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CALYX 1978 





Washington and Lee University 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

CALYX 1978 




Washington and Lee University 

W. Temple Webber III, Editor 
Grant E. Leister, Business Manager 


Mr. & Mrs. Abe Adier 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Dewey Arnold 

Dr. & Mrs. Stewart Atkinson 

Mrs. Percy D. Ayres 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee K. Bailey 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Z. Bell 

Mrs. Rita M. Bennett 

Abney S. Borley, Jr. 

Dr. Heinrich & Mrs. Hildegard Brinks 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Broch, Sr. 

Miss Cola A. Broch 

Peter G. Brooks 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles V. Brown, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Bruch, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W.P. Buckthal 

Author B. Carmody, Jr. 

Mrs. Jean-Jacques Carnal 

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Cole 

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Collmus 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Coviello 

Mr. Thomas E. Cox 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cranshaw ^ 

Adam C. Derbyshire 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Dorsey 

Joseph P. Dorsey 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Ewing 

Carl & Sue Fenstemaker 

Mrs. R.L Fornberg 

James L. Frey 

Herbert J. Friedman 

Dr. & Mrs. Louis B. Gaker 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Galvin, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore H. Ghiz 

Dr. & Mrs. Walter Granruth, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Channing M. Hall, Jr. 

Mrs. A. Littlefield Hauptfuhrer 

Mr. & Mrs. Rober U. Height 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse W. Heird 

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar H. Hendler 

Frederick W. & Helen S. Hope 

Reeves Hughes, Jr. 

Robert Q. Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Ladky 

Dr. & Mrs. Tucker Laffitte, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Lee, Sr. 

Mr. Bernard K. Leytez 

Mr. & Mrs. Klein G. Leister 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. MacDonald 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Haliburton McCoy 

Mrs. Lawrence W. McDanial 

Dr. & Mrs. John M. McGovern 


Dr. Tim J. Manson 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Meyers 

Mrs. Florence G. Minty 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Everett Moore 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Moran 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Mrlik 

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Murray 

Mr. & Mrs. Everett Newcomb, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Noble, Jr. 

Mrs. Sara Rich Norfleet 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Frank Ottinger 

CPT & Mrs. Robert C. Peniston 

Mr. & Mrs. Arne L. Peterson ^ 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Pique f, . 

Mr. & Mrs. F.C. Plitt, Jr. 

Danial Joseph Raskin 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Ward Reighley 

Mr. & Mrs. MacEason Rein 

Rollin 8. Reiter 

Dr. & Mrs. John C. Rhoads 

H.C. Roemer 

Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Romich 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Rose 

T. Rayson Salley, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bertram R. Schewel 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse M. Shaver 

CPT (USN-R) & Mrs. Sidney A. Sherwin, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Reese Shoemake, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Siana 

Dr. & Mrs. C.E. Silberstein 

Mr. & Mrs. Crawford M. Sites 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Sleeld, Sr. 

E. Ide Smith, M.D. 

William A. Stanford 

Mrs. Mary A. Stephans 

Charles C. Stieff, II 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Ray Taylor 

LTC (USA-R) & Mrs. Ray L. Teel 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Triplett & Family 

Gordon G. Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Underbill 

John H. Van Unburgh 

Kenneth. H.Volk 

Charles E. Warren, M.D. 

W. Temple Webber, Jr. 

R.B. Welch Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Wich 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Woods 

Mr. & Mrs. Landon R. Wyatt, Jr. 

J.R. Wynne 


I I 

Faculty 74 

Seniors 98 

The University 4 Sports 













Fraternities 166 

' "' mB 



• • '•>-. 

'There are few earthly things more beautiful than 
A university. It is a place where those who hate 
Ignorance may strive to know, where those who 
Perceive truth may strive to make others know; 


Where seekers and learners alike, banded together 
In the search for. knowledge, will honor thought in 
^ All its finer ways, will welcome thinkers in distress 
''^.Or in exile, will uphold ever the dignity of thought 
^nd learning and will exact standards in these things. 

They give to the young in their impressionable years 
The bond of a lofty purpose shared, of a great 
Corporate life whose links will not be loosed until 
They die. They give young people that close com- 
panionship for which youth longs, and that chance 
Of the endless discussion of themes which are endless. 
Without which youth would seem a waste of time. 

