaker. 
To the Honle Peyton Randolph, Esqr., Speaker of House of Burgesses 
of Virginia. 

26, 1773 

New York, 

March 1, 



New York, Resolves enclosed: 
March 1, 

^^^^ Assembly Chambek, City of New York, 20th Jnn% 1774. 

The House according to order resolved itself into a committee of the 
whole house upon the letters received from the Speakers of several of the 
Houses of Assembly on this Continent enclosing the Resolutions entered 
into by them res])ectively. After sometime spent therein, Mr. Speaker 
resumed the chair and Col. Seaman reported from the committee that they 
had directed him to report to the House the following Resolutions, to-wit : 

Resolved, nemine contradicente, That it is the opinion of this commit- 
tee that a standing committee of correspondence and Inquiry be appointed 
to consist of the following persons to-wit: John Cruger, Esqr., Speaker, 
James Delaney, James Jauncey, Jacob Walt<m, Benjamin Seaman, Isaac 
Wilkins, Frederick Philips, Daniel Kissam, Zebulon Seaman, John 
Rapalsi, Simon Borum, John De Noyellis, and George Clinton, Esquires 
or anv seven of them, whose business it shall be to obtain the most earlv 
and authentic Intelligence of all such Acts aAd Resolutions of the British 
piirliament or j)roceedings of administration as do or may relate to or 
affect the Lil)erties and privileges of his Majesty's subjects in the British 
C'Olonies in America, and to keep up and njaintain a correspondence and 
communication with our sister colonies respecting these important con- 
siderations and the result of their i)roceedings to lay before the House. 

Resolved, also nemine contradicente. That it is the opinion of this com- 
mittee that the Speaker of this House prepare Draughts of Letters to the 
Si)eakers of the Assemblies on the Continent of America enclosing these 
Resolutions and requesting them to lay the same before their respective 
Assemblies, and that he do return the thanks of this House to the Bur- 
gesses of Virginia for their early attention to the Liberties of America. 

Which Resolutions having been read a second time, 

Resolved, That this House doth agree with the Committee in the said 

By order of the General Assembly for the Colony of New Y^ork. 

Gerard Bancker, Ass't Clerk. 

Hartford Hartford, March 8, 1774. 

March 8,' Gentlemen: 

^' '** We wrote vou the enclosed from New Haven, since which 

yours of the Gth of January last came to hand inclosing a form of a writ 
of assistants. The Resolutions of your Assembly or General Court since 
against granting that general one demanded by his Majesty's commis- 
si(mers of his customs, and your argument on the subje(*t, for which we 
are much obliged, and consider them at once ingenious and conclusive. 


The Officers of the customs here have declined pursuing their motion for Hartford, 
this writ, and it is ex])ected the affair will die in silence with us in this 1^74 
Colony. Should it be revived, there is no probability of their obtaining 
any, as at best such writs are disagreeable and of dangerous tenden(^y, 
and at tliis period when the Colonies are so justly alarmed they would 
not be able to obtain one, though should one be granted yours is as full 
a« a writ of that kind ever in our opinion ought to be consistent with the 
Liberty of the subject or even the act by which it is demanded. 

We enclose the act of our Assembly respecting the counterfeiting the 
currency of our sister colonies, and take liberty to hint that were the 
laws of the Colonies respecting their currencies and other general con- 
cerns of one tenor, so far as ])articidar local circumstances would any 
way admit, it might have a most happy tendency towards forming an<l 
strengthening that union of the Colonies on which their safety and haj)- 
piness depends. 

We consider with pleasure the stef) taken by your worthy House of 
Burgesses in appointing a committee to keep up a regular correspondences 
with vour sister Colonies now adopted bv nearlv all <m the Continent as 
a l)asis on which the most lasting and beneficial Union may be fonned 
and supported. 

No Intelligence has been received from (ireat Britain or any part of 
Europe by us for almost four months, and we are anxiously expecting 
the acc«mnt how the returned Tea is nH^Mved and what measures the 
present session of parliament will ad()f)t respecting that and other Ameri- 
cun concerns. 

We are gentlemen with great resjiect, 

Your most obedient and very hum!)le Servant%s, 


Sam. Holdkx Parsons, 
Silas Deaxk, 
Bkxj. I\\vnk. 

P. 8. — Since the abov.. Intelligence is received from Ijondcm as late as 
the 10th of Januarv with which vou are doubtless favoured. A (Uiantitv 
of Tea arrived at Boston aijd met the fate of the foniier, the ]>articulars 
of which will be with you before this; enclosed is a paragra])h from our 
last Gazette. 

BvRLlNCiTON, March Hth, 177^. Burliiipton, 
Sir: ^^*!:1\ ^^' 

The Representatives of the province of New Jersey having been 
favoured with your letter of the 19th of March last, inclosing tlie minutes 
of the Honorable House of Burgesses of the colony of Virginia, and 

having taken the important ])roposals under their consideration, came to 



Burlington, the Resolutions herein (!ontained, wliich they have direct«<l us to trans- 
March 14, niittoyou. 

They have also given us orders to return their most hearty thanks to 
your honorable House for the earlv attention which thev have shewn to 
the Rights and privileges of his Majesiy's subjects in America. 

The conmiittee of correspondence request the favour of you t^) direct 
any letters of Intelligence which you may hereafter have occasion to send 
for the information of this House to James Kinsey, Escjt, in the city of 
Burlington, New Jersey. 

We are, with great res])ect, 

Your most obedient servant*^, 


Sam Tuckkk, 
Hendkick Fisher, 


Resolves enclosed : 
New Jeraey, New^ Jersey, House of Assembly, 

ISb?y, T,mdmj, Feb'y 8th, 1771. 

Febniary 8, 

1774 The House resumed the consideration of the seveml letters and Reso- 

lutions of the other Houses of Assembly on the subject matter of the 
common Rights and Liberties of the Colonies, and 

The House resolved itself into a committee of whole House \\\nm the 
matters aforesaid, and after some timt^ spent therein Mr. Speaker resumed 
the chair and Mr. Crane, chairman of the committei% by order of the 
House, reported the Resolutions of the committee as follows, \i/.: 

1st. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this conmiittee that tlie House 
should heartily accept of the Inxitaticm to a mutual correspondence and 
intercourse with our Sister Colonies. To which the House agreed ncniine 
con trad icente. 

2. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this conmiittee that a standing 
committee of correspondence and Inquiry be ap}>ointed, tt> consist of the 
following ])ersons, to-wit: James Kinsey, Stephen Crane, Heiulrick 
Fisher, Samuel Tucker, John Witherill, Robert Friend Price, John II inch- 
man, John Mehelni, and Edward Taylor, Esquires, or any five of them, 
whose business it shall be to obtain the most early and authentic intelli- 
gence of all Acts and Resolutions of the parliament of Great Britain or 
the proceedings of administration that may have any relation to or may 
affect the Liberties and privileges of his Majesty's subjects in the British 
Colonies in America, and to keep up and maintain a correspondentte and 
communication with our Sister Colonies re^j)ecrting those important con- 
siderations, and that they do occasionally lay their proceedings befon 
the House. 


To which the House agreed nemiiie coutradicente. ^^ Jersey, 

3. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee tliat the said Assembly, 
coinniitt<?e of correspondence do write letters to the several Speakers of ^^^njjjy ^» 
tlie Assemblies on the continent of America enclosing these Resolutions 
and requesting them to lay the same before their respective Assemblies, 
and that they do return the thanks of the House to the Burgesses of 
Vii^nia for their early attention to the Liberties of America. 

To which the House agreed nemine contradicente. 

A true copy from the Journals. 

Richard Smith, 

Clerk of Assembly. 

Colony of Connecticut, Colony of 

New Haven, Nov, ith, 1773. ^^^ Haven 
Sir: November 4, 

By order of the Committee of Correspondence here I have inclosed ^^^^ 
the within to you, and the committee for the hon'ble House of Burgesses 
of your pro\ince, and am with the highest esteem and respect. 

Sir, Your most obedient and very humble servant, 

Silas Deane. 
Peyton Randolph, Esq. 

Extract of an Act made and passed by the Governor and Company of 
the Colony of Connecticut at a General Assembly holden at New Haveii 
on the second Thursday of October, A. D., 1773: 

Be it enacted, tfcc, that whoever shall presume to forge, counterfeit or 
alter anv of the Bills of Credit of this C-olonv, or the Bills of Credit of anv 
other of the English Colonies or provinces on this Continent, or shall utter 
and put off any such forged, altered or counterfeit Bill or Bills knowing 
them to be such ; or that shall counsel, advise, i)rocure, or anyways assist 
in the forging, counterfeiting, imprinting, stamping, altering or forging of 
any iialse, forged, or counterfeited Bill or IMlls knowing them to be such, 
or that shall engrave any Plate or make any instrument to be used for 
any of the purposes aforesaid, or that shall stamp, or any other ways 
coonterfeit any of the several sorts of coin mentioned in an Act of Parlia- 
ment made and passed in the 6th year of the reign of Queen Ann, &c., 
siich person or persons so offending shall for the first offence suffer im- 
prisonment in said Goal, Mine, or Work House, and there be kept to hard 
Labor for a term not exceeding Ten years at the discretion of the Court 
before which such conviction shall be had. 

And if any such person shall commit the like offence a second time, 
and be thereof convicted as aforesaid, He or they shall suffer Imprison- 


Colony of ment in said Gaol, Mine, and Work-H<^UHe, and tliere be kept to Imrd 

Connwticiit, i^abor ivs aforesaid for and diiring tlie Term of his or her natural Life. 
New Haven, ^ *^ 

November 4, Compared with the original a(*t. 


p'r S. Dkaxe, Cler. Coni'tee. 

Assembly Assembly Chamber, City of New York, 20th January^ 117 Jf. 


* York ^^ "^^^^ House, according tx) order, Resolved itself into a com'tee of the 
January 20, whole House upon the Letters received from the 8i)eakers of several of 
the Houses of Assembly on this (Continent, inclosing the resolutions 
entered into ])y them, res|)ectively. After some time spent therein, Mr. 
Speaker resumed the chair, and Col. Shearman reported from the Com- 
niitee that they had directed him to report to the House the following 
resolutions, to-wit: 

Resolved, nemine con trad icente, That it is the opinion of this com'tee 
that a standing com'tee of correspondence and empiiry be appointed, to 
consist of the following persons, to-wit: John Ouger, Esq'r, Speaker, 
James Delancey, James Jauncey, Jacob Walton, Benj'n Seaman, Isaac 
Wilkins, Frederick Phili})s, Daniel Kipam, Zebulon Se^iman, John 
Rapalji, Simon Boerum, John Dekoyellis, and George Clinton, Esquires, 
or any seven of them, whose hushiess it siiall be to obtain the mostearlv 
and authentic Intelligence of all such acts and Resolutions of the British 
Parliament or Proceedings of administmtion as do or may relate to or 
cH'ect the Lib(»rties and Privileges of his >hijesty's subjirts in tin* British 
Colonies in America, and to keep u}) and maintain a correspondence and 
connnunication with our sister colonies respec^ting these important eou- 
si<lerations, and the result of their proceedings to lay l)efore the House. 

R<»S()lved, also nemine contradicente. That it is the of>inion of this 
com'tee that the Speaker of this House ])repare Draughts of Letti^rs to 
the Speakers of the assemblies on the continent of America inclosing 
these Resolutit>ns and re(iuesting them to lay the same before their 
Respective assemblies, and that he do return the thanks of this House to 
the Burgesses of Virginia for their early attention to the Libertit's of 

Which Resolutions, having been read a second time — 

Resolved, That this House doth agree with the conrtee in the said 

By order of the (icneral Asseml)ly for the Colony of New York. 

(iERARi) Bankrs, As't Clerk. 


20, 1774 

At a Meeting of a Number of respectable Inhabitants of the city of Philadel- 
Philadelphia on Friday, the 20th of May, 1774— ^9^^7^7a^ 

It was resolved, That John Dickenson, Dr. William Smith, Edward 
Pennington, Joseph Fox, John Nixon, John Nesbitt, Samuel Howell, 
Thomas Mifflin, Joseph Read, Thomas Wharton, jun'r, Benjamin Mar- 
shall, Joseph Moulder, Thomas Barclay, George Clymer, Charles Thom- 
son, Jeremiah Warden, jun'r, John Cox, John Gibson be a committee to 
correspond with our sister colonies until some altemtion is made in this 
appointment by a more general Meeting of the Inhabitants of the said 

That the said Committee be instructed to ap])ly to the Governor to call 
the Assembly of the Province. 

That the said committee be instructed to write to our Friends, the 
Peo])le of Boston, infonning them that we truly feel for their unhapj)y 
situation; that we recommend to them Firnmess, Prudence, and Modera- 
tion, and that we shall continue to evince our firm Adherence to the 
cause of Americiin Liberty. 

And that the committee do also inform our Bretheren in New York 
and the other colonies of the above Resolutions. 

Baltimore, 2oth May, 177^. Baltimore, 
Gentlemen : May 25, 1774 

On Tuesday last we received l)y Express from Philadeli)hia 

a letter from the committee of correspondence at that place, inclosing a 

copy of the vote of the Town of Boston, a letter from the said Town to 

the Gentlemen of Philadeph'a, advising their present unhap]>y situation 

and requesting their Brotherly advice in so Interesting an octtasion; 

copies of which vote and letter, the Reply thereto, and tlie Resolves 

entered into at Philadelphia, we now take the liberty of communicating 

t4> you, not doubting y'r readiness to take a friendly part in a matter so 

Interesting to every American. 

On receipt of these papers we immediately convened the principal 
Inhabitants of this place in order to collect in some measure their sense 
of the matter. 

The result was that we appointed a conunittee (of which you have the 
names annexed) to correspond with the committees of any neighboring 
colonies who may consult us on this or any other public occasion, and 
j»articularly to promote a general correspondence of sentiments, with our 
Bretheren thro' this Province in such measures as mav on mature con- 
sideration be thought most advisable to take on this alarming occasion ; 
it has been proposed to convene the principal (lentlemen of our county 
at large, in order to promote an a})j>lication for calling the assembly of 
the Province, but that we have postponed for the |)rescnt until we have 
the advice of our Friends in Annapolis on the matter. 


Baltimore, We hope and expec^t that the Gentlemen of your Province w ill dis- 
May S.0, 1774 |^i,^guij4]i themselves as the foremost In asserting the cause of American 

Liberty and opi)08ing the scheme of Parliamentary Taxation — will now 
exert themselves with spirit and boldness in the cause of Boston now so 
Wolently attacked for defending the connnon clause of America. And we 
doubt not that the Gentlemen of your Town in particular, will heartily 
concur in whatever measures may best serve the general good. 

We are with much Respect, 

Gentlemen, y'r most humble ser*ts, 

In behalf of the committee, 

Wm. Buchanan, 

Sam'l PiTRviANi'K, JunV. 

The ('ommittee of correspondence for Batimore Town — And'w Buch- 
anan, Rob. Alexander, Wils'n Smith, John Smith, John Moale, Wni. 
Buchanan, Wm. I^ux, Thos. Harrison, Rob't Christie, SenV, Dr. James 
Bovd, Isaac Van Bibber, Sam'l Pur\'iance. 

Annapolis, Annapolis, Afftjf 2oth, 17 7 J,. 

May 25, 1774 GENTLEMEN: 

We this morning receive<l a letter from the committee of cor- 
respondence of Philadelphia, inclosing their Resolutions with a coj)y of a 
Letter and vote of the Town of Boston. 

We esteem it a verv luckv circumstance that your General Asseml)lv is 

» » • 1 

now^ sitting, as it affords so good an opportunity of instantly collecting 
the sense of your Colony on a point on which the Liberties of America 
must turn; and was it not absolutely necessary that measures sh(nild be 
instantly taken: we should have waited with pleasure your Resolutioi^s 
which we ca,nnot doubt will be formed on the same generous princij»les 
which have hitherto actuated your ( -olony on every late attempt against 
American Lil)ertv. 

That no time may be lost we shall communicate the paf)ers transmitted 
to us to every part of our ])rovince and endeavor to give* the strongest 
impressions of the Sufferings of Boston in the Connnon cause. We shall 
anxiously expect your Resolutions, in the mcmn time we propose the stMise 
of the people be taken at their meetings on the following heads: 

\. That an immediate stop be put to all Exports to Great Britfiin and 
that after a short day to be agreed on there shall be no Imi)ort from (Jreat 
Britain till the act for blocking up the harbour of Boston be repealed. 

2nd. That the association be on oath. 

3rd. That the gentlemen of the law in this province bring no suit for 
the recovery of any debt due from any inhabitant of tliis pro\nnce to any 
inhabitant of Great Britain until the said act be repealed. 


4th. That this province will immediately break off all trade and deal- Annapolis, 
ings with that Colony or province which shall refuse or decline to come ^^*y ^^» ^^^^ 
into similar Resolutions ^vith a majority' of the Colonies. 

We have the most sanguine hope that Maryland will cheerfully co-op- 
erate with your Colony to any extent of non-importation and non-expor- 
tation. We expect committees will be appointed as soon as possible 
through which we hope a cordial and free intercourse will be established 
between your Colony and our province and that the value and conse- 
quence of these Colonies to Great Britain will be demonstrated by with- 
holding our Tobacco. 

We are gentlemen, your most obedient Servants, 

Charles Carrol, 
J. Hall, 

Thomas Johnson, Jnr., 
Will'm Paca, 
Sam'l Chask, 
Matt's Hammond, 
Stephen West. 

Enclosed in the foregoing letter: 

Philadelphia, May 2lHt^ IIH.. Philadel- 

Gentlemen: phia, May 

21 1774 
You will no doubt before the receipt of this, receive a copy " * 

of the act of ]>arliament for shutting up the port of Boston on account 

of the destruction of the Tea sent out by the East India company, and 

we know that you consider them as suffering in the general cause of 


W^hat part you may think it your duty to act on the present occasion, 
we must leave to your own wisdom and that you may be the better 
enabled to come to a determination, we take the liberty to enclose vou 
copies of the papers which we received from Boston, and also copies of a 
Resolve passed by a number of the inhabitants of this city last evening, 
and of the letter we sent to the Town of Boston inclosing the same. 

We shall be glad by the first o])portunity to know the result of your 
deliberations on this interesting business, and are with great regard, 

Gent., your most humble serv'ts. 

Signed in behalf of the Committee of Correspondence. 

To Peyton Randolph, Esqr., and others, i)rincipal gentlemen of Vir- 


Philatlel- PHILADELPHIA, May 21>t(, 1774- 

phia, May Gkntlemkn: 
21 1774 
' We have received your very interesting; letter together with 

a hotter t'roin the Town of Boston and the vote they liave passed on tlie 

present alarming turasion an(i such measures as have been ])ursued jis 

the Shortness of tlie time would allow. 

To eollect the sense of this large eity is difficult, and when their sense 
is obtiiined they must not consider themselve^s as authorized to judge or 
act for this populous province in a business so deeply interesting a*s the 
pr<\sent is to all British America. 

A very respectjible number of the inhabitants of this city was, how- 
ever, lussembled last evening in order to consult what was proper to b<' 
done, and after rea«ling the several ])af>ers you transmitt^-d to us and also 
a letter from the committc^e of correspondence of New York the enclosed 
resolves were passed in which vou mav be assured we are sincere, and 
that you are now considered tus suffering in the genend cause. 

But what futh(T advice to offer on this sad occasion, is a matter of the 
greatest difficulty, which not only requires more matun* deliberations, 
but also that we should take the necessary measures to obtain the gen- 
eral sentiments of our fellow-inhabitants of this i)rovince as well a.s of 
oiir Sister Colonies. 

If satisfying the East India company for the damage they have sus- 
tained would put an end to this unhappy controversy and leave us on 
the footing of constitutional Tiiberty for the future, it is presumed that 
mother you nor us could continue a moment in doubt what ]>art to act, 
for it is not the value of the tax, but the indefeasilde Right of giving and 
. granting our own money, from w-hich we can never retted e, that is tlu? 
matter now in ((msideration. 

Bv what means this trulv desirable cin*umstancc of a reconciliation 
and future harmonv with our mother w)untrv on Constitutional ])rhici- 
I)les may be obtained, is indeed a weighty (juesti^n, whether l)v the 
method you have suggested of a non-importatimi and a non-exportation 
agnH'ment, or l»y a General Congress of Deputies from the different Colo- 
nies clearly to state what we conceive to Ix; our Rights, and make a claim 
or petition of them to his Majesty in firm but decent and dutiful terms, 
so as that we mav know bv what line to conduct ourselves in future, are 

ft. ft' ' 

now the great points to be det-ermined; the latter method we have 
great n^OvSon to think would be most agreeable to the p(K)))le of this 
])rovince and the first step that ought to be taken, the former may l>e 
n^served as the last resource should the other fail, which we trust will not 
be the case, as many wise and good men in the mother country begin to 
see the necessity of a good understanding with the Colonics u])on the 
general plan of Liberty as well a^s conunerce. 

We shall endeavor as soon as possible to collect the sentiments of the 
people of this province and the neighboring Colonies on these grand ques- 


tionn, and should be also glad to know your sentimente tliereon. In the Philadel- 
meantiine with sincere fellow feeling for your sufferings and great regard Pgi^'i--?^ 
to your persons, we are, 

To the committee of corresi)ondence in the Town of Boston. 

At a meeting of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town Boston, May 

1 Q ■• 'J'7 4 

of Boston, legally (|ualified and warned in PubHc Town Meeting assem- ' ' 
blefl at Fanuel Hall on Fridav the 13th day of May, 1774— 

Vot<?d, That it is the opinion of this Town that if tlie other Colonies 
eonie into a joint resolution to sto}) all importations from Great Britain, 
and Ex|>ort:ition8 to Great Britain, and eyery part of the West Indies, 
till the Act for blocking up this Harbor be re|>caled, the same will prove 
the salvation of North America and her liberties. 

On the other hand if they continue their ex})ort.s and imports, there is 
high reason to fear that fraud, Power and most odious oppression will 
rise triumphant over Right and Justice, Social hapi)in<^ss and Freedom. 
And moreover that this vote forthwith be transmitted by the Moderator 
to all our si.ster Colonies in the name and behalf of this Town. 

Att. : 

William Co(^pkr, Town cl'k. 


Boston, May ISth, 177 i. Boston, May 
Sir: . 13,1773 

I am desired by the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of this 
Town to transmit to our Sister Colonies, an attested coj>y of this vote 
passwl in Town Meeting legally assembled this day. The occasion of this 
meeting is most alarming : we have received the Copy of an Act of the Brit- 
wh Parliament (which is also enclosed) wherein it aj^pears that the inhab- 
itants of this Town have been tr}'ed and condennied, and are to be pun- 
ished by the shutting up of the Harbour and other ways, without their 
having been called to answer for, nay for ought that appears without 
their ha\'ing been ever accused of any crime conunitted by them, for no 
such crime is alleged in the Act. 

The Town of Boston is now suffering the stroke of vengeance in the 
common cause of America. I hope they will sustain the Blow with a 
becoming fortitude, and that the Efl'ects of this cruel act intended to 
intimidate and subdue the spirits of all America will by the joint efforts 
of all be frustrated. 

The people receive this Edict with Indignation. It is expected by 

their enemies and feared by some of their friends that this Town singly 

will not be able to support the Cause under so severe a Tryal. As the 



BoKton, May being of every Colony, considered as a free People, depends u|X)n the 
lo, w/-» event; a thought ho dishonorable to our Bretheren cannot be entertained 
as that this Town will now be left to struggle alone. 

(reneral Gage is just arrived here with a commission to supercede Gov- 
ernor Hutc*hin8<^)n. It is said that the Town of Salem, about twenty 
miles east of this metropolis, is to be the seat of Government — that tlie 
commissioners of the Customs and their numenjus Retinue are to remove 
to the Town of Marblehead, a town contiguous to »Salem, and that this, 
if the General shall think pro|>er, is to be a Garrisoned Town. Heportv^ 
are various and contradictory. 

As this Town has no corre8iX)ndence with any Gentlemen in the Colony 
of Virginia, I b^ leave to address this letter to you, to l>e conmiunicated 
as vour Wisdom shall dictate. I shall receive a letter from vou a.s a 
singular favor. 

With very great regard, I am, Sir, 

Your most humble serv't, 

Samuel Adams. 
Hon. Peyton Randolph, EsqV. 

[Resolutions voted on the same as those sent to Philadelphia May 13tli, 

Copy of the Letter from Boston: 

BoBton, May Boston, May ISth, 17H, 

13, 1774 Gentlemen : 

I am desired by the freeholders and other inhabitants of 
this town, to enclose you an attested copy of their vote ])asse<l in Town 
meeting legally assembled this day. The occaijion of this meeting is 
most alarming. We have received a copy of an Act of the British Par- 
liament (which is also enclosed), wherein it appears that the inhal)itants 
of this Town have l)een tried and condemned, and are to be punished by 
shutting up the Harbor and other ways without their having been calkKl 
to answer for nay, for ought that appears without their having been 
accused of any crime committed bv them, for no such crime is allejied 
in the act. 

The Town of Boston is now suffering the stroke of vengeance in the 
common cause of America. I hope they will sustain the blow with 
becoming fortitude, and that the effects of this cruel act, intended to 
intimidate and subdue the spirits of all America, will by the joint efforts 
of all be frustrated. 

The people receive this Edict with indignation. It is expected by 
their enemies and feared bv some of their friends that this Town singly 
will not be able to su|)])ort the cause under so severe a trial, as the very 
being of every Colony, considered as a free people, depends upon tlie 


event ; a thought so diHhonomble to our Bretheren cannot be entertained Boston, May 
as that this town will now be left to struggle alone. ^ * 

General Gage is just arrived here with a commission to supercede 
Gov'r Hutchinson. It is said that the Town of Halem, about twenty 
miles east of this Metropolis, is to be tlie seat of Government. That the 
('omniissioners of the customs and their numerous Retinue are to remove 
to the Town of Marblehead, a Town contiguous to Salem, and that this, 
if the (teneml shall think proper, is to ]»e a garrisoned Town. Reports 
are various and contradictory. 

I shall enclose a copy of the Town's vote for each of the Colonies 
South wanl of your province, which I beg you to forward with all possi- 
ble despatch, together with your own sentiments thereon, 

I am with great regard, 

Gentlemen, your humble serv't, 

Samuel Adams. 
To the Committee of corresj)ondence for the City of Philadelphia. 

At a meeting of the Freeholders and other inluibitiuits of the Town of Boston, May 

• . 1*^ 1774 

Boston, legally qualified and duly warned in public Town meeting assem- ' * 
bled at Fanuil Hall, on Friday the 18th, day of May, 1774— 

Voted, That it is the opinion of this Town, that if the other Colonies 
come into a joint Resolution to sto]) all importiitioiis from Great Britain, 
and exportations to Great Britain and every ])art of the West Indies, till 
the Act for blocking up the harbour be repealed, the same will prove the 
salvation of North America and her Liberties ; on the other hand if thev 
continue their Exports and Imports, there is high reason to fear that 
fraud, power and the most odious oppression will rise triumphant over 
Right, Justice, Social Happiness and Freedom. And moreover that this 
vote be forthwith transmitted by the moderator to all our Sister Colonies 
in the name and behalf of this Town. 

Att. : William Cooper, Town Clerk. 

Alexandria, May 29th, 177^. Alexandria, 
Gentlemen : May 29, 1774 

We received yesterday the papers herewitli sent, and con- 
formable to the example set us by the Gentlemen of Baltimore, called a 
meeting of the principal Inhabitants, who chose a committee to corres- 
pond with that and the neighboring Towns, for the purpose of communi- 
Oiting to eaoh other in the most speedy manner, their sentiments on the 
pRBeat interesting and alarming situation of America. 


Alexandria, Deeply interested as we are, in the fate of Boston now suffering the 
May 21), 1//4 j^coiirge of oppression in the common cause, we decline entering into any 
HiHohitions, till the sentiments of the representatives of the peoph^ now 
met at Williamsburg, are known, when we make no doubt that spirit 
which has distinguished Virginia as the intrepid Guardian of American 
TiilK»rty, will again shine forth in all its former Lustre. 

We likewise transmit you the resolutions of the Inhabitants of AnnajK)- 
lis, together with the Extracts of T^etters from London, which came epc])res3 
from Annapolis late last night. However we applaud the spirit shown 
in the resolutions of the Inhabitants of Annapolis, we cannot help think- 
ing that the determinations of the Inhabitants of Virginia, when authen- 
ticated by the resolutions of their Assembly, will be more dmsive tlian 
any partial and local resolves. 

We are with much respect in behalf of the committee, 

Gentlemen, Y'r most humble servants, 

John Carlylk, 
John Dalton. 

The committee of corresix)n(lence for Alexandria — ^John Carlyle, Wni. 
Ramsay, John Dalton, Dr. Wm. Ilumney, Robt. Adam, James Kisli, 
James Hendricks, Robt. H. Harrison, George Gilpin, Capt. Hasper. 

Citv of At a Meeting of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the City of 

Inire M ''v ^^il^J^"^^^^^J>?» h^idly qualified and duly wanied in pubhc Town meeting: 
30, 1774 assemblied at the Court House of said city, on Monday, the 80th day of 
May, 1774: 

Voted unanimously, that it is the opinion of this city that the Resolu- 
tions this day entered into by all the late Representatives wlio could be 
convened in this city, entirely coincide with their sentiments, and that 
they will, upon all occasions, readily co-opc^rate with their countrymen in 
everv measure that niav tend to the securitv of their dearest Rights and 

A. Davenport, Town Clerk. 

At a meeting of 25 of the late Representatives legally assembled by 
the moderator, it was agreed that letters be wrote to all our sister Colonies, 
acknowledging the receipt of the letters and Resolves from Boston, A:c., in- 
forming them that before the same came to hand, the Virginia Assembly 
had been unexpectedly dissolved, and most of the members retumcil to 
their respective counties. That- it is tin* opinion of all the kite liouse of 
Burgesses who could be convened on the present occasion, that the colony 


of Vii^nia will concur with the otlier Colonies in such measures as shall City of 
be judged most effe<^tual for the preservation of the common Rights and , J?*'" 
Liberty of British America; that they are of o})inion particularly that an 30, 1774 
association against Importations will probably be entered into as soon as 
the late Representatives cAn be collected, and perhaps against Exporta- 
tions also after a certain time; But that this must not be considered an 
engagement on the part of this colony, which it would be presumption in 
us to. enter into, and that we are sending Dispatches to call together the 
late Representatives to meet at Williamsburg on the first day August next, 
to conclude finally on these important Questions. 

Peyton Randolph, Moderator. 

Ro. C. Nicholas, Edm. Pendleton, Will. Harwood, Richard Adams, 
Thorn's Whiting, Henry Lee, Francis Lightfoot liCe, Thomas Nelson, Jr., 
R. Rutherford, John Walker, James Wood, Wm. Langhome, Lemuel 
Riddick, Thos. Jefferson, Mann Page, Jun., Charles Carter, SenV, Ja. 

Mercer, R. Wonneley Carter, Go. Washington, F. Blackburn, Edmd. 

Berkley, M. Donelson, P. Carrington, Lewis Burwell, (Gloster). 

Dumfries, Slst May, 177 U- Dumfries, 
Gentlemen : May 31, 1774 

Inclosed we send you the copies of the Resolves of the 
cities of Boston, Philadelphia, Annapolis, and Baltimore, as also the copy 
of a letter from our neighbours of Alexandria on the important subject 
of the late act of Parliament relative to the Trade and City of Boston in 
the Massachusetts Bay. We sincerely concur in opinion with the several 
Committees on the present melancholy occasion, and fully determined to 
join our fellow subjects in every measure to avc^t the fatal consequences 
to us and posterity from principals so distructive to American Liberty, 
and have not the least doubt but we shall be heartily joined by every 
individual- of the community. 

As we have not yet heard what our late Representatives have deter- 
mined on, our unhappy situation, we have deferred entering into any par- 
ticular Resolves until next Mondav, when we have called the Inhabitants 
of the County together to warn them of the impending Danger. At 
which time we fully expect, and it is the determined Resolution of the 
Inhabitants of this town, that a total stop shall be put to every kind of 
Importation and exportation to and from Great Britain and the West 
India Islands. We have nothing farther to add but to implore the divine 
Goodness to fortify our minds and the minds of our fellow sufferers, with 
becoming firmness under their great affliction, and that it may please him 


Damfries, not only to change the minds and hearts of our Enemies, but to inspire us 
* to withstand their oppression with the fortitude of men and Christians. 

We are, Gentlemen, with very great esteem. 

Your afl'ectionate Brothers and fellow-Citizens, 

The Committke. 

Copy p. Order: 

Evan Williams, Clk. C. 

Damfries, At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the town of Denifries, in the 
" *y ' * ' County of Prince William, in the Colony of V^irginia, on Tuesday, the 
thirty-first day of May, 1774 — 

Resolved, That it is the unanimous opinion of this meeting, that the 
Freeholders and others, Inhabitants of this County, be invited to meet 
on Monday, the sixth day of June next, at the Court-house of the said 
county, to deliberate on measures the most proper to be taken to avort 
the dreadful Calamities with which the American Colonies in General, 
and the city of Boston in particular, are threatened fnmi an unconstitu- 
tional act of Parliament lately passed, by which the town of Boston and 
its Ports and Harbours are to be blocked up by an armed force, whicli 
* act, it is the opinion of this meeting, is fundamentally subversive of our 

antient, legal, and vital liberties; and that this Resolve be i)ublisluHl by 
the Minister immediately after divine Ser\'ice on Wednesday, the first 
day, and on Sunday, the fifth day of June next. 

Resolved, '^That Messrs. Cuthbert Bullitt, William Grayson, Foushee 
Tebbs, William Carr, Richard Graham, John Riddell, Cumberland Wil- 
son, Andrew Leitch, and Do'r George Graham be a committee for this 
town, to correspond with the different Committees that may be appointed 
for this colony or with the committees of any other colony or Pronnce 
within America. 

Resolved, That Evan Williams be appointed Clerk to this committee. 

Resolved, The proceedings of this committee, as well as those of 
other provinces laid before them, be fairly transcribed by the Clerk in a 
book to be kept for that purpose. 

Copy Per order of the committee: 

Evan Willlvms, Crk. 

Fredericks- At a meeting of the Inhabitants of Fredericksburg, in the county of 
""'^*;l""®^' Spotsylvania, and Colony of Virginia, at the town House, on Wednesday, 
the first day of June, 1774 — 

Resolved, That it is the unanimous opinion of this meeting to concur 


in every pn>i)er measure that may be thought expedient by our Sister Fredericks- 
Colonys on this Important occasion Respecting the Hostile Invasion of "'^^'y""® ^* 
the rights and libertie^s of the town of Boston. 

Resolved, That Messrs. Fielding T^ewis, Charles Dick, Charles Morti- 
mer, James Mercer, Charles Washington, William Woodford, James 
Duncanson, William Porter, (ieorge Thornton, and Charles Yates 1^ 
apj)ointed a committee for this town to correspond with the neighbour- 
ing towns and countys for the Pur])ose of communicating to each other 
in the most speedy manner. Their sentiments on this present Interesting, 
Alarming Situation of America. 

Resolved, That Benjamin Johnston be appointed Cle'k to this com- 

Resolved, That the proceedings of this committee, as well as those of 
other Provinces and Colonys laid before them this <lay, be fairly trans- 
cribed by the Clerk in a Book to be kei)t for that purpose. 

Copy Per order of the conmiittee : 

B. Johnston, Town Clerk. 

At a meeting of a number of res])ectaV)le Inhabitants of the City of Philadel- 
PhUadelphia, on Friday the 20th, of May, 1774— ^30*1774^ 

It was resolved that John Dickenson, Dr. William Smith, Edward 
Pennington, Joseph Fox, John Nixon, John Nesbit, Sanmel Howell, 
Thomas Mifflin, Joseph Read, Thomas Wharton, Jnr., Benjamin Marshall, 
Joseph Moulder, Thomas Barclay, (leorgc Clymer, Charles Themear, 
Jeremiah Warden ^ JnV, John Cox, John Gibson be a conmiittee to cor- 
rwinrnd with our Sister Colonies, until some alteration is made in this 
appointment by a more general meeting of the Inhabitants of this city. 
That the said (^ommittee be instructt»d to apply to the Governor to call 
the Assembly of the j)rovince. 

That the said Committee be instructed to write our friends, the people 
of Boston, informing them that we truly feel for their unhap]^y situation, 
that we re(*ommend to them firnmess, prudence and moderation, and that 
we^hall continue to evince our firm adherence to the cause of Americfin 

And that the committee do also inform our ])rethren in New York and 
the other Colonies of the above Resolves. 

New Castle ox Delaware, ^falf '26th, 1774- New Castle 
Oextlemkn : on I>elaware, 

The alarm which the British act of parliament for shutting * " ' 
np the port of Boston has occasioned amongst us, makes it a matter of 
doty on this committee to contribute as far as they may to a general 


New Castle union of sentiments and measures in the Colonies as the most effectual 

May "^6^17^* method of Relief not only from the present encroachments on the Rights 

of the Inhabitants of Boston but from future attempts of the like kind. 

We consider each Colony on this Continent as parts of the same body 
and an attack on one to affect all. The people of Boston are singled out 
upon this occasion by the British Ministry for apparent reasons and if 
they can succeed so far as to procure a submission, the like or some such 
experiment will be made on each Colony in turn ; if this should hapi)en 
there would be an end to American freedom for a century at least. 

TmiX)rts and exports are things undoubtedly within the |)ower of 
Americans and they are become of great consequence to Britain, a total 
cessation of both as to that Kingdom for a time would not only alarm in 
turn but procure applications for our relief from those who, in all likeli- 
hood, would be more favorably heard than the Americans ; therefore, wo 
apprehend a measure of this sort a necessary pre^•ious stej) in the i>resent 
Exigency, and from our knowledge of the sentiments of the people with- 
in this small government, we can, with confidence say that they would 
generally approve and firmly supi)ortsuch an Engagement if adopted by 
the principal Colonies. 

The conduct of the British parliament on this occasion, so derogatory 
to the character which that Senate once had, needs no comment, a shadow 
of Justice, a cloak of jKJWcr used for America's scourge, indicates the 
necessity of a Congress of Deputies from the seveml Colonies, to deter- 
mine and agree upon further measures for redress of present or future 
grievances; and we are confident that if such a proposed shall be made 
by any one of the principal Colonies, the Representatives of the people 
here will adopt it and embrace the first opportunity of carrying it into 

Wc have enclosed a copy of the Boston Resolve transmitted to us from 
Philadelphia as a paper omitted to l>e sent by their last Ex])ress to you 
for North Carolina. 

As the inhabitants of this (iovemment entertain a high opinion of the 
zeal and firnmess of those of your Colony in the common cause of 
America, we are persuaded that their Resolutions at this important crisis 
will have great weight here, and we shall be glad to have your senti- 
ments thereon. In the meantime we w4io are of the committee of cor- 
respondence for the Deleware Government, 

Are gentlemen. Your most obedient servants, 

Geo. Read, 
Tiios. M( Kean, 
John McKinley. 

To the Committee of Correspondence for Virginia, 


Province of Massachusetts Bay, Provinwof 

May 28th, 1774. ^^^^^ 
Gentlemen : May 28, 1774 

By order of the House of Representatives of this province, 
we enclose you an Act passed in the late session of the British parliament 
entitled An Act to discontinue in such manner and for such time as are 
therein mentioned, the landing and discharging, lading or shipping of 
Goo<ls, wares and merchandize at the Town and within the Harbour of 
Boston, in the province of Massachusetts^ Bay, in North America. 

We think that the archives of C'onstantinople might be in vain searched 
for a parallel. To reason upon such an Act would be Idlene**s. You will 
doubtless judge every British American Colony deeply concerned in it, 
and contemplate and determine upon it accordingly. 

We are with great r^ard your friends and. fellow countrymen, 

Thomas Clshing, 
Samuel Adams, 
James Warren, 
Joseph Hawley, 
Thomas Gardiner, 
Wm. Heath. 

To the Gentlemen of the Committee of Corresi)ondence api)ointed by 
the House of Burgesses of the Colony of Virginia. 

Resolve inclosed: 

Province of Massachusetts Bay, Province of 

In the House of Bepre^saitatires, May 2Gth, 1774. Maspaclui- 

May 26, 1774 
Resolved, That the committee of correspondence, be and they hereby 

are directed to write to the committee of correspondence of all the British 

Colonies on this Continent, inclosing a copy of an uni)rece(lented Act of 

the British parliament, for shutting up the port of Boston, and otherwise 

punishing the inhabitants of that Town; and desire their immediate 

attention to an Act designed to suppress the spirit of Liberty in America. 

A true copy — Att. : 

Samuel Adams, Cler. 

Fredericksburg, 1st June, 1774- Fredericks- 

SlR: burg.Junel. 

By the direction of the Committee of Correspondence for this Town, 

I enclose you tiie copies of ReHolves of the Town of Boston, Philadelphia, 



krf/UfrU-k^' Auiiajxiiui. KttJtiitHifv, Alexajidrm and DumfrieB wbicb came \o hand this 
^^^'^j/tV^ 'ky. AL^i the HffmAven of a meeting called here on the c«ccasd4»n. 

I aiii Wr. Your ven' huinUe ijiervX 

B. JoHX?T'»N, T<»wn t'lerk. 

To |Vvtf#ij itiiiidoljih. Kwjr. 

'The inijM'rH eiir'l<>w^l in theaU»ve letter ^ia>ing l«een already ivivived 
hy the (UftuuntU'i* and reonied, are omitted to lie enteivd here, hut tiled 
in Uie Ixftter amon^e the jia|>ere of the Committee. 

^> '774 <;j.:ntj>:mkn: 

We liike the j-arlieKt oj»jKjrtunity to enclose you eoj lies ol 
two hilln hrou^ht into )mrliaiiient, and Iw^fore this time probahly enactinl, 
which w<* hav<' iiiHt rn^eived hv a vessel in thirtv-six <lavs Inmi Bristol 

It in uIm) conlidentty reported that a thinl Bill is t4> Ik* Imm^ht iiit< 
paHianient for the hetter n*^iihitinjr the governments of the <»ther i»n> 
vinceH in North Ameriea. 

Th<*He K<li('tH, cruel and (»p|»r<*ssivc as they are, we consider as but ban 
H|M'rinii*nH (»r what the continent are to ex|M*<'t from a parliament wh( 
claim a rijzht to make laws binding us in all cases whatever. 

We an* your friends and fellow-countrvmen, 

Thomas Cishing, 
Sami'el Adams, 
Joseph Hawley. 
Thomas (iakdnek. 

To the (Jcntlcmcn, the committee of Correspondence appointed by th 
llonst' of hnrgessf's of the colony of Virginia. 

North Vimv- Nokth Cakouna, JOth June, J774- 

Hiiu, Juno (iKNTI.KMEN: 
* •*"' We send you by express copies of sundry Letters an 

PapeiN whi<h lanie yestenlay from the Northern Colonies respirting th 
arbitniry and oppn^ssive prtK'tvdings against the town of Rt»ston, in tli 
ri\»vinee of Ma.**siichust»tts liiiy — PriHTtnlings which must ntMx-ssaril 
alViH't t»verv trtH* iidiabitant of Itritish America with tlu- nu»st alarmin 
appn'hensi*>ns for their dean^t rights. 

We wisli it wen^ in our |K>wer to I'unush you with the united si^nse < 
the Inliubitants of this l*n>vintv tK>m the votes of their Kepresentative 
h\\{ as thu* cannot U* had on this emei>:enoy, we can only give you oi 


own sentiments and what we believe will be theirs whenever they have North Caro- 
an opportunity of expressing them. That the inhabitants of this Pro- iQ'17-4® 
vince ought to consider themselves interested in the cause of the town of 
Boston a8 the cause of America in general. 

That they will concur with and co-operate in such measures as may be 
concerted and agreed on by their Sister Colonies on |his occasion. 

That in order tliat there mav be a Conformitv and unanimitv in the 
Councils of America, it is absolutely necesssary and expedient that depu- 
ties \ye ap[)ointed by the Several Colonics to meet and deliberate on all 
measures that may be deemed necessary to the support of the general 

That in case the Governors of the different Colonies should refuse or 
decline to call an Assembly of the Representatives of the ])e()ple that 
they should in pursuance of the laudable example of the respecUd)le 
Menil>er8 of the late House of Burgesses of Virginia meet and fonn 
associations to consider of the most probable me^ns of defeating and 
counteracting every attack on the rights of the Colonies in general, or 
any of them, and that in case the act of Parliament, on which our appre- 
hensions are grounded, should be carried into execution, they ought as 
soon as possible to put a stop to all Commercial intercourse between this 
Province and Great Britain until the act is repealed. 

We join with the connnittee of Correspondence of Virginia in request- 
ing that you will be pleased to forward copies of the enclosed pa})ers, 
together with your own sentiments, to our friends in Georgia by express, 
and that you will favor us with the results of vour deliberations on this 
very important affair as soon as possible. 

We have the Honour to be, Gentlemen, 

Your mo. obed. Servants, 

John Hakvev, 
John Ashe, 
Cornelius Harnett, 
Robert Howe, 
Edward Vail, 
William Hooper, 
Samuel Johnston, 
Joseph Hawes, 
Conamittee of Correspondence for South Carolina. 

New York, June 9th^ 177i. New York, 
to?: June 9, 1774 

I had the honor of receiving your letter of the 28th ult., but as 

the oommittee of correspondence and inquiry appointed by the General 

A«8anbly of this Colony, are at present dispersed and several of the mem- 



New York, bera at a coneiiderable distance from thia City, an answer to it must he 

June 9, 1774 postponed to a future day. Have already dispatched Letters to convene 

the members as soon as j)os8il>le, and the earliest opportunity will be 

embraced to take into consideration the im|)ortant matter to which your 

I^etter and the papers enclosed relate. 

A Declaration of our sentiments must be reserved until that aiu bt? 
(lone; Imt thought proper thus early to acknowledge the Receipt of your 
letter, and to assure you of my great attention to matters of such impor- 
tant concern as those you mention. 

Shall be happy to receive the letter in which you purpose to make a 
fuller communication of your sentiments, and am with great regard, 

Gen., Your mo. ob't serv't, 

John Crugkr. 
To the Committee of Correspondence for Virginia. 

field, Con- 
June 14, 

Gentlemen : 

The honorable House of Representatives of this Colony at 
their last sessions which closed the 4th instant, came into a number of 
Resolutions which vou have enclosed. 

They also, by a sj)ecial Act empowered their connnittee of Corres]x>nd- 
ence and Inquiry, to join the Committee of their Sister Colonies in h(»ld- 
ing as early as conveniently might be, a General Congress of the Com- 
mittees or Delegates by them appointed to take into consideration the 
present melancholy and alarming situation of America in general, and of 
our Sister Colony of Massachusetts in particular, i)ursuant to this the 
Coinmitt<»e have wrote to Boston, Porti^mouth and New-port on the EaM; 
to New- York, New Jersies, Phihwlelphia and Maryland on the West, i)ro- 
posing the last week in July or the first in August for the time, leaving 
the place to be resolved as mav best suit the Colonies that luav send 
Rej)rescntatives to attend, but at the san^e supposing New- York or Phila- 
delphia might be the proper centre. 

It is, we conceive, of importance that every C-olony should ])e re])resented 
at such a general conference and much to be desired, but as the |»resent 
Exigency presses, and it appearing very necessary to us that some general 
measures should be adopted, seasonably accasioned our taking the liberty 
of hinthig at the time and place, though some other will be equally agrees 
able to us if more so to our remote bretheni. Your answer in season will 
much ol)lige us by which we shall as far as possible, re^^ulate our condu(!t 
in this im]K>rtant affair — the wise, spirited and seasonable proceedings of 
your truly patriotic J louse of Burgesses, in early pi-oposing a ct)rresjH»nd- 
enee between and union of the Colonies, has justly merited and univer- 
sally received the approbaticm and grateful acknowledgements of British 


And the manly, pious and humane attention more lately manifested to Withers- 

the distresses of the Town of Boston, reflects equal honor on them as field, Con- 

^ ^ necticut, 

men, as patriots, and as Christians. * June 13, 

• 1 77.1 

The committee have been pleased to appoint me their clerk and what- 
ever letters or commands you shall honor me with, I sliall immediately 
lav before them. 

I am, on their behalf and with great truth and regard, 

Gent., your much obliged and h. Serv't, 

Silas Deane, Clerk 
of said Committee. 

P. S. — A day of general Fasting and Humiliation was agreed on by 
both Houses of Assembly; also a general contribution voted throughout 
this Colony for the relief of the poor in Boston, the Directions of both 
which are left \\4th the Governor and Council and will take place soon. 

Withersfield, Connecticut, June 13th, 1774. 

To the Honorable Peyton Randolph, Esqr., R. C. Nicholas, R. Bland, 
Ac, E^qr.. Committee of Correspondence, Williamsburg, Virginia. 

The printed Resolves inclosed are filed among the papers of the 
committee with the original Letter. 


By order of the Committee I forward to vou a copy of the Resolve 

• " Philadel- 

passed on Saturday last by a very large and respectable meeting of the pjjj^ jy^^ 

Freeholders and other respectable Inhabitants of this city and County. 13» ^'74 

Yesterday our Committee met in order to prosecute the great and 
imi>ortant business entrusted to them. 

All America look up to V^irginia to take the lead on the [)resent occa- 
sion. Our united efforts are now necessary to ward off the impending 
blow levelled at our lives, liberty and property. 

By our second Rc»solve you will observe it is the general sentiment of 

Ibis province that a Congress is the most i)robable and proper mode of 

procuring Relief for our suffering brethren, and securing our Rights and 

Uberties. This will give weight to every measure that may be deWsed. 

Such as it appears is the determination of our adversaries, that we have 

no other choice left but to unite or die. Some Colony must step forth and 

apiX)int the time and place. None is so fit Jis Virginia. You are ancient. 

You are respected. You are animated in the cause. 

It is not to be doubted but a general Congress will alarm and offend 
^e Minister, and it is apprehended by some that the General has or will 
^ve orders to interrupt their proceedings — this should be provided 
against in fixing the place. 



Philadel- There are no troops 8tatione<l to the southward of this city, and but 
^IS*!?"" ^ few here. However, your wisdom will point out the most proper place. 
The necessity of the times calls for a npeeily meeting, nothing cun be 
resolved on to effect until it meets. 

The two bills brought into parliament shew with what unrelenting fury 
the parliament are [Jursuing their Blow given to Boston and the pn)vince 
of Massachusetts Bay. The rest of the Colonies cannot be too speedy in 
adopting measures for their relief. Despondency or despair are etiually 
to be dreaded. 

These are my private sentiments which I humbly submit to you. 

Bv order of our Committee I am to inform vou that it is their desire 
that all letters for them be directed to Charles Thompson, at or near 

I am, Sir, y'r mo. obt. Serv't, 

Charles Thompson, 

Se'tv to the committee. 

Peyton Randolph, Esqr. 

[The above is without date, but as it enclosed Resolves passed in Phil- 
adelphia the 18th June, 1774, we may suppose it was written about that 
time and from that place. 

The Resolves are tiled among the papers of the committee.] 


June 20, 



Newport, June 20, 1774. 

Agreeable to the directions of the General Assembly, I have the 
honor to enclose you a copy of certain Resolutions entereil into by them 
respecting the very alarming situation of the Colonies. 

I have also to inform you that upon this occjision this Assembly have 
adjourned to the fourth Monday in August next. 

I am with very great regard, 

Sir, your mo. humble servant, 

Hon. Pe}^on Randolph, Esq. 
Resolutions enclosed: 

Metcalf Bow^.er, Speaker. 


June 20, 


At a General Assembly of the Governor and Company of the English 
Colony of Rhode Island and pro\idence plantations in New England, in 
America, began and holden by adjournment at Newport, witliin and for 
the said Colony, on the second Monday in June, in the year of our Lonl 
one thousand seven Hundred and seventy-four, and fourteenth of tlie 


Reijni of his most sacred Majesty George the third, by the grace of God Newport, 
King of Great Britain, &c.— ' * ^'m^' 

This Assembly, taking into the most serious consideration several Acts 
of the British parliament for levying taxes upon his Majesty's subjects in 
America without their consent, and particularly an act lately passed 
blocking up the port of Boston, which Act, even upon the supposition 
that the j>eople of Boston had justly deserved punishment, is scarcely to 
he paralled in History for the severity of the vengeance executed U])on 
them ; and also considering to what a deplorable state this and the other 
Colonies are reduced when l)y an Act of parliament, in which the sub- 
ject^ in Americii have not a- single voice, and without being heard, they 
may be divested of property and deprived of Liberty, do, upon mature 
deliberation, resolve — 

That it is the opinion of this assembly that a firm and inviolable 
union of all the Colonies in counsels and measures is absolutely neces- 
sary for the preservation of their Rights and Lil)erties, and that for that 
purpose -a convention of the I^epresentatives from all the Colonies ought 
to be holden in some suitable place as soon as may be in order to con- 
sult uj>on proper measures to obtain a repeal of the said Act, and to 
establish the Rights and Liberties of the Colonies upon a just and solid 

That the honorable Stephen Hopkins and the honorable Samuel Ward, 
Esquires, V)e and they hereby are appoint(»d by this Asseml>ly to repre- 
sent the people of this Colony in a General Congress of Represcntiitives 
from the other Colonics at such time and place as shall be agreed upon 
by the major part of the committees appointed or to l)e a]»pointed by the 
Colonies in general. 

Tliat they consult and advise* with the Rei)resentatives of the other 
colonies who shall meet in such Congress uj)on a loyal and dutiful peti- 
tion, and Remonstrance to be presented to his Majesty as the united 
voice of his faithful subjects in America setting forth the grievancies they 
labour under and praying his gracious interposition for their relief; and 

that in case a major part of the Representatives of all the Colonies shall 

^ee u})on such petition and rem oust ranc^e, they l)e empowered to sign 

the same on behalf of this Colony. 
That they also consult and advise ui)on all such reasonable and lawful 

Pleasures as may be expedient for the Colonies; in an united manner to 

pursue in order to procure a redress of their grievances and to ascerUiin 

and establish their Rights and Liberties. 
That they also endeavour to prmaire a regular annual Convention of 

Representatives from all the Colonies to consider of j)roper means for the 

preservation of the Rights and Liberties of the Colonies. 
That the Speaker of tlie lower House transmit as soon as may be, 

copies of these Resolutions to the i^resent or late Si)eakers of the respec- 


Newport, tive Houses of Representatives of all the British Colonies ui>on the con- 
June 20, tinent. 


A true copy duly examined. 


Henry Ward, 8e*tv. 

North Car- North Carolina, June 2Jst^ 1774. 

olina, June Gentlemen: 

21 1774 
* We have been favored with yours of the 31st of Mav last, 

accompanied with copies of sevenil Tx3tters and papers relative to the 

unhappy Divisions which now prevail between (ireat Britain and the 

Colonies, and the ruinous condition in which the Town of Boston is 

involved i\^ a recent consequence of them. 

\Ve sincerely sympathize in the distress of that brave i>eople, and 
mourn over it as over the common cause of America. We conceive this 
attempt made on their natural and Constitutional Rights as a presage to 
a similar or more flagrant violation of the Rights of the rest of the Colo- 
nies, and that upon the success of this in a great measure depends the 
fate of American Liberty. 

W^e are of opinion that the method proposed by you of a general Con- 
gress to be held by Deputies from the diflferent colonie.s will be an expe- 
dient, calculated to produce that union in practice and sentiment which 
is necessary to give success to the. measures which may be adopted a^ 
Regulations for their conduct at this critical a^ra. As this cannot be 
effwted but by a convention of the Representatives of the several imy 
vinces from whom such deputation must pn)ceed, w^e think that the con- 
duct ])ursued by the late Representativas of Virginia is worthy imitation 
when the Governors of the several j)ro\T[nces, in obedience to ministerial 
instructions or of their own accord, shall decline to convene the [)eoi>le 
in their Legislative capacity. 

We had been happy if we had been now fully authorized to speak the 
general sense of the people of this province. 

Be assured that we will, with all possible expedition, use the best meaiirf 
to obtain it. Should not our Assembly meet on the 26th of Julv, to 
which time it now stands prorogued, we shall endeavor in some other 
manner to collect the Representatives of the people and shall immediately 
afterwards transmit to vou what may be the result of their deliberations. 

In the meantime we have the fullest confidence that the share which 
they may take in this im])ortant controversy will not be unworthy of men 
who have ever been sacredly retentive of their Cbiistitutional Rights, and 
desirous to hand them unimpaired to posterity. 

They will, we flatter ourselves, concur with you that the best exi>edient 
to bring about a reconciliation with the mother Country and the Colonies 


will be to X)ut a stop to all commercial Intercourse with her and the West North Car- 
IndieSj and thus to carry home to (Jreat Britain the calamitous conse- 2\\774^ 
quences of her own measunTS. 

We Ccinnot enough applaud the generous spirit exhibited by the Colony 
of Virginia upon this emergency, and wish the example may l)e as diffu- 
sive as it is truly laudable. 

We are with great resi)ect, 

Gent., your mo. ob't humble serv'ts, 

Edw'd Vail, John Harvy, 

John Ashe, Robert Howe, 

Sam. JoirNsTON, Joseph Hewes, 

Corn's Harnett, Will. Hooper. 

To the Committee of Correspondence of Virginia. 

New York, June 24th, 1774- New York 
Gentlemen : June 24, 

We had the honor of your letter of the 28th May, inclos- 
ing a copy of the proceedings of your House of Burgesses before their 
dissolution, and the Association signed by eighty-nine members after the 
House was dissolved; the enclosed coj)y of our letter to the committee of 
correspondence of the House of Representiitives of the Colony of Con- 
necticut, in answer to one of whicli we herewith send you a copy, will 
convey to you our sentiments of a General Omgress and of the i)ower8 
with which we conceive ourselves invested by the General Assembly of 
this Colony. We shall be very happy to be made acquainted with the 
opinion of your late Representatives on the present posture of American 
Affairs, and shall with pleasure receive their sentiments on these subjects. 

We are, with great resj)ect, Gentlemen, 

Your most obed't Servants, 

John Cruder, . Benjanin Seaman, 

James Delanc^^', J. Boerum, 

Zeb'm Williams, (late Zeb'm Seaman), John RapaljI', 

Fred. Philips, James Jauncy, 

Jacob Walton, Dan'l Kissam. 

P. S. — Since writing the foregoing, the Gentlemen of our committee 
returned to their home. We received the Letter and Resolves from the 
Speaker of the late Assembly of Boston and the Sj)eaker of the Assembly 
of Rhode Island, copies of whicli we have the honor here to enclose you. 

•^This letter and these Resolves were before receive by the Commit- 
tee &om Boston, and being already entered are here omitted. 

The Committee of Correspondence of Virginia. 



New York, letter to Boston enclosed: 
June 24, 
1774 New York, 24th Junr, 1774. 


Wo have your letter of June 4th before us inclosing the 
Resolves of your Assembly, and a Letter t4) the Committee of C*oiTesj>ond- 
ence of Boston, and we aj^ree with you that at this alarming juncture a 
general Congress of Deputies from the several Colonies would be a very 
expedient and saluUiry measure, such a Congress consisting of men of 
coolness, ])rudence and understanding, would we conceive be the l)est 
means under providence of restoring that peace and hannony between 
(rreat Britain and her Colonies, which is the surest foundation of Ha]>pi- 
ness to both, and which every good man, every well wisher to his Country, 
ought to labor strenuously to establish. We are sorry therefore that we 
are not sufliciently empowered to take any steps in relation to so salutary 
a measure, for we are a Committee of Correspondence only, and can not 
consistently with good order and prosj)erity, interfere in a matter of such 
im])ortance without the ai)j)ointment and concurrence of our whole House 
of Uepres(»ntatives. After what has been said it would l)e needless to 
mention anything al>out the pla(*e of meeting, oidy this, that if the other 
Colonies who may have authority for so doing, should meet in Congress 
in or near the City, we shall most gladly and willingly assist with our 
advice itc, if necessary, which circumstanced as we arc at present, is all 
we are enabU'd to do. 

We should be glad however to know befoi*e we come to any final deter- 
mination on this matter, what steps will be taken by the other Colonies 
who are in the same situation with us, by not having an opportunity of 
knowing the sentiments of their Houses of Representatives; when the 
measures proposed to be adopted by them shall be conmmnicated to us, 
we shall be better able to judge what plan will be most likely to i>rocure 
a redress of our present grievances, and [)romote the union and prosperity 
of the Mother Country and the ('olonies, and we expect daily to receive 
accounts of these matters of which we shall send you the most early 

We are with great esteem, Gentlemen, 

Your most ob't servants, 

John Ciutoer, John Rapaui, 

Jas. Delancky, Daniel Kissam, 

Ja. Jauncey, Zebulon Williams, 

(late Zebulon Seaman,) 
Fred. Piulipse, Ben.l Seaman, 

Jacob Walton, Simon Borrum. 

To the Committee of Corres|)ondence of the Colony of Connecticut. 



Annapolis, 26th June, 177^. Annapolis, 
Gentlemen: June 24, 

The enclosed Resolutions which we are directod to conmiuni- 

cate, contain the sense of this province of a union and j^eneral plan of 

ex^mduct in defence of the Liberties of America, in the present dangerous 

and truly alanning crisis. We feel ourselves liapj)v in tlie linn and steady 

spirit which animates the people of this province, to pursue those means 

which they judge the most speedy and effectual to prevent the fall of 

Boston and the Massachusetts Government, and by such j)revention to 

save America from destruction. 

It is our most fervent wise and sanguine hope that your Colony has the 
same disposition and spirit, and that by a general Congress such a plan 
may be struck out as may effectually accomplish the grand object in view. 

\\e are also directed to propose that the genenil Congress be held at the 
City of Philadelphia, the twentieth of September next. 

The limits of our province and the number of its inhabiUmt.s compared 
with 3'ours, afforded an opportunity of collecting our genenil sense before 
the sentiments of your Colony could be regularly ascertiiined ; and there- 
fore as this province had the first o})})ortunity, it ha.s taken the liberty to 
make the first proposition. 

We request that you will forward our Resolutions and pro[)ositions to the 
C^)lonies southward of you. If any circumstance unknown to us should 
render the time or place inconvenient to your Colony, you will ol)lige us 
by advising us of it as soon as possible, and mentioning a time and place 
more agreeable. 

We shall be thankful for a speedy connnunication of everything you 
may think of consec^uence. 

We are gentlemen with the utmost resj>ect. 

Your most ob't servants, 

Thomas Johnson, Jr., 


Wm. Pac'a, 
Saml. Chase. 

To the Committee of Correspondence of Virginia. 

^^Resolutions are filed with the Letter. 

Province of Massachusetts Bay, June 17th, 177^. Province of 
Str: Massachu- 

Agreeable to the directions of the House of Representatives of this June 17,* 
pDvince, I have the honor to transmit you a copy of certain Resolves ^'^** 
they entered into in their present session, by which you will perceive 


Province of that it is their opinion that a meeting of Committees from the several 
'tte^B Colonies on this continent is higlily expedient and necessary, and that 
JuneJ7, 1774 they propose that such meeting beat the city of Philadelphia on the 
first day of September next, and that for the purposes mentioned in said 
Resolves they have appointed a committee of five on the part of this 
province whom they have directed to repair to Philadelphia at the time 
before mentioned. 

As this appears to be a measure absolutely necessary for the establish- 
ment of the Rights and Liberties of the Colonies upon a just and solid 
foundation, and for the restoration of union and harmony between both 
countries, it is not doubted but it will be agreed to in your Colony; if it 
should, it is desired that as early a notice as })ossible might be transmit- 

To your most obedient, humble serv't, 

Thomas Cvshtno, Speaker. 

To the Hon'ble Speaker of the House of Burgesses of the colony of 

Resolves enclosed : 
Province of Pkovince of Massachusetts Bay, 

8ette^ay' ^'^ '^^ House of RepresetUatives, .June 17th, 1774. 

June 17, 1774 

This House having duly considered and being diHjpl}" affected with the 

unhappy differences which have long subsisted and are iucreasin«!; 

between Great Britain and the American Colonies, do 

Resolve, That a meeting of Committees from the several Colonies on 
this continent is highly ex})edient and necessary to consult upon the 
present state of the Colonies and the miseries to which they are and 
must be reduced by the operation of certain acts <)f parliannMit re.<i)(M't- 
ing America, and to delil)enite and d(?t<Tmhie upon wise and ])ro[)er 
measures to be by them recomniended to all the colonies for the Uecoverv 
and Establishment of their just Rights and Liberties, civil and religious, 
and the Restoration of union and bannonv between Great Britain and 
- the Colonies most ardently desired by all good men. 

Therefore Resolved, That the hononil)le James Bowdoin, Esquire, the 
honorable Thomas C-ushing, Escjt, Mr. Samuel Adams, John Adams and 
Robert Treat Paine, Esquires, be and they are hereby a])])ointed a com- 
mittee on the part of this province for the purposes aforesaid, any three 
of whom to lie a quorum to nu»et such committees or Delegates from 
other Colonies as have been or may be ajipointed either by their respec- 
tive Houses of Burgesses or Repn^sentiitives, or by Convention, or by the 
Connnittees of Correspondence ap]>ointed by tiie res[»ective Houses ol 
Assembly in the city of Philadeli)liia or any other place that shall 1^ 
judged most suitable by the Conmiittees on the first day of »Septembei 


next; and that the Speaker of the House be directed in a Letter to the Province of 
Speakers of the House of l^urgesses or Representatives in the several ^^^^ "* 
Colonies to inform tlieni of the substance of these Rt^solves. June 17, 

A true Copy. 

AtU^st : 

Sam'l Adams, Clerk. 



Baltimore, 26th Jvae, 1774- Baltimore, 
Gentlemen : '^"511 26, 

We take the liberty to enclose you tlie Resolutions of this 
Province entered into bv deputies from each Countv assembled for that 
pur|K)se at Annapolis. You will observe the Gentlemen appointed Dele- 
gates for the General Congress pr()j)osed, have orders to transmit the 
Resolves, and to Correspond with the different Colonies. But least so 
direct an oj)portunity should not offer from Annapolis, We embrace the 
present of forwarding them to you, Satisfied that it will afford real 
pleasure to the Gentlemen of your ('olony to have the earliei^t informa- 
tion of the Measures proj^osed here to relieve the town of Boston now 
suffering in the Common Cause of Americp,. 

We are with great Respect, 

Your most obedient servants. 
Signed in behalf of the Committee of Correspondence, 

Sam'l Purviance, JunV. 

To the Hon'ble Peyton Randolph, Esq'r, and other principal Gentle- 
men at Williamsburg. 

Philadelphia, My Id, 1774. Philadel- 
Gextlemen : phia, July 1, 

Your favor requesting that we would communicate our sen- ^'^^ 
timents on the unhappy dispute with the mother Country has been duly 
attended to. 

We cannot consider the late measures in parliament in any other light 
than as an additional proof of a Resolution in the mother State to draw 
a Revenue iroin the subject in America without his consent. And on this 
principle we conclude that every British American Colony will esteem 
themselves intimately concerned in it. Under this idea of the intention 
of Parliament, it certainly behoves us coolly and dispationately to medi- 
tate on the consequences and to leave no rational or probable means 
unessayed to avoid them and to obtain that relief which our Rights as 
English 8ubjeet49 entitle us to demand. 

HTiat these means ought to be, we think the several Branches of the 
American Legislatures in which the people are constitutionally represented, 


Philadel- and who are vested with their whole powers ought to determine. We, 
^'-^74 ^' therefore, only presume to give you our private sentiments which must 
ever be subject to the amendment and control of the Body of which we 
are only members when we again mix with them. 

We earnestly hope and recommend that the great cause of American 
Rights may be left to the management of the Representatives of the 
j)eoj)le in every Colony, as they alone are vested with a constitutional 
power of enquiring into and redressing those grievances under which the 
subject may at any time be oppressed. Until this measure shall be fairly 
attempted and a failure shall ensue, we cannot conceive the present dis- 
pute between Great Britain and the Colonies, can, with any proi)riety or 
prudence be assumed by any other persons whatever, or that in other 
hands any good consequences can be rationally expected. And as we are 
^ in a state of society where Order, Reason, and policy ought to prevail, 

every measure which can only serve to irritate and not convince ; every 
Act of violence or even the appearance of it should be carefully avoided, as 
they cannot, under our present circumstances, obtain us that relief we desire 
and have a right to expect, but, on the contrary, may involve all America 
in difficulties from which no after wisdom or })rudence can surmount. 

A Congress of Delegates chosen either by the Representatives in 
Assembly or by them in convention, appears to us the first proper step 
to be taken. Nor are we dubious that it may be happily effected in f 
short time, should calm and prudent measures be pursued to obtain it 
In this Congress, composed of the Representatives constitutionally chosei 
of all concerned, and who would, of course, act with weight and autho 
rity, something might be produced by their united wisdom to ascertaii 
our Rights and establish a political union between the two countries, witi 
the assent of both of which, would effectually secure to Americans thei 
future Rights and privileges. Anything short of this will leave the Col< 
nies in their [)resent precarious state, disunited among themselves, unse 
tied in their rights, ignorant of their duties and destitute of that conne< 
tion with Great Britain which is indis})ensibly necessary to the safety an 
happiness of both. 

We are, with great regard, y'r assured friends, 

Joseph Gaj.loway, 
Sam. Rhoads, 
In behalf of the Coranuttee. 

To the committee of corresi)ondence for the colony of Virginia. 

P. S. — The assembly of this Province are sunnn(med bv the Govemo 
Writ to meet on the 18th inst. 


Charlks Town, So. ('arolina, July 8th, 1774- Charles 

Gentlemen: Town, South 

1 am ordcreil by the most numerous meeting of the inhab- jujy g 1774 

itants of this Colony that was ever convened together since our unhappy 

differences with the mother country, to transmit you a copy of their 


Under the fullest pursuasion that you will readily concur in every 

necessary measure that can be fallen upon for restoring to British America 

her just rights and liberties, 

I am, Gentlemen, 

Your mo. Ob't humble serv't, 

G. G. Powell, (liairman. 
j^T'The printed Resolutions enclosed are filed with the Letter. 

Philadelphia, Jidy 25, 1774. Philadel- 
Gentlemen: phia, July 

25 1774 
As Messrs. Dickenson and Read are both out of Town, 1 ' 

am directed to inform you that our Assembly met last week and appointed 

I)eputit*s to attend the Congress. 

T have likewise the honor to enclose you the Resolves and instructions 

dniwn up by tlie provincial (Committee by which you will see the sense 

of this province. 

I am y'r humble Serv't, 

C'has. Thompson. 

The printed Instructions and Resolutions are filed with the Lettc^r. 

To the conmiittee of correspondence of the Dominion of Virginia at 

Pennsylvania — In Assembly, Pennsyl- 

July 22d, 1774— A. M. vania—In 


July 22 1774 
The House, taking into their most serious Consideration the unfortu- ' 

nate Differences which have long subsisted between Great Britain and 
the American Colonies, and have been greatly increased by the Opera- 
tion and Effects of divers late acts of the British Parliament — 

Resolved, That there is an absolute Necessity that a Congress of Depu- 
ties from the several Colonies be held as soon as conveniently may be, to 
consult together upon the present unhappy sUite of the Colonies, and to 
form and adopt a Plan for the purposes of obtaining a Redress of Ameri- 
can Grievances, ascertaining American Rights upon the most solid, con- 


Penneyl- stitutional Principals, and for establifihing that Union and Harnionv 
vania— In 

vania in |)t»tween Ctreat Britain and the Colonies which Is indispensiblv 
Assembly, '■ 

July 22, 1774 to the Welfare and Happiness of hotli ; Therefore, 


Resolved, That tlie Hon'ble Joseph Galloway, Speaker, Samuel Rhoads, 
Thomas Mifflin, Charles Humphreys, John Morton, George Ross, and 
Edward Biddle, Escjuires, be and they are hereby appointed a Committee 
on the Part of this Pro\4nce for the Purposes aforesaid ; and that they, 
or any four of them, do meet such Committees or Delegates as have been 
or may be apjiointed, either by their respective Houses of Representa- 
tives or by Convention, or by the Provincial or Colony Committees, at 
such time and Place as shall be generally agreed on by such committees; 
and that the Si)eaker of this house be directed in a letter to the Sj)eakers 
of the Houses of Rej)resentative8 of the other Colonies to inform them 
of these Resolves. 

Extract from the Journals. 

Chas. Moore, 

Crk of Assembly. 

Anna]X)li8, Anxapolis, 10th Aug., 177 i. 

August 10, ( ; KNTLKM KN : 

Your lettcT of the 4th inst. wtus delivered tx) us earlv this 

morning, and that for Mr. Th()mj)son was immediately dispatched with 

our c()ncurrence in the time and place proj)osed by your Colony and 

South Carolina, for holding, the Congress. 

We are with greatest respect. 

Your mo. ob't serv'U*, 

Thos. Johnson, JunV, 
Wm. Paca, 
Sam. Chase. 

To the Hon'ble Peyton Randolph, Esq., and the Gentlemen of Virginia, 

Elizabeth ELIZABETH TowN, Jul}/ 25th, 1774- 

Town, July ( Jentlkmen : 

"" ' ' Pursuant to an order of the Connnittee of the several 

Counties of the Colonv of New-Jersev, convened at New-Brunswick, We 

have the honor to accpiaint you that they have appointed us Delegat(»s 

to re[)resent tliis ])rovince in the General Congress, and that we nxv 

orden'd to attend the same* at the* city of Philadelphia on the first of 

September next, or at such other time and j)lace as may l)e agreed upon; 

you will be jileased to inform the Delegates of your Colony thereof, and 

let any letters intended for us be directed to Stephen Crane, KsqV, at 

Elizab(»th Town. 



Sincerely wishing the Congress may be productive of the iniiKirtant Elizabeth 
end proposed, ^25'°i774'' 

We are, gentlemen, 

Your mo. Ob't, humble servants, 

John DeHart, for himself and 

Stephen Crane, 

James Kinsey, 

Will. Livingston and 

Richard Smith, the other Delegates. 


Philadelphia, July 2i, 177^, Philadel- 
phia, July 

25, 1774 
By order of the House of Representa.tives of Pennsylvania, I hdve 

the honor to enclose a copy of certain Resolutions, entered into by them 
rcsi>ecting the present alarming state of the Colonies, and appointing a 
Committee to meet the Conmiittees of the other Colonies in Congress. 

I am with great respect, Sir, 

Y'r. mo. ob't Serv't, 

Joseph Galloway, Speaker. 

Resolutions filed with the letter. 

New York, May 5, 1775. 

At a time when the most vigorous exertions of Ministerial 
power and the blood of our bretheren in the Massachusetts has been 
actually shed for daring to maintain the Rights of Englishmen, the inhabi- 
tants of this city and county have in the most explicit manner, (as you 
may perceive by the enclosed association) resolved to stand and fall with 
the freedom of the Continent. 

We are confident that our Constituents are sincere in the strong assur- 
ances they have given us, that while we continue in office they will be 
guided by our advice and direction. 

We have thought it necessary to advise the withholding supplies from 
the British Fisheries on the American Coasts, and to cease all Exports to 
those Colonies which at this alarming Juncture refuse to unite in the com- 
mon cause. The expedient is too evident to need any elucidation, and 
will doubtless procure us niany hearty advocates in Britain, besides which 
we have resolved to withhold all provisions from the army and navy at 



New York, 
May 5,1775 


New York, Our late Committee of obftervation thought proper to recommend the 
Alay o, i7<5 appointment of a provincial Congress in consequence of which our Con- 
stituents have chosen twenty-one Deputies to meet at this city on the 
22(1. inst., those who may be appointed for that purpose in the other 
Counties of this Colony. For your further satisfaction on these matters 
we he hefr leave to refer you to the enclosed papers; we request you to 
communicate the substance of this information to your next neighbours 
and to assure — that in our Department we shall watch incessantly 
for the public safety. 

By order of the Committee. 

I am Gentlemen, 

Your most ob't, 

Henry Remsen, DepV Chairman. 
The enclosures are filed with the Letter. 





WiLLiAMSBURc;, February the 7th, 1776.^ 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Bland, Mr. Tabb, Mr. Walker. Williams- 
Joseph Jones, Esq'r, a member of this comm'ee attended and took the Febmary 7 
oath of office — pr. Jos. Jones, Esq'r. 1776 

Ordered, a warrant to Henry Innes for the use of C'has. Lynch for £100 
on account, for the purpose of carrying on liis saltpetre and Powder 

Ordered, a warrant to Capt. Thomas Massie for £72 for the recruiting 
service in New Kent county — bond and Sec'y to be given to the chairman 
of s'd county committee for proper application on account. 

A Warr't to C.'apt. Gregory for £72 for the recruiting service in Charles 
Citv Countv — bond 'xe as last. 

A warr't to Capt. Mason for £72 for the recruiting service in Sussex 
countv — bond 'xe as last. 

Resolved, Mathew Anderson and John Lawson be permitted to pass 
from hence to Phil'a and from thence to their respective places of resi- 

Resolved, James Wallace and family, Allen Cams, John McGill, be per- 
mitted to leave this — , previ — advertiz'g the same according to act of 

A Warr't to Jno. Tazewell, Esq., for £3.9.2, for lead. 

A certificate of the Comm. of Warwick Co. of their recommendation 
of five of their members to be a Court of Comm'rs accord 'g to Ordinance 
of Convention, ret'd and ordered commissions issue. 

A certificate of the comm' of Gloucester Co. of their recom'n of five 
of their members to be a court of comm'rs accord'g to Ordinance of con- 
vention, ret'd and o'd commissions issue. 

Resolved, Upon conside'a'on of Tetters from the comm. Accomack 
and Northampton, that this comm'ee refer'd the — Station of the — Ikj 
stationed on the Eastern Shore to the Comm'e for the District of Acco- 

*The heading to the proceedings of Febraary 14th, shows this year. 


Williams- mack and Northamptt)n, this comm'e being unacq — ted with the situation 
^ ,^"»"K, of this. 

me^ P'r Mr. Vice-President, 

A warrant to \Vm. Parker, Express from Accomack, for 12s 6. 

A warrant to Greenwood, Ritson and Marsh for £10.3.3 for sundries 
furnished the troops at Norfolk. 

It app'g from a certificate of the comm'e of Amelia County tha' Wotxl 
Jones and 8am'I Hanway have an equal number of votes — the oftii-e of 
first Lieutenant in the Regular Service, and they referred it to this connnV 
to decide the appointment. 

Resolved, that it be remit'ed to the said County Co. to determine the 
appointment, this Comm'ee being of — they have no })ower to decide on 
this case. 

A certificate of the comm'e of the District of York w — before this 
comm'e whereby it app's John Cary and Edmu — have an equal number 
of votes for the office of Cap — the Regular Service, in w'ch case this 
comm'e are the — appointment. 

Resolved unanimously that Edmund Dickenson be appointed CajJtain 
of the recruits to be raised in the said District of York. From the same 
comm'e another certificate of an equal number of votes for the office of 
Ensign between James Selate and Thomas Herbert. Resolved, Thomas 
Herbert be Ensign of the s'd company, unanimously. 

A Warrant to Lieutenant Peter Jones for £72 on acc'nt bountv monev 
for the recruiting service in Dinwiddie county — bond with Jose})h Jones 
security lodged. 

Resolved, Robert Boyd, James Dunlop, and — Graham be resjiec- 
tively permitted to leave this colony, previously advertizing according to 

John James Beckley having acted clerk pro temj)ore to this conun it- 
tee, and being approved of — Resolved, that- he be appointed assistant 
clerk. Oath lieretofore administered. 

A Warr't to W. P. Martin for £72 p'r acco't set'led by comm'rs lor 
arms purch'd by order this committee, and £3.8 for trouble. 

A Warr't to Capt. Geo. Nicholas for £72 on acco't for recruiting ser- 
vice — bond with security executed. 

A War. for £5 for a rifle Gunn. 

A Letter from — mm of Gloucester being read and considered — 
Resolved, that Warner Lewis, Jun'r, Esq'r, be emp'd to purchase so many 
good arms as may be necessary to arm the 3d comj)any of minutenuni 
raised in tlie s'd county. When they are completely armed this eomm\e 
will consent to their being called into service U[)(m future application: 
pM for on his certificate. 

A Warr't to Adam Hvrd for £2S.13.7 p'r acco't setled bv counii'rs for 
Prov'ns, itc, furnished the (iuard at (,'umberland Town. 


A Warr't to Wm. Harwood, Esq'r, for £49.2.3, the ballance of Pay and Williams- 
Exp's of Warwick Militia. p^^l'^^y ^^ 

A certificate of the Warwick comm'e of their app't of militia off 's, 1776* 
ret'd and comm's issued. 

A Warr't to Capt. Duvall for £148.17.7 for pay Roll and his other 
acco'ts, certified by comm'rs. 

A Warr't to Capt. Duvall for the use of John Moss for £3 for a Gunn, 
for £3 for the use of Wm. Tvree for a Gunn, and for the use of Miles 
(rath right £8.1o for a (iunn. 

Absent: Mr. Bland. 

Ciesar, a negro man slave belonging t^) Jno. Hancock, a [prisoner taken 
at the Great Bridge, was brought before this comm'ee and ex'd. On his 
ex'n <leclares that his mas — , liaving joyned LVl Dunmore, sent and 
ordered the Dep't and another slave to go to tlie Fort at the Great Bridge, 
from whence he was sent w^th a party, who, l)eing attacked by the Pro- 
vincials, left him, and he w^as runing to the provin's when he was shott 
by one of them. Mr. Seymour Hoe, being swo. and ex'd, saith that he 
went with to the party under L't Colonel Scott just after his engagem't 
below the Great bridge, and found our j)arty in possession of the Pris- 
oner, whom they had wounded and taken. On considera. — Ordered, 
that he be valued by Doct'r ({alt, Ben. Powell, Ro. Nicholas, and Hum- 
phrey Harwood, or any 3, being 1st swo., and so report to this connn'e. 
That the s'd slave be taken — employed for the benefit of this colony in 
the I>ead Mi — under the direction of Mr. James Callowav. 

A Warr't to Doctor Corbin Griffin for medicines, attendance to troops 
at York, m — ^ne and militia. 

A Warr't to Ben. Bucktrout for £77.0.9 for sundries for the u — of the 
ami v. 

A ^^'arr't to Capt. Dickinson for £72 on acc't for recruiting Drivers — 
York District; bond with security executed. 

A Warr't to Timothy Vaughan for £3.10 for a Gunn purchased by 
Colonel Henrv. 

A Warr't to Jno. Armistead for £23.14 p'r acco't set'led by comm'rs for 
Forage. — to Thomas Skinner for the use Armistead. 

Do. to Robey Coke for £8.11.9 — Do. — for Repairing Wagg(ms and 
making Rammers. 

Do. to Thomas Skinner for £5 — Do. — for Wood. 

Do. to Thomas Webster for £4.10.0 — Do. — for Wood. 

It app'g from a certificate of the comm'e of the county of Northum- 
berland that Thomas (laskins, jun'r, and Thomas Jones have an equal 
number of votes for the office of Captain in the regular service, and the 
s'd coram, refer it to this comm'ee to decide the appointment — Resolved, 
that it be remited to the s'd county comm. to determine the appoint- 
ment, this comm. being op'o they have no power to descide in this case. 


WillianiB. A Warr't to Thomas Gaskins for £72 on acco't for the recruiting ser- 
burg, ^jjj^, jjj Northuni!)erland county; l>ond with sec'y ex'd. 

1776 ' Adj'd till to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pkndleton. 

Thursday, the 8th February. 

Williams- Present: The same members as yesterday. 

February 8 ^ Recommend'n of the Oomm'e of James City of five of their mein- 
1776 hers to be a Court of C-omm'rs returned and ordered Commissions issue. 

A warrant to Robert Hyland, Door Keeper to this Comm'ee for £14.5 
p'r account filed. 

Resolved, John McTaggert and Thos. Kerr, be permitted to leave this 
C'olony, previously advertiz'g accord'g to Act Assembly. 

Resolved, Thomas Newman be permitted to pass from hence to Mai!.<a- 
chusetts Government, Jebez, Frederick, Jacob, Andoss. 

A Warr't to Rd. Bray, i)V use of James Bray Johnson for £11.1'^ p'r 
acc't setled bv Comm'rs for Corn. 

A Warrant to Joseph Hawkins }>'r use of John Hawkins for £1>0<>. «ni 
account as Conmiissary of Proves. 

A Warrant to Richard Bland, Esqr., for £50 on acci>unt, for the C«»i.i- 
missioners of Salt petre works on James River. 

A Pass tt) Wm. Wilson, Robt. Donaldson and John Bruce to gi^ i.» thf 

A Warrant to Capt Robert Anderson for £1(>7,10.3, the l<illV*e •»:" 1 :? 
account settled by the Comnrrs for the pay of and nei*es5?'T^ for KL< i ■. - 
pany. N. B. — Sundry Rugs, blanketts Arc, to be ret\l when Ir^ I V«:..: eii.;. 
is disbande<l. 

A Warrant to Colo. John Quarles for £11.3.10, allowed bv ::.^- i*. r,. .'> 
f«»r simdry Expences of the Prince Wm. minute l>attalii»a. 

A warrant to Griffin Fauntleroy for use of C*apt John Wr-: K >. r t.7- 
for the niTuiting sernce in the District. Jaiut^ E^i- . :".i^« •' - -*- 
tiT l«>ii:i'<l as security for a pR>iK»r application iVo,, U»r.'i ri'^rr.. 

i ►nL, a Warrant to Dr. John Minson ( Jalt for £.^2.0 :« .r :. r* r -^ i 
a -^'liitf and bridle furnished on the Hampton Ex|«t-i::: r. 

Mr. J*»lin Calvert is apiMiinte<l to employ pi\»iier J^^^* ^::*^ az«: ~- •' > 
i.«r*.>— ^iir\'»Ti:il. and su]H*rintend the building ^*f a r w -•st.V.-r j. . ._:- 
•i::.j t-.« j'l^iii d«'liv»/re<l. to be enijiloved in Janu^ ri\t r. c * .t.i: v 
:l:.:-:.«^i h»r 'N t*« hav^.- tht* roiumand. and is t«» t:!^:^^' L:> f ■:tr> i. • r*- - 
i..*r\. 1.1- ■ *.r.:!'. m!*-* f«»r tbt' \vorkiii«Mrs wa:fes aiid r,t*xrssjkr'-'s "vl »- ' .-. 
'*\'.*si. I'T Hjj *A, a:.d tbtr utiii.»>t t*x|HMliti«»n i> nr-k*:.." .-. •' ••. '■ : . .. 

< ►: 1' r»-4 A W arrant to Mr. JmIhi lalvrrt lor £-> • :* •' «•:» *.^ \ 

< »r i-r<:-: :^a! Dr. ^ralt. H»'iijainin Powtll. K.^in^n Ni « c-^ i: i.!«: *:' 

i}.r»rv lJ:irw mA ..If ar.v '4. \j*:'ui'j tir>t swo. do aia-rrii?*:- Vi ._! i u^mt^ j 
I . . . • 



belonging to Andrew Sprowle, and Dick, belonging to Hezekiah Haider, Williams- 
and return their appraisements to this committee. p hurg, 

Ordered a warrant to John McCarty ibr SOs. for services as a day 1776 

Ordered a warrant to Wills Wilson ibr £3.10.0 for a gun fum — for the 


Adj'd till to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 

Friday, 9th February. 

Present: The same members as yesterday. ' Williams- 

Ord'd a warrant to Mr. Harry Innes for the use of Mr. James Calloway February 9 
for £50, on account to furnish necess'ys for working the Lead Mines, and 1776 
to Mr. Innes for £10 on accn't for his expenses com'g down on this busi- 
ness and returning, taking charge of the slaves to be sent to the Lead 
Mines at Rocky Ridge. 

Mr. Harry Innes is empowered to agree with Colo. Byrd for the hire of 
two slaves to work the Lead Mines. 

Ordered, a Warrant to the Rev. A. Waugh for £24.8.0 for his pay as a 
Chaplain to the Army. 

Ord., a warrant to George Gardner for £6.7.0 for Freight of Flour. 

Ord., a warrant to Colo. Thomas Elliot for use Capt. John Hickman for 
£66.15 for pay and Expenses of his voluntier company. 

Ord., a warrant to Colo. Thomas Elliott for £4.17.6 for his pay, forage, 

Ord., a warrant to Colo. Thomas Elliott for use of John Quarles, 
£7.2. lOJ for his pay and Expenses as an orderly Sergeant at Hampton, 
to the min. Batt. 

Ord., a warrant to Walter Lenox for £15.9.4, p'r acco't all'd by com- 
missioners for board and house rent to sick soldiers. 

Ord., a warrant to Wm. Page, Express, for £34.16.6, the Ballance of 
his account to February 8th. 

A certificate of the appointment of Regular Officers in the county of 
Prince William, also of the review of Capt. Leitch's company of regulars 
on the 5th Instant, ret'd and ordered to be registered. 

Ord., a warrant to the Revd. David Griffiths for use Wm. Grayson for 
£11.0.0, for Arms, <tc., furnished the publick, Min. Batt. 

Ord., a warrant to Robert Dandridge for £3.10.0 for Gun furnished the 

Ord., a warrant to Joseph Jones, Esqre., for use Robert Johnston for 
for £15.14.0 for sundry medicines furnished the Army. 

A certificate of the apjiointment of Regular officers in Fairfax county ; 
also of the review of Capt. Fitzgerald's Company of Regulars on the 6th 
instant returned and ordered to be registered. 


Williams- OrdVl a warrant to Capt. John Fitzgerald for £92.10.0, for the bounty 
Februarv 9 ^^**^^^y ^"^ recruiting expenses of his company in Fairfax county. 
1776 Adjourned till to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 

Saturday, 10th February. 

Williams- Present: The same members as yesterday. 
Febnia?v 10 Ordered a warrant to Littleberry Masby for £23.10.0 for arms furnished 
1776 the publick: also £1.12.6 for comm's for his trouble Ac, in purchasing 
the same. 

Ordered a warrant to William Pearson for £8.5.9 for leather furnished 
the publick. 

Ordered a warrant to David Jones for £2.4.6 for work done for the 

A permit to George Graham to goe on l)oard the Rockingham, 

A certificate of the appointnuait of Commissicmers in the countys of 
Louisa and Cumberland, and ordered Com's issue. 

Ordered a warrant to John Stith for £72 for the recruiting service in 
Brunswick countv. 

Ordered a warrant to John Hodges for use Sam. Duval Jun'r £22.10, 
for waggon hire. 

Ordennl a warrant to John Hodges for £84.0.0 for waggon hire. 

Ordered a warrant to David (iriflith for use Rol)ert Bowery for £2.2, 
for sundries furnisluMl the Hospital at Hampton. 

Ordered, a warrant to Capt. Thomas Nelson for £72.0 — for the re- 
cruiti — service in the York District. 

A Tvett43r wrote to the committee of safetv of Marvland to advise them 
of the arrival of a r)0-Gun man-of-war. 

Ord., a warrant to Capt. George Johnson for £150 on acco't for dis- 
buse — of his company. 

Ord., a warrant to Mr. Samuel Boush for £84.12.0 for Hay — of the 
Troops at Norfolk. 

Ordered, a warrant to James Anderson for £119.8.10^, the ballance of 
account for Smith's work settled l)y the Commissioners. 

A Letter wrote to Mr. Richard (iraham that the repairs of the arms 
for the militia must be done at the Expense of Individuals who are able 
— for the i)Oor, the comm'ee are to have the arms repaired and (certify 
th — Exj>ence, which will be paid by the Publick. 

Mr. Tab!) and Mr. Walker are appointed a commW to agree with Mr. 
Jo. Anderson for the Uwse of his Smith's Shop, Tools, Servants, A'c, — 
at'counts — the Publick. 

A liCtter wrote to Colo. George Mason, in answer to his of 3. — a* fol- 
lows: "Sir, &c. — 


Ord., a warrant to John Sandforcl for use of Cieorge Mtuson and John Williums- 

Dalt^jn for £1000 on Jiccount for furnishinK prov'8 and necessaries for ,^ , '^' ,,, 

^ * February 10, 

siindrv vess. 1770 

Ord., a warrant to Nathan Bti4?nal for £11.10.0 for a (juantity of l)u — 
furnished the publick. 

A Letter wrote to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, intimating tlie 
arrival of a oO-Giin man-of-war. 

The Committee proceeded to allot the stations of the sev(»nil regiment.s 
as follows: The first and sixth between York and James river. The 
second and seventh between York and Rai)pahan — . The third and 
fifth between Potowmack and Rai)i)ahanock. The fou — and eighth on 
the southside of James river. 

Adjourned till Monday next 10 o'clock. 

Edm'i) Pkxdlktox. 

Monday, 12th February, 1776. Williams- 


Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Page, Mr. Walker, Mr. Tabb, ^^^777« *^ 
and Mr. Jones. 

Ordered, a warrant to Mr. Thos. Miller for use Richard James for £90.f> 
for amis i)urcha«ed for the publick. 

Order upon Mr. Lynch for 10 pounds Gun Powder to Mr. Harry Innes 
— to work the Lead mines. 

The comm'ee not having an innnediate o])portunity of transporting 
the several slaves intended to be sent to the foreign West Indies, and 
w\yon Examination the following — applied — and desirous of going to 
work at the Lead mines, where the\' mav be — verv l)eneficiallv for the 

%f %• %r •r 

colony. The comm'ee accordingly Inid them api)raised by — i)ersons on 
oatli, and Colo. Henry is desinnl U) send them under the ]> roper escort to 
the coxmtv Lieutenant of (Chesterfield, who is to ret^eive and — them 
under like Guard of his militia to the Lieutenant of the next county, — 
countv to county until thev be delivered to Mr. James — , there to be 
employ e<l for the publ — 

[The leaf containing the rest of the proceedings of Pith Fe})ruary and 

the greater part of those February 18tli (])agei< 9 and 10 of the original 

manuscript) has here disapiH^ared. Page 11 of the original commences 

wiih the last two orders of February 13th, a« follow ])elow. — Ed.'s Notk.] 

Ordered, a warrant to Capt. Edward Carrington for £20 on account for 

the recruiting service in the artillery conji)any. 

Same to Rev'd Mr. Andrews for £4 for making 4 draftjs of a row (ial- 

Adjourned til' to-morrow 9 o'clcnrk. 

Edm'i) Pendleton, 




Williams- Wednksday, HtJi Fehrnunf, 1776. 


*^ *7-7<^ ' PresiMit: Tlie same members as yesterday. 

Ordered, a warrant to AlexV Purdie for £2.5 for a Spy Glass funiL^hed 

the armv. 


Same to same for £1.16.0 for books and ])apers furnished the aniiy. 

A Permit to Henry Bowcock to goe to Pliiladclphia. 

A Letter wrote to Colo. Howe direeting tlie diseharge of the (^ulpejKT 

A Letter of thanks to the C-ulpeper Battalion addressed to Colo. 

Ordered, a warrant to Thomas Keith for £72 for the teeruiting service 
in Fauquier county. 

Same to same for use Joseph Nelson and Andrew Obanyon for £(52.10.0 
for waggon hire min. Batt. 

Same to Henry Davis for use John Talbot for £72 for the rec^ruiting 
service in liedford county. Bond lo<iged. 

Same to same for £L^0 u])on account for the purchase arms. 

Same to James Dillard i'or £10 — for the board of a sick soldier, A'c. 

A Letter to Mr. John Talbott agreeing to take the 400 lbs. lead sent 
with the powder from Mr. Lynch 's, desiring him to purchase Hunting 
Shirts, Leggins, and Blankettsfor the regular company in Bedford county, 
and inclosing a blank conunission for the Judge in s'd county. 

Ord., a warrant to David Minge for £77.18.8 for . provision and wood 
furnished the Troops at Sandy Point, a militia guard. 

Same to Messrs. Baker tfe Hardy for £2400 upon account, as contractors 
for provisions on the S. side James river. 

Same to R'd Hardy for use Francis Young for £20 on a certific^ite of 
his service by Isle Wight committee as their cl'k. 

Same to ('a]>t. Burgess Ball for £20.10.0, the ballanw of recruiting 
money in Lancaster District; also for £8.7.6 for arms purchased for the 

A certificate of the review^ of Capt. B. Balls company of regulars, ord. 
to be n'gistered; see Mar. 18. 

A permit to Charles Alexander to de])art the ( 'olony. Same to Anthony 
Roxlmrv for same. 

The application of Mr. James Tatc^ for a further sum of money to enable 
him to C4irrv on the salt works, is rejected. 

Ord. a warrant to Wm. Finnic for £9.4.11, the amount of his account 
settled and alloAved by the Commr's. 

Same to Afr. Thomas Archer for £50 upon account, for ye outfit of a 

Adjourned till to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Eum'd Pendleton. 


Thirsday, 15th February. 1770. Williams- 

Present: The same members as 3'esterday. ^ *?77H^ ' 

Ord. a warrant to \Vm. Bullit for £144 for the reeriiting senice in Dun- 
more eounty. 

Same to William Murray for use Messrs. Gilliam and Grejijory for £272. 
13.4, for Captain Yountrhusbands order for the sehooner l\)lly. 

Same to Sanmel Boush for use Thomas Bn^ssie for £42.1G.S, for the pay 
of himself and company as a guard at ye Great Bridge — militia. 

Same to same for use Samuel Butt for £13. — for mare lost in publick 

Same to John Dandridge for £3.10.0 for a Gun furnished the publick. 

Same to Philip Moody fior £10.0.0 for (lUn sticks furnished the army. 

Jamc to Lieutenant Charles Harrison for £20 for the recruiting service 
in the Artillery company. 

Ordered a Letter be wrote to Mr. Wm. Ronald, that his Drafts as far 
iu» £2(H) for the purchase of necessaries for the P]astern Shore Battalion, 
will be paid in C'ontinental money in three months. 

(•ertificate of Captain Davis\s ap])ointment to the command of a regu- 
lar company in Northam[)ton county returned. . 

Ord. a warrant to John Draper for £S for 2 CJuns furnished the publick. 

C)rd., a warrant to Colo. Wm. Harwood for £7.10.6 for horse hire for a 
company of Light Horse emploied in Warwick for £1.8 ; an error in the 
fonner Provision account — militia. 


Mrs. Margaret Goodrich, who was formally allowed to depart this col- 
ony with her three youngest children, and her son Bridges Cioodrich, is 
allowe<l U) take with her such slaves of her husband John G(M)drich the 
Elder, as have been usually employed as domestic servant*^, giving notice 
thereof to the Cumm'ee of Nansemond i)revious to their removal. 

A granted to John CJoodrich junior, to go to Suffolk. 

Onl., a warrent to Sarah SiM)tswood for £2.10.0 for nursing sick sol- 

Same to Benjamin Fox for £0.1 7.() for Fodder furnished the Troops, 
('ulpe|H?r Min. Batt. 

Ordered a warrant to Jacob Falcon for use Edmund Wallis for 20s. 
for com furnished the army. Wells Min. Comp'y. 

Same to Capt. Wm. Goosley for £231.8.4 for th<3 pay and provisions of 
hiaS company stationed at York. 

Same to (>)lo. Henry Field for £1635 — upon account as Paymaster of 
the Culpeper District Battalion. 

Same to Daniel Tavlor for £8.0.0 for Fodder furnished the arm v. 

Same to Thomas Ridley for £72 — for recruiting service in Southamp- 
ton co'tv. 

Henrj' Field appeared and contracted with the Committee to victual 


WilliaiiiH- the Forces — 2cl and 7tli regiments to be Htationed between York and 
I? 1 "^' ,- Ujip)>jiliannock Rivers as follows, viz't: 

177(5 14 oz. Racon, l^ lbs. Pickled jiork or beef, l^- Fresh Beef, IJ Flour or 

1 i Sifted Indian Meal — p'r day. 1 Gill salt per week. 

2 Rations Hacon, 2 Pickled Pork or beef, remainder fresh pnixisions — 
pV week ; at the rate of 7d ^ per ration. 

To be varied in case of sick soldiers, as the commanding officer may 
direct. This contract to take place on the 15th day of March next, and 
to continue until the first day of Decc^nber next, the p^o^i8ions to be at 
the risque of tlie contractors, excei)t in case of accidents in the Field of 
Rattle all provisions that may be on hand in that <iuarter at the com- 
mencement of this business to be taken (if to be spared) by the con- 
tractor, and in case of a discontinuance of the war all provision on the 
hands of the contractor t4) be taken by the countrv. The s'd Henrv 
Field is to enter into Bond with sufficient security to perform the above 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 

Williams- FRIDAY, Wth Febman/y 1776. 

February 10, present: The same members as yesterday. 

Ord., a warnint to William Bentlev for £4.0.0. on a certif'a of his ser- 
vices as cl'k to the committee of Hanover county. 

Same to same for £72 for recruiting service in Hanover county. Bond 
with security ackn'd. 

Same to James Barbour fi)r £25.5.0 for drums furnished the Culjiej^r 

Same to Rob't Prentice for £11.0.0 for four (Urns furnished the publick. 

Same to Rob't Prentis tV: (-o. for £7.10.8 for sundries furnished for use 
of the armv. 

Same to C'apt. James Innes for t*2() on acco't for recruiting service in 
ve artillerv company. 

Ordered, a warrant to Philij) Richard Francis Lee for £72 for the 
recruiting servi(!e in Prince William county. 

OrdiT lor 50 (luns and 25 lbs. powder, to be deliven^d out of the pub- 
lick nuigazine to ('apt. ('harh»s Tomkies for use (iloster regulars, the s'd 
coni}»any to rendezvous at Burton })oint. 

Order., a warrant to Capt. Charles Tomkit»s for £50 — upon account to 
furnish provisions for his company. 

Same? to William Langhonu? for use Jas. Calland £2.1.0 tor pronsions 
rurnis})ed the army. 

Same to Samuel Roush lor use John Jones for £4 — for a Gun fur- 
nished the armv. Min. Hatt. 


A Permit to Colo. Gordon to go to Colo. Cbrbiiis, in King and Queen Williaine- 

poiintv bw^Vt 

^^^^"^y- Febniary 1(J, 

Ord., a warrant to Philip Richard Francis Lee for £26.13.4^ for the 1776 
pay and provision of his company of minute men. 

8ame to John Cosby for £24.13.0 for provisions furnished a (iuard of 
militia on duty in Prince George county. 

Same U) Jno. Draper for £1.10.0 for chair hire to convey Lieut. Batrett 
-to Richmond. 

Same U) Lieutenant Joel Sturdivant for £36.19.3 for the pay of him- 
self and company jis a Guard of militia in Prince (leorge ci)unty, exam- 
ined and allowed by the connn^rs. 

Same to Mr. William Barrett for £9.3.0 for Ferriages to the troops. 

Same to Merritt Westwood for £27.15.0 for wood furnished at Hamp- 

Same to same for use John CowHng £12.0.0 for Do. 

Same to same for use Treas'r Mallory £27.0.0 for Do. 

Same to Capt. William Smith for £101.15.0 for 38 (iuns purchased for 
the use of his com})any of minute men, for paym't of w'ch money he is 
to produce rec'ts from the Individuals of whom he purchai^ed the s'd 
GunB in one month. 

Same to William Lively for 50s. for a (Urn furnished the jmblick. 

Same to John Farquharson for £7.15.8 for the amount of his accounts 
a»s publick Gardener. Swonie to in committee. 

Ordered, That the Commissarv of Provisions deliver to the Gardener 
— ration for himself and the slav'es employed in the Pul)lick service. 

Colo. Jame>< Barbour, of Culj)eper, appeared and contracted w'th the 
committee to supjdy the 5th reg't of Forces to be stationed at Richmond 
court-house, with the stated ration of Provisions at the rate of 8d per 
nition. This contract to commence the 1st day of Ai)ril next, and to 
cimtinue until 1st December following. The provis'o to bt? at the risque 
of the contractors, excei>t in case of accidents in the field of Battle; all 
provisV) that may be on hand in that (juarter at the commencement of 
this business to be taken (if to be spared) by the contractor, and in case 
of a discontinuance of the war, all [)rovis'o on the hands of the contrac- 
tors to be taken by the country. The said Jas. Barbour, with Henry 
Field his swurity, enttTcd into and acknVl bond in i)enalty of £10,000 
for due performance of said ('ontmct. 

Ordered, a warrant to Colo. James Barbour for £500 on acco't as con- 
tractor for the 5th Regiment. 

Same to Henrv Field for £()(X) on acrco't as contractor for the second 
and .seventh Regiments. 

Same to Wm. Aylett for £52.6.0 for corn furnished the army. 

Same for use Geo. Reid for £19.1 7.() for Guns furnished the army. 

Same to Thomas Randoli)h for £3(K). — on jwco't as Paymaster of the 
Amelia Battalion minute men. 


Williams- Ordered, that Colo. Fleming, of the Ea*<teni Shore regiment, be called 

ImiV, jj^i^^ dutv iniinediatelv. N. B. — A letter wrote. 
February 10, 

1770 Adjourned 'til to-morrow V) o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendlkton. 


Williain.s- SATURDAY, 17ih Fchmary, 1776. 

February 17, Presi^it: The same members as yesterday. 

Ord., a warrant to Solomon Shepherd for use Lewis Allmand for lis. 
for Ferriages min. men. 

Same to same for use James Murdaugh .£f>2.17.(j for the pay of his 
eomi)any of minute men on duty in Princess Anne District- 
Same to same for use Cai)t. Jno. Washington £4.6.0 for his expenses 
in (conveying tory [)risoners to Wmsburg. 

Same to Thos. Walker, Esciu., for use Capt. Washington for £> 
for the pay of his eomjiany of minute men. 

Same to Ca])t. Oeo. Gibson for iloT.lT.lOJ for the pay of his ccmipany. 

Same to (loodrich Crump for use Augustine Moore for £15.10.0 for 
waggon hire. 

Same U) Solomon Shei)herd for use (-apt. Jno. Washington for £72 for 
the re(!ruiting service in Nansemond county. 

Same to Simon Triplett for £2(i — for waggon hire; also for use Joseph 
Farrow £1 1 for Do. ; for use Jonatlian Davis £1(5 for Do. ; and for use 
Sam'l Evans for £5.1 8.0 for Do. 

Same to Wm. Armistead, jun'r, for £4 — for a Gun furnished the puln 

Same to Solomcm Shepherd for use Ca])t. Chas. Conner for £197.11.6, 
tlie i)av of his companv of minute mim stiiti<med at Cranev Island. 

Same to same for £7.10.0 for his Expenses Jis Paymaster in attending 
the eommitUM; to settle sundry accounts. 

Same to Wm. Stone for £9.10.0 for wtiggon hire. 

Same to Chesley Jones for £2 — for a Gun furnished the pul>lick. 

Doct. Wm. Pasterer is ])ermitted to send anv of his Effects by water 
carriage from the Collegia Landing to Richmond Town. 

Colo. Henry is empowered to reduce the minute men in Hampton into 
two companies, and to discharge the Supernumerary oflicers. It is left 
to him to determine whether it be proper to make the Entrenchment at 
Hampton proposed by Colo, (irayson; if he thinks it necessary he may 
direct Labourers to be employed, as the duty is hard uixm the soldiers 
now thert^ 

Ord., a warrant to Edm'd Pendlc^ton, Esq'r, for use Geoi^^e Todd for 
£S.U.8 for sundry Expenses to the Soldiers. 

Ordered, that John Craig deliver to Colo. Fielding Lewis or order what 
Pork or beef be may want for the Vessells emploie<l in the Pub. service 
and the workmen emploied in building them. 


Ord., a warr't to Capt. Wm. Smith for £24.H).8, the Pay of his Co. of Wiiliams- 

niinut€ men for 4 davs' TramV diitv in this month. ^ , huv)^. 

^ - February 1/, 

Colo. Henry is desired to direet tlie pro[)er officer to lay heforc the I77(i 
comnree of safety a state of the arms and accoutrements in the Puhlic 

Ord., a warrant to Mr. John Cox for use Mr. Joseph Nevill for i:2(MK) 
ujKjn account as contractor of provisions for the 8d regiment. 

Same t^) siimc for use Josei)h Nevill for £72 for the recruiting service 

in Hampshire. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow. 

Edm'i) Pendleton. 


