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LEXfNGTON, VA 24450 




















Washington and Lee's philosophy of educa- 
tion has long emphasized the importance of 
teaching by men whose first love is the class- 
room. Dedication to this philosophy has resulted 
in our university's reputation of greatness. 
Dr. James Graham Leyburn personifies this 
emphasis and enhances this reputation. 

Covering many areas, Dr. Leyburn's courses 
are memorable and exciting experiences shared 
by many W&L students over the past twenty- 
one years. Almost legendary now is his annual 
lecture on the deach of Socrates. His scholar- 
ship and his breadth of knowledge serve as 
examples for students who choose to dedicate 
themselves to an intensive cultivation of the 
intellect. His frank yet constructively specific 
evaluations of one's work, rendered with re- 
markable promptness — usually by the next 
class period, provide invaluable guidance. 

In several of his courses. Dr. Leyburn refers 
to the Greek ideal of arete— excellence in all 
that is admirable, with equal emphasis on 
versatility and excellence. An outstanding 
scholar and teacher in several areas, an ac- 
complished pianist, and a leading Churchman, 
Dr. Leyburn has not merely pursued the Greek 
ideal; he has attained it. To him we dedicate 
the 1969 Calyx. 

Tradition is a word you hear a lot here. But tradition, the very 
word, should imply a questioning— if not then it's not tradition 
but habit. Real tradition has a way of reaffirming itself. When this 
can't be done, things should change. Washington and Lee is now 
in the process of changing a backlog of habits. 

Start with the faces of things— the real exterior. No Saturday 
classes— what does this imply? A fine example of student initia- 
tive, sure, but the stuff which courses through the lifeblood 
of a university is not made up of such things as how a schedule 
should be organized. Or is it? Perhaps too many people have 
thought so— perhaps that's why we didn't lose Saturday classes 

Or the fraternities— they're mixed up in this too. Are they a 
habit? If not, perhaps they've got some reaffirming to do. On the 
surface things haven't changed much here. It's the same first 
semester rush. Maybe the difference is more gesture than habits. 
But gestures point to something, emphasize a basic line of 
thought. We must ask, "Gesture to what, emphasize what?" 


L 0A 

If fraternities cannot answer tliese gestures, periiaps the 
frestiman class point out the direction things are headed. A 
lot was said about the class of 72. Do they tread on tra- 
dition, or merely yearn at habit? Does this year's freshmen 
forecast a characteristic mixture that will distinguish future 
classes as well? Can fraternities survive such a change in 
attitude— are they acceptable only to a single type? 

But freshmen should be more concerned with the uni- 
versity than with the fraternities. So far the surface has 
hardly been scratched. A far-sighted curriculum committee 
has gained impetus toward changes that go deeper perhaps 
than anything of current interest. You hear the word 
"competitive" a lot. Is W&L competitive with other schools? 
Whether we like it or not, we can't sit bacl< and let students 
find us. The gentlemen-scholar myth; perhaps repolishing is 
not enough. One of those terms, at least, may be obsolete. 
Obviously, our faculty has decided it should not be the latter. 

So the question arises: does W&L take up a role as a bastion set against "fads" sweeping 
other universities. Like coeducation, inexpensive tuition and fees, mass education. Those who 
argue that these questions should be considered from the standpoint of the individual institu- 
tions alone have a good point. But do they forward this argument as more sand for the 
engines that, at W&L may be finally revving up for some speed beyond idle. 

But a motor at top speed is useless without a transmission. What will finally pop the 
clutch? Ideas are in wide circu'ation— suggestions abound as to what will improve present 
circumstance. The real problem is implementation, which may have as much to do with 
eliminating habits as with proposing new arrangements. 


;iaja» '^ 

Did you ever wonder why you didn't make Honor Roll. 



state support for W&L? The thought may be heresy now, but however 
unappeasing it may sound, this question has more to do with reality 
than with sentiment. If, in the new administration, the vigor is not 
lacking to substantially increase building funds and endorsement, W&L 
will keep its status as a private school. Already, though it's not much 
discussed, we are faced with an admissions crisis. Expansion and 
coeducation are mentioned here too, as are rising tuition costs. The 
habit of expecting students to apply to W&L seems less and less 
defensible as each year passes. 

So here it is — W&L, faced with problems that present means alone 
cannot dissolve. Admitting a habit is the first step to breaking it. Take 
a look. How much is done without wondering what is its value? Take 
a look. 

So finally, the Calyx itself must take a look. Hopefully this is our 
job— we've reevaluated and set this as our goal. If somewhere in 
these pages you don't find a habit unmasked, then we've gone blind. 
Then we're a habit too— just that, no more. 

Dickinson and Sharpe— artists at work. 













Soul on Ice. 


Marquis de Huntley . 






Slag and Fag but no Quag. 









Board of Trustees, Front to Rear, on Left: Birnie, Hendon, Holt, Lanier, 
Lykes On Right: Powell, Buxton, Stemmons, Thomas, Huntley. Rear Row, 
Left to Rigiit: Whitehead, St. Clair, Pusey. 




It is particularly gratifying for me to extend this greeting to the Class of 1969, for this is 
the first such opportunity that has come to me as President to write for this page in your 

Your years at Washington and Lee have been lively and important, both for you and for 
the University itself. You have witnessed changing attitudes toward education throughout 
our nation, and you have seen far-reaching changes in higher education itself. Evolutionary 
growth in many areas has occurred at Washington and Lee, and you have had a hand in it. 
Through your thoughtful and responsible commentary and initiative, you have been more 
influential than perhaps you realize in helping your University focus on a future of continuing 
importance in American higher education. 

If I may be permitted the presumption to express a wish for your future, I would like to 
share with you a thought I expressed in slightly different context at Commencement last 
year. I would wish for you a discerning mind, able to close upon a core of conviction but 
nonetheless tolerant— not a tolerance of condescension, but a tolerance which recognizes the 
possibility of error and, even more important, recognizes that there is always more than one 
path to truth. 

If this wish finds fulfillment, then your years at Washington and Lee have helped achieve 
a goal that was expressed by the man who was president when I was a student here. Dr. 
Francis P. Gaines would have Washington and Lee deposit in each of our lives "something a 
little finer than culture, a little rarer than competence, a little nobler than success . . ." 

I truly hope that Washington and Lee has done this for you. 




Above, Left: Dr. Pusey, Dean of the College. 
Above, Center: Dr. Watt, Associate Dean of the 
College. Above, Right: Mr. Steiheimer, Dean of 
the Law School. Right: Dr. Adams, Dean of the 
School of Commerce and Administration. Oppo- 
site. Above, Left: Dr. Atwood, Dean of Students. 
Opposite, Above Right: Mr. Farrar, Dean of Ad- 
missions. Opposite, Center Left: Mr. Whitehead, 
University Treasurer. Opposite Center: Mr. John, 
Director of Placement and Financial Aid. Op- 
posite, Center Right: Mr. Schildt, Asst. Director 
of Admissions. Opposite, Below Left: Mr. Parsons, 
Special Assistant to the President. Opposite, 
Below, Right: Mr. Hotchkiss, Director of Develop- 



Opposite, Above Left: Dr. Fedderman, Dr. Brush, 
University Pliysicians; Mr. Lauck, Superintendent 
Journalism Press; IVIr. Leach, University Librarian. 
Opposite, Center Left: Mr. Latture, Special Ad- 
visor to the Presidents Office; Mr. Phillips, 
Sports Information Director; Mr. Bardy, Super- 
intendent of Building and Grounds; Mr. Hughes, 
Director of Public Relations. Opposite, Center, 
Right: Mr. Weatherman, Director of Information 
Services; Mr. Washburn, Director of Alumni Af- 
fairs. Opposite, Below: Mr. Murray, University 
Proctor; Mr. Vurnax, Resident Manager Slater 
Food Service: Mr. Varner, Assistant Treasurer; 
Mr. Snyder, Director of University Services. 
Above: Economics Dept.; Dean Adams, Dr. Griffith, 
Chairman, Dr. Phillips, Dr. Atwood, Mr. Gunn, 
Dr. Winfrey. Center: Political Science Dept.; 
Dr. Hughes, Dr. Pinney, Dr. Buchannan, Chair- 
man, Dr. Colvin, Mr. Loesel. Below: Commerce 
and Accounting Depts.; Mr. Schildt, Dr. Cook, 
Chairman, Accounting Dept., Mr. Nowak. Dr. 
DeVogt, Dr. Ennis, Dr. Johnson, Chairman, Com- 
merce Department. 

Above: Psychology Dept.; Dr. Thompson, Dr. 
Hinton, Chairman, Dr. Elmes. Above, Right: Re- 
ligion Dept.; Dr. Sprunt, Chairman, Mr. Mehl. 
Right: Fine Arts Dept.; First Row: Mr. Kahn, Dr. 
Junkin, Chairman, Dr. Doyon. Second Row: Mr. 
Prohaska, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Hall. Opposite, Above 
Lett: English Dept.; Mr. Bush, Mr. Chaffin, Mr. 
Sloss. Opposite, Above Right: English Dept.; Mr. 
Zucker, Mr. Gunter, Mr. Cummings. Opposite, 
Below Left: Philosophy Dept.; Dr. Pemberton, 
Chairman, Mr. Fielder, Mr. Martin. Opposite, 
Below, Right: English Dept.; Dr. Coulling, Mr. 
Boatwright, Dr. Duvall, Chairman, Dr. Hutley, 
Dr. Ray. 




Right: Mathematics Dept.; Sitting, Left to Right: 

Dr. Welch. Chairman, Dr. Royston. Standing, Lett 
to Right: Mr. Vinson, Mr. Brownell, Dr. Johnson, 
Mr. Pollard, Dr. Williams. Below, Left: History 
Department; Mr. Beebe, Dr. Jenl<s, Mr. Wagner, 
Dr. McAhren. Below, Right: History Department, 
First Row: Dr. Crenshaw, Chairman, Dr. Sensa- 
baugh. Second Row: Dr. Moger, Dr. Turner, Dr 
Futch. Opposite Left: German Department; Sit- 
ting; Mr. Dicl<ens, Dr. Berry. Standing: Mr 
Youngblood, Dr. Pusey. Chairman, Mr. Stephen- 
son. Opposite Right: Spanish Department; Dr 
Williams. Dr. Barrett, Chairman, Dr. C. W 
Barritt. Opposite Below: French Department; Mr 
Knudson, Dr. Heigold, Mr. Scharff, Dr. Hamer, 
Dr. Drake, Chairman, Mr. Brockman. 




Opposite, Above: Sociology Department; Dr. Leyburn, Dr. Kimbrough, Chair- 
man, Mr. Thomas. Opposite, Center: Biology Department; Dr. Hickman, 
Dr. Starling, Dr. Nye, Dr. Roberts, Chairman, Dr. Delaney, Dr. Hill. Opposite, 
Below: Geology Department; Dr. Spencer, Chairman, Dr. McGuire, Dr. 
Schwab, Dr. Kozak. Left: Physics Department; Dr. Donaghy, Mr. Pollard, 
Mr. Grant, Mr. Ravenhorst, Dr. Turner, Chairman. Below: Chemistry Depart- 
ment; Dr. Shillington, Dr. Goehring, Dr. Whitney, Dr. Imeson, Dr. Watt, 
Mrs. Duff, Dr. Wise, Dr. Gilreath, Chairman. Bottom: Journalism Department; 
Mr. Riegel, Mr. Davis, Chairman, Mr. Jennings, Mr. Winston. 


Above, Center: Law Faculty; First Row: Mr. McThenia, Mr. Laughlin, Dean 
Steinheimer, Dean Light, Mr. Gray. Second Row: Mr. Ulrich, Mr. LaRue, Mr. 
Rughing, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Ritz. Above, Left; Computer Department; Dr. Wise, 
Mrs. Eberhard, Mr. Dudley, Miss Kirby, Mrs. Brantley. Right: Ancient 
Languages; Mr. Pelliciario, Mr. Taylor. Opposite, Below: Military Science 
Department; Capt. Jones, Sgt. Major Garcia, Mrs. Campbell, Capt. Owen, 
Mrs. Dunlap, Spc. Wedge, Major Kaufman, Sgt. Funkhouser, Major Poundrier. 
Opposite, Above: Physical Education Department; First Row: Mr. Miller, 
Mr. Lord, Mr. Szlasa, Mr. Leslie, Mr. Walden. Second Row: Mr. Stearns, 
Mr. Davies, Mr. Canfield, Mr. Lyies, Mr. Williams, Mr. Twombly, Chairman. 




Ti^niiiiiiiiinirriniii''~'°"""'"iiimmiiiifi "^^ — ■ 



Opposite, Above: Freshman Law: First Row: Carr, Baker, Deay, Morse, 
Turner, Cheslock, Feldman, Thorp, Patterson, Helsey, Jeffries, Reeves. 
Second Row: Pizzi, Brown, Walters Lewis, Woolard, Wellford, Fischer, Slay, 
Kihner, Hocher, Strickler Lynn, Read. Third Row: Orgain, Hauslein, Walker, 
Jones, Kantor, Ritchie, Thompson, McMahon, Garrett, Brant, Trible, Webb, 
Hartman. Opposite, Center: Intermediate Law: First Row: IVIurphy, Rigney, 
Gudal, Bradford, Howser, Suna, Defranzo, Dezern, Dix, Stanton. Zink, West, 
Duckwall, Crosland, Miller, Carlson. Second Row: Houck, Vinyard, Tucker, 
Urquhart, Winn, Cosel, Femour, Croggman, Cole, Moore, Cluverius, Griffin, 
Roach, Freeberg, Duane, Gershon, Cummings, Stone, Morrison, Lutner, 
Crawford, Bell, Taylor, Patterson, Wertz, Thornton, Kirby, Perrow, Irby, 
Singer, Gleason. Below: Senior Law: First Row: Kirby, Breed, Denton, Ross, 
Bobbitt, Hall, Bagley, Parthemos, Adams, Quinn, Case, Humphries, Boardman. 
Second Row: Bland, Smith. Edwards, Gates, McWhorter, McLaughlin, Mc- 
Clung, Mann, Ryan, Sisler, Echols, Redmond, Brooks, Sattin, Churchill, 
Lisinger, Winter. Third Row: Leckie, Hachett, Beck, Jones, Mendenhall, 
Spessard, Tanner, Novak, Scliiff, Nicliols, Dickson, Manson. Lee, Roberts, 
Vegosen, Kinder. 





Top: Rob Bauer, Executive Committee. 
Center, Left: Worth Blacl<well, President. 
Center, Right; Bill Brown, Executive. Above, 
Left: Louie Coleman, Vice-President liberal 
Arts. Above: Mark Eaker, Vice-President, 




First Row: 

GEORGE WILLIAM ALLEN, JR.. 30 Manor Drive, Hudson, Ohio. Pi Kappa Phi: 
Baseball 1: Dean s List. 

PATRICK KANE AREY, Franklin Place, Chatham, Virginia. YR; PSCIRA 3, 4; 
Contact 4; Troubadour 2, 3, 4; Ring-Tum Phi 1, 2, 3; Photography Staff; 
Southern Collegian. 

Second Row: 

ROBERT GEARD ARMSTRONG, Roswell, New Mexico. Sigma Chi; Track 3, 4; 

THOMAS PEARCE ATKINS, 1212 Herschel Woods Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio. Delta 
Upsilon, Treas. 3, 4; YR; Dean's List. 

GARY MASON BAKER, 84 Burdsall Avenue, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. Dean's 

ROBERT KENNARD BAKER, 27 Noe Avenue, Madison, New Jersey. Phi Kappa 
Psi; Track 1; Ring-Tum Phi 1. 

Fourth Row: 

WILLIS MANVILLE BALL, III, 5126 Ortega Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida. 

Phi Delta Theta; Swimming 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 

Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Dance Board Advisory Council; Dorm Counselor 4; Springs 
Vice-Pres. 3; "13" Club; Sigma Society; Who's Who. 

JOHN McFERRAN BARR, II, 16 River Hill Road, Louisville, Kentucky. Phi 
Delta Theta; Ring-Tum Phi 3, Assoc. News Editor 4; Cold Check Committee: 

Fifth Row: 

RICHARD HALEY BASSETT, 36 Sandy Hill Road, Chatham, New Jersey. Delta 
Upsilon, House Officer 1, 2, 3; PSCIRA; Calyx 1, 3, 4; Ring-Tum Phi; Contact 
1, 3, 4; YR. 

JOSEPH E. BATES, 909 Hickory Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pi Kappa 
Phi, Treas. 2, Pres. 3, 4; Troubadour, Personnel Director 3, Pres. 4; YD. 



MORRIS CHARLTON BENNERS, JR., Birmingham. Alabama. YR; Young Con- 
servatives 1: Dean's List. 

ANTHONY FABER BERLINER, 888 Park Avenue, New York, New York. Phi 
Epsilon Pi; Baseball 1; Glee Club. 

LEE BIVINS. II. 2311 W. 16th. Amarillo, Texas, Kappa Sigma, Rush Chairman 
2: YR, 

FRED NELSON BLACK, Goodhope, Georgia. Kappa Alpha, Social Chairman 2, 
3, 4; Openings Vice-Pres. 2; Fancy Dress Vice-Pres. 4. 

Third Row: 

WORTH THOMAS BLACKWELL. St. Petersburg, Florida, Delta Tau Delta; Foot- 
ball 1, 2; Lacrosse 1; F,C.A. 1, 2; Debate Team 2. 3, Capt. 4; Delta Sigma 
Ro-Tau Kappa Alpha 3, Vice-Pres, 4; Pres, Senior Class; Dance Board, Pres, 
Finals; YR. 

THOMAS L BLANTON, III, Horse Creek Ranch, Simla, Colorado. Kappa Sigma, 
Vice-Pres.; Geological Society, Pres.; R. E. Lee Research Scholar. 

Fourth Row: 

MICHAEL LAIRD BRAMLEY, 1116 Morningside Lane, Alexandria, Virginia. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Cross Country 2; Freshman Basketball 1; Tennis Manager 
1, 2; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Seminar, Vice-Pres, 4, 

JEREMY EARLE BROWN, 10909 Burbank Drive, Potomac, Maryland. Phi 
Gamma Delta, Rush Book Editor 3, Rush Chairman 4; Football 1, 2, 3; 
Track 2; Ring-Tum Phi 2; WLUR 3; Troubador 3; Best Actor 2; IFC Contact 
2; Dormitory Counselor 3; Honor Roll; YR, 

Fifth Row: 

WILLIAM JOSEPH BROWN, 1610 Harvard, Midland, Texas. Sigma Nu, Treas. 
3, 4; Glee Club 2; IFC 2, 3; Ring-Tum Phi 2; Springs Vice-Pres, 3; Openings 
Vice-Pres. 2; Vice-Pres, Junior Class; Executive Committee 4; Dormitory 
Counselor 3, 4; YR, 

JAMES GILLUM BURKE, 310 Wrenn Avenue, Mount Airy, North Carolina. Beta 
Theta Pi. 





First Row: 

JONATHAN DAVID BURT, 311 Walton Avenue, South Orange, New Jersey. 
Sigma Nu; Soccer 1; YR. 

ROBERT MALCOLM BUXTON, 360 W. Cherry Circle, Memphis, Tennessee. 
Kappa Sigma, Social Chairman 3; Calyx, Assoc. Editor 3, Editor 4; Publica- 
tions Board 4; Sazeracs 3; Curriculum Committee 3, 4; Springs Vice Pres. 
3: Dorm Counselor 4. 

Second Row: 

ROBERT GILLIS CAMPBELL, 6609 Trenton Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 
Delta Upsilon; Swimming 1, 2. 3; YR. 

HUGH ALFRED CARITHERS, 3010 St. Johns Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida. Phi 
Gamma Delta; Swimming 1; Track 2, 3, 4; Assimilation Committee 1; Trouba- 
dour 3, 4; YR. 

Third Row: 

JOHN FRANCIS CARRERE, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana. Delta Tau Delta, 
Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 4; Varsity Club; Presi- 
dent Junior Class; Ring-Tum Phi 1, Feature Editor 2; UFOCC 3; Dance 
Board 3. 

CLARK HALLIBURTON CARTER, 220 Goodale Road. Baltimore, Maryland. 
Delta Tau Delta; IFC, Vice-Pres.; W(restling 1, 2, 4; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; 
SWMSFC 2, 3, 4; Jr. Justice 3; Student Service Society. 

Fourth Row: 

LESLIE STUART CARTER, 2527 Summit Street, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. 
Delta Upsilon, House Officer 2, 3, 4; IFC 3; PSCIRA; "13" Club; YD. 

ALLEN R. CASKIE, 3700 Roberts Lane, Arlington, Virginia. Pi Kappa Alpha; 
Cross Country 2, 3; Track 2; Vice-Pres. Openings 2; YD. 

Fifth Row: 

JOSEPH THAYER CHADWICK, 150 Stevenson Lane. Baltimore. Maryland. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairman 4; Soccer 1; Lacrosse 1; Southern 
Collegian 3, 4. 

BURNET HARDY CHALMERS, 416 Columbia Road, Ellicott City, Maryland. 
Phi Epsilon Pi; Troubadour 1; Shenandoah Staff 4. 



First Row: 

CHARLES RICKENBRODE CHinUM, 34 Woodland Drive, Staunton, Virginia. 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-Pres. 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3; Concert Guild, 3; 
Mongolian Minks 4; Liberty Hall Society 4. 

WILLIAM MORRISON CHRISTIE, JR., Germantown, Maryland. Debate 1, 2; 
PES; Dean's List; Honor Roll; PBK; R.E. Lee Research Scholar. 

WILLIAM CAMERON CHUMLEA, 4012 Edgehill Road, Ft. Worth, Texas. Lambda 
Chi Alpha; Glee Club 1, 2; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Treas. 4; YR; Dean's List; 
R.E. Lee Research Scholar. 

JOSEPH CULVITT CLARKE, III, 409 Arlington Circle, Richmond, Virginia. 
Delta Tau Delta; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Varsity 
Club 3, 4; YR; Deans List. 

LOUIS KRESS COLEMAN, Delta Upsilon; Soccer 1; Vice-Pres. Liberal Arts; 

ROBERT RINGGOLD COMEGYS, Clayton, Delaware. Pi Kappa Phi. 

WILLIAM J. COOK, 6002 Kingston Drive, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Mu Beta 
Psi 3, 4; Brass Choir; YR. 

ALAN HUGH COOPER, Route 3, Saltville, Virginia. Basketball Manager 2, 3; 
WLUR; Ring-Turn Phi; Sigma Delta Chi 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll. 

Fifth Row; 

WILLIAM HARLEY CRAFT, RFD 5, Lexington, Virginia. YR. 

GREG B. CRAMPTON, 2334 Hathaway Road, Raleigh, North Carolina. Phi 
Delta Theta; Basketball 1; Track 2, 3; Dean's List. 



First Row: 

JEFFREY PHILIP CROPSEY, 151 Hoffman Street, Franklin Square, New York. 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; IFC 2, 3, 4; Troubadour 3; R.E. 
Lee Research Scholar 3, 4. 

LLOYD REID CUNNINGHAM, 400 E. Friar Tuck, Houston, Texas. Phi Kappa 
Sigma, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Football 3, 4; Basketball 1; "13" Club. 

Second Row: 

Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. Beta Theta 
WILLIAM EUGENE DAVIDSON, 2200 Sprunt Avenue, Durham, North Carolina. 

Pi; Mongolian Minks. 

Third Row- 

H. WARD DORER, 30 W. Beechcroft Road, Short Hills, New Jersey. IFC 1; 
Glee Club 2, 3, 4; YR; Mu Beta Psi 3, Sec.Treas. 4; Dean's List. 

BRUCE EDWARD DOWNING, 4622 Princeton Road, Memphis, Tennessee. 
Lambda Chi Alpha, IFC Rep. 3, Rush Chairman 4; IFC 2, 3, 4; Debate Team 
1; Senior Justice; Southern Collegian 3; Vice-Pres. Springs; Commerce 
Fraternity; PES; PBK; Honor Roll; Dean's List. 

Fourth Row: 

JOHN HENRY DRAEGER, 2409 N. Military Road, Arlington, Virginia. WLUR 
2, 3, 4; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

ALLEN CAMERON DUKES, Route 1, Pike Road, Alabama. Kappa Alpha; Foot- 
ball 1; Track 1. 

Fifth Row: 

THEODORE JUDSON DUNCAN, 111, 4800 Willard Drive, Oklahoma City, Okla- 
homa. Sigma Chi, Ruth Chairman 4. 

DAN TERRILL D.UNN, JR., 2857 Chateau Circle, Columbus, Ohio. Sigma Nu, 
Vice-Pres. 4; Calyx 1, 2, Assoc. Editor 4; Commerce Fraternity 2, 3, Pres. 
4; PES; Dean's List; Honor RoM. 




MARK ROBBE EAKER, 7914 Royal Lane, Dallas, Texas, Zeta Beta Tau, Treas. 
3, Pres. 4; IFC 3, Treas. 4; Senior Class Vice-Pres. Ring-Turn Phi; Commerce 
Fraternity 2, 3. Vice-Pres. 4; Who's Who, 

EARL THEODORE EDWARDS, JR„ Lexington. Virginia, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Track 1. 2. 3i Photographic Staff 3, 4. 

Second Row: 

DOUGLAS RICHARD ENGLE, Fair Lawn, New Jersey. WLUR; Dean's List. 

DAVID CHRISTOPHER ENNIS. 4929 King Richard Road, Jacksonville, Florida. 
Phi Gamma Delta, IFC Rep, 1, Corresponding Secretary 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 
4; YR, 

JORGE ELIECER ESTRADA, Medellln, Colombia S.A. Zeta Beta Tau: Soccer 1; 
Geological Society 2, 3, 4; Dean's List; R.E. Lee Research Scholar. 

WILLIAM DAVIS FALVEY, 611 E. Melton, Longview, Texas. Sigma Chi, Cor- 
responding Sec, Scholarship Chairman 2; Cross Country 2; UCA 1, 2; PES; 
Alpha Epsilon Delta; Deans List; Honor Roll. 

Fourth Row: 

MARK LEE FAVERMAN, 635 Pennsylvania Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. Zeta Beta 
Tau; Soccer 1, 2; PSCIRA: Liberty Hall Society 3, 4; Ring-Turn Phi 3; Cre- 
ative Writing Award 2; "13" Club, Treas. 4; R.E, Lee Research Scholar; 
Dean's List. 

BERNARD DAVID FEED, III, Birmingham, Alabama. Phi Epsilon Pi; Swimming 
1; Ring-Tum Phi, features editor 2; Publications Board, Vice-Pres, 2; Ariel, 
Business Manager, Editor 4; R.E. Lee Research Scholar. 

Fifth Row: 

RODNEY MENEFEE FERGUSON, R,F,D. 2, Ferrum, Virginia. 

WILLIAM DAVID FERRARACCIO, Bluefield, Virginia, Lacrosse 1; Alpha Epsilon 
Delta 2, 3, 4; YR; Dean's List; Honor Roll, 




First Row: 

REINHARD WILHELM FISCHER, 5023 West Eastwood Circle, Cincinnati, Otiio 
Delta Tau Delta, Treas. 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; YR; Dorm Counselor 4; 
Dean's List. 

JAMES ROSS FORMAN, III, 13 Rock Dell Lane, Birmingham, Alabama Phi 
Delta Theta; Swimming 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Distinguished 
Military Student; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

Second Row: 

WILLIAM STORY FOSTER, IV, 27 Donnybrook Road, Montvale, New Jersey. 
Phi Epsilon Pi, Sec. 2, Social Chairman 3; Rifle 1; Rugby 4; Ring-Turn Phi 
3; Photography Editor 4; Calyx 4; YR. 

JEFFERSON KEMP FOX, Quantico Road, Salisbury, Maryland. 

Third Row: 

STEPHEN FREDERICK FULGHAM, 400 Courtland Circle, Lakeland, Florida. 
Photography Staff 2, 3. 

EUGENE ROBERT GIAMMITTORIO, 2416 Ridge Road Drive, Alexandria, Vir- 
ginia. Delta Upsilon, Treas. 2; PSCIRA 3, 4; Debate Team 1, 2, 3, 4; YD, 
Pres. 4; Dean's List. 

Fourth Row: 

WILLIAM LAWRENCE GILMER, Birmingham, Alabama. Phi Delta Theta; Calyx; 
Circle K. 

JAMES BARCLAY GITHLER, 4 East 4th Street, Corning, New York. Kappa 
Alpha; Rifle Team 1; Mongolian Minks 3, 4. 

Fifth Row: 

CLARK MILSTEAD GOODWIN, 3302 Ivanhoe Drive, NW, Atlanta, Georgia. 
WLUR 2, 3, News Director 4; PSCIRA 4; YD, Sigma Delta Chi, Pres. 4. 

???? EARL GREGORY, III, 3488 Valley Road, Atlanta, Georgia, Sigma Nu; 
YD; PSCIRA; Forensic Union 4; Deans List; Honor Roll. 



First Row: 

JAMES BARTON GOODWIN, 1 Washington Circle, D.C. Phi Delta Theta; 
Soccer 1; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Varsity Club 4; Calyx 1, 2; Southern 
Collegian 1; YD; Mongolian Minks 2, 3, 4; Sigma Society; Dean's List. 

"13" Club Sigma. 

Road, West Chester, Pennsylvania. 

WILLIAM HENRY GRODDY. IV, Versailles, Kentucky. Beta Theta Pi; Soccer 

1. 2; PSCIRA 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Conservative Society 3, Vice-Pres. 4; YR 1, 

2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Mongolian Minks 3, 4. 

ginia. Pi Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4; YR. 

9805 Drown Drive, Richmond, Vir- 

Third Row: 

WALTER HOWARD GREEN, Ferrum, Virginia. Conservative Society 1, 2; YR 1, 
2, 3; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Dean's List. 

STEPHEN BRIAN GROVE, 29 Ivy Lane, Newington, Connecticut. Glee Club 1, 
2, 3, 4; YD 4; PSCIRA 3, 4; Mu Beta Psi 4; Pi Sigma Alpha 4; Dean's List: 
Honor Roll. 

Fourth Row: 

MARION LEE HALFORD, JR., 527 Spring Valley, Richardson, Texas. Beta Theta 
Pi, Treas. 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; EC 3; Treas. Sophomore Class: Com- 
merce Fraternity; SWMSFC; Circle K; Beta Gamma Sigma; PES; PBK; DDK. 