There are few earthly things more splendid than a 
University. In these days of broken frontiers and 
Collapsing values . . . When every future looks some- 
what grim, and every ancient foothold has become 
Something of a quagmire, wherever a university stands, 
It stands and Shines; 

Wherever it exists, the free minds of men, urged 
On to full and fair inquiry, may still bring wisdom 
Into human affairs. 

John Masefield, Late 
Poet Laureate of England 

Julie Osborne, 1977 Homecoming Queen 

Oedipus The King 

Directed by Lee Kahn 
Setting and lighting by Tom Zeigler 

The cast: Warren Mowry, Jim Weatherstone, David Chester, Ellen Jervey, Stoney Cantler, Jeffrey Buntrock, Ty York, 
Rich Allen, Jeff Brown, Hugh Robinson, Phil Heldrich, John Peirce. 

Photographs by W. Patrick Hinely 


Parents' Weekend 



S.A.B.U. presents 
A Journey Into Blackness 


A Feminine Habit 
"Where are you going, my pretty maid? " 
"\'m going to love you, sir, ' she said. 
"Why do you want to, my pretty maid?" 
"Oh' I don't want to, sir," she said. 
Then, why should you do It, my pretty maid''" 
"Simply for practice, sir,'" she said. 


Having been received during previous eneaeemcnt bN L KLA\ JJLDand f.JlSHIONABLE Audiemes with the mostCiENUINEand 



Albert C. Gordon, Sole Lessee; Mr. Zeigler, Scenes. 

The company: Mr. Hughes, Mr. Harbiston, Mr. Hollinger, Mr. Amorin, Mr. Buntrock, Mr. Loveridge, Mr. Blumberg, 
Mr. Height, Mr. Hicks, Mr. Shillington, Mr. Brown, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Zeigler, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Gordon, Miss Hughes, 
Miss Tilly, Mrs. Jervey. 














IV V '^S^K, \\ 


^^^^^ ^H^E^ fl^^^^^l 


1 A^ 1 ^Mjm^^^ 


l^^k \m-ir '-^ ^,y^ 


X^IKSSB ^^^^1 



^ V i 


^\'' 1, 

jklMUT^ 1 ft^ 

t^-W < l?V ii-ii 


L ^\U*f ookfk '* (n4i(r>L. .tKc 1,001 !t <«awf»^f 

» " MMtO OUT StoR 

THIS wiNTta ronN, 
i*iT ntutr naueD 


///'. ..eocoitwiMsM 

•Khuhej n's 


Re*0 rtA(NT«lK»NCt «M 

i&vei 5TKANon>, uH»e(£ 


JO.i'T nfr«T ANP KEEP 


Che Sfudent Hctiuities Board 

Washington and LecUniuersity 

cordially inuites you todiscouer 
tfie seuenty-f irst annual 


* feahiring* 

Che Duke Ellington Orchestra 
directed by ITIercer Ellington 

Priday Guening^Syiruary Ctoenty Sburth 
nineteen BuiKlred SepentySght 
half past eight 

£arty-?ieiding Student Center 

present inuitations 
at door 

black tie 

ft « 


J;i .-.IT -T« ■ . 1 



•^ M 




W *" tI 

W' i 


7 ^H ' 




1' rm' 



^f <0)^ ISe^mM 



AWQ PMlP-gDBIM /^^co/?D^\ 



^■■"^^ "' 




The Ritz 

Directed by Barry Godin 



\ '_ . 


' f 


i! V 

i' h 

^ '^v- aV^ 


1 \ J 

• • ^'''^ 



\ - A"*'^^^^^^^ 

r N 

' ^ ■ y^ 

'"\' ] 

. > 


/? V 

Tl '/^ 

' ■^~"^^*""'■''"^^\•^^<-cl 

/ V/ 

■ / .' / , ' • , 

^ \- . 

Tff*t '"--^ ' 


rX M r'-'/-/V!y' 

N^ iV 

\^ ^ ^^ 



v>— ^ 



->• ■2^\jl^_^ ^ - 

."" ^ V. 





• "nXJ^/ \/ .*. 



^n'^^^ v. 

