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iii.i rr 




OCT 2 2 ^968 
















Washington & Lee 

A university is not simply a collection of buildings 

with certain persons placed in certain 

spots to play certain roles, but is ijistead composed of two important 

groups— the faculty and the students. It is the 

interaction of these two groups wliich make a university, and it is the hope 

of the editor and his staff 

that tliis 1968 Cah/x has captured some of this activity 

which is uniquely Washington and Lee. 



organizations and 






■>; ')} 


Certain men have worked tirelessly for the better- 
ment of the University and the quality of the educa- 
tion given its students. Among these is Lewis 
Whitaker Adams, who will retire next year as Dean 
of the School of Commerce and Administration. As- 
sisted by his able secretary, Mrs. Gladys Maxwell 
Vamer, Dean Adams has done more than perhaps 
an\'one else in the University to gain for the Wash- 
ington and Lee graduate, the prestige and respect he 
justly deserves. It is to this man who has devoted so 
much of his hfe to the University that this 1968 
Calyx is gratefully dedicated. 



Board of Trustees 

FRONT TO REAR, ON LEFT, Bimie, Hendon, Holt, Lanier, 
Lykes, ON RIGHT, Powell, Buxton, Stemmons, Thomas, Huntley, 
IN REAR, Whitehead, St. Clair, Pusey. 

James Randolph Caskie Jolin Newton Thomas 

Homer Adams Holt Huston St. Clair, Rector 

Christopher Tompkins Chenery 

James Stewart Buxton 

Joseph Lamar Lanier 
Mrs." Alfred L DuPont 
Joseph Earle Bimie 
Josepli Taliaferro Lvkes, 
John Millard Stemmons 

Robert E. R. Huntley 

John Minor Wisdom 

John Franklin Hendon 

Lewis Franklin Powell, Jr. 

Jr. Ross L. Malone 

James Walter Whitehead, 


Dr. Huston St. Clair, Rector of the Board 

Acting President Pusey 

To The Class of 1968 

When you peruse this handsome vokune \ou will 
find a rewarding summar\ of main of vour common 
experiences during the past four \ears. Later, \ou 
will re-examine it with nostalgia and hopefulK- with 
an awareness of how much \our college career has 
contributed to a mature appreciation of life and of 
the societ\' in which vou are living. 

We are confident that vou have learned much at 
Washington and Lee, not onlv from \'our courses hut 
bevond that from an en\ ironment which will lead to 
the wisdom, humilitw and independence of mind 
that mark a truh educated man. We are proud of 
you and expect that \ou will cheerfulK- accept the 
problems and obligations which \our college educa- 
tion has laid upon you. You do not need to be re- 
minded that our world is one of flux and complexity. 
It will be \ our obligation to adapt courageousK' and 
resourcefulK' to change while preserving the mean- 
ingful values of our ci\ilization. 

To all of you go our best wishes for the future and 
our gratitude for \'our contributions to the enduring 
spirit of the Universitv. 

LfjlZllutYy^ (0.pMa± 


Dr. and Mrs. Pusey greet parents at reception during Parents' 

'' President Huntley 

I February 5. 1968- 

Robert Edward Royall Huntley. 

President Huntley at work in his ofBce. 


William Webb Pusey, III, Ph.D., Dean of the College. 

Lewis Whitaker Adams, Ph.D., Dean 
of the School of Commerce and Ad- 

William Joseph Watt, 
Ph.D., Assistant Dean of 
the College. 


K miA 

Deans and 
University Officials 

i^ LllLll^^ii 

Dean of Students, Edward C. Atwood, Ph.D. Director of Admissions, James Farrar, B.A. 

Registrar, Col. Harold Head, A.M. Assistant Dean of Students, William A. Noell, B.S. 


^^^A. '"'' 



Director University Development, Frank Parsons, B.A. 

Treasurer, James Whitehead, L.H.D. 


University Chaplain, David Sprunt. Th.D. 

Associate Director University Development. Farris Hotchkiss, A.B. 


Mr. Rom Weatherman, Director of Publications 
and Public Information and Mr. William Wash- 
burn, Alumni Secretary. 

Mr. William Albright, Manager Evans Dining 
Hall; Mr. Charles Murray, Proctor; and Mr. 
Andrew Varner, Assistant Treasurer. 

Mr. C. Harold Lauck, Superintendent of Journal- 
ism Press; Mr. Henry Coleman, Librarian; Dr. 
Frederick Feddeman, University Physician. 



6 7 ^-1 rs" 




V- 7c 
/9<i. S 




SEATED, Mr. Rupert Latture; Mr. Douglas 
Bradv, Superintendent of Buildings and 
Grounds, STANDING, Mr. Mickey Philipps, 
Sports Information Director; Mr. John Hughes, 
Assistant Director of Information Services. 

Library of Washington and Lee Unive/jii^, 
Uwngton, Viiginia 24452. 


College of Arts and Science 

BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT, left to right, Thomas G. Nye, II, Ph.D., 
Henry Stoutte Roberts, Ph.D., Chairman, Lyman Randlett Emmons, 

BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT, left to right, Ken- 
neth Porter Stevens, Ph.D., Cleveland Pendleton 
Hickman, Jr., Ph.D., James Holt Starling, Ph.D. 

CHEMISTRi' DEPARTMENT, left to right, j. Keith ShiUington, 
Ph.D., J. Brown Goehring, Ph.D., George Whitney, Ph.D., Thomas 
Imeson, II, Ph.D., William Watt, Ph.D., Mrs. Betty Lou Duff, John 
Wise, Ph.D., Esmarch Gilreath, Ph.D., Chairman. 

NGLISH DEPARTMENT, left to right, Thomas Atteridge, III, M.A., 
argent Bush, Jr., Ph.D., H. Robert Huntley, Ph.D., William Chaffin, 
I.A., LL.B. 

ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, left to right, James 
Boatwright, III, M.A., Sidney Coulling, Ph.D., 
Se\ern Duvall, Ph.D., Chairman. 

iNGLISH DEPARTMENT, left to right, John Evans, Ph.D., Dale Rich- 
irdson, M.A., Dabney Stuart, M.A., J. Bradley Hunt Gunter, M.A. 

FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT, left to right, 

Sterling Boyd, Ph.D., Raymond Prohaska, Artist. FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT, left to right, David Hall, M.F.A., Marion 

in-Residence, Robert Stewart, M.M. Junkin, Arts D., Chairman, Leonel Kahn, M.F.A. 

GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT, left to right, Fred 
eric Schwab, Ph.D., Edgar Spencer, Ph.D. 
Chairman, Hugh Buchanan, B.S., Odell Mc 
Guire, Ph.D. 

right, Paul Beebee, M.A., H. Marshall 
Jarrett, Ph.D., Jefferson Davis Futch, 
Ph.D., Keith Edward Wagner, M.A. 

right. Allen Moger, Ph.D.. OUinger 
Crenshaw, Ph.D.. Chairman, Robert Mc- 
Ahren, Ph.D., Charles Turner, Ph.D. 

GERMAN DEPARTMENT, left to right, Robert Young- 
blood, M.A., David B. Dickens, M.A., William Pusey, 
III, Ph.D., Chairman, Jesse Berry, Ph.D., B. S. Stephen- 
son, A.M. 

JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT, left to right, Oscar 
Riegel, A.M., Chairman, Paxton Davis, A.B., Charles 
Winston, M.A. 

PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT, left to right, Larry 
Schmucker, M.A., Harrison Pemberton, Jr., Ph.D., Chair- 
man, John Fielder, HI, B.S. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT, left to right, James 

Pollard, M.S., Robert Johnson, Ph.D., Robert Royston. 

Ph.D., Chairman. 

M.\THEMATICS DEPARTMENT, left to riuht, Thomas 
Vinson, A.B., Da^ id Cable. M.S., Charles Williams, 




right, Lt. C. Everett Royal, B.S., Major Gerald 
Poudrier, B.A. 

MILITARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT, left to right, sitting, SGM Raymond 
Garcia, Mrs. Kathleen Dunlap, Mrs. Jean Campbell, MSG Wesley Field, 
standing, Cpt. William Jones, B.S., Cpt. John Owen, B.A., Cpt. Kauffman, 
B.A., SSG James Flowers. 

RELIGION DEPARTMENT, left to right, David Sprunt, Ph.D., Chairman, 
Louis Hodges, Ph.D. 



right, standing, Joseph Lyles, M.S., Thomas Davies, B.S., 
William Stearns, B.S., Verne Canfield, M.A., seated, 
Richard Miller, M.E., Edwin Twombly, B.P.E., Chair- 

right, Emmett Leslie, B.A., Boyd Williams, B.S., Nor- 
man Lord, M.S., Richard Szlasa, M.E., seated Lee 
McLaughlin, B.S. 

right, Mario Pellicciaro, A.B., Herman Taylor, Ph.D., 

PHYSICS DEPARTMENT, left to right, seated, Barlow Newbolt, 
Ph.D., Edward Turner, Ph.D., Chairman, Henry Ravenhorst, B.S., 
James Donaghy, Ph.D., standing, James Pollard, M.S., George Gil- 
mer, Ph.D., Duncan Grant, M.S. 

SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT, left to right, Emory Kimbrough, 
Ph.D., Chairman, Michael Thomas, M.A., James G. Leyburn, Ph.D. 


to right, Carlyle Barritt, Ph.D., Linton Barrett, 
Ph.D., Chairman, Sidney WiHiams, Ph.D. 

PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT, left to right, David Elmes, Ph.D., William 
Hinton, Ph.D., Chairman, Joseph Thompson, Ph.D. 

ROMANCE LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT, left to right, sitting, Edward 
Hamer, Ph.D., William Heigold, Ph.D., standing, Charles Brockman, A.NL. 
George Drake, Ph.D., Russell Knudson, M.A., Arthur Scharff, NLA. 

School of Commerce 

ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT, left to right, Thomas 
Ennis, Ph.D., Jay Cook, Ph.D., Chairman. 

COMMERCE DEPARTMENT, left to right, Lewis Kerr 
Johnson, Ph.D., Chairman, William Noell, B.A., John 
DeVogt, Ph.D. 

ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT, left to right, Charles 
Phillips, Jr., Ph.D., John Winfrey, Ph.D. 


and Administration 

ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT, left to right, front to 
rear, Stanley Lowry, Ph.D., Lewis Adams, Ph.D., Clay- 
brook Griffith, Ph.D., Chairman, John Gunn, Ph.D., Ed- 
ward C. Atwood, Ph.D. 


'l^^^^^^m , _ 

^■1 .ii lai^ 


Dr. OUinger Crenshaw, Professor of History. 

Dr. George Francis Drake, Professor of Romance Lan- 

Dr. Edward Ace Atwood, Dean of Students and Mrs. Dorothy 
Graff, Secretary to the Dean of Students. 

Mr. Jefferson Davis Futch, III, Associate Professor of 


Dean of 
the School 
of Law 

Dean Robert Edward Huntley, LL.M., Dean first semester. 

Mrs. Catherine Feland McDowell, Secretary of 
the School of Law. 

I «: n ; fs* 

Dean Charles Porterfield Light, Jr., 
Dean second semester. 

Law Faculty 


LEFT TO RIGHT. SEATED, Clayton E. Williams, 
Charles P. Light, Jr., Charles R. McDowell, STANDING, 
Charles V. Laughlin, Robert E. R. Huntley. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED, Wilfred J. Ritz, Robert 
H. Gray, Lewis H. LaRue, STANDING, Edward S. 
Graves, James W. H. Stewart, Charles R. McDowell. 


Class of 1968 

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Adanib, David H.; Morgan, 
Roy J.; Ragland, George A.; Berger, Charles M.; Peck, A. John; 
Knox, Douglas S.; Funk, \ance A., Ill; O'Brien, Haves T.; 
Fisher, George M., IV; Bennett, Joel F.; SECOND ROW, Duvall, 
Robert E.; Wood, Jack B.; Savitskv, Harvey B.; Neustein, Charles 
L.; Allen, C. Edmonds, III: Mills, Bruce B.; Whalen, Kearons 
J., Ill; Keegin, Stafford W.; Stover, Thomas E.; Phillips, C. 
Alton; Linebarger, James L.; THIRD ROW, Wiegandt, Ralph 
C; Aiken, David C; Denaco, Parker; Lewis, John R.; Burke, 

Edmund; Dunbar, Paul H.; Brooks, Robert P.; Hepler, Larry E.; 
Lowrv, Michael L.; Paterno, Louie A.; Schildt, William McC; 
Jackson, Bruce II.; Honts, George E., Ill; Livingston, Richard 
M.; Prosser, John R.; FOURTH ROW, Jones, A. Ailing; Adamson, 
V. Cassel, Jr.; Slatterv, James L.; Faulk, W. Gilbert; FIFTH 
ROW, Bvme, Alfred J. T.; Marks, Ronald H.; Day, Hayward 
F.; Jr.; Michaeles, Michael J.; Mathews, Winston E., jr.: Brown, 
Joseph W.; Stuart, Hardwick, Jr.; Ford, John P.; Mundy, William 
S., Ill; Tucker, B. Wayne; Dver, Colin R. C; Czyzewski, John J. 


Class of 1969 

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Harrison, Robert E.; Boardman, 
William P.; Brooks, Tcrrcncc D.; Bland, Robert L.; Bobbitt, 
William E., Jr.; Coates, Thomas F., Jr.; McWhorter, Val S.; 
Case, Stephen S.; Ross, David L.; Mann, Milton D.; Edwards. 
Thomas M.: White, Kemble; Dickson, Edward B.; SECOND 
RQW, Kinzler, Ronald C; Vegosen, Dean K.; Lee, Randy H.; 
Satlin, Kenneth B.; St. Martin, James R.; Churchill, Joseph L.; 
Schiff, Edward F.; Redmond, David D.; Hall, Daniel S.; Reider, 

letfrev R.; Denton, Stuart K.; Adams, John B. Jr.; Echols, Stephen 
L.: Hackett, David R.; Harrell, Rov C, Jr.; Sisler, Eric L.; Kintz, 
Peter K.: Gates, Ronald M.; Baglev, Charles F.; THIRD ROW, 
Snnth, Leslie D., Jr.; Bigham, Robert G.; Ryan, Clement P 
Breed. Barnabas B.; Stuart, William NL; Manson, Robert H. 
Ouinn, John NL; Kirbv, William L.; \\inter, William E., Jr 
Humphries, J. D.; Mendenhall, Thad E., Ill; Tanner. Richard 
B.; Hendericks, Nathan V.; Tufts, Michael J. 


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Houck, Leighton S.; 
Irbi', Richard M., Ill; Stone, William F., Jr.; Gudal, 
William C; Ludwig, David G.; Harden, Richard L.; 
Morrison, Frank W.; West, John L., Ill; Taylor, Robert 
B.; Cross, John R.; Zink, John H., Ill; Urguhart, Charles 
F., Ill; Krogmann, David B.; Colo, Michael S.; Gleason, 
Harold A.; Corban, William V.: SECOND ROW, Suna, 
Aron L.; Luzis, John P., Jr.; Duckwall, Robert H.; 
Dix, James S.; Vinyard, Robert A.; Rigney, Marvin G.; 
Houser, Thomas W.; DeFronzo, Richard; Stiles, Robert 
v.; Herman, Bernard M.; Baird, David L., Jr.; THIRD 
ROW, Singer, Norman H.; Cluverius, James K.; Miller, 
Jeremiah S.; Feinour, Edwin R.; Wallace, Philip A.; 
Baldwin, John C; Stanton, Paul R.; Bell, Wayne L.; 

Lasko, Richard P.; Winn, James J., Jr.; Gershon, Colin 
M.; Perrow, Mosby G., Ill; Roach, Jack T.; MacFadyen, 
Bruce C; McElroy, Stephen D., Jr.; Block, William, 
Jr.; Cralle, George G., Jr.; Borda, Walter J.; Carlson, 
Peter W.; Oberschain, Samuel L., Jr.; Crosland, Edward 
B., Jr.; Otten, Gerald L.; Crawfrd, James B., Ill; 
Twardv, Jeffrey, T. FOURTH ROW, Cox, E. Thomas; 
Bradford, Richard D.; Duane, Harley W., Ill; Cosel, 
Robert V.; Glenn, Guv M.; Flynn, Louis W., Jr.; Griffin, 
Herman V.; Neilsen, Craig A.; Freeberg, Bruce W.; 
Moore, Brendan G.; Patterson, John R.; Stalnaker, Jamie 
A.; Cummings, Benjamin B., Jr.; Wertz, Larry W.; 
Fern, Uriah A. 

Class of 1970 


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Schildt, William McC; Adams, 
David H.; Peck, A. John, Jr.; Hepler, Larry E. SECOND ROW, 

Winter, William E., Jr.; Corban, William V.; Ragland, George A.; 
Swopc, Richard McA.; Sisler, Eric L. 

Officers of tlie Student Bar Association 

President William McC. Schildt 

Vice-President Larr\' E. Hepler 

Secretary Eric L. Sisler 

Treasurer George A. Ragland 

President of the Law Clajises 
Third-\ear Class . . .A. John Peck, Jr. 
Second-vear Class . .Ronald M. Gates 
First-\ ear Class . . William V. Corban 

Presidents of the Legal Fraternities 
Delta Theta Phi . .William Winter, Jr. 

Phi Alplia Delta Richard Swope 

Phi Delta Phi David H. Adams 

Board of Governors 


LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED, Redmond, David D.; Schiff, Edward 
F.; Phillips, C. Alton; Churchill, Joseph L.; STANDING, Sisler, 

Eric L.; Kinder, Carr L. Jr.; Gendron, Edwin A.; Savitzky, Harvey 
B.; Klingelhofer, Carroll S., Ill; Faulk, W. Gilbert, Jr. 

Tlie Washington and Lee Law Review was estab- 
lished in 1939. The Review is pubhslied twice a vear 
by a student staff under the general supervision of a 
faculty editor and board. Membership on tlie Law 
Review is based upon scholarship and is highly 

prized. The Revieiv is printed bv the Journalism 
Laboratory Press of Washington and Lee Univer- 
sity. Financial support comes from subscriptions and 
an appropriation bv the University Board of Trus- 

Washington €l Lee Law Review 


I 'mm,' 




B. Wavne; Ingoe, Ronald K.; Berger, Charles M.; Lowry, Michael 

L.: Jackson. Bruce H.; SECOND ROW, Keegin, Stafford \V.; 
Sc'hildt, William McC; Hepler, Larrv E. 

Spring Semester Staff 

Conunent Editors: 

Article Editor: 
Book Re\ie\v Editor: 
Research Editor: 

Vol. XXXV ( 1 ; 

WilHam McC. Schildt 

Ronald K. Ingoe 
Brnce H. Jackson 
Stafford W. Keegin 
Michael L. Lowrv 

Larry E. Hepler 

Charles M. Berger 

B. ^Va)'ne Tucker 

Fall Semester Staff 

Comment Editors: 

Articles Editor 

Vol. XXXV (2) 

Ronald K. Ingoe 

Charles M. Berger 
Bnice H. Jackson 
Stafford \\. Keegin 
Michael L. Lowt)" 
Dean K. Vegosen 

Larr\' E. Hepler 

\\'. Gilbert Faulk 


Legal Research Association 

WRITERS-LEFT TO RIGHT, Case, Stephen S.; Jones, Hugh 
J. M., Ill; Brooks, Terrence D.; Smith, Leslie D.; Spessard, 
Robert W., Jr.; Harrison, Robert E.; Gates, Ronald M.; Tanner, 
Richard B.; Burke, Edmund W.; Rvan, Clement P.; Breed, Barna- 

bas B. B.; Adamson, V. Cassel, Jr.; Roberts, John D.; Whalen, 
Kearons J., Ill; Wood, Jack B.; Ross, David L.; Dyer, Colin R. C; 
White, Kemble, III; Culpepper, Robert S.; Kelly, John E., Ill; 
Rideout, Stephen W.; Coleman, Tucker M.; Knox, Douglas S. 

The Legal Research Association was founded in 
the spring of 1965. The Association grew out of a 
program begun bv the Student Bar Association in 
1964 to encourage self-improvement through re- 
search. The membership of the Legal Research Asso- 
ciation is limited to second and third vear students 
who ha\'e a weighted average of at least 75 and who 
have an interest in improving themselves through 

research experience. The questions researched are 
not theoretical, but are concrete problems submitted 
bv practicing lawyers which have arisen in advising 
their clients or in litigating their client's causes. After 
the question is researched by the team assigned to 
the task, a memorandum is prepared by the research 
team assisted bv the student officers and the faculty 
advisor of the Association. 


hofer, Carroll S., Ill; Livingston, Richard McF.; STAND- 
ING, Peck, A. John; Swope, Richard McA. 

Fall Semester 
Chaimian: CaiToll S. Klingelhofer, II 
Writing Directors : 

Richard McF. Livingston 
\X. Starke Mundy, III 
A. John Feck, Jr.' 
Richard McA. Swope 
Treasurer: Michael j. Michaeles 

Spring Semester 
Chairman; Michael J. Michaeles 
Writing Directors; 

John P. Ford, Jr. 
Douglas S. Knox 
}eftre\ R. Reider 
John D. Roberts 
Treasurer: Bruce B. Mills 

National Moot Court Team 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Spencer, Thomas C; Colclough, Andrew E.; 
Vegosen, Dean K.; Schildt, William McC. 

Captain: Andrew E. Colclough 

Arguing Members: 

Thomas C. Spencer 
Dean K. Vegosen 

Alternate Member: William McC. Schildt 


W & L Lawyer 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Berger, Charles M.; Case, Stephen S.; Rag- 
land, George A.; Schiff, Edward F.; Adams, David H.; Brown 
Joseph W.; Churchill, Joseph L.; Sisler, Eric L.; Smith, Leslie D.; 
Reider, Jeffrey R. 


Da\id H. Adams 
Josepli \y. Browai 

Assistant Editors; Stephen S. Case 
Edward F. Scliiff 

Tlic Washington and Lee Lawyer is a law stndent 
pulilication dedicated to informing alnmni and otlier 
persons of the cnrrent acti\ities in the Scliool of Law. 
A placement edition published each Fall pro\ides 
law firms and other employers throughout the coun- 
tr\- with emploNuient information on each second 
and third \ear student. Financial support is pro\ided 
b\ the Law^ School Association and the School ot 


Rudd Smith, President 

Wendall Winn, Commerce Vice-President. 

Joe Matthews, Executive Committeeman. 


Wick Vellines, Executive Committeeman. 

Senior Class 

Arnold Crandis, Science Vice-President. 

Chip Tayloe, Liberal Arts \'ice-President. 



JOHNATHAN ERIC ADAMS, 208 West Fourth Avenue, Johns- 
town, New York, Bel I; Mock Convention 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1; Young 
Republicans 1, 2, 3. 

ROBERT FR4NK ALDRICH, 177 Second Avenue, Little Falls, 
New Jersey, 'l'K<{'; Vice-President 3, President 4; Alpha Epsilon 
Delta; Sloan Research Grant; Robert E. Lee Research Grant. 

Second Row: 

JON DEVON ALLEN, Route 1, Lynchburg, Virginia; Cross- 
Countiy 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Team 1, 2; Young 

JOHN SHARP ANDERSON, 3925 Del Monte, Houston, Texas, 

Third Row: 

JOHN HOWARD ANTHONY, 303 S. Washington Street, Easton, 
Marvland, ATA; Football 1, 3, 4; Baseball 2; Student Service So- 
ciety 3, 4; F.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Openings Vice-President 2. 

PETER JOSEPF APISDORF, 490 Riversville Road, Greenwich, 
Connecticut, ZKT; Swimming 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Young Repub- 
licans 1, 2, 3; U.C.A. 

Fourth Row: 

JACK JOSEPH APPLEFELD, 6207 Park Heights Avenue, Balti- 
more, Maryland, ZBT; Alpha Epsilon Delta 1, 2, 3, 4; CALYX 1, 2; 
Robert E. Lee Research Grant 2, 3. 

EDMUND HOWE ARMENTROUT, Rockbridge Baths, Virginia, 
AXA; WLUR 1, 3; Southern Collegian 1, 2, 3; Young Democrats 
1; Debate 1; Troubadours 1. 


Fifth Row: 

LEROY COLE ATKINS, II, 10 E. Drewry Lane, Box 6445, 
Raleigh, North Carolina, i)AE; Secretary 3; Mongolian Minks 4; 
Student Ser\'ice Societv 2, 3, 4; SWMSFC 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 
Treasurer 4; Dorm Counselor 3; Football I, 2, 3, 4; Tennis I; 
Lacrosse 2, 3, 4. 

PAUL CARLETON ATWATER, 2625 Howell Mill Road N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia, Ki:; Ring-turn Phi 4; Young Republicans 3, 4; 
WLUR 3, 4; Mock Convention 4; Contact 4. 



First Row: 

JOHN STEWART BAKER, III, 305 Macada Road, Bethlehem, 
Pennsylvania, Hull; President 4; Mongolian Minks 2, 3, 4; "13" 
Club 3, 4; Sigma Society 3, 4. 

JOHN WALLIS BALLANTINE, 2301 Selma Avenue, Youngs- 
town Ohio, Ht;II; Secretary 3; Swimming 1; Sazeracs 1, 2, 3, 
President 4; 13' Club; Lacrosse; SWMSFC 1, 2, 3, 4; Trouba- 
dours 3, 4; Dean's List. 

Second Row: 

TOMMY MAC BAREMORE, 2823 Alvin Lane, Shreveport, 

Louisiana, lIK't'; Secretary 3, President 4; I.F.C. 3, \'ice-President 
4; Mock Convention 4; Debate 1, 2, Captain 3, 4; Outstanding 
Freshman Debater; Assimilation Committee 3; Who's Who 4, 
Y'oung Democrats, President 4; Alpha Sigma Rho; Tau Kappa 
Alpha, President 4, Omicron Delta Kappa, DECEASED 3/17/6S. 

JAMES WILLIAM BARIA, 4310 Farmington Court, N.W., At- 
lanta, Georgia, KA; Football 1, 2, 3; Forensic Union 4; Dean's 
List 3. 

Third Row: 

CRAIG HERNDON BARLEY, ISO Lvnbrook Drive, North, York, 
Pennsylvania, UK't'; Rush Chairman 4; Class Historian 2; Track 
Manager 1, 2. 3, 4; U'LUR 1, 2, 3, 4; Mock Convention 4; Young 
Republicans 1, 2. 

STEPHEN ISAAC BARNETT, 1919 North Summit Avenue, Mil- 
waukee, Wisconsin, ZBT. 

Fourth Row: 

JAMES WILSON BARTLETT, HI, 335 Beech Avenue, Wv- 
oming, Ohio, i;.\"; House Officer 2, 3; F.C.A. 1; CALYX 2; Young 
Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Librarv Committee 3, 4; Circle K 
3, 4; Mock Convention 4; Track 1; Lacrosse 2; Dean's List. 

DAVID EDWARD BASS, 5605 Queenbcrrv Avenue, Springfield, 
Virginia, -+E; Southern Collegian 2, 3. 

Fifth Row: 

WILLIAM HUGH BAUGHER. 70 Westgate Blvd.. Manhasset, 
New York, 'IKi:; President 4; Dean's List: I.F.C. 3, 4; .41pha 
Epsilon Delta; Psi Chi; "13" Club; Football 1; Wrestling 2. 3, 4; 
Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CLYDE STUART BEAR, Route 1. Box 522, Hope Hill, Alabama. 



ULRIC C. BERARD, 7004 Benjamin Street, Mclean, Virginia, 
-•fE; Young Democrats 1; WLUR 2, 3; International Relations 
Club 4; Ring-Tum-Phi 4. 

GEORGE FREDERICK BIEHL, JR., 1921 Milford Street, Hous- 
ton, Texas, i;X; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; U.C.A. I, 2, 3; 
U.F.O.C.C. i. 

Second Row: 

ANDREW LANE BLAIR, JR., 4705 Noyes Avenue, Charleston, 
West Virginia, +A9; Secretary 4; Mongolian Minks. 

WILLIAM SYDNOR BLAIR, 735 Hempstead Place, Charlotte, 
North Carolina. 

Third Row: 

JOHN GERARD BOGART, Chateau Lafavette, Scarsdale, New 
York, ATA; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 3; Wrestling 
2; Rugby 4. 

A. RODNEY BOREN, JR., I40I Runnymede Road, Dayton, 
Ohio, KA; Secretary 4; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Conserva- 
tive Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretarj-Treasurer 2; Mock Convention. 

JAMES MOORE BOYD, JR., Qtrs. 413 A Weam Avenue, Fort 
Toten, Flushing, Long Island, New York-, Young Republicans 
1, 2, 3, 4: Mock Convention; Gaines Society 3, 4, President 4. 

MARK TOWNSEND BOYD, 1200 North Nash Street, Apt. 1141, 
Arlington, Virginia, IIK'1>; Pledge Master 3; Troubadours I, 2, 3. 

Fifth Row: 

MERRILL RAY BRADFORD, JR., 233 Cedar Street, Bangor, 
Maine; Young Republicans 3, 4; WLUR 3, 4; Basketball 1; Track 
1, 3; Cross Countr\- 4; Forensic Union 4; U.C.A. 2, 4. 

JEFFREY T. BRIGGS, 15 Hawthorne Avenue, Port Chester, New 
York, i:.\; Basketball 1; WLUR 2, 3, 4; Deans List. 



First Row; 

RANDOLP WARD BRINTON, 6 Upland Road, Baltimore, Mary- 
land, ATA. 

PAUL ALAN BROWER, 6890 Fair Oaks Drive, Cincinnti, Ohio, 
ZHT; Basketball L Mongolian Minks; Dance Board Advisory 
Committee 2; President 3; Dance Board, President 4; Cold Check 
Committee 3, 4; Student Service Society 3, 4; "13" Club; Dean's 
List, Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Second Row; 

WILLIAM DODD BROWN, 73 East Elm Street, Chicago, Illinois; 
Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Library Committee 2, 3, 4; Young Repub- 
licans 2, 3, 4; Troubadours I, 2, 3, 4; Cross-Country I; Mock 
Convention 4. 

CORBET FRANKLIN BRYANT, JR., 2506 Oak Lawn, Dallas 
Texas, '^EII, President 4, Secretary 2; Basketball 1; Debate I 
Cross-Country 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean's List, Honor Roll 
Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa. 

Third Row: 

BRUCE LINDSEY BUTLER, 958 Spyglass Lane, Naples, Florida, 
i;N'; Dance Board Advisory Committee; Soccer I; Young Repub- 
licans 3, 4; Young Democrats 3. 

THOMAS EDWARD CAMPBELL, Bowling Green, Virginia; 
Troubadours 1, 2. 

Fourth Row: 

C. HOWARD CAPITO, 659 Holly Road, Charieston, West Vir- 
ginia, -AE; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; CALYX I, 2, 3, Business Manager 
4; Mongolian Minks 4; Publication Board 4. 

RICHARD MORTON CAPLAN, 3400 Old Forest Road, Balti- 
more, Maryland, 'I'HIl; Mock Convention 4; Honor Roll; Dean's 

N. TAYLOR CARLSON, 2456 N.E. 26th Terrace. Ft. Lauder- 
dale, Florida, -X; Secretary 4; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; 
U.F.O.C.C.: Conser\atiye Society. 

JOHN MONTGOMERY CARSON, 128 High Street, Favctteville, 
West Virginia, ->i. 



ROBERT BERKELEY CARTER, 111 Luceme Lane, Richmond, 
Virginia, KA; Ring-turn Phi 1; CALYX 2, 3; Track 1; Conservative 
Society 1, 2. 

ROBERT ANDREW CASHILL, 82 North Munn Avenue, New- 
ark, New Jersey; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Political Science 
Club 4; Dean's List; CALYX 2: Ring-turn Phi 4; International 
Relations Club 4; Football 1; Lacrosse manager 1; Wrestling 
manager 1, 2; Mock Convention 4. 

Second Row: 

JACK WILLIAM CHAFFIN, Newbem Road, Pulaski, Virginia; 
Young Republicans 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4; Concert 
Guild 4; Gilliam Award 3; Ring-tum Phi Award 3; Gaines So- 
ciety President 3, 4; Who's Who; \Iock Convention 4. 

CARLILE MARTIN CHAMBERS, 14 Montclaire Drive, N.E., 
Atlanta, Georgia, KA, Vice-President 4, Rush Chairman 3, Pledge 
Trainer 3; Dance Board 2, 3, 4; Dance Board Advisory Council 
2, 3, 4; Student Service Society 3, 4; SWMSFC 3, 4; I.F.C. 2, 3; 
Sigma Society 3, 4; Mongolian Minks 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 
Springs Weekend 3. 

Third Row: 

WILLIAM FRANKLIN CHEW, III, 10011 Reisterstown Road, 
Owings Mills, Maryland, 't'l'A, Secretary 3, 4, Rush Chairman 3, 4; 
Student Service Society 2, 3, 4; Commerce Fraternity 2, 3, Vice- 
President 4; Ring-tum Phi 1; Southern Collegian 1; Varsity Club 
3, 4; Varsitv Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Dean's List, Honor Roll; Debate 4; Troubadours 3, 4. 

Orleans, Louisiana, IIK't'; Basketball Manager 1; Track Manager 1; 
Football Manager 4; Concert Guild 2, 3; Troubadours 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Young Democrats 3. 

Fourth Row: 

RICHARD THOMAS CLAPP, Route 2, "Araby," Frederick, 
Maryland, II KA, Secretary 4; Southern Collegian 3; Young Demo- 
crats 1; Honor Roll; Deans List. 

HAROLD EDWARD CLARK, JR., 24 Crane Road, Scarsdale, 
New York, AT, Fraternity Officer; Pi Sigma Alpha 3, Secretary- 
Treasurer 4; Young Republicans 3, 4; Political Science Club .3, 4; 
International Relations Association 3, 4; Dean's List 3; Mock Con- 
vention; Young Americans for Freedom 3; Conservative Society 
3, 4. 


Fifth Row: 

ROGER JAMES CLARKE, 190 Bow Lane, Louisville, Kentucky, 
AT; Rush Chairman 4; Troubadours 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Chi 
4; Track 1; Rifle Team 1. 

ANDREW BRUCE CLEVERLY, Goldwaithe Road, Whitinsville, 

Massachusetts, II KA, Secretary 2; Young Republicans 4. 



ROBERT NOEL CLINARD, 1617 Hollv Oaks Lake Road West, 
Jacksonville, Florida, HOIT, Secretary 2, 3; SWMSFC 2, 3, 4; 
Student Service Society 3, 4; Varsity Club 3; Troubadours 3, 4; 
Varsitv S«imniing 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Lacrosse 2, 3, 4; Dormi- 
torv Councilor 3; Who's Who, Oniicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta 

DUDLEY DUBOSE COCKE, JR., 465 Coodspeed Road, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia, 'I'AO; Dean's List; Mock Convention. 

Second Row: 

WILLIAM BREWSTER COCKRELL, 602 Crove Street, Sewiek- 
lev, Pennsvlvania; Phi Eta Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Caines Society 2, 3; 
Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Conservative Societv 3, 4; Interna- 
tional Relations Club 4; WLUR 1, 2, 3. 

WILLIAM ANTHONY COLOM, JR., Ii:!!; Alpha Epsilon Delta 
2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3; Young Democrats 2. 

Third Row: 

ROBERT M. COOPER, JR., 4724 Johnson Avenue, Memphis, 
Tennessee; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; SWMSFC 2, 3, 4. 

Mawr, Pennsvlvania, ATA, President 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Captain 4; Varsitv Club 4; '13 " Club 3, 4; Football 1; Dean's List 
1; Circle K 3, 4. 

Fourth Row: 

PHILIP GAERTNER COTTELL, JR., Cotmore Farm, Smithfield, 
Kentuckv, 'I'KII; Student Librarv Committee 2, 3; Rifle Team 2; 
Contact 1; Track Manager I, 2; Dean's List. 

THEODORE JACK CRAODOCK, 1500 Langhome Road, Lynch- 
burg, X'irginia, Bull, Corresponding Sccretar\ 4; Soccor 1; Mon- 
golian Minks 3, 4. 

Fifth Row: 

ALLEN BREWINGTON CRAK; III, 1.307 Pcch Road, Houston, 
Texas, 'I'Ki;, Treasurer 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3. 4, Captain 4; Young 
Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ALLAN RICHARD CREAGER, 1214 North Market Street, Fred- 
erick, Marvland; Young Republicans; U.C.A. 




First Row: 

JOHN RANDOLPH CRIGLER, 1713 Berkeley Terrace N.W., 
Washington, D. C, AT; Scholarship Chairman 1, 2, 3, 4; Trouba- 
dours 1, 2. 

ROBERT BARRY CROSBY, 1250 Arnold Avenue, Greenville, 
Mississippi, 't'AO, President 4; SWMSFC; I.F.C. 

Second Row: 

LUCIEN BURNS CROSLAND, 325 Hartshorn Drive, Short Hills, 
New Jersey, -AE, Officer 2, 3; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Foot- 
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 4; Lacrosse 3; Mock Convention 

1, 2, 3; President Springs Weekend 3; President Fancy Dress 4; 
Dance Board 3, 4; Assimilation Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; CALYX 
Sports Editor 3, Managing Editor 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Dean's List 

2, 3, 4. 

lington, Virginia, AT, Vice-President; Soccer 1; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Young Republicans 4; International Relations Club 4; Dean's 
List; "13 • Club. 

Third Row: 

WILLIAM EUGENE DAVIDSON, 2200 Sprunt Avenue, Dur- 
ham, North Carolina. 

CHARLES RICHARD DAVIS, 47 Marrow Street, Hampton, Vir- 
ginia; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi Beta Kappa. 

Fourth Row: 

LINWOOD WALLACE DAVIS, 1318 Turner Road, Richmond, 

\'irginia; Sigma Delta Chi 2, 3, 4. 

JAMES JARED DAWSON, 206 Hillcrest Road, Pasadena, Mary- 
land, 'I'PA; Lacrosse 1, 2; Basketball 1; Circle K 2, 3, 4; Dean's 
List 3, 4; Young Republicans 2, 3, 4; Ring-tum Phi 1, 2; Mock 
Convention 4. 

Fifth Row: 

GEORGE WEBSTER DEHOFF, JR., 8802 Brawner Drive, Rich- 
mond, Virginia, 't'K*; Lacrosse 1, 2; Wrestling I, 2; Sigma Delta 
Chi 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Young Republicans 1, 2; Ring-tum Phi 3; 
Troubadours 2. 

JAMES DARBY DESOUZA, 110 South Pershing Drive, Arling- 
ton, Virginia; Basketball 1; Dance Board Advisory Committee 2; 
Young Democrats 2; WLUR 1; F.C.A. 1, 2; International Rela- 
tions Club; Political Science Club 4. 


First Row: 

DAVID RANDALL DOUGHERTY, 1532 East West Highway, 
Silver Spring, Mar\Iaiid, KA, President 4; Ring-turn Phi 1; Mock 
Convention 4; LF.C. 

Memphis, Tennessee, -N'; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Ring-turn 
Phi I. 

Second Row: 

GEORGE JOSEPH DOVER, 365 Albert Avenue, Shreveport, 
Louisiana, ZHT; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Debate; Honor Roll 3; 
Dean s List 1, 2, 3, 4; CALYX, Assoc. Business Manager; Phi Beta 

MOULTON SHREVE DOWLER, JR., 4508 Beldaire, Dallas, 
Texas, -N; House Manager 2, President 4; Track I, 2; Circle K; 
Ring-turn Phi 2; Dance Board Advisory Committee 2; I.F.C. 4. 

Third Row: 

MICHAEL RALLY DUNN, 2133 Wise Road, Hampton, Virginia, 
i;*E; Ring-turn Phi 1, 2, 3, Editor-in-chief 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; 
Concert Guild 2, 3, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, President 4; Mu Beta PsJ 
3, 4; Who's Who; Oniicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. 

KLAUS EDER, 8S02 Burgoberbach 101, Baveria, Germany, AT; 
Fulbright Scholarship; Political Science Club and International 
Relations Association. 

Fourth Row: 

LANCE ELLIOTT, Morris Street, Oxford, Marvland, ATA. 

PEYTON .MUNFORD ELLIOTT, 102 Mathis Street, Manassas, 

Fifth Row: 

DONALD RICH ELLIS, JR., 434 E. Butterflv Circle, Gretna, 
Louisiana; WLUR; Sigma Delta Chi 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Presi- 
dent 4; Gaines Society \ice-Presidcnt 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Young Republicans l' 2. 3, 4; Robert E. Lee Research Grant 3. 

CH.\RLES WILLIAM F.\TZINGER, III, 1601 D. Woodcourt, 
\aIdosta, Georgia, -tK. Pledge President 1; Student Library Com- 
mittee 1; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3; C;lee Club 1, 2, 3; Soccer 2; 
Dean s List. 




First Row: 

STUART HARDING FERGUSON, 118 Highland Avenue, Ash- 
land, Ohio, 2N. 

HUGH GORDON FINDLAY, JR., 216 Hummingbird Lane, Kerr- 
ville, Texas, Ki:, Social Chairman 2, 3, Rush Chairman 3, 
SWMSFC 2, 3, 4. 

Second Row: 

KENNETH MARTIN FINK, 2405 S. Kanawha Street, Beckley, 
West Virginia, 'hEII; CALYX 2; Rifle Team 1; Circle K 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Treasurer 3, 4; Dance Board Advisory Council 1, 2; Alpha Epsilon 
Delta 2, 3, Secretarv 4; Dean's List; WLUR 3, 4; Mock Conven- 
tion 3, 4. 

JOHN ROBERT FORT, 5757 S. Broad Street, Trenton, New 
Jersey; Young Republicans 1, 2; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

Third Row: 

ROBERT CHARLES GASTROCK, "Emerald Cliff," Warwick, 
Bermuda, -•t'E; Rugby Club 2, President 3, 4; Varsity Trainer 
1, 2, 3; Soccer 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Sigma Delta Chi 3, Treas- 
urer 4; WLUR 2, 3; Ring-Tum Phi 2, 3; Young Republicans 
1, 2, 3, 4; Southern Collegian 3, 4; Dean's List. 

DONALD JOHN GODEHN, Haywood Forest, Hendersonville, 
North Carolina, 2:<t>E, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

Fourth Row: 

CLARK MILSTEAD GOODWIN, 3302 Ivanhoe Drive N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia. 

Pennsylvania, ATA, Pledge Trainer 2, 3, 4; F.C.A. 1, 2; Young 
Republicans 2, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 3; Lacrosse 
1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Dean's List; Libertv Hall Society 4; Varsity 
Club 3, 4. 

Fifth Row: 

CHARLES COTTON HARROLD, 129 East 69th. Street, New 
York, New York, -I'Ki;; Soccer 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; SWMSFC 2, 3, 
President 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. 

WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER HART, 601 North I9th. Avenue, 
Pensacola, Florida, -AE, Secretary 4; Mongolian Monks 4; La- 
crosse 1, 3; Vice-President Fancy Dress 4. 



First Row: 

WILLIAM EDGAR HART, JR., 1137 Ivy Drive, Virginia Beach, 
Virginia; Young Republicans I, 2; Conservative Society I; Gaines 
Societv 3, Treasurer. 

MALCOLM TOWNS HARTMAN, 148 Marcia Place, San An- 
tonio, Texas, K-, \'ice-President 3; Lacrosse 2; Robert E. Lee 
Research Scholarship. 

Second Row: 

NELSON HILL HEAD, 3528 Victoria Road, Birmingham, Ala- 
bama, 't'-^ii; Sigma Societv; Swimming I, 2; Football 1; Lacrosse 
1; Mongolian Nlinks; Varsitv Club 2, 3. 

KAZIMIERZ JAN HERCHOLD, 9126 Newkirk Avenue, North 
Bergen, New Jerscv, 'MA; Debate Team I, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Union 
1, 2, 3, President 4; I.F.C. Secretary 3; Ring-turn Phi 1, 2; Delta 
Sigma Rho; Tau Kappa Alpha; Young Democrats I, 2, Vice Presi- 
dent 3, 4; bean s List; Honor Roll. 

Third Row: 

JAMES RICHARD IIICKAM, Box 638, Pulaski, Virginia, -l'K:i; 
Swimming 2. 

HAL FORD HIGGINBOTHAM, 4336 Kirby Place, Shreveport, 
Louisiana; Phi Eta Sigma; Debate Team I, 2, 3, 4; Young Demo- 
crats, Sccretan 2, 3; Tau Kappa Alpha; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

Fourth Row: 

PETER HELMUT HOLLER, 3921 Old Lee Hwv., Fairfax, Vir- 
ginia; Rifle 1; WLUR 3, 4; Conservative Society 2, 3, 4; Young 

Republicans 3. 4; Sigma Delta Chi 3, 4. 

MARK HUNTER HDRNE, 34 Shirlev Road, Newport News, Vir- 
ginia, ZHT, House Manager 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2; Track I, 2; Rugbv 
Club 3, 4. 

Fifth Row: 

THOMAS LAFFITTE HOWARD, 1.545 Agawela Avenue, Knox- 
\ille, Tcnessee, '^AH, Social Chairman 2, 3; Mongolian Minks 
2, 3, 4; Sigma Societv, President 4; Dance Board Advisory Com- 
mittee 3, 4; Fancv Dress Vice-President .3. 

JON TOTTEN HULSIZER. US Vinton Court, Fanwood, New 
Jersey, AX.\; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Young Republicans 1, 2, 4. 



First Row: 

DONOVAN DAVID HUSAT, 338 N. Main Street, Apt. 1, Munroe 
Falls, Ohio, AXA; WLUR 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 1, 2; 
Sigma Delta Chi 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Baseball Manager 1. 

EDWARD I. HUTCHINS, JR., 7108 Denton Road, Bethesda, 

Maryland, ATA, House-Manager 2, 3, Treasurer 3, 4; Dorm Coun- 
cilor 3, 4; Dean's List 3; Southern Collegian, Business Manager 4; 
S.S.S. 3, 4; Dance Board Advisory Council 2; Cold Check Com- 
mittee 3, 4; Young Republicans 2, 3; Ring-tum Phi 2; Basketball 
1; Soccer 1,2,3. 

Second Row: 

McCLANAHAN INGLES, White Marsh, Virginia; Young Repub- 
licans 3, 4; Ring-tum Phi 1. 

WESLEY THOMAS INGOLD, 205 Ohio Avenue, Wilmington, 
Delaware; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Gaines Society 3, 4; 
Mock Convention 4; Dean's List. 

Third Row: 

C. WILLARD ISLEY, 1212 Spruce Street, Martinsville, Virginia; 
Phi Eta Sigma 1; Library Committee 3; Ariel 1, 2, 3, 4, Business 
Manager 3, Editor 4; Publications Board 4; Dean's List; Honor 
Roll; Phi Beta Kappa. 

FRANK ANDERSON JACKSON, 1963 Decatur Avenue, Wheel- 
ing, West Virginia; Troubadour 1; Young Republicans 2, 4; Gaines 
Society 3, 4. 

Fourth Row: 

ROLLY WARREN JACOBS, 2201 Elkridge Drive, Camden, South 
Carolina, ItKA. 

Washington, D.C.; ATA; Varsity Club 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Baseball 1, 2; Circle K 2, 3, 4; F.C.A. 1, 2. 

Fifth Row: 

JOHN B. JAY, 3293 Alton Road, Chamblee, Georgia, AT, House 
Officer; Soccer 1; Young Republicans 1, 2, 4; Political Science 
Club and International Relations Association 4; Dean's List 4. 

SHERMAN EVAN JEFFRIES, 124 Clark Street, Chincoteague, 
Virginia; Troubadours 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 4; Dean's List; 
Honor Roll. 


First Row: 

Est., Bessemer. Alabama, BHII; Soccer; Young Republicans; 

DAVID TOBIN JOHNSON, 1517 North 19th. Avenue, Pensacola, 
Florida, -AK, Rush Chairman .1, President 4: Omicron Delta 
Kappa 3, President 4; Beta Gamma Sigma 3, 4; Honor Roll; 
Dean's List; SWMSFC 2, 3, 4; Student Control Committee 2, 3, 4; 
Scott Paper Award; Commerce Fraternity 2, 3, President 4j Mock 
Convention; Who's Who; Dance Board; Lacrosse 1. 

Second Row: 

ELLIS MURRAY JOHNSTON, 222 McDaniel Avenue, Greenville, 
South Carolina, 'I'AH; Mongolian Minks; Sigma Delta Chi. 

ALEXANDER SUSONG JONES, "Hilltop," Greeneville, Tennes- 
see, 'I'AB; Glee Club 1; Mock Convention 4; CALYX 1, 2; Ring-turn 
Phi 3; Deans List. 

Third Row: 

RICHARD EDWIN JUTERBOCK, 8 Exeter Road, Short Hills, 
New Jersey, +K1I, House Officer 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; WLUR 2; 
Young Americans for Freedom 1, 4; Dean's List, Honor Roll. 

ROBERT STEPHEN KEEFE, 39 Kirkside Avenue, Milford, Con- 
necticut, 'I'KII; Ring-turn Phi, Assistant News Editor 2, News Editor 
3, Editor-in-chief 4; Mock Convention; Publications Board, Secre- 
tary 1; Who's Who; WLUR; I.F.C. 2; Pi Sigma Alpha 4; Dean's 
List; F.C.C. Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Fourth Row: 

DAVID MARK KELSO, 3572 Ashland Drive, Bethel Park, Penn- 
sylvania, -X. 

HOUSTON MAGILL KINBROUGH, JR., 8 Robert Road, Orinda, 
California, ROir; Secretary 3, 4; Dean's List; SWMSFC 3, 4; Circle 
K 3, 4; Track 1; CALYX 1; U.C.A. 1, 2; Young Republicans 4; 
Mock Convention. 

Fifth Row: 

JAMES ROBERT KIRBY, 5811 Devonshire Drive, Washington, 
D.C., llK'h; Soccer 1; Troubadours 3. 

JOEL STEVEN KLINE, 911 Prospect Place, Sault Ste. Marie, 
Michigan, IKi:; Who's Who; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Soccer 
1, 2, .3; Track 1; Contact; Mock Convention; Young Republicans 
1, 2, 3, 4; Southern Collegian 3; Secretary of the Student Body 4; 
\'arsitv Club 3, 4; Student Service Society 2, 3, President 4. 



STEPHEN HENRY KOLEZAR, 2031 Locust Street, Philadelphia, 
Pennsylvania; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; U.C.A. 1, 2; U.F.O.C.C. 4. 

ROBERT DOUGLAS LACKEY, 1S85 B I Street, Grand Forks, 
North Dakota, AT; Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Varsity Club 
3, 4; Political Science Club and International Relations Association 
3, 4; Young Republicans 4; Baseball 1. 

Second Row: 

ROANE MADISON LACY, JR., 4625 Pine Avenue, ^Vaco, Texas, 
KZ, Vice-President 2, Secretary 3, 4; Dean's List 2, 3; WLUR; 
Rugby 3, 4; Southern Collegian 4; Rifle Team I. 

JAMES WALSH LARGE, 22 Elm Court, Grosse Pointe Farms, 
Michigan, ATA, House Officer 4; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1, 3. 

Third Row: 

EDMUND POND LAWRENCE, JR., 2006 Northfield, Louisville, 
Kentucky, -X; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice-President; Dean's List; 
Dorm Councilor 3, 4; Robert E. Lee Research Scholarship 1, 2, 
3, 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Ring-turn Phi 2, 3; U.C.A. 3; 
Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. 

JOHN HOWARD LAWRENCE, JR., 3 Sawmill Road, West Sims- 
bury, Connecticut, AT, House Manager 2, Social Chairman 4; 
Varsitv Club 3; Track Team I, 2, 3, 4; Dean's List; Publications 
Board 4 Ring-turn Phi 2, 3, 4; CALYX 2. 

Fourth Row: 

JEFFREY GELDIRT LAWSON, 11013 Vivian Road North West, 
Huntsville, Alabama, AX A. 

JOHN MAYNARD LEE, 788 Highvue Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- 
vania; Robert E. Lee Research Scholarship 4; Dean's List. 

Fifth Row: 

WILLIAM MAYO LEE, Box 404, Clarendon, Arkansas; Young 
Republicans 1, 2; Conser\'ative Society 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 4; 
Mock Convention 4; Pi Sigma Alpha. 

BARRY J. LE\'IN, 420 Brackenridge Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia, 
ZBT, Secretary 2, 3, President 3, 4; S.S.S. 2, 3, 4; SWMSFC 
2, 3, 4; Liberty Hall Society 2, 3, 4; CALYX I, 2, 3, Staff Editor 2, 
Business Manager 3; Publications Board 3, 4, Vice-President 4; 
Dean's List; I.F.C., Vice-President; Fancy Dress; Omicron Delta 



CHARLES CORLING LEWIS, 308 Thomas Hgts., Martinsville, 

Virginia, AXA; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. 

ROBERT REYNOLDS LOGAN, 3570 Woodboume Avenue, 
Louisville, Kentucky, KBIT; Soccer 1; Rifle Team 1, 3; Young Re- 
publicans 1, 2, 4. 

Second Row: 

JAMES n. LOWE, 1018 Dulaney Valley Road, Towson, Maryland, 
-■I'E; Phi Eta Sigma; Mu Beta Psi 3, 4; Commerce Fraternity 3, 4; 
Concert Guild 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Mock Convention 3, 4, 
Young Republicans 3. 

ROBERT JAMES LYTLE, Bienaime Plantation, Perthshire, Mis- 
sissippi, 'MA; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Third Row: 

MICHAEL JOSEPH McCREERY, 542 N. Galloway Street, Xenia, 
Ohio, -'^E, House Manager 2, 3; Dance Board Advisory Commit- 
tee 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; F.C.A. 3, 4; Tennis I; Wrestling 3; Con- 
cert Guild 4; Robert E. Lee Research Scholarship. 

WILLIAM KECK McDAVID, 5 Village Road, Simsbury, Con- 
necticut. ATA. 

Fourth Row: 

JAMES ROBINSON MADISON, 4035 Baltimore Street, Shreve- 
PQrt, Louisiana, Bttll, Social Chainnan 3, 4, Vice-President 4; 
Basketball I, 2; Student Service Societv 3, 4; Commerce Frater- 
nity 3, 4; Mock Convention 4; Young Republicans 3, 4; Dean's 
List; Dorm Councilor 3, 4. 

KIRK REID MANNING, "Chelston," Poget, Bermuda, BOO; 
Mongolian Minks; CALY.X; Basketball Manager. 

Fifth Row: 

ERIC PAUL MANTZ. 7 Observatorv Road, Charleston. West 
X'irginia: Ki!; Young Republicans I, 2, 3, 4. 

JOHN THOMAS MASSIE, 121 North Washington Street, Win- 
cliester, N'irginia, -X; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Ring-tuni Phi 1. 




First Row: 

JOSEPH AUBREY MATHEWS, JR., Box 859, Marion, Virginia, 
KZ, House Officer 2; Football 1; I.F.C.; S.S.S. 2, 3, 4; Dean's 
List; Honor Roll; Dorm Councilor 3; Executive Committee 4; 
Omicron Delta Epsilon; Commerce Fraternity; Omicron Delta 

ROBERT VERNON MAV, JR., 24 Arnold Avenue, Prestonsburg, 
Kentucky, KA; Sigma Society 3, 4; Mongolian Minks 3, 4; Ring- 
tum Phi 1; Dean's List. 

Second Row: 

FREDERIC ARTHUR MEISER, JR., 2324 South Shore Drive, 
Erie, Pennsylvania, <t>rA; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

STEVEN MEIXNER, Rt. 2 Grange Avenue, Collegeville, Penn- 
sylvania, "trAj Mock Convention Secretariat. 

Third Row: 

AUGUSTUS LEE MERRH^L, Box 549, Andalusia, Alabama; 
WLUR 3, 4; Dean's List. 

ARTHUR MORITZ MEYER, JR., 5674 Bayou Glen Road, Hous- 
ton, Texas, •t-rA; Cold Check Committee 1, 2; Ring-turn Phi 1, 2, 
Managing Editor 2; Forensic Union 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; 
Debate 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Sigma Rho; Tau Kappa Alpha 4. 

Fourth Row: 

D. CHRISTOPHER MILLER, 7 Glenmere Drive, Chatham Town- 
ship, New Jersey, *EII, House Manager 2, 3; Contact 1, 2, Secre- 
tary 2; Mock Convention 3, 4; Young Republicans 1; Dean's List. 

ROBERT TIPTON MILLER, 340 David Drive, Havertown, Penn- 
sylvania, -<t>E, Secretary, Social Chairman; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 
Track 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sazeracs 3, 4; Dorm Councilor: 
Vice-President Springs Weekend 3; Vice-President Fancy Dress 4 
Mu Beta Psi; Dean's List; Mock Convention. 

Fifth Row: 

MIKE E. MILES, 3001 Wade, Austin Texas, KS, President 3; 
Commerce Fraternity 2, 3, 4; Circle K 3, 4; Young Republicans 
1, 2, 3, 4; Class Vice-President 2; Lacrosse 1, 2; I.F.C. 4; Mock 
Convention; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

EDWARD BURNS MITCHELL, JR., Guymard Turnpike, Mid- 
dletown. New York; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Football I; 
Baseball 2, 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1; University 
Christian Association 1. 



First Row: 

HOWARD LAWRENCE MOCERF, 24 Canterbury Drive, Louis- 
ville, Kentucky, ZBT, Treasurer 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Young Re- 
publicans; Mock Convention. 

ROBERT HENDERSON MOLL, 10 Church Road, Wallingford, 
Pennsylvania, i:X, House Officer 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, Officer 3, 4; 
Young Republicans 1, 3; Dean's List. 

Second Row: 

GEORGE AUBREY MORGAN, JR., 2019 South Warson Road, 
St. Louis, Missouri, -+E; Young Republicans 3, 4; Mock Conven- 
tion 4; Southern Collegian 4; Baseball 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Dean's List. 

MICHAEL GAVIN MORGAN, 15 Unity Road, Stamford, Con- 
necticut, AT; Pi Sigma Alpha 3, 4; Political Science Club 3, 4; 
Ring-tum Phi 3, 4; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Third Row: 

RICHARD HAFFORD NASH, JR., 2802 Riedling Drive, Louis- 
ville, Kentucky, BSII; Student Body President 4; Omicron Delta 
Kappa 3, 4; Executive Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Commerce Frater- 
nitv 2, 3, 4; Pi Sigma Alpha 3, 4; Who's Who; Dorm Counselor 
3, 4; CALYX Section Editor 2; S.S.S. 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, Dean's 
List; Mongolian Minks 3, 4. 

JOHN LEE NEWQUIST, 7 Thomas Lane, Scarsdale, New York, 
i:.N', Secretary 3; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Ring-tum Phi I, 2, 3, 4; 
Southern Collegian 1, 2, 3, 4; Troubadours 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth Row: 

CORYDON C. NICHOLSON, U, R.R. No. 8 Rock Spring Road, 
Decatur, Illinois, i:N', House Manager 2; Lacrosse 2; WLUR 1, 3. 

WILLIAM HIRAM NORCROSS. Tyronza, Arkansas, 3AE, Vice- 
President 4; Student Service Society 2, 3, 4; Mongolian Minks 
2, 3, 4; Liberty Hall Society; Sigma Society 4. 

DA\TD R. PARKER, 401 Woodbrook Drive, High Point, North 
Carolina, 'I'AH: Glee Club 1. 3, 4; Golf 3, 4. 

ROBERT LEE PAYNE, HI, 1500 Cloncurry Road, Norfolk, Vir- 
einia, ATA; li.C.A. 1, 2; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Varsity 
Club 3, 4. 



First Row: 

DONALD LINCOLN O'HARE, 1133 Prospect Avenue, Plainfield, 
New Jersey, 'I'l-i, Fraternity Officer 3, 4; Ring-turn Phi 1, 2; 
SWMSFC 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Track 2; Varsity 
Club 3, 4; Dean's List 3. 

RICHARD MORTIMER PENNY, JR., 417 James Avenue, Er- 
langer, Kentucky, '^K^^, Rush-Chairman 3, Vice-President 4; I.F.C.; 
Dean's List; Forensic Union. 

Second Row: 

TOM LONGINO PITTMAN, JR., 244 West Main Street, Moores- 
town. New Jersey, KA; Football I, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SAMUEL BRADFORD PRESTON, North Street, Glace Bay, 
Nova Scotia, AT, Vice-President 3, President 4; Football 1, 2; La- 
crosse I; I.F.C., Secretary 4; CALYX, Managing Editor 4; Dean's 
List; Mock Convention; Political Science Club and International 
Relations Association 3, 4; Young Republicans 3, 4. 

Third Row: 

Richmond, Virginia, ^'Ki); Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Basketball 
1; Varsity Club 4. 

JOHN ROBERT REYNOLDS, 113 Townley Court, Madison, 
Tennessee, 2X, Rush-Chairman 3, President 4; I. E.G., Treasurer 3; 
F.C.A.; S.S.S.; SWMSFC; Vice-President Openings Weekend 2. 

Fourth Row; 

JOHN WARREN RICE, JR., 401 Handley Avenue, Winchester, 
Virginia; Robert E. Lee Research Scholarship 3, 4; Physics Club 
3, President 4. 

WILLIAM PILLOW RIDLEY, IH, Mt. Pleasant Pike, Columbia, 
Tennessee, ZAE; Wrestling 1, 2; Lacrosse 1, 2; Circle K 2, 3, 
President 4; "13" Club; Robert E. Lee Research Scholarship; 
Honor Roll; Dean's List. 

Fifth Row: 

FRANK ALLEN ROGERS, HI, Colby Road, Winchester, Ken- 
tucky, 'I'Ki); Dean's List; Honor Roll; Young Republicans 3, 4; 
Concert Guild 4; Commerce Fraternity. 

SIDNEY BERK ROSENBERG, 1545 Marco Place, Jacksonville, 
Florida, ZKT, Social Chairman 2, 3, 4; Mongolian Minks 2, 3, 4. 



JAMES FINCH ROYSTER, 2607 Fainiew Road, Raleieh, North 
Carolina, II KA, Vice-President 4; Soccer 1; Young Republicans 4. 

ANDREW SHELTON RYAN, JR., 103 Tempsford Lane, Rich- 
mond, Virginia; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Psi Chi; Football 1; 
Basketball 1; Ring-turn Phi 1; CALYX 1, 2, Section Editor 2; 
Robert E. Lee Research Grant 3. 

Second Row: 

STEVEN R. SAUNDERS, 673 Lenore Lane, Elmont, Long Island, 
New York, -'\'E, Secretary 3, Historian 1, 2, 3, 4, Rush Chairman 
3; 1968 Mock Republican National Convention, Chairman 4, In- 
terim Chairman 1, 2, 3; Ring-turn Phi, Editor-in-Chief 3; Univer- 
sity Publications Board, President 4, Secretary 3; Assimilation 
Committee, Chairman, 3, 4; U.C.A., Chairman 1, 2; The Southern 
Collegian, Editor, Publisher 4; Student Handbook, Editor 3, 4; 
Varsity Manager; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Sigma Alpha 3; 
Who's Who 4. 

WILLIAM CHARLES SCHAEFER, 9757 South West 69th Court, 
Miami, Florida, •i'KI; Soccer 1, 2; Baseball 2; Southern Colle- 
gian 1. 

RALPH WILSON SCHENKEL, Route 16, Baltimore, Maryland, 
'I'K-, House Manager 2; Soccer 1, 2; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Sigma 
Alpha 3, 4, President 4; Dorm Councilor 4; Dean's List. 

JOSEPH G. SEAY, 4512 Belclaire, Dallas, Texas, i;x. Treasurer 
2, 3; Commerce Fraternity 3, 4; Young Republicans 1, 2; U.C.A. 
1: Glee Club 1; Baseball 1; Dean's List. 

Fourth Row: 

JAMES DABNEY SETTLE, Box 471, Amherst, Virginia; Trouba- 
dours 1, 2, 3. 4, President 4; Dean's List 3; Honor Roll 3. 

JOHN OAKLEY SEIBERT, Box 707, Martinsburg, West Virginia, 
-X, Vice-President 3; Swimming 1, 2; Ring-tum Phi 3; U.C.A. 1; 
F.C.A. 3; •13 " Club 3, 4; Dean's List; Honor Roll 3. 

Road, Brvn Mawr, Pennsylvania. IIK'I'; Dean's List 2, 3; .Alpha 
Eosilon Delta 2, 3, 4; .Soccer 1. 

ROBERT DEEMS SHERRILL, 60.S Fifth Street Northwest, Hick- 
orv. North Carolina; Gaines Society 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Trouba- 
dours 1, 2, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Shenandoah 4. 





First Row: 

STEPHEN KEMP SHEPHERD, 311 Normandy Road, Little Rock, 
Arl-ansas, Ki;; Commerce Fraternity 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; 
Rugby Club, Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4; Dance Board Advisory 
Council 1, 2; SWMFSC 3, 4; Young Republicans 3, 4; Mock Con- 
vention 4; Dean's List. 

Hampton, Virginia, ITKA; International Relations Club 3, Presi- 
dent 4; Football 1; Wrestling I; Lacrosse 2. 

Second Row: 

HENRY GILBERT SMITH, JR., 169 Wentworth Street, Charles- 
ton, South Carolina: AXA, Secretry 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; 
Deans List 1, 2, 3, 4; I.F.C. 4; Honor Roll; Troubadours I; Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

merville. South Carolina, -X, Pledge President 1, Lt. Commander 
3, 4; Dean's List; Senior Class President; Dorm Counselor 3, As- 
sistant Head 4; Circle K 2, Secretary 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, Presi- 
dent 4; Commerce Fraternity 4; "Who's Who 4; Omicron Delta 

Third Row: 

WAYNE SCOTT SNOWDEN, 970 Santa Barbara, Berkeley, Cali- 
fornia, -^E 1, 2, 3; Washington Award 1; Dean's List 2, 3; Mock 
Convention; Young Republicans 3, 4. 

CLAYTON LEE SPANN, Qtrs. 48, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, +En; 
Cross-Country I; Track 1, 2. 

Fourth Row: 

MICHAEL JOSEPH SPECTOR, 6900 Barquera Street, Coral 
Gables, Florida; Football 1; Robert E. Lee Research Scholarship 
2, 3; Young Republicans 2, 3, 4; WLUR 3. 

ROBERT JOHN STACK, 1029 Tanlev Road, Silver Spring, Mary- 
land, IlKA; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, Secretary 4; Who's Who; 
Varsity Club 3, 4; Young Democrats 2, .3, 4; I.F.C. 3; Student 
Service Society 3, 4; Dorm Counselor 3, Assistant Head 4; Cross- 
Country 1, 2, .3, Co-Captain 4; Track 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, 4; Dean's 
List; Student Library Committee 2, Chairman 3, 4. 

Fifth Row: 

LANE B. STEINGER, 34 Morwood Lane, Creve Coeur, Missouri, 
ZBT; Executive Committee 2, 3; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; 
Who's Who; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Service Society 2, 3, 4; Alpha 
Epsilon Delta 2, 3, 4; Southern Collegian I, 2, 3; Dean's List; 
Honor Roll. 

GEOFFREY LINDLEY STONE, 7919 Rock Creek Road, Rich- 
mond, Virginia, ^T\ House Officer 2, 3; Circle K 1, 2, 3. 



First Row: 

WILLIAM FRANCIS STONE, JR., 1229 Sam Lions Trail, Mar- 
tinsville, Virginia, UK A, Alumni Secretary 2, President 3, 4; La- 
crosse I; I.F.C. 3, 4; Dean's List; Dance Board Advisory Council 
2; Student Control Committee 4. 

HAROLD CROSBY STOWE, 14 Merewood Road, Belmont, North 
Carolina., 'I'AO; Circle K 3, 4;" SWMSFC 3, 4, Vice-President 4; 
S.S.S. 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Varsity Club 4, Secretary 4; Lacrosse 
1, 2, 3, 4; Football I; F.C.A. 1, 2; Forensic Union 4; Openings, 
Vice-President 2; Fancy Dress Vice-President 4; Dance Board 
Advisory Council I, 2; Dean's List 2, 3. 

Second Row: 

PETER RICHARD STROHM, North Lake Drive, Lakewood, New 
Jersey, CALYX, Faculty Editor 2, Managing Editor 3, Editor-in- 
Chief 4; Publications Board 4; Dean's List; Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4; 
Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Mock Convention; Omicron Delta 

FREDERICK MEYER STUHRKE, JR., 559 Stellman Drive, River 
Vale, New Jersey, 'I'KH, Manager 1, Secretary 2; WLUR 1, 2, 3, 4; 
F.C.C., Secretary 4; Mock Convention 4; Dean's List. 

Third Row; 

JOHN BLAIR SWIHART, 310 Voltz Road, Northbrook, Illinois, 
*EII, Pledgemaster 2, 3, Rush Chairman 4; U.C.A. 1, 2; Young 
Republicans I; Dean's List 3. 

HOWARD KREIDER TAYLOE, JR., 150 Green Glade Road, 
Memphis, Tennessee, -AE; Sigma Society 3, 4; Dean's List; Mon- 
golian Minks 2, 3, 4, President 4; Vice-President; S.S.S. 2, 3, 4; 
Ring-tum Phi 1, 2. 

Fourth Row: 

ALAN PHILIP TIEDEMANN, 1965 Duncan Drive, South Plains, 
New Jersey, I'K^', Officer 3, 4; Ring-tum Phi 1; CALYX I; Dean's 
List; Honor Roll. 

JOSEPH JEOFFREY THISTLE, 2200 Swinton Avenue, Delray 
Beach, Florida, KZ. 

Fifth Row: 

DADE WHITNEY THORNTON, II, 3226 North West Uth Court, 
Miami, Florida. IlK'l'; Psi Chi; Track 2, 3, 4; Dean's List. 

JOHN RUSSELL THORSEN, 1536 Kirkwav Drive, Bloomfield 
Hills, .Michigan IX. 







First Row: 

CHARLES BAILY TOMB, 232 Vee Lynn Drive, Pittsburgh, Penn- 
sylvania, tfrK*, Rush Chairman 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Class Vice- 
President 2; Student Service Society 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; CALYX 
Staff Editor 1; Ring-turn Phi, Business Staff 1, 2, 3; Dorm Coun- 

PETER WILLIAM TOOKER, 4300 Rosemary Street, Chevy 
Chase, Maryland IlK*. 

Second Row: 

GUY MORRISON TOWNLEY, 1500 N.E. 50, Oklahoma City, 
Oklahoma, 2X, Treasurer; Varsity Club; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PETER MICHAEL VAN DINE, 530 Swamp Road, Doylestown, 
Pennsylvania, IlKA; Glee Club I. 

Third Row: 

WILSON FARRELL VELLINES, 20 S.E. 41st. Street, Norfolk, 
Virginia, 'i'KZ, Secretary 3, President 3; I.F.C.; Vice-President 
Junior Class; Student Control Committee 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Exec- 
utive Committee 4; Basketball 1; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; 
Dean's List. 

JEFFERY M. WAINSCOTT, 1501 Riverview Avenue, Atchison, 
Kansas; Young Republicans I, 2, President 3, State Chairman 4; 
Young Americans for Freedom 2, Vice-President 3, 4; Conservative 
Society 2, Vice-President 3, 4; Political Science Club 4; Debate I; 
Mock Convention 1, 2, 3. 

Fourth Row: 

JOHN HARDIN WARD, IV, 610 Club Lane, Louisville, Ken- 
tucky, Ben. 

STEPHEN HURT WATTS, "Poplar Forest,' Lynchburg, Vir- 
ginia, KA; Dance Board Advisory Committee 3; Basketball 1; 
Golf 3. 

Fifth Row: 

ROBERT MICHAEL WEIN, 107 Queen Street, Beckley, West 
Virginia, ZBT; Robert E. Lee Research Scholarship 2, 3, 4; Tennis 
1; Dean's List; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, Treasurer 4. 

JAMES WALTER WHITEHEAD, JR., 601 South Main Street, 
Lexington, Virginia, Ki), Treasurer 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4. 



First Row: 

GARY PALLN WILKINSON, 55 Highland Road, Bethel Park, 
Pennsylvania, 'I'K^', Social Chairman 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Foot- 
ball 1; Track ', 2; Young Republicns I, 2, 3, 4; Mock Convention 
4; Honor Roll. 

DALE EDWARD WILLIAMS, 5714 McKinley Street, Bethesda, 
Maryland, AXA; Dean's List; WLUR; Southern Collegian; Rifle 
Team; Baseball Manager. 

Second Row: 

FIELDING LEWIS WILSON, JR., Box 6, Crewe, Virginia, K2, 
House Manager 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Football I; Lacrosse 
1; Dean's List 1; Young Republicans I; Ariel 1; Southern Colle- 
gian 2, 3; I.F.C. 3, 4. 

Hartford, Connecticut, HOII, House Manager 3; Soccer I, 2; 
CALYX I, 2. 

Third Row: 

WENDALL LANE WINN, JR., 1533 Cloncurry Road, Norfolk, 
Virginia, 'I'K-, Vice-President; SWMSFC 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Assim- 
ilation Committee I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 
President Ij S.S.S. 3, 4; Circle K 2, 3, 4; Mu Beta Psi 3, 4; Com- 
merce Fraternity 2, 3, 4; Rugby Club 3, 4; Basketball 1; Dean's 
List I, 2, 3, 4; Who's Who; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

JOHN DUNCAN WORCESTER, JR., 'Norwood Heights," Annis- 
quam, Massachusetts; Young Republicans I, 2, 3, 4; CALYX, 
Classes Editor 4; Glee Club 1; Young Americans for Freedom 1, 2, 
.3, 4; Conservative Society 3; Forensic Union 4; Mock Convention. 

Fourth Row: 

RICHARD ZACHARIAS, 46 Broad Avenue, Binghamton, New 
Y'ork, AT. House Officer; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

E. ELLIS ZAHRA, IR., 1250 Ardslev Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 
BolI, Pledge Trainer 3, President 3; I.F.C. 2, 3, 4; Judicial Board 
3, 4; CALYX 1; S.S.S. 2, 3, 4; Who's Who; Student Affairs Com- 
mittee 4; Openings, Vice-President 2; Sophomore Class Secretary 
2; Dance Board Advisory Committee 1, 2; Mongolian Minks 2, 3, 4. 


Bob Aldrich in the biology lab. 

Emory Waters and Richard Nash at Freshman Camp. 

Roane Lacy, Gordon Findlay, and Mac Ingles, winners of 
the Egg-eating contest. 

Frank Greer works on Arthropods. 

The Trivia Contest. 

Bob Miller and Jeff Twardy. 

Senior Informals 


LEFT TO RIGHT, Bill Brown, Vice-President; John Carrere, President; 
Herb Crenshaw, Executive Committeeman; Lee Halford, Executive Com- 

Junior Class 


President John Carrere. 


First Row: 

G. WILLIAM ALLEN, JR., 30 Manor Drive, Hud- 
son, Ohio. IIK'I'. 

JAMES S. AFTER, 1015 McClearv St., McKeesport, 
Pa. ZBT, 

ROBERT G. ARMSTRONG, Box 187.3, Roswell, 
New Mexico. -X. 

Second Row: 

TIMOTHY R. ASKEW, 1785 Oak Grove Road, De- 
catur, Georgia. -N'. 

THOMAS P. ATKINS, 1212 Herschel Woods Lane, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. AT. 

ROBERT K. BAKER, 27 Noe Ave., Madison, New 
Jersey. 'I>K>)'. 

WILLIS M. BALL, III, 5126 Ortega Blvd., Jack- 
sonville, Florida. <^Alt. 

JOHN M. BARR, 16 River Hill Road, Louisville, 
Kentucky. ''^AH. 

RICHARD H. BASSETT, 36 Sandy Hill Road, 
Chatham, New Jersev. AT. 

Fourth Row: 

RICHARD L. BATTIN, The Penthouse North, 101 
N.E. 19th Ave., Deerfield Beach, Florida. AT. 

ROBERT O. BAUER, 14557 Tanglewood Drive, 
Largo, Florida. ATA. 

TAMES LOUIS BECKNER, 310 Starting Ave., Mar- 
tinsville, Virginia. AXA. 

Fifth Row: 

MORRIS C. BENNERS, JR., 3808 Forest Glen 
Drive, Bimiinghani, Alabama. 

LEE BIVTNS, II, 2311 W. 16th St., Amarillo, 
Texas. K-. 

FREDERICK N. BLACK, Little Sandv Farm, 
Good Hope, Georgia. KA. 

Sixth Row: 

Plainville, Connecticut. AT. 

THOMAS L. BLANTON. III. 1506 North Dotsv 
St., Odessa, Texas. Kl. 

BERN M. BONIF.\NT, 6715 Lake Ave. S.W., 
Tacoma, Washington. +Eli. 


HAROLD W. BOWLES, 4508 Spring Hill Ave., 
South Charleston, West Virginia. — '^E. 

WILLIAM J. BROWN, 1610 Harvard, Midland, 
Texas. -N. 

JAMES G. BURKE, 310 Wrenn Ave., Mt. Airy, 
North Carolina. Ben. 

Second Row; 

JONATHAN D. BURT, .311 Walton Ave., South 
Orange, New Jersey. -N'. 

ROBERT M. BUXTON, 360 West Cherry Circle, 
Memphis, Tennessee. ^—. 

ROBERT G. CAMPBELL, 6609 Trenton Road, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. AT. 

Third Row: 

HUGH A. CARITHERS, JR., 3010 St. Johns Ave., 

Jacksonville, Florida. <^^A. 

JOHN F. CARRERE, JR., 1530 Calhoun St., New 
Orleans, Louisiana. ATA. 

JAMES R. CARSON, III, 1308 South 8th St., 
Leesburg, Florida. Kli. 

Fourth Row: 

CLARK H. CARTER, 220 Goodale Road, Balti- 
more, Maryland. ATA. 

LESLIE S. CARTER, 2527 Summit St., Bethel 
Park, Pennsvlvania. AT. 

ALLEN R. C\SKIE, 3700 Roberts Lane, Arling- 
ton, Virginia. nKA. 

Fifth Row: 

JOSEPH T. CHADWICK, 150 Stevenson Lane, 
Baltimore, Maryland. -+E. 

BURNET H. CHALMERS, 416 Columbia Road, 
Ellicott Citv, Marvland. *K1I. 

WILLIAM A. CHILDS, JR., 611 Southfield, 
Shreveport, Louisiana. -AE. 

Sixth Row: 

\\TLL1AM M. CHRISTIE, JR., Route 1, Box 28A, 
Gcrmantown, Marvland. 

WILLIAM C. CHUMLEA, 4012 Edgehill Road, 
Fort Worth, Texas. AXA. 

JOSEPH C. CLARKE, III, 809 Arlington Circle, 
Richmond, Virginia. ATA. 


First Row: 

LOUIS K. COLEMAN, 1333 Harden Lane, Pikes- 
ville, Maryland. AT. 

WILLIAM J. COOK, 6002 Kingston Drive, Ali- 
quippa, Pennsylvania. 

GREGORY B. CRAMPTON, 2334 Hathaway Road, 
Raleigh, North Carolina. ^Ae. 

Second Row: 

DAVID A. CRAWLEY, 7517 Arbroath Drive, 
Clinton, Maryland. IIK't'. 

Drive, Forest City, North Carolina. i:<t'E. 

JEFFREY P. CROPSEY, 151 Hoffman St., Frank- 
lin Square, New York. .\XA. 

Third Row: 

Tuck, Houston, Texas. 't'K^. 

JOSEPH H. DA\ENPORT, III, 102 East Brow 
Road, Lookout Mountain. Tennessee. KHII. 

JOSEPH S. DEMOSKI, JR., 1424 Stratford Ave., 
Rockford, Illinois. IIK.h. 



First Row: 

HASKELL L. DICKINSON, II, 6 Palisades Drive, 
Little Rock, Arkansas. KZ. 

HENRY W. DORER, 30 West Beechcroft Road, 
Short Hills, New Jersey. AT. 

DAVID L. DOWLER, 4508 Belclaire Ave., Dallas, 
Texas. -N. 

Second Row: 

BRUCE E. DOWNING, Box 124, Griffiss AFB, 
New York, New York. AXA. 

ALLEN C. DUKES, Route 1, Pike Road, Mont- 
gomery, Alabama. KA. 

THEODORE J. DUNCAN, III, 4800 Willard, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. -X. 

Third Row: 

DAN T. DUNN, JR., 2718 Cumberland Ave., 
Ashland, Kentucky. -N. 

MARK R. EAKER, 7914 Royal Lane Apt. 216, 
Dallas, Texas. ZBT. 

EARL T. EDWARDS, JR., Rt. 5, Lexington, Vir- 





DAVID C. ENNIS, 4929 King Richard Road, 
Jacksonville, Florida. +rA. 

WILLIAM D. FALVEY, 611 E. Melton St., Long- 
view, Texas. -X. 

MARK L. FAVERMAN, 635 Pennsvlvania Ave., 
Norfolk, Virginia. ZBT. 

Second Row: 

JOHN S. FECHNAY, 18 Ball Road, Mountain 
Lakes, New Jersey. ATA. 

REINHARD W. FISCHER, 502,3 West Eastwood 
Circle, Cincinnati, Ohio. ATA. 

MAYO M. FITZHUGH, III, I6I7 Albemarle St., 
McLean, Virginia. -*E. 

Third Row: 

WILLIAM T. FLEMING, JR., 4000 Menendez 
Drive, Pensacola, Florida. -■^'. 

FREDERICK C. FLETCHER, 224 Sinkler Drive, 
Radnor, Pennsvlvania. -N'. 

STEPHEN W. FLETCHER, 7070 N. Pennsyl- 
vania St., Indianapolis, Indiana. '^EII. 

Fourth Row: 

JAMES R. FORMAN, HI, 13 Rock Dell Lane, 
Birmingham, .Alabama. +AH. 

WILLIAM S. FOSTER, IV, 27 Donnybrook Road, 
Montvale, New Jersey. <^EI1, 

J. MICHAEL FREEMAN, 5177 Edwards Road, 
Sturrysville, Pennsylvania. AT. 

Fifth Row: 

STEPHEN F. FULGHUM, JR., 400 Courtland 
Circle, Lakeland, Florida. 

Drive, Alexandria, Virginia. AT. 

WILLIAM L. GILMER, 3832 Brook Hollow Lane, 
Birmingham, Alabama. +AH. 

Sixth Row: 

JAMES B. GITHLER, 4 East Fourth St., Coming, 
New York. K.\. 

J.^MES B. GOODWIN, One Washington Circle, 
Washington, D.C. +Ae. 

WILLIAM H. GRADDY, IV, Greenwood Farm, 
Versailles, Kentuckv. Boll. 



WILLIAM B. GRAHAM, JR., 8015 Carriage 
Lane, Richmond, Virginia. IIK<t>. 

WALTER H. GREEN, Ferrum, Virginia. 

CLEBURNE E. GREGORY, lU, 3488 Valley 
Road, Atlanta, Georgia. -X. 

Second Row: 

STEPHEN B. GROVE, 29 Ivy Lane, Newington, 

MARION L. HALFORD, JR., 527 East Spring 
Valley, Richardson, Texas. B9n. 

WILLIAM D. HALL, 30 Walnut Lane, Dayton, 
Ohio. BHII. 

Third Row: 

JAMES C. HAMILL, JR., 821 N.W. 37th St., 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. -+£. 

DAVID W. HARDEE, III, 210 Longmeadow 
Road, Greenville, North Carolina. <t>rA. 

JOHN C. HARRIS, JR., P.O. Box 368, Scottsboro, 
Alabama. KA. 

Fourth Row: 

RAY V. HARTWELL, III, P.O. Box 169, Jack- 
sonville, Alabama. BGII. 

MICHAEL J. HAWKINS, 2750 Hillbrook Drive, 
Roanoke, Virginia. ♦En. 

ROBERT M. HENES, 17 Hope Road, Mt. Tabor, 
New Jersey. 

Fifth Row: 

JULIAN G. HESSON, Gladstone, Virginia. AXA. 

DANIEL W. HIGGINS, JR., 3910 South San- 
dusky, Tulsa, Oklahoma. -X. 

LEON B. HINES, 1404 Escambia Ave., Brewton, 
Alabama. BGII. 

Sixth Row; 

SAMUEL D. HINKLE, IV, Guist Creek Farm, 
Shelbvville, Kentucky. ATA. 

JOHN M. HOSFORD, 115 Bay Drive Bay Ridge, 
Annapolis, Maryland. UK A. 

ROGERS H. ISRAEL, JR., 5110 Spriglake Way, 
Baltimore, Maryland. -AE. 



OAVID D. JACKSON, Rt. 4, Box 552, Mt. Airy, 
North Carolina. <^Ki:. 

ARTHUR H. JOHNSON, 8 Lakeside Drive, War- 
rington, Florida. BHII. 

JOHN L. JOHNSON, 1 Meadow Lane, Lakewood 
Estates, Bessemer, Alabama. BBn. 

WALTER S. JONES, 11 Willow St., Cranford, 
New Jersey. 'I'PA. 

LEON D. KATZ, 6615 Park Heights Ave., Balti- 
more, Marvland. ZBT, 

NEIL S. KESSLER, 201 West Hillcrest Ave., 
Richmond, Virginia. ZBT. 

Third Row; 

RONALD B. KESSLER, 106 Trent Road, Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania ZBT. 

WILLIAM J. KIMMEL, IH, 5801 Glenkirk Court, 
Baltimore, Mar\land. AT. 

JOHN F. KIRCHER, 185 N. Hewlett Ave., Mer- 
rick, New York. 't'KII. 



RICHARD E. KRAMER, 1718 34th St. N.W., 
Washington, D.C. <t>EII. 

CARLISLE M. LANDRETH, 2729 Bluefield Blvd. 
S.W., Roanoke, Virginia. AXA. 

JOHN L. LANIER, West Point, Georgia. Ben. 

Second Row: 

ALAN W. LEE, 442 Hempstead Place, Charlotte, 
North Carohna. -AE. 

ALAN M. LEVINE, 345 Hawthorne Ave., Haw- 
tliorne. New Jersey. '^EII. 

JOHN F. LILLARD, HI, 3904 Calverton Drive, 
Hyattsville, Maryland. AXA. 

Third Row: 

JAMES J. LIVESAY, 7614 Riverpoint Drive, Hous- 
ton, Texas. +Ki;. 

WALTER S. LOCKHART, 8901 S.W. 64th Court, 
Miami, Florida. KA. 

MILTON K. LONG, JR., Route 6 Longacres, 
llagerstown, Maryland. ATA. 



ARTHUR S. LORING, Drawer 280, Williamsburg, 
Virginia. ZBT. 

DANIEL R. LYNN, JR., Randolph, Virginia. i:'^E. 

DONALD C. McCLURE, 710 Valleybrook Drive, 
Memphis, Tennessee. 2X. 

Second Row: 

JAMES W. McCOMMONS, 6466 Pemberton 
Drive, Dallas, Texas. -X. 

WILLIAM T. McCUTCHEN, Box 68, 4.34 Maple 
Lane, Russellville, Kentucky. KA. 

MARK D. McGAUGHEY, 1650 Spring Hill Lane, 
Port Edwards, Wisconsin. -X. 

Third Row; 

THOMAS H. McLACHLEN, 6015 Tilden Lane, 
Rockville, Marvland. 

WILLIAM J. McLEOD, JR., 4.36 22nd Ave. N.E., 
St. Petersburg, Florida. 'I'rA. 

LEE R. McMillan, II, 149 Brockenbrough 
Court, Metairie, Louisiana. +Ae. 

Fourth Row: 

MICHAEL P. McWeeny, 2,300 Trott Avenue, 
Vienna, Virginia. 

SCOTT R. MACKENZIE, 82 Deer Trail, Hillsdale, 
New Jersey. ATA. 

BRANDON C. MARTIN, 12 Booth Lane, Haver- 
ford, Pennsylvania. nK4'. 

Fifth Row: 

ROBERT E. MARTIN, Main St., Box 3, Berkshire, 
New York. AT. 

JOHN S. MASON, 1807 Kirbv Road, McLean, 
Virginia. 't'VAl. 

ROBERT W. MATHEWS, 314 Saint Davids Lane, 
Richmond, Virginia. "t'rA. 

Sixth Row: 

FLETCHER F. MAYNARD, 2230 No. Parkway, 
Memphis, Tennessee. —X. 

JOHN C. MEINRATH, 302 Dolphin Place, Cor- 
pus Christi, Texas. -N. 

CHRISTOPHER P. MEYER, 304 St. Davids Lane, 
Richmond. Virginia. +A6. 



THOMAS P. MITCHELL, R.D. 1, Middletown, 
New York. ATA. 

Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana. Ki;. 

GLENN R. MOORE, 7411 Willowbrook Lane, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 4>K^. 

Second Row: 

EDWARD H. MORRIS, 156 College Lane, Mo- 
bile, Alabama. Beil. 

ROBERT A. MOSELLE, 56 Fowler Ave., Lyn- 
brook. New York. *Fn. 

ROBERT E. MUNSON, JR., 29 Coffman Ave., 
Hagerstown, Maryland. ATA. 

Third Row: 

ALAN W. NASH, 5016 Twinsbrook Road, Fairfax, 

THOMAS M. NEWMAN, 110 Martinique Ave., 
lampa, Florida. *KII. 

PHILIP W. NORWOOD, 6319 Haviland Drive, 
Bethesda, Maryland. *Ae. 

Fourth Row: 

PETER NOWICK, JR., 506 Landing Ave., Smith- 
town, Long Island, New York. *K'!'. 

GEOFFREY C. ORTH, 429 Greenview Lane, 
Havertown, Pennsylvania. AT. 

FRANK J. PACOCHA, 157 Grove St., Stamford, 

Fifth Row: 

R. STEPHENS PANNILL, 1205 Sam Lions Trail, 
Martinsville, Virginia. II KA. 

GREGORY E. PARKER, 1750 East Main St., Louis- 
ville, Ohio. 

JOHN E. PASSAVANT, III, 121 Crest Drive, 
Beaver, Pennsylvania. nKA. 

Sixth Row: 

GEORGE L. PATTERSON, III, 6525 S.W. 133rd 
Drive, Miami, Florida. <M'A. 

RALPH E. PEARCY, II, 1029 Guilford Road, 
Charlotte, North Carolina. i^X. 

JERALD L. PERLMAN, 2593 East Lakeshore 
Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. ZBT. 


JAMES A. PHILPOTT, JR., 314 Woodlawn Drive, 
Lexington, North Carolina. •^A0. 

ROBERT E. PRICE, 214 Crestwood, Houston, 

Texas. -AK. 

PAUL A. PRINCE, 10.39 N. Charlotte St., Potts- 
town, Pennsylvania. 

Second Row: 

MICHAEL W. PUSTAY, 198 Elder Ave., Bergen- 
field. New Jersey. AX.\. 

WILLIAM L. PUTNEY, III, 2408 Greenbrier 
Road, Winston Salem, North Carolina. -N'. 

THOMAS E. ROBINSON, Cr. 13 No. 93 67, 
Bogota, Colombia, South America. 'M^A. 

Third Row: 

H. DANIEL ROGERS, Merriden, New Hampshire. 

HENRY L. ROEDIGER, III, 347 Linden Drive, 
Dan\ille, N'irginia. — •^. 

THOMAS RUEGER, V, 502 Cavalier Drive, Vir- 
ginia Beach. \'lrginia. -AE. 



First Row: 

LAURANCE P. RUNYON, III, 777 Berkeley Ave., 
Plainfield, New Jersey. -X. 

WILSON W. SAMPLE, 507 Sherwood Road, 
Shreveport, Louisiana. K2. 

MARC A. SCHEWEL, 3241 Elk St., Lynchburg, 
Virginia. <t>En. 

Second Row: 

DAVID E. SCHUSTER, 8 E. 83rd St., New York, 
New York. -N'. 

TERRY G. SEAKS, 5210 Albemarle St., Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

NICHOLAS H. SHEA, JR., 8721 Persimmon Tree 
Road, Potomac, Maryland. 

Third Row: 

GARY D. SILVERFIELD, 1021 Brentwood Drive, 
Columbia, South Carolina. II KA. 

JOHN G. SIMMONS, Pinecrest, Jasper, Alabama. 


JUDSON H. SIMMONS, P.O. Box 10543, Station 
A, Cox Foundry & Machine Co., Atlanta, Georgia. 



STEVEN C. SIMON, 9303 Kentstone Drive, 
Bethesda, Maryland. 

THOMAS K. SLABAUGH, 220 Kingsway Drive, 
Lexington, Kentucky. i^X. 

Norfolk, Virginia. Ki). 

1223 Westmoreland Ave., 

Second Row: 

ALAN L. STEDMAN, 1 10 Glenwood Road, Had- 
donfield, New Jersey. — N'. 

MICHAEL C. STEVENS, 816 Watt Drive, Talla- 
hassee, Florida. -'hE. 

CHARLES E. STEWART, 302 Broxton Road, 
Baltimore, Maryland. ATA. 

Third Row: 

DAVID H. STOVALL, JR., 530 South Mason St., 
Harrisonburg, Virginia. II K A. 

RICHARD R. SWEENEY, 270 Cherry Hill Road, 
Princeton, New Jersey. KA. 

ALEXIS TARUMIANZ, Box 3703, Greenville, 
Delaware. BOII. 

Fourth Row: 

KENNETH H. TAYLOR, 313 Clovellv Road, 
Richmond, Virginia. — AE. 

BRUCE W. TALCOTT, 4239 Forest Park Road, 
Jacksonville, Florida. +AB. 

JOHN S. THIEMEYER, III, 7701 Argvle Ave., 
Norfolk, Virginia. "fKi). 

Fifth Row: 

RICHARD M. THOMAS, 1242 Hampton Ridge, 
Bedford, Virginia. -X. 

WILLIAM A. TIMMERMAN, 250 N. Maple Ave., 
Ridgewood, New Jersev. AXA. 

RICHARD A. TOMLIN, 1200 E. Seminary Drive 
431 A, Fort Worth, Texas. Ki:. 

Sixth Row: 

JAMES A. TRUSS, 532 N.W. 4th St., Oklahoma 
City, Oklahoma. UK A. 

GARLAND S. TUCKER, III, 1415 West Nash St., 
Wilson, North Carolina. -N. 

GILBERT C. TURNER, JR., 219 Hope St., Ridge- 
wood, New Jersev. 'M'A. 



First Row: 

BRYAN G. TYACK, Route 2, Box 190, Fincastle, 
Virginia. "t'EII. 

WILLIAM C. TYLER, 12008 Osage Road, 
Anchorage, Kentucky. B9II. 

EDWIN B, VADEN, JR., 1350 Wakefield Road, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 2AE. 

Second Row: 

JOSEPH A. VIVARI, 5015 Ft. Sumner Drive, 
Washington, D.C. KA. 

WILLIAM C. WALKER, JR., 429 Hariton Court, 
Norfolk, Virginia. 

STEPHEN J. WALLER, Box 37, East Point, 
Louisiana. —X. 

Third Row; 

JULIAN W. WALTHALL, Newbem, Alabama. 


JEFFREY WEXLER, 42 Carman Ave., Cedar- 
hurst, New York. +En. 

MARK A. WHERRY, 10138 Hanka, Houston, 

Texas. AXA. 

Fourth Row: 

JOHN T. WHETSTONE, UI, 2928 Pine Haven 
Drive, Birmingham, Alabama. AXA. 

JOHN C. WHITE, JR., 5505 Jordan Road, Wash- 
ington, D.C. 't>K<Sr. 

JOSEPH C. WICH, JR., 614 Coventry Road, 
lowson, Maryland. ATA. 

Fifth Row: 

JOSEPH WIGERT, 163 Glenside Trail, Sparta, 
New Jersey. riKA. 

CHARLES C. WILLIAMS, JR., 3520 Pine Ridge 
Road, Birmingham, Alabama. ^K^, 

PETER WILLIAMS, V, 8741 Susanna Lane, 
Chevy Chase, Maryland. AXA. 

Sixth Row: 

ware St., Chevy Chase, Maryland. 

ADDISON G. WILSON, 10 GreenhiU St., Charles- 
ton, South Carolina. --N'. 

HARRY M. WILSON, III, 3848 Ortega Blvd., 
Jacksonville, Florida. 'f'A6. 



HOMER D. WINTER, 775 North Fourth St., 
Wvtheville, Virginia. 'I'Ki:. 

ROBERT W. WIPFLER, 87 Scott Ave., Elmira, 
New York. 'l'K:i. 

KIRK WOODWARD, 5.35 Primrose Wav, Louis- 
ville, Kcntuckv. AT. 

THOMAS H. WRIGHT, III, 555 Hempstead Place, 
Charlotte, North Carolina. -.\K. 

HARRY J. ZELIFF, 707 N. Coalter St., Staunton, 
\'irginia. +EII. 

R.\YMOND J. ZELTNER, 27 Hanev Drive, Sum- 
mit, New Jersev. AT. 


President of Sophomore 
Class Dean Kumpuris. 

Class Officers 

Dean Kumpuris and Vice-President Homer Gamble. 

Executive Committeemen Danny Leonard and Steve 



First Row: 

RICHARD B. ABRAMS, HI Springdale Ave, Beckley, West 
Virginia. ZHT. 

JUSTIN G. ADAMS, 2 Long Crescent Drive, Bristol, Vir- 
ginia. ATA. 

ROBERT W. ALDRED, 8 Greelev Square, Glen Head, New 

MICHAEL B. ALLDERDICE, 190 East Cherrv Circle, Mem- 
phis, Tennessee. 2N', 

Second Row; 

G. DAVID ALLEN, 1045 Cedar Ave., Pitman, New Jersey. 


GARY W. ANDERSON, 25 Highlands Drive, Kinnelon, New 


RICHARD H. ANTELL, .3718 Stratford Road, Richmond, 

Virginia. KA. 

RAYMOND J. ANTON ACCI, 581 Guernseytown Road, Wa- 

tertown, Connecticut. II KA. 

Third Row: 

RICHARD B. ARMSTRONG, 2,3 Amherst Road, Asheville, 
North Carolina. 'I'Ki;. 

JON C. ARUTE, 184 Goodale Drive, Newington, Connecti- 
cut. "I'K'i:. 

TERRY B. AUSTIN, } Chatham Walk, Morristown, New 
Jersey. 't'Ki:. 

BRYAN BALDWIN, 4273 Pawnee St., Jacksonville, Florida. 

Fourth Row: 

HENRY W. BARRE, 508 Sherwood Circle, Spartanburg, 
South Carolina. +Ae. 

J. MARTIN BASS, 6700 Blue Bird Drive, Little Rock, 
Aikansas. -X. 

GEORGE Z. BATEH, 1334 Palmer Terrace, Jacksonville, 
Florida. OKA, 

W. JOHN BAYARD, Kalmia Crest Farm, Tryon, North Caro- 
lina. ATA. 

Fifth Row: 

BRUCE O. BECKMAN, ,3524 Hamlet Place, Chevy Chase, 

Maryland. nK<t>. 

JAMES I. BENNETCH, Route 1, Lexington, Virginia. 

BRUCE B. BERNARD, 67 Beechwood Ave., Poughkeepsie, 

New York. ZRT. 

JOHN M. BERNARD, 146 Helfenstein, Webster Groves, 

Missouri. BHIl. 

Sixth Row: 

PETER R. BESSON, Qtr. 9 A, Fort McNair, Washington, 

D.C. ZBT. 

DAVID M. BETHEA, 205 Crittenden Lane, Newport News, 

Virginia. -.N'. 

WILLIAM B. BIDDLE, Meriin Road, Route 2, Phoenixville, 

Pennsvlvania. 11 KA. 

DONALD P. BOCK, Dock Ave., Waretown, New Jersey. 


Seventh Row: 

ALLEN Z. BOGERT, JR., 1222 Bav Ave., Mantoloking, New 
Jersey. 11 K+. 

CRAIG W. BREMER, 27 Andover Drive, Wavne, New Jersey. 

LLOYD W. BROMLEY, 235 Indian Creek Road, Wynne- 
wood, Pennsylvania. 

SCOTT A. BROWER, 6890 Fair Oaks Drive, Cincinnati, 
Ohio. ZHT. 

Eighth Row: 

RICHARD N. BUCKALEW, JR., 225 Elm Ave., Riverton, 
New Jersey. 

PAUL D. BUSKEY, Route 2, West Redding, Connecticut. AT. 
JAMES F. BYCOTT, 21 Linden Ave., Wheeling, West Vir- 
ginia. .\.\.\. 

REED B. BYRUM, 23 Edgewood St., Wheeling, West Vir- 
ginia. -+E. 

'A Mi A 


First Row: 

B. WAUGH CRIGLER, 402 South Main St., Culpeper, Vir- 
ginia. ■M'A. 

JOHN H. CROCKETT, JR., Route 2, Box 18, Wytheville, 
Virginia. AX A. 

DAVID S. GUMMING, 1213 South Fifteenth Ave. W., 
Newton, Iowa. —X. 

RICHARD C. DAUGHTREY, 5.3.37 River Edge Road, Nor- 
folk, Virginia. 

Second Row: 

JEFFREY S. DEITZ, 3506 Old Post Drive, Baltimore, Mary- 
land. ZBT. 

GREGORY J. DIGEL, 15 Peach St., Bradford, Pennsylvania. 

CHARLES W. DOBBINS, JR., 605 Emerv Road, Louisville, 
Kentuckv. BHR. 

GARY H. DOBBS, III, 3329 Winchester Road, Birmingham, 
Alabama. —X. 

Third Row: 

JAY F. DORMAN, 202 Cheryl Drive, Danville, Virginia. i:.V. 
PHIL D. DOUGLASS, 430 Roland Avenue, Jackson, Tennes- 
see. -X. 

WALTER J. DOZIER, JR., 1501 Svcamore St., Durham, 
.North Carolina. *AH. 

RICHARD F. DUNLAP, JR., 323 Cassell Lane, Roanoke, 
Virginia. 11 KA. 

Fourth Row: 

GILERT J. EATON, 4901 Jamestown Road, Washington, 

D.C. AXA. 

PETER C. EGGERS, 5 Locust Ave., Larchmont, New York. 


ROBERT L. ENTZMINGER, .3424 Lee Ave., Belle, West 

Virginia. -<PE. 

MARK S. EVANS, 138 Glen Echo Drive, Norfolk, Virginia. 



First Row: 

CHARLES C. CAHN, JR., 149 S. Haardt Drive, Montgomery, 
Alabama. ZBT. 

ALAN L. CAMERON, JR., 2454 Vallejo St., San Francisco, 
California. IIK<t>. 

C. LAWSON CANNON, 535 Sherwood Circle, Spartanburg, 
South Carolina, <^^e. 

CARL C. CAREY, 202 Whittemore St., Tewksbury, Massa- 

Second Row: 

EDWARD C. CHAPMAN, 2 Oval Court, Bronxville, New 

York. II KA. 

J. DON CHILDRESS, 6815 Whitehill, Dallas, Texas. 2X. 

DOUGLAS E. CLARKE, 54 1 1 Willers Way, Houston, Texas. 


KENNETH M. CLAYTON, 2524 Shrewsbury Road, Orlando, 

Florida. BOn. 

Third Row: 

MICHAEL M. COLE, 308 Aberdeen Terrace, Greensboro, 
North Carolina. -'I'E. 

RICHARD L. COLLIER, Dogwood Hills Road, Americus, 
Georgia. KA. 

EDWARD W. COSLETT, III, 30 Woodbrook Road, Swarth- 
more, Pennsvlvania. '^K*. 

CHRISTOPHER D. COURSEN, 5410 Duvall Drive, Wash- 
ington, D.C. '^K>I'. 

Fourth Row: 

ROBERT W. COWPERTHWAITE, 3705 S.W. 2nd Place, 
Gainesville, Florida. --X. 

ANTHONY M. COYNE, 2854 Wiltshire Drive, Decatur, 
Georgia. T-. 

FREDERICK C. CREASY, JR., 2400 Lindale Drive, Whit- 
field, Reading, Pennsylvania. <t>En. 

T. KENNETH CRIBB, JR., 529 Sherwood Circle, Spartan- 
burg, S.C. *A0. 


STUART C. FAUBER, 3921 Roval Blvd., Lynchburg, Vir- 
ginia. -N. 

ALBERT T. FECHTEL, JR., 4958 River Point Road, Jack- 
sonville, Florida. — AE. 

JERE D. FIELD, 419 South Broad St., Monroe, Georgia. 


FRANK E. FISHER, 1705 North Taylor St., Arlington, Vir- 

Sigma Nu Party. 

KA Party. 


First Row; 

HENRY A. FLEISHMAN, 1216 Briarwood, Anderson, South 
Carolina. ZBT, 

THOMAS O. FLEMING, JR., 4120 Fortune Drive, Las 
Vegas, Nevada. 

HUGH B. FOSHEE, 4418 Signal Hill Road, Louisville, Ken- 
tucky. ATA. 

JOHN G. FOX, JR., 3723 Cardiff Road, Chevy Chase, Mary- 
land. I-K*. 

Second Row: 

WALTER J. FRANCISCO, JR., 23 Acker Ave., Troy, New 


CHARLES G. FRANK, 3569 Fort Meade Road, Apt. 202, 

Laurel, Marvland. AXA. 

DAVID R. FRANKSTONE, 3684 Rockhill Road, Birmingham, 

Alabama. -N. 

THOMAS J. GAGE, 6169 Paris Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Third Row: 

WILLIAM F. GAILLARD, 77 Montagu St., Charleston, 

South Carolina. 

HOMER F. GAMBLE, 1300 Second Ave., Kingstree, South 

Carolina. IIKA. 

BROOX G. GARRETT, JR., 1400 Bonita Ave., Brewton, 

Alabama. HHII. 

CHARLES T. GARTEN, JR., 221 Shirlev Drive, Bristol, 

Tennessee. 'f'KZ;. 

Fourth Row: 

SPENCER B. GAY, 5030 Loughboro Road, Washington, D.C. 


KENNETH S. GEORGE, 1906 North L, Midland, Texas. i;N". 

ALAN B. GIBSON, 123 Robert Ave., Rockford, Illinois. i:X. 

JEFFREY L. GINGOLD, 134 Skyline Drive, Watchung. New 

Jersey. IIK4>. 



First Row: 

ANDREW M. GOMBOS, 114 Skyline Drive, Beaver Falls, 

WILLIAM W. GOODRICH, 3216 Brookwood Road, Bir- 
mingham, Alabama. KA. 

WILLIAM M. GOTTWALD, 300 Hemdon Road, Richmond, 
Virginia. *K2. 

JOHN C. GRANDIN, 21 New York Ave., Lakewood, New 
York. 2<1>E. 

Second Row: 

THOMAS C. GROTON, III, Box 193, Sparks, Maryland. 

HUGH B. GUILL, 6827 32nd St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 


ROBERT O. GUYTHER, Leonardtown, Maryland. AXA. 

G. CHRISTOPHER HABERS, 510 Grove St., Sewickley, 


Third Row; 

BRENT G. HANKINS, Route 1, Sewall Road, Bridgeton, 
New Jersey. *rA. 

MILFORD B. HATCHER, JR., 1290 Jackson Springs Road, 
Macon, Georgia. 

DAVID P. HAYDU, 320 Hill Farm Road, Fairfield, Connec- 

MARK H. HENDRICKSON, 708 N.W. 39th St., Oklahoma 
City, Oklahoma. 

Fourth Row: 

CHRISTOPHER R. HERCHOLD, 9126 Newkirk Ave., North 
Bergen, New Jersey. 'trA. 

GARY D. HERMAN, 2355 Valley Vista, Louisville, Kentucky. 

HOWARD J. HERMAN, 681 Woodfield Road, West Hemp- 
stead, New York. 

ROBERT H. HERRING, JR., 1155 Ridgeland Drive, Flor- 
ence, South Carolina. -X. 

DU Party. 

Kappa Sig Party. 

KENNETH L. HICKMAN, 757 Kirby Place, Shreveport, 

Louisiana. KOn. 

HARRY H. HILL, III, 730 Chinook Place, Lynchburg, Vir- 

HENRY L. HILLS, JR., 1734 Inverness Ave. N.E., Atlanta, 
Georgia. KZ. 

PAUL J. HIRSH, 65 Locust Ave., Millbum, New Jersey. 



First Row: 

PHILIP H. JONES, 1635 Monument Ave., Richmond, Vir- 
ginia. I\A. 

DAVID R. KATZ, ,3634 Palmerston Road, Shaker Heights, 

PHILIP S. KEAT, 1 10 West Dudley Ave., Westfield, New 
Jersey. IIK't>. 

JOHN M. KEFAUVER, JR., 1403 Jackson-Keller, Apt. 1 10 E, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Second Row: 

H. WISE KELLY, III, I080I Main St., Fairfax, Virginia. AT. 

REEVE W. KELSEY, 3603 Brookside Rd., Toledo, Ohio. 


G. WHITNEY KEMPER, 56 Highland Ave., Chatham, New 


CLIFFORD H. KERN, III, 69 Versailles Blvd., New Orleans, 


Third Row: 

WAYNE B. KILLE, Route 2, Mt. Solon, Virginia. AT. 
WILLIAM E. KINTZING, 3515 North .Market, Shreveport, 
Louisiana. AT. 

CHARLES W. KUHN, JR., 1 103 South Cheslev Drive, Louis- 
ville, Kentucky. ATA. 

D. DEAN KUMPURIS, 2317 North Palm St., Little Rock, 
.Arkansas. riAE. 

Fourth Row: 

DAVID D. KYMPTON, 7671 Yarmouth Drive, Richmond, 
Virginia. --N". 

THOMAS C. LEA-MING, 7004 Mathers Lane, Fort Washing- 
ton, Pennsylvania. AX A. 
ROBERT C. LEE, 601 North Jackson, El Dorado, Arkansas. 


DAN M. LEONARD, 612 North Kansas, Roswell, New Mex- 
ico. ■^Ki;. 


First Row: 

RICHARD II. HOGAN, 1500 Alabama Ave., Durham, North 
Carolina. AX A. 

KOBDON D. HOLLISTER, 2515 South 4th St., Charleston, 

(;RE(;()RY L. holmes, .3217 Glanzman Road, Apt. 4 A, 
Toledo, Ohio. 

CHARLES A. HOLT, JR., 131 1 Oak Drive, Blacksburg, Vir- 
ginia. II KA. 

Second Row: 

LAWRENCE E. IIONIG, II2I9 Hermosa Court, Houston, 

Texas. KA. 

FRANK B. HOUSEMAN, 3708 Caruth Blvd., Dallas, Texas. 


PHILIP C. HUBBARD, 22 Salem Road, Montevallo, Ala- 
bama. -X. 

JAMES R. M. HUGHES, JR., 6508 Forest Hill Ave., Rich- 
mond, Virginia. -'I'K. 

Third Row: 

DAVID L. HULL, 1290 East Hibiscus Drive, Bartow, Florida. 

RANDOLPH L. HUTTO, 6260 Mountainview Drive, CJolum- 
bus, Georgia. -AE. 

ROY T. JACKSON, 1807 C;reat Falls Road, McLean, Vir- 
ginia. .\XA. 

CURT B. JAMISON, 3439 Knollwood Drive. N.W., Atlanta, 
Georgia. KA. 

Fourth Row: 

DAVID D. JOHNSON, III, 122 Sheridan Circle, Charieston, 
West Virginia. 'I'A». 

HOWARD B. JOHNSON, 606 North Oak St., Falls Church, 

HENRY P. JOHNSTON, JR., 3123 Overhill Road, Birming- 
ham, Alabama. BHII. 

LUTHER C. JONES, III, 1 100 Ilollins Road, Richmond, Vir- 
ginia. 'I'Afi. 

k ^:P:4^^ 


First Row: 

JAMES H. MALONEY, JR., 2339 Linden Dr., S.E., Cedar 

Rapids, Iowa. -X. 

LAURENCE A. MANN, 457 Wahackme Rd., New Canaan, 


ALAN P. MARIAN, 1345 Old Ford Rd., Huntingdon Valley, 

Pennsylvania. AXA. 

CHRISTOPHER R. MARTIN, 129 Sunset Drive, Sandusky, 

Ohio. II K*. 

Second Row: 

ROGERS S. MARTIN, 4736 Exeter Lane, Jacksonville, Flor- 
ida. +Ae. 

HERBERT M. MASHBURN, 1118 Northwood St., Greens- 
boro, North Carolina. *Afl. 

STEVEN P. MASLANSKY, 26 Ridgeway Circle, White 
Plains, New York. ZBT. 

JAMES O. MATHEWS, JR., 2012 Robin Rd., Owensboro, 
Kentucky. -X. 

Third Row: 

JAMES A. MERIWETHER, Box 490, Front Royal, Virginia. 


ROBERT E. MESCAL, JR., Dupont Do Brasil, Caixa, Postal 

81 12, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America. +rA. 

BRUCE A. MEYERS, 10610 Cavalier Dr., Silver Spring, 

Maryland. 't-Kn. 

JOHN E. MILLER, 206 Sunset Dr., Richmond, Virginia. 


Fourth Row: 

MICHAEL MILLER, JR., 8320 S. W. 150th Dr., Miami, 
Florida. IIK-t'. 

SHELDON J. MILLER, 3645 Northwood Dr., Memphis, 
Tennessee. ZI?T, 

RICHARD H. MILNOR, 15 Powerville Rd., Mountain Lakes, 
New Jersey. '^K^. 

WILLIAM L. MOFFATT, IH, 4422 Chickasaw Rd., Mem- 
phis, Tennessee. +K2. 


First Row: 

WILLIAM S. LISLE, 4365 Braunton Rd., Columbus, Ohio. 

FANNING M. LITTLE, Route 2, Jessamine Hill, Spartan- 
burg, South Carolina. +Ae. 

JOSEPH T. LYKES, III, 604 Hector Ave., Metairie, Louisi- 
ana. *Ae. 

HERBERT J. McCHRYSTAL, III, 131 North Jackson St., 
Arlington, Virginia. -"t>E. 

Second Row: 

HAROLD F. McCRANIE, 2206 Park Lane, Valdosta, Georgia, 


WILLIAM K. McCULLOUGH, 1127 Sunset Drive, Fairmont, 

West Virginia. -*K. 

DANIEL C. McDAVITT, Swengle, Pennsylvania. AT. 

JOSEPH A. McDonald, 3665 Ivy Rd., N.E., Atlanta, 

Georgia. -4>E. 

Third Row: 

JAMES C. McELROY, 4709 Crescent Drive, Shreveport, 
Louisiana. +A0. 

SCOTT B. McELROY, 1811 Fetdon Rd., Ann Arbor, Michi- 
gan. KA. 

PHILIP D. McFARLANE, 632 Garden Lane, Bristol, Vir- 
ginia. Ki). 

THOMAS N. McJUNKIN, 920 Newton Rd., Charleston, West 
Virginia. •t'Ae. 

Fourth Row: 

WILLIAM P. McKELWAY, JR., 5617 Grove St., Chevy 
Chase, Maryland. ^K*. 

BRUCE R. MacQUEEN, 1723 W. Moyamensing Ave., Phila- 
delphia, Pennsvlvania. 't'EII. 

LEE B. MADINGER, 22 Tudor Lane, Scarsdale, New York. 
JACK R. MAGUIRE, JR., 1306 Belmont Parkway, Austin 
Texas. -^E. 


First Row: 

BRADFORD K. MOORE, 128 Swcetbriar Lane, Kirkwood, 
Missouri. 'I'K>^. 

LAWRENCE H. MORRISON, 2200 Willowick, 11 C, Hous- 
ton, Texas. +1',^. „ , , , 
NORWOOD O. MORRISON, 3244 Landon St., Lynchburg, 
Virginia. K.V. 

JOHN K. MOTSINGER, Fine Shadows Farm, Roaring Gap, 
North Carolina. AT. 

Lambda Chi Partv. 

Phi Ep Party. 


First Row: 

JOHN D. MUNCKS, JR., 6326 Beachway Dr., Falls Church, 
Virginia. KA. 

GARY L. MURPHY, 780 Percy St., Greensboro, North Caro- 
lina. 'I'AO. 
MICHAEL R. MURPHY, 2303 Blackwood Rd., Little Rock, 

JOHN M. NOLAN, 1515 James Rd., Wantagh, New York. 


Second Row: 

OLAF N. OTTO, 409 East 44th St., Savannah, Georgia. 

BENJAMIN C. PADEN, 529 Lakcwood Dr., Bessemer, Ala- 
bama. KA. 

GEORGE P. PAGE, III, 902 Greenway Court, Norfolk, 
Virginia. <l'Ki;. 

FREDERICK M. PAINTER, JR., 1463 Deerwood Dr., De- 
catur, Georgia. K-. 

Third Row: 

CLINTON B. PALMER, III, 302 High St., Easton, Pennsyl- 
vania. 'I'KIi. 

LENARD M. PARKINS, 46 Parkview Rd., Cheltenham, 
Pennsylvania. 'I'KII. 

E. OWEN PERRY, III, 3051 Hillsdale Dr., Augusta, Georgia. 

JOHN A. PHILLIPS, JR., 1240 John Ross Rd., Chattanooga. 
Tennessee. —X. 

Fourth Row: 

WILLIAM R. PHILLIPS, Main St., Beaver Falls, New York. 

PETER M. PILTZ, 766 Indian Ave., Middletown, R. I. ATA. 
LARRY R. PIPES, 1130 Bimini Lane, Riviera Beach, Flor- 
ida. i:'t>P,. 

WILLIAM T. POOLE, JR., 114 Br\n Mawr Ave., Lans- 
downc, Pennsylvania. 't'Kl. 


m / 



First Row: 

EDWARD A. POWELL, JR., 3 Hillaire Lane, Richmond, 
Virginia. <t>Ki;. 

WALTER J. PRYOR, 20891 Morewood Parkway, Rocky 
River, Ohio. AT. 

LANGDON C. QUIN, III, 2894 Arden Rd., N.W., Atlanta, 
Georgia. KA. 

WILLIAM C. RAMBO, 296 North Remington Rd., Colum- 
bus, Ohio. KS. 

Second Row: 

FRANCIS P. RASBERRY, JR., 1504 Carey Rd., Kinston, 

North Carolina. 11 K A. 

WILLIAM F. RECTOR, JR., 2200 North Palm, Little Rock, 

Arkansas. Ky.. 

HAL S. RHEA, 451 Cherry Rd., Memphis, Tennessee. K2. 

JOHN H. RICHARD, 1501 Boiling Ave., Norfolk, Virginia. 

Third Row: 

THOMAS R. ROBINETT, 4417 Powells Point Rd., Virginia 

Beach, Virginia. 

ETHELBERT S. ROBY, III, Sixth Ave., Box 464, Kenbridge, 

Virginia. 11 KA. 

WILLIAM G. ROGERS, 1511 Union Street, Manchester, 

New Hampshire. <^K2. 

ROBERT W. ROOT, JR., 7215 Bybrook Lane, Chevy Chase, 

Maryland. AT. 

Fourth Row: 

RALEIGH R. ROSS, 1510 West 24th Street, Austin, Texas. 

WILLIAM L. S. ROWE, 26 North Princeton, Lynchburg, 
Virginia. Beil. 

WALTER L. SALES, 105 Sweetbriar Lane, Louisville, Ken- 
tucky. ZBT. 

BRUCE S. SAMUELS, 1815 Gardiner Ln., Apt. K-lOO, 
Louisville, Kentucky. ZBT. 

Kappa Sig Party. 

Sigma Chi Party. 


First Row: 

MARTIN F. SCHMIDT, JR., G-.326 Cooperstown, Lexing- 
ton, Kentucky. 

LESLIE S. SCHOBE, JR., .3243 South Evanston, Tulsa, Okla- 
homa. -X. 

ROBERT T. SCHOOLS Y, 2145 Vestavia Lake Dr., Birming- 
ham, Alabama. IIKA. 

JOHN W. SCHUMANN, 1033 Belmont Place, West Palm 
Beach, Florida. AXA. 


First Row: 

ALEXIS G. STARUN, JR., 2208 Jamaica Dr., Wilmington, 
Delaware. -•t'K. 

CHARLES M. STONE, 1229 Sam Lions Trail, Martinsville, 
Virginia. 11 KA. 

GLENN L. STROHM, 2414 Poplar Dr., Baltimore, Mary- 
land. 't'KII. 

LAWRENCE E. SUTTON, JR., 6 Knox Rd., Newton, New 

Second Row: 

STEPHEN L. TABAKIN, 72:31 Galveston Blvd., Norfolk, 
Virginia. ZBT. 

RALPH S. TAGGART, 14.39 7th Street, New Orleans, Louisi- 
ana. KHII. 

ANDREW B. THOMAS, 2416 Shoreham Rd., Orlando, 
Florida. ATA. 

JOHN W. THOMAS, III, 504 Emervwood Dr., High Point, 
North Carolina. ATA. 

Third Row: 

MICHAEL T. THORNTON, 222 Davis St., Huntington, 
West Virginia. 'M"A. 

PHILIP J. TISSUE, Box 692, Mt. Hope, West Virginia. AXA. 
ROBERT P. TROUT, 2629 Avenham Ave., Roanoke, \ir- 
ginia. '^An. 

MARTIN B. TURPIN, 521 Lime Kiln Rd., Lexington, Vir- 

Fourth Row: 

STEVEN F. UNTI. 2507 West 98th St., Leawood, Kansas, 

WILLARD B. WAGNER, III, 5621 Candlewood, Houston, 
Texas. ■t>Al>. 

DON C. WAKE.MAN, 2510 N.E. I.3th Ct.. Ft. Lauderdale, 
Florida. -.^'. 

KENNON C. WALDEN, JR., lll.T Longwood Ave., Bed- 
ford, Virginia. Ki:. 


First Row: 

ROBERT J. SCOTT, 61.3 West Delaware, Urbana, Illinois. 

THOMAS L. SCOTT, 224 Gracemont Dr., Greenwood, 
South Carolina. KA. 

RICHARD T. SCRUGGS, JR., .3524 Victoria Rd., Birming- 
ham, Alabama. BOII. 

KURT SEIDMAN, 357 Sprague Rd., Narberth, Pennsyl- 
vania. ZBT. 

Second Row: 

BYRON R. SEWARD, Louise, Mississippi. i:AE. 
DANIEL J. SHAPIRO, Sycamore Dr. Sands Point, Port Wash- 
ington, New York. 'I'KII. 

WALTER B. SIMMONS, II, 105 Woodhall Dr., Richmond, 
\ irginia. ATA. 

GEORGE R. SINGLETARY, Sunny Side Dr., P.O. Box 646, 
Lccsburg, Florida. ATA. 

Third Row: 

ROBERT C. SKINNER, 6 Suffolk Dr., Coraopolis, Pennsyl- 

RONALD L. SKLAR, 201 South Ruby Ave., Ruleville, Mis- 
sissippi. ZBT. 

CHARLES M. SMITH, 4542 Southern Parkway, Louisville, 
Kentucky. 't'FAl. 

DOUGLAS W. SMITH, 319 Mohawk Ave., Ext., Warren, 
Pennsylvania. -<1>E. 

Fourth Row: 

J. HARRISON SMITH, 1 Glenbrooke Circle, Richmond, Vir- 
ginia. KA. 

MICHAEL J. SPOOR, 2262 Saragossa Ave., Jacksonville, 
Florida. IIK<|., 

MALCOLM II. SQUIRES, JR., 1738 Oakland Ave., Peters- 
burg, Virginia. IIK'h. 

DANIEL B. STARTSMAN, JR., 305 Rugby Ave., Terrace 
Park, Ohio. 


ft f^ 

First Row: 

W. HARVEY WISE, 5212 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase, Mary- 

W. WHITLOW WYATT, 1824 North Jackson, Little Rock, 

JOHN M. WYMAN, IV, 1707 Park Ave., Richmond, Vir- 
ginia. .\XA. 

Second Row: 

CHARLES R. YATES, JR., 993 Stovall Blvd. N.E., Atlanta, 
Georgia. -AE. 

LOUIS T. YOUNG, 12610 Old Henry Rd., Anchorage, Ken- 
tucky. KA. 

RICHARD C. YOUNT, JR., 610 South Elliott, Olney, Illinois. 

JOHN S. YOW, Route 3 Papermill Rd., Marietta, Georgia. 


First Row: 

STEPHEN A. WALDRON, 823 Ridgewood Rd., Rockford, 
Illinois. AT. 

CHARLES D. WALKER, 436 Northwest 46th Terrace, Ok- 
lahoma City, Oklahoma. AXA. 

KENNETH C. WALLACE, JR., P.O. Box 173, Merritt Is- 
land, Florida. -X. 

DAVID I. WALSH, 1318 North Elm St., Fargo, North Da- 
kota. AXA. 

Second Row: 

CLIFFORD L. WALTON, III, 523 Dellwood Dr., Knoxville, 
Tennessee. BBII. 

MARK L. WARNER, 238 Richmar Dr., Birmingham, Ala- 
bama. ZBT. 

ROBERT P. WEBB, 518 Hillcrest Circle, Bridgeport, West 
Virginia. AT. 

GERALD W. WEEDON, 7827 Glen Echo Rd. North, Jack- 
sonville, Florida. -AE. 

Third Row: 

MALCOLM W. WESSELINK, 5103 Baltimore Ave., Wash- 
ington, D.C. 'I'K'I'. 

JOHN E. WETSEL, JR., 703 Duncan Street, Ashland, Vir- 
ginia. II KA. 

CHARLES R. WHIPPLE, III, 211 Saluda Ave., Columbia, 
South Carolina. BBII. 

ROBERT M. WHITE, 1756 Ebenezer Rd., Rock Hill, South 

Fourth Row: 

JOHN G. WHITNEY, 210 East Granville Rd., Sunbury, Ohio. 


WM. G. WIGLESWORTH, III, 405 Bridge St., Cynthiana, 

Kentucky. IIKA. 

PETER G. WILSON, 207 Dickens Rd., Northfield, Illinois. 

WILLIAM A. WILSON, JR., 618 State St., Greensburg, 



Phi Gam Party 

Lambda Chi Party 

SPE Partv 

SAE Party 


KA Party. 

PiKA Party. 

Beta Party. 

DU Party. 


Joe Tompkins, Executive Committeeman. 

Class Officers 

Ronny Hunt, Vice-President of the Freshman Class, 

Jack Cartwright, President of the Freshman Class. 


First Row: 

HILARY J. ACKERMAN, 336 Glenndalc Ave., Decatur, 


STEPHEN C. ADAIR, 4317 Bellaire Blvd., Bellaire, Texas. 

CARL ADAMS, III, 3263 Dell Rd., Birmingham, Alabama. 

JAMES R. ALLEN, 810 Islington St., Silver Spring, Mary- 
land. 'I'K>1'. 

Second Row: 

CHARLES D. ANDREWS, 200 Fairview Ave., Blacksburg, 
Virginia. II K A. 

ALBERT ANGRISANI, 44 Northfield Road, Millington, New 
Jersev. IIK'I'. 

STEPHEN M. APGAR, 837 Harriet Lane, Barrington, Il- 
linois. AXA. 

WILLIAM C. ARCHER, 1325 Rugby Rd., Charlottesville, 
Virginia. KA. 

Third Row: 

WILLIAM H. ARVIN, 6204 Paulania Rd., Alexandria, Vir- 
ginia. *EII. 

WILLIAM P. BALLARD, JR., 5737 Shanendoah Avenue, 
Norfolk, Virginia. 11 K A. 

JAMES M. BALLENGEE, JR., 711 Williamson Rd., Bryn 
Mawr, Pennsylvania. KX. 

WILLIAM C. BAUER, 14557 Tanglewood Dr., Largo, Flor- 
ida. ATA. 

Fourth Row: 

JOHN A. BEALKE, RR 2, Box 412, Chesterfield, Missouri. 

THOMAS O. BEAR, 3230 Thomas Ave., Montgomery, Ala- 
bama. 't'AO. 

ANDREW D. BECKNER, P.O. Box 1324, 310 Starling Ave., 
Martinsville, Virginia. A.XA. 

PHILIP W. BECKWITH, JR., 1 West Bluff Dr., Savannah, 
Georgia. KX. 

Fifth Row: 

JOHN W. BENEDICT, 917 Wingate Rd., Knoxville, Ten- 
nessee. KX. 

STEVEN D. BENNER, 628 Seabrook Parkway, Jacksonville, 
Florida. AT. 

PETER V. BERG, JR., 54 Comstock Hill Rd., New Canaan, 
Connecticutt. ZBT. 
THOMAS K. BERGER, 2941 Mass Ave., Washington, D.C. 

Sixth Row; 

JOSEPH BERNSTEIN, 444 Brickbv Rd., Norfolk, Virginia. 


MICHAEL P. BERRY, 1534 Autumn Rd., Charleston, West 


WALTER B. BEVERLY, 518 Cantcrburv Lane, Alexandria, 

Virginia. KA. 

RICHARD W. BIGNON, 5131 Rosebav Court, Jacksonville, 

Florida. AXA. 

Seventh Row: 

THOMAS C. BILLUPS, JR., 2520 S. Chilton, Tvler, Texas. 


HENRY J. BLACKFORD, III, 860 Glendalvn Ave., Spartan- 
burg, South Carolina. 't'AH. 

EDWARD A. BOHANNON, 602 Orrin Street, S.E., Vienna, 
Virginia. -'IK. 

TAYLOR S. BOONE, 6231 Del Monte, Houston, Texas. 

Eighth Row: 

JOSEPH H. BOSLEY, 4021 Creswell, Rd., Shreveport, Louisi- 
ana. Uttll. 

JOHN J. P. BOTCHELLER, 32 Hill Terrace, Yonkers, New 
York. AXA. 

CRAIG A. BOWLUS, 3827 Tangier Terrace, Sarasota, Flor- 

MARCUS E. BROMLEY, 304 Elizabeth Rd., San Antonio, 
Texas. -X. 


First Row; 

THOMAS W. CLYDE, 512 E. 3rd St., Tvler, Texas. i:AE. 
RAYMOND D. COATES, JR., Route 2, Box 77, Ayres Creek, 
Berlin, Maryland. .ITA. 

DAMEL J. COGAN, 35 Linbrook Rd., West Hartford, Con- 
necticut. 't'KFI. 

MADISON F. COLE, JR., 10 Woodbine Road, Newnan, 
Georgia. IIK't>. 

Second Row: 

TAMES EDWARD CONNER, 929 Maple Street, Perr>'sburg, 
Ohio. .\XA. 

WILLIAM T. COOPER, 111, ,3426 Bark Street, Jacksonville, 
Florida. -AE. 

JOHN D. COPENHAVER, JR., 931 Oakwood Dr. S.W., 
Roanoke, Virginia. -AE. 

WARREN E. CRANE, 116 Riverview Ave., Yardley, Penn- 
sylvania. AXA. 

Third Row: 

GEORGE F. CRESSWELL, 4307 Bradley Lane, Chevy 
Chase, Marvland. 

JOHN G. CROM.MELIN, 1253 Magnolia Curve, Montgom- 
ery, Alabama. IWII. 

THOMAS C. DANIEL, Box 127, Waverlv, Virginia. 11 KA. 
THOMAS 1. DASHIELL, JR., 1161 Woodbum Rd., Spar- 
tanburg, South Carolina. nK.\. 

Fourth Row: 

CORWITH DAVIS, JR., 3935 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, 
Florida. -AE. 

JEFFREY A. DAVIS, 10203 Candlewood Dr., Houston, 
Texas. K-. 

DOUGLAS B. DEATON, 11310 Somerland Way, Houston, 
Texas. Ki:. 

KEITH PETER DECKER, Box 195, New Fairfield, Connec- 
ticut. AXA. 

First Row; 

FRANK C. BROOKS, JR., 102 Longwood Rd., Baltimore, 

Maryland. ATA. 

WILLIAM E. BRUMBACK, 212 Goodale Rd., Baltimore, 

Marvland. ATA. 

ROVVLAND H. BURNS, JR., 528 12th Ave., Hunrington, 

West Virginia. AT. 

WILLIAM P. CANBY, 116 Mulberry Court, Martinsville, 

Virginia. BOH. 

Second Row; 

JAMES P. CARPENTER, HI, 8731 Appleknoll Lane, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. -X. 

MICHAEL L. CARRERE, 1530 Calhoun Street, New Or- 
leans, Louisiana. ATA. 

KENNETH P. CARTER, 5710 Bancroft Dr., New Orleans, 
Louisiana. ATA. 

CHARLES J. CARTWRIGHT, 1700 Overhill Rd., Bristol, 
Virginia. IIKA. 

Third Row; 

HAROLD H. CATLIN, 12134 Mandarin Rd., Jacksonville, 
Florida. 'f'Ae. 

JAMES T. CHAMNESS, JR., 1 St. Andrews Dr., St. Louis, 
Missouri. —X. 

DAVID P. CHRISTOVICH, 29 Hawk St., New Orleans, 
Louisiana. 11 K+. 

LUCIUS D. CLAY, III, 313 Vassar Rd., Alexandria, Vir- 
ginia. KA. 

F'ourth Row: 

STEPHEN CLEMENT, 219 Hawthorne Dr., Danville, Vir- 
ginia. AT. 

ARTHUR F. CLEVELAND, II, 1130 Partridge Rd., Spar- 
tanburg, South Carolina. nK.\. 

MATTHEW W. CLIETT, 3576 Boone Park Ave., Jackson- 
ville, Florida. 

JOHN N. CLORE, Merrimans Lane, Winchester, Virginia. 

First Row: 

HOY C. DEEMER, 1349 Euclid Dr., Bowling Green, Ken- 
tucky. KA. 

STEVEN R. DENTON, Berlin 30, Budapester Strasse 43, 
Apt. H, Germany. 

BRUCE W. DERRICK, 5345 Longmont, Houston, Texas. 

WILLIAM T. DEVAN, JR., 213 Eichelberger St., Hanoyer, 
Pcnnsyhania. ATA. 


First Row: 

FREDERICK B. DEWEY, JR., 819 Country Club Rd., Camp 
Hill, Pa. ^K.^. 

CYRUS I. DILLON, III, Route 1, Box 95, Boones Mill, Vir- 
ginia. AXA. 

THOMAS L. DOUTHIT, 4102 City View, San Antonio, 
Texas. -X. 

CHRISTOPHER C. DOVE, 4411 Hadfield Lane N.W., 
Washington, D. C. 't'Ki). 

Second Row: 

JOHN M. DUCKWORTH, 81 Salisbur\ Aye., Garden City, 

New York. AXA. 

HEWITT W. DYALL, 1530 Hillcrcst Rd., Lancaster, Penn- 

syKania. .\XA. 

TIMOTHY II. DYER, 9 Pie Alley, Marion, Massachusetts. 


JOSEPH C. EAGLES, III, 600 Eagles Rd., Wilson, North 

Carolina. -AE. 

Third Row: 

ARTHUR J. EARLY, 7724 Sweetbriar Rd., Richmond, Vir- 
ginia. .\XA. 

JAMES F. EASTERLIN, 233 Engram St., Montezuma, Geor- 
gia. iAE. 

SEABORN S. EASTLAND, 255 Pine Hollow Lane, Houston, 
Texas. -N. 
MARK W. EIDMAN, 1117 Riycrbend Dr., Houston. Texas. 

Fourth Row: 

JOHN O. ELLIS, JR., .3531 Paces Valley Rd. N.W .. At- 
lanta, Cieorgia. nK.\. 

FRANK M. EVANS, III, 1366 \alle Dr., Joplin, Miswuri. 

CLARK W. FAULKNER, IR., 2701 Sheridan Rhd., Lin- 
coln, Neb. UK A. 
MARK S. FLOYD, S407 Mobud St., Houston, Texas. lIK't'. 





First Row: 

GEORGE M. FOOTE, JR., 2538 Ave. C, Alexandria, Louis- 
iana. KBII. 

CHRISTOPHER D. FRIEND, 115 Midvale Rd., Mountain 
Lakes, New Jersey. —*(•£. 

JOEL A. FULMER, IV, 5891 Brierglen, Memphis, Tennes- 
see. 11 K A. 

CRAIG S. GALPERN, 2365 Round Hill Dr., Alamo, Cali- 
fornia. 2<t>E. 

Second Row: 

DAVID B. GALT, JR., 34 N. Clay Ave., St. Louis, Missouri. 

ALAN B. GANUN, 520 Dudley Court, Westfield, New Jer- 
sey. '^KtI. 

G. CARR GARNETT, Rt. 5, Box 205, Charlottesville, Vir- 

STEVEN T. GATES, 3325 Christmas Tree Lane, Bakers- 
field, California. '\'K^. 

Third Row: 

WILLIAM A. GATLIN, III, 5008 Yacht Club Rd., Jackson- 
ville, Florida. '^K2. 

ROBERT M. GILL, 911 Gracelyn Court, Blacksburg, Vir- 
ginia. AT. 

CHARLES W. GLASGOW, JR., 4113 Clagett Rd., Hyatts- 
ville, Maryland. 't'KZ. 

RICHARD R. GLENN, Cranguyma Farms, Long Beach, 
Washington. *K:i. 

Fourth Row: 

JAMES E. GOODRIDGE, 23 Broodmoor Rd., Scarsdale, 

New York. "M'A. 

JAMES W. GORDON, 609 Riverwood Place, Louisville, 

Kcntuckv. ZBT. 

DOUGLAS K. GOSSMANN, 600 Sunnyside Dr., Louisville, 

Kentucky. Ben. 

OVERTON L. GRAHAM, 827 Arlington Circle, Richmond, 

Virginia. ATA. 

First Row: 

WILLIAM W. GRAHAM, 4100 Jewel St., Alexandria, Vir- 
ginia. AXA. 

BRUCE D. GREEN, 931 Prescott Lane, Ft. Myers Beach, 
Florida. KA. 

RICHARD W. GREENE, Houser Rd., Rt. 14, Knoxville, 
Tennessee. '^K2. 

DUDLEY H. GREENHUT, 3004 Blackshear Ave., Pensa- 
cola, Florida. ZBT. 



First Row: 

DAVID R. HILL, 443 Woodcrest Rd., Wavne, Pa. UKA. 
HUGH F. HILL, III, 2132 Laburnum Ave., Roanoke, Vir- 
ginia. -'^E. 

JOHN VV. HINSHAW, Star Route, Boonville, North Caro- 
lina. AT. 
HENRY B. HOLMES, IV, 4 Barger Dr., Lexington, Virginia. 


Second Row: 

CHARLES G. HOUSTON, IIL 1111 Peachtree Rd., Augusta, 

Georgia. BHU. 

EDWARD \V. HUDGINS, 8061 Riverside Dr., Richmond, 

Virginia. UK*. 

JAMES R. HUNT, 1203 Community Lane, Midland, Texas. 


CHARLES E. HUNTER, JR., 619 Center St., Bessemer, 

Alabama. Roll. 

Third Row: 

CARL A. HYATT, Harbor Hill Rd., Huntington, Long Is- 
land, New York. <t'K1. 

WILLIAM S. INGERSOLL, R.D. 3, Chestertown, Maryland. 

RICHARD C. IVEY, 25 Van Buren Ave., West Hartford, 
Conn. IIK'I'. 

WILLIAM M. JACOBS, 4356 Tuckahoe Rd., Memphis, Ten- 
nessee. ZHT. 

Fourth Row: 

ROBERT J. JANTZEN, JR., American Embassy, APO San 
Francisco, Calif. ATA. 

MICHAEL S. JENKINS, 9022 Hamilton Dr., Fairfax, Vir- 
ginia. AX.\. 

ROBERT R. JENSEN, 4 Crestwood Ave, Somerville, New 
Jersey. ATA. 

WILLIAM II. JETER. JR., 111.36 Scott Mill Rd., Jackson- 
ville, Florida. 't'AO. 

First Row: . „, ., 

THOMAS C. GREENWOOD, 748 Carpenter Lane, Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania. AT. , , . 
CHARLES L. GREGORY, 3488 Valley Rd. N.W., Atlanta, 

HERBERT M. GRIFFITH, III, 6 Clarke Ave., Milford, 

Delaware. ■I'K.Il. , .,. ^. , „ . . i 

BERNARD C. GRIGSBY, II, 730 Wmdnnll Circle, Bristol, 
Virginia. K-. 

Second Row: 

JOHN H. GUNNER, 27 Richards Lane, Wilton, Connecti- 
cut. HOII. 

GAINES W. HAMMOND, JR., 14.35 Thornwood Dr., Spar- 
tanburg, South Carolina. 'I'At). 

ROBERT W. HAMMOND, 1530 Barberry Lane, Spartan- 
burg, South Carolina. 11 KA. 

STEPHEN J. HANNON, 756 Princeton Blvd., Pittsburgh, 
Pennsylvania. 'I'KM'. 

Third Row: 

HENRY A. HARKEY, 1220 Providence Rd., Charlotte, North 
Ciin.lina. i:X. 

JERRY D. HARMON, Rt. 1, Box 284-B, Woodlawn, Vir- 
ginia. .\XA. 

CHARLES M. HARRELL, 2660 North Magnolia Ave., Pen- 
sacola, Florida. :iAK. , „ , , 

CHARLES F. HARRIS, JR., Shore Rd., North Brookfield, 
Massachusetts. -'I'K. 

Fourth Row: 

MICHAEL L. HASTY, 2609 Popkins Lane, Alexandria, Vir- 
ginia. AT. 

STEPHEN R. HAUGHNEY, 2552 Traymore Rd., University 
Heights, Ohio. Hlvl'. 

JOHN R. HEATH, 104 Kingsbury Rd., Garden City, New 
York. AX A. 

C;E0RGE N. HEMPERLEY, 2438 Stone Rd., East Point, 
Georgia. TS. 



^ktfh^^ ok 

First Row: 

KIM C. KYLE, 9001 S.W. 52 Ave., Miami, Florida. *K2. 

JOHN T. LAMKIX, JR., 702 North St., Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

MICHAEL B. LEARY, 514 South Main St., Lexington, Vir- 
ginia. *K2. 
BARRY R. LEATON, .3815 Inverness, Houston, Texas. :iX. 

Second Row: 

H. DRAKE LEDDY, 1509 Paseo de Vaca, San Angelo, Texas. 


BRUCE C. LEE, 477 Mavnard Dr., VVavne, Pennsvlvania. 

11 K*. 

WILLIAM A. LENT, 202 Crestwood Dr., Houston, Texas. 


HARRY D. LETOURNEAU, JR., 199 S. Cherry Grove Ave., 

Annapohs, Marvland. ATA. 

Third Row: 

CLARK B. LEUTZE, 2016 Patton Dr., Schenectadv, New 


STEVEN I. LEVIN, 9437 Shore Rd., Brooklvn, New York. 


DANNY L. LEWIS, 7821 Dawn Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio. *En. 

SCHUYLER W. LININGER, JR., 306 N. Alvemon Way, 

1 ucson, Arizona. BHII. 

Fourth Row: 

MICHAEL R. LONG, 16 Woodhill Circle, Columbia, South 

Carolina. -AE. 

ALVA M. LUMPKIN, III, 12 Gibbes Court, Columbia, South 

Carolina. -AE. 

JONATHAN S. LYNN, Route 2, Caimbrae Farm, Rochester, 

Minnesota. -+E. 

CHARLES O. McAFEE, III, .333 South Mulberrv St., Lenoir, 

North Carolina. IIK<1'. 

First Row: 

KELLY C. JONES, 580 Mowbrav Arch, Norfolk, Virginia. 

WILLIAM M. JORDAN, III, 1253 Augusta, St., Montgom- 
ery, Alabama. -AE. 

WILLIAM A. KAHN, 4432 Park Ave., Memphis, Tennessee. 
I IK A. 
FRANC J. KAUER, 6016 Trailside Dr., Springfield, Virginia. 

Second Row: 

PATRICK L. KEEN, Route 1, Box 28, Bav Citv, Texas. 
STEPHEN H. KERKAM, 2810 44th St. N.W., Washington, 
D. C. ■I'K^I'. 

RICHARD O. KIMBALL, 7008 Hollandia, Ft. Carson, Colo- 
rado. '\'\\-. 

JOHN H. KING, 501 Kimberly Dr., Greensboro, North Caro- 
lina. •I'AH. 

Third Row: 

JOHN P. KING, JR., 21 Prospect Ave., Plainsboro, New Jer- 

sev. "t'K*. 

MICHAEL W. KIRSHBAUM, 43 Boulderol Rd., Stamford, 

Connecticut. AT. 

JOHN D. KLINEDINST, 5614 Glenwood Rd., Bethesda, 

Marvland. <t'K+. 

JOHN C. KNIPP, III, 3 Patriot Circle, Devon, Pennsvlvania. 


Fourth Row: 

BENJANHN N. KNUPP, III, 487 King of Prussia Rd., Rad- 
nor, Pennsvlvania. <M^A. 

ALFRED C. KOENIGER, 777 Brook Hollow Rd., Nashville, 
Tennessee. -X. 

DONALD H. KOONTZ, 221 Paul St., Harrisonburg, Vir- 
ginia. — X. 

ANDREW G. KUMPURIS, 2317 North Palm, Little Rock, 
Arkansas. -AE. 

■4 m I 

%, i^^^^d. 


JOSEPH G. McCABE, IV, 244 Hathaway Lane, Wynne- 
wood, Pennsylvania. 'I'KIl. 

JOHN M. McCARDELL, JR., 1156 The Terrace, Hagers- 
town, Maryland. .\.XA. 

LAWRENCE L. McCONNELL, .3502 Woodhaven Rd. N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia. —X. 

WALTER R. McCORD, JR., 427 Club Lane, Louisville, 
Kentucky. BHII. 


First Row: 

MARK S. McKINNEY, 1309 Oberlin Rd., Wilmington, Dela- 
ware. BBII. 

JOHN B. McKINNON, 1400 Rotherwood Eh-., Johnson City, 
Tennessee. +A0. 

JOSEPH D. Mclaughlin, 7530 Graymore Rd., Pittsburgh, 

JOHN A. McNElL, JR., Sheraton Motor Inn., 2040 Highland 
Ave., Birmingham, Alabama. KA. 

Second Row; 

MARVIN LACY McNElLL, JR., 507 Twin Drive, Spartan- 
burg, South Carolina. IIK.\. 

GORDON S. MACRAE, 1001 North Manchester St., Arling- 
ton, Virginia. '^E1I. 
WEBB C. MANDEVILLE, Box 815, Columbus, Montana. 

M. WESLEY MANEVAL, 21 So. 26 St., Camp Hill, Penn- 
sylvania. nK't>. 

Third Row: 

JAMES P. MANGAN, 6 Rogers Place, New Britain, Con- 
necticut. -X. 
JOHN E. MARTIN, 603 Fifth St., Tompkinsville, Kentucky. 


WALTER W. MAY, 24 S. Arnold Ave., Prestonsburg, Ken- 
tucky. KA. 

JOHN S. MILAM, IH, 1109 Crater Hill Dr., Nashville, Ten- 
nessee. ATA. 

Fourth Row: 

LAWRENCE G. MILLER, III, 8912 Norwick Rd., Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 't>Ki;. 

MARSHALL B. MILLER, JR., 625 Contour Dr., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

BARRY W. MITCHELL, 110 LaSallc Dr., Yonkers, New 
York. ZHT. 

HOMER L. MIXSON, JR., 76 28th St. N.W., Atlanta, Geor- 
gia. K.\. 




tH^p CTf, >^1 

First Row: 

FRANK W. MORRILL, Garfield Ave., Monkton, Maryland. 

PAUL J. MORROW, JR., 3787 Montrose Rd., Birmingham, 
Alabama. -N'. 

JAMES A. MOSES, 14 East Palisades, Little Rock, Arkan- 
sas. -AK. 

RICHARD J. MURRAY, Albany Ave., Valatie, New York. 

Second Row: 

ALEXANDER M. NADING, JR., 620 Yorkshire Rd., Win- 
ston Salem, North Carolina. -N. 
MARTIN L. NELSON, P.O. Box 342, Crowley, Louisiana. 

KENNETH W. NEWMAN, 5 Stafford Dr., Huntington Sta- 
tion, New York. UK*. 

HENRY NOTTBERG, III, 2825 Tomahawk Circle, Shawnee 
Mission, Kansas. <t'K-. 

Third Row: 

EDWIN S. OGILVIE, 4642 Fairfield, Shreveport, Louisiana. 


KEVIN E. OGRADY, 6705 Tulip Hill Terrace, Bethesda, 
Maryland. 't'K^'. 

JOHN K. OSSI, II, 521 Smith Lane, Mount Holly, New Jer- 
sey. AXA, 
VAN H. PATE, 409 Church St., Cheraw, South Carolina. 

Fourth Row: 

WILLIAM N. PAYNE, 205 Tenth Ave., Huntington, West 
Virginia. AT. 

TODD M. PEARSON, 2551 Ransdell Ave., Louisville, Ken- 
tucky. Ki:. 

WALTER G. PETTEY, III, P.O. Box 667, Bessemer, Ala- 
bama. i'TA. 

JOSEPH B. PHILIPS, III, Route 2, Chapel Hill, North Caro- 
lina. HKA. 


First Row: 

HARRY R. PHILLIPS, III, 107 Burnett Dr., Spartanburg, 

South Carolina. 't>A(t. 

DONALD C. POPPKE, 7513 Buchanan St., Apt. 24, Lan- 

dover Hills, Maryland. ZBT. 

PETER L. POTTERFIELD, 205 Oleander Rd., Radium 

Springs, Albany, Georgia. "trA. 

RICHARD E. POUSH, JR., 1079 DeKalb Pike, Center 

Square, Pennsylvania. AXA. 





First Row: 

WESLEY E. PULLMAN, 43 Kensington Rd., Garden City, 

New York. 'I'Kri. 

GREG C. RAETZ, 8240 S.W. 139 Terrace, Miami, Florida. 


BARTOW W. RANKIN, 2404 Dellwood Dr. N.W., Atlanta, 

Georgia. KA. 

J. NEAL RASSMAN, 2805 Lockheed Dr., Midland, Texas. 


Second Row; 

RANDALL C. REED, 6807 Willow Lane, Dallas, Texas. K2:. 
RICHARD W. REGAN, 830 Amies Lane, Bryn Mawr, Penn- 
sylvania. AT. 

THOMAS E. REYNOLDS, 230 Clovelly Rd., Ellicott City, 
Maryland, i:'!'!:. 
WILLIAM G. RHYNE, P.O. Box 640, Marianna, Florida. 


Third Row: 

JOSEPH V. RICE, 1732 Louden Heights Rd., Charleston, 
West Virginia. Ki;. 

PEYTON E. RICE, JR., 2923 N. Grant Street, Little Rock, 
Arkansas. —X. 

FR.\NKLIN R. RICH, 515 N. Oakland St., Arlington, Vir- 
ginia. ~'\'K. 

CARROLL H. RICKER, 1709 Mitchell Rd., Ilarrishurg, 

Fourth Row: 

LOUIS W. RIEDER, III, Birdsall St., P.O. Box 506, Ware- 
town, New Jersey. — 'I'H". 

MICHAEL E. RILEY, 6067 Robbins Circle South, Jackson- 
ville, Florida. :iAK. 

NEIL F. ROBINSON, 8303 Brewster Dr., Alexandria, Vir- 
ginia. 'I'Ki;. 

JOHN S. RODEMEIR, 870 Prospect Ave., Winnetka, Illi- 
nois. 'Mi^. 

First Row: 

STEPHEN D. ROSENTHAL. 4215 Hilton Place. Lynchburg, 

Virginia. 'I'K4'. 

CHARLES W. ROSS, Acorn Fann. Gainesville. Virginia. 


JACKSON H. ROSS, 3635 Ridgewood Lane S.W., Roanoke, 
Virginia. i^l'K. 

HARTLEY E. ROUSII, 617 Fairmont Ave, Fairmont, West 
\'irginia. 'I'K>J'. 



First Row: 

J. CONNOR SMITH, 3073 E. Pine Valley Road N.W., At- 
lanta, Georgia. KA. 

ROBERT D. SMITH, c/o Mr. D. H. Harrold, Tazewell, Vir- 
ginia. KA. 

WENDELL M. SMITH, 644 VV. Oak St., Hurst, Texas. 2N. 
JEFFREY B. SPENCE, 175 Longview Ave., White Plains, 
New York. -X. 

Second Row: 

FRANK W. STEARNS, 6101 Broad Branch Rd. N.W., Wash- 
ington, D.C. +K*. 

RICHARD J. STELZER, 148 Ensworth Ave., Nashville, Ten- 
nessee. ZBT. 

RONALD N. STETLER, R.D. I, Douglassville, Pennsylvania. 

JOHN B. STOUDEMIRE, 1520 River Road, Orange Park, 
Florida. 11 K+. 

Third Row; 

GEORGE W. STOWE, III, 14 Merewood Road, Belmont, 

North Carolina. 'I'Ki;. 

WILLIAM S. STRAIN, 235 West William David Pkwy., 

Metairie, Louisiaa. IIK'h. 

GERALD F. SULLIVAN, 5916 Fenwick Ave., Baltimore, 

Maryland. ATA. 

JOHN L. P. SULLIVAN, JR., 12005 Old Bridge Road, Rock- 

ville, Maryland. +Ki:. 

Fourth Row: 

HOLLIS C. TAGGART, 1439 Seventh St., New Orleans, 
Louisiana. Bi'II. 

BEN P. TATUM, 6.37 North Lamar, Oxford, Mississippi. :SAE. 
JAMES W. TAYLOR, 3258 Avalon, Houston, Texas. ^X. 
J. GREGORY TINAGLIA, 200 Glenn Road, Ardmore, Penn- 
sylvania. 3X. 

First Row: 

CHRISTOPHER H. RUBY, 2239 Hickory Hill Road, Hagers- 
town, Maryland. AXA. 

EMIL J. SADLOCH, JR., 100 Schley St., Garfield, New Jer- 
sey. TIK<^. 

THOMAS J. SALB, 28 Colonial Ave., Larchmont, New York. 

WALTER B. SALLEY, JR., 200 Montvue Drive., Charlottes- 
ville, Virginia. 2N. 

Second Row: 

PETER F. SAN MIGUEL, 472 Webber Road, Spartanburg, 
South Carolina. ZBT. 

GEORGE SANTORE, 20 Hamilton St., Guilderland, New 

JOHN R. SARPY, 455 Walnut St., New Orleans, Louisiana. 

RYAN B. SARTOR, Flournoy-Lucas Road, Forbing, Louisi- 
ana. Ben. 

Third Row: 

MARK H. SAYERS, 21 E. 66th St., New York, New York. 

ANDREW H. SCHNEIDER, lOI West 55th St., New York, 
New York. ZBT. 

BENJAMIN J. SCHWARTZ, 2444 Madison Road, Cincinnati, 
Ohio. ZBT. 

DANIEL S. SHAPIRO, 212 Hillwood Ave., Richmond, Vir- 
ginia. ZBT. 

Fourth Row: 

PAUL N. SHELLEY, 229 Henry St., Norton, Virginia. *K*. 

ALLEN C. SHEPARD, JR., 1601 35th St. N.W., Washington, 

D.C. <f'K*. 

CLYDE E. SMITH, III, Route 1, Box 70A, Martinsburg, 

West Virginia. -X. 

DAVIS P. SMITH, III, 2400 Huntingdon Road, Huntingdon 

Valley, Pennsylvania. >t>rA. 

^^ i 

mM, \t^ dM 


First Row: 

PAUL D. WILBER, Route 6, Salisbury, Maryland. tKII. 

WILLIAM C. WILKINSON, 2928 Summerall Place, Ft 

Eustis, Virginia. 

FRED L. WILLIAMS, III, 2.344 McCIendon, Houston, Texas 


GREGG B. WILLIAMS, 364 Lynn Road, Springfield, Penn 

sylvania. .\.XA. 

Second Row: 

ROBERT G. WOODWARD, 84 Abernathy Road N.W., At- 
lanta, Georgia. -.\E. 

ANDREW G. WRIGHT, JR., 305 Batter, Ave., Emporia, 
Virginia. KA. 

BRADFIELD F. WRIGHT, 5340 Longmont, Houston, Texas. 

GIBSON M. WRIGHT, 5960 Searl Terrace, Washington, D.C. 

Third Row: 

KUFUS T. WRIGHT, 5123 Del Monte II, Houston, Texas. 


R. ANDREW F. WYNDHAM, 2059 Oyerbrook Road, Lynch- 
burg, Virginia. IIK'l'. 

ROGER L. YOUNG, 1112 Cornell Ave., Drexel Hill, Penn- 
syKania. 't'K>l'. 

WILLIAM C. Z.-VTTAU, Box 419, Milledgeville, Georgia. 
II K A. 

Fourth Row: 

PETER F. ZIMMERMANN, 51 Locust St., Garden City, 

New York. 'l-KII, 

First Row: 

JOHN B. TOMLINSON, JR., 6722 La Lonia Drive, Jackson- 
ville, Florida. 

JOSEPH B. TOMPKINS, JR., P.O. Box 63, Vinton, Virginia. 

BATE C. TOMS, III, 931 Mulberry Road, Martinsville, Vir- 
ginia. BHII. 

JAMES E. TOWNSEND, Route 1, Box 82, Gloucester, Vir- 
ginia. -X. 

Second Row: 

MICHAEL P. TRUTA, 167 Manito Ave., Oakland, New Jer- 
sey. -.N'. 

E. PEYTON VICKERS, 5420 Banyan Drive, Miami, Florida. 

CLAUDE ,M. WALKER, JR., 4923 Hillside Road, Columbia, 
South Carolina. II KA. 
CLIFF L. WALTERS, P.O. Box 420, Cadiz, Kentucky. II KA. 

Third Row: 

THOMAS II. WATTS, III East Sunrise Ave., Coral Gables, 
11(11 Ida. i;'I'K. . 

SI 1 11, BY W. WEDDLE, 1712 Ariington Road S.W., Roan- 
oke, \'irginia. 'I'KII. 

lAMKS R. WHEATER, 185 Parmelee Ave., Hawthorne, New 
lersev. AT. 

CHARLES W. WHETHAM, HI, 64 Lexington Ave., Need- 
ham, Massachusetts. AT. 

Fourth Row: 

ANDREW J. WHITE, JR., 634 E. Faris Road, Greenville, 

South Carolina. •I'K^I'. 

DAVID P. WHITE, I09I Stovall Blvd. N.E., Atlanta, Georgia. 


CALVERT S. WHITEHURST, 7320 Glenroic Ave., Norfolk, 
Virginia. AT. 

GEORGE H. WIDENER, III, 4125 Buckner Lane, Paducah, 
Kentucky. IlKA. 




■ f i\ ^TMilii ■!! 

Dorm Counselors 

LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING, Wich, Madison, Kinney, Hutchins, 
Kessler, Fechnay, Brown, STANDING, Denaco, Stack, Passavant, 
Tomb, Matthews, Thompson, Philpott, Cox, Schenkel Wilson, 
Hinkle, Humphries. 




■ ;■'■;;■ ■C■«:^rS^•i 



"1. fv^ ^ 


^ M 



*■ i J 


Gil Faulk, Vice-President of the Student 

Richard Nash, President of the Student 

Jody KHne, Secretary of the Student 

Executive Committee 

ING, Matthews, Nash. 

Washington and Lee, as a small liberal arts uni- 
versity with sole emphasis on undergraduate educa- 
tion, offers students an enormous opportunity for 
self-expression and for a close and functional rela- 
tionship with faculty and administration. Students 
are alile to regulate their own affairs and to take an 
integral role in determining the curricular and extra- 
curricular policies of the university. In fulfilling this 
role, the students must accept a great responsibility 
for themselves and for the university as a whole, 
and must take the initiative in seeking new ideas 
and improvements to further the goals of Washington 
and Lee. The primary piu-pose of student govern- 
ment is to provide a channel for expression of this 

The foremost responsibility of the Executive Com- 
mittee is that of the Honor System— not only its ad- 
ministration, but also its effectiveness and its relation 
to the university. The E.G. took special steps in this 
direction by assuring that each student, both new 
and old, was aware of the basic tenets of the Honor 
System in order to ensure justice and impartiality. 
We should, however, question in our own minds 
whether the provisions of our system are those most 
effective in accomplishing our acknowledged ends. 

In the area of student affairs. The Executive Com- 
mittee must not be content with day-to-day admini- 
stration, but must evaluate its goals of education, and 
must the assume the initiative and responsibility to 
take all actions within the power of students to shape 
and change the aspects of Washington and Lee 
which hinder the achievement of these goals. Only 
by the demonstration of responsibility through active 
efforts in this area can the student government its 
privileged postion as a partner with the faculty in 
conducting the affairs of the University, as it did 
wlien it caused the exam schedule to be changed. 

J .1 — .'" 


Gil Faulk, Vice-President of the Student Richard Nash, President of the Student Jody Kline, Secretary of the Student 
Body. Body. Body. 

Executive Committee 

ING, Matthews, Nash. 

Washington and Lee, as a small liberal arts uni- 
versity with sole emphasis on undergraduate educa- 
tion, offers students an enormous opportunity for 
self-expression and for a close and functional rela- 
tionship with faculty and administration. Students 
are able to regulate their own affairs and to take an 
integral role in determining the curricular and extra- 
curricular policies of the university. In fulfilling this 
role, the students must accept a great responsibility 
for themselves and for the university as a whole, 
and must take the initiative in seeking new ideas 
and improvements to further the goals of Washington 
and Lee. The primar\' purpose of student govern- 
ment is to provide a channel for expression of this 

The foremost responsibility of the Executive Com- 
mittee is that of the Honor System— not only its ad- 
ministration, but also its effectiveness and its relation 
to the university. The E.G. took special steps in this 
direction by assuring that each student, both new 
and old, was aware of the basic tenets of the Honor 
System in order to ensure justice and impartiality. 
We should, however, question in our own minds 
whether the provisions of our system are those most 
effective in accomplishing our acknowledged ends. 

In the area of student affairs. The Executive Com- 
mittee must not be content with day-to-day admini- 
stration, but must evaluate its goals of education, and 
must the assume the initiative and responsibihty to 
take all actions within the power of students to shape 
and change the aspects of Washington and Lee 
which hinder the achievement of these goals. Only 
by the demonstration of responsibilitv through active 
efforts in this area can the student government its 
privileged postion as a partner with the faculty in 
conducting the affairs of the University, as it did 
when it caused the exam schedule to be changed. 

ROW, Tompkins, West, Crenshaw. THIRD HOW, Hendricks, 
Sandler, Matthews, FOURTH ROW, Leonard, \ ellines, Halford. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Bernard, Hartwell, Wright, Stewart, Johnson, Kintz, 

Student Control 


In the tradition of student control, the Student 
Control Committee handles matters pertaining to 
student discipline on the campus, in the City of Lex- 
ington, and at neighboring girls' schools. The Com- 
mittee, composed of seven students carefully 
screened and selected by the Executive Committee, 
has as its aim the maintenance of Washington and 
Lee's reputation as a school of gentlemen. The Com- 
mittee's assumption of disciplinary duties has re- 
lieved the faculty and administration of the task, and 
greatlv contributed to the respect for student gov- 
ernment at Washington and Lee. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Ragland, Brewer, Moore, Siverfield, Harkey, Wetsel, 
Waters, Hutchins. 

Cold Check 

The Cold Check Committee is a nine-man organi- 
zation selected each year by the Executive Commit- 
tee. Its purpose is to maintain the good relations 
between the student body and the town merchants 
by ruling over infractions involving bad checks 
passed by students. Offenses involving "bounced" 
checks and overdue accounts are considered at the 
weekly meetings of the Committee, and offenders 
are lined for repeated appearances. 


LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED, Winn, Pustev, Wvatt, STANDING, Gottwald, 
Miller, Philpott, Stewart. 

Stripped ni its fining and otlier disciplinan' powers 
by the Executi\e Committee, the Assimilation Com- 
mittee concentrated on freshman orientation during 
1967-68. Its main project inchided pnhhcation of 
Tlie Student Handbook, a tliorough booklet describ- 
ing all extracurricular acti\ities on campus that was 
prepared for freshmen but later distributed to the 
entire student body after many requests for copies. 




LEFT TO RIGHT, Stack, Brown, Unti, Brook, Bartlett, Tucker, Reagan. 

The primary purpose of the Student Librar}' 
Committee is the protection of the librar\"s resources 
from remo\al or unauthorized use. Tlie Committee 
has also attempted to keep the library quiet in order 
to allow undisturbed stud\ . The installation of wall- 
to-wall carpeting in McCormick Libran has gi'eatly 
lielped the situation. The installation of Xerox ma- 
chine and an automated check-out sNstem are two 
recent impro\ements suggested b\ the Committee. 
The full cooperation of Librarian Heniy E. Coleman, 
Jr. and his staff has helped the Student Librar\ Com- 
mittee to implement its goals. 

Washington & Lee 

Haydu, Sturhke, Holler, Husat, Waelder, SECOND ROW, Ma- 

dinger. Fink, Hemperley, Goodwin, Cooper, Wise, Herman, Juter- 
bock, THIRD ROW, Dake, Sample, Aldrich, Fleming. 

ING, Parkins, Madinger, Coyne. 


University Radio 

|_^ [T^ 

Tom Tinsley repairing equipment. 

Bob Matthews and Al Cooper edit the news. 

merman, Chief Engineer; STANDING, Fisher, Marian, Wood, 
Geason, Barber, Tinslev, 


ROW, Islev, Feld, Parker, Capito; THIRD ROW, Strohm, Dr. 

Cook, Dunn, Lawrence, Nation, Cummings, missing from picture 
Mr. James Boatwright. 



Tlie Pul)lications Boiird is composed of the editors 
and business managers of the Calyx and the Riiig- 
tum Phi, a photograpliv editor and from 1967 on, the 
editor and business manager of Ariel. It acts as legal 
publisher of all publications and all contracts must 
be witli the Board rather than with indi\ idual pub- 
lications. It is the governing bodv of all publications 
and editors are responsible to the Board for their 
actions. An\- formal protest against a publication 
must he reviewed bv the Board. The. Board approves 
budgets of its publication and selects editors and 
business managers for the following year. 

Secretary Bob Keefe and Vice-President Barry Levin, 
missing from picture. President Steve Saunders, 


Photography Editor, John Lawrence 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Lawrence, Arey, Meyers, Lee, Hemperley, 
Edwards, Putney, Brown. 


Howard Capito, Business Manager Robert Buxton, Associate Editor 

1968 Calyx 

Seward, Howard Capito, Jeff Wexler. 

Peter Richard Strohm Editor-in-chief 

C. Howard Capito Business Manager 

Associate Editor 
Robert Buxton 

Terry Seaks 
Mike Hosford 

Paul Buskey 
Jim Bycott 

Managing Editors 
Sam Preston 

Staff Editors 
John Worcester 
Matt Cole 

Danny Dunn 
Mike Pustay 

Roger Young 
Drew Kumpuris 


Staff Assistants 
Richard Bassett, Steve Clement, Steve Benner, Richard 
Regan, Will Riddle, Bill Phillips, Bob RadclifFe, Glenn 

MANAGING EDITORS, LEFT TO RIGHT, Terry Seaks, Mike Hosford, Mike Pustay, 
Mike Dunn, Sam Preston 

Peter R. Strohm, Editor-in-chief 

RIGHT, Paul Buskey, Jim Bycott, 
John Worcester, Matt Cole. 

The Ring 

Friday Editor-in-chief Mike Dunn. FRIDAY STAFF-LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING, Bynim, R. Kessler, STANDING, 

Perlman, Entzminger, Arey, N. Kessler. 







^r— . ^i^ifj 



4^ J 


S^HMT ^ 









■ 1 8 ' 



HJ^Hn 1 


it:. ^ 





Business Manager Gregg Parker. 
Business Staff— Fulmer, Parker, Ballard. 

-turn Phi 

Wilkerson, Mason, White, Yevich, Kelsey. 

Rivalrv' reached new heights between two editions 
of Tlie Ring-titvi-Phi, Washington and Lee's official 
twice-weekly newspaper. The different staffs of the 
Tuesday and Friday editions not only fought pitched 
battles weekh in front of the Reid Hall office, but 
the Tuesday edition completeh changed its mast- 
head type st\'le to further distinguish itself from the 
Friday edition. 

Aside from the keen competition, the two editors 
ably led their industrious staffs in the search for 
news. Bob Keefe, a senior political science major 
from Milford, Conn. ser\ ed as Editor-in-Chief of the 
Tuesday edition. His s\ stem of rating staff members 
with mini and maxi-points effecti\eK set back the 
abolitionist cause of the 185()'s as sla\'ery was reinsti- 

Editor-in-Chief of the Frida\' edition was Mike 
Dunn, a senior from Hampton, Virginia, majoring in 
Ancient Languages. 

This edition achie\ed the long-en\ied record of 
neyer coming out late and erased the sad memories 
of "Saturda\' Supplements." Both editions pro\ed in- 
\aluable in preparing the uni\ersity communit\' for 
the highfight of tlie year— the Mock Convention. In- 
terviews witli leading Republican Senators and 
Governors, cop\righted b\' the Riig-tiim Phi. helped 
the Convention delegates toward their important 

Tuesday Editor-in-chief Bob Keefe. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Baker, McCardell, Payne, Radigan, 
Wright, Wyndham, Desborough, Eastland. 

Debate Team. 

Washington and Lee's Debate Team probably had 
its most successful season ever during 1967-8. Chris 
Mills and Tom Baremore won the University of 
North Carolina Invitational in early October in 
Chapel Hill, W. and L.'s first tournament of the year. 
During the fall. Mills and Baremore followed this 
up bv reaching the semi-finals of the Emory Univer- 
sity Toumament in Atlanta and the semi-finals at 
Wake Forest, also thus qualifying for the Tourna- 
ment of Champions at Michigan State in East Lan- 
sing in late March. Further, Mills and Andrew 
Wvndham, a freshman, again qualified for this 
tournament by getting to the semi-finals of William 
and Mary in earlv February. The regional Delta Sig- 
ma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha toumament in Charlottes- 
ville at the University of Virginia was won by a four 
man W. and L. team— Rusty Meyer, Tim Wright, 
Mills, and Baremore also receiving awards. In Feb- 
ruarv this vear's team captain Hal Higginbotham 
and Wright reached the semi-finals of the University 
of Richmond Tournament. 

Director of Research, Chris Mills; Debate Captain Hal 
Higginbotham; Professor William Chaffin. 


Bill Wilkerson. 

Openings' cocktail party 
with the Fabulous Five. 

Dance Board 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Brower, Chambers, Livesay, Carrere, 
Kumpuris, Wich, Smith. 


Gary Wilkinson bows while in The The first dance at Fancy Dress. 

Fancy Dress 


Peter Duchin and his orchestra. 

Jackie Wilson. 

The cocktail party at the Mayflower. 

The faculty above the Fancv Dress decorations. 



LEFT TO RIGHT, Cook, Ossi, Meyers, Jenkins, Tomp- 
kins, Mr. Stewart, Aldred, Bennetch, Unti, NewTnan. 

Manager Newman and Mr. Stewart enjoy Founder's Day address. 


LEFT TO RIGHT, Harrold, Stowe, Rector, Winn, Allen, Rogers, 
O'Hare, Simmons, Johnson, Kessler, Lee, Chambers, Miller, Atkins, 
Wright, Matthews, Sandler, Weedon, Levin Stewart, Cooper, 
Montgomery, Wyatt, Houseman, Shepherd; ON LEDGE, Tomlin, 
Halford, Carter, Ballantine, Armstrong. 







i^^H km 




1 i^^^^^^^BH^I 



^m- '^.. 


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRS! ROW, President, Charlie 
Harrold; Vice-President, Harold Stowe; SECOND ROW, 
Secretary, Mot Wright; and Treasurer, Wendall Winn. 


Circle K 

KNEELING, Bobby Munson, Vice-President; Will Ridley, Presi- 
dent; and Rollv Jacobs, Secretary. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED, Silverfield, Walthall, Hill, Clayton, 
Doulcr. Jacobs, Allen. Kimbrouuh. Ridlcv; STANDING, Slun- 
son. McGutcluii. Thicniever, Ilinkle, Bauer, Pannill. Dawson, 
Tucker. Barllctt. Kinncv. Smith. 


LEFT TO RIGHT, LAYING, Winn, FIRST ROW, Kessler, Levin, Carter, Kline, Stowe, Wright, Reynolds, 
BACK ROW, Leonard, Trout, Cannon, Brewer, Hutch ins, Miller, Livesay, Hall, Chew, Madison, Atkins, Crig- 
ler, Crosland, Nolan, Wich, Price, Cahn, Runyon. 

Student Service Society 

Tlie Student Sendee Society is an established 
Washington and Lee Organization. The main func- 
tion of the organization is to provide guided tours of 
the campus for visitors, prospective students, or 
groups who are interested in seeing and hearing 
about the Uni\ersit\-. \\'orking generallv in coordina- 
tion with the office of admissions, a member of SSS 
offers about two hours of Iiis free time a week to give 
tours during wliich he points out the physical aspects 
of the campus, relates some history about Washing- 
ton and Lee, and explains some of our traditions. 

Refreshment table at Parent's Weekend Reception. 

This year and in the past, the organization has 
worked with the Alumni Department during Home- 
coming Weekend, the Administration during Par- 
ent's Weekend, the Debate Club during invitational 
tournaments, and the Journalism Department when 
entertaining SIPA. 

New members are chosen in the fall from the 
sophomore and junior classes by application and in- 
terview. The President is Jody Kline and the Secre- 
tary is Clark Carter. 

Parent s Weekend 

Mrs. Roane Lacy of Waco, Texas and Mr. and Mrs. no\\ard 
Shepherd of Little Rock. Arkansas. 


1968 Mock Republican National Convention 

LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED, Secretariat of the Convention, 
Kessler; Ladewig, Decorations Co-Chairman; Keegin, National 
Committee Chairman; STANDING, Baremore, Director of State 

Delegations; Allen, Director of Publicity; Lowe, Secretary; 
McLaughlin, Parade Director; Saunders, Chairman; and Tomlin- 
son, Clerk of the Platform Committee. 



International Relations Association 

LEFT TO RIGHl, Salore, Kelsey, Kline, President, Harold 
Clark; Morgan, Ackerman, Edwards. 

Young Republicans Club 

Joe Wilson, Barr> Goldwater, Jeff Wainscott. 

Jeff Wainscott, left, with Senator Howard Baker of Tennes- 


President Randy Lee. 

The Concert Guild, an organization composed of 
students and faculty, brings to Washington and Lee 
each year five or six artists in the field of serious mu- 
sic. In addition, for the past two years, the Guild 
has sponsored the visits of composers to the campus 
to gi\'e a series of lectures on their works. Although 
most of the perfomiers are still in the beginning of 
their careers, they represent the directions in which 
serious music is moving. This year, the Concert Guild 
presented the Richmond Little Symphony, the Due- 
tri Ensemble, Trio Flauto Dolce, Thomas Brockman, 
and the Sonata Da Camara. 

The officers of this year's guild besides President 
Randy Lee are Stephen Sharp, Secretary; Alan Gib- 
son, Treasurer; and Richard Thomas, Publicity. 

Concert Guild 

GaNun, Lee, Rogers, Dr. Shillington, Rogers, Mr. Stewart, Gib- 
son, Thomas. 

The Duetri Ensemble— Frank Glazer, piano; Irving 
Ilmer, violin and viola; David Glazer, clarinet. 

Trio Flauto Dolce-Martha Bixler, Recorders; Eric 
Leber, Recorders and Harpsichord; Morris Nevmian, 
Recorders and Bassoon. 


!■ fl _ ± 

■ ' ^JtS^ 

The Richmond Little Symphony, Edgar Schenkman, Conductor. 

Thomas Brockman, Pianist. 


I I I 

y f < 


This year the Glee Ckib took to the air in mid- 
October for its first international tour. Enroute to 
Montreal, the Club stopped in Washington, D.C. for 
a concert at the National Cathedral; then it was on 
to Montreal and Expo '67. Under the direction of 
Professor Robert Stewart, the club began rehearsals 
before the school session started. Singing at the 
Alexis-Nihon Plaza and on the Expo grounds, the 
club gave a progiam of show music, drinking songs, 
spirituals, and sacred music and returned to Rock- 
bridge County to perform at the State Convention 
of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. The Christmas 
session brought the Washington and Lee Glee Club 
and the Sullins Choir together for concerts on both 

The Glee Club at the National Cathedral in Washington, Mr. Stewart conducts at the Cathedral. 



LEFT TO RIf.HT, FIRST ROW, Bcnnetch, Chaffin, Richard, 
Thomas, Fulkner, Parker, Freeman, Lewis, GaNun, Poppkc, 
Stedman, Cooper, Lee, Strohm, SECOND ROW, Wilson, Alder- 
dice, Kimball, Anderson, Grove, Ellis, Dorer, Brown, R. Lee, Moll, 
Massie, Hill, Carson, Smith, THIRD ROW, McLaughlin, Juter- 
bock Tompkins, Pettev, Martin, Graham, Twardy, Winn, Rogers, 
Kerkam, Poole, Cresswell, Gumming, Herring, Morrow, Lillard. 

Glee Club at the Alexis Nihon Shopping Center in Montreal. 

In Bandshell E at Expo '67, Montreal, Canada. 



LEFT TO RIGHT, On Ground, 
Mashbum, Capron, McKewaly, 
Ballanline, Miller, Buxton, Jones, 
ON STATUE, Scruggs, English. 

Sazeracs behind bars. 

The Sazeracs were founded in 1956 after two students returned 
from a trip to the French Quarter in New Orleans. While there, they 
frequented Pat O'Brien's Bar and discovered the Sazerac— an exotic 
sounding drink. Since that beginning, many albums have been pro- 
duced and the group has performed before countless audiences. 

1967-68 was a very successful vear beginning with the perform- 
ance in Evans Dining Hall for parents, faculty, and students at 
Parents' Weekend. Following that, the group performed at seven 
fraternities during Openings Weekend. March 1 found the group 
singing, eating, and even drinking at the Pinehurst Country Club 
in North Carolina. To top off the year, the Sazeracs made their an- 
nual appearance at Jim Peterson's Club Taboo on Worth Avenue 
in Palm Beach, Florida. 

The group acknowledges the capabilities and efforts of the de- 
parting seniors Miller and Ballentine and genuinely hope that they 
are not singing somewhere overseas. 

Business-Manager Miller with President Ballantine. 

University Federation of Christian Concern 

SEATED, Bingham, Carrere, McFarland, Kolezar,, Chapman, Spnint; 
STANDING, Rush, Harrison, Hodges, Svvczev, Herring, Sutton, Singer, 
Ridley, Thiemeyer, Koiner, Munson, Gumming, Gowperthwaithe. 

The University Federation of Cliristian Concern— A 
campus organization— representing the Uni\'ersitv Chris- 
tian Association, local denominational ministries, the 

Fellowship of Christian Atliletes, and Circle K— which 
has experimented this year in cooperative programs of 
service to the University and the community. 

Geological Society 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Estrada, Hall, Dr. McGuire, Maslansky, Kille, 
Schuster, Combos, Blanton, Rush, Dr. Spencer, Weill, Dr. Schwab, 

Newly formed in 1967, the Geological Society has the 
purpose of bringing together members of the student 
body who ha\e an interest in geolog\ and geological re- 
searcli. The requirement for membership is to ha\ e taken 
three semesters courses in the subject. The societ\ spon- 
sors field trips and expeditions in Lexington and the 

Valley of Virginia as well as to other areas of particular 
interest. The societ\ attempts to stimulate interest in tlie 
science of geology as well as to provide a framework for 
closer relations among the professors and students in the 


Noel Clinard as the Schmurz in Boris 
Vian's "The Empire Builders." 

Mr. Lee Kahn directs in 
"The Caucasian Chalk Circle.' 


Rehearsal for the "Empire Builders.' 

Lawrence McConnell, as Father, vents his fury 
on the Schmurz. 

Mrs. Bettv Kahn, as Grusha, flees the Iron Shirts 


Barry Goldwater. 

Mr. Stephen Hess. 




Professor Samuel Lubell 

Mr. Robert D. Novak 

Senator Thurston Ntorton 

Reserve Officer Training Corp 

Precision Drill. 

Capt'n KaufFman cries, "kill". 


Lieutenant Hart leads the march. 

1420 hours, according to Lee Chapel clock. 

The - • - • Society 

German, Vandiver, Turner 

The Society was created in 1967, 
and plans to go out of formal exist- 
ance in 1968. Public are its password 
and ritual; but private are both its 
purpose and the identity of the man 
whose name the Society has adopted. 
Membership is extraordinarily selec- 
tive, there being countless clauses, 
restrictions and other limitations. The 
Society is made up of certain self- 
styled heirs to its noble and courage- 
ous spiritual leader, who— like him— 
have fallen upon the thorns of life 
and bled, and have then crossed the 
Styx. Through its public-spirited edu- 
cational efforts (advertisements in 
the Ring-turn Phi, for example), the 
Society brings to those less fortunate 
than itself the Way and the Light and 
the Truth. 

Members: Philip Gaertner, Jr., Ma- 
jories Pauline German, Robert Ste- 
phen Keefe, John Stevens Mason, 
Clayton Lee Spann, Frederick Meyer 
Sturke, Jr., Linda Dianne Turner. 

CHARTER MEMBERS: Keefe, Sturke, Spann, Mason, Cottell 

Freeport Tuna Club 

The Freeport Tuna Club is a not-so-secret brother- 
liood of residents and former residents of the western 
section of the Old Dorm. Founded in 1966, its guid- 
ing principle is the adage laid down by the Grand 
Tuna on tlie third dav of Creation: "All Men are 
Basically Fish." 


Skipper Dick Ivey 

Skipper Emeritus Ken Walden 

Commodore Steve Saunders 

Vice-Commodore Bill Brown 











1 60 

13 "Club 

Former Treasurer Gordon and President Stu Baker. 

Ranking along-side Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron 
Delta Kappa in members minds onlv, the "13" Club 
is designed to its men in the abilit\' to distinguish 
between the worthwhile and wasteful objectives of 
college life. Thirteen members of the junior class 
are chosen each year for membership. Among the 
cliaracteristics which new members must possess 
are those of self-denial, cultural refinement, extreme 

composure, and intellectual curiosity. Perhaps it is 
because of its o\er particular interpretation of these, 
of what is worthwhile and wasteful, the "13" Club is 
very much misunderstood throughout the Univer- 
sity for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, the Club 
somehow sur\ i\es to spread its message of Bacchana- 
kian delight. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING, .Seibert, Chew, Preston, Burroughs, 
Askew, Baugher, Cunningham, Thompson, Gordon; STANDING, 

Runyon, Ridlev, Carter, Brower, Lockhart, Waters, Baker, Taru- 


n «k. 



LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Capito, Weedon, Yow, Lock- 
hart, Githler. Wilson, Sharpe, Tohnson, Dobbins, Sweeney, Nash, 
Graddy, Crosby, Shaw; SECOND ROW, Norcross, Taylor, Rueger, 

Lee, Vaden, Waters, Trout, Padem, Lykes, Whipple, Simmons, 
McMillan, Tarumianz, Hine, Craddock, Baker, May, Manning, 
Watts, Atkins, Howard, Johnston, Chambers. 


Mongolian Minks 

The Mongolian Minks is an esoteric organization 
with a histor\' traceable to Alexander of Mesopta- 
mia. After the demise of Alexander, the group moved 
to an unknown location in Germany until the Wars 
of the Roses when they emerged in full strength on 
the British Isles, only to be forced into hiding once 
more by the leaders of the Puritan Revolt. Finally, 
after long and arduous travels, this group found 
worth\ and permanent asylum on the campus of 
Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Vir- 
ginia, the Shrine of the South. 

The acti\'ities of the Mink, which are so enigmatic 
as to border on the inscrutable, ha\'e often been mis- 
understood, and it is for this reason that this organi- 
zation has been seen in the wrong light. For public 
purposes the function of the Mongolian Minks is to 
live in a manner which will paradoxically merge the 
Dyonisian and Byzantine Heritage of the group, in 
order that each indi\'idual may be most worthy to 
work for the general betterment of mankind. 

Eminent Supreme Caliph Chip Tayloe with enuchs on 
ground, Johnston, Howard, standing, May Crosby. 


Hart, Handlin, and President Jim Boyd 

Gaines Society 

Left to right, first row, Hansberry, Skinner, Kern, second row, Wolinsky, 
Fleming, Hemperley. 

Left to right, first row, Boardman, Santore, Shirk, second row. Hart, A view of the Munster House. 
Handhn, Sutton, Robinett. 


^^ f 1 




t - '^ a ff' g 


HonoiaiN and Professional fraternities, 
altliongli in no wa\- intended to take the 
place of social fraternities, pla)- an im- 
portant role in campus life. Not onl\- do 
the\- bring together students and faculty 
of like interests, and recognize excellence 
in certain areas, but they also bring to 
the campus speakers of whom the entire 
University can benefit. Tlie most promi- 
nent of these was Richard Nixon, whose 
pictures are seen on this page and who 
spoke at the annual assembb- for the tap- 
ping of new members to Omicron Delta 



^mm n 


Phi Beta Kappa 

Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest Greek letter frateniit\- in the United States, is 
a national honoran- fraternity which recognizes ontstanding scholarship. 
Membership in the society has long been one of the highest academic dis- 
tinctions attainable. Qualifications for membership are based upon high 
scholarsliip, liberal culture and good character. Each graduating class is 
considered b\^ itself and each indiyidual is judged on his own merits with 
membership not based upon an\' fixed percentage of the class. 


E. C. Griffith President 

B. S. Stejihenson Vice-President 

.S. M. B. Coullinij Secretar\-Treasvirer 


L. L. Barrett. C. W. Barritt, W. G. Bean, 
S. \I. Bovd, William Buchanan, S. M. B. 
Coullin^, Ollinger Crenshaw, Paxton Davis, 
J. F. DeVogt, R. W. Dickev, J. J. Donaghy, 
M. C. Dunn, Jr., S. P. C. Duvall, T. E. 
Ennis, Jr., D. G. Elmes, J. M. Evans, J. D. 
Futch, III; G. H. Gilmer, E. S. Gilreath. 
J. B. Goehring, R. H. Gray, E. C. Griffith, 
J. B. H. Gunter. E. H. Howard, R, E. R. 
Huntlev, H. M. Jarrett, W. A. Jenks, Emon 
Kimbrough, Jr., R. N. Latture, J. G. Ley- 
bum, C. P. Light, Jr., R. W. McAhren, 

W. A. Xoell, Jr., A. W. Moger, A. W. Mc- 
Thenia, Jr., F. A. Parsons, C. F. Phillips, 
Jr., J. J. Pollard, W. W. Pusev, IH, O. W. 
Riegel, W. J. Ritz, H. S. Roberts, F. L. 
Schwab, L. F. Sensabaugh, L. V. Snvder, 

B. S. Stephenson, K. P. Stevens, J. W. H. 
Stewart, Dabne\ Stuart, H. W. Taylor, Jr., 
E. F. Turner, Jr., R. T. Weatherman, F. P. 


C. F. Bivant, Jr., R. N. Clinard, W. M. 
Christie, Jr., C. R. Davis, G. J. Dover, 
M. R. Dunn, J. R. Fort, D. J. Godehn, F. R. 
Greer, M. L. Halford, H. F. Higginbotham, 
Jr.. S. D. Hinkle, IV, C. W. Islev, R. V. 
John.son, C. C. Lewis, C. B. Manning, C. H. 
Mills. W. W. Murfin, M. W. Pustav, W. M. 
Schildt. H. G. Smith, Jr., J. T. Small, Jr., 
R. W. Tucker. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Christie, Islev, Clinard, Dover, Brvant, Pussav, 
Small, Forst; SECOND ROW, Mills, Murfin, Lewis, Higginboth- 
am., Godehn, South, Schildt, Davis; THIRD ROW, Light, Snyder, 
De\'ogt. Sensabaugh, Pusev, .McTheiu'a, McAhren, Gilmer; BACK 

ROWS, Turner, Pollard, Phillips, Kimbrough, Griffith, Leybum, 
Huntlev, Moger, Elmes, Buchanan, Latture, Stephenson, Barritt, 
Nocll, Futch, CouUing. 


Omicron Delta Kappa 

Omicron Delta Kappa, national honoran leadership fraternity, was 
founded at Washington and Lee in 1914 h\ a small group of students. 
Among these founders was Rupert N. Latture, former professor of political 
science who still ser\es as an adxisor to the Alpha Circle. Today Omicron 
Delta Kappa has chapters at most of the leading colleges and universities 
of the country. The speaker at the 1968 Tap Dav ceremony was Mr. Rich- 
ard Ni.xon, former \'ice-President of the United States. 


David T. Johnson President 

Lane B. Steinger Vice-President 

Robert J. Stack Secretary 

Fratres in Facultate 

L. L. Adams, W. G. Albright, E. C. Atwood, 
\V. Buchanan, F. C. Cole, J. P. Davis, Jr., 
H. W. Dickev, S. P. C. Duvall, J. M. Evans, 
I. D. Farrar, F. I, GiUiam, E. S. Graves, 
E. C, Griffith, F. P. Hotchkiss, R. E. R. 
Huntle\-, W. A. Jenks, M. M. Junkin, R. N. 
Latture, C. H. Lauck, J. G. Levbum, C. P. 
Light, Jr., L. M. McLaughlin, A. W. Moger, 
J. J. Pollard, W. W. Pusey, O. W. Riegel, 

C. F. Phillips, L. F. Sensabaugh, D. W. 
Spnint, Robert Stewart, C. W. Turner, E. P. 
Twombly, C. E. Williams. 

Fratres in Universitate 

T. M. Barcmore, R. O. Bauer, Jr., W. P. 
Boardman, P. A. Brewer, J. F. Carrere, Jr., 
R. N. Clinard, H. VV. Crenshaw, L. B. Cros- 
land, M. R. Dunn, W. G. Faulk, M, L. 
Halford, L. E. Hepler, S. D. Hinkle, G. E. 
Hont.s, R. R. Ingoe, D. T. Johnson, R. S. 
Keefe, S. W. Keegin, P. K. Kintz, C. S. 
Klingelhofler, IH, R. H, Lee, B. J. Levin, 
1. A. Matthews, R. H. Nash, G. Rigney, 
\V. M. Schildt, R. P. C. Smith, R. J. Stack, 
L. B. Steinger, P. R. Strohm, W. L. Winn. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Strohm, Keefe, Matthews, John- 
son, Brower, Crosland, Lee, Levin, Inoge, Baremore, Hinkle; SEC- 
OND ROW, Tilson, Dunn, Adams, Murray, Klinglehoffer, Kintz, 
Broadus, Winn, Halford; THIRD ROW, Polfard, McFlenia, Cook, 
Griffith, Phillips, Crenshaw, Hepler, Keegin; FOURTH ROW, 

Hotchkiss, MeClung, Moger, Fletcher, Gilliam, Nash, Smith, 
Faulk; FIFTH ROW, Paxton, Sprunt, Potter, Derrick, Levbum, 
Schildt, Boardman, Bauer, Carrere, Pusey, Clinard; SIXTH ROW, 
Stack, Smith, Holstein, Huntley, Steinger, Albright, Buchanan, 
Rigney, Atwood, Latture, Old, Lyle. 




Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorarv' fraternity, its 
purpose being to recognize freshmen who have 
shown proficiency in the field of scholarship. Each 
vear, all freshmen who make an overall grade point 
ratio of 3.5 or better out of a possible 4 during their 
first semester at Washington and Lee are eligible for 
initiation. A banquet-initiation is held every Feb- 
ruar\ to honor the newly elected members. 

Harold W. Bowles 
Jerem\' E. Brown 
Corbet F. Br>ant, Jr. 
James G. Burke 
John Bowie 
Craig Bow 
Thomas Bewley 
WiUiam M. Christie, Jr. 
William B. Cockrell 
Roger F. Cook 
Anthonv M. Covne 
Gar\- H. Dobbs, III 
Bruce E. Downing 
Robert I. Dunbar 
Dan T. Dunn, Jr. 
Michael R. Donn 
William D. Falvey 
Jere D. Field 
Henrv' A. Fleishman 
James Easterlin 
Ronald Allbright 
Pleas B. R. Geyer 
Donald J. Godehn, Jr. 
David L. Greenia 
Frank R. Greer 
Hugh Guill 
William Gottwald 
M. Lee Halford, Jr. 
Marvin C. Henberg 
Samuel D. Hinkle, IV 
Steve Haughney 


Curtis W. Isley 
George W. James, IV 
Richard V. Johnson 
Charles C. Lewis 
James H. Lowe 
Christopher H. Mills 
Wesley W. Murfin 
Will Manley 
Mickey Mixon 
Pat Keen 

Thomas M. Newman 
William Ober 
Gregory E. Parker 
Harry Phillips 
Richard Kampf 
Jerald E. Perkman 
Michael W. Pustay 
Steven B. Sandler 
Marc A. Schewel 
James Smith 
Joseph T. Small, Jr. 
Lane B. Steinger 
Michael C. Stevens 
Richard M. Thomas 
Joe Tompkins 
Robert F. Wesel 
John T. Whetstone 
William Wilkinson 
Robert Weed 
William Wiseman 
Stephen F. Unti 





Beta Gamma Sigma is a national honor society 
which recognizes outstanding scholarship and ac- 
complishment in the arts and sciences of business 
administration. Chapters are installed only in col- 
leges and universities accredited by the American 
Association of Collegiate Scliools of Business. New 
members are elected by the active members from 
the senior candidates for degrees in commerce and 
administration, but no more than ten percent of such 
candidates can be elected. Exceptional students mav 
be elected from the junior class. 





Edward Charles Atwood, Jr. 

Charles Franklin Phillips, Jr. 

John McKcnzie Gunn, Jr. 

Lewis Whitaker Adams 
Edward Charles Atwood, Jr. 
Jav Deardorff Cook, Jr. 
John Frederick DeVogt 
Thomas Elmer Ennis, Jr. 
Robert Hanes Gray 
Edwin Cla\brook Griffith 
John McKenzie Gunn, Jr. 

Lewis Kerr Johnson 
Rupert Nelson Latture 
Stanley Todd Lowry 
William Alfred Noell, Jr. 
Charies Franklin Phillips, Jr. 
Louis Vernon Snvder 
James Walter Whitehead 
John Crawford Winfrey 

STUDENTS-Class of 1968 
William Franklin Chew, III Mike Edward Miles 

Richard Thomas Clapp Frank Allen Rogers, III 

David Tobin Johnson, Jr. Stephen Kemp Shepherd 

Class of 1969 
Marion Lee Halford 





Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national pre-medical 
fraternit\ and finds its puqDOse in attempting to fur- 
ther the cause of the medical profession among men 
who ha\e expressed the desire to go into that field. 
Members are selected from tliose pre-meds having at 
least a 2.8 average at the end of the first semester of 
their sophomore vear. 


Arnold Grandis President 

Edmund Pond Lawrence, Jr Vice-President 

Robert M. Wein Treasurer 

Edwin ^^'. Shearbum, III Historian 

Kenneth Martin Fink Secretary 

Robert F. .-Mdrich 
Jack J. Applefeld 
William Hueh Bauger 
Michael Laird Bramlev 
James Gillum Burke 
William Cameron Chumlea 
William A. Colom, Jr. 
George J. Dover 
Robert Dunbar 


William David Ferraraccio 
William Davis Falvey 
Donald John Godehn 
Walter H. Green 
JefTrev Lawson 
James Li\esav 
Thomas Newman 
Lane B. Steinger 



Psi Chi, the national honorarv societ\ in psvchol- 
ogv, has as its purpose the ad\ancemeitt of the 
science of psycholog\ and tlic stimulation of research 
and scholarship among its members in all fields. In 
order to be eligible for membership, a student must 
Iia\e completed at least nine semester hours in psy- 
chology, have honor grades in ps^cholog^■ courses, 
and have an overall a\erage that places liini in the 
top thirtv-fi\e percent of his class. 


Frank A. Geldard 

M. Curtis Langhome 
John G. Martire 
Frederick B. Rowc 

David C. Elmes 
William M. Hinton 
Joseph B. Thompson 

A. Hugh Baugher 
James G. Burke 
William A. Colom, Jr. 
Scott R. MacKenzie 
l^obert Moselle 


Henn.- L. Roediger. HI 
Andrew Shelton Rvan. Jr. 
\\'. Scott Snowden 
Michael C. Stevens 
D Whitn<'\ Thornton 









Omicron Delta Epsilon is a national honor society 
which recognizes scholastic attainment in economics. 
Founded in 1963, the society currently has chapters 
in some 100 colleges and universities. A unique fea- 
ture of Omicron Delta Epsilon, is the publication of 
the official journal, Tlie American Economist, which 
provides an outlet for essays and papers written by 
undergraduate and graduate students. New members 
elected by the active members, must have an overall 
B average and at least twelve credits in economics 
with average grades of B or better. 


Lewis Whitaker Adams 
Edward Charles Atwood, Jr. 
Jay Deardorff Cook, Jr. 
John Frederick DeVogt 
Thomas Elmer Ennis, Jr. 
Edwin Claybrook Griffith 

John McKenzie Gunn, Jr. 
Lewis Kerr Johnson 
Stanley Todd Lowry 
Charles Franklin Phillips, Jr. 
John Crawford Winfrey 


Class of 1968 Class of 1969 

Joseph Aubrey Matthews, Jr. Samuel Duncan Hinkle, IV 




The Commerce FrateiTiity is an honor society 
organized to recognize achievement in commerce, 
economics, political science, and accounting courses 
and serves as a link between tlie students and faculty 
of the School of Commerce. The program and activi- 
ties of the Commerce Fraternity enable the student 
to see the theory which he has learned in a practical 
light bv holding discussion groups and student-fac- 
ulty debates. Sophomores who have a 3..3 average, 
jimiors who have a 3.0 average, and seniors who 
have a 2.8 average are eligible for membership. 

Lee Halford 
Samuel Hinkle 
Sherwin Jacobs 
David Johnson 
Wise Kelly 
Alan LeVine 
James Lowe 
James Madison 
Joseph Mathews 
Christopher Mills 
Michael Mills 
Anthony Bewley 
Richard Caplan 
Chip Chew 
Richard Clapp 
Harold Clank 
Bruce Downing 
Daniel Dunn 
Mark Eakcr 
Keith Edwards 
William Gottwald 
Hugh Guill 


Richard Nash 
Jerrv Perlman 
Michael Pustay 
Frank Rogers 
Phillip Runyon 
Steven Sandler 
Martin Schmidt 
Steven Shepherd 
David Shrallow 
James Smith 
Rudd Smith 
Allan Stedman 
Harold Stowe 
Peter Strohm 
Richard Thomas 
Garland Tucker 
Steve Unti 
Robert Weed 
Steven Weiss 
Wendall Winn 
Gerald Yoney 




Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha is an honoran- 
fraternitv for forensics participants. The local or- 
ganization was installed at Washington and Lee in 
1963, and has already established an excellent repu- 
tation under the able guidance of Mr. William W. 
ChafRn. New members are selected on the basis of 
their academic achie\ement and their success in at 
least foiu- semesters of speech activities. 


President Tom M. Baremore 

Vice-President Hal F. Higginbotham, Jr. 

Secretar\ -Treasurer Kazimierz J. Herchold 


William W. Chaffin 

John M. Gunn, Jr. 

Tom M. Baremore 
\\'orth T. Blaekwell 
Kazimierz J. Herchold 
Hal F. Higginbotham, Jr. 


Allen W. Moger 
William A. Noell 


A. M, Mever 
Christopher H. Mills 
Kirk Woodward 





Pi Sigma Alpha is an honorary ^x)litical science 
frateniit\' for all majors in the field who achie\e a 
3.0 average in all courses in this field. The puqoose 
of the group is to hold political discussions and in- 
vite guest speakers to the campus. 


Ralph Schenkel President 

Harold Clark Secretan-Treasurer 

Dr. William Buchanan 
Dr. Milton Colvin 
Dr. Delos D. Hughes 
Dr. Edward L. Pinnc\ 
Keith Edwards 
Stephen Grove 
Robert Keefe 


William M. Lee 
James R. Madison 
Michael Morgan 
Richard Xash 
Michael Pustav 
Steve Saunders 
Rutherford P. Smith 



Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 
is a national honorar\' society which honors both 
undergraduate seniors and graduate students who 
have shown outstanding leadership characteristics in 
academic and extra-curricular activities at their re- 
spective colleges. Those chosen for this organization 
are featured in a book, published every August, in 
whicli a brief autobiogiaphical sketch of every' mem- 
ber appears. 

Tommy Mac Baremore 
Alfred Joseph Toulon Brvne 
Jack William Chaffin 
Robert Noel Clinard 
Michael Ralev Dunn 
William Gilbert Faulk, Jr. 
Larry Eugene Hepler 
David Tobin Johnson, Jr. 
Robert Stephen Keefe 
Joel Stephen Kline 
Stafford Warwick Keegin 
Joseph Aubrev Mathews, Jr. 


Mike Edward Miles 
Richard Hafford Nash, Jr. 
George Arthur Ragland 
Steven Richard Saimders 
William McClure Schildt 
Rutherford Paul Grooks Smith 
Robert John Stack 
Lane Barrv Steinger 
Philip Glinton Thompson 
Wilson Farrell Vellines, Jr. 
Wendall Lane Winn, Jr. 
Emile Ellis Zahra, Jr. 




Mu Beta Psi is an honorary national music frater- 
nity at Washington and Lee. Epsilon Chapter honor? 
those who have served at least two years with dis 
tinction in a school or area musical organization or 
who have shown special interest in the musical life 
of the University. This vear, Epsilon chapter of Mu 
Beta Psi is honored to have within its ranks a mem- 
ber of the National Executive Committee of the 
Fratemitv, Randv Hale Lee. 


Jeffrey T. Tward\' President 

Clement P. Ryan Vice-President 

Jack W. ChalRn Secretary 


J. G. Leybum 
Keith Shillington 
Robert Stewart 

Thomas Brockman 

E. B. Hamer 

Fred Helsabeck, Jr. 

John Ballantine 
Jack W. Chaffin 
William Cook 
Ward Dorer 
Michael R. Dunn 
Donald Ellis 
Steven Grove 
Richard V. Johnson 
Richard Juterbock 
Randy H. Lee 
Leslie D. Locke 


James H. Lowe 
Robert T. Miller 
Robert Moll 
Thomas NewTnan 
Herman Rogers 
Clement P. Ryan 
Peter R. Strohm 
Hardvifick Stuart, Jr. 
Richard Thomas 
Jeffrey T. Twardy 
Wendall L. Winn, Jr. 


LEFT TO RIGHT, Dean Pusev, Dean Watt. Dean Huntley, Dean 
Adams, Dean Atwood, Dean Sprunt. 





•■—■ ■itfltmi^itfmmt^ 

rim a I 

f^ f ^: 

"■fari>*7H-rT'»^5^ "Ot^l 

3-' -»::;«).•• 

,A4life«d-i»«t*Nfc— — 'tW^^JT'^ »| ri • mm t 

■V; .ft. 

t»^,^^j?:->"C!:ri^;,t;w,yAyr'^-;;'c';^Y.. ■:. '. .t.-.;ji?.i..<^j<A.>y:A>Attgyr'"w- 



Dr. William Hinton, Chairman of the Committee 

Coach Edwin Twombly, Head of the Physical 
Education Department 

University Committee on Athletics 

LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED, Dr. Hinton, Coach 
Twombly, STANDING, Dr. Griffith, Dr. Royston, Mr. 

Ravenhorst, Silverfield, missing from picture, Dr. Cook 
and Allen Craig. 


LEFT TO RIGHT, Atkins, Crosland, Fechnay, Kinney, Baker, Jacobsen, 
Carrere, Edwards, MacKenzie, Stewart, Carter, Ball, Stowe, Kimmel, 

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Stack, Smith, Thompson, Craig, Harrold, 
SECOND ROW, Pannill, Lackey, Rueger, Rasmussen, Norwood, THIRD 
ROW, Kline, Payne, Costello. 

KNEELING, Phil Thompson, President; Rudd Smith, Secretary; 
STANDING, Billy Ball, Treasurer; Harold Stowe, Vice-President, and 
Coach McLaughlin. 

SI Varsity Club 


LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Bloom, Atkins, Miller, Mc- 
David, Thompson, Smith, Large, Green, Griffin, Jacobsen, Anthony, 
SECOND ROW, Tomlin, Sharpe, Crosland, Howell, Kinnev, 
Freret, Hinkle, Lawrence, Cunningham, Clarke, Wolf, THIRD 
ROW, Mcjunkin, Harris, Lang, Wilson, McMillan, MacKenzie, 
Carson, Kuhn, Baizlev, Wakeman, Jones, FOURTH ROW, Molan, 
Dozier, Simmons, Painter, Thorton, Meriwether, Rogers, Hamlin, 

Lisle, Fox, Crigler, FIFTH ROW, Kumpuris, Mcjunkin, Piltz, 
Whitney, Thomas, Wyatt, Tatum, Maneval, Swan, Steams, SIXTH 
ROW, Reed, Carter, Sadler, Smith, Graham, Woodward, Millam, 
Blood, Gossman, Allen, Sulliyan, SEVENTH ROW, Coates, Green, 
Clyde, Eyans, Kupuris, Glenn, Vicker, Copenhayer, Smith, Ogilvie, 
Kyle, EIGHTH ROW, Webster, King, Hannon, Knupp STAND- 
ING, Gay, Williams, Leslie, McLaughlin, Szlasa, Poudrier. 

Co-captains Rudd Smith and Phil Thompson. 


Ik i. 




The line-up. 

1967 was indeed a \'ear of change for football at 
Washington and Lee. An aroused squad under the 
direction of coach Lee McLauglilin took a large step 
towards gaining back some of the respectability lost 
during the last three seasons. Led bv co-captains 
Rudd Smith and Phil Thompson, the Generals re- 
corded a 5-4 season against the toughest schedule 
faced in man\' a \'ear. 

Opening earlv against Guilford, the Generals fell 
\'ictim to their own mistakes bv the tune of 35-0. 
W&L rebounded b\' shocking state power Ran- 
dolph-Macon in a thriller, 13-12. The Generals fol- 
lowed with a 6-0 upset victor\- over Centre. 

W&L next took on Lafayette— which pla\s such 
Eastern powers as Har\ard and Rutgers. The result 
was a bitterb contested 17-7 win for the Leopards. 

A large crowd on Parents" Weekend saw the Gen- 
erals decisi\el\ beat Mason-Dixon Conference cham- 
pion Hampden-S\dne\ b\- the score of 12-0. On 
Openings \\'eekend. the Generals defeated Bridge- 
water College 16-0. ^^'ith this \ictory, \\'&L capped 
the nnthical State Small College Crown. 

A bleak Saturda\' in Sewanee, Tennessee was the 
setting for a shocking 43-0 loss to the arcli ri\al 

Kenny Long on the tackle 


Andy Bloom watches as Crosland lunges over the 

Sewanee Tigers. The Generals, however, showed 
their abihtv to bounce back by crushing powerful 
Southwestern, which had previously vanquished 

In the season finale, W&L lost a battle against 
the clock in succumbing to the Washington Bears 
17-0. This game threw W&L into a three way tie for 
second place in the C.A.C. 

Charlie Freret snags his fifth interception of the 

Rufus Kinney gains needed yardage. 

Dozier turns right end. 

t»^. -"■' 



Action draws attention of bench. 

Dick Kinney twists for needed yardage. 


Generals at daily workout. 


Rivera, Lacy, Dodd, STANDING, Palmer, Gastrock, Cox, Clayton, 
Burke, Miles, Wiley, Gendron, Henry, Jones. 

It is a well known fact that the Washington and 
Lee Rugby Football Club is the only truly athletic 
"sport" on the college's campus; this is so because it 
is made up of several hearty fellows whose sincere 
purpose is to play a good game of rugbv, enjoy good 
fellowship, and of course partake of the traditional 
post-game keg. While other intercollegiate teams 
plav on Saturda\' before large partisan crowds, the 
rugbv team pursues victory before a small group of 
dedicated fans everv Sunda\' afternoon. What true 
athlete wouldn't enjov the comradeship of his fellow 
ruggers after participating in a successful scrum. The 
\V&L Rugby Football Club continues to bring big 
time sports to our campus bv plaving teams from 
U.N.C., U.Va., Duke, North Carolina State, George- 
town, and South Carolina. Above all we must re- 
member the club's motto: "Rugby, the game for 
hooligans, plaved bv gentlemen." 

Secretary-Treasurer Steve Shepherd 
and President Bart Taylor. 

Rugby Team 

Dodd jumps for ball in line-out. 

While carrying ball, Gendron is hit by stiff Lynchburg 

W&L and Lynchburg College scrum for ball. 

Horowitz lofts ball against V.M.I, opposition. 

Soccer Team 

Craig watches Fechnay juggle ball. 


Co-captains Charlie Harrold and Allen Craig. 

Once again leading tlie tall sports, the soccer team 
under Coach Lyles finished with a successful 9-3 
record and the state tournament championship. The 
young team, with onlv three seniors — co-captains 
Allen Craig and Charlie Harrold and fullback Rich 
Burroughs, matured during the season and won 
seven of its eight games. 




•• a 

Fechtel struggles for ball. 

Six Generals were selected for All-State honors, 
Scott FechncN', Allen Craig, Rich Burroughs, and 
Tom Mitchelll for the second consecutive year, and 
Charlie Harrold and Jack Horowitz for the first time. 

Operating under a new formation, the hooters 
showed a balanced attack that scored 36 goals while 
holding the opponents to 12. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING, Antell, Kefauver, Hilbard, Fech- 
nav, Mitchell, Horowitz, Hyatt, Coursen, Yow, STANDING, 
Coach Lvles, Harrold, Clarke, Fechtel, Jamison, Craig, Har- 
rold, Bourroughs, Tooker, Neuman, Price, Wexler. 


Cross-Country Team 

In a fall filled with injuries and strong opponents, 
the Washington and Lee Cross-Counti"v Team suf- 
fered its first losing season in recent memorw Coach 
Dick Miller was disappointed with the record, but 
was encouraged by the improvement of runners like 
Harry Zeliff, Sean O'Conner and Dave Haydu, from 
whom he expects a winner next vear. Co-Captains 
Corbet Brsant led the squad in most races, followed 
closely by Zeliff. Junior Ralph Pearcy and Co-Cap- 
tain Bob Stack were injured for the entire season. 
Home course victories over Centre and Fairmont 

Colleges were quickly nullified by decisive losses to 
Lvnchburg, Bridgewater, Richmond, and High Point. 
In a close tri-meet, W'&L edged Old Dominion, but 
lost to Roanoke. Host to the College Athletic Con- 
ference meet this vear, the Generals finished a strong 
second to Washington University. Harry Zeliff 
cracked the top ten to win the fourth place medal. 
Freshmen prospects Bill Arvin and Paul Wilbur 
should give Coach Miller the depth he will need for 
next year. 


LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING, Wilson, Stack, Bryant, Wilbur, 
STANDING, Coach Miller, O'Conner, Ai^in, Pearcy, Allen, BACK 
ROW, Brown, Zeilff, Weed, Hall, Haydu, Hubbard. 

Runners round far turn 

Co-Captains Bryant and Stack with Coach Miller. 

Bob Stack strains to overtake Brvant. 


Stu Fauber strains every muscle as 
he lays one in. 

67" Mike Neer shows his ability to get up on the boards. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW, Hatcher, Fauber, Morrison, 
Kline, Carrere, Stone, Rhyne, Morgan. BACK ROW, Coach Can- 

field, Bauer, Edwards, Neer, Wesselink, Cartwright, Coach 
Morrison, Coach Davies. 

Basketball Team 

In his fourth \ear at Washington and Lee, Coach 
Canfield came up with his second winning season 
and liiought his record to 51 wins and 43 losses. This 
\ear's 19-6 record was one of the best in the state as 
tlie Generals went undefeated at home. 

After winning their first two games, the Generals 
journe\ed to Ashland to participate in the Randolph 
Macon Tourament. In the opening roimd the\' were 
downed b\ L\ oming but came back the next night 
to trounce Mar\\ille for tliird place. Tliat was the 
start of a twebe game winning streak that was to 
last until the first game after exam break. 

While tlie weather here was freezing, the Generals 
took oft for Florida on Februar\- 16. Though the\' 
lost both games, some fine indi\idual performances 
were turned in. Tlie Generals returned home to meet 
arcli ri\al Emor\ and Henr\ wlio downed the Gen- 
erals in overtime last ^•ear. It was a difterent ston 
this vear, however, as the Generals rolled to a 110-65 

Coach Canfield and Captains Rod Bauer and Jody Kline. 

Neer and Fauber wait for Cartwright's tip. 


The Generals had onh' one senior on the team this 
year, co-captain Jod\' Khne. Jod\'s presence will be 
missed but the candidates for his position are prom- 
ising. Of course John Carrere will be back as one of 
the guards and Norwood Morrison, Charlie Stone, 
and Bill Rh\ne will suppK plent\' of depth. 

The addition of transfer student Mike Neer gave 
tlie Generals tlie added height the\ needed as he 
turned in consistenth' fine performances both offen- 
si\el\ and defensivelw Neer's stuffs are a sight to be 
remembered. Mike is only a sophomore so he will 
have two more vears on the team. 

Also back will be the other two members of the 
"M-Squad;" Mai Wesselink and Mel Cartwright. 
VVesselink proved himself to be one of the year's 

steadiest phners with deft I)all handling and a 
deadh' jumper that man\ teams remember. 

Cartwright pro\ed himself to be the tiiie team 
pla\ er this )'ear as he led in assists and put the team 
effort abo\e personal glory. In a special ceremony 
before the last home game of the vear, Mel was 
named the Tuesday Ring-tiim-Plu "Player of the 
Year" for his outstanding contribution to W'ashing- 
ton and Lee basketball. Along with the "M-Squad," 
the Generals will hav e Stu Fauber and Earl Edwards 
who provide plent\ of muscle on tlie boards and 
scoring punch when called upon. 

One of the biggest disappointments of the year 
was the infrequent appearance of Rob Bauer. Rob 
was sidelmed with a bad knee most of the season. 

Cartwright "pops" from the key. Cartwright makes his move and scores. 



Triggered by Hugh Guill, Mike Jenkins, and up- 
coming freshmen talent and backed up by a nucleus 
of veteran marksmen, the 1967-68 Rifle Team won 
300 percent more contests than last year and finished 
seventh in the state rankings. 

Consistent high scorers and squad leaders included 
Martin Schmidt, Guill, Tom Jackson, Jenkins, Steve 
Unti, Steve Pannill, and Jeff Salb. 

Sargeant Fields was proud of his team's perform- 
ance and anticipates a victorious campaign next 
autumn and winter. Seen in the light of its drastic 
improvement over last season and the returning core 
of lettermen, the Rifle Team should be a serious con- 
tender for state laurels in 1968-69. 

Master Sargeant Wesley P. Field. 

Rifle Team 

LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Schmidt, Jackson, Maslanskv, 
Ossi, Shapiro, SECOND ROW, Guill, Jenkins, Unti, Salb, Ruby. 


Rifle team in action at VMI indoor range. 

Captain Bob Pannill. 







Co-captains Bobby Payne and Don O'Hare. 

Wrestling Team 

The 3-7 record of the 1967-68 wrestling team was 
not indicative of its potential. There were fine per- 
formances in nearly all weights dnring the season, 
but there was a problem in putting them together. 
Academic problems sidelined four boys around the 
middle weights and ear injuries kept Freshman Whit 
Morrill and co-captain Don O'Hare off the mat for 
most of the season. 

Jay Clarke, co-captain with Razz Razzberrv for 
next year, could always be depended upon for a 
solid job at heavyweight. He wrestled at 167 late in 
the season and won a CAC individual title at that 

Coach Miller voices opinion. 

weight. Other winners were Razzberry and Dan 
Webster, a freshman who outhustled everybody and 
who will be heard from in future years to come. As 
a team, W&L was second in the CAC tournament 
behind Sewannee. 

During the regular season, the team suffered ex- 
pectedly at the hands of such powerhouses as Old 
Dominion, West Virginia, and North Carolina State. 
\'ictories were recorded against Eastern Mennonite, 
Galludet, and RPI. The heartbreaker was the 19-16 
loss to Carolina. In general, the team failed to live up 
to expectations, especially those of Coach Miller. 


LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING, Hendrickson, McAffee, Rasbcrry, 
Payne, O'Hare, Morrill, Simon, White, KNEELING, Taylor 
Clarke, Baugher, Webster, Hawkins, Thiemeyer, Higgins, Coach 

Miller. STANDING, Skclton, Rivera, Linninger, Ross, Carlton, 
Crigler, Copenhaver, Ross, Dewey, Wright, Houston, Robertson. 


Swimming Team 

The Washington and Lee swimming team, led by 
the indomitable Coach Steams, compiled one of the 
best athletic records of the year. 

Guided to St. Louis by Captain Holbrook, the 
swimmers topped an excellent season by winning the 
CAC. Losing only two meets during the year, the 
Blue Natators conquered West Virginia University, 
Gettysburg, West Virginia Wesleyan, Old Dominion, 
Loyola, and Randolph Macon. 

Co-Captains Pat Costello and Noel Clinard 
sparked the team with their excellent performances 
in the breast-stroke and diving events. "Baltimore 
Bill" Brumback led the Generals charge on the rec- 
ord books as countless records were broken during 
the season. 

Billy Ball continued his excellent performances in 
the medley and breast-stroke events while that For- 
man animal, Hal Catlin, and Dave Kympton gave 
Brumback a race for his money in the freestyle 
events. Bill Kimmel, Scot McElroy, and Mike Berry 
helped support the Generals in the other strokes. 

Bill Brumback. 

BiUy Ball 


ftk % 

LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING, Foreman, Carrere, 
Brumback, Costello, Campbell, STANDING, Mc- 
Elrov, Phillips, Miller, Sugar, Ball, Ackerman, Hill, 
Catlin, Adams, Bcrr>, Bowles. ON DIVING 
BOARD, Frankstone, Kympton, Gatlin, Clinard, 
Grossman, Kelsev, Coach Steams, Allen, E., Allen, 
D., Christovich. 

Coach Stearns, Bill Brumback, Costello, Kryiii|jton, Foreman, Catlin. 


W. & L. moves downfield with the ball. 

Lacrosse Team 

LEFT TO RIGHT KNEELING, Coach Swan, Wich, Gr iffin, Stewart, Bendann, C. Stewart, Carter, Schenkel, 
Armstrong, Klinglofer, STANDING, Chew, Crawford, M eriwether, Stowe, Coslett, Jackson, Baker, Chance, Good- 
win, Atkins. 

Bendann angles for ball 

Charlie Stewart and Ralph Schenkel l)attlc tor l)a 

The ^^'ashington and Lee Lacrosse team had a 
\ eiy commendable season under Coach Dana Swan. 
The record of four wins and fixe losses was against 
major competition, including the English All-stars. 
The liighliglit of the season was the come from be- 
hind \ictor\- o\'er Duke Universit\'. The Generals 
scored four goals to win in the last quarter. Wash- 
ington and Lee was also veiy fortunate to liost the 
English All-stars. Tliis team made use of a runninc 

and passing attack, whicli had pre\ iouslv ])een un- 
seen b\" our pla\ers. Last \ears team was led b\ 
Honorable Mention All-American Lance Bendann. 
Duncan Lamoute, and ^^'arren Stewart. Though los- 
ing these bo\"s, such returnees as Chip Chew, Tom 
Pitman, Terr\ Griffin, Da\e Johnson, and Bart Good- 
win hold much promise for a \'er\- successful season 
under new Coach Szlasa. 

Track Team 

Coaches Norm Lord and Lee McLaughlin guided 
the Generals' cindermen back on the winning track 
in the spring of 1967. Dominated bv underclassmen, 
the squad maintained its poise in close contests and 
finished with a 5-3 record. Earlv in the season W&L 
dribbed at Richmond and edged at Old Dominion. 
Co-Captain Bill Wildrick and Sophomore Phil Nor- 
wood were high point men at Norfolk. Returning 
home, the Generals defeated Eastern Menonite, 
Hampden-Sydney, and capped the season with a 
73-72 upset of High Point College. Co-Captain Bon 


Stack and Junior Corbet Bryant consistently led the 
distance events, and Sam Hinkle and Bob Price 
greatly improved on the sprints. A pleasant surprise 
was the strong performance of hurdler Rick Meiser. 
Both coaches praised the performance of Freshmen 
Phil Jones, Curt Jamison, Willy Pearson, Drew 
Thomas, and newcomers Billv Ball and Don Sharpe. 
Sharpe was awarded the Memorial Track and Field 
Trophy as most improved athlete, and Bill Wildrick 
was given the Fonest Fletcher Track Trophy as the 
outstanding senior. 

Sprinters near finish line. 

Earl Edwards lofts discus with great strength 

Carithers reaches apex of jump. 

Baseball Team 

Townley catches ball. Left-fielder Whitehead keeps eye on high fly. 

The 1967 l^aseball season opened amidst usual cold 
temperature and strong winds. A spring trip to Flor- 
ida brought better weather, but also a losing streak 
that continued witli the team's return to Virginia. 
Lvnchburg and R.P.I, twice proxided the only vic- 
tories for a \'0ung team that promises much more in 
future seasons. Outfielder Tom Mitchell and Joe 
Wilson, catcher Jack Baizley, and infielder John 
Nolan and Co-Captain Eric Sisler were consistenth' 
outstanding. The graduation of Co-Captain Pete 
Heuman and Jim Cooper leaves a weakened pitching 
nucleus of Bill Rasmussen and Lee Halford. Never- 
theless, Coach Joe Lyles can look for brighter seasons 
in the immediate future. 




Ed Bishop analyzes pitcher's technique. 

Rasmussen's whijjping wrist is too fast for camera. 

Bishop, Runvon, Mahaflfev. Halford, McChrvstal, Francisco, Bock, 
Cooper, Phillips, Townlev, STANDING, Coach Lyies, Powell, 

Coursen, Mitchell, Rasmussen, Nolan, Sisler, Wolf, Wilson, 
Whitehead, Baizlev, Freret. 

Tennis Team 

Wick Vellines grimaces while returning ball. 

<.- ',■;'' ' 

Camera unable to 

catch speed of Spoor's 











Turman awaits return of Rueger's serve. 

Three of W&L's netmen at practice. 



LEFT TO RIGHT, SQUATTING, Goach Canfield, Thompson, 
STANDING, Spoor, Vellines, McGlure, Mcjunkin, Rueger, Lee, 

Tlie 1967 \\'ashingtoii and Lee Tennis Team fin- 
islied its dual competition with a 9-3 record. \\'&L 
succeeded in defeating all of the major state schools, 
including wins over the Uni\ersit\' of Virginia, Uni- 
versit\- of Richmond and \'irginia Tech. The high- 
light of the season was ^^'&L"s domination of the 
C.A.C. Tournament where the netters established a 
conference record b\' placing all six singles players 
and all three doubles teams in the finals en route to 
the title. Indi\idual singles champions were Ray 
Turman, Tom Mcjunkin, and Captain Phil Thomp- 
son, while the doubles team of Tumian and No. 1 
singles pUner Tom Bueger was \ictorious. 

LEFT TO RIGHT, Coach Canfield and Captain Thompson. 


Gil Turner lobs one on to the green 

Gary Silverfield tees-off on number one 


LEFT TO RIGHT, Coach Leslie, Fulwider, Silverfield, Matthews, 
Keith, McLeod, Singletary, Turner, Twombly. 


^-irt^^^.i-^ :^::-''3:ik*w^j^^^M'{:vT^i:w-,:'''& ■ 


Golf Team 

Senior captain Joe Fulwider led the 1967 Wash- 
ington and Lee golf team to another winning season 
under the experienced and dedicated leadership of 
Coach E. P. "Cv" Twombly. The team's 5-2-1 record 
included \ictories over Bridgevvater, Old Dominion, 
Roanoke, and Winchester Colleges and a tie with 
Hampden-Sydne\- College. Defeats were suffered at 
the hands of the Uni\ersit\' of Virginia and Lynch- 
burg College. In tournament activit\-, Washington 
and Lee golfers finished 5th in the \'irginia State 
Intercollegiate Golf Tournament pla\ed o\er the 
Cascades Course in Hot Springs, \'irginia, and 3rd 
in the College Athletic Conference Tournament at 
Memphis, Tennessee, junior Bobb\' Mathews will 
captain this year's team which looks forward to an- 
other winning season with two year lettemian Garv 
Siherfield, and lettermen Bill McLeod, Gil Turner, 
and Dayid Parker returning from last \ear's squad. 
This experience should gi\e the team an excellent 
chance for its first victor\' in the College Athletic 
Conference Tournament which will be held at Lex- 
ington this spring. 

Matthews breathes lightly as ball nears cup. 

Silverfield and Matthews observe Turner's downswing. 


Physical Education Classes 

LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING, Tucker, Canfield, President Kleiser, White, Cartwright, Douglas, Murray, Haydu, Wilbur, 

Passavant, Brumback, McFarland, Hillard, STANDING, Dorman, Mandeville, Kemplon. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 


\ ^ 



^ 'im^M^Sile)r~~'*—... 


^*--.. .-,>■ '■ ■ 

At a Rugby Game 


..( ; \ 





m\ *^- 




tT'_ <«.•»-#*-,*■ 


'•. . ■ y-- 

Vice-President Thomas Baremore, President Ellis Zahra, and 
Senior Justice John Reynolds, missing. Secretary Sam Preston. 

The Pi Kap Christmas Party for Lexington children. 


The IFC actively confronted two main problems 
in 1967: improving the image of all the houses on 
campus and formulating a new rushing system to go 
into effect in the fall of 1969. Public relations were 
improved through participation in the Lexington 
Heart Fund Drive, supplying the backbone of man- 
power in planting bulbs in a local beautification at- 
tempt, and an IFC newsletter to keep faculty and 
alumni more aware of fraternity workings. 

Progressiveness was evident as rudimentary talks 
were begun for a consolidated food buying program 
among all the houses. IFC-faculty coffees helped air 
views on such controversial topics as the mechanics 
of the new rush system which will displace any rush- 
ing until after first semester. Also, two scholarships 
were provided to foreign students. 

CONTACT was again a great success and con- 
tribution to tlie intellectual atmosphere for the en- 
tire school. As a preliminary for the 1968 Mock Con- 
vention such notables as Barry Goldwater, Thurston 
Morton, and Samuel Lubell spoke. The symposium 
enjoyed wide support from the student body, the 
communitv, and smrounding schools. 

Crenshaw, Smith G. L., Roediger, Carter, Fechnay, Jantzen, 
SECOND ROW, Honig, Demboski, Baremore, Squires, Reynolds, 
Pearcy, Brvant, Dowler, THIRD ROW, Wetsel, Stone, Baker, 
Matthews, Dean E. C, Atwood AXE, Downing, FOURTH ROW, 
Wright, Trout, J. Smith, Crosby, Wilson, Levin, Cahn, STAND- 
ING, Brown, Baizley, Bishop, Baugher, Miller, G. Smith, Bethea, 
W. Brown, Zahra. 


Bill Wiseman and Gordon Findlay. 

Barry Goldvvater at the Sigma Chi House. 


Mrs. Glenn Re\nokl,s of the Sicma Nu House. 


Beta Theta Pi 

Were YOU there at the \'illa?. . Going to Randolph-Macon to- 
night? No, to Madison. . .Gentle Finger. . .Dr. B. F. Simmons. . . 
F. B. Glass goes boating. . .The eternal triangle: Doug, Dennv, and 
Sarge ... I need you. Butch . . . Suckerfish , . . Eddie only go to ABC 
. . .Terr\' loses, Louise wins. . Grossman goes tubing. . .Twenty- 
three, Richard?. . .Stinger likes weed pollen ... Torch Baker... 
Don't delay, Hines...The Spiderwebs Davis ... Lanier, did YOU 

cut down the cherry tree? Weapon shakes the Shooks. . .Pulfa 
pufFa hose . . . Drink a little, grub a little. Pie . . . Exciting, wasn't it 
Lee? . . . Handball, Handball, on the wall, who has the fattest legs 
of all?. . .Cool it, Huntley. . .Would Carla walk a mile for a Camel? 
. . . Lew-kai-Blues . . Do Gators wear clothes?. . .Andres likes Hos- 
tile best . . . Will Loid make it? . . . Kathy's Klown . . . Nardo . . . Chuck 
makes burgers for Joey . . . Sweetheart Jack . . . Congratulations, Ken 

, . . Nakes Baby Junior . . . lOU, signed A.T. . . . Wooglin lives . . . 
Juma Wofa . . . 

Homecoming Representative Sally Ger- 
kin with Vice-President Jimmy Madison. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, Adams, Nash, Johnson, 
Ballantine, Zahara, Baker, Ward, Kimbrough, Wilson, Logan, 
Madison, Manning. 


SITTING, Hartwell, Lanier, J. John- 
son, 11. Johnson, Tyler, Graddy. 
STANDING, Hines, Hall, Tarumianz, 
Halford, Morris. 

BOTTOM TO TOP, Nolan, Hickman, 
Johnston, Rowe, Clayton, Henry, 
Wipple, Walton, S. Taggart, Dobbins, 
Garrett, Scruggs, Benard. 

SITTING. Crommclin, H. Taggart. 
Ogilvic. McKinnon. Toms, Gossman. 
Foote, STANDING, Boslcv, McCord. 
Houston, McKinnev, Hunter, Sartor, 
Canbv, Lininger. Gunner. 



Delta Tau Delta 

This year, we had twentv-one football players, five soccer play- 
ers, five swhnmers, five wrestlers, three basketball plavers, a dozen 
lacrosse players, four trackmen, one golfer, three baseball plavers, 
and despite this we still had a fine rush week. . .Justin pedalled to 
Sweet Briar . . . Payne got pinned "for convenience" . . . Anthony got 
engaged and planned it too . . . Jerri and the silver bo.\ . . . The blimp 
sleeps on...Dange got "Pittiful, just pathetic". . .Fat Dot in the 
black burlap. . .Little Johnny. . .Cosloe's railroad, the Main Line. . . 
The chimp's mustangs . . . "Was he bom in a coat and tie?" . . . i.e., 
e.g., just where has Eliot been first semester?. . ."The canarv lives!" 
. . .And who wants to buy a Delt seal?. . .Is there still a Dirty 
Frank? . . . the bat . . . Just one more vote . . . GofF's Bloody Marys . . . 
The El Rockos . . . Colt fans scream on . . . Gail was homecoming 
representative . . . Penny was house sweetheart . . . Coxington's loss is 
our gain . . . Over the fireplace is a good place for the house bills . . . 
A good job by Ed ... a fine job by Pat. 

Homecoming Representative Gail 
Robinson with President Pat Costello. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT, Raker, Griffin, 
Brinton, Bogart, McDavid, REAR, Costello, Anthony, Stone, 
Large, Payne, Elliot, Jacobson. 


FRONT, Hinkle, Carter, Stewart, 
Munson. REAR, Carrere, Wick, 
Clarke, MacKenzie, Bauer, Long. 

FRONT, D. Thomas, Bavard, Hutch- 
ins ("68), Piltz, Gay, REAR, Sinelc- 
tar>-, Adams, Foshee, J. Thomas, Lille, 

FRONT, Jensen, Milam, Carter, Sar- 
py, Hazelton, DeVan, Vickers, Sulli- 
van, M. Carrere, Coates, LeToumeau, 
REAR, Jantzen, Hunt, Graham, Stet- 
ler, Morrill, Bromback, Brooks, W. 

Delta Upsilon 

Rockv' the Flaming Squirrel catches the red blanket as the Horsey 
set gallops away. . .The bells toll for a fat cat as visions of sugar 
plums dance in his head . . . Duncan Hines eating club grows as 
ground glass and bamboo shoots take their toll . . . Billv Bones is still 
tr\ing to swim upstream to spawn . . . Luke attacked bv a Catholic 
mob in Pikesville ... a short pump hits a dr\- well in the big Houston 
deal . . . Hound captures best dog in show award . . . Hastv replaces 
Sproattv as a living room fixture . . Joe Ping Pong loves his body . . . 
a new trend emerges as blind dates return for more . . . Scarsdale 
rumored to have sunk into Long Island Sound and no one missed it 
... a flurr\- of hands wave Dan\'l goodbve . . . what smells in Delrav? 
. . . Shylock Holmesberg becomes toll of the bea\er patrol . . . the 
lovin' spoonful Goose closes his eyes tight and pretends it's an Alfa. 

Homecoming Representative Virginia 
Weiskittel with President Sam Preston. 

Crigler, SECOND ROW, Lackey, Lawrence, H. Clark, THIRD 
ROW, Morgan, Preston, Cashill, Jay, absent R. Clark. 




w^^^^P^ w( 





^^^uk" . -A 





^^^^^V M i^ 

MBL>^'_^^^M^ ->' 7V1 




w^ ^*^L 





ll^^^^m ^^^^^^KM 



~' *' *^ -i^v 


'-J^^T^ H^^RI 


' - - ^^ 

^^^^^^B^v ~ 



^H v*^^ 







CLOCKWISE, Kirshbaum, Bums, 
Hinshaw, Payne, Whetham, Sullivan, 
Regan, VVheater, Greenwood, Gill, 
Whitehurst, McLaughlin, Hasty, 
CENTER, Clement. 


Kellv, VValdron, Mctsingcr, Kelsey, 
Kintzing, McDavitt, Root, SECOND 
ROW, Weeb, Phillips, Pryor, Otto, 

Zellner, Battin, Atkins, Bassett, Giammittorio, STAND- 
ING, Orth, Martin, Kimmel, Carter, Coleman, absent 
Woodward, Campbell. 

Kappa Alpha 

Alpha Chapter enjovs one of its finest rushes under Walter Lock- 
hart; Michael Mixson obtained one of the highest averages in the 
freshman class. On the playing field, Yow, Jamison, Antell, and 
Harrold were on tlie varsitv soccer team, all in their second year. 
The freslmien sent McNeil, Bob Smith, Clay, and Andy Wright. 
The tankmen added Scott McElro\', who turned in his second fine 
year on the team. Alpha Chapter is well-represented on other ath- 
letic fields: Green made the freshman football team; Harris and 
Pittman plaved varsit\ , along with Jones who kept a stiff upper lip 
throughout the season; and Pittman and Muncks on Lacrosse, Jami- 
son on the cinders, and Logan in the Golden Gloves Tournament; 
Emorv followed those bounces as chairman of the Cold Check Com- 
mittee. Meanwhile, back at the House Tem started the year with a 
bang, and tlte pledge class \ ainl\' tried to follow suit, but ended up 
with poor hands . . .'Twinkle in a pledge's eve . , . Emory ahead)' has 
a blind date for finals. . Quin keeps coming back for more. . .more 
. . .while Curt combs the countryside for berries. . .H. J. Mvmcks. . 
Sweenev revisited his. aZ/na mater over Thanksgiving, while Splou 
and Logan lined up some big operators . . . Christmas House Party 
witnessed \'et another rendition of the Opie. 

Homecoming Representative Cynthia 
Faust with Escort Ben Paden. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING, Carter, Boren, 
Mav, Chambers, Dougherty, Watts, Waters, Pittman, STAND- 
ING, Baria, Cosel. 



TO RIGHT, Dukes, McCutcheon, 
Githlcr, Lockhart, Simmons, Black, 
STANDING, Harris, Vivari, Sweeney. 

TO RIGHT, Jamison, Perry, H. Smith, 
Yow, Quin, Scott, Collier, Muncks, 
STANDING, Antell, Paden, Good- 
ridge, Harrold, Jones, McEIroy, 
Honig, Young. 

LEFT TO RK:HT, Clav, Archer. 
Rankin, Green, Bevcrlv, W. Mav, 
Wright, Deemer, STANDING, 
Smith, Mixson. 


Kappa Sigma 

The New Year brought in a fleet of sharp new autos (including 
the bearded philosopher's Formula V) promising many road trips 
. . .it is even rumored that the Beck and Bivins are plarming them 
to England and Spain. Wilson, however, did his best to destroy the 
fleet and was only saved by Smith's timely accident. Dirty Mike, 
confident that this was his year to clean up, met his rival pledge 
Reed. The war monger and a noted sleeper enticed Hills to miss his 
own initiation. Fat Gordo always ofi^ered rings and watches cheap 
when he could be pulled off of C.L. Too manv flamers provoked an 
incineratary incident to disrupt Homecomings and cause the torch's 
goose to get cooked. Stumpv got naked. Wright has been known to 
spend several hours in the bathtub. McFarlane digs the new C.L— 
he loves to eat meatballs. Artists emerged — Buxton the vocalist, 
Dickinson the poet. Painter the artist. The house became a menag- 
erie and French show with the dwarf, the fag, the snout, the lurk, 
the rat, the fox, and Baron. We are looking forward to a productive 
spring, highlighted by our alumni weekend. 

Homecoming Representative Ann Brad- 
ford with Former President Mike Miles. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, Mantz, Shepherd, Atwater, 
Whitehead, Findlay, Hartman, Wilson, Lacy, Thistle, Miles. 


REAR, Pearson, Lee, Cliett, FRONT, 
Wright, Reed, Rice, Grigsby. 


Dickinson, Montgomery, Tomlin, 
Blanton, Smith, Bivins, Buxton, Car- 
son, Sample. 

TO RIGHT, Houseman, 
Rector, Wiseman, Mc- 
Farlane, Fainter, Hills, 
Rhea, Ross, Rembo, 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

C.C.B.D.C Sem major: truck driving. . .Bean Bottom Flash. . . 

Dirt and Little Ritchie prepare for blackout . . . Brucie reforms Ma- 
con. . .Baldwin refomis Decker and Marion. . .Wlw! Oh Why?. . . 
Sweet John, Tee-Hee-He . . . C.C. enjoys maury, as fishmobile strikes 
back. . .BuUseye bursts rock. . Bycott table hops. . .Eaton out on 
the 18th. . .Scott: get thee to a nunnery. . .Beauty and the Beast- 
Marx and Lurch. . .Timmerman gapes. . .L.B. rooms alone-again! 
trough-Oink! . . . The fog thickens-Dxall on a collision course 
Frank; O for 10 ( gobble, gobble ) . . .Robinhood, Allan-a-Dale, 
Friar Tuck and Dot the Slot? . . . Bockner, a Jewish Santa Claus? . . 
Bremer: Vini, Vidi, Vici. . .Jackson downed in a crossfire. . .Rocket, 
what happened? ... Guvther loves mother. . .Turn out the lights 
Grey... The Red Hand in Heat. . .L.T. shelters AWOL Eads.^. 
Mugwamp runs from a F.A. . . . Smittv acts like Smitty . . .What's the 
story Walker. . .Hamion uses Scott's car. . .Che Guevora. . .Hobbitt 
.Crane holds his liquor well. . ."I love Andy Beckman". . .Botch 
blows, fover, kitchen, head . . . Duckworth squats . . . Wyman s 
prognosis poor . . . Greg William's sister ... Let sleepmg horned 
toads lie . . . Praises again to Mrs. Wheeler and Dr. Turner for a 
job well done. 

Homecoming Representative Caroline 
Carlton with President Gilbert Smith. 

STANDING, D. Williams, Lawson, Lewis, Smith, Hulsizer, Ar- 
mentrout, Husat, Beckner, Bear. 


FRONT ROW, Poush, Botcheller, 
Dillon, Beckner, Early, SECOND 
ROW, Crane, Duckworth, Ruby, 
BACK ROW, Harmon, Barrv, Heath, 

ROW IN FRONT, P. Williams, Land- 
reath, Lillard, BACK ROW, Downing, 
Chumlea, Hcsson, Cropsey, Wherry, 
Pustay, Whetstone. 

FRONT ROW, Bvcott. Frank, Hogan, 
Guvfher, SECOND ROW, Wvman, 
Scolt, Schumann, THIRD ROW, Tis- 
sue, Guill, Crockett. FOURTH ROW, 
Decker, .Marian, Bremer, Walsh, 
FIFTH ROW, Jackson, Eaton, A. 
Walker, SIXTH ROW. Lcaming, J. 


Phi Delta Theta 

Phi's once again roll through rush week led by "Thun." Perennial 
powers on I-M field captained by dottering Paterno go undefeated. 
Seven starters on Coach Mac's club-hope to make I-M squad next 
season. Home movies from recent round-the-world tour thrill house. 
Are all buggers afraid of mice? Bannister continues to shake at 
Natiu-al Bridge but Fats Con won't believe it. Kessler is tough but 
Susan Grubs. Freshmen keep upperclassmen in pocket money at 
the tables. Murphy guns Dozier. Trout puts lock on Shaw's door, 
but not for Taisie. Cattin probes but gets little response. Crosby 
fools police after wrecking own car. ^^'hat trip to Vegas? Flower 
children Johnston and Shaw recei\e bid to topless cotillion. Wardo's 
return anxiously awaited. Gilmo eats dust in Natural Bridge Grand 

Homecoming Representative Mrs. Harold 
Stowe with President Barry Crosby. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, Stowe, Cocke, Howard, 
Johnston, Jones, Blair, Head, Crosby, Shaw. 


CLASS OF 1971, LEFT TO RIGHT, Patemo, Mrs. Al- 
len, ON STAIRS, Pliillips, llolmfs. King, Hammond, 
Jeter, Jones, Catlin, Blackford, Bear. 


Murphy, McElrov, Do- 
zier, STANDING, Lit- 
tle, Cannon, Meri- 
weather, Mashbum, 
Jones, Barre, Johnson, 
Trout, Lykes. 

pott, Fomian, Crampton, McJunkin, Gilmer, Norwood, 
Talcott, Barr, Goodwin, Meyer, McMillan, Ball, Sharpe, 


Phi Epsilon Pi 

Crimestoppers everywhere, BAM solves picture thefts, fires, sui- 
cides. . .Fink de- wheeled. . .Nelson's' whoop. . ."A famous man once 
said" . . . Swihart and Miller down the road?... Fat Albert... Mt. 
Tyack, world's newest volcano . . . walk to Lynchburg and run to 
B.V. ... the rock still lives- . . . Letters to Mr. and Mrs. Moselle, bills 
to Mr. Katona. . .Gorilla turns interior decorator. . .Pig gets third 
bath in college career. . . 114 Houston has 5 telephone operators and 
only one phone. . .House manager's robe, scvthe, and Kung Fu do 
not deter Children of Darkness . . . treason at 201 H East Nelson . . . 
who stands without? . . . three minutes to dinner-bridge? . . . keys in 
the feathers . . . still waiting for the B.V. townies . . . crosscountr)'— 
Phi Ep. . .what lurks behind the red door ( answer— Flash Man and 
Barf Boy) . . . Mrs. D. administers Thanksgi\'ing justice "single hand- 
edly". . .H.A., "count to five!". . "Supermouth meets Face". . .moon 
under Beethoven . . . you onl\- have one what? . . . honeymoon up- 

Homecoming Representative Linda 
Zolin with Escort Richard Caplan. 

CLASS OF 1968, SITTING, Swihart, Colom, STANDING, Fink, 
Miller, Bryant, Juterbock, Caplan. 



FIRST ROW, Strohm, Parkins, Mey- 
ers, SECOND ROW, Digel, Creasy, 
McQueen, THIRD ROW, Shapiro, 
Smith, L'nti. 

SITTING, Wilbcr, GaNun, Wedclle, 
Unti, McCabe, STANDING, Arvin, 
Nclso, Lewis, Cogan, Macrae, Griffith, 

FRONT ROW, Zeliff, Chalmers, Ber- 
liner, Schcwcl, Foster, SECOND 
ROW, Tvack, Bonifant, LcVinc, Kra- 
mer, Fletcher, THIRD ROW, Kirch- 
er, Newman, Mason, Hawkins, Feld, 



Phi Gamma Delta 

One hundred years have passed since the founding of the chapter 
at Washington and Lee, and the men of Phi Gamma Delta are ob- 
serving the occasion with austerity. Nonetheless . . . ! Bishop assumes 
controls, launches unprecedented dictatorship of the illiterate . . . 
Dart sticks chin in many pies . . . Chew grooms himself for the Cam- 
bridge scene . . . Groovv conservatively turkeys a few bids . . Locke 
orders checkbooks from B. F. Goodrich . . . Lupton and Dubber push 
Curt and Paul into obscuritx' . . . Twardy and Zink undermine legal 
system . . . Bubbles surrenders pin, appropriately during Champagnes 
. . Jones and date originate quaint saying. . .Young Kim parties in 

the head, a smashing success . . . Bobbys not really P.W Townies 

flock to the supragrill paradise . . . Infamous does it all on the grid- 
iron, even more in the tube room. . .McNeil switches majors, bids 
fond farewell to Geologv department . . . Little Rudy scoffs at Dra- 
per's 21-inch pump . . . Fuhrer establishes Reich on Preston Street . . . 
Injun and Sphinx go "fishing," land big game weekly. .. .T.L. 
achieves intellectual fulfillment on sun-lit rock. . .Herchold bids for 
head waiter in first step to the top . . . Pledges breed chickens in the 
pit, earn title Dirty Dozen, plus one . . . 

Homecoming Representative Margaret 
Purry with President Ed Bishop. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, Meyer, Locke, Yoney, Mei 
ser. Bishop, Wiley, Chew, G'Hare, Johnson, K. Herchold. 


ROW, Thorton, Robertson, Higgins, Allen, Mescal, C. 
Herchold, BACK ROW, Whitney, Major, Morrison, Barr, 

CLASS OF 1969, 

Carither, Patterson, 
Brown, Turner, 
Mattox, Preston, 
Williams, Ennis, 

ROW, Osborne, Knupp, 
Hudson, Smith, Petty, 
Swann, MIDDLE 
ROW, Potterfield, 
Goodrich, Ingcrsoll, 
Johnson, Blood, TOP, 


Phi Kappa Psi 

Diversity is the word for this year with our athletes, campus lead- 
ers, and party men finall)- being balanced by a few scholars. The 
novelty of freshmen with good grades has even arisen. Speaking of 
freshmen, we ended up with eighteen pledges even though to hear 
the rush week talk you'd think we're the only house on campus that 
does anything but study weekends. An unusually large group of 
Phi Phi's help make up the student service society, members being 
Bob Frost, Charlie Tomb, Mark Heatwole, Ben Schwartz, John 
Wolf, Fran Lawrence, Jim Wilson, and Bill McKelway. Charlie and 
John also serve as dorm counselors. Athletically, Andy Bloom, 
John "Bird Legs" Wolf, John Fox, and Freshman Steve "Cracker" 
Hannon were members of the varsity football team, with "Bird" 
being elected co-captain for next year. Chris "Turtle" Coursen 
played varsity soccer and Mai "The Freak" Wesselink had another 
great year in basketball. Frost, Jim Chance, Ned Coslett, and fresh- 
man Jay Knipp contributed largely to the lacrosse team while Wolf, 
Wilson, "Turtle," and freshman Alaii "Gilbey's" Shepard played 
baseball. Freshman Phi Phis were especiallv active in football and 
soccer and also took part in swimming, lacrosse, and tennis. 

Homecoming Representative Debby 
Torrey with President Bob Aldrich. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, De Hoff, Crawford, Walker, 
Aldrich, Tomb, Howell, Tiedemann, Wilkinson, Holtan, Bloom. 


Frost (back turned), Nowich, Wolf, 
White, Heatwole, Wilson, Chance, 
llowell, Schwartz, Williams, Baker, 

ROW ON LEFT, Mitchell, Hirsh, 
Moore, McKelway, CENTER, Mrs. 
Hersev, Fox, Fowler, Milnor, Coslett. 

ROW ON LEFT, Shepherd, Knipp, 
Stems, Rodenieir, Klinedienst, Rauseli, 
CENTER ROW, Allen, Greene, Ros- 
enthal, O'Gradv, Lampkin, Sawyers, 
King, ROW ON RIGHT, Young, 
White, Hannon, Shelley, Kerkam. 


Phi Kappa Sigma 

Phi Kaps start vear with 21 pledges. Roger's joke book gets passed 
around ... Boar Punch. . .Congratulations Will ... What's that on 
your shoes Homer? . . . Craig plays roll— pays toll . . . Penny searches 
for hidden Indian Mounds. . .Aw Neddy. . .Seniors go semi-formal 
at house part\-, Cox goes them one better. . .Mad Chuck (Lenny 
Schwartz ) T.K.O.'d b\- Flipper . . . Ridiculous Wick off scale on law 
boards... Did Goose really lay the Golden Egg. . ."Doug, you'll 
never get it". . .Schenkel fails MacLellan sex suney. . .Cooper re- 
jected at Parson's grad school. . .Our friend Mr. Camel. . .Leemo 
the magnificent . . . Captain Jod\' scores lay-up— Andre gets assist . . .^ 
Eat vour mouth Kvle. . Dry Heaves and Mrs. Heaves. . ."Joe Don" 
Thompson drafted h\ Toronto Argonauts ... All George catches at 
the Neuf is cold . . . Schaefer cut off bv Lexington Telephone Opera- 
tor. . .Too much sleep rots Bill Roger's brain. . .Mullen in line for 
first lung transplant. . .Frank caught with hand in glove. . .Monkey 
nipples . . . Boogies Boy substitutes Dunn and Bradstreet for Face 
Book . . . all in all a token effort. 

Homecoming Representative Mrs. Wen- 
dall Winn with President Hugh Baugher. 

ING, Rasmussen, Rogers, Vellines, Cooper, Baugher, Winn, 
Schenkel, KKne, Craig. 



FRONT, Jackson, Thiemcycr, Moore, 
Cunningham, REAR, Winter, Mullin, 

TO RIGHT, Palmer, Gro- 
ton, Clarke, Moffatt. Powell, 
Leonard, Rogers, Poole, 
Armstrong, Miller, Page, 
Arute, Garten. 

RIGHT. FRONT. Glasgow, 
Kimball. Rocfz, Gates, Learv, 
Kvle. Adair. Hvatt, REAR, 
Sullivan. Miller. Robinson, 
Wright, Denton, Gatlin, 
Stowe. Dove. Nottberg, 
Webster, IN TREE. Pull- 
man, Glenn. 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Dunlap hits ceiling . . . Wetzel burns to the ground . . . Shield Safe- 
Driving Award to Schooley. . .Stovall: Soul-Brother Xo. One. . .2nd 
Trv Award to Wiggle . . . Joe heads toward church . . . Razz cleans 
up . . . Holt has nice head-on . . . Peter Claus ends up in his own bag 
. . .Clappman branches out. . .V.D. returns. . .Jacobs isn't Fielding 
so well . . . Mom calls Cap'n Bob . . . Jack thunders in Bird Club . 
Swede sees saucer . . . Green punts . . . Cartwright scores . . . Charlie 
watches . . . Caskie gets punchv . . . Fish can't decide . . . Ray scores 
again . . . Hos bags the bills . . . Big Ben Award to Bert . . . Bronxville 
Sheraton . . . Pledges tame P'Vant . . . B. Stone rallies to the presi- 
dency . . . Baldwin joins the Planter's Club . . . Gumpo? . . . Ellis sings 
"Respect" .... Computer has Phillips pegged .... Homer says "Hi" 
again . . . Wes flashes by . . . Zattau zeroes in . . . Con\entional Dress 
Award to Hill . . . Pledges put actives in the dark. 

Homecoming Representative Debby 
Winger with President Bill Stone. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, Jacobs, Van Dine, Royster, 
Clapp, Green, Stone. 



Stovall, Hosford, Pannill, Caskie, An- 
derson, Fassavant, Silverfield, Wigert. 

wright, Eggers, Stone, Ras- 
berry, Westel, Henberg, 
Baldwin, ON WALL, Wig- 
glesworth. Chapman, Schoo- 
ley. Holt, Roby. 

Walker, EHis, Zattau, STANDING FRONT, Cartwright, 
Daniel, Hammond, Andrews, Widener, Clore, Hill, 
Faulkner, REAR, Cleveland, Fulmer, Ballard, Salb, 
Dashiell, Walters, Murray, Kahn. 


Pi Kappa Phi 

The threat of a deferred rush program in the near future sobered 
the minds of the Pi Kapps enough to allow us to conduct another 
successful Rush Week. With the second largest pledge class on 
campus, 21, the freshmen have proved themselves to be what we 
hoped thev would be. Buz Sadlock quarterbacked the freshman 
football team, while Chuck McAfee, Fred Dewey, and Wes Maneval 
all were on the varsit\' wrestling team. Ken Newman and Dick Ivey 
made the varsity soccer team, and Wren Hudgins is playing on 
Coach Canfield's tennis squad. The pledges coped a tie for first 
place in the turkev trot and, led Pi Kapp.I.M. wrestling team(?) 
to a second in the school. The brotherhood was not to be outdone 
by the upstart class of 71. With the remains of the house being 
put back in place by House manager Martin after Openings, the 
Lexington Volunteer Fire Department rolled through going to a fire, 
in Bogert's room. Brother Shearbum had collected the troops, set 
up the obstacle course in the hallway, boiled the \'ats of acid, and 
waited for the charge of the pledge class in one of the January 
bhzzards only to say later: "Code A Alert is over!" 

Homecoming Representative and Queen 
Kathy Munn with President Joe Demboski. 

Baremore, Shearbom, Thorton, Kirby, Christovich, Tooker, De- 
Sousa, ON FLOOR, Bovd, Barley. 


Demboski, Crawlev, ON SOFA, Graham, Allen, Bates, 
Veale, STANDING, DeFreytas, Schuster, Martin, Liv- 


Cole, Berger, Angrisani, 
McAfee, Maneval, Dewev, 
Ivev, SECOND ROW, Sad- 
lock, Lent, Stoudemire, 
Dver, Lee, Boone, Strain, 
Newman, Hudgins. 


Squires. Gingold, .\ntonacci. Riddle. STANDING, Mar- 
tin, Spoor. Bogert, Keat, Cameron. Miller, Vount, Kem- 
per, Bcckman. Batch. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Lee delivers big package via railroad at the beginning of the 

Centennial year McCranie and Yates lead third floor to new 

heights . . . Kumpuris wins Parents magazine "Youth of Tomorrow" 
award . . . Jane Fiyer wins annual bosom contest . . . Israel and Rueger 
play host to the pledge class . . . Rueger reaches puberty . . . Price 
and Childs intimidate Taylor. . .Walthall has fun. . . Mot comes in 
dime store . . . Vaden reaches state of uncontrollable amnesia . . . 
Hart, Stalnaker, and Davis form the ultimate in road teams . . . John- 
son uses fly to catch trout, eats it at truck stop . . . Crosland spurns 
Coach Mac for Wilson Pickett . . . Tayloe trips down the primrose 
path of dalliance . . . Ridley finally mentioned in Year Book . . . Atkins 
and Capito run on sympathy ticket to captiue second semester 
offices . . . Norcross pockets fortune in first semester combos . . . Brad- 
ford is alive and well in the Law School . . . Une fanfare de cloches 
et d'oiseaux. 

Homecoming Representative Missy 
Spewart with Escort Allen Lee. 

cross, Capito, Bradford, ROW IN CENTER, Culpepper, Tayloe, 
Ridley, Johnson, ROW ON LEFT, E. Crosland, Atkins, Hall. 




Childs, Israel, Taylor, Lee, Rueger, 
Vaden, Walthall, Price, Wright. 

FRONT, Eagles, Easterlin, Tatum, 
Harrcll, Cooper, Rilev, Rassnam, 
Woodard, REAR, Rhvne, White, Bil- 
lips, Davis, Copenhaver, Jordan, 
Long, Lumpkin. 

KNEELING, Seward, Wcedon. Fach- 
tcl. STANDING, Field, Wvatt. Clyde, 
Hutto, Mrs. Wilkins. McCrainic, 
Evans. Vcats, Kumpuris. 


Sigma Chi 

Great year at Chi Lodge . . . Rush Chairman Kolvos grabs eight- 
een . . . Barney Oldfield Award to Thorse while Fahev's lunch box 
goes to Nook for expert and deft handling of difficult parking ma- 
neuver. . .And Palmer Award to e\eryone, at one time or another. 

Tlie Kid pins little Debbie . . . Phoon's pin changes hands . . . Wal- 
lass runs bus service to D.C. ( twice a week ) . . . Bass has trouble 
with his Ginna-tonic but receives Fridav night cotillion bid. . . 
Briggs likes Ginger-snaps . . . Reynolds goes a little farther this vear 
(from Madison?) . . .and Smiling Jim gets the cure. 

Faculty Cocktail Partv proves to be a "gentlemen's education" . . . 
Soul brother Joev Reynolds sobers up on the Chi Lodge roof. . . 
McGoo sa\'es Schobe in Great Fire .... And the renowned O.C. 
branches to Ohio. 

Lang gets ptomaine at Mount.... But HeiT Massie substitutes 
knife and fork for weed. . .G.H. introduces "blitzbox" as new secret 
weapon, bov . . . Brother Douglas cannot cure Walker's tired blood 
. . . Webber's telephone "Billings, Mount" . . . but Pearcy cannot open 
his trunk! . . . And Jack Don spends evening in twilight zone. 

Homecoming Representative Carol AI- 
staugh with escort Dick Thomas. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT, Townley, Briggs, 
Reynolds, Biehl, Carson, REAR, Seibert, Moll, Carlson, Lawrence, 
Massie, Thorsen, McGaughey. 


FRONT ROW, Townseiul, Mander- 
ville, Shcllcv, Doiithit, SECOND 
ROW, Smith, Taylor, Spruce, Tuiag- 
lie, Ballaiigt'c, Rice, Koontz, Bene- 
dict, THIRD ROW, Beckwith, Koe- 
niger, Leatoii, FOURTH ROW, Wil- 
liams, McConnell, Eidman. 

('68), FRONT, Douglass, 
Malonev, Gaillard, Gibson, 
Bass, Dobbs, Herring, Gum- 
ming, Mathews, Shobe, 
Wulbee, Murphv, Culpep- 
per, Co\vper\vaithe, REAR, 
Phillips, Chidress, Lee. 

KNEELING. Mavnard, Duncan, Mc- 
Commons, STANDING, Higgins, 
Walker, Pearcv, Mills. Thomas, Run- 
von. Armstrong. 



Sigma Nu 

Arpia Street becomes high-rent district— Exit JuHe— Stedman leads 
Y-Rs— "The Grabber" paces the halls— Norwood and Stuart score 
for General B-ballers as Frank coaches frosh— Peck "hangs ten" in 
basement— Mrs. R. jokes and wins a house— the "Electric Jew"— 
"Boots" named best booter— Cay commutes from N.Y.C. to see Bruce 
— Kvmpton and Frankstone swim— Bart, Bethea, and Roddy fall vic- 
tim— NIobes spreads himself thin— I-M tennis win— Pablo hides be- 
hind shades— Sandv comes down the road again, and . . . —"Fireball" 
Chamness— Rudd leads class and plans Finds as Coo plans future— 
"Super Wimp"— Brown's (?) stereo— Murf and Sweet Girl set the 
date— "Little" Joev, P. J., and Burt happidh' degenerate while Newk 
defenestrates— Dave, Al, and Mrs. R. look for a fourth— Greg feels 
closer to South Carolina than Wilson-Fergie and Dick worship a 
certain historv prof— Herdon picks up Florida on the Exchange. 

Homecoming Representative Kim 
Mitchell with Escort Dave Bethea. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING, Newquist, Seay, 
D. Reading, Nicholson, Murfin, STANDING, Pettyjohn, Doughtie, 
Hardin, Burroughs, Mrs. Reynolds, Butler, Bartlett, M. Dowler, 
Smith, Ferguson. 



TOM, Ilarkey, Peck, Nading, Mor- 
row, Carpenter, Browmley, Cham- 
ness, Dietrich, Adams. 

son, Slabaugh, Fleming, 
Meinrath, D. Dowlcr, Stcd- 
man, McCliire, Settle, 
STANDING, Gresor>, A. 
Reading, Brown, Tucker, 
Schuster, Burt, Fletcher, 
Askew, Rocdiger, Dunn. 

FRONT ROW, Morrison, George, 
Rutlidgc, Wakeman, Hubbard. SEC- 
OND ROW, Alderdicc, Hull, Frank- 
stone, kefauver, Dorman, Albright, 
THIRD ROW, Faubcr, Bethea. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Bass writes the great American Novel, but we'll wait for the 
movie. George orders the meal, but still studies the menu. Judv 
feasts on Lowe's accursed ugliness . . . Chaplain Berard preaches rum, 
Bomanism, and rum . . . Saunders gets accepted at Saskatchewan 
Tech School of Law . . . Miller lives up to his name with hat and tie 
. . . Diane and Fran give Herb the can . . . Thompson . . . bov philoso- 
pher, pulls semester sleep-in . . . Small figures out how to beat 4.0 . . . 
Fitzhugh mav have gotten pinned, but his heart belongs to the in- 
vaders... The Boad Trip Awards: McDonald quits at 8:30, Mul- 
berrv puts a phone in his car. Smith makes Florida State on week- 
ends. Trots and Godehn date Tarheels . . . The midnight Skulker gets 
strange phone calls at 3 A.M.. . .Pipes couldn't find Lynchburg, the 
swimming pool, or his checkbook . . . Pledges put a washing machine 
and a jukebox in the trunk room, on Ed's orders . . . McCuUough is 
the onlv flunkie on the honor roll . . . Hughes and Starun save on 
water. . .D. Smith enjoys pledging. . 
. . .Cactus Jack, the Texas Turkey, 
the pig that loves the party- 

. Grandon and the Bed Boom 
.Honda Hany. . .Watts finds 

Homecoming Representative Mrs. 
Michael McCreery with President Herb 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, Godehn, Gastrock, Morgan, 
Miller, Dunn, Lowe, Bass, McWhorter. 





ROW, Wilkersoi), Bowles, Lynn, 
Fitzhugh, Chadvvick, Mullenix, SEC- 
OND ROW, Small, Trotman, Hamill, 
Bamlcv, Kulin, Smith, Thompson, 
TOP, Crenshaw. 

ON FLOOR, Friend, Rich, ON 
SOFA, Watts, Browning, Bohanen, 
Ross, Bowlus, Freund, Galperm, 
BACK ROW, J. Lynn, Reynolds, 
Carlton, Oast, Florence, Hill, Rider, 

ei f> ^ r> 

. Mrnim 


A VR^M'^^lt^ 


mij^v ''ji'/ ^1 

SB^^l^Vi. * J^IH 


ROW. Supplec. MtCullough, 
McChrvstal. SECOND ROW, 
Pipes, Cole. Starun, Entzmingcr, 
AROl'ND OUTSIDE, Maguire, 
Grandin. Salzbcrg, Smith, By- 
rum, Bock. Mrs. Fisher, Hughes. 
.McDonald. Price, McNeil. 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Douse . . . pliee . . . d'bips— '67-'68 watchwords of AE-ZBT, coined 
by Brother Booger, Pole and Rev Stinger hooked and reeled in. 
Dover catches one on rebound from a Philadelphia hood. Dorf 
swings (east and west). Cerf and Elder Brower spend time in sky 
with Luc\'. Shrallow plavs Dayan for a day. Koufax joins Packers. 
Chief Exec. B.J. plavs Schickelgruber role. Little Brower gets 10 
per cent discount on manicures. Sugar Bear divorces Magic Mel. 
Frolic pins a shicksa on Yom Kippur. Katz, Deitz, Sugar inspire 
Baltimore Zeebs to victory over Poughkeepsie Shaker. Fleishman 
threatens schnoz-job. Soccer-star Witz almost caught smiling. Perl- 
man orders mugs and paddles 3— cou^t 'em— 3 times. I-M Football: 
Sklart holds out for more cash, golden-toe Herman kicks to no avail. 
Pledge Berg pulls a "Jay Field," disappears over Xmas. Mom Fletch- 
er inspires us towards tenth straight scholarship cup. Trustees re- 
panel and re-furnish house. Thanx to Johnn)', Margaret, and cus- 
todians Witz, Cerf, and Loring. 

Homecoming Representative Holly 
Vosse with escort Peter Apisdorf. 

CLASS OF 1968, LEFT TO RIGHT, Levin, Bamett, Mrs. Gran- 
disj A. Grandis, Apisdorf, Mrs. Fletcher, Rosenberg, Shrallow, 
Brower, Sever, Mocerf, Home. 



TOP LANDING, Warner, Sales, 
Kahn, Sicleman, Fleishman, LADDER 
TOP TO BOTTOM, Dietz, Sugar, 
Sklar, Miller, Tabakin, Samuels, Bes- 
son, Evans, STANDING, Herman, 
Bernard, Maslansky. 

Horowitz, Loring, Solmson, Katz, 
Eaker, Apter. 


Stelzer, Jacobs, Poppke, Greenhut, 
Gordon, Schwartz, Mitchell, Levin, 
Bernstein, Shapiro, San Miguel, 

SAE Party. 

SPE Party. 

PhiEp Party. 


PiKA Party. 

Beta Party. 

Sigma Chi Party. 


Delt Party. 

Pi Kap Party. 

Phi Delt Party. 

Phi Psi Party. 

ZBT Partv. 


Phi Delt Party. 

Phi Psi Party. 


Pi Kap Party. 

Delt Party. 

ZBT Partv. 

As a yearbook editor, wouldn't you like 

V complete creative art assistance in planning and 
designing your book 


a/ actual known production performances (by rec- 
ords) of substantially less than 10 weeks, as 
required by most yearbook manufacturers. No 
contract claims, either, of an additional 4 days 
on delivery for each 1 day any deadline ;'( ini^u'd 

V an association with a firm who has specialized 
in designing yearbooks perhaps longer than any 
other company 

V our insistence of your reading and checking page 
proofs to avoid (or at least minimize) possible 
glaring errors in the completed edition 

V on all out effort to please you in design, quality, 
and service at competitive prices 

What mere could you ask? 






1968 CALYX 

i^omtyiintentd of 



We wz's/i to thank ail of oar 

customers for having given us the 

pleasure of serving them, and we 

look forward to your patronage in 

the future . . . 


tVleet me at the ^upplu ^ti 



The Store Is Another W&L Tradition 
Strictly in the Students' Interest 











West Nelson $treet 

Washington & Lee University 



^ <^ ^ 

, Fancy Dress Ball 
Caps and Gowns 





OAK HALL r ^"^ * ^'T ^- 
L Uniform Shop 


For Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service 

In Lexington 



McCrum's Drug Store 


for Rx — Prescriptions — Rx 


all your Drug needs 


Fountain service — Notions — Magazines 



Photo Service 

Phone 463-2323 1 7 S. Main 

Phone 463-3141 

Agent at W&L Supply Store 

Music and tobacco headquarters 

for W & L Students 


• Stereos • Instruments 

ti filuJ J^ 

• Records • Guitars 

\ ll/^-/r^"f p,.?l?.:i'i 

• Prints • Cards 


• Pipes, tobaccos, pouches, humid- 
ors and accessories are specialties 

of our pipe and tobacco depart- 


Early Americanna 

Desk Organization 

• Wollensak Tape Recorders 


• KLH 

Collector's Corner 

• Voice of Music 

Brass, Pewter, Wedgewood 

• Magazines 

W. and L. Gift- 

Things Oriental, 

Things Shibui 
The Shack 


Gourmet Shop 

25 So. Jefferson St. 



For The Man With Distinctive Taste 




One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World 

\yut Unanhd for ^^11 f-^ast /-^^atronam 

We Invite you to Visit our Completely New and Modern Inn 

The Bookstore 







I 15 West Nelson St. 





"Lexington's Shopping Center" 
Ready-to-Wear — Piece Goods 
House Furnishing Department 

'Serving the Public over three-fourth of a century" 





W&L Class Rings 
Watch Repairing 
Hand Engraving 

Student Accounts Welcome 

On the Campus 

At Dance Weekends 

Or Parties at Goshen 

Whatever the occasion nnay be 

The Correct Attire can always be found 





Student Accounts 





All Week 

1:30 p.m.— 5:00 p.m. 

6:30 p.m.— 10:30 p.m 

Lexington, Virginia 

For Reservations Phone HO 3-4033 


7 N. Jefferson St. 

Shir+s Laundered as You 

Like, and the Finest 

in Dry Cleaning 

Phone HO 3-3622 


lO P M "163 3295 







Now More Than Ever Your Home of 
Better Values 


Compliments of 







Specially designed checks 
for student accounts 

Member F.D.I.C. 

& SON, INC. 

Insurance and Bonds Since 1866 

2241 Langhorne Road 

Lynchburg, Va. 

Telephone 261-61 10 




S+eak and Seafood 


The Best in Food 

r^ { fJyT^////^ 

Route 60 East Buena Vista, Va. 


Thunderbird Club 

Turn at Mick or Mack 

on Williamson Road 

I Mile From Hollins College 

Dancing Every Friday and 


8:30 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. 



Serves American. Industry 






f r« 



-•'»>/■,.■.; '.- ••»'■. ^ ' 


^r :i^ 


t'-*"- • ■-.;;*«<rWj*-v^''"iS^