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Full text of "California Farmer (July-Dec. 1857)"

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VOLUME vjn. 



, ■ - ' 

€^£ California Jjarme 


A F a miliar Voice bom tho States. 

A Few Strong Wordi far Srieneo. 
ni_r. readers will always Ll- happy to hear 

voice has done so much for science. IBs loiters 
are always woiooqio, aud not only welcome, but 
perused with deep interest: 

•, N. 1 

5. J 657. 

.Drrtiiis Farmer: I See by your paper of 
i ulL, undur the hood of "The Geological 
>stian," that your correspondent, Mr. E. P. 
mdago, has taken up the gauntlet which bis 
larks in your paper of July Itilh, about my 
■■presumption" and "stupid blunders," uompel- 


o throw 

lult of a further expression of his ideas 
*4?just as I suggested in my notice of his article 
of March 3d ; aud lie nun- declare* more plainly, 
that granitic rook, was not fluid in its elementary 
state. A discussion of this question would not 
advance knowledge, for that is a settled fact in 

The solitary faot brought forward by your 
correspondent, that salt "-fjfs 1200 /eot and 1650 
feet deep, yield cold water, Jo,,., no t disturb the 
result of the incontroi-ert^'e evidences of the 
former fluidity of the gh/e. Wo must seek 
explanations for that fact without endeavoring 
to upsoi conclusions as steadfast as the globo 
itself. To argue against the former fluid ana 
incandescent stale of the globe, is "to kick 
against tho pricks." To argue in favor of it in 
this year of scientific light, appears to mo to bo 
wasting lime and words. Throwing out of con- 
i-jdoratior. all minor ™ui^™. tti» ert .oi IVt,, D f 
the elevation of mountain ranges and of the 
geological oscillations of continents from oyclc 
to cyule, show conclusively that tho crust of tf 
earth can bo of no great thickness, nnd that 
mast rest on n fluid which yields, and rises an 
fall*, and is in mora or less constant motioi 
throogh influences which at present nro voi 
mysterious, and which are now beoomin 
subjects of interesting inquiry with physical 

A groat point at which science aims tc-doy, 
is to ascertain what produces those periodical 
changes of level, and those oonspiouous inaonal. 
itjes of the surface of this globo, and of tho 
other planets of our system. Physicists arc 
now etudying tho agencies by which God made 
"the dry land la appear" In preparing. rtU 
planet for tho dawn of its organic creations; 
and there is not tho least ground for fear that 
their researches mil bo "rewarded by dioop- 
pointmoot or danger." Only two classes of 
persons will bo disturbed by the bold researches 
and severe deductions of scionoe. Theso aro 
skeptics and infidels on ono hand, and on the 
other, ecclesiastical bigots, whoBO ednoation has 
chained thaai to tho oonmcnical formulas of tho 
middle ages, and who have not faith enoagh in 
God and Scripture, to contemplate nature bo- 
jond the vitiated horizon of Ihoir schismatic 
npmbfion. Scienc will set both of theso 
Classes of mistaken thinkers right, in tho course 
of the jnM calory. There may be skeptics ! 
and idolaters in all Qfit!K . PjU[ io \ ha |nfliQ ' Jn 
fidelity will have to conform itself to Di'vinc 
Kcvelstiou, and tho Church, with all its dogmas 
to the observatory, the Rock,, the Dissecting 
"■le, and tho Microscope. Thcro i, no escape 
from this decree. The fabulous idea of Tutu* 
S""" foU * . A r0veront **' ° r 'be Uni. 
jemtont with the 

sketch of tbi 
otuly and lady Jersey 
c bought of Col. It. L. Colt, of Pat- 

-ii.i .li- 

including of course, man. 

to argue about the being, 

God ! It i B only tho most profound "study of 

the vital and physical forces, and the intollig 

arrangement of atoms Under the display of th 

forces, which con rcvoo! to ua a clear convict 

of tho personal exist 

tooting spirit, of th 

tribute the intelliger 

of tho germs of pit 

tuitous piay of e-lee 

backward step in th. 

when gifted minds h 

behind which is enthroned tlu/mi 

Supremo Being, and tho very horn, 

toward tho ever-burning llanio oo 

to worship, aud tromhlingly 

that the passing and forbidden glory of 

all ob.ill not best"- 

good beds, and lr 

s or a gambling 

e from entirely differ 

My studies of the nrohitcc* 

no away from Material 

celebrated | tcrsbri, New Jersey, who has taken the first j Hon. John Wcntwortr,, of Chicago ■ 
pramlunis for his Jersey cows bolb at the may now be seen on his form, at Suns 
New York and New Jersey Stale Fairs, by | county, Illinois. 

i farm, with a Goe 
, irrigated by tho working of 
■rmor letter I referred to Mr. 
Hotul. ! will repeat, and say 
Socd Hotel; what [ mean by 
i, a bountifully spread table, 
e trucsenso of the word tboy 
furnish a home for [ho weary traveler; and occa- 
sionally theyare asked to furnish what the house 
does not nflbrd— a pack of cards 
table— such cannot he found tbor 
private opinion that no first-class Hotel will keep 
them ; then the weary traveler can rest whilst 
^journeying. Let gamblers go to tho gambling 

Now a few words in regard to the Mines at the 
wn or Lagrange and along tho 
At tho town, T. Ewing & Co, have 
claim that pays well. Tboy use a steam pomp 
to force water from the Ligrange Water Com- 
19 gaining notoriety I I""*''' 6 Dl 'toh. At this point thcro are two mora 

the Tuolumne r 
is is a Inrgc and 

good wheat and J b >' iIr - Smith, formerly of 

of rich paynii 
heretofore faun 

He has a thrash: 

'ltanch of Geo. M. Bonds, 
IB grain, good. Mr.I 
ir miles below Osboi 

f oatur 

M e ■■""""lago to question Ibo fluid 
■fT ° f f** io former times and the fluid 
Md mcandescat condition of tho interior , 
kT^* prM °H 1 » to take a step back 

ry Tbo mer^LTthltl'dee'/LZ 
'tho globe to bo flu.j, j„ c6 nu[ „^ t 

p*y. it ought to be ^^.oW n,a7iL LT" 

.mthetoonofrocumains^^X - n 

of effcjrtiu- u -, ,,„,;„„ , lf 

no attempt to ro- 

u» wish to promote 

' --«■ ^'H titled as th B in- 



flatter. Gut I will mal,, 
T«a hie ideas, for I have , 

ire of tho Universe 

sm anil Slii-[itii-i.*iii, 
nost intelligent coutrol of 
ely intellectual and creo- 
Wcrartj ami superintends 
the agcnc!ti {torn time 
Lmily of plants 

t.jj und ,1 

and by which man, tho last of all, has been roadt 

in the intellectual I nlttgo of bit Creator, lord of 

the earth and but littlo I 

aervo a righteous purpose 1 

Dialled hereafter to greater knowledge "and 

ang,is, t 


I hardly lb: 

.....r. /■,.,-, 

Of VI 

■gc quantity ol lan.l Mviiil.l. 
for vegetables and garden, and well adapted •- I 
thogrowiHgoffrnlt; |, '" 
look fair for (he caro ai 
Mr. 1). has „ | arev . erop of „| eVi thfflu ^ l ^ nt _ | Co. hava 

ic planted, n 

1 pnying v 

rich. Mr. Smith aunk a shaft 
ock, and found eight to ten feet 
s anything 

urge crop of barley, t 

u.« the 

■lity of the s 

doing t 

I, and ! 

it this camp. Messrs. Pina 
tended their ditch some two . 
on the south bank of the Toe 

We continued on up to the pine hills, aud the 
next place that wo observed of note was theSaw- 
mill owned by Smith, Dudley & Co. (formerly 
Smith, Hunt & Co.). This is a good sawmill, in 
a good lumber district ; has now been in opera- 
tion some fWo years, and yet good. Wesley 
Smith A Conrad, two of tho partners, stop at this 
mill and superintend in the way of good bard 
work, one at the engine and the other in the 
lumber ynrd. From this Iwcnt four miles in an 
easterly direction, to their new mill. Arrived at 
12 m. and fonnd their (able spread with the rich 
dainties of life. After a good dinner we repaired 
to the new mill for tho first time, and a good mill 
in every sense of the word it is. The resident 
owners are Wniter Smith & Dudley fpartners 
with Wesley Smith &. Conrad at the old mill), 
and both have good houses and tho needful (a 
good wife each). Now 1 must say to you that I 
have never seen as good a saw mill in any other 
State. Tho building is seventy-two feet long, 
thirty- five feet wide, twenty-two and a half feet 
posts, with a good roof, and a line spring of water 
is near by. Tho machinery is hard to bo beaten; 
the total weight of machinery and bolts is 45,000 
pounds— I mean the iron work. This mill has 
in tho work 900 bolts of various sizes, a largo 
proportion manufactured by themselves at their 
n place in the mountains. They hare a saw 
edge lumber, slit laths, &e. They are now 
preparing to put in operation a largo cylinder 
w, 42-inch diameter. They have two boilers 
'i feet long, 42-inch diameter, 10-inch flues ; saw 
no feet long, sash eight feet wide in the clear. 
Engine cylinder 12i -inch bore. 24-inch stroke. 
Fly-wheel 10 feet in diameter, lS-inch face. 
Grindstone and all tho fixtures aro propoHed by 
steam, oven to the milroad car to take the lum- 
ber from (he mill back to Jhe yard. They are 
prepared to saw large timber, which they have in 
great abundance, and close nt hand. They cot 
100,000 feet so near the log-way, as not to ose 
a team to get the lo^s into the mill. This mill 
company raiso wheat, potatoes and hay, have 
good gardens, some Iruit whiott does well up in 
these mountains; and if tho farmers would go 
up to Smith, Dudley & Co.'s mill, and get some 
of their good lumber, make a few good fences, 
and abandon their old ditcb, dag, and v>atdi 
a greater degree of harmony woold pro- 
mcb more grain bo grown and less stock 

Prom this I went to tho floorishittg town of 
Coultervillc. Here I found a good Hotel, for- 
icrly kept by Geo. W. Coulter, and now by Mr. 
J. W. Porter and wife. This is a first-class house; 
good meals, good beds and no gambling allowed, 
not oven tho simplest games. This is most posi- 
tively b good place for the weary traveler to stop 
»t; all quiet and everything as it should be. for 
a traveler's home, I am pleased to say thai Mr 
P. gave mo his name for the F*bm», also (he 
ready," so yoo will please send it to him for one 
year from last May, if you have back numbers; 
and on my return D. L. Lewis subscribed, also' 
Peter Poppo &. Co., and no doubt yon already 
«now that Smith, Dudley & Co. arc subscribers 
,o the best paper in this State, the Califobhia 

it would bo p 


ifitnblc to dis- 
tion-, or enter into a controversy about 
iB" of which I can form no rational 
o. I will, therefore, frankly confess 
not comprehend Mr. Brun dago's idea.", 
ot "inform, him at what point in tho 
he will first locale tbo fulcrum uf our 

r grewt kiu-lne^, Messrs, Edlvor.-i, i 

mv.ting th D expression f my l, unl hl„ thought 

to columns of your very useful pap 0J 

ieerily t], au k JOa- , rm|t . lri , j( „ L .- 

for (hie |„ IIBtoy communication, mid shal 

Hi..' .!!■■ o<.r-« ih;.-i,"'i,. r ,!.' 1 'i""!! : ,,"!' ''"""' ■',' 

asters; Ho that is alwavs engaged* in petty 
is, uisturbes the peace and good order of 
'."uanugleoteJittbwnaffiilra at homo; so 
■ to tl.u reasonable conclusion, that when a 
« Hit most of the time from home, at- 
g in matters of litigation with one hero 
and another there, thu sighs of the limes will 

The Ranch of H. B. Datli, which has been 
located for several years, is on the old road load- 
ing from Slocklon to Mariposa. Io '52 this ferry 
and bouse- had a good ruo of business. It is wall 
situated and has good grain, orchard and gardi 

lanito- Is... pjg,. f ( <a 


< Fi Hi 

We hav 

j — returned 

tho Lumber Regions to tho east of this a 

Blanco of (bitty miles. The road from the 
town of Lagrange up to thu pine hills is some- 
what rugged and uneven, yet a very good moun- 
tain road, and the only thing we saw of much 
interest on our way up was tho gatden of D. L 
r-e«PS, immediately « the foot and on the west 
6ido of tbo Peni-Blanco mountain. This is tr,,l„ 
a fino mountain garden, has 
vines ono year old and now 
'■'* planted 

>f grape- 

ar mos t ob't servant^ j. p . Moblet. 

Second Growth of Potatoes, 

Dooolass Plat, j„i r ],[_ 1BS7 
EmTOHSFAltwER: One of your correspond- 
ents has named somo of tho objects whioh dif- 
ferent parsons Ijavo for writing, but I bollovo 
that none of thorn will strike mo this timo, as 
this is written for tho purpose of getting in- 
formation with regard to Potatoes laking a 
second growth; what causes it, and what will 
prevent it. 

I planted my Potatoes nhout tho first of Fob- 
ruary ; plowed them twice with a subsoil plow 
hoed thorn onco, and as soon as tho yoang Po- 
tatoes began to form, a second growth woold 
rt therefrom. Borne perhaps may think this 
t caused by irrigation, hut I did not put a 
drop of water un them till a few days since, 
tho ground been too muoh iuolined to 

1jih1~ ; 

■mod. Th. 


: item 

appears to be poorly 

'stupid blonde 

Wbr., i do detect ther 

¥*£?&*&& l --w ■ 

.:Nr,r;.;,..| l.y Mr. Brundrur,., J ,,.||| ,] 

jueiice torBoknTJwIodgo nnd correct ,-,,,., 
quickly as pen and inlt will „l| w. 

Very truly, you™, <]. [.'. VVrsaLow. 

nan ■"•-• m on itie mum io Jt i |,j,|, L , , [„,. 
fitocklou to Mariposa, A ^ool ferryboat i 
owned and kept by C. Osborne, who has also ■. 

One of hisvin 
grown twenty- Gvo fe 
Peach and Appto tre 

tth is 

aincd on an arbor h 
season. Hero are fii 

n a flourishing conditit 
in any oonntry. 01 

last Aprl" 

' "ch tree ono year o 
ligh.and haaonitibree line' peaches, 
us trees look well. He has sjso a bea 
,-arden of vegetables, of almniL qwy kitid 
i favored with thu finest jprings to irrigale 
hat one could desire. Ho hnsagood farm 
il three-fourths of a inilu to V,-j tost or nOrl 
of his house, several hundred fcet above th. 
ley, between some high rock poj n ts j n n,o ,', 
good spring of water, which b 
lo the springe near bis house, t. 
growing of vegetables. 

All , 

melons at 
Close run for quality and sizt 

and will give Major Eurnoy 

I novo had but little 

uporienco in farming in 

is country, and as such o thing us a second 

growth was ontiroly unknown where I came 

from, I should bo glad to learn how to avoid it. 

Will you, or somo of your readers, explain I 

Respectfully, yours, E. F. Sprikokh. 

Will others who hove noticed like results, 
please write us; and at tbo same limo bo explicit,' 
inform-lti? ^°- lim( ' uf P ,nJ * tio & «"'', etc? All 

tiii a NusinEK. 


We feel sure all wl 

of California, will Qe p| cast ,d with tho 
boauuful Aldornoy Cows here pictured; and 
onr baobolor Dairymon may bo prompted bv 
tho «Bht of the pretty Dairy Maid, to repent of 
id take to thetnsclrea 

single blessed nt 

•look will appreciate what is done I 

envied in 



HidUlr ncclred. Th<iT»™ » pIohboUt blended «IU> 
nHire;« TB^;,-[l. ? t Ibcf trwlfc« ftiwjln-tf iireelcrt 

"l lain lae old familiar mlk, 
To (bo bro- of ibi jileuul bill. 
Fmu whence we're waUheJ th« ovviujir "o 

Ujrinnoof Ditnill 

"By the Prophets I" said tbo peddler, U I ™ 
never in lore wjth a woman in my life I know 
too much abont them for (bat. For tho lut 
fifteen ycarsmy business has been almost entirely 
with women ; and I have made them my study 
so that now I can almost road their thoughts. 
Womon, yon know, don't cam for a peddler 
they show him all their nature at it iti bu 
while Ibey don't care for me, I got a peep behind 
tho curtain of their thoughts." 

"A Daniel! a second Daniel!" exclaimed Mr. 

"To prove that I know something about 
women," said tho peddler, "I'll tell yon oft 
cidenl (bat is i:«» fresh io my memory." 

"Uo ahead tbeo, with jour icciJ. tiLs," paid 
North, 'and wheo you get through I will mil 
■ crreo instance which I believe is fifsh ii 


r stirred ibe Ore, lighted bis pipe, 

An -.:::,■!.■..: i"/^! 1.110 Ci - 

No hot and dicrlib >tnU or brain 

Indnera 1111) to Bod 
In too half-burnt and rained" null, 


Ita flood -s»la rahed airaj, 
Appreiiriuro Ijpji Ibej well maj ma 

In tho mnd». 

and tho ilide. 

I/ben on» in lo 


And ihe ihooebt 

Tnj -.:.',■■ ■■:■ bWdl n guest; 

Taint or roe at n 


f II.... pleUMtb 


cran bride*, 


Bol I (hull wood 

r,oh,liowudl r , 

]...,., ,..!!.. i„: 

rt (litre bo. 

W1»M ten dor die 


I Soun twelve months ago I happened 

I' Ilia night with a young bachelor who wi 

tc Kith a neighboring lassie, 'fliers was a 

rod of bis present who was joking him about 

r. He was lite a lawyer, at Orel, and denied 

Tithing; but at length be came oot like* a 

uiio and owned up, saying at the aims time thi 

he would give the world to gel her. 

'■Sow," said I, ''if you will follow' my adric 
I'll insure you to get her." 

"Tell us what you would advise," said he, "an 
I will tell you whether I will follow it or no." 

"I have about live thousand dollars, " said ' 
"which I would like to lend out, at flee per ceo 
per month, interest. If you will borrow tbi 
money, give your friend hero on tbo note, and do 
just as I tell jou with it, if you don't get the girl 
I won't charge any interest. And then, I will 
not require yuu to spend more than fuur or Ave 
hundred dollars, at tbo most" 

"Now go it," said bis friend. "If you don't have 
lo spend moro than that, and won't let it run 
more than six months, 1 Kill sign the note." 

"Block out tho course that I am to follow," 
said the lover, "ami I'll give yon an answer." 

"In the first place," said I, ,: lake about three 
hundred, and buy a buggy ; for that is an iudis- 

Sntibath, and tako her to church ; "but," said I, 
"don't say a word about matrimony until I loll 

dd to church ; that 

ut or the way. I 

and shook mo by 

'Solomon, old 

a of a 

irtihij. ; 


[We commence, with our new volume, chapter 
1 ofaElory. by the above author. Wo have three 
chapters in manuscript, and moro is promised. We 
shall publish them weakly, and anticipate much 
pleasure and interest from tbo correspondence of 

our friend of , ftc. We hate hastily sketched 

bis story, but, although bo has run through the 
alphabet, and down to "zed," yet bo needs anolfter 
rctter to his name, to make it complete — i. e. we 
guess so.) 

true, that 



And toeiB't noocelOMOld job Id Iho twcLotoi'i ball" 
Now thisis very comfortable to those thatliko 
it, but I believe I would lather take a Utile of 
the scolding. Why, I got so lonesome, at times, 
that books, newspapers, nor anything else (not 
buman) can interest me. In fact, reader, man is 
a social animal, aod be can't live without com- 
pany. I don't believe a word of Alexander Scl- 

r 1 n 


':?k. tho 

I feci lfk a I would die 

people, and bear them talk. On such occasional 

generally go to see "our neighbor's girls." 

One Saturday evening, last winter, I bad gut 
Into one of Huso lonesomu Dts, and was studying 
what to do with myself, when I saw a carriage 
drive up lo the -big gate" on tho road. You can 
imagine, sympathetic reader, that I was delighted 
altais,and naturally hurried down to the road to 
sea who was tho occupant of ibal carriage. When 
I got there, I Sound that it was a Jew peddler' 
butlloldhlm be must come in and stay all 
night with me. 

As bo was driving In, two other men ap- 
proached ; on<! from tho north, and one from tho 
south; and both requested to bo accommodated 
for tho night. I lold them to ride in, and wo all 
adjourned to the 1 ■.-. 

After .upper was over, and we h.<] all got 
seated in the "f.outroom," Ike peddler said {ad- 
drawing me), "why don't you gel J0Q avoir,, „» 
you com plain of being lonesome: sho would keep 

"I have the best 
"and that is, I can' 

"Bay 'em," said ho, "buy 'am." 

''Yes, but I would not havo one that could 
bought," said I; "and then, where they are 
sale, they arc held so devilish high that I 
afraid I could not como in " 

i the world," said I, 


that," said he, "for they are 
loldia tho world, and they 

the easiest an inn 
»ro all for tale." 

"Oh [" said the mar 
willcall Mr. North (, 
Mr. South), "Ohl 
dered desperate by so 
and now jou are down on tbo whole' 

from tho north, who we 

id tho other no will call 

mi havo only been rcu- 

pratty slopshop girl; 

great deal rather marry a horse and buggy than 
i. Get jou n fine suit, out and 
out, torn out a mustache, wear kid gli 
much aflcctatiou into your voice as yc 
cnlly can, never talk about anything that has any 
sense in it, only occasionally condescend to notice 
common people, quit work ; and to sum 
in a few words— never do anything that would 
bcol benefit, either to yourself or mankind; bot 
whenever you think of anything that is frivoh 
and fanciful, do it. But what i B of more import- 
ance than anything else (except the 
to get a report currently circulated around, that 
rake. I'll attend to 

ut and drOTO her 
at about tea mil 
next day. Ha c 
[he hand : "Solomon," be said, 
fellow, you were rightly named, yon arc 
man. I shall name my Jirst boy after you. 

"What," said I, "jou did not go and disobey 
orders did jon V 

"I could not help it for thelifoorme.Sol. Shi 
looted round so close, that I was bound to nn 
derstand. Not to have taken the hint wouk 
have been a Sat refusal. And then. Pol. ibi 
tore* me so that my heart would not let me keep 
bcr in suspense." 

I thought about the old saying of love being 
blind, for after all that bad passed, tbi 
thought tbnt she loved him, 

'■Look here," said I, "yon have disobeyed 
orders, and Til not be responsible for tbi 
quenccs, but — " 

"Oh !" said ho, "wo understand each other 
now. Sho said tbat she would love mo all the 
better, if I did not havo a cent in tho world." 

"Well," said I, "the next order is that jou put 
the wedding off for two months." You too that 
I hid not got paid yet for my trouble; but what 
do you think bo said to this last order 7 Why- 
he said the day was sot, and that no further off 
than the coming Wednesday. 

It is of no use for mo to spin my yarn any 
longer, for of course tbey were married, and hap- 
py Ibr ono whole week. Bot then it became 
necessary for him to "draw" his deposit, sell his 
horse and buggy and a conple of joke of cattle to 
paj mo np, Tho bride cried a little when sho 
saw the buggy go; but after that she stood it 
like a Spartan. 

When she tells him that ho deceived her, bo 
tells her tbat she was "sold." So they got along 

Now I havo lold this little incidi 
that I know something of woman-n 
planned all this beforehand. I 

, and when a Jew risks 


n-naturo ; for I 
.:;'." ui money 

you mast stir your coffee with your fork; never 
mind, if yon bavo been eating fiat with it, go 
and wipo it off— but tho nnpkina nro in tbo bot- 
lorn of tho big- trunk, and tbo luay paper-carrier 
has not como with tho morning Herald, Times. 
or Tribune, and yon cannot tear a pious off un- 
til it oomos, and you oannot wait, for tbo day ia 
getting warmer and tbo snn rising higher every 
moment, and the carman is to be at your door 
at precisely 7 o'clock to tako tbe first load; 
so tako your ooffeo na you can, and eat your 
bread without butter; for no ono knows wboro 
tbot was put, and tho knife boi is in the vory 
bottom of tbo barrel with the plntes end disbaB 
iu ordinary uss. So ono fork and a broken 
saucer must servo tbe whole family to en 
mackerel and cold potatoes; and a China 
badly broken, must do for your coffee, boiled in 
tbe dinner kottlo; During breakfast, as they arc 
obliged to oat in "single file," tho wife \s pack- 
ing np, the girls golting things generally filed, 
ood the roguish boys nro playing marbles iu the 
ball, or running into tho street to see tho fine 
tilings brought out of some bouso near by, and 
to aeo what all tho neighbors have in tho way of 
fino furniture. So thoy aro all wido awake 

r tbo boys burst io 

money, you know, ho 

for what's to bis done with tho 

money : Aftei 

But while 

yon have been swelling around fo 
weeks, you may tako tbo money and 
to eco your ladylove, and while she is 
chickens yuu can hand it over to tho old lady 
(her mother), aod request her to keep it for yuu, 
a jou are out from homo a great deal nowaday^ 
ind yuu are afraid lo risk it alono. But jou 
must mlad and make bcr promise col lo tell any 
ine, not oven her daughter or husband, that jou 
have anj money. Tho old lady will think that 
» Tarmer who has just finished putting in his 
;rop, and bus four or flvo thousand dollars that 
ho don't know what to do with, is not so bad off 
in tho world ; aod before you aro gone 
ulea Nancy will know all about it. A 
good scolding, too, she will get, for 
booked so fat a fish while she coul~ 
iou aro thoro, at dinner, for iostai 
isk Miss Nanoy if sho Is going down 
cuorch, on the coming Sunday; if she 
sho will, yon must not go, like a goose, and ask 
ler to go with yon ; but jost remark, that jt 
.re going to drive Miss Bird down. You w 
eo (ifyoucanseeatall) thatshowfll look di 
This all being done, you must dash erom 
sntinually with other girls, and every ance En 
while drivo by with one. The old lady will b 
to fret about your sltghling her daughter 
she will tako her spite out on her, by lolling 
what she might have done ; w' " 
fellow jun are, ic. But I will be round about 
every week, and direct your movements." 
lr 'f t .f pilal idM ' ""''" Mid h,s Wend, "let's 
"Yes, but if I should get her," said the lover 
'and she should And out how things have worked' 
won't she cut up a JittIo7" 

"Women," said I, "are ft. these Spanish 
liorses ; ihey are bard to corral, and then it is 

tied, and it finds ,t can't help itself, it gives It up. 

So with women-it is bard to make them h|| m 

with a fellow, and harder still to manT onc , 

mco get ono married, and she gives it up- 

sho ia whipped" *' 

"Well, we will trj your pl an ," said , nc laja 

Accordingly wo commenced operations I 

eat to .the city, and got him a hundred dollar 

'It, which, bj tbe way, I made fifty on With 

*>«, and bis fl a0 horse and buggy, he cut . fa-, 

Pauling round in Iho neighborhood; 

nn - ind then I would call on MUs 

aw lover a Utile, see bow the 

<■!■ «a report success. And i n 

found that she was Sn the 

necessary was to spring tho 

Nancy, praise 
wind was bleu 
less than ooo n 
trap, and all that 
trigger ; but this 

made cr 

— , I had not 
outoitneoDoratlonjet- I told tbe 
taw, however, that he might go over the „„ t 


[The following interesting letter from 
regular Now York correspondent B., will rocnll 
many a familiar soeno and association to all 
who hail from tho land of tho Knickerbockers— 
and it will bo perused with interest by all our 
readers when thoy reeogniio tho familiar and 
happy style of our old correspondent B. Hero- 
after wo shall havo our letters regularly, and bo 
furnished with sketches of tie moat iatoresting 
incidents of that groat commercial emporium :] 

Editors FAiumtt: I fear you will say it is 
too bod to take you und your readers from tho 
midst of fruits and flowers, from the song of 
birds, and from the bright «H». --pi }.., i m ,. 
brootos of your, glorious Stuio, and pot you 
down iu tho dusty, nuisy, bustling and crowded 
Streets of tbo oity, whore "Poter tho testy" in 
days of yore, used to bestir his august wooden 
log most valorously, and ominously givo a most 
omphalio shako to his bullut head, to bwo into 
inslaut submission sundry boisterous urchins 
who clambered U p 0n tbo venerable knees of the 
renowned Dicdrich Knickerbocker ; and nftor 
imbibing somewhat of tho dry burner of that 
"great man," rushed into tbo streets with ell tho 
roystering glee of Dutch childhood, unablo to 
repress tho roguish merriment, or rosiruin tht 
overflowing fun tbat gushed out with over'j 
word and action. In tbe midst of their moa 
npioubn. outbursts of joy {for the poor littb 
fellows bad no Fuurth of July lo let off all tbi 
accumulated patriotism in embryo, for tho whole 
year, and it had to come out enmetime), nad 
when tbey leek no note of time, or place, "Old 
Han kopping Pete," as the Governor, p a[ar 
Stuyvesaot was familiarly called by ell classes, 
would appear and shako thi 

drivnn to tbi 

and leave tho reear 

and dreary indeed. 

itry, to fill the placo of children? 
3 no real homo without them ; their 
lit and graceful forms, their gleeful pranks 
ringing l a ugb-eb, who would exchange 
for gold and gems, for tho honor and fame 
»™, *iU soon fade away and perish forever ' 
Yes, gi, UB the music of tbo prattling child's 
ad y voice, the frclioksomn boy's loud and 
wild hurrah, as his new kite rises high in air or 

„,!i" D ^ Ini r" at " Q ^ bMn SW °P t ttwa J- by s'ov- 

tbo groot detriment of bis 

tbo little girls' flashing oyea 

' "■-- trundle their hoops 

n climbing 

Before breekfost is 
t, exclaiming, 

the tabor of tho day in earnest- 
Beds are rapidly taken down, and with their 
furniture bustled upon tbo cart; bureaus aro 
laid upon beds, chairs nad tables, sofas and 
onnges, barrels end kettles, looking- glasses and 
: love-pi pes. carpets and wiodow-ourtains, slip- 
pers and pocket handkerchiefs, carpet bags and 
wash-boilers and ink battles, stoves 
and Hour boxes, baskets of crockery, sacks of 
and potatoes, stair-rods end washstands, 
oil clotb and silk drosses, are all huddled together 
wild und nncliujiciil beauty. Abovo, around, 
below, up street and down street, from Ibe third 
fourth story to tho basement, all is hurry, 
bustle and confusion, terribly confounded. In 
tbe street, in tho house, up.Btairs and down- 
Stairs, at tbo old home and at tho new homo, 
men, women and children burry, hurry, hurry; 
babies ciy — God bless them, who can blamo 
them, when tho oity is turned upside down ani 
inside oat ? and miscellaneous things gonorall 1 
aro all out of joint. Let all tho children 'whoop 
and hurrah, for the public and privnto schools 
givo some 80,000 boys and girls a holiday, 
let them enjoy it. The day advances, the work 
waxes warm, soma carniea are boisterous and 
swearing, others calm and gentlemanly, and at- 
tend to thoir work steadily, in tho midst of tbo 
turmoil. Tho good woman of tho house is the 
presiding genius of tbo day. Sho stands in tho 
center of her household gods, and directs when 
to "load up" tbe beddiag, and how she wishes 
"fix" her best pier tablo. where they 
had bettor put tho best disboa, nnd is general 
superintendent. In tbo street, tho scene becomes 
-piren 1 uii with 


ihng o> 

a tho 

l, thoy wouldhio away 
ono of their mirth, sad 

Thero ci 

them for gold ni 

oral pails of wat. 
Sunday pants; .._ 
and rosy cheeks c 
over tbo lawn, or join their brother 
tboohorry trees, or in assisting thni 
training tbo a 

ing from each hi 

crowded with tho furniture carts, hand-barrows, 

oa, women and obildreo, cats, dogs, nad ser- 

.ats with China vases, bandboxes and looking- 

assos. Looking down tbo long vista of each 

rcet, you bohold tho gorgeous panorama of 

moving city. Tho beat is intense, tbo dust flies 

clouds, Hero a splendid chair falls upon thi 

mo pavement and is broken, there an omni- 

a runs against a furniture cart and upsets tho 

load, aud there is a general crash. Rosowood 

sofas, pianos, chairs, tables, dressing casoa nnd 

costly mirrors are knocked into "pi," as tbo 

printers soy, bu 

the unfortunate 

Tho furniture is at last all in the now hnuse. 
or homo, for tho ensuing year. The sun as if 
weary of such conFUsion, Is nearly ready 'to go 
lo bad. Tho weary donisons of the great city 
are unprepared for tbo night. No carpots nro 
down no beds are up-at last, after much toil, 
the different parts of the same bedstead aro 
found; but, too bad, the sorows and bed-ker 
have been put away by somo one, JDBH ^„ C . 
vory carefully, but no one knows ' 
whore. By a unanimous vote thoy nro to sleep 
on lbs floor for tho first night. A place i 
cleared and the beds prepared for tb, dul,l f ,, 
bogging for supper.whiob nil feel would ut 
miss. Sending to tbe nearest bakery for 

helping Bon up ho drops tho matches, ana they 
too ore submerged. Other matches and candJ M 
are proonrod, after much delay, nnd tho room 
lighted; Sis returns, and they aro nit together, 
and none dangerously tcoundtd. Supper was 
now the order of tho night. But who would 
wish lo move often I Tho vinegar and a bottle 
of saraaparilln, tho molasses, camphor, Cologne 
mustard, sweet oil, red and blaok popper, coffee 
and tea, wore nicely mixed and just as ready for 
use as over tbey would bo. Mother's now 
bonnet and Sia's now silk dross wore smashed) 1 ' 
and drenched by Bon, in his downfall. Father 
gots up aud limpa and looks nroand open the 
ruin bo has wrought; bo examines minutely and 
finda tho nioo pudding and pies provided for the 
oocosion, woll mixed wilh shoo blacking and ink 
powders, with divers kinds of medicines and 
broken bottles, with stovo blacking and lamp 
oil, nnd worse than all, undor this conglomera- 
tion of condimcnU, wore snugly reposing his 
best shirts und Sunday clothes. The iron 
tongues from tbo oity towers informed Urn citi- " 
liens that tbo hour of ten bod passed. With bis 
pocket knife tho father carved tbe loaf from the 
baker's, and dealt it to hia -weary, hungry 
family ; tbo bnttor shariag tbo fate of tho pies, 
they wore obliged to sup on dry bread, which 
they did with infinite good humor under tbe 

Before 12 o'clock their weary bodioa und 
oobing limbs wore reposing upon boda tempo- 
rarily prepared for tbem. They wore too tired 
that night. Long ofter tho sun bad 
greeted tho city and country thoy awoke, muah 
refreshed, and after a comfortable breakfast be- 
set tbeir house io order — which would, 
all ordinary circulDBtOBOCs, tako about 
two weeks. 

understand mo to say tbot all these 
mishaps bavn over como in nnn day, upon any 
family ; but thoy all do buppea, nad much 
o, too, to dirW-ut lunulas, (.very May-day. . 
I doubt whothor half a million of dollars would * *, 

annual expenses of tho groat Moy-day 
Carnival in tho city of Now York, 

ixons themselves, hnwovor, ao ordain 
it, and who enn stand up, in opposition to tbo 
peoploj Bender, if you havo had tho patience 
to follow mo through my May-day ramble, I 
will now release you, to wondor over your own 
far-off, fragrant fields— mid gushing waters, 
sweet flowers, nnd the delicious music of tbo 
aylvoo warblers. q. 

A Visit to tht Sacramento Schools. 

EoiTons PahheR; Certainly, I do not blame 
he ladies for not visiting some of tho school- 
t which I visited ; especially during tho 

dark— tho lam] 

cannot bo found. John o 

U sent for half a pound of eandlea'-tbo st 
crowded, and ho a llttlo stranger has to w 
turn; at last ho comes, bu* wi.„.„ .,.- _ 

j..u<-y.-u,-i;],j, and thus 

But atop! I began to 

May-day, aad before 
the middle of Jane, 


beginning fairly, am into 

I will leave them in tbeir sports and flowors"an.i 
Uk yeuaongonrdustytree^again. | ,' ' 

" homo before tho 

.rnily will 

oeoupy a 
PrimM,, ,,,,, I T^ ""' «"» r " ■ mi. 

but who i 
■vbere wore they put? John is'ao'ut'alaJn" 
a E a,a has to wait bis turn. Ben, carets 
hoy, m groping through the rouui with „ «■„, 

r .afflw.i,b,„.L ta .:r ;;t; 
.p™tt.b.b r ., Pi ,,,.„„„ mKr , kTOk( a " 

b0t of "'"collnnooua Brliclc,; tho j, nh 
'"<»». moll» W „ ,„ HM0 „ it | ' 

;»""•'; "■ "« M-J Woklinj ,W„ "i 

»..™,,.«„. M1 ,ft b s 

to Iho door, but bIumoU* Ma UDSDta „ r* , 
"din, opo. „«n, V| XT*''''™ 1 

a . bifcd h „ a „ d b - £<•■ •>■ i Pop.. 

■ bollo... ho, ^ | ^■Jta,.*™. 
<T<ly; o, en a n .tV ' bBb * wwomg 

-ombra? °r/dir ri,aviBseinco 

b«klng. Sis runs^ont [o t "^ Upaloud 
1° burry up Jo llQi but 

ont goes the wrong 

John at last come.. 

fashion of long skirts ; or during the lime which 
tho Board refuses lo employ o janitor. lam sur- 
prised that it does refuse so long as tbo funda arc 
ra ' scd . j» 3 ' h lo 'ocking Un dollars off 
IB- i in i. nn j- uiii'ej. ii Beil -rh B Jon iter's 
i might bo mnde useful in other ways, be- 
:rubbing tho floors and desks. For in- 
thero ia one grammar school where be 
might wash the scholars, and another where tbe 
operaliou of washing, would make a tidy 

(old that teachers aro not allowed to re- 
sort to corporeal punishment to enforce obedi- 
ence, so I concluded tbat the gentleman who 
marches around the schoolroom with a raw hide 
over his shoulder, crying cm, at Baed intervals, 
"silence 1" ' silence !" in a deep bass voice, calcu- 
lated io slriko tenor in every little listener, 
was only 'just making believe." I n this I was 
confirmed by tbe peculiar comical twist on somo 
of the juvenile faces, when his back was presented. 
Of course, it is necessary, that tho little Young 
Americans should understand, lhat thefesr of tho 
red is the beginning of wisdom. 

I was much pleased with tho few recitations I 
beard at tbo High School. Mr. Hill seems de- 
termined to make bis pupils thorough in what 
tbey do learn. Mr. Wells has tho plcasantest 
'. His scholars are quite pro- 
dies, and models in neatness 
rrived at Mr. White'j 
before the oloso of it3 
me enoLw-b to observe 
no good singing, and 
ipt paper 

* knowini 

8 whore bo * 

way, miouioB scera fa 
and light, a match, a 

" Ben, and i 

excellent order, to b. 
to glanco over a vi 
edited by the pupils. I was particularly 
with tbe appearance of Mrs. Young's school. I 
bad nooppurtunily of observing the advancement 
of her pupils, except in reading ; in which depart- 
ment they aro deserving 1 credit; especially, as 
it is a branch too often neglected. 

In my visit to tho schools 1 bavo been sur 
prised throughout with the entire absence of il 
those little adoroiuonls which have a tendency!" 
cultivate and reliuo the tastes nnd manners of ihi 
pupils, and render Iho schoolroom a pleisu' 
- Certainly, the desks might be var.iislui 
and a fow pictures and flowers purchase^ for e# 
; a vory small expense. Anchor einill 
would plant shade trees, wt^ 1 ' ' n » f e9 
years would prove invaluable, drawing and 
singing could bo more generallyintroduccd,«nd 
thus, by these cheap and slmpl/ means could the 
wants I bavo slated boovcrcpoe. 

The organization or thu spools appears to bo 

imperfect; in the Qroi-mar departments are 

many scholars who shot"! b o in the Primaries, 

while there aro no liicrmediato schools. Half 

tho number of sohr«1s or twice the sire would 

accomplish, mare. 

Finally, I would suggest, that tho proper w»y 

raising funds Wr Increasing tho efficiency of 

o system of PuMie Instruction is by taxation, 

and that every do!Hr cut off of the teacher's salarj 

lowers tho system One peg. 

Youra rosoecif""-, Ottan*. 

■ ■■■■ ■i ■ - ii m .■■ n~ . ii ■ - ,,1 - 1 i -, , . ^.fci^Mt^, ■— f^, ^^, 




Fourth of July In Napa. 

StT/. OiTT.Joly6.I8S7. 
Scar F*eiuek: I Lko too term, whilo address- 
ing jour valuable journal j for what also should I 
call in advocate of the interests of tbo industrious, I 
toiling, cnergclji:, enterprising laborer, of all pui 
■nits and every grade, but a faithful, unfaltering 
friend. Yes sir, there is no ona perhaps in tho 
State of California, who bis more critically 
-sorted tlio course puraued by tho Farmer, than 
four humble servant. Aye! sir, jou will bear 
me witness that, I have been with fan from the 
beginning, a faithful rt-ader of your Journal. And 
L I can safely assert, without tha fear of successful 
I contradiction, that jour course has been marked 
I with unmittukublc signs of self abnegation. 

Very unlike thocourso pursued by an unfortu- 
I Qlte few, who, like the doctor and tho lawyer, 
I their very existence dependsupon tho misfo 
of their fallow men; if men are prospei 
healthy and peaceable, they must starve, 
qniet breeze of tho happy atmosphere of human 
prosperity soon fins them far away i 
Lethe (though gentle in its nature), wrecks them 
Upon the fatal rock of oblivion, and they shame- 
fully sink beneath the wares of forgo [fulness. 
'Sic tramit gloria" are all misled individual* 
who set themselves up to reform mankind by 
pitching into everybody and every thing indiscrim- 
inately, claiming for themselves the title of the 
only Irue moral ptrceptar, Thk Great Allhbe- 

IVcll, indulgent reader, you must bo getting 
tired of this theme ; so I will now take up the 
subject of tho Glorious Fourth of July, as it 
passed off in tho quiet little village or Napa. 

Tho morning was lovely, and as soon as [be 
sun made its first appearance, it was greeted by 
tbo Bring of the usual national salute, and a mag- 
nificent American Slar-ipangUd Banner was 
majestically waving at tho top of the Liberty 
Polo on the plaza. Tho brass Laud accompany- 
ing Rowe's Pioneer Circus passed through tho 
principal streets and halted in front of tho Revere 
Houso on the plaza, and there mode tbo welkin 
ring with tbo favorite national air, Yankee Doo- 
dle. As tbe day advanced, tho streets became 
crowded with living patriotic citizei 
parts of Ibis and adjoining counties, 
appropriately celebrate tbu cightr-fl 
Eary of American Independence. 

At eleven o'clock, in conformity with preri 
announcement, atl assembled at (be large t 
brick warehouse of Grimes & Co. at tbo foot of 
Third strccl, where tbe largi audience was enter- 
tained two honrs and a half, as follows: 

Declaration of Independence, read 'by R. T. 
Montgomery, which was delivered in a olear and 
wry artistic manner. Mr. Montgomery is an 
elegant reader, 

Then followed an Oration by Henry Edgerton. 
which was a splendid affair. Mr. Edgerton ha, 
fine oratorical paners; Ml tpeech -aai perti- 
nent to the subject, metltodicalty arranged in 
all ill part,, and elegantly embellished with the 
beauties of language, and was pronounced with, 
eloquence. A Poem was then read by Dr. Eat™, 
Tho Napa Brass Band was in attendant 
with their music added greatly to the tut 

To take it as a whole, tho day was very appro- 
priately commemorated. 
Ihat Spartan band, wl 

triotie and s 

l- = icriNeiniJ |. 

o, by theii 

iciples, gavi 


ce. the day that 

a Glory, tbe day 

to thobcautifol babo of Liberty, should bo always 
remembered by every one. who is possessed of 
tbe chivalrous impulses of on American Patriot; 
and tho day opon which the cherub 
dom was ushered into o 
sealed tbo Charter of a N 
upon which was proclaimed to tha 
National Independence, should, ought, and I hope 
ever will, be appropriately commemorated by the 
American People, and thereby perpetuate nur lib- 
eral institutions, based upon Freedom, tbo Low 
and tho Biblo; and that they may exist wl ' 
this B I»be revolves upon its ajtis, that « B J 
Briton's pomp" may live only in history, »] 
the prood Celestial Empire shall bavo vanisb 
(toi our land shall have soared to bo w 
Egypt and Rome, Atheni and Palmyra wore 
the.palu.iesl ^ays of their highest prosperity 
Science and Genim. Colombia 1 bria-ht cli 
of Freedom!! At the mention of thy „,„, 

Ravine Jack. 
[Wo arcatwaya pleased to hear from ourfriend 
'"' ' Dld ^"^^"""y from ourfriend 
speaking so 

ir friends), that 

"Roving Jack," whon ho . 
kindly of our effort*, and 
•re making nor own nppc 
wo know we sball bo txc 
the reference of our friend as n proof thaVwi 
■ervo inme of the praiso that he has so lavishly 
Jiwb us. But that our Triends may know w ilo 
Roving J^" is, w will just say, that recently 
When at Mapa.oqr kjnd correspondent took 
Me, to benefit and rec-» - ■>■-- — ■- 
JM very kindly 5o; Urcd 

i subscribers, a 
F" ""' " : "' rQ 01 a [0 * m 'les out, wo stopped ... 

we bill 

i*ttj garden and some of the best 
showing four, fiye and 

'so a very large 
best,.^,;,:: ■ '""Plete stock of tb. 

"»»» stalk. Wc _ 
fVUA (a giant one), and 

ietiesof vegetables, fruiurocs, yincl'and 

"ver-bed. Then, all was under the solo 

port. Wewere invited withinand 

mar man also, and after a pleasant 

> Pleasant place, f ound lre , d baea yiBjt _ 

feasant homo of Roving Jack; and W 
i;.j, . ~ rs " ' wc return many thanks for 

Pdlyf.vors, kindly bestowed. 



mg the P | 

"id Sirs. 

-Boring Jack i, „ won dcrl 

,„'.„-,',' '\ l ' ll ", i "| l '' l|,:, "'' ; ^."^ 

130 Wuhhwmo 110M.S,. 1.-X.;'... 


CIje California $mm. 

itrledto dirKlnl 

Utters mi Eichangl 

Odm MinwronJen 1 " *™ klndljrtque 
|,U*r.tausaio a rerlntlr^omH,SanFrBB«lJeo. 

Hn» j v> n>li «d i*rlodieaU"iib -bom nn«l.Mr« 
wUl much oMi* • m K U»y will ba paitloolet to" » , ■ 

dttt Tb™ Fe-Mub.™ tAread. •»* »» ben.*. "™ "'^ 
KttSXwS^S" *»«»»» 


We nut throw ourselves upon "* generosity of 
onrfriendi for the delay of this number of our 
journal, ond for the nonappearance of several arti- 
cles, which are reserved for the next issue. Our 
own overtasked mind and body, and severe illness 
of the lost wok. ond a press of matter continent 
upon a very largo correspondence, wo offer as an 
apology. , 

Wo havu eommuni cations on band from "Luna, 
from "Clara Wildwood," "Silvio," "Elliot," "C. A. 

S.," "Author of , Ac," "Laura," and do 

merous former contributors, and several new 
friends— all welcome. Our letters ore so many, 
and our duties so laborious, we pray our rricnus 
will not think we intentionally neglect them, ir 
Providence permits, wo hope to have aid in oar 
labors, and then we will do more for all. 

A valuable address on Female Education, re- 
cently delivered at Sanla Bow, we shall lay before 
our readers at an early day. 

A valuable letter from a lady on Bear River, 
"H. B, S." will appear neit week. 

Valuable letters from the East, upon the Best 
Blood Slock of the country— their price, Ac, will 
appear soon. 

Volume Eight 
Seven times six moons have pissed away 
since we penned the first article in which we 
addressed the readereof IhoUAuronNiA F*hmer, 
and seven volumes of oor journal have been bid 
before Ihcm, each one, we trust, as good and as 
acceptable if not belter than the list. 

To those of our patrons who joined us at the 
beginning of our labors, and who have continued 
with os, and we can number a goodly bosl, to 
such we lender our grawful thanks and cordiil 
greeting, as we enter this our Eioiith Volume, 
and trust we shall bale their continued favor and 
kindly support and influence, that wo may, by 
such aid. make each succeeding volume better 
than the last. 

To those who have joined us at each succeed- 
ing volume, to all who have joined us, or have 
given us eneouragement by their patronage, wo 
tender most grateful (hanks) and to the many 
who, by kindly words of cheer to us, personally, 
and by their generous and friendly influence 
among their friends, have aided us in this great 
enterprise we say, God bless yoo '. we are indeed 
grateful and will try to deserve your good will, 

Few, very few ot tbo readers of our journal can 
have any conception of tbc anxiety, (oil, and 
weariness which it is (he lut of an editor and 
publisher of a newspaper to endure ; and notone 
of tho many thousand readers of the FiHMtncjn 
over form an adequate idea of tbo amount of 
sacrifice, of toil and tubor, physically, or llie 
wear of mind as well as body which has been re- 
quired of us to commence, build up, and sustain, 
through a period of nearly foor years, the journal 
which wo have the pleasure to present to them 
under the name of the CaLifObnia Fahhch. 

Were it not for an Innate love of Nature, for (ho 
beautiful in Nature, as revealed to us by Ihe 
great fcience of Agriculture ; were it not (bat wo 
were coasclous (hat wo had accomplished, and 
were accomplishing good for the land of oar 
adoption, by laboring to reveal (he wonderful re- 
sources of this glorians State, wo should long era 
this have fainted by the nay; but wo foresaw ih. 
work wo had to do ; we knew, beforehand, (hat 
it must he up-hill work: we knew tbat years of 
toll, care, anxiety, repeated trials and disappoint 
mcnls would be ours to endure; hut this did no 
discourage us. We had an abiding faith that th 
causo of Agriculture woold one day be the great 
caoso of California, and of her citizens; and 
although tbo great maEaofthc people should took 
coldly upon it then, the day was not far distant 
when a new era would dawn npon (his fair land 
when fields of golden grain would wave in many 
thousand valleys; when orchards of luscious 
fruit would meet us at every turn, and when 
hillsides; would bo as fragrant with the btossot 
the grape as tho vine-clad hills of France. 

Wilb an earnest and relying faith, we v 
willing to toll on, (rosting to tbc goodness of oar 
cause, and the sustaining power of the intelligent, 
the wise and the good (hat we should not fail or 
our reward finally ; and (o the intelligent, to the 
wiso, and lo the good eUlrcns of California and 
the world wo now appeal, and aak them, if the 
libor wo have given, (he information we have 
conveyed, the prediction! we have uttered, have 
not been Instrumental of good to the people of 
California! Let (hose ot our readers who have 
now tho early volumes of tho Fahheb go back 
and pcrow those early pages, and tbey will find 
thoie prediction* for the cauie of Agriculture 
more than verified. And many, too, will Gnd 
that if (hoy had been heeded belter, not only 
would thousands of individuals, hut our S(ate 
would haie been richer, better, and roam prosper 
ous ; for wo prophesied that Agriculture mint 4 
the Great Interest of California 1 

r before Our friends and pitror; 

Takcflicsownen co/uiji«j and peruse thctn.and 
low us a single page where wo have lint labored, 
. (ho best of our ability ; by day or by night, in 
nnmer's heat and winter's cold, in the duelling. 
by the wayside, on steamboat, in stage.on foul or 
saddle, our watchword has ever been Agricul- 
ture, and our cause (he cause of the laboring man. 
It "a tree is known by its fruita" (hen we 
Inow our past labors will speak kindly fur US, 
and we shall have ten Ihoutaiid voieti speaking 
/or ru, from (he happy homes that or.' now 
found scattered over (his land, like bright stars, 
and each bume made beautiful, in a great measure, 
through the instrumentality of [ho causo wo 

It is not our purpose lo say all wo intend to do 
Ihe coming volumes of the Fabmeb. If our 
past labors area proof tbat wo bavo been faithful, 
ready to renew our apprenticeship ond 
seven volume* more, and our funw 
.-en volumes! a full seven years' labor, should 
rluinly entitle us lo Ibal freedom from ooxiely 
it has col been ours lo enjoy in the past ; but this 
say, we did not take bold of Ihe plow to look 
back ; onward is our motto. To our masters, Ibc 
people, whose cause we plead ; lo Ihe working 
n of California, in ovcry department of labor, 
now come, aud ask of them their earnest and 
cheerfol co-operation, ond we say lo Ihtm, "come 
ith us, and wo will do thee good.' 
The CAMtwuiiA Fakmbu is not only devoted to 
Agriculture, but it is the officio! organ of (bo 
Heohaoies' Institute of San Francisco, nod will 
labor for (he cause of the mechanic und manufoc- 
r, for wo believe that these force great inter- 
est* ore identified, are one ; (bey ore, os wc hove 
before said, tho great triune of labor, and upon 
these rests tho prosperity of every people and 


commend uur dew volume 

id to the friends of Oalifor. 

vc lo us bat what we deserve, 

re; give In us but that, in ibis 

■e ■■..II and will lobnr wilb an 

h lo uur friends 
nia Industry, (live t 

'the desert blauom wilb the r-v*. 1 , the wine presses 
gushing out with new wine, and every man sitting 
under his own vine and % tree" in all (his fuir laud, 
re reedy to lohnr on. Who will cheer us in 
this workT Who will join the great bond of 
working ones, and shout 

"Lotui, Lien.boiitisnddoloj, 
Wilb tthfiTt for .n, ftto. 

State Agricultural Fair. 
The timo is rapidly approaching whan tho 

Harvesters of C'ulifurniu will come forward to 

ahow the results of their labors — whon the 
sheaves of golden groin," "Ihe full corn in the 
or," and 'Ihe fruit- of their treasons," will oil 

spook tbo fertility of nor soil, ond tho industry 
id skill of tho Culliralor. 
Wo hope to lay before our renders with our 
«t number, (ho pruof that active operations 
ve ns much promise of success fur the Stilly 
air, at Stockton, as the plans in progress for 
ii- Mci'lianicb' Fair do in Son Francisco. All 
ins! work — fur the work nt Stockton is a great 

one — and there is no litno In lose. 

The Indoitrial Hall of the Mechanic*' Institute. 
TtiiM noble Institution is making preparation 
n a grand scale for tho coming Fuir, which 
ommences on tho Eighth of September, nnd 
uts TUN DA VS. Wo bavo scan the plan of the 
luilding which is ubout being erected, and the 
workmen arc already nt work upon the founda- 
tion, making ready. Tho Exhibition Hall will 
bo u very handsome one, being built in tho form 
of aGreek cross. Tho halls will be I8D feet long, 
each way, und (JO feot wide; u fine Dome will 
ornament the center of (he ore.-.-, ond Ibis will 
IWfeotnbovo tho roof of the building. The 
cost of tho Hall will he about 85,000. 

We sincerely h..|,.. iln, Mrt-liunics "II over the 
Stato will ■' forward and make an effort 
worthy the namo and fntno nf a California M< - 
obanio. Wo beliove that with due effort this 
can be made one of (ho mod splendid exhibi- 
tions over made in the United States. We hope 
over- Mocbnnio of our State will coll ot the 
Hoomoof the Institute, on California street, nnd 
boo Iho plan of the Exhibition Hall, which has 
been most admirably designed by Messrs. Clark 
& Hertzer. Buoc-oaa Kay wo to this greol ond" Iv.liil.ition. 

No '.i 

. Trip 

i Fotaluma Town. 

■i,i( U 

Sale or A ^jt.i.s i -ti. HoBflr;— Wo 

at the splendid horso Frank Forrester, v 

took Iho first premium at tho Stato Fair at 

last year, aud which has been so long 
owned by S. H. Meeker, Esq., has bean sold by 
if $2000. Th" 

with c 

Oor t 

, but 

i like the jeren yean appi 
ticeship, and we appeal to our master whom 
have served— for, noil lo God, the people is our 
master, for 'lis (hem we «rvo-wo appeal (o 
(hem, and oKk (hem, hare we ncricd vou faith- 
fully, u (be icrvanl for (because of Agricultural 

i bow valuable a hon 
careful nnd judicious training. Frank F 
has been considered one of the fines! 
that bos heen iu harness in our oily. 1 
a handsome gray, nnd for beauty uf limb, grace 
of movement, aud speed as a lro(tcr, we heli 
Frank Forrester had no auperior, where a ci 
binolion of oil tho good qualities of a horso n 
desired. Mr. Livingslor. has been the fni-iuuai,, 
purohusor, nnd wo have no doubt will appre- 
ciate no animal of this high character. 

Sonoma Couktv Joijenal— Whilo on oai 
trip to Pelaluma wo called on our brother of the 
Journal, H. L. Weston, Erq„ and found hire 
Cosy !,* u hee, although in rolhor pour health, 
Aa w.j roamed over that aootion of country, w< 
wero pleased to find that well conducted Mieat 
widely patrouixea ; hardly a farmer that did nol 
hove it, and like iL Wo hope that every eiUtnc 
-f llmt rich country will | )0 ,„« to lat0 , n0 
I'olalums ''Journal." for it is trulv,y n 

generous s.uppo rt _ an d w„ ff i.|, ,; „ a| ,!,,.. 
success. r 

with tho universal activity ilmt prevails iu every 
drpariment. We made o hurried visit (o lb" 
place IilsI week, oiler having mode several til- 
tempts previondy ; the latl loid ua up sick at Kupo. 
Wc took the steamer Ann.. Abemolhy. Captam 
Baxter, at San Fruncfrco, and was most kindly 
cared for bv Mr. Clark, the clerk of (be boat, who 
is oil that n clerk should he— ever reedy lo make 
Lis friendcul home. We had n plcusant trip up 
ihe Boy, ond was nicely seen to, in tho way of 
eatables, by "Ihe Baron," who kuowshow to please. 
The shores, as vou pass up Ibis arm ol (he Bay, 
called, 03 you advance. Petalnmo Creek, reveal 
tbo most charming scene imaginable, and in com- 
ing years will present in ihe eye (ho viaeyards of 
Sonoma in their glory. 

The steamer mokes a stoppage at Lakeville, thai 
passengers may cross to Buisao and Sonoma ; 
thence, we steam to the "Haystack," where pas- 
sengers leave by reason of tide ; a small steamer 
afterwards takes freight up to I'ctoluma. A large 
amount of freight is now taken, to and from Pcta- 
lamn.byeailingcrnft.oiincconntol ibis detention ; 
nnd Ihe rrtbipmtnl of such produela as hotter, 
cheese, egga, Ac, must be injurious. Chas. Min- 
ium, Esq., Ibe proprietor of mot line, is about to 
put a fine new slcomer on, to run directly up to 
Pclalumo. This will grenlly benefit the citizens 
of (bat place. 

Wc singed it from the Haystack to the town, 
nod put up at the American, u very popnlor hotel, 
kept by Messrs. Brown. The hotel is crowded all 
the time. 

Our time, while at Pelaluma, was given to vis- 
iting iho farms near by, and the dairies, of both 
wc shall speak (ne refer lo (he products of the 
dairies in nnothcr column ). Wc aro under great 
obligolion* to the Assistant Poslmaster. to Capl- 
Lumbertun, to the messengers nf Wells. Fargo & 
Co., to Mesr.t Brown, or the American, nod to 
mony of Ihe merchants, for courtesies anil aid in 
our mission. Mr. S. W. Hunt most kindly fur- 
ni-hed us with a Hue saddh'-horse, and joined to 
show ns round the valley. His aid (n os we shall 
not forget. Wc- have many nolos yet on hand 
(his beautiful valley. The followiog foeis ; 
given to show mine of the 

TJoiri'-j of Fataluma. 

Mnjfatt'1 Dairy.— IOOcowe: 65 milltem. Makes' 
f)2.">0 pun nds fhrt-ie per month, when feed is foil. 
Makes now 3000 pounds per month. Fats ten 
hog;, fed on waste milk. We saw nt thif dairy 
nearly 3D0 splendid cheeses. 

John F. Fine.— 100 cows ; 75 milkers. Makes 
4000 pounds cheese per month, Tall season ; about 
half that quantity now. Fals twenty hogs. 

Cftorla 1'iirriiu.— 60 cows. Makes 300 pounds 
hatter per week, in full season ; about bolf that 
amount now. Fats 30 bogs on milk, &t 

Laird Brother*.— GO cows; 40 milkers. Make 
3000 pounds cheese per mouth, full « 
pounds iu short season. Found hero 
ham slock : fiuc cows sold for $1 iu 
-j|i : |>le[iiiiil cln.-i-ie-. ill this dairy. 

irm.Pelcrjnn-60cotvs; halfmilkers. Makes 
'200 pounds butter per nionlh. full Season : about 
two-thirds ihe quantity noir. 

Jacob ffitheft:—uQ cows ; 40 milki 
3000 pounds cheese per mouth, full tea 
1200 now. 

John T. Tedd.-W cows ; 30 milker*. Makes 
230 pounds butter per week, full season 
pounds now. 

H'm, Ayeri.—iQ cows; 25 milkers. Makes 
400 pounds batter per month, full 
pouuds at ihe present. 

Harcey Stanley.— 40 cows r 2U milkers. Makes 
225 pounds bnlter weekly, in full season ; 125 
pounds now. 10 striae arc fed on Ibe waste milk. 

Z. Oonage.— 20 cows— American stock, fine. 
Mokes about 200 pounds butter per week, full sea- 
son ; one-third now. Keeps 100 swine, packs and 
sells them, 

Jacob litoon.—26 cows ; nearly all milkers. 
Makes 500 pounds butter per month, full season - 
400 pounds, short season. Keeps hogs for family 
use ; sells $I0D worth per year. 

E. Maton.— IS cows; 3 milkers. Made 300 
pounds butter per month. Mnkcsnow 200pounds 
cheese per veek Keeps 12 hogs. 

It in proper to state hero that tho full 
means when Iho feed is good-in the early spring ; 
•hort seaion, June, July, August. Tho contrast 
seen in the omounl mode by different men wi 
tribute tu the care and keeping ot tho stock, 
the time Ibcynre kept in the yard, waiting tbo 
milking. These items ehow this, and shi 
Character ot the stock. A belter clou of ttoek 
wilt increase the amount largely. 

These arc but a small port of Ihe Dairy wealth 
of this great valley, and only us a gn ,iu of sand 
upnn ihe shore, in comparison to (he immense 
vulue ol tin: Slote. 

uonKc iti.iT.ivKii hiu,m I'luiiiaiiBiia 
Men and Tima of the Rewlutioa, or Memoirs 
of Elkonah Wnlson; iooluding his journals of 
travels ia Europe and America, from 1777 to 
1842. His correspondence with tho public mon 
of Ihoso times, and his connection with tho rev. 
Tho work is full f Btlning taoidonta 

Business Men and Products or Potalomo. 
How little is known ol the vast resources of Cal- 
■riiiu. outside of the circle where it affects those 
„A immediotely interested. If to talk of tha 
Dairies uf California to our citizens, they hardly 
ippoJC there are a do.-* n in nur .Slutcof any mag- 
lude. If we dare suggest that they may be 
eqool lo come of the New Yorkers, they call it an 
idle story ; and when we speak of competing in 
(ho trade of boiler, cheese, ic. with the Eastern 
Slates, they laugh at Ihe idea as absurd. But 
figures will epeak, ond we intend, God helping ~ 
ctiou or our !■' i >!.■. and collect re- 
liable data, und show California in her real condi- 
tion, touching all her industrial Interots, and wo 
nsk the aid ond eo-opentinn of all interested. 

Wo have spent the post «e*fc nl Pelaluma and 
Sinlo Rosa volleys, visiting the farms, stock 
rancbei und dairies of I hose splendid valleys, and 
we wish lo loy some of these (nets before 
reader. We have mony very interesting reports 
to make, bnt ennnot give nil al once, lest foo mticrt 
o/ a good thing would be too rich. Wc wish 
every citizen ot our State could ride over these 
tplendid volleys und seethe coming prosperity of 
our Siute. These valleys ore now ia n most proa, 
nerous stale. We wish to give a brief glance to u 
portion of Ihe wealth now developing ilself, and 
commend it to the attention of the citizens of Cnli- 
,'urnia, and of (he Eastern Stales. 

The following fuels were kindly given us, show- 
ing iho shipments, of butter, cheese, nnd eggs, from 
Potalumn, for tho three months of April, May and 
June, from several houses. There nre other 
chants engaged, on whom we bad ool 
coll ; but these aro Iho principal shippers 

rid llirii 

g events, and should bo widely cir 
Sow York. 

•"" "" B n™». ono biiuuiu On wid 

oulaicd. Dana & Co., publishers, Now 

Liehig; Compute Work* on ChemUtry. 
Edited from the manuscript of (he author, by 
Lyon I'fayfoir; from tho lost Londnn , dni„ n 
much implied. A W(Jrk ,,,-,„„, ,., lU||i , ; 
ricultorists. T. B. Peterson. Philadelphia. S 

The Old Farm and the iY™ Farm~A Po- 
litical Allegory— by Francis Uopkinion, men. 
her of the Continental Congress. An eiceed 
dSV«I ^C^bT^!T n w'Yor°k ndB , n,lRil1 ' 

Journal of thr LI. S ' Agricultural Satiety, 
full and complete I.Utary of last year'* doing.. 

' Egg* 

It, Uenn Anunn 

:m»\i ii in* '. 

) 7000 
ie6,7ftl 165,657 ai,H 

Alesirp. Hill, Dodge L Co., are large sbippei 
also, but the steamer left before the statement ws 
ready, ond some others Fhip more or less. These 
liou!*s now, however, do the must of the business 

Here wc hare iho handsome lotal of One hun- 
dred anil eighty- ■■■rui thoii.-.untl poundi of but- 
ler ; One hundred and eighty-six thousono 
pound* of cheese -, and iircnty-oiie tliou-ianc 
dozen ofeggs, from Pelaluma only, and of only 
a part of the season ; add the amount of tho 
other bouse named, and the amount consumed 
and sold there, and an arc assured it would swell 
it fifty percent. Here is wealth — real wealth — the 
product of industry — and on thew we rely for iln 
permanency of California, 

Pelaluma merchants are not troubled wbei 
'slcainer day" comes ; (A-efr debts are piid by Ihi 
Produce Ihov receive and send foriiard, and thi 
gold of (he city isierif back to the county, to en 
rich it, instead uf sending it out of the counly. 

Wc have statistics of some of Ihe Dairies and 
other mailers, which speak -well for Pelaluma, 
and we ahull give them to our readers in SUccessiv 

The merchants of Pelaluma are in Mil (rod. 
and duiOR a prosperous busmcus, backed up by 
iviuY-npnod farming interest— which alway 

Grain Warehouses of N ip: 
A few hours spent at Nnpn while detained by 
illness, enabled us to stroll over to thi 
Wnrohouses, now about finished nnd ready to 
receive (ho crops of thnt fertile vhIW, B f( C r Ihe 
10th Of July. 

If nny argument were ue,..l.j (o prove tbc 
fallacy of tho spooulatoro' ory of short crops, 
tho oreolion of two large tire-proof briok ware- 
houses, capable of holding seven thousand tons 
of grain boyond tho amount housed lost year, 
in this one valley, would be suffioiput. Those 
who are sick of speculation, or bodily ill, tho 
result of auoh mod nohemes, migbt atop at Napa 
City, on their way lo the Springs for tho recov- 
ery of their health, and just peep into these 
splendid edifices, and we think they would not 
engage in any speoulation the coming year. Wo 
think they would bo eurod. 

Messrs. Hartshorn & Coombs have erected n 
vary fine Grain Warehouse, 100 feet by CO; 
walla 20 feet high, u basement of 3 feot in tho 
clear, ond walls 2L inches thick— strong nnd 
woll laid foundations of unlive itpno iu ooment. 
Tho bricks are of mora thun enminiui r-sci.-l!cnci> 
oF strength and 6nish. nnd oru from the briok 
yard of Measrs. Tucker & Warner, of Nnpu. 
Tho spacious roof of this immense warehouso, 
ono oF tho heaviest kind, was raised, placed ia 
its position, and compietod in fivo hours and 
nine mlnntos; this was u work reflecting thu 
taghost credit upon tha contractor. Mr. T. M. 

Messrs. Grimes i. Sage have erected a new 
of tho most durable kind. This building is 

orcotod upon Napa creek, with n .U..| dstroag 

a."." foundation, having a wntor ..ull : f tL . L 
thick ond 20 feet high, with ring bolts and fnst- 
oumgs. for vessels to lay alongside to load or 
unload. This immense warehouse is 100 foot 
by CO ; walls 16 feet high, and 20 to 24 inches 
ia fhioknesa-cnpahlo of holding ssnn t„„, „f 
grain. This warehouse, ns nlsn the ono built 

for Messrs. Hurtahorn & Cnotobl 

was e rooted 

by the same controotor, T. M. Warner. Esq" 
admirable work at Mare [aland Is nfcio- 

praofaf his skill o 

a moslor workman. Thi 

Oust of this warehouse was 310,000, Wo n 
criod out starvnlion 1 hi 
! to look nt those . ..... 

-oy, win, t, rll |„.„ rl lh( , 
f."^Z : M ;-'""" i "B""': If this ono 
I P"'"ding fur an oi(r. sloraen „f ~th 
WW ton, D f ^in. hnw^uch J 

speuaUta^Urr'r 8 *" W '" " Ur 

Hostt W.irjon Loads. 

The annexed letter from our correspondent L, 
wo cheerfully publish, as wo arc glad to have all 
such facts. The immense loads of grain and 
beans that are often seen drawn by tha Me lieani 1 
teams are wonderful, and we intend, ere long, to 
present such teams in engravings. Our friends 
In Stockton will have no objection to any trial of 
strength, either by single or double teams, and 
wo presume such trials of skill will be had tin , 
year at tho Slate Pair at Stockton, to give all a 
chance, and show who can do most : 

EniTOHB FaniHEn: In your issue of Jono, 
5th, yon mako mention of floe teams and their' 
loads, and many papers throughout tho Slate, and, 
I may say, tho Eastern Stales, also copy, and con- 
sequently Stockton is par excelttnee the City o 
Dig Teams and Heavy Loads, 

Believing yoo act in a spirit of fairness in pub- 
lishing the facts, and not wishing to "extenuate 
or aught tot down in malice," nor yet take from 
the teamsters of Stockton ono jot or tittloof their 
good uamo, I will mention a fun facts (some ol 
which came under my own observation, and 
others I secured from reliable parlies) in relation 
to Sue teams and big loads, in California and 

The team you make particular mention o r , con- 
sisting of eight mull-:., which drew twenty-ono 
thousand pounds, and the value— team ond 
wagon, $8000; toad, §750— must bo A No. 1 in 
Slockton. Good ! Now, I have seen seventeen 
thousand pounds upon one wagon, and one of (he 
old Santa Fe stripe at that, tho owner or which, I 
will venturo Lo say, never heard of "Lambert's 
Patent Axle Grease," nor of any other grease 
(although a Greaser himself), to judge by Ihe 
sound as it lumbered along, drawn by two psirs 
of Spanish oxen yoked by the horns. Tho load 
consisted ot white beans, nnd tho market value nt 
that time was S1360. A portion of the road was 
through the sandy streets ot Oakland. Slill bet- 
ter drawing than the above was dona by s pair of 
horses, and by pulling (hem separately, whilst 
building n lock upon the Oneida river, in tho 
State of New York. One horse of tho (cam drew, 
upon a stone-boat, a lockstono weighing Jour 
tons, nearly a rod, winning a bet of one thousand 
dollars. The pair would draw, upon a wagon, 
about the Stockton (cam's load. 

What will our Eastern friends think of a single 
toad of beans of such a valoa? 1 say not a 
word about the "value of tho team and wagon." 
"Handsome is that handsome does." !.. 

California Apples, 

1«« Seainei, June 'J9, IE3T. 

Eurroiu FAitMKn ; Ono year ago lost Jann- 
ary, I planted an Orchard, comprising various 
kinds of fruit trees. Apples being a favorite 
fruit with me, I concluded to plant a varioty of 
apple trees, notwilhstnnding some of my friends 
urgently soliciting mo to Ihe contrary, assigning 
for their reason the orronious argument tbat 
California *ns not adapted to the growth of 

T selected Tram the nursery of Smith & Wiii- 
choll, of San Jose, my assortment of trees, 
which are nearly all in boariag at present. I 
send you n saaiplo of tho Kod Juno. Please 
accept Ibo same, with compliments, from 
G. G. Gaud neb. 
Green Springs, Tuolumne county. 

P. S. On tho 15th of Juno I had ripe Apples 
of this kind, equal to Iho sample I Bond you. 
— G. G. G. 

Wo received tho above lottor, with tho accom- 
panying fruit, whioh was of very superior char- 
acter; fine size, rich red, nnd in lusoious eating. 
Here wo havo thn evidence of what earnest labor 
and goad oultivution and earn will do. Oae 
thing, however, should bo remombored— tho 
best trees, nnd of good sue, only, wore planted. 
Persons planting troos, should always go to 
good nurserymen, and select the but at tret* 
inly ; then they will ho richly rewarded, ns in 

', for their la 

Tho Mammoth. Tree Acollmatod. 

Tnc following interesting cKlract from a letter 
received by our correspondent from Napa will 
show tbot the nolcd Mammoth Tree of Calaveras 
will soon be showing iu character or adapted to 
olhcr States, Now Jersey will be indebted to 
tho thoughlfulucas of tliu gentleman who has fur- 
nished this foct. Mr. Jacks lias always token a 
great interest in such mailers, having a very beau- 
tiful garden ac Napo Oily. Ho is desirous of 
awakoning a duo interesl Tor tbo causo every- 
where. Mr. Jacks furnished tho seed for Now 
Jersey lo a friend, and now the tree isflourishing 
woll. _ 

Nii.» Cur, Jnlr i, IB6T. 

EniTonsFABMBn; JJelow please find extract 
of Idler received from Hon. F. B. Chctweod, ul 
Elizabeth, Now Jersey. 

Respectfully, PiilakKI Jacks. 

11 We have tbo Wellinglonia Gigantica, « 
Mammoth California Pine, growing in Mr. Keid'i 
Greenhouse and Nursery. He mido an entirely 
sncceaslul experiment of testing their einluranor 
of our winter, by the exposure of ono of them in 
Ihe open ground lost winter— the coldest wo h»» 
id in a great many years— and ir looks as «" 

any plant in his Greenhouse,"' 

The writer of the above should hear in a\M 
Ihal tbo Mammoth Tree bears the name of R'tw™' 
tgtonia Giganlia. not Yl'clllngtonla. 

Ocean Esenras.— Stud bornu your daguerreo- 
types! Wo nolo that ihls Eipress notify I beu - 
friends and patrons that tbey will send hem* 
daguerreotypes and ambrolypes at 'ho tow ralB 
of fifty cents each. Their office is opposite the 
Posi-ofllce, on Tv-ashington street, under the 
Nicaragua Steamship Company's office. W« 



The Groin and Flour Market, 
Aa wo predicted in May, has reached the condi- 
tion wo expected, oven on the let Julj', as ttn-n 
iiwrled The price now ruling is, lii : 

Floor, tram $7 12 to S3 SO j finer brands, $3 
toSlO; Wheat. S3 10 33 25; Barley SI G5 to 
$1 75 ; Oats, $2 lo S2 121 ; Oorameal. §5 to 
S5 25. 

The nlhi-r articles of produce arc : Butter, 
Eastern, from 20 to 274 cents ; California Bolter, 
45 to SO cents ; Cheese, foreign, 15 lo 21 cents ; 
California Cheese, 21 to 25 cents ; Lard, Eastern, 
17 to 20 cents; California Lard, 20 to 23 cents ; 
Hams, a wide range, 13 to 10 cents; California 
and Oregon Hams, 20 lo 22 cents; Bacon, 11 
124 cents ; eilra, Eastern, 10 to 18 rants. 

A largo portion of our citiicns now prefer 
California and Oregon Bacon and Ham, to all 
others, and so with Pork, Beef, and other 

The Axehicis BicHaMur..— This old and 
favorite Hotel (formerly Wilson's) has been re- 
modeled, newly Qttcd up, and newly furnished 
throughout, and is note one of the very best Ho- 
tels oo Our coast. The present most energetic 
proprietor, Bailey Sargent, Esq., will spare do 
cost or pains to make bis patrons contented and 
happy. The American, no are glad to see, is 
tnost liberally sustained, many families being 
permanent boarders, rendering it a eery popular 


nl Gtxlmu in,ir™ a bMuba.1 brad of Hair. 
8 KATIUIltOK -,1V '.-I!!,- HI iVJ. 

Lyok <fc Co.'a Cream Aw.— The very suc- 
cessful brewery ol this firm is kept in fall work ; 
orders coma in rery fast, even from good dis- 
ttnees. The ale of this establishment is fast 
taking tho place of other ale— oven the English. 
Oroiille, MarySTillc, Sacramento, and many 
other places beyond this oily use this ale in pre- 
ference to any other. Remember Lyon i Co, 
Empire Brewery, Jessie street. 

New Abvehtisembbts.— We invite tbe es- 
pecial attention of oor readers to our advertising 
colamns ; they will Hnd matters there that will 
interest them; many new and valuable notices. 

We regret Tery much to be obliged to leave 
oot many advertisements jost received from the 
East, and also several from our patrons here * 1 
oor columns will show that people arc Ie»rnL_ 
where to put their advertisements, if they wish 
them to have a wide circulation. 

ooraeDCOu.uujLYOnVB KiTliAIKON. All inanimate 


BOOKS, &o. 

'•Ipudl. BUTTS on thorn 
-...—.„- Jo., 139 WuUnitui .I!...::, 

New and Valuable Works 

vff^v SieS^X "b" jg Mb 

uEto in 3u Fraaelaoo : j-~W 

Kl-.-ll's U-'t.ji-J'. '' r,'S ,- . ..jrj.u.j 

■I„| n^ from nature. 11, Mi.. E W. Win, „f Vlrnfal.. 
Villages and harm Uotlafies. The requirements 

of Auierlai. Vlllase Hon>„ cmuUcrwl ud .u. ( »lcd : will, 

J^V U. J '"'' n ™ d ° T, '° C ' 1 ''" "' ^W.ClMTt- 

lillns and Cottages. A series of designs prepared 

for In rite Onlied Starca. llluiuated by 300 co- 

■ !■"■■ '■ ■■ Mm i i .,,■„. . Um!;l'>y.nm S 
Whjbnalek. Wish tddiu"rnl note. LJ'hlcu'u pfjii^ 

Downing'*- Cottage HesidcnceB and Grounds. A 

laitrmled uj oumnouj nojrrartnga. By A. J. DownhU 
Downing'* Country Houses. The Architecture 

^^^"wnilBr! m* vtnril.ilBt. WW. aMflnu- 
Downing'* Rural Essays. Edited, with a Memoir 

Tho Young Gardener's Assistant. In three parts 
ccataloln; calaloiTicj of llnrtlrn anil Flgnrr Seal; "llh 

l..!:lir.:.!i V- ■■-..;:■. ■.-:) >| ,, , ; .V ' , | , "'■,;"„.' | ,', \,J. 

-atinr. f>li Tri*-. ihr Grnpo Vior. 4r. L „, ,-,!,! J. , -.-*.= 

Collegiate Institute at BenieiB. 

rpiIK Vacation n( thla loitstul. will okH-eoothe Utb 

,0' Jalj. tho Somi-ABBunl Bevion eoroinenoibjr ae-ein 

-i tbo 1310. Roseola am reaoMied, ircon.onient roijnd 

Blr»n*r»thattb6roiaybopro»oot at tha opoolog of 


IV i 




eood t 



bieh ha. bee 

naneclnc. The proprletera bare ta 
effected by It IVeciaaafclj My, "Trytt 

in Eatnet Df Yellow Dock mod I 

Haim.— Copious rains have fallen in various 
sections of our State, in soma places doing injury; 
but generally with happy effect. Our seasons 
are changing.^ .^___ 

S&~To forget a wrong is true wisdom; to 
overcome evil with good, the sweetest revenge. 

HollowaVs PiiiS ouro any case of Weal- 
ness. Debility and lowness of spirits. Thoy 
invigorate tho system and give new energy 
strength and vigor to all tho functions of life. 
Sold at the manufactories, No. 80 Maiden Lane 
New York, and No. 2-14 Strand. London ; and by 
all droggists, at 25c. 62 g c„ and SI pe r pot Or bo/. 

COKBCaiPnos, the great scourge by which 

could in many oases bo effectually cured by 
simplB remedies, if taken in season. Wistar-s 
Cbcrry Bafram has oured hundreds within a 
few years. None ore genuine, unless signed I. 
Butts on the wrapper. 

•S" BIL *- IHSIDB.— VF*. have ntwriben *bois 
terra -1 lablvlpliDn eifjrwj ■llh tbe [aal i«noof Volumo 

have not bills, and we hopo ^11 our fotodi will Sniiht 
FABkiB.tlIlwotth T ibelf luKe-Daa-a aod ibolrcbMrfu! 

■Irnta Mrdlcum, laj Wubta^isi 

Tie lArim Ctuinn-lji Birl™, 

Tb. ffiv Tori Datt, Suu Oghur, ud oUien oa 

■• COBTAlL-8" Ku. R»cb, lit, EXTERMINATOR, 



Tbt London Qnanerlj HerteweonalMBMr.eol^Bli "» 

-ottew York D.ilj Suite RcjWer. of April Win, mj-i ; "T 

F[cocbCon, mmm id 00 , n o[ MnI1 s 1 ru. lo bo killed to ai 

d(tatbiiaf J i)«Ho.3S8Bn»iw t j;- ud njilo,'liiiM' 

»y tpty of ibli iniiluiblo remodr (or cUmrtoc ibetr hoa. 

pcoro i umolj aapplj of 
on which a lijj- profir, 03 

J b£ "f'ti"'* "'"'"' diiawd, 

The Row; its iJistory p"oetry, C.ltureond Classi- 
Bction. \VTlh enenHop. Bj- S. U. P,r,oa. 

■^wbioT" °- " : '"' ''"'" '"' "■' Booll ? r FIOWwI.. 

oomlMlin,bbj pt.nB, nod Bianrocit trtn, dHinible for 

Ltndlcy's Horticulture. The Theory of Horticul- 
hiio^ or u nllomp! la cinliin Ibtt prtcclpol opemlou oi 
foTll.?'*' 1 *" 1 principle. By Jobs Ll*d- 

Th'o Fruit "Oafdcti. A Treatise intended to ex- 

ild''pri J o U oo J 'o?"| 1 S < ' rtSjaaV^rS ''"'" Tr ™' "" lh "" T 
tion, InuurUinUni:. md inilnln 

I ■■ y ■■■■ ■■• rl-. (.;. I . vA ■■■'. .,;.--. ,1.- 

' ' «' ...-■.. 

VOKm snd liolillei, cmh-rinp and (iicirrln; rniiu, treu- 

The AEriculturist's Calculator. A serins of letters 
fordio bm oral) fnjisol In Ajriculrunt. ur [kg runurmoiU 

"cro^df - Gflrt,oniD f! i •" Pairka and Pleasure 


rainod wito a Mow to tbe completion of their oduc 
n Ihli Sehool, u may bo riqooiled by tha pnrenU. 

A daily accoutl of rooitoticna and dtpoitniaat win do 

:oiit and utnl monthly to nareati. 

Tbe loeallooor I be School is oary of aeeeB from all 

parUoflheStato; tbm buildlnci an oleelleoti aod tho 

ouloino.-j and benlibfulnoHof taevillaeearanoiuipaoed 

nlPMIotopbT, Chmibitii-. AJccbn, CnmrDr. *«,.« B 01 

Freacb »i t Spudib ..'...."."""''.' S 01 

W*3blq f - . . - 1 .-*,_ j ri , .'.'WW.,.' .'.\'.\.\\ 'rl 0C 

1 UlbU. Pndiior n- '.,,*<■_,. I.., ,._-., ,oi]UlrMIube 
*bcJ Ly lio pnpun. nor eitra chaTEM BunoUicroror 
1 roctier Infomtuion ot referace^addrBM tbo PrinilML 

Boarding School for Young ladies! 

Ber. I. AVE SY SHBFHIIRI), Principal. 

aigh slaodard of inl 

ideosc. ,11 

A B«o from my Hosier's Brave. 
Tbi .loaaer jn,i .mved brouiht so tbe Editor of labj 
paper a Bo« thai wu rmnl , r wd U[WB |oe Qr 
hi! Mothar. Toe weight or rbb .Hioltoa cao 
re.liiKl by Umh wbo aaro boon e.lled U nBe , , 
meaner. So heavy sad m f addon in aDIlcUiiD pi 
that appropriate tribute which the Son would: nay 
doty ihall be porfurratd [0 the noil Ume. Wo n 
maao tho tad record, aod eeek that oolil ™t■hi^^ 

ad kind frlendi, ber I ml palofal illnan was cboi 
• olaioi ud b<r iptrit i^ally pasaed ftom ei 
;»r«.iau»rallfaii at b»il i w „ w„ her Hoo 



(Uade/ Htaar^u.aurBMiblp Cnmceoy,) 

Office, JVra Yok-172 Broadvsay. 

»™l«hl, T.. m » and P M k lIM a onrr d.^ n „ 

foririrdtd So and From .-.II tori ,.! , \"'' ' ' 

Ssatea and Europe a'. Li'. > Ail.-.i.u 

_. Contractor. 


™^™™'^™" l ' tto ™' 1 ^wW.'tl'l«pea, 

-'!■■-!■ '-- ' :jn- j Wat 
IBMitV OWEN, Ajai 




i re often Inquired 

la keep a rcgtitet ol all innb 1 


t received, at Iho otBco of the FA.aan,a low <nlu 
laTicnltunil aod llorlicnllnial Eoobiworthl eaoecia 


ANT, oeo of she beat book, known, oobraolnj etory >ub 
lact worlhyof notiooi BARItVe pftijiT a ARE ,ijff , 
-taadard -o,k. and aboald bo lo tho haodj of overy or 
:hardut and ^"rdonor; RUKAL HOMES, a sludan 

alher Aetioultiiral !!■ 

iraenioc: or Fa 

public nark* aod nrd^-na. lit Lb., H 1 
andadaulooj by towlj P. Allen. 

Gardening f or the South ; or tho Kitchen and 

f^H h t ?;" lau »^»«l^f™aelreBWvaU n,to- 
GKli ITwhiS *^rdatdaj. By 

Tho Prcgfessive Farmer. A Scientific Trealieo 

^oA.rltBlfural C/bniBiIij, tb, Grolojy of AjrloDlnire; on 
SK. B, j'S™ '° dB "' Applied 10 ptictlal 
Norton's Sdeniific Agriculture. Elements or 
StltnliSc Atrlcelmre; or tn„ eonncotlon b-tween KlJrl 
and precdod Itnnlcf. Plni 

e.^rf^cAmc^noW GU ' dC " lnUndli 

m:!'':'':, ''■'■W'Ww : w': : :w^ ;;: ^' : ' : ''}^^^- 

Tho VtmDnm* llanual/ An SStaM 

irbja or Irulu. [n-^lnjiocn,, 

:t Book. Containine 

-L in In third y 

popiU la Ponmanjbin, this il uoqiicitionanir the Erst 
Khool In Ibe Stale. Tho Prtoclpn] and hi) Ladypotonly 
omptoy the nre<: oat impllihi I fcoLTHtom; but thoy do- 
ladlhtywlll qoalinnally iocreajo LhBfaellltl 
oeiajverydenartajont, udUI itaadvantaieafoEahlKblJ 

jei-h.:.| .-.J-J-: IU..-J i, ,!. . t I . , ,,„,. ,,f [| ,1, ,....,[;, 

inatitnlloos in tbo UnioD, 
49" Cireul.1rj-.1ill ba jirOmptly 10: 



133 lont; Hha.1, 


trial aod 

ii'.'lji.'iii:i; , s Ijnri". 
ibo klicbtn itnte 
Doivning'fi Fru 

loCulrufp, Propapuoo and atuiaiTcmeat la U. u „..^ 

Po^o^»".ri-^'^'™l^^/;J[* h ' i, ~ :,i '' UoD ■ 

The OhenitatVe 'of Common' Lire. Illustrated 

f.'£s™?"u"9* "SraS *"" B * ,uoe * p - J <*a>»o, U. A, 

T ial.rlfHoo r , 1 on^ab- bC Doclor - ContaininR procUcal 

'boose a Good Milk Cos 
Tho Farmer's Guide. A treatise 

""""j-- UyJ. R 
n tha Diseases 

!»iechi«m of Agricultural' ChcniiSry'o'nii*' 
The'X^ank'ifVock'et D^Uonar'i-*' Rei n 

K>d policy 








Front Street, Corner of Sacramento, 


»;■[*.-*■- msr «» «=» 3>» ^ 9 
JJ -«wi»to«; by every Clipper BUp&em tbo But, aad 
by every Steamer ria tbo Iithram, a ooraplete and ai- 
anilvo iu.wrtm-ni of 

ly ono of tbo flno, which wlR bo wtd at the lowoat mar- 
tot prieoa, aad to whioh tho alsootioo otoltr aadeauntir 
bnyara ii iorlted. 

Particular attention (j called to their lelMtltook of 


GempriUne the LateU S tylea . a d Duuraj. 

Alexandre's Celebraleil Eld Gloves, 

Always on hand, leg ethar iritis a 

Large Variety of Buck Gloves, Gauntlets, So-,. 




FJa-TBisra? shirts. 

Cotton Ducks, Nos. OOOO to 10. 
Ra v e dh' - D ucK§ . 

Drills, SbeetlDgs, etc., etc 

(For Sacke and Grain Bap.) 

A Large Stock of Spring and Fall ClottiiMg, 

EBltableforUlo Attaint and -A,;ricuHural dlatriota; 

tojethor with erary artiole to be found in tha 

Dtj Goodg liae. 

o r n e n s 

t 3 -l 3id: 


S. H. MEEKER & CO., 

Importer* and Jobben of 


HAVE ooutaatly oa band a vory tarn rtwk 
■ioh thoTRiH 

Bof oreryarUolom II 

■0 nartt 



Downing and Yonatt 

THE DORSE. By Vfllliaiu Yooatt 
«v ediIlo n ,.HlU, numoroa. illBitnl™, 

- DlwortailoB ob Ihs Anoricai 


[t.,'Ji ; -!.".>. 


=1" -1 lh,.„ i mBtf ri,'il flirt, 

testlsaonlal, d^Helr valoo, 

Fine Old Bourbon and Magnolia Whiskey; 
Very Fine Old Cider Brandy-Apple JacfcJ 

From New Jenay: and 

Old Virginia Peach Brandy; 

1, 000 Fackagea Hew York Brandy, Whiskey 

and Gin. 

Alio, all the Cbeleait Brand., of 

Fine Old French Brandy } 

Harmony and Nephew and Duff Gordon 



aW Wa are Eolo Ageotj for the Pacilio Coart of 


And Soto Tsoporter. or ' 

MAX BUTAINB & 00 '3 

Very Superior Cabinet Champagne. 


French Merino Sheep. 

ProBo^M^no^h' f "r n ", 'P*i»™«* 

PrtoMfroni»100toS3l». Addnm 

vS-13sa A. L BrNOHAM, 


guuph, 4 00., 

Fnbliihere and Importers of Bngravingi, 

Revere Home, 
a-Fa. city. 

Sloaznor, wtoirs uplin \u 
h nod r JjmJS; SS f ,' r ™ 

"""IS?"" 1 '^ V" 1 ' 1 " 

■'- ■»» ,l;!.' tl ," l , . , ', , ,' 1 lif.t';"' •' ■" 1™ 


's^V'r l"T!'T' l,M l' r,1,LHl - I; finE the innti. 

bo 1 .Jr'i'-.;' 

Short Horns, 


ih - SSoa : "*^" a ' frarUjca nuy bo had en •juricallaa u 
cooJsicuj'by Acdrw tuSl«illaal^ ,|,0 '"' V "™" T1l B.f* ,, 

D R ialL J? - ELLIOT/ " 

*" r * B,oeh . Clay street, 

bah rajxcisoo 

leal, (hat It !■ now alsno» nUhont a 

o U i-"i:-'-I. 

• laetot 


; '-- | "-""l'l-'>-li:... ! -.i:,|;, (! :. I-- Uoshor OODIaia. I I ■ 

!":''."ii,ir'.;i .'; i; 1 i:'-V;:..!'"^:' ,, "";- i '"^■-.■-■■.^ .1..^.,.,- 

lojrethor with In. ',.],.;.■ ■'■;.i.." : "i ,,';',' f T " v "^ I , r V. ll; 
Jadfocot. Tho Yolurao ij al>o enri-hed b 

|S5™SS.SS'S :; t£ 

thalraUn- vrBlian bai ' ' ""■' " ,1 , i: " ,|lJ "' ta a^J ibt* to 
feuioBal reader, (mm in scnerol'iii'lu 1 '^ 1 '".?■ L ' ,'"',"" 

, . tBAVlTT V ALLEN, N„ York - 
Andfor aala by tbo nrloolpni Rookie] leni- 

' m Sao Fr aoeiat 



-r.R^v" ! n,.f^l rd ..,? nd J """^ Baeraaaeato, 

D i .Jl £fal? F E3t01I ANOB AT S1GUT. IN 8UMS 

ini7ft"o n ^n m S,i; b ir s ^ 

.11. K i "c 8. HATNE3, 

PhlMrljtia . . . . ! 

11 ■ -. H-t 

Sliced Apples. 

50 % l B F BDLS - "» "1- fiMcad A P! 

.»iiii» >«,,„;„ 

San Fiuioimo Huuag and 6»win s mi,, 
UOBBS, GILMORE 4 OO, ?»„„.„,. 



lmpoiTCT us) Dealer la 

Crockery, Glfwsware, Britannia Ware 
* ;n E , . Cr i ! T a^i ted 5^' -UunpaTL. 

i*[« nf iv'^! 1 f !? fornliBIBr oonpiote 


dfumlihed i 

Hiryartlle. , J fcSnl!! 


fflothuag-, B O0tIl flhM1< h,,^ C(1W ynnjj^j,^ 0oo ^ 

vT-lSLf 1 * '"" "*"• S '""' Bm -/r« fity* ma, 
— Haryarillfl, 



Bo. 67 Froat atroet, 



yafe' Jkjartmnt. 

" Praj«fi ua Ww'mp lb j 
An I Ifope fco Ihv partlu| hi 
Tin: be mi- monthly depsrture of our Glomco, 
Hi..- parting ol 60 many near and dear friendi, tho 
rupturing Of 80 many kindred tits, the ftiwclls 
uttered, some brief and somo forovcr ; Ibo tcors 
shed nn-l tboagonysuirercd— must awaken the 
ajniyathics of every true feeling heart, for ihcso 
departures affect the public neal. Wo often re- 
ceive communications upon these occasions; some 
of a pergonal oaturo to U»> aB ' cfl behind, some 
loo deeply affecting lo meet the public gaze i and 
yet there is a lesson to be drawn from each. 
At Iho preswit time, and within Iho last fov- 

inihs. ii 

e III-.' i 

rscf I 

i7 that hale 
and deal 

nof the parting of near 
friends, Ind, in somo casts, the parting* were for- 
ever—for death has roado it perpetual for carlli. 
Wo hare received two communications, re- 
cently, which wd now publish, and as they are 
each so beautifully appropriate lo our theme, we 
publish them in this connection for this depart- 

The lines in prose pay a very noble and beau- 
tiful tribute (o California, and show bow deep a 
hold our climoto has upon those who can apprc- 
ciato-lhe beautiful in nature. 

Ibo poetic lines by V. V. will also Sod a re- 
sponse in many hearts, and Ore alike appropriate 
to (he present subject} and yet sad as maybe the 
pictures presented by each writer, Ihero is jet n 
glorious gleam bursting from each, that speaks of 
Hope, and this is like the golden clouds thatcrer 
gild (he sunset iky, when the storms of the day 
hare past. 

We an but apeak Oor wish to all dear friends 
from whom wo may be called to port, in the 
Sweet lines ofLucrctia Davidson : 

"A bnlloiied I., -In -hall liurn n jii-lil. 

H'hro rormn'i w»vajjoll drearily. 
Anl u'erlojiraT a cloud brdaj , 

"Go, thin; I have liven the ijiir'ti chare* 
aed (aide n-.y berco 

mnf fraaranl Majj that ihlro 
-■ mrM'i >lu9t ibiaetn sot- 

Cellton thoiplrit of lb 

To ll(ht III ana, tint Ibo 

Bora brie at lj, and illu 

oo-eliul blllMbi rallir 

' I'lMl'DIIMA. 

.of joaeeorai tbn nnrdi nf 

Host Thou !'.- rm-nil.i. 
- Mtm'.ryii Kith ma over, Ion end • 

Or Cornell there oftec 


Allien to Calif ernia. 
Adieu, blessed California 1 around my spirit 
steals a bright imago of the past. Thy ( 
Sunset and Iby gorgeous twilight may visit 
mere; (by hills and vales wilt echo ne'er 
with my returning footsteps; but my sol 
bear their impress with undying memory, and 
the heart grow holier for the wisdom thou bast 
laugh L In fancy's won deriugi I will return, and 
my loici haunts revisit. Again I'll climb the 
mountain's misty brow, and gaze will) rapture on 
Ihy lowering hills, thy fertile valleys and thy 
teeming earth, disclosing (tenders ; and wilh awe 
"re. Ihy greatness and thy g! 
riily arrayed. I'll seek thy 
bold communion with notuto; stray along toy 
wandering streams and listen to their laughing 
marie; rest awhile where mountains rise like 
holy loners towards heaven; where oiks of giant 
growth rear their majestic heads, thi 
limbs, glorious m beauty, clothed with verdant 
foliage; tbtn hie lo some sequestered spot where 
Doners spring up unbidden, bloom and i 
gathered ; where the tiny rill babbles it 
ending song of glee, and the quiet shades 
qcent with nature's poesy. Fain would 
hero as in happier hours, and heal the saddened 
heart with the soothing balm of memory. 

Away ! my spirit leads to yon tall cliff upon 
whose InRy peak the lonely redwood sways its 
feeble trunk: the granito precipice froni whose 
diary hight comes dashing tho while foam of 
water* in such majestic beauty, its bright and 
silver ,ipi» j reflecting rainbow rings, while far 
abi7c.i» tho tented domeof heavenly blue.cloads 
like molten seas of gold on tho horizon Goal. 
Leap oiler leap it lakes, until its waves lie sleep- 
ing calmly in tbe brood ravine, where pines end 
shrubs, all decked in lively green, dewy with na- 
ture's tear-drop*, sigh to the pissing breeze, and 
woo the laughing waters lo their lonely solitude. 
I leave thee, California, in thy beauty 1 (J, cat 
and mighty is Ihy destiny, for thy future teems 
with glory unimagined. Free aa Columbia's bird, 
thy coorsc. is onward. Thy birthright, given thee 
by heaven, cannot be wresled fiom Iheo by the 
puny head ol man ; no power can forge for tbee a 
chain, no links can bind thee, for thauart terrible 
iu might. Above tbee "oils the Flag or Freedom, 
aod U,j noble, sons, cased in its armor, bid de- 
fiance lo all comW. and rejoice In tho glad shoot 
of liberty. Pride of [he West, farewell ! along 
farewell 1 I go, forever l-lovoly land, farewell ! 

implinf the flood! oo the nay, 

And the dlitanc 

■J bj d.j 

SUII, when ilamben Mm a> t>[|hllr, 
llrowninj woe and 100IM01 oan, 

'l.uaenaid boned.! the ij.lrit liihtlj, 
Mc- tin; kind re J irtlrlU (bare, 

LWeianm nod frieadihfp'i sTHllof , 
Dnaui.laad ,„,.., A, iDoelrblu i 

Ellirfol moaner., tmehl, bui fnllBf , 
Cheer ibo bm', „„i,, u 

Parting Ihu i. oolv M(m io C , 

Ooustio lauuHT«.-A medical man says, 
thai ihote ladle* who make it a busing, tl . iron- 
bio dry-goods clerks and ne,ei buy am tlm, ■ 

OUEhllO .era kJcmnl,., irril.n.„ ' B ' 


n no s.lantej tbe rtue 

and forget- me -not T 

irosjhi luliin so jay, 

our piuolei and lilaa 

ilbooliniblno of Malt 

lower, thai uure bloo 


hnthl Kailit c»pre«, 

■ hichaboDB like the ilan 


peered throafh Iho f 

dco oo iba lifbt treltii ban 

Doit Ibsa renumber— e'en 


id, aod uU tllao Ires ' 

e IbejauamEoo roeai 


e parched 'aeath Ibo abide fniholoDfiuinisor'idaT 

nog-bird bin irsrble 


tin. J.n- LIcL. I'.nul ii 


t vsleu of homo. 

Mil tboa remember the p 


And lbs itaidr eld petcb tr 

la rich jellorr i mi' H 


he i had i retreat 

o crow "(bo trA apple 

— Iba ble ■'gulden urooll" 

" ■I" onl «™ Ulled a 

adoorhoarbj brim mod wilh 

■ Ida-hlS, like 

[U. el all OBJ are, whereby 

ire avo made la uodonUlDj 
I.ifo and deBlh'e (treat mratorr, 

Dcah Editok: TIio Good 2r*oor> bys: ; 'Lat 
him that hath adrcitn Ult a dream." With your 
permission I will tell my dream : Who, of oil 
your numerous readers nod correspondents, will 
reveal Iho interpretation thereof? 

Lo I in my dream a vast city of marble palat 
Stood upon the margin of on inland sea. Masai 
granilo structures, enduring as tho ages, rose su 
limely ahovo those noble plies, pointing lh( 
minarets and spiics tonard Heaven. Grand old 
trees, where centuries had chronicled their years, 
spread their protecting arms around and above, 
o'eiorchiiig its broad avenues wilh living verdure. 
Across tbe eapansa of water, In retnute per- 
spective, primal forests stretched far away to tho 
north and the south, losing themselves in the- 
deep bloo or tho distant boriion. Thriving vil- 
lages were grou|wd at intervals amid tbelr open- 
ings, relieving (bo dense shade in the background 
of the charming picture, nod suggesting thoughts 
of quiet home-delight amid the cool and refresh- 
ing haunts of Nature. 

The light which illumined llie scene, was not 
of the sun, or of the moou, neither was it Ibo 
inspiring light of the morning, nor the trsuquil- 
izing hue of the evening twilight; but a soft, 
clear, and serene emanation, through which the 
eye could ponetrale immensity of space, unwearied 
with gazing. It was a light which scintillated 
through tho soul, liko "the still, small voice" of 
the infinite Father, leaving a holy calm upon the 
spirit, and a deep and beautiful repose upon the' 
landscape. Tbo bush of noon was in the lucid 
atmosphere, tho noon nf a subdued summer's 
day ; and yet tho thoroughfares of that vast city 
were filled with crowds of human beings, who' 
walked slowly ami thoughtfully beneath the shade 
of those grand old trees. And as they walked 
they turned silently, at intervals, to look back' 
upon tbe path they had trod, and, thence, for- 1 
ward into the distance with an earnest, cspeclanti 
gaze, as if watchful of a coining ovent. And the 
windows of the marblo palaces wore filled with 
the same earnest, espectaut faces; and groupsof, 
men and women stood upon porticos and balco- 
nies, watching. And the city, and tho sea, am 
tho woods, with intervening villages, and tbi 
bending heavens which lovingly embraced then 
all, wore the satno expectant expression; it wen 
as if the material world bad caught t ho lono o 
Ultimate nature, and harmonized with it in I 
sublime and absorbing auticipation of the future 
T stood with others upon a lofty balcony vrhict 

self, and I have jot much lo accomplish before 
my departure to that sphere." 

"If yon are not a spirit," I responded, "how 
coold you possibly assume tho form of an Eagle7" 
At Ibis inquiry, the beautilul bird moved a 
littlo In advance of me, end, shaking its rich 
plumage until tho long sweeping feathers fell in 
skirt-like folds around, turned upon mc ft look of 
deep significance as it answered: "/ cuiumed it 
by the potter of a hioiiti* WILL;" and thou, 
gathering upitsdiaping robe, and spreading Its 
broad pinions, it soared away. 

I was suddenly awakened by a voles repeating 
fn iny car: "The dream is o leason for yoor in- 
struction." Again 1 inquire, Who will interpret 
my dream 1 - SEnCNa. 

Human Progress, 
Tub nnnoied article is worthy tho caroful at- 
lontion of nil who battle for human progress— 
and although the writings of this gifted nuthor 
may bo fnmilinr to ninny who are numbered 
nmnng our readers, jot there are Ibousanils to 
whom this voico will como as n wolcomo, spirit- 
revealing light, iu tho dark passogus of 
pilgrimage here : 

rnolher Is cducaled— as every molhershonld be— 

wo shall bavo a ram of healthier and better men, 

Wo trust oiory well-wisher lo humanity ff m 

carefully peruso the following noble letter : 

Thoughts In Spare Minutes, 

Woman's Rights! Yes, indeed, woman has 
many rights which she docs not enjov, and grea. 

t know it. Pity for it,, 
'b sake — pity for Ibosike 

tho pity iho does r 
in sako— pily for ti 

of posterity. 

It is well that in ninny minds the thought \t 

dawning, thai woman is not what she should be 
■Hint the weak, dependent, ohallow, frivolous 
caturo she is, ia not what God meant when ho 
odo woman. But tbo step from where she now 
inds, lo bo "a voter, a law-maker, o judge," is 
huge one. No wonder the majority of women 

shrink at the bare idea. Tubs obliged lo assume 
icb responsibility— to be under the necessity of 
vestigaling, of thinking, studying, reasoning. 

Ah I such duties belong to the strong handed, and 

"strong minded"— lo man. 
But are there not righLi lying between here 
id thoro? Yen, verily. Women ! My sisters! 

all m 


... (hat 

Social Intoreoario. 

with which n 

'OB, a circle that 

Dover ohanges t. 

ductile gold. Thin is tho presence of publii 

,, •.),.. i 



anded a 

it of tho 


familiar objects, or faces, wero i 

was not lonely in that strange city or strange 

a community of interests established an electric 

choin of sympathy between all hearts, and the 

strong lie of universal brotbeihood was felt, and 


While waiting thus, expectantly, a large eagle 

Bailed majestically through tile? air, 1, swoiipilig 

down in a graceful curve, lighted upon the fur- 
thest pillar of the balcony, upon which I was 
standing- Look at that wonderful bird I I es- 
cloimed. And as Ihc group near mu turned to 
gozc. tho Eagle slowly roso in the air and floated 
bojrond our night. Tho* Eiglo was remarkable 
qitd peculiar color. Tin 

this di 
vomeu check Ibeir host impulses, suppress thi 
lighest thoughts. Each lunge for the full coi 
nuniou with oilier souls, but dnro not give u 
erunco toils yearnings. Whot hinders T Tho 
ear of what Mrs, Smith or what Mrs. Clark 
rill say; or tbo frown of aomo sect; or tho 
uinthemn of fioino synod; or lhu fashion of somu 
iliqoe ; or the laugh of some club ; or tbe mis- 
ru]iro*i'ntuiinn of '-omo political party. Thou 
' afraid of thy neighbor, and knowest nut that 
is equally afraid of thee. He has bound thy 
hands and thou luust fetterpd his feet. It wore 
for both lo simp tbo imaginary bond und 
walk onward unshackled. If tby henrt yearns 
love, bo loving; if thou wuuldst freo man. 
kind, bo free; if lion wouldst have a brother 
frank to tbee, bu frank wilh hfai. 
hat will peoplo say T 
does it conri-rn lino 17l1.1t thny say I — 
thy Iifu is not in fArir hands. Thoy con givo 
thee nothing of real value nor take from theo 
anything thnt is Worth having. Sntna may 

Eromiic then all tho kingdoms of tho earth, hut 
o has not one aero of it to givo. Ho may offer 
intioti as Iho price nf hi- ivnr.-hip, hut thero is a 
Haw ia all his title deeds. Eternal and suro is 
tho promise: Blessed urn lhu mod: for tht'v 
shall inherit tho earth. 
But I shall he mi 

And what if thou art I Thoy who throw 
stones at what is above thorn, rooei 
back ngniu by tho law of gravity; nnd lucky 
ore they who bruise not their uwn faces. Would 
that I could pursundo all who road this to bo 
truthful nnd free to say whut thoy think, 
act what thoy feci, to cast from them liko r 

ill fear of scots and parties, of clans 

e rights which the 
Nearest to ua 

i brigh 

ileicb rlili — [)„i hrleht utaW 
the bUn, *re were t-jubJin^ a* 


ike lonowing communication, from tbo pen of 
.no ol California's most gifted Wfi , erB wi]| fe 
used with deep interest by at] who see in (he 
ignsol die times that 'hand-wriling upon tho 
tall that speaks of human progress. 

We trust that many minds will ]jjlen w the 
'Olco of this dream, and will ealch the inspiration 
thereof. Tbo beautiful imagery that comes irith 
this "Voice of tho Soul,'' Is like the uV,,- ,', ',]„ 
hangs before ihobrigbtbluo beyond, where Truth 
lies h id in myitery. 

10 wtfj xnlerpret this Dream? We believe 
are many who peruse tho columns of this 
Journal lhat will hear this voice, and send un an- 
ng ono, for tho characters presented In tho 
n denote who shall ba the grand actors in 
rama of Life lhat is being revealed as tho 
a rises. But wo leave thorovelalion of this 
Ttonderru). ,ei beautiful dream, that seems an 
■angel vm ra ," , ,b 060 who shall be ready, be- 
hoving tho revelation will como and lint r 'i,.ht 
•pecdily, for b 

i arc obsurtaul o[ human progress can- 
observe that in the dull prose of life aa 
ihu inielU-ctual world, thoughts break 
emlnd while iraJWng, like visions.and 
to us again indreams. These thoughts 

mlrenictJes uf iis feather 

;reon, which gradually shaded off 

ipple hue at the beak. The breast 

white, and a stripe of the same passed from the 

outer curve of the neck down through the centre 

of the back, widening toward tho tail. 

Ere we had recovered from a feeling of disap- 
pointment that the noblo bird had flown, it rc- 
tomed to os and lighted a liltlu nearer than 
before. Again It soarcd[ making a wide circuit 
the air, and tho third tlmo swooping 
om its lofty elevation, it poised itself a 
upon its wings in front of the group, aud, 
■an and woman staining l,y 
my side, brushed its beak softly against a cheek 
of each. 1 experienced a slight sensation or fear 
on observing this familiarity of tho wondeiful 
bird, apprehending that it might brush 
with its beak, and nerved myself with courage. 
The Eaglu approached, paused befor 
looked o lung lime into my ui'cs with 

ir:i'i iii(.- 

i.r wilh iv 

ind classes. 

What is there of joyful freedom in our got 
nlereourso I Wo meet to sea each other, e 
tot a peop do wo got under tho thick, stifli 
oil whioh each carries about him. Wo visit 
mjoj ourselves, and our host takes away all t 
froodum, wliilo we destroy his own. If thohost 
wishes to work or ride, ho dares not, lest it 
om impolilo to tho guests; if tho guest wishes 
roii'l or .-li'ii],. he dares net, it siem im- 
.liie lo tho bust; so they remain slaves, 
i.| it relief to part company. A frsv imlivitl- 
U. mostly in foreign landi, arrange this mnt- 
froodom. If a visitor arrive, thoy 
ery busy to-dny; if you wish to 
nue, mi™ uru hor-es Jitnl gadilk'ii in Iho stables; 
f you wish lo rend, there uro books in Iho pur. 
if yon wanl to work, Iho men oro raking 
tho fields ; if you want to romp, tho 
omiuiuii are at play in the court; if you want to 
tulk to me, I can ho with you at iiuoh an huur. 
Go whore you plcaao, and wliilo you nro hero 

At sumo houses in Ploronco, largo parties 
meet without tho slightest pro partition. It is 
"ndorstuod that, on some portioulor evening of 
lady or a gontleman always receive 
.^ Iu ono room uro books and flow- 
id ongravings; in 

the week, e 

ided al 


Tho look, w 

ingoly 1,' 

s with au expres- 
sed sympathy. 
. and, from that 
better worl 
Ih by the wai 

great and good spi 
been atlra:led lo 

woo J for thatlook of touching sympathy, though 
bent upon me, I felt in my heart was intended 
for humanity, and I acknowledged it with a 
glaoee expressive of my own sympathy wllb the 
toiling, suffering millions. And then, a liltla 
apart irom the group, wo lalked of tbo past 
present, and future of man-of the evils, wrongs 
and sorrows, of his chrysalis stalo-uf the sub- 
lime and hopeful subject of hum™ progress ami 
of its unquestionable evidences, scattered as mile- 
stones along the pathway of the centuries, Wu 
discoursed of tho important elements rioio al 
wo.k lo tho civil, social and religious world, lo 
develop from the moral chaos, order, h»rmony,and 

ss,and to discover to the childre 

o Ileuvc 

While engaged in this delightful converse mv 
attention was suddenly drawn to myself by ex. 
seeding physical suffering, and I remarked: By 

: "" :l 'ieatiODj it appeals lhat I shall sotiu ioln 

yon In Ihe "Spirit-laud." ' 

"Nay," replied the Ragle, .r„ ur mis8ion 
earth L. yet unfullllled ; , on have many years f 
abor before you, labor fur tho elevation of man 
kind You speak of j„,ning 
world, /am -"• — ■■-- ■ 

ihn.i ., 

ir groups doited about tho n 
')n. No oi 

required lo speak lo his li__., _ 
departing. Lomeorole uui) Ija^k.-ts ..)" iruir ^Kil. 
hern ami them nn Ihe -i.|,, tallies, that all ma] 
t'.ko who liko; but eating, whioh consiituics mi 

Inrgc a purt of A rioim eulerlnininent., i d , 

-h-ht ond almost unnnlieed ii,ei.l..,,t in t\ut, 

f..-ativals of mtellent mill truMO. \V ,|.„ ,|„„ 

;;k-t l .- e_suohs,.ol n lfr., [ J ntr-clueed hero! 

■' Bui tlio first stop must bo com 

Jih. to imliff... 

that you wero rat 

kind of cake lo y 

"Wiemng In (1m» ____. .. 

thoupnor. Lot Mrs. Smith talk according 

ii...., i ..._■ i^jUuls 

r gifts ; bu U 

i enough lo offer only ono 
r company, nud to put loss 
it of your plus than 

. . - J0 ' n ' n E me ln 'he $piri t f«W will ret 
» epir, h but . woman, like jour. I ■ educate the 

XdEht la Breaking. 

Tnnooon ihecloudsof ignorance and prejudice 

thero is a gleaming light lhat grows brighter aod 

brighter, and it promises to herald n new and 

glurious era. Earnestly do wo recommend Iho 

onous thnnght of Harriot N. Austin, which wo 

Vi- from the Water Guru Journal. A thousand 

larts will bless tbo writer of these tbo ugh Is— 

they wore --golden moments" when they „ cf0 

Ud wo trusl tbey will bo heralded far 

by all who would sec woman labo Iho 

P ace designed fJr her-the equal, tho companion 

the true helpmate of man. ' 

Educate woman and she will bo the equal. 

unt, as Iho writer so eloquently urges-woman 

must have health of body „ prvp J for ^"T 

propriete education ; and It Is a lomentablo truth 

thatwobave few women whoenjoy perfec. health, 

and. by reason of a false education, Ihe race of 

■- -~ delegating, and all who are observant of 

hands almost touch Iben 

sibility, for rio 

right, the duty, u> have health ; and, of course, to 
sustain such oxloroal relalious a* are the con- 
ditions of health. Oh I if woman could know 
what bounding, vigorous hcahh i ; , ivhiii /■hytic-i! 
ecstaey there is to be healthful, in comfortable 
dress, pure air and sunshine, out-door Borft, 
simple food, rest, sleep— if -liu could realize how 
ill health enfeebles the mind and wrinkles the 
heart, bow it makes her selilsh, unloving, un- 
gentle, and unenduring — could she but catch a 
glimpse of woman with all her faculties health- 
fully developed — elastic and vigorous In body, 
in person, loving and self-sacrificing, 
art, true to her instincts, clear in her 
intellect, and strong in high purpose* — couldeach 
individual realize this it, her ri s ht, and hence 
her duly, what an up-heaving and ovor-turning 
_ ould there be of society's cusloms ! Greater 
ibu if the law should bo passed to-morrow in 
cry Slate lhat women shall vote and boldoffico, 
id in all things bo just equal to man. Greater 
ian ony change that huiimn Inns coold make, 
because ibo change would be in woman herself. 
Id no longer lead an io-door life, either 
;, or seeking her ease and pleasure, bo- 
ngs organized as we are cannot live 
naturally and healthfully iu doors. She would 
~nd time and ways to prepare food simply and 
li'ik.-i.nioly, to keep the house pleasant, and lo 
isko Ihe clothing comfortable, but fAieicauld get 

ic same ease and freedom ss man. She would 
> lo bod al the beginning or ibe night, and riso 
. tho beginning of Hid day. She would bo 
mplo in her dress, her diet, all her wanla, and 
instantly strive to maintain equanimity of tem- 
■r, .uui dim-h.-ineuerous, charitable and thank- 
l spirit. Then her physical regeneration would 
i begun. 

I know woman likes lo excuse herself from 
arae for her lack of health, nnd charge il to 
an. She says. " tho universal feebleness or wo- 
an is the result of excessive maternity." Too 
uch (rath— too crushing lnlt l,, i, tlij a \ Bui it 
a.s dillicult to find a vigorous, healthful woman 
aong the unmarried as among Ihe married. Tbo 
rsun who can find wilhin the scope of his ac- 
lainlaneo and observation Iwo mature women, 
.lives of Ibis country, who are in guod, sound 
luahh, ia uuii.ue.Uy fnvorwl. They arc not to be- 
fuund. Our sex is sick. And. sick as wo arc, it 
asked of us toexhibit thai strength 
of character, that devotion, thai luve, that geniu- 
ich pertain lo a beautiful and Well-developed 
nanbood. But n Iio.iM {.,■ o.vpecied of us— 
God, Iho needs ol oor brother man, of universal 
humanity, all that is left of purity, or truth, of 
love, in our own uml i iiu; spirit ■;. liemand ol us— 
lhat we no longer allow custom aod fashion to 
a the place of reason and conscience; 
longer fritter away our liveson showy 
baubles, in vain display and sickly nenliinental- 
but that to-d„<j we iK-gin to „ ;J «rd tbe laws 
; natures in our ivbole Leiii^ ; lhat in dress, 
id, in work, in iL-cru.-iLiun, ju iiursuit, wo act 
lalures whoso physical part is but tho in- 
strument of a noble and undying spirit. 

t independent of legislative Cn- 
,1...:, r C t.pgrow is in us, there 
^Ve shall run across iho ideas 
:icly, but society always values the approval 
■ - ipprovalor God. And it 
oro rights of legislatures 

its. If i 

o than the i 
1 to demand 
Dicly says, d<. 

ler hlgbelt "c 

ujroilff. If fj 

;tly and con^iumii.u>ly t 

Works of an Abiding National Interest, 

PU1)L15IIK1> uv 

►Daniel DA.isrji^ jr., 
ii;.\- as! i tihk.s oi-- Tin: ih:V"I.i:tioh; or. m«- 

■"■■>■" "I" b-JIkan.ll. HM--!i:iT..-lu 11-.- M:r IT™- 

:.;:::;:.. .■■";,;",;:;;,.".T, IT .::.! , £i£iS 

;.ll. ,..,,., ,J, ,,., .,„,,,. »-» S « 
acoNU KoiTio h: (Villi u.:.n.i,m.. [i>.ii>><)(tnU«f 

- 1 '■ eu^.iv.-.] ..„ -L.:.,l, ,,ll.-l II.. ra.u u m |«r- l,t i;. .[,:, y . j,,. | |„,.„, i ,„„. w.--i i:i.,:ravui(l 
Uno, &7o pafHj en unled jiatwr, 81 50. 

., lll .i^;;;; , ! ; ; |l h ;:-h;;' ;'■;- ■';>■ ' : ' ;,;;;!. [l .,.. 

!■ '■"' re, -in II: l[jLir.f,lj g T3 ^,fji: and almple maaaer ia 

. FiritrehlUlieiluederthslllleof "A 

Hi F.„„d. II..|.i:i. :, -.. member ol 
I r,. ai ra-i (Villi ,n l.,l,|l..n, II" 
hi I I liu ii-.iii.., I.) l:.„.,-,ii J L™lm. 
if "The Pietorlal Field-Hunk uf ihe fle- 

i...:i-.| N-i. 

is will remember this 


Educate the girls; for if the 

Brush Uannfaotory. 

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I Ho! There, Everybody I Pace the Music and Head! 

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bylilhhil Wbohalbth-powKt 

To in 

nl or platan thai, and male of u 

elbine m.'it this .banned Kill 




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alb IblA pawtr, wt atk agalB, 


he onrraltu appear id plain 1 

ib each look, sin nation, farm— 

• lb tbb inwerl tbli trandroni Ifl 7 

Thti poser to ciia uur caunlicpan 1 

To pilot libs lift, al -In do gluteal— 



Doable Attint; Eotary Eorce Pomp. 

TIITS i> a dow Pump, r 

■tioonill pleuieobpcrro tha(lh*ta 

II ■ I-' 1 ■ !■: : '.I . - I ■:■! 

mtlirr more .mi Imlnaen Iho-o nho bavo |.K-k--J up Iho 
Drur »ii.>inrr, acd Ihutovbo bavodeiolrd Iheir wbnla 'I.., ■ I l 1 ..v,.Ih.:li. : nnr to belong, 

t*en angaaad in raid busine't for Lbe laji elehleen yean. 
Itallavieg th.H llf.i ^ UI, „r,:i [hattbopaoplB 
■rilb tafely, 1 "ill hoi r ;iftor Gil Iheu far 
Ey Plural-, IfcLtininio uf 1 1 1 . : :_- 1 ' mil'", and cf 

I Inlend my Hero shall t* ONE or lbs be«I, ir not TUB 

lll-V , l,i,-,. in (\,lil..r:il.i M. i.l.liin ■;*,■: . -|,,i,.-. XLIV. 
:<il .11 Hi- Hni:lin. ..:,n. I..,., i.,llvw 
- depot for ertr? vilor.ble 
l'11'..nt Mcdi.'iru-, iir„ i: „r.,l CL„[i,k-..l \\i, in.llo pro- 
pri.-l.T. ■ ( riilu:,! 1-.-.T-..1 t-L, .lilc l'..t,'H M- Ikir.-. lo.end 
tb'rn Wo In,-.-; 1 In-,-.' .iii.l ItiMhiuirhly ora-nrool 

Wi Kcp Upon all NTghl I 

Wo trill fnmiih IhoM In Indli'ont circnmitnncu with. 
MKHE'.HN [■:> AT V.'fl • tb- nil.-.- I..«ln.- .m^.-ltj by -.wo 
or Ibrec EWd eitiuu. 

Horeaflerrto will do a budnet* on n CASH BASIS 

ONLY. The urn -_■ .■:„ li...,M..t br,.'..|..r- l.y e-odil- 

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We bnie revived Iho aseeeie. for Urn follo»lng vnln- 

HI'll.-l'N-S rAl.lf'HtSIA I 

We im| n.nrly .,11 ■■( -ur soodt. \V« think »rkrm 
1 ■■■" m in,|..n tlie id, and b-i» 10 roll tbun In - 1 tin 
nlbllf j- In iiriru ad .111 -.lily. .*t all o..i,l-, ,.■• or 4 
.11. 111, .i UT WILL TRY. 

vli-lg . J. L. I'OLIIKMU?. 


" raemroran-1 Danlacln R 
larit. Colt, Mi.ltrw.c, She 

DPUOLSTi: II [ Ml HON ,;, 
, Auo-Coa-laDtly on h»nd, llnir,Mo-,W»il,Vol»n 

No. 119 Jaekjou ttraei (3d dear M:- Ktaratl, 

Jiearlrop, , „ ,1 Intel 

(• B— All orden pn.iui.ily -itco.lo.l 1... ai..i oi.t-m 
-ilba.alo-,ninddl.|.»tcb vT Ji 

To Buyers of Family Groceries. 

reynolTvs & LAW, 

Ho. 1M Wnihington atraet 


REMPECTtil.'l.l.i tal na [1 ■ . 1.. , Li and! 

pnblir [IikI I!,.-, ^ji. ii..,i i:r. r ,i IL ; ||. : |, rL , 



Paints, Oils, IVrrumery, BnislMa, &t., 

7iO. '2GO J Street 




To Farmeri and Olhort, 
■ ill pureuavr BUTTEn. otitis nnd OH 


(oppeattr lbe Htrkel"- pir'cp 

W M . H - MOORE, 



Gaoge Cocks, Cylinder Cooks, Oil Globe*, 
Steam Whistles, Hydraalio Pipes and NoEle* 

DaT COUPLING JOINTS of all ilui. T7-M3m 


antral of tho J. L- StophBiu. 
THE mail ,l.<u-r John L. Slophoiui, K. a. 
P-ieon, Comm«oaet, armed «t this port on 
Volondv ...oiog. -boot M o'olook. W 
i.1,. fr.., Now York 1. ft. »H. of*™- f> 
bft,., 172 ,„,„(;«-«. »*.■ 1* »"''»•' 
bad 50 child re- n, 

No very great . 
hy thu S 

mportnnt nowa 


Tbe osual aiooirat of fires, 

Steamboat cnlam.t.i'9, t 

U and muttlors, 
tMp^.bstoooarcoatt^ificC " 1 - 

An alarming and riotous mealing ocourrod m 
Sew Yoti-tho military worn called out, ana it 

Troublo thiokona among tho Mormons. The 
United Siatoa will shortly intorforc, and estnb- 
iieb tho authority of Undo 8am. Kansas - 
now quiet Largo mail contracts hi 
given to Jamas E. Birch. Esq.. of CalLtai 
Other contracts for tlio Pacific Coast, arc b 
acted od, and they vary from 8200,00 
$1,000,000 each. 

Tho commcroorotiio Colouration of tho Bsttlo 
of Bunker Hill attracted more attention than 
baa been given to it since the layinff of tho 
oorne-r stone, by Lafayette. A general 
Biiam proTnilod- TnoGoveraoraof many States 
wsre presont. and tbo groat tnussos of tho pc- 
p!« gave their wbolo hearts to tho day. Tl 
military were out in great nntODMSi tho Ml 
.,.„,.. fraternity, in fuU regalia and immense 
numbers; numerous potriotio and literary so- 
cieties, and various associations, united. II 
we* the most imposing procession that, has bocr, 
seen in New England, einoo thonnivnlof La. 
fayetto. Tho orotioo«asdclivoredby thoHon, 
Edward Everett, and was ono of surpassing 
beauty and interest 

Large fires have occurred iu Msiichcsl> 
H-, In Philadelphia, uad in Chelsea, Mosa. 

Portions of the Eastern Stotee uro deficient 
in their groin crops, whita other States on 
having heavy crops. There is evidence, bow- 
over, that grain will command good prices this 
fall, both in Iho Eastern States t 
which will make it a profitable bi 
to ship our grain tbenoe. 

Favor* Receive".— Wa hove been placed 
under obligations to our friends tba past 
weeks, by numerous favors, even more than 
can name. To many kind friends for numoi 
remembrances for the glorious Fonrth; ■ 
conia not accept ail their invitations, nnd so i 
to favor ono over the other, wo spent Iho day 
home, among our children, and was happy. To 
our friends at Napa, and at Pc latum*, for theii 
pprcial Invite, we tender many thanks. 

To L.Provost, of San Jose, for a bor of superb 
Hose*, that camo at tbo opportune moment- 
many thanks. His Geant dea batallies and 
Madam Prodao, wore very superb Hoses; also 
Cloth of Gold, Baron Provost and Madam Laf- 
fay. Provost's Garden is tbo place for visitors, 
at San Jose. 

To Mr. G. G. Gardner, of Green Springs, for 
those superb Apples, our beat thanks. (9< 

To Mr. F. C. CoggBuBll, of Oakland, ol 
thanks for a splendid sheaf of Voluoteor Borloy, 
as fine as any wo have seen this season, and 
very heavy. 

Samples of Borax and of Snlpbi 
looted to ati by L. Sqnibb, Esq., of Napa, 
to whom we owo many thanka- They were 
from the Geysers, and are handsome specimens. 
Mr.S. showed us the map of tho territory where 
found, as prepared by him as Surveyor. The 
map is a handsome one, Tbe mines wore dis- 
covered first by Dr. Veatcfa. 
'■ We have received from our San, at the East, 
Seeds of the Victoria Begin, which wn ahull en- 
deavor to have most carefully planted as soon 
U we can find a suitable place for their devel- 
opment. These are the first introduced into 




... ;■ ■ 

V, -. ■ -.VI. . i'r, .■■ !:.■■:■■ Hell. '. 

Produce Conmiuioti Merchant, 

So. e c, ..«* « <w»u. ajt^rid- 

r Llbenl .dwc on Coorff aiiiena., »* B»Wfi 


R. H. BENNETT, k CO., 
duos CommiMiou Wercha 

1 ud Wirtlnrtoo .urcia, Son I, ™?S 
klKlnjscwnaJcan Con-JpuMOW of Fl 


■*" ** iowo " 1 """ io n " fproc 



a 0. HUNTER, 

Flnnr Merchant 


AgTiooltural W&rehoiise. 

' Rat IMcriiiinaloi'. 

rTULKAlWELl, k CO., of c,uif '>™ I, '^ r ^3 
rrrapl or ■ hill ll«l of the raoel amnnigd «ljl» of AjrfcHl- 

Boriid Cll pi-r" Gii.-l fl ..-i bci.itif-jl aiutle , 

I!-'. ■„,,.:,[ I',-, rt, .!■■. n. .„..■. t.Jcm>'owka; 

■.'I .■ ■■•■■■ :'■■'■■ 

TrJnognlaj do da 

ChurrJ— ui?n 

duh, .. ,. . 

IV rii ^t-.fl.T .1i.. ; 1i!.' '...J ilorl'i ' 
V.,-. Irllf Ci.TU'n- 

l?udcnTiuu, a lltuld], OnicE II 

Tr,rf-[.-,— I11L- ,■- ll.,l.'.-;l.-...- 


r-.-Ly bj Uioasiuidj 

Plml InjMU^ Vtrinla on Foul! ni 
Put np In 25c. and I 

L ■ t" E ■ 1 1 L . " ■ — - filLLi.UIWlV. I.LW I 

f--.- Satsll Simula Pa 
Sb o w *DilU? Pml««, 4= . .i 

trD .lrc-jin^jiii-d by tho uih. 
tog.-* pul ap nl Ihc Icne^l 

■'(.•■'■.-TAIt'-rTo 333 Creadon j, Sen Vurk;o: 

I' S.IMI-. K'U'uK-n '.r;..:'„ 

.r. \ ['A[IK,a:rjD™aJ...i.j ■■ U--20 


i™re M u™ r.rrnryb Br nb:*W 
— lie """Ifji '0-" « 5»™ •»»**»■ 

llEWU.yr ,'. iMI.LINS. 

J il: ,.'■ ,. ■ 

Agricultural Implements. 




inlLnuaJly adding to llitlr sxtiD- 
. Ir lail«rtallon Trom Eoll»od 
cc, i. will « American Works, 

MereliaoHdealiDit in rk«k< -ili bo »nud at low pri«! 
'l.IDHAKIESf ■■■• E«o.. Ui.iriaSab«l»,nrClubj,fur 
• bed at ntinkralo prlMi- 

■h™,l Cliclcil Tbc.>lo;icll aoJ lii<colloncoa» Boots 

llibl.'-. In ero.i «rklf. io |.l'»« *»-■ f-T bi^Ji,.^-; 

Etrfisilv II 1 !■'■■ ■ ' ;_ - i'--rfre»*nU; Awounl Book.fif nil kinds-, fllobtf. 

Hari.AUiucj; WriilDe.L«H*r and Note 

PaDOni i Bninlaiic nnd lVrirpln* 

P.Dor.i llnlT, Wbllo nnd F»d:t 

Eotelon,«!.Sl«H«BoiT uf 

ivi e" r> i o A. £. 


S. S. & W. 


, i 1 Medical BooWi to ■■ 

i , :.- it vii.ri.-lj ■■( 1 in lj ill'J ' 

K.lbcr. In Jlcdiclna, bo , cit. 

|y CllUlft»l.uu/l» IU -rtIU. 


r,l|.iain ? li.luablo| 

j lirlcoa oDiicd. dcllrerc 

omranrniiit (DIMS ««ob 

biirciir, onfi,"'p? 

L n «.B. D ,b.!r.-.i-. 

"rem unimEcranl'M IBS 

BOOKS, &c\ 

io> of ■• Tie Inilimu* o( Enjllib Onmmir, - it, 4^ 

|jj ajij-rf»/od undv-r ibT- 1 

i.lw— Ibo topic, deOnlu, 

■ ll ■ 

wroorblup, il.-^ '^ ''!■:•;■ 
manUcAl; appear. ' ' 

behind iLCT<rfltlnti.ti!rt,rjjtJ!t^ 
duplifcd; ■Ddiadj 

J icaoUnt u I naairfai 


Brown's Pint Lines of Engliih Cr.te 

Hrown'a Irutttutca of GTatnmar, 
Por the Itlgba Cuu« 
imu^i U. Brrrfjin. et njp. Srh&.l CommUanup. 
rbedrfmbl'm, azd :j|-. ;:1 rnn 111 -^ -.' ri 1 ' pir*d...|,,. 

•iifilldl pbi) .■.-. 

iir.»|.[-r.'.ch^l, , r- eycrflcnw, Aoi (he I: 

(■■rin'dlt'.-, orftmJemlf GroaiJoir, e 

>L,,',l, i [il".ralrly,-.J, ur.l I 
Wp.-Jll>..-..rr i !b.m<,i !.-,■!!-., .„■ 

■■■ I ;■. 

Aodjoldbybcoltwllor. tttnirallr. v7-2l 

The Moat Siictc-iifiil and the Best. 


i'.D sbbies or 

ir-t Raadar. lUrainlad 

riu, j ry Reboot? 

Very superior Still and Sparkling Wines, 

rrcdicd i!!ittl (reel, H. LoD^torui, Etn^ Cjndrmtd. Ohio. 


In lbl> StnU pi red Iit I be calebmi 
» BLACK HAWK. oT liriJj.r;, V 
r t, and can bo uan at tho III. 
k RADcho. riiteen m\\ti from I 
r, on Ui tian Jofe mad, fm (ho eaiulo; leuoa of d 

Colts Sired by David Hill in 1866. 

Jenictit-J before tser ara one week old, rei^talcr c 

Colts Bind by David Kill in 1B55. 

Hill ^i fi'r ^oliro Coltl Ufa butidrod dalLar L '- I 
. , ■i^r,.|r-.-i U, fillie-. delivered ^jnnd, Mine effict 

■ ,.:-..-v, in-.-! ill ■ •■.!:■■. ^'Pmoitreet. 

B, F. FISH, ^t»! 

'o rocaived also from tho sama souroo 
the Besurrcction Plant, onu of tho moat won- 
derful of all plants, and -.■ n ■ ■ that has eicitsd 
(rreat internet otuonc; tho Naturalists of this age. 
Seeds of thn Mexican Shrub, now only known 
aa tho "Animated Nut," we received from G, 
W. Gmnnis. Esq, Thoso are most wonderfully 
aingnlor. At an early day, wo aha 
each and all to our friends. 

Handtomo specimens of Gold-hearing (Jutu-tt, 
and other specimens, wore kindly given us by 
Heears. Goddsra & Co. All euob : 
we shall elnseify and propuro with olherc, for 
exhibition, aa wooc'imcus! of the mines of Cali 

Uj ■•■>■ s... House, Nai'a Citv The (ravelinr; 

eommnnity will bo glsd to know that .. Now and 
dptendid Uolol has been opened in thin famous 
Oily, o Hotel commensurate with all tbo wants 
of those acoaatoraed to genteel houses, comfort 
and luxury. The Revere House is a largo ,m,i 
■peciouB building, opposite the new Court- 
house, sixty feat by sixty, throe storioa high, 
with handsomely furnished rooms; and whan 
we would apeak of tho style and oleganee of the 
Bring, it i. only necessary to say this fine es- 
tabliahmorit ie under the charge of Major Emtio, 
bronk, formerly of Wilaon'a Exchange. Tho 
rooms are elegant, and fare No. 1. Coaohos run 
to and fronvlhu boats, with baggage, free. With 
these faete, wa know travelers nill not fail to call 
at (b« Reroro, on their way to the Spring*. 

Eodc»tios.— Wo Uka pleasure in tailing a 
tcnlion to the opening or iho Collegiate Inslilu 
for Bojb, at Uenicla. The nsw tertnoommtnci 

When you viail tho Stttes, romombcr ■■ Oak 
all," tho Pioneer Clothing llunse, LMlnhlinhcd 
i Boston, Muaa., in 1641. where you. will find 
evory nrliolo of Clothing imil Furnishing Goods 
(on tho ono price systom), neoesaory to oom- 
ploto a genteel dress, for tbo domestic circle, 
tie drawing room, or tho ohureh. The -lock Li 
daily replenished with goads manufactured for 
tho Wholesale, and Retail trade, and uffersgreot 
inducements to purchasers. 

Has. 28, 3D, 32, 34, 36 and 38, Boith street, 
BOSTON, kut». v7-141y 

Hay Baling- Rope. 




Beapera ! Eeapera ! 1 

MccoiuiicR'eS Krj.p., r .ml Mower: &>,, 

.731 Car Muo„n III, „i-r, :,..; 


Ox Yokes and Bows. 

Straw Cutters, 

, .i "WUdBoTrr." i :=!-■■- ce;.-i.R[i<l . c i 
ten. Fori.lcbj 


Threshing Machines. 
■a /• eiimre oeLBBRarerj t 



1WORT1J t CO.. 

20 p ,o'v m e e v 

!'>lli:.l)r.- KKAI'KRS, with 
-..iiillWoliTH i CO.. 

Blocks and Sheaves.,-. Flilr.: Mm, r. .,-r, larcv ud complclo 
uwrtiottil lit l.l< 'J. ...:1 Hti-,,-,.;-. i,t,.,. hi ■■, L . .IT..-1!- 
lurUljFre.»T. For ...1- LM...II:i.r.„ t, :.r,ic.. I ,;.-.■,, ,■■; 

Splendid Meiino Stock. 

arflTjy. THE.liIj, of MKillNU SHBEl', ud all On 

.. , ; ■■ ' ;: i ■ . •.. ...i I..:.:. ■ .iiirt 

JE3U<lm>"li..r.l.lci. 1 it,., ., ri„ ■,.■ i,.,!,,.., i, 

niMtlo indnltrj 
nble. Thaaam 

utha i 

luetfio, and pavtha batl^ufltacuof Tl 

■: ..wr.un l)n: I m] ■■(■■, ,-.ii .•■Ik,-,, |,r.,lut,. '.', 1'i I.; 
I - .• 11 r ■ d .-. .-■ r, ■ J :-'ll a ir- ii. |> rf I'.l:- i-.-i ] rin.l : nl.i 

num. If cleiD mitrd.'-bifli telli, ra.jro r. , In, .:.] r-.: 
L,i.f..l-. IIV, ::■ .,„ I ■;-■■■ , II, ■. ■ i-.r „uL.:,ii, ,..„:■ ,,. , ! 

MteJ (be i 

I I I I , 

Hh(,[.(i*Dn"orat,mo tins UueIii ud Bust rron 
in«tl«k that hit <■■■■<■■ iii... I ih.. ,t:„,, fief, u ihoin- 
^^ad chinuiar of tho Shetf, ud Woo) producwl tho 

'■ ■'■■ il >-■■ i- "I. .!im ■ :.: ,-. ' ■. ('-. .,,.],.'■ „'.■' IN,^ 
iiiiJeillped oKhor at S^naieDLo (■beta th= Sbeepua 
bo (Mo,, or al Bu FibocIko 


US Ud 117 !■_.,!, |. ;..,... .,„,,,-,„ FTnOCiKUl- 

mild? lotho BDITOael th* P.MlMEir"" f "7-£3ai b '' 

Who Wants a Cheap Piano! 

®rrBS^X^iJ R 3r!!^ 

■■ ;';;;' i" ,, 1 '., ! ..I;', l .: J ' ,, ,r: ''.V^v^: 1 ' ;:■;."■"'' '': : " f -" '■' ■'; 
;..-,„,... ..jiV. i-',\,l.': r "-'ji\' , j, i L '; l 'ii \:"\!r ■'':""'■'■ 

[0U~ Uuoa^^t. o, OB . II ±.:±„l lit Ui o a Urn tvStl 

■ :. ;,■.' I: ,"■.' ■■ " : 

: -' ■■ -.' •-■■' .■'!■''■■,.■ i . ..,.. ' 


;'■' ■ 

: ;..',;?. 

To Fanners and Tradera. 

• uih* Uonumo, '™i-tre«^coU,"^B» B 

nail, fim •;< (. ?U;:l>, ..I lln; [.ric^j affiled: 

:,,:■■ irS ii: -■■■■■■>. rW imo ,»n,l CoMreo. (thed...(3ai 

Iu»ll'> Nit ro.eo jiit .ln.t*.nj i< II- llamnn l!od j In lle>)Ui 
nr-1 fj V.'.LI,,,,!,,,..!,,-..!-- ::•.-,! ,.-l cu 

lUrajtl itli Lt..ij,iti]t) to u< in rliL. dbuatrjr."— THoiii-ii 

'cmJpUtc..-.......: .'.....3 50 

'■Iu. i. i.-.- m( book for in.n, woman or child.-— [th- 

hniiliV TiaaUio aa Frutana in iho rtdoltr of Jolou mi ». 

Uir, pmaoo tho tnbject ol rncturoL 1 *— [RanUri/t'i /ilmntL 
Tnrn-oo'i Test Book or Anatomy. Pcccnd Edllion. Will,] ,■□ (:... '.'' -- ri^-.l In...... J-^lIhI l.j- I?, C. Illicknuui. 

-|"| . I.'- : .....-.■ .-..^ ir. .-:■■■ i: . : . .. .. : L-. r. l,. .-J 'I",.. 

!.,-.. , !li,.!l. 1 I :,-.-!;. i ■...:•>. I .:. !. :„i al . . . -|V,i:, 
low'. Juurual of i'.jcb.i logical Mrdidiv- 

iToolaijofurmil— "UlbouMhj oipremj 

lHtlltJclotiDiai!a«ior thutklo. Kdltod bf B. 

'— IKon 

TUt on DUousi of ttmilniinos am] Oiahao Inoimma 

\ : J . i-,i, , 

Crrfi'a ManniWiffllnlrrrtfj , 1 05 

|.,.-kj >l-.ll:al ioeeoiocr. 
aloll'-Nolpmo^Ojr 1 i.:.v.. Hurj;. , v. l-'.iit^l Sy Dr. GUckmao, 
1'icf. . I ^irf.rj Io Hnllcil Collcjoof Ohio. J .,.!,, B.o 10 d 

!:■. \:i..i| !_■-.■ k . I » 1 ■ ■ .................20 00 

|To„ Luw 1=., roall— ill be ^-ot l.j Brprau.] 

-..'r.r. ii r. :,;. 1, ." ... ill .;. ^N..'— [lU.aod la. M^i Jij,]°fl"p* 
(w./.-r-, .,-. l-, H ,.n Pern. Edited bj H. D. Ilulhloj, tt D. 

"AboUOd. -IU: ,..l. I, ■ ,„l ■ ,li.,UUN ,., „.;.,„d L„,'.'< ; ii.!,'',.|- 

,1., .,..,,/ j,,, |, Q | U cot w^ur.eoco aod of foartul itramJ- 
Bctk'l UkturSa Jl^di,■•^ullTllenpcu^lc , - J ,10 

-|AioVj^rolM. r d'£f''i.''rM-'. " " 
Gn.Id on Orcanlc IXanrta ud Kuoctinttol Dlaorder- of tho 

I :. .1 ■ ■ ■ ■ . . .■ ... 

h OOtO , a l'rr..l,':..f.-r» I'oannacciKL'ta, and UlO. 

I...;. . . :,■ ,.,.!■, . -.-.-j. I ■,.,! ,„ . ni , 

■■ . 1 I < 1 r.i. ...ill... h. 

1-rd.ll;. o.,'_|N II.J..arn.J,,l M.J. 
laaln on IHecaiu of the Jtrclum, lecoad odlUon, 

■ Ao 1 ■ ..... 1 .-,,1 1.. |, r nl ..!;., I... 

V,,.!.:..:, ii. uUcbeVlbKlCaii-'andlb,!. Cnn 

.'• &>aj, oa lofaot Thenprvliu. 3oc. edition... 
«urhI.T4rj."-tN V. ii. J. Il.rponer. 

™M.'-|N„„ M^J.I^ni" 

d, , 'iri''U , /. , |'.i' 

rnj^cal Journal 

!&£ ti r w LI J^ic f % T D ';7ro^~o ( k 5 UI( o^.'S: 

Tba Britiih «nd Foroign McdtcoJ^ijnrgioal '"" , 

■iaonr-ij Jmrraal ./ JV.ttMJ Ai.da-^ oaJ huv, 
^o^r-rT^ ?' P Z U £ * Uo "- '*"' '-=7 >"«' "P-*" ™=r 

;rited witbtnii'. 

idard SpeaJior." . 

onnlri b'^hB 

kv LirUiP l'rli u .iry,Cir.imiciir, The Vitlh Header i; 
:j!if..r hi.: ii*r rubeola. Col!o(t» 
1 of Kcadennrcr pobllihedui 
nircnjlrcoommei,.l ; .lLi 1 |... i i 
ito, or hjj mat nllh Juch rapid 
' Their ndopliot. tomojouat 
immlltaea aod Teach era. who 

TDdaoed as faat aa ehM E oi could bo oHoctod. In 

.11. [■hlla.Jrllitii.l.S-'l I..O,.:, CiccinaMi. ri,i,:...n. 
ato-rldslj-a.™ ■ 

. :ajmbd hjolJ__. 

her tonn», and uoju-t io iu opontleD. Tbo boolu note 
I re -i-l 1 !■>■ -in. on in iho inllt; (»ror 10 rmjuiro anymch 
idorjoinrnt at tbe oipcojo .if r*rfoct oqualitv 
SainDt'i Sariu of H-.U..T i- .jD.ioeiUooiiblr Iho bc-1, 
I it tia baotl tbe m.,jt r..|.iil, >,j ■-..iol of any in Iho 
latket. Let fuels -peak for thgmaelrea. Tboacb bn: a 
iw montbj complete, upwards of two handrod IhoLL-ui^ 
>piE9 havobien alroadj »ld '. 

id alinirablo foalorei. and is well worthy Iho attention 

'rnlrSi.. ,[ 


book, boih In its (jpoKiapbi ud (antral fl to 171 

Coploi or Sareent'a Soriot of E'ohool-Eooki nill bo fui- 

ni.bci iT.i/i.-. fi.r ti.iainaliiin. (o Toachen and Commil- 
10f, or. upiiliclioo to tbo piihll-ber. Ur, tbo books will 
be runt by, po-lapc pio-pald, wbnra tba amoiiDt h> 

v'.tijra Kan FrMcl*a>. Cal. 


JBTX .j5jV 7m Slav. E ■ «. 3* aj 
Comar oi filny and Batter}' itreoti, 


N-.k i ,i i .7 .■■!■■ at \ -- ■ " Biobaore Bank 

Boiton Sbooa Uathet P.i:cr.' Hast 

1'hiladel;.',... DnualliOS 

Uoltin...-. Jld Jvhctoo. |i- 'htraiC 

Cindc. -it.. i:iw - - ■-- .---A J Wteelor.Ex 

StLouu,llo ■■•■ -■ UiakollACo.KicbucoUarJ 
Pill*b"' P '. 1'eoo- t; [> J,st,. F..|,Cajhi« 

Loahf-.llo.KT.- .-.- A 1) UonliC* SC ■ ..--1I.W i'jsr,«ftC* 

New Oileaiu. La r to-.ut. rhi* & A 

Aim. RiobtntoooLoodoo: 

PurohajoCortifeoto. .,1 Uei-.pil JoJ.thor Kicbaocetl 
oBiraat ra(e<, and ir.m-1," M:.n,r.,l lianklat Baibua 

11-2K B". W. CHUEOII, ! E " Ff * wL ' <a 


V. Sasraour. /J.Aum. 

J' a' S"iS J*H£fl 

■9 t I1i»m, .YorKi-ron, Jl.rf.-ir-; a.i J:.'"; 

Fart,, tlltwnfrfSatKripilaa^ 
o. »uh ported Mfrtr bj HalL 

•■' "'i ".!'■'!." i i -i 

,tlnMJ- Publit"' 

paper. I«" 

■i.-,l^.| ; , 

l^: 1 , 

f --, r v: 


J ffivr^l»ttrKK*B« i 



§) & 4 & ill « 8 3 , 


%ii California farmn 


I"' 1 " «" r '" « n „co. 

Fanning on the Tuolumne. 
Editor.'! F-iiuieb: As the season advances, for 
(be Ingathering of (be crops, we have reports, 
through your valuable journal, of the yield in the 
virions sections ofthe Stale. From these reports 
we gather, that the yield varies as widely as the 
distance. In some it appears the drought has af- 
fected (he Crops utmost to a failure, whilo in others, 
wehear of somelbingnboveanaircragoyield. Tak- 
ing it all together, wo arc led lo believe that the 
presmt is a fiir average crop. Also, through the 
medium of the Faemkii, tie have, laid before, us, 
the manner in which (ho lands of California arc 
cultivated. And here, again, we sec as great a 

exptet different modes of cultivation, where (he 
soil differs So much as it does in this State, 
From some wo bear of a uniform success, one year 
nfier another; with others it varies, aud from 
Others, (till, we hear nothing but complaint; a 
continual want of success, year after year. Or 
this latter class, we, hero on the Tuolumne, must 
reluctantly admit that we form a largo propor- 
tion ; and my idea, in writing this communica- 
tion, is (o find, if possible, the cause— whether 
it be in (he season, the soil, or the system pur- 
sued by us in farming our lands. As tho sea- 
sons are very nearly the same throughout Cali- 
fornia, I need say nothing of them. As to tbo 
soil, I see but little difference between that on 
Ibis river, and the Stanislaus. Merced and other 
streams in this part of tho State. But as we 
hare adopted a system pecotiar to tho farmers on 
the Tuolumne, 1 shall explain it as nearly as pos- 
sible, and let you judge if tho fault is there. 

Wu set out with tbo proposition that land is 
cheap, and labor dear ; therefore, it is policy (o 
cultivate the greatest breadth of land possible, 
With the least possible amount or labor. We 
commence, by plowing our land from two to four 
inches deep— no deeper — it saves tho team, aud 
wear and tear of plow and harness, besides get- 
ting over a large surface in a very short time. 
On this wo sow grain broadcast, and harrow with 
ft. brash drag (which costs nothing). Wo* cut, 

dies, but never bind. At some convenient linio, 
wo haul and throw in a pile, and wail lor- tho 
thresher- Sometimes it happens that tho horses, 
cattle, and bogs get to it ; bat this mikes liitlu 
difference, as they require no other attention or 
;, whilst engaged On tho gi 

the Inr 

ore thai 

old a 


o sustain by tho animals. 
x weded, wo let it volurltcer 
saving a great amoont or 
labor and seed. We also consider it all fully, to 
go to the ejpen-c of buying cedar posts and pine 
boards to fence with, when a ditch, with a little 
brush, or forks and poles, will answer the pur- 
pose. Stock does not trouble us, while tho grass 
is good oulside, and, by tho time that is dried np, 
Ibey cannot destroy enough to pay for fencing, 
We hare been accused ul fencing with dogs; but 
Ibis charge I deny in fofo. Why, sirs: by a 
careful enumeration or tbo dogs On this river, 
if La Grange to tho San Joaquin, 
it ennugb lo fence 

e a>o:rt:iil;r 

and sixty acr 


d".;.i hi-h 

rather poorl) 

uff fur 

they a 

e largely on 

so Of a few years, 

nado available for the above 

i loot we ait not successful, is plain to be 
We bate neither luonoy, houses, barns, stables, 
or out- building, f Bn y yjuj. no gardens, or- 
chards, vines, or Dowers; no neat paling, no 
gravel-.,] walks, no anything, except what wo put 
Up temporarily, when we settled here. That 

■jura are exceptions (0 tbe above 1 admit, but 

I Ibey nre few and far between. 

There In a difference of opinion between myself 
Jnd wife, in regard to farming ; hut as shu is a 
Down-Easigr, and I hail from the "Sunny South," 

■Ucooraa I strongly suspect her of "larikoe No- 
ra! Inrclaliou thereto. Wuhavo agreed, how- 
ever, to lay „ur diliui.-nt views before you, and 

^pdayaur decirfon. illno you have already; 
pM are hers. They are, briefly, as follows- 

npuvnrj less land, plow deep, manure, 
{""'and roll, fence good at any cost, provide 

■£» Worn, stables, outhouses, Ac.; plant a„ 

BWMil, vines, garden and flowers, keep cows 

P Chickens, and instead of riding o.or the 
Wnntry, «- ln lc[ ., a . C(] |n ^ ^ ^ 

Wfel with iron, slay at homo and attend lo the 

f *m U> person. There, you nav* the idea j bow 

dues it suit you 7 For my pari I don't like it. 
I'm down on "picayune ranching." It has no 
name; it don't sound. Everybody has heard of 
(he sir hundred acres farmed by my right hand 
neighbor, the Squire ; but who has lizard of tbo 
fifty of my left hand neighbor, the .Deacon, al- 
though be may manure, subsoil, il.i. And if bo 
should raise more on one acre than wo do on four, 
who knows it? 

You will discover that, by our system, vru 
avoid all 'useless expense in fanning. Still we 
are unsuccessful; and as wo consider you tho 
highest authority in the State, any suggestions 
you may offer will bo. highly appreciated, at least 
by yonr borablo correspondent, Ben Bo 

TiraiUHM ElviR, July!!, IB57. 

1 Letter 

i the Practical Farmer. 

1 -fPracUcal Export moo It -.TJ mo of Sfedlni 

TcQLUnvic ItsTEB, July fi, IE37. 

Editors Fansicn: Tho Fourth or July, the 
day which is yearly welcomed by orcry true 
patriot, passed by with a warm welcome ; jet wo 
bnd no general celebration, except a few parties 
of pleasure held on the night of tho third and 
morning of the fourth, so as do| v lo intrude on tho 
Sabbath. On Saturday, tho Fourth, friends 
gathered together in small parties to exult in 
their National In )c pen deuce, and all passed off in 
a pleasant way, without drunkenness Or dis- 

On Tuesday morning, 30tb Jens, bad quite a 
shower of rain, and ..n Wednesday morning, at 6 
o'clock, (lie rain began tu roll, and continued lo 
fall copiously until 12 o'clock, doing damage lo 
tho slock range in the way of bleaching the feed ; 
also, the hay was much damaged on (he moun- 
tains in the vicinity of Smith, Dudley & Co.'s mill. 
On the Merced river the raiu was mare severe 

The farmers arc still thrashing their wheat and 
barley, and it turns out better than was expected 
at tho time of harvest. 

Previously, I have staled to you and your 
readers that I used blueslono on my wheal for 
seed, one-fourth of a pound to each bushel, in 
Order to prevent smut. This accomplished the 
desired object. I take Ono pound of bluestono 
and dissolve in warm water; then a sufficient 
quantity of water (o cover four bushclsof wheal, 
and mix fo tho bluestono ; then put in the four 
bushels of wheat, and let it remain twelve hours; 
(hen place the wheat on a floor nnd dry with 
good lime, and sow at i^oon as possible. Here let 
me say, through your valuable paper, to (he 
farmers of California, if thoy will make ono 
[borough (rial oo their wheat and it does not pre- 
vent smut, I will gire up my reasoning, yet will 
not abandon my experiments. Wherein I havo 
made the application I havo always been success- 
ful; and on that part of my field that was not 
washed as stated above, T had a good supply of 
smnt. Now is the time to prepare for seeding. 
Sow early, sow good seed, and no fear of famine. 
I am now planting my crop, and bopo to get 
through before the Fair at Stooklon. 

I. D. Mohley. 

Many (hanksfor (he valuable information ; and 
mo3t grateful are wo for tbo goncrous interest 
manifested for our journal. If all our friends 
would do but hair as much as our friend of La- 
Grange, wo would giro lo them each volume 
better and bolter, until it should reach the highest 

An Examplo for Callfomln. 

A College of Agriculture bus been established 
in Ifirmlgan, with the munificent endowment of 
$56,000. By tbo reports of their Board, which 
we hove received, we uotice thai tbe Farm is com- 
posed of 700 acres; and that in addition to the, 
first grants, tbo, Legislature of the Slate granted' 
within the last two years, 320,000. To this Col- 
lege, students are admitted free ; thoy are called 
upon, however, lo labor three hours each day, to 
advance tbe practical part of the Instilullou; , 

■Where are the Legislators of California? 
Would it not be better for our Stale to have the 
time of Legislators spent in legislating how lo 
erect Colleges, instead of.Prisons? <_iiu- full eu- 
cooragement to Industry, and men are kept from 
crime. "Idleness is the mother of crime." 

Who wiU bo rJieP'onouSUk Manufacturer - 
That California will ono Hay bocomo cele- 
brated for tho manufacture uf Silks and Satins, 
nnd rich Brocades, wo havo no doubt Tho 
rapid growth of tho mulberry, tho peculiar Stc 
ness of the climate, being ho long dry and a, 
pom atmosphere, which gives n gloss to the 
silk, those furls, mid. 'J tu ll>,< lii^-h temperature 
and total absence of dniupne-n and frosts far so 
long a period, must prore highly bcnofioiol to 
tho increase of tho silkworm and Iho success 
of such an enterprise, and wo hopo to sen that 
branch started era long. 

By recont advices from Europe, tvo learn that 
no increasing attentioa is being paid to this 
subjeot. Tho worms are. leaving their cocoons 
in France, nt last dales, and although soma 
fears were imterlaiued by reason of frosty 
weather, thus fur no losses had occurred. In 
Spain nnd Italy, the worm? had passed their 
second stage tho present year, nnd tbe prospect 
is moro favorable than the While we nolo 
the alarm iu Europe, caused by frosty weather, 
wo ennnpt hut see hotv much morn fuvorahlu 
our climate is for thu nlkworm; and wo hope 
thesn facts in favor of California, may awaken 
attention to thin subject in the minds of some 
enterprising man ui men, who will start success- 
fully the manufacture of Silk. 


Tbo Grain Crop. 

r State, county by 
county, cornea tho news of an abundant crop. If 
we Should except Oolusi, and perhaps Yolo, or a 
part of it, oil other sections of the StalO will havu 
a largely increased crop ; for whilo tome farmer, 
tnay have a less crop Ihau previous years, a 
greater nutnher of farmer, barn been tilling the 
soil, and o greater number of acres have bceh cul- 
tivated. Wo believe the crop of Wheat will ea- 
ceed tho post year by 25 to 33ptr cent, nnd the 
crop of Barley by 40 to 60 per cent, ; and it will 
be (mud, also, that the quality of tho Wheat, the 
present year, is more full and plamp, especially 
that sown upon new laud or laud that has been, 
(allowed the past year, a* well as upon land that 
has been eubsuded. 

This Grape was raised from seed by E. W. Bull, 
of Concord, Mass., and is from our Native Stock 
the Vitii Labrusca. It has all the hardy and 
robust character of lhat family of grapes, nnd 
of large size, excellent iu flavor, and beautiful 
appearance. It is a prodigious bearer, aud would 
probably reach a greater sire, and bo still 
beautiful in California. The Concord Grape 
makes n fine wine, with a most agreeable ni 
and would reach u high quality iu tho climate of 
California. It is growing in Canada, Nova Scotia, 
Wiwonsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, e(o.," and is 
perfectly hardy everywhere. 

Tho following are selected from (he very nnmer- 
ous tcsliinunials in its praise (for particulars fur- 

'I have watched this Grape with much interest 
for '"me yearn ; I know of its delicious flavor. Us 
hardihood, its vigorous growth and early fruil '■<.'•.-. 
I hove eaten freely of the (run el" Hie line, in, I 

IIIU fr.:l; 10 cmf-ISS that J WOllUl ■.tillil.LTk Rllll^nliil 

lo and sanction thu moj< Inwlntuni inielu ili..t 
'--"— INowEng- 

"Tho n 

r, Mar 

, 1855. 

luMuiiliil" of the new hardy crapes 

.Jlylhe Concord. "-[J V. Allen. l;,~ 

porl Mass. Uort. Society, 1854. 

Tho testimony in ftvor of thlsQrapo is certain- 
ly very full and from well known horlicolturisU, 
It may be pronounced larzu, liandsuiue. and es- 
cellunt.— [ffificulturist, Dec. 1855. 
fj/'i'n roiii of tlie Ma;,. Horticultural Society. 
I.n'1". Sept.— 'Seedling grape from Mr. Bull, 
lire... 1 1 nnd:-,.. iih:, anil cicellunl." 

185J, Sept.— "Fully equal to specimens. last 
Jear, and proves lo bo a remarkably early, hriml- 

-■1 ■ md very supgrior table grope." 

\VS.YI.— ■■«-.. [.'flirt ,, eeaM-al cultivation." 
i 1855.— Tho Society gave Mr. Bull their Sliver 

Borax and Sulphur. 

onr last issue wo spoke uf samples of borax 
nnd sulphur, which were kindly presented to us by 
the Surveyor of Napuicounty,N.L. Squibb, Eaq„ 
and in our haste committed an error in regard to 
the location of tbo Borax Lake, or tbo place where 
the borai was found. Always wishing to' correct 
any error wn make, we cheerfully give the noto or 
our friend, tho Surveyor, nnd thank him, too, for 
the double kindness he has done us by giving, in 
•o happy a slmio, so clear a. chart or thu location 
of tbii very important diacovcry, and of correcting 

EniTons FiniiEa: I noticed your remarks on 
the specimens or bomi; nnd sulphur with which I 
'presented yon, which wire all right, except as re- 
gards Ibdr location. The old.lsdy said iho "bc- 

BViuco many of our intelligent travelers that 
Eo-M.LoiewMlocatodnethe Geysers. If yoa 

please, yon may give your readers correct informa- 
tion as to Ibe locality of these valuable disco 
which have given a new feature to the mineral 
wealth of California. The water in the miin 1 
rai Lake, appears, by some means, to become 
highly saturated ur impregnated with boruj, that 
it cannot bo held in solution, and is deposited in 
the mad below, in crystallized particles, from very 
small to near half a, pound weight, lnolako, to 
use the surveyor phrase, is sitaated iu Coogrra. 
Biqnal Township No. 13 North, and Range 7 West 
of the Mount Diuhlo meridian. It ia about half a 
mile nurth of tbo north shnrc of Clear Lake/five 
miles from tho foot of tho lake, or (ho head of 

One and n quarter miles due north from the Bo- 
rax Lake, over a high ridge, is tho sulphur bunk, 
covering from twenty lo thirty acres of surface, 
and suppo-ed to be thirty feet thick. Thafactory 
is in such lively operation, that. if ic were, all re- 
moved it nppears that it wuuld soon form again. 
Whether old Lucifer was in there, or whether Vul- 
bad quit forging thunder for his father, ond 
beiakeu himself to a more nserul employment, tho 
idians could not tell us. Eighty rods ivestuf the 
Iphur bank, in thu edge of an urm of Clear Lake, 
n hot spriog, highly impregnated with berueic 
id- Tonrs respectfully, 

H ill »i, HiTllAJrtBL L. Sqdiui), 

Wfco'nUl Pioneer the Mannfncturo of Beet Sugar! 

Somebodv must begin— who will bo tho luoky 
man? for it in certain tho di:y is near at hunfl, 
when thousands of tons of Beet Sugar will be 
manufactured in California. Wo havo repeat- 
edly stated tho fact, that iiro crops of BeeW can 
bo raised hero annually, and there is plenty of 
proof that wo can ruiso forty and fifty tons per 
acre— that ia twice and thrico tbe quantity that 
can bo raised in other parts of the world— and 
with two crops, wo raise four mid sii times as 

When the consumption of sugar is taken into 
consideration, the vast omuunt used hum an- 
nunlly for sirups, fur confectionery, and for 
various manufacturing purpnses, no effort should 
remain untried to start this enterprise. To 
show our readers the quantity of sugar usod in 
California, wo will cito tho case of Turner nnd 
Brothers, tbo great Ginger Winp manufacturers. 
This house alone, usn in (heir various works, 
30,000 pounds of sugnr monthly ; hare wo have 
a consumption by ono house, nlouo, of noar four 
hundred thousand pounds of sugar annually— 
ono half of which in rreiinb utnl German Beut- 
It oat Sugar, imported from Europe, thus sending 
our wealth out of tho country. Tho present 
cost is about 13 per cent, whereas, it could bo 
mndo horo profitably, for less than half that cost- 

We trust another year will not pass without 
the trial is made. Wo boliovu n lino orop of 
Beets could be raised, were tho seed planted at 
litis date, or during tho present month, upon a 
good mellow soil. Will some of our enter- 
prising Formnrs try tho experiment, ovon on & 
small piece of ground, nnd give tbo result 1 

Who BuUdi the First, Glass Factory T 
Tub recent discovery of a material liko 
Glass, has eicited tbe wonder of many persons, 
nnd wo learn lhat several parlies ato experi- 
menting upon this substance. Prom what wo 
havo seen of tho material, after melting, wo hopo 
great things. A Glass Factory in California 
will bo a fbrtunu to such a Pioneer. 

Grain Warehouses, 

Ohe of the mo3t important duties which the 

grniu-growers of the several counties oivo to them- 

ves, is to unite together, and erect fire-proof 

rehouses in their several districts. A vast 

mant uf money would thus bo saved lo each 

grower, lo each county, and to our Blule. With 

sach a provision, tho grain-grower could becoma 

rn factor; he could havo bis grain, the pr* 

if his own hard earnings, under his own eye, 

»old make overy dollar tclL There aro 

capitalists in every cuunty who would advance 

money, in cases of necessity, and thus tho farmer 

ild escape tho Sbylocks who ore over ready to 

prey upon tho heart's blood, oven of the working 

We hope every county will imitate Nupa ; and 
: ndvise those who contemplate building, to go 
and visit these fine warehouses, and sec the com- 
pleteness ol their constructiun ; and while speak- 
ing or them, It is butan act or justice to speak or 
the nblo contractor, J. M. Warner, Esq., and we 
hopo bnilders will not fail to conferwilh Mr. War- 
bUve to their contracts. Wohopesoonto 
know that Sonoma, Subiun, Petaluma, and oiher 
i arc at work and preparing to flore their 
grain, and thus control their own well-earned 
prnlits,. . 

Wiicro Does Our Qold Go. 
We presented iu uur lost issue seme important 
statistics, relative to the vulne of (he dairies or 
Pelnlumo, in the great Sonoma valley, und wo ask 
all who hope for the prosperity of C'alifornin lossy 
if these resources should nut be sustained nnd en- 
couraged. Wo herewith present the imports of 
bolter nnd cheese into Sun Francisco, tho Inst 
three months, and (his shows no( only where our 
gold goes, but il shows also where tho opposing in- 
Ihieoce In our bucccss lies, and what the dairymen 
of California havo lo contend against: Secen 
thousand, four hundred and nintts/ti^jrkmt, 
twenty-eight tierce,, and ninety-one hhaU of 
Butter vere imported into San Prancitco, in 
Oiree months, jlco hundred and eighty-three 
eaiajorty-eightttitu, and levtral hundred boxei 
of Chceie were irapertcd duringjihc same period. 
1 Here is the leak to our ship of Slate, nnd unless 
the. dairymen eomhine lo check this importation, 
they cannot expect tosee that degree of prosperity 
thoy could otherwise enjoy. Wu ask their serious 
attention to this matter. 

A Eeho or tub Revoluti on— Whilo at 
Brooklyn, eometimo since, nt tho residonoe of 
onr friend O. H. Bliss, Esq.,. wo woro. shown n 
Mngle, taken from' tho lnvern house whtoh 
stood oo tho road from Springfield to Boston, 
in tbo year 17-11. Tho house was ocoupiod by 
tho British troops, nnd aftownrds by the oQioots 
nf ths American army. This shinglo is now in 
a good statu uf preservation, ulthuugh o*e rliirt- 
cfcVt'eW ^,» ,.„■,' 


Prophecy of the Potnro. 

THE following graphic view of the P«iilbr 
woaitionofColifornio in relation to bur Influence 
upon Ibo world, by reason or her gold, ind the 
.Imoslcertain influence and position she willhold 
in coming years, by rcison of hfr Grain crops, 
most startle nil who observe the progress she la 
milting in .Agriculture. 

For years wo nitrogen and helioved fihowoutd 
Occupy a comminding position before the world. 
Wa believed she would not only influence the old 
SUlci, bnt Europe, by reason of her granaries; 
and u early as January, 1854, we nude use of 
tho following:" Wo lice in this State the promise 
of future greatness. We see that this State Is 
destined to be the groat granary of our nation, 
II may bo destined of God, if rightly underwood 
ind appreciated, to he the source of supply when 
other portions of our beloved country may be in 
want." Such were our views then, such una our 
Tiews now. We do believe that California must 
become one of tbo greatest grain markets of the 
world, and the source ofsupply for many nations 
of the earth ; and the remarks of Our valued cor- 
respondent B. are in foil accordance with our own. 

uaw You, Jmws, tsar. 

EoiTOHFAnMEHiTimemoves rapidly, whether 
earlb's denizens arc prepared 10 keep pace with 
his movements or not The 5th of June is here, 
snl those who hare notes to pay on the 3d of 
July will End the 4lb Mealing a march upon 
them, oshering in bis advent with booming gnus, 
fire crackers, and the shouts or sundry noisy ur- 
chins, who are wide awako before daylight, to be 
ready for '•training day." Few would believe 
that June was here, if it were not lor the almanac 
and tbo daily papers, that keep them posted as to 
the day of the week and month. 

The season thus Tar has been cold and rainy, 
though we hate had a fen- warm days, and vege- 
tation has then grown by " forced marches." The 
crops, bowcvir, in many sections of country are 
said to be looking finely, while In others they will 
be nearly a total failure. Fruits arc said to be 
abnndant,gcncMlly,innll tbogreal fro it-growing 
regions, and all anticipate a good lime during the 
peach season. 

In the western part of Michigan many persons 
have died from starvation during tbo present 
spring; also in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama, 
where many hod the money, but could git no 
food for it. Indeed family markclingin this city, 
in nearly every particular, is now as cipcnsiveas 
in San Francisco, and, what is discouraging, year- 
ly it is becoming worse and worse. You can pro- 
duce enough in your Stale to furnish large sup- 
plies for tho Atlantic slope, undersell the dealers 
here, and make a large profit. I have no doubt 
that California u ill, at no distant day, become the 
great regulator of the price of food for the supply 
of the world. Sow, when breadstuffs are higher 
in Europe thin here, largo shipments are imme- 
diately made from our ports, wbicb, of course, 

At such lime;, if California, with a large surplus 
on hand, would throw all, or a portion of it, Into 
the market, s he could well afford to undersell the 
speculators here and elsewhere, and, in this way, 
at all times keep prices down, tier g aid now 
roles the financial world, and soon her ogricol- 
tnral products will regulate the grain markets Of 
Earopo and America, 

re late advices,but nolhibg 
ems quiet In the political 
seems hanging rather 
will all come out right, it 
ts very little going on, It 
>tc than is ordioarily ihi 
In Iho midst of a polici 
II not give up thi 
ie new commissioners an 
aniiousfor a lap or two of the treasury pap. Who 
will come out first best, is yet in the fog. I 
meantime we arc regaled with all sorts of 
from tbo streets, and tbo horses when tboy fall, 
come down upon the soft mud and ar 
Besides, if the cholora or yellow fever should 
come, most excellent jiicking far both Or either 
Mold be found. 

Business is gelling dull, money scarce and hard 
tobchid. All whocan,go to thocountry; but 
about 700,000 nobodies aro obliged to slay and 
Bwelttr In the midst or bricks and mortar. 

They have had a grand railroad celebration in 
tho West, besides an explosion or two, in other 
Sections, where scleral persons bavo been killed. 
They had a serious election" riot in Washington 
tho other day. All la now quiet, and the Presi- 
dent takesanap in the afternoon, in his now buck 

California Notes. 

The Commerco of tie Vino, Olive, and Hoditor- 

Attektion hns boon directed of Into years to 

Iha grout impnrtoncn of unending in California, 

lh,. ..iliivntion of thoso frnita which firm so 

largo n commerce in tho countries of IM «W 

tcrrnnean. and which grow with equal facility 

nnd luiuriarico within tho boundaries of our 

State. For it is n loot well known since thu 

the grape, olive, lemon, fig. nine. 

ie reded as 

Burgundy Wino, § 
Madeira do, 

Sherry do, 



a distance covering a length of « 

miles of latitude. No olive 

Diego, San Boroardini " 

currant and orange, novo succeeded as well in 
I'nlifi.rnio as in tho most favored situations and 
soils of their indigenous growth. 

Two-thirds of the Commerco of tho Moditl i 
Ruean shores is made up oF Iho products of 
[lie-.-*, mid in wool and wheat; mid il em- 
ploys an imment" nnmbor of men and ships- 
Tl.i-Hrinhi tin- eiiiteJ from iho renioto-t agi-s of 
u.niquiiv, nn.l is ,-..n.-,laully alluded to in Scrip- 
ture uud in ili" w.irk.H .if tin' ancient historians, i- rs nnd poets, With tho materials at 

say b 

From Europe we ha 
of importance. All si 
circles^ though moch 
loose ends. But Ihoy 
is to be hoped. Then 
startle or Interest; m 
case. Now York is y( 
war. Ex Mayor Wood i 
leaves and flsbes, 

my I 

i boliiug'lo tbo different 
j hul wo know lhat 
i Iho strength— tho 

of tho Moditi 

o trado wo speak 

'IT pabulum of I . 

.ti.igfruin Ihu Uliie»..f the I'lu-nidiuii. I- 
.-, S|...i,i nl the. Cati.s of (lil.mltar. i" iM,. 
'111.-- countries would have no sailor* for ili"ir 
-lii r . n.i naval for..- for war, n.u tfL-Mures lor 
lh.-ir tine.- an.lM-l.ii.T.-. with.. ut Hi.' trip.-.. ill v.?. 
tig, etc. Largo numbers i.f f.>rei K n ships al-'o 
pay tli>-m tribute, and tho traffic inoreosoa itn- 

i-n-i-ly every year. 

In the State of California (a country whose 

il is scarcely furrowed by tho plowman), there 

o millions of square miles of tho finest soils, 
i-fipiihlu "I" rai.-iiii; ovory variety, cheap nnd 
c.stly. ..f the-., important fruit.-. Vet such is 
tho stato of affairs Induced by tin. gold mines, 
that thirty thousand dollars wouliT cover tbo of their annual product. AoommoncQ- 
ocnt was mode as early os 1730, by the muah 
t.u.-i d old monks, and sinoo 1841), tho preii'iit 
ahabitauts of tbo country bavo yearly been 
i.nlirrii. d in opinion of Iho great importance of 
digging up tbo frutnl value of a tnlno rnorr 
inaneut and money- giving than the plan. 

ild, and which will make onr people mor 

lianl, and establish the good order ol o 
ciety; foroveryman may here literally sit 
' is own vine nod bis own fig tree — will 

nd titles ore settled. 

Wo aro inclined to think that the fig 

.horaling of*.nll Iho moluls il 
is all a julVrwaJe affair. Tbi 
I forming tho classic ..■ountri. 
of antiquity ond modernity— of nlikl. '_';il il- -r n I ■ 
*" "a oiact duplicate in luiitu.l... foil, ..-liinit. 
produotious — have been a queer, factious 
fractious sot Thuy woro and are the sohools 
of tho am liters turn and religious of civilization 
.ml rt Gnement — nut un ocro of ground hut lias 
t- fiiiiiKii. nnd. robh.r, mint, soldior, poet, art- 
5l or schular; not o equore mile or land but has 

Irunk Ibo blond of>, il -in.l.-, miy. 

iiilli..!.-, .if its own sons, from tho time of M ■.».■* 
hi. 1 .if I-l.ii.i.-r |.. thul of Muntiipha tho Great. 
mil hf Nn[«ileoDjirini«ra. And the lively work 
yirlflH it- nnnuiil nf liummi liiytry, fulu- 
ity and blood. Tbo last pretty liltlu dramn wrs 
th.. [ihivful -i..^.. i.f SrL.:iMi.|...l, the grand 
uitions danced Iho military (juadrille to tho luno 

■I ■.]!.■■ ".ill flu in 11 v. ihi- lieiiiL' "lily ii 

rop in tbo buckol of man's griefs, us many 
nilRon* of fouls mere born in huly or unholy 
w..'11'ji-k .lijriiiy lh" coiiliini.iiic... of Ibo merry 
hall. Who can divine at this time, but tho 
Unitr.l SUili'i— l.'ulif.. ruin— limy go through tho 
same scenes in the future ! Tho most of those 
countries of Iho classics became great us repub- 
lics; they now, for many hundred years, have 
groonod under ibo iron heel of soldier uud 
priestly mukeit. Fur what is all human his- 
tory and experience ] Quint Sabt. 
Go let as to ficti, fn;\ elh 

Li'L u 

is of trado gi 

( if Wines in slau, there were — 
:hnmp DK ,io, llff.OOO dozen, valued nl sl'.'I.OIlii 
ither Wines, 293.000 " " 94"- 000 

Iraody, 1,800.000 galls., valued at :• ■imii.m'iii 
)rd raisins 14,300,000 pounds, » MftOOO 

From tho samo countries and others, came 
1,', i '."I mi .n.i pounds of sheep's wool, valued at $1,- 
Jim/il.HI, cu.inl.icH (ho siincni Cnlif.iriiu m ch- 
maloand foil, ond much inferior in nutritious 
pastures. Also, from the volcanoes, the amounl 
of 20,000,000 pounds uf brimstone, worth B170.- 
f ; nn.l M.'ii.i.:'i'iip-iiiiil:-Lor.\-, w.irlli sl;,-l 

Ho it will he scon lhat Ibo American consump- 
tion of the fore mentioned frulal products, with 
wool, brlmslonc nnd borax, msde up tho round 
valuation of efece't milium nf dollars. 

By ihu statements of tho British Board of 
Trade, it appears that the imports into Great 
Britain for ibo year ending: iho Orsl or January, 
1855, we-e— of wino, 9.000.000 of gallons, of 
I. - ('Oil i .'i.'i.i of gallons. Irvine; n cuttouu 
rraciiue to ihc Brilish Government of SI 2,5 00,000. 

All tho products formine; this valuable com- 
merce are capable of indefinite extension or cul- 
tivalion, for we may assert without fear of con- 
tradiction, that there are ten millions of acres of 
land in California wailing the labors and enter- 
prise of Ihose acquainted with the clr _ ~'~ 


„,„ slated for San 

Sanla Barbara, and San 

; .ihi-. .■ — ...aoll of which there- aro 

less than two thousand olivo trees, plnnleil b) 
iho missionary priests since 1790 or 1800; and 
Ihoy still llourish, vigorous and evergreen 
oskK. The olives of Sin Diego ond San 
Juan Csnlslrano.sre Mid lohovcasiipcriur flavor 
lo Ihose of anv put of Spain .ind lt.i!y,_ond tho 
fruit yields the finest kind of edible oil. 

Xo this report of the Surveyor General it ap- 
pears thai the walnut, filbert, and pecan-nut trees 
flourish with us. Tho npplc, pear, cherry, poach, 
strawberry, raspberry, quince, prune, pcrsimmnn, 
and goosebcrrv, are now to he found largely and 
successfully cultivated in one county or another 
throughout the Stale, 

During tho lost four years. largo un|ir,rlntionii 
ivo been made from Europe, of every variety 
and species of Ihc grape, and many of our enlor- 
' " ig and industrious Gorman nnd French citi- 
lavo gone largely into Ihc business or making 
and brandy, in the counties of Los Angeles 
and tho neighboring districts, and they uniformly 

pissed for^giowine; ihc grape. Many Americans 

aro also engaged ii 

_ .. brimstone and borax, it may 
a said, that our Slate stands ready lo supply the 
.'.lh for in the couniy of Sonoma or there- 
■ s of sul. 

nhur, easily worked and of 
So also in the county of Shasta are to bo found 
valuable springs, yielding borax in any demand- 
able quantity. As to wool of sheep, the qualities 
from finest merino and Turkey, lo the coarsesl 
Argentine ur Scindcai], can be supplied from tho 
pasLures of our Stale ; for thero is no district of 
the American Union eyuat to Californio for the 
raising of tho genus ocu. 

Iflhe United M-ik-, wild ni.iiii.fivo millions 
of souls, consume SI 1,000,000 worlh of Mediter- 
ranean fruits, &c, and tho Brilish island;, nilti 
thirty millions of souls, consume $20,000,000 of 


ifly-r.iur v.j- 
i. leaded wit 

Recipe por Dest norma. Cnows.— Toko 
ono quart of corn, tum boiling water upuu it, 
lot it stand ono hoar, Ihco turn off tho water, 
put three grains of strychnine and throo drops 
of oil of rbiidiumlo the corn, stirrinijtbom well 
togotber until it is ready for use. Scatter this 
corn about yoor fields. Crows, other birds, and 
squirrels will eot, ood they rarely live lo g 

tho field. Ono of our farmora told mo li 

hod killed fifty orows within a short timu this 
spring, by corn prepared by Ibis recipe. Thin 
has not been known here but two years. A 
laboring man came to reside bore, and undertook 
for n oo mpt 1 1 nation, lo rid several fluids of ore n 
Ho remonillo tho West last aulumn, t,„t I,, f, 
he left ho sold bis recipe to aororai fanners, 

u going ti 

this immense commerco. Let Californiani 

Learn how many dollars and how many ship; 
are employed by America uud liriliiin in thi- 
vmIu.iI.I.. .-ioliungc, for the your eudiug th... 30lli 
of June, 1656. 

By tho report nf Iho Secretary of Iho Trea. 
sury of the United Slates, it is stated, thut lh" 
biliipi-. f..n-i|;ii nn.l iiJitiiiiml. ..iiillng to and ar- 
riving from tho Mediterranean States, for the 
port, ..f New York, Bo-ton, llLiltimore, Pbilo- 
dolpbio, Charleston and Now Orleans, aro as 
follows : 

Vessels cleared from Now York, 241 ; Bos- 
ton. 102; Baltimore. 15- l.'liarl. t ton. 8. C. 88 [ 
\riv Url.'Utm, 111" — imihir.g n .-f ■ i ■■ f .. ... 3- r ■■[-.-■ - 
if six hundred and forty-three vessels, to bring 
homo cargoes, two-lhirdn of which are tin- pro- 
.f Iho vino, olivo. oronge. lemon and fig. 
1 arrivals from the Mediterranean, at tbo 
porlB, for the samo period, stand u fol- 
lows: Vessels urrived at New York. ™i.'.- at 
154; at Philadelphia, 35; Charleston. 
23; Now Orh-iio-, VM; li.iltiuior... 15. This 
ikes a total of sis hundred nnd lifty-foi 
s arriving; at tbo aforesaid pi 
brandy, olives, olive oil, sonp, winos, rnisios, 
lla, ligs. tiruiig.*. k-iiii.iis, almonds and 
iroducls of the frulal harvests; also, with 
and briinHt.-ii.. from Volcanoes, and wool 
from robIs of Angora and Vipoma, from shuop 
uf Spain, Italy and Barbary — and old rugs 
j;... il,,-r.-<l by .jtiilj'..iuji. la/nrohi innl f..||. L -i. i,i„] 
wi L -li,.-.l into material for pup L T by viiri.ti.^ of 
fi-iiiiileH in the .iill"..r.'iil purls where sdloj-.-i mo-l 
du congregato; ulso wilh many copp'-r bottlBI 
of ossenco of lemon and borgamot, and boxes of 
nasty drugs. 

Now, let us soo what aro tbo quantities and i„„ the inonoy valuenof tbo frulnl liarv.-l, 

of tho classic I Id, tini-nmi.] uud paid For by 

Ihi- |,<-.,i|,|„ ,-,f tin. linked Slates from Juno.1855, 
to Juno, 1856— all the sums beine; stated iq 
r..uii.i li^ur.--, for reloiuing tbom in memory ■ 
From lh, Olite— 

"li.„„,liu,To<"1,ll!',000 l ;i,ll.H, valued,,! *il, 

Do in glass, 155,000 dozen, " 370,000 
Do soap, 2,600,000 pounds, " 130.UU0 
From Ihr. Almond— 
Almond nuu,6,a B oyy pnnQda.raliiod Bt 330 1 

From Ott Cvrra-t~- 
Cnrrnnts for pies and puddings, 
1,500,000 pounds, valued at - 127,000 
Fiom the Pig— 
Figs .1.700,000 pounds, Tolued at 233,000 

From At Orange and co ng< ntrt- 

Oranges. Lemon,, Limes, Citron and 

Perfumo Oils, ttuUlons, valued at ' 

that It is ni 

Pamxn Fhuit. — No fallon, unripe frail 
should bo pcnnitled lo decay on thu ground 
under or about the trees. Fruit lhat drops off 
before it in ripe, doos so because on insect Is ' 
It which has diseased it. Tho insect motu res 
tho fallen fruit und rises to iufeot tbo tron 
leave its lava fur another orop of Ita kit 
Fruit-growers eanuot bo too careful In oatbi 

'" n fruit, lhat the grounds^ beneath ] Mailing a lotal valontlon of thos 

'hat ports, in monoys Federal, of {2,000,000 

-'"- I Tim __ product uf tbo grape, included 

Europe, with One hundred and Gfly 
souls, must use al least 550.000.000 worth of the 
uim; and if we lake South America, India, 
Australia, Canada, and Iho rest of the world, as 
purchasing $20,000,000 mora of the like mor- 

Ihcso exchanges of S 10 1,000,000. The internal 
consumption of tin- saim: produ.-ls, with Ihc thick 
pop.. I nil. hi of tile M..-ili|.;rr:ui.-iii L-ouiitrh-i, 
food, drink ond light, are greatly made up or the 
products uf tin. vino, olive, (i(.-. Ac , may bo put 
down, without oiaogcralion.otsnotherSl'il ihh.i.- 
000; thus forming a total value of two hundred 
and two million of pcioj 'rfuroi, as Ihc amount 
of this evtraordiiiary .-.imiiu »■■• n-hicli our peo. 
pie can share with a profit and gain equal nt least 
to our gold mines. We can lay the whole world 
under tribute lo us as one of the great and irre- 
vocable centres or exchange nnd trade. And 
soch wo believe California "ill be, in the middle 
of tbo next century, "hen urgo-ies "ill lly from 
her shores, frei(;li te.l in bi;: I- lli.d ships to all 
tho countries or tho globe. But subject to her. 
In those days, will bo the new Stales and Em- 
pires or the now unpeopled islands and continen- 
tal shores of the Smith km-., who are only await- 
ing the quickening hrenili . . L . i -. i 1 1/. .■..!. indiistrious 
populations. They now lio in virgin repose, 
covered wilh thick woods, piled with high moun- 
tain-. iiivi'1 ling out in 10 great plain s, and indented 
with noble buys .in. I ji.ris. tj invito iho sons of 
toil, of want, of labor and of traffic. 

With this trade— wilh the commerce in bullion, 
minerals, metals, timbers and grains. Clifoniia 
may become, as blind old Milton tuned in bis 
divine epio— tbo mistress and 

Of initlilif.jt ulai.lto. fr. 
Of Cam till 11, Hit uf Cl 
Aa.l -■,,„., i-l! .„.( I.y 0; 
Tol'okla of Slaan-inV 
To Agra and Labun 


1.1 iho 1 


Tiles i.l Buural lick tba flovUl cunaau. 

I.- 1 ■■ :i :■■ I ..hi. . ■■:. I... :U 

(If i-cr[' nl Mini., HintiiifilWir 
1 .■■.iil.iuliinjnonen.aaaeroinnJ 
Wiih lo„ c .ef evorvoranlgrasnr or where 
loo Pon-inn In Eobulao Bat, or lineo 
ULmioaoi orwIimllisKaataa Tsar 
In M..-1 .1; ..rthflSoIlaiiln liltiaw, 
Turk«tan bora , la tba omnim of Sojnj 

1 -..( 

tinted rhr 




oinl'eru, Ihorlrt, 


l ,. , n ! 


tad nhcroEoraoia 


of tba world. 


Subsequently, Mr, A. B. T. furnishcB tbo BuT, 
lelin {from which wo copy), wilh tho following 
addenda lo tho above article: 

Let be remembered that llie vino, tho Be cu 
rant, olivo, and the other fruits and products 
lie.. M'-.litcrranean counlricH have been mail 
Mucctufulty cutlioattd l n Califurnia for liity 
>. .r.-,,i, U,O i,l,o l io m i,.i..o....rit,„i;,i 1 ||,-- 
Irlare, Irom ban Uiego lo ibe surrounding vail 
of the Bay of San Francisco, and lhat no wh 
have they ever railed. Since 184S, all fbtso 
rrulta h.iubccn cultivated in thoSacramt 
lulare valleys, and Ibe valleys or tho Sii 
v.vl .1. i„,.,t to tho verypfaicrj or gold, with tlie 
m, st surprising and unuantedm luxuriance 
. »-v M ." '.'l-orlof the State Surveyor Central 
fur 1850, it .ppoii. that there were in Califem/, 

trec.ln7v7nes n ,twi^'' 1 '""^ ^"^ ° f *"" 

Grspe.vines, l',3IO,(Kl6 

I'iiiu Apple, pliuis, 00 

Ourranls, do 23,000 

Nectarines, t rocd) ],;i„, 

Almond, do 350 

Apricot, do 11,000 


lino, in tho u 
10 fir 

At this lime, we maysafcly assume, 

t not less than two hundred thousand dollars 
invested in vineyards, and another tVfo hun- 
dred thousand dollars in other Tro it-Ore hards and 
if California horticultural 
is adjoining tho Bay of 
San Froncisco, has been uniformly great. Every 
species of Eoiopean fruil attempted to bo grownj 
' is wonderfully improved in size ond flavor. 
To close, for a lime, this subject, wo append 
following oxtroct rroni a recent article in the 
Boslon Traveller, which shows the immense im- 
portance and value of the vino cultivation to 
France : 


of a. 

France cicc.tli 5,iii'.iii.|ji'ni. giving employment 

1 titration or ihe vine and Iho manure- 

ripe, In about 2,000,000 persons (mostly 

females), and its transportation and sale lo ?2oO r 

000 n 


prevailing in all wine-producing countries, has 
increased tile average price of wino ond brandy 
from 100 to 175 percent. About 30,000,000 gil- 
f distilled into brandy, Iho ex- 
portation of which is under special government 
restrictions. In IS 10. it i-; stated, there we 
produced in Franco 025,000,000 gallons of wh 
which was nearlv a barrel for every inhabits 
of the country." A. S. T. 

anaon'a Machine for Digging Potatoes. 

Mn. J. Danhoh, farmor.ofDoagh, Belfast, has 

-ently introduced an apparatus to be used for 
digging or removing growing potatoes from the 
for the ordinary hand fork, 
tbo object being the more rapid and economical 
removal of the root. 

Tbo implement consisls of a light, open timber 
frame, supported on four running wheels, the 
ion of tbo main axle being applied to the 
idgofan arrangement of rotary digging forks, 
s drown by a pair of horses attached to a 
Iransvcrjo bar. at the end or the fraruu opposite 
tho forks, connection being similar lolhat usually 
adopted in Ihc common plow. The ond trans- 
projects at one side, and serves as a 
handle for turning, the machine at tho headlands. 
Tho front of running wheels, next the hncses. 
aro. ,of largo diameter, and are furnished witb 
radial spikes on their peripheries, so as to hi 
firm hold upon the ground in revolving, anil thus 
provido sufficient resistence for tbo fork -driving 
action. The main ailo, revolving with these large 
running wheels, curries, a toothed bevel wheel, in 
gear wilh a bevel pinion fast on the forward end -hilt supported in bearings in tho 
centre of the hind purl of ihe frame. The op. 
posits end of this shift projects slightly at the 
extreme rear or the trump, at which part it has 
upon two or more radical rotating forks, which 
of course revolve in a piano at light angles to (hi 
line of the implement path. At tho part of Ihi 
frame immediately behind the small back running 
wheels there Is attached a horizontal plow | 
slightly inclined ou its upper surface, tho 

of which Is just clear of tho foikaas they 
mnd. .This plow piece, which is adjt ■ 
wh itrtically, ( suit ihe depth nf Iho action 
quired, pisses along beneath Iho drill or potaLocs 
deep enough to lift up both the manure and Ibe 
potatoes. In Ibis way, as Ibe monuro and pota- 
toes aro elevated upon tho incline, the rotary ac- 
tion or the fork scullers out Iho potatoes, which 
can bo easily removed. Prevision is msdo for 
allowing one of Hie huge driving wheels in turn 
back, lo facilitate Ihu turning of the implement 
at Iho end of a drill — [Mechanics' (Eng.) Mag. 

Bones for Fiult Trooa. 
A good deal is sftid of tho toIuu of bonos, and 
nnd yol not olio cultivator in ton thinks enough 
of thorn to nave thorn. Evon tho refuse bi 
of his own kitchen are quite, likely thrown 
tho street. When bnnes eon bo had in tho 
dages for a. merely nominnl sum, he does 
think of purchasing them. There is no bottoi 
material for the border of ftuit trees, grope- 
-vines, and small fruit-henring shrubs; nnd ovory 
fruit grower, lhat has not'dono planting, should 
keep n slook of old hones on hand, so that ovory 
new border may ho well furnished with this 
plant food. Fur immediate O ff eot th haaoa 
should bo dissolved in sulphuric acid or ground 
into fino duaU But for tbo largor Fruits 
Vino*, bones crushed with n hammer will 
swer quite us. ivell, nud two or three .bushels 
mny bo put m ooob border foi on applo or poor 
tree. Tbo crushing of tho bones may bn dono 
under covor. and makes good wotk for rainy 

'"■" '«" «™ "Iroady planted, tho 

ii 1 ii--. 1 1 j. I tbo 

.1-I1...I 1,..,, 

If worked bio the soil f cultivated land, or 
evon spread upon pastures, they will giro o. 
sure, though <t01T wtan| _ Th0 ^^^^^ 
which plauhj take up this kind of food may ba 
easily discovoiod by digging up bones note 
trees e-nd grape-vinos, when it will bo seen tint 
'Vored tho bores with a not-work 
ponotratoii their Hubatanoo. 
nnd hay thorn, if you would 

Soiling Stock. 

So fnr ns I know, soya "A Retired Former" 

a Pennsylvania paper, tbo stook growers ore 

very generally following in Iho footsteps of Heit 

forefathers, by occasionally giving a glinted 

quantity of salt to their stooh. In the samniEr 

tboy ofwn throw it on tho ground, in tba pas. 

i-jind being so starved for salt, tho stack 

will often eat tho ground beenuso of its beiag 

impregnated witb salt, Ono of the greatest «r- 

now practised by our stook growers, is tie 

neglect to givo their stock the requisite nmoant 

It, I should n« soon Ihink of stinting my 

stook with water ns with salt. 

Kj mode of salting for n number of years hai 
been to koop n sufficient quantity of salt in a 
tronp;h in my pastures nnd yards, bo that my 
stock may have free access to it, ond eat of it 
as often as they wish, nnd as much as they wish, 
always keeping up the supply. I think our 
stocki know bettor tban wo do whon tboy want 
salt as they do when they want water, and when 
thoyhsve eoton all tho salt thoy ornvc, they 
will eat no more. "When they bavo grass in tbo 
summer they will cat sail every day. From my 
own esporionco, I am sure that oows will give 
more olid better milk by having froo access lo 
salt than when deprived of it. From my own 
oiperieuco and observation, I have no doubt 
that a great share of tho disease among stock, 
is in consequence of their being stinted with 
salt. Should any of your readers bo disposed 
to give attention to Ibis subjeot, I would caution 
them not to give froo access to salt at once, but 
inorcaso tho quality by degrees for about two 
weeks, otherwise they may be starved for salt 
and cat so much as to injure Ihom. 

Cheap Faint for Houses, eta. 

A correspondent of tho Ohio Farmer gives an 
account of his method of making cheap paint, as 
follows : 

I make a thin sizing of glue and flour, to give 
one coat. This applied, 1 next sift through a 
coarse strainer.a quaatity af water-limo, which I 
then mix with oil and white lead, so thot the 
mixture will be about one-third lead, and apply 
this mixture aa the first coat upon the ailing. 
Wbcn sufficiently dry, a second coat is put on, of 
oil and lead. Tbo last and finishing is wilh 

surface paint, it would ho difficult to find. The 
main body of tho house in 28 feet by 32 feet ; the 
back kitchen is about 20 feet square, and one 
story high. Tbo amount of material used was 
4 pounds of gluo at a cost, uf SO cents ; 3 pounds 
of flour, Scents; 75 pounds while lead, 637 50; 
125 pounds zinc. S12 50 ; tii gallons oil, S' 31 j 
total amount or material, S2S 20. 

1 hove boon thus particular, for Ibe purpose of 
snowing tho economy ofu'slng oil. II I bad not 
first used tho sizing, iho oil would have struck 
into Ibo wood, wilhoul securing Ihe wished for 
benefit; then the walLT-lime ami lead, when dry, 
make a bard, solid surface, which stones and 
mortar will not easily affect, and becomes a com- 
plete preparation to receive Ibo final finish of lead 
or zino, os the choice may bo ; ond which, in my 
Opinion, when lini -tit J 1- pi in ting should bo. will 
provo far more durable than oil and lead applied 
directly to tho surface. 

PtAOBJG of Larcib Stonks bv tub An- 
cients. — It is usually n matter of wonder to 
modem observers that Ibo undents, destitute 01 
tboy were of complicatod machinery, should 
have been abto lo transport, ruiao, and place 
largo stones, whether Blaijdiug iilnno or as part 
of such buildings us tho pyramids. Tho 1st* 
discoveries at Nineveh folly eipounB to us lis 
means'' of transport in.; Mucks— it was by 
placing rollers beneath. As to tho meanso! 
raising, all wo learn from Iletodotus, is, Hot it 
was effected by short pieces of wood. IIowM? 
Tbo following nugf;....-ti.iu in mply was madoa 
fow years ago by o goiith-uiiui named Periga^ 
before tbo British Assoerntion : Suppose a 
block has to bo raised up along the pyramid, ie 
order to be placed in one of thu courses of toe 
masonry. It is bioooht hy rollers lo the bote 
of tho building. There all thu rollers ore re- 
moved, except ono nenr tho coaler. One end of 
the atone being now depressed lo thu ground, a 

pile of slips of wood is ph 1 under it, close Ie , 

thu center, Ibis pile hc-ine; rather higher than lh» 
roller, nud terminating in mm narrow piece at 
the top. The stone is now tilted to as to bring 
tho other ond to the ground, It is now possible 
to put osiinilnr pile of pieces of wood under- 
neath, olosu besido the, first. On that pile thf 
blonkja tiltodbnok toils former position, »jw 
so on till it is raised a little above tbo level of 
thu next conrso of masonry. Hy rollers it '* 
moved on to thnt platform, with a low pile fl 
blocks onco more near iho cenlro underneath- 
Thuu tho proos of tiltiu- nnd ruining is OS"" 
gone through ; ..nil so ,111 till il has been tai*" 1 
up lo the lovel wborojt is lo take its place in tw 
masnnry. By Ihw Moi|.t.j [n-no.-ss, loo, saysU- 
Perigol, affirm. -n ii,i K ln hnv.- mi.-id StonoMnf* 

■■ - : iglo night, if tho reijuisito stor" "™ : 

h Association Report, 18-14. 

1 Tii's Hemp Okoi-.— Weclip thofoIlowingfWn 

lh.. l.exioctoii I Mo.) Eiiire.--i ■>( the lllh "U~- 

A few days since »* In.l a .-.oversslion wilh' 
well informed hemp grower, who had rises"' 
returned Troiii a l.ini; visit to Kentucky. l )ul,llJ 
bis Slay thero ho had im o|.[. ■rinniir of convers- 
ing wilb many hemp growers, and of seemK <" 
amount of yield lo tho aero of lund. Our inform- 
ant is of the opinion that nut above a Tourlh « 
acrop was proline. I last ri-i-nn. which slalem'" 1 
agrees wilh ivbol WO have herolororo beard «° 
read in tha papers. Taking Iho short crop " 
Kentucky, and a hare nverago in this Slale, *-' 
basin or colculatlon, we see no reason why » 
article should not advance greatly bef™ ^ 
close of Ibo season. Tho crop in this Sn" 
pronounced by those who ought to linow ">. 
rather under than over an overage— say ' 
pounds por acre-whieb, It is believed by «°» 
"lh whom wo have conversed, is a fair »' or ' E , 
■■- OTorago falls far below the high P°^* t 

which speculnt. 

' put it, and argues that horop n 

si go up w 




WaeluaebloJ 'Tulhennor 
Portion or Our iiiu 1 and hlUtl 

Ilik'd to (ornithine ftill diviner 
Than mem tan inia^o can imimll 

And, like moo. to feel for Man I 

Nobler ihm tbo humblo qodel 
Thire'i > ditruilj In labor 

Tnior then o'er [4mp arrayed ! 
Ho who Httka tho Minil'i improTome 

Aids the world In«.- Mind i 


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arid of ran or 1 


dart, aud 

peed, Ud cUinor 




mar be* blamed 

lido tbvfuluni 

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ore] tree... 

That mankind m 

, follow til]] 1 

E'en ihoueh S"iro' 




Ho'i tho 

Noble- Irl 


m, and the 


" I will not admit," said Mr. North • that you 
know mything about womtu. You ma; be an 
observer) but yon aro a superficial one. lam 
prepared, however, lo admit that Ibetearcagreal 
many just such women in ibo world as tbo one 
tbat you bare told us of; but ho that says they 
arc all to, is as much out of it, as ho that says 
there are no virtuous women. Both mike up 
their minds from boino striking but isolated cases. 
You are aware, I suppose, that so mo men say that 
there aro no honest men; hut do man Gays this 
who is honest himself. Although I bnve received 
some baron, treatment from my fiilloiv men, yet I 
am not willing to say tbat they arc all cold heart- 
ed and selfish." 

" I have m-vei fnili:'l." i-iiJ tlic peddler, "iDiny 
Calculations: therefore 1 think I am right; and if 
our host here would just say the word, I could 
marry him ..IT in )■.-. than a month." 

" Would you lend mo your money to buy one 
with V said I. 

"Yea," said ho, "I'll lend it to you just as long 
as you want it, and that without interest; and 
I'll bolp yon all I can in the bargain." 

So, now, girls, if you see me cutting a big 
swell around in your parts, jost look out for a 
"sell." But Mr. North promised to tell ua a 
story, so let us listen while bo relates 

Mine- is a sad talc, and I am its bcro. I have 
to assume a great deal of glycly to keep my mind 
from sinking under so great n burden of sadness. 
I hare contemplated suicide, and I contemplate it 
yet; but I am now on a pilgrimago to 
"Thataellow'd ground where mt-ura'd aid mlii'd 
Tbo Up* ropou ray lota baa biased." 
But I do not intend to tell you my lalo in a sad 
Strain, if I can help it; therefore 1 begin regular 
lale-llkc, and quote a verse of poetry from a 
beautiful California poetess.* 

11 lbs c 


•o luae 

Itf tales 

p Tor the 

Allboojb, if hero, Ihou wculdit be lott lo me." 

I bad tlie misfortune to be born poor ; and, at 
tho ago Of twelve years, I had the still greater 
misfortune of losing both parents. Thus 1 was 
olono in a world— which some people say is all 
selfishness— but I bad an inclination to work, and 
Mr. Hcndrrck.onoodhc richest men in tboStatc, 
gave mo all tho work 1 could do, and paid ma for 
it; so I was a burden lo no one. Most of tbo 
work that I bad lo do was in Mri. Hendrlck's 
Sower garden ; and tbcre I found the fairest flow- 
er that ever bloomed on earth. 

Mary Ilend rick was tboonly being that seemed 
to sympathise with tho orphan boy. Labor was 
sweet when she sat by and talked to mo. She 
Borer gnt a slick of candy, or anylhing of that 
kind, whan I was tbcre, but she she insisted on 
dividing with me. Mary had n Dower garden of 
her own, and 1 used to go, when my task was 
' done, and help her work her flowers. We wero 
at work In her gaidcn one day, when she said : 

" George, I wish you ltd plenty of money, so 
yoo would not have to w Qr k all tho lime, and 
could go to school with me." 

" Mary," aaid I, laying down my hoe and sit- 
ting down by her; " Mary, I am going to hare 
plonty of money some or these days. 1>)1 ba big 
| enough after a while to earn enough money to go 
LOKhool every winter ; and then when I got to be 


amarj I trill bealarrvtr. Then won't I make tho 
money. And thanlmightgo toeongress. Mary, 
would'nt that bo grand V 

Sbo looked at me, and tho tear- of sympathy 
were in her beautiful black eyes. 

" George," sbo said, " George, can yon Do it!" 

"loan, andleHI," said I, In a decided tone; 
and I felt, that with Mary to sympathise with 
me and share my glory, I could win a name sec: 
ond in the annals of tha world tonono but George 

"Oh! I tell yon," eiclaimed Mary, u what I 
can do 1 You know Pa gives m0 money Tory 
often to boy candy and dolls, and all that sort of 
thing, and I don't «ant them ; so I can jott save 
noney and pin? it to you, and you can- go lo 
school wilh it ! eant you Georgo ? Oh ! why did 
Inot ibink or that before 7" 
' ' You would not give up all your doll dresses, 
and candy, and your other nice things, just to gut 
me to go to school itilh yoo, would you, Maty J" 

-If my Pa and Ma were dead," Bho said, "and 
I had no money, and I wanted to go to school ; 
and your Pa and Ma were rich, and garo you 
money sometimes, lo buy putty things with, 
would you spend it for the pratty things, or would 
giro it to mo 1" 

Iwonldgivo it to you," said I, "because I 
loio you, and you aro sooh a good girl." 

Well," she said, " I lore yOu too, I believe 
I love you better than Pa and Ma." 

Tow here is a half dollar," abewn lino (il, and" 
at tho samo time handing tho money to me. 
Take this, and I'll get some more soon, and 
directly ire will bare enoogh for you to go to 
school on." 

Mary," said t " I can't take your money. I 

a got a little of my owo ;" and I took her to 

comer or tbc garden and dog op a bag In 

which I had doposited one hundred five cent 

pieces, all of which I had got one at B time. 

» Oh 1" said she, " you can go to school now." 
Why, you have got plenty of money for that." 

"Yes." said I; "I coold pay for schooling, but 
I coold not pay for board." 

Wo saw Mrs. Head rick coming into the gar- 
den, and I again buried my money, and wo went 
to meet her. Mary began to gather flowers, and 
by tha timo wo met her mother she had a One 
bouquet, which she presented to her and said : 

" Jla, I want George to go lo school with me ; 
and if be can pay Mr. Wright for his schooling, 
won't you let him slay here and board." 

"Who would tend tho garden," said Mrs. K. 
"No one else could or would do it as well as 

" I'll tell you now," said Mary, and she spoke 
wilh animation, ,: what wo can do. Why, George 

aming at 


school, and tbco como 
home again in the evening and work till night. 
Yes, and I can help him too." 

Mrs, Bcndrick looked at her child In ultcr as- 
tonishment, ibat ono so young (for sho was only 
eleven) coold over hit upon such apian. But she 
told me that 1 might use my pleasure about it. 

Tho next morning I went to school, and went' 
to pay for tho session in advance ; but iho teacher 
told mo it was paid. I asked him who paid it, 
but ho would not tell me. I did not Bod out who 
paid the money for years after, and then I found 
that it was Mary. She had let the old teacher 
into her confidence, and made him promise not 

At every elimination I carried otT the prise. 
I wanted Mary to see what I could do ; and she 
always felt prouder at my success than she did at 
her own. Wo often talked of the future, and 
neither of us can recollect when we first agreed 
to gat married. 

People may laugh if they like, at the attach- 
ments of children, but I know that they may be 
as lasting as those or older hearts) In fact, our 
early impressions aro always the mast lasting, 
and our early afl'eclions arc always tbo strongest. 
A man will always love the homo of bis child- 
hood, for no other reason than that bo loved it 
when a boy. A Laplander may roam lo tho green 
fields and sonny cliinolo of Italy ; ho may cvou 
got to OALiroBNia, hut ho will slill lore bis own 
native icebergs, where ho sported in bis youth. 
A man may be born and raised under a despotic 
government, and emigrate in his manhood lo 
America: 'The loud of the free, the home of the 
brare." He will honor and lovo her Tree institu- 
tions, and li necessary lay down bis life lo prO' 
servo them as a legacy lo Ilia children; but he 
will Imi i- the hills and the rocks over which ho 
played in his boyhood,, although a despot sways 
his scepter over Ibein. Then if yoo ask why ho 
does not love despotism also J I have only to say 
tbat a boy's loio of liberty is stronger in any- 
country than tbo man's. But I am wandering 
from my story. 

At the ago or seventeen, an eminent lawyer re- 
quested me to color bis office and study law. 
Even Ibis was Mary's affair, for I afterwards 
found out that she had got Mr. Wrfghl,thoschool 
teacher, to speak to him about it. While in that 
office I studied sixteen hours every day, allowing 
myself five hours fur sleep and three for recrea- 
tion. I knew that Mary expected something 
extra. My preceptor and other older man told 
mo that I would ruin my consli;ution i but Mary 
would kiss me for my efforts, and I would re- 
double them. Can you wonder, that I worshiped 
her. I wanted lo gain honors and wealth for no 
other purpose than to sec ber enjoy them. At 
tbo end or two years from tho timo I entered Iho 
law office, I went before Judge L-, who was the 
strictest examiner in Ibo State, and asked for 
license. He asked mo if I was willing to stand 
a publio examination 7 I replied in Ibo sfBrma- 
llre; and accordingly I had to prepare my cour- 
age to face, not only one Severe btwyor, but the 
whole bar. When the limo came, tha courlhouso 
was crowded; and I don't bollore there was a 

,. fnlih.rm; 

man there that came out ol mere Curiosity ; each 
one wished lo give mo an encouraging smile. I 
saw thifcancl wont through tho examination with- 
out watering; When it was over, I received the 
warm press uro of bundrcda of hands. At that 
same term of tbo court a man was to he tried for 
bis lifo. My preceptor and another eminent law- 
yer were his counsel ; and they agreed to enter 
my name as an attorney in tho case, and putmo 
forward in the examination of the witnesses; 
for if I did not bring out Ihe testimony as it 
should be, why they could como in. Tho main 
wilncss for the Slalo was introduced, 1 saw 
that ho was swearing falsely; and on the cross- 
examination I got excited i I forgot thot I was 
yet a boy. I got after him so closo that ho 
contradicted himself all round. I madea speech 
lo tbo court and impeached him on his owd 
loatimony. The District Attorney entered a 
nolle prosequi, and tho prii 

I now made np my mind t 
I came, nnd but Tew lawyers have had more prac- 
tice than I, I made money Tost ; 1 enjoyed Mary's 
loveond was happy. Butmy fortnno was doomed 
to torn. I got a letter from Mary stating thot 
her father had gone Into some rash speculations 
and was about to fail. She said that ho wasnbout 
crnsy over it, for ho had to raise ten thousand dol- 
lars in less than three months or be sold out at 
sheriff's sale. I had tho money and I scotit; but 
it seems that he did not get it. 

Ono of his creditors, Mr. S-, came Trom New 
York down lo sec him, aud, as be was a bach- 
elor ho fell In lovo with Mnry. Her father saw it, 
and importuned her day nnd night not to refuse 
him. Mr. S. could not slay long, so ho proposed 
and was accepted ; he then insisted on baring the 
wedding over. He released tbc old man from all 
liability to him, and lent him tbo money to pay 
the rest of his indebtedness. 

Ton will think, perhaps, Mr. Feddlor, Ibat 
Mary was bought, if yea do, just listen to this 
letter, and you will acknowledge that there existed 
ono woman who could not bu. bought- 

My Own Dear Georgo: Our happiness has 
ended. I am lo be a hrido tomorrow morning, 
and to-morrow evening a corpse. My mind is 
made up and every thing is ready. In duty to 
ray father, I will become a bride: in doty to you 
1 will become a corpse- You can understand 
tbo necessity of my becoming a bride, when I 
remind you tbat my father broke, and Mr. S., his 
largest creditor, came down here and took n fancy 
to me. My father came down on bis knees to 
me — can you imagine a father on his knees to 
his daughter, and bar slill refusing his request? 
11a said that ho would as certainly slay himself 
as tho sheriff sold his place, and turned him a 
beggar upon tho world ; ho would be tho scoff, he 
said, of those who were »l ways JcalouBnnd envious 
of his wealth. I consented. Do you blame mo? 

I have lo<cd you all ray life. When a child I 
told you so. I premised to ho faithful lo you ; 
and it is my duty to be so ; but duty requires 
mo to obey my father. There is but one way lo 
dp both, and that Is first to obey him, and 
then — suicide. I fear not death ; all the sting he 
has is tho thought that you will bo unhappy. 

After the ceremony is over to-morrow, I shall 
go inlo my room aud open my neck vein, and 
tho veins in my arms. That is Iho way tho old 
Itomans used to die. I have said it, you know 
that I will do It. 

I know your disposition George, and I know 
that you can never bo happy on Ibis earth, and I 
know that you will plant a flower on my grave 
and water il with tears. You, George, can bo 
true lo my memory, and Iho out your allotted 
lime ; and if you can't be happy and be useful lo 
yourself, perhaps you can be of use to your fellow 

In the world to come, there are no monoy- 
wor.-.liiiiiH.'r.H, and Wo will bu permitted to enjoy 
each other's company through alt eternity. 
I am, CJcoigc, 
Your loving and otfectionale 

I am now on my way to her grave, where I 
intend to plant a flower, water it Drat with my 
tears, then with my blood. The earth has no 
joys for mo, for my Mary is dead, 

Speech by Mode, tub Pioskkr Bootulacx 
of SaCiiAmhnto. — "I was do fuii' urn- dot 
'root a boatataud in dis burn Saakorincntur. 
Soon ns I started, do balance coioe and robbed 
mo ob my jest rights. (Ho means the pntrou. 
ngn of tho public) Doy Bliok up hurt i.ui] dur, 
fu^' ime placy mid don mimler, dur 'stalilMnni-iil, 
tall doy git rich off o' my busines dnt [ storied 
my own so If, Ond now dor is samo of 'em don't 
oben speak to me, doy reel to smart offea do 
profits o' my jest rights. Daft io, cful's ro, 

"All deso fellers was jest nfl ignunt as miy 
man ober gitn to bo o' do business dey ondor- 

touk. Art or I bean bleckin I | = in <li. Kluli'i 

for twenty year nt do leas' culkurlnliou, and on- 
diTHWa 1 cliery pint of it, doy como hero, bidout 
• inl.r-tiuiriiiig do fust ting, and set up opposi- 
tion agin me. '111. eged to ^it nil doy know too. 

VfflWhiti o' me, how I does 111 Dom's do kind 

city, a hobliin dnr boat-Mauri in-ide n' dt; Imum-, 
kurpit on do floor, and l.inj; in-lim lentli f.r 
do gemmon to sot on, whilst / has to lok do 
olinnccs on do slreot! Dat'a id, daft so. Doy 
all tek pattorn ator mo ami ri»n nit all do l>i-im- 
fit, kaso I can't Turd to rent doso nice, pup'lar 

Dis hero blalcin mid (u-o brtihtt, ono injlo 

and do odor : 

Icf IjU' 

now), I fun' inwented dnt. An' now obory 
rusty, r.iol nigger is blaokin' wid two breshes ,'" 

(II'to.M'im >k mi Bttituiln, brushes in band, 

Unit trinlnr.'.l mi th.. miMmi... while his oyos 
fairly rolled with indignation.)— [Deo. 

One great reason why men practice generosity 
so little in the world, is, their tlnding so little 
there: gcncrosily la catching; and If so many 
escape it, it is, in a great degree, from tho same 
reason that countrymen escape Iho Small pox ; 
because they meet no one to give it lo them. 





Front Street, Corner of Sacramento, 

IMPORTERS ,l!ll> J i.i Hill'.!! bl 


m»m*.~mr «aS- *» «» jc» s 9 

rocolvlDK hy ««J Cllj'iwr SWp frem Ibo Eiat, and 
bj er.rj Sloamtr via Ibo Iitnmiu;, a oomploto and ci- 
looiivo aawrtDant o> 


Bj ono of the Brm, wbloh "ill bo mid at Iho i™«t mar- 
Sot prlwi, and to *hloh tho altonlioo of ally awl eountrj 


Comprliinr. tha Lilort Stjloa and DeJltoJ. 


Alcxanflte's Celebrated Kid Gloves, 

Alwayioa baad, loiotaor with a 

Largo Variety of Beck Gloves, Gauntlets, &o . 




Cotton Mucks. Mi-. OOOO to 10. 
1 1 ; i v t 1 1 - " - 1 > 1 1< 1 1 1 . 

Uriiis, Sheeting-, etc., etc. 

(For Sacki nod Grain Bapl 

A Largs Stank of Spring and Fall Clothing, 

Sallablo for Iho Mining and Aerlcollural dlilric 
- lOfVtb at* Willi avorv article to bo foand la tb. 


«e=-m.i: -*«.-«»- 1 
the dn parallel ed popu- ^j™ 

irily of tbl. f.mad Borneo, o»inc«aO 
. lb -ondorlol Allonlivo. TooionH 

r,J Anv.-liv-] ■■[■'!: pr-forlios, buSSE 
mnH booltb-civine an 

That & known" to and rcmiameoilcd bj 

Tha Uedical Faculty of the United States! 

Too toperior faoitilioi Ibo TURNER BROTHERS pot- 
■en, ewinr to their havlnc la New York ctlr. Buffalo 
N. Y-, and la San Franolaw, tbo 

Hon Extensive Hanafaotoriei In the World 
For tha preparation or 


^rui all other Sirups and Conliali in use. 
Thar can defr competition, br making from Ibo BEST 
that bcar'lbnlr nui. Tholr oolobralod nu-l ■u,. U rlt>r 


Main men wb=ro Itii in Ibo markoL 


Proparcd with km >t care, and pat up oipreulr t-t 
Ihl) markat, u eompoied or tho bcit 


anlad I. 

■o tha 

or j,», 

Ilavbeon eonfoucd hjr ooaiomorf to bo tbc 


Prepared with groat earn from tha but Jamaica Rar 

tho but London Shrob. 

Turner's Spiec and Wormwood Bitters 
Need only In bo tried bnco lo bo jirojwrlT orrreolalod ao 

nr ■■■ a., tin. !..■■( BlUorelnihliSlatc- 

Turner'i Slomacli Dltloi ■s 

Il a preparation vbalovaa the beiteoonollileuri canno 

deaxli "Bm ralo." 
Turner's Easence of Pure Jamaica Gingo: 
Caaoot be equaled bj any jireparntioo In Ibo norlil, an. 
tho but (Ml ol 111 oitra qualllloi li, that li can bo loom 
la atmoitovorr publio and priralo home la thoUalte. 

Gloccr Wine mooafjelnriHl bj w, will 'and our portrait 
la Bflrclo, en o Heel ploto, (orronadiae ibo Injcriplion 

"Tliilscu'i, ill.-, (in. IV,:.,;. |,ro|..iM.| u.,J .„lj \,y Tiiroo 
Brotbori, Now York. BuDulo and San PranoUco Call 

daicrLjtlon, maaofactored br 

M. 0. TURNER i BROTHERS, Now York Cit 
JAS. TURNER & BROS , Buffalo, N. Y. i and 
It. TUKSBIt t BROS., Sou Froncuco, Cul, 
arkal ilreet. oppotlto the Catholic Orphan AjiIui 

Splendid Merino Stock. 

--vjK, THE valuo of MERINO SHEEP, and all Ba* 

■fflTwool.frod^i.i.-Sht,].. ..:„,i,iD h .-toboappre. 

J t^tL cialed, and, from Ibo cI[«rlmonl3 elrcadf oiado, 
li hi. been oacerlelnoJ bojood ,i doubt, ibat Sheep raia- 
Int will prove oao of tho most !m r iit»nt braoebet of rfo- 

ablo The Do oji (Tadejot Sntoparooaslttl cared (ori 
Ihe mut productive, and par tbo boil, u doecei ot tbo 
diniadD breed of Moiic.™ Sticc|. |>r.>.luca 2, IM or 3 

,...i[!.|. and -11 nlfmii! l^.c i" If-: l-:r |iound; while 
IhellotrSheop jlsH 1.(1, siu I in oaeli.aodonaa 

id»oJj 10c. !m- ood lie , ibo* fir oolalrlnnlni:, lo raluo 
..n-1 !■!■■ li: ;ii ■:■■■ ■ '. "11 ■ iliti- iiinl'. .i.J all iJcaof rail- 
Ine horeofler Ibo common broedi of Sbocp. 

Tbo uoJcrJlKm'd hu.ln,: rullrlrit.l iho ei«rl moot and 
i r-.v.-.l Hi? i,l*io, and havioir a few rorj fioo Morlno 
Sbocp for ialo, now rnj-jr him lioe Ducii aod Eros from 
tbo llock that have voridr.l Iho above faeU, u tha la- 
r, ■:.:-■! cb^ro-rlorof tho Sheep and Wool prodoced tha 

' V.i ■■-.''■'.A-I.'in!". |>urcha» sfthb kind of Snoop, «aa 

lonrn all the [.arllr-ul-ir- and lirico, 1-r fiJ.Jrt -io.T Iby 
oo.lenlcned oilber at Sacramento (»boro (bo Sheep SaB 

' OEo"o'. WHITNEY * CO., 

115nodl]7(".il.[..™iii-1r.- I -". l-'rioetscsi 
Comer K and Fonrth fliceU, Saeramento. 
P.S— Rorer-i.r.. r,. r ,i„. ,,[,.,.,. i,,,.. r ,,, nl fuel, maj bo 
inndc toibe EDIIOIt of ibo FAHMKH. il-'Ulm 

Short Horn a, 


^MfBA Till-: ■;rs„lTi>r for tale tbo 
fwiTYlK"" "1-"RD V-lW: IKMPL-iT - 
^^W A H. 11 .; and a fow bull and hclfe 

" "-ihoaelorihopriio boll. "Astoria, 

II. B, and " l.jr.l Vim.. leiuj >■■! .' 1 ," loathe 



„-l A- 

■ ao-.l U-rk-luru l'i,-. V.'i. ... ■ i-l.l r.ill aitenllon to 
hi Snarl Hornnia recontll ianl la QeorroH. Howard, 

ll|.,-T-i^.| c.r ,[,- ..„.;. ,-■[■ .-!,,■!( mivboobtoinod 
IromWaireaiCo, .,r„( ihe -iil.,;ril.-r., nba will adte 
it, j i.:krici-vn r-n::i[:iTii; their Stock, and giro their 

:r- ll.ll illltotr-0 I ■ r ll 1 [■ f i ST. dlo. 

B.4C S. H.llS'1-o, 
iR-13m i:i!:.i-Ui. New J 


French merino Sheep. 

och .Morlco Shoop, from imparted alock. 
j can be ordarod lo onr Mellon ol tho 

' Price) from 8100 to 8300. Addroii 

A. I. BINoriAM, 
vB-l 3m Wert Cornwall, Yt 

Splendid Merino Rama and Ewes. 

slnft AW ^' porwjo wij bias a Icwverrvupcilor Kcrl 
i^lUra. umI a n U .U|,,ili-.l Ifit^j «11 for lb. 

Cochin China Hens, Rabbita, &o. 

TIIU :.uh,.-ill. ■■-... .ul. 111-.- in: I...-.II (lit- allontionoriho 
public lo hi. !i-..-t..f v-rr Hoc C.~: bin China Fowl j, 
ahicb bo beliotai cannot bs jorpMicd in Ibo ccuntrr. 
aailitiirervdoubirul if thai can bo equaled. Ho do- 

v..l.ihL.ul,:..k. ,■ i.i-'.-.-.! ■.:,-■,- -.-.-;, -it ,1 

"ho variolic".!'un-'iV|.i.-;cd, and for alio 
and boantv, tinnot be malchcd In lb. ■ Slate. 

iriigned^can^noir offer 300 FuwU for «alo, and 

loCORobbiti, ollorih 

I-urcaueri are InrltcllocallalhliRinelioii 
Pablo Road, abac - 




PFtlEND i TEIIRV. ror. 'Jd lad H tirccu 
1 i .-MITil.. .- in. .. -I K .li.,-. . Mir,- 
- 1'lllli.lM '. I l*.-i - M-rX,..„Sl,cit 

ICnOLS, Fculuoia, 

ir. K.MKK.-.:iN. I. 



-Coaitonll, on hand, Hair, Moo, Wool, Poloaai 
nr. For tato at Ibo lowed prlooj, wholaula and 

Nearly oppmlio tbo Inlernaliouol Hotel. 
-All onion. jToinuUT. ultcodcd lo,and oieented 

To Boyers of Fam iiy Grocerieo, 

Ho. 131 Waahington itrtat 

(Oppo.l« Iho Her.«), 


HKil'i:,.'ll l'[.I.Vii,i.r m U.,|rfricndiaadma 

,,.-.-( .ii I AMI I. V i!ilOCKlilE?°KmB TEjS' 
„ CJHIHiON IMM.-.l.AIU.. /,. .,,.,1:.- .i ; , m |„ 
^ prit.- i.-l,icl, r«r,rn,! fcll i-. r ita,e, Eiorrariiclo 

In Tarmon and Olhon. 

i will pui^tu- llt'TTKlL E(iliJ.n.JCElEESE tt 

OTIS V. SAWYER & 00., 

Comer of Third and J atrectl, Sacrampato, 

Noaf Y.,rl, piv>bln«L AtncHoo Kirdmoi-o B* 

ioaoa Hbooand Laltia Balcn' B, 

.'nihil sluble Di„,-U, 

Belujnore /obojma. Dro*. il 

Cbclmutl A. J. Wh„i„, t 

'■'■LOUI ., llvL.-lIt . 

'■"■■'-■. ■ ' Ij J'"-". i:-.| . ■':..;. 

1-S3l),ilf A. II II,,,,! ... i 

Ho* Orlcini I:- -.,.,.-'-.'.. .v , 

l"U!*b>e ■ Oca, Pralmlr &. I 

Pnr Hie lll«hr,l l'rlce. tor Geld Uu.1. 
his CcnllEUu of Depull end other Eicbupe, tl c, 
. advueai no Gold Doit ,..:. ;„.! ft,, ^,, „ rMilI . 

THOalAS 6. FISKfi, Si 
P- 8ATUEB, |_ 

»i W. CHUP.C1L j«" 

California Frodaation, 


i.^.-.l., i r.'.i,-... iv,,:. , '^„ ..'.' V.ilu" tllO 

l; """ r ',"'.'„, , "- : ;, l, ",V 1 ,, 

C'ulirornln Itrd Wine. 

n r.l.r (., ,-,,,. „,.rjl»„|_, t ,1,,,,,.. ,., lrJ u„, .flfflTeal 

1 ' ■■'-.- ■■■'■! ■ ■■:! .■:. -1-. il.'.ll. ... .. .-:,, ,.| I-. 

Were rroa) the Inten.iVj.r :',|'-'. ■':'■ ',"■' i"i'.''' 

,.,, ('ii a.J huiiLEit tea, 

" .rCUvHAlt 

Lyon £ Co.'s Brewery, 

103 Jej --wl 


IT--. TilL --■•■ || 

■BM known in ibn' ,ir.,„,aYTria 

llio^ln upon then 

Our Card in auijih 

Iha "Paofta'i P' 

awarded (bat lo ojj, 

pall Hon— 



^laln lhatwo eolor 
a wo reel thejltav* 
•I uppuelUou or coin. 



(Tljr g'alifnmig jjaraitr. 


LjUcti ill EithingB. 

latum torn 

t cur 1-™k1|uI afflc 


all «l |" ri. Jlcil- 


R that iro iu 


to direct too 

loffire. ISJlVull 

Shipment of 


Tuie is 

one of tbo most 

important subjects 

that ud bo 

brought before tho minds o 


who look to tbo permanency 

of California 


wising of Grain, the shipn 

ont of gram 

lo the 

Eastern States and lo Eurf 

pe, will form 


tho glut a 

re incoming 


and every c 

ortion should b 

made for inc 


(bo crops of 

grain by extend 

ng the area o 


ration, and every aid anil cncoorageinenl given 
by capitalists for tbe safe shipment of this pro- 
duct lo tho places mentioned. 

It il a very great mistake to talk about the 
oill of Oor surplus and overstock ; il Ie our duty 
to grow all ice can, to give more attention to tho 
science of cultivation and tho cost of raising 
Urge crops, and it is the duty of all good citizens 
to find as many nutlets as possible, and (o facili- 
tate its shipment abroad by all (ho means in their 
power, remembering that every Ion sent away is 
so much gain to tho country, bringing back (hu 
wealth from abroad and increasing tho value of 
tbo Crop left behind. 

There can be no longer a doobt upon Iho mind 
of any reasonable person at all conversant with 
(ho subject, that wo can compete successfully with 
tho grain growers of the other States; for wo can 
grow twice or thrico as much pei acr.'. and the 
freight is so low that our extra crops will more 
tbln overbalance the pries of tabor. What ship- 
ments have been made have given a character to 
oar grain anil it is now preferred in (ho Eastern 
Market and commands a margin over thai of 
Eastern growth. Could we have a communication 
between this port and Southampton via Australia 
direct, wo could place our grain in Enropo cheap- 
er than they can from Chicago. We have con- 
versed with heavy capitalists and can assure all 
those parties thai wish (o ship grain tbi 
and realize at once, (hat i-o can place tl 
vay to do this most satisfactorily, Tor all (he 
money that is needed on the shipment of grain 
can be hid, even though it should count in 
mil] loos. 

The opening prospect Tor (he Farmers is good, 
and we shall keep (hem well posted, and ihall 
advise them promptly of everything (hat show; Snlo of Merino Sheep 
VTz have examined tbesplendid flock or Merino 
8heep, just Imported into San Francisco, nod ad- 
vertised in oor columns, and wo hesitate not to say 
they am the largest, molt bealtbj and beat flock, 
ibst has yet coma to oar shores. These Sheep 

n to oi 

ight it) gold, for they will awaken to 
new lire tbewbeJa of industry, and give employ, 
ment lo thousands. We have seen tie original 
letters with this flock, and thoy ftninp theso Sheep 
oparo blood ofoTCry high character ; everything 
assarts us Ibnt they deserve more than ordinary 

Wc copy from the Certificate, tbe following 
portant testimony relative to tbe wool, taken from 
a letter ad dre^r-d to. tomes MucarUiur, Esq., by Si 
Wm Mnearthnr, doted "Paris, Aug. 12, 1865 : 

"Or the sample* exhibited ol the wool of our 
thoron^li-brtil .\|. i ! ■: . > llm-k, luk'.-n from about ISO 
Ihvcs »r tin: si-raring "f '53, (he Jurors I " ' 
my prepuce, that lliey were free from iho iloC.-eL'i 
often Toimd in tho Australian wool of ballowriess 
'T ■ji.'[ii;itji.-; of fiiii.T, mill coin Lining in a remrirkii- 
lili: iK-n-.-, all the unut vjlinU.' ./inline..- which 
distinguish Oerman und Australian wuola, pre- 
serving' (he true old Merino type in tbe greatest 

Such is tho estimation in which this breed of 
sheep are hold, lhatwoeslcem it oneof (ho great- 
Ills (bit has yc( been conferred upon this 
State — tbo importation of the largo flock of Me- 
rino Sheep of the pure breed. 
All who are interested in sheep raising, ami 
jo can possibly spare (be timo.sbould visit 
■ancisco and see these, sheep. Thoso who 
purchase should do so by all means. The 
Of these sheep is far beyond any p 
they can possibly bring should thoy sell for jlOO 

Three very fine Shepherd Dogs arc alsocon- 
:ctcd with tbo flocks, and will be offered foi 
; tho same time. Thosa who know tho hii 
id value of a good Shepherd's Dog, well know 
that onesoch dog will do (he work of many men, 
and would save in valoe in a flick, more (i 
S5IX1 per ounum in sheep and labor. Ouo dog 
guard and care for 1000 sheen. 

We learn also that some forty bundles or __. 
fails Floy, jnst tho feed of thoso sheep, and which 
was imported with them, will bo sold a 

Pin gloria ta and Plagiarisms. 
Advertibinq gratis! Hurrah!! How i 
tho whole pack, Tray, Blanch, and Sweetheart 1 
Comets are stale subjecls ; bank failures are done 
with ; AdamsiS Co. feo the lawyers till money i; 
all gone ; Palmer Cook & Co. are bunkum [ Fllli 
busters ore below par; Nicaragoa gone Id, and 
Pacific Mail Company supreme : but that is only 
tattle now. One all absorbing Ihomo fllli 
whole hemisphere. The Globe is on Ore ; and 
A B and 0, at ovory Morning CoW, whisper tht 
news, and it becomes the Toibii Talk in every- 
body's mouth. The alarm spreads! people rur 
eagerly to Iho Bulletin board for the latest new! 
from tho land of Poesy I and 'tis 
Hurry and b oaths, 

I M ■!,;, i 

ind oartbqoikM an 

triflet— for [*opIe do uy 

makes bur dqbut to-day 


plea»i Torino Foot', oi. 




upan bis crops; I boy are like gold, (bat will 
rost j and although the crops will be very large 
(all that croakers say lo tho contrary), 
will be found for all onr surplus, and the benclil 
will accrue In tbe cultivator of the soil ; for hi 
it is who deserves it. 

No one need fear that we cannot always find 
a market for alt we can Below wo give an 
article from the N. Y. Erculog Post, to show that 
there arc causes at work which must favorably 
affect the value of (ho Grain Crop of California ; 
Ihero are causes always at work, that if not un- 
dentood would seriously affect ovary interest 

It Bill bo recollected that (he war of Europe 
gave a stimulus lo irado here, and tho grain 
markets of Europe u'cro materially affected by 
tbo war; yet the sudden cessaliun of that war 
did nolsoscrinuslyaffect us asoncwould suppose, 
II was this sudden break off to the war, however 
that caused a fall in grain, and all other articles' 
of produce, and has for tbo entire (imo since 
greatly depressed Irade ; yet but few cveo reflect 
enough lo attribute It lo the right cause. Had 
war continued, high prices and active business 
would have ruled. Wo however only point lo 
these facts. There are other causes that affect 
the prices of produce materially and we call ut- 
Unlion to iho article wo append, and oak if such 
causes and ulhers like (hem, would nut materially 
affectgrain growers everywhere? Similar action 
here will produce similar results, and wc call at- 
tention to this subject now, so (bat Cultivator, 
will bo hotter prepared when Iho change comes : 

Cow of Higt, Price in Gcrraany.-Sine'o 
tho year It I, ll„- |ri, . ; . „( l,r,-i„l., Uj |j ■ i f „,..,,,- 1 , . 
out Europe, as well as America, havo had on 
upward tendency, and, of coarse, the T ,ric,-, .,[ 
"" s ^ Ellf0 b f" increased 1 in pro- 
bercaan States, where (ho up- 
of grain has curiebed tbo agri- 
. j orpenso of other lirem-l,,-, ,,f 

dMtry.poUtical oconomiata ut iirstnaoribod 




• to pc. 

harvesia; but a 


was abandoned as cr- 
' BO *»«MUi of tho high prieon 
.n tho facL (hat (be (l i uuulll ,■,,' 

Germany, w now much less than her, |.,(.„, 

1 '■■'■•* m Baden, and Hcase, vast 
^ producing im- 
-w plnniud ^jtn 

Tho true r 

ta of tbo boat bind, hither' 

tobacco, which is moro pvofitobli 
breadstuff,. Tho price, of Gorman looaccoiZ 
nsea from twonty-6vo to thirty-si, „,„l ,., n , 
uonna per hundred weight, and \hxaa quainllia 
Jrted lo Franco, America, England oud 
o Germany. 

.* of tbo high duty on Went In- 


up in various parte of tbe country, , 
of acnia are now dove-tod lo tfiu cuKub.,", ,[",'[,'" 
FU K ar Let. Ih e 1.51, ,,l (hirt |.l„nt afo dried 
mlted 'viil. the tobacco loav™, and B ent to 
Bngbtor], where thoy are mauufaclured into tho 
"beat mild- flavored" aagora 
Malt and bop, aro lito»iao in great demand, 
l1 "" --"1 cenBumption of beer; 
<nn , n d is needed to produco 
'f Sf'fi" » " r wi " lnta '™ 


tobaooo are, ia a mea 
high prices of provisioi 

□wing (o the ii 
consequendy m 

thoao uticlua. i 

fromlhepimlu.:!!..!! ,,[ |, r , t .| A.jfi;-.. ~ 

We learn that tbey will bo offered in lots of 
twenty ewes and one buck, and when these i 
sold, should there remain any sing lo aninn 
theynillbesoldonobyonc. Thenumbersto 
sold are 247 owes and fourteen bucks. Th 
twelve ioU of twenty ewes and one buck wilt first 
be sold, and lbo odds will closn the sale, which 
take* place on Tuesday, (ho f3th inst,,at 11 a. «., 
Macondray's Warehouse yard, Sao 


Enc onra gome n v. 
Wb wiu, nooa oi 
Itamd -nlll game, Tor nut noil 

milo'wolabor for tbe development of tbo rich 
sources of oor Iruly Heaven-blessed Stale, Il is 
cheering lo know there ara those who appreciate 
ork in which wc are engaged. Wo can gco 
in (he future of California, something better than 

Among Iho little trochlea of an editor and pub- 
lisher, troubles thot vei and annuy, thoso that a 
beyond his own control-lho quibble and faul 
finding or outsiders— of those in (be same occ 
palion-wo can clip from some fair and genero 
colemporary a gleam of sumbine, (hat will das„ 
way the remembrance of (huso (rouhlca as 
quickly as (ho bursting forth or the morning son 
insumes and removes tho mists (hat have gain- 
ed upon tho mountain's brow. And (bus do 
ealways labor. H troubles vei, or cares-annoy, 
e look up lo lbo mountain top, and wait the 
ming light, knowing (hemisls will depart soon. 
Y> bile looking orer our exchanges by (ho last 
earner, that brought us news or an afflictive 
cb.raeter, we wailed for a ray l cnc „ us. It 
mea ond we lake it lo cheer us in 0Dr ]Bbo 
id (if some colemporar, will notebarge us with 
1-l'iiiurum) wev " 
paya us for many 
best thanks go U 

Wo had gathered some facts from history, 
relative to truly great writers, when the following 
admirably written article,upon tho same subject, 
came (o us, and we think it a sufficient answer 
to anything wo have omitted to say. Wo copy 
it from lbo Bee of Sacramento. With this we 
need say no more, and no knbw our readers wilt 
think with us. We nro (ruly thankful lo the 
journals that have noticed us; thoy havedono us 
great service; our journal is now better known, 
and better appreciated. 

In tho elder days of literature 

:■ ile tin... 

bat was plagin 
It task. Then the 

n (In- ii-- 

ach idea and ospr 
lids of thus 

is very easy 
orks of great 

read them. But 
ultiplicity of pub- 
lished vrriliug-:— L.»iks. pimjititels, magazines 
newspapers— the identity ol thoughts and fancies 
becomes, in a v t rv re, lost in tho vast 
labyrinths of language. Tbo samo ideas and 
fancies havo been embodied so ollen before, that 
it is scarcely lo i\preii (hem at all with- 
out falling upon one Or tho olhor ol (he ton thou- 
sand forms in which iheyhavo previou-lv bieri 
c-unvcyed. We (peak now of (he genera! massof 
common ideas and fancies which seem lo be Iho 
common property of mankind. Of course there 
are certain .-.rnJ -tril.n,; (..i,T,..„|-„|, r ,., H ,, n 
which have u distinct ami everh-tinp, identity in 
tbe language in which tbey nro ullered— as much 
lbo property of the originators as any of tho 
master conceptions of tbe Grecian arlisLi 
abrincd In marble. 

sometimes unconsciously 

1 insert it in full, for really j 
weary day, and our ^^ 
ur generous colemporary for 
best k.nd words. Wo clip from the Plow lion, 
ind Anvil, a periodical long establish,,) snJ b( 
ligh standing, (he following comphment.ry no- 

'NikeThaiae," '^ ??"*&*** » "7 Others 
1 like - Ii-inicier, lhal have wmo to us |jfce ^ 

elu'ih/Jull SPCTkS T0,0,Dea f ° r ° ar SUta -><- PsnjiER.—ThiB i= 

■lie i,ryk,l -\j:rii-.i]li,rr,| ...-ulli,. , „ ';, ■' '" 

iSSrSKK's "' 

:n;.,';a^T';r o,B ■■■■ '■■" 

"'"I'-r-liinl .-, 

it pnper I 

!W Stale, wo aCuld 
nof-the gold mine.- 

slop and plainer -I,.., A,,, (t,,,;^^™' 1 "" 1 
ami i;iil,l,..-: mid ih.n (I,,, r,,,,.,,,. " '-■ ■"•■■■ 
under tin- .in ..■[..,„ „f M....-.T... W. fr ' ', , A !'-'" 11 ' 

•' r, «tf|t £ hir-elv t., t.t.i,,. ||,.. . :, , * V°'ilS 

its mtdtn harresta. S '' l0 E'ra up 

ronbo quarto form, about (he sin, o[ it.. 

Tnbuue, and is sold at 85 00 . y " r n 
.....mi.-... Ai'im-v r.M' ^ S,i-[,in • [■■ 
1« Polion street; Now York ° GDnl[ " !n r a ' 

Bf)OKS AnVEltTlHED.— Wo cult c 

■— -Jpeoihlul, 
Uio advortiacmont of now IJooks oi 
Agr^cull„r ; , HortwnltMo, nnd thoso other aei 
««.8« works which w 6 have recently r ^Z_ 
rks con ' 

Aa hut few B 
State, and as i 
them on hand, 
In trod i 
aa standard works of bronco,' "thai 

found- in (ho 
not pay to havo a alook of 
purpose in offering them Is 


•jag from thom^'pore 

bio hooka, can MDd ordorVby' , MaSi' , or T, 

. and tbey will bo promp^S^* 


appropriated by tho hotiosti 
eading biing so cKcnsive (hat ihoy cannot, in 

i ■ ■tniL.-.i-li ii.-i.w.-.n nli,,p t |, e y originate 

ud what thoy remember. Wc recollect seeing 
( MiiieivhcrfSiiitd that Waller Scot!, tin- tl„-[i_ 
Wiiard of the Korth, whose pen blazed in the 
lilcrary world like a newly-riscn sun, in the 
uriL-iiialiltan^ht of lbo Lady of Iho Lake, had 
written down one hundred very beautiful lim-.i i.f 
which ho was unusually proud, having penned 
them, as he thuught under a feeling of sudden 

mure closely, lliey began lu appear slrangc- 
1 1 Ii ■? , as though ha bad EOmowhere seen 
before, and, sura euuugb. he (band (hem 
afterwards, almost woid for word, in an old poem 
among thu antiquated volumes of his library, 
which the dust of oblivion was begr- -■■■ 
and he straighlw.n- =u|,-,titut t .l lin Pj , D | B 0WD 
which, if! in their beauty, had at least 
Ibe merit uf being original A fow, and but a 
few (for ho was greatly original) of tho fine. 

f.ui,-ioi ..I lli hi i.'ampbell havo been found, on 

eiamlnalion, to have been thus unconsciously 
borrowed, almost the samo word, in one instance 
having been used before him hy (he poet Dealtio.' 
Edgar A. Poo is accused of having, not uncon- 
sciously, stolen ono simile of his little poem en- 
titled Annabel Leo, from a quaint old writer of a 
former ace, but the mind ol Poo was of such a 
.Htrmlii.cU- oii K iii:il order (hat weave more in- 
clined to think Hnixi inadvertently done. Laur- 
ence Sterne, on (ho conlrarv, has been proccif (o 
have been a wilful and deliberate plagiarist, in 
■ ' ages, the appro- 

IF) ou 
.. full ; 

Bozos or Gold-en Fruit. 

Hownvsn intensting may bo tho sight of tho 
boxes af golden coin that lay piled up on- .onr 
hanking conn Mrs, there ia so much that 
pleasant about it, so much to regret ia tho associa- 
tions connected therewith, that tho shining gold 
loses tho greater part of its value in tbeso remem- 
brances. Id the first place, this gold is eo Ecarce 
in the people's pockets,- it is so hard to get, and, 
when obtained, eo bard to keep, that each, txcenly 
seems like aunngel visitant, "fowntid fur between." 
They are like the phosphoric lights that wc see In 
the deep waters, as our bark skims over tho wave ; 
if wa grasp at them, llicy nro gone. Then, if we 
talk of this gold — oh, that is not for us, denizens of 
the Pacific; it ia for ihipmcnt Eaitjice omc 
the Eait — owe them for ecerylhing ; for con 6uf- 
ter, cheese, lard, hams, tggs, beef, pork, etc., and 
onr gold must go to pay for them. And gold will 
always bo scarce in the pockets of us Californium, 
unlit wc cease sending it abroad for those articles 
mnnulaclnre and produce here. Our, gold 
should never be sent away for articles such as wc 
have named. Bat oflhoboiesof Qo!d-en Fruit: 
Wo havo now ono source or pleasure to relieve 
Go to oar markets, and eeo tho luicions fruit, of 
which no can boast such an,a.brmuanco; at the 
present time— July— the tables in Iba market ox 
hibit splendid white Cbas^elas Grapes, Peaches, 
IricoU, Necluriu' >, Apple ', I'ejrp, J 'hi in;:, ( 'hi.-r- 
i. Figs, Raspberries, Gooseberries, Strawber 
i, Currants, and Whortleberries, and tbeso tot 
oflhis highest character of merit and beauty ; and 

believe there is no place io (he world where ; 
great variety of fruit can be found, at ono lime, 
, (bo Market of Sao Francisco. 
Tho price or fruit, is now so reasonable that 
all cun purchaso ; and the quantity sold 

t none could believe, unless thoy go 
to (be markets and learn for themselves. Assume 
evidence of the quantity sold, especially Grapes, 
Pcora, Apples, Ac., wo visited the Boi Factory or 
Messrs. Hobbs, Gilmore k Co., corner of Drum 
und Washington street, where ahont twenty men 
are kept constantly employed in makiog fruit 
boxes. So great is tho demand, that oterara. H., 
G-. & Co. bnvo established a branch of (heir busi- 
ness at Los Angeles; sod the number of -their 
boxes shipped lo Sacramento, Maryaville, Stock- 
ton, San Jo^e, Napa, Sonomo, and other places, 
they cooat by thousands, and tens of thousands 
)(I0 last year). Millions of feet of 
lumber were converted into boxes, last year. The 
les ia S20 per hundred in shoots, and 
SCO, when separate or Sited with the sawdust 
When wo remember tho employment given t 
workmen, and the support derived to their fami 
" s— from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars an 
nually paid for labor— wo can estimate tho good 
ne by Messrs. H., G. i On., .who set the wheels 
of industry in motion by the labor here done, and 
the result or all this golden fruit shines brighter 



tho triumph, Ibat will bo achieved at tho city 

Thn Oroat Artesian. 
Wh boliovo If will bo tho good fortune of on, 
friends at Stookton to have tbe Artoaion Well 
of tho worlfl- Their steady, onward, oontiniied 
pcrsnvonuioo desorvos Baccess; anil wo 
holievo tho whole world will 
bo trium 
of Stockton. 

It would be n lucky hit if this workoould U 
completed before tho Great Fair. This Arts, 
man has now roaohod tho doptb of eight hun. 
drea and twentjr-fivo foot, and has nlresd, 
thrown water fivo feet above tho surface, and u 
thn rato of two hundred gallons per minute. 
Wo, Ynnkoo-likc. guess tho mark will be ftora 
nine hundred to ono tbongaud foot, and ajetof 
fifteen feet, Suoh. a fountain wootd bo a siglu, 
worth njoumoy noroas'tho Atlentio and Paoifjo 
a to witness, mill yet wo beliovo it will b» 
iplished. As Ibis Well ia within tho in- 
closure of the Fair Ground, it would bo afoun- 
'ain of success for that enterprise, and wo hop* 
f may prove so. 

or striking ideas and fi 

a tho t 

Doing i 

o Ihi 

ly from the heart and noul, and' Tenr- 

- 'raianflhcirownthoughts, 

|uror of tho grim splritsor 

io calls up around him 

havo their own peculiori- 

iparatoand marked ideulitj 

■ "- midst of (bo mil- 

boings around 

"truly lit him, 

power of eapre-sir,,, rrliieh n.akes'nii-o great "as 
disdngushcJ fro,,, Uielr fellowH. All men think 

Tl"^ thu m| 6^ r amMn uf 

lhtlll K U!i 

Suporb Poaohon. 
We Received from the Now England Nureory 
at Murysvillo, from ,Geo. H. Beooh, Esq., 
(known as Bosch & Shepherd's Nursery), o 
box of very superb Pcaohes. Thoy wore very 
largo, nvernging nhuut nine inches la oiroum- 
fcrence, nod of a most delicious flavor ; full of 
saccharine juica, and far superior 
Peachos now in tho market, whioh 
tasteless and insipid. 

Tho varioty sent us is known as "Beach"! 
Seedling.'' raised in his orchard by Mr. B. him- 
Wo do not hesitate to pronounoo it ono ol 
tho best of Poaches known. Wo oto tho semi 
ruit fresh from tho tree, in Mr. B.'o garden, 
-st season, vrhilo on a visit there, and was then 
idebtcd to Mr. nnd Mra. B. for kind c 
nd now, for this kind romombrooco. 
happy to loam that this gontloman has on enor- 
mous erop the present year, und wo nro right 
glnd to hear it; ho deserves well. Slay full 
prosperity ultend him and hia. 
We should mention, that upon inquiry, 
o pleased to know that this varioty of Peach 
Tree will bo on solo this autumn, at the Ttoi 
stand of Mr. Lccount, on Davis street ; and wi 
advise nil who love luscious Poaoboa to go to 
stand No. .18. in Washington Market, and 
this fruit. Wo can attest that nftor repeated 
trials, wo find none bettor. 

A Splendid Piece or Work. 

We saw a, piooo of Furniture of ■ California 
workmonsbip, this week, at tho spaoious war*. 
house of Messrs, J. G. Clnrk At Co., on Wasb- 
ington street, that aurpoasos anything of the 
kind wo havo seen in this country, and we do 
not believe anothor pieoo of Furniture of so oi- 
quisito work can bo found. It is inlendod as a 
parlor oranmont, combining tho uses of a Side- 
board, a Secretary and a Whatuor, with rich 
philo mirror-baok; it is mado of rosewood, of 
tho highest finish, and highly polished. 

This worbwoS finished in tho wareroom of 
Messrs. Clark k Co., by his own workmen, 
who are now engaged in making suporb Parlor 
sola. This piece of furniture is cnllod Etogare, 
and valued at .8500. Wo wonld invite all who 
appreciate thn beautiful, to call and son il. 

To oun BcADuna anu ConnEapoNnEjiTS.— 

Yo invito especial attention to our columns this 

week. Wc believe wo have matter of interest of 

than ordinary valuo. Head f Individuality," 

by Edith Montrcsser. It will do you good. "H. 

beor, reading twice, nnd non-paying 

will receive a hint worth ramomber- 

ng. Wo know who they are. "Ben. Bolt" 

ihould bo read three tiroes. It is worth if, Tho 

valuable loiter of -'A. S. TV" of Monlarey, is 

'thy of especial notice. Wo shall speak of (his 


Wo regret being obliged to omit many valuable 

hand. OinraWild- 

0,-A. S., Laura, and many others 

the present week. Thanks for such. 

iuch copy on file, and many notes 

duo time. 


f travel and Ihcts ; all shall 
Takpee, McCahil 

f. & Co.— Wo call espe- 
cial attention to this House, from the fact of its 
long standing, its extensive business and its wide 
usofulneaa, and olao from the- fact, that oon- 
lemptible reports touching ils credit wore cir- 
culated by thoso. who nro always envious nnd 
jealous of their superiors. Messrs. TaGee, 
MoCahiU & Co. are above tho roaeh of such 

Two case 

notice next 

valuable Books, by lost steamer, 
tbo publishers East, shall have full 

We would call attention to our Advertising 
sheet; it contains rnoriy now cards, nnd valuable 
sis arc embraced therein. 


A "Woll-niled Center Tnblo. 
ovo good books dearly, and n 
would like a lihrary that should 
ovory 'standard work known. Wo wore 
ularly plowed during a visit wo paid to ou 
'Roving Jack," lately, at 
bouto. Wo wore ommiaing __ . .. 

id found upon it as follows : B beautiful oopy 
of Iho Bible graced tho center of tho (able, nnd 
around it wo found a liaodflomo copy of the 
CatJpoenia Faksjeb, Pollock's Courno of 
Time, Mrs. Halo's Diottonary of Pootio Quoto- 
Burko'a Works, Moore's Lallu. Rookb, 
Trial of Warren Hustings, and a fow mora val- 
uable books. Surely, thought wo, here is tb» 

of all Truth— tho Biblo, Agriculturo- 
tbo first science taught by lbo Bible,— Lai 
id Philunophy; nud wo could not bi 
fool thatnilr friend -Roving Jack" was a wil 
-n. Wo liera a litdo pleased to seo tl 
_ -.ronm so well eared fur. Wonder what ot 
friend would lake for thut Copy, mma ttia yean 

vS^ C ' ^ ^ " eM,3en ^ lh ° 

l(U( a .l-i.,! i, I! j- i tur 

.io tboaa E al3hof -nc! 
dtjitbi of a Jfolhor' 




Eibl 1 


ai in. 


bu naich 

Id Id 

anor, ai 







11(11 -,.. 





life cos 




tho pe 



bo ltui «r 

a Moihe 



t.i children, her jialh of bwltlf lufTuriritf i"» 
uyu mmial aid could mala il,but,ai tfn 

, ilie .(.mi mi. I fuiii, uf tlm dovotod Ckriilfia 

ii."^ . -!••), i'„ II- .»..n, .,.,1^1, ,,.,',[.. ,, ; :,Mt (ojoU bto 

' ' ulli i-.ill !|..|-,. i". . ..-.|. ,1 Mi.-r.. , inu.-li e. ir.-.i •.■ '-" m 
- " " ■iKjUBifnlru.. ,n.l lra-1,,1,-. Jtv-lfl 


°f «> lla Uuid, will eonrar 
■ Orton eooitaady Moifii 
11 lax* It aa a klndaw | 

luly to Speak 

PxTAUniA Hotel.— Wu feel it a 
orihcPetalumaHutel. In the I 8n dT, 
■win ''f °t' aacmau *<*°> too- w" L Var, 
■ "'"'.lavcrydovoteato hia business, 
nuke hispalroM happy. His 

is himself to 

his entire building, 

order, and cleanliness pervades 

id fad 

as Out 

.. ^n.tiint mi J kind; in rtiu neiirlibur, . 

l"ic; hi l|, c I'lHi-i,,,,, , , ,.- i. „■-.,.,. „,.] r,iil,f<il: nt-J 
JhM, with Biyriill^r.u.ll ,-..,, .,.■ 1 -,.',.,.-■..! U-. 

l!,-i >,, l|..,i,-,. r _'. m . !] ,.,,,.,„. ,:,,!,, ,-,i,ii U t pivr. 

.M'tiiii.,-,,,!. .,,.. i.„ii. {.., ii-,. „,i ;,i,- nii-rfcir, Coao- 
1 il-t' mil,li:l.. .,;, „.,..,; ( , . !,„.■■- r.r.d ral«llll racn. 
l.i.l Jl.,ili.;r, Ib.jii hal!i .. -n-il-i nrj-l in-.;.' ui. jiitji..: 

'" J in -ni i ii-. I i...- ii,, ,. ' t; ..'. livr :i in lbo bcaiUof 


u„., ud Ibr r rayon 
tal bluu ibr 



Tba Hotels Of tbn Faclflc, 
Wi call tbi UirodoB oT all trartlon, ererywhare, ud 
ill otw mm ■.•perfillr, 1" 'be •".» notali alanyi 
d earn for them. A« oar journal eir- 
a, wo kMir wb o»a do Urn pvMo jood, 

■KldllT tec Towlhle, Urn be-t Holeli of Us PaelEe. 
Tho BimHc. 
Tbli old and fuinlliir "llomoof the Traveler" ianow 
safer is- el.™* of Mi. French, who U most favorably 
known u twin,- yean connected with Hoteli. 
Tr*r«l*n ihoold not for got th o Raarett-.. 
His Oriental Hold. 
Toll popular II ■!!:■: (till gains ob Iho affKlIooi of 
travalen, and b son una of tho btil and ircll ke 
Uottll In l!i J SUlo. 

The International 
Tib BaUt Ii uodtr a proipof™ headway. Vn 
generally palronlted, and raeelro orldoncea of mm 

The AmtrlEui KachangD, 

OndtT lbs no" adrnioirlralien of Ml. silgial. mori 

and roeeliei lie full approbation of a boil of Monti 

Til-" ll * luce and lory dog Blablljhment. 

Tho What Cheer Home. 

Aim t. rro«ded-yet room for more— and all Ibat ca 

darful knack of keepinr; a fall bouM. Mr.W. bavin 
talon ,i (rip I" ibo Eit!, wo mproio ho has pu lo lei a 
ihobujlof ncncoinort lolbo Pacifle Coael know bo wl 

Bawwn Bonn — SunmeDts, 

■II qoattan. Tbit Douse U truly A No. I. 

SPECIAL KOTICE— Mean* A. Fioirr 4 Co'e Nai 
Catalog of thoir Uroiriii, eonleioine; a lilt or lull 
FRFIT TIIEES, Ac. for Ibo California Trade, ha. ben 
received al Ibo OBcs of ibe OiLireasi* Fiutin, will 
direction, i.. mail Iherolo alt who may wish them. 

Kninhit- Mevrj I-o.sIACo.,bjwb do. wa can conacl 
enbW.| T invito SurwrycKn.Gerdon-n, and all a mate a 
Colli mors, lo cull for or lend for Ibuo CaUlopioi, be- 
lievioc IbBJ will Gnu many DOW ud valuable tl 
worthy of boiae InlrodnBed Into California; and although 

is wbhins |<> havo oor Slate Iho redpieot of orerylhio, 
food. What Mean. Frost i Co. Bay can be nllod ob 
£aa their adrertiMmcnt. 

Dn. Web-lev Gmsoie'd CELEiiHArED Mask 
PoHTOOKD, tho great rcuitdj for Pulmonorj 
Consumption, Scrofula onti Dyspepsia, has Ibi 
matt, i ill,: of otiy medicine in tho world foi 
Pulmonary Discnscfi. This wonderful remedy 
his donu morn lo allevinlti humBii siilli'rjnj: dm, 
»H other mean* put lo-etlier. It has loegrealesl 
sale of any medicine in Iho world for pulmonary 
EomptainU ; from Mhine iolhemust retired dwel- 
lings or Oregon, or ivht'reroi 1 consumption i< 
known, it finds its way. carrying health onrj joy 
into thousands of families. Tod most (mine 01 
phyf.ifiiLir. have h-.-^n fure.d to icknowledgo llial 
it dor.; ■■<•;■: OiriFiimplion | and limy now use it 
in their |r„i >■■ ,■ :,-. a standard and sure remedy. 

Pbice.— One bos. -S3 ; lliree tons ordered H 

ont- ti vSj half J.,ii;n, S14 ; onu doien or any 

iioml,,,- uNv,i,r. :ii ihtraioufSSibai. 

The pi-M.'.j in the friili-liital'-s. nul ori-r ,'!y..(i 
mik=. [| Bfteea cents n bos ; over 3«l|) miles, lilty 

ctnlta box. In all com.'* when.' tli v |,v_-ti^e . : i 

be prepaid, Ilia amount should be inclosed in 



Etery Lidj ana OBUlemaa deal™ • beauofal bead < 
Toe ce of LVOS'S KATHAMIOS wfll.nllbi 

Erary Lady and fJenlli 

»n will, of coune, Immediately 
I KATIIA1HON. All promruncn 



A. FHOSI A CO., Fiom-lotan. 

nnev or stamp" 
Joaiaii S. Gki 

;, New York. Sole Propri- 

Ho(.i.owiy'a Ointment, the grand Eslernal 
Eemctiy. Kul,l..:.l on llio ■.liin it Kill pcntlrale 
the pores. Ih. is r.-ii-liinp [In: wilof the most dan- 
gerous in wa.d c.ii.|.l.ii«L, hiiht-rm impregnable. 
Sold at the mar„ifa.:t.jrk' :. No. SO M.ii.l.n Line 
New Vord.on.l K.,. -J-I-l Siran.l. London; nnd by 
all druggiiU, at 2ir.. liijc. nnd SI per pot. 

'■'''-■' f„r lli:-ii-| 1 -i.iiinlh,ini,i'.,r U >L 

Wl,..„ i ,!,, r, ;,,,-, .„ij, JU , ,,, .),r, :l -|i.jii~, ii, give; im 
medialo relief, and, in coses, effects a perma- 



m^i"""' '" lh ' ""^ '"""■ "^ FAUEB - '"Wimun 
IM WUUam itrcei. How Vork. 


fI(v:iJ 1),- 

uty eooiblocd nrllb the Cilnct of Yellow Dock and II 
'. of WiM Cberi^-, that miklae rho xeEDCdy moJ 
r.Jy dDelerLt Lhui any other eanaparilb before tr 

,-wokb caanDCheuldnfe b.-rfdnipardlaciranoooil 
v k WHtT% Qeoertl Ageau, ud Imponen fore 


Collegiats Institute at Benioia. 

rpne Vacnlioo^al thin la.iltuto -ill el.r-e on tho 12tb 
-i recanted, ilconreolonl.tnicod 

.(be 13th. 

h..'|.T! U ' 

Tlr I'..:. 

Fruit anr] OrnamEnlal Trees, Slirabs, Stc., 


I naireoi^olfal'f.'niia'jllit 'lb ™n-!|i!.'' ; '': 'l.'-'ir ;■< Ibr ,-: ■, i.-s'i-i. .f Frail Treciand OrBa- 
meolal Planlf, nilb ariaw loaaoply the demand wbleb 

tho elimale ind clrcoimtmee. of Callr.irnla 

Th(1i..-l' r,..L air., ll, inf. nut J u lo the eilont or oor 
hu-liie-jondtbt faeilUicwepowanlofulfilloorenitBie- 
menli. a. lo !!«*,. ie,-OT,t.olJ far III it oor Kur.orlei 

',nd ..!-, i. 1 |..lh... |.n.r>:i; : iii..i. nnd ral'iiik- ■■■■ 1'r'iii si. i 
Oraomcnlol Trre-. II. nil h,, inches. Wo □ iu [ l..y '.},■■■■ it-1i 

_ ... ihlalnlnr a p«d odneatlon will . 
.. .... jnfed durlnc lha ciimliic year. Theranioof 

rr...|i-.ivll( I... P.IEir-1--. .-■MlT-i.-ir.;- .!,., A„nL„„i :.,..! M,..J, r „ 
L..iiL-u.i:e., ar.dath-.n.o,:!] com • in the l'hvk-1 ,s,-i. 
,r.-i ■ i .'I 111. r...i.::,i e ll. 111.- 1J, -Li! i,i..i! I!r.,ll-!|. • 
]..-!.,,-! lol.illio hi.-b... rlnili.-. "ill l-s n j r L- 

iplOllon of tbi 

in rlii-rVl,...!,.... cmvIvlsmi-:. I lij (he pareotj. 

A -!:-iiL- .,.-..■, 0I ,t ,.[', ... , b l dcj^rlmcnt will lin 
ktrl and rtnl moolhly In partnU. 

the )• run. .ii of III- •■:>.■ -it is ra'T of ncef!! from all 
ri-l.. ol lh.. Sin.. - ll,.. I.'., i Mil.,-. i.TM ejcelloBti and Iho 
.,.,1.11:1- ■ ;.:il h::. 111. f. ill . .::■( iLu i ill lire .!!■ uo.-urj '.'-■.! 

b/anj place on the Piultle 


-full, .,. 

„. y ,.,!..,. 


saehn, tk.1 IIlh., Anu. Flou, *e, urc Hid lo 

orkau, iod ttli Depot, No. 3ia B nnd war. I 
ibooMndidaUj. A, Iheemnmmcrapproailioni 

oarimelyinpnlyof Ibo Iwnl.ii-r. i 

Laloj ■n-vnDE.harlcji a/*e. 

HOtlllB Mill i;.H(Ui-.m-: it.-i, 
Jon rceelved, at Ibo uffico or Ibo PaajiEii, a fow yalii- 
.hloA[rieullunllandlIoillcullurallV.,|i,, n< , r i| JV ,. i ...j,, 
illealioB:— DKlU'i E.MAN'S i rAKHL.M:!: ^ A--i-T- 
\XT. of the belt book, lionwn, oinbraeiuf orrry «uh- 
«t wonhyof notice; BABBY'S PBDII OABDEK.a 
Undarf woih, and «hoald be in Iho hindj of ererj or- 
hardllt and K ardonor: I1UBAL HOMES, a Mamlard 
■orketery library iboold haro a topy „f. Tbe-e, with 
'Iber Aerieollural Book., noticed In ibo adrar 
olnmoa, will -apply a want whlcb many eiperle 



ii'i'. 'i ■ 


lo kl iLoJ i'»rti kli.liE'Irlil l^lllbbl'.r, j.l 
I I.. I il-ra "I „.'•.]'.,, j',;i. L'-lh! 



13 Comauireuil atrect, <nu door below Front, 


Uatolaauren iod tmfoptn of 

t-Cj Harness, Saddles, BiidJcs, 



Between Lose Waerti 

H. ll — H'-'JHn,- erotnptly 
-oaeord *?U]jd Harneu-- -— 
owllty, -■ l, n — r.1 j ua 

r.i s?: €in llaroeMe', Ula^o Hi 

r> ■■'.'. .'.- : : i' i r - .',.il ; . . rV"V.i,'".r'="-'" '.",,! ".'i ',';.: V: 

cot., " now e-jofidt oily olf-r .oeh rariollm aa 

ivo emir., salifaolion. Si-ctiol piloa bare been 

torauo ie,:l, ,„.;...ii(,„. I,,,.,- 1,,-c.i i-ui,.|l.y «■ 

i-erlence bojl ( I., 111.: | ■ nli..r -.Ii .( Calif .rriii. 

which will he put op and forwarded In (ha (ifeit and 

t- ...'!.! r iiMi. ri^jVi^.u.-v.."^'.'" ivTreL. 1 "*" 

U\.|,.-,.,„mi.|.. .r,..o..,M„i.,n. i.ilh Mi-.-n WABI1EH 
■: Co . ill" I'r i|.ii..|. i ■ -i I il.i- |.i| or, i" -.i[.|.|7 i.ur r.i.,1. 
.,.:i,' ■, i i- 1 jf.-.| . i|...-.-lv !■■: il.i. ir:-l-. which moy ba 

Mo. sr.,1:!' mi!. I l" Vl,".' I'.lil'rMlii' I'.'i'.lV, eon-is!.. In ll,,.f..||....-i..,-,:hi,-l, iv.ll to (.en. I ,:,■-.■ loll, 
I c-L-.r,.-! i„ ..„- li'l,..l.-.:.l.: i;,t:.|..-e.... in t.hieh oro eiron 


PL0H6— aiaodan). In bod; 1 year. 
CnERlUES— Stiu,'ln be.!'. I j-,-,, 


u I'abcllt, and Cltitloa ; udn^i 

lo (ho (JmmnMilil il':[.arOiisnr. . ■ u r t ■■•. 
.■ ■ im:,:,,, .,,,1 L...I.H [■.,.. -. t.irubi, 
u-=slio ,n,l nil, l..e,li..-lui. ..-hsl-.ii 

.oH Oo. „i..:L< 

slerlcl. om..L..i ■ 

,- llv.ln-l I 1 ,,, 

1, Ileurbun, Tea, Beaj 

Ifordy BuBElni; Ilo-os 

"U'l.r...||.|!..|„,. I,.-, :■.... ,■ II,., iii .1 ..[m.lnl.i ,„ 

ll>M -,.:|..iiy, ..i:i 111., 1-1.1,1, e„fn,,l,-lor.'. n.Iell. -■■ 

letted All really ,i. Lr, l-Ls „ Ilk, .„.. ,.l,,-„r.,..| ;,. 

bob si approred-a cb. ,i,-e a, ..I IIoII.-ll- II.- i- 
frc lily i[,i|-.rr. .(.e.ri il..., [■,■ .ii|.|.;,e-l. n..-u liri,- 'lei,. . 
Hyacinth-, i.'r.-:u-. r..,.,„ !n,|. ( -iii,[., |„|,,,, .1. , ,( r 
11 -.117 :, Mini..:,, I ii. i,-, ii,i.-1,i I... r.. re.) — i,-b u hub. 
"a Pilot, Afpiraeui, Ac., [lit, of 

o obtain tbe'ccnoii... im] run. I 

snt ai early In Ibo uaion u 

:.r.(,->lani.-le-, ; L„.| 

■!.-:;;•: :r 

rar.cliM.noi io be bad t> 
IS- Orders ihuuld Be 

eeivtdby u..i.)"ll,.' .,. I l'l" .'" \"', :.'.i'^" B *™ "" "" 

S i;-i'ii,j..r,„.n'i!..i.,.-„., ;;,. l, t .,r,i ii„. [ic..-,i,,iiv„ 

Li,t.,„r l„iU and Oriiimcot.l lite.-, Sh.oh;, Ae . iv.lh 
California CaWowoh'n. 2. wholeialourTred.LUlfor 

;; 1 -'"'- it i "' , ;'.'''' ,) , !"■','.' : ;' '' r ''"/-, 1 " ipi'IIckImi.. 

.i-l ii,,,' c. 1 PLATT. 

BoBidiiig School for Young Ladies. 

Bee J.AVE8Y SHEPHERD. Principal. 

TUB SAN Fit A NCI. -co l--|-::ri[,i; 1S:-'I'ITI:t1-: I; 
in iL. Ihir.t year . f -u.-.--- fill ■ i - t .n I ■ ■ ■ i For Ibor 
oucbaesj of irLrtrietloo ood a bich naodar 

Inir in every ili-|... ..mi 

l.r.ll,.,] . I„....!l.,li ,,..,. I. fill 
in. Ill ol ions n. tbn Union. 
D9" Ciroolaia will bo promptly re 




r«j of in 

Corn, Barley. Wheat. O 

SIiii.iiI-i-. Dftilcn. Hot 
VesnaW, Frml, K.-.-., I 

P K O D TJ O E. 



ice Commiutan Horchant, 

& R. H. BENNETT, & CO., 

JcL Prodnoo Gommliiion Uerohants, 

[ip" Uilwral.lriLCCtsnuid^on Ce.n.l s 't.n,C!,-j of Flour and 



Pnblishere and Importers of Engravings, 

300 Urcatlwny, Sew York, 


CalifoTnia Steam Navigation Company, 
T-t^Jr^ ■' " R Ari"«cVU J iM7. F ° " f^-*£=> 

Vtfartirt ft m Juii.t urat i-t-.r/, al I a'ctsei, F. .'I. 

™ m " ASTKLOPF, cip "it A. Poolo; "" ' 


HELErJ HKStil i:\ l.'i-l l: r M l'i..:l,-; = l 

J iikaislk.i;;. I- jr. IV .-■■' 

Ultll.II.I. Col F- Z. Clark; 

COMNbLlA. H, Conealln. 

Contra Costa Ferry Notice, 

F- *~ ■"■' ■ ■'■ "- Ferry Bwiu ntll run 'from ihoni 


I Of Can 

" 3 Bedding 
" J Wboleialo Trade LbL 

o^uonio^'nl'u'iro eilefoUy Z£ffif* ">* " l 
A, F11IJ3T A CO., 

>8- 2 3m ° R.ihnp't r cr. , N 1 'Y 


.The Bert GrapB for Out-Door CaltBre] 

bJUOBj: pUau, it II to each; HUpcr doson. TwuJ 

'■'■' ;.;-r. ,...., |.r H> ..M.I.I..I,. i'l",',! ,'""" 


100 000 * LL0}19 ''""RfEITlHE. 

TANFOmF DBas.'ld! Froat ureeh 

100.00. ' 


: "Jjph*neWorkI UI ' 

40.000 °* U -Tr^. unc 


10.000 ' 

3.000 ' 



TAKS! I: : 


Notice to Family aiocen. 

TX7T3 woatd caD particular ar 

»T PO, 1 »■' "" - 

' POLAIt OIL, a, hUni 

•"•" b , n ,e -old h, p, 



•, mil j'i \ i i .'i. v ' '.~ .i i 'i .'; tN -r! thrproprietor of ih 

Ar,,.-,!,:.,, rl.ic-'Vil ■■> i:-.ti. ,!,..,, i„ v I..,,.. ,.., |. 

-■...,> I.,.- :i:,-. .I,|..- „..::::■. .!, .1 l.e l„ L . iri.l.Ttale 

■ thrpenooal chaicool ihnl Uoaie. Bobai mtdeei 

ll- 1 ' .■■■i.'-e. -.:. ..i.::li r.i, .l.-r:, !(■■■ I k..j.Ln- I r.....,. r .. 

A.j\itEiiic:ji.isr e^oha-woe 

""l-ioy "•■■ ■■.!■■ i ■!.; ■■■■ .... 

B«™*frec, P. B. 

;■'_■ I.'.";; ■■:■■' '-'i'f^'i" 

To Teamat crs a nd OthBrs. 

pUEieawo or l n iomal«mmoni"Oor.-i,h,K. „(_i. 
A dutrlcl bavins oponed, will 

bankiOB ilolr'imui/h'i,' ■■".'. I'itr 

'' , PaiisVa"*'' 
!orln c Ihe laat four yeon, 

roduVedl 1 ' Joalir T* Co "' 1 ** . WaS"."* " *'c 

San Francisco Planing and Sawing Mills, 
HOBDS, GILMORE & CO., PaopniETom, 


Gold boat, S[>c,ic n,ul frail lluira. b„| .ii tlbtr 


Comer of Buttery oud Wniuington itraeta, 

Lrnllier_Tle Eorfnal Tanrire c rorsc 

b.T. lb:.".. IOC 1 1 .■ I- 1 . i.Sii... ..1 1 ■.:■•' .'',■. il','_- '' '<!,>.'|,^ 

Attorney and CounseDor at law, 

fy Odlcoln (be Coon Bouse, No. 19, nn (tain, ^1 
"■P-CltT, California. ^js 






Crockery, Glassware, Britannia Ware 
Cutlery, Fluted Ware, Lamps, Sic. 

"""".IS af'w.™ *£? k'J"'« iM ,f <T^° U 

d=n received for Earlhon-are on! fomishnl al 

;;:",.[.'";■■, ■*- f^."--- ■';"" ""-■■ * >■ , ' i ;-h ru-f&. 

f A liberal dlrwoBt to Ibo trade. """rV-'l'n'jm 



*E3 -mc jiac- ««. aoa S 

Offlce—eor. Wasnington and Battery streets 

(Under Nicaragua Hl.^mihlp (,' U m|iaayJ 

Office, Nan York— 172 flroat/u-ny. 
Freiehl. Treaia.. and I^h7«« nf ., orJ d. K ripU, 

l " I ' T ^;:. i j i ; 1 ';, , ;" l l .J i ' 'J i,- :l ■■■' "■•■ a n- 

&■;.- i '.. lie., i. .''.'-' i,,'."!" 1 ,,:, 'l','''," r i,"hia'e pVrulniar 

';'!'■ I-" "■■ n-:. :■■:.: I ■ . . ■': | 

Powder 1 Powder I 

'". I \l I l-.l-'l- ■■< II •.■■..I IN-.- b. ■.,.!, ■ 

'J l.l U .111 K. T > Uts^. Mill ™ » 



Ho. 87 Front itnts, 



S. H. MEEKER & CO., 


« II AVE (..njunUy oo bind a yen lareo iloek 
«l,onaaf.,or.b,.,.r aU a,' 11 n T hou,o'i a tno 

FiBe Old Bourbon and Magnolia Whiskey 
Very Fine Old Cider Brandy-Apple Jack- 
Old Virginia Peach Brandy; 
l,OOOPaokages Now York Brandy, Wuiikoy 
and Gin. 

Alio, all Ibe Cboleeit Brand, or 

Fine Old I'tciHii Brandy; 

Harmony and Nephew and Duff Gordon 




Sola Arenb for tho PaeSS- Coat! of 

Cordage MannJaotory. H. LONowoimfri veiiy celebhated 



*cry Superior Cabinet Cbanipasne 

I9n "runt iliool, corner of Oremo, 
gan Frooelsa, 

Grain and Flour Sacks. ' 

, : \l'.,,'l' 'I'' (",'■' "''"'V'^'IptlonofOnUn, 
..ii „.i.. ,,,]|. ,.,,..,.,,„.■ I... rvhldilieyotTn 

-I sm 

C^otirC Block, Clay 

fato' iiiBrtmnt. 


miny ,n uBiocn flreftle. 

L • iri i Ibe f>Q> dwolate. 
And iierer nomin'i heart U)» aaam 

■Whin thaw bailie, fleiw are fought— 
Whoro bopaa anil fiannlliaeoalead, 

BmbltltrinB every thooebt I 
Ii ■ipiii'i tool Ibe bailie (ronna 

Where lbs noik fifbU wilb Iba itromr, 
White bit* aad 1«« "> J l>1«»™*»t <«' 

Yltla to the night •:< '■'■■a.; I 

■k Iho i 


i errs, inffswd wilh Itaia, 
W»p« billet, billet oni]* ci ffflefp 

Twplaialjrarhs. jearai 
Haw jilsuili'a writ ih« acunor— 

Too fondly ibe believed 
Urn e««nti of tbe loud one, 

Ehe toiad— anrl was deccired. 

■i ■ llkUt !t: '!.;t!fol DBttCD— 

| Bin AtbJicm ludepcndcil 

nail. ANNA. 


Ik m vidua litv is tbe first impression of the 
gieat sol of the Creator upon matter, alike dis- 
tinct, from on atom to a world ; bringing order 
aw) harmony, from clmos nnd confusion, produc- 
ing ibal beautiful effect of variety, in fortD, size, 
motion, color, which is displayed throughout 
the irholo extent of the universe. But upon man, 
this seal is not o nlj" stamped upon his physical 
nature, but also upon his mental and moral facul- 
ties ; and it is by this stamp of originality alone, 
thai any One ever has, Or can ever hopo to attain 
to any degree of eminence among bis fellow men. 
Bnl hoiv many tell this birthright, by becoming 
Ibo slavca of passion, and letting il thus perish 
far lack of culture, or, liko a parasitical plant, 
gron upon the greatness of others, by imili 
or rather, I might say, aping their peculiar! 

This foodamenlal lair cannot bo violaled 
out producing disorder and derangement il 
petlect bunnony of nature, for by this aloni 
wo enabled to distinguish and classify the thous- 
ands of different species of the animal, vegetable 
and mineral kingdoms. And were this law uni- 
versally violated and subverted, the ivhole world, 
which is now covered ivilh so many distinct and 
varied forms of beauty, would soon become one 
inguishable mass, so compounded together 

(hat it w 


[brent properties or lo apply separate names. 
Who does not love to look upon and coni 
plate the great variety, and wise adaptation, 
played in tho garden of nature? Every different 
kind ol fruit, and Bower, has its own peculiar prop- 
erik-H which please tho senses to which they ap- 
pral, as also the instructive moral lessons which 
they teach. Tho rose, for instance, challengi 
our admiration, while tho violet claims our lav. 
nor woold tho latter meet with mora regard 
derated lo the position of tho rose, where i 
delicate tints could not bo seen io the distant 
and would give but a sombre aspect 

bold-relief wilh all those who have thus 
laid the foundation of their greatness, in a Arm 
eliancoupon theirown abilities, and an indoinit- 
,h!o pei severance in accomplishing whatever they 
mderlook; no matter how difficult or even im- 
...■ it might seem to others. 

And now.even in thisenligblenedageand tond 

of freedom, many isms have sprung up, because but 

few think for the many. But let every one but 

link leiefilr/icaKy for himself, and be truo to his 

ivnnatoro and the light thorn is within him, 

ad wo should see order and harmony whore dls- 

ust and discord now reign, and now light be 

lade to shine upon tbe science of man's eternal 

progression, which great and glorleuo truth, If 

presented to tho mind in tho clear light of 

on, would banish forever ignorance and crime, 

cause and effect of all tho evils and miseries 

which eiist.and the world ere long be filled with 

peaco and happiness. Edits Mohtbxsheh. 

A Pleasant Letter. 

The following very interesting letter from a 
lady correspondent we feel proud lo publish, 
incing as it does a deep interest in tho cause 
of Woman, physically, intellectually, and morally, 
t number showed the bettor times coming 
use that should be dear to the heart of 
Bver of his country. Tho letter shows 
ire is among our fanners' wives an intclli- 
orlhy of woman, and it will awaken, we 
right spirit among them. Wo hopo wo 
shall hear Irc-m H. E. S. and many others, often. 
We with that all our subscribers would regard 
tho "Poetical Dunn" as delicately as our friend ; 
thu practical part of it wo like. The terms of 
our paper are §5 in advance, altcayi, and if by 
courtesy it runs over the lime, surely tee should 
not be the sufferers. The subscription of our 
friend now remitted pays for tho year 1857, and 
H. E. S. may feel assured we shall tako it as an 
introduction and shall cull and sflo our friend at 
the earlicsL day; the generous invitation shall 
not be alighted. The kind notice of our journal 
wo appreciate fully, and believe this kind letter 
wilt bring us many mora subscribers. 

Wo shall bo happy to hear from H. E. S. at all 
times. We return grateful thanks for the inter- 
est shown tho cause we love : 

Til Lti EJtori tS <^ OiiJmiUrira* : 

You may not be acquainted with mo; neither 
am I personally with you ; but I hare read the 
Fanned carefollyfor more than a year, and I 
feel, while reading, as though I was hearing from 
an old friend ; for I read many things that ac- 
cord wilb my views. Many good and sensible 
things have been willtcn by my own sex, and I 
hate been delighted and benlrtted while reading 
r sentiments and ideis held out by thu op- 

tho Fhhsier of the 19th uIl I read 
which came home nearer than any- 
thing I hare read before. The piece is called the 
"Poetical Dun." I will not say iho dunning had 
anything to do with my experience, but nhili 
reading it in our family, 1 could not but think it 
bad a meaning for rat ; and as I held to be pretty 
much ol a practical woman and admire honesty 
and truth, why I know it was right to send yoi 
five dollars. I know the rulo is to pay in ad 
ranee, but when I subscribed for the I'aiimkii 
over a year ago, I sent by a friend, and did unlge 

h place the i 

□ Of flo 




lie Poetical Dun has 
prompted me to action, 1 take it for granted that 
I one you Qro dollars. You will see by your 
bookB when the subscription year commenced, 
and please give credit accordingly. 

Kow, Mr. Editor, who knows but this V. may 
make us acquainted? Money has been known 
iplish great things. Audi know editors 

II lo crery good institution, and would rejuico 
in seeing the wasto land become prosperous, and 
the wilderness blossom as the rose. H. E. S. 

Dtiiiim Villi: I. Jano30, 1B SI. 

■Woman— The- Dlffaienoe, 
As the dove will clap its wings to its side, and 

,-ov-r ;■.;>.! conceal the arrow that is preying on 
itsvilBls so it is tho nature of woman lo hide 
from the' world the pangs of wounded alfect ion. 
Wilh her tho desire of the heart has foiled. The 
great charm of existence Is al an end M.. - r, ,- 
RlcclB oil the cheerful exercises that e \:M^ ^ 
;,„„,,:, . r i<-kn. tho pulse, and send Iho tidonf 
life in healthful currents through the vems. IKr 
rest is broken, tho sweet refresh "I slfH ■■■ 
poisoned by melancholy dreams, "dry sorrow 
drinks hor blood," until her foeblo frame sinks 
under Hid la.t external assailant. Look for her 
after a little while, and vou find frieuuMi.|> ».-.■-,. 
ine: over her untimely grave, and mndtrinj Inel 
one who but lately glowed with nil the islIimIic, 
of strcuelh and beauty, should now he hro.i^l.t 
down to "darkness and tho worm." You will 
be told of some slight indisposition that laid her 
low bntnoone knows the mental malady that 
previously sapped her Ktrenglh, and made her so 
easy a prey to the spoiler. 

Theoboveis from Washington living, bow 
hear Julius Citsar Hannibal upon tho same in- 
teresting topic: , , 

'■ Doy may rail agoiust woman as much as dey 
like, dey ain't Pet mo up n-iiinsl dem. I hah 
always in lifi) found dem fust in lob, Hist in a 
quarrel, fust in do dance, d, fust in de uv tr.-mii 
saloon, and du fust bess end la-t in ■!« sick m-iiu. 
What would wo poor debils do without dun 7 
Let us be born as young, as ugly, an,i M helpless 
as ivo please, and a woman's arms are open tn 
recebo us. She it am who g.ihs us our li.v, do-.- 
Ob castor oil, and puts cloio 'poll our hclpli'-.-!v 
naked liml.j, and euburs up our fools and loses 
in long flannel petticoats ; and il am she who, as 
wo grow up, fills our dinner basket wid .!■■... - 
and apples as wo start to skool. and lick us whin 
we tear our trowsis. Il is she who. in our mnn- 
hood, makes de moon brighter and bicker, and 
du stars to twinkle in do Hrminent, nid de splen- 
did glory. (For Uko woman out Ob do world, 
and it would lose much or its beauty.) Il '8 she 
who robs trouble ol half its sting, when de trou- 
ble ain't 'boul anuddor woman. It am she who 
watches In do sick room, and gobs you the calo- 
intT and jullop nnd rubub, and curmn jelly, mid 
it am she who slicks to you in do last hoi u 
life, and consoles do trubled spirit as long 
sticks lo dis mortal body. Who can help lubin 

liko the precioi 

well i 

era, so fittingly adorns. But when alone, sealed 
upon Iho ground, in quiet meditation, wo inhale 
the swoel breath of the violet — while pressing it 
lo our lips, holier thoughts arc awakened in the 
heart, and we instinctively associate it wilh the 
pnrcsl and loveliest beings of earlb. And If this 
law is so beautiful and appropriate among tbe 
Ihn crs, bow much more so when applied lo the 
Ihrt. fold nature of man. How many varied and 
distinct beauties might bemada looppear, if every 
one would but be true to bis own originality, for 
everything you say or order to be pleasing 
must be nalunL and that too the offspriog and 
perfection of your own nature. 

The minds of men seem to be formed more or 
less prirtmatically, often viewing tbo same subject 
in different lights, and but few, perhaps, possess: 
mental [acuities so evenly balanced as to present 
always a clear light to tha understanding, even 
whun brought to a focoa by the powerful lens Ot 
reason. Therefore, it j B ollen necessary to bring 
different minds lo bear upon a given subject, be- 
fore tho pure light of truth U broogbt toshirn- 
ctearly upon il. Thou all ^ill be able see it alike, 
and perhaps wonder tboy did not see or compre- 
hond it before. All should, therefore, first strive 
to make their own minds clear by tho constant 
Exercise ol their own faculties, that their, judg 
ment may bo tendered correct ; and then lot thorn 
learn to read and Interpret for themselves, hoth 
the revealed and natural lawaof Qod, which must 
ever harmoniw, and not lo depend upon the con- 
•truciuoand interpretations or olhcra who havt 
10 greater access lo Ihoir sublime mysteries and 

a they 

new truths night not thus be brought to ligh 
which might bear directly or indirectly upon the 
amelioration ol the condition of mankind. 

One of the brightest examples of the fulfill, 
of this law ol individuality that perhaps has 
lived, waa Benjamin Pranklin, and io obeying 
this first law of his being, ho achieved almost 
miracles, and earned an undying famo,»nd stands 

ike the Farukr, for many reasons; 
only because it meets my own views on some 
subjects, hut because it docs not tako tho reader's 
no in reading what is of no benefit, either lo 
o wrilcr or reader. I hclicro it to bu a useful 
per in a family, and can be read with pleasure 
id profit by crery member thereof. It is a 
paper that every Farmer should hive in ins duell- 
ing, whether married or single. Wu llvo on a 
ranch, neatly ten miles from a post oltice. and it 
least a week uld when wo gel il; but it is no 
less interesting on that account. Our man folks 
all liko to read il, and are always willing to tako 
thejournoy lo bring it home. 

We often read and hear of your visiting other 
parts of tho State, and nf the pleasant reception 
■llh. YTe are likewise gild to hear 
of the improvements made in Agriculture through- 
out the Stale. Wo arc not doing as much in this 
Valley as our neighbors aro in other places ; but 
il you ever come into this part of the country, 
e shall he very glad indeed If you will make us 
visit. Wo cannot promise you as many good 
things, nor show you as much of the beautiful as 
other Farmers have dune; but of one thing 
asurcd, you ahell ho received wilh both open 
hand and heart. I am a Farmer's wife, and my 
husband with myi ■• If join in .- ij ing, call and fee 
us; wo ore plain people; but wo will treat you 
to the best wo have. 

I hire often thought I would write a few lines 
to the Fa it ji eh, as regards the employment, and 
interest. Farmer's Wives and Daughters might 
lake In relation to a Garden or Farm. I know 
the objection will be raised, that wo hare so much 
lo do inside tho house. So wo have -, hut stand- 
ing for hours ovor a eookstovo never will improve 
health. But I will close for the present, hoping 
that the arrears or the FAHSiRn may speedily find 
Iheir way lo the editor*' office, and that you ma 
have many more subscribers, that truth may cii 
culate until it reaches every family, 

I hopeyoo will excuaelhe liberty 1 have taker 
the fow remarks proceed from one who wishes 


The followiDg, by "Elln," in the Herald, 
worthy of being copied far uod wide, and should 
bo "Bernldcd" until it reaches every Slanderer in 
the land, 

One of the most prevalent topics of the present 
day i.i slander, nnd stems to constitute tin- prinui- 
palsourceorenjiiyiotntto many. It is found amung 
oil classes— and in all circles— not oiceptitig the 
domestic "tie— eren Iho sanctity or the home- 
hearth is deaecruted by its fell influence. How 
many fond hopta have boeu hlii:liinl— notile LtjrU 
urui-k'i, :inil (.Wijiit homes nnido ile.-riluto by this 
rathlcts destroyer of pence and happiness! It is 
■' ceao of life 

tree and orange grores. Life brings its trials and 
aorrowa; lite sirocco breath of slander 
the world's sweetness, nnd mokes i-itrth's pL-.i.Tiiiii 
pi, wei desolilc ; un,l yet vile in it i.-. it is fostered 
— nurtured — as if n pre.iou.-. li-jjiiey Lriui-initliiJ 
from sire lo son ; like a fell serpent " ' 
slimy tracks wherever it crawls or fastens 

-the y 


.wed brow and whi'.t n.d looks. 
aro in turn its victims. Often nt iuiirsl approach 
friends that should cling closer, desert one by ont 

—in llio di<rl;'--.ti hours of trinl Itavu u:i to !_t..|j(.|.- 
with sorrow, ami "trifles licrht us aft,'.' oecomi 
pr". pis ol [>uilt. ,itron.Lr tis words of Holy Writ. 

Of all the pests that itivude toddy, none ore si 
dimerous is iu'.-oiIIit?, f.-.rrini.- Ihtm.-clvo.s Jul.: 
dniite. pirhking of lavish hospitality, freely cv 
tended, nod tlien. in their dirk iiiiiiL,'in;ititiiH.V->'l<< 
in!.' -otil' iliiug In condemn Even Iht light heorl 
anil roliililu spirit of a j.-1-uvrous hostess woulc 
savor Of Brill antl '" return for the many kind 
rn-i.--) lb.-,' have received, hrilia =urrow ivii'hin ih. 
w,,l!s iln.t )md liith.-rto eehueil no sounds sun,.. of j.- Inline.--, ami b-,alli..- slanders, foul :m 
unlrae.creniQ the ears of tho.o ivlm should ..pnri 
them as envious ni.itieuLT-. ofi. liipjiv huiue, whitl 
Hm.-v are striving lo n-i,d,:r Uk>- ilioir'oivn— u seem 
of discord. I/jt these Polion-upast'J nr society lie 
shunned, fur tin ir poisunous breath is futnl to 
ercrything that is pure end good. 

Works of an Abiding National Interest, 




Sletl, nder iha f.oi 

?;.]7 1 .'!- 


"t ;Er 

•■1. PI-.; ;!,„ 


'."'■ '.; "''■-. l! ■ . I .,!r..'.l, ,■: ,, !,: „, | .,,,.,.!„ ,',',.. „',',,,'' \ ,, 
... u J- f i am ""'KvwiA Bdlr 

, ,'.,;" ",",".'; ',; ';',' ■-■■ l|11 ".". "■•■■' •-•■■■ .■.i..n:,i, i i, 1 
Tin: oi.rj iMti! a .vi i Tin: :,i:w i.utsi: a p i 

'.-il All, v ..,, [.-,„, ,. ub |i |,„| ,„„!„, Lti . ||t| - , 
l-.'. | ..l.....i..,,. . IV, .1,,.,, t,„,...|„:U..„ ||,,' 

Bmsli Manufactorv. 

or urert.,, ai7I Doiion ,t„ci. „^ " 

fuluro, which Ibev 

^ r Ir.rrii .-".,-. 
■■> ..f ll-r.-.. 


'■■ ■ i' ... il'-, :"i '.;,'■?, '.; 

,| /f" .':- "' I!m " ' "■■ ::>■.." 

I ." '.'l' Vn"|. ;,'i "J; ''' f " r "* r -- '«- I" ™ 




122 I.i'nor IVIini f. 


fZh - 




, HO? 

flaupen, *e.. Slf-, &C 



122 Mm; YMiiii-i. 


MT 9 i 

■HUM I.OTIU!.-. 

".■l- , r,;-..'ll.iv ■u,l,,!i-i. 

.: [":f t-,ftl ^JeiDdioldby 

I:. I,,|iri'i.n; 
■ i.l !-■... ■ ^ ,, ■..,■'.■,', I, : | ,,.],.:■:. 

■'■"■ i ;iri , ." J r"l,V"i| , ,'-'. ! ';Vi;' i.s-.Tv 




Dr. C. M. "ACKSON, PhiJadelpbia, Pa., 


Climlrm™... IJ.-.'..J,r ? . I't-.-a.-'ivftttGUiui,, 

IL ■■''"." ■![,*' lo i" u '"° l ' 1 '>" l, . , ' , " :,l ■':■■''"■ I.-- 1 I' .0.1,!', II j 
iuiJIj bj liiu 

iir-iprliiLo. .hi.] l,, |, : . |„,| , r^,:. 
- -.---»■..-.. ,.^i.iiL.,lii,Liollily Iho ,ni«i akcDtlii] ,h 

1'liil. A WHITE, " 
'■ ■- ■<■■■■'■■•• :'' 

rifST llECEIVt'I). 

MttnLft Rope. 

HOTELS, &c. 

CUAIINBL .-■! i- 1' I.T, 
Berweoi El Donilo aae Bqutr itnaa, 
JOSEPH 0. MOBBIS, frown, 

ty Thl. II. 


■i !!'- l-..-l,rjn,i(,i„!l,«; II..;- B 1 1 rd -I pi!,, rt=ra 




Oarnrr of J and RmnA rtrau, 

ItalOi Two Hondrrd Splendid Bdceu, 





B K0STQD11EBV, S.tH FRAi'CiaOT, Cu. 

i HMel contain! oat aundnii antptv) now, mw|j^ 
and Ttilird tbinMhotil In Ii..- •'!-,- I..-: .ijl- i,,.. 

• SulUH at Boomi irilh Tirlora, CneJ and (orakbala, 

|A. s.HM.ET.Lm n.1 

i!"A.°FH r ENI 

j!jH autoour Buliun. Hnji» «nil a-jiiiHiu leave I 

Eevcrc House, 

A-^A. OITT. 

Tills. „..:r.,;l.[.r,.,iill..-::.<ll,:M.ii~ 
H,,-.\- . Ji : !.,... I ■:■;. n v ..irej l.set (errrari 

bv J..-..|.l. .'I r. V. ,; 1. I. null npHjij b 

liBrrctpUoa cf li^ cutitie. Ttc EEVQI 
la bmiAnl u ti "' 

irvari n^ll b 


. „..„,.r ..^ 

: -, ,:, ;; ;[ ; ,'' 

";. "■ 

,,,.;, rl--;-,i , 

JUjrraBletweitlun il Uid HEVLIU— ,-.bJ I- 
. ..ii", ..n.l il.ubmlam. 

Hip, Vtlisj cdiwi bu ttnasllni bf ,di oU;.-r lo Ibc Souo . 
on Ito olobc) : , Hoe Imiisi im oiUtj, iil«u 
!ected«iaoplicoforlb=SalB College Tb^ 

III- v.i'lv.L. K. .....Illlvi.i- '■..■ .,[., !;!■ IMir... V.-l ,!,■■ Sal;i.- 

I! i rj-ru,..-. -Jl nitloi. At ■ 

Llquoj*. qod the euro Juice uf the i;ra|< for Wloou 

t.,j,JL'i,-.l !it Ai.Jr.-.i i-uniiin^oenl. 

r: - is: 

Estndillo House, 

ffs^-:', M : 

n'iv ; : 

LiM-fill; t--.<i.,H-cdujK,i)iliiiIIiniie. 

,^^£^*?JATiJ°&i ui J Z^,Mr J oTI 



Hayward'a Hotel, 

«£oa Latin, im lit C 

Antelope Restaurant, 




, ver r ihouKhtof whloh lajkoimo', msull)»« u ^ 
alvravi bo fi.OEtl br Ihoiii who can ariP-rKMl!* tw* 
er in llio (iholl, ilr„"il..| ]-ri,.-l .,r ,s| u "l-,I. «' ',; "T; 
ureanitylo, al " HAN 1 .^ nYSTKH s.i! <n*-- ., L '. 

'Ibi' ii|-| Kllnor. t.-jf.-n- .,; M"!,.,, ,-■. ,-,-, t-lhrr 0" ■" 

■l-.lnli.--, ,,i,-Il ii., tli,...„ i. In. , i j . I -. r-. , i..., ;, - I llnji' 
" JrlflliJol DAS',. iiV.-lllli ,s.\U"lN. 

Monlgomon •iroot, l»t. Cammerelal ""J-C^, 

N. REYNOLDS & 00., 

ProJuco anil Gcnenil Cuiiimissiwi MeKl» 0& 

Nob. 79 and 81 Davis street, 

' U . U CM .VI "iSl-l. f" 


) lav. 

Fluor, Groii, 

Putalota, Onlona, 

Bnttar, Egga, 

Wool, Hide*. 

■"' I ''" Mi, n -lo PreJucH of tbo Coontrj. ,..,J» 
\\ ill 1,11 . ,.|,,, |„ r ,.„ ,|-, v.l, , . lul ianklt M"" 

• I hi i.i I mil, in ivni ..(.■■ ■n-ik'Bmuuts. „ i tint 

"aro mn.tonil? on Imad ».« andF«oad HU^ 
ii Ounnv llaga. "blob no ufforbjibo baloort*"' 


li "iho iiatuJaollOD*! 

hlch Ii 







Stills, Wonw, Brew XetUes and Heaters, 

I!fl and Force Pumps, Brass Work, 


O F F I C I A L N O T I C E ! 


■■.■l;TV-r;rSE. b«™«B<redmib 
job id initL- ore.- :.!■! i«jr,- c e-..,h ood intend I." "-' 

anaEnJd d° t. ""■ "■. n-i-. ir- l <>ou m the Lvllar 

(JL-T r.. '!,-roL>l«lwcrna Drnrrirt and a Doctor, and 

LtV-j', Ii'. ii. ■ ; .'-,' i i'l/, l,r.-'l,n>l c ,l theirwb.'l- 
lice; I., it '!■. 'Ill- l.i!!- I ■!-■ I Ii imtli,. |,..u;.: Ti-li-l I..- 
biiiu.- k ifu. 1 icy b'l in-M in tbo Atlantic Slate*, or' 

Boliorinir thai Uf<! >' Iweel <" all, ud lhat the poopli In I: .,■■■; --.- h ■- r i- ill- v on .:■ I ! l.i it !■:.. --;i| 11, a/ 1 ■ 

■itbiafctj, I trUI ti--r. ■1..rfillilii-iiif-.r 

rinl«n<l ibt.Ioh?-1,= I' l., ; »Si:..(l!i,. I.- --.ifu ,t TUT. 
BK.-I [.!■".■ t!. (■, ..!■■ ,in .■...r.Ll,i-,.-.M.l\. 

lji)I> .Mil -rlL.O.1,1. Ih l!.. LT,« lill--, .,1ll-.|r.illl, i. 
„._■.... . . | ! , '. r, ...:,_ ,■.!■,, 'I 

fric's-'r- ■■! ■ ■■ '--■' : - ■"> '■■■■! ' ic I' ."01 Mcdieinm Iomdl 
Ihrin it'"-- <'.■.!.,■■■ .1 r.-,i ?v, I III T..\| 'lily U1-..-I r ■ ■! 

NElWl:.!^ AT COST! the iamobeinr aliased bv 

HrrtaP.rxc -ill rh • tu !nr,« >0 n CASH BASIS 

05 LV 'I'-: ,!■ 'ir !|..«l-t lutrnforebj 




Nos. 11G and 117 California street, 

Bel Mont pa err and SaoomoatreeU, 
To mil Iho Hmu, m follow. : 
PARLOR SETS— In Roaswood, Wolnol ud MuoiWf, 
covered with rich BrocateUo, Damuk. Pliub ud 
Unit Cloth ; 
CHAMBER SETS— In Roaawood, llahocuer, W.lnot 

Palo led Wood i 
WARDROBES— In Roioirood, Mahoimoj, Walnut ud 


IKM CoUieeBeJ«eada,donblo,iior.loua medium iltei; 
1000 doico Cud ud Wood Seat Chain, nil kindl; 
600 Sofas ud Tete-n-Teto.<, in Unborn? and Walnut) 
6« Borcnaj, ill klodi. from Roio-ood 10 Palnlod 

200 ilnien Cods ud Wood Seal OBeo Chain ; 
[03 dDiu Mahogany andWalnotSprlng-Seal Cbaln; 
/< *y* Together wilb a groat 
-jJq. Tarialr or 





To Wholesale Do al on we bare In addition .w 

DiKlxry •treot, nenr Pad He, Bn.i PriuiciHO. 
fjj* Onknftom tbocuanlrr attended tnpromolir. .^1 

Bali Cloth, Lejklnc-Glau Plnloe, 

Rlankulaaod Bedding of all deicrintlo: 

ff?* 67fre iu a coU, antf examine our SfocA 
and Price* it/arc icluting dseuhere. 

Nos. 1)5 and 117 California sire 


Importer, Whnlntle tod Retail BaIct in 


Paints, Oils, Perfumery, Brushes, fitc., 

So. 'Joo J Street 



•nd reptlrM. 

Qango Coefca, Cylinder Coelu, Oil Globe* 
•twain Whistles, Hydraulic Pipes and Noales 

LiJiLPHI.., J..-LX l> ■■; .ii <lM . .; ^ Jm 

ill Hill., ami TilnniT', Tooli 

:U.«!_.:t. I liirualDgiiood 

IRON "WORKS, iie. 



Market Snu.tii;. comer of Bnik and Market rtrsfti, 

Ho I There, Everybody I Face the Music ani] Read ! 

It von bu.lncH of nnr kind tn trantaet, l« it not Important lhat jou (houli endoaror lo gut u nearu 

pC,lb!.tS»h.™ b^lBtB-r Oil fcjn.l. , kr,;..- l ; ,. ,.- ,1 

foriuiDnltrilBeha^o, c"«l tabic, and butr.f bod f , tccttbor xtlh order, comfort, conteniuce, ud aoporlar M- 

BT StnelDRoniiM. r»rr,i~l, I. ■1-ic 7f. .T,t« per Night 

n-»- It.-ir,i.,.r l..|,-ir,.-..:.!n Ii. IimI'h lb" .'-i.'li' .-.- V.'. .-'. n i ' Ii ,.; i;i(!i ml l-if.l. (o -'lit Ibe .-■.tirtnin 
Tb. Boduro fitted up in the vary bo;t ,tvl„. ..itli [ateolPrtnoh inriop, and tba beat of curled hair 

*i-.-. .!r.,n 1 cd'ltQ|r > Ae, 

ry BATHS FREE ! .£] 
Br unremitting attention and untiring etTirL. lo fumub Ibe i^onlost amount of comfort and ronronlenro at 
omrlr bur [irLc. il.n prnpriol t ln|c- tc merit a eominuotico of the in ere wiog; o thattbe What Cbect 

■ : '.:'■■ '". ,-NL-!("liiliiitnir Dlnem nnd otbom having monoy nr rnluabloi, Ihara are two lore«»»iHin Iho tlBto. 
Tbero Li an eitcnilre Libtaij and Reading llmm, well tuppllod milk paptra, ;--riodicahl, As- 

WW Traveler, will jilaate to romomber Ibal thero are no " Runnen" connected wilk lhl( oiUbtlthmtnt. 
The What Cbcur llm.-.i i- .■■..ulu.-i-l -a -irkily t.i 1 , 1 ,..niicc prioclnloi. 
7-18 R. B. WOODWARD, PnopniETOH. 

Mill Micblncry, Ilollnn, Quiru tit 


R. H. V~A N C E, 

HAS. bv tbo niierlorllT of hi» Ilnciinrreolipri and 
Ai..l.„.l T [-., !.-.,!., „.-i,Miib,. i lli.-i ['UIMin^M, 

What is an Ambrotype I 


thu vhen w 

mo our 


hath thb pow 

r, »e u 


pne.r m 

orr oyo with 

hath Ihla nun 

r) thli 


aim llto life. 

1 als(la 

U cuablubcd *t ttarvirtU 

l'. !-ri..-ii;,'„'i, 
IV AH...,,-! 

l!i„U'j; HAWK, i.l llri,l|.,T. 

ColU Sired by David Hill in 18S8. 

Paraou owning- the aemo are icquulad lo call on tba 
donljpied beftiio thov ara one wo<k old, reglitor and 

-id for Pill ie>, 

thv agener. Black IIll-V f I .bk.-. 'J.I Pit,., ilr.,1. 

B, P. FISU, A«m 

"lit-ilai-s" lt;it txu niiliiatiir. 

■l..t..:OMI-1. Ii... Ill, I ,N,ilj] 111,, J,', nold | In 

Pat up In 30a., 33c,, OSc, 61, S2, S3 ud Sfi Bom 

-COSTAli'S" lirn nr:tj t:\TKPM [ JJA TOR 
.r kni.n bi f.ll-icj n»d Tt[ ,,daj br tbomandj 

PTitnpin2A(,,iOc.,7oc.,81, BI60, 8260,(460 Bolt] t«, 
"COSTAR'S" tl.Kirntu: I'utviiKit 

IV.r tin, I nr,j,-i,. i. ..i M ■(;, \|,, ■.....,, y llct yi tlr 

Plant InmU, Vermin on Fowl. u d Aolm^'. la. ' 

Put up in 25c ud 60c. Boxaav 

If.KlidihriJUf.tiuliIlhii I'afea 

Snow DiLU^I'Mlon, it.lL'" " "*" '"""' " lUl CArtr ' 
Ho 53 !" 'I'nr'r ''"',"m " 1 '"" li ' r,rS1,l l*- SttamboaH, 
B3-'A Paimr witbfull j'.iMicolars— tlrmi tawboluala 

dMltTf- ,-A -.,( |.:i.-:. .<:-.. U irill I., ,.„,.,,.:-,•,„,■!. .1 
1 1 .:; m Lj !■■ in J adilri -s. ••', rtcoij |.,li tbrcoeenlp. 0. 

Addrep, "COSTAB" No 388 Broadwav.New Yorkt or 
a cm -ami; li'iii'mnoitMin - " 

[;.1|...MM I'AIIK, .i.i.lll,, .,!,,:„" ' " rtoCi.r, 

Bag* Wanted. 

■ j'N »J .ii. r u:i. f.. PAIDTM Oud, fobpapbr 



FrmisriTUKE waeeeooms, 




(Bclwean J ud K jlroeta). 











EASY CHAIRS ; MIRRORS, or all bize-h. 






■r-Hi-JESTT «5-«_r "■*. mr m rmr -m^r mm. ma , 




■ FULL Al 

£3" To Wholesale Deslers «ro urould my, yonr orders will receive, as formorW our 'an- 
sn'i prompt atlculion. ■" 



Wulo Pearla-Jr™? Outdone. 

Tne Cincinnati Times snysi There in amino 
of wulih .l ..... rc-ry doors! Pearls of ibe 
largest fizc, and of Ibe most beau lifol appearance, 
ran ba found In Iho shells of tho common mus- 
cles so abundant in Ibo Ohio rim and other 
slream? in the ridnity. This is no birn'mc. »« 
,ro led to believe Ihil we ban a Add fur in.Ju • 
tri.j..» t.rtuiwhunl.>r-= rifhl here— one that will 
bD.t the Jersey Pearl Fishery ^1 1 hollow" ffr 
"cincinMli fc&rored with > moat devoted em 
industrious naturalist. Wo mean Mr. David H 
Shaffer. For many years it bis boon hn ranstan 
Tjlessurc and ■ part of his rotation, to Mll«l th 
natural eurios.iies lo bo found in our hills and 
Mllevs, brooks and rivers. He has paid (special 
■lUDtiOO to conchology. and has, after re pes ted 
,..,, . ;i.ntu!f, succeeded in giving a polish to our 
common mnsclo shells, which makts them union*, 
Iho most beautiful of our fresh-rvaler shells. He 
has sent a. groat many of them lo distant coun- 
tries, in exchange foi'shells of other climes, and 
the, invariably elicit the highest admiration. In 
performing (Mb labor Mf.S'haffcr bis often foond 
pearl* secreted inside the mueclo, They wore 
generally small, however, and he did not Ihmk it 
irmild pay lo teaieh for them. Sine; Iho recent 
diii-.iv tv "of pearls on the Jersey shore. II ex- 
hibited lo os lliiMm-.rmi.K two out-. 

One is while, slightly tinged nilh t-urn'oti '. n 
IE of ail oblong, t- ■-■ n i -7 -i I .-lmpi.-, iiilI ... ■.rly hull nu 
inch long! It' was latren from a shell picked '•}■ 
in il.t Mule Miami river, about ten milrs from 
tho city. The other, ond we think tbo prettiest 
one is of oval form, full half an inch in length, 
and unc-lhird of an inch in breadth ; it is a bril- 
liant purple, and was taken from a rbell I'-unrJ in 
tho Ohio river near the city. Mr. SlulTcr says 
Ibey arc the most beautiful pearls ba ever saw, 
and from the prices paid for the Jersey pearls 
ibBV most bo of great value. 

These are the focls. Mr. Shaffer is confident 
tbal the fresh-natcr muscle atolls abound in 
pearls, and his opinion is worthy of i-rcT. «ei-l.t. 
If il i* confirmed, pearl gatherers will m"ioii uV'li 
lo the beds of all the rivers that entertain tho 
hitherto comic nine. I frcj,li -water oysters. 



TijK Tiue is TuKsnia.— Tho attorner J. L. 
Stephen* which tuft our port on Monday, only 
OBrried"nTray -120 passengerj, nnd 91,049,377 in 
treasure, Slipped by the following ' 
Wdli," — ' 

SEEDS. &0- 

Affrictiltiiral Seeds. 

_„- . -. • ,1 f. II ni.ii - ■■■'.JIM l' 1 " --■''' ''■ "■■ , 

or.. ..:, 1 MI,.-, n ,|m,l„; l„T,.. ,|iialiHlf*» will ho ICITClI 

"™ Haa i omIiit H*d Toji Turnip ; 

l.tipin-il PorrlsTop do "I* 


HE IV Cjfl/I.K.'ir. ™m.h u< 1« cibbWi; .11 
._ . HwJno lo II 1»<I Jinr. Where™ II hu fallen 

ouoJrrJ.pjBJiTi firjaij. Description and dlreellona I 
ini furel-h»l wlla c*ch [.acinar. 

LU each, prepaid bf anil, □, 

limn, Frail TtHiod Field Bcwfc, lo bo [uoodln use United 

EcalirDen, Nurtorymnn, & 

northern Sugar Cane Seed. 


Total ILMSWT? 

Here is a falling off in both these important 
features of oar Status's prosperity. The ship- 
it of Juno was something like out million 
a the prosen 
keep on decreeing thu number of 


it of I 

ts flood and roll on to pros pori ty. 

Spices for Califchkia. — Patruniio homo 
manufactures! Bovco Si. Co., Front street, 
now manufacture, all kinds of apices; alio pro- 
pare tho very best ground coffee in Iho Stole — 
allspice, pepper, mustard, cloves, cinnamon, 
and nil else that is found in a first rato factory 
of t) lis kind. Go and see — and buy and try. 

Geeat Vamety of Fruit. — Mrs. E. A. 
Weaver, at ber fruit stand in Washington Mar- 
ket, always presents somo of the finest fruits of 
the season. Tho amount of strawberries and 
raspberries sold at this Btand tbo present season 
would astound any one. So ooll and see, and 
you will admit wo know wboro good frait is. 

Geo. 0. WmrsEi- Si. Co. ore becoming 
wise, and are now manufacturing beautiful 

Wno Writes the Neouo Sokqb ?— The 

principal writ, -r if our iiiitin.u.l niutie is said to 
be Stephia C. Poster, tbo author of "Uiiclo 
Ned," "•Oh Susunnnh," elo. Mr. Foster ro- 
nidi.i near Pittsburg, Fo., where be occupies a 
moderate clerkrhip. upon ithiob, and a [urc. nt- 
ago on Iho sale uf his rungs, ho d Bounds for a 
liMiig. Ho writes the poetry as woll as tho 
inuMc of his uoogs. They arc sung ivh.-rovor 
tho Li.^lish liiiigiji, S L' i.i npokon, whil... tl.o uiur-ic 
is henrd wherever men sing. In tho cotton 
Ii. ■Ids of Iho South, nmuug the mines of Califor- 
nia end Australia, in the tea-coast cities of 
China, in Piiri-. in tin. London [.ri-on — ni-pry- 
where. in fact, his melodies «ro heard, "Uncle 
Ned" was Iho first. This was published in It I;,, 
and reached a side unknown till then in the 
mu.-ic publishing business. Of "The Old Folks 
at Home," lOU.IXJO coi-ie* Inivo he. ■„ -old ii, l|ii« 
country, and oh many more in FiiL-la.i.l. »Mj 
Old Kentucky Heme," and "flld Urc- Tray " 
each had a sale of abont 7u,0lH>. All In- -tin w 
song" had a grt^nt run. All bis ton)[..i*ili.. f n 
ar,. simple, but Ibey are natural, an.) lied lo. ir 
w, s y (u 11, „ in.pular ln, lt l, „n,I |],,k lh.-m-.dv, 
uoJi-«..lulily will] a- ]„.,, nj...,.ciiitiijns.— IKi 

Gfiindlg'b Anoisht iso CcLt.nniTF.0 J A e- 
ablse Lire Pill, purg, .h, SJ -., ln H ..,.„,. hlT 
ol .-.llcrropt liurnoit, [^ntlr.iifuii.1 l n,n( i il„. 
.lU 1 . II-.i.U and theovirupt ■. t -reiioi.Harcr l -p|. 1 ,rol 
with rich healthy blood. Paris tlut «„„„,, 
decaying with diwj«e are roitor-d t.) a healthy 
vi^.jruus Klion. aud di«a.w c rndlca-ed as If by 
SI ..lie, Icsvlnp lb,- ..y-t. in in .1 rnliiv.i f ■ . r . . i i I i . i . , 
and less piedi».|>o-ed lo ix.nirjct di-var-.- nraln ..i 
wliilCiei kind. In f«i-r il.^i ■ n„. v.. ... S ..'.._ 


' klni In fact, ihcy arc Nati 

I the ohlj 

pill used. Thay are pleai..,. „ 
diiag'ee with tl,,. ,,,„.( Jtliotc rliil.l f,„ .. 
by re-|.;euldc f]ru KK im nnd dealer., in lo-li- 
llir.iiictniuL the L',,11,.,1 Si.,!,..!. i;:,na.l.i. 11.,, 
Souib America, Ac, «l S- emits a boi nr 1 
boseafergl. Sent h, ,„.„[' (,.„„ ,,,. .,',,,„,.. 
only, on reedjit of pri.v. The p*..|a.-... i„ 

OniltdSuie^notov,. ..IK i|„'| B llli,™ c , 

ou uvo Uoics, which must be iuclosed in mouoy 

Jouliu S. QBir-PLii, New York, Solo Propri 
«U> r , to whom all wmmonfe.t&d, ,„„ s i bo >d- 
dressed. Also. ,-ol^ );, wrl , i., r „r |i, \\..,i.... 

Grindle's Cjlebral,.! M, c 'i, C,.,,,,,., |.",| K . ,,„, 

canwdy for Pulmonary (.'on.u,,,,,,, ,„ |- rll , ulJli 
Dopot, No. 64 White street, Now York. 


out iwxljbEiB Fm 

ABTicoltural Implements. 

Mowing Machines, 

gETCBUirS lapmcd llo-e™, -kUJ, Em! 

,„. _ „ nKWLl^lT t C0LL1K3. 

Threshing Machines. 

T_TAL.L'SB .aJ 10 Hor,. T^r,. y. lr .,„ , 

Eenpora ! Reapers ! ' 


Oi Yokes and Bows. 

" '"m: 


Straw Cutteta. 


Blocks and Sheaves. 

J'^.'., r -'n,'.";. l, .VV r fl) ; , :j ":"■" 7 , "^>a'ic 0mp i n 

Who Wants a Cheap Piano 1 


" ' ' ■ ■ ' ■■■ ■■■:.!.....,. 

lo^jjljf.bulu bdn; draper u,, 
I ,.li:!- .1... 1 1 ■. : u ■ ■ . Ill Aui,.^,-., 

To Tanners and Tradcm. 

*tggacrallj. YT-'JlSai 

The Victoria Begia. 




■"- jallaoally adJlne lo tbalr eiloo- 

:. I,, il„|.,.l:Lli.n If-n. !■■ :lio. 1 

], as nell u Ann.ri-in Work] 
»i..L-li 111 i.r ■ -■ I r ■ - 1- "ii r.;.-,'..n»bl« loruu. 

>1.T-lj«a>--i-ilir>,-in I!.- ■!;■■,. ill I „, 1 il I.. v.- |.n.-i- 

l.lilll Villi'- l-.i r,.o. r.... 1 .1,1.1-1 .■=.j!,..iL'.iTl"Lul-,fur. 
DlihcJ .t nnoliuln prleas. 

Selool, Ouualoal, ThaolOffeal nod 3ll»»llaawaJ Dookn ill ,-n- lU.i.i.rv. in [il 'in nnd l'i"i-:r 1.1 1. Jim:.' ; 

El.cantlT[l^".M:-l-."iii:ibl n fi.rpronoUi 

Blank Aa»uni lt-«.lnof (.11 Olobea, 

.Man. .tllun; Wriiinc, Loltrraod Kola 

Panen i Buralono and Wrapplor 

foiBr.; Buff, While, and FanV 


s. s. £ w. wooq, 

3SD il :.,... I .. ..y, (fair Yoeii, 
ITara the largest anortcoont or Medical Books lo bo 

fuomllnlhe c.™r,lry.i. .,,:■■ -.Iii.-I. ..Ill l.„ (i.unil il.I 

.■illy ihc Muilij of IhK .|ij-. r...... I -.Aif.,1 .■ .1|,- B , .,.'.,■ ,l.ul 

1 L T,;,I Yuri- I)- of lind) III.. (r:.|,- I v.-.rl,, .,„ 1I|. L :,. C . „1 
111, Hjo. Ki.Jr.OT- >.:, c : . ,1 Au.,t.„„y, li., t .,.,i,.,| 

I'lni. -. A.,.....,.., .1 ,.,.) .... i. in -,i n ..,■ .,■..,;. .. (|. 
Pathon in Medicine, *o. *o. 
\jjr OlUlarua tjttnr nuiri »sc( «ar frti o/ pjiljfr m 

.\u: n.-.f luiir ilnck nrolhe (olloiinrinluabla noriodl- 

r .1-. ..lii.-l, llicy i.lfu, in Ibc yn«es i.l!ii,..l. ddnvr,. i 

i.'i'ir ,"^ii'.'. :v.['.. ,'. 1 .. .'.'.!. !'.'!.". , .: , :'.'.'i|.i 1 ..',i" 

I ■ .'! ■ .. ;■::. .■ [.i.i.-nr..,r. nil , I-)'.. | , . ,,_ 

L. .,.!.■[, n ..tin., ulicil Jgurnil, Ir.i.i. .- ..pu.ii .::r . lu.'jil I . \~-.; 
Itrnlsbilf Ml/, roy/iK ayt M 00 

1- ..■!■, I. -,ll M.T..'re.., ..:r.,/m ,-■.■;■,.... t, |.j 

?l,l,-,'..iin ■'---U'.j l'„l.l.-all .:-. f'.'i;. c ■.,.,.■ .. i-i in .-n I I,, IKV, 


Er Goold El»o*ir, 

AuU.orof'n...' In.Iif.i-.. „i Co.-ll.,!, lir-caroir." *6,ic. 

I . l,I SreauKl'rJ-.''.V l ^! : 'n-." , |T,7!'n^ 


.".'; i !.' ; , : :".";;" 1 ;; 

s . hist, deem— ai»L 
urlflul »nrk— Iho n-o 

alot T .--[Thii 

'' '' ';!■■-! — ^.,M ....:. 

nt Public, [rurra 

... ii !. I 1-1 I. i 

Brown's Fir;t Lines el English Grammar, 
Browa's Inslil'.iUj of Grammur, 

' Tl.-.l. il. :i- ;,i I ml, . „,.. r. -Il.i ■■■ .■:'.. ■!■■■ | '. .11.- , ■ 

■ ■■■' > ■'■ (1 I. M..V. i;.-.'l I- ,n„.'mVii!"I-'-.-: (l-'.-'l V'.V |. 

■iplieit >od r. 

Liili"! i...n.r I....I.....M,,. 

_.... j, 1, tall, I. KUd In l 
liritnll'l-'l. n.-.or l.mi.,1 ch-lillu .' i 
i.-r^iuciie'iln tbapkrt^^ml at] cwa 

J'J .■,.J., h-.ui.-l In f.. .IllLp 

BK-tii.j. 1IJI Ve.flt lilmn 

ml-'..-. Ill v.-!-, 

Kew York L.ncei. EJmJ b. 

■Ill iLa Dn. DcUnolJ. Forrj, Ujrihill ' ll'ill, Join 

1'orlc Nedlrt-Cblruirteal Bui IcUn. Edliod bj St. Ihulie. 

ill in l.oll puulL,acd,b>ll coif. 1 SO 

.1 of ll«1 Ih. tlf mi AixirfulDii of I'brijeliimi. I*a In 

933. 4 Tiilf, ill publUhoL ihccp .......3 CO 

nn LincetforiaiS, reprint. S viilj, cloUi I JO, 

tof Califoroiabj 

Jamu nndj la Ucallb 

| (Mi coantry."— [Medical 
Cgmucn «nd Comlns 1 ' Principloi o( Fh) jUoIosy. Wlh col. 

Id po«OM.-— [Ofllo lied. 

■ .!,.ml |ilM<-. . 17- ...|J rjlll!.,n! 

-■■■ I..-..U ■ ii. ..( I ..i:„„| ,,!.[ |'„ ii 

H.h ) iiW-[ii. ! .i,„ijih- 

.,i I I I «l Icln."" '*' 

!t a fl " c V, lilu ;"" ,ln J *' "imeioi. 

■■!' ■ '■'■■ ■■!-.: ■."■ .' . ,'!i 'i . ■ .■■; 

A -'■■'■■ ■'■■ ■' ■ j. '■!"■■ .:..V , |v:,""m , ,"„'--,m".. , .V -ii'"', 

Iiw.lj M.,il„,l ll,.-.i,,],. r . ™™' l"" 1 

1- !!-■■ :.'■::; ■■'.!. «U,.-i..ii,..ti, lr .,. r) -, I-j||,..||„ ii, | .'„„„ 

I'r-i i.ll-i.r-,',, |„H,.||. .| ,;.,:, ..,.,,,,:. ■-.,., 

'■ 'I 1 ,;'."'-;, 1 "; 1 " ■ '.'Ji'lju 

"I-..- 1 ■'..■! ■ .Hy„-I.,i.. ,■;','■!. " l-.'lV.'l! 1 !,""'"."' '""' 
»ork (J.cfeicoco ^i luigeoiu."— ([ILodJ Lx MrJ.on.l i 

■I; J. ■ I .'■ ..-.,'.■:;,■ ,...ll.l„:.l, ucj IthoiIIuI In 
upttlnlli of liiocli^m w!iu lino il: 

"leichuV— Isfuuchumu Tarbtr. 

PubllihtdbvS.s 4W.1T0 
I wld bjr bookiellon generally. ' * 



i-r.yl/f.i, Jlktumatlno, StaWora UUtn, ffyiptpth, $& 
JM*uov Fiar &mr, Eryrirxlru. «mr'«. -""'•i Jfem.. HUtoMt, ftiluntnui fTm;..:.'.- ■.!, /' 

Wben Uw nroner drcnlatloa 

tbcrcojblf lated 

it beconjm clnjijed nlib Uniiuro Wit, ul 

adeataneooj ud blltirj diicrden. Tbef. 
) rein fau nilij «UulUb«l tbo Wet. nnnti 

' .u'.ltll,! ■■'ill. ;■, ;:,.n.-r..l Hi. r,,;i ■- Ir',' 
Ilono; a Dis-orlnlino on tho American l|.;r .. ; h„i, ,u,l ,I.,U.;, tj ;.n.| ,:, 
■'■" ■<*■' 'fli;.l..(L.'l ■■ H- I -.'-.-st,--, „.| ,,, ta ., 
■mitir A, „i,l Hi- 11.1-. II, .1 .. -.,li,„ cr . Svo 
TDK DOO. Ilj- Win V„„'.ii i;.(,i. J i. v - i; i 
M D. IVilh puinemus Sao illiL'tratloos. 1 ,„l 6 
Tho ««H- known cbaraclor of IheFe I to cor'-'" 
nnl.r- unni,-.;-.':.rr .nj I.:.ii.[,„niiili „| , 

ini mill I. lo V. ■.!■. .,n H-.iII--uIiiit,-, 1, ,[,-!.. . a ,.. il.t.l,,,'- 
HK-. Mrli.n hir,. Ti t . .. .l.-.-i-ulinr.. .ml IV.--!; 
l-..,.ih.-t ■,.;■!, I,,. ■, , ■■ 1. ,.(..,. i,.,„, K...-lr.n,l,'- 
ile .iriplivr i-f I. i; ir.lun- :.:-! L- n-l-.n f.iit- "" 
wick Ciftle, lV..bum ALl..,.y, H..|.l.,n II. ill. II,., 
W(bt, 4o.— aboonlin.- .liih ,-li„i[„ criiiei?ra, him 
JUBSenlIoo), indlcvivoor Iho aulhuHs uarii-al B (l fcw 

,i!,h',i Sl..., i-'r .Mr''J, ).,' I'l^.'l.'i.i'.-'^rl. 1 - ■ ' : .r.'-l 

i. ctnruiiri.; i.;i.-li- !.•'!■:, l'..„i, .Mi.- ln„„,.,r 
Coinploloinlvnl, -',,., 'Till, ,ll„.i..,ti.r.. Tho trork " 
i.i. .ni.-i- ... v.-!l I, i. :.-.„, „,i,l „i,i., r ,ill r ,;,;,-. „„.,(, 

LEAVITT A ALiEif, Nor. York i 
And for sals bj Iho pr Lnci ,.:.! ll.;...k;..-J|. ! H In 

— [elrlb.-*- ,|... 

. Edited b r Ii n. n.iiM, .,-. a i 

Budd nn Orfinilc DiHuoi sal 

C ^A , Sko| : D JI ''cVr Bd '" DmB f™»"- — (Ecl«3c Wr,V"Jou rI ,.,|"' "'" ' a1, 

' ■■'■ 'i ■ .•■- I'l.-i :.,.,!..„.. I I..,.,,... 

J 1he neveaCi let*"!:.. Ui- inaiensl" «"|'j',t,V 

io Italurc 

"An mtri'inelx f;uo,l t 

dbooL"— fUedlea] EnunlaBr. * w-orM *tj bol 

■',', , ,l .'■ ■' ' l - : -' 1 -, 1 T ' ' .--I- Jllrj. a«.odlUim...o| 
lnu^Vb C ,.ry"^[H.Y n ^iL;^ncr! h, ™ D " tU "° 1 
(to! uin''" 1 ""' * "'" U " ]KI " CticL From 1bc31 

, i"-.« NuJ|cu,„ 

■■ i., ' n^- '.',.', V ".S!, 1 "« ,? „,""■" ' "' T "JI-l«l C) Li, .,!..,.. : , r.-j 

■•■■■ !'■ ' .'V 'l' "'.:■',',■,',' '' 
- rii.':; [-I = |...... p : : .,|,, ','. '.;.,■': .'-."'•■'," M >.- 

Th*Brillih U idPo, a l ( j n . Modlcf »c 1 ,i [urBicl , ' 
"JmhitIii J^inial y fnaunl Alofltiai J n, 

,.■■-"■ -■■■■■■ -f I1..U- I--.,-.- ',,!,:: ■'' ''■■-'■'ir-.-i 

The Most Successful and the Best. 

The Standard Fifth, or. First Cliua Reader 

Th,iSi..n-li.r<l l-o u rlh Rondo r. 

Tl... Thinl BoaJor. 

Tho at .n.lnr.l fuhiai Render. Illuj' 

■■■...". i"i . I .-1 III.I.IT.HL.J .Till clll.. 

Br Echo SAaniinr, oulWot '■StantlardSpeaker,'- ie 
, Tbo fullowlne are nearlT road*; 
l"Je"!'.lm»llerl'' r: 'llor \GmV- W Witb ■"'*•• 

The Drrt foar UeruJonrnf Sargent's Sorles form a coui- 
l-l.-l... -or-,-, .,■ H....,.Ji„;.|....l.f.. M | M; iviin,, ,,,.',, .,„„„;,: 

:,: -' ''•■;■'" .-.I,- .1. Cuunlrv. Tl„- |'„i|, j; ,.!,.,. 

n-.-nl-.l ...... i,r-r-. : l-i 'l-.-lif-r l,i.^,- r;. 1 lle 1! .,. 

-...I A,-....|,-,i,,.-. ,.„-,.„,., ,„ It.,,,!,,,.,.,,... i.ul.lj.l,,.,,,, 

'■'' ', ","' ''- I'-l-. I..:.i>.:i--.l..-.. ,1,-L.ll.n l.,n, 

"ll"ll"ll'i"-'.'l-i ■ I rliuui. .. T h:L- tr.P1 i,lill-i,.-h,,,...J .-..Ir.-nl.:,:,,-, ..j,-..i., ■ ,, „,),,,.,,.„ | !,,„„,.(„',.„ 

Ill" ( ..,„„l,, hj ,-l,...| C.iui,,,,;,, .,□.] TcKhors Khn 

i- |-rni,i|.,l ,. u i.|i(. ,d I, .if MnMochujoll) 

' and Khodo I.lnod. Ihcrc worki 

' ~ si could baouVteti 

Ui.tis from cmln,-nV r.lijslrlarif [l.ioncti'.ni Uiu cjntir. 

M'".-m. A. II. A If ?.:-[-.: (!.'.>'.■!. - ■-.- V. cr r 5 ^ .pir."j 

"ili coi»|>!tla ioeei».*aii.l In all .--lib J. :lli-l IvncIlL Itbrt- 

r..niL L fil;iL % ulu-.i Ibo <-y- Ii I.i I, .- 1. .11 'm--j itlv. ...... 1 ; |n fi.-.. 1.1 

■',-.[,.-ni; In rr.Ti-r.P^ r-1 -■-- "■-.. fill.- :.■:-■! -.Ill, | r - - 1 1: - -.- .IlL.-liuvi' 
dLvaAi-i onha Lon. i ; ..I.Mln'ji ■ i.i.-. r-. 'i.r hi,- |inni.iiiai-i ^-1, .- 
Uonj; enlarged Flanit\ an.1 varii.oa olti^r mai,.llr< ooooecUd 

will flrab, bGU^r r,~i .il in.; In. !'.■■ s . r . - ■ L i . 1 1 ■ - r. ,1" .i lu-jl!!it 
o , nJ ccuii. .1.. rt \».M a I ^L. ,..]>. 

U'M sTllRHE, JtD. 

_., ,''V- i-'i - -.-'■:, ''. ■■ .7 ' ■•■■. '.■...':.. -'-'t.^'i' is : 'i 

.i'u l.v II. .IiHI.Sbi .:;.< . ■.. 1 i.i.-. .--■ ,; 3. T. WATTS S 
Co, LuuTielUo; 11 II M< UvU.'.lLU A .-, Cicnm.oloi ul 
i,r lin-ivi- u ceaeralir. 




• =t«A !,. ,i."r Doa 


.. . - '™ a,rt 

i - n'l. 

SLLouij, ilo..-.. 

I.=uln,:ie'. K, .... 



• -i ''vaer 

Also, Each ao je ■ 

Lea job; 

Furchaig CeiUGcatei of fcopoiit a 
curroal raloi, and Irnmuct a clcn-r. 




w cnuini. 



rpUE iitntoreigniHl 

Is, full, propsr 


tcr lata eon- 


J. M. \7A1UiBR. 

To Ponltry Eaisers. 

A SURE Remedy iv.r.h,, lii-u .1 r..«l,, pceull.rlo 

- ','' "',' '■ l "' 1 "■ - 111 I- ■■ml !■-,■; :.[.,:.-■, :ulii..ictl 

1.. r.i.t,. Iniin t.iriv I., |,,i v |„..|. 
I nil do -uiu.-. ..f il„. .in,,,,,,. ,„„] .lireci,™, for eaM 

.-oiiil'iillli,,-,..,,-!,,.,.!,,.,. l',|..„ S | 

Forjaloby WAK11EN A CO., 

tT "' IjOU i-bll.;: t r , , , Si,, FraudKO. 



.-..'■'. " i ■' ...!■' 

■ eaUa ,&",Z ' ' *° l""T*ld, «horo Iho atooual I 

...... .... .. . .■ . -,■-,. 

I II UANCKIi.T A ..... 

WnEK you visit Hid Sfcfcw, rome'mber ■■ Oak 
»." lb P».,oi Cldlhbg a „„. « IU , Mi , w 
B«lra. »ta... i. 1811, »„„. ym -„ m , 

;mj Ml.1. «r cio,i,i, g „,„ j.,,,,,,,, Qra ™ 

l°n tho ooo price syafom), oecoosary ltl c „ m o ijopiooi a,o,.,r„ lb , a „„„ i0 cjrf 

Iha loom, or Iho olmroh. T , n , i ,,, 

-ly ,. 1 ,l.,,i,h,0 wi „, g „ a . „ « » 

iduuumunls t 

pu roll users. 

""■"■"■ ^ ».»•«« a* K<«» .trot. 

) half BBU uira nir- n.i a . , 

' Cor o ,,r "VKlAff^cS" 1 

Cor. California anLiS aown0 „,„,;,, 

j ,,, - u . E«4., A'a/" Ctly old Omiqi. 

■I- A. JIusiL.". 'ilk- » ':;■.'■ '": 

iib.ii. .li. i:i, ,v It. .,,0, .■.-,.-, ^..,,:,, ■.■„.(.=., ,nl/)erliu. 
n. ■----...■! . f; .,■].!. /...;,;..,, „.:;,.,,, . ■..,., ,...., ,,/,.-.-!.. 

'• !■"■!. !-.■ i... ■ ... i , , I. r. .!.:.-:-' • 

lo lead ihan rill .11 elurna we nald. 
ilwri no-jtiol i.r n-l.ui- lu I..V-.. Kiel, g.apen 

uhle uerll tht,. lcu | e ,ji^ r iiflf* *,, j ^, D ' a u3"il tUiloorline 

■■ l , '.''llil:- l .'.ft"l il:'" I",'.'':' '.''",';.!': ' '- ",''■, ' '' 'i'nT"' 

:.',.!. ||',',.! . ... ,,' 1.1. -IH" 

,'iT-ii.i:. ,. ,.,!:„ ,..,,,... ,'.,; ,!!.■■■ 




Clje California ,f irrmnl 


Second Growth of Potatoes. 

Beplr to q b „ (< .,.^ Proral^BB □, 0p ..a D0d 

The following i etter wo hope „.,„ drn , 
nuny other Guliiralors, upon tho sabjcct 
mint all the facts. Wo return (hanks tc 
.rtend, and hope ho will continue lo correspond 
*l(bus; bis letters will always be receiv 

EniTona Farmer: I not[ M "in** yw*„„ . , 
ho 17th iost »n faquir bv j Ir E / R Springpp 
a relation (o Potatoes taking the.sccond growth 

think it probable thai I can awoont for It from 
ireo causes, that will produce that effect. 

1st. Planting of Potatoes in (ho winter for 
■II crop, thereby causing them to arrive nt 
irUIn stage of lularity too early ; for Potato™ 
anted liter hate tho cool nights of (ho fall to 
aturo them, which is necessary for all Potatoes 
st arc (o be kept throu S h tho winter; tor tney 
ill become firmer and better, where (ho ground 

not too wet, (o let them remain in (ho ground 
- some few weeks after tho frost has killed to, 
its. Potatoes may be planted in (hfs Stole, o 
«e of iho early varieties, from December to 
brwrj; [hose that are intended for winter 
laid be planted from April to July, depending 
np) opon location and tho character of the 
I. The (imo of planting may bo tho trouble 
jour inquirer, for I am induced to heliere Inn- 
mnd that eonld be properly prepared for PoUv 
■ I" February, is too dry for a 
p of Potatoes (o do well ; so I thit ' 
ily that he planted about two months tons ■■„ 

(ho character of ihe ground. Potatoes that 

produced by irrigation, are never so good 
se tba( are produced on groond with natu 

» at the 

'• ■■■■■ ■■■ ..'l'SS^"?^ 

r ellmu. i (he,- did „o, ,:„""„ "7": ';, "" 

•- zrt",™," i" ™»" '"" 'C' 

S^Zyto^tlfer P5ag ™ bSy °" d thu nnd 

ill [lie |, 


ingle family' ofsUp° Wba.- 

js m Us qnalUy depends on. 

' tt Slightly 

ill this c- 


blecrop • .thinkthatitwooldbeofadva,., ,., ... - . 

r h ^ , ^ i -.^ cha ra c,„ of ground^ h^At-tbosam^motb^rth 
George tho Third, o si 

I ii 'tar." lli'amTS? f' PS - "">' "° m "'"' 

■ ongo, wool tb.„ .„„. „',, ,,,,,""5""? 
r _(h..o **, have b... ut „ ,„ „ ™ 

». nnm .,1), ,h, „„,„ lh 

Trsf»™r ;■;"" <,: ",'" v " «»'."»« 

>i S nT™ J'"'™ ".' or ih. 'i™ 

'"'." : wool. f. r ,],. m;|l : ^ 
i- ' T " ."'-< '"'• ~>r-.r „„„i 

^•.— *-, .hi SJj"C sLgStl* "■ J ° bn Vm ""- "S-jks ^*»."«zr,s 

1 Groond (hoi | B mo dry , keep the . 
«goro, <S ro„h,.o d th.t J,r m „„, b , 
■hod by arlitleial means, (ho mom.m ,,,. . 


nbeo (hoi 


Pioot. «, »,„h„, h „ p] „ u .i;,.--;-- - 


?"'■ ""'"« " d "°"».ro., i b,„-h,"l,h" 
•inoSEic.j Iheproductj ond (o DO ic an. exper- 

To,,'" ""' "' """■ "° d B™,'"' 1 ' '"J 
I»( is noirommooT \ C °"" ltttd ,v,th l,lc cr op, 
II .hot |, .rliion',1 ™,"1, „„h, q| , . 

■I-..I- i,.-S,.t.,„i|,. Tl,.- il„.. k = ,„„ 

( l'l.l)o„.i,o,rt. I„,v,„ e olo-oj., kfi p [it Th 

• '.,,' .;,'■■ ■,■',';■■ "- ' - ''"-oft.™. 

"i.i, ,„":'■ i,,,,, " ,,i,, "p"'»"iT. 

:::;!;;;;:;■ 7» «^™, P K"S^ 

H,3",*S V T , h .„ G "~».i»»d CSS," 
ois„.o»i. S,;. i, ; '!~' : «■■'■"■. ti,,.ni,..„, r 

Tm f„||„i, Ci wM h „,",?■ . ' ' ' " " ' '.' ""««"■■ Sii-.i,. Hoop,,,, 

'M..,d Woo! i.„„.b„ fa ,h. B ""; ™£ I -bo,. ,™ i.lrod.:,d"",'»P.S."Jf;_.»I«^ 

log oil o( (ho 

-" ilsoir. will putlonh 

to, o„d lo„ K |,a, la oon^ ,ho second g^n.^ 
oU(oa. So „„, n al „„ M ^^ 
h.ppoo lo hi,. mny „„,„„ hu 
^."...d^,, ..,.„„„ g„.,d,'b, 
=ryand unfit for use; and 

Kilt and i, 

.He says he subsoited his Potatoes twice 
1 know lo be ierong. Potatoes should never 
* plow it, (hem wttboot they arc intended 
or, shallow, bclorc tho pototo vinos are a 
igh. The aecood timo he plowed, it is very 
bio (hot tho young potatoes bad sot ; if so 

■■.«™i....»iiiboLndii!,,,i "* -'3 ™J"», \ <"•■':■■•■> ■>•>■■ i:,.-,, .^L t*;,7"'**>.v-a, f te .''^ , ^ii"*. 

o^o.,.™ z^rihio,, ,r ■ M -,r?-' s s= ™ ; « ■'- Xti 5 aft" ■ : ' r ,; --:■"%" ".s? ;:,.-,r, ?' bCs,!'" y t * pi " « ^ » — 

•■ M ™ """iTlSoV^" CM, 
What „ ,„„ed th. „J „,„, ,, . 

I"""*."™ oil-onctho, ,,,«p,„..,. 

I *■ P »'l!»"- of an,- klod, if g,,e„ 

l« S o qoonlibo. ,, mto , T „, ^ fc ^ ^ 

• nlon law h. o„p,„j,d. Mediei,,,, 
•n » en, I. th„ i„. ,„, „„ pom] . ^^ 

I . o.d, g,no,.ll 7 p„ iMo ,b.i„,„. d 
«J stoBoohs. „d If n good, ., mm 
"t gt.oo t„ »„ h (boo, from (bono., „„d ,b, 

I ,""' S"=>" P"nof (ho o,,diei,i„ 

no lound ,n (hoao stom.ohs ; sod oi.on this 

wiill. f "7"°° , *" " <•"•"■>' om.g.,1, 
will bo found nmong tbo host. Dissolve V 

lo it lo p„ f„.|, fr .„ u," noX.'.'o'd". 
-' "jl.«,i,«« Hm ,l fc 

• ( -nd .l,onldi,„f„„ to dri„ kl „.„■„„ 
»Mbo,o.t„d„„e M . eilp ;~ 

W,(ho«,„,„„,d„„ iDn .theroi,, 

«"•>' of pn, B ,.g o„U, „», ,,„, ,„„ „„ , 

t p U rg,ng do M n ot coinmono. ;„ from 

'—"- oro no lino wo. 

onywbero on fhio earth 

lilyofsheop. Bylio... 

" "'"' ! ""'... /.nil.. 1 ., 

U> their nature, v 

.old s 

io sidc-,oole o[ Pomtoes spread 
the in ever, direelio., like 
,n the sorface. The cllivator 
lb. o«d o.otai.,1,. ,„„.„,g ," h ~ 

«™"ll^i™" ,a,l ">™" J -»l«'- 

«, run first the cultivator lo stir tb 
dklll (heweed,; , o!low wj[|] , h ° aut rf 
.httloloo f edlr t io,hep 1flnti « DIa[[ ^ 

m? aeoln in two or three weeks ; and use 
,. ~"l T aflL ' rn "' lrlla M is necessarr u, 

Vhv, ? P <"«M"> B , tiko for „- 

kn,ru "Si"- or too inches lon E boss It 

l 6°«l hwUhj plant about « -SoSX J 
"old plo^ cuing orT „,, of ,,,. ^,' 

. .-veil breeds of whiofi wore 

' M "" ,ll '"l.'^*r.|,f r ,„. Tl,,,.,'. | 

'!'" : T ""- : '' r '""" 1 ' TI "T- 

n i t I,,,-.,, „,,. H-ber, they ea- 
^ 'boy went (oanuth^r, and b 

gen 1 1 em an who 

tl» ..,IJ, raised | ,,,,'iF,,: .„ , h „ „„„; ; 

wbiohi, ,„„, .„"..:: i;:,! 1 ', ,;;;;"»;;" j 7 .«. „ «..X ,'.! i„ ,; "nl.E'J" "« I T„,g„„„„.n, 

korsovmeros, ,„1„, i; ,ii v ..i,.,, ,','"" ","'?• th ° 

'" '"to „ lie „ ,L , lfr ,, r ,, '- " ri ' r ' T"r,.,l . „ 

o.r,ii„g„ r lir , (I ; ;. ■ ; :" 1 ' •■ , , 

od nrossed ood vol,,,.,,,,,,! .,',,' ""' ""i" 1 hoosledoo _.„ , , 

" lb. !' !"7'7 "' '!"""* "'■' •«»'«. T - , i, ;;,;""' .1°,°" b""8bl ■ Lrg. II, 

• —be don, , ,,,„„„, j in „,„ „..,,,', = •'"""■ oorri.d Ibem 0„„, 

....... wools aim. r V r - -- a 00 Hi. wor.. i„ „ 0,,, I„, , , ,[,| ro,pp, ood' famil. ol " 

^m^boZo7aZ5TlJ^ l!lB ^«^Umu(ton:Lrt°^^ .. . 

day and | breeds fr/m, ]-:„, : | ;11 „ 

■ The 

mj very g 

•Von i 

in ih u i-i„e 

|« earth gen.r.Hj Bbolgt 

* P' *'*<J. «em» r rum this circul .« 

"::tr rs:p:r ond - n - 

;^';." ;■"■- «" — ^fPotatoctbis 

.tofijr,/ 1 ' 7 .:" "'"" 8 " 118 ^ 

"' Jiaj to ||,o midJlo of Jun» ,,„ 

•lo in raising Pot,. 

p-i'i °2° d r • r,i,,o " i "" 

""'l-Jl!,'!^",' 1 '"" 
Mil,. """""■ I" be ]i.„ed , 

doable and Indispensa- 

? .iro«.,,„oT e ;;;:,tl'," 
Ai".",,'^ Xb,°,"":7wSs.",a°" ? s r', h 

roaSt ■",.* ""'''"lie*" ■ lb, i""".f,'" 

Sb-iS.i;T,'.'S'p' rt "- ""A'.."..- do": 

r* to oh.. .bi,i.,«o,k„f,b„ pa , a 

lop, and made a 

-s;^;HS««Vfre h .: 

of hung in i u . '""'■'■'' J"" 1 ^ n vanoon is 

EsspsasFsiiiS Uliill 

,..i....,,„, ,•,■'"■ -■ ■■ . -■■■ - 1- ■ 

loouionnll" i „'„,, U » b ™ "•"• » 

''"'I - |, r.,1 ., ,,u' w.nTk n v- ""."f 1 . Cior. 

-bich I £, here" tZ* tJ l ^,T?° 
im.icd.ito „f Q „ „,,] ''.,, '' "" wm.ndcdoroj, 
rothor food of mol t,,n K ri of ™ no »*"• wan 

r " S-iw" a pie C0 '. tM r)| 

"™J>.thai a ,„-,,, ,„„,,,,, 

S ..^=„:,,rr;,sxs.^h k ,; 

(,'ot oiiijarter nf < j.„...Vj .i™ 1, ""Ol 



<£ & n est t i on a I • 

A Country School Bmu«. 
We remember n litllo incident whioh occurred 
in our native village, many years since which 
.as never yet aeon In print, but It ft a "><* "> 
history that has not boon loot io ita influence. 
The great Cattle Market of Now England i* es- 
tablished at Brighton, Maw., ana thoro on every 
Monday is congregated many thousand head of 
atcok, of oil deacriptioni, nua tboao iutorcstod 
in the purchase and aalu of stock, from all aec- 
tioDs of the country around, go there. So im- 
in.rtant is the business transacted that it now 
daunts to mlliw of dollar annually. To 
this market often oomo in tho nututnu. large 
droves of the farmers' fat cattle of Ohio and 
Kentucky, end by their appearance Ibey ore 
quickly known; tho heavy, steady tread of 
these largo, red and white or mottled animals, 
indicating whence they come. 

The time to which wo rotor, largo drovea hod 
oomo from tho west, from Ohio and Kontuoky, 
mora especially from tho latter, uud mony very 
Sao caltto were pointed oat in tho yards, as 
from the farm of tho "Sago of Ashland," and 
said (hat Mr. Clay was also to visit ihe East, and 
would come to visit thin great market, where his 
Hook was to bo seen. Without regard to party 
fooling all the good citUens of tho prosperous 
villogo turned out to dohonorto the patriot and 
statesman, and ho was escorted around the place. 
Daniel Webster accompanied Henry Cloy, and 
was in tho some carriage, and as they wore 
riding round and throagh that village and pass- 
ing "round tbo square" (n circuit of about a 
mile and a half), where stood on the way some 
three or four school houses, this boys ana girls 
wore oil anxious to see thorn ; so they wore per- 
mitted to "come oat of school" aa these great 
raeo went by. and as Now England boys and 
girls are always taught, they paid Ihtir rapects 
to such men by tho bow una tho cortsoy. Afte 
passing several scenes like those, Mr- Cloy turn 
to Mr. Webster, saying, "I am delighted wit 
these bountiful eocnee, these happy faces i ho' 
neat nnd clean all theio chiiareq appear! Hoi 
is it, Mr. Wobster? Whot mokes ao much dif- 
ference among children of the same country! 
What makes your ohildren of Mow England bo 
bright and so happy!" 

"Look," said Webster, as thoy wero then 
nesting another school house, "there, there, flee 
you that liltlt building On tho corner lot I It h 
that Ultle ithoal hauie that does the work !" 

Yea, iti» the eountrysohool house; ana good 
men and great men liko Webster and Cloy, have 
■sen ond will always see and recogniro the 
"country school bouse." where tho children can 
all bo educated together. Wo hnvo introduced 
thin anscdoto to show the value put upon coun- 
try school bouses, by Iho statesman Websler. 
and to iatrodacu the very able Addroas of ooi 
friend and Teacher. His Address does honor |.. 
his head and heart, and is full of most excellent 
thuugbt. That broad philanthropy which taken in 
a whole Union, which knows no North, no South, 
no East, no West, where a gooa ia to bo nccom- 
pliahed — this ia tho right spirit for Culiforoin. 
To oor Schools WO look for the right .-. [>i ri t In 
bo inculcated; educate tho young aright, 
we need bavo no fear of onr Union. 

This Address was delivered at Santa Rosa, 
Sonoma county, on tho second woek of Jnly, 
before tho Teachers and friends of Education ir 
that coonty, and was received, as it deserved, 
with marked applonso. Wo desiro to mention a 
pleasing foot, of our uwn obaorvatioo : On onr 
way to tho beautiful town of Santa Rosa, wo 
stopped, us is always our Custom, ot a very neat 
nohool bouse, a few miles short of tho town, and 
onteied tho school room; although a perfect 
stranger, wo wero courteously rccr-iv,-,!. ,u„i 
beard the (imitations of tin. 1 pupil*. Tho boys 
and girls wero all neat ana tidy, and recited 
remarkably well. From what wo saw wo feel 
assured that distriot has a very faithful teacher 
in Mr. Bibcock. The appearance, conduct and 
recitations of tho scholars, was a warrantee 
deed of a faithful "school master." 

Wo oommend n careful perusal of this Ad- 
dress, and hope much good will result to tho 
cause of Common- Sehool Education. 

history, philosophy, and morals, in which they 
•re instructed, elements out of which thoy can 
form for themselves such moral and intellectual 
characters as will render ih cm good, "*«• *"? 
happy, that tbey may bo the prido of the ' 

ilieyV '■ '' - ■■■' 

rs.n ii 

ind my labors hue 

tnd u -if' 1 1 ill' llll-i-r; 

v live; or if I Can. wiinoue pi"--, 
it. direct the minds of parents and 
in fsct every member of community, 

p">pVls tncTrwarmest sympathy and hearty co- 
iparation, in order to establish between teacho!. 
,,;,,! ,„.| ,,„,„nt,:a unity or action, of thought, 
nd of feeling, that is so indispensably "ece^ry 
,j si),--.--, in ihetraiuinc;irid development o[ the 
youthful mindi-il I can bo instrumental for 
good in any of these particuli 
that my present' 

not been in vain. 
mried are the aspect-i under e.l.i-h ibe sub- 
ject of education present itself lo the mind for 
ideration,snd so often and so eloquently have 
BOSSlty and importance heen urged upon Iho 
is of the people, that I am at a loss to find a 
aspect in which lo present it, a now argu- 
l in ita favor, or on illustration to exhibit the 
considerations whi:h attach themselves to 

r- -r ... 

rlheless the cdiicalionol interest 
imperiously damand a vigorous 
onvince the judgment, at least 10 
I of the people to more cllleieiil 

, of Call. 

lamentable fie 
been written a 
plsces, an aim. 

prosperity of Iho Slate. It is o 
th ,i iiotwilh itanding all that 1 1 -I'- 
ll spoken on the subject in many 
t criminal inactivity still provaila 
ell conducted s ' 

ihe result of private en- 
prise. These alone never can supply the defi- 
ciency, Tor they uu-l forever remain ii,v:ee--,iblo 
' a large majority of the people in the State. 
Im- 'u.iluppy stale of affairs is mainly to bo 
cribed to the peculiar circumstances which al- 
nded ihe settlement uf California by Iho Amcr- 
m people, and ihe olormiug estent with which 
e spirit ..f gain for awhile absorbed crcry other 
,i L ..i.!, ri'iiiu. For a long tiico the population 
Cilil'irniii ".is a milk's, unsettled mass, 
Fayed lo and fro by the glittering prospect of a 
idden accumulation of wealth, with which lh,-i 
ined to return lo tho land of their naiiviiy. to 
iety of friends, a ' "■- 

is of « 

io Call 

foroia was teen 

ing with an oxciicd swarm or 

like the work of enchantment 
n of actito business resounded 

land; yet California could not 

truly boast of be 

1 population ; for there wore but 

few whoso inter 

St and happiness wero porrna- 

„..itlyid L 

—but few, who, in ihe joy ond gratiti 

heart,.., could around, anil esdaim, will] thi 
• ■.veiling pride of devoted attachment, Mil ii r»t 
ham*. Every where, from tbo humble cabin of Ihi 
miner, the coonlinghoose of the merchant, thi 
workshop of Ihe mechanic, and the farmhouse of 
ihe settler, whoa the cires and labors of iho day 
were ended, the subject for thought and com 
salion. was the llnnl mitidpititin uf a speedy 

Stale, or gloomy and inelonchi 

Sgathsl tho cruel fatality, that snatched Ihem 

fn.m tin- endearing: embrace of home ond friends, 

excited Ihrong. bi-*iljrri-d a„'l deluded by an in- 
■ir.linnie thirst for gold. Nowhere, "aF to be 
found thnl pride of home, that atlachment to Ihe 

it love of si 

so indispensably t)i 

or a Slate happy ai 

Hcnco it Is not * 

ordeied slato of So 

lliL-'lhll l> ■! 

i'i ].r.,..]n-ri,,i- 
range, In Ihi 
:iely, if ivc And 
or labor bcslowea on ihe great wotk oi it 
and developing Ihe menial and moral poi 
iho risioR generation. 

Educational Address, 

It, lit- r.,1 <lt tilt .-'.JU.'il HOill I'chialt .|l-.i(/ ;!-, 

on the 8IA in,l., by J. W. Itccd, Esa.. 0/ /'. 


IiaAict and Gentlemen, 

TVaclieri and" I'ujriit; 

has already removed many of the 
obstacles that formerly impedtd iho progress ' 
mental culture ; but has also rendered a vlgoro 
and energetic prosecution of some efficient ficbei 
for the general education of tho yoatha of Ca 
forma, of momentous importance. 

The mighty throng of adventurers that or, 
Totcdcd our cities, and swarmed through a 
noanlains and valleys, has rolled away, or su 
ided, and been superseded by a hardy enlerpr 
rig class, attracled thither by our fertile soil, o 
■cnial climalo, our beautiful lalki ■., our shiuiin; 
ivere. Our brunl biy, our unj>;-iii- niuiintain-.. 
sunny skies. Fully nsaured of tbo ad- 
ue enjoy, aod aware of the certain TO' 

toil, they hovo savored all tbo ties, that bound 

' ' former borne, and eouiu wilh theii 

flocks, and ihcir herds, and their little ones, lo 

find a permanent home in onr fi-rllh: e.illeys, and 

' "m rich blessings thai a bountiful Provi- 

as so richly lavished upon our adopted 

Already their presence and their intlucncc. 

their i net (i j- and their enterprise, have wrought 

r:harij:L- 1 iliat to any other llun the American 

pcopla would seem liko iho work of magit 

"lit a fow years ago Ihes.i liM„iii.,l valleys 

eheld under iho dominion of an inferior mcc, 

pablo of appreciating their advantages, or ot 

•loping their resources. No apiril of onler- 

IhrOogh Ihe country; save only the hoJfiO Iwl- 
' Ibo franlic herd, pursued by Ihe half- 

compliance with an invitation from the 
wurihv Principal o[ this school, I appear before 
yuu, this evening, lo speak a few words ' 
eouripemtnt, and to testify my approval, a 
miration, of this laudable enterprise in which you 
arecugiged. I am happy, indeed, to meat yoi 
here this i-veninc;. V'nir piejeine iurlicale.-,' in 
interest aod a zeal in the cause of cJucaiioiMimr, 
deep and lervent lhan 1 was prejrartd to expect 
and I am only sorry that my humble jbilliiesan 
io for ioidti|uLU" tu mti'l the i-:,.-iviun in a piope 
mannor. But, though I may be delieiirn ir, ri t,il 
ily or elegance of stylo, I assoro you thai th 
words I shall utter will come from a heart whr* 
every throb heals in unison with eiery noble en 
lerpriw for the general diffution of knuwledgc, or 
the cu Hi rati on of the minds and hearts oi ihe 
rising generation. And ahould any hun.l.kell'.iti 
of mine, contribute, in Iho least degree, to the 
adiancemeot of this great cause, with which thi 
ioierttt, happiness, and prosperity or society, o! 
our country, and uf mankind, are soclo-ely iuVu- 
Hind, then ^ill I be ibundanlly rewarded. Car 
I, by any words of sympathy m enoonragetneiil 
in.pire in the already duvoled bearlsof the teach 
ersa deei«t love fur Ihe noble work in which 

the weight of ore, uf le.poosibililv, and of labor 
that In incumbent upon Ihem; or can 1 lead Ibi 
minds of their pupils appreciation of the 
P r "il*E^ lb-, ei.j,,y, ;, r „i i„i„ ; , jnio 1 hoi r hear li 

I'i'l .-.- 

as a member of tho great sisterhood of st * le f- 

Under the circumstances in which we ha« 
been placed, perhaps it would be «nP n ^ 3 '" 
complain of what has been done; but thai .our 
system of education 

.„. ,. ( reriorlo the wealth, 
■re*s of the Slate, and lhat 
'and of tho rising generation, 
ill loudly for an immediate improveinvni in '>»r 
yslem of schools, is a fact that no one will pra- 
;„,„. ,o ilenv. 1 am not here os » fault- «nd. .. 
«<il! .iilliu C lvcondcmn anything if 1 '"-"i -' ,,ht 

li.nele by :a. doil.l.'. Bnl !,-::, Il Id-: i"!'o:'.> " 

.k-ailiMs for tin.- rlBhln and in.,resls of the cli.l- 
,..„ ,.| ,1,., Stale, I must he allowed to urge, Iho 
-<-.-«=3iv of it more universal interest, and bar- 
nonious action on the pin of every individual 

Inly lo 

a ipn 

, bids 


tlended tin 
that bound him 

thropy, Pn trio I ism. 

the enliivation of tht 

tbo young. Aiiil."."|.[.one.l hv the «|,;m' ■"■■'- "i 
aiies, Ibey point to thi-.ii- the "lily .'■■rlani ineir 
of .T:idi, : 3ting many of the laiucnhihh ■-. ,1 - ih 
affect uur social uream/Jiiion and darken oi 
cbomcter as a Stale. And if we heed not It 
voir,, uhiclionlv calls us lo the performance • 
our ..oslenly wil mil h-M us ^uiltle-.. 

[nmv.'ilh„ L :t..ii,:.U^.II due allowance for It 
ndvers" circuiuvLiiiL.'s bv wbi'-h ne Imr I-, 

■ ; u i" I'd- 1 know llml our ciui--rriiioii .»• 

settlement here have been peculiar and uncjan 
pled, and differing e--i-tiLi iliy from the i;Uarac''-r 

mont of the Western Sutl 
pranl severed at once, all lb.- ties u 
to bisforinci l,:.bilaiioti, nuil wilt,. 
a liu-.-'iim; " i~li to return, bonl hi 
a new homo in the Western wilds, 
luded by no imaginary dream of s 
bul only sought a spot ivhcro he a 
duslry and energy, anight obtain a comforlablu 
livelihood, and in Ihu course of years amas 
competence. Animated by such hopes, tho I 
menl that Spot Was selected, all tho endearing 
tocialions or heme immediately clustered roi 
it, and, ^\wi\ after tho labors of Iho day n 
over nntl the hardy pioneer relumed lo his hi 
ble cabin, and the family circle was congrego 
round tho domestic hearth, his happy child 
climbed his knees, kissed his sunburnt chra 
and exclaimed, in the joy of ibeir itinoc 
hearts, this U out horn*. The mother smi 
the dither's bosom li.'.ive.l with emotmius of pr 
and joy. a prayer of gratitude rose from Iho lonely 
cabin, and all were happy. Jinny of these liunjj- 
pioocors. drew their first nourishment from the 
breast Of Now England molhers.ond coming from 
that cradle of liberty, of religion, and of educa- 
tion, Ibey well understood the importance ol 
menial culture, and hence, as soon as lha smoke 
curled from the chimneys of a half di 
cabins, in a circuit of six miles, iho bumble log 
,vh. alhDUM rose in o convenient spot, and 
flocked the happy children of the link c 
nily, to be instructed in tho elements of 
and of morals ; while from tho samo rudi 
on every bright Sabbath morning, arose 

of praise, .mil ., pray,;, i,i thanksgiving 10 I 
liful Providence for privi!,.^ ami 1. legmen less 
abundant than those enjoyed by us. They la- 
bored, and Ibe wilderness bloomed under ihcir 
persevering efforts. 

I recoiled of standing, when a child, upon a 
leoulihil prairie unmarked by Iho p' 
dered bv a grove of majestic oaks , 
the ox. The lauiUcapo shone in lb 
original bcauly or nalore. Sixteen years rolled 
away : Thar beautiful prairie lias long since all 
been upturned by Ihop" 

again and ogai; 


io fertile so 

ihlo forest of g 

then a wildcrnes.», is now the abode of a prosper- 
ous, happy, virliiouH, and inlelli^i -nt cuiiniiiiniEy 
If such. then, has been tho prosperity or the 
Weal, what do tve lose when com unred with them? 
lias Providence been less bountiful with us7 We 
have a more fertile soil, a more genial ell 
equal or greater energy and enterprise, and 
rior health. Beneath our mountains are I 
inexhaustible liensures of wealth, our lields 
an abundant harvest, oor calllo luxuriate 
lha rich herbage, llml covers Ihe hills and w 

purifying hifluonce" 
happy. Never MM I 
natural advaniagos. a 


e a land possi 
e prondpfth' 

and from the W\.si, f,- 011 

wild valine 

llul the American Eagle shook hi . [.iiinns mer 

the land, nm I onr .- tiyirieii follo.vnl Ihe shrill 

scream of Iho bird of our banner— finutiou-es 
mid cottages, towns, tillage", and plantations, 
lose on every hand]— al ihe first touch of iho 
hand of American industry Ihe f, ( iile yirld- 
vil its abundance, and the broad boMot pf the 
:ed their golden grain in Iho breeze. 



HI Id.., 

3, you 


a. by the 

ids of pxtriolic pride. In 
ecemly started i 

1 of tin 
■I bellel, 


nd o 

t throng of u> 

5000 happy faces congregated 

Ihe natal day of our country, e.nd lo u;sn(y ihei. 

love and veneration for the nolile Inheritance be- 

■jueiibiil io ua by our fathers. 

When wo contemplate such evidences of Ih- 
■ paralleled progress of out adopted l-tale. u !,. 

■ tliii is Aim 

le rapid progress I 
uvemeol of Hie c 

e hehulil much uf which n 

my things 

I..- lo the 
i ll„, ,1 

Ihe advantage- iheirpreiinicircun.stances a 

to analch from the various branches of science, I tuily c 


Dal rise lo impede ihe progress 
education, upon which rests the perpe- 

: , inherent In tho people, anrj this pritici- 

lhat thoy »ro io possession of inlet- 

iincnce, that will enable thorn jndiciouau lo e. 

b - their high perogctlTe. rW, tt*gfgj 

fiindnniciilil priiKijile 
jiir own glory, and influenced by i 

.1 f.T 


domain. Ibcrob' 


marrying mo to eavo her father, and toM ^ 
inch ; and added lhat it would mako no dj/. 
fcrertcowltb mo; that I should givo him p| t0 , 
of time any how. S ho than told mo nil. $„, 
re--..-rv,.,l nothing, not oven "tho intention (o con. 
lit suicide. I aaked her if her father knewef 
In r eriL-aji'incnl. She soid thai he did n 


icine a mulii Hide of t.— „ 

tut/, and introiliiem:' under one firm of repre- 

irilalivo government distinct nice-, that have no 

thoughls, no feelings, and 

tiion.auil whoso wants am 

Killed as their language a 

Ibis, icason and ibe histon and experience 
.11 point I 

had, she said, a notion that she was to 


all it 


■ : conclusion. 


igih nor tho grei 
depends upon Ibe extent of territory over which 
'io may exorcise jurisdiction. 

'I be "intellieence of her people. Ibeir unity of 
oiii'lii ih-ii' liarni'iny of ii'iion, ami their uni- 
r-iil hue of eouiilry"— Ihese, with a noble «ys- 
and abundant 



irily in peace, 


olily— theci 

and Liter; 

i Agrie'iUu, 

- Ma ael 

a Hi) ■> Ind 

Schools. Academics. Col- 
leges n ml Churches. May such ever be ihu basis 
of our country's character. May such ever be 
the nuilivts thai shall eonle mir uuihilioit, till "11 
over ihe land, from the norlh to ihe soulh. from 
tho east lo the west, our schools are multiplied, 
anil our coniitrvmen educated, till we shall have 
obtained a iba , -I'.o.r bo iniidlipence. virlue and 
homaintv. Hint will command ibe respect of the 
world, and render us n nation of scholars. Then 
wo will havo a Union and harmony or interest 
and feeling lhat no faction can destroy, nnd a 
conscious strength of purpose, and resolution of 
will, that no power can intimidate. And should 
a noblo magnanimous and pacific policy fail lo 
command respect for our Flag, or to secure justice 
froot the nations of tho earth, or should a pre- 
Biiinptiious inv.ider dure to sel his foot upon Our 
border, then, throughout iho land, from ocean 10 
ocean, from every hill, and from every valley, an 
in er ivb el mi ne; lio.t of eiiliiih leiie'l freemen, would 
rush to the held ofbatlle to vindicate their coun- 
try's honor and sweep ihe invader from the land. 
I_'un scions of onr strcn!;lh, and Ihe rectitudo of 
our potiev, »e could defy Ihe armies of 


$1 i S C I I lit It 11 . 



and elev 




(.■, 10 


io 7 I an 
Itall ii 

It Yen 

'hen Ibe work i ... 
i elliciciilly. Every considei 
lo commence iriiinnliiivly. 
hsl tho strength or lliu llnlo 
'- — r ayslcm of public ir 

Ms. South had taken no pari in tho conv 
lion of Ibo evening; but during tho latter pari of 
Iho lost story he was visibly affected. Ho sn 
with his face buried in his hands, but when Mi 
N. bad ceased to speak he raised his head and 

■'Your Mary lives ; and she lives for ijov." 

"You are a liar and a mocker," exclaimed JIi 
Norlh i at the same lime rising and Inking Ihe 
other's cravat in one band, and drawing a large 
bowle knife wilh the oilier. 

-I nm neither." was Iho calm reply. 

"Prove it! prove it!" said Norlh, in ai 
cited tone, or, by heaven, you die on iho spot. 
For, ir I had my lni[>eH raised once more, and then 
broken, I could not perform my pilgrimage." 

Mr. Sooth put his hand in his pocket, and di 
forth a letter, and said : 

"Fieri; is a letter from her lo you. I suppose 
you know her hand." 

Ha let go his hold of the cravat, siczed the It 
tor, tore it open, glanced at it for an instant, then 
waved his knife over his bead, gave ibrco cl 
and said : 

'■Get oul of here, every one of you, or I'll send 
you to a climate where the Methodists say llio 
temperature is slightly above the freezing point." 
As he spoke, he strock Iho lablo, and split il 
nearly from end to end. Then, lo use a phrase 
more expressive than classic, you should bavo 
Been us "git up and pfr." 

When ivo were oul, ho llnished cutting up the 
table, broke the chairs, kicked Iho window out, 
danced around awhile, threw bin knife into Iho 
tire, and hollered out to us lo coma in. 

"I om Iho happiest dog," said he, 'thai God 
over made. Come in here ; [ want lo hug you all." 

Wo accordingly followed our noMs into the 
houso, whan ho gave ns a squeeze thai uur ribs 
bore testimony of for weeks. 

'■You must excuse mo," said ho. 'for making 
so free with your furniture, fori bad to break 
something; and there ute plenty mora tables and 
things lo bo had, and I have R ot ihe money ; so 
that 's all right. Now light lhat caudle," he con- 
tinued, 'and read this loiter for mo, for I'll be 
baiiecl il" 1 can." 

I took the letter and read as follows : 

"George : The time is past, and I am not mar- 
ried, nor am 1 dead, The sacrilico is not required. 
Happy days are yet in store lor ua. My hearl 
beats ao fa^t ihal I can hardly wrile, but tho 
bearer or this (who is Iho hesl fellow in Ihe 
wo/Id) will lull you nil about it. Oh. do come 
home quick! for minuies will bo houis, ond 
hours diyo, until you get hero. If you can't wind 
up your huslneis leave it with some one. and we 

rich, or, at least, marry into some aristocrjiit 
family, anil that you had a desire to win a nl[n) 
and some money, before you spoke lo him on lot 
subject. She had hardly finished speaking, whij 
the old man carao into tho room, wilh a letteria 
his hand ; nnd said ho, addressing Mary : 

George Nortli* 

Mary turned pale, but ho did not notice her, aoj 

, tinned : "Ho says that he baa made many 

very fost, and hearing that I was cm b»r rasped it 

check for ten thousand dolliii 

which ho begs I will use until I can com*;ti«idj 

refund it. And ho says, loo, Mary, lhat this is l s 

consideration of tbo many acts of tiiiidncssdo&t 

3i when a boy. Now, con you recollect, for | 

■ft, what 1 ever did fur the bny? Il ii true ihu 

Iwoys gavo him work to do, and paid him tu 

But he always Deemed to gel along wiiboal 

tho need of help, or 'acts of kindness.' 1 alwiti 

!w lhat ho was an extraordinary boy, and llm 

would make bis mark on iho ago." 

Now, I'a." said she, throwing her arms routd 

his neck, "now, Pa, if you don't recollect of em 

having done him an act of kinduesa, will yoadt 

i one now 7" 

Willingly," said ho. 

Then," said Mory, and a slight blush autfaH 

■ face, "then will you givo him yourdaugblert 

hand? Sho has, many years ago given him cm 

He looked like astonishment personified ; In 
could not understand how she could talk so, and 
I present; but an explanation followed, and il 

I then told th'om that I nhould atari that more 
ing for Now York, and two days after that <a 
California, as I had been away from there, ilia, 
about a year, and 1 lold Mary that if she wanul 
to write to you, that I would tinil you, and it 
liver the letter personally. She tried to get be 
other let tor lo you out of tho Post-office, buti 

"Than you have lived in California boforeP 
said Norlh. 

'Yet, I belong to tho firm of S., C. £ Co,d 
New York and Sin Francisco." 

Tbey carried On the conversation for aboil 
a half-hoar, when il again became general. 

'Somebody tell ua another story," said Mr, 
Norlh j "1 can't sleep ; so lei's poss off the lime.' 

"Well." said Mr. doutb, "if no one objects,) 
will toll 

In iho year 1S-W I came to California j and 

the mtucs. whom I stayed until the fall of '56 
In July of '50 a man caino into -our etTggira\' 
who had tho most beautiful lady. I thought, llul 
1 had ever beheld. Sho had llien a child M 
more than a month old. As they moved into i 
cabin nol more than ten steps from mine, I sou 
got woll acquainted; and used lo speud mail l 
my evenings there ; anil, for all lhat I saw, tbet 
were a happy couple. 

Bul one evening, in tho latter part of Seplea- 
bor, sho canio to my shanty, isalked in and led 

; fen 




itlon, I 

i obtained, 
• a great ond 
by a Urn, ,ui- 
prudciice, and 
'"" individuals. 

here nee 

justice. I bclievi 

are free moral agents, and accouniol,],.. r„ r YC' 

arlium.; ami then .U-stinv is n,ai,,f,,| ,.„i, ., 

farm. Ibe. „re ,, „,!,,! byjns,,,,,,,. ||||]|lli 

Asauli;,-,,-:,! bo-i; mayhede-lmu,! ,,, , | ., | , U|| 
the laws Ol iis ,,,,;, mmion i.o liie ,„„., ,„.. .,,.' 
ous and powerful nalions may be. and hav, 
rfft'* own'tuty" '" 1 ' ^ ' iDUlil * *« "» 

inilitu lions, u well as our character | According lo the genius of our Constitution, 

n go back. I n 

or agree to bo separated 

noru now, but look for a long 
eatweck. [ will direct to San 
't If you should bo coming homo, 


'i little Maui 

'■lace, saidMr.Soulh, "lhat she has told you 
thmg about how thu mumgn w brokfln o0 -. 
lui'l l".| ■ .1 lhat she would ; hut as she has nol, 
mil hive to toll you. Wall, t nm lha Mr. S. 

ih.lall waanel right wilh hi 
oftho wedding, I luhl her to I 

ididly, ii 
ot wrong. I told ho/ that if a ho 
to say so. I suspected that she 

momcut, and then 

"You are a gentleman, I believe J" 

'■I think 1 am," said 1. 

"Do you think you havo a soul to save 7" A 
said, with her eyes lixed on my face. 

1 was so astonished at her questions and I* 
manner that 1 did not answer her Immedl'iU". 
She continued : 

"Do you think you havo a heart, orercrM 1 
Have you got one spark of honor that ia coin 
tinguisbed by tho thirst for gold 7 Hove ye" 
molbcr, or did you aver bare one ?" 

-I think," said I, "that 1 have a soul lo an 
I IhinkI bavo a heart; I think I baTOSOBwM* 
honor left ; 1 have a mother. And now will I* 
tell me why yon ask these questions f" 

'■You would not then," sho said, "uionlii' 
helpless infant, for n few thousand dollars 1" 
. 1 again asked to know the reason of nucha* 

"1 think," sho continued, "from 1 6l ' 
seen of you. 1 can trust you. Here, lak« * 
packet, and open it to morrow morning. i cJ * 
before." As she spoke, she handed mesa"* 

"Now," said she, "will you promise inv,tif* 
tbo honor of a gentleman, that you will do" 5 !* 
will there bo requested to do, if honor, hum 1 ™ 
tbo I cachings of your mother, and the l** 1 
Got), all Kay lhat you should 1" 

■'Will you," said I, "givo me no forth" * 
planation 7 If nol, 1 proniiio blindly." 

"I would liko to, bul I cannot. You wil"* 
all, tomorrow." As sbo spoke, she r»ia<J ^ 
Sho took my hand, kissed it, and dropped op* 
a pair of tears. Sho then bold my hand •' J* 
her own, and said r "As you deal with UiO »* 
ccnland tho helpless, in Ibis world, » <**-. 
Lord deal with you in the world tocotne. ™ 
6»<." A.d,h,» UE o„. 

Ho matter what my conjectures were," ^ 
ihe night, hut I aroso in tho morninf. *|^ 
break ofday.oponcd tho packet, and read i'i 
as I bavo it in my pockol now, I will «*! 
yon. Listen : , 

Aa I shall require no small loan of f»* ^ 
bul right that I should tell you lhesl° r J'™^ 
life, which will account Tor what will h»pP«* 
fore you break the seal of this paper. _ 

1 was an only child, and. of course, » 'r, 
one. My mother died in the year l&lt- 



then eiittcn joara of age. In M9, when the gold 
fever ww raging °«r all Iho Stales, my father 
conclodcdtocoincBcrosslhepliini. According]* 
weitarlcti. Uo had some hundred headofcowB. 
and we formed o train of oor owd, as ho hid 
nrrerat bands hired. 

Wo hull not been out long, before wo fell in 
wiili Iho mm who now pa&tet far my husband, 
■ml a roan who In row keeping a gambling Ublo 
ju*l opposite youi cabin. They joined our train. 
The one (hat you know as Mr. Scldun (my hui- 
band) bogan to pay particular attention to m* 
The other passed for a minister of the Gospel 
(whit mockery). I fell in low with Mr. Selden. 
Ho urged a speedy marriage, and asked my 
filbert consent. My father aid that he did not 
Wf*h lo mar mv happiness, but ho could not giro 
oshispc™''^' " " nlil he knew something aboul 
Mr.Selutn. Selden talked to me about tbo un- 
reason able nes of "old folks," and wanted me to 
run off with him. The preacher said it was no 
barm.but I would notdo It 

About two weeks after my refusal to elope with 
him, ho, tho preacher, and my father all hap- 
pened to be on guard at once, and tho hands all 
asleep. All at once, tho cry of "Indians! In- 
dians !" mi raised; several shots were 6rcd, and 
every man Has toon running lo tho spot where 
thoy supposed iho Indians were. Tho Indiana 
were gone, but thor found my father, who had 
received a shot through tbo heart. 

When he reached tho camp, ho was dying. T 
was at his side in an instant. Ho spake to mo: 
"Angela," be said, '■jIi ! inv daughter, beware 

of ." Ho could not finish the sentence, for 

the next instant ho was a resident of Heaven. 
Whatho was going to say I could not guess at 
uiiiil within tho last week. 

Thus was [, uneducated in tho ways of tbo 
world, and not knowing how black tho human 
heart could be. left alone, among strangers; an 
easy prey to the designs of villainy. I stayed a 
week at the grata of my father, and then moved 
on. Bolassoon as we started, the preacher be- 
gan to talk to mo about how indecoroos it was 
for a young lady to bo traveling among a lot of 
moo alone, and be said that if I actually loved 
Selden. that I had better marry him right away r 
so that I would have some one to foot up to. 1 
resisted tbo importunities of boih for some timu; 
hot, at length, everything wont wrong; my 
hands all left (they were hired logo), andl con- 
sented to be married. Accordingly, the Rev- Mr. 
Jackson performed thu ceremony, and I consid- 
ered myself Mrs. Selden until vghtehday. 

You will recollect, perhaps, that several days 
ago, this man Jockson came here, and took up 
board with us. I saw thit there was something 
wrong, the day after his arrival, and I was deter- 
mined to llnd out more. Yesterday, i heard (no 
matter how) the following conversation between 
these two worthies. 

"Well, then," said Jackson, u it is decided that 
we atari the day after tomorrow ; but I don't like 
the idej o( killing- that irerirjt much ; 

was no reply. I opened it, and walked in. There 
p a scene I Both the men (Selden and Jack- 

) fcyon tho same bod; bat thoy wore both 

dead. Tbo bed looked like » pool or coagulated 
blood. It was evident that thoy had both died 
without « struggle. Tho cradle, with tho child 

it, stood in tho mlddleof tho room, and near it 
lay tho Tletim of man's cruelly. She loo, was 
dead- but she had been avenged. Iho same 
knife that had killed— I won't say murdered— the 
ntn, was slicking in ber bosom; where, I 
think that an evil thooght had over entered, 
previous to bcr knowledge of how she had been 
deceived. , 

Around the child's neck was a piece of paper. 

lest Of' thTmothcr^f this child, thnt .Mr. S. take 
charge of it. and do with it as ho shall think 

"«6t." , . 

It is only nocc=-m h>r mo in mi-, further, that 
. took the child, and thnt T found lb..- innr.n nil 
right. I also found Selden's (or Well's) wife 
and rant her the requested to do. I 
nursed that child myself, and for three years I 
:as not away from her Tor mnru than twenty- 
mrhoursata time, and up to this moment I 
_avo never been away from her for three weeks. 
She has never had a scolding in her life, and I 
don't intend that she t-hall have while I live. 

will • 

ni. I t! 

:r take ibe young one, and 
will never Hud you," 

-We will leave her a little money then," 
Selden, at least what ihe has laid away." 

"Money be d d!" said Jackson, "I'll tell 

you. she is good looking enough to make a liii 
anywhere, and she will suun come lo It" 

••Yes, but that Is the reason I don't want 
leave ber. I would rather come the Indian o 
her, like we did the Old man. You see." a 
linued my husband, 'iome 011c could kill bcr and 
I coold lake on terribly about It, and in a 
days leave, and no one would suspect us. 
then you don't know her ; she would follow 
child of hers to the end of the earth ; and 1 I 

T 1 It 

I heard bow they were going to manage mat- 
ters lo kill roc; but, before yoo lead this, you 
will see who has conquered. 1 found 
Selden had a wife and child fn tho Slaw or In- 
diana, and that his real name was Wells. 

By the timo you will be pcimltlcd to read [fat 
both of those men will bo dead, and I, too, wi 
have paired "to that bourne, te." 

Sua- 1 want you to lake my child, and bring 
her up. 

I have buried in the southeast corner of tbi 
cabin about three thousand dollars, which 1 hav 
sated, so as lo have something for my child, if 
we got broke up. Selden has about thirty 
thousand dollars buried in the cenlcr of tho Hi 
I will sul the cradle over it, but if that should be 
removed Imfuro you get in, you will tind a comb 
Stuck down level with Hie ground ; dig thi 

Selden sold the cattle, horses, Ac. belonging to 
my father for licentt/ thmaand dollars ; lb; 
consider, of right belongs lo my child, and If 
think so, you will appropriate It accordingly; tho 
balance of his moocy I wish yt 
life, Ifyoncan Dnd out where aho ia, without 

uch. There is n 
t he h 

uoy, and I wish 
10 this money, and never say anything 
3ooru about it ; tbat ia, I am willing 
, and I don't want investigation. If 
money found, there will be no m 
an A'lmiiiiMraior, and you can propose 10 
tte child. Call ber Angela, end if you had 
rstior, aho ran lake your naroo; if not, Ihcn Call 
her Waldron ; Angela Waldron. That it my 
nam. Baiso ber as you would your own child, 
•nd'jod will reward you. I need say no more. 
Falewell, until wo meet in a happier clti 

; y he lime I had read tbls through, nearly 
tlerjbrrjy »i, up . a man came Into the cabin, 
"Did yoo hear a noise at Selden's last 
* certain that I did," said I, "but let'a 
Jttover.and knocked at Ibedoor; there 

Mo Excelionca 'Without Labor. 
__;ro is perhaps no general principle more 
fullr established lhan (his— that there is no ojt- 
" eo without labor; nothing great or noble 
er been accomplished without hard, perso- 
soring labor; no great eniorrjri-a-s have been car- 
ried out without labor. How did Alexander 
became ono of tho greatest warriors of nnlitiuity, 
inquerer of all the then known world, who 
wept when there were no more worlds to con- 
quer? How did Cicsar eitend his conquests 
until he made Rome the mistress of the world? 
How did Napoleon— at the mention of whose 
name the heart of the Frenchman even now 
thrills with feeling, and bis eye kindles with 
emotion— starling in life with no friend but his 
sword, tight his way upward till ho became Em- 
peror of Prance? How did ho at the head of 
bis army, go forth lo conquer and asi-ini-li ihe 
■orl'l liv Mil- mi'l gr.iilm-.s of his vleto- 
ies and' make Europe tremble at his pmL-ro-..; ? 
How did these men accomplish so much 1 Thoy 
ambitious, ihoy wished to achieve for them- 
selves a name :i^ cml military cli ledums, nri'i in 
the pursuit of this object they spared no labor, 
they underwent hardships and privations; ill 
shirt tin- ) sacrificed everything at Iho shrine of 
tbeir idol ambition. 

poleon when about lo lead his army over 
Iho Alps said lo the engineer who bad been sent 
forward to ssctri.tin tin; possibility of the under- 

'-Is it practicable 1" 

h It is barely practicable." was the reply. 
" Lei us ret' forward, then," said Napoleon. 
They did set forward, and that extraordinary 
undertaking, which won tho admiration of the 
■orld was tiicc.:.- -(nil- iu-.>iiiii']i-iui). This short 
jnversaliun furnishes an index of Napoleon's 
character. It discloses the secret of his success, 
his iniliiiiiiliil.iK- itiit'-i and p rsiveiance in whal- 

Wlih rrgord to intellectual is es- 
pecially tr-ie that there h " no eaccllence with- 

pcsitiiin in life in that u( i dMiiitiuishcd -clml-ir 

ii, eh 1 
lived, m 

il the pical 

nds, became great by their IM oxertfont, 
They did not hcsilsie lo make NcKBees; l " ""* 

• Itrijii h:ir.l-lli[is (o expose lliem-elves to pOrSCCtl- 
liui ninl ridicule In the puisuil of knowledge. 
They felt that knowledge wosa priceless gem, an 
immortal priie for which they were -i-ekine.. one 
which would not desert tlieui ot death, but 
which, if riL'hily nse'l. would conduct Ihem to 
hiippier v. or Ids above; and in tho pursuit of thi- 
object, thit Hsirned whalcvcr had a tendency to 
divert their attention from lb it, their beloved 
pursuit. These great men frequently met wilh 
ridicule and ptr-.-euiimi. Their iiiniuvs r.rulc'in- 
duet were not understood and appreciated by tho 
men of Iholr ago. It remained for after genera- 
tions to honor and immortalize their names, and 
reap the reward of their labors. To them we 
are Indebted for all the gitai itioneiies mid in- 
ventions lhat have benefited mankind, and for 
whatever civiliiaiion and refinement we now 

Numerous instances might bo given to sbotv 
tfaat there is no intellectual greatness without 
labor. Newton, tho great philosopher, when 
asked how he bud ■.ui-i.-crJed in uniting -i. innn, 
important discoven'-. replied— " Uy thinking." 
Ity profound study and tiioughi [bis gnat mm 
sute-ei-h i> in tracitij; from the trilling occurrence 
of an apple falling from a tree, the laws which 
govern tho motions of the heavenly bodies. By 
observation and study Columbus became con- 
vinced of the globular shape of tho earth, and 
smlin-'esiword.discoveredanew world. Frank- 
lin, odor much obM-ri'almn .Mid i-ludy, succeeded 
in tkiablMiing ibe identity ul li^hlri'ng and elec- 
Iridty, proving thnl li^litnin- i,: -inly ek-clririly 
on a largo scale, thus adding lo his famo as a 
statesman, lint of n philosopher. Whaldillicul- 
lics end hardships did (he lale Vr. Kane pass 
through in acquiring the admiration and renown 
everywhere so deservedly paid (o bin unmc. Pos- 
sessed In childhood ot a feeble consiilut he 

overcame, as it weie, by the strong power of his 
will, his natural prtdi.'po-iliun to disease, [niLscd 
through a Keren years' course of study, and al 
an early nfi>: K' r "l"->i"l « 'Hi hi^li liotioros Uoclor 
of Mi-ilieim', having been cli of mile rued through- 

JU gh .1 


of an expedition lo Iho frw 

These examples are sufficient to teach us that 
would wo ourselves become great, w» must labor 
furil. II wu would disiiiig'iish u„ rseltrii nbavellie 
common ineas of mankind wo muat lohor fur It 
If we would acquire an education lhat will fit 
us for osefolnesi and distinction, wo must study, 
aludy diligently, study thorooghly. 

Lastly, if wo are determined to obtain an edu- 
cation, no difficulties need discourage us. In 
ihi , r.v : ,. ilillicultioa, instead ol discouraging us, 

will, by being surmoimlcd.only slrongtliei r 

minds for further oiertion. One writer boa said, 
" The biihest idea of education is Ihe Irainuu; of 
Ibe mind to surmount obstacles." Wo are lol * 
of some ambitious young men, afterwards dit 
I i ne*u i' bed scholars, lhat thoy acquired their first 
knowledge ot tho classics by studying at night 
after their day's wotk, by tho light of tho blaxing 
wood fire on (ha hearth. Let us emulate their 
iplo, and bo ditoouraged by no diilL,:ulii' .•- 

n Cultivator. 

STOCK, &c. 

Splendid Merino Stock. 
6 THE value of MERINO SHEBP, and all In. 
"wool-nrcdarlniSbeop, If b«irinnlor; to be niifre- 
. tlnredi and, from thooijtriuinDta already tnado, 
MO areertlineJ beyond a Utiulit, thai Sb«Jf o»l«- 

f ihur are oa«f 


::l,.. -IVflEHtaT' - ■ 

ilr- m i ,t- l'i;hve. ninl ray the bcil, — 

I -mil., Mil fell 11<W lo 19= per poneJt whllo 
thotacrSlirei- vi-'l I RE ui I I" i Hi '■■■'■ 

.:■-'. ."i .■'■ ".'n,':, ■■■;■, 

„i,.!|.i..j.iL-ivi-.i.- . i.ll.-.iher Itindt mod all idea ot rae. 
i„; l,,ro.ifrer lie, ciruiui " lirrclA (if Shoep 

on baof™ 

creafed ebaraeler of Ihe Sheep and Wool (induced ibe 

„vo ilniertaot faetimay I 

Short Horns, 


TUErr.l.iriil-,r-. r:V, ,l,..-.,l-ll,.ir 
Bull "LURJJ VilNK ILMI'liSI if, 


■■LordVanoTeinpMtai;" lojrethtr 

fr..:., U',rr.r,.tC.).(irof the lubg 

French Slerino Sheep. 

I SHALL rail a Taw ran rpteliaoc 
it neb Jleiio-i ihicp, from iroponed it 

Splendid Merino Rami and I 

ill- .1 U'iIk 

Cochin China Hens, Babbits, &e. 

r!IK .ul- -:r,i-,; »,.,j|,l .lo-ins |.,j.ill the allc-mio;, ..f 1 1,, 
pul.-ll- ;'■ l,i.-l..-ll.l i-rry Ilr „.(.',.- l,ir. [liin.i I-.ikI- 

i,i II l.-l.-M-:-.;. ,- I I-.- ,.ur|.i -I I - ...n.l.j-. 

odir i- -....>- .[.■„l,ll„l if rlity hr, l-.|.|.lI. : .|. Ill ik- 

■'■1-. I l.'lioi.' II.- Ill- T-..-.lTI|.|;.in- I 1 ■!■ 1..- i H-l-j .11 

v.i-,;:..- -|.-i[:-i^l l.jors Ccn-.iri il b ho hoa Iht 
.r it .i ....I iii=M I..-I- in il.s Montry. 
ii,- .-,.., ii.-...f IilI-Mi- . % ,o ur- in-. ... f J, aeafor.lii 

'l-ii- ,i,"V-'r',Xd or!n m n r'.« u-tf , 3wV<.»li D foraala,anu 
m I:,iI,Wl-. „it ftock. 

I'l.'ln -i-.i-, ■•:...:' !■■■.. i.ll ul 1.1- llnnobsothoSar 
',!.i :'. ,I...i-.-.i ramUt tran Oakland. 

vI-23 F S- SMITH. 


S^ins ja.isrr> runs. 



MsduTmIu", ml ]•-.].. f I'-.r,, ,'!„., -.-,,..,., A 

Cote fertan, and evorylhine la the/ 

:■■■ iT.iT.i-. ,..,,- ,.i:n.i.-., i.!.... i;,,,,,,. 

Snarly .■il-ilioIriHT[inli,...,»l lf„l,l 


To Buyers of Family Groceries. 

Bo. 134 Wniaimrton itreot 

(OpF^«IW lie Market), 


topp«ltelhf Upitct- tlrt-pni'ii RnlliJoE' 


Jflk JLk. 

Eubbfcr Hose and Panning, 
Hardware: FaiIbanka , Plalfona and Dannter Seals, 

California Production. 

i .ni- .ml.. Red 1 

tanrder V, &r 

ctvtjIk-Ij i chanrn ,-. 1^ Ih- ,1 

,. r ,,„ 

Ontemlnmi tho 

U - i ")- , UA 


n & Co. 

e Brewery, 

IDG Jen: 



(be "PaoPLa'a 


"aBd" r m°fci?ti7 


Mnfijortmlr, M 



the jodi-niQol >.i the 



ul* itnat. Baa Francluo 


■■-■,-, jllnnf [..-■ ...■.|Uirv". I'rlftrr, 10 cent. - 

irantlut" and p'cnrj iniii-. ilin'-u l'i...i- ilio U.iAod Slater. 

HcllOSALD i. 

Miry-il!' . 



Dr. C. M. JACKSON, PhUadelphin, Pa., 

Vi:it t'riMi'.' 

.i-ii-m. I,-:-, 

II ill n l--n -,-.:Li-' r Irl.-I l,-fi,Ti- li." An, .■.!'■ -Hi |'. .;.!". lb- 
■|.-.l.,i;.- i ..[-.I ■ .'.- ,- -..-.- 1 ■- ,_I1- .1 !-i 1nl1!-t ;:!!■, ,r '-h-n i 

,,:,. . v.- r .ti ---*t rl.i-I 

■ ! ; (■.'■ ' : . 



m jLodb; TthniC, 



V g J llnnilkcrthlrt 

[C Ufl ia Fcaeila 

kS ji3 tiri. 


^ ■ c. 

oJJlnS £ Q t _ 

^.^ . - wm, client rso 

"^ r»Sf • ,sSs, fesS 

■o^ho BrtU ""^ M ^ ™ 

Bi| Book 

T «i'c», 

Sliarpir.. 4^., tc, Jrc. 



132 I... Mi.- HI,..;!. 

Manila Kope. 

: 5S 




-em El Dorado i 


r.'l.rit'l.l r-.r n.'i b-.;.i!T:in ■: 'll.nn i 
Ug' -T-l?3a. 



Tntd I' the larcmi "nit b«! H..n-ln I-biik<Irl, i.l.i. ■Ir-jiloi 
eRaa ' ""'""'pf'tt^DllllV. HtLI.ISOS ft CO.. 


"•■a* LARGE F0int3T0ItV BBICK I 

Oaolaloa T-vr, Huadrad Splendid Boa 
ty Opei at Jti ttooaj, da r and olahL 




|A S. K.ltEV.L,-.!. 

■■■- -| i.l. 1 t v-. t ■ ! , - li connrorpd wllh tho honpe. 

f. I' WKlNMAKit. l'r„|,rii.toi. 

Bevere House, 


I.l- J,, ."lb M. ■„.,. K-'l 'ii I- is-'.n ■ l 

■ ■'.:.. nit-ii-r. T|.., n 
dagaBO). Iteonnlru o raitofparl 

. ..I i ,..,. 

'ir.T 11 - ii. i-i. I .i\ij ,i;[uwlriUtt with Lodclru-i. Mr. E. 

Jl.tll^' <.\. u.-- j.ii- . „, [■r.ji.n.-:-.., ul.,, 'hIilI:- ,l..i i L'rr.c- 
■ i '■■ . . . ... I <!i n.v., iii, . .i i -,.,,. .-.-,-. %-.■■■ I-- . ,,,.■,,] 

>■ M„.., r W. W KbTAIIHOOK, i-r i...t. v.-.r,. or,.- ... u.-, P i.o- 

u &£TEIlR-^o<jd brdj, 0117 

... .1. t.V-l IlLlll'h ,l[,UUll, OftJ iKiea Ff- 

SoplieefarOjoBrtio Colloga Ttoioreuij |i bat 

':-..:: - • 1 ...... . . ■ .. ; 

ajirtop— 18 rallfi- ; lurln-fikli, ii in. I, , „- ,1 :-, tl.c <,-;.- re, ar 
ll-ii BpilD|vSO riilli.v. At a »bo« Jl>un«i rivcrc li n good 

,,,. :■:■ 


Trie PAR mlt bo proriilrd o-iih nuno b-^^ the obvrlol of 
Li.|-..r-. -„:l tl:-- ii.ii- j^L.- i.V ,!■- :t..j - ;,. r Viitoj. Tl.r-Boj 
conducted bj Andrew ConolnrbanL tB-1 

EatudLUo Honse, 

LKAftD&B, MarudA Ouuy. 
THE ■□hwnbcE mp^ct/uLj In 


tbolr hoiilloF, and r^nj- 11 L-.r uri.i-, ,, l.iIi [,.- j:.,]-! l, rhc-c 
vT-M THOitis W. MULFDnp. p-qprietar. 

Haywaxd's Hotel, 

...I'm,.. ] .,!-■ I . 

Tli- I--.- .11 ii i- ih-< ra.j, l,-,irtf .,„J ii- J:_ Kr : ..] , r^rj 

,., Al ml.- 1, r-.jrlv >,-.■.. li-.! u:-m a , .-i:;lii .-.Liu.- , ,.,irii-r.;o. 
1.1.1:1, .■.illii.N.i . all.).. 11 rJ«lu-m.L,. 'r.!,. 1 ,';"."'.' ,!.'■':;]' "j"* 


AntelopB Keetanrant, 

teiair^tTwi, w thrHHri'r^f^ rlaaraaW 


OYS I DTE (1'1'S. 

.-.„ [i™.i-i, t>. 1 .;. ,. ' 

ith.rlnthoBhcll, Ilmilod Fri;.| -r ~l-- I \„,i ,n \,,- : 

,-i.-ii. :. •!;.;'. i.i - i.a.\ - .,-, . . -,| .,,,.-,, . ,j 
i i " * "' h L, ' h = '""-' "■ ''"- -'"■' i|i -- 1, '■' 

"ajii lind at DAK'VfiVIl m SA^OOS.** ™" 

t7 -" '"' '™:"™iir!F»D l o , 5». 


Produce and Genera! Cnmmiss tun Mcrt-hMls, 
No». 78 and Bl Davia iitteet, 

PERGONAL aUindaa gtreo" to tho t^'o of ' 
Flour, Qrali, 

FotnuKc, Onlona, 

larl_all Buplo Producta of the Conatrj. 

ilaio conitimtlr on h.od Now and Eocoad naad Or m 
md flnnar Ban, vrhleh «o offer bj tbo balo or bout!.. 




CLalifornin farmer. 


ICttETl Slid Ettlllllipi! 

Ooi enirnspondBolj mo kindly reonwled U direct all 
Itlten to at »t oar (irtBiipil office, Sao Fraacbeo. 

nil! meeh obllro oj If lhe? «lll b. paiUcolar lo uoti this. 
*> tail xi maT °° in of their fa tori alter, nrlleJl 
dim Than Publisher* abroad, and n bo.Tf , oBoklndl] 
i ■JlbUnlr-inMIa 


I., tan Krj; 


A Day Among tho Horveators. 
We loot a homed trip across llio Boy this 
week, to look at the Harvesters tkot have just 
begun their ihrashluB in the fluids around Son 
Lcaudro and on the Sou Lorenzo Creek. It is a 
busy time now, and when odd of Pcmgo'.-i ten- 
barso powers nio at work, they muko "ntraws 
tly." Al«ng the entire road, nftm; you leave 
Brooklyn, you see signs of the harvesting so 
son. and there il proof enough had, wborev 
yon go, of nn abundant harvest every whom. 

Wo first vli>i ted n group of Harvesters about 
two miles from Sun Leundro, near tho San JjQ- 
renao creek, the fields of Mr. Lorenio Mattie- 
son— u Danish countryman, — and here no would 
my i that no found in this vicinity quits a num- 
ber of Daces of o very industrious character, 
and oil busy in harvesting their orops; n very 
hard -working, industrious set of men, ouch men 
that add to tbo wealth of any country. Wo 
fuund hero Messrs. Phillips & Taylor, with their 
machine, men ond horses, thrashing tho crop of 

It if important to stole bore, that over our 
enure State there are men and firms that have 
Thrashers and horses and workmen, who muko 
contracts, and go from farm to form to thrnah, 
oleon and bog the Crops of grain growers. 
They can do this cheaper than the grower, often, 
far tho coat of o harvesting implement is of so 
much value, with horse j and men, that it would cost 
more than u large form is valued at in the East. 
To show this, we would stole, that tho Machine 
in un that wo here saw was one of Spencer's 
best, with Perrigo's len-borso power. The im- 
plement, complete, worth 81,000; tho team of 
horses in oso consisted of four pairs, worth^COO 
per pair, and one spnn, gSSO — making 84,250-, 
thus employing ten horses. If tho grain is loose 
In the field, it requires twenty men; if bound, 
fifteen men; this is the whola number required. 
If tbo grain is loose, four teams aro required to 
haul tbo grain; and if bound, three teams. One 
of these implements will thrash as fast as three 
teams can haul and supply tho grain, and keep 
tho entire twenty men In. full work. From 500 
to 300 sacks of. grain is tho result of a day's 
work, according lo the yield of tbo gri 
teams to supply, ono moo to haul away tho 
straw, ono lo cut, two to feed, ono to lend thi 
power, one to fill tho bags, ono to remove, am 
una to sew to np and finish. 

Tho cost of thralling and cleaning, now, is cN 
oeuta per hundred pounds, finding men, teams 
e per bushel, furnishing litre. 

Large Sato of Merino Sheep. 
We record below the sale or the Merino Sheep 
noticed by us in Our last issue, a sole that Is ol 
great importance to our State. 

The attendance was large, several hundred per- 
sons being present, although many were brought 
thither from curiosity rather than as purchasers. 
Tho prices wcib much below what was anticipated 
and what was indeed thefr value, yet from the 
short notice of this sale, since their arrivol, and 
tho scorcily of oro. the price was tolerable. 0n< 
thing is certain, if tho importers have not real- 
ized n profit, Iho Stile of California will, and ttu 
iporters. Messrs. Mneondray & Co., hare done a 
good deed for tbe Stale. 

Tho Sheep were put up in lots of twenty Ewes 
Ram. The following is the sale as it 


-J,:,;.. !J- 

ilil -Tinnilrfr =1 (SS iod (73 IW 00 

ita.aup«. i Hiss, «!*] liiiai on ™ 

Tuiity i:i"k I ,-■* Alfalfa i'llea.l •el,.' IE SU f* lr,o.... SI 00 

There mar be some slight errors in tho names 
of purchasers, as they were not called distinctly, 
bul we believe Such were the real purchaser; 
The price is correct, These sheep were or nios 
excellent quality. Tboy were very llnowoolcd 
Sheep; rather small bodies, which probably hud 
su influence on the price they brought, a« many 
persons look to the eatcaie of the sheep fo 
million, rather than for tbo voaL Altogether, 
valuable sale far our State, and wi 
• wealth. ' 

Tho Mechanics' Palnoo. 

Tue dome of the Mechanics' Hall ol Exhibition 
now ncurs its proud swelling head, and looms up 
over iho city, as a taken of tho superiority of 
labor over wealth. Frum One end of our State to 
tho other tho "nolo of preparation" soundeth, 
and the Mechanics of California will not he back- 
ward! In showing to the world what they can do. 

Woluokupon this Exhibition or tho Mechanics' 

tho history of California. It will tell upon her 
character, her name and fame, and upon her pros- 
perity through alt coming lime. This is the au- 
spicious moment. If the Mechanics of our State 
but realize this and " take tbo tide at its Good," 
it will assuredly roll tbom on to fame, fortune 
and prosperity, and our Stale will awaken from 
the lethargy and despondency that now rusts upon 

Malos vs. Horses. 
Tub longevity of tho mulo has become eo pro- 
verbial, that a purchaser seldom inquires his ago. 
Pliny gives an accounted" ooo taken from Grecian 
hislory, that was eighty years old s and though 
post labor, followed others that were carrying ma- 
terials lo build the tomplo of Minerva at Athens, 
and seemed to wish to assist Ihem ; which so 
pleased tbo people, that they ordered him lo have 
free access to the grain market. Dr. Hew 

o that n 

) seventy ye 

3 old. In Iho 


That a double good can be attained 
from tbo fact that whatever is excellent 
exhibited both at this Exhibition and at the Slate 
Fair at Stockton also. 

Will tho Mechanics of our Statu si 
spicious tide in their favor 1 

i for i 


Phillips & Taylor bare as fine a team of horses 
u we have seen hitched to a machine, for a long 
while, and do their work promptly and woli. 

To do work to the best advantage, regard is 
to bo had to position. Wo noticed that Messrs. 
P. li T. cross their belt, thus saving ond hold- 
ing power, and they feed tho machine on tho 
right aide ; by loading on tho left side tho sup- 
ply teams arc brought in too close contact with 
the hordes oq the power, and they might endan- 
ger n fright and nrunawoy of tbo horses, as has 
once occurred, l.j- the clipping uf the belt and 
lulling all loose. By crossing tho bolt and load- 
ing on tbo right aide, gives moro space, end wo 
think is a belter plan. Wo would urgo upon 
all harvesters of grain tbo importance of clean- 
ing their groin more carefully than in former 
years. Millers complain loudly of b careless 
rununrf often seen, in sending grain to market 
half cleaned. If grain growers knew their own 
iptureil, Ihey would use more care; one-fourth 
or ono-hall cont per ponnd on grain, makes a 
hoop of monoy on a largo crop. 

Wc saw the Machines of Mr. Crone, thu Camp, 
bell's, nod of many otbem, In this section. At 
thi Machine of Messrs. Huff & Mahoney, we saw 
a buyy group of men at work, on a field or 250 
acre«-Xl50 of barley, 70 of wheat and 30 ol oats- 
all eioadlent yield, ond some very heavy. We 
could uolVbut notice the general cheerfol, active 
and happy Jpjrit n oiv prevailing among tho hor- 
v ' ' ■■ I: ■ ■ .' [i.-n- ihcTu .i u fji_-i n;,i][i im il,.-;, 
labors, n yield titen more than was anticipated, 
and of mar.; than Wl good quality; lbrou S tir>«> 
tint whole Stretch «f land, of scores " 
Urgo crop will b&bUrvcstcd. Our ri 
a single day, bat oirfof much satuDict 
/.-men will l\ rewarded. 

Tiik Red Bluff Beacon quotes fro 

nion that Hour, in that market, is n< 

hij-h' r prices than at any time duriDi 

and o half, and it is now held at gS ft 

hundred. 'Hie Deacon continues : This 

of miles, a 
it was but 



Of eft 

plaint among t 

leaba your Groin. 
3ui ; y to call Iho capcoiol of 
;r<i.wcrs to tho great importance 
rrf WW There is much oo, n . 
. M.iMillers.ofageneralearelos.- 
nt-t iu the Dia/i!i<r, and wo might gWa a hundred 
DBMS Of l;-f to parties, both buyer and seller 
by this m-glect. If Groin gro nora wol] ] a tek ' p 
s little. V rid„ i u thin matter, they would gain 
much in credit, and more in pocket. 

Wo know of many parcels being sold fur 1 
and lo. per |. ootid less, on this account and t» 
.oW of 50t) or a 1U0U bags, or upward,, ,| „ r „ 
Hamnle-nnl lor-s. A litUo more cure and oaioa, 
not amounting t'i a hundredth part uf Iho cost 
of the loss, wonlfl have saved this amount of the 
price. Three days labor of ono mnn ond tho 
oapenac of 810, would often save hundreds. 

BttrtJcultiirBl E-liibitioii at San Jobs, 

Of the Santa Clara Valley Society. 
A grand Exhibition of Agriculture and Ho: 
culture is announced by litis Society, to Ink 
place at the city of San Juae, on tho ISth an 
191b. of September next, This is well. Every 
enmity sltnuld cMublish an Annual Fair; 
friend of Agriculture and Horticulture, and of 
thu Meobauio Arts, should do his beat 
promotn tbeBO great interests. Evqry county 
should ho up and doing, and should, by delega- 
tions, oo-operota with ouch county, so that by 
courtesies uad kind interchange of though 
action, bring tbo experience of all to tho work of 
revealing all that is good in tho earth Or it 

By a mutual under? landing and a spirit of 
cordial fraternity, arrangements tun hu so 
that the Fairs in tho several counties shnll not 
coullict with ono another, but ralher aid eooh 
utbor, ond the best products of several can pasa 
from county to county fur comparison, and thus 
thu high»et standard of eicelleoce bo nttninod ; 
so that, from tho several counties there will oomo 
up to thu StaW Fair only the best of each. 
Every county should bo auiiliory in its efforts 
and labors lo the Slate Society ; thus, find thus 
only, can tho greatest amount of good bo no- 
eoni|iii,-lied fir nil. 

Wo rejoice to sco the friopds of industry 
moving iu San Jose', ond hope that they will 
liavo n successful exhibition, from irhjoh thoy 
will be enabled to add greatly to tho co 
Stato Fair at Stoektoa — for which every county 
duty hound to do all it can. 

The State Agricultural F.iir. 

The work progresses nobly. We hear good 
word from Stockton of the interest felt Tor i " 
coming Exhibition. It is a great work, and 
qoiresgieat labor and great preparation. Wo 
trust tho citizens realise the good that can b< 
occomplished by will, and judicious preparation 

Too much cannot be said upon this subject 
tho influence of this Fair will bo felt in all cominj 
years, and tho character of Iho men at the bead o 
tho Society, the present jcar, will guarantee that 
no effort will remain unlricd to make the Exhibi- 
tion what it should bo. 

the Trekn 

■ d-.'iii.Lniliriji 
:lt;la>t year 
and 37 per 

will be good 

us lo our farmers. Owing to Iho low price offloitr 

Yrcka, during the last year, We ,v. n ,1!,. ui.,1 

Meistii )mve l,e,n Mippli,.! fr-m thai place, and 

.■jrf.tmei.. l,.ive In. rte |,ull.J to .;,.,k me.lher 

n.trket. vi;: : .S a 'rniii lefitu ami Ornville. Wi-avit 
and Shisla are our best unirli. i wten tv,. ... y n IP , 

indellNil n:it,i r .,llTU-toii.j,,t.,u. 1 . W- „, h .. r ,._ 

^..rtli,tll,en,i,tv,i„ the vicinity „, Y.elio and 
..■.It- Biirwnl prove so p.-luetiv.: Una ,| lt . re 
nil !-■ it f.'illi.-.i..ul nuwlii-r ill' raiii.'H in eon-iunr 
fhalever surplus tho farmer.} in U, U; ., r ieh t alleys 

Wo notice with pleasure, also, tho handsome 
md well-deserved tribute paid to our eslimablu 
correspondent, whioh wc here subjoin. This will 
ce a new assurance to our readers that tbo 
ilings of this correspondent aro always worthy 
cir especial nolico. Tho Beacon says : 
In the last number of the Camfobkia FAHMnr 

The Smrpisn Lnterkst — On Wednesday, 
nearly two hundred ships, barks nod brigs 
in this port. Shipping business still cont 
very dull, and vessels cannot he very profitably 
employed anywhere al present. The India trade 
has recently proved n.i di.-nstrotis that hut little 
inducement is offered for now operations in that 

quarter. Chinchu trade is in u rliiin stutc; 

mulheni freightini; I. terv dull, (iinl vec-ol.- lire 
arriving hero in ballast. West India freights 
are nbuut over for tbo season. Bu-iness fur 
small vessels id very poor. Wo trust thnl litis 
important burine-- to N..w England will revive 
below many months.— [Eos t- Trans. I7tb ult. 

Wo clip tho above from tho Huston Transoript 
received hy tho last steamer. This shows the 
atato of commorco at that otty ot Ibnao dates ; 
nud what has produced this stagnation in this 
branch of business ! A little reflection will ei- 
plnin. A considerable number of these vessels 
were used in carrying grain and flour to Europo 
during tho Hussion war, others were engaged in 
the China trade, and a large number in tho Cal- 
if, irnin trade; in all these a cessation bus taken 
placo, and in tho Inst wo nro particularly inter- 
ested. Our markets hnvo been overstocked for 
years, until shippers no longer doro such experi- 
ments as have been practiced ; loss and less 
vessels will bo required for goods to California, 
in coming years, for California will bocomo her 
men manufacturer and producer, nud within 
Jirc years, ships will leave our ports fully laden 
with products of our own— with Grain. Wool. 
Hides. Tallow, Wines, Dono-dost, Horns, and 
other products; and within that time wu shall 
become exporters of Beet-root Sugar to the other 
Slutcs of tho Union. California can mauufno- 
turu Sugur for tbo whole United Statos— wo 
moan nil that we now import— fur within n rea- 
sonable time tbo muoh-abused Chinese will bo. 
come our planters of Sugar-cane, Iticu and 
Cotton, and tbeso articles of produce will swell 
the number of our rich products and holp load 
our ships. Ere tbesu five years aro past, San 
Francisco Hoy will bo gladdened with whole 
fleets of Whalers, that ahull moko their outfits 
here, taking our produce, fresher, bettor 
cheaper than they can procure 
port in tho world, and thus > 
mere, giving n now stimulus I 
and marine interests, and 
clippers with cargoes of oil 
tho shipping of tho United States wil 
ployed by reason of tbo prosperity of 
golden State 

Vyast Indies, a mule has been known to perform 
hia task in a cano.mill, when over forty years 
age. Wo onco know o maro mulo twenty-five 
years old, that had heen twenty-one years in 
slant work, and tio dimunition in her powers 
could be discovered. It was not unci 

ipwards of a ton weight in a wagon 
to market, a distance uf mora than five miles, 
neighbor has owned a. very lurgo mulaabout fbi 
teen years that cannot be less than twenty-eight 
years old. Hu informed us a few dayi 
ho could not perceive the least failure : 
would not exchange him for any fare 
the country. A farmer living near Controville, 
Maryland, il is said, oivns a mule that is thirty- 
five years old, as capable of labor as at any former 

In no country is tho mule hotter adapted to all 
the purposes ol lin-Mmlrv fur which tho horfiO is 
used than our own. And it would be highly de- 
sirable 10 be able lo exhibit a calculation of the 
actual earing in dollars and cents by his employ- 
it, but unfortunately i 

had. And 

less founded upon experimental ficts, and those 
multiplied, lo be all ■'mo.iii-hine." weshall merely 
submit a desultory cmiip.iriivJii lulween the mulo 
and the horse, derived Mith facts asoui Own 
experience and information from a uth on tic sources 
will jo-iify tho assumption of. 

From what has been slated respecting the lon- 
gevity Of tha mule, wo think it may bo foirlv as- 
sented that he does not deteriorate more rapidly 
after twenty years of ago than tho Itorso dousarier 

treatment lo each. The contrast in the mole 
lti.-_-.loin from milady m di.-e.i.e. compared wit 
■"le horse, is not lessstriking, Arthur Young, du 
g bis lour in Ireland, was informed that _-..nil, 
un had lost several line mules by fe..Jiti„- them 
I wheal straw cut; and we have been iiilnnitel 
at a mule dealer in tho western part of thi 
lie, attributed the loss uf a number of young 
uJea In a severe winter, a fow years since, when 
.y was oxhau.l.d, I.) f_.dinj; then, exclusively 
■ ■■ and Indian meal. In no other in- 

1 of a mule beiie; 

■tion of the in l 
gleet in permitling thi 

crops, his feet being smaller and follow each out 
so much mow la a line that ho seldom ireTJI 
down tho plants. Tho facility or m_tructi at , h ; * 
to obey implicitly tbe voice of his driver or .1. 
plowman In astonishing. "" 

Tboro is one plausible objection that in r,, n 
urged against tbo mulo, " that on deep loiliajj 
soft roads, his feet being much smaller than LhnJ 
Of tho horse, sink further in;" but it .hould 1„ 
considered that ho can exlricato them with ,. 
much greater facility. 

It Is full time to bring our comparison to . 
close, wbich we shall do by assuming the posiii^ 
that tho farmer who mules forhor^ 
will have this portion of his animal labor Mr- 
formed with the expense of one spire of grass, | . 
Bleed of two, which may he cejanl, so for, loinilr 
ing "two spires grow where ono grew before" 
For although a largo sized mule will consume 
somewhat moro than hnlf the food necessary for 
a horse, yet, if wo tnko Into account Iho saving i n 
expense ol shoeing, farriery, Ac, we may safelv 
affirm that a clear viviiiir of dcic-IiuIi' can bo fulfr 
substantia led. But in addition to this, the muk 
fanner may calculate, with tolerable certainty 
upon the coniinunlionof his capital lor thirty 
years; whereas Iho horse fanner, at the expiration 
of fiflcen years, must look to his crops. | hu 
acres, or a bank for tbo renewal of his— or per 
haps, what Is worse, ho must commence hnrie. 
jockey at sn early poriod. 

it resist tho impulse to exhibit thi 
other point or view. For the more. 
on city railways, the employment of 
meets with a decided preference, i a 
comparison wilh tbo horse, independent of iht 
economy in using him. Hoswmsso peculiarif 
ipared with the 

adapted for that labor, that c 

-[0. N. Bcinont, 

American Grapo Vinos In Europe. 


year;. m,e lite appearance of tho dineaie 
d the " Oidium," amongst tbo grapo vines of 
of thu wine growers of that 
i anxiously turned to find out 
resting its ravages— or lo dis- 
t rl l't- vines as would be exempt 

,lance havi 

■Hacked wilb any dUordi 

■ e\|ii)..-il 
"it.:.V" r'r 


t fro 


ilties than the horse. Indeed, 
probable that a farmer may work the samo team 

r les above twenty years and never be pro- 

wilb a farrier's bill, or find it necessary to 
a the art himself. 

John Sinclair, in his Report on tbo Agri- 
larks lhat if the whole 
be lifieeti years, .lie lir>t 

-oof Seol. 

x may be eipia 
g nine; f ' 

■irkuii: ,i 


o that of tho rt 

males iho on nun I decline of a Inu.-e 
■a no equal to fifty per cent, on his price every 
six years, ond supposes ono out of even twOnty- 
llvo that are regularly cmplovcd in agricullurc, 
todioovory year. c'JiisLii.niiig a obargo of four 
per cent per annum for insurance again, | rUseasel 
and He con,id..TH lite acres of land, of 
meiliinu quality, necessary for the maiulenatice 
or each horse, and tho annual expense, including 
hamc-.-i. shoeing, farming, and decline in value nl- 
Intring him locost two hundred dollars, to exceed 
that sum about Bee per cent, which is tho only 
difference between the estimate of thi<; illuslrioi^ 
nud accurate agriculturist, arid that or are! 
able committee of tbe Farmers' Society of 1 
■veil, boiiih Carolina, who, in a report 
publ] shed in the L'lnrlcston Courier, slate that 
"expense of keeping a horse is equal 

from IllH Ji I :, r Til i r, _■ .1: 

destroy the old varieties now in cultivation 
Recent caporinituu bate proved Calawb'aand 
"*""» to bo well adapted to tho soil and 
ny [larts of Europe, and entirely free 

1-aledla vi 

from tbe 

Mrs. S. J. Kellogg, of Cincinnati, who resided 
for some years in France, bos lately received on- 
order from Dordeaux for cuttings and roots of oar 
American varieties, ami Col. Marshall P. Wilder, 
or Boston has been commissioned by ihe govern- 
ment or lielgiiiui. M send over all our best Solce- 
nuns of grupo vines, and also samples of our 

Both these gent 

o assured by then 

respondents, that tbo American i._. 
tried, ore quite healthy and promising' n_ 

1 am permitted to nuko tbo following extract 
from a letter received by one of the gentlemen 
above named. Il ,-, ,I„;„j J;,, r ,|„ ,„ v tVbnurf 
12th, 1857: "Mr iVieml-u, B, 1 -,,,,,, io,7h 0I n I 
had mentioned that I thought, from the perusal 
Of tho book yon gave me when there, that the 
of Ohio had been attacked by the ^Uidluin " 

well oi 

i that 

take, fbo vines or Gorman or European one-jr, 
they saj may hue been attneked b, il K . ,ti,ea-.e 
but not tho Catawba, Isabella and other American 1 

" Somo of those gentlemen, who, in Languedoc 
id other parts or France, have cultivated thoso 
mes. affirm that, hi the mid-.. ,,f the iin,-v„.'u 
bich are tainted, tho Isabella. Citnwha ,t,- 
tve hitherto parsed unsealhcd; and I have I he 
i testimony from several other reliable nunr 



hem atony other 

nriching our rnr- 

n our moroautilo 

mding back onr fleet 


iur moro man tho expensoof ri 
" the suiiertority of the mulo i 
long been appreciated by somi 
dicious planters — that two urn 
at less expense than one horse- 

Valley Ranch, i 

e Israel 1). 

lorley, or PI 

s very light in 

Judge Morley is 


nr m f(ader S S 

w" 6 .""? 


nformation wee 

in eel, iheco 

.respect is gooc 

dhay; it w 


f, on giro it an 
he county lo sa 

nt every faro 


or the Beacon o 

ne year. 

A New M*tiurAtTiiiiE.— B. T. Chase & Co., 

n Market street. Son Francisco, have opened the 

lanufictory ol barrels, ea.iks and kegs, from the 

iwmalcrlil. One principle of excellence that 

u Ke in thll mwturacture Is that the whole thing 

i Califamtttn, The invention oi this new ma- 

him re l„.|o nE s t California machinists ; casks, 

■ood, all of oar borne industry ; slaves, beads, 

to., sawed by c!rco| lr „„,, [, is , basT p , 

"nd another eood , hine ^ uf/ , h(j ^^ ^ 

eat. be mado are readily taken by tho luajar -- 

v^ha f Visit7 P1Cl ' il,B * UB,r ' ThiB &Cl0[ 7 

Let those who donbl this picturoi nolo down 

thU, our pro pbooy, nnd await iu sure fulfillment. 

BenutUul ond Approprlato Bonla. 

We woro shown tbo very seal of the 
Firemen's Charitable Society of San Francisco. 
The engraved surface shows a dark background, 
from which springs out in bold relief the whito 
marble tablet, oround and on which aro children 
leaning and kneeling, while tho mother is in the 
weeping attitudj; over all the weeping wMlotv 
gracefully waves; ihus showing that tbe g, aa 
of Ihe deparled Fireman is an object of regard 
and veneration among the brethren, and that a 
monument is not only reared over bis grave, but 
that hit family recoEniio in it the work of those 
to whom Ihey shall look for aid in l|)c lime of 
Another new seal, rocentlv finished, has been 

.. a|. r .,|,u..Uil.-,,ib,l in the Sacramento Age 
that wc give the quotation: h 

The Broken Pittar^tbt, Probate Court seal 

■" «"-"n|.„„ ■-..niy I.,- a deti.v reprcMiHine 
.me b-,,,,1 ... .hvHaaaaaaaaval 

'Ideh laith 



ill perform 
when first put 
be farmed to suit Iho 
report may hu considered 

o also 

will seldom sell 
•ring him." That 
or the horse had 
of their most ju- 
ts could be raised 
■that n mole is iu 
nor poriod, if of sufficient size 
mch labor, and if attended lo 
ork, his gait and habits may 

. , fro. 



enlighloned prao 
linlaiued cheaper 

r three weeks' rest 
i in flesh and high 

ceptlon of desolt 

beautiful ; the pilk 

■■i;.ll;iinatihe hi-. «hile the index tW 
.. th.,.-blM [J „, 1 | S e.,t,l,e W , lv ,„,]„. „„,.. ~' 
clearer than the \. w „f .heolojtians who OT o 
wrote or declaiiimi. .||,,. r ,, i. .. t „|,, im „ ,, 
mtencoin the sinles, cHId? a^'to' H I % 

le™ wai, or ihe orphan cho^p .rem Znh, and 
through tbo gale ubieh In, t lL l,.r ha- Jrlr 

Both tbo above se. U are of Califomia work-, 
mansh.p, tho highest credit 0Q ,bo 

(icaf fo 

miiy ..-oppose a horse c: 

than in any Stato lurthi 

Although a mulo will work nnd endure 
mean nnd hard fare, that a horse would so,,,, ,, 
npon.ho has an equal relish for that u hid, |, 
to indulge biin, (or 

"• ultra keeii l,t , 

work. But if. by har.l r„~ n _ (..-j *..£ . ".* 
educed to a skelele 
md good keeping wil 
condition for labor. 

pies with mules twenty j,:,rs 

it bo said ol tho horse at that, 

■ of shoeing a mulo tho year r> 

third lb 

omoval.and hold 

Iron, luhtl„:..i„i Ihe ;„„„„, i: . ,„„,;, lt=a . 

"'" ' aeousod of being " viciuiiK, stui 

ir vicinity ni ihti;,,..,,. 
--— „ - »um uT thirty years, ono only 

'■"'■'")■ '"''"is ptnpe, I, i .„-!,, :,„",! "j,...!, v ll,.,.. 

r£n v"l f ^V" 1 " 1 '" ' ''> " n, I"" "'""': »l 

ways understood they 

.nd I do 

-I a 

md for Belgiui 
ill bo at 

still t 

r tho 


lupariin^- them to yon. 
ibcrty to a.,k fur, 

plants I look the 
it i nave oeen in time." 

Tbisisanotviicm in the ral 
in America. Noi only is tbo 
homo consumption, but tho 

_ Ut us, therefore, press forward with confide 

in ibis important branch uf American agrjciilti 

H. Br 

grape culture 
o wanted for 
s for export 

s hoofs being harder, tougher, „ uu . 
•'-» slow in their growth. Iho shoe 

horn and si i 
twenty employed 
periods during 

' -IrmiL- |..)|1 

lick travelers with i 


long pull." Their Vision and 
.Wo ham seen 

<hem Wore a family carriage, before 

""Sun a cart, ond under the saddle, and h 
"e'er known uno to slumble, start ,, r 
eny object or noise- a fauk in ,|,„ h'om co q . , u 
oi human beings. The ml 
Ins draught, and less likely 

tha horse — hen 

them to a qulckergaic. But 
poses ol agriculture does bis 
conspicuous than befoi 

...e.. : , ■ 

death of numhera 
'" moro steady in 


Gheat Pickle One ii Aim.— "Where's Hie 
peck of pickled peppers?" While veiling iho 
'icinity of San Leandro, wo tuok a peep at tbe 
mall(?) picklo ground that supplies A. 0. 
laker's Picklo warehouse. It is oa\y forty acres. 
Just think of it; fortyncresofpickies! Do you 
remember how tho pickles lasted J Wo never ■ 
it lot of vines, and tho folluwing Is the 
contract was made to supply one hun- 
dred bags, a day, of pickles, for Iho warehouse; 
the price, S2 25 per baj. Already they bite 
igclGuvouty-fivebflgspcrday. Thuv willraise 
4000 Mcks this season, realising tho prelly sum 
ly 61.0.000 lor forty acres or ground. A. 
a Baker's Pickles a™ now superior to any It* 

A Splendid One .mho. -Tbo last spring, we 
spoke or the new orchard planted by John McMnr- 
rie, Esq., on the San Lorenzo creek, consisting or 
3200 apple irees. We jruid a viiit to this orchard, 
Una week, and found it much improved ; tree, 
healthy, increased in sw, and handsomely formed, 
ond, what was mo 5 t gratifying, the addition to tie 
orchard of 12,400 trees more, making now the 
number of Sixteen Thousand Apple Trees in one ■ 
orchard. Who can beat thi?, Eajt or Westt The 
trees ore planted lGi feet nport, in the quincunx 
order. Sixteen hundred nre now two years 
planted ; 12,400 one year. Home aro in bearine; 
now, and muny give promise or producing largely, 
another year. 

A Nice Flock or Suekp.— Wo found a One 
(lock of sheep at San Lorenzo, owned hy Messrs 
Fnrrally and HnlF, comprising from 1600 to I80C 
Southdowos, Leicestcrs crossed upon the EC* 
Mexican breed. By this cross, tho quality of lie 
wool was much improred, nod we learned that [am 
1000, sheared thu present year, a clip ol 300 
idaofwool wits taken which sold for IWnly 


August number of this monthly is well torlh a 
perusal. It contains many interesting orltclM 



The Q eye era. 
W« had the pICMDW of meeting Major Ewing 
tbn poUCo jirojiriclor of Iho Gejsors, nt Petaluraa. 
nod coold Dot do otherwise llian to his kind 
Invitation lo visit these celebrated Springs, nnd, 
more ospeciillj, the Hotel known as £ wing's. Tho 
Major has all (blags right there, and no one but 
wOlbe made happy under bis charge. The Springs 
■re becoming a fashionable resort, and wo can 
Cheerfully recommend the Putaluma roote to them. 
It lu= one of tho finest and mast continuous 
atrcWhes of bmotifnl winery that can be conceived 
of. When travelers arrive at Pelolunm, let tk-in 
go to Iho Washington Stable, and call for Wicks 
K MoNoars' Bne team* of horses, and you will find 
horses anil r:trriiisc-$ that will bo sure la please, 
and at very reasonable rales. 

Acinowlioq.mentb.— We acknowledge thi 
reoolpt, the past week| of many valuable speci 
mens of grain, grasses, mineral specimens, boots 
etc., which we have registered to the credit of lb i 
kind and liberal donors, and which shall appeal 
in a full list, the coming week. Our abse 
duty, and Tccbls health, must be our apology 
To Messrs. 0. M. Sax ton & Co,, and 
Book Publishers or N'eiv York, Bo-ion, and Phil- 
adelphia, wo arc indebted for valuable books, 
which will In fully reported at the same lime. 

Our Advehtcbino Colc/msh. — Wc would call 
tho attention Ofour readers to our columns, this 
week. Wo believe we can offer them tbo moj( 
•efecf list of adrtrlisers, and of tbo beil htmaei 
(ft our Statt. We regret to bo obliged lo leave 
out several that wore seat in. Those who wish 
to appear in our columns should be quick about 
ft, and send a week beforehand ; our list is 
staotly increasing, and our journal circulates 
too whole Stale, giving an opportunity that 
not be (bond clseu here. 



HO and 112 Clay Street, 







BOOKS, &c. 

Standard Illustrated Books, 



i ' ] 1 1 i . \ i > i : 1. 1 ■■ 1 1 1 .i . 

WalHinV Camp Fires of the Rcvnlni 
anrtrauutmin,... -.»..... B ,„ .i...t .,„,. 

Jo do 

M. FriCE 

Second Growth of Potatoes.— Wo have ei- 
amined many fields of potatoes, now bclog gath- 
ered at San Leandro and San Lorenio, and find 
among the majority of them a disposition to make 
a second growth ; tbey spront (n;ely. As this is n 
new feature, and becoming a general character 
the season, will some of oor cultivators give as 
their news upon the canso? See letter on this 

Stock Befedisg.— As there has been quite nu 
addition to Iho slock of tbo country within iho 
past year, and as it is important that every facility 
should be given for an increase of the bet stock, 
wehopo these whohavoioiportedToJaableSiVti in 
each department, will place them in a liberal man- 
Her before their neighbors, so as to ha™ tho cost 
as low as poatiblc, and thus rapidly increase the 

Omitted Copt and Notices. — Wo have 
™? ~f? P> l° n hllnJ lbl " Be iTa ob"6*d 'o defer 

f, Dlraaarof UaHcjal Academy ta ._. . . 

jr-ida Leid Pencili Id urerrmnwi mow racdfcnt Km 

'.r..- ,.f l1 !I .1- r .. .. ,. r l-,:,f N ,-. .,.,1 , I.- ,!■■. ... | ..;,:,;, ,| .,,,.. : , 
icl fram lio OU;ua Report uf Iho Indiutrial Eihlbllloi 

' ■'- , l .'"' , ' r "' ■"'■ ! 7' '""■ ! I V..I ■ ' C,| . : -| ,}|) !: ,1 

-.:.'.: limih? AnlrtcBJl'cstpcr. a 
dairc lo iho pinleular." 

™ 111 Rpm c/ iX, Oral iooifaji £ttfMi<m, tSSl 

ntn£ioUioB(- 1 «rt,p« e o<50, liwUloe-cmUuith, 

Jural, bacs coBildcral A. Vf. F.Wi Pcodl. ileaarrloc of I 
mom cnnnts) norJco Ibu hu been OKOrtlHl u, u , olfl n 
Pencil KiBufacIejtr. The Report runner .lafci u follows < 


Fine Mule.— IVm. G. Hedges, of this connty 
recenlly sold a mule, only len rears old, lo Win! 
Adiins.of&oiieo^iv, for 5250. Ili.theanl.nal 

ha. 1....I. il„, [ir „„ .,, .,|| lh „ fjlrs Lm ri)| 

being the Quest of last spring's foal.— [Cynthia na*Y , B P.lp-o. — Their Bearebln B and 
curative projv.rlk-. r ■_• i . r I ..■ j- th-jn invaluable to 
those wbi. suffer from Liver and Slomacb Coin- 
plaint,. Jny«-,,.] IJj,.,.,.[„ia„i|| readily yield 
to their wonderful influence. 

Sold at the manufactories, No. 80 Maiden Lane, 
P-ew York, and V, 24-1 .^^,,,1. London; and bv 
»II druggi5ts, at25c., d SI |Kr box. 

Oaoti on.— Coughs, colds and all'ectiona of tbo 
i-ungs prevail :,..i-,n--i .,„, | t onl« lo an extent 
wholly unknown in Europe, and, il neglected, 

«^.i.--.,meada,,eerousf l ,rni. lViilartBlls. ' 
OfMildUherryi-;^,,,,,,,),;,,^,!,™,,. _\„ 
genuine unles s signed 1. Butt s on the wrapper. 

.k'V"*" ^"""w"^" I^«-N»dw. rernl 
lb*, thai ™ a,, ■ho, „ 1B B0B „„„ [hsD DTOf t 
iroOA or inprorint oar jwmal, ,cd ,t||| (irinrLoo 

l'- f: " ..■■■ „.-....,, , ,..,, , 

inuftcrure ind veir bferlor oualllT, in inilkrf, Mia 

ir.ysirt..!. K. p-a!<r, K <K Fata, ac, ud uv di.po«d 

u cenuloo Film'i PuIj(™1q Lnut Peocili. 
Eicij pcnoa will pfoue lo examine auefuilj Uio taapt 
iPimll— "A. W.FAKER"-^i>dotarr.o()!.[i»ch doi 




! of toe largest and best assorted 
Stocks of Groceries in (he Market 



paopoaiTioM tit 

Etrrr t-Bji^>.ndGcaurmiaealrv« beanuTviaa 

bo n>e of I . i ij.v ■ - KATHAlllO.V will, „ 

tilcmu win, of eourw, tmmodtatcij ralS'' J} ,1 *'r < "' 

PARK i WHITE, WhrJo,^, ft^£ sin" F™ 




Frcnca, Epaniih, English, German and Italian Boslo 

Proctor's Illustra^l ilistnrv or tho Crusade*, 

-J do Turker oiurixco or aail^ia ■■ i 

An Ilhistraied Lit.- of Mfi.iin l.uiher. HI il- 
dn Enibi^ Taiibr, nurlto tdgb.' •; s 
da Turt-7 morocra nrtnuV- " t 

The Parables of Fiederick Adolphus 

Mis- Ma,,',, .AnnTiewi rVniaU: Poets, with 

!'i.'r.|.l...-.l m,.I niiicl,,. ,;.-. ] . .|,. r ,.., , ,-„,„, 

lli-lr .,,.■„,,.. U ,:„„ ,,,.,. ;,■„,.. ,„., ' ,,,,.. 

Ub^ij- -15I0 |. rk .,. i_. 

■\- i.. Tuili^.ri. ..'-'.. .' ,',J,"o',' r.'.r'-.i^ ■■ 1 
Dr. lli-llnmc'H llpin-h rVmnlu p el., with 

[■l-.l,|l.'-ll «n.l t<illc.| „,'! ,r„| ,-|.-,-l .;-. (,,,„ 

li-ir .-f 111? ,-,. CI(U. U „!,.!..„. :.■„,.■ .;.,, fll „,,. 
Ll'rr, [jl- ,..Phr, (■; 

do do Turk.-)- Il.r1r.5r.., ,|li ui'ullll^o. " f 

Wiii-,,h'h Ximv |iii-iiL,ii..r\ hi" I'witical Ooola- 
!i..:i., .■■. i..i.r:r,.-(.l <.1<-nm i-imcM ..n r-erj .jhJoc( 

Paclflc Mail Steamship Cumpany's Itne 


iraiTEtJ STATU- -nil, r-ir,iM M iij. COMPAKV. 

For Now York an d N ew Opleuu Direct. 

■ ,,... 1 l, , ,- mm ViUlf jo m«i Wnatr. 


J. T. WATKIN3, Co 
Wfni a r,VJleJoilre«lVh.rf,w|- ' " 

inj i Slaini Ferry flow, ^„| jinxtrA Lramr.ib'iciJ 6r 
Kailroad Acroa the to Aipinwall, 

Weld's Sucrcd Pw 

Nfltion&l 8erie« of Standard Bohool Books 

rflfitm. PUBLISHED BV 

feW A. S. BAKNES cSe CO., 

E. Daiita' Serin of Arithmetic!. 

;. FngUih Oramnuu, Comporiiioa, Beading..; 

lorite/iiii.Ty'ii l'...-u,.,l iV,, T l:- ;""il, L . only 
r.,:,,,!.....^,.,,^ ,,,,,..,,,, I,l,,,.,|,, ,,,,,, P»r.rdtie. 

'■i!-'ii 'J ■■.'.■! '■-■ II. I ■ ■ - 1 V , r.i.'.-l ■ ., t'lai' I 1 ., 'r.'' r A:' 
iir.jr,;rl,l fj.0,0. bcu,„l in lull cl.41, d, b,!i J .. r „ ... , ( ,„ 
1 t" iH L da L l»ia. «tl» fall dlL •• 3 00 
Th W -;-'V-". —.., U que. ■■ 7 00 

lli.. « .-iiiiTi .'I il... .-..■.■ri|.Uir.H. .N t ,i edition 

l-i.-bl n,,:..,!.:.. ,„, ,......|. (J,,,,,,. F u l| cl«J.. .lit 

tl. "e'on'wllValVtUtbi'i^idB'i'^ViV .f°*gJS 
Scenes in (he Lit-.- 1,1 if,,. nIu'm'im"""^.™ Jj. * "° 

.•■VI,.,. ,,, |[, t . I,,,,.. .,, ,,„. |11 .„ ||i , | wj|(i 

roa?A^plomlL D! "* '"' """ °' ,f * 11 ' proceoj \jj , u 
iLliirrlwifu" 17011 TICJi ETS 

■ l,.-ij ^ 'M-i'lVi^'ro.h'^ C.lran^V'in^l.o™^,*.^ 1 
Ae-ni -J A.rilniViill ror rtjjtrr iflTl ™rl,.i,ri .. .k_ JS ^ u I™ ac '""t«,Ullll7»l 

.i.l^r^, u i';T;/ i: ;'^V l , i oij™brTVbrX cl A'u1^^ 

Su M-nzliir,!.-.. (tcijljl .. Jlt?r.,.ri<.,f,..nV.,.r,l j,['-r] 
purl Ofico fjr lr> lUpa'cnV "" t"«»™i « utm 
For Irtlgtl or puujc ■],,,[• u> 

MAdE3 4 DAIICOOK, Ajena 
Comsr ofdtc raoam ui ud Leidoi.Jrjrir.Uo 

Mrlr riuith„ P nfT| f ^ cl , | n 

California Steam Natri e atio n CompanV. 
r^t-'Jg^ ■' * " \i[f„p.. i! . *".?- 'or 

Difaiar, f, Jr , /otJnn, ,„„, ^j^ , j ,i i i K j i p ^ 


corfPir-BNCfi P 
IVI1..-H.N r,, iitot 

|Proffllhorai,ororiboH(rwT D ,l, ( L m , r , Au p U , g j 
raaerioj u liiilljrrnrm 1 ooa;lmuii hmrajunabloloileeii 
and 1Mb. .ml ji,r, ijmptrjnu of filling ■ wHim [o quk» 

SPBCIAL KOIICK— Mount a y, 01T 4 Cd i. ■ 
Caulop,,, of (hnir Kunartoi MnuUiInr a li,i 1 ,' 
FRUIT TREES, fc .. for Li. Califoral. Trade. h« 1 
netived ai ibe ODire of the Can nasi a Fiuil ■ 
nlreetloa, u> moil ,h,, n i M , ho nl , w|,h ihom. 

Enonliig Mcutj. >'im[ A r.. ... -. j,. »„ ..- 

Ooltlnion, I11 
Uarlm thor 1 

d maaji now and valuable varioili 
idnwd low California.; *ad.Iinoug 

nr Siaio the recipisnt of cvorjlhio 

™r. W e P 1 i?o,u^Su W ot' hl '' f, i ' ,rm ' 


ty HAT9 -KOACHES- BED BlTjJ, it _ 
Tbo jV»iln. l]iuirWly /Trrt™, 

Tu- ,v, ; ]■„,... ;,.„.. ? ,,,.„, nrfintr, , n J Mltri en 
'■'O.-i.Ul-.'- U..M1.,.,. : .,| XllJKlilHATOfL 
' '-<'^AIl- l=--J IVit UXTEMIIUATOR, 

_^ ' "r-i-.ii;-. j ? > l , ,ir.- 1 .L.VVI.I.R, ,or Abu, te. 
v "an'"* Uti " SU, '° B * ,u ^ r *l"« ■»! "i.™^ Tot 

4. Bclenli£e Department 
rolls Pte|.*i 3 o)T. p«,[ 


■acoaert' louodorUoa 10 11." ; 


all 1 rororibrrj ,| » liboml duwrmt 
LIKD5AY A 1!L Mi I- !< in. 

51! ' 


A TIIEadioillHrdMiioitai 

5 iftirii™ 1 ™*™ ii r Fr °" 1,rc "' ur ' 

"■", i.'.rl, :'..' 

,-a-tiiTTrflco.a p BnT u« 

j.J=jj.^ n...- ..1 Ni^^jinj l 

aalf. it will aim U 

"■'■' : n "- 11 "- "Hi'il ::■ m. 

Ibu .ill n..l i-., f,,r i-l.ii.Hii. 
from Ibo colkcii.,... ( .[il„. „| VC 
Tl.-'lr,.-, V,i.,..„,„j r .||. lr[i 


*&**•*. VMM,. """ B ^ L "~ 

ajOtry and Higher atatae. 


„,^ oa.™ i:T,, ta ^ " , , Sl " 11 ™". Fa»ej <W. 
ipR '■ ln 'Ob rftrlEro* ciu™ ol 

Rf^J-" «»*-»« lo U»«,a.*e» u .wp 4 u llbg ^ 

KS^SS^ 1 ^ -7.«*«_-«i. -ITS 

***■•. Uji, 1 ,'."," 

rs X7i> to o?h:e GKi DE1 


..^ OppoJui ina Amrilcio TWn. 


;■■■ ■ ■ .r-'.n I ■ I 11. ■•■., ■■ |[ -. , 

■■ Vi !■ ■ ■■■'.,. i.. ," '.,' iVi'. ., ■' " '''' :'"'"'■' ■'■'■ ; 

^^^^^B lo ^^Amot™o Eichuijo C0AC1J li «»»[■> 

I'-.--.-... I!. ,.-. : .|-, fv Al ' , . 

Ti..r I 'I .■ , 

i'lVI-.-,' Lr..-.:, 1 Mjii ,.,.■.,:■.-. .■--.. 

Ii-r.^i' ]..,.'". Gr,,iridrr.....!^"'" 

I'"" ' Kl. rn-r.u. rjl .-■ -\Ii,l... 

I'.-l.-.' .1 : : -.ty[l ..,f G- ni ;r j- "--■" 

a Hiitorj and Mytholojry7 
l-nrj-.T Hi, It,- uf ih,. L r i. i, I ".;, '" 

Lr t I'll ll.-l-r. I', i',- r , ,,.,,...' 

Aluon'iEojoi.o....... P n 

•'-■■.-I! ::■!> Al..- :;■■■■.. H j ... 1 i' 1 -f 

. h .- nl.-r i'. r-'i ,., i L.,:.] ^ '_"' --"■- 117. 

:. ■'■'.■.:. .... ■■■■■■■ ' ; 

■ - !■■■■■■■■ '■■ I.--II-.- ■.!„ ,.,.,, "" 

''' !i.'.:i..-...iii..' ..,'... ■ ■' 

Uoj.r. Km,,.-. EI-ikmi. „i tfti^,., ■"-■ ■-■■If 

■;. ■_. I-. .-..■■ ji.,, I,. !„,_ ■;;;. ;;■;."■* jj^j 

■iiii..M..ii..ii., iii-.i h-.,ib.'. i-r i>r., cs .i r 'i)'rt D:lS 

'- ' ' '-" Il i '■- !. .I-.. ,, . ,'" ' r '', ■ " ■ ' 

irur.K.,, ,.,:,,,„,,.,„; , lll[; ,.',,, ■■■,„;.";.',.'-., ;;'■; m, 1 ;;- 

' led In Ibo beat 

yr,ln„l M ■ 


Ji-j— iMpnnodiuxirdriilebr -_ 

\i : } '■'-'■ (MJII'lJEf.l. t* 

aj£2. W-W-.-1-.-r.Tt 2 

SUeBian MBrino Sheep, 

tmponcd Hod lor ulo by 

GEO. CAlll-liELI.. 

Bpaniah Merino Sheep. 

Pora8u.olib ilrntooBhrvp.bnrl.Ktto^.B 
OEO. CAMI|.|;i.|. " 

i''n?;' ';.: r:.?: r 'r-;-:-^ ■■ ■ ■■■■ 

"^ E. J. LOOMIS, 

Io S d S \ I0N MEEC HA(fT 
l»i o^uf K O D TJ O E . 

D ^^Cr,i'T°^ 0nl T- v«r"»2-?Sa«r 

e.i n ir., I,,:,, ■ ),:■;- ■ ■; ---^ ■■.-!..,,! 

V.-.-..I.I. ,|-,...-, ,.. .,,;,.; ;.. ,: -^V '■'(■ i .li-l«-i i J, t .b ! L-a 
^™ m lu "»'c™™t ,ro .obdwJ l0M n M H 

^ " «■ 1'. LOOCKS, 

"TIS. 8 Cl.f r ?| ll 'f a u f ?2 nllaion "'"bant, 

0. C. nUNTBR, 

Farmers of California, 

i io xaimers oj Ualiforaia, 

; :' u HjT^ j I 11 nf-ii"r. ..oi 1,™ &,«„. 

•: lKfLb,;:;':,;'!'' 1 ; 11 ;'-". .'■'■■', ' ■ ■■ -\, | 

' S «ll ,l ',f ' uc ' 1 " ock ' BDii " n ™" --"■■in ui 1 " -M^ T 

r, 1 ",/- 1 ""'^'■'"i.ii.i-'i^'^i. 

, .■' ' : -' "i..".i. I'll .j .-i, .... ii .. r. .., i ., ; 

as 1 !, „£* 


California Pickles 

i oMt^r^rcis^c,^ Aft?" 

';,^ t °' ,,bil ' oj i"°'"»'"""i("s°.!'„ • PiStL'tTi 

" liulSl at«Fatr-*t3Sor 
.... t%° C "0K, 


Plllll ^w^j n ,l,porton of ' ^S^rtan 


ALLAN, LO«'E i CO., 
IH Clay m 


• a e i.r r n r.i box paot o's't"***' 
San FranoiMO Planing and Sawing MUl, 
fl0B ^ ILM0RB *^.P««n, B » B x' 


SOCLE & PaqT""'"' 

Dialor. lo all kind, of 
I. TJ Tun B E R , 

Court Block, ci ay m,,,, J""* W ' b1 '"I WaT 1 " 

(piano fortes, 

- ■ nLELODEONS, <• - x u ■ 
Music .stool, and Plauo Covers 

THE ST01IDAKT t Ho "',oili B 
T «E PniNC*E' B atELQl>EOtJ. 


Crootery, Glassware, Britannia Ware 
Cutlery, Piatcu Ware, Lan,,"^ 

aoemt roa THE BA^KAUEHTO POrTEftY. 

Po^rVp™o°i"A tao L a^!>™;,"''r pmStf?!? 1 '*' 1 »* 



— --■■... .ww ^.vo. T7-lS3ra 


140. BT I rouL ■ n,. i 



"the oalifoenia f abmeb ^ 

fltfe' Jlrpartiiitiit. 

jrusrscs— *o. 3. 

St.! | M kootbocldud.atihoo!oiiBi«16"ar, 
White, iho .on h>. jail tloevd nlib hU la>t .oUlo, 
W hiih.rahiiltiroooM6inioii.rrli of old. 
Earobod Id hi. imidi, aid em-ned -iU. po" *•" 

NoSaltan of Orient credei 


loyal ib> 
BB1 ihedoni are doe ponies ooeourt anion km«, 
The lecne ii donor! in can mirlol "lr>r, 
O'er a«Tlh and e'er -kf nirbt 1» 'promdms n" pM, 
Id doll mt-lj daikneia eltforooJed u all- 
We rud IE ID.WI ™l0O> B iMKBOf troth, 

So treulooi ami anting the bopei of oar josln ; 
The Kbinu (tat "0 formed, or wealth, feme or rowo 
Ar» jonooal in d.rkoeclike lamel'i brli-ht hour. 
CLARA \railWO0D- 

[F„r me ColUbniiii Fanner.) 
Or, Love, Parity nnd Fidelity. 

ITae following beautifully written sketch trill 
be peiu»«l with pleasure. There is n style alwul 
it peculiarly plcafing, aod wc hope oftuu Io hear 
from "Edith;' 1 ] — 

It was n summer's afternoon, the earth hod just 
been baptized in a refreshing shower, onJ Kerned 
smiling through her tears, as the bright drops 
Rlisico'^ in the sunlight, and slowly they dropped 
from treo and Bower. On the pinna or the United 
States Hotel at Saratoga, stood nn elderly gentle- 
man, who was from the Sooth, nnd leaning on his 
ana for support wis his inratid daughter,", fragile 
flower, which seemed fast fading away, bnt who 
bad been brought here by her kind father, hoping 
that the water and change of air might revive, if 
not restore to health, this only surviving blossom 
of the family tree. They were looking upon a 
bright rainbow, the great seal or God's promise— 
o! which bot half is seen here, (he circle will be 
complete iu eternity. They gazed upon it, and as 
it slowly faded away the old man sighed, nod said 
in a low tone, "thaa is it over with oor brightest 
hopes!" and as he looked npon his daughter ' 

a pass from his long' 
n of the rainbow, 
op to them a ycong 

saw that she, too. wonld B 
jug gaze, like the bright vi 
At Ibis moment there ca 
mail, of prepossessing appearance,* hose iolellectoal 
face bespoke a highly cultivated and refined mind; 
be held in his hand a beautiful bouquet, which be 
presented to the fair invalid, and said— 

"Lillie, woold yoo not like to ride oot now, as 
the dnst is laid by the shower, and everything 
looks so fresh and 1-eantifol I" 

"Yes, Edgar, I think it woold do mo good to 
breathe this fragrantair;" nnd then potting nn her 
bonnet and shawl, which her father brought onl 
to her, the was assisted down the steps and into 
the carriage, and they drove oway. 

That fragile being was Edgnr's oHianeed bride, 
and one year before, when Brst their faith was 
plighted, (be rose ilself was uot more blooming; 
bnt a fearful rival hod since presented himself, who 
seemed determined to make her his own, in spile of 
the jcaloos care with which was guarded every 
avennc of his insidious approach. 

A few daya afttr this, Lillie sat by her window 
watcbioj; ibe sou as it slowly .]i;jp[>._-iirni h;hin.| 
ibe western hills, while softly the crimson curtains 
of day were folded together for the night, and 
clasped with the bright evening star. Edgar, who 
had entered the room nnperccived, stood still, 
gazing npon that lovely face, as it glowed in the 
mellow light or tha lost rays of the setting sun ; 
she looked to clhcrealized thai ho felt as if he was 
in the presence °f a spirit; at length he approach- 
ed her and said, "what are you thinking or, Lillie, 
yon seem to be in deep meditation I" 

"I was thinking," Baid she, "why we might not 
be so renewed an J renovated, by deep and repose at 
night, that wc might, like the sun, begin each day 
with the same vi|.-,.r and undiminished luster." 

"Perhnps we may," said Edgar, "when we hive 
learned to trace lifo from iu source and back 
again to its fountain head ; but," said he, taking a 
chair and seating himself close by her side, and 
then taking her hand in his, "dearest Lillie, coald 
1 bnt call yon mine. I sbould be so happy." 

She looked up with a smile, and said, "I am 
jour's, am I not! and wc will be married when I 
get a little belter." 

Bnt he raw too plainly that would never be,and 
he added, "will yon not be mine now, Lillie!" 

"Tea," said she, 'if you are willing to many a 
shadow." He fell but loo deeply the truth of her 
remarks, hut thai ihodow was Iho einct image of 
his heart's Ideal, and should be not bo permitted 
to call her his bnt n few days on earth, he fell 
that their union woold be eternal, in that land 
where separation is not known. 

"But Edgar," said she, "you must go to Uio ball 
to-night, alias Arabella wis here a few minute* 
ago, asking if you were nol going, saying she 
Should bo very moth disappointed if yon did not 
attend, far she said she thought jou one of Hie fimst 
yooogmen here; and now for so Eneo compliment 
from so fine a belle, you must not refuse to go." 

"Bulyoa will leave me to my own cholco, will 
yoo not!" said Edgir. 

"Yea, if you make It honestly. But I cannot 
but Ihlnk you often deprive toorsolf ol miny en- 
joyments, to bo of service and company lor me 
and Idonotwish todeprive yoo ol the least plea-. 

V KNiU-il 

•-Well, then, It will afford me - 
pleasure lo sit here, and read or talk I 
say no more about u„ ball, for I do'nol wlshw 
go to night." 

With her whilo hand she put back his dark 
glossy hair, from his polinhcd brow, and im- 
printed a kiss thereon, as a reward for bis pt 
devotion. And a Cow hours after, when he hid 
bidden her good night, and walked out upon the 

balcony and gazed upon Iho uemmed vault of 
heaven, while the queen of night looked serenely 
down upon him; tho music and volees of Iho 
marry dancers, which Here wafted from the win- 
dow of Iho brilliantly illominnted hall opposile, 
were but discordant Bounds upon tho car of bil 
chastened spirit, 

A monlh rolled away. Lillie and her father 
wore about to return to their southern homo- 
Edgar pleads for the right to accompany her 
ber husbsnd-lho old man proses his hand with 
an affectionate grasp, and says, " she cannot stay 
long with uk;" bot as ho sees their undying love 
for each other, ho assents, and ibe nclt Sabbath 
Lillie is seen arrayed in bridal robes, standing at 
the altar, leaning upon that arm which was to 
willing, but powerless, to save her from bis dread- 
ed rival. And as the minister arose before them 
and ratified those holy bonds, which already wen- 
bound In hcavrn, and as ho pronounced tho last 
sentence— ■' until death do os part"— bis voice 
faltered, and while he blessed ihcm, a low mur- 
mur and stlfflcd Mibs were heard among tho con- 
gregation, while ho rtaid to the bridegroom, " put 
your trust in God. for great are his mercies: 
(hough in my or his ways are past finding ool. 
trust him Tor his grace." 

Thot evening, as Edgar sat with hisangel bride 
leaning opon his bosom, while be playfully 
twisted her lung silken curls around his fingers, 
he said, '■ I am so happy to call you mine, dearest 
-my wire." Still he Telt that undeUimble reel- 
ing which had ever clung around his heart like a 
serpent, whenvcr he had called her his. Sbo 
pointed lo a va*u containing a beautiful bouquet 
or white lilicf. saying, ■ThoEeore a present for jou, 
Edgar, for you always say (hose (lowers remind 
you of me; and now," said she, " sing mo 'tho 
Lost Bom ol Summer,' for I feel exhausted from 
the [atigiio and excitement of to day ; but Ihope 
to bt veil in the morning." lie sang tho song 
in his rich, musical voice, but when he ceased 
singing, she bad fallen asleep. Alas ! he found it 
was Ibat sleep which knows no waking, until 
lhat morning when shn would indeed be well, 
never more to say " I am sick :" when he in his 
turn should triumph over his rival, the grave, to 
whom he had now to consign her ; and tho next 
day, all in her bridal robes, ho saw her laid in his 
cold embrace. » • • • * 

Years have since rolled by, bringing their usual 
allotment afjoy and sorrow, sickness and health, 
life and death. He slill lives: his hair Is "sil- 
vered o'er with age," and loudly his name his 
been trumpeted by fame, but stirs nol (be deep 
sealed fountain of his heart. There is but one 
spotofeirlh hochorlshes; that is where ho buried 
his only earthly treasure, and there he maybe 
sometimes seen when returned from travels in 
distant land-:; and as he kneels by thai grave by 
the pale moonlight, bo looks up (o heaven and 

.t li'|-ill;,i- 

Doca High Intellectual Culture Promote 
Domestic Happiness ? 
We Invito discussion upon the questions io- 
volved. in tho following letter from Sylvia, for 
they are of great moment; and whilo ih ere is a 
largo doss of men who ridicolo Hie idea of wo- 
man's equality with man, or tho necessity or 
benefit of their being highly educated, we believe 
the truly intelligent ol this and every other Stale 
attribute the present lamentable, evils that exist 
in tho social relation as resulting entirely Irnm a 
want of proper regard [or tbeeducation of woman, 
Educated girls secure lo us educated mothers, 
and it is in their power to make the world wiicr, 
better and happier. On thi 
bility of our future homes. 

Mb. Editoh : Allow me a Fmall space in your 
piper lo repeat a serilimenl advanced not long 
since by a gentleman who makes pretensions to 
a place among the literati nf Iho city where ho 
resides, and considers himself one of " the intel- 
leclajl," and, consequently, opinions from such 
a sou rco should command our attention ; and if a 
enmmunily can be benefitted by their promulga- 
tion, they should not bo allowed to pass into 
oblivion. But, nn the Other band should these 
opinions he considered erroneous, thoy are equally 
entitled lo a defence by any who may '■ beg leave 
to difier." 

Tbo sentiment advanced npon tho occasion re- 
ferred to.and in which wo hold the right to differ, 
wis— that men nf education and high menial en- 
do-imenls should nol, in makingchoico of » com- 
paniin /or life, choose one of corresponding 
attainments and edocation ; but thai, if ihoy con- 
sulicd their own happiness, they would select one 
who was purely dameillc in her habits, oven 
though she could nnt sympathize with him in any 
of his intellectual enju> menls, or understand tho 
deep reasonings and controversies in which, as a 
man ofcducation.hedclighlssomuch to Indulge; 
but that ho preferred ral her to mim alone within 
his own capicioua mind, and lose himself pcr- 
chinco within thelebyrlnth of lhought,and cared 
not for one of "congenial spirit" lo Interrupt 
or sharo with him ibis " higher order" of oxist- 
ence. But when heshould descend from bis lofty 
flight to this terrestrial sphere, conscious of his 
own superiority, it was then lhat your " intel- 
lectual man" enjoyed the society of a wife, or 
rather her services, Ihua affording her an oppor- 
tunity f fnifjiifog ber appropriilu duties by ad- 
ministering lo his temporal wants ; or, in other 
words, to obey his slightest word, ond anticipate 
his every wlib. 

Now.fl strikes me, thol iflhis Isall that Is re- 
quired lo lit a woman for her station in lifu ; ibat 
ell schools of a higher order, for the edocation or 
young ladies, can be diipenscd with, unless to 
some who may prefer tho cultivation of tho Intel- 
lect, and a pursuit nf iho sciences r or Bb j ch [hoy 
may have a love, even at Ibo risk of being called 
•blues," or considered too highly educated for 
jow "intolleeieal gentlemen," and the money 

thus expended could better be appropriated to 
somn benevolent object ; or perhaps it could bo 
moto profitably applied in procuring the omolo- 
montsor office; by which aaao political aspirant 
Is suddenly raised lo tho high station which hi 
unappreciated talent* have heretofore been unable 
to obtain for him; and his simple-minded but 
beloved companion is thereby raised lo tho sati 
position In society as himself. For, according 
(he theory of your '■Intellectual gentleman." 
matters not what may be her deficiencies in ed 
catlnn ; thoogh sbo he hut a tyro In its first rud 
monts, end unablo to converse opon any subject, 
aside from her domestic concerns, which, to 
sore, may bo varied and interesting— sbo is just 
tho companion suited to your newly titled caudi 
date to official honors; and though sbo may bo 
called upon lo cnlcrlaln his dislinguishcd guests, 
she can detail to Ihem her trials and experience 
as a housekeeper; for what more copious sub- 
ject than tho delieiences and remissness of ser- 
vants, and the consequences resulting therefrom ; 
or what mom interesting then the experience or 
a fond mother, in taking her children through tho 
measles and whooping cough, and discussing f 
probability of their culling teeth before 
moon Is in its lost quarter, or that thoy may 
tempt to walk before the right sign shall have 
arrived al a certain painl in Iho zodiac, I 
genial influence would greatly assist tho 
creatures in their first pedestrian efforts ; but if 
asked what these signs or constellations 
which exert such a powerful influence upon us, 
she would be unable lo nil J 

But with due deference to Iho opinions of oth- 
ers, and without any discouragement lo the the- 
ory ol 'practical domestic education," which I 
consider essential as a part of every young lady' 
acquirements, I will close these desultory re- 
marks by quoting a short paragraph from a wcll- 
knowo female writer ; which cs presses my senti- 
ments more happily than tny own pen can do. 
She says, on the subject of female education : 

"I do believe the reason why so few men, oven 
among tbo most intelligent, wish locncoorago tbo 
mental cultivation of woman, is their cut's iv 
love of (ho good things of this life. They trem 
bio for their dear stomachs; concluding that 
woman who cultivates Iho pleasures of poetry o 
Enntiment, would never descend lo pay duo atleo 
tion lo tho exquisite flavors or pudding and ph 
the tare so gratifying lo their philosophic palates 
and yet. poor gentlemen, it is a thousand pitie 
Ibey should be so mistaken ; Tor who so well as 
woman of senso'ond cultivation, will feel tho res 
importance or her domestic duties? Or who S 
well or so cheerfully perform them 7 Yet, I sc 
no reason why the best housewife in tho world 
should lake more pleasure in making a ou: 
pudding than In reading a fine poem. ' " 
Or why she cannot fultlll the duties of her 
lion with activity and success, and, at iho i 
time, colli vntu th L - her children, usefully 
and elegantly, slill allmrimr, herself to indulge 
ewasionallv in IhL' m.1,1 nli.uial ol all pleagur 
the pleasures uf the intellect." Sylvia. 

Works of an Abiding National Interest, 



inulrsufElhor.-.U vV..!-.i,:ivli,.j„..- l.. U rr,..|...n-,.n-. 
,-Mu Eiit-I- ...,l A,„. ,,,-., Ir.o, 1777 (.. hi: -id, 1„ 
'■■■:r..;-:r,.|.T..-.- wirli 1'nHi.. M,-.,, „r,j il.-nim ,, 
iir.i In:;i.i. !,■-■ I It,.- K-. ' -■ I UC L. a ■:!,:, J i., i,,. . , 
Wir,.!.i!.C U'Mron. 
Sbcdnd Edition: Win a eoDiou tndu, a Portrait ol 
lliu Auth-jr. eneiriTtd ■ -ri Hlc«l. ;tfior [tic fnmouj r>Or- 
I.Ml l„ IV.j.l.j- ■ ,ir,l 1k,„h nn, 11',. I £;„,,:„,„■. 
I'Jnw., a;f,]. :,,:.■.,.■>:, linl.-l ;.„,-,, SI SO. * 

IFunlhcKnJctciWki-i.sluniJilf Ui^dIw.I 


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iii.-.l Allr,,.|- Vir.1 

I'rcllj M-.r r " i!, I-, illlt ii U'-J.liiw™, a monitor 
!!!■ '. , ,r.'u.. [,-,;. 1 i: .ij.rn. ■ Will, „ n [i,lr. Jucli.,ri II 
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MJmtmtm ABE eoallnualLir »d'!io< to itjtlr alien; 
/iSIgBL™ rtoek, bj imitation f™ K'.^\" J 

"■"■"■' nlilrli ili.-v "if'-r mi ™. ■...■ii al. I o term). 
Merchants flmlln it in li.-.L. -ill l.,i ...rvn.l at luir erica*. 
I.IBRAH1 ES f.r TWdj, District 8ch.Mli, or Cltbt, ler- 
ntihcl at wh"l«al» pricaj. 

Sehacl, Claulcal,Thoclo(rlcal nod Mbcolfaneoui Dookij 

lllhlci In treat variety, in i-laln ami funcy tjiodlnirii 

' [llutrat«IBeeks,»Bilablnfi.rr.rc..oti; 

,-,■,. U nl I!...l:-'..( .'Ii liin.l.j (ilobas, 

....Allarer; tTrltlac, Letter and Nolo 

r.inora j Envolopo and Wrapping 

l',ii.-r-i lliiO". Wliiie and Kmcy 

Envolorea; Sullnnery et 

varloai klads, .'..-. &e- 

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o. Kldosva Suihk 
iqilral and Obflclri 

..', M.-l.-i 

,ii'..'i.-'r,-' ' 

inocco, rtry/morj. . . 

irk Loncet Edited */ Dr. Ilou/lon. a tuIj, bi 
[ i£u Bra. Dclmold, Fonj, Minaall JdUll, Job 
■\ Mallco-CadnirBlc.1 Boiled o. Edited hj D[. Built 

in i, aii publaicdTbilTcalf; : i jo 

it Pbyilctuu. IRai 

BOOKS, &e. 


Author of "Tho tuilhuun ul Kni;ll>b Orimmar," ic, 4 6 

Sffl.rf Eaitlm-~ Itituei and Imprmd. 

"IttoiVMru-.iFrTr.rt^lilril It. nnjillniu-Mrli hHfcutn- 

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ntn' — the toplct, del) old .inf. ruin' klld lllu-li 

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lynhoro dliplajnl; «id id tto 

n ■taadard ivork — trrtlui^ tit 

1 .ii- BraddUBeiaiaJ 

r Ian Jiuge thu to 

Brown's Institute i of Grammar, 


Bimui.l ft norH.n. ol Itya Schnot Commlukiicr (br Ha 

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napproacaiblfl eaccUenc?, and tbo hlirbat puJiblo 

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bbjhor «h_ouU." 

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., UjctJo.Uj cummand tho p 

OIlraidTflv, Kcnlork; 

■f Calif.,™ 

.'.-■■ Ii.' .\H-Vr, 

1 mil tommy."— (Medical 
• ofPhy^olopr. With 

1 on FtacturtMi In the ridnltj or Jointa. 

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,".ubJo«uril«=liir, J . i '_[ri,nI 1 i n ,', AL-,t™,-t. 
: n.«'k at Anxn-iriy. Eccood Eduicm. 


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ni.'iii b..d\ -..-. [.Lata,; (i„, |ui„j 
is .'I I).!- sln.l . r,:r |.j'.|.,|,.J ic u 

11."— [Brlllih Am. alcd. u 

Cuct'i atuoalofOtJiario. 

nr. of Mai tnd Bui^cfy. 
d rrdiau'l'o''o,MnVi"l[Kii 

"!'"'/■'.'(■■-'"■ ..;i.-e-'u-.:.-,v. K.JIf.ll, r Dr.B!.ckman 

!,'.', ,;;!!";','"'.:■' ,',", "■' H; ""'-' : '■"-"■■' •^■■-.^-..i..i 

it-.' l.r.'.V^, 1 i:^;;,i ; 'i.'.'.'.';,i-|;,".:.':," r ;';-] -'"■" 

;:;!.;;,;:;. ; ;. l ;-v , .:; ,, ::: , vv. , . ,: ::-' ■■•:■'• l -:. -™-v i 

or nilh a ^tntml llijtnrr of th> 
; a Diuertaticn on the American 

Tallin.: Hnrso; I1..1T Trrnl,..| ,„i,j .l,,l.„ VL l- |„„1 .„ 
]-■ It ■.111.1 rl: .,1,1,- |--,|-.. r ,.nir. ; „ n .| a U £,,„ 
. ...JchoMulc li, .1 .- il;i„i,,, r . Sv„ ' 

THE DOG Kl>-.-i by E. J. Levrlj 

SID WllbuM,,.,,,!.!.,,.,,, frol Bvo * 

Tha nell-keo-n chn.aclor ,.f iLi-c ii,i|,.ri,-mi »n,L> 
rondvrn onneccuary ooy lutimonkli o( thuir value 

thouch Cllutliu- lit Ul.-lilf ,:■■:., 11, „|| l:.t..,v " ■■■ it .. 

pKja"«]a)daasllf UnllscuJ Itij .utllrifnt oridcaco 

tomldered, and practical, that jt i. o .v.- nlu., .,; r . fib '^: i 

KVBAI. ES3AV3. By A. J.Dowoinc. This vol nm i 

ttiv i.-, -i..fth., „-.,i.. ,-i 111, r.,,,,,.,,.,.! ,„.!,.., ...„,,,,., ',,, M-iv nn H..r(i.:iilt„r.!. [,.11, l.-n.-j 1) ,,,!,.„. 
in.-, 11. mil Ai<.),il..|.,r„. [■„.... .!..„. „„„,., ,„.[ |rlli , 
ti.fethor with bi."liinr..l..;,- - |...,r or . Kaelaatl "— 
,l.,-,-i,|.li.-.i t,f i;„ t -Ii.l,'rtu ,n,i L.,[,.|.„, l^rk. War 
-lokC.fll,,W 1 ,t,„r,i ,111.,, l,.,,i.i,. a I,,,!,. th . We[ , f 
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alra !«««.■ rfM, L-rrl, i-v :■ v:-,. . :: ■" ■ 1 1 

1 a ii, i.i- ; 

"' ; '"> ii,"i' ' 


Brush Mrtntifactory! 

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Til. H.IK 1. . ""'■''"■'■ ~|ll ,:■,!■, M.,1. I..„ r 

The Brituh and Foreign atedleoWrurelua 

•■I II.-., ..' '_|i'|' i!';'V , "" ! '| '"■' >■'■""■" N-.iicc-t'bini(^ 
*" W •*«■.-"" of pnoce, S pill tnadraac. 

The Most Successful and the Best 


ytaMfrsAKin::,'!'.- .ianhakh skkies <t 

UaUBLaP RE Audits l„i I'uhii-.: and Private aiedj. 
The Standard Fifth, or, Pint Ulaas Render 

Tli, .-i.,nil„r,l 1-Miirtl, Heidcr. 
Tho SnuJaplTblnl Reader. 

Tli, .-1 .nliiil S.-,,n,i l;,„,l.,r. Illaitrited with tali. 
'!!,■■ ~:-.,l:.H r,r iH,...,,- 111.1,^,^.1 B |th eels 
Tb, -tat.ljr.1 I'mticr 1 Hi, 1!. i r.iiLcata 
Eii Charts for Primary School] 
Bi Bret Smosiit, author of "Standard Speaker," *{. 

[.i.'id .,ri,..,.i Ti...i.jijj,-_i.._.i_ . ,.., 11.,, (■ ri .' ;i ,.,,'-, ,;:,.„■;: 

and DflrielSch>,l, ,f lb, , -.nlrv Tl,, F.fcJb, 
.— "dedai a Bnl-claM book r„r l.irh.-r .-,„.. ... .. Il, ; <. 

Irademla.. N D B,Ie,,-r ll,.,.„. r a o, t r |.„l.l|.belio 
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•""ordinary .uccea. Their - ' 
j oj Seho. ' " 


lll.l,|.,|.||,..!.; ,M I [-.I, I- I |'„. ']'.!..' .'" ',"'. '( 'l 

t-..„.-r, ,.,!.■ In, ■,.[.,. 1... 1 ., ..I-,,,,,.,. ,..,-. 1 |... ,.„-,,.,;]. [e 
Norr York, i'hila.Mi hi.,. L -t [,, u ,., i'i [,..„; I,,, ," i" n i-i... 
", II , thoy nn. aim B-idoly adojJti. 
i'...ormli.:„, .\i..-„.l. ISSi. <■- 
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■■'--'.'■" i|'|.ll,-at|,„ 1,. ||„ ,.„(,!, |.,„ ,, r | Llll 
J* aeal by mail, rjgtllte jTe-paid, nhEto the ancaalli 

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When you visit tho Str.tos, roinomber "Os* 
Hall." Hie Pioneor Clolhtog Houao, establish 
in BdhIhu. Moss., in 18-11, whore you will no" 
ovory nrtiolo uf Clotling ml( j Furnishing Q^ 
(on tho ono price system), nuCBSuary lo <*>"■ 
plota n genteel dress, for tho Jotneatio ei<* 
tho drawing r0uln> or ^ c h llro h. The sloe* * 
doily replenished with goods mBnufacturcd frf 
the Wholosulo nud Roloil trade, and ou r ers r J ra '' 
ii id m-,. minis to purchasew. 

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Sliced Apples. 

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"W freih. BKADSHAW 

vS-1 Cor. Collfoioia aod SaaMi 








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Ho! There, Everybody! Face the Music and Head 1 

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J" -Ic.mrtl!, (.'.mr"I . nm„. lb, Emrou Comr-Milei 115,.,. , ,„!ib t I „,,. i si, i.. |:..r.aMiot 
'*IlD,p, rW „ U , W . HOARD.p.rft.y.d, MEAM.M.u. LODUKGS, 40 1C.7D «.. |»r SlgUI. 

T^ lbli"»™iUi^i ! Ir! : i "I b *^ ' , "f*' iaO ^ l " ,WM %" llh » r »i*0»'bmri 1 tofo1(tliBcoD™iil.iM»(,r*ll 

B t=P" BATHS FREE 1 .£• 

sM'itt'i.^'nr-.N _'| !, i ,:,, >"""' rii "i '■"''■ iU I i! ,. . ' . -. "in 'il U.V, ..■ ■ ■' . . l" 'i b c i r. ■.,?';-,'] ? '." l , './, ,!■,','.■ H './ ,' j ; '. = ! J , i' : , ! iv' h ! !i i ! ■ n'. ". , 


vT T|. Wb., cheer Uuui . „ MlllwW 0D llriclL , Umfmm vri lp ,„ 


r R? P b" WOODWARD, Pnc 




Mstktt Square, corner of Boiti and Haitot ftreeli, 
.n' i. ,..'r'. ■ ■' >'r! i L 'i "m- It't' i:r. . '..' '.'i', 3 ."'.sT.' .■ 

Fnlton Foundry and Iron Works, 

'ST.' """ 


Turning nnll'iFlc ei«cut*d . Irl. .l,-[...[r;._ 

•W Que"' MiflilB-Tl, P»w Mill nh,I f'l 
femlW Rmi^r, (imln I! Uliclfa: Ktttlloi 



iy Orde^from Ihi- country •um.doo' to pronipllj. _^] 
Alurcoauortmcnl ol *e*oi>d band Door.nn.1 BfclOteri eon 

-[.rllj- (in li'.n.l. i.nil Lit . ,'.■■ rl • rty !■■'.: [irii'-H. tT-19 3m 



HAS. by tho inferiority of hi) Danineattpu and 
AirJwn,.,.;-,!,, „;,-!>, -Ill,- ! I !;-T I'KJLMII M. 
ji-nnl-.l 1., iln St.,lc i,f l=Mi. [.otnu lln. Tiniiu 

What is an Ambrotype! 


A huh till gig 

mora than (had 


Tobrin(t f. 

tliion a i 

So true to na 


Mure (ban it 

Woo hilt Ihll (UW 

T'i t^..h 'u- 



Tho very eye 


Who bath Ih 

r? Ihli w 

Thl. power t< 


Ti> paint like 

1(0, . 



n. VANCE. 

C»nIui''h" lt:il l:\lfimiiKiloi. 

ut up in ait.. S0c..7Sr..ei, 8150,8350, tHBOBottlu. 

F.t 11,., . I. .■-„!,.. i, .| M. .,,... M„ k ,„ |-|i. n 

l,.,l Iiucfli, VcnniDoa Fowl, ui Animal-, Jr , .'..; 

Pot up In 25b, and SOc. Boxea, 

l.i i. ( ,'i ':,'-. iiiii l .ii,u\v.'!.'i:iv''i!,|',; k ^.i, "!'"',.","!'.' 

.,,:.,. I." |!rlrr 
■■- Hill-. I'.. 

■M» ba ■cooiBomilf rj bj liiD ei 

ll"^p'b'l l! ? e ii''H"' , ''' n ' Dpr " S ' , ' I "' Sl '* Bl1 *' 
n»- APaimrwilhrBllnirLienlarB-lormilowhold 
IcbIoij— rcnlciof prlcrj. iij ,io , -ill l» nmmiitly mi 
crgpalu) (o any eddrsu, .in recfllp! of > ibno cent f 

11 (HXES .1 PARK, 303 Rnuuli 

PohtUhf ra , Book ULquan 





Stills, Worms, Btew Kettles and Heaters, 

Itfl and Force Pumps; Brass Work, 




Kos. 115 and 117 California street, 

Bat. MonlKomary and Sibmibb (IrteU, 



Hair Clri1i; 
CHAMBER SBTS-In Roiowwd, Mahoprnj, Walnul 

WARDROBBS-In !'.■ ■o»,..l. MaboRanr, Walnol and 

Pol oted Wood | 

IOOOCotlii S BBiiirtBaU3,doiibIi.,,iiii:l..n(lniodiiinirii*»i 
1000 daub C.ino and Wood Seat Chain, all ktadl; 

500 Safu and Toio-^-T.toj, In Mahopiny noJ Wall at ; 

SOD Boroauj, all klaiti, from Ro»nix>d to Falnled 


ud Wood Seal Office Chain r. 

i;anf and Walaui S|irlnij-SBil Chain; 

ror.i.vri\'i:-lioiisK DESKS, 


PINE WORK, &a., tc. 

OS- To Wboletato Denier, wo bare In addition -pa 
Curled Hair, Picked Mm. Dry Polu, 
Fealbtra, Varniib, iJloe, Sand Paper. 
Hair Cloth, Look! afOtau Platw, 

Blanket! aad Beddier or all deierlntbai. 

SrST Gia us a call, and examine our Stock 
and Prices before selecting elsewhere. 

GEO. O. WHITNEY & 00. 
Nos. 115 ami 117 Calirornr 



FELLOW enT/.];NS: I li.iv,.u,.fi,iaonirrouiiEei 
Ibo ...,-,,,■'.-...„. I--ir1l'IY-N I :.■[■:. I,,vn..„ir..r,,( »ill 

forjonr onf»1re,i[ l3 , a,-, .,.,.-.> nn.l , U |.|-.rt, -bleb hu 

onafilc'J ilt. [„ ,,,, II !„■! i'.ni. ..n llm I iir 

Ibrouih *\i rat b.1v.t.'» !.. ,i u ,„ I „.„,M„i„, t -i,, j.,u 
* - rtuom lor jour omtmnod p«ronago,aod Indues- 



,. Ol. 



kMlbar D lh«h.-.c,..r 1-1.0-ait, 

BoHerinit that lift Li -i r. i.ll, mi.l lliat tbB peopls 

with laf.iy, 1 itlll'nereVftor'Dn^bom fur ,p 0IU 

By other Dme.-in.-, ktitnutc ,r ill,-, ; iii,iiaio, and of 


LK.-f i-i..;.. ■■. ' .i't-.i, -r-.tbin... :;f.v,-, 

U1H> ..i,J -ll;\ ..u: .,.;,- H,n,- Iir. . .u.l ciselally ta 
make il [I.,- ... ■< m'-i, ,l. i ■ r ■" '■■' "■'H v.lo.ble 

bem alone. Wo B .-« * 1 
Uru ( WanbDBietubi.Mi 

..... -,i,.| il,.,r.,ii,:hly rij..-i.T...£ 
era, and patnJBa to buy IheBa. 

ABdehargono^fTn 1,.' Hi. .bin tho day llmo. 

Wo will furaL'b ibcso 1 

iDjirenlelrconL.lin^, with 

Hereanerwa will du a 
ONLY The aiu-unii we 

Imlnen on a CASH BASH 

hcfutOtO.lbtbr JftHi.C 

.■■imlly .iiuuuif our piliMOi, in 



in itil- Si. ii- »lr..l l,i the celelTJ 
> ULAUli HAWK. ..1 l!ri,l|„ r r. V 

. ih-'.'i: it'l. 'C",U, ',';,"J!l' h u-!"i 


Colts Sired by Tj av id Hill in 18SB. 

'o~.n. nwnlna ihe im, lr0 r , qu „ [0 ,t ,„ ul | „ B 


Paints, Oils, Pcrfumcrj-, Brushes, 8tc., 
No. 360 J Street 

W M . H . MOORE, 


Gauge Cocks, Cylinder Coeks, Oil Globes, 
Steam Whistles. Hydraulic Pipes and Nozzles 

COUPLING JOINTS of all iiin, T 7-?I3u 



From tbe Hast. 
Tbb P. M. S. S. Co.'s steamer Gulden Ago. 
Commander J. T. Wotkins, arrived ut this port 
this morning. Herdates from New Vork an- to 
the liih lust. The Golden Ago briujrs ovtsr 700 
piMOBprf. ■I J -'J packages of moroli an diso, nud 
8401.55*1 50 in speuie. 

Death op W«. L. M*Eor.— Win. L. 
Morey tlinl su.lilenK on tin' JMl »f Jul)'. "I 
Dallston. SBiutripi cnuntv. New l" rt ' He 
closed his rev. ntti-th vur in December last. 

Overlanii Mail.— The I' General 
nna the Pr.cnlenl lnn'o ■leeitli'd upon ihe rout 
Of the Ouria.,1 Ml.11 I" Oilifornio. It com 
rnonccs ot St. L-iuis and Memphis, Ibenou ti 
Liltlo Book, thenoo to the Rio Grande, uea 
Fort Fillmore or Donna Ann. tht-nce along [hi 
projected wagon road tit Fun Yuma, nod the nee 
to Son Fmnaisco, Steers. Itutterfield &. Co. 
ore the contractors, at the sum of Rvi< iiumlr.-d 
and ninety fivi 1 tliiiii.-nixl li.illnrs. This provides 
for the tnin-|'ipr[:iier) .if u mull nvice it week. 

From Washington.— Our Washington dis- 
palch, Says the N.Y. Herald, that a treaty rcilh 
Nicarngna is under consideration, having for its 
object the re-opening of the transit route. Tin- 
steamship commodores are, it is slid, entirely 
ignored aa regards this matter. 

Arrangements urn in progress for the speedy 
lottlcmeut of the questions hi dispute between 

the United States and Now Granada 

basis porfoctly satiisfantory to our gore 
Tho ins tun' limn relative li> tile ope 
the troops now derailed for Utah, boro been 
Completed. It is designed by tbe government 
to Create a nupnralo military department of the 
Territory, under ciiiiiinnrnl of Gin. Harney, who 
will have a force of nearly three (houaund men 
fally rquipped as an army in the field. 

Lord Napier lias communicated to Secretary 
CassodL-aviiuiil el" ihctiwioii lu Kiitl.iml of il,.- 
Ir-linds in Panama Bay. Heubjo denies the dle- 

Eition that the Chintha Islands were conveyed to 
ritish sabjects, or have bear placed under a, 
British and Preach protectorate. 

RtOT in New lone— On the 4th el July a 
bloody riot begin, says the Herald of tho 0th, in 
the "Bloody Sixth" ward. between a gang calling 
themselves the Kabbiltt," ami the lio.vcrv 
boys, in Biy.r.l street, near Mulberrv. Firearm' 
were freely used. On tbo 0th. at 12 o'clock, lie 
riots had ended. It is staled that fifteen persons, 
including; the policemen. Bowery b'boye, and 
"Dead Babbits," arc dead, and eighty knotrn to 
be wounded. 

Bow Steamship Company fur California. 
Tbe New York papers tell us of tho contract 
being made for the building of two Ono large 
four-wheel steamers, to run from Panama to San 
Fnuniseo. These, wo presume, are the same aa 
were long since contemplated by tho Company 
partially organised. The building of ibo boat* 
■aatben,and probably is now, entrusted toCipL 
Randall; tho same boats were planned to carry 
thiee thousand rafsengers; first cabin, 8150; 
second cabin, $59. This is rrhat California 
Rants — cheap communication from tho East 
whereby nholo families can como speedily, safe, 
and cheap. 


who are returning to the East, and ivbo pss on 
from KewYork to Bo:(on, ibould try the Norwich 
and Worcester route, and try the elegant steamers 
Commonwealth and Connecticut. These boats 
Bin like floating palaces, and your reception by 
their officers makes you feel at homo. And whi 
yen lake the cars at Norwich, the conductors t 
this route will give you assnranco that you a 
attended lo by gentlemen. Your whole route wi 
be one orplcasuro and interest. Bo sura and try 
tbo inland route, tia Norwich and Worcester. 

Fp.oji Salt Lad:.— Tho Desorct News of 
June 3d. -in, -, ,h M Itrjgbom Young and party 
r.fiii„. i,,.,,!,. iri...m„.n 1 |... 1 r.,l..,|.|„ 1 '. lll ..; l 
on tbo 20tb of May. His health v.-„. „■ „. ,, ;,„. 
proved Tbo wheat crop tlir.,N K h-,.it the Ter- 
ritory I..-..,.- .veil. „tid Hi.. |,r.... ] „-et f.,riui nlm.,.] 
aot yield mu never belter. A Fl,,i 1 J-V.,,, ,| 
wa. to bo h eld in G.S.L. City ear ly In Jon;. 
Tho Noisy Carrier. 

Do yon know the Noisy Carrier ? 
not, you should know him. Can it b. 
you havu been any time in Californit 
know the Noisy Carrier J But wo set 


The Medical Faculty of the United 

The itlporior faoilllloa th> TURNER 1IHOTUERS ros- 
nn, owlnc to their harls E la New York oily, BuHalo, 
S. Y„ and In Sao Fran euro, tho 

licit ExujosIyo MannfaeWrlei in the World 
]■■: tat preparation of 


And all other Simps and Cordiali intue. 
Tliey can defy eomeglltlcD, bj mikine from lha BESI 
moUrinly. the grtale:! auinliliti ef tho virion* article. 


II aotr io well known th.l do similar bororagi can Sad 


Pnpated -lib »rc»l care, and pal up ciprestlv for 


Tarranled to bo iho pure Juloo uf Jusira 


'," •« ""> eft 


rod nllh croat can from Ibo boil Jamaica Rum 
and Kopir and other mntorali, and El warranlod tonal to 
tho but London Sbtob. 

Turner's Spice and Wormwood Bitters 

He*d oaly id be tried moo to bo Frop«lvaonrootat«iJ and 
aekoowltdfod ai Ibo boat BlMon In Ihli Stats. 

Turoer's Stoirmcii Biltcra 

Is a proparotlaa that oroo tho but coanoluloon cannot 

Tnrner'a Easence of Pore Jamaica Ginger 



WE would lake til! method log 
iforoioorcartoBon " ' 

■ : 5S* 

■^■^■^■■■'lio Eoocmllv, tbot no haro thnsinMT 
cmater nnrlino nl onr ri-ojj purehmd In Botloo and 

:<■:■:• Y,;ii l,y Mr. OiJIln-. .b« set Kb Ibeni -llhealD 

SlatM. To | 

Glrjget Vine 

it (hi 

ad privai 

a from ImnOfillcB, 

■ rod bt in, -III find 

tbo Dolt 

AgTioulturai Implements. 


ifbg T.j.rfi <MD.l.Unc o(— 

Mowing: Machines. 

I Cor. HhIb ud Huoter «n*u, St«lton. 

Threshinp: Machines. 

Reapers 1 Reapera ! ! 

M c 

caauiCK-S Rmeai pal Mow: Bormoar * Jior- 

Ox Yokes and Bows. 

&r.M.ln.,.(H ■:.-.r,.-. : - l , r i. 1 ,„ i 

Straw Cutters. 


nseheil, ra '■ WW Rater," Oito'j celebrued Btraw 
lUjCouen. For .-.(.. I.r 


Blooks and Sheaves. 

J v 2 

toeettnLri •Fli-ba Nbi,"* letjlemi and eooiploto 



A. FP.OST A CO., Propriotori. 

Fruit and Ornaraeutal Trees, Shrubs, &e., 


THE undouitri,.! .|c: -i r .- r.i nrno iboir friend™ nod 
inltra in California, Ibnt ther havo ilirctt- I Ibcir 
utteolion lo tbo | r-.j- .^..ti.n ..f IVull Tir.-;.Dl l':n:,- 
ii,r,ul PlanK, 5«h. i visit I- uj.j-lv lb. .It iir.n.l .vl,|.-|, 

tho ellmalo all. 1 cir. ■:.:,■-■ i'.,-.. .'f^.UC.rnii. ' 

To tbooo not alrtvh io( rroci ... I., rbo ailool of nur 
l.n. in.- . rsn.l itio Ij.-iIiii... ..,- | -.■ -,..■(. .fuliill Moron.-i -o- 
rnoot*, asloitook, **., m would ■ i, ti,.n „.ir Sur-.-ric! 
rfntoin about Ihrco hundred acic=. I l.n i it), ,11; .1, ,. : ;. j 
and •Japlotll.. It... |,r,.|,.....,li .n ., : , I niinfut Fruit and 
iPrOMOM-.Ll.l'IV,,,. ir,.,[11,.„i-l,-- «'... ... ,.,,,;,. y .,,.,-.- ,„| 


■■ •:u|.|ili,-.l. 

M ,!!,.■, 


ibro/b/a, KAauawttnn, SuiSorn Ofcrrn Dytpiptta, Sjjj 
JlXtum, Fntr Sort, Eryrlpdai, Pimfla, SiUt, Jtrrejf 
rial DUrain, PuIomow Eruption*, liter Com- 
plaint, JtrancMtl;* 0".i;.(nfatt, iojj 0/ 
JppttUr, Ontral D,bUit V , <tc. 
A plentiful rafplj of pure bTiwI II u etuntlal to anlmsl lift 
u H;bt. beat, and (tnlal ebowtn .n> lo tbo recctalla klnjiIotD. 
ipoded, Mtk- 

To Teamsters and Others, 




Hi, 11 

in take tho opjcrtonlt 

Iboj have oipoii.T), ,,| r.'r'tWi 


danor tbo last foor ja.ra. and bog: lo >a T 

no|Liln.nitlbOFparei! in iu> futuro nujiSractnioio 

tain It in tho wido roouUtlon it bu acquitoJ *, id, 

Coarbaa, Wogoaa, Ae^ cvo 


>.i. I ni.Vi': 

lo California. 

r, Now York, BalTalo and 

'*J and nld bjTonioi 
' bo, Oall- 


Kriptlon, manufactured bv 

M. C. TURNER A BH0TUERS. Ho« York City - 
R. TUKBEK 4 BROS , Frnncljeo, 0. 

Market ilteot, < 

upon it. Very f,-., pc raons bave any conctp. 
tion of tbo immenso trado that is done b ' " 
tama Noity Carrir-r, and yot bo is ono ( 
- "Jt pcaccoblo and aereuablo monyou ova 

all tbo noise ho mokes is 

mpacking and pack 

■ngbli cue, of Louks and papPr, he roc fives 

BOO I 1 i.l ■ ..'.I ;. V. 

Wo took o poop into hi, plooo Iho otbor doy, 
ood wo Wood tuoso footo— DOW, "foota on 
■tobbom Uiiog^.'-wo found tbat |hi„ BSD)[ 
quiot and P ,. aC toblo man bod oold, ibo pool aoa- 
m. oojol; .'.».«« ^, ., b„ u imUli 

280,000 ,o»»p.po„ .,,,1 m ^ im% k ,, a „ 
oouoH .„oo„l of blaol b Kl ,, , Ui „,„. ,„ 
Wo W„ ,bo, b, «ooi,.d b, ,b, la., ,o,„„ 
!_."., |.,,.,„ ond man,™, ud obi, u „« a„ 
BTorogo by ovoo- aloamor. Wall, B h... you coll 
and .0. b,„ ood bi. oWb, „ TOlk „, J ™ 
omral. Ibo nallo, i. J| o.pWn.d. fo, b. 1. ,. 
bu, on bloao ooooaiooa ,bal b, W boon 
to put np a nnolf mginc (o Kind 
doing ., bi, p.,0.1,; ,„d „, „„ „ d 

frow o\„ Jail . by calling a , obo Noiay Cocrior'a 

™i.2",Ti!' "T™ ""' """' <»«»'■ 

oro dietnbotod from Ib.a bouoo, oftor tb. 
of each,, and t«olvo olorlia aro 
mghiondd.,. Th.po,ttg,,|oo,of K „oSSOO 
VMIj. .. «, io,„ ,h„ „„,, a,,,. A na lhl , 
frado moiu ihn Noi,y Carrinr. 

J*T","™ '"S^ZW. n.Uo«l 

• far lou of Crook...,, ^ „„„,„<, 

Paony »,,.,. by T. D. To,,.,, &, V J m 

J-Uro.CUy.wi, Tb,a. ..„,«,„„„„ 

in appearance, and -.or.hy l6 p tci al notice. 

.W;z'.:i:So; r ,c?-,"is;.z 



Front Street, Corner of Sacrament 


"■JW.TP coon, 

OLoinrNo, 4c,. 

-"-lOM.vIns b T ercrT Clipper Sblp rruui tbo Bail, sne 
bj ovorj SUacoei- vU Ida IndmLij, a comptolo and e t 
Itoillo oatortnieol of 

Bj ono of tho 6m., tthlcb trill bo nld at ti B !„„„[ m „r. 
tot prico. aid to ,hjeh tbe alloollon of citr and oouatrj 


Comprbiloi tho Lalatt Sljloj aod DoaiEOi ' 


Alexandre's Celebrated Rid Gloves, 

Alwsjp on hand, lonther with a 

large Variety of BnekGloves, Gauntlets, &o. 




Cotton (tii. i,,. Sos. OOOO to 10. 


»rllls, Mii-n met. etc., etc. 

(For Sacks ant) Qraia Bats.) 

A Large Stock of Spring and Fall ClotMnir 

Sultablj, fu r,do Mlnlnt and Atjrlealtaral dWrleta, 
'-' "ilth .vorjt arUtlo to bo found In Ibo ' 
l>n Ooolt liao. 
O ^ Ei E n S 



Notb,— Ono application o 
ulrinjlrj bo n-jtcajol on t 

ivry t,,n.]",t..,.l,l, || ,- 1, , , . ..'„ 


|,a C kirft™nd'l' ,',.,, ;',,'h,,. : '!.|-' , ,'.'' N ,':.r,,- ^'.'.±'ui 7\'i'h'-'X'. 
iBdaritlj offer eueb larielio a. 

Ml. S|>.:i.l piir.j Ihto ],e.!| 

iciaihavo Veen f.iuuj I,,,. 
,— uli.irflirii.itc .if i-'.ilir'-riiii. 
I forwardod io tbe s.ife : , r „j 
.■.Lu..-.. ,f thoTroos. 

aonta xith M™. WARREN 

.'. i. 'I, tho iv i rk-i.-.r.'.i tin- |..i|<. r . I-- -iipfly ...ui-L'i,- ', ,.,r, ,.|.|li.- .i,„„"„i M,.:ir'tl|ii!-.j'" " 

a trado, consist 


CHERRlEa— Sn\ndanl, lo l^i;l t( 
NECTAHINR?-!"l n 'n'od; 1 j'eJtf "' 
fiUINCE-1 fear. 
Cl'itilli.'iT?— .l ■ t," 



PituLatff. I'enn-.- 

L-bi-tIIIo. Kj 

Cborltetoo, j] 0-..- 
Non Orlaatu, La- . ( ,.|i'i, 

.--■■Shoo A Li'iillt.rr i 1 ,, ,I,T ■ 

■'- Uteli 

Jobnjtwl. Etolliei 


llaakoll A Co , Ei-biii.-c 

B.D.Jon.r, E.« , CmW.7 

AD IIoni4Co 

H.W-Connoi * " 

l£l" B.nolst,SbM 

-'■' '■ ntbollalno.j Qm 

SAH, ,Mral Uaoklag Lu 

Pi.,iri,iiKHitif:s— j,i,j"„; 

Ornamental Shrubbery 

ft THE Grottat Variety In lio Slato mav bo 

S.rOO Hontalv n, U a, „f 

ii-v !,-■.:. ,.-,.. i. n,:,:r,' j.. '„„;.",' 

■ '■. -I "■-,. . IV, J.;, !,,.,_ |),.„| .„.,. 

'■'-""' ilo'iL'i' PLanta. 
"'I" ;-J-i! iiiy:.t.i.^1.-r. u : . L. 
, sji.I IIIVj Chy.utn, ,5„vo Hi 

THE uodomcted I, r„]| r pre^'rcl to tutor Into con- 

; > »■-' 1 1. ■'■'.■; rV.'-v, 1 ';,; 1 -, ..i 1 , ?■ 

■-C' .' !tl;ll^— A <eloa aaroi 
li.'.-I'lil-lilllf^—Hi-lnklr. Onui-., Han-rl of Four Beaaoni. 

"'- I'h km! New IbxhtU-. 

"I'l ^".H-tlaof li, tl, K„i„j „,. l 

in:liiJitc the llebteca, Dlan^ Cnncoril. 
, Milieu ol A!cuii,iln.i," -jrL-iii. it' 

I dopaitrntot, oar ajntttneol of Ids 
J--flul Trc-M, Shmbi, PUnU. Ao.ii 

iiLi.l ineiud. . .-t,.i,],. ,. „.| ij.1,.1 [n-,r- 
and aCTJ. E.erifniea Tree, of tbo 
? a i*larco.lock..fCh,,i,:o Pt^er- 

una dodged irltb Itnrraio bile, wbleh, 
rltlatea anil laDamea UiO blDoA, en^en. 
eom anil biliary dlwrdua Tbe tipo- 
aa fully eatabibbed the falgb rEputoOoa 

Slcsia. A. B. t I". St.-.r-i: 'i, r.iVi,,, :,.-T,>-ir 

.■■■■■■■ i ■ ■■■ i!, in :,■' j: !■ . . . .,i .",.". i ,;;'■',.,: 

>.,.,-.[■■! J|, i !■. .ill. .:i II,, ._i.i. ii. | ri . r ., ! .r .■,!,..-.-.;; i a r -.'' ,'.j 
!' : ■ ",': ' ' '-'; ;-■''■ !-'■■ " ■■■■ ; III -■]. IT r '■ - ^.1;-. ■.r.z , 

Britain- In ehn.ele .1,"....... .,i,..r,,|. ,| „|,|, .,;„(..... .||.".[ !t .... '.' 

■ ..lepnlnons,^. 

it al nl(bt. Ibe prinlactloa I 


To., Ban F>anelH>;: 

il'.i.N ,11.11 i Co, l 

m :.: ■! ,- .■.'■■, -,.■ 

'■•>. 100 Fol 

l.e H. .IOHKi-ON i 


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ll.iiv Mi 

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a tpoedy and pcrtnanoot 

eianje lo application tt 
neeraiij- miOdcnl to caro an ordinary 
lUy i]L.D|,pvan aftei ili or eight dosea 
Bold by IL MMIKSOS i Co., Baa Franclw. ; S. T. WATTa 
4: Co, UuyarlLle, IL IL ilolMJil a4J_D ai Ca-, B*cruoanU,- aaO 

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. Catalojuo No 1 . 

T Etalt and Ornamental Trees, Sbiobs. ic.'rtlb 

Calalonuo No .2 t,bol«ialo or Trado LL.1 for 

r'tii-iM,' "n'Vr" "i ' J ' 1 ' ul,li ' ho " of "» Cailr-OBMA 
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" ■'!'■-' City, July 

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WCordago Manuinetory. 
E no- bi™ oor BOW; WALK in operation aril .„ 

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^| natness. Saddles, Bridles, fit 

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Powder ! Powder ' ' 

500 S"»*K?„!"?«'t'-i 

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" i. Wh„le.-alo Tradn'Ut- 
Tboy may bo bail by apply las; to us 
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Hoiuu) Plants. 4o. 

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^jThe Best Grape for Out-Door Coltore 

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—I "■fo.e.eo. p,„ m nd, .ticndo) ,„, "SrS, "" '"" " 

Camphb £e Works 

100.000 QALL0NS „'n"tPENTINE. 
... r«tac Oil ,nj Paraph™ Wort".' 

' _ M.tMl.Ur, [,[((,:. |.l ]-■„.. . 

100.00 °*'' 1 ^-CAj«niEKii — 

Donble Acting Eotary Force Pnmp. 

THIS li r. S „ R p um p, n: 

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il&S.aod for Clilor 

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Office of tbo CALlF.ViiNiA i-Aui'i'i;]" '"'' 

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40.000 " 5sn X™ H , L i n "° IL - 

-j^i ^■A'.Viji'i'ri.'iL.'ii" v.'i", 

10.000 0ALL s" | 3 l. 




S. H. MEEKER & CO., 


— "vga HAVE ntutsjiUy on hand » very lart-o .lock 

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" " Pad«cOll.ndc J " !, ' b 

: ... ■■■■'■imuiiii :, i i , , ii',V j "Iv 1 "' 


Fine Old Bourbon and Magnolia Whiskey; 
Very Fine Old Cider Brandy-Apple Jack-' 

i nnr.T? ld , Vir S ini a Peaoh Brandy; 
1, 000 PaokagesNew York Brandy, Whiskey 
and Gin. 

Alio, n |[ ,h„ cbnleo.t Brand, „r 

Hoe Old I'ltticli Brand) ; 

Harmony and Nephew and Duff Gordon 



r Wo aro Folo A«eo!s for tho Pacfrjo Coutor 


MAX sYta.TkTcO.'S 

Very Superior Cublnvt CUainpagno 

, S H, MEEKER 4 CO., 
T&M 3ra M FnDl ,1 """- «™or of 0,.™, 

,,,„ To *armera and Traders. 

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ii'', 'ii'l'V' 1 ',' .',,""','"'' "'*" "',""■ "•"''"■ lli"jeu, ha.ercry 
pronilil rnt.,-n *d'*° c ™ """" "• 'u<b LiiiJininiiiu, uij 

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£|t California farmrr 

-■■■•■■ and SnliterlpUon, mini 

Sprouting of Young Fotntoea in the Soil. 
Enrroas Firkkh: In un article of mine which 
appeared In Iho F.uiucn of the Gth June, I en- 
deavored to point oat Oil- orgeat ntecssily of farm- 
Ufa studying A^ri.'iik'ir.' idiot iEcolly, as the on)j 
means uf enabling them to obviate difficulties of 
daily occurrence. I also suggested the advantages 
Vfhieh farmers had io being rvadera of the CiLiroB- 
KU Faiui^h, through which lliey have no oppor- 
' tunity of ti'mrauuicatiug with thu Editors and 
with e-.ieh other, and thus obtaining assislnnccand 
advice from those whom they, ia Lbeir taro, may 
assist with something else — making the Faeuiei: a 
channel whereby they may with facility cotnmuni- 
eate wilh each other. The propriety of my re- 
marks is illustrated by a letter in the Faiuieb or 
the 17th instant, from Mr. Springer of Douglass 
Flat, concerning hie potato-crop. 

As Mr. Springer merely slates the fact, that "as 
toon as the yuuug poialooi began to form, a second 
growth would start therefrom," without Eoying 
anything of the soil on which they wero ptouted, 
further than that it had been well prepared for 
their rcceptioD, and properly hoed, and thai it was 
not naturally too moist, and had not, previous It 
the circumstance which he relates, been irrigated 
lam compelled to confine myself to remarks con- 
nected itith the general physiology of plants, and 
more pirticalarly of the potato. 

When the seed ofaay plant ia pnt in thegronnd 
it imbibes moisture from the soil, sod oxygen from 
I the atmosphere (by which the loose soil on t 
surfaci is permeated), in consequence of which 
partial decomposition of its components takes pill 
t commencing with those which are or a gummy na- 
ture, by means of which the embryo germ of lb. 
future plunt is liberated, and becomes tho com 
inenceraent of another plant. Tho decomposition 
( goes on, furnishing for the elongating bads, from 
the farinaceous and mineral constituents. of the 
seed, maUriul for its enlargement, till it has roots 
strong enough to elaborate them fn>m the soil. 
To toable the plunt to thrive, it is necessary that 
I it have, 03 it progresses in growth, similar ingredi- 
I enla of easy access In the soli. About Ibo time 
, that it is in blossom the Hera and leaves are gen- 
, crally in foil vigor and require a full supply, not 
. only to promote its growth but also Tor other 
reasons. It is soon to undergo a ena D gc Its 
_ Tigor, is the seed begins io ripen, relaxes, and tie 
leaves lock sickly, partly from the tissues which 
conveyed the sap getting clogged up and closed, 
«nd partly Jre-m its more valuable ingredients 
having to be used to a considerable extent in the 
forming seed ; which always contains Ihem in 
greater abundance than Ibo other portions of the 
plunt— nnd baa to do so, u otherwise the seed then 
I forming would be incapable of baring anything 
nilable with which to supply its bud, when its 
turn come to become the parent of a new plunt. 
As the seed ripens it dries, and in the dry slate is 
incapable of geminating/; and thus Nature care- 
fully performs her work, and Mao hat only to ee- 
I Curi ; ™ r blessings, and enjoy her bounty, 
r No sooner, however, does the seed Bud itself in 
■ suitable edition as to heat,air,-nd moisture, 
than it Kerminutes-sometitnes during rainy 
weather sprouting on the stalk; hence, 
eome.t nectary tu prevent tin very means which 
Natnrohaa provided for the perpetuation of bcr 
planus from pr.iviiief Ihi-ir ■!■ -uii.tiur). As an i 
arnpl.. ..f Nature's proceeding., wbieb may tend to 
. elucidate H,u mysterious and opp^^. onoma)ou3 
freak on her part of which Mr. Springer com- 
j.plaina : the cabbage and turnip, as we know in 
northern | a i iluJ es (their natural dime) are h'ien- 
ntalphn!,. growing one year, and ripening their 
•Bed the neil year. But kt na sow cabbage of 
turnip seed in this Slate during winter and if it 
, abonld hupp,,, thai the pl.nis are retarded in their 
ttrly growth by frost, as soon as more genial 
•«lh. r ,el, ,u, ln.Uad of proceeding in the forma- we may be iilpQ ^ loexplxUll:^d. NW.whyis 
•j»l>I _ Fhe answer is obvious. The interrnplion 
ft >&»< groutb by frost, though only short, has 
^3- 'he .w elfec. on them as though it had 

"T R h . ™ o l-tfon-I-B m lie same way; 

«• t- dLscbrge ,„.» duties, which otherwise it 
*, a i'^'l"""-'- TJ,e Inlerruption of ihu MD „f 
Jl«'. of ,|,h t ,i,,„,U . ) iuntn by hea, Ls 1, 
J^Iiourfihesjwolaw-a, object being in di (- 

JT 1 ' ;■",- "')--,.. ,,cu„ing. whereby 

me >ap U <liv,.ft..i i ,k.. _ 

This Bam was awarded tho great Priia of 

This Rara was atrsrdf d tho great Prim of 460 Franca, at tho World's Eihibitiou, at Poria, !n 1965. 
Owned by J. D. Psttenon, IVcdfiebl, Ohnntouque County, New York. 
kntercd ueeordieg to Act of Congresa, in tho year 1608, by J. D. Pattorson, in the Clerk's Office of ibo 
is Bontbern District of Now York. 

to the growth and enlargement of the plant, and 
turned exclusively to tbo furmation of seed. 

Let us sec boor far these simple 1»wb of Nature 
ipply to Mr. Springer's case- So long as potatoes 
ire merely putting out leaves and branches, the 
plant is vigorous, and all Is as it ought to bo ; 
but about the time the blossoms appear, and ibo 
ibors begin to form, when both top and botlom 
■e draining from it the most nourishing constit- 
uents of its sap, it assumes an unusual tendency 
to germinate anew from the forming tubers ; evi- 
dently becauso tho balance between the supply 
"nd demand ha? thus been deranged to aneitent 
vhich it could not wllbsland ; and, consequently, 
sort nfunnnlural precocity in the tubers look 
place, aa in the instance of frost on cabbage and 
Is ; and instead orgoing on with tbeir 
of gradual enlargement, as they 

suitable i 

ir, and 

!• diverted from the purpose of ministering 

moisture, they set aboot tbo ncut thing they 
ivould have naturally dona; nimely, sprouting 
mow for the production of auulher crop. 

Let Mr. Springer keep in mind what would 
havo been tho icuiedy in Ibo case of tho cabbago 
plants. Whether tho cflcct was occasioned by 
heat or frost, it was evidently produced by an 
interruption of the natural economy at work for 
their perfect formation, and the cure lay in pre- 
venting such interruption. Perhaps, in Blr. 
Springer's case, the soil is deficient in iheminerat 
luents uf plants in a sufficiently soluble 
state, for the double purpose for which thoy are 
wanted at the time tbo blossoms and tubers nru 
lg. Perhaps It has other peculiirilics, 
vendor the plant of tho potato and its 
forming tubers different from what thoy arc 
when it is in a healthy condition. Of this Mr. 
Springer may bo assured, that either Ihe asp in 
tho plant is from such cause defective, or some 
interruption having the effect of bringing on a 
precocious maturity in (| l0 tubers has taken 
place, and Hint the remedy depends on his a« 
UinSng wherein the difference io bis soil cons 
from that whero potatoes erow without being „ 
affeeled. Meantime, be might try tho effect of 
polling oil the blooms. lam balf-incUncd 
think tho soil waa too much loosened. 
JI lt L..T,»,25«hJel I .l EBT . A0n,G0 " 

Success in Stock Raisins;. 
There is probably no business in this coun 
y more prosperous, in every sense of the word, 
inn stock raising; it benefits tho owner, bene- 
fits tho neighborhood, and benefits tho Statu 
We spoko oF Ihe Dairies of Petalumo, two 
weeks sinoo, and whilo at Sacramento tho last 
"eek, wo met a friend who said to us ho was 
glad of the prosperity of this brunch of business 
'"■ he came from c. dairy Ssato ; and, said he 
of tho men you spoko of nt Potolomn waa a 
onsl friend of mine, and I romembor well 
o ho reucbod this country in '52. Hn came 
tho plains with his stock, and as he camo 
into Sueremcnto hn stopped nt my store on J 
Jlroet, to sec m ; nD d, said ho, I am now worth 
WOOD more than I waa when . loft home-tu.. 
increased value of my llooll „,,„,„ [(1D ,„_ T( ,„ 
snmn person is now ^uilo independent, a 
>ng tho best dairymen of Potaluiau. 
no this success with pWuro. 

The revenue .,! I he .S.era^TVVator Works, 
tor tbo moulb o! July, umouuled to £.-,,:',-.-, i^. 

Soolal Roform. 
.._ -Jhsieb: My duties h 
such that 1 was unable to give attention 
until tbo present upportonity, which I 
ploy in pursuance of thu subject which I pre- 
sented to your readers some fan weeks sinoo. 1 
desiro to call their attention to Ibo follnwing sug 
Mankind seek tor enjoyment, from the 
the grave; tho only motivo which 
prompts the mind to action is (hat which prom- 
to that great era) aro all our cf- 
. in all tho multifarious channels 
through life, in every department of business, and 
-" --r social relations, do we seek for happi- 
idycthowfow there aro who attain to 
those positions, wherein thoy aro permitted to 
partake of the realizations or their desires. I 
will pass over the immediate causes of these re- 
sults, snd confine myself moro particularly to a 
consideration of tho means by which thoy may 
obviated. Liko unto tbo physician, who ia 
called to administer unto tbo necessities of a sick 
palient, he docs not stop to enter into a review of 
tho causes which engendered thu disease, but im- 
mediately sets himself about tho muro important 
nnd necessary duty of prescribing a remedy. In 
"dcr to establish a moro healthy social system, 
will first become necoasary lo root out those 
ilbtds of vico nnd folly which abound through- 
it tbo oitent of our Oommonwealth. I have re- 
ference to all tboso various games of pastime ; 

tho fountains from whence spring tho 

germ of tbuse giant ovils which besot us, and un- 
til thoso are effectually dried up, wo need not bono 
io find relief, neither In rigid legislative enact- 
ments, prnbibitury of gambling, nor yet in a re- 
ligious crusade against tho gambler. Therefore, 
irder to banish frnra our midst thoso idle and 
seless practices it will become necessary, first 
.utroduco a subject, or system, which ia calcu- 
lated to proinnlo tho objects that wo have in view. 
All legislative ensctmenta, with revercst penalti 
I avail nothing, hut will rather nggravato tb 
it« tho owil. Like unto the overflowed lands of 
' State, where the talc, grows in oil its rank 
urianee, stubbornly twisting tho scylb 
mower, and, like unto Phonii, recovering 
life from the Asmes of the consuming fires; „„, 
dilch and drain tho land, sbntout tho floods, and 
Ibo tule disappears, and in its plica Is seen n r 
and luiurianl pasturage, teeming with lowing 
herds and bleating flocks, and furnishing habita- 
tions for man. Thus may wo successfully war 
.t the disorders and corruption which crery- 
abound. Tho intellectual soil of our pco- 
pio requires draining, that it may ha freed from 
tho stagnant waters in which it is submerged, 
and the genial myaof thosun of Intelligence shall 
penetrate tho rich soil, giving life and beauty 
acre nuw theru is nuught but a desolate waato, 
The numerous benevolent and moral-reform 
associations which ovist amongonr people, though 
■iitriljuiid in a measure towards the 
of the condition of society, havo 
Riled to awaken in the minds of our people gon- 
rally, the Importance of cultivating n laslo for 
intellect,,,] amusements. The object of many of 
these associations is merely negali.o, devoted to 
the prohibition of somo local oril, through tbo 
restraints nf self-denial i further than this thoy 
have nut advanced ; thoy have forniibcd 

which has torsi itself from Iho excitements n 
thoso evils to which it was so long attached ; am 
consequently do wo so frequently sk them re 
lapse into their former indulgences, with ombil 
tered minds, at tho tamo and uninviting reward 
rhlcb thoy have found in exchange for then 
former attachments. Other associations havi 
furnished a speciDc in tho observance of somi 
peculiar object or pursuit, resulting in the classi 
Gcation of Ihe individual members of tho com 
innnily, and ceasing to contribute to its welfare 
beyond the limits of their sects. Therefore, ir. 
order to a successful prosecution of the wot 
against thu greater evils by which wo are sur- 
rounded, it will bo necessary loopen the campaign 
,y a descent upon tho lessor vices so pregnant 
imong us. But, before going into action it nil] 
ikewiso be necessary to introduce a system, am- 
liiry to tho oipcdltion, which shall havo for its 
object, tho safe keeping nnd tho naturalization of 
such parties of tho enemy as shall become prison- 
n>»- hands. Thus will wo not only bo 
i dispense with tho necessity of placing 
r the prisoners which we shall havo 
when the war is ended, and victory 
perched upon our banners, those who 
had fallen into our bands as enemies, will go 
lorth as proselytes to our cause, proclaiming to 
their kindred and nalion, tho revelations of wis- 
and of truth. 

will now proceed lo tho proposition or tho 
organization of a society which shall ho denomi- 
nated tho Association uf Universal Knowledge 
and which shall havo for its object the acquisition 
and tho dissemination of tbcoreUeal and practical 
philosophy, combining in its pracllconnd research 
the fields of science and art, and directing tho 
"•-ids nf its members into thnso channels which 
most congenial lo iho tastes of each, Id th( 
pursuit of somo intellectual and practical amuse- 
ment, which shall nnt only tend to wean thorn 
from tholr attachment io those idle games or pas- 
time, but shall likewise develop tho rich re- 
sources of those minds which otherwise would 
continue dormant. There is a largo class of our 
people, and, moro particularly, those of very lim- 
iled education, who regard wientlflo pursuits as 
belonging solely to tho professional fraternity, 
— 1 to be attained only through tho medium of 
college,, and seminaries of learning; hence, 
iliey. loo frequently, through want of confidence 
Ihelr abilities to acquire a knowledge of tho 
. ilosophical truths, smother tho yearn- 
ings of tholr own minds, after a knowledge of 
' things, in the Injunction forbiddlug approach 
to those subjects which they regard a, l,,l„„j;,r„- 
unto themselves. This is a very great error, 
n which may be apprehended the greatest 
obstacle to bo encountered in (ho successful or- 
ganization of Ihe project. The minds of tho 
mosses should bo disabused of these impressions, 
and taught i look upon tbo fields of science as 
plantaiiens of intellectual wealth, which have 
been bestowed upon thorn by tho beneficent hand 
of Deity, with iho same rights and pririlegesi as 
Jponthe princes and kings of Iho carlb. And 
vhethor it ho upon the mountain tups, or in tho 
"lleys ; in the aparscly populated districts of the 
country, or in tbo densely crowded cities upon 
Ibo seaboard, the great book of philosophy and 
art 18 open alike lo all, imparling in a unlvoi 
-language, to the unlettered 

rithout money and without price. Periodical 
dobwoa. lectures, osperimonUI illustrations, oihl- 
hitiona. wherein Astronomy, Geology, Chemistry, 
and Natural Philosophy, afford abundance of all 
that which will amuse and delight all classosand 
people. Establish ono of these as- 
each of our mining towns through- 
out tho Slalo, and in each or our cities, free from 
itrainta of religious creeds of sectorianlem, 
itainlcd by political strife, where men of 
every creed, and ofovery political bias may meat 
in tho bonds of brotherhood, lo seek amusement 
and pastime in tho pursuits of universal knowl- 
adge, whose members shall abstain from all in- 
toxicating drinks, and from all those idle games, 
ind a brief period will elapse until tho quicken- 
ng influences of thoso associotiona shall bo seen 
md rolt throughout tho extent of our Oommon- 

Tho oxerciaea of these associations should bo 
nado as public and free as circumstances will 
lermit, thereby Ingrafting upon tho mindu of tho 
ommunity aroond them tho example of their 

They woold become depositories of natural 
:urtositiea, thereby inducing thousands of our 
people to make a more thorough and extended 
obligation into tho geological organization of 
mining districts, The miner, tho agricultur- 
.. , and tho artisan would become contributors to 
its archives, from tho prolific resources of their 
various pursuits, and tho knowledge which now 
lies hidden from the musses, would gradually be- 
come diffused among the people. The associt- 
tiona should hold tboir annual fair or gathering 
in some central and convenient locality, to which 
delegates should bo sent, lo taku charge of all 
contributions belonging to their rcspeclitodoposi- 
torjoa i and likewise for tho purpose of a free in- 
terchange of general informalion. Thn institn- 
tion should be known nnd designated as the 
People's Fair, for tho Advancement of Universal 
Knowledge. Our sister States upon tho Atlantic 
border, would follow our example. Thus will 
dawn a now era upon tho condition of our people ; 
men of intelligence and of moral woiih will then 
adorn our legislative hills; the judicial and ei- 
ccutlta departments ofour goiornment will thon 
bo consecrated to tho sacred mandates of eternal 
justice and truth, ond tho future greatness of oar 
country will bo shadowed forth in the progress of 

Oentlo reader, upon you depends tho consum- 
iBiinn of Ihese groat and important results; (ho 
destinies of a mighty empire aro in yoor bands - 
armed with tho le.or or universal knowledge, and 
tbo omnipotent forces of creation will obey yonr 
commanda. Thus will our country become tho 
greatest among Ibo nations of the carlb; unri- 
valed in her mineral and agricultural produc- 
liuni, the intelligence of her people will shod a 
luhter of surpassing beauty upon her boundless 
Stores of wealth, her mountains, her gorges, and 
bor valleys emitting brightscintillalionsof genius, 
concenlrating in one vast orb upon Ibis our 
western continent; bursting in floods upon the 
eastern hemisphere, and illuminating tho dark 
recesses of tho world with the regenerating in flu- 
ences of Sternal light; and all nations, and 
tongues, and people shall pay homage to her 

Tho foregoing is a general outline of tho system 

which I propose to present for tho consideration 

or the young men of our State, hoping that somo 

of them may discover therein sufficient indueo- 

ipt them to on active participation 

a the n 

nutcly Into a 

n of the 

And with the highest consideration I still 
emsin. Tour most obedio tit servant, 

E. t\ BR UN EM OX. 

Wooiii Oaciw Cues Slodoii. i 

Solano Ce uotj, CI, JulriB, 16ST . i 

SSy-ALL who import Fruit and Ornamental 
Jroos or Nursery slock will do well to read tha 
advertisement of J. Saul, of Washington, D. C. 
Mr. Saul was from the Downing School, educated 
"••. nurseryman, and thoroughly drilled as a 
iHQc and practical nurseryman. Those who 
wuh bun can do so in confidence of most 
bonorablo treatment. Mr. Saul has a brother at 
■Smith's Garden, as the head man there, to 
Thorn reference can bo hod, and information 
given whon required ; bot orders direct can go 
forward, safely relying upon the integrity of Mr. 

Wx would apeak of the dairy or Mr. It. Pavilie, 
or Suisun. Wo saw a load of lino Ohoeao from 
this dairy, unloading at Heed £ Co.'s, Front street 
Sscramento, and it reminded us or the dairies of 
Now Braintreo, Mass. Mr. F. keepj ijo cawji 
eighty milkers now, and makes in fnll season aOOO 
pound* of cheese per month, bnt now only 1500 

Mr. J. S. Wilton, who owns n milk ranch on 
'-■■■■ , - 1 lu0 Sacramento, has soreoty cows, forty milkers 



A How Motive Power. 
Tns Baltimore Patriot is enthusiastic own 
new motile power, alleged to hare bcon diseov- 
cred and brought Into practical operation by 
Prof. J. 0. F. Salomon, of that city. It is oiled 
tbo "Sulpb. Oil Carbonic Acid Engine." 
Professor b»s been at work on bis discovery for 
tbo last ten years, during which time be has beer) 
aided by some of tho most opoiont and intelligent 
citizens of Baltimore, Tbo machine isacor 
. rectilineal sleam-cngino, differing in no ms 
feature from those in general use, only a 
motor is used, which is Ibos described b 

'•The patent novelty consists in tho n 
power and its application, which wholly ; 
sedes steam. This motor is produced by a 
pound of d.\ 6ulphiati .1 bi. gnlphurot of carbon, 
coal lav, and volatile or fixed oil, which, under 
certain influences of beat, becomes powerfully 
expansile, and thus (Hires momentum. Though 
only a four-bor&j engine, it was performing the 
estimated duty of ten horses, and has been so 
doing since put in ope rati on. nearly a fortnight apo. 
The great virtu o and triumph of (his wonderful 
invention, which, in all probability, will causer 
revolution in mechanics, aro its economy. Barely 
and power, combining, also, cheapness and con 

The fluid, or gas, constituting tbo motive power, 
is used over and over again with scarcely an}' 
diminution or waste being thrown, after perform- 
ing its wort, froni the heater to the cuuden.'er. 
and from the condenser to the beater again, with 
thorough renovation. Tho beater, where the gas 
or fluid is introduced, is submerged in a cistern 
Of heated oil, kept hot by a gentle fire. In this 
condition, the gas expands, gaining its power and 
passing through pipes and valves, acts upon the 
pistou, giving motion to tho engine. Tbo appli- 
ances aro simple, easy of comprehension, free 
from complication, 1 and not subject to accident or 
disarrange menu Thus a steady, aclivo force is 
at all times kept up. 

The cost of ibis fluid is estimated at ten cents 
per gallon, and it is demonstrated that eighteen 
gallons, by careful attention, tvill run an engino 
of tho capacity hero noticed, for one year. Its 
components are such as not to freeze, even at 
ninety degrees below zero. The amount of fuel 
is, tn a proportion of fifteen pounds of coat to one 
hundred pounds, compared with a steam -engine 
o! the Same dimensions, uliih-t mure than double 
the force can be brought into requisition." 

A trial with steam, under an equal application 
of beat, is said to hove clearly demonstrated a 
great superiority of this now motor, in its appli- 
cation, over steam. With a degree of heat which 
produced eighty revolutions per minute with the 
new motor, the steam-engine moved but slightly 
and stopped. Besides, it is claimed that explosion 
is impossible, and thus a great point it gained in 
obviating danger. A number of scientific gentle- 
men and practical machinists, wbu have witnessed 
the operations of this engine, esprcss themselves 
confident or its success. Prof. Salomon is a 
niliveof Prussia, but has been a citizen of the 
United States for twenty-seven years. 


Bota in Horses. 
Tut following simple and safe remedy for the 
Bots in Dor;c3, i3 given by a correspondent in the 
Homestead -. Bots ere the larva or maggots of a 
species of gad fly, that during the months of Au- 
gust and September d. posiiii its eggs on the mnne, 
shoulders, legs, and other parts which the animal 
is apt to lick. These eggs are, according to tome 
writers, immediately batched by the beat and mois- 
ture or the mouth, and aro conveyed with tbo food 
into tho stomach, where they fasten themselves to 
the mow, or insensible coaling of tho stomach, by 
means of a couple or small hooks or claws with 
which they are furnished. As long as tbey remain 
here they are nol an injury to the horse. On the 
contrary, some writers contend that tbey nro a 
benefit to him, but in what way I nm unable to 
say. When the msgguls become fullygrown they 
somelimts attack the sensible coating or the 
stomach, and often cat through it ant) destroy the 
life of lie animal. This is owing to tho disordered 
■tale ol the digestive organs, for when these worms 
have attained a certain size, they loosen their bold 
upon the maw, and If the stomach is in Its proper, 
healthy tone, they win be passed out of It, and the 
animal remain uninjured. It is only when they 
remain too long iu the stomach, that they do any 
injury. Charcoal or wood ashes should he gii 
to burses, in moderate quantities at (his season 
give a healthy tone to the stomach), especially if 
they are rough add shaggy in the hair, poor eat- 
ers, or any unusual stiffness observable in them, 
for that is a sign of the presence or bote. When 
these worms once attack the stomach, it is almost 
impossible te make tbem let go their hold, and in 
Tact many persons are of opinion that it is useless 
to attempt to save tho life of the beast when that 
is the ease ; but I am confident it can bo done. 1 
feel certain that I have saved tbo lives of my own 
horses when attacked by them, in tbo following 
manner : Tnlte one tcaspoonlul of pulverized iodi- 
go. pour on it a pint of water, until the indigo is 
pretty well dissolved, and then drench tho horse 
with it If the bota have already eaten through 
the slemach of ibe horse, and In that case 
not possible recover, it will be almust instanta- 
neous death, but if nol, they will loosen their 
hold, and bo pressed out. 

'This enre is simple and perfectly safe- for 
should it prove to bo something else that ailed the 
horse, the indigo will nut injure him. Why i- j 
that iodigo causes them to quit the stomach, 
esonot tell, but hope lhat others will help Ui ii 
veatigatu the matter. 

Bow to get rid Of Ants? 

We extract tbo following amusing, and to 

those troubled with Ants, interesting sketch, 

from (i commnnioBtion in tha Burn! American : 

When I have soon certain la:y pooplo trying 
to exterminate- ants from their promises, I have 
verily thought it was because- they wished to 
get rid of tho Wiso Man's reminder. "Go to 
too ant, thou sluggard ; consider her way* und 
bn wiso." Bat not so with everybody. Not so 
with indnstrious editors, surely. I find them in 
tbo sugar bowl and tea cup ; thoy infest my 
wife's choice sweetmeats nnd Coke. I havo a 
favorite seat in my gardro, whore I rest from 
summer Inbnrs, nnd for my children fr in tli. n 
sports ; bat no sooner aro we fairly seated, than 
thu ants nppenr, run up our ankles, our coal 
shoves and toko great liberties with our whole 
person. Alas! forourrest; forour enjoyment 
of the fine scenery snroad out beforo us. Wo 
aro besieged, infested, captured and our only 
safely is in flight. 

I planted, a few years ngo. somo choice pear 
trees, and had taken special pnin- to give them 
n fine foil, and to keep It in good cultivation ; 
but no sooner had they bi'gon to grow apace, 
than tho roots of several were infested with ant 
hills. "Give 'em plenty o' salt," said n milli- 
bar, looking over the gardcu fence and seeing 
my despair ; "Salt 'cm down, und they'll scamp- 
er. I 'sure you." So, I "salted 'em down;" 
when I salted rather thick, tho tree died, and 
when less was applied, the littlo pests did not 
mind it at all; or at most, only moved their 
household furniture a few inches, and began 
operations afresh. I conoludod thoy wore not 
■green" as tho fanner had supposed, hut 
■> regular "old salts." nnd were not sorry to 
got a littlo salt to keep their summer stores from 
ipoiling. _ 

Having related my experience to nn old fruit- 
grower in this vicinity , be lifted his bat. nnd told 
in that two methods of extermination were yot 
ft, vii., pounding nnd boiling them! After ho 
had fully explained both processes, I commenced 
"*' i. I approached on nut hill, softly as 
ut to spring upun a helpless lamb, and 
soraped off tbo dirt from tho surface, 
beetle, and began to pound Ao littlo 
Cents as thoy camo running out to see what 
Iho matter. Undoubtedly, n largo numb< 
i killed, and it was a long time before Iht 
bill recovered itself. But, in my furious 
a limb of the tree was broken, and tho 
» worn injured, somewhat. A few da' 
after, I tried the other remedy, boiling. Too 
"rt was scraped off, as before, n few holes made 
tli" bill, ami lulling v,-,,!,-r j-mr.-'j in. Hun- 
dreds of tho littlo fellows camo running out in 
tho midst of tbo pouring, as if to say, "ho I ho ! 
we don't mind this much; wn'vt) been in hot 
water before, down there in tho kitchen cabinet ; 
so, pour away, keup up tho steam I" Yet, not- 
withstanding this show of pluck. I think some- 
thing effectual was dona. I weakened the 
enemy's forces, if. I did not wholly di-slny 
"' em. It was n lone: time ili.-ir defences 
r ■ vpuircd and their numbers mudo good. 
Wishing to benefit my pear trees ns much us 
possible, I gave them, last summer, frequent 
rutoringa from tho tub at our sink spout, whero 
ro poured all tho house slops from day to duy. 
Judgi- or my surprise, when, after a few weeks, 
I found tho nnt hills deserted entirely, nnd tho 
CMOS growing unmolested ! Halting Vm down, 
id pounding and boiling, could nut drive them 
vay; hut wheo tbo sink-slops came running 
dowu into their pulors and bed-rooms, they 
Id not stand it, hut fled in dingus! ! I beg 
ant-nfiliclcd readers of tho Iiuml American 
to try this remedy, and I know they will thank 
me for the nbuve information. 

My joy on first making this discovery, was a 
littlo dampened, when 1 reflected that, while 
ink-elop were a very euitablo npplkntisio |,. r 
Im roots of pear trots,, tbey would hurdly an- 
wor for our summer-seal in the garden, nor for 
the sugar-bowl. But while I wag turning" this 
"' ir in my mind, a letter camo from on 
ng friend, who knew my troubles, end bod 
i similar oiperionco himself. Ho Boys: 
For the pantry and tho gnrdcu-sent, use this : 

'""I: ounce of corrosive -.n I. limine, mil it in 

l"!tl" v,-iih one pint of good rum. While it i., 
issolving, havu your pantry, closet, etc, thor- 
uglily ■ Juried; then, with a comi-l's hairbrush 
r Mm, II f. -other, wet in this solution, apply thu 
lixturo to every emok or crevice, to Hr. H il|(, 
of your windows, and the thresholds of your 
doors, whero nuts appear, and in a short time 
Iho pests will disappear. This application 
should be made in summer, about once in three 
:eks. Apply the same to Iho cracks and cor- 
ra of your garden-seat, and to tho floors of 
your pioxza. Ants, spiders. eneliroa-.|,ei und 
of vermin, will floo boforo it. 

Crops in Make.— A correspondent * 
from Fnrmington (Mo), reports that the 
in that vicinity never looked belter. Oats, 
and potatoes aro looking finely; con 
backward, hut has a decidedly healthy 
aneo, and no one doubts a. largo crop. „, 

bid Fair for an unuiual harvest. Tli-v or 

murkably Well set," and if one-half of (hem i 


thou any knuwn fu, mm, . 

havo nut seen suoh field, f grass fr* 

years ; tbo Tt-ry road sides will yield a 

"liny years. 

nn Cnop Reposts.— The Chicago Tri- 
: " Since the selling in of tho warm and 

in,, .-,, 

L weather, 

a of ihe 


■.TO.! 111./ 

Iho promise 

■I lloi yield of small K inin there l.,.,. n ,„, 

I" 1 " 1 ' -rial unvielv hn-j l„w ;n and [■, 

yet fell for the corn. In all the countr. N.,,-,1, -f 
a line drawn East and West through La Sallo 
county. ihe corn looks badly and cannot make an 
ige crop, unless Iho weather Bhonld bo moru 
ordinarily favorable. South of that lino 
tlnr.. u|,|,cars to havo been less rain ami m,,,-,. 
- .lime, hence uur accounts are muro enoc 

i iho Mineral Point Tri 


that Hi,.. ,-.,rn [.ror.n.-ct iii ilnor n-j,u.j-iivi to-nlU 
ti. - 1« «..-iitr.i!ly had. Mncli of t | 1(1 u rst n | Qnl j n ,. in Ih,- u.oo,,.!. nod IK- .,,,„,,] , ri ,, ,,,t 

From Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Southern Iowa 
the news is belLcr. In cacti, grain of all kinds' 
give promise of an unusual yiuld. 

ASOTHBK Gurat Tbot— The hotaca which 
mudo the greet hundred mile trot, a, few months 
sine.;, performed another great feat at Albany, 
N. Y„ ou the 1st of July. We have the follow- 
ing from sin Albany paper : 

A raco for 82000 a side came off this after- 
noon, between tho Dultou horse and the Taylor 
horse. Tbo distance was twenty miles in har- 
ness. ThaDalton horeo made a wailine; raco 
I'.r m,v.-i,u-0[, miles, lying do- I., 'IVv).,r'., 
T'i"i' | ri.. I ,l 1 „. ;i „ J .j ( ,, L , > .,„ ll ,i., l il,,.,,;,,],,;.,.,,,,, 

'"'" 'l'-"'-al„,,d nod mmiili, ,1 ,1 |.„ u [m | : . 

;""■" '"yl". rm, ,„...[ him, frying in a few 

mucs was one hour twelve minutes and fifty. four 
seconds. The Judges d.eid.-d ,l„. ,.„ , ,„' f,,,,'. 
"t llalt..n,who K ..|„ ,1,0 MakfS in ,on-,q„,- [11( , 
',"}■ "v's nurse running. The bonis an 
matched^ a fifty mile Lo, .0 Como off « 

Althcidoh there preparations aro so litll? "« d 
in England, lucre is no reason {says tho SclonttBc 
American) why thoy should not become a regular 
article in Iho housekeeper's store-room ; they a 
easy to prepare, and ire very agreeable to 11 
palate, also economical, as Ihey supercede tho u 
ardent spirits and wine. On the Continent it 
a common practice to drink siinplo sirup (which 
is called ea«(n.CTs,bulwhich wo term capillaiie), 
diluted with water to tho taslo of Lho drinker. 

CapiUain is madolhus: Dissolve about 
poundsof the best refined white sugar in one 1 
of water; boil tho mixture for Gvcorton minutes, 
then strain it through lawn, or a hair sieva ; whe 
cold it is fit for use. 

Sirup of Chwes.— Proceed In the tamo way 1 
for making capillaire, but with tho sugar add 
thirty or forty cloves lhat havo been brokr- "' 

All tho sirups of spices as cinnamon, nutmeg, 
ginger, &c., can bo mode in the same way. 

Simjii uj Fruit.— These aro prepared in 
similar manner to capillaire, substituting tho 
juicesof tho Iruit in place of thn water; in this 
way it is very oasy to make sirup of oranges. 
Beforo the oranges are squeexed, to express their 
juice, each omngo should be well rubbed or grnted 
with ihe lump sugar— by so doing the fine flavor 
of tho rind is preserved. All these simps nr- 
drunk by diluting them wilh water. About 
wine-glassful of sirup to a lumber of wsior wi 
be found to make a pleasant draught. 

Sirup of Coffee.— Take about ao ounce or the 
finest calico, ground, and a pint of cold W 
allow Ihctn to stand together for twclvo hours or 
more, then strain, and add one pound and a half 
of sugar; boil foronoor two minutes — not longer, 
and again slrnin. 

Sirup of Tea.— One pint of water, two pounds 
of sugar, an ounce of black tea; boil together for 
fire minutes, or rather less, and then strain. A 
wine glassful to half a pint of cold water makes 
very good cold tea. 

A RtcirB Wuisrir One Thousand Dollabs. 
Take one pound or sal soda and half a pound of 
unslacked limit, put ihem iu a gallon of water and 
boil twenty minutes ; let it stand till cool, then 
drain off, nnd put it in a stone jug or jar. Soak 
your dirty clothes over night, or until they an 
wet through, then wring thctn out nnd ru 
pLnty of -nap, and in One boiler or clothes, 
covered over wilh water, add one lenspooiiful of 
the washing fluid, Uoil hntf-un-hour tiri.-kly, then 
wash tbem thoroughly through one ends, und rin-e 
through water, and year clothes will look bettor 
thin the old wuy of washing twice before, bo"" 
This is an invaluable recipe, and I do want every 
poor tired woman lo try it I ihink with a patent 
wasb-tnb to do the little rubbing, the washer- 
■.vi.ntiiri mi.irlii lab- the old Itinl,. and compose her. 
self on the lounge, and let thu washiugdo itself. 

The woman who can keep a secret his known 
this a year or two, but her husband told it while 
on on electioneering tour. So says the Ohio Ct 

Hakvkbt DnixK. — When men are engaged in 
Hie harvest field under the influence of on intensely 
hot sun, sweating at every pore, they necessarily 

li-.-i.-oUiu (hi r sty. und require u rcfrvsliinir u.jv, rj [;,'-. 
and we know none b:tUx calculate.] to allay 
tliiril, relre-h am! invigorate the EVstem, -uys an 
exchange, than the following : Stir well lo^Vtlur 
tin gulluuj of cold water, one gallon of molasses, 
one r|inrt of vinegar, and a quarter-pound ETound 
ginger. A bevcMti; thu.! made, is ti refrcshiii 
it is healthful and palatable, and si "" 
plied to the hands whenever needed. 

Houss: Buoa.— Tho French 

parts of common soap, and one hundred parts of 
water, by weight, ml.dlililv destroys bugs and 
their c-;e«. ll is enough lo wash walls, woodwork, 
&c„ wilh the boiling- solution, to be entirely re- 
lieved from this horrid pest. 

Eo.cs, which are. now 60 abundant, can, it is said, 
bo better preserved in com meal, than in any other 
preparation yet Iruuwn. Lay tbem with the noall 
end dawn, and, if undisturbed, they will be as good 
when packed. 

t the end 

Colleoe Secubed liv SANDwicn 

ISLASDKns.— The Now Haven (Ct.) Palladium 
relates tbo following interesting- facts : 
Wo notice a ourions coineidonoo in tho prians 

Intolv d..o|,|...,l to tl, L . graduating class of Yulo. 
Three young men havo now been educated lore 
who wore bom und reared, aud who still hud 
their homes, in the far-off Sandwich Mauds. 
The-e three Inn-., nil laki-ii Iho first A-tronoiui- 
eiil IVi/.s-.s, vi; : Hiram Hiughnm of the clu-i of 
1S53, W. D, Aleiander or '55, nnd IJ D. linhl- 
wiuof'57. These prises nro among tho mo. t 
honorablo of the course, requiring not only in- 
timate aeCjuaintonco with lh.- viMolo li.-av.-n.s, 
hot great occurnoy in solution of problems, nnd 
.■sjn-nally in enlculntion of eclipies. There i; 

therefore ugnat -unu^l,, -t>l- the '■inatli... 

niiitieal heads" of eneh ek--- lor the |i r „t ,.,■;■„ 
on tho list. Hut lho "CannibalB" seem to have 

a proscriptivo right to that h r. Ciiriou. to 

sen Iheso sons of tbo Pacilio come round Cope 
Horn to wrest so surely this partieulur laurel 
from Uin youth of America I 

Tire Foirrv-FOLiriTr. teTznoia.-A. circular 

from the oflieo „l the Astr. inical Journal at 

t.-simbridge. contains a letter ["nun Mr H-in.-,,,,, 
i...|i1--i,[oiiU to tho editor, dntid l'„,i- J,,,,,. ■) 
io,i,..unei,)g the discovery on Ibe nighi „, y\U 

..of „l„,y.f.,„rtl, [danel, l,o,,, M,,,,,,,-,, 

■'"'"""; , 11 "; 1 -' "—'■•■t'. ..]„.-liL„li,.,.i,,|i,. 
covered by Mr. l.loldselimidt, I, re^ml.i, 
star of the HJ.U magnitude. The f.-rt v-tlii r.l 
asteroid, discoverudat the,-I„i'.. Oi,..- n llt „ r .. 
by Mr, I'oyson. has received tho oamo of 
Adriono. ""nm ui 


Sar hath put oa hli jaeket— and around 
JJIv buralpf bwm bulleaed It wilh stars. 
Here will I lay ml ou the velvet mo», 
That Is liko paddlne lo earths meajor ribs, 
Aud hold communloa wilh tho thioca abont me. 
Ah ma I bow tor nl v is tho golden braid, 
Thai bines thsskirts of □lsbi'jde^-aillnir robs I 
Tbo thin loivcs, qui verbs on Iboir silken threads, 
Do make a moilo like lo nulling ulln, 
As the lijht brooHii imoolh their dawny nan. 
Ha 1 what Is this that rim to my toueb, 
Eollkaaoashlonl Can it be aoabbag«7 
Ills, it is, Ihildooply injured Qowor, 
Which bojsda float ns with— bat jot I !ovb Ihoe, 
Xhoo clantroM, wrappod In agToaa lurtoot 
SuubllcM in EJeu, thou didit blush albrigbt 
Ai those Ibrpuaybrathnn; and thy brouth 
aod lho frafraaco of bor sjiloj a' 


Stripped ol 

It Ilka a bankrupt b 

When Ihoio foarir; hiods Gnt closed upon a rrai. 

Wbich chrooUlei lho hour of )-oun E ambition. 

My father was a tailor, asd his Cathor, 

Aud lay great crfindsiry, all of tbom waro tailors, 

Thoy bod au aaolout gooio— It su an heir-loom 

From ions rsiaolor tailor of our raw— 

I am aot certain, but I think 'MM he, 

Who b.ppensd lo bo blasted by rcmo misfortune. 



, so, J I l,.|.|,s. 

.tl It, 

And leap claslle frum tbo 1 
Loivioir tha petty (riovani 
Ibo breaking lb road, lho i 

r of toothing thought. 

eim, Is to me as a brother. 

Itend poituro of the lege 

Life's Vic i e sit deb Thoru is 

tletnon in one of the city pauper in 

r many years tho 

an old gen- 

■ ■■[.iii 01 -liloli. - 

— twi Boston, who - 

President of one oft 

[.(iiiies in Ihi, p, lrt „f , ll0 ru^otryi^HTwoa'for 

;; »i- ; «-ii-vi.ii.„, ti,,- ,„,i,,,„„. fr;,,,d „r „,„ 

rhomdihes, the Drookses. the 

A '-"■ tl1 " '■' l -i'. ih- r.-, k„,.,.:. ri ,„i :. tll , r 

i«:-|:l;.n.t inm,,., of Boston. Hu bos insured 
ioniums, ,,,i,.n millions of property in ft s i„„i e 
year, and 1. now in his old ngo maintained at the 
nnuhncWo— rn„. Transnrlpt. nEUntlucl 

public charge.— 

Titoosuu U M l VtNss.-For many years we 
"I -«"■ l^pesbythe bushel from* *. Z2 

and cut back ,0 V1L d £' urbu^Tf ^ 
present season's growth. Have n ZnLuL ^, 
iriro a portmri ev.-n- dav („ linl V , "'"' 


lo you think," said Mr. North, " lhat that 
in was to blame for tho killine; of those two 
and herself? There was no other course 
that she could havo taken. SoppOsto sht 
gone la her relations, and told them tho whole 
,th : how wonld;fihc havo been received ? Why, 
sirs, thoy would bavo said to her; 'get out of the 
house, you impudent hussy 1 lfoiv di 
como around decent folks J' And tho world 
uld have followed suit. But suppose Ihey had 
:■'--.-. vt- -i to give hor shelter, their aeU to- 
wards her would have mado her feel like a fat. 
Ion being ; and her child would forever have been 
iproachcd with hor mother's infamy (I)." 
" If she bad managed to got off with some ol 
that money," said the Peddler, "it would have 
been all right. People never ask questions of the 

" This is too truo," said Mr. North, " sso far as 
nen are concerned; but with women it is diffcr- 
nt. People who are jealous and envious are also 
cowards. They are afraid to attack a man ; bat 
they know that they can haul a woman down 
id trample her Into the dust. But, Mr. Ped- 
dler, when you said that money would have made 
her all right, it would seem lhat you included the 
lords of creation in your catalogue of buyable 
things. Hew is that ?" 
"Tho whole world is for sale," said tho Pod- 
er i " but women aro easier sold than men : that 
all the difference.." 

" Do yon bold that everybody can bo bought," 
id North. 

"That is just my doctrine," said lho Peddler; 
■■ but thoy are all for tnlo in different ways, and 
it would require different things to buy them, 
Money, however, would buy lho majority of man- 
kind. To buy somo men it would require mil- 
lions of dollars; but there is hut one woman on 
tho facoof the earth hut could bo bought with 
leu that. ■ million. You can all imagine that 
your sweetheart is lhat on*. Of courtn ,he is 
perfect— sac could not bo bought— no, not he 
Every man believes that if there is not anoth. 
virtuous woman In tho world, Au w jf ^ on 
Oh I yes, he kntnoi it." 

"You aro very severe on tho women" s* 
Scial. Wo mi 

her out cf sacks pretty soon, and so I did, for jusi 
as she had given mo tho sixth one, another felloi* 
camo along, and, as she had ;tnri/ sack left, jhs 
hs4 to say, " Yes," 

Sometimes I would say to myself, " , ,£ c 

sbo loves you certain. I can toll that by thu cut 
of her eye." Then tho first thing I would know 
I would be ssuying : " In lovo with who t What 
is there about you that a girl could lovo 7 Yog 
aro as ugly as old Nick ; your manners are not 
elegant; you are ill-nutared and h igh- tempered • 
you aro cros^s- grained and cross-eyed; you i n 
bow-backed and bow-legged; you have a big doss 
and a big foot; you aro poor and improvident - 
you can't stood sleeves with more than six widths 
of clolb in them ; you are down on the faahictuj, 
generally, and Godey's Ladies' Book in particu- 
lar." Yon often say : 

"'.Of God above, or (wo)man below, 

What can na reason, but torn what we know -» 
and if you reason from what you know, yon 
know that she can't lovo you ; therefore, when 
shu sacks you, you can't blamn bcr." 

Now, kind and sympathetic reader, promise mo 
that you won't tell the girls what I have saldei 
myself, because thoy would believe it was all b>, 
and I would havo to fry my own flap-jacks all lit 
balance of my days. In Idling my experience Is 
toy guests, I bopponed to mention how comfort- 
able it would bo to havo some one to fry flap- 
jocks, Ac., when Mr. North said : 

''Men make no bones of saying that they wasl 
lo got a wife to wait upon them j but if a. womiB 
should say thai she wanted to marry to get clear 
of work, what would become of her? Who 
would have her 7 You may talk and think whit 
you please; but men are tyrants. They requlrs 
a hundred-fold mora of woman than they are nil]. 
tap; or able to do tbcmsolves; and then, if they 
perform tho required duty to tho letter, tbey ait 
still slandered. Men can't or won't bo pleased. 
If, for example, a young man goes to see a young 
lady, and she gives him somo encouragement, 
'Oh!' ho will say, 'oh ! sho is too willing.' Ob 
tho other hand, if she doea like what mostof them 
now- a. days arc obliged lo do, why he says atonct 
thai she is a coquette. Now, can any mortal liy 
down any rule Ibat thoy could go by, nnd plciss 
(ico men. or oven one!" 

" You and I," said the Peddler, " might areas 
tho question for a month, and got no closer: so 
I'll lell you what I'll do. I will leave it to Mr, 

South and Mr. , &c. Lot them make up as 

'opinon.'and I'll flt&mi'i toil. But we will make 
tbem promise first lhat it shall be ' 'poo hono 

"I agree lo it," snid Mr. North ; ' ; and their de- 
cision (ball be final." 

Mr. Euuth then look his pencil and wrote the 


e of v 

and wo regiot that it was never before presented 
lo a competent tribunal. It is evident, at 
learned advocate Tor the fair sex remarked, thai 
people make up their minds from isolated a 
'Tis tho fewest number of persona who read aright 
tho human mind. 

If wo agree with Calvin, and others of thit 
school, lhat "man in his present stntoisdespoiled 
of freedom of will, and is subjccled lo a miserable 
Flavtry," wearo bound also lo agree with Didtsel, 
in saying : " If there is no liberty, there is no ac- 
tion lhat either merits praise or blame, tic ithti 
vice nor virtue, nor anything that ought lo bi 
reworded or punished. What then is tho dis- 
tinction among men 7 Tho doing of good und tl.: 
doing of evil 7 The door ofovil is one- who marl 
bo destroyed, not punished. Tho doer of good ll 

Adopt these principles if you think they m 
good, or show that thoy ore bad. If you adopt 
them thoy will reconcile you, too, with others, atri 
with yourself. You will neither bo pleased W 
angry with yourself for being what you are. Re 
proach others for nothing and repent of nulline 
This is the first stop of wisdom. Besides IhiiiS 
is prejudice nnd false philosophy." 



thai ir 


■aised lhat Ihey 

m are raised lo bo dependent 
ipporl, and if (hey lake Into c 
■'- ability 10 support Ihem, tho cry 
sold themselves. Womat 
« i educated lo believe that her intellect is weaker 
than man s ; but, if a h mfttc , O00 raljl0 „ lo sho 
is forevor discarded from society, Tbora l a no 
repentenoe for her. On tho oiher band, If a man 
fortune, ihe world says lhat he Is a 

rt fellow. Ho may violate every law of mornl- 
«nd keep tbo best company. And when he 
' -tythlng wrong, everybody is ready to My 

iu man nature.' But I 

tbe samo thing, and everybody says (hat u hih» 
workings or a corrupt heart." 

Hem all hands joined in lho request lhat I 
would 0. them my experience with the fa ir 
I compiled ; hut, kind reader you must 

£ 2. I r? T hen I havo been in 

lu.o(l)andol course I got the i. wk ., {notthD 
wool sack), for if I bn,!'.,. , , , , K D0 

\ I "' l Wo,lld havo had a 
1 *c, before ni 

thoy aro responsible for every thought, word * 
deed. It may bo sold, however, and with so* 
show of reason, that thoy aro tho slaves of cdo» 
lion and prejudice ; but thoy nro free lo bred 
thoso chains, and It is their duly to do so. Brt 
alia, how few there iro that do it. Mankind, [to- 
wn admit, are in the bonds or prejudice as^ to 

It is contended on tho one hand lhat w« a 
aro more venal and corrupt than men ; and ec* 
other, lhat men arc more so than women.. S»* p 
wo hold that both aro wrong. False cdoBtS* 
nnd prejudice say that tho poor are not so rasp** 
ablo as Iho rich ; nnd it ia human nnluro lobs'* 
bilious or reapecUhllity, False education trsfi* 
n woman that her beauty is bor fortune •UuH* 1 
is entirely dependent on man for tho conifbilV 
pleasures of life. Tho laws, too, of every com"! 
have always been in accordance wilh this. R"ft 
everybody says that woman is— 


eoft 1 lul 

■ sacks, for I 

Yes, I got tho sack, 

1 from 1 E "'J Uat » n '"cnhiir ^wn, and 
', from iho mmo „,)_„„ j mi(Uk 

^Wcn-hatredelrl. £ thought tha't I wonW get 

'd bj black, breire, or fit'.'' 
This has been said so often, and fur to if? 
ciffej, that sho believes it fully ; and it Is «■** 
ing nbovc ft. Therefore, faBs* 
Is choosing a man upon whom to depend f^ 
rest or her life, wo cannot say that sho is "* 
ipt, ir she should choose ono who 8 ** 
mako hor respectable, in preference to oW* 
would bring upon her tho pily and contee-f' 
thoso around hor. 

tho other hand, mixes more w(** 
world, and imbibes freely of its prejodlcas. ** 
"ill ho la mora to blame for IhoexuieuM 01 ' 1 * 
prejudices than woman, because by cducat- M 
Is mado ablo to combat false notions or .W*T 
but a woman is not, unless shodc*s it if ■** ^ 
cation uf her boys. And wo hold lbs' i'^* 
duty of every mother to Instil into Ibo mi"" 



h«r boji tbo principle* of morality, Yirtao aud 

We admit that lhcrfl»rolhou»indsofnion> 
women who can be " bought j" but no one iaji 
tiflable, because of this, In Mying that tho whole 
of mm kind an: corrupt, 

Wo will, therefore, Mr. Peddler, flno yoafo 
cigars u coiti in this cue, which ice will smoke, 
And go to bed. 

(Signed, > 


Wk are desiroos of doing all 
tooto tho interest of reboots, ant 
Onr readers two chapters from n very excellent 
ind pleasing book rewired last mail from tho 
publishers, Messrs. A. S. Barnes es Oi 
York, entitled "School Amu semen Is." Thowork 
to edited by N. W. Tnylot Root, Esq., and ia in- 
tended, as tho lillo Bays, "to make the school tn- 
tertiting." Wo have 00 doubt of its success, Tor 
tho author has indeed gone to tho Rool of the 
matter. Tho book should bo in tho bands of 
amy teacher in the land. 

Wo copy a chapter on ''Heading Alond,"and 
bae on "Compositions.:" 

Blading A3 trail 

The young gentleman or youtie lady who con 
read aloud correctly and peacefully, posse^es an 
ncecomrjli.-hment which will enable him, or her, 
to give much pleasure lo others. Sow pleasant 
to that family circle, which, in a winter evening, 
is gathered round the Ere, beneath the mellow 
light of a shaded lamp or "burner." The father, 


more vigorous occupation than that or a listener. 
Tho good mother, ever busy in the scrvico of her 
children or husband, sits knitting on tho opposite 
side ol the hearth. The older daughters art- sew- 
ing or crocheting, tho children are half-busied 
with paints or quiet toys, and all are listening to 
■n elder son or brother, who is reading aloud 
come interesting book of travels, or one of Dick- 
ens' stories. Ho reads in no drawling, sing-song 
(one, but throws life and character into the lan- 
guage of tho author. Ho delivers the remarks 
Of "Cap'n Cutllc" in a rough, solemn, and oracu- 
lar voice, or imitates the boxful tones of " Wal'r's" 
Toice, or the "no-consequence" air of 'Mr. Toots." 
If Stephen's Travels, Or Lnyard's Ninevah, to the 
book of the evening, ha narrates their adventures 
■nd discoveries In a mnniicr which would become 
him were he himself the traveler, (oiling tho story 
of his own adventures and discoveries- The time 
passes unobservably, and when nino o'clock 
come, the bed-time of tho little folks, they beg to 
ait up a liltle longer, and are only persuaded to 
go willingly with the promise that "brother shall 
read again to-morrow evening." 

It is this accomplishment which many desire 
to see taught in schools. Almost all children 
ro.ii he taught lo read well. What child to there 
who cannot tell a story well. The bo; has met 
with some tragic or amusing adventure, and he 
runs in and gives his mother a most glowing de- 
scription of It; be imitates, unconsciously and 
naturally, the voices of bis playmates who were 
engaged with him in this alTair; heinakes present 
tho past event. Now, can [t bo denied that he 
may be able to read tho same, or a similar adven- 
ture, with the samo tones and umphasis of voice 
with which he told il7 But for so long a time 
children have bora taught lo read at school from 
books which (hey do not understood, or in which 
they take no interest, that thoy have acquired a 
drawling way, a lifekij, mechanical stylo, in 
which lo "speak up loudly mi. I distinctly" is ei- 
ccllenco enough. I am glad to admit that a refor- 
mation has begun in this department of instruc- 
tion, but (hero will need a generation or an of 
School children, and tho constant and varied 
efforts of teachers and parents, La recover from 
Iho effects or the old-fashioned way. 

A plan to accomplish something in the way of 
improvement in sc boot -reading, which bag the 
recommendation of success, and is, at tho same 
time, an illicit:; tin,; . iereii.e inr (Li: schools is as 

Let the teaeher select a story from somo book 
or magazine, which he will be sure shall interest 
bin boys. Let him give tho book containing it 
to some boy, asking bim to read tho story over 
to himself a few times, to become familiar wilh 
it ; and at or near tho closo of school, let the boy 
read it aloud to his schoolmates. Before com- 
mencing, however, let tho tcacbci recall some 
amusing oven I which has recently taken place, or 
select some anecdote from (bo scrap-book, and 
lot him repeat (bis to (ho school in a slow.dri 
log way, in a forced, unnatural voice. They 
slflaugb at such a rendering, and will appiei 
(ho meaning of the teacher when ho changes 
tone and style, and gives (hem the event or 
eedolo in a natural, unaffected way. Turning 
now, to the reader, let him remark to bim, "You 
can take yoar choice or these two ways of read- 
ing. 1 As bo read>,do nol discourage him by too 
fnqiicm iiilerrupti.,,,,, I,,n. oK^ionally, whenbe 
relapses into tho drawl, repeat the passage, kind- 
ly, in the better way, and auk him to noltco and 
imitate your manner. Wl„„ |, c i, a „ ended, read 
to them yourself, some other good slory, and lot 
your stylo bo worthy of imitation.. Ilavo those 
readings often, Bo suro that ibo otory is natu- 
rally wrilU-ti, is lively or veiling, in ,mort, make 
(bo exercise one that all shall bo glad lo engag. 
in. A good (imo for (ho reading may be on Fri 
day afternoon, at (bo close of school. Haw 
thorno's^V.,,,,!,, |i„„k" ami "]\vi, -i-.1.| T..I-, 
Dana's "Two Yearn before the Mast," -Chamber- 
tents,'' an J -llouwliold Wurdi." arc boolu from 
which good stories may be selected [ but, in these 
days of books, (ho teacher need seldom be at loss 
for a a tory . 

Olio method of making that bugbear of 
position" less frightful, may be grafted upon the 
above-mentioned reading curci'c* Let the Story 
Which has been heard from tho' teacher or the 
reader, be the thcuie for » composition. Require 
the scholars (o write out thu slory from momorr 
and say to (hem, by way rf encouragement 

" '•-« von gut I ■. anil '. ■ mi, th, r ,,', Cilur 

ask* you what you have done to. day, yon will be 
very apt to speak of having heard this story. 
They w,l want lo know what Iho filor y WM J 6 
you will tell them ■ , ou won't have any difficulty 
in tailing them (ho wbolo stoty clearly. You 
*i not remember the words of (he book-, von 
will toll it In your own words. Now this to /ust 
the way m which I uent to have you ante V 

hmi "" " in * " if * M "■" ullin 6 « 
Iheyahoald writo It at Qrston tholritotes; 

(hen they should look over tho work, 
mistakes, and then copy It into their Want-books. 

In (his way thoughts arc furnished them, and 
thoy practice themselves in giving Ufitniwi lo 
these thoughts. This, os I think, is at tho foun- 
dation of success in composing, namely : expell- 
ing thoughts, no matter whence they are derived. 
After the student has learned to write out bit 
Ideas, and to write them grammatical! v, on 1 .Mil 
correctness in punctuation and tho other details, 
be may enter on a course of inventing ideas for 
himself. If (his courso is adopted, the writer, 
when ho has learned to express himself freely 
and correctly, will bo nolongcr impeded, clogged, 
confused ivith Aos to write, and the ichal « 

rito will arrange itself clearly and easily in hi: 

Another advantage of this method to, (hat chil- 

eo tro fond of writing slorius while they dread 
"compositions," and (hoy can thus bo induced lo 
get Into a habit of writing, so tbat they litem- 
solve?, unconsciously, slrip tho object of their 
fears or its disagreeable disguise. 

Tho plan of the writer in teaching this subject 
has long been founded on these principles, and 
Iho successes of (bo plan have determined its ci- 

In detail, it is as follows: 

On Wednesday afternoon a slory ia read ; one- 
half of (ho school (say Iho younger), write (his 
off upon their slates, as roughly as thoy pleiso, 
taking care only to get In tho wholo slory, with- 
" * omissions or nllcrallons; (hey (hen write it 
fully, and as correctly as (hay can, on half 
foolscap sheets ol paper, and hand (hem in 

tho close of school. I take thesi 

nd a 


with red ink. A mistake wbicb I think 
an correct themselves, I merely underline: 
-Or which is corrective in tho narrow space 
ea tho lines, I correct in writing;, but moro 
._.,. tan t errors I leave for verbal explanation; 
I mark the place wilh a largo interrogation point, 
and require thorn to come to mo at my desk to 
(alkaboul it. On (he following Wednesday, (bete 
itcd exercises are distributed to (hem, and 
, iro required to copy (hem, noting carefully 
ihe corrections, into (heir blank- books. At tbe 
amo time, I read another story for tho other, or 
ilder, half of the school. I givo them a longer 
ind moro intricate story than I gave lo ihe first 
livision. but the profits] of writing, correcting 
and copying is (he same. 

In "marking" these wrilings I givo a high 
grade Tor comprehensiveness, clearness and accu- 
racy, in tho exercise ; for absolute correctness and 
good penmanship iu the copy. 

Occasionally, instead of reading a story, I givo 
my older division the skeleton of a story, or 
erely tho theme Torn narration Or dt-cnjitimi 
ran their number i select tho best to form an 
need class, which I instruct par 


First Book in Compc- 
book upon this subject; 
also, "Parker's Exercises in English Composition." 
and ''Qunckenhosa' Second Book," on iho same 
Subject. Additions are made to this class, fre- 
quently, by promotion. 

In concluding tbe subject, I am pleased to bo 
able lo say (hat 1 rarely fail to make "composi- 
tions" a pleasant and a-isy study, and that my 
succeed In becoming good composers. 

e so much Is said and written upon tho 
Bobject; wbilo Romany of (bo designing of man- 

and while tvo lamont the wreck of mind, by a (do 

close study of the hidden mystery of tho "mighti- 

man" within, there is a duty all uwc to science, 

hear calmly, judge wisely, and use tho light of 

ison and revelation Willi allducdiligcuce. We 

id the following very ilrong article, under (bo 

editorial head of the Boston Traveller, which 

paper to considered one of the ablest published in 

(he Union, and would not, without due thought, 

have published what it would not sanction. We 

:nd (bese remarks to our readers : 

, there has appeared in our ago what pur- 

f the spiritual spht 

idly dislingnish it from 

phenomena of the same general charac- 
ter — some ol thin, ii. i..l-i ir,|.' it repulsive toculti- 
-lied minds; others, (ha( strongly commend it 
i llie [iliiluii-jjiliii-nl, whii seek demonstration as 
ground or conviction upon all subjects. We 
speak of matters familiar in most of our com- 
lilics for somo years, and need not (bcreforo go 
details, Tho leading facts ol what Is called 

■ [ihnlll'.liMn me |ir.|(v i.-. niratlv admitted. 

The charge of deception and humbug bu he- 
me absurd. The great majority of (he people 
ive witnessed Its slrango and unaccountable 
. lenomcna, under circumstances and in the 
presence of persons where fraud or charlatanry 
were oul of the question. Inouimatu bodies have 
been moved by unseen agency, and ideas com- 
municated from unknonn sources. And these 
ihmc.i have occurred, and still occur, in iiinuintr- 
■il'le him Hires, and before witnesses of uml..iii,[, ,1 
voracity. These are facts, as well established aa 
any Tacts can bo by human testimony, and the 
scrutiny of them is cooslontly within tho reach 

Let (hem bo examined and dealt with by rea- 
soning men, as mailers or fact. Wo do no[ dto- 
cuss (ho value of tho disclosures nindo by spirit 
ualism; they do not seem to us of any special 
Import. Tho assumption that (heso (hings oro 
(he work of disembodied human spirits— as Ihey 
proclaim themselves— a itii.iiuc! i|ne-:ii,jri 
l.y il-'.lf. which wo do not now discuss. But 
here is a class of new phenomena— now to this 
age, at least— not referable to any univcr allj ad- 

■ .itltd InlVh. ippnrerillv ii, re.ntrIitrrLti.jii ,,| . ,,,„,, 

MUi-1,,.1 [>h\aicol laws— what shall bo done 
itbtheml It is easy (o cry d(-:epli.m Bud 
ir ml ; e.dltgo professors can do that with as 
little eir.jii us the veriest boor in tho streets, and 
with as little credit to themselves. But Ihese 
focls deserve better (realment from rcllcclin^ imn. 
Thoy open a new Held of investigation. There 
are laurels (o bo Kaiued by (he philosopher who 
will evolve Ibo law and reveal (bo fcience of 
tl" ■„■ pie iioincna. If they ore "(plritoal," in the 
sense of ihe ^ect receiving (hem as such, let it be 
di-un.D-.LMUd; if natural and legitimate products 
of strictly human faculties, tot ua understand tho 
methods by which thoy are produced. 

Canadian Finite fob New Yobk «a 
PoitTi^sn.— Tho Albany Argus atotcs, that tho 
steamer We.toru Port, which satlod from Port- 
land for Now York, on tho lat of July, took 1000 
barrels of flour for (hot oity, which came from 
Canada on tho Grand Trunk Rollway lo Port- 
loud ; being n fulfillment of a ],r, -.iki,.,,, that 
iluur frrim Cam,, In would ultiinniely bu trans- 
ported lo Now York by that ronto. 

BOOKS, &c. 

Standard nimtratfld Books, 

Published by 




Wstoon's Camp Pirea of (ho Hovolu(ion, 

nlwtirinnilullli^iiT,L:. -.,.,.-:,.r!,, ,-i]ii- ■ v- 


id Crusados, 

Proctor's Illustraled History of ■ 

An lilii denied Lifo U of°Jlartin' ; Lither, 16 il- 

liulnllgu llavnl Sra, ctnlb, rill lurl I'ncf )1 

it do ' Falltrtlr. » S 

The Parables of Frederick Adolphus Krum- 
DuctHr. From tho S^rcarh &;mnii tdittfin. Pf 
^.i.-,'l> -II J' In, I..] l.j- ':■■ .1. L.T.. I'.eiy t.'m, rl'.Lh. 

do do <!'.! L 1 1, r-i rj- ,lL.r|-. rn.(|.|n r-l^r* ■' 'J 

da do da TorluT nwrooro or uilliitui " * 
Mi Mlv's American Female Poets, with 

h'-..-,.,|.!i:.',il r, D ,l r-jul-,] ri-ri,...-.. '.,-.1 K-itctious from 
thHr wrillnn. Ocuio rdliL-Ti. &->- -t.-l | 1.-.^- 

Ubnur.ijlo ..Tr»(S 

do do da Beidlod cloth, full irilt. " 3 
da do T.irie, hi-t ■■■ |-Ul.,r«nlliliw. " 1 

Dr. Bethunc'i Hriiisli 1'eiiuili- Posts, with 




, OtWio r-iltino. 
Turker ii- i. 

Wold's Sacred I'ncticnl liaouitinns, or Scrip- 
Mra ThcmDi aad Thought* u ptnphiucd br tho 


da da Turkoy morocco in'ljqaa. " i 

SDmsry's Poetical Work's; (lie only 

Kio. LltinlT ilj 

'" ,Tr» Tu-kc; morocco, rtlt or aedqua. " 4 
(ho Bible. Elegautly illuslralcd 

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mpcital Bra vol, boaod la full cloth, i^ili b. 

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The Women of (bo Sccripturefl. New cdi(ion, 

Eljht llluitnuloal oa BeOl. OcW.O. Full ctolt, rflt 

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do do Tia-fcc)' lour^o, E ilmr ■nuooc. " 

Scenes in (bo Life of the Saviour. Now ed- 

io. EsbtlUu.LTMJon.oa««i. Octavo. Full cloth. 



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Tho Christian's Daily Delight, wilh eight il 

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do do do Clolb, cilr 
do Turkci to,. r, ■:.•... .ill . ■■ 
in the l.ive.,.1 lln I' 


■ :,<. ■.I'-li i -,--e j am,:v. 1, e. Ill i':..l. L.|- 

llODtitaroIilied at a liberal dlKoaal 
LJNbSAY .1 HI,.lKl.i'l''i.S", 

Downing and Yoaatt. 

iSTrnttt T'lR HtllUjil. B. William Youalt. 
tJUii*%mw edition, with ouuiorau. lllmlratl™ 

itther with a «im»l ol 
..on»i a DlRerUtlna on the imtnean 
Tr.ulir,.: II-. r-c- : le.n Tr.nitd aod Jwkojodl aod an 

A. : .-,.ur,i ..I l.i, lie., Lut.l.i l'orf..rin:iri,-cii and ao Eiaai ,iT,J Hi.. M-jSn I'.. J > <!;innor. 8>D. 

Tin: Ipi.u; iit wm v., .,.,ii riii,:jhvE.j.L*»i», 

M l> Wlib auui.ioaj fiao illojtnitloai ftol., Bro. 

Lk.mth t..luiDU*f hl.-hlv ML.iLiicD.l..t.Ty " c :'i ' - ■ ■'■! \ ;!; 
|i.;-:"c-.ul-U«ilj l-J eMltelel It i. .llScIc ,L„il, M 
of iboiriojinlarJlr aod lacrlt, thai nblb tin. iiL,iiil,[il 
... ..-.IH-i.t tr-,ti, ,.[. Hi,: I,..r-c, i- , : -..,.i,h.....l,l.., 1 1,, .ieii, ,i. I 
!■ r V., unit uieccJslliatof aovolbvr, tf Del, f nll.-iti.:M 
.-■ ;,,l.....-i. .ir..] Ll'ii.rk ■■,. tl., I>-, r i- ... lbn-.:li. ",.]| 

IL ESSAYS. Bv A. J. Soxaloir. TMi volunt, 

ilc Ecija op Horlicoliuro. Laaifcapo Oardea- 
nl ATohltcctore. Ticcl AcricuHuro aod Fruit ; 

-L.ilh l,i-, -,1,,,,1-lI.I, ■|.,L,,r- I,.,,, I :.. -I.,,..) ■■ ._ 
I'D o! Eaiilbb OaMom aod Loudon Pailu lVar- 
-H> v."tlt. H' itjlitj, HadJwi ll.ill. tl;.: Me f 
WIsbLie.-abeuivliii: "ilk ''.. -ieo , rltl-Lim, hlpla .ud 

!Ll..e. Lielij, io,l|.-.ill,r..,,f Ih"' riv.ll.- I !,.■!.. nil. I 

|.,.|-„L-L,I ill.. ...I,,,,,-; I, ,il„ ,„-,;!,, ||, T .,„ ,ir,.,,|- 

;.li.- .M. ■!.,.. ir.-l Mr ll-junlc;, l.r i« , Wm. Curlbi and 
a cliaroilDS eDimctcriillc Ltiicr Ii i., Mi-, iij.u;- 
Completa la 1 vul , r-i .. , wiili illn ,ir„t|.„i< Tho iroik of 
:.l, ,vull|..| .1. null l-.iiuvrn. „„.| Linivei, ili r cjluueued, ai 
Mo Mr. SohhIdic, rcqalici norbiDj at oar haodi be- 

;rtf'ht. P ca."I'C^™°rao 1 | D h P .'li.™lo'L U |dl^" 
■ illar dJ.lw.1 u|«ntliouapro- 

,-r.Ll L-zeie ;,llJ |.,|,uUr cb»r- 


LEAVITt'a°alIeK. Noh 
d for nalo by tbe >j r i a; i k .^l Ho! 

Works of an Abiding National Interest, 



TOI BrwulKmy, New York. 

ml;; andtimi:- (.)■ Tin; i.kviI.lthjNi or Ma- 

..,.„,, ILlkare,!, UVt,, n , („,!„ t .l,.u.i,„l, \.f Tmv- 

"I 'J. l-.i.-i-- -,!..( .\i,,- J ,i.: l . I„.m\im.. Via. »ii(, bL. 

i .,t, .,..r. ■!,.=,-, niil, r„lll, Mu,, .,„| ]-;■■, Mlni-.-ii.T. 

i I- :■■, I.,.. I, : ,. t .i,,,. I i> L-. :.;.. 

'.r'..",M' tl.LTJ..:. : Will, ,1 ,- .g.Ll.Ui [thlo' "Dn-I— !■-' 

u etccl, o/ior t 
■nauti una ,Vo._ 
ad pavor, (I 60. 

'oude/fullnE.-rE'C l: ■[ h.liIv ir, o: L'.- ,1--l,-.... I .-,. : ■. ',,". ..,j. 
,t. ivui fn,m ii-. blinirftbl; crhutilc ud ilmplo inoaacr la 
rhlcb tbcj aru prcfcutcd." r 

,„ t |FroHi Iba Newark Dm? AdvaitUer.] 

■■ Kir- tl.-. i:e: :. IL .■ -.ri ! ,, ,. ,,..] rloll ,.,,1^,^^- 

nadiiu;; u(acl,lu li,L.™i,.ifl[ r.asoL Oolc,- 
ii-,.- il 111-,;...-,- I ,r.i [ukll-ku-.l iiNdrr tb. IltlnuT "A 
I'r.f, .--,.,:(." II, F,„.i. I] ,,..„,, .„ ln ,,mb*, ut 
the CoutinacUl Coceien With nn lt, lr . -(,- „ , ii,. 

« A. aau™ of "Tb. Pl cto rlal Ffvld-Boiik of ISTr? 

■ 'Tr,., ..-.:,, H oaeef IhotuuploBaTuru of Ifce.rctlm 

"J, 1 .:, ,."■;; H ; ,;:;:'", ',':,'.",.„ ,",;;;, ! ";', ■' , l: - '"; ! ,: " ,|; - ; |i: 
1N-.-.1. i.. lj - ;.;,„„...'. ■-,: ! ;. M ;:;:'; "r M .'..i",' : i : , l -:'.-'^!; 

Bouding School for Toang Ladios. 

H.v J. AVEHfBHEPHEED.PriaelBal. 

nniiE ;.\N wtAKciaCu fk.mali: L-.-iiii u: i_- 

on(U lo l%Da]aaihl|.. ibti i. k B^« J fioo.bijVll» <jn< 
ih.wltalh.SUIr 11,. !',„.;, ,...,;,,..!..,..,.. , ; ,,, i . 
I0|,l,-., llio uw n J - f ., [ |,,.li. 1 l Jt J loitrutiiTL.; kul They du 

' 'i'li'!-'." mi" '"-'I'Tr" '.'" ''"'■',"."■ :'■'■'■";■'• ''"' '"''• 

^loVXthoValoa" ""■ 0nrf °' *' aM dMl " b,S 
Clnolan will ba proDplIy Mat to all trim darir* 

hoallh-Bivior am 
tparvalll-g Meclttlnal Dc-crryrr, 
li kooira to and rimmmoniltJ lij 

The Medioal FaotUty of the United States ! 

The foperior focilllim tha TURNER BROTHERS pot- 
jcjj.owia* lo their bavtnii In NenYork etlj, BlUTalo, 
S. Y., anil In San Fraaelico, the 

Ifort Exicmivo UanuTactories in tbe World 
For lh» preparation of 


And all other Sirups anil Cordials in tue. 
Thtv aan dofv eampolKlon, br 

I of (ha l 

Ibal bear their same. Their colofcralad and iui>oricr 


la oob is "ill known Ibal oa iliallar beverage eno God 

oermmon where it b In tha market. 



Prepared with great care, anil pat or, oipnmly for 
thU market, lj compoied or Ida belt 



fHubaen cuaFcued by eoDIumare to be the CRJ 
but article ia u«, aj It i. mada from Poreffif 
RMTherric., galhertd io Now York aod kowfcJ 
Jer»o T eipranlT for tbim 

Prepared with 


1 London Sbm 

I,. I ■_., 

Turner's Spice and Wormwood Bitters 

Heed oolj to bo tried unco to oo jiroporlj appreciated and 
acknowledged aa the beil Bitten la this Stati. 

Turner'! St am neb Bt(tcr§ 

Is a preparation that even tho best econciuleors caaaot 
deny li "ant rata." 

Tamer's Essence of Pare Jamaica Ginger 

Cancel bo equaled by any preparation la tho world, and 
Ibo belt tut or lla eitra qnalltlei L>, that It can ha foend 
la ilnjoit oven puHle and private home In tho Uoiled 
Slatei, To proictl thorn from impojltloo, coommora of 
aineor Wiao manefac'nred by a), will find ear portrait* 
la a eliela, on a deal plate, inrroaBdiDc tha inierlnllon : 
"Tunnia'oOisocR Wine, prepared and told by Tumor 
Brothen, New York, Buffalo aod Sin Franolaeo, Call- 

daaorlptlnp, manufactured by 

M. 0. TURNER A BROTHERS, Now York City; 
JAS. TnilNER A BROS , Bodalo, N. T. ; and 
R. TURNER A BROS., Son FronoUoo, Cal., 
Market ilraet, oppoille Ihe Catholio Orphan Aiflum. 



Front Street, Corner of Sacramento, 



DL0TU1NG, io., 


-"-racelvlag by every Clipper Sbipfroio tha Eaat.aad 


i tho 


By oob of the arm, nbleb will be told at Ihe lowest mar 
kol print), aod lo which tha ultoalloo of tlty aadcounlrj 
buyer. Il invited. 

Particular attention la called to thtlr lelacl Hock of 


Cotopruriag tho Lilotl Stylei and Deilgm. 

A large ajiortorat or 

Alexandre's Celebrated Kid Gloves, 

Large Variety of Back Gloves, Ganntleb, &o. 


STOCK, &o. 


'' caZ' t-.\'xhi;!\.. 

Silesian Merino Sheep, 

""" OEO.'VlflVilELI.. 

Spanish Merino Sheep. 

rure Pi.iLlsb fierlno i?ln—p. bred «r-il i.n 

l, will bo 

inard, ll.kiron. AU» ; 

Fannora of California. 

I AM llmedioi;. and have f. 

,«la, ibefollowlnc klndj of ft«t 

ib.cbUm ready <■■ 'oil tn ibi- 

ilS:ntoFalr— 913Sof 
B. 0. COOK,, U partleolarlt dlrccle-J to a lei of Sheep 
lo be rccoiicd by the un.lenii.-nid per H. B. 

■ - .1.- iiner .r," J.iil, ■ \|.. .■:,-. I (.1 ,,rn.- fi-in 

Theao Sheep hato been cirofnlly bird from the belt 

1. -Ii-li 1.'. ■ ti and ,..■ ill.' r ■■■..:■! I !■■ in I'.i.-..- .~..uii,l ■sill 
ee-Mpy 1:1 ro thao ill Jays, Ihey will no doubt arrive 

Splendid Merino Stock, 

terrrffll THE .Mh fJlKlilKO ;lli;nr, and all una 

■-':?) V.-..-.I ,.,. |„,,.,,v >>..:.; ,.l,-,-,l, .-|..I.....J, r e- 

CQJ.cl4t=.);,u>l.iie,::l.. .■u-.-rnornM already made, 

at will proro on"''i it.,..:' !'ii.'iV';i'iT,i i J r"ocbo?of , do- 
ii-llc indu.-try uo ..or c..:.-l. n." Hell a.' the LH-...1 r.r.illl- 
blo. ThoDae.1 S r,.|.-...f •l,..i.3t,^.L-l,". i-.r.r.i for; 
be mat produclne. and pay Iho bait, ai uWei of tha 
no.ii Iroed 01" Me.11: .i, -,i.. t |, p.-, Into 2, 2(1 or 3 
-.011.1-, and .'..■!! .H fioni l-",e I., l~o |...r pound i while 
!,.■ lia.-r .-h.e,i yi.1-1 1,(1,.; ,,„ I 111 P-.111.L, each, and oltea 
lore, ITclean mbaA, nhieb -ell. mure readily aod com- 
iindj eDe., 45e. and lie , thiu far eutitiipnlu«, in value 
i..l |r..-iuLl.v,i:c.j, ..l|..!ii..T,, ...1 I nil lJ.j., ,.f niLi- 

5horoafler the common breed* of Sheep. 
Lo uaJ-r.-i.-ne I in ill,.- fuli.tnt.l 1Ei„ eii-erimcataod 
roved Ihe above, and navlac a few very One Merino 
lieeiif.r «i,ic, o u .v ..-il-.-r •e-iim line Buck, and E « from 
laerfee* that have . ,-rllk-l llio il,iv l.nL., ai (ho in- 
bo Sheep and Wool produced the) 

II the ! 

P S— Kefer.-I 

1 of (hlit 

f— BeforencofL.r Iho n(»,™ linperlanl facta may bo 
t.iibe KDlTOK'dibo i ■■■.■.;:... . 

Short Horns, 

-•**Tt=»Wa rilJi -ul ■jriV-.T-Maerf-rcaleUmirPriaa 

CiU • 1 /i-..ii! ■i.'i.ii v im: iu.mi i-t .il.." '■„■; 

TPWA II. 11 ; i.o-l n l,-..l...l[:.r„ll,..l(eT-l , :.lvr], 

" " the cei ..111,,,,, bull, '■ A-i..riL,," -J| .V 

II. D., nod "Lnnl V ,.,,. Tollii ■ -l M," i...-vth=r wilh a 

numberofCo-^nl ll,ii\r; V,Y > 13Vl - ..1 . ,1 f v ;- 

Suit ,11: ao.l li.-T'r. ?!,!.,. I'.;-, t'.'e .i.,ul.l .--II 11 lo 
Ihe Sh.rt liorrui no roconlly rent lo tlcorio U- Howard, 
l-:-.l..i'.-a„ e-ranilwo, 

in. ,-;.-.;. I i.'iialoijacj or nnr Slwk mavboobtainod 
any lafurtnatlor, coo.vimiy il,. u ii.ok.'erid rrtvo ito" 
P0 '^" " 0E ™ * B*'3f 0_l!. HAISE3, 

French Merino Sheep, 

I SHALL cell a fuw rata npeoim 

They C «'n bo'oidara^'to™ '(eelion''. 
Uoiled Statu, and every man '^Uwl 



Cotton Duclu, %"on, 0000 to 10. 
Rave n h ' -D u cKh . 

DrlllN, Slioollrjc/a,* etc., otc. 

(For Sacki and Grain Bait.) 

A Large Stook of Spring and Fall Clothing, 

SoJIablororlbo Minlas and Aerleollnral dlilri. 
tO[0lher with evory nrtlela lo be found In tl 
Dry rjoodi line. 



Kinufecturrrt end Iiflpertera of 

J Harness, Saddles, Bridles, /■"... 


Ho. !S CommiTelal m«t, ena door belovr Front, 
-" Jm SAK FltABClaCO. 

Merino Hams and Ewes. 

^lately"""'' "' ' '' tV.llliij'lli '.v "r'l","' 

Coohiri China Hena, Kabbit,, &c. 

l-j-'lll. i,i..-.Ml.,.rw..„|.|d„,: t e. 1 lllh,-aUeoli,.Jl..l': 

-L ho br 

flno Cochin China r.i.Tlj. 
lie" do- 

occom|ill!heJ ii .li.ii.. ... 
by (eeurloE petpotual layora. Certain It li bo bu 

The varlotlei of Rabbltaaro uninryianiod, and for 
andbeaoly, oannot bo m.irchi.T in lb!. t[.,L„ 

Tb,. o„d,.,..| >; ne,J ran iL'.-..der300Fowliforiale, 
1-. I.UL:.i-hif. dl-t'lheUllitoek. 

_ Purehajori are invited lo oall at bli Haooh oa Ihe 
Pabln Road, about l»o tnilu from Oakland. 

-■(br SE 




.'."';.' v,; 

— !-. •I:..v,'.,!" 
■ktl. Sl^iioa. 



— SI an o fi.e la re r and Dealer In Body. CT 

■lliiLloi l-.C.t.. 'V.iir,..-,-. -I-.-,-, l^ 
Cooarorton, and ovorylhlct in lhe/n 

i-Conilanlly on hand Ilnlr, Mod. Wool Palo and 
in. For ule at the loweit prioea, wholeeale and 

Lyuu & Co. 'a Brewery, 

arnft THEandenipedbeilaavolo make , 
yjja known lo thefr frlenii. and patron. £ 
■■■tbat they are hard al ■„,; .[.,., ,,\;/ 
nE'hey e.n to ■apply ihe nrdari Ih.i are Jj 

■J'J oppcxlllaa or com- 

■ ■:i,,,-Lii. ..-.,. CairClj 

Letter, aad Bichaage*. . 

n«u<IeuUi are k!adlyrcv.a.teJI» dlret,al 
H oar priocii«] <-««! S*o FiM'i" 

horar. nhckiu.llj 
tt.,'SaO VflDqilCO 

ir o(5co, 130 Wmhiniejo 
4 Modern Eden. 

(a tllOJTMloialMiiim 

■ raonirielaianiOjl.'r.irii, . 

X h "^ 1, *i-;- i ,v ■■ ■ ■ 

II, ; , ■■ !.:■>,.;..- 1 L-r.i i ■ m" t» ™»0>*l * C">0"4. 

Ar,d or«i.lto* tempi Ibe J°j(ul r»»l»>*< «"*. 

Aad J>MC» aad Plot* Mil." ■"-«• F«idd« nlans- 

Wo believe (be poet Pope bad been reclining 
beneath the- noble trees in Windsor Forest, 
and had wandered in a dream 
Golden Stale, when he wrote of the fair land 
he has to beautifully pictured. Over and over 
again have wo read Iho above lines ill past yoars, 
as wo roamed beneath those trees made famous In 
poesy, and Ihey have dwelt upon our mind here, 
as we in faith looked forward to what wo believed 
would yet bo writlen of California; and when, in 
J 53 wo had painted upon the walla- of tho Exhibi- 
tion rtooms.tMusicalHall-CauFoema I THE 
GARDEN OF TOE WORLD I our faith was 
renewed, and now when wo look around us, as 
wo view our market*, in each and every city, as 
we pass through the streets, aa wo stroll through 
tho towns, even in tha interior, on the right hand 
and on Iho left, our eyes arc gladdened by tho 
sight of orchards and gardens, loaded with lus- 
cious fruits, and fragrant with gorgeous flowers, 
aDd in almost every store, and on the comers of 
the streets, fruits the most rare are olfered.aod at 
prices, too, that they who desire con haie an 
abundance, at a moderate coEt j and we feel on 
unspeakable pleasure in seeing tho fulfillment of 
our hopes and predictions, and hearing a thousand 
voiccssay California will bo "Toe Gauoem oi 
tuk WoBLot" If we had over doubted our owi 
failh In these predictions, what wo have seen ir 
the past week would have removed all doubt. 

Tho last Sabbath morn found us at tho Porno- 
lugica] Gardens of A. P. Smith, Esq., or Sacra- 
mento, wbaro wo had arrived on the evening pre 
vices, after a ride among the grain fields of that 
county. In the early morning we were sealed oi 
tho lookout, which is erected upon tho cottage 
and there, as tho birds were singing their morn 
iug song, amid tho fragtanco wafted to u 
from the dewy petals of thousands of flowers, ii 
the spacious gardens below us, aa our eye 
gazed in admiration upon that extensive orchard 
of mora than fifty acres, and could clearly see the 
trees bending Kith the weight of their now ripen- 
ing fruit; as wo looked fir and wide over Holds of 
grain, and fields of now mown hay ; as we looked 
to tho fair city of Sacramento, with her granite 
stores, ber splendid residences, her churches and 
public buildings; as we turned and saw the 
towering Sierras, with their snowy caps piled up 
against the very Heavens, seeming to laugh 
tho dark form of "Diablo," far away on the Coast 
Range ; as with ono glance wc looked upon the 
steamers at Iho city, with another upon thi 
plains, and tho winding of "Los Americanos" wltl 
her now muddy waters, and then down upon (hi 
beaoliful spot that wo so well remembered as i 
waste In '49 ; wo could but ciclalin, truly oui 
hopes are now realized, our predictions verified 
and hero wo have found a Moorim Eden— nni 
the words of the poet that we have quoted arc in- 
deed most applicable lo this spot. 

Smith's Garden, now so well-known and cele- 
brated for its luscious fruits and flowers, is be- 
yond doubt, the largest and most extensive gar- 
den Inall California, and contains more f rait- hear- 
ing trees, and of greater variety, a larger orchard 
and nursery than Can bo found elsewhere in our 
State ; and In thus speaking we do no injustice 
to any orchaidisl or nurseryman. Every candid 
mind will admit this fact, and in justice lo Mr. 
Emilh, in justice to all who desire to know these 
fads, injustice to ono whohaseipoodedaprlucc- 
ly fortune to make this garden what It Is, wc 
promulgate theso Irulhs. Wo havo traveled 
over the Stale, and have had opportunity lo know, 
and wc assert that all who will visit theso exten- 
sive and elegant grounds will sustain as In these 
remarks, and if they have Dover aeen the garden 
before will thank us tor this information. 

The time we spent at tho gardens wo devoted 
to close observation of the fruit-bearing trees, and 
the prospect of orchard and nursery, so that we 
could direct with facility, tboso who desire lo 
plant orchards tho coming autumn, whore lo ob- 
tain tho most desirable trees, vines, etc- Never 
havo we seen an orchard presenting a nobler as- 
pect or prospect. A strong and healthy growth 
and appearance was universal over every variety 
of tree, vine, shrab and plant, all indicating ihat 
supervisory caro that alone < 

without which no great results can bo obtained. 
Tho fruil-bosring trees are :i sight to behold. 
tore to say Ibora Is no spot of earth that 
could excel Smith's garden nt this season of tho 
*r, in tho variety and quality of froit, and the 
rantity npon each tree. Somcof tho palscogar- 
dcos of Europe may show samplo specimens ; but 
of fruit grown by LhD means used, horn 
they sro without sn equal. Wo shall soon givo 
full statistics of crops of these grounds, and there- 
fore defer them now. 

Wo examined and lasted somo twenty varieties 
of Peaches, Nectarines, Pears, Apples, Ac., and 
boldly sssert thoy cannot bo beaten. Tbo Draw- 
ford Early bad just passed, but were magnificent; 
Old Mixim, free and cling, splendid; tbo Ucalb, 
Kcwlngton, Oooligo Favorite, and Honest John, 
unsurpassed ; ond when wo camo to tho Georgo 
IV., our mouth watered. Wo are now satisfied 
that this is lo be one of tho Peaches that should 
bo extensively cultivated. It is a white mealed, 
luscious and very juicy Peach, deep red at tho 
stone, foil sixo. and a great bearer. Mr. Smith 
has a crop of this Peach Iho present year that 
will count by Iho hundreds of bushels, and, as a 
wise fruit grower, has grown largely of lhat va- 
riety. Wo saw trees lhat will yield ten and fif- 
teen, if not twenty bushels lo the tree. The Late 
Admirable and Crawford's Late, will yield him 
an enormous crop, and. in sixo, equal if not sur- 
pass any Peaches yet shown in this Siato. So 
great is tho crop, lhat heavy supporters of joico 
are placed in tho centre of tho trees, and tho 
branches tied up strongly. Many other 
are in best condition. 

The Pear trees hang loaded with c 
crops. Tho Bartlett is of wonderful i 
beauty; Ducbe^se d'Angoulemo enormous — will 
A 24 or 30 ounces each. Flem- 
ish Beauty, Louis Bonne do Jersey, Winter Nel- 
Virgalcau, Glout Morceau, Seckol, Bcurre 
cmborg, and many others, aio superb speci- 
s ; and wc trust thoy will be exhibited at the 
it Fair nt San Francisco, as ibey will bo past 
season for the Fair at Stockion. Tho Nec- 
nes almost surpass belief. It does require 
lhat a person should see these eropsof Nectarines 
" ppreeiato the possibility of so much 
•- Wo wish the members of tho 
United Stales Pomologies! Society coold stop Into 
garden of our Mend, for then they would be- 
o what thoy hear. Wo would rejoice to see 
t great friend of Horticulture, .Marshall P. 
Wilder, look opon this California garden. Proud, 
ho may well be of Hawthorn Grovo,our friend 
Smilh can even beat this king of fruit growers, 
both in sixo and quantity, the present year. 

The Apples, Grapes, Figs and other fruits at 
these gardens arc doing well. The foreign Grapes 
arc now ripeoiog handsomely in Iho open air — 
(what will oureastern friends say lo this?) Tho 
Hamburg, Golden Chassclas, Chasselas of Fon- 
Uinbleau, Cannon Hall Muscat, Muscat of Alex- 
andria, Malaga aod others, lung in (ioc, large and 
full clusters. 

Tho Strawberry ground has now its period of 
rest. Shortly it comes to its foil crop again. 

The nursery conlains trees of every kind, and 
of tho best varlclles, and of strong, healthy 
growth, i Wo noticed Peach, Nectarine, Apricot 
and Plum trees, from Ova to seven foot high, 
handsomely formed, of the growth of iho present 
year, from the hud. Cherry and Pear of six, 
seven and even ten feet, and most vigorous ; and 
other froit trees in all their variety, and orna- 
mental trees aod tines in excellent condition. It 
is this characier of health and fiullfuluess that 
causes us lo speak Ibus at leoglh of this ooblo 
garden, for from this source many others can 
draw, as from a living fountain, thai which will 

Merino Bnaap. 

Tnn splendid animal that flgui 

front page this week, may truly bo ■ 

tho finest oreature of this tribo ii 

States, If not in tho world. Troly hi 

tho TJnitod 
ho been 

named, for he is amung sheep what the building 
ho was named for Is among tho varied forms of 
architectural beauty lhat grace Europo or Amer- 
ica— tha finest known. 

Tho importation and brooding or Sheep, and 
the raising nf tbo very best of Sheep, both 
for wool and mutton, sro matters of great mo- 
ment to tbo Slate. It is already conceded that 
wo havo tbo finest climate and tho best graxing- 
grouDd in tbo world for this purpose, and no ono 
can for a moment doubl that wool-growing will 
always pay. No ono article of our products will 
pay so well, and it Is a business that cannot be 
overdone. Wo are largely indebted to foreign 
countries every year for tho wool 10 supply C "" 
manufacturers, and our Gold is sent abroad 
pay for wool and other arliolea lhat wo should 
and could produce upon our own shores. 

It is now our purpose to call tbo attention of 
our stock-growers and out readers generally 
tho imporUoco of Wool-growing in California, 
and wo shall present briefly somo facta to show 
that we are destined to be a great Wool-growing 
country, and that thus far it has been successful. 
Messrs. Whitney wore tho pioneer sheep im- 
porters to any extent, and tboy havo been emi- 
nently successful, of which wo havo written in 
previous numbers. Their sheep bavu greatly in- 
creased in sixo, quality and fineness of wool, a! 
the new progeny born and acclimated, and 
their largely increased flocks prove. A large 
flccco was taken tbo first year, and tha wool sold 
promptly at forly-flvo cents a pound. 

Messrs. Daniel Gibb 4 Co. imported a largo 
flock, nod although Iho long voyage and sickness 
injured tho sheep, yet our climslc has restored 
them. They brought handsome prices and have 
done extremely well. 

Tory recently Messrs. Mocondray & Co. im- 
ported a largo flock of very fine Merinos, tho 
linost-woolcd sheep yot Imporled, of any number. 
They have been sent over our Slatu and they will 
add toils wealth. 

Some few very splendid full bloods were Im- 
ported by Messrs. Sc-itIb it vVynn, last season. 
Also, Samuel Brannan, Esq., imported somo ol 
tho best lately brought hither. A lot was re- 
ceived for San Jose, and for some other places, 
and thus we have tho evidence of tho fitness ol 
our climate and pasturage for Ihc raising of Sheep 
and the growing of Wool, as a permanent and 
profitable business, ono that shall be a lasting 
benefit to our Slate. 

Wo now ask particular attention 
which we shall oiler opon Ihe impai 
ing the very bat tarietiet of U'ool-yr.idisciiie 
Sheep in California. 'lis said, 'Expericnco is 
the best school mas ler," aod wo have tho very- 
proof from tho best Wool-growers in the world, 
that "it Is easier to raise and take cam of tho 
batbretdi of Sheep, than of common sorts;" the 
former are more easily herded, more quiet, easier 
controlled ; their quiet nature greally tending to 
Ihe growth of wool and flesh (upon tbo same 
principle wc suppose that a good-natured man or 
woman is generally plump and fat), an J although 
it will bo necessary in California to raise the 
Southdowns, Loiceslcrs, Asiatic, and tho Ameri- 
can and Mexican for Motion, those who grow for 
tho fleece should aim at tho highest gr 
woo], and to the Full-blooded Merino tbi 
lion of growers should be directed, that they may 
know from whence the 


Mr. Smith's grounds ore now a famed resort 
A pleasant riilc from Sacramento city, either by 
private carriage (and excellent carriages and 
horses can b. foood St Covey's stable uo Second 
street, and at Frost's), or you can Inks the "bi 
direct to tho gardens twice a day. At great 
penso Mr. Smith has covered tho rood with str 
and waters it for miles to lay the dust, so t! 
pleasant rides may be had, and when there, iho beat 
of fruits, strawberries and cream, ice cream: 
bonqaets, arbonrl tor rest, avenues and walks lor 
promenade, ond a lofty swing give- visitors all they 
need, 1. c if they havo any heart for ihc beantiful 
good. The first collection or soperb fruits for 
which premiums were taken, ivirc from Smith's Tliot group was admirably painted, true 
ire, by Dr- Logan, of Sacrami ;nto, and 
token to New York by Mr. S., ond en- 
graved in colors. Thalgroupof fruit as engraved 
bo seen at Ihe gardens, and its trulb will bo 
ified by all who visit there. And as they shall 
stand npon Ihe "house top" and look around thtm, 
what we saw, and erijny wlmt we enjtwid 
(hut all cannot look back lo '49 os we can), they 
will exclaim with os, this is imbed an KJen toot, 
and California 

State Agricultural Boo tot?. 
Tun Executive Committee of tho Stale Agri- 
lultural Society arc on a visit to San Francisco 
lounly, visiting tho Nurseries, Orchards, Gar- 
dens, 4c, preparatory to the State Fair. Wc 
truillhoy will arouso a proper splrit-ono thai 
will make the coming . State Fair tbo beat yol 

BncsG ra voua Tolacco.— Pleaso soo tbi 
card oF Sutro— Ihoio who havo California-growi 
Tobacco will now havo a chance to soil it. Mr 
Sutro is famous in the Cirilt and ToIm.ic. bu-i 
ii ■--. and Hi -.-.■ Inning ii f„ r ,„!„ w iil Jo well t. 
bring their Tobacco to market. 

OxvqenateD BlTTtJns |a a aafo and 

lumtJj [..r U j s peps i a, Asthma ami >•■■ 
bllitj Intdl ibelr various forms. Lei all a 111 i clod 
with any of Uivi-e painlul ili^.vt.. trv lli* iin-|i- 
clno, anJ thoy will ha satisfied. It never falls. 

Tbo "Cbvbtai, Palace" will bo tho siro o 
many a fine flock of Sheep that shall grace lb 
bills of California, and wo are glad lo know tha 
somo of bis stock is already in our State ; those 
to which wc havo referred, of Messrs. Searlo & 
Wynn, those of Mr. Eranuan, and others. 

J. D. Patterson, Esq., of Wcstllcld, Chautauqua 
county, has been ono of tho most suco 
Sheep-growers in tho Oniled Slates, ond hat 
probably one of tho finest herds of Sheep I 
world, at least tho noble Buck which we show 
thtE week speaks iu bold character for this fact; 
to ulludt to bis value, wo know that SI 
would not purchase him. 

Mr. Patterson commenced Sheep-raising many 
years since, upon tho Iruo principle; his arm was 
to grow only the bat, and from the flocks of Eu- 
rope, or from ony other importer, ho aimed to 
procore only tho very best, wilhoot regard to 
cost, and Ihua he now possesses tho llnest animals 
of Ihe country, Tbo Shoepof Mr. Patterson have 
taken probably more prizes at tho different exhi- 
bitions than any flock known. Tho "Crystal 
Palace," as will bo seen, look the prllo at the 
World's Fair In Paris, in 1855, Thus in Iho 
very midst of iho celebrated flocks of France, on 
American stock-raiser bears off tho prize ; and if 
wo were to record Iho Diplomas, Goblets and 
other prizes awarded by different State and Cuun- 
ly Societies lo Mr. Patterson, wo should 011 oui 
columns. Wo havo also, records from vorious 
parts of tho Union where Bucks of this breed 
have been sold for S1000 etch, thus showing their 
Intrinsic value. 

Wo now, for our present purpoao of calling 
otlontion to this valuable flock of Shoop that 
should bo Introduced into California, havo proof 
nearer homo. 

Tho Hon. It. P. Johnson, former Mayor ol 
Sacramento, has just returned from tho East, 
and has kindly furnished us with tha ont of 
tho "Crystal Palocc," and also with aampli 
tbo wool of this celebrated fluck. and with many 
important and reliohlo loots, whloh wo shall uso 
for tho benefit oP wool- growers, Mr. Johnson 
provious to coming to California bad r 
near Mr. Patterson for over fifteen years, and 

r^d progress of this grtnt 
nterost, ana now returning to California, 
itnnds road? to testify to tho foU worth 
of these Ado Sheep. Ho will ohocrfully and 
promptly verify that whatever Mr. Patterson 
shall repwsnnt in Tege.r3 to his Sheep can bo 
relied apnn, lo tho letter ond spirit of tho agree- 
mt; and as bis neighbor and friend, Mr. J. 
a oonsunted to bo tho agent and roforoo to nil 
io desire to import Sheep from this celebrated 
stock, and is fully authorixed to not in this 
This will prove very beneficial to our 
State, as Mr. Johnson is so universally known 
and esteemed, and ho will greatly facilitate tbo 
importations when desired. 

Tbo weight of Crystal Palace is about 300 
pounds, and his fleeco, lost sheared, won 23 
pounds— bad it been oloso sheared would hovo 
weighed 30 pounds. Wo havo tho Catalogues 
of tho Prizes lhat havo beon taken, of tho sales 
lhat havo been made, and tho approvals nnfl 
notices from nearly a thousand sources, all 
speaking in tbo highest terms ; theso, with tho 
lamples of the wool and other foots, wo shall bo 
happy to communicate to those intcroatod. 

For further and valuablo hints, wo con refer 
to Hon. It. P. Johnson, of Sueramouto, who will 
net for Mr. PollorsoD, as can bo seen by tho 
cord in our columns, offering tho Sheep for solo. 
Wo shall speak further of tboso Sheop, and pre- 
sent other plates in future numbers. 

Tho Importation ol Block. 
Being familiar with tho great stonk markots 
of our country and of Europe, and known per- 
sonally and by our journal to them, wo ore in 
ipt of valuable information by every ateam- 
rul we can nid greatly thnso who desire to 
purchase or sell slook, as well as those who do- 
i. Wo have received tho Circulars 
inont stock- raisers, importers ond 
shippers, recently, their attention being tamed 
to this country as tbo most admirably adapted 
growing of slock. 

, clroular'ond lettor just received from one 
i England, ho writes : 
e aio now exporting stock to all parts, but 
principally to Amoriaa. I havo received largo 
orders for StallioDB, Cnltlo, Sheep, oto., to be 
purchased on commission; some of tho best 
sbort-hornoa Bulls I shall not bo nblo to pur- 
chase under $1000 to 81400." Other stock in 
proportion. "Would like to send some to Cali- 
fornia, if tho following prices could be had. I 
am now only referring lo tho very belt animals 
in England : Southdowu Bucks, 31000 and up- 
wards; Ewes, 8200 and upwards; Cotswotd 
Shoop, abuut tbo same; superior Spanish Jnoks, 
83000 to 31000 eooh; short-homed Bulls. S1500 
to 8:2000 uad upwards; Hoifors in coif. 31000 
to 81500 and upwards; Duvoi 
at a loss price." "Should you or your friends 
at any timo wish ns to select from our best berd 
in England or America, we shall bo happy to di 
so, and ship them for California. I inclose yoi 
ono of our circulars, which gives tbo expenses 
from Liverpool or Now York to Cnlifoi 
bo as follows : Horses, from Liverpool to Now 
York, per steamer, 8175; Cattle. $155; Sheep, 
830 ; — by sailing vessels, less, say 10 per coot. 
From Now York to California, for Horses and 
Cnttlo, 8450 ; Sheep, 8G0 to $70." 

Our friend and correspondent has furnished 
us with important data. Wo have only timo to 
quote somo items Ibis week, as follows : 

"Tbo first priio Bull in Fugland, last year, 
was Master Butterfly, and was sold to go to 
Australia, for S6000, Tho first Prixo Bull of 
this year, will probably bo tho 5th Duko of Ox- 
ford, calved Match 6th, '53; red and white, got 
hy Duko of Glosier, and now owned by Lord 
Fovorsham, who has refused to soil him undo 

"Wo have orders to select stock in England, 

for tho following gontlomoii— -[nouilug eom( 

twenty of tho best stock raisers in tho Union, 

and gentlemen who desire fine stock] — nni 

should yon knur nt partii'.H lliul wish us to pur- 

ohaso for them, shall bo buppy to do so. Write 

us in England, eta., etc." 

Tho following foots wo lenrn : tho nunoxed 

England for privnto sale, 

which should ho introduced into California r A 

thorough-bred Stallion, of the best blood in Eug- 

liuid, pricj 700 guineas; another, of high ohur- 

-, 500 guineas; a third, also of high ohnrao- 

150 guineas. Tboso are nil knnwn, and 

„ tored, with full pedigrees, and aro prixo 

Our correspondent in Europo will atlond all 
tha Agricultural Shows in England, and noto all 
tho most valuablo stock for sale Wo shall 
be furnished, from time to lime, with the best 
information upon stock that can bo had, and 
shall register tha best stock of Europo and 
America, as fast as it is known to us. 

Plates ofstook, aud pedigrees, will bo exhib- 
ited at onr office, whero information can bo hud. 

Bams Foots Among Grata Growers. 

Acoaploofdays spent among Ibe grain growers 
within twenty miles around Sacramento, will show 
the cause or the short crop* in that vicinity. 

The gTont grain ranches of Hutchinson, Green 
k Co., of Brown, of Connor, and many growers 
tho Futo, show a great fulling off from former 
years. Much of tbo land will only avcrogo about 
sis or eight bushels per acre ; some will pro- 
twelve bushels. Wo Irani, among these no 
lubsoiled or follow land was used for grain. 

the Stockton road, for many miles, short 
crops— somo fields not worth harvesting. Yet 
mong some dozen ranches, wc could not learn of 
single instance otfallamd land that had bees 
used, or a farm where the subsoil plow hod been 
nxed ; bat many that hod relied on volunteer crops 
in wholo or in part. On the Brighton road wo 
found the same system to prevail. At Patter- 
son's, the Ten Mile House, from ninety acres of 
barley, a crop of 2180 bushels; a small piece 
wheat, some ninety bushels. There was no subsoil 
plow used or fallow hind. Mr. Thomas, sixty 
acres barley, crop &30 bushels. Mr. Manlore, 200 
acres wheat, 100 acres barley, average twelve 
bushels. CspL J. Beome, sixty acres wheat, 
usual plowing, twelve bushels per acre, and twelve 
acres on fatlmced land, thirty boaliclB per acre ; 
volunteer crop nothing. Hero wc note thaltreefce 
acrei fallowed produced bob" as much as lixty 
acres old style. Col. Wbiteaides, 270 acres wheat, 
eighty barley, average twelve bushels. Same loud 
last year produced forty bushels per acre. No 
sobsolled or fallowed laud used, but Col. W. be- 
would have greatly benefited the crop. 
F. B. Fitch, 125 acres wheat and bnrley, equal 
each, crop 1000 bushels, average eight bushels, a 
volunteer crop, no plowing at all. Jnmts Buwles, 
crop GOO bushels wheat, SOO barley ; no 
fallow or subsoil. At Joseph Hull's wc saw large 
fields now lying fallow for next year's crop ; and 
tho crop of this year, planted upon fallowed land, 
yielded forty bushels per acre. Mr. H. believes 
the crop would double upon fallowed land. 

twenty to thirty 
farms (we have not oam'd all), we nolo but (iro 
instances of what wc think the best mode of pre- 
paring land for grain in a country dry ns ours; tho 
land of Mr. Beameondof Mr. Hull produced double 
and treble of that plowi-d in the usual way ; aod 
c have facts to show that subsoiling will do the 
uno thing; yet graiu growers will not come into 
plan they know will bo productive of gain, bo- 
tuso they say they cannot spare tho land to lay 
fallow. Would it not be better to subsoil half 
tho number of acres each year, and havo the 
balance in fallow for iho next year. The crop 
would dnuble; and the cost of subsoiling fifty 
ncrea is nut more than lhat of slightly plowing 
100, and the cost of tirtl, f.-nrjii;; nn'J rvajnng fifij- 
is certainly less than 100. And if ihc crop is 
doubled, will it not bo wiser? "A word lo the 
wise." Wc would ihaul; all grain growers to 
give us facts and scud ui samples of their grain in 
i in: :i1hm( mid bead. 

A Stout <j Lr) veteran and a Tall Son 
TO BUW'oiiT him.— A Mr. Fowler is now on 
his way over tbo plains from Missouri to Sacra- 
mento, In company with friends. His weight 
is 2-10 paunds, his hlght six foot four inches, 
and his ago seventy -eight years. Mr. Fowler 
lias a son in this State who is six fenf „,.i, 
inches liigb. _ A pretty good staff 

a veuerahlo father in his old 


AuoTrrenLoT of SnEsn-.—By the card in our 
advertising columns, it will bo seer, that Messrs. 
Allan, Low &. Co. havo a fino | t of Sheep, from 
tho "Agricultural Form" nt P U g 0t Sound, whloh 
aro to bo offered at public auction on Thursday 
noxt, as will bo booq by their card. Hero is 

Orchards on the San LoreniA 

We spent a portion of our leisure, or rather 
our time, in calling upon our friends who havo 
been planting lino Orchards on the San Lorenzo 
creek — a strip of land as rich, fine aud appro- 
priate as any in our Slate. 

Our first call was Ibe residence of E. T. Crane, 
Esq., a very pleasant collage residence, a good 
farm, orchard and garden. His Peach trees have 
made a remarkable growth too much wood, con- 
sequently hit fruit. The soil is loo rich for lb* 
Peach ; belter for tho Pear. We had a fine treat 
of luscious peaches however, and an excellent 
dinner, boib of which were tery palatable after 
hard Ikbor. 

Tho fine Orchard of Robert Family, Esq., nrar 
the San Lcandro road, wo found in splendid 
order, and must say wo havo not seen trees lhat 
surpass them anywhere. This Orchard consists 
of 1304 Apple trees, 208 Peach, 30 Pear, 28 Plum, 
2-1 Cherry, 15 Fig. Nearly all tbo trees were in 
bearing, and not only were wo fosBtcd, but a very 
gcnerooB supply of tho best was furnished us on 
leaving. Wo must notice tbo luscious Jefferson 
Plum, two trees being heavily loaded, aod we 
frnouj thoy were luscious. The Peaches, Craw- 
ford's Early, Early York, Strawberry, and olher 
varieties, were positively delicious, we are sure. 

Wo noticed mngni Dcent jpccimeDs of Ibe Seckel 
and Qansels Bergamort Pear, on the tree; Flem- 
ish Beauty nnd Bartlelt woro also very superb 
samples. Wc hopo to see this fine fruit at In" 
Exhibition. Wo return thanks to our friend for 
his kind attention and liberality. 

Tho Garden and Orchard of O. Wlntern. Etq., 
gave proof of very excellent care and attention- 
His Orchard presented a picture rarely to bo seen. 
A flno Orchard of 400 Peach lrco6, 100 Applo, 
20 Cherry, 20 Plum, 75 dwarf Pear, 20 Fig. m° 
000 Grapevines, nil showed uncommon thriOinest 
and most of ibom in buaring. Tho froit upon 
tho Pear tret-i exc.'l-i anvthii^- «,■ liavo seeo In 
this section ; the vunrtim » rre, Duchcsso a""**" 
goulemc, Belle dc Flanders, Bartlelt. and Seckel, 
all of extraordinary iizv ; wti really believe tboy 
will ntloin the weight i.f t\rn luuimi:, each, if car* 
is given them. All thu Irees were full loadfo. 
Wu trust caro will bo bad to grow aud prescrro 
them for tbo coming Fair. 

Lros 4 Co 's Cucaii An.— Tlili celebrated i 
ralaloi a rap ulallon that will kob |>lsce II upon t 
rrouod ihin ft has ororoccupltd before, « iholr bo 
i rapidly iDonujiap;. Ordon corns by lalograpb on 
*'■ lo laipi quanllllM, high up In Iho InHrlor— \ 
iaaila, Orovlllo, alarjivlllo, and frura Saeraon 
irdinontx, aliSt, ten aod moroca.V< dallj. Ant 

ireuca m iho Enrllih. 


A rttoia.-ff. 

Caleb Co,.,, Em , of I'hlladalphK f.>r a 
of Ibli maniiiucent lllj, which Ii indue 
tha world. T,. Mr. i'.,|->l..'|..n,-ii.-n-r.-. 

i'n-liii,,-.,r,-o in III.. ■ I >' 

■■'■'.■I- i.f Ib.-I C3>,il.|«l -II Bill »!ll ■-- 

if huraoalij— Lhui raHetlloi 

or fin! Ui*"- 
irJ. Tbur-R- 

THE C ^ X, I F O It N I -A. F ABMEB. 


jy CODPI1. A CO., PutillsMn mid Importer, 
lUtfMrJd'-erlpU'iii. IttS Bt™lw.j, New Toik, bi 
f» ftnl.-coe. WJt p« nan to «1J pirtJof Iho 

ml vllb..u[ niir loi.-r.l, I r/u nccU™ UllJliJ !»■"*' 
H Oiyirriiilt J OUier,, and, IfUt o <b°rt Ir«l «f ">™>- 

jntoe •dmlDlrtnUc:, c 
n, 4nd rrrr-n/lb- Ti.»i m; 


S r. ATI*.'. IE OH ■■ 

pr*.|--f w, ->■- 

Jnoib; Bud InrLjon^fi^ 



mind Iho Mloirinr t'ACTi' : 

THE 1>AT KM !" (MUM A.UF'r.'iTVi'!;". ■.■rRMfhnfeuMy iiilid, «nd Urn miul bmuliful and lurnt 
ibis of ill dcicrip'Jcu d( Pictore«. in Uken ONLY nl 

MELAN50TYPES, fnptrlor to uj In Iho Bute, in at 

■VANCE'S Q A Ii I. B K T 1 
PHOTOGRAPHS DBiverellr admired, «r» taken at r cdu«d prtoet, al 

"VANCE'S (3- A I. L E R "ST 1 
THE FIRST FBBUICII AMHmmTE3, unjurpwied in lie world, »r« trtoo «. 

■VANCE'S G A L L E R "aT I 'M 

QhIut. on' 

luulutin will, I! b Loped, 

ITI1 IT," the new Store t.j t*Ir E. Ilulwer Ljtlcc. 
WwH/now »ouida it Ibo hc&d of tbe Ao*rtcnc 

Ctsu •> Copj. E«tb tiiimbei 

Iliad,, lr.. EXTERMINATOR, 






cfeiiuig Uidrbi: 

V A 3ST O E ' S G- A LT-, E K Y I 

Ban Francisco Planing and Sawing Mi)b, 
1I0CBS, GILMORE & CO., Phophictorh, 

Sirao- of CrK»= »vrf II'«...H*Tta. ir™w, fo« ft.nd»». 

Colli I). ..I. S|,-|. MM. I I'.Ult It...... „,;,] ,11 ,i:..-- 

"&■ Flauton .ad SnwfDg done 10 ordor, U the lo»«l 

Fruit Trees, Stocks, &0. 
i THE andenlrood ben to Inform NatKt 
§ lock f-jf the. 'All Undo, ol fueh snide; 
_M°oVtD U E: *"'"'' ™' C ° " aB °'"" lL ' ' 

r»-: ---:,! ■ ii, !:■-■!•, .Hrucl (inm too e'""»n In Hol- 
land; JVi. I-,-- 1. M:,|,:,|.-l I'M' -t ■ . — ifh oitrjlbibi in 
lie Konnn ntd Seed line, of the bin qanllly. 

- ■inwWMl,'.-.-!.! ^<i..-'.I.ct J 'i.|' ,..n ! v.i-b i!i- 
I'ukinc citeuied In Ibo It'l tmoner, ■uffielml 

_ Porlle-^iould miHo"fniDrTmenLi Bilb Eiprcu 
CotDpaniee ftboot Ukin; out Ibrir ro*! 1 . 




9IuhIc SIooIb and Piano Covcru, 

So. 19 Kontgomory itraot 


New York Dry Gowis Stare 1 

w f ;. 

Blatd, we cui ijoik (nun tiluil knunlalgB ol tidr r 
^PnapT. and lur Depot, No- JPO Hmsdvij, b thmo;,ii 

Dealer* »l.'. .j. iuI/I.^^'I ILrLr orjrn i*rly if Ut*j Honld 

it, foli-bloo,led Goutbdriwn i 

l^icener ia-1 Routhdown, ciMWBJi 
b Idlnbi, fnll-blrodsd Lelc«tt[ | 

1011 E-e Limbl do dt 

*^ 100 do fol!-M --1 i Lelcti 

StbtH Sheep bsTo boea eaterall T br 
BObb blood iloc!c, btonibt >l rreit.ii 
WB, Hil. h*lr.c sl"B'lc ncclliuleJ, 

2n»j Si) bo lor Impntjon 01 


"_ T l'l I : ' -h 1 .- J I -. ^ I h ■ - .WI.MlLAInH-l,, , Vm ,; ri „ 

ii v.|. ■• (in iu:r l-ii.ui"^ V" i i,; 

i'Iio Ueebi 

IllUlT ,'. I 

TQBilDUK ;''!' ,",i, ; -\>'n;M A ,, !IE-fi:;= : 

N.,l--l;.:vV , t T, 
i-.i,ilir, i! " ' 
of Maebiairr, in J ociclj ioo 

'i E.-rrii-..', . i-,i : .'i:.,-i,.',, i:".ii., : ,,'r„.iiii':.'M ' . r T " >■ " 

[-J | V: , .„.„, „i p^,^. c^to,,,, 40 pl.r 
mVk'i «'■',: J'lKATrs-K OS' 0LOCK AND WAT01 
TO F^r-ii „ i r, '„,;■ '"',,* ' -"'J , '""' 1 ■'■''' I«<u»r*HJn( 

huh ;: '■ii l „.- l . , .; l 1 ,MMi,Mi i ,i.i( cow. a & 

"'';■■■'■■■■ -•"<- M, :!..!„ .,,.| .,,:,. ■|,l!.... ■...:,!,. 

Fiench L:wn* and OrgandieB, 






Gcnia' siiiris, Dran-fr* and 

H O S I E R TT ; 

A lime atoek of Cmp':TU-j, Uotdufi, Blftn- 



tuobu m 

•■ [|, ,„:.,l,ir. 



lie luted nnd sold Tbi 

IdaOod of ibe E 
iMiarnu, »• bjlunMiKitptj 

Hi bo d'.no bf I1BD.1I In Iho u,o «'':','!, .' ' '.'i'.! 
.,,■1 ...d M|i.iil- ■.ilh"bii-hlt..|- : ,,i r ,,| tl ,,V 

.„l....||.ol^ti<|a..1 imi.i, ,„, ii,,,.,.. 

be rlic.T h.i' i.'O.n n..Ue ei K -;..1, (., „,„„.. 
.r. , 11 i. ■ .1.1 :.-.: : ■ , <.-. 

"fr r ,_r [ .J=^{"'J J Vj-ly"\ l\j--" i'i.-. to"i*5bo"re r i, 

l-l^.-.H-. *|.rll J.V1,, I- 



Crockery, Glassware, Britannia Ware 
Cutlery, I'lated lVarc, Lamps, &c. 

"FtrMULl iliehi,..,. [.ail ■., f„n,i tili.i o-mplolo 

,;U of Who r-.r PamilU-f. llolti;, 

Public Pjltioi. te., Ac. 


II liie.-, non on hum! mid for mlo. Ion, nl thn 

Cordage MannfeoWry, 


Grain and Flour Sacks. 

Powder! Powder ! 1 

- r\l . Kr;n!?.-I ll-.rsr-l ll':..-:r- I'.m.Icr; 
>}\)\J '-I..K.-; Mi ..Mill - 

Notice to Family Grocerc 

Brush Manufactory. 


Ilni'Inii, nt 

SI:'"-'. ".-!■-!■:■■. ■™l'" , l .nn'l.'r''. ".jr)""':°ivii'n "="' 

SEW.MA.N l-K'-llli. ::.-'. 

N. E -Cih [ill f, t iin i!..-;. 

Hay Baling Bopo, 

To Ponltry Eaiiers, 

A SURE Remndr for ilw Ubnuo of F.mli, poeullnr 
CllfuiDU, put ao in li.lf pound piekn G ", tulBole 
t:, euro lroraf.,nj-(„ „fi( f„«| r 

Fall dcfcrlplloo of Iho dligue nod dlrtclloiu for on 
ictoiupjDjIni; ouch pMkn(» Pitu SI. 

j_,U IV ri-llim-r,,,, ■„!',': '. ,-' I,,' Vr .". 'i ',-,. 

Horthem Sugar Cane Seed. 

TTAVI^I"; t iirf?i,.-.i lr.,in M». WlAT, hit Inportnl 

JT1 f: : l-.rii. Ir,,|i.... ,,rr^oc;l: .^.oL-i-wn In Frar:.... 
■■'■ ■ i ImoWlue In.iwUno (U,,i,Vj In.unn.lhr, , 

... , i'i' ,■'.'■' -' "■" 

J. .'1 TU.-li'l I:':," .■.' i-.'.. ' 

French Merino Sheep, 

HAVING been ouiaisd la Iiupottlor 
umlinc Fren--), SlorLn-i -ttrn- <"•'■:■ 
. ,)->! V '■ i ■■-: 1 f*n turn fnrabh oithet Rao 
, i;'"r""' u u "l" 1 " aa bo ^ aBii " 
CireulufT, (iv(n\ • foil dl^ilplloo of at floti, 101 
ofHua.ILp''j^"ou.« a n ,l:,V 1 !^'i!^?. : l u f "[;;^^ 
„ ,„ „ J"ll^ U PATIEHiOS. 

tB-43bi Wntflel.1. CbauLianot c-onli K. 


and 0eneral Commlsdon HorcauU, 

SAN KILAII( 1 'lVt(| , 1 'i;1i.: 

, *t,om h4 tuppHt^ wit 

Oalifomia Pickles. 
"iaLi'ili;'.!;': ' i ■ 1 1 r" : i'i ■■ -..'...i l 1 .",.',",", '.' : '.'"i 

.yll -if ib.u I.j lb.; nt.t. .t «;i-. 1 .1, ,11 i.„ ,.i,: r i, 
l|/j ..II ..„!.,. ■::,!,.. .1.. :. i,,,:!,. , ,,„..-!,. , ,.-(,, 
•■'■■<■■ <i. -illl.. I I., r -i;.. f.-l. ,-,..■ |'i.l |, .,.,|| ,.|,,. 

':■■■ ■■ , ' '■' . ..'■■■:, 

!-!■■ 'III. ii::l,1!,o J, ■.r.ii-l tj ... I ] , in . ,., ,|.[:, ,, .r,,, r |,, 

'" "—W Itnportod A. D HAKEIl, 

■■■.lif.n.l:. i'i:! |. V.V.r.l. ii-. 

T O B A. o a o . 

pAUTlra biiini Coliforoio-erom Tebiceo of lu 
linen ' ' " A'iVi'h'. l-iT -i'irii,"' '"'' 

T6H 3m IIS Monlfomerj ilrtot. Bun Franehw. 



'.ill,,.,!, .-r. -.^..1 f^.,-- 
,^]... U t;.l:.l.Tin,W..OlFl.. 


P. 0. HUNTER, 



I, TJ 1VC B E R , 




No. B7 Front ntront, 




S. F. 

NOS. -4 



AND 6 

Clay Htrecl. 


HOTELS, &c. 

. i'.'ni.i:',- -A:..,i.:ii '. ■ J':-i-: :--.-7 .i ii 


;:„:;.; ,t:„ 




H O X E X. 



Sax Fbanvisco. Ca 

a rh't'ic 

■ Eutnfbr Suiiua. N«pa 
~ V«7«nd , "lIibfo b eoni 

J^i.'l'.'''' ■■' ■■ '"' :''r 

., o! >.!,■' Ulljli.-. V...- JlLVr.KE 

California Steam Navigation Company, 
r^^> ■' " R ii USX* ; ;^ 7 , J ' ° "£fl2£=£ 

Cennndns vilh tbo Helit di 

Contra Costa Ferry Notice. 


FISKB. SA'lilKK .t CIIL'RL'll, 

r of Third and I itr.cir, s .tium-.i 

. Ii.t.iIj.; ^r.d | , i u: a lat iltonliun nil. uv r 

''"■■ lll,, ;-1 '"III I'i ill'- miD-TiTii-,,! . ' Mr. I lic.ii. 

h>«i but lo bo tvud Ui no nnpniced, 

Antelope Restaurant, 

j^t,'^' "' ' '':"'■' :i'^ 

^— -—■"-!,-■, 1,1 ..II 11, ;,..;„ ||,|N,..|-. „,;':, W(.jCS 

„ '. 


Who Wanfs a Cheap Piano I 

THE «,'.ctlt.m Lu for ran been en- yaS?I— 

on ■ . ;■.'. 1 1:.:. l... ,;. a 

To Farmers and Traders. 

THE undenlinnl nM ,. , Hu bl|bM duh) , 
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Dfl l-.-|,HE|. ..-I ,/, 

LV Wofi ( r D rlInUlo>o™o t NeVV«ke"?;^SP"» 

I ■' I'AMS LIV.Sl L L K S.M.O.iK ,' : 
■■belorc ot nfter^ ocofyolber ,ll;t 

ib-J:.- Bll-. .,[.1^ if,., [ iblniT 

IIA-V- .iY.'-imi...\l..i.i;,. 


o vi. i>jl r> et. e n e "ow o k. e: e . 




10.000 ' 

3.000 " ll z"j:s™°"- 

Italic UN .„,.! <-.„„|.,. IV 

'69 aTAHFQgD mi.,., f, 



fates' glrpartinrnt. 

fFnr lb" C*llfcr*l» '■"""■I 

Turn i> is trot, fs 

rr-n-hmtili-rfMif billows bra**— 
Wlitra Marble wind" »A wood." urate 

An. mil tha tlHpini .belli, tor 
Amid lh« nodi thitiMrkHiibg™ 

l>l from tbo noon-lldo'sbaralor bsat, 
LfcoEdsn'i Italy rmfl(iri,Io 
;■ a ci 1TB llll night !• «»« board 

If laou, filroo), lbs Quho *™ld b 
Of Ibii brijhl roalto Ibon como with 
From tuiula of btNtlui no «'M I 

And lira and din along, !■ 

V. V. 

[Fe r ibo C.1I lo ml* Fanner.) 
Oom? to the Country. 
At length the joyful doy was onrae. Hur- 
riedly wo mudo a few filial arrangements, shut 
the door, turned (ho koy upon nl! ourdomeatio 
carea. for no atwoya arrange lo leoro our bur- 
densome affairs behind, and lake with us nothing 
bnt a happy heart and oyea that nernr tire 
gniing upon the beauties of tbo earth and sty 
that God has made. It seemed as if tha lumber- 
ing slago-coaefc ooutd not move fast enough, fur 
onr impatience, although it flitted along with 
the speed of a bird, through fields and patchr-a 
of forests, Our hilarious spirits rising with 
every mile. Wo wiped tbo mist from onr eyes, 
and there wore no brick and mortar obstructions 
between ub and nature. All our outward cares, 
and inward struggles, have faded away, us 
dreams from the face of morning. It is all 
morning with ua now, and vr« will onjoy it, ero 
the scorching sun withers its hopes. Wo bare 
looked out upon the unnumbered patches of 
weeds (tbo flowers are nearly gono), and are 
satisfied they are doing remarkably well ; we 
inhnh- the perfumed air. fully realizing its many 
and rare virtues! it acta upon our forehead with 
an electrical thrill, like the kiss of an angel. As 
wo proceed, the hills begin to emerge, and 
to the south rises the dome of "Old Diablo," the 
patriarch of a numerous family, happily settled 
about him; end further still, westward ho! dim 
and blue stretches tbo "Const Range," while 
easlwnrdly rise in strange and magnificent 
grandeur tha over varying forms of tbo "Noble 
Sierras." as If in adoration of the Being who 
brought them forth. Bet nee a those great 
northern aud southern, eastern and western 
landmarks, a distance of more than 250 miles 
long by GO wide, lies the Valley of Sacramento. 
And tbe skies of Scotia aro not brighter, or thu 
Tales of Italia moro productive. 

A rido of thirty-fivo miles brings as to tbe 
beautiful residence of Mr, liencb, on the forks 
of Feather river, in Yohn county, where wo find 
Ourselves happily domiciled, with nn amiable 
aud lody-liko hostess and two sweet children Tor 
our companions. Here we shall make oursolvos 
at home until Saturday, nnd if in the sphere; 
whence tho days issue, iheru is such a thing a* 
detention, may Saturday break duwn, or some- 
thing hup pen it, thut it b" Li ipt back long after iti 
time. Hero we saw what is seldom seen in any 
Country, and what we cerluiuly never expected 
to seo in California, an orchard or six thou 
punch trees; betides plnms, figs, peers 
apricots — two thousand five hundred, heavily 
laden with luscious fruit. Wo had mnuy good 
op|i,irtuiiiliea of testing their good qualities, 
nnd the generosity of our kiud friends, win 
teemed never so well pleased us when con 
trujuting to our comfort. Wo shall not booi 
forget those hnppv d-iyn, glided so uncoti 
aciously by ; we were so glad to esehsngn tbi 
Sully oily nith its streets lined with oraiy 
politicians, and other straiigu looking crjuen- 
tnsna (whoso qnly object seems to be to gel 
office, or money), and brcotho tho puto aii 
and feel ourselves shut out from thu bustling 
world, end where tho sweet muaio ol nature' 
Tocrjists is oil nrouud us. Who has not fell tho 
impressive and pooliu silenoo of iho c, 
especially in peach time ! I etijnyiiu it rrith tlio 
liveliest delight Bui Saturday would com,., in 
■pit*, of all our entities, nl „i „„ WI1I0 Migei 
to bid our kind friendn adieu. 

Five miles' ride brought us t., olaryiville— t 
some Hnrysvillu wo vi»iit-d i„ Deeiirnbur last, 
like, aud yet a* unlike, aa poseihlo; the sai_„ 
quota of Gne residences are there, Ihu same kind 
friends greet us, but with the thermometer at o 
100 aVgmea, who oiin enjoy anything I Then, 
tho streets were deluged in mad; now. limy 
seemed famishing with thirst; wo fairly gngped 
For breath, tbo beat wns so 'intolerable,, But 
independent of heot aud dust, and a want of 
shrubbery (for which our own loved Sacramento 
Is famous), there aro many green spots in Marys- 
villB, after all. Wo met „!J rriondi, and furmed 
now acquaintonccB ; among tho letter were Mr. 
and Mrs. Walton, at whose house wo were mado 
to feel as much at borno as though "heir lo the 

born."' Wo will not soon forgot that 

nxhtr&t dinoor. and the many kindnoasi 
shown us by that radiant embodiment of goi 
humor and politeness, Mr. W. Ho ia one wl 
con nsvor bo made a prosolyto to tbo philosophy 
of Dr. Jedler, who thinks life and fow such - 
very ridiculous business. I would like much l 
have Ihoso poraous who think "thoro aro n 
goodaohoola out of tho range of San Francisco," 
risjt Mrs. Walton's (lata Mra. Wildo'a) Semi- 
nary for Young Ladies. I think thov might ho 
induced to moko at least ono exception; for 
ourselves, wo only regretted wu had not hulf i 
dozen girls, that wo might place them nudor tbo 
tuition of so estimable o lady. 

Tho next place of interest wo visited 
Hock Farm, tho residence of General Sutler, 
known by every Col iforninn to bo a shrine lo 
which alt hearts pay homage ; our pleasure nnd 
aurprisn cannot bo spoken or written. In walk- 
ing over tbo spacious domain, and seeing snob 
perfect order and neatness, tho politeness and 
cordiality with whioh wo wore received, were ill 
keeping with the beauties that ovory whore aur- 
)0t to thu bent as effectually. 
This place is loo well known for ma to attempt 
description; in fact it were almost an imp 
ii-.iliiy to do so. The extensive vineyards , 
orchards, combined with tho vonorublo and 
antic appearance of the buildings, and tbo 
n'sito taste with which tho grounds wore laid 
it, tho variety and abundance of flowers, 
in upon our admiration wo could hut express 
as wo felt it; while every nook and corner 
is in the highest stylo of agriculture, tho 
iu;e and gardens reminded us of tho vigni 
some beautiful book. Wo wander along tho 
nksnf the river, down to its very verge, whoro 
■■ sounds of our voices were echoed back from 
o opposite bank with such clear and distinct 
pronunciation that we were hardly persuaded it 
: some person oniu-iiij,- himself I iy repeat- 
words; to us it wnsnn anomalous oraalo, 
(turned word for word, as soon aa spokon. 
Wo oould have spent nn hour there in eonvor. 
ith Iho inviiible Genii, bnt thu deepen- 
ing twilight ndmnniabed us that we must depart. 
Wo lingered until tho atara bad thickened in tbo 
rhanging blue, nnd their first fuint light had 
blushed into lustrous gold, nnd Iho leaves upon 
tho "brave old oak" wore whispering each to 
the other a bland good night. It pained us to 
think this beautiful homestead, which lias cost 
tho old Pioneer en many days of toil, nnd on 
hicb had been lavished such unbounded munifi- 
ence, should pass into tha hands of strangers, 
'an not something bo dono by his frieuds to 
pay off that debt, and thus scouro it to tho 
ightful owner? Poor as I am, I would put $50 
[iposite my name, towards its redemption. 
My ahoet is full for tbo present. Adiuu. 


Tlii.. Pa Ufa oat Question. 

:ret of Iho ease and grace with which, the 
F.tnpre-s ('mi n ti [ 1 1 1 r> r t the enormiar rotninlily of 
skirts which she slill wears, lies (impjy,ln Iho 

gnidniii f stillness existing in e.ieli [; 

each one of lighter and more cla-tic rnotcriul us it 

i|To;,(:lity ill" Miirfiii-i;, Thu ladtc nnd core with 

liicb her Mij..-.;iyi? tlii^ uttir-.-il -..ill furuicr euusc 

the despiir or those Indira who, still mainUinirig 

] extent of crinoline, take not Iho same 

prcciotioo cona'rnmg the case with which 

) the ugure. "To be, or not to be," is 

unli-id i lie (|ue=tiii». a-i rcjiiir.lH tbe folly of tbe 

mode. A p»rty has formed, slione Iromits jeni- 

lion. ngniiiBt its cnuroocbmciiH, n'liilc- on the oilier 

hand, a stronger party insists on the mji men. nice 

B power. The Eiimrt-.i li. : r-'-lf hu<l pruiieaneed 

ivor of its reign, wnile the Faubourg St. Gcr- 

o is revolting openly against its enormity. 

invitations issued for the great ball given by 

Duchess de Saint M— , on the occasion ol her 

'I'niL'liltrr'i "eirriie. .■.!.". re lie— iimul ir r,.e(, rumen' 1 1- 

li (iriiiUil in lie: Iji.iIj of tl| U invilutinii. <- ia iii 

criiiijline," nn. I thus more than tw„ liar, dr.. I Icli. - 
nil lenl.r, ..f f.^li.i.n. liuiJ (more tlmi) thai) Indies 
"f ili-tir,.ti..n, likni-j-,; npp.-ar.-ii with Ideir i)r,--.-s 

r.ilnci-d in the yinecrul j,rnp.iri .i nf the buuun 

figure, nnd lln; fijrlil i.,l,k, mu.-h upp!.,,,.].:.! tl^i 
b. hope it in., j W i„ ; tie- first in a return 

1 *■ ' ' v n r II the ladies of 

I'nris In n i-.,r L .ei-.iii[i.-..i .if ih.; iuf.-rier p.niti.ia 
iti-y have Qs-uiil.-J hy ih- (11.--IH,:.- i|„;v tn-.-u 

«■'"'"»!.' <"> 8 '1'1'C talenlcd sculptor cxhilii. .1 

.it ihif Miirt.-1-lliec.impaniot, c\,idi L ..; he bus been 
■ \- .ni niL' I'T the Km[ir,,r ol" Jtns.iin— the oue, a 
-in, pi- l„..,uiy. nilired in the graceful drapery'uf 

'ini" ( -iily ; il iIi.t, ,i l;..]y ;l f.nhiim afubtet in 

all ih- leii,.|r..l v.,,n.),r„ of Iho m>.i stupid and 

_entof ihesoinv c.m-i-r. ,1 in fi, 

of the n: 

lie- li^uri — the vuric 

t" pn. In,-,, ihe result here csliiliilcd— tho artifice 

hIii.-Ii li.d Kto employed to destroy the l,™uiy nf 

Gmd's wnrk, nnd Hie ■■iiiiij: nnd Honi-.l,. whi.-h 

I... ., nicrtwi to, ia nr-le. to dir jiv ihe hnrmooy ..r 

hiiliire Necllc-s Iok.i I'uu.-nl -•,.. ,.,.., ,|, .„ . „ 

"'" ""'ell iimuseil at lb: cxtiUliuii. Ih- 

s-rrr nilh>T pennudt, ; but Dot «i lust oo.Uog oil 

I us. tli.-y iviih.lreiv fr ... t.'c . .:. n.„„rr.. „• n: . t, : 

'li ;ver fBirsuadeJ lo coot ilulr err. „ 

i,ut.-iri[i llieir neighboi 

Woaura or Bnttarnles-tadlu or Wives. 
)hcE was the limo when a wife was a "he 
oound of cases you c 

a truthfully. W 

■ DM 

c«|ion ; hc h.vo female hleh whuoli, l,,„,| u 

l "" 11 '^. f.. i,„-.1,.m| heliiHils, and remain 

" girls aro refined, leirued, wi w . 

;, play pisnOB. paint, talk 


each and JUuM, „„J" all 

•ue poetry, and lore liko Vei 
idy to be courted at ten years, and can be 
ken [rem fcbool and married »l fifteen, and di- 
I™ " '"ei.iv. The) mskcKpleiididsbowsoii 
"""- can eoqeoilo and flirt at the wi 

n tic kind to ihe poor w 

it are thoy at making bread, 

or boiling beef? Why, how thoughtless 
to be sure they, will board, or have « 
What are thev nt mending old clothes 7 But 
(bare WO ore, niialri ; the fashions change so often 
thnt nol.odv lins old cloihes hut the rsg men and 
paper makers now ! What are they at washing 
babies' faces, and pinning np their trousersY 
And hero is onr inMh nH" Mn|.i'lity nnce mora; 
having children is left lo tho Irish 1 What ladv 
thioksor havliij; nastv children about bcr now! 
or if she is so unfortunate, don't she get them to 
wet nurses at tlrsl, and boarding school after- 

Wo have come to a point wboro young men 
hesitate nnd grow old before lhcv can deoldf 
whetht - 

micy a 

and aflerwards keep 

— • ,t is Iho 

Mvintr i>. 

,-. :,«... ■.], lencc .' iliero are more perso 

a singlo life— ore there more leading - ... 

life 1 It is lime for mothers to know Hint the 
extravagance thev encourage ia i]e-lrni:live uf the 
virtuo of their children; that all Ihe foolish ex- 
penditures making, to rush their daughters Inle 
motrimonv, arc, instead or answering that end, 
tending lo drstroy tho institution oi morriage, 
altogolhcr.— [Newbury port Herald. 

A Model ■Wife. 
A pleasant little Florentine story reached ua 
tho other day. Ono of our famous American 
soulplors, residini; in thnt delightful city, whithor 
all the genius of England and America seems to 
tend, wn,i one day seated in his studio at work 
on an Apollo — for whioh. by tho way, ho might 
aland as a model himself — when bis attention 
was attracted by a tremendous trampling of 
horses in his court yard. He looked nut of tho 
window, and li.-ln-M u inn^iiiii. • nt eurria^e, with 
outriders, drawn up bcfure hii door. Preaently 
a gt-ntl'-imm claimed admission to his studio, nnd 

announced himself as tbo Princo of di R , 

Ho come to giro tho sculptor a largo commis- 
sion. His daughter, who bud been struck by 
some statues of tho American thnt sho bed seen, 
wished to ait tii bim for her bust. Sbo wns then 
bolow in the oorriogo. Was tbn sculptor at 
leisure 1 Prico was no object ; all thai 
necessary was to gratify his daughter, wh 
an invalid, 

Tho sculptor ciprci-cil hi» willingness I 
gin tho work instantly ; and the Prince, muking 
a sign to his lackeys from tho window, thoy — 
cnedod to lift a lovoly girl, who seemed a! 
eighteen, out of the carriago. and bore bi 
their arms oarcfolly op tbo stairs to tbo art 
studio. Tho sculptor could not repress a look 
of ourpriso at this curious mode of locomotion, 
particularly as tho lady did not bear Iho slight- 
est traao of illness in her countenance. Tbo 
Princo interpreted bi> ghiueo and replied to it. 

"My daughter has been paralyzed in all her 
limbs," he said, "for tho lost two months. It is 
a sad thing. Sim has bad all the medical aid in 
Florence, out without avail." 

Tho soulplor looked again at tho invalid. 
Nothing moro beautiful in fnoo or form coald 
have been dreamed of by Pbidins, A face liko 
Ccnci's, before it was clouded with tho memory 
of crime; mosses of rioh, lustrous auburn hair, 
framing a clear, palo faco. with deep bluo eyes 
swimming b.incatu n fringe of Ihe silki.-t Idnek 
lashes. Through her deiiaato muslin robe tho 
contour of a divinely modeled form was indi- 
cated, and when the ynung Signorila cast upon 
tho aoulptor n rapid glance, i-ift aa slurhVlit, 
piercing as electric tire, he felt bis heart leap 
with u myslerious presage of some indefinable 

_ Sho buL Tho scnlptor worked at his model 
like one ioi-pircd. nnil a puujj stroclt his heart as 
Ihe boor for her retiring enmo. The Prince and 
his lackeys bora her again down sttvirn in tin ir 
nnns. Tbe carriuife dour closed on her, tho 
horses swept through tho gato. Tbo soulplor 
did no moro work that day. 

To-morrow sho wns to come again. Ho lay 
ownko all iiijrht, dr-nmins uf her. Then ho 
would shudder, and my to himself, "It ia not 
love, but pity thut I feel. She is n paralytic!" 
The licit day tbo same scene wils repented, 
with this difference, that tbo Prince, having seen 
bis daughter poised hy th,. i,rti-t. cicu-.nF him- 
self, on iho plea of a business eiigagument, sav- 
ing that bo would return in lime to coinlucl liis 
1 — Poor girl, although the sculp- 

' ily beauty, her deplora- 

uiu nuuuiHuii hub, in bur father's opinion, n 
fufeguard against any of tho danger* which lie 
mif.-lil .illii-rwi-u hnvu nnti.-ipru,.,]. He left the 
room, and drove away in his carriage. A tilonco 
ensued. Tho sculptor dnred not look at his 
m.,.l,-l, hut wurk.d uiiiiy on his cluy imi,^-,, ivith. 
out rnisiiiE his eyes. Slill a silence. Then it 
seemed as if u slight ruslh- had Hllud Iho room. 
A -mull ivhii,- Imml s| () |c across bin moulh, and 
n burning kiss was printed mi his Icnhvn.l. 

" " ll " l -I " shrii-k lie leaped to hi- fci. mid 

ihi-re, with blushes crimsoning hi-r pnlo eliei-ki, 
and alabaster nook, knelt tho paralytic l-h] 
wuh her beautiful oyea imploring pardon. 

"I saw you ii hiug time eg,,,' 1 sho said— (an 
Italian woman when sho loves knows no half 
uii-risur.-*) — "imJ 1 loved you. My father wos 
very ,l„.-t with me. I could not move without 
Wine; ivutolnd. It n, irtiri-.-niblt, for mo 
meet you ..r ,.■.. y»u. 1 feigned [nirulysis. For 
tin. iiiuiiiIm I li-iveseiirclv moved. In his " 
for my, my father relaxed his 
i™™.- ™? motions, Ho gratified ovei 




Dr. C. SI. JACKSON, Philadelphia, Fa., 


Oroocr itt flnrsv. lUilh:,, IUnc; vftti KUntfi. 

oniJiiUiItMJ<"»rt.,-»/f™i t dimtihrtd 

Llrrr or Sunutc*. 


Hand, AiMtJ ua Uin Smmicb. 

Niniea, Hranburn. Di.snii Fowl, 

Fultoe« or Wd(hl (nihil SloniKli. Boor Erne 

InrioDi, einHni.- or Fliilt.-rw "1 Ih" Hi of Ibo 

SMrn'-l J^lminln; id rLo Urti. HurrW and 

dUfcnft nnsihlD B , FTntrarins ■! Ibo Hon, Chcklij, 

"',.rV.,. : ."""['.':''.".| l iv.^'lirfonl thu Siitu, Fewr mil 
Dull [mln 1(1 111.: Il.i.vl, [J:...c^- ,j[ Por^rfj» 




122 Lone; Hiiavf. 


1...I.1 „f „ 

ia j 
iZ H 


,;,.: .V' 



122 Long V, Inn I. 


Mi ? H 


hi Ibo Wr.neJ Sm f l™lhr , ti«J claf Iron 
uadniS, tixu II b lai-«diu«LN- ■ \n flborl It li 
e-nrjihioil <k" a»lr reqnlrM. PrUn M anu .nH >i 


m !'">■ 

siring to become yoi 

I lovo you If y ou du not „, arn , 

OMi only die." ' 

What answer made the American! Wo need 

'"t iii'|'iir-| only kIii-ii tho Princo di H 

'■"'n..'l. lie found niilhiug i„ , ,„ji„ |,„, 

day model of Ins pnmlytio daughter. A feu 

■i ; y,i,fi..nei 1 r.|. i„ „ „n„ll,, v . ' f,. , „„. 

1 '''f'" iinneess sunk br- --' 

immu of un Amorienn soalnto 

- nobility i 

■listen and attend, and you .shau'iiav 
I "-"iplo. When tho wasp n 

said I, 

■of you. Non 

a wasp when 

- - Jlsllltlo bout, and 
uoisc. Don't stir a muscto, d " 
quiet as tho slatoo f Vcriua 
body of .bat sort, until tho wasp seems inclined 
■J Mlbn .n., lue „t lto Mll |„. Thl!D ,„ »M| 

pen in the cruet of Mta( | iJ. I afiproichad t 
wasp and in thu ^^ 0Dl] tondirest tano 

K'y't'l;-;.j".t oiled „ u| ,, n t!l , („„,, „,,'', 

green waistcoat, nhen 
- its back, and was dead in 
i girls," said J ."mo wbat Vin 

-oil do Now,' hero's my mo, 
■■ When a hnsbsnd comas home 



New and Valuable Worlu 

jbJTJI— TIIEWIowinglUitof B „. M ^ 

QlUIlT bcon reeoivod by un frum il J0 i; u , JH 
^^^^ m and the Doolu cin bo hail at eiiiH 
uffico to Sun Fraoalieo i ^ 

Flora's DicUooory. Oontafninp 500 enn,^ 
ri-l..r„llr-™mlure. t'vMr-.K V/. Win, o| vSr'3 
Villages and Farm Cottages. The requireL 

.laL™ S f^° U ehtau.,;/™f.^l ; / r o.,* r 1V,^Yvr':' 
lu.7, W. Bnfto., MdS.D. BkKei. '"■■».» 

Villas and Cottages. A series of desir™ Dr ,_ 

fer CIKiiUiiD la lie filled Stum. IlltatnwJ i,{? 

Wighu-ick's Hints lo Architects. Dinlsto 

.,■■■ ■■ . ■'■ . '. ■: ■ !.-. ■:: ■ 'I ■■ ; 

WlHtllwIcK. Willi nililitl.'ii'l ir. WA blot, * 

nbuul biiJMIoijiij IhofuaDtry, flj A.J. Dovniog. ^ 

Downinq's Cottage Residences nnd Qroe'nih. 

'id" "I d-'i.'o ('■'! ll'Ti'l '" 11". ' ■■■■■ ! ' ■ ■ 

lutrated by namciom oDirBrlrig*. Br A, J. Uo^J 
Downing's Country Houses. The Jrchhs: 

of ConnDT Hoaum ; ineludliia dalsm for Couii™ 
Jlou'ri *ii:L VJJIu, wltb r.-iofirlu en iolerli.n, Ivtveci 
ml lenllJ.UDj Wuia, 

, Edited, wilhiJIo 

01 U-.i^ *ulhor, by Geo, W. Curlli J »0Q a Win to & 1 
hTFrwIertt.Bre-nier. IVautllully lllctri,|.:ri. 

The Young Gardener's Assistant. In thresn 

cont-.lnlns eUalogTic. of (ferjen Dad PIowft art, 

|.i-.rr : - ,1 ilir.-viii .ii, uri.jiir .neb or ' ' 

■ :ulliurf Vff rtdt.]?B «n.t Klownrs. 
rutin j t mil Tnxi, IOC Ompo Vmr, 

diino Id Ibo mriciu dejMitmeiiLi <? 
ITrw nJJtion, wllh nn ■piK-adln cui 
■llegcd DiKWCoflboPoulo, ±t. ~, . 
J lomes lor the 1'eople, in Sulmrb nnd L'oat.-. 


aol IW^ 
Hi.' K".-ti; i is lii.-.ioiv, l\."'try. i.'nlluraandCU 
The Flower Garden ;^'r l/reck's jToo" uf Flon, 

■ □nuln, ibrabbj pTintj, ond on 

Lindlcy^ Uoriicultorc. The Theory of Horn* 

i:.i(!-:,ii'i:. j iilivo..! ji.t'.I prin. ipl.-,. nr J^ia uj 

The Fruit Garden. A Treatise inle 

■ boDil llluilr«tollipPhjjlolii(irofFrolt'I 

in, tnnupltinilgg, jininlna bblI tmlnlnj uf ercturd una 
u trtel, oj ttnaairrja, ilwftrt,. [.ynmilj*, ra^SIrr*, siA 
rug out ud ■rnoflDT id* dirteicni tlnili at GrcLL'&a 
rdcni, Ibo ■olooUoo of ■ullnblo rnrlHia fnr Sitipn3l|i 

■■.j .it..! |...-i11tl-... titLrrlni- nnl tc.arrrin- fnd-j, tn 

at nf itfsaii n. ilfrrm.ll n.ol Iniecti, dacnijaon ,u» 
linpliininila, Sic Illuflrilisi with uowoi,l»of liOB — 
l'i'--.-ii!io t - .<i:l T ,n[ piiti of trco, ill prmiUcil o|*r 

. li.rrv.M. ,„'.,, ti..,,. :,-,„' . ,|, : /"',' '"'' 
ThcAi-ricultiHisi'sCalculator. Asoricsofh 
'--■nouja of nil oajiged la Agrlculiaro. or Uio hid> 
i ■!■ ■! p:c|.riy. 

sca|io Hardening; or Parks and PI«b» 

: W,n. N. wtiw. ' ™ "~" 

i'i.e Ptocressiro Farmer. A Scientific Treats 

"il A.I-... ill ara] I i -ml. try. 1'..- f,. '■ .. , . 1 Ajrfculrur 
if.c I'l'in.. miI.ti.'.. miniK ,r„l ,.nl.. Ai.jj|,.,i io it 

Morion's Scieniitle Agricnllore. Elcmcnl 


iy IUjW. U. ljn.cci/1 

I! K.(. .!..:,|',> ,l,|. -..:!.(, |,.-!| ,„. 

^ '-■ i ■- ".ic. li i. '-"'Ilj iijuijitd, tndyou 

»™jjU U . ou !.„,,,„.,,, ,:.„„ l::l '„ :l i,,, 1 o'^Ti,: 

Mfinila Rom. 



III--, .nil kjllL'V OlU L-',l ITWtln .1,,'! l.'-iII(LJ If ,'; tL " 

i!lj..'tiic, i.i !■. mi; inlly I1 1 u, r r-led. Br Win e'b'iiin 

JLlio Vine Dresser's Manual. An Illus 
TrctUwoB Vlnnnrdj. B/CIim. Reemclin. 
'ok'-; American Fruit Hook (.'uiiininiin; dm' 
Uiiii" lor rolling, pn.| wJltc, .,:.,! n- ,n -J... Ir- I e- 

I,-., 1. 1,., 1. 1. in... ,,. i,„.i ..,.iu...!. I.,. ...i. i ... ... 

„T.rni,_-. , „ IJi,,.., , M|I[: ,'..;., i.- |ij "S'\-;- i',,!.'."""" 
.S.-liin.k':. li.ii.k-ne.'s 'ie-.M I'.., ok. Conliio'sj 

II.- Ullclin, ,-,r.!r u , ,,',,,1 I, , ,|,. : ,„n„ . 

(.-:!■,, imn„.vl ,„..IL,;i[|.,Mi. ■,,.,. f; , >',.!,., .is-d 
'■'■• -'- Fmiu ninl Fruit lree- of Aoirr" 

.Tlh- I'.ili'irc. IV.-t-,.... li r, ,.[,. I M, „.,..,:, „. , : ■-.,:- 
°ll K "h^ ™ t ' Qr '" 11 ! ■ " lUi e-'Cr,^ 

""" 1 nnd tardea, en" 

I lie .'-liNi'in ll,.r-e doctor. C.lntainintfprirlia' 

U J rjIdd r ll d D '" ^^" vub "'!i' t, 'i'"*2""^ (iw ' 
'Hie loo-i of Animals, and tho 

)',"r'm.. ^" : \" "■-"'";•'•-"■ I''' ■ .I'd * " 

How to Chooncii Good Mill; L'mv ; oradBtftt 
uoorniZd. lUtritd^wi^'en^rC^^ 1 ' 
Tim !■' irmcr's Guide. A trcntlso on the Vi*&'.-j i.d.1 ni'inlt rr M .| 0i „lih » ., |. c ,i„„ ,,f preitll* 
-rtinl "ii. ud Uutmcliiitii h, , cf oi„,„c-iimilof t>n*| 

Cal-cliii-m uf Aurii/ului,.-,! i : i,;.'„„-.'i,V'.ii.! K 

"J ■-)■■ Hy -I..I.I-. • I . J,,!,,,.,, „ ;, , t Ei i u 1 ,•'! 

Tho Mechanic's I'm.-ki't ji'„ ni, ,','„,,! Bctm' 
Ouleulotor. CuuiprchfOlnJ 
engjn«r.. niKhln., m, k ,. r ,,,.„,,,„..,...,.. : . ,. ■ 

'..,!■','.,,' '.| ' .I V 1 ! '' ■■■' 1, ""- , ' ! ' 1 '' , '" ■'■'■n.^nf'^gl* 

K ■■■■":■■■', -e",i"M!;"'. , . l ;^';, , 'l'V' l: " '"" ■ 
Jf llliuir.K.1 Tbnrculiol rn"„0j 
Ullnuy, frecUcJ Beet 
I'.'-';, 1 ;; f-yinh Orin 

iiii:'" .\l,";; 


'(ilOii..-. H-nkiil 
ally nnm receive, 
n cunie^uonlli bu 


, -,. i"- 

.,i,-.„i rnw 

IvAlilif"' ■* 

To Bayers of Family QroceriM- 


aWa ud Hoaw, , Uo cu, euickiin. 

To Farmers and Othtrt. 

o mil purchiie H0TTEH, E 

irt^pritf,/or ra^, ur.wo-b, dmuwu.-^- 







BtilU, Worms, Brew Kettles and Heaters, J 


lift and Force Pumps, Brass Work, 


Wo. 80 Jaeki 

&.voimm s 

O F F I C I AL_N O T I C E ! 

I claim 10 be Ilic Oiflt.1 K.inliUnlirtl LcgHlmnt 
l)riiii;l-t " - 

oisr 1 "' 

taibernnj™ t-i nii-m. ."vi ~»» —— i ■— - -. -. - 
Dial tlmtoe-'B Mil lho;e=ho hato dueled their "bo 
lire- l-ir T..rUi ITWrlj- 1 in v.- Iliu Ii-hl-t (■■ l-.-L'.n, 
Si-.,t ri - |. itrj-Lniv I. 'J. in-:- in tU"; fci-iiui, it 
been po h -ncd in aeld bniintar, tor tho lail eighteen y«ai 

Bollerier that lira is «wcei to ill. and that IDs prop 
-.:'.,. ititT cm fill tbiir)>n«Hptiou fill 
Kith la&l J. I "ill bireaftcr Gil loom for 

Hair Hi. Ptlc ■■ (Jimmy Itar.i.l 
By oilier Dnirrji,!*. Will"""" <" UI»eitioile. and! 

ODD ,.,', iTtHANILE in iho" Drue line, mi tti-i >iiy i 
make II lilt n...t! Mlcn.iVL .I,]-,', f... ei;er. 
Pit. .,1 M. li.'r. lit':.' :■■!. I ■:.■!■ r. _!. i -r . I Wo iniiu- [■ 
rn.i.r....^:..'!. .Mr C l,.'.!..|'v,n,M.J; [ i.<-'.-. . 
thctn -It _■ IV, !,.,-,» l-.r.-e ml IhiKlKblr Gre-rrwi 
Urns W»icbsiw.'i"iwl.libcin, end ratromto buj ln(- 

Aod ebit;e on more for madltiow than in Urn daj 111 

jiemViVi^'ai'i i^iii'.i'". !',,Vi .Ant -itemed by i™ 




Harkst "qui*, norner 


hiV ("«■ '""' "J*??™ 

coffev & nrflOOH. 

Fulton Foundry and Iron Works, 

IVrcbul p nl1 , " t v' 1 " '".^"tt 
-... q.un; JJcrliw.'rv. B» 
loUnt linn;"". Grub! Hnrre 
We ptrttci] l*tly In vile pa&v 

Hereafter >o will do > biuinan on ( CASP RASIS 
ONLY ihr •• but.-, fir.7 by me, Ill 

!„.■ ... I,.,.,, i... i,-, it. .11.. ,..,.. :.!1, r.n. - -.Uf |>.llr..u-. it 

thefulnrr.-, in [L.j .kit;. ■--■ 1 1 ri-to '.(our eoodl. 



Nos. 116 and 11T California street, 


To rail tha lino*, u follow! : 
PARLOR SETS— In Roienwd, Wntrmt ul Mabojr 
eorered with rich DrKalollo, Danuuk, Plain 
Hair Ololb ; 
CHAMBER SBTS-Io Rojowood, MshoE-iar, Walnut 

and Painted Wood; 
WARDROBES— In IUiawood, Slnhopnj, Wnlnnt nod 

Painted Wood i 
I0OO Callage Bedetaadi, doable, rinplQindmodloiniluii 
1CO0 dnura Cine and Wc»d Seat Chain, all kio-Jij 
WO SorMnndTelo-B-Totej,inMahogaoTand Walr.nti 
HO Banana, nil kindJJ. fion> Rosewood lo PainleJ 

200 doion Cano aqd Wood Seat OIHeo Chain; 
ISO doMO Mahogany end Wal not Spring-Seat Chain; 
£397 Together «ith a Bi"t 



PLNE WORK, o=c. T &c 

03- To Wholeisle Doilora. we Lave In addition .jEO 
uled null, rickfl Mom, Dry Puiu, 
Fenthon. Vualfh, IJIue. Sand Pninr, 
Hair Cloth. Looklot-Glaii Plate 1. 

Blanket) anl Bcddlai; of all dtlttlpUon 

J^^ Girt us a call, and examine our Stock 
nd Price* before ultcting ehcichere. 


Nos. 115 and 117 California siteeL 


JOM*. KlTrREDOE, PuralETOlv 

unur •W't'< 1 W pnwplly- ■&* 

Ho! There, Everybody! Face thj Music and Bead! 

bare bn.ln«or any kind to >»=■»•. b U noUmi-irlaot Ih.t T ™ .honli «ndaa«r lo pit a. near M 
Sfi^Mltoffi S3 *3 S S 1 t,^,b« wilb'orf-. ~»6.rt. eon.oniccc, and raperiot an- 

87, 89 and 91 Leidesdorff Btreet— 119 and 121 Sacramento street. 

... t u--i.u Oomi ii. ?i "i- ■■ be Ewn Comi r..- '■!:■-. .'.J H:- ' '■■'■ > "■ ''■■'■■ '■■■" ■ ,l "- ! 

BOABH, pe ,W««fc,SO. BOARD, l»r Day, SI. MF.AM,™ t l.. LODGETOS, SO lo Dtll, per NI B ht. 

»3- Slbjtle B.WI1,-, fuTDi.hiil Qorai-leio 7B coed per Siehi ^^ ta .„i.ii,. „-,...[.--. D r«ll 

S- II...... t 1 1 .;,..- ■■ ■, 1 ■ t,. I '.■- I he \ cbi ■ t IV. ■■ ■. i. I'll ..r-i't. ■■■'.■■ tf.l '■' "'■■ ■<'■- ■.■!■" cm 1 ■' ' ' ■■-"■ 


" Ml ™ Wdl "' ta tS- BATHS FREE I -** 

Bf QniomHtior nllontioo no I ur.lirinr tffiff M furniib the «teiUe 
eilromelj liw pritw;, tbo rrnprietor bopt- to raorli a tonilnnanpo of Iho li 
Uoii-e « n™'"" "'"*■, ,.,,,„ „ r mlnc „ ,.,, othotihavlur innnoi oi valnablen. thete are Iwo [arm safeslo the itBca. 

flioJo i'aD^ict.I^L,';::; UiV. ,L[- ll n -nrM I ->!, , ,,...», r-UHllcaU, io. 


B»- Trnnten v. ill pleua Id rumomhi , tbat tbcir arc dt "Runoor." coontcted wllh tbu eJUbHihment. 

The What Cbror ll'.uro is c-ti.lnrl.ij on UricllJ lo 


H. i: H-tiliHWAP.n, rnnrHtirin 

JONAS G. CLABK & CO., fM Ir'nll'll, <, I" >V,'!r ■!!'■ I.IIIH 

Wa Inirort. no-irlr ill of our bt»oj- We tbiok we knot 
bawlulmi»rlth-r.i,:.r.l I:.- lo (-11 Itnim !* ««.'!> Ihi 
anblb :.. in [rice aadqualilj. At all ovaota, pie 0J : 
call, and WE WILL IllV. 

rf-12 J. L. POLllCMI-. 

Costar'H" Kill ■iNii-riiiiniiior. 

AH Infallible drjlrojor of RATS. MICIT. ANT.V 
lilliil'Mi Mil li' MuLi:-. .'.' . .'.i. ■-■■ IM'.t 
daocon.u) t> ibo llumio Fomilj 1 llaU do not die Id 
tola, outcome out and die. 

Pat up In aoe, 3So., 05o-, 81, «a, 83 and 85 Bona 
Naur kcnmi .. i iil— ..i. 1 un J purl Jil brlbounanrl 
In Hew Yark and aliawhori. 

Pninpln2oc.,S0c,Me-,61, SlSO,8260,MSOBottlt3. 


For lha ■'. Jl-it-. Muitetor. Filer, Fleas, 

PlanllaiciiO, VtnaiaonFowli and Aolmali, Aa., 4c. 

Put up in 2Se. and 60c. Bnxea, 

Bold WC1.I...1-.T.1 B,.,„i„ : "CO--TAI1W PIUNC1FAL 

DKI-, ,, .-.(-I "tl.tV'--. M IV >,.i(k. .-.,_•! !.t l!..- ' ' 

Show HilL". Puilcrr, .t^ , A't- 

n-.i ■- ! - r ii.iii I. iii. iti. ■ 

daaltn— Kai M o(piiMS.Ac,4c,willbf|.ru,iilv,:";.i!ti 
IpnpaMl to aoj addrut, on receipt of a three ccoi P. <J 


A. h ,t it -t:;i.- |.-.,|„|. „,;,.., i 

BABHES k VKK& OJBroadataj " rt-MSi 

W M . H . M O O R E , 




110 and 112 Olay Street, 






as EETAIL. h 

M All II K A 



ien you vi-it Ibo SUtes, remembor "Oak 

Hnll," tbo PioiitioT Cfolliing Hoqbo, catablislipd 

Bosinn, Mo*s„ in 1811, irhcro you will find 

ry Djrtiolo of Clothing nnd Famishing Qflods 

(oo tbo oqo pnep aystvin), neocasary to com- 

ploto n gentuol dreU, for the domeatto cirt;l", 

" "rutting loom, or tbo church. The stock in 

flsilj replenishes "ilb gded* mnnufuotuntd for 

Iho WholoEola mid Retnil Irndo, oud offers greitt 

inducements to purchaser*. 

Nos. 28, 30, 32, 34, 38 and 38, Hortb. Etrcet, 

BOSTON, Mabb. v7-141y 



in llil. --,iio .1...1 l.vllu. celub 
BLAOK HAWK. .( l!ii.l|.in, 

__„«„,„.,....- .. 

illy, on thi 

Colts Sired by David Hill in 1868. 

oclerciciicd bofuro they aie one notk old, ntjatar and 
raealieeortlflcoleifor tbo lame. 

Colts Sired by David Hill In 1855. 

Eollre ColU Ore bundled dollaia. and 
....... Filliij, delivered »■■"■ ■ ■ 

Black Hawk SUblu, 99 

S. H. MEEKER & CO., 

-Tr-T^ li AV E oinrtanllj on hand n vary lain etock 
B&aUof even 1. '.!.-- lii..', I!.')- 

■■I'ell on at faiorahle lernu u anjt homo la Iho 

UT ,:,-., | altellll..!! I- 1U ■' i ul [■ Tl-ll l-.l 1 

'.an! k ula M "iMoin'me oTe u r 

Fine Old Bourbon and Magnolia Whiskey; 
Very Fine Old Cider Brandy-Apple Jack- 

From New Jeneji aod 

Old Vireinia. Feach Brandy ; 
1,000 PaokagesHew York Brandy, Whiskey 

and II in. 
Alio, all the Cbolcelt Rrandi of 

Fine Old French Brnndy ; 

Harmony and Nephew and DsuT Gordon 



1H worm AHD GLASS. 

ET Wo are Folo Agenu for Iho PoeiDs Cuut or 




Very Superior Cabinet Champagne 

lb too handled [or Filllti, 

Gauge Cocks, Cylinder Cocks, Oil Globes, 
Bteam Whistles, Hydraulic Pipes and Bodei 

W C0CPL1HO JOINTS of all ilaet. ,; 

tB-I 3m 

IX) Fi 

California Production., AnRdlra. 

1...1. ,>( Win.-, n.ibi.n nuSlufcn 

G-OOD^vVI^T & CO. 




Stocks of Groceries In the Market. 



Rubber Hose and Fai 





(Between 3 and K itr(oli), 

















KT* 3C MT E3 Si ' ■ ■" MrT 1 1EJ "■ •=. TaV ■ rm - «_■ M.ML JL.-1 9 


to ANyianta imported from the eastern states. 

Sliced Apples. 

F,fl HALF DHLS. oltJa nice Sliced ApiilM, oqael to 
**\J fnih. URADSHAW i CO. 

Cor. California and Si 





£3" To Wholesale Dealers wo would say, yonr orders will receive, as formerly, our care 

ful Mill I' !■■(!. |.t .'lit' 1. 111. II. 

v7-20 JONAS G. CLARK &. CO. 



LotWr from Now York. 

Naw YoU, J**! "">. ! & 37 - 
Editobs FarmeBi Many thanks foe the 
paokago of papers recewod at 
furolborssent, I am euro, not rw*W however. 
I must write to Mr. Buchanan soon, to '"> wltf 
he docs uot attend to tbeao little mutton bettor. 
Ifho cannot aena four papers por month from 
S.-.u Francisco to Nnjf York, without rooking 11 
blunder, forgetting them half of tbo " u "'' " U 
uiuug them to wrap bis cigars in. tbo other half, 
be had bettor read tho 100th Psnlm end Stli 
verse, and then ait down in hi* buckhorn ch< 
and meditate upon the ingTfltiiude of Republi. 
and the— growth of cotton, wid tho value of Cu 
negroes. After nil wo liko the-old roan, "pretty 
oonaidorablo," "nd if be will wallop Brigboti 
Young into decency, do tho foir thing by Kan. 
,„, build tho Pacific- Railroad, make o shi, 
canal across tho iatlimos nt Panama, nod hi 
sure and tiara the Fariieb come regulnrly, b( 
might yet be forgiven', if be will do nil this, nod 
wo overwrite o. history of tho country, his 
shall appear in large taps, end ho shall be called 
a fine old gentleman from P'nn.^ 

The Municipnl war, raging when the las 
Blentnor loft, ia ended. Mayor Wood hasahowi 
tho white feather i bis men have bo 
and be himself diagroeed in tbo ny 
our citizens. Tbe Metropolitan Pulico bill having 
been declared by the Court of Appeals to be 
constitutional, and after much bloodshed and 
riot, be now yields with an ill grace. 

Mr. Collector Sohell entered upon tho duties 
of bis ofEco in this city, on tho let inst. It is 
understood that he will not lake oEf many beads 
nnlil dog-days fairly eet in. The over-glorious 
Fourth passed off quietly generally, in the city, 
so far ns heard from— tho morning papers nut 
baring yet come to Land. 

There has boon a terrible steamboat accident 
on the St. Lawrence, by which some three hun- 
dred lives were lost. You will find the full par- 
ticulars in tbo papers. 

The weather hero has boon awful, the olork 
has gone to California, nodouht, or boon fright- 
ened off by tho fear of the comet Everything 
U at looso ends; overcoats have been 
blc for the lost week i Brea n luxury; 
rain, mud, mnd, mud, havo been the order of 
the day and tho dread of the nigbt. yesterday 
and to-day we hero been able 
of blue sky, for whiob wo aro thankful. Tbey 
ere beginning to clenuso tho Streets, and 
ia hopea to bo able to brush up "right ■ 
after a bit." The city is quite healthy for tho 

From nil parts of tho Union, with a few 
important eiceptions, the crops are looking ' 
finely, hnt nre backward, owing to tho cold w 
weather. Provisions of all kinds are high, 
and it now costs as much to live hore, very ; 
ni'urly, as in California. When our nev, 
Bplt'iididSlcajnersnroTn operation, there w 
a changa for tho better there, and hero nl 
is to he bnped. 

From Europe, there is nothing of very great 
importance. Thn crops in England and Fro 
are looking well. In tho latter tho vintage of 
tbo present year will bo short, but to make i 
for this. Napoleon's buy begins to /;iVJt nod en 
just liko other boys, which so exhilarates oil 
Franco that they "ill mil nicl twit if any w 
Victoria's oldest girl is to be married, and her 
baby baptized. The great I 
building at Mill wall, near London, m 
106th street, Now York, if alio chuo 
further down the East river. 

Many are already waiting for tbe new 
era, and euy they will not go to Catlforu 
they aro finished. They havo boon delayed for 
D long time, but tbty will surely he built and 
toko their place c 

months from this time. Yon Celiforniane ought 
to hurry up, and lake up the stock. You nuw 
ore paying 6-100,000 per mouth, for freight and 
passage. Have jour own steamers, and all that 
mnnoy will be retained in your State, instead of 
touting into the poekets of capitalists hero. So, 
Colonel, you had bettor hurry up matters, or tho 
Hew Yurkors will steal a march upon you. 

There may bo a brush batwoen Spain and 
Meiico. Santa Ana wishes to get back to bare 
a fiugc'r ia the pie. 

Thus wags tho world here, 
in the aaroo way, I presume, until we h; 
weather anf 

have como to hand, by which I 
were some fearful rioW in tho city, 
and 5th instant, and that tbo military is now 
under onus in the ebrlb, seventh and thirteenth 
Wards. You will wo full particulars in tbe 
papers of tht a morning. Y ours, as ever. B. 
Tuolumne Ranch so, ate. 

EniTons Fafmeh: In my last Uiter on the 
River, I le fgrred to aoruo of the Ranches below 
Osborne's Ferry, on the south tide of tbe river. 
In continusiion I miy state, thn Win. Tburnin 
near the Ferry, bis a good Hunch, and is culti- 
vating a small lot of fruit trees; be wafers bv 

Neit above the Ferry is Mr. 0. Pettiliono, who 
bu good garden, orchard and grain lands, raises 
a Isrgu amount of vegetables, and is a neat and 
tidy farmer; oil looks liko thrift, a place for 
everything and everything in its place. Mr. 0. 
VT. Sailer has a good Ranch a short distance 
soars, ami good ground for fruit, though not 
much planted, Messrs. Win. McKinnoy, Dels- 
ney, and Thomas McMillcii, hate good Ranches, 
hut make little effort to cullirnt* fruit. Dr. 
Thomas Ins good garden and fruit lands. A 
short distance above is the Raneb of Mr. The*. 
Q. Murphy, a good grain fa 
suitable for growing fruit. Mr. and Mrs. M. Ore 
much interested in the school In this 
taught by Mr. Eslras. This place fa known as 
Branch's Ferry. Yesterday I had the privilege 
or a ii .ilk through tho lino young orchard of Mr. 
G. W. Branch. Last winter Mr. B. planted out 
s good let of frui 
has a good garden, watered by use of a wlnd- 
ptimp, and has taken great pains to erect a good 

four feet high, facod on both 
to inclose his orchard and garden, lie ba 
a good Hnlel, good baniaud ferryboat, and 
Bunch, though the miners are about to make 
finish el the latter, to get tho shining dust. 
Mr. It. has some notions liko those of Ben Bolt ; 
has Rome poor (once, nude of brush ant 
and if the stock chance to get in end c: 
loir necks, does not fret ; and after all hi 
love for fruit than forest trees. My friend Ben 
Bolt sais, that by a careful enumeration of the 
from the town of Lagrange to the Sin Joa 
■wined there ore not doge 
igll to fence one liiimlred nod sixty acres four 
dogs high." I trill not dissent from Ben's uo- 


■mill lot of fruit trees: 

iadroill. Ho bod eighty 
died acres of Barley, crop light, having been 
planted loo lite, and no toller applied. On this 
Klvor it i* all-important 1o roll, as tbe toll iaTery 
loose and porous. Near the Ferry on the north 
aide of the river, Mr. Thomas M. Kenoan bad 
four hundred and forty-two bushels of Bniloy on 
Dva acres of ground, showing thai the land [ s 
good; and now Mr. Kennan says ho will take 
the Parkir for one; 

guod Ranch ncir the Ferry, but poorly brined. 
Mr. Billiek, also In the Hmt vicinity, has a good 
Ranch, well adapted to tho growing of fruit. 

j)'l! ii 9 ffl ill 8 'J) ! U 1 liJ'J 

JBs8f!tall @«4sibsss< 


California Janiur 


Bf WARREN at 00. 


The Geological Question Again. 
EoiTOfiB Farmer : It is singularly remarks, 
bio thai Doctor IVinslow should still persist ii 
bis declaration or [he incandescent condition of 
our globe, after hiving utterly failed lo advance a 
solitary fact or demonstrable circumstance, show- 
ing that position worthy to bo entertained by 
Bound and correct thinking men. Declarations 
are very easily made, and cost nothing but ink 
and paper ; all men who have the power of Epccch, 
or tha use of pen, may make declarations, and 
they may likewise send them forth as messages 
from on high, but when subjected to the scruti- 
nizing touchstone of reason, those which are not 
Substantial most invariably wither and decay. 
The proud Pharisee slood up in the Temple and 
prayed, making the declaration that he was not 
as other men, whilst the poor Publican was more 
justified by grace. 

I should not hava noticed his last tetter, 
vera it not that he has seen Bl to toreo me 
into a false light, by his reiterated assertion, 
charging me with opinions which arc neither ex- 
pressed nor implied in cither of my communica- 
tions. Instead of confining himself to the ad- 
vancement of authority, facts, and demonstrable 
circumstances, in support of his position, which 
is invariably required of the affirmative of a ques- 
tion by the rules of debate, bu has resorted to tbo 
unprofitable subterfuge of promulgating some 
original and absurd notions, which are entirely 
foreign from the subject, as emanating from my 
pen. Notwithstanding my former protestation 
•gainst the fake and uugrounded charge, imputing 
to me the absurd notion, that the center of our 
globe ever has been and now la fn a solid state, he 
reitciaics, in his last letter, his former declaration, 
and gives to yoor readers tbo important informa- 
tion that I am the author of that absurd presump- 
tion. The flimsy vail with which ho seeks to 
conceal the glaring deformities or his position, in 
CO frequently lugging in the term fluid, in con- 
nection with, and at times substituting that word 
■ for, tbo term incandescent, is another indication 
of his evasion of the main point of tho subject. 
If to avoid loo frequent repetition of the word in- 
candescent he fihrjiilrl deem it necessary to intro- 
duce a substitute, why not observe more strictly 
the injunction wbieb ho so rigidly imposed upon 
me in bis former letter {"and deal in exact 
words, and positive tacts"), and he would have 
found n far belter substitute in tho word liques- 
cent, which defines distinctly tho fluid character 
Of melted matter, whilst that of fluid most prop- 
erly applies io all giutes and llquids.such as water 
and air ; therefore, loo great n range is given to 
the imagination to reader tho meaning dcHnilo 
and proper in elucidating tho point of our discus- 
Tjioa. For an example of tbo loose and careless 
i manner in wbieb ho employs terms io the discos, 
m of the subject, I quote the following from his 

letter : 


el'iel tl 

the globe lo bo fluid, does not make it solid." 
I quote again from tho Doctor's letter: "And ho 
now declares more plainly that granitic rock was 
not fluid in its elementary stale." Thus has the 
Doctor given a solution of (he question which I 
^propounded lo him respecting tho difference in 
■he appearance of granite which had been sub- 
jected to the beat of a furnace, from that which 
had not. 1 have avoided the use of the term 
fluid throughout this discussion, as a word too 
Prague and indefinite to convey a proper meaning 
of the auhject in dispute ; while tbo Doctor seems 
'lo have contracted in increasing propensity for 
the use of ihe term in piogressof the debate. Ho 
Iffilbrms ua in his letter, that for the causes which 
1 produce llieso singular results in salt wells we 
must seek clwwhLTe fur an ciplanalioi) ; and then 
"Ttry quietly hints at n csu-e, by casually asking 
r might become, after having per- 

il ug i 

answer-net so cold as that which is found to 
Mist at the bottom of these wells, provided tbo 
Increased ratio of heat which has been aopposed 
to raid, I*. as he says, a well established fact, as 
,n» can very easily ascertain by a very simple ex- 
periment, if he will give himself ,|,„ ltuu blc. 
Materialism, scepticism, ecclesiastical biguts in- 
fidelity 1" What ],(,„ (bese Ui do wi,h He sub- 
l»Mof this controversy 1 The theological do-mas 
tfflllhodoi nor hetorodox, high church nor lew 
Gods nor one God, bigots nor 
io slightest relation to tbo subject, 
religious notions of 
jt elucidate the aim- 

•lifer and all of 

• Bam Limb, No. 

■oz. 7 Heaths old. She 

Full Blood MERINO SHEEP, Imported from France. 

Owned by J. D. Patterson, Westfield, Chautavpu Co., N. Y. 

plest truth connected therewith. He who brings 
forward a subject, relating bo clearly to the past 
and present physical condition of matter, as that 
of tbo incandescent stale of the earth, and then 
declare, that in his investigations of tho same 'be 
is led away from materialism," betrays mom 
fanaticism than profound philosophical research, 
The subject is strictly material In its character. 
In all its bearings, and can only bo investigated 
through the channels of material philosophy. 
Therefore it is self-evident tbat Ibis is merely an 
evasion lo which be has resorted with the view to 
Ijopolcss defence of tho false 
and erroneous position in which he has fouri 
imsclf placed. The spasmodic clfusions of th 
ogical rhetoric with which ho so frequently ii 
tcrlards his discourse, together with his repealed 
'eclarations asserting that iho position which ho 
occupies is a well -established, incontrovertible 
fact, without so much as bringing forword asinglo 
demonstration in support of such de- 
clarations, is of very questionable character, at 
best, to bo received in tho capacity of argument, 
('■lie hardly thinks it would bo prolllablo lo dis- 
questinns, or onlcr into a controversy about 
problems, ol which he can form no rational con- 
ception.") now marvolously obtuse upon some 
points 1 And lo I tho subject of this controversy 
i, which he has promulgated, with the 
declaration tbat bo is enabled to solve the cuigma. 
He says that my remarks compelled him lo throw 
lo rut ibv gauntlet. 
Problem— And pray what compelled him to 



Solution— 1st, By the inevitable laws of attrac- 
tion and re pulsion, which are Inherent and co-ex- 
istent properties of matter, one exerting an oppo- 
site force to that or the other, thereby keeping all 
matter in constant motion between these two 
forces, and therefore rendering it utterly impossi- 
ble for a globe of liquid molten rock, to folIQI its 
it around the aun, impelled by the force of 
repulsion alone, which is tho result or incandea- 

2d, Incandescent beat destroys tho crystalline 
beauty, and entirely changes Iho character or 
granite rock; honco, the Doctor's Inability to 
assign a cause for that result upon the hypothesis 
jranitic rock having beoo formed through 
that agency, satisfactorily accounts for his silence 
i regard fn regard to that fact. 
3d, Upon tho hypothesis that Iho center of our 
globe now It in a stato of incandescent heat, tbo 
caloric imparted to those vast salt mines at tho 
bottom of theso wells, by tho ever burning liquid 
within, would so far neutralize the con- 
ng properties of that mineral, lhat very dif- 
ferent results wuuld have been found to exist in 
tho temperature of Ihe water which is ejected 
therefrom ; hence tbo caution displayed by tbo 
Doctor in bis declaration lhat wo must seek else- 
hero for a aolutton or Ihe enigma, and at the 
,mc lime bo very shrewdly asks how cold water 
light become, after having percolated from the 
tops or mountains into these sail mines. 
4th, and last, It ia very evident from tho Doe- 
r's letters, that bo Is utterly at a loss to meet 
,e objections which have presented themselves 
bll position; hence his precipitate retreat un- 
ir cover of a dissertation upon theology. 
When the Doctor shall succeed in the experi- 

ment of generating with the galvanic battery, or 
with any other electrical apparatus, and concen- 
trating tho electric fluid, so tbat by Ihe potency 
of the fluid from such machine ho shall be enabled 
to subject his whole battery lo a slate cf iocan 
descent beat, ha will then have demonstrated the 
poasibility that Ihis globe was subjected to the 
same condition by that agent. Until then, wo 
may safely regard the Doclor's notion in the 
light of presumption. 

What s magnificent operation is suggested to 
tho mind, if tho Doclor's philosophy could bo re- 
lied upon I The State of California could boast 
another most important source of wealth to her 
citizens, in Ihe soft granite rock which lines her 
mountains, nnd serves as a bed for those rich do- 
posits of gold, which might easily ho moulded 
and shaped to any desired form and sire, and 
manufactured into building material, simply by 
the process of subjecting it to a glowing heat i 
kilns erected for tbat purpose ; thus famishing 
Dow Held for iho onlerpriEe of our people. Doi 
tor Hardragc'a quarts monuracturing arrangi 
ment would most undoubtedly part with its lui 
ter, In comparison with the moguiludoorsuch a 


llemiui, ii 

old gen- 
i odd notions, and 
the country where 

known for many r 
ho belonged by th< 
explain rather indeflnitoly, but moro rationally 
however, than will the incandescent theory ot tho 
Doctor's, tho inequalities in Ihe earth's surface, 
and the geological changes of continents, which 
are so unaccountably mysterious upon his theory, 
as ho admits himself. It is as follows: The 
earth is like unto a big batch of dough expanded 
to Its greatest capacity by the Influence of good 
omptylngs, nnd In now going down, or, moro 
properly speaking, tho bread is falling, and owing 
to the inequalities io Iho consistence of the mass 
together with the local dilfercoces in tho tempera- 
ture of tho atmosphere which surrounds it, we 
may account for tho hills and hollows upon Iho 
surface, while the crust is continually increasing 
in tblcknessjjostlikoa loaf of bread under tho 
influence of a moderate beat. I am not prepared, 

descent theory or tho Doctor's, nor yet that of 
Uncle Peter's, although I certainly think the 
latter meets with fewer insuperable- objections 
than the former. 

And with tho kindliest reelings I now bid 
adieu to tho Doctor, with the best wishes lor bis 
health and happiness; and to you, M.s.r-. Ivli- 
tors, my graWul i..:Ln.,iv] L ,l ! .„, L ., 11 , i f ur luo c „ rD 
ou have bestowed upon my 
'Kb Ih* medium ' 

ieneo, thro 

iIim-'hU in 


'urnal. I still i 

Mooiii or Las „_ 

Soluo Conntj, CJ, Jul, », 1857. \ 

in the Woons.-Itcce.ntly a swarm o! 
is found in the woodaof Santa Olira Val- 

far from the Santa Crux gap. As this [a 
the flist swarm of tho truo Honey Bco found in 
tbo woods, it is supposed (and undoubtedly cor- 
feet) to have escaped from koine of tbu apiarists 
SI™ ,'!. wle - The Jicesonr, among Iho old oak*, 

IhL-y «.ill ,: 

If the n 

buulng of the busy Br 

£'".« m * ki "B .hooey, will bo a " a weoTwuri for 
of sweet tliingi laid up 

Agrlcaltnre la Practice.. 
We cannot too highly commend tho example 
of Judge I. D. Murley to his brolhor farmers. 
Ho not only sots n nohlo example to bis neigh- 
bors by having ona of tho best forms in tho 
Stato, but ho visits his neighbors fur and near, 
loams of their success, and wherein thoy fail, so 
that liko o well-skilled pilot ho can steer his own 
ship clear of breakers. And uuotlior excellent 
plan, ho is not jeolous and suspicious lost his 
neighbor should watoh his plans and steal some 
ideas from him, and thus got ahead of him— ho 
goes to litem, glad to tell what will advantage 
them, and whorein bo has found his pious to fail, 
and liko n good neighbor tries to do nil tho good 
bo can, Ob how wo wish that spirit was moro 
universal, how quickly should wo boo tho "wil- 
dernoss blnssom with tho roso," Iho "lion lio 
down with tho luinb," and "peaco nnd good will 
among men." Read tho following from him : 

nnd Hickman hnvo a good Runoh of 300 noma 
bottom land, well adapted lo fruit growing, and 
they have 1000 trees, peach and applo ; a largo 
amount of vegetables; twenty notes of com, 
tbnt will yield »uy forty to fifty bushels per acre, 
and 5000 boshols •>! barley end oats. This and 
tho Doctor's Ranch bnvo u gnod supply of water 
to irrigate with. Several Ranches nbovo Messrs. 
Farm* and Hickman's bavo plenty of water, fino 
bottoms, good for corn, wheat, bnrloy, oats, po- 
tatoes, nnd all kinds of vegetables, also fruit. 

A short distance above, is tho Ranch of Leo 
Hamlin, who bos a small flouring mill, capable of 
making good flour. The Ranch is a flnoono, with 
some fruit, and ho had a good crop of grain, in- 
cluding excellent wheat This mill Is propelled 
by water, taken fruin the Merced river some two 
miles above, on the south side, and passing 
through, first, the ranch of J. K. Jenkinga, next 
Job Wheat's ranch, and thence across H. J. Os- 
trandcr's, whohasasDneonorchardasI havosecn 
in California, or any other Sloto. This orchard 
contains 350 applo trees, 150 peach, some cherry, 
plum, pear, and 1,500 grape vines. Many of bis 
trees arc producing fruit, although tiny have not 
been planted but one year last January. Horo 
let me repeat that I havo never seen Oner fruit 
or trees. Icarcfully inspected the entire premises, 
and my wifecan affirm what I say, as to the qual- 
ity of tha frutt and beauty of the place, as she 
shared ihe kindness of Mrs. Ostrander, in Iho 
way of a good visit and the One fruit. In addition 
to fruit, Mr. Ostrander baa vegetables without 
end— onions, three to four acres; melons, twelve 
to fifteen acres; cabbage, ten acres; beets, two 
acres; tomatoes, ono and a-half acres; beans, corn, 
Ac. He showed mo a Hold of wheat of seven 
acres, from which ho had cut two and a-half tons 
of wheat-hay per acre, early in tbo season, and 
now has a floe yield of wheat which he intends 
to thrash for flour or market : this surpasses any- 
thing I have ever seen. I send you a few grains, 
and will bring a small shear to the Fair at Stock- 
ton. Ou this Ranch there will be two to three 
hundred tons or melons. Mr. O. sold seven acres 
Ihe ground before it was cut, for 
:o the wheat has been cut It has 
v, and produces abundant feed for 

of wheat i 
$450, and i 
sprooted a 

fuur horse.'. 
is training 


. Ho 

EDiTons Farmer; Through y oar indulgence 
I once moro pause a moment to drop you, u few 
tines, and tot you know how and whut ore thn 
prospects on tho Merced Rivor. 

In company with my wife, I bad tha pleasure 
of a visit over to Iho Morood. Wo visited tho fint 
Ran oh of Messrs. Allen and Daniel Ingolsfce. Tbii 
is truly o fino Ranch. It is located on tho uortl 
side of tho valluy, aloso to tho bluff or tublr 
lands, oight miles below Suolling's, tbo county 
seat. Thoy bavo resided there sinoo '52. Tho 
Runoh contains J80 acres, and nearly all under 
good fonoo, of ouk and oedar posts (mostly 
cedar), and good pino plank. A portion of tbo 
Ranch is inclosed with a good ditch four feet 
wide, posts and two planks on tho top ; a por- 
tion with board fonoo entire, and laid o£E in 
suitable shod fields. This is tho best farm south 
of th D city of Stockton, in this Stato. I havo 
no doubt thoy are pattern furmors. Thoy raiso 
a largo amount of grain, havo good fruit and 
garden lauds, hut not much fruit. Also visited 
tho Ranoh of Roviug Juok'a brotho/. This is a 
fino Ranoh. and room for improvements ; goa'd 
fruit lands. Next is Iho Ranob or Eagalston and 
brolhor. This is also a good Ranoh, Thoy 

a good orop of barley, and somo fruit 

whioh looks well, Messrs. Eugnlston sell goods, 
keep a Hotel, and tho Forlorn Hopo Post-office, 
i this, I visited tho Ranch of Dr. lUrfiulu, 
which is truly a fino ono. nud I am of tho opin- 
iun that richer land caunot bo found in tbii Slate. 
Tho Duotor has a large number of fruit trees, of 
various kinds, many of thorn bearing already, 
and tho ooming year will no doubt favor tho 
Dootor with an abundant supply of fruit. Ho 
)rao Osage Orniigo. and oIku raises the Chili 
Clover, of whioh I saw tbo second orop on tho 
ground, and it looked well. Ho has twenty 
acroa of corn, n portion or whioh I think will 
yii.-ld », j ii, my -five bushela to Ihu aero, and tho 
whole Hold will average fifty hustiols. He grows 
•gu amount of potatoes of Gno quality, and 
more than on averogo amount of molons, 
igh to keep fivo four-horso teams hauling to 
market, including cabbages, tomatoes, boots, 
ato.-, also raises a largo amount of wheat and u ,„ . 
barley. On tho oppoaito sldo of tbo river Farm example ! 

r to make 
early bearers of them. His mode is this: be 
places several slakes round the tree, attaches a 
string to the stakes, and then ties the limbs 
downward. He has plenty of water, which he 
applies freely, and is not troubled with tho borer. 
Tbo next Ranch. J. Wheat's, has no frail, yet is 
well adopted. Next above is T. F. Jenkins, who 
has some frnit; but tho trees ore much alTected 
with tho borer, and not well supplied with water. 
On tho opposite side of tho river Col. Scott has a 
large orchard of ono thousand trees, prospering 
On tho whole, this valley is suscuptiblo of 
producing tons of thousands of bushels of fruit. 
And many of tho farmers ore not favoring Ben 
Bolt's notions; they are abandoning brush and. 
making plank fence. This valley baa quile a 
large amount of grain, and in a fow years will 
produce as much fruit as any valley of Iho same 
siw in this State. I, D. Mojilev. 

Fnun in Humboldt.— Tho Times of Ihe 1st 
inst., nnder tha caption of " Enonnons Growth of 
Fruit," saya; "A few days since wo had tho pleas- 
ure or calling at the premises of Copt. Ticknnr— 
whose fine garden, between Backsport and Eel 
river, generuusly ultra els the ntlontion ef all who 
pass lhat way— and wore surprised to sen tho en- 
ormous growth of apples on snmo of his young 
trees. The frail hongs in clusters, liko grapes, and 
wc counted in many n: ■;^c iiizo apples on 
one small twig. Somo of bis trees, of threo nnd 
(our ycare 1 erowth, arc so heavily loaded with ap- 

tles lhat almost evi-ry limb requires supporliog. 
or this purpose a li|>ln ir.nn. ■ iviih tru-.n-tmra 1; 
.r,.:t..J ur.uin,] tin: ir.v, rim] tin- limbs supported 
wbb r.jft airings. It is doubtful whether any other 

country can surpass this f a the gr.iwtli of „ 
if tbe trees are properly attended to. CapL 

nor say* ho has It, I t>v i-xjs-ri al that it is a 

bad practice lo ili,- ,-,bnt.t the r. ...t-j of frnit trees 
yearly, as some an., in t!„. !nl,ii ,,f .)„!„„. ; t has ib B 
'"!■■ Ul- ,;t i T .,n lb,- Irve. if carried to tray Client 
as that of lr..n_-j>hi,rii„... Iir; ,j ,|,. fruit, if any, will 
decoy nud drop .ill" l„l,., re m^nup. After tho 

lrueisj,r„p.rly|)la,,t,,l nnd r 1 in the ground, 

the earth nl.,,ut lb.: r-.i,ls or lil.r. -, I... ..,■, , , iu ..|,i 
I...I lo be .li.turl^J. lb, „„.,!, al) ,| ,,„-,, \,^ ct 
should be kept down, mid for this purpose bo puts 
tups, or some ; :i„-|, ; , u |,. H L!ni._..-. „boui (ho roots 
a tree, to prevent their ,;rmvib. Wo know 
nulhing about the correctncsi of tho Caplain's 
theory, but certain it h that bis trvea cannot well 
bo excelled for yield offruiL" 

Win, sluua the Be* Bread 7— Pnaimn*. 

ho Cbnuiplain Volley Agricultural Sooioty 
(\ urmont) offers a premium of u bcioiliinl mI| ; 
dre-s ((I,,, ,..„!,„■ DMU ,^ a \i ly ,„ bo „„,!„„„, R . jth 
Hi" fair recipient), to the mckor of (io best loaf 
of bread; tho competitors to bo unmarried 
ladies, and Iho commUteo of judges to consist 
ol bacholurs and widowors. 

Would It not bo n grand plan for tho Califor- 
Stati- Agricultural Sooioty to imitate their 



Public Mae tin fa for Agriculture 
We believe it nil imporUot that every county 
should hold meetings for the discussion of agri- 
cultural topics, embracing not only the practical 
labors opon the farm— plowing, lading, plant- 
ing trca, tie, but these meetings should embrace 

dlSCU ■■ rr.E.-. UpOD the relative Value Of the various 

implement! used in every department, and it 
these meetings praclical mechanics should lake a 
part, and should bo present to explain their con- 
struction and uses. TV"o never can make great 
progress until such meetings are held, Euch as 
have been instituted at the American Institute 
and Farmers' Olnb In New York, and tbo legis- 
lative debate* bold In tbo Stato House, Boston, 
every winter during the session of ihe legislature. 
"Sfe here append a very interesting debate held 
at the Farmers' Club in Kbit York, June 10th, 
as it embraces many subjects and is practical : 
American Inititnlo Fnrmtrs' Clnb. 

Tuesday, Juno IC. — Win. Lnwton of New 
Rochello in tho chair. 

Siratchcm'ej— .1 jVcib Seedling.— Marcus L. 
Wnrd of Newark cihibilcd a very remarkable, 
large, flno now seedling siraivbeiry plant in bear- 
ing, originated by Mr. tictb. Boy.len of Irviugtou, 
K. J. Some of tho berries are 44 and 5 inches 
in circumference. Mr. Boydeu is t 
tho inventor of some oselul improvr 
steam-engine. Hois n on- engaged in inventing 
newfroits. His manner of producing seedling 
plants is novel, and, as ho believes, ospedi' - 
their production. He produces by artiBt 
means tho same thing that the cold of winter pro- 

Iba berries of this plant being so very large, 
and growing solid and of a handsome crimson 
color, will bo valuable for market-gardeners, 
even if not very high-flavored. Wo think it well 
worth iho attention of cultivators. Mr. Ward, 
who is a relative of Mr. Longwortb, says Mr. 
Longworlh is much pleased with this new seed- 
Mr. Pardee— I don't think there is any ne- 
cessity or the freeiing process mentioned to pro- 
duce new seedling straw be mis, and 1 judge from 
the structure of this plant that it is not a pro- 
lific bearer. The fruit is Tory large and hand- 
some, but is it an improvement? Iho shape and 

Dr. Waterbury— Tho disease described in tho 
paper read Is very much Elko the malignant ery- 
sipelas in tho human species. Horses are often 
n(Fected in (he same way that persons are who 
perish wilh consumption, and epidemics often 
run among animals just as tboy do among 

Oil* Worn* m India.— The journal of the 
Society of Arts speaks of large oiperimenls with 
silk worms in Bengal. It takes over 10,000 
worms of Ihe flu eat kind to make one pound of 
Bilk. Some of the species continue to produce 
and reproduce continually. Some of them lako 
only tueiilv-uve rinvK fr.nn thei-irL' lo the cocoon. 
.Silk is cheaply as well as rapidly produced in 
luntry, so much 



.villi it 

color of this berry show that it is very like, if 
not really, a Longworth's Prolific tt Is a set- 
tled point that tho running Alpine strawberry 
never hybridizes with any other variety. The 
bnsh Alpine mokes a beauliful border, much bet- 
ter than the box plant. 

Continuum Bearing-.— Dr. Knight— I have 
noticed in Paris that tho strawberry searon is 
much longer than it is here, and I should like to 
inquire if aov |--;r; en has ever nilemplcd to pro- 
long their bearing by artificial means, and with 
what success! 

Solon Robinson— I will answer that ques- 
tion. Hr.CbnrlesPeabody of Colombus, Georgia, 
is tho Only successful cultivator of strawberries, I 
believe, in tbo United States, who has pursued a 
course that prolongs the bearing season. Ho has 
sent his fruit regularly and continuously to mar- 
ket for six months of tho year, from (be same beds, 
and his vines have produced fruit ten months out 
of twelve. Jiuw this is all nccompliFhed by very 
simple mesnB, and is not at all in consequence of 
the latitude, except that tho bearing reason may 
commence earlier llicro than here. At first, Mr. 
Peabodygrow vines upon rich soil, and the con- 
sequence was that be grew vines and nnt fruit; 
be could at any time mow o heavy 6wath of just 
such rank leaves as these before us; but as bo 
did not want to grow strawberry hay, and did 
want to grow fruit, ho began to think what na- 
ture did to produce strawberries, and changed his 
course. lie then set bis plants upon newly 
cleared sandy land that had a mere akin ol vege- 
table mold, and from a brook near by be kept the 
plants well watered, generally twice a day, and in 
the fall covered tho groond with leaves and per- 
haps a sprinkle of woods mold, just enough to 
paint tbo sand, and there he actually grows 
plants that produce, by measure, more fruit than 
leaves, from March till October. And tho same 
thing can be done here, upon any soil that is poor 

Mr. Pardee— I havo no doubt of the troth of 
Mr. Robinson's statement, because I havo seen 
Mr. Peabody's plants bearing fruit in December. 
There is one other man who does thesame thing : 
Mr, Henry Lawrence of New Orleans. He pur- 
i sues tho same course, and gets hemes all the long 
hot summer. Tho secret of this loog continuous 
production is keeping them in poor ground. Fer- 
tility produces leaves, not fruit, on t trawler ry 
Tines. Strawberries out of season would always 
sell at high prices. I have no doubt they can be 
cultivated hero in the tame way. The average 
crop of strawberries near this city Is thirty oi 
forty bushels per acre. A well- cultivated croj 
will produce from ono hundred to two huudrec 
bushels. Look at the profit of such cultivation : 
Valuta/ a Strawberry Crop.—Tha ordinary 
price will average about St! a bushol, but such 
berries as these Boynton seedlings would bring 
SIC a bushel. It would bo easy to gel glDtiO 
worth of strawberries per acre. 

Judge Meigs— When Thomas Bell mi 
from Westchester coonty to New Jersey 
found about five acres of strawberries on 
farm he bought, and as ho had never cultivated 
such a crop, he did not know the value, and Eold 
tho chance to a neighbor, who offered S"'"J cash 
After tho bargain was closed, Mr 
im what he expected to gel Tor tin 
..„„, .„.„« replied that he should bo pretty wcl 
sallied vutliVJ.„.M. T|„. tI[li , Dl ,, of unitize,, 
is not large j tho cost of picking, say live cents i 
qoarL The present price is aboot Gfti t i !■■ r 
retail, for tho best. J ' 

French Plowing.— The Secretary read somi 
extracts from loreign agricultural j.'.enn.K l,i in 
n|.:.llj il„...,f I, one uf »l,i cb speaks oi 
the manner of plowing by Tull. ll*pl £d leer 
teen inches deep. 'Ihal is much deepei thai 
some of the French finnem plow at ihisdav fui 
It is stated that ono Mumieur Fould is busy ' un . 
der the direction ol the Emperor, in ciimiBMioo 
Of the cause of the scarcity of food in the South 
of France. Do found agriculture in the rudes' 
wulblo slate. The plows are no belter thai 
forked sticks. Weeds, of coorse, cannot be ken 
down, and it is t.ilculutuJ ilmt out of thu pooi 
Clops that ate raised ono third of the c ,ai n j. ]„» t 
by the weeds. Nothing can be moro sad thai 
the picture drawn by this official report of th 

fineral condition of agriculture in France 
verywhero the lands are uudrained and unpro 
duetlvo from bad tillage. 

The great European Cattle Dueaie is noi 
raging In Central Europe, and England U muel 
alarmed, as the disease has been, iinj .rt. .1 li,„„ 
the Continent. It is ,uUd that In some district, 
of Europe, where a single animal Is attacked, the 
authorities order the whole herd at once destroy- 
ed, to proiont contagion. Itijmarralo,aaknown 

Bell asked hi 

flotation and the Suceeuion of Plant*.— 
Judge .Meigs — Vegetables that live in families 
are often succeeded liv other families. A forest 
ol beech trees destroyed by flro in Franca was 
succeeded by oaks. In another case where oaks 
[■ci i'-IimI i.lici- were followed by beech. Id Nor- 
folk (England) the turnip is the pivot of a four 
years' rutatlon. In some districts of England 
the rotation of crops is carried through a series 
of twenty changes. 

Dr. Watoibury — Clover is tho preceding crop 
that prepares tbo land for a cereal crop belter 
than any cultivated plant. In tho natural rot 
lion of limber in this country tho evergreens ■ 
first, maple ind beech second, and oaks third, 
have never been able to got a good cropoflndit 
corn after buckwheat; yet thot is n crop tin 
leaves the earth mellow and apparently in good 
mdilinn for any othor crop. 
Mr. A. Bergen— t have crown as good wheal 
im ono plowing, when I have turned in clover, 
1 1 havo upon other ground by several plowinga. 
Great care must bo exercised in plowing clover 
lea, to turn the first furrows well. I don't know 
that tho land over needs rest, if sufficiently 
I have raised a crop of potatoes, and 
followed that with turnips in the fall and potatoes 
ain in the spring, followed by turnips, and so 
, year alter year, without dole riora lion of land 
crops. The time to plow is when the land is 
order. If that lime is in February, it does 
not injure tho land. I have sometimes plowed 
early potatoes in Fchruary. 
*)r. Knight— 1 should like to know how oaks 
produced upon land that has borne olbersorts 
roes for centuries without an oak near. Wboro 
do the acorns como from? It is not possible that 
Ihcy should lie buried, because, as is well known, 
they will nut keep. It is difficult to preserve tho 
vitality of acorns over from one year to another. 
Yet, as wo hear, oaks at ones spring up where 
none grow before. Where does tho seed como 
The Secretary— That is a question that no ono 
is ever yet been able to answer- 
Several other persons spoke of tho remarkable 
changes that occur by a sort of natural relation 
of crops. 

Dr. Walcrbury — f once tumrd water on to a 
knoll, where no timothy had grown since it could 
)e remembered, and at once Ihal grass sprung up 
,nd grew luxuriantly. 

Early Planting.— The Chairman— I think 
thot all crops are planted too early upon the firms 
my neighborhood. 1( tho ground is well pre- 
pared, corn planted after the first of June is bet- 
' r than that planted earlier. In our clay soil we 
onld not try tu plant as early as in New Jens; 
Long Island sands. Many persons havo lost 
■ii first planting this year. 
Dr. Water bury — Wo ought to adapt our seed 
the locality, since we have corn or scleral v ; ,rj- 
i- -. well suited to all sections of tbo country. 
Mr. Pardee— I used to try to get averylfiing in 
earl}-, but I have quite changed my opinion. In 
'icrry. plant in;: in [, mini everyone 
too early. 1 now much prefer the last of 
. us the ground Llicu dm:-, not hake, nor are 
weeds half as liouhlcsome, and I would recom- 
ind all persons to lulnjil thi-i plan in Ibis l:ili- 
tude. Ono or tho greatest difficulties of early 
planting of all clay land, is the baking of Ihe 
If tho young strawberry plants are set 
April or May, in clayey land, the earth be- 
so hardened by rains and b.ikingin thcun. 
that the plants get a back set that they cannot 

Mushroom Cultivation. — Judge Meigs — In 
France, mush too ins aro more largely cultivated 
for food than in any other country. Chemists 
say it is more like animal food than any oilier 
vegclable. It has tho smell and nutriti'.'us qual- 
ity of moat, and it requires great care in selecting 
"" " inawild Elate, as, if not gathered at the 
. right lime, tboy are poisonoua. In a cul- 
tivated slate tin- cm alu ays Im o bvi at ed, because 
inc but the right kind will grow in th, . ellnrs 
id thu grower knows exactly the right lime to 
ithcr and send Ihcm to market. When piop- 
ly cultltotcd. and gathered at the right time, 
id well cooked, no vegetable is nun,.- ruiirili.iu^ 
iind whnlcsrunu than mushrooms. A very small 
quantity suffices ot a meal, because fhnn n», 
a hearty diet that no onu can ■. 
Tho first attempt to grow thot 
scale Is now making upon Prof. MapVs form by 
mi i vp.ti.ri. ■■! I cultivalor who is itiakine 
an acre or beds. b 

A New American Product.— Geo. S. Moulton, 
agent of tbo Willimantic Linm Companj , dfi- 
ItiliiilciJ annul" H n j '■ present at Ihe cluse if the 
meeting several boxes of tho new product of Ulo 
aboto company's manufacturing skill— that U 
ill' ir Aiik-ncju spool cottun, ofa variety ■•( culnr 
which, in all respects, will bear a lest' will, the' 
tbest spools over imported. 

Wo wish Ihe ladles would attend these meet- 
ings of the Cltilj, ris llic-y ivould often lind n,ii lv 
things worthy of their attention. 

" meeting will bo July 7. 

t largely 

"Whem tho new shoots are making rapid progress 
l young trees, where wood is tho great want, yon 
will of course let them run, ulpping only Ihosu 
5 that wonld mar tho symmetry of Iho Iree. 
But on thoso of larger growth, where fruit is the 
one tiling needful, you eon check the growth of all 
the I'litu,!-. except ., t.-iv l.jilrrs, by jiiucliiu-; ..If (In. 
ends. If this i- di,[i-.--..-i--.n:itilv, it teodi to throw 
Ihe sip into Iho formation of Iruit bml*, fur 11,.. ;.,, r , and there id no waste In Hie en..-ri:i,-s „r 
tin-- iii (otmioe ivn'.l, unlv tu lie cut ell Karly 
pearmg u induct, and u ;;inni.-iv.e,il l,..,;i 
is formed. I'hls is the time lo mu-ml tu 
Ibis important pan of treu husbandry. 

1 In- -juie r .ru.;ti, ,, ,i„„i|.| !«.■ [iiij-suL-.! with many 
OI llio slirnht and blooming pfanui or the tlm,,'- 
borde-r and lawn, and is extensively practised up< 
pot plants cultivated in 
aaa the lender itself req 
the plant a bushy habit, rathe, LUU . 

Agricolturiat for July. 

-Mensiii-ly [i 

inching back ic 

.her tliiin a tall 

• simple one, nj 

it season's growth.— ^Ajn. 

A New aaa Valuable. Dlalnleacins Agsnt 

Da. Angus Smith, of Mancheslor, Engli 
lately read a paper beforo tho Society of Aria, 
London, in which ho a U ted that he and a friend 
named McDoogall, somo ycara ago had roado nu- 
merous ciperimenU lo Gnd out a good disinfect- 
ing agent, and bad at last found that Sulphlto of 
Magnesia, which Is procured from Magnesian 
Limestone, and a certain percentage of carbolic 
or phonic acid, which Is procured from coal '"" 
made a disenfecting powder of remarkable eff 
cy. The mode of using this powder fs first to 
sweep tho stable, then sprinkle it with tho pow- 
der, tho quantity being about tbo same as that of 
sand lo sprinkloa Boor. Then tbelitter is thrown 
over this. This powder has been found so pow- 
erful and completely elTectlve, that when intro- 
duced into stables where sick and wounded onny 
horses were, no disagreeable odor was perceptible, 
either from the wounds or tho feces. A stable- 
keeper who always kept on hand a large number 
or horses, found lhat by using ibis powder, his 
hnrscswero healthier, lung diseases had disap- 
peared, or decreased , while their ^jes mil In. illli 
did uol sulfcr from tbo inflating cflecls of the 
ammonia which is 10 be found in all stables. It 
was also tound lhat tho slab I b was cooler, and 
that tbo dung did not decompose so that Dies did 
not breed in it, and ihoro were fower of these 
pests to annoy the beasts. Mr. Murray, the sta- 
ble-keeper, also found that after tbo monuro of 
his stable in which ho had used this powder had 
been used one year, ho was offered double for it 
next year by the market gardeners who had pur- 
chased and used it. As Dr. Smith was not a 
trading man, had no interest in manufactures 
and did not mean to have, his statements in rela- 
tion to this matter aro considered reliable and 

Abiurbents for Putrid Substances. 

At this season of tbo year, when various animal 
and regelahle substances, in a stalo of decomposi- 
tion, accumulate nbout one's premises, it is import- 
ant to have some means nl hand tod>;.><|.'ri;: • ih.ii,. 
For sink- drains, ccss-pooln, and the like, lime an- 
swers n guod parposc. We, however, prefer pow- 
dered charcoal on some oceounls, espc-ciallv if it is 
desired lo absorb and preserve the f, rtilcim.- rnnp- 
ertics of iho offensive substances. If tho soap- 
suds, dish water, chamber-slops, and all the refuse 
mailers commonly Ibruwn out Ihe back-door, could 
bo carried into a vat and saved, the manure so 
mods annually, would he of great valno. To ab- 
sorb the liquids, ind prevent unpleasant smelts, the 
vat should have at the bnllom a hirer of peat 
dried turf; alter ibis lias become well saturated, 
coating of pnlveri.. (1 tlmr. .cil : Iniuld he added. In 
a short time, another layer of peat should be 
thrown in. Plii=r. t ntuy ui-n |.i- milled, ncd if this 
does not absorb all the odors, Ihe compost shoold 
receive nu occusiotial Hprinklin^ tif chloride of 
lime, and as a last resort, lime itself.— [Amerii 

Qapea In Chlckeua. 

A. writer in tlio American Agriculturist 
raising poultry, stales, for a conplo of years after 
commencing Ihe raising of poultry, I was subjected 
to the loss of a large number of yonng chickens, 
and almost the whole of Ihcm by gapes. I inquired 
of un old lady, who had great success fn tho chicken 
line, if she could tell what made the gupc-p. The 
reply was, lousy hens, and Iho cure, or"! ahoald UV 
pr.-i'cnlivc. simply to greu-e tin: hens under the 
wings thoroughly, and aronnd thu neck c 




la light wiogi of ilaep 

oi kits tho hooch, 

Where Iho alar] hi- bt and moonlight 

cir ti 

Well, I tried it, and tho result has been, the 
more I did not gre.i-e the h. ns the mure chickei 
died, and vice verso. The wholo mailer, in u 
experience, is perC i.-tly simple, and bo far as prac- 
ticed with my chickens, has been very successful 
When a hen enmes off her neat with a brood, she 
is well greased, and from lime lo time, while cotn- 
fined to the coop, the operation is rejie.iti.-d, wiih 
occasional changes in the position of the coops, 
>li.._H uiiy el" y.yir rr;,.i-i.: try Ihe expenuieut 

a favorable result, I should 1 

To Ouis Poultry of Llco and other Parasites. 
JonN Douglas, a regular poultry breeder, and 
who sometimes has 2000 head under his chi 
writes to tho Agricultural Gaietlo, lhat w 
poultry is kept somewhat confined, ihey art 
to got infested with lico. This is particularly the 
case with silling hens. Ho recommend! 
with the lime and sand, in tho dust corner, where 
the poultry will roll, there should bo mixed half 
a pound of black sulphur,. This will not only 
keep the fowls free from parasites, hut will also 
their plumags a fine glossy, healthy oppear- 
"!3ted badly, Mr. Doug- 

vfhoro fowls 
las first damps Iho skin under the feathers 

duals on tho black sulphur. Tho insects 
'-* ■"'enty.four linurs. 
* ostrich, i 

will disappear 

Douglas onco had charge 

* 1: ' l" m "K <""" li "> civets ot lice with which 

was infected. The feathers nest Ihe skin we 

■ liu.pL.I in.] tin, l,la.:l;[,K, Jr ni.plii.l TI, ■' |'i 
iveiefeimd-l^d l.e.vt.l.y.nn.l the o.., rid , rt ,„', 

crod rapidly. "■^ 

To MaHAOB x B B «,no HoME.-The British 
Sportsman in an article on rearing horses, says 
whenever you perceive a horse's Inclination lo 
separate your reins and prepare for him. T 
slant that ho is about to rise, slacken one hand 
and bend or twist his head with the other, kc-opi ' 
your bauds low. This bending compels him 
move a hind leg, and of necessity brings his fo ru 

fecldown Instantly twist him complete!, ro I 

two or three times, which will confuse bim very 
mnch, nnd completely throw him off his g„ or j 
I he moment vou havo Gniebed twilling bint round 
Place his heud In thedirection you wish Lo proceed 
apply the spars, and he will not fail to go f orwarj : 
It rarely happens that a rearing horsc,urtar having 
been treated In the way described, will rt30I , t 
Ibis trick a third time. raorl l0 

nch clergy mi 


lensHi suh-cd tbe |.mi,|'.^ 

Iron inio steel, jj. fiwlfll. acliog o 

"fieri , '" 0tinB IhathooM p, 

"' - 1 "' ■■"^ l "", ri !'^'iuii, ,„,,!,, llt 

^«Mi«rtrn7 , ' , " 0d P Iec »«?— •" 
''"•■'<" lire, Iic','t'e.i"w " ,, '"'' l ° 11 '" P'ico. SI. 

rrom tho Brlliatgovetum ' L 1,' ■" by * P Jlent 

ry purposes for whfcViren f s "1^ lh , u °' Jini - 
plston-rods, ipringii, 4c, * UEed i 6u =h as 

-Tho Abbe 

^ i.i said, al 
'"'C I-ni;Ii,I, 
on behalf f 
™ dockyard 

irodiice Moel 
■i ui-'linaiy 

Tho City of the Dead. 

SiLwriT ore its slreets. No hum of business, 
10 noise of mirth, no voice of revelry, no sound 
f music, is heard within its borders. Tho song 
f Iho little bird falls with a sweet sadness opon 
he ear. Save this, and iho voice of wailing 
wrung fruni somo crushed hearts of tho living 
blending with tho sound of the distant ocean bil- 
breaking against the shore, all is silent. 
You may wander through its winding streets 
gazo upon its magnificent monuments reared hy 
Iho hand of affection and guarded with watchful 
tenderness. On every hand they rieo up in mule 
and mnurnful grandeur, or poep out from beneath 
iho trees and flowers, that bloom as brightly 
there, as by the groat thoroughfare where tho 
restless lido of humanity over sweeps onward, 
bearing its living freight to tbo great and silont 
city. As you tread that sacred soil, consecrated 
to tho uso of thoso who havo no necessity lo go 
in or out, all of life's duties, its joys and sorrows, 
seem to bo brought distinctly before tho mind; 
their reality and importance stand forth with a 
tcrriblo prominency; those duties overshadow 
all else, and a fooling of our mortality insensibly 
steals over tho heart. 

There, if nn wheie clso on tho wide earth, the 
living must think, must review tbo past, and con- 
template tho future. There, tho very silence 
ipeaki in thunder tones, tho monuments utter 
truths nnbcnrd beloro. Tho flowers, though 
blooming brightly, admonish you of tho timo 
when they nr others may wave over your own 
Inst resting place. Tho rustling branches of tree, 
or shrub ; tho green grass, the gleams of sun- 
shine through tho dense foliage, tho dark-blue 
waves of tho ocean rolling in tho distance, the 
hum of tho city of the living spread nearly all 
round it; all impress tho mind with a solemnity 
that will bo bolti salutary and permanent with 
Iho pure and good, and prove as useful monitory 
lessons to Iho thoughtless and vile. With a 
guide you may hurry through ila walks in a day, 
nnd hastily glnnco at its attractions ond'its many 
points of Interest, and form somo idea of its gen- 
eral, and more prominent features; but mntiy 
days may bo ipeut in examining this, tho home 
of tho dead. Tho old and young, ibo rich nnd 
poor, iho learned nnd tho ignorant, all classes 
ranks and conditions of society, there, are unorl 


ostentatious, simply marioC, 

under any Insolvent law, and t 
street or avenue can over bo laid 
through them. Each lot is twelve feet by h? 
tj-flve. Over len thousand yet remain « 
but aro rapidly being taken up. 

fence, of wood 
rii-i v in ihe nppci 
are pi. 

resting place or loved ones. Others 
and touching beauty. Others still areoni* 
of magnificence almost startling to behold. \ 
monuments there cost from one hundred daft, 
up to fifty thousand. But thoso restiwJ 
tho humble tablet, of fifty dollars, rest as «Z 
as thoso where tens of thousands have hen 
ponded. It scorns out of place to rut |t 
monuments of such magnitude and atioA. 
expense, when a far humbler memento m 
perpetuate all that affection could wish loctei 
But hero as elsewhere, thoso having moan, 
spend it as it may seem good to them. Wab, 
respect tho tender affection Ihey hove mmju 
in wishing to perpetunle the memories of 4-, 
ed worth, beauty and affection, yet wo doth) 
*ood tasLo or extravagant affection thatu^ 
itately mausoleum at nn expense of £50ia, 

Should you happen to bo at the gate tolrt 
this cemetery, from 10 o'clock aal. to i riTl 
would think Ihero was a continued funeral. () 
hearse fol lo wed by a Ion g 1 i n o o f carriage? fi I W ^ 
surrowing relations and friends will piss j ^ 
lowed closely by another bearso with its toon 
lul train. Tho bell from the tower aeuk 
sending forth from its iron tongue, cold and oi 
ing tones, that sink heavily and sadly upogfc, 
heart. On every day during tho entire n 
average of more than twenty h, 
to return, to tho busy world wbai 
they came. Sleep on loved ones, sleep ■ 
Earth wildest, fiercest storms, the flaming Lp 
ning, Iho deop-loned thunder, the locking cut 
raging billows, cannot call you intoe, 
world again, or ever disturb for a moment rt 
slumber, Nol No! Not unlil the messeas 
from Ueavon's throno, standing upon the seio 
land, shall swear by him lhat Hreth forevtrsi 
lhat time shall ho no longer, nnd the Im 
pool from nngol lips, shall penetrate a 
i, and call forth iboso who sleep besot 
tho briny wave, shall your repose bo distorts 
ur slumbers broken. 

With aching heart, and sorrowing pen, weks 

away from this sacred spot moistened wiiSi 

tondorly guarded, by tho best a! 

strongest sympathies of tho human heart. Hi 

envy tbo feelings of Iho man, who is U 

riser ond bettor, after spending a daji 

this great and silent city. 

There aro now within fivo miles of Iho pUJ 

if human being 

Fifty years hence, most or them with msny ma 

yet unborn, will be added to this and otbor sin 

places. How short "is life! Bow certnioiaf 

vilobloisdeathi May we all bo prepaid It 

enjoy tho ono, and to meet the other in peace. 

tho S3 

e level, No 

envy, nopctlv>:s 
strife, no 

known then 
no weeping, pain 
hurry, bustle, turmoil, ambition, ihe jostlfug, 
crowding, grasping, and covetous spirit, prevalent 
world, nre hero unknown. Tbo 
surging billows of life In tho great world mnj 
bicnk at tbo base of this great city, but thoy cai 
disturb tho calm quietude of thoso who re 
pone there, no never. They heed not the crash 
ing thunderbolts from heaven, or earth's wildest 
They list not lo tho bottles rngo| 
he white flag or peace 
all nations. What have Ihey to 
_ changes, it, j y 6j [[3 sorroiVBT 
Their c.ty ,s walled In, their nbudo is fixed and 
permanent. Fifty-0w thousand dwell there 
Every week ono hundred and forty or more nre 
added to their number. This is only ono, of the 
md tbo city. I do not know 
-any of thorn. This is much 
larger than any ollt er in ihls country nr Europe 
'-""il'iniiN,' llireo hundred and sixty acres Itia 
situated in Brooklyn, one and a half miles from 
the South Ferry. "The eleva.ed portion of 2 
Oemotery affoid numerous and interesting v tews 
ombraoing tho Bn, nnd Harbor of New yj" to 

roort, ,Z,r' , , ™" ,U ' A ™""" °< U» 
Br.„d. m |„ a „„, ,b,„, k . , Mdmt „ n 

Dn. BEtxowa is England.— Tho LodAi 

Sunday Times ei^ie.-, with upprmiil Dr. Bullon 1 
speech at tho Drumotiu Ftimt Ai-s'n-iatiiiii, ail 
adds Iho foHowiiifi li>l ,,f t|„. nrel.hi-lmj,-, bii 
ops ondolorgy of tho church of England, rb 
have written in approval of tho stagn," ond soh 
of whom have rlci'oti'il tliidr tnl-iiU to draautil 
composition nnd criticism: Arohl.i>l,..r,n Till;: 
-m. Seeker, Sheld.jii urn) Putter; Bishops Pw- 
le.-ius, Home. J'erciy, Wnrhnrton, Still Ifnri 
Lowlh and Wal^fii; A^hd^enn I'uloyl* 
Rov. Drs. South, Walts, Kimi. Illoir, ZacUn. 
Groy, Former, Hurdis, J, Hoodlov, Brown,!. 
Wartim, Gloster, Kitllcv, Francis Wranchia 
I'lumptre, Franklin, Valpy, Frnnois. Eldtt 
Htirrow untl Youilgi the liev. If Milman.CJ 
Itov. C. Croley. tin. I{„ v . T. liroochlon, anJl 
number of others. 

fiercest si 
rqjoico when 
iplo folds ovc 

do wilh cartb'i 

r.««.»a v^J..' '" '"•." "»P' "» 

_ D blood relations, the Frederiekflhure fffl 

.Ncn-=, sijj: In this county, in «( » 
riUJ, for uvuity (,'L-iieniliiiui, !,,„;](, .airlain bs- 
liej uf ivt-nllh r.-=[TC(ii!iiliij l,-i,u inlensiri*' 
until there cannot ho round in three ur fou^ 
them a sound man or I Ono has sore (J* 
-tiutlur t.ToiuLi, u ibinl i. H „„ i,]j llt a f ou ,(h bini 
. Iitth lniMly-|.-,., .1. najvtl, -,.,-jii! L1 | 1LU ,| ;l i w , ( ii- 
>■■■ "I " t-irtiiii, will, not onu out of the iiumfcl* 
imp', from pby^cal iluf els „( ±. kicd orolh*. 

A CnntosiTv.— The i 
rolled nl tho corner of Mi 

.•|.iir. : .-n..l.! [Mas*., pruUbly], had 
nli'i'll llnrlv feet ],,„„ f-- --*-'■ ' - 

and wilh j-oorl ront..- 

e l»«* 

ind, firmly pliw* 

hlivofc 1 

bush, boih in line centlit - 
? or, h„,e engaged fa-W 

Threugh the noli 

tho tree down, the nsh i,„» ml...,,-; on eii!<" 
iri-onmh, with |, lorlv ,„ , 1K .,,] it(] JMUU ftj-U 

i; !'■'■■' ■■'■■ lUb.-in in /,.„.i...,,..-l.-i'n'.. 

held Republican. 

bus DniNKe.-There are in the United SU» 
lilt dt-iilK-nc:,, j,, wl.iuli ,Vj-|ii r,er.-.oui n"° 
ployed; n capital ol>-S,-,ii7 l ns.| i, i,„ t5 t,.l. P-/ 
Murine yearly 1I,JIm.7i;i llllB |, c l s of &* 
■'."h<..iMl,„ ;; |„.| s ,,r l.irltv ■H.|:;u:7b^l"''- 
ryo, nnd 5C.IHI b,, K -h. ,„!« ,,f m .,i^u. I'' 1 
■iii.iiui:-eluie -IJ.lnC.i^,; ( . 11 ||„„,. „ f „,,., .II, 1 , 
Knlloo^,! whi.L, „„.[ i.l.i, wi ,„. ,_ ;!1 ,] ,;,:,...".■; 
msofrum; being nbnut t",,,i, ...l|,,ni ■ifl"i l " 
ery man woman and c hild in tho cooooT- 
tonsuLv Iho greatest leap on record f*J 
made at the Helena SlmKuwur, Wis., soiuo U** 
ago. A horso twelve years old, jnm]ied Tw ^ 
bank over a perpend ic'ulnr ,.r,.vii,lee of o!U *"J 
dred and eighty i,,t \ M : the river bolo*, 1 " 
"*— out safe ami folin ,l. alter s « iin.niog D^J 
a milo to a suitable landlng-plico- "J 
-' at tho point where thu lean was ini« *" 
from twenty lo twonty-flvo feot deep. 

A hen fn Salem has laid 
days; nnd a cow in New Shi 

duced flvo calves within Iho 

total weght of tho five, 312 pounds, 

A down-ci 


10 Payment of dclto bu .„i„ H ' iaL to P'l teeth inserted gratis, log. 

aebls by assignment I fruit where bis watoh-dog is on guard. 

sos „,s reader, tfjj 
gratis, to go and it* 



3tate ^rirultural |air 



0» 6EPTEMBEB 29, 30, and OCTOBER 1 


THB ANNUAL FAIR, for tho Exhibition o) 
Ihfl Products of [ho Soil, and of Industry, nil! Ik 
betd an above, in Ibo large Court House Building. 
•ad Grounds adjacent, which will bo factored and 
oonnd for ihit purpose. 

TOE CATI'LE SHOW will bo held »t tbc 
CENTRAL RACE COURSE, one- tnilo northeast 
Of ibe city. Tho STcnues trading from the Court 
Huusu [iuildine; to the Cattle Sborr Ground, will 
be kept well sprinkled and froo from dust. 


Parma, Orchard*, Vineyard* »ad Flold Crops. 

,. riiimUio s 

to Ihc 1'kjUch 

lion oribo Can 

■tlfanciy ot Hodce PL 


T. >< { {j'i ] - 

^ i 

Beat fiUy poor*!, of Sufir manoharlared from 

1 Homo Lndturtrj 
All BHBHllbRi lo tcDdtidittceit to<ul nltb 
UioCo-J v.- I.I: ■'"■ iy • ?-t :. .c .-..- Ha; it. 

c*m,.l Liu. r nr i'roio.,; ['..p. r. i'ulL'. ] l>.| Liu.-. 

oil.";: ■, IJV J ,'!?... fit, !,. Jt'iL^J -t,-i n; .untej . . 

wrall'CT[> pound, ii] li-.'.t . - 

ajli.m.1 i;.ll Prated Ca.tnr Oil 

i.-v... ■ii;-. 

Beal aztic-lo ol riper, muuiicl 

id Fruit, Gild en VigoUbla 

nitty t^loiieJ.'-Tih » iu'i" 
n bj the .,j , lie ml nliok 

LV-in' ■ ( 
3d do 

fl.-.-i.-j 1 

tv3,S""w™.. :::::::::: 


AfrlcWtriral sad Hia;c ( ItoploiDenta, ic 
All DUBaiaclorod arllolei and ImoltneoU moil bo 
ired and placed ™ eiblbiiion before Ibo 29th d™ 

■ ■ '■' ' -:■< ib.F.iit 

•peclmcnof rrinltuj... 

t i-r- . r < tJ 1 1 ■ p . t hi Pou^ry - 

::::::: "wffiSS 

,i ii ..i. ,., .. i ( :- 


Th» Cetlin Show will bo bald near Stockton. 
OonipltfloTI for Piemtumj on Animal* mult forward a 
iloflhoio lumnJcd oibibllioa lo tho Kc«rdb s B«- 

.theenluiala; and or 

Wdti^ti i... . ;.i . ,r 


of Puua*ln. and eijuob^' 


The Commlliao Bin offor Pmiulnrni fur Eniyi upon 
id- ■(■■.!!. .iiafsubjcti*— ihoEstayr to bo forwarded to iho 
..■i:b ibi aims nod addreuof the 
author, by the nnlof6op(ombor. 
ForthebMroriirluaJEaiij-nQ tho dlacaeea to which tho 


[All lh . '■ ■:,. !'■ , v nvil >■.■ .,T. .:i; liy alfotOl £x- 
peilmealaln proiothe Theory advanced.) 

Diierollonary Pram'nnHwIll bo awarded by ibo Society 
<m artlcle-or animal, which (hoy -ball .leoiD hlchlli Biirf- 
1..,,: ■.!.., ,i)iL;jib thoy m>T nol bo oamtd In tha lilt of 

Tha Jadi:c!.rmInled»IIHoorenlDitonM"-iIlhhol' 
•nmlunuon anliaila or nttlr-lo-, that. In tbolrojiloloo 

.(renin bo rnmiibed rratll for all anlmaliontor 

TheTari-ioj Proraiomi awarded nlll bo T'n.mjllr |iil 
iron thnrMoptiunaflbtSlata Fumluin Fnu .1 -I ;:.'■", 
ihieh i> oboll; darolcd lo tbll purpoe. 

For Lull'.! in Saddle. 
N. B —So compel! lor nil] bo altunod to actor tb 

OentlDmen in Saddlo. 

SpMlal Foth Frtmiuoi. 
KT An npKirlunlll trill to (ri"n I"! lho lllal or thl 
Slieoclb of Tents... .,nl (he <;r,d ■! ll.r-t: raniiinj 
..Mia.! I,,.,,, j (be i'tcmium.l-fio; ,, r .v,.ir. ii:,, :..:!,, k- 


ir foorth li 
■f lioH._. ... 
.of IkoSoololI.i 


L'cdcr thti h-. 
For Putins Hanoi, For Ttoilioc Uorro, 

I r ilu ,.,:H..r -, ] . r III .fl 1.:. .! II. c 

Fl-i Dr»f( Tdinjj of fclnlaj. For Draft It!.™.- dv.. 
ty Tbo Soclnr offtr. * Punt of Si"*, dco lo 

n.j.,,.<i i. : '. : r'.'"i. '.!'■.•, ■■■■:' i..'i'. :i. ' ' 

WJI. aAi'lRAItl), I'rnldoot. 

i; .- Iliiu.j;:;. rir.-i V.^-Proildont- 
J. C. 1'i.Hlll. (.'■.rrirJr-.n.llnaSoerotarT. 
UtO. Ii S.\NL>Kil.-0>-. it-,mrdiD» Stcratirr. 
I'. EUtVAliU oi:;si:K, Trciiohiir. 


Californiii Steam Kavigation Company, 




r $tttS£r 


Contra Costa Ferry Notice. 

n,iJ .!■..:, JL'.'ir! !-J. I: 

Bin ffi, 



Comer of Third and I urtuu., Sacramimto, 

•tjim.v nil i= or ntr-iriMj); \t iiniu. is -ujia 

lew Ti.rk.pii>al«u ^....Arpertaj) BnllUfo R«ik 


l.t,t Trie, for OuU Dull. 


lMPHENE woi 

100.000 ' 

1Q QQQ li-ll.l.".JNd ' KlilliM- 

40.000 ' 

lOOOO 0A,,L( "' 3 LAKl * ° 

Sr»MFOit|l lilt 03. 

3.000 ' 

1.000 ' 

Cordage Manufactory. 

^ye ™ i,.t Mr i " >■ 

IBS & CO., (TO Front I 


PARTIES harii 

a. a o o . 

lirorala-rrown Tohum, of Ir 

116 aiontemcorj liroot. Sin FtmoImb. 

^"hSl b/Vi 
for«.°rd our rtddl 


i; ironld Uko Iktt melbod lolSBh 
.rrn ourcuitoroort and lho rab-ngflP 

.■ t..t ,■!>■. tbil wo hum Ibosil-a 

.| . ii r l-i.1'3." hiiT^liived in I!j*(H||| HOI 

" Jlin., irhn .alooU Iboni nlth caio 

ill.., rcri'lt.. in ?»n 1 cr.-I - . I. 


1 bo coniinced bofure parobuln! 


Agriooltural Implenienta, 

ll.y'l ..,:.■. ti.itihcMet't; 

Mowing Maohines. 

Threshing Machines, 

HALL'S 8 and 10 II. ,r,., I Wit.. f,i f»v hr 


Reapers 1 Reapers ! ! 

Ok Yokes and Bowa. ItoTpr," m targe u* 

Blocks and Sheaves. 

Frnit Trees, Stocks, &o. 

. THE ui.-i-r- .-in. I ben to lofurrc 
h mao In CalifomU Ibxt bo Kill biv 
i ilock for Ibo full trade, of irucb i 

"' if UlDalljT TaquirO, i:"N.iT(lU^ ill J 

Wl"i:.-isi.*;i.-, iln>n|;plub..|V * (10 f ICO 

do do (to 1 year plants final!) i 9 S P JOO 
I.-iv.ii.a Ii!r.ill-Tr7 1'.' (Mil) 

■ ■ Vr^.l . :: .^J=ri[^k,;i'j«'---"--''------ — iit; !;■■' 

Iiuirb Itulluiiu Room, direct Tiom the eniwoii In Hol- 
land; PoirSttd M.IhiIl-. PH.. lo, with 0Tcr}lbin C In 
Ibo Nor.orT-.--d Scad lino, of the bo.l qoilitj. 

Hrluri.-li -il (i lc,Hv,,i ml ■.. i-.i-n r..|.riFli lb.: 

■ , >i !V.!:i|.,;.„-ur,l in (In l.r.l (, ;uuV:i', ii'. 
oolf bcinr; obnTCod lo oovor eipcnio. 

KT Partici ibould moko arroneomBnU with Eipreii 
Cmiiii J.jiL..- al-:iut liiin.- 'ir rl ■■,• . i- ; - 
tB-I lm Waihinntun City , D. C 

To Farmers and Traders. 

J. Cull, ood-llr.-rv. IT til, I n .1 .:,! ik.-j. Ill- i I f.ll, 
• HI. I -r I \r.Ii, II I'l' „ I H <•;,.■! I..„ L , (I..I-, , ,„, 

Grain and Floor Sacks. 

i-jilir i-r .11 ,..■ n I ii. I -v, rj ■l-..-nplionofGmln, 

CalLfornia Fioklea, 

1 I'ALlHillNIA 1'H TCI,r;S would ba in m 
would jay Ihnl bj ibo ilr.tuf Aoeiui I ihill Ui 
iupi.1, all odor, for thn oboro artiolo. I truil t- 
have born obliged lo innko uiouf Slateo' risklu... 
pitfaniofro lo "homo manofiatgru," a. -o r-hi 
denvor 10 ralia • (ulTidaiit tupply lho lo 
lul lhroa(blbo ioir,aud!u — -'- 
— t ~n Imported. 



A FROST i CO,, Froprlaton. 

Fruit and Ornamenlal Trees, Shrubs, &c, 


THE nndoriisocd dciiro to inform Iholr Sttcaii and 
palroaj Id Calif.. mi>, ihat th.j Into directed tboit 
atlention to lho jti.j- tijnil-m of Fruit Trad and Ornn- 
IQenUl Plllf. nub . -,i.>» l-nil-. th-j ilomrand nbicll 
Su ori-L'n fur iuii '■'.■: 1 :,i. I rtinln- vn:icliu itdted to 
Ihe cllmite and ciraomitsncaj of California. 

Ti, il|,'..-r,i,( nlrtiily liifiTWOl! a* (o Ibo oitonl of oar 
tin- in c".- .mil lho fj,iil(it.i..| |- , l.,fiiinilonroni!0)T)- 

ooma1"n"b(?Lt Ihroo hundred acrojof laod nhoilydoToted 
andednplod lo (ho priipjf.ilioii „nd rrii..-in E of Fruit and 
iirniijLi.MITrc,. ,ni .lllTin,-h.i. U'-cuiployopirartLl 
.,! I-.,., h-.m Ir. 1 iii.lm.jiM'-.'ud :Kuro tbo b«t akillel la- 
bor that cm ba founl : allliconjotlcj under oor dlrool 
iiiliorliKoodciioc, and we mo our best cndtiM'on for lho 
lolerut of our coilumerj— almloj cot mure at Iba oi- 
teoileeulo ofooritoek thin Ibe nllvmnto(u«aaof ths 
not fullj aiecuted, tap Ihalr bolnit ;tnt too lata ; hot 

pu>j»i>flflrr<n rdr^orneawry S'«k, In all ltd do^ 

parlmooUi. no aim n ,i.'. m,i:I«hiU--iV.t <L.^h roHoliaa u 
nlll giro enliro (aliifutluo. Si 

jxirlonca Bulled lo Iba peculli 

n fauna by e] 

Ltily for this Hade, 

& CO., the Pmprl< 
lOfnof, prepared ( . 
bad cmllf, on applleatiai. 
D3- Allyarlodoarroiranif I trap toni 

Uiir Fi-i'li, -ollod to tho Califonill In 
[■.,.!,„( it:-, f.,ll.,Tin;-*hich nill bo fot 
, i-.-.-i-Ir-,! 1:, .-nr WJi..1.l.,[..,..;iif. inv 
nnlj ■nobntlhoi-ipular l,-..ilii,,; cjridi.:, 
to the cLIUAm, and hire bean ieitod thi 

nimaie of California 

;d In Ibe infait and 


■f tbo Treu. 

i .'II- t.i WARREH 

PEARS— 5 [, 
" ?™" ) 'ud. 

piji m's— .--.■.'('"-tcpit; 

, i.-j.i . i 


Snail Fr*L, t I ■..i...;iT.- ■-'-! :>, . '. i-- tariaUflt 
OUBJUNTS— aach u iVnico Hrape, White Dotoj), VlclorU, 

-'■Try, Ri-1 lii ,[.-. 11.-1 n.,!c!i. IV. | ;r. ,-.r. C, rape, Umi- 

3, KneTTU'i Gtaot, ami 

lil.Ai-KliHHlijkji— ImprorwUlljjhnulbBndMenRccbelie. 

(lllll'i:.- 11.- rr. :: (.in. I I ■(, !-„[,.,. Mid 

Cat'.X. l"bTlia, and CIl.KOK; = .r!d rao^tho htSa, 

moit allracllve and n.-Bfiil Treo!, Sbruta, Plntl, ie, il 
oltenjivoand varied, nod inoludcJ) Shade and OreamoDt- 
al Tret,, of al) sitaj and iiti. Eiorirreon Treei of tho 

ui-. r rcc.'ul iii(ro.ln.:li..i.i ,i I.T.-I. mi...-!: ..f Uti. i-jo F I -r..., i-.. 
in j -iirul' hi: <i. -V. ■■! ]'. - m.-juLI, !.ir;o ml 

in in l.n .: If yd rid Purpeti 
II -Is Runnloe Rota.. 

,(ll, .l.-.,n, 

''., I ffin, 

Notice to Family Grocers. 

WF. nould oil particular atwotion U our 
rOLAnO[L,aibd DrT 

iomo W.COO pllooi o! Co.. Oil arrii'td bn 
ra.n(h...ridl.oow brin S .illtiy |..|1.,, I„r i'. 

To Poultry Raisers. 

A -I'liKK..,,,-.!;- fr il,... HI .-.,,.,.,1 |-.,..|.,|.,-, nil 
■- ur» from forty t» "oft y foil, .'"""' t "° ai "' ,U 
OI 4 Uf.ti|tcb,. (.»[- * r- - •■ 

For jalo by WARllES 4 CO , 

'^ 130 tVa-hiatlon ilraei. gan Fr.ocl, 

Powdor 1 Powder 1 ! 

'.MM) :. ', I,. . 1|.''.' >| , i| *- "" "" "' 

Hay Bolinpj Eope. 

THE tudrntcnr)! aro rmiiiln; by ererr ellpon ft 
(■■■■ :, :r . : ii ■, ■■ 

. II. I,.. »..,„-. t,..,,,,. ,.j,..-n „ 
i.:l i iii I III li.l, fli;r IV. 

OWE S3. 


THE undenlrnad t. folly prepared to ooler 
ir.ol .,iili |.,ril,.- J„ r itm it,:.t|.|: of i.ul.lic i,.,i| 
of any klnd-IumlsblnK all Ibo material.— or coot rt 
for the .u 1 «rilil.-ndcu;o Tbo work re. 
Oniiba.! under hl.a rO|*rta'»nd'neo at Man Iilan 

a City nil] loeelie Immudlate attention, 


i ore obtained at 
loon aj apprurau— acooicn Mum 1.1 ■ i Bull stu RoODC 

ir. I.lj ia.j-.rlc.-l. ,:>n alio 1. -upplicl, Iueludinr; Tulip,, 
Hyacinth-, Cm.-, I.V.,.,n I ui| triu'. ■, Lilitj, la. li 
Many addllional iiun mifbi to m i. I— auob aiStrair- 
borrloj, lihuburb or I'il- I'lui.l, A.iji.irii>nu, ic . li,ta Q f 

Tli.-li.rill I.. li.iT,.! ill.'.,, il .,:■:, i.u.l aro offered to 

luchajparliculirl,,!,- iro t—.i l.n (h.. tcnulno Improred in-., ii ,1 |,i bo tiiid from iccdi. 

HSr Ordnni eheuld bo sent hi oorly in tho tenon aj 
prwlblo, in order to laouro oarofallT jolcclod ortidej, and 
no order, can be ilk- 1 -jii-i., i-:iiv. ..Tbiso aro noi re- 
solved by uj, by Ibo LuiiLil.. ,-f N-...o,„|.,T. 

N II -Calif. mia 11alulo S ,i„ No l,o..ulaio) DojcrlptiTO 
Idili of Fruit and Ornamental Tree*. Shrub*, io , wirjj 

CaliroralaCatsleeuoNo.2 nbaleiilo or Trade LUt for 

quadllllos-l'bo abero' maj boh id :.■.■;' i.' : .,' Il-.J'''^ 

■ " .WAnnt-,i(.'Lj.I'o|.||.j L T --I lllU '.'.TL.Ir.-j.B.lJIA 

San Franc Ltco. 

Irs let of Catalogue! for homo n», ombraijej u 

1. FruKceie. 
I. Oronnoatal Tn 


I. Wboleulo Trade Lilt, 
nay ba bad by appli ' 

Plonta, out. 

iplilnr to ni dlieelly. id 1 all 
.rofu ly ationdod lo. 


Tllo T(,-T. Vll 

.:-. I .11 :,r;i: !,■■ ■ ,!l by tb o anUcrlbe r, 
"""""c.W LRCOUNT, 

... -auy, Qnolliy ond BcorlnH. 

aria-aod, Ii i. p-riocilj- Lardj, and bu narv eecn 

■■■-■ y, .1 ..'J. . 

Oniameatal Bhrabbory, 

& ,.;!;!:, i: .,"£,r i ^^ ,n "■ eu » ~» 

—a- ■ nilLDHI GATE KUltSER' 

a,W Hontbly R,*!,, „f liw nirlnlc. , 

I- ..■:,■■ ■.. I I.: , : 

';"" ' ■'"' " l ''i'- Ml "If, EuonymmLi, Bilrcr Mania, 

'II'.. -I.I.I..:..-.,... (-,-!..„.. I. I) ,.;,,, ,,.,, Ja, ^n l 0^ ,7■ 

MoclOr.a r ,A.. LU .■.-;,. :.,., Dwubi*, 

.:...! ... .-.I ■■.■ i-i.,| (.""u^ic; ..rTiroutiaj. 

JEeo at tba Huraery, and ma Clayauuil, abuie Heel- 


k California gamier. 


Letter! and Exchangea. 
0n» eomrpoiidooUi aro kindly rootled r° di« 
[titer. 11 os r.1 oor prinoipil ..flit ", Sao F,Wv" 
-111 modi .»bliw •!.- it llit-v "IN I- ' i-.iil-ali.rtu oof ,a„j 
ialblt n. ma, b- in r « t i r l ef their («o™ .llBOMrils-l 
d.t . Tlnm, PuMi-be, „l,-.. .1. .,:.,! •■■ tJ0O», rtoklnJlT 
IiTor at fltb Uirit [ul'ii.-vijn. i. [."■■.<" r. i"- ■■■'■' 
la direct to oat office, 130 Wwbtarton .1, S»o Fn 

Tho Btoto AGrfcalturol Pair. 

Tub greatest interest of oar State is Boon t. 
make manifest bet power and influence. Tbt 
Agricultural wealth of Ctilifornin is soon to bt 
exhibited and mado known by her represents, 
lives and hor produols— these will bo hat os- 

The great State Fair which is to bo holdon at 
Stockton, commencing on the 29Lh oF Septem- 
ber, and lasting four days, will eiert an influ- 
ence apon all coming years, and just in propor- 
tion as this interest is cored for and represented 
at the Fair, Justin that ratio will it advance in (ho 
future. Vnst iulorcsts am at slake, Agriculture 
embraces manv groat interests, oil combined 
under the term Agriculture. 

We present to-day the List of Premiums of 
the State Agricultural Society, and wo nsk the 
attention of all to a careful perusal of each 
every department Tho Board of Managers, 
the Executive Committee, have been engaged 
recently in n survey of tho State in their official 
capacity, and wo have received from them 01 
official report, from which wo gather the follrnT 
Lag, as a synopsis of what has been done ant 
what will be anna. This will convince all oi Ibt 
enthusiasm that is felt for the coming Fair: 

Since the elc-i-tii-.n "I" the l-'iecutivo Committee 
nothing Irnfl h«n left undene lo make tho coming 
Fair the best, largest, and mn-t interesting ye! 
held. The interest for the coining Fair and its 
future welfare his brto tb-.-ir ai.i-..rljirj" tli.iu.-lii, 

Srlde, and action. Host of the Farms, Orchards, 
nrserics. Vineyards. £c, worthy of special note, 
from this city to Sacmmenlo, to Oroville and Bid- 
wcll's on the upper Si eminent i, Pnto Creek Conu- 
try, Snisuu. Napa, Sonoma, Pelaluma, and Santa 
R'«:i v;i!!i.ia (i.i iln- Ku-.-ijn river, Sau Frnuuisco 
and its vicinity to San Mateo, and many other 

Slices have been visited by the Committee, and an 
iterestitio; and profitable report will be made, 
Kelt week, San Jose and the sontberu section of 
the Slate will bo visited. 

In every section visited by tho Committee they 
have feued a deep interest in the coining Fair, and 
u d-.ltriuiii.iii'-.'ri to eon t til ■!]!!■ hirLr. Iv, products or 
the soil, stock, ic.for exhibition* jii.1 Ibuii-anb 
of visitors from the North, Soath, and from the 
Moanlaini will b- lure. Stouktaniuus, too, ore 
not backward in extending liberal aid to make >l ;n„l 1: .,priy. Tliev will throw 
open, free, their houses to alf the 
date. Public Houses and Kestai 

Lewellliig'n Orchard anrl Nursery, 
San Lflrenie Creek, JJsraads County. 
Tbib is one of Iho large and One nurseries Ihal 
have sprung into being in two years, situated 
upon a lino bottom land ofdecp rich soil. Every- 
thing planted "grows o' nights," and well repays 
the care and cost of planting. 

The orchard, of twenty-four acres, contains 
2000 trees of two years planting, and 1000 one 
year old, a select variety of apples, pests, peaches, 
plnnm, figs, nectarines, grapes, 4-c, We eiam- 
inedandateofsnch varieties is were in eating. 
Tho President and Bar(l*ll pears wore very Quo ; 
ibuapplesflnoandabundBnt. Mr. L.snowcdusa 
group ol 250 young apple trees, plinled only a 
year this last spring, that have yielded bitn S2M 

■gome, trees bearing one or two appli 
quite full, and some none ; jet the nut profit was 
icd. Can (be Eastern orchards beat 
(his 1 The plum orchard had produced well and 
(ho Jefferson, Green Gaga 
(true) ; wo find many orchards growing the Yel- 
low Gngeand Prince's Imperial Gage, and calling 
them the Green Gage. Greater care should be 
id to havo fruits rightly named. The cherry 
ccs had made very Ono growth, and bad home 
ill. Among (he apple trees now bearing wa 
w many young (rces that were so loaded an (o 
(he limbs all bent liko (he weeping 

they en 


prices. Stables ore being enlarged, and 

and COtnfurtai.le [ilrn-^ fir ibe ac corn moduli on of 
horses are being prepared. Visitors may be 
5^ir.. I tii it tl;. ; ir 'fiiv here will be made as com- 
fortable, happy. r:li.-,i|i „j r."-.-iib|..-, but J! t - an . 
not expect feather beds und downy pillows. 

The county and city havedonated libetaJly— one 
Ihtrasand dollars each ; these sums, together with 
the tire thira-anJ ,\„)\-. t i .1.,.- from <.!■,■■ Stale, which 
will bo paid in cash, will he sufiicieol to pay all 
premiums. II h ei.nfid-.nth- antieipilf-d bv tli- 
Committee, that a hand- tun.- surplus will be l'.-f[ it, 
tb-.-'Ir. i-^irj.. i".-r = ■ ■ i j j ■_- it-. Jul purpose hereafter. 

The Judges have b-- n: „ t t l-,-(...j, and their names 
will eooo be published. Tho CommUK- ha-,-,- 
ppar,i] r, ill,, r lime nor piina in this rill-ini|.(,rt,ii)t 
andlcdiousduty. The gentle men selected nrofrom 
vanuus Eectiona of tho Stale, und of well-known 
respe-clobilitv, and fully cjpabl- L .f duing j.,^i, .. i., 
all oonlributors. In this f-Jecti&n the i'',[„ri,iii, . 
fed cuiiful.nt il], i iu.tit-._- will be meted ont to nil 
impartially and homally, and list there will be no 
cause for dissatisfaction. 

Thosercu Judges selected to the Equestrian 
performances are the molt respectable gentlemen 
In the Mate, ;,s ;,l- ■> nre lb,- (iv s,,, nrl . ..„,], riN 
The Lady riders will be parti a jlarly cared for- 
th a most futiaions may rely upon all ait-mi,,,, 
snd gallantry. Tho Kacc-course is near town 
fn fine order, and equal to any in tho State ' 

A Urge number of Superintendents are 
lected from the most respectable and encrr; 
persona in our elty, to superintend the vsri 
departments, m receive, look nfier and plscc _,,, 
articles, stock, ic., sent (o the Exhibition, in their 

A good room is felectcd for the special use o 
Editors and Iteportora. 

Several Fire-En gines from other cities will bt 
here to contest for Ihree beautiful Silver Trump 
ets, which will bo awarded as Premiums, the 
s_to bo classed first, second and third 
impel to bo awarded (o cich respect- 
" "le the Chief Eusmeer. 
■ ' — 'jjmakc 

class, a Tn 

ively. The Judges 


State, and are 

The" StocklOD Sporting Club are collecting 
several hundred Pigeons for agrand Pigeon She 
the Oral snd second prltes to be, a fine dout 
barrel Shot-Oun.and a Silver Pitcher wonb £ 
I e °i'" ili0Q wI11 1* ««^iJ on 'he PI, 
near (he Co-ifH lou(c , oa^hle of holdln,; II™ 
thousand per.™.;, „hkh « ill be devoted to the 
of Agricultural Implements, Ma- 
""■'■ '-'■ -flho last day's Ex- 
e handsomely deco- 

H-.ll. t, 

bition. Tickets 

chiniry. Ac. On 'flit _ 
hibitlon thisPsviliunwil 
rated and thrown open foi _ „ 
mence will, a Pyre lectin ical E; 

Quito a number of Running, Trotting ■, 
f n *fh UK , ?T- "° ™^l*l. which will add'mncb 
to the last days am^ements, lo these who „ c 
fond of trials of speed ; ond who la not! 

The Theater will be opened, under the m.nijre- 
mentofGeo,Ryer. AIeo,Leoftij oqnl . U ' B Olrcos 

ThuB it will bo seen that (he moat , 
tantion has b,.en paid (o all tho varied intarcala 
oonnecled with (ho Fair, and il is to be hoped 
that every gentleman oelccted on the Bovoral 
CommitteoB will vory promptly 
pointmnut, and cheerfully bring all hia'inrl 


favor of this great and eie.,ll.-L,t 

Seqosd Gbowtu or Potato ca— This i 
an important euhject lo Fanner*. Those wh, 

Sllii™. ."^f! e ^. aui Wo "> opportunily by 

calliDg at 


one limb t 

n, r k. 




ell to 



, and 



closely packed around ,'t, "like strings o' ioiuns," 
and this group upon (he limb of twelve inches 
long. The limbs ofevery tree wore pendant wilh 
their loaded fruit. Wo noticed superb specimens 
of Maiden's Blcsb, Smith's Cider Apple, West- 
more and Carolina Pippin. 

lYe were indebted lo Mr. L. and family for a 
fine lot of fruit and a refreshing dinner, besides a 
pleasant stroll in an admirably artanged nursery 
and orchard, all of which was very pit 
Mr. Lewelliog has one of the f. 
Ur.nif-t beiges in the Stale, and lhos> 
the practicability of this hedge wool 
go and see it. This hedge entirely 
orchard and nursery of forty acre. 
Bakes tho avenue through tho center 
norc than a mile in longth ; it has been groan 
■.aTrtetltjj It is very thickset at the bottom, liav- 
ng been kept close pruned, and this is (he Only 
way a good and durable hedge can be made. We 
noticed many persons permitting the Ossgo 
Orange lo grow seven, tan and twelve feet before 
clipping. This is the sure way to spoil it ; close 
pruning, only, in its early growth, will secuiu a 
good hedge. 

:ry of Mr. L. comprises 10 acres, 

and presents a very flue collection of trees of alt 

tdy for (he market this aulumn— some 

25,000 apple, 10,000 pear, and other trees in pro- 

""" and Ihey are all finely grown. 

■OBttr* Is soon destined to outshine every 
other part of tho world in her fruits. Tho present 
frails in tho Pesr.Applo, 
Peach, Plum, Fig and Grape, besides many of the 
fruits, Ibat will astonish (he most en- 
thusiastic pomologist living. 

i eur visits to many of the nurseries, wo have 
specimens of fruits that, had wo not teen and 
we could hardly havo fcaliscd it possible 
trees or one or two yeats' growth could pro- 
duce thorn. California will lead in pomology 
(hree years ; and it is now ono of lbejlr<( 
duties tbat nurserymen and orchardisls owe lo 
themselves and (o their profession, that they 
to havo a cottwi 'fanuoni of 
fniita, as lo character, and lo have a proper 
id reliable nomenclature of fruits. 
It boa always been customary for these sub. 
jectB to come before (be Slate Society, and their 
committees are oiporienced men, Ihoso 
o thoroughly acquainted with Pomology 
itb. all tho synonyms of Frails, oo tbat 
Fruit can bo named correctly. We hopo tho 
Board of Managers of our Statu Society nill 
tho coming State Fair, 
nnd have o Committee- lhat will show wliBt Cali- 
grows, At the last State Fair, scarcely 
t upon tho tables was labeled wilh tho 
of Iho grower, or the place whore grown. 
Wo hopo o better plan will be adopted this year. 
California as a new State, with b nuw und 
rgin eoil nnd a climate aneqnaled, can produce 
ir own ncto tcc-Ung fruili, but wo want some 
way by which tteJlingt shall bo known from old 
fruits, and Iheir e.-nrth m,<l ebiirnelor ej|„bli-hei) 
by tome ^reliable standard. Will Fniit-gr.iw.-rn 

a this 


Tub flue gardens 
eat sol is faction, it 
cm the present week. Wo visited Mr. N. W, 
aimer's, Dr. Kevins', Dr. Halle's, Mr. Hobo's, 
Rev. A. U, Myers', Mr. Hutchinson's, Mr. Bow- 
'a, and also Mr. Ssndford'a at Shell Mound. 
x, all on tho Alameda sldo, show great im- 
provement, and the crops of pears, apples, and 
plums have been and ire wonderful lo behold. 
Peaehesdo not do so well; the sea brciaa and 
ilrong winds affect Iheoi 6orlously. Wo shall 
[peak or each garden In future numbers. Wo 
Tould odviso plum growing extensively, as the 
of the suit nnd iho exposure are favorable 
' giving thi 

growth, salt mud 

iub growth, and inducing Ihcn 
Apple Tbi 

o fruit. 

Beahiko H.ii. ■ [. Apples— Sfr. 
(AinffJ wilt happcu^- Great stories are told of 
many great and wuuderfol things that laku plico 
in California, hot we think wo can relate sumo 
facts lhal will astonish the native*. We have seen 
trees In the garden of Mr. Lewelling and or Mr. 
rWnilly. <m the Sin LoteuEo creek, lhat bore, th- 
J.r.i-1,1 f ,a..,„, l,„J..d .\ rl .l ri i l,„U,l /',„„ 

ll.M l.l; f.,,-1-1,,,,1, Aj,,,!,, ,,,,,1 |V jr , „ Lr ,. |, :> |.„| 

on il^trevi Iosl Sunday. So j n u,nse wies tl,.- h,^, 
absolutely baked on the ,i,J-.- 

Tho Wont of Pauperism 

Descendants of tbo Pilgrims! ioboritoi 
that Inuppondorjoo which was declared, signed 
ond seeded on tho 4lh of July, 1776, and ofion- 
LimcB ro-sealed with the blood of tho best of 
men ! Read (he following blighting truths, from 
tho Waverly Mngozino. nud see how this rnoa 
of men has degenerated, in less than n century. 
Road and look aroand you, A.-r,-. in this land of 
gold, where industry has a sure reward; bore, 
even hero, and see bow applicable these 
fill censures arc. and haw tboy will apply ! look 
around you, nnd count on tho right hand and 
tho loft, tho greedy expectants of office. Not a 
movement is mndo for the people, but designing 
man grasp at it as an opening for office. No 
pltra laid for charity or humanity, for feeding 
the Hospitals, or for tho cause of Education, but 
a thousand eyes turn to tbeso movements to 
count tho chances— not for nn office whore they 
can truly benefit their follow men, not whore 
they can mako themselves usoful to the com- 
munity where- thoy re»ide, or advance the cauao 
of human happiness, science, or good morale! 
Oh no, none of tbeso — but it is Oit main chance 
tfapy are after, tbo offices that pay bat — aye, 
pay but, and without work. 

Tharo is a doss of hungry office Eeekers that 
bang ovor onr Stato like vultures ! hungry cor- 
morants, tbat would gloat upon whatever they 
could get, and iccc'i-liko, suck the vory life 
blood from it; thoy ore's class by themselves, 
like Iho drones in a hive. Tboy never work, 
at hang round, that when tbo working beo is 
out gathering food to lay up for tho winlor, thoy 
steal in, and consume and carry away (ho food 
of others; nnd thus it is in California, and 
laboring men of our Stale have toiled nnd toiled 
to feed and support this class of leeching, laiy 
drones, until their own food is gone. 

Wo now appeal to the Workingmen of Cali 
furoia ! Who hare paid tbo tones 7 Who hav. 
supported tho government! Who liavo labored 
and done tho work 7 Who havo built up the 
Stato I Was it the politician 7 Was it tho offioo- 
halder! Was it Ihoso who plat and plan and 
intrigue for office 7 No! no! no! It has been 
the Farmers, tbo Mechanics, tbo Miners and th 
Manufacturers. Theso tiro tbo men who hav 
built up California, and rondo her all that she i 
of good; and bad it not been for thoso who havo 
introduced politics, had it net havo been for 
those who sought to (ire vponAer xcithoai l.ilfr, 
California, would now havo been frca of debt, 
and millions in her treasury. But behold hci 
now, bankrupt in her treasury at homo; bank- 
rupt ia her credit, both at home and abroad ; 
her offices and iuBtitutious, many of them, in the 
hands of dishonest and designing men, who labor 
more to mako the burden of tainlion oppressive 
mlbertban to relieve. Hut tho hour has come 
for a ohango. Tho workingmen of California 
have borne tho burden too long, and thoy will 

t their 


defend their own rights. Wo nro not idly Inok- 
ing on, and though wo hold no affinity to any 
party, wo shall not sea Iho woikingman'a inter- 
est in danger without a timely warning. 

Wo ask tbo reading of tho following brief 
paragraph, lo which wo alludo and which is up- 
ponded here, and wo believe ovary true lover of 

bis country will f .1 his il I- lingo with shamo 

as he feels bow true is this picture. Should ho 
doubt, lot him wander along Montgomery street, 
hero in this great commercial metropolis, and 
of whom be 
know them engaged in any 

ouuld ufiirm ho i 

labor or work whoroby tho Stato 

These men are the r/re»r,>, anil tbev tVeil upon 
the lif,- blond „f our Statu. It in such men who 
stand ready for the chances — such men as aro 
spoken of in tbo nrliolo we here present : 

The Worst Pa uperimi .—Can there well bn 
imagined a more shameful spectacle, than that 
of thousands of American eitizi-no, who would 
bo indignant if one d-mlited Ih.-ir Inmor, iu.Ic 
pc-iiili'iieii or ri'-p'-tubilili-, rushing every four 
years V Washington, to pray [be new I're-hhut, 
like an army nf mrinlinani-. f., r some .Stale *up- 
port7 Just look at it, and see of what paper 
stuff our bravo-a puliticnl putriiilinin in mndo 
From every quarter of tin. Union lIio throng of 
beggara come— as lhou K l, the Ni,ii,.i,„l Capilr.l 
'vn.buto KDtiilmk-lmus..— suhsiatiiigonthr — 

rowed from their friend?. — [Wnverly Mngc 

When you havo read and re-read the above, 
osk yourself this question: How long e 
ifornia be cursed by aucb a hard of n 
food upon the workingmun's industry I 
Peaches L 1 admire bio. 

wTiara wlla buca ojMb- °br M cbt'i"«no\' 
Admirable indeed, both (ho tieacfte, Bn d (he 
speech. We wore quietly sealed at our table 
working as fast as possible lest iho devil should 
eoino for copy, when wo beard a call for ihi 
Colonel, when turning wo beheld our friend 

S.i 1 [, l ,i,b,W,b„„ionM.,ket, a man famous 
id history of Wh f ,|]i,„, i„ |,i, ,„„,,, , 
arms) a largo bo r, which be prewnn-d .vni, ; .n 
dLd eonrtcar nrnl grace. | lb, , V anl of r0 ora pre- 
vents our giving hu speecli in full.] Dpon open- 

¥,' , B r °1 D(1 "'"''" Wl'ielbl,^ fr,,,,.] .-,,,,„ 
called Peaches; h ir B „ K „ fl „„„,,, ,, lvu taili ^ 
marrow squaslu=. Iloiv.ver, while we were re- 
plying lo the Address of friend Swift, formally 
our tjpos were discussing the merits of the 
Peaches, and ever, new anil then wa h« "_"" 

Bank Paper va. Ctadlt 

Trbuk seems to bo n movement going 
rather on ii tufa-grot, n if current to inlroduoo into 
California banks nnd banking, with a pnpor civ- 
oulation, and politioinns and hard-pressed spec- 
ulators ore pulling thoir heads together (wc 
had almoBt said wits) lo see in what way they 
can best introduco this sabjeet, this 
as to got it before Iho Legislature the coming 
winter. There ia a olass of men that say Cali- 
fornia, can never rise again without n bunking 
capital and a paper cirenlatjnu ; thoy assort lhat 
she needs a credit to help her out of hor present 
embarrassed condition. This is a end mistnko, 
it has boon hor credit that has ruined her ; bar 
orcdit has been too good, and the has owed 
"i ill owos too mueh abroad, and until that debt 
is paid she can never rise; that debt must 
paid by tho produote of hor soil. Tbo grain of 
her valleys, hor wool, bides and tallow, hor 
horns, old iron nnd kegs— these nil tell 
were it not for Ibia debt she would now ht 
to use nil thoso mnterials here in manufactories 
of her own. Being constantly in debt Califoruii 
is novor had time to rcfleot what she should 
- could do to make herself truly independent. 
Wo havo said California has bad too much 
credit, and yet sho could not use it to muob ad- 
itago; hororeditbas been water-logged. Wo 
st have a Railroad ; with tho great Pacific, 
Bnilrond those merchants deserving of a credit 
soon make a tarn af their merchandise, 
ius add to their gains by means of a credit, 
not oyoilable, only as a means of maro 
deeply involving our Stato and (ha whole people 
load of debt already too largo for them, 
'o hope that every well wisher of our Stato 
will do what ho can lo crush this hydra-headed 
monster a paper currency, whenever and wbero- 
ever it may appear, and with one united voice 
repudiate paper banking. Do (his and all other 
kinds of repudiation will bo unknown, and men 
arid our Stato will pay tbo last dollar of every 

No Repudiation. 
Tins is a matter of serious import to every 
truo friend of California. Pay tho State Debt, 
to its last farthing, and lot California t 
ample to all future States that shall bo 
uur bright golaiy, Novor repudiate, 
although the debt may havo henn incurred by 
fraud and wrong, still those who contracted 
it wero the ptiblio servants, chosen by tho 
people, nnd although they may havo transcend- 
ed their powocs and abused their trusts, still we 
dd never have it said tho Golden State was 
pudiatiug State. If tho legislators or publio 
rants of '53, '54 and '55 abuse." 
and tranBcendod their powers, havo those that 
elected in' 56 and '57 all clean hands? 
ond therefore, wo would have all tbo past 
obligatioun of California, priooipn] and interest, 
paid in full, and learning n lessuu by the past, 
profit by experience. Eleot wiser bodoi 
who shall guard the interest and fame 
tc, end legislate and labor to promoti 
all her industrial interests; wilh such publii 
nts, tho gain of ono year alone would mon 
pay all tho dobt of the Slate. Wo trust 
tbo vale of the oitLuw of California will bo 
pie of ber honor and probity. W 

■■-■'-■- w jji 

Soaks Hi-,- i •.-,•■ .I. 

The Anatomy and Physiology of the He 
by Dr. Dmld— with plates. Tho work \, J** 
admirably adapted to instruct and gi vo ^^ 
essons, in the quickest time, and when Z* 
needed, relative to (he na(ure of the horse. |f 
illustrated wilh fine colored plates. This tr^ 
should bo In tho bands of all who deal i D lj" 
flesh." Jewc(( t Co., publishers. 

The Cotton Planter's Manual: by 1^ 
A very interesting work, giving tho history^ 
mode of culture of cotton, and will prove nisju 
to us Oalifornians in the growing of (bis ptov 
of our soil. Snxton A Co., publishers. 

The Sugar Cane. A Cne practical w^ 
this (soon to be) staple of Cau'fornto. It ,:* 
practical lessons for the growing und uses of? 
Sorghum Sneliro. Saxton & Co., publisheis. 

The above were kindly sent us by Messrs. fj,n 
Saxton £ Co., to whom we return thanks. 

Villas and Cottages. A superb work oj (l 
architecture of cottage residences : by DoBraj.1 

V.,,,-* Tko J^l^.. «..„ ....... -_s _v ._ 7"' 

The designs ni 

iv nnd chaste, 


renting beantifo] _^ 
Horper 4; Brothers-, publishers. 
Poulterer's Companion: by Dement. Tr™ 

oneofthe best works known. An 


icknowlclge this l,oi (J ( l>.,.,i h ; 
have seen in i.'abfi,,,,,,,. n„. vv „, L , 

(bo finest 

A^Sncramento Garden. 
When at Sacramento recently, we visited thi 
Garden of Dr. B. B. Brown, on H street. Thi 
Doctor i9 ono of our amateur horticulturists,!! 
passionately fond of the study and practice of 
horticulture, and if any ono will visit his Pet 
Garden, it will bo seen that he bos a great many 
pets. Trees, planta.and flowers, once in bis hinds 
id by him planted, become identified wilh bis 
:ry nature and he loves them, as a dealing 
parent loves a child. Dr. Brown has planted 
and plants upon a given space of 
ground than any person wo know of. Tho Doc- 
prldes himself upon having everything or (ho 
best, and so ha Iibs, in trees, plants, otcj but wo 
think he bus too much of (ho good in so small a 
spico, i. e. be has (rece and plants enough for a 
four-acre lot, instead of a city garden. Why, 
Doctor, you want to monopolize the goad things! 
Wo noticoda Bno seedling Peach, a Qno Necta- 
rine, Apple and other fruit; also very lino stand- 
ard and climbing roses ; bat nc must say, if ,h u 
Doctor would take out two-thirds of tbo fruiL 
trees and plant them olsowbere, ho would 
md light to tbo balance, and bin crop would 
n amount thai it ever can bo from 
all the trees as they now grow, while his pet 
flowers would iben bloom freely. 

The Doctor has dono a good deal by his exam- 
ple lo stimulate a love of the beautiful, and has 
exhibited many Hno specimens. Wo regret not 
I 1 " 1 '"' I;'"" *> home, but was kindly shown the 
Garden by hi, lr .dy, and revived flne fruit and a 
eollectron or ro-e, ami liters ,n the shape of a 
I'ie be-oo,,,,!. f, lr ,vhieh i.„ ret,,,,, thanL and 
hope (o see ( his fine ga rden the pel of Iho district. 
iy Who will Show tho Way t-Ooido Ports. 
Ih a country like California, where momenta 
precious, Bnd where time is money, it ia highly 
loso lime by losinit 
Every one that travels in Iho country 
; it it nlmust impossible for a stranger 
way from town to town, very easily. 
Excep whore there are pr.vate enterprises, such 
as bndges, femes, or turnpikes, Ihero „ nQ „;,„. 
posts, or guide-boards, uur is (here scarce rlny 
*a* of knowing the readonly yon chance ,o 
person (bat Is disposed lo tell juu if 
vrowoutdC g e Ca r 1 he iC, nZ U ? li, ? OU , ,rD ! 05L 

boards M \VT'o H '"'"- * Ui ' Me G U ' d °- 

edition ; with 120 fine platus, fully illu^lratiau, 
laying and crowing species. People with ttaj|i 
mirable work can cennt their eggs right rsenj, 
Harper .t Brothers, publishers. 

Farm Implements— 200 engravings by Tkoaj 
A very important work, giving the nature si 
uses of every implement, nud how best u* 
Harper's edition. 

The above came to ns from Messrs. rbrpet 

ith (heir respccts.ond we hopo so valuable won] 

may find a largesolo in California. See IhdrouJ 

another column. 

Grasses and Forage Plants: byO.!,.,!* 

iq.,Sec'y Board of Agriculture. This isoo>»; 
the very best works extant, and in Califomist 
should be widely circulated, as we have mad, 
learn upon the subject of grasses aod their adij* 
lion to our climate. A copy of this work wsjb- 
ceivedfrom ibeauthor, and a second from Ihepri 
lishers, G. I\ Putnam & Co. To both we leofe 

Saporb Sample of Eica. 
Wd havo boon kindly furnished with a raj 
handsome Bamplo of Rico, in its natural ebb) 
brought by Capt. Gove from Lombock (utt 
East End of Java), in tho bark Live Yeah* 
This is ono of tbo haodsomest specimens i 
RtoB over brought from that place. Wo rettm 
thanks to Capt. Govo for this kind favor dost 
us. The sample con be seen at our office. 

Drain Beeeived. 
avo to thank frlond O'DonimU, of £ 
ismpla ShoaforWlitat It tiooa bi 

EfTpttiD Main, 
Thobu, 3000 ia. 
Hams, B,q., froi; 


/alloy, r 

'. (litv bosl 

it fori 

-avo cm 

o thai 

™, Ilttiaboldl ooucr. 

Sont b» F-B.IIart, Ei^.t 

Wa leader ibatiki to both friends for 

Thanki to Dr. Powell, of Chioew Camp, Tathau 
e-.unly. r-.-rfmrlloiJi „ffi 00 Wboat {Ilaliai,}. K|„,-,^ 
of IN Itcsds raised from cm Seed. Tho Wbtat ra 
eronn ia tho Doctor'i E 

! inic-itbi. 


important that wo should n 

DKPEnnEn Ooi'ir.— We regret lo bo obligrf" 
leave out copy prepared for (bis issue, bot * 
State Society's Premiums is of too much i» 
porlancc to defer nt this moment. 

Ingenwcs Gopitek Trap— P. E. Edmorf 

son, E,,]., bna nbown us nn e^eolleiil tnl |,; 
'■■■■iLi'l,ii,L' ( ;.>p]kT~, inve,it,.,l bv Mr. G. C. AUr. ■ 
ot the vn,i„ity ,-,f ,1,,, ,.;,,. „f , niklond, ondc* twn j,io,-,. s ,,f if,, - ,, n , [IT ,j rl ,. iiBralH 1 " 
attnobod with a fuler-m, ih or tbo eeutcrj alrUI 
spring at one end, ami claw* at (he other; ** 

r : 'i,e.-.l with (, |,„n 1 tri ;i .-,. r . which givB «V 

at tho slightest touch. Y..11 nut iu the trap « 
'■|"iiiii(j the b.,bi „ little, run] i.h.-n the gefT 
comoa out ho is sure lo Im caught, II u ' 
'dead" thing. Dr. IInIo, „f Alameda, rocaaj 
caught fuur buu.lret! in hi- i.ur-ery. with'*'* 
Iheso traps. Thoy cost thu suiall sum of a" 
dollars each.— [San Leondro Giutotto. 

Tho trnp mentioned above is the ono ths!^' , 
been noticed by us, and can bo seen at our o5» 

IIol.LowAv' fl Or.MMr.NT ii invaluable f" ( * 
_ urn of Und I.ei;, Sore Urea.-;!;, an.] Wound* {•■ 
of 20 years' standing. Cases lhal havebewW 
eun.iihr..,! as ..;,„; all cue. readily yield * " 
wou'lci-ful ellicaoy. 

Sold al the manufactories. No. SD Maiden W* 
New Vorb.aml No. L-l-l SLnu.-l. I..,u,Io,i i ^'' 
all druggists, at 2Sc,. 02)c. and Si per bol. 

C'ouau. which so oftel g 
lb rnla(itudes,areap 

minato fatally ii 

arrested in a'rnajority of cases, il reeourso 
W tho Wild Cherry preparatioa of Dr. i¥t| 
Abundant evidence uf this bet has been [!"* 
Norm genuluo unless signed I.fiulLiOn (hoflf 



Sprouting of Yoong Fotatoo* In the BolL 
Editors Eambib : I boo by your paper of 
July Slat, that tbo inquiry of one of your 
MsponnY Ola iu relation to too ictond graicth of 
Pofototi, is answered, or partially ao, by "A 
Sobfflriticr." H» tote out by Baying, tbnt ground 
thnt couhl lie prepared fur plantingin Fobr. 
it too dry for a Into crop, Here let mo differ 
with him. Almost any ground will do for n late 
crop of Potatoes, by deep plowing and the 
of tbo lubmil plow. 1 have proven this (act by 
experience-. fays lllut ground thotisdryoud 
will nnt keep Ibu vim's id, a. vtgoronJ giOKtb, 
that UV moment the vino censes growing, ao doea 
the. Potato. Admitted. But with mo, a large 
and vigorous growth uf the 'inc. and aomebmes 

the Potatoes are taking tho second growth; so 
true ia Ibis, tlinl I call, in walking over a Geld, 
tell every bill that ia Inking a second growth. 

Again, he pay*, the Potatoes so growing are 
watery and uutTt for use, aud that tboy will not 
keep. With me, it ia very different; as thoy 
answer very well for tho table, nod will keep 
two months, that I am sure of. 

"Bobacriber" seems to bo opposed to the usb 
of a plow among Putuloes, especially the suo- 
aoit. This, ho says, ho "knows to bo wrorjg." 
Stronp language, Sir. Subscriber. My expe- 
rience it, tint by keeping tbo ground loose, and 
Barring it up deep before tho (ops got above, eii 
or eight inches high, tbo better the crop trill 
be. He seems to plead for tho cultivator und 
hoe, and again* t the plow. I will just here ask 
Subjcriliir, if ho ever saw one of tho improved 
Shore) Plone, now used in the western States 
for working among com and potatoes, and iu 
mot any crop planted in rewe and wLi'h r, ■ ■ ) » s i r-. ■ 
billing up? With me the use of tbis plow doea 
away with the boo almost entirely. I bcliovo 
they nro not .in sale in Ibis country. Wo make 
thorn for our own uee. I have experimented tho 
present year among Potatoes, planted at tbo eamo 
time, and find that Ihoso worked by the plow 
produce twenty per cent more than those cnlti- 
Tatcd and billed np by hand. The present yoor I 
think is n peculiar one for the Potato, and the 
Only reason I can give fur the second growing, 
it, that iu tbo absence of the usual apring rains 
the ground becomes warm and dry around tho 
Potato, which Cousea it to pat forth shoots and 
grow again. I am further convinced that tho 
Lent is tbo enure, for by putting some Potatoes 
in a pile, just as thoy were dug, and covering 
them with dirt six or len inches deep, and in a 
month nearly all had sprouted — tho covering of 
dirt being worm end dry clear through. I bnvo 
planted Potatoes from the 1st of December to 
the middle of May, and, ns a general tiling, all 
planted after the 20th of February bavo taken 
the eecond growth; oven among tho lato crops, 
and where the ground seems mellow and damp, 
the young tubers not larger than a hen'i egg and 
quite (-roue, liave put forth shoots which come 
to the top uf the pound, and form, as it were 

I would bo pleased to eco the experience of 
any fanner in relation to tbis matter, in 
valuable joarnnl. 

OlXLtSD, Aneml Eih, 1ST. 

Tun ArriDAYiT of the World.— It was a 
■lying of the first Napoleon tint there was no 
auch word as impossible, in the vocabulary of a 
great mnu. iMikuUii. < ivhicii appal a mediocre 
intellect only Btimulato the energies of a powerful 

the si 


lived the idea of i 


w pianel. from -vFti-ni to st' -tern, and hcticcudd 
it The. godlike Washington, determined in the 
namo of Lil.triv and J.ntice, to resist the might- 
iest and tlii' v c.ili bit-, I pjvcrnmcnl in tho world 
— and wo are Tree. Others hive mado successful 
war on the common enemy, Disease ; and in the 
foreiuo-t rank of these champions or humanity 
we place Professor Holloiiay. Happily we live 
in an a|io which does not dcligatc to posterity iW 
duty of appreciating and rewarding ita master 
minds. They carry with tlicin the apnluu' L . a,,.] 
gratitude of millions. So it his hcen with this 
extraordinary man. Uu has heard with bis own 
ears the voice of approval which is to vibrate 
through the future. Hf has been the architect 
Of hi* own fame, as well as future, and has seen 
with bin on-n eyes the fabric which Is to bo bis 

Ho remedies Tor tho various disorders which 
afflict mankind have been so extensively used, so 
universally popular on Hollo way's Pills and Oint- 
mont. It way, perhaps, be said that the nott'S- 
pap-,r ,.!-,■ ...f tho ,Hy affords vast facilities for 

?iviii« pii'iiln-ily 1 1] in.' ii- invention* and dl- oniric). 
Ve admit it, hut it mn.tlio also .emembered that 
the sain,; medium which affords the opportunities 
to the discoverer ni<) inventor is open to all who 
may challenge the correctness of his theory to 
Impugn the value of its practical result*. Hol- 
Inway'a remedies fat external and i/is- 
efuei tland before the world unaiiailcd. The 
Chelation is they arc unassailable. But Ibis is 
not all. Their efficacy is not merely undented. 
it in conceded by men of science, by Incorporated 
Institutions jealous of all innovations upon ol' 
roles and precedents, by governments watchful c 
the i>n).,li.-ii, l .T tit ,. i „ 11 j ,-,„,.(,rVLitorsofthcpubli 
beilih. I'.vm this is not thoslrongest evidence 
lo their favor, 'this prc^imayerr, men of felence 
nwy be nrnlalcn. institutions maybe deceived, 
governments may act hastily, hut univcisal ex. 
perimetit is infallible. 

Preparations thnt have been tested by milllont 
Ol people, civihied, wml-clviliitd and '^iv.,-.:, it, 
every nunrior of the glube. and that hato netci 
Isiled to produce the promised results, have re 
ceited the lii s liM unction which any invenlion 
is cspitd., t,\ reoeivmi;. In fict, it may almost bo 
said of H.,||„'..Vs IMIs an,] umtm-Tii Una the! 
have bten nuii,.., 1 ii.-ni,d I,, ,[,„ affidavit o( 
k!nd.-[N. V.Sunday Times. 

Ch Lucre Sugar Cane Seed. 


New Stbahbb Fon Petaluma.— A Goe 
steamer will bo placed on tbo Petaluma rooto, in 
a short limo, by the Contra Costa Ferry Com- 
pany. Tho steamer will bo equal, If not superior 
lo iho Cornells, and will make day trips to thi 
Uayataek, from whence psssengerfl and freight 
will psse on directly lo the town. Tho boat will 
leave Petaluma at 8 A. IT., and San Francisco -' 
2 p.m. ThoeaptainandofEcersareallgenllfrt 
and orerytbing will be done to ficililale trade,i 

jjlisfactioa. 0. Minium. Esq- is agent of 
iho line. Thus far, that line has cost the own 

825,000 beyond tho return, ond allowan 
should be mado lor all pioneer cnlerprii 
Steamers of suitable site far navigating the I 
ir San Francisco cannot run op to tho to 
■tall seasons of tho year. The distance from Ibo 
Haystack lo Petaluma is now eight miles by lh( 

, and only two miles by the stage ; thus tbo 

tig creek makes it difficult of navigation. 

f TnORHOR.VB IVlioIcinlc anil Item II ( 
:c Jdth JULY, and -IU bo forwarded lo Dealer 

- VHiKTAilLE fEEIlS, «j <>■ ; 
It pvMlilial on Ills UOXH JULY, u 


jy GODFIL * CO., Pi 

■ru of lie Uallal 

TUrtj JPa«' apfrt" 11 

.re will. UU hoped. 

at, tearing o/i^ , Jf-'T i,l J^-i-:j:t] 

«' 'f,','; 

t. a. roiiTiiit, :-i. i>. 

tl Lidj or Gentle 

* u> of lYOB'B 
, Inllcady caoDcctcd v 

oemllt sup poaciL The 



d in. ,.,. ,1 nioaiI._"DIL CUV 

jmclof Vd]aiiDudL«itdHuMii.rill«" 

bj- (t. Ws cu ufclv iu, "Trjlt." It irrlvo it,o 

irlr cSCceciaus utlui 

■Q thebloed. lunrcD|UicuinjaDd<M. 

cm »UiHb i,rclailr,v[iUy«b4TDallDliLcr 


nlld aato Uio row brought biclt [o your 

indtranrpflrcattklD, anil life mi] vigor 


lh.^,1, lh= . 

■un,liJior; l ijii l Ei , i Kimci of YeUmr 

■, !■■ ■ rennany. 

K Si WHITE, d'n.r.l Amu, iw) tm porta, for ill 

o Fueou HuHtioa, Ml IVuhinatoa itren, tUo Fnu- 

I'AIIKU'S I'i:%(ll.S_l,„l 
ig J-cDcUi, Culuiel Fcnelli, IVIJio Cnjaiu, 
!Uw Pdiclt>, Ita) ChilA, M. 
■ PacUi an ho hid of BuUninvi. Fbocj- 
ml o lot n la lbs <ujaui cltuw of CillfiimlL 

iclliu, TJIncterer lb« Rujti taOtaj li 
: v It I* taic&j aeceattrf [uatjUuI I 

I , ,i ,j,\,.| ... ...!i 

,1,,.:. T1....J 
nijlli. buL Field, 

On irt'irinz lo ihc Import pi[c -ISO. 11 will bo lt<0 Ltnl ttu 
Joron aiTo oouUernl A. IV. Kibcr^ FcdcU* dncrtlDg of I 
mam al^bdoJ oodee thin hu bexn kccuiuoJ to »nj olbej 
FeoHl Ufloruulujcr. Tte ilcp-rrt fartbiT rihln u IdIIdti 

I iv. , i - 1 r ■ u, t .... J I.- , uf.. , '.,:■ II ,1 I 1 ,,.. ,.,, , : ,i n . 

■ SSiiy ::. l i , ;; t ;.; Q S-' h0 l " : " n ' 1 bd0i ' e ™"" * ^ pK " 

Biwin of OaarjtfrMll I 
Tturrpouulonri A. W. Fibcr'j Le»d Fmdui hu rMfrdla 
t, •linn Ibr tnetLtJon of crfUIn IfldliWiudi, "hnlnTodUje 

■ilo ol o tounlerfelt wiiili., which. Uioiigb ol a loudly dUtBeo 

r 1 * t'oljcrhlc Loid 

, rtt, uiJ ■rodUpoaAl 
ciiefnDj ihe lUrapi 
F«bnr h «t1s>F,iuroi a 

lni]in-u'd ia tb 
H, How Yoik." 

□ WUUud lUccr. New Turk 


f^- aULWKU'S SBW SOVB»>— "^ 

HK DO WITH IT,' tbo new Swrj bj filr E. Hi 


will appear Kitrj Sjluidij Moral 
o Cral, ■ Copj. Each combo « 

II ,'.■ llllul-IIEItsi, 

JJi% Slali RtglBrt, and olban an 
Hut, R«cl>, A'-. BXTERMISATOB, 

DiUjH»U!Jleji4lcr, ol April 3TUi,u.ji: "Tr 

ft Il« Enerialn.1or.' oliic 

!d<ia lbi«raj)il (tn-SS 

t, Flo,, Ac. arc 1 nld la 



Fraauce and General Co rami: .ion Uerchanti, 
Itrect lbs. Out ind WuhlnfiDDnia*>), 


BOiiauiil' T ■>-,!,'.■ ,:, 1, t-.1:-l s .■.-, l.-.:i,,l. 
1 .■ r.-.1,|.-, I r,- :i I. . ■, li I'l. r, ,\.r , .v.- 

Xo. D Clai ilrecl IVturf,! 



R. II. BENNETT, fc CO., 

A C. 0. HUNTER, 

_M_ Floor Hereh ant, 


San FranciEco Pinning- and Sawing Milla, 
HOBBS, GILMOKE & CO., PitopitiETors, 

tiolil Diul, BpHll miif tVult iln'in) «d ill"olt tr 

I. TJ M B E H. , 

Doors, Windows, Sashes, Blinds, &o., &o. 


Crockery, Glassware, Britannia Ware 

Cutlery, Plated Ware, Lamps, 41c. 

Kapaclal iiiiiiiiimi |,,il i', i,]|-r,|.jili,., f.n.i.liii, 

uu of Win for F.mllici. Hotel.,' 

Eabllo Fartlw, An., Ae. 

agent roa T11E eAL'aAaENTO POTTERY. 

O.dcr. received [or Eanhtawaro, tod fumbhed at 

Pottery Prieu. A una a^-.tuu,,' ,.f 1 1...H1 1:11 n.u... 

al ,|l- . i,n! Is the trade. 


H'i a; Freat m.. 1, 

a AM FitAHciaco. 

isros. 4 A.3Nrxo a 
Court muck, ci 

for Tonne; Ladies. 

K*T I. AVERY SHEPHERD, Principal. 

Finn. -a:, i in-' i--i 11 i i.mai.i: iNMiinr. 1, 
i In in Ihlrdjwror tn« c ..,i„i ..,. ..ui.,,. I„, 11,.,, 

,.„.-i,:,... ( ,Fi„, ,.r..|.. hi,,|,, I.,,,!., ,.l ,,f I,,,.!!.-! 

11 ■', I : ■:. ..■ ..,:..;■ 

I i|'it' 1., l'!Hi:..ri.|ii|. tb L . I, „!,,.„.»■,„, hit the Gn 
" ' ■■' In tbo Euto Tbo rnntjpal 

■ubcl (nil. 


HOTELS, &e. 




MKR. (IaIlKV BAIIGKHT, U«™Pro|>riruir of tbo 
.'■!„!: ,'"r'. ,'■■., ;,:', ;,'-',„'„ 1 ,i,'."l,.V , ,"i, , ,-;„' ,.i„'|. „.!..'!, 


ji.isa:EiircA.isr exchange 

t. -y.jffli TbeAinonc«n E.eln«;e COACH it ilm, 

'-->- ■ ^_-,,t.-, li.- ■: I' .-.<■„.■■.- i..i.r.l" 

I II M. I , I,:. ... , , I ,11 "I 11- r-Uj.!"i fl- 









SaS Fr.imi-i-,1. Ci 

Solano Hotel, 


:. ; ;!:;"';;':":.;i.i; 

Mlcd illioclly oopCMlto t 

Dahu[hl:TU|.,v*t,oVcaa b-7 

T oagiri^e.rnnofcb.irc, 

111 Lwlilan. Mr. 1 

Ir .1,:. ,■,!,-.,, K:,|- .„■.,■, !■'.,, 
.;!:—.....] i.,l]\.i; 

tir.l 111. 'IIi'.naasdl>uti{cima) 

Antelope Bestaarant, 

■fjm ii! i !. , :., l .. : ! , .'.;-;v"uSi i'l-^n'slSak. 

liber iataoEbell 
,|.ioaioia .Ijlo, 


jood "Oiitar" 
...aOrKor: 1 ' odd 
of j our Bnl limo; 

' MUM -.ill;!:. 

In |... in. Id)- Ml 



11 toa*o *bo. ai.i-roclaTo jrwid thlnci e 

t itreot, bet, Co mm arc lal eod Cl.j, 
San Fr-molKO 

To Bayers of Family Groceries. 

Reynold's & law 

Ho. 134 WaibJngton ttroet 



'in!', i.iil'ii i:p:if:"'"n'i|- yl\- 

Ta Fanntrs and Othen. 

■ win j.j.v.!,,.,. itLi-n-f:i;, iHiii~.,i„lciiKK.~ r : ,-■ 

(oppotJlotlloMllldt^Flr,.;,;.." I i':nMi',, , 


*M&. OCEAN dm. 

—172 UioailicaS- 
Idioi of arorr doRriptin 

_>3" CoIIecIIooi mida, and orcrllblni »nalnlai to 

Errrea Bii.-iii . " |.n. m| .||y ,ni t -i..),..f|... iW] .,,. 



Harness, Saddles, Bridles, & 


French Heiino Bhcep. 

HAVINil li.TUonBa^J ia i.nrortinj a 
rccliiic Krm-li M-n.,. -!,-n|.. (■■- ,.;■:! 


■■ 11, 'I ii !'■ '■IU- •'■ '■' ■""■- --■ 

mon.n-r JOHN li fATTKH.='-"S. 

T6-<3ai 1Fo. lfl;IJ, Cbaulaieiao r, n.,t t , g. T. 


*" n 0EO. CAMPBELL, 
Wat WeMmlaiti 

S ile si" 11 Merino Sheep, 
Spanish Merino Sheep. 

11,. ^r.iiil.i, M.-riri.i SUrri, i.1,-,1 anil 1"r 1 

Farmers of Calif on 

TTSi I AM llrordia;. aad baio fcry-s—— 
^Irblac tutb .hxh, nod can rait, u to quality "H - ft 

? 1 L .- ■ -. .1 r. ^cc-.j.llli^.. null... 

tf„.r. .i I'ii, <|«r I'liil 

Mv Stock took W|,ri»oi«to 
,ii„,|, ,..,.■. inSbiop. Tri rae 

Itats r*lt-813S or 
i. COOK, 

Splendid Merino Stock. 

-—«& THE cliir .r J1KKIN0 SHEEP, aad all aae 
■gjtrtrwl.prodacioi: fibtop, i) fc-jiin.ii,,- f. fce ;i|.pre- 
TQl-^iali,!; i.,i,i,l.,i.. ili.-iiil-.riiatjifAlrcadnulido, 
ithubeen tur»rr,iiiM .1 1 .->..,, L il .J.j.jI 1. rl, .1 .-!„., ,, ,;_,.- 

ii,.- .In- ir:,lu-rr\- ,..a mi: c.'i/i, u^ircll 01 tbo mnit prOul- 
aI-I,- llj- fias-1 frn'Joot Srnwp nro auie.<l canj lor; 
tbo moit producllro, and ua^tha but, ai tloicc] 01 tho 

" -''jrtfleconiaioa arer'iaoi Mion^i 


Sheop far nJe, no- offor «wo 6no Eucki anj E=ii fiiia 
Ibofloek ihat hiivoi,iif,-i rl:, ;,i,.„, f,df, aa tbo ia- 
croutd rhunntcr of Iho Shoeji aad Wool produced the 
r-it I'm iTillrroro. 

t'.-r a. ni.hin.- I" ]."r-ln M ,:f tbl.i Uin.l ,,f Sbcep, CIO 
loam all tho |,:nlitiil,ir> and priro, bj a-l'lri' Icl- the 
. i .; ■!;. ,..:-,. r , ■::,!.!.. I .]|,T,, ill-.. .-t.: t] ,f.m 
k.«« M ql w,l Q,n PnrrltM 

c too, 

,■ ]-|HT"IL --I" lAKMI.i: 

1 facli m.J bo 

Short Horn;, 

THE mWaben offir for (ale tboir Priia 

■,i: ■ 1 i,i;n v.i :;!■. h:mi-! -1 .:. ■ ■■■! 
,, _ „„ H.B.:an.lafo>'biill."iilli-;if.Ti-.-l-.- ; ,, 

" —" rhecfi ■ 1" Hi- j.rii..- bull.. ■■ A-t.Tia." -.-Jl A 1 

It. II., and "Irfrl V.ii,, 1 ,■ „,| - I v|;" l.iijotlior Bitb a 

lor .;,-,: H..-r, 


I r ,1,-1 C 


:•■ II li 

°" aaa ° ' Iu'! 3f'0.' S. ! 

1-rrnib Jlfriu,', rtboop, from iuii-.ried .loek. 
Thoy can bo ordered 10 anr Kili u n r.f Iho 

cfromSlMloS^O. Addrci 

A. L SINOTiAal, 

f? 1 

Splendid Merino Bams and Ewes. 

■ IV., Mii..;„„.l:,,,l..-.:, I'r.,,- . 

Cochin China Hem, Babbits, &c. 

■mill I, - .1 V ■! .,1 llll H «:■-. I.ul',':',. .1 "li', jr- 

-,.|.,l,i.,..l,-,|i- ,ii,H,i..!l,,..., !„,.,-:- nil. ■„„.■.■, :ksr ■■' 

bTsccurioci^rpotuiil l.ijon Cort-ilo It I) bo haa 
lirfcd and fjwl.i in Iho coanUT. 

Tba varlcllu of Ribbtu are naiurpuied, acd for , 
and boautr, canaot bo malchod in thi. Stale. 

The undonigned e»D uow ulTor 300 FqhIi for lair, 1 
IMiitnl.fclr. „ll„fih„1 u .,t«o.-v 





Ity JACnll Si.-lIREIIIEll, 

"— 'foctnrar and Potior in Ett)i.(I\ 

^■1- i'.l., M.tire^r,,slnn„,ljJL 

^' mi a«r.thi ne In riaJJ 

Ko 179 Jacltwn .tcool (3d door below Koornj). 

uu— aii *J°* r,I " l ' , ""i l *"" Il '" 1I,1 '" i ° , " ,II '° tar 


* --m. ™ 9 *. JE3 ■* SB 9 

Corner of CUy and Barter; itreoti, 
D")" "",!,", UF ' V ""'" !B AT >"•■<*'■■ IN nuua 

*Co.K«bii«; t i« 

D J- DU, l..o CoiblO 

A It Auntie 

■•■n W CoroorAC 
■ !■-.. ',- i„jo 

E W. CIIUItCH, [ a *° F»aclseo. 



Safes' fptjartuunt. 

"A Story that was told me." 

I gin an old woman (ottering along; one cold 
day. The sight of my oyea affected my bcart, 
and, as is usually the caso, my feeling ran out at 
(be pco's point, thus: 

Bit llruh. are ol.l. sod chill, ud wcalr, 

Tt:"Y .h-Tin -P.-- ■/•<• 1 '""I Wot »r*. 

When iba vu yooor; ui r*lr. 

re Ilka Roldon wIdji, 

And fra 
As I laid down my pen, i 


llonu bel<] rh-i. ui..i'.. .., 
s™ fm.1 lit,, .x lb.. f.i-!( 1 


a beautiful child, of 

ra, with 'th'e golden light of youth 

Blrenroing nil over her bright Curls, childhood's 
fresh luster in her dark eyes, and Juno's reddest 
roses on her dimpled cheeks — 

"01" she cried, losing tbo stray curls from h. 
brow, "we're got the splcndidtst piano orer bom 
and mother wants yoo to come and try. She 
Bays you shall play on it first." 

Now I am a child wilh childre 
i pulses leap ii 

Mill'l itlL'i 


p [ l.nunded ■ 

, _.n they ore by. And tvl 
tho locks ore siltercd on my tempos, and my 
Slops grow slow opon lbs slaircasn. 
Toices of my loied are only like re 
music, when my hand's grasp becomes tremu 
like the loosening tendrils of the dying vine, 
may the dear Lord prnnl to me iba trusting 
rScrncss of chilnhood; still may the feet of infancy 
patter round my knee, and its breath pcrli" 
mj withered cheek. 

Away went ink and pen, ai 
catch tho hand of little NellL, 
In at the beautiful ni:m = i"ti. into a room sollly 
lighted, whero Nellie's mother, who w 
valid, lay upon her accustomed couch ; 
the piano to soothe the weary sick one « 
ofmusic The instrument trna one aftc 
heart, rich'loncd, full and melodious, and the soft 
strains answered liqiidly to my touch. Now tbi 
sweet vcrseof BurnV'lliglitantl Mary," and non 
the sweeter music of Tippan's "Tbcru is an houi 
of peaceful rest," occurred to my memory, anc 
thus I played and sing till Nellie's father Came 
lie was a bandi-uun' n inn. in tin' full vigor of man- 
hood, and from him his little daughter inherited 
her golden-tinted hair and hazel eye. lis look 
seat near bis wife, and drew- her thin hand into 
his, and he spoke to her. Then, when I praised 
the new piano, he turned to me, laughingly, say- 
ing, "Yes, and tbu best part of it is, it only coil 
ma ten dollars." 

I expressed n; asLinislun^nt, if! my look of 
wonder drew another laugh" from him. 

"Let me tell you the story," be said, drawing 
litlk- JJi.'Uie toimrJ him. and L-nuircling her little 
form wilh bis arm, while- she looked with as much 
astonishment as myself, and ho began. 

■■A few years ago I went to Chicago. I had 
been there but a Tow days, when, in one ol my 
morning walks, I encountered a girl some twelve 
years old, a very intelligent, l>ri K lit-c;-.-d child, 
who** face wore such a sorrowful oipression that 
] almost slopped to speak with her as she passed. 
The morning air was raw and chilli, the ground 
wet from a light fall of .-ark snow, and 1 noticed 
Ibat, as the wind "-- 

cred u 

As she- 



by me, she half turned, and 1 had gone 
le way before I beard quick footstep* behind 
,nd stopping, the girl lifted her hand. as ir to 
- L — arm, then drawing hack, she said: 
if yoo could giro me a little money 

to buy bread, 

"'Are you hungry 1" Tasked. 

" Tfra, sir, real hungry;' and her lips quivered. 

'"Doesn't your father work, and brine home 

" 'Father istlck,' she said, 'and mother a ]i rained 
her arm, and my brother, who used to help us. 
was drowned not long ago.' 

"Something in my heart, and in her fice, told 
me that her story waa true. I took her Into a 
biker's *hop, bade her hold out her lettered 
apron, and filled it with loaves. Then putting fice 
dollar* into the shopman 1 * hand, 1 Minulninr] thai 
Ibopoor family was to have bread enry morning 
till the money was used up. Then I slipped ai 
other Uvo dollars into the girl's hand, and turm 
hriily fmiii her leir tilled eyes. 

"Well, ten dollars was gone, and I was by i 

through ■ German missionary. She is a good 
scholar, and teaches a little school herself, now. 
in Chicago. She has becomo a handsomo and 
refined young woman, and is educating her only 
brother younger than herself. I learned from 
him that my litllogift put now life Into the sink- 
ing heart of tho poor, sick father, and the nourish- 
ment procured with some of tho money, gave 
strength 10 his weak frame. Tho father obtained 
employment, tho little brother found work to do 
in an office, and the girl obtained tho rovorahlo 
notice of a celebrated pianist, who saw thai sbo 
pos-essed musical gifts of a high that by 
his cultivation, she became enabled to support 
herself. So, yon see, ton dollars mado a whole 
fimily happy, grateful, and useful, and bought me 
this beautiful instrument." 
Verily, truth is stranger than Action. 

Air and Exerolso for Women. 
Ix an article npon this subject in the Springfield 
{Moss.) Republican, wo find tho following sensible 
and admirable remarks, and believing tbat the 
happiness and prosperity at tho farmer depend in 
a great measure upon the condition of hi* home, 
we copy a portion, and commend it 10 n careful 
consideration : 

"Tho life of tho fanner is en often made the 
subjoot of complimentary remork, so ofton 
praised for its peacefulness and indi-peniU'iici-. 
that the runner's wife might, very rnii. r.,i!h . he 

supposed to he I he happiest mi in the world. 

From her relation to the "lords of tho soil," sho 
ahould bo tho lody of tho soil, a peaceful, 
healthy, independent woman. Thnt (lit) revorao 
of this, Li the cimera! faot, will bo universally 
conceded by tbo wires of tho farmers. 

"A young farmer arrives at the ago when hi 
ihin!>"it tim.'for him t" get married and 'settle 
down." Ho has hnd n rrspeniuhle eihicntiei 
and wants a woman who is his equal. He looks 

about hi ind mukes his choice. Sbo is o girl 

bred beside him in tho country, linn Leon well 
educated, reared by careful parents, and is, in 
' i truest aeuso, n lady. Sho loves books, pos- 
ise'a skill and tosto in music, and is. in all 
ntrt, fitted to reign tbo queen of a hnppy 
no. Sho becomes tho wife of (ho farmer, is 
bilious to do as much ns her neighbors, and 
r husband is soon avaricious enough to allow 
tho woman of hia love (o becomo bis most do- 
ited dcudgo. From ihoiici-fiirth, her life it. one 
the most unremitting toil. It is nothing but 
end and patch, cook and bako, wash and iron, 
iuni and mnko cheese, pick up chips and draw 
water, bear children mid nursu them. Tho 
family enlarges, tho husband grows wenlthy, 
becomes important in community, rides to town 
iory day, takes hia eoje when he ohooaea; hut 
i0 cares of bis faded and broken-down wifo, 
know no relaiation. Sho may outlive her hus- 
band, hut rarely duos ; and, not uufrequently, a 
lecond wifo comes in In in the money that 
■tumid U.ivii h.'.-n eiijoj-i-.l li_v b.'t preilefe-jur, 
liriiUL'h ii 'jui'-t eh I uu'o of rat. 

This is no fanoy sketch ; it is drawn from 
ifej and. lu every country town nn.l neighbor- 
ho. nl, iif truth fil in-.-i will h>- r.ri.gntzad. Now 

despise tho good for-ui.thine;.-, ,,f i.,-l,: ,1.1,, 

, ss much as uny one. mid hnve un ulTection 
fur drones in nny liivo. We are aware that cir- 

the furmer's wife, but in New England, tln-e 

ces do nut prevail. And while wo 

! no woman to eat the broad of idlc- 

. uuld seo the class of which we nra 

!■]!.■ ill; irij:, r.-h i-e.l from tlml tin: In uf eveiln.-liiig 
■'"idcery. which d.-prives th.-m of the privilege 
relaxation for a day, and the time whioh tboy 
1*1 "1 pl-'Hv iji-ioti.- to the iiii.teruul education 
of their children. 
"From this life, the girls of our day aro Icarn- 
g to shrink; not became they are In; v. hut 
leauae tlu.y know they are to be sacrificed. 
N',.i h,', nun- the tullin- i.f the firmer is nut re- 
-p. tt-tl.!.', hut li-i.-n.i-.. ih.-y l.< n..t wish to bo- 
coine hi-. iiii»tr.-."— inniil-uf-iill- w.,rk. nurse and 
boot-jnok. New Ihe founilritjon uf rill thin wrong, 
is in that nvarieious -|.irit. hntided duwu fruin 
hither to son, which innke- [he .lolhir tho stand- 
ard of respectability, and land the. nnly fuiintain 
. . teas. We hope to aeo the day when 
Ihi- farmi-r's wife shall hhnre in tie. |ieai.-el"ulin'-i 
id independence of the farmer's lot; ninl we 
rull upon the Indie-, to e»i*rign in the r.Tonii 
Ihemsilve?, nnd lu tench the lords of the soil, 
lliat th.-r.- is -imethiiiR to live t'r.r hesides pota- 
toes; and Hint lifo cnu be enjeyed more truly, 
by a proper prefervntiou of tin' heiilth. InnotV, 
iii'i'tJiiipli-liineuls uii'l g.jiji] pjiirils uf th.-ir o.nli- 

■ rich er 
doubt, the Lord . 

breakfast, and t 

udl in sp-jre 

it 1 felt a< 

as cheap enough for the rar 
a God's poor children. I wen 
just as tbo gong sounded fo 

i I c 

than I felt a hand 
up, there sal an old friend thai 1 had not mot fo 
fourteen years. When I lost saw him he was i 
young man. just stalling in the world wiib lull, 
means, and few friends.'' 

'"I have nut grown rich, 1 he said, after the Hrs 
sorprise of recognition was oier, 'bol I am abl 
to pay my debts. Do you remember one day. 
fourteen jwrs ago, you lent me ten dollars in my 
eiiritiniy. and i„[,| me mier in pay unless 1 was 
able? How I liav„ lr j t d to llnd your address 

luM n 


•'1 was very inneli nx.ini-htd and affected, for 
I bad totally fur^Hm I, ,,non, hut 1 
not refuse Ihejusi ruturn. I'ndv I ihouetii 

what Ihi" 

and tbo world in general. Th 
1.-..I.H, , „r rive hundred di 
bit of land; 1 accepted It, and as ■ 
Nelhe hate long been teasing 
bought tbi, for tbem." 

"It seem, like a dream," said 
I of rererenco on the beau 

In thu new 

ed wilh myself 

"You o. 

I! I ud-li-.i 

ought of ir 

. Can ihy bread upon .... 
It find it after many daysi 

■no "it .__ 

do'. - not seem esactly appropriate 
^ -Did you ever see the girl . e ai n , pspii" ^^ 


At the New York Dry Goods Store 

Mt— A cor 


spondenl of an Eastern paper, in 
nnuiry, Ihcs sneaks a timely word 

for id ■ wi'iineu. 11^ indiuiijuiiy --j-.s 

Is the blame for the exirnvogunce in living all 
be Inid open the w„rnei] ol this country? Cer- 
tainly nut. We HTM.-uk or the ulrBVuga,;,-., ,,f ,|,, 
female portion of tie.- community m L .,r[.._-r-., [,i:,in,i. 
clc., hut do not menlion Fifth .U.-iun. [i.i!-.u-es, 
C'.llj- ImrrrS ninl viliieli.-s. and Hjik'mlid ehureln ■ 
'.:■ rt ,n,lv ihe women are not to blame for the.,., 
l.-mk nl the .-?|-.-n;e- nf our yinirjf! nun in f.i-lnnii- 

nMf .Ir.-,. r.r.iii.Jj, n julep ...e.-.i.-r -i|[i|], r .., UIi ,] 

!?[ ri-_Mr... 1 think tlr.i it'll,,.- iie....uiit litre 
iced, it ii dunlitfiil whii-li ,j,!e rt.iuld pn.'poil- 
£. I apprehend tlml the Unit in ev.iiMi,i!',inl 
liviriE periLide. tin.- whole cuminuniiv. hulh ;"„■, 
bun).' i.piallj to blame. Even our 'luij, mli. h, r.- 
i' hi eo-llv that .me i.mii hardly »eT-t>J In die. 

Von uny he Mire tlml our v i K wnm-n are n.9 

eui.ful jhuiit tillering inli itrimuN)' with the 

other «i, und quite nf, unwillin- t., uVil.e lli-.m- 
wrelcln-,1 hi mi.rriio- theiitl,.-.-, „[„i,li..i. 
paled young men. 

i lloorsl-Ai 

....-, hm pulili-hi.-d a painphlut to prove tbat tho 
dies, since Ihey havo adopted hoops, are mora 
ihjeettocatavrh*. bronchitis, Intiuenws and cort- 
imptlon. ThoeddvlngairhWo|itupby tho cir- 
Ing crinoline, he thinks, is latal in its clfeets to 
u fair wearers. liut, really, thu sturdy cicaturo 
ho can wear paper she— '- 

with s 

i.|.l.i ■■< pice 

I he 

■ "■>rn. and a sul.seipicnl walk in u d p 

valory, with ice creams for an eiuVewi, l„e, Bl 
rei-.n lot, el the ,.lij.-lite-l alarm al the i.l-e -in 
l"-iiniT,.ol ihi, Muciful knightuf the Th, 

„>.[.".., I.,:. 

'ir; (Va a. 

ould d: 

if s 

o which fsshio 


Uil.rr ir' ■fOAi.BiTia.~A WtslcrQ editor and bis 

small a,1, cr wiro , (ro vvjlk|[|i , oii( . ]f U] Lf|j;|ii ui|tii[][ . 

'■<■" '-vinnig. The wifc WB3 u f „„ ,,,,,,,,,, |, 
one leal nature., and mid to her mat- ; ■ N,. In' 
that numo-how bright nn.l ,,,1,,,, Lllll | he.iutifnl " 

Nellie;'" ■--•r-?— r»" ""™|^* ,hin V f , nolkin « "•" »iii"- ih. 

"Mo, my dear, hut I bare herd from h*|£iE'«dM^ 




French. Lawns and Organdies, 






Lioni 1 Swan- Hooped Sidelon ; 




MiaaES' EKOLtsa and 



' Gents' Sblrts, Drairei'g and 




A lir— itock of Ciipeilaii, Ituttns'. Blui. 


ksu, FtMiadi, Table CImIm, HapUaa, 


Bmwa and nieitbcd 



6tilrtini!« ud 






Front Street, Corner of Sacramento, 






by arery Clipper Ship from Ilia Ei 
bj ararj Slcimar »la tho Istamiu, a comptcto . 


R)- one of tho firm, Khlrb win bo fold at the lowut aur- 
kol prices, andfoirhlch Iba attention of city und country 
hoy m it iDviud. 

P.rlicolar allootltra \i called to Ihslr ia!«et itock of 


ComprUtag tho Litvt Stjlcl nod Deilgol. 


Alexandre's CclebrateJ Kid Gloves, 

AloaTI on hand, tof clhor with a 

Large Variety of Buck Glove*, Ganntlets, &c. 


Cotton imciis. \on. 0000 to 10. 


DrlUM, .Mil. -I 111-"-. titC, etc. 
(For Back* arid Grain Bap.) 

A Large Stock of Sprint; and Fall Clothing, 

Sultnbla r.irtbo Mining and A,jricullnriil dlitricU) 

toeelbarwltb arery article to be found In tho 

Dry Goodi Una. 

O H » E R s 







ARE eontinnallT adding to their Biton- 

■ilro Hock, by ImiwrUliun from Eneland 

,, 1L _ and Franco, u noil aa American Woriu, 

Morebantadoalin:- In B ■ ■): I Bill bo Mini W prta I 

I,; l;;( Mill -1-- r.-.>i,-.l)i-:ri.-tL-.-!,..«U,orClnba i raf- 
nlihod at nholatslo nrleoi. 

Scb-wl, iTIn'-d.-al, Tbpilo<ir»l and ML-collaneoul Booki; 

Ilit-lr ■■ In .-rcil vori^ly in plaio nod liincy tilndlnei; 

Eleenntlr Illojtr.icl lk-it.',«uil..lilofurnr»linun 

Blank Ace., ,ii, i iJ, -':>■■( ■■" VAwl,; rjlobes, 

Uin,AUuii; WiltiB*, LoltoraiiJ Nolo 

Fanom Bnulon* and Wrapping 

Paper.; BofT, Whllo and Fancy 

"ri™il D dj* l '™V f 

ivr e"d i a A.J.. books. 
S. S. & W. WOOD, 

3S0 llr„.jv,»(, Ncvr York, 

Unto tbo hrtmt nwlmont or Medical Booka to be 
f.iuD'l io the ciuniry. uiQooc-t which will bo f.,ood not 

,,nli the ,i-,it!.i,,f tin, Uav.iuir I—I' f,.r wltnirea, ic.but 
,,.-,■■11 i-ari-ii-vf tir.-Ii illu-tr.Ht-1 iT..ri."..n Ili'c.ui,.' „l 
tho Eve. Shin, KidncTf. Surgical AnatoaaT. Bolnnical 
['[.Kf.; Anai.,ini.--:,1 a-,-1 ' >t. ■ l-.i rL-,-,1 i'LUci, Horlta of Iba 
Fa then In Medicine, ,to. &a. 

ty CiUUj*u ofiXrir alin Slstt <cll /rre of inHftf t"> 

Amonptthtiril :■; ,-,i-.:ihv <■ -ll'.i-.ia- viluablo paricdU 
calj, wbicb ibey of/or at [ho low prlcoj iiffiiod. iloliicrcd 
In Now York: 
Jl,;ri u,'' .'I---! .-il C-tii,,:- r^nrir-s, trona comrnrncciDpnt lo 179J. 

lolBtt. IStoU bound 

y"™!. B-o^and i" wL" rcjii" (bli t 


EnaLiSH qramarq 

a™>J Eiiitsc-Bitlnd oad /-prmi * 
With rortraliof tho Aatior. 
-Ii lax. far, wrr Ou bcbl»d It erentaliij wUeh buH*-, Enjllil 0„^ 

fl.lM'-tbo toJlat°cSritoii? , ™lc.^XulS/wt'!iV:" J 

,', : ',', ; , : ,;,;',;': ,' : .;,'t ':;,i~<';^JV^'. v'!;V™ jn!i ™'^« 

wrmifhl up. <>•-' ibe libtlDziiublnj; (,.-.lurr. „f ibj*^? 1 ' ' 
i,i--,r,n, -it;,- ij i - 1 - - - -i r ■ ' * Wk if. nj tin- rranlt of ijS 
bu been done by cur >uU-..,r. • rwMc k4 "ill "npornm^ 

on"hc^«™nopco."-|l£"ymclBcbMTj u ^|^^ 
"Wodhid cajifallycxsoaiJiiidlupiiiB, nd (ot| boojjj h 

,,'-!,:,,, i-l' ,!.'■- II I, ,rri:,,]ni-l -. . ■ ■ rli - — -. r 1 1 : r, -.- mini'-rco, IcjilC 
tloui dupotcH anumg Icachcn and tchclan. and — til, r 

,,i:,i„ „,,i I,,.. ,.- .,„.■ ,vi.. : |; , ;.J;;[™ fi ^»i™rf<iiia)=3 1 g 

talnly."— I'Tho AoiBrlcJia ArUian. ■* 

L:l, „..,:,,..,;■: -I !:„■..-.,! „.-, man t.. wln.m liij t„ a . ■ J 
niiirctDdcblcd/oraenrrcct kT„ii*liJ^^,ir.,-jr Ju„.,.-... ^ .: ;.' 

Aim, Tamils PuMtktd, Rirlud Eiiitotief 

Brovn'i Tirat Liooa of English Gramnar 

For Totnig LcBrncra. 

Brown'i Inititntei of Orominar, 

1 I'..,,,. 

ATAltd 1. a inatkrd fnatuK, ot Ibe book iftnl lLS 
antl ai lo lu didactic*, uhalorct b .aid, Ii »id in US, f„J 

■.■_■■;■) [■■-■ l1 ,- |-i, .-. ■-,!'■ :.,.:■ , i,,,, I ,-!-.,lut„j wlihpnij 

^n.,|,| ,. V r.,|.-, ,.,...,.■ il,.- h' .■:..:■'. i-.'- ,'. ■- ..-_■:■.,.." 

v... J.iulic I J [li.-v c*u ,.-i,-r L-' .,i[.'r,-nl,d, ^t ]wi whUfl c^ 
I M'.'-^ 1 .:-- r ■■'(-.'„[,, ,.;: ,1 i[ I". Til- 'Irilil-j:...' tlicmibcr', F. 
r, rui.dl.M,-. ,.r i.-r, l.-i.ic ilri.iiinr.r. ,-■■,, ,■-. T'lnb aaw alia r* 
in.M-.M.d. .ViS.r-.:.^ [- lull,-.!, ami brandlnl In itj CUcjiac 

blcbcr Kboola* _ _ _ 

.,L.. l,.u„.l In ii. fc^rvp 

1&. HlroH,b r J(,r„ [ tV.".;.'...' 

ctln. Edited by Dr. Bui 


N.-w Vnrt N idle," Chin. r C ii 

ofllcallli. By an Aj.ocklbn ol PbjIicUni, 1J2S 

I. 1 idIi, all pcbllibrd. iho^p 3 QO 

LoDCtt fi-r 1WJ. lopriul £vol>. cTuio 1 3d 

if California by 

Bull, frea.-f r-ttac-., ttt'th^] 



W M . H . M O O R E 




Gauge Cocka, Cylinder Cooka, OU Olobea, 
Bteam WhistleB, Hydraolic Pipes and Nobles 

ag-JOTJPLtHQ JOfKTS of all ilm. i7-M3m 


Hnbber Hoae and FaoEnpr 

Harawaro; F*lrbanki' Platfortn and Ccojitw Bealas. 

DnoHlna- (-'otrc. III, ■> „ ^ 


ffi» W. SCULElDEiVS 


Frcelj, Bpanlih. EnglUb Oarau^" n d i^* Boolo. 





,,C Mo 8to l?',V "?'' I,,an ° Ca ™'* 

lueiwcwn auu.r and Pow Urarm), 8u Enndm, 





nowWgii"-laon*aiii Mod. uJTa 


riM-l. J-., 


, "., -II.'" lu „■ In I'll, ■.■■■.[,u■^.■ ~[il .J:.- ,1 

1) U.uTOnj'i Prlndplciof Phjdolojy. Wllb col 

1'iii'ii 1 1 , "'■i,i' 1 , ■ . ■ ■ ■ s ■■- 111 , i,j. 

10 on Fractvrei In tbo tlrinlty of Jolnta. 191 II 

!•rrtlon , . Tva Book ot 

Iwuad EdJitna. 

".-uch I, un,- ii, ,-,iry uu,l.-',r .Ii-iuM ^....t-a.'i [OnioUod. 

and 0urj. Joumit 

Viil.1 ,„, il,- V- n-,| III ■■--,.., Eillr.,1 Ii; Q. c Bl.rkman. 

■■•" !■',■■ i.i i it „ ii-. i .-.,. i,-l, ,„,„„■. ■-. |IV„... 

la-'. Jnurnilol l',jil,,.li..-n-,l H..1i„dl-. 

'-V ' ','■ ' ', ■■ '■'■'"■i : '■..','''■' ,,! : . 'r" !■-"'■"' 

, rv ' ; -!\ -n J , .,7r"olflcd''iW eno= , C ''? L "'" h lnIhljtDu l" 
Cuonin nod jkbidel >>n DL.nuo. of lha .-kin. Edited by B, 
vriib wakb no me ;,c |.,.„„i-J. -|ri„,i(,,™ U™.*.'" 1 ' 

tuck] Ucdlcal Hccunlcr. ™..™. pv 

M,,|l'. N-.lp. ,„',0.,i ,i[.,-H JIB c 7 . Ed.lnlbyDr Bl.ekniao, 

■l| , ,.,\,i! 1 ."".!.'"-j- , ,i', : ,;, '' '"''""'' "'■"' '■"''"■ J '■■'■.'"■"ol 

,., r",' L . "' ' '' V" 1 ' ',' " lr " ' ,,v '"'>' tr ' ,,l '"iior loia^lnol 
° wKt.rcd ptI»« F °* , '' ni ' Ed " 0j *" "■ "■ Bull " ,, »''„ M - D - 

acUonal DliDrdon of Ihe 

] ,, r " : " ■ i - Mi "-''."-'I »■■■ !'■»■■■ ■■■■' i ■ i, .-'■). : -\:\','\ ','';:!■ 

'. J'' ' ■' '.■■' '"-■ ■'' ■' '" I 'I- II ■ I,:, ■■■■ -,., 

I.nill/.i' I ''—\l-'\ ", : - ''\] 'i' 1 ," 1,1 '" '" ll"'l,'.r:l., i.l iiiij 

! ':' : "''."" '" ■ *■ l! " :lu,ll ."-^u^dodlilon,Irltbcolorri 

',;■.'.;,.,'' ■■"■ ■■'I-"- ' — i 'i i j-i ■ Vn .', i ' i -. .' r .' '.m " : -" r ' t-* .'l, 

■t Line.,' and hUTnirjK 

Rational Seriea of Standard School Booh, 
i'mfmim PUBLISI1ED n V 

S&W-^- s - BAKl^ES &c CO, 

L Tin HiBoaal Geo^rapblcal Berfaa. 

McHally'i Ciopl-in rtcbocl OnO|rapby 

8. DiTici florin of AiiOuagtiu 
Darlea' Prbaury ArlibmrUc. ......... ........ ...... 

3. Pngliib Grammar, Coropojitlon, fiesdlng, tts. 

^L.ri'. fir.; L'a -..:,. n Cajliah lira.u.nar .(IK 

Vfbjljfa Aailnlcjl Onbui,. 

!'.«: -,, -i -■ ^ I,., ■[ i'..inpirJg(n It iln-ri 

P,T[.,r'« Pnr.oli.1" . i . ■ i.j ........... ... 

H»n „■■ Pby.1 t, a . ..5 

!'irrl.::i r . ^t J.-rlcjl Anniaom*,. ............. ...........^00 

Orrsory'i fuorganlr tTbcnjbur .......... , ...... ........ID 

□rfforVa Organic rhcnwirr -----.......,...,,........ .!» 

'"■::-■' A. .'-.i 

OQIeaj i,-'.- Hsadiaod ftaCroadi .[jo 

5. Dayfet' Algebra, Geociatry tui Higher Mali*- 

li-,l.-.' l.^:lL-,,r M^,' i ,.ik, ' "-"'"■-, 3 

ri ..-!,:,■ L':.-, i,Jr„# OoOCajwjy... I HI 

ii.,,,...- u.,1, ,n„ r , ■ ^t,.. ■,,,,", ... "'; '■■ j U 

Oatlo] Anal >-ti«f Uooni«ry it) 

ft Bfartory ud Mythology., School II ,,. r»..t ii. U..M1 i a , r . fdTJ 
JVill.rlL, .-..., ll-.-.rj .1 xtr Ut.iod;ta;o I » 

Ii ■,,.(.:'. Mm, .1,. , ,:„.■(, ..[.'.,'.'.'.'.'. ''.'.IV 

■".'■; l , ^: l : l \'-';,;p.^. »s 

Wlllani 1 * L-m Lmib. ol Aoclfct Bju^ry '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.tli 
7. Elocution, InwUKHinl Phlloiopby. Rbelorio, fu. 

Vill r,', 1 .. M. ,.,| 1'- - *'lVM ! "',','. '.02 

v„,l. l . l ,in,.M,r U i.....v.v...... ::::;;;;;:.;:.. o* 

Tho Jliilhoroai'-cal Ifo.ha of Profooor Dailu ar 

p 1 b^'jS^^' n ^^"-^^^ f iad 

' "■ "•'I'WMOil Hldlnadranco L" * tr 7 coo,ll.. r „i,ii n.-tit-m-J-.. ,j.r-ai doblor.iuniloaloN 

To Teamat era a nd Other*. 


T ! Vi:.v;"!' , "';i,''' t '' l,, ''''' ,l!i " i ' ;j ""' '""'"''■ 

i,,.,],„.; i.„-,^";i„, , ...,i. , .. l ,;:.":,',.;t 1 , l ;;,. 1 ! ( :l. ,;„;..,: 

Ihanlniif their nun,,., -u. lu.i,,,.,. [,. r tbo oil!"'" 
pnlninaso Hoy hava oipnrloncod fur their 

duiina- tho laat*"" jm" Mj"oir to «ny ""' 

r, , I..,!,. ...It Iv, f |..,rcJ in IbfoluioDaaDufiiclnrotoliU- 

u Ii In ibo «IJo r„| ,,(,.„ ii i,. ,,,iir„,l an tbo bft 

«£?&?$$££,$: cwbtt " w * c - ■"' 


Inrootor. and Solo Manufacturer!. 






AYIBROTTPES, ntmiHrboricallj loalod, and Ibn m«< boiutifn] and molt 
InrH, no [ikon ONLY it 

o.raJ the Ml... In.; runs 
dan bis of oil dejeilptlotu of Pli 

. I, X. E It T 1 
A X. X. E n T I 


PHOTOGRAPHS usWtmllr tolmlnd, its la 

•VAT-TOE'S G A L X. E I* T 1 
TAB FIRST PREMIUM A!lBnOTYP£3, uuurpaiMd la the" world, an U 
V A r3" Q E » B a A L L E R Y I 





Stills, Worms, Brew Kettles BHd Heaters, \ 

lift and Force Pumps, Brass Wurk, 


No. SO Jackson tttect, 






Market Bqaare. comer of Btuh ml lliuket jtreett, 



TjlELLOW iL'lii;.]..-.- i h..'.: li.-.-Uinmrioii.InCL 
X uu tm cloriou, ]-(.HST\'-SIN E. Imvo .!,„■, r- 1 ;--t; 
Ton In Ibltc SIC and Ibree (»!■, ind Intend L "" 

Ib^U* &".«."' ?r^^ 

forjour onfnli.irii,,- |..T. .!■.■,.-..■ :i ,il „|.|,. jH , i.J.l.rb !,, 
mahltd me u, |.„t i_W lluoJrcl I'.nu on the r " 
Uuoaib ill rat nirtim forum*. Iwonldalw cii 

Olr Ohl. .1 C.-li.lin I.. t llli,i.-,i. 
Drngf-lil In thli City. 

icniiiMlionwill plomeiiUorTt, Ihil tbore 
ronco bctwaon i DOCIOR sail a Dttl'O- 

L« be tnoon a Dratiitt ul i Doctor, and 

IMloi-Jne; tbst life I: tweel la alt, and thillho w-onlo 

•l-b 1.. tT,-„, „(,,.„. i]„; „»;■,■! il„,i, |rf.-:rij ihm, [ill-l 
; With nfnj, I nlll hereafter Gil ineui for 

llnlf tut Prlcp l : >unlt>' tllamil 
Bj other Dm^j.-i ■... U -Mil-sw >■■ illrjitimjlU, And of 

-^^^■^'"■n.lloo' if not THE 

< [ l >' I ' ■ - "■ ' .Ml ■:■• . r., .,!,■ ji,, ,■■.... , L i||., '. I 11 

on u ..:,.i -fv.v:,.,\. , i,,„. r i,„... .;,;■;' ".'.v/i!, ,: 

i'v.''i'.''v'i •■:■■ l> , r'-^,!iVbru,''".!i"' wHoy"^™ 
|T,^.r..| ■.■'.l, >r.,,,i:,l,,„ ,.,„,., M,,lkir,Mto.,. ,l 

Croc Waiehoiuc in [.■,!■! i!-„ „:. , r „] nm™., ,„ bas lhtuJ 

or wo will do * burlne 

ejfortho followl 



■ ■"■ ■ i.ll.l. ■:., ' ■ ■'-■'■--■■ 

-H!? J. E. l'O LMi:M_T!f 

Brush Manufactory. 

J\"l ■■'■•i::: cuoiui 11; „,„ numnfa^toriiEiUvioi, 

^^.-.'.v.i ■'"-■■■■'■ ' "-■: -'■■■'■ ; ' '■: ■'' ,u i ! -'' ■'".'"-V: 

B.-c«b 1 ,.ur„ : i JlL . Utl '" 




Stocks of Groceries In t!ie Market. 




'Nop. 115 and 117 Caliioniia street, 
B«L llonleomorj sad E*tudma ilretL-, 

PARLOR SETS— In Romwood, iViloal ml MahojaDr, 

cOforad with rich Brocalollo, Damaik, Ploih and 

CHAMBER SET3-Tn ID«wood, Mabosanj, Walont 

lYARDRORES-In Roiawood, slahofUT, Walnnt anJ 

Pala tad Wind, 
.OOOCotl«feDo.|iltidj,d Qblo,[lD < IonDdmtilluinilici| 
.000 douD Cine and Wood Seat Chain, all klndti 
600 Solkmiidltla-a-T«tti,lnilBhii(anj and Walnut i 
600 Bomiuti, all klodi, fioni Sonwood lo Pilolcd 

200 doien Caaa and Wood Baal OUsa Chain : 
UXVdoi. n Mnbormjand WalnDtBi.rina-Soit Chain | 
S5BP Tojttbor with a sroa> MpaBL 

-j3tr ■■.ricir or ^ j =- — ; ;,j 



PINE WORK, ic, *c. 

To WhoJatala Doxlon, wo hare In addllion ^q 
Coiled nalr, Picked Won, Dr/ Palo, 
~ atbart, Vamlib, Olue. Sand Piper. 
Halt Cloth, Looklni-Dlau PIiUi, 
Count»r,.an«, ComfoiUi™, 

Blanketaaad lleddinrof all doKrlptloni. 

JC3T Gice ut a call, and a _ 

and Prieti before icUcting cUtvhtre. 

Noa. 115 ami 117 Calirurora Urccl 

I v.l'i hi rl:|; ~tii>[ | ; 

QueitE Stimpen, Aamlgum- 


110 and 112 Clay Street, 





csbo., cbc. 


g RETAIL, a 




19 A \ it 51 FOURTH STREET 

(Balweon J and K rttooii), 
SACRAMENTO, 0^3.1*., 



When you visit ILo States, rotnombor " Onk 
all," tho Pioneer Clothing House, established 
BosIod, Mass., in 1841, whoro yon will Gnd 
every nrtiolo of Clothine anil Furnishing Goods 
(on the oao price syslom), uoceasury lo com- 
plete n genteel dross, for the domestic circle, 
"rowing room, or tbn church. Tho stock is 
daily replenished with goods manufactured for 
the Wliulesttlo mid Rottiil trudu, and offers great 
inducements lo purcfauser^. 

Nos. 28, I 

32, 34, 38 and 38, North street, 
BOSTON, Mabs. v7-141y 


Double Acting Eotary Force Pnop. 

THIS It a now Pann, ni 

r>«. i; , t.T.. nt, rival : In 
'I'M'llir, .11 I,,,.-, ■.-,"!, ,.%' '.: 

olmninl l.i.rhi... tin be ujcJ 
fi.tabMc, l.mi:i ii„ii , ( 

"l"l..-l,l .,l,.|c.-..l|l .11 .,il||...,| 

"Uli^.ii i, r i.Tl.i,,... i, ,,,.!,. ,, 
■ ii''rii.-li..u , I, .,, ,, ,. ■ 
Ilkol.toKcloul.f .,:,], r .i-,]l 

l"tf'.rannje.Jnjl, c beii*r 

llnnaui nliMM I'll, i, ,,. Ilb.i, 
I wnjnjlil Iran |>l| .. ,i J L .,., ,, 
lat and bal u » „]„.„!,, »i,l, 
O'rrjthluc coni'Uie tr, ral.. c 

tn'sfin* 1 " 1 ,h ' 11 ' ' l,f '' ' a kl 
ltmu.1 iund In Ibo water, 

and will not nut. 

f Clrealin lo be bid, a 

Itonof the Faaiii'.MA SA1;mi-:i;. 

■*■- ljaddrcu, buendlnc tolbo Ed. 
»7-231 r oop 



SiasH) situs ® etBtsaassna ^sisaj-sasnss 







EASY CHAIRS j MIRRORS, op all sizeh. 






JGT- DI JW JaE2 « TT JtT- «J mM. TV JT -TM? "SjU m^. 3 







JE3T To Wholesale Dealers wo would say, your orders will receive, as forracrlv our & 
fol and prompt attention. J ' 


Ho 1 Thoro, Everybody I Face t ho Music aod fioad 1 


DiyimwL'btopHronlionbon ' 

Do you wont to itnp at an ertal 
jr It" tnidrnto cbirroJ, jood tables 

87, 89 and Dl loidesdorff street— 119 and 121 Sacramento street. 

IOMlodInlhoi.rlr 1 (lrJilbu,lnonr,.,tof,bo r ll,.ondiiilbelmin S1 |laleT|cloltT 
boEicrjnCompinlt'Om™, i.n.Hb^ -, ,„. y .n:h Mini ' 

>,J»r Dny.81, MBAI.N.OU«l.. LODOlBGS.n- 


>r the Steamihlp Com pi 
ElOABD, per'Wccli.l 


T^RM""o r c^d*o°MnX^.rjr^ -'-■- I"' ™»ol [ noa«f.ll. 

B -■.,;■';,. atloniloo. f*~ BAXIIe FREE 1 ^3 

KS-Travlen 111 ™ E HOU8E IS OPEN ALL NIGHT. 
'* ,B «- B- WOODWARD, PnopniL-ron, 



Prom tho Be 

We copy tiie following from Ibo Sim Dug" 

Tkt Overland Mail.— Th* sobr.luif hy " 
Mr. Birch is to carry the mails bet*ean »J 
Diego mid Son Antonio, in Tolas, « ^ lcd « ,h 
June, and is as follows, according i" ">-" '■" "" ,l " 
rao.-Wil Iiit* fr,.m llio IVal.ilii.'c 1 ■■■|' : " l ""' 1 ' 1 : . 

"Leave Sou Antonio on the Dili ninl -I' 1 ' "f 
oncli month, at I! i/nU-1;. AM-, mid arrive, lit i 
Diego ia thirty day*. Loavfl Son Diogo on 
9lh and 24lh of each month, at 8 o'clock, / 
nod arrive in San Antonio, id thirty days- 
oommenoo on the 9th of July, from Texan." 

According to this arrangement «e may I 
■OnBhly Oipoot tho moil hero the 1st of August, 
>ad when toe rooto is fully « tablished we shrill 
got a mail through in ubout twenty days. [ 1 tin 
ii.,tI.,i,J Mail 1. l-A ili..', r.rrin.l wh.-n the M-nuu'i 
Sountor left San Diego, Ut inst.] 

Perhaps many of our renders ore not aware 
that they can send letters lo the Aliunde Mat.-.., 
by the new overload route, .it tli-i n.tfi of three 
cents per half ounce, the di-timei.- being less 
thiol 3.0O0 mile:, us provided by tho present 
post office law. 

Copper Minn.— Mr.Goodwin, ivhocamo.lown 
fr.'iii Smil'miici".'.' "Utlii.' la<t slcuiix'r, hr.-.iijjht 
a largo party of miners to wort at the copper 
mines, in which bo ia interested in Lower (Cali- 

Wo received intelligence a few days since 
that the nenlv discovered co|.per mines L.-hur 
this place, now liiiiL- en.'rp'licnlly worLod l>)- 

the "Jesos Marin" C,,i»| y. -vicel in richness 

the meat sanguine li"j,es of (In- pro|ineliFr.~. nmj 

wbioh prouiiso the moat ' 

Silver Ore.— We have been shown a speci- 
men of pilver ore, token out a few milei from 
Son Luis Key, about ten leagues north of thw, 

which till* lli'i- fL] , |h..;i r.irtL- , ■ "f In-iiiL" .■!'''■' -.1 in !>'!}' 
rich. It will be rent t.j Sen Francisco for as«ny. 
JYi.-if.— Tho Los Angeles Star says, a few 
huiidii il buies of crnnei will I"' ,-hi|-p'-'l by the 
Bteomer of to-dny. for San Prarioftoo. The 
grjpe crop promise- i. fair viuingo, and the fruit 
orop to general j» quite promising. 

The Pacific (r.-iiliiitl draws ;i ijlowing picture 
consequent on the choice of Pacheco's Piss as 
that Ihii.tiL-h which LhcOvuFlonrl mail will |;i- 
rily come into tho middle section of California. 

■'Irm'conversation with the Hon. Wm. M, Gwin, 
tliilpiiilenun o:-aii;d a friend oloors that there 
is no doubt the mail stage* will come up notlh 
through theTVjon Pass, and on the west iide or 
the Tulare Likes, and eo on through Pacheco'o 
Pass, into the Mission of San .Tuan Batista. As 
tho new road over Pacheco's Pass is in the best 
sligiriK older, it will afford every facility for the 

through [he beautiful and fertile valleys of San 
Juan, Gilrore, Liguoo, Santa Clara, and so on to 
San Jo:e and Sau Francisco, making one of tho 
most picturesque and delightful traveled roads in 
the world; and beyond c^uipirisoii tho finest 
country and most desirable for settlement and 
health in tho whole £tatc of California. On this 
route there aio no swamps nor bad rivers to 
cross — Enow and ice arc scarcely known, and the 
best of grass, water, etc., is lo be found every- 
where; rame seventy miles of the country be- 
tueee the Tejon and' Pacheco's Pass is but little 
tattled. Tin: fim.'t tullti-.i lor innchi-n and -top- 
ping places are to be found at the foot bills of the 
coast range, from the Tejon to Pacheco's, almost 
all of which is public laud open to settlement and 

—The Marys- 


Herald, Aug. lltb, coulains tbe folio- 
nation, received in that city by the way 
y Lake: 

: are indebted to W; IL Fall, of this cit 
camo thtoogb with the train of Livingsto 
aid 4 Co., from Salt Lake, for the folluwii 
Of 11! 


The Medical Faculty of the United States ! 

Far the pr operation or 



\l Cordials in me. 

And all other 





Prepared »ith greet care, and oat up eiproaalT for 



El^»rtW."n f n».V/r"Tado fwn M 
JlLupl-rmcMraibora] in Now York and J\on *■* 
* Janea- witoiIt for Ihaoi. 


Prepared nlth peat caro from tbo beat Jamaica Rum 

ad Socar aoa olhur inatonbi, aid ia warranted equal lo 

ia ball Looden Snrufi 

Turner's Spice and Wormwood Bitters 

led enly lo bo tried once lo bo proj*rli appieciatod tad 
icliDimledtgd as tbe t»it Bitten in thiiSuto. 

Turner's Stomacli Dltlcrd 

Turner's Essence of Fore Jamaica Ginger 

«nnotba*qua](d by aav pieparalion ia Ibo world, and 
,a belt tut of in extra qaalllict la, that it can ba fonnj 

almint evoir poblia and print* bomo In tbo United 
jitaa. To pieleol tbom frcD impoiltloa, oonaamin of 
injtr Wine njanuroctured bj ui, will Bad oar jurtralts 

a circle, oa ailcol piale, -urr^iia'Jiat- iby in'^rir-l i-.-n : 
Tnnao'o OlKUin WlSM, prepared aad jp]d bj Tumor 
roibert. Nan York, Buffalo ud San Fraaoboo, Call 

M. 0. TURNEB 1 BROTHERS. New York dill 

t •treat. 

lolio Orphan Aajluo 

5. H. MEEKER & CO., 

Impfliteni end Jobber* ot 



.(arable 1 


The train left Salt Lak? Citv by the 15th of 
June, with 1.170 htad uf rattle, and »r'"" a 

Aognat Qlh ot the Iii^ oleadoiie, thiiij-flta 

[rum Honey Lake, with 1,141 Head, all In good 
order. Grass along the Humboldt was good. 
Tbe train met with no trouble from the Indians 
Left the Humboldt at Lunon ileadowa, and 
crossed tbe Desert on the Noble's Pass Route, in 
three days. Gross and water ccarce, but small 
bauds of cattle could be taken through without a 

Seat deal of trouble. Considering the great num- 
rof slock, got over the desert with eottimra 
titely little trouble, loiing but twenty-sii head. 
After leaving Deep Springs, simj milts from 
Humboldt, and from llicru through to Honey 
Lako \'alley, feed and water good. 

The opinion of Captain fcigan, who had the 
train in charge, and who has traveled the other 
routes several times, is that il is far the best 
route, and all tho difficulties of supplying the 
cattle could ho overconio by dividing a large hcid 
into small bands of one lo three hundivd head, 
ami let them travel n fow miles apart. The cat- 
tle of Livingston. Kinkaid & Co. arc at tho Big 
Meadows, on the road to Honey Lake Valley, 
where they will remain till tho feed ia good in 
the Sacramento Valley. 

Mr. Junes Crawthan arrived in Beckwilh's 
Valley on the Jd ml . Imnn; l-n Mi—ouri ui> it ]L . 
2d ot May. II. st.ried with r,T. head of cattle, 
and arrived with 487. On the West Branch of 
the Humboldt relieved a family conainine i,l Mr. 
Ucman and child, and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, frum 
>□ attack of hostile Indians. 

The immigmtion thin year will be larger than 
any preiloua ycai ilncc 1853. 

Pine Old Bourbon and Magnolia Whiskey; 
Very Pine Old Cider Brandy-Apple Jnck-- 

Froro New Jonovi and 

Old Virginia Peach Brandy ; 

1,000 Packages Now York Brandy, Whiskey 

and Gin. 

Abo, all the Cbolont Brand, of 

Vino Old < ■ (.in ii id -ui.l-, ; 

Barmony and Hephew and Duff Gordon 



03" ITo are Sola Attala Cor Ibo PacifJa Gout of 


WrAVF-tt AKD SnitBTA ItuAiL-Tho Shasta 
Courier of Aup^iHil,, lean,, fr, mi Mr.Lowden 
a member of tin, \V-uv.. r e,i„I Sbaatu li.iml I V,m- 
pany, that about three nuartera of the atook of 
the company haa naw boon subscribed foi 
U-i.-.iNi; hut fifiy (.harra yot to bo tnkca, bd 

that the road i- in ,„|„.| [,„„.,.,„ ,,( , -,,-,,,.,;,„, 

Already one [nil.. ,,f tl„. |,,.,M,.. t j, r „] ,i 

cast sido of Brown's innuntniri I. a- !,...„ '. ..„ 
pleted, and III.- litnljer and iiruph i-f t.n mil.- . 
the roula, on tho went >i.],. ,.|" Trinity, ii v, 
moved. There at,. n,.w tw,nty-,,|„. n ,eii ot w,. f 
on tbo road. Thn f,.ree niil |„. inereii-id t 
about Billy. Mr. Lowdon ia quite jntiguina e 
completing I hUrondby thnmiildloo f December. 

A linr-olir and fatal casually . 
Gold 11.11 on iho Btlt inat. A sir. 
copies a amall ranch about two miles bell 
place, went into hi* melon patch ior the purpose 
or shooting aome raccoon that frequent it. The 
rnoon was jubi ri(in K . and |„- th.- Win it Mi,, r j, ,| ..jHj.-ihiiij; move in a clump of U 
weed*, and suppo-ing it to be a raccoon, bo Dn 
at II and shot a man. The poor DDforlDtitus In. 
only a few minute*, tbo whole charge of shot ei 
iLur,;.- hi-; brei.tan.l i„ n . Justice Smith held 
an ii.ijeL-.i on the body, when the jury rendered 
Terdictlnncconlaiico with the abore facts. Th 
man who wa» killed wssmatranger whose nam 
itm unknown. 

California Production. 

-.■^ Till: .jr. I.t-l l .i,-.1 I..,..- r..,-* un buort ibo rot 

Innnlrr to fa? it.;tI,..,Ij- . rhiac Ii. T-y U- HIdo, ■...: 1 .-.. . Mt.S-l.llllL -..I..,,, 

' "" r, '. ! -;i',"- K<"iii'i:i,i; '■'.'■■<, 

Lyon & Co.'b Brewery, 

I0G Jenlo .tre.L 
1- TllB TEOl 




Inr tee b*]r, id I t-> --''.- )■■-■: 

dnii'Irull, Air. It Ii InnKlmsble : 

iriTthloj tbe ball requlro. Price, 

earing cheppnl iHorh, 

hee, lfp., un, iuobun,, 

(;rr M a, nlmple»,«MJd»,l)onji, 

. "'' ..,"■:■[ '■'. .." : 1...:' ,.-[tr.. -. i 
cn]utrinf.Uu>irri? IDOlblnJ te 11 I iSM 

- v - \\\? I.hii.l. '. II .l'.'l i.l.k... Piu I •-■' lr:ll- 
cftl-.-rt,. 11 uill be l.iur.i 1..I-:- ,->r-.,l 

lo bo ot.joad ceropartteB : 

asil bdr.j mt^cuibl'- iiroJcc- 

tton, no tojurycan pottli'y bo rtono 

totbolklD. Itftraillriri.lfed.ano vou 

frlbe bai juiicrila U.-II It fmm onlun, ll«elf. 
_lVl.-,|i „,,!!! :,.,,.,..|, .... Mada and mill br t. 

hit i i r .;. . ,i', ; ^l , "i '; . ' J. i^ i..\v : ■. ■ l"i ! "'■ i .' fi". -.-.- i..r:,,";,'i,.i » 

InificLiu and Faacf floret thmuibnu ibe United SU! 
S T W.irT.-'i'i'O.f "* °"™'' Hwyir^e: °' 

ilu. Mcdonald u co.. « Sncn™mio ; 

.\t,-l l.j linj.^l.t. t'eeernllr. *7-2 



122 Lone; T. itiii i. 













I ,.„ 

g ri S*i l»li=J 




132 Loner Hb;nl, 



Dr. C. M, JACKS0H, Philadelphia, Pa., 

Hciil. Acldlij on Iho Sojmaeh 
Kline., llnnliurn. rii'juM l.,r Ki. J 

„,i:; l l''-'„i r ir''. ;■;■'■ \:\'\r r ! "■■■;'■■''■■■".<■"■ 

■■'■■■;■ f( '. ^-- -■!■...■■■ : ■■! ■:.- "il.'vl. ' H.,', t . \ 
' II. ■ I. !■■ ..■n. 

l.-i., "V.ll-,,.- 


'!■.■■ I.r.-i.i:. ■■■■-. h, r, III,,,- r!„" :„.:,,,„„ „| U „. publlelolbl 
,' ,: ( '"II ■■'.-,'■.•:. r' ■...■.!,;■, i'n',1. ,',. 

:,'■?■ ■!''! '.',' : ",'',".' "" r1 i''-'" 1 ! c iiS ,,Dl """ "*" h " ""^ ^ 

"i"'' i; " .ii ■■!.■ i. linn, .ji.-i'i ,'.!;; ,■';'., ;''i. l i'i,'f',i'.'r, , -'i. '.' 
i L l , kf"" t '7''" r °' 1 f t """"""' '"'"" 

■errlog Ufa (real cdebn 

BOOKS, &o. 

Btandard ninstrated Book*, 
Publijbed by 


pi 1 1 1 , a 1 1 1 ; i, i ■ i n a . 

W tti^on's Camp Fires of the Revolution, with 

... . . |.i:., ,:.-: ■ -. ..!■■■■ .■' k ' l : r.-«' ■ ■ 
Jo do EuaboHed lealber, nurblo ed|». JJ 2 TO 

Proctor's 'illustrated History of tho UrusniiOB, 

do do Emb0Med """'"'ciS'b.'fBuSt '» 350 

AnHlustratcd Lifo^fJlartin Lotbor. 10 il- 

!,•:;■■:.-... I:., T .,lJv..,rl.,lh lC llib,cii........Prioo»lM 

do do ^ abauatJe " b ^'j£^ •• J 

The Parables of Ficdorick Adolpbua Kruni- 

i-.!,rli iilunriii".! Ijy V" J. i-n... IN tiiy -in, 'l';' 1 '. 

, t i .-■_ frit.;}! 

da do d. L!' J mr>-.b--p.r!..«Hj"ls«a, " 2 
do do do Clolb, full Bill. » S 

da do du TurlTmoroHoorruUque. " * 
Mi- Mr.y's American Fcmulo Poets, with 

do do Turllrrtue'"'". G'" "' """100- " 4 
Dr. Bcthune's F.'in-'l" 1'dul-, with 

complloi fruio rarlQin nolbort and .rrantal uodcr 
auorupriile btid* Ocumiodltloe. Nice ilool platca 

do" 7 do "do' ii:T,.|.,l clViti, full irik " 

do do Tnrkrj moroooj, (rUmr anUqno. " 

IVcld'a Snercd Poetical Quolalions, or Scrip- 

luro Then™ aod Tboo;bu u pirmphrMOd b» tbo 

.^vi .'■ V. . '^ L '.\'- . L' ' ' ! I 1 ' 1 .'"''. .!''.":- .^.l 1 ' .': . _ .''i-h"* ; .'™ 

do do do llcrrbid elolh, lull fill. ^ "" 

Montgomery's Poetical Works; the onl. 



Tin- fiii.Uof Hi.' li'iiil.:. I-;iL'j.intlyilln=lr:itcJ 

liLriVi.o •oLboBDd Su loll cl«b, r^l. biekT r prieoOt| 
Til- \\',Lii -f tin-".-.;, rij.tuiv-. .W.i i-lilion. 


ii thti LiIl ot tho Sanoin 

_l Prleoll 

lo do Clolb. full BUleJjt*. it " 1! 

i tho Lives of the Apostles, with. 

ilUiil Lliulralteoi oa itecl. Oclatd. Clnlh, 

The Most Successful and the Best, 




Tho Staailort! Fo 

Tim -i.i-.|a..| Tbir.l Ko "!■!; 

II,.. ?1:ili j.irl -■-■.-" n.l il,.v|.;r 

Tt,....-'.i,.lir.) 1-ir-l H.M.J.r. [ 

TbuSiaoiarl Prioisr. Illoim 

Sia CbarH for PrimorT SchwU. 

r Efes SaaoiBT, nathorof "Standard Spoaker," 4c 

Tho follnnloK are nearlj roadr : 
Sarreol'i Smaller Primer. lBmo.jpp.Si, WithcB 
Satjenl'i Smaller Sotllor. lGmo.] pp. 60. 
Sarg oat'a Staailard Eleinontorr Qranunar. 

ThoumfonrlbsadonofHatcoot'i Serial form a Co 

"" .dii,<.b--,,t.,f.,rl!i. 1 I'rlm.ry .!r-.ieu, 
its .if Iho countrv Tho Fillb li.^.i,,: 
-alma book for hlcbor tf:b."ls, Mk. 
Su «riM of KcaJen over iiabllihed 


r br Sohoo] Comr 

b their marlu, hi 

ii.' pabli; ..:.] L -..,|, ,,f Mi,,. !,.],, ,,.,|, , 
.M„i,,. n.,1 i!l,.,i t M.n.l.thtjol.orbl 

.|..'...| ..■ II. 1 il.. ( ;;..■■, c- I I' ■■ ...I..-.-1. | 

l'!iL(:i.l.;l r -bU. Jl L-u,.., I.'inciaoali, Cbk_ 
iL.^.ulli,?: ll l ib..v.,r.-„r. ■■.■:,.!, |y „.[ ,...'. | 
.lii;,-!ll.r,l I.'.,,,,,,,!!-.-., v., I,. I. A.,,.,-! l-ij ,.. 

to or tho bookjoalbo terauoiaciodtij- 

■ I .■-■ir:v.,l.-m::f.,, 1 ,„i u „ .,,1. „,.,.. j ,.j ...,,,, 
., and unjuil in ID cparalloB. The book. «ore 

■ly .-I.- <-■■_ i.-.-i.i; ii^ib-. [..n,li; ,,..,,- 1" rerjuln anr fuoh 

. ; ..r.-. nl'. ,--r,....Vil....;.|.|'- .,!.,"., .,'i!.'n,iwy tbo beat 

* II ki. I...ntl ...ill .. .... r . . ., ' 


N.-..- V.. i 

(l. 1!. I.:- 

.'■":', ,i.r, 


..:r-„,.|>- „.: 
^ak lor ibaaut 

;ii 11i.i..i:;in 

Qisr't Staboibd S 

PHILLIPS, SAM, '-;<.:,- .. ,-,, 

II. 11 iSAX^Iii-'IT 1 Li-..' 

Worlu of an Abiding Notional Interent, 

■= v ="-i PUBLISHED EY 

'Daniel 3z»ja.rr^i., jr. 



|. 2o Commarclal itrMt, onl , door balov Front, 

Sliced Annlo. 

50 H AL i. E IIDLS - " , "' ■>"» SllaaJ Apple., equal (o 
*°"' Cor. OalitbrraU aodeaaKme atnila. 

ia and Uunlor nrau , olocAloo, 

il£ , agS t a £^g> iT-Ptor-.d .Uoplo .oaeoor te 
, .oa, J,l^ K t ^ l °,JS I *W »AHM. A Pol 

rilof ib*il^oTuU u " D ',^| h fW | « tl ^o'"ar'boaraueii 

" U la a'u ^i,],i^' "'','"" '"''''" '"'" -C'u , .li.l!-: , ,! 1 i!]; r ' 

liloaui Pioiuao °^™ (Jl ^ lD flbutninai»iap.'-_[Hci. 




i^vfiJa, BAmimotom, BiuUcra Vktrt, JVp^«H u 

BSatm, Fair Sort*. EryttpOlu, Plmplit, BiUi, Jf,^ 

rial Ditto***, rAtMnwu* Erupttont, llnr Qq, 

Jltofrll, SrmelMU, 'V.ti.M t. ■•■■;■ tal-vU, Uu t/ 

APFftilt, Oenrral DllUUy, dc 

A plsntifol mipplj of pare Wood u n cuooUaJleis^i 

iall(ht. tltat, and fca\li abu«era are to Uje vrtfiUbaib^ 

Wbca lie proprr clrcalstloa of Ibo vital bold U la>pw»4.,, 

^oosbljf tfflttd la losg alandins aad obit 

las (cJ!awtoji«.™ir ■-.■..!. il-.r. i- [™-!notlln otoHt^t 
dana la New Loadba, Cooo. 
lloam. A. B. i D. Sahw. OcoUooieo,— Year Sinurt 

c.j"i| 'il-:'-. ':Leo theptcro 

':!,.''nI--'|.I 1 

y ^v D iLSTEBirE,y.u 

Prt[Jr<d aid i-:!d br A. P- i T\ riASr.'=, IVI.-.'.-.i.'.- I-, 
Ci I.. I... Kiil!..a-,LT.,1. ,..r,„r .1 Willi,,.,. S- - V- fl. •■ 
,i) I i U. .Ii. ill. v.- i.i;; A ...■■ Ma l'r.!.-:.i-i-.; -. T. IVjTTfl 
..,. ':t..i-.--,ii|.- II. 11. Mt-Di'llAl.ll ,'. i_m, Eammtcuiill 
t.j lini.vl.'jigiocraUj-. 




Of all tbe remedied ;^t dlHove red for rocb eomptilaU,lUt 

It makea a apc«djr and permanent core, v-ILb^al tho Icvia 
ttricdoa to diet, drfok, eapoaure, ol chaajo la appllcaUall 
lioalneii. Ooe bottle la Ganorally (OtDdrollD eon an ordlJB 
tax, n blab not QafreqoeaUy dtuppoara aflor ell or eight do* 

fe.iaiiyir,J0BHB0S4Oi,Ban Frandteo; B.T. WAT1 

t Co-.ltirjarUlei 

by Drufiai'tft emeri" 

Rb( i ; \ i t ■ i ■ i * i i m ; i i n . 

nt op in 30<J, 35e., 65c, 81, S3, 83 and Si Ba» 

.'.-•-. .1- I; i. ...ta I ■ in I — ..!-. i ii,. ,i t , ir , ,i Jt bvlbjaod 
i Kair York and elMnboro. 


For Ibo deitru.-iii n .,r M ■<],.. M u .!..-i.-,.. Fliaa, F)a* 

lant Iniecta, Vonain oa Fowli aad Animal., is^il 

Put up in "is. and 60c. ■).-:-.■. ■ 

.-■■i.i wi,i,.A, a d n,-i.,iir, r "co-TAk'a" rwscas 

M'lfl ■!-' lilSMAIUVAi '.! \\ I , :•,,: - 

■ Miri;i.l:-i>-.. I Hl.AI.l Ii.-.: .-.a-.- l/.iuj*" 

■•*:■■'■ Hilh, I'.i.r.T,. i.j, A-. 

K?" PatkastJ rsr.i.-.iljpii 
fliltel,, PQblialn.'iimi.r.., ,-. 

A [I. ,1 II >.1;MI, ||. I 1-1,1,,,,, .,,. ,., 

H.UIM.- A I'AUK.i-l ilr,. ,.!.,.,, 

!1, „.,,., 

iltT, un the San Joao road, for th< 


ColU Sired by David Hill in 1856- 

- -r»m owning tbo tamo OI „ teflUBlUd lo ei» M 2 

rl-r,K,..l l.,.f..:,. tl,,., „,, .,.„ „ , . k „ld, reftf" " 
icoivo cortiDralcj for tho siiuio. 

Colts Bired by David Hill in IBM. . 

Iwilleivo f.,r i;„iir,: i.'uii- u,„ ii„„.|,cd JoU**E?S 
' ■ivurcd..mnd 1 .tU!'e*" 

ne,, Blao 

A r H] 1, 

ii. F. F1S11, iiA 

: ii 

117 rnlton fltreot, New York, 

5BS(1[kV:i:k \nh va'."!- 1 :.'; 

•V I N "I, \. 

*W Injtm.ii,,,, for lha ftatOeal I"''":'- 
m " oomprWa,; Llnott Draniae, ?*$& 

i.i i'urt..-,il,.., :,„.,., !,,,,,. ,,,;. .■;- :.-.■:,, 

latlorrMacblaer,, .-uti,! - i |, r ,„,,.„. ip.».t-' 1 j 

!-■■-■-. !'."it-;ii..ii,,t Sb.l,,,,,, i,„ -,„,„! ColaiWi 


wii^u^ar 1 !^ l ' rin ' ? ! L '- lc> . " U, V ■"' l 5«kilJ* 
, THE MEOif AKl'lAs ' ("iirKKl l.'lClI'^ !"\1 

«u 'i.-i.T-.i.-i,,,. ,i ,-..„„],!,. :,■-„.. ii- l .i !■',> 

Terra., Kulo. uud T„l,l c , „,.f,,l i„ n„: M.^'^' ■ ;i 
1,1 " 1--N-I by i:,..'r.t.ii,. : ....f ,M i:l, r y. aadat*"' _ 

iii'i- iM'>'''ii i'i|Hi'i:.AAii-;KTAi. iiESioSai-JS 

*f i:;=i-'lv,,i;„-,,,,. Ii- ,.,i,,. I:,!,, i.. .1.-1.I-. ' : ." 

i.'-'.h, i"-„,,.|. ,i,i '. ,.-,>■ II,, i, ■' ,,-l 

'■•< An-„,.,k,i,„ 1 11, ,.-,,r..t.„, i'.,nui'lln«* JP 

i'liilii's TBEATI6E ON CLOCK ANO*; 1 .^ 

M.ihi;;,:. n„ reii.-.i „., I I'r.,,ii-.i ill-u"** 

-■'-i i-l.1i,,..- I'l.i.- K,,)iil ,r, ill ,,,- ti- 1 

II, nv -ui i:ii..iii,i:a ,; .nii.i; '"",, :. ' 

i|,ll„a o( all Ibo Mark! by ..hi. Ii tli" > !l k "V„ \iP' 
Cowi tnij bo aaeortainod. IUiulraled'" 1 » w fa 


§Jm& S o m s m <b 1 o2 

> SSGtul ®S4«1B«8S< 


California Jfarmtr 


Br W ABBES ft O 

ojm— .*>. lyi irjjh^" * 1 "' 

uifl BnbtcrlpUom nina 

Commlttoes of State Agrioultural Society, 
For the Tiir IB57. 

A hasty visit to Stockton, to learn of thu pro- 
gress of tic Fair, enabled us 10 procure from the 
Board a corrected list of lira Oomtnitteea for the 
coming Piir. 

There his been ■ list in uiimy of the papers, 
hut it 13 quite iocorroct, IS many of the gentle- 
men named intending to he competitors in the 
lists signed them, tbey resign, and their places 
arc Glled hy others. And still others named may 
be absent from the Slate. Etch no* Iho Com- 
mittees are cot completed, but what Is now pub- 
is a corrected list, Others will be added as fast as 

Farms, Orcharils, Xurieries, Gardens, 
Vineyards, Grten-hnuizt and Fences — W il- 
liamGanaid, President; E.S. Holdcn. First Vice 
President ; J. 0. Cobb, Corresponding Secretary ; 
George H- Sanderson, Kecording Secretary; P. 
E, Connor. Treasurer. 

Wheal, Hurley, Oats, Com, Buckwheat, Po- 
tatoes and Unions— Msj. Itidwcll, Chico Creek ; 
Ool. George nicer, San Francisco; J. W. Os- 
borne, Napa ; A. It. Mnlune v, Contra Costa ; Jos. 
P. Martin, lone Valley ; S. T. Nye, Stockton. 

Tboaceo, Hemp, Sugar-cane, /{ice, Rye. and 
Chiton— M»j. Burncy, Tuolumne River; II. M. 
Tructt. Sin Francisco ; Col. Forman, Sacramento; 
Madison Walthall, Stockton; W. J. Howard, 
Quart ibnrg. 

Alfalfa, Chinese Sugar-cane, Beans, Ftax, 
and' Broom-corn— W. M. Rycr, J. M, Buffing- 
ton. Sloe t ton ; I. D. Morley, Stanislaus county; 
H.E. Oslraudcr. Snclling's Hancb ; Win. How, 
Sacramento ; Col. Warren, San Francisco. 

Flout— A. Gall, Stockton; E, T. Pease, San 
Francisco; U. Policy, Sac rain unto, f Not full.) 

Cur. J Meats. Fruits. *c— Mark Sheldon, 
Wm. Freeborn, Mr. Smith, S. L. Dewey, Sin 
Frond oi ; L L.Waraer. Sacramento ; Mr. Knipp, 
Columbia; B. W.Owens. Stockton. 

A'ad're II in?— Horace Webster. Sin Francisco; 
Major Bidwcll, Chico Creek j R. K. Kcid, Stock- 
ton; G. W. Whitman. Sacramento; Maj. Ikns- 
ley. San Jose ; E. L, Beard. San Jo.e Minion. 

JVtu'f— Capt, Md con dray, San Francisco; W. 
M. Lent. Santa Clan; Wilson G. Flint, Alameda: 
t. L. Beard, San-Jose Mission. (Not full.) 

F lowers— J. Saul. Sacramento; li. W. Hours, 
Stockton; T. & W.' Smith, San Jose; Thomas 
Hayes, Sin Francisco; J. 0, Fall. M;.i ■. .-i v j 1 1 . ■ _ 
(Not full.) 

Vcgitalles— Matt Hates, Stockton; J. Saul, 
Sacramento; Mr. Hall .1. F. Swift. San Francisco; 
Mr. Woodruff, Big Treo; J. D. Staples, Mot. 

Sgricuitural Implements— J. D. Hunt, P. T. 
South worth. San Francisco; J. W. Osborno, Napa; 
Mr. Baker, Sacramento; iVin. 1L Graham, Slock- 

Wagnm and Carriages-!. P. Nosh, Stock- 
ton; John Hayes, Sacramento; R. S. Eels, Ban 
.Franoifcco; J. Pitrson, Marr^ille ; .1. M. J'arker 

Team Harness— D. J. Otillahan, Stockton; 
J. Sarh- 1, Sin Joaquin ; J. D. Stage;, Molt. Mill ; 
Mr. Goodman, Mariposa; J. Piorson, Marysrille. 

Carriage and Dray Harness, Saddles and 
Bridles— P. Hunt, E. T. Pease. San Francisco; 
p. 0. McCarthy, Sonora ; E. S. Holdon, Stockton; 

,-. II .;, - i -..- 1 ■ . a .i, Francisco; 1. \ 

a Ma. 

Lyon, Mokolumo Hill. 

Wind Pumps— A. P. Smith. Sacramento; M. 
Roberta, Sin riant isco ; l.r. U. (irailan. Stockton. 
, MJjte-hoxes, and Model) of 
d Tunneling Machines — Sam. 
*. McKinstry Smith. 

Purdy, Moki 
Oroville; Maj. Hatlon, Vu'lcnno; Gcn.tadwi 

ib county ; Jas. Walsh, Grass Valley; 

5 TajCi[,i. \M) ai .id.M.if|.livV. 

■'■toI History, a,,,/ Stuffed 

V.. F. M. 

' Cabinets of ..__ 

mrdi-C. D. Giubes, Stockton; Or. Tiask," 
Francisco; Ilr. Haines. Marysvillo. 

Brick' Fire, Faced. and llui'4i,>-) — W\\\\,„ n 
MuBdertSujcLton; James Smiley, Sao Viancis- 
■-•■'■ (Not full.) 

Hops, Oils, Essences. 4}e— Dr. Barnes, Marys- 
"lie; S. H. Ucbnaw, Stockton; J. 1.. I'., 1 1., mm 
Sacramento; A. .1. Almy, William IS. K.irl, :-,„' 
Francisco; ,1. Armitago. Sonora. 

Sltata-Iimtini.i ,„id .Sfinvi— Peter Donahue, 
Ban Francisco; Mr. foll^k, llenicia; Mr. Co- 
runt. Stockton. 

■Wood™ dl)r ^. n?i( diural) _, y 

V. Bojd San rrancco ; ij. |;. ,. h , ..,,,, . , Slw t ll)n . p 
J»met Aothonr, Sneramfnto 

iye-F,, s ina— Frank B. «, Wi.itnoy, Fred- 
encl: ).h,|,|, r , jj.i,. i, ,„„.,, Sl[ , Prn ' ndMir 
■>. =•■ i ner,.J, hacrninento; A. W, Ni-iuinirale 
^^^'.■^"^^loukton ; John Sedg- 

*h*. Sonora ;- 
ic Il,l| 

-, Sin, J,,. 

Leather-it. I. Rird. Stockton ; J. W. Moore 
M"J»lc; A. T. Kel>e . S.n, MW Jc 
ata^ Mokelumn, li,!. ; Mr. Mam, „l |„i„ A 
nincli i-.lrr.S,,, p, ,,...,.,.,, 
, 0/ ( />,ii,i (l 

Col v,.„,.. 

I S. Locke, Stockton; J.Wyse, 
Mr. Sbedd, San Francisco ■ 
«»cau, MAfiposa. 

■'' »'-vA--M., Stockton; Mr. 
P- - iicin.iii.nio ; H l' U lm, r ,Kui=hfs Ferry, 
lloLZ"l '",'•■*"■' "'"■ ""'fc-M«. -M ."li. 
^Wnck.U,, fnmcl-co; .Mrs. J. II . Ki, i r, Mr; 
»**0. \i. SaodCion. lira, U. 0. Patrick, Stockton. 

HW— Col. Ohildj. Napa; Col. T. J. Oenley. 
Major L. B. Brndlty, San Joaquin ; Slajor S. J. 
II. i, !. i, San Jase. 

Hals and Caps — Mr. Bradford, Sacramento; J. 
It usiell, Slock t f in ; Mr. Ri.-lunl Snn Pruncia."o. 

Sign and Ornamental Painting— Franklin 
L. Jones. San Prancisco ; IV. It. Jeffurson, Stock- 
ton ; A. McAlpiu, Sneramento. 

Printing — John tl'Mcnra, San Francisco; B. 
B-Riild int' .Sacramento; William BiTen.Stoekton; 

A. S. Holmes, Mariposa ; Bcnj. P. Kooser, " 

Painting— MilesStaDdish^tockton; Mr.Monnt 
of Wilson & Monnt, San Franciseoi Mr. Fuller, or 
Fuller i- Heather, Sicramento. 

Tin Work— J. Snook, Son Francisco; H. D. 
Sanders, Stockton; Thomas Handsbrowc, Sacra- 

Sihencare— J. Ling, Stockton; J.W.Tnckor, 
Sau FrooeJsco. 

MarblcKOrtt and Granite Dr, Tro=k. Snn 

Fianei<c<j; P. J- Dcrine, Sacramento; M. H, 

Bond, Stockton. 

Blacksmith Work— T. J, Keyj, Stockton; Cal. 
Nutting, Son Francisco; J. M. Hofkell, Colombia; 
Willi, mi IVaslec, Murphy's; T. J.Wells, Jackson. 

Carpenter Work— C. F. Whale, Stockton ; C. 
0. Denny, San Francisco. 

Pottery and Brums— L., M. Cutting. Stock- 
ton; Mr. linker, Sacramento; Moses Ellii, San 

5ue;iir, Salt, Starch, Mustard, Spices, Honey, 
L'ir,l. ,-.'., iiji. Candles, and Lamp Oit—ilotOi 
Ellii, N.K.Mnsten, San Francisco; H.T.Comp- 
ton, Stockton; Mr. Powers, Sacramento; J. 0. 
Fall, MarysTille. 

Boats ind SAou— P. S. Fogg, Stockton; L. 
Mann, Murysvillo. 

Jurniiun— J. C. Dnncan, Sod Francisco; J. 

B. Starr, Saoramcnto; Mr. Laohsingcr, Stock- 

Bope—R. B. Parker, Stockton; T- M. Lind- 
ley. Sacramento; fl. E. Parker, San Francisco, 

Piano Fortes— S. E.Woodn-ortb, M^r. Horold, 
San Francisco ; H. B. Underbill, Stookton, 

Letler, Printing and Wrapping Paper— H. 

C. Pntricb, St..fktoi, ; C.I. Wurreu (California 
Fnrmer); J. H, Still, San Frunciaeo; E. B. 
Davidaon, Saoramonto; L. li. Lull, Maryaville. 

Butler and Cheese— &. P. Whitman. San Fran- 
Cisco; H. B. Post, Son Joaquin; S. Shodd. 
Knight's ferry ; Mr. Amohl, Sooramonto. 
[Not fall.] 

"- men.— Dr. Troslt, J. M. Vnn- 
iico; Amos T. Laird. Nevada; B. 
klon; A. K. Hooker, Columbia ; 
.Mark Urammagini, Marysvillc ; B. P. Haatiiigs. 

Hunts. Mares and Colts— 3. C- Davis, Yolo, 
Col. C-.p.-r. San Mnteo; P. Hunt, Ai.i.).t All-ti. 
San Francisco; N. Coombs, Napa; Mr, Moho- 
ii-y, Oakland. 

Jacks and Mules— Col. Gift, Sun Francisco ; 
Mai. Brodli'y, Son Jnaqniu ; D. J. Oullolmn, 
Sti>ckl',n; M.ij. Uiirnny, Sliiiii.'-l.LUs; Moj. Bid. 
woll. Cliico Creek : Col. Chillis, Nana.; S. H. 
Meeker. San Francisco. 

Cattle—Oar. Edwards. Stockton; Mai. Brad- 


sycle.San Fran 
W. Bonra. Sti 

■oiiuin ; 

''■ ii. iluu-lii jraeruiiit'iitii ; .InmoaP. 

tin- 1 • Valley; William M. L.nt, Son la Clara. 

Sh<->p—Gav. Edwards. H.Foreman, Slocktou; 
Mi.j. llr.i.llny, Sail Jonouin ; Col. C ... Cliil.ii. 
Nana; Samuel Miller, Stoni.ilnua; Gen. J. M. 
Vnll.j.., S',1. ; l.'nj.i. Muv J ray. Sun Mat, i>. 

ll,gs— S. Pearsall, Stockton; C. W. Brad- 
furil. Sun Jua.jilin; Mr. L'.ilvinaii, Sun Jme R i,ail. 

Foals— H. F. Fanning, French Camp ; J. 
Liiwn-.ii, Sl.ieLt'-n; J. II. 0-j'jk, Sun Francisco; 
Charles Ashley, Culnvcroa. 

Mule T<-ms— E. C. lv-Jly, Son Jonqoioj Col- 
tiift. Major Hcnaloj, Sun FranciaGo ; Qon. 
Hutchinson, Sacramento. 

Ladies in the Saddle— Got. J. Neoly Jolin- 

■<-ui, Samuel I'unly, Cnpt, Mi,,- Irai', Mnji.r 

llii^l.y, Cant. S. P. WlIIb, Jnhu C. Fall. A. 
C. Bradford. 

Gendetncn in the Saddle— Mr. Fi-h, Bobfilt 
Mullen, Thomas Wilson, H. C. Lee, Dr, C. M. 

Strength of Teams and Speed of Horses— 
Samuol Purdy, A. J. Ellis, Mr. Cc 

Booth. S 

C r i (:a Cora lor Food throughout tho lear. 

Mn. Davin Bowf, of Lancaster, Pa., has 
di-cuvir.d und invented a process fur prewrvirij; 
peen corn in the car. by which it Is docs not hu- 
,:.inie curruiii nr unjuldy, but retains all the juice 
.1,. I ti-t.- and other qualities of the milky grain. 
Ik- pluck* the tarot corn In roaslinc;-i-ar tin,,., 
and plnres it on the table in the winter Mason, 
either iln.-lli.-d or in cirs, with all the tender and 

'1 "- ■jarili' it ■;-.!' tbe fre.Oi train; and in this 

■itate it ij claimed to be a much cbeaperand more 
'I..- ■"■.iMi.-.lMir.lmi, tl, ..-..„, in,,, ,iv Lulled and driirf 
(Shaker) corn or homtoy. List summer Mr. 
Itiiwe prepared and put uli ci K |it bushclaof care 
by this proccBS, and it still retains all the nweei- 
ocjb and inilk of the new corn Itself; ond ha also 
claims that by his process more sugar can bu ob- 
tained from the grain than by any other process. 
A patent hu been granted to him on thu follow- 
ing claim: 

"What I claim as my discovery and invention 
■a Iho new art and process of nrvsorrin.. ^retii 
corn In tho ear, by uitracling the pith or Lean of 
too cob, and i^a Mining ond drying tho inEido of 
tho cob as rapidly as tho oalsido, for prater ring 
tlie virinei an<l juic<: u( tho grain, and preventing 
lb' ':<ll 'Hun u| uiold or corruption, of herein 
d^" 1 *" 1 . and for tho purposes set forth." 

The LmuiMur express says that Mr. Howe Is 
at prewnt preparing convenient machines, not 
larger than a Ktnall model commonly used for 
p niii- apple-;, by '.i lud, en-iy housekeeper can in 
one evening pitparo ten or lilt, en bmliels ul'orn 
fur his own rnt; a„,l ,,, »1,,- winter It h boil,,] lil.u 
preen curu, and U-cimes tbe finest dish that can 
be placed on tho table. 

wish to ho truly polite, exhibit real 

kindness in the kindt 

will pais at par in any society wilhuui todying 




No, L— "Tho Pump barrel, A. la placed horf. 
lontally at the bottom of the Well, and Is made 
to revolve by means of hollow shaft, B. Each 
end of the Pump barrel is furnif hrd with a pistoi 

TOlveg, those whcoli, 0, »i 

No. 1. 

i In contaot with 


thus altei 

shaped half-oirclo, D,and tho plat 


together by rods, E, so that whei 
one is pushed in tho other goes ool. 

'■The action ol the piston forces tho water U| 
the hollow shaft, B. and it escapes through thi 
crank, F, ono ond of which is hollow for tha 
purpose. Moti.ui i ■ i.;iv n l.y i inning Ihc handle 
G. The Circular basin, H, i9 large enough it 
diameter to rccciio tho water from F, as it turm 

This Pump will be found an almost indispens- 
able acquisition to Railroads and Mines, where a 
moderate supply of water is wanted, at a trifling 
expense; it can hu attached to steam, worked by 
water, or turned by wind — at any point wharo 
these arc used fur other purposes; 

It Is adapted to all wells, and ' fills a desidera- 
tum long sought but never attained (except at 
great expense) till the present inventor, Mr. Ho- 
se* Lindsey. of Asbcvillo, N. 0., after years of 
study, succeeded In presenting to tho world a 
Pump combining the rare excellencies of Sim- 
plicity, Cheapness, Durability and*Powor. 

It will bo feen from tho cut. that sn iron pipe, 
standing perpendicular in tho Well, and screwed 
Into tho Pump which reals upon- a pivot in Iho 
eccentric In the bottom, is all that is required to 
raise water to any bight, oven lo hundreds of fret. 
The turning tho crank at (hu top, (urns tho pipe 
and Pump, making rapid revolutions, at every 
one of which tho receiver or barrel of the Pump 
is filled twice, thus securing a good supply uf 
water, from any depth, with tho least poisibh 
amonnt or labor. 

Them ara foor lizaa: Nn. fl. ban ■ ni,g.l») 
pipe and Is design 
twenty feet and ut 
lop handle, ralsea i 

in inch; Mo. 2, o 

ono and a half inch pipe. ' Tho No. 1 inabund- 

illy large for all ordinary purposes. 'I In lorgor 

tea are more peculiarly adapted lo Railroad 
Stations, large Farms, Mining nod Manufacturing 
-ji.rposc!*, where no more water is wanted than 
In- pip- v.ill ..uj.j.ry, iin.J li.- mpnly depends on 
ho motion at the handle ; (hu faster it is turned, 
ho more water it raises. 

No. (} raises 7 gallons a minule ; No. 1, raises 
10 gallons a minute ; Su. 2, rainas \H gallons a 
minute ; No. 3, raises 15 gallons a minute— by 
hand power. 

These Pumps ore made of tho beat material, 

d (borooghly finished— and, to secure success, 
(be pip.i. wrought iron, ia manufacwrcd for, and 
to bo sold Willi them, every of vlikl, i, *-.)!,. 
jectcd to a pressure of 3UU lbs. to tho foot, and 
-arratiled perfect. They halo to bi set in tbe 
'-'- work; this requires a apactoi 22 inches 

d for Weill and Cisterns of 
Icr. This being turned hy 
Blcr rcry rapidly. No. 1 has 

Cisterns under twenty feet. Side gearing li 
cicoscs the /miter but lessens (he speed; a tt 
handlo raises wnteryhifer than sidu gearing. 

No. 4. represents a Pump with side gearing I 
abovo, also a gearing Kith a pulley or wheel for 

No. 4. 

a band, to bo attached to wind, water, steam, oi 
horse-power — this latter, tho lowest on tho cot 
costs ga 25 sens rately. 

Tha two basins and buckets on this pipq ahovt 
lbs right-hand gearing, represent a Well or Cis- 
tern where it is desired lo draw water at the top 
of tha ground, or a kitchen floor, as the case may 
bo, and also lo convoy it higher, either to a first 
second, or a third floor above, and discharge it at 
seen in tho top basin. At (ho first basin, a short 
piece of pipe is inserted, in which is placed a 
brass bibb-cock, by which (ho water can he dis 
charged at that place Tho bibb cock, cxtrt 
ba-m.&c, for a fixture of (his sort, costs in nni 
stv I... (iiii|-.<.li.-hcd brass). S2 50; of the best ma- 
terial. S- 25 ; abovo tho price of the Pump, 4c. 
Tho pipe is so much per foot ir 

all ca 

No. 5, represents an 
air barrel or chamber, 
which cm bo easily 
suli-tituted Tor, or put 
""" basin of any 

No. 5, 

xith a hoi 

} thi 

nary use. This can 

be applied to nil -i.-.l 

Pump-, mid is adapted 

to one-inch pipe. Tho 

best !■■-■ -■■- 1 ii [ ■-.-. bibb- 

cock, coupling, 4c„ including the air barrel, oil 

co mp Iota, costs S10 ; tho second quality, $7 50. 

Tho rubber hose is furnished in any length ' 

sired, attached to (ho fix(urcs and Seem 

wrapped ivi(h wire, in perfect order, at 30 cc 

Tub high price of this article li a fact of press- 
ing importance to numerous families in (he com- 
munity. Them haio been many widely variant 
speculations as to (ho causes of the great rise in 
valno of the sttccborino suliBlnnce, and Hunt's 
Merchants' Magazine for .Inly indulges in some 
comments on tliu utitistaro! state of the sugar 
market, which we append : 

Wo have at several limes noticed tho caase of 

the high prices of sugar, and referred to tho im- 

Bnecnlations in this article going on under 

Ilia control chiclly of wealth j Spanish houses en : 

gaged in (he West India trade. By far (oo large 

the Oaban crop has been diverted to 

tho Hulled States, to make thu question or prices 

ly of solotion. The present stock in New York 

i"-"" 1 ) 7 "- tuns, .ilni.j,! i!ir,.....r„Hrthsasniucb 

is held in nil the principal murk.-ts ,,f Europe. 

I lie 1 iiii-iui.i, .r-.p l.i-i i,.,r. ii will I,-.- r. m- -r- 

cd, fell off (o 73.976 hogtbtuda. K the growing 
crop gave no larger promise, the price of t'nl ■"- 
sugar, high us it is, would probably ho auslaii 
through (ho year; but (he Louisiana yield is u 
set down at between (lireo and Tour hundred thi 
sand hogsheads, and if this iiiuuilily in realized 
will bo ont of the power of tliu speculators to ei 
trol prices beyond the diite when tho new crop \ 

a of price in tli .. 
,yera take thestock 

"Wonna In Trans, 
riri'.r.r VaixaT uajreu, .t-i-e", li US7. 
Editors FanHen: A Tow days ago, whilst 
inspecting closely some of my finest trees, I found 
they were infected by a small white worm, about 
quarter or an inch long, at, or within, one or'two 
inches Of the top or the ground. All of thu trees 
thus affected arc not in a flourishing condition; 
the leaves turn yellow, and the troo does not seem 
to thrive wol I. Perhaps yon or some of your 
readers can let mo know what Is the most speedy 
remedy. 1 have made an application of strong 
soap- suds i this was my remedy in tha Atlantic 
States. Perhaps you can suggest something 
better. From observation I am satisfied that 
trees upon high lands are often affected in this 
way. Truly yours, infcsto, I. D. Mohlev. 

Wo received tho above letter of inquiry from 
our valued Pleasant Valley correspondent, and 
are happy lo be able to answer his question ; and 
if our suggestions do not meat his call, and 
remedy the evil, wc hope to hear from him again. 
At the same time we would ask all archardisU 
and gardeners, who have been injured by these 
worms, (o inform us, and we would be glad 
to hear from all who can suggest a remedy of a 
different kind from the one we now propose. 

Our remedy is a strong decoction of Tobacco, 
poured round the roots of tho trees, Wo believe 
(bis will "bo (ho death" of Iho worms. Should 
this foil, will friend Morley inform us? 

New Steam Flow. 
A plow Inventor in Iho city of New York pro- 
sents tho following model of a plow, to moot the 
great premium of S50.00D offered by an eminent 
landholder or Illinois, who makes this offer for a 
practical steam-plow Tor the prairies. Where are 
the plow makers of California? Let thu genius 
of tho Gulden State win the premium : 

A steam-plow for the prairies should consist of 
a mclal frame mounted upon wheels, in the peri- 
phery of which are sharp pins or teeth to hold 
upon tho esrlh. In front Is an independent 
wheel, fixed to a swivel, so that tho machine may 
be steered by it in any direction, and capable of 
accommodating Itself lo (he irregularity or tha 
earth. Upon tha frame la the boiler, with the 
engine attached; also the tender for fuel ond 
water. At the rear part of tho frame is a second 
frame, arranccd lo bo raised and lowered at will. 
A large toothed wheel Is surrounded for about 
one-third Its front periphery by several small 
wheels, and below these smaller wheels are tho 
cutters, suitably braced. These cutters will bo 
verllcal, or nearly so, and will consist of several 
blades placed spirally around a shaft. Motion is 
given (n Ihe largo wheel from the engine, which 
causes It to revolve, carrying with It the small 
wheels and cutters. As tho cuKcrs rovolvo they 
may bo lowered into (he car(h, screwing it up and 
casting it over their topa so that It will fall in a 
pfrleitly hroken-up mass. - Hiving (has placed 
them in (he ear(h tho machine presses forward, 
chipping the soil Into thin shavings (similar to 
(ho shavings from ■ wood-planing inscliino), and 
"King the mass over (hoir tops, mixing tho 
ioIu together in a manner superior to ony work 
it can bo done by tho plow and harrow, as It 
ves it entirely like a balch ol meal. A sepa- 
ra(o carriage in (ho rear will carry tho planting 
— ' -ovcrtng machino. This will bo peifectly 
r, so that by slightly changing, it will either 
roadcast, in drills. r,r in hilla. Tho cowing 
apparatus will follow and perform its work bc- 
j manner tho seed is to bo covered, 
icseen that instead of goiugovcr tho 
ncs to perform (ho wprk, i( is be(ter 
... u„ u single passing over tt. Ono man can 
enieiitl> manage tho machine, and will plow 
plant from twenty (o thirty acres per day. 
ill not work in stony groond, but will readily 
ill roots up and mix them with tho earth. 

Process for Preserving Stonos. 

valion of stono is a subject which 

d a large pro- 

ground six 

Tun proi 

narrowed down tt 

i dinme 

,t the I 

Thcsjj Pomps have been thorough!)' tested and 
trained by practical mechanics and BOiantilic 
n in different par(s of (hu country, and pro- 
nounced superior, in many teapotm, to any yet 
inch: ordinary use. 

Siucu this pump was first Introduced in Juno 
last, several important imprutenwua have been 
made, and olheni are in progteav The accom- 
panying drawings will give thu reader a pretty 
correct idea of this Pump as low constructed, 
Tho large cut ahowa a Pump it the W.ll com- 
plete, without side gearing; ustd in all Wclla ur 

a (his c. 

atca now current, between this date aud'tt 

it Uecemberl Holdvrd lake ihe sffirmalivi 

and, as far ns %ure, u..,, n,,,l;i ; ont a fuir cum 

shnwinj. n greater consumption for lie corn-, I 

[Op; period uf last year, th.™ - - -itm- c . — 

irles the nuwser would be easy';' but sugar has ht> 

>>"".' u neteiiity, iinil .'.v. per knee bus slioivn 
"Inn u iiisio i, oucu :ii.-,|iiir,.] r,, r it, it- is nu t 

■-i-lih r.-liri.pi, -l,-, I. '!„., .up.-, im,.-nt -is nuw to 
■>■■ lrie-l, W'.-rilij.ll 1. 1. 1 |,r„|ic( [he f-iUe, bu[ when 

t H matter ofhis'.ury, -hull chronicle I ub result. 

A rU„ E Meiican Coa.Fcn.-Tha distribution 
o( plants or thu now and rare Mexican Coniferous 
plint hearing tho name of Chainoicypluirii thu- 
"fera, JKoxcilinerjimc a cunp-iioi, „n,,, [n .--,i ih„ 
members of (bo I^ondon Horticultural ijoclely. 

Tho cost of all Ihe clergy in the United States 
Is 612000,000 annualy, while (ho ciiini,, ,1 . , ! 

S- 1 " 1 ■"" II . <■'"' li^-yem S7'i,.HH>,CKH>, and Inlui 

fcaling Uquora 8^0,000,000. 

last fewyeai 
portion of attendon Trom vi 

r gummy compounds have been tried for 
-so and proved to bo of little avail, they 
(y. becoming decomposed after a brief 
eijiusuru to the atmosphere. Mr, Rensomo hav- 
ing turned his attention to the matter, has, there- 
fore, sought for an indestructible mineral, which 
he hos succeeded In producing in (bo follow- 
ing manner: Tho s(ouo or o(her material ia 
coaled or saturated, wholly or superficially, with, 
a solution or soluble, silicate and has aflcr ward 
applied It (o a solution of chloride ofcalcium by 
which an insoluble silicate of limo is formed in 
tho bedy of tho stone, In place of a solublo sili- 
cate and chlorine- of calcium other preparations 
may bo used ; the invention consisting in tho ap- 
plication in succcs-don or two solutions, which, by 
mutual decomposition, produce an insoluble sub- 
stance, which is deposited iu Ihe structure and on 
mrfaceof Iho stone or other molcriol This 
compound is remarkably tenacious and cohesive. 
' ature in Mr. Itansoma'a process 
dy prevents now stone from de- 
&J{ n S> but effectually prevents (bo further decay 
ilready rapidly approaching dis- 
■■ efficacy or this mineral is not 
J slono, but may be applied to 
o, lee., with equally efiectivo re- 
Dtco has been making some Im- 
portant experiments upon tho new Houses o! Par- 
liament, and we (rus( ho will not have tho dis- 
satisfaction of finding his invention disregarded 
by those who should be (he first to avail thtin- 
"'i(- If it hi advisable to expend so many thous- 
ils on the election of. a structure to adurn our 
etropoli-, it Is surely tho duty of those in whose 
nds the discretion lies to (aku advantage of the 
""" here ollered fur preserving tha ssmo.— 

MecljaiileV Maenlinn. 


iDned to s 
brick, lime, si 

London Mcobaniu' Magaiine. 


lb. Bemedy U- wiHln Hmdt Will *• iPP'T "' 
„-_ i- 1,I,SUW 

, ihe Snn 


c „hy 'hero ie 
■Mies and Stale, 
■II departments 

it ill. There 

EmTons FiHatn: An ariielcj 
Francisco Prices Current, 
steamer, sols forth ibo rt 
such i Tilling off of trade in *» i 
and mob a general depression in 
or business. This article J« 5 
touch toe ie»l difficulty in ^ cas 
co be but lllUe *»« that U» cam 
enumerated are, "» lbo n "" n ' c ° rrCCt ' li ' 
thor K». But the real difficulty, tb. 
coL.ll the uthors.and that will continue 
loinaeaw the present stale of tomes there to a 
graaUr intensity thin it ever his reached, .-is >.i, 
MlhowMt ol population; and until California 
has ■ very Urge increase of people, to consume 
the products of the soil, mil it th* same- lime 
develop her ™«t resources, there Will be failures 
md tumors of failures, and the cry of hurt] nines, 
beginning in San Francis mi the other large 
cities, will well over the hills and valleys, and be 
echoed back from Ibo moon tain*. 

To furnish a healthy bosiness lor the cities 
and toirns now in California, there should be at 
least one million of inhabitants. The importing 
merchants cannot sell their wares oicept to a 
limited client, because the small population is 
soon supplied, ind the people in the coontry can- 
not afford to buy, oscepfc barely the necessaries 
of life, because they finjCo ready markets for the 
prodnctfl of their landsjor articles manufactured 
from the raw material produced in the Stale. 

Those living in cities, hieing little trade, high 
rants, exorbitant UiU, c»pentivo living, and 
small profits, cannot afford to purchase- luxuries 
from tbo country. This leaves a surplus in the 
banda of tho farmer, and themercbant- If either 
could 6ell at fair rates, they could well afford to 
buy of the other. The landlord, by having all 
bis warehnnscs and tenements tilled with those 
ivbo could promptly pay the rents, could let ol 
less prices than now rule. Tho merchants, meet- 
ing with ready sale for their wares, could then 
afford to bnlld booses and surround themselves 
with elegant luiorica. This would call out and 
amply remunerate the mechanical skill of the 
State. IV hen the mechanics and merchants 
thrive tho farmers will prosper. When all 
classes are prospering, tho growth of a Stale must 
bo vigorous, healthy, and permanent. While all 
continue to thrive, no one class of a community, 
following any of the great induslrial pursuits of 
the nation, can suffer long without all other 
classes feeling it, and suffering also. All depart- 
ments of tradn and industry an so intimately 
connected that it is utterly impossible for any one 
to be long depressed, without retarding the gen- 
eral prosperity. It ia the harmonious blending 
of tho colors of tho rainbow that lenders it an 
object of admiration to all who behold it- So it 
is tho graceful harmony of all Industrial pursuits, 
tho grouping together of all the compor 
of tho comparatively, separate interests of all tho 
people of a State, or nation, lhat the true strength, 
vigor, end glory of the country may be fully 

While this feeling is being recognized lu tome 
oilcot, and crory year sees California more self- 
ig and independent, the absolute occes- 
nviog • largo increase of population is 
felt by all classes. If two hundred thousand 
could land upon your shores every year, the very 
kind of persons you most need, California would 
ift her drooping head, and come forth to greet 
bem, decked In gold, encircled with (lower*. th« 
ems of~her prolific soil, radiant in beauty, buoy- 
nt with hope, and maje.itic in her mighty power. 
This, I believe, Messrs. Editors, is thooulyhnpo 
of a better slnie of things, and this should be 
:kly, for there is loo much at stake 
' to bo lost , but if you do not tokc hold 
of the subject, and pmbo tbo whole matter, and 
tho full extent of the evil under which the 
State is staggering, It cannot bo supposed thnt 
other persons and States, with no immediate in-. 
there, will trouble themselves ahuut the 
matter, to the extent that they would, if they 
should see Californians putting ihoir shoulders to 
the wheel, and urging on the good work iii every 
ludablo nay. Those who wish help must first 
help themselves. Even within yourselves you 
i power to revolutionise 
the entire Slate ; or, in other words, to produce 
:h a change for the better, that you yourselves 
uld recognize it, 

Before reading the article alluded to, I Intended 
write one, addressed to all true Califunilnii', 
relation to tho now Steamship Company re- 
cently organized in your city. Thnt is certainly 
■tby of the serious attention and hearty sup- 
t of nil your fellow-citizen*. For years, plans 
e beeirdetiicd and given op, suggestions have 
n made, bot no action taken. All classes de- 
plore tho stale of things now exisling, and read 
gloomy future before them, unless somo- 
g be donn to bring an industrious population 
to their shores. 
An Immigration Society has been formed, bi 

[t effected , All ai 

II _■>■ 1 1 L 

Had California been at the beginning likr 
Stales, her growth would, as others, have been 
gradual and healthy ; but the very necessities 
the case, at first, required large cities, where sup- 1 
plica could be landed and resbipped to the interior. 
The tidy of population from tho Plains, met by 
tho advancing nave from the Pacific coast, soon 
spread over the mining districts; all depending 
upon the cities for the necessaries of life, and all 
the implements of labor. These cities, having a 
largo profit on ell poising through them in tho 
way of merchandise, soon expanded beyond all 
former precedent in any other coontry. Their 
warehouses and wharves were tilled with all 
kinds of tho sUploaiticlcs of life. Then, the two 
great pursuits of California were, digging roM, 
and the supplying miners with food and raiment 
in exchange for tho gold, and shipping the trea- 
sure to the East, to foot tho bills. 

When, however, the farmer began to sopply 
bread for the masses, this great branch uf trade 
Toll off; but, previous to this, shippers, believing 
or hoping that breadstufls could never be pro- 
duced there, ur even any of the comforts of life, 
made oxtcoslvc arrangements for a permanent 
business of greet profit. Extensive warehouses 
were built, largo orders were sent to the East, for 
the necessaries and luxuries of lire. From every 
part of tho State the golden stream set In towards 
thecitica. This ilimuli ted merchants to increase 
tbeir Orders, already too large, until tho wharves 
literally trembled, and the warehouses groaned 
under the weight ol merchandise. 

In tho midst or this moat unparalleled prosper- 
ity, the flames again and again auept over the 
cities. With an energy unheard of before, your 
eiliiens girded themselves to grapplo wllb both 
flood and flame. Whole streets and stores sprung 
up, almost like Jonah's gourd, in a night. Wider 
and deeper flowed the golden tide; higher and 
broader became tho warehouses; more costly 
were their contents; when again, in a few short 
hours, all were a mass, of smoking ruin 
they wero not discouraged In their work 
In the meantime, those In tho interio 
to cultivate some of tho Staple products, and 
found, to their joy, that California could produt 
more grain than any other country. Fiom tbi 
moment, the march of California has been gli 
rious and triumphant at every step. She hi 
tome hard lessom to learn, and is now learnin 
from the best schoolmaster, adversity. All ai 
now beginning to feel that there is no State wbci 
all can prosper, as merchants or farmers. In 
short, they are teaming that there il a reciprocity 
of interest, in all places, that must bo held u&crcd 
by those who would prosper, 

Every one who takes, share in this Company, 
by thus partieipaling in tho good work, sdds 
Strength to the Slate, promotes his own personal 
Interests, nnd secures for himself and children a 
permanent prosperity. Could California sec and 
know the perfect enthusiasm existing here id re- 
lation to this grand enterprise, and know how all 
envy her tho honor of bringing out one of tho 
greatest movement! of the oge, although the 
youngest Stale in the Union, it would iofoso an 
energy nnd ardor into their movements lhat 
would easily overcome all tbo opposition Ibst 
conld be brought against it. All hero feel that 
California knows bor doty, and that she will 
most nobly perform it. 

I herewith send you nn estimate, carefully 
drawn up, of the receipts nnd expenditures of 
the Company, which is exclusive of 'the twenty 
per cent coupons. Yours, Ac. "■ 


Sew York Bteamihlp Company. 

Bread-lmeadlnE Machine. 
WE hnve just witnessed tho ^"W^ 
,f knowing dough by machinery. Hard 
cliiii bisouit Las long boon mad o by 
-, but many unsuccessful attempts 
have boon mode to apply to it the pr-i '"•""" l 
igh for soft or fumily bread. 1 bo failures 
have heon so numerous that it una been consid- 
ered uaito impossible to moke mechanical labor 
rfcot substitute for manual labor in Unii «n- 
aut branch of b read. making. It won very 
rnblo to nocomplith this obji'Ol 
■■-rdiuarv Kvetom of baking, fur t 

kneading the dough is excessively 

11,.. ..shifted workmen, reeking will, peivpira- 
ill often remit bis exertions nt tho very 
ioy should be continued to work tho 
dough effectually, nnd thus injure the Quality of 
tho broad. It bos become still more- desirable. 

hid 1 uln.-.-l imlispensablo. to knead tho dough 

l,v machinery in -nlrr to keq. lb vl> in.,;,,t- 

,-i\ I,;.. ovens c.u-laiillv supplied, and Iherofuro 
-■■'■■ ----- tin* dovoliil special 

Ho has built n mn- 
trinl ot nn ordinary 


Estimate of receipts and disbursements of two 
steamers making monthly Hips with three ships 
semi -i n on lb ly trips will he mode, which will 

'°This estimators made for from 500 to 2,000 
passengers. The ships have i .-1iX> beds, and ca- 
p.-idU for '■'.$>."> pris-.-ng.-rs nnd I,?' "Hon-, frtie.lil. 

By the fulloivinj il will he ; ecu that these ships 
will p iv lar^e dividends, exclusive of the twenty 
per cent drawn by the shareholdcrR, al the very 
lowest esllinalo of passengers given. Those 
versed in such matters arc confident that these 
ships will average' at our established rates (S50 
in ill i; second cabin and £151) lirst Cabin), 1,500 
pTvhengers per voyage, the year round. 
Eatimaleof lltr:i r (. ii'f.l Dhhiir-icmenU of Tat 

Ships r er Month, and with Three Double 

those avunmU. 

'Yn^S C^to^^iau IIM, «cb 118,750 

:li roa Two Smiti: 

Steamship Companies has been proposed, an 
they ore willing to bring ill who will pay thei 
ruinous prices, hut not without. A Wagon-Road 
must be a work of time; a Railroad or a score oi 
more of years. In tho meantime, Minnesota 
Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, and othe 
Western States and Territories are holding ou 
inducements to immigrants, era constructing 
railroads, and building Steamer*, and doing all ii 
to turn the tide of population t( 
their borders. Now, if Lin r.'ipi.lly -.ituHinp ii'li- 
tuts in, fairly and slroogly towards those 
localities, it will be very ditflcult to turn it in 
any other direction ; far more £0, than it w 
llr.-l tu give il another direction. I have heard of 
no plan yet lhat seems as welt adapted to meet 
tbo wants of California as this ; indeed, if carried 
out, it will be iho salvaliou of the Slate. Why 
should jour people not carry it out 1 Will they 
not, in every vsay be gainers by doing sol and 
the sooner the belter for oil. 

The titles, ihcrc, are hard. Yet, Califarnia'na 
pay nearly 8400,000 per month, to (he old coin- 
[i inle ■. for freight and passage, most of which 
gees inlo the colfor; of ciipiiuli.-iH in I his city, ami 
thus, month by month, the Slato is drained to 
that amount. No wonder the limes are hard 
No wonder families aie breaking up. and coming 
to the Sail, when most of the money they can 
earn comes here. The fnctis, the pretiure ofthit 
| drain la felt all Ihrough the Siait. It is u liru^ 
upon till ytittr energies, and is tapping the very 
foundations of all your prosperity. There seem* 
j that there is a screw loose somewhere ; 
leakage which nonecanrcmedy. Hcroitin: 
4,000 of your gold Is paid out yearly to 
foreign com panic*. Ik-sides, Ihul state of things 
lalningaslt now is. those living there do not 
feel free to urge their friends to join them ; and 
many cannot, or will not pay tbo present rates of 
fare, and still you must have moru population, or 
matter* may bo worse than ihoy have ever yet 
been. The old ships arc not safe to bring pas- 
sengers to your shores, and aie getting worse 
dally. Tho capital stock of this company Is 
81,000,000, or 4.000 shares of S250 each. Now 
are there nol/our thousand person* in all Call, 
fornia, Oregon, and Washington, who can one 
will take one share, and who can pay ten pui 
cent per month, until all is paid, and who will be 
sore of securing at least twenty per cent on the 
money invested, together with tbo dividend, 
largo or small, lhat may be declared by the com- 
pany 7 Surely, IT California consul U her oivn In- 
terests, this money will soon be raised. 

only will ibis large sum mentioned be re- 
in your midst, if you own tho elcamera 
but, what Is more, onu hundred thousand man 
personB per yeir can be carried io your shores ai 
rales, and In such a short lime, that in a fen 
all California will blossom as the rose, ant 

A Employee nnd liirldi'ulil rxprota 
'AE&nimfT™ iff* far fta **')" 

10,000 =0,000 

'« ia wY.aYi'ioV 


B0,'000 «*S,O0O 

KO&srntigifvrOi riBr.. 

Eilimate for 1,000 Passenger*. 

,,!.-], I or. Tr,..-tr, 


Earnings far T*ilr, Tripi 

Estimalefor 1,500 Passengers. 







( rc.:,-.i 


J laddaul eajxaua 


V. ,- 

Unll fir TV. SUpt 

i i '--- ■ 




Estimalefor '2001.) Paittngm 

The following admirable article appeared ;, 
Lt Phare, a French journal of this oity, and ti, 
been copied into other papers; 

We approach a subject when speakiog of i\. 
Teachers of America, inwhioh, without depaii. 

'» coon^ 

i labor of 

ill And n 
but little to blamo. The freedom with ■., 
lie instruction Is cdnducted il ' 
produced admirable results, and has pit- 
to a race of teachers, who bnvo coveted iu 
re country with Iheir schools. There ij, 
paucity of great masters and renowned probata 
it is true, but the more unobtrusive leachetj, «^ 
take infancy by tho hand, and instil into iUmnj 
Iho primary elements of knowledge, are lo l, 
ountl in abundance, and they have spread it-^ 
,bcm a general education, which, though col rpj. 
ound, is still sufficiently eitonslvo to prenan- 
lorance from taking root, and scrv PB the ptoj 
iu Lite irr.-al prolilem of self- government. 

In America the teacher il Irce, and rsnlai-. 
cording to his capacity, which is to be rccogahy 
;osy but sulb'cing manner. Thcteacbni 
lly poor; but his poverty, though often 4 

ad the quality of 

■i 1. ,i by the most 

inriC-hiii.:- is vory eimplo nnd st 

ong, The defects 

of miichiuety npplii'd to tbi 

been chopping up tbn dnuch, o 



, lurl .nralinB the nir perfectly, offt 
produced by tlio violent notion uf the 
hands and arms of tho workman in punching, 
6quei>3inc, drawing out and doubling up tbu 
dough. Tho process nnd effects of working 
dough ore tomi-i-. hut =iinilur {•• [Ikmo of Working 
boiled sirup; by ono method it grunulntes inl. 
sugar, and by another it forms candy. Mr 
Uerdaii nlmed to imitnto iho munual up.-inii.n 
..f lini-iiiling dough, nnd has succuodiil in pro 
dueing the samo effects. The maobinB trill fiavi 
the capacity of knending u batch of ton barroh 
of tl.oir every half hour, and will be worked by 
a light application of steum-power in 
witEthr — '■'— - 

iiul'iinniie u 

lery of tbo r 

cylinder of 
long- by sii feet In diameJjQ) 
whioh is a horiEontol shaft, so eooured thnt 
inside heads of tho cy Under rovolvo with it; 
on these heads, extending across near the p 

Ehory, are "iron bars, varying in form, wl 
bvc tbo duty of miiing and thoroughly ini 
¥iroling tho Hour and water as they rovolvo. 
his part of tho operation of kneel 
first En order after tho spongo isrrai; 
piTformid by the rotation of tho oy 
few minutes. After this work is doi 

which is executed by an 


bin plain plank, 
shnpod nfliur, whivb .-ivoi-.h in lunges in an ec- 
centric manner nod plunges into the dough at 
tho bottom of tho cylinder; outs off o 
up n portion of iho dough till it pas/ 
certain point, spreading and drawing 
the not, and then throwing or fluppin 
with force so 


kneaded, n 
and the in 
lunch. Tl 

rrilh liis hands i 


iult accomi 

three great ohje-ota of thia ii 
inliuoas, uriifnrmily of quality and 
economy; and largo e.'liilili»limouts will also 
have on untiring and faithful servant nlways 
r.ady to perform any amonnt of work nquirtd, 
[N.Y. Tribune. 

Photographs— A Hew end Valuable Discovery. 
liAHttTOH L. SsiiTit, Professor of Chemistry 
i Kcnyoo College, Gambler, Ohio, has 


of tho 

r'o ]l.l'li 


. Mi;«.„ 



hope you will stir up the good people of tho 
(! olden Sioto lo act promptly In this inalter. 
In her vast and incibaustiblu gold fields, jn tho 
sublime grandeur of her natural scenery, and Ibo 
ilmost fabulous riches or bor prolific soil, in the 
iplendorof her climate, and in the intelligence, 
energy, and perseverance of her people, California 
now leads the world. Ono of her earliest and 
most honored citizens, backed up by the most 
scientific and nohlo minds of the nation, has pro- 
jected a plan for steamships, infinitely beyond 
anything ever dreamed of before ; one that 
if.-arritd out (and carried out it will be). ro uo! i 
the highest honor oil liis adopted Stale, and on 
the whole country. Will yon cot rally arounc 
him, and assist in carrying forward one of thi 
greatest eolerpriaca of the age ; one lhat will re 
fleet a new luster upon tho American panic J I[ 
his plana are fully seconded by the pcoplo of Cal- 
ifornia, ihey will do mora fur themselves and tho 
Slato than Ihey conld in any other way possible. 


mndo of a 

the French patent of 
n this country March 3, 1 
nenced On a large scale in Wnterbury, Conn., 
ind it will undoubtedly soon be in u-o. as il is 
llready in France, for various article!, of do.nivitii; 
>:'.>nnmy and all sorts of ornanieiifalioii, ai il 
In- trr, relalti-ri lo K oM similar lo thai uf Oermnn 
iilvertoputo silver; like German silver, it n, n , 
l a pure condition, or as a base of gold 
It bears so strong a resemblance to gold 
i manufactured into fino articles, sueb 
■o become accustomed to see madu only 
■o are at onco convinced lhat tho article 
idling is really Iho pure metal, yet it is 
material that costs only eighty cents a 
pound as it comes from the ramie* where tbo 
M-ve-.d iiu'lalsof its oonip^ilioii have been r L - 
lin.-d into inputs. The oreldo is not i now 
nietiil-il i, oily a new roinp,,,,,,,! ,,f ,,|,| i, IL . t ,|. 
'.■.reliiictl in uie proo-s as to have dune away 
with a great pirl of their deposition to oiidiie, 
v il ..lily iirni-h.-.i j r , i,I, ii| U,._. ,„„, d'-rte n-,andlh-.ii t: li.l ) iil|| 1 i,,, 1 lalus phce ,?„■..„■,! 
■■uli nilri.- -.,<■ -!, jv ,i 0l .., not fa YU n Uwh { ^ 
thai It may I* actually cleaned with acids which 
would uV-lr.,) sucl, ,,,'otnlB as copper or brass 
\Voliaveo«amiuedlhe mcLil in bars and sheet • 
l 1 "!'""' l-i Ho- iii;iiu)f.i. ; n,i- t of viirio,,.. nrii.-j.-~' 
and oK.> in iw manufactured slate— In spoons' 

:":-'-.■ '■■"-■, l-'P^ll-(lli^^,il,l.-M, 1,1111., ||.. w.,1,.1,' 

, ' ,l: "" :: ' Vj ' article, „[ t'Nuii :,n,| ,t ri .,'.| ;,. v . 

elryaml cast ornament H, and platen of ;-Ji', 

ll "f»; '■«■«• tin foil lo tho'slK.ecnth of an 
■-•■■> ''" 1- -■ ■■■-r.t.i.i^l wi ih as to show 
gold upon „uu rifc and ,|, c oreldo upon the other 
■i' 1 '! ti \'->- ■■■■- 1 ■ 1 1 . 1 . ■ , ... ,i,,i: l, , , ,. ,. 't 

rr,«",l ?,*» ™ ""*■■ : t "« " *■ ■* 

3X™! "i „«;' 'Z2Z Ztt, u £s££ 

ncc-sttry for ui,r L.^,.i aturL , °, , " ,kt " 

tho Photograph 

which, afitr being dried, is as Sensitive (or 
so) an tho wet collodeon process, and will i 
sensitive f.-r any longih of time, ir kept frt 
light. After exposure in the camera, tho latent 
picture will al™ remain Tor mumhs before being 
developed, and will then come out as intense as 
if developed the same boor it was taken. Prof. 
Wharton, la' 

Far -Vest, and taken with h 
and a camera with which to take views of 
most picturesque scenery lo be found, anddc. 
tho plates after his return to the States, i 
valuable this would have hecn lo Col. Freu 
and to Corn. Perry in his Japan expedition. . 
valuable for taking views in any part of 
world. This Govern. neni should' purchase tho 
process and give it to tbo world as Franco did 
iho Daguerreotype. The gnat udvjntnges which 
will result from this discovery to traveler 
pjorers and topographical companies will h 
i. Foo similios of any locality 

ij with nothing, 

bo taken 
but Iho c 

.-...cli ll-l- 

iiid ihe plate, an.] tln--,i 
iiy. This" 

is the i 

and ii 

■ I I-..,-.. 

t do.. I 

beautiful Photogmphi 
greatly Interest all practical and Vmalcu 

graph hits in Ihia country and Europe, ... 

Information of any and all who 

Is art, and which 
d. Its discovery 

now and decided 

developed in thi 

It ivll: 

state for 
wish lo make inquiries reloth _ _ 
purchase tho same, that such Jilformr.,.„ u ,. , , 

irl '' ''>' W '-C. -North i Co., Cleveland, 01. 

|Clu vols nd Lead a*. 

iMPOHTATinN Of F,, ll[;ri , s Cattlb.— The 
nc-nlsi.f tl„. [||j„„j, ,■„,„„ lo.porlio-A.,,,,-!,,. 
ti-.n -hipped ol a number of |j„„ 
.<■..,.,],„). ,i,.ck, whioh .vill Mln.rtly nrrivD „, 
1 I"""'!- phi,,, in imn-il for Illiu„i,; ,,„,| w |, llh 
aro to bo dlBtrilu.l.,,1 end i, lively i„ ihul Slhte 
32 head of short-honied 
aes, all from celebrated 

eattlo, :i ro 
studs, li5 shi 

gnineua wero paid for one two-y PU[ „l,i )„.";,-' 

In!?.?* T- 1, lUa f'^y-r™ Bfi 

-..k., M .„.,-,M v..ri„ UN Agrienlt or„l Shoe- . '^l 

«&%£? ^ »»««'«•'•«■ >m&S 

shines 1 and ^le *".$* WU " W ' anJ wL « D «■■ » 

«s i irihoT wtgi.^ sl^r 1 ? "- -- 

mences a decay. 

. ble.,11 

1 of v 


. less useful. For ambi 
often aiio.jtialo fur tho cxhibitlM 
great talents. Douglas iind Fillmore posseafcai lliis; but happily for ihta- 
and Iheir fellow-citizens, they did nolkaj 
jcre. The American teacher, when bteaj. 
paics biinself wi(h the teacher of Europe, u 
console himself with tho relleclion that turtt, 
profession is an honored one; while in Ibeeil 
monarchies or Europe il is despised. A nno -. 
France, who bos consented to become the tuts) 
of. a school, has in almost every instance cat 
demned himself to remain in obseuritjv li 
America il is different. Teachers are rcgard|J«. 
not only useful but influential citizens. IT tbej 
have talent and capacity they arc able to cow. 
and often do enter, the bar, the magistracy, ia 
legislative bodies aud the notional cougr. ■.-;.'_ f L . 
more, a teacher, becamo President of the b'pilii 

I have often asked myself why it was thil I* 
rope, which esteems science and art so mat, 
looks with contempt u|Hin ibe modest man,. ill 

lays Iho louudni sol knowledge in the riiiat 

generation; while America honors and cherub 
him. The reason ties iu the fact, thnt tho tuck 
is. the intellectual and moral juide ol the p-. ,'■. 
In Europe, notwithstanding nil the strugglttrf 
revolution, the spirit of aristocracy, under Cat 
form or another, has almost always ruled, Tl 
honor Ibe teacher, ihe udacalor of the ]*i F i 
would bo to honor the people themselves, uj 
agsTiuVtbiS the dominant party has ever sel 
fice. The miutr.. it v-profe-wr, the instrnclortt 
the children of the rich, he is Iho man wUc 
they honor, he is the great man ; but the yourj 
and old teachers of the villages are crcaturM U 

leach Ibe chrldrei 
just enough to suffer pa 

■ - : i -- 1 >" lias then.- eon. ten 

ri-, there is but one cl 
ly speaking, or if there 
lie riulit and mar ent 
E' first, 

neither any motive nor a pu.-^iliiiitv uf eoudemi- 
ing those who il,-lnl..i.e kno-.. \eSzu anion;; Hi 
children u( the pcopjej, lo CbcAirill'. On Hi 
contrary, Ihe ideas which he coimuoi.i. m ,■ 
urallycialt himself, in Franca the teacher) 
despised, because there, arisioeFiicy domicaaW; 
in America he is h onu red,, because hcio denxcrnj 

.inple, with the teachers ol 
ci-cn, who have labored much Tor the desks' 
knowledge, but very little for tbeii fortunef, P.i 
this rjohdllfon oflliings is transitor)*. It tu 
arisen from the eril ioliniiii-iir.lioii:i ivln.-li l.i'' 
t. the fouils of the city. In the War* 
ol lime, however, Ibe teachers of San Franad, 
as likewise of all California, will assume a f.f 
lion. iT not of fortune, at least of leisure, n hi 
will permit them to pursue their OLViip-iisorj u 

Eta tee of Oen. Wima 
Tub fine emanation from tho sculptor's cW 
— a marble fac-siroilu of iho heroic and pttriw 
citizen who sacrificed his life in the cooHUT* 
cause on tho 17th of Juno, "75— which wu " 
augurated with great ceremony at Uunker 15 
on ihe 17th of June Int. was Ibe woikof a os (f " 
artist in CambridRC Mass. Of iho artist andi* 
atatuo the Iluslon Journal says; Mr. Del* 
whoso handiwork fashioned tho statue, bus* 
been connected wiib other great wurk' of ait" 
therefore rests bis claim to faroo upoo *J 
achievement. An hypercritical eye might* 
something lo criticise in parts of 'the work,!* 
as a whole, it will le.-tifi io distant jjoriod*"'* 
taste, skill and talent of tho giltcd persM •* 
conceived and executed ic. 

Tho statue is m-vcii feet in hi K lii; itiscomp** 
of the purest Italian marble, ond will bop* 
upon a pedestal fuurfeet high, so that IhedW* 
from Iho ground lo tlio top of the figure **? 
eleven feet. Il was cut from a block of tar* 
weighing originally seven tuns,, Its «*'(% 
Ibe manly Hhapu assumed under tho touch"' 

no.Mer\ iio-tro nn, ji about L..0 lint?- '-.; 

been occupied in tbu laborof slJJ 

■ I.. .-■-.,^ n i,..uro. in nis rigni nanw — 
lefi hand open, as if in tho act of carucstOr 
tulalion. lli-i ieilore, ere lighted op *»• J 
evoiteinenl of lierce thought, his noitrlujd^ 
and as ihe eip.e-.ion of ,:„ni,!eiiaiice lb"l t»"S 
the patriot-martyr is prewrved, one caO*£ 
Imagine In beholding the imago that be is P" 
upon Iho real presence. ^m 

The senlplor has perfectly succeeded W *1ai 
'"•' 1 1"' . oniourof the head or his subJccl.M J t 
lithe, but sinewy frnmo or iho patriot is ■*£ 
able !'■ ihe nifi-it i-imimI iu^ji.-.-Ui.jj. I"'" . . 
houeier. for us to waste words ill th»deS<WJ 
"' in object whose praises will soon be w 

mouths of 

Decision I^d 
proper lo gram 
first word, wi'thn 
all, u>iinou( mak 
plfnsnru, refuse i 

your rt-olulion, 


I.— Wlinl 


if ithslf'" 


The Groat West 

Tn r folloiriii*; «*eW> « tbo "Gnat PWib," 
will be found moM interesting to our reodors, 
■ fcr Blthoucb iltont from us now, « oro ImM 
■Wllb them, tbofatoro will find us mora closely 
"WUutltd with thom by Ibo peat chain of tbo 
Pacific KaOpoaa. Tbo skotob will prove valuo- 
bio «9 a matter of history Wo nra indebtod to 
our Irian J C. A.Younf, Bsq.. for a copy of tho St. 
J,„< T b (Mo,) Journal, from wMob it , ■ taken; 
t ol the Dorelopnmnt la Progn* »t las Wert - 

There is n radical miMpprohen;i..i. in 

fcfflonutar mind as to ll.u true obiter ol 

-■< [roal riaina of Aumrioa," a-* complete as 

:"; ';,';.":;,'. ;.' ';// .;"' 

cructiuL- iisi'lf upon tint N'-rtn American 
, tincnt. They are calcm.oim. and forrr 
"'Pnstorul Garden of the woi 
I anil urn may bo easily audi 
dinn lino which tormina ten I 
ana, Arkansas, Missouri an 
forms their eastern limit, an 
crest, their MUlpI '" 

' 'riJ,. ..'- 

m of Loui 

d the Rocky Mi 

Iku'iu thoj- man nJongiWdinal parallelogram 
ffkv than 10«f miles in width, uunduig from 

tl,., '[', I'm In the Arctic const. . 

Tl,r,. is no timber upon them, and singl. 
*,-.-> are bobico. Thoy have a geiillo slopa 
from tlio west to the 
They oro clad '" 

tilmordinary vigor, fl 

has the t 
e lis ling 

tho developments now maturing, this city I 

The Great Plains abound in fuel and the. ma- 
terials for dwellings and fencing. HiUminnus 
uywbero intoretrnlified with Urn cal- 
ms uod sandstone formation i it is also 
abundant ia the flanks of Ibo mount*.; i ■. ..i,l i- 
,v,.rv« ucnveuieotly aecos=ihlo. Tbo Jung 
of ttu buffalo U noattriicd every whoro. Ihu 
r ,l.. r ,,f !,--■■! .hie K r.-.wlb t»'i.i>; r.-er^.l l.y the 
■;,li[v ..f the iitninspliure, whnt chow ub<»" us 
tin' iaer.-.<t, radiutP tbemjelves deep into 
the earth, and form below an immense aborts- I « J 
cent growth. Fuel of wood ia found by digging. I l ??" 

Plaster and lime, lim.-sl ', frevst-BB, clay j , 

_ .list beneath nlm-st every acre. The CPP wlob, brick, (ii.tdened m Ibo ___ 

_ id without fires, ouperaedes oilier mate- 

ririu fer walls and fences In this dry atmos- 
phere, and, as in -Syria and K.-yi't. r ''"" ls ' ' c "- v 
I'm c.rilnrit- Tlir ilin-lliiPi.'" Hi"- 1 omslrueleu 
or „ m<>*t liealthy. being impervious to heat, j 
cold, damn and wind. 

The olimoln of thi'Lir-til Plan..- is iavural.le 
heallli. loupe vity, intell.ctual i'livi.icr.1 

element, «... 

vain. It is the focal point where three 
developments, new nea- rlpencsa, will And their 
riterport. 1. The dmclopmcnl -The 

Kid, Silver and tall produotionfiof the Sierra Ban 
an. 3. The con.inenlal railioid from the Pa- 
cific. These great tklus of enterprise will all to 
recognized and understood by tlm popular — - 


Now Vurk Dry Goods Store ! 



eadway in 


and will bo under 
.Jttt Them must lie » great 
intUllltf ln>iHsHho hoid of 
rind nnmed Jerusalem. Tyre, 
Manlinoiilo i such as our own 
- York, Sow Orleans, San 

md abound ir 

Tbo e 

,„ tool life. 

Bandy, but is a fine caloareoo 
■. smoothly oi 

! They run smoothly out to lha navigable ri 
th- Mi-souri, tbe Mississippi and St. Lawn 
end to tho Temn coast. Tbe m r.m nn 

-towards tho PaciGo, foriiF no«enoi 
tween them and that ocean. No p. 
whole sweep of surface is moio ll 
sand miles tho beat navigatioi 
prospeel everywhere is gentf- '"" ' : 
graceful, being bounded as oi 
li.'ii.:-'ij. Storms are raro, 

i .Bolting of tho anew upon the 


uf their 

IB thoo- 

-x Tbo 

latiog and 

by the 

i. Thoclimutoi3Comparalivolyrain- 
U,i. Ihn rivers serve, like the Nile, m irn^rj.-, 
ralher than to dniiu tbe neighboring surface, 
and have few affluents. They oil run from west 
to east, having beds shallow and broad,—- ' 
basins through which they 

long and 
of the Qrent Plain is e.juiv- 
a of the twenty-four Slates 
isippl and tbo Atlni 

devi-lni 'nt. ami niiniuliitivi- of an esallid « ■ -i 

of social civilisation mid refinement. The 
Ami-noun pe.iplc mid their aii<x-ir„l l;nr,.[ ■ n. 
people having dwelt f-.r many thousand years 
,'„ „. com, tries of timber and within 
tlu- region of tin. maritimt atmesph.T.-. ivl,,,- 

ivmhT ininiliiliitc all"". ' '""J - f ' ir 

half the year; where all animal f.eid iu:i-l he 
sostnined, fed and fattened by lilhi.i.".- with ihe 
plow; where tho casontiol nucussilios of ollst- 
enc", fond, clothing, fuel and dwellings, ore en- 

eured o.,lv hv ca.-Mui «, 1 iutenso manual 

toil ; why to this people, heretofore, tbo im- 
nolise empire of pusUiral aRrioulluro. at the 
broshold of which wo have arrived, bos been as 
,,„ 1]h [, .t,ly ii blank, a-- was tin: pre.-ont conditmn 

■cenomy of society, in unanimously ptonr 
oi un in bnbi table desert. ' r " ' 
mob a judgment, tho uuo 
tho rich aud poor, tho i 
famoua and obscare, n; 

H slv i. .1- ■ final ii and uunoroai iu»iiic». * 

them tho deli. ieati'..i.-i"tr„v.|e M . ,l-v.-l,(-re l. 
,.||!-"i,t. are hero tinged with lunacy- tl 
,f geography is hefegged; the sub III. 

(Jreiilinr 1,il,^.i li.-l.l.-, ini'l til" ^' 

^•ineeriug of Ged is at fault and a cba- 

HOTELS,' &o- 




olent to the surfn 
between the M i -■■ 
but they nroonoho_.„.- 
nnifuna and e'u.iniu""-, ivithmil a single ab- 
rupt mountain, timbered space, desert or loir their ample dimensions, OJid position, the 
• L - " — *- to fields of 

■if nalional 

the world." 
bcoome as 
The pas 

ml of 
public opinion, 
id ignorant, tho 
i oppoao 

l'i'- ■■ 

■ulk of it i 

or the tomporato 
oat of whioh it runs into the Aretio Zunu c 
north, aud into the Tropical Zone on tbo f 
Tho parallel Atlantic urablo - 


,.., : „, ■. I,,..ri.|r« ". ■■•■'■ All — 1 = - "■■"•!■ '="; 
Bllifcai liu bcr a i-m i.l! .,cl in in- ■ .--■■■; ,: '".- , ' : -*- ' 
1 ,)|,r.. 1 iri,i..r will ill Uio6i«ll»Wi!lSi<ini«rli«MIWil* 1 rtca 

:■ ■ ■ ::.'; 


lis luteal, and h«l llol- I In Plilt-d'lplili. -Iiii.i'.- 
"""•""prSbIJIIV, BILLtKGa ii CO.. 





Jfrenoli Lawna and Organdies, 
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Gents' Shirts, Drawers ami 

H O SI E H "2" ; 

a«K Tsblo Cloih>, Mil 
rown mjj Blpiicli&l 




'.'li-.L- r.-.|iil'i' ■. Pit". SO K 
rAl'HI ah' LOTION, 

ii. iboliiii.l. .ofiioii Khiir, ■nd for liUlimma- 

,.( i! . -L, In It mill Ik liil.i.1 >i!<iirnl rinnudr. 
;IK.IUrl«l»10", ^tlll ^ .tla^JlIl»rE.PBA^O^ 

■ ' , !■ 

Jit Br^jiJ.. 9T. N 
DnigctfUi »r. 1 t"4r.C7 t 

wldchinU d«- 



Eiont Street, Corner of SacramBnto, 





eiplanotion. In 
[ravcrsuiR Ihe continent from tho Atlantie 
Ih-aeh to the South Pass, the poiut of tbo rtcbI- 
est altitudu aod remoUinesa from the aeo, wt 
crota auccons'nely tho timbered region, Ihi 


lea, ai 

,..,,..„ . 

tv.iu- ii," a 

.1 Phii 

Tin- tv 

flnuks it on tbu oast; Ihol of tho Pacific i!|R 
„.. „o west. The Great Plains then at once jUB 
Bonarnlo and bind together tbeeo flanks, round- A ^ h|i 
ing out hi'th the variety nnd comiinclueis of ar- | nulmd 
rnugemoBt in thn olornenlory detnila of aoeiutj, ' J 
which anrjiles ft continent " 
the game ease as a single c 
Assuming, then, that tl 
nl [ ri. Wil.(! r.achini 




San FiiANc.sni. Cal. 

tl il.-rllK 

nl cstahli.iTiL'd itself 
, front or Ih'o Great 
from Louisiana to Minnesota; having 
uned over und flanked ihem to occuii}- 
i,nuiijOr.-Ki.ii; as-uining that this col- 


j [ilow. and is On 

tin- .Iryii. 

Niol. 11 

I y lulaiit- 
' "es^il 


ami atmosphere, and is p. 

and nutritious throughout the 

tho ••gramma or huflnlo grass." It oover» llm 

L-r..'j.i.l ■ iiu.'h iu lii (j lit, baa the n[>[ii-ariincu 

i.l u d-licati. muss, aud its leaf lias the fineness 
end spiral teitaro of a negro's hair. 

Daring the melting of the snows in the im- 
iii.-ti-,- iiii.iuituiu IJH1.T-'- ai lli>- htii'li of the Great 
Plains, tin' rivers .-"ell like Ihe Nile, and yield 
o copious evaporation ia (heir long, sinuou 
courso. across tho Pliuas; storm elands gnthi 
on the summits, roU down the mountain Ibinki 
and discharge tbemsoliBS iu vernal tb.nver: 
■ ipnrory p- ' 

lf^itimali-ly i. 
coiilirm lb 
Hi- prcjm! 



I, lllL-l 

-.' -ruT-i; 

(to jAl 

'' "1 

.. 111. In. 

„_. thirty milli.uii. '■!' |"|-uli>ii"ii, heretofore 
scattered upon tbo flunks hut noir cuv. t^'iuk 
nti, phulriui upon the ciriiter; imno, 

....;>:„. ii- ,„iiiln. mm- cheer tho timid and 

j from old opinion and 
9 of adverse education, 
itablishcd ibst sii-loiithsof tho food 
if the human family is, or Ought, to be, animal 
food, irhich is the result of pastoral agricultuic. 
ho catllo of tbo world consume shunt eight. 
uie.s il.e fuMl per head, as compirol wiili the 

an ttnulj. -Meat, milk, bettor,, poul- 

i-ggs, wool, leather, honey arc th 


i.rrv e^ L " _ -'- _, ' ch Qml t ,u -- 1 v 

of arable t 

i iho 

ic libei 

„ ought. 
1 1 is this lunKiLudiiml hell ..1 pereumul pasture 
u['<in which ihu Imfliilu finds bis winter food, 
dn-elli.iL' u[.'.iii il ivith-iui n-gard to li "' 
here are tho infinite herds of uiori 
peculiar to North America — buffalo, 
elk. white and black-toiled deer, mou 
tho grimly boar, tbo antelope, wolves. I 
badger. iiMrcupiin-, "..'1 .-miillcr animals 
Tabic. The aggregate nuuihsr of this cattle, by 
calculation from souud data, eioeeds 1(1II,IM)II,- 
000. No annual fires over sweep over tho 
F Great Plains; thoio oro confined to tbe prairie 

The Great Plains also swortn with poultry— 
thu turkey, the mouutoiii cock, tho sand bill 
drone, lha curlew, water fuwl of every variety, 
tbo swan, gooto, brant, docks, marmots, the 
armadillo, the picary, rvpliles, the homed frog, 
bird.i of prey, eagles, vulturca, tho raven. Mid 

»l)ie aumll biol- ni ^.inii anil r-jug. The slroums 
abound in fish; dugs and demi- wolves ahiiund. 
J' Tho immense population of nomadic lu.liuns, 
IsMy ] ,000.00(1 in number, lt„v„ from immemo- 
rial ontiquity, subsistud oielusively upon those 
ali:jri|>ii>[ii h.r.i-, In i. ik ..ii'.")iii.iiitod with any 
kind of ngricultare, or the hohiluol uso of vego- 
lable fued or fruits. 

From this source lit,- Indian draws ciclusiro, 
ly hi 5 fiKiyV his l-ile.', his fuel. Ininuc-. elutltiui;, 
bed. hU, ormimeiiLs. Wfupoiu. and utensils. Here 
is his tol„ u ,.|„ .„,|, .,„:,- fr.uo the h.-gi lining to the 
end of bis e.isUoee. The iniiuuien.hl.; carniv- 
orous i..iita.iU al-., ..ii th.m. Tbobuifhlo 
'. alone have upp. ared to me as numerous as ihe 
Amrriuiui pet.plv, and to inhabit ouiforinly as 
largo a space ut euoulry. Tho buffalo robe 
L '"'-' to ft winter 

The Great l'laios embrace a very nmpl" pru- 
nttion «f Liable soil for farmers. The '■bot- 
fonw" of Ihu rivers ore very broad and level. 
hii.iti- ..uly a fun inches of elevatiun tbi 
,',hi.r, nhioh descends Ly a rapid and even 
current. They he tasiiy and elf ,ply e atiiruli'il 

,.- T .,i',,-, ..n.'-i-.u'v.vll,. ... t|...'lM,|."^,"'!„'!' 

'•I. ".. Hu.ii-r ll.ii., I JUhei,,, 

iluviol and calcareous, huth from the sulpliaK 
Arbonato formations, rutum a prudigioui 
and nro independent of the seasons 
.' variety of grain, grass, vegetable, tin 
grope and other fruits, ilux, liomp. uolton am 
lli..', uiHlcr u perpetual sua, and irrigated 

the ivorld of Ihe above 

paslnral order. IT. then, a country can be 

where pr-tenl preilture in -^m^iucously SUE 

by nature, as ilsh 111 tho ocesu, it is manifest ihat 

araldf Vihor, I'ninj; reduced to tho prodaclion 

broad fu."l only, niny conileiiso ilsolf to a vu 

small per centage of iu present volume, and t 

cultivated grountl bo greaily reduced ir 

At cresent the MEtoral eult.ii — ' " 

mill-, i-.\l-I ii lively from 

all kinds, - - - I8.37B.Q07 

H"t -.;- mules, - - -l.ji.ii.oSO 

Khccp, ... - 21,722^0 

Swiue .-- - 80,331.213 

■-■ "1 the A ii.-. i m in 

.■■!,!;!.■. .i-l .My b 

l, T;..-1it:'vi-ii 


j ens of lha Cm, -blch will b, "la al A" I""" m»r- 
si j.riw... "od to whioh Urn aliaatlnn o[ city mi muativ 
avert u lavtted. 
!■ irti-ulir nlloiilion 1. cnllr-1 l-i lh?lr ■elect iloek ef 


CoinvriiinB tbo Lstut Stjloi and Dslifiu. 

Alexanilrc's CeleliraleJ Kid Gloves, 


large Variety of Back Gloves, Gauntlets, 6tc. 






Cut I mi Dm ii«, Nas. 0000 to 10, 

DilllH, SliucllngB, etc., etc. 

Alarge Btook of Spring and Fall Clothing, 

EaimblD for tbt Minioc »nd AgTlcullural dinlrlol*; 



143 l.oim lVtioit. 



■m' (Kiited 

1 g J liuxnwR 



5 - 

[Ud policy 




!:.'"; ,'il.-y, 

l/'t"^ ' 

.' I -V' ,. v l.ii 5 !-■■' |" 

1 ■ •,'■ I-:!'! :■.... 'I .1 !■! l-i- l-'l I ■'■'• '■■" ' - 
\'. .. . '... II. -r ATn.rk-4ri Exck-m;.', t. 


: .- f ,™.... r.i mile AI > iliort 01 
lUnff btjI fctlnir 4,'ruunJ. j 

Too BAEt will &o pnnldcd_ WKb n 
wsdgci)id°1iT Andm <-'u=nl 

. lorfiQ a Biiaco ut cuuuiry, Tbo buffi 
■M oaoo auggeiU bia gjlaptnbilitj to i 

into tablrj, It is pjiontaofoualj' nuiiijurLnd , f^™ Z 
.tun-, Mi Is the fish .if the sea. Kv.ry kind ft.p, | 
- iliiint-itrariiiiulii ll ..irishos upon the Great 
s equally well with Iho wild onus- Three 
Miicnals may be fubitituttd for every irild 

Antelope Beatauiant, 


ia u,ild stock bos been cxter 
rltninate plaiifhter ond the Inc 
Tho Ameriian people are ab 

natcl by indis- 


y*F\ Tin: im.irf -m ,-.-■! "i-'t'i"" 

i*Wfm-»,-t.. U l..o - O.,, .....tcr," on, 

\ZS ttr I'd- or lini. -.1 ;-.".- v..i , .,,if: 

cans. Once eonim nice d, ii will dctclon very I 

pldly. ffoTiios in their hiftory the hucceMivo 

. i iiijinr iiii.i. mid syiitetiiaiie growth ol several or 

ihc-e distinct ordcra : the tobacco culturo, the 

rim culture, Ihu frtlon tulturt. llm iunueixw |in>- 
(i-iuti culn'iri; of <-L-rtal-i ml tn-.iis. Ii-illir-t atitl 


gr ormt, sr«rroLb<irdiii 

. Oj. L l D clolO BOOd IlllDKI 


1, the g 

aal ii 

field, a 
Every v 

I and internal, 
u.ri-iii'ii uy land and writer, Ihu butti |i culture, 

i:.i-li nf il.i-i.i bad arisen ma limn him ripened 
Lb..- ttwti-iilj- lur ..-.i':li. mid ii'iistiltnsly Ukeu and 
lilivl ii. !ip|ir<.ii>rhiv place in Ibo general economy 
ol our industrial empiru. 

■lh t pastoral property transport-i »\> ibe 
hoof, stul finds ita food rv.idy liiiiii'-li>.-il l.y tin 
tare. In thcui eltsniid counirien frcih tuciis bc- 
eomc ihi< pn-fcrable food for man lo tin- .mluii.m 
of bread, vcgcUblw and Raked articles. Tbn ol- 

i pli'-nmf iliu (irc.ii l'[»in i is [,v| -t....lly 

liinl wiih Hit- suiibbino, tonic, Uialili.i J m- 

To Bayers of Family Grooerici. 

Reynold's & law 

Ho. 134 WubingtOD ttro«t 

-il '.'III.', ill; UN '.'"lllii. I I .1 

i.f.l.iin.'l HA.'.H. I..M.H. .1c , l.. Ui-y.lJ. "-i 



W M . H . MOORE, 







122 Long lTiiarr, 

3AN FEAlNfOigOO. ■*' 


Dr. C. M. JACKSOM, Philadelphia, Fa., 

Gauge Cockg, Cylinder Cocka, Oil Globes, 
Steam Whistles, Hydraulic Pipes and Nozzles 

' QOnPLIHO JOIHIS of nil iiim- v7-2i 3m 

OTIS V. SAWYER & 00., 

" BuSher Hoio ftnd Paol 

rrlwaroi Fairbaulti' Platform and Connler Bcales, 

HKVNrii.n- i i. 


mirpa=.-iM llm n-lience we iniicril all lliol a einerui mm 

reHntd In our M t-l-tui iif (ri-.-iliiJiimi, unr r«s! ijjri 

aui- (ciencts, our nlphalxl, our numerals, our writ- 
ten lanL'uagas nnd our system of social mnimorfi. 

As tile lilt for the rjtt-it central city of the 
" Basin of tbo MiuUsijilii" to ariw nroipccllvcly 

Cordage Munumttciy, 







OJ'trrjB 13 ' A MELODE0MS. *3I tfij9 

RlUHlC Sdi.ils aild l'l;nu. Ci.vcr 
Ho. 10 M o at B ornery •trett 


Ci ' I'-"" Fori* .-.■ EUrc .3 J 3u 

..:1V.. !„,, 

. Cbaklal 

. Dm idfiWnta Inlan ibo msU, Emer uJ 
'■ unlii In un II.™). [Irtidmey •>' PeMBlit- 
s, Ytllowncu of Ihr 81ib. «k1 Bjlm, Pita 

■"A-^'jiu!^" »mU°ii™ ( " 

In«iilnlii(« of ErO 


■ .V.j.I.-tivH ID UlO ilV-J' ■ ■ ft 

- ,,,iMi.:l. 


FIiy.LcLut* AirtTlDdlrLfual. In nil pin. of 

rtul nr.ncJ-ul pv^uf»l Of lii Afmniic, 
proprk-lc.r, .Ml !■■ I:- I..-.1 .-r. I'-.- . I 
anrof Ll* Aeen^, enuiot bul ullify ran mpa) IkBpucsl [bit 

iotip.1 lUnubdoiy, Nu. 00 AI1CU STREET 
ir lilc by ill DniBfli^ In 

-:,l.^t.,, ..',- 

h \ W1IITE. 

a'...:',i> i .r ('.lit 

in:u-u rr i ROLLixe, 



flK (California ^uvmrr. 


Letters and Escasnges- 
Oos eo™imn droll are kinill) rri|ii>tM<l to direct i 

l>ir«n U m at ou principal oEet, £w FisMUes- 

wUI moch 'Alien as IIUm " 

buy *ill bo ptitlculai 



State Fall at Stockton. 
EnUmuuni for tbe BthlWtloa! 
We published a synopsis of tho work as it 1 
been progressing, 1° »" laat isBae ' ■ Dl1 oovtog 
wived a letter from tho Recording Secretary sir 
that issue, 6o fall of the mat and interest, coming 
from the Beard of Directors, wo publish it, aed 
hope it will stir np the- people. Wo am of opinion 
that Stockton intends to redeem herself from ibi 
choree or being a dull place. It « ill be seen thai 
everything jfl moving wilh electric speed. The 
Social Departmeat will be under the special 
of tho ladies j and of o sorely, we know it will be 
tho ne pint vllra— for what they undertake will 
bo accomplished, and successfully, too. Tho citi- 
zens of Stockton no donbt will mako it, in reality, 
a jubilee week 

We also pnblish the list of the several Commit- 
tees, and it will be poroaved that they have been 
selected with great caro from nil sections of the 
State, and most be satisfactory ; nod tho gentle 
men elected should make it s point to be present 
nod act, and give time to do so. 

We novo received a parcel of Mcmbera' Tickets, 
which can be had of as, or at onr office. Theso- 
tickets admit the members with their family, lo all 
theEihibitionsoftboseason. Itistobehopedthst 
all friendly to this cause, will call and get tickets. 
P.S, Those of iho sterner sel mast carry blank- 
els, so that they con "bonk down" if necessary, or 
do "camp duty" and stand guard, as the Ladies 
are to be first provided for : 

Ami eic& rau ,Liv tho blMflngi "f their tit 
Wbo in „. iha wortmnn wield ol> .=- 

O: Willi ]oit njr Adjml l.ii [TDD r lie, 
Man/aii «Iui3t lilt iUII he Jon nol /<(*-»." 

The hour is drawing nigh when tie First Me- 
chanics' Fair npoo the Pacific Coast will show to 
tho world the material that Uio Worklngmen or 
California nre composed or. We have always said 
we have no donbt of the cnmplolo (rlomph of this 
Fair. The quiet, steady and onward progrisa of 
the bcontifol building, now nearly completed, in 
which aro In be exhibited. Ibogeuins and skill of Iho 
Working-men of California, ia in itself a guarantee 
of success- No one can look npon thiit noble 
structure, its style, ils appropriate form and sire, 
nnd not feel proud or the Mechanics of ourStute. 
There bos been a generous feeling manifested all 
over tho Slate, nnd we are happy in know and to 
testify to the fact that large numbers or oor Me- 
chanic* in various branches of Industry, ore- pre- 
paring to eihibit tie evidences of their skill tied 
ability. Artists, too, io all tho varied branches 
of gen ins and taste; the Ladies (heavtn bit*.* 

]), will show their power and influence ; at 
tho Horticulturist, and tho Farmer, they will jail 
and thus every landholder, every merchant, every 
capitalist, is directly affected by the success of this 
None most bo indifferent, 
are most happy to know that Dr. Scott will 
upon tho subject, next Sunday evening. 
Every body should go nnd heir, nnd learn thai it 
our moral duly to sustain tho labors and inter- 
■ ■< of tho Workingmen. 

We trust all Mechanical Societies nnd Asoocia- 
ids will be represented, and that Lectures, Ad- 
dresses, Discourses, etc., will be employed during 
the Fair, to enlighten tho public mind, and thus 
liability lo this great effort to make known 
" Dor State. 

BvxxnH, Aojuil is, JOT. 

Editors Fuurea: Inclosed please End thirty . 
Membership Tickets or the State Agricultural So- 1 l0 uko _P'' 
ciety, which wo would liko to have you dispose of 
and place the amount to the credit of the Society. 

Our Visiting Committee have visited Sacrsmen to 
and vicinity, also Polo Creek, Napa nod Sonoma 
Volleys, Suisuti Valley, Petolumo, the Upper Sac- 
ramento river, Marysville and 
Mnj. Bid well's, on Chico creek. Sub-Gommitlees 
are now visiting in some of the Southern 
Next week the Visiting Committee will vi, 
Jose', Santa Clara and vicinity, down to Los An- 
geles. Last week wo Tinted Sou Frnnci 
Tieinity, as far as Saa Matoo. Everything is 
prospering; our Oommitlecs and Judges arc nearly 
made up, so we can give you the complete list in 
course of a week oreo. Wo are makiog extensive 
preparations lo receive our guests, and do not 
mean to let any ono want for food or lodging. 
Several properly owners in Stockton have given 
us the use of their buildings that ore unoccupied, 
to be used for lodgings. The Square around the 
Court-house has Just been graded by the county, 
and the city will have Ibe half of tho Sqoure be- 
longing to her, graded by the 17th of September, 
at a coat orStoOO. Tho city has given the Society 
$1000, and Lhe county $1000; and the 85000 
coming from the State wo will receive in cash on 
the 1st of September. 

r fanners are sending ihoir samples of 

Groin, Sugar- 
farm you End thorn preparing their Stock foi 
exhibition. All are determined to do something. 
Thoro never was o, pooplo more united in any 
one thing than tbo Formers, Stock-raisers and 
Mechanics are to mako this Foir far eieel all 
•others that have taken place in Ibis Stnlo. Bo- 
eidua our regular premiums, Iho™ will bo one 
for Pigeon Shooung, by the Stockton Shooting 
Gob; IboyhavoscntSlOO to Now York to pur- 
chase a double- barreled gun, ub a prise for tho 
best shot Tbe Sooioty win give the second 
priio. There will bo a Regatta, on tho Slough, 
or on the Son Joaquin river ; also three splen- 
did silver Irumpots for Engines of tho Erst, 
second and third class, for best ploying; a purse 
for the best rider of n wild horse, priso for tbo 
best bucking horse, priio for the best three-year 
old colt, and half a dozen other things now 
gettiog up. Thesa will all tend to make It more 
interesting. Tho Eieeativo Committco are 
working night and day at this matter, and their 
efforts are well seconded by the people of the 
city and county. Men aro telling me every 
day, give mo something to do ; wo will do any. 
thing, only sot os lo work. This is tho feeling 
here, nod we think throughout the Slato wber- 
ovor wo have been. 

"Wo intend to have our building for tho Ball 
so that 1500 persons can danoe at ono time on 
tbo floor. It promises to bo a grand affair. 

I mast not forget tho Ladies, whoso entho- 
siosm, if anything, eicccds tho gentlemen 
They sayi Ladies, como olong, wo will abaro 
our houses with you to tho eieloeion of tho gen- 
tlemen, and make yon ns comfortable as we can. 

I toko great pleasure in writing these few 
- simple foots to you, and I assure you Ibnt wben 
Iho Fair Is over, oil shall say that Stockton has 
done herself honor and credit 

Yours, respectfully, Geo. H. Sandehsox, 

Boo. Boo. Stale Ag. Society, 

&TOOKTOH AHTGBUH U'iii.i... -While at Si,, !.-. 

ton wo paid a visit to this well, and saw tho 
waters gushing up from Ibo tub,:, now sunk 69J 
feet, iolo Iba "garden Iota" below. The work Is 
steadily progressing. Another approprisllon of 
8500 has been mado by lhe authorities of Stock- 
ton, .and wo trott tbe work will conlinoe to a 
final triumph. Wo believe that abondanco of 
water will be found In Iho next 100 feet. 

Large Bala of She op. 

Tec sale of Sheep announced in our late issue 

o nl Messrs. Macondroy £ Co.'s yard, 

announced. The sola was conducted 

by Messrs. Jones & Lcndixeo — the attendance 

wns quite largo, but uol so targe as should have 

been, as the sheep were worthy a greater interest. 

The Soothdowos and Leteeslcrs ire the best 

rnuHon-jheejj for oor State; these, with tbe 

Asiatics will greatly improve tbe slock of tho 


Tbo total of sales (including four lots amount 
unknown, probably S3S0) was $2,012 25, as fol- 

Sttamtr Oiler. 

Elate Society's Extra Premiums. 
Tub Awarding Commiitecs, of which wo pub- 
sh a lint in (his issue, aro not yet complete, nor 
re Iho full lists of articles fur which Premiums 
,ill bo awarded. At our conference with lhe 
Executive Committee, the present week, wo fouod 
that the following depart men is were not yet re- 
ferred to noy committees. A brief limo only, and 
thu Premiums will bo announced in each depsrt- 
it, and tho several committees nominated : 
'q Essays; PlowingMaich; Sewing Silk, and 
Cocoons; Tea; Jewelry; Millinery, and Mantua- 
making ; Embroidery, and Needlework ; Wax 
Work} Confectionery; Bees; Penmanship; Da- 
gucrrian Alt; Bakers' Bread; Domestic Bread- 
Bye Flour ; Pigeon Shooting ; Implements, aj 
follows : Wheelbarrows ; Reaper nnd Mower ; 
Cultivation of land after harvest, so as lo secure e 
obiQlcercrop; Grain Forks; with nllothcrarti- 
les that will prove of utility and worth. 

The Executive are most earnestly cngag,.-! in 
irgingon the work. The Hall will bo hand- 
somely arranged, lhe Court-House yard graded, 
prepared, nod a handsome awning reared, for the 
reception of all heavy impkmtiits, and manufac- 
tured articles. Iho race ground Rill be neatly 
ind carefully prepared, and all other preliminary 
I u ties performed no as to secure the moil interest 
and comfort. The cilitens are all united in ■ 
dclcrmlnslion to make lite coming StMn Knir uw 
of very great Interest. 

Dr. Bcott on Mechanic Ait. 

Wr. ore moat happy to learn that the Potplt is 
coming lo lhe aid ol tho Mechanical Industry of 
the country. Wo learn with pleasure that Dr. 
Scott will preach on tho next Sobbath evening, 
from tbe following tost: 
"Mechanio's Fair or Industrial Exhibitors! Ex- 

1 i>' ' "f llie Nature ond I'rogrcc of Christian 

Services continence ol 7J o'clock, m. It must 
be gratifying lo all onr citisens lo see a Iroe and 
lively interest fat f Dr these great Exhibitions by 
the Pulpit, and we know that Dr. Seott feels a 
iotcrest Tor tlibj_/, rj( Mechanic,' fair on 
the Pacific const, oud desires to do alt he coo lo 
show that it is the duly of the Christian nod every 
good citiam lo do all lust Kiu ( „ uromolu sueh 

murals, lhe pronftnty and the bipnlness of till 
community. We trust „ rery ^ .tendance at 
this lecture, will show iho interest Ml for the work. 

New Implements. 
Durikg onr two day's visit nt Stockton, this 
week, wo looked through tho busy workshopn 
of tho Mechanics thoro, nnd a busior sot, or n 
more hard-working and industrious lot of mon, 
wo never saw. Wo ooJIod nt tho shop of D. C, 
Mnltooon & Co. to oinmino tho now Implements 
tboy aro preparing for Ibo Mechanics' Fair. 
Thoir Mower and Itoaper is of a most approved 
ibinitjfr many advantage 
led in California, nnd mndn mostly of 
California limber. This muohina is so con 
structcil that the apron and reel nro added nfto; 
tho mowing soosou is over, and nn admirabh 
Itenpor Ukoo tho place of a MoWor. Tbo 
wheels aro five feet in diameter, thus relieving 
tbo loam vory materially, and tbo work accom- 
plished is much greater because easier dona — a 
greater number of acres harvested ; easier, and 
nt loss expense. This implement will be ex- 
hibited at tbo Fair, for oiamination. 

A new Collivalor of Inrgo size and power, for 
preparing land immedintely after tho crops nro 
off, called a Volunteer Cultivator ; n most ad- 
mirable implement. Tho Gang Plow; Ibis Plow 
won tho premium at tho Snn Jose Fair, and is 
known ns tho best largo Plow now in use. A 
Harrow of excellent mako, ono thnt will bo 
highly approved. A beautiful Stoel Plow, 
colled tho .Farmer's Pride, and will bo found 
worthy that nomo. Barloy Forks — those will 
bo fouad tbo host implements yet offered to 
harvesters, nnd will aid thorn 1 mntorinlly. 

Messrs. Matteson As Co. deserve great oredit 
fur their persevering industry nnd skill in thus 
striving to offer to the formers of our Stole, im- 
plomants of homo manufacture of so high a 
character, and thus at the samo limo benefit Iho 
State by retaining our gold horc. Seo their 
advertise meat. 

Chinese Bu gar-Cane. 
/This new species of lhe Sugsr-Canc, just intro- 
duced into our Stale, will prove a very valuable 
product to California. As green fodder for stock, 
ipecially for swine, it has no eqonl, as tho young 
ickers around tbe main slock can be cut and will 
turned! I con[innil "J F K" 1 " as fodder. Wo would recom- 
mend to those who desire lo save heavy seed, tho 
id hero Iprtparc for my parent*." I ca,efnl Kmav ^ ° f *U to* joung suckers, tioi 
giving the full strength or the plant lo the seed. 

Wenreglad lo notice many small patches of Iht 
Sugar Cane in Torious sections or lie State, and 
shall be glad to receive information upon tho 
ci - : of the several growers. 

Splendid Raaob. far Solo. 
Whoever may be in want of a Farm worth 
having, should look at the Ranch this week ad- 
vertised in our journnl. Wo bnve been over thi; 
farrn,innastyears t nndwoknowlbntlheroi8noli 
Ranch in California, upon which more money has 
been expended, or more work done, or better done, 
than tho Ranch of Hutchinson A Green, on tbo 
Puto. The liatof implements speaks volumes for 
correct farming. This advertisement can bu re- 
is Form is fully up to tho descrip- 
pay nny ono (or a visit to it. Should 
ime n purchaser, they will lhank us; 
that gave them a ride to a pleasant 

A Good Example— A Loaf of C&H.B. 

In our ramMings, the last week, wo made a 
call at lhe lioaso of ■ friend, and, nhito io conver- 
sation with friends, a little girl of some dozen or 
fourteen years came tripping into lhe room, and, 
addressing a gentleman present, said, "Will you 
tabo a piece orcakc, father 7 I hovo been learn- 
ing domestic duties, and Ibis is of my otcti mull* ; 
please tell mo if you think it good." The cake 
was passed round lhe room; ice tasted it, and 
brought a piece away with us, and have just fin- 
ished it; It iri" excellent; much belter than 
many married women of our city could make, we 
fear. What an excellent plan, if all liltlo misses 
could bo early taught domestic duties, to mako 
bread, cakes, butter, roast a pleeo of beef, make 
puddings and pies— how great would bo tho ad' 
vantage lo California, where ovcry family -bos 
been, and is, so likely to meet with changes in 
fortooe ■, bow great help in time of need 
would be tbe well-trained daughters ; bow sweet 
tho food, in Iho bourof adversity, thnt is prepared 
by Iho hand of a child. As we tasted that cake, 
wo thought how sweel lhe taste of that cake must 
be to that father. Wo should bo prouder uf that 
attainment in a child thon of mora sbining ac- 
complishments, without this domestic excellence. 
This again reminds us of another circumstance 
which occurred in one of our rambles in lhe 
country, We were in company with a vory ex- 
cellent young gentleman friend, who was travel- 
ing with us, and Justin a marriageable condition ; 
with cxcollent education, fortune, good address, 
and every qosllDcalion lo please. When calling 
on a Tamily, wo introduced our frlond. Tbo fam- 
ily upon whom wo called bad recently moved 
into a new house ; it wss of modern stylo ; gen- 
teel, well arranged, handsomely furnished— and 
tho lady, ns is usual, invilcd us to look at the near 
haiue. ond lo givo our opinion of it. We did so. 
Tho lady of tho house, with her daughter (n very 
bindtomo young lady of sixteen) then showed os 
over tbo house, parlors, halls, sitting-rooms, 
dining-room, all. To say it was handsome, or- 
derly, and most corily comfortable, particulorly 
so, would be but Irulbful words. Just as wo 
were returning to tho parlor, lhe dnught( 
"Would you look nt my parlor J" 
and were led to lbc kitchen. "This is my pari, 

If tho term parloi 

stand order, neatness, and elegance, then this w 
a parlor ; and the lovely girl, with sweet blush. 
Tell proud to own she was not ashamed to have 
known sbo knew how lo preside in, or dirccl tbo 
affairs oftho kitchen. At this time, tho family- 
were without servants, and Ibo daughter had 
been educated as every daughter should be. 

Wo returned to the parlor, and tho conversa- 
tion turned upon domestic duties. Tho daughter 
understood tho ait ofplcasing conversation. Then 
music was introduced, and wo soon found this 
fair maid understood bow lo preside in tbe parlor 
also. As we bid foruwcll to our friends, nnd ere 
ereout of Eight of that house, our friend 
"Colonel, that's Ibo girl for mo." And 
since that day, we have frequently met our friend 
in that vicinity, and we should not wonder but 
thnt he is taking tenant in music, or perhaps 
learning how lo cook, or it may bu he Is only 
calling lo seo tboswcclgirl'sparcfiij. Timo will 
explain tho mystery. 
Now we askj would It not bo n good plan if, at 
ling Mechanics' Fair, nit tbo girls should 

Read. — Wo desire to oill the attention of <», 
readers to tho interesting nod valuable lollc,, ■> 
onr Now York oonospondonl B. Even nw. 
chant and basinoss man should carefully p^— 
tho important truths thoro oppressed in lihtlu 
ter, on tbo doprossion in California. K, 
of ours is needed to onforoo thom, olbor th«a u 

ask their reading, His lottor of aows will ql, 
ho found of interest. 

Tho skotoh of tie Great Plains, is wortl, 
n careful pernsal, Hood and remember— iu 
futnre will roveol. 

Qraco Greenwood, onr readers will rt 
ber, most of them, as Ibo talentod editress cf 
that vol unblo journal tho Littlo Pilgrim; ( 
wo wish every mother in our land would sua. 
scribofor thnt. most interesting of nil papers fg, 
ohildrnn. Letter No, 1 from this lady .rill ^ 
perused with interest, and we bavo othora free 
ber pan that will stir tho nobler impulses, \y, 
do not wonder nt tho success of her jouratl 
wben inch a leader is at tho head. Wo -In, 
present the Propectus of the Littlo Pilgrioj, 

To CartREfipoKDENTs —Wo hovo recrind 
and placed on file, noceptod; Alice, whoso re-tp. 
ponranno oomoa liko aiungleam; Sollio, fma 
across tho great wotora, whoso hoppy doscrip. 
lion of Homo ie most nceeplablo; AgricoW, 
whoso words and lounsols ace taken ns ■_■•■■;..; 
nnd D., wbo will Sod lasting friends among ij 
his Tenders. These, with much more of -.„!;. 
wo shall present early. Wo are still obliged b 
defer much wo would wish in Ibis week— bil 
our columns arc full. 

jakt) a loal of bread or cake ; 

■ present s 

of their qualifications, as good daughters. 
We know tho gentlemen Directors of the 
Mechanics' Fair, and alio tboState Fair at Stock- 
ton would not let their labor go unrewarded. 

tion, and wi 
they not bo 
for lhe notii 
section of c< 

Stockton Wagons. 

Tirana seems lo be a little jealousy among 
Teamslers oud Wagon builders i u sumo place* in 
regard to the ability of Stockton to take Ibe lead, 
Now we propose, list alt should try their best ; 
make Ibeir but wagons, and bring their but 
teams, and have a grand Trial orskill u t the Stock- 
ton Fair. The old saying thai "tbo proorof Iho 
pudding is in the cnliiig," will bo verified, by 
showing ot the coming Fair, who mnkoi 
best Wagon nnd whoso Team cnu haul the 
largest load 1 

We too lhat J. C. Warren {glad it * 
namesake) has drawn a glorious load, 22,500 
pounds, from Stookton to Mariposa, his team 
consisting of twelve mules. This is thus far Iho 
largest load drawn by ono lenm, 

Wo sow o splendid Wogon just ready to leave 
tbo wagon shop of M. P. Millor. ond it was „„. 
perb, wurth 910011. Wo hope Ibis Wagon will 
bo exhibited ut tbo Fair. Mr. Miller builds thu 
finest Wagons out. Wo were indebted to Mr. 
M. for kind attention nnd bospiuility. 

Plow sno Plant-Gdoo! New, for Fanner,. 
— Wo »™ happy to know that Mwsrsv How foil 
ft Collins of Stockton, rritb t|, e i r mua ] foreaighl, 
will hove ready al their large warehouse, during 
the week of the Fair, a largo and valuable assort- 
ment of agricultural implements, garden seed and I table, Wo hail thn Cove, 
all Ibo various articles needed upon tho fat 
These gentlemen aro large importers of goods, 
Ihey will pride themselves In offering ihi' 
best implements and seeds, such as will give sat 
isfaelion. 140. are alio l„g aeahra In all 
kinds of merchandise, as will bo seen by iheii 

Mr. Cnier, 

Hot«l_tmi Hon nolo! It now In fo 

ill kept-",,, appiered-wail pWrt 

nlnt-i uf Sid Loiodm, ta , t^om, » p 

■d 1'ilroa. of loll x, r , e i„i| 0nl uio,"!", 
Maa **» «• fosoi fir tnKltn ot penuoi 

i,rl!i in 

ot Bin Loan, 
■Ufa I*, i mi Ono bona nod 
ErtadlUo Hotel, (i.s.U ihi 

l«lib, iliao 

■ ■•!!.■[., 

Acehowleogjienth.— Wo are indebted lo 
kind friondn at lhe Esst for many valuable favors, 
received by last steamer. Among them : Youat, 
lhe Hone; and i*ouaI, on the Dog; now 
editions, with fine illustrations— most oicellent 
works, and nhould bo in every farmer's library. 
Received from Messrs. Leavitt & Alden, Publish- 
s, Now York. 

An Apple Slicer machine, of ingenious 
Irivonce j worthy tho notice of all housekeepers. 
From A. M. Collins, or Philadelphia. (Se 
'crtisemeiit in another column.) 

TVie Gmiur at Home; a now work, just issued 
by Wm.lIallftSon, Now York ; a valuable work 
for instructors and pupils. Received from pub- 

Thu following new music, received from Hor- 
ace Waters, will bo Indeed an acquisition to song: 
"Pearls for tho Parlor;" "Leaves from tbo 
Opera;" "Tho Maiden's Hosoloiion;" '■KoppcV 
G«ms(" being mostly collections of tha newest 
and the best. Just issoed from this very cele- 
brated Music Publishing House. 

Splendidly bound copies of Byron, Monro, Remans, and "Pollock's Course of 

e," wilh lhe "Parahlos of Krumaoher," "p . 

Quotations of Watson, and of Weld,'" have 

, also received by tho lost steamer. 

'o received a lino copy of '■Little Dorrilt,*' 

from the publishers, some little, time since which 

; omitted to acknowledge. 

For all these valuable favors wo aro oreatlv 

'Ml bo more or less benolltt cd thereby. 
TUB "Sigk" akd '■Gni|.."_J UM t as wo wore 
going lo press a nenlly printed periodical bear- 
ing tbo beautiful Iriuno typo of tho Co von ah I, 
dship, Lovo and Truth, was laid upon 

a valuable 

on to tho Htomturo of California, and tbo 
follows of our State may bo proud of so 
idsomo and woll couduoted a journal. 

The Chinese.— This nation, as wo have it- 
ways said, are to bo oor co-workers in boildiaj 
up California, and in revealing our rescuroa. 
They will bo tho most reliable laborers upo 
Hico plantalions. our Coltoo Holds and our I 
plantations. They will grow our Tobacco, Its, 
Coffee, and our Silks. They will be te 
tho colored race have been to the South, and ytl 
free laborers ; and no legislat' 
can hinder it. It is written in the low of pro- 
gross, and God has spoken ' 

We copy tho following to show the signs of Ik 
The Mariposa Democrat- says: kismoreihu 
probahlo that the ditch from tho South Fork of 
the Merced river will be commenced this sa miner 
It appears that certain Chinese capitalists bin 
proposed to furnish some two thousand of (heir 
countrymen to dfg Ibe dilch. Tbe CstpittlStl 
will charge twenty-Ii.o dollore per month for 
■ v, i, i , tuin,iiau,»nd lake a roorgageon tho ditch 
for the whole sum or prico of labor pcrformrd, 
'■'■ ■■• -■''■■ —-of twelve per c. ' 

The Chine, 
nsnud tools, 
■ '-Wwill be required" 

11 furnish Ibeir t 
Iho parties contracting 
pay their trav- 

eling expense* lo 'his country. Tho lluming ,' 3 ,t 
of tbe ditch will not be coiim. u . :[l .,] ], v , [(l . , -,„„„. 

Tub Wealth or S.ruaT*. Coumtt.-R. B_ g^ 
Assessor of Shosln coonly, made his report on 
Monday, 3d insL, which is thus noticed by ibo 
Shasta papers : 

— omonnls to lhe sum of 81 951. 
o. This is the largest assessment ever returned 

er U S13o!o n oij r "^ "'^ ' b " ° f ^ *'" b? 

Poll and ftotpitat Tlu-,— Of Pull Tax, there 

= ken pud thi^y.-ar llio ,11m ,^82,810 76, aed 

during llto sumo timo of Hospitul Tax tho sum sf 

Lice Slock.— Horses, 930 ; mules, 701 ; jicks, 
U; work caltle. Sat ; younc eaiile, U18 ■ com 
1.21-1 ; In..;!!. :i,2l-l; slu.,. [lp 7f,- dik-kcus, 8,520. 
Milh.-SlTLl-.-xin mhv mills ..rive l„vi, t-ri.-t.d in 
r county, at 1. e.-t of #7S.utW. Two grist mills, 
n cost of 820,000. Four quartz mills, at a 

Amount of poll ta S p M in is S3 J80 i5 - hos- 
pital tai.|i,rv- fin. miHi j ... 1 1 ,„„! Lospitiliu 
coU«ted 1 ^4 I 33a 26. 

The Sodom, that left our porl Inst Wednes- 
dny, carried from us only about ono nnd a half 
million— n grodunl falling off. Wo hope- it vrill 
continue to full off till tho lido turns tho other 

Lindsev's Patent Pomp.— This valuable 
InvcnlioQ should receive especial otlention at lb* 
hands of all who need pumping. Seo advertise- 


tnora named, it must succeed! 

Ncwsi-ai-eii Depot at Petalou, a ■ 
-«»IB«*. ., .„ reral „.„ a „ a J*£ 
mil b. tori. t ih. P., 1 ..B„ te ,„ "" 
Hon.™,, El,., r.»l.«. i ..ri „ k.'.i' 

Ubles, " CBD "ma be seen on his 

To th Ladies. 
We should especially call your attention, (how 
ho aro housekeepers, or those who aro abool » 
become so, to lhe card of Frank Baker; »u>e 
people do soy that Frank Bilker's is tho ott) 
' in San Francisco where everything in Ik" 
uphohtery line can be furnished in the best i*A 
Wo ; of course, do nol know this, but what every- 
body says must bo Inm. Our readerscau easily 
tell whelher It is so by calling at Frank's. 

And then, when the ladies go a shopping, M 
matter bow rich they may be, wo never yel km* 
a lady lhat did not lovo to shop it, and knorr 
wbere the best and cheapest goods are, W*u» 
not know, but again people will talk, and W 
constantly talk about iho Now York Dry Qooti 
Store, on Montgomery street, near Bush street, 
and 't Is said to bo tho best and cheapest Family 
Dry Goods store In lhe cily, and surely it can d» 
no barm for ladies to go and try. Will yon ft 
ladies . New York Dry Goods Store, MoaljOO- 
cry street, near Bush. 

Uor-LowAY's PiLto nro Nature's aid loireiHi, 
especially adapted lo this changeable clim'* 
The act upon the liver and stomach, crsdlcalM 
all [Miijionous particles from the blood, and »«'* 
"'o ,1 la5,crnovo disor h 'nriiiationof iho ays"* 1, 

Suldntlhe iiiai 1 ufn,-i, 1 i],s,\ l ,..-:ii M.iiil,n Lm', 
Now York, and N„. ^.| Slrond. London; and by 
■II druggists, at 25c, fi2 9 c, and SI per box. 

THDOsygenalcd Billoru are doing wonders i" 
lhe cure of Dysrwpsla, Debility, Jaundice, an» 
I-ivor Diseases. Among thu thousand and oa* 
P'eporotlons that have como up, for these disease 
and those of kindred nature, this alone Bppe*" 1 
to perform oil it promises. 



Pnniiture Warehouse*. 

lam told (row" 
the fart. !*•■ the n 
lhai If iki Farcin 

I j made ■ 

if Imported Furnl- 
OUicr lido lino. 

li make, i-in.- .-■ t c i - 1 - - ; nti-l ...11- 
Um'lfaw this <«°. l*« ™™» Q ° Whitney A Co. 
and J. Q. Clark * tX ht=io lo tea thai California will 
bmc Vstter airteiej than con bo Imputed. Tboy find 
lhat «• nui here "Home-mndo Fnrattuw." Tho last 
nek wbllf Dorsulur our iuu.ulriej ou Ibis subject, we 
..,....,. ,., i,i,F ut !wK.iiii.h..|. -nioj. i). lVbltiwj * Co, 
pb Cillfaroli iIiwl, San FrMciwo, sod "in bl.hly 
(ratified n»« the "oik do» tolne on. Tboy bate «> B » 
thirty men)ViEi*ed. in mnnufictorini;, and «o oinmlntd 
„m. Plain «u now maklne;, of moat ole«ant slyle "^ 
most saporier workmanihip, eonsisttnf of l«t> ""1 " D » , l 
Tola-a-Tates. largo mil immll Armi Chain, Dl'ans and 
Ottomans, Parlor Chairs, «lc 1 In* daileD of tbo caned 
work we «uld not bul admire, for It waa 'be repreeentn- 
ti.ei of Flora, Poaona u4 Ceres. Tho ton, frails ud 
tnim ™ dm benuiirully di 
jollah. ibo whole "(out eniewblo 

(bnfll manufacture "0 fell r™ 
juiced In fcto.ii. thai n House like 

luni iboir wurk -ill bo aihlblici 

. chute >Bd b, 

Gtr.ot idiib Wheels— Whnl Is mote dltsgrMible 
thaBthe round ofiqncskio, wheels 1 Tho plcamre of 
miny n rido Ul»a o plcasact day Li loll for 1b« "ant if 1 
Hulo (iwlnc '*-• "heele, toil many a leanuler hu 
omrtaaked bis horses or o.en bjr drawiur baary load) 
npon dry ntlcs, besides Ibo ntolen Host end ekIsm rret- 
Ibo oo» Ailo dtewB of Messrs- Hooks * Lambert, now 
■a famous oior Ibo Stale, ehoald bo id erory rtablo. ai 
OTery •airOB-malor'F.undorory iaDehlnlhe>Uto Tbo 
We learn thai what Nesrn. IL t h. baro »tit tho put 
jttt hu riven untuaal satisfaction, and their nlo> 
tuojequcnllT hiro Ireblod thru nitliin tbo 1 r. rem 
jnt. IbtlrGrewUoowkaowouidiiprroiodoieilbe 
whale Sum. Mr. S»B0ri rillibury, tiowioo lire**, [I 
Ibo Jfooi of Hutki & Lifflbert. Wa cili JlnnUon lo 
Ihtlr luliertlHiaciiU 

Id i-l Jiiit.B to ibis Alio Oreut, Hear* II A L are 
now mioufiwtorloi tbo Dtototo Du, lo be rued In prir»l« 
hoBH, Id cbudoliin tod bud limnj it t*r ianv* 
uf Moor Qu oior uied. cl'<* * brlt*bl*r ind qloarot 
Hlbt, sj>d tnt freco emoko oi imell, Tboj m.nofiilBro 
ipttsllar kind ofOiu for minor*, (fan! am be used in too 
Innneli m-J aienis wbere tben Is Hron e tanuli of 
wind, wltboTit tbo pawlbilitT of Iho fliioo btini bloi™ 
nt We Di the» Gusss fnllj alblblled. »r,J cm l«- 

bejninr In ( (winjiai: bororr. »nd H-w it Ukto in boBd 
ud raw "lib o. fore, that o, bo, aoold twioe » illna:, 
ud It wis imponlblo to rul MittboGii Fotminn'a 

pM,t credit D|4D Mchh. liucks t Lambert. 


on Ibo BTn JULY, .,,1 will [., ;:■.-..,.]■.( 
ubcri ij.rlfjli,-; SSanut* for irtu/n po-lftjo. 

1. R T1IOPJ1UR.N t CI 

.*u[,b-.t*rtctf fc/flf i\nll, ol Joeepb 

n PllJ.ltJaJ.. 
nl&Oe, acdliyJOji BlloOSl t'ttrj llt'im I 


end (rorriHj. i-ith ^.iuj ,„ 

awatka, JieJd v l.y m 


[-=. iHTS-ltOAClCES-DBD BUG*. **.- 

■■ COaIiB'3- B*J; Ho»eb. *i, ESTERWHATOB, 

"COPTARS- B»dBa[ EXTEttlllNATOit, 

■■COBTAit'M" KLECTIUC POWDEIl. fcr Anl/, II,- 

Bn E >, Inieo^ etc, •« befoe eTcijwhem known and aeiMiT 

eJro.lo, fa/oiHWa matdl" for lhcd^l™««"i-("> T! 

pednol VemlB,'lu>tt>, <tc. and arc bale; rajldlj inirn. 

,wl in nlf Ut oreiy cil,, towo, ynjaj-, and odj|libin i 

, iho Vultcd Btaur, ibo Caudaa, Ur. ■ . 

mill. Anorica. 

ay "COSTAR'S" PKet. a« uolforiD, tieirwoo't- 

CJ- "lOjT^H.S- Soli* are wbollj lor Coai, 

O-" COST AR- mat 

ry-coBTAK- .«. 

io Ral, llMcn, etc Eifer 
tat™, on rtccdi I of (I, or the Boctrie Powder fm D5t 
ed.lloB Eitcnalnaiot.bdnt allqnW.r.mioI bo toot If 
C?" -COoTAJV will loud." DRUGGIST?, DE.ll 
idCTORKKEEPERSa(iriSWo?lo PaeU;ool hla n 
lepaialLoaa {waned) wllfl Clroitliia, BIlU, PatUtt, A 
ieceiplof»3 (Jeartot balance of *5 dno when lold), in 

. -COSTA IV K.LRSDioaJ-aj.Ncw Vt.ik. >T 

Now wilh bits liMraiy tndMendloaa imp: of 

rauacmeuL In lbl> mpoct it la inllona In Ibo worid. )t ba. 

nbuibed tbo beat UlmlmlJoBa, Iho bol llorlea, Ihe l"oM 

Tbopniirieloraof Haiper'a Weeklj beg to. aey, Iblt Ibor 

UCT ol Ibo H'ecklj better loan Ibo list 

Haartal Wuni will apl-oar esriy Saroidaj Morolnc. 

R«ocla?fo t ^ T TS:::': :::::;: ".:"■;:: *■> £ 

Ckrpjmni m.n. -.-!.■ r- ■ -11,-1 .■■ 1 ■: ill- 1 """;.' !»'' ' r - ■''- 

r^i, IV. PABER'S LE.*-D 1-eNCTI.S— Loa.i 

llark Crajoiu, Elate Ponfaa, Rod Clalk, etc 

rooda IhnJ.rr and nihrm In Ibo Taiioiu clilea of California. 

ComdlQA Director oi iho Hnj-sl A^aiUmj Id ber!la»2Tlb Oct, 

Tbl! new plow woe ojhlbitod al the I; 

. . FBlr.ind 

;d the First Prom i 010, noil b:,. n ■ -1 ,-r ni\- 

tD L - rerllUlion Iho (nut Jcjr. Ih- uol.r '-.^-A bi.tir^ 
I t-i oimtlo -■■ ...1 , I, ;.ll llm . r 1„„ for Hi maliufoctoro. 
Ibo oboio cui L. n re pice n lot I ob of It. 

ip German Federal Elidoa, IM4. 3d Voh: "Eipedally bars 

Herrioe 10 the Repoil, pa^ 1SH, it will be aeon tt 

Uonofecloier. Tbo Report further mica oj (o 
'. Paben-i Pondii 010 oi tbo beat dfaeripium, a 

, ..LI.'I-IV k... IP|,.|- J.Plr ■■.! JlPl 1 HIP' J. II ' 

Too jeerolauaa .,( A. IV. FaturVi Lead rcnellj hu oe.i 

lUamutai an iroualion ppi iboiejoe, oj baio undenai 

caUBiactaio and tctj Inferior qualltj. ire icaik>,l. *on 

X If. Fabrt, A.K. Ftbf, C H' FaArf, tec, and airdlapoaed 
of as'avnnlne Faber'a Pi.l jprade Lead PobcIIj. 


pf DrrpepdOnneani-or lui 

icbLne I m:w 

Is'ljrl, r'ol ■ ; f 
I'.'ll,- i.-.ii:-- 

trtaton. B ,IJ b, iBMi\ ! ..r,u ^rort.bore. 

troubled wuji O/.j^pda, 1 
Went all w be do m, wUl p/i* 

*. 11 PORTEIt, *L D. 

tt n^ATHAIBOH each ... 

KATiUMUlH prc«iTr. and t-wolia.-. Ibo lltu, pntklo 
aofl,cmti and |loerj^ and by lUicliwnalnj and Inajron 

eimlwbere to & cerja pa fcatui 
PARK i. WHITE, Wbultule D 

•*»nl bj t WecMnMjMj, "Tr^ 
BCBjobLnx ei.aathi .'■ --■■■■ ■ 


*•■** a ebwr, benllhj w,J 

blood, ». lU-encUolni.n 

gKESBsara nsw ssicft 

no OrilllT Dear callo- 




D. C. M AT TE SON &. CO., 


THE noderripjnoddciWU call Ibe allenlion or mlo 
bane.lon, f.imeir. an. I eoltiralor. (ontnallj, 10 Iho 
■ariam now Impltaieiiu whlcb thoi tnko plouBro In 
.T f -m- ...f '■Homo MMufictare,'' eon«i.l!n e in pall 

lr n" 1 [I i" bo lit- veil 1 1,, ii:,|P(iv„ii-,.:i ■. 
.r ■■!!-..■ I t[. ...i ..lli.r iiui.l-ii.riii.and, nbeo on 01- 
llon, will ,h-,. what It Is and "bnl It baa doo., by 


, r «^«*™Sotior ompj"™ bo wo^'ijj'lb'is 

thoaidorthlaimplemtot. ' 


An irnnlcBtnt ro conjlmclod as to UKUaplilh "bnl 
ontd bo done by loch on IinploinoBL When neon It will 


Tbi-i Impltmoot has tone boon niedod by nor bnrroib 
or.,»od Ibe undorjiroed bellovo tbia bra will rtoeivc 
■ oir l.o..i; r appro..!. 
D.C. MA Co.dailTO.inoOorinelhoalmtoEmiilornent* 
thai p/nin rrowcTi, and foimnii ib cui,] f.n.-.p 
thimwllh a call it [bolr [„;,p,.jfn.i ,.|-, boli-.-t mi; ll. UJ 
"low IboTO iiri|.lom. : ri! ■ 111 1.1 f. Ill pii-K Pboin comploK 


A Splendid Opportunity for Investment ! 

mm ToE eitemlre lUtoho goiiorally known aa^fl 
>d on the Poiab Kit or, Fouthweiteila frnni Sun- 

.. . ...I. !■'.,;( Hi.i'..i\<UI -''ii 'j:;i'l.;.iSill) l L\sTl'' °- 

.;ir, ,._.■,. I 10 llio S1.U-..I 1.1 li ii-.-Ilij. • ■ I nil, 

t.L-tulo and -[.PLk raiilnc 
Ibe iiuildi 1E a and im|, n . T c Liionu aro amolo f,„ [bo pvc- 

ioe-' 'a " ;.' : ^ r r^ r m i .■ ■ «'i i'/i vAi'.^v^'t.v u : i,. ■..' ,:,'.; i.'.;,!',,' 1 

Cnri^olora 1 an,] Llaok-milb Phr-i-a, "ilh full ooojnlo- 
moBta of tools, Ac, ate U]-tn tbo premlrrr, nod ore cotn- 
raitnt ftir, nnd do supply nil Iho mechanical wants of tbo 

,-it.pi! ;,(,.! ,■:,, il.ililit, .,( the ll-.pi.-l,. it,, ,[."' 1 ;'.;' l'; 

c^bovio^froin'lboi-ondtnco 01 '' afin "™ * raun 

tbn ■ : . Ijb,: Utr.jl,. if I, !■', tjiui, ill am |, to Pi,-:'. i,f 

h'itl.,c In- ...n":. ■:■.:■ ■ ...r. :.:,r..i,Unl llir.i-h 

1." ti, ■.,l,;mii,,l..., [ l, .:,ni.i, t - i,..,!! (-."J 10 1,000 toEi 

li,.''l'. , .:",-...":,V;..',''': ."'ib'teM. ° *** 1 "" 11 * I' wt0 

rhoavoniiro yield id train iii-ii llil- Rjintb pT iwersl 

ton- 1 Tib... I.-:, !■„.■„, Tbo 

li-it <■ .1 10IJ [b'ilftt .,ii.,lilj..l<,,. l ,. ip.,1 L„. ,.,„,- 

lout, fr.,m ds V!'!i';ii'V.rr '■'"' a'i. -!'.,':■ .*■",', i.'^i'i." 

tbo [laoch, if dotiicd ' ' 

To giro somo Idea of tho perfiol tniilpmcnl of tbls 01- 

111,11,. ll.,n,..]j. f.,r l"..rmip,i; j urp.10... 11 11m be ni,-ul!,.r,cd 

I 17 nieonef dOre 

Who Wonts a Cheap Piano T 

I ooly aim ftilllf. t" 


California Steam Navigation Company. 

t~^^> ■' " " muia\X 'ict. F " R ?.■***£=*> 

Hj^vtarr jism Jaa.nw .ir.ti = ig'J, at I ."eiVa, P. U. 

WORLD, CapL BamDel Seymoiir 1 

LOW^ Capt B. A Footo, 


111.1:1 r-ijii. K C, si.Cbadwltki 

i'.l'.l.vV ; ,|/. ii Cooeilbj. 

job p. w., tBondaya ueepled.) (br 

J. llEKElLEr, PioaUenL 



ni-tfy 'il'uf/e?l?"m"a'r.".' ' i-.'i'-lV ■..!'. -,,.,, '.iVi'. li ,"!"i"j 
■■:p-: ..r-ttr, 1 ..[.re.-jly f'Ji Ibo llanob fio wiUi Ibo roou- 
■ili..- o i'- ,-j.. li-'o Dairy, and herd of improttd Amorlean 

!■ .!..■! Ilp,(tt::| IMII-. Bill I,.,, .||i,, il„> j. nc... 1,., „r 

■or. '■! :.:ui,;:,i v-itli lln. , 1,-inl |;..| nol-,1 f..,r id'.ti. 
in,-,, f l.i:v.l„rl.?'l.ior,..„l|rr l l„.,.r .„■,;..,!■ t, !,,.! . . 

in. at a rouunsblo cotL lie con parcbaao tbo ILinoh 

il no. .,r „ Id IIil. I.,r„ r oioi, ib i,,,,! wurk ,Iock, or tbo 

■bole penonaily. it biaoptloo. 
Ihorolsnoheallbier looalilj la IboSLMo. Thowalar 

I. ...iiij r,.,|. run .,1,,- IP,,, ,.p„l„, i- |„, of ,(„ 

ma.roj by tbo rannlnrof a road ant"b"o ib,,' ',,',"■, ii" 

Cr,. n. ; t:„K. :' ,'', l'!,.i.j^.l™J 1 . 1 fVrai'rMnV=iiiirn..X. 
1 ' ' """ ^iSbo'tbo^' 

A raru "I'l- Hiiiilir is HUord 
-.. J - -J- -.r r I :1 :,.: 1 

d a-ljulnl 

I,'- lil.-i 


b-, 1 

iln, .....f I .1«J -icres oacb. or 1! cob iuh, clH 

■''|i l 'rh.i.i^'i , ".nd!uw.ll 1 aw 3 i^fjS 

ob, anj ,b™„-..,i 

'lieToaiiiod ' 

The us. of Iho Imfilm 

, A IllSl aeJitwM bo Ven ViUl" i^reb^on"'^- 

!.;■:.. -I ll,„ ,.:: .„.„.!, j,,-...-,, lid,,-,,,,!, -,i sr „,.„. 

... — "■ocomlnreror- 

■S-'r-.i' i',l ,",",' 
Ibo nndenlcnod 

VIS, Point 
H?fa° r'ilncl"o, 

i ii -.:.. -ill U|,|, It I.. Ibo OI 

it iv CLARK, i" 

0. I nDTCIJlN-SOW, ISatramon 

Jl il'IMI, I' l'AV|- I'mJ, 

« 1 ..i BUKH . 


*« Harniiss, SnfliUes, Bridles, i& 

TT 'wjaiir'e, oollaks^ 


Ha, ebe Unitary fltreat, 

e., :■:,'..;■ II,,,,. ,,- .. a ;'•„ ji',,' vL , ,„„, L '„ , , .'" \ ', ,^ 
■nudity, coLftamly un band. ,8b 


| *- l ._ Ffi>dnoe nnd GentlrB] CoumillJioii Morehnnts, 

s: r 

tfbnW-Jo and Retail I) ader 


F R O » TJ C B. 

Vr.'^i .-,'■.' fr. li '(':■■. ,'il.i-i,-. At-.. Ate. 


Ci. P. 
Piadnoj Come 




■ "v 

tLT£" n """" : ' , ° 


r. c. mJN'i'BR, 

Flour Unrein 
Comfr of From »Ld Olefin 



San Francisco Planing and Sawing Mills, 


Vvr^'i'tolpi' '.ud Sowlnc done to order, =i ibo lovia 


Door-, Windows, Sashes, Blinds, &c, &c. 


■I FLiiU'Ell i'l.i'l 



isros. 4, ^.isro e 

ourt Block, ■ ■ I : i v Ntrcc 

Collegiate Institute at Benicia. 

TllEVBrUinnmHii- [„.iitut„ .till ,;l.-.o„nlho I'dlfa 
,.f.!„ly,l!,„S"„-,,-A„„„-.l-,.„ t, ,■.,„,„, i, i,-,„- ,,. 
on tho 13th. Pniopji.- ,no i.iiao.l, .1, IP ,-■ in i-nioni, !„.-,„■ I 
IbolrroasiBthil tboy insj to timtenl at Ibo openlsf ol 

Tbo fool I (II on for 

E Ibo o.)o,i 

i-,'p""-p," ."'.;,' 

I;,.|,l- -ill I- („■<-. |..r lb. rni,„r-ilv. .,: i.ill 1 

in i hi- -ol, ■ I. ,-.■ inr... I ■> ,. ,),|:.--. I 1,| iho [..ifnP-i 

A diilt o.counl ,,[ .ooii. „,.„,. .,„..[ .|..| „.„,.;„, ,,j|| l 
kont .ad icnl m.iolbly to pwreDU. 

pari „fll„, -l.,l.. ; ,t„- P„„ll„,', ';■,.,:, .'o.-'. 1 !.',,'"; "'lit 
,|.i,,li,o- p.1,1 L, .ll!i[,ili.....iil,,-,,|i,. : .,„ ri ,„,.,„|,-,_. . 
by any plnoo on Iho Poalfio. 




i It to" bo Iho mint boitllb-rivlnu land 

I |, kr.o»n to soil recommended by 

Tbo Medical Facnlty of the United States ! 

... hwIdj In their botine In Kon York city, Buffalo, 
.V.BOlinSanFrootL^o, tho 
Most Extensive Mannttiotoriei In tha WoiW 


in of 

GranER wrsBi 



And 'ill nlhc Siru/ii am! Cordials in use. 
They «an defy comi^lllion, by making rrom Ibe BEST I he jrenlol ,|ii,ii,lilioi of Iho rnrioni artleloi 
Ihai bom their Dame Thrir (ulcerated nnJ superior 




Ibl. loi.ihet. i!coiD|«.icdor tbo best 


Warranted 10 bo ibo pore Juice uC JcMi-IR Drnnr. 


fllns boon cniifor.ied bteiOBiimori lo bo tbo CSS 
but ailtclo io d«, a, ii Is made pnrcBK/ 
Ra.pberH«, pilhcred Id Sow VorJl SOd NgnB 


Prepared nitb ifreit care from tbo bul Jamaica Run 
nnd Soeh nnd other rnatornii, nnd is warranted equal to 
tho be.-i 1^'nJ'D Shrub. 

Turner's Spice and Wormwood Bitters 

Nocil only to bo tried "occ lo bo proneily apprcelatool nnd 

;,-!., ■ .v.-ioii;,. I ■- tin. l,..-i liUiortlolbuiStale. 

Stnmncli itii n i -. 

in that 

in Iho I 

Turner's Essence of Pore Jamaica Ginger 

Cannot bo equaled by any preparation in the world, and 
tho best tost of its out* qualities is, Ihnl It can bo fannd 
innlmoHorenruhlie and prkalo houm In tbo Uniled 
Stales- To protect thorn from Imposition, etnuumen or 
unil onr porlialls 


it Wi, liullnb 

„p:dl„.. :!,., i 


description, manufBelured by 

JAS.TCKNF.K i 111(05 . Buffalo, N.Y.; nnd 
R. TURSEK A BROS, San PraaclKO, C»L, 
Maiket stteot, opposlu lha Caiholic Orphan Aajluin. 

S. H. MEEIiER & CO., 

Pino Old Bourbon and Magnolia Whiskey; 
Very Fine Old Cider Brandy -Apple Jitek-- 

Fmm New Jersoyi and 

Old Virginia Feoch Brandy ; 
1,000 PackagesNew York Brandy, Whiskey 

and Gm. 

Also, all iho Cbnleeil Brands of 

Fine Old Frcncli llntmlv ; 

, Harmony and Nephew and Duff Gordon 


KF- Wo an Folo A.:-:..n Tar tbo raclHe Contl of 


Jl AX SITTA1NE * CO. '3 

Very Sapcrlur Cabinet Cltaiiipagiie 

S H. MEEKER A 00., 
120 Front sired, comer of 0»joo, 
jS-1 urn Ban Froocinio 

California Production, 
PORE M>9 AWOBCaS wink 

'"i,",'..^'^;;';''-!';"''^!. 1 ^'" 


Boarding School for Young Ladies, 

IUv J.AVBBYSHEPnnBO. Principal. 
rpUrS EAN HiAlH.'i-cn I i:\iaLu IN^iiTI'n-; ]-; 

J- In ib, thlr.1 y,,.( .,„.. .:,„, .,, r ,p,.„ ]■ , ,,. ,, 
■•■!•■■ ' ' i ■ !n-ii..„ ip.I ,■. Iiioli-'.ii.l.ip.l .-[ Iin.lli,.- 
N,lir.„p,i„;.. ,, ...-II ,,(,„ ip„. ; ,, „| j.,,.,-.-,,.,,,., „,-„,.. 

I l:!.i ,!!'. !■„."? Sic" /ue^"ineip"aj?dw"l',i, ','';',, ';j.' 

'"■I") Hi- ■ I 'loo 'i"l-li-l,ol l„,lm,.t,.„; l.„, il,,., ,)., 

o lime !■■ Il,- J,,,„|-.„;,l ,!„ ..,..,:. 
and Ihtf will cunllouiillt in-,, i-n-liol.-ilil,,. [,'r l,-.,pp'.. 
In ;,„.,.. ,.,,,1,1,,,, ,,.,„, „,„ll,l_..,.lo, 1 ,L„;,-,|o r , [n.bli 
flPilibeJcduoalioi, nndor Ihia one of Iho mioldo.irablo 



Corner of Thud and J streets, Bairamenlo, 

j'| ■■■■> i "-ih up- m.'itAn.iL it fiiiiiT. i:: .-r>.n 

OS of Pepoalt tad otbei El 

■lltu'l.l,. H IISKi; .--.,,.„. 

Lyon & Co.'b Brewery, 

'tlliriripi u;xiu Itioii, fn 

" * ■ any opposition or com- 




CommueUI itr.-it. on.,- door hBlow Front, 



falics' Jltimrtmrnt^ 

Loners from Grai 
It is wilh very great pleasure »«, •cootine*. to 
o uf mdw thai we shall l»J belbr. then, by each 
steamer . series of L.H... «d Sketches '° m 
(hit dislingoiihed writer whoso name anil »'"<. 
i- ... happily .drnlilitd with the best and P"™< 

Ai^m«Binliww6-id!fc»»0 lw . lB,w ; 
Action of lb.- letters, I"" *J ■ »I««"»E» " r 
Ihe letters and iu* eorrespo ndenee ol bolt) p»rllM 
these letters tear » d » l<, Df !C " :r,l "* dks 
past, and although tho season of which they speak 
Jo their introdoclion is put, letter* frgni such a 
writer nil! neier bo "out ofseasoti," for whatever 
the date there will be enough thai "111 make 
them deeply interesting. Letter Number 2, ap- 
pears next neck, 

pintiDiimu, AprD i 
Deih Mb. Editoh: You are doubtless hevint 
delicious weather '-over yonder" abool this time 
Summer almost inaugurated; your beaut 
golden-veined earth turning Itself out in flowers 
" e, and Heaven descending i 


JB thug fir, has been moat aggra" ting ly 

ceruiD, retrogressive, sullen, given to back-slides 
and slides o! all sorts, last month 
likei rapid retreat upou Winter than a March, 
and this month hascome to a Spring-'' "It- These 
Ihret days of April have been Uitingly cold. The 
sun if bright enough Dp in Heaven, bjil he seems 
10 hare no warmth to spare from his own imme- 
diate circle. We r 

contemplate s king, but wo cannot hoist of 
cordial persona] relations with hii 
He seems to giro his light as aristocrats gi 
roa.E«— with a tlin 

Vet Spring alwayssccms lo come earlier in the 
city tban in the country. Upturning a few weeks 
sin:c. from a friend's country place, where I hod 
been vainly peering abour in sheltered nooks lor 
violets — bowing over the brown turf 3ml alrm.jt 
listening to bear the liny grat*-bladot culling 
their way through, ! was surprised to find in 
[owdj sunny little gardens growing very green, 
where early flowers were blooming and birds 
singiog— God's lore ond blessing made visible 
and audible. 

Last spring I spent altogclh 
in a qoiet retreat In tbi 
a beautiful natural forest. Here, wit! 
eager impatience, I watched Tor tbe adv 
wild dowers. It seemed to me they ni 
come! First, from sheltered ipout, the little He- 
patica looked forth, willing and gliittnTnj* like 
blue baby-eyes just opening out of sleep) then 
csmo tho pile Sangviiuiria, the varied lamili ul 
TVi'Mum, and the shy Ctaylonia, or "Spring- 
beauty/' hiding in cetftt plaees. but fragrantly 
betraying herself by her own breathings And 
yet olhcrs I cannot name—brave little 
came up, pushing aside the dead leati 
way, or impaling Ihtm on iheir slem 
before the season fairly 

It was with a strange, hall sad, holf-joyfu 
ing that 1 wntched ihe bedding and blooming of 
these wild flowers, the liko or which I had 
teen since my childhood. They seem not nc 
6o beautiful or fragrant as those of their kii 
gathered in my father's wood, long ago; I 
wen. like tbe ghosts of Ihoso flowers, or ra 
liko dear remembered faces, lifted up fiom 
grave to imile on mo once more. 

But I am 'Tolling into the-sear-and-ief 
leal " strain, and Ihat certainly is out' of p 
when discoursing of spring-flowers, which 
poet calls "typo of resurrection and second bir 
Ruocomc*. later in the year j Eve probably 
it first after the Fill, 

blow? • 

Tllo completion of our Academy of M 
been the great local event of the sesso; 
pronounced by traveled folk Ihi 
and beautiful house in ihe woild, with iho or.i 
exception of the Imperial Upera lluuse at St. P. 
tersburg. I have seen 1 roe 
Mijeily's and Covent Garden, and several ope. a 
bouses on Ill's Continent; I have seen the 
of La Seals at Mian, and both the outside a.. I 
inside of the Sin Carlo at Naples; and our hoete 
is to me, more bcautifa and tro I y elegant thao 
any one of these. It locks Ihe oiclusivu splendor 
and luiurlous adornment of many private hoi... 
bul It ii all ihe brighter and ligh'ter, more grafo- 
Mand spacious on that occounl. The Siu Carlo, 
with Hbieh it ii ofrttJBSt compared, U a litllc 
larger and in some respects more msfrniflcetiv I 
suppose. Oursunihcmo.,! Hiilliant nichi mu t 
lack the splendid stray of pnm j, d„ k .],aire.l 
aompluorui looking women of i| la Koirih-tho 
the flash of their pa«I on , le ey„ ,„„ lnv eoi „ 
illumln.iion of ihvit ihainuud,; l,„i it „i.„ kA ', 
(tfood lack I) that great llnyal bos 
<Jf the first circle, into which King Bomba roil. 
his ponderous bulk, a motlng, glj 
tyranny and vlce.ob, , n,„l lirrjble; oroelookini 
the audience wilh hii Bred brutish eves itael 
cold ga» plunging into hearU, In search of' trea" 
aon, and answering with d.nioniao scorn tbi 
liolplcas halo of dark ficcs upturned to him, H, 
seems with his puffy discolored race, and un 
wholesome obesily, like some horrible monalei 
who has gorgel bfowfr Witrl prey- Dr ralhci 
fattened on the veuom am' 
nature, as swine are said ti 

serpents. Tlisnk Heaven ! we are 'not obliged ^ 
tako our music under tho nightmare oppression 
of soch a presence as Ibis-crowned bcastlin.u, 

But, to return to our Opera Uouse; Ii was 
inaugurated la Jsncary, by s grand, full-dress 

ball, at which were collected not only tho "besuty, 
wcalib and fashion 11 of our own oily, but that 
"topmost wavo" of Kow-Totk society 
tho Jersey (aods for onto, bearing more than otic 
"Aphrodite beautiful" w daalo us wilh Kiftli- 
Arcnuo splcndora. It was nest opened foi a 
plssEatit series of Promenade (Jpucorts, during 
which access was allowed W *H parts of thi 
boose. Finally, it his been taken possession of 
by the lessee. Who lias had (or years, the sluiost 
Molusite pri«iltgo of pfritiViLV "' '""" S ".' 1 
g"ing pi-oplo, and who, I 
TOinenhat Tomi-d f..r his lllih. ralily. Ill 
ly has not disproved his claim lu such r 
collecting a troupe of second (wilh on 
exceptions)' and third-rate artis Is,— which is 
itbal so meager thai few or none of iho gnat, 
standard operas can be rendered,— whilo llrat- 
ss ariisls are niucnd to nslk our 
mgtged. or to seek olherwhcrei for patronage. 
As a noturnl consequence, splendid audiences (at- 
tracted I hope, for Ihe sake of iho reputed mu- 
sical taste of our cily, by ihe novelty of the 
house.) have had a soccession of Verdi's coinpc- 
■iiiiiiiL-] and blared into them. And 
r me tn utter a few words of indignant 
but intolerable opera- 

I ucderaland the ofilce of mii'ic to be lo ex- 
press the subtler and deeper passions of human 
feeling; its realm begins where Ihat of language 
■nds. And so die gieaiest composer is be who 
Mj BtaHS in Ihe largesldegrec, the peniiu o( feel- 


o j± l i f o H isr I 2 W A P. M 3 1-; .. 

Kjua dm re 

Everybody I Face the 
M i, 1WJ „r *nr k»-> " *»««'. «i<««i i^rt»' «"" *<"■ ,WJ " a " tor lu ■"" " D " t! " 

,',,,„., „f .11 kioj- i- kn-itu lu center 1 . . . 

ai tbm>, wo »J 

co'ffeV A- BISppN'S 



Harkat Sannre, corner of Bosh and Market itreets. 


Fulton Fonndry and Iron Works, 

, 11.1,1- ,i,-,. i. i.i (. *.,.. ■■.!... i. r<» and Cnliron 

t" - -■ ■ ■ ■•■'•' '■' ■'■■■""'"'/''■''"""ffi'J'ft,, <=.„,„ 

|..-ii.V.i- .il'atniii r-il 1" tnts fila;) <■•' .-.'im 
-In.- Clninj MirJilncrr, Saw MlU *M Fluor Mill Cmt 
Chiklntf ItflnrV, Grulli UorroillnS ill.ltiln*iy, *'- 

W^parUfnl^l^il^'i---;""!'- .,. ,...„.., ,. 

9 and 91 leidesdorff Btreet~U9 and 121 Sacrament* street. • 

wnlrallyloea Iodic Corona nitj IE -ai. null! 

1. SO\BB.I>rrDnJ',ei- MEALS.McU. 

furoithtd toiLi'lelo. 75 ctnls per Kith). I.i Ih'- -i-li' ur Weci, *lth or* 

a'.i I the (■'■' "I ,'urkil liuir in "■ 


I ,',■:■. 1 ujir- 

jy BATEIS , FREE ! .£3 

S untlrim ctfurtt to lurallb lb- »!■■■' ■•"".■""* ■> ■■"■"''■" ,™ ! r ■",;:'/", "!'.;" " 
r twr-ii to merit acontiBuareci.f tbo iucr™injf janroiiiia thai tut Want Cbcei 

, and other* hario«inoocjr<.rrBlnil.le' .ifcere arot-oUrcoiaf 

■■,T,rj .in. I It.:.!.);.,,; 11,-L.i. ..(.-II i"Jl.].livl "l'l. h'l.r.. |-: 11 id IC J ll, it. 


lejua Id remember that tboro tire r-, " I'mutitt-" i-..r.ui:tt^l with Oil* *rto 
„L.»ud»Ud. n .trieH T t m r erauee '■'^VoOPWARD, pp., 


VANOE'g G- A L L I£ K ' Y I 





Stills. Worms, Brew Kettles and Heaters, 

Lift and Force Pumps, Brass Work, 

,V... Bit Jo eft in. i i /'reef, 








lBelw«a J and K atntu), 





SB \ 8 flj) (B 5J & ® a !! i» ft ft £ .is 1 ii? Sfi 3 ji 3 ft M S S 








EASY CHAIRS i MIRRORS, op all siiEa. 






jjet- ml jwr msz s i? M** tr n. w » rmr tcj mm. mzs 








110 and 112 Clay Street, 





cfcc, cSac 

us RETAIL. » 


luin.i Ibo Wlonihi; FACTS i 

MISHOTYPE5, llmu.j.bciluHr lonlcJ, >o>l Ibo moil bcsullful nod iehI 


■y a. isr a e » e a 

MBLANEOTYPBS, tui^rint lo unr In [Uo^Suto, a 

V A. 1ST a B * S Gt 
PHOTOGRAPHS unSvonaRt odnilni!, >ra Ukoa al 



. I. I. B R TT 1 

- X. X. E R "X - I 
aJuctd pri«i, st 

- r. X. E » T I 




When j-aii visit thw SIlIcb, rnmnmbor ■: Onk 
nil," Ihe Finnccr Clothing House, UUblilhed 
It.. -i.. i,, Hum., in I- n, whom you nill find 

i tj- itrliclo i if t'lotliiiiL' .mil I'lirni-liin^ G N 

(on tto one pner sj-sl'-m), in c.-fnry to com- 
pleto a (rpiitw) dress. Tor tbu domiulio airolu, 
thu droning room, or the chunk The stock is 
ilfiilv r.-i-li- nisi i. il with ijixir]* iniiliufrii'luri-J Tor 

the Wliiilcsnlo and Retail trudo, nod uffcrs grant 
iduccmpnU to [i arch ni on. 

os. 29, 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38, North street, 
BOSTON, Mass. v7-14Iy 



loo.qoo ,"' L °"»r°"' 

tM iTANPOIIIl l!JUJ. J -.,'ii:|r,.M itf. 

..JEC" To Wholesale Dwlcre « 

TOald my, jout orders will roccivo, u formerly, ont care 
JO.V.18 G. CLARK & CO. 

10.000 " 

ivuc 01 

"F^ C StoSf5i» 

l*! --r.lMI.ltlj H((i~'. HifV'al tlr«t 


I. ■-■:.■■ LARD OIL. 
ARFOn^'nHOa?'«"FroiiI iu«. 

3.000 ""; 


1.000 °"' 

..... . . 


F. HARDY, }f. D. 
-Btuttll Ronu, 




il ihrto Boixlj, una li 


.ft [!,.,i,l:. 
i.lii-h h.- 
il,.. I'.lli.i 
.. t l,( ,,.i 
and InJucc 

/doctor ™! o liiiiin- 

-titauftir. iniii 

Bt other DruEgli 

!':.,-l"., h ~<>r 

ih.ii the pHnla 
-« ri f. tie rn iiilc.1 

lll>T |.I,: U in IMU.iml... i,. otitii,-, „. rvilii.,:. N! IV 
mil. ,,:1 f'll'.ANUiliBili,, I'nijliu... j :|.-i-ti.ill) t 
[ 11 lh- w,.'i ,:.l.,„. l ,-,. .|,|..t i„ ,.■■,. t, T„(|„,|,1( 

|-..i.r... .Mi..|i.-iii-.. Iir,,,- „„.| i;h(.,r,l. .1 IV vit.. |i.. 

!■' r>..l ■-■-■. Lir.i-.,!- ] ,,-!,, I, k P, <.■:,! H. I, ..(,.-. ■,..,-,. I 

or tbno <i»i citiEoof. 

noreafKrwo will do r, 
ONLY. Ttio nmsonnwo 
iDt; wo intend lo dl»ritial. 

t/irortho (oIIWrtoiTI 

llt!li-l)S .- f\l II uliiil.l (' 

Brnsh Manufactory. 

MEWMAH DROTHEHS ntt mnnutwluriiu: all I 

nn»DU. "alJ? "n h»nfl » E«od aaorbntii' ^ H 

Flw»,Bll.l«,8enibbliii-.Ti.riB»r'(,Ciirri.T'., Kkili. 
lu.) nil tjlbsr Wn-lji i r,f Oru.far. ^( C:,lif..rni» m 

i .. • :■.'. ■■....■. . ,■.-.:.. ■ 
ord.r. KE1VMA- 

N, D.— Cub p»Id for HriJtla. 




Stocks of Groceries in the Market. '. 





W A E E E O MS , 

Noi. 115 ana 117 California street, 

But. Moatgrnnirr nod Suamo itrioli, 

PARLOR SETS— In hofonoat), Walnut and Mahoganr, ' 

cororod ultb rich Bnwtelle, Himiuk, Pluih nnti 


and Piiutod Wood 

anj, Wr.1, 

ml, MohD E any, Wulnut and 
1000 CottHT,Dcditfnd.<,doublt,iiDtloiud medium iltot; 
10W di>ien Cue Wood Sent Cbiln, nil kloda; 
WO Seftu cud TeU.A-Totoi, lu MnUu B nsy and ; 
£00 Qoruui, nil ktndi, ftoai Rwonood (o Piloted 

200 doieo Cue and Wood .'eat OBeo Chain | 
IWdeien Mohoj.nj and Walnut Sprint-Seat Chain; 


1'INE WORK, Ac, Ac. 

d Hair, PfrtaJ Mb." D-j P 

Rtauket* and It«ldln» at alt ilucrlptiont, 

JfS" ff>« '" " «'». '""' extmihf out Stuck 
rid Prices btf,<n udecling cUcwherc 

mO. 0. WHITNEY A CO., 
Nos. IIS unci 117 California atteo'L 
Al-o— Drancn Flore, comrr of K und Fourth 

-^ffl! ClSfOBH« I-ABM_EK : 



mortar reflect back the ioIod 
best; men and hra-l= snclter, 
Is liko » glonln? f' 
Editor of thoFAHMti 

S? 1 ' 


ha lb. Kevpor 

..,.) (corcWDg 
,11 Not Verli the J° nier 
run off 10 Ktffof"" 
cool, fresh'-*. "^ a 
,gu knot, i=a l01Tn 
alitd Nc«' Jcrsny, 


built on aaniall 

whore they roBbo pe»="« llnd ""' 

UDd . few pearl.. r:«™ P t for lh«- P'»P^ 

and a fe»- olWe, it * «ol l™ r "' ;'"? h > gn " l 
b ui idnilr«d.0D, to g<»'oP«P , »; 

Certain m'KKres of yon; bop*! that thu Sub 
for so they call i<, «ooM E ro»,if pro^rt, outset 
Bui iln ' all ho,Dln P ,,ns ro * 7 fl " ' Bn Sm8 
eutesoDDOtgro*-, where the™ '>' ■» fwhb ; i 
be jure thoy cannot. It his been rcecnlk dc 
moD.lratcd, tbal it M e«n ""« a""" 1 J 1 ." 15 
nnillerlhdD it once <w The legislature of Now 
York tried list winter to buy « potitla-rutch or 
two from them, offering a liberal sum for It, that 
they might build a Quaranliue Hospital. It was 
merely a long point, running out into tbo sea. 
that they wanted. No ono lira there, sod ercn 
the musketoes are afraid to slay lb ere all night 
alone, and usually coma and o/wter ou the 
GotbamiicA. Tbe Jersey ilc<. honcrer. found, on 
comparing note, that if they <oM a fow hundred 
fool they would not hate enough left to make a 
road of respectable width on nhich ihcj could go 
lochurch. SothBy"g«e it up, and concluded lu 
hunt pcarhtfoi a HviriK ; hoping alii '« t»™ an 
bonesl penny Occa-ionallj, by fimlhg a stray 
oyster, and to iJioSeun up a good sup|ily of clam 
cho«der,forfeeblo New Yorkers toa.tatKcyi»rL 
Keen fellows, those Jcrwymeii. 

The crops promipo to he far belter generally 
thin it naa thought ilicy would be a month ago. 
It is slated that the wheal crop in Sonlh Caro- 
lina will bo the largest erer grown there. In 
Canada, too, they ore looking well. 

The great National Industrial Fair has just 
been held at Syracuse in this Slat*. A very large 
noinber of eminent men were prcwoti men, who 
havo dane much to foster and encourage the in- 
dustrial interests of Our country- All honor 10 
Such men 1 There were over forty patenlreapcrs 
and m owe re entered the lists for the price, and 
were all at work at the une time. In the 
Tribune, and Times of Sob York, you will find 
pretty full report* of the Fair. 

Wo have had more serious rioting here, and 
one life lost. AH is now quiet, and the new Me- 
tropolitan Police bate full possession of the 
Chief's department, also of the telegraph. You 
uj.iy i."i In- aware that every Slalion-Houso in 
tbo oily Is connected, by the electric wirrc. iiilh 
Iho office of Ihe Chief; so that in era or emer- 
gency at any point it i- instaully tuiiiiiuiriiuleJ 
to him. Also, in cases of firo, word is sent to 
Diiilriuls riot ublip'd to send its engines, net pt 

importance is going 

Got. Marcy'a sui 
created a profound a 
and through Ihe country generally. 

It is said that the lilliluisler Walker has been 
inriledby the Lconist Parly to return to Nicara- 
gua again. No n.'ll informed j.^r-un here luli-.v., 
it It may bo so, but more likely it was got up 
for effect, a* ha is losing caste in this latitude. 

Nothing tcry important from Europe. The 
great Indian remit is Mill the theme of discus- 
sion in England. Pjawford, the threat American 
sculptor, is in London, and it is hoped his health 
will bo restored again ot no distant day. 

Hi.* Imperial Highness, bephaw of li 
baktKt-n sorely Irighttncl again. He, 
one, heard, or (bought they bend, a it 
it might bo a pHtol. Well, he felt quite ihaky 
like, but no damage done. 

Thu steamer, hating on heard the 
cable, is noH- on ila way. and ive espect before 
long to see, in our morning papers, Iho newr. 
from Paris and London of the day before. Thai 
v.ill lit an epoch in the nurld't hijtory 1 

AH New York, eacept wmo neion or eight 
hundred thousand nobottia, has gone inlo tho 
country, to keepcool m crowded w a lering- places, 
in small, low, badly- tcr.Ulated rooms. 1 wish 
them much joy, but think ii will take at luasl 
half a-rloxen to keep one cool. How that Imlf- 

Bt&nuQid niostiated Books, 

Published br 


jK±as.asK f«s 

du do BnboMol IwU.". iinjW- oJra- , |J, 
rotJor's^illusiralcd HIMory of Tho '-'r'»adoS 

jo d^ ' cfcHi. fun |Bl " ;' 

OJ flu TiimrTinoruMOTMilflsii * f 

An IlliHt.Med Life or Martin Luther. »■■* 
IwruMM ^ J *^ k V« rSrbWm - " -' 
&a Ja TnrVTOi'r«e»«raoUqiie; " < l 

The rorablesol Frtduriek Adolphus^rvrum- 

^i>5r3*%5*ii5!^r «. ■■. - : (l , 

do J„ no firarr mm" or «tluua » *t 
Hfc -MavV Ameflcan leinnle Poets, with 
u -..n>,l-.l .tH riMnl rjoti-« «oJ .ritill.iru d,;ai 

SS^SiT iVt^; .o.,.,„. ku,. — ' v':" ■ 

VE"'*. ■^fw^Mirt;: "■ o. 

J, lid TmirTlooracW,K"Jor«'"fl'" : - " *■ 
Dr. Ilelhune's Bniirh 1 umale Puete, «"" 
H«f»iA)al «.<! erlltaJ aerie- aa*****™,'™ 

L d™ rr fl'""ij*..' ti^riri.At'.u'^iL - at 

,1„ ,|„ TuiloxmoiWM.dBorantl'Ht <- 

Wnr.-Wa New Iiictioimti of I'oelical Quoia- 

n In Ihli 

expected death 

.,1 ij..i,iaiiui]«,orScrip- 

,..,.',,. ;.„.:!,^..-i l : . [■■ 

■ i: lii - :i 
„!:.■) in. r.-rr- irtiiiuo. *■ 'I 
m! W..rks; Ihe only 
j/lLnKtt. nili |-olri!r. i-- 

... r.leL-->nlly ill'u-inilcd 

I,,,.. .-,:i,..:- - !■ 

ill,' Lik- of liio ^iiiuur. New cd- 
jkt lllj.i.iil'.rj.u itf-l, Orui.,. FnUtloiB, 

:', tiisi,'idi ,--.'■ uuuJ iU£ii " -' 

isllBD'a Wily yVNJiii' ■•' *ih "isjit il- 
ia lis' CtotMuUtStnlsBt, *c. " Si 

! , Tl.ri.1 . i:i '■■ ■" IT -I: '>■■ ' ' 

n (he Livi-s "f the Aj-,-!leS with 

li ;;..jilrr, nr Afcnl. liberal dins 
A'l'IrMa, L15H--AV .t lli.,\KI ; IO. 

The Host Succc.iiful anil the Best. 


01 ui Kiiail 

Tri... !-.'i>!.iirdThirii iloii'r' 
l,,„.-.,„ 11 r.i.-..L-.|:l I.. :!,. 

l.',--i,:. Iji I I'ru.-r Hit 
.-,. I'.^rlf.T ['rim sn ."■ I. 
1 i.,i .-A..i.t:.7,..uJ.-.:M- 

Inipadi-l an i rlnt-elao W,l 

■■ iVi-n'^v."";',^'; 
T„..I',i.l, i;.-,.]. 

lni!,.- ir ,:-,-i|.i1 [-uMl- ..:.,■ 
IL-il., ::if. >[ . : ^.; M^ 1 S:i, 1 

l--n ■(,!■:, I ...fn.t L.,.:!.i 

"" -uik, l'bll,.l,-. ;.[,:■, .-■ I 

Iter UHsaaliuMUs, Nan 

Iitud. them uork- ' 

not 7 

A P p L E_S L, I C E R . 

,'-.- .i ...'.,,, i, i !', 

p.rl, I... , u=«»lilr.« t f , ;r ,,,- , i|i: .., » ucil „,, |, ;!ll ,,. 
(■■IJI. ..IT 111-.' in«i.)< l,^.,l r ,| H,,:..,,..! [.,,„ ■!,,,,!, 

Tin lulrodatJloii cf rl,« Stlitr i,™.m .nmii, -j..„ 

!;''T' u ;: i ,t''' ''.''.. ! ■; ^'r.'L*™ **■ 

aiw> ur d-.oi i. j ii--.-. i ii. ,■,- .! .,, ;„!:' Vuti,' 1 ;', ';,■■; 

.j«e,l»nd rorlilii) ■.,■!, ..>.;, \, „...,,, ,„, u, M ".' 

V"'"i : r ' 

[i-.TCI It lr IICI.ll J- * ,|r,,| I, ,^,|. ,,,,,.|, , :..,,,,..„ j 1. , 

<■■■'.• , 

0- !.■; .!lr il»lllbo[.rlKI|i.l liuilnn uj j (t 
™M ".lilhl* 88 *■<">■• 


Cbineie 6uEnr Cnne Seed. 

.■"■i,,lf nnd a^iIcuIiotmI Nnil., ,,( 





..' --> ,;,,„,,„, ,;..', r.,,,,, ..,„Mo larrai- 
M^n-HinladMlinBin lkioki will bowrvt.i iii i i 
nirbeilal "bolMalo |irl:ei. 

Eohaol, Claabal. The*l«l»l aui MiwllanMO) Book'i 

Uil.lcj in mil luridly. In | nriJ r*m-.y i"'- ILIi - ■■■■ 

Elfiaailr'Hu :i:.i; ! i' '--.■ ,ii.i.!"i.Ti>"KenUi 

uTiidIe Account Bnoknof all kinds; Olawi, 


' j..,,' i--, l-liir.-!- . ■ .Ml W: .n.i^,; 

rtren; Duty, frnll. «d Fa=oy 

£inol°i*"l Elntlonerj of 

rarieui klads, 4o., *c. 

□ace the Uigut ai 

(,.„„ l,„ iU oiuolrj. 

ooly tbo ««ki rdltio Jbt, li <i I--:- f-t ■■ 

r, frcal tartffl of find, mu'tmtsd trorki ._ _ 

,}„.. Ki-o -Mr,. Kili-.'t- Jiin:i-"l I ■: ■ . ■ - l - . l r- - 1 

l'i,,,. u,.'-..i-ii .iM "i itiri-Mi I'lmc!. "oriuortbD 


"\n,,n,-,.lllit>lr>tnek»reth«rolloir!ori-»li.^lil-i -H-ll- 
eati -hi-n rheri:ireratlh!>lo«iTle..i alTuod, deli n red 
!n Ken York i 

■ ■ -■■■ 

I. tloeb, (III iouj. He 

■- ... M,Ji-.--f Mnirjeil EtulWln. K.I.10J bt 3r. 

'.In 1, Wl[. u>.li.-..l|-. , 1 50 

dofitcollh. ll| in Awnlall'Jii nl Ptijiidiru. )Wi 

ifollo«ioe-willbo«nllo»Dji>arto[ Caliiorallb 
frei of j- .-!i;e, at tlm jiricei affiled : 

hi (o mftU«l anutflslg*.* 1 — (douibi ro M..J. Qiid.-iijri 

"-ufcio. - — [CinelaoaU Jtai Jouaud. '"*' 

I'l SbcraKoiilc Aniliraij of Die Uumja Dodr In Hull 

ijtiM l> =cc».H>le to ui la tai> counlry.-— [M.dkl 
ncfc'iiod CvmlnJ- Princliilfnof Btji\ttJo=y. tViIh err 

.ma* on Lh..' .iLlijitlullrt-^r,:._"— {It.ritin^ - , Ar. v . r .,^ 
oti'l TflKt Book 'if AuatumT flftnod Jjlirl^a, Wit 

l Edited by □. C. fliutmu 
eif riJcholojWl u 

c.,, r ii^.l:n p .|.: rurji r.c.-. mid it.-; ki.-h-..! [■■ ■ i 1 ! ■ - a. ■ . 5 1 
m itnuhtH" Ihcj. can .i.-i t- *ii|ht..-I..1. bi l.i-r 

leimrSili: or ncttoni; Omnoo, crnnti ffrtli no» >1 

irk, sjniliilly "i lho«f Icuchfuwbo bava lbs eondi 
'Oniwa'f *Flnt Uaet,' >oJU« 'IniUnitetof BngOifa I 

■ I. i. mi il.ii n:.j.r in rin n!', rii. y imn, i Minn in i ii.i- 

Pnbllihoi! hr S. S i W. WOOD, 

SD Droadaaj. Nen Vork 
lnd aold bj bookwlloni gonnrally. vT-21 



■■"■ ■"'■■" i'-'-'I'-'.' ;■.;', r,..h';,'^ yl i:,i,,v 

. I .r, lh'.. m.'l ri|, II, ,,.,.:,,.. ml.,, mir in iL.i 
III- -..|U|, !"['.', il|,..:.r,l...f in,. LiliJrcd it, -^ ,r. I 

rh in II. ty,.-.-.|.li, an I (Meral fl.n. lVlmr- 

' - ■ ■'■ ^ "- ■ i " -i ■:-!■■. ... ..ill I. ."].,i-, HAMl'.-u:i ,1 i.ii.l 

Works of an Abiding National Intoicgt, 
rotiLisiiEn u¥ 
'danibi, jy^-j^A., a-R. 

Wood £a ( nvuiti 

■ .-.I'm Lmi.t 

Hit: '-'l-U I'.UIM .\;,|, in,; \i:u IA11M: A Pol 

IM .1 -\l|.-^.. r , | lrJ ,,, (,.!„,,,., ,,, ; ,,,,,. , ■■ A 

.!,: ■ I'' nN, ,','tjil •' , 1 '"'- ti ' ""I-" 1 ""™. » '■'•"noer 0! 

■■■I i ■i.....i',!-. , i.',"t^.' , i.".l l '.i"i,'" u..' 
. , i || .-.. -',;i,t ■ i ■■ a. i-„,„i,i i luiii-iiL-jk .,( li... II..-'- 

;;,;'■ ;: 

■ ■- J.i, ..:,.! it J. i-.. ...nil. I, 
"(ill mot-- [Publuli-f.r-.T- 

i'l'. - I .'.■...■ I- I 

,f " : .'",'■' ■' h '-' llr ''.'"■^■-'■l-ll, 

R ™^ r "? ,:r J ir,u " '• , P* KdludhjJI.D.Biilb]J7,li,l 
"Aboaol. inibnluVli;,:./ l:.','.',Mi",i V.'.i VlV 1 

to^Ilio .Uratb, liiu nHuwcrirpenuod.-— 1 Mod. Coufuc 
^a' 1 WDrkoV D ilSr lM ""Va D '""^" mu ' S » 

'"'■ Hi. iii'i,'. ■,'..".'' 'i 

/,""" '■■ ■■!.:■ ^ tj . ,, 

l.rdllll u-- -[■" |) j,'^„;,',„"j|^" lll ' l ' ,rC, " n l MldllUn 

W :'.;;^: 

■ !■■■■:■■■ ' - 1 1 ." ■ 1 T', ■,..;■ j-..,-, ;.,-. r .| 1L |.,„. 

'■■i V!',, ,;, : ,:' 

'" ni. .:■! nti. tho Mf llflr.o Pbov Fjuni lb. 

I'l.^.l. .1 jDDJBal ' "*"'"* L««W IM'.l^llBEtJ 

c, ;k: ''; , 'w , ' l r,^: i M i D ^ r ^;™ u ^n^ I . 

Tba Brittah aad rordg,, Madleo.OliicorBlcoJ " 


Qun.r.'y JMr..l n/ /-„a„,| j,,,i.-„ „j , 

''■ ■ ': ■ ■ lira ttivmhi^ j"*"*' 

'•■.'■ i 

Pne, n . y-j 1 ™ o. »o£Srft;t«t«c. 


: Oil A MM AH 


■i ■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ' ■■ ' ' ' ■," ' : " 

,„,,.. .-,,.., .,..1 | .il. ■ I I III.!, i.lili i'l. -"'I • ' • n |. irll'ul 'I >■ 
-Tii||.-,crl,ici.l'L- ! ' '' -r"*— <od, Wb»t 

,....-, ■:■■,.:■:,■ i Journal ■•!' CJ"- 

'"IVtbjltU OITfollV .i-.-nlN.- I I-.' |> ■'. ■■-■! '■■ ' b i:' I '■' 

V. M.Hi--, !..■■' fay rL. l^r..iM I'.^J 1 "' In.lnirllon for Ibn 
.1-..1 :...-. I. . i, .... .i..-ii !■■:■. . 
i.VlndrLlof *fi,r • cotwa kaowlHl je nf oar buisa^" ' baa "■ 

Brawn'a Fint Hum of Eogliah Qranunar, 
Brown'* Isnitutri of Grammar, 

.„r it,.-, 

■r f(,r I 

wd niliii ■» rifbllr catict, lb- pM»dLjm> 
o^kid'frlra'ro'o? I^looklBrit L°Id^.1; 

ir", ,J. j.,.,iy,- |,rlntt|.|i l.-n. t-rr luund clubln,' mil!, |-rlii.:i- 

National Series of Standard School Books, 
tftfStm PUBLrsuHD by 

WlmA. 8. BARNES & CO.. 

L Tho National GeograpMcal Series. 

.ll['..L..Lri|i:-:.- -■:!,. ...I iic,jr.i|>tl]l 

2. Saiica' flariaa of Arithmetics. 

3. Fngllah Orammar, Compoiition, lioadini 

'■ t'.'.-i.i ,.u uIGooli^y 

...'.,,,■.■ ,r,.--,i,L,- r; Li. in 1 try . 

6. Davlei 1 Alrjobro, Geometry and Higher Matho- 


'.'. ■ I. :.::,■ I.I...J i,.-,,,v .. 
l.rl.Vl.„;|!-„[ rf„| I,.,,,,,... 
'--' ;L U ;U.-„l.'.|.Ui,i„-,,i t . .... 

ia p arjB(S^:::;.\\\":::."";;:. J :";;;;;i( 

U Hiitor; and Mytbolog;. 

i- 1~. i. i-.'.'.iiii!.'. ; .;:. !!;;'i:'..;;b';;:. ;;::;;;;;;;':"" 

lilh. In-L.TJ -II .ll.-^n| II .-IT'. ,*....., '. 

\ Elocution. IateUcetoal Fhilosophr, Bhetorie, Ao" 

To Teamster* and Otbera, 


patioaatoihoj t,.i . sl | i,i„„..-..| j„, , h , ;Lr * "»woaiw 
»l»f«^ll l^V>Sd r ii.*f l .^ u ,;^ , nl H* fil ^ 11 ™» o Ikat 


'■' -': ■"'■■ :l - ' ■ '" ' '■'.in. Hi. .!...!( ., i'i - , ''-'" 



5ur<yWa, nteumaUnn, fiJoWorn Ffcf", Dyrpfprto, la 

JMniKS nw &i«e, Zrylptla*, PimpUs, Bliu, Jfn-n. 

rtoi JHkoii, Pulanww Xmpilm, Hit Cm. 

jAjfiil, A-nuMfll, Anitl* OnpIOCrlB, Zoh cf 

Appdto, ffownil rAMWi-, de. 

u liubt, iieat, •od tiaul ibowen in la tba TcftUllo kinrdoa 

■i bewmo* clor^ed «rlln lmparo tillo, wM^ 2 
lyiUro, riu>to and lanunea tbe blood, ea^ea- 

ct of ililtcn lean liu (ally (•Imbllibed tbe blfli RpnlaUa 
bis lanhuble medicine 1 Ila esrmliiro powon bxe be* 
-ifflftilj Uatad to IuBff etradUg and obatlaala cam, will B 

TbafonoirlagrecomrntndillonUIHTnotieof the oldBlpbyil 

Ueam, 1.B.I11 ;-i-"r-:'mun,— Toor gimbariui 

ai* bO«, Ptrj oat.-r..-li-. '\ M ■ :? In lf,l. ■lfv i.n.l 111- li.l LI ^.-.; 

Ii, s :.■.■■■;■■■:■■ ..■ ■ ." !■.:■!!-' : ! ■ : 

Cirdoil by the Blpllcal i.r- ! ■!■:■. r.« :. i:,-.!i-!np (.f groat am-KT 

in .1 iiniiMr...:.' r!^.'.lf.1l- '■■ li ■-■ I" ■■ ! "-'I- <- t-yiit: :\d 

ii.i;,].!mi,i. F ..!,,:, I!.- ■ v:|. rr, li^, f. ni l.'ji.: Ji^ca*ed; In tod cj 

ill ,:.''..r,-,'-'. : .L".-... . -1 I!., .'.'ir. : In i'l" -I !■ ■! ,-■■: !U Iv 

fj-.!; IN cbr.iali- r.l- ■■■■ ■■■-■, ltl.n.lf-1 Trill, im>fn»,> iBMhartn 
dLvj3dDrtt,nt-onei;obiUnan: ol™n; ctmnic pnlrni'naryaSsc 
Hun..; inlnri.d iflatida, ax " 

, _., /VfloM ollel maEullra . . 

'Iilivol -v.i.-.rrN-.i-Mii. II- a;- l.t: '.i.lir 1 .11 ■ 

1. 1,!, Ir,, 1 :■ ri-.tit . f .-;; Iltr acd ill^riUon.lrkcrti*?. cJBirrir 
i.ri.l [i. -li, I ■ 'I. r r, ■! ,.I li',::,' II.- |.N li.' tli'n of a mem btllL 
itolo el mliiJ, and complala ralwallon to licalllu 
Truly yiion, 

WM. 9TEP.NF, M.D. 
Prajarod and P..U ly A. II. .'. P. ^.IVUS, Wbrfeulc Dn 

!'.:'..■ i.v il. .Ii',u:',-cii:i ''■-■<:'.. fJt FraBflatn'; B. T. WATTS 
■-,- . "I ^-!- ; IL II. M'ti.'.'-.'iLl. ,'. L'.i., (!i;rali>L-ali>; a; 

by- DroKtati gtsertllj. 




Of all ihe remcdli-J yet dbcoT^rcd Har such 

tbe moat ctrtafa, aad luarea no lojarli 

It makcai a ap»dy and permanent consult 

tfUlacaa, t>aa bottls ti geae ndly nrndoattx 
cav, wblcb oat nofm^ncaily dluppcara altfr alx or elgbl doAea, 
Sold byfl. JOaasoSJtOo, 8» Fnu)cUco;a.T.WATTa 
A C.Marjivljr.i E U. HctHjSAl.i> A ^aasramuilu; a:J 
by Dru^fiiati c*oeraH3r. rt-SA 3m 


•' Costar'a" Hat E\(crmliiii(or. 

Put up In 20c, uSe.. oic, 81, 8Sj *3 and «5 B 
Nomr ko.iwu to fall— and mod ovory day by Ibouiudt 

Pat op in 2Se., 60e., 76c, 81, 81 SO, S3 GO, 84 SO Bottia. 


For the ifcjinieii.-n ..f M-.11,., Jl,,.|; f |.,. Files, Flea?, 

Phinl laieets, Varmln 00 Fouls and Anlmala, Ac, 4o. 

Pot up in 29c and 50o. Boxsa. 

rWailai "COSTAft'3- PRINCIPAL 

id by Ihe < 

rO" K.i guotli Hint on commLulaa. 

,03- AP.Mri.illiliill(.iMi,.ul»r— Urina to i.botc.1,1. 
do a | r.-« a U.,,.f ,. r i. .-,..;, , A- , „ : .| t- y „ .„„ .,. ,„ ,,,, j 
(prenald) to any mldro», on receipt of a tnreo ciul P 

i.- V..r 

■S 4 PARK, 303 Broadiray 


, ? t 'l E ^ 0NL y ENTIRE IIORSE 

> III.AriCM.UU;: -1 llri.l^r'i/'v-,- 

■\ moat, and „ B b „„ 01 lbt u,^ 

L - — lean mile, from ihtr 

Bin Ju: 

ColU Sired by David Hill in 1856. 

«*« ™rliBoftwa\ Ml 1 V«a ™"*"* el^re^ie? 

Colts Sired by David Hill In 1855. 

No uoadrtd fo; Fillina, dallvered wand'.'al 'Jb" oS'( 
oo(aooy, Black Uaikil.t.liv ;■! !■,,,,. .,,,,„, 11- F. FISH, i«t 

117 Fulton street, Hew 'S'ork, 

fi^D^wKirM Si«£a^253 

MafL.hi]y (. r It,,, t' M ,||,.^ Enjinerrr 
K. . I ,. a ""l , '""'.i . 1 '""'..t IiMinlr,-., l'4-..ic-.-H -n'. 
' i i m ,'■ A l', , ■ i' ' ,' r "'.' r '- - 1 '■ ,■ i ' ■ I ' ■"''' ,f " : '-' ,|i '--"" 1 '-'. I'" 1 !,"-- 
■!.i.., l'r. ; ,':| I |..o'v( Shado-J, a {\afn"^ll\!lZ'^.i'i 

Tlil:Vi*:i:i!AS[C'S0AL0tfLATOB-brWic Oritt 

— eimi^tmi, !■„- I',i„ci,,|,:.. ),„,.., lir ,.| ■[„,,].. L „ ibj 

Wm. Grior-bmni „ r ,, Lll , ,],.,„ .-..,,.. r , k .,, ■.,... i,, : i..|| 
"ruii. It,,... :1; ,| j,,,,,,, r u . rfu| v t , [bo Mt ,, lillik . iMrr . 
Ili,lr.,i.-.| I,, I;,,.;,.,,;,,. ...j Mi.7l1iu.sry. mid m-jrly -'-- 
mi: t:n,."K 1, 1 iri'i;j',VjiiKSTAI.DE3iaiISjA»rlai 

' ' :>'.: .....l.-i!. ,..!... ; ,,, ; i, [,:,i,. !1P| .(..rbi,., A( a. 

moeli. H,„i„i,h „ T ,| ni:.,!.,,!, ,„ [„„.,„„.„. .,,[i,i.!,. 


»&1 Pl.tlr^Clyartr^S' I " U ' , ™ , * ,, ' 

H'.V,' f,i ,i||,i,;k 1: a liiiii'j, M1I.K COW- A *" 

';":'""i' !..■ ■ '.1 "i.. i.y i.iii.i, tti-.'ii ik, :, ...... 11 

of Co., may ba tucerlilnoj DlDItrabtd "ill. BDp 



itt OUlifornia farmer 

haro tho laud well fenced. That dog-fencing 
winch Don Bolt spoaka of. it seems cannot jet 
bo generally adopted | nlthough for ony other 

•so for which thoy ore soiloblo, wo certainly 

ill abundance 



ound not! potipv, n 
of lOTTdsereo." 

"Be Euro Yon ore nigbt. Then Go Anoad." 
Messrs. Editors : Divines lell us, as you 
and the readers of tho Faiuieb well know, that 
it wu a wise arrangement of Holy Church to 
institute Lent ; as othorwiso, oJtbong b tho 
parsons are constantly calling upon their flocks 
to repent of their oril ways, and turn to a now 
life, they might oicuso themselves by saying 
that they would thing of tho matter at n moro 
convenient :■'■--■■ Li- This eeoms sensible; and 
although, of tho Feasts and Fnsianf tho Chniob, 
I hod ajwuysa decidod preference for tho former. 
and even when a sebool-boy used to regret that 
"Christmas came but onco a year," I really 
think wo fanners might in our worldy matters 
toko a hiot from those good men, especially as 
In many things it cannot now-n-doys bo mid 
fliat " the children of this world are in their 
generalum wiser thou the children of light." 

The tost sheaf of this orop has now been 
harvested, and a considerable portion threshed 
oat, nail a little reflection will enable every far- 
Bar to ascertain whether his returns sufficiently 
Rmunerato him for his labor and expenditure 
Bat it is not from a merely general reflootioi 
tint n o< is it system U likely to be followed ii 
fntore. It is not likely to lako forty days to di 
•a, however, in a satisfactory manner. I nnuh 
therefore recommimd to our agricultural frieods 
in imitation of those saints of tho olden time, U 
think seriously over the matter ; and take titn- 
to it, so that thoy may como to a correct con 
'elusion; and it it woro not presumptuous. 
"rronU make a few rcmurks whioh I belinva wil 
do no barm and may do some good ; especially 
as I havo been a farmer myself, utid know pretty 
well "the tins with which Ibny aro most likely 
to bo tempted." and wherein their system is 
unost likely to be deficient. 
*5Tho first thing which 1 would recommend to 
every farmer is to keep regular Books. Is it 
not strange tint every petty grocer nhoold per- 
ceive the propriety -i doing so. and yet farmers, 
to whom they are of so maah importance, seem 
to think such a thing entirely unnecessary 1 I 
do not mean merely that tho farmer should keep 
aregulur account of his expenditure and iqoamo, 
and ourrent family expenses. It is probable 
that hi) does keep such an account. But this is 
not coougb. He should keep a regular Labor- 
Book, and open n Dr. and Cr. account with 
every field on tho farm. Tho propriety of this 
is evident. Some of bis fields may bo highly 
profitable, and others may not pay for the culti- 
van'on; and fur reasons which wo shall seo by 
and by it Is of the greatest importance to him to 
know exactly their separate returns. In this 
Book be ought to Dr. each field with the value 
of tho labor put opoo It, tbo valuo of tho seed, 
the expeoses of harvesting and carrying the 
produce to market, and alto a proportion of tin 
incidental eip, uses of the farm; Bud with 
tifl gross returns. 

By the adoption of each u correct system, 
(ho farmer would ho enabled to comparo and 
Contrast one finld with another, oud bo induced 
to draw conclusioos as to tho causes or their 
different productiveness, and tho propriety of 
enhancing by nn improved ayskm of forming 
that of [!i (150 whioh may not have yielded any 
profit at all, or of abandoning their cultiv, 
*3lDgDlher — always keeping in mind that 
wldam ni-o t/> abandon the cultivation of 
Jitr which bo bos already provided men, anil 
tad implement*, and which Iboagh ho ce 
apparently employ to advaolago as he has 
finning hitherto, bo cannot want 

Now I would muko a bargain with our ugri- 
Itoral friends: — Although, being so far agood 
otestaot, I havo no wish to bocomo their 
rather confossor, I would oxnaiioo moro par- 
ticularly tho claims of deep-plowing and sub- 
s' .i ling, if every farmer, who after n proper in- 
vestigation has reason to bo dissatisfied with his 
rofits under his present syatom, should bo bo 
listied thnt my conclusions aro right in tho 
uin, would giro them a fair trial — keeping at 
10 some time a correct account of tho labor 
performed, the value of the seed, and tho pro- 
and orory other item connected with tho 
work ; and also so far as ho can n similar ac- 
; of bis labor nnd expenses on tho tamo 
field, and its produce, this past year; and 
publish tho results in tho Farjeek for general 
salisfootion ; detailing exactly the method which 
adopted. This I think is a fair proposal, and 
may bo attended with good results. 

Believing, Messrs. Editors, that you coincide 
ritb my opinions, and that Mrs. Bolt has some 
-iflaenco among tho ladies of hor neiphh.irh.. • ■■!. 
nd the ladies over thtir husbands throughout 
ho whole State, I think among us wo may 
muster such on opposition against poor Bon 
himself, that ho may huva in the matter of 
farming to yield to petticoat govei 

second volomo of Allen's Herd Book gives ham 
pedigree as follows: Rain, calved 5lh De- 
cember, 1853, and got by Vandall (10G5) ont of 
May Dacro by Orowdcr (uSli), Milkmaid by Ao- 
[ (101), Lady Maes! lister, by Pontine; (124), 
Lady Durham by San Martin (3599),— tho Dur- 

UiuiKOiF, aojurt 19, 1ES7. 
[VFilh ul 


peakablo pleasure we lay before ou 
novo letter from "Agricola," fcclin; 
iHdent our real practical enltivotors will bo a 
highly gratified in its perusal as ourselves. Ther 
so moch that is truly, practically useful, s 
uch that wo admire, that wo can best express 
ir approval and admiration In the following 
luplctof Cowpor: 

o fuel that o 

him any profit, nay v 

□ portion of his land 


to OTltivulioa may be attended' with loss, 
enough to make the most sanguine pause befc 
■a again proceed In tho same course which ho 
baa no good reason to believo will bo attended 
next veer with a different result. Hero thoi 
KHrent improved systems of farming whioh wo 
hegin to contemplate adopting put \n their 
•ercrtl claims, and ask nt nil events for a fair 
trial. In making a fair trial of any ayslem 
"bloli he has not yet followed, it will at once 
•ppear evident thnt it U of importance to hire 
to keep regular accounts, as it is to be supposed, 
»her»h«haatooiptndmorolahor. if not money 
difWtly out of his pocket, that ho will moko o 
tnal 00 only B part of his farm iu tho first place. 
Another preliminary equally necessary is to 

Description c 


i Volley. 

Mnssiia. Eoitorb : igrceablo to a hint di 
by ooo of your subscribers, about giving ; 
Hem from Green Valley, I take my pen tc 

order lo oblige him. 

illcs froi 
: eight m 

falley 1 

Ilenicia, in a northern di 
lea in length, and will average half 
idth, and lies continguous to Suisu 
Valley, on its northern boundary. 

Suisuti Valley taken ss its base, Green Volley 
forms an aculo triangle, the radii being ranges o 
ills. Divided in tbo middle from its apex to th< 
inter of [ts'batoby timber such as grows on thi 
bauksof tho wnlor-euurses in California, it pro 
lively contrast with the wild-Oats at thi 
of tbo year. 

ro approach tbo head of tho volley, (In 
spreads until in some places it r cache: 
from bill to hill. Here is the most beautiful part 
of tho volley, under this wide-extended gravo, 
here tho land can be seen for a distance, slight- 
undulating iu its surface, and perfectly clear 
any underbrush. Here, too, tbo cattle wondei 
herds or stand together enjoying a common 
shade. Such a beautiful appearance do these 
trees give tho valley that band must bo ruth 
less, indeed! to destroy any but ono that wa 
defective. Not too thick to interfere with culti 
vation, no use calls for cutting them down hut 
lire-wood, which can bo obtained on the sldcfaills. 
There is not much grain raised. Though thi 
land seems to have as much strength to it as tin 
land In Soisun, still It does not produce so great 
a crop. One feature or the valley is tho stone- 
walls which will shortly inclose the Bandies 
wholly. For four years they havo been stretch' 
jog gradually these walls of atooo around the 
Ranches. The stones arc found on the hills ad- 
jacent to the valley, and aro hauled end laid ioto 

vail al 

x dollar 

recasting fciiccwhcn completed. 
There Is some fruit raised hero, for tho home 
appetites, but not for speculation. The grape- 
vines, though few in number, are held to the 
ground by their purplecluslers; ond tho peach 
and apple trees ire so Interwoven with s 
supporting the branches, that H looks every whit 
as if there were a mammoth spider's web in each. 
Some of the apples aro large] ono measured If 
inches around, and tho others wore all of ol goo. 
size. The fruit was hurt by the hot weather o 
one day in June. The sun actually baked ono 
side of the apples and those only escaped which 
were shaded. Tho peach trees of 0. llainsar 
were heavily loaded with fruit, as were thu peach 
and apple trees of S. Stilts. As these gentlemen 
pay (beir attention to '.he stock business, they 
delight more to invite all hinds into tho garden, 
than to mako money iu such a small way. And 


imported in 1617. Sbo was bought si 
the Illinois Stalo Fair, where sho had taken Hit 
first premium as a yearling, for tire hundred 
dollars, by Hon. John Wcntworlh, for his farm 1 
at Summit, Cook county, 111., of J. A. Brow 
her breeder. 

Sundays after church, they dispense, thair 
bvors to the congregation. Such is Country life, 
lifo can't beat it Kip. 

Chines o Sngar-caae. 
EDnons Fabjieh ; I wish to inquire, through 
your valuable paper, as to the best mode nnd cul- 
ir the Cliiin- -i;S'i^iir-r-:m .... tin: lime of plaoting, 
Ike best way, and what soil the best adapted to it? 
A friend sent mo a small parcel, about a 
spoonful, tho first that I ever saw. I planted 
hill!, similar to broom corn ; it came up, and grew 
from eight to twelve feet high. I measured oni 
stalk that was twelve feet six inches high. Thi 
stalks grew very large, oud were well loaded with 
*d— some ton quarts. 
Being unacquainted with it, it is of but little 
« to mo. If some ono wilt pleusc to inform 
f its value, it will repay me. Tones, io., 

TeoLnMBB Hi via, Aacmt 23, 1857. 

Tho Way thoy Talk In Cnllfornla. 

The American, so lately I lie |)'v->e---ir nf Cali- 

foiiiin, ~i-f In h;Lvr Kuti'jti' .I up n new fiwri'j in 

Its fine valleys, nod already we have records moro 

C lea. in.,' himI IniiMniiijiiit; than rlin=e of tbo gold 
noter thirstini; after f mldcn riches. laying c- 
our table, anil inviliiid ji;:rusul, ue pi, !;, r <l up 
month later than it .lv = .rv L ,l. tli. : uni-.:i.,l i: p.irl 
ef Hit: LMiuH-nia Sin.: 1 1. 1 ml Si.eielv - 
Tbinl .Yms.iiil P.iir, <:nnl.. Sln.v.-. nnd Industrii 

Kxhihti held at .San ,lr,-e, the last fall. It 

pablk-.ili'in mirks nn cru in the history of this 
Uiii'in whieli it is ivi-ll n,i[ [.j pnsj ,,i- L .r urmotieud. 
A whole new country, falling from tin! hands of 
an inert race into the possession or a now nnd en 
crgctie people, luti Imvii tr.iTi-diriued; the resells of 
energy are here pointed out in moat energetic lan- 
guage, and in a spirit that has already swept the 
lasy Spaniard " — 

.1 [hdi.m 

i I'ei 

CjliAi/nia possesses many adi 

elimnte ; tlicc>iltiv9t<.r< are Incuiii; (li..-iriLitenli'jii 
in some places, to tropical (roil', ivilli emiiiviit 
success, and eooii uranct-f. etc.. will form staples 
which nill priivi-nt (tie irnpuriiiii: lie, (.iv.-it 
laxnrlcs of Central America. Camellia.-, in many 
parts, prosper to perfection. Tlie-li niui,, llieeiiron. 
the iiiiiiil''!, the B.ipcla, iigiin.-nte, or ImH^rfruit, 
tho pepper- tree, cution, r'ur.-e,'n (;rupe-vine3 in 

tvi-ry vari'-ty. tie- . > .It- -I; -.-Mh. 1 1 n'l 1, -:u-.'ar-r.iii'.-, 

pomegranate, pine-applea. cotton, tho olive, are 
hiiii.iii.: tii"'ieti ivhiiih d'. or promise well. 

Tin- Report mentions so many soeei-.iful enl- 
hv,i.,, . ..;,!. i\ ■ - ■ * 

sands of tr 

ith their th 
that wo nro obliged 

Miirvnvill... ];..,icli i.inl Shepliiir-l luv,. '-in.rViri 

p,-ach-tn.v-. .'i.lllW appl,.. i,ii.] .",, j i>,-r,r. If.OOil 

flieiry, 2,(1(1)1 plum, anil ,||I,(H|I1 i;rii|,e-viiie-, 
with □ large amount of ornnmenliil tr. :0J and 
shrubbery. G. G. Briggii him nearly 'Jilll.lloip 

Seach, and 211,000 necturino and nprtoot-trces. 
on. Suttor, a great collection, nnd a garden 
and grounds in excellent taste. In soma oases, 
meat i if the liibur [■■ pi-rfiirni, ,1 by Indians. Tho 
miilUi-nv f,-r ll,,- ~ilkiv..iio, i- jr. Itiiiginlo vogue. 
Mr. Delmris has eighty varieties of grnpos, 
v.-lj,...-,: thrift and luiunanoe ulTerd strong evi- 
dence that they could not have round a more 
K-nii.1 eliin-L'.-, H.- liu- 2I.IMII -nipe-vii,,., i„ 

all. Mr. Win. Lout and E. I„ liquid. ..u r tr. ..-- l.v the tli.ju-.iml. Mr. .1. f,„,k 
' Black Morocco Grapd in porft 


and nil thi 
Mr. F. 6. App 

bees, doing nitre i 
Mr. A. hud last - , 

been taken frotn them i-i ■ t II 


I. The swnr 



- v.-iii-li 

with b.e», give ..very assurauoo thnt there is no 
country in' the world superior to Culiforniu for 
the hnuoy boo. 

Peach trees budded the previous year On small 
si e-iliu^, n, liv, Ive lie.mli-, Here eifjlKten in.-hei 
in ciroumfereiico otsix inchta iboTO the ground 
The rnntof four old pear tree*, troft*,! h in, Barf> 
leitiuelile.-n months, had h«a sold fur S1U0. 
Mr. Lev.vllvn hai 25,000 ar.ple treea, and gruw 
three untile-, upon grafts iuserted the previ.jui 
■winter, .mil only » few incliM from the ground. 
Mr. Daniel's garden la tilled with a great variety 

of choice fruit trees and plants, which aro 
vatcd with a skill which few possess in a I 
degree than Mr. Daniels, who ii ono of the fore 
most roin'N in California. Smith and IVinchcll 
have 100.000 npplc. trc*s or eighty varieties 
Messrs. McMurtie were offered Sltlijini for th, 
produccof 100 no res of potatoes. Messrs.|i 
son have 1S,U00 trees, and a viuoyartl ol 8,0iJ( 
vines — tho latter protected from the winds by 
belts arid avenues. Their orchard, which the pro 
vinus year looked, from a distance, like rows o 
half-grown corn, was the nest, a forest in which 
a man may hide himself. Their plan is to plon 
deep, dig wide and deep holes, and work thi 
ground from February until July, allowing nc 
grass or weeds to grow among the trees. Major 

Hirr r fnlli- cKpeeled to reahz-j Irutn ?150lK) 

to §20,000 from two acres of melons, selling tw 
to three hundred dollars worth a day. Twelv 

Eumpkins raised in Los Aogelos, weighed ovc 
fieen hundred pnunrls. Sin-.-v.iin Urotlierah.iv 
00,000 vines, and tuado two thousand slid , ie,h 
eeii jjiil], ni-i ,,t" nine, an. I suine brandy j and the 
havo two gn«l wine cellars— ono 12-1 b. 1". b,- 
(be oilier ml by l(i feet. California seems du- 
titled to stand Ural among wine producing Slate 
Mr. Cardwoll raised a sweet potato Htoighltlg 
twenty-lhrcu poonds ; thoy keep growing all -' 
season. Mr. Smith raised a beet measuring tl 
feot six inches in circumference. Ono tret 
California Pear produced, last year. S250. 
two small valleys nro found ono million of gr 
vines. And Anally, tboy.ovou torn' their ale. 
b.Mt explosions to account, for " on the Colon 
forty miles hulow Fort Tuma, in August of 1S54, 
a steamer transporting goveruinout stores was 
blown Up; and thu next year, in phiees where tin 
sacks had fallen, a lioe growth of barley was 
found I" 

And to conclude : -Of tho Gloria mundi then 
were nine r,j.i-eini..ns. .inn .if whinl, wos no enor- 

i=ly Inri;.- tint your L'liiiiniitUo feel almost 

hesilnrit iib.iut ((ivinst its wei^lit nnd un-iusuro- 
mout. Itwoa soveutcen inches in eireemb-roiie, 
em-h way, nnd weighed two [inuinls three inn! 
ono-hnlf ounces. It was of tho most perb-cl 
form, and iu all rospecls, ihe most noble rimei- 
men of an upplo wo havo oror seen. Had your 
schedule nil. i.te. I n f r.iniiiri. for the linest speci- 
men, Ibis would certainly havo claimed it ; but 
as wo wero compelled to consider ox ton t of va- 
riety ol-i, in- reoi.mmoiid a >p'.t •■■! preminm f.u 
this of o framed diploma." Grateful I'.iinuiit 
lee, and happy California! Wo must send ,>„ 
au ogent, or g.> unrMilves. for tin, half dm-s not 
te.-iu to I,,-, c.-nerallv known. Wo are a won- 
dorful go-abend people, i lrl ,l it j, ,, u | v ..„,-,„-i-jiie 
wo do not yet own Cuba, and (he right of wuv 
lo the placers— [Phila. Horticulturist. 

■ Nev 

South Whh, 

me most important features in the trans- 
of our country dislrlcW during the past 
has been tho gathering of tho vintage in 
e-prodiioitig districts throughout Ihe col- 
From all the chief vineyards— Camden 
Tomsgo, Carrarro, 

, War 

. Bega 

ml, i 

ic accounts ar u ■ ,n, ,i,,,- ( .„ , , ,„„1 „.,:.. r .| lri ... ,,. 
ie lie, -I ....irtbil eilinnle- tile .|.i:iTlite „| ivi,,.- 

hitli the's viuf,L'i' will rnediico may be 

'— ". 200,000 gallons, being a considerable ad - 

i tho reports ol former years. There is 

opinion of tho wines, namely, that in 

and per fo mo, and Ihe mote deli- 

es or the juice of tho grape, ih.-i must 

.'?' tol ! c a V "J' ! ,J S B "nk. Wo havo 

take i 

richness of Ih 


in great demand n 

IbliwlL..., ... . . „ ..,,. . 

mini it of any largo export to Euro [hi for the next 
.-" jc-ir.-i | and, as a proof of this, wo may oh- 
-'•" tleit He ^re-ii.-t .]i, utility of the stock in our 
:-<l-ii. iin.l -.ilneb will be ready for delivery next 
■i-.vein. e, :ilr,.:nlj- be-| ior home .:,insiilnptiiiii 
ind lint ..f ill,; .-inter colonv. Tho eatetnem ol 
,-iiieyard-, in every part ol the colony will, how- 
iver, our Mucks, and when caicful 

"Itimtfir-i liiel [:, r.iii, S In .Mr Llhike) [|nt 

n favorable seasons, as much as 2000 gallons have 
been tho yield from good soils, we cannot doubt 
thil^ina-mak log will become one of the most 
profitable branches of colonial enterprise,— (Mjil- 

about my lv 


We ore apt. from all that hii been published, 
In look upon Washington as a farmer on a largo 
Kale, hut "hen wc approach him nearly, wc llnd 
him also a gardener and a horticulturist. In read, 
ing Irvine/s now life of tho great Statesman, it Is 
ditllciilt not to extract a passage here and there, 
and to-day we must be imbibed in this respect. 

'In a letter to the Chevalier de OhssMIui, for 
whom he fell an especial regard, he says: "I will 
only repent lo ynu tho assurances of my friend- 
ship, nntl of the pleasure I shall feel in seeing you 
in the shade or llie-e tree ■■ v-lii.-h my hands have 
planted; and which, by their lopitl growth, n't 
onco indicate a knowledge of my declining years, 
and their disposition to spread their mantles over 
me, before I go hence to return no more." (Vol. 
iv. pp. -155.) 

A few pages forward, we como upon the follow- 
ing passages, from the graceful pen of Mr. Irviog : 

- He had :w;inii;eiilal eorre^rjiiiiilent in his rjuon- 
dam brother-soldier, Governor Clinton, or New 
York, whoso spear, like bis own, bod been turned 
into a pninlng-hook. 

'■Whenever tho season is proper, and no oppor- 
tunity offers," writes he to the Governor, 'Tshall 
he glad to receive the Balsam trees, or others 
which you may think curious and exotic with us. 
" "dng to improve tho grounds 
i this way." Ho recommends 
csre certain grape-vines, of tho 
choicest kinds, for tho table, which an uncle of 
tho Chevalier de Luzerne had engaged to send 
from Franca, and which must he about to arrive 
at Now York. Ho is literally going to Bit under 
his own vine and his own fig tree, and devote 
himself to tho pleasures of rural life. 

"At the opening of tho year 171*5, tho entries 
in his diary show him diligently employed In 
preparations to improve his groves and shrub- 
bery. On tho Kith of January, ho noles that tho 
while thorn is in full berry ; on Hie 20lh, bo be- 
gins to clear ihe pine j.-iir. i --i..f undergrowth. 

"In February, he transplants ivy under the 
walls or the garden, to which It still clings. In 
March, he is planting hem lock- trees, that moat 
beautiful species of American evergreens, num- 
bers of which had been brought hither (rnm Oc- 
coriuan. In April, he i.s sowing li.,l!\ -h-ii- i in 
drills. .,,„ie .Tlji.iiniri" a L-1-.-..-ii-btier hedge, on the 
north side of the garden gale j others in a semi- 
circle on tbo lawn. iI»Dy of the holly bushes 
thus produced, aro still flourishing about tho 
place, if) foil vigor, lie had learned the policy, 
not sufficiently adopted in our country, of cloth- 
Ihg his ornamented grounds as much as possible 
with evergreens, which re.sisl the rigors of our 
winter, and keep up a c heeling verdure through- 
out the year. Of ihe trees lilted for shade in pas- 
ture land, he notes tho locust, maple, black mol- 
ilack gum, dogwood, and 

of i 

(he er.i 

h them. 


i realized? 
perfect enjoyment of that seclusion from 
d and its distractions, which ho bad so 
ituicd to himi.eirarni.1 the hardships aud 
i of tho camp7 Alas, no! "The 'post;' 
raid of a noisy world,' invades his quiet, 
s his lahlu with letters, until eorre-pcud- 
intolerable burden."— [ThcHor- 

Tiie Produce op the Citui&ss Sooar 
CANS.— Mr. J. D. Loytou. connected with tho 
oitensivo sugar relinery of lie-Ichor & Bro., of 
St Louis, furnished us yesterday with samples 
of sugar and sirup, whioh can bo bodo nt our 
counting-room by those curious in such matters, 
tho produce of the Clnue-o snurir carte, from tho 
pltuitolion of Col. Ives of Terra Ilccuf. Iu May, 
last year. Col, Ives put One-fourth of tin aero 
under cultivation, which ripened by tho tirst of 
August, producing two barrels or sirup mid lif- 
teen bushels nf seed. In December, following, 
Iho second orop was matured. This season Col. 
Ives has, wo learn, soma two hundred aoros un- 
der cultivation, which ho oipeots will bo ready 
for cutting down in August, aud will yield at 
least $4<),U00.— (N- 0. Delta, 21st Juno. 

Tub Grape Croi\— Tho Cincinnati Giuotto 
looms that tho "rot" has injured tho grapes in 
iy of tho virn-vnrds nruuiid Cincinnati. In 
ie viii.-ynriU nt least ono half of tho grapos 
ileslrnyed. if, however, tho weather should 
:iiv.,rnhh', and the injure i-ilend no further, 
erop will still bugo.ij. Tho vinoyurds, this 
. iug, have been weighed down with a super- 
abundant crop— so much so, that if half of tbo 
grapes aro thinned away by tho "rot," a fiao 
crop would still bo realised. 

Hot— Fort Miller is reported to bo tbo 
litest locality in Calif,. ruin. The thermome- 
ter frequently indicates ISO degrees. 

AunirniouH Lin us tone. — Contrary) to tho 
dinar;- re-eiiel opinion of geologists, gold was 
uud (In|H51) to exist In conjunction with lime- 
stone. The deposits were located on the Colorado 
t, and so far removed from tho ordinary i'.u of person-, e.ip.iblo of judg. 

in- of Ihe p.- euu.-.of the dbeorery, Lhat much 

doubt rested on the subject 

Within .• few days, however, it has been estab- 
lished beyond cavil than an intensive lead of this 
i'"-"!'ii"|. Ufsla in the heart of Oalifornia. Wo 
Live ;'..■ ii some very i [eh specimen ; obtained from 
,-he vieiu,,, ,,f .Abel's ,;„,„,,, M , Ualaveras county. 
Thoroekisaconipniuiilenime. dle.sulphurotof 
and gold, ami yields from S-/"M lo 85,000 
it- (.in ! Thu i-in.ruiously rich discovery is 
hundred feet in breadth, with an unaseer- 
tmned leiieiu. The claim of Mr. Boulou, whose 
■:|-eiuiiiis wc ciamiried, eitonds by the above- 
nn ntioned hrc-ulth, tivo thousand foot in looglb. 
w'i" 1 " t0 u '( u E'ng his specimens to this city, 
Mr. B., as well as others who examined them, 
suppomd the rock to bo quart*, but their aubjec- 
iun to Ihochtruieil tests prou.-I the easo to bo 
iherwisc, and clearly cstablishod tho fact that 
'Old can eaist In connection wilh limeatono — 
[Prices Current. 

Low.— Tho water of tbo Soornmonto rivor oa 
Weduesdny morning last, was within stiteoa 
inches of last year's low water mark. This is 
thu lowest notch of Iho season. 

anil ll«' 


A Trip to Cuba and 

"B li » podly ilnlii lo »o ., 

WbBtHe.vtnh.lh.fcii.-nnh.'.i '■■- 
Wbit fmiL" pffrtenir>cflblii«ban airtrT ttwl 
What p»dll fwpwU o'm IhD hills «ru<l ! 

Rahelt did wo meet with an Americtn Just 
landed in Cuba who was uot highly delighted with 
the plara and the climolc. TbUgenernl Brat " 
prtssinn was to make a purchase, ami -■■;"'■: '!' 
for the winter in lib charming rnnihine. 1 
impression luted for about two weeks wjth meet, 
while others remained true to the Brat feeling of 
these "now- born delights," and one or two of out 
casual acquaintance* actually effected purchases. 
Generally, however, discoveries were not «1qw in 
being made that the difficoltiea or the language, 
and Ibo habits of the people, with certain fears for 
the future aspect of political affairs, the necessity 
of a license to reside there—all these mwtly disen- 
chanted oa before we hod soon moch of the island. 

The fruiLi, the perpetual summer, nnd 
pressivo weather than wc had been led to 
were ali gnat irnino.niLUi:-, added to this 
low price of Uud where it luui plenty of fruit 
no slaves upon it, was the vicinity to home, tole- 
rably regular mails, and flouic American society. 
The habits of the people, to diBL-rent from 
own, came in last as the final discouragement, 
Cuba, seems to have been designed for the wi 
residence of the Northerners, nnd such, if it is 
quired, it will nn..|'n ^. I- -. "me. OHmateis 
virtually capital, not only in the easy prodnctinr 
of animal, hut ! | i''Ul | li | food; fur instance, tin 
banana, which is estimated to yield -1,0110 pound: 
ofnntrimcnt oo 1076 squire feet, enables a man tt 
maintaio a family by working very moderately for 
two days in sovi-ii, l'li<- produce r.f the plant being 
one hundred and thirty-three times more than that 
of wheat, and forty-four times more than the yield 
of the potato, exceeding,' as Humboldt supposes, all 
plants upon the gloho in the amount of for J '' 
yields 00 a given area. 

Linmcai said that the Bret abode of our sp 
vraa the region of the palm, and that man is c 
t iaily DHiWrcroiw. It may be, that the rso 
these palmiveroua regions arc not the most 
grcssive, because, thouph climate is much, ra 
more. The balmy and the spontaneous fruits or 
Paradise, would probably full to energize some 
races of our own continent. But ag-iiu, L-, it not 
(rue, that tho eternal war against climate, prolong- 
ed winters, etc., consumes as large a portion of 
man's labor as mi normal conflagration! and may 
wc not hope tint, while il,.- AnL'lo-Saion in the 
tropics. thuuL'b be might work loss in such an at- 
mosphere, would enjoy more, and with the untiring 
energies of his mind devote more time to bis ii 
provemeat, and as nearly as lie could, realize t 
greatest happiness ho is capable of I The problt 
has never been fairly tried ; it is destined to I . 
however, tod, so far as such aa experiment is de- 
sirable, we are inclined: to be a fillihuster, though 
no further. 

The rapid strides of our steamship as she glided 
past the Moro, the Pnnln, und Cabanas bath ' 
again found all hands on deck, at early 



of all 


" '!"' 

equal to the 
conjured up, but words fail lo convey such impria 
siooa, and we pass on to the full view of Havana. 
Its antique architecture— its mixture ol grandeur 
and poverty— ilfl cathedrals and churches, gloomy, 
and worn by time — its Moorish arches and pecu- 
liar roofs— cool ros. led finely with the trim shipping 
of all nations lying at anchor in great numbers in 
its noble and cafe bay. The opposite villages of 
Casa Blanco and Begin (the sugur depots), bad 
mora of d home look, and we felt the American 
spirit near u» when the several new steam Terry 
boats. Exactly like onr owe, came paddlicg along. 

"Wo were soon surrounded by anxious hut gnod 
looking faces, desirous to convey us on shore, but 
the irregulars were commanded to ramoj, anil wc 
ireTe soon group..-,! into p.irlii-.', dts.-.vndm;; into 
large boats under the wings of the Various lintel 
kecpera whom wo bud solicited lo lake charge of 
ns, all Each establishments being well filled. A 
dollar for an indorsement of our passports, which 
allowed as as a favor lo reside oo the island fur a 
month, discovered the fact that our money was at 
a discount of I'-n p L r cent v. iili e S l. - - -.- f.fii'.'i:il.- . ■ ■. i j ■ I . 
in regular coiinu.ireial dejlnu'-;, of five; our own 
dimes, howev.r (tin- Utter li.-ini; the general cur- 
rency for small transactions), pass for a ride in u 
volsnte, etc., as well as a quarter of a dollar. 

Oar party patronized Wolcotl's Hotel, where 
we were very uncomfortable, ot a nominal eborgo 
of three dollars and a half a day, hot which, with 
etceteras, woa generally nearly double that sum. 
The other houses are not much In: Iter, except Mrs. 
Almy's, where Dr- Kane expired, and which, 
though rather low in the front elevation, U a most 
comfortable liot'.l, ivdl ion'] Meted, and, consequent- 
ly, dlfEcult to get access to by the new comer, who 
Ends all the rooms occupied. The Havana tabic 
presents some novelties that are striking; bananas 
and plantains, fried in sweet oil, take the place of 
potatoes, and for desert, oranges, bananas, nnd other 
fruits, with gnuvo jelly. The winter vegetables 
are those of our midsummer, including tomatoes, 
peas. cgc/plnnts, etc., etc. 
_ The Plaza de Armor, in front of the Qoverdor- 

eoaiideroble bight. When this aceno'is lighted 
of a moonlight evening — the binds playing, and 
the whole papulation assembled (the ladies in full 
dress, in their volumes, and Uiu gentlem-n ni..p- 
ping to smoke, admire, and chat witli them)— the 

.... ^ fa onE f (hog,, Oriental, and yet 

iclurta that can only be teen under the 
ie wnald pay for a trip to this Cor 

blossoms, makir „ ureal slio'.v in lite Plato. _„„ 
Mongo-Tiw, yjuidi greatly resemble, in form the 
Horsecbestoat, is one of the best eliade trees of the 
island, and hen most be noted the new fact to us, 
that scarcely uny person ever plants a shade tree 
ne_r his .Iv.-.-lliii;;; the ...-., In,-../,, |>,,||, ,.j| |,,. r ,„■,,,„ 
ore found to l„- I, net U,_i, .!,_ 1, : . | n this respect, 
the residences of the wealthy Into tons nn unim- 
proved aspect, which it is lard to reconcile with 
wealth or even comfort. The Cocoa-Nut and tlic 
Koyal foltn are, lu,wev.:r, incorporated in every 
Itene on the cultivated portion of the island and 
one never gets tired of their beauty. 

The reader will suppose that, after a glauco at 
the town peeling numerous orange, an, I I., j,,,. 
astonished at thu novel fruit and wonderful Sin 
market*, we at once began to silly oat among the 
gardens, plmUiliuni, nud tree*. But bow to do- 
sc-ibeBbali.. *j novel! Tl„ -IhncuHv i.; ii.j^ll,,,^ 
: ''' 1 ' '» " litliU' 'I ■■■]'•'.■-■, • El ■ | j - ■ in,,,,. -.,,,,,,. 

only can be attempted. Sir J. 8. Smith, Ibo emi- 
nent botanist, strikingly rumirkitbat "no writer 
whatever hae rendered tie natural prodnctiuus of 
the happiest and most luxurious climate of the 
globe bait so interesting or instructive ai Lionuji 
has made than of bu own northern country 
This is eminently true, and it rerooius, u tar . 
wo know, a dttlinbtfnl task unfulfilled, lo convoy 
by means of tho pen, tho grand idoaa whiou 
Uopioal vogolation, and it* accompanying 

' ThoChoro- 

fooo oa, naturally cull forlb. But it must bo 
remembered, thnt all is not beautiful. It had 
boon one of our ambitions to mo nil Al»i' li'tl^-'." 
and to ride along rands bordered with ourpfreeo- 
houso plants. Alas t ft hedge of Alno is bat n 
sorry sight; it is grown up nnd avni with n 
thousand other plants and vines running riot in 
wild neglect, and really p 
of tho beauty wo hud ant 
koo Rosa about Natche., u 
beautiful, and yet. with care, the Aloe would 
make a superb fence; and il -j a most useful 
one, but it occupies n Urge spauo that would 
otherwise, bo cunvurti'd to n p roll I ablo cultiva- 
tion. All tlio energies of (ho Inndholdors seem 
to bo given to the cultivation of sugar, coffee, 
or tobnoeo. Tho ornamental, where beauty 
would spring up from every touch of taste, 
forms but little of tha studies of the Cubans ; 
but, even with their utter negleot, as n general 
thing, nature and tho climate assert their sa- 
premucy. At every turn, some new surprise 
iiwnkem tbi' imagination, nnd obliges us to ro- 
mi'mlur thnt ive nre in one of the richest botan- 
ical regions of the glob". Bill tlio-e riches nrt 
uuapproaiatod, nud ns for our gieonloooe plant; 
being seen at every stop, you find yonr-elf in t 
region where they nrt, too common to bo ad* 
mired. <<iri>pt bv tin 1 eery fr-W. 

A short ride" on the' Pasco (the afternoon 
drive of nil that can afford to keep a volanto), 
brings os to the Governor. General's garden, 

Inii'lv invaded by tho ruilreiid, I - 1 ■ E |... -jiil.- 

Minii- l.iiitil'nl plants and superb vines. Ornogi 
ireei in full l.f-nring i.n.l in (tower, the Mninun 
and Sugar apples banging on the trees all wii 
ler, nud hundreds of novel specimens, would 
occupy a person of leisure for weeks. The 
botanical knowledge of the most scienlifio is put 
i an itnmedinto and trying test in Cuba. lie- 
v'i,iii..ii is utti-iriptt'd n 1 - virioiiK of dried her- 
bariums float on tho memory, but in gunernl, 
party, after puuling themselves for 
gave it up as a labor- which took too 
much from the zest of tho feast spread before 

t; nnd it was no uncommon thing for tho sat-a 
of tha party to bo seen placing his spocimt 
carelessly in his pocket, wbilo ho adopted 
basket of oranges, or a bunch of bananas, < 
watched thu ttaring-up process, employing 
forks instead of knives to tho pine-npplo. P 

purposi) of study, wo all determined to 
peat Ibo trip the- next very oold winter, and 

ilnin hnigiT in tlii-i iM'lili. li.-lil nf [lEltUtO, 

Count Fer [Hindi na's garden, on the Uerro Road, 
i short distance from Havana, is the best worth 
,'isiting of any tbat wo could hear of, and is sect; 
able to all strangers. It occupies but a few acre 
n tho English style. Tho Arancaria Braxilici 
iis is one of the most striking trees; it has a' 
tained a bight of about twenty feet, and forms, i 
irce, a magnificent object. There is almost 
total absence, in Cuba, of coniferous trees ; who 
we call "evergreens" are not required, because 
they have broad, shining- leaved trees that are 
irergreen, which they value moic highly. There 
s a very hue collection or palms here, including 
he fan-palm, and ono with a frond at least six 
eet in length. The Caoutchouc, or India-rubber 
ree. is also a great ornament, and attains consid- 
ruble bight The Copaiba, tree nnd the Mahog- 
iny bore first strike the eye, thaugh common on 
(he island. This garden is kept in the highest 
order, and Iso grand treat to the eye. Amid the 

■old-water balh — quits good enough to enchant 
luno, or to lave the beauties of Calypso. It in en- 
tirely lined with t-ii|ni'iit ides, nnd the walla of 
tbu building are frescoed with mythological la- 
's ; the steps to the water are of the finest ma- 
',; thu colored gloss of tha windows throwsa 
ioge upon the skin, and the faultless transpa- 
■ of the water tempts thu eyu. 
c garden possesses twelve native palms, lu- 
ng tha screw palm, and six foreign kinds, 
.rghl-blootuiug Cereui runs riot over an im- 
e arbor, and vines, of colurs and appear- 
which wc never saw before, festoonllhem- 
9 from every support. The Pimento, the 
nlammea Apple, the Gourd or Calabash -fret, 
■ring calabashes some tiroes largo enough to be 
ployed fur a child's bathing tub. each fruit 
nging with its groat weight on a slander limb, 
i astonishments which we must not go out of 
r way too far to describe. The gardener bus 
succeeded In making a good lawn, by constant 
. ind you soon satisfy yourself that a 
para-lisu might readily bo created with the aid nf 
such climatic accompaniments. 

The house is in elegant taste, filled with Eu- 
opcan specimens nf tho One arts, and luxurious 
urniturc ; hanging baskets no tho inclosed piosza. 
ouk like civilization; various colored Tbunbcr- 
rias run riot over the lattices, of a strength and 
lira unknown lo us ; and altogether, Ibis is ono 
of tho best garden experiences to be bad lit Cubo ; 
it is laid out in perfect taste, with English gar- 
denesque effects much increased by tropical ad- 
itagca. The Count is a widower, and rarely 
ides here, Hia income is perfectly Levoud 
conception; they say, tbreo thousand 'dullnrs a 
'"" ' Qia nephew, who bad been impli. a.-.] in 
political transactions, we found at Natchez, 
s*lppi, teaching Spanish to a small class, 
tho undo or tho Government hnvoclutehcd 
ir«-slringB,und refuse him a dollar. The 
of this most gentlemanly exile is Don Man- 
i Santu Cruz, and his title, by inheritance, 
it Fernandina, Jaruco.and Mopox ■ 
it months confined in thu More, 
most ingeniously escaped. There 

should Li 



f tha Plat-Apple firallr, 

Was.— Many mixtures bnvo been 
proposed f., r this use, nnd each iu turn has been 
bud aside for cause. What is called by sculp- 
ing- wax" i» the boat, as it is entirely 
pronl" u^iiiinL v.L.ii.r, nud its oontraotiuii by colt! 
ifteiiing by heut, is ii..t sullioient to 
it to run or oraok; it may bo pte-.-cil int., 
any form, without breaking up granular or 
mealy. Molt heeswai, and wbilo melted, stir 
in abnut ono-ciunrtiT tho weight of balsam of 
fir (Canada balsaml. If poured wliilo hot on 
thin tissue naper, laid on n smooth surface, it 

*10 out in strips, and »o used conveniently. 

stick* or balls, tho warmth of Ihe hand 
and slight working will render it soft, no as to 
*"" " issed over tho incision, and around the 
If o email quantity of vurmilion is added, 
bo of a beautiful rod color, and insects 
it travel over it to attack tho ciun, 

Giuim Tiiahh AT Cuiojiqo.— Total receipt!, 
■om 1st January to -1th July ; Fluur, e!),lT 
1 ■ i, 2.1&7,- 

thu same period, total equivalent. 5.U*HJ,57-1. 
e receipts of lumber in ono week amount to 
;r twenty milhoos of foot 

Destruction of tbei Moloa nnd Gopnwa. 
Wb copy tho annexed article, which appears 
ns a communication in tha Oregutiian, and refer 
our readers to an article wo published a year ago 
or more, whoro they will find wo hove given the 
fact that Castor-oit Bean is (Ac plant ; and wo 
presume that is whit Iho writer of tho following 
alluded to. thuugh hn tins made no mention of 
what plant it is. He Says: 

"1 have seen and heard much in regard to Ag- 
riculture nnd Horticulture, ns to tho best modes 
or cultivating training, &e., with various receipts 
fur destroy lug such insects as are more or less in- 
jurious to vtg.-i-iiiim. ami ccpei-inlly to fruit trees. 
'1'uoro are many, however, that seem to have been 
overlooked, which I lliiuk deserve notice. There 
am also a few onirnolB which aro extremely an- 
noying. Ono of the most destructive to a young 
nursery, garden or cornfield is the ground-mole. 
At least, I found llieui so on my farm Tor the first 
two years of cultivation. After trying vnrinus 
plans and making many fruitless attempts to rid 
my farm of this pest, I was accidentally put 
possession of thn proper remedy. 1 will tht 
fore givo my experience in the matter. So 
three years since, I obtained some seeds of 
rious kinds, wbleb I planted, and after theycamo 
up and matured lo some extent, I observed the 
ground near a certain plant [doubtless the Cas- 
tor-oil Bean, as mentioned above.— Eo. 0. P.] was 
not molested by the mole. I then removed some 
of them to different parts of my garden, which 
had the desired oilect. I was careful to preserve 
tho seed, which 1 planted pron ' 


■ fan 

i I did the 

j from th 

ravages of Ibo mole. I ha 
its effects on the gopher, as more am none on u> 
farm. I am fully persuaded, however, that 1 
would be as efficacious in destroying the gophc 
as tho mole, as there seems to be but a shade 1 
difference between the two. I should have mad 
known my discovery sooner, but I wished In th 
the first place lo tost the matter fully myself, ani 
then there would bono mistake in laying it before 
tho public." 

Vicious Cattle. 
Toe common rice of jumping and throwing 
fonoca is taught to cattle, with scarcely nocicep- 
tion, by their owners and oaro-tnkers. Fcnoog 
half down soon fall by tho rubbing of eatth 
and leach tho first losson, especially if cattle, 
hnvo any shrewdness in observing cause and ef- 
fect. Very fine feed just over a poor fence, ia 
tho next lesson; lotting down bars and rail 
fenoes to tho halves, from laiiness, so that th. 
animal has to leap, is tbo third lesson — and thl. 
last is often first, second and third with sheep 
until thoy will scaln anything. Theso three 
lessons aro usually enough, but a fourth is often 
added, namely : placing one additional ri 
tho fence each successive day, qa thoy become 
more skillful, for tho ostensible object of keep- 
ing tbo jumper within bounds, but really ope- 
rating as a most ingenious contrivance to tcuoh 
tho art oE vaulting. Wo hnvo heard of Prot 
being "taught in six lessons;" but very few 
animals require moro than tho abovo funr to 
onnblo them to toko a "French leave," of any 
ordinary in closure. 

Bavo tho Dead Loavoa. 
If every horticulturist would refloat foro mo- 
ment on tbo nature of fallen leaves, which con- 
tain not only tbo vegetable matter but tho earth e 
salts, lime, potash, etc., needed for tho next 
season's growth— and that, too, exactly in tho 
proportion required by the very treo and plant 
from which thoy fail— nay, more, if tbey would 
consider thnt it is precisely in this way, by Iho 
,1. ootnjwsition of tiieso very fallon leaves, that 
nature enriches the Boil, year offer year, in her 
greut forests, it would scareoly 1„. j,,.-^],!,. r,, r 
such a reflecting horticulturist to allow these 
loaves to he swept away by every wind that 
blows, and finally lost altogether, A wise hor- 
ticulturist will diligently collect, from week lo 
to week, the leaves that fall under enob. treo, 
mid l-y 'ligging thorn under (ho soil, provido in 
tie.. L-h.-nfji-fit ion mi, t thu best po-sihlu food for 
that treo. In certain vineyards iu franco, the 
Vinos are kept in tho highest eonlition by 
ply burying at their roots every foi.foml brunch 
that ia pruned off such vines, or that fall from 
tin-in al thu end of Iho rtooson. 

Tub following singular facta aro disclosed in 
tho recent efforts modo to introduce B"0f Cnttln 
from Venezuela into tho Atlantic States, in 
order to brook up the monopoly enjoyed by 
drovors nnd butchers. Tho Evunsvillo (Indiana) 
Journal, of tho 25th ult., says: 

Tho oattlo raised upon the savannas of Venn- 
iu.-lu never cat hny, nnr can thoy bo made to 

eril it by .iny d. !( jr f hung-r; tli.-v fri-ln. 

.inc.! iillh.' sight of nn,nr of con,, .'.-r ivill tl„. v 
ilrinl, iviil,.- ,.,,■,.]. I I'rr.i.i i, "bul.l.lii,,. I,,,,,,]. ■■■ 
Tb-y will die ..f thi.Ht a.,,1 s!iirv„ii,„i |,„ r '„ r „ 
tb.y will (,.m li either on board u vessel Tho 
till.Tiipt:, t„ uvorc-nio those difficulties with tht ei.til- in tl„. I,.,„l,.,i r ,„ Sim.., ,,f v ltlit , 
nnd in Texas have provou that they ure i,.'.i 
lr.o.-1-.r.l.U in any voyages hui^er ll„u, il„., 

can bo kept without food or "" 

breughl irom Texas to N- 
drink nor eat from tho St 
board tha ship till thoy ui 
pa^nr ;.f _thlrl.v.,ix hours from Mat'ag'oTda"^ 

1 *'P1«. 1'irgM numbers dio. Tho idea 

•■■ wil.l rattle of Vi-ueiuula to No 
! ono of tho wildest projeols'ev 
Jnsiblu men. Tho pastoral reirioi 
country, between tho Mississip 
tho Kio Grande, ore tbo regions from which 
must draw our beef and mutton for the 

. [iii.M)iii-:» YEATtS TO COMB." 

iro will bo lie birds that rim 

Tha rosy lip, 

Tho toftr- brow, 

Tha hunt that beats 

So gal l T dow— 
01 whtro wlllbo Idvb'i beamtn;e)B, 
Joj'i eluaiaol luillu aod mroi'i tlgb. 

Who'll pr«« Tor gold this crowded street 

A buodnilycanlouuiel 
Who'll tmid ran ehure b wllh willluiT feet 

Wo alt wit bin ci 

A ad othnrt then 


id ui,: tit and darkuots 

bat nils of Una. 

■ratara of tho mldolfght doap. 

OriilL« tin nartb and blraoaneu in Una 

Pollitcn and oar Water Front. 
Evenv reasoning mind — every true friend of 
Califarnia,nnd especially all who have any regard 
for the city or Son Francisco, aa thay look upon 
the men whose corrupt plansand selfish schemes 
have plunged the city in debt, robbed it of its 
original natural beauty, and brought reproach 
upon its oomo and character, despoiling it of 
credit at homo or abroad— must lootha thosi schuinoa, and look upon those mci 
political vampires, and resolve lo labor for 
overthrow as tho only hope of ever witnessing 
any degree of safety or prosperity. 

front," like tbo " grading of the 
city," schemes laid in infquity.aro now beginning 
to show their full deformity; and tho cases In our 
s, and epithets banded by politicians, are the 
proof of Iho cruel wrong practiced upon 
those who have borne tho Uxas which paid for 
Iheso iniquities; nnd many weak minds nnd un- 
lucoting men have tj._-._-n brought to ruin by the 
hemes of Ihoso who held Iho reins of power. 
The condition of some of our wharves, nnd tho 
prospect of some of the owners of water lots, nre 
forcibly illustrated by tho folluwing happy sketch 
P. Morris, Esq., during tho rageofspcci 

There was tho auctioneer, with his ha^ 
and inviting lithographic maps— all tht jl? 
smooth and square and enticingly laid oat ij 
sible — nnd there were tho speculators— »ad £ 
in Iho midst of them, stood Monsieur Poeru* 

"Hero thoy aro, gentlemen," said he y , 
hammer, "Iho most valuable lots ever oHVnj 
sale. Olvo me a hid for them?" ™ 

''One hundred each," tmid n bystander. 

"Ono hundrcdl" said the auctioneer, u [ n n 
enough to pay for Iho maps. One hanS 

Soing— and fifty— gonel Mr. H. they ««», 
, noblo purchase. You'll sell those samtW 
less than a fortnight for fifty thousand dS 

Monsieur Poopoo pricked up his cars »t« 
and was lost in astonishment. This was* J 
easier way certainly of accumulating ricaeij! 
selling toys in Chatham street, and ho delsj* 
to buy and mend his fortune without deity. 

Tho auctioneer proceeded in his sale, ni 
parcels were offered and disposed of, and iji 
purchasers were promised immense ad™a| 
lor their enterprise. At last came a moreJ 
able parcel than all tho rest. Tha coca 
pressed aroand ilia sland, and Monsieur Poo 
did thu same. 

"I now offer you, gentlemen, these mngaiS, 
lois, delightfully situated on Long Island,^ 
v.iIiimWc nati.r privileges. Properly in fwj 
ni'Ji -|— terms of sale, cash— deeds ra 
|,,r .klivi-rv immediately after sale. Ho» a 
for them? Give them a start at something -R 
much?" Tho auctioneer looked around! t 1 - 
were no bidders. At last ho caught then 
.Monsieur Pcopoo. "Did you say one huj 
sir? Beautiful lots — valuable water privih* 
shall I say one hundred for you?" 

"Out Monsieur; I will give you ono heri 
dollars a piece, for do lot vid da valurnblo q 

privi...... _;._.; r'tsl CO." 

"Only one hundred a piece for these siitv» 
■bio lots — only one hundred— going— ™ 
going— gone!" 

Monsieur Poopoo was tho fortunate poss» 
The auctioneer congr-Hulalcd him— thosalnii 
— and tlio compauy dispersed. 

"Panlonnez moi, monsieur," said Poopc^ 
tho aucllonear descended his pedestal, "yooi 
exeuscx moi, if 1 shall go to cotrc bureau,], 
counting-house, ver quick to make every tinjt r_-.p._l to de lot rid do vnlurnblu vaUirt* 
alego. Von luetic bird in do hand he vortl n 



i thai 

e cbaioclcr of property in tht 

t ileitli.T 

ol l„i, 
Y.irk nlive, 
■l-l'iil. .1 1.,- 

Rccr-E Fon DvsEKT.nv.-As tho season is at 
hand when all ehw^ 0(D UMo l0 ^ ffl ' 
w.h dysentery, diarrhea, Ac, we deem it our 
duty a make p ab l| the following simple and 
efflcdous remedy, which has been known to u. 

u £ od C wi!hco y ,o 1 7 , , nnCi WhiCh r° ban> ^P"teu"ly 
useo with complete succesa. It i* u(m„i„ ._ ._, J 

a tumbler full of cold water, thick) 

Hour _to ahoot the consistence of c 

it- This is to be repeated 

■nut*, of the day. - 

is simply 

^n It' wllh wheat 
-.cream, and drink 
ovoml li,,,,.. ;„ „„. 

owocase,b Q lh»v;reco , 1--1 it ,.,i, , ""'T 

in rainy instances, and wo o,- t „. i.... '"-"'^ 

worst stages 

City of Gotham. Tho sketch is entitled 
The little Frenchman and h it Water £ou. 

How much real comfort every ono might onjoy 
ho could bo contented with the lot in which' 
heaven has cast him, and how much trouble 
would be avoided if people would only "lot well 
alone." A moderate independence, quietly and 
illy procured, is certainly every way fir.-li.-r- 
von to immense possessions achieved by the 
and tear of mind and body so necessary to 
procure them. Yet there are very few iinli.-..|,.. 
ds, let them be duing ever so well iu Iho world, 
tho are not always straining every nerro lo do 
leturiand ..,.„ is oiu- of il„. „ mllJ , „„,._,,. ... lly buion,., >„f rt , „U, occur mno ,„.-„:-. 

The present ge,,, r _t,on » M11 un „ ill,,,, „, -„ .,,. 
i/., by -L.wa.HU.ire degrees j but choose rallioi 
t.i .-et thtir ii I,. ,li- lu.p.j S u|wuahiii.>le cast ubicli 
cith.-r inake.H or mar., lliem forotcrl ' 

Genila reader, do you remembor Monsieur 
]<">\"">l He u-od lo kee|i„si,n,|] toy-store In 
Chatham near th u corner of Pearl Street. You 
"""' recollect liitn.of course. He lived there for 

mmodatiugof i 
have bought lota 
times. Jo be k 

— .yon bat 
o lighted up with 

nrblcsof bin 

'-., I„. 

Ie .... vol, 

bis little straight',],,,:,,,', !lr „| ',„., ,,ii„ji v i,,'. ., h .".' 
and all the oilier oddities that made up ili,.,. r ,. fl ,' 
day oppard of my Jittlu Frenchman. Ah, I per- 
ceive you recollect him now. 

Willi, then, tbrro lit-.d Moimieur Poopoo over 
Mtico he iMinu I..,,,, '■.lor,r..lL-h l -lill„l .■„,-,, n .,„ ,„. 
was wont to call the city of Lis nalivii, - u„ , , 
he look in the pennies for bis kicksbaws-lhere 
be laid aside Ore thousand dollars i 

lay— thu 

happy i 

.r Poopoo In 

..--.v_,„ muTforsl stages aitenaed an eiten'ivn 
iplo remcdy.and costs little. | Merchants' Bichango. 

-nnd thi-iu. 

,_.. probability, ho would have been to 

very day, a respected and substantial cili_en, 
"'"- to "lot well alono." But 
heard stungo stories about 

" «■___'?; rtal e * u "«i and, having uu- 

erblood Ui_t most of ins ne, K t,l,.,r, l,.„l U'.-,.„ 1L - 
.iddenly neb by speeulalfog in , oti he in , LlnUv 
rew dissntsQed with hls^wn lo, fo, hw _ 
etenniued lo __,«t up shop, turn 'everything 
"""■ i '> i "" 1 aetnboul t„,ki„- money in richt 
ownenrnesi. No WMr ^^^'^one; a E nd 
storekeeper a few days afterward 
""" sale Of real estate, at the 

'Certainly, s 
'Veil den, allom." 

And tho gentlemen repaired to tho conG 
house, where tho six thousand dollars warp 
and the deeds of the property delivered. Ik 
siour Poopoo put carefully jn his pA 
and at liu was abnut i.-ik in- his leave, the sot_ 
eer made him a present of the lit)iogrnp__« 
line ol the lots, which was a very liberal louj; 
his part, considering ibe map was a bessi 
specimen of that glorious art. Poopoo couHi 
admire it suflicienilv. 'I'hure were liis silltl 
uniform as possible, and his little greyl 
sparkled like diamonds as they wondered li 
.o end of the spacious sheet to the other. 
Poopoo's heart was as light as a Ic-ilhu,! 
■ snapped his fingers in tho very wanlona- 
joy as he repaired to Dclmonico's, and an 
ihe Qrst good French dinner that hod glidd- 
"- "i palate since his arriral in America. 
After boving discu.ssed his repast, and wai 
lown with a bottle of choice old claret tit 
solved upon a visit to Long Island to lieei 
purchase. He t..-..ii. l .. | i.,.,iiih- iniimJiuloly bir- 
horso and gig. eroded the Brooklyn Ferry, i; tin, m.-i..- I the riv.r to the 1V_ 

bout, tho location in question. 

Our friend, however, was not a little perple 
to find his property. Everything on the I 
was as fair and oven as possible, while .11 : 
grounds obout him were ns undulated as U 
could well be imagined, and there was on ell 
of the East River thrusting itsell into tho rift! 
Iho liud, which seemed to have no bunim _iti; 
This puizled Ihe Frenchman .sccedine.!..-; i 
being a sirangcr in those parts, he called .. 
farmor In an adjacent Odd. 

"Mrm ami, ore you acquaint vid dia part of' 
country — eh?" 

"Yes, I was born here, and know every ind 

"Ah, e'«f bien, dat vill do," and tho Fred 
an got out of tho gig, lied the horse, unrip 
duccd hfi lithographic map. 

"Den maybe yon vill l,„vc Ibe l.indoCSS Ifth 

fle ill- Kiity lot vitch I havo bought vid d= ii 

irblo votaro privalege?" 
Tho farmer glanced his oyo over tho piper, 
"Yes, sir, with pleasure; if you will be? 

mough lo gel into my bout 1 will tots you mf 

'Vat dot you say, sare?" 
'My friend," said thu farmer, 'this seeuOp 
Long Island has recently boon bought up bjl 
speculators of New York, and laid out for* p 
city; but the principal nlreet is only visiM' 
tow title. When this ,10ft of the East rirP 
filled up, it will be just there. Your lots, at 
t.i 1 1 t...r.\jii.. nr._ lei nud it; and are now a2> 
tier icaler. 

At first Ihe Frenchman was incredulotn ' 
could not boliovo his senses. As thoracis,*' 
ever, gradually broke upon him, ho shut CM* 
squinted obliquely at the heavens— thu rilf 
tho farmer— and then he turned away ° 
squinted nl them oil over again! There wit' 
purchase r-ure enough; but then it could <*>' 
perceived for there was a river flowing 00" 
lie drew n I.01 fr.,oi 1,1, iviii : -ie.jat pojkot,«J* 
it, "iili nn i-mpliiitic kuocli iqjon Lbo lid. IW' 
pinch of snuh" and restored it to his wife** 
pocket as before, Poopoo was ovidentl' 1 
trouble, having "thoughts which often »' 
deep for toort.;" and, a-, his _rj_f was also WJ? 
for words, he united hi.; horse, jumped I " 
gig, and returned to Ihe auctioneer in hots** 
_ It was near night when ho arrived at Ift"^ 
tion room— his borso in a foam and hiinself »' 
fury. The auctioneer was loaning b»ck i»' 
choir, with his legs stuck out of a low *ir#; 
quietly smoking his cigar arter the labors ef J[ 
day, and liutnmir^- the ime,!,- from tho W' 
"Monaieur, I have much pliasir to fln joni" 

■,athi .. 
'Ah, Poopoo! glad to 

"But I sholl not Uko de seat, sare." 
"No— why, what's tho matlorJ" 
'I'll, bvitiontp de matter. I havo been 
gran lot vol you sell inu to-day." 
'\Wcll, sir, I hope you liko your pi 
'No, monsieur, I nu like him." 
a l'm sorry for it; but there is m 

«you. Toko a **^ 


'■No, t, 
1 all vi 

it dare is no ground at all— do ff^ 

"yoniokol" „ .,i 

"I no joke. I nevorojokc; je n-'enUndif^, 
liUeric. Sate, toufd row hove do kindo* 
ive me back do money vet I pay!" 
"Certainly not." 



" "Den will jou bo so pood u lo lako de 
riretoffdc tofiotmyloU" _ 

"Thai'« jour business, sir, not mine. 

"Den T niaka 'on piuurai'je affaire— von 

U I hop: not. I don't Ihink joa bnvo (brown 

"No, saret but I iro it away in dowKurW" 

stint's not my fault." 

Te*, tare, but It IJ your 'fault. You're Ton 
pan nucal lo avrindlo ma out of de Cargml." 

"Hollo, old Poopoo. jou grotv personali am 
job. ean't t«p a civil tongue in yunr bnul, you 
most B° oul °f m J counting- room." 

-Yarosbill Jgoloo.eb?" 

To lbs devil, (or ought I care, you fooliib old 
Frenchman!" said lliu auctioneer, waling warm. 

"But, save. I vill not go lo de devil to oblige 
von! ' replied the Frenchman, waring warmer. 
-Tou sbcal mo oul of oil do dollar vol I make in 
Shatbaruu street; but I rill nut go dc dcril for all 
dat. I vi. Ii you nui r.) I" tit devil ynurfelf you 
dem vanki-c-doo-dpll, ond I Till go aud drotvo 
myself, Uml d* milt, rigl.i svay." 

"You couldn't malm a botlvr uso of your water 
pririloges, old boy I" 

"An, mUericorde! Ah. mon tktu, ju *uu 
oiiBK. 1 am mini I am dune up! I am break 
all into ten soosan iNtle pieo«! lam von limo 
dock, ud I shall toddle across dc gran ocean for 
Paris, till is do only valuarblo vataro privilego 
dat is left me apraait! 

Poor Poopoo vfas as good as bis word. He 
tailed in the neat packet, and arrived in Paris 
almost as penniless an Die day ho left it. 

(Should any one fx] disposed to doubt the ver- 
itable circumstances litre recorded, let bi:u cross 
Ibo East Hirer lo the Woltobout, and farmer J*" 
will rem Aim otif to Urn very place where tbo poor 
Frenchman's low still remain under water. 

Ricn Nr.wHPiPEB PooLisfiEHa.— Wo seo in 
Our Eastern exchanged that James Gordon Ben- 
tut t, of tho New York Herald, has purchased 
himself a magniScentes'ateon the Hudson river, 
OMt'ing only 8^5,000. Wo presume tho Tribune 
could do the some thing. Wo append tho follow- 
ing article from an ojchango, aiiowing the value 
of our Boston Journals. How would a list uftho 
California papers rank in dollars and cents? 
Which of them can pay a hundred thousand dol- 
lars for a country seal I 
The following is the valnation of tho several 
iMwapaper establishments in Boston, 

indicated by the tax book, tl may bo proper to 
tattle that the valuation of the Post and TronL-cripi 
; a largo job office. Toe 

valuation of the other offices is upon the 
paper business alone: 
•Onto O. Re,;,.™ {I«nt» 110,000 a»0 00 

: i ■■ ■ ill -r.'.i, .■!.,, . ■::■'•■■ :.-] i.l 

KibC <■■ !'■-.■ ■«■. ■ mi .... s5,roo soo co 

B.^.. r,r ■:, iC<,.{F,il> 2AWO 176 00 

Bm=^J-|i,flbnij4Co<rM) 7.0M 16 00 

EbeaB.Fo.ioi- it Co. (Courts) 6.000 S2 SO 

„ An ingeniooa piece of mechanism, designed to 
•cable a i>er;aa to record his thoughts or obscrva. 
tiom while traveling in the can-, in a crowd, or in 
any pljt v.h'.re ordinary writing opparalos can- 
not be iij.d, lia.=i li-.xu invented by Mr. Benjamin 

. fAnnnore. of Hartland, Vermont. The paper on 
which writing, or rather printing— for it ruscmblia 
the Ulegraphic system of printing— is impressed, 
ii coiled :irijLind two cylinders which revolve as the 
lines are comijLi: 1, iIji- Ii Hi rn ure worked by 
a set of keys. No ink is required; tlio letters 
being colored by a prepared blue paper, against 
which the writing paper is presed at each move- 
ment of the keys. Trie machine works with great 
accuracy and much facility, and is very compact, 
is; acceding four inches in length by aboul two 
tod a half inches io width. It can be easily carried 
in a sioVjinifctt.ana'canbeneeil without taking it 
Jrom the pocket. By it a bliud person might be 

bly remember that the inventor of the patent 
metallic burial case was the Brat person to bo en- 
tombed in one, and we now learn from good 
authority that death recently compelled a genlle- 
man Darned Shell, who first used term colta in 
the manufacture of coffins, lo become Ihc first 
patron uf his own ingenuity. Snoll resided in 
this city at tho time uf his decease, and had lived 
here for soma time. Judging from these in- 
stances, one would suppose death revenges him- 
self upon all innovators upon Iho osoal form of 
acpultutO] but whether from malignity or gen- 

. orosity we will not undertake lo tay, since he 
alone who treads tho shore of tho "Silent Land," 
comprehends the eybitic voice from Ihc waves of 
the eternal sea.— [Cincinnati Gaielto. 

Rehemheh Tnrs.— Toc-ie is not a hook so 
cheap as n newspaper; none so 
ansc it consists of a variety, measured out into 
apitablo portions as to lime and quality. I!, m fi 

"^°~' every week, it Invites to habits of reading. 


easy way of acquiring kno 

o the Ir. 


IT any person doubts the above, wo ask them 
to try tho Oalifobni* F*bmdk ona year, and 
Ihoy will be convinced of its truth, 

A OiSE came b-jfyre the District Court in New 
York a ftw weeks since, whi 
to recover fur nilfcs and other articles of dry goods 
for thre... .Ire. ■■,.-; I.,,,,,,!,,,] r|. r,i,i]ent's wifo by ,1,,. v a l„, .„( ?,»,:..,_ | t appeared in 
ividvur, tl,,i ,]„„„,. i\, momlisor ilarch and 
April the [iljiriliif -nld the articles in queiillon to 
aefcndeiit'H wifo and charged Ihcm to ber not 
knowing the It also ipj,^re,l in evi- 
atnee lhat they were nut nec-^firy for a vv, 
TBlur aod defendant's circumstances I. "" 


life. Or 


■'■ non-satt. the judge grunted tbo ™v, 
J«jand3in el t r!1 rt^ts, holding lhat 
band w« nei liable, as thocredit was given to his 

taty of tbi 

Ihtin- Ii 

OiiABntw— How large a portion of ehaslily 
Is lent out of the world by distant hinl.or nodded 
ked Into suspicion by the 
past oil temptation of ii 
-- tho reputalion of a help- 
lew creature bleed by i, rcr-wt-.vhile the party, 
who is al the pains to propagate it, bvh.,!^ v.u'l, 
ioeh pith and follow- feeling- thai she is heartily 
OTfor il— hopes in God that it is not In 
aiA'chbi«hopTllloUon wittily obson 

n it, is resolved ii 
irt bar pass, tl 

Lt least it n.ay haro fair play 
ihe world_to bo believed 
TirT"'"'" 8 ■" mo charity lulo whoso h 
Ittiall happ en to fall.— [ Sterne. 

■•JBlMk,- htoek. Agricultural and Mecb. 
Aaaool..,^, ore alioul to erect an Am phi, he,... 
Oelho Pair grounds near Danville. Il is to bo 
"rgo, nearly oqual In sis, « the one at LoiIor. 
»n and eajdible of soatingaboni 0,000 poraoos. 
Ihe™ r""' l " h *«"»V^ some time befi. 
' h e nt« annual &ir. which Is - 




In,, .11 d tx«a\IJ 

„*S r 

'.'■. fj 

nmile*. tfnitfrw,K*idM,hu<nt 

Ultnn] dra 

to bobfljoou camparlRiTi -, 
Bodbdnj:* v*?'^^!" 1'ri.SiL?- 

lolhortln. Il h nKUV^prllnl. •»! t"" 

an obUla * hLick or a brown ■, bkli will de- 

(jlbn bca Jodri» to Mil It Croni D.lon IntK. 

E'ri;-.- Si '.ml tl»rcrbai. U>dn .no «U bj E 

SI? BrUdilr. Bl Hih^iu'HoI-!, Hew Vnrfc and 
niq?{iEj aod Fancy tmr» iLmupbcul Iha Uniled E 

B.T. WATTS tCO, '' "' ' Wirrmllei 

And bj nrucsi>f ecncnulj. '■' 



132 I.dno; « hurl. 



[_" Hinko) cToUiH a 

< Qj M .ii rCEura ,, O 

£) 5 TUcm Flm ■; " 

gfTj BaUi Ioh! B ^ z 

W°i - I p^ iL * pSS," ^feo 

— S W " Hrfo [::.:„ l« w j 

0C« K.3 Carf. pUvtog ■*?:** 

o ^ 5 r$Bet T<dfti»; g % n 

OH rts: Soon wanod S A 3 > 

gHg H.X.. eSlrL r?h1«2 

> n< Id"" lolly Urn™ Oilj gC 

W Q Um Tmnmoi dung. km 

n ■x. H J,r*^» -ESS. r.2a 

§--» cr^ 


ill l.on t Hl.iii I , 
SAW ^'RAIsrOT.BOO. '»: 


Dr. C. M. JACKSON , Fhilridelpbia, f q ., 


, ', :■',-,:'., jVji.;,.' 

'"'■■/. ■■'■•■■/•'•' K!J«.-.;i, 

Btoauch, Swimming nf Lhn Ilad, llvuini flail 
faenlt Braitlnj Floii^rtn} ii ihe Hout, CbaUc 

"seaJm P1u*»' or 1 * 

llQjL^Dlnj) of 

('-■li f B l/T, v-.i ■' I. .,■■,,. '.■.. .',■-, n . -,. |,,,,| ] l - f „,,.] 1L . 
"!■■ <•'•* " I '■'( ■ ,l " I' nun ■•II" ' !■)■ •■■■; .!n. II ., ]ir (,![ ,,| i 

: ■ . ' '." '.".'.! ' . 

■ ; .1., rjmtuA fail tuittt Ibe nun) ikcpBcil lii'ii 
,'? aai J ^ rr^llr ilnaxlni Ulfl grail tilihrn, ItbU i,l.- 

PblUdj'bL ' 8 ** "*' sto,1 ** ,, "T , i Ho - °* MM STKEET 
F^nJcbj >ll DrvnUu tn CtlUnmla and clM"liiw. 
_ ., . WuHnrtoo nrert, Sin FnoelKO, 
rt "' '> Wa^toMJo Ageau for C.ll^rab. 

Maniltt Rope. 


30 CoQk— Uda ItBb t 

1 : i : 




Front Street, Coiner of Sacramento, 



reetWogbjavcrr Cllpi«t Ship (rum Iho EmI, nnd 


A. FBOST ft CO., propriotora. 

a ill..- Iilboua. a 


Bj floa of the firm, which »lll iw told at ibo lowat mar- 
kal prieos, and lo ohich tho ideation of ellT and eoonln 
haiert <■ iorilcJ 

rorticular ntltntlon la called lo Ihf ir .else! itMi of 


Comjirulst Iha laiiKl StylM and Hallpu. 

AlcxanOre's Celebrated Kia Gloves, 

Alvaiioa band, Idaether olth a 



Cotton Ducks, Bios. OOOO to 10. 

Drills, Sheetings, etc., etc. 

I Bar Sacki and Oiain Baji.) 

A Large Stank of Spring and Fall Clothing, 

Galtabln for Ihe Mlaisc aad Acrloullural diitrieti; 

Uf other with arorr article to bo foood in tbo 

Dry Goudi line. 

At Ibe New Ycrk Dry Goods Store 1 



French I/iwna and Organdies, 



Last!*' 8*I*T1— Hoopal SldsUm i 


Gents' Shirts, Drawers and 





n Franeisco Brass and Bel! Fonndcry, 

Oaage Cocks, Cylinder Cocks, Oil Globes. 
St* am Whistles, Hydraulic Pipe; and Hozzlea 
COlTPLlrlfl JOI-iT.S of all rim. iT-22Jm 


Rubber Hose and Faol 

Hardwara; Fair ban kt' Ftat/orm and Coanter Scaler 



'•: ■:■';/ JiOOK AND MUSIC STORE, ;-"'■• 


French, Spaoiih, EngUih, Gorman and Italian Books 



'^"•SSSa^tW^rluri, ami eTerjlhiai Id the/Tl 

Also— Cnniuallr no haoM, Iijilr,JIw,,Wml Puloeod 
ila'll"** Fl " "'* " "" , ™'" t " rfc,B ' " nt, '"» ,B «<l 

No. 179 Jack,™ itreel {3d .tour b.lo- KeiraT) 
mb .„ *,"■"* "l'P*lto 1"^ Iulcru a ti.,n;.l If !■ 1 
ith aiatsea anil dupalea. i;. J) 

Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs. &,c. 


alt-nU' ii !■■ iIju |t..| l.-.'l'. •- I's-uil I •■ ' >'!■! "in ■■ 

Ihe dirnala aod tlreuflirtancoof California. 
T,. Ibwenol nln-wlj infiruiod ai 10 Iho culent of our 

bu-im--. ..,. Illi" I L.-JHH.--1-... I-. .,--.. [..fulfill, inreaitaiie- 

o. ',',',' !^;,"j '".,. -i, I'.','"',, ;„Vr-'i ■■'-' 'Vl-.t'li.trili ':':.'' i 
:„li a.l-n-lt.l !■ l!,, | n,|..^.it;r > .„,l^i,i DEn r Frail and 
Ornamcnlsl Ttc. hi all bran.-ln-- \V,j -i.i|.|.,v u[ i.- 
of 110 handrcJ inlivlluolji.lMl ftcnro Iho bill ski I led la. 

porkuis end formrdiiie ef Nur<orj ?riwl!. in ill tho do' 

Hill kU-o onlito mlbficiliin. Sicclal tiattil have hron 

parlapaobaitauitad h) -!■■' ','■■ ■ llmale orOallfanila, 

1:''r '>],,:■...- J uiannnr. lost, e eil-0 Ml l,f frelthl, and al 

ffe Wo 'madVoiraBUELDOIitJ wild Mnwi' WARI1EN 
,-: i;n. i l,o I'r, i ri..- . ■ r ■ -i tlii- i 11--1. (">ii)>|ilr our Catal- 

ho.1 crnlii. an an] II - kltaD at ■ 

c-ry All TarioUoi 

._ . Iha Cairfoml 

the folloirlnj;— »hich nlll b 

ipeolliedlnourWhl.leialo Catalogue 


,- full, 

otlhot lo bod [ 1 and 2,™ 
PEABB— SucJinl. In Iro.lj 1 yi-ir. 

PEACHES— In bud. 
FLUUS— Siandenl. In tiod; I jar. 
CUetUllta— SUaJin], lo Eb.1, I ;,ir. 
NECTABIKB3— In liud ; 1 rear. 

WW!., lir.i,..-. W-ciir [>u!'!i. Vlrlfuln. 
;k MenltK, •nil'aunjr oUicnaimbicul. 

HAS P U K Hill EB— tlri u»Im Omn^-, Unrrd ol POorSei* 

BLACK liEIUUE*— Imi'iisrul Ilbh Hulb «ml Now Rocbd 

GBAP&3— Tbo m«I Upprortdftitalfci of boUi H.Uto . 

Farduo Gnrm tncluilici Ibo ltcbcccj,DUoA.CooH 

CnU-bklisbolla, and Clinton-, u,d>unuD5 Ibofarc; 

nieck Itioitrurg, Hivcu of Aluudria, fprlan, 

1 ilopartmenl, onr arwrtinoot or (b 

o-.olul T ,.-,-., Slmitu, I', .1; , 

Og r t.roeB-lfsn,oiJ.nartni!,nl tj IhotaMlcomnlotolii 
il rielaUl, and (he ulanli enltlraled are careful Ir ae- 
:ted All really deilrable Berenice are obtained a> 

■n. ,:!,,,...,■.,.!-.>,-!,. .„■.,., „,„,. I H„|l. .J., J!,.,,. , 

rr-.J. !1I il-u '.■.- .uj ,■!,, ■!, il,.;U,.|l[i fc - lull, . 

lacintL., Croea.. Crum Inn-.-rial.-, L-li.-, A. : . L, 

ariellei, boI lo bo bad from (eods. 
*S- Orden ihould be font ai oarly In it 
pojliblo, Ib order I.. ■•. uro cartlulli -ck-jic I i 
Ion can bo filled ntuTacl'.rilt. iTLiib 

nuaBllt'oj— Iho above mar bo bad patE, on n... ... 

to Mcm™. WAnma & Co , Pobluheri of Ihe C^Lf; 
F«nncn. SnB Fi-aocllto. 
OoreBtlroiotof Catalnjnei for home bjo, ombi 




TllE underlined deilro to call ihe atlonti™ of pain 
hAr-.-.lcr;, 1 irri,,:,.- and cuHivaton B onerall7, I" tbu 

offerini; aj of ™l!en?o' I JUn"ufaclnr«,''*eoDrisllni io part 

ii-ii,. ..ill -b"~ »l..n U I. ami what It bai dnne,b, 
rliDf a»'j from oxpedanced men. 

A new Implement f"r preparing tbo eronnd Immedi- 
oly afler barro't, and la a moil misfeetorj maaaor 10 

i 1- -it oullivjliun ,i .KUrilT iioffarat Bfaiosl a 
j vi' i.. i) ilia: in .ii iiill'i-.'.t,j[cnnrlnjn doopor nil with 


nleood liarinj; 

Ivon to il relnntarilr 
lieele tinw of U br a 

Tbit Ifoplomenl ha> lens been needed by Bur barTort- 
n.and ibo oBiioniirood bilijto thii f«k will leoeiia 

DC. M .iCu dclio.lnolTefiBalbnnborolmidenicul.', 
bom nil b a call at tboir mam,:. i . i .. , , r, - u,,., 

\u <aow then. ImnlomsoU thai "ill five Ihem »[ 
it- r. i 

-; , ilrlDforPfew asdcffii] Imi-.iVi'.i^c'.'a'- 

■ tided to Bl IhcH worlu. 


L joar-J e 
t9-4 3m 

aininn of out Ko*il |iurcb,i:uj l: , i:.. r.., 

SoirVoia- brMr.Co" 

^1 tor ; 



' J 11. Idle; nnd ilntD II iu-1 i'l ,., 

' I. Wholciala Trade LliL 

' ia^bj anpljlnc lo us directlj-, a 

t appljin,- to si dlnu 

-■■ .-aiclullv „ll.-r,dr(l in 

A. PKOoT .'. pi., 

men, UnKltuor-. r.n i -.11 il 

>b by muklllful (tionot.. 

a C , -111 be luUlly dbcj'r, 
lei lotd by Iha lubocrit 

Ornamental Slu-iibUery. 

W TUB (5n»le.l V.rUiy tn die Slato maj be , 

" : ' ■ ' ■■ ■ ■ i : 

Agricultural Implements. 

J Uajlng Ti"ilt5on.Inini!lnp»Hof— 

Scjlhce Bad SaaUu 

pitng leclh ; 


Hawing Uachint 

KETUIIUD'3 Lnpioredilo!ee™„iili| 

Thresbunj Mac him; a. 



Roapurs 1 Reapers 1 1 

[leg's "eriiwr .ml Muvteri Scjinoar * Moi^ 

iffiwum J * COLLI N3, 
! ... ...... -regb.. Sluclnon. 


Ox Yokes and Bows. 

"noil FonHaW ° •'s au *" a " nXo " 1 

Straw Outtera. 

J"nd uVhwc'S. "F VU if b* r '" 0<i "' eotaonued Straw 
_ ... HEWLETT *l COLLIMS, - 

Blocks and Sheaves. 

JUST rrcHno, o. "Flylns MI.t," . , cr j l.rcoan 
auonmooi ib Block, .„) Heans, ^j. B l«b 


Fruit Trees, Stocks, ,4c. 

, TnK uudoHiKnrdbt.'.l.iInforuiNBnwrT- 

S> men in California tbat bo will bars a lane 

■ ..„i. r„. ,^ D ft || lrl j 0p oI Juch artijij,^, 

i roqalio, mnilitlns In |iart ol the 

TMc, it the Ke^nji, ^ ,7H» CU, .frSel, .Ce Hont M 

To Farmers and Traders. 

TIIK L.,„|..,.i r ,„,,i „in ,,., ihe hlubnl maiket prl™.. In 

■I !>- .,;i..-J 
■n', f.|. „|, 

le UtrchaimoB Fninlrtfcel|nierally. I 

tyt California gunner. 

Letten and Exchange*. 

i^S-iii':' 1 s^Vr.ldfV'*' * 

'■ ■ ■ ■■- -■ ■; 

»Ulrtii0 11»T^mr.VL-ii.i.. (tr.v.T -'-"" '-/.ill; ' 

(-■■I, ':,:■ 
I .■.. :■: ■ ,■:: .-::.:.. ■ -.... 

10 direct 10 our offico, 130 W«Unrtoa ■!-, S«u Fraoclfeo 


Dr. Bcotfa Addreaa on Mechanic Art. 
Thc Lecture announced lo bs dilivcrcd! on last 
Sunday by this distinguished Divine was just 
what mtehl have been eupcctai, and the crowded 
churcb was (ho hut proof that much iris in an- 
ticipation by those who attended. Wo never 
recollect seeing so crowded* bouse before, and 
•re are confident all went away gratified. 

The Lccturo was truly original, and we thinh 
that many who hate heretofore looked upon the 
Mechanic with disdain, because- ho was only a 
irontin^-man, must bate had some new idea* 
pat into their beads, when they learned (per- 
haps for the first limo) that Solomon was a me- 
chanic ; for wo verily believe that men who have 
snch a horror of the presence of a Fanner 
homespun and a Mechanic jn his apron, 
think they are not llko ordinary men, and 
now be proved to bo a fact, for when tho beautiful 
Pavilion— or more properly Speaking Temple 
for it will bo truly a Temple of Art— shall be 
opened, the Mechanics of California will show 
thoy are in deed and truth extraordinary men. 
But to the lecture. Dr. Scott selected the follow- 
ing, passages of scripture upon which to base his 
remaika : 74tb Psalm, olb verse ; Isaiah 5th clip. 
23d verso; Gencses 1st chap. 4th verse, slid 4th 
chap, and last verses. From these he demon- 
strated that the bastsof all early formsof govern- 
ment, of progress, of societies, of prosperity in 
all departments, rested in Agriculture and the 
Mechanic Arts, and tho aid which science gave to 
their devoloperaent, Tho Plow, (he Gold, the 
"Cattle upon a thousand hills;" these wero the 
means of advancement among the ancients. With 
lliu aid of these Solomcn bnilt his glorious Temple 
and the Pyramids were raised. Witbtbcsccllie 
were built, and 'WAon! then," saldtbcspcakci 
"ciliu eannai be btalt." 

The lecturer gave a Ecrles of most interesting 
facts, from sacred and profane histories, of thi 
rise and progress of Agriculture and tbcMeehanii 
Arts. Be spoke of the manner in which thc 
ancients pressed out tho wine and thrashed out 
their grain. He also spoke of the First Agri- 
cull.. ml Exhibition in good old Ireland, in 1723, 
(wo wish, we had a history of the "taters" 
Mhibilod), of Iho second in honnle Scotland, or 
(ho third in merry France, and thence to our 
'■Fader Loud," staunch old England -, and in allud- 
ing to tho advance or Arland Science in England 
(he Doctor well and truly said, "tho proudest thing 
England ever did was lo erect the Crystal Palace." 
Wo cannot but allude to some of > Ibc most 
happy expressions of the lecturer. In speaking 
of tbe influence cf Fairs on thc domestic depart- 
ment ho said, it is no difficult thing to mike a 
loaf of broad, but to make good bread ia no 
mean thing. This happy hit we hope will ho re- 
sponded 10 by tho fair daughters of California, 
and no hope they sill show the Doctor they 
know how lo make good bread. Wo shall move 
lhat the best loaf be awarded tho Doctor for his 
happy hi'. He also made a happy allusion to 
what will be necessary during this great Fair, a 
generous hospitality among all families; says Ik o 
Doctor, "letTersoierHospilallsbeinacribcd upon 
every door post; this wilt odd so much lo tho 
prosperity of this great gathering, and go far to 
advance the moral and religious interest of a 
community." Wo beliovo this will be done; it 
has been done at Stockton. 

In commending tbe science of Agriculture and 
(peaking of its merits, he said he thought the 
man Qod mado after bis own Image and placed 
in Paradise, where so many beautiful fruits and 
Savers grew, most hare learned a little to trans- 
mit lo us ; that wo have from Adam tho Garden 
of Eden, and Solomon the templo builder tbo 
twoj great architects of these, sciences to date 
from ; and » ucb men and such laborers arc no 
very mean men, though broadcloth of the present 
day may sometimes 6com a workingman. 

Tho Doctor urged with'grcat lorco the import- 
ance of cultivating good will, charity, and all the 
kindest faculties of man's nature, for, as at this 
Fair (hero will bo strife for precedence and 
Jealouiles, still the nobler attributes should pre- 
vail ; bring these to bear, said the speaker, and 
they will be the powder lhat will rub ulT all the 
rough corncra, and prcjadlco and all lhat is un- 
worthy will he done away. Let tbo great strife 
be to cicel, tbia is noble. 

There have been tlmts, said the speaker, when 
I bare looked with fear and dlatroat upon Ihe 
meofOaliforoia; but spite of all lnci r 
feaia, as I see that beantlfol pavilion reared 1 
oar rcry midst, my heart takes courage agaiL, 
and amid tho gathering thousands from beneath 

"■■' P^lion, I shall look forward, 

JaLiponHia, for God baa done 
much for thia land, and we can bcbd 

Let us then labor on, aod our only strife be, to 
outdo each other in advancing