' •''^'^ 






^^\ '^^^B^J'^ 

""v*^^ /H 

1 K ^r , l-X'X.V !/ ' I'.^iJ'v^^^ 

"-'^f ' Z 

' . ~'-' 



ijf ^; --tj)>4^^y 


**% • \ ^s^ 1 /> 

Sk- ^\. li-'-^s-/ ■ "*A y f* ■ /I 

^1 ^ .' 1^1 

B JL ' ~ \ J^^^^ f '' ' M _j-i iX*^ ^ 

N^ \ '^ iL' ^' 

^;;>^ ¥1 y'^T^'- ■ ^'■^T^v*-^ 

SJk''^ - ' ^H 

Btr • 'V ^ ^,->v ■jf'^ Ir'^y" j^^ 



>— ^^^4i V^^li/Y 




7n Memoriam 


Apn/ 30, i958 - Apri/ 22, i978 







Robert E. R. Huntley, President of the University 

James W. Whitehead, Treasurer 

Rupert N. Latture, Assistant to the President 

Frank A. Parsons, Assistant to the President 

Lewis G. John, Dean of Students 

Edwin D. Craun, Assistant Dean of the College 

Kenneth P. Ruscio, Assistant Director of Admissions 

Edward C. Atwood, Dean of the School of Commerce 


William N. Mohler, Director of University Services 

Michael A. Cappeto and Curtis H. Hubbard 
Assistant Deans of Students 

H. Robert Huntley, Assistant Dean of Students 


Left to Right: Charles F. Phillips, Edward C. Atwood, Edwin C. Griffith, John M. Gunn, Stanley T. Lowry, John 0. 


Lawrence M. Lamont, John F. Devogt, Joseph Goldsten. 


Left to Right: William Buchanan, Delos D. Hughes, Edward L. Pinney, Milton Colvin, John R. Handleman, Lewis G. 


Thomas E. Ennis, Jay D. Cok, Edward S. Schwan. 


Left to Right: H. Robert Huntley, Dabney Stuart, Severn Duvall, Edwin D. Craun, Carren 0. Kaston, John N. Swift, 
Robert P. Pure, James Boatwright III, Sidney M. B. Coulling, George W. Ray III. 



Left to Right: Jefferson Davis Futch, Irwin T. Sanders, Robert W. McAhren, Charles W. Turner, Henry P. Porter, Barry 
F. Machado, William A. Jenks, Roger B. Jeans, John H. Merchant, H. Marshall Jarret. 



^ 't ! 

Left to Right: Cleveland P. Hickman, John S. Knox, Thomas G. Nye, James H, Starling, Ted C. Delaney, Lyman R. 
Emmons, John J. Wielgus, Gary H. Dobbs. 


Left to Right: William J. Watt, John H. Wise, James K. Shillington, Michael A. Pleva, John B. Goehrmg, George S. 


Left to Right: Samuel J. Kozak, George A. Planansky, Odell S. McGuire, Edgar W. Spencer, John D. Bell. 


Left to right: James J. Donaghy, Edward F. Turner, Thomas H. Williams, Robert B. Brownell, William B. Newbolt. 


John K.Jennings, Hampden H. Smith, Robert J. Demaria, Clark R. Mollenhoff, Ronald H. MacDonald. James Paxton 
Davis (emeritus). 


Left to Right: Thomas 0. Vinson, Robert A. Roberts, Robert L. Wilson, Jr., Constantine Roussos, Robert 
S. Johnson, Robert B. Browne!!, Charies W. Williams. 


Left to Right: Isabel Mcllvain. I-Hsiung Ju, Albert C. Gordon, Gerald M. Doyon, Pamela H. Simpson. 

Gordon P. Spice, Robert Stewart, James T. Cook. 



Mario Pellicciaro and Herman W. 


Left to Right: David W. Sprunt, 
Minor L. Rogers, Harlan R. Beckley. 


Left to Right: Harold C. Hill, B. Stuart Stephenson, David A. Dickens, Judith S. McNeel, William W. Pusey, Ann T. 


Left to Right: Carlyle W. Barritt, Sidney J. Williams, Howard L. Boetsch, Edward B. Hamer, George F. Drake, Russell 
C. Knudson, Alfred G. Fralin, Van H. Pate 


Left to Right: Lt. Col. Medley M. Davis, Capt. Scott C. Long, Sgt. 1st Class Gordon S. Cameron, Maj. James W. 
Smgleton, Ms. Kathleen H. Dunlap, Master Sgt. Dallas G. Johnson, Ms. Nellie M. Rice, Sgt. Maj. Otis Wright, Capt. 
Jackson D. Bareford, Maj. Wayne D. Adams. 