W. DOUGLAS HALL, 30 Walnut Lane, Dayton, Ohio. Beta Theta Pi 1, Sec. 2, 
3, Pres. 4, IFC rep, 3, 4; EC 2; SSS 2, 3, 4; Geological Society 3, 4. 

JOHN CLINTON HARRIS, JR., P. 0. Box 368, Scottsboro, Alabama. Kappa 
Alpha; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; YR. 

RAY VINTON HARTWELL, III, 1006 Eighth Avenue. Jacksonville, Alabama. 
Beta Theta Pi, Corresponding Sec. 3, 4; IFC 2; Soccer 1: Student Control 
Committee 2, 3, Chairman 4; Student Affairs Committee 4; YD 1, Vice-Pres. 
2, 3, 4; Dean's List. 



First Row: 

MICHAEL JOHN HAWKINS, 2750 Hillbrook Drive, SW, Roanoke, Virginia. Phi 
Epsilon Pi, Trees. 2, 3, Pres. 4; IPC 3, 4; Track 1; Dean's List. 

RONALD BRYAN HEAD, 204 Paxton Street, Lexington, Virginia 
Literary Society, 4; Dean's List. 

Track 1, 2; 

Second Row: 

PHILLIP LEE HERNDON, Rt. 3, Box 328, Lake Wales, Florida. Sigma Nu, IFC 
3, 4; YR, Pres. 4. 

SAMUEL DUNCAN HINKLE, IV, Guist Creek Farm, Shelbyville, Kentucky. 
Delta Tau Delta; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1. 2, 3, Capt. 4; Varsity Club 3, 
4; Contact 3, Chairman 4; Dorm Counselor 3; S.S.S.; Circle K. Commerce 
Fraternity; PES; ODK; PBK; ODE; G.F. Baker Scholarship Dean's List. 

Third Row: 

JACK DAVID HOROWITZ, 1089 Sussex Road, Teaneck, New Jersey. Zeta Beta 
Tau; Soccer 1, 2, All-State 3, 4; Southern Collegian Assoc. Editor and 
Business Manager 3, 4; Liberty Hall Society 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Trouba- 
dours 4. 

JOHN MICHAEL HOSFORD, 115 Bay Drive, Bay Ridge, Annapolis, Maryland. 
Pi Kappa Alpha 1, Sec. 2, Treas. 3. 4; Cross Country 2, 3; Lacrosse 1, 2; 
Football Mgr. 1; Calyx 1, Org. Ed. 2, Sports Ed. 3; PSICRA 2, 3; YR; Circle 
K; "13" Club. 

ROBERT ALEXANDER HULTEN, Weston, Connecticut. Phi Gamma Delta; WLUR 
3; Forensic Union 4; Sigma Delta Chi 3, 4. 

JOHN WARD HUNT, 5905 Haraby Court, Dallas, Texas. Phi Delta Theta 1, 
2, 3, Rush Chairman 4; Football 1; Calyx 4; Mock Convention 3; YR 2; Mongol- 
ian Minks 3, 4. 

ROGERS HISS ISRAEL, JR., 5110 Springlake Way, Baltimore, Maryland. Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon. 

JOHN SCOn FECHNAY, Ball Road, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. Delta Tau 
Delta; Soccer 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Rugby Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; 
Dorm Counselor 3, 4; Dean's List. 



DAVID DEWITT JACKSON. Rt. 4, Box 552, Mount Airy, North Carolina. Phi 
Kappa Sigma: Wrestling 1; Cross Country 1; Alpha Epsilon Delta; NSF 
Chemistry Research Grant; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

SHERWIN JOHN JACOBS. 2600 Charney Road. University Heights, Ohio, Phi 
Epsilon Pi; WLUR 1. 2; Commerce Fraternity 3, 4; Dean's List. 

Second Row: 

HUNTLEY JOHNSON. JR., 8 Lal<eside Drive. Pensacola. Florida, Beta Theta 
Pi. Rush Chairman 3. Vice-Pres. 4: IFC 1. 2, Chairman Deferred Rush Com- 
mittee 3, 4, Chairman 4; 

JOHN LOWERY JOHNSON, Lakewood Estates, Bessemer, Alabama. Beta Theta 
Pi. Mongolian Minks. 

Third Row: 

STEPHEN ANTHONY JOHNSON. 10 Flaggy Meadow Road, Gorham, Maine. 
Ring-Tum Phi 3, 4; Ariel 2, 3, 4; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

WALTER STEVEN JONES, 11 Willow Street, Cranford, New Jersey. Phi Gamma 
Delta; Track 1; Geological Society 2, 3, 4; YR; Dean's List. 

LEON DAVID KATZ, Baltimore. Maryland. Zeta Beta Tau. Vice-Pres. 3; R.E. 
Lee Research Scholar. 

NEIL STANTON KESSLER. 201 West Hillcrest Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. 
Zeta Beta Tau; Cross Country 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Ring-Tum Phi 1. Asst. News 
Editor 2. News Editor 3. Editor-in-Chief 4; Dorm Counselor 3, Asst. Head 
4; SSS 2. 3. 4; SWMSFC 2. 3, 4; Who's Who. 

Fifth Row: 

RONALD BERTON KESSLER, 106 Trent Road, Lower Merion. Pennsylvania. 
Zeta Beta Tau. Vice-Pres. 3, 4; Rifle 1, 2; Ring-Tum Phi, Asst. Sports 
Editor 1, Sports Editor 2, Editorial Editor 3, Exec. Editor 4; Southern 
Collegian Editor 4; Who's Who. 

WILLIAM JOSEPH KIMMEL, 2114 Triandos Drive, Timonium, Maryland. Delta 
Upsilon; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Calyx 2; YR; Dean's List. 



First Row: 

RUFUS DIXON KINNEY, 3008 13th Avenue, South Birmingham, Alabama 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Slater Football Award 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; Dorm Coun- 
selor 3, 4; Circle K 2, 3, 4; YR; Dean's List. 

RICHARD EUGENE KRAMER, 4301 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington 
D.C. Phi Epsilon Pi; Baseball Manager 1, 2; Ring-Turn Phi 1, 2, 3' Trouba- 
dours 1, 2, 3, 4; Contact 1. 

Second Row: 

officer 3, 4; UCA 1. 

ox 150, West Point. Georgia. Beta Theta Pi, 

ALAN WAYNE LEE, 442 Hemstead Place, Charlotte, North Carolina Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon, Pres. 4; Lacrosse 1, 2; SWMSFC 3, 4; Mongolian Minks 2 
3, 4; Sigma Society 4; Liberty Hall Society 3, 4; Dean's List. 

Third Row: 

ALAN MARC LE VINE, Phi Epsilon Pi; Ring-Turn Phi 3, Circulation Mgr. 4; 
Student Library Committee 3, 4; YR; Commerce Fraternity 3, 4: Dean's 
List; Honor Roll. 

JOHN FRANKLIN LILLARD, 3904 Calverton Drive, Hyattesville, Maryland, 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Rifle 1; Troubadours 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; WLUR 2- 
YR; Mu Beta Psi 4; Dean's List. 

Fourth Row: 

JAMES JINKINS LIVESAY, 7614 River Point Drive, Houston, Texas, Phi 
Kappa Sigma, Recording Sec. 2, 3, Social Sec. 3; Lacrosse 1; Dance Board, 
Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; SSS; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, Pres. 4; Dean's List: 
Who's Who. 

WALTER SAMUE LOCKHART, 8901 SW 64th Street, Miami, Florida. Kappa 
Alpha, Vice-Pres. and Rush Chairman 3. Pres. 4; YR; Mongolian Minks 2, 
3, 4; "13" Club 3, 4; Southern Collegian 1. 

CHARLES RICHARD LOHRMAN, 1226 Wildflower Drive, Webster, New York. 
Basketball 1, 2; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. 

MILTON KENNETH LONG, JR., Route 6, Longacres, Hagerstown, Maryland. 
Delta Tau Delta, Recording Sec, 3; Basketball 1; Track 1; Football 2, 3, 4; 
Varsity Club 3, 4; Contact 4; Dean's List. 


ARTHUR STANLEY LORING, Williamsburg, Virginia. Zeta Beta Tau; Ring-Turn 
Phi 1; Forensic Union 1; Troubadours, Business Staff 4; Contact 2; YD. 

SCOTT RICHARD MACKENZIE, 82 Deer Trail, Hillsdale, New Jersey. Delta 
Tau Delta; Football 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Varsity Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4; "13" 
Club; Psi Chi; Dean's List. 

Second Row: 

PETER CLARK MANSON, JR., 120 Hillside Terrace, Lexington, Virginia. Phi 
Gamma Delta; Dean's List. 

BRANDON CUTTER MARTIN, 12 Booth Lane, Haverford, Pennsylvania. Pi 
Kappa Phi, House Manager 3, Treas. 4; Dean's List. 

ROBERT EDWARD MARTIN, Box 3, Main Street, Berkshire, New York. Delta 
Upsilon; UFOCC; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YR. 

GLEN POWELL MATTOX, 1043 26th Road, South Arlington, Virginia. Phi 
Gamma Delta, Historian 4: Football 1; Lacross 1. 

FLETCHER F. MAYNARD, JR., 2230 North Parkway, Memphis, Tennessee. 
Sigma Chi; Ring-Turn Phi 1; YR; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

WALTER WILLIAM MEALNYK, Yorktown Heights, New York. Conservative 
Society 2, 3, 4; WLUR 3, 4; Troubadours 2; YR; Sigma Delta Chi 4. 

Fifth Row: 

CHRISTOPHER POWERS MEYER, 304 St. David's Lane, Richmond, Virginia. 
Phi Delta Theta, Troubadours 3, 4; Honor Roll. 

CHRISTOPHER HENRY MILLS, 33 Ivanhoe Street, Denver, Colorado. Sigma 
Chi, Sec. 4; Ring-Tum Phi, Assoc. Ed. 1; WLUR 1; Debate Team 1, 2, 3, 
Capt, 4; Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha 2, 3, Pres. 4; Commerce Fra- 
ternity 3, 4; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 



First Row: 

THOMAS POLLARD MITCHELL, R.D. 1, Middletown, New York. Delta Tau 
Delta; Soccer 2, 3, Capt. 4; Baseball 1, 2, Capt. 3, 4; 'Varsity Club 3, 
4; YR. 

RICHARD BULLARD MONTGOMERY, 265 Audubon Boulevard, New Orleans, 
Louisiana. Kappa Sigma. 


Second Row: 

GLENN RUSSELL MOORE, 2411 Willowbrook Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio. Phi 
Kappa Sigma, Social Chairman 3, 4; Ring-Turn Phi, Business Manager 4; 
Publications Board 4; Cold Check Committee 1, 2, 3, Chairman 4. 

THOMAS S. MOORE, 150 Mt. Tabor Road, Lexington, Kentucky. Phi Delta 


Third Row: 

ROBERT ALAN MOSELLE, 56 Fowler Avenue, Lynbrook, New York. Phi 
Epsiion Pi, Vice-Pres. 3; Lacrosse, 1, 4; WLUR 1, 4; Rugby Club 4; UFOCC 
3, 4; Psi Chi 3, 4; Dean's List. 

CLINTON WILLIAMS MURCHISON, III, 6200 Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas. Phi 
Delta Theta; IFC; Lacrosse 2; Mary Baldwin Junior Year Abroad 3; Sigma 

Fourth Row: 

DONALD CRENSHAW McCLURE, JR. Sigma Nu, Sec. 3; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Varsity Club 3, 4; IFC Scholarship Committee 2; YR; Dean's List. 

JAMES WILLIAM McCOMMONS, 6466 Pemberton Drive, Dallas, Texas. Sigma 
Chi; Debate 1; YR; UFOCC 3, RTP 1, 2. 


WILLIAM TANDY McCUTCHEN, Kappa Alpha; Dance Board Advisory Com- 
mittee 1; Circle K; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Dean's List. 

Sigma Chi. 

Lane, Port Edwards, Wisconsin. 



First Row: 

BRinAIN McJUNKIN, 420 Newton Road, Charleston. West Virginia. Piii Delta 
Theta. House Warden; Tennis 1; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; FCA 4. 

THOMAS HARNEY McLACHLEN, Rockville, Maryland. YR. 

Second Row 

LEE RICHARDS McMILLAN, III, 149 Brockenbraugh Cou-t, Metairie, Louisiana. 
Phi Delta Theta, Pres, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 
4: Sigma Society 3, Sec.-Treas. 4; Mongolian Minks 2, 3, 4; IPC 3, 4; 
Student Control Committee 4; Fancy Dress Vice-Pres. 4; Dean's List. 

MICHAEL PATRICK McWEENY, 1806 Great Falls Street, McClean, Virginia. 
YD; PSCIRA; Dean's List. 

Third Row: 

ALAN WALTER NASH, 5016 Twinbrook Road, Fairfax, Virginia. Dean's List. 

MICHAEL KEMP NATION. RR 2, Knightstown, Indiana. Contact 1, 2, 3, Vice- 
Chairman 4; Independent Union, Pres. 2, 3; Ring-Tum Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Trouba- 
dours 1, 2, 3, 4; ARIEL; Publications Board 3, Chairman 4, 

Fourth Row: 

THOMAS MICHAEL NEWMAN, 110 Martinique Avenue, Tampa, Florida, Phi 
Epsilon Pi, Rush Chairman; Brass Choir 1, 2, Pres. 3, Pres-Director 4; Dance 
Board 1; Concert Guild 4; PES; Mu Beta Psi 3, Pres. 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 
2. 3, 4. 

PHILIP WELTNER NORWOOD, 711 Starlight Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia. Phi 
De'ta Theta Sec. 3, 4; Track 1, 2, Capt. 3, 4; Ring-Tum Phi 1; Calyx 1, 4; 
Varsity Club 3, 4; FADC 1, 2, 3; Dean's List. 

PETER NORWICK, JR., 506 Landing Avenue, Smithtown, L.I., New York. Phi 
Kappa Psi, Historian 2, Sec, 2, 3, Pres, 4; IFC 4; Football 1; Lacrosse 1, 
3, 4; Spring's Vice-Pres.; "13" Club. 

SEAN O'CONNOR, 7304 Statecrest Drive, Annandale, Virginia. Cross Country 
1, 2, 3; Track 1; Varsity Club. 


A life dhh 



First Row: 

GEOFFREY CHARLES ORTH, 429 Greenview Lane, Havertown, Pennsylvania 
Delta Upsilon. Sec. 2; Track 1, 2; Calyx 2; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

FRANK JOHN PACHOCHA, 157 Grove Street, Stamford, Connecticut Soccer 
1; Ring-Turn Phi 2, 3, 4; YD. 

Second Row: 

ROBERT STEPHENS PANNILL, 1205 Sam Lions Trail, Martinsville, Virginia. 
Pi Kappa Alpha; Rifle 1, 2, Co-Capt. 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; YR. 

GREGORY E. PARKER, 1750 E. Main Street, Louisville, Ohio. Ring-Turn Phi, 
Bus. Manager 3; Publications Board, Pres. 4; PES; R.E. Lee Research 
Scholar; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

Third Row: 

JOHN ELLSWORTH PASSAVANT, III, 121 Crest Drive, Beaver, Pennsylvania. 
Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. 4 IFC 1, 2. 3. 4; Track 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1; FCA 2, 
Pres. 3; Curriculum Committee 3; Student Body Pres. 4; Dorm Counselor 3; 
Commerce Fraternity 2, 3. 4; Dean's List. 

GEORGE LOWNDES PATTERSON, III, 6525 SW 133 Drive, Miami, Florida. Phi 
Gamma Delta, Historian 2; Soccer 1; Track 1; Troubadours; YR 1, 2, 3; 
YD 4, 

Fourth Row: 

RALPH EMERSON PEARCY, II, 1025 Guilford Road, Charlotte, North Carolina. 
Sigma Chi. House Manager 2, Social Chairman 3; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 
Capt. 4; Track 1, 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; IFC 3, Sec. 4; Geological Society 2, 
Sec. 3, 4. 

JAMES ALVIN PHILPOTT, JR., 24-A Hillside Terrace, Lexington, Virginia. 
Phi Delta Theta, Treas. 3; Basketball 1; SSS 2, 3, Pres. 4; Assimilation Com- 
mittee 3, 4; Forensic Union 3. Pres. 4; Dorm Counselor 3; Dean's List. 

ROBERT EMBRY PRICE, 214 Crestwood Drive, Houston, Texas. Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon; Cross Country 1, 2; Track 1, 2; SSS 3, 4. 

MICHAEL WALTER PUSTAY, Bergenfield, New Jersey. Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec. 
2, Treas. 3, 4; IFC Deferred Rush Committee 2, 3; Calyx 1, Section Editor 
2. 3, Asst. Editor 4; Assimilation Committee 2, Chairman 3, 4; PSCIRA 2, 3; 
YR; PES; Pi Sigma Alpha; PBK; Commerce Fraternity; Dean's List: Honor 
Roll; Who's Who. 




First Row: 

WILLIAM LEAKE PUTNEY, 2408 Greenbriar Road, Winston-Salem, North Caro- 
lina. Sigma Nu; Troubadours 3, 4; Ring-Turn Phi 1; YR; Dean's List. 

HENRY LEDERER ROEDIGER, III, 347 Linden Drive, Danville, Virginia. Sigma 
Nu, Sec. 2, Rush Chairman 3; IPC 1, 2, Junior Justice 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Ring- 
Turn Phi l; Dance Board Advisory Council 1; Psi Chi 3, 4; Dean's List; Honor 
Roll; R.E. Lee Research Scholar. 

HERMAN DANIEL ROGERS, JR., Meriden, New Hampshire. Glee Club 1, 2, 
Treas 3, Pres. 4; Concert Guild 3, Treas. 4; YR; Mu Beta Psi; Dean's List; 
Honor Roll; R.E. Lee Research Scholar. 

THOMAS VAUGHAN RUEGER, 405 Cavalier Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia. 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tennis 1, 2, Capt. 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Forensic 
Union 4; Mongolian Minks 2, 3. 

Third Row: 

LAURANCE PHILLIPS RUNYON, III, 777 Berkeley Avenue, Plainfield, New 
Jersey. Sigma Chi, Pledge Ma'ster 3, Pres. 4; IFC 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; 
FCA 1, Sec-Treas. 2, 3; SSS 3, 4; Circle K 2, 3, 4; "13" Club; Commerce 
Fraternity 2, 3, Sec-Treas. 4; Dean's List. 

JAMES DENMAN RUSH, 309 Rosemont Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Inde- 
pendent Union 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Geological Society 2, Treas. 3, 4; UFCC 
3, 4; Dean's List; R.E. Lee Research Scholar, 

WILTON WADE SAMPLE, 507 Sherwood Road, Shrevecort, Louisiana. Kappa 
Sigma, Treas. 3, 4; Lacrosse 1, 2; Soccer 1; YR, Dean's List, 

MARC ALLEN SCHEWEL, 3241 Elk Street. Lynchburg, Virginia. Phi Epsilon Pi; 
Forensic Union 4; PES. 

TERRY GILPIN SEAKS, 5210 Albemarle Street, Washington, D.C. Calyx 1, 
Managing Editor 2, 3, 4. 

PEVERIL OZROE SETTLE, III, 3524 Dorthy Lane NW, Fort Worth, Texas. Sigma 
Nu; Conservative Club 1, Treas. 2, 3; YR, Treas. 2; PSCIRA 4; Southern 
Collegian 1, 2, 3. 



First Row: 

DONALD ALBRIGHT SHARPE, 1118 Edgewood Avenue, Burlington, North Caro- 
lina. Phi Delta Theta, Social Chairman 2, 3, 4; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 
3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4: Dance Board 3, 4; Pres. Fancy Dress 4; Calyx 1, 4; 
Sigma Society; Dean's List. 

GARY DANIEL SILVERFIELD. 1021 Brentwood Drive, Columbia, South Carolina. 
Pi Kappa Alpha; Golf 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Varsity Club 4; Univ. Committee on 
Intercollegiate Athletics; Cold Check Committee 2, 3, 4; SWMSFC 2, 3, 
Vice-Pres. 4; Dean's List; Who's Who. 

Second Row; 

JOHN GREGORY SIMMONS, Pinecrest, Jasper, Alabama. Beta Theta Pi; 
Soccer 1, 2, 3; Mongolian Minks; Dean's List. 

JUDSON HANK SIMMONS, 839 W. Weslen Road. Atlanta, Georgia. Kappa 
Alpha IFC Rep. 2, Treas. 3, 4; Debate 1; FCA 1; Ring-Tum Phi 1, 2; Student 
Control Committee 2; SSS 3, 4; SWMSFC 3, 4; Dance Board Advisory Com- 
mittee 2; Student Body Sec. 4; Mongolian Minks 3, 4; Sigma Society 3, 
Pres. 4; R.E. Lee Research Scholar; Who's Who. 

Third Row; 

THOMAS KIRK SLABAUGH, 220 Kingsway Drive, Lexington, Kentucky. Sigma 
Nu; YR, Treas. 3; Southern Collegian 1, 2; Southern Conservative, Bus. 
Manager 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, Sec. 4. 

JOHN LUCIAN SMITH, JR., 1223 Westmoreland Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. 
Kappa Sigma; Soccer 1; Track 1, 2; Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class; PES. 

Fourth Row; 

ALAN LOWE Stedman, 110 Glenwood Road, Haddonfield, New Jersey. Sigma 
Nu; IFC 3, 4; Basketball Mgr, 1; 2; Ring-Tum Phi 1; Conservative Society 
2, 3, 4; Concert Guild 4; PSCIRA; YR, Pres. 3; Commerce Fraternity 3, 4; 
Mu Beta Psi 3, 4. 

CARL JOHN STEINBRENNER, 269 Horton Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. 
WLUR 1; Conservative Society 2, 3; YR; Dean's List. 

Fifth Row; 

CHARLES EDWIN STEWART, Baltimore, Maryland. Delta Tau Delta, Rush 
Chairman 3; Lacrosse 1, 2, Capt. 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; SWMSFC 2, 3; FCA 1; 
Alpha Epsilon Delta; Dean's List; Honor Roll; Who's Who. 

DAVID HUGH STOVALL, JR., 530 S. Mason Street, Harrisonburg. Virginia. Pi 
Kappa Alpha, Soc. Chairman 2, 3, Rush Chairman 4; IFC 3, 4; Dance Board, 
Sec.-Treas. 4; Fancy Dress Vice-Pres. 4. 



First Row: 

RICHARD ROGERS SWEENEY, 776 Bay Road. Hamilton, Massachusetts. Kappa 
Alpha: Mongolian Minks: Troubadours. 

ALEXIS TARUMIANZ, JR.. Box 3703, Greenville. Delaware. Beta Theta Pi, 
Officer 3: Football 1: Golf 1; Mongolian Minks 2, 3, Pres. 4; "13" Club 3, 
4: Sigma Society 4. 

Second Row: 

JOHN SAMUEL THIEMEYER, III, 7701 Argyle Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. Phi 
Kappa Sigma. House Mgr. 2. Sec. 2. Pres. 3; Library Committee; Circle K, 
Pres. 4: Dean's List: R.E. Lee Research Scholar. 

RICHARD MARTIN THOMAS, 1242 Hampton Ridge. Bedford, Virginia. Sigma 
Chi, Vice-Pres. 3: Glee Club 2. 3, 4; Concert Guild 3, 4: PES; Commerce 
Fraternitj 3, 4: Mu Beta Psi 3, 4. 

Third Row: 

WILLIAM ARTHUR TIMMERMAN. 250 N. Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, New 
Jersey. Southern Conservative 1: Southern 1, 3; Debate 1, 2; Lacrosse 2; 
IFC 1, 2; Library Committee 2; Curriculum 3: Rugby Club 4; Dean's List; 
R.E. Lee Research Scholar 3, 4. 

RICHARD ALAN TOMLIN, 1200 E. Seminary Drive. Fort Worth, Texas. Kappa 
Sigma, House Mgr. 2, Social Chairman 3, Pres. 4; IFC 3, 4: Football 1, 3, 
4; Dance Board Advisory Council 1; SWMSFC; SSS 3, 4; Fancy Dress 
Vice-Pres, Dean's List. 

Fourth Row: 

JAMES ALTON TRUSS, 532 NW 42nd Street, Oklahoma City. Oklahoma. YR; 
Southern Conservative 4. 

GARLAND SCOTT TUCKER, III, 1415 W. Nash Street, Wilson, North Carolina. 
Sigma Nu; Library Committee 2, 3, Chairman 4; IFC Scholarship Committee 
3; FCA 2, 3, 4; Dorm Counselor 3, 4; Circle K 2, 3, 4; Commerce Fra- 
ternity 3, 4; Dean's List; Honor Roll; R.E. Lee Research Scholar. 

JOHN RAY TURMAN, 3218 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, Florida. Pi Kappa 
Alpha; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GILBERT C. TURNER. 219 Hope Street, Ridgewood, New Jersey. Phi Gamma 
Delta; Baseball 1; Golf 2, 4; Soccer 1, 2, 4; YR; Ring-Tum Phi 1. 



First Row: 

WILLIAM COLGAN TYLER, 600 W. Polo Drive, St. Louis, Missouri. Beta 
Theta Pi, House Mgr. 2, 3; Dance Board Advisory Committee 1; YR. 

TINKHAM VEALE, III, Epping Road, Gates Mills, Ohio. Pi Kappa Phi; Swim- 
ming 1; YR; Dean's List. 

JOSEPH AMES VIVARI, 5015 Ft. Sumner Drive, Bethesda, Maryland. Kappa 
Alpha; Glee Club 1; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

WILLIAM CARL WALKER, JR., 429 Hariton Court, Norfolk, Virginia. Sigma Chi. 

STEPHEN JAY WALLER, Box 37, East Point, Louisiana. Sigma Chi; Glee Club, 
Sec. 4; YR; Dean's List. 

JULIAN WARWICK WALTHALL, Newbern, Alabama. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
House, Mgr. 2, Treas. 3; Circle K 3, 4; ROTO Battalion Commander 4; 
Distinguished Military Student 4; Dean's List; Honor Roll. 

Fourtfi Row: 

RICHARD GIERSCH WATT, Smithton, New York. Track 1; WLUR 3; RTP 3, 4. 

RANDALL BATCHELDER WEILL, RD' 1, Port Jervis, New York. Sigma Phi 
Epsilon; Cross Country 1; Baseball 1; Geological Society 2, 3, 4; Concert 
Guild 3, 4: Dean's List. 

Fifth Row: 


1229 East Rockwood, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

MARK ALEXANDER WHERRY. 2634 Taft Court. Denver, Colorado. Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Social Chairman 3; YR; Dance Board Advisory Committee 1. 



JOHN THOMAS WHETSTONE, III, 2928 Pine Haren Drive, Birmingham, Ala 
bama. Lambda Chi Alpha, Historian 2, Pledge Master 3: YR; Dean's List; 
Honor Roll; PES; Distinguished Military Student; R.E. Lee Research Scholar. 

JOSEPH CARLTON WICH, 614 Coventry Road, Towson, IVIaryland. Delta Tau 
Delta; Basketball 1; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; FCA 1, 2; Debate 
3, 4; Dorm Counselor 3, Asst. Head 4; Dance Board Advisory Committee 
2; Dance Board 3; SSS 3, 4; Calyx 1; YR; Dean's List. 

Second Row: 

CHARLES CRAWFORD WILLIAMS, JR., 3520 Pins Ridge Road, Birmingham, 
Alabama. Phi Kappa Psi; Rifle; Lacrosse; Ring-Turn Phi; YR; Troubadours. 

land, Phi Gamma Delta, Treas. 4; Troubadours; Rifle 1; Dean's List. 

Third RovK: 

WILLIAM EDWARD WILLIAMS, JR., Chevy Chase, Maryland. YD; Dean's List, 

ADDISON GRAVES WILSON, Charleston, South Carolina. Sigma Nu; Con- 
servative Society, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; YR; Southern Conservative, Editor 4; 
Ring-Tum Phi, Asst. News Editor 1, News Editor 3, Managing Editor 4; 
Dorm Counselor 4. 

Fourth Row: 

HARRY MAURICE WILSON, III, 3848 Ortega Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida. 
Phi Delta Theta, Warden 3, Vice-Pres. 3, 4; IFC 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Varsity Club 4; Calyx 1; Dorm Counselor 3; Mongolian Minks 3, 4; Fancy 
Dress Vice-Pres. 4; Sigma Society 4; Dean's List. 

HOMER DANIEL WINTER, III, 779 North Fourth Street, Wytheville, Virginia, 
Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Fifth Row: 

PAUL MICHAEL WOJCIK, Passaic, New Jersey. YR; Dean's List; R.E. Lee 
Research Scholar. 

KIRK WOODWARD, 535 Primrose Way, Louisville, Kentucky. Delta Upsilon; 
Cross Country 1; Debate 1, 2, 3; Forensic Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Ariel 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha. 


First Row: 

JEFFREY WEXLER, 42 Carman Avenue, Cedarhurst, New York. Phi Epsilon 
Pi, Sec. 2; Soccer, IVIgr. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Mgr. 1; Baseball Mgr. 1, 2; 
Trainer 1, 2, 3; Calyx 2, 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Publications Board 4; Contact 1, 
Treas. 4; Southern Collegian, Bus. Mgr. 4; PSCIRA 2. 3, Sec. 4; YD; Dean's 
List; Honor Roll; R.E. Lee Research Scholar; Society of Cincinnati Award. 

THOMAS HASELL WRIGHT, III. 555 Hempstead Place, Charlotte, North Caro- 
lina. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sec. 4; Dance Board Advisory Committee 1; 
Dance Board 4; SSS 2, 3; SWMSFC 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Vice-Pres. Fancy 
Dress 4; Ring-Turn Phi, Editorial Asst. I; "13" Club; Mongolian Minks. 

Second Row: 

HARRY JOSEPH ZELIFF, 707 H. Colater Street, Staunton, Virginia. Phi 
Epsilon Pi; Cross Country 2, 3, Capt. 4; Varsity Club 4; Debate 1, 2; Trouba- 
dours 1, 2, 3, 4; Circle K 2, 3, 4; Dean's List. 

RAYMOND JOHN ZELTNER, 38 Gloucester Road, Summit, New Jersey. Delta 
Upsilon; Wrestling 1, 2; Tennis 1; Ring-Tum Phi 1, Sports Ed. 2; YR; 
Dean's List. 


First Row: 

RICHARD B. ABRAMS, 111 Springdale Avenue, Beckley, W. Va. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

JUSTIN G. ADAMS, 2 Long Crescent Drive, Bristol, Va. Delta Tau Delta. 

MICHAEL BRUCE ALLERDICE, 190 East Cherry Circle, Memphis, Tenn. 
Sigma Nu. 

Second Row: 

G. DAVID ALLEN, 1045 Cedar Avenue, Pitman, N. J. Phi Gamma Delta. 

GARY W. ANDERSON, 25 Highlands Drive, Kinnelon, N. J. 

RICHARD H. ANTELL, 3718 Stratford Road, Richmond, Va. Kappa Alpha. 

Third Row: 

RICHARD B. ARMSTRONG, 23 Amherst Road, Asheville, N. C. 
Phi Kappa Sigma. 

JOHN D. BAIZLEY, 9511 Wheel Pump Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Phi Gamma Delta. 

BRYAN BALDWIN, 4273 Pawnee Street, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 





First Row: 

HENRY W. BARRE, Funfree Farm, Campobello, S. C. Phi Delta Theta. 

J. MARTIN BASS, 6700 Blue Bird Drive, Little Rock, Ark. Sigma Chi. 

GEORGE Z. BATEH, 1334 Palmer Terrace, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Pi Kappa Phi. 

Second Row: 

BRUCE 0. BECKMAN, 7606 Marbury Rd., Bethesda, Md. Pi Kappa Phi. 

JAMES I. BENNETCH, Route 1, Lexington, Va. 

BRUCE B. BERNARD, 67 Beechwood Avenue, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

Third Row: 

JOHN M. BERNARD, 263 No. Washington Cir., Lake Forest, III. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

PETER R. BESSON, Qtr. 9 A, Fort McNair, Washington, D.C. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

DAVID M. BETHEA, 205 Crittenden Lane, Newport News, Va. Sigma Nu. 

Fourth Row: 

BARRY R. BOYCE, 710 Guilford BIdg., Greensboro, N. C. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

CRAIG W. BREMER, 27 Andover Drive, Wayne, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha. 

PAUL D. BUSKEY, Route 2, West Redding, Conn. Delta Upsilon. 

JAMES F. BYCOTT, 8 Johnet Dr., St. Clairsville, Ohio. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

REED B. BYRUM, 23 Edgewood St., Wheeling, W. Va. Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

CHARLES C. CAHN, JR., 149 S. Haardt Dr., Montgomery, Ala. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

C. LAWSON CANNON, 535 Sherwood Circle, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

MEL I. CARTWRIGHT, 747 East Indian Trail, Martinsville, Va. 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 

EDWARD C. CHAPMAN, 2 Oval Court, Bronxville, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha. 


First Row: 

J. DON CHILDRESS, 6815 Whitehill, Dallas, Tex. Sigma Chi. 

DOUGLAS E. CLARKE, 5411 Willers Way, Houston, Tex. 
Ptii Kappa Sigma. 

KENNETH M. CLAYTON, 2524 Shrewbury Road, Orlando, Fla, 
Beta Theta Pi. 

Second Row: 

MICHAEL M. COLE, 308 Aberdeen Terrace, Greensboro, N. C. 
Sigma Ptii Epsilon. 

RICHARD L. COLLIER, Dogwood Hills Road, Americus, Ga. Kappa Alptia. 

EDWARD W. COSLETT, III, 30 Woodbrook Road, Swarttimore, Pa. 
Ptii Kappa Psi. 

CHRISTOPHER D. COURSEN, 5410 Duvall Drive, Wastiington, D. C. 
Phi Kappa Psi. 

ROBERT W. COWPERTHWAITE, 3705 S.W. 2nd Place, Gainesville, Fla. 
Sigma Chi. 

ANTHONY M. COYNE, 2854 Wiltshire Drive, Decatur, Ga. 


FREDERICK C. CREASY, JR., Box 1066, Rt. 1, Mohnton, Pa. 
Phi Epsilon Pi. 

T. KENNETH CRIBB, JR., 529 Sherwood Circle, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

JOHN H. CROCKEn, JR., Route 2, Box 18, Wytheville, Va. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Fifth Row: 

RICHARD CLIFTON DAUGHTREY, 5337 River Edge Road, Norfolk, Va. 

KEITH P. DECKER, P. 0. Box 195, New Fairfield, Conn. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

JEFFREY S. DEITZ, 3506 Old Post Drive, Baltimore, Md. Zeta Beta Tau. 

Sixth Row: 

GREGORY J. DIGEL, 15 Peach Street, Bradford, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi. 

CHARLES W. DOBBINS, JR., 605 Emery Road, Louisville, Ky. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

GARY H. DOBBS, III, 3329 Winchester Road, Birmingham, Ala. 
Sigma Chi. 





JAY F. DORMAN, 202 Cheryl Drive, Danville, Va. SigrTia Nu. 

WALTER J. DOZIER, JR., 1501 Sycamore Street, Durham, N. C. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

PETER C. EGGERS, 5 Locust Avenue, Larchmont, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Second Row: 

ROBERT L. ENTZMINGER, 3424 Lee Avenue, Belle, W. Va. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

MARK S. EVANS, 480 Painter St., Norfolk, Va. Zeta Beta Tau. 

STUART C. FAUBER, 3921 Royal Boulevard, Lynchburg. Va. Sigma Nu. 

Third Row: 

THOMAS 0. FLEMING, JR., 4120 Fortune Drive, Las Vegas, Nev. 

HUGH B. FOSHEE, 640 Zorn Ave., Apt. 18, Louisville, Ky. 
Delta Tau Delta. 

FRANK R. FOWLES, III, 40 Drew Rd., South Portland, Me. 
Phi Kappa Psi. 

Fourth Row: 

WALTER J. FRANCISCO, JR., 23 Acker Ave., Troy, N. Y. 

CHARLES G. FRANK, 12304 Harbour Circle, Tanfallon, Md. 

DAVID R. FRANKSTONE, 3684 Rockmill Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 
Sigma Nu. 

Fifth Row: 

WILLIAM F. GAILLARD, 77 Montagu St., Charleston, S. C. Sigma Chi. 
HOMER F. GAMBLE, 1300 Second Ave., Kingstree, S. C. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
BROOX G. GARRETT, JR., 1400 Bonita Ave., Brewton, Ala. Beta Theta Pi. 

Sixth Row: 

CHARLES T. GARTEN, JR., P. 0. Box 2110, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Phi Kappa Sigma. 

PLEAS B. R. GEYER, 1224 Lancaster Ave., Berwyn, Pa. 

ALAN B. GIBSON, 123 Robert Ave., Rockford, III. Sigma Chi. 



First Row: 

ANDREW M. GOMBOS. 114 Skyline Drive, Beaver Falls, Pa. 

WILLIAM W. GOODRICH, 7760 No. College Ave., Indianapolis. Ind. 
Kappa Alpha. 

WILLIAM M. GOTTWALD. 300 Herndon Rd.. Richmond, Va. 
Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Second Row: 

JEFFREY B. GROSSMAN, 45 Mitchell Ave., West Caldwell, N. J. 

THOMAS C. GROTON. Ill, Box 193, Sparks. Md. Phi Kappa Sigma. 

HUGH B. GUILL. 6827 32nd St. N. W.. Washington. D. C. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Third Row: 

ROBERT 0. GUYTHER, Leonardtown, Maryland, Lambda Chi Alpha. 
G. CHRISTOPHER HABERS, 510 Grove St., Sewickley, Pa. 
GEORGE W. HAMLIN, 38 Palmer Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Fourth Row: 

DAVID P. HAYDU, 320 Hill Farm Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 

GORDON M. HENRY. Costa Dorado, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

ROBERT H. HERRING. JR., 1155 Ridgeland Dr., Florence, S. C. 
Sigma Chi. 

Fifth Row: 

KENNETH L HICKMAN, 757 Kirby Place, Shreveport, La, Beta Theta PI. 

DAVID K. HIGGINS, 203 West Maple Ave., Fayetteville, W. Va. 
Phi Gamma Delta. 

HENRY L. HILLS, JR.. 1734 Inerness Ave., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Kappa Sigma. 

Sixth Row: 

RICHARD H. HOGAN, Box 5288, New River Plaza Sta., Jacksonville, Fla. 

GREGORY L HOLMES, 3217 Glanzman Rd., Apt. 4A, Toledo, Ohio. 

LAWRENCE E, HONIG, 11219 Hermosa Court, Houston, Tex. 
Kappa Alpha. 


*^ J 



First Row: 

PHILIP C. HUBBARD, 266 Salem Rd., North, Montevallo, Ala. Sigma Nu. 

JAMES R. M. HUGHES, JR., 6508 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, 

DAVID L, HULL, 1290 East Hibiscus Dr., Bartow, Fla. Sigma Nu. 

Second Row: 

PAUL A. HUNT, 177 E. Hartsdale Road, Hartsdale, N. Y. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

CURT B. JAMISON, 3439 Kncllwood Dr., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Kappa Alpha. 

DAVID D. JOHNSON, III, 122 Sheridan Circle, Charleston, W. Va. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

HENRY P. JOHNSTON, JR., 3123 Overhill Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

LUTHER C. JONES, III, 1100 Hollins Rd., Richmond, Va. Phi Delta Theta. 

PHILIP H. JONES, 1635 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va, Kappa Alpha. 

Fourth Row: 

STEPHEN J. KALISTA, 561 East 11 St., Erie, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

PHILIP S. KEAT, 110 West Dudley Ave., Westfield, N. J. Pi Kappa Phi. 

JOHN M. KEFAUVER, JR., 1403 Jackson-Keller, Apt. 110 E, San Antonio, 
Tex. Sigma Nu. 

Fifth Row: 

H. WISE KELLY, III, 10801 Main St., Fairfax, Va. Delta Upsilon. 
REEVE W. KELSEY, 3603 Brookside Rd., Toledo, Ohio. Delta Upsilon. 
CLIFFORD H. KERN, III, 69 Versailles Blvd., New Orleans, La. 

CHARLES W. KUHN, JR., 1103 South Chesley Dr., Louisville, Ky. 
Delta Tau Delta. 

DAVID 0. KYMPTON, 7671 Yarmouth Drive, Richmond, Va. Sigma Nu. 

THOMAS C. LEAMING, 7004 Mathers Lane, Fort Washington, Pa. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 


^^^^^^^^!Lj S'*!'^!!!!!! g^g^"55!S5, T?Tr??^ ^^T^ — iii niiiiii -- — ~ — iSSB 






First Row: 

ROBERT C. LEE, 601 North Jackson, El Dorado, Ark. Sigma Chi. 

WILLIAM S. LISLE, 4365 Braunton Rd., Columbus, Ohio. 
Delta Tau Delta. 

FANNING M. LITTLE, Route 2, Jessamine Hill, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

Second Row: 

JOSEPH T. LYKES, III, 604 Hector Ave., Metairie, La. Phi Delta Theta. 

HAROLD F. McCRANIE, 2206 Park Lane, Valdosta, Ga. 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

DANIEL C. McDAVITT, Swengle, Pa. Delta Upsilon. 

Third Row: 

JAMES C. Mcelroy, 4709 crescent Drive, Shreveport, La. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

SCOTT B. Mcelroy, I8II Ferdon Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Alpha. 

PHILIP D. McFARLANE, 632 Garden Lane, Bristol, Va. Kappa Sigma. 

Fourth Row: 

THOMAS N. McJUNKIN, 920 Newton Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

WILLIAM P. McKELWAY, JR., 5617 Grove St., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Phi Kappa Psi. 

BRUCE R. MacQUEEN, 1723 W. Moyamensing Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Phi Epsilon Pi. 

Fifth Row: 

LEE B. MADINGER, 22 Tudor Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

JAMES H. MALONEY, JR., 2339 Linden Dr. S. E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Sigma Chi. 

ALAN P. MARIAN, 1345 Old Ford Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

'h iA^I^ 

STEVEN P. MASLANSKY, 26 Ridgeway Circle, White Plains, N. Y. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

JAMES A. MERIWETHER, Box 490, Front Royal, Va. Phi Delta Theta. 

BRUCE A. MEYERS, 10610 Cavalier Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 
Phi Epsilon Pi. 


First Row; 

JOHN E. MILLER, 206 Sunset Dr., Richmond, Va. Phi Kappa Sigma. 

SHELDON J. MILLER, 7645 Northwood Dr., Memphis, Tenn. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

RICHARD H.MILNOR, 15 Powervil 
Phi Kappa Psi. 

Rd., Mountain Lakes, N. J. 

WILLIAM L. MOFFAn, III, 4422 Chickasaw Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 
Phi Kappa Sigma 

JOHN K. MOTSINGER, Pine Shadows Farm, Roaring Gap, N. C. 
Delta Upsilon. 

GARY L. MURPHY, 780 Percy St., Greensboro, N. C. Phi Delta Theta. 

MICHAEL R. MURPHY, 2303 Blackwood Rd., Little Rock, Ark. 
Sigma Chi. 

JOHN M. NOLAN, 1515 James Rd., Wantagh, N. Y. Beta Theta Pi. 

OLAF N. OTTO, 409 East 44th St., Savannah, Ga. Delta Upsilon. 

Fourth Row: 

E. OWEN PERRY, III, 3051 Hillsdale Dr., Augusta, Ga. Kappa Alpha. 

JOHN A. PHILLIPS, JR., 1240 John Ross Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Sigma Chi. 

WILLIAM R. PHIIPS, Main St., Bever Falls, N. Y. Delta Upsilon. 

WILLIAM T. POOLE, JR., 114 Bryn Mawr Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. 
Phi Kappa Sigma. 

STUART L PORTER, 1015 Wilde Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. Zeta Beta Tau. 

JORGE D. POSTIGO, Casilla 1005, La Paz, Bolivia, S. A. Phi Epsilon Pi. 

Sixth Row: 

EDWARD A. POWELL, JR., 3 Hillaire Lane, Richmond, Va. 
Phi Kappa Sigma. 

WALTER J. PRYOR, 20891 Morewood Parkway, Rocky River, Ohio. 
Delta Upsilon. 

FRANCIS P. RASBERRY, JR., 1504 Carey Rd., Kinston, N. C. 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 



WILLIAM F. RECTOR. JR. 2200 North Palm, Little Rock. Ark. 
Kappa Sigma. 

HAL S. RHEA. 451 Cherry Rd.. Memphis, Tenn. Kappa Sigma. 

JOHN H. RICHARD, 1501 Boiling Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Second Row: 

UPTON H. RICHARDS. JR.. P. 0. Box 560. Warrenton, Va. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

GEORGE A. ROBERTSON. 2105 N. Providence Rd.. Media, Pa. 
Phi Gamma Delta. 

THOMAS R, ROBINETT. 4417 Powells Point Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 

Third Row: 

THOMAS D. ROBSON. 51 Shore Dr.. Plandome, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha. 

ETHELBERT S. ROBY, III, Sixth Ave.. Box 464. Kenbridge, Va. 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 

WILLIAM G. ROGERS. 1511 Union Street, Manchester, N. H. 
Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Fourth Row: 

ROBERT W. ROOT. JR., 7215 Bybrook Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. 
Delta Upsilon. 

RALEIGH R. ROSS, 1510 West 24th Street, Austin, Tex. Kappa Sigma. 

WILLIAM L. S. ROWE, 26 North Princeton, Lynchburg, Va. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

Fifth Row: 

MARTIN F. SCHMIDT, JR., 3760 Upper River Rd.. Louisville, Ky. 

LESLIE S. SCHOBE, JR.. 3243 South Evanston, Tulsa, Okla. Sigma Chi. 

ROBERT T. SCHOOLEY, 2145 Vestavia Lake Dr., Birmingham, Ala. 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 

JOHN W. SCHUMANN, 1033 Belmont Place. West Palm Beach, Fla. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

ROBERT J. SCOTT, 613 West Delaware, Urbana, III. Lambda Chi Alpha. 

THOMAS L SCOTT, 3117 West Grace St., Richmond, Va, Kappa Alpha. 






First Row: 

RICHARD T. SCRUGGS, JR., 3524 Victoria Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

GEORGE R. SINGLETARY, 31 Winward Isle, Clearwater, Fla. 
Delta Tau Delta. 

RONALD L. SKLAR, 201 South Ruby Ave., Ruleville, Miss. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

Second Row: 

DONALD C. SMITH, 26 Elliott Ave.; Willow Grove, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi. 

JAMES M. SMITH, 922 Cedargrove Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. 

MICHAEL J. SPOOR, 2262 Saragossa Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Pi Kappa Phi, 

Third Row: 

MALCOLM H. SQUIRES, JR., 1738 Oakland Ave., Petersburg, Va. 
Pi Kappa Phi. 

DANIEL B. STARTSMAN, JR., 305 Rugby Ave., Terrace Park, Ohio. 

ALEXIS G. STARUN, JR., 2208 Jamaica Dr., Wilmington, Del. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

RICHARD G. STRAUSE, 5015 Riverside Dr., Richmond, Va. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

PAUL S. SUGAR, 2410 Shelleydale Dr., Baltimore, Md. Zeta Beta Tau. 

EDWARD B. SUPLEE, JR., 6 Aspin Court, Wilmington, Del. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Fifth Row: 

LAWRENCE E. SUTTON, JR., 6 Knox Rd., Newton, N. J. 

STEPHEN L. TABAKIN, 7231 Galveston Blvd., Norfolk, Va. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

RALPH S. TAGGART, 1439 7th Street, New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. 

Sixth Row; 

ANDREW B. THOMAS, 2415 Shoreham Rd., Orlando, Fla. 
Delta Tau Delta. 

MICHAEL T. THORNTON, 222 Davis St., Huntington, W. Va. 
Phi Gamma Delta. 

PHILIP J. TISSUE, Box 692, Mt. Hope, W. Va., Lambda Chi Alpha. 

^ f^ ^^ 

t ^ 



First Row: 

ROBERT P. TROUT, 2629 Avenham Ave., Roanoke, Va. Phi Delta Ttieta. 

MARTIN B. TURPIN, 207 Nelson St., Apt. B, Lexington, Va. 

STEVEN F. UNTI, 7911 Indian Hd. Hwy., Apt. 301A, Oxon Hill, Md. 
Phi Epsilon Pi. 

Second Row: 

DAVID M. WAELDER, The Regency Apts., Apt. 203, St. Davids, Pa. 

WILLARD B. WAGNER, III, 5621 Candlewood, Houston, Tex. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

KENNON C. WALDEN, JR., 1113 Longwood Ave., Bedford, Va. 
Kappa Sigma. 

STEPHEN A. WALDRON, 823 Ridgewood Rd., Rockford, III. 
Delta Upsilon. 

CHARLES D. WALKER, 436 Northwest 46th Terrace, Oklahoma City, 
Okla. Lambda Chi Alpha. 

KENNETH C. WALLACE, JR., 1600 Joyce St., Apt. A-711, Arlington, Va. 
Sigma Chi. 

Fourth Row: 

DAVID I. WALSH, 1318 North Elm St., Fargo, N.D. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

CLIFFORD L. WALTON, III, 523 Dellwood Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

MARK L. WARNER, 3715 Warrensville Center Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio. 
Zeta Beta Tau. 

Fifth Row: 

ROBERT P. WEBB, 518 Hillcrest Circle, Bridgeport, W. Va. 
Delta Upsilon. 

GERALD W. WEEDON, 7827 Glen Echo Rd., North, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

JOHN E. WETSEL, JR., Box 947, Ashland, Va. Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Sixth Row: 

CHARLES R. WHIPPLE, III, 211 Saluda Ave., Columbia, S. C. 
Beta Theta Pi. 

ROBERT M. WHITE, 1756 Ebenezer Rd., Rock Hill, S. C. 

WM. G. WIGLESWORTH, III, 405 Bridge St., Cynthiana, Ky. 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 



First Row: 

PETER G. WILSON, 207 Dickens Rd., Northfield, III. Pi Kappa Alpha. 

WILLIAM A. WILSON, JR., 618 State St., Greensburg, Pa. 

WILLIAM P. WISEMAN, JR., Rt. 5, Box 690, Danville, Va. Kappa Sigma. 

W. WHITLOW, WYATT, 1824 North Jackson, Little Rock, Ark. 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

JOHN M. WYMAN, IV, 1707 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. Lambda Chi Alpha. 

JOHN S. YOU, Route 3, Pepermill Rd., Marietta, Ga. Kappa Alpha. 


First Row: 

STEPHEN H. ABY, 4040 San Felipe 6C, Houston, Texas 

HILARY J. ACKERMAN, 336 Glenndale Ave., Decatur, Ga. 

CARL ADAMS, III, 3263 Dell Rd., Birmingham, Ala., Sigma Nu 

JAMES R. ALLEN, 810 Islington St., Silver Spring, Md. Phi Kappa Psi 

Second Row: 

THOMAS H. ALPHIN, JR., Rt. 1, Pike Road, Ala. 
CHARLES D. ANDREWS, 200 Fairview Ave., Blacksburg, Va. 
Pi Kappa Alpha 

ALBERT ANGRISANI, 44 Northfield Rd., Millington, N J 

Pi Kappa Phi 
STEPHEN M. APGAR, 837 Harriet Lane, Barrington, III 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Third Row: 

WILLIAM C. ARCHER, 1325 Rugby Rd., Charlottesville, Va. 

Kappa Alpha 
KEVIN R. BAKER, 1535 Lexington Dr., Lynchburg, Va. Kappa Alpha. 
WILLIAM P. BALLARD, JR., 5737 Shenandoah Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Pi Kappa Alpha 
WILLIAM C, BAUER, 14557 Tanglewood Dr., Largo, Fla 

Delta Tau Delta 

Fourth Row: 

JOHN A. BEALKE, Rt.2, Box 412, Chesterfield, Mo. Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

THOMAS 0. BEAR, Rt. 5, Box 154, Bell Rd., Montgomery, Ala. 

Phi Delta Theta 
THOMAS M. BEAZLIE, 1205 Mallicotte Lane, Newport News, Va. 
PHILIP W. BECKWITH, JR., 1 West Bluff Dr., Savannah, Ga. Sigma Chi. 


First Row: 

JOHN W. BENEDICT, 917 Wingate Rd., Knoxville, Tenn. Sigma Chi. 
THOIVIAS K. BERGER, 2941 Mass Ave., Washington, D. C. Pi Kappa Phi. 
JOSEPH BERNSTEIN, 444 Brickby Rd., Norfolk, Va. Zeta Beta Tau. 
WALTER B. BEVERLY, 518 Canterbury Lane, Alexandria, Va. 
Kappa Alpha. 

Second Row: 

RICHARD W. BIGNON, 5131 Rosebay Court, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
HENRY J. BLACKFORD, III, 850 Glendalyn Ave., Spartanburg, S. 

Phi Delta Theta. 
CHARLES P. BLACKLEDGE, JR.. 5322 Nebraska Ave., N.W., 

Washington, D. C. 
EDWARD A. BOHANNON, 602 Orrin Street, S.E., Vienna, Va. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Third Row: 

JOSEPH H. BOSLEY, 4021 Creswell Rd., Shreveport, La. Beta Theta Pi. 

JOHN F. M. BOWIE, 11, 4007 Laird Place, Chevy Chase, Md. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
NELSON F. BRINCKERHOFF, 156 Sherwood Place, Englewood, N. J. 
MARCUS E. BROMLEY, 812 S. Lee St., Alexandria, Va. Sigma Nu. 

Fourth Row: 

MARVIN M. BROOKE, 89 E. Park Lane, N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

FRANK C. BROOKS, JR., 102 Longwood Rd., Baltimore, Md. 

Delta Tau Delta. 
SCOT A. BROWER, 6890 Fair Oaks Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Zeta Beta Tau. 
CHARLES M. BROWNING, 301 Forest Drive, Falls Church, Va. 

Delta Tau Delta. 

Fifth Row: 

WILLIAM E. BRUMBACK, 212 Goodale Rd., Baltimore, Md. 

Delta Tau Delta. 
WILLIAM P. CANBY, 116 Mulberry Court, Martinsville, Va. 

Beta Theta Pi. 
ROY D. CARLTON, 8 Lilac Dr., Syosset, L.I., N.Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
MICHAEL L. CARRERE, 1530 Calhoun Street, New Orleans, La. 

Delta Tau Delta. 

Sixth Row: 

KENNETH P. CARTER, 5710 Bancroft Dr., New Orleans, La. 

Delta Tau Delta. 
CHARLES J. CARTWRIGHT, 1700 Overhill Rd., Bristol, Va. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
HAROLD H. CATLIN, 12134 Mandarin Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Phi Delta Theta. 
DAVID P. CHRISTOVICH, 29 Hawk St., New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Phi. 

Seventh Row: 

LUCIUS D. CLAY, III, 313 Vassar Rd., Alexandria, Va. Kappa Alpha. 
STEPHEN CLEMENT, 219 Hawthorne Dr., Danville, Va. Delta Upsilon. 
ARTHUR F. CLEVELAND, II, 1130 Partridge Rd., Spartanburg, S. C. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
JOHN N. CLORE, Merrimans Lane, Winchester, Va. Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Eighth Row: 

THOMAS W. CLYDE, 512 E. 3rd St., Tyler, Texas. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

RAYMOND D. COATES, JR., Route 2, Box 77, Ayres Creek, Berlin, Md. 

Delta Tau Delta. 
DANIEL J. COGAN, 35 Linbrook Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
MADISON F. COLE, JR., 10 Woodbine Road, Newnan, Ga. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 





i' 1*^ ' ? ^ S'*'^* ^=.«l 5©" 

f^ ^ 

''4 ^ 


First Row: 

iOHN D. COPENHAVER, JR., 931 Oakwood Dr., S.W,, Roanoke, Va. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
WARREN E. CRANE. 116 Riverview Ave., Yardley, Pa. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
GEORGE F. CRESSWELL, 4307 Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. 
JOHN G. CROMMEIIN, 1253 Magnolia Curve, Montgomery, Ala. 

Beta Theta Pi. 

Second Row.- 

THOMAS C. DANIEL, Box 127, Waverly, Va. Pi Kappa Alpha. 

THOMAS I. DASHIELL, JR., 1161 Woodburn Rd., Spartanburg, S. C. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
JEFFREY A. DAVIS, 10203 Candlewood Dr.. Houston, Texas. 

Kappa Sigma. 
DOUGLAS B. DEATON, 11310 Somerland Way, Houston, Texas. 

Kappa Sigma. 

Third Row: 

RALPH E. DEITRICH, Box 570, Water Isle Col. Club, St. Thomas, 

Virgin Is., U.S.A. Beta Theta Pi. 
BRUCE W. DERRICK, 5345 Longmont, Houston. Texas. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
FREDERICK B. DEWEY, JR., 819 Country Club Rd„ Camp Hill, Pa. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 
THOMAS L. DOUTHIT, 4102 City View, San Antonio, Texas. 

Kappa Sigma. 

Fourth Row: 

CHRISTOPHER C. DOVE, 4411 Hadfield Lane, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
TIMOTHY H. DYER, 9 Pie Alley, Marion, Mass. Pi Kappa Phi. 
JAMES F. EASTERLIN, 233 Engram St., Montezuma, Ga. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
SEABORN S. EASTLAND, 255 Pine Hollow Lane, Houston, Texas. 

Sigma Nu. 

Fifth Row: 

JOHN 0. ELLIS, JR., 3531 Paces Valley Rd., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
CLARK W. FAULKNER, JR., 2701 Sheridan Blvd., Lincoln, Neb. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
MIKE G. FLORENCE, 4795 Harris Trail N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
GEORGE M. FOOTE, JR., 2538 Ave. C, Alexandria, La. Beta Theta PI. 

Sixth Row: 


CHRISTOPHER D, FRIEND, 115 Midvale Rd., Mtn. Lakes, N. J. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
JOEL A. FULMER ,IV, 5891 Brierglen, Memphis, Tenn. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
DAVID B. GALT, JR., 34 N. Clay Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Seventh Row: 

ALAN B. GANUN, 520 Dudley Court, Westfield, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi. 
G. CARR GARNETT, Rt. 5, Box 205, Charlottesville, Va. 
WILLIAM A. GATLIN, III, 5008 Yacht Club Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
ROBERT M. GILL, 911 Gracelyn Court, Blackburg, Va. Delta Upsilon. 

Eighth Row: 

CHARLES W. GLASGOW, JR., 4113 Clagett Rd., Hyattsville, Md. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
RICHARD R. GLENN, Cranguyma Farms, Long Beach, Wash. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
JAMES W. GORDON, 609 Riverwood Place, Louisville, Ky. 

Zeta Beta Tau. 
DOUGLAS K. GOSSMANN, 600 Sunnyside Dr., Louisville, Ky. 

Beta Theta Pi. 


_ J^^ —i ill Am^m j-kfCmML 

fT^y ^^, ^T^ 


First Row: 

OVERTON L GRAHAM, 827 Arlington Circle, Richmond Va 
Delta Tau Delta. 

THOMAS C. GREENWOOD, 748 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia Pa 
Delta Upsilon. ' ' 

CHARLES L. GREGORY, 3488 Valley Rd., N. W., Atlanta Ga Sigma Nu 
BERNARD C. GRIGSBY, II, 730 Windmill Circle, Bristol Va 
Kappa Sigma. 

Second Row.- 

JOHN H. GUNNER, 27 Richards Lane, Wilton, Conn. Beta Theta Pi 
GAINES W. HAMMOND, JR., 1435 Thornwood Dr., Spartanburg S C 
Phi Delta Thefa. 

ROBERT W. HAMMOND, 1530 Barberry Lane, Spartanburg S C 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 

STEPHEN J. HANNON. 756 Princeton Blvd., Pittsburgh Pa 
Phi Kappa Psi. 

Third Row: 

HENRY A. HARKEY, 1220 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C. Sigma Nu 

CHARLES M. HARRELL, 2660 North Magnolia Ave., Pensacola Fla 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
CHARLES F. HARRIS, JR., Shore Rd., North Brookfield Mass 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

STEPHEN R. HAUGHNEY, 2552 Traymore Rd., University Heights Ohio 
Pi Kappa Phi. 

Fourth Row: 

HUGH F. HILL, III, 2132 Laburnum Ave.. Roanoke, Va, 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
JOHN W. HINSHAW, Yadkinville, North Carolina. Delta Upsilon. 
HENRY B. HOLMES, IV, Barger Dr., Lexington, Va. Phi Delta Theta. 
STUART E. HOUSTON, 6801 Hillmead Rd., Bethesda, Md. 

Fifth Row: 

EDWARD W. HUDGINS, 8061 Riverside Dr., Richmond Va 

Pi Kappa Phi, 
JAMES R. HUNT, 1203 Community Lane, Midland, Texas 

Delta Tau Delta. 
WILLIAM S. INGERSOLL, Rd. 3, Chestertown, Md. Phi Gamma Delta. 
RICHARD C. IVEY, 25 Van Buren Ave., West Hartford Conn 

Pi Kappa Phi. 

Sixth Row: 

WILLIAM M. JACOBS, 4356 Tuckahoe Rd., Memphis, Tenn 

Zeta Beta Tau. 
MICHAEL S. JENKINS. 9022 Hamilton Dr., Fairfax, Va 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 

WILLIAM H. JETER, JR., 11136 Scott Mill Rd., Jacksonville Fla 

Phi Delta Theta. 
KELLY C. JONES, 580 Mowbray Arch, Norfolk, Va. Phi Delta Theta. 

Seventh Row: 

EDWARD F. JUDT, 18 Parkway Court, Allentown, Pa. 
WILLIAM A. KAHN, 4432 Park Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
DOUGLAS P. KEATS, 2215 Glen Haven, Houston, Texas. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

STEPHEN H. KERKAM, 2810 44th St., N, W., Washington D C 
Phi Kappa PsI. 

Eighth Row: 

RICHARD 0. KIMBALL, 4010 Leiand Rd., Louisville, Ky. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
JOHN H. KING, 501 Kimberly Dr., Greensboro, N. C. Phi Delta Theta. 
MICHAEL W. KIRSHBAUM, 43 Boulderol Rd., Stamford, Conn. 

Delta Upsilon. 

JOHN D, KLINEDINST, 5614 Glenwood Rd., Bethesda, Md 
Phi Kappa Psi. 



First Row: 

JOHN C. KNIPP. III. 3 Patriot Circle, Devon. Pa Phi Kappa Psi. 
ALFRED C. KOENIGER. Rt. 5. Haber Dr., Franklin, Tenn. Sigma Chi. 
ANDREW G. KUMPURIS. 2317 North Palm, Little Rock, Ark, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
MICHAEL B. LEARY, 514 South Main St., Lexington, Va. 

Phi Kappa Sigma, 

Second Row: 

BARRY R. LEATON. 3815 Iverness, Houston, Texas. Sigma Chi. 
H, DRAKE LEDDY, 1509 Paseo De Vaca, San Angelo, Texas, 
Sigma Nj, 

BRUCE C, LEE, 477 Maynard Dr„ Wayne, Pa. Pi Kappa Phi. 
HARRY D. LETOURNEAU. JR.. 199 S. Cherry Grove Ave., Annapolis Md 
Delta Tau Delta. 

Third Row: 

CLARK B. LEUTZE, 2016 Patton Dr„ Schenectady, N, Y. 

STEVEN I. LEVIN. 9437 Shore Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y, Zeta Beta Tau, 

DANNY L LEWIS, 7821 Dawn Rd„ Cincinnati, Ohio, Zeta Beta Tau, 

DWIGHT D. LinLE, 3918 Grove Ave,, Richmond, Va. 

Fourth Row: 

JONATHAN S. LYNN, Route 2, Cairnbrae Farm, Rochester, Minn. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
CHARLES 0. McAFEE, 111, 333 South Mulberry St„ Lenoir N C 

Pi Kappa Phi. 
JOSEPH G, McCABE, IV, 244 Hathaway Lane, Wynnewood, Pa, 
JOHN M, McCARDWELL, JR„ 1156 The Terrace, Hagerstown, Md, 

Lambda Chi Alpha, 

Fifth Row: 

LAWRENCE L. McCONNELL, 3502 Woodhaven Rd., N. W., Atlanta, Ga, 

Delta Upsilon, 
WALTER R, McCORD, JR., 427 Club Lane, Louisville, Ky, Beta Theta Pi. 
MARK S. McKINNEY, 1906 Wesley Ave., Ocean City, N J 

Beta Theta Pi. 
JOHN B. McKINNON, 1400 Rotherwood Dr.. Johnson City, Tenn 

Phi Delta Theta. 

Sixth Row: 

JOHN A. McNeil, jr.. 3332 Hermitage Rd., Birmingham, Ala, 

Kappa Alpha, 
GORDON S. McCRAE, 1001 North Manchester St., Arlington Va 

Phi Epsilon Pi, 5 . . 

M, WESLEY MANEVAL, 21 So. 26 St., Camp Hill, Pa. Pi Kappa Phi. 
JAMES P. MANGAN, 6 Rogers Place, New Britain, Conn, Sigma Nu, 

Seventh Row: 

WALTER W. MAY, 24 S. Arnold Ave,, Prestonburg, Ky. Kappa Alpha. 
GLENN L. MILLAR, III, 2126 Pete Mitchell Rd., Germantown, Tenn. 
LAWRENCE G. MILLER, III, 8912 Norwick Rd., Richmond, Va, 

Phi Kappa Sigma, 
MARSHALL B. MILLER, JR., 625 Contour Dr„ San Antonio, Texas. 

Kappa Sigma. 

Eighth Row: 

ROBERT E. MINOR, 3601 Mountain Lane, Birmingham, Ala 

Phi Delta Theta, 
BARRY W. MITCHELL, 110 LaSalle Dr„ Yonkers, N. Y. Zeta Beta Tau. 
HOMER L. MIXSON, JR„ 76 28th St., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha. 
PAUL J. MORROW, JR., 3787 Montrose Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 

Sigma Nu. 

^h dm Aim 

7 ^ ^ %* «^^ 




First Row: 

CHRISTOPHER B. MURRAY, Panorama Farms, Earlysville, Va. 

Phi Delta Theta. 
RICHARD J. MURRAY, Albany Ave., Valatie, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
ALEXANDER M. NADING, JR., 620 Yorkshire Rd., Winston Salem, N. C. 

Sigma Nu. 
MARTIN L. NELSON, P. 0. Box 342, Crowley, La. Phi Epsilon Pi. 

Second Row: 

STEVEN J. NEVILLE, 12 North 9th St., Kenilworth, N. J. 

KENNETH W. NEWMAN, 5 Stafford Dr., Huntington Station, N. Y. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 
HENRY NOHBERG, III, 2825 Tomahawk Circle, Shawnee Mission, 

Kansas. Phi Kappa Sigma. 
WILLIAM H. OAST, III, 2440 Sterling Point Dr., Portsmouth, Va. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Third Row: 

EDWIN S. OGILVIE, 4642 Fairfield, Shreveport, La. Beta Theta Pi. 

KEVIN E. O'GRADY, 16553 Park Lane Circle, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
STEPHEN K. ORR, 6518 Engel Dr., McLean, Va. 
VAN H. PATE, 409 Church St., Cheraw, S. C. Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Fourth Row: 

MICHAEL P. PECK, 1515 Nuuanu Ave., Queen 50, Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Sigma Nu. 
WALTER G. PEnEY, III, P. 0. Box 667, Bessemer, Ala. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
JOSEPH 8. PHILIPS, III, Route 2, Chapel Hill, N. C. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
HARRY R. PHILLIPS, III, 107 Burnett Dr., Spartanburg, S. C. 

Phi Delta Theta. 

Fifth Row: 

DONALD C. POPPKE, 7513 Buchanan St., Apt. 24, Landover Hills, Md. 

Zeta Beta Tau. 
PETER L POnERFIELD, 206 Camelia Dr., Radium Springs, Albany, Ga. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
WESLEY E. PULLMAN, 43 Kensington Rd., Garden City, N. Y. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
ROBERT R. RADCLIFFE, 518 Central St., Winchendon, Mass. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Sixth Row: 

WILLIAM M. RADIGAN, 3480 North Venice St., Arlington, Va. 

GREG C. RAETZ, 8240 S. W. 139 Terr., Miami, Fla. Phi Kappa Sigma. 

BARTOW W. RANKIN, 2404 Dellwood Dr., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Kappa Alpha. 
RANDALL C. REED, 6807 Willow Lane, Dallas, Texas. Kappa Sigma. 

Seventh Row: 

RICHARD W. REGAN, One Pelham Ave., Sands Point, L. I., New York. 

Delta Upsilon. 
THOMAS E. REYNOLDS, 230 Clovelly Rd., Ellicott City, Md. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
JOSEPH V. RICE, 1732 Louden Heights Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 

Kappa Sigma. 
PEYTON E. RICE, JR., 2923 N. Grant Street, Little Rock, Ark. 

Sigma Chi. 

Eighth Row: 

FRANKLIN R. RICH, 515 N. Oakland St., Arlington, Va. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
LOUIS W. RIEDER, III, Birdsall St., P. 0. Box 506, Waretown, N. J. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
EDWIN F. ROBB, III, Rt. 3, Box 412, Wayzata, Minn. Delta Upsilon. 
NEIL F. ROBINSON, 8303 Brewster Dr., Alexandria, Va. Phi Kappa Psi. 


> %■- 

^ f^A f^^i ^^■^ 



First Row: 

JOSEPH F. ROSE, Route 3, Box 247, Salem, Va. 

STEPHEN D. ROSENTHAL, 4215 Hilton Place, Lynchburg, Va. 

Ptii Kappa Psi. 
CHARLES W. ROSS, Acorn Farm, Gainesville, Va. Phi Epsilon Pi. 
JACKSON H. ROSS, 3635 Ridgewood Lane, S. W., Roanoke, Va. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Second Row: 

HARTLEY E. ROUSH, 617 Fairmont Ave., Fairmont, W. Va. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
EMIL J. SADLOCH, JR., 100 Schley Street, Garfield, N. J. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 
THOMAS J. SALB, 28 Colonial Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
WALTER B. SALLEY, JR., 200 Montvue Dr., Charlottesville, Va. 

Sigma Nu. 

Third Rov»: 

PETER F. SAN MIGUEL, 472 Webber Rd., Spartanburg. S. C. 

Zeta Beta Tau. 
GEORGE SANTORE, 20 Hamilton St., Guilderland, N. Y. 
RYAN B. SARTOR, Flournoy-Lucas Road, Forbing, La. Beta Theta Pi. 
DANIEL S. SHAPIRO, 212 Millwood Ave., Richmond. Va. Zeta Beta Tau. 

Fourth Row: 

PAUL N. SHELLEY, 229 Henry St., Norton, Va. 

ALLEN C. SHEPARD, JR., 1601 35th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
KENELM L. SHIRK, III, 211 S. 7th St., Akron, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi. 
DAVIS P. SMITH, III, 2400 Huntingdon Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 

Fifth Row: 

J. CONNOR SMITH, 3073 f. Pine Valley Rd., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Kappa Alpha. 
WENDELL M. SMITH, 644 W. Oak Dr., Hurst, Texas. Sigma Nu. 
ROBERT D. SPROAT, 9111 Lydell Dr.. Richmond, Va, Delta Upsilon. 
JOHN G. STAFFORD, JR., 273 E. Medwick Garth, Baltimore, Md. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 

Sixth Row: 

FRANK W. STEARNS, 6101 Broad Branch Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
RONALD N. STETLER, Rd. 1, Douglassville, Pa. Delta Tau Delta. 
JOHN B. STOUDEMIRE, 1520 River Rd., Orange Park, Fla. 
GEORGE W. STOWE, III, 14 Merewood Rd., Belmont, N. C. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Seventh Row: 

WILLIAM S. STRAIN, 235 West William David Pkwy., Metairie, La. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 
ROBERT P. STUART, 1125 Dove Rd., Louisville, Ky. 
CRAIG D. SULLIVAN, 124 Padonia Rd., Timonium, Md. Delta Upsilon. 
JOHN L. P. SUU.IVAN, JR., 12005 Old Bridge Rd., Rockville, Md. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Eighth Row: 

HOLLIS C. TAGGART, 1439 Seventh St., New Orleans, La. 

Beta Theta Pi. 
BEN P. TATUM, 637 North Lamar, Oxford, Miss. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
JAMES W. TAYLOR, 3258 Avalon, Houston, Texas. Sigma Chi. 
CHARLES J. THOMPSON, 102 Ennerdale Lane, Pittsburgh, Pa. 




First Row: 

J. GREGORY TINAGLIA. 200 Glenn Rd., Ardmore, Pa. Sigma Chi. 
JOHN B. TOMLINSON, JR., 6722 La Loma Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 
MICHAEL P. TRUTA, 167 Manito Ave., Oakland, N. J. Sigma Nu. 
E. PEYTON VICKERS, 5420 Banyan Dr., Miami, Fla. Delta Tau Delta. 

Second Row; 

CLAUDE M WALKER, JR., 4923 Hillside Rd., Columbia, S. C. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
CLIFF L. WALTERS, P. 0. Box 420, Cadiz, Ky. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
THOMAS H. WATTS, 111 East Sunrise Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 
DANIEL S, WEBSTER, 4227 Amber Lane, Memphis, Tenn. 

Phi Kappa Sigma, 

—Third Row: 

SHELBY W. WEDDLE, 1712 Arlington Rd., S. W.. Roanoke, Va. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
MARTIN B. WHITAKER, 3124 Pine Ridge Rd.. Birmingham, Ala 
ANDREW J. WHITE, JR., 634 E. Paris Rd., Greenville, S. C. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
CALVERT S. WHITEHURST, 7320 Glenroie Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Delta Upsilon. 

Fourth Row: 

GEORGE H. WIDENER, III, 4125 Buckner Lane, Paducah, Ky. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
FRED L. WILLIAMS, III, 2344 McClendon, Houston, Texas. Sigma Chi. 
GREGG B. WILLIAMS, 364 Lynn Rd., Springfield, Pa. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
STEPHEN S. WIHMANN, 3750 Hillview Dr., Columbus, Ohio. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 

Fifth Row: 

DONALD E. WOODARD, JR., 626 Saddlewood Lane, Houston, Texas. 

Sigma Nu. 
GIBSON M. WRIGHT, 5960 Searl Terrace, Washington, D. C. 

Kappa Alpha. 
RUFUS T. WRIGHT, 2535 Rusk, Beaumont, Texas. Phi Kappa Sigma. 
R. ANDREW F. ViTl-NDHAM, 2059 Overbrook Rd., Lynchburg, Va. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 

Sixth Row: 

ROGER L. YOUNG, 1112 Cornell Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. Phi Kappa Psi. 

First Row: 

JAMES A. ABELE, JR., 3242 Salisbury Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 

Phi Delta Theta. 
RICHARD S. ABERNETHY, 8 Beechwood Rd., Birmingham Ala. 

Phi Delta Theta. 
RONALD W. ABRAMS, 5 Woods Lane, Roslyn, N. Y. Zeta Beta Tau. 
EDWARD H. ACHORN, JR., 433 Country Club Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. 

Sigma Chi. 

Second Row: 

THOMAS E. ADDISON, III, 3066 East Pine Valley Rd., N. W., Atlanta, 

WILLIAM M. AGEE, 1927 Hope Rd., S. W., Roanoke, Va. Sigma Chi. 
JAMES H. ALLENDER, 7712 La Cosa, Dallas, Texas. Sigma Chi. 
THOMAS W. ALTIZER, JR., 408 Hotel Ave., Tazewell, Va. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Third Row: 

HARRY J. ALTMAN, 709 N. Dawson St., Thomasville, Ga. 
ALBERT W. ANDERSON. 4320 Bellaire Dr., S., Apt. 210, Fort Worth, 
Texas. Kappa Sigma. 

WILLIAM L ANDREWS, III, 430 Canterbury Lane, Roanoke, Va. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
DREW C. APGAR, 5706 E. Glen Caria Dr., Huntington, W. Va. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 

Fourth Row: 

DANIEL W. ARMSTRONG, 5606 Dartmouth Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
CHARLES K. ARNOLD, P. 0. Box 92, Sun Valley, Idaho. Sigma Chi. 
WILLIAM G. ARNOT, III, 1000 E. Connell, Breckenridge, Texas. 

Kappa Sigma. 
GLENN M. AZUMA, 266 Boulevard, New Milford, N. J. 




First Row; 

CHARLES K. BARTON, JR., 151 Neipsic Rd., Glastonbury, Conn. 

Delta Upsilon. 
THOMAS 0. BARTON, 2204 Rockmoor, Austin, Texas. Kappa Sigma. 
STANLEY N. BAYLESS, 3863 Greenwicti Rd., Norton Village, Otiio. 

Sigma Chi. 
FRANK B. BAZEL, 3448 Valley Rd., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Nu. 

Second Row: 

PATRICK D. BEDNARCZYK, 275 Beech St., Hackensack, N. J. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
JOHN C. BELSER, 1453 Fairview Rd., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
DONALD R. BELT, JR., 4655 Norwood Rd., Columbia, S. C. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
CHARLES T. BENNETCH, Rt. 1, Lexington, Va. 

Third Row: 

F. RIDGELY BENTON, JR., 391 Park Ave., Highland Park, III. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. . 
DAVID M. BERNARD, 1671 Westover Ave., Petersburg, Va. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 
CHARLES P. BERRY, 1504 Guilford Ln., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Sigma Chi. 
DAVID M. BERRY, Madison, Va. Phi Gamma Delta. 

Fourth Row: 

PETER A. BIEHN, 753 Hillcrest Dr., Staunton, Va. 

ALAN W. BLACK, 88 Harvest Lane, Commack, N. Y. 

JOSEPH J. BLAKE, JR., 1345 Pinecrest Rd., Spartanburg, S. C. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
WALTER S. BLAKE, 403 Carruthers St., Lexington, Va. Zeta Beta Tau. 

Fifth Row: 

LEO A. BOLES, JR., 225 North Gordon Rd., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
JAMES W. BOLTON, 2251 Smith Rd., Hamilton, Ohio. Phi Epsilon Pi. 
HOBSON G. BOOTH, 1616 Wilton Rd., Petersburg, Va. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
JACK L. BOSLEY, JR., 334 E. Lexington Ave., Danville, Ky. 

Sixth Row: 

WILLIAM B. BOYD, Rollyston, St. Michaels, Md. Phi Kappa Sigma. 
MAX F. BRANTLEY, 911 Seventh St., Lake Charles, La. Sigma Nu. 
STEVEN A. BREEDLOVE, P. 0. Box 4186, Tyler, Texas. Phi Kappa Psi. 
ROBERT G. BROOKBY, 1443 Valley Rd., Bartlesville, Okla. 
Delta Tau Delta. 

Seventh Row: 

MICHAEL R. BROOKS, 923 Lombard Ave., Evansville, Ind. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
ALLEN C. BROWN, 1310 Scenic Hgwy., Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
LARRY F. BROWN, 5163 Lubbock Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Kappa Sigma. 
COLIN K. BUELL, 524 Oak Dr., Lake Jackson, Texas. 

Eighth Row: 

LAYTON E. BUNTING, JR., 622 Williams St., Berlin, Md. 

Delta Tau Delta. 
ROBERT L. BURNS, 401 Oak Grove Ave., Greeneville, Tenn. Sigma Chi. 
WILLIAM K. BUSH, 917 Ridgeway Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
SEAN B. BUTLER, 76 Washington Ave., Garden City, N. Y. 


First Row: 

THOMAS H. CAHN, 2118 Harris St., Richland, Wasti. Zeta Beta Tau. 

RALPH D. CALDRONEY, 1202 Riverside Dr., Newport News, Va. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
PHILLIP F. CALKINS, 2521 Pelham Dr.. Houston, Texas. 
ROBERT A. CARRERE. 6505 Oakland Dr., New Orleans, La. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 

Second Row: 

JAMES W. M. CARSON. 28 Benedict Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Delta Upsilon. 
JOHN W. CASSELL. JR., 511 Timberneck Court, Hampton, Va. 

Delta Upsilon. 
JACKSON K. CHEATHAM, 435 E. College St.. Griffin, Ga. Kappa Alpha. 
TIMOTHY D, A. CHRISS. 316 Kerneway, Baltimore, Md. Beta Theta Pi. 

Third Row: 

JOHN W. CLADER. 449 So. Ithan Ave., Rosemont, Pa, Pi Kappa Phi, 

MARTIN D. CLAIBORNE, III, 1639 Robert St., New Orleans, La. 

Delta Tau Delta. 
BARDINE J. CLARK, 400 Franklin St., Watertown, N. Y. Delta Upsilon. 
BEACH M. CLARK. JR.. 5945 Aruba Circle, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Sigma Nu. 

Fourth Row: 

HARRY C. CLARK, 362 Brookvalley Lane, Kinnelon, N. J. Pi Kappa Phi. 

LELAND C. CLEMONS, 5828 Voider Dr., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Kappa Sigma. 
WILLIAM G. C. CLORE, Merrimans Lane, Winchester, Va. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
BRYAN R. COATES, Rt, 2, Box 77, Berlin, Md. Delta Tau Delta, 

Fifth Row: 

ROBERT C. COLEMAN, 55 Wardwell Rd., West Hartford, Conn, 
DAVID D. COLLINS, 512 Villa Ave., Front Royal, Va, Pi Kappa Alpha. 
CHARLES P. COMLY, 4297 Cheyenne Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Phi Delta Theta. 
TIMOTHY N. CONNOLLY, 3430 List Place, Apt. 1904, Minneapolis, 

Minn, Phi Kappa Psi, 

Sixth Row: 

PETER A, CONVERSE, 7822 Harris Loop, Ft, Geo. G. Mead, Md. 

Delta Upsilon. 
MONTGOMERY I. COniER, 2205 Seaboard St., Midland, Texas. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
BRUCE W. CUSSON, 855 Cottage St,, Pawtucket, R, I. Phi Epsilon Pi. 
DAVID C. DALE, 119 Rose Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Fla, 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Seventh Row: 

JOHN S. DARSIE, 135 Northview Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phi. 
PETER F. DAVIDSON. 600 N,E, 16th Terrace. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
JAMES S. DAVIS, Rt. 3, Box 647, Petersburg, Va, Lambda Chi Alpha. 
JAMES W. DAVIS, III, Rt. 4, Box 49, Montgomery, Ala. 
Phi Delta Theta. 

Eighth Row: 

VICTOR P. DICKSON. P. 0. Box 903, Pensacola, Fla, 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
MARK R. DONALD, 7431 Northaven, Dallas, Texas. Zeta Beta Tau. 
BRIAN C. DONNELLY, 3610 Dorado Ct., Fairfax, Va. Phi Epsilon Pi. 
JAMES A. DRAKOS, Wildflower Trail, Greenwich, Conn. 

Phi Kappa Sigma: 

la -«5^ V ^^«r" W ^let Tt 

ta ^ ^ f^ 

** ist W:\ 


'J^M i& ^^# i^wk 




First Row: 

THOMAS J. DRISCOLL, 1333 Hagys Ford Rd., Narberth, Pa. 
LYNN D. DURHAM, JR., 914 Harvard, Midland, Texas. 
JAMES C. DUSEL, Valley View Ave., Gladstone, N. J. 
JACK R. EOMONDSON, 3700 Fox Hollow, Fort Wortti, Texas. 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Second Row: 

LEE N. EISEN, 1290 Broadway, Hillside, N. J, Phi Epsilon Pi. 

JAMES H. ELLISON, JR., 5010 Wittering Dr„ Columbia, S. C. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
KENNETH M. EVANS, 909 S. Cherokee, Bartlesville, Okla. Sigma Chi. ^. 
ROBERT K. FAUST, 1471 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, La. ™ 

Delta Tau Delta. 

Third Row: 

LEWIS M. FETTERMAN, JR., 704 Raleigh Rd., Clinton, N. C. 
STEPHEN M. FINLEY, 3 Midcrest Court, Towson, Md. Phi Kappa Psi. 
WADE K. FORBES, 6 West Rivercrest, Houston, Texas. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
ROBERT M. FORRESTER, 107 Tribal Rd,, Louisville, Ky. Sigma Chi. 

Fourth Row; 

THOMAS R. FOWLER, 1600 N. Graham, Odessa, Texas. 

ALAN D. FRAZER, 1105 Barnegat Ave., Ship Bottom, N. J. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
THOMAS J. FRIEDMAN, 145 Wootton St., Boonton, N. J. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
DAVID C. FULTON, Rt. 3, Kaolin Rd., Kennett Square, Pa. Sigma Chi. 

Fifth Row: 

ARTHUR N. FURHMAN, 157 Blvd., Passaic, N. J. Zeta Beta Tau. 

DEMETRIOS J. GALANIDES, 5727 Shenandoah Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
WILLIAM A. GARRETT, JR., 153 Hawthorne Dr., Danville, Va. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
JOSEPH A. GARTEN, P. 0. Box 2110, Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Sixth Row: 

THOMAS E. GILLESPIE, 2672 Northwoods Dr., Macon, Ga. Kappa Alpha. 

JAMES D. GILLIAM, JR., 2602 Fordham Dr., Fayetteville, N. C. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
KENNEDY J. GILLY, JR., 4905 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Beta Theta Pi. 
JOHN M. GLACE, Rt. 1, Hidden Spring Farm, Carlisle, Pa. 

Delta Tau Delta. 

Seventh Row: 

CARTER GLASS, IV, 3237 Landon St., Lynchburg, Va. Sigma Chi. 

ROBERT L. GOEHRING, JR., 55 Locksley Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
LLOYD M. GOODMAN, 207 Oxford St., Norfolk, Va. Zeta Beta Tau. 
DAVID R. GRAHAM, 9805 Drovin Dr., Richmond, Va. Pi Kappa Phi. 

Eighth Row: 

WILLIAM' J. GREEN, 135 W. Renovah Circle, Wilmington, N. C. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 
WILLIAM I. GREENER, III, 6116 Bardu Ave., Springfield, Va. 

Kappa Sigma. 
BRIAN S. GREIG, 3813 Speedway, Austin, Texas. Kappa Sigma. 
ROBERT 0. GRESHAM, 2512 Habersham Rd., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 


s» "»er ^) % -ssF |^^ .f » 



O ^ fl| 

|(f ;3S -CT 


First Row: 

DONALD J. GRIBBLE, 9045 Patton Blvd., Alexandria, Va. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
ROBERT S. GRIFFITH, 460 Pine Ave., Waynesboro, Va. 

Lambda Chi Alptia. 
MARK W. GROBMYER, 4 Longfellow Place, Little Rock, Ark. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
LEE S. GUERTLER, 30 Luyster St., Huntington Station, N. Y. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Second Row: 

PAUL D. GURLEY, 1109 N. Tennessee Rd., Cartersville, Ga. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
GEORGE R. HAINES, JR., 1747 Edge Hill Rd., Abington, Pa. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
BRUCE R. HANKINS, Rt. 1, Sewall Rd., Bridgeton, N. J. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
MARK J. HANSON, 645 South Harrison St., Arlington, Va. Sigma Nu. 

Third Row: 

DAVID A. HARBERT, 9223 Volunteer Dr., Alexandria, Va. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
CHARLES J. HARLAND, JR., 221 Melwood Lane, Richmond, Va. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
JOHN W. HARPOLE, 2011 Newmarket Dr., Louisville, Ky. Beta Theta Pi. 
WILLIAM S. HARRIS, 412 Wiley Parker Rd., Jackson, Tenn. Sigma Chi 

Fourth Row: 

ELDON P. HARVEY, JR., 1621 Rim Rd., El Paso, Texas. 

JAMES C. HAYDON, 11712 Lytle St., Wheaton, Md. Phi Epsilon Pi. 

JAMES F. HEATWOLE, 11 Allen Ave., Ft. Monmouth, N. J. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
ROBERT P. HESSLER, 704 Main Ave., Bay Head, N. J. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 

Fifth Row: 

HOWELL V. HILL, 6 Sunset Dr., Little Rock, Ark. Sigma Chi. 

J. PAYNE HINDSLEY, 2335 Verdun Hts., Bluefield, W. Va. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
THOMAS B. HOBBES, Fiske Hill Rd., Sturbridge, Mass. Pi Kappa Phi. 

Francisco, Calif. Sigma Nu. 

Sixth Row: 

DAVID L. HOLLAND, 815 Dumville Ave., Suffolk, Va. Phi Kappa Sigma. 

PHILIP C. HONIG, 11219 Hermosa Court, Houston, Texas. 

Kappa Alpha. 
ALAN B. HOOKER, 403 Broad St., Windsor, Conn. 
JAMES D. H. HOOKER, 204 Kemble Rd., Baltimore, Md. 

Delta Tau Delta. 

Seventh Row: 

FREDERICK T. HORSFIELD, 8658 Rio Grande Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
WILLIAM T. HOUSTON, 1111 Peachtree Rd., Augusta, Ga. 

Beta Theta Pi. 
THOMAS W. HUDSON, III, 2319 Danbury Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 

Kappa Alpha. 
DAVID G. HUFFMAN, JR., 1801 Louden Heights Rd,. Charleston, W. Va. 

Phi Delta Theta. 

Eighth Row: 

ROBERT J. HUMPHREYS, 5 Elmwood Blvd., York, Pa. 
DAVID A. INGOLD. 205 Ohio Ave., Wilmington, Del. Sigma Chi. 
PAUL C. IRIBE, P. 0. Box 135, Mink Hollow Rd., Highland, Md. 
MARSHALL T. IRVING, III, 21 Penacook St., Concord, N. H. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 



, ^. a» a 

i^^^* l^^m r^^« 



First Row: 

LAWRENCE S. JANSEN, 332 Nichols St., Norwood, IVlass, 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
WILLIAM H. JERNIGAN, JR., 10149 Lochcrest Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
DAVID E. JONES, 3216 Fairfield Rd., Olympia, Wash. Kappa Sigma. 
GEORGE H. JONES, III, 1810 Stratford Rd., Decatur, Ala 

Beta Theta Pi. 

Second Row: 

ROBERT C. JORDAN, 1920 Rivershore Rd., Elizabeth City, N. C. 
WILLIAM F. JUDGE, 31 Reynen Court, Ridgewood, N. J. Delta Upsilon. 
PETER N. JUNGGREN, 111 Bon Air Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Sigma Chi. 
JOHN H. KECK, P. 0. Drawer K, Cotulla, Texas. Kappa Sigma. 

Third Row: 

THOMAS G. KEEFE, 39 Kirkside Ave., Milford, Conn. 

MICHAEL L. KESSLER, 106 Trent Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. Zeta Beta Tau. 

JOHN H. KING. 27 Warrenton Rd., Baltimore, Md. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
JAMES F. KIRVEN, 3141 Brownsboro Rd., Louisville, Ky. 

Beta Theta Pi. 

Fourth Row: 

LEWIS A. KNIGHT, JR., 302 Northway, Baltimore, Md. 

MICHAEL J. KUHLING, 4920 River Point Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
MICHAEL J. KWEDAR, 8206 Rider Ave., Towson, Md. Delta Tau Delta. 
JOHN M. LANDIS, 1473 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma. 

Fifth Row: 

EDWARD W. LANE, III, 3790 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Simga Alpha Epsilon. 
LANDON B. LANE, JR., 308 Myrtle Lane, Altavista, Va. Kappa Sigma. 
JOHN F. LARMOUR, 14 The Ridge, Plandome, N. Y. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
ROBERT D. LARUE, 38 East Broad Oaks, Houston, Texas. Sigma Chi. 

JOHN E. LAWLOR, III, 2316 Buttonwood Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 
JOHN C. LEE, 609 Jackson Square, Anderson, S. C. Kappa Alpha. 
EDWARD C. LEVIN, 817 Evergreen Dr., West Hempstead, N. Y. 

Zeta Beta Tau. 
STEVEN E. LEWIS, 10 Howland Rd., East Rockaway, N. Y. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Seventh Row: 

MARVIN K. LISH, JR., 6203 Gardendale Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 

Sigma Chi. 
ROBERT H. LOCKHART, 1285 Rigdon Rd., Columbus, Ga. 

Delta Upsilon. 
RICHARD C. LOVING, 5620 Lakewood Dr., Norfolk, Va. 

Delta Tau Delta. 
MICHAEL W. McCALL, 2800 Lexington Rd., Louisville, Ky. 

Phi Gamma Delta. 

Eighth Row: 

JAMES S. McCANE, 9 College Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. Phi Kappa Psi. 

JOHN T. McCarthy, 152 Oukes Parkway, Somerville, N. J. 

Lambda Chi Alpha, 
WARREN R. McCOMMONS, 6466 Pemberton Dr., Dallas, Texas. 

Sigma Chi. 
JAMES A. Mcdonough, jr., 305 Letcher Ave., Lexington, Va. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 



First Row: 

LEX 0, McMillan, hi. 524 Clairmont Cir.. Apt. 6, Decatur, Ga. 
Sigma Nu. 

ALBERT P. McWHORTER. 3769 Wares Ferry Rd., Montgomery, Ala. 
Sigma Nj. 

DONALD S. MACKERER. JR.. 419 Ctierokee St., Marietta, Ga. 
BRUCE P. MADISON, 405 Trinity Hills Lane, Louisville Ky 
Beta Theta Pi. 

Second Row: 

DOUGLAS H. MADISON, 405 Trinity Hills Lane, Louisville Ky 

Beta Theta Pi. 
DAVID D. MANSON, 8 Richmond Place, New Orleans, La. 
BARRY F. MARGOLIUS, 1313 Cloncurry Rd., Norfolk, Va. 
DAVID S. MARK. 6807 Williamson Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Zeta Beta Tau. 

Third Row: 

JAY R. MARKS. P. 0. Box 641, 154 Red Hill Rd.. Orange, Va. 

Sigma Chi. 
DONALD K. MARSHALL. 21 Maryland Dr., New Orleans, La. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
LAWSON H. MARSHALL, Rt. 1, Box 34, Brookneal, Va. Sigma Chi. 
DOUGLAS F. MARTIN, West Waldheim Rd.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Sigma Nu. 

Fourth Row: 

JOSEPH R. MARTIN, 1202 Community Lane, Midland. Texas, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
WILLIAM R. MARTIN, 404 Northwestern Ave., Beckley W. Va. 

Sigma Nu. 
PHIL H. MAST. JR.. 2410 Dogwood Lane, Burlington, N. C 

Phi Delta Theta. 
HENRY L MEARS. JR., 1321 Bellview Dr., Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Fifth Row: 

GILBERT S. MEEM. JR.. 1400 Lebanon St., Bluefield, W. Va. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
JOHN P. MELLO, 37 Hallen Ave., Milton, Mass. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
WILLIAM H. MILLER, III, 725 Dixie Parkway, Winter Park, Fla. 

Sigma Nu, 
WILLIAM J. MODICA, B-11, 239 Spring St„ Red Bank, N. J. 

Sixth Row: 

EDWARD G. MOORE, 3220 Lejeune Rd., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
MERYL D. MOORE, 24 Frances St., Newport News, Va. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
TODD L. MORRILL, Garfield Ave., Monkton, Md., Delta Tau Delta. 
WILLIAM MORRISSETTE, III, P. 0. Box 127, Midlothian, Va. 

Sigma Chi. 

Seventh Row: 

DAVID T. MOULTON, 97 Vaughan St., Portland, Maine. Phi Kappa Psi, 

CRAIG F. MURRAY, 9 Van Delft Dr., Apt. 19, Madison Twp., South 

Amboy, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha. 
ALAN S. NEESE. 175 Norcrest Dr.. Rochester, N. Y. Phi Kappa Psi. 
JARVIS E. NEWMAN, III, 1455 College Ave., Conway, Ark. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 

Eighth Row: 

RANDALL J. NEWSOME, 11213 Kley Rd., V«ndalia, Ohio. Phi Kappa Psi. 

JAMES H. NOLAND, III, 4007 Norbourne Blvd., Louisville, Ky. 

Beta Theta Pi. 
MICHAEL J. O'DONNELL. 7217 Popkins Farm Rd., Alexandria, Va. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
MARK S. OLCOTT. 218 E. Charlotte St., Millersville, Pa. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 



! ;» ""^ ) «♦ ''ft'^ 

r k ^^^r^Aj 



First Row: 

DAVID W. OLSON, 22 Bel-Aire Dr., Stamford, Conn. Phi Kappa Psi. 
JOHN C. O'NEAL, 3140 Guilford Rd., Birmingham, Ala. Phi Delta Theta. 
RICHARD R. ORSINGER, 5827 Royal Crest Dr., Dallas, Texas, 

Sigma Chi. 
STEVEN J. ORY, 701 Crestbend Dr., Houston, Texas. 

Second Row: 

THOMAS D. PACE, 635 South Delaney St., Orlando, Fla. Kappa Alpha. 

FREDERICK M. PAONE, 43 Southgate Ave., Annapolis, Md. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
WILLIAM W. PEERY, Rt. 460, Box 85, Cedar Bluff, Va. Kappa Alpha. 
CHALIN 0. PEREZ, JR., 7 Newcomb Blvd., New Orleans, La. 

Delta Tau Delta. 

Third Row: 

HOWARD S. PERKINS, 5332 Falmouth Rd., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
PATRICK H. PERRY, 3051 Hillsdale Dr., Augusta, Ga. Kappa Alpha. 
ANDREW L. PHAUP, JR., 8324 Cherokee Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Delta Upsilon. 
RICHARD W. PIFER, 512 Jefferson St., Winchester, Va. Sigma Nu, 

Fourth Row: 

RICHARD B. PILKINTON, JR., 3104 Hawthorne St., N.W., Washington, 

D. C. Phi Kappa Psi. 
JOHN B. PIROG, 5-24 Summit Ave., Fair Lawn, N. J. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
WALTER B. POTTER, JR.. 1067 Oaklawn Dr., Culpepper, Va. 
ALBERT PRESTON, III, 606 West Meyer Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Fifth Row: 

CHARLES W. PRIDE, 838 Grant St., Decatur, Ala. Phi Delta Theta. 

RICHARD B. PROCTOR, 1038 Milton Blvd., Rahway, N. J. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
DAVID L. RAINE, JR., 1712 Buford Rd., Bon Air, Va. Phi Epsilon Pi. 
HILL C. REDD, Rt. 2, Beaverdam, Va. 

Sixth Row: 

WILLIAM D. REES, JR., 45 Shawbutte St., Poland, Ohio. 

DAVID L REINKE, 315 Benjamin, S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 
JOHN T. REYNOLDS, 12419 Old Oaks, Houston, Texas. Sigma Chi. 
ARTHUR B. RIPPE, 242 Parkview Place, Danville, Va. Zeta Beta Tau. 

Seventh Row: 

JOHN W. ROBINSON, IV, 1642 Mason Mill Rd., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 
STEPHEN W. ROBINSON, 8303 Brewster Dr., Alexandria, Va. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
CHARLES L. ROBSON, 51 Shore Dr., Plandome, N. Y. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
DAVID H. ROGERS, 604 Colby Rd., Winchester, Ky. Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Eighth Row: 

THOMAS A. ROGERS, 29 Edgewood Rd., Ellicott City, Md. 

Zeta Beta Tau. 
THOMAS K. ROWE, JR.. 3704 Moss Side Ave., Richmond, Va. 
EARL R. ROYCE, II, 1704 Belvedere Ave., Havertown, Pa. 

Delta Tau Delta. 
RICHARD C. SAMELSON, 4282 Nellwood Lane, Memphis, Tenr. 

Kappa Sigma. 

mm ■ 0^ ^ 

-"^j^ '-■ *: ' :' 


r **'*^T' h!!^^) te^'f' 


First Row: 

FREDRICK H. SANDS, 185 Lake Otis Rd., Winter Haven, Fla. 

Sigma Nu. 
WILLIAIVI C. SCHLICK, 5416 Gary Place, Alexandria, Va. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
MARTIN J. SCHOENBERGER, 701 Pine St., New Orleans, La. 

Sigma Chi. 
PETER J. SCHWARTZ, 3752 Brookside Rd., Toledo, Ohio. Zeta Beta Tau. 

Second Row: 

MARCUS C. SCOTT, Rt. 2, Box 100, Marshall, Va. Kappa Alpha. 

ROY M. SCOTT, III, 406 North Main St., Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
CALVIN H. SEATON, 1616 N. Grant, Little Rock, Ark. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
RICHARD H. SHEPARD, JR., 4100 Greenway, Baltimore, Md. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Third Row: 

PETER H. SHEPPARD, 101 Phila St., Hanover, Pa. Pi Kappa Phi. 

RAYMOND J. SHERER, JR., 3101 Salibury Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 

Kappa Alpha. 
RANDOLPH T. SHIELDS, III, 36 Ridgeview Rd., Staunton, Va. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
LOUIS SHROYER, IV, 5107 Nahant St., Bethesda, Md. Phi Kappa Psi. 

Fourth Row: 

ROBERT C. SHUFELDT, 15 Cooper Ave., Edina, Minn. Kappa Alpha. 

PAUL M. SHUFORD, II, 8 Glenbrooke Circle West, Richmond, Va. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 
DAN E. SILBERBERG, 244 Loring Ave., Los Angeles Calif. 

Zeta Beta Tau. 
MARK E. SKOGGARD, 620 Midland Trail Rd., Covington, Va. 

Delta Tau Delta. 

Fifth Row: 

JOSEPH R. SLAY, 3406 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va, 

Delta Tau Delta. 
HAROLD T. SMITH, JR., Rt. 5, Box 15, Annapolis, Md. Phi Kappa Psi. 
CARL L. SMOTHERS, 111 E. Preston St., Lexington, Va. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
PETER M. SOMERVILLE, 1424 Forest Dr., Chillicothe, Mo. 

Beta Theta Pi. 

Sixth Row: 

RICHARD J. SPLITTORE, 300 North Maple Ave., Greenwich, Conn. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 
GARY W. SPRUNK, 1309 Sandringham, Birmingham, Mich. 
JAMES M. STEGE, 82 Cambridge Rd., Madison, Wise. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
LEWIS E. STENGEL, JR., Carrol Rd., Monkton, Md. Beta Theta Pi. 

Seventh Row: 

MATTHEW P. STEPHENS, 480 Hazel Ave., Glencoe, III. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
DAVID D. STONE, 6672 Millbrae Rd., Worthington, Ohio. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. 
E. GEORGE STOCK, JR., 160 Buckeye Rd., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
ROBERT K. STOREY, 62 Baymor Dr., East Longmeadow, Mass. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 

Eighth Row: 

TIMOTHY A. STRAIT, 735 Hillcrest Dr., Ashland, Ohio. Beta Theta Pi. 

STEPHEN STRALEY, 704 Coverdale Rd., Wilmington, Del. 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
DOUGLAS K. P. STUART, 5672 Rosemary Place, New Orleans, La. 

Phi Delta Theta. 
MATSON C. TERRY, II, 1200 Kamichi Ct., Virginia Beach, Va. 

Kappa Sigma. 


iB'm. M§^ ^ItA 


— First Row: 

CARTER A. THARP, 8888 Pickwick Dr., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
JAMES E. THOMAS, JR., 5-238 15th St., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Kappa Alpha. 
STEPHEN B. THOMPSON, 121 Dantzler Ct., Lexington, Ky. 

Sigma Chi. 
GEORGE A. TOLLEY, Rt. 5, Lexington, Va. 

Second Row: 

JOHN S. TRIMPER, 1880 SE Third St. Pompano Beach, Fla. 

Sigma Nu. 
EVERETT TUCKER, III, 4601 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ark. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
JOHN G. TUCKER, 712 NW 41st St., Oklahoma City, Okla. Sigma Chi. 
ROBERT M. TURNBULL, 5304 Tuckahoe Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Phi Kappa Sigma. 

Third Row: 

TERRY Wf. TYLER, 600 V^. Polo Dr., Clayton, Mo. Beta Theta Pi. 

MICHAEL L. UNTI, 7911 Ind. Head Hwy., Apt. 301A, Oxon Hill, Md. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
HENRY B. VICKERS, 606 Fifth Ave., Montgomery, W. Va. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
LAURENCE G, WACKMAN, 11107 Wickwood Dr.. Houston, Tex. 

Kappa Sigma. 

Fourth Row; 

CHRISTOPHER A. WARD, 3704 Fox Hollow, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 
GREGORY B. WARGA, Winding Lane, Newtown, Pa. Pi Kappa Phi. 
JOHN F. WATLINGTON, III, 2025 Buena Vista Rd., Winston Salem, 

N. C. Kappa Alpha. 
RICHARD L. WEBB, 733 Sligo Ave., Apt. 203, Silver Spring, Md. 

Phi Epsilon Pi. 

Fifth Row: 

PAUL E. WEEKS, 1373 Calle Luchetti, Apt. 802, Santruce, Puerto 

Rico. Lambda Chi Alpha. 
noNALD W. WEIR, JR., 6331 East Ridge Dr., Shreveport, La. 

Kappa Sigma. 
WILLIAM H. WEST, JR., P. 0. Box 214, Jaffrey, N. H. Delta Upsilon. 
CHARLES L. WHITE, Chagrin River Rd., Gates Mills, Ohio. 

Pi Kappa Phi. 

Sixth Row: 

WILLIAM E. WHITE, JR., P. 0. Box 3376, St. Thomas. Virgin Islands. 

Zeta Beta Tau. 
WERTER H. WILLIS, Rt. 2, Culpepper, Va. Phi Gamma Delta. 
JAMES G. WILSON, 1206 Central Blvd., Harrison, Ark. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
LLOYD S. WOLF, 4580 Bordeaux, Dallas, Texas. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Seventh Row: 

MARCUS S. WOOD, JR., Route 203, Chatham, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha. 

VICTOR C. WOOD, JR., 2756 Eastmoreland Dr., Oregon, Ohio. 

Sigma Chi. 
JOHN B. WOODLIEF, Boxhill Lane, Upper River Rd., Louisville, Ky. 

Sigma Nu. 
WILLIAM M. WOODWARD, 7614 Meadowbriar, Houston, Texas. 

Eighth Row: 

DONALD F. YANDRICK, 521 Hillside Ave., Ligonier, Pa. 

MOON H. YEE, 311 W. Bancroft, Toledo, Ohio. 

MILLARD S. YOUNTS, Bethesda Rd., Southern Pines, N. C. Sigma Nu. 



^4 -^ :■ 





For three years, Lee McLaughlin suffered through the miseries known only to a football coach. In 24 games, the Generals won only four 
times, and that surely would have made a lesser man call it quits. But starting in 1960, his teams embarked upon a three-season drive 
that recorded 25 wins in 27 games, including the undefeated and untied campaign of 1961. The Washington, D.C. Touchdown Club awarded 
Washington and Lee its small college Team-of-the-Year trophy that year, which Lee McLaughlin accepted for a very grateful school. 

That was just one testimonial to the man. Another was his nomination by the University of Virginia, his alma mater, for Sports 
lllustrated's Silver Anniversary All-America Award in 1966, honoring 25 men for their contributions to society in the 25 years since their 
senior football season. 

Lee McLaughlin's contributions extended far beyond 100 yards. They stretched through the campus, into Lexington, and on out away 
from Virginia to any point where someone had a former association with him as coach, camp director, and friend. 

He continually maintained those associations. Speaking to groups in Memphis, Louisville, New Orleans, or wherever he felt like going 
to talk about Washington and Lee, he would tell his audience he held one of the best three jobs in the United States. The other two 
belonged to assistant coaches Boyd Williams and Buck Leslie. 

But he was often irked at these meetings. There would always be a few to chastise Washington and Lee about its "small time" 
approach to athletics, and that would send Lee McLaughlin into a quick speech. 

"I don't think our boys would like to think of themselves as small time athletes," he would say. "They work just as hard, hit just 
as hard, and want to win just as hard as the athletes at larger schools. 

"What we take out of it is the professionalism, the spectacle for the crowd's sake alone. Our boys are playing for the school and 
for themselves, and that's the way it should be." 

Lee McLaughlin kept everything in perspective, and because he did he was admired and envied by many of his fellow coaches. His was 
a relaxed and easy-going approach to collegiate athletics, and he said that athletic programs should complement the overall educational 
process, not take precedence over it. 

And this is what made him so perfect for Washington and Lee. He believed first in his own philosophy, which was a carbon-copy of 
Washington and Lee's philosophy. The two were made for each other. 

His loss will be deeply felt, of course, and the school will sorely miss a man that gave so much to it. But he will not be forgotten, as 
President Robert E. R. Huntley so well expressed: "he was a part of the heart and soul of Washington and Lee, and his death leaves a void 
which cannot be filled. But he brought to this institution a vitality and a spirit which will never die." 

All those things you hear about building character cannot be said about Lee McLaughlin. He didn't build character, he gave it away. 
You drew from him and you just wish it could have been more. 


Above: Officers, Hinkle, MacKenzie, Ball, Pres., Stewart. Below: Varsity Club; First Row: Ball, Hinkle, 
MacKenzie, Fechnay, Clark, Stewart. Second Row: Forman, Edwards, Fitzhugh, Cartwright, Razzberry, Pearcy, 
Zeliff, Pannill. Third Row: Wilson, Neer, Nolan, Crigler, Wich, Rueger, Kumpuris, Wolf, Guill. Fourth Row: 
Goodwin, Norwood, Wilson, McJunkin, Sharpe, McMillan, Long, Harris. Fifth RoW: McClure, Fauber, Morrison; 
Silverfield, Baizley, McElroy, Kympton, Meriwether. 




The Calyx camera catches highlights and sidelights of the Generals' 1968 season. 
Left Above: Quarterback Chuck Kuhn flips to Rick McMillan against Washington 
U. Right Above: Coach Buck Leslie confers with defensive back Alan Tomlin. 
Below: Jay Meriwether puts the crunch to a W.U. ballcarrier as the Generals' 
defensive line of John Harris (72), Ken Long (75), Stan Lisle (77), and Britt 
McJunkin (70) close in to a"ssist. Opposite Below: McJunkin goes to block a pass 
in the Generals' season finale as Lisle and Long attempt to penetrate the Bears' 
pocket. Opposite Center: Defensive tackle McJunkin takes a breather while the 
offense tries to put some points on the scoreboard. 

' ^Hl- 1;^SS 


The 1968 Washington and Lee football squad struggled to a 
disappointing 3-5-1 record, disappointing because much better 
things had been forecast. The team was well stocked with ex- 
perienced players, numbering seventeen seniors on the roster. 
This nucleus, combined with a large number of ambitious juniors 
and sophomores, made prospects seem bright following last 
season's 5-4 record. If anything, the Generals should have had a 
stronger club than its 1967 predecessor. 

Troubles began to plague Washington and Lee even before the 
season began, however. The tragic loss of Coach Lee McLaughlin 
was an inestimable blow to the football program as a whole. The 
Generals lost more than a coach, they lost an inspiring leader 
of young men whose guidance and teaching had always reached 
far beyond the confines of Wilson Field. 

The job of reassembling the football fortunes of W&L fell to 
Graham Leslie, long-time assistant coach of the Generals. He and 
his capable staff of assistants including Boyd Williams, Dick 
Szlasa, Syd Walden, Gerald Poudrier, and Phil Thompson, rushed 
to install some new wrinkles to the system, additions they hoped 
would be sufficient to prepare for a murderous schedule. 

Long hours of pre-season practice began on September 3, the 
reporting date. Two-a-day sessions, under the leadership of 
captains John Wolf and Scott MacKenzie, began 'to mold the 
veterans into effective units while serving to assimilate some 
promising freshmen into the W&L football system. Returnees 
such as Britt MCJunkin, John Harris, Kenny Long, Charlie Freret, 
Jay Clarke, Dick Kinney, Rick McMillan, Don Sharp, Bucky Cunning- 
ham, and Hank Wilson, along with Wolf and MacKenzie, won their 
jobs early and the stage was set for the September 21 season 
opener against Guilford. 

Opening at home, the Generals were forced to test themselves 
early against four strong teams in four consecutive weeks. A 
combination of factors, including early season injuries to key 
players, sent Washington and Lee tailspinning to a disastrous 0-4 

1968 Generals— left to right— Front Row: Crosland, Sharpe, Cunningham, 
Freret, Wolf, MacKenzie, Fischer, Mullenix. Clark, Hinkle, Kinney. Second 
Row: Harris, McJunkin B„ Tomlin, Wilson, Long, Kuhn, Thomas. Meri- 
wether, McMillan, Dozier, Graham, Mahaffey. Third Row: Vickers, Dorman, 
Drew Kumpuris, Baizley, Evans, Allen D., Hamlin, Ogitvie, Kalista, Allen. 
Fourth Row: Coates, Carter, Klinedinst, Lisle, Coslett, Dean Kumpuris, 
Hannon, Stearns, Coperhaver. Fifth Row: McNeil, Gossman. Nolan, Thornton, 
McJunkin T., Smith, Wakeman, Reed, Green. Sixth Row: COACHES, Poudrier, 
Thompson, Williams, Leslie, Walden, Szlasa, Davies, Stearns. 



The Quakers of Guilford College visited Wilson Field first. 
bringing to town a quick, rugged team that had dealt the Generals 
an embarrassing 35-0 setback the previous year. Quarterback 
Alan Tomlin marched the home team straight down the Quakers' 
throats following the opening kickoff, but the Generals faltered 
near the goal. Nonetheless, the skilled play calling and field 
leadership of Tomlin, a converted defensive back, seemed to 
suggest a rejuvenated W&L attack. This hope was squelched by 
the talented visitors, however, who turned key breaks into three 
quick scores before the half and rolled on to hand Washington 
and Lee its first loss of the season, 28-0. 

Next the Generals traveled to meet state power Randolph-Macon 
and their merc*jrial runner, Howard Stevens. The freshman speed- 
ster was obviously the difference in this game, as he led the 
Yellow Jackets on a 45 point scoring binge against the usually 
reliable W&L defense. But the General offense did generate some 
spark, scoring three times on the passing arm of junior Jack 
Baizley and the final score stood at 45-21. To complicate the 
future, however, the Generals suffered some key injuries to 

Wolf, defensive back Lee Graham, and linebacker Drew Kumpuris. 

These injuries showed up painfully in next week's clash with 
conference foe Centre. Baizley had earned the starting nod at 
quarterback, but he found himself in poor field position all day 
and never could unlimber his passing game. The absence of 
Wolf and Kumpuris hurt the defense and Centre managed to push 
across enough points to win 10-0 in an unexciting game that 
added to the W&L losing streak. 

Lafayette extended that streak at Wilson Field by beating the 
Generals 27-7. Although the home force put up a strong offensive 
show, featuring Joe Dozier in the rushing department and the 
Baizley to Cunningham passing duo, the Leopard offense, which 
felled such teams as Colgate, Columbia, and Hofstra during 1968, 
was just too much. The losing streak was extended to four. 

The game against Hampden-Sydney, played in the mud of Wilson 
Field before a Homecoming gathering, marked a turning point in 
the season. Although the best the team could do against the 
Tigers was to salvage a 0-0 stalemate, the brakes had been 
applied to the streak. 

Opposite Left: Doug Gossman breaks through the Guilford line for a sizeable 
gain. Opposite Right: Cunningham catches one in traffic against Randolph-Macon 
and, Left, maizes it easy against Centre. Below: As Joe Dozier looks on. Tom 
McJunkin's block on two Hampden-Sydney would-be tacklers doesn't keep Goss- 
man out of the clutches of a third Tiger. Bottom: Britt McJunkin (70) and co- 
captain John Wolf (66) preparing to maul Lafayette signal caller Ed Baker. 



The Generals got on the winning track against the Bridgewater 
Eagles. An Opening Weekend crowd voiced its delight as the W&L 
offense rolled up a 27-13 win with three touchdowns coming in 
the second half. Chuck Kuhn, junior quarterback, had a big day 
against the Eagles and the defense looked like its former self. 

Parents Weekend saw the aroused Generals even their con- 
ference record at 1-1 with a 16-7 win over arch rival Sewanee. 
Bucky Cunningham caught two touchdown tosses from Kuhn 
while the defensive unit was stifling the powerful Purple Tiger 
attack. The win gave the victors a shot at a high conference 
standing with only two games remaining. 

Hopes for a share of the conference crown were shattered at 
Memphis, as Washington and Lee fell to South Western 38-7. 
The aroused Lynx blitzed the Generals for 21 points in the fourth 
quarter, and after scoring first, the Big Blue couldn't generate 
any offense. 

But the Generals refused to play out the season. In the last 
game of the year against Washington University the team sal- 
vaged a 3-5-1 season and a tie for third in the conference by 
battling to a 14-3 come-from-behind victory. Cunningham broke 
a school career receiving yardage record during his final game 
and the seniors closed their careers with a victory. 

If the Generals could have divided the season in half, they 
could have claimed a winning record in the latter portion. Although 
the overall record was disappointing, the continued team spirit 
that produced the comeback late in the season can only be 
admired and hopes for the future are high. 


Opposite Left: Joe Dozier eludes Bridgewater lineman following blocks by 
Doug Gossman and Chuck Kuhn. Opposite Right: Alan Tomlin pitches to 
Dozier on option play as Gossman leads interference. Opposite Below: 
Drew Kumpuris hurtles opposition in attempt to block Bridgewater punt. 
Above: Britt McJunkin dumps Sewanee back with help from Hank Wilson. 
Right: Gossman makes big gain on muddy field against Washington while 
Kuhn continues faking. Below: John Thomas and Joe Dozier await Kuhn's 
pass against Sewanee. 


■• /ftliSr* ^ >'^ 



Opposite Right: Senior Jack Horowitz awaits pass as defender moves into 
position. Opposite Below Left: With the aid of double exposure, the Calyx 
camera captures the Generals' attack on the Madison goal. Opposite Below Right: 
Scott Fechnay "heads" into the fray against Virginia Tech. Right: Goalie Tom 
Mitchell shows his All-State form. Below Left: Coach Joe Lyies with co-captains 
Mitchell and Fechnay, both first team All-Staters. Below Right: The 1968 
Generals. From left to right; Standing: Miller. Price, Toms. Smith, Jamison, 
Newman, Fletcher. Jantzen. Sayers. Rodemeir, Coach LyIes. Kneeling: Antell, Ivy, 
Belt, Horowitz, Turner, Mitchell, Hyatt, Sullivan, Yow, Clarke, Not Shown: 


The Generals soccer team, led by captains Tom Mitchell and 
Scott Fechnay, had a disappointing season finishing with a 3-5-1 
record. The team suffered from a lack of depth and a lack of 
early season enthusiasm. Injuries were a crusher for the Booters. 
All-State forward, and a big scoring threat for W&L, Scott Fechnay 
was ill for a long time with pneumonia. Early season injuries to 
starters Doug Clark, Carl Hyatt, Gil Turner and J. Sullivan hurt 
the team. Bright spots for the future were seen, however, in 
the men who filled in. Dick Soey, Fred Fletcher, Curt Januson, Don 
Belt (freshman), Ree Schener (freshman), Paul Miller (freshman), 
and Chuck Arnold (freshman) may provide Coach Lyles with a 
strong future in soccer. 

This season W&L beat Pfeiffer early in the year but lost to 
tough Randolph-Macon, 4-2, and Eastern Mennonite College 4-1. 
The Generals then rallied strongly to whip Madison College 7-0. 
Belt and Miller claimed varsity goals as Gil Turner, Jack Horowitz, 
John Yow and Curt Januson picked up points. The Blue then shut 
out VMI 3-0. Captain Witz, Fletcher and Yow scored. The Roanoke 
College game was cancelled for rain and it was very disappointing 
that it couldn't be rescheduled. Against VPI, W&L tied in double 
overtime, 2-2. The Generals lost to West Virginia Wesleyan 3-1 
near the end of the season, clinching the first losing soccer 
record in ten years. Two other losses were to Belmont Abbey, and 
Lynchburg College. 

Defensive stars were Tom Mitchell, goalie, Brian Prince and 
Mark Sayers. John Yow and Doug Clarke will be next years co- 
captains. With the young talent they now have, the booters look 
forward to reinstating a successful W&L soccer team. 


Left: The W&L Rugby Club. Left to 
right, Back Row: Spessard, Novak, 
Jones, Moses, Harrel, Thornton, Front 
Row: Kirby, Baker, Gendron, Creasy, 
Foster, Dixon, Timmerman, Orgaine. 
Reclining: Henry, Arute. Below Left: 
Spessard mixes it up against George 
Mason, and Below Right, rises to the 
top of the heap in the same game. 


In the words of the immortal Jack Strapp, the original toothless 
wonder of rugby, "Rugby is the game for hooligans, played by 
gentlemen." This fall over thrity-five W&L "gentlemen" took part 
in rugby clashes in practicing for a full Spring schedule. These 
Sunday Ruggers, who play the game for the sheer enjoyment of 
playing a good game, for the comradeship of fellow ruggers, and 
of course to partake in the traditional post-game keg(s), continue 
to bring more big-time teams to the W&L campus than any other 
intercollegiate sport by playing such teams as Princeton, Duke, 
UVA, UNC, N.C. State, Georgetown, George Washington, Atlanta, 
Norfolk, and Richmond. This year, in the annual W&L RFC/IFC 
Invitational Tournament, in which W&L placed second to Duke 
in 1968, the club will spread W&L's fine reputation northward 
by participating with teams from Rutgers, Williams, Lehigh, and 
St. Joseph's of Philadelphia, as well as Duke and Richmond. 
Although the team does not enjoy the number of supporters as 
football, it does have an ever increasing hard-core bunch of avid 
fans. Happiness is where the action is and you'd better believe 
rugby is action. Be a rugger-bugger. 



Above: 1968 Washington and Lee cross-country team. Left to right, First 
Row: Coach Miller, Haydu, West, Arvin, Cogan, White, Tolley. Second Row: 
Zeliff, Wilber, Darsie, Wilson, Glass, Green. Not Shown: Pearcy. Left: Harry 
Zeliff, co-captain, turns it on down the stretch. 

Two freshmen, Steve Darsie, and Carter Glass, showed promise 
for the Harriers as W&L began its season by beating Lynchburg 
College 23-38. Harry Zeliff, senior co-captain, opened a great 
year by winning in 24:23. Paul Wilber, Ralph Pearcy, Bill Arvin, 
Darsie and Glass ran well. 

The following week the Generals outran three teams with 33 
points. They beat Somerset Community College, Centre College, 
Transylvania College. Zeliff won the meet with Pearcy and Wilber 
placing well. 

With a 4-0 record the Harriers looked like the top fall team 
here. They met Roanoke College and Old Dominion on October 12 
and despite Zeliff's win, the Generals lost to both Roanoke and 
Old Dominion. 

Against Bridgewater the Harriers were crushed as Bridgewater 
took eight of the first nine places. Ken Lancaster edged Harry 
Zeliff with the near record time of 22:57. It was a bitter dis- 
appointment for the previously unbeaten co-captain. W&L ran one 
of their best team meets when they beat Hampden-Sydney. The 
Harriers took most of the top spots. The team then lost to one 
of the state champion contenders. Eastern Mennonite. They were 
beaten as even Zeliff lost. Harry Zeliff came in first the next race 
but the team lost against Fairmont. The final meet against High 
Point was cancelled so the Generals finished with a 6-5 season 

In the five way C.A.C. meet at Sewanee, Tennessee, the Gen- 
erals placed third, behind Washington University (perennial winner) 
and Southwestern. Zeliff ran fifth while Wilber and Glass ran 
top twenty. 

Coach Miller has some good material for his future cross- 
country teams. Harry Zeliff won't be back, but he left a course 
record time of 23:36, which will be an incentive to our young 


Uncertainty was the keynote as the Generals opened their fifth 
season under head coach Verne Canfield. Gone from last year's 
squad, which had successfully defended its College Athletic Con- 
ference championship and had ended the season 19-6 were 
guards Jody Kline and John Carrere and high-scoring forward 
Mai Wesselink. 

Back, though, were Mel Cartwright, W&L's leading scorer for 
the previous two seasons, 67' pivotman Mike Neer, and Can- 
field's strong '67 bench, which included guards Norwood Morrison, 
Charlie Stone, and Bill Rhyne, forward Stu Fauber, and center 
and team captain Earl Edwards. 

With Cartwright, Neer, Fauber, Morrison, and Stone at the 
starting positions, W&L opened the season against Randolph- 
Macon in Lexington. The Generals, hoping to extend their 23-game 
winning streak, were upset by the Yellow Jackets 78-71, despite 
Neer's 20 points and 13 rebounds. A pleasant surprise in a 
otherwise disappointing evening with the play of freshman Mike 
Daniel. The stocky 6'3" forward, playing in his first varsity game, 
hit for 13 points and showed that his presence would be felt in 
the coming season. 

The Generals got back on the winning track in the following 
game, bombing Bridgewater 94-63. This was the beginning of an 
eight-game winning string, as the Big Blue defeated Virginia 
Commonweaith 83-70, blasted Lynchburg 98-60 in a game which 
saw Cartwright score the 1,000th point of his varsity career, 
nipped Hampden-Sydney 75-73, and outscored North Carolina 
Methodist 80-72. 

For their sixth win, Washington and Lee, paced by Cartwright's 
23 points and 14 rebounds and Morrison's 90 per cent field goal 
shooting, decisively whipped Guilford 94-76. The Quakers, ranked 
13th the previous week in the national small-college poll, could 
not use their height to advantage, as W&L both outrebounded 
and outshot the North Carolinians before a partisan crowd in 
Doremus Gymnasium. 



f^K ^^Bm: ^V ^^^^^^^^^1 





Opposite Above: Head coach Verne Canfield gives IVIel Cartwright a breather. Opposite Below: THE 1968-'69 
BASKETBALL GENERALS, from Left to Right, Top Row, IVIike Daniel Mike Truta, Team Captain Earl Edwards,, 
John Glace, Rich Murray; Middle Row, Stu Fauber, Norwood Morrison, Mike Neer, Charlie Stone, Mei 
Cartwright; Bottom Row, Scott Wood, Rob Faust, Dave Stone. Above Left: Neer grabs rebound as Fauber (32) 
and Rhyne (10) block out the opposition. Above Right: Fauber -goes for lay-up against Roanoke's Frankie 
Allen. Below Left: Rhyne passes a la Pete Maravich against Lynchburg. Below Right: Daniel gazes intently 
as Neer scores in season opener with Randolph-Macon. 

The Generals' seventh and eighth wins were registered in the 
first Washington and Lee Invitational Tournament. The host team 
rolled by Shepherd 89-65 and Bloomsburg State 87-75. Cartwright 
and Neer were named to the All-Tournament team, with Cart- 
wright snaring MVP honors. 

A trip to Baltimore over Christmas Vacation cost the Generals 
their win skein. Hampered by turnovers, W&L lost to Baltimore U. 
89-73, with Neer scoring 24 points and grabbing 17 rebounds in 
the losing effort. 

Back on the victory trail once again, the Generals won a pair 
of rematches, downing Virginia Commonwealth 80-75 and Bridge- 
water 73-67. West Virginia Tech't stall proved ineffective, as W&L 
garnered its 11th victory, 47-36. 

Florida Presbyterian handed the Blue its third loss, 83-75, but 
the following afternoon, the Generals recorded a milestone in 
Washington and Lee basketball history. Playing in Annapolis before 
a hostile crowd of Midshipmen, W&L scored its first win against a 
major college opponent since 1958, defeating Navy 70-69. Twenty- 
point performances by Neer and sophomore reserve guard Bill 
Rhyne, subbing for an injured Norwood Morrison, keyed the 
Generals' victory. 

After an exam break which gave the team a much needed rest, 
Washington and Lee opened the second half of the season with 
its biggest win of the year, a 49-47 thriller over rival Roanoke 
College. Down by ten points at the half, the Generals went ahead 
with less than a minute to play on Cartwright's lay-up. Neer 
turned in an outstanding defensive performance before the 
overflow Doremus crowd. 


Opposite Above Left: Neer gets a "snowbird". Opposite Above Right: 

Morrison from long range under the scrutiny of the Generals' bench. 
Opposite Below: Cartwright drives the middle against Guilford. Above Left: 
Cartwright for two in traffic. Above Right: Stone's rendition of "Swan Lake 
With Basketball." Below Left: Neer goes to block shot in IVlacon game. 


Five points for the Generals: Above Left: Morrison guns over 
Roanoke's Charlie Lightcap. Above Right: Neer takes a short 
jumper. Below Right: Cartwright at the free-throw line. 

Western Maryland fell to the Blue 88-69, but W&L lost its next 
outing to a hot-shooting Asheville-Biltmore quintet 111-83, its 
worst drubbing of the season. The Generals then closed out their 
regular season schedule with four straight wins, coming from 
behind to defeat Lynchburg 77-72, edging the Quantico Marines 
67-63, downing Davis and Elkins 76-67, and clinching the Virginia 
Small College championship by tripping Emory and Henry 68-63 
in overtime. 

In the College Athletic Conference Tournament in Memphis, 
Washington and Lee, although the defending champion and sport- 
ing an 18-4 record, was not favored to retain its crown. The 
Generals' 79-67 win over Centre in their first game, though, 
showed that they had come to play basketball. Cartwright led all 
scorers with 22 points. 

In the finals against favored Southwestern, the Blue got into 
foul trouble early and found they could not stop the Lynx fast- 
break offense. Southwestern surrounded Cartwright with three 
men and held the big junior to 2 points, the lowest of his career. 
W&L wound up on the short end of a 73-55 score, leaving the 
team with a 19-5 record. Cartwright was named to the All- 
Tournament squad. 

Individual season highs for the General basketballers included 
Cartwright's 19-point scoring average and 59 per cent field goal 
accuracy. Neer's 13 rebounds per game, and Stu Fauger's 82 per 
cent shooting from the free-throw line. 

With all five starters and his two top reserves returning for 
next year's campaign. Verne Canfield can look forward to another 
crack at the 20-win barrier and a chance to return the CAC 
basketball bell to Doremus Gymnasium. 



Led by a strong core of experienced shooters, the 1968-69 Rifle 
Team amassed an impressive 7-2 record and returned W&L to real 
competition in the state. This nucleus of high scorers eliminated the 
lack of depth problem that has plagued the team for several years, 
and, under the experienced direction of the new coach. Sergeant 
Charles White, the team recorded some of the highest scores in 
recent years. 

Co-Captains Steve Pannill and Hugh Guill were among the con- 
sistently high scorers, as were Mike Jenkins, Martin Schmidt, and 
Steve Unti. Other essential members of the team included Tom 
Jackson, Gil Frank, John Cassell, and Robert Radcliffe. 

Prospects are good for the 1969-70 season, as only one letterman 
will be graduating, and the team looks forward to another winning 

RIFLE TEAM, above, kneeling, Left to Right: Schmidt, Guill, Pannill. Stand- 
ing: Jackson, Frank, Sgt. White, Radcliffe, Jenkins. Left: Co-Captains Guill 
and Pannill. 


Beset by injuries, inexperience, and tough competition, Coach 
Miller's grapp'er's failed to line up to expectations during the 
season and were unable to post a victory. There were high spots 
in the season, known as sophomore Danny Webster's 11-1 record 
against such strong teams as Old Dominion, North Carolina State, 
and the University of Virginia represented an outstanding achieve- 
ment. Co-Captain Jay Clark, up from last year's 167-pound weight 
class to hold down the heavyweight slot, managed to do an 
excellent job and obtain several notable victories. 

At the CAC Tournament, a team effort enabled the Generals 
to come in second place behind Sewanee. Individual first place 
awards were won by Webster, Clarke, and Dee Copenhaver, and 
second place titles by Clark Carter, Dave Higgins, and Buzz White. 
Under Tri-Captains Higgins, Razberry and Webster next year, the 
Generals entertain hopes for a brighter future. The return of 
freshmen Buzz White, Bill West, Bruce Hankins, and Jim Hooker, 
and sophomores Dee Copenhaver, Dan Webster, and Wes Pullman 
provides an excellent nucleus of young, experienced wrestlers 
for the years to come. 


Opposite Above Left: Freshman Bill West scrambles to gain control and reverse his opponent. Opposite 
Above Right: Outweighted, but far from outclassed, Jay Clarke moves in for the take down. Opposite 
Below: Wes Pullman struggles to overturn his wahoo opponent. Above Top: Kneeling, left to right: Coach 
Miller, Theimeyer, White, Clarke, Tri-Captain Razberry. Ory, White, West. Standing, left to right: Knight, 
Pullman, Carter, Tri-Captain Webster, West, Copenhaver, Tri-Captain Higgins. Above Center; Dave Higgms 
fights for control in hope of a take down. 



The Blue swimmers had another excellent season under the 
guidance of Coach Bill Stearns and co-captains Ross Forman and 
Billy Ball. They scored victories over Roanoke, Loyola, Randolph- 
Macon, UVA, O'd Dominion, West Virginia Wesleyan, and Penn 
State while suffering defeat only at the hands of West Virginia 
University and American. 

After a slow start in the C.A.C. championships at Sewanee, the 
team's charge in the last day of competition which left them 
seven points short of victory was a true indication of their 
determination to perform well under stress. 

Baltimore Bill Brumback continued his superlative performances 
and a freshman, John Lawlor, became the team's garbage swimmer 
. . . performing well in almost all of the possible events. 

J.V. coach, Bart Taylor, boasted one of the best marks of all 
W&L athletics, a perfect season . . . 1-0. Other General 
swimmers who helped pile up the score included Hal Catlin, Bim 
Clark, Dave Kympton, Roger Martin, Joe Phillips, Greg Warga, 
Chuck Cholmondeley, and John Anchorman. 

Opposite, above, Kympton on way to 1000 victory. Opposite, Center: Forman 
first off the blocks. Opposite Below: Brumback wins distance dive. 
Above: 1968 W&L Swimming Team, Left to Right: Blalock, Miller, Catlin, 
Warga, Kympton. Guether, Meem, Grossman, Co-Captain Forman, Clarke, 
McElroy, Co-Captain Ball, Davis, Taylor, Kelsey, Brumback, Carrere, Sands, 
Shroyer, Matttiews, Ash, Coach Taylor. Left: Oh, that last lap . . . Bill 



Opposite, above left: Hurdler Drew Thomas works on form. Opposite, above 
right: Bigham hands baton to Hinkle. Opposite, below: 1968 W&L Track 

Team: first row: Armstrong, Ennis, Carithus, Crampton, Norwood, Stack, 
Bryan. Zeliff. Sharp, Passavant. second row: Deaton, Thomas, Jones, Neer, 
Hinkle, Edwards, Postigo, Brigham. Wetzel. Third Row: Hamlin, Jensen, 
Graham, Grossman, Billups. Friend. Wilbur, Gogan, Arvin, Kahn, Long. 
Fifth Row: Hubbard, Dake, Taylor, Gole, Allen, Coach MacLaughlin, Goach 
Miller. Above. Left: Sam Hinkle gains ground on opponent. Above, Riglit: 
Mike Neer glides over hurdle. Below: Neer leaps to a new GAG record. 



Washington and Lee's track team was blessed with a number 
of good young performers during the 1968 season. Led by Co- 
Captains Bob Stack and junior Phil Norwood, the Generals turned 
in several outstanding performances. Mike Neer, a sophomore, 
jumped six feet, seven inches, a new school high jump record. 
Doug Deaton, a freshman, threw the discus 13911", another new 
W&L mark. Mike Carrere, a freshman, picked up the javelin for 
the first time and began steady improvement which culminated 
in a new College Athletic Conference record of 181 feet. 

Other outstanding performers were Freshman Bob Jensen in 
the half mile, Drew Thomas in the high and intermediate hurdles, 
and Corbett Bryant and Henry Zeliff in the distances. Bob Arm- 

strong and Bob Bigham were stalwarts in the 440 and the two 
relays. Sam Hinkle turned in the outstanding performances in the 
100, 220, and 440 yard dashes, as well as running a leg on the 
fastest mile and sprint relay teams. Chip Billips and Bill Kahn 
were freshman standouts in field events. Phil Jones was consist- 
ently best in the Shot. 

After a slow start, the Generals finished with a flurry. They 
took second in the State Track Meet (College Division) in a battle 
which was not decided until the final event. In the -CAC, Mike 
Neer pulled the Generals from defeat with a clutch performance in 
the high jump, and helped bring the CAC overall championship 
back to the Washington and Lee Campus. 



Led by co-captains Charlie Stewart and Terry Griffin, Wasiiington and 
Lee's lacrosse team suffered through a disappointing 2-7 season. Despite 
its record the 1968 lacrosse team boasted an All-South attackman in Chip 
Chew who scored better than 30 points during the season. Tom Pitman 
and Joe Wich also performed well at attacks. 

Probably the team's strongest point was its defense; Bruising Harold 
Stowe at crease, co-captain Charlie Stewart, hustling Holmes Parker, 
freshman standout Bill Brumback, and swift Tom Mullinux behind Pete 
Nowick filled in admirably at goalie after the loss of Dave Johnson. 

Unfortunately the midfield lacked depth and fell far short of its expected 
scoring potential. Though lacking offensive punch, the midfielders could be 
counted on to hustle sixty minutes every game. Jay Meriwether gained 
more than his share of face-offs. Terry Griffin won the ground ball trophy 
in a hotly disputed contest with Charlie Stewart, Bill Brumback and 
freshman Whit Morrill, high-scoring midfielder. 

Highlights of the season included a 7-5 win over Loyola, an overwhelming 
11-6 victory over Roanoke, and a closely contested loss to national athletic 
powerhouse, Notre Dame, 7-6. 

Injuries sidelined potential starters; Tom Groton, Ned Coslett and Bob 
Frost. Despite a difficult first season, Coach Slaza has definitely brought 
to W&L lacrosse a new concept of spirit and enthusiasm that will be 
evidenced in future years. 

Above: Co-Captain Terry Griffin facing off. Center: Stowe crunciies op- 
ponent as goalie Nowicl( protects the goal. Below: Chip Chew dodges 
against Virginia. Opposite, Above: Co-Captains Charlie Stewart, Coach 
Szlasa, Co-Captain Griffin. Center: 1968 W&L Lacrosse Team: Sitting: 
Capron, Chew, Frost, Stowe, Carter, Stewart, Griffin, Brooks, Morrill, Coach 
Klinglehofer. Standing: Ingersoll, Raker, Pittman, Coach Szlasa, Thomas, 
Mullnix, Johnson, Schenkel, Wich, Lisle, Knipp, Heath, Brumback, Baugher, 
Goodwin, Robertson. Below: Chew shows scoring form that gained his 
All-South honors. 


Resolute predictions of better tilings to come were realized by 
tiie 1968 baseball Generals. An unexpected monetary donation 
went toward tlie purchase of new uniforms and an automatic 
pitciiing machine. The "iron mike" greatly aided batting practice 
and helped General hitters raise the team batting average 40 
points over 1967. A high-scoring win over Florida Presbyterian in 
the season opener got the campaign off to a fine start, and brol<e 
a long spring trip streak. Only a three game avalanche of op- 
ponents' runs at mid-season marred the Generals rise to new 
heights. A third-place finish in the CAC tourney ended what must 
be considered a successful season, 8-10 being a considerable 
improvement of 1967's 3-17 mark. 

Further progress should be forthcoming in '69 with co-captains 
Jim Wilson and Thom Mitchell leading the way. Both made all-CAC 
in '68, Mitchell for the second time. Wilson is a left-handed 
slugging outfielder who hit .360 a year ago and was 3rd among 
NCAA College division players in triples per game. Mitchell divided 
his time between the pitcher's mound and center field, compiling 
a 5-3 mound record while batting .310. With these two outstanding 
players and athletes, a starter returns at every position. Rifle- 
armed catcher Jack Baizley, the smooth fielding infielder of Ray 
Coates, scrappy John Nolan, Gill Fitzhugh, and Steve Kalista, 
outfielders Chriss Coursen and slugging Scott McChrystal return 
and are joined by a fine crop of first year men that will challenge 
for every starting slot and should provide help for holdover 
pitchers Mitchell and Lee Halford. This years Generals have the 
material necessary to bring W&L its first winning baseball record 
in 8 years. Veteran Coach Joe Lyies charges also have high hopes 
of bringing home a ball from the CAC tourney at Centre. 


W&L 1968 Baseball Team: Sitting: Robinson, Shepard, Freret, Coates, 
Fitzhugh, Nolan, Baizley, McChrystal. Standing: Coach LyIes, Halford, Miller, 
Rasmussen, Mitchell, Wilson, GaNun, Kalista. Opposite, above left: Frost 
clears ball upfield. Center: Whit Morrill heading upfield. Below left: Chew 
slips one by. 



The 1967-68 Tennis Team posted an excellent 7-3 record against 
such "big-time" competition as Dul^e, William and Mary, Richmond, 
and Maryland. 

Tom Rueger (captain), Ray Turman, and Don McClure returned 
to their 1-2-3-positions respectively. Playing a strong 4-5-6- were 
freshmen Ball Gatlin, letterman Tom McJunkin, and Rick Armstron, 
who was up from last year's freshman team. The doubles teams 
were lead by Rueger and Turman, who were in their third season 
at =1. Mike Spoor and Gatlin played the second spot while 
McClure and McJunkin were at #3. 

Highlighting the season was the capture of the second con- 
secutive GAG tennis championship. The Generals gained the 
finals in eight of the nine divisions. In addition, McGlure and 
Katlin won individual singles titles while the teams of Rueger- 
Turman and McGlure-McJunkin followed suit in doubles. 

At the annual post-season sports barbeque Rueger and McClure 
were jointly awarded the most valuable player trophy. And with 
the entire squad returning next year, the team can expect even 
more success in the future. 


After losing only one member from the highly successful 1967 Washing- 
ton and Lee golf team, this year's team was equally as strong. With no 
seniors, but led by Junior Captain Bobby Matthews, the 1968 golf team 
won six victories out of eight matches. The team defeated Hampden- 
Sydney, Old Dominion, Lynchburg, Bridgewater, Roanoke, and Madison, tied 
William and Mary, but lost to Westminster. Coach E, P. "Cy" Twombly was 
also pleased with the team's 5th place finish in the Virginia State Inter- 
collegiate Tournament, and a 2nd place in the College Athletic Conference 
Tournament. The 1969 team looks as strong as any Washington and Lee 
golf team in many years with Gary Silverfield as the team's captain, and 
all team members returning. Team members will include two four-year 
lettermen, Gary Silverfield and Bobby Matthews, two three-year lettermen, 
Bill McLeod, and Dick Singletay, and lettermen Ken Carter, Jim Gordon, and 
Gil Turner. With seven men experienced, W&L has a chance for another 
great season. 

Opposite, above: Captain Tommy Rueger serves bands for serve. Center: 
Generals Tennis team: Front Row: Rueger, Coach Canfield. Standing: 
Hudgins. Kefauver. Turman, Gaflin. Armstrong. Bethea. MacJunkin. McClure, 
Sooor, Hammond, Eastland. Below: Turner displays forehand. Tliis page; 
above left: McLeod shows driving stance. Below Left: Carter displays 
putting form. Center: W&L Golf Team: Sitting: Gordon, Carter, Gunter. 
Standing: Coach Twombly, Silverfield, Yates, McLeod, Matthews, Coach 







Washington and Lee, as a small liberal arts university with sole 
emphasis on undergraduate education, offers students an enormous 
opportunity for self-expression and for a close and functional relation- 
ship with faculty and administration. Students are able to regulate 
their own affairs and to take an integral role in determining the 
curricular and extra curricular policies of the university. In fulfilling 
this role, the students must accept a great responsibility for them- 
selves and for the university as a whole, and must take the initiative 
in seeking new ideas and improvements to further the goals of 
Washington and Lee. The primary purpose of student government is 
to provide a channel for expression of this responsibility. 

The foremost responsibility of the Executive Committee is that of 
the Honor System— not only its administration, but also its effective- 
ness and its relation to the university. The E.G. took special steps in 
this direction by evaluating and modifying to a large extent the 
procedure used by the committee in honor trials and appeals. In 
addition, a study of the jurisdictional limits of the honor system was 
made. At all times however, we should question in our own minds 
whether the provisions of our system are those most effective in 
accomplishing our acknowledged ends. 

In the area of student affairs, the Executive Committee endeavored 
to include a larger segment of the student body in the legislative 
process through such methods as the controversial "Bitch-In," random 

students on E.G. sub-committees, opening oT E.G. meetings and so on. 
By striving to stimulate participation and encouraging their opinions, 
the Executive Committee was better equipped to initiate ideas, and 
improvements and to work toward the goals most suited to our 

The Curriculum Committee is the youngest of the five standing 
Committees which are appointed by the Executive Committee. It was 
organized in the fall of 1967 with a total of nine members and was 
expanded this school year to include fourteen members. 

Of all standing committees, the curriculum committee's specific 
function is by far the least definite. Depending on exactly what cur- 
riculum changes and improvements are actually implemented, the 
activities of the committee shift accordingly. If for instance some 
major change eventually takes place, the committee's emphasis might 
shift from broad planning to closer attention toward more specific 
detail, i.e., need for additional majors, coursed or area studies. 

This current year the curriculum committee has been concerned 
almost exclusively with a plan for revising the university calendar in 
an effort to provide more individual study. In this realm the com- 
mittee's power is advisory only, but through close cooperation with 
the faculty curriculum committee, it is assured that student opinion 
has an additional avenue toward expressing itself. 

Opposite, above left, E.C.: Sitting: Simmons, Kumpuris, Hendricks, Turnbull, Bauer, Ogilvie, Passavant, 
Leonard. Standing: Tompkins Sandler, Brown. Opposite, Center: Judson Simmons, Secretary, Jolin Passavant, 
President, Danny Leonard, Vice-President. Above: Curriculum Committee, First Row: Holt, Mills, Feld, 
Walthan. Second Row: Henberg, Chrm., Stev^art, Schcoley, Easterlin, Belt, Bass. Not Pictured: Buxton, 



In the tradition of student control, the Student Control Committee handles matters 
pertaining to student discipline on the campus, in the City of Lexington, and at neighboring 
girl's schools. The Committee, composed of nine students carefully screened and selected 
by the Executive Committee, has as its aim the maintenance of Washington and Lee's reputa- 
tion as a school of gentlemen. The Committee's assumption of disciplinary duties has relieved 
the faculty and administration of the task, and greatly contributed to the respect for student 
government at Washington and Lee. 

The Cold Check Committee is a nine-man organization selected each year by the Executive 
Committee. Its purpose is to maintain the good relations between the student body and the 
town merchants by ruling over infractions involving bad checks passed by students. Offenses 
involving "bounced" checks and overdue accounts are considered at the weekly meetings of 
the Committee, and offenders are fined for repeated appearances. 

Stripped of its fining and other disciplinery powers by the Executive Committee, the 
Assimilation Committee concentrated on freshman orientation during 1968-1969. Its main 
project included publication of the Student Handbook, a thorough booklet describing all 
extracurricular activities on campus that was prepared for freshmen but later distributed to 
the entire student body after many requests for copies. 

With the full cooperation of the new Librarian Maurice D. Leach and his staff, the Student 
Library Committee initiated a number of new programs. McCormick Library was opened 
regularly at noon on Sundays after the Committee completed a successful one month trial 
opening. The Committee sponsored a reception in the Library on Parents weekend. In response 
to Student demand, a schedule was arranged for extended library hours before and during 
exams. The Committee was also involved in reactivating the Friends of the Library. 

Opposite, above. Student Control Committee: Hunt, Mc- 
Milan, Hartwell, Chrm., Wright, Bernard, Brower, Gamble. 
Opposite, Center. Assimilation Committee; Pustay, Chrm., 
Miller, Wich, Bauer, Nolan, Foote, Miller. Opposite, Below: 
Library Committee: Tucker, Chrm., Field, Brooke, Bromley, 
Evans Marks, Tucker, Unti. Above: Cold Check Committee: 
Sitting: Moore, Chrm,, Phillips, Lee, Clyde. Standing: Harkey, 
Barr, Wetsel, Enizminger, Silverfield. 





Aiding the adjustment of ttie incoming freshman to 
college life is a major responsibility of the Dormitory 
Counselor. The position requires a combination of the 
qualities of a mother, a big brother, a riot policeman 
and an amateur psychiatrist. Counselors are selected 
in the Spring of each year from the rising junior and 
senior classes. The selection committee bases its de- 
cisions upon the apparent ability of an individual to 
help an incoming freshman to cope with his first year 
in college. The committee also considers leadership in 
scholastic and extra-curricular activities. 

The IFC actively confronted two main problems in 
1968; improving the image of all the houses on campus 
and formulating a new rushing system to go into effect 
in the fall of 1969. The IFC also started work on a 
pension plan for all employees of the fraternity houses. 
Public relations were improved through participation 
in the Lexington Heart Fund Drive, supplying the back- 
bone of manpower in planting bulbs in a local beautifica- 
tion attempt, and an IFC newsletter to keep faculty and 
alumni more aware of fraternity working. 

Progressiveness was evident as rudimentary talks 
were begun for a consolidated food buying program 
among all the houses. IFC-faculty coffees helped air 
views on such controversial topics as the mechanics 
of the new rush system which will displace any rushing 
until after first semester. Also, two scholarships were 
provided to foreign students. 

Opposite, above: IFC, First Row: Tyler, Trout, Eaker, Jacobs, Pearcy, Carter, 
President. Roediger, Betliea. Second Row.- Stovall, Leonard,' Miller, Jeter, 
McKelway. Norwick, Runyon, Cahn. Weddle. Third Row: Turnbull, Passavant, 
Wefsel, Carrere, Jansen, Cropsey, Tissue. Fourth Row: Hall, Garrett. Lee, 
Woodward, Higgins, Blanton, Davis. Fifth Row: Hawkins, Kelsey, Honig, 
Lynn. Opposite, Center: Pearcy, Trout, Eaker, Jacobs, Downing, Rodiger, 
Carter, President. Above: Dormitory Counselors, First Row: Wich, Ball, 
Kessler, Wolf, Humphries, Gamble, Wilson, Kinney. Second Row: Tucker, 
Dorman, Henberg, Thronton, Brown, Crigler, Lee, Parker, Bauer, Herchold, 
McFarlane, Feclinay, Fischer, Honig, Kympton, Buxton. Left: Randy Lee, 
J. D. Humphries, Head Dormitory Counselor. 





The Publications Board of Washington and Lee University is a self- 
perpetuating body whose purpose is to foster and promote the student 
publications of the university, namely, the Ring-Tum Phi, the Calyx, 
and Ariel. The board consists of all editors and business managers 
of the above named publications, a Director of Photography, an 
alumnus member, and a faculty member, Mr. Matt Paxton, editor of 
the News Gazette, served as alumnus member and Mr. James Boat- 
wright, associate professor of English, served as faculty member. 

The duties of the board are to oversee and regulate in general the 
staffs and policies of the student body publications, control the 

disbursement of the Publications Board Reserve Fund, pass upon the 
budget of each publication, and approve all proposed contracts to be 
made by the business managers and editors of the publications. 

One of the most interesting and noticeable actions of the 1968-69 
Publications Board was the purchase of a $1700 photolathe reproduc- 
tion machine capable of making lead plates from photographs for use 
by the Ring-Tum Phi and plastic cuts from line drawings for use by 
the newspaper and Ariel. This machine has considerably reduced 
expenses and has been quite helpful to the newspaper and Ariel. 

Opposite, above left: President Schiff, SBA. Opposite, above right: Vice-President Gates, SBA. 
Opposite, below left: Secretary Adams, SBA. Opposite, below right: Treasurer Leckie, SBA. 
Above: Publications Board: Moore, Kessler, Parker, Chrm., IVlr, Matt Paxton, Feld, Wexler, 
Nation, Honig, Mr. Boatwright. Not Pictured: Buxton. 





Opposite, above: Calyx Staff: Perlman, Sports Editor, Dunn, 
Asst. Editor, Pustay, Asst. Editor, Buxton, Editor-in-Chief. 
Opposite, Below Left: Wiseman, Section Editor, Unti, Sec- 
tion Editor. Opposite, Below Right: Roush, Wexler, Bus. 
IVIgr,, Byrum. Above: Moses, Clyde, Sports Editor, Cole, 
Organization Editor, Kumpuris, Fraternity Editor. Center: 
Freshman Assistants: Lane, Turnbull, Marshall, Breedlove. 

When it first assembled in September, the Calyx Staff was a disorganized, but eager group 
with an abundance of creative plans and ideas. The staff led by Editor Buck Buxton decided 
on a format emphasizing unity of photography and copy. Under his guidance and direction, 
pictures were scheduled, lay outs devised, and deadlines met. 

The Business Staff aided the Literary Staff by selling ads and raising the necessary money 
for publications. 



Above: Friday Ring-Tum Phi, Standing: Cottier, Munsick, Harris, Entzminger, Freret, Rose, McConnell, Barr, Phauo. Sitting: Neil Kessler. 
Below: Ed Walker, Kessler, Editor-in-Chief. Opposite, Above: Larry Honig, Editor-in-Chief. Opposite, Below: Tuesday Ring-Turn Phi, First Row: 
Byrum, Woodward, Foster, Whitman. Second Row: Rowe, Yevich, Whitehurst, Kelsey, White, Honig, Charlton. 


Beginning this year with typical verve and glamour, the 
Tuesday Ring-turn Phi has sought to incorporate into its four 
pages an armoatic mixture of the bland necessities, the spicy 
absurdities, and occasional phantasmagoric buffoonery. 

In its endeavor toward journalistic excellence, the Tuesday 
edition changed to the all-down headline style of several big-city 
dailies, added a column of general editorial comment on the 
front page ("The way I see it"), and utilized the Journalism 
Laboratory Press' excellent facilities and its employees' bent for 
creativity to publish experimental editions, the most noteworthy 
of which was one on the format of The Wall Street Journal. 

The Tuesday staff has dedicated its working hours toward 
publishing a superb newspaper, and have enjoyed the company 
of friends. Performing especially arduously were the gentlemen of 
the Editorial Board, Messrs. Yevich, Kelsey, and Byrum, and the 
best sports editor on any college paper, Mr. Carlton. 

The Friday Ring-turn Phi lived up to its high reputation for 
accurate and full reporting of campus activities. In addition, we 
sought to expand our coverage to deal with issues being dis- 
cussed at other colleges and universities throughout the country; 
issues which until recently were either ignored at W&L or 
thought to be unimportant. Some of these included integration 
of lodging for dates, marijauna on campus, police brutality and 
student violence and student rights. 

We attempted to keep campus organizations and traditions in 
step with fulfilling the needs of the student body and our chang- 
ing times. In particular, we examined the functions of the Dance 
Board, the IPC and the EC. We campaigned especially hard for a 
revision of the Honor System. 

The highlights of our paper were a special inauguration issue, 
interviews with President Huntley and closer ties with the 
Department of Journalism and Communications. 




W&L debaters began the season with a TV debate against 
Randolph-Macon College of Ashland, Virginia, on educational tele- 
vision in Richmond in early October. The debate topic for this 
program, as well as for the rest of the school year, was: Resolved 
that Executive Control over the Foreign Policy Should be Signifi- 
cantly Curtailed in the United States. Scores of W&L men debated 
this question— north and south, east and west— all over the 
country, for the next nine months. Washington and Lee teams 
appeared at the University of North Carolina, Wake Forest, Mary- 
land, Georgetown, Northwestern, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania, Ohio 
State, Navy, NYU, and many other locations. Although this was a 
rebuilding year for the University after last year's championship 
teams, by the end of the first semester W&L debaters had still 
managed to win seven more trophies. 

WLUR-FM, Washington and Lee's educational radio station 
broadcasts types of music, news and special features everyday 
that are otherwise not available to the Lexington area. 

Under the direction of the Department of Journalism and 
Communications, a staff of over 60 students is responsible for 
presenting 32 hours of programming a week. Journalism instructor 
Charles E. Winston is the station manager. 

Broadcasting from studios on the third floor of Reid Hall, the 
station this year expanded programming to include "Saturday's 
Child," and eight-hour weekly presentation of rock and folk-rock 
music. To fill a need in the area, the station features some of the 
world's great classical music. The fine music of the American 
musical theater and performances by leading jazz artists round 
out the stations musical offering. 

News coverage is complete and emphasis is placed on local 
news— again an example of presenting information that is broad- 
cast no where else in the area. 

Opposite, above left: Tom Friedman. Opposite, above right: WLUR: Wise, Zimmerman 
George. Standing: IVIarian, Goodwin, Mgr., IVladinger. Above, Sitting: Debate Team: iVIurov, 
Bal<er, IVIills, Wyndham, Herchoid, Small, Giammitorie, Eastland, Trout, Standing: Mr. 
Chaffin, Wright, Cottier, Seaton, Reynolds, McCardell, Smith, Woodward. Opposite, Center: 
Wyndham, Wright Baker, Mr, Chaffin, Adviser, Eastland, Mills. 



Opposite left: Dr. Ralph Lapp, nuclear physicist, speaks on the 
scientific revolution. Opposite Right: French journalist, Phillipe 
Labro recounts the significant aspects of the May-June revolu- 
tions in France. Above: in a panel discussion Senator McGovern 
explains his belief in a proposal for a volunteer army. Right: 
Jack Thomas gives his views on black power. Below Left: John 
Silber discusses the student unrest and its bad connotations. 
Below Right: Walter Adams in his friendly manner chats with 
students about economic concentration. 




The Washington and Lee Law Review 

was established in 1939. The Review is 
published twice a year by a student staff 
under the general supervision of a faculty 
editor and board. IVIembership on the Law 
Review is based upon scholarship and is 
highly prized. The Review is printed by 
the Journalism Laboratory Press of Wash- 
ington and Lee University. Financial sup- 
port comes from subscriptions and an 
appropriation by the University Board of 

National Moot Court Competition de- 
termines the best debaters in the country. 
Participants are chosen every Spring in 
the Burk's Competition. In the national 
competition participants must prepare an 
appellate brief and present oral argument. 

Opposite, above: Law Review, First Row: Young, 
Sisler, Redmond. Second Row: Humphries, Schiff, 
Vegosen, Editor, Churchill. Opposite, trelow: Law 
Review Writers, First Row: Houck, Winn, Tucker, 
Lasko, Suna, Stone. Second Row: Colo, Vaughan, 
Gates, Ross, Moore, Harrell, Thronton. Above: 
National Moot Court League: First Row: Casey, 
Bell. Second Row: Finger, Taylor. 



Published three times a year, Ariel gives Washington and Lee 
students a sampling of creative writing from about their peers. 

Ariel first emerged about eight years ago as a self-supporting 
venture published independently by a group of students. Last 
year, for the first time, the magazine received subsidization from 
the university. It's editor and business manager now sit on the 
Publications Board, which oversees the Ring-Turn Phi and the 
Calyx as well. 

Ariel actively solicits students manuscripts, including fiction, 
poetry and critical writing. It also solicits graphic art work, pen 
and ink drawings and cover designs. 

The fall issue generally is published after Thanksgiving. A 
winter issue appears in February after exams. The spring issue 
contains the winning entries in the Mahon Award competition, 
held by the English Department each year. 

The Dance Board is designed to organize and supervise the 
University's four major Dance Weekends: Openings, Fancy Dress, 
Spring Concerts, and Finals. The officers of the Board are ap- 
pointed with the remaining members being elected by the Student 
Body at large. Membership in the Board includes the President 
of the Student Body, the Four Dance Set Presidents, and the 
Dance Board officers. The sale of Dance Plans, at the beginning 
of the school year and the fact that tickets can no longer be 
bought for one dance set by Washington and Lee students had 
increased and stabilized the revenue of the Dance Board. This 
enables the Board to provide Washington and Lee with "big name" 
entertainers, which would normally be unobtainable at schools of 
similar size. Preference polls, distributed during the school year, 
are considered in selecting and contracting singing groups, thus 
enabling the Dance Board to continually provide the type of 
entertainment preferred by Washington and Lee Men. 



Below. Dance Board: First Row: Blackwell, Kumpuris, Livesay, President. Sharps. 
Second Row: Stovall, Wright, Dobbins, Trout. Bottom. Dance Board Advisory 
Council, First Row; Bass, Kumpuris, President. McKelway, IVIiller, Second Row: 
IVIiller, Williams, Harl<ey, McAfee, Knipp, Nottberg. Third Row: Andrews, Oast. 
Clement, Good, Greenhut, Reilly. Dpposite, Right: Iriel; Standing: Kampt, Raine, 
Potter, Woodward, Schlicl(. Sitting: Nation, Feld, Henberg, Carson. Dpposite, 
Below: Bernie Feld, Editor-in-Chief. 




The John A. Graham Brass Choir, as the name would indicate, is an 
ensemble composed entirely of brass instruments including trumpets, 
trombones, baritones, French horns, and tubas. 

The Brass Choir participated in many university events this past 
year such as the annual Parents Weekend Concert, the Huntley 
Inauguration, and in academic assemblies. The Choir also plays 
many concerts at other schools and in the Spring plans a tour in 

Mr. Robert Stewart was at the reigns of the Concert Guild again 
this year, and the Guild brought forth one of the most successful 

programs of serious music that Washington and Lee has ever seen. 

Every year, the Concert Guild is responsible for bringing relatively 
little-recognized artists in the serious music field. Theses artists are 
brought on campus for two main reasons. First, is the fact that the 
performing artists provide W&L students and citizens of Lexington 
with cultural music. At the same time that this is done, the per- 
formances help promising careers. 

This year was no exception as far as audiences and fine perform- 
ances were concerned. Lee Chapel was the scene of six separate 
concerts. These performances included: 

Opposite, Brass Choir: Cook, Meyers, Jenkins, Rindorf, Bennetch, Aldred, Agee, 
Bennetch, Unti, Newman. Above, Concert Guild: Mr. Cook, Thomas, Mr. Stewart, Rogers, 
Sutton, GaNun, Benner. Graham, Gibson, President, Sutton, GaNun, Kerkam. 




The Troubadour Theatre finally moved into a completely reno- 
vated theatre for its 1968-69 season. Mr. Lee Kahn, advisor and 
drama professor did less directing, in favor of more plays done 
by student direction. Due to his continued effort, several promi- 
nent student directors were found, among them Noel Clinard, Pat 
Arey, and Richard Kramer. 

A new approach was also tried with the Greek play "The 
Bacchants" by Euripides. The play was adapted by Professor of 
Chemistry, Dr. James K. Shillington. The very difficult staging, 
lighting, and music, experimental in its approach were all done 
by students. The play starred Jeb Brown as Dionysus. 

The other plays presented this year were "Exit the King" 
starring Pat Bednarczyk, Lawrence IVIcConell, and Jeb Brown, and 
three one act plays. 



Completing one of the most active and successful seasons it 
has ever seen, the W&L Glee Club sang its way through a long 
series of engagements both on campus and away. Expertly di- 
rected by Professor Stewart, and led by President Rogers, the 
club opened the year with the traditional Parent's Weekend Con- 
cert in Doremus Gymnasium. Highlighting the second semester's 
activities were two singing tours. 

This year their repertoire included a wide selection of all 
types of music, ranging from classical to folk and spiritual and 
from Broadway numbers to religious. It is this versatility of 
material, as well as the Glee Club's distinctive style or perform- 
ance which has led to its great popularity among audiences of 
all types. 

Below, Glee Club; First Row: Freeman Weeks, Poppke. Ganun. Bnyd. Sted- 
man, Rindorf. Hill. Carson. Second Row; Proctor. Anderson. Allderdice, 
Daniel. Waller. Thomas. Lee. Ward. Hooker. Schlick. Armstrong. Shields. 
Third Row: Vickers. Shuford, Moore. Grove. Dorer. Wilson. Chapman, New- 
some. Tompkins, Rogers. Poole. Morrow, Fourth Row: Leutze. Bennetch, 
McCommons. Thompson. Herring. Shea. Lillard. Kerkam. Graham. Martin. 
Not Pictured: Richard. Watt. Opposite. Right: Sayeracs: Jones, Hunt, Mc- 
Kelway, Gillespie, Mashburn, Scruggs, Capron, Piltz, Bauer, Bauer. Opposite, 
Below: Rob Bauer. Pres.. Bill McKelway. Bus. Mgr, 






. »><« 








' 1 

1' Bs 




^V " * 









m * 

% ^ 

■ ,-^gggggg 

m 1 . 

The Sazeracs, headed by President Rob Bauer and Business 
IVIanager Bill McKelway, harmonized their way through another 
successful year. This social singing fraternity is named after a 
drink served in the bar of the Hotel Roosevelt in New Orleans. 

The Sazerac Cocktail was born in the French Quarter of New 
Orleans. More than a century ago, the popular gathering place of 
the city's sophisticates was the Sazerac Bar on Royal Street. 
These gentlemen were all connisseurs of good drinks, and they 
recognized that the Sazerac's popular French bartender had 
achieved a brilliant triumph in one of his mixed drinks— the 
Sazerac Cocktail. 

Now days, connoisseurs of good music recognize that W&L's 
Sazeracs have achieved a brilliant triumph in songs. In the past, 
the group has performed at private parties for the Prince and 
Princess of Austria and Princes Lee Radziwill among others, and 
appeared in the Celebrity Room in Palm Beach. 


■•13" CLUB 



Ranking alongside Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa, 
the "13" Club is designed to train its men in the ability to 
distinguish between the worthwhile and wasteful objectives of 
college life. Thirteen members of the Junior class are chosen 
each year for membership. Among the characteristics which new 
members must possess are those of self-denial, cultural refine- 
ment, extreme composure, and intellectual curiosity. Perhaps it 
is because of its over particular interpretation of these, of what 
is worthwhile and wasteful, the "13" Club is very much mis- 
understood throughout the University. Nevertheless, the Club 
somehow survives to spread its message of Bacchanalian delight. 

Above: 13 Club. First Row: Lykes. Wyatt, Pryor, Rogers, Hosford. Vlfright, 
Seidman. Holt. Second Row: Lockhart, Thompson, Cunningham, McKelway, 
Ball. George. Nowick, Piltz. Gordon, Pres.. Coleman, Phillips. Runyon. 
Baizley. Paden, Garrett. Opposite, Above: Mongolian IVIinks. First Row: 

Woodward. Lockhart, Taggart. Qum. Scruggs, latum. Yow. Whipple. Bear, 
Hunter, Jones. Second Row: Murchison, Hines, Seward. Gossman. Githler, 
Jordan, Sweeney, Wright, Paden, Weedon. Wagner, Wright, Dobbins, Jones, 
Trout, Jamison. Rueger, Chittum, Johnson, Lee. Simmons, Lykes, Moore, 
Hunt, Wilson, Sharpe, Tarumianz. Pres, Opposite, Below: Alexis Tarumianz, 


The Mongolian Minks is an esoteric organization with a history 
traceable to Alexander of Mesopotamia. After the demise of 
Alexander, the group moved to an unknown location in Germany 
until the Wars of the Roses when they emerged in full strength 
on the British Isles, only to be forced into hiding once more by 
the leaders of the Puritan Revolt. Finally, after long and arduous 
travels, this group found worthy and permanent asylum on the 
campus of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, 
the Shrine of the South. 

The activities of the Minks, which are so enigmatic as to 
border on the inscrutable, have often been misunderstood, and 
it is for this reason that this organization has been seen in the 
wrong light. For public purposes the function of the Mongolian 
Minks is to live life in a manner which will paradoxically merge 
the Dyonisian and Byzantine Heritage of the group, in order that 
each individual may be most worthy to work for the general 
betterment of mankind. 



Opposite: Circle K, First Row: Allen, Wetsel Hosford, Keafauver, Silverfield, McCutchen. Cannon Phillips 
Alderdice, Hill, Walthall, Second Row: Hinkle. Pannill, Schooley, Gottwald, Nolan, Runyon, Kumpuris, 
Tucker, Mangan, Thiemeyer, Above: Ball, Dobbins, Garrett, Goodwin, Gordon, Mines, Lee, Murchison 
McMillan, Quin, Rueger, Sharpe, Simmons, Tarumianz, Wilson. 


The Circle K Club of Washington and Lee was founded in 1964 
under the auspices of Kiwanis International. The club functions 
as a service organization for college men operating on the 
campus and is similar to Kiwanis and other service clubs. 

Broadening the opportunities available to students, Circle K 
provides personal contact with business and professional leaders 
of the local community. In addition, the development of leadership 
is a goal of Circle K. 

In 1947 the first Circle K Club was organized at Carthage 
College in Carthage, Illinois. Today more than five hundred col- 
leges and universities support the efforts of Circle K on their 

The W&L Circle K Club maintains many worthwhile activities. 
Recent projects have included sponsoring the United Fund drive 
on the campus, and helping support a tutoring project at Lexington 
High School. 





The Student Service Society is an established 
Washington and Lee service organization. The main 
function of the organization is to provide guided 
tours of the campus for visitors, prospective stu- 
dents, or groups who are interested in seeing and 
hearing about the University. Worl<ing in co-ordina- 
tion with the office of admissions, a member of 
SSS offers about two hours of his freetime a week 
to give tours during which he points out the 
physical aspects of the campus, relates some 
history about Washington and Lee, and explains 
some of our traditions. 

This year and in the past, the organization has 
worl<ed with the Alumni Department during Home- 
coming Weekend, the Administration during Parents' 
Weekend, the Debate Club during invitational tour- 
naments, and the Journalism Department when 
entertaining SIPA. 

New members are chosen in the fall from the 
sophomore and junior classes by application and 





Above: SWMSFC: Tomlin, Garrett, Hunter, Silverfield, Sartor, Wright, 
Gottwaldz, Harrell, Gatlin, Quin, Dunlap, McFarlane, Schooley, Cannon, 
Sullivan, Miller, Kessler, Montgomery, Crigler, Rodgers, Weedon, Davis, 
Kumpuris, Allen. Left: officers; Tomlin, Rogers, Dr. Phillips, Wright, Pres., 
Silverfield. Opposite, above: officers, Phillpott, Pres. Crigler, V-Pres. 
Opposite, Center: SSS, First Row: Tomlin, Nolan, Foote, Greenhut, Jacobs. 
Second Row: Coursen, Grigsby, Wich, Cahn, Crigler, Coslett, Carter, Entz- 
minger, Kessler, Miller, Dunlap, Riley. 

The Student War Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee raises 
money for the University to be used as a scholarship for the 
sons of deceased veterans. The organization raises funds by 
selling cokes at the concerts during big dance weekends and 
selling class rings at the Co-Op. In addition, it is in charge of 
the concessions for graduation invitations and caps and gowns. 
Further revenues are accumulated by means of checking coats 
at the Fancy Dress Ball. The annual fall raffle, with the drawing 
being held at Homecoming football games, raises more money. 

New members are chosen each year out of the sophomore and 
junior classes by the present members. 

With the much appreciated help from Dr. Charles F. Phillips Jr., 
the committee has raised over $26,000 since its founding, $1,500 
plus being donated each year. 





B. S. Stephenson 

C. P. Light, Jr. 

S. M. B. Coulling 

. . Sec.-Treas. 


Harold W. Bowles 
Jeremy E. Brown 
William M. Christie 
Harold E. Clark 
Anthony M. Coyne 
Gary H, Dobbs 
Bruce E. Downing 
Dan T. Dunn 
Mark. R. Eaker 
William D. Falvey 
Bernard D. Feld 
Stephen F. Fulghum 
Arnold S. Grandies 
M. Lee Halford 
Samuel D. Hinkle 
Carr L Kinder 

Randy H. Lee 
David P. Lientz 
Christopher H. Mills 
Gregory E. Parker 
Jerald L Perlman 
Michael W. Pustay 
Henry L Roediger 
Marc A. Schewel 
Joseph T. Small 
Michael C. Stevens 
Richard M. Thomas 
Robert J. Trotman 
Garland S. Tucker 
Robert F. Wersel 
John T. Whetstone 

L L Barrett 

C. W. Barritt 
W. G. Bean 

R. B. Brownell 
W. Buchanan 
S. M. B. Couling 
P. M. Cummings 
0. Crenshaw 
P. Davis 
J. F. DeVogt 
R. W. Dickey 
J. J. Donaghy 
M. C. Dunn, Jr. 
S. P. C. Duvall 

D. G. Elmes 

T. E. Ennis, Jr. 
J. M. Evans 
J. D. Futch, III 
G. H. Gilmer 

E. S. Gilreath 
J. B. Goehring 
R. H. Gray 

E. C. Griffith 
J. B. H. Gunter 
E. G. Howard 
R. E. R. Huntley 
H. M. jarrett 
W. A. Jenks 

G. John 

Kimbrough, Jr. 
N. Latture 
G. Leyburn 
P. Light, Jr. 
W. McAhren 
W. McThenia, Jr. 

E. Mehl 
W. Moger 
A. Parsons 

F. Phillips, Jr. 
J. Pollard 

W. Pusey, III 
W. Riegel 
J. Ritz 
S. Roberts 
H. Schildt 
L Schwab 
F. Sensabaugh 
V. Snyder 
S. Stephenson 
P. Stevens 
W. H. Stewart 

W. Taylor, Jr. 
F. Turner, Jr. 
T. Weatherman 
P. Welch 




Herbert Crenshaw, Jr. 
R. 0. Bauer, Jr 



Robert 0. Bauer, Jr. 
John F. Carrere, Jr. 
Herb. W. Crenshaw, Jr. 
Samuel D. Hinkle 
Marvin C. Henberg 
James D. Humphries 
D. Dean Kumpuris 
Randy H. Lee 
Gregory E. Parl<er 

John E. Passavant 
David D. Redmond 
Steven B. Sandler 
Edward F. Schiff 
Eric L. Sisler 
Charles E. Stewart 
Richard M. Thomas 
Dean Vegosen » 
John A. Wolf i « 


L L Adams 
W. G. Albright 

E. C. Atwood 
W. Buchannan 
J. P. Davis, Jr. 
R. W. Dickey 
S. P. Duvall 

J. M. Evans 
J. D. Farrar 

F. J. Gilliam 
E. S. Graves 

E. C. Griffith 

F. P. Hotchkiss 
R. E. R. Huntley 
W. A. Jenks 

L. G. John 
M. M. Junkin 

R. N. Latture 
C. H. Lauck 
J. G. Leyburn 
C. P. Light, Jr. 
L M. McLaughlin 
A. W. Moger 
J. J. Pollard 
W. W. Pusey 
0. W. Riegel 

C. F. Phillips 

L F. Sensabaugh 
W. M. Schildt 

D. W. Sprunt 
R. Stewart 
C. W. Turner 

E. P. Twombly 
C. E. Williams 





N. V. Hendricl<s 

J. L. Churchill 

M. C. Benners 

A. S. Loring 

J. D. Humphries 

W. M. Ball 

T. A. Bewley 

B. R. MacQueen 

R. H. Lee 

R. 0. Bauer 

J. H. Crockett, Jr. 

T. McLaughlin 

D. W. Redmond 

W. J. Brown 

L. R. Cunningham 

R. S. Martin 

E. F. Shift 

J. F. Carrere 

J. G. Dickinson 


E. L. Sisler 

C. H. Carter 

B. E. Downing 

G. R. Moore 

D. V. Vegosen 

H. W. Crenshaw 

D. T. Dunn, Jr. 

L H. Morrison 

J. F. Easterlin 

J. L Perlman 

J. D. Field 

P. Prince 

W. T. Fleming 

M. W, Pustay 

J. R. Foreman, III 

W. L. Putney, III 

W. M. Gottwald 

L P. Runyon, III 

H. B. Guill 

S. B. Sandler 

M. L. Halford 

M. F. Schmidt 

D.W.Hardee, III 

T. G. Seaks 

S. D. Hinkle, IV 
C. A. Holt, IV 

A. L. Stedman 

R, M. Thomas 

S. H. Jacobs 

J. B. Tomkins, III 

J. M. Kefauver, Jr. 

R. P. Trout 

H.W.Kelly, III 

G. S. Tucker 

Class of 1969 

H. W. Bowles 

National Honorary Freshman Fraternity 

D. T. Dunn 

R. W. Kelsey 
W. J. Kimmel, III 
A. M. Levine 

S. F. Unti 
R. R. Weed 
S. F. Weiss 

J. E. Brown 

W. D. Falvey 

J. G. Burke 

P. R. Gayer 
M. L. Halford 

W. M. Christie 

B. E. Downing 

S. D. Hinkle 

R. 1. Dunbar 

G. W. James 


Class of 1970 


R. K. Albright 

G. H. Dobbs 


T. A. Bewley 

J. D. Field 

T. M. Newman, Pres. 

H. W. Dorer, Sec.-Treas. 

R. F. Cook 

H. A. Fleishman 

H. D. Rogers, V. Pres. 

A. IVI. Coyne 

W. Gottwald 


T. Brockman 

J. K. Shillington 

Class of 1971 

E. B. Hamer 

R. Stewart 

J. H. Bosley 

J. F. Easterlin 

J. G. Leyburn 

C. S. Bow 

S. R. Haughney 


J. F. Bowie 

M. B. Allderdice 

B. A. Meyers 

Class of 1972 

F. R. Benton 
A, W. Black 
J. J. Blake 
H. G. Booth 
R, G. Brookby 
R. A. Carrere 

D. D. Collins 
L. M. Goodman 
L. B. Lane 
D. R. Wlunsick 
J. M. O'Dell 
F. H. Sands 

R. 0. Bauer 
J. 1. Bennetch 
J. R. Carson 
H. W. Dorer 
A. B. Gibson 
S. B. Grove 
R. H. Lee 
J. F. Lillard 

T. M. Newman 
H. D. Rogers 
C. Ryan 
R. T. Scruggs 
A. L. Stedman 
R. M. Thomas 
S. F. Unti 
P. G. Wilson 

R. F. Martin 






Honorary Business Fraternity 



J. Livesay, Pres. 

H. Fleishman 

L. W. Adams 

L. K. Johnson 

W. T. McCutcheon, V. Pres. 

C. S. Frank 

E, C. Atwood 

R. N, Latture 

W. C. Chumlea, Treas. 

W. H. Green 

J. D. Cook 

S. T. Lowry 

T. K. Slaubaugh, Sec. 

G. James 

J. F, DeVogt 

C. F. Phillips, Jr. 

C. R. Martin 

T. E. Ennis 

L V. Snyder 

R. Aldred 

T. Newman 

R. H. Gray 

J. W. Whitehead 

W. L Bromley 

B. Samuels 

E. C. Griffith 

J. C. Winfrey 

J. G. Burke 

W. A. Wilson 

J, M. Gunn 

W. D. Fa Ivy 


W. D. Ferraraccio 

M. A. Baker 

C. H. Mills 

D. T. Dunn 

S. F. Unti 

IVl. A. Halford 



PSI CHI: National Honorary Psychology Fraternity 



L. W. Adams 

J. M. Gunn, Jr. 

D. G. Elmes 

J. B. Thompson 

E. C. Atwood, Jr. 

L G. John 

W. M. Hinton 

J. D. Cook, Jr. 

L K. Johnson 


J. F. DeVogt 

S. T. Lowery 

J. G. Burke 

W. D, Ferraraccio 

E. C. Griffith 

C. F. Phillips, Jr. 

S. R. MacKenzie 

G. L Holmes 

F. P. Hotchkiss 

J. C. Winfrey 

R. A. Moselle 

F. B. Suplee 


H. L Roediger 

R. T. Schooley 

S. D. Hinkle, IV 

T. G. Seaks 

M. C. Stevens 

L. E. Sutton 

M. W. Pustay 

R. M. Thomas 

C. Adams, III 

S. B. Sandler 

PI SIGMA ALPHA: Honorary Political Science Fraternity 




W. Buchanan 

J. E. Loesel 


M. Colvin 

E. L Finney 

W. W. Chaffin 

A. W. Moger 

D. D. Hughes 

J. M. Gunn, Jr. 



S. A. Sharp, Pres. 

C. A. Holt, Jr., Sec. 

K. R. Baker 

J, M. McCardell,Jr. 

J. D. Field, Treas. 

S. S. Eastland 

P. A. Prince 


J. C. Hamill 

R. T. Wright 

J. G. Dickinson 

J. L Perlman 

C. H. Herchold 

R. A. F. Wyndham 

J. D. Field 

M. W. Pustay 

S. B. Grove 

P. 0. Settle, III 

J. C. HamilUr. 

S. A. Sharp 

C. A. Holt, Jr. 

A. L Stedman 

J. C. Horowitz 

J. A. Wexler 

0. N. Otto 







First Row: Kirven, Somerville, Madison, Chris, Harpole, Madison, Stengel, Houston, 
Tyler, Games, Strait, Shain, Noland. Second Row: Gilly, Simmons Graddy, Mines, 
Tyler, Hall, Halford, Jotinson, J., Johnson, H., Burke, Hartwell, Davenport, Tarrier. 
Third Row: Walton, Whipple, Clayton, Houston, Foote, Tores, Seaton, Taggart, 
Gossman, Canby, Taggart, Noland, McFinney, Garrett, Johnston, Scruggs, Bernard, 
Hickman, Ogilvie, Richards, Crommelin, Bosley. Fourth Row: Dietrich, Hunter, 
Gunner, McCord, Henry, Gordon, Tarumianz, Turner. 


Gil Burke (Sarge) 

Joe Davenport (Dog) 

Hank Graddy (Head) 

Lee Halford (Excitement) 

Doug Hall (Whug) ' 

Ray Hartwell (Stinger) 

Brooks Hines (Doctor Limbosis) 

Huntley Johnson (The) 

John Johnson (Spider) 

John Lanier (Lanny) 

Eddie Morris (Body) 

Upton Richards (Dynamo) 

John Simmons (Chief) 

Lex Tarumianz (Alvin) 

Bill Tyler (Timmy) 

Class of 1969 .... THE Class 



First Row: Morrill, Kwedar, Skoggard, Brookby, Loring, Bunting, Slay, Clairborne, 
Coates, Glace. Second Row: Perez, Carrere, Clark, Stewart, Wich, Carter, Hinkle, 
Fechnay, MacKenzie, Long, Bauer. Third Row: Thomas, Brumback, Morrill, Jensen, 
Graham, Kuhn, Vickers, Carter, Bauer, B., Le Tourneau, Browning, Coates. Fourtli 
Row: Simmons, Adams, Lisle, Carrere, Jansen, Hunt, Brooks, Singletary, Bayard, 
Fischer, Slay, Faust. 


With wandering steps and slow the men of Phi began the 
halfway auspicuous school year ... and you know, we thought 
it would be a pretty good year . . . afterall we had gotten a 
good pledge containing one Sloth and one Hippie for variety 
... 8 Delts captained varsity sports ... Rob Bauer represented 
us on the EC, C-Man was President of IPC, and Jents pulled 
off a great Monte Carlo Openings Weekend ... we even had our 
Christmas party before the flu wiped out the girls schools. 

But then it hit the fan . . . Stetler and LeTourneau began 
their battle for the sickman award . . . Justin, the FBI, and 
the Sec. administration all paid homage to the bomb that wasn't 
. . . scholarship dipped ever so slightly ... it looked as if the 
seniors would have to save the year. 

President Dome pulled us through some murky intrigues with 
the national . . . Bird Clarke entrenched himself as the biggest 
jock . . . Groin got engaged to the house Sweetheart . . . C-Man 
made a go of politics and other blunders ... the White Rino 
lost more hair for the cause of Law School and the Fatherland 
... and finally Sug made the calculation that 3 names equals 
one rung on the social ladder . . . 

in all, we had the time of our lives! 



First Row: Woodward, Cassell, Lockhart, West. Judge, Carson, Phaup Barton 
Second Row: Giamittorio, Cambell, Root, Orth, Coleman, Carter McConnell 
Martin, Kirshbaum, Atkins, Whitehurst, Greenwood. Third Row: Webb, Gill', 
Sullivan, Hinshaw, Regan, Dorer, Bassett, Motsinger, Wetham. Fourth Row- Kelsey' 
McDavitt, Woodward, Clement, Kelly, Phillips, Smith, Sproat. Fifth Row- Buskev' 
Pryor, Otto, Waldron, Robb. 

Like any year that is to be considered productive, this year 
at the DU house was a year of growth and change. Our nine man 
pledge class teamed up to give the house an admirable second 
place finish in the annual "turkey trot" and then they combined 
with the upperclassmen to win the intermural wrestling champion- 
ship—a feat we should duplicate again next year with the 
Young team we fielded this year. There were many other minor 
changes, that were just as important: Les finally breaks the 
Hollins habit and Crazy Chip discovers girls . . . Reeve adds 
the presidency to his long list of activities . . . Fratty Ted and 
Fat Al remodel the front fenders of their jalopies . . . Webb and 
"the nose" compare lash marks on their back while "poor skinny 
little Wise" holds out another semester for Wild Turkey . . . Jeff 
stains his jeans when the hand hits the mat for the last time 
... the "bloodsjcker" loses in five straight falls at the keg 
party to Westy . . . Kimmel finds that his date's home cooking 
is not his bag . . . Kirk and the girl with hat terrorize the lodge 
with orange juice ... the pledges finally tie "Black Dan's" 
roaming hands at the brother hunt and Pete sees hands put 
other uses at Sweetbriar. Yes, this was a good year that saw 
some old traditions stopped and a lot of new ones begun— a 
year of change. 



First Row: Peery, Lee, Sherer, Perry, Watlington, Thomas, Honig, Hudson, 
Gillespie. Second Row: Duane, Cosel, Mclntyre, Simmons, Lockhart, Black, 
Githler, McCutchen, Dukes, Cheatam. Third Row: Jones, Harrold, Honig, Paden, 
Goodrich, Young, Perry, Collier, McElroy, Adams, Wright. Fourth Row: Smith, 
Quin, Muncks, Scott, May, Rankin, Baker, Archer, Clay, Brown, Mixson, Smith, 
Wright, Beverly. 



Alpha Chapter began its 103rd year with the initiation of the 
noted Old South Weekend, increasing participation in inter- 
collegiate sports, and the holding down of several posts of campus 

Senior Judson Simmons (in his second year as Treasurer) served 
as Student Body Secretary; Judson also worked on a R.E. Lee 
Research grant with economics Prof. Charles F. Phillips. Junior 
John Yow (No. 2), after bringing in 14 fine p'edges, was elected 
captain of the soccer team. Junior Larry Honig (No. 3), Horace 
Greely unchained, edited The Tuesday Ring-turn Phi. Junior Lang- 
don Quin and Freshman Chuck Lee were on the prestigious 
Cold Check Committee. Sophomore Connor Smith served as class 
vice-president; Law Student Harley Duane was Intermediate class 

n Fall Sports, Senior John Harris, Sophomores Bruce Green 
and Johnny McNeil, and Freshman Duncan Pace were on the 
Gridiron. In addition to Yow, Junior Curt Jamison and Freshman 
Ree Shore played soccer; Junior Scott McElroy turned in his third 
highly-successful season on the swimming team. 



First Row: Lane, Jones, Greener, Weir, Brown, Terry. Second Row: Anderson, 
Tomlin, Bivins, Hauslein, Temple, Mrs. Coe, Montgomery, Smith, Blanton. Third 
Row: Buxton. Fourth Row: Grigsby, Greig, Reed, Miller, Wackman, Arnot, Fowler. 
Fifth Row: Landis, Davis, Clemons, Walden, Barton, Rice, Durham. Sixth Row: 
McFarlane, Wiseman, Hills, Rector, Shelley, Ross, Rhea, Deaton. 



After successful rush at the Drinking Gourd Museum, Madison 
road trips resumed . . . Grey-ghost becomes the "new" old 
Buxton, i.e., insane . . . AltaVista townie makes Mare Farm live 
up to its name with nude sit-in with Space Cadet, Super Hank, 
B.I., Millar, and Little Willie . . . Baby Turkey "seduces" Carol 
Burnett . . . Snooky by day, Horns by night . . . Levi takes up 
collection to give the pledges driver training . . . "Oh, really?" 
. . . WOW! ... and so the Man-Mountain holds his date's nose, 
pours a fifth down her throat, throws her over his shoulder, 
and carries her to the rack . . . Yes, Fowler cares! . . . Wierd! 
. . . Herr Freund sat down and calmly discussed both sides . . . 
Fox plans forming Liberty Hall Beagle Pack ... the return of the 



First Row: Griffith. Proctor. Bernardcyzk. Shephard. McCarthy. Gilliam. Butler, 
Pirog. Altizer. Weel<s, Jernigan. Wears, IVloore. Second Row; Pustay. Whetstone. 
Chumlea, Mrs. Wheeler, Cropsey, Lilliard, Wherry, Downing, Ttiird Row: Davis, 
Blaise, Lewis, Horsefield, Guill, Frank, Wyman, Bignon, Scott, Scott, Guyther, 
Stege, Stone, Murray, Schlick. Fourth Row: Harmon.' Duckworth, Radcliffe, 
Williams, Graham, Tissue, Walker, Decker, W=iiker. Fifth Row: Er^mundson Mc- 
Garden, Ruby, Crane, Eaton, Bremer. Sixth Row: Crockett, Marion, Hesson, 
Walsh, Gait, Jenkins, Learning, Apgar, Jackson, 


Dirty Jeff impresses rushees witli floor show . . . Scott caugtit 
in a jam, Nancy bears Boda badge to SPE's ... The Rockett 
rides high on the Sweat Hog while Chumlea and Gillam push 
brotherly love . . . F.A. roids again and Swabbie becomes first 
mate . . . Decker takes a Spanish fly . . . Marianne adulterates 
Marian . . . "The Odd Couple"— Davy & C.W. . . . "Who is Dave 
Gait? . . . Clover prone to Harv while Mug pumps for Spiro . . . 
Wade— "The bottom of a birdcage." . . . R.T.'s Pontiac doesn't 
put out and neither does he . . . Guyther runs Hollins procure- 
ment agency while mail and female are aptly rerouted . . . 
Jenkins not Slimey enough and Hobbit-power fails again . . . 
Worth's sheets done by hand . . . Eason fathers— Foggy gobbles— 
gerbils . . . Willie's Landy rover ... The Iwo Jiman cave dweller 
shows masterpiece . . . Grey hardly shows wares . . . Cousin 
Brucies sells out . . . The hard Traveller hardly travels . . . Doug 
shakes and Wa Wa wakes . . . Murray fails screen test . . . Baby . 
Bobby kills for fun . . . Johnny Walker's untapt resources . . . 
Wyman's and Altizer's hair fair . . . Greg's diet includes celebacy 
... The Rube makes it big . . . Turkey— hmmm— smorgasbord! 
... Big Bear still in numbers game . . . M.A.'s Mustang really 
goes . . . Sweet Briar choir steals into Lexington ... and the 
Huachucan Haranguer still lives, and lives, and lives . . . 



First Row: Pride. Abele, Mast, Huffman, Comley, Abernathy, Davis, O'Neal, Boyce, 
Stuart. Second Row: Jones, Murphy, Goodwin Murchison, Ball, Hunt, Wilson, 
Gilmer. McMillan. Mrs. Allen Barr. Norwood. B. McJunkin. Moore. Trout. Third 
Row: Cannon, Jones, Bear, Philips. Blackford. Crampton. Keats, Mindr. Barre. 
T. McJunkin, Hammond. Little, Johnson, Cribb, Mashburn, McKinnon, McElroy, 
Jeter, Holmes. Meriweather, Catlin. Wagner. Lykes, King. Forman. 


$18,000 down the basement drain . . . Sophomore Turkey wins 
Freshman Trot but Whitering and Oblong can't tind shoes . . . 
Hammer, Needles, Merry, Dragon, Lurch, Dynamite, and J.D. frolic 
through training, tackles and t.d's for Buck's Brigade . . . 
Moustached Mother Woo and Coach Phil back frustrated Phi I.M. 
footballers . . . Ball and Froman captain tankmen — usually tanked 
. . . Charter pigeonholed thanks to Woody's Vanishing act . . . 
Weasel sports blue sweater for stickmen . . . Buzzard turns 
stork ... Dr. Lurch shares ghetto pad with narrow-eyed quack 
. . . Gisbang, the Naked Ape . . . Seniors reach new highs . . . 
No new Phi Delta Betas . . . Sparkle City shuffle goes on and on 
and on . . . Talcott finds International Seminaries . . . Slick 
gets Bush but misses brother . . . Myrtle comforted by Jet . . . 
Lee rules with iron fist— Beus puts his through many windows 
. . . Third floor converted to shooting gallery in Colonel's tradition 
. . . Damage runs rampant ... Too many on Dean's List . . . 
"Hair" Shaw serves as alumni rep . . . Seniors plan reunion in 



First Row: Vickers, Ward, Friedman, Donnelly, Tharp (with Sandor), Smothers, 
Olcott, Stock, Raine, Webb, Thompson, Driscoll, Cusson, Newman. Second Row: 
Shapiro, Newman, Chalmers, Moselle, Berliner, Hawkins, Mrs. Fulton, Schewel, 
Kramer, Zeliff, Le Vine, Feld, Fletcher. Third Row: Belser, Shirk. Garrett, Hall, 
Cogan, Parkins, MacRae, Meyers. Postigo, MacQueen, Weddle, GaNun. Fourth 
Row: Arvin, Creasy, Digel, Wilber, Unti, Jacobs, Stafford, Nelson, Ross. 

t}' *«.j^(iAi.os.5^>jf!^»'**«'is .jfea.^jftjL-Kii-'^' ..',r-«.'«^-i'>^'*-4. -r^^ 


Weddle turns hippie, fatiier turns barber . . . Newman makes 
trans-Atlantic road trip ... 11 4 Houston social climbs to 
25V2B Wasiiington . . . Haydon, Stook and Raine win turkey 
. . . Bio-iectures by Phantom Berliner ... The Great Morality 
Debate . . . SS still lives . . . Eisen hitch-hikes to dorm while 
drinking scotch and eating animal crackers ... Phi Ep takes 
1, 2, 3, and 4 in W&L cross country, led by Co-captain Zeliff 
and Co-captain elect Wilber . . . C.W.'s car gets totaled— twice. 
The green bomb returns , . . Marathon bridge, hearts, scrabble 
and monopoly games led by you-know-Hu . . . Toad meets match 
in Silver Spring . . . Weekly trips to the First Israli Baptist 
Church . . . Smitty slips engagement ring as Virgin kicks out 
windows . . . Free scotch at midnight, bourbon at one— thanks 
to Webb . . . House arsenal . . . Ranger Gus . . . Mambo wins 
Missing Link Award . . . Swihart returns— from National ... Zoo 
. . . Body paint by Stafford . . . Fall Weekends . . . Thanks to 



First Row: Bloodgood, Brooks, Hankins, Hessler, Torgeson, Ferrell, Gribble, 
Brooks, McCall, Wilkis, Hosbat. Second Row: Harrison, IVlcCleod, Preston, 
Carothers, Ennis, Mattox, Mattliews, Beckner, Williams, Crigler, Brown, Robinson. 
Third Row: Barnes, Hulton, Morrison, Baizley, Thornton, Robertson, Mahaffey, 
Higgins, Mescal, Herchold, Hankins, Major, Berry, Whitney, Patterson, Turner, 
Gibbs, Haines. Fourth Row: Allen, Barr, Mahaffey, Goodridge, Whitman, Blood, 
Johnson, Smith, Potterfield, Swann, Armstrong, Apgar. 


Twas early in September of '68 (oh, how well we remember 
those glorious days, my children) that an intrepid band of oft 
bedeviled conquistadores retraced their steps to that Purple 
Valhalla in the foothills of the Shenandoah. Ah yes, Madeline 
Wlammery, out there in the east coast, vast, vacuous larder land, 
perhaps you remember the story. They came, fellow revelers, 
rallying under the auspicious charisma of Venerable Beeqer, may 
the Muse sing his praises forever. His tempest-tossed vassals 
had wended their way from all corners of the then-known world: 
the good Count Dubber from the sunny isle of Hispaniola, Baron 
Jerry and Prince Snuggles from those twin cities of sin, rivaled 
only by Sodom and Gommohora, and from the Icelandic regions 
of Leif the Lucky, the magnanimous Duke of Penguin; a more 
conspicuous band of warlords had not trampled the earth beneath 
their feet since the Golden Horde. 

•fe^ ^ 



First Row: Pilkington, Allen, McCabe, O'Donnell, Smith, Paone, Perkins, Mrs. 
Hersey, Schroyer. Goehring, Moulton, Breedlove. Second Row: Robinson, Neese, 
Straley, Finley, Olson, Newsome, Connolly, Jensen, Heatwole. Third Row: Sher- 
mand. White, Stearns, Chamuess, Bowie, Roiish, Sayers. O'Grady. Klinedinst. 
Fourth Row: White, Coursen, Baker, Millner, McKelway, Knipp, Kerkam, Hannon, 
Rosenthal. Fifth Row: Lee, Heatwole, Coslett, Fowles, Fox, Young, Rodemeir. 
Sixth Row: Roper, Hazell, Nowick, Wilson, Williamson, Davidson, Robinson, 

_^ ^^v^. 


Hello? . . . Call the house!! Hey, Bus, are you buying the 
beer for the party this weekend? Hey, no man, I bought the 
party Favors last time . . . besides, my bill from McCrum's is 
due in this week. And another weekend begins for the Phi 

Weekend's save most of us, all that is except Weelson who 
can't stay out of his "jams" long enough to decide what to do. 
Turtle resigns himself to the gator, while McKelway emerges 
from the woodwork to assume the "Buma" position. Doogar, 
Doogar, where has't thou gone . . . Deer season opened up with 
Thai bagging the one that eluded Flash last season. Hey Beach, 
what's on the nightstand? Who is the phantom Flusher? Here 
they come, Mrs. Hersey! No one has seen Boo Man or Rodie 
since they moved up to the Fourth Floor. "Owl She" is O.T.R. 
as O'Grady soars out of control. Fortunately, for us all, tales of 
WJ have ceased since the Dike was plugged up with tales of LI. 
The sometimes ribald existence of the Psis can be summed up 
by Lord Byron who once stated, "Let there by wine, women, 
mirth and laughter, sermons and soda water the day after." 



First Row: Drakos, Shields, Glenn, Davidson, Booth, Turnbull, Caldroney, Holland, 
Dale, Garten. Second Row: Palmer, Mullins, Gottwald, Wipfler, Winter, Cunning- 
ham, Moore, Livesay, Judson, Thiemeyer, Arute, Kimball. Third Row: Boyd, 
Shutord, Mcffatt, Pullman, Garten, Powell, Raetz, Leonard, Glasgow, Marshall 
Page, Poole, Miller, Armstrong, Arute, Kimball, Leary, Miller, Wright, Pottsburg, 
Novak. Fourth Row: Hyatt, Dove, Gatlin, Glenn, Stowe, Sullivan, Groton, Clark, 






Clark stands Pat on Gary— Boar makes it, Bearly!— Lean Bean 
misappropriates $35,000— Leonard cliases Adelaide but ttie Feet 
get in ttie way— Horni injures neck falling into deadly Tagon 
busti — Gatlin borrows Leonard's gant— Dick scores with Hollins 
hockey honey— Lloyd still drilling for oil— Cro for president- 
Bungalow and Toad on a collision course— Geeker's beaker's 
empty— 0. J. Thiemeyer nosed out for Heisman Trophy— Buck, 
the grand know-nothing of the ATO House— Robin, first Bird of 
spring, honey- Charlie Brown says happiness is a warm box- 
Dead Bear IVlary-Ly Cou-ses Chunki— Glasgow and the "Keystone" 
Cops in a white Cadillac— Rufus is Chaffin(g) to pump a lot of 
gas— Flipper's babies, Dian on the Pages of history— Denny takes 
a chop at Baugher's Oakes— To Ciroton a Busch in the hand is 
worth any two birds— John on the rise, except girl-wise! Guy 
stands in the draft, not because of open Sills. 



First Row: Galanides, Mello, Clore. Hawley, Harland, Belt, Hindsley, Walker, 
Ellison, Wood. Second Row: Stouall, Hosford, Furman, Caskie, Mrs. Rosenkrans, 
Passavant, Pan n ill, Van Dine. Hammond. Third Row: Cartwright, Clore, Oashiel, 
Salb, Henberg, Roby, Faulkner, Phillips, Ballard, Walters, Cartwright. Widener, 
Silverfield. Holt, Wetsel, Gamble, Rogers, Razzberry. Fourth Row: Baldwin, 
Dunlap, Wiglesworth, Stone, Murray, Cleveland, Chapman, Fulmer, Andrews, 
Daniel, Hill, Ellis, Kahn. 





Come see Colt do his thing . . . Hammond talks with danging 
participle . . . Homar sees Hair, Padre tames Bear . . . Thank 
you, Senator . . . King barred from room . . . Sophistocated Stick 
Award to Steve . . , Stovall swings big Deal , . . Cliff and Tome 
make the grade ... and this is IVIY IVI-16 . . . B.B. flies united 
. . . wadda Chibmaster . . . Beel battles for booth . . . Memphis 
Soul's abridged Sports Dictionary . . . Look-Alike Award to Van 
Dine . . . Swede dances but date Wiggles . . . Bert bats Northern 
schools . . . Charlie Vernespurn . . . Andrews panes Betas . . . 
I wish I were in Dixie . . . Horn of Plenty Award to George . . . 
Tom trains Rookie? . . . Eggman goes collegiate ... The Odd 
Couple . . . Hosford Chased, but Fish Pierces . . . Gumpo lives 
. . . Chip off the old Doc . . . Hill and Faulkner, Touchel . . . dates 
Dazzled, but Jeb wins out . . . Serpent Power . . . Jack gets 
dumped on midnight ride . . . Funky Flunky dashes T.l.'s hopes 
. . . Flame brothers . . . Bo's Seven Rooms of Gloom . . . Dear 
Clove, ... It does not compute. 




First Row: Clader Carrere, DuSel, Bernard, Humphreys. Graham, Clarl*. Splittorf, 
ManSon, Storey, Warga. Second Row: Allen, Hudgins, Wyndham, Sadloch, Bates, 
Mrs. Camp, Martin. Squires, Haughney. Bateh, Sheppard, Reinke. Third Row: 
Hobbes, Darsie, White, Lee, Maneval, Dyer, Lent, Graham, Keat, Spoor, Dewey; 
Ivey, Christovitch, Comegys. Fourtli Row: McAfee, Cole, Newman, Stoudemire, 
Berger, Angrisani. 


Rush chairman George Bateh sobered himself and the remainder 
of the Pi Kapps long enough to allow us to conduct another 
successful Rush Week. With one of the largest pledge classes on 
campus, 20, the freshmen proved to be what we hoped they 
would be. Greg Warga held down a starting position on the 
Freshman football team, while Rick Splittorf, Chris Clark, Jeff 
Driscoll, and Dave Wlansen sailed to a successful season on the 
freshman soccer team. Steve Darsie and Bill Green ran cross- 
country, golfer Bob Storey was sure to cinch a high perch on the 
Varsity golf team, and Bob Carrere, Orme Gresham, and Charlie 
White practically ran WLUR, the university radio station. The 
Brotherhood was not to be outdone by the upstart class of 72. 
Wren Hudgins and Mike Spoor returned to the Varsity tennis 
team, Dick Ivey and Ken Newman to the Varsity soccer team, 
and Hous Archon Joe Bates was elected President of the 
Troubadours. As usual, the Big Brother system was in effect, 
and the Brothers and Pledges got together for another riotous 


Frrst Row: Bush Brown, Wilson, Tucker, King, Phillips, Wolf, Gurley, Grobmeyer 
w,1fh^o, r??, ^"T Wi herington, Kubling, Lane, Price, Rindorf, Fechtel, Taylor; 
'f^i ri P„?"T' ^''J"^^l l"^2e^' V^''^"' l^^^^l' Childs, Carfwright, Martin 
WnnJZ r^^"'u"m"°m f'^l"' K^P'^'^' ^^'''°"' ^ates. White, Copenhaver, 
Woodward, Billups, Hall, Morse, Gatlin. Fourth Row: Kumpuris, Wyatt Moses 
Clyde, Evans, McCrainie, Easterlin, Harrell, Tatum, Riley, Eagles Rassman' 



Virginia Sigma's 101st year ... Lee tries to rule liouse like 
famous Austrian paper hanger: while Vaden never more than a 
step behind, hangs bad paper all over Lexington . . . Labor 
dilemma: Israel seeks new foreman ... Mot swings . . . Clyde's 
shots of Riley shooting overexposed . . . Rassman, Eag'es and 
Long show they're health nuts . . . Chitts reigns in the fantasy 
world of the Co-op . . . Thry've renamed it Claudia Pultz's Home- 
place . . . Charlie's a valuable friend to the jukebox . . . Tett's 
"Dance of Fire" makes him a must . . . B.V. high school seniors 
help tutor pledges . . . Crosland asks Santa for mahogany 
crutches . . . Tates . . . Rueger turns the page at Sweet Briar, 
he probably can't duck the rice in June . . . Taylor flips way 
out— about 10 miles . . . Price can't forget "his chukies at Sem, 
while ROTC buff Walthall frowns on things in a general way . . . 
Hans, Prince of Denmark . . . This brilliant masterpiece combines 
the intensity and suspense of a detective story with a scathing 
satire on the failings of human nature.* 



First Rowr Fulton, Hill, Lisk, Achorn, Allender. Arnold. Marl(s. Reynolds. Harris. 
Larue. Junggran. Thompson, Schoenberger, Marshall. Wood. Burns. Forrester. 
Second Row: Walker, Koontz, McGaughey, Bass. Thomas, Mills, Mrs. Smith, 
Runyon, Duncan, McCommons, Cowperthwaite. Murphy, Koeniger. Third Row: 
Phillips, Berry, Morrissette, Tucker, Taylor, Tinaglia, Gibson, Herring, Maloney. 
Waller, Leaton, Mathews, Wallace, SchotJe, Pearcy, Orsinger, McCommons, Glass, 
Ingold. Fourth Row: Lee, Bayless, Dobbs, Falvey, Maynard, Douglass, Rice, Bene- 
dict, Childress, Williams. Armstrong, Beckwith, Gaillard. 


This was the Year of the Pledges ... 29 of them. Duncan ran 
a great rush. We found things to keep them busy, and in gratitude 
they threw a pledge party . . . with "Hairy Buffalo" which took 
its toll of actives and pledges. 

Academically, Zeta started the year well with a Phi Beta Kappa 
and twenty-one on Dean's List. Dobbs was seen daily with his 
"blitz box," and there were all-nighters for everyone. 

Sigs took part in campus activities. Pearcy was captain of 
Cross Country and Secretary of the I.F.C. Marks, LaRue, Marshall, 
and Achorn played frosh football with Glass on Cross Country, 
Gibson was President of the Concert Guild, and with Maloney was 
on the YR Executive Committee. Williams was vice-president of 
Openings, and Superfish led the swimmers to second place. Those 
without official activities sharpened their Hearts or Bridge skills. 

Duncan finally managed to get engaged to Gray, and Maloney, 
Mills, and Barcelona Bob lost their pins. Mrs. Smith and her 
piano were still with us, withstanding the Great Housemother 
Scandal. With Phillips whipping the pledges into shape, the 
House survived its 102nd year better than ever. 



First Row: W. Martin, Woodlief, Bazzel. Holbrook. Clark, Hanson Evans Miller 
Smith, Younts, 0. Martin, Trimper, McMillan. Second Row: McWorter G Gresorv' 
Tucker, McClure, Stedman, Wilson. Herndon, Mrs. Reynolds, Brown iSlabaugh 
Fleming F Morrison Dowler, Sands. Third Row: Eastland. Nading, Wakeman' 
Sa ey, Peck Trut^ Allderdice, Hubbard, George, Bromley, N. Morrison, Dorman' 
Sett e, Roediger, Mangan, Woodard, Harvey, Piter. Fourth Row: Reading Smith 
Bunt, Morrow Adams, Leddy, C. Gregory, Meinratti, Fletcher, Kefauver, 'Bethea' 
Hull, Fauber, Frankstone, Kympton. 

''-'•"^Tv.«f;,is^i;*i '- ' i 


Enter the cowgirl — another IWI tennis win — Frank coaches 
frosh and gets engaged — Norwood and Stuart lead B-ball — 
Bethea falls by the wayside — Hull joins the Sheay fraternity 
— Herndon treads a thin line at Baldwin — Brown misses train 
in NY — McClure studs it up — The "Grabber" gets serious at 
Sem — Frankstone passes again — Leddy is horny — Peck 
passes out cigars — Dunn heads Commerce Fraternity and "cut" 
club — Is Burt going bald? — Meinrath stars in "Hair" — 
George almost has two dates for the hayride — Greg journies to 
South Carolina and Charlie makes it as far as the C.I. — Morgan 
won't take Linda home — Sigma Nu's run the dorms — Smith 
and the automatic rule — "Kef" and the road trip — Adams 
transfers to a certain North Carolina girls school — Salley 
wins "best temperment" award — Mitt, Phil and Denise — 



First Row: Gertler, Benton, Vierbucken, Larmour, Meem, Irving, Robson. Sanders, 
Schwartz, Homang. Second Row: Bowles, Fitzhugh, McNeil, Mullenix, Hamill, 
Crenshaw, Chadwick, Boetsch, Wilkinson, Hunt, Price. Third Row: Suplee, Ross, 
Lynn, Starun, Tompkins, Florence, Harris, Bock, Bohannon, Pate, Capron, Galpern, 
Smith, Cole, Byrum. Fourth Row: Rich, McCullogh, Weill, Carlton, Entzminger, 
Oast, Grandin, Reider, Beaike, Friend, Hughes. 


Fitzhugh wonders what happened to house sweetheart — so 
does house . . . Crash breaks all of Hamill's car wreck prece- 
dents . . . Beaike follows in tracks of Big Brother over Openings 
. . . Danny has a pastoral wedding . , . Huge Hill becomes a great 
comedy actor— plays himself; Fat Jack lives . . . small continues 
search for new Sally . . . Mother Reynolds replaces Stella by 
Starlight . . . Galpun donates hair to Brillo for new break- 
through in scouring pads ... Jim burns his FUSE for a Twilight 
romance . . . Scoop proves the sword is mightier than the pen 
as the brothers tell Homans that enough 'snuff . . . Harris took 
5 to Radford and returned with 7 while Guerthe changes 
churches . . . Thompson's face was missed on campus and 
Marshall wonders if W&L really had a campus . . . Bull pressured 
for pinball to become an intramural sport and became new house 
money changer while FRIEND G-Shaw with nothing else to do 
gets lavaburied for 48 hours and the Falcon assumes a familiar 
role . . . Pledge Danile makes KIWI develop a taste for dingle- 
berries . . . Rich played supporting role in DIVORCE COURT . . . 



First Row: Goodman. White, Sciiwartz. Horowitz. Samelson. Abrams, Levin, IVlarl(s. 
Second Row: Lebensburger, Silverberg, Tabal^in, Conti, Loring, Favorman, Mrs, 
Fietctier, Ea)(er, Apter, Katz, Kessler, Perlman. Tliird Row: Murov, Kahn, Rogers, 
Shapiro. Rippe, Porter, Mitchell, Maslansl(y, Brower, Sugar, Bernard, Abrarns, 
Geyer, Sally, Popkey, Si^iar, Levin, Lewis, Sheldon, Miller, Miguel, Warner. 
Fourth Row: Evans, Bernstein, Gordon, Greenhut, Sandler, Besscn. 


A year of long hair, beads, and quick exits for ZBT. Lewis pulls 
the all-time Jay Feld. Three pledges, Doyd, Mark, and Micky grab 
a souvenir and in turn are grabbed. Sler gets a cold left cheek, 
Mitchell, two pairs of hot lips and Apter an experienced hand. 
Bear, Biff, Sugar, Dietz and others play musical rooms. Popper 
sees red, Jacobs wished he did, San Miguel sees double and at 
times not at all. Loring resigns as P.B. champ, and a Happy 
Clown rapes the Dancing Girl. Soupy refuses to do a point 5 but 
half the pledge class doesn't do much better. It is true Blake is 
a MOT and Bush is still #2. Boys meet girls— Bear, Cub, Sabu, 
and even Beeno. (By the way Gay, What happened in Greenwich 
and is love above snickers?) Finally, but not least — Mom 
Fletcher, you're the greatest and good luck to the class of '69, 
What's left, and not coming back next year. 


On the Campus 

At Dance Weekends 

Or Parties at Goshen 

Whatever the occasion may be 

The Correct Attire can always be found 




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As a yearbook editor, wouldn't you like 

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1969 CALYX 







For The Man With Distinctive Taste 









A year ago I didn't exactly know what the yearbook could 
become. The end result is a product of excellent work from those 
who assisted daily and from others who offered their keen wit 
and timely suggestions when they were most needed Our thanks 
to Messrs. Eadie and Benson for their helpful assistance through- 
out the year. 

As editor it has been a most thought-provoking year in working 
with and through people. By holding the position of editor, one 
does not only administrate, but one learns, and that's what this 
book's all about.