Sunday, 18f.h Fchntart/, 1776. Williams- 


Prest^nt: Mr. President, Mr. Jones, Mr. Page, and Mr. Walker. ^"^^'^i^-^a ^^' 

Tho' there were not a suflicient number of mendjers to make a com- 

m'ee, yet important advicei* arriving from North Carolina, the ahove 

members thought it necessary for the pu])li(; service to proceed therein, 

8u)>ject to the future controul of the comm'ee. 

Ordered, that r>00 lbs. powder and 500 lbs. Lead be delivered to Mr. 

Wm. Amis for the use of the province of North Can)lina, the i)owder to 

V)e repaid in kind, if it can be done, or paid for at the price we give, and 

an Escort of 4 men ther(»to is allowed; and the following Lett<*r was 

written to Colo. Long, «?i:c. : 

W'msbuko, 17th Ff'h., 177(1. 
Gent'n : 

Your favor of the 14th, came to us late last night, its intelligence is 

truly alarming, and seems to be the beginning of a scheme mention'd in 

the papers to be formed by admon. of sending Troops (ijirly to attack 

your province and ours, which (Jov'r Martin had promised to second by 

raising a number of men with yi)U ; however this he, it is prudent" we 

should unite in the e.xertion of all our i>owers to supi)ress it as soon as 

[>o.ssible. Pow^der Ls scarce with us, we could not, however, avoid sending 

you a part of our small stock, and have delivered ye messenger ofXllbs. 

to be returned in kind, if sup[)lies enable you, otherwise to be paid for 

at ye price we give. Of lead we have no large quantity here, and besides, 

aj>i)rehend it would retard your messengers return unnecessarily to send 

your projKjrtionate (piantity of that; we therefore onl\' send oOOlbs for 

immediate use, not doubting but every house almost will afford assistance 

if necessary in that article. Our regulars are raising fast, but none of 

them imhodied except ye two old regiments stationed here and at Suflblk, 

from whence circumstances will not admit of their being sent, and we can 

only assist you in men from Militia or Volunteers of the counties lK)rder- 

ing on you, all of whom we are persuaded, you will find ready to afli'ord 

you any assistance in their powers from Pitsylvania and Mecklenburg, we 


Williams- had recM intimations of their expeetinjij such a call and inclination to go 

burg, ^^ y^^^jj, assistiiiicc, and had our orders to be readv for a march, when vou 
rebniary 18, ' ' * ' ^ 

1776 chilled for th(»m; from the former you may expect some of our best Rifle- 
men. Great as W(^ consider tlie benefits derive<l to us from the command 
of Colo. Howe, we can't think of detaining him a moment when he is so 
much wanted in liis own Country, we shall therefore send an express to 
him witli your dispatches, and request him to repair to yo. with all 

We wish vou success and are, 

Gent., Yt most obed't serv't, 

Edm'd Pendleton, Preside 

The Committee also sent coi»ies of the said dispatches to Colo. Howe 
in the following letter: 

VV'MsnuRG, February 18th^ 1776, 

We last night rec'e from ye Halifax Town, the dispatches of which 
T have now tlie honor of inclosing you copies. We, out of our small 
stock of Ammunition, could avind sparing you 5(X)lbs. and some lead, 
wc'h their messenger has received. Our counties bordering on y'r Prov- 
ince, we are persuaded, will chearfully march to their assistance, the 
moment tliey are called on, and are the more strongly assured of this from 
having rec'd intimations of what is now doing, from our counties of Pit- 
sylv'a and Mecklenburg, and their wishes to be allowed to march to ye 
assistance of their neighbors, w'ch we directed them to hold themselves 
in readiness for and to go whenever called on, these I hope are already 
w'th you, and from the former youl get some of our l)est Riflemen. 
You'l observe. Sir, w'th what friendly ])oliU3ness they request yV return. 
W(j should i)e wanting in Gratitude, Jis well as every other feeling, if we 
impeded this reasonable requisition and cimtVl to retain the great benefit 
of your judicious and exj)erienced c(mmiand when y'r own country so 
much requires your assistance; this connn'ee therefore cannot hesitate in 
beseech 'g y'o to repair to them as so(m as you can make it convenient, 
and to accept their reiterated thanks for the eminent services you have 
rendered the common cause and this colony, in particular during the time 
we have been fav'd w'th y'r assistance, anything you may think of fur- 
ther service you'l please communicate to Lieut. Colo. Scrott, u|x>n whom 
the command will devolve. You'l also judge whether it is most for the 
common good, to have y'r men or any of them, or carry them home; if 
you should judge our numbers too small to secure the posts, and on that 
account leave y'rs for the present, we hope they may soon V>e relieved, as 
we have ordered the regular companies designed for that station to repair 
thither as fast as raised. Or Colo. Scott may perhaps call in militia for 


the present, to save the necessity of your men staying, who no douht will Williams- 
be anxious to return with you. You'l be so obliging as to give our Com- p k * lo 
missary a proper certificate to entitle us to a credit with the Continent, 1776 
for any provisions he may have fumishecl your troops. I wish you health 
and that you may soon crush those vile wretches, who are endeavoring to 
destrov a Couutrv which has fostered them. For and bv order of the 
Conmiittee of Safety, 1 have the honor to be with great regard, 

Sir, Your most obed't servant, 

Edm^i) PKiVDLKTON, President. 

The following letter was also written to Colo. Scott: 

Williamsburg, Felmmry 18th, 1776. 

It gives us concern thfit an accident has happened which puts it out 
of our power to gratifie your reasonable re<juest to be indulged with a 
Furlough for the i>resent. Disturbances in North Carolina have made 
Colo. Hows's return there absolutely necessary, and, of course, your stay 
to take th(j command unavoidable, in discharge of which we doubt not 
you will exert yV usual vigilance and prudence. If the arrival of Troops 
to the Enemy should make it necessary, you'l call in drafts of militia 
from the neighboring counties, as yo' may judge f)roper, corresponding 
regidarly with the comm'ee on that, and every other occasion, where infor- 
mation to us may be necessary. The 4th and (jlerman Regiments, are, 
when raised, to be stationed in your quarter, and we have required the 
officers to repair to it as soon as they can. We imagine it will not l»e 
long before Colo. Stephens gets down, and then we shall with pleasure 
gTJint your leave of absence, and your future station is betwcHiii York and 
Rai)pahannock. For and by order of the Comm'ee of Safety, I am, 

S'r, Your most obed't servant, 

Ed'mi) Pendleton, P. 

Adjourned till to-morrow, o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 

Monday 19fh Frbnmry, 1776. Williams- 


[^•sent: Mr. President, Mr. Page, Mr. Digges, Mr. Jones, Mr. Walker. ^^^"li'iy ^^' 
A permit to William Thompson, James Brown, and John Brander, to 

leave the colony. 

<>nl., a w^arrant to Thos. Haughton for £1.12.0 for Fodder furnished 

the Army. 

Same to Wm. Langley for £8.19.0 for wood furnished Do. 



Williams- Same to Jno. liiingley for £10.15.0 for Do. 
Febmarv 19 "^ Letter wrote to the Hon. Richard (!orbin, Esq're, as follows: Sir, *V'c. 
1770 'filed. 

A I're wrote Colo. Stephen to desire he would repair to his Station at 
Suffolk as soon Jis possible. Approve of his furnish 'g muscjuets and sent 
him £200 on account. A warr't to Anthony Noble for it. 

A LVc to Edw'd Snickers that he need not continue to pun*h'e Prov'ns 
ex("ept for Pi^t'sb'g, as Ave have ent'd into contracts for those Reg'ts — 
pleased he has laid out the £1,000 for arms, and are willing he may 
engage for another £1,000 in muscpiets. 

A L're to Capt. John Neavil to call in Aids of nunute men or militiu 
if any Hostilities by the Indians that his forces can't siii)press, send'g an 
acco't thereof to the commVe. 

LVe to Joseph Neaville that £2,(XX) was sent him on account as con- 
tractor, and £72 recruiting money for Hampshire. 

Mr. Anthony Noble, of Berkeley, api>eared and contracknl with tin' 
comm't to furnish 1,(XX) cartouch boxes, Belts and Bayonet cases at tin* 
jirice of Os. each to be delivered at Dumfries and Richmond courthouse 
on or before the 10th day of Ajiril next, to be approved off by eacth of ye 
command'g officers at those stations. 

Present: Richard Bland, Escjuire. 

Richard Bland, Esq're, ])roduced a receipt from Jacob Rubsuman, 
manager of the Saltpetre works on James and A])pomattox rivers for the 
£50 which was advanced to tlie s'd R'd Bland on account, to be ])aid to 
the C^omm'rs for carrying on the same, which is ordered to be re^stered. 

Instructions to Colo. Wm. Avlett to purchase sundry articles in Penn- 
sylvania or Maryland for the use of the Army, and a letter of credit to 
our Delegates on that occasion. 

Ordered, a warrant to Doctor Alexander Skinner for £24.5.1. for the 
Hospital Expences. 

Same to same for £105.5.7 for Sundrie Medicines furnished the armv. 


A Letter to the comm'ee of Northampton county, requesling them to 
employ at the public Ex|)ense one light, swift sailing vessel, io ply on 
and oil" the capes, and give Intelligence to the Philad'a Fleet of the 
strength of the British navy now here, and to continue the same 10 or 
12 days. 


Adjourned till to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 

Williams- Ti'ESDAY, 20th Fehruarij, 1776, 

February 20, Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digues, Mr. V.-President, Mr. Bland, Mr. 

Jones, and Mr. Walker. 

Ordered, a warrant to Charles Barham for £2*5.17.4. for the pay of 

himself and company, a (Juard of militia on duty. 


Messrs. Edward Stabler and Robert Pleasant are permitted to load in Williams- 
James River a small vessel with Provisions, to be carried to New ToAvn ^^ "^^^ 

' February 20, 

and Kemps landing, on Elizabeth River, for the relief of the unhai)i)y 1776 
sufferers by the Fire at Norfolk, giving notice to the comm'ee of the 
county where the Provisions are laden, who arc desired to apjmint pro- 
per persons to see that nothing improper is done. 

Ord., a warrant to Colo. Geo. Brooke for £oOOO upon account as Pay- 
master of the Ist Regiment, and for the pay of the 2d Regiment. 

Same to Thomas Carter for £5. for a ritie Gun furnished the public. 

Same to Jno. Dandridge for £8. for a Gun furnished the public. * 

Same to Wm. Minifees for £2(>.8.3 for Avaggon hire. 

Same to Capt. Thos. Peyt^ni for £198.5.1 for the pay of his minute 
company on duty in Gloucester. N. B. — 2 musketts, 1 ritie, 5 Potts, 2 
fr}'ing pans, and 31 cartridge boxes, to be ret'd by Capt. Peyton when 
his company is discharged. 

Same to ('apt. R'd Matthews for use Jos. Seawell for £1.7.0 for Diett 
furnished Capt. Mathews' volunteer comi)'y. 

Same to Wm. Westwood for £9.5.0 for wood furnished the arm}-. 

Same to Thos. Hughes for £5.10.0 for a rifle (iun furnished the army. 

Same to same for use Wm. Plume £2.5.() for Horse hire. 

A Letter written to Colo. Howe as follows: Sir, etc. (vide filed). 

A Letter wn)te to Colo. Munford in answer to his of ve Pith Inst., that 
we had sent 500 p'd of powder to the comm'ee of N. Carolina, of which 
his militia would have ye benefit if called to their tussistance and could 
not spare any more, y't we had sent ye militia connn's, and those for the 
Judgc^s are desired, and sent y'u £72 recruited money for ye Mecklen- 
burg company by Henry Dalaney, junV. 

Ord., a warr't to Henry Dalaney, junV, for £72.0.0 for the recruiting 
.*«ervice in Mecklenburg county; also £5.0.0 for an Express. 

A lA'tter wrote to the Virgi'a Delegates in ('ongress, informing that we 
have not yet procured a copy of Fort Stanewix treaty, but expect U) pro- 
cure it and send a copy; that a frigate and two other shi()s are arr'd; 
tliat Colo. Corbin is gone on board LVl Dunmore's ship to talk w'th him 
respecting the Governor's Letter U) him. 

OnL, a warrant to Chesley Jones for £8.10.0 for a (iun furnished the 

On a representation of the pri)ceedings of the District comm'ee of 
Essex and Midd'x counties respecting the choice of oflicers for a com- 
j»any of regulars. It api)ears that 8 members were regularly chosen by 
yc comm'ee of Essex to act for them in District comm'ee, y't the com- 
m'ee? of Midd'x appointed James Mountague, Lewis Mountague, Thomas 
St^'g-ar, and Philip Mountague, or any three of them, to act as their mem- 
bers in the s'd District commV^j; y't at a mee^ting of the Distric^t comm'ee 
rejj^ilarly appointed the 8 members from Essex and 4 from Midd'x all 


Williams- met, Mr. Segar demanding his Hcat as ye 3d peraon named in ye Midd'x 
buix, nomination, but an erroneous certificate being produced, in w'ch he was 
1770 the 4th p'son named, Mr. Segar was excluded from his seiit and Mr. 
Philip Mountague admitted in his room; in consequence of which, It 
appears that a diftcrent person was chosen for 1st Lieutenant than would 
otherwise have been chosen. On consid'n whereof, It is the opinion of 
this Board that Mr. Philip Mountague had not nor hath any right to sit 
or vot« in the District comm'ee but in the absence of one of tlie other 
members; that therefore the proceedings of the s'd District comm'ee, on 
ye 2d of this month, were wholly void, and It is reconnnended to the 
s'd comm'ee to assemble again and proceed to ye choice of ollicers in 
like manner as if nothing had been done at the former meeting. 

Ord., a warrant to John Hunter for £2.15.0 for servicer in painting the 
carriage, Guns, &c. 

Same to Cole Digges, junV, £40.15.0 for Fodder furnished the army. 

Same to Henry Brown £33.18.0 for Ditto. 

Same t« WiUiam Ratcliff £12.0.0 for Ditto. 

A proposition for puting into duty, Capt. Smith's Company of minute 
men in Gloster is rejec^ted. 

Ord., that Henry King, Miles King, Roe Cowper and Jacob Wray, or 
any three of them do appraise th^ sloop Molly, Samuel Sirvant Master, 
belonging to \Vm. Turner, Arch'd Brown and James Waldrop, with her 
sails, rigging and apparel, that they also enquire into the Quantity of Salt 
imported in the s'd vessel and taken by tbe i)ublic, and estimating the 
same at 4s. i)er bushel, that they state an ac(;o't of that and the ai)praise- 
ment of the vessel, so as to shcAV what will be the amount of the third 
I)art thereof. 

A Certif'a of appointment of Judges in Accomack and Mecklenburg 
counties ret'd and ord. to be Registered, also of Militia oHicers in ye lat- 
ter county. 

A letter written to Colo. Howe, leaNing it to him to Judge from all cir- 
cumstances whether it is bc^st for liim to stiiy or return, until he receives 
positive orders for the latter from North Carolina, recjuesting the continu- 
ance of the Culpeper Battalion, until otlier men can be got down to relieve 
them, and rcconmiending the maintninance of tlie Post at Kemper lan- 
ding, as long as he may think it can be done consistant with prudence 
and the safety of the Trooi)s. 

A letter written to the Councel of Safety in N. Carolina, recpiesting their 
ap])robation and consent for Colo. lIowe\s stay here, and intimating 
whethcT the arrival of sonjc Troops and Ships of war, may not render it 
of the greatest service to the inUjrestsof l)oth, tho' we would not wish him 
to stiiy against their interests, however useful we find him here. 

A permit to Joseph Wright to depart the colony. 

Adjourned -til to-morrow 9 o'cku^k. 


Wednesday, 2lHt Fvhrmirii, 1770. Williams- 

Prenent: The same mcniberH as vesterday. rebruary- , 


Coniniissions issued for the followhig minute otlieers in Mecklenburj^ 
District: Samuel (larhind, Captain, John Carland, Lieut., and William 
Cilenn, Ensign, also Robert Dixon a Lieutenant and Alexander Winn, 

Onl., a warrant to John McLaughton for £11.18.S for express hire. 

Certificate of the review Capt. James Johnston's comi)any of rt^ulars of 
Mecklenburg County returned, and ordered to be rc»gistered. 

Onlered a warmnt t^^ lienja. TomUnson for -lOs. an express from Lunen- 

A letter wrote to the Sev(»r{il Counties, of Amherst, Buckingham, Charles 
City, Prince George, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, New Kent, Dinwiddie, 
Pitwylvania and Spotsylvania re<iuesting them t») hasten the march of their 
Conij>anies allott<Ml to the (ith regiment and to be stationed at this j)lace 
(a copy filed). 

Ord., a warrant to Martin Hawkins for 5os. for a (Um funiished the 

Sanu? to Same for £72.12.2 for Forage furnished the Army. 

Same to Capt. Isajic Younghusband for HW) \\\Hm account for necessar- 
arie« fi>r the Vessels in James river. 

Same to Robt. (libbons for £7.1.1 i for repairing arms, iVre. 

Ordere<l, that Colo. Henry shall direct to be delivered to Apollos Cow- 
per forty rifle Guns for the Uvse of Capt. West's company, and that he 
diRX^t Capt. West to put them into the hands of such of his company as 
l)est unclerstiind the use of them. 

Ordered, that Col(». Henry direct tht* sending oCK) ft)s powder for the use 
of the Trooi)s at Suffolk. 

Ord., a warrant to R'd Hland, Escpiin*, for £(i.0.() for a (lun, two Bayo- 
netttf, Cartouch Box, tl'c., <tc., furnished the public. 

A Letter wrote to the several Connnittees of Hanover, Henricc), Cht^- 
t4Tfield, Caroline, lA)uisa, King William, King cV: Queen, and Spotsylvania, 
din»cting the march of their regular companies to this place? as soon as 

Onl., a warrant to Thady Kelly for £7.1 '^.il for Expenses, ttc, ab't the 
In<Iian host^iges. 

Same to same, for £2.0.0 for mounthig the cannon. 

Same to Mrs. Kemp for £4.1 7.0 for boarding Bawbe. 

Ord., a warrant to Thos. Walker, EsqVe, for £2.12.0 for p'r Leather 
breechcH and a Hatt furnishe<l Bawbe. 

A Ix^ter wrote to Colo. Henr}' as follows: Sir, iVrc, (vide copy filed). 

A letter wn>te to Colo. Howe iis follows: Sir, cVrc;., (vide coi)y filcMl). 

A Letter wrote to County Lieutenant of James Citv, as follows: Sir, 


Williams- &c., and a TiCtter of the like sort written to the County Lieut's of York, 
February **1 ^^^^^^^^» Elizabeth City, Gloucester, Surry, Southampton, Isle of Wight, 
1776 and Nansemond. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 

Williams- Thursday, 2M Fehruunj, 1770. 


*777(f ' Present: The same members as yesterday. 

A permit to John Hambleton to depart the colony. 

Ord., a warrant to Jacob Cunes for £40.17.6 for repairing sundry arms. 

- Same to Captain John Watkins for £72 for recruiting service in 

Surry county; bond ackn'd. 

Same to Nat'l Burwell, Esq 're, for £L9.1 for necessaries furnished the 


A commission issued for the Judges of Caroline county. 

A certiliciite of the appointment of regular otticers in Surry county 
ret'd and or'd to be regist'd. 

Ord., a warrant to William Finnic for £2.5.0 for a Gun furnished the 

Same to Martin Hawkins for £286.3.4^ for rum and other articles fur- 
nished th(3 Troops at Hampton, as settled by the commissioners; also 
IGs. Od. for Express hire. 

Same to (*apt. Charles Judkins for £252.19.10 for the pay of hbnself 
and company, a Guard of militia on duty in Surry county. Memo. — 
About l(X)()lbs. Pork remaining of the Provisions in the hands of (\)lo. 
Wm. HroAvn, and some Beef in the hands of Capt. Judkins, to be deliv'd 
U) the person who victuals the regulars in that county. 

Samt^ to sam(5 for use Wm. Simmcms for ISs. 4d. for sundrias settled and 
allowed bv ve comm'rs prior to 1st Nov'r. 

The comm'ee l)eing infonned that the officers on duty at Hampton 
have considered themselves jis intituled under a former order ()f this 
connn'ee t^) draw Rations of rum daily, according to the Provision regu- 
lations, have revised the said order and find it to extend no further than 
the private soldi(.Ts (with the oflicers whilst on Guard), to whom this 
allowance was mad(i on a<*count of the Inclement Season, and wiis never 
meant to be an established allowance or to Extend to the Field otticers, 
or other ollicers, exce])t for the time they were actually on Guard. All 
Rum, therefore, that ha.s Ijceii drawn from Mr. Martin Hawkins contrary 
to this resolution by the officers, they must i)ay for on tlieir private 
accoimt; and as better weather may now be ex]>e<ited, the allowance of 
Rum to the soldiers is to be discontin'd except in cases of mcmnting 
(iuard in Imd weather, to be particularly ordered by the commanding 
officer at the station. 


Ordered, a warrant to Gardner Fleming for £12.0.0, ]>art of the money Williams- 

v<>te<l bv convention for the HufTercrH at Norfolk ; also that he be assisted t- i "'^^' oo 

' February 22, 

with two waggons to remove his efiect^s as far as ('ol>ham. 177() 

Same to William Farrows for £.S8.10.0 for waggon hire. 

Same to William Pasteur for £ for medicines and attendance 
on the armv. 

Mr. Walter Hatton, of Accomac county, being t4iken up tor trial by 
the commVii of that county as having written a Letter to Nathaniel 
Coftin, Esqu., containing sentiments very unfriendly to the rights of 
America, an extract from w'ch was })ul>lished in Mr. I*urdie's (lazettc* of 
ye 2d Instant, wjis at his own reiiue^st referM by the s'd conjiu'ee to the 
determination of this board. Mr. Hatton accordingly appeared, and 
being shown the manuscript Extract from the said T^ettcr transmitted 
from Philadelphia, declared himself well satisfied that it was faithfully 
taken from the original, and was willing tlu^ connn'ee should proceed to 
his Trial ujxm that as his LVe; he at the same time ex])ressed his con- 
trition for having written the Lc;tter, and his intention in future to con- 
duct himself without c)flence; whereupc»n he wtus desired to retire, and 
reduce to writing what he wa,s willing in say on that subject, and deliver 
it in the next morning. He accordingly, the next day, gave in the fol- 
lowing paper, viz't: Whereas, i\:c. (see it filed), which being satisfactory 
to the comm'ee, Mr. Hatton is discharged, and rect)nnnended to ye 
friends of America to be restored to the peace and ]>rotection of Society 
so long as he observes the rule of conduct he luis promised a>? aforesaid. 
And it is ordered, that these proceedings be published in tlu? Virginia 

Orderc<l, that Benjamin Powell, Ricliard Morris, and Lieut, (loodrich 
(.'rump do examine the several EffcctvS in the Palace, contained in the 
Inventory formerly ret'd, and report to this connn'ee whether any or 
what j)art are missing. 

Ord., a warrant to Capt. Robert Anderson for £199.5.0 for the pay of 
his conii)any. 

J<)shua Whitt^hurst appeared before the connn'ee and expressed his 
contrition for the part he had Uiken in assisting the Enemies of America, 
which lie was induced to do by the persuasion of some neighbours and 
the threat*' of I^ord Dunmore. At the same time gave his Parole to give 
no assistance or Intelligence to the Enemy; whereupon he is discharged. 

Ordered, a warrant to Colo. Richard Morris for John Hawkins for £400 
on account as connnissary of Provisions. 

. Same to Jane Volee for £20.7.0 for a horse imprest in ye public ser- 
vice and lost at Hampton. 

A letter written to Colo. Howe: Sir, &c. (vide copy filed). 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'i> Pkndleton. 


Williams- Fjudav, 2Sd Fehniary, 1770. 

burg, ^^ 

^ ^177h^ "' ' Present: TIm^ siiine menil)er8 as yesterday. 

Ord., a warrant to Arehihald Govan tor £47G.8.0 for wheat furnished 
th(^ Troops at JIanij)ton. 

A commission issued tor the Judges of Ruekingham County \)\ 

Ord., a warrant to Capt. Andnjw Leiteli for £59.10.0 for arms furnished 
the public. 

Same to Timothy lx3ster for £8.10.0 for a Gun furnished the i>ublick. 

Same to William Graves for us(* Carter Rurwell for £3 for Fo<ider 
furnished the Armv. 

Same to Jacob Cunes for £2.1o.O for a (iun furnished the ])ublic. 

Same to James Cocke for £4.10.0 for two Guns furnished Do. 

Same to Mi's. lk*tty Randoljih for £2.o.() for Fodder furnished Do. 

Same to John Blair for £o.5.0 for sundry Barrels furnished ye Maga- 

Same to Timothy l^est^T for £.*).0.0 for a Gun furnished the ])ubli(\ 

Same to Pleasant Cocke for £19.4.0 for pay of himself and company, a 
CfUard of Militia on dutv at Brandon. 

Same to Same for us(» B<'njamin Harrison of Brandon for £2().6.0 for 
prov'o to a Comi)any of Militia, for use \Vm. Allison for £15.2.2 for tlie 
pay of his Com])any of Militia. 

Same to Samuel Harwood for £88..').() for his pay c\:c., asa Major of the 
Minute Battalion. 

Same to Mr. Jacob Bruce for £29.10.0 for sundry accounti^ settled and 
allowed bv the Com m Vs. 

A connnission issued for the Judges of Albemarle County per cert'e. 

A Certifa of Militia officers in Buckinirham Countv ret'd and ord. to be 

Mr. John Hardv, Colo. Whitmore Hill and Mr. John Hawkins, this dav 
appeared before the Connn-ee and were heard pursuant to a former appoint- 
ment, on the subject of Mr. Hill's having sold and delivered to Mr. Hardy, 
a (juantity of Hogs \w had engaged t^) deliver to Mr. Hawkms at Williams- 
burg for the use of the Army. On bearing the matter, it appears Mr. 
Hill acted fairly, and wtis induced to i>art with his hogs, on a misinfor- 
mation he had nu.'eived concerning a jiarcel he had formerly sent to 
Wmsl^urg. That Mr. Hardy had also j)urchased fairly, and that Mr. 
Hawkins had done his duty in the representation he had made of this 
matter to the Comm'ee. And upon the whole ye Comm'ee think it will 
be just b(jtween the jmblic and Mr. Hill, to accept the t<Tms he mentioned 
to Mr. Hardy at the time of sale, to allow the public the advanced ]>rii*c 
Mr. Hardy gave. It is therefore ordM that Mr. Hardy do n»tain in hit 
hands for the use of ye public, 3s.4d. pVcwt. on all ye Pork he purcliased 


of Mr. If ill, and pay him tlu' residue. And that Mr. Hill he at liherty WiUiamt^- 

to rtH-eive \v money due to him from Mr. Hawkins, formerly direeted to .^ , '^"''^' 

be retiiined. 177G 

Adjourned 'til to-morro\y 9 o'eloek. 

En' Ml) Pknolkton. 

SATlKDAy, ^^-^//< Fcbrnarii 117a. Williains- 


IVesent: The Siune nuMuheiv as yesterday. * ''/™-' ' 

Ord., a warrant to Le\vi8 JUirwell jun'r for ilS.S.O for wood furnished 
the army. 

Same to ('apt. Andrew Leitch for £8(M).(M) upon aecount to })eadyaneed 
£r>0 to eaeh company of the minute men in Prince William Battalion. 

Same to John Hawkins for i*5()() upon account ixs (Vnmnissary of Pro- 

Same to Chrs. Calvert for €20 part of ve money ordered hy ('onyent'«> 
for ve relief of ye p(H)r sufferers at Norfolk. 

Same to Rev'd. Mr. Dayid Grifiiths for £.*>() — for two monthV pay a.s 
Siirjr<H>n to ye l^rince William Battalion. 

Same to (irillin Fauntleroy for £5 for 2 (iuns furnished the army. 

A Letter wrote to Colo. Lewis of (iloster. Sir tV:e., (as follows.*) 

Ord., a warrant to Georf^e Held for £o.lS.O for a (inn furnished ye puh- 

Same to Thos. Walker Escfre for use Sand. Cahert for 1*21.10.0 for sun- 
dries furnished the TnMJps at Norfolk. 

A letter writt^'U to the District Comnreeof Safety for Edenton District 
in North ('an)lina as follows ((Jentlemen iVc). 

Ord., a warrant to Wm. Shepht^rd for t'o.LS.O for Express hire. 

A hotter written to John Crockett as follows (Sir, i^'c). 

Ord., a warnmt to Mr. William Lewis for use Kohert iiichards for 112. 
ir».10 for Proy'o furnished Capt. Johnston's Company of re^adars — prior 
t4> 1st Nov'r last. 

A Connnission issued to the Judires of Surry County nV Ccrt'e. 

A |M»rmit to Jamc^s Stevens of llallifax to d<^part the Colony. 

Adjourned 'till Monday \) o'clock. 

Eom'o Pkndi.kton. 

Monday, 2f>tli FchrHart/^ 1770. Williumj^- 


Present: Mr. President, Mr. Di^'jr(;s, Mr. Pa^cs Mr. lUancl, Mr. Joni's, ''^^Yry? '^'' 
and Mr. Walker. 

A commission to the Jud^<»s of Westmoreland county. Do. of North- 
ampton county, p'r certV. 

♦ThiH, doubtless, should have been "a.s tiled." 



Williams- A certificate of Regular officers, minute and militia officers in West- 
Febmafy 26 ^*^^^^^'^^*^^^ county, returned and ordered to be registered. 

1776 Ordered, a warrant to Mr. John Pendleton, jun'r, for £2.10.0, paid an 

Ex[)res8 hire cm service of this comm'ee. 

Same to John (Mayton for 1*4.0.0 for a Gun furnished the army. 

A Letter written to Colo. Howe, informing him of the sailing of the 
mercury King fisher some Tenders and transports w'th (ieni Clinton and 
the Troops who designed as the young officers say to call at Cape Fear 
on a visit to Clover Martin, and then to proceed to South Carolina, apj)rov- 
ing of Ills intrenchments at Sufiblk and desiring him to discharge the 
Culpeper ikitalion a^s soon as 3 companies should arrive to relieve them 
of this last. C/olo. Stevens was also informed by L're. 

Ordered, a warrant to Elias Pea for £7.0.0 for 2 Guns furnislied the 

Same to (^heslev Jones for £6.0.0 for 2 (Juns furnished the Army. 

An appraisement of the Sloop Molly with her apparel, the property of 
M(jssrs. Wm. Turner, Arch'd Brown and James Wadrop, being returmMl 
amounting to £150, and a certificate of the Salt delivered amounting to 
1181 bushels at 4s p'r bushel is £230.4.0. 

Ordered, tliat the sloop and apparel be delivered to the s'd Turner and 
Brown, and that a warrant iasue for £107.9.4 to them, the ballance due 
on account of the s'd vessel and cargo, the comm'ee retaining out of the 
price of the Salt 12.S£. 14s. 8d. Waldrop's third of the vessel and cargo, 
he having been in arms against the colony. 

A permit to Mr. Arch'd Brown to leave the colony. 

Pr'sent Mr. Lee. 

Instructions given to Capt. Geo. Goosley of the Brig Liberty's, f be- 
longing to ye public and ^ to Mr. Wm. Ronald of York Town, as follow\»^ : 
You, &c., (vide copy filed), also a Bond for i)erformance thereof, d'c, 
ackn'd and ord. to be entered. 

Ord., a warrant to Anto. Digge, junior, for £15.7.0 for a horse, saddle 
and Bridle im])ressed into ye public service and lost at Hampton ex]>e- 

Same to J. Pearson for 308. for shoes furnished the slaves ord'd to ve 

Same to Wm. Ellison for £4.4.0 for Express hire. 
Same to Mrs. Marv Ciiblxm for £2.1).7 for sundries furnished the armv. 

Same to Mr. James Davidson, for £o for a riile Gun furnished Do. 

Same to James Jarvis for £4.<S.O for Express hire. 

Adjourned til' to-morrow V) o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 


Tuesday, 27th Fehninri/, 1770. Williams- 


Present: Mr. lVe.sident, Mr. Di^'^'e.v^, Mr. Lee, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones, ^^^^^tT/ ^"' 
au<l Mr. Walker. 

A [)erniit is granixxl John Shelton of Richmond to depart tlie colony. 

A warmnt to Colo. Jos. Cal^ell for i:2^M) for the |» of anus, (on 

Same to Thomas Wild for £28.o.9J for snndries furnished the armv 
prior to 1st NovV. 

Same to Ferdinand Oneal for £2(>.18.S for wa^'jxon hire. 

Same t*) Thos. Walker for use of Archibald Cary for £200 on acco't 
for the pun^hase of arms. 

Same to John Fieldsfor £H. 10.0 f(>r wood furnished the Armv. Martlet 
Fields for use John Fields. 

Same to Thoniius Wooten £14.0.0 for wood furnishe(l Armv. 

Same to John Coo})er for £15.1 5.0 for Fodder furnished do. 

Same t4> Dieki^nson Shields for £1.0.0 for a (Um furnished do. 

A certificate of Minute ()Hi(?ers in Chesterfield countv retVl and ordered 
U) 1)0 re<=?istered. 

A como. issued to Archibald Cary, Benjamin Watkins, John Archer, 
Joseph Ross and Robert Goode, a court of (Commissioners for C-hesterfield 
ccmnty — p'r cert'e. 

P'sent Mr. Pa^e. 

A warnmt to Benjamin Bucktroutfor £r7.S.O for i\ (luns furnished the 

An order inclosed to Wm. Ronald on acco't upon tlu* Vir^'a Dele^^ates 
in con^n)ss for 5,000 Dollars, out of the nioncy received by them fm the 
continental Trea^sury for the use of this colony. 

A Blank Como. issued for the Judf^es of Amhei*st County. 
Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 


Wednesday, 28tk Fef^ruary, 1770. Williains- 


Present : The same members as yesterday. ^^ Tttc?^ '^^' 

A liCtter wrote to the committee of Augusta county in answer to theirs 

'^'liitive to the stiition of their regular com[)any, informing them that 

"'i« conim'ee are well satisfied with the conveniency of the s'd station, 

^^^1 cannot take any order therein. 

•■^1 A letter wrote to Colo. W^m. Cabell in answer to his of the 17th 

^^*<tant, informing him that this comm'ee approve of his furnishing the 

Amherrt r^^lare with arms and neceRsaries, and have furnished Colo. 

J'Jseph Cabell with the money ret|uired for so doing. We also approve 


Williams- of hin purchasing the Linnens nu'iitioned and of onihracing the ojjjxjr- 

burjr, tunity hv Mr. \\'ood'8 wa.<ry;ons of l)rinij:ini^ down the Beef and Pork, A:c. 
rebruary 28, » • <-?> t^ t^ 

177(> A warrant to Tlios. Walker, Escfre, for Benjamin Isbell for .i:l<S.4.S for 

liis i)ay, &c., a8 (luartennaster at Hampton, for minute men. 

A certificate of the review of Charles City re<j;uhir8 ret'd an<l ord. to 
]>e regi.stert^d. 

A warrant to ( ■uth})ert Huhhard for 4()s. for house rent. 

Same t^) (ico. Purdie for 55s. for a Gun furnisJied ye public. 

Same to Rob't Combs £81.0.9 for Wiigpjon hire. 

A l^iss to Thomjis Steele to de})art the colony. 

A warrant to Adjutant William Johnson for €27.10.1^ for pay and 
forage from 2f)th December last. 

Same to Colo. Tlieod. Bland for £5.1<S.S for the use and i)ay of the 
(luard at City Point (militia). 

Same to same for £11.18.0 for Do. 

Same to William Hankin for £(S.8.0 for Fodder furnished the annv. 

A Letter written to Colo. Howe as follows: Sir, S:c. (copy filed). 

A Letter written to Colo. Henry as follows: Sir, tVc. 

A Letter written to our Delegat<*s in Congress as follows: (4ent., Arc. 

A wan-ant to R'd Cocke for £82.17.2, the amo't of his acco't settled by 
the comm'rs for £81.10.0 for waggon hire. 

Same to Mr. James Wall for £29.10.0 for waggon hire. 

Same to James Sheillnirne for £S.().0 for Fodder furnishe<l the army. 

Same to R\l Cocke for £20 for his additional trouble and Expense in 
issuing Provis's as well as {lurchasing and delivering out*stores a.*^ eom- 
missjirv of Southamp. District. 

l*atrick Henry, Escpiire, appeared in consecjuence of the Letter wrote 
liim, and being offered his commission, received from the cont. Congress 
to be Colo, of ye 1st Battalion, declared he could not accept the same. 

William Christian, Escfre, a])peared and accej)ted of his conunission as 
L't-Colo. of the 1st regiment. 

A warrant to Robert H. Hooe for £27.5.8 for his ])ay, (tc, from 2r>th 
Dcc'r last as adjuH to min'e Battalion at LLimpton. 

Same to James Shields for £172.10.0 for corn and Fodder furnishe<l 
tlie army. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'i) Pe.ndlktov. 

Williams- TurRSDAV, JOfh FcJu'iKinj^ 1776, 

^^'^",'i'i'^r^' -•^' Present: The same memlxTS as vcst(»rday. 

A warrant to Theo. IMand, Escj're, for use ArchM Cary, EsqVe, for 
£15().2.10J, for ncM'essaries furnished for tlie use of the army — elothintr. 
Same to John Ellis for £7.10.0 for watrL'on hire. V^oucher mislaid. 



Ord., that (-olo. Fielding L<»wis be dc^sircd tx> purchase ('apt. Lurty'n WilliamR- 
vc-ssel nicntitmod in his I/it of the 24th lor puhhc iisi', to W. employed irebrua?y 29 
as one of the cruisers for Ra[)pahannoek river. 1776. 

Ord., a warrant to Ni(;ho's Faulcon for use Jolni Ilartwell Cocke for 
i:r>.l().ll for sundries furnished ve arinv prior to 1st NovV, 75. 

Same to sanu* for use same for £0.0.0 for wood furnisliwl do. 

Same to same for use Anne Cocke for*i'l..'').4 for ferriages. 

A commission issued to the Judjres of Princess Anne county for cert'e. 

Sam<* to the Judges of King WilHjim county for cert'e. 

A warrant to Thomas Harris for t*7. 14.0 for tlie l)allance of l)is acc't 
as I'uhlic armourtT. 

Same to \Vm. Laurence for £2.1 5.0 for a (Jun furnished the arm v. 

Same to Alex> S. Dandridge for 1*1 1.1. o for his rations ai< aid-fle-camp 
to Colo. Ilenrv. 

Patrick Henry, Esr|uire, settled his account of numey laid out for con- 
tingent Exj>enses; hnlance du(» to him €12.7.0, for w'ch he recM an order 
to have credit witl) the commissarv of stores. 

A certificate of the rtjview of Capt Holt Rieheson, of King Wm's 
regular com J )any, retM and or'd to he registered; also of militia officers 
in s'd county. See A[>ril i\. 

Wm. P. Martin ret'd to the committee 4C n^c'd hv mistake for a Oun 
purchas<'d hy him of Mr. James (Juarlcs for the puhlic use. and for 
whir'h Mr. Quarles had hefon* rec'd payment, wch money ^^r. Walker 
took and d<(luct<*d out of his warrant for i'2()0. 

r^xm considering a Pet'o from Jacoh Elligood, the comm'<'e came to 

ye following resolution: Th(^ committee are concerned for Mr. Elligood's 

situation, hut cannot think it [proper to piTmit him to visit his estate at 

this tiiu(\ Tht;y were in hopes the ])ennission given to Colo. (Jordon 

^'<ml(l have produced a proposition on the |>art of 1/d I)unn)ore for an 

Rxchiinge of Prisoners, hut as it has not had that ed'ect we have little 

rtti.son to cxpiK't success from a secon<l visit of that sort. We are deter- 

i^inod in future not to kee|) prisoners in this city, and therefore Mr. 
^Hj;()fMl must [»repare for a removal up the country, which, however, 
^'ill not retard an Exchange', as he will he sent for on settling a Cart^^l. 

'^ wamint t4) Mr. (Jeo. Brown for €4.5.0 for a musquet and Bayonet fur- 
m\\v{\ v(. armv. 

^amc to Holt Rieheson tor €20.10.0 for recruiting Expenses, d'c, and 
^h(*lK)iintv of 2 men formerly omitted. 

T^hodrder for the march of Capt. Holt Richeson's compan}- is sus- 
ixmlnl until Wednesday next to enahle him to procure IMankets for liis 

If the militia oUk-ers in King W'm county will consent to let Capt. 
Richan?on have jls many of their county mu.'^quets as will arm liis men, 
the comm'ee of safety, on hehalf of the j)ul)li<', engage for their safe 


Williams- retuni, or to pay for repairs of such as may receive damage, or the value 

Febriu!?v 29, ^'^ ^"^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^'^ ^^*^^- 

177(i John Hurnes, of King WiUiam, Taylor, is empowered to make up the 

cloth to he rec'd of Mr. Ri(».hard Banks into suits of cloaths in midlinjr 

and large size at 10s. a suit. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

EnM'i) Pendleton. 

Williams- Friday, 1st Mtirr.h, 1770. 

Ma nth 1, 

1776 Present: The same members as yesterday. 

A certificate of the review of Capt. John Thornton's rifle company of 
Cul|)eper, returned and ord. to })e registered; also of (-apt. (J(K). Slaugh- 
ter, of ye s'd county, his review. See May 17; Mar. 11. 

A warrant to Thomas Camp for £4.10.0, the hallance of his wa4^es :is 
waggon master. 

Same to Tully Robinson for £12.12.0 for wood furnished the army. 

Same to same for use Fred'k Housh for £90.1.8 for the pay of ('ai)t. 
Boush and company, a guard of militia in Princess Anne county. 

Same to (^aj)t. CJeorge Slaughter, 8th Ileg't, for £20.10.0, the hallance 
of Bounty njoney and for recruiting exp(»nces. 

Same to Capt. Slaughtc^r for £170.10.0 for one month's pay of his 
company, to be i)aid them as it becomes due and account<.Ml for by Cap- 
tain Slaughter. 

Same to Thomas ('amp for use Capt. John ThornU^n for £20.10.0 for 
recruiting expenses and the l)allance of bounty money; also for himscdC 
£27.10.0 for 5 rifles purchased for tlu^ use of the i)u})lic. Swo. to. 

A ccrtif 'a of th<» n^view of Capt. Wallace's company, of King CJeorge 
county, the 23d Feb'y, ret'd and or'd to be registered. 

A warrant to Mr. Michael Wallace for use Capt'n CI. B. Wallace for 
C92.10, the recruiting Expenses and bountey money. 

Same to Nicho. Faulcon for use Rob't Pyland for 18s. for sundries fur- 
nished the army. 

Same to James Hill for use of Dan. P. Custis for £07.17.0 for wood. 
A'c, furnished the army. 

Same to (xibson C'luverius for £41.9.3 for the pay, il'C, of himself and 
com})any, a guard of militia on duty in Glo'ster county. 

Same to John Camp for $23.14.5 for Ditto. 

Colo. F'leming is emi)Owered to write to Captain Woodson to purcha^^e 
a waggon and Team in Goochland county, and to be employed cm tlie 
Eastern Shore for the use of the public, and that he also write to Capt. 
Woodson to ])urchase any muscjuetts or other good Guns for ye use of 
his company. 



A warrant U) Jolm Howe for £1.5.0 for hin Provision an a soldier in 
(.*ai>t. Campbell's company of regulars ]»rior to 1st Nov'r. 

Same to Samuel Newell for £2.2.3 for Ditto Ditto. 

Ortl., that Colo. Aylett deliver John Humes the Swan Skin in the [»ui>- 
lic store to Ik» made up into Waistcoats for the army. 

Ord., that Robert Pollard deliver John Bumes 450 y\ls Oznaburgs, to 
l>e made up into Hunting shirts for the army. 

( )rd., a warrant to George Purdie for 24s. for thread furnished for the 
use of the ]>ublic. 

Same to Nath'l Keeling for £4.1»*5.4for wages on board the Sloo[» Swsd- 
liiw, and for Andrew Haxter for £2.4.0 for Do. 

Same to Capt. Ge(>rge Burwell for £59.8.0 for 297 bushtds of salt fur- 
iiisheil ye public. 

An account of the Salt landecl from the Sl(K)p Swallow I belonging to 
He*-tor McAlester l)eing returned, itapiH'arsthat21.*]()i bushels of — were 
the ]>roperty of the said owner, and after deducting £<).17.4 for wjigc^ 
paid to Keeling and Btixter, there remains due to the s'd Hector McAles- 
t<T t;420.8.8 which together with the said vessel are detaine<l till he c^m 
satisfie the Comni'ee respecting his conduct. 

A warrant U) the Hon. Thomas Nelson Esquire for £28.19.2 for lead. 

< )n the Petition of Colo. Alexander Gordon, he is admitted to visit his 
family for one month u|M)n his parole not to corres]X)nd with lionl Dun- 
ijiore or anv of the officers of the armv or navv, or others on board the 

• • • • 

ships or vessels lying in the Harbour of Norfolk. 

A warrant to Timothy Lester for forty shillings for a (nm delivered to 
Col. Christian for the use of the Ann v. 

An order given to Colo. Christian for the removal of Colo. Jacob Elligood 

to Page warehouse in Hanover County, there to remain within ye limits 

of the Town, on his jiarole not to go c»ut of the same or to hold any C<»r- 

resjMjndence <m Political subjects, to be conveyed in a chair with two 

men as a (iuanl on horseback, and to be dePd to Colo. Svme or the com- 

luanding othcc?r of the militia, who may if he thinks i>roper remove him 

lo New Ca.'^tle on his like i»an>Ie. 

.\djounied "til to-niorr<»w 9 o Vlix-k. 

Ei»m'i> PKNDLFrrON. 


March 1, 

Sati Kl»AV, Mnrrh J(l. 1770. Williams- 

I'rfsent: The same memlx-rs a.** vesterdav, ("except Mr. Page). 1*3-!. '' 

A warrant lo William \Vils<jn lor use (M.^orge Turner for .*>0s. for a Ciun 
ftimi-hiHJ ye |>ubli<*. Min V service. 
Same tu Wm. Honisby for 7s. for work done by his negro man Eman- 

<>ni., a warrant to Hlovet Pasteur for i:l0.18.<» for tlu? maintainance of 


Williams- Jacob Elli^ooiJ, a i^risoner t-o he chanired to the said Elligood and n^iaid 

xi^^^'o out of his Estate. 
Marc^h 2, 

177(5 The case of Mr. Arcli'd Ritchie })ein^ suhniitted to ye consideration of 

this hoard, bv the Committee of Essex Count v; tliis Committtv cannot 
hut consider wliat Mr. Ritchie hjis done as a hreaeli of th(» association, 
hut as from the small Vidue of the article, it is more pmhahle that Mr. 
Ritchie was induced })v the necessity of the cjise, and not hv anv incli- 
nation to injure the Anu'rican cause, it is recommen<led to ye Conim'ee 
of Essex to pass ov(.'r tlie s\l importation, admonishing Mr. Ritchie how- 
ever not to ju^t in future, uncier the intiuence of ye like nwi'ssitv, with- 
out the previous consent of the Conun'cH'. 

A Certificate) of .ludj^es also of Militia oHic(»rs hi Essex County, retur- 
ned and ord. to he registered. (Judges ( om'o. iss'd). 

Ordered a warrant to Sampson and G(M)rge Matthews for t'l()l.*).0 for 
arms purchascnl for the puhlic, and nec(?ssiiri(\s, (omitted Nov'r 7th, last). 

A i)ermit to James McMurrav and Alex. Ranks U) leave tlie Colony. 

Same to IV^ter Sheriff. 

The Conmiittee of Ess<'x Distric^t heing divided in opinion in regard t<» 
the (choice of a second Licu't to the company of nyulars for that district, 
between (iriftin Fauntierov and Charles Reade, referred the same to tlu? 
determination of this Committee, whereu])on this Comm'ee d(.'terniine the 
appointment in favour of Mr. (iriihn Fauntlen)y. 

Ord., a warrant to Landis Patterson for use Capt. Thomas Patterson i'or 
£400 upon account for the purchase of (Junsand necessaries tor his com- 
pany of rifiemen. 

A pass to Mrs. Thomas Russel of Maryland t^> go Sullblk and back. 

Ord., a warrant to Colo. Christian for €20.0.0 upon iuxount to answer 
contingent charges. 

A pass granted John Mc(tcoi*ge to go to Portsmouth and back, alsi> on 
board the ships there to transact some business with John Johnson an<l 
John Mitchell, i>rovided (^olo. H<>wc sees no objection thereto, and fur- 
nishes him with a liag of truce for that pur|)ose. 

A warrant to Landis Pattei-son for I'fi.o.O for Express hire. 

Same to Simon liiiughlin tor bSs. for [>r(>vV) furnished a guard to Wal- 
ter Hatton. 

A Vn- written to Capt. Thomas Patterson of lUick'm to purchiuse (iuns 
and necessarit's for the use of his Company and to stay a week afl*^r the 
messenger returns, in order to furnish them, to have provisions out of the 
minute Battalion stock and if necessary to hire 2 waggons U} bring ilown 
the ])aggage, cV:c. 

A permit to Emanuel Walker and Rol)ert Soinerville to dejiart the Col- 

Same to ArchM Middlemist an<l his negro boy to go to lV»rtftiiiouth 
under the like restriction with John Mc(»eorge. 


Ordered, that Captain Goosley do return in the Brig LiV)erty to Cum- Williams- 
berland Town and there remain until further orders. March 2 

Same order to Capt. Howe in the Schooner Sally. 1776 

Ordered, a warrant to Bern bridge Godwin for £169. 48. 8d. for sundry 
accounts settled and allowed bv the commissioners. 

A certificate of Judges in Charlotte county ret'd and ord. com'o issue. 

Ordered, that one Ton of the powder to be sent from Phihidelphia to 
Freder'g be forwarded to this place and Colo. Feilding Lewis is desired to 
procure proper waggons and an escort for the removal of it, the other Ton 
is ord'd to remain there 'til further orders. 

For reasons a[)pearing to this committee, the following change is made 
in the arrangement of the companies formerly allotted into regiments, 
viz't: the Pittsylvania company is allotted to the 3d regiment in lieu of 
the Ix)udo'n company, which is hereby allotted to the 6th regiment; let- 
ters written to the comm'ees of ye sM county s accord 'g. 

A warrant to Peter Royster for £22.18.8 for his pay and Expenses as a 
militia Captain, Ac, on duty in Chas. City. 

Thomaj3 Fleming, Esq'r, Colonel of the 9th regiment, appeared and 
qualified to his commission, which was delivered to him dated as of this 

A Pass to Robert Cowan, Robert Proudfoot, Nathaniel Williamson, 
William Rutherford, John Smith, John Cunningham, and William Cal- 
land, to depart the Colony. 

Commissions issued to the Judges of Sussex and Nansemond counties, 
p'r cert'es. 

Adjourned tiP Monday, 10 o'clock. 

Edm'h Pkndleton. 

Monday, J^th Marrh, 177G. WillianiH- 

Marrl) 4, 
Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Pago, Mr. Bland, Mr. Lee, Mr. 177(> 

Jones, Mr. Walker. 

A certificate of Militia officers in Mecklenburg county, ret'd and ord. 
to be registered. 

A certificate; of the Review of Capt. Chas. Fleming's company, (Cumber- 
land county, returned and ordered to l)e Registered. 

A warrant to Mr. Richard Bland, Junior, for £5(K) u])on account a« 
Paymaster of the Southampton District. 

A commission issued to the Judges of Northumberland county, also of 
Norfolk county, pV cert'e. 

A warrant to Capt. Charles Fleming for £27.16.3 for Guns jnirchased 
by Mr. Wm. Moseley, and £14.10.0 for Guns purchased by himself. 

A certificate of Rq^ular and Militia officers, also of the review of the 



Williams- Regular C()n)|)any in Nortlnnnlierland county, returned and ordereii U> be 
Man'if 4, ^'^'^'^'^tiTed. Sec Apr. (5. 

177<) Captain Charles Fleminj^ of Cunil>erland, has leave to susj)end tlie 

niareh of his (•oni|)any one week aft(T his return, to enable him to fur- 
nish them witli arms ami neeessaries. 

A warrant to Capt. Charles Fleming, 7th Rcg't for £U9.1*.M) for the pay 
of his eom}>any from the time of their enlistment to ye Ist Mareh. 

Present, Mr. Carringt-on. 

A warrant to Capt. Charles Fleming for £20.10.0 for his recruiting 
ExjKUises an<l Hallanc(^ of bounty money. 

A warrant to l^ichard Bland, Es<|uir(;, for 24s. paid an Express fn»m 
Philadel'a and 20s. [)aid to assist two deserters from the Roebuck on their 

A eonnnission issued to the Judges? of I^nwu^ter county, p'r certV. 

The companies of King William, Northumberland and Charles city 
being all reviewed the same day (2(>th Feb'y), the committee pn)ceeded 
by ballot to determine the rank of ])recedence between them, when the 
samt' appeared a«s follows: Charles City, 1st, Northuml)crland, 2d, and 
King William, 8d. 

Com'o issued to Capt. (laskins (Northumberland) and his subalt<;ms, 
dated 26th Fel>ruarv, Tdelivered him.) 

A warrjint to Ca|)t. Thos. Gaskins for £20.10.0 for his recruiting 
expenees and ballance of Rountv monev. 

Same to same for £50 upon account of yv purchji^e of Arms (Bond 

Same to Chas. Fleming for £50 for same, (Bond acknVl). 

Certificates of the n^view of Captains Towles and Stubblefield's com- 
I>anie.s of regulars in Spotsylvania county, retM and ord. to be Regist<*red. 

ComV) issued to Captinn Fleming (Cumbt>rlan<l) and his subalteni.s, 
dat(?d FebV 29th TdelVl him), also to Capt. John Brent, (Charlotte), 24th 

A warrant to Capt. (Jregory Smith for £7(k'^.H for arms purchased for 

Certife of a]>])ointment and review, Ca|»t4nn .b>hn Brent, (^harlotte, 
ret'n and o. R'd. 

A warrant to Captain John Brent for £64.5.0 for ye purchase of arms 
and recruiting expenees. 

Same to Paul Car rington, EsijVe, for use Charlotte county for£o7.6.5 
for annnuniti(»n an<l a Drum furnished the publick by that county for 
their militia. 

Same to same for use Isaac Read for £121.1.6 for anns ]mrchased for 
ye ])ublie. 

Same to same for use Walt^^r Cole for £5.7.6 for public Expenses of 
Halifax militia. 


A certificate of ye appointment of Regular officers in Isle t)f Wight Williams- 
District, ret'd and o' R. „^"7-'' , 
' ... March 4, 

A warrant to Wm. Davenport for £74.0.0 for ye recruiting service in 
the District of Isle of Wight and Surry. 

Same to (ieoi^e Bri)wn for 1*5 on acc't as a manufacturer of Gun- 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clo<.*k. 

Edm'h Pkndi.eton. 

TuRSDAY, j\farrh ;>///, 1776. Willianis- 


Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Page, Mr. (Harrington, Mr., pL" '^' 
Mr. Rland, Mr. Jones, and Mr. ^V^alker. 

A warnint to James Slate for 20s. for making a sett of coh)urs for the 
M^Kiklenhurg Minute Batt. 

Same to Joseph Egglest<m for £4 for a (km furnished the puhlic. 

Same to David Clark for £1 for prov's furnished (Captain Dahney's 
company min. men. 

Same to Mary Digges fi)r £9.2.7^ for house rent and re[>airs furnished 
as Barracks for ve arm v. 

Same to (jeo. Stuhhlefield for £11.0.0 for arms furnished the puhlic. 

Same to Jno. W^illiams, Henry Pendleton for £8.0.0 for a (lun fur- 
nished do. min. Co. 

Same U) Charles McFaddin for £1.5.0 for provisioUvS, etc., jis a soldier 
in Caj)t. Cami)heirs company from the 18th September, t^) the 29th (Octo- 

A permit to Thomas C'rawford and Charles Galhreath to de])art the 

A warrant to Wm. Stokes for £5.0.0 for (lun furnished ye public. 

Colo. Hugh Mercer and Lieutt^nant-Colonel Ge<jrge Weedon of the 
tbird Battalion, subscribed the articles of W^ar, and took the oath ]m'- 
scribe<l bv the Ordinance of (-onvention, after which their continental 
conmiissions were delivered them. 

Ordi^red, that all the Field olHcers of the third Batiilion be called into 
duty immediately and repair t^) their Station at Dumfries. 

Colo. Mercer of the third Regiment informed the conunittee that the 
officers were inclined to elect the Rev'd Mr. Dand Griffith to the offices 
of Captain and Surgeon to ye said Regiment for both which they thought 
him very well ijualified, and that his merit intitled him to such Indul- 
jrence, l>ut did not care to unite the offices in the same person without 
the aj ►probation of this conunittee. On considering the subject the com- 
mittee are of opinion that no Inconvenience will arise to the public from 
such union. 




March '>, 

Ordered, that Mr. — Stadler be recommended to our Delegates in Con- 
^rc^s as an Engineer in case sueh a one shall be wanting. 

Colo. Hugh Mercer is enii)o\vered to purchase Tent«, Camj> Kettles, 
Kant^^cns, Blank'ts and other necessarie.s which, may be wanting in his 
rt^ginient, the money for which will be paid on liis certifio^ites. 

Ordered, that the Quarter-nuister (ienenil make up an a(»count of 
Forage and Fuel expended for the Troops, and all other things within 
his department, and settle the s^ime with Mr. Everard and Mr. (bcke, and 
return it to this conmiittee. 

Ordereil a letter be written to (*olo. Christian, to direct returns tt> be 
made of the several Troo[)s now in this C'ity, how they are arnuHl and 
w'th what necessaries furnished, also what s})are arms and accoutrements 
remain in the Magazine, and that he likewise directed ti> cause to be ret'd 
a stfite of the Houses and r(K>ms occupied as Harracks, the size of each 
room, its number of soldiers, an<l theijuantity of Fuel delivered for such 
room daily, also an account of the number of horses and waggons belong- 
ing to the public, and what rule is observed in receiving and delivering 
out the Forage by Rations. 

A warrant to William Stokes for £7.12.0 for waggon hire and other pub- 
lic expenses. 

The Committee of the District of Norfolk and Princess Anne^ being 
divided in o])inion UiK)n the choice of a Cai>tain to command the Com- 
pany of regulars to be raised in that county, })etween Mr. Willis Wil84>n 
and Mr. Thomas Matthews, as a}>pears by their certificate, this Comm'ee 
proceede<l to dettTmine the same in favor of Mr. Matthews. 

The same beween Mr. John Rogers and Mr. John Hunter Holt for the 
office of second Lieutenant, determined in favour of Mr. John Rogers. 

The same between Mr. John Davies and Mr. Henry Whiting, for the 
ottice of Ensign determined in favour of Mr. Whiting. 

A warrant to John Rogers for £74.0.0 for the recruiting service in 
Princess Anne and Norfolk district (upon account,) Bond jvckn'd. 

Same to Ensign John Coffer for £77.9.7 for the pay of Captain Mason^s 
minute company. 

A certificate of the a])i)ointment of regular officers in Chesterfield 
County, also of the review of Captain Faulkner's Company in tiie said 
County, ret'd and ord. to be registered. 

A warrant to Capt. Ralph Faulkner for £92.10.0 for ye l>ounty money 
and recruiting Expenses of his comi)any, also £10.10.0 for 3 musi^uets 
furnished the i)ublic. 

Same to David Clarke for 24s. G for j)rov'o furnishetl Captain Dabney's 
minute company. 

Same to Wm. Gordon for £.3,0.0 for a Oun furnished the public Caro- 
line min. Batt. 

Ordered, that 10 Barrels of Pork out of the Stores at Cuml»erland, lie 
delivered to the order of Cai)tain John C-alvert. 



A warrant to ( 'hro. Harwood for use Ste})hen Fields for £2.5.0 for cart Williams- 

and Horse hire to niin. men. 

Same to Henry Dudley for £2.4.6 for Ferri'j^es, tVre., to min. co. 

Same to C'hrV> Harwood for £19.18.() for Provisos furnished Capt. 
Smith's company, minute. 

Same to Mayner Dison for £8.0.0 for a ( Jun furnished the public. 

A conunission to the Judges of Pittsylvania issued p'r cert'e. 

A certife of militia officers in Pitts vl van iacountv returned and ordered 

ft- ft 

to l»e Registered. (Com'o iss'd). 

A Petition of David Ross presented and ordered to be defernnl til' to- 

A warrant to Colo. Hugh Mercer for use Conn nissioners' (Uin manufac- 
tory at Fredericksburg for £800 upon account. 

Same to same for use Fielding Lewis for £2(M) u|)on account for the 
purchiusf of arms. 

Adjourned Hil to-morrow V) o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 


March 5, 



Wedni^^day, 6th Mnrrh, 1776. 

l^resent: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Bland, Mr. ^'^^yg ^' 
Lei*, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Walker. 

A warrant to Cajit. James Baron for £117.12.0 for the |)ay of his com- 
pany of militia for the numth of Novend>er last. 

Same to same for use William Ballard for £5.10.0 for Horse hire for 
the guard at Mile creek. 

Same to C-apt. James Baron for £118.18.4 for the j)ay of his company 
of militia from 1st to 28th January last. 

Same to same for £5.11.0 for pay of hinjself and men on board the 

Same U^ same for use ( .'apt. Richard Barron for £59.2.8 for the pay of 
him.self and men on board the Boat Patriot to 25th February. 

Same to same for £17.11.0 for Forage allowed him as a militia officer. 

Same to same for use Rowe Cooper for £21.12.0 for wood furnished 
the Troops at Hampton. 

Same to Richard Morris for use John Hawkins for £200 upon account 
as commissary of Provisions. 

Same to James Ball for £46.12.0 for Provision funiished Capt. Falk- 
ner's company of regulars, and other necessaries. 

On hearing Mr. David Ross on the subject matter of his Petition, the 
committee are unanimously of opinion that the l-easons by him ofl'ered 
to be discharged from his contract made to su])ply Mr. Hawkins with a 
quantity of Pork for the use of the army are totally insutticient, and 
that he ought to comply therewith or abide by the consec^uences. 






March 6, 


A warrant to John Taylor for £11.2.6, a Ballance due him as (juartor- 
niaster to the second regiment. 

John Taylor, (juarternuuster of the second n^ji^inient, returned his 
account of stores n^ccived and delivered for tlie use of the army, an<l 
made oatli th(;retx), and y't ye same was just as far as lie knew and 
believed, which is ordered U) be re<]jistt^red. AFemo. — Col. Woodford or 
th(? new (|uarterma.ster to be charg'd with £Ah.i).0. 

A warrant to Colo. JIujjh Mercer for £17.0.G for sundry Instruments 
furnished for the use of the army. 

Col. Hugh Mercer is desired and empowered to |>rocure proper l^oats 
to be built and kept for the Passjige of the Trooi>s at Ocoghhuan, and 
that he also, in conjunction with (-olo. Peachy, procure proper lieacons 
to be erected for communicating Intelligence from tlie mouth of Potow- 
mac U) Alexandria. 

A Pass gnintcd to John Levingston U^ go on board Lord Dunmore's 
shij), provided the connnanding othcer at Suffolk sees no oljjection to it 
and grants him a Flag of Truce for that purpose. 

A warrant to Martin Hawkins for £4»*].12.7i for sundr}" certificates for 
wood and other necessaries furnished the Troops at Hampton. 

It is the opinion of this committee that the Issuing of Rum to the 
Troops shall l)e wholly discontinued, it having been only allowed as an 
Indulgence during the sickly and inclement season. 

The Gommittee of Elixabetli City county are desired to a})}K)int proper 
persons io make sale of the Eleven Hogsheads of Run innK)rted in the 
sloo}) Agathy, together with the Linen and other goods im|>ort^d in the 
Brig Corlett, for ready money, and return an account of the sales to this 
commitU^e and the money arising from such sale to the Treiisurer of this 
Colon V. 

Ord'd, a warr't to John Richards for use of Daniel Payne, for £4. 15.0 for 
four Rugs furnisb(Ml Capt. Slaughter's compa. of regulars for Culpeper. 

Ord., a warr't to John Richards for £50 upon acco't, part the money 
that will be due tx) him on a vessel for the country's service. 

OnPd that Mr. Addams furnish (•a|>t. Richards with 4 barrels Pork for 

A C^M'tilicate from Ro. C. Nicholas Esqr., Chairman of the District Com- 
m'ee o( York, that tliere had been two appointments fi>r the meeting of 
a district Comm'ee to rec^eive the review Certificates of the two Regular 
Companys raised therein, and that on neither of the days a sufii't num- 
ber of members met to make aC'omm'ee, returning at the sjvme time Cer- 
tilicates of the revii^w of the s'd Companies by the |KTsons a]»]H)into<l for 
tbat purpose, that Captain Tliomas Nelson's Company w^is c(mij)let^ and 
reviewed on ye 22d, and Ca]>t. Edward Dickinson's (-ompany on the 25th 
of February, the same were received and Ciipt. Nelson and Capt. Dickin- 
son subscribed the Articles of War, and took the Oatlis prescribed by the 
Ordinance of Conventi<»n. 



Onlert'd that Coiimiamling oilieer be rcniuested to discharjre ('apt. DiivalV 
Company of minute men. 

Adjourned 'til t6-morn»w 9 oVloek. 

Edm'd Pexdlkton. 


March (5, 

TniRSDAY, 7th Miirrh, 1776, 

Present: The same members a« yesterday. 

A permit t4) Robert (/unnin^bam and Jobn Sinelair of Cbarlott^' County, 
and Donald McNiccoll of Halifax County* to depart tbe Colony. 

A warrant to H. B. r.igbtfoot for use Day id T^eiteb tor £85, for a par- 
eel Rui£S furnisbed tbe regular company of Henrico county. 

Same to Sanuiel Sparks, £5.10.0 for a Ritle Gun furnisbed tbe army. 

Same to Colo. Cbampion Trayis, £77.0.0 for arms furnisbed tbe public. 

Same to Edm'd Pendleton, Esquire, for use J no. Tayb)r, for £5 for a 
Gun for tbe army. 

Same to Pbripp it Bowdoin, for £lo2.5.0, for Gunpo\vder furnisbed ye 

A certificate of tbe Reyiew of Captain Samuel Hawes, junV, (Caro- 
line) company of regulars on tbe IDtb of February, returned and ordered 
to be registered. 

A permit to AlexV B. Strachan and James Currie, of Ricbmond, to 
leaye tbe colony. 

Same to Pn\syin Bowdoin to go to Princess Anne. 

Same to (ileorge Watkins to go on board Lord Dunmore's sbip, pro- 
vided tbe connnanding officer at Suffolk sees no objection tbereto and 
grants bim a flag of truce for tbat purpose. 

A warrant to Wm. Huglies for use Tbomas Jobnston, of Louisa, for 
£175.0.0, on account, for tbe purcbase of arms and necessaries for bis 

Ordered, tbat tbe Louisa comj)any marcb to Dumfries, tbeir place of 
rendezvous, and not to tbis city, as formerly directed. 

Ord., a warr't to Ricb'd Lee, Esq., for bire of negroes for Lancaster 
District MinuU^ Men, £:12.(). 

Same to Capt. George Stubblcficld for £31.17.6 for waggon bire for bis 
and Capt. Towlea' company ; also £73.10.2, tbe ball'ce of bis recruiting 

Same to same, for use Jno. Pritcbett, for 2Ss., for provisions furnisbed 
ye niinut^i men of Battalion. 

Same to same, for use Lewis Willis, for £5.5.0 for Fuel furnisbed ye 
Prince William Battalion. 

Same to ('apt. Samuel Haws for £15 on a certif^^ of bis services a« 
cPk to ye C^Joramittee of ("aroline county; also £20.10.0, ye ballance of bis 
n*cruiting money and expenses. 


March 7, 





March 7, 

Same to ('olo. Francis Peyton for £1,600, ui)on acc't as Paymaster of 
the Prince William Minute l^attalion. 

Capt. James Johnson and his subaltern officers appeared and receive<l 
their Continental commissions, subscribed the Articles of War, and took 
the oath prescribed })V ordinance of C'onvention. 

A warnint to Capt. James Johnston for £92.13,l(>i for the ballanee c»f 
liis reeruitinjr money and expenses; also for arms, necessaries, and wag- 
gon hire for the use; of his (U)m])any. 

A warr't to William Willis for £5.10.0 for Guns purchased by Major 
Ej)j)S for use of the army. 

Same to John Dandridge, £(> for arms ])urch{ised by C^>lo. (*hriHtian. 

Same to Capt. Oliver Towles, for £o4.4.4A for the ballanee of his re- 
cruiting expenses and j)rovision of his com])any. 

Same to same, for use James Tutt, for Tis. (k\, for wjiggonage for Caro- 
line Minute Dattalion. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Eom'o Pknulkton. 


March 8, 

Fhtday, Sfh March, 1770. 

Present: The same members as vest<n'dav. 

Connnissioiis issued to the Judges of Henrico and Prince Edward 
counties, pV cerCe. 

A eertifieate of the lieview of Henrico n'gulars, Capt. Pleasants, dh ye 
24th Fein-uary, returne<l and orderrd to i>e r(»gistere<l. 

A warrant to Thomas Jolnij^on for £o.S.O for provision furnished Cajn 
tain Finitain's regular company ( I'arke (ioodall for use Thos. Jolinson) 
prior to 1st NovV last. 

Same to William Bibb, Es(|'re, for use Benjamin U'iwson f(»r £10 on a 
certificate of his services as vW to the connn'ee of l*rince Eilwan.1. 

Sam(; to Col. William Pe;u-hv thr £;;il.l9.(; for use William Miskell for 
necessaries furnished Capt. Ball's company. 

Same to Col. Wm. IV^ichv for i*2.1 ?>.*.) for necessaries to the minuter 
I^attalion of Lancaster district. 

Same to Jaquelin Ambler, Es(|uire, for £21.15.0, or to David Janiesoi.-^ 
for his us(i for wood and Fodder furnisbtHl the army at York. (Mi 

A commission issu<»d to the Judg(;s of New Kent county p. C4*rt'e. 

A Bond from Thomas Ridley and Edwin (iray for £72 for recruitiug' 
service in Southam]>ton county returned, ackn'd by the latter and ordt/> 
be regist^Tcd. 

A warrant to Col. Wm. Peachy for use. Capt. Burgess Ball for £300 
upon acco't for the |>urchase of arms and n(M3essarie8 (ftimisheil) for 
Capt. liall's com[>any. Bond ackn'd. 


Same to Edwin (Jray for £2.5.0 for a Gun furnished ('apt. Ridley's VVilliains- 

^•^>'"1«^">'- Math's, 

Same to same for £r)4.(S.6 upon aceount for tlie purehase of arms. 177<) 

Hond ackn'd. 

Same to Nicho's Faulcon, Estfre, for £150 upon account for the pur- 
chase of arms for the n'gular company in Isle Wit^ht District. Hond 
and sec. given. 

Order on Major Wall for linen for Hunting Shirts for the Surry reguhirs, 
also for Sussex and Brunswic'k regulars. 

A warrant to Mr. William Hihh fur t;40S.lO.O for (>8 rilles furnished 
the Prince Edward Company of regulars, also for 12 mus«|Uets stored for 
the puhlic use. 

Same to same for use John Morton for £20.10.0 for hallance of bountev 
money and recruiting Expenses in Prince Edw'd. 

Same to Wm. Hihh fur use John Wat.son for £1.18.0 for the Escort of 
slaves from W'mshurg to the JiCad Mines. 

Same to ('apt. Wm. (Jregory for £20.10.0 for his recruiting expenses 
and hallance of liountev monev in Charles Citv Countv. 

Same to Col. David Ma.son £52.H.f) for (luns formerlv lent hv sundrv 
|M»npk* t4) the minuti' men of Sussex, now on duty at Suflblk, and which 
are to hv delivered to the regular Company from Sussex. 

Same to simie for £87.2.() for same lent to Hrunswick company as 
above, and to he disposed of in like manner. 

Same to same for £7.17.r» for the hallance of his account for anns. 
Same to same for £120 upon account for the purchase of anns in Sus- 
sex and Brunswick counties. Hond w'th security lodged and ackn'd — 
Present: Mr. Pagi^ 

A warrant to Wm. Sv Sclater for £or).l.() tor the pay and j»rovision of 
Ills company in duty at York. 

^ame to William Acrill, EscfVe, for £2<S.17.0 for arms furnished the 
'pillar coui J >any from Charlies City, 
^aint" to William Hewit £20 for wood furnished the Troops at York, 
^ame to Thomas Walker, Esqre, for £;> for a Gun furnished Do. 
^anie to John S. Wills for £l8().8.7i^ for j)rov's, arms, t.\:c., furnished 
^^^ Isle Wight minute men. 

^ame for use Jno. Tavlor for £1.0.9 for necessaries furnished different 
l»artip8of the Virginia Troops from W'msb.urg to Norfolk. 

^^nie for use Foushee iV: Orr for £2 for medicines and attendance? for 
f^*pt Havid's regiUjirs. 

^ame for use John Thomas for £12.S.() for ]>rov's and necessaries fur- 
nished an escort of jK)wder from Caroline. 

•Same for use Brewer Godwin for £1 1.1 5.7 i for provisions furnished the 
militia on guard in Isle Wight. 



Williams- Same for use Capt. Henry Pitt for £27.0.4 for })ay of hin company of 
Marl'lf's "^i^JtJa on ^niard in I. Wight. 

177(> ' Same for use Capt. WDlis Willis for £lol).10.4i for Ditto. 

A commission issued to tlie Judjres of Isle of Wight county, p'r cert. 

A warrant to Thcmias Wootten for £ir).i:>.:i for express hire, &l\, set- 
tled and aird by ye C'omm'rs. 

Same to ^files Taylor for use John Barrett for £18.10.0 for Ruggs fur- 
nished the j)risVs at Richmond. 

Same for use same for £S.14.0 for Rugs furnished ('apt. Anderson's 
company of Regulars (Hanover). 

Same for use Nichi^las H. Seahrook for £:».o.() for a (Uni furnished 
HenV) Regulars. 

Same for use Miles (Jath right for £»».10.0 for Do. 

Same for use Benja. Johnst^)n for £<>.().() for Do. 

Same to John Pendleton, jr.. for use Wm. W<'ath(;rly for '^>'">s. for l>o. 

Same to Dixon and Hunter for £1S.().9 for sundries furnished for the 
use of the j)uhlic, settled hy the ConnnVs. 

Order «»n the Commissary of Stores for a Bolt of Oznahurgs to he d(4M 
Colo. Archibald Cary, and by him applied in the making of Cloaths for 
the Soldiers. 

A warrant to Capt. Geo. Lyne for £19.4 for pay and prbvis'n of his 
minute company, on training duty in ye month of February; also £4.10.0 
for recruiting 18 men, in Heu of that number who enlisted out of hi^ 
company into the regidar service. 

Same to Thos. Wootten for use his son for 20s. for h(»rses furnished ve 
J as: river guard of militia. 

Same to John Eitzgerald for £1.13.(> for public expenses. 

The orders for the Henrico company to march here an^ countermanded 
and they are allowed a fortnight, when they are to march to Richmond 

A warrant to Cai>t. Wm. Duval for £72.1<).0 upon account. 

Same to same for £115.19.0 for the pay of his comi)any of minute men 
of the Henrico Battalion 'til Monday next. 

Same to same for use J no. Hodges, £4.1 7. <> for waggon hire. 

Same to same for use Sam. Duval, jr., £4.17.0 for Do. 

Same to same for use John Sharpe for £4.10.0 for Gun fumishe<l the 

Ordered that the commanding otticer at this place <lirect the march of 
Capt. (iibson's riHe company, also of either Capt. Gregory's company, 
from Charles City, or Ca])t. Jas. Johnston's, from l^uncnburg, as ii|K»n a 
revi(;w shall a]>])ear to be best fitted, to reinforce the tnjops stutiinied at 
Suffolk, as soon as j)ossible. 


Ord. that the commanding officer also dinx^t the march of Capt. Towlt»s* 
company to Hampton, and that upon their arrival there the oHieers and 
privat(»s of the minuti' men now c»n duty there be discharge, firHt deliv- 



erinjj iij) all the public arms in their posKCssion, and that the command- 
ing oflicer also retain ye medicine chest; who is also empowered to 
purchase all the good arms in ye hands of private persims as do not 
belong to the pni)lic and grant his certitirate for the same, w\*h will be 
[>aid by this Connn'ee. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendlktox. 


March S, 

Saturday, Mnrrh 0th, 1776. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Page, Mr. Carrington, Mr. T. 
I^- Lcc, Mr. lUandj'Mr. Jones, and Mr. Walker. 

A warrant t<» Jcihn Bec^klev for £4.3.-1 for a certific^ite of his services as 
cPk to the connnVe of Henrico count v. 

Same to Thomas ('hilt()n for £5 for a Gun sold ('apt. Trij)lM's minute 

Same to Matthew Tompson for £5 for Do. 

Same to Henry Ayres for £().12.(), his wages as a public armourer. 

Same U\ (apt. \Vm. Gregory for £70.S.9 for the provisi<m of his com- 
I »iiny. 

Same t^) Benjamin Waller for £5.0.0 for two Guns furnishetl the army. 

On the Petition of Mary Collins and Maria Dickenson they are per- 
mitted to pass to Hampton, and fnmi thence to Norfolk or Princess Anne, 
provided the (*onnnanding ofiicer there sees no objection to it and fur- 
nish(*s a Flag of truce for that purpose. 

A warrant to l{ichard Adams, Escfre, for use Jno. Beckley for £20 on 
a <MTtificatc of his services Jis cl'k to the comm'ee of Henrico for the 
vear 177-'). 

Same to Wm. Duval for £0 for a Gun furnished do. 

Sanui to Thomits Foster for £2.1.3 for wiiggonage for Capt. Faulkner's 
rt^gulars f'm Chest'd. 

Same to ('apt. John Cuningham f(»r £175.4.7 for Seamen's wages and 
other Expences attending the Hrig Fanny. 

Same to Wm. Allen for £4 for wood furnished ye Troops at York. 
(HarwcKKl Burt for use Wm. Allen.) 

Same t4> Marv Tenham for £2.1 2.() for straw furnished Do. 

Same to Robert Hyland for £9.5.0, his wages as Door Keeper to this 
conuiiVe t4) vest^^'rdav. 

« ■ 

Same to Thomas Fostt^T for £7. 7.(3 for waggonage to ye Trooj)s on their 
way to Norfolk. 

Same to Corbin Griftin, Esq're, £80.2.(> for cash paid for sundry neces- 
saries^ furnished the Troops at York. 

A pennit to Wm. Fairlie to depart the Colony. 

A coinm'o issued to the Judges of Prince William county pV cert'e. 


March 9, 


Willianis- A warmnt U^ Win. Stevenson ibr £4.").19.() for Fonijie fumiahe<l ve 
Man'i^'o. tJarrison at. York. 

177() Same to Thoina,s Archer for £o for w(kh1 lor Do. 

Same to John Cliisman for £2.r).() for straw for Do. 

Same to Phili|> Dechnaii for £2.0.0 for Fodih^r for. Do. 

Same to Jno. (ieo. (Jibbs for £1.0.0 for Do. 

Same to Lau. Smitli, jr., for Coo/J.O for Do. 

Same to Stephen Mitehell for £0.11.0 for Do. 

Same U> William In^ro for £1.10.0 for Do. 

Same t^) Janett Mitchell for £l.o.0 for cart hire for T>o. min. service. 

A memo, to charge Mr. \Vm. Ronald for sundries del'd him from the 
stores at Cumberland by Mr. Adams, amo't to £87.2.6. 

Instructions to Colo. Mercer as tbllows: Sir, iV:c. (vide copy filed). 

A Letter written t^) our Delegates in Congress lus follows: Gent., 6lc.. 

(Do.) \ 

A lA^tter written to the Council of Safetv in Marvland as follows: 
Gent., iV'c. (Do.) 

A warrant to Jno. Cuniu'rham for I'^.o.O for 2 Swivel (luns taken bv 
Capt. Haron. 

Ordered, that the guard at Cumberland by discharged from that duty, 
excej)t two men, who are U> serve as a Guard at nights. 

A warrant to" Colo, (ieorge Brooke for £201) ui)on account as Paymaster 
of the first Regiment. 

A permit is granted to Ivocky Collier to go on board l/ird Dunniore's 
shi]), j)rovided ye conunanding (illicer at Mampton see.*^ no obJ€H^tion 
thereto and furnishes him with a Hag of Truce for that purpose. 

Adjourned till to-morrow 10 o'ehuk. 

Eom'd Pkndlftton. 

Williams- Si'NOAV, f/tr Xfh Murrh, 1770'. 

^^'177/;'^' Present: Mr. Prtsi<lent, Mr. Page, Mr. Digge.s, Mr. Canrington, Mr. 
Jones, Mr. Wtdker. 

Capt. (iregory and lieutenants Dunn and (iregory and Ensign liell, of 
the sixth Battidion, attended, received thiMr comm's, t4>ok tlie iwith pre- 
scribed bv convention, and subM the Articles of War. 

A Letter of Colonel (irayson, command g (»fliccT of the Forces at 
Hani|)ton, dated the Sth, eonsidenMl. Ues(»lved, that this counnittee 
approv(^ of the answer given to Capt. Hannnond's verbal mesHa^e. The 
s(Mitimcnt of convention expressed in their Bcsolution of the 2iHh Dec. 
on a similar m(\**sag(* fnun Capt. I»eUen to the C<»m'g oflicer at Norfolk, 
the committee would not think tlicn»selvcs at lil)erty to dc{)art from if 
they did not ai»prove thein, w'eh is not the cas<». That friendly int^^r- 
course of alVeetion and h«»spitality w'eh in times of Tranquility tliii* 





colony hath been accustomed to interehanjije with the off 'wand seamen of WilliairiH- 

the Britisli navy cannot be continued at this time? when we have every 
reason U) be convinced their errand here is of a nature far from being 
friendly, wVh makes it our indispensable duty to avoid by all means in 
our jM)wer their coming on those U|K)n any occasion, or being furnished 
with any necessaries w'ch may enal)le them to injure us. 
Adjourned 'til to-morrow^ 9 o'clock. 

Edm'i) I^kxdleton. 

Monday IJth March, 1770. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Page, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington. Mr. 
f^ee, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Walker. 

A certificat<' of the R(»view of ]*rince Edward comj)any of regulai-s, 
Captain Jno. Morton, returned and ordered to be registered. Comm'n 

A warrant to Major Lawson for £5,10.0 for a valuable gun furnished 
the pul)lic, del'd in Comm'ee. 

Major Robert Liiwson, of the 4th Battalion, a[)peared, subscribed the 
Articles o4' War, was sworn, and received his Continentid commission. 

A warrant to Mr. John Pendleton, junior, for use Doctor John Reade, 
for £9.*.).'> for me<licines anrl attendance on the troops at Norfolk. 

A warr't to William Jones for C2()Ai).() for waggonage to the Troops at 

Connnissions issued to the field oHicers, also to 40 captains and subal- 
t4'rns, of W<^st Augusta. 

A warrant to Th<»mjis Cook for £']7.9.11 for waggonage and provision 
for the Indian Treat v. 

Same to Ephraim Crittenden for £ f«>ra(iun barrel furnished the 

Mr. George I^M^tes j»ro<luced the claims of sundry ])ersons for necessa- 
ries furnished the Indian Treatv in the sunnner of 177o, certified bv the 
romn)itt<H* of West Augusta, which, being adjustetl, amounted in the 
wholi' to l*or).').1.2, and fhe Committee being informed by one of their 
members that some of the said claimants had drawn orders unon Mr. 
RiM»t4?s, the Committee are of opinion that circumst^mces, with his 
possession oi the vouchers, sufliciently authorizes the jmnient of the 
monev to Mr. Rooters for the use of the several claimants, and ordered a 
warnint issue accordingly. 

A warnnit to Thomas Cooke for use William Shannon for i' for 
«-x press hire. 

Commissions issued and ilePd Capt. (ieo. Stul>blefield ye Pith and 
Capt. Oliver Towles the KJth of Fel)ruary. 

(Ordered it be left to Mr. Thomaa Archer to proceed to direct his vessel 


March 10, 



March 11, 


Williams- under the cominaiid of ('apt. Howe to proceed on her voyage at 8iich 

Man'll^'ll ^^*^^^^ ^'^ ^^*' ^^^*^-^' think nu»Ht prudent, and that he he at liherty t<> purchase 
1770 i'y good nuis(piets or smooth hore guns for the use of the seamen on 
hoard, w'ch will he paid for on his certificate, and that Jie he furnished 
with 4 Ihs. powder, and if necessary with .*> or 4 harrels of Pork. 

A warrnnt to HiMijamin Ramsay for 1*4.0.0 for a nuis(|uet. 

('apt. Stuhhlcti(4d, of Spotsylvania, and (^apt. Thornton, of ('ulj)Oper, 
hfing reviewed the same day, this ConniiittcH' determine the rank of pre- 
cedence hetween them as follows: ('apt. Stuhhlelield 1st, Capt. Thornton 

A warrant to Henrv Davis for £().!').() for exiirciss hire relative t<» yv 
Ath regiment. 

A letter written to Colo. John Talh<»t, of Redford, informing that this 
Committee cannot advance anv monev for the regidars from that countv, 
who must wait 'til the Continentid Pavnuister comes d(»wn, wVh will he 
shortly, hut hav(^ paid ye express, ap]»rove of his purchasing musfpiets, 
and din^'.t the march of the regulars inunediatelv as thev mav he sup- 
j)lied with riH(»s hen*. 

On th(» petition of William Shannon, Ca]) Gihson and his <»ttieers 
are to attend to-morrow morning in ord(*r t4> settle a dispute about the 
of]ie(» of a Lieut, in sM Comply. 

[A c<Ttificate of militia officers in Northampton county retunie<l and 
ordered that commissions issu(». Error.] 

It appearing from c<^rtiCs returned that Captain Morton, l^rince Ed- 
ward, and Cai)t. Haines, Carolim', were reviewcMl the same day, the nmk 
of pre<'efU»nce is determined hy hallot: for Capt. Morton 1st, Capt. 
Haines 2d. 

Afljourned 'til t(»-morrow 1) o'clock. 

Edm'd PENI)hFMH>.\. 

Williams- Tnp><l)AY, Ufh of Murrh, 1770. 

^^*^J^il. ^^' Present: ^^r. President, Mr. Page, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carringt4>n, Mr. I^ee, 
>rr. Cahell, Mr. .loners and Mr. Walker. 
Commission issued to the Judges of Amherst County p'r C-erCe. 
A warrant U) Charles Rose tor £10 for his services as cl'k to Amherst 

Picliard j^and, junV, Esquire, Paymaster of the Soutliampton Rattallion 
of minute men returned his accounts. A IJallance due the public .£S.1(),7. 
the. same is ordered to he recM. 

A warrant to An<lrew M('C]ure for £1.20.0 for a rille Gun funiisheil the 

Same to James Rurruss Mitchum for £5.0.0 for DV» found hv him and 
l)ursted in ve service. 



Same to Win. Ca])ell, E8(iVfor use of John Morrison for £4 for a rille Williams- 
Gun furnished ye puhlic, (Ciipt. Fontane). M r^[^'l*? 

Same U) Same for use of J no. Barnett for £4 Ditto, (Capt. Fontanel 1770 

Onlered that Capt. Campbell's Company mareh from this place to 
Hampton to reinforee the Troops now there. 

A permit is granted Robert Sommerville to depart the Colony. 

A warrant to Robert Sommerville for £0.1.Ss.0d. for Ferriages. 

Order u|»on Col. Fieldinjj: Tjcwis to Thomas Cooke for 2(X)!t)s. Powder 
for the use of West Augusta. 

A warrant to John Patterson for £9..S.l^, for (^amj) Kettles furnished 
i';ij»t. Johnson's Company of Regulars from JiUnenburg County. 

A warrant to John T^ouder for £P2.0.() for the earrijige of a Ton of Lead 
to the Conunittee of Finc'astle from (^hiswillis mines. 

A cei-tificate of the ap[)ointment of regular oftieers in Essex and Mid- 
<llesex districts, also of the review of that Ctunpany on ye oth Mar(;h, 
retM and ord. to be registered. 

Mr. (Jeorge Mater and Lieut. Denny, are ai)p(»inted to examine the 
several Shi|» Materials ot1'ere(l for sale by Major Travis at Jjimestown, and 
report to the Coiiuji'ee whether they are good of the kind and in their 
opinion worth the money he asks for them. 

The .same (ientlemcn ap]»oint(Hl to view the Cannon furnished the 
C'ountv bv Mr. (iovan at New Kent Court House, and report to the Com- 

ft- V 1 

niittee whieh of th<Mii are fit for use and the value thereof and their size. 

A warrant to Wm. Russell for £21 a.s cFk to the Ccmimittee of York 
Count V. 

Ord., that the eommanding ofheer of the Forces on the Eastern Shore, 
be authorized to purchase or procure to be built, such and so many Boats 
for tlic passi\ge of the Troops across the I\iversand Creeks on that Shore, 
a.< be may judge ncc'cssaj'v and essential, to the* ]airpos(«s of forming 
Junctions of Detachment.s from his Hattalion <»cc4isionallv for defen<e or 
annnving the Enemv. 

A warrant to Francis I^right for use Wm. Konald for £2,n(X) upon account 
ii,< [Paymaster of the Troo[>s on the Ea.stern Shore. 

()rd., that the Commanding Oflicer be desired to direct the march of 
Capt. (Jregory Smith's Company of regulars to Gloucester Town antl that 
iij>on his arrival there Caj»t. Wm. Smith's Comi)any of mimite men be 
<lisniissed from dutv til' further orders. Also to direct the nuirch of 
Caj)t. StevensonV Company to Suffolk. 

A warrant to Goodrich Wilson for £58.7.8^ ft)r ye pay and provision 
of a Guard at Warwick Scjueake Hay in Jsle of Wight County. 

Same to Robert Cary for £2.10.0 for a Gun furnished the ])ublic. No 

A Ix^tter written to Wm. Ronald, as follows: Sir, i^'c., (copy filed). 




Jolin l^rjrjr, a prisoner, iijm>ii hin IVtitioii is di^cluii^od from confinc*- 
March r> "^^''^^ U])on <j:ivin;j: his Parole to the Coniniandinjj: ofHcor, nor to j^ivc astfis- 
177G tame or Intelli<renee to tlie Eiu^niies t>f Aineriea. 
Adjourned Hil to-morrow II crclock. 


Manli 1:J, 

\VKnNr>nAY, IM March, 1770. 

IVesiMit: Mr. President, Mr. Di^jzes, Mr. Paji:e, Mr. Carrington, Mr. \aw 
Mr. Calh*!!. Mr. Jones, and Mr. Walker. 

A warrant to Allen Jones for i. 4. 10.(1 for sundries, the militia (Juard at 
Skif^ (Yeek. 

Smne to John W'ehh for i!ll().*i.5 for provisions fumLshcHl his company 
of He«rulars. 

Same io James Johnson f(»r C[2J)J^\ for Do. furnishe<l his Company. 

Same to Martin Hawkins for use of Thos. W'oolten for 1*8 for wwkI 
furnished the Trooj>s at Hampton. 

Same to Sanuiel I\owland for £7 for Ditto. 

Same to Same for use John Cowlinj^ for 1*7. laO for Do. 

('apt. Samuel Hopkins, l.ts. Ohia day, and HutHiins Burton and 
Ensi<j:n Wm. Dawson of the Meekleiihur^r regular company, siihscribe<l 
the Articles of War, were swo' and received their eonnnissions. 

A eertiticateof thea]>pointmentof n^jjfularoflieers, also of the review of 
the Mecklenhurjz company on ye 2()th of Ke)>ruarv, rct'd an<l ord. to be 

It appearin<^ from eert's retM that the Mecklenhurg Company, Capt. 
PIoj)kins, was reviewed the same day with the Charles City, Northuml)or- 
land and Kin*r Wm. com|Kinies, the rank of pr<c<'dence to the Mecklen- 
burg is determined to take place of King Wm., and be after tlie other 
two (determined bv ballot). 

A commission issued to the Jud;ies of Hanover County and Cert. 

A warrant to ITd Clough An(lers(»n f(>r 120.10 for the recruiting nioiX'V 
and balance of bounty money; also i'D.o.O for provisi<»ns for hiscomiwnv 
on their march. 

Rieb'd Clough Anderson, Captain, John Anderson and Wni. B<»ntk*y, 
liieutenants, an<l Kob<Tt Tompkins, Ensign, to a conij)any of regulars in 
Hanover countv, nn-eived their continental connnisj^ions. Oath a(hii<^ 
juul articles signed befon? ve Countv Comm-ee. 

A warrant to Capt. Samuel Ht)f)kins for 170.4.0, balance of recruiting 
money, and for necessaries furnished his com[)any of regulars. 

Same to Laughlin for use Lack Ian Campbell for l^.lf^.O for four KugK? 
furnished Cai>tain Wnj. Washington's (/ompany. 

Same to Humphrey Harwood for llOl.G.O for building Barracks, «i't'i 
for the Arniv. 


Same to Capt. Win. Foiitain for 20^., the exjK'iiHe of advertising and \Villiani8- 
recoverinj^ a stolen rilie ^un. March^'l^, 

Same to Nathaniel iiurwell, Esifr, for £2111.0.0 for wood furnished tlie 1770 

A warrant to Capt. Ciregory Smith for £4..'5.9 for blankets furnished ye 

Same to Same for use of Reuben Herndon for £l.r>.iy for Oznabri^s to 
make hunting shirts furnished said Comj)any. 

Commissionij is8ued and delivered Capt. (iregory Smith and his sul>al- 
tern officers of the 7th Regiment, dated 7th of Feb'y- Do. to Cajit. Webb 
and officers, dated 5th of March. 

A warrant to Capt. John Stevenson for £254. 1.0 for nniruiting ex^KMises, 
provisions, Blanket, hunting Shirt, and other necessaries for his com- 

Same to Richard Simpson, jnr., for use Richard Simpson, SenV, for 
18.2.8 for victualing the Mecklenburg Company, and necessaries furnished 

A certificate^ of the review of the regular Company in Southampton 
C'ounty returned (11th Inst.) and ord. to be registered. 

Do. of the Hanover liegulars on ye 7th Inst., ret'd and or'd. 

A warrant to Ix'onard Cooi)er for use PV Mulenburg, Esq'r, for £457.4.0 
on account for hunting Shirts and leggins and one month's i)ay of two 
Companies of regulars in Dunmore (-ounty. 

Comm's issued and delivered Capt. Stevenson W. Augusta and his 
subaltern officers, dated 13 Decem'r, also to Capt. Ridley (Southampton) 
and his Subaltern officers, dated 11th March. 

A permit granted Silas Hewell, George Briscow% Wm. Sellers, John 
\ViL<t>n, Wm. Cross, and Wm. Truebody to go to Cand)ridge, in Massa- 
chusetts Bav. 

A warrant to Joseph Farrow for £22.10.()for waggon hire to the TnK)])s 
at Hampton. 

Same to Thos. Ridley for £20.10.0 the balance of his recruiting amount 
for the Southampton regulars. 

8anie to same for use Ikni. Rlunt for 5()s. for gun at Taylor's min. Co. 

Same to Silas Hewell, Crco. Hriscow, Wm. Sellers, John Wilson, Wm. 
^'ross, and Wm. Truebody, for £12.0.0 to supjH)rt them to Cand)ridge. 
Adjourneil to to-morrow o'clock. 

Edm'd Pknj)lkton. 

Thursday, l^th March, 1776. AVillinms- 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Ptige, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Lee, ^^^Yttc^^' 
Mr. Calxjll, and Mr. Jones. 



Williams- A warrant to Robert Nicolson for use Alex'r Banks for £2.8.2 for (lun 

M'^r^'lf'u ^^^'^^ furnished the pubHc. 

1776 Colo. Cabell produced receipts from the several chairmans of Cum- 

berland and Buckingham Conmiittees for the sum of £72 each by him 
carried for the recruiting service in those counties, and having paid the 
sum of £74 for the bounty monev to the regulars in Amherst — Ordered, 
a warrant issue to him for 4()s. due over and above the monev fomierlv 

A warrant to IJeut. Wm. Rowsay for £30.9.11 for the ])ay of Williams- 
burg minute men to the 1st March. 

Col. ('arringt<m produced to the comm'ee satisfaction that he had 
delivered to the several chairmans of Charlotte, Halifax, Prince Edward, 
and Mecklenburg for the sum of £72 each by him carried up and delM 
for the recruiting service in each County. 

It apj)earing that Col, Robert Munford had re<'eived the recruiting 
money for the regular Company in Mecklenburg twice thro' mistake, ha.s 
to be made Debtor £72 to the public. 

A warrant to John Glenn for £0.15.0 for the carriage of arms from 
N. Kent to this jdace. 

8ame to David Wade for £8.0.0 for waggon hire to Capt, Anderson V 

A permit to Joseph Williamson to depart the Colony. 

A warrant to Edward Warren for 17s.ld, for Fodder, <fec., fiimished the 
wagon horses with Capt. Stephenson's Company. 

Same to same for £2.9.8 for necessarit^s furnished several minute com- 
panies from Prince M'^'m District. 

Same to Beverly Winslow for £84.11.7^ for waggonage to the Troojis 
at Williamsburg. 

Same to Joseph Akin for use of Ro}>ert Williams for £800 upon account, 
for the ])urchase of anns for use Pittsylvania Regulai*s. Bond with 
security lodged. 

A c(^rtificate of the at)pointment of Military Olhcers in Westmoreland 
County; also of the review of s'd company on 9th Instiint, ret'd ami orVl 
to be reg'd. 

A warrant to Wafi'cndale Kendal for use (^apt. Richard Bernar<l for 
£74 for recruitinsr service in Westmoreland Countv: also £18.1().() for 
Expenses therein. 

Same to same for £150 upon acc't for the purchase of arms. 

Same to Ca])t. John Stephenson, Sth Rcg't, for £l(>4.2.4 for pay his 
Company for ye month of February last. 

Same to same tor £4(S.5.7i for Ratitms for himself and officers. 

Same t^) Capt. Samuel Hawesfor £801.14.5 for arms, ])rovisions. Hunt- 
ing Shirts, Blankets, and other necessaries for his Comimny. 

Same to Steidicn Mitchell for £r2.11.() for his pay as a quartermaster. 



Ac, to the minute Troops at York ; also for sundry nece^jsaries furnished 

Same to C'liarles Harrison for 82.15.0 for a Tent as a Cadet. 

Richard Taylor, of (Caroline, is appointed Captain of the armed vessel 
fitted out by Col. FitJding Lewis, and he is to recommend to the ('om- 
m'ee as soon as possible, i)roper persons to be first and second mutes, a 
Boatswain, two midehipmen, 2 (Junners, and that he endeavour to enlist 
14 able-bodied seamen to serve on board the said vessell. 

Mr. Thomas Hamilton is elected a Lieutenant of Marines in the Poto- 
mac River department, his rank to be hen^nfter settled, and that he ])e 
dt-sired to enlist anv able-bodied seamen on board the vessel for that 

Mr. George Mutor is elected master of a Rowe Galley to be built on 
James River under the direction of Col. C-ary, and is to recommend pro- 
per i)ersons to be mate, 2 midshipmen, 1 Gunner, and to enlist 40 sea- 

Adjourned till to-morrow 9 o'clock. 



March 14, 

Friday, 15th March, 1776. Williams- 


Present: Mr. President, Mr. Lee, Mr. Digges, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Carring- ^^^VyiL^*"^' 
ton, Mr. Jones. 

( )nrd, a warrant to \Vm. Keen for £3 for straw furnished 1st and 2nd 

Warrant to Mr. Paul Thilman for £73.7.10 for arms and i)r()visions 
furnished the Hano. Company new recruits. 

Warmnt to George Underwood for £5.15.1^ for his services as clerk to 
Connn-ee (Joochland. 

Warrant to Thomas Underwood for use of Sherwood Parrish for a gun 
furnished the regular company from (Joochland, r)r)s. 

The Committee allow cuffs and capes to be added to the hunting shirts 
of the regulars at the ex[)ense of the country. 

A commission issued to the Judges of Richmond county p'r cert's. 

Present: Mr. Page. 

ThonuLs M. Randolph and Thos. Underwood, Gent,, appeared before 
the Connnittee and mutually desired their opinicm whether the Comm'ee 
of i Joochland county had authority and might with proi)ricty proceed 
to eiKpiire into the several articles of charge ag't Mr. Randolph men- 
ti<:»ned in a summons to Mr. Underwood to a[)pear in Comm'ee the Sth 
I nstant. 

This Couun'ee are of opinion they have no power to interfere in the 
matter, which must be determined by the County Connn'ee according to 
their own judgments; but if it will give any satisfaction to them or ye 


WilliamH- parties, this Coinin'ee declare their o])ini<)n to he, that Com in 'ee should 

buix, yy^)^ take eoornizance of slanders of private nature which one man mav 
March !•>, ^ * 

177« pulilish of another, hut these should he left to the ordinary course of 
justice. That, however, if any man is charged with what is a hreach of 
the association, or ])rove him to have principles inimical to the right.^ of 
America, in that casc^ the Comm'ee of the county should enquire into it, 
and if they find it to come within the descrii)tion of oiienctn^ eont^intnl 
in the hite ordinance, sliould refer it to the Court of their memhers for 
reguhir trial; if not, to puhlish the conviction or accjuittal of the party 
according to the ruhts j)rescrihed hy the Association. The chaise ag't 
Mr. Randolph of heing "a dangerous man" we think should he inquircil 
into, and if it was explained hy conviTsation at the time, to re^iHXJt his 
j)olitical princi])les or j)arties regarding the present disput<% it will fall 
within the jurisdiction of the CommVe; as we are also of ojnnion the 
charge does of his engrossing Salt more than is necessary for his family, 
to th(? injury of his poor neigh hors. It is therefore recommended to the 
Conun'ce of (loochland to appoint a day for inquiring into the conduct 
of Mr. Randolph jis to these two charges, and give Mr. I'nderwood notice 
to i)e prepared to make good his allegati<m, 

A warrant to ('apt. Nathan Cocke for use Isaac Reade, Es<i., for 
£r)S.14.10 for rifles furnished the Charlottes regulars. 

Same for use of Wm. Morton for £1().1().0 for eleven Drums furnislunl 
the Militia of Charlotte. 

Same to John Drai)er fc^r £1.0.0 for a (iun. 

Same to Nathaniel C'ocke for £20.10.0, the halance of hountv money 
and recruiting expense. 

Same to Josiah Massenhurg for use* Wilson I^anglev for £o.9.0 for wmxl 
for armv. 

Same to I.t. Wm. Taylor for use Capt. Jo. Sjiencer for £74 for tlie re- 
cruiting service in Orange county. 

On considering the application of Gencnd Howe, he is emjK>wered and 
desired to direct such surveys, to be made of the ground in the neighbor- 
hood of the several posts between V<»rk and James Rivers, intendinl to In? 
o<*cu]>ied by the Troo[)s, as he shall judge necessary for the good of the 
service, the expense of which will be paid by the Connn'ee. 

Andrew Martin a ])risoner, upon his Petition, is discharged from c*on- 
linement, iqM»n his parole to the Commanding OHicer not to give Assis- 
tance or lnti'llig<»nce to the enemies of America. 

.\ certilicatv <»f minute and militia oflicei-s, rtxtM and o. reg'd. 

D'o of th(» a[)[)ointment of regular oflicers in TIahfax County, rwHaml 
o. R. ; also of the review of sM (\mipany on the 7th Instant, and of the 
(ilouct'ster Com|»any recM and o. RM, (7th Instant). 

It api)earing fn»m Certificates retM, that the regidar Companies in Hali- 
fax. Hanover and (Jloucester were reviewed thesauiedav, to-wit: The 7th 


Instant, the rank of precedence is detennined by Lot, for Gloster 1, Han- 
over 2d, Halifax 8rd. 

It appearing to the ( ■oinm'ee that the Albemarle C'onipany of regulars 
Riftemen, were fonnerly allotted to the (9th) Ea^^tern Shore regiment, but 
thro, some mistake hath since been allotted to the 7th regiment. It is 
ordered that the said company stand as formerly directed in the Eastern 
Shore regiment, and that the Halifax Com))any, which was also allotted 
U} ye said P^astern Shore regiment, be now fixed to the 7th regiment sta- 
tiontxl at Gloster Courthouse. 

Commissions issued and delM to Capt. Cocke, (Haliliix) of the 7th regi- 
ment, dated 7th March; to Capt. Leitch, (Prince Wm.) 3rd regiment, dated 
i>th February; to Capt Fitzgerald, (Fairfax) 3rd — dated fHh February; 
also to Capt Wallace, (King (4eorge) 3rd regiment, dated 23rd February. 

Ordered that it be left to the discretion of Mr. Wm. Reynolds, to direct 
his vessel under the command of Capt. Goosley, to proceed on her voyage 
at such time as he may think most prudent. 

On consideration of a pet'o. from the inhalntants of Chas. parish, York 
C^ounty, the (Commanding Officer of the Militia is empowered to appoint 
a guard, not exceeding ten men of such of the Militia as shall be willing 
t<) serve without pay, and relieve them from time to time, in Fish Neck, 
and that during the time they are engaged in that duty, they bo exempted 
from other service in ve militia, and that thev be furnished out of ve 
Magazine w'th lOlbs. Powder, to be carefully used on that occasion. 

On the petition of Alex'r Gordon, a prisoner, he is allowed his parole 
for one month after the cxpinition of his former parole. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow \) o'clock. 

Edm'h Pendletox. 



March 15, 

Haturday, 16th March^ 1776. Williams- 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Lee, ]\Ir. Page, ^^'*'^!?.*^* 

Mr. Jones, and Mr. Cabell. 

Ordered that a warrant to John McMillon for £34.10.0 for waggon hire. 

Major Hjmtswood ap|>eared and received his commission. 

Wm. (rreen is appointed Maater of one of the Kow dallies to be 
eri)j)loyed in the Rappahannock River. 

Mr. Bi^njamin Harrison, jun'r, presented to the Committee a license 
gninte<l him by the Comm'ee of Secrecy appointed by ('ongress, which is 
ordered to be entered, and is as follows: 

"' Pinj.ADEi.pniA, (hmmittee (Ummher, Feb'y 18th, 1776. 

"Agreeable to a resolution of th(» (Vmtinental Congre^ss, we, the sub- 
s<*ribers. by them apjwinted as a Coriim'ee of Secrecy, do hereby author- 



Williams- we and impower Benjamin Harrison, of Virj<inia, Esquire, to load the 

M ^^"y^'ir Rri^antine Fanny, C'apt. Master, witli the produce of that colony 

1776 and t<> exjHirt the same. 

8am. Ward, 
Thomas McKean, 
JoHiN Alsop. 
JosiAii Bartlett, 
RoBT. Morris, 
Jcx^^EPH Hemas, 
Francis JiEwi.s.'' 

''To the Conniree of Safety or ComniVe t)f Inspection and Observa- 
tion of the Colony of Virginia.'' 

'*! do hereby certify that the subscribers to the above order are a 
quorum of the Connnit'e of SecrtH\v aj)pointed by Congress, and have 
full pt)wer and autlioritv to issu(^ tlie above order bv them subscril>ed. 

"John Hancxxtk, P." 

Whereupon the Captiiin of the said Vessel is permitted to entcT and 
clear out the said vessel, load(*d with Tobacco and Lumber for any port 
in (ircat Britain, and thi^ charter party between Jo. Henuis, Esq're, and 
Capt. Tokcley, nuister of sM vessel, being read to the s'd Tokeley, he was 
sworn and entered into bond fully and faitiifuUy to comply with the 
conditions ex])ress(^d in tiie sai(i charter l>arty. 

A warrant to Capt. EdwVl Dickenson for .£44.3.S for sundry Cartooch 
Boxes, tVrc, furnished tiie j)ublic. 

By mutual consent between Mr. Wm. Reynolds and this CommW his 
share of the adventure on board the vessel at present under the conuiiand 
of Ca}>t4iin (Joosley is reduciul to one-eighth. 

A letter written to the Council of Safety at Edent^^^m, as follows: GenT 
tV: (copy). 

Onlered that Mr. Ad*ims deliver to the order of Mr. Benjamin Harri- 
son, jun'r, 10 Barrels Pork out of the st<)res at Cumberland. 

A warrant to Chesley Woodward for £2(>.().() for waggonage to ye 
Troops at Sutiblk and Norfolk. Voucher mislaid. 

Same to Phili}> Bullifant for i'4.0.0 for Fodder furnished the army. 

A warrant \k\ John Rieiiards for £20 on acc't in part of a vessel and 
cargo in whieh he is concerned with the public. 


March 17, 

Sunday, Munh I7th, 1770. 

Ordered that tlie whole adventure on board the Brigg Lil)erty betaken 
for the use and on account of the public. That Capt. Thonias Lilly 



repair t(> Cumberland Town and tuke cliarge of the s'd Hrig^and procure 
her cargo to he hrouglit to the eity of WilHanishurjr, eitlier by unhiding 
it into FlattH at Cumberland, to be sent to the Capitol landing, or by 
bringing the Brigg to the mouth of (iueen's creek and engaging Flatts to 
V>ring her cargo up the creek from thence, as he shall judge most prudent 
and safe, the cargo to be delivered to the commV of prov's for the 
public use. 

Ordered that General Howe be made d(»btor for £40 for a horse sold 
him, which wa^ purcha^^ed by Mr. Ennis. 

Adjourned 'till Monday 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pkndlkton. 



March 17, 


Monday, ISth Marrh, 1770. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Page, Mr. Digges, Mr. ('arrington, Mr. 
Lee, Mr. Cabell, and Mr. Jones. 

A certificate of the a})|>ointment of Regular officers in Ik'rkcley 
County, also of the Review of ^aid Company, ret'd and or. recorded. 

Commissions issued and delivered t4) Capt. Heale ( Berkeley ), of the 
4th regiment, dated lOth P\*bruarv; also to Capt. Pleasants (Henrico), of 
the 5th regiment, dated 24th February; to. Cai)t. Woodson ((ioochland), 
9th regiment, dat^^-d 18 March. 

It ai)i>earing from (Certificates ret'd that CajU. Brent's company, Char- 
lotte, and Capt. PleasanCs company, Henrico, were rcviewe<l on the 24 
February, this comm'ee determined the rank of precedence by Lot for 
Charlotte 1, Henrico 2nd. 

A warrant to Joseph Burnes for use Ch;is. M. Thurst<)n, crk, for £1000 
on account for the purchase of arms. 

Same to Wm. Eggleston for use Capt. .John Pleasants for £20.10.0. the 
balance of bounty money and recruiting expenses, and .l*2r).l(».()for (piar- 
t<»ring soldiers at Wm. A. liancaster's and i)rovisions found them, also 
for carriage of (iuns and F^uggs. 

A certificate of appointment of Ooochland regular officers, also of the 
review of said C(»mi>any on L*Uh March, ret'd and o. regVl. 

A warrant to Wm. Eggleston for ^ for 48 days' i)ay as (piarter- 
ma.«t<*r Sergeant to the minute men formerly on duty at Willinmsburg. 

Same to (-apt. Samuel Woodson for £20.10.0 for balance of bounty 
money and recruiting Exj)enses ; also £80 for use Elijah Brumfield for 
waggon and team furnished for us(; of Ooochland regulars. 

It ap|>earing from certificates ret'd that the Lancaster District Com- 
]*any, Capt. Ball and the Berkley Company, Capt. Beall, were reviewed 
on the \(M\\ day of February, the rank of precedence is detennined by 
Ix>t for Lancaster District let., Berkeley 2nd. 


March 18, 





March 18, 


A warrant to Roger Oats for £24.().(i for carriage of Lead from Fincas- 

l^reseut: Richard Rhind, Esifr. 

A lic)nd from Ifenrv Fielding, coniniissary to 2nd and 7tli reginienU?, 
and hi« securities, in t*20,(M)(), [»ayal>le to the conmreeand their successors, 
retM and o'd registered. 

Present: Thomas Walker, Es<|uire. 

A warmnt t^i Riehanl Hland, Esquire, for £4 for 28tba. 8alt})etre pur- 
chased for use of the })ul>lie. 

A certitieate of militia officers in Amelia County ret' and ord' Coin's 

Ordered, that Col. (iriffin deliver IS (luns in hands belonging tt> the 
public to Cai)t. Thomas Massey for the use of his comjjany. 

A warrant to Frtnlerick Bryan for £2.11.3 Ferriages to sundry inin. 

Connni.ssions issued and delivered t-*) Ca]>t. Faulconer (Chesterfield) 
and his subalterns of the r)th regiment, dated 1st March. 

A warrant to Capt. RicliM C. Amlerson for £28.12.0 for Blankets, one 
Gun and other nwx'ssaries furnished his Company. 

Same to Same for use of RichM Winn for £3 for 2 Ouns funiisluMl Capt 
Anderson's Company. 

Adjourned til' t4vniorrow 5> o'clock. 

EnM'n Pendletox. 


March 19, 

Titf:sday, March 19th. 1776. 

Present: Nfr. President, Mr. Page, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Lee, 
Mr. Blantl, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Jones, Mr. Walker. 

A warrant to Joseph Hawkins for use i»f John Hawkins for £2(X) u)X)n 
account as commissarv of provisions to the armv. 

Same Xo Win. Ramey for £40. for waggon hire, and for use of George 
Allen for £4(» for Do. to ISth Instant Inclusive. 

A certificate of ri'view of Sussex regular comiuiny, Capt. Mason, on 
14th Instant, returned and onlertnl to Ix* registered. Also of Prince 
Cie<»rge Company, (apt. Rutlin. 11th March. 

Connnission issued an<l delivM Capt. Mjisi»n and hii? 8ul>altenit$ (Sus- 
sex). 4th ngiment, dated 14th Manh: do. to Capt. Ruffin and his 8i]l>al- 
tenis (Prince (uH>r;i:e), Gth n»giment, datinl 11th March. 

A warrant to Capt. Thomas Rutlin for £or).2.0. the l>akiuce of bounty, 
rcHTuiting, waggonage, pn>v*ns and net'essaries for his coni|mny ((>th regi- 
ment): also l'3i».l(U> for arms pun*base<l fordo. 

It api»earing fn>m certificates retunied. that Capt. Ruflin^e company. 
Prince (uvrgcalst* Cajit. Ridley's company, Southampton, were reviewed 


the siun<» (lav (1 Itli Instant), tlic rank and i)rrc('(l<'n(r (K't(M*niimMl 1)V WillianiH- 
lot: tor Prince (Itor^c 1, Soutliampton '2nd. Man:h^'l9 

A warrant to ('apt. Nathaniel Mason for l*2().l().(), the halanee of houn- 1776 
ty money and recruitin;j: ex]»ensos. 

Same to John Wesson for self and others, per ai^eounts filed, for £2Ai).i'^ 
for repairinir arms for the Surry ('om})any. 

Same to ('apt. lsa;ic Heall for £12.10.1), for use of Mahre Maden, for 
w:iir>:ona^c to his eoinj)any from I>erkelev, 4th regiment. 

Same to same for £20.10.0 for hountv monev and reeruitinir expenses. 

Same to ('apt. Holt Richarson for £70.4.10 for Blankets and (luns fur- 
nished liis Company. 

Same to same for £»>0.8.0 for his rations and Forage. 

Same to same for use Lieut. Spiller for £1.1 7. (i for earriaj^e of Hlankets 
for hi.s comjmny. 

Same to John (Juarles for £o8.4.0 for i)rovisions, lodging, and necessa- 
rie.s to ('apt. Richardsoifs Com])any. 

('apt. Holt. Riehards(m and his subalt<Tn oflicers api)eared. submitted 
to the articles »>f war, were sworn, and reee'd their Colonial commi.ssions. 

A warrant to Caj>t. (leo. Stuhl>lefield for £8.0.8 for noeessjiries fur- 
nished his Company. 

IVrmits granted to James Marshall, James MeCaskie, and Maleom 
Hart to depart the Colony. Same to Archibald Williams. 

.\ warrant to Wm. Holladay for i!'>7.2.0 for an annnuniticm wagon fur- 
nished ve armv. 

Colo. John Syme, chairman of Hanover Connn Ve, is desired to deliver 
Mr. Wm. Mitchell 75tbs. of the pu))lic Salt[)etre in his hands, for which 
he is to be charged os. [>> tt)., to be |)aid for in good (lunpowder at Os. 
j»*r tt). 

H appearing from certificates ret'd tliat Capt. Slaughter's comj)any, 
Culpeper, was nciived the same day with Caj»t. Morton's Ccmipany from 
Prince Edward and Capt. Hawe's Company from (.'aroline, the rank of 
precedenoe is determined for Capt. Slaughter to be 2nd, the other two 
f«»nnerlv determined. 

A warrant to Ceo. Slaughter for £24.0.0 for arms purchased for his 

Same to Rich'd Cla\isel for £*>, for a (Urn furnished Cai)t. Faulcnor's 

A <ertitlcate of review of Caroline District Company of Regulars of 
2n(l regiment, 2l)th Septenfr; 7o ret'd and ord. to be registered. 

A warrant to Tiiomas Stul>i»s, Cl.2.7. for Diett furnished to Walter 
Hatton. Also £1.4.0 to use John New. 

A warrant to Capt. (leorge SlaughUT (Culpei)er) for £100.1*10 for ye 

pay of his com|«any. 

Edm'd Pendlkton. 
Adjounied 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. — E. P. 



Williams-. Major Parker, of thu otli Re^imont, a|»|)(\an'(l and r*ul)s<*nhe<l the 

M 'll*^'*'! *^**^^<-l^''*^ **^ ^^'*^**? ^^'^-^ sworne, and received Ins Connnission. 

177(» A warrant to ('apt. .J\>hn Culver for CoU and 1 Do. tor £-50 u])on 

account for the [)urehase of materials for the Row (iallys. 

Ordered, that KK) w't of Cannon Powder he delivVl Capt. Calver to 
prove the Canon at York or Glo'slA^r Town such of thrni as upon view 
he shall think proper. 

A warrant to Capt. Calver tor 1*7 for a (iun and Drum for use Ca]»t. 
Ballard's Company, 1st Regiment ( C4 and ye (iun). 

Same to C!ol. Thet). Rland for 1*174. 14. (» for hire of a wairjron and team, 
»5 horses killed (appraised at 1*1 lo), collars, Rridles, cVc. ; also for a saddle 
£7<S, :j (luns. 

Same to same for use R'd Call for llo.lo.:] for pay of the ( Juaril at 
City Point^ — militia. 

Same for use Richard Epi»es for llo.l7.') for i»rovs, Arc, to ye (iiiard 
at Citv Point. 

Same ft>r use Alexander (Iwthn^v for 12.«S.() for hoat hire furnishetl 

Same for use Jno. \V(K)dlitt, P.)s. short pM in his acr't, (nianLat City 
Point; for the use (»f W'm. Wilkins for 14s. S. error in his aco't, ^uard of 
the same place, and for the use of Joel Sturdivant I'i.S.Oan erR»r in his 
acc't, for guard at Hoods — also for use Chas. Avery for 9s. 4, a iruanl at 
CHtv Point. 

A certificate of Ai)pointment and review of Rrunswick Rcj2;ulars, 4th 
Regiment. Cert, of review IDth March, reCd and ordered to he registM. 
Comm's delivM Lieutenant Stith. 

A warrant to I/t Stith for 12(M(K() for halance of hounty money and 
recruit 'g Exp's. 

Ordt'recl a warrant to John Page. Es<|'r, for the use Mann Page, Es<|V, 

£D).().() for 1 KU lbs. Salt Petre, and lor firewood for army. 

Adjourned tiT t(»-morrow, 10 o'clock. 

Ehm'o Pkndleton. 


Winiam.s- FiunAY, JJnd Murrh. liVO. 


Man-h L-, Present: The iTiemhers of the preceding dav. 

Ordered that Capt. Lilly he directed to send 200 RarrelH of Flour of 
that unladed from the vess(4s at Cundjcrland, to he sent in the Flatts t<i 
York Town, wliere the Connnissary is to see it well stortni on the top uf 
the hill, for th<' sup|4y of the Troops at that place and Hampton. 

A Pass to \Vm. Pt^m to go thro, the s'd Colonics to Wi»Ht Florida. 

D'o to Mr. Lawrence Proudtoot to go to PhiTaand from thence in Brit'n 

{)'(» to \Vm. Kennedy t^> depart the Colonv. 

Sam<' to Samuel Rrown and John Samuel. 


A warrant to Ednuind Pendleton, Escfr, for use Benjamin S])iller Williams- 
£4,P2.f>, and for use Cliarles Jones £1.17.(>, for their Forage to ye 22nd Tyj^'^.]J^'2'> 
De<rr last while on service as Ensigns at Hampton in min. Hattallion. 1776 

The review of Capt. Davis' Company on the .'>()tli of Septemher last, 
retVl and orM re'd. 

It a[)i)earing from certificates n'turned that (-apt. Towles Company from 
Spotsylvania, and Cai)t Johnson's from lAmenhui*g, were reviewed the 
same day, to-wit: The l()th F'tihruary, the rank of prece<lence is deter- 
mined hy I^)t for ('apt. J(»hnson 1st, and Capt. Towles, 2nd. 

A warrant to Mjij'r Travis ior £74.0. 7i for smidry ship materials fur- 
nished the puhlie. 

Ordered that the Comman<ling OHicer of the Troops at Williamshurg, 
do direct the removal of the eftects ])urchas(Ml of Maj. Travis, fnun James- 
t«)wn to Mr. Holt's Mill, in one of the vessels hi' was latelv directed to 
(employ, to he <lelivered there to the care of Capt. Calvert. 

A warrant to Capt. Cathhert Harrison, for £24.9.10^ for sundry neces- 
saries to his Comi»any of minute men of the Prince \Vm. Batt'n. 

Ordered that the Comm'ee of Print^e W'm. he wrote to, that the Com- 
in'ee will take their powder and lead, and direct that they will deliver so 
much thereof to the order of Colo. George Mason and Mr. John Dalton, 
as they shfill judge necessary ft)r the naval department in Potomack. and 
the residue to Col(». Mercer for ye use of the 3rd Regiment. 

Francis Peyton, Estfr, Paymaster of the Prince W'm. Jiattiition of min- 
ute men, appeared and settled his accounts. Balaijce due the i)u]>lic 
I'^SD.o.O^, which is ordered to he placed to his Dehit. 

A warrant to Francis Peyton, EsqV, for use of Thos. l^'wis for £»^() 
upon account for waggim hire. 

Same for use John Ramsy for £6.5.0 for D'o, for use Oeorge Allen for 
£(i.o.O for D'o, for use Fcrdinando Oneal for £1.5.0 short i)aid in waggon 
hire, an<l same Samuel I^ove £8().10.10i for waggon hire. 

Same to Edmund Cole for £4 lor a Gun, and for use Julius Allen £2 
for Ditto. 

Same to Charles Tompkins for £1.10.0 for 1 Do., and for use John Chap- 
[»el for £3 for 1 Do. to Ca])t. A ndersonV Company from Hanover. 

A permit to Henry R. Lightfoot for to leave the Colony. 

A warrant to Benjamin Chism for £2.13.0 for a gun, gunlock, itc, fur- 
nished the j)uhlic. 

John Allison is appointed (-aptain, William Payne, jun'r, First Lieu- 
tenant, and James Moodv, Second Ijieutenant of Marines for the cruiser 
employed in Potomack River called the American Congress. 

A warrjuit to Ensign \Vood.s(m for £.").17.0 for his j)ay as Adj't at 

Adjourned 'til to-nK)rrow o'clock. 

Edm'd Pe.nolktox. 


Williams- Saturday. J.V/v/ March, 1776. 

March 23, Present: The liiembers of the ])rcoe(ling day. 

A warrant to ('a[)t. Fitzgerald for £1.2.4 by him advanced for a<ldi- 
tional pay to Jolni Butlrr for extraordinary serWet's in supervising and 
dirt^'ting the fifes in tlie Prine** \\n\. Patt^dlion. 

Major Marsiiall, of the ord liattallion, appeannl, suhscribed the Arti- 
el(*s of War, wan sworn, and re<;eived his Continental coninn8.sion. 

CoHn ('anipbell is [permitted to leave the Colony. 

A warrant to Mr. Ewington Knott for £49.1.4 for the pay of himself 
and eompany of niinnte men, stationeil from Pigg Point to Sleei)y hole. 

Same f<»r use of James Murdougli for £7.1 1.0 for i»rovisions, itc, for Do. 

It ap])earing from eertif's retM, that ('aj)t. Massey's Company from 
New Kent, was received the same day with Cai)t. Rutiin, Prince GtH)rge, 
and Capt. Ridley's, Southampton, the precedence of Capt. Miussey's (.Wn- 
pany is determined to give i)lace to Caj>t. KuHin and tiike rank of Capt. 

The review of Capt. Massey's Comj)any on ye 11th Instant ret. and 
ord to be regM. 

A warrant to Cai)t. Massey for £lo4.1.(), the balance of liis recruiting 
ae(^'t and for (Urns, Rlankets, and other neeessanes Xa) his com])any of tlie 
(ith Hcgiment, fSO.O.O. 

Cai)t. Tlioma,s ^hlssey, N. Kent, .John lloc-kaday, his 1st lA'Ut., and 
\Vm. Armistead, Ensign, su}>scribcd the Arti<'les of War, were swoni, and 
recM their Continental Connn's. ^M\\ licginicnt. ' 

A warrant to Charles PoHer for I'^.o.i) f<»r [»rov's and nc^cessaries seve- 
ral Companies «>n their march to this Town prior to 1st NovV last. 

Same to Maj(»r E|)pes for (.*()0 for waggon hire to this date. 

Same to \Vm. Tuttle for C\Ai)() for a Rifle Uun furnished tlie public. 

Onlered, That Capt. .los. CarrintrtonV Com]>any of minute men of tlie 
Amelia Hattallion be excused from further service at Kemp's landing; 
that such of them as are in tlie n*gular service repair to the station of 
their Comi»anies, an<l the residue retire to their rc>spwtive homes till fur- 
ther orders. 

A warrant lo .lames Blaine for £*27.1<M) Ibr sundrv Guns and a Blanket 
fiu'nished Capt. Walker's Company, from Albemarle, of the ?Hli R<*gi- 

Ordered, that ( 'apt. Mathews' Com]»any of Hegulars continue at Kemj^V 
landing as their |>la<e of ren<U'ZVous 'til complete. 

On consideration of the cases of Mr. Battall and Mr. ElligiH)d, prison- 
ers who were sent to New Castle, it is ordereil that they be confined to 
tlie limits <>f.said Town or Hanover Town. Col. Svme is <le>iired to t;>ke 
their ]>arole to comply with this order, and he is also eni|M>wered to ojK'n 
and examine all Letters <:(>ing to or from them unless tliey are fninki*»l 
bv some meml>er of this Commee. 



Win. Nelson, Esti're, Mnjor of tlio Ttli Kattallion, appeared, suhscril^ed 
tlie Articles of War, wjls sworn, and reeeived l}is Colonial ( om'n. 

A warrant to the Ex'ors of Alex'r C'rai;; for £17o.7.i) for sundry Car- 
touch Bt)xes, iVe., furnished tlie arm v. 

Same to James Hall and John (ioode for i'oO.lS.H for jirov's and Wiig- 
*ron Idre to ('apt. Fleminji's Company of 7th IU^k t ^ also ISs. for Do. to 
(apt. Fauleoner's Company of the oth Hejfiment; also for use of Wm. 
I^raneh for ISs. IM. for watrgon hire to Captain Fleming's Company. 

Same to Wm. Clayhrooke for €4.5.0 for 2 (luns furnished Capt. Ander- 
.^onV Company from Ilnnover. 

\ letter written to the Vir^in'a Delegates in Congress (vide copy filed). 

A warrant to Wm. Clayl>nM)ke for £7.17.0 for servitn's performed for 
the county in purchasing and driving Cattle. 

Same to James Dillard for IMs. lor |)rov's to Ca]>t. Andei-son s C(»mi»any. 

Ordered, that Mr. Richard Hanks, Connnissary of the (iloster Minute 
Hattallion, deliver to Capt. Everard Meadi^ 72 Cartooch hoxes, 1 Druni, 
1 Fife, and a suit of colors; also C4»nteens and camp kettles sullicient for 
his comjiany of the 2nd Regiment: also that Capt. Meade purchase any 
g<M)d guns for the use of his Com])any, which will he repaid for on his 

Adjourned 'til Monday o'clock. 

Edm'i) Hp:.NnLEToN. 


^larch L'3, 

Monday ^-Vh March, 17^0. 

IVesrnt: Mr. President, Mr. Hage, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington. ^^r. 
]ah_\ Mr. Cabell, Mr. Hland, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Walker. 

A warrant to TT(Miry King for t'^>.2.<) for his ])ay as Militia OlKcer, tV:c. 

Sam(» to same for C71.><.H for wood furnished hv himself and others U) 
tlie Troops at Hampton. 

Mord<'cai Huckncr, EsqVe, Colo, of the ()th Hattallion, and William 
Daingerfield, Es(j*re., colo. of tlie 7th Hattallion, ap})eare<l iu Connnitte<', 
subscribed thr Articles of War, were sworn, and Col. Huckuer's conTn was 
delivered to him. 

Mr. Alexander Nelson, of the city of Philadeljihia, ai)peared in com- 
mittee and contracted to furnish for the use of this Colonv six hundred 
stand of arms, to consist each of a good muscpiet, M fei't S indies in the 
barrel, :f-inch bore, steel rannners, the upjier thind)le trumpet-mcmnted, 
the lower thind>le with a spring to retain the ramrod, bridle-lock, brass- 
mounte<l: a Hayonet eitrhteen inches blade, with a scabbard : one i)air 
bullet-moulds, to mould D) bullets, to every 40 (luns; a ])riming-wire 
and brush to each mu.*^(juet; the stand comj)leat, well Hxed and properly 
prov<Hl, to be delivered at the Town of Fredericksburg in Virginia, to the 
care and approval of the ( -onnn'rs of the Gun Manufactory there, on or 


March 25, 




March 25, 

Ix^fore the 15th day of June next ensuinp:, at the priee of Four pouncL^ 
five shillinjrs Vir»riiiia currency, per .stnnd, the money for whicli will be 
paid in the city of Willianishurg upon tlie certificate of the Commission- 
ers. Bond w'th security entered into for performance of this contrac»t; 
penalty, £1,000. 

A warrant to Thomas Carter for £2.10.0 for a Gim. 
Same to Jo. J<jnes, EsqV, ior use Alex'r Wodrow, £1.18.(> for use Janitts 
Allen, los. for sundries for use Spotsylvania militia- 
Same to same for use of Mrs. Frances Thornton for £1.19.0 for prov\s 
to Captiiin Alexander's C()m))any. 

A Demand hein«r made l)efore the Comm'ee for the pay of a Drummer 
and Fifer for attendin<r 2 Comj>anies of the Si)otsylvania Militia at pri- 
vate musters, the ComnTee are of o])inion that those officers are only 
Intitled to pay when the comp'y to which they belong are called into 
actual dutv. 


A warrant to Jo. Jones, Es(|'r, for use Renj'm Burb ridge for £2.10.0 for 
for a (run. 

Same to Col. EdwM Stevens for £4.4.0 for sundry Ex)>enses as p'r acc't, 
also for use of John Lon^ for £7.10 for trouble and ex])ense in removing 
home sick soldiers of the Culpep(;r minute Battallion. 

A warrant for Jolm Murdon for £15 for his extraordinarv ser\'iw*s as a 
guide and l>ringing Intelligence to the Troops at the (4reat Bridge. 

Same to Major ^hlrshall for £250 upon acc*t for the purchase of arms. 
Bond entered into and ackno'd. 

Same to \Vm. Willis for £5 u])on acc't as (Jun smith, and £2.15.A for 
his acc't for repairs of Guns settled by the comm'rs. 

C)rdcred, that the Connuanding ofhcers at Suffolk assist Wm. Willis 
with waggons to remove his Blacksmitli Tools and Effects to C^^bhaiii. 

A warrant to Thos. Cowles for €5.>s.;l for Ferriages and provisions to 
sundrv Comi)anies on their wav to this citv. 

Same to ('apt. Jo. Si)encer for £1K'>.7.8 for arms and Blanketts as per 

Same to Capt. John Chilton for i'tU.lO.O for Ditto, as per acc't. 

Same to Edward Bacon for £2.').'^ for prov's furnished .^imdr}' persons 
as per acc't and rec't. 

Same to Capt, Chilton for use Kich'd Rixey for £2.10.0 for waggoniige 
to Capt. Chilton's c«>mp;iny of mimite men. 

Same to Ca[)t. Chilton for £92.10 for l>ounty m<mcy and recruiting 
Ex|)enses of his Comjjany from Fauquier '\r<\ Bcginient. 

Same to Colo. ]\'<1 Morris for use John Hawkins for £200 upon acc't 

A com'n issued to the Judg(;s of Spotsylvania, cert'e. 

A cert'e of Militia Oflicers in Spotsylvania retM and ord. Com'ns issued. 

Do. of appoint. <)f otrKcrs and Review of Amherst Company of Regu- 
lars ret'd and ordered to be registered — Review March 4th. 



Do. of Review of Capt. Nicho's Cabell's minute cnmj)any on 2nd Fel)- Williauis- 
ruary, ret'd and ord. to be registered. M 1^'*>' 

Ortlered, that the Commanding Oflieer of the Culpeper minute Ratal- 177(5 
lion deliver the Tents and Blankets stored belong, to s'd Rattallion 
to the Regular Companies who may want and call for them, keeping a 
acc't thereof. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 


Tuesday, March 26th, 1776. WiUiams- 


Present: The members of the preceding day. 177/1"^' 

Isaac Reade, Esq'r, I^t.-Colonel of the 4th Regiment appeared, sub- 
serib(»d the articles of war, was sworn, and rec'd his Continental commis- 

A warrant to Lt.-Col. Reade for £118.11.3 for arms for use of Capt. 
Brent's company, Charlotte, £5.18.6 for his expenses therein. 

A permit t4) John Peterson and (leorge Wright to dei)art the Colony. 

A warrant to Isaac Read for use of Wm. Jameson, C-l'k to Charlotte; 
C(»mm't>e, £10, and for use Joel Townes, Door Kee])er to s'd (•onmi'ee, 
£0, on a cert'e of their services. 

Same to Jasper Clayton for £25 on Certificate of his services as cl'k to 
Gb)UC(»ster Countv (^omm'ee. 

Same to Joseph Lively for £13.12.0 for waggon hire to Cai)t. Cabell's 
Company, Amherst. 

Same to John Stmtton for £11.15.0 for Ditto. 

Capt. Samuel Cabell, of Amherst, and his subaltern oflicers appeared, 
suV>scribed the articles of war, were sworn, and rec'd their Cont. Comm's, 
dated 4th March. 

A warrant to Wm. Heaters for 13s. 4d. for waggon hire to minute 

Same to Samuel Cabell for £52.17.9 for his recruiting Expenses and 
sundry necessaries furnished his C!ompany. 

Ordered, that Captain Lilly proceed immediately to have the Brigg 
Liberty fitted in a proper manner to be em])loyed as a cruiser in York 

Ordered, a warnmt to Mr. Michael Gratz, of Philadelphia, for 
£2800.13.4^ for sundry Goods purchased of him, Messrs. Young ^ 

Same to Peter Marks for use of Paul Thilman, £6.1f).6 for prov's to 
sundry Companies, for use Samuel Kuig £14.19.0, for use Mary Gam- 
>»riel, £8.14.0, for use John Jones £10.1.0 for prov's to Capt. Jonet's Com- 
pany, Albemarle, 





Manih 26, 

Same to James Gmnt for use of himself and 3 othei*s for £4 as sailors 
for Potomac. 

Colo. Daingeriielcrs Comm's delivered him, dated 29th February. 

A warrant to C'a J )t. \Vm. Smith for i:llo.2.1()^ for pay and prov's of 
his Camp min'te m<'n ((ihi'ster Hattarn). 

Same to Isiiac Herrin for fi.o.O for a sad<lle lost in tiie liampton Ex|k^- 

Same to ('apt. John Williams for tri for wa^^onajre, for use Joshua 
Randolph £(>, David llrrrin^r {•(•>, and for us(» of Wm. Pendleton £1.10.0 
for I)itt4). 

Sam<» to Jno. Slan^riiter for £0.1 oj; for sundry serviees, A'c.,a8 quarter- 
master to ye Culpeper Hattallion it^ per acc't. 

The ('onnnVn* haviuf; receivini: information that there is lod^inl in ye 
house of one Mr. Akiss, at North I^mdinjr, near Kemp's, sails, rijrging. 
Tackle, and furniture said to he tlie|)n»perty of one Blair, a noted Enemy 
of this country, The commanding ofVieer in that (piarter is de8irc<l to 
searcli for, t^ike possession of, and secure the same till further order of 
this ConnnV(», and he is to transmit an Inventory of tlie same. 

Commission issued to Captiun (Jreen and suhalt^^nis, dated Jan\v20tli; 
to Captain Markham and subalterns, dated JanV 21st; to Cajitain Seay- 
ers and subalterns, dated January 22d ; to Captain Davis and subalterns, 
dated JanV 28d; to Capt. Fleminj^ and subaltt^rns, dated Jan'y 27th; to 
Captain Ballard and subalterns, dated Jany 29th; to (^aptain Cani|>V>ell 
and subalterns, dated Feb. J^rd; and to Caotain (libson and subalterns, 
dated Feb. 4th — all of the first Regiment. 

Same Comm's issued to Ca])tain Johnson and subalterns, dat^ni Jan'y 
23d; to Cai)tain Parker and subalterns, dated Jan'y 24th; to Captain 
TaliafiTro and subalterns, datcMl JanV 25th ; to Capbiin Nicholas and 
subaltenis, dated Jan'y 2^th; to Captain Fontaine and subalterns, date<l 
Jan'y 80th; to Ca])tain Meade and subalterns, dat^id Jan'y Hist; and to 
Captain Alexander and subaltenis, dated Feb. 1st — all of the 2nd Regi- 

Adjourned 'til tf>-morrow 9 oVlock. 

Edm'd Pendlkton. 



March 27, 

Wkdnksdav, }ffirrh :^7fh, 1776, 

Present: The samt* members as yesterday. 

Sales of the Rum an<l other (loods ordered for sale at Hampton, being 
returned, the CommVe allow Mr. Robert Bright, for his trouble for selling 
and receiving the money and payini^ it to the Treasun*r, £12.10. Bal- 
lan<^e £*4S4.2.1, ordennl to be paid to the Treasurer. 

A warrant to Colo. William I)anpTti<»ld for £2f)0 uinm acc't^ for the 
furnishing necessaries for the Re<!:imenl under his command. 




Ordered that Mr. Raleigh C'olstori deliver C/ol. Wm. Peachy, or order, for 
the use of the oth Regiment, such necessary articles as they may want, 
now in his possession belonging to the Country. 

Conmiissions issued to Capt. Burgess Ball and his subaltern officers, 
dated 10th February, (of the Lancaster District) delivered Lieut Faunt- 

A warnint to Mr. Henry Fauntleroy for £54.1 for use Griffin Garland, 
for prov's furnished Capt. Burgess Ball's Company of the oth Regiment. 
A warrant to Capt. Abram Beauford for £70.18.4 for Blankets and sun- 
dries fu. his Company of the Culpeper Minute Battallion, and for use 
Robt. Terrall for £89. for waggomige to s'd Battallion, for use Reuben Wall, 
lis. 8 additional pay for driving waggon, for use Nathan Elkins £2.17.2 
for D'o. 

Same to Henry Brown for £16.0.^ for a quantity of Duck ])ureha8ed 
by John Hawkins for public use. 

A warnmt to Capt. Spencer for use of Andrew Bounie £74 and for use 
Wm. Sabrey £74 for waggon hire to the Culpej)er Battallion. 

Same to Same for use of Rowland Thoma« for £19 for prov's to Capt. 
( f reenslomj), 1st Regiment prior to 28th Feb. 

Same to Same for use of James Jameson for £1.10.0 for a (Um and for 
use Thomas Freman and Benj'n Bolen, 20s. for 2 musquets taken from the 
Knemy and deliv'd for the use of the public. 

Same to ( 'apt. Spencer for £150 upon account, for the purchase of arms 
and Blankets for his Comi)any. Bond with security given and acknow- 

Same to Same for use of ( -apt. James Slaughter for £30 upon acc't, as 
Quarter Master of ( -ulpeper Batt^allion. 

Samti to James McDaniel for 2()s. advanced ])ay as a sailor enlisted for 
the Americfm Congress. 

Same to Capt. John Jameson for £89.1. (> for Guns for use of the public 
and sundries for use of Culi>eper Minute BatUdhon, (£41.2.0 for Guns.) 
Same t^:) Same for use of RichM Harvie £37.2.6, his wages as waggon 
ina.ster to the Troops at Norfolk. 

A warrant to Capt. Wm. Picket for use of Nelson and O'Banion for £27 
for waggon hire t4) the Culj)eper Battallion. 

Warrant to Capt. Wm. Picket for use Ensign Keith £4.5.0 for a com- 
plete stiind of arms bo't by Major Jjawson for public use. 

Same to ('apt. Picket for £24.19.8 J for sundries for his Company of the 
< "uljieper batt'n. 

Same to same for use ( !apt. Jno. Ashby £20.10.0 for recruiting expenses 
and Ballance of Bounty money in Fauquier (.'ounty. 

Ordered that a letter be written to Col. Clapham in answer to his of 
Feb-y 23rd and March 24th, informing him that we have sent him £360 
to j>ay for the rifles mentioned by Chro. Perfect, that the Comm'ee agree 


March 27, 


Williams- to take all the good musquet** that shall be made by the o or 6 hands he 

,,*^"r^' mentions bv the Int December next, and desire him to contract for the 
March 27, 

1776 12 large Ritles also mentioned. 

A warrant to Col. Jt)sia8 (lapham by hands of (Miro. Perfect for £8(>0 
up(m account for the purchase of Anns. 

The Ck>mniittee agree to take of Mr. James Hunter so many Falling 
Axes, Spades, Shovels and mattocks as will be necessjiry to supply 4 
Regiments, an<l as many Picks as will be necessary for the 3rd Regiment. 
Ui>on the recommendation of Capt. R'd Taylor the following officers 
are a})p()inted on board the vessel of which he is aj)i)M Ca]»t., vizt: E<hv'd 
Woynicott 1st mate, James (rray 2nd mat(^ James Blaws mid-shipman, 
and Henrv Lvburn l*ilot. 

Philip (*hamberlayne is apjjointed Ist mate of Capt. Outer's Cruiser. 
An appointment of minuU^ officers in (rloster District ret'd and o' H'd. 
A warrant to Mathew Swan for £4, to be charged to the continent, l>e- 
ing in i)art for bringing 2 Brass Cannon from Philadelphia. 

('ol. Fielding Lewis is desired to distril)ute the salt sent from Philadel- 
phia among the following Counties in the])ro|>ortion stated as folKiws:- 
King ik (ineen, (»()() militia to re(^eive 3(K) Bushels. 
Essex, - - 550 ... 275 
CaroHne, - <S()0 - - - 40() 
Sj)oisylvania, fUK) ... i]{)0 
Khig George, 450 - - - 225 
Richmond, - 3()() - - - 150 
Orange, - - 000 - - - m) 
(^ulpeper, - 1,2(K) - - - (>00 
Fau(|uier, - 1,1(K) - - - 550 
Dunmore, - 1,050 ... 525 
Stafford, - 5(M) - - - 250 
Middlesex, - 250 - - - 125 


A warrant to Mr. Laureni^e Slaughter for £89.().7i for prov's furnished 
(.'aj)t. Slaughter's ( 'omijany, of the Cul[)e]»er liattallion ; also for use Henr^' 
Mitchell £7.10.1 for sundrvs for the armv; and for use Edw'd Good- 
win for £5.10.0 for (Jun furnished Capt. Thorntcm's (/imipany, t3rd Batt. 

Same to Win. Waddy for £81.15.0 for waggon hire to Troops at 

Ordered, that the Colonels of the minute Battallion in Southampton 
District, or in his absence the next commanding officer residing m Prince 
George, do dire<?t 25 minute men of that county, under the command of 
a Lieut, and other proi)er officers, to be stationed on the south side of 
James River, at Brandon or such other i)la<'e as the commanding officer 
shall think proj)cr, for the protection of the inhabitants in that and the 
counties above it on the s'd River. 




Ordered, that the commanding officer of the Elizabeth City minute 
Batt'l or in his absence the first officer in the s'd Batt. residinpj in Charles 
('itv, do direct a Guard of 25 minule men of that countv, under the 
command of a Lieut, and other proper officers, to be stationed on the 
north side of James River, at Sandy Point or such other place as the s'd 
commanding officer shall think proper, to afford the like protection as 

A warrant to Capt. Charles Fleming for £40.15.10^ for rations and 
hunting shirts for his company. 

Adjourned 'til t4)-morrow 9 oVlock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 


March 27, 

TiiUKSDAV, 2Sih March, 1776. 

Present: The members of the preceding day. 

A certificate of the review of Ca]>t. John Watkins' Company, Isle 
Wight and Surry District, on the 21st Instant, ret'd and o. r\l. 

Gab. Mau pin's receipt for 22 Guns (smooth bores), purcHased l)y the 
Gent, app'd in Andierst county, ret'd and ordere<l \o be registt>red. 

A warrant to Thomas Pleasants for use of sundry persons for £40.11.0 
for arms and Ruggs for use of Capt. John Pleasants' company, ath Reg't. 

Same to Woolwich Westwood for £7 LI 5.0, and for use Merrit West- 
woo<l for £26, for wood for the use of Troops at Hampton. 

Same to Capt. John Watkins for £20.10.0, the Ballance of bounty 
money and recruiting Expenses, and 80s. for the carriage oznaburgs. 

Connnissions issued and delM (.'apt. Dickenson and subaltern officers, 
dated 2oth Fel)ruary ; also to Ca])t. Watkins and his subalterns, dated 
21st March. 

The Comm'ee agree to allow in the whole for hunting shirts with capes 
and cuft's, leggins and hat binding, l(5s. 6d. 

A warrant to (-apt. Ed. B. Dickenson for £4().9.0J for ballance of boun- 
ty money, recruiting expenses, hunting shirts, leggins and hat binding 
for his company. 

A warrant to Philip Chamberlayne for use Philip Carberry for £5.5.0 
for wood furnished the Troops at Great Bridge. 

Ordered, that it be certified that Wednesday, 28th February, be the 
da^' ^neil for the change of the Troops from Provincial to Continental 

A warrant to Capt. John Watkins for use Thos. Wall for £16.9.2 for 
proWsions to s'd Watkins' company of 4th Regiment; also for use of 
Ethelred I^ane £4.5.9, for making hunting shirts for the s'd company. 

Ordered, that the commanding officer of the Troops at Suffolk do re- 
lieve the officers and soldiers of the 2nd Regiment, stiitioned at that and 
tlie other ix)8t8 below it, by directing their march to this city, as soon as 


March 28, 


Williams- the Baniecaii be done with safety to those posts in the judgment of hini- 

ikjT li?*oo self and a council of field officers, and that he inimediatelv direct the 
March 28, ' 

1776 removal of such of the sick of tlie 1st and 2nd Regiments aa arc able to 
be removed to this ])lace. 

Ordered^ that the Commanding Officer at this place direct the sending 
of 60 Potts out of the stores here for the use of the Troops at Suflblk. 

A warrant to Rob. Boiling for 10s. for Flour furnished (-apt. Meade's 

Ordered, that a Letter be written to the Judges of Norfolk Comm'ee 
desiring them to enquire according to the directions of the late ordinance, 
whether Thomas Hepburne and John Johnson, or either of them, liave 
been in arms against this Colony, or have aided the Enemy by Inlisting 
Soldiers, giving Intelligence, or furnishing them with arms, provisions, 
and naval stores, and return to ye comm'ee the Judgment of the court of 
Enquiry thereu[)on. 

A certificate of the Review ('ai)t. Jouet's company, Albemarle 7th 
Regiment, on the 18th Instant, rctM and or'd to be registered. Ca]>t 
Jouet's commis'n delivered him, dated that dav. 

A warrant to Capt. Mathew Jouet for £83.8.0 for Ballance of boiint}', 
recruiting Expenses, and waggon hire for his Company. 

Caj)t. James Cocke is apj pointed and desired to view and examine 
Capt. Hutchen's sloop Packett now lying in Baily's creek, near Jordan's, 
and if it shall appear to him that She is a proj)er vessel to be fitt^l up 
for an armed vessel as a Cruizer in James River, that he, together with 
the ])ers()n to be named by the said Hutchings, |»roceed to \'alue the H'd 
Sloo]) with her a|>parel and furniture, and report, their proceedings, 
togetlier witli his opinion what it will cost to fit her for service, to the 
(V)mm'e(? as soon jus possible. 

A warrant to John Minson for use Sarah Jones, for £4 upon acc't for 
the liire of a slave in the country service. 

A warrjint to Mr. .lolm Overton for £64.14.10 for his pay as adjutant 
to the Troops at York and Hampton. 

Same to John Ferguson for £10.9.2 for Rum to ye Troops in this place. 

Tom, a negro man belonging to Mary Jones, having been emj)loyed for 
three weeks past as a servant in the Hospital and behaved well, the 
Comm'ee (for want of opj)ortimity to transport him) are of opinion that 
he ought to l)e n^tained in the service of the public to attend in the Hos- 
pital and reasonable hire paid to Mrs. Jones for him. 

A warrant to Wm. Phili])s for £50 for Brick work to the Barracks. 

Same to Samuel Spurrs for £35.18.8 for Do. 

Same to Lewis Hemdon for £6.2.6 for waggon hire to the Goochland 

Same to Thomas Pettes for £7.16.4 for Do. to the Tr(X)p8 at Norfolk. 

Adjourne<l 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 


Friday, March 29th, 1776. Williams- 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Page, Mr. Dirges, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Caning- ' ^^nyG" ' 
t4^»u, Mr. Lee, .\[r. Cabell, Mr. Hland, Mr. Jones, Mr. Tabb, and Mr. 

A warrant to Capt. Wm. (loosley for £828.6.8^ for prov's furnished the 
1st and 2d Regiments at York, and £r2.L8 for pro. to his Company of 
minute men. 

Same to Hawkins Reade for £28.14.0 for pay of himself and men, 
residue of Capt. Gooley's minute Company. 

The Commanding Officer at this place is desired to dismi^^s the remain- 
der of Capt. (looley's Company from service. 

A warrant to George Andeivon for use of Col. Syme for £878 for corn 
furnished V(^ army. 

Same to (leo. Muter for use Dr. Rob. Hrown for £r)8.r).() for medicines 
furnished Do. 

Same to Thos. Peyton, £248.n.O for the pay and prov's of his minute 

Mr. Benjamin Pollard is appointed Lieutenant of Marines of the Hiver 
Galley, commanded by Caj)t. Muter, but not to enter into pay 'til he 
receives Instructions from the Connn'ee. 

Same appointment to Mr. Thomas Merriwether, as first Lieut, of Mar- 
ines, in the Cniizer for York River, conmianded by Capt. Lilly. 

Ordered, that notice be published in the Virginia (lazette, that on Mon- 
day L5th April, the Comm'ee will proceed to the apjiointment of oflicers 
for the several companies of Marines, to be employed in the Naval Depart- 

A j>erniit to Capt. Waters to [)ass to Maryland. 

I'pon th(^ a|)plication of Mr. Dan'l Barrand and Mr. Robert Taylor, they 
are i)ermitted to correspond by Letter on board the Fleet. The com- 
manding olBcer at Suffolk first examining and sealing such letters, and 
sending them by a Flag of Truce. 

Ordered, that it be recommended to the Treasurer, to make proper i>ro- 
vision for the reception of the Treasury in or near Richmond Town, to 
which place the Comm'ee are of opinion it ought to be removed, if 
circumst'inces shall hereafter make such removal necessary, which the 
Comm'ee do not think will immediately occur. 

Tlie Connn'ee do not think it necessary to remove the public Records 
immediately, but when it shall become so, they also ought to be removed 
to Richmond. 

A warrant to James Mercer, Escj., for £45f> for the purchiise of Linens 
and sundry necessaries for the arm v. 

Ordered, that the committees of the counties of Nansemond and Isle 
of Wight be desired severally to appoint a person to take possession of 




March 21), 

the Estate of John Goodrich, the Elder, that may. be found in their re- 
spec^tive counties, causing an inventory and appraisement to be made and 
returned to this Comm'ee, and that they agree with each such person to 
superintend the management of the s'd Estate so as to yield the best 
profit, accountable to this Coram'ee, that the s'd Estate and profits may 
remain a security to the County for Mr. Goodrich's accounting for the 
money by him rec'd of the Treasurer for the purchase of Powder. 

The General Congress having appointed a Paymaster to their 6 Battal- 
lions, w hich prevents the comm'ee apjxjinting a paymaster to four, as 
directed by the ordinance, Col. George Brooke is appointed Paymaster of 
the 7th and 8th Regiments, leaving his allowance to be settled by con- 

A Avarrant to James Mercer, Esq., for £6.10.0 paid Moses Hays for 
waggonage of a Ton of Powder from Fredericksburg. 

The representation of Mr. John Reveley respecting the erection of an 
air Furnace for casting of cannon being considered, Mr. Reveley is re- 
(luested to examine the Lands in the neighborhood of the Coal pit* on 
James River and make exi)eriments of any clay he may suppose to be 
of the Sturbridge, and fit for making i)ricks to erect an air Furnace, and 
to attend the Comm'ee as soon as he shall have made such ex|)eriments 
with an account of his discoveries and an estimate of the exjwnse of 
erecting such a Furnace iis is proposed by him. 

It being absolutely necessary that manv of the public stores should be 
lodged in the Town of Fredericksburg under the care of some person 
who will take care of the receipt, safe keeping and delivery of such stores 
from time to time, and keeping pro]>er accounts thereof, Mr. James Hun- 
ter, jun'r, is ai>i)ointed to that trust ui)on giving bond and suff't security, 
to be approved by Col. I^ewis and Mr. Dick, in penalty of £10,000 for his 
faithful discharge of the satne, his allowance to be hereafter settled. 

Ord'd, a warrant issue to John Mercer, Es^i're, for his use, for £500, on 

account for the j>urchase of Linen of the Virginia Manufactory and other 

necessaries for the arm v. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow^ 1) o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 


March 1^0, 

Satuhdav, -m/i Mnrrh, 1776. 

Present: The members for the pre<;eding day. 

A warrant to VVm. Emery for £8.13.2^ for prov's and Ferriagt^s to the 
public prior to 1st Nov. and since. 

Same to Wm. Cabell, Esq're, for use Wm. Pollard, £23.9.0, for use of 
Hugh Rose £10.15.0, for use John Nicholas, Esq., £2.9.2 for provisions 
furnished the Amherst Company. 

Ordered, that the Commissarv deliver to Mr. Pearson to be tanned the 



Hides in his possession belonging to the j)ublic, provided he will agree to 
submit his allowance for tanning the same in money to this comnree. 

A Avarrant to \Vm. Amiistead, junV, for use Win. A ylett, for £150 uj)on 

* Same to Foulk & Burkhard for £2()f>.ll.l for sundries furnished for 
the public use. 

*Same to Young & Foulk for £931.14.6 for Ditto. 

* Same to Adam Foulk for £119.8.« for Ditto. 

Same to same for use John Craig for £40 uj)on account for the pur- 
chase of Fuel and forage for the use of the army. 

Messrs. Foulk & Burkhard appeared and contracted with the Comm'ee 
to furnish for the use of the army fifteen hundred cartooch Boxes with 
[proper Belts at the price of 8s.6d each; 1000 Bayonet Belts with double 
Frogs at the price of four shillings each; 2000 j)riming wires and brushes 
at OS. p'r Dozen, and 500 j)air of shoes at the price 7s.6d. p'r pair, to be 
delivered at the Town of Fredericksburg within six weeks from this day, 
and approved of by the Commissioners of the Gun Manufactory there ; 
and the money for which paid on the Commissioners' certificate. 

The comm'ee being infonned that doubt had arisen in the Colony 
whether Minute Companies reduced by inlistments intcj the regular ser- 
vice ought to meet and perform training duty monthly before they are 
again compleat, are of opinion, upon considering the Ordinance, that 
such training duty should not be performed until the company so 
reduced, shall be recruited to its full number. 

Capt. Darke's company, Berkeley, and Capt. West's, Loudoun, being 
reviewed the same day, 9th Feb., the rank of precedence determined by 
Ix)t for ('apt. Darke 1, Capt. West 2nd. 

A warrant to Mr. Adam Foulk for £57.19.4, the Ballance of Young A: 
Foulk fonner acc't; also for a piece Broad cloth furnished the public. 

A permit to James Bradley to pavss to his mother's in Norfolk county. 

James Barbour, as contractor for provisions for the Troops in the 5th, 
returned a B'd with Richard and Thomas Barbour, sn'r, penalty £10,000. 

The four warrants granted Messrs. Foulk ct Bourkhard ret'd and an 
order granted on the Virginia Delegates in Congress for their amount, 
iKiiiig 4385| Dollars. 

A warrant to Jos. Jones, Escj'r, for use Col. James Taylor for £200 
upon acc't as Paymaster of the Caroline minute Battallion. 

Same to Capt. Wm. Darke for £200 upon acc't for the i)ay of his com- 

Same to same for £82.1.3 for the ballance of his bounty and recruit- 
ing Expenses and sundry necessaries for his comjmny of the 8th Reg'mt. 

A certificate of the Review of Capt. Darke's (k)mpany, Berkeley, on 
tlie 9th February, ret'd and ordered to be registered. 



March .30, 


* These warr'ta returned. 



Williams- (Vnn'ns issiK^l and delivVl to ('apt. Darke and his subaltern officers 

March'30 ^'^'^^'^'^ '^^^^ ^^'^^^y^ ^*^' ^^^' ^^*» Regiment. 

177G A warrant U) (apt. Samuel Woodson for £18.3.7 for Guns and prov's 

to his Company of the 9th Reg'mt. 

Same to Dr. Skinner for £80 upon a(;c't for the use of Hospital; the 
sM Skinner rct'd an acc't of the disbursement of former monies granted 
him, wliich is (). R. 

A Review of ('apt. Walker's Company on the 11th Instant ret'd and 
ordcM'eil to be resist VI. 

.\ warrant to John Tabb, EsqV, for £55.1.8 for Blanketts and ruggs 
furnished the arm v. 

Same to same — use F'ran. White for £8.10.0, for use Wm. Brooke for 
£5.10.0 for Guns furnished the Amelia minute men. 

Same to same — use Ri'd Taylor ik Co. for £81.15.8, Ruggs funiislied 
the Dinwi<ldie regulars; also for use same £4.15.0 for Do. to Prince 
George regulars. 

Same to same for use Neil Buchanon 15s. Sd. for forage. 

A jHTmit to Thomas Reid to leave the Colony. 

A warrant to Law. Smith, jr., by hands of David James, for £8.8.0 for 
coat buttons, etc., for the army. 

Same to Cole Digges, jr., £88.2.0 for Fodder to ye army. 

A certificate of Militia Officers in Lancaster county ret*d, and ord. 
com's issued. 

Adjourned 'till Monday 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 

Williams- Monday, 1st April, 1776. 


?776 ' Present: Mr. President, Mr. Page, Mr. Digges, Mr. Bland, Mr. Carring- 

ton, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Mercer, and Mr. Jones. 

A comnussion issued to the Judges of Prince George County, p'r cert'e. 

Present: Mr. Ia^c. 

A permit to John Grav to leave the colony. 
I . V 

A warrant to Capt. R'd Taylor for £100 upon acc't, to procure necess's 
for his comp'y. 

Sanir to James Mercer. Esq., for £12.15.4 for sundries furnished the 
army: for use Jarob Whitler for £1.19.1) for Do. to Captain Stephenson's 
Company; and ^(^r use Slater it ^^'allis for £5.18.8 for Do. to (!aptain 
Btjal's Company, to be charge<l to Captain Beale in ye public Store. 

For reasons appearing to the Conun'ee, Capt. Spencer and C'apt. Taylor, 
of Oninge, with their subaltt^rn officers, are allowed 'til the 20th inst. to 
c()mi»lete their com])anies. 

A warrant to Peter Pelham for £1(>8.1.1 for use and support of sundry* 
t prisoners. 



Same to John Shepherd for £3.13.9 for sundry nooes.sarioa to sick negro Williams- 
prisoner. ^^^^Ff'^^ 

Present: Mr. Walker. 1776 

Ordered, a warrant to the niembcrH and ofiicers of the Coniinitfee of 
Safety for £758, for allowance and nervices from the 19th January to the 
30th March, both inclusive, as per state, filed. 

(•a[)t. Eliezar Callender is a])})ointed to the command of the 2nd 
C'ruizer to be eni|)loyed in Rappaliannock Uiver, and Caj>t. Cireen first 
mate. Celey Saundei*s is appointed ('apt. to one Kowe (Jalley, to he 
employed in Rappahannock, and \Vm. Saunders 1st Lieut, in same 

James Markham is a])j)oint«d Capt. of the 2nd Rowe Galley in s'd 

Ord., that our Delegates in Congress be desired to send over ten ton of 
Saltpetre to Mr. Field. Lewis at Fredericksburg, to be manufactured into 

A warrant to Francis Riitc^liffe for £2.5.(> for prov\s to ('a])t. Ma-ssey's 

Same to James Mercer, Esq., for use of Mann Page and Fielding Lewis, 
Esq 'res, for £5()0 upon account for use Gun Manufactory, and necessaries 
for the vessels building in Rappaliannock, £250 each. 

Absent: Mr. Lee. 

The Conim'ee proceed to settle the wages of the several ofiicers of the 
Navy and Marines, as follows: A commodore, L5s. ; a caj)tain, 8s. per 
day; first mate, Os. ; second matt^*, 4s.; boat'^wain, 8s., and a common 
sailor, 2s. ; a cai)tiiin of ALarines, (is. ; a lieuttuiant, 4s. ; a midshiinnan, 
8s.; a marine. Is. (kl.; and that they ought to l>e engaged to continue in 
the service so long as may be judged necessary by the General Conven- 
tion, Gen'l Assembly, or Comm'ee of Safety of this Colony, but not 
compelled to continue more than 2 years from the 10th of this month; 
to be subject to such regulations as shall be established for the navy by 
the s'd Convention or Assend)ly, and the sea officers to be upon half })ay 
from the time of their several appointments 'til tlie re8i)ective vessels 
they are to serve on board of, are completely fitted for service, when their 
full pay is to commence; and the Marine Officer to be on half pay from 
ye sevend appointments 'til the com))anies are reviewed, when ye full 
pay is to commence, and the seamen and marines to be entitled to full 
wages from the time of their enlistment. 

A L're to General Lee as follows: Sir, ttc, copy filed. 

Ordered, a Letter be written Mr. Meriw^'r Smith to know whtither his 
vessel is appraised and fitting for a cruizer acco. to former order, and if it 
is what progress is made therein, but if she is not begun to be fitted, that 
he be de.sired not to begin the repairing her, and in that case that Mann 
Pi^e and Field. Lewis, Esqrs., be desired to purchase a proper vessel to 


Williams- be employed as the 2nd Cruizer in Rappahannock, and proceed to have 
- ""I?' her fitted uj) under the direction of Lieut. Win. Green. (A letter writ- 
1776 ' ten aecord'v.) 

Colo. Lewis and Mr. Page are desired to send to Fort CHimberland for 
any cjinnon there belonging to this colony, also for one at Col. Creso])? 
and em})owered to j>ur(?hase any other necessaries which may be wanting 
for the vessels in Raj)pahannock river. 

A certificate of the appointment of regular officers in Ix)uisa and Buck- 
ingham Counties, ret'd and ord. Rogist'd; also of the review of s'd com- 
panies, liouisa on 21st March, and Buckingham on 24th February, ret'd 
and o. R. 

It appearing that the regular companies in I/)uisa, (Capt. Thos. John- 
son) and Isle of Wight and Surry District, (Ca])t. Watkins) were reviewtnl 
the same day March 21 st, the rank of precedcjnce determined by Ballot 
for Louisa 1st, Isle of Wight and Surry 2nd. 

Absent: Mr. Page and Mr. Bland. 

A warrant to Capt Nath. Cocke for £256.8.8 for the i>ay of himself and 
men of 7th Reg't to ye 1st March. 

Same to Paul Carrington, Esq'r, for use Micajah \^'atkin8 for £187.19.1 1 
for anns to Capt. Cocke's Company. 

Same to Same for use Nathan '1 Terry for £109.1 4.10f for amis and 
necessaries furnished the Halifax Company, C*apt. Cocke. 

Same to Same for use Wm. Terry for £2.8.0 for the carriage of Gun- 

Same to Nath. Cocke for use Humphrey Hendricks for £8.18.3 for ye 
repairs of Gun to his C'omj>. 

Same to James Mercer, Esq'r, for use .John Lewis for £50 upon acc't, for 
erecting a powder mill to be rei)aid in powder. 

Com's issued and deliv'd Capt. Johnson and subaltern officers of the 
8rd Regim't, dated 21st March. 

Do. C'ol. (-hristian to be Col. of the 1st Regiment. 

A warmnt to Sam. Boush for 10s. for Horse hire, for use Wni. Smith, 
£175.8.10 for Fuel and Forage and scantling to>ye Troops at Great Bridge, 
and for use Smith and Bressie for £28.19.9 for Do. 

Adjourned til' to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Edm'd Pendleton. 

Williams- Tu^:sDAY, 2nd April, 1770. 


1776 Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Cabell, 

Mr. Bland and Mr. Walker. 

A warrant to Capt. Sam. .J. Cahell for £90.9.0 for pay of his Coiujjy of 

the 6th Battallion to the 28th Fel)ruary, Inclusive. 


Present: Mr. Lee. Williams- 

A warrant to Paul Carrington for use of Wight Bond for £21.3.8 for a ^f '•> 
waf^gonage to the Halifax Conij)any of Regulars, 7 l^eginient. 1776 

Same to Col. Geo. Brooke for use Ambrose Jeffries for £3.8.0 for 
making hunting shirts. Same to Benj'n Powell for £590.2. 10 for sundry 
work for the Troops in W'msburg. 

Present: Mercer, Mr. President, Mr. Jones. Absent: Mr. I^ee. 

A warrant to Chas. Derrex for £133.().8 for 4 Ton of T^ead to the 

Whereas in the first arrangement of Companies into Regiments the 
Company under Capt. West, of Loudon, was allotted to the 3rd Regi- 
ment stationed at Dumfries, convenient to the County they came from, 
and the company from Pittsylvania was allotted to the (Hh Regim't; 
after Avhich the Comm'ee were informed disturbances had arisen in Ix)u- 
<lon which it was feared the 3rd Regiment might be called on to quell, 
and on that account it was thought inconvenient to have the Loudon 
Company in that Regiment, which was therefore thrown into the 6th 
ami the Pittsylvania Company into the 8rd. Since which it has appeared 
that the disturbances in. Loudon are quieted, and the Comm'ee think it 
best that the first arrangement should take i)lace, and do order accord- 

A warrant to Alexander Wedderbume for £8.4.7^, necessaries to Cai)t. 
Walker and Jouet's Company. 

Same to Cai)t. John W^ebb for £44.9.0 for necessaries to his Conip'y; 
also for use l^rsula Evans for £27.8.3 for ])rov\s to Do. 

A com'n issued to the Judges of (ioochland County and cert'e. 

A warrant to James Sheilburne for £8.10.0 for Fodder for ye army. 

iSame to Capt. Tomkins for £28G.8.10 for necessary arms, ikc.^ for his 

Same to Edw'd Baptist for £5.5.0 for wood to the Troo]»s at York. 

Same to Cathbert Hubbard for £8.11.r) for Do. 

Same to Ednnmd Franklin for £12.1.3 for waggonage to the Bucking- 
ham Conjpany of the ()th Regiment. 

A TiCtter written to Col. Daingerfield as follows: Sir, iVx*. (copy filed). 

A warrant to ('apt. Webb for use of Col. Daingerfield for £200 upon 
ac<*'t for the purchase of arms find necessaries for his regiment. 

Same to Charles Deverex* for £12 for waggonage of 2000 Ifes. lA^ad 
from ve mines. 


Same to Geo. Brooke for £5000 uj)on acc't as Paymaster to ye army. 

Same to Capt. Thos. Walker for £280.9.4 for the pay of his Company 
to ye 1st April. 

Permits to John Avery and John Perkins to go to Suffolk. 

Same U^ Walter Buchanan to leave the Colon v. 

A warrant to Thos. Walker for £120.8.9 for ve Ballance of his recruit- 
ing acc't and necessaries to his Company. 


Williams- Same to Wm. George for £1(K).14.9 for arms furnished Capt Wood- 
A ?!> ^^^^^^ Comj)aiiy. 
1776 Conrn issii'd and deliver'd (.'apt. Walker and his subalterns for ye 9tli 

Reg'mt, dated Mar. 11th. 

A warrant to Dr. McClurg, of Hampton, for £7.10.0 for attendance on 
the army. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

John Page. 

Williams- Wednesday, Srd April, 1776. 


1770 * Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Diggers, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Mercer, 

Mr. I^e, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Bland, and Mr. W^alker. 

A certificate of the review of (•a|>t. Arthur Smith's Company of Isle 
of Wight and Surry dist'ct on the 1st Instant, returned and ordered to be 

A warrant to Cornelius Deforest for t'lO for 2 Guns. 

Same to Capt. Nath'l Cocke for £30.16.9 for prov's and necessaries for 
his company. 

Same to Capt. Jo. Cabell for £4.0.0 for Drum and fife to his company. 

Same to Capt. James Johnson for £151.7.0 for pay of his company of 
6th Battallion to 28th Feb'y. 

Mr. Digges and Mr. Mercer are aiijwinted a committee to draw up a 
I^iCtter to General Lee representing the present state of the colony, and 
make report to this board. 

Ordered, that the two Ton of lead formerly directed to be lodged Albe- 
marle old Court House, to be trans[)ort€d by waggon to Fredericksburg. 

The Comm'ee being acquainted from General Lee that certain necessa- 
ries for keeping a Table were not to be ])rocured, do direct that James 
Southall and Benjamin l^owell be appointed to view and appraise such 
articles of the furniture at the j)alace as the General niay want (which 
will be considered as purchased by him) and make report to the com- 


A permit to Peter McGill to depart the colony. 

A com'n issued to the Judges of Eliz. City county p'rcert'e. 

Col. Mulenburg settled his aco't with the Conmi'ee, ballance due the 
public £18.10.0, lodged witli the connn'ee, redelivere<l him on acc't. 

Colo. Mulenburg, Lt -Col. Bowman, and Major Helphinston, appear' in 
comm'ee, subscribed the articles of war, were sworn and received their 
C\)lonial Comm'ns dated 1st March. 

A warrant to WilHam Stanard for £19.0.7^ tor pay <fec., to 28th PebV, 

Same to Robt. B. Chew for £5.19.4^ for Ditto. 

Col. Alexander Gordon is permitted to return to his family, on his 



parole not to correspond with, give Intelligence to, or in any manner aid 
or assist the Enemies of America, that he show himself to the C'ommand- 
ing Officer at the Station nearest his place of residence once a fortnight, 
and he ready to appear hefore this comm'ee whenever he may be recpiired 
so to do. 

A warrant to Lt. Thomas Hughes for £7.12.1 H for necessaries and 
Express hire. 

Col. Woodford appeared and rec'd his commission. 

A Comm'n issued to the Judges of \V(\Mt Augusta, p'r cert'e. 

A certificate of Militia Officers in Eliza. City County ret. and Coin's 

A warrant to John Jones for 8s. 4 for house rent for the annv. 

Same to Capt. Arthur Smith for £127.0.8 for the pay of his company 
of the 4th Battallion to ve 28th Fe])ruarv. 

Comm's issued and delivered Capt. Smith and his subalterns, Isle of 
Wight and Surry Districts, dated 1st April. 

The Comm'ee being informed by ('apt. Arthur Smith, on oath, that 
AVilliam Goodrich has lately attempted, with the assistance of 2 armed 
cutters from Ijord Dunmort»'s Fleet, to take the Slaves and Stock oft* his 
father's (John (ioodrich) plantation in the County of Isle of Wight, and 
has actually taken two negroes — 

Ordered, that the Comm'ees of the counties of Isle Wight and Nanse- 
mond do severally cause the slaves on the said phintations of the s'd 
Goodrich, in their respective counties, to be secured, and the stock of all 
kinds to be sold at public auction, and an inventory thereof ret'd to this 

A representation to General Lee in the words following: Sir, &c. (copy 

filed), reported by Mr. Digges and Mr. Mercer, which was read, considered, 

amended, and ordered a copy be furnished the General and delivered by 

a member. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

John Pace. 

April 3, 

Thursday, 4th April, 1776. 

Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Bland, 
Mr. Mercer, Mr. Cabell, Mr., Mr. Walker. 

A warrant to Champion Travis for £7 for 2 Guns for the Army. 

Same to John Pendleton, jr., use Ro. Hogg, for £4 for 1 Do. to Cai)t. 
Pleasiints' Comp'y. 

Same to Wm. Cocke for £3 for 1 Do. to Capt. Anderscm's CompV. 

Same to Capt. Thomas Walker, £5.4.0, for a rifle for his comp'y. 

A certificate of the appointment of regular officers in Pittsylvania 
ret'd; O. R. 

April 4, 


Williams- Resolved, That the C'Omm'ee of Northampton county be empowered 
A ^^f 4 t^^ build or pun^hase and fit out for the protection of their Coast two such 
1776 small-armed vessels as they have recommended. 

A certificate of Militia Officers in Botetourt county ret'd and ord. 
comm's to rssue. 

A ccjrtificate of the review of Pittsylvania company of regulars, Ca])t. 
Hutchins, on ye 21st March; also a minute (H)mpany, Capt. Dillard, on 
the 2oth March, ret'd, and ordered to be registered. 

Ordered, that a|)plic«ation be made to General Lee to order 5CK) lbs. 
powder, 1,0()0 lbs. lead, and 20() lbs. l)uckshot to be sent to Ool. Dainger- 
field, in (iloster, for the use of the 7th Regiment. 

A warrant to Wm. George for £29.8. H for prov's to Capt. Woodson's 

Comm's issued to Capt. Lewis Joynes and subalterns, dated Feb'y 13th; 
to Capt. Thomas Davis and subalterns, dated Feb'y 12th; to ('apt. Thos. 
Sneed and subalterns, dated Feb'y 14th ; to Capt. John Cropper and 
subalttTiis, dated Fel)'y 5th, of Atjcomack and Northampton District, 
del'd Capt. Davis. 

A com'n issued to C'apt. Thos. Davis to be Adjutant of the 9th Regi- 

A Reimrt from the Council of Oflicers appointed to view and examine 
the Beef and Pork delivered Mr. Morris bv the contractor of the Buck- 
ingham District returned and considered, and ordered that the whole of 
these be immediately returned to the contractor, and in case of his refusal 
to receive the same that the offensive part thereof be immediately de- 

A permit to John McGeorge to pass to the Conmi'ee of Safety of No. 

A warrant to Mr. John Ross for £2.15.0 for a Gun. 

Same to Andrew Waggoner for use Ca])t. John Nevill for £848.0.0 for 
arms and waggon hire, as per account. 

Same to Thos. Gibbs for £4.18.9 for repairing arms to G. Smith's Com- 

A Bond from Capt. Arbuckle and security ret'd, penalty £ , and 

0. R. 

A stiite. of the officers, soldiers, arms, and anmiun'n of Lancaster 
Militia ret'd and ord. to be entered. 

A warrant to Andrew Waggoner for use John Campbell for £40, paid 
James Berwick, cl'k to West Augusta Conmi'ee. 

Adjourned till to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

John Page. 



Friday, 5th April, 1776, 

Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Digges, Mr. I^e, Mr. Carrington, Mr. 
Cabell, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Bland, and Mr. Walker. 

A warrant to Cai>t. Thomas Massey for £116.1.8 for the pay of his 
Company to ye 28th Feb*y. 

Same tt^ Capt. Lilly for £30 ujx)n acc't for defraying expenses of fitting 
Brig Liberty. 

Same to James Slate for £6.9.0 for making H. Shirts and Leggins for 
Capt. Richardson's Comp'y. 

Absent: Mr. Lee. 

A Report of the proceedings of the Court of Commissioners for Glouces- 
ter county on the Trial of John Wilkie, charged with being inimical to 
the cause of America, was returned, whereby it appetirs that the said 
John Wilkie is guilty of giving Intelligence to the Enemy, and going on 
board the men-of-war intentionally. W^hereupon it is ordered that the 
s'd John Wilkie be removed from the s'd county under a proper Guard 
to this place, and that the court be di recited to cause a true and perfect 
inventory and appraisement of the said Wilkie's Estate within their 
county t<i be made and returned to this Comm'ee, that further order may 
be taken therein. 

A warrant to Wm. George for £17.3.1^ Short paid for prov's to Capt. 
M'ocKlson's Company. 

Same to C-apt. Sam'L Hopkins for £92.9.0 for necessaries and pay of 
liis company to 28th February. 

It apj)earing from the Report of Capt. Cooke and other Information 
tliat Hutching's Packett is not sufHcient for an anued cutter for James 
River, this ('omm'ee decline taking her, and it is Ordered that 2 vessels 
l>e provided for the s'd River — one to carry 2 six-pounders and 6 four- 
pounders and the other 6 four-pounders, and that Max. Calvert's Schooner 
l)e one of them if the comm'ee approve her after the appraisement, i>ro- 
vided if she can, in the opinion of ('apt. Richard Barron, be conveyed 
lip James River with safety; that both these vessels be fitted out at the 
most convenient and safe place up James or A|)poniattox River under 
tli<» direction of C-apt. James Cocke and Isaac Younghusbaud, who are 
resiK<*tively to command the same, and are empowered to purchase 
«»very article necessary for such vessels, to recommend pro|)er officers to 
this board, and engage j)roper seamen. 

A I^etter written to the council of Safety, North Carolina (see copy). 

A warrant for use of Arch'd Cary for £250 upon acc't for furnishing 
necessaries for the Roj)e Walk and Gallics. 

Hame to AndV Waggener for £92.10.0 for recruiting service in W. 

^Vugusta; also £257.10.0 for use Thomas Smallman on acc't for the pay 

an<i purchase of prov's and necessaries for the s'd Company. 




April 5, 




April 5, 

A i)ermit to Wm. Hunter to go to the Northward. 

A warrant to Andrew Waggener for use of Edw'd Snickers for £1250 
upon acc't as paymaster and comm'y to the Troops stat'd at Fort Pitt; 
also £250 for ye purchase of arms. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

John Page. 


Satukday. 6th April, 1776, 

Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Lee, Mr. Digges, Mr. ("arrington, Mr. 
Mucer, Mr. Cal)ell, Mr. Bland and Mr. Walker. 

Commons issued to the Judges of Lunenl)urg County per cert'e. 

Ordered, that Mr. Finney, Deputy Quarter Master General be allowed 
three rations p'r day to the 28th February. 

A warrant to C'apt. Patterson for £90.1.8 for the pay of his company 
to 28th Feb. 

It appearing from certificate returned that C-apt. Washingtcjn's Com- 
[)any, Stafford, was reviewed the same day with Ca])t. Gregory's Company, 
Charles City, Capt. Richardson's Company, King William, Capt. Hopkin's 
Company, Mecklenburg, and Capt. Gaskin's Company, Northumberland, 
to-wit: On ye 26th Feb'y, the rank of precedence as to the s'd Capt. 
Washington's Company is determined by Ix)t to be first, the others deter- 
mined before. 

A review of Capt. Washington's Company, Staflbrd, on ye 26tli Feb'y, 
ret'd and o. R. 

A warrant to R'd Morris for use John Haw^kins for £140 upOn acc't, as 
Commiss'y to the Virginia Troops. 

Mr. John Buchanan has the consent of this Comm'ee, to apply to the 
Commanding Officer at Suffolk, for such assistance as the s'd officer shall 
think proper, to enable the s'd Buchanan toseiaire some effects which he 
alledges to be loged at Portsmouth, and on the Western Branch. 

A warrant to Mayo Carrington for £11.4.4-^, for arms and his Forage 
and Rations to ve 1st March. 

The Committee being informed that a vessel formerly allowed to he 
purchased by Robert Donald, for the jiurpose of conveying passengers to 
(ireat Britain, is about to i)roceed on her voyage, the s'd Donald declaring 
upon oath that the said vessel is tw^o thirds his pro])erty, the other thirti 
the pr()}>erty of a (ient. in (Uasgow. This Comm'ee are of opinion, thut 
since the j)assing of the Act of Parliament for Confiscating American 
j)roperty, and the order of Congress relating thereto, the said vessel ought 
not to depart this Colony, and it is ordered that Tlieo. Bland, John Ban- 
ister and Arch'd Cary or any 2, make enquiry what British property 
either in Bullion or otherwise may be on board the s'd vessel, and make 
report to this Board. 


Resolved, that a copy of this Resolution be immediately delivered to Williams- 
Major Geneml Lee who is requested to take such order thereui)on as he AnrlFe 
shall judge ex])edient. 1776 

A warrant to Messrs. Baker and Hardy for £1,500 upon acc't as corn- 
miss' v of Prov's. 

Same to Bartholomew Gall for £12 for use of himself and 4 sailoi*s, 
also for 1 soldier escaped fn)m the Navy, to support them on their way 
to Philadelphia. 

A permit to Benj'm Low, James Bower, Joseph Jeffrey, John Patton, 
Bartholomew Gall, and Abner Baldwin to go to Philadelphia. 

The Comm'ee being informed of the consent of Wni. Mountjoy, first 
Lieut, in Capt. Wm. Washington's Company of the 3rd Regiment, and of 
John Francis Mercer,' Quarter-Master in the s'd Regiment, to exchange 
their commissions which is certified under their hands, and the Colo, of 
their s'd Regiment having certified his approbation of sucli exchange, 
and that the same is agreeable to the officers of his Cor[)s, and Major 
Cieneral I^ee having approved thereof, this Comm'ee do confirm the same 
and order Commons issue accordingly. 

A warrant to Arch'd Govan for £75.18.9 for 6 dbl. fortified 4 pounders 
to ve armv. 

Same to James Donald for use John Turner for £15.1 1.4i for Ruggs 
furnished Capt. Pleasants' Henrico Comj)any, 5th Battallion. 

Conmi'n issued and delivered (^apt. Washington of Stafford, and his 
subalterns of the 8rd Battallion, dated 2()th Feb'y. 

A wammt to John Lawson for £208.1().0 upon acct., as commissary for 
the Lancaster Dist'ct minute Batiillion. 

Ordered that Mr. John I^awson deliver all the Tents in his possession 
to Colo. Peachy for use of his regiment, and all other Stores to the com- 
inisaary of Stores in this i)lace. 

A Warrant to John Mayo for £7.13.4 for prov's furnished Capt. Cabell's 

A certificate of the review of Dunmore Comi)any, Capt. Clarke, on ye 
4th March, also of the appointment of himself and officers. 

Mr. Robert Donald having offered his vessel, the Brig. Hope, to this 
Comm'ee for £650, the price she cost and the Exjjenses he has been at in 
refitting her. The Comm'ee agree to take her to be employed as a Cruizer 
for James River, provided Ca})t. James Cooke shall a])prove her and she 
can be delivered to him in some safe i)lace up Appomattox River and a 
j>roix)rtion of her value for such part thereof as shall apj)ear to l>e British 
property, to be deducted out of the above-stated value 'til the further 
order of this Comm'ee. And it is ordered that Capt. James Cocke be 
empowered to examine such prov's on board the said vessel and take 
such part thereof for the use of the Navy in that River as may suit their 
purpose at a reasonable price. 


Williams- The Comm'ee having rcc'd Information that vessels loaded with prov's 

A 'T() frecjuentl y pass down the Rivers — Resolved, that no vessels be permitted 

1770 to pass without a i)onnitfr()m the Commanding Officer of the forces or a 

County Comnrco, and the officers at the different stations ui)on the 

Rivers are required to enforce this Resolution. 

Ordered, that the two slaves — Ix)wdy, l)elonging U) Robert l^nglev. 
and (i(M>rge, to Samuel Donaldson — be immediately delivered to Mr. 
(Charles Deverex, to be carried to Mr. James Calloway and emjdoyed 
under his din^ction in working the Lead mines for the use of the i>ubli(\ 

The Comm'ee, from late accomits from Philadel]»hia being infornie<l i»f 
the high price and gre^it scarcity of woollens, agree to take for the [»ublic 
th(^ woollens formerly offered by Messrs. ( Jratz and Foiilk and Young at 
the price charged, provided the same can be now stopped at Fredericks- 

The comm'ee approve of taking Mr. Archer's vessel to be employed as 
a cruizer in York River at a reasonable i)rice, to be apprazed by EdwM 
Champion Travis, Estj'n^, the elder, who is to examine her stiite and 
condition and make report. 

A warrant for Wm. Fauntleroy for use Wm. Lee. Es<|'re, for £84.L0 
for [)r()v's and Fodder to the Army. 

On considering a lb«t of Ordnance Stores necessary for the use of the 
Colony, certified by (leneral Lee: ordered, that the pro[>er officers procure 
the same in the speediest manner they can and grant certificates for their 
purchases therein, which will be paid by this comm'ee. 

L\ THK Evkninh; — 6^ o^clorlc. 

Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Mercer 
Mr. Le(i, Mr. Cabell, and Mr. Bland. 

A warrant to P. Carrington, Esq're, for £20, for j>aid Page express hii 
on acc't. 

Capt. James Rarron appeared and laid before the ('onnn'ee a pac'kett 

which he had intercepted, from his Majesty's Secretary of Statx^ to Oo^^ 
ernor Eden of Maryland, continuing Letters of Instruction *and Advie -^ 
wliich were read and considered. Whereupon this Comm'ee are of opini i tm 
that copies thereof be immediately forwarded with all possible dis])at<^"= 
to the District Comm'ee of Newbern, North Carolina, and the Council ^ 
Safety of Baltimore and Annapolis. 

Ordered, a Letter to be written to the Council of Safety for Edent^:-^ 
District, inclosing the above copies, intimating the situation and stren^*J 
of Ix)rd Dunmore's Fleet, now here, and the advantage and convenien-^^J* 
of erecting a Battery at the moutli of Norfolk River to keep off* shipj? ^^ 
war and render a sc^cure harbour for the Continental Fleet, should ilitoy 
incline to come here. 

Ord., a FiCtter to be written to the Council of Safetv of Marvland anci 



Baltimore, inclosing copies of the s'd Dippatches, requesting they would 
forward copies to Congress, and intimating that a certiiin Alexander Ross 
waft the person charged with those Dispatches, who went to sM Dunmore 
atler being denied a permit by this Comm'ee without our knowledge, and 
recommending the seizure of him as a susi>icious person-and unfriendly 
to the American cause- 
Adjourned 'til to-morrow \) o'clock. 

John ]*a(;e. 

April G, 

Monday, 8th Aprily 1770. 

Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Digges, Mr. F^t'e, Mr. Carrington, Mr. 
Cabell, Mr. Mercer. 

A warrant to Dixon ^ Hunter for £2o.ll.o for sundries furnished 

Same to Robert Donald for use (-harles Duncan for £02.9.6 for sul- 
phur to ye public. 

Same to Alexander Purdit^ for £102.11. (> for sundries to the public. 

Same to Anthony Noble for £49.').15.0 for sundries to the army pur- 
suant to contract. 

Same to ('a})t. Sam'l Hawes for £152.7.0 for the pay of his com pa 'y to 
2Sth Feb'y. 

Same to Col. Turner Soutliall fe)r £()8.2.2 for use sundry persons for 
sundries funiished the public. 

Same to same for use EdwM Millon for £o.lo.O for a (Um furnished 
Capt. Pleiisimt's Comi)any. 

Same to Capt. Sam'l (nirland for £24.9.4 for [)ay of Hunting Shirts 
for his Company of minute men from Lunenburg county, and for use 
Capt. John Glen for £12.4.0 for hunting Shirts for Do. 

Same to Geo. Pickett for £74.10.0 for waggon hire, and for use of \Vm. 
Kansdell £97.11.9 for sundries to the Troops at Suffolk. 

Ujion Information given to this Comnree by Col. Turner Southall, of 
Henrico, that the prisoners at Richmond had attemj)ted to make their 
escape, and that one of them had actually escaped — It is ordered that 
tiiey be removed to the Town of Charlottesville, in Atbemarle County, 
to be confined within such Limits as the commanding Oflicer of that 
County .shall direct, and Col. Southall is empowered to furnish them 
with sufficient clothing at the public Kxj)ense. 

A Report of the persons api>ointed to a})i)raize Mr. Maxamilian Cal- 
vert's SchcKmer was ret'd. Whereujion it is ordered that a Lett^T be 
written to Mr. Calvert requesting to know whether he will accept the 
appraised i^rice. 

A warrant to Caj)t. James Barron for £20.5.0 for 2 swivel Guns and a 
To[) Sail for Capt. Calvert's Row Galley, and als' for paper. 


April H, 



Williams- Same to Rich'd Bray for use James B. Johnson for £38.10.0 for wood 
Ap^rifs, .totheanny. 
1776 A certificate of the review of Capt. King's Minute Company of Eliza. 

Citv County, on 30th ^^a^ch, retur'd and O. R. 

On considering the api)lication of Robert Donald and others, (who were 
formerly permitted to depart the Colony) for leave to go to Portsmouth, 
to take their passage to Britain — It is the opinion of this Comm'ee that 
no persons whatever be allowed either directly or indirectly, to have inter- 
course with Lord Dunmore. 

On considering Mr. Dick's Letter to Mr. Mercer, relating to the Small 
pox in Oeneral Tree's body Guard — It is recommended to him to take 
j)roper care that the Infection do not spread, and the expense thereof will 
be paid by the public. 

A warmnt to L't VV^aggoner for use Edward Snickers for £1500 for the 
pay of ('apt. Arbuckers ('ompany and on acc't for the purchase of arms 

Same to Sam'l Moody for £6.3.9 for hunting shirts to Capt. Watkin*? 

Same to Dr. Sam. Boyd for £24.11 for sundry medicines furnished the 
Culpeper Battallion and wounded prisoners. 

A Letter from Major Gen. Lee in the words following: Wm'burg, &c., 
together w'th a })etition of sundry Inhabitimts of the Cbuntie^ of Norfolk 
and Princess Anne, presented to the (Convention on the 13th of JanV la^^t, 
and ))y ('onvention referred to this board, as also a ])et'n froni Anth'o 
Walke and others to this CommVe and two Lett^^rs from the Secretary 
of State to Governor Eden intercejited last Saturday, were sevenilly read 
and taken into c(msideration. 

Ordered, that the further consideration thereof be referred till to-mor- 

Adjourned 'til tomorrow 9 o'clock. 

John Pac^e. 

Copied into the other minute Book : 


WilliaAia- Tuesday, IXth April, 1776. 

^Pii-ll^' Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Mercer, 


Mr. Lee, and Mr. Cabell. 

A warrant to Wm. (Jeddy for £4 for a Gun. No voucher. 

Same to Wm. Draper for £11 for 4 Do.; also for use John Draper 
£8.12.3 for Express hire. 

Same to Philip Brown for £7.16.6 for wood to the army. 

Same to Rawleigh Southerland for £4.10.0 for a Gun. 

Same to Dixon & Hunter for Thos. Bates for £4 for a Gun tc> ve 
(iroochland Regulars. 



Same to same for use Laugh. Campbell for £16.17.0 for necessaries to 
ye 3d Regiment 

The Comm'ee took into consideration General Lee's Letter of vester- 
<lay a!id other matters referred according to order respecting tlie removal 
of Inhabitants of Norfolk and Princess Anne counties, but conceiving 
the same to be of great Importance to the colony, and willing to have as 
full a meeting of the members of this comm'ee as possible, the further 
consideration of the same is put off 'til to-morrow. 

A warrant to Barnabas Gaff for 10s. to support him to Cumberland; a 
puss and recommendation given him to ('apt. Lilly as a seaman. 

Same to Ed. B. Dickenson for £141.14.8, am't of his pay-roll to 28th 

Same to John Royall for use Eliza Worshara for £4.0.6 for Ferriages. 

Same to Lt. Waggoner for £18.10.0 for express hire from Fort Pitt. 

Same to Edw'd Carrington and Littlebury Mosby for £44.9.4 for prov's 
and Guns to Cai>t. Fleming's Company (Cumberland). 

Same to John Farquharson for £18.16.5 services and negro hire in the 
Pala^'e Gardens. 

Present: I^Ir. Walker. 

Mr. ('arrington, Mr. Cabell, and Mr. Walker are appointed a committee 
t^) examine into the State of the Magazine and the method of Gabriel 
Maupin's disposal and care of the i)ublic arms, ammuni'n and stores. 

The proceedings and sentence of the Court of Comm'rs for Nansemond 
(V)unty respecting the conduct of the Rev. John Agnew as a i)erson 
inimicsil to Americsi, and the s\i Agjiew's appeal from the s'd senteiun^, 
were laid before the Comm'ee. Resolved, that this C-omiu'ee will hear 
the said ap])ea] to-morn>w, and Mr. Agnew have notice to attend. 

The application of Alexander Love and Thomas Browne is rejected, 
the Comm'ee having determined that no intercourse whatever shall be 
<-arried on with the Fleet. 

[The above was marked out in tlie original. — En.] 

X<)TK. — The Minutes from this point to A})ril 29th, 1776, are omitted, 
and "the other Minute* Book" mentioned above cannot now ]»e found. 





Monday, April 2,9th, 1776. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Lee, Mr. Jones, ^Ir. Mercer, 
Mr. Bland, Mr. Tabb. 

On considering a Letter from Thomas Parramore and John Humdoin 
of Nc>rthami)ton county, respecting four negro slaves, their i>ro})erty, con- 
demned to death by the Court of that county for a felonious attempt to 
run away with a vessel laden with flour and pork, A'c, Ordered a letter 
be written to the Justices of the s'd County recommending them to 


April 2*), 


Williams- respite the Execution of the Slaves until the convention shall determine 

\JJn tlu'lr fate and refer a state of the case to their consideration. 
April y, 

1770 A warrant to Win. H. Averv for himself and others for £20.12.6 for 


arms to ('apt. Ruftin\s Company. 

On eonsitlerin^ the representations of Messrs. Inglis and Smith resptKjt- 
thv (toods of Mr. David Beveridj^e of Philadelphia, Ordered, a Letter be 
writt<Mi to the Comm'ee of Accomack recommending it to them to revise 
their resolutions restraining the price at which the Goods Should l>e sold, 
and at any event not to prohibit their lK>ing taken to any other County 
or ( •olony in (;ase sVl Bevc ridge's agent refuses to take their prices for 

Capt. Francis Bright is appointed Captain of the first armed Cniizer 
directed to be fitted out on ye Eastern Shore, and Capt. Robert Cof^ke of 
the Second. 

Present: Mr. Page. 

A warrant to .Joseph .Tones, Es(|'r, for £11.5.0 for arms to ye 8nl rc?gi- 

Same to Henry Cruncher for 1*5.10.0 for a RiHe for ye public. 

An order given ujmhi our delegat<^s in Congress in favor of Mr. William 
Ronald for Two Thousand Dollars. 

Instructions to Capt. Bright, as follows: Caj^t. Francis Bright, <fec. (copy 

A warrant to Zacha. (lilliam for £4.5.0 for a rifie. 

Same to .John Hicks for C*>.8.0, Gun to Capt. Travis for his Galley. 

Warrant to Joseph Seldon for Hi) ft»r wood to trooi)S at Hami>ton. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Williams- TrESDAV, Aprif -Wth, 1776. 

1)11 rv^ 

"^^IL'i;/*^^' Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Bland, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Jones, 

Mr. Lee, Mr. Tabb. 

A warrant to Lieut. (Jreen for £28 for a month's ]>ay and recruiting 
money in the marine service; also for use Ca]»t. Richard Taylor for .i'26 
Mbr a month's ludf pay and recruiting money. 

Same to Robert Fiakestraw for £13() for j)rov's and wjiggon hire, Arc, 
to the Pittsylvania Regulars, Ca[)t. Hutchings. 

Present: Mr. Pjxge. 

On he^iring the cases of John Roane and Wm. Hill, and the examina- 
tion of Major John Green and John Crasmond, it is the opinion of the 
ComnTee that they ought to be sent to the county of York to Iw tried by 
the Judges of that county for their offence of giving assistjmce and intel- 
ligence to the Enemy, according tt> the <iirec*tions of the late Ordinance 
of Convention. 


A ])as8 to John Hart to go to Mr. Phipps', in Princess Anne county; Willianis- 

also to Joseph Scott's, at Suffolk, and to return to this citv. . ii^in 

^ ' ' " April. JO, 

A warrant to Thomas Tate for £8.8.10 for rej)airing arms to regulars 1776 
and minute men. 

Same to Jonathan Prosser for £4.0.5 for Ex])re8S hire, &c. 

Absent: Mr. Page. 

On considering the case of Leonard Terrant, and the Examination of 
Mr. Purdie and Mr. Qarkson — It is ordered that be sent to the County 
of Elizabeth City, to be tried for having been on board Ijord Dunmore's 
Ship, sometime this month without permission so to do, according to the 
direction of the late Ordinance of Convention. 

In considering the case of Daniel Malborn, as stated by the Court of 
Enquiry of officers the 16th Instant — It is the opinion of the Comm'ee 
that he ought to be discharged, Jis what he did, seems to have proceded 
fn>m his apprehensions of danger from Lord Dunmore, and he appears 
now friendly to America. 

On considering the Ccase of \Vm. Faller — It is ordered he be sent to the 
County of Princess Anne, to be tried for having borne anns against the 
Colony, and not having surrendered himself according to the directions 
of the late Ordinance of C-onvention. — [This was marked out in the origi- 
nal — Ed.] 

On reconsidering the case of Andrew Stevenson — The Comm'ee are of 
oj»inion that he ought to be conveyed to Princess Anne County, U) be tried 
f«)r corresj)onding with the Enemy, by having been on l>oard Lord Dun- 
more's FHeet, sinc(j he was discharged, formerly at Williamsburg, according 
to the late Ordinance of the ('onvention. • 

A warrant to Capt. James (Jrier for £8<S.18.6 the am't of the valuation 
of sundry clothes belonj^ing to his comi)any, burnt at Fredericksburg by 
order of Fielding I^'wis and Charles Dick, Esij., to prevent the spn^ading 
of the Small Pox, with which it was supiMx^^ed they were infected. 

Same to John Tabb, Es<j'r, for £G7.10.0 for 900 bushels corn furnished 
the Harriot, Capt. Dixon, and £<S2.10.() for — 

Same to John Hart for use Adam Hyrd for £6.7.0 for provV S:v., to 
Ca|»t. Massey\s company. 

Same to Sally Spotswood for £1.10.0 for nursing and lK)arding two Cent, 
of the Culpej)er minute batt'n. 

Same to Samuel Sim's for £2.5.0 for 9 days Pilotage of ye vessel sent 
to seize the Brigg Hope. 

Same to Eton Haynes, EsqV, for £100 for his order on ye ("ontinental 
Treasurer for the like sum. 

Same to Richard Ludlow for use John Welch for £7.2.6 for waggonage 
of i)ublic stores from Fredericksburg to this city. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 



Williaujft- Wednesday, May Ut, 1776. 

Ijj^. * Present: Mr. Preident, Mr. Di^e^, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Lee, Mr. Bland, Mr. 

Jones, Mr. Tahb. 

A warrant to John Hodge for £3 for a Gmi an<l Biiyonet to ye Isle 
Wight regulars, C ai)t. Arthur Smith. 

On eonsideration of a letter from Benjamin Harrii<on, junV, EsstjV, of 
April 29th — the comm'ee are of the opinion that they cannot with pro- 
priety engage in the ransome of the Ship Grace, even if the other slooj* 
of war wa8 in thin colony which however they are informed she is not. 

Present: Mr. Page. 

Ordered, a l^etter to be written to the Comnree of Elizabeth City, desir- 
ing they would enquire particularly into the cju^e of a large Flat drifted 
on shore near Hami>ton, in the month of January last, and re|K»rt to this 
(>>nmiittee what has been done w4th her and her rigging, and whether any 
person has ever (daimed a proi>erty in them, on whose land she was drif- 
W<L and who first took j)ossession of and si^cured her. 

On considering a letter from Major James Hendricks respecting a boat 
and sails belonging to John Buchanan, ('apt. R'd Barn)n i» ordered to 
deliver the sails to Major Hendricks, wdio is enijiowered to deliver them 
with the boat to Mr. Miles King, to be by him safely kept until the fur- 
ther order of this comnree. 

A Letter written to Major Hendricks as follows: Sir, &c. 

A warrant to ('apt. (leorge Muter for £100 upon acc't for furnishing 
arms and materials for the H^ro (.lalley. Bond iickn'd and ord. reconl. 

Same to ('apt. Wm. Mitchell for £60 upon acc't for ])urchasing arms 
and recruiting his company of Marines. Bond ackn'd and o. r. 

On examining George Friar, who says he was employed as master of 
arms on board the other sloop-of-war and was taken at Norfolk, it is 
ordered he be detained as a ])risoner of war, but that he be permitted to 
walk anywhere within the Capitol Siiuare, and in the Main street from 
th(i Capitol as far as to include the house of Mr. James Southall, u[>on 
his parole not to depart these limits or correspond with or give intelli- 
gence to Lord Dunmore or any of the officers of the navy or their 

On the examination of John Davis, taken at Norfolk and sent up as a 
prisoner, no witnt?ss api)eared against him. He says he is a native of 
Portugal, and was at Norfolk employed as mate on board a small v(i,viscl 
loaded with West India goods designed for North Carolina, but which 
was stopt by order of Lord Dunmore. That some time after the burning 
of Norfolk, conjing on shore for recu-eation, he was taken and kept as 
prisoner, which latter part was confirmed by George Friar. Whereupon 
the s'd John Davis is ordered to be discharged. 

On considering the case of John Carmont, it is ordered that hfe be sent 


to tlie county of Norfolk to be tried for having been in arms against the Williams- 
( 'olony and not surrendering himself within two months, according to ^^l^i 
the directions of the late ordinance. 1776 

On examination of Cieorge Farrar, who says he was taken at his own 
house on ye 28th February last, and no witnesses appearing ag'st him, 
he is discharged. 

On the examination of Jose])h White, a pilot, who was taken by Ca})t. 
Barron, it is ordered that he be discharged on liis parole not to bear arms 
or give intelligence or assistance to Lord Dunmore, tlie officers of the 
navy, or their adherents, upon this condition: that if he do not within 
U'Ti days give security, to be approved of by one of the Judges appointed 
by the ('omm'ee of Gloster county, in the penalty of £100.0.0 for keep- 
ing the s\l parole, he shall be liable to be taken up and confined. The 
s'd White engaged his parole in Comm'ee. 

Adjourned til* to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Thursday, May 2n(I, 1776. Williams- 


Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Bland, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Lee,. 1776"' 
Mr. Jones, and Mr. Tabb. 

Certificates of appointment of officers and of the reviews of Captain 
James Dabney's company of minute men of Louisa county, on L3th 
April, ret*d and ordered that commissions issue. 

A warrant to Philip Moody for £9.10.0 for Gun sticks to ye 1st Regi- 

Same to Solomon Tussel for £2.5.0 for a Gun to ye Henrico regular, 
Capt. Pleasants. 

Present: Mr. Page. 

A ]) to David W^atson to go to Carolina. 

Mr. Leonard Thompson, second Lieutenant of Capt. Jouett's Company 
fmni Albemarle county, appeared in Comm'ee and resigned his commis- 
sion in the s'd Company, not being able from his ill state of health to 
perform the duties of his office; which resignation was accei)ted and 
or'd to be certified. 

On considering the cases of Mr. Archibald Ritchie and Captain John 
Kobinson, transmitted for the opinion of this board by the Comm'ee of 
the county of Essex — It is the opinion of this Comm'ee that the impor- 
tsition of the Goods having been prior to the time of passing the late 
ordinance of convention for establishing a mode of punishment for the 
enemies to America in this Colony, no court of admiralty can be held 
for condemning the vessel or (ioods according to the directions of that 
ordinance. The Convention, in their last Session, in several instances 
condemned Goods imported contrary to the association before the pass- 



May 2, 

ing of the ordinance, hut not the vessels ; in one Instance they added a 
puhlieation, as the original association directs. Wliether these examples 
will incline the C'onnn'ee of Essex countv to condemn the Goods to bo 
sold for the use of the public or they will only |)uhli8h the offence, or 
adoj)t both, must be left to their own Judgment. On reconsidering the 
subject, it being im})roper for this comm'ee to give an opinion on tlu' 
matter unless it be brought before them on an appeal. 

A warrant to William Foster for £4.5 for waggonage at Hampton. 

Ordered, that James Anderson deliver Caj)t. Lilly for the use of his 
cruizer J Ton of Iron out of that in his posse^ssion belonging to the 

A warrant to James Mercer, Es(i., for £15.8.0 for sundries to the con- 
tinentid Troops; also for woimI the P. \V. Hatt'n and cash paid on Ex])ress 
hire. No voucher. 

On consideration of the Comm'ee of Essex County, the following Let- 
ter was written to the C'ommVe of that (V>unty. (Insert it.) 

A representiiticm of the like im}»ort with the j )r('ceed ing ])eing received 
from Landon Carter, Es(|., cluiirman of Richmond connn'ee, a Lettt»r in 
the same words (except what relates to the arms taken at Hobsday's 
hole and the cases of Ritchie and Robinson) was written in answer 

On considering the petition of Wm. Digges, Escfr, by way of a]>peal 
from a sentence of the Court Martial i)f Warwick ( -ounty fining him and 
his son, Cole Digges, for not attending at muster of the militia — The 
('onun'ee are of opinion they have no right to take cognizsme^; of the 
subject, no ap|>eal to them from fines laid on ]»rivate militia men being 
allowed bv the ordinance of ctmvention. 

A pass to Rob't Manning to convey any of the Goods of Wm. Digges, 
Esifr, up James and Appomattox river. 

A Letter written to (ieneral Lee as follows: Sir, Arc. 

The Comm'ee adjourned 'til to-morrow oVlock. 



May 3, 


Friday, May Srd, 1776. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones. 
Mr. Tabb. 

It appearing to the Conmi'ee that several ]>eoj)le have the Small ]k>x 
in the Town of Winchester, to which i)lace the i)ri8oners from North 
C'arolina were formerly ordered to be sent. It is directed that thev be sent 
to St^iunton, in Augustti county, and orders were accordingly dispatched 
to tlie commanding officer of Augusta militia recommended to ye care of 
Charles Dick, Esq'r. 

Captain Thomas Peyton desired leave to re-sign his Com'n as Ca])tain 


of a minute Company in the Gloster District, which he is allowed to do, Williams- 
and the same is ordered to be certified to the Comm'ee of Gloster county y[^^Q 
that they may proceed to fill up the vacancy occasioned thereby. 1776 

Ordered, a warrant to John Edmondson for use of Henry Dunn for £3 
for a Gun, and for use Arthur Smith for £3 for a Gun for ye Amelia 
Rejpilars, 2nd reg't. 

Ordered, a warrant to Mr. Rich'd Graham for the use of Wm. Cunning- 
ham & Co., for £28.5.0 for sundries, Bedding to Capt. Lee's company of 
8rd Reg't, and also for £15.4.6 for Bedding to Capt. Russels company of 
the oth Reg't. 

Ordered, a warrant to Capt. Burgess Ball for £82.16.5 the ballance of 
his acc't for arms and necessaries purchased for the army, (£121.15.0 for 

Same for use John Guthsy for £20.1.3 forsimdries furnished the army 
at Richmond Court house, and waggon hire. 

Same for use Hon. Rob't Carter, Es(i'r, for £15.3.0 for Bayonets and 
repairing arms to Capt. Ball's company. 

Same for use R. W. Carter, Escj'r, for £12.15.0 for wood and straw to 
^aid company. 

Same for use Henry Fowles for £10.5.4 for prov's to said company. 

Present: Mr. Page and Mr. Lee. 

Capt. Burgess Ball produced a pay-roll for his company to 28th Feb'y, 
amounting to £172.17.0 as settled by the Comm's, which sum is to be 
placed to the Cr. of the (/ontinent, being jiart of £300 charged them for 
so much rece'd hy Ca|>t. Ball and his Lieut, of the Treasurer, for which 
they gave orders on Mr. Harrison, the Continental Pay master. 

A warrant to Capt. Thomas Peyton for £254.19.2 for the pay of his Com- 
pany of minute men on duty in Gloster and prov's to this day, also for 
use of Wm. Hall for 9.1.0 for prov's for himself and Com'y at the time 
of review. 

Same to Same for use of Sir John Peyton for £300.0.0, Col. Fielding 
licwis's order for a pilot boat purchased for the use of the Colony. 

Ordered, a warrant to Jno. Edmondson, jnr., for £87.4.11^ for Caj>t. 
Archer's order for bread and flour purchased for ye Schooner Sally. 

Resolved, that if Major General I^e can spare the 4 pieces of cannon 
of four pounders now at James Town from that Post, that those without 
the carriages, two others on board Mr. Holt's vessel, and two on board 
the schooner Tender now lying in the Glebe creek, be all taken on board 
the schooner and carried up the James River to be put on board the ves- 
.sel now fitting up for a cruizer under the direction of Captain James 
Cocke, and that they also take on board a quantity of Tar belonging to 
the public lodged at Cobham, and carry the same to Colo. Arch'd Cary 
for the use of the Rope-walk, and that in the return of the vessell the 
master of her do call at Colo. Harrison's of Berkeley, and bring from 


Williams- thence the cannon there, supposed t<> be Eight pounders, and deliver 
M "^3 t^^^"^ to the TroojKS at James Town. 
1770 A warrant to MeSiSrs. Morrias and Richards for £300 for a sloop iKUight 

by Geo. Mason and John Dalton, EsqVes, for public service. 

A })ass to Richard Noisier to go to Philadelpliia. 

Upon a pet\>n and representation from the conmi'ee of the county of 
P. Anno in behalf of themselves and the inhabitants of said count v, 
setting forth the distresses and ruin w'ch must attend them from the 
carrying into execution the resolution of this board of the tenth day of 
April last for their removal, and praying that the same might be revised 
and rescinded, or in some measure relaxed. On hearing the Gent. 
apj»ointed to present the s'd pet 'on, and advised with Major (Jeneral lA*e, 
and maturely considering the subject, the Conmi'ee are of opinion that 
many inconveniences would arise from carrying the s'd resolution into 
execution in its full latitude, and therefore do resolve that Wm. Robinson, 
Thos. Reynolds Walker, Thos. Old, John Throwgood, James Henley, 
Erasmus Haynes, and William Wishart, Gent, or any 4 or more of them, 
having taken an oath before a magistrate or comm'eemen to do equal and 
impartial justice and keep each other's secrets, do assemble themselves 
together and make strict inquiry into the temper and former conduct of 
the inhabitiints of the s'd county of Princess Anne and certifie to the 
Hon. Major-General Lee, or the commanding officer at Suffolk or its 
neighborhood, which of them have taken an active part in behalf of 
America, which have remained quiet at home without taking an active 
part on either side, and who liave appeared inimical to America, on which 
cert 'ate the General or conmianding officer is desired to suffer all such as 
have been friends or neutrals to remain at their habitations with their 
families, but to remove all tlieir live stock except such as the Comm'rs 
above named, shall judge necessary for their immediate subsistc^nce ; and 
that all the enemit^s of America in the said county be compelled t4) 
remove, with their families and effects, according to the former resokition, 
and the Comm'rs are desired to return their whole proceedings to this 
Comm'ee, to be laid before the General C'onvention. 

It being ret)resented to the Connn'ee that the wife of John (ioi>drich, 
jun'r, Iiad lately gone on board the Fleet at Norfolk with her child, \\\km\ 
firing the house in Portsmouth : ordered, that her Father, Mr. Wm. Har- 
wood, be allowed to employ a boat to send from Hampton on board tlr^^ 
Fleet for their removal, and the commanding officer at Hampton is 
requested to furnish him with a Hag of truce for that purpose. 

On considering a verbal proposition formerly made by LM Dunmc 
to this Connn'ee, del'd by Colo. Alex'r Gordon, for the exchange of ]> 
oners: Resolved, That the following [)rojR)sals for such exchange be seriii 
his I^)rdshii) by tlie commanding officer in ye neighborhood of Norft^ll** 
viz: Colo. Alex'r Gordon and Colo. Jacob Elligood for Colo. An thorny 




Lawson and Colo. Joseph Hatchings. All other officers of like rank to 
be exchanged on equal terms, private for ])rivate; and if there he not 
officers on either side to give for such on the other, in order to effect a 
full exchange as far as may be, that the following rule be observed: In 
such case to give for a Colonel 8 privates, a Lt. Colo. 7, a Major 6, a 
Captain o, a Lieut. 4, an Ensign 3, a Sergeant 2; all other non-commis- 
sioned officers to be considered as privates. The prisoners to be 
exchanged in the order of their captivity, without respect Uj pereons. 
However, it is to be understood that no prisoner on either side be com- 
pelled to return who shall voluntarily desire to remain with the party 
they are with at present. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

May 3, 

Saturday, May 4th, 1776. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Lee, Mr. Jones, Mr. Page, Mr. 
Mercer, Mr. Bland, and Mr. Tabb. 

The CommVe agree to take Mr. Maximilian Calvert's vessel lying at 

Hampton, io be employed as an armed Cruizer in James River, and Capt. 

Y'ghusband is directed to repair to Hampton immediately, and either 

engage seamen there to carry her Uj) the river, as he shall judge best, 

and watch a safe opportunity for carrying her up the river, there to 

be fitted up for her intended purpose, taking on board 2 Six pounders for 

defence, and putting on boaixl all the cannon at Hampton unfit for use to 

be conveyed to the falls of James River, that he apply to the two Ca[)t. 

Barrons' for their a.ssistance, and to the Commanding officer at Hampton, 

for a few soldiers if necessary for escorting the s'd vessel so far u}) the 

river, as to be out of danger from the Enemy's tenders. 

A warrant to Capt. Massie for l()s. for a blanket to his comp'y, also for 
use Rob't Bowis 18s. for prov's to Capt. Scruggs company. 

Same to Lieut. R'd Taylor for £43 the pay of himself and comp'y, a 
Guard at Sandy Point to 2Bth April. 

Same to Hugh Walker for Andrew Gastwood for £3 for a Gun for 
^'apt. Meade's company, Amelia. 

Same to Capt. James Johnson (Lunenburg) for £2L12.0 for arms, &c., 
^ his Com}>any. 

'Same to Fielding Lewis, Esq'r, for £500 upon acc't for the Comm'rs of 
^"^ Gun Manufactory, and £400 for the outfit of Sundry vessells, &c. 

Same to Same £1059.17.11, Ballance of his acc't for the Sloop Patsey, 
'^^- Schooner Hannah, and the pilot boat and their cargoes' adventures 
^^ the Importation of arms and ammunition. 

^^rdered, that 1200 lbs. Powder remain at Fredericksburg for use of 
^^ Vessels in Rappahannock River, and 100 lbs. for proving arms at 
^^ manufactory and at Mr. Hunter's. 

May 4, 



Williams- Ordered, a warrant issue to Mr. James Hunter, Fielding Lewis, and for 
Miiv^'4 ^^^ ^^ James Hunter £132.3.0 for intrenching Tools for use of Colo. 
1776 Mercer's R<3giment; also for use of James Hunter, ass'ee of Rich'd 
Richards, for £-5 for a Gun furnished 3rd Regiment. 

Same to Fielding Lewis, Esq'r, for £1.16.0 paid on Express hire p'r 
acc't and ret'd. 

Ordered, that Colonel Aylett, or his agent at Hobb's hole, deliver to ye 
order of Colo. Fielding Lewis 40 bolts Duck lodged there for the use of 
the public. 

A warrant to Colo. Fielding Lewis for use James Kerr for £3.8.0 for 
nursing and providing for sick soldiers — Capt. Westfall's Com])any, 8th 

James Holt, John Wilson, John Portlock, Cornelius Calvert, Thomas 
Nash, jr., Arthur Boush, and John Willough by are appointed commiss'rs 
to make the like enquiry in Norfolk County as was directed by the order 
of yosterday respecting Princess Anne county, and certify the same to 
the (fcneral or Commanding officer at Suffolk, who is to observe the 
same order resj)ecting the removal of the Inhabitants and their effect,s as 
is directed for the ])eo})le of Princess Anne. 

Mr. Wm. Heale, paymaster of the Lancaster Battallion, ret'd his acc't 
of the money formerly by him rece'd in that office, w'ch being settled, 
})allance in his hands is £()2.12.(), which is to be charged to him for 
further dis])ursement, and or'd a warrant issue for £137.7.0 upon acn^'t 
for the like purpose, and for £17.10.0 for \ year's salary and his travelling 
Expenses on this occasion. 

Same to Cajit. Burgess Ball for use of Griffin Garland for £148.0.2 for 
jirov's furnished sundry Com])anies of the 5th R(^giment. 

Same to John McGeorge for use Wm. Edwards for £12.8.0 for sundries 
furnished the armv. 

Same to David Jones for £3.15.0 for his services as a Hostler. 

A pass to John McGeorge to go to Walter Keeble's, (taines^ Islan<l, 
and n^turn. 

A warrant to Wm. Page for £24.18.GA, his acc't as a public express. 

Same to Andrew Ru'^sell for £132.2.8, the j>rov's of his company to 
Fe])'y 28th, 5th Keg't. 

A Letter to the Delegates in Congress and one other to the Hon. J no. 
Hancock, PresVPt of the Congress, written, read and approved, and ord. 

A warrant to Rob't Hyland for $8.15.0 for his services to 4th Instant, 

A review of the Amelia Regulars on March 8. (Capt. Meade), ret'd and 
ord'd R^d. 

The Connn'ee adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 


Sunday, May 5th, 1776. Williams- 

Prenent: Mr. President, Mr. Lee, Mr. Jones, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Bland, 1770^' 
Mr. Tabb. 

On considering a Letter of the 4th, from Major General Lee, the follow- 
ing answer was written and sent to him. Viz: Sir, &c. 

Ordered, that General Lee be requested to give directions for furnishing 
waggons and a proper escort from Kem])'8 Landing to Capt. Deane for 
removing the cannon left by the Enemy at Norfolk. 

Ordered, that Capt. Samuel Han way do Rendezvous his marines at 
Sandy Point as soon as his proportion of the company is complete, that 
he repair to and continue at that station for the protection of the Inhabi- 
tants until the vessel he is to go on board of is ready, and thereupon the 
militia stationed there be discharged — of w'ch notice is to be sent to the 
Countv Lieut. 

Ordered, a warrant to Capt Sam'l Hanway for £29.10 advanced pay to 
recruits' inlisting expenses, and J i)ay for himself for one month. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 9 o'clock. 

Monday, May 6th, 1776. Williams- 


Present: Dudley Digges, Escj'r, President pro tempore, Mr. Carrington, yr^ 

Mr. Mercer, Mr. Cabell. Mr. Bland, and Mr. Tab!). 


X warrant to Richard Hogg for £14.5.10 for one month's pay advanced, 
and the recruiting money in the marine service. Bond acknow'd and O. 

Present: Mr. President and Mr. Jones. 

A warrant to Capt. James Cocke for £125.0.0 upon acc't for the outfit 
of and pay of seamen and workman's wages of the cruizer under his 

A certificate of Militia Officers in Norfolk and King George comities 
TvtW and com'ns issued. 

A warrant to Mr. Flanny Strattan for 40s., the expenses of conveying 
a deserter of Navy from Chest'd to W'nisburg. 

Same to same for £18, advanced money for Iiis cjuota of men as a 
Lieut, of Marines, recruiting ex])enses, and one month's half pay advanced 
to himself. 

Same to James Mercer, Es(]'re, for use of Mason & Dalton, for £100, 
upon acc't for ye purchase of Tobacco. 

Present: Mr. Page and Mr. Lee. 

Same to Colo. Syme for £147.19.3^ for flour furnished the public on 

board the Harriet and other purjjoses. 

A pafis to Mr. Jonathan Reade to visit his brother, of the 4th Reg't. 


170 CALENDAR OF 8TAir. .. 

WilliamfH £2,38K Virginia i>a|>er money received from the Delegates in Congress. 
Mav^6 ^^r^l^'red to he entered to their credit and |>aid to the TreaHurer. 
1776 A warrant to \Vm. Cary for Messrs. (Whran Sc Pearson for £l34.Io.(>, 

Mr. Thos. ArcherV order for flour purchased for. the Schooner Sally. 

A warrant to the members and clerks <»f this comm'ee for £883.10.0 
for attendance from 31st Marc^h t^) 5th May, l>oth inclusive, as |>€r aec't^s 
adjusted and fih*d. 

James Foster is appointed Lieutenant of Marines in C'apt Marsden's 

A warrant to Lieut. James Foster for £21.15.0 for advance and recruit- 
ing expenses of his proportion of Marines and one month's half pay of 

A warrant to Mr. Joseph Nevill for use Wm. Mountjoy for £1L11 upon 
acc't as Quarter-Master of the 3rd Virjrfnia Battallion. 

A rec't from Robt. C. Nicholas, Esq're, Treasurer, for £2,388 rec'd from 
the Continental Treasurer by this C^mm'ee and ordered to l^e paid to the 

A warrant to Capt. Webb for use Colo. Brooke for £100 upon acc't as 
a [)aymaster. 

Same to Colo. Joseph Nevill for £381.0.5i, the Ballance of his acc't .:j 
for sundry amis and necessaries for use Capt. Westfall's company f£171 _^ 
for arms). 

Same to Capt. Anderson for £22.7.9, the ball'ce of his acc't i'orrmtrmi 

Same to Charles Lewis, Esq're, for use John Wilkinson, £3.4.0 foF^ ^r 
Blankets to Capt. Walker's ('ompany, 9th Rep't. 

Same to Colo. Joseph Nevill, for use Andn?w Lynn, for £11.13.6 foM > r 
sundries to Capt. Gibson's Company of 1st Keg't, and £9.14.0 for u >. .j e 
sundry persons for express hire ord. by J/d Dunmore in 1774. 

Same to Colo. Joseph Nevill for use Colo. Huffh Mercer for £35.1(v _.5 
for sundries for 3rd Reg't, and the expenses of fixing alann j)o.sts cii>n 

On considering a I^jtter from Colo. Hugh Mercer, the Comm'ee appro "^'e 
of having a pilot boat with oars, furnished at the joint expense of t^ii« 
Colonv and Marvland, and stationed at ve mouth of the Potomac riv^<:^i"i 
for the purpose of giving intelligence, w\*li Colo. Mercer is desired to 
communicate to the Comm'rs of Marvland. 

A warrant to T. M. Randolph, Esq'r, for use sundry j)ersons, fi"»r 
£20.15.0 for arms to Capt. Woodson's company, 9th Reg't. 

The Comm'ee having reviewed the Journal of their proceedings, fn>'* 
the 6th of December to this dav, inclusive, each ordered that thev bt^ ^*^^ 
before the General Convention. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 8 o'clock. 



Tuesday, May 7th, 1776, Williams- 


Present: Dudley Digges, Esq'r, President pro tempore; Mr. Carrington, i^^^ 
Mr. Mercer, Mr. Lee, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones. 

A commission issued to tbe .Judges of Southampton. 

Present: Mr. President and Mr. Page. 

Ordered, that all the public arms on hand or which may be hereafter 
received for the use of the public, be delivered to the Jth, 8th or 9th 
Reg't, only 'til they are completely furnished. 

A warrant \o Edward Snickers for £5028.7.11^, the Ballance of his 
account for arms and necessaries furnished sundry companies. 

Same to Richard Barrand for £3 for express hire from Norfolk. 

Absent: Mr. President. 

Same to Edward Snickers and Abigail Morgan for £75, being for addi- 
tional pay in f)art due to her husband, Capt. Daniel Morgan, of a rifle 
company, a prisoner in Quebec, allowed by a resolution of Convention. 

Same to Edward Snickers, for use sundry persons, for £5(>.4.4^ for 
sundry prov's to different companies, ferriages, and other public charges. 

Same to Edw'd Snickers for use John Stevens for £7.6.5 and for £1.16.0 
for public expense in conveying Indian captives, &c. 

Adjourned 'til the evening. 

In the Evening. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Mercer, Mr. 
Lee, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Bland, and Mr. Jones. 

A warrant to Wm. Booker, Esq'r, for use Chas. Allen for £6L4.5 for 
pay of, and hunting Shirts furnished his minute company of Prince 
Edward Countv. 

8ame to Paul Carrington, Esq'r, for use Simon (Jlen for £1.2.6 for fer- 
riage to Cai)t. Hutching's Company, Pittsylvania, 6th Reg't (error). 

Same to same for use Joseph Moore for £3.1.0 for halberts, fifes, and 
staffs to his company of militia in Cliarlotte. 

8ame to Wm. Cabell, Esq'r, for use Philemore Frayser for £4.5.0 for 
Prov's to sundry Companies. 

A comm'sn issued to the Judges of Middlesex county. 
Same to the Judges of Halifax County. 

l^ols. Buckner and Christian and L't-Col. McClanahan, or any two, 
appointed to review such part of Capt. Crockett's company as were not 
^^viewed by the County Comm'ee of Fincastle. 

It appearing to the Comm'ee that John Barksdale, who was appointed 
I ^*y the Cilmm'ee of Fincastle to be 2nd Lieu't of Capt. Crockett's com- 
i V^ny, has declined that oflfice and had not enlisted any men — Whereupon 
E '^ohn Buchanan, who was app'd Ensign, had raised the men necessary 
■ tor the 2d Lieu't, and that Thomas Quirk had raised the number re- 



Williaiyw- ^loirwJ ^/r an Eim$ni: II t? thrf- M|>!iii«*n i>f tlwr f '••rufu'<ee that Mr. Buch- 
yt^!^" ariari >i*r apf»VJ 2 lif-a't and Mr. iioirk En-im ••f said CominnT; and 
iTjfp fjt'fl Ofmjrii'- L**ae ar-fTi>nJin<dy. 

A warrant to Fet^rr P«mliie* for ase (. has. Avery for £7.1011 ibr 2 
Ciua-- U> i apL K. Kidder MeadeV Ci>nij>'v. 2nd R«r^'l. 

Same to I.ieut. Peyton for u^^ <*a|»t. An«L Ijeiteh fi»r £l->9.-S.5, jjay <»f 
hi- Com II V to 2Hth Feh'v. 

Same Up ^nie for u.-«e Capt. Fitz^endd for £lllM2-6, |^*y of his Coin- 
pV Uf 2Hth Fel/%-. 

Same t/> i^me for u>e ('apt. Andrew I^itch fi»r C25.S.0, ItaU'ce of his 
Ufiint^' monev and for recniitin:; Exi»enses and neeiTSsaries?. 

Same to same for use John iMmes 1*10 for tirewood to ye Troojis at 

Same U} Henr\' Annistcail for use of Sundr\' iier^ms for £2tW>.8.0 for 
divert Exjiense?? for ye I^ncaster minute Itattallion as |»er acc't settlerl 
hy ye (.'omm'rs. 

Same U) John \V<K^xL^>n for use Tucker \V«jiMJson £7.7.0 for prov s to 
Capt Si.-ru^'s CompV, '')th He^'t. 

AdjoumwJ 'til to-niorrow 9 o'clock. 

Willianw- Wed.nesday, 3//n/ 8(h, 1776. 


May H 
17*7^; PrcHcnt: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Carrinirton, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Diggi 

Mr. (Jahell, Mr. Jones. Mr. I^ee. 

A warrant to Nath. Norman for Wni. Graham for £2.0.0 for Gun tL^i 
(^apt. li. ('. Andennni's C'omp'y. 

Same to Thomas Keith for £38 for anns, ttc, to Capt Chilton's coim":i- 
jwiny of Regulars. 

Same to James Scott, Esq., for £o8.12.0 for arms to the Cul[>eper B^m^t- 
talion; also 10s. for necessaries to a soldier in Capt. J. Ashhy's compV <^f 

A warrant to Jane 8cott for £2.19.6 for necessaries and support to b> 
sick soldier in the Cul|>ej>er Batt. 

Same to John Bi^ard for use Herbert Claiborne for £4.3.3 for prov'^s 
and forage to Capts. Pleasants and Faulconer's comp's on their march. 

A common issued to the Judges of King and Queen. 

A warrant t(j Capt. Willis Wills for £280.15.10 for j)ay of his minute 
comp., Princess Anne Wfxit. to 29th April inclusive. 

Same to J. S. Wells, Esifre, for use of himself and sundry person^* 
£174.0.1 for sundry prov's, ferriages, arms, and other jmblic expense? t^^ 
the army. 

Same to Ca|»t. Simon Hollier £107.12.4 for the pay of the Elizabeth 
('itv Militia under bis commnnd in actual service. 


Same to Mr. Geo. Booker for use John Langley for £8 for wood to ye Williams- 
Troops at Hampton. Mav^8 

Same to Thomas Keith for £10.10.0, his service as clerk to King George 1776 

Same to James Montague for use of I^do. Jones for £4, for his services 
as cl'k to Middl'x (.'omm'ee ; for use of Maurice Smith £6.8.0, for ])ay of 
Middlesex Militia under his command ; and for use of Phil. Montague 
for £9.15.2, for Do. 

Present: Mr. Bland. 

Mr. Stiidler ap})eared and rec'd his Continental comm'n as 1st Engineer 
of the Southern Department. 

A certificate of Militia Officers in Prince Edward county ret'd and 
comm'ns issued. 

A warrant to \Vm. Watts, Es(|'re, for use John Nash, Gent., for £5.7.4J" 
for Rugs, Blankets, and other necessaries to (.-apt. Morton's CompV of 
Prince Edward. 

Same to Roht. Mathews for use Absalom Kable for £6.12.0, for convey- 
ance of soldiers to tlie Eastern Sliore. 

Same to John Avery and Jno. Jackson for £21.18.0 for same. 

Same to Roht. Williams, EsqVe, for £189.10.6 for the ball'ce of his 
acc't for arms and other necessaries to ye l^ittsylvania comj). of regulars. 

Same to Thos. Blacknall for use Sarah lilacknall for £0.12.6 for ferriages 
to C.'apt. Woodson's Company of 9th Reg't. 

Same to Capt. Thomas Bullet for £2.10.0 for ex})enses advanced in 
<^oiiveying })owder from Carolina. 

Same to Arch. Cary, Esq're, for use sundry persons for £6.5.0, express 
hire and guard to the negroes sent to ye lead mines, and prov's furnished 
^'a|)t. Scruggs' comp. 

»Same to Chas. Patterson, Esq're, for use Ant'o Christian for £1.2.6. for 
Pi'ov's to Cai)ts. Knox and Crockett's comj)anies, Fincastle. 

C)n the rej)resentations of Mr. Benjamin Powell, the Comm'ee agree that 
'^^x slaves now in the i)uhlic jail, the property of certain Tories, may be 
^^*iJ»loyed under the directiim of Mr. l^owell upon the prison lot for the 
^'*5<^ of the public, they being confined under a sufficient guard to })revent 
"^^ir escape. 
-fV warrant to John Hicks for £3.10.0, a p'r pistols to Capt. Lilly. 
Same to James Robertson for use Gilmour & Camp £226.6.10, and for 
^^^ John Woodcock for £20.3.0 for necessaries, &c., to Lancaster Minute 

On considering the further reports of Archibald ( -ary and John Banister, 

Efcjq'r, respecting the Brigg Ho})e, and it api)earing that the outfit of the 

^^<1 Brig, together w'th the whole stores and prov's, amounting to 

*^^1.0.10J, in which is included stores vfil'd to £48.6.3, which the said 

^^^^iniissioners think not necessary for public use, and others taken by 


Williams- C'apt. Jiinias (\K'ke for his own use, valued at £l().18Ji — ^This Comni'et* 
burjr, jj^j,^, j^i' opinion that Robert Donald, proprietor of two-thirds of the said 
177*) Bri^, oujijlit to b<» paid the sum of £3()8.9.1) for two-thirds of the whole 
exptMise of outfits and Stores after deducting the £4S.().8 for unnecessiirv 
stores, and the rest being eonsidei*ed by this connnVe as the Interest of 
the Proprietor; of the other third of the said Brigg, which is deeine<l 
British property, be retained subject to future order of the convention. 
And the conjinVe being of opinion that 3() waterc^isks, valued at £l9.o.(>. 
|)art of the £48.(>.3 al)Ove inentiontMl, will be useful to this colony for the 
other armed vessels fitting out, and, Mr. Donald consenting, the ConunVe 
sh<»uld liave them at the value afon^said. It is ordered that they be 
retained for the use of the colony, and that the remainder of the articles 
mentioned in that account be ret VI to the s\l Donald, and the sum of 
£3.3.0 be paid to him to make up his two-thinls of the said articU^s. 
And it is further ordM, that C -apt. James (Wke be chargtid with the 
arti(;liv he has t^iken on acc% and tliat he take into his possession all the 
stores and prov's now on Injard of tlie wiid Brigg (»xcept those now 
ordered to be delivered to the said Donald, and return an Inventory 
thereof to tliis board. 

Ordered, a warrant issue to Mr. Hob't Donald for £371.13.2 pursuant 
to the above resolution. 

Adjourned 'til the evening. 

In the Evkmno. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Harrington, Mr. Mercer, Mr- 
Lee. Mr. Cabell, Mr. Jones. 

A warrant to Lieut. Wm. Murray for i'3(>.l().o} for arms to the Prince 
(icorge Regulars of the Gtli Reg't; also for Drury Worsliam for £2. HUN 
for call liire in l>ringing arms from Pet(*rsburg to the said company. X<^>t 

Same to Benj'n Putney for use of Mrs. Bailey for £l.r>.0», for com anJ 
fodder to the (kilpeper Minute Battalion. 

A warrant to Wm. (treene for £5.10.0 for a riHe to the public. 

On consideration of a Letter from the Hon. John Hanco(-k, Presidei"* '^- 
of the (Jeneral Congress, of A|»ril 27th, Capt. West, the me^^senger, i^^ 
desired to pay into the Treasury the oO^CXX) Dollars therein mentioiiK^- 
upon account, to be exchanged for sp(^cie, to be remitt^ to Michat** 
Hillegjis, Esi|Ve, Continental Treasurer; and it is the opinion of t\\i^ 
Comnfce tliat Comm'rs should be appointed in different part« of tli** 
C(»lony to endeavor to etTtM^'t such exchangi; at the rates following, to wit* 
for half Joes, weighing 9 dwt.. Eight Dollars; for pistolt^, weighing ^ \ 
dwt. grains, Tlinv and 12-10 Dollars; for (tuineas. Four Dollars anJ 

A warrant to Edw'd Snickers for waggon hire from ye 23rd Nov. to ye 


2Sth Feb'v and for returning, and for use (too. Allen £12, the hire of his WilUams- 
wajrgon and team from Nov. 23rd to 18th Dec. for ('apt. Alexander's m'^c 
comiiV. 17"7H 

Same to Lieut. Wni.Iiane for use John Berkeley, for waggon hire, 
hunting shirts, Arc, to ('apt. RussePs rt^gulars, from Loudon, 5th Reg't, 
also for sundry necessaries to the Prince William Minute Batt., the sum 
of £5. 

Refer to th^ other Book. 

[Which has not been found.] 

Tuesday, May 14th, 1776. Williams- 

May 14 
Present: Mr. IVesident, Mr. Digges, Mr. Page, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Lee, ' 177(3 * 

Mr. Mercer, Mr. (^abell, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones. 

A warrant to Capt. Holt Richardson for £o9.11.6 for himting shirts and 
legixins to his company ; also for bounty money and recruiting expenses 
for 3 soldiers. 

Same to Wm. Cabell, EsqVe, for 50s. paid an express concerning the 
Carolina expedition. 

Same to Mr. Solomon Shepherd for £848.10.5 for his acc't for the pay 
of sundry' minute and militia guards on the south side of James river. 

Ordered, that Mr. Mathew Anderson deliver to the Keeper of the 
^fagazine a barrel of powder in his })ossession, which was delM him by 
the Delegates in Congress for the use of this Colony. 

A warrant to Solomon Shepherd for use T^ewis Almond for £1.8..'5J for 
ferriage to sundry Troops at Sleepy hole. 

Commons issued and delivered Capt. Berry and subalterns, dated 27th 
March — Sth Regiment. [P>ror; issued before.] 

\ war't to J. Pendleton, jnr., for £27.8.0 for use of Thos. Martin for 
Drums and Fifes to ve country — the former at 50s., the latter at Bs. each. 

Pursuant to order of convention. Ordered, that 2,250 lt)s. i)owder be 
ill) mediately forwarded to the Frontier Counties of this colon v to be 
<icposited in the hands of the respective county comm'ees, who are to 
lodge it in convenient Districts, but not to distribute it exce])t in case of 
actual invasion, the said Comm'ees being considered as accountable for 
the expenditure of the same; that the said quantity of powder be divided 
in tlve following ])roportions, to-w4t : West Augusta, 500 lbs., Fincastle, 500, 
Botetourt, 500, Augusta, 500, and Hampshire, 250, And it is ordered 
that 1.50 lbs. now in the hands of Augusta (^omm'ee be purchased by the 
public and retained as a part of the5(X)now allowed to that county; and 
It is further ordered, that Mr. Richard Adams deliver for the use of the 
above mentioned counties 10,000 Flints, being 2,(X)0 each, out of those in 
his j)Ossession at Richmond, and that the manager at the Lead mines 


Williams- deliver U) the order of the respective coram 's any quantity of lead they 
-^^^{a niay require, not exceeding 2 lbs. for each pound of powder now allotted 
1776 to the respective counties, and that (leneral Lewis be desired to stoj^ 
500 lbs. now at Alexandria for the immediate supply of West Augusta. 
A warrant to Thomas Moffett for £9 for Express hire from Mr. Lux. 
A pass to Enoch Jones and Major Jo. Mitchell to go to Suffolk. 
A warrant to Capt. Brent for £37.9.4 for pay of his comp'y to 28th 
Feb'y, (4th Reg't), also for £8.10.0 for baU'ce of his acc't for sundry 
Exj)enses, cart hire, &c., at ye march of his comp'y. 
Adjourned till the evening. 

In the Evening. 

Present: The same members except Mr. President, Mr. I/ce, and Mr. 

A warrant to Richard C (t raves for £15.5.0 for arms for the marine 

Same to Capt. John Brent for £S4.4.5i for support of his Comp'y fn>m 
their Enlistment to ye day of thcit* march, also for 30 ruggs and Blankets 
(4th reg't). 

Same to Mr. John Dixon, jr., for £180 on account. 

Present: Mr. Jones; Absent: Mr. Bland. 

Same to Capt. James Barron for £44.10.8 for the pay of the Hampton 
militia under his command to the Tith April. 

Same to same for £108.1 l.f> for the pay of the men belonging to the 
Boat Tiiberty to the 25th April. 

Same to same for use Rich'd l^arron for £62.12.0 for do. for Boat 
Patriot to the 25th A]>ril. 

Same to same, use Wm. Watkins for £3.0.0 for work on lK)ard the Boat 

Same to same for use John Sinclair for £3 for a musijuet to Cai)t. 
Arthur Smith's compV. 

Same to Ca|)t. James Barron for £l(».10.10^ for sundry nec^saries Ui 
the Boat Liberty, also for usc! Capt. RichM Barron for 5.8.9 for 435 lbs. 
junk to Capt. Calvert. 

Same to Cai)t. James Barnm for use I^atimer & Parish, and for £140 
for ve boat Patriot. 

Same to same for use Ballard 6z Bayley, £2(K) for ye boat IJberty. 

Same to ('has. Lewis for £3()4.10.0for one month's j)ay of 2 Albemarle 
Companies on the Carolina exi)edition, and his own pay the same time. 



Wkdnksday, i\fay 15th, 1776. Williams- 


Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Di^jges, Afr. Ciibell, Mr. ('arrinjijton, *77(; ^' 
Mr. Bland, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Jones, Mr. Lee. 

Edwin Gray, Escj're, having accounted for tlie money advanced him 
to purchase arms, ordered, that the hond l>e delivered him. 

\\'arrant to Capt. Brent for 80s. short allowed in his acc't for Ruggs 
and Blankets. 

Warrant to J. Pendleton for use of Bernard Todd for £28.9.0 for diet 
and corn to Capt. Meade's Comp'y. 

Warrant to G. Thomjis Pollock for use Rich'd Curd, £8.10.0, for use 
Wm. Ed. Curd £8.10.0, for use Benj'n Duvall £8.10.0, for use Thomas 
(*authoni £2.5.0, and for himself £14, for sundry arms to Capt. Wood- 
son's Comp'y of 9th Reg't. 

A warrant to (^ab. Maupin for £11 for waggonage to the Troops at 
Williamsburg to 28th February. 

Same to Capt. Lewellen Jones for £89 for forage for himself and Lieut. 
An way and Ensign Foster of the Amelia minutt^ men. 

Same to David (iarland, Esq're, f(»r use Major John (Jlenn for £2Sr>^ 
for one month's pay of himself and 2 companies from Luni^nburg, 
orden^l to (Wolina; also, 20s. by him advanced for express hire. 

Same to John Richards for use Edw'd Moore for £21.5.0 for hunting 
shirts; and for use Geo. Hamilton for £0.1 2.G for Ruggs for Caj»t. Wal- 
lace's C/ompV of 8rd Reg't; and for use Wm. Allason for £2.10.0 for 100 
lbs. Brimstone furnished the public. 

It is the opinion of this Comm'ee that where any ofljcer shall not have 
drawn his full ration, that the connnissary of provisions l)e directed to 
rate 2 rations of flour to be equal to one of meat. 

A warrant to John Hawkins for £o00, and one do. for £500, upon acc't 
as commissary of provisions. 

Ordered, that 55 stand of the best arms now in the Magazine be deliv- 
ered to the Rev. Mr. DaWs on his order for the use of the 9th l^att'n, and 
if such a number cannot be had there, the deficiency to be made up out 
of the carbines lately brought from the Eastern Shore. 

A warrant to Robt. Mathews for pay of himself and men, a guard on 
dutv at Gwinn's Island, £5.4.6. 

Same to Nath'l Terry, Esq 're, £270, for one month's pay of 2 comp's 
ordered to North Carolina from Halifax. 

Same tx) Robt. Williams, Esq're, for use lA Col. Haynes Morgan for 
£422.15.0, for one month's pay of 8 com])anies from Pittsylvania to No. 
Carolina; also £4.8.6 for express hire. 

Same to Bennett (loode, Esq're, for £270, for do. to 2 companies from 





May 15, 

Same to Thos. Reade, EsqVe, for £13o for do. to one com p. from 

A Bond of Ral|)h Wormley, jun'r, with Ralph Worniley secy, j)enalty 
£10J)0(), exeeiit4'd out of Coiiim. in |>resenee of the clerk, conditioned 
ajrnM'ahle to resolution of ('onventic>n, n»tunied and ordered to l>e filed. 

Adjourned 'til the evenhig, 

In tife Evening. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digjres, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Carrington, Mr. 
Page, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones, Mr. 

A warnint to Henry King for use King Jluniplit ill. 11.0 for a saddle 
lost on the Hampton expe<liti(m. 

OrdVl, a warrant to Colo. John RuHin £1'k».1o, including hi8 own |»ay, 
for on(» month's pay to r)inwiddie CompV, ord. to No. Carolina; also 
adjutant, QuV master, and Surgeon -I'^a, 1st Battallion. 

A warrant to Nat. Terry, EsqV, for i'O.lOs.Od. i>aid for moulds and 
wipers to (Urns in Capt. Cocke's Ctmip., 7th R(»giment. 

A warrant to Nathaniel Terry, Esq., for use James Turner £22.8.6; for 
use Wm. Terry 1*28.10.7 for pay of the H'x militia acconling to resolu- 
tion of the Convention; also 82s.8d. for use Humphrey Hendrick by or. 
convention for repairs of Guns .to Cajit. Cocke's compa.. 7th R^'t. 

A warrant to Colo. John Rutiin 1*8.10.2 for sundry public Exi>enses 
paid for Southampton Battallion M. Men as p'racc't; also for use Samuel 
Jonoi for 28 days' wages omitted on settlement of the pay Roll of 
So'hampton Minute men £1.17.4. 

Commissions issued to the Field officers of the two minute Battallions 
ordered to march U) North Carolina, dated KKh May. 

Ordered, that the commissary of Provisions here do furnish the wjig- 
gtmers employed by Col. (\iry in removing the Inhabitants of Norf<»lk 
and Princess Anne counties with a sutliciency of provisicms and Forage 
t4» last them to Suffolk. 

A warrant to Colo. Archibahl Cary for loO ujHJn acc't for waggon hire 
in removing thu Inhabitunts of Norfolk and Princess Anne. 

A warrant to Mer. Smith, EsijV, for use John Upshaw for .1*4 for the 
Gun to Amelia regidars, Cai)t. Meade. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 8 o'cl<.>ck. 


May Ki, 

Thi'ksday, lath May, 1776, 

Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Mercer, 
Mr. Cabell, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones. 

A warrant to Charles Lynch, Es<fr. for ll.*i5 for a month's j)ay of the 
Be<lford Comp y ordered to North Carolina. 


A warrant to L't Edward Venable for £30.5.0 for pay and i)rov's to Williams- 

hiui and Co. as a Guard at Sandv Point. vf«"^^i\. 

May 1(», 

Same to L't David Perry for £88.18.10^ for do. to do. 177<J 

Same to ('harles Lynch, EsqV, £84.8.9 for his aec't for manufacturing 

Same to Capt. John Calvert for £2r>() upon ace't for furnishing matt*- 
rials and fitting out the Galley under his conunand. 

Same to Charles Lynch, Ksq'r, for use Jessie Patey, and Stephen 
Clements for £5.6.11 for repairs to arms for Cajit. Hutching's Company, 
6th R^'t. 

Order'd, that the conmiissary of stores deliver to Capt. Calvert, or his 
order, L50 yards Slaver's Duck and 100 y'ds Oznaburg for the use of his 

Resolved, that any person who shall furnish the connnanders of the 
C'niizers or Galleys now fitting out with rigging or necessaries for tliat 
purpose, he i>aid the full value thereof in money or rej)aid in kind out of 
any public stores which may be hereafter procured. 

A warrant to Wm. Booker, Es(jV, for £185 for one mo. pay to Prince 
Edward Company (ordered to Carolina. 

Same to Wm. Robinson, EsqV, £L14.0 for hoes furnished ye Troops at 

Capt. Calvert is empowered to procure a Il'h'd Rum for use of his 
Galle}* at 7s. 6d. 

A warrant to John Banister for £481.1).7^ for flour furnished the com- 
missary of prov's for the use of the army. 

U}>on the rejiresentation of Col. Wells, one of the j)ersons appointed 
l)V a former order to sell the Estate of John Goodrich in Isle Wight 
county: ord., that the young fellow lately deserted from 1/d Dunmore 
ha hin'd out to such person as he ma}' choose, and the young mulatto 
trirl servant be also hired out to some humane person, who shall give bond 
and security not to remove her out of the colony. 

A warrant to Capt. Ralph Faulconer for £8.14.0, ball'ceof his ace 't for 
hunting shirts to his Comp. of 5th Reg't; also 15s. 6d. for the ex})ense 
for the Ameha M. Minute Men. 

Colo. Buckner settled his acc't of disbursements of the £40 formerly 
advanced to him for contingent charges and jmrchase of arms, bailee 
<lue the public 15s., and ordered a warr't issue to him for £40 for the 
same purjMjse. 

A warrant to Wm. Robinson, Esq., for use Tally Robinson for £8.14.0, 
for <<»rn t^) ye Southampton Minute Battalion. 

Same to David Minge for £8.16.10^ for ferriage of soldiers ord. to guard 
X\\v Carolina prisimers fr<»m Petersburg, to be charged to the Cont'e. 

Present: Mr. President. 

A warrant to Colo. John Ruffin for use John Vallancier for £12.3.9 for 


WMIhimn I/«wIm« Ui ('iipt. MiiHdiiV ('(iriii»y, and for £14.15.0 for Ixjggirw to Ca})t. 

(Mirj/, WiiII'm ('ofNh'v; iiiid for iiHi* Jolm I,H\vn*ii(!(» <Xr ('o. for £5.12.10 for Leg- 
iVIiiy 10, . , 

h/0 ^/JiiM In ('ii|H. (Joodiii'H ( 'oinp'y -- wliictli HiiiiiH the ConimVc art^ induced 

lo mIIi»w, Iho' tln'V II liUli' 4<xc<M'd the UHiial allowance, in consideration of 

|Im< Mnddi'MiH'HH i»r iJH' rmirrh and the nfcosmty of those things heing 

hnMH'diiilnJv rnrniHJHMl. 

Ph'Hi'nl: Mr. Kpc. 

A piThdl grantrd to J<ihn WalliUM* to go to Sutt'olk on a visit, to transact 
Honii^ linMhiPHM with his hrothrr, and to n^turn t4) this citv. 

thui l.t'tti^r from tluM'Icrk of the Court of Conun'rs for Middlesex 
eounty, Wni. PuHtein* ami .lohn Dixoi^ R^cfres, are appointed Comni'rs 
and hMpn»Hte«l to tnke the depcw'n of Andrew McCann in hehalf of 
(*harh^ Nt»ilson» to hv n^ul in evidence on Ins trial before the si\id Court 

A warmut U\ .huH»h Hruee tor use Knsign Sani'l Coleman for £10.1 1.11 J 
for his jmy and pi\»v*s us Knsign in the Sth lU>g't, 

SiUne to Colo. Willis Kiddiek tor CMMK t^or the use of tlie eonim'ee 
appM lo assist tho r^^moval o( the ^Hx>ple of Nort'olk and IVincess Anne, 
\\\y\\\\ aee't, in i^'Ui \\( CUHM* vottnl hy the Convention for that purpose. 

AUmmU: Mr, Viee-Piw^dent ami Mr. Hland. 

\ warnmt to Hhvs, N\*rvell f\»r Uenj'n Fox tor CT.riJi for pn»vV to 

S^ue to \\ u^ Ux^hiusxMu F.s»j*n\ for U5*t^ \Vm. Hunter, for I'll.T.ll ft»r 
vvpnvvs huv j^ud prv*\'>4 t\*r IVinw^ss Anne Militia. 

S.i»o\^ tv^ I'^pt J{4uu^ Hulvi!\l tor i4.,<vaml for u-^^ Wiu. Hadl for 
lu I M^ UM prv^V to Oipt. UtdviniV I'onaviny ^%f Militia. 

VxlNnntvxxi iiJ tlu v\\^uni: 

l\ vuv K\K\:v. 
^Vnvv -; M^ IN^.K^.;. Mr l«x. M- \5i^!:, Mr l»ii,x>v. Mr. Mrn>r. 


prr>ceed to enioiiiire tuj^ many ^hip CarfM^iiiersac^^ b^ (Uii, \vlK>si' ahililics sh;ill WilliauK- 
be satu*^etoriIy made known ti> tiie ('*>uimVe U» onjscu^o in lUv jHiblk- u ^^"^iV 
:^nriee for at leatft ^me year, and employed iu building vistiols for t ho iflii 
colony at snch piaee ik* shall ^>e apf>oint^l by thi* I oiunTiHi o( SaiVty or 
other exet*utive pjwer, and when- .JO t>t' the said personct >*hall bi' so 
emnured, they proce^i tn Oibhauuin JMirry County, there U.> wuil tor fur- 
ther direetiott*, the waijesf to be agreeable to a late advertij^euieut o( Uiu. 
L«ee ?. 

Adjoameii 'til to-morrow >^ o clock. 

Friday. I7th Mmj. 17 }0, VVilliumH 

Present: Mr. President, Mr Viee-l*resident, Mr. l>igi;es, Mr. Curriugloa, *f^7(i ' 
Mr. Mercer. Mr. Lee, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Bland, tuul Mr. Jonos. 

A warrt to Capt. Campbell for U5>e Capt. Jona, Clarke of Si\\ tU^iuuiit, 
for £49.2.10J for the j>ay of bailee of his iwruiting aee't and for UiVA'.s- 

Same to Capt. Campbell of Sth Keg't for 1*247.5.0 for i>ay and |>ri'v'ti 
of his company to ye 1st May. 

Same to Capt. Westfall of the Sth Ui^H for i'219.2.0f(U' tlu» |»hv of Idci 
Company to ye 5th May Inclusive, and for IllunkotH. 

Same to Mr. John (libson for i'21M.r>.2, and fiir iitie ,h»riii|ih Nit'luilriiiM 
for £42.5,0 l>ein»r for sundry E.xpenHcH h) thr Indiitn Triuily uiid bringing 
back the white prisoners fron) among them. 

Cert' of ajip'n of officers and a review of Ca|»l. Cunipht^irn vum\i'y, H\\\ 
Re^'t, (Dunmore), on llHli Feb^y, relM and nr'd rii'd. 

A warrant to James frwin, John Anderson, and Wilkie ))odg> for lOft. 
each, U) defray their exiM'nseH to Phihulelphia. 

It api>earinjr that Cajit. Mort^iuV I'rin/i' Kdward /t'ompany, i apl. ' 'u^t^f- 
Ijell'** Dunmore. Capt. liawen' Caroline, au'l Capt. J^laWj^fbl^f, Culpepef. 
were re\'iewe'l the naiue day. I'Hh Keb'y, rank of preii/i<.n^-'* iU'ity^ iis 
to CampbeU'j? wni|jany. by I>/1, U) Ur 'Znti, */Oi*'i> forii^^Hy d^Ord 

CoriiMiii L^nerj <'apt- <'aiijpWJ 'djini t^nhalU'rat' (i>mthiAti^) t/f i^h nyl. 

Adjouni*5d *tiJ ti>'Uiorrow. 

Vid*^ minute*' fr»»ixj thi/^ <iate lij UjHr ^-iMJj likA/m iiu *MiA'i jojjjmU ^Um}^ 

[The uther uiinuV' b<j*.ik meutiouij^J ha** nol Umuj touiid ;U xhi!- dal^ J 

PreM^t: Mr. Pr»«fid*nit Mr iJi^ta- Mr Ca/nn^^wu Mi hi*t^A:i. Mi C-^Jt 

I>r«e. Mr. ^JaUilL Mr. Jlilaud. au^i iir JiHtkr 


Williams- A warrant to Mr. George Abyron for £150 for Colo. Woodford's orders ; 
Mav^^*^ also £4 for a stand of arms for Capt. M uteres rowe Galley. 
1776 Ordered, that the Colo, of the minute Batten of the I^ncaster district 

do call into duty the three companies in North'd county so soon as they 
can be furnished with arms, to be stationed in such part of that county 
as he may judge most likely to protect the Inhabitants and their stock 
from the ravages of the Enemy; and ordered that 100 lbs. powder l>e 
del'd to the Delegates from North'd, to be forwarded to the Colonel or 
the Commanding officer of the Batt'n, and by him applied for the use of 
the comply. 

A warr^t to Col. Henry Field for £900 upon acc't as paymaster of the 
Cul|)eper minute Batt'n. 

Ordered, that 50 lbs. powder be del'd to the Delegates from Richmond 
county, to be forwarded to Col. Peachy for use said County; also 50 ll)s. 

A warrant to Mr. Thos. Archer for £490.10.2, the ball'ce of his acc't 
this dav settled for sundries for ve adventure on lK)ard the SclK>oner 
Sally, and the purchase money for the said vessel. 

A warrant to Capt. John Talbot for £4.5.0 for Drums and colours for 
his Company of militia of Bedford. 

Same to Paul Philman for £6.15.0 — being £8.10.0 for a Gun to Caj)t. 
Anderson's ('omp'y, 5th Batt'n, 50s. for tro|)hies for ye Hanover militia, 
and 15s. for proves to Ca])t. Terril's compV, 5th Batt'n. 

Same to Wm. Russell for £8.5.0 for horse hire to convev L't Battute 
to New Castle. 

.James Mercer, EsqV, settled his acc't of expenditure of money receM 
from the Treasurer, which is ordered to be entered to his credit. 

A warrant to Edward Tnivis for use Geo. Brett for £100 U})on acc't 
for building the Galley under his direction. 

Same to Win. Drew for use Gasper Seever for £7.9.0 for prov's fur- 
nished Capt. Darke's Company of 8th Reg't. 

Same to Geo. Mason, Esq'r, for £8.10.0 for a musquet to 8rd R^'t. 

Adjourned 'til the Evening. 

In the Evening. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. ( -arrington, Mr. Mercer, Mr. 
Lee, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones. 

Pursuant to a resolution of c*onvention — Ordered, that the march of 
the several miruite men and miUtia to the assistance of North ('arolina 
be immediatel}'^ countermanded by Express, and that the s'd several 
companies be ordered to march to the several stations, -following respec- 
tively, there to wait for further orders from this Comm'ee — viz.: The 
Comj)'ys from Amelia, Charlotte, Meck'b'g, Lunenburg, Pittsylvania, 
b Dinwiddle, and Halifax to Petersburg; those from Louisa, Albemarle, 



and Hanover to Hanover Town ; those from Prince Edward, Bedford, Williams- 

iVniherst, and Buckingham to Manchester Town; that from Cumberland 
t4) Manchester or Richmond, and Sussex and Brunswick to Sussex court 

Cai)t. Arthur Sinclair is permitted to depart this Colony to the Island 
of Nevis, advertising himself according to law. 


May lii), 


Saturday, thine Ut, 1776. 

Present: Mr. Digges, President pro temi)ore; Mr. Cabell, Mr. Mercer, Mr. 
( arrington, Mr. Bland, Mr. Lee, Mr. Jones, Mr. Tabb. 

r|>on information t^> the Comm'ee by Colo. Syme that Jacob ElligoiKl, 
a prisoner, has behaved in a suspicious manner, and that he has bettome 
very obnoxious to the inhabitants of Hanover Town and partes adjacent, 
it is ordered tliat he be removed to Winchester and confined upon his 
parole, to be taken by Colo. David Kenedy, within the limits of the sVl 

Permits granted to Thos. Evans and I^ichard Hanson to depart the 
Colon v. 

On the re])resentation of Colo. Syme, it is ordered that Lieutenant 
Battute be permitted to go to any place within 3 miles of either of the 
s'd places, on the same side of the river, upon his parole, to be taken by 
Colo. Svme. 

Ordered, that Mr. Wm. Brent be empowered and re<juested to remove, 
in such maimer as he shall judge best, the slaves lately condemned by 
Stafford Court to the 1^'ad mines. 

A warrant to \\\\\. Diggs, EsqV, for use Thomas CJibbs, for £S.7.(> for 
re[>airing arms to Capt. Smith's comp'y, 7th Reg't. 

Sam<* to Col. Southy Sim|)son for £70, for pay of the Accomack Milita 
on <luty in Northam})ton (bounty; also for £27.4.2 for his expenses to and 
from Philadelphia to purchase arms for the public; also tor two guns 
furnished the 0th liivtt. 

Mr. John Herbert, a master shipbuilder, is empowered by this C'om- 
ni'ee to engjige any number of ship carpenters he can procure upon 
reasonable terms, and he is directed Uy view and examine all such places 
upon James River or its branches as he may think proper and convenient 
for erecting shi|>-yards at, and re]>ort to this Comm'ee. 

I^esent: Mr. President. 

Ordered, that Capts. Dean and C«alvert and Arthur Sinclair, or any 2, 
do view and examine all the ciinnon lately brought to James Town, and 
refjort to this Comm'eii their value and whose property they are. 

Com'ns issued to the Judges of Fincastle. 

An acc't of the Expenses of tlie let and 2nd reg^ts from the Ist Nov. 


June I, 




June 1 , 

'til the 28th Feh'y, having l)een niade up and certified by the commin- 
si(mers, was examined l>y the CXmini'ee and ordered to he transmitt-ed to 
tlie Delegates in (ieneral Congress. Ani't to 108,484 Dollars. 

A warrant to Capt. W'iHiam Duval for use Samuel Duval for £25, for 
500 b'ls coal furnished James Anderson for public use. 

James Foster is ap[»'d captain of the (tomp'y of Marines on James 
River in the room of James Marsdon, Charles Bush 1st Lieut., Jacob 
Valentine 2nd, and John Da vies 3rd. 

A warrant to Capt. James Foster for £7.15.0 upon acc't for recruiting 
service for his comp. Marines. 

A warnint to Lieut. John Daviess for £14.5.0 upon acc't for rex^ruiting 
service in the comp. of Marines whereof James Foster is Captain and for 
1 mo. half pay (Jas. River). 

A warrant to (lah'l Gait for use Lt. Jacob Valentine for £15.15.0 for 
recruiting service and [)urchase of arms. 

A Letter writtc»n to the Virginia l)elegat<^s in Congress inclosing the 
acc'ts for the 1st and 2nd Reg't*< as cert VI by the Comm's. 

Pursuant to a resolution of the (ieneral Convention, a Letter was 
written to Mr. Richard Harrison of the Island of Martinico enclosing 
copies of sundry Resolutions of CongR^ss, also that of the convention 
made the 15th last month relative to Independence. Another of the 
same Import enclosing other cojiies of the said Resolutions wjus also 

written to , of the sjud Island (co|>ies filed and ordered to ])e 

recorded), the said Letters w^ere sent enclosed to Jacob Wray, Esq'r, of 
Hampton, requesting him to put on board the first boat l:M)und for tlie 
Martinico, and a Letter of Instructions for the Capt. of such boat, to be 
directed by Mr. Wray, was also enclosed to him requiring the s'd Cai)t. 
to sink the packett in case of danger. 

Adjourned 'til Monday 8 o'clock. 


June ?, 

Mo.NDAY, June 3d, 1776. 

Present: Mr. Digges, President i)ro tempore, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Mer- 
cer, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones. Mr. Tabb. 

Ordered, that Major Hendricks be ordered to furnish Mr. Andrews 
with the Boat lately put into the possession of two members of the 
Comm'ee of Eliz'th city to assist him in taking a survey of the country 
about Hampton. 

A warrant to French Strother for £45.4.0 for use of himself and others 
for [irovisions to Capt. Thornton's Comp'y, 3rd, and Capt. Slaughter's 
Comp'y, 8th reg't, and for w^aggon hire to Culpei>er Batt'n. 

Al)sent: Mr. Bland. 

A warrant to Ralph Booker for use Wm. Dudley, for 198. for Ferriages 
to Capt. Flemming's comp'y, Cumberland. 


Ordered, that (leneral Lewis he re^juested to give orders to furnish the Wilhams- 
Conuirrs app'd to erect salt works with such spare shovels and spades at j„ne*^3 
anv of the stations convenient to such works, to aid and assist them in 1776 
carrying on the same. 

A warrant to Wm. Caul for £n.l(U) for three Guns furnished the 
[»ul»lic by himself and others. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Lee, and Mr. Bland. 

A pass to John McGeorge to pass through the Colony, on his way to 

A warrant to (lab. Gait for £5.4.0 for nursing and attendee, prov's, iVrc, 
to two sick soldiers of Capt. Patteson's com p.; and for use of John 
McKeand £3.U).3 for Linen furnished the prisoners at Richmond. 

Ord., that ('apt. Wm. Washington's and Capt. Wm. Tahb's companies 
of minute men of the Lancaster Batt. be called into duty and employed 
in the county of Westmoreland for the protection of the inhabitants 
there at such stations as the comm'ee of that county shall direct, and 
such as want arms pnx'ure the bejst they can from ye militia. 

Ord., that 25 men out of Capt. Berry man's and 25 men out of Capt. 
Tavlor s Com pan v of minute men in I^ncaster county l>e called into 
duty under the proper officer and stationed as the comm'ee of the said 
county shall direct for the protection of the inhabitant**, provided the 
said minute men can be properly furnished with arms. 

A warrant U^ David Garland, Esq'r, for use sundry persons for £32.3.6 
for arms to Capt. Garland's Comp'y, Lunenburg, ord. to Carolina. 

On consideration of a rci>ort from Col. W^oodford, it is ordered that the 
chariot and harness, a bay horse, a chestnut sorrel mare, now in W'ms- 
burg, two mares and colts in the possession of Jlenry Herl>ert, and a 
cl(K-k in the j)OSsession of Mr. Anthony Walke, taken as the proj)erty of 
Mr. (iei>. F-iOgan, w^ho joined himself to Lord Dunmore's Fleet upon our 
Troops entering Norfolk, be appraised — ^the mares and colts and clock by 
three i>ersons to be app'd by the Comm'ee of Princciss Anne, and sold at 
public auction for ready money by any person the Comm'ee shall 
appoint; which Comm'ee may also have ap{)raised and sold any other 
perishable eftects belonging to the said Logan in that county or Norfolk, 
and are further desired to cause four negroes in the ]>os8ession of Mr. 
Walke to be hired out until the 4th of December next to the highest 
biclder; the chariot, harness, horse, and mare to be apj>raiseil by Dr. 
(ialt, Mr. Nicolson, and Mr. l^owell, and Mr. Harwood, or any three, and 
sold by Col. Aylett, and that the s'd appraisments and acc'ts be ret'd to 
the Comm'ee and the money paid into the Treasurer. 

Mr. William Lindsey is appointed and empr)wered to collect all the 
ciinnon in different parts of the country, except such as the commanding 
officer in (Gloucester mav detain out of those in that countv for the use 
of the Troops there, and forward them in such manner as he may judge 



Williams- safe and convenient with all dispatch to tliis city, and the . commanding 
Tune^'*^ officers at the s(»v(M-al stations are desired to furnish him w'tli wagons 
1776 for that purpose, if to i)e spared; if not, fie is directed to hire waggons. 
A warrant to Wni. Hill and Wni. I'arsons for £ll.l(i.4 for their pay, 
i^'c, as cadets in ('apt. Ruffin's company, r)th Re^'t, 'til ♦Jth May. 
Adjourned til' tx>-niorrow o'clock. 

Williams- TukspaY, Jnnr ^th, 1776. 


1776 ' Pre^sent: Mr. Digges, Presitlent pro tempore; Mr. Carrington, Mr. JorK\s, 

Mr. Mercer, Mr. Tabh, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Walker. 

A warrant to John Bat« for use .John and (leorge Towler for 1*275, 
Messrs. Mason k Dalton's order for the sloop liberty. 

Same to Thos. Walker, EsqT, for use \Vm. Lewis for £o.l(>.0, and for 
use Wm. Sims for £o for two ritle guns to Capt. Walker's con ip., 9th 

Same to Samuel McDowell, Esq'r. for use of Jos. Moore for £5, for a 
rifle (lun to Fontaine's comp., 2nd Reg't. 

Same to Wm. Moore for use Rowland Thomas tc)r £8.0.9, for sundries 
to minute and regular companies; and for use Wm. Bell for £2.15.<>, for 
prov's to Capt. Taylor's Company, 2nd Regiment, 

A warrant to John Newell for £12 for waggonage of 2(MXJ fts. lead 
from Fincastle. 

Capt. Nicholas Lewis and Roger Thom|>son, of the Albemarle minV 
comp., ord. to Carolina, ret'd their acc't^ of the expenditure of one mo. 
pay advanced to eacfi comp. by Col. f^ewis; ball'ce due from each £6; 
ordered to be placed Xai their debits. 

A warrant to Thomas Walker, E<q., for use Nich's Lewis for £57.10.6 
for prov's, hunting shirts, and other necessaries to his comp. from Albe- 
marle, ord. to Carolina. 

Same to Elijah Craig for use ('has. Smith for £5, for a rifle to (.'apt. 
Walker's Comp., 9th Reg't. 

Present: Mr. Hland and Mr. Le(». 

On considering the proceedings of the Court of En(|uirv of Middlesex 
county on the Trial of Charles Neilson and his petition to this boanl, it 
is ordered that his a|»peal bo heani on Saturday next ujum the n»cord of 
the s'd proceedings. 

Ordered, that (Umeral Lewis be reipiestecP to apjK>int proper persons 
to view and examine the rith\s brought to Town by Mr. Madison and 
make re|»ort to this board. 

A warrant to Frasier Story for .C^ for woo<l to ye Tn)ops at Hampton 
prior to ye 2Sth Feb. 

A Letter enclosing a copy of the resolution of Convention respecting; 



Gov. Eden, written to ('has. (^irroll, Esq'r, President of the Maryland 
(V)nvention, as follows: Sir, (Siv. A copy filed. 

Present: Mr. President. 

A warrant to John S. Wells for Roht. Miller for £H for two (luns to 
Smith's conip., 4th Reg't. 

Same to Wm. Randolph for €11.10.0 for waggon hire. 

Same t4) John Tahh, Escfr, for use Jno. Pride for i:S4.10.0 for prov's, 
house nM>m, and firewiMxl to EdwM M(»ade's Comp., Amelia, 2nd Reg't. 

Adjourned 'til to-nmrrow, S o'eloek. 

June 4, 

Wkdnf^dav, June 5th, 1776. 

Present: Mr. Digues, President pro temportv, Mr. Carrington, Mr. 
Bland, Mr. Mereer, Mr. Jones, Mr. Cahell, Mr. Tahb. 

A warrant to Jno. Robinson for £'2.10. H for waggonage to sailors of the 
Potomack Department. 

Same to David Jameson tor 4'lo.5.0 for wood furnished the Troops at 

Same to John Mayo for £21.16.<l for H ritles, 1 musket, a Blanket, and 
pott (21s. furnished the Cumberland minute* eomp. or'd to Carolina). 

Present: Mr. Lee. 

A warrant to Jos. Winn for use sundry persons for £71.8.0 for arms 
and i^rov's furnished the Lunenburg Comp'y or'd to Carolina. 

Same to Allen Stokes \\)Y use sundry persons tor £21.12.9 for arms and 
prov's to do. 

Same to John Mayo tor use Jos. Harris for £10.2.0 for prov's to Knox 
i\c CroeketCs eomp. 

< )rd., that (Jen. Lewis be re<|uest(Hl to give direetions to deliver to the 
orders of Mr. John Calvert tw(» eighteen-}»ounders out of those at James 
Town for use of his Gallev. 

I're.^ent: Mr. WalkiT. 

A warrant to Mr. McCarty for use J (»hn Saunders for £8.1.0 for Express 
hire from Riehmond and carrying ammunition for the said eounty. 

Saiiie to .**ame for nse Wm. Miskell for 13s.9d. for 5^ lbs. saltiietre. 

Same to John T. Mer<-er tor £8 for his Forage as adju't to ye Caroline 

Same to John Bainl, jr., for £l.0.r», Express hire on ye Carolina Expe- 

Pre.sent: Mr. President. 

A warrant to Dr. Walker for use John Boswell for £17 for waggon hire 
^'' ye 7th \{i^\. 

Same to Argyle Herbert for use (^apt. Calvert for £100 upon aec't to 
^*^y the Carpenters employed on his Galley. 

June 5, 



June 5, 

The Comm'ee agree to take so many of the Guns mentioned in Mr. 
Wastes letter at his price as shall be approved of and received by Major 
Marshall or the commanding officer at Alexandria, or any further anns 
he may hereafter oifer at the same price that shall be so approved of— 
any new arms he may procure to be of jthe sort mentioned in a fornier 
resolution of this comm'ee. 

A warrant to Capt. Philip Taliaferro for £58.1.11 for the pay of his 
Comp. of minute men of the Gloster District for their training duty in 
April and May and for hunting Shirts and Leggins for the new recruit^; 
also £5.14.9, ye Expenses of a Guard on J. T. Corbin. 

As many of the Soldiers, Marines, and Seamen are frequently passing 
through the Town of Fredericksburg and are accidentally taken sick 
there without the assistance of the Surgeons of the Reg't or cruizer to 
wliich they belong — The C'omm'ee think it prudent to accept the propo- 
sition of Dr. John Julian to attend all such sick and furnish medicines 
at 10s. i)er day, to be paid only for such time as there shall actually Ik" 
some persons si(;k under his care, and that he also be empowered to ])ro- 
vide an Hospital and other necessaries proper for such sick, and he be 
desired to keej) an acc't of the regiment or department to which each 
si(;k person under his care may belong. 

A warrant to Colo. Hugh Mercer for £180 upon acc't for the pay of his 
3 comp's at Alexandria to the 28th Feb'y. 

Same to James Hansborough for £2.5.0 for a Gun to 8d Reg't. 

Same to Nath'l Terry for use Chas. Boils for 6s.8d., his pay as a soldier 
formerly marched to Carolina from Halifax Countv. 

Same to James Mercer, Esq., for use Rich'd Jarvis for £8.18.9 for 
Express hire from Fredericksburg. 

A Letter was written to Col. Lewis, of Gloster, in answer to liis of the 
3rd Instant, desiring him to forward 4CMK) lbs. powder, all the Balls, ami 
half the sheet lead to W'msburg, agreeing U) take all the Goods of i>ri- 
vate persons at common selling price; continent powder to remain under 
(iuard 'til (.^ongress give directions; vessel to be retained for public list* 
and employed as a Tender or on a voyage similar to her late one. 

A Letter written to the Hon. Delegates in Congress as follows (a c<»py 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 8 o'clock. 

June (), 

Thursday, June 6th, 1776. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Mercer. Mr. 
Cabell, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones, Mr. Tabb. 

A warrant to Thomas Prosser tor use John Hodge's for il!5 f«»r 
wagiron hire to Charlottesville with prisoners from Richmond. 


Same to Fred. Martin for use of Fred. Briggs, £3 for Gnn to Garland's Williams- 
Comp. Linen. Ord. to Carolina. j « 

Same to James Madison for himself and Wm. Morton for £48.5.0 for 1770 
sundry Blanketts furnished the Culpeper minute Batt. 

Present: Mr. Lee. 

Mr. Chas. Calvert is appointed to superintend the huilding of the two 
row Gallies ordered by convention to be omployed in Oorocock for the 
protraction of the Trade of this colony and North Carolina; he is to 
cnjrage a mai^ter builder to act as director of the Yard and as many 
workmen as ho may judge necessary for jjrosecuting the work with Exj)e- 
dition, and having the vessels finished as soon as possible; he is to pro- 
cure all necessaries for building — Iron, Cordage, Rigging, and i>rovide for 
the workmen upon the best terms he can, keeping an exact account of 
all his disbursements, which, with the workmen's wages and a reason- 
able allowance for his trouble, will be repaid by the public. It is left to 
Mr. Calvert to fix the yard at such place as he may judge best on Black- 
water or Nottoway, recommending it to him to keep in view the con- 
vt'niency of transporting cordage and Iron to it, which shall be brought 
down James River. 

Ord., that 50 lbs. i)owder out of the public stock at Fredericksburg be 
delivered to Colo. Brokenbrough for the use of the Militia of Richmond 
county, he having engaged tc^ be accountable for the ex])enditure 

Ord., that the commanding officer of the Lancaster Minute Batt. call 
into duty 25 minute men of one of the Richmond companies, under the 
command of a Lieut., to be stationed as he shall think best for the pro- 
tection of the inhabitants of that count v. 


A warrant to Major Thomas Johnson for £48.9.4 for anus and sundries 
for public use. 

Same to Mr. Rob. Williams for use Samuel Calland ifc Co. £12.10.0 for 
Leggins furnished Capt. Hutchings' Company, Pittsyva. 

• ft 

Three comm'ns issued to militia officers, Chas. City. 

A warrant to Capt. Robt. Tompkins for £150 ujion acc't to ])ay the 
carpenters employed on his Galley in Gloucester and other expenses. 

(!)rd., that Captain Tompkins be permitted to take two eighteen- 
pounders now lying at York Town for use of his Galley. 

Ord., that the Commissary of Stores deliver Caj)t. Tompkins 20 lbs. 
Twine for use of his Gallev. 

A warrant to Capt. Henrv Tavlor for £70.15.0 for sundrv and other 
Exjienses of Southampton minute men; and for use John Taylor 
for £28.13.0, his wages, tVrc, as (|uarter-master to s\l Batt.; for use of 
.Vhraham Jones 5s., for horse hire; for use Wrn. Ridley £10.4.4i, his 
pay as surgeon\s mate, and for use W'm. Miller £23.12.0 as (juarter-master 
5fei-geant to s'd Batt. 



Thf iV#riHnW (xriiu: infoniie*J tliat th«- (tumnianding officers* of the 
ijfiJitiii in wv^rmJ r-s^untit^ }ia\v ne«;l<^'te<J tu allot the men into di\ision:«, 
n^'ly U* Ur (.-aiUr^J into duty in |»rri|ier n*tdtions. fn^m a uik«iaken opinion 
that rur\t alkitni^-nt wsui* not t4i i»e iiia^ie until U|ion the want of their 
a^'tual >t:r\uri' it f^hiiuld a|»|jear there wi-re n^^t jsuflicient volunteers to 
answer tin- |fUr|io?«*'. Wherea-^^ thi?* t/omnree are of opinion that i^ueli 
amin^fnit'nt*' hIkiuM have li^^n made in the iiionth of Mardi last, altlio' 
the divi*iionK w*-n.' not to U* rrail^l on in ca.«*e of lnva.<ion and Insnrrei*- 
tiofi<( if the nef^essarv nunil^fr <*«>u]d lie made up l>v volunteers. It is 
tln-n-fore n^-ommendeil to the S4' venal otfieer? who have not alreadv done 
it. t^» imft.-iHtl to make such alk»tnients as the on linanee of Convention 
n'<|uir<*s without delay. Onl. to l»e published. 

Adiounie<l 'til to-morrow 8 oVUjek. 



June 7, 


Fkii>av. J*fiu 7th, 1776. 

Presinit: Mr. Pn-sident. Mr. Dijrges, Mr (arrrngton, Mr., Mr. Mercer, 
Mr. Tahh. Mr. Bland. Mr. Jiine.'^. 

A warrjint to Nicholas Faulconcr. jr.. Es^^.. for £39.^5.0, ballance of his 
ac<'t for 54 <^Junr» funiislied ('apt. Watkins' conip. (acc't for money 
arlvanred settled;: also for use .•sundry persons for £5.14.0 for sundries 
funiislied the jiuMic. (Mr. Faulconer's Bond ord. to be cam*elled. ) 

Same to CajU. (.'ahell for £37.17.0 fer subsistence of his company 
before their rendezvous. Comnrns issued and deliv'd. 

(aj»t. Patterson and officers of the r»th Hatt.. he beintr revieweil the 
same day (io wit, 24th February) with ('apts. Brents and Pleasants' 
companies, his. rank determined by Lot to give place to them. Others 
determined before. 

A warrant to Mr. Yelverton Pevtoii for £5.1.9, ballance of his acc'l 
resettled for )>rov's, l^)dging, and necessaries to sundry' minute men of 
Princ<* Wm. Batt. 

Same to Mrs. Frances Williams for £11, out of the money ord. by 
(Convention for the sufferers bv the fire at Norfolk. 

Same to Win. Sj>ellman for 20s. for bringing' some seamen up Jaiue.s 

A ]):iss granted Geo. Kerr to go to Edenton. 

A warrant to Apollos C(Mjper for £187.10.0, to ]>ay ('apt. West's Comi>-, 
:]rd \\a^\iX from ye 9th U) ye 28tb Feb'y ; also £10.2.6 for wa^on hire 
due to Capt. W<^t. 

Comnrns issued and del'd ('apt. West and officers (except Ensigt"* ^« 
<lated9tli Feb'y (8rd Reg't). 

A warrant to .John Talbot, Estfr, for use John Hunt, for £8.1.6 I* '^ 
sundry medicines and attenVe to KnoxV ami Crockett's Comp's of 1^^ 
an<l Sth l^eg'ts. 




Same to Bame for £55.15.5, baPnce of his acc't for money formerly Williams 
lulviinced to [nirchase army. Jnile^'i 

Same to same for use John Philjjs for £11.8.0, for waggonage of lead 1770 
and powder from Bedford. 

Same to same for use Jsham Talbot for £15.0.0. for do. to Capt. Scruggs' 
Comp., 5th Batt., to lOth A])ril. ' 

Same \x> siime for use James Davis for £13.10.0 for Do. to Do. to Kith 

Orderc^d, that the Treasurer enter to the credit of the P^state of John 
Robinson, Esq r, £10.4.0, for I^ead purelui^ed of tlie lead mim^ eomjiany 
and charge the same to the jmblic. 

A warrant to John Talbot, E.sq'r, use Clias. Lynch, Esq'r, for £50, 
upon arc't to carry on the Saltpetre work. 

Same to (leo. W'eeden, Esq'r, for use Jenifer i'i: Hooe for £230, for 100 
tbs. l^ark furnished the arm v. 

The Comm'ee of (Jloster are desired to take such measures as to them 
shall seem [)roper respecting the vessel in which Mr. Cann was tnken an<l 
the other vessels taken there. 

A warrant to Colo. Werdon for £75.10.S, the pay of sundry cadets in 
ye 3rd Reg't to this dav. 

Ord., a warrant to Colo. Banister for use Thomas Scott for £11.10.0, 
for waggon hire. 

Same to Messrs. Howard it Hewitt for £50 upon acc't. to enable tiiem 
to carry on the Salt Works as ('omm'rs app'd by convention in York 
county. Bond ex'd, ackn'd, and ord. re'd. 

Ordered, that Caleb Herbert be retained as a nra^'^ter builder of a ship- 
yard upon Rappahannock, and Reuben Herbert for such yard on York 
River, and each of them are desired as soon as jiossible to engage a proper 
number of workmen for building two Rowe Gallies, to be employed in 
each of the said Rivers for the purpose of transporting Troops across 
them, according to resolution of convention. 

Ordered, that the three deserters from the Roebuck, latelv brouuht to 
this pla<^e and confined by a former order, be now discharged, as there 
rfJiiains no danger of their communic^iting the small-pox or any other 
rnaligiiant di.sease to the inhabitants of this colony. 

Ord.. that the large Rifle Gun purchased of Mr. John l^ryor be deliv- 
^^^A to Maj'r Nelson for th(* use <>f the 7th lUtt. 

A warrant to Col. Bassett for £21.4.S for 3 Beaves to Capt. Lilly for 
^^'\yL. Liberty. 

A warrant to William Madison for £31.1b.9, BallVe his acc't for i)ur- 
^base of arms, having rendered his acc't for £1000 advanced liim for 
^^^t purpose; also £5 for 2 drums purchased for Capt. Posey and Steph- 

Same to Pat. T/x^hart for use Wm. McLelin for £10 for waggonage 
^^*>ni Bote't w'th arms purchased by Mr. Maddison. 


Williams- Sanio to J. PeiuUoton, jr., for use of Wm. Beardley, £3.12.0 for making 
Imiy.^ and fitting Bayonets to Pleasant's conipV, oth Reg't. 
1770 ' Same to Roh't Smith for £0, waggon, to RuHselFs conip., 5th, and 

12s.()d. waggon, in removing eaimon. 

Same to Jamet> Hunter for £150 for 25 Guns purchaseil for public use 
by order of convention; also £250 upon acc't for purchase of arms, 
lntren<'bing Tools and Iron. 

Ordered, that the Quartermaster deliver Ro[)'t Smith 5 days' prov'sfor 
himself and j)rovender for his horses, waggon being employed for the 

Mr. Richard Taylor is emj cowered to furnish the minute men on the 
Carolina expedition, sUitioned at Petersburg, with prov's while they 
remain there. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow S t»'cloek. 


Williams- Satukdav, Jinie Sth, 1776. 


i77#:^' Present: Mr. Digges, President pro temp., Mr. Carrington, Mr. ^fereer^ 

Mr. Lee, Mr. Cabell, and Mr. Bland. 

A warrant to Jos. Clapham for £82.18.H for Drums and Fifes fur— 
nishe<l the London Militia and for sundries furnished the public. 

Same t4) Colo. Frances Peyton for 1*^5.10.0 for arms furnished ('apt- - 
West's compV of the Prince William Batt.; also £5.8.0 for use Wn^m. . 
Johnson for a stand of colours to I^oudon militia, and for use Isaa^^t 
Humpluies £8.12.0 for 18 days' service <as Lieut, to Russell's Comp., 5t:*l:i 
reg't, not having n}ade uj> his quota, altho' he reiTuited 7 men, was diss— 

Same to P. R. T. Lee for £138.1.9i, pay of his compV of 8rd Biitt. t.o 
28th FebV. 

Same to Silas C(x>per for £54.15.0 for hunting shirts and hat bindinjc: 
to Russell's comp'y, 5th Reg't. 

Same to Wm. Aylett, Es(['r, for £2;MG.() for Bread and Flour furnisHocI 
( -apt. Travis and his (lalley. 

Same lo Rev. Thomas Davis for £31.18.9 for 2 boats purchase<i V»y 
Northampton Connn'ee for use of the Troops on the Ejistern Shore. 

A commission issued to the Judges of liOudon County. 

Present: Mr. President and Mr. Jones. 

Ordered, that 50 lt)s. powder from Fredericksburg be dePd to theor<.l<?r 
of the County Lieut, of Essex, to be by him safely kept for use of i*^^^ 

Mr. John Lyne, of King and Queen County, is employed to ftinii^^ 
the 2 niin. comi)ys to be sent from that county to Middlesex w'thpro"**'^ 
at 7A-d. pV ration, provided he will agree thereto .and give Bond. 


A warrant to liient. Jas. Quarles for £49.1.0, for pay and proN^s of his Williams- 
l)art of ('apt. Cocke's Comj)'y of Mariners, and for use Jno. Qnarles, sen'r, j^JJe^j!; 
for £5.11.0 for prov's to Do. 177() ' 

Ord., the Keeper of the Magazine deliver Lt. Quaries 100 lbs. lead for 
his Marines. 

Wni. Saunders is app'd master of the Adventure pilot hoat, to he 
('ni])loyed as a cruizer in the Rap])ahannock. 

A warrant to Lt. Wni. Gregory for £8.0.2, for pay and prov's of a guard 
to negroes sent t<3 Mr. Lynch from Chas. (^ity to Warwick. 
' On consid. the petit'n of the deserters from L'd Dun more, they are 
permitted to leave the naval service and enlist in the land service, j)ro- 
vided they return the bounty money rec'd of Capt. Westcot, and until 
such Inlistment the commissary to furnish vni w'th i)rovi's. 

Mr. Faulconer having settled his acc't w'th the Comm'ee of money 
advanced to purchase arms, ord. his bond be cancelled and del'd him. 

Ord., that the commanding officer of the minute men rendezvoused at 
Petersburg be directed to march them to Cobham 'til further orders. 
A jiass to Thomas Fisher to go to Suffolk. 

A warrant to Sergeant Kelley for £6.16.0 for 84 days' pay as Adj't to 
4th Ratt. 

( )rd., that the General be requested to give it out in orders that all the 
officers in the Continental service who have not rec'd their comm'ns 
ap[>ear before the Comm'ee to receive them. 

A warrant to John Green, jr., for £56.12.6 for Wm. Ronald's order in 
his favor, to be charged the said Ronald as paymaster of tbe 9th Ratt. 

Same to James Gordon, Escj'r, for £4.0.4^, for Expenses paid for Tnms- 
portation of powder to Lancaster. 

A Ix*tter t^) Virginia Delegates and one other to the Council of Safety 
of North Carolina were written (copies filed) and ord. to be recorded. 
A warrant to Major Spots wood for £24.6.6 for his Forage to 28th Feb'y. 
Same to John Ferguson for £16.8.4, his acc't for negro hire and attend- 
ance, i^'c, in the Palace Garden as j)ublic Gardener. 
Absent: Mr. Mender. 

A iia^s to Alex'r Thompson to go to Portsmouth, and to John Mclntire 
to go to Gloster Town. 

Same to Wm. Alexander to go thro' the Colony on his way to Piiila- 

Same to Mr. Wilcason Barsdy, of Urbanna, to go up the Ray in his 

David Mason, Esci'r, having accounted for £120 advanced him to arms, ordered that his Bond be delivered to him. 

A warrant to Wm. Pitt for £o.l.4 for bunting furnished Capt. Travis; 
also £8S.10.0 for 18 Guns furnished do. for his Galley. 

On hearing the appeal of Mr. Charles Neilson from the Judgment of 




June 8, 

the CoxiTt of Comm'rs for Middlesex county. It is the opinion of the 
C'onini'ee that the said proceedings and the verdict thereon are sufficient 
to proceed to judgment on. Therefore the (bmm'ee do resolve that he 
be confined w'thin the li raits of the county of Fauquier 'til the further 
order of Convention, Conim'ee of Safety, or other executive power, and that 
he be committed to custody until he give security in the penalty of £UMM» 
for keeping such limits, and with condition to repair to the said county 
withhi 20 days, that he do not depart without the s'd limits until he shall 
l)e permitted so to do by the Convention or others having the executive 
powers of Government during their recess, nor give intelligence to or in 
any manner aid or assist the Enemy. 

John Agnew, cl'k, not being able to procure personal security for his 
future good behavior, according to a former order of the Comm'ee, volun- 
tarily proposed to convey his lands and slaves to the use of the colony 
as a security for such good behavior, which is accej)ted by the Comm'ee 
and the conveyance executed. 'Tis hoped all remembrance of his former 
conduct will be forgotten, and that his future will be such aj3 to reconi- 
mend him to ye enjoyment of peace and harmony with the society. 
Col. Riddick (a witness) took the deed to have it recor'd in Nansemond 
court and to return it when recor'd, with a certificate of its being admit- 
ted to record. 

Adjourned 'til Monday 8 o'clock. 


June 10, 

Monday, June 10th, 1776. 

Present: Mr. Digges, President pro tempjore; Mr. Carrington, Mr. Bland, 
Mr. Lee, Mr. Cabell, and Mr. Jones. 

A warrant to Benjamin Watkins, Jr., for use of Robert Donald for 
£1.0.8 for Ferriages to certain Troops of the Navy at Warwick. 

Same to Alex. Spotswood for £4 for a Gun. 

A j)ermit to Joseph Eggleton to go to Hampton. 

Same to Lt. Col. Scott for £8.9.5^ for the ballance of his acc't for 
rations to ve 28th Feb'v. 

Same to the members and officers of this Comm'ee for £470.15.0. fu^ 
their attendance and services from 6tli of Mav to this dav inclusive. 

Same to Nath1 Hurwell, Esfj'r, for £6.10.0 for a Spy Glass to theanw^. 

Same to Major John Glenn for £20.12.6, for pay of his minut43 coinv*'y 
in the month of March, of Mecklenburg district. 

Same to Abram Crosswright for £0.11s., for Corn and Fodder. 

Ord., the Keeper of the Magazine deliver Capt. Mitchell a Drum ^^^ 
his Marines. 

Present: Mr. President. 

Col. Syme is desired to provide provisions for the minute men ^'"^ 



militia at Hanover Town during the time of their stay there, and Col. 
( )vert<)u for same at Richmond. 

A warrant to Isaac Smith, EsqV, for £40.5. 7A, for sundries furnished 
the Eastern Shore Batt. 

Same to same for use Edw'd Curtis for £7o, for 250 lbs. powder for use 
of the public. 

Same to John Mayo, Esq'r, for use Anto. Christian for 22s., for nursing 
Avk soldier of* Patterson's comp., Gth Reg't. 

Same to Alex'r Bessie for £4, for a Gun to Capt. Ruffin's comp., (Uh 

Same to Smith Bleakey for £8.13.4, for making oars for the Hero 

Ord., tliat the two comp's.of minute men in I^udon who are complete, 
he marched to Alexandria and continue on duty there 'til further orders, 
to relieve the three comp's of the 3rd Reg't now on duty there. 

A warrant to James Marshall for use Hon. Jno. Tayloe, EsqV, for 
£70o.S.3, for sundry cannon Ball, plank, and Pigg Iron furnished for the 
Navv in Portsmouth. 


Same to Same for £30.6.8 for a quantity of shot for the navy in Rappa- 
:'hannock river. 

(fCHii^e Mason and John Dalton, Esq'rs, are requested to view a Blanket 
made at a Manufactory lately set uj) in Pennsylvania, and if they approve 
thereof, that they contract for the purchase of 2000 upon the best terms 
they can, to he delivered agreeable to such sample. 

A warrant to John Muschett for use John Riddel for £3.6.0, for rugs to 
Prince \Vm. Batt. min. men, also for use I^ewis Hipkins, £4.10.0 for a 
Kifle (Jun to 3rd Virg'a Regiment. 

The CV)mmVM* of Elizabeth C'ity, are desired to agree w'th proper per- 
sons to convey the several vessels now in Hampton River, to some safe 
l>ljue uj) Appomattox river, to bedeliv'd into the care of Dinwiddle ('om- 
in'ee, and by them safely kept 'til the further order of this board, and the 
^'oininVe of Eliza. (Mty are further requested to send up by the said ves- 
"^^l. 4 of the 18 pounders at Hampton, to be landed at Burwell's Ferry, 
a-nd if any of them burst in proof, they send the pieces by the said vas- 
^^h to Appomattox. 

Ordered, that the Commanding officer at Hampton be requested to prove 
^'1 the cannon at that place and report to this board. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to George Reid for seventeen pounds five 
^hilliiigji for arms furnished Captain Travis, and Thirty-<me pounds ten 
•*^'' killings for anns furnished Captaui Mitchell. 

^ )rdered, that a warrant issue to Mr. Edward Champion Travis for 
'Nineteen pounds ten shillings for a Top Sail, main Sail, and Jibb sold to 
^ ^* 1 )tain Travis. 


June 10, 


Williams- Ordered, that the KeejKT of the Puhlic Magazine do deliver to Lit*u- 

burg, tenant Mereer fifty-eidit Guns and sixtv-six ])av'netH lor t]ie nne of Cap- 

177<) tain WaHliington's eonipany, of tlie third iJattjilion, and Mr. Mercer is to 

return sevenU^en Guns in the hands of the said Company which are unfit 

for use. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to William Booker for tlie use of Thomas 
Ilamblett for five pounds ten shillings for a Ritie Gun purchased of 
Adam Jones for the Prince Edward minute men. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to William Reynolds for Two Hundre<l 
and Fifty-Three jmunds one shilling and nine pence half penny for sun- 
dry disbursements in fitting out the Brigg' Liberty. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Boiling Starke, Esijuire, for the use of 
sundry persons for twenty-nine ])Ounds, ten shillings, for arms furnished 
Captain Ruflin's company, of the Oth Battalion. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Mr. John PLatley Norton for sev(^n- 
t(3en pounds fourteen shillings for Rum furnished the (lUard to the Prize 
vessell at Cumberland Town, and for six pounds seventeen shillings and 
six pence for waggonage of arms from Winchester. 

Ordered, that the Keeper of the Public Ma^razine do deliver to Captain 
Walker two hundred and four cartouch boxes, seven hundred and 
fifty pickers and brushes, a Rheam of (Cartridge Paper for the use of the 
ninth Bat tall ion. 

Ordered, that warrant issue to Captain Walker for eleven pounds, six 
shillings and four i>ence for necessaries furnished his company. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Cai)tain Walker for the use of Samuel 
Carr for five ))0unds for a RiHe Gun furnished his company. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Joseph Morton for the use of William 
Morton for one pound, for two blankets furnished the ('harlotte minute 
men, and six shillings for a Fife furnished Captain Morton, his militia 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captiiin Walker for the use of William 
Ronald for two thousand five hundred pounds on account as Paynin.'^ter 
to the Eastern Shore Battiilion. 

A certificate of the review of Captain Collier's minutt^ C-ompany, in tlie 
County of Charlotte, on the 27th of May, was returned and ordered to 
be filed. 

The Committee adjourned till to-morrow eight o'clock. 

Sitnied : 

Edmund Pendlkton. 

Williams- TiEsDAY, lUh June, 1776. 


'^"i"-^rJ^' Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Bland, Mr. Carriiijr- 

tx)n, Mr., and Mr. Jones. 




Ordered, that a warrant isHue to Caj)tain James C'oeke for two hundred 
and filly pounds on aeeount. to f'urnisli necessaries for the outfit of his 
Cruiser, and to pay the wages of the woi-knien. 

Ordered, that WilHam Ivey and Rohert Brett he permitted to pass 
from hence to Kemp's Landing. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Joseph Morton for the use of James 
Venahle for one pound, fourteen sliillings and three pence for provisions 
furnished Captain Collier's Minute Company of the county of Charlotte. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Richard Covington for nine shillings, 
for ]>rovisions furnished a Guard with the arms sent to this city hy Mr. 
E<lward Snickers. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Bartlett Anderson for the use of sundry 
persons for eight pounds sixteen shillings, for arms and other articles 
furnished for the puhlic use. 

Ordered, that Mr. Richard Taylor do deliver to (Japtain James Cocke 
out of the provisions at Petershurg, such as he may want for the use of 
his Cruiser. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Dr. George Gilmour for the use of 
Thomas Simpson, for twenty-three pounds, three shillings and five pence, 
for Rugs furnished Captain Anderson's company of the fifth Battalion. 

Captain George Johnston, of the second Battalion, attended pursuant 
to (leneral Orders from Brigadier General Lewis, and being offered his 
Continental conunission, refused t(^ accej>t the same, audit is ordered that 
the same be certified to the Brigadier. Lieutenant Markes, of the second 
Battalion, and Lieutenant Russell, of the same Battalion, attended and 
received their Continental commissions. 

A certificate of the review of Captain Taylor's (Company from Orange 
on the 8th of May was returned, and Captain Taylor attended with his 
subalterns and received conmussions dated accordingly. 

Ordered, that the Commissary of Stores do credit Captain Massie in 
at'count for sixty-one j)ounds five shillings and six pence, the amount of 
a stated allowance for hunting shirts, leggins, and bindings furnished his 

Ordered, that the Keeper of the Public Magazine do deliver to Mr. 
•^^>hn Ballandine one hundred j)ounds of powder for the use of the 
^^last Furnace. 

Resolved, that Brigadier-General Lewis be requested to order the 
^^ iister-Master-Cieneral to repair immediately to Gloucester county to 
^•*\ister the seventh Battalion and report the same to this Board. 

Kesolved, that George Mason, Esquire, be authorized to draw^ on the 
^ *>inmissarv of Provisions here for rations to such seamen as may come 
^-* this city engaged for the Potowmack River Department. 

l>rflered, that a warrant issue to N'inson Johnson, John Short and 
^^ illiam Lively for one pound t<jn shillings each, to support them to 

June 11, 



Williams- Philad(»lphia; and it i.s ordered that thev be permitted to ])ass accord- 

177() ()rder<Hl, that a warrant issue to John (lardner tor the use of Abraham 

Warminirton for twenty-one shillings, for horse hire and harness lost in 
the public servire. 

Resolved, that William Oarroll and Isham Edwards be permitted tn 
pass with provisions trom the counties of Isle of W'itrht and Surry tn 
this (!itv and to return. 

A letter to Mr. William Ronald on the Eastern Shore, wa.s read, approved 
of, and ordered to be Recorded. 

Absent: Mr. liC^;. 

OrdcTed, that a warmnt issue to Samuel AfcDowell, Esq'r, for sevrn 
pounds, sevent4H»n shillin<rs and (Mght iK'iice for a <lrum and e4)lours fur- 
nished the August^! Militia. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Charles McCarty, Es(|uire, for the use 
of William Colston, for seventeen shillings, for provisions furnishe<l tin* 
Richmond Militia. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Lieutenant Joseph Curd for the use 
of Nathaniel Jetfries for one pound, for express hire. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Charles Gregory for the use of Joseph 
Poythress for six pounds, for two mustjui^ts. 

Resolv(Kl, that the Committee for the countv of liancaster b(» author- 
ized to call into actual service, if thev think it necessarv, the whob* of 
the two minute companies in that county, f)rovided they can be armfnl. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Parke (joodall for twenty-tive pounds, 
fifteen shillings, for arms furnished the Hanover minute men; and thre<' 
pounds eighteen shillings and six pence for the use of Edmund Taylor, 
for provisions furnished Captain Walker and Cai)tiiin Jouette, their 

Ordered, that a warrant issue U) Cn])t4un Wallace for two hundre<l and 
eighteen ]»ounds nineteen shillings and seven pence half-penny, for the 
pay of his company to the 28th of February. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Lieutenant Mercer for the use of 
Cai)tain Washington for two hundred and five pounds four shillings an<l 
nine p(Mice half-penny, for the j)ay of his comi)any to the 28th of 
February and for four hunting shirts*. 

Mr. Parke Goodall produced a sample of Gun Powder manufactunHl 
under his direction at a Mill belonging to Samuel Hardgrove, and it_^ 
having been tried and found tobegmnl: Resolved, that it be recoiii — 
mended to the Committee for the county of Pfanover and all indivi<luaL rs 
r(\'<iding upon the branches of York River, who may have eollectetl i-:^ 
manufactured this article for the j>ublic use, U) deliver the name, wit-_-1] 
such sulphur jis may be in their hands, to the said Mr. (^lotKlalJ to k -me 
manufactured into powder for tVie use of this (Colony at the rate of 8=^5 x 


shilliufre per pound, discounting for the saltpetre and sulphur what the Williams- 
same co-st tlie public. And the said Mr. Goodall entered into bond with j "^^|i 
M'curity to comply with this Resolution. 1776 

It appearing to the Board that Thomas Gibbons, Second liieutonant of 
Murines under Ca[)tain Mitchell, cannot recruit his quota of men, and, 
l>i'ing willing to resign, 

Resolved, That Gabriel Madison be appointed to that office in the 
room of the said Thomas Gibbons. 

Captain William Mitchell having declined manufacturing Gun Powder, 
jucording to a foriner proposition to this Board, returned the order he 
ol)tained on Colonel Syme for seventy-five pounds of saltpetre, and it is 
ordered that the same be cancelled. 

Ordered, that the Commissary of Stores do deliver to Captain Mitchell 
six pottK, three quires of Cartridge Paper, twenty-five pounds of Powder, 
one iiundred pounds of lead, fi Ity-six ciirtoueh boxes, and a few pair of 
Imllet moulds for the use of marines. 

( )r(lered, that the Guard stationed at Bnindon, in the county of Prince 
( icorge, be discharged. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Mathew Andersim for one hundred 
and eightv-one r)ounds for iirovisions and otlier necessaries furnished the 
trooj)s at Hampton in the months of October and November last, ami 
nine pounds one shilling for cyder furnished them. 

The Conmiittee adjourned till to-mormw eight o'clock. 

Signed : 

El)M r N D PENDLETt )N . 

WeDXRSDAV, Uth Jnii(\ 1770. Willianis- 


Pnsfnt: Mr. Digges, Mr. (^abell, Mr. C^arrington, Mr. Bland, Mr., •'"ij?^"''' 
Mr. Jones. 

Ordered, that a Avarrant issue to William Watts, Esquin*, for the use 
«»r Captain Charles Allen for twenty pounds for a further allowanc^e for 
thr training duty of his minute company in the months of April and 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Ca})tain Allen for the use of (i(M)rge 
r>ooker for four pounds ton shillings, for a Rifle (lun. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Corbin (irilHn, Escpiire, for one hun- 
i\vvi\ and seventeen pounds, for thirty-nine Cums furnished Captain Ball's 
Coinjiany of the fifth Battalion. 

Ordered, that the eonnnissary of stores at Fredericki^burg, do deliver 
to Colo. Washington of Westmoreland or to his order, one hundred pounds 
of powder for the use of the said county. 

( >rdered, that a warrant issue to John Pendleton for the use of Robert 




June 12, 


Warren, for three j)oiinds, nineteen shillings and six pence, for provisions 
furnished Captain Stevenson and Captain Hayes, their Companies. 

Ordered, that the Comniissarv of Stores do deliver to the Deput\' 
Quarter- ]\Last<T (General, so much of the Linen purchased of Mr. Mathews, 
as is of a fit quantity for Tents. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to David Campbell, for seven pounds, 
ten shillings, for his [)ay as waggon master to the 28th of February. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Lieutenant John Clayton, of Captain 
Hallanrs Company, for twelve pounds, nine shillings and eight pence far- 
thing, the ballance of his aci^ounts for rations and Forage to the 28th of 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Ensign Lawson of Captain BallarfPs 
Company, for twelve pounds, sixteen sliillings and three pence, the bal- 
lance of his account for rations and Forage to the 28th of February. 

Beller Claiborne, Secwid Lieutenant in Capt. Richard Meade's Com- 
pany, of the Second J^attalion, attended, subscribed the articles of war, 
and received his Continental Commission. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to William Clayton, EsqV, for the use oi 
(leorge Poindexter for one pound, for two musquets. 

Ordered, that the (^onnnissary of Stores do deliver to Captain Thomas 
Walker one Rheam of Cartridge Paper for the use of thenitith Battalion. 

Present: Mr. President. 

Ordered, that John Hopkins and Richard Croshia Graves be permitted 
to transport. CI rain and Flour l»y water from Chickahominy to the Cireat 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captain Leitch for the use of William 
Dunn for one pound twelve shillings and six pence for a boat ])urcha.sed 
for the use of the troops at Hampt<Mi. 

Ordered that a warrant issue to Mr. John Herbert for fifty i)Ounds on 
account to defray his expenses in directing and managing the building 
two Row Gallies. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captain Christopher Calvert for two 
hundred j)ounds on account to exi>edite the building two Roe Gallies in 
North Carolina. 

Tt appearing: to this Board tlmt large (juantities of Iron and considev- 
able number of nails have been collected from the ruins of Norfolk i>>' 
the j>eo]>le in the neighborhood of that i)lace, man\' of whom have vv) 

claim to then), and as those articles are much wanted for Public use It 

is ordered that Captain Christopher Calvert be authorized and re(iuest:»*3*l 
to collect all such Iron and nails for the use of this ('olony, having tb^:^i» 
appraised l)V two or three honest men upon oath ; and that he do a-l'*«> 
return with the appraisement, a list of the names of the persons inwh<^*^ 
hands those articles shall be found, that justice may hereafter l>e don^ to 
the respective Proprietors. 



Ordered, that a warrant issue to Nathaniel Littleton Saviij^e, Esquire, Williain.s- 
for twi) hundred and Hcventv-five pounds, to be paid to the committee june^l*2 
for the County of Northampton on account for fitting out two Cruisers 177G 
and for advanced pay to Seamen and marines. 

Thoroughgood Smith, Esquire, appeared before this Board and con- 
tracted to furnish the Marine Dei)artment on the Eastern Shore with pro- 
visions at seven ])ence lialf penny per ration. 

Resolved, that Thoroughgood Smith, Esc^uire, be ap])ointed Paymaster 
to the Seamen and marines on the Eastern Shore, and that he l>e allowed 
aft^r the rate of twenty-five pounds per annum for his trouble therein 
and all reasonable expenses in travelling to and returning from this 
Board on necessarv business of his oilice. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Francis Peyton, Es(]uire, for the use 
of Thomas Lewis for forty-five pounds, ten shillings, the ballance of his 
account for waggon hire to this Day. 

Ordered, that the commanding officer of the troops on the Eastern 
Shore, be rcHjuested to give the Commissioners of the Salt works there, 
any assistance he can spare from the soldiery by such as shall be wiUing 
to engage therein, who shall be allowed one shilling per day additional 
pay during their contiimance in that employment. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captain Vounghusband for one hun- 
dred and ninety-two nounds six shillings and ten pence half penny, the 
!>allance of his account for sundry disbursements for the vessells fitting 
out under his direction. 

Ordered, tliat a warrant issue to Captain YounghusI)and for the use of 
George Hoj)e for four pounds five shillings for Junk, an<l ninety -one 
pounds two shillings and sixpence for sundrN* necessaries furnished the 
Hero (iallev. 

rj«'utenant Hughes and Ensign Robinson, in Captain Fontaine's Com- 
pany, c»f the second Battalion, att<*nded this Board, and l)eing offered 
their continenUil conunissions refused to accept the same; and it is 
'>rdered, that their refusal be certified to Brigadier-General Lewis. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Lsjuic Smith, Esrjuire, for fifty pihmds 
^*>r the use of tlie Commissioners of the Salt W(jrks on the EiisU;rn Shore 
<^i> account to forward the said works. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Claiborne I^awson for the use of Lieu- 
^^-iiant Cunningham for eleven pounds nine shillings and eleven pence 
'^<t^lf jj<?nny, the ballance of his account for Rations and Forage to the 
^^th of Februarv. 

Onlered, that a warrant issue to William Wilkins and William Ken- 
'^i^ll for one pound ten shillings each to support them from hence to 
^^^iladelphia; and it is ordered that they be permitted to pass accord- 

Ordt'red, that a warrant issue to John Young for the use of Captain 





June 12, 

Travis for one hundred and sixty-nine pounds eighteen shillings and six 
l^ence for the pay of his Seamen. 

The Coinniittee adjourned till to-morrow at eight o'clock. 

Signed : 

Edmund Pendleton. 


June 13, 

TnuKSDAY, ISth nf Jmie, 1776. 

Present: Mr. Digges, Mr. Carringti^n, Mr. Lee, ^^^. Cabell, Mr. Bland, 
Mr. .Tones. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Thomas Ilines, for five pounds, five 
shillings for his pay as waggon driver for the second Battalion to the 28th 
of February. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to John PoUet, for four pounds, six shil- 
lingSj for his pay as waggtnier for the second Battalion to the 9th of Feb- 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Richard Bonner, for two pounds, nine- 
teen shillings, for his })ay as a waggoner for the second Battalion t-o the 
28th of February. 

Ordered, tliat John Graves be permitted to pavSS from hence to Ports- 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to .Tames Taylor, Es(]t, for two pounds, 
thirteen shillings and eight pence, for the pay of a Quarter-Master Ser- 
geant, disallowed in the settlement of his accounts as Paymaster to the 
Caroline Battalion, and fourteen shillings for the use of Mr. Hubbard, for 
necessaries furnished Captain Beale and Ca])tain Stevenson, their Com- 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to John S. Wills, EsqV, for the use of 
William Chapham, for three pounds, ten shillings for a Gun; seventeen 
pounds for the use of William Jordan, for four Guns furnished Captain 
Arthur Siriith of the fourth Battalion, and four pounds, two shillings and 
six pence for the use of John Derring, for blankets furnished Cajitain 
Davis's Company of the first Battalion. 

Ordered, that James Calloway, Esfjuire, do deliver to John Davis^ 
(waggoner) a wagon load of Lead to be brought to this city for the pub- 
lic use. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Richard Bland, Esquire, for six j)oun( 
for a Telescope sold to Captain James Cocke. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to William Lindsey for one jKJUnd, eig 
teen shillings and six ])ence, for his expenses and trouble in collecti" 
cannon, according to a fonner order oi this Board. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Field and Call, for two pounds, X^^^iro 
shillings and four pence, for ten pott,s furnished Captain Shenem's n^ A/- 



lite Company in Amelia county; one inmncl, seven shillings and three 
pence, for i^eyau pott^ furnished Captain Collier's minute company in 
Charlotte county; six pounds for a Ritle and two pounds five shillings 
for a musciuet furnished Captain Ballard's minute company in Mecklen- 
burg County; respectfully ordered to North Carolina. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to James Holt, Esijuire, for four j)ounds, 
ten shillings; and four jMmnds, ten shillings for the use of John Wilson, 
each for a (tun furnished Captain ^hlthews' Company of the fourth Bat- 
tallion, and four pounds, ten shillings, for the use of Maxanjilian Marley, 
for a Gun sold to Lieutenant Colonel Scott. 

Present: Mr. President. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Robert Williams, Esq'r, for the use of 
James Roberts, for four pounds and six pence, for provisions furnished 
Captain Hutchins' Company. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Richard Squire Taylor, for eight ix)unds, 
ten shillings, for threes Guns furnished Captain Ritcheson's Company. 

Charles Neilson having entered into Bond, with James Mills, Nathaniel 
Carpenter, his securities, agreeable to the sentence of tl\is Board, it is 
ordered that he be discharged out of custody. 

Lieutenant^Colonel Crawford of the fifth Battalion, attended and took 
the oath prescribed by an ordinance of convention, subscribed the articles 
of war and received his commission. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to John Hollowav for the use of John 


Briggs, for thirty-nine pounds seven shillings and seven pence farthing, 
for a main sail and jibb sold to Captain Younghusband. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to David Jamieson for fifteen pounds 
twelve shillings for the Freight of Flour and Cora, and fifteen pounds for 
the Freight of cannon. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to George Mason, Esquire, assignee of 
John Gibson, for two pounds ten shillings, for twenty yards of half-thick 
furnished Captain Johnston of the Second Regiment. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Colonel William ' Lvne for the use of 
King and Queen county for eight pounds and three pence and three 
farthings, for repairs to arms. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Mann Pjige, Esquire, for the use of 
Reuben Zimmerman for twenty shillings, for wood furnished the minute 
tnen on duty in Spot'^ylvania county. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Archibald Cary, Esq'r, for foily 
pounds on account, to forward the removal of the inhabitants of Norfolk 
iind Princess Anne counties. 

The Committee adjourned till to-morrow eight o'clock. 


June 18, 

Signed : 

Edmund Pkndleton. 


WillianiH- Friday, 14th Juiie, 1776. 

1776 * Pn\S(?nt: Mr. Pnfsident, Mr. ])i<rges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Cabt^ll, Mr. 
Hland, Mr. Jones. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to James Hill for the use of William 
( Jlover for four pounds five shillings for a Gun sold to Lieutenant Quarles 
of Captain John Catesby Cocke's Company of Marines. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Doctor Dmper for twenty-four pounds 
eighteen shillings and nine pence for his pay a,s Surgeon to the tnx^ps at 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Ensign Worsham for the use of C'apt. 
Everard Meade, of the Second Hattalion, for one hundred and tiftv-seven 
pounds sixteen shillings and nine pence for the pay of his Company to 
the 2Sth. 

Resolved, that Maurice Smith, Lewis Dudley, Beverly Daniel, Lodin 
wick Jones, and John (k^rge, gentlemen of the county of Middlesex, or 
any three of then), he appointed and are hereby authorized to take pos- 
session of th(f estati% both real and }>ersonal, of (.'harles Neilson, and 
cultivat<> the same to the l)est advantage. That out of the profits* thence 
arising, they supply his family from time to time with such necessaries 
for their maintenance ju5 they shall judge pro|)er, and pay the resiilue into 
the hands of th(^ j»ul)lic Treasun»r, to be subject io the payment of the 
just debt^ of the said Charles Neilson, to be ;iscertained by this Boanl, 
and the overplus to be laid out in such manner as the said Boanl shall 
think nH)st for the advantage of this Colony. 

Ordered, that a warmnt issue to David Mason, Esquire, for the use of 
sundry persons, for twenty -one pounds, fifteen shillings and four j>ence, 
for Blankets, l{uggs, and Pottv^ furnishtHl the comj>anies ordered from 

Sussex count V to North C^irolhia; and one other warrant for twentv 

• • • 

pounds on account, to purchase jmnisions for the said companies. 

Resolved, that John Goodrich, junior, be examined l>efore this Board 
on Fryday, the 21st of this month, ancj it is ordered that he do attend 

OrderiKl, that Humphrt\v Massenburg and John Stephens be surn- 
mond to attend this Boanl on Frydav, the 21st of this month, to jjive 
evidence on the examination of John G<K)drich, junior. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Ennlerick >rartin, Es<fr, for the u.<e 
of Captain James Mason and his sidmltenis for nine jKiunds two shill- 
ings and four pence half |H»nny. the ballance of their account for rations 
while thev wen' on dutv at Norfidk. 

Onlen'tl, that a warrant issue to Frederick Marlin. Esquire, for thirty 
|K>unds. on accvumt, to pun*hast» |»n»visions for the men onlereil from 
Brunswick Count v to North Carolina. 

C)nlcnHl, that Jamt^ Robinson 1h» {HTmitttHl to [wi8S thnm^li tliit> 



('<»lony with his negro man Abraham on his way to Phila(lel]>hia, and 
that Simon French he ptTmitted t4) i)ass in like manner to Nlaryland. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to James Robinson, a Deserter from 
I^ird Dunmore, for three pounds to Bui)port him to Philadel}»hia. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Simon French, a Deserter from Lord 
Dunmore, for two pounds to sujiport him to Maryland. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to John Pendleton for the use of Jacob 
Carter for four pounds for a Gun furnished Capt-ain Pleasants, of the 
tifth Hattalion. 

Present: Mr. Lee. 

Ordererl, that a warrant issue to William Cooju'r, EsqV, for fifteen 
pounds for thirty days as Major of the militia of — County in actual 
service ; twenty-one pounds twelve shillinjjrs for the use of Samuel 
(/ohoon for medicines and attendance to the second Hattalion; one 
pound two shillinji:s and six penc(» for the use of Sparling Laurence iV: 
Company for (lardcn Spades and line.^; one pound seven shillings and 
six pence for the use of Elisha Coupland for Ruggs furnished the fourth 
Hattiilion, and ten pounds for the use of John Vallancier for forty hoes 
j)urchased for the public use. 

Caj>tain Fontiiin, of the second Hattulion, attended and took the oath 
prescribed by an ordinance of convention, subscribed the articles of war, 
and received his Continental commis.sion. 

Ordered, that the connnissarv of stores do deliver to the order of 
(ieorge Afason, Esquire, so many blankets or Ruggs as he may apply for, 
for the use of such seamen and marines as shall rendezvous at this |>lace 
l>elonghig to Potowmack River. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to John Philipson for seven pounds for 
two Draughts of a Roe Galley and for his exj^enses in attending this 
Hoard u\um public business. 

The Committee adjourne^l till to-morrow eight o'clock. 


June 14, 

Signed : 


Saturday, Juitr l/jfh, 1776. 

Present: ^fr. Digges, Prest. pro-temi)ore, Mr. Carrington, Afr. Lee, Mr. 
C'abell, Mr. Mercer and Mr. Bland. 

A warrant to Samuel Garland for £23.10.10^ for hunting shirts fur- 
^lisbed his minute company ; also £17.8.6 for four days' duty in April 
f^liis ccmip'y of Lunenburg) ; also for use Capt. Robt. Dixon £18.9.2 for 
l3t). his comp'y of same county in Afiril; for use of Jos. Hillups £6.5.0, 
tV)r waggonage to Ca})t. Garland's minute comi>any ; and for use to Wm. 
Poster for £4, for waggonage to Capt. Stc^vens' min. com p., Amelia. 


June 15, 


Williams- Same to Win. Booker, Esq., for use Capt. Chas. Allen for £18.3.9 for 
June^l5 Bli^i^kets and Kettles furnished s'd Allen's min. comp., Prince Edw'd. 
177f» Same to same for use Micajah Anderson for £4.2.(), for a Gun to Allen's 

min. comp.; also for use Sam'l McGarret for £4, for Ditto. 

Sam(» to Robt. Williams, Esq., for £97.10.0 ui>on Jicc't, for purchase of 

Present: Mr. President and Mr. Jones. 

A warrant to Capt. Sam'l Garland for use John Epps for £2 short 
allowed for two (Juns furnished Ca})t. Garland's min. men. 

Ord., that Mr. Hawkins furnish the min. men at Cobham with prov's 
'til further orders. 

An order upon the Delegates in Congress in favour of Michael Gratz 
for £708 and 78 Dollars, for sundry Broad Cloaths furnished the public. 

A warrant to Jas. Mercer, Esq'r. for use Wm. Mead and John Chapman 
for £8, for taking up two deserters of 8th Batt. 

Same to Robt. Nicolson for use Comm'rs Fred'g Manufactory for 
£7.12.2, for Brass, (tc, purchased for the use of the Board. 

Same to Brig'r Hugh Mercer for use Lt. White, of Capt. Thos. John- 
son's Comp., for £6.8.0, tor 8 Blankets to 3rd Reg't. 

Same to Abraham Bird, Esq'r, for use Fred'k Stoner, for lis. 3d. for 
prov's furnished a soldier of the 8th Reg't. 

Same to Mr. Sampson for £1368.18.0, balla'ce of his aa;'t. now settled, 
for arms, Linen, and other things purchased tor the public. 

Same to Lt. John Pettus for £12.2.2^-. ball'ce of his acc't for rations 
and Forage to 28th Feb'y— 1st Reg't. 

Same to Sampson Mathews for use Capt. Pat. Buchanan for £6.11.9, for 
Trophies to Augusta Mihtia. 

Same to same for use Wm. Madison £5.10.0, for a Gun to Capt. Dab- 
ney's min. comp., Hanover. 

Same to Samp. Mathews for use of Augusta county, £60.16.6 for powder 
and lead, etc., purchased of them. 

Same to S. Mathews upon acc't 100, to furnish prov's for the prisoners 
and pay of the guard at Staunton. 

Same to John Severins, Indian Interpreter, for £5, for the present 
expense of himself and the three Indian captives with him. 

25 Commissions for officers Mil. Pitsylvania issued and delivered Robt. 
Williams, Esq'r. 

Absent: Mr. Lee. 

Permits granted Charles Bailey and Samuel Watts to Trade on board 
their pilot boat, the Molly, loaded with Tobacco and Flour, in any of tht* 
Foreign Islands. 

Same to Capt. Richard Taylor for £50 upon ac^c't, for pay of seamen 
on board his cruizer in the Rappahannock. 

Same to Capt. Alex'r Dick, for £198.1.1^ for one month's pay of his 
comp'y of marines to 16th Inst, Inclusive. 



Col. James Barbour agroe<i to supply the marines employed on Rappa- 
hannock, while on shore, with prov's, at 7W. p'r ration. 

Mr. .hinies Hunter is desired to furnish s[)adesand shovels, for the use 
of the connn's of the salt works, to he paid for on delivery. 

Pursuant to order of Convention, a duplicate of the former letter writ- 
ten to Mr. Frarrison, of Martinico, enclosing other copies of the Resolu- 
tions of Congress, «fcc., addressed to Mr. James Dalt<)n, merchant in 8t. 
Pierre, Martinico, was sent by the Molly, pilot boat: Messrs. Bailey and 

Adjourned Hil Monday 8 o'clock. 


June 15, 

Monday, Jimp 17th, 1776. 

Present: Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Lee. Mr. 
Mr. Cabell. Mr. Bland, and Mr. Jones. 

Ordered, that the Committee of Gloucester deliver to the Couinrrs 
api:)'d to manage the Estate of Charles Neilson such effect*^ belonging to 
the s\l Neilson a.s are in their possession. 

A warrant t^» John Harvey, Esq'r, use of Major Jrto. Nevill, for £500 
upon acc't for remitting to the Frontier service. 

Ord., a warrant to John Harvey, Esq-r, for use of Silver Heels, an 
Indian chief, £12 for to repay him tor the loss of sundry Goods, of 
which he was plundered by some person on the Frontiers. 
Same t4) Henry 1 shell for £8.1.0 for waggonage to 1st reg't. 
Ordered, that Capt. Dick's and L't Thornton's proportion of the 1st 
(iompV of marines in Rappahannock be allotted to serve on board Capt. 
rallcn<lers Cruizer. 

(apt. Johnson, of 2d reg't, attended and declared he wa*^ willing to 
accept his conro, which was a(Jcord. delivered him. 
F*resent: Mr. President. 

A warrant to James Hunter for £84 for 14 musquets and Bayonets; 
also £10.8.9 for Ferriages to the public. 

Same to Ben. Harrison, Esq'r, of Brandon, for £68.17.10 for prov'sand 
Fuel to the guard at Bmndon; also £14.1. H for a driver and Team to a 
wagiTon 88 days for army, and for use Ben. Boisseau £2.9.6 for a 
\vagg<»n the like time. 

Orrlered, that the Kee[)er of the Magazine or Public Store, deliver Capt. 
Dick oO cutlasses for his company of marines. 

( )rd., that F^t. Wilson be added to the Gent, app'd to view the cannon 
at Cobham, and that thev, or anv two of them, view the same and make 
A Letter written to the Delegates in Congress. (A copy filed.) 
A warrant to Phipp & Bodoin for £24.11.8 for Gun powder, Oil, and 
Flour to the army. 


June 17, 




June 17, 

Same to Brig'r-General Mercer for use Charles Tyler for £13.4.9 for 
Siniilvs work for a Skowhy at Ocaqhon. 

Same to B'r-Gen'l fiercer for £8.4.0, a Tent for the cadets of the third 

Same to Micajah Watkins for use Geo. Boyd for £13.1. lOJ for prov's 
to the Halifax min. men on dutv. 

Same to John Overton for use Thos. Gibbs for £1.12.6 for repairing 
arms to Capt. Alexander's C-omp'y, 2nd Regiment. 

Same to Lieut. Wm. Sundford for £13, for two Guns and a matrass to 
the army ; also John Hough £6, for a rifle. 

Same to Lewis (-ardwell for £5.15.6, for Express to Potomack to Capt. 

Stafford Lightbourne is app'd first mate to the Galley commanded by 
Capf. Celey Saunders, and Samuel Hadley 2nd niate (Rappa.) 

Henry Lightbourne is ai)pVl 2nd mate to Capt, Markham's Galley. 

Richard Lightl>ourne is ap[)'d mate to pilot boat cruizer, Capt. Wni. 
Saunders, Rappa. 

A warmiit to Ca|)t. ('has. McCarty for £8.6.0 for pay of part of his 
comi). miUtia, on dutv in Richmond countv. 

Ordered, that the Keeper of the Magazine deHver Capt. Taylor, of Ui 
Reg't, 10 Rifles, for his company; also to Capt. Meade, of 2nd Reg't, 40 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow, 8 o'clock. 


June 18, 

TuKSDAV, June 18th, 1776. 

lires(!nt: Mr. Digges, Presidtuit pro tempore: Mr. Carrington, Mr. 
Rhmd, Mr. Lee, Mr. .Jones, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Tabb. 

A warrant to Wm. (Joodchild for £LH0.O, for a Gun to Davis' Comp.. 
1st RegH. 

Same to John Pleck for £5, for a rifle to Col. Christian. 

Same to Lewis Herndon for use Deverex Janet for £9, for two Guns to 
Major James and the Amelia Minute Battalion. 

Same to James Gordon, Es(jV, for use Thos. Pickard 188., for 8 tbs. 
powder to Lancaster Militia. 

Same to Jos. MilU;r for use Robt. Donald c^' Co. 17s. 6d. for horse hire 
to an Express. 

Same to Dr. Carter it Co. for £7.11.10, for medicines furnished Dr. 
Sharplet for cruizer Tiiberty, Cai)t. Taylor, Rjii)pa. 

Same to Henry Delony for £2, for express hire from Mecklenburg. 

Same to Capt. Edw'd Meade for £(>, paid for a musquet to his company. 

Ord., that ( -olo. Aylett be request<}d to receive of General Mercer such 
goods as he may have purchased for the third regiment, to be safely kept 
for the use of the {public. 


A warrant to Benuet Goode, Escjt, for use of John Burton for £2.10.6, Williams- 
for Ferriage and j)rov-s to the minute men from Lunenburg. , ^"^^s 

Same to Henry Delony for use of sundry persons for £(>7.1 1, for sundry 1776 
arms furnished the Mecklenburg minute men now on duty. 

Same to Jacob Wniy & Co. for £1L11 for 154 y'ds ozna." to Capt. 
Lyne's min. com p. 

Same to Alice Pegnim for £1.5.0, for curing an ulcer on a private of 
Capt. Si)encer's min. comply. 

Ord., that all the arms in ye possession of the respective min. compa- 
nies intended for North Carolina, now in actual service, which have been 
paid for by the public, be retained and safely kept by the captains of 
the .said companies, when disbanded, for the use of the public; and it is 
the opinion of this Comm'ee that the several captains be accountable for 
such arms. 

A warrant to John Winn for use (jriflin lAunpkin for £3, for a Gun; 
and for use Jonah Womac £3, for a Gun — both to Cai)t Jones' minute 
com[)any of Amelia. 

Lt. Conaway, of C-apt. Hutching^' comp., (Jth Reg't, subscribed the 
articles of war, was sworn, and recM his Cont'l com'n. Ensign Perkins, 
of said com])., rec'd his com'n, sworn by the county connn'ee. 

A warrant t^) Benn. Goode for use C-apt. Jno. Burton for £8.7.6, for a 
Drum to his comp'y, Mecklenburg militia. 

Present: Mr. President. 

A warrant to L't-Colo. AlexV McClanahan for £*>175.7.4 for pay of the 
7th Reg't to Ist June, per Rolls filed. 

Same to Paschall Grenhill for £5 for a Gun (rifle). 

A warrant to Wm. Bernard, Esij., for use Peter Jett, lOs. for a Drum 
and colours to Westmoreland militia; also 3(>s. for building a house for 

Same to same for use Capt. Wm. Washington for £04 upon acc't, for 
prov's for his comp'y min., s'd county. 

Same to S'r John PeyU)n liart, £30.1 9.() for prov's and 4 Guns (£9) to 
Glostor mi., 8 on actual service. 

Same to James Scott, Esq'r, for Wm. Norris for IGs. for meilicines to 
CuljK'per min. men. 

A j^ermit to Jos. Donaldson, a deserter from the Roebuck to go thro' 
the colony on hLs way to Philadclj)hia, and a warrant to him for 20s. for 
his supiK)rt. 

A pass to Geo. Hamilton to leave the Colony. 

A warrant to Capt. John Ballard, Mecklenburg, for £50.0.4 for hunt- 
ing shirts, proves, and nec^essaries to his comp. min. men. 

Same to Henry Delony for £15.16.6 for prov's to Capt. James Ander- 
son's min. comp., Mecklenburg; also for use Capt. James Anderson for 
£21.10.6 for hunting shirts for his comp'y. 




Williams- Same to Capt. Saml Stevin for £44.0.7 for hunting shirts, prov's, <fec., 

J ^"^18 ^^ ^^® ^'^"^P'Yj Amelia. 
1770 Same to Brig.-General Mercer for £19.6.3 for his pay, rations, and 

Fonige as Colo, to 8rd Reg't till 28th Feb'y ; also £8 paid Drum Major 
and his wages. 

Same to same for use Jno. Gibson for £7.7.6, 59 vards Sail Duck to 
8rd Reg't. 

Same to Lt.-(-ol. Geo. Weeden, of the 3rd Reg% for £15.1. lOi, his pay, 
(tc, to 28th FebV. 

Same to same for £28.18.10 for rations of sundry cadet* of 3rd reg't, 
per acc't. 

Same to Jno. Royall, a soldier, for 48s., additional pay as a waggoner 
to 28th Feb'y. 

Mr. Windsor Brown is app'd 1st Lieut. Capt. Lee's CompV of marines 
on the Potomac departm't. 

Mr. I^aban Goffagan is app'd Ist mate of Capt. NV^estcott's cruizer 

Mr. Peter St^inburgen ha\4ng failed to recruit his quota of men as 
Capt. of a comp'y of marines in Potomack, and not having assigned any 
reason or excuse for his failure in so doing, he is displaced, and Mr. 
Valentine Peers is appVl Capt. of the said Company in his room. 

Mr. Robt. Connoway is appo'd master of the 1st Galley in Potomack 
in r(X)m of Capt. Geo. (loosley, who has resigned. 

A warrant to Geo. Mason, Esq'r, for use Geo. Mjison, juV, for £3.5.0 
for 2 Guns to a detachment of his min. comply marched to Hampton. 

Joshua Oldner and Thos. Oldner, with a Barrel of Flour, are pennit- 
ted to pass in a Boat down James River and up the Eastern Branch of 
Eliz'a River. 

Ordered, 2 warrants to Jno. Hankins for £500 each upon acc't as com- 
mis'y of prov's. 

Adjourned tiV to-morrow. 

June 10, 

Wednesday, the 19th of June, 1776. 

Present: Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Bland, Mr. Jones^ 
Mr. Tabb. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to John Bowyer, Esq'r, for the use a 
John Moore, for eight pounds, seventeen shillings, for provisions furnish 
Captain Posey's C'om}>any. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Southy Simpson, Esc^uire, for one hun_— 
dred and forty-eight [)Ounds on account, for the bounty money to tw^^:^ 
companies of regulars to be recruited on the E^astem Shore. 

Resolved, that Henry Brown be permitted to export in the achoon^^ 



boat General Washington, whereof lie is master, provisions and tobacco 
to any of the foreign islands. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captain Thornton of the third Bat- 
talion, for two hundred and lifty-six pounds two shillings and five pence 
half penny, for the pay of his company, and for his rations and forage 
to the 28th of February. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Dunbar, for the use of Jolin Tiikely, 

for nine pounds eight shillings, for ten blankets and provisions furnished 
Ca])tain Lee's Marine CJompany. 

Ordered, that three blank Militia Commissions be enclosed to the com- 
mittee for the county of Westmoreland. 

On the recommendation of the Committee for the County of North- 
ampton — Resolved, that Mr. Samuel Carr be appointed a captain of 
marines on board one of the cruizers to l)e fitted out on the Ekstern shore. 
Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captain (>arr, for sixty-two pounds ten 
shillings, on account, to recruit a company of marines on the Eastern 
Shore, and for one month's half [>ay in advance to himself. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to John Henry fornix pounds, for a Rifle 

Captain Hutchings of the Sixth Battalion, attended and took the oath 
prescribed by an Ordinance of Convention, subscribed the articles of war 
and received his Continental Commission. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Nathaniel Terry, Esquire, for one jK)und, 
for so much l)ounty mon(\v paid to a soldier in Captain Cocke's company 
of the seventh Battalion. 
Present: Mr. President. Absent: Mr. Bland. 

A certificate of the review of Captain Shervin's Minute Company in 
Amelia District, on the 7th of this month, was returned and ordered to 
be filed. 

Mr. John Hawkins this dav settled his account as commissarv of ]>ro- 
visions : the ballance whereof is one hundred and eighty-one pounds and 
*^leven ])ence, three farthings due to the said Mr. John Hawkins to be 
»*t.>inibursed hereaft^T. 

Resolved, that Brigadier-Cieneral Lewis be desired to distribute the good 
^^rins in the public Magazine, among such of the regulars as he shall think 
^* i*e most in want of them ; and that he be also desired to (*ause such of 
^l^e arms that have been heretofore delivered out of the Magazine, as are 
* ^ Tifit for use, to be returned and repaired, directing the keeper of the 
*^ magazine, to take an account from whom he shall receive the arms so 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Thomas Wall, for seventeen pounds, 
*^>ur shillings and ten pence, half i>enny for provisions furnished a Guard 
[ ^ ^> Public. Powder up James River and for provisions and Fuel furnished 
I Captain Watkin's Company of the fourth Battalion. 


June 19, 


VVilliamH- Ordered, that a warrant isHue to Captain Miirdaugh for three pounds, 

bun?, for a (Jun furnislied his minute company. 
June \\), * • 

I77rt Rt^solved, tliat Benjamin PoHard be authorized t<^ purchase for his quota 

of marines, j^)od arms, blankets, and any other public necessaries, which 
will be paitl for by this lioard upon his certificates; and he is also 
authorized to employ a cart with two horses to convey the baggage of the 
said men from Orange county to the placi* ap})ointed for the rendezvous 
of the company to which they belong. 

Ordennl, that the Commissary of Stores at Fredericksburg do deliver 
to (^a[)tain Westcott, for the use of his cruiser, twenty-four bolts of duck 
out of the pan^el sent there fn>in Hobb's Hole. 

Onlennl, that a warrant issue to Captain John \Ve!>!), of the Seventh 
I^Utalion, for twelve |>ounds, twelve shillings and six jvence, for waggon 
bin* to the first Battalion. 

OnieriHl, that a warrant issue to William Norton for nine shillings, for 
additional |>ay as waggoner. 

OrdertHl, that a warrant issue to Willis Riddick, E«j'r, for the use of 
(iil>si>n, l>i>naldson «S: Hamilton, for thnx* |H>unds nine shillings and three 
|>enct\ for wine Ainiished a sick soldier in the Cul|K*j>er Minute Battalion 
m\d tf>r shot furnished C^aptain Washington, of the fourth Battalion. 

Onlered, that a warrant issue to Willis Riddick, EsqV, for the use of 
Me4\ileV Driver, for one |x>und, eighteen shillings and one [lenny half 
jHMiny, for Tools furnished the Seci>nd l^ittalion. 

Ordere<l, that William Reid be iH^nnitt^ni to leav^ this Colony, adver- 
tizing the sume a^Viiniing to ac-t i»f Assembly jirexious to his dejwirture. 

Oni<^re<l. that a warnmt issue to l><x^tor Antbonv Dixon for twelve 
l>oun<is, two shillings, for additional |iay allowed by the (General Conven- 
tion as SurgtH^n t4> the Trix^]»s at the (m^t Bridg**. 

Onlon^l, that a warrjmt issur to (\*iptain Wallain*, of the thirtl Battalion, 
for forty innnids, thirteen shillings an<l six ]K-nc(\ the hallanc^ of his 
accimnt for Hunting Shirts and Ix^rpns funiishe<l his cxmipany. 

<>r«h*n^l, tliat a warrant issut- Xa% Hnmphn*y Richards for four |^>unds, 
elevrn sliillings. and thrtx* |H»nnds, t'iglit^'rn shillii^gs and nine jience for " 
thr ns<' oi Andn^w Johnston, thr former ft»r sundrv necessaries ami the -* 
latter f*>r ]>ottK* fumish<^i a jmrt ni the minut** men ordereti to North^a 

OrderiHi. that a warranl issue lo Donald Triplett for the use of Thonia:^ 
Brf>wn li>r tliri.^:- ]K»unds three shillimrs and three pemv for Ferriages i<-* 
sundry trt"H>|is at Faln^outli. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Rol»t'rt Williams, Esquire, for thirte 
I H"»unds for so much advanced by him t4» tin- minute men ordered fri»i 
l^ittsvlvania ci»untv to North i'arolina. 

The Committei' adjounKNi till t^v-morrow 8 oVlock. 

SiciK^l : 


Thursday, Ji^ar :^#fA, /;;f>\ WiUUiim. 

Present: Mr. Prtt?klent, Mr. I'arrii^rton, Mr. 1ah\ Mrl'uWKMr, Jonos. *'^\^77,f^* 
Mr. Talili. 

Orilereil, that s<i much s;ilt as inav In* mHH^ss;irv for the usi* of tho 
Marines on Rappahannock may Ik* taken fn>ni the puhlie Salt at HohhV 


Present: Mr. Digges, 

A warrant to Rev'd Mr. Dunlop for use Phil. H(H)t<^ for Cti t\>r a riHe 
of which he was disarmed. 

Same to Wm. Mountjoy for £8.14.0, his j)ay, Foni^\ and Rations as 
quartermaster of 8rd Rejriment 'til 2Sth Feh y. 

Same to Alex'r Do\ie for use Wm. Randall 40s. for a (Jun (o l\\\\ 

Same to Jno. Randolph for use Wm. Randolph, CS.15.0 for wiifrjron 
liin* and n^turning home. 

Permits to Colo. James Barlxnir and James Smith to jjo lo Norfolk. 

A warrant to James Scott, EsqV. for use of Jno. Ktlmonds, jOs. fornix 
1110. use of a rifle to the CulpV Hatt. 

Same to Thos. Whiting, Esq'r, for use commVs (ilostiT Salt works for 
i:50 u])on acc't. 

Ord., tliat the six companies of militia directed hy the R(»solulion of 
eonvention to he employed as Rangers for the ])rotection of th(^ Inhahi- 
t^iiits of Fincastle county he drawn from the following counties — that is 
to say, from the said county of Fincastle* four eom[)ani(?s, fniin Augusta 
<ine company, from Botetourt on(^ comy)any, and that (»rders he dis- 
|>atohe<l to the sc^veral county lieutenants or (•ommanding oflicers to 
raise and direct the man'h of such compani(;s accordingly. 

Onl., that the commanding officers of the hM six ('ompani<*s (»f Militia, 
in case of an actual Inva.'^ion or the aftproach of an Knemy, which in 
his jn<lgment makes it necessar>' to havf; further asnistance, shall cnll 
VI I KHi the connnanding officers of the militia in the neiglihoring (Vhui* 
ti«»s. to st'ud so many men as the Exigency of affjiirs may rerpiire Ut 
oppose, repel, or jmrsue the Enemy. Rut if liostilitifrs an; not cf>rn- 
incnced and Colo. Ru.sscll hath op|H>rtunity of s^'uding a talk Ut the 
f„hiefs of the Cherf>kee nations, which may pr«;vcnt an [nva^irm from 
tlieni, the Comm'w tliink such a measnr*^ miglit he very f>rof»er. 

i Jrden^l. that the (Vminree of P'inca'tle (Viuntv do deliver to (Vi)o. 
Russ^.41 or onler, so much of th#» Powder lately sent to that CrMjrity fts 
may ^>e ne<*es^ar>* for th»* use of s'd (Virn|»ani^;s, and that ro|f>. f nlloway 
•lelivt-r friim the I>*a<] mines a.** much f>'a'l as mav l>e ncc^'j^sarv. 

(ViTumV L*saed to the Field Officers of the .VorthfIm^K:^Iand f V>iintv 


t.'omm'ee Capt. Wm. \jf^, Lieut Richard Pf>pf;. and Efi.'<ifirn A ngTiiMiine 


Williams- Copege of a company of min. men in North 'n County, of Lancaster dis- 

^ ^"%' trict. 
June 20, 

1776 A warrant to Ensign James Berwick for £15.19.6 for his rations and 

Forage as Ensign and cadet in Capt. NeviPs comp'y to 17th FebV. His 
com'n as Ensign of s^d comp., dated 22d Nov., delVl him. 

Ordered, a warrant to Capt. Wm. Crogham, of 8th Reg't, for £282.5.2, 
the balPce of his acc't for the bounty and recruiting expense of hi.s 
Comp. ; also for their pay to 16th June and some ])rov's found them. 

A review of Ca|)t. Croghan's comp. on 19th April ret'd and or'd R'd; 
his com'n deliv'd him same date. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 8 o'clock. 

Williams- Friday, June 21st, 1776. 


June 21 
177(5 ' Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. C/arringt(m, Mr. Lee, Mr. Cabell, 

Mr. Jones, and Mr. Tabb. 

Ordered, that a commission do issue to Henry King, Es({'r, to be 
County Lieutenant, and one other to Francis Mallory, Esq., to be Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel of the Militia of Elizabeth City county. 

Ordered, that Brigadier-General Lewis be requested to direct the 
(Continental C'ommissary of Provisions to supply the minute men and 
militia lately ordered into service, and to keep a separate particular 
account thereof, which will be paid by this Colony ; and it is ordered 
that Colonel Richard Morris be discharged from the office of Commissary 
of Provisions for the said Troops. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Augustine Moore for the use of 
Thomas Nelson, Esquire, and Company for forty-eight pounds, fifteen 
shillings and three pence half-penny, for anchors furnished the Row 
Galleys fitting by Captain Tompkins and Captain Travis. 

Ordered, that Mr. James Hubbard be appointed to assist Captain James 
Barron in taking an Inventory of the eftects on board the ship Oxford, 
lately made prize by the said Captain Barron, and that all the Papers on 
board the ship be secured and sent with the Inventory to this Board. 

Absent: Mr. Lee. 

The Committee took into consideration the case of John Goodrich, 
junior, referred to them by Convention, and agreed to the following 
report : 

The Committee of Safety, to whom the case of Mr. John Goodrich, 
junior, taken up and charged with conduct inimical to the rights of 
America, was referred, have appointed several different days for his 
examination, and have inquired for witnesses of the officers in tlie 
neighborhood of Norfolk, desiring them to have summoned such as they 
should be informed were acquainted with the conduct of the said Good- 


rich, but Dt.Hie have app^arviL \Vherv*u|K«\ the iVuuuuuv ihiiik ii wuii^Htek- 
unnecesfi$ary and unreasonable to kee|> him longer ui su5^|khu^\ aiul Ih^il . JXu 
he ought to be discharge^l from that aiVUj<ation: but. jk* he is umier a \7^\i 
general suspicion of beins; untriendly to the intert^t^ of the roloi\\\ the 
Committee are of the opinion thiit he ou)(ht pn^vious t\> his dis\'hHrv[e U» 
enter into bond with sufficient stHJurity in the |H*ualty v*f one thousaiu) 
pjounds, with condition not to jjive intelligemv to or in any nuumer aid 
or assist the enemies of Amerii'a. 

Resolved, that the foregoing re|>ort bt* fairly tn^nseribtHK si^n^nl by the 
President, and laid before the Convention bv a menxber of this lUiani. 

Satvhdxw Jinn ^Jiui. I77ti. WillUmn 


Present: Mr. Digges, Pirsident pn> toiu}). ; Mr. Carrinj^ton, Mr. Calu^ll, ' ^^"Vl * 

Mr. Lee, Mr. Jones, Mr. Tabb. 

A warrant to Capt. Gregory Smith fi)r i'7 fi^r 2 (inns, and».0 Ibr 

2 Blankets to his compV. 

Same to same for use Dr. Gardner .1*1. o.t), for mc*di(in<* and iittehdiuicn 

to sick soldier. 

Same to Jas. Montiigue for use Law. iNhjucliom .C17.'J.t>, pay ol' unani 

of militia at Urbanna and for guarding priHoners to thin rity. 

Same to same for use Maurice Smith, SherilV MiddleMcx, lor I'l/i, 'i 

(lavs attendance on the Court of ConnnVs. 

Present: Mr. President. 

Same to John H. C'ocke for use of Mrs. Anne Corkr for CMJ. 10,0, ihr 

sundry Ferriages; also £4.4.0 for 14 Mis. fiowder funiinlied ('apt. Jiidliifm' 

8urrv militia bv him.self. 

Same to Philip Ijghtfoot, a (;arpent4r, 20h. for work af tli<' Gnat 

ftridge: also to E<lw'd Parker ITs. Od, for I>o, 

Same to James Cash for £f>.10.0 for waggona^'' ^' .M<^;kleiibiirg min. 


Same to Soutliy Simj^^^n. f^j'r, for Ui¥*, dKrrjuinw.k Cfftfiiit'rfi HhU 

Works £o<», ujion aec't. 

Ord.. that the 24 jK^nnderf and oim: IH j^>iiii/|ef ;it Aaui^r^t *\'tt^u. Si*' 

immediately f«jnv#-ye*l up Jam«^ \i\\'*:tUt liirhiiioiid, i%ut\ frou$ ib^'-iM'^r Uf 

I-*oUiwniack Kiver for ve u^r of the G»lli#;» iU*rrt:, 

A warrant Vf Knrwer Gri^lnid and 'rtl»*rf>, O/iiih/a t/f ih*' (aP; \M'/id 

^>^t workr for UAf uj^^n a/.-*;*!. Upt t-a^rryUiff th<r tuf^tttd^ 

A warraiit u» M<:wr», Jr*f>, mA J*^. WsV:Uitrj^ Utt K'I^% U*f H ^ii4^t^H$ 

f »»Jrr:liaiMHd fffT pubii^: -'i*<t- 


Williams- A warrant to J. Pendleton for use Abraham Cowley, £128.3.0 for board 
June^2*> ^^ sundry prisoners at Richmond, provisions, pay and necessaries to the 
1776 guard. 

Same for use ('has. Price for £5.18.0 for negro hire to 2nd reg't. 

Same for use Turner Southall £16.18.0 for sundries furnished prisoners 
at Richmond, and guard to D'o, also for trophies for Henrico militia. 

Same to Capt. Wm. Taliaferro, 2nd reg't, for £63.17.10^^, for 73 pair 
Leggins, and like number of hunting shirts to his comp'y, also for cuffs 
and Ciipes and hat binding. 

The Amelia and Prince William Companies being re<ie'd the same day 
to-wit: 8th March, i)recedence determined by JjOt in favour of Capt. Lee 
(Prince William.) 

Capt. Lee, (3rd Reg't,) subscribed articles, was sworn, and rec'd his 

A warrant to Ed. Pendleton, Esq'r, for use .Jno. Watkins for £14.14.9 
for corn furnished the public; also for James Fortune for £3 for a Gun 
to Capt. Dabney's min. company. 

Same to Jno. Baird, j'r, for £1.13.9 for express hire to the Tnxips 
ordered for Carolina. 

Same to Jno. Bowyer, Escj'r, for use IVter Wallace for £4.6.H for prov's 
to Posey's Comp'y, 7th Reg't. 

Same to David Gariand, Esq'r, for £10.17.0. for 3 Guns and £7.2.0 for 
prov's to Capt. Sam. Garland's min. comp. ; also £5 for 1 D'o to Capt 
Dixon's min. comp. 

Col. Aylett returned acc't of sales of sundry effect*^, the j)roperty of 
Geo. Logan, sold by him accor'g to order of this board (his commis'ns of 
5 per cent, allow'd by the ctmim'ee including the expense of sale) with 
Treasurers rec't for ye am't thereof paid into the Treasury. 

Ordered, that Colo. Chas Lewis be desired immediately to march 4 
companies of the min. men of his Battalion now m ye neighborliood of 
W'msburg, to join the camp near Gwinn's Island in Gloster, and ye 
other companies to Burwell's Ferry, and that he give orders for the march 
of the remaining companies as they shall arrive to ye following ]>laces, 
to-wit: 2 comp's to Burwell's Ferry, 3 to Jamestown, and 2 to ye north 
side of Pianketank in Middlesex county, to relieve 2 companies now statM 
there, that the 3 comp's of the 1st Batt., now near this place, do immed- 
iately march to Hamj)ton, and that Col. Meredith be desired to march 4 
other comp's of that Batt. to Hampton, and the remaining 4 comp's to 
York Town as soon as they arrive. 

A warrant to C^pt. Thos. Collier, for £33.15.6 for hunting shirts, prov's 
and potts to his min. comp. (C. E.,) 2d Batt. min. men. 

Ordered, Colo. Aylett deliver Capt. Collier 25 yards Oznaburgs for liis 

A warrant to Jno. S. Wells for use Lt. Boykin £11.14.4^ ballance of his 
acc't and rations to 28th Feby. 


Same to ('apt. Tin »s. Ridley, of 4th Rt-izX tor 1:40.1.4, fo.r |uiy his romp. Williams- 
to *>>;th Ffl>\- ^***'^'' 

SaiiK' to Dr. Cuh^k (lihiiour for i:27.11.«>, lor iiu'dioinrs Xo \Hh P»iitt. 177(> 

Same to Fred. Brvan for 1*'^.1S.:>, for suiulrv FerrV. 

Same to Capt. Jamet* Turner, Halifax min. men., 2d l>iitt., for i*o0.2.(», 
for hunting shirts and other neee?*.s;iries for his eom]). 

Same to ('apt. Peter Rtwlgers for t'oO.O.o, Yor lUankets. huntin*u shirt.s, 
and necL»ss4iries to his comp., 2nd Minute Batt. 

Same to Capt. Roht. Dixon for £14.11.1), hunting sliirts and some 
neee.ssaries to his comp., 2nd Minute Hattallion. 

Adjourned 'til Monday 8 o'ckx?k. 



Mo.NDAY. 24th June, 1776. WilliaiiiH- 

Pre,sent: Mr. President, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Lee, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Jones, V??*?^' 
Mr. Tahb. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to James Holt, Escj'r, for two pounds 
and sixpence, for provisions furnished a company of the militia of Nor- 
folk county. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Capt^iin Crocket for thirty-five pounds, 
six shillings and six pence, for provisions furnished his company previous 
to their rendezvous. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captain Crockett for the use of Thomas 
(loodson for ^\^ pounds, and five pounds for the use of Jacob I*ate, (»ach 
for a Rifle furnished the Seventh Battalion. 

A certificate of the appointment of regular c>ffi<'ers in the county of 
Finca.stle and of the review of Captain Crockett's company on the 7th of 
May wjis returned and ordered to be filed, and Captain Crockijtt attended 
and took the oath prescribed by an ordinance of Convention, subscribed 
the articles of war, and received his commission. 

Lieutenants Helm and Whiting, in (.'aptain Lee's comiiany of the 
third Battalion, attended and t<x>k the oath pr(?scribe<l by an ordinance 
of Convention, subscribed the articles of war, and riKreived their (Commis- 

Onlered, that a wammt issue to John Mayo, EsrjV, for twenty-two 
fM^unds. for four Rifle Guns. 

Ordere<L that a warrant issue to Thomiis Read, Es<|uire, for the usc» of 
Mary Read for two pounds, fift^^en shillings and six pence, for six hun- 
drcfl and thirty-four jiounds and half a p<mnd of Flour furnisJH'd Capt. 
Colliers Minute C^^mpanv, fn)m Charlotk* count v. 

A certifir*aU* of the review of Oj>tain Shervin's minute Com|>any, in 

the county of Amelia, on the 7th of this month, was returned and 

ordered to be filed. 



Williams- Ordered, that Colonel Stephen be desired to send immediately from 
June1i4 Norfolk to James Town four of the eighteen-pounders sent by mistake 
from Hampton to the former place. 

Present: Mr. Dijij^es. 

Ordered, that James Bannister, Esquire, do deliver out of the Rifles 
which he contracted to furnish for the public use to Captain Walker, of 
Dimviddie, twenty-three for the use of his Company. 

Ordered, that two of the eighteen-pounders at James Town to Cai)tain 
C^alvert for use of his Row Galley, and that the former order for sending 
them to Alexandria be rescinded. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to William Ballard for one pound, one 
shilling and six pence for Express hire. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to the Rev. Mr. John Dixon for the use 
of William Poindexter for one pound five shillings for provisions fur- 
nished Captain Dabney's minute Company from Tjouisa County. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Frederick Marlin, Esq'r, for six 
pounds for a rifle Gun furnished Captain Ballard's minute Company 
from Mecklenburg county. 

Colonel Christian laid before this Board a General List of the High- 
land Prisoners taken by Captain James and Richard Barron in the Ship 
Oxford, and also an allotment of them into fourteen divisions, to be dis- 
tributed according to the direction of the General Convention. And it 
is thereupon ordered that they be immediately sent to the respective 
counties hereinafter mentioned in the fi^Uowing proportions, to- wit: 

No. 1 — To Albkmarle County. 

Angush McDonald, John Morrison, Finlay McC'uag, Duncan Ballou. 
Roderick Merchard, Ronald McDonald, John Eraser, Roderick McCIan- 
nan, Archibald McCiillviray, Murdock McCjillviray, Roderick McCoud, 
Alexander McPherson, Alexander McCavskill, Duncan McDonald, and 
Archibald McDonald — 15. 

No. 2 — To Amelia. 

John Canipl)ell, Roderick McCrumen, Kenneth McDonald, Finley 
Chism, John McKenon, Donald Morrison, Angus McCaekel, Donald 
Lamon, Donald Cameron, John Lamon, Normand McKenon, and Kenneth 
McClennon, 2 women — IS. 

No. 8 — To Amherst. 

Allan McCaskel, Murdon Campbell, John Morrison, Ronald McCuapg, 
Patrick McCleod, Neil Mcintosh, Tinlay McLenin, Alexander McDowell, 
Kenneth McCleod, and Neil Beaton, 1 woman — 13. 


No. 4 — To Berkeley. Williams- 


Donald McDonald, Alexander Buchanan, John McDonald, Malcolm "1776 * 

McQuan, Roderick McNeil, Duncan McDonald, Murdock McLeod, Neil 

McPhee, John McSwain, John McT^eod, John McPherson, Archibald 

McSwain, and Andrew Lamond — 13. 

No. o — T( ) B r ( K I NO ham. 

Donald Mclxjod, SenV, Donald McliCod. Jun'r, Malcolm Morrison, 
Angus C-ampbell, Malcolm McLean, John Ferguson, Hector McLean, 
.John Smith, Murdock Campbell, Duncan Morrison, Alexander McKenzie, 
Kenneth Ferguson, Micliael McMuller, Laughan McAntirc, and Alexander 
McPhee— 15. 

No. G — To CrLPEPER. 

Donald McKennen, Alexander McMan, Angus McDonald, Donald 
McDonald, Angus McKennon, John C'odden, Alexander McLeod, Angus 
Pedden, Charles McLean, James McCfilleray, Jolin McLeod, William 
Matheson, Donald McDonald, and Donald McCraw — 14. 

No. 7 — To Cl'MBERLAND. 

Donald Cameron, Roderick McLeod, Murdock McVie, John (iilles, 
Angus Mc Vie, John Shaw, Angus Campbell, Donald McLean, John Fergu- 
son, Angus McNeil, Donald Ross, Angus Shaw, John McCiwkell, Markham 
Gilles, John McDonald, Archibald McMullen — IH. 

No. 8 — To FArQiJiER. 

Donald Fraser, William Fraser, George Monroe, Donald Mclntire, James 

Miclntire, James Mclntire, James Rolf, David Monroe, Alexander Low, 

•James Donaldson, Robert Stewart, John Wishart, Angus McPherson, Cor- 

|X3ral Gordon, Corix)ral McLean, Corporal Cunmiins, 3 women and 1 

child— 16. 

No. 9 — To Frederick. 

John Grant, John ('rawford, William McDonald, John Masterton, 
A.ndrew Wardlaw , Donald McKenzie, Peter Mort<.)n, Alexander McKenzie, 
•J^ohn Anderson, Joseph Stewart, James Mann, Donald McDonald, and 
C^eorge Giles — 13. 

No. 10 — To Goochland. 

Alexander McBain, Angus McBain, ^^'illiam Stewart, William Grant, 
*^oiiald Smith, John Fraser, William McPherson, Duncan Fraser, Ken- 



Williams- neth McLennen, Thomas Mcintosh, Hector McLean, Angus McBain, 
JnnP24, ^^^'^^ (George Keith— 18, 2 women. 

No. 11 — To liOUDox. 

Donald McLeod, Donald Keith, John McLcod, William Kelley, Alex- 
anrlcr Mcintosh, John McL(H)d, jr., Peter Rol)insonj John Gunn, Mur- 
dock Morrison, Hugh McKay, John Forhes, William Robinson, John 
McKav— 18. 

No. J^2 — To Ix)uisA. 

Robert Whitepeper, Donald Urquard, John McDonald, Milles McMul- 
len, James Fraser, William Falconer, John Grant, jun'r, Roderick Mc- 
Donabl, Donald McKenzie, Angus McDonald, Donald McGregor, Alex- 
ander McKenzie, Alexander Marr — 18, 8 women and 2 children. 

No. 18— To Orange. 

Donald McDugall, Collcn Campbell, Neil Ciumingham, William Dunn, 
Paul Mctfinnes, Duncan Munn, Dugall McArthur, Archibald Downey, 
Archiljald McArthur, Allan McPhee, Donald Shaw, and Neil Sinclair — 
18, 2 w^omen. 

No. 14 — To Sussex. 

Robert C'amj)bell, Andrew Harconer, James Melvin, James Henderson, 
Duncan McKenley, James Dick, John Love, Fergus Kenneday, Williatn 
Core, Robert Hunter, and John Turner — 11. 

Cadets — W i Ncn rster. 

Aneas McLeod, Magnus Mnrchison. 


George McCoy, Hugh Fr.iser, (leorge Munroe, Donahl Grant, Alexan- 
der McClean, William McIiCod, Rory MeOiman, Nonnan McLeod, and 
JiUiies Campbell. 

And it is ordererl, that they j»roceed from hence in two Divisions, each 
under a suflicient Guard, to be I'urnisbed by Brigadier-General Lewis out 
of the Regulars at this stMion; those for Cuml)erland, Amelia, Bucking- 
ham, Andxjrst, and All)emarle nre to i>roceed to Cumberland Court 
House, leaving those for (ioocbland in that County as they pjiss through; 
aiid the county Lieutenant of CumlMTland is desir(»d to place a proper 
Guard over those for that countv until the (-ommittee shall have (lis- 
posecl (»f tliem, a.s ihvy will be hereafter dire(*ted, and to send a (luardof^ 
the militia with the lot for Amelia County, and to send one other GuarcL- 
for those for Andierst, Albemarle, and Buckingham Counties to tb( 


county Lieutenant of Buckingham, who is desired to send i)roper Guards Williams- 
with the other lots to their respective counties. That those destined to j ^%\ 
Culpeper, Fauquier, Loudon, Berkeley, and Frederick proceed to Cul- 1776 
peper Court House, leaving those for I/juisa and Orange as they i)ass 
through these Counties, and the County Lieutenant of Culpeper is 
desired to place a proper Guard over the Ix)tt for that County until the 
Committee shall have disposed of them as they will be hereafter directed, 
and to send those for the other counties under a proper Guard of the 
militia with the Sergeants and cadet*? designed for Winches^r to the 
county Lieut<?nant of Fauquier, who is desired to secure the lott for that 
County, and to send those for Loudon, Berkeley, and Frederick under a 
l)roj)er Guard of the. militia to their respective Counties, and to send the 
l)risoners destined for Winchester to the committee there, and they are 
to l)e confined within the limits of the Town as prisoners of war, giving 
their parole to the said committee not to depart without permission ; 
and it is ordei-ed, that the lott destined for Sussex County be sent under 
a Guard from hence innnediately to that county, and that to each of the 
said Divisions be allowed two waggons. A circular Letter to the com- 
Diitt^e for each of the counties named in the foregoing distribution of 
the Scotch-Highland Prisoners and one other to the Committee of Fred- 
erick respecting the cadets and Sergeants, were read, approved of, and 
ordered to be recorded. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captain Walker, of Dinwiddle, for 
forty-five pounds, ^ve shillings and five pence half-penny, for advanced 
|>iiy to four men and for necessaries furnished the whole company. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Patrick Henry, P^Sipiire, for the use of 
J^ohn Winston, of Hanover, for eleven pounds, seventeen shillings and 
f<r>ur pence, for training duty of his minute com])any in the month of March. 
Ordenxl, that a warrant iasue to the Rev. Mr. Bland for eight pounds, 
=^i ict^en shillings and ten pence half-i>enny, for the ballanceof his account 
*<>r rations and forage to the 28th of February. 

Captain James Barron informed this Board that he had been charged 
^"^"ith several things inconsistent with his duty as a public officer by Major 
J Hendricks and Doctor Draper, and prayed that this Board would make 
^^m inquiry into the same. Resolved, that Tuesday next l>e appoint^^d for 
^Viat purjwse, and it is ordered that the said Major Hendricks and Doctor 
^ draper do attend on that day to supjjort their allegations. 

Ordereii, that a warrant issue to John McDugall and John Trevntt for 
^*iie hundred and twenty pounds, in exchange for their Draught on the 
^ *<^ntinental Navy Board, e.stal)lished at Philadelphia, for four hundred 
J dollars. 

Onlered, that John McDugall and John Trevitt, with eight seamen 
'H^longing U) the American cruiser Andrew Doria, be permitted to pass 
^bn»ugh this colony on their way to Philadelphia. 


WilliamM- Ordered, that a warrant i^sue U) Mrs. Starke for one pound, seventeen 
Jtini?24 *<'i'J'J"R« ft^'l «ix pence, for express hire, minute service. 
177<t Th(t ('oriiinitt<*e adjourned till to-morrow eiglit o'clock. 

Signed : 

Edmund Pendleton. 

WillifliiiH- Tuesday, Jvv^ 25th, 1776. 

* "i'tto Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr* Carrington, Mr. Lee, Mr. Cabell, 

Mr. Jones, and Mr. Tabh. 

Ord., a warrant to Philij) Compton for £6 for a Rifle. 

Same U) Stc^phen Owen for £4.7.0 for wages as waggoner to the 1st Batt. 
previous to 2Sth Feby. 

Sanie to Wni. Hunt for £3.10.0 for a Gun and for use Jno. Cox, £1.7.6 
for a (tun both to Capt. Anderson's conip. Mecklenburg militia, and for 
use ('has. Ilutdiinson £1.17.(> for a Gun to Capr. Ballard's comp. Meck- 
lenburg militia in service. 

Same to Robt. liakestraw for use sundry persons £9.16.6 for hunting 
sliirts and tomahawks to Capt. Hutchings comp. 6th R^'t 

Same to Thos. Lewis, Ksq'r, for use Peter Wilson for £5.12.6 pursuant 
to a rtwolution of eonventicm. 

Same to Dr. Alexander Skinner, for £75.18.0 for the pay, rations and 
forage of himself and 1 mate p'r acc't, also for use Daniel Doherty for 
£16.ia.7i for ditto. 

Same to Herbert Rutherford, Escfr, for use sundry persons £225.4.11, 
for pn>v s to Capt. Darke and Beales eomi>s, 8th R^'t, also £3.10.0 for 
jM>wder ami lejid to Dt>. 

A warrant to Robt, Rutherfortl, R?qV, for use Capt. Hugh Stenson and 
his sulmlterns, now in the Rifle liattalion under General Washington, for 
£140.(kS additional |my allowtnl by Convention. 

J<anu» \o Jno. lUvkley for use of Lt. Wm. I-ewis of Capt. Fleming's 
Comp. 1st Rt^H for £11.19.V)|^, his rations and forage to 28th Feby. 

Onlertnl, that several Stafl* ofluvrs who have received Forage for more 
than one horst\ Ih» ohargtHl with tlie ditVerenet* in their at^counts. 

A warrant to Janu^ (irubb lor £5.HM) balPce his accounts for pay, «$:c.^ 
as Quarter-master to a detachment of 1st Rejr't, 'til 28th Feby. 

Sanu* to David CiK'kran for €14.10.8 for flour and craft hire to 

AgnH!«rt Wo to tlie Refi^>lution of Convention, John Goodrich, jr., appeared 
Wfon^ the l\>nunilttv %>( Sjifely. and w:\s tendereil the oath prescribed b 
l\>nvontit>n, whiih he niuj^^nl to take, whenHip*>n it is ordered that th*- 
said John tnHHirioh. in> Iv forthwith di^cmueil. Boud w*th securi^:: 
enlM into and aeknM at\^v to onler of iVmventiim and ordered to 



A pass to Terence Conolly and Jacob Williams to Kemp's Landing. 

A warrant to Mrs. Mary Gibbons for £3.18.0 for Ferriages. 

Same to Jos. Speed for Wm. Hudson for £5, and for Wm. Booker for 
£4, for 2 Rifles to Mecklenburg min. men. 

Same to Wm. Booker, Esq'r, for use Sam. Baker for £5.10.0 for a Rifle, 
for use Joshua Baker for £4 for 1 Do., and use Geo. Shellody for £4.10.0 
for 1 Do. to Capt. Allen's min. comp., Prince Edward ; and also for use 
Douglass Baker for £5.10.0, for 1 Do. to Capt. Brent's comp., 4th Reg't. 

It being represented to this Comm'ee that the county of Brunswick 
have lodged a quantity of salt at the Town of Petersburg, and that the 
comm'ee of that county wish to exchange part of the s'd salt for a quan- 
tity l)elonging to county now in Brunswick. The Comm'ee therefore 
agree to make the exchange, provided the same number of bushels is 
delivered to the care of Mr. Rich'd Taylor in Petersburg. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 8 o'clock. 


June 25, 

Wednesday, 26th June, 1776. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Cabell, Mr. 
Jones, Mr. Tabb. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to William Bernard, Esq'r, for the use of 
Captain Bernard, of the fifth Battalion, for one hundred and fourteen 
pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence, for the pay of his company 
and for rations and forage to himself and his subalterns previous to the 
28th of Februarv. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to William Cabell, EsqV, for the use of 
Hugh Rose for thirty-eight pounds, seventeen shillings and one penny, 
the ballance of his account for arms. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Henry King, Esquire, for the use of 
Kdward Mallory for one pound, eight shilhngs for fodder, and thirteen 
shillings and six pence for the use of the Reverend Mr. Selden for negro 

f)rdered, that a warrant issue to William Cabell, Esq'r, for thirty-seven 
Jiounds and ten pence for Bacon and Flour; seven pounds, eleven shil- 
lings and three pence for the use of Joseph Cabell, for a Rifle, a Gun, 
5*.nd one hundred Oun flints; three pounds ten shillings for the use of 
the estate of ('ornelius Thomas, dec'd, for a (lun; four pounds nineteen 
schillings for the use of Sanmel Woods, for six Ruggs; and fifteen shil- 
lings for the use of Richard Prichett, for provisions furnished Caj)tain 
Nicholas Cabell's minute company. 

Ordered, that a warrant issu^ to Richard Taylor for one hundred and 

tAventy pounds, sixteen shillings and four pence half-penny for provisions 

furnished the minute men at Petersburg; and one pound, ten shillings 


June 26, 


Williams- ^^^ three ruggs furnished Captain Hopkins' cami)any of the fifth Batr 
burg, talion. 

1776 ' Ordered, that a warrant issue to James Wray for nineteen pounds, 
twelve shillings and five i)enee half-penny, for Ruggs furnislied ('aptain 
Shervin's minute com pan}'^ in Amelia county; one pound fifteen shillings 
for the use of Taylor and Newsum for a Gun furnished Captain Rogers' 
minute company in Halifax county; and fifty pounds for the use of 
Silvester Adams, for arms furnished Captain Perkins' minute comi)any 
in the county of Pittsylvania. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captain Gabriel Jones for three hun- 
dred and twenty-one pounds, three shillings and two pence, for the pay 
of his company of marines to the 29th of this month, for recruiting 
expenses, and for sundry necessaries furnished the company. 

A certificate of the review of Captain Jones' company of marines on 
the 22(1 of June was returned and commissions issued to Captam Jonei? 
and his subalterns, dated accordingly. 

Present: Mr. Lee. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Beverley Stuhblefield, a cadet hi the 
sixth Battalion, for four pounds, ten shillings and one penny, for pay and 
rations to the 20th of June. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Joseph Byrn for the use of Edward 
Snickers for four hundred pounds on account, to purchase arms and 
other articles for the public use. 

Ordered, that the Keeper of the Public Magazine do deliver to John 
Young, for the use of Captain Travis, one hundred i)ounds of powder, 
one hundred pounds of lead, twenty-five two-pounds ball, and fifty swivel 
shott, and that the Commissary of Stores do deliver him two bolt'^ of 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Captain Thompson, of Albemarle, for 
fifty-one pounds thirteen shillings for provisions, Hunting Shirt*s, and 
Leggins furnished his minute company. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to (!ai)tain John Cocke for fifty-three 
pounds nineteen shillings for the pay of his company of marines to the 
25th of this month for recruiting expenses and for seven blankets. 

Ordered, that the Keeper of the Public Magazine do deliver to Cai)tain 
John Cocke fifty-four muscpiets with either bayonets, spurs, or cutlassen, 
and fiftv-four cartouch boxes; and that the commissarv of stores do 
deliver him one drum and F'ife, fifty-six Hatt.s, fifty-six pair of shoes, 
two hundred and fifty yards of Oznabriggs, eighty-four yards — , fifty- 
six dozen vest buttons, nine clozen coat Buttons, four pounds of thread, 
and one hundred and ninety-six yards of shirting. 

Ordered, that a warrant issue to Henry Tazewell, Plsq'r, for the use of 
Captiiin James Mason, for fourteen pounds, four shillings and four |)ence 
half j)enny, the ballance of his account for rations and Forage while on 




June 26| 


duty at Norfolk ; ten pounds for waggon hire to his minute Company WilHams- 
now on duty, and seventy-two pounds, eleven shillings and two pence 
half penny, the ballance of his account for blankets and other necessa- 
ries furnished his said company. 

Ordered, that the Keeper of the Public Magazine do deUver to Captain 
Mason, of the first new raised minute Battalion, two (tuus for the use of 
hL< company, and that the commissary of stores do deliver him ten 
blankets and four potts, and to Captain Pelham, of the same Battalion, 
nine blankets and six pott« for the use of his company. 

The Committee adjourned till to-morrow at eight o'clock. 


Edmund Pendleton. 

Thursday, June 27th, 1776. 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Cabell, Mr. 
I^ee, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Tabb. 

A warrant to Henry Tazewell, EsqV, for use Wm. Polason for £2.5.0, 
for corn furnished (^aj)t. Pelham's comp. min. men, from Brunswick. 

Same to Daniel Triplett for use Thomas Brown for £ for a (run 
to 3rd Reg't; also for use Dr. Geo. French for £5.9.0 for inedic-inos and 
att-end'ce to Cai)t. Taylor's cruizer. 

A commiss'n issued to the Judges of Frederick county. 

A warrant to Wm. Booker, EsqV, for use Capt. Charles Allen, £1.1(>.8, 
for prov's, &c., to his comp'}' from Prince Edw'd ; for use Nicholas Broad- 
way £11.10.0, for waggon, to Do. 

Same to Wm. H. Avery for £14.4.2, for making hunting shirts for 
RuflRn's comp., and for wood, &c., to Do. 

Same to Wm. Acrill, Esq'r, for use James Christian, £2.1 8.(5, for sun- 
dries to the Troops at Suffolk. 

Same to Capt. John Winston for £H1.8.(i, for hunting shirts, Leggins, 
Blanketts, &c., to his min. comp., Hanover, 1st Batt. 

Same to Henry Tazewell, EsqV, for us(; Wm. Mason 1*12.10.0, for 
att4»ndanre as commissarv to the min. men at Sussex Court House. 

Same to Capt. John Winston for use Capt. Chas. Dabney for £14.1 H.9, 
fi>r hunting shirts. Leggins, &q., to his min. comp., Louisa; also £25.11.8 
for training duty in March and April. 

Same to C-apt. Nicholas Cabell for £18.1 1.1 H, arms, hunting shirts, 
provV, tx) his min. comp., Amherst. 

Same to Capt. John Winston for use John Norvell for 1*4.0.0. for prov's 
t<* ('has. Dabney's comp. 

Same to Robt. Warren for £2.9.6 for removing cannon from New Kent 
Court House to Chimb'd Town. 



June 27, 


Williams- Same to Chas. Fulgham, Esq'r, £5, for 2 swivel Guns to Capt Calvert 

burg, 1- i^: ('oll^v 

June 27, "^ "*^ ^Taut} . 
1776 Same to Nich's Faulcon, Esq'r, for use Thos. Watt for £2.10.0, for a 

(lUn to Watkins' Comp., 4tb Heg't; also for use John Hutchings £1, for 

provisions to a guard of militia in Surry. 

Same to Robt. Kerr for use Capt. Geo. (Gibson tor £44.19.0, for hunting 
shirts to his comp. 

Same to Capt. James Mason for £8.18.4, a further allowance for Leg- 
gins to his min. comp. It appearing to the Comm'ee he was imable to 
procure other Linen or at a cheaper price, and the inclemency of the 
season required they should have Leggins. 

Permits to James Hartman and Francis Mashoc, his Lady and child, 
to go t<j Philadelphia. 

A warrant to Litt. Mosby, jr., for £2.0.0, for a Gun to the Artillery. 

A warrant to Capt. Simon Ijaughlin for £10.13.11^, pay and prov's of 
his company of militia, on duty in Middlesex county. 

Same to Isaac Zane, EsqV, for use Angus McDonald, for £14.11.10, for 
sundries furnished Indian captives by order of Fred'k Committee. 

Same to Col. Wm. Clayton for use John Tyree for £6.16.6, for prov's 
to Colo. Meredith's Batt. 

Same to Lt. John Billups for £35.4.8, for pay of his comp. of militia 
on duty in Gloster. 

Orders granted Capt. Calvert to Com'y of Stores for 50 cutlasses, 1 Drum 
and Fife, 350 yards Oznaburg, and 10 lbs. pump Leather; to Mr. Maupin 
for 500 lbs, powder, 150 lbs. eighteen-pound shott, and 500 lbs. lead or 
shott; to Mr. Adams for 20 Barrels Pork, out of the stores at Cumber'd. 

The Comm'ee agree that as soon as the Blankets lately bro't to this 
place, w'ch were taken on board the Oxford prize ship, are appraised, 
they may be exchanged w'th Colo. Weeden for an equal number of Ruggs 
now in possession of 3rd reg't, to be lodged with the Commissary of 
Stores; and Rob't Nicolson, Benj. Powell, John Minson Gait, and Hum- 
phrey Harwood, or any three, being sworn, are app'd to appraise the 
same and the other effects taken on board s'd Prize. 

Ordered, that the Linen purchased of R'd Woods for use Colo. Mere- 
dith's Batt. be del'd Colo. Aylett, as the same is not wanting for Colo. 
Meredith's Batt. 

Ordered, a Letter to be written to Majors Snickers and Thurston, re- 
questing them to desist from any further purcha»se of Rifles or Guns. 

The field officers of the two Minute Battalions lately ordered to North 
Carolina appeared and ret'd their comm'ns, the same being superseded 
and rendered void bv a resolution of Convention and the order of this 
Comm'ee for calling them into service here. Whereupon other comm'ni* 
were drafted, read, approved, signed by the members, and delivered to 
the respective officers as aforesaid, dated this day. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow, 8 o'clock. 


Friday, June 28th, 1776, Williams- 


Present: Mr. President, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Jones, Mr. ^77^ ' 

Tabb, Mr. Digges. 

Ordered, that 50 bushels of the public salt at Hobbs' hole be delivered 

to the order of (^olo. Field. 

A warrant to John Woodson, Esq'r, for use James Pleasants for £9.8.0, 

for arras (3) to Capt. Carrington 's rain, comp., (^um l)erland ; also for use 

John Madison £1.11.0, for prov's to Capt. Thompson's min. comp. 

Same to Lieut. Ed. Garland for £14.5.7^, balFce of acc't for rhtions to 

28th February, 1st Reg't. 

Same to David Mason, Esq'r, for use George Rives, for £51.16.2^, for 

prov's \jo sundry minute comp's at Sussex Court House. 

Capt. ( -alvert settled his acc't for Disbursements for his Galley. Bal- 

lance due him, £24.19.6^. Ordered a warrant issue to him for the same. 

Present: Mr. Tjce. 

Pursuant to Resolution of Convention, the Comm'ee proceeded to the 

appointment of a Surgeon, Quarter- Master, and Adjutant to the 1st 

Minute Batt.. as follows: Resolved, that John K. Reid be Surgeon, Wm. 

Meredith Quarter-Master, and John Overton, Adjutant. 

A warrant to Capt. John Calvert for £95.15.0, for his board, wages, 

travelling expenses, &c., in fitting his Galley. 

Present: Mr. Page. 

Absent: Mr. President. 

Ordered, that ('apt. Hannway, with the quota of marin^recruited by 

him, repair immediately on board Capt. Calvert's Galley, to enable him 

to ent^r into actual 8er\4ce. 

Ordered, Mr. Maupin deliver John Livern, for use Indian captives, 6 

lbs. powder and 12 lbs. lead. 

A warrant to James Southall for £23.2.6, for lodging, prov's, and sundry 

necessaries furnished prisoners, <fec. 

Same to Major Eppes for £119.0.0, for sundries to the army j)er acc't 

settled and allowed by Comm'rs. 

Same to Capt. Rich'd Parker for £30.8.6, for hunting shirts, Leggins, 

nd prov's, Ac, to his comp.. 2nd reg't. 

Same V) Mrs. Cooley for £12.10.0, for attendance of herself and negro 

nurse to 1st Regiment. 

Same to Lieut. Hughes for £22.2.(), for a (quantity of Brass purchased 

the public; also £2.9.0, for waggonage and corn to Southampton Min. 


Order to Mr. Maupin to deliver Capt. Smith, of Gloster minute men, 
*^>r his company, 25 lbs. powder, 75 lbs. lead, 25 cartridge boxes, 50 flints, 
^^^d f) canteens. 

Order to Colo. Aylett to deliver Capt. Smith 252 y'ds oznaburgs for 
^^is comp. 


Williams- Order to Mr. Maupin to deliver Capt Nich's Cabell, Amherst minute 
J^"'^28 conip., 56 canteens, 9 cartridge boxes, and 1 Drum; also, 4 Rifles, to be 
1776 replaced by 4 other Guns. 

Same to deliver 25 Musquets and Bayonets to Capt. Mitchell, for his 

Same to Wm. Fog for £1.4.0, for 4 days' duty as adjutant to 2nd Min. 

Same to Capt. Wm. Smith for £168.5.7J, for pay and prov's of his min. 
comp. to 25th instant. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow '8 o'clock. 

J<iHX PA(iK. 

Williams- Saturday, June 29th, 1776. 


1770^' Present: Mr. Digges, President pro tempore; Mr. Carrington, Mr. Lee, 

Mr. Cabell, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Tabb. 

A warrant to Capt. Jos. ('arrington for £8.6.3, for j)rov's and necessa- 
ries to his min. comp., Cumberland. 

Same to J. Beckley for use J. Pendleton, for £17, his Wiiges from the 
10th to the 27th instant inclusive; also £1.12.0 paid George Donald for a 
room and firewood 3 days, for the Comm'ee, when at Richmond. 

Same to J. Mayo, Esq'r, for £41.5.8 for prov's to the 1st new. raised 
min. Batt. 

Same to Wm. Woodfin, Esq'r, for £27.16.0, the pay of John Cannon, 
Thos. Robinson, S])ence Monroe, William Sniggers, and Valentine Harri- 
son, cadets in his reg't, to 28th May. 

Same to Lodwich Farmer, Esq'r, for use Elisha Easter, £3 for a Gun 
furnished Capt. Dixon, of the Lunenburg min. men; for use Hugh Nox, 
£3.10.0 for a Gun furnished Capt. Garland, and for use Elisha Easter, 
£1.7.6 for a Gun to Capt. Dixon. 

A warrant to Jona. Dye for 8s.6d. for prov's to four prisoners. 

Same to Jacob Huntsman for £15.15.0 for waggonage to Capt. CoUierV 
min. Comp., Charlotte. 

Same to Colo. Woodford for use Wm. Brown, Surgeon to 2nd Reg't. 
£22.15.0, add. pay all'd by convention. 

Same to Mr. Wm. Whitfield for £15.8.2^ for the j)rison fees and sun- 
dries furnished prisoners condemne<l to Nansemond Jail. 

Present: Mr. Vice-President. 

Same to Lt. Oi)adiah Woodson for £114.10.0 for hunting shirts. 
Blankets, arms, cfcc, for Capt. Morton's company, 4th Reg't. 

Same to Mr. Henry Taylor for £17.7.6^ for prov's to Southampton 
min. Batt. 

Present: Mr. President. 

Lt. Monroe, of Capt. Parker's comp., 2nd Reg't, resigned his continenl 


comm'n, which was accepted and ordered to be ent'd, the General having Williams- 
given his consent. j^^^^^ 

A warrant to John Clay for £3, his pay as Cadet in 6th Reg't to 30th 1776 

Same to Jos. Claphani, Esq'r, for use Eliza. Baker for £20.7.6 for proves 
to Capt. Russell's comp., 5th Reg't; also for use Daniel Lush for £2.3.0 
for proves to said Comp., and for use Josiah Moffit for £30 for waggon 
hire to the arm v. 

The commiss'y of the Continental Forces representing to the comm'ee 
that he is under difficulties to procure a Deputy commissary to go to 
>^'orth Carolina, and tliat Mr. Rueben Lindsey is a very proper person to 
discharge that duty, but is now in the service as a min. man in the com- 
pany from Albemarle, the Comm'ee think it would be for the good of the 
service, and accordingly request of Mr. Lindsey to perform the business. 

Ordered, that Capts. Gregory and Phipp be requested to appraise the 
Carboose, sails and other articles on board the Oxford prize which may 
be wanting by Capt. Cocke for his cruizer, and that the same, as soon as 
appraised, be delivered to him. 

A warrant to Capt. Thos. Dillard for £41.15.8 for training duty and 
jprov's for his comply in April and May of Pittsylvania min. men. 

Absent: Mr. President. 

A warrant to Robt. Sanford for £18.16.0 for waggon hire to Capt. 
Turner's min. Comp'y, Halifax. 

Same to Wm. T^wson for £7.10.0 for Do. to Capt. Roger's min. Comp., 

Same to Col. Willis Riddick for £101.0.6 for prov's, wood, (frc, to 
Kansemond militia; also for arms and sundry articles. N. B. — Colo. 
Kiddick U) i)roduce cert's, otherwise to be charged with the am't of this 

Adjourned 'til Monday next. 

Monday, 1st July, 1776. Williams- 


Present: President, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Jones. Mr. Page, 177A 
Mr. Tabb, and Mr. I^e. 

A warrant to Capt. Thos. Dillard for £88.12.3 for prov's, hunting shirts, 
Leggins, Blankets, <Src., to his Comp. min. men. 

Same to Rodham Kenner for use (ieo. H. Opie, £4.19.8, pay of a 
guard at mouth of Cone River. 

Same to Jos. Speed for use Jeremiah Lanekin, £3 for a Gun, and for 
use Norvel Hunt Burton £2.10 for 1 Do., both furnished Capt. Ander- 
son's min. Comp., Mecklenburg. 

Same to Sam'l McDowell, Esq'r, for use Wm. Rutherford, 38.3d. for 
forage for a horse to Capt. Posey's comp. 


Williama- Same to Mr. Valentine Peyton for £8.5.0, forage for 1 horse as sur- 

1776 Same to Capt. Everard Meade for £6.8.6 for med. to his comp'y. 

Same to Jno. Tabb, Esq'r, for use Alex'r and Peter'd Trent for £3.9.8 
for 2 brass kettles for the public; also £5.8.8, colours for the Amelia 
militia; also for use Jno. Pleasants, £4.10 for a Gun. 

Same to Wm. Foster for £8 for waggon hire to Capts. Shervin and 
Campbell's Comp's min. 

Same to Litt. Mosby for £3.8.0 for acting as an adjutant to a detach- 
ment of Amelia min. men. 

Same to Mrs. Hodson for £49.5.2 for sundry medicines furnished the 
Troops at Kemp's Landing. 

Same to Jno. Tabb, Esq'r, for use Capt. Rob't Ballard for £70.13.1 for 
hunting Shirts, 2 Guns (£7), waggon hire, &c., to his Company. 

Same to Henry King, Esq'r, for use Sam'l Allyne for £38.10.4 for Iron 
and |)lank for public use and for a boat pressed into service and lost. 

Ord., that the General be requested to deliver to the order of Colo. 
George Mason the 2 pieces of cannon, 18- pounders, now before Gwirm's 
Island, as soon as the same can be spared from thence, and to* engage a 
proper person to convey them to Mrs. Webb's landing, on Piscataway 
creek, for the use of the Rowe Galleys on Potowmack River. 

A warrant to — Bickerston for use Abraham Murray, 6s. for a fife to 
2nd new raised min. Batt. 

Same to Arch'd Cary, Esq'r, for use Chesterfield County, £15.0.0 for 1 
p'r colours and 2 Drums Capts. Markham and Faulconer's Comp's ; also 
£25 for 2 suits colours to the Amelia min. Batt. 

Mr. James Hubbard having returned an Inventory of the ('argo on 
board the Oxford Prize — It is ordered, that he proceed to sell the s'd 
Goods as soon as appraised, at public auction, for ready money (except 
the Blankets and Tent and all of waistcoats and Barrel of powder), ren- 
dering an acc't of sales and paying the money into the Treasury subject 
to future order. 

Mr. Hubard ret'd to the Comm'ee the 54 Guinneas found on board the 
Oxford j)rize, w'ch are or'd to be sent to the Treasury to be exchanged 
for continental currencv. 

A warrant to Arch'd Cary, Estj'r, for £400 upon acc't for the building 
Rowe Galley, and for use Chester'd County, £57.10.0 for powder fur- 
nished the public. 

Same to Cutbert Bullit, Esq'r, for use John McMillon for £2 for four 
days' waggonage to Prince Wm. min. Battallion ; also for use Mai^ret 
Rawlings, £2.13.0 for care and attendance and a Blanket found a sick 
soldier of s'd Batt. 

Same to Wm Cabell, Esq'r, for use Jos. Cal)ell for £10.17.9 all'd by 
convention for collecting sundry sums for the public. 


Colo. Cary is desired to deliver 300 lbs. of the powder purchased of Williams- 
Chester'd county to Capt. Muter for his Howe Galley. T i^i 

Present: Mr. Digges. 1776 

A warrant to Jos. Jones, Esq'r, for use Col. Fielding Lewis for £1,800 
upon acc't, to enable him to pay the private adventurers their share of 
the goods lately imported in Rappa. and taken into the public store. 
£1,000 upon acc't, for the expenses of the Navy in Rappa.; also £500 
upon acc't, for use Commons Gun Factory. 

Same to Capt. Peter Perkins for £110.14.6 for sundry expenses of his 
company of min. men. Pittsylvania. 

Same to Capt. Nath. Fox ^r £46.5.6 for support of his men of 6th 
Reg't, late Capt. Ruffin from Inlistment 'til Rendezvous' 

Same to Same for £24.7.6 for hunting shirts, leggins to his comp. 

Same to John Lawson for £53.6.0 ballance of his acc't, as commis'y of 
stores for Lancaster minute Batt. 

Colo. Fielding Lewis is directed to average the wages of the officers 
and seamen belonging to the vessels that sailed from Rappa. on the pub- 
lic acc't, as well as on the acc't of the private adventurers. 

A warrant to Mathew Marable for £10.10 for rugs to Capt. Dillard's 
min. comp. Pittsylvania; also £10.10.0 for Do. to Capt. Perkins min. comp. 
same county. 

Same to George Meriwether, Esq'r, for use Dr. J. K. Reade for £13.10.7^ 
for sundry medicines and attendance on sundry min. comp's at Man- 

Ord., that the Commn's appointed to manage the Estate of Charles 
NeUson, permit Charlotte Neilson, his wife, to continue in the use of such 
part of the Estate, as shall upon enquiry appear to have been her prop- 
erty by marriage contract, 'til further order, and that they take possession 
in consequence of the former order of the remainder of the Estate. 

Order on the Comm'y of Stores to Capt. Perkins, for 27 blankets, 37 
p'r leggins, 35 shot bags and 11 hunting shirts. 

Same to Capt. Dillard for 25 Duffee Blankets, 10 Kettels or potts and 
7 pouches. 

A warrant to Dr. \Vm. Fouchee for £58.0.10^ for medicines to 9th Reg't 

A warrant to Capt. Thos. Nelson for use David Thompson, for £15.6.1, 
for sundry rigging and other necessaries furnished Capt. Robt. Tompkins 
rowe Gallev. 

Mr. Mathew Marable produced sundry claims against the Estate of John 
Goodrich, which are ordered to remain filed until order shall be taken 

Capt. Nelson, of 1st Regiment appeared and rec'd his continental com- 

Adjourned 'tU to-morrow 8 o'clock. 


WiUiams- Tuesday, 2nd July, 1776. 


1776 ' Present: Mr. President, Mr. Page, Mr. l^igges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. 

Cabell and Mr. Jones. 

A warrant to Thos. Whiting for £18.9.0f for sundry Ferriages on pub- 
lic acc't. 

Same to Colo. Willis Riddick for use Lieut. Bembridge Goodwin for 
£172.13.10, pay and prov's of a guard at Barret's point. 

Same for use Sani'l Hunt £2.10.0, for wood and house rent to said 
guard; for use Nicho's Jones £2.18.6, for express and horse hire; for use 
James Bates £(j.l2.0, for wood to 2nd Regiment; and for use John 
Asbury £1.8.G for proves to Nansemond militia. 

Same to John Banister, Esq., for £92.16.4, the ball'ce of his acc't for 
arms and other articles furnished the public. 

A rec't from the Treasurer for 54 Guineas, sent acco. to order of yes- 
terday: rec'd and o. r'd. 

Same to Capt. Sam'l Hopkins, of Hth Rt^'t, for £35.4.9, for hunting 
shirts and Tj<»ggins to his comp'y. 

Same to Capt. Willis Wills for £281.13.3, for pay of his min. company, 
Isle W'ight, to 29th June; also £1.3.6 for Ferriages and Ts. 6d. for wood 
to s'd corap'y. 

Sanje for use John Litt. Wills for £103.8.5 for prov's and 2 Guns (£7) 
to same company. 

Same to Caj)t. Wm. Russell for £1179.5.2, for the retTuiting expense 
and pay of 100 men in Fincastle under his command from Sept 6th to 
January 22d. 

Conmi'ns issued to Capt. Edmonds and his subalterns, of Tjancaster 
Min. Batt., dated 2nd October. 

Ordered, that Rich'd Taylor, of Petersburg, deliver to Ck>l. Russell, for 
use Thos. Madison, contractor of prov's to the Frontier Rangers, 50 Bu. 

Upon the representation of Colo. Adam Stephens, it is ordered that the 
two miTUite companies stationed at the (ireat Bridge be discharged, that 
the militia at Pig point and minute comp'y at Chuckatuc be dischargetl, 
and that CajU. Hufflers com])V at Craney Island be reduced to a guard 
of twelve men under command of a sergeant. Also that Capt. Willis 
Wills' comp. min. men statio. at Smithfield be discharged. 

A waiTant to Col. Adam Stephen for £24.1 3.9 J, expense of Indian 
Treaty in 1774, £ — for arms for 4th Reg't and fuel prior to 28th Feh'y. 

Same to Kich'd Adams, Escj., £21.4.0, for a Gun to Henrico Pleasants 
and for freight of sundry prov's from Cumberland. 

Same to Robt. Williams for £21.2.0, for use John Morton, for waggon- 
age to Capt. Dillard's min. comp., Pitt^ylv'a; for use of Jesse Duncan 
£2.10.0 for do. to Ballard's comp., Mecklenburg, and for himself £174.17.9, 
ballance of his acc't for arms purchased for the public. 


A warrant to Col. Win. Russell for £300 upon acc't for advanced pay Williams- 
to the Rt^ment under his command. JuU^^ 

Ordered, three warrants to John Hawkins for £1(X)0 each, and three 1776 
others for £500 each, upon acc't as Commissary of Prov's. 

Same for use Isaac Herin for £78, waggon hire. 

Same to Rodham Kenner, EsqV, for use North'd county, £88.18.11, 
for powder and ball furnished the public. 

Same to James Scott, Esq'r, for use Wm. Blackwell £18, for arms and 
waggon hire to Culpeper min. Batt., and for use Elias Edmonds £5.10.3, 
for Linen for Hunting Shirts to do. 

Henry I^ice and Francis Peyton, Esq., are app'd to purchase the horses 
and arms for Capt. Lee's Troop of horse and ord. a warrant to them for 
£750 uix)n acc't for that purpose. Bond ack'd and o. r'd. 

A warrant to W. R. St. Carle for £50 upon account, for the use of 
Eliz'h Citv Comm'rs Salt Works. 

Same to Da v. Mason, Esq'r, for use Dr. Jenkins £1.10.0 for a rug to the 
sick at Kemps. 

Same to H'ble Bart. Dandridge, Esq'r, for use John Muir for £9.3.2 for 
plank and riaiLs to 3rd Batt. 

Same to Rich'd Jarvis for £20 in fiill for his claim to 8 casks of nails 
brot. to Suffolk. 

Same to Dr. Griffiths for £47.8.1^ for the deficiency of his pay, rations 
and Forage as Surgeon to 3rd Regiment, and £10 for Surgeon's Instru- 

Present: Mr. Lee. 

A warrant to Major Spotswood for use Lieut. Sanford for £11 for bounty 
to 9 men of 2nd Reg't, re-enlisted and 2 new recruits. 

Same to James Anderson for £142.16.0 for a quarter's wages of him- 
self, workmen, and use of sliop, per agreement. 

Same to Benj'n Powell for £104.8.3 for sundry services on public acc't ^ 

and articles to Do. 

Same to Jas. Holt, Esq'r, for use John Whiddon for £105.08^ for sun- 
dry services of himself and servants in mounting cannon and ab't the 
Fortifications at Portsmouth.. 

Same to Francis Peyton, Esq'r, for use Thos. Humphrey, £12.12.0 for 
Tomaliawks furnished Capt. And. Russell's comp'y, 5th Re^^'t. 

Capt. Rodger Thompson, of Albemarle county, having informed the 
Conim'ee that Sherod Bugg, James Cray watt, Edmond Moody, Thos. 
Spn>use, Richard Melton, James Sprouse, Henry Sprouse, and James 
Johnson, soldiers in his min. Comp'y stationed at Burwell's Ferry, had 
deserted last night, he is empowered to advertize a proper descripticm of 
them in the public papers, with a reward of £2 per man for apprehend- 
ing them, and the Comm'ee of Albemarle are requested to take proper 
gtepH for effecting the same. 






July 2, 


Ord., that any yhott which may be provided by General Lewis at the 
Continental expense, for the cannon employed at Portsmouth or else- 
where, w'ch may remain on hand, ought to be paid for by this country, 
whenever the said cannon are taken out of the possession of the Cont'l 

Dr. Pasteur is desired to visit John Goodrich, the elder, and enquire 
into the state of his health and report to this board. 

Lieut. James Burnett of Capt. Patterson's comp. in ye 6th Reg\ appe'd 
and resigned his con't com'n, which being accepted by the General is 
approved and ord. to be cert'd. 

Ensign Wm. Thompson, of Capt Chas. Dabney's minute comp'y in 
Colo. Meredith's Batt. also resigned his com'n which is accepted and 0. 

Ord., a wiirrant to Capt. Ben. Temple for £750 upon acc't, for the pur- 
chase of horses, arms and accoutrements for his troop of horse. Bond 
ex'd, ackn'd and O. R'd. 

Adjourned 'til to-morrow 8 o'clock. 

July 3, 

Wednesday, Jxdy 3rd, 1776, 

Present: Mr. President, Mr. Digges, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Cabell, Mr 
Jones, Mr. Page. 

A warrant to Dr. Robt. Rose for £15.10 for Chirugical Instrument 
furnished Brig Liberty. 

Same to Colo. Wm. Russel for use James Dysart for £1.7.6, for prov" 
to the Fincastle troops. 

Same to Jos. Speed for use Noah Dorth for £6 for a Rifle Gun to Cap' 
Ballard's min. Comj)., Mecklenburg. 

Same to Thos. Whiting, Esq'r, £50 for use Gloster county for so muc? 
formerly paid into the Treasury for 2^M) lbs. powder. 

Same to Geo. Brooke, Esq'r, for use Ed. Hill, £200.9.7 for a quanti 
of corn furnished Wm. Revnolds for his adventure. 

Same to Geo. Brooke for £1.7.9 for Ferriages to 8th Reg't. 

Same to Henry King, Esq'r, for use Wni. Randall for £20.9.0 for Im ^^ 
services in conveying vessels from Hampton up James River p'r acc't. 

Same to Capt. Inland for £750 upon acc't for purchase of arms, horsc^^^'' 
and accoutrements for his Troop of horse. Bond ex'd, ackn'd, and ^^- 

Same to Richard Adams, Esq'r, for use Thos. Watkins £2.10.0 for 
prov's furnished Capt. Crockett's comp'y of 7th Reg't, and for use George 
Parke, £29.7.4^ for prov's to Brig Liberty. 

Same to Jos. Nevill for use sundry persons for £9.19,6 for prov's, Ac, 
furnished Capt. Westfall, 8th Reg't; also for use Hampshire County, 
£20.10.0 for conveying powder to Pittsburg. 


A comm'n issued and deliv'd Wm. Russell, Esq'r, to be Lieut.-Colo. of Williams- 
the 6 conip's of Rangers to be employed in Fincastle, dated 14th June, jyuj^jj 
Sub'd articles and took oath. 1776 

Mr. Robt. Rakestraw is app'd Quartermaster to Col. lewis's min. Batt. 
on service. 

A warrant to Jos. Nevill, Gent., for use James Parsons, £8.4.6 for sun- 
dries fiirn'd for building a furnace for 3rd Regiment; also 19s. for repair- 
ing arms to 3rd Reg't. 

A certif'te of appointment of Mordecai Throckmorton, Gent., to be 
Capt. of a minute comp. in Gloster district, was ret^ and a comm'n 
issued, dated 6th May. 

A warrant to Benj'n Ward for £2.10.0 for a M Gun flints furnished 
the public. 

Same to (!apt. S. J. Cabell, £3 for recruiting 3 soldiers, and £14.12.6 
for Tomahawks, Hoppases, &c., to his comp'y, 6th Reg't. 

Same to Capt. James Barron for £121.18.10 for pay roll of l)oat Lib- 
erty to 25th June; also for use Cai)t. RM Barron for £1(X).7.3 for Do. of 
lioat Patrit)t to 2oth June. 

Present: Mr. Lee. 

A comm'n issued to the Judges of l)inwi<ldie County. 

Ord., tliat the Boat formerly taken by ('apt. Barron, late the property 
«)f John Mitchell, now up James River, be delivereil to Capt. Barron or 
Fiis order, to be by him employed in the j)ublic service. 

A warrant to C-apt. James Barron, £96 upon ac^c't in part of the prize 
niioney of Brig Fanny, to be distributed in equal proi)ortions among the 
iiien concerned in taking the s'd Brig. 

Same to Capt. Thos. Hutchings for £107.15.0 for support of his men 
<z>f 6th Reg't whilst in the county, and for Blankets, hunting shirts, Horses, 
Hoggins, i\:c. 

Same to John Draper for £8.11.6 for Express hire. 

Same to Capt. Throckmorton for £154.5.7^ for pay his min. comp., 
X^te Peyton's, on service in Gloster to 1st Instant. 

Same to Thos. Stanley for £6.12.6 for his services as waggoner. 

Ord., the Comm'y of Stores deliver Colo. Weeden, on his own account, 
XDuck sufficient for the sides of a Tent. 

A warrant to D. Jameson for use Capt. John Nelson for £750 on acc't 
^r the purchase of horses, arms, and accoutrements for his Troop of 
^orse. Bond ack'd. 

Same to Capt. Thos. Lilly for £162.19.3 for pay of workmen on Brig 

Same to Isaac Holday for £20 on account, for mounting cannon in 

Resolved, that Dr. Walter Bennett be appointed Surgeon to 2nd Min. 

Adjourned till to-morrow 8 o'clock. 


Williams- Thursday, 4th July, 1776. 


1776 * Present: Mr. President, Mr. Page, Mr. Digges, Mr. (^arrington, Mr. Lee, 

Mr. Cabell, and Mr. Jones. 

A warrant tc> John Jordan for £3.14.8, his pay as a cadet in the 6th 
Reg't to 2nd July. 

Same to Benj'n Patterson £11.15.7^, for Do. and rations to 28th June. 

Same to Wm. Clayton, Esq'r, for use Rich'd C Graves for £24.12.0, 
for sundry articles and work for Brig Liberty. 

Same to Larkin Smith £4.6.2, his pay and rations as cadet in the 6th 
Reg't to 20th June. 

Same to Marden Perkins for £5, express hire for 6th Batt. 

Same to Edw'd Irving £12.11.4, his pay and rations as a cadet in 6th 

Same to Gab. Penn for use Wm. Penn, Lieut, in Capt. Jameson's troop 
of horse, for £250 upon acc't, for purchase of horses, anns, and accou- 
trements. Bond ex'd and o. r'd. 

Same to Capt. Geo. Muter, for use James Lyle for £1.8.6, for 6 iron 
potts furnish'd Capt. Chas. Allen for Prince Edw'd min. men ; also £6.17.0 
for shalloon for capes and cuflfs for Capt. Jos. Carrington's comp., Cum- 
berland, and three iron potts. 

Same to Thos. Everard and James Cocke £74, their salary as coram'rs 
of accHs to this day, inclusive. 

Same to Arthur Campbell for use Thos. Madison £500, upon acc*t as 
Comm'y and Pavmaster to the Militia on dutv in Fincastle. 

Same to Sam. McDowell, Esq'r, £55 upon acc't, for recruiting a comp. 
Rangers in Augusta. 

Same to John Bovvyer, Esq'r, for £106 upon acc't, for Do. 2 comp's in 

Same to Abram Hite, Esq'r, £55 upon acc't, for Do. 1 comp'y in 

Same to French Strother, Esq'r, for use Capt. Jolin Jameson for £500, 
upon account for recruiting service, purchase of horses, arms, &c., of 
Capt. Jameson's Troop of horse. Bond ex'd, ackn'd, and o. r'd. 

A review of Capt. Spencer's comp.. Orange, of 7th Reg't. on 8th May, 
ret'd and o. r'd. 

Comm'ns iss'd and del'd Capt. Spencer and subalterns, dated same day. 

Capt. Samuel Evans, master of the Friendship, taken as a Prize by 
Capt. R'd Barron is all'd his ])arole. 

A warrant to Colo. John Lyne for £674.16.10, for Flour and bread 
furnished Brig liberty. 

The Comm'ee fix the allowance of officers for a Tent at £4.10.0 each. 

A warrant to Duncan ^IcPherson for £2.10.0 for Fodder. 

The Comui'ee, taking into consideration the services of Colo. William 


Aylett as Commissary of Stores, which he has discharged with great Williams- 
fidelity and diligence, to the entire satisfaction of the Comm'ee, are of j^jw 
opinion that he ought to be allowed for the same after the rate of £300 1776 
p'r ann'm, exclusive of all expenses. 

The Comm'ee being of opinion that it is absolutely necessary to employ 
some person to close their proceedings by finishing the orders raising a 
new book of accounts, and to perform sundry other services requisite for 
that purpose', do agree to employ John Berkeley ass't clerk to this Com- 
m'ee, to perform the s'd services, with an allowance of fifteen shillings 
per day. 

A warrant to the members and officers of the Comm'ee for £288, their 
attendance from June lOth to July 4th, and for travelling expenses in 
returning home. 

Same to Capt. Sam. J. Cabell for £4.10.0 for a Tent. 
Ordered, Commis'y of Stores deliver Dr. (jriffith, for use 3rd Reg% 20 
fhs. Bark. 

A warrant to Lt. Alex'r Rose, Benj'n Taliaferro, and James Bamett, of 
eth Reg't, £4.10.0 each for Tents (officers in C^ibell's comp'y). 

Same to John Lyne, Esq'r, for use Elisha White £25, for conveying 
EUigood to Winchester. 

Same to Jos. Nevill for use sundry persons £36.1.11, for arms, &c., to 
3rd Re^'t. 

A pass to John Henshaw to go to Portsmo'. 

A warrant to John Sek. Wells for £500 upon acc't, as manager of salt 
^rorks on so. side James River. Bond ex'd, ackn'd, and o. r'd, to be paid 
on giving security to the Treasurer. 

Same to Colo. Thos. Elliot for £1.19.8, for pay of 2 volunteers in Hick- 
man's company, not before all'd. 

Same to Ed. Pendleton, John Baynham, for £11.8.0, for Trophies to 
Caroline militia. 

Same to Leonard Volouni for 15s., for making 3 centry boxes. 
Same to Richard Henry Lee, Esq'r, for £500, upon acc't, for use of 
Richard Parker, Sen'r, manager of salt works in Northern Neck. 

A warrant to Capt. Wm. Washington, of 3rd Reg't, for £4.10.0, for a 
Tent; and for Reginald (graham £3.10.0, for Barracks to 3rd Reg't at 

Ord., that horses, anns, and accoutrements be purchased by Captains 
^f the several Troops of horse with the money advanced them by this 
M)mni'ee, being first approved of by such persons as shall review the 
Tioopers respectively enlisted by such officers. 

A warrant to Robey Coke for £16.14.4 for mounting cannon, <Src.; also 
for use Sarah Coke £2, for house rent to army. 

A warrant to R'd H. I^ee for use Ex'ors Phil. Lud. Lee for £45.3.1, for 
sanity pieces of Duck furnished the Navy in Portsmouth. 
The Comm'ee adjourned 'til to-morrow 8 o'clock. 


Willuinw- Friday, oth July, 1776, 


1776 Prej*ent: Mr. President Mr. Page. Mr. Digges, Mr. Carringion, Mr. Lee, 

Mr. Cal^ell, and Mr. Jones. 

A warrant to Gen. Penn for use Wm. Penn for £250 upon acc't^ for the 
imrclja.*<e of horses, arms, and accoutrements for his quota of Capt. 
Jameson's Troop horse. Bond ack'd. 

Same to Lieut. Amiistead for use Rob. Tompkins, for £20 upon acc't, 
for purchai?e of materials for his Galley. 

Ordered, that the Comm'ee of West Augusta deliver Mr. John Camp- 
bell order 5 lbs. Gunpowder out of that in their hands belonging to the 

A warrant to B. Dandridge, Esq'r, for use Pet Barrow, 8s. for nails 
furnished the public. 

Same to Lt. Joseph Scott for £13.5.0, ball'ce of his acc't and rations, 
A'c, Ist Reg't. 

Same to John (.'anipbell for £49.14.5 for sundries to Capt Arbuckle's 
Comp. ; also for use Benj'n Pelton, 33s. for work on Batteaus for same 
Com p., and use Jno. Anderson for £8.4.6 for Express hire and sundries 
for use Garrison at Fort Pitt. 

Same to Jos. Nevill, EsqV, for use Thos. Craft for £13.10.0 for Tents 
furnished Major Marshall, Doctor Griffith, and Capt. IjCc, of 3rd Keg't. 

Same to Sylvanus Stokes for use sundry j)er8ons, £16.5.0 for arms to 
Capt. Dixon's comp., Lunenburg; also £20.0.6 for prov's to Do. 

Ordered, that the Keeper of the Magazine deliver Lt Armistead, for 
use Capt. Tompkins Rowe Galley, 100 lbs. powder and 200 lbs. Lead. 

A eertif 'a of ai)|)ointment of Rob't Cary to be capt. of a minute com- 
pany in Gloster ret'd and o. cert'd; comm'n issued and dated 10th June. 

A Letter written James Callowav to forward all the T^icad on hand 
with exped'n. 

Ordered, that Capt Cary's comp. min. men in Gloster be called intop- 
duty, and that one Comj)any of militia now on duty there be discharged^ 

A comm'n iss'ed to the Judges of Berkeley. 

A warrant to James Pulliam for use R'd Stone Sn'r, £3 for a Gun to 
Capt. Dixon for his comp. Lunenburg min. men. 

Same to Francis Peyton for use Capt. Henry I^e for £750 upon aci^'t, 
for purchase of horses, arms and accoutrements. Bond ack'd, &q. 

Same to French Strother, Esq'r, for use Capt John Jameson, for £500 
ui>on acc't, for same puq)Ose. Bond ackn'd, &c. 

Same to the members and officers of the comm'ee for £10.15.6 being 
for this day's allowance. 

— Harrison appeared in Comm'ee and contracted to fiim. Wheeling, 
Little Kanawha and Great Kanawha at — at — pitt for 8d. p'r ration, at 
Wheeling, for 8d. at Little Kan — at Great Kanawha for 13d., the rations 


of the Quanti'y — prov's as per established ration, settled by this Com- Williams- 
m'ee — is dePd him, and he is to be paid for all prov's taken by the j**^*^- 
Enemy, when moved from one garrison to another under guard, or any 1776 
taken in garrison, and that Burr Harrison is appV! Paymaster to the troops 
at the above stations, and is to be alPd £30 p'r an'm for the two upper 
stations, and £50 pV an'm for the two lower stations. Bond w'th security, 
penalty £10,000 ex'd ack'nd and O. R'd. 

A warrant to L't Thomas Armistead for £41.14.6 for pay of his 
marines to 1st July. 

Geo. Brooke, Esq'r, settled his acc't with the comm'ee for disbursements 
of money advanced him, for pay of 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th Reg'ts. Bal- 
lance due him £18.18. A warrant issued for same. 

A warrant to P. R. T. for use \Vm. Carr, for £3.2.6 for camp oven 
l:,o 3rd Reg't. 

Same to Capt Wm. Washington for £14.14 for a Gun, waggonage and 
<)rage of horses for the min. Service, Caroline District. 

Same to Valentine Peyton for £16.12.0 pay, forage and rations as sur- 
eon's mate to 3rd Reg't. 
Same to John Craig for £220.2.8, ballance of his acc't as commissary 
t Fred'g, and for £3(X) upon acc't for same purpose. 
Same to D. Lester for £24.12.7^ for Ferriages per acc't. 
Same to Jos. Jones, EsqV, for use Chas. Carter for £24.1.6 for 160 lbs. 
altpetre deliv'd Fielding Lewis, Esq'r. 

On considering the pet'o. of Henry TiOchhead, and the depo. of Joel 

ewett relative thereto, the Comm'ee are of opinion that the opening 

t^lie Letter was an offence of a very presumptuous, dangerous nature, but 

as it was done in a public company, it appears rather to have proceeded 

from curiosity than any criminal intention, and as he appears from his 

petition, which is confirmed by the information of John Banister and 

Boiling Starke, Esq'rs, to be sensible of his error and sincerely contrite 

for his offence, the comm'ee are inclined to pass it over, upon his enter- 

^ into security in the sum of five hundred pounds, to the Comm'ee of 

Knwiddie, for his good behaviour. 

The Comm'ee adjourned 'til to-morrow, being dissolved by the adjourn- 
nient of Convention. This constitutes the — of their pix)ceedin8:s. 



[Continued from page 405 of Volume Seventh J 


Coundf' Sam'l Coleman's report on Scouts' Claims sent to Secretary 
oflBce OF War. 

The enclosed pai)er8 intended to establish claim for the pay of six 
scouts, ordered into service by the County Lieutenant of Randolph for 
the year 1790, go fully to their object, but the Executive of Virginia not 
having authorized any defence for the Northwestern frontier for the time 
therein mentioned, have uniformly declined an}'^ adjustment of the claims 
for service then rendered. The mode prescribed by the Greneral Govern- 
ment for the settlement of such claims was an application to the then 
commanding officer of the Western army. 

I have, &c.. 



I wrote to you shortly after the receipt of your letter in answer to one? 
I had previously addressed to you, relatively to certain difficulties I met^ 
with as escheator of Fairfax county. Owing I presume to some acci- 
dent, the letter never fell into your hands. I will therefore beg leave to 
renew the subject of it, and request the favour of an answer as soon 
thereafter as convenient. In the opinion that Mr. Marshall gave upon 
my first letter, it appears to me to be founded upon a wrong construction 
of my meaning : at least it wa.s different from what I intended. 

I there stated that the finding of the Jury was returned by me to the 
District Court, but that notwithstanding I thought the Commonwealth 
was entitled to the escheat, altho' they found against it. The Jur>', I 
believe, was regularly constituted, and they found against the ComVth, 
which finding was returned to the Court, as by law I was directed to do. 
I now ask whether I can or ought to proceed further, after what I wrote 
you in the first letter. 

I am, &c. 



A muster roll of six Scouts called into service pursuant to instructions 1795. 
of the Executive of Virginia for the protection of Randolph County for ''^^ ^^ 
the vear 1790: 









1790. Years. Feet. In. 

Valentine StalDaker.. .1 March 1.. 

Phinehas Wells , Do. Do- 

.las. Stewart Elliott Do. Do..' 

Jas. Westfall Do. D0..1 

Jacob Pryor Do. Do..f 

Jas. Schoolcraft I Do. Do.. 











Virginia.., Randolph Co. 
N.York... Do. Do. 
Virginia.. Do. Do. 
Virginia.. Do. Do. 
Virginia.., Do. Do. 
Virginia.. Do. Do. 

Virginia — to-wit: 

In pursuance of the ninety-sixth section of the act of the Gen- 
oml Assembly, "Establishing District Courts and for regulating the 
(ieiieral Court/' I do, with the advice of Council, hereby appoint Charles 
Moss, gentleman, Public Jailor for the District of Norfolk, Isle of Wight, 
Princess Anne, Nansemond, and Southampton. 

(riven under my hand as Governor, at Richmond, this — day of Feb- 
niarv, 1789. 

Beverly Randolph. 

May 19 

Arthur Campbell to the Governor. 

As my statements dated in March and April last, of danger api)rehen- May 22, 
Med fnun the Indians on the frontiers of Lee and Russell, may have had ^^ County 
an influence with the Execution to order out Scouts, 1 conceive it now to 
be my duty to give further information that the public may not incur 
unnecessary expense. 

When I wrote, it was believed by everyone that the Indians were 
u[)proaching to do mischief; it has been siiu^e discovered that the author 
of these alarms, was of the infamous combination that shortlv afterwards 
murdered M. Turbuff. We are assured by one of the agent*^ in the 
Cherokee country, that no Indians has been on our frontier this Spring. 
One reason assigned for the pacific temper towards us is, that a diflference 
has taken place V>etween the ('herokees and Chickasaws, so much so that 
blood has been shed — another restraint mav hv that the Cherokees wish 
first to receive their annual donation from the United States, which [)rob- 
ably now cannot be delivered before next August. 

The intended treatv North-west of the Ohio will have an influence 

with the Southern Indians. No people are more fond of such meetings, 

and there is no doubt if there is not public Deputy's at Greensville in June 

next from the Creeks and Cherokees, there will be envoys from different 



1795. Towns to act the f)art of Hpys. Old men are p:cnerally chosen to act as 
.lay — iini])as8{i(lors for peace — Young vindictive warriors as Runners or si>ys. 

While we are watchful lest the Indians should incroach upon us, our 
complaints would de uiadc with an ill grace, were we to countenance con- 
duct in jur own (dtizens worse than the injuries we complain of. 

It is with no small regret, I mention that a number of the inhabitants 
of this county, ha» lately passed the boundary established by the treaty 
of Holstein, and are making settlements South-west of the Cumberland 
Gap. These peoi)le made the attempt last fall, but were checked by the 
threats of the Superintendent and moved off. They are lately gone with 
increased numbers, and talk of resisting all authority that may attempt 
to remove them. 

Before I close this letter, I can not refrain mentioning to your Excel- 
lency a late atrocious attack made bv one Berrv, a Sheriff in the South- 
western Territory on a citizen of Virginia. 

One of those unfortunate and perhaps depraved men who are now in 
Jail on susi)icion of being an accessory to the murder of M. Turbul!', left 
behind him a sickly wife and eight small children in indigent circumstan- 
ces. The unfeeling Sheriff of Hawkins county, took his opportunity to 
pass our boundary (Walker's line) and violently carry off the few cattle 
the woman had to give n)ilk to her children, for meat they had none, and 
of bread very little, on pretence of some, old claim of fees. The neigh- 
bors say the claim is unjust; be that as it may, surely a citizen of Vir- 
ginia has a right to a hearing; has a right to a civil process, being first 
sworn by one of her own officers, before he is mulct to his ruin. 

It seems strange why congress, without any substantial reason, should 
so long delay ratifying the boundary agreed on betw^een our State and 
that of North Carolina. A number of less striking inconveniencies an». 
frequently taking place both in Washington and I^e, both in execution 
of the Militia Law, and the serving of civil process. 

Men frequently injured and without hope of redress, may resist and a 
commotion be the consequence. 

I am, (frc. 



A muster roll of six Scouts called into service pursuant to instructions 1795. 
o( the Executive of Virginia for the Protection of Randolph County, in ^^^ ^^ 
Vin?inia, in the year 1790: 



— — 

_ — — 

— — - - - 

- - 

When DIs- i 






Feet. In. 

April 30.. 
do. 30.. 


5 9 

N. York.. 

Randolph Co 


i 5 9 

Do. Do 

do. 30.. 


5 10 


Do. Do 

do. 30.. 


1 5 11 


Do. Do 

do. 30.. 


i ^> 


Do. Do 

do. 30.. 


5 8 




Do. Do 

1 Valentine Stalnaker... 

2 Phineas Wells 

.3 Jaa. Stewart Elliott 

4 ' Jaa. Westfall 

5 , Jacob Ragor 

fi ' JaB. Schoolcraft 

Randolph (Wnty: 

This day Jacob Westfall, county lieutenant for said county, c^me 
before me, Willianri Wilson, a Justice of the peaee for the county afore- 
said, and made oath that he mustered the scouts as named and described 
in tlie within muster roll, 
(iiven under my hand this 28th day of November, 1793. 

William Wilsox. 

May 22 

A pay abstact for 6 Scouts employed for the defence of Randolph May 22 
County as per instructions of the Executive of Virginia: 


Men'8 Naine8. 


When Dis- 

I 1790. 

1 ; Valentine Stalnaker.... I Mar. 1.. 

2 Phenehas Wells " 1.. 

3 Jaa. Stewart Elliott t " 1.. 

4 Jas. Westfall ** 1.. 


No. of 

in Ser. 


5 Jacob Reger 

6 JaB. Schoolcraft. 



April 30..| 

" 30.. 

" 30..1 

" 30..| 

" 30.. 

" 30.. I 



Per T)ay. 

Amount of 



' £15.5.0 




1 15.5.0 






1 15.5.0 


1 do hereby certify that the above service was dulv executed bv mv 
orders. Given under my hand this 28th day of November, 1793. 

Jacob Westfall, C. L. 

Jacob Westfall was the County Lieutenant of Randolph county, in the 
J^tate of Virginia, in the beginning of the year 1790, and the proper 
officer to decide upon the defence of said county. 

Richmond, May 18th, 1795. 

Attest : 

Sam. Coleman, A. C. C. 


1796. Randolph County, Virginia: 

May 22 

This day came Edward Jackson, late Colonel of said county, before 

me, William Wilson, one of the Justices of the county aforesaid, and 
made oath that the within mentioned Valentine Stalnaker, Pheneh&< 
Wells, Jas. Stewart Elliott, Jas. Westfall, Jacob Reger, Jas. Schoolcraft, 
were calltMl into service bv the advice of a council of the field and com- 
missioned officers of said county of Randolph, held some time in 
February, 1790; that they were under the direction of the County Lieu- 
tenant, and that he verilv believes thev served the full term of tmit^ 
mentioned in the within abstra(^t faithfully and truly. 

Given under my hand this 27th day of April, 1795. 

William Wilson. 

At a Council held at the Court-House of the county of Randolph ot: 
the first Tuesday after the fourth Monday in February, 179(), for th 
pur])ose of cont<)inplating on the present dangerous circumstances of thl 
said county, consisting of .Facob Westfall, County Lieutenant; Comeliu 
Bogard, Colonel ; Edward Jackson, Colonel; John Wilson, Major; Ja: 

Westfall, Peter Cassity. and William Wilson, Captains; and Jacob Kitt^ft. ^- 
an<l Matthew Whitman, Lieutenants: 

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Board that it will be expedicL — » ^ 
for the ijresent defence and safetv of this countv that six scouts shouM. <. i 
be admitted to range. 

Resolved, That Valentine Stalnaker, Phinehas Wells, John Elliott, Jj^ ^• 
W(»stfall, .Jacob Hegen and Jas. SchooU^nift be apjK>inted scouts U^ ser ^^'*" 
three months, eonnueneing from the first of March next; and that t^i<-' 
scouts serve on the prineij)les of drawing no pay from this order of Xh^^i^ 
appointment except it be allowed them from the Treasury of Virginia • »r 
the Tnitod Stiites, and that they be considered as volunteers and tl*i>' 
Board under no obligations in conse(|uenc(» of this resolution. 

Resolved, That th(i said scouts, before they enter into service, go befort* 
some Justice of the Peace and make oath that they will truly, faithful i.^'» 
and diligently serve as scouts. 

jAa)B Westfall, 

President of the Council. 

I, John Wilson, Clerk of the Court-Martial and of the present Boanl 
of Otticers, do hereby certify the above to be a true copy. 

John Wilson. 

At a Court held for the county of Randolph, in the State of Virginia, 
the 24th day of June, 1793: 

Ordered on motion, that it be certified to the Secretary of War that 


Jacob Westfall, County Lieutenant of thifi county, was legally invested 1795. 
with the authority of County Lieutenant by commission under the hand ^^^ ^^ 
and seal of the Governor of Virginia, bearing date the 28th day of May, 
1787, to the due and faithful execution of which office he, the said Jacob 
Westfall, was legally qualified at a Court held for the county of Randolph 
on the 28th day of August, 1787, and that he continued to act in that 
office until some time in the month of October last past, at which time 
he removed to the State of Kentucky, about five hundred and fifty miles 
<Aistant from this place, and that the said Colonel Westfall called into 
irictual service six scouts in the vear 1790. 

A copy — Teste: 

Jacob Westfall, C. R. C. 

I, Jacob Westfall. ('lerk of the Court of the county of Randolph, do 
liereby certify that there is not now, nor ev(»r heretofore hath been, any 
t*t»ale provided for the county of Randolph. 

Teste : 

Jacob Wkstfall, C. R. C. 

I, Cornelius Bogard, presiding Magistrate of the county of Randolph, 
do hereby certify that the above certificate of Jacob Westfall, Clerk of 
the Court of said county, and his attestation thereto is in due form. 

Ciiven under my hand this 25th day of June, 1793. 

Cornelius Bo(4ard. 

The foregoing documents, contained in five pages, are copies of originals 
ft^TOarded to Colonel Steele, at Philadelphia, May 20tli, 1795. 


Sam Coleman, A. C. C. 

^ythe Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia — A Procla- 


^^Tiereas, from information to be relied on, it appears that the Yellow May 22 

P^ver has spread its baneful contagion so generally over the whole West 

India Islands, as to excite just ground of apprehension that, without 

Much caution, the disease may be brought into this Commonwealth by 

vessels arriving from the said West India Islands, including the Bahamas 

and Bermuda; or from the port of New Orleans, on the Mississippi, or 

those situated on the Spanish Main : I have thought proper, by and with 

the advice of Council, to call upon the superintendents of quarantine of 


1795. the different ports of entry and delivery of this Commonwealth to uso 
*^ every exertion on their parte to prevent the introduction of ho great a 

calamit}' among the good people of this State. To effect which they are 
hereby particularly enjoined to demand of all the masters of vessels 
coming from any one of the West India Islands, or ports, the requisite 
declaration of the state of health of their respective crews, <fcc., accord- 
ing to the law in that case made and provided. And if the result of such 
inquiry shall satisfy the superintendent that the j)ublic safety requires of 
any such vessel the performance of (juarantine, he is hereby required to 
see that the same be done and made at tlie anchorage gnmnd off Craney 
Island for the space of 20 days. And I do hereby most strictly enjoin 
and require that until such vessels shall be discharged froni their quar- 
antine, all persons coming or goods importc^d therein, come not on shore 
or go on board any other vessel, or be landed or put on board any other 
vessel whateoever within this Commonwealth. And moreover, that no 
person or persons go on board any vessels ordered to perform quamntine 
in pursuance hereof, without permission first had and obtained (in 
writing) from Thomas Newton, Esq'r, in the Borough of Norfolk, who is 
hereby authorized and empowered to see such (piarantine j)erforme<l, 
and to j)rocure a proper l)oat and crew to obtain the most early and 
accurate* infonnation of the situation of all vessels coming within the 
Chesapeake, with an intt^ntion of entering any of the ix)rts, rivers, or 
harbors within the jurisdiction of this Stiite. And all Pilots are hereby 
required and enjoined to give notice unto the above-named superintend- 
ent, of the arrival of all vessels from any of the aforesaid Islands or 
ports, and are inhibited from conducting the same into any of the port^ 
of this State until due examination is made as aforesaid. 

Given under my hand as (Governor, and under the seal of the Com- 
monwealth, at Richmcmd, this twenty-first day of May, in the year of 
our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninetv-five, and of the Com- 
mon wealth the nineteenth. 

[Skal.] Robert Brc>c>kk. 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

May 24 Three French ships arrived here last night from Gaudalupe. There 

Norfolk y.^^ ^y^ jj^ ^Y^^ fleet, but met with the Thetis and another British nhip 
off our coast, who captured two of them after a severe action. 

The Continental trooj)S leave this on Wednesday next, and only a 
Sergeant's guard is to remain at one of the Forts. I really consider our 
situation criti(Uil, having so many seamen and French negroes among 
us, and our militia unarmed. A place of so great resort of shipping, in 
my opinion, should never be without a garrison of 100 men, with 


n expewQiiced officer commanding. We now lay at the mercy of any 1795. 
adden invader; neither of the forts are finished, and the guns may be ^^*^ 
piked hy a very small force, as it will be impossible for only a sergeant's 
uard effectually to take care of both Forts. This movement will compel 
le to keep a boat as a look out, which will cost 5 dollars a day ; had the 
arrison remained the boat would have been discharged. Col. Walke 
kull deliver this to your Excellency; to him I beg leave to refer as to our 
ituation. and am, 

Yours, &c. 


In conformitv to vour instructions 1 proceeded vesterday to T>et the May 25 
contractor's office for the Supply of Rations at the arsenal for the ensu- ^*" ^ 
ing year. It wsis taken by Mr. Wm. Weaver at i^^\. j)er Ration and 8d. 
lK?rgill for spirits. 

It has been customary with the Honorable, the Executive, heretofore 
to make some small advance in cash to the Contractors when first com- 
mencing their office, in order to enable them to discharge with ] punctu- 
ality the duties thereof. I will therefore take the liberty of suggesting 
the net^essity of advancing on the j>resent occasion about one hundred 

You will do me the favour to express your oj)inion on this subject, 
^^^ if the advance required meets with your approbation, I will notify 
the contrador therewith, and forward him to Richmond to receive the 

I am, c^'c. 

Tnos. Xew^ton to the Governor. 

I receivefl your Exc'ys letter in(^losing the i)roclamations, which are May 26 
prf>mulgated. Some of the vessels have arrived in port ten days, whose Norfolk 
^'^ws are healthy, and think hard of lying ten days more, as I wrote 
your Excellency that I should confine them to 20 days from leaving 
their last porta. I shall not disjjense with it unless with your leave, and 
ID inanv cases I think it mav be safelv done. 

I have misplaced your Excellency's letter with the petition of More- 
'^nd and the other 8eamen ; if not too troublesome, I shall be gla<i of a 
copy in case of any ships coming I may demand the men. 

A vessel from Bermuda reports that some oi Adm'l Murray's Squadron 
are there. 

I am, &c. 


Daniel Bedinger to the Governor. 

1795. Rei)lying to charges against him made by (Jeorge Hammond, British 

Norfolk Minister, in a letter to the Secretary of State in regard to the manner in 
which the deposition of Thomas Butler, a pilot, was obtained. Also 
inclosing several affidavits : 

No. 1. 

T do here])y certify that on the 28th ultimo. 1 accompanied John Cow- 
per and Daniel Bedinger, EsqVs, on board the British Frigate Hussar, on 
business of a public nature, and that among many other things. Captain 
Cochrane liinted to Mr. Bedinger that he (Cochrane,) had taken a decla- 
ration from Butler the Pilot, which contradicted ii dei)Osition which it 
seems Butler have given before Mr. Bedinger — That the lattc^r gentlemen 
pressed Captain Cochrane U) explain himself fully, which however he did 
not comply with, but only said that Butler denied the principal part of 
said Deposition, and had been forced to give it. Mr. Bedinger then 
re<[uesttHl that Butler might lie confronted with him, (a^ tlie said Butler 
was at that time on board the Thc^tis, Captain (-ochrane's shij), which lay 
very near the Hussar): this Captain Cochrane refused to do, and finally 
that Mr. Bedinger demanded it as an act of Justice, which he thought he 
had a right U) exj)ect from Captain Cochrane but without effect. 

Given under my hand this 25th day of May, 1795. 

John Lirty. 

This day Captain John Lurty, Commander of the Revenue Cutter, the 

Virginia, appeared before me, and made oath to the truth of the foregoing 


Thomas Nkwton. 
Norfolk Borough, May 25th, 1795. 

Xo. 2. 

Personally appeared before me Thomas Newton as alderman of this 
Borougli, Robert Borland, and voluntarily, without compulsion, made 
oath that he was on board the British ship of war Thetis, Captain Coch- 
rane, some time in Ai)ri] last, when Captain Cochrane asked the Deponent 
to go into the eating room and witness a paper, said to be a declaration 
of the Pilots relative to some ship being taken, as the Pilot could not 
read or write. A i)aper was produced, but no pilot vva*s present, nor did 
the de]M)nent sec any mark as he recollects to the paper, neither was 
Captain Cochrane j)resent, nor was the ctmtents read of the declaration, 
the deponent did not conceive that the paper was any consequence, and 
only a matter of form, and signed it as required by Captain Cochrane. 

Robert Borland, 



No. 3. 

Daniel Bedinger, Esquire, having furnished me with an Extract of a 1795. 
paper said to be the Declaration of Thos. Butler, Pilot, taken on board *^ " 
the British Frigate Thetis, on the 23rd of Aj)ril last, stating that the 
Mayor of the Town also spoke to him on the same subject* and said, 
*' we must have you before us to take yoUr deposition." I do hereby 
declare that the transaction alluded to in that declaration, was never 
known to me until mentioned by Mr. Bedinger, and that so far from my 
speaking, Butler, I do not recollect, nor do I believe ever spoke to Butler 
upon that or any other subject but once in my life, and that was when 
he i)iloted the French Republic's ship the Concord. \ 

Witness my hand this 22nd of May, 1795. 

James Ramsay, 
Mayor of Norfolk Borough. 
Sworn to before me 23rd May, 1795. 

Jas. Taylor. 

* P. S. — ^This subject was the obtaining Butler's deposition respecting 
the capture of the ships Harmony and Lesperence. 

J. R. 
A true copy — Attest : 

Sam. Coleman, A. C. C. 

Anonymous — No Address. 

In October last came to ITrbanna from South (^'arolina a man who May 27 
formerly lived in this State, called French Peter alias Peter Marshall, 
wai< in the militia service, and is (I believe it can be pmved) a citizen of 
the United States. He brought with him a good deal of specie and some 
gold in Ingots. He there said he had been fortunate in privateering, 
from which source his money i)robably was derived. 

He purchased in Nov. of Mr. Jonathan Denison, of Urbanna, a schooner 
called the Delight, and went up the river and got a new register from 
Mr. Muse's office and then went around to Kingston and fitted her up 
in the best manner. After this he proceeded to Baltim(.)re, whether to 
fit her out in a war-like manner or not I cannot aflfirm. 

He is now in Severn River in a fine privateer, as Captain Addison 
Lewis informed the writer last week in conversation (he knew Marshall 
formerly in the militia), and he said morover Marshall told him he had 
been successful in privateering and had taken 82 prizes. It is supposed 
that vessel, tho' differently rigged, is the schooner he purchased of Deni- 
son, and that he, a citizen of the U. S., is, contrary to the Laws, under a 



179o. FroiK-h eomniispion, acting ag'st the powers towards whom it is the pres- 
May '2i ^.^^^ ijolicv of America to observe the strictest neutrality. 

Mr. Christopher (larland and other persons in Gloster, 1 apprehend, 
can prove his citizenship. 

John Steklk to the (Iovbrxor. 

May 28, Yours of the 22nd inst., and one of a former date enclosed rolls of 
1 a e p la v^^^^^^q^ ]^^ i^^^jj received. 

Pryor's account has been suspended for the present, tho^ not finally 
rejected. The account of General Tate has also been suspended until it 
can be rendered more specifically. 

Two or three small accounts have been rejected, and I will make 
another effort with your letter to aid me. 

The account is now copying, and on Saturday will pass thro' the 
accountant's office. Little time will then be wanting to obtain the 
Drafts. By having recourse to some papers fonuerly settled, I was 
enabled to establish our claim for the 10 cents p'r ration allowed Mr. 

With very great respect, I have, &c. 

W. Tate to the Governor. 

May 28, Your letter of March last came safe to hand, requiring me to send 
ii8 in^ on g^Q^|g ^y^ ^^ frontiers of my district if it was thought necessary. Also 
a duplicate to the same effect, which was immediately carried into exe- 

The Scouts were mustered on the 5th instant, viz: four in the count v 
of liCe by Major Neil, four in the county of Russell by Colo. Cowan, and 
the same number in the county of Wythe by Major Maxwell. They 
were made responsible to the officers already mentioned, and am inform<'d 
do their duty jmnctually. 

I have taken the liberty to order small detachments of militia on the 
frontiers, to be held in readiness to march if the approach of the Indians 
should be discovered. 

A number of our heart v backwoods bovs have voluntarily offered their 

»• • •• 

service on this occasion, which made a draft unnecessary. 

The people of the frontiers are generally pleased with the plan of 
defence, and no signs of Indians have as yet been discovered by the 
Scouts that I have heard of. 

The officers and soldiers in service last year are anxious al>out their 
money. If they are to receive it this year through my hands, I shall do 


myself the honor to pay you a visit when I get notice for that purpose. 1795. 
At all events, 1 have hopes to see my old friend.** at the meeting of the wasHinJton 
General Assembly. 

I have the honor to be with much personal respect and (jsteem, 

Yours, &c. 

P. S. — Mr. Te])uff, a French gentleman, and part of his family, who 
lived in Ru.ssell county, were lately murdered by a set of rascals, sup- 
posed for his money, three of whom are now in tlie public goal of this 

For i)articulars I refer you to the bearer, Mr. Carson. 

Jacob Kinker to Jas. Wood, Lieutenant-Governor. 

I recollect reading in the Journals of the House of Delegates of their May 31, 
Hefcissions, either in the year 1782, '88, '84 or '8^), where Denny Fairfax 
petitioned the General Assembly of Virginia, for a compensation for the 
Northern Neck, confessing that he could not inherit (as being an alien), 
and the General Assemblv then took his case into consideration and 
di<l what they thought was right. 

Query : Was not the General Assembly of Virginia competent to 
determine on his case (which I believe they did at that time). Why is 
^lie matter brought on again before another tribunal ? I took the liberty 
*^^ mentioning this to you, thinking that if the said Journals were 
^^fem»d to, it might perhaps throw some hght on the very important 
^lUestion which is to be argued before the Federal C'ourt this week, for on 
^he dw'ission of this (juestion, in a great measure, depends tlie wellfare 
^^t confusion and destruction of the Northern Neck of Virginia, notwith- 
standing some think but light of it. 

I am, <fec. 

^■■' I 

Sam. Coleman to Capt. Caruthers. 

I am directed by the Governor to inform you that an order of Council June 2, 
liaa l»een made directing 72 stand of the Public Arms at the Point of ^^^*^"^<>"^ 
Fork to be delivered to you or your order, upon your transmitting to the 
(jovemor an obligation, witli General Bowyer as security, that the said 
arms ghall he returned in the like good order tliat you receive them, 
when caUed for, or that you will pay their vahie to the Commonwealth 
in case they should not be so returned. 

1 am, sir, your obed't servant. 


W. Price to Governor Brooke. 

1795. The slight and unsafe manner in which the Doors and windows of this 

LandToffice ^^^^ ^^^ constructed occasions much risque in the keeping of a great 

increase of money which passes thro' my hands as Register, for which 

reason I hope the Honorable the Executive will instruct the • Directors 

of the Public Buildings to have the Office secured similar to the Treasury. 

I have the honor to be, sir, your most obed*t servant 

Henry Banks to the Governor. 

June 4, Being applied to yesterday by an Honorable member of the Board to 
ic mon gj^^ information respecting a suit — Hunter Banks & Co. against Mr. 
Jefferson and others — I do now, in obedience to his request, give the 

The suit is founded on a claim for some vessels which belonged to 
Hunter Banks, which were taken into pubHe service, and while in service 
were captured. Mr. Cunningham's vessel, the Wilks, was among the 
vessels which were in this predicament; he has prosecuted his claim to 
effect, and has been paid. My intention was rather to have pressed 
Congress, but in that I was delayed by the absence of Major Claiborne, 
who at the impressment was Quartermaster for the State; but he has 
lately returned from Loudon, and nothing has been done, but as the evil 
flowed from the instrumentality of the State officers, the claim upon the 
State was more direct, and hence the persons who were the immediate 
agents have been resorted to. 

I do not suppose it necessary that I should here enter into the whole 
subject. The tale would be long, yet I will most readily do so, provided 
it will be taken up and considered by the Executive, or if this should be 
specially delegated to one or more of their own body. I am disposed to 
have a fair and candid inquiry into the whole subject, which I could 
better do verballv than bv Letter, and if it could be done before all the 
members, it would be more satisfactory to myself — more explanatory to 
the Board; and to incline the Board more to this, I am disposed at this 
time to invest a greater part of the whole claim in Land Warrants, and 
perhaps the whole. This I have mentioned that the accommodation so 
favorable to the State mav induce the Honorable Board to have the sub- 
ject investigated. 

1 have, 4!fcc. 


John Clarke to the Governor. 

I had a sale of three tiaots of land in Patrick County, the property of 1795. 
James Lyon, late Sheriff of Henry, on the 29th of last month. My ^^^^ ^ 
assistant, who attended the sale, found that they would not sell for 
hardly anything Except he forced the sale, and in so doing one of said 
Tracts fell on our hands at the price of nine pounds in Certificate. It 
was valued to forty pounds by the CommiHsioners. 

I now wait your instructions (by the bearer) how I am to proceed. 

Notwithstanding the many obstructions within my district, I am in 
hopes the balances will be recovered. 

I am, &c. 

Wm. Lowther to the Governor. 

The payment of the money due the Scouts and Rangers for the years June 7, 
1793 and 1794 has been so long retarded that they are become very Clarksbug, 
impatient. Many, depending upon punctual payments on the part of 
Government, have incurred debts, for which they are daily threatened to 
be harrassed, and indeed some have been sued. And what adds to their 
disappointment and mortification is, that they have been frequently 
flattered to expect it in a very short time. 

Permit me to entreat your Excellency to uae'your influence to forward 
it as speedily as possible, more especially to this county, as partial pay- 
ments have been made to every other in the district, but not a farthing 
for either year has come to this. The necessary papers, and, as I under- 
stand, in due form, have long since been transmitted. 

Should you think it expedient to forward the money by any other 
person than the paymaster, as I am informed one has been appointed, I 
could mention none other better qualified than the bearer, Capt. Hay- 

You will confer on me a singular favor if you would be so good as to 
inform me at least, by Capt. Haymond, at what period we may with 
certaintv look for it. 

I am under the necessity of begging your indulgence a few weeks 
longer for a compliance with the order of ('ouncil of the 2nd March, 1795. 
The extensiveness of the bounds of my Regiment, and the difi'erred sit- 
uation of the officers, have put it out of my power fully to effect it as 
yet, altho' I have made several attempts. - But 1 flatter myself I shall 
compleat the business shortly. 

I have, <tc. 




Jane 8, 


John Steele to the Governor. 

I now have the pleasure of announcing to you a close of the account 
so far as the vouchers have been rendered and admitted, and tliat the 
ballance due to the State under the laws of the United States is seventy- 
eight thousand six hundred and odd dollars. Fifty thousand dollars will 
be paid immediately, in the following manner, viz: 10,000 dollars in thb< 
place; a draft on the Collector at Alexandria for $14,000, one on Tappa- 
hannoek for $8,000, and the remainder in Richmond and Norfolk. The 
three first sums I will bring with me, provided I can readily negotiate in 
Fredericksburg the bill on Tappahannock, and have also a prospect of 
obtaining from three to five hundred dollars in five cent uieces. As soon 
as the Secretary is advised that the collectors in Virginia are in pos8e,<- 
sion of so much (after paying the present drafts), he will take mea.sures 
for discharging the ballance. 

I had hopes of setting out to-morrow, but am too much indispased to 
do anything to-day. You may rest assured I will exert myself to come 
on with all i)ossible dispatch. 

With great respect, 1 have, &c., 

June 9, 

Thomas Xewton to the Governor. 

Your ExcV's favors I received, and am sorry I cannot obtain the 
information you required of the vessels which have been taken bv the 
British Ships on our Coasts. It is generally believed the Thetis and 
Hussar Frigates captured the two French Ships. The former, it is well 
known, re|)aired here, and the- latter has been in and out of our Capes 
from the reports I have had for some time. I shall still endeavor to get 
information. 1 will transmit it without delay when obtained. I know 
of no vessel at present belonging to this port, except the Maria, owned 
by Mr. Pennock, being taken by Admiral Murray's squadron, and she 
was captured under the convoy of the Concord on their first arrival 
Most of the vessels were from the Northern States, which were taken 
loaded here on freight. 

The Commission for Mr. Reynold is right, and beg it may be sent. Mr. 
Page has removed from this same time. 

Two days ago arrived here from Dominick a vessel with 19 white 
French citizens and 26 negroes, which they claim as domestic servants 
and have sworn that they do not intend to remain here. The ve«sel 
being out of my jurisdiction, 1 hiformed a county justice thereof, who 
did his duty as I conceived, but we have doubts that as traveller thej 
have a right to their servants ; but under a sanction like this, if 100 



whites come in, 2(H) blacks may attend them. I should be glad of your 1795. 
r>pinion on this subject. N Tlk 

1 liiive hopes the (leneral Goveninient will give lis some force in our 
exposed situation, for we have too many of the blacks from the Islands 
among us. I have heard that there is a Murray's Squad, at Bermuda and 
New York. Some Frigates cruizing off* our capes. We have news of 
the French having got footing in Ireland and of great slaughter in the 
\V. Indies. I keep the look-out boat daily cruizing. 

I am, &c. 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

1 wrote you yesterday, since which a vessel arrived — the Sloop Indus- June 11 
try, Elisha Baker, Master — who brought one man and two negro women 
slaves from Boston ; as he was bound to Richmond have desired him to 
call on your ExcV for information. He pleads ignorance of the Law, 
and unless some mode of j)romulgating it in the Islands and Northern 
States is fallen on, it will be constantly the plea. The expenses of an 
individual to publish and attend to these matters are such that it cannot 
be done without injustice to himself. My time is almost wholly taken 
up with public affairs, to the great neglect of my private business. It 


IS my wish to serve my country, and I will so long as I can without 
sacrificing two much. 

The 26 Negroes I mentioned are landed here, and those brought by 
^apt. Baker he has taken to your place; he calls them domestics of geri- 
feien coming on by land from Boston. The determination on this case 
^\l fix a rule to proceed by hereafter, and I hope the State will direct 
4e Attorney for the District to prosecute for any evasion of the Law. I 
wave paid Clerk's fees, &c., for this business of prosecution, and am 
abused that I cannot longer stand it. I expected to have had the 
pleasure of seeing you here before this, that your Exc'y might see many 
Acuities we are under as a Seaport — the constant resort of Foreigners. 
"6 now have six French Ships with a number of negroes on board, 
4reeof which arrived latelv from the W. Indies. The others have not 
oiany, but I expect they will be troublesome, as they are lately freed, 
*nd our own negroes are very impertinent, as I believe is generally the 
fase throughout the State. Inclosed is an affidavit of one of the French. 

I am, respectfully, Ac. 

HTiereas, William Fedell hath hist day made oath before me, one of 

the Aldermen of the Borough of Norfolk, that he is a transient person 

and not a citizen of the United States of America, and that his present 

removal into the State of Virginia, was with no intent of evading a cer- 


\7Mi9. tain Arft of AwHornbly itaHncA in the year 1792, for preventing the farther 
JiiiM! II irnportiitinn <»f nlaves, fand that he hat^ not brought with him any slaves 
if) tin* hI(><»p (froyhound of Boston, whereof James Parsons is master, 
now riding at anchor in the fiort of Norfolk,) with an intention of selling 
them and thai hin only motion for bringing slaves into this Common- 
wealth in for doinf^ticH and necessary attendance, and to carry them out 
Sworn U) hcforc mo this 9th day of June, 1795. 

Sam'l Moseley. 

I iK'.loHod in the treaty between France and Prussia, which came by a 
vessel in 4H hours from New York. Several vessels are arrived from the 
West In<lies hut no news, they are all well and most of them bring 
ne^rot»s, which are not permitted to land here, but immediately shipped 
except in the* case 1 before recited to you. All since are to be sent off. 

I am, Ac, 

Timothy Pickering to the Governor. 

Juno i:i. xhe application to this office for patents for bounty lands surveyed on 
th<» Northw(^st side of the (^hio, for officers and soldiers of the Virginia 
line, tm Coiitinental establishment, or their heirs or assigns, oblige me to 
tnnible you with a short detail of the proceedings here on the subject, 
and i>f the ditViculties which still opi>o8e the execution of the Laws of 
fouirn^ss jmssetl the UHh of August, 1790, and the 9th of June, 1794. 
pnniding for the issuing of such i^atents. 

lx\ ei^ustMpienct* of the first law, the Secretary of War on the loth of 
SeptemlMT, 1790, tr^uismitttnl to the Governor of Viiginia, a list of the 
otVuvrs and sv>KUers of the line of that State on continental establish- 
ment, and of the quantity of land they were entitled to, by the Acts of 
t'ongrtw< instead of the l*»ws of Virginia, 

This mistake was noticed bv tiovenior Iah? in his letter of December 
the P.^Ok !7*U, who at the same time re*]|uested the return directed in the 
s^HXMul stvtion of the Act t*f t\»ngivss of the 10th of August, 1790. After 
the iwvipt »W* this letter, the S<vn*lar}* of War on the 9th of January', 
17^>„\ inforin^Hl the tJoven^orof Virginia, that the muster roll and returns 
in the war otlU^* uer\» delVx^tive: that the Tnited States promised lands 
otdy to >^>l\l}ers etdist^nl duriiv; the war: but that Virginia appeared to 
!tavx' oxteiuhsl tier Ikhuuv to A^Miers engaged for moi^ limited periods: 
.^>\d thi ?\^:Ur\^ Tx\{Ui^t*Nl the inwemor to fumi^ the authentic documents 
'u )^A^ )H)tM)e oituv iu thai SiaU\ which would exhibit the names of the 
i^^^rr-itHki lyi iwuiueiital t>sl;ji^Uishmem entitled 1»t the laws of Virginia to 
"«hc *^iViJs u) viut'ts^tK^i. T^* thi> Wtter no aiiswifr ap|w«jR» t4> have been 


The following observations will show what steps are to be taken i)re- 1795. 
dous to the issuing of patents and why they have hitherto been denied. war^Office 

1. The act of the 9th of June, 1794, re<]uires that besides the (land) 
.varrant, or a certified copy thereof, there should be i)roduced to the Sec- 
•etary of Wat " a certijimte under the seal of the office where the warranto 
ire legally kept; that the same, or a part thereof, remains unsatisfied." 

2. There must be produced "a survey, agreeable to the laws of Vir- 
^nia, for the tract or tracts to which the applicant is entitled." 

3. The Secretary of War must endorse upon each patent before the 
;eal of the United States is affixed to it, "that the grantee therein named 
)r the person under whom he claims, was originally entitled to such 
bounty lands." 

4. Several warrants, or certified copies thereof, accompanied with sur- 
veys, have been produced to the War office for the purpose of obtaining 
patents, and Colo. Anderson, who is fnippo^ed to be the proper officer, has 
certified that the same warrants, or parts thereof, remained unsatisfied ; 
hut thU certificate vxih not under the seal of hin office. 

5. Because the Muster Rolls and Returns in the War office are defec- 
tive, the Secretary of War cannot certify on the back of the patents that 
the grantees, or those under whom they claim, were originally entitled 
to such bounty lands. 

6. To supply the defect mentioned in the fourth observation, I have 
proposed that Colo. Anderson should provide himself with an official seal, 
and that he affix the same to all the Certificates he shall give in future 
of warrants wholly or in part unsatisfied; 2ndly, that if he can ascer- 
tain the certificates which has already given, he should make a list there- 
of, describing the warrants on which they were endorsed, and to this 
K^neral list subjoin a certificate applying to the whole and affix his offi- 
cial seal thereto: or 3rdlv, and which wouhl be more in order, tho' more 
laborious, make out coj)ies of all the warrants on which he has already 
?^ven such certificates, and on each make a new certificate under his 
official seal. 

Of the Executive of Virginia the Secretary of War is obliged to 
r^Uest — 

1. A Certificate where the land warrant«< in question are legally kept, 
*ndof the name of the officer authorized to give the certificates, that 
the same, or any parts thereof, remain unsatisfied. 

2. Authentic lists of the officers, non-commissioned, and soldiers of 
her line on Continental establishment, who bv her laws are entitled to 
hounty lands, the lists to specify the ranks, the time^ of service, and the 
(pwntity of Land to which each indiridval was entitled. 

The various requisites now mentioned, it is hoped, may before a long 
time be obtained. There is a fair prospect of peace with the Indians 



1705. Northward of the Ohio, and afi Hoon an that event takes place the per- 
War* Office ^^^^ interenU-rl will be importunate in their applications for patents. 

With great re«f>ect, I ara, <fec. 

June 15 At a (.'ourt held for Prince Edward county June 15th, 1795, present: 
'^DiomaH Scott, Peter I>e Grand, John Morton, Thomas Floumoy, William 
Woc^ton, Kichard Foater, Samuel W. Venable, Richard Bibb, James 
Morton, John Pennall, and Robert Kelfk), GrenUemen Justices. 

Orderwl, that it be certified his Excellency, the Grovemor, that John 
NoHh, junV, ThoH. Haskin^, Charles Venable, and John Clarke have 
declined acting in the office of a Magistrate; that William Bibb hath 
reni(»ved from this State, and Benj'n Haskins from this county; Joseph 
M(H»re, .Jamrn Allen, sen'r, and John Fontaine have departed this life, 
and that Thomas Gibson and John L. Crute refuse to qualify to the 
Com mission of the Peace. 

A copy — ^Tester 

F. Watkins, C. a 

June 15 At a ( 'ouri held for Prince Edward, June 15th, 1795, present: Thomas 
Scott, Peter l^e Grand, John Morton, Thomas Flounioy, WiUiam Wooton, 
Richard Foster, Samuel W. Venable, Richard Bibb, James Morton, John 
Purnall, and Robert Kelso, Gentlemen Justices — 

Archer Allen, Samuel ('arter, Charles Scott, John Booker, Alexander 
Marshall, Samuel Bauldwin, (icntlemen, are recommended to his Excel- 
lency, the Governor, to be added to the Commission of the Peace for this 

A copy — ^Teste: 

F. Watkins, C. C. 

Thos. Nkwton to the Governor, 

.Inno 21, Inelostxl your excellency will receive the deposition of Francis Mars- 

Norfolk ,.|^.j] relative to two brigs taken oft" our coasts by a Bermudian privateer. 
1 have not heani o( British men-of-war lately. W^e have had no arrivals 
within this wet^k, but one from Tobago. The crew all wdl. 

1 am, &c. 

I, Francis Marschalk, late master of the Brig Washington, of New 
V«>rk.tlo st>lemnly swear that I was a i)assengeron Ixiard the Brig Betsy, 
William IWvS master, bound to Philadelphia frum Bordeaux; that the 


said Brig sailed from the latter place on the 2nd day of May last; that 
she was the property of William Penrose, of Philadelphia, and wa,s laden 
with wines for and on account of the said Penrose, as I wa** informed hy 
Capt. Bass, and as appeared by the bills of lading and other papers 
which Capt. Bass gave me the perusal of; that I have jio rciison to sup- 
pose any part of the said proi)erty belonged to persons other than citizens 
of tlie United States. That on Monday last, the 15th instanf (being then 
about 45 miles E. by North from Cape Henlopen, in 28 fathoms water), 
the said Brig Betsey was captured, together with the Brig Molly, Cai)t. 
Messard, of Philadelphia, by a schooner privateer belonging to Bermuda, 
commanded by Capt. Hutchings, mounting six guns ; that the said Brigs 
were ordered for Benuuda. That shortlv afterwards thev fell in with 
and spoke the sloop Greenwich, Capt. Edwards, from Rhode Island 
bound U) Norfolk, on board of which vessel I was put, and in her arrival 
at this ])lace on Thursday last. 

Given under my hand at Norfolk this 20th of June, 1795. 

Francis Marshalk. 
N<^rfolk B<jrough, to wit: 

Personally appeared before us, James Ramsay, Mayor, Thomas Newton 
an<l Daniel Bedinger, Aldermen of the Borough aforesaid, Francis Mar- 
schalk, and in our presence took and suljscribed to the above recited oath. 

Given under our hands this 20th day of June, 1795. 

James Ramsay, Mayor. 
Tiio. Newton. 


June 21, 

John Chisholm to the Governor. 

I have it in charge from his Excellency the Governor of the South- 
w€^st<^m Territory, that on my arrival in this city to acquaint your 
Excellency with my having in care ten Indian warriors, five of each the 
<'hicka*<aw and Choctaw Nations, on their way to Philadelphia to visit 
the President of the United States, to negotiate business of importance 
to their nations and the United States, and am directed to present them 
ti> your Excellency in case you think proper to receive them, and have 
the honor to wait your commands in executing my orders whenever you 
may think proper after this day, as they are resting and cleaning them- 
selves after their long and fatiguing journey. 

I have, &c. 

Jane 22, 


Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

1795. The report of a British Fleet's arrival false. I have heard nothing of 

Norfolk ^^^^^ ^^^ believe they are not nearer ns than New York. I am willed 
on for payment of the wages for the q'r boat men employed. Your 
Ex(;'y will oblige me by sending down about two hundred dollars for 
the purpose. The former boat I gave an order favor of Mr. King, the 
owner. We have some fears of the French negroes being troublesome, 
and are now incjuiring into the case and will inform you the result. The 
negroes have the scpiint of freedom among them, and they are ac(iuainte<l 
that our laws are in the favor of those who have been a year here. 

There are some jealousies among the whites, which I expect tnay I)e 
the cause of the above l)usin(;ss, every inquiry shall be made to get at 
the truth, tho. I am thoroughly satisfied that they must be sent off in 
some short day. 

We have had no arrival these several days; therefore nothing new. 
Mr. James Heron will contrive the 2(X) dollars down to me. 

I am, &c., 

John Steele to the Governor. 

June 23, I have the honor of laying before you a copy of the account of the 
Richfnond t^^^^g against the United States, as stated in the War Office, with some 
remarks thereon. The vouchers for charges rejected and suspended. 

Su(^h pai)ers as were found unnecessary in the establishment of the 
claims, and copies of such written communications as I had occasion to 
make relation to the public business I was engaged in, all of which are 
submitted for inspection and information of the Board, under a hope that 
my conduct will meet with their entire approbation. 

Of the twenty nine thoasand dollars already received, there is 18,10() 
in (lold, 3,800 in Crowns, and the remainder in Bank Notes of the Uiiit^nl 
States and Alexandria. 

The Drafts which I have i^ayable to myself or order, I am ready to 
endorse over according to the direction of the Board. The ballance still 
remaining due from tlie United Stiites, I presume may be drawn for after 
the end of the j)resent Quarter. 

With every sentiment of res]>ect, I have, &c., 


W. Wilson to the Governor. 

The inoculation of the Small pox, and the spreading of the infection 1795. 
of that disorder in its natural way, has made this county a mere Hospital p'^li^® ^\y\ 
in so much that it has prevented my making a board of Officers, pur- 
suant to your Excellency's instructions of the 2nd of March 'til a few 
days past. 

I now enclose for your Excellency a numerical Rank Roll of the Officers 
of the 7th Regiment of Norfolk County, together with the wrong num- 
bered connnissions of all officers except those whose absence or other 
disability prevents me from obtaining them. 

I must here beg leave to trespass upcm the time and patience of your 

Kxcellency, while 1 make a momentary remark upon the conduct of the 

ciclevant minister of Britain, so far as his Don Quixotte attack upon me 

re<|uires notice as exculpation. When he — (leo. Hammond — complains 

to the Secretary of State *' of the illiberality of expression applied to the 

conduct of Lieut. Skene" in the deposition of Captain Robert Hatton, I 

aii^ really at a loss to know with what propriety, (unless he is one of the 

(let*cendents of the Knight above mentioned), he can apply to me the 

words of Capt, Hatton in his deposition. He says it " excites neither his 

siir|>rise nor resentment as coming from Wilson." He will very much 

excite my surprise if he is in a proper state of sanity. 

But perhaps he would insinuate, as he has more than once done, with 

other gentlemen, that the deposition of Hatton is a forgery of mine; to 

ward off' a blow so replete with falsehood and calumny, I have taken a 

certificate of Mr. Sanmel Shore, who was seated at the table from the 

^nning to the ending of the deposition. 

I should feel pleasure in " exerting " myself, as the Secretary of State 
^^uires, in procuring further proof of the persons detained being actually 
citizens of the United States, did I conceive it would have the salutary 
effect in emancipating those unhappy victims, or did I not know that the 
^JK)8t ample and unequivocal proof has been already adduced, and is now 
l^ged in the hands of the Secretary of State, that John Underwood and 
John Loyd are impressed and now detained on board the British Ship 
Lynx, who are actually citizens of the United States as they were im- 
pressed from Capt. Hatton, who Identically knew them, and in his depo- 
sition he swears they are natives of America. Capt. Hatton is a man of 
reputation, and I conceive his oath is entitled to credit. 

I have not as yet been able to obtain proof of any repairs being made 
to the Thetis in her implements of war. If it can be had it shall be 

I have the honor, Ac, 


1795. I hereby certify that at the request of Capt. Robert Hatton of the 

Portsiiiouth ^^^^^ Harriett, I called on Colo. Wilson to attend him, the said Hatton, 
(who wa.s then under inoculation), to take his deposition of the cruel 
treatment he had received from a Lieutenant Skene of the British Lynx 
Sloop of war. Colo. Wilson was at the time I called on him just going 
to court, but upon my earnest request he went with me to Capt. Hatton, 
who in my presence deUvered to Colo. Wilson the words contained in the 
dejjosition resi)ecting the impressment of three of his men, (two of whom 
he declared to be natives of America,) and among other things further 
declared that he could not recollect one half of the ill treatment he had 
received from the said Skene, but concluded that his conduct betrayed 
the greatest malignity to the American flag, and his actions were of a 
piratical nature. 

(livcm under my hand at Cosport, this 26th of June, 1795. 

Samuel Shore. 
[Aj)parent error in date of (Certificate. — En.] 

Alexander Campbell to the Governor. 

June 25, I have the honor to enclose you a letter which I received this night 
Richmond £j.^j^ ^[^ Whitaker at Williamsl)urg, by which you will observe that the 
ship which was formerly libeled and is still under prosecution as a priva- 
teer, is in a state of equipment which renders her character and purpose 
no longer doubtful. 

Tbe verdict of acquittal which was rendered at Williamsburg, has been 
set aside and the ])rosecution against the vessel is i)roceeding anew, but 
even if this were not the case, the present situation of the vessel and the 
proceedings of those who have charge of her, bring her evidently within 
the meaning and operation of the act of Congress for the fitting out of 
])rivat<'ers in the ports of the United States. As an ofiicerof tluj United 
States, therefore, it becomes my duty to communicate to your Excellency 
tbe information which I have received on this subject, that you may tiike 
such tneasures thereon as U) you may appear pr()i)er. For myself, I 
cannot avoid expressing to you the indignation which I feel, knowing 
the circumstances of this case, in seeing an attempt to array private 
enterprize against the force and authority of the laws. The act of Con- 
gress invests the Executive departments of the State (lovernment with 
the power of detaining vessels in sui^h circumstiuices as the present, and 
it is with a view to this that I have the honor to submit this intelligence 
ti» vour consideration. 

1 am, ike. 



I liave tViisi moment arrived from Gloucester. Obedient to vour 
n^iuest, I now give you such inforuiation relative to the ship Unicorn as 
a personal interview with Mr. Warner Lewis has enabled nie to obtain. 

The ship is now in Gloucester, but expected to sail as soon as the 
officer returns from Norfolk, whither he had gone for recruits. In York 
I understood he had returned yesterday. It is, tho', highly probable she 
will not sail in less than eight days. She has 75 men and 16 four- 
pounders. Mr. Marshall, who commands, informed Mr. Lewis he had 
heiird of the design to seize the vessel, but that any force which might be 
sent should most certainly be opposed; he states, also, that he means to 
fjay no resi)ect to the colours of any nation — that it is his intention to 
take Americans as well as others. There exists not a doubt, from the 
language he held out, but that he means to play the pirate. This 
circumstance, Mr. Lewis tells me, is so far impressed on the minds of 
some of the crew a^ fact, that there apjjears a considerable disaffection 
among them, particularly the mate, who has in direct terms expressed to 
Mr. Lewis his abhorrence of the conduct and probable designs of the 

The stage is now setting out. In haste, I am, with sentiments of 
ro«pect and esteem, 

Yours, ttc. 

Wm. Whitaker. 


P. S. — Sinclair continues to visit the vessel. I have no doubt but that 
<--onsiderable i>art, if not the whole of her belongs to him. W. W. 

1 795. 
June 26, 


1 was |)rivy to a settlement made between (ien'l Tate and ('apt. Ixiwis June 26 
^^^x- |)ay due his company for services done on the frontier in the year 
^'^^)8, and am confident that in ascertaining and paying off the propor- 
tions due to each officer and soldier, Capt. Lewis refused receiving any 
l*sa.ri in order that the proportion to the soldiers might be the greater. 

I also remember that (Jeneral Tate granted a certificate showing the 
*^Jilance due, which I once had in my possession, and may now be 
'*^vnongst my papers in Fincustle. 

John Hamilton to the Governor. 

I have just received information of two privateers liaving come down June 26, 
•roni Baltimore with an intention of proceeding to sea, and being now in „ ^,^*^? p' 
*he waters of this State. They are both armed and mount guns. The aurs Office 
*>ne a ship (supposed to be the Unicom, built by one Sinclair, of Smith- 


1795. field), commanded by a man called French Peter, lies in Wicomico 

Norfolk ^^^'^^- '^^^ other, a brig, is in Severn River. The name of the Pilot to 

British Con- the latter is Elijah Marchant, of Portsmouth. I have to request that 

your Excellency will be pleased to take such steps as you may judpe 

proper to prevent these vessels from sailing, they having, as I am 

informed, been equipped contrary to the laws of the United States. 

I have, &c. 

John Steele to Robert Goode, Esq'r. 

June 27, I arrived here this evening too late to receive payment on the 
Alexandria Tr^^asurt^r's Draft on Colo. Fitzgerald for 19,000 dollars, consequently must 
wait for the next return of the stage. 

I received 10,000 dollars in Philadelphia, a Draft on Lindsay for 14,0(.M), 
one on Col. Heth for 4,000, and one on Muse for 8,000 dollars. The la^t 
as I wrote you already, I will endeavor to negotiate in Fredericksburg, 
and will probably be in Richmond on Monday evening. 

With great respect, &c. 

Thos. Newton to Governor Brooke. 

Jane 29, We all continue well and no arrivals with any disease. We thivS day 
Norfolk i^j^j .^ meeting of Mayor and aldermen respeeting our situation with the 
French pei^ple of color; came to no final determination thereon, but liave 
requested a meeting of the County Justices (as many of them arc within 
their boundaries) that we may act in concert on the occasion. Two gen- 
tlemen arrived this morning from N. York, who bring accounts that the ^ 
treaty is adopted by 25 against 5 in the senate. They left that place last^ 

I am, &c. 

Ab. Prior to the Governor. 

June 29, I have lodged in the hands of Mr. Blair a Rec'tfrom Mr. Cavendish of 
Kichmond ^ number of orders lodged in his hands in my favor, for advances made 
to the officers and soldiers in the Volunteer Militia well authenticated- 
On the strength of their being paid, Mr. Blair has advanced me 1,000 
dollars, which sum I most ardently wish might be paid to him, should 1 j 
be under the necessity of waiting till the Paymaster came for^'ard; but 
flatter myself that I shall meet with a more favorable dedaion of the 


Board. That the amount of my orders will be directed agreeable to Mr. 1795. 
Cavendishes Rec't to be paid. Richm^d 

I have, ike. 


Inclosed you will receive the customary quarterly return of arms and June 30 

other militarv stores at the arsenal. I have likewise Jis usual forwarded 

the pay rolls for the different characters in the employment of the State 

under my direction. I have deposited, at the request of the honorable 

Board, the contractor's bond for the due performance of his office; he 

now attends for the purpose of receiving the advance formerly requested. 

My contractor, thro' me, wishes to represent to the honorable Board 

the hardship under which he labors from the sudden and to him unex- 

j>octed rise of the constituent parts of a ration since he became bound to 

/Vimish the garrison at the arsenal, and solicits that the Board will take 

the? subject into their consideration, and either make such additional 

all<:>wance to him for his rations, or suffer the office to be let again. 

The htjnorable board will do me the favor to notifv me of their deci- 
s ion on this subject. 

I am, sir, yours, &c.. 

A^ <Juarterly Return of the Ordnance and Other Military 
Stores at the Toint of Fork Arsenal, June 30th, 1795. 

l^inch Mortar, 1; (>- Pounder, 1; 4-Pounder, 1; Howitzer, 1; Long June :iO 

^rf>n Pieces,!; Muskets in complete order, 2,182; Muskets with Iluff 

"^yonet**, 2,282 ; old Muskets out of order, 877; Muskets stocked since 

^^t quarter, 1J6; Musket Locks made since last quarter, 208; French 

^^U«ket« returned from the late expedition, now clcjining and repairing, 

*^)0()8; Musket VV^orms, 2,989; Pickers and Bushers, 400; Screw Drivers, 

^^2; Artillery Swords, 80o; Grenadier Swords, 293; Cartridge Boxers, 

V212; barrels. of Gunpowder, 7^; pigs of Lead, 40; case Shot of differ- 

^^tflizes, from 4 to 6 pounds, 181; round Shot, 263; reams of Cartridge 

^'aiKT, 30; (^annon Tubes, 436; jmunds of loose Ball and Shot, 165; 

barrels of Flints, 18; Muskets fitted with Bayonets and Ramrods and 

^^pairedj except grinding their Bayonets, since last quarter, 95. 

Rob. Quarles, Sup't S. A. 



John Hamilton to James Wood, Lieutenant-Governor. 

1795. By this day's post I am favored with the letter you did me the honor 

N^^^f Ik ^ write me, dated in Council the 30th ulto,, and I have to express my 

British Con- acknowledgement for the prompt attention shown by the Executive 

Council to my representation of the 26th of June. I take the liberty to 

request, sir, that you will have the goodness to acquaint me with the 

result of the inquiry respecting the legality of equipment of the vessels 

in question. 

I have, &c. 

buYb Office 

Timothy Pickering to the Governor. 

July 3, I have laid before the President of the United States, vour letter of the 

War Office 

19th of last month, representing that the concourse of strangers of every 

description at Norfolk and the neighboring ports, under strong impressions 

of jealousy and enmity to each other, naturally keep the inhabitants of 

those places under a general anxiety for the public peace, as well as for 

the safety of their property, which the withdrawing of the garrisons from 

the forts in that country has not had a tendency to alleviate. And that in 

consequence thereof you have been requested to throw a small garrison 

of militia into those works as a cautionary step, to check the petulence 

and ebullition of parties, and secure the public property from some risk, 

which measures you suggest for the decision of the President of the 

United States. 

I am now directed by the President to inform your Excellency, that 
he does not conceive himself authorized to call out the militia for the 
preservation of the peace of any place, hecmme the inhahiiantH entertain 
apprehemhiis that it /Vj /?«, danger. If the security of j)ublic property 
required a guard of militia, the service of the guard would be confine<l 
to that object. Had the federal artillerists remained at Norfolk, their 
duty must have been equally confined. To suppress a riot, it is presumed 
the magistrates of Norfolk would have judged it expedient to call forth, not 
the regular troops, but the citizens, the posse of the place or county — in 
arms if the occasion should so require. 

The power of the president to call forth the militia is limited to the:^e 

1. To repel the invasion of an enemy. 

2. To 8Uj)j)res8 an insurrection in any State against the government 
thereof, upon the application of the Legislature of such State, or of it^ 
Executive when the Legislature is not convened. 

3. When the laws of the United States are opposed, or the execution 
thereof obstructed, by combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the 
ordinary course of judicial proceedings. 


But even these cases of insurrection, when the President should judge 1795. 
it necessary to call forth the militia, tlie law requires that he forthwith w«!! ?)ffi 
issue a proclamation commanding such insurgents to disperse. 

This statement founded on the law^ of the United States passed on the 

28th of February last, demonstrates that the case exhibited by your 

Excellency does not fall under the cognizance of the President of the 

United States. 

I am, &c. 

LbRoy Edwards to Gen'l H. Lee. 

The privateer ship you allude to, left Wicomico about fifteen days July 5 
past. I never could find out her name, or the name of the Captain. I 
am informed that 10 or 15 men shipped for a bounty of 100 Dollars and 
30 Dollars per month. 

I was confined to my bed the whole time the ship was stationed in 

the River. 

I have, &c. 

Henry Lee to the Governor. 

The enclosed leVr will explain the cause of my failing in my endeavors July 6 
to execute the command conveyed to me by the Lt. Governor. Not a 
moment was lost in my adoption of the measures necessary' on the (x;ca- 
alon, and I very much regret that ofienders so daring and unprincipled 
Hbould have escaped the vigilance of Gov't. 

I deferred acting at all, respecting the privateer reported to have been 
in some of the Rivers of Gloucester, inasmuch as I learned from good 
authority that Brigadier Young had applied his attention to that object, 
in pursuance of orders received from the Executive. 

One express has been employed by me; he rode forty miles, which 
with his return makes eighty miles. I have paid him for the 8er\ace in 
conformity to the established usage, and have, &c., 

Thomas Wilson and John Raymond to Governor Brooke. 

In conformity to the Act of Assembly passed in the year 1792, page July 6 
), Revised Laws, and from the distant situation of the counties of Ohio, 
Monongalia, Harrison, and Randolph, we request that the Laws appro- 
priated to those counties may be conveyed to the clerks of each county 
*t the expense of the State. 
Your attention to the above will be thankfully acknowledged by 

Your obed't servants. 


Rob. BRoroH to the (tovernor. 

1795. Tliere is a call on the holders of shares in the Dial Swamp Canal for 

July 6, 3(j (loiiars on each share, to be paid the Ist instant, and if the Executive 

would order the payment on the 50 shares belonring to the State to be 

paid by an order on Major Lindsay, the collector at Norfolk, it would l»e 

very convenient to the Directois. 

1 have, Ac. 

Thos. Newton to Jaqi elin Ambler, Esq. 

July 7, The State's payment of the sul>scription to D. S. Canal being now due 

^^ ^ (since the 1st instant), and being requested to call on you for the same, 
you'll much oblige by getting k order from the Executive and send it 
down. Mr. Heron will assist in getting it down. United S. bank notes 
will do, or an order on the Collector here. Probably Colo, (^arrington 
can n^otiate this sum with you for us. 

I am, <fcc. 
50 Shares at $30 each is «1,500. 

July 7 At a Court held for Fluvanna county on Thursday, the second day of 

July, 1795, present: Joseph Haden, Samuel Richardson, Robert Quarles 
Benjamin, Dr. Wells, Michael Atkisson, and Peter H. Ware, Gentlemen 

This Court doth nominate to his Excellency the Governor, John Ware. 
Duncan McLau<£hlan, and Robert Quarles, Gent., as pro})er persons t<» 
execute the office of J^heriff of tliis county; and doth represent Uiat 
John Peyton, (Jent., who stands in the commission of the peace as an 
older magistrate than Duncan Mcl^auchlan, came into court and dt^ire<i 
that he might not be named in the s'd nomination, urging for reason that 
he conceives himself entitled to the office of Sheriff. 

A copy: 

J. TiMBERLAKE, CPrk Court, 

Jno. Peyton to Major Robert Quarles. 

July 7, Your starting a few hours yesterday before I got to Columbia, occasions 

riuvanna j^^^. Brother a ride to Richmond to take with him the necessarv docu- 

ments in order to compel our Court to render that justice which I think 



they withhold from me respecting the late nomination. My principle 
ohject is to remove Joh. Haden from a seat on the bench, and do away 
with the effect of the recommendation of Sheriffs and order a second 
nomination. I wish it represented to your Council that only 7 mem- 
bers composed the Court on that day — 2 were sons to Johnny Ware, 
and that Joh. Haden was thought ineligible by two members at Court, 
who refused to sett on the bench with him on that account. My objec- 
tion to stand 2nd in the nomination is not so fully explained in Timber- 
lake's copy of ye order as expressed by me. However, you being so 
fully acquainted with my pretentions renders it unnecessary repeating 
them to you ; do in the premises what appears best and reasonable, and 
I shall be contented. 

I am, ike. 


July 7, 


H. YouNo TO TUB Governor. 

The morning afler the receipt of the order of Council of the 29th of 
last month, I set out for Gloucester, and the next day arrived at the 
house of Mr. Warner Lewis (who was at Norfolk), from whence 1 saw 
the Ship Unicom at anchor just within the mouth of the river Severn, 
where she arrived about six or seven weeks ago (and without guns). 
She remained a short time and then removed, but whither I could not 
learn. About ten days after she returned to her former station and was 
armed with sixteen four and two nine-pounders. 

St. Clair is frequently on board the Ship Unicom, and the general con- 
junction of the neighborhood is that he has been the chief instrument 
in arming, <tc., said ship. 

I procured an interview with Peter Marshall, who is on terms of the 
most cordial amity with the most respectable persons in the neighbor- 
hood of the ship. As* a proof, I will only observe that Marshall has 
l^ft at Mr. Warner Lewis's his wife and only child, where they are to 
'^main until the return of Marshall. I have mentioned the last circum- 
8t.ance to strengthen Col. Page's conjecture that there must be a mistake 
^Xk Mr. Whitaker's communication. 

Marshall informed that Capt. Lerty, of the Norfolk Cutter, had been 

on board the Unicorn, and that Lurty had examined the Ship's papers; 

^Iw that the cutter from Baltimore had frequently been alongside. 

^Tom the best information I can get, the crew of the Unicom are all 

French, and the number does not exceed forty-five men. Marshall says 

he is not a citizen of the United States. 

I demanded of Marshall a surrender of the Ship, He answered that 
he was nothing more on board the Unicom than a Passenger, and as a 
pioof that he was not, showed me the enclosed papers, which are literal 

July 7, 

King & 



1795. copies of the originals. I would have resorted to force to detain the ship 
King & ^' ^ic^^*" ^^^^ fro™ a conviction that any attempt that I could make with 
Queen the means in my power would have been fraught with extreme temerity, 
and would have ended in nothing but disappointment and disgrace. I 
once thought of detaining Marshall, but finding the charges exhibited 
against him not substantiated, and fearing an encroachment on a power, 
with me the most sacred (I mean the civil), I declined it 

I shall feel the highest gratification if the steps I have taken in the 
above business, should meet with your Excellency's approbation. 

I have, (fee. 

Maryland, | 
Port of Baltimore, 6th May, 1795. j 

These are to certify whom it may concern, that Lt. Baron, Master or 
Commander of Ship called Unicom, burthen 180 tons, mounting No. 

Guns, navigated with ten men, American built, and bound for the 

port of Aux Cayes, having on board ballast and provisions, and hath 
here also delivered a manifest thereof according to law. 

Given under my hand and seal of office at the aforesaid port of Balti- 
more this 6th day of May, in the year of our Ix)rd one thoasand seven 
hundred and ninety-five, and in the nineteenth year of the Independence 
of the United States of America. 

R. PuRViANCE, Collector, 

Edward Langworthy, D'y Naval OflScer. 

I do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of a clearance in the 
possession of the Cap. of the Unicom. 

July 3rd, 1795. John W. Semplk. 

Warner Hall, Sevem River, July 3rd, 1795. 

I am just returned with General Young from collecting information 
respecting Peter Marshall's vessel ancTfrom examining her situation. As 
to the information, as the General will communicate it himself, I shall 
only observe that it is such as would lead me to endeavor to prevent her 
sailing had 1 the means of doing so; but as I have both small arms and 
cannon, with proi)er ammunition, to seek for before I could |H>ssibly 
detain her, and her distance from the shore is such that lens tlian 
18-pounders would probably not command her, I conclude that it is 
impracticable in our situation to carry into effect the standing orders of 
Government respecting the detention of such vessels. 

I had once thought that the detention of Peter Marshall might con- 
tribute to the detention of the vessel, but on enquiry I have found that 
it would have no such effect, but would probably expedite her sailing, 


and might drive the officers and crew to some acts of violence which it 1795. 
would be out of the power of the Government to chastise or compensate. kIJJL & 
To suppose that his detention would stop the ship, is to suppose that his Queen 
death would prevent her cruise, which we have good reason to believe it 
would not; besides, the information respecting Marshall's Threat of 
Piracy appears from the testimony of Mr. John Lewis, who was present 
when the conversation passed between Mr. Whitaker and his brother 
Warner, founded on a mistake, as he says that his brother spake of 
exj)rosyions which he had heard the second Captain or Mate use, and 
not what were used by P. Marshall — the Mate and not Marshall having 
said that it was Marshall's determination to disregard the Flags of any 
Nation ; and Mr. Lewis adds that this Mate had quarrelled with and been 
dismissed by Marshall, who solemnly denied the charge, and has threat- 
ened to chastise his accuser if ever he can find him. Added to this 
circumstance, Marshall has landed his wife and only child here, to be 
left in this State, whilst he shall go on his voyage to the West Indies, or 
his cruize, as we term it. Leaving property, it is said, and such pledges, 
I am apt to suppose he can have no thought of connnitting piracy. 

Were there any proof of a piratical design, I should not be disposed 
to plead a doubt of legal authority to ai)prehend him; though T have 
fallen in with him to-day by accident, under the protection of the sacred 
laws of hospitality, and in the house of my friend, and the wann friend 
of the authority, peace, and honor of the ITnited Sttites. 

My indisj)osition confined me at home till I ventured out yesterday 

iv^ith General Young, so that till then I could not personally examine 

into the case of the other vessel, the object of your fonner enquiry, but 

I have issued my orders to the Major of the Battalion most convi^nient 

the place where the vessel was said to lie, directing him to com])ly 

rith the orders which you had enclosed to me, and which I transmitted 

him. Major Cary's patriotism and other qualifications, and that of 

is officers, led me to rely on him for a due execution thereof Having 

"^it^ived no information from him, I could not write to you ; but now, sir, 

t have been assured that no such vessel has been in the waters of 

-:» loucester, but that there was in East River, in the county of Mathews. 

I hope 3'ou will excuse this hasty scrawl, and that as my health and 

X^Tiblic avocations are of a nature incompatible, in my opinion, with my 

^>fiice as commandant of the militia of Gloucester, and will not permit 

^^e with promptness to discharge the duties of my office, you will be 

pleased to accept my resignation thereof. 

I have, &c., 

John Page. 


Thos. Xewtox to the Governor. 

July 8, I have now fitted out a lK)at for superintending the quarantine, finding 

Norfolk ^^^^^ J could not depend on the pilots, and also that some vessels might 
slip up James River, and as it is impossible to guard against such alto- 
gether without the assistance of the Custom House, your Excellency will 
please to write to Colo. Heath and the officers at Richmond and Peters- 
burg, if any vessel should ap|>ear without a certificate of health from 
Capt. Jno. Baret, t4> have them examined, he having orders to suffer none 
to go up without it, but some may get by in the night unperceive<l. 

The sickness begins to rage in the West Indies b}' the accounts I have 
had, and you may depend every precaution shall be taken here t^) pre- 
vent iti* being brought in. 

I have not been able to fix on the land vet. I wrote vour Excellencv 
and inclosed a copy of a bond. I shall be much obliged for your deter- 
mination thereon. 

I am, <tc. 

Edward Carrington to the Governor. 

July 8, The unfinished situation in which my agency accounts remain, so far 

Supervisor's ^ relates to the expenditures of the Brigadiers of Militia, in forwarding 
Office their several (juotas to the places of general rendezvous for the late expe- 
dition, is to me a disagreeable circumstiince, and it is contrary to the 
punctuality exacte<l by the ac(»ounting oflficers of the United States as to 
monies advanced for account. A few days ago 1 called on Mr. Pendleton 
on this subject, and found that as many as hve or six of those officers 
are still delihtiuent in settling their accounts. 1 am persuaded that the 
Executive have been urgent with them on this business, but apprehend 
that nothing less than personal application will shortly bring forward 
full settlements with them. Under this impression, 1 am led to recjuc^st 
of your Excellency that an express may be dis))atched on a circuit Uy 
such as remain delinquent in order to obtain their accounts, the expense 
whc^reof I will allow on account of the United States, and I b^ leave to 
submit to y<^ur judgment the propriety of a conditional notice going at 
the same time, of motions at the next term of the Court having cogni- 
zance of such cases against such as shall continue delinquent 

1 have, &c. 


George Clendbnin to the Governor. 

On yesterday I received information from sundry Gentlemen, that came 1795. 

down the Ohio from Fort Pitt, that twentv-five Indians had crosvsed the r^u ^ ?' 

' ^ ^ CharieRton, 

Ohio at a place called Amhuson's Island, forty-five miles above the Kanawha 
mouth of the Great Kanawha, and fifteen miles below Bellville. 

They had crossed the River in four Bark Canoes, and two Raft*^, the 
canoes they had cut holes into so iis to render useless, and the Rafts they 
had cut the vines by which the logs were tied together — The persons who 
give the information, passed so immediately after the Indians landed, says 
they presume the Crafts had not time to float away. The perogues and 
boats that made this discovery were ably manned and put to the shore, 
and found the Indians had made no stay, but appeared to have directed 
their course towards our settlements. This happened on Wednesday 
week — There has also been a considerable bodv of Indians with horses 


in the Green Bottom on our side, about twenty miles below the mouth of 
Kanawha for upwards of four weeks ; have frequently been seen by pas- 
sengers, and have endeavored to bring boats to shore at the mouth of 
Siotha. They have lately fired on the ])acket, killed one man, and 
wounded three others, one of which has since died of his wounds. How- 
ever, it is unnecessary for me to go on to innumerate the late depredations 
they have committed, as I sup})ose they will be rei)orted from every 
quarter of our Western country. 

The Treaty, under some pretence of the Indians not being able gener- 
ally to collect, is postponed for two months. Sundry persons have 
arrived from the Treaty, or the place ajjpointed for holding thereof, and 
are now present at my house, all of which appear to have extreme 
doubts respecting its confirmation. I expect hourly to have information 
from Col. Thomas Lewis, who is at the Treaty, and will not return until 
he knows the issue. In conso(iuence of those circumstances, which I 
have innumerated to your Excellency, iis well a^ many others, I have, 
with the advice of the officers of this ('ountv. and thro' the solicitations 
of the exposed inhabitants thereof, ordered two men under the denomi- 
nation of Scouts, immediately to proceed uj) Pocatalico River, to cross 
the headwaters of Mill Creek, and round by the lieadwaters of the Little 
Kanawha, to find if the Indians are determined for K\k settlement, the 
settlement at the falls of Kanawiia, or Peter's Creek, or Stroud settle- 
ment, in our county. 

Mr. Maze, from Stroud's, was at my house (on busini.*-?s) wl)en those 

different unfavorable informations arrived, who immediately petitioned 

me to jjermit two sjues from that ijuarter. This I was indueiMl to do as 

my own judgment, as well as liis, tliat I could in a great measure depend 

on, led me to think* that the [)arty that crossed at Ambuson's Lsland, 

either intended for his settlement or Peter's Creek. I have also ordered 



1795. two others from Point Pleasant to go and endeavor to find out and rei)ort, 

rv 1 t' ^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^^^ ^^^ able, the disposition of those that have so long continued 

Kanawba in the aforesaid Green Bottom, all of which I have strictly enjoined to 

carry on no hostile or offensive operation, unless they should find the 

Indians pressing this way towards our settlements. 

I have found an opportunity to forward this report to-day by a jKjrson 
as far as the post-office at Greenbrier Court House, from which place 1 
hope it will meet with its intended destination. 

I hope your Excellency and honorable Hoard will take the situation 
of our affairs under consideration, and grant the present relief, if consist- 
ent with the policy of Government, and as soon as possible approve ur 

I am, (fee, 

July 11 £186.9.6. Richmond, July 15, 1795. 

Rec'd of Mr. Augustin Davis one hundred and eighty-six pounds, Ds. 
6d. on acc't of Arch'd Currie for binding a part of the Revised Code of 
Laws, as per agreement. Having signed two receipts for the above sum, 
both of this town and date. 

Alex. Brydie & Co. 

James Innes to the Governor. 

July 17, For the restoration of my health, which has for more than eighteen 
Hennco months been much impaired by a combination of acute disorders, I am 
advised by my physicians to pass this summer and part of autumn at 
the various watering places on the other side of the moimtains. I think 
it ])r()per to give you this information, and at the same time to acquaint 
you that, during my absence, I shall get the favor of my friend, Mr. 
Warden, to discharge the duties of my office. 

With the most perfect respect and esteem, I have, &c. 


July 18, I ^^^*^ leave to represent to your Excellency that on the return of the 

comj)any of artillery under my command in August last, I depositee! by 
the order of General Le(^, then (iovernor of the State, two hundred and 
seventy-five weight of ])()wder in the old Guard House, the property of 
the State; also two cjisks of one hundred each, of my own property. 
They were safe and untouched at the time tliat Ensign Nice gave up the 


keys to Mr. Richard Courtney. That on the 1st instant I had occasion 1795. 
to take out some powder, and after examining the casks, I found that the ^ ^' 
one left of the two last mentioned, had been broken open and the whole 
to about five or six pounds taken out, as well as eight or ten pounds out 
of one of the casks belonging to the State. I would therefore request 
that your Excellency will CAUse an inquiry relative to this loss, and bike 
such other steps as may to the Council appear proper, so a^ to guard me 
from the loss. 

I have, ttc. 

Wm. Hays' respects to the Honorable Col, Goode, and begs leave to July 18 

inform him that he has left with Mr. Pendleton the account of the 

Oirectors with the Commonwealth, and the vouchers, and he promises to 

eortify it on Monday. The balance of the fund yet to ])e drawn is 

£T1.4.0, of which £9.10.0 is due to Mr. Dobie, £18.3.8 to Charles Pur- 

c^ll, and £43.10.4 to the Directors for balance of commissions as stilted 

im^ the account. You will therefore be kind enough to get an order on 

tti c Auditor to grant warrants for these respective sums. 

Jas. Keith to the Public Printer. 

J have dispatched the bearer, Enoch Wingfield, for the late Revisal of Julv 20, 
^t^ ^ Iaws for the use of this county by order of Court, and shall be ^county *^ 
^V>liged to you to deliver the same to him, as also one volume for the 
^l^rk. You have enclosed a statement of the commission of the peace, 
^^liich points out the number. 

I am, &c. 

Hugh Holmes, Mayor of Winchester; George Kiger, Recorder; Thos. 
^^aderick, Frederick Conrad, William Ball, Nathan Anderson, Aldermen; 
f' Pe}ion, Cl'k C't Hust'gs. 

^ Chas. Cameron to the Governor. 

On the 13th Instant, on Buckhannon, in Randolph County, the Indians July 24 
Wy Two daughters and took the wife and two sons prisoners of a Mr. 
Boryarth, which is the cause of the enclosed I^etter to me from Lieut. 
Charles Buck. The person who brought me the letter was on the ground 
within two hours after the murder was done — that this information may 
be relied on. They also burnt his House and Bam and other Imple- 
ffleats. and even endeavored to set fire to the fences. 


I7yv, That fiart of the county where Mr. Buck writes me frora. is altogether 

' " ^ a (rouivtT. and ha« tf(?nerallv h^*en one of the inroads of the enenav to 

the HirsA and Little IxjvcIh of Greenbrier. Should vou conceive it neces- 
>«ary U> order out any persons to act as spies for a short time, and leave 
the choice r>f them to me, I .*«hall he fiarticularly careful in fixing on 
tho?*e whom I cfjnceive will d > their duty i)ointedIy. 

I have, &c. 

July 24 I>, Sir: 

The i>r(jHc»nt appearance of Danger frora the savages constrains us 
U) rwiuest tliQ favor of a coui)le of spies for a short time. Reports from 
gofKl authority show that our fears are not groundless. BiUy Briger has 
hmm eve-witness of some of their mischief and Barbaritv, as he will 
inform you. We ho}»e, tlierefore, as you are acquainted with our situa- 
tion and danger, you will please to grant the above request and oblige, 

Your verv humble servant, 

Chas. Buck. 
22nd July, 17^5. 

The (Commonwealth of Virginia, 

To Thomas Brend, Dr. 

July 2Sth. — To binding 110 volumes of the Revised Code of 

the Laws in sheep (§; 8p. p'r volume, - - £ 47.12.0 
To ditto 10;n ditto hall bound @ 6d.6s., - - 335.01.6 

(V. £382.1 3.(> 

Hy Cash advanced by the Executive, - - 45.00.0 


Richmond, July 2Hth, 1705. — Received of Augustin Davis the above 
sum of three hundred and tliirty -seven })ounds, los.fid., being the Bal- 
ance due me from the public fior binding a ])art of the Virginia Code of 
Laws agreeably to the above account, having signed duplicate receipt for 

the same. 

Thos. Brexd. 

Jxo. Hamilton to James Wood, Lt.-Governor. 

, , .,., 1 have anxiouslv waited a replv to mv letter of the 3rd Instant, in 

Jiilv ,»(), • . • • ' ^ 

Norfolk, wbirb I riNiuestrd to be informed of the result of the inquiry made into 

suKs omoo"**^^' etiuipnient of the two vessels, represented by one as armed contrary 

to the retrulatioiis of the President of the United States in my letter to 

tlie (loveruor of tlie 2ntli of June. N»>t liaving heard from you on the 


subject, I must take the lil)erty to call to your recollection that request, 1795. 
for having every reason to believe that my information on the subject of ^ .^.7 ^?' 
the improper equipment of the vessels complained of by me was correct, aurs Office 
I must be allowed to say that T felt much surprize at learning that not- 
withstanding the instructions dispatched by the Executive Council to 
Major-General Lee and Brigadier-Gen '1 Young, the vessels had been per- 
mitted to sail, and that one of them, the Unicom (now Bouillon), was 
not only cruising for some time off the Capes of Virginia with twenty- 
four Guns mounted, but that during that Cruise she had plundered a 
vessel under Danish Coulors of a large sum of money. 

I have, &c. 

Greensville County Court, July, 1795. 

Hecommends John Pritchett, John Roper, and Benjamin Goodrich as July 30 
J>irc3])er persons to execute the office of Sheriff for the ensuing year. 

From the Frenchmen Refugees at Norfolk. 

Norfolk, Jnly^ 1795, July 30 

^1*0 the Governor and Council of the State of Virginia: 

You are acquainted with the misfortune of the unhappy inhabitants 
^^ St. Domingo — you have known their distress and its cause, and you 
^^^•e not forgot their arrival in this Country, almost naked, wanting every 
^■^iiig, and having nothing but a small number of faithful slaves who have 
"Allowed them. 

In that occurence every thing which might be expected from a people 

*^ humane, as generous, was exercised towards us, and our souls filled 

'^ith gratitude; will never forget how much we are indebted to the good 

^tizens of this town. We were not only assisted with money, vituals 

^^d clothes, but moreover with regard to our negroes. The Governor of 

^^^is State, and the Magistrates of this town, looked on us as being in the 

^^ception of the I^w which grants a shelter to those who are in a state 

^^ shipwreck, and they thought that the moral world, overthrown as it is, 

^d not allow them to follow strictly the ordinary rules which have been 

^ade for the common case. ♦ 

But in the mean time, they have been anxious to provide for the safety 
^^ the Country trusted to their care, and by a good policy they have pro- 
•^ibitecl the n^eeting of the negroes which were customary every Sunday. 
We observe that we are not liable to every regulation for ourselves and 
our n^roe«, but moreover we are extremely pleased with the good order 
^d policy maintained in tliis town by its Magistrates. Nevertheless 


1795. we are told that there exists a committee of the members of the CJounty 
July 30 Counceal, and Aldermans of this town, which has made a Referrance to 
you and the Counceal in order to let you know the necessity of sending 
back our negroes to St. Domingo. 

Let it be allowed to us to say, that such a plan is as inhuman as diffi- 
cult to l)e executed. At first let us observe, that we get our living by the 
means of our negroes, and were we deprived of them we should remain 
helpless and destitute of everything. Thus if it was the case, in order to 
be just and humane, it should become necessary to give us an allowance 
erjuivelant the money we shall be deprived of by sending away our ne- 
groes, otherwise we should become beggars, unless you should intend to 
back both whites and blacks all together. But we cannot 8upiK>se such 
a thing without offending the generous sensibility of the American citissens. 

But let us suppose the French Consul should be requested to do such 
a piece of Exe(nition. do you think Gentlemen, our Minister to whom 
your Requisition should be sent, should not be offended at it? And tho. 
he should not be so, the citizens of this town from whom we have experi- 
enced so much goodness, should be themselves too afflicted at such a 

violence. No Gentlemen, no such hardness after so much kindness, can — 
not be supposed. We would rather believe you w ould continue to befrienc^l 
us till the end of the war, than to suppose any other procedure: at whicb^* 
time we take the engagement to return to our own home. 

In this occurence we put our plans under the protection of your hunm. - 
anity, and we hope you would not disgrace the Generous welcome witM:^ 
which you have relieved us. 

What^iver may happen, Ave w- ill continue our vows for the prosperity «r^f 
the American Nation. 

We are, &c. 
[Here follow twenty signatures of Frenchmen. — Ed.] 

July 30 Rockingham, July Court, 1795. 

Ordered, that Say ton Yancey, Ezekiel Harrison, and John Ewin, Sea''» 
be recommended to the Governor and Council as fit persons to act ^ 
Sheriff for the ensuing year. 

« Teste: 

S. M. Williams, crk. 

July 30 The C^nnnission of the Peace stands thus June 15, 1795, for Pittsyl- 

vania : John Wilson, 1 ; Benj'n I^angford, 2 ; William Witcher, 3; Williaiu 
Todd, 4; Stephen Coleman, 5; Wm. Ward, 6; Wm. Harrison, 7; Da\id | 


Hunt, 8; Joshua Stone, 9; Wm. Dix, 10; Jaiiaes Johnson, 11; William 1795. 
Clark, 12; Gilbert Hunt, 13; Vincent Shelton, 14; William Wilkinson, ^"'y '^<^ 
15; Sani'l Calland, 16; George Adams, 17. 

John Hamilton to the Governor. 

T had the honor to receive yesterday your Excellency's favor of the Aug. 13, 
10th instant, acquainting me with the steps that were taken relative to Britieh^Con- 
the vessels mentioned in my letter to 3'ou of the 26th of June. I beg sul's Office 
leave to return you mv thanks for the information contarined in vours, 
and I have the honor to be, with great respect, sir, 

Yours, &c. 

John Hamilton to the Governor. 

I have the honor to inform you that I have received intelligence that Aug. 15, 
there is now in Mobjack Bay a Brig lately come down from Baltimore, r^^'^'^IH' 
coxiunanded by one Joseph Brady, which has on board fifty men and sul's Office 
^ants twenty-five more. The presumption that this vessel is fitted out 
as a privateer is so strong that I nmst request your Excellency will take 
neoessary steps to prevent her departure, if her equipment should be 
found (as I am informed it is) illegal. 

I have, &c. 

J. Dawson to the Governor. 

Some time since I did myself the honor of informing your Excellency Aug. 17, 

^^ a private letter that some murders had been committed on Buchanan, Harrison 
' . ' Court-house 

^^ the county of Randolj>h, by Indians. On the last evening I arrived 
*t this place, and this being the court day, I have collected infonnation 
ffotti this and Randolph counties. There remains not a doubt but there 
a^ several parties within the settlement. 

^)n Buchanan tliey murdered the family of one Bowzierand destroyed 
the whole of his property. They have frequently been seen in that 
'luarter since, and have committed a number of robberies. About one- 
third of the inhabitants have moved ofl", and the rest are forted. Col. 
Edward Jackson, who lives on Buchanan, has ordered out two scouts, 
the payment of which will no doubt be authorized by the Executive. 

On Wednesday last they destroyed the house and property of a man 
by the name of Carpenter on Big Elk, and were seen seven in number 
about ita ruin. On Friday morning Capt. Tanner, with twenty volun- 


1795. teers, marched in pursuit of them, and it is expected will give a pretty 
HafriMm 8^^^ account of them. Since then other trails have been seen in differ- 
Ck)urt-house ent parts of this and Randolph Counties, and the people are unanimous 
in declaring that they apprehend more danger than for many yciirs. 

I believe their apprehensions well founded, and most heartily join 
Cols. Jackson and Lowther in recommending that the latter may be 
empowered to call out a Lieut, and Ensign's command untill the danger 
is over, which will be either increased or diminished by the treaty, the 
event of which, from what we learn, is very doubtful. 

On application from Col. Lowther, I have recommended to him to 
continue the two scouts in Rand()li)h, and if on going into that county, 
which I shall do in a few days, I find an increase necessary, I shall order 
it, well knowing how highly the lives of our fellow-citizens are estimated 
by every member of the Executive. . 

The persons to whom money is due as rangers, are exceedingly anxious 
to receive it, and think it very hard that the payments to them should 
be delayed by the negligence of the paymaster. 

If he has not come down, it really seems right that some other mode 
should be adopted for the conveyance of the money. 

With much respect, I have, ttc. 

James Monroe to the Governor. 

Paris I have lately received your favour of the 6th of February respecting 

^^' the Statue ot General Washington voted by the assembly of Virginia in 

commemoration of the important services rendered by that citizen in the 
course of our revolution (the execution of which resolve was committed 
by the Executive to the care of Mr. Jefferson whilst he was Minister 
here, but left unfinished upon his departure), and requesting my atten- 
tion to that object for the purpose of forwarding the original views of tlie 

The delay of your letter on the passage, is the cause that an earlier 
answer was not given to it. I give one at present merely for the purpose 
of assuring you that I will with great pleasure make the encjuiries su|:- 
gested, and in other respects perform everything you have requested, and 
advise you afterwards of the result as soon as possible. Permit uie 
further to assure you that I shall at all times be ha]>py to seize every 
oi)i)ortunity which occurs to testify the ])leasure I feel in forwarding the 
views of those whom I have so many reasons to regard with sentiments 
of the highest gratitude and esteem, and that 

I am, ttc. 


J. Dawson to the Governor. 

In a letter which I had the honor to address to your Excellency from 1795. 

this place, Informed you of the situation t>f the country. The return of ^^^\ ^' 

"^ , *^ Harrison 

Capt. Tanner without effecting the object of his scout has confirmed the Court-house 
apprehensions of danger from the Indians, he having discovered un- 
doubted signs of many being in this and Randolph counties. Two days 
since, Col. Louther, with several of his officers, met at this place and 
resolved merely, I think, to call out a full company, to be commanded 
by Capt. Raymond. They meet here to-day, and in the morningmiarch 
for Buchannon, in the Valley; for a more full account of the proceed- 
ings and the existing danger of the country I refer you to Col. Jackson, 
who will do me the honor to deliver this letter, and who is perfectly 

On application from Col. Lowther and many citizens, I recommended 
to him to call out an additional spy in this County for the security of 
the pt^ople at Vienna; the payment will, I am persuaded, be readily 
made by the Executive. 

This afternoon I shall set out for Randolph Courthouse, where I 
expect to be by the njorning. The inhabitants of that county are no 
doubt making similar exertions to this, as they are the most exposed. 
How I shall get from thence to Kanawha I cannot say; the fiath is bad, 
long, and dangerous. 

I cannot fail to mention again the great anxiety of the people to 
receive the money long since due to them as rangers, &c. The neglect of 
the paymaster surely ought not to withhold from them what is justly 
due when we have received it from the continent. Col. Jackson, who 
has their entire confidence, has offered to take on hinjself the care of 
bringing it up. No person can be more j)roper, and should General 
Tate not have received it, I presume there can be no objection to entrust- 
ing it to him. 

With much respect, I have, (fee. 

City of Richmond, ) Aug. 27 

In Common Hall, Aug. 27th, 1795. ) 

Resolved, That the committee appointed at the last meeting, be imme- 
diately authorized to engage a proper vessel and guards, and to lay such 
restrictions on the entrance of Passengers, Carriages, or goods by land or 
wat^r into this city, from Norfolk or any other place infected with the 
|)estilential fever now raging at Norfolk, as to them shall appear necessary. 

Resolved, That so soon as a boat and guard shall have been procured, 

information be given to the Governor in order that such directions may be 



1795. obtained in relation to the future service thereof, as the Executive may 
Aug. -7 think proper to give. 

Resolved, That the Mayor be desired to apply to the Governor for such 
order to the Commanding officer of militia as will procure any aid from 
thence which may be found necessary by the said Committee. 

The above are true Extracts from the minutes of the Common Hall of 

the 27 th Instant. 

Aw. DuNscoMB, Mayor. 
Aug. 28th, 1795. 

Richmond, August 25, 1795, 

I beg leave to enclose to you the proceedings of the Common Hall 

of this City on this day, and to inform your Excellency that should you 

wish any communication with me I will wait on you at any time you 

will mention. 

I am, &c. 


P. S. — I also accompany this with the letter from Col. Newton. 

A. D. 

To the Governor of Virginia. 

Aug. 25 City of Richmond, \ 

In Common Hall, August 25th, 1795. ) 

From various informations received, it appears that precautions have 
become necessary for preventing the introduction to this city of a malig- 
nant fe\"er now raging at Norfolk, which there is great reason to believe 
is infectious. Therefore, 

Resolved, That it be recommended to the heads of families in this city 
and the vicinity, particularly the keepers of taverns and houses of enter- 
tainment, u[)on any strangers or late comer within their families being 
ill of any disorder whatever, immediately to communicate the same to 
the Mayor, in order that he may make such further inquiry and take 
such 8tei)s therein as may be thought necessary. 

Resolved, That Mr. Mayor, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Barret, Mr. McRobert, 
Mr. W. Marshall, ancj Mr. Cohen, or any three of them, be appointed a 
committee to engage a proper house to which any person ma}'' be sent 
who may be seized with a disorder considered as contagious, and also if 
it be necessary to employ health officers, whose duty shall be to exam- 
ine and report to the committee the state of all travellers who may come 
to the city, especially by the public stages, and to perform such other 
duties as the committee may require. 

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted to the Gov- 
ernor, accomj>anied with a request that such measures may be taken by 


establishing a guard boat at Hood's or otherwise as to the Executive shall 1795. 
seem advisable for the purpose of guarding against the communication ^^^^ ^^ 
of any infectious disease by water. 

Copies — Teste : 

Adam Craig, C. Co. Hall. 

City of Rk hmond, | 
In Common Hall, August 27th, 1795. ) 

Resolved, That the Mayor be desired to apply to the Governor for 
such order to the commanding officer of the militia as will procure any 
aid from thence which may be found necessary by the said committee. 

Extracts from the resolutions ])assed this day. 

Teste : 

Adam Craig, Cl'k. 

Wm. Lowther to the Governor. 

From the repeated depredations committed by the hostile tribe of Aug. 24, 
Indians I have been under the necessity at sundry times to call out par- 
ties of the militia, but, by the delay occasioned by that round of order, 
find it still ineffectual. Therefore, by counsel of others with myself, 
have thought it best to call out a Lieutenant and company for Harrison, 
and Ensign and compan}' for Randolph, and have also augmented the 
number of scouts from six to nine for Harrison and Randolph, and keep 
them stationed in the most exposed part of each county, to be ready at 
any call, and to continue while necessity may require, or until I have 
further instructions from your Excellency, and I flatter myself to meet 
with your approbation in what I have done. Please to inform me by 
the bearer, &c. 

I am informed by Capt. John Haymond that the mtmey due to the 
Scouts and Rangers of the Western frontiers is now ready, but through 
accident or neglect of General Tate is not brought forward, w hich occa- 
sions amongst us (the claimants thereof) a great complaint, who have 
now to suffer by contracts made on that dependence; therefore, having a 
good and speedy opportunity, do take the liberty to request your Excel- 
lency, with the Council, if propriety will admit, to send by Colo. George 
JacktiOD the money due to the different claimants in this country, or at 
least those who have signed the power given to him ; his not having an 
opportunity of seeing every claimant in this place has, as I think, pre- 
vented their sending (not any scruple in the fidelity of Col. Jackson). 

I have, &c. 


Q.. Pbachey, Mayor, to the Governor. 

1795. Two cases of persons infected with the yellow fever having been within 

p^t"^ h ^' ^ ^^^ ^^y^ P^^ discovered in this town, and it being well known that 
these people brought the infection with them from Norfolk, the inhab- 
itants of this place are greatly alarmed by the apprehension of its spread- 
ing, and have requested me to write to you to solicit the appointment of 
health officers, and to establish such regulations to prevent the fiirther 
introduction of that miserable disease into this place as the Executive 
of the State may have power to make. 

The law for incorporating the town, gives the })ower to the Common 
Council to erect hospitals, and to remove to it persons infected with con- 
tagious diseases, but it seems that this i)ower cannot be exercised until 
such disease has made its appearance within the town. This is the 
construction which some put on the law, while others are of opinion that 
the law authorizes the Common Council to make use of any means in 
their power to prevent the introduction of any infectious disease into the 
town, and to use force for effecting that purpose. 

Will you, sir, be so good as to afford us your friendly advice in this 
alarming situation. 

I am, etc. 

J. Ambler to the Governor. 

Aug. 27, As Gen'l Tate is now arrived, it is j)robable the Ilono'ble The Execu- 
TreaHury ^^^^ ^^^^y yf[^\^ ^ j^^e a statement of the expenditure of the mone}* 

brought from the general Government by ('olo. Steele for defraying the 
expenses attending the defence of the Western Frontiers. I therefore 
beg leave to lay a copy of the statement before the Hono'ble Board. 

I am, &c. 

Money received by Colo. Steele. 

From himself, $27,091 96 

From Colo. Ileth, 4,000 a) 

From Colo. Lindsay, - - - 14,000 00 

$45,091 96 
Draft on Mr. Muse, - - - - - - - - 3,<XX) 00 

$48,091 90 


Warrante discharged out of the money hrought by Colo. Steele. 


r ^ly 3.— Charles Wells, - - - '- « 2,164 96 

14.— Gen'l Tate, 1,000 00 

15.— Gen'l Tate, 1,115 49 

27.— Charles Wells, .... 6(J9 28 

Geo. White, - - - - - 9 90 

S^xjg. 6. — Moses Mann, . . . . 312 00 

Andrew Lewis, ... - 1,372 33 

25.— Andrew I^wis, - - - - 32,898 74 

839,482 70 
27.— Cash remaining, - - $5,609 26 

Draft on Mr. Muse, - 3,000 00 

8,609 26 

848,091 96 

Amount of new claims per abstract herewith, - - - 24,729 03 
Balance on the old claims exclusive of those delivered to 
Capt. A. Lewis, 2,580 78 

827,309 81 

Auditor's Office, 27 Aug., 1795. 


Ca\)t. I^wis receit for new claims, 830,101 74 

" " *' for old claims, 2,797 00 

832,89S 74 

T. Pendleton. 
Copy : 

S. Shepard. 
A. 0., 27 Aug't, '95. 


Aug. 27, 

Jeremiau Strother to the Governor. 

Through me you will receive the Petition of John Strother, Joseph Aug. 29, 
^ther, and John Strother, Ju'r, Praying for remission of damages on ^^ichmond 
^ given by them to Jas. Gaines, Dep'y Sh'ff, Culpeper. 

David Meade to the Governor. 

night no doubt a[>|>ear to you a blameahle omission in me not to Aug. 29, 
nswered sooner your letter dated so long ago as the tenth of June, Macox 


1795. but the truth is I did not receive it until within a few days, and when at 
^j^lj^' some distance from home, nor has it been in my power before now to 
comply with the Secretary of States' request, by furnishing you with my 
affidavit relative to Samuel TuU's case, not having sufficiently i)erfect 
recollection of the few particulars which were communicated to you. It 
has been necessary to obtain them from Mr. Prentis, the Petersburg prin- 
ter, to whom I had rather inconsiderately given them for insertion in his 
Gazette. I say inconsiderately, for altho. I was impelled as well by zeal 
for the (Srallican cause as for the honor of my country, the motives (laud- 
able as they may be in the opinion of true Republicans) will hardly jus- 
tify my venturing the publication of facts from no better evidenct* than 
the tale of a stranger; but his youth, good affect and artless manner 
would perhaps have given him credit with those who are much better 
acquainted with human nature than I am — ^notwithstanding the story of 
TuU accords well w^ith the flagitious conduct of many British Command- 
ers, particularly the ('aptain of the Thetis Frigate. I am induced from 
a single circumstance to think it rather questionable, which is, that the 
Thetis was several months of the time Tull says he was on lx)ard, in Nor- 
folk harbour, and in that time underwent thorough repair when all her 
men were taken out — how then could more than twenty Americans in 
bondage be concealed? this question the Patriotic Go venior of Virginia 
may perhaps think furnishes grounds for investigation. It may be super- 
fluous to mention to you that a British guard-house or prison was estab- 
lished at Gosport, where armed men ^wearing the livery of the British 
Monarch mounted guard, and were regularly relieved agreeable to mili- 
tary usage. This it may be was done by license of the Executive of this 
State, or of -the President of the United States, but however it may have 
been, I will confess to you sir, that the fact appeared to me to be no less 
an enormity than the march of an armed party of njcn sent by the Cap- 

' tain of the Thetis from Hampton several miles up the Country, in pursuit 

of i)eople whom they call deserters. I am not qualified to afford any 
additional evidence to that contained in my affidavit herewith transmit- 
ted to you. 

I am, &c. 

Samuel Tull, a young man belonging to Somerset county, in Maryland, 
made his escape from the British frigate Thetis, then at anchor in Hamp> 
ton Roads, in the night of Friday, the fifth of May last past, by means 
of a pilot boat. Having been sent to Charleston by his father to receive 
the proceeds of an Estate in Carolina which had beeti sold some time 
before, he was actually in possession of four hundred pounds paid him 
by Mr. Francis S^^monds, merchant of Charleston, when on his {>assage 
homewards in the Ca-ira, a schooner belonging to Baltimore, about the 
latter end of October, 1794, the vessel was boarded by men from the 
aforementioned British Ship, who deprived him of his freedom and 


treasure at the same instant; they likewise made slaves of another pas- 1795. 
senger and four seamen belonging to the schooner, all of whom were ^^* ^' 
American citizens. 

Tull after being in bondage more than six months, had the good for- 
tune to recover his liberty, as above related, leaving behind him on board 
the Thetis his five companions, and altogether upwards of twenty Ameri- 
cans, violently detained in service, subjected to the severest duty of the 
ship, and most inhumanly exposed to the greatest dangers in the time of 
action, as he had himself experienced. 

Maycox, in Prince George's County and State of Virginia, ) 

August 29th, 1795. ) 

A young man who said his name was Samuel Tull, being at this place 
on Monday, the fourth day of May last, on his way to Richmond, did 
then relate to me the foregoing particulars, not in the manner of formal 
a3.rrative, but by connected answers to my different interrogatories. 

David Meade. 

Sworn to before me this 29th day of August, 1795. 

Edm'd Ruffin. 

W. FousHEE and And. Leiper to the Governor. 

In consequence of your letter of last evening to us, we have gone down Auj?. 30, 
^ the vessel mentioned by Wadrop. From actual inspection of the sick l^"-hmond 
^^an, and also of the dead body on board, as well as from every other 
information we have been able to obtain on the sjmt, are decidedly of 
<^pinion that the disease is not the yellow fever, but a remittent fever, 
attended with nervous and putrid symptoms, which we conceive have 
^en greatly increased by the crowded situation of the people (seven on 
^^(^ a small schooner) this hot season. 

The total want of medical assistance, and of the usual attentions and 
^^niforts, indeed almost of common necessaries, all which combined will 
^dily account, we think, for the fatal efi'ects of the disorder in this 

However, we by no means undertake to say that such accunmlated 
disease may not have produced infection on board this vessel, and altho' 
^e do not consider the disorder by any means infectious as its ravages 
^ould seem to justify, yet we beg leave to recommend all the usual pre- 
^utions on such occasions to be taken with the people on board (now 
^nly two in number), the vessel and cargo ; aud to suggest that a guard, 
*Wle it aids individual interest, will be most likely to secure that of the 
public, and serve to calm the present alarming apprehensions. 



1795. Some medical gentleman, with proper persons to attend the sick and 

Aug. 3(), ^jj^, necessary refreshments, will no doubt be immediately furnished. 
Kicbmond * ' "^ 

With much respect, &c. 

Aug. 30 These are to certify that Mr. Charles Cist, of this city. Printer, has this 

day delivered to me in good order, four large cases (marked as per mar- 
gin), said to contain, viz: Nos. 1 and 3, 1,000 copies each, is 3,000 copies 
of Steuben's Military Exercise, and No. 4, 991 copies Acts of the State 

of Virginia in German. 

John Baunes. 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

Sept. 1, Inclosed your Excellency will receive the opinion of the Doctors here ^:^m^i 

^ ^ respecting the decease which has raged among us. I apprehend the ^^^ .€ 
same cause will occasion it to prevail very generally throughout the-^^ je 
States (heat). Many persons at a distance from this place have had the!^j^ me 
same decciise, and who have had no communication with this place. It:#" ZMt 
has been most among those who were exposed to the sun; very feyn.^'^^ 
women or children have been sick. The nurses and carriers have no^^'^ut 
been infected, which causes me to conclude that the decease is not con— .^k^i- 
tageous. Strangers to our climate have mostly fallen victims, and man^;^;!^ J 
by inj prudence and want of timely assistance. Whatever cause the dis- 
order may have sprung from, I believe cannot be ascertained with cer 
tainty, but I am sure it has not been imported, as the vessels have bee: 
very healthy which have arrived during this summer. The rains w^ ^^ 
have had, I am in hopes, will soon set things right again. For my o 
part I am not apjircihensive, nor c^n I think the decease is c^tchin^s 
From every observation, it is abating fast, and hope ere long to info 
you that all are well, and be assured that if anything should ever haj*E^ "^^ 
})en here that would endanger the health of my fellow-citizens, that you -^•'' 
Exc'y should be informed of it that proper precautions might be take 
to prevent its spreading. 


With, &c. 

On application to us by Seth Foster, Esq'r, Mayor of the Borough 
Norfolk respecting the Fever now prevailing in this Town, we give it 
our opinion that the Fever is in some degree Epidemic, originating, ho 
ever, in the lower part of the town, where from the confined situation ••-•^ 
the houses and the uncleanliness of narrow streets, such diseases are aj^^ 
to generate. 

From the certificate of the Superint^^ndent of the Quarantine and ou^ 
own observations, we are satisfied the complaint is not an imported on^- 


I-' «^ 


The confined situation of the houses, close rooms, with little or no admis- 1795. 
sion of pure air, number of sick, and want of cleanliness, render it perhaps ^rfollc 
more infectious than any primary principle or putrid tendency in the 
Fever itself. The deaths are now less frequent, and the attacks of the 
disease less violent than heretofore. Many families have totally escaped, 
and it has not always been general, even in those houses where ite fatality 
was most conspicuous. The markets are as well supplied as usual, the 
surrounding country [)eople being accustomed (yearly) to see the same 
disease (which now prevails in the counties of Princess Anne and Norfolk, 
tho' i>erhap8 not in so violent a degree), are apparently little apprehensive 
of it Most of the deaths which have taken place have been among 
strangers and that class of people who are commonly destitute of neces- 
saries and proper attendance, or live in temperately. The same disease 

prevailed here last autumn, and a number of strangers died of it. 

Signed: Taylor & Hansford, 

Perry & O'Grady, 

F. K. Read, 

James Ramsay, 

(•HARLEs Mortimer. 

At a meeting of the Committee of the Common Hall for the city of 
Richmond for the purpose of preventing the communication of the con- 
.Ui^dous disease prevailing in Norfolk to this city, at Cleorge Green's Tav- 
ern, in the said city, on Tuesday, the first of Sejit., 1795: 

Resolved as the opinion of this committee, that in consequence of the 
R-cent and more alanning information received from Norfolk and else- 
where relative to the said disease, that it is necessary in order to pre- 
serve this city from the danger of said disorder extending its baneful 
effects \k> this place, that the communication between this place and Nor- , 
folk should be restrained by land as well as by water. 

Resolved, therefore, that it is essentially necessary that all persons 
destined from Norfolk to this place by land should be prevented from 
coming within this city; to carry which into effect — 

Resolved, That the Mayor be requested to apply to the Governor for 
such number of the militia of this State to act as a guard as he may 
deem sufficient to prevent the entrance of the stages from Portsmouth 
and Hampton within this city without previous examination, and if on 
such examination it shall a})pear that any of the passengers in either of 
the said Stages are from Norfolk, that such persons be by the said guard 
prohibited from entering the city. 

Resolved, That the Mayor be requested to desire of the Governor that 
the said guard should be placed at a sufficient distance on the north side 
of James River from this city to prevent such person destined to this 
place from Norfolk from coming on foot and in secret after they shall 




1795. have been prevented coming in either of the aforesaid stages or other- 

Norfolk ^^'^^• 

Resolved, That if the Governor should from any cause whatever refuse 

to order such a guard , that this committee will, at the expense of the 

city, employ a guard, consisting of — men, to be stationed at such places 

as may be deemed necessary Uy prevent the entrance of the aforesaid 

stages within this city, and all passengers from Norfolk, if any there be, 

shall be discharged therefrom. 

Resolved, That the })rec^eding resolutions, except the last, be published 

in the papers of this city for the general information of all concerned. 

Robert Barret, Chairman. 

Chas. Cameron* to the Governor. 

Sept. 2, Under the law which provides for calling forth the militia in case ot 

invasion or insurrection for the following reasons, I have ordered on dut};- 
a Rifle Company of the militia of this county, of which I have conceive 
it necessary to give you the most speedy information, that you wouIct"^ 
point out to me in what manner they shall be furnished with provision^- ^r 
&c. For the present I have directed the Captain to endeavor to bille - t 
the men amongst the inhabitants, who are at present badly situated tcrrD 
furnish them, being all collected at a few houses, without almost beinpfr^* 
able to provide for their families. I have given those assurance tha- '^■ 
can furnish that they shall receive the customary allowance. 

On the 29th last month I went on my own business to the plantatior^^ 
of Mr. Jacob Warwick, on the head of Greenbrier. He informed m^^ 
that from apprehensions of danger from Indian enemies he had remove 
all his negroes from the Clover Lick except two men, and that he hai 
that day came from there himself. And that from some apprehension =* 
that there was some horse-thieves in the neighborhood, that there wa--=^ 
two of his neighbors to go the same day over on Elkwater, about tex^ 
miles from the Lick, in order to bring in some horses they had therc:^- 
The men accordingly went, and about nine mile^ from the Lick m^^'^ 
three Indians lat<' in the evening. The two parties discovered each othcf^r 
about the same time. The men, being on horseback, saw the Indians si^* 
the distance of about sixty yards preparing to fire, fled, and came t,o 
the Lick in the night, and found that the two negro men from something 
that they had discovered, had thought it advisable not to lie in the hous^? 
for the first time they had left it this summer. 

The negroes heard the men and knew them, and came out from where 
they were hid. The men informed them what they had seen and direct<?<^ 
them to go immediately to their master and request him to collect wb^^ 
men he could and meet them the next day as early as possible at th^ 


Lick, and that they would go and collect what they could the other 1795. 

course. Accordingly they came to Mr. Warwick late at night, where I ^Funk 

was, and I sent off immediately, and by the next day 12 o'clock, I had 16 

men collected at the Lick, with which I went to the place where the " 

Indians were seen, and very plainly discovered wliat they had told was 

true, for tliey were men that I was well acquainted with, and could have 

placed confidence in their report had I not seen the signs, which were 

very plain. We got to the place late in the evening and camped on the 

ground that night. Next morning made a very vigilant search, but could 

j'ee nothing but their tracks in different places. I then divided tlie slnall 

company and sent nine to come in thn>' the mountains in search one way, 

and myself with the balance would take another route. After we had 

traveled till about the middle of the day and discovered no sign, having 

gone down the river at least five miles, I directed that the two scouts 

with four men should take one course, and that Mr. Warwick and mvself 

would take another and return by the Lick, which we did, and got there 

about two hours in the night, where we found the Indians had l)een and 

burnt every kind of building on the place — even drew up a wagon that 

stood at soine considerable distance from the house and burnt it, laid 

open the fields, and committed every kind of devastation in their power. 

Their sign have been seen in several places since, and I now wait 
hourly expecting to hear of some unhappy person falling into their 
hands. We supposed the number at the Lick to be about six, as there 
appeared sign of that many. 

From good information, iiie Indians have been and are yet on the water 
of Tygair ^'alley, Sweet Fork. I have given the two scouts very particu- 
lar instructions to keep constantly out, and unless they should discover 
tlje enemy approaching, not to come in more than once a week, and then 
immediately to return to their duty. It's my opinion that one company 
is as many men as can well be furnished with provisions out there, for 
the people are generally in low circumstances and grain very scarce. 
Meat can be had the greatest plenty, and think that one company, when 
divided and stationed along the frontier, tho' u})wards of thirty miles, 
will answer every purpose. I do not think it would be in my power to 
contract for rations with any person in this part of the country at the 
fonner price of 8 cents the ration, and for those reasons Liquor is 
very scarce, which they would be entitled to, and also grain, and consid- 
erable distance of carriage. However, I hope you will direct me in what 
manner they shall be furnished, and that the company be continued 
until the appearance of real danger should abate. 

I have forwarded this by Express, and informed him he would receive 
the customary allowance for his service. The distance he will have to 
travel from this place is one hundred and eighty miles. 

I have, &c. 


John Ciiisiiolm to the Governor. 

1795. On the 22nd of July la«t I left Philadelphia with ten Indi^nB of the 

8ept 2, Chickasaw and Chactaw Triben, l)onnd to Knoxville, On the same day 
sundry goods, to the amount of six wagon loads, were Bhip|>ed from 
thence principally in one vessel, and a small part in a second. It was 
expected that these vessels would arrive here as eariy as my part}', and 
that I should pnxjeed taking the gcxnls with me immediately, and my 
exj>enditures were calculated accordingly. It has, however, so happened 
that both these vessels, by the late storms and hisjh waters, have been 
delayed in their ))assage, that which contained the great bulk of goods 
until the 27th of August, owing to her l)eing <lriven ashore at Norfolk in 
the first storm, and when she was got off, being prevented from proceeil- 
ing up James River by the second storm and an high fresh. Tlie other 
vessel did not get up the River until the 29th, but I should not have 
waited for her had I not heard of her being near at hand when I had 
got the goods from on board the first. 

When I found the vessels, particularly that which had on board the 
great bulk of goods, were detained on their passage, I judged it best, 
with the advice of Colo. Edw'd Carrington, to remain here with the 
Indians until at least the principal one got up, as it would have been 
equally injudicious to separate myself from either the Indians or the- 
goods; nor, indeed, was it at first foreseen that repeated impediment^, 
would extend the delay so long as they have. 

The consequence of these events has been that the Indians and inter— 
prett^rs with their liorses havc^ been more than one month longer on, 
expence ln;re than was estimated, and occasions a deficiency of mone>' 
in my hands to the amount of 10(K) dollars. It being imi)OS8ible for me^ 
still to remain here with so great a charge, to obtain a remittance from 
the War Office, and there being no authority under the feileral Govern^ 
ment within my reach to which I can resort, 1 am reduced to the neces- 
sity of submitting my situation U) your Excellency and the JIxecutive-» 
re<iuesting that, from the urgent necessity of the case, a sum equal tc^ 
that which 1 hav(; statc^d may be advanced me on account, which I wil I- 
give such receipts for as will obtain from the Secretary of War an imme^ — 
diate reimbursement. 

Should it be the wish of tlie Executive t^> be furnished with an3^ 
further information or exjilanation on the subject, I shall be ready 
attend for that purpose^ to any extent that shall be satisfactory. 

1 have, &v. 



John Barnes to Jambs Wood, Lt.-Qovbrnor. 

On th^ 14th ult'o I did myself the pleasure of addressing you in i796. 
answer to your favor of 3rd (to which please refer), and have now the phiit^iei^ina 
satisfaction of advising you that the annexed four cases were yesterday 
shipped on board the said Schooner Betsey (a well-fomied vessel), 
already sailed, and by whom I addressed a letter covering Bill of lading 
to Capt. John Lester at Rocket's landing, to whom consigned. 

Yon will perceive by the statement that 9 copies Acts of the State 
are wanting. This deficiency was owing to so many being soiled or 
imperfect. The rest, as well the Military Exercises, have been duly 
inspected — ^the former by F. A. Mulenburg. Esq., whose certificate to Mr. 
Ciet I have seen ; the latter by Colo. Pickering. For the rest I flatter 
myself with your approval also, and if at any future period I could be 
useful, I should be happy in receiving your commands. 

With perfect Esteem, I am, &c. 

Edward Carrington to the Governor. 

The case of Capt Chisholm is one which falls into no latitude of gen- Sept. 3, 
eral authority possessed by me, nor has any special instruction or request (5ffice'^ ^ 
of the Secretary of War extending to pecuniary advances to him in any 
event reached me. It would, therefore, be highly improper for me to 
make him an advance upon any other than a private ground. The only 
rwjuest ever made of me in regard to Capt. Chisholm was, that I should 
spur Mr. Ball in procuring the wagons for transporting the Indian goods 
to Knoxville; but so far from being requested to advance money, I was 
informed that Capt. Chisholm had been fully furnished with that article. 
li appears to me that discretionary interposition should rest with the 
best attainable authorities, and that this principle directs Capt. Chisholm 
U) the Executive in this case is certainly not to be doubted. There is a 
confidence existing between that body and the Federal Government in 
discretionary instances, which ouglit not to be calculated on as to the 
local oflBcers, whose duties are defined. It is highly probable that had 
the detention of Capt. Chisholm been foreseen, the Secretary of War 
would have provided for his receiving the further monies thereby re- 
quired. The detention was not foreseen, and of course no provision was 
made; the fact, however, is, that he has been detained from the causes 
mentioned in his letter to your Excellency at least one month longer here 
than was expected or calculated on; it is also cortain that the causes 
by him stated are within the knowledge of the Executive. That there 
would be a want of more money than was calculated, appears an inevita- 


1795. ble conclusion ; that he cannot here obtain an advance from the War 

Sept. 3,^ Office is equally evident; a discretionary interposition from somewhere 

Office follows of course, and that discretion will certainly be more acce[)tAbly 

exercised by the Executive of the State than by a local officer of the 

Federal Government. 

Agreeably to what passed between your Excellency and myself yester- 
day, Capt. Chisholm is in readiness to exhibit the sum advanced him at 
I^liiladelphia and his expenditures, with vouchers. He will also exhibit 
the objects for which he requires a further sum. I have no doubt that 
if, upon examination of Capt. Chisholm's account, it shall appear to the 
Executive that the advance he requires is a reasonable one, as founded 
upon the circumstances of his case, their judgment thereon will be fully 
credited by the Secretary of War, and the money advanced, cheerfully 

I have, &c. 

Know all men by these presents, that I, John C-hisholm, of Knoxville, 
in the Southwestern Territorv of the United States, firmlv 

bound unto Robert Brooke, 

Commonwealth of Virginia, to his suc- 

cessors, for the use of the ealth, in the just 

and full sum of two Dollars, and for the pay- 

ment of wdiich I bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators 
firmly by these presents, sealed with my seal, and dated this third day 
of September, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. 

The condition of the above obligation is, that whereas the Executive 
of Virginia have on the written request of the said John Chisholm ad- 
vanced to him one thousand dollars in addition to the advances made to 
him by the General Government for the purpose of defraying the 
expenses incurred and to be incurred by the said Chisholm in conducting 
certain Indians of the Choctaw and Chickasaw; tribes to their respective 
counties, and in the transjKjrtation of certain goods and merchandize 
from Philadelphia to the said counties; and for the said one thousand 
dollars the said Chisholm hath draw^n a Bill on Timothy Pickering, 
Escj., Secretary for the Department of War of the United Statics. 

Now if the said Timothy Pickering shall i)ay or cause to be paid the 
said Bill of one thousand dollars according to the tenor thereof, then the 
above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. 

Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of Sam. Coleman. 

[The blanks in the foregoing bond are caused by the mutilation of the 
original from which copied. The name of John Cliisholm, originally 
written here, torn out. — P]i).] 



The Light Infantry Company belonging to the 1st Battalion of the 37th 1795. 
^^g't being complete, are desirous through me to procure of the Execu- Dumfries 
tL "^^ e arms, if they can be obtained. Shall esteem it a particular favor to 
b ^5^ informed as soon as conv't. 

With, &c. 

Timothy Pickering to the Governor. 

Colo. John Steele left in my hands nineteen hundred dollars to pay Sept. 14, 
C^^fcarles Cist, of this city, for 3,000 copies of the Regulations for the Order Ph^^a^e^Pl^a 
S'^^d Discipline of the Troops of the United States, and one thousand 
cc>j nes of certain laws of Virginia which were to be translated and printed 


1*"^ the German language. The former have been neatly executed agree- 
^^ly to contract, and the certificate of F. H. Muhlenberg inclosed will 
s^^tiigfy you that the latter also are entitled to the same ai)probation. I 
'^^Te, therefore, paid Mr. Cist according to Colo. Steele's request, as by his 
^^^cs't and receipt inclosed. But the defect of nine copies of the laws 
*^^-ves three dollars and sixtv cents still in mv hands subject to order. 

Is'ot knowing Colo. Steele's residence, I address you on the subject, as 
**^« business wholly concerns the State of Vii^inia. 

T am. &c., 

P. S. — I wish my receipt to Colo. Steele may be sent me. 

At a Court held for the County of Augusta, August, 179.3: 

*^e Commonwealth vs. William Greever, SenV, Philip Greever, and Wil- Sept. 15 
liam Greever, Ju'r, Def 'ts. On an Information for Killing Deer out of 

-^Ugusta County — to- wit: 

Be it remembered, that Archibald Stuart, Gent., who prosecutes 
'^r the Commonwealth in this county court, comes and gives the said 
^urt here to understand and be informed that by two acts of the Gen- 
^^1 Assembly — one passed in the ninth year of the reign of George the 
Second, in the year 1738, Intitled an **act for the better preservation of 
^he breed of Deer and preventing unlawful hunting," and one other 
passed in the 12th year of the reign of George the third, intitled an act 
^0 amend an act intitled an " act for the better preservation of the breed 
^f Deer and preventing unlawful hunting" — the killing of Deer is lim- 
ited to certain times under certain penalties. 
And the said Archibald Stewart gives the court here further to under- 


17^. Htand that William Greever. Sen'r, Philip Greever, and Wiliiam Greever, -. 
^^^' ^'^ JunV. on the — of Juh% in the year 1792, at the pariah of — and ^ 
Count V aforeHaid, did unlawfdllv and wickedlv kill and defftrov three — «=^ 
Deer to the evil example of all other? in the like caae, ofiK^nding against • -^ 
the fonii of the Htatuten in Kuch cst^e made and provided, and against ther==L 
|>eaci.' and dignity of the C^>mmonwealth of Vii^ginia. 

Alexander Crawfoid, of Augusta Count\% £&rmer, is the prot«ecutor. 

To this Information the Defendants, by their attorney, plead no^^ 

Guilty. Whereupon there wa« a trial and verdict — that the Defendant&Kr 

are guilty of killing two Deer within the time prohibited. It is thei 

fore considered by the court that they forfeit and i>ay to the Commoi 

wealth five ix)unds to the use of the county of Augusta towards lessei 

ing the jiarish levy thereof, and that they pay the costs of this prosecu 

tion, and may be taken, &c. 

Teste : 

Ja(x>b Kinney, C. A. C. 

By the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia — A Pil o- 


Sept. 15 Whereas I have received information that the city of Philadelphia? 

the Grenades, and the Island of Tobjigo are infected with the Plague, <r:>r 
other infectious Disease, and it is jirobahle the same may be brou^l"** 
into tliis Commonwealth — I have therefore thought fit, by and with tl»^ 
advice of Council, to direct that all vessels coming from either of tl^^ 
aforesaid places do make their quarantine at the anchorage ground off 
Craney Island, near the mouth of Elizabeth River, for the space of 
twenty days ; and I do hereby strictly enjoin and require, that until such 
vessels shall be discharged of such quarantine, all persons coming, or 
goods imported, in such vessels come not on shore, or go on board any 
other vessel, or be landed or put into any other ship, vessel, or boat, in 
any place within this Conmion wealth; and also, that no person go on 
boanl any vessel ordered to f)erform quarantine without licence first had 
and obtained in writing under the hand of Thomas Newton, in the town 
of Norfolk, who is hereby authorized and appointed to see such quaran- 
tine performed. And all Pilots are hereby desired to give notice to the 
above-named Superintendant of the arrival of all vessels from the afore- 
said places, and to conduct them to the place assigned for their perfonn- 
ance of quarantine. 

Given under my Hand as Governor and under the Seal of the Com- 
monwealth, at Richmond, this 17th day of September, in the year of our 
Lord 1798, and of the Commonwealth the eighteenth. 

Henby Lee. 


Edmund Winston to the Governor. 

The late Sheriff of Compbell County informs me an Execution is sent 1795. 
up against him for about £200 the balance due to the public for Taxes ^^^' ^^ 
of 1783, and nearly the same sum the Damages on about £1,400, the 
amount of the Judgment in June, 1784. 

The Gentleman first appointed in this County resigned his office after 
one year; the two next declined it altogether, on a supposition the Pub- 
lic Reveuue could not be collected. The severity of the winter of 1784, 
and the general scarcity the next summer, greatly retarded the transpor- 
tation of our Tobacco to market; besides, the latter circumstance lessened 
the ability of people who were compelled to give a treble price for grain, 
and go a great distance for it. 

I am entirely persuaded the default of the late Sheriff was occasioned 
by the utter impossibility of making the collections, and not by the 
negligence or dishonesty of his deputies, and I should not take the 
liberty of addressing your Excellency on this subject, but that I am weU 
acquainted with the men and the condition of the county. 

Mr. Hunter tells me the judgment, except as to the damages, he has 
rciison to think has been provided against some time ago, but was not 
paid from some circumstances not foreseen. 

I have, &c. 

Wm*. Simmons to the Governor. 

The Treasurer of the United States will remit to Jaquelin Ambler, Sept. 17, 
Treasurer of the State of Virginia, the sum of twenty-eight thousand six ^^Jf*\v^J^"^ 
hundred and twenty-two dollars and eighty-four cents, being in full for 
the balance of the account of the State of Virginia for the pay and sub- 
sistence of the Militia, pay of the Scouts, ammunition furnished for their 
use, and contingient expenses in the protection of her frontiers ; also for 
the pay and incidental expenses of the Militia ordered to arrest a priva- 
teer fitting out at Smithfield in July, 1794, and for pay and subsistence 
of a detachment of Militia Artillery stationed at Fort Nelson, 1791, for 
which sum you will please sign the receipt the Treasurer of the United 
States will remit you, and have a duplicate thereof forwarded to this office 
sw soon as possible. 

I am, tfec, 




1795. Sundry of my fellow-citizens have communicated to me that divers 

Richmond ^^^ negroes, who have come from the West India Islands and other 
places to this State, are ranging at large through the same — a circum- 
stance which forehodes no good, but may he productive of much evil by 
effecting a change in the views or conduct of the domestics and others of 
this State. 

ITpon an examination of the laws I find that the General Assembly 
has anticipated the subject, and I judge from well-grounded apprehen- 
sions have ])assed a law prohibiting the migration of such persons into 
this Commonwealth. This law, as it is not confined in its influence nor 
partial in its effect, requires a general remedy. Permit me, therefore, to 
refer the Executive to the *law, in order, should they view the matter in 
the same light as those who have conversed with me, they may cause the 
same to be published for a limited time for the general information of all, 
and also judge of the propriety of furnishing each proper officer at the 
ports of entry in this State with a copy of the law, that none may plead 
ignorance, the law be respected, and our people remain uncorrupted. 

I remain, sir, &c. 

P. S. — It might be mentioned that it would be extremely difficult if 
at all practicable, to find either the imj)orted master of vessels, or to 
recover the expense attending any act of a justice under the law. 

A. D. 
*Page 328, Collection of Laws. 


Sept. 18, In reply to the communication you made to me yesterday, I have to 

Richmond Q^g^ij-ve that orders had been given by the Committee of the Hall on 

Tuesday last for the burial of the man who died on Monday night at 

the anchorage ground, but that through the inattention of those who^ 

duty it was it was not done until Wednesday. 

I have also to inform vou that I communicated to the Committt»ethc 
desires of the Executive relative to the permitting those belonging to th^ 
vessels under quarantine to go on shore, and was told that if done, i* 
must have been by stealth. The officer is strictly enjoined to observe 
the orders given in writing, one of which does pointedly forbid the pnvi- 
lege to any but the guard, and the necessary supplies are directed to b^ 

sent by them. 

I am, &c. 


Wm. Price to A. Dunscomb, Esq. 

From the number of applications which have been made to me by the 1795. 
captains of the patrols of my battalion, to procure for them a house to Richmond 
confine vagrants and disorderly persons which they may take up in the 
course of the night, in order that they may be brought to justice the 
next morning. 

I now solicit your aid (being the proper person) in that business, for 
a house of that kind I conceive to be absolutely necessary from the 
number of disorderly persons which this place is infested with. 

Upon application to the Governor, I have not the least doubt the old 
l)rison under the hill might be obtained, which would answer exceedingly 
well. If you succeed, I will use my best endeavors to have constant and 
well-regulated patrols kept up by the militia under my command. 

I am, &c. 

Jno. Hamilton to the Governor. 

I have several times had occasion to trouble your Excellency on the Sept. 24, 
subject of vessels coming down from Baltimore and arming in the waters British Con- 
of the Chesapeake as Privateers in contravention to the regulations pro- sul's Office 
raulgated by the President of the United States to prevent illegal equip- 

1 must again solicit your attention on that head, as I have just received 

information, the correctness of which it is not allowed nie to doubt, from 

Baltimore of the sailing from thence about ten days ago of a vessel in 

every respect equipped as a Privateer save in the article of Guns, which 

it is intended to put on board her in some part of this Bay, and that 

three similar vessels, with like views, are about this time ready to come 

down for the same purpose. As by such means the Proclamation of the 

President of the United States is contravened, and the before-mentioned 

regulations are eluded, I must b^ leave to request that your Excellency 

will be pleased to give such directions as to you may seem proper to the 

officers of the militia of this State, and which may serve to |)revent any 

violation of the strict Neutrality to be observed therein by the illegal 

Hjuipment of any vessels as Privateers in any of the waters thereto 


I have, &c. 

Memo. — The Books and Laws printed in Philadelphia are arrived. I 
have desired Mr. Lester to send them to the Capitol — get an order for 
payment of Freight, Drayage, and Storage, tfec. 


J. Ambler to the Governor. 

1796. I beg leave to lay before the Honorable Board for direction, copies of 

Treasury ^ letter and receipt which this day came addressed to me from the Treas- 
urer of the United States. 

I cannot of myself with propriety sign a receipt expressing that the 
sum therein mentioned is the balance due on a settlement, of which net- 
tlement I am entirely ignorant, nor will the Law, I think, justify me in 
admitting drafts into this office in lieu of money unless sanctioned by 

superior authority.. 

I am, &c., 

Sir : 

The Secretary of War having issued a warrant for 28,622 84 cents, 
which is directed to be transmitted to you, you wiU find that amount 
enclosed in sundry drafts in your favor as p'r List below. I have, there- 
fore, to request you will sign the enclosed Receipt of the accountant of 
the War Department and forward it to me by earliest opportunity. 

I am, &c., 

Signed: Sam'l Meredith, 

Treas'r U. States. 
To J. Ambler. 

No. 7101, draft on D. Harris, Esq., Baltimore, - - - $ 4,422 84 

7102, E. Carrington, Esci-, Richmond, - - 1,000 00 

7103, J. M. C. Lingar, Esq., George Town, - 1,500 00 

7104, W. Lindsay, Esq., Norfolk, - - - 8,200 00 

7105, W. Heth, Esq., B. Hundred, - - 1,000 00 
710G, L. Muse, Esq., Tappahannock, - - 1,500 00 
7107, Jno. Fitzgerald, Esq., Alexandria, - 11,000 00 

$28,622 84 


Received — , 1795, from William Simmons, Accountant of Department 
of War, through the hands of Samuel Meredith, Treasurer of the United 
States, the sum of Twenty-eight thousand six hundred and twenty-two 
dollai*s and eighty-four cents, in full of the balance appearing due the 
State of Virginia, on settlement of their account for the pay and subsis- 
tence of the Militia, Pay of the Scouts, ammunition furnished for their 
use, and contingent expenses in the protection of her Frontiers; also for 
pay and incidentjil expenses of the Militia ordered to arrest a privatiuT 
fitting out at Smitlifield in July, 1794, and for the pay and subsistence 
of a detachment of Militia Artillery stationed at Fort Nelson in 1791, 
and for which I have signed duplicate receij)ts. 

Dollars 28,022 84-100. 


J. P. TO Mr. Blair. 

ease to favor me with the sum p'd by G. Gov't for printing our Laws 1795. 
\ C^erman language. T^^ur^y 

Report of Committee to Examine Treasurer's Office. 

Tlie Treasurer being enjoined to close the Accounts of his Office on the Oct. 1 

!^Oth day of September, annually, we the underwriters (thereto appointed 

t>y the Executive at the request of the Treasurer), repaired to the Treasury 

on the morning of the First of October, in order to ascertain the amount 

of Money. Tobacco and other facilities actually in the Treasury received 

on j>ublic account, and constituting the balance due therefrom on the 

^Oth of September, 1795. 

Ha\'ing examined and carefully counted and weighed the money, we 
find it amounts to Eighty-six thousand six hundred and thirty four Dol- 
ors and sixty-nine Cents — part of which, viz: the sum of Eleven thous- 
and three hundred and sixty dollars thirty-three cents belonging to the 
^gregate fund, is reserved as the Law directs for the discharge of aggre- 
gate fund Warrants. 

We find also Tobacco Notes in the Treasury received on public account 
since the last sale, viz: for 37 hhds, Quantity 40,514 lbs. of crop, and 
1/203 lbs. nett Transfer, which at the rate received by Law amount to 
One thousand seven hundred and forty-eight dollars and forty-eight cents. 
We find also Indents to the amount of Twenty-nine dollars and forty 
^nts, and of one for forty, money to the amount of one hundred and 
seventy-six dollars, which have been paid into the Treasury in discount 
for certain Taxes as the I^w directs. 

Examined and Certified. 


Edmund Harrison, 

Carter Braxton. 
Treasury of the let of October, 1795. 

Bag No. 1 
Bag No. 2 
Bag No. 3 
Bag No. 4 
Bag No. 5 
Bag No. 6 
Bag No. 7 
Bag No. 8 
Bag No. 9 

800 Crowns, $ 880 00 

1,133 Half Crowns, 625 90 

800 Crowns, 880 00 

800 Crowns, 880 00 

1,000 CVowns, 1,100 00 

1,000 Crowns, 1,100 00 

900 Crowns, - - 990 00 

1,215 00 

1,000 00 

BagNo. 10, 1,000 00 


1795. Bag No. 11, 1,000 00 

^^ 1 Bag No. 12, 1,000 00 

Bag No. 13, 1,000 00 

Bag No. 14, 465 Crowns, 51161 

Bag No. 15, 576 55 

Bag No. 16, 500 00 

Bag No. 17, 17S 00 

Bag No. 18, 105 00 

Bag No. 19, 311 00 

Bag No. 20, 238 70 

Bag No. 21, Bank Notes, --.---. 21,135 29 

Bag No. 22, (bllection Tappahannock, ... - 3,000 00 

Englisli and Portugal Gold, 1519 oz., 1 dwt, 5 gr., - - 27,005 51 

French and Spanish Gold, 1,141 oz., 11 dwt., 3 gr., - - 19,998 06 

«86,230 62 
Eight })arcels Half Dimes, equal to - - - . - 400 00 

$86,630 62 
Add 1 M Cents, 10 00 

$86,640 62 

W. True to the Governor. 

Oct. 2, Having gone through and compleated the records and papers belong- 

in C ce .j^^ ^ ^j^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^j^i^ office called the Northern Neck, or late* Proprie- 
tor's office, agreeable to a Resolution of the Gen'l Assem})ly, passed the 
22nd of December last, must beg leave (in order to compleat the other 
part of the business) to lay before the Executive tlie said Resolution, 
and recjuest that the work may be imputed and such compensation 
allowed as may be thought deserving. 

Your most obed't Servant. 

Jno. Hopkins to James Wood, Lt.-Governor. 

Oct. 3, I am reciuested to purchase for account of James Watson, Es<jV, of 

Richmond i^^^^^, y^j.^,^ ^^^^^^^ ^iv^ Hundred Thousand acres of Land Warrants, for 

the payment of which I have bills on New York, but these bills cannot 
be immediately disposed of. I have, therefore, to request j)ermission to 
take out these warmnts upon making an ample dej)osit to pay for them 
in a reasonable time. The deposit will consist in Military C-ertificates of 


this State and in the several species of stock of the United States, and 1795. 
in all cases the deposit shall exceed the amount in value. t>.^^* ^' 


I have, &c. 

Tiios. Newton to the Governor. 

I have now the pleasure to inform you that very few are sick here, and Oct. 3, 
I am of opinion the town never was more in health of a fall than at Norfolk 

A vessel arrived from New York, the crew in health : the reports from 
there are alarming, but suppose exagerated. I should be glad to know 
whether they are to perform a quarantine of a few days or not; as they 
are not comprehended in the proijlamation, I am at a loss how to proceed. 

Your advice will oblige me much. 

. I am, &e. 

At a Court held at the Court House for the County of Princess Anne, Oct. 3 
the 5th day of October, 1795, in the 20th vear of the CommonweeUh of 
Virginia — James Blamise and James Dawley are recommended as pro- 
per persons, one of whom to be appointed Sheriff in the room of Thos. 
Wishart, Ju'r. who failed to give security. 


Inclosed I send the usual (juarterly return of military stores under my Oct. 5, 
direction. The Honorable Board will observe that there is still a con- P^i'^tof^^ork 
siderable number of the military stores which were I^ent to the Conti- 
nent that are not yet returned. 

I have Major Langham's jiromise that his exertions shall be used in 
forwarding them, but he apprehends that many of tliem are irrecover- 
ablv lost. As soon as I have obtained as manv as the commissar v of 
Military Stores can command, I will transmit a statement thereof to the 

1 wish to remark that the Executive have heretofore granted rations to 
Mid. Jordan (a soldier at the arsenal), and likewise to his wife and 
daughter. The said Jordan is now becoming too old and infirm to dis- 
charge thfi duties of a soldier, and under tlie circumstances, I wish the 
advice of the Executive. The man has been an old and, I believe, a 
faithful soldier in the American Revolution, in the cause of which he 
received a number of wounds. 

I am, tfec. 




Oct. 6, 



I have to solicit your Excellency's recurrence to my former applica- 
tion to the Honorable Board respecting an increase of the salary of my 
office. I state no new pretentions on this occasion, ha\dng fully exhib- 
ited them in my former letter, nor would I trouble the Hon. Board with 
this Petition were it not from an apprehension that my former applica- 
tions have not commanded their attention. Under a reliance that the 
Hon'ble Board are sufficiently acquainted with the fatigue and confine- 
ment attendant on my office to determine at first view that my services 
are at least equal to a captaincy under the Congressional establishment, 
I trust they will direct that my pay and emoluments be made equal also. 

I have, &c. 

Oct. 6, 

John Hamilton to James Wood, Lieutenant-Governor. 

I have to acknowledge the receipt of your very polite favors of the 
2()th ultimo and the 1st current, the last of which informs me that the 
Council of Stat43 are of opinion that the orders heretofore given to the 
commandants of the Militia, in conformity to the regulations laid down 
by the President of the United States, are fully adequate to prevent the 
illegal equipment in the waters of this State of any vessels of the descrip- 
tion of those pointed out in my letter to the Governor of the 24th ultimo. 
I need, therefore, only express my hopes that no vigilance will be want- 
ing on the part of officers of the militia, in the carr3'ing into execution 
those orders when circumstances require it. 

The clandestine measures made use of by the persons concerned in 
the Baltimore vessels alluded to, have hitherto frustrated anv endeavors 
to ascertain the places where they propose to take their guns on board. 
As soon as I am furnished with sufficient information on that subjec't I 
shall not fail to communicate it to the Executive of this State, with a 
reliance that the proper steps will be taken to prevent their purposes 
from being effected. 

I have. &c. 

J. Ambler to the Governor. 

Oct. 6, 

There are in the Treasury 37 hlids. of Crop, and about 1,200 weight of 
Transfer Tobacco, which have been received in part of the old arrearages 
of Taxes. Some of the notes are growing out of date, and there is little 
prospect of our receiving soon a quantity sufficient to justify incurring 


the expense of a public sale. I therefore beg leave to suggest to the 1795. 
Honorable Board whether it will not be advisable to dispose of this small rJ^^^' ^' 
quantity of Tobacco at private sale on the best terms that can be pro- 
cured for it. to be paid for either m specie or segregate fund warrants. 

I am, &c. 


The inclosed letter was just handed to me from the Committee of the Oct. 6, 
Common Hall. As I concur in opinion with them you wdll be pleased *^ ™^" 
to lay the same before the Council, that their opinion may be ascertained. 
I should have waited on you in person, but am confined to the house 
with a bad cold in my bones. 

I am, &c. . 

Richmond, Oct. 6th, 1795, 

The Committee agreeable to the orders of the Lieutenant-Governor, ^^t. 6 
have given orders to the officers commanding the Guard ship to let all 
ve^jsels from Norfolk proceed up to Rockets or Manchester without delay, 
but the Committee think it necessary that the Guard should still continue 
to HU)p all vessels from New York to this place, as they find by the 
Enquiries they have made, that the fever still rages in that city. By a 
private letter from a Gentlemen to his brother who is now in this Town 
we are informed, that on the 20th of Sept., 31 persons died ; we observe 
also that by the rej)ort of the Committee of Health of New York as pub- 
ILshod in the Philadelj)hia papers, that on the 27th, twenty-seven persons 
died, and on the 28th, 31 died. We also are inforuied by a passenger on 
Ward a vessel from New York now ])erformiug Quarantine, that the dis- 
order had not abated when he left that place 12 days since. 

We are, &c. 

Wm. Richardson, 
Jacob I. Cohen. 

A statement of sundry services performed by the Register of the Land Oct. 16 
Office under a Resolution of the Gen'l Assembly i)assed the 22nd of 
December, 1794, Together with his suj)posed value of the work, Includ- 
ing his attention to the examination, c^^c. : 

To the Transcribing and Examining a Record of conveyances 

from the late Lord Proprietors to Individuals from the year 

1694 to 1700, containing 240 pages of uncommonly bad 



1795. writing. In consequence of copying the courses, distances, 

^'* ^^ and dates at length, it took 821 pages of the largest size 

paper, $125 00 

To comparing the General Alphabet with the different con- 
veyances (being upwards of 8000), correcting and adding 
the quantity of acres to each name. In order to make this 
examination, the conveyances contained in twenty-three 
large Books were severally referred to, - - - - 120 00 

To copying the same into a well-bound Book, including three 
other Alphabets (belonging to the Records compleated since 
the removal of the above-mentioned Books into this office), 
and Examining the same, - - - -- - - 95 00 

To making an Alphabet to each of the above-mentioned twenty- 
three Books separately and examining them, - - - 80 00 

To attending and directing the Binding and rei)airing the 

above-mentioned Books, 35 00 

October, 1795. 

We, the committee appointed to examine the extra services perfonned 
by the Register of the Land Office in pursuance of a Resolution of the 
last Assembly, have examined and compared the same with the within 
charges, and think them reasonable. 

Hardin Burnley, 
Carter Braxtox. 

Petersburg, October SOth, 1795. 

Received into my custody from the hands of David Organ, as Agent 
of this State, the body of Mathew Gordon alias Goodwing, a fugitive 
from Justice, as per State warrant. 

Rich'p Klaumax, Serg't T. P. 
Teste : 

Hector McNeil. 

Alexander Wells to tub Governor. 

Nov. 2 Impelled by a sense of the indignities that have been offered to the 

Ohio County Government under which I am protected, and every good citizen, I feel 
in a measure constmined to present this address to your Excellency, in 
hoi)e that these griefs, which we so sensibly feel, may be removed. It is 
with the greatest pleasure that I can assure your Excellency, that when 
Riot and Misrule prevailed in this Western country that men of any 


degree of good character or understanding were not found among them, 1795. 
and that the number of such was much larger than might be expected. QjijQ^countv 
We were then the suffering objects of compassion; our feelings as men 
of delicacy were insulted ; our lives, our property, were the first victims 
that were to become a sacrifice to this enraged, unruly Monster. But 
thanks be to the Great Director of all Events, by the vigorous exertions 
of our Government, we have been delivered from those fears, in part. 
For what do we now see? Do we not see men who has issued their most 
pointed threats against individuals for their attachment to order and 
good rule, and marking their persons and property as the first victims of 
their fury and revenge, sitting as Judges in our Courts of Justice, and 
brandishing the Military sword of power over our heads, and judging 
and commanding the men that were obnoxious to them for their attach- 
ment to Government — by the authority of that Government they have 
contemned and despised I 

What hope can there be, should the like tumult be again about to take 
place, for any opposition to be made by the internal powers of these 
counties, while the power of the sword, or any part of that power, is in 
the hands of avowed insurgents, or how will any citizen dare to give 
information of any attempts of the kind — while it may be with propriety 
said that the insurgent streaks and the good citizen sneaks ; while the 
insurgent is dignified with the offices of the county, both civil and mili- 
tary, and these men who have been most pointedly obnoxious to them 
must obey their commands and abide by their decision. Good sir, these 
things ought not to be so. It may be said that there has none l)een found 
^ilty in this State. How they have escapefl the punishment of the 
Civil Law we cannot tell. But their actual guilt is too well known to us 
to need either evidence or discussion. We therefore humbly hope your 
Excellency will remove all such from all offices of i)ower or trust in these 
counties, as we who have distinguished ourselves as tlieir o[)po8ers are 
not safe in our persons or properties, setting aside the disagreeable sen- 
sations it produces in our feelings. But above all the rest, Wm. McThenley 
and Wm. Sutherland, these men being naturally overbearing and insult- 
ing, and at all times scarcely sufferable, but under the present circum- 
stances most intolerable. 

The facts asserted need no illustration of argument, or helps from 
evidence; they are notoriously known. The consequences attending 
even- one who will give themselves the trouble to 8Ug8;est themselves in 
our case will naturally feel the force of our complaint. I si>eak in the 
plural tense, for it is not the complaint of one but many. Altho' I have 
ventured to address your Excellency in my own person, yet if necessary 
every one who felt their insults will express themselves in the same 
manner if required. Mr. Wells, a member from this county, can perhaps 
give some further intelligence, if required. 

I remain, (fee. 


Nov. 2 




The Committee appointed to examine the Auditor's accounts from the 
Ist of January to the 1st of April, 1795, have examined and compared 
the warrants issued with the vouchers, and find them to be correct. 

Hardin Burnley. 
Carter Braxton. 
Edmund Harrison. 

Nov. 4, 


Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

By accounts from N. York, and the vessels which arrive from the West 
Indies being generally healthy, together with the advanced season of the 
year, I apprehend there can be no danger of infection from the late pre- 
vailing fever being brought into this State, and that the look-out boat 
may now be safely discharged. Should your Excellency be of opinion 
that she may, be pleased to write Mr. Theo. Blanchard, who will have it 
done, as I shall be on my way to the Assembly. 

I ain, &c. 

Captain Holloway has put into a Committee room in the Capitol sixty- 
five muskets, fifty-nine Bayonets, and sixty-two C'artridge Boxes, which 
had been drawn by Major William Price, who then commanded the 

These arms and accoutrements are placed in the care of the K(H»per of 
the Capitol, until the pleasure of the Executive is known with respect to 

Samuel Coleman. 

KicHMoxi), Nor. 5^ VAJ. 
The balance of the arms delivered Major M'm. Price are now in the 
care of Capt. Holloway, ready to he delivered. • 

Nov. 5, 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

Since writing your Excc^Ueut^ of tlie 3rd, a vessel is arrived from 
Martinique with an infectious disease, which I have directed to perform 
a (quarantine of 20 days. The Capt. is dead and the crew all sick. 

Capt. Baret, who attends the (i'r, has directions to see it properly per- 
formed, and I have direc^ted all necessary supplies. This vessel is a 
British Bottom called the Betsey, or Capt. Shays, which I have duly 
published to jirevent any persons going on board. 

From this circumstance I think a discretionary power should be left 


to Q'r to oblige vessels infected to lie some days. I have informed Mr. 1795. 

Thos. Blanchard to attend in my absence, and in a few days I hope to ^^^]^ 

scHi yV Excellency and give you a fall account of all things necessary in 

this case. 

And am, &c. 

W. H. Cavendish and Thos. Lewis to the Governor. 

As we feel some degree of anxiety for the payment of the militia sta- Nov. 7 
tione<l in the Counties of Greenbrier and Kanawha in the years 1793 
and '94, it is with some regret we learn from Gen'l Tate that Instructions 
are given him which, if strictly adhered to, will produce great embar- 
rassment in settling the claims of those persons who have given credit 
to those soldiers in expectation of receiving their demand out of those 

As we are in some degree acquainted with the circumstances of Trans- 
actions in these parts, permit us to lay a statement thereof before you. 
The soldier gives an order to the Creditor on the paymaster for the sum 
due, amounting some time to part, some time to the whole of the pay 
due him ; as there is no prescript form for drawing these orders, no uni- 
form mode has been observed in this respect, nor can the })aymaster 
from the order know whether it be genuine or not; to supply this defect 
we directed the holders to get these orders proved before a magistrate by 
some person who saw the giver of such order acknowledge the justice of 
it. This, we think, will in some degree obviate the inconvenience, but 
another arises which can by no means be so rectified as to enable the 
l>ayma8ter to judge with precision, and in which he must act from the 
information of others. The case we mean is that the soldiers employed 
were at the several periods of their services dismissed without any dis- 
charge being given them. They are now generally dispersed into various 
States and Counties, so that requiring the claimant to produce a dis- 
charge of the person under whom he claims will be little less than a 
denial of payment, and even admitting a discharge had been given them, 
it could not answer any purpose where the money due the soldier is the 
proi)erty of sundry claimants. 

As we understand, the Executive are minded to reconsider this busi- 
ness, and if proper to extend the discretionary power of the paymaster 
in admitting claims which may appear to be Equitable, tho' not strictly 
conformable, to the wislies of Government. We have taken the liberty 
to suggest these hints, and to assure you, Sir, that unless sucli latitude is 
allowed, the greater part of those who have made advances to the Soldiers 
will lose their monies. 

We are, &c. 


Arrivals Since Oct. 31st, 1796. 

1795. Sloop Brothers from Philadelphia, out 8 days; all well. Sloop Broth- 

ers' Adventur from Bermuda, out 12 days; all well. Schooner Oliver 
from Boston, out 10 Days; all well. Ship Martin from Liverpool, out 
54 days; all well. Sloop Melriver from Philadelphia, out 3 Days; all 
well. Ship Jane from Burdon, out 51 days; all well. Sloop Betsey 
from Martinick, out 25 days ; the Capt. Dead and another of the men 
sick. Brought her to Quarantine in the bit of Craney Island. 

John Barret. 
Nov. 7th, 1795. 

John Hamilton to the Governor. 

Nov. 8, I am sorry to have occasion again to trouble your Excellency in regard 

B itish Con- ^ ^^® vessels arriving as privateers in the waters of the Chesapeake, but 
Bul's Office the present instance is too glaring to be passed aver. A small schooner, 
purchased by a Frenchman, was cleared out at the Customhouse in this 
town as French property, and her register being delivered up to the Col- 
lecti^r, she proceeded to Mobjack Bay, where she now lies. For several 
days passed a Pilot Boat has been attending upon her, by which means 
she has been supplied with four or six carriage guns. 

It may also be necessary to mention that a party of Frenchmen were 
])cating up here for volunteers to man the aforesaid vessel. I anj, there- 
fon>, to request that your Excellency will be plejised to take proper 8t<?ps 
to prevent her from sailing. 

I have, &c. 

Mathew Neal to the Governor. 

Nov. 10, A late step of the purchasers of the Manor induces me for and on 

Fauquier Co. behalf of the tenants of that part of the Manor lying in Fauquier county 
to apply to your Excellency for information and advice in an affair of 
such apparent consequence. Advertisements, of which the inclosed is a 
copy, are posted up in every [)ublic place, and the Collector, William 
Clarkson, has recently proceeded to the collection and began to diptrain. 
Your Excellency's o})inion of, and advice in this momentous business, is 
most earnestly wished for and will be most thankfully received. 

I am, ikc. 


October Court, 1795. 
Fauquier County, to wit : 

A Bond from Charles Marshall, attorney in fact for John Marshall, 1795. 

Nov 10 
Charles MarshnU, Martin Pickett, and Septimus Norris to the Govenior, 

ft-as acknowledged by the said Charles Marshall, attorney in fact for John 
Marshall, Charles Marshall, IMartin Pickett, and Septimus Norris, to he 
their act and deed, ami ordered to be recorded. The said bond is condi- 
tioned for the faithful c(dlection of the rents in that part of the Manor 
of Leeds lying in Fauquiet* 

A copy: 

F. Brooke, C. C. 

The subscriber having, agreeable to the Act of AssemVjly, entered into Nov. 10 
Bond, with security for the faithful collection of the rents in that part of 
the Manor of Leeds lying in P'auquier WHinty, gives this publick notice 
to all those in arrears, that the collector, Wm. Warkson, has directions to 
proceed immediately to the collection. It is most earnestly hoped the 
tt'nants will make immediate provision, and save the collector the pain- 
ful necessity of distraining. 

CHAtiLEs Marshall. 

October 30th, 1795. 

Wm. Reynolds to the Governor. 

Enclosed you will receive a copy of a letter from the collector at Nov. 12, 
Norfolk to me, informing of a privateer fitting out in my district. In Yorktown 
consequence of which I have made inquiry and am told there is a 
schooner in Severn River, mounting 14 Guns, commanded and manned 
by French citizens. By a letter from the Secretary of the Treasury of 
4th of August, 1793, written by direction of the President of the United 
States, I am ordered if any occur within my District, to acquaint your 
Excellency of the same. 

I am, &c. 

Norfolk, Collector's Office, Nov. 7th, 1795. 


Information has been lodged with me that there is a privateer fitting 
out in Mobjack Bay. As the cutter is at j)reHent unfit for duly, and 
Mobjack Bay is within your District, I have thought it proper to lodge 
this intelligence with you. 

I am, &c. 

Wm. Lindsay, Coll. 


H. Young to thb Governor. 

1795. I acknowledge the receipt of your favor of the 11th, together with Mr. 

Hamilton's to you of the 8th instant I shall immediately repair to the 
bay, and if it is in my power will prevent schooner iVom sailing. It 
may not be amiss to observe to your Excellency, that there is not a man 
either in Mathews or Gloucester, armed, and if they had arms, from the 
last return they are totally destitute of ammunition. I acknowledge 
mvself under considerable embarrassment. To embodv men without 
arms or ammunition to put into their hands, appears to me to be doing 
nothing. However, your Excellency mav- de|)end that every exertion in 
my power shall be used to carry the order of the Executive in effect. 

I have, &c 

Levi Morgan to tub Governor. 

Nov. 14, May it please your Excellency, thinking as I do that every attempt 
Morgantown ^lade against the Government, or the particular interest of any of my 
fellow-citizens should be attended to, and the person or persons who 
would dare to be guilty in either case ought to be punished agreeably to 
their demerit. Under these impressions . I am constrained as an officer 
and a citizen (who hath been honored with your confidence,) to inform 
you Sir, that when I was on my way home from escorting the Indian 
prisoners, I met with two men who live in Ma^on County in the State of 
Kentucky, on the Ohio near a place called Limestone, who told me they 
were on their wav to the Indian Countrv to steal horses from the Indians. 
I strove to dissuade them from it, telling them we and the Indians had 
now made peace, and a conduct like that they were about to engage in, 
might irritate the Indians, and likely provoke them to distress some help- 
less families on the frontiers, but they i)ersisted and went on, and before 
I left that country which was two to three weeks after, (having taken sick 
and detained there) I saw one of the same two men, who then told me 
they had taken off three of the Indians, valuable horses, two of which 
they got into Kentucky and sold them: and they had pushed up the river 
until the allarm (if any should be made) was over. The men's namci* 
are Alexander Buchanan and I think Charles Schoolcraft, both inhabi- 
tants of Mason County. I don't suppose that Virginia can punish them, 
and bring a stranger to the Officers of the General Government, as also 
to those of Kentucky. I have taken the liberty to state this business to 
you not doubting but you'll make the proper use of it. 

I have, ^Src. 


Geo. Clbndenin to the Governor. 

These comes to acknowledge vour Excellency's letter which men- 1705. 

" " Nov 14 

tioned that you had received my letter ginng information that 1 had Kanawha'co. 

ordered out six scouts for the protection of Kanawha the present year, 
and that on the receipt of your letter I was ordered thereby to dis- 
charge those I had ordered, telling me at the same time you had wrote 
to Colo. Lewis to appoint others ; that from his situation in the county 
(or words to that effect) he was more competant to s'd appointment. 

This polite favor of yours I received on the fifth day of last month, two 
days after I had ordered such of them as were in my reach to be discharged. 

Colo. Lewis, Sir, attended the Treaty with the Indians, I presume, as 
well to satisfy himself as to the validity of the Treaty as to recover such 
prisoners and other property as had been taken from the county that 
might be given up agreeable to the articles of the expected Treaty. This 
fav'r, as above mentioned, I fortunately received in presence of sundry 
respectable characters, which can justify me in not having most promptly 
obeyed them. However, had I received them in due time, and had 
Colo. I^ewis been at home, I query if he had been so very oflicious ; but 
let that be as it may, the curious may easily satisfy themselves, as he 
will shortly be in Richmond. 

But as I always was of a condescending nature, and a wink is as good 
to a blind horse as a nod, I have herewith enclosed vou the commission 
under which I have acted since I lived in this county in a military cajia- 
city, and trust you will most cordially receive it, wax and all, and so 
dispose thereof as may be most conducive of the happiness of the citi- 
zens and the public good. 

For my part it is an office I never solicited, and have found it both 
unthankful and unprofitable, having never received a single Farthing 
from the public coffers, but on the contrary, have for the protection and 
.support of my country expended many hundred pounds, which the 
public have shewed very little or no disposition to refund. 

Therefore, having the unsj)eakable Happiness of seeing my Country 
once more in a peaceable situation, can with great cheerfulness with- 
draw my.self from those public offices as only serve to give the most 
Extreme trouble and concern without the least shadow of reconipence. 

You will herewith find enclosed a certificate of the names and time of 

.service of Four of the Scouts that served the present year. The time of 

.service of the other two I cannot tell. However, perhaps Colo. Lewis 

can, as in all probability Captain Cooper informed him, as he had the 

ordering of them. But whether he knows or not, I will be shortly 

informed, and as soon as 1 have made some domestick arrangements 

will be in Richmond. 

I am. &c., 


Thos. Newton to the Govbritob. 

17^3. The enclosed letters will show vour Excellency the aitiiation of the 

XT V 1 7 * * 

Kirhmond •^lo<ip BetiW?y, now performing quarantine. In my opinion the Doctor's 
refx)rt \» a convincing proof 8he ought yet to lie many days. I wrote 
Mr. Hlanchard to continue her until vour instnictionB could be sent 
down. This is the onlv instance that I have known of the vellow fever 
being brought in. 

Your Excellency will please inform me the result of your opinion that 
I may forward it. Every care was taken before I left Norfolk that neces- 
sary supplies should be forwarded by the look-out boat 

I am, &c. 

The French have crossed the Rhine and pursuing their enemies to the 
interior of Germany. By a vessel 48 days from London. 

British Consul's Office, Nwfolk, 10th Nov., 1793. 

Nov. 17 It has been represented to me that the British Sloop Betsey is l>ei 

forming quarantine at Craney Island without being examined by th^^ 

officers appointed for that purpose. I am, therefore, to request that th ^ 

necessary inquiries may be made as soon as possible relative to th ^ 

health of the crew, in order that measures may be taken to assist the»^ 

should they be found in a sickly situation. It may also be necessary fo^ 

me to mention that the sloop is very leaky and otherw^ise in great distress- 

I am, <frc., 

John Hamilton*. 
Thomas Newton, Esq., &c., &c., <fec. 

Norfolk, 10th iVorV, 1795. 
Nov. 17 The master of the Quarantine boat has reported that the Captaii^ 

and one of the Crew of the sloop Betsey have died on board of th^ 

infectious yellow fever, and that one man on board is now ill of the? 

same disorder. The said sloop was therefore ordered to remain neaC 

Craney Island until such time as the Doctor ap|)ointed to examine her-r 

should conceive that no inconvenience would be experienced from he^ 

being permitted to come up. 

I expect a report of his opinion to-day, as he is gone down to tht^ 

Sloop. In the meantime the Quarantine Boat is ordered to supply the* 

people on board with every necessary Refreshment, Provisions, or Medi--^ 

cines they may be in want of. 

I am, (fee, 

T. B. 
John Hamilton, Esq., &c., Ac, &c. 


Nov, 10, 1795, 

I have examined the people on board the Sloop Betsey, from Marti- ^'^^^ 

nique. They are all in good health except one man, who has been ill (I 

believe) with the yellow fever, but is now recovering and capable of 

walking about. There is not a doubt existing in my mind but that the 

Captain and Supercargo have both died of the yellow fever. This makes 

it necessary that the vessel shouhl be purified previous to her being 

admitted to come up. I have given the commander instructions for that 

purpose. After this precaution, as the weather is cool, it appears to me 

there will not be the smallest risk in permitting the Sloop to come up in 

the course of three or four days. 

Wm. B. Selden. 
The Superintendent of Quarantine. 

John W. Sbmplk to the Governor. 

In the 7th section of the Act of Congress entitled an act for making Nov. 26 
further and more effectual provision for the protection of the frontiers of 
the United States, passed in the year 1791, a Brigade Major is allowed in 
addition to his pay in the line 24 dollars per month, and a Brigade Major 
under all the laws on the subject of regulating the militia in this country 
has the rank of Major, therefore it may be thought reasonable that he 
should have the pay of a Major in the line; but if the Executive should 
not think so, I bear the commission of captain in the line; the pay of a 
Major in above recited act is 50 dollars per month, and that of a captain 
40 dollars; as to rations and forage, the 8th and 9th sections of the said 
law refers to other laws passed previous to that, which said laws I cannot 
obtain here; therefore I hope the Executive will have them examined, 
and see whether I am right in my account, which I have made out by 
recollection. The character I acted in will be considered either as aide- 
de-camp or Brigade Major. In either case, the additional pay is the 
same. I wish my claim should be laid before the Board, and whatever 
I am entitled to, that I should have an order for. 

I am, &c. 

In the House of Senators, ) 
Thursday, November 26th, 1795. ) 

The House according to the order of the day, proceeded by joint bal- Nov. 26 
lot with the House of Delegates, to the choice of a Governor or Chief 
Magistrate of this Commonwealth, for one year from the first day of 
December next, according to the Constitution of Government; and the 


1795. members having prepared tickets with the name of the person to be 
Nov. 26 appointed, and deposited the same in the ballot boxes. Mr. B. Temple, 
Mr. Eyre, Mr. Trigg, Mr. Richardson and Mr. Birchett were nominated a 
committee, to meet a committee from the House of Delegates in the Con- 
ferance Chamber, and jointly with them to examine the ballot boxes, and 
report to the House on whom the majority of the votes should fall. 

The Committee then withdrew and after some time retunied into the 
House, and Mr. Temple reported that the committee had according to 
order, met a committee from the House of Delegates in the Conferance 
Chamber, and jointly with them examined the ballot boxes and found a 
majority of votes in favor of Robert Brooke, Esq'r. 


H. Brooke, C. S. 

Henrico County, sc: 

I do certifie that I have this day administered to His Ex'y, Robert 
Brooke, the oaths required by T^aw to be taken by the Chief Magistrate, 
and also the oath required by an Act of Congress. 

Certified under my hand the 1st day of December, 1795. 

J. Pendleton. 

William Hay to the Governor. 

Nov. 28, Agreeable to your request I have examined the account which Mr. 
Samuel Dobie hath exhibited against the Commonwealth, attest^^d by 
his oath before Mr. Dunacomb, the 23rd of this month. 

I know of no claim which Mr. Dobie hath against the directors, except 
for the balance of his last contract for superintending and directing the 
execution of the steps to the outside of the Capitol, and the stair case, 
the confrence and the other work done on the inside of the Capitol in the 
years 1793 and 1794, which balance amounts to nine j)ounds ten shillings, 
and which I received for him when the final settlement was made with 
the Auditor of Public Accounts. On that dav I called on Mr. Dobie tliat 
I was ready to pay the Balance due him and requested him to call at my 
office to receive the money and pass a Receipt for the same. Mr. Dobie 
never has called on me and I have neglected to carry the money to him. 
When Mr. Dobie pleases to call on me for the £9.10 and pass a receipt 
therefor, it will be in full of all demands which he hath against the Direc- 
tors, during the time I transacted the Business for the Directors. 

►Samuel Dobie in acc't with the Directors — Dr. and ('r. 
Ai>'il 30.— To p. Hec't, .... £ 7.0.0 



Nov. 28, 




—To Do. per Do., 

— — • 




—To Do. per Do., 

- - _ 




—To Do. per Do., 

- - _ 




—To Do. per Do., 

- - - 




—To Do. per Do., 

- . - 


By paymentto the workmen digging the 

foundation for the steps, 

- - - 

By 3 p. cent, on the following amounts, 

to- wit: 

John Collins' work. 


John Hart's Do., 


Michael's Do., 


James Carney's Do., 


Charles Pu reel's Do., 


George Winston Do., 


Alex'r Kays, Do., 



Rich'd Voss, Do., 






—To warrant for the Balance 

now in the 



hands of Will Hay to be paid to S. D. 

when called for, - - - - 9.10.0 

£73.13.0 £73.13.0 


Inclosed is the amount of balances due me for my services to the 
Public as architect and surveyor of the Capitol, and from your known 
candor and love of Justice, induces me to beg the favor of you to present 
andjritt niy account passed, that I may receive what is due to me from 
the puldic of so long standing. 
And the favor will ever be gratefully acknowledged by your &c. 

Samukl Dobie. 
Hon. Robert Ooode, Esq'r. 

Nov. 23rd, 1795. 

I also b^g the favour that I may have a receipt againt a bond of mine, 
l»aideto Mr. T's Buchanan by Mr. Smith Blakey, in part as he told me 
of his suscription for Building the Capitol. 

The bond was drawn for a hogshead and a half of Tobacco, I think 
in the year 1780, and in the year 1782 I had paid to Mr. S. Blakey in 
articles he had of me, £10, and the balance was settled by Mr. James 
"Uchiinan, and charged to my account with the public as Mr. Wm. Bla- 
key can testify. 


1795. I know of no rt*ceijit on the l)on(l, and it is, or was last in the hand of 

tj\ A^' I *^^r. Sarn*l Paine; he savH he (h>eH not know how he came by it, and would 

liKilllKilKl .... ^ ' 

j.'iv(? it up if he <jould fin<l it. knowing it of no account, but it is a matter 
of conHCMiuence to rnc, as it may come against me with accumulated 
interent for tlie whole sum. 

UoJMTt (Joode, E8(|'r, Acting Director in the Building the outside steps 
<>f the Capitol, Dr., To Samuel Dobie, by his promise to me, made for 
my (lin'(!ting and extra attendance on the workmen as the attested cer- 
tifieate of th(^ two witnesses he called on will shew; he agreed to pay me, 
h\\ Dohie, forty dollars for the same if I could gitt any man to say I had 
a ri^ht to such extra pay, and on these terms being confident of my riglit< 
being supported, 1 immediately attended the works and afterwards jfot a 
eertifieate of my right signed by Mr. Edw'd Voss and WlUiam Giles, 
179a— Due to 8. Dobie, as above, .- £12.()(KO 

The State of Virginia to Samuel Dobie, Dr. 

Hy order of the Directors of the Public Buildings. 
( )n a disputed order of James Buchanan, - - - - £10.<A^— ^ 
1790 — For a plan of the Pediment Roof of the Capital, and 

dirtH^ting the framing of Do., lo.WK^- 

Allso iigrtHxi with Esq'r Hay for my directing the building of 

the vaults under the Portico, to which Mr. Hay cai'd Mr. 

Dabnev Minor to witness I was to have £30, - - . 3(UiO. ^ 

1791 — Jan y 7th, of the above receiveii in part, - . . 20.02.*^ 

Remains, £34.lS^O 

Meajiur^»ment Knng no \^Ti of duty in the above partial employ- 
ment to dm^t tlie work, it is but jist and right it should be 
paiil for. Feb. Hth, by onler of Wai. Hay, &q'r, I mjeasured 
the brickwork of the vault under the |>ortico. Aznoont of 
the Bricklavers' bill tor the same was £t>7L10J).oG the which 
one p. et. for measuring is H.l4.*^ 

An(.l by or\ler of Dik measured the Mason worit: in portico and 

General lN>urt. the bill of which is £4<>8.i:l.S. at 1 pr. et is, 4.01-^ 

Feb. 1 9, by or^^ler of IX>- measured all the plaisterifrs^ work done 
ill the Capital tix^m the besrinniKig to this date, and made tmt 
the bill and delivered it to Mr. Hav Mav 3rd. The amount 
was ^'>6:>.15.2. and 1 pr ct. f«>r measuring, is - - - "ij:*-* 

N«>ri?:. — The al:><:>ve plalsterini; was measure«l and the aceoiuiChf 
made -Hit several times befi.>re the ab*»ve bv ordvr and for the 
sati^^tketioii of the direct«>rs. and 1 never had aoy pay for it 
t'r».)iu them or the plaisterer, as he was in debt AH. the which 


measurements the directors have a right to pay me for, as the 1795. 

plasterer was excused by them. Richm^d 

1792 — C\*t. 24th, by order of Do., measured the plaistering in 
the vault under the portico, and charge for Do., - - 0.12.0 

1793 — ^Jan'y 8th, received in part, 16.16.0 

Remains, £36.02.6 

The State of Virginia to Samuel Dobie, Dr. 

By order of the Directors of the Public Buildings. 
For drawing plans to do the works by, and an estimate of the 

work to Jet it by, and directing the workmen in the years 

1798 and 1794 in building the stone steps and stairs, and 

finishing the conference — 

For the estimate, £ 6.00.0 

Amount of all the workmen's bill, £2,110.9.8; my 3 p'r ct. on 

same, 63.06.0 

For extra attendance on arches of steps agreed for, - - 12.00.0 
For measurement of 84,380 bricks layed by Mr. Purcell, by 

order of Wm. Hay, Esq'r, 2.00.0 

And by order of Do. measured the plaster of Dome, - - 6.0 

£83.12.0 ' 
Received in part, 54.00.0 

Remains of the above, £29.12.0 

Brought up, 35.02.6 

Err's Except'd, balance, £64.14.6 

City of Richmond, ss : 

Samuel Dobie this day made oath before me that this account as 
stated is just and true. 
Given under my hand this 23rd of November, 1795. 

Aw. DuNscoMB, Mavor. 


As it is to you I must look for the payment of your engagement 
with me, for my directing and shewing the bricklayers how to turn the 
arches of the (.'apitol ste])s, inclosed in this you have my acc't figainst 
you, and hope, as it is of so long standing, you'll see cause to pay or 
order to me payment without further application to you, as I want the 
money, and you know it is my just due. 
Sir, in complying with the above you'll much oblige. 

Your, &c., 

Samuel Dobie. 
Sept. 26, 1796. 



Nov. 28, 



It ap|jean< that the Paymaster did not remve a copy of the pay 
abstract for Clendenin's conii>an y £rom the 25th of July to the end of 
tlie vesir *93, and of course cannot have drawn from the treasun' the 
amount. I can't account for the omission. I send up a copy of that 
ahfstract, and the receipts taken from the Paymaster and Capt. Lewis for 
the vouchers delivered to them. These papers will be returned when 
the Executive have done with them. 

Nov. 30, 1795. 

J. Pexdleton. 

E)ec. 4, 

8am'l Colbman to the Governor. 

It is respectfully submitted to the Executive whether any and what 
compensation shall l>e made to me for making out a list of the offia^rs? 
non-commissioned, and privates of the continental line, to whom a bounty 
in land has been granted, which list has been forwarded by Colonel 
Anderson to Philadelphia for the information of the Secretary of AVar. 

This was a lal)orious piece of business, and, I humbly conceive, ai^ 
extni duty, for which I shall be thankful for proper compensation. 

I have, &c. 

Dec. 5, 

J. Pryor to the Governor. 

Agreeably to an order of Council authorizing the Treasurer to put into^ 
my hands for collection several drafts drawn by the Treasurer of the 
United States in favor of the State of Virginia, viz't: One for Eleven 
thousand Dollars on John Fitzgerald, collector at Alexandria; another 
for fifteen hundred Dollars on James M. C. Lingan, collector at George 
Town; and a third for four thousand four hundred and twenty-two Dol- 
lars and eighty-four cents on David Harris, cashier of the Bank of di:?- 
count, ifec, at Baltimore; and being furnished with those drafts with no 
other instructions than to procure as much si)ecie in payment as posj^i- 
ble, I proceeded with as much expedition as my ill state of health would 
then j)ermit, calling on and apprizing Colo. Fitzgerald of the Dnift on 
him as I passed through Alexandria, requesting his readiness to insk^ 
payment in specie on my return. I also by letter acquainted Mr. Lin- 
gan of the Draft on him as I passed through George Town, abiding »• 
like reijuest that payment in specie might be ready on my return. M>'" 
arriving at Baltimore on Saturday evening too late to do business mtlm 
the Bank, compelled me to wait till the returning stage of Wednesday 
following. In the mean time I presented the Draft on Mr. Harris, re^ — 
questing specie in payment, but could not obtain it, and was obliged U. » 
receive Bank notes. On returning to George Town, Mr. Lingan gave m<^ 



a check on the Bank of Columbia to the arhount of the Draft on him. 1795. 
That Bank refusing to pay Specie, I concluded to take Alexandria Bank |^j,.^^'„ 
noten, which I convertetl int-o Specie on prenenting them at that Bank. 
Considering the magnitude; of the Draft on CV)lonel Fitzgerald if paid in 
silver, Gold not being to be had, would have been out of my power to 
have brought down, and unwilling to receive Bank notes, prevailed with 
me to take drafts on merchants of this city at a few days' sight, thinking 
thereby to procure more specie in payment than I could have brought 
from Alexandria. A list of the Drafts are enclosed, together with the 
receipts of my deposits at the Treasury of the several payments, which 
will shew as much punctuality as was consistant with the difficulty of 
procuring specie, which I insisted on in every instance where it was to 
l)e had. Hoping that my tmnsaction of this business may be satisfac- 
tory to the Executive, 

I have, &c. 

Drafts delivered to Major Pryor from the Treasury by order of the 
Hon'ble The Executive for collection — viz. : 

One on John Fitzgerald, Esq'r, $11,000 00 

David Harris, Esq'r, 4,422 84 

J. M. C. Lhigan, 1,500 00 

$16,922 84 

Received from Major Pryor: 
1 795. 

Si>v. 5.— The sum of, $5,922 84 

16.— The sum ot; 1,108 00 

18.— The sum of, - - - - - 2,390 00 

19.— The sum of, 1,500 00 

2^80,31.— The sum of, - - - - - 6,002 00 

16,922 84 

Treasury. E. E. 

J. Amblek. 
31 Nov'r, 1795. 

H. YouN(j TO THE Governor. 

In obedience to your orders of the 11th of last month, I proceeded to Dec. 6 

^lathows county, w'here I could find no vessel of the description you 

Mentioned. From Mathews I proceeded to Severn, in Gloucester, where 

I found a schooner answering the dascription given you by Mr. Hamil- 

^Q- To use any means in my power to detain a vessel completely 

^uiped for war would, I conjecture, be deemed an act of timerity rather 

^n of prudence. I therefore, in compliance with my best judgment, 

^^d by the advice of several of the best-informed officers of Gloucester, 




f '•i*. f. 

i;f«> r •/fyrlnd^i to airjM{»t th^- dn.-alar iii:»tnictioiis dat^d 22nd Augu^, \'^'^: 

;vxi'nitri^iy iii.<?tnict*^l Maj«»r ( ary the «lay after my mrrival to order the 
v*>p»f:I t»> *'if-f<irt the waten of thl? .State hi i mediately, but beu»re hecoul'l 
ifi^t riown to whf-re .-h»? lay she had taken lier deftartuns. and was out of 
-isrhl. In oa>#' y«iiir E x eel lei icy should .see rtt <#> make further inquin' 
r^-^l^.'tins; the atV»re34ai«i ve:«sel. I have th<»ught it advisable to inform you 
that ofi my arrival at S«-vem I |»nm:ured a. small row Uvat and went down 
the river o|»jK»site wh^rt- the sch* Miner lay. She was? in the middle of 
the river where I thought it a milt- wide. 1 suppoc^ed her to be lietwevn 
^'Ai and 70 ti»iLS burden : aU>ut three week? before her dei>arture. the num- 
\tf^T of men on Indian 1 waa? aUiut >^K Thirty more were ex|»eeted: tiin'e 
which she has l»een fre<juentiy attended by boab^. Mr. 8tul«, a citiien 
of Gloucester and a reputable man, was on boanl the privateer when a 
s^.hriofier arrived from {Baltimore with ammunition and other war-like 
.-tores, which were taken on Inxinl. Barrw a Pilot from Baltimore, 
brr>ught fmm thence a supply of men. 

Thie Sch«»r>ner is avowedly a Privateer and displays French National 
colours. She is f>earced for 12 guns, but has but 10 mounted, which are 
sixes. The Captain of the Schooner resides at Portsmouth, where he 
has a familv. I could not learn whether he is a Frenchman or not 
Mr. Stubs thought him one. 

Your Excellency will please excuse me for acknowledgment. My 
eml^rrassment at receiving orders which in the nature of things can ^ 
be ex(K3uted : for since the days of the freelx)oters ships of war have m^'^ 
\H*fm attackfHl b\' men in canoes nor tlien unmanned. 1 love the Gov'^ 
eminent under which I live bec^ause it makes me hap[)y, and 1 fee*^ 
infinite mortification in not having it amply in my jxjwer to imf)ose it-^^ 

There is in filcKicester a most excellent companv of Artillerv. Tli^^ 
oflicerH are anxious to have two pieces of cannon, and if furnished, per — 
haps might answer a twofold purpose: first, to enable the e(»ni[>auy t<r^ 
learn the exercise which can't be done without them; and secondlv, ti ^^ 
dcUir small vessels from infracting the laws. 1 conceive it to be hardly^ 
necessary to observe to your Excellency the propriety of arming tw( ^ 
companies of Militia, one in (Gloucester, the other in Mathews. Thoi 
exposed situation being so well understood by your Ex(?ellency, it wouh 
})e folly in me to make any observations to induce the measure. 

1 am, itc. 

Gu). Town, Narember 27th, 1795. 


Dec. <5 Agreeable to your orders delivered to me on Sunday, the 22d inst - - 

early the next morning I repaired to Severn River. On my arrival ther^^^ 


I found that the Schooner alluded to had sailed the day before about 11 1795. 
o'clock A. M., and was entirely out of sight. ®^* ^ 

It then only remains for me to give you information thereof, which 
should have been done immediately had not the post have left this before 
my return, and no other safe conveyance in the interim having offered. 

With respect I remain, &c. 


J. Preston and Others to the Governor, 

We take the liberty of representing to you, not only the situation of Dec. 10 
a number of prisoners in the jail of the District of Washington, <fec., 
but also that of William Harston, the Jailor. The prisoners were 
committed to the Jail early last summer, in order to be tried for capital 
offences at the ensuing October term. They have from that time been 
supports at the expense of Mr. Harston, and the circumstance of the 
non-att4:'ndance of the Judges last term, put it out of his power to present 
or pass his accounts. 

As he is now under the necessity of supporting these prisoners till the 
May term next ensuing, we beg leave to submit to your consideration, 
whether he ought not to have some advances made him on account. He 
i.s a poor man and barely able to support himself and family. 

These unhappy culprits have been denied that speedy trial which the 
laws of their country entitle them to. Their suffering the ensuing winter, 
cannot but excite the pity and compassion of every feeling person, and 
bumanity calls aloud for their relief. We beg further to suggest to your 
Honorable body, whether some plan ought not to be devised to alleviate 
their situation, and whether it ought not to be laid before the Assembly 
for their interposition. 

We are Gentlemen, 

Your most obed't Servants, 

J. Preston, 

William Tate, 

Daniel Perkins, 

Robert Preston, Sh'ff W. C. 

^^^ yds. Oznaburgs to make 10 shirts, £ 4.00.0 

^ Blankets to make 5 coat«i, - - 3.15.0 

^ \iT. wollen stockings, 15.0 

**^ Blankets for covering, 9.05.0 

^ I»air of coarse wollen overalls for each, - - - - 6.00.0 

David Perkins. 


MosKS ArsTiN TO James Wood, Libdtenant-Governor. 

1795. Mr. Sheppard this day informed ine he had a writ against me for Lead 

Richmond due the Publick. 

I have a desire that I may have an opportunity to state to the Execu- 
tive the cause the licad has not been delivered agreeable to the demand 
of Governor Brooke. 

I am, (fee. 

Sam. Coleman to the Lieutenant-Governor. 

Dec. 14, Having been appointed by the Adjutant-General to execute the duties 
Richmond ^^ ^lis office, I beg leave to request that the Honorable tlie Executive 
will be ])leased to permit my acceptance of that appointment, and, in 
that case, that they will be pleased to say whether either and which of 
the apartments of the Capitol can be assigned as an office for that 

I have, &c. 

In the House of Delec^ates. 

Dec. 15 Resolved, That the Senators representing this State in the Congress of 

the United States l)e and they are hereby instructed, and the Represen- 
tatives requested to unite their utmost exertions to obtain in their 
respective Houses the following amendmentij to the Constitution, viz: 

1st. That no Treaty containing any stipulation upon the subject of the 
l)owers vested in the Congress by the eighth s«*tion of the first article 
shall become the supreme law of the land until it shall have been 
approved in those particulars by a majority of the House of Rej^resen- 
tativ(»s, and that tlie President before he shall ratify any such Treaty 
shall submit the same to the House of Representativ&s. 

2nd. That a Tribunal other than the Senate be instituted for the Trial 
of Impeachments. 

3rd. That the Senate of the United States shall be composed of two 
Senators from each State, chosen bv the Lei^islature thereof for three 
yeai-s, and each Senator have one vote. Immediately Jifter they shall be 
assembled, in eonsecjuence of the first election, they shall be divided as 
ecjually as may be into three classes. The seats of the Senators of the 
first class shall be vacated at the (expiration of the first year, the second 
class at the expiration of the second year, and of the third chuss at the 
expiration of the third vear, so that one-third mav be chosen at the 
expiration of every year. 


4th. That no person holding the office of a Judge under the United 1795. 

2?Uites shall he capable of holding at the same time any other office or ^^^- ^^ 

^pjx)intnient whatever. 

A copy — Teste: 

.John Stewart, C. H. D. 

Agreed to by the Senate Dec. 15th, 1795. 

Signed: H. Br(H)kk, C. S. 

A copy from the original Resolution. 


John Stkwakt, C. H. D. 

Robert Green and Others to the Governor. 

We the subscribers, members from the District of Monongalia, rep- Dec. 15 
resent that Scouts and Rangers have been called into service for the 
defense of the different counties in the district, and most of the vouchers 
have been forwarded by us for payment. But we have understood that 
their pay cannot be received until the Executive of the United States is 

We humbly submit whether by referring to the Militia Law, and the 
resolution of the Assembly at the last session, you will not be justifiable 
in embracing this favorable opportunity in making payment without 
putting the State to the additional expense of a Paymaster, especially as 
the sum will be small, and whether from the willingness heretofore man- 
ifested bv the General Government there can exist a doubt but the 
monev will be refunded. 

From these considerations we are induced to hope that such of the 
vouchers as are formal and authentic will be directed to be paid, either 
to the several persons chained therewith, or such one of us as you shall 

see cause. 

We have, &c. 

John Wise to the Governor. 

In obedience to an order of the House of Delegates I have the honor Dec. 19 
^ enclose sundry resolutions of the General Assembly passed at the 
present session, for proposing certain amendments to the Constitution of 
^^^ United States, in order that the same may be forwarded by the 
Executive to the several States in the Union for the consideration of their 
respective liCgislatures, and to the Senators representing tjiis State in the 
Congress of the United States. 

I have, &c. 


Elisha.C. Dick to the Governor. 

1795. Inclosed is an account of money expended by the corporation of Alex- 

Richmond a^dria for preventing the introduction of the yellow fever last fall, 
accompanied by a letter from the Mayor. I take the liberty of laying 
them before the Executive for their consideration, and will only remark 
that the several expenses were incurred in consequence of apprehensions 
on account the disease of Norfolk. I shall leave this place on We<lnes- 
day morning next, and shall be happy to have the decision of the 
Executive by Tuesday evening. 

I have, &c. 

Alexandria, 15th December^ 1795. 
Dec. 19 1 was some time ago directed by the corporation to deliver to you 

the enclosed accounts for moneys expended by them last fall in guarding 

against the introduction of the yellow fever into this town, but entirely 

forgot it till this day. The benefit arising from this necessary precaution 

is well known U) have been general to all the neighboring country. The 

corporation therefore conceive .they ought to be reimbursed by the 

Executive, and have desired me to request the favor of you to make 

ap]>lication to them for that purpose. These and some few other accounts 

relating to this business, amount to about £10, but as they have not yet 

come in, they could not with propriety be added to the general account. 

I am, itc, 

John Dundas. 
Elisha C. Dick, Esq'r. 

The Corporation of Alexandria, 

To James Porter, Dr. 

179r>— Sept. 14th.— For 4 pieces of Riwen Duck, - - - 60s.l8d. 

I do certifv that the above-mentioned Duck was had on account of the 

corporation for making a Marque for the accommodation of the guards 

at the Point. 

Elisha C. Dick, 

Health Officer. 

By the House of Delegates Deceml)er 21st, 1795: 

Dec. 19 Resolved, That William Pinkney, William Cooke, and Philip Barton 

K(\y be, and tlu»y are hereby, appointed Commissioners on the i)art of 
tliis State to meet such Commissioners as may be appointed for the same 
purpose by the Commonwealth of Virginia to settle and adjust by 


mutual compact between the two Governments, the Western and South- 1795. 
eni Limits of this State, and the dividing Hnes and boundaries between ^^^' ^^ 
this State and the said (-ommon wealth, and also to settle and adjust iis 
afomsaid any claim of this State or the said Conmionwealth to Territory 
within the Limits of the other, and the said Commissioners are required 
to report their proceedings in virtue of this appointment and authority 
to the General Assembly of this State at their next session after the same 
shall have been concluded, for confirmation or rejection. 

IU\solved, That the Governor of this State be requested to transmit 
without delay to the Governor of Virginia a cop}' of the foregoing 
resolve, in order to its being laid before the Legislature of that Com- 
monwealth, and at the same time to communicate thc^ wish of this ,(ien- 
eral Assembly that a similar resolve nmy be passed by the (leneral 
As^^embly of Virginia. 

By order: 

\Vm. Hakwooi), CTk. 

By the Senate Dec. 2l8t, 1795: 

Read the first and second time by especial order and assented to. 

By order: 

H. Warfield, Crk. 

The above is a true copy of the resolution passed Novem'r Session, 

Teste : 

Wm. Harwood, 

Cl'k Ho. Del., Marvland. 
H. Warfield, 

Cl'k Senate, Marvland. 

J. Ambler to the Governor. 

The President and Directors of the James River Canal (^ompany, d^c. 2:^, 
having made their last call on the subscribers, it becomes necessary to Treasury 
authorize Mr. Auditor to issue a warrant for One Thousand Pounds, 
i)eing the amount of the Conunon wealth's shares. 

I am, &c. 

Alexander Smyth to the Governor. 

I am informed that the two men who murdered Tubeauf, the French- Dec. 25 
man, on the frontier of Russell, are in the Illinois Country, and I believe 
that if the Executive will offer a good reward they will be taken. 

As the character of this part of the country is much interested in the 


1795. punishment of those villians, it is to be hoped that an exertion will be 
Dec. lo inade to eonipjiss it. 

The bearer of this, (^apt. James McFarland, is a man every way quali- 
fied for such an undertaking. If he does not engage, I understand Mr. 
Henry Dickenson of Russell will take the business upon hira. 

I am, &c. 

Rob. Quarles to the Governor. 

Dec. 31, Inclosed you will observe the customary Quarterly Return of the Mili- 

oin o ork ^^^^ f^tores under my direction. 

I lament that from the slow manner in which the arms <fec., lent to the 
United States, are returned to this place, I am not yet enabled to lay 
before the Executive a statement of the losses and injuries sustained in 
this loan, so as to enable them to demand reparation. I have received 
only 2897 Muskets and Bayonets, 2425 Cartridge Boxes, 2723 Belts and 
1467 Slings. Tlie Muskets and Bayonets having generally past thro, the 
hands of Smiths since they were in service are not very materially injured, 
but the whole of the leather work, (viz.) the Boxes, Belts and Slings have 
been wretchedly handled, in so much that many of them are entirely 

The Com. Mil. Stores for that department tells me there are some few 
stores yet to return which he promises to have in place shortly. 

I have to note to the Hon'ble Board, that I still allow Mic'l Jourdan 
his wife and daughter to draw Rations, notwithstanding the pension 
allowed him by the Genl Assembly, and with their advice respecting the 
continuance of this indulgence. 

I wish the Hon. Executive to take into their consideration, the allow- 
ance made to the soldiers at this place in lieu of clothing. The yearly 
allowance for this ))urpose to each man is £5.10.4, applied to the purchase 
of such articles as are expressed in the annexed statement. I am solicited 
by them to stat^ the insutliciency of this allowance to the Hon'ble Board, 
with a hope that they will either direct a larger sum to be applied to this 
puri)oso, or order that the Superintendent shall purchase such clothing 
as is common for the use of soldiers on the best terms he can, and debit 
the State with th(^ amount thereof. I trust the Hon'ble Board will har^ 
no olvjections to my having the shoi)8 and other houses at this plac<5 
repaired and made comfortable. 

I have, &c, 

N. B. — As the Sup't wishes to procure the clothii^ for the soldiei^ 
whilst he is in Richmond, it will be a considerable convenience to hix^ 
to be decided on this subject by the Hon'ble Executive, 


Jiist of Yearly Cloathing allowed the Soldiers, and the Prices at which 1795. 

they are expected to get them. Price. ^^' ^^ 

1 Coat, £1.00.0 

1 Waistcoat, 5.0 

1 p'r Woolen Overalls, 6.4 

2 p'r Linen " 10.0 

1 Blanket, 7.0 

4 p'r Shoes at 7s., 1.08.0 

4 Shirts at 63. 3d., 1.05.0 

2 pV Stockings, - - 6.0 

1 Hat, 3.0 


A Quarter Yearly Return of the Arms and other Military Storeys at the Dec. 31 
State Arsenal, under the direction of R. Quarles, terminating the 3l8t 
of December, 1795. 

1 16-inch mortar, 1 6-pounder, 1 4-pounder, 1 iron piece of ordnance, 
5,203 Muskets in complete order, including French ; 2,575 Muskets in 
order, but with rough bayonets; 466 muskets out of order and now 
repairing, old; 690 new-stocked muskets complete, except Bayonets and 
Rods; 2,939 Musket Worms, 400 Pickers and Brushes, 131 Screw Drivers, 
805 Artillery Swords, 293 Grenadier Swords, 7^ barrels Gun Powder, 40 
Pigs Jjcad, 181 Case Shot from 6 to 4-pounders, 263 Round ditto., 30 
reams of Cartridge Paper, 436 Cannon Tubes, 18 barrels Flints, 1,650 
ix)unds of loose Ball and Buck Shot. 

Work done this quarter: 74 Muskets stocked; 117 Locks made, 211 . 
Bayonets forged, filed and fitted, and their Muskets put in complete 
order; 60 Bayonets and Ramrods ground and polished; 14 Muskets, 
with ground Bayonets, cleaned and rei)aired, and added to those in order. 

N. B. — There are 2,897 of the French Muskets returned from the exi)e- 
<lition against the Insurgents included in the lot of 5,203. The Howitzer 
formerly reported in my returns, being Continental property, has been 
claimed and delivered to the Com. Mil. Stores for the U. States. 

R<). QuARLEs, Sup't S. A. 
Dec. 3l8t, 1795. 



Thomas Mifflin to the Governor. 

1 have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency's 171H». 
lett^jr «3f the 24th ult., and to inform you that the resolution of the pKnalloi!^ 
^legislature of Virginia proposing certain amendments to the Constitution 
^^ the United States have been submitted to the consideration of the 
^^neral Assembly of Pennsylvania, agreeably to your request 

I am, &c. 


1796. Dr. — Balance of the Books belonging to the President, Directors, and 
J**°- ^ Company of the Bank of Alexandria, January 7th, 1796. 

Billj^ and Notes Disc'd, $322,847 88 Stock, - - - «15(M)00 00 

Cash, - - - 131,785 44 Bank Notes issued, - 199,907 50 

Bank House, - - 4,50() (K) Post Notes issued, - 48,147 02 

Incidental Charges, - 1,51196 Deposits, - - 52,356 79 

Dividends No. 2, - 36 (K) 

Ditto 4, - 135 (K) 

Ditto 5, - 9,163 00 

Profit and Loss, - 471 82 

Discount, - - 878 15 

$460,594 78 $460,594 78 

Robert Johnson to Joseph Martin, Arch'd Steward, and Creed 

Taylor, Commissioners for Virginia. 

Jan. 8, The Legislature of this State approves the proceedings of their Coni- 

Kentucky miggioners in claiming to the head of the N. E. Fork of Sandy as the 
Boundary line between the two States, and have directed the Commis- 
sioners from the State of Kentucky not to proceed any further in the 
business, unless the Legislature of Virginia (by their act«5) show a <iis- 
position to settle the business in an amicable way, for the citizens of eaoli 
State to suffer as little injury as the nature of the case will admit, doing 
justice to this State. Therefore you see the necessity of Failing Uy meet 
in May next, agreeable to our adjournment, unless we hear from you 
and the Legislature of your State so as to come up to the ideas above 
stated. The session was so far advanced before we could be prepared to 
send by post so soon as we expected, 3'ou will excuse our not writing 

We are, <frc. 

Petition of George Keith Taylor/ 

Jan. 8 To the (Tovernor and the Honorable Members of the Council: 

The petition of George Keith Taylor humbly sheweth, that your 
petitioner, being desirous of purchasing land warrants, lately depa^itod 
in the Treasury depart, of the United States and certificates of the State 
of Virginia to the amount of the purchase pledge for the payment of the 
purchase money in a few days thereafter, and in consideration of the 
deposit, obtained his warrants. But from the scarcity of gold and silver 
which at present prevails, and the small (juantity of unfunded State 


paper which remains in circulation, your petitioner finds himself unable 1796. 
to make full payment unless he be permitted to discharge a part of the *"* 
sum in bills of the Bank of the United States. Your petitioner there- ^ 

fore prays that your honorable Board will be pleased to authorize the 
Treasurer to receive from him in part payment for the said warrants the 
s»um of five thousand dollars in bank bills, a favor which, having been 
heretofore granted to others, your petitioner trusts will be extended to 
And your petitioner, as in duty bound, will pray, &c. 

French Minister to Secretary of State of United States. 


Philadelphia, 22 nivose, 4 year of the French Republic, one and indi- Jan. 12, 
visible. (12th January, 1796, O. S.) ^^phk '" 

The minister Plenipotentiary' of the French Republic, near the United 

States, to Mr. Pickering, Secretary of State of the U. S. : 


Letters from the French Consuls at Baltimore, Norfolk, and Alexan- 
dria announce to me that the English have purchased a great quantity 
of Flour in Maryland and Virginia, and that they have laden it on board 
of American vessels, which they have likewise purchased. This Flour 
is destined to support the English Army directed against the French 
Colonies. It is not without the most severe chagrin tliat I have ob- 
served the enemies of my country drawing from yours means of sub- 
sistance, without which they must have renounced every species of 
attempt, and that I have found myself incapable of preventing them. 
Indeed, who could arrest the exportation of this flour if not the Govern- 
ment of the United States? And if I had solicited it of them, could I 
have calculated upon their condescending to my request, when they 
would have regarded that condescension rather as a favor than as a duty 
rising out of their neutrality? But, sir, there is another circumstance 
upon which the letters from the consuls leave me no doubt, and to which 
the laws which the American Government have prescribed to itself for 
its neutrality oblige it to pay attention. The vessels which the English 
have purchased, are commanded and manned by American Seamen. If 
your fellows-citizens are prohibited from serving the cause of France, 
neither shall they be permitted to range themselves under the British 
Flag — otherwise the neutrality would be only a vain term, and a certain 
means of assisting, secretly and without running any risk, a power which 
it would not be dared to aid openly. 

There is also another object, Sir, upon which I should fix your att-en- 
tion. The Consul at Norfolk informs me that the English have caused to 


1796. be purchased a great number of horaefi in Virginia, and that even stables 

Ji^M'i^i are established near Norfolk .for receiving them. These horses are 
Pniiadel- ^ " 

phia destined for the English Cavalry tx) be debarked at St. Domingo to 
attempt the conquest and to endeavour to bring about the ruin of that 
]>lace. If France be interested jn frustrating these projects, should not 
the United States also, perhaps under certain relations, prevent the exe- 
cution of them? 

Besides, their neutrality impose on them the obligation of arresting 
the exportation of horses, which constitute the principal force of the 
English army. The horses are contraband of war; you are sensible of 
this. Sir, and no contraband of war can be furnished to a power at war 
without the other power having the right of opposing it in any manner 
whatever. (So says Vattel, Vol. II., Hook III., Chap. VII., S. 113, 
Amsterdam Edition, 1775.) 

" The nation which makes war has the greatest interest in depriving its 
enemy of every foreign a.ssistance, and therefore has a right to regard, if 
not absolutel}'^ as enemies, at least as people who care very little a]M)ut 
injuring them — those who carry to their eneniy the things w^hich they 
require for war. They furnish them by confiscating their merchandize. 
If the sovereign of the latter should undertake to protect them, it would 
seem as tho' he himself wished to furnish this kind of succour; a step 
contrary to neutrality." 

It is therefore evident. Sir, from this passage, that no neutral Govern- 
ment can i)rotect contraband of war. But would not the American Gov- 
ernment protect it if it should permit to be exported from its territory 
horses destined for the English army? Indeed, Sir, after being informed 
of the designs of the English, it could stop the exportation of the horses 
which they have purchased, and did not do it, it is evident that the 
omission would constitute a proof of its consent and approbation. And 
what difference is there in this case between tolerating contraband an<l 
protecting it? 

It is useless Sir, to spin out this letter any further, I think that the facts 
are so self-evident, that I now flatter myself with receiving a proof of that 
friendship, of which the United States have so often given assurance to the 

Accept, Sir, the assurances of my esteem, 

P. A. Adkt. 

Faithfully translated from the original by Geo. Taylor, Jr. 

W. Price to the Governor. 

Jan. 13, ^^^ *be latter part of the last session of the Geni Assembly, I am 

Land Office infonned a law was passed, directing the Executive to ascertain and siiv 



what number of clerks it will require to perform the several duties of this 1796. 
office, together with their salaries, which law I presume has by this time j^^^Qm^, 
heen laid before you. 

Urged by the great necessity of the above assistance, I hope to be par- 
doned when I express a wish that the business may us soon as convenient 
be taken up. 

In order to shew the great necessity of an augmentation of clerks, owing 
to a vast increase of Business, I need only observe, that the fees of office 
have amounted to more within the last twelve mpnths, than they have 
for four years before. 

As some information may be necessary to enable the board to judge 

of the number requisite to keep up the business of the office, I beg leave 

to observe, that it will require two issuers of Grants (including the chief 

clerk), two recorders of Grants, two recorders of Surveys, and one to make 

the ap}»li(ation in the margin opposite the warrants, of the Grants issued 

by virtue thereof to search and copy. 

It may perhaps be asked what the Register is employed in, I will 
arTHinrer, that his time is closely taken up in giving receipts for surveys, 
eix taring them, keeping the accounts of the different fees of office, receiving 
ai:kci recording caveats, issuing and recording warrants, and the certificates 
on mhich such warrants issue, giving official certificates, and answering 
l^trtcrs respecting business in said office. 

I have, &c. 

W. Lindsay to the Governor. 

The French Consul, resident here, sent me yesterday evening a repre- 
sentation in writing respecting the British purchasing horses to be sent 
to the West Indies. I have enclosed you his letter, and request your 
^nimediate attention thereto, as 1 expect they will be embarked in a few 


I am, &c. 

Jan. 20, 




Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

In the absence of Geni Mathews, I consider it my duty in this place 
^ inform your Excellency of proceedings which 1 conceive are violations 
^^ our treaty with France and Holland, and of a law of the U. S. passed 
'^ June, 1794, for punishment of crimes vs. U. S. 

I have no doubt, from every appearance, that the horses now purchas- 
es by British officers are for mounting their troops in the W. Indies 
^^ployed against the French Islands. It is reix)rtcd the vessels which 
^■^iT}' them are to be convoyed by British shi}>s of war. 

Jan. 20, 


Jan. 2(), 


Three are now in Hampton Road, which carries a conjecture with me 
that the report is true, and I understood one of the owners of the vessels 
which carries the horses, that she was insured by agreement. This also 
conveys an idea to me that they are for Government service. 1 have 
heard that the French Cbnsul has protested, against the clearing of llie 
vessels out, considering it a breach of our neutrality; he has never men- 
tioned anything to me on the subject. 

I am, &c. 

In the House of Delegates, | 
Saturday, the 12th Deceinher, 1795. ) 

Jan. 20 Resolved, That the Executive be requested to examine the certificates 

in the Sinking Fund and cause the same to be destroyed. 

C'opy — Teste : 

John Stew^art, C. H. D. 
Agreed to by the Senate, 

Signed: H. Brooke, C. S. 

A copy. 

John Stewart, C. H. D. 

We, the Committee appointed to examine the certificates in the Sink- 
ing Fund and to cause the same to be destroyed, pursuant to a resolution 
of the General Assembly, have accordingly examined and burnt Loan 
Office, funded, and Military certificates, which appear by the Register to 
belong to said Fund, amounting to the sum of two hundred and twenty- 
seven thousand four hundred and thirty-seven pounds, fourteen shillings 
and 7fd. 

Given under our hands this 25th January, 1796. 

James Wood, 
John Steele, 
Edmund Harrison. 

Jan. 23, 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

Since writing to you of Thursday last, I received the inclosed from 
Mr. Oster, French ('onsul, and immediately forwarded a copy of the 
same to the British Consul, with a letter I now inclose. W\* are much 
at a loss in what manner to proceed, and hope to have full instructions 
from your Excellency. Undoubtedly the shipment is for military .service, 
from the French Consul's statement. There are some of the agents with 
you in Richmond, who. I judge, might be prosecuted under the act ol 
Congress for punisliment of crime vs. U. S, 

I am, <&c. 



T'he horses are on board citizens' vessels, and unless we have an imme- 
lisLte answer or some process by express to stop them they will be gone. 
•Vom every report they are to be convoyed by ships of war, Admiral 
^Ixirray being in Hampton Road. I have wrote to Honorable Judge 
fiin on the occasion and hope he will favor me with his opinion. 

Norfolk, January 23, 1796. 

rtio Vice Consul of the French Republic to Mr. Newton, Colo. Com- 
mandant at Norfolk : 

Sir — The numerous agents of the King of Great Britain in this 
town, and those dispersed thro' this State, being about to make a ship- 
iiitfTit of horses, which are known to be destined towards the conquest 
of the French possessions in the West Indies, it has become my duty as 
Vice Consul of the French Republic in Virginia to state to you that these 
sort of expeditions or shipments are prohibited by article 24 of the 
Ireatv between France and the United States of America, and in conse- 
quence to pray for an interposition of your authority, to the end that 
shipments of horses and furniture now making, may be all of them hin- 
dered from leaving any places or {Kjrts under your command as Colonel 
aforesaid. Your patriotism, your attachment to the cause of liberty, and 
the principles of justice that characterize you being well known to me, 
1 am persuaded that this statement and recjuest will seriously fix your 
attention, and that until you receive orders that are momentarily expecteil 
fr'^m the Governor of Virginia, to whom I have written officially on the 
i^ubjei't^ you will direct the commanding officers of the fort, and all others 
"nmediately under your command, \f> prevent the departure of this 
^'^pedition of embarcation of horses and furniture by the aforesaid agents. 
Accept my respects. 

Copy — a true translation. 


Tho. Newton to Jno. Hamilton, Esq'r. 

Inclosed is a copy of an information I received from the French Con- 
sul, which I beg your attention to. 

Any military expedition or enterprize from this country against pow- 
^'^ with whom we are at peace, I conceive by the Laws of the United 
'•^tes?, and. treaties existing, (which are considered supreme laws of the 
*^id) to be a violation of that neutrality which should be observed to the 
^ligerant powers. That the present shi[)ment of horses (as I am in- 
">nnedj under British Officers, is a military preparation I have no doubt 
^^ in my mind, and having wrote to the Executive on this State on the 
^^bject, I hope you will desist from carrying on shipments of so hostile 
^ ap|)earance until an answer is obtained from the Governor. 

I am, &c. 

Jan. 23, 

Jan. 23, 



Jan. 23, 

W. Wilson to Governor Brooke. 

I beg leave to enclose for the information of your Excellency, the 
peculation and complaint made to me as Lieutenant-Colonel of this 
County, by the Vice-Consul of the French Republic, against the incar- 
cuation of a number of Horse now actually about to take place in this 
port, said to be destined to act as Cavalry against the Islands in the West 
Indies, belonging to the French Republic. 

The feelings of the Consul appear to be much wounded at this pro- 
cedure, and in the name of the alliance between the two Republics, 
demands Inhibition of the Armament. 

As these vessels are about saiUng, I await my orders respecting them, 
which I beg to be furnished with as soon as the nature of the case will 

With much respect, &c. 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

Jan. 24, The inclosed is a copy of a letter received from the B. Consul. 1 hej? 

Norfolk 1 

your answer by express. 

There cannot, I still think, — of the shij)ment being of a military 

nature; the ('onsul does not seem to deny it alt-®gether. 

I am, etc. 

Jan. 24, 1 have rece'd your letter of this date, inclosing a coj)}' of the rep- 

B^t^h r r^sentation of the F. vice-consul to you on the subjects of the shipment 

sul's Otfice of horses I have directed to be made, and expressing your hopes that \ 

will desist from carrying on shipments of so hostile an appearance until 

an answer is obtained from the Governor of Virginia, to whom you have 


I must ask leave to be allowed, Sir, to manifest my surprise at the 
verv late Period in which your Interference in a Business that vou could 
not possibly he ignorant of from its very commencement, is bro't for- 
ward. You must have known, even from common Report, that I iva,«? 
some time since engaging vessels to convey Horses from hence to the W. 
Indies; much more, then, as some of the vessels were procured frt")m 
y:)ur own most intimate connections, and from circumstances, I am 
inclined to believe, that the Governor himself could not have been unac- 
quainted with the Purchases of horses to be transported from hence to 
the W. Indies. It is therefore to me a matter of no little wonder, sup- 
l>osing that you had no doubts in your mind, that the shi[mient alluded 
to, if carried into effect, would be a violation of that Neutrality which 


should be observed to the Belligerent Powers ; that you eliould have 1796. 
hitherto been totally inactive and silent on the subject, and that you j^*"foiij' 
should only now come f9rward when the engagements are made; any British Con- 
little detention you may cause will be productive of heavy Expence and 

I have continued to flatter myself that the attention I have always, 
.<ince my Residence in Norfolk in my present office, endeavoured to pay 
h(Ah to the local Laws of the Place and the existing treaties have been 
invariably apparent, at least it has been my study to comport myself, as 
far as in the Line of my duty I could, conformably to them. 

Acting under this impression, I have maturely considered the articles 
of the Treaty of amity and commerce between the U. States and France, 
none of which, in my opinion, can be construed so as to authorize any 
Interference whatever on the part even of the General Government with 
re<;ard to the Shipment in Question. I deny totally that the present 
?<hipnient of Horses, as you have been informed under British officers, is 
a military Preparation, or can be so esteemed, according to the usages of 

The Horses about to be dispatched by my Directions will depart unac- 
rornj)anied by Furniture and unprovided with any sort of hostile equij)- 
inents. They will be shii)ped from hence to a Port subject to (ireat 
Britain, a i>ower with whom the U. Stsites are at Peace, and therefore, 
though I conceive with you that according to the Ijiiws of the V. States 
n(> Person within their Jurisdiction can set on foot from hence any mili- 
tary Expedition to be ciirried on from hence against any foreign Prince 
or State with whom they are at [)eace, yet I cannot imagine that those 
laws are calculated to prevent any Person, either in a public or i»rivate 
capacity, from purchasing within their Jurisdiction and sending in 
Aniorican vessels Horses in their natural state, unattended by hostile 
♦Hiuipraents to any British Port whatever. 

Influenced by this opinion, therefore, the Shipment of the Horses at 
fjrisent about to embark, will l)e directed to jiroceed, and should you 
opjKise any impediments to the Progress of the vessels employed to 
CDHvey them to the place of their Destination, I shall not only consider 
^nch obstacles as a violation of the Neutrality of the United States as 
far as you are concerned, but for any expenses that may accrue, either 
fn.»ni such detention or for the extra i)rovender that may be necessary 
tor the Horses, I shall at the same time look lipon you as j)ersonally 

I remain, Sir, ikc, 

John Hamilton. 

Hritish ConsuPs Off., Norfolk, Jan'y 28rd, 179t>. 




Jan. 24, 

W. Wilson and Tho. Newton to the Governor. 

Since writing of this date, we have heard a report that furniture for 
the horses now shipping by the British are preparing and making in 
Williamsburg by a saddler there. Whether this be true or not we can 
not ascertain. We considered it our duty to lay this before you that the 
officers who reside at the place may make enquiry. 

We are, &c. 

Jan. 2S, 

Collier Harrison to His Excellency James Wood. 

Agreeable to your request by letter, 1 have examined the ordinance 
belonging to the public and lying at Hood's. There are twelve pieces in 
sight, and I am told there are some others buried in the sand. 

They lay on the shore at high water-mark, so that a large Flat may come 
within a few yards of them. There are three 24 pounders, two 18s, and 
the rest smaller — ^some of them have the trunnions broken off. I am 
informed that the probable expense of carrying them to Richmond will 
be about five dollars each for the whole. Two pieces 4 or 6 poundei-s 
were some time since carried from Hood's by Mr. Fureton, who now has 
them mounted at Prince George Court House. 

Your Obed't Servant. 

Jan. 28 The Governor laid before the board, certain communications from the 

F. Vice-Consul at Norfolk, and Col. Newton and W^ M' ilson the Collector, 
complaining that shipments of horses from this Sinie. in American ves- 
sels to the \VCest Indies, on account of the British Government were about 
to take place, which would be a brea,ch of our Treaty with France, and 
a violation of Neutralitv; wherefore it is advised that Letters be inline- 
diately written to the Colonels commandant of York, Eliz. City and Nor- 
folk, ordering them to take effectual measures to prevent the aforesaid 
shipments, and the sailing of any vessels on board of which any of tin* 
said horses may have been already embarked, until the further orders of 
the Executive. 

John Hamilton to the Governor. 
Jan. 29, I have the honor to acquaint your Excellency, that complaint has been 

N^orfol k 

British C-on- '"ade to me that the American Sloop Diana, loaded with British property, 

sul's Office and regularly cleared out at the Custom House of this Port, for a British 

Port in the West Indies, was on the night of the 25th instant, forcibly 


bofiLrded in this harbour by a number of armed men from several boats, 1796. 
whic) confined her crew below, while they cut away her sails and did cdn- Norfd^' 
giderable injury to her running rigging; the former of which they carried British Con- 
a^va,y with them, to the manifest detention of the vessel and her cargo, ^ ^^ 

and consequent detriment of the concerned therein ; that the said Sloop 
being refitted in her sails and rigging during the 2Gth, proceeded below 
the? Fort and came to anchor near Oraney Island, and that in the night 
sho wa,s again attacked by a party of armed men in several boats, who 
towered her up from her anchorage to this side of the Fort, where tliey 
left her t^ijround ; and being informed that other American vessels now 
loa.<.ling here with British property are menaced with similar outrages, it 
beoonies my duty to request that you will be pleased to give such direc- 
tioiis to the proper officers here, as may tend to insure through their 
autliority, the persons interested in the before mentioned cargoes from 
injury, and to prevent any further violations of the laws which have been 
flajjrrantly outraged by the illegalities complained of. 

Fiilly satisfied that after a due consideration of the importance of this 

rey>resentation, your Excellency will take the proper steps to put a stop 

to furtlier violences, 

I have, (fee. 

John Hamilton to Col. Willis Wilson. 

Complaint has been made to me that the American Sloop Diana, Jan. 29, 
loaded with British property, and regularly cleared out at the Custom- Britilh\'on 
House of this port for a British port in the West Indies, was on the sul's Office 
night of the 25th instant forcibly boarded in this harbour by a number 
of armed men from several boats, who confined her crew below while 
^ey cut away lier sails and did considerable injury to her running rig- 
ging, the former of which they carried away with them, to the manifest 
detention of the vessel and her cargo; that the said Sloop, being refitted 
in her sails and rigging during the 26th, proceeded below the Fort and 
came to an anchor near Craney Island, and that in the night she was 
again attacked by a party of anned men in several boats, who towed her 
np from her anchorage to this side of the fort, where they left her 
'^ound. And being informed that other American vessels now loading 
^ith British property are menaced with similar outrages, it has become 
^y duty to call upon you officially to use your authority to secure the 
peace of this harbour, which has been flagrantly disturbed by the illegal 
*ct8 complained of, and to prevent a repetition of these violations of your 
*aw8 in the instance of the vessel before mentioned and of those now 

I am, <&c. 


W. Price to the Governor. 

1790. Sondin«j:, according to order of Council, a list of the gentlemen willin* 

r^nd Office ^* ^''^K^^c in his office as clerks, viz: Mej^srs. John Tucker, first clerk 
Ji)hn Honey, Mun^o Ray, William G. Payne, I^ewis Price, Turner Ricli 
ardson, and Turner Tompkins. 

C. B. Jones to the Governor. 

Feb. 3, A number of mv fellow-citizens have often retjuested that I woulc' —I 

(V)iinty *M^Pb' ^^r leave to raise a company of Cavalry in this county; this t I 

should have done had not regulations been entered into that would no- t 

admit of more than one (company to a brigade, and that liberty had beei 1 

granted to the Town of Petersburg at a very early period. The ameiuL. 
nient to the Militia liaw having set jiside those regulations, permit me (SLf 
it be not too late), agreeably to their solicitations, to call your attentio^^i 
to the superiority of our horses, and the advantage an anny must deriv" ^ 
from well-mounted Cavalry; and to request that you will commissi* »^^^ 
odieers of Cavalry, as it will be not only more pleasing to the citizen: 
but more certain to be effected than any other description of troops r«^ 
cognized by the Law. Your comj)liance will very much oblige a numln 
of your fellow-citizens as well as him who has, <&c. 


Feb. 3 I have bestowed on the subject of your last communication the ca>i ^- 

sideration it merited, and should have given the result of my deliheratiom i « 
at an earlier period had it not been for the debility of my right baii«^« 
which from gouty affections is often incom[)etent to the use of a pen. 

I should 8Ui)pose that in the discharge of the General Executive |x)wer. 
which by the Constitution devolves on you as the Chief Magistrate of 
the State, every authority becomes incidental to it (not contravened ^y 
any positive law), which may be necessary so to execute the laws of tb*^ 
Commonwealth as that they may most effectually protect tlie life, liberty 
and 'j)roperty of its citizens. It is imi)ossible that our legislative co<^^* 
should be so perfectly directory that, by a species of prophetic anticip^' 
tion, it should be adequate to point out a minute remedy for eve^X 
ciusualty that may happen throughout the various vicissitudes of hums*'^ 
events. The object of free Government, in the language of our hill ^ 
rights, should be to attain conmion benefits, liberty, and protection i^*^ 
the nation. The power of the Governor of this State as defined by i^ 
Constitution, is, with the advice of a Council of State, to exercise 1 ^^^ 


Executive powers of Government according to the laws of this Common- 1796. 
wealth. The Executive powers of Government hereby invested by the ^^^- ^ 
Constitution must be construed to confer every authority necessary to 
effectuate, according to the axiom recited in the bill of rights, the chief 
and primary ends of every free Government, which are common benefits, 
protection, and security, and the words, according to the laws of the 
Commonwealth, cannot mean (for the reason assigned above) that the 
legislative acts shall of necessity contain specific directions for the attain- 
ment of tliese ends, but only that no Executive measures for the obtention 
of them sliall be pursued in opposition to positive legal provisions, and 
where the laws are silent or deficient, then may the Executive power so 
exert its constitutional authority as to give the necessary aid to other 
departments of the Government, as emergencies may arise, for the insur- 
ance of those objects for wliich all social compacts were formed. The great 
mandate of the Constitutive body of a free (iovernment to its magisterial 
servants is, to take care that no injury ha])pen to the Government, whose 
5<alvation should ever be held as the supreme law. 

By applying these general preliminary observations, which grow out of 
the consideration of free government institutions in general and of our own 
in particular, to the case which you have been pleased to submit to my 
inspection, I presume that the conclusion I have formed from reflecting 
thereon may readily be anticipated. That is, as the residence of the 
persons whose presence in this country Is necessary for the accomplish- 
ment of public justice happens to be in a place where the ordinary 
authorities -of the Judicial Department cannot be enforced, the sujireme 
Executive power of the State may afford any aid, not contravening the 
Cunstituticm thereof, which may be requisite to give energetic effect to 
the laws, and to vindicate the violated rights of society. I would not 
wish that it should be inferred from what I have said, that (lovernment 
would l)e authorized to make it an object of lucre with the witnesses to 
attend on this solemn occasion. That would tend to establish a prece- 
dent which might be productive of the most abominable consequences; 
vet I think that the Executive would be correct and strict! v within the 
limits of their constitutional powers, and duty also, to procure the 
attendance of those necessary witnesses from the territory south of the 
Ohio, on a stipulation to pay them any deficiency which might arise 
fmm the inadecfuacy of their legal allowance, requisite for defraying 
their necessary expenses from and to their homes and during their attend- 
ance on the culprit's trial. If apprehensions of using this discretionary 
and necessary power should arise from the probability of abusing it in 
its application, it may be answered, that to reason against the use of a 
thing from the possible abuse of it, would militate towards the non-use 
of the most estimable of human attributes ; but in a Crovernment like 
ours, such a mode of reasoning would be less sanctionable, because the 


1796. rotation and responsibility of office established by it will forever protect 
Feb. 3 Jig citizens against the exercise of unwarranted powers. 

The usage of the Executive of this country, under almost every success- 
ive administration since the adoption of the present Government, will 1 
believe, when attended to shield me from the charge of novelty of ojnn- 

I allude to the reiterated practice of issuing proclamations, holding 
forth rewards for the apprehension and delivery of persons accused of 
Capital oifences, even before a competent Judicial examination had been 
held — out of manv instances which I could cite, I will select one as the 
strongest among them. I mean the case of one Woodward, the notorious 
Counterfeiter of Coin as well as of public papers, an Inhabitant of the 
County of Dinwiddie, who wa^s apprehended under a proclamation of the 
Governor of this 8tate, in Georgia, and delivered here for the premium 
of one thousand dollars. Now I can see no difference between exerting the 
Executive arm of Government, and applying the public treasure for the 
purpose of bringing an offender from another State, into a jurisdiction 
where alone he could be brought to Justice for his crimes, and that of using 
the same means under similar circumstances, for the purpose of obtaining 
the only testimony by which a most flagrant outrage upon the public peace 
and security can be ascertained and punished. The Government becomes 
as much a party against an Individual in one case as in the other — might 
be equally corrupt and oppressive in one case as in the other, and is actu- 
ated ecjually on the emergency of the case, by motives arising from a due 
regard to the public weal unfiscucd by any express legal directions, and 
without such Executive interferance the penalties with which the laws 
are armed, to punish the wicked for the commission of vice, would he 
easily evaded, and the laws themselves with impunity trampled upon and 
disregarded, by the vilest miscreants that degrade the human species. For 
the assured enjoyment of life, liberty and ])roperty, every member of the 
social compact oontributtjs a portion of his property to the public funds, 
which when applied to the maintiiinance and defence of those inestimable 
blessings, may justly be considered by the contributors, as constitution- 
ally, safely and properly a])[)ropriated by the Governing powers. 

Having understood that your objection to j)ursuing the only means by 
which Branch, the person alluded to in your letter, an old and danger- 
ous offender, can be brought to make attonement for his repeatc^d 
breaches of the public security, arises from a fear of being lead into an 
undue exertion of authority, I have taken the liberty, with great defer- 
ence, to state in a summary way, the foregoing reasons which induce me 
to advise you to take such steps as the attainment of Public Justice 
requires, without hazarding an injury to the constitutional liberties of the 

With sentiments of j)erfect Respect and consideration, 

I have, (fee. 


At a Court held for King and Queen County, at the Courthouse, on i796. 
Monday, the 12th of October, 1795: ^^^' ^ 

Present: William Dudley, William Fleet, John Haskine, Robert Ras- 
kins — Gentlemen Justices. 

The Court do appoint William Courtney, Commissioner of the tax in 
this County in that District lying above the road leading from Manta- 
pike to the Bestland Bridges. 

The Court do appoint William Fleet, Commissioner of the tax in this 

County in that District lying below the road leading from Mantapike to 

the Bestland Bridges. 

A Copy — Teste: 

Ro. Pollard, C. C. 

W. Wilson to the Governor. 
1 should have imnicdiatoly acknowledged the recoi])t of your Excel- Feb. 3, 

lency's letter (dated 29th of Jan'y and handed me the evening of the 1st 
Instant), but conceived it neceHsary that the result of my j)rocceding 
thereon should accompany the same. 

Without delay on tliat evening I informed the British Consul by letter, 
the instruction I had received from the Executive of Virginia. re<iuiring 
of him satisfactory assurance of compliance therewith; but not receiv- 
ing from him an answer in time, and there beinir a sloop and ship ready 
for sea with horses on board (the former having proceeded to Hampton 
Road) I conceived it my duty to act with promptitude. 

I dispatched the Revenue Cutter with a detachment of militia after 
the Sloop — gave a copy of my instruction to the owner of the Shij), with 
a request that he would give orders to stop her in conformity thereto, 
and placed a party of the artillery at the forts to give effect to my in- 

This morning (9 o'clock) I received tlie B. Consul's answer to my let- 
U.'T of the 1st Instant, which I beg leave to enclose, at the same time I 
see the Sloop Diana coming into port. She was anchored very close to 
Admiral Murray in Hampton Road, who sent liis pinnace after her, but 
made no attempt hostile to n^claim b(»r. On the nights of the 2r)th and 
2Hth we had some disorder in the Harbour, owing to attempts made on 
lx>ard the Diana to proceed to Ham])ton R^)ad with her cargo of horses, 
where lies some British ships of war supjw.sed for a convoy to these ves- 
sels. The party were finally prevailed upon to desist and wait the 
result of Government. I also enclose the B. Consul's letter upon that 


With respect, &c. 


In answer of your letter of yesterday, I have to observe that the 

only vessels from this Port, as far as I can learn, on board of which horses 



1790. arc embarked, are the Sloop Diana and Ship Thomas, both of which are 
P te *^' tl ^^^'^''^^ ^^^* regularly at the office of the Collector for this Port. 

I enclose you a copy of the letter received by the Collector from the 
Attorney-General of the United States for the District of Virginia, by 
which you will perceive that the shippers of the horses have not in his 
opinion contravened any existing laws or treaties by their shipments; 
such being the case, I consider the vessels already cleared out cannot be 
detained by any force acting under the orders of the State Executive, 
without a manifest violation of the laws of the United States, and there- 
fore that they should be allowed to proceed. If they are not permitted 
to do so, I shall conceive the State Government liable for the extra 
ox pence occasioned by such detention. 

It has ever been my wish to conduct myself with every possible 
respect for the local laws and general regulations of the country of my 
residence, and you will do me the Justice, Sir, to believe that no Endea- 
vours of mine have ever been wanting to .reconcile any existing differ- 
ences of opinion on the present occ-asion; therefore, I shall give directions 
that the furtlier prosecution of the Shipments alluded to be discontinued 
until advices on the subject be received from the Executive of the Unite<l 
States; but as I cannot accord with the principles laid down by the 
(lovernor of Virginia on that head, I shall expect that the (lovernmcnt 
be answerable for any additional expenses that may accrue to the shii>- 
pers for the detention of the vessels they have engaged to freight. 

With respect, I am, &c., 

Jxu. Hamilton. 

British Consul's Office, Norfolk, Virginia, 2nd Februai'y, 17V)6. 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

FeV). 7, 1 have just received a letter from on lM>ard the Resolution, Admiral 

Norfolk ^l array, from Henry McGeary, an American citizen, impressed. This 
man your Excellency has been before informed of, and directed an 
inquiry on May 4th hist t(^ be made for him and several others, with a 
Martin Marland's petition from the Secretary of State. As 1 before made 
application to Mr. Hamilton in the case of Ilabourn, who solemnly swore 
he was an American citizen, and brought circumstantial proof sufficient 
for me, yet these were inadmissable by Mr. Hamilton. Under these cir- 
cumstances I have not applied to him for this poor man, who appears to 
me, from every circumstance, to be an American, but lay his case Ijefore 
you to try the eff*ect of Mr. Campbell's advice of a Habeas Corpus, of^ 
which you will please to advise, or give such directions as you think 
proper. McGeary says his family, or Father's he means, lives at present> 
in Loudoun county, 45 miles from Alexandria, 12 miles from Leesburg;^ 


and 15 from the Blue Ridge; that Col. Powell had been County Lieut. 
Imt<?ned, and Col. Peyton was when he left it, and that hivS nephew, 
Fra's Peyton, was a magistrate in Alex'a; that his father has been over- 
peer to Col. Mercer and Col. Carter, on their lands in the same county, 
and that his s'd father was a soldier last war; that he is now only 22 
years old. These, sir, I am of the opinion, are convincing proofs; but 
as Rabourn's were as good, in my opinion, and other proof required from 
Santee, S. Carolina, in his case, I think it best for to have a trial before 
Jud^'es, and not leave so important a point as the detention of a citizen 
to ho determined on by the British officers. The vessels with the horses 
lie here agreeable to your directions, until we hear further. Col. Hamil- 
ton ajH'eed by his letter that no further shipments should be made until 
we heard from you again. 

The very high price of provisions in this place, and I believe through- 
out the States, is becoming very alarming. L meal is selling at nine 
shillings per bushel and rising. Flour is excessively high, 12, 13 and 14 
Dollars, and some are of opinion it will be 20 per barrel. If this should 
^►e the case, most of the lower part of this country, all the lower parts 
of North Carolina, will be in as bad a situation as France or Britain has 
Ix'cn. The exports and purchases made and making w^ill cause a famine 
if perraitted, I aj^prehend. I think I can venture to say, with truth, 
that a lani;e number of families are now destitute of grain of any kind 
on the seaboard, and those who were not so exposed, did not make one- 
<|uarter sufficient to support their families. If there ever was a cause 
for a prohibition in any country, I think this is the time. 


Feb. 7, 

I am, &c. 

At a Court held for King and Queen County, at the Courthouse, on 
Monday, the 8th of Fe!)ruary, 1796: 

Wiii. Fleet resigns office of C'omm'r of the Tax in King and Queen, 
and Beverly Roy appointed by the court for the Siime. 

Feb. 7 

Thos. Newton to the (jovernor. 

.Vdniiral Murray is gone to sea, so that there will be no occasion to 
d«'inand Henry McGeary for the present, but if he should come in again 
it may be necessary to have a process ready if it should be deemed 
proper to proceed that way by your Excellency. We have no news here. 

I am, (fee. 

Feb. 0, 



David Patterson to the Governor. 

1796. Being in the city of Richmond on Saturday last, I was notified that 

Richmond Captains Railey and Wooldridge had laid before you the proceedings of 
a General Court-Martial held at Chesterfield Court-House on Januar}- 
29th last for their tryal in arrest. 

On going to Major Coleman's office and exarnining the papers, I find 
the order of Major Hill of Mar. 23rd, 1795, and two certificates from the 
Clerk of the Court-Martial carried forward, which by no means appear 
to be part of the record, as forwarded to me by Major Burfoot, the pre- 
siding officer; indeed, you will see those certificates are not signed by 
him, but by Mr. Whitworth as Clerk only. The latter part of the 33rd 
sec'n of the Militia Law expressly declares it to be the duty of the Com- 
mandant to furnish the proceedings in cases of appeal. 

I therefore had no doubt but that the papers would have been seen 
by me, or have known of them before they went to the Executive. In 
that case I should have laid before you the Reg'l Orders of Oct. 12th, 
1795, on which the arrest is bottomed, and which is now inclosed. Strip 
the papers carried up of the order and certificates before mentioned, and 
then permit me to ask if it does not appear with a different complection. 

Sir, thinking and feeling that the reputation of ofiicers of great worth 
of the Militia, ever ready to obey the constituted authoiity, and whom I 
love, and my own is in some measure at stake, duty seems to direct nie 
to lay the orders, Ac, which have been issued in this business, and which 
are now inclosed, before you for consideration. 


I am your honor's, &c. 

Regl Orders. October I^th, 1795. 

The Major and commanding officers of companys of the first Battalion 
will meet at Chesterfield on Saturday, the 24th inst., and the Major and 
commanding officers of companys of the second Battalion will meet at 
a house of Francis Lockett's, Sen'r (on the north side of the road, at or 
near the ground on which the last Battalion muster was had), on Mon- 
day, the 26th inst., for the purpose of holding Courts-Martial for the 
assessment of fines. 

David Patteson, 
Copy. Lt. C. C. 23rd Reg't. 

R. O. Dec, 12th, 1796. 

Major Thomas Burfoot, Capts. Edward Branch, Rowlett, Folkes, Rudd, 
Dance, Newby, Cheatham, Thos. Branch, Traylor, and Lieuts. Gill, 
Goode, Branch, Graves, Baugh, Findley, and Hodges will meet at Ches- 
terfield Courthouse on Wednesday, the 23d Inst, in order to hold a 


General Court-Martial for the tryal of Captain Thos. Railey, Robert 1796. 
Wooldridge, Aaron Haskins, and Richard Goode, in arrest for disobedi- R^hmond 
ence of orders, of which Court Major Burfoot is to preside. 

David Patteson, 
Copy. Lt. C. C. 23rd Regt. 

Charge Against Capts. Railey and Wooldridge. 

Disobedience of orders in refusing to sit in a Court of Enquiry and 
assessment of fines for the Second Battalion on Monday, the 26th Oct. 
last, in a House of Fras. Lockett's, Sen'r, on the north side of the road. 

Letters to the Officers. 

Dec, imh, 1795. 
Capt. Railey: 


You herein have enclosed a copy of R. Orders and the charge 

against you. 

You are now to consider yourself in arrest, and consequently sus- 
pended from the exercise of all the powers and auChority vested in you 
by the commission which you have the Honor to hold, until the termi- 
nation of your tryal. 

I am, &c., 

David Patterson, • 
Copy. Lt. C. C. 23rd Reg't. 

Major Burfoot's Report. 

Capts. Thos. Railey and Robert Wooldridge under arrest, being charged 
by David Patteson, Lt. Commandant, with disobedience of orders in 
refusing to sit on a Court of Enquiry and assessment of fines for the 
Second Battalion on Monday, the 26th of Oct'r last, in a House of Fras. 
IxHjkett, Sen'r, on the north side of the road. 

The said Railey and Wooldridge objected to Capts. Hezekiah Rudd, 
Thos. Branch, and Lieut. William Goode sitting on Court, and they 
reftising to sit, there was not a sufficient number of officers to compose 
a board. 

R. Orders. Jan'y 11th, 1796, 

Major Burfoot, Capts. Edward Branch, Rowlett, Folkes, Dance, Newby, 
Cheatham, Traylor, Baugh, and William Branch, and Lieut's Gill, Graves, 
Fendley, Hodges, Hancock, Thos. Friend, Moseley, Lockett, and Edward 
Friend will meet at Chesterfield Court House on Fryday, the 29th Inst, 
in order to hold a general Court Martial for the tryal of Capts. Thos. 
Railey, Robert Wooldridge, and Richard Goode, in arrest for disobedi- 


1796. ence of orders, of which Court Major Burfoot will preside. It is hoped 
Ridiinond ^^® officers will be pointed in their attendance. 

David Patteson, 
Lt. C. C. 28d Regt. 

Chanre as of the 12th Dec. past. 

John Hamilton to the Governor. 

Feb. 15. I have deferred replying to your Excellency's letter of the 4th instant 

BritTslM'^jn- ^^^^^^ ^^^^ hopes of being informed by you of the result of the reference 
sul's Office which it was determined by the Executive of Virginia to make to the 
President of the United States of the questions arising under the me<H- 
tated shipments of horses. This reference your Excellency had the 
goodness to re{)resent would not occasion much delay (the President's 
answer being expecte<l by the mail due the evening of the date of your 

No advices having 4)een received by me from your Excellencj', thougli 
many days have elapsed since I received your letter, I must, at the same 
time that 1 beg leave to express my surprise at the circumstance, request 
that you will communicate to me, as soon after the receipt by the Execu- 
tive as j)ossible, the determination of the President on the subject, in- 
order that I may give such dirt^ctions to the concerned in the projectecl. 
shipments as may be necessary. 

1 think it proper to statii to your Excellency that they represent U) m ^=3 
that the extra cost of keeping the horses detained by the orders of tb *J 
Executive amounts to a very large sum per diem, and that the damag::^ 
of the vessels engaged by them will also be ultimately immense, \\\}0 ^n 
what party so ever these expense^s may eventually fall. I therefore flatted r 
myself that your Excellency will see the propriety of giving me tf»^ 
earliest intelligence relatint? to this atl'air. 

With perfect esteem and resj^ect. I have, «fcc. 

P. S. — I have the honor to acquaint your Excellency that I yesterditV", 
after writing the foregoing, received a letter from Colonel Wilstm inforii*' 
ing me of the revocation of the orders of the Executive issued on tl^^ 
29th ultimo to arrest the departure of the horses therein alluded t-*'- 
Colonel Newton not being in town, his son-in-law forwarded to me aco|>>' 
of your Excellency's letter to that gentleman, dated the r2th currt^ut t>^ 
the same subject. J. H. 


To the Governor or Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Virginia: ^J^\ 

Feb. 15 

We, your petitioners, from a consciousness of its not being our 
intention to injure, trespass on, or in anywise infringe on the Laws or on 
the liberties of a certain Mr. Radford, at a time when he drove a parcel 
of Cattle to a plantation of his in our neighborhood, which before that 
unhappy period had never experienced the calamity of what is called 
the Distember in Cattle. Knowing the operation of the law would not 
st<)[) the contagion, and he being without a Bill of Health much alarmed 
us, in consequence of wliich we assembled the next morning at the plan- 
tation of Air. Radford, with arms (knowing they were drove through 
Distempered Stocks), and offered him the following terms, which had 
been offered him bv us before he moved his cattle from Hanover: which 
was, to buy them and sell him cattle clear of all distempers, or to 
exchange them in (juantity and quality, or to destroy them and let him 
take the course of the Law on us. Rut Mr. Radford chose to exchange 
them by the valuation of Col. Randol[)h and Capt. Lightfoot, both chose 
by himself, in consequence of which bonds passed from him to us and 
from us to him, under penalties to meet on a certain day and make the 
exchange. But, to our great mortification and surprise, the first we 
heard from .Mr. Radford was an indictment in behalf of the Common- 
wealth, including nten who only called by, not living in the neighborhood, 
to negotiate business with one of us, which means he put it out of our 
{>ower to defend ourselves on fair grounds, in consequence of which a 
judgment went against us for sixty pounds and costs, an execution for 
which is now in the hands of the Sheriff'. 

This being the Truth of the case, as will further appear from the 
knowledge of Col. Innes and affidavits which he has in possession, show- 


ing that we do daily experience the loss of our C'attle from the causes 
^^M)ve cited (which causes some families almost to come on the parish 
^hat before lived free from want), we, your petitioners, hope and trust 
that you in your wisdom, with your Council, will consider the hardships 
^e labor under, and that the small sum before mentioned, will be no 
'^hjeet to the State, particularly when rc»covered from perhaps as good 
citizens as any, and not able to pay any money except their just debts. 

James Walker, John Burke, Saml Durfey, Edw'd Holdcroft., Wm. 
lackson, Miles Carey, Ralph Burton, Cornelius Durfey, Harrison Pear- 
"»an, Robert N. Marston. 

Dec 10th, 1795. 

^ie Auditor rather doubts whether he has power to suspend service of 
^^ ex'on in this case, but as the Hon'ble Board wish that the objects of 
^^ amendment should have a chance to avail themselves of the lenity 


17%. of the General Assembly, J. P. has written to the Sheriff of ChariesCity, 
Feb. 15 requesting him to refrain from levying the ex'on until he receives further 
directions, and lias promised to acquaint the Court fix)m whence it issued 
of the interference. 
Feb. I5tli, '96. 

Isaac Shblby to thb Qovernor. 

Feb. 15, Since the date of my letter to your Excellency of the 18th of Septem — 
Kentucky y^^^ Ysmi^ J have received a second le.tter from Mr. Arthur Campbell on tb^fc=^ 
same subject which was mentioned in the first. I submitted the informa — 
tion which I had received respecting the business to the consideration o ^ 
the Legislature of this State at their last session, in consequence of whicb:''^^ 
they passed an act empowering the Governor of this State to take sucl ^ 
steps as he may judge proper for the permanent establishment of th 
lK)undary line between this State and the State of Virginia. I now d 
myself the honour of transmitting to you a copy of that Act. The mod 
pointed out by that Act of doing the business by Commissioners seem 
to me to be the most eligible one which can be adopted, but if any othe 
way which will be equally expeditious and effectual, and more agreeabl 
to the State of Virginia can be suggested, I shall with pleasure consent 
to it on the part of this State. 

As 1 consider the speedy establishment of this line a matter of cons 
(juence to the peace of both States, I must request that I may he»-^ 
from you on this subject as soon as your convenience will admit. 

I have, &c. 

An Act Concerning the Boundary Link Between this Stat^^ 

AND THE State op Virginia. 

Whereas it is represented to this present General Assembly that sev^- 
eral persons from the State of Virginia have made encroachments on th^ 
territory of this State by entering thereon Land warrants issued by tU^ 
Register of that State, and it is necessary that the Line between thi=^ 
State and the State of Virginia should be established so as to preveii^ 
any dou])ts in future respecting the said Line — 

Re it enacted by the General Assembly, that the Governor of this Sta't^ 
be, and he is hereby, directed to open a correspondence with the Gove^' 
nor of the State of Virginia, relative to the said boundary Line, and ^^ 
appoint three Commissioners, if to him it may appear necessary, or "^^ 
do whatever else may appear most proper for the permanent estaWisl^' 
ment of the said Line so as to prevent any doubts in future respecting i^- 
And be it further enacted, that James Thompson and William Crogh**^ 



be appointed to ascertain the head of Green River, and then to run the 1796. 
North East Line of the Military Lands. ^ntackv 

Edward Bullock, S. H. R. 

Alex'r S. Bullett, 

Speaker of the Senate. 
Approved Dec'r 21, 1795. 

Isaac Shelby, 

Governor of Kentucky. 

State of Kentucky, Secretary'.s Office. 

I do certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the enrolled Bill filed 

my office. 

Given under my hand this 26th January, 1796. 

James Brown, Sec'y. 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

In ray absence y V Exc'y's favor respecting the horses arrived. They 
a-«r^gone, and I hope consigned to the French service. 

liEst night I received a letter from Judge Griffin, which I enclose: By 

tl^i.^ proceedings which he requires of the man's swearing &c, we shall be 

<l^prived of our seamen. They will never be permitted to come on shore. 

I^ appUcation was made to Coll. Peyton, of Fauquier, probably proof 

^"'^ificient might be adduced to induce the Judge to issue a H. C. » 

The man's oath with the British cannot be admitted; it was tried in 
^t»e case of Rayborn without effect, and with strong circumstances in his 

We have many vacancies in our Militia, and wish to have the law of 
^^st session to fill them up, as I think there is an alteration which effects 
^he promotion of officers. 

Capt. Street is dead; his place we are at a loss about, and could wish it 
^o remain until some person could be fixed on, that would fill it with 
^neral satisfaction. This your Excellency and Council are empowered 
^ do without recommendation, being a volunteer company. 

I am, &c. 


Williamsburg, Feb. 19th, 1796. 

In consequence of a letter from Governor Brooke, I beg leave to 
^orm you that I cannot direct a habeas corpus to issue unless the appli- 
^Dt, MacGeary, will make affidavit before the Mayor of Norfolk, that he 
^ an American citizen, and that he has not voluntarilv entered on board 
^e British Ship of War the Resolution, but that he is detained by force 
^^ board the said vessel; together with such other proofs as he can adduce 
^ support his petition to me. 

Feb. 21, 



1 70f( Th«»5^ r^^ier« h^nnff cnnsmic&Hi. I will ciMiiHiier die mstter inuncdiuiely. 

Sr!!<..'iL* '^^*'^ ^^ ^^*'- ^^^ '^^^ i'ir*tit7 xhf prr)Cf^e<fizie, ai»>tft cfaeerfdQ j a writ shall ^n^ 
x^^r\r:f\ to Krirur the pardr^ l>eft>re the Jiptie. 

Beinar ri(^>ri iftBcial ^icuj irooi home. I •lid a»( read the GoTemors kt- 
tv-r until thw mriment. 

C GRrrn>. 

W. VVlU-sii!! T»> THE <jrOVEE50E. 

F>h. 25, A uixxu^vf-T *fi vonn? « Gentlemen »>f this place are very aiixi«>us of tor- 


rniiitf ther^^*elvert in acoru|<iny«>f Artillexy. nn«lertbecofuniaii«i of Johu 
row|if'r. Kp*«|*r. and havf- re»jTje*ted rae to ^>licit yoor Excellency, to fur- 
ni.^h th#-ni with twrr field pieees fi>r training. In this they are tlie uior*^- 
f'UiwhfW:*. a- thfrv have f^tahlL-he«l a ei>nipany in the Borough, which i^ 
U\n\\Au-A with two pie*.-!.':* and liave marie goixl pntgres^ in trainins;. Tli «^ 
two KiirinM-nt.-* of thi.** o«»iiniy liave not a^ yet any .\jlillery loq>s. aifc.«i 
hy grantintr to thin intended romf>any two r^mall leavelling I*icct*?i, «f« •-r 
which 1 will U' re-^jifm^iWe; it will greatly ad«i to our Military if>nij»l«^- 
tion. I wait vour an.swer. and if thev can be hail, the recommendation "^ 2^ 
for the orticern will be mmX up. 

I have the honor, iVc. 

A. VaXDERHOST to the iiovERXOR. 

Feh. 'Z\, III juiswer to your letter of the Dth ult'o. respecting the interchange «"»" 

(1iarW*town ^^j^^. ,,^^^.^ ^^^ Virginia and of this State. I have the honor to infonii yi ^^»^ 

that heing in wcfntinient with yoii on this suhjeil, 1 have directed the S< 
retary to forwarrl Uy you, the existinjr (Jode of of this State up '^^^ 
the present tiiiK*, hy the first convenient opportunity hy water, as I app:^"^'' 
lujnd they will he too hulky for the post in the first instance, hut he jr^' 
after mav be sent annually hv that convevance. 

I am, Sir, with great resi)ect and esteem, Your A'c. 

Tho. Newton to the Governor. 

lM»h. us. I r(»coivc»d your ^Excellency's Letter respecting the purchase of t^^^ 

Norfolk jvcn^s of Lund for building houses for the reception of the goods a-^" 
accommodating persons who are under performance of quarantine. ^ 
have two places in view, but have not yet seen the owners of either. ^ 
shall endeavour to purchase one of them, but suppose three or 4 acres 
would ho better and not cost much more than two. 


I'll thank your Excellency for the Law, as these houses are for a per- 
manency. I suppose they ought to be built of good materials, and 
comfortable for the sick, and the Warehouse strong and safe. In my 
opinion they will, in course of time, save the State much expence, as 
there will be no occasion to hire boats; the person who resides at the 
place will be sufficient guard, and the pilots now having a reward for 
bringing the vessels too, will prevent the necessity of boats: I shall with 
pleasure attend to the business, and should be glad to have instructions 
early respecting the hoAses, as this is the season for engaging timber, &c. 

I am, &c. 


Feb. 28, 

William Storke to the Governor. 

Be i>leased to send p'r the bearer (Major Hansford) my commission as March 4, 
Sheriff for the County aforasaid for the ensuing year, the order of Court ^^r^^^'^^® 
for nomination having been sent to you some time since. 

I am, &c. 

James McHenry to the Governor. 

J have to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency's letter of the March 4, 
^^>th of .January last, together with the acc't and vouchers of the MDitia *^ Office 
a.i^cl Scouts of the State of Virginia, which have been delivered to the 
^^couutiint to be placed under examination, who will attend to the same 
*^ early as possible. 

I have the honor, <fec. 

C'apt. James Hawkins resigned commission in the Volunteer Militia by March 4 
^t'ttoof Oct. 18th, 1794, to A. Lewis. 

Andrew Woodley to the Governor. 

'This come to inform you * that I have taken the collection for the March 6, 
Revenue of '96— the back tax for -95. I am willing to collect also upon Isleo^ Wight 
^'^ndition that you give me until November, ninety-seven, as I conceive 
^^ cannot be collected sooner, as the collection for ninety-seven will be 
^S() to collect. If the above terms meet with your approbation, please 
^ give me an answer immediately, and you will greatly oblige, dear sir, 


Yours, &c. 



March G 

At a Court held for Albemarle county the seventh day of March, 17%, 
the following officers were nominated and recommended to the Grovemor 
and Council of Virginia, viz: Christopher Hudson as a Captain of Horse, 
Peter lioll as First Lieutenant of Horse under Christopher Hudson^ 
Robert W. Lewis as Second Lieutenant of Horse under Christopher Hud — 
son, Charles Jouett as a Comett of Horse under Christopher Hudson. 

A copy — Teste: 

Jno. Nicholas, C. A. C. 

George Pickett to the Governor. 

March 9, Solicits remission of fine for non-attendance as a juryman at Superl -^r 
Richmond ^^^^ ^^ jygg^ amounting to £8.10. 

Dabnby Minor to the Governor. 

March 10 Prays the remission of a fine against Wm. Minor, dec'd, for non-atten- 

Wm. Simmons to the Governor. 

March 14, The Account and Vouchers for the Pay and Subsistence of the Militi^^j 
ant's^Office ^^^ ^^ ^^^ Scouts, and Incidental expenses for the Protection of the Fron- 
tiers of the State of Virginia in the year 1795, transmitted by your Excel- 
lency to this Department on the 26th of January last, as mentioned i^ 
your letter of that date to the Secretary of War, have been under exaini- 
nation in this Office, and are now adjusted. The sum appearing due ^^ 
five thousand five liundred and sixty-one dollars and ninety-eight cent^^ 
differing from that stated by Mr. Pendleton, one hundred and sixty-seven 
dollars and fifty-four cents, owing to sundry deductions as will ai>i)ear K^' 
the enclosed statement. It may be necessary to mention that the above 
difference, princi})ally arises on account of their claims for serviced ^" 
1798 and 1794 being rejected; for it was understood that the last settle- 
ment with the State of Virginia, for the Pay &c., of her Militia in the Pro- 
tection of her Frontiers, included all claims of that nature to the hitter 
end of the year 1794, and it would be now very impro|>er to have to revise 
or re-examine that settlement, which must be the case, if charges are i»rt>' 
duced that should have been brought forward previous to that settlementt 
many charges in that account, although not properly authorized «>^ 
vouched, having been admitted under the idea that it was to be a finiM 
settlement up to the date above mentioned. 


It will be necessary that you draw an order for the amount now due, 1796. 
which will be immediately paid on your authorizing some person to pass ^^^^nt^' 
Ills receipt for the same. ant's Office 

I am, &c. 

Statbment of Differences which appear on Examination of 
THE Virginia Claims for Pay, &c., of her Militia and Scouts 
IN 1795. 

Amount of the Account as stated by Mr. Pendleton, - - 5,729 52 March 14 
Amount of Ditto as stated in the Accountant's office, - - 5,561 98 

Difference — Dollars, 167 54 

Accounted for as follows — ^viz't: 

Amo't Pay of Nathan Parks and John Radcliffe for 

.services in 1794 Rejected, it being under that last 

Settlement with the State of Virginia included 

all Militia claims to the latter end of that year, - 104 50 
Ditto of Henry Willis and 11 others for services in 

1793, the same remark as above, - - - 40 52 
A Bill of Doctor White for medical attendance in 

1793, same remark, 9 45 

154 47 

Overcharged in the Pay of Eus. Whitman, he being 

made up on the Roll at 22 Dollars p'r month in- 
stead of 20 Dolls., 3 93 

Ditto in the subsistence of a Detachment com- 
manded by Ditto, 20 

Ditto in the Pay of the Lieut, and Serg. of Capt. 
Haymond's Co., 3 cents each, - - - - 6 

Ditto in Rations issued by Lt. Levi Morgan to 5 
Indian Prisoners from 7th Nov. to 12th May, '95, 
being but 187 instead of 188 days, as ch'd in 
acc't, 40 

Ditto in the Pay of Serg't Cooms and 7 Privates 
from 12th Sept. to l2th Oct., '95, - - - 9 

Ditto in the Pay of Bartholomew Jenkins and 
Jacob Scott, Scouts from 1st of Aug. to 9th Nov., 
'95, 8 cents each, 16 

Ditto 10 days each in the pay of John Young and 
Joseph Burwell, Scouts from 21st of July to 3rd 
Oct'br, '95 — stated in the acc't to be 85 instead 

of 75 days' service — amount, - - - - 16 66 

21 50 

175 97 



March 14 


Short charged in the Pay of 21 Privates of Capt. 

Haymond Cop'y, 5 10 

Ditto in the Pay of Friley and Wni. Dorton, Scouts 
from 5th of May to 5th September, '95, lOs. each, 
amounting to 8 88 

Difference above stated — Dollars, 

8 43 

1(>7 54 

March 15 

Department of Wau, Aixountant's Office, 

March Uth, 1700. 

Admitted the sum of 5,561 98-100 Dollars. 

Stated in the Accountant's Office. 

Wm. Simmons, Acc't. 
Henry Barrey, Cl'k. 

At a Court-Martial held at the house of Gravit Edwards the 25th day 
of October, 1795, for assessment of fines within the first Battalion, 88th 
Regiment, Thomas Bell, Colonel Commandant of the said regiment, 
being reported as delinquent, in failing to attend a Court-Martial held 
here the twenty-fifth day of May last, and he being heard in his own 
defence, it is considered by the Court that he pay a fine of seventy 
dollars for his said non-attendance. 

A copy from the Record. 

John Carr, 
aerk 88th Regiment, 

March 18, 

John Strode to the Governor. 

In conversation which I had with the Honoral)le Colo. Burnley rela- 
tive to the arms which J contemplate to make for the public, it appeared 
that specific proposals are expected from me; to make which I am under 
difficulty, because the honorable Board has not furnished me with a pat- 
tern to operate as a rule, nor am I informed of the length and quality 
which will be required. 

Colo. Burnley says that the intention is to have such arms made as 
those of the United States, which probably is to receive a ball of 18 to 
the pound ; upon this opinion I shall endeavor to form an estimate cal- 
culated to execute the Guns essentijilly in the very best manner. 

Suj)posing the Barrel to be 3 feet 8 inches in length, the Bayonet one 
foot 5 inches in the blade, a double bridle TiOck of the best construction, 
neat Brass Mountings, Steel Ranirod, neatly Stocked of Black Walnut, a 


Cartouch Box suitable to contain 24 rounds, with neat Black Leather 1796. 
Belte, mounted with Brass Buckles, complete; wiper for the pan, and Rj^^^Q^f^j 
picker for the touch-hole; as well finished and as good in quality as those 
of the United States. 

Yet the Hon'ble Executive may vary this in any respect, grounding 
their ultimate decision on future information and the principles of this 
assumed estimation. 

That is, for every Gun and accoutrements of the above description, 
the Band whereof has been duly proved with double charge of powder 
and ball, in presence of two men for that purpose commissioned, and 
delivered in cases or chests of Twenty Stand each ; to be allowed the 
sum of Twenty Dollars for each Stand. That I shall have four months 
allowed to prepare the machinery, procure hands, and fix for the busi- 
ness. After that, to deliver in the couree of the next three months at 
least 750 Stand ; in the next three months at least 1,000, in the next 
three months another 1,000 at least, and in the last three months the 
residue of the 4,0(X) Stand, making, in the whole time, sixteen months 
after the date of the Deeds of the Contract. That on my giving a suffi- 
cient security on Lands and Slaves (to be ascertained by commissioned 
a})praisers) to double the amount, the Hon'ble Executive advance me 
one-fourth the sum contracted for, and that hundred stand, or 

ecjual quantity which I shall deliver, to be entitled to receive at 

the rate of Fifteen Dollars per stand, leaving in reser\'e at the rate of Five 
Dollars per Stand, to go in part discharge of the money advanced, and 
so on in like manner for every other quantity of one hundred or 
upwards, until the whole amount of the stipulated number of 4,000 
Stand be delivered. With all due regard this hasty estimate is submit- 
ted to your Honorable Board by 

Your, &c. 

W. Wilson to the Governor. 

At the solicitation of Bernard Magnien, Nathaniel Cooper, and John March 27, 
Brookes, John Cowper, Jr., Robert Shelton, and Thos. Emmerson, I take P*^^°^o"^*^ 
the liberty of naming them as proper gentUn for officering (as they 
stand named) two companies of artillery in this place. 

The three first named gentlemen already command a company denom- 
inated Grenadiers, but they and their whole company are very solicitous 
that your Excellency will indulge them to enter the Artillery Corps by 
commissioning them therein. This request is the more expedient, as 
Capt. Magnien and several of his men are experienced in the duties of 
that Corps. Mr. John Cowper and his officers (if commissioned) will, I 
presunie, soon make up their quotas of recruits. 

I have, &c. 



Fontaine Maury to .the Governor. 

1796. I am directed by the Inhabitants of this place to transmit to you the 

March 28 . 
Fredericks- i^^closed paper. From it it would appear that some person seems deter- 

burg mined on the destruction of the Tobacco Warehouses of this Town, to 

protect which a guard has been out every night since the attemjjt was 

made, and one will be continued in hopes of discovering the perpetrator 

of this inhuman act. 

With real respect, I am, tl'c. 

It appears that Mr. Jefferson is indebted to the State on an account he 
settled with the Auditor in Dec. 1789, £1,934 3-6. J. P. wrote to him 
on this subject while he resided at Philadelphia, and received for answer 
that his private papers were all at Monticello, and promising to settle the 
balance on his return to Virginia, since which S. P. has not reminded him 
of it. J. P. wishes however that the deduction which Mr. Jefferson i>ro- 
poses of this sum from the claim of Grand & Co., may be considered hy 
the honorable Board as conditional for the present, having a faint idea that 
Mr. Jefferson talked (at the time of the settlement above mentioned) of 
balancing the amount by Expenses or Comm's for some public Agency. 
I will write Mr. Jefferson now and have an ex})lanation and final settle- 
ment with him. 

J. Pendleton. 
Aud't'rs Office, 28th Mar. 1796. 

March 30, 

Chas. S. Boush to Col. Thos. Newton. 

A House 24 by 16, with a 12 ft. Shed, can be build with bricks IJ 
brick thick, for £280. If of wood underpined with bricks, £250. A 
warehouse 40 by 20, of bricks, for £250. and if of wood for £220, or 

I am, &c. 



March 31. Inclosed you will receive the usual Quarterly Return of Military' Stores 

Riohmond vmder n)V care. 

1 think it may not bo improj>er to mention to the Executive, that from 
the great dithculty in getting suitable Iron for our Shops in Richmond, 
I shall he under the necessity of sending for that article, to some of the 



works beyond the mountains. I will therefore request the Board to grant 1796. 
a.s much money in advance as will procure me a Ton. ^*h^^ ^li 

I have, ike. 

A Quarterly Return of tue Arms and other Military 
Stores at the State Arsenal, from the 1st of Jan'y till 
THE 31sT OF March, 1796. 

1 16 Inch Brass Mortar, 1 6 pound Brass field piece, 1 4 pound Ditto, March 31 
1 Iron piece, 5226 Muskets in complete order, 2699 Muskets with rough 
Bayonets, otherwise in good order, 296 old Muskets out of repair, 659 
new stocked Muskets wanting Bayonets and ramrods, 400 No. Pickers 
and Brushes, 2939 Musket worms, 132 Screw Drivers, 805 Artillery 
swords, 293 Grenedier swords, 7 barrels of Gun Powder, 40 Pigs of Lead, 
181 Case Shot from 6 to 4 i)ounds, 263 Round Ditto, 30 Rheams of Cart'g 
Paper, 436 Gannon Tubes, 18 Barrels of Flint, 1650 pounds of Ball and 
Buck Shot, * 80 Muskets Stocked, 272 Bayonets and Ramrods forged, 
filed and fitted, 144 Bayonets and Ram Rods ground and polished, 
9o No. Muskets made complete with groimd Bayonets and Ram Rods 
and Racked * 
*Work of this Quarter. 

^^ B. — 7-2 stand of repaired arms are boxed up and ready for delivery 

^ ftipt. Caruthers as per order. 501bs. of Gun Powder delivered to the 

^rder in favor of Colo. Patterson. 

Ro. Quarles. Supt 
31st March, 1796. 

T. II. Macon to the Governor. 

Agreeable to the directions of the Executive, I have examined the 
^f^nance of the yhij)-yard and find there are only two 36-pounders and 
^hmi half a Ton of cannon Ball of different sizes. It has been sug- 
^'*^ted to me tliat there wjis a large number of Balls and Bomb-shells 
^^lueh has been taken away and carried off by several disorderly per- 
^^ns in course of two or three years past. The cannon are 8}»iked up, 
'^*Jt inde})endent of that they appear to be good pieces and worth atten- 
^'^'H. I think it would be advisable to have them taken care of as soon 
^ it can be done with convenience, for they are now exposed to every 
"^"h Tide, which will tend to injure them very much if they remain in 
*Qe same situation any length of time. 

I am, &c. 

April 4 


William B. Wallbm to the Governor. 

1796. Besides the 25 Hogsheads of Tobacco that were saved from the fire 

Falmouth when Dixon's Warehouse was burnt, 22nd of last Inst., there was a 
quantity of loose Tobacco, from which the casks were burnt, taken from 
the flames by some persons in consequence of assurances from us that 
they should be paid for it. We estimate the quantity to about Ten or 
Twelve Thousand lbs., and wait for the orders of the Executive respect- 
ing its Disposal — viz. : whether we are to purchase casks and prize it up, 
and when prized whether we are to sell it at public Auction and account 
with the Treasurer for the money. There are also some articles of less 
consequence rendered useless here by the fire which belong to the Com- 
monwealth, as the mettle of the standard weights and Iron articles of 
different kinds which might be sold. We are very desirous to have 
some instructions respecting the persons who saved the loose Tobacco 

above mentioned. 

And am, &c. 


April 9 The Direction of the James River Corapan}'^ have made requisitions 

on the holders of shares generally for the subscribed Loan under an act 

of the General Assembly at their last session of ten Dollars, payable the 

loth day of May next, and a like sum on the 15th day of September 

ensuing. The State will have to pay the above on between 260 and 270 

shares. It will greatly accommodate the Company to i-eceive in advance 

on the first re(|ui8ition about twelve hundred dollars, and for this sum I 

flatter myself permission will be granted the Treasurer to pay on 


With respect, I am, &c. 

April 10 .losiah Vick, William Hines, and Edmund Tyler. Gent'n, were recom- 

mended to the Executive as Sheriffs for the county of Southampton in 
July, 1794, the recommendation forwarded to Richmond, and a commis- 
sion ret'eived by the Clerk, who handed it to Josiah Vick; but Josiah 
Vick failing to give bond within two months, a certificate was sent under 
the signature of the Dejmty Clerk to the Governor of his refusal, by the 
mail from Smithfield. Another commission was sent by the Executive, 
directed to William Hines, Gent*n, bearing date NoV. 26th, 1796; but he 
also failing to give bond in two months, a second certificate was sent to 
the Executive by the mail from Smithfield (under the signature of the 
Dei)uty Clerk) of said failure. A third commission was received from 


the Executive, bearing date March 16th, 1795, directed to Edmund Tyler, 1796. 
Gent'n, which was delivered him on the 14th day of May, 1795, and P ^^ 
after expiration of two months, to wit: after the 14th day of July, 1795, 
being five days after Southampton court day, a third certificate was sent 
by the Deputy Clerk, that the said Edmund Tyler had failed to give bond 
according to Law, and on the following Court, to- wit: August, 1795, the 
present recommendation was made. 

Sam'l Kella, a. S. C. 
April 10th, 1796. 

Wm. Pennock to the Governor. 

I yesterday received Letters from Paris and Havre, for Mr. Skipwith's April 10, 
»'s the following Paragraph : Norfolk 

*'^ Inclosed you have the Bill of Lading of three large cases marked 
S V, containing the statue in white marble of General Washington, scutted 
^y an eminent artist of this place agreeable to the orders he received 
ft'om Mr. Thomas Jefferson whilst our Minister in this Country. My 
i^ext will cover my account of expenditures for having this statue trans- 
ported from hence to Havre, the packing and shipping of it." 

You have inclosed one of the Bills of Lading, which will show the 
freight and primage, and by this Post I have desired my friends Plum- 
st^d & McCall to pay all charges and ship the cases to Richmond, which 
^ presume will be agreeable. Should it not, you will give those gentle- 
ttien such directions as you think proper. 

I am, &c. 

Shipped in good order, by V'e Homberg tfe Romberg Freres, in and April 10 
^lH)n the ship called the Planter, whereof is master, for this present voy- 
^e, Avre^ Stocklev, now in the Harbour of Havre-De-Grace, bound for 
Philadelphia, to say, for account and risk of the Governor and Council 
0^ the Town of Richmond, State of Virginia : SV. Three cases, one of 
^hich contains the Marble Pedister Statue of General Washington, and 
^he hvo others c<mtain the Marble Pedestal of said Statue, weighing 
^ether Thirty-six thousand pounds weight, going for Eighteen Tuns, 
^in(,' marked and numbered as in the margin, and to be delivered in the 
'Ae goo<l order at the aforesaid Port of Philadelphia (the danger of the 
^^ only excepted) unto the order of Mr. William Pennock, of Norfolk, 
^JiK^nia, who is to convey the same to said Governor and counsel of 
'^Jchniond, or to his order or assigns, he or they paying freight for said 
^»oo<l8 three pounds ten shillings sterling per tun of two thousand 
^^ight, and ten per cent, primage, with primage and average accustomed. 

Ill witness whereof, the Master of the said Ship hath affirmed to five 



1700. Bills of leading of this tenor and date, one of which being accomplished, 
April 10 ^1^^ ^^^Y\eT four to stand void. Dated Havre-de-Grace, Jan'y 25th, 1796. 

Contents unknown. 

Ayres Stockly. 

Wm. Breckenridge and Edw'd Bribn to the Governor. 

April 11 We are in want of some T^and warrants to the amount of IbO or 

20(),()00 across, and have a Quantit}' of United States Stock, which we 
came here with an expectation of selling, hut find it cannot be readily 
turned into money, there l>eing no purchasers in this place. We are 
therefore induced to trouble the Executive with a request, that i)er- 
mission may he given the Treasurer to pass a Receipt, so as to enable us 
to obtain the warrants from the Register and take a deposit in stock, to 
secure the pointed payment of the money at the expiration of eighty or 
ninety days, which would be a great convenience to us, and we trust 
would not be any disadvantage to the Commonwealth. A compliance 
with this Recjuest will be ever gratefully remembered by us. 

Sir, with due respect &c. 

Auditor's Office, 12th April, 179H. 
April 11 Received of John Dawson, Esq'r, &c., &c., &c. — 


The Treasurers Receipt for six thousand three hundred and ten dollars 
three cents. 

On account of the pay and subsistence of the Militia, pay of the Scout** 

and incidental expenses attending the protection of the frontier of thi-** 

State for the year 1795. 

S. Shepard. 

Benj'n Wolfe to the Governor. 

April 12 Complaining of injustice done him in conferring the command of th^ 
Company resigned by Capt. Perry on Sam. McC^w, who had never held 
any commission; he the said Wolfe, having held an ensigncy in the said 

April 12 At a Court continued for Bath C-ounty the 13th day of April, 11%^^ 

Ordered, that John Lewis, Gent., Ik* recommended to Robert Brook*?' 

Esq'r, Governor of the Com'th, as a fit person for a Capt. of a Troop *>* 

Cavalry in this County," and Thos. Peebles Lieut, and James Vance Colo' 


Teste : 

Chas. Cameron, d'k. 



I am informed that the Troop is already received, and only the offi- 1796. 
cars waiting for commissions. Apnl 12 

C. C. 

H'y Bowzer to the Governor. 

Application hath been made to me by a number of the young men of April 13, 
Montgomery county to endeavour to obtain orders for the raising of a ^ 

Troop of cavalry in that county. My opinion is that a respectable 
Troop may be raised there. I therefore beg leave to recommend the 
following Gentlemen as officers for the same, to-wit: Andrew Lewis, Sen., 
as Captain, Gordon Cloyd as first Lieutenant, Samuel Crockett as second 
I^ieutenant, and James Bryant as Comet. 

I know these appointments would be satisfactory to the persons so 
appointed, and believe also to those who wish to engage in that service. 

I have, &c. 

Received of Sam'l Coleman fifty stand of arms belonging to the Com- April 13 
monwealth, which I hereby oblige myself, my heirs. Executors, or admin- 
istrators to return in the order in which they are rec^ved, when called 
on so to do by the Executive, under the penalty of the value thereof. 

Given under my hand this 13th day of April, 1796. 

Warner Lewis. 

A. Blair. 

Jacob Cooke to the Governor. 

On the first day of the present month I made proposals to you to manu- April 18, 
^aclure one thousand stand of arms and accoutrements at the rate of ^-^naon 
Sixteen Dollars each. I now take the liberty to propose to you to make 
^hem the second year one dollar cheaper, viz : Fifteen Dollars for each 
stand and accoutrements, and the third year I will engage to make them 
'^r Fourteen Dollars, each stand complete. I hope you'll favor me with 
}our decision on this Business (by the Post) as soon as possible. 

I remain, &c. 

Stephen Ravenel to the Governor. 

% desire of his Excellency Amoldus Vanderhorst, I herewith enclose April 18, 
^ your Excellency two volumes of the Public Laws of South Carolina, ^^^^ston, 
^'hich I hope you may receive safe. 

I have, &c. 





April 20, 

J. Ambler to the Honorable Council. 

A great proportion of the money in the public Treasury at this time 
is in Bank Notes, which very few claimants can be prevailed on to receive 
in payment, so that we shall in a short time find it extremely difficult to 
satisfy the public creditors. 

I would therefore submit to the consideration of the Honorable Board 
the propriety of requesting Gentlemen Merchants, and others in whom 
we can confide, going from time to time to Philadelphia, to take each 
three or four thousand dollars Bank Notes and exchange them for Gold. 
Such a sum in Gold, I apprehend, may be brought on their return with- 
out much inconvenience and scarce any risk. If something of this sort 
cannot be done, it will be absolutely necessary to send a person to Phila- 
delphia on purpose, which will be attended with considerable exj)eni*e 
as well as risk if the whole sum is to be brought at once. 

I am, &Xi, 

Joseph Nevill to the Governor. 

April 22, Asking the aid of the Governor to obtain compensation for deprecia- 


tion in certain warrants previously held by him. 

Bath County, April (burl, 1796. 

April 30 Ordered, that John Lewis, Gent'n, be recommended to Robert Brooke, 

Esq'r, Governor of Virginia, as a fit person for Captain of a Company of 

Light Horae in this county, and Thomas Peebles Lieutenant, and James 

Vance for Colonel. 

A Copy — Teste: 

Chas. Cameron, VW. 

Jambs McFarlane to the Governor. 

May 3, 

Compatible to your request, the within is the affidavit of Alexander 
Teubeuf and Henry Dickenson, Clerk of Russell. 

You will please excuse me for not writing sooner. The reason why is, 
I wished to have taken the affidavit of Miss Drushane, who was present 
when the depredation was committed, but she not being well enough 
acquainted with Inglish, I could not have it taken. 

Mr. Dickenson, forgetting to bring the affidavit to this place of Alex- 
ander Teubeuf that was filed in his office, I was under the necessitv o^ 



Taking a new one, as said Teubeuf being present If that will not 1796. 
answer, I can forward the original one if required. AiitLi^i 

I made mention of what passed betwixt us respecting recommending 
agents to undertake the business to Colo. Andrew Cowan to nominate 
eonie fit person or persons. From the great desire he had to have them 
apprehend he will undertake it, provided I will go with him. If your 
Excellency thinks proper to appoint us, we will use every exertion to 
bring them to Justice. If not, we recommend the following, to-wit: 
Capt. Vathan Ellington, Captain Henry Bowen, who are gentlemen of 
Character and can be relied upon. We are willing to undertake the 
business on the following terms : We will take a minute of our Journal 
and proceedings and rt^tum you a duplicate of the same, and submit it 
to government what they suppose to be a generous compensation for our 

Sir, I am, &c. 

Russell County to-wit: 

This day came Alexander Teubeuf before me a Justice of said County, 
and made oath upon the holy Evangelists of Almighty God, deposeth 
and saith : that on the day of the election held for Representatives in said 
County, in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, that 
two men passing by the name of Brown and Barrow, came to the house 
of this deponent's father, and after being invited and partaking of dinger, 
and after staying some time and loitering about, taking the opportunity 
as the father of said deponent turned his face from them, one of the said 
men (which was Brown) gave him a stroke with a gun that he had in his 
hand, and the cock of the lock sunk appearingly through his scull which 
sunk him motionless, and in a short time expired — ^the foresaid not suf- 
ficing their fury, with an attempt they further proceeded to murder the 
whole family, and fell upon the said deponent with a club, and after 
receiving several wounds, made his escape out of the house, and Miss 
Drushane at the same time dangerously wounded. 

A servant maid attempting from the alarm to cross the river got 
drownded, and also the house being robbed and the trunks broke open 
and plundered, and this deponent further saith not. 

Sworn to before me this 3rd day of May, 1796. 

John Tate. 

A. Reid to Col. John Steele. 

You have no doubt heard of the unhappy fate of Lexington. The May 4, 
public buildings were burned with the rest, which has prevented the Rockbridge 
Court from doing any business in this month, and will in future without 
the interi)osition of the Executive by their proclamation, directing where 


1796. the Court shall be holden until the Court-House is repaired or rebuilt. 
Rc^k^rid e ^ certificate for the information of the Executive is inclosed. Should it 
be consistent for the i)roclamation to issue for holding a court next 
month, it would not only enable the Court to have the public buildings 
completed before the cold weather, but would forward other business 
verv much. Your attention to this business will be thankfullv acknowl- 

edged by 

Your, &c. 

Rockbridge County, to wit: 

I, Andrew Reid, Clerk of said County Court, do hereby certify 
that the Court-House of said county is destroyed by fire, and that it is 
the opinion of a number of Justices of the Peace for said county that 
the Court be holden in a house the property of Andrew Reid in Lexing- 
ton, with his consent, by the Governor's proclamation, if the Executive 
think fit to direct the same, until the Court-House is repaired or rebuilt. 

Teste : 

A. Reid, Cl'k C't. 
May 4th, 1796. 

We approve the issuing a proclamation, to be entered on the proceed- 
ings of to-day. 

Robert Goode, 

Hardin Burnley. 

George Lane to the Governor. 

May 5, Gives information of the escape from Goal at Dumfries of Charles 

Dumfries gjugter, of Alexandria, on the 18th of August. Describes said Bruster 
and his clothing. 

Isaac Shelby to the Governor. 

May 6 I have been honored with your Excellency's letters of the 9th and 26th 

of January last. 

By a letter addressed to you on the 15th day of February, I infonned 
you of the steps which had been taken by the Legislature of this State 
respecting the boundary line between this State and the State of Virginia. 

As I find by your letter that the Executive and Legislature of each of 
these States think alike on this subject, I have appointed William Mur- 
ray and John Cobum, Esquires, as (Commissioners on the part of this 
State, with full powers, in conjunction with the Commissioners to be 
a[)pointed by the State of Virginia, to ascertain and establish the boun- 
dary line between the two States, in the manner directed by the Act and 
the Resolution of the Legislature of those States. 


You will be pleased to direct the Virginia Commissioners to open a 1796. 
corre8i)ondence with those from this Stete on the subject, that they may ^*^' ^ 
be able to make the execution ot the business convenient to both parties. 

I shall with ])leasure co-operate with you in any other measure that 
may be necessary to carry the intentions of the two States fully into 

The Resolution of the General Assembly of Virginia, stated in your 
letter of the Uth of January, evinces their regard to the other States in 
the Union, and is in ray judgment founded in good policy. The inter- 
course between the States is such as may dailv make it necessary not 
only for the private citizen but for the Executive of each State to be 
tiilly informed of the local laws and regulations of the sister States. 

I shall with pleasure receive from you the i)resent Virginia Code, and 
exchange with you annually the laws which may hereafter be enacted in 
the two States. 

I now do myself the honor of transmitting to you all the Acts of the 
Legislature of this State which have been enacted into Laws since our 
separation from the State of Virginia. They, with the liaws of Virginia 
which existed prior to the separation, constitute our Code, as our Consti- 
tution declares: "All laws now in force in the State of Virginia, not 
inconsistent with this Constitution, which are of a general nature and not 
local to the eastern part of that State, shall be in force in this State until 
they shall be altered or repealed by the Legislature." 

1 have. &c. 

Alexander Smyth to the Governor. 

I am informed that the (juestion respecting the boundary between May 6 
Virginia and Kentucky has come before the Executive. As the enclosed 
[)aper8 may throw some light thereon, I transmit them to you under a 
hope that no step may be taken that may injure those who have decided 
for themselves that the Lands lie in Virginia, but that they may, if neces- 
8ar}% have the privilege of an unprejudiced investigation. I will only 
add that two of the most eminent Lawyers of our State have given their 
opinions in her favor, to-wit : Mr. Marshall and Mr. Wickham. 

I am, &c. 

1781, Dec. 5th. — Israel Christian, by virtue of a State warrant of 8,000 
Acres, enters l(KX) Acres of Land opposite to and below the mouth of 
Salt Lick run where it empties into Sandy River, the branch whereof 
Colo. Russell came up called RusselPs Landing. This entry to be laid 
off along said Sandy River as the Law directs. 

Israel Christian, by virtue of the above warrant, enters 1000 acres of 


1796. Ijand, including the next large Bottom about 5 miles down Sandy River 
May 6 fp^jj^ ^j^g above entry. 

Israel Christian, by virtue of the above warrant mentioned, enters 
1000 Acres of Land on Sandy River above the first entry made by s'd 
Christian on this warrant at a place where Doct'r Walker and Powell 
marked sundry trees and wTote their names on some of them. 

1782, March 30th. — Israel Christian,, by virtue of a State warrant, 
enters 2570^ Acres of Land on both sides of Sandy creek, 20 miles 
below RusselPs Landing, on a wide Bottom at the mouth of a creek 
which empties into Sandy on the East sida 

Copies — ^Teste: 

Gordon Cloyd, S. M. C. 

1786, March 17th. — James Anderson, by virtue of a military warrant 
for 2000 Acres, No. 1280, enters the same as follows: 

1000 Acres joining and below Benjamin Furman's entry, at the mouth 
of Town Creek, and running up the creek for quantity. 

1000 acres joining and below the above entry up both sides of the 
creek for quantity. 

50 Acres on Military Warrant No. 3t39, ass'd to him by Richard Foster, 
joining and below the above entry and running up the Creek for quantity. 

Copies — Teste: 

Gordon Cloyd, S. M. C. 

William Morris Andrew Donnallv's enterics contin'd. 

1786, March 17th. — 1000 Acres joining and ])elow^ the above entry, and 
running across the river, 600 acres hereof in Fayette County. 

1,000 Acres joining and below above entry and running across the 
River 500 Acres hereof in Fayette Count v. 

1,000 Acres joining and below Benjamin Funnan's entry at the mouth 
of Town Creek on the East side of the West fork of Sandy River, and 
running across s'd River, 600 acres hereof in Fayette (/ounty. 

1,000 Acres joining and below the above entry, and running across the 
river, 600 acres hereof in Fayette County. 

1,000 Acres joining and below the above entry and running across the 
River, 501 acres hereof in Fayette County. 

Copies — Teste : 

(lORDON Cloyj), S. M. C 

Nov. 16th, 1786. — John Preston by virtue of four Land Office Treasury 
Warrants, lodged and filed in this office, makes the following entry viz: 
4,000 Acres of Land on both sides of the Louisa fork of Big Sandy Creek, 
to begin adjoining and above the last mentioned entry, and to extend up 
across and on both sides said fork, to join an entry of Walter Preston's 
at the mouth of Johns Creek, along the foot of the ridges which are on 



each side of said fork, and some small distance up on eiich side the sev- 
eral branches which empty into said fork, on botli sides thereof for 
quantity, to be h\id off in one more, or as many surveys as will best suit 
the situation of the Land and according to I^w. 

A copy — Teste: 

H. Smith, S. R. C. 

1787 — ^flames Madison, by virtue of a I>and Office Treasury Warrant, 
No. 22.027, dated 24th Dec. 1783, enters 4,0(M) Acres of Land lying 
on Louisa, above the mouth of Russell's fork a branch of Ix)uisa, and 
extending up the said Louisa fork on both sides, and up the different 
Creeks emptying into said Louisa, so iis to include all the good land ; this 
entry to be laid off in as many surveys as may best suit the situation of 
the land. 

A copy — Teste: 

H. Smith, S. R. C. 

May 6 


I hope to stand excused in offering myself a candidate for the appoint- 
ment occasioned by the resignation of Major Gaynes of the Artillery. 
It is a laudable ambition that leads to the a|)plication, and when my rank 
and services during the Revolution arc considered, it may perhaps appear 
^tWr justified. 

I am, ifec. 

May 9, 

John Napier to the Governor. 

In regard to his right to sit as a justice in Fluvanna county. Was 
^miniasioned m the peace when Fluvanna was first formed from Albe- 
^^le, and, except during a short residence in the latter county, had 
^^ntinued a member of the Court. 

Tuos. Newton to the Governor. 

From every account received from the West Indies, I conceive it is 
^^cessary to be on our guard against the importation of diseases from 
^«ence; and if left discretionary to the Superintendents of Quaranthie, 
J^o damage or delay can happen to the owners of vessels, as on visitation, 
"the crew are healthy the vessel is permitted to come into port; if 
^Wy, we are safe by letting her lie a few days; and I am of opinion 


May 10, 



May 15, 


Mav 15, 


without a proclamation (which would answer good purpoees and no evil 
can arise from it) I shall be unable to carry the law into execution. The 
pilots by a proclamation will be obliged under the penalty of losing 
their branch, if they do not give information. The Islands are in gen- 
eral sickly, especially where the troops are; the whole had best In? 
included, if your Excellency and Council should be of opinion with me 
that it is necessary to have vessels examined. Many here are alarmed 
at the daily reports, from which cause I have thought it my duty to 
advise vou thereof. 

The Ship Concord (French Frigate) is arrived, and from information 
I have directed her to be examined. 

I am, &c. 

May 19, 


T beg leave to inclose a return made by my first Serg't of sundry^ 
repairs and necessaries wanting to complete and preserve the two piece^Sr 
of ordinance under my command, and do request you will be pleased t< 
authorize me to have the same performed. 

I would also request the authority of the Executive to contract for th« 
building a rough plank shed to keep the pieces from the weather, th 
cost of all of which, I judge, will not exceed Eighty dollars. 

If it is the wish of the Executive, I will procure an estimate of tb 
probable cost of the shed ; that of the repairs, &c., will not exec 
twenty dollars. 

I am, &c, 

Richmond, 2nd of April, 1796. 

Repairs wanting to the ordinance : 

To 2 new Sponges complete, 2 new worm handles, 2 new tillers, men^<3- 
ing the tiller stays to each piece, mending 2 wheel bands, Painting tlic 
carriage compleat, 2 new Tompiers compleat, 2 new aprons conjple^^ 
Repairing the amonition boxes. 

Thos. Pointer, 

1st Sei^'t Co. A . 

Mav 22, 

V. Peyton to the Governor. 

Inclosed is a recommendation from the CV»urt of our County for ni^' 
istrates, which I have taken the liberty to forward to you, requesting tti*^ 
you will be so good as to inclose me the commission pV post, direi^ted ^^ 
Dumfries' Office, in time for our June quarterly sessions, which cty^' 
mences the 13th of the month. 


Without an addition to our list of magistrates we shall have perhaps 
no court, our number being reduced to nine or ten by deaths and re- 
movals, and of those several scarcely ever attend. This circumstance, 
together with my being at a loss at the present time for a safe and direct 
conveyance to Richmond, will, I trust, be a sufficient apology for my 
troubling you with this business. 

I am, &c. 

[Enclosure not found. — Ed.] 


May 22, 



In conformit}' to the directions of the Executive, I have proceeded to 
let the contractor's office for the supply of Rations at the State Arsenal 
from the first of June until the first of November next. 

The alarming scarcity of provisions in this quarter, has occasioned the 
price of Rations to be much greater than was to have been expected. 
You will observe from the inclosed Bond that we are obliged to give 
eighteen cents per Ration. I flatter myself that at the expiration of this 
Term we may calculate on a considerable diminution in the price of a 
Ration. William Weaver, my former contractor, being the lowest bidder, 
has aj^ain taken this business. 

I have, &c. 

Mav 27, 


Henry Banks to the Governor. 

It is in my power to appropriate a considerable sum in Treasury Land 
Warrants, and as I expect to have a final decree for a considerable sum 
at the next Court of Appeals, I am now inclined to receive from the 
public a great proportion of that demand in I^and Warrants, and I will 
give Bond with security to the public, in case I do not prevail in that 
demand, to pay the amount of the warrants. I presume the advantage 
which will be derived to the public by this, may induce the Board to take 
it into consideration. The quantity which I want is at least 500,000 

I am, sir, your, &c. 

May 28, 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

I received the proclamation and have promulgated it. The crew of May 29 
the Concord proved remarkably healthy. I have not yet purchased a 


1796. place for the reception of goods and accommodation of persons superin- 
May 29 tending Quarantine; having had a smart fit of the gout has been the 

If it should be necessar}', I will employ a boat, but at present there is 
no need of one. I shall caution the pilots, who, being now paid for it, 
will give information. 

I am, &c. 

William Weaver to the Governor. 

May 30 Soliciting an advance of two hundred dollars to enable him to fulfil 

his contract for supplying Rations to employees at Point of Fork. 

C. Myers to the Governor. 

May 31, I am here the Engineer for the Potomac Company. A variety of char- 
f \h '^ ^^ters are employed, who of course are not of the best description. Riots 
Potomac and quarrels are now become so frequent that the exercise of legal power 
has become absolutely necessary — not only to cheque, but to secure 
offenders of the public peace. 

For these considerations, I respectfully offer my services as a magis^ 
trate. Should you, sir, please to appoint me, I shall uniformly pursa*3 
that conduct that makes the appointment respectable. 

I have no interest in or motive for this application, but a wish to hav* 
the power given by law to preserve the peace of this ])lace and neigh bo ^' 

I have, ifec. 

May 31 At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at Hartfo 

on the second Thursday of May, Anno Dom. 1796: 

Resolved by the Assembly, That his Excellency the Governor 
requested to comply with the Re(|uest of the Governor of Virginia, 
Exchange the Laws of this State for those of Virginia, and to contin 
the Exchange from time to time, as the Governor of this State shall ju(L 

A true copy of Record. 

Samuel Willey, Sec'v 


William Huston to the Governor. 

The petition of William Huston, humbly sheweth: That while your 1796. 
petitioner had the charge of the Public Goal in the Washington district, ^ 

there was delivered to his custody and care several 'prisoners, charged of 
Capital offences, namely : Pane, Roberts and Best of being accessory to the 
murder and robbery of Mr. Tubuff, and John Boyd of horse stealing ; which 
persons on the 30th of July last, broke Goal and made their escape. Your 
petitioner being impressed with the necessity of making an immediate 
and speedy pursuit, advertised a reward of twenty dollars for the retaking 
and delivering each of the prisoners at the Public Goal. In consequence 
of which, the above named prisoners were taken and safely ke{)t until 
they were brought to trial, and the rewards paid agreeable to advertise- 
ment, as will appear by the receipts inclosed. 

Your petitioner would have stated the matter much sooner to the board, 
but from a mistaken opinion that the District Judge had cognizance and 
jurisdiction, and would give relief and redress; but finding it otherwise, 
your petitioner prays that your honorable bod}^ would direct the money 
so advanced to be reimbursed, or give such relief as you in your wisdom 
may direct, and your petitioner as in duty bound shall pay. 

Henry Bowyer to the Governor. 

A considerable number of men have been engaged for the Troop of June 6, 
Cavalry ordered to be raised in this county, but I aj^prehend it will be Botetourt 
im|)ossible for them to procure swords and pistols, such articles not being 
to be had in this Country. Perhaps swords and pistols might be ob- 
tained from the public m£^^azine8 upon bond and security given for the 
safe keeping and return of the anns received ; if so, Captain Beale (the 
gentleman recommended from this County), will willingly do it. I 
^^nrnagine forty swords and as many pistols, with what the men will be 
^^^e to furnish themselves, will be sufficient. The officers here wish 
^^^y niuch to be informed upon this subject. 

I have, &c. 

Richmond, June 8th, 1796, June 6 

State of Virginia, 

To Wm. Hodgson, 
^rectii^g a statue of the President, repairing, laying the floor, 

^^^. / . . . £30.0.0 

^^ce'd in part, £1.10.0. 


1796. State of Nkw Hampshike, 

•^^''^ ^ In Smote., June lOth, 1796. 

Resolved, That any alteration in established Fomis of Government 
ought never to be attempted but for the most important reasons. 

That our present state of peace and general prosperity render it un- 
necessary at this time to concur with the Legislature of Virginia in their 
proposed amendments of the Federal Constitution. 

Sent down for concurrence! 

Eben'r Smith, 
President of the Senate. 

In the House of Representatives the same day, Read and concurred. 

Russell FR£EMA^^ Speaker. 
Approved June 13th, 1796. 

J. T. Oilman, Governor. 
A true copy. 

Attest : 

Joseph Pearson, S'cty. 

Gloucester Ck)unty to-wit: 

June 14 Whereas at a Court of Oyer and Terminer, held in the Countj' 

aforesaid, at the Court house, the 10th day of June, 1796, for the trial of 
Abram a negro man, slave belonging to the Estate of John Avery^ decVI, 
for burglary; the said negro man, was by the said Court, found guilt>" 
and condemned to die. We of the said Court taking into consideration 
the age and character of the s'd negro, and that it is the first criminal 
offence he has been charged with, do recommend him the s'd Abram, t^ 
the Governor and Council as a proper object of mercy. 
Given under our hands this 14th day of June, 1796. 

Philip Tabb, 
William Hall, 
Wm. Booth, 
Morgan Tomkies. 

John Pierce to the Governor. 

June 20, At the last Court held for this county I was one of the attending mem- 
Co^ P^^ hers, and was opposed to the nomination then made respecting the office 
of Sheriff, as by the law, in my opinion, the Court were confined to nom- 
inate only three persons, but I was not opposed to the alteration of the 
system of nomination heretofore pursued, having always considered that 
system totally repugnant to every principle of Justice. The last three 
Gentlemen which stands nominated by the last Court were Magistrates 


before the Revolution, and the whole of them have (or might of right) 1796. 
enjoyed the benefit of the Sheriff's office. Two of them, to my knowl- J^^® 20, 
edge, have done so, and afterwards returned to tlieir magisterial office, County 
several years before any of the other members now in office were in 
commission, consequently were justly entitled to that preferment again 
before the Junior Magistrates. In the year 1786, if my memory does 
not deceive me, a General Commission for Justices of this county was 
issued, comprehending several who were in office before the Revolution 
as well as those nominated under the present form of government. Under 
that Commission, the presiding member of right might have claimed the 
office of Sheriff, and after him every other member in rotation. How- 
ever, the nominations were continued on the old system — that is, to 
nominate such as had never held the office of Sheriff — ^and Mr. Wilkin- 
son is the only person now living that is comprehended in the Commission 
above mentioned, but has or might have enjoyed the benefit of the office 
of Sheriff. 

This communication I have considered incumbent on me to make to 
your Excellency, having myself, whilst I was one of the Junior Justices, 
been preferred to the office of Sheriff, and have, &c. 


Inclosed j'ou will receive the usual Quarterly Return of Arms, &c., June 30, 
from this place. Among other things contained therein, you will observe Areenul 
that the U. States have made no return of Arms, &c., since my last 
report; and as there is still a considerable number of arms and accoutre- 
ments, and the whole of the ammunition and other military stores which 
were lent by this State during the late Insurrection, unaccounted for, I 
have thought it my duty to call the attention of the honorable the 
Executive to this subject, presuming they will think it necessary to take 
some steps for the attainment of this property. 

From a view of the account current of the expenditures at this Post, 
it will be seen that the Superintendent is necessarily obliged to advance 
a considerable sum of his own money from quarter to quarter, in order 
to carry on the Publick Business. To remove this inconvenience, I have 
to request the honorable Board to make such quarterly advances on this 
account as to them may appear reasonable. The old Cartouch Boxes, 
formerly reported by me to be capable of being repaired and rendered 
fit for use, remaining still in that unrepaired state, and the Swords being 
without Scabbards or Belts, I wish the advice of the honorable Hoard 
respecting the mode I am to pursue in order to have these articles j)laeed 
in a state of repair. 

I have, &c. 


A Quarterly Return of Anna and Military Storeii at the State An<enal,, on 

the 30th of June, 1796. 

1796. 1 16 Inch Mortar, 1 6 pounder Brass, 1 4 pounder Ditto, 1 old Iron piece, 

5289 Muskets in complete order, 8057 Muskets in repair with Ruff' Bay- 
onets, 248 old Muskets out of order, 872 new stocked Muskets wanting 
Bayonets and R. rods, 400 Pickers and Brushes, 2939 Musket worms, 
182 Screw Drivers, 805 Brass hilted swords, 298 Iron Ditto, 7 barrels 
of Gun Powder, 40 Piggs of Lead, 181 Case Shot from 6 to 4 pounds, 268 
Round Ditto, 80 Rheams of Cart'g Paper, 486 Cannon Tubes, 18 Barrels 
of Flints, 1650 pounds of Ball and Buck Shot, *81 Muskets Stocked, 
* 415 Muskets fitted with new Ba^'onets and R. rods, * 860 Bayonets 
ground, * 57 Muskets made complete with new Bayonets and R. Rods 

* Quarters Work. 

June 30 On Motion of William McKinley Lieutenant of a Company of Cavalry, 

Commanded by Capt. Robenfc McCluer, (in the lOth Brigade) to the Court 
Martial now sitting, to determine whether the said Company of Cavalry, 
was subject under the Law to be compelled to attend the Battalion and 
Regimental musters. The Court after Mature deliberations are of opin- 
ion that all the Cavalry residing within the limit-s of any Battalion, shall 
attend their Res])ective Battalion and Rej?imental musters, which said 
opinion was objected to, it is therefore to the Executive of the Common- 
wealth of Virginia, for their advice on said occasion. 

A true copy — Signed, 

Jas. Griffith, Cl'k 

4th Reg't, 10th Brigade. 
• To the Governor. 

Thos. Jones to the Governou. 

July 1, Resigns his commission as Notary Public for this District. 


John Eyre to the Governor. 


July 7 It scen)s to be the intention of the Law that the Light Infantry com- 

panies of this State should not only be better Trained than any other 
troops, but that they should be better provided with arms, etc. I pre- 
sume, therefore, that in the distribution of Arms to be made bv the 
Executive those companies will be i)rovided in preference to others. The 


Company which I have the honor to command is entirely unfurnished, 1796. 
and is likjely to continue so unless supplied by the public. ^ 

I have to beg you will make application to the Executive for as many 
arms as you may think proi)er (say 50 Stand) for its use. 

I presume that if our exposed situation is recollected, we shall be 
among the first to be supplied. It is unnecessary to remind you, Sir, 
that we are accessible on three sides by water, and have among us per- 
haps a larger portion of Slaves than any other part of this State has. 

I am, &c. 

Wm. Heth to the Governor. 

I am just informed that most of the crew of a Ship from Norfolk July 7, 
bound to this Port are infected with the small-pox. She is now sup- Hundreds 
posed to be about Jordon's Point. Unless she should be prevented 
coming farther by the inhabitants of City Point and the neighborhood, 
she will j)robably get up there this afternoon. 

Since the death of Christo. Roane, there has not to my knowledge 

been a Superintendent of Quarantine for this Port appointed; so that 

until such an appointment shall be made, I don't see how the execution 

of the Quarantine and Health Laws of the State can receive the aid of 

^he Revenue oflBcers agreeably to the act of Congress Relative to Quaran- 

^^ne, passed the 27th May last. For by this act and the instructions 

from the Treasury Department of the United States accompanying it, 

''I am to co-operate with the State authorities in giving full effect to any 

regulations established by State Laws applying to the objects mentioned 

in the act relative to Qiuirantiney 

How far I should be justifiable under this act, and these instructions, 
^o exercise in the present case the po>vers vested in a Superintendent of 
Quarantine under the Laws of Virginia, especially under the 2nd and 3rd 
^^tions of the Act passed the 19th of December last, respecting Quar- 
antine, I will not pretend to say, but feeling an extreme unwillingness to 
^^ercii<e any authority not clearly given to me by Law, I shall wait the 
decision of the Executive thereon. 

It appears to me proper that this vessel should either be compelled to 
^turn to Norfolk or its vicinity, or prevented coming so far up the river 
^ to have communication with the vessels of this Port. Yet I do not 
find any clause in the aforesaid Acts, or in the Acts respecting the Small- 
pox, which would warrant the Superintendent of Quarantine, if there 
^we one here, in giving such orders. 

With permission, I will now^ take the liberty to recommend Mr. John 
*'^t>ert8on as the most proper i>erson at this Port to fill the office afore- 



I7im. The office of Notary Public at this Port having been vacant for many 

July ', monthn, which occasionfi much inconvenience to the masters of vessels. 
Hundreds and there being no person who will accept, qualified to fill it but officers 
of the customs, I would beg leave to ask the appointment for Harrison 
Walker, an apprentice in my office. His brother, who did the business 
for some time on behalf of Mr. Ferguson, is now surveyor of the Port 
and my principal clerk. He will see that the business shall be proi)erly 
done. In short, it will be as carefully attended to as if it formed part 
of the duties of this office. 

I am, &c. 

Should an immediate answer to this be deemed necessary, the propriety 
of sending an express therewith will doubtless occur, as a letter by Post 
will not reach this until Saturday, 4 o'clock. 

July 12 At a Court of Directors held at the Hospital, in Williamsburg, the V2ih 

day of July, 1796: 

Ordered by Directors of Hospital at Williamsburg, that a warrant be 
obtained from the Auditor of Public Accounts for two hundred jwunds 
for use of the Hospital. 


July 12, Having lately received under your authority a commission for enlist- 
cSunty ^^ ^^^ commanding a Company of Artillery, and as a late Act of th^ 
Assembly authorizing this establishment vests in the Executive of th^ 
State a power of furnishing the several Companies with Guns, T hav^ 
sought an early opportunity of requesting you to cause two pieces *^^ 
Artillery, together with such appen(Jages as may be necessary for instriic*^" 

ing the Coini)any in the ordinary or practical parts of duty, to be se^"* 
to Winchester; to fix a responsibility for which, I will pass my receij >'• 

I have, &c. 

Thos. Mason to the Governor. 

July 17, The election of the Directors of the Potomac Company comes on, 
Colchester ^j^i^], j^ Alexandria the first Mondav of next month. Mv dntv, f^ 
well as my interest, leads me to inform you that in my opinion tl^ 
Direction of that Company has been very unprofitably managed, and - 
do think that an alteration of the Directors ought to be made at th ^ 
ensuing election. 


The votes of the States have always had great influence, and I mean 1796. 
by this Letter to solicit the proxies of this. Should I be entrusted with CQijJ^^tgr 
them, I flatter myself, yourself and the Council have confided enough in 
me to believe that my best endeavors will be used to obtain the most fit 
men for that important office. 

I should endeavour to select men not only Honest, Industnous, and 
Attentive, but men, too, of understanding and such as were interested in 
the progress of that work, for I think it is the interest of some of those 
men in the Directorship to retard it. . A majority of the Directors at 
present reside in Alexandria, and nothing can be more clear than that 
the competition of the navigation will tend to reduce the commerce of 
that Spot, for the Boats that bring the produce cannot navigate the river 
so low down. The Alexandrians have obtained an act of Assembly for 
a Turnpike road from the Great Falls, which is a proof that they wish 
the navigation to stop there, to which place it is now complete. 

I am, &c. 

Joseph B. Downman, Wm. Chowning. and Martin Shearman recom- July 17 
mended as fit persons for appointment as Sheriff" of Lancaster county. 

At a Court held for Richmond County the 4th day of July, 1796: July 22 

William Peachey, Thomas Yerby, and Geo. Lee Turberville, Gentle- 
men, are recommended to his Excellency, the Governor of this State, as 
fit and proj)er jx^rsons, one of whom to be commissioned to execute the 
office of Sheriff* for the County for the ensuing year. 

Copy — Teste : 

B. McCarty, CPk. 

Richmond County, to-wit: 

I, Bartho. McCarty, Clerk of the Court of the said County, do 
hereby certify that no person hath entered into Bond with security as 
^he law directs, to Execute the office of Sheriff* since the above Recom- 
^^^ndation of Sheriffs in the County court of Richmond, 
^iven under my hand this 19th day of September, 1796. 

B. McCarty, CPk. 

At a Court held for Richmond County the 5th day of July, 1790: July 22 

Geo. Lee Turbeville, Gent., having produced in Court a license to prac- 

^^^® as an Attorney-at-Law, and having taken the necessary oaths, is 

P^nnitted to practice in this Court. 

Copy — Teste: 

B. McCarty, ClTc. 



1796. At a Court held for Richmond County the 1st day of April, 1793: 

July 22 Q^ Lg^ Turbeville, Gentleman, having declined the practice of the 

I^aw in this Court, took his seat on the Bench as a Justice of the peace. 

Copy — Teste : 

B. McCarthy, CFk. 

T. Dawson to the Governor. 

July 22, Since I left Virginia I have made every possible inquiry respecting the 
New York ^^^g wanted by the State. From the Sec'ty of War I am inclined to 
think, that they may be procured or contracted for, in the New England 

In two or three days I shall set out for Boston, where I shall be happy 
to receive any further instructions from your Excellency, and you may 
be assured I shall exert myself to comply with the directions of the 
Executive and the rest of the Legislature. 

I have, (&c. 

Joseph Marten to the Governor. 

July 26, I yesterday received a letter from your Excellency, bearing date ye 2nd 
Henry Co. Jnst, inclosing a Commission with directions to open a Correspondence 
with the Commissioners on the part of Kentucky; also with Arch'd Stuart. 
Esq'r, on the subject of Extending the Boundary Line between the two 
States. In obedience thereto, have this day dispatched a letter to Ken- 
tucky and one to Mr. Stuart on the subject. 

As soon as I receive answers shall write your Excellency and if neccs- 
sarv draw for some cash in advance. 

I stand prepared to proceed on my post at a moment's warning. 

I am, &c. 

James Monroe to the Governor. 

July 29, I hope the statue of the President arrived safe and without injury, at 

I ari8 Richmond, and in whicli I confide, as it was packed up with great care 
here, and forwarded from Havre under the auspices of a prudent captain 
of one of our best vessels. 

I herewith enclose you a note of the am't of what I paid to Mr. 
Houdon, the artist, for the charges annexed, and which he re(jueste<l 
innnediately. This item will be adjusted with Mr. Jones when he desires 



it. Mr. Houdon has also another demand of about the like sum for 
dep>reciation,and which I promised to communicate to you, and pay him 
in O'iiij'e you permitted. I believe from his statement, that he actually lost 
th3,t, amount, and in that mode, but at the same time I also believe that 
tho State of Virginia did not profit thereby, as likewise that the only 
claim .we have, if any, is upon the candor and liberality of the State. I 
will be happy to fulfil your wishes, whatever they may be in this respect, 
l^ermit me to renew to you my assurance of the pleasure with which 
1 sljall receive any commands from the Executive to perform here for the 
Stiit^' whilst I remain, and of the great respect and esteem with which I 
aii:i, ike. 


July 29, 


W. Wilson to the Governor. 

I am sorry to inform your Excellency that a resignation almost gener- July 30, 
ally, has taken place with the officers of the 7th Regiment. I have held P^^^smouth 
them together as long as I had the power of^ doing it, but the Reg't has 
been in so deranged a condition for six months past, that emulation and 
soldierly pride has been changed to disgust, and resignations have been 
the result. 

The confusion has arisen from the want of commissions to fill up 

vacancies, many companies not having more than one commission officer 

in it, and others not one. In order to fill up these vacancies, the Court 

about nine months ago entered up an order of recommendations and 

ordered the Clerk to transmit it to the Executive. The other day I 

received from Mr. Wood a number of Comm'ns, among which there were 

but few of them signed. I tendered those that were executed, but being 

withheld so long, they took it in their heads that they were not the free 

choice of the Executive and refused. 

I have, &c. 

At a Court of Oyer and Terminer held in Frederick county the 3rd 
y <>f August, 1796, for the trial of William, a negro boy, slave, the prop- 
'^^y of Rawleigh Colston, (aged between thirteen and fourteen years,) on 
suspicion of arson, present: Charles Myner Thurston, John Smith, Ed- 
^^rd McGuire, James Garmel Dowdall, John Shearman Woodcock, 
Cornelius IJjildwin, and George Flowerden Norton, Gent. Justices, 
^isha Boyd, Gent, is assigned as the Prisoner's counsel. 

August 3, 






Aueust 5, 



John Pendleton to the Oovernor. 

I beg leave to apprize the Executive that on the last day of this month 
I shall resign the office of Auditor of Public Accounts. I intended U» 
have resigned at the exj)iration of the last quarter, but the chief clerk, 
Mr. Sani'l Shepard, being desirous of xisiting his friends in Boston. I * 
deferred it merelv to accommodate him. He will hand this I>etter to 
your Excellency, and if he entertains any expectations or prehensions in 
ex)n8equence of my resignation, of which he has not yet spoken tome, 
he will communicate them himself. If it should b6 necessary for me to 
8f)eak of his merit to the Board, I will pay the tribute with pleasure. 

I have, &c. 

John Stewart to the Governor. 

August 9, The meeting of the General Assembly fast approaching, and the great 
Richmond difficulty of procuring parchment for enrolling Bills at the particular 
period it shall be required, has influenced me to purchase of Messrs- 
Prichard & Davidson seven dozen skins, amounting, agreeable to the 
enclosed Bill, to £14.15.0. This amount, I venture to believe, the Execu- 
tive will have no hesitation at directing payment of out of the public 


I have, &c. 

Aujnist 9 

At a quarterly Court continued and held for King & Queen County,^* 
the Courthouse the 10th of August, 1796: 

The Commonwealth of Virginia, against Chaney Gatewood, Deft, upt>^ 
a presentment of the Grand Jury for not voting at the last Election. 

This day came Benjamin Dabney, Deputy-Attorney for the Commoi^' 

wealth in this County, and the Defendant having been duly summoned 

and now solemnly called, came not; on the motion of the said Doputj^"' 

Attorney, It is considered by the Court that the Defendant be fined tlr^ ^ 

sum of one pound, nine shillings and'two pence half penny, being on 

fourth of his taxes and levies, and that the Defendant pay the costs 

this prosecution. 


Ro. Pollard, C. C. 


Petition of Chaney Gatewood to the Governor. 

August 9 The petition of Chaney Gatewood, praying the remission of a fin- 
imposed on him. 


Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

After all my attempts to purchase the place Gen'l Wood and myself 1796. 
looked at, I have been frustrated by the exorbitant demand of the pro- Norfolk ' 
prietor. He has risen from £400 to £600, and it will take at least £200 
more to put houses in order for the reception of goods. I have there- 
fore declined the purchase, and made proposals to the owner of a de- 
tached point of land at the mouth of Tanner's Creek, which will answer 
as well and better. He has promised me his terms, which, if moderate 
for sufficient buildings, and you approve of it, I will close with him, of 
which I will inform vour ExcV. 

We have been and are very healthy as yet, having lost only one man 
with the least appearance of malignant fever this year. A vessel is ar- 
rived from Oape N. Mole, who lost a man at sea, from every appearance 
with the disease of that place, as the Captain says he threw all his bed- 
ding and cloaths overboard. I have detained her below; the rest of the 
crew are well, and the man has been dead 18 or 20 days. She has hides 
on board, which I conceive are dangerous, and have directed them to be 
well aired; but I think coming from places highly infected they ought 
to be prohibited. 

I am, &c. 

W. Wilson to James Wood, Lt.-Governor. 

Your favor of the 4th ultimo I had the honor of receiving on the 8th, August 14, 
and b^ leave to observe that I made it njy business to call upon those I^^^'tsmouth 
Gentlemen who had resigned, as well iis those who had declined their 
commissions in the 7th Regiment, and explained to them the cause of 
their not receiving the commissions in due time — viz., neglect of duty in 
the clerk of our Court, of which they are perfectly sensible and satisfied. 

But as some of them are about to remove from the county, a new 
arrangement will be necessary, for which purpose I will call a meeting 
of those in commission and select those most fit and necassary to com- 
plete the 7th Regiment, and lay before our next Court for its nomination 
to the Executive, and will warn the C'lerk against a second breach of his 
<iuty. At the pressing solicitation again of Capt. Bernard Maguien, I 
am constrained to repeat ixiy wish (if there is no improj)riety in it) that 
the Executive will be pleased to turn him, his officers (Nathaniel Cooper 
and John Brooks), and his ('onipany into a corps of artillery. He is an 
excellent officer, and, I am informed, has served long in a French corps 
of artillerv. 

I have, &c. 


August 15 


Virginia to- wit: 

To all j)erson8 to whom these presents shall come: 

I, John Nivison, Notary Public for the District of Norfolk, by lawful 
authority, duly admitted and qualified, do hereby certify and make 
known that Ca[)t George G. Hussey, late master and owner of the 8hi]) 
Eliza, personally appeared before me, and being duly sworn on the Holy 
Evangelists of Almighty God, deposed and said, that he is a native of 
the State of Massachusetts, and a citizen of the United States of America; 
that, he took in a cargo of Salt at the Isle of May, with which he was 
bound for Norfolk; that the said ship and cargo being bona-fide his 
property. That on the 16th of August when about three miles distant 
from Cape Henry, several guns were fired at him by the British Frigate 
Thetis. He shortened sail. The Frigate came up. He was hailed when 
it was said on board the Frigate that a boat should be sent along side the 
Eliza, that a boat was accordingly sent, when the Deponent was desired 
to go to the Frigate with his papers. He did so; after Capt. Cochran 
had examined the papers, he observed that he found the Deponent had 
bought her in Holland; that she had been a prize ship illegally taken, 
and that as Great Britain did not acknowledge the French Republic, he 
should consider her a prize to him. that he accordingly ordered the crew 
from the Eliza, to be brought to the Frigate, and sent a crew with a prize 
master on board the Eliza, permitting the Deponent to remain on board ; 
that the said Frigates Thetis and the ship Eliza, are now in Hampton 
Roads. He having been thus deprived of his property. 

George G. Hussey. 

Wherefore I, the said Notary, at the request of the said deponent, did 
and do hereby solemnly [)rote8t against the said Caj)tain Cochran, com- 
mander of the British Frigate the Thetis, his officers, the crew, and all 
othei-s concerned in the capture of the said Ship Eliza, and also a^ainst 
those or the Government from which he, the said Capt. Cochran, derives 
his authority, for all the losses, costs, damages, and expenses, suffered or 
to be suffered by the said George G. Hussey, owner of the Ship Eliza an<i 
her cargo, by reason of the premises. 

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office, 
this 18th day of August, 1796. 


John Nivison, NotV F*ub. 

August 20, 

William Lindsay to the Governor. 

Enclosed is the deposition of George G. Hussey, owner and master O* 
the Ship Eliza, which was captured near Cape Henry by the Britist* 


Frijjate Thetis, Cochran commander, and brought into Hampton R6ads, 1796. 

where they now are. '^Norf\k^' 

I have enclosed a copy of the deposition to Mr. Nelson, the attorney. 

I am, &c. 

[Deposition not found. — Ed.] 

Cumberland, August Court, 1796 (22nd). 

Ordered, that Dudley Street be recommended to the Executive as a August 20 
proper and fit person to execute the office of First Inspector of Tobacco 
at Woodson's Warehouse in tlie Town of Cartersville, William Bagby as 
2nd, James Austin as 3rd, and James Spears as 4th. 

A copy — Teste: 

Tsch'r Woodson, D. Cl'k. 

William Tate to James Wood, Lieutenant-Governor. 

I have been extremely anxious to hear from you for some time, and Aujjust 25, 
to know if Mr. Thomas Wilson has made a return of the papers and oJjlntv*" 
vouchers with which he was entrusted, respecting the money due to the 
volunteer militia of the MonongaHa country. 

I am very solicitous that the business should be closed as soon as 

The monev which the Executive sent bv me for the Scouts who were 


m service last year is delivered to them some time past; but the Scouts 
*howere ordered out for the protection of Lee county, have not as yet 
had any allowance for their services, through their own neglect in not 
^Wng pay abstracts forwarded to the Executive. Notwithstanding their 
claim comes late, I make no doubt but that it will appear just that they 
should now have a compensation for their services as specified in the 
attract; and I think the bearer William King would be a safe and con- 
^'<^nient opix)rtunity to transmit the money to them, or such other person 
^ you may think proper to entrust with the distribution of the same. 

At the last June term in the county of Washington, Mr. Sam'l Edmis- 
^n was by the Court recommended to the Governor for our next Sheriflf, 
^ heing the next Senior Justice, agreeable to the usage and custom which 
^^ prevailed time out of mind ; but the office is claimed b}' Col. Camp- 
"^11, who was a Sheriff in the county of Washington since it became a 
^'inty. and now thinks he is again entitled to the appointment from hLs 
acting again ae a Justice of the Peace after his Sherifi'alty had expired, 
•^fore Mr. Edmiston was qualified as a Justice of the Peace. 




1796. The matter is submitted to the Board, having no doubt but that they 

Washineton ^^^^^ *^^ justice betwixt the gentlemen contending. However, if Col. 

County Campbell's principle be right, I have always understood the prevailing 

custom in a wrong manner. Excuse these imperfect hints, and believe 

me to be, dear sir, with much personal respect and esteem, 

Your, &c. 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

August 28, 

The accounts of a malignant fever from Charleston are very alarming 
at this time here. I have directed the look-out boat to examine the ves- 
sels coming from thence, and shall be glad of instructions from your 
Excellency how to proceed in case of any arriving with sickness. The 
law contemplating only that the vessel should be detained and informa- 
tion sent to the Executive, which would be attended with expenses and 
delays, to prevent which, if a discretionary power was lodged (as in the 
case of the W. Indies) with the Sup't of Quarantine, it would answer all 
purposes. Mr. Clemison, a merchant of this place, died there with the 
disease, which from accounts rages to a great degree. I should be glad 
to hear from your Excellency respecting the purchase of a place and 
building houses for the accommodation of the officers attending Quar- 
antine. The money received from Major Lindsay lies ready, but the 
exorbitant prices demanded for building, has prevented me from using it 
or taking the land, and were I to venture an opinion on it, I think it 
wouH be best to take at least fifty acres, as at some future day it may he 
necessary to erect hospitals for reception of the sick on it, and a l)uryinp 
ground is exceedingly wanted, as a trespass is committed in every 
instance of interring the dead from the vessels. We have only had 
occasion for a few vessels to be detained as yet, and only tw^o persons 
have died, which I had interred on my own land. 

We are remarkably healthy here, and the crews of the vessels which 
have arrived have also been healthy. 

The people employed in the look-out boat have called for wages, hut I 
did not choose to pay them out of the money received for the purchase 
of land, ttc, without your ai»prol)ation. lie pleased to say whether 1 
shall make use of any of that, or draw for their pay. 

I am, ike. 

No (late, 




Ahch'd Stuart to the (tovernor. 

When I returned from ye Sweet Springs about the Inst of July. 1 
received your Excellency's favor, with the inclosures, on the subject of 



the Boundan' Line betwixt Viro;inia and Kentucky. I have lost no time 
in dispatching a messenger to Kentucky by the way of (ienl Martin to 
fix upon the time and place of meeting with the Commissioners of that 
State, which I proposed should be on the first of October next as near 
the junction of the three States as accommodations would admit and 
proceed westwardly. A suitable person for this i)urj)Ose could not be had 
for less than two dollars per day, he finding himself and horse. I am 
informed ready money will be reciuired for everything we stand in need 
of in the country where we are going. If my colleague has made no 
draft for these expenses, the Executive will please deposit with Col. R't 
Gamble a sum which they may judge necessary, and I can receive ye 
money from his partner here. I can name no sum, as I am a stranger 
to disbursements which may be necessary. 

I am, iSic, 


No date, 





J. Dawson to the Governor. 

In compliance with the wishes of the Executive I have made inquiries, 

with that anxiety which the importance of the subject merits, respecting 

the arms wanted by the State, and have good reason to conclude that the 

idea of procuring them on the Continent must be relinquished, and that 

we must look to P^urope for the supply. 

The high price of labour and of everything here with us, and wherever 
I have been, makes it impossible to get them on the terms contemplated 
by the liCgislature. 

James Swann, Esq!, of this place, who has for some time directed the 
fi.'^cal arrangements of the French Re])ublic within the United States 
inuch to their satisfaction, is willing to enter into a contract for the deliv- 
ery of them in one and two years, provided it can be extended to the 
whole quantity contemplated by the law, and the price anyways in 
proportion to that in Euro}>e and to the difficulty and risque of trans- 

This sum I am persuaded will be much below any at which they have 
heen offered or can be procured on the Continent, and I know no person 
^ well suited to transact this business as Mr. Swann ; his responsibility is 
^^»ple and undoubted, and his knowledge of and advantages in Europe 
^ill insure punctuality and good arms. I therefore recommend to your 
Excellency to open an immediate correspondence with him on the sub- 
J^t, and as I am just about to return to Virginia, I shall expect to meet 
your letter in answer to this in Philadelphia. Shall with pleasure com- 
ply with the wishes of the Board, and shall think myself happy on being 
^n the leaat instrumental in procuring for our citizens what 1 deem so 
^ential for all who know how to value and defend their rights. 

With much, &c., 

Sept. 11, 




.Sept. 11, 


Sept. 12, 

Sopi. 12 

J. Dawson to Mr. Swan. 

On what terms and when can you furnish the State of Virginia with 
four tliousand musquets of the following description, which quantity 
will be wanted annually and the [layments for them pointed? 

The length of the barrel three feet 8 inches, and to carry a ball of the 
size of 18 to the pound. 

Tlie bavonet one foot 5 inches in the blade. 

A double bridle-lock of the best construction — ^neat brass mountinir 
and steel ramrod, to be stocked in black walnut. 

The cartx)uch box to be suitable to the musquet and to contain 24 
cartridges, with neat, black leather belts mounted with brass buckh\«. 
and a brush-wiper for the pan, and picker for the touch-hole. 

1 am, itc. 

J. Dawson to the Governor.. 

After writing my letter of this date to your Excellency I thought it 
I)roper to send a note to Mr. Swan, a copy of which, with his answer, 1 
do mvself the honour now to enclose. 

These >vill explain the state of the business clearly, and should the 
proposition meet with the approbation of the board, the contract may at 
once be formed at Philadelphia, where a person is empowered to act on 
behalf of Mr. Swan, or a C()rres})onden(!e may be opened, or my retun^- 
which will W' soon, may be waited for. 

I have, &c. 

Boston, 12th Sept., 1796. 
Hon. John Dawson, Esq.: 

Sir — I received your propositions for supplying the State of Vit" 
ginia with 4()CM) stand of arms. Bayonet Kelt, and Cartridge Box fortlt*^ 
Hjjace of five years, making in the whole 2(),0(K). In answer, I wil* 
undertake to supply the whole within two years, deliverable 10,000 eac^^ 
year, say in 1707 and 1798, at twelve <lollars each, payable on delivery 
at Richmond, or at eleven Dollars and a half, if half the price be ad^ 
vanced, on my gi\nng undoubted security at Richmond. The musket t«^^ 
he com pleat as you describe it — say the barrel to be three feet eigU^ 
inches long, to receive a ball of eighteen to the pound. The Ba\'onet i^ 
be one fo^t five inches in- the bla<le, a double bridle lock of the besti*oi^^ 
struetion, ncjit brass mountings, and a steel ram-rod to be stocked i ^ 
black walnut. The cartridge-box to contain 24 cartridges and every wa.^ 
suitable to the musket, witli neat, black leather belt« mounted with bra*^ 
buckles, and a brush-wiper for the pan and picker for the touch-hole. 



But that no misunderstanding may arize, I propose that three or four 
muskets be sealed with the seal of the State and rnv seal, one of which 
to be lodged at Richmond and the other to be delivered me as samples, 
and I condition it that in case so many black walnut stocks be not found, 
that any other wood of equal strength and goodness be adopted. 

The price I have fixed, calculating everytliing, will leave a bare mer- 
cantile profit, and I presume the State does not expect to be cheaper fur- 
nished. And I engage further, that all the arms shall be proved and 
none received but such as stand the proof, and this again is an addi- 
tional charge to me of 20 ]>. cent, at the manufacturers. As you leave 
this to-morrow or this day, I propose sending powers to my agent at 
Philadelphia to contract with you in my behalf, provided the Executive 
at Richmond approve of these conditions and give you authority to con- 
tract with me. 

I am ver}^ respectfully, &c., 

James Sw^an. 

1 mean that the charge or expence of proving the arms at Richmond 
shall be at the State expence. 

Sept. 12 


Informing him that the contract for supply of timber and firewood 
with David Ross would ex[)ire on the 80th of September, and could not 
be renewed on as favorable terms. Suggests that 25 or 30 acres of timber 
land be acquired by purchase or by condemnation for the use of the 

Sept. 12, 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

Your Excellencv's favor I dulv received and will attend to vour 
instructions, but I apprehend after all I shall be obliged to have recourse 
t^jury to condemn some proper place for the buildings; but no time is 
l^>st yet in it. The excessive price of Ciirpcnters is such that I think it 
had Ixitter rest awhile, as they are now on a poize, and materials will 
also fall, that good buildings I expect may be erected in the spring for 
what very indifferent ones could be now. The money lies ready, and I 
have tempted many with an advance but without effect, unless double 
the value is paid for building and the land. The Collector and all the 
officers of the General (iovemment have instructions and have oflered 
we their assistance if I should want it. The Revenue (-utter is laid up 
unfit for service. She might have rendered us some benefit. 

Then? seems to be no danger from Cliarleston. 

Your, vfcc. 

Sept. 12, 


I7!»*;. P. H. Moselev. HTc of Princ€«« Anne, certifys that James Rohin'«»>n 

C*F'*- '**• fail*-*! to give htfUfl and seeurity fur the fierformaiiee of the ilutu*? oi 
Anmr Shifrift" and Collector of tlie Revenue Tax. 

feef»t. 21, J. Ambler re^|ue:9t<> a member of the Board to attend at the Trea<iirv 
r>tr]oe ^'i> the morning of Oct 1st to examme and asK^rtain the amount oi tiitf 
HichiDoml .S|i«X'ie, Ac., con:*tituting the lialance due tlierefrom on the annual sHttle- 
nient to the 30th in^stant. 


Sept. 22, RfHigns a»Tninisi*ion as Jailor on account of the insecurity of the Jail 
New Ijrtntlon , • /*. . /. 

and msumciency of compensation. 

Sept. 24, William PeLsory and Paul Carrington petition for the pardon of Wil- 

e erebnrg jj^^ John Thweatt, convicted of horse i^tealing at session of District 
Court and condemned to he hung. The petitioners represent the condi- 
tion uf Thweatt's mind to be nearly idiotic and therefore a fit subject for 

Arch'd Stuart to tub Governor. 

Sept. 27, Bv Mr. Parrv I received a letter from the Kentucky Commissioners' 
Mhingtrm acceding to our proposal to meet at Cumberland Gap on the first day of 
( )ctober next, and infonning us that they had appointed Buckner Tlirus- 
ton, Esquire, a third Commissioner on their part. General Martin and 
myself have on our part appointed Creed Taylor, Esq'r, of Cuml)erland, 
who we doubt not will be apjiroved by the Executive. Gen'l Martin ha;* 
^one on to make the necessary arrangements for our accommodation 
while in the woods, which I understand will not be less than forty days. 
Mr. Taylor and myself are thus far on our way to the place of meetini?. 
VV(j are ad\4sed from the height and steepness of the Rocks on the 
summit of a considerable part of the Chimberland mountain it will l>e 
imiK)ssible to run along the top of it. At such places we shall be com- 
pelled to ascertain the distance and course to run as near its base as we 
cjin without marking. In such parts no dispute can ever arise as to the 
lx)undary as run. Indians have seldom, if ever, been known to cross at 
them. Wherever the l)oundary may be doubtful and the mountains are 
accessible, we proiK)se to run and mark. At present we are unable to 
form any estimate of the expenses attending this business. For part of 
our provisions we must dei)end uj)on the forest. We arc advised then* 


will ]>e ten or twelve persons with the Commissioners from Kentucky. 1790. 

Our number will probably not be less. «r^P^ !?' 

'■ •^ Washington 

I have. &c. 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

Contradicting reports of Yellow fever at Norfolk. Admit some cases Sept. 28, 
of bilious fever which have proved fatal among strangers and intemperate 

Ho. QrARLKs to the Governor. 

Incloses usual Quarterly return of Military stores at the Arsenal, also Hept. 'M) 
a view of the state of the I>oan of anns <fec., made by the State to the 
1 nited States. Promising ordinary jiay-roll for artificers and Guard, an 
account current of expenditures for present Quarter, an ac't for summer 
clothing to guard, annual account for fire wood, timl>er &c., reminding of 
lotting the Contractor's office for Arsenal ; hopes for lower rates for pro- 
visions on account of greater abundance. 
Work done in the year preceding the 3<Hh of September, 1796: 
Uy() Bayonets ground, 2-So Musketi< stocked, 117 I>ocks made. 208 liayo- 
nets forged, filed, and fitted : 2f^ BayonH.« and I^amrods ground and 
polished, 109 Muskets cleaned and rejiaire^l and added to those in order, 
272 Bay<»nets and Ramrods forged, file<l, and fitted: 415 Muskets fitted 
with New Bavonets and ramrods. 

J. Pendleton to tub Goveexok. 

Hanng announce*! to the hrmorable the F^xecutive my deienniruition Si-|jt. :iO 
^0 resign on this day, I do accordingly hereby rt«ign the officx- of Audi- 
^»r of Public Account^. Althoujrh this act i^ jjerfectly voluntary. I 
should di.ssemble. Sir, if I were not to confe!5« that I retire with rejmit. 
Tlie irn|»c»rtant trust which the Jjegislature and your honl>le Board have 
f>een pleased for so many yearn to confide U* rij<- and therei<f*ectful '-oun- 
t^^nance whicli thev have alwavs shewn rue had attadied me clowJv Up 
^^y publick station, and besides? the salark' annexed to the offioe is of 
?i'wit imjwutance to me. but. Sir. after thirteen years service, 10 the cx^urse 
^^ which time I have enjoy eri very little relaxation from businees, I find 
mygf'If unable longer to bear the confinement and unremitting atten- 
tion which the dutief« of the office re^juire, and I would not under the 
miiaence of any other resLSon. resign duiing the reoee^ of the General 


1796. Assembly, and I fiatter myself, Sir, the season is such an one as will 
Sept. 30 excuse nie to that lion 'hie body for having done so, and also be consid- 
ered by the Executive as an apology for the trouble my resignation gives 


I have, &c. 


Sept. 30 Testifys to his opinion of the superior qualifications of Mr. Shepard 

(from his long association with him and Mr. Shepard's familiarity with 
the duties of the office of Auditor of Public Accounts) as his successor 
in that office which he proix)ses to resign, and as a proof of his sincerity 
offers to become his security on his official Bond if the Board should 
appoint him. 

Aug. 6th, 1796. 

Oct. 1 Official Bond of Samuel Shepard as Auditor of Public Account*, dated 

October 1st, 1706, with J. Pendleton, John Carter, and Richard Dobson 
as securities. 

Oct. 1, The Treasurer being enjoined to close the accounts of his offfice on the 

Treasury thirtieth day of September annually, we the underwritten, thereto 
appointed by the Executive at the request of the Treasurer, repaired U) 
the Treasury in the morning of the first of October, in order to ascertain 
the amount of the money, tobacco and facilities actually in the Treasury, 
received on i)ublic account, and constituting the balance due therefrom 
on the the 30th of September, 1796. 

Having examined and counted and weighed the SjKJcie, we find it 
amount to one hundred and fifty-nine thousand two hundred and sixty- 
four dollars fifty-nine cents. 

We find also notes for forty-eight hogsheads, quantity 39,343Ibs. nett 
crop tobacco which at the rates received into the Treasury, amount to 
one thousand seven hundred and thirty -one dollare seventy-seven cents, 
and indents to the amount of thirty-three dollars thirty-four cents which 
have been paid into the Treasury in discount, for certain taxes as the law 

James Wood, 
Hahdin Burnlev, 
Carter Braxton. 



S. Shepaei^ to the Gotitexci^ 

Asking ibr the issoe of a wamnt lo d^nj the expenssn^ ^nf 
with notice? to Sheri£& for taxes oi 1795. 

Also asking the sanction of the Board to his apiiointmeot of an addi- 
tional clerk in Anditors Office. 


Governor Brooke to Gex. Wood. Liettexaxt-Goverxor. 

An opportunity now offers of sending Misl Perry the annual allowance ix>t. S. 
from vour societv if vou will send me an order for it. I will remit it to *^^**»*^^*^« 
her by a gentleman who will go to Orange Court on this day we^. 

I am. ^c. 

Bond of Matthew Wills, with Elias Wills securitv, as ix^ntraetor for 
supplying the Garrison at Point of Fork with Rations for 12 months 
succeeding Nov. 1. 1796. 

tVH. t5 

M. IIouDON TO the Governor. 

The 8th of July, 1785. it was agreed between his Excellency Mr. Jef- 
ferson, in the Virginia's State's name, and me, that I should execute in 
marble the statue of Mr. Washington for the sum of 25,000f French 
Qioney, to be paid in three times. At the period of the last j>ayinent, at 
the end of 1792 I received 9,000f, which would formed the whole suni 
I ought to received if it had not been paid in assignats, who, losting in 
that time 60-100, only give the value of 5,625 silver, to remain due 
thereof 3,375. 

By a letter to his Excellency Mr. Morris, I immediately claim against 
this sort of payment I inclose him the answer Mr. Grand make for 
him to nie. Mr. Morris and Mr. Short didn't receive answer from the 
^ ir^nia State to the several letters they wrote on this account When 
^t the end of 1795 his Excellency Mr. Monroe ordered the Stjitute's 
departure, I renew my claim for being paid of the sum of 3,375, but 
neither the Minister or the Consul wont take any determination on this 
object Them and me wrote to the Virginia's State on this account, but 
*gain no answer. Now I adress myself directly to you, sir, and 1 hope 
you will find my request as right as did any of the three Ministers above 
Mentioned, and that I shall be honored of a satisfactory answer. 

I am, (&c. 
Paris, 8th October, 1796. 

Hease to direct your answer to this claim, " An Citizen Houdon, au 

^uvre a Paris." 


Oct. 7 


171HJ. Capt. A. Dunscomb asks the Executive for an order to the Arsenal for 

Oct. 14 gxiflicieiit Pi)W(ier to return to Messrs. Gamble & Temple for amount bor- 
rowed of them as Captain of Artillery. 

Jos. Prkntis and Jos. Jones to the Governor. 

Oct. 2*2, We find ourselves constrained by the duties of our office, to represent 

'^^'bunr ^ ^ ^^^^ Executive the case of Jere or Jeremiah Hamilton, a free mulatto 
who was triefl the last Dumfries District Court, for a rape committed on 
the body of Anne Duskins, wife of John Duskins of the County of Fair- 
fax, and found guilty by the Jur>% and in consequence sentence of death 
passed on him. There were circumstances exhibited in this case, which 
induced a disiK)sition in the Court to set aside the verdict and award a 
new trial, but the objection in \yo\ni of l^aw to a venire de-novo sum- 
moned under the authority of the District Court, presented an insui>erable 
obstacle to this mode of i)roceeding. 

The disposition of the Court was ])roduceil from some part of the Tes- 
timony as delivered b\' the prosecutrix, which had created doubts in the 
Court whether the facts necessary to constitute the oflfence had been fully 

We therefore recommend the j)risoner to the Executive, as a person to 
whom if they think advisible, their pardon may be extended. 

We are, &c. 

Oct. 25 Application by the Treasurer of the Lunatic Hospital at Williamsburg 

for a warrant from the Executive on the Auditor for four hundred 

Thomas Newton to the Governor. 

Oct. 27 Suggests that in view of the advanced state of the season the dangfc"^ 

of infectious from Foreign places is past, and therefore the QuarX"- 
antine -vessel might be dispensed with. 

Oct. 27 Petition of some of the inhabitants of Charlestown for a commissioi^ 

of the Peace to be granted to John Connel, Robt. Colwell, and Francis 
McGuire on account of the scarcity of Justices in that part of tb^ 
count r>\ 



Petition of James Griffith and Jos. Dodridge, inhabitants of Charles- 1796. 
toviTi, requesting the Executive to increase the number of Justices in the ^^ ^ 
county of Ohio for the preservation of peace and good order and the 
protection of the community — account of the increasing immigration 
down the River Ohio. 

Winchester District, October t/^rm, 1796. 

The Executive is informed of the escape from jail of Cabel Martin Oct. 27 
and Joseph Steer, prisoners charged with horse-stealing. 

J. Peyton, C. W. D. C. 

Petition of M. Harrison, Ju'r, Ste'n Tho'n Mason, Tho. Swan, Jno. Nov. 1 
Minor, .JuV, a large number of citizens of Fairfax and Prince William, 
for the pardon of Jeremiah Hamilton, free negro, convicted in the Dis- 
trict court of Dumfries for rape on the body of Anne Duskins and con- 
demned to be hung. The petitioners conceive the evidence in this case 
improbable, equivocal, and contradictory. 

^Uso tlie petition of Benj'n Botts, counsel for the prisoner in this case. 

Resignation of Thos. Pollard as Notary Pub. of Westmoreland, Rich- Nov. 3 
^ond, Lancaster, and Northumberland, on account of his removal and 
recommending Hokeley Towles for that position. 

Certificate of Mich'l Bailey, C. S. C, that Henry Harrison has not Nov. 3 
8^ven Bond nor entered into the duties of the office of Sheriff of Sussex 
^unty agreeable to commission dated July 7th, 1796. 

C'ertificate of Will. Russell, clerk of C't of Directors of Lunatic Hos- Nov. 4 
Pital that five vacancies exist in that court at this time. 

Capt. John Morris to the Governor. 

t^onsenting to accept the amount of pay offered by the Executive for Nov. 6, 
"is company of Militia, called by Capt. Caperton to the assistance of his ^«"»^'ha 
^mpany of volunteers in Kanawha, viz: pay for three months' service, 
^^^(1 requesting the same to be forwarded by William Morris, Jr. 


1796. Auditor's annual statement of the Commonwealth's -Revenue and 

Nov. 7 Expenditures, together with list of balances due from the several coun- 
ties, sent in to the Governor, to be by him laid before the House of 

Nov. 7 Petition of Elisha Mereilith, of Cumberland, Lieutenant of Light 

Infantry, to have a muster fine remitted for reasons given. 

Thos. Newton to the Governor. 

Nov. 7, Enclosing bill of Capt. Baret for service on Quarantine Sloop Patty, and 

hire of same for that service, $741 11. Acknowledging receipt from 
Collector of $1,200. Advising the postponement of erection of buildings 
for accommodating persons attending Quarantine on account of the high 
price of building. 

Nov. s At a Court held for Lee county the 8th day of November, 1796: 

Ordered, that William Robinson, James McMillin, Benj'n Sharp, and 

James Hoff be recommended to his Excellency Robert Brooke, Governor 

of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the honorable Privy Council, as 

fit persons for Captains of the Militia of the Ninety-fourth R^ment, in 

the county of Lee. 

And Isaac Mullen, James Fulkerson, senior, Sam'l Poteet, and Joseph 

Coger for Lieutenants of the Ninety-fourth Regiment, in the county of 

And Robert Gibson, Robert Semm, Henry Skidmore, John Muuccy? 

and William Yeary for Ensigns of the Ninety-fourth R^ment, in th«^ 

county of Lee. 


C. Carter, C. L. C. 

Nov. 8 At a Court held for Lee county the 8th day of November, 1796, prc^^ 

ent: Joshua Ewing, George Gibson, Benj'n Sharp, Peter Fulkerson, an^ 
James Hoif, Gentlemen. 

Ordered, that John Fulkerson, James McMillen, Daniel Letterell, an^ 
William Campbell be recommended to his Excellency Robert Bnwk^-* 
Escjuire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the honorable 
Privy Council, as fit and capable persons to be added to the Commissio*^ 
of the Peace for the county of Ijce; and that it be certified that Williar»* 
Ewing refused to serve as Justice of the Peace, and that John Hunt^^ 
has removed to the State of Kentucky. 

Teste : 

C. Carter, C. L. V, 


James Innes to the Governor. 

Enclosing letters to Speakers of both houses of the General Assembly 1796. 

N^ov 13 
resigning the office of Attorney General. Jaraes City 

Petition of Thos. Keith, late Sheriff of Fauquier, praying remission of Nov. 15 
Damages for year 1792, having paid principal, interest and cost, as per 
Auditor's statement enclosed. 

Same of Aylett Buckner, Sheriff of same, for same, with Auditor's 
statement of payment for 1794. 

Ix THE House of Delegates, 
TueMuy^ November 15th ^ 1796. 

Resolved, that the Executive do proceed to execute the Act entitled Nov. 15 

" An Act authorizing the Executive to procure arms for the defence of 

the C^)mmon wealth," in the mode which they may think most consonant 

to the public interest 


John Stewart, C. H. D. 

1796, Nov, 19th. 
Agreed io by Senate — Signed : 

H. Brooke, C. S. 

A copy — Teste: 

John Stewart, C. H. D. 


A petition signed by a number of citizens of Amelia County recites Nov. 15 
^€se facts: That at a Court of Oyer and Terminer held at Amelia Court- 
house on the 7th day of September, 1796, a negro man named Kike, the 
P^perty of Reuben Wright of said County, was tried for the crime of 
^rson in burning a wheat bam belonging to said Wright. 

The Court upon the testimony introduced, declared the prisoner guilty 
^nd sentenced him to be hung. This petition represents that the princi- 
ple evidence brought forward was a confession of the prisoner of guilt 
^^ the crime charged. . In consecjuence of the motives which seemed to 
P^vail with the prisoner, inducing him to make this confession, impelled 
•^y the apprehension of the cruelty which an inhuman, revengeful master 
^ould continue to inflict, (to which death alone promised relief,) these 
petitioners ask for the pardon of the prisoner. 

^'ounter petitions are also found expressing conviction of the guilt of 
^"e prisoner, and grave apprehensions of the danger to his master and 
^veral others of the neighborhood by his being again set at liberty. Let- 


1796. ters of Mr. Joshua Chapin of Amelia are found which indicate that 
Nov. 15 moved by feelings of humanity, he has consented to purchase Kike from 
his master, if pardoned, and contracted to send him immediately out of 

Nov. 15 Petitions of R. Yates and Charles Tompkies, Sheriflf of Gloucester, 
praying remission of balance of fine for non-payment of balance of 
Execution against James Baytop for part of Revenue of 1789. 

In the House of Senators, 
Wednesday, Nov. leth, 1796. 

Nov. 15 The House according to the order of the day, proceeded by joint ballot 
with the House of Delegates to the choice of an Attorney-General for this 
Commonwealth, in the room of James Innes, who hath resigned, and the 
members having prepared tickets with the names of the persons balloted 
for and deposited the same in the ballot boxes, Mr. Cabell, Mr. Temple, 
Mr. Meade, Mr. Hoomes and Mr. McCraw were nominated a committ43C 
from the House of Delegates, in the conferance chamber and jointly with 
them to examine the ballot boxes, and report to the House on whom the 
majority of votes should fall. 

The Committee then withdrew, and after some time returned into the 
House and Mr. Cabell reported that the Committee had according to order, 
met a Committee from the House of Del^ates in the conference chaniher, 
and jointly with them examined the ballot boxes, and found a majority 
of votes in favor of Robert Brooke, Esquire. 

Extract from the Journal. 


H. Brooke, C. S. 

In the House of Senators, 
Wednesday, November 16th, 1796. 

Nov. 17 The House, according to the order of the day, proceeded by joint bal 

lot with the House of Delegates to the choice of Auditor of Publi< 
Accounts in the room of John Pendleton, who hath resigned ; and tli 
members having prepared tickets with the names of the persons balloteci- 
for and deposited the same in the ballot boxes, Mr, McCraw, Mr. Pres -^ 
ton, Mr. Bassett, Mr. Eyre, and Mr. Holmes were nominated a commit^ — 
tee to meet a committee from the House of Dele^tes in the conferenc^^ 
Chamber and jointly with them to examine the ballot boxes and refn)!^'* 
to the House on whom the majority of votes should fall. 

The committee then withdrew, and after some time returned into th 


House, and Mr. McCraw reported that the committee had according to 1706. 
order met a committee from the House of Delegates in the conference ^^^* ^^ 
chamber, and jointly with tliem examined the ballot boxes and found a 
majority of votes in favor of Samuel She2)ard. 
Extract from the Journal. 


H. Br(X)ke, C. S. 

Robert Porterfield to the Governor, or Jas. Wood, Lieuten- 

Permit nie to represent to your Excellency that the officers appointed Nov. 17 
to conmumd the artillerv at Staunton have been extremelv assiduous in 
endeavouring to raise their company, and have so far succeeded as to 
have a c(msiderable pro|)ortion of their men in uniform, and could the 
commanding officer (who I think well calculated to command a com- 
pany of artilerv either in time of peace or war) be furnished with the 
' Field Piece contemplated by Law, I have no doubt that the Comp'y 
would be complete in a short time, and the emulous disi>osition shewn 
by the officers afford the most sanguine expectation; that a knowledge 
of their exercise and duty would very soon be accjuired, without which 
that part of the Militia I^aw which relates to artilery is rendered nuga- 
tory. Therefore, if there are any Pieces of artilery at the dis|)osal of the 
Executive I hope they will direct one to be sent on to Staunton for the 
U8e of the company aforesaid; and altho' it may not be within my par- 
ticular province to make an application of this kind, yet as I think it 
would tend to the Public good, and being da*<irous to see complete the 
several Corps within the Brigade District which 1 have the honour to 
conimand, I can with the more confidence rely that the representation I 
'"•ave made will not l>e thought impertinent. I would also beg leave to 
^fuind the Executive that the rules of discipline and copies of the 
Militia I^w have not yet come to hand for the 7th Brigade. 

I have, &c. 

I do hereby certif}' that Mrs. Perry, the widow of Lieutenant John Nov. 22 
* ^rry, of the 3rd Regiment of Cavalry, is still a fit object of charity and 
^^ritg a continuance of the aid of the Society of the Cincinnati. 

Francis Brooke, 
A member of the Society of the Cincinnati. 



1796. Petition of Daniel Howe, Sh'ff of Montgomery, for remission of a fine 

Nov. 22 ^f ^j^ dollars against him for temporary absence from court-room during 
a session of Court. 

Joseph Jonbs to the Governor. 

Nov. 23 Recommending Robert Messenburg as an Inspector at Barksdale'8 
Warehouse; likewise the following names for same position: Peter 
Vaughan. John Anderson, Bozwell Hutchens, Benj'n Bosseau, Jun'r, 
Edward Pegram, Jun'r. 

Joseph Kent to the Executive. 

Dec. 1 When I contracted to supply the volunteer Militia on the Southwestern 

frontier of this State for the years 1792, '93 and '94, 1 was assured that 
punctuality would be obserx'ed on the part of the public in making the 
advances and payments promised to me. Under this impression I en- 
gaged and did for a length of time supply these troops either out of mv 
own purse or credit, both of which were extended for their benefit. 
Several applications were made by me to Government for the money 
they had promised, and frequently, notwithstanding the strong assurance 
given me, I was disappointed. My contract was that, if the public did 
not always pay me agreeable to our contract, I should be compensated 
for the disappointments, the time lost, and money expended in going to 
the seat of Government for it. At four different times did I attend, ^vith 
much fatigue and expense, and was disappointed each time, from which 
circumstance I am a considerable loser. As I conceive it was within the 
I)ower of the Executive to redress me and make me the compensation 
promised, I do now apply to them with a hope of success. To 8upi)ort 
the account which is herewith sent, I can produce a sufficient document, 
and Gen'l Lee, the then Governor, will confirm what I have said above 
with raspect to my contract and the promise given me by the public. 

With respect, I am, &c. 

In Nottoway County Court, 

Dec, M, 1796. 

Dec. 1 Abram Hatchett and John E. Jackson are recommended to his Excel- 

lency the Governor and Council as fit persons to execute the office of 
Coroner in this county. 

Thomas Waring Todd,.D. C. 


William Lowthbr to the Governor. 

Inclosed vou will receive a pay and muster abstract for six Scouts 1796. 
- • x- .^ Dec. 5 

Drdered into service under my conmiand by Gen'l Benj'n Biggs for the Harrison 
iefeiice of Harrison in the year 1795, also one Scout by the name of 
Bird I^ockhart by adWce of John Dawson, Esquire, member of the 
Council of State, but in consequence of orders received from your Excel- 
lency dated the — day of ,1795, directing that the Scouts should 

be continued in service until further .orders, which orders I have never 
received, the Scouts therefore continued in service as long as they and the 
inhabitants thought necessary. 

Robert Bartlett, Moses Hall, Elias Hughs and Henry Brandenburg 
continued until the first of Jan'y, 1796; Moses Hewett, Daniel Rowell, 
and Bird Lockhart until the 24th of October, 1795. You will, therefore, 
readily discover the reason why the blanks are left in the abstract and 
mugter roll and regulate the same as the nature and justice of the case 
may require. 

I have, &c. 

In the House of Senators, 
TneHclay, December the Gth, 1796, 


The House proceeded according to the orders of the day, by joint bal- Dec. 5 
lot with the House of Delegates, to the choice of three members of the 
Privy C/Ouncil or Council of State to supply the vacancies occasioned by 
the resignation of two of that body, and the appointment of James Wood, 
Es^juire, to be Governor or Chief Magistrate of this Commonwealth ; and 
the members having prepared tickets with the names of the persons 
Voted for and deposited the same in the ballot-boxes, Mr. Peyton, ^^r. 
^^ton, Mr. Birkett, Mr. Strother, Mr. Bassett, and Mr. Chinn were nom- 


dilated a committee to meet a committee from the House of Delegates in 
the Conference Chamber, and jointly with them to examine the ballot- 

^xea and report to the houses on whom the majority of votes should 


The committee then withdrew, and after some time returned into the 
House, and Mr. Peyton reported that the committee had, according to 
^rJers, met a committee from the House of Delegates in the Conference 
Chamber, and jointly with them examined the ballot-boxes and found a 
^^ajority of vot«s in favor of Meriwether Jones, John Pendleton, and 
John Mayo, Esquires. 

Extract from the Journal — ^Teate: 

H. Brooke, C. S. 


]7\m. Received of the Electors of a President and Vice-President of the 

^^^'- ^ United States, a packet directed to the President of the Senate of the 
United States, containing a list of the votes for the State of Virginia for 
tiie said President and Vice-President, which packet is subscribed by the 
said Electors, and I hereby engage to deliver the saiue to the President 
of the Senate at Philadelphia before the first Wednesday in Januan- 
next. Richmond, December the 7th, 1796. 

Sam'l Pettls. 
Attest: Peter G. Balgrove. 

Henrico — to wit: 

l^ec. 5 I do hereby certify that I have administered the oaths prescribed 

by law to be taken by a Privy Councillor unto Meriwether Jones and 
John Pendleton, Esquires. 

Given under my hand this 7th day of December, 1796. 

Dan'l L. Hylton. 

Virginia — to wit: 

Dec. 6 I do hereby certify that I have administered the oaths prescribed 

by law to be taken by the Governor or Chief Magistrate of the Common- 
wealth unto James Wood, Esquire, who hath been elected for that office- 
Given under my hand this seventh day of December, 1796. 

Da^'l L. Hylton. 

In the House of Senators, 
2^hur8(lay^ December th£ 8th, 1796> 

Di'i;, T) The House, according to the order of the day, proceeded by joint hai' 

lot with the House of Delegates to the choice of two mem here of tU^ 


Privy Council, or council of State, in the Room of Robert Goode an*-* 
John Steele, who were removed from that office by joint ballot of botxi 
Houses; and the members having prepared tickets with the names ^^ 
the persons voted for and deposited the same in the ballot boxes, M ^' 
C'abell, Mr. Peyton, Mr. Strother, Mr. Hoonies, and Mr. Eyre were noin^' 
nated a Committee to meet a committee from the House of Delegates i^ 
the conference chamber, and jointly with them to examine the ball^ 
boxes and report to the House on whom the majority of votes should 

The Committee theu withdrew, and after some time returned into tl^* 
House, and Mr. Cabell reported that the Committee had according ^ 
order met a committee fro