Front row, left to right: Norris Aldridge, Buck Leslie, Bill Stearns, Gary Franke, Dick Miller, Bill McHenry, Joseph 
Lyies. Back row, left to right: Richard Yeakel, Rolf Piranian, Jack Emmer, George O'Connell, Verne Canfield, 
Norman Lord, Dennis Bussard. 


Dr. W. Lad Sessions, Dr. Harrison J. Pemberton, Jr., Dr. Charles T. Boggs. IVlissing from photo: Dr. Joseph R. Martin. 


Left to Right: Leonard E. Jarrard, David G. Elmes, Nancy A. Margand, William M. Hinton (Emeritus), Henry E. King, 
Joseph B. Thompson. 



Dr. O. Kendall White, Jr. 
and Dr. Emory Kimbrough, 
Jr. Missing from picture: 
Dr. John M. McDaniel and 
Dr. David R. Novak. 

Thomas J. Ziegler and Leonel L. Kahn, Jr. 










^- \ J '■ / « 

■ ^Bi:.i 



-■*^*^ -^ 






John Roger Buckthal 
William S. Derrick Woods III 
James Thomas Ferguson II 

William Gilmore Welch 

Lloyd Alfonso Boykln. Jr., Ardith Eugene Collins, Jr., 79, Curtis Edwin Stewart. 

Peter Joseph Abitante 

Gerald Leonard Maatman, Jr. 

Linwood Scott Shelton 

Edmund Vincent Wick 

Carlos Alberto Penictie 


>«<^ ^Qt 

John Kevin Rhoads and Craig Brian Forry 

|ltf65-1B70, OF ROBERT E. LEE (BURIED 

Pedro Celestino Joaristi 

William Henry Wendt 

Edward McCoy Alford 

Michael Christopher Dyer 

i:j -r?,i«;^ 

William Kirk Burton, Richard Joseph Fadus, Charles Edward Hinkle, and William Milne Ewing, Jr. 

William Hettler Joost and Rex Donald Nyquist 

James William McCllntock IV, Robert Holman Head, and David Marvin WInge. 

Robert John Marvin, Jr., 
Richard Simon Cleary and 
Robert Lee Clarkson. 



'ri^j^Hf-,: 'S^ 

Beverly Spottswood Puryear, Peter Marshall Pearl, and Charles Randolph Plitt. 

Arthur Greer Barriault 


Richard Alexander Rogers 

Mark Edward Mendel and Spencer Clark Jackson. 

J.M. Harris, John Denwood Long, Listen Anderson Orr, Robert Campbell Peery, Jr., Henry Conrad Roemer III, Robert Edward Flannery Jr 
Alexius Aloysius Dyer III, and John Whitaker Hauprich. 


Hiram Heartsill Ragon III 




-5iP^ - 

Arthur Roderick Carmody III. Brian Patrick Carroll and David Marshall Jemison. 

John Frederick Resen 

Douglas Earle Johnston, Jr. 

Jeffrey Lynn Slatcoff 

Shelby Kint Bailey, William Otto Cranshaw. Steven Buchman Heird, James Clayton Kingsbery, James Howell Veghte, and Richard Thomas Zink. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Jeffery Edwards 

Marcus McKinnon Penne , Hall Barton Clark. Robert Beverly Nash Francis, Jr., Christopher Godwin Willett, Darnall Whitnell Boyd. Jr., and 

Richard Witt Duncan. 

Richard Cramer Grace. Jr., John Frederick Sacco. and Michael Thomas Cieary. 

William David Brown 

Daniel Sledge Herbert, Franklin Raymond Mclntyre III, Miller Williams Kennedy, and Paul Kruesi Brock, Jr. 

Giles Carter Greer and David Gardner Franklin 

Robert Quince Jones, Jr. 



William Charles Porth, Jr., Beverly Sidnor Mauck, Jr., Steven Henry Hufnal, Peter Arnson Quinn, Alan Travis Drennen III, Stephen Mitchell 
Baldwin, Marcus Anton Brinks, and John Haynes Follansbee III. 

Mark Grabowski 

Richard Warren Stewart 

Lloyd Roberts Sams and Charles Richard McElwee II. 

Jerry Wayne Harris with Mom and 


William Paul Harris 

Robert Parker Bates and Galen 
Tate Trussell 

John Madden HIM and Jerry Marrs Baird 



\- .• Gebiige Wa$hington Parson, Jr. ■ . / '_/o ■' -^ •: '-'- '''f 














Robert Jett Ingram, Jr., Crawford McLendon Sites, Jr., Richard Coles Taylor and James Northcutt Walter, Jr. 

Charles Linden Hall, Donald Lee Williams, and Warren Louis Seay. 

Motier Daniel Becque and George Lougheed Carson, Jr. 

John Hunnicutt Collmus and Friends 

John Esten Byers and Michael Martin Boley 

Moses Tucker Lafitte ill 79, Everett Brewington Houston, Frank Rogers Ellerbe III '79 

^^^■R ^fekL Jj^ 

Enrico Dell'osso, Jr. 

Karl George Baker 

Susan Gail McKemy 

David and Mary Abrams 

Robert Worthington Moorhead 


Henry Cox Taylor, Brice Barnes Williams. Alexius Aloysius Dyer. III. David Thornton Trice, and William Gilchrist Taylor 

Stuart Laurens Craig. Jr.. Peter Lavington Farren. and Gregory Charles SiemlnskI 

David Gilroy McDonald, Mark Alexander Putney, Mark Wade Hampton, and John Cunningham Martin, III. 




Douglas Russell Dorsey and Frank Roth Friedman 


Ryland Reamy Owen 

Christopher Peter Reid. Thomas Terry Shadrick, III. John Clarke McGovern, and Richard Page Wyrough 

► U-'-Ai 

' i?'''^ 



£ . ■im 



■"^ ^V^'f :^^' 

<^der Fritdiie, RobertsoXVladley ^^i^, O/- arJcjRichardieramef Orace, 4 . -> 

Peter Thomas Moore 

Jeffrey Kearny Lee 

John Scott Strong 

William Searles Sands, Jr., and John Clayton Crouch with Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts 

Andrew Wilson Bodenstab, '80, Rodney Mims Cook. Jr., and Micajah Peck Brumby 

Laurie Elizabeth Scott and Travis Edwin Bass 

Howard Franklin Knipp III, William Grodon Ross, and Julian Herman Good. 


Sherry and Ralph Moore 

Charles Henry Noble. Ill 



V iw?^: 





Irby Bruce Cauthen, III. and Brian Wayne Hutton 

Kevin Thomas Grimm 

Lee Walters Muse, Jr. 

Daniel Calvin Coffey 

Jay David Shaffer 

Brian Patrick Tray and James Joseph Sindler 




Harry Tudor Jones, III, Douglas Bryan Wyatt, 79, Ralph Thomas Jones, '79, Roger Joseph O'Kane, III, Bruce Campbell Zlvley, Parke Linden 
Bradley, Christopher Lowell Camps, Ralph Boice McGrew, and William Temple Webber, III. 












w' \ 

^^aa fvi« 










Tony Scott Clucci, Snooky Walker, George Raphael Triplett, Jr. 

Barry Derosier Godin Jennifer Bodenhorst and James Gibbons Sheridan, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wallace ^/lc^^a"ama and family 

Jeffrey McCollum Sone 

Philip Jeremy Kaplan 

Douglas David Neumann 

Robert Peyton Baskin 

Dallas Page Kelley, III, and David Gray Carpenter 

\^m *.'. 

Reynolds Dods, Dwight Lathrop Stocker, Theodore Harvey Ghiz, Jr., David Alan Tumen. and James Cohill Manuel 

Edwin Warfield Wright and Frederick Lee Franck. 

Curt Brian Sharp 

«L ^"^v^X^^-^S^^i^^tf^^iiiP? 

Marshall Edgar Rutland, IV, Robert Philip Forlenza, and Patrick France Dennis 

Robert Lee Suit, Jr. 

Kenneth Wayne Mastrilli and John Brevard Jacob, Jr. 

/ /^ 


Thomas Willingham Tift, III and Friends 

Thomas Mark Duncan 

Jordan Dorman Walker, Jr 

Walter Paul Benda 

Victor Howard Forsythe. Jr. 

John Suter Hudson 

Howard Alan Rubel 

John Allan Hollinger, Thomas Oliver York, Jr., David William Chester, Raid Madison Spencer, Jr., '79, and Arthur Stoney Cantler, '81 

Thomas David Heldman, James Edward Page, Jr., and Henry Morton Helzberg 

Robert Galvin Sherman. Ill 

Thomas Ridgeway Hodges and Leslie A. Pennlman 


Richard Bell McDaniei, i! c aei Munro Wallace, William Aicklen Clemens, and Donald Amos.Cowser, Jr. 

Keith Allen Teel 

Peter Botts Meem and Robert Alexander Calvert, '81. 

Kingston Lee Howard, James Alan Barnes, and Mark Lawrence Mitchell 

Alexis Bardeen Lamotte 

Samuel Hughel Harrison 

Arthur Oliver Smith, III 

David Wesley Talley, Jr. 

Larry Russell Kanavas 

Gail Paxton, Allen Wesley Weeks. Philip Edward Bailey. John Douglas Merman. Leslie Nelson. 

Thomas Keough Galvin, III 

Thomas Joel Loving 

John Theodore Kelly, Jr. 

1 -^- 1. ,■<*. 

i^«w r*/t<-^ 

•' ^'^ 

Henry Hauptfuhrer, IV 

Mark Wayne Danos, Clement Dean Carter III 

Kevin Thomas Lamb 

Karl Nicholas Koon 

James Tiffany Roselle, Rand David Weinberg 

Mark Andrew Bradley 

Arthur Alexis Birney, Jr., Richard Wellhouse Stein, Ronald William Spain, Richard Morgan Simmons III, Jan Goldslen. 

Michael Joseph Missal, Mark Hamlet Derbyshire, David John McLean 

Peter Hsun Lin 


John Lawrence Bruch III 

Peter Fisher Jr., Lawrence Doresmond Crocker 

Peter Creighton Keefe, James Nathan Falk 77, Wilcox Kirkland Ruffin 77. Walter DeKalb Kelley 77 

Harry Alii Mazahan 

John Edward Graham Jr., Benjamin Blaine Swan, James Kelly Ladky 

James Oscar Davis III '79, John Cleveland Gordon, James Crater Lancaster '79. 

Steven Eyier Mattesky, Charles Henry Walsh III, Edward Anderson Burgess 

Courtney Clark Brooks, Jr. 

Tupper Hawthorne Dorsey, Matthew Joseph Donaldson Jr. 

John Miller Pelrce III 

Glen and Suzanne Miller 

Jeffrey Varnell Badgett 

'^^•^g^f^f :; <:^ 


William Roy Schooley 

David Hearn Hemenway 

Bill Fenstemaker and Sue Bailey 

James Nelson Lynn 

Oliver Warren Mowry Jr., Charles H. Noble III 

Roland Baird Walters & tamlly 

Charles Vincent Brown III 

Seth Wayne Oserin 

James Small McNider III 


^'i'-- - ' "■"v^'^^/-• 

Craig Bryan Kendall 

John Daniel Bunce 

Jonathan Richard Morris, Michael Kevin Cameron, Alexander Hamilton Bishop IV, Paul Sherborne Cobb, John Tullis Crutcher, John Franklin 
Wheatley, Walter Granruth III 

Jeffrey Robert Rich 

Benjamin Irving Johns, Jr., Donald George Smith, Jr., Delambert Stowe Rose, Andrew Michael Airheart 


Robert Frederick Hedett Jr. 

Edwin David Johnson 

Robert Nicholas Mucciola and Linda J. Reynolds 

^ ■* 

James Milton Underhill, Charles Henry Sipple IV, Robert Carl Sundberg II, Edgar Duryea Pouch III. 

Ken Buick 

Kurt Calvin Russ 















li^' ir-^( 

1. George Santos 

2. Rob Willis 

3. Whit Sanning 

4. Scott Baker 

5. Tom "Thurston" May 

6. Jeff Brent 

7. Phil Heldrich 

8. Mickey Kennedy 

9. Bobby Frantz 

10. John Long 

11. Peery Roberts 

12 Woody Woodring 

13. Eben Finney 

14. W.G. Turner 

15. Brian Brooke 

16. Lex Dyer 

17. Charles Habliston 

18. Charlie Stieff 

19. J.T. Christmas 

20. Richy Sutton 

21. Fred Forsythe 

22. William Mauck 

23. Robert Massey 

24. Sandy McDonald 

25. Listen Orr 

26. Maurice "Moe" Adams 

27. Richard Ross 

28. John Pine 

29. John Kemp 

30. Stuart Rienhoff 

31. Jay Sindler 

32. Seldom Clark 

33. Lex LaMotte 

34. Dan Martin 

35. Conrad Martin 

36. Mike "B.B." McComas 

37. Fritz Buddy Fischer 

38. James Lynn 

39. Ab Hammond 

40. John Jacobsen 

41. Ed Morten 

42. Teddy Campbell 

43. Steven Smith 

44. Bill Roper 

45. Spanky Huck 

46. Plater Robinson 

47. Landers Carnal 
48 Bob Peery 

49. Fred Brimberg 

50. Biff Hern 

51. Paul Gerhardt 

52. Bob Flannery 


Beta Theta Pi 

Chi Psi 

1. Ben Kesee 

2. Ray Best 

3. Carl Carlozzi 

4. Peter Bariteau 

5. Sam Perkins 

6. Mark Mainwaring 

7. J.C. Campbell 

8. Peter Keefe 

9. Howard Herndon 

10. Steve HIggs 

11. Bill Sherwin 

12. Chuck Stinnett 

1. Doug Gaeker 

2. Paul Gubbins 

3. Marvin Odom 

4. Mike Smith 

5. Jim Vines 

6. Mike Foley 

7. Mark Suber 

8. Ross Germano 

9. Hank McKelway 

10. Miki Gupton 

11 . Buzzy Cooper 

12. 'Crazy" Ron Spain 

13. Howdy Knipp 

14. Mike Busbey 

15. John Soger 

16. 'Mrs. Busbey" 

17. Tad Law 

18. Bob Bates 

19. Buddy Bowie 

20. Guy Steuart 

21. Dave Blackwood 

22. Eric Sella 

23. Ham Davis 

24. Brian Tray 

25. Rob "Mr. P. " Preston 

26. Drew Pillsbury 

27. Don Swaggert 

28. Dean Greenberg 
29 Rob Barber 

30. Scott Graham 

31. Will Christel 

32. Dyke "Dink" Wagner 

33. Bob "Guppy ' Campbell 

34. Stan 

35. Steve Abraham 

36. James Hamner 

37. Julain Good 

38. Who 

39. Angus Finney 

40. Gordon Ross 

41. Mitch Dugan 

42. Jeff Benneville 

43. Biff Martin 

44. Jay Fulcher 

45. Andy Pique 

46. Andy DeMuth 

47. Ben Hull 

Not Pictured 
Jim Roselle 
Doug Perkins 
Rand Weinberg 
Ted deSaussure 
Galen Trussel 
Lex Birney 
George Faison 
Cotesworth Simons 

Delta Tau Delta 

.«s§# %'^- :';'%. 

Kappa Alpha 

1. Neil Pentifallo 

2. Will Hodges 

3. Mike Perry 

4. John Northington 

5. Reid Slaughter 

6. David Pace 

7. Eddie Kramer 

8. Will Tankersley 

9. Mike "Boa" Watson 

10. John Boatwright 

11. John Kisalus 

12. Tupper Dorsey 

13. Jesse Suber 

14. Wayne Welch 

15. Jeff Hamill 

16. Brant Charles 

17. Rob Benfield 

18. Bill Tucker 

19. Jim Abeloff 

20. Russ Parmele 

21. Hugh Montgomery 

22. Bill Sands 

23. Matt Donaldson 

24. Jack Bovay 

25. Carl Miller 

26. Carter Greer 

27. Kevin Dickey 

28. Buck Stockdale 

29. Mike McCraney 

30. Rob Whitener 

31. David Franklin 

32. Stuart McMillan 

33. Lee Larimore 

34. Henry Hamilton 

35. Mark Smith 

36. Jeff Roberts 

37. Duncan Lowe 

38. Hale Delavan 

fit-, mja/ta.. ^«!?SJ "^ " ■ " " ' ■ 


ir^"'-, '.ht=^' ■:~-^^^,\^_ 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

1. Brian Hutton 

2. Warren Kean 

3. Steve Swallow 

4. John Saylor 

5. Herb Jennings 

6. Art Dunnam 

7. Ralph Ownby 

8. Rick Fadus 

9. Paul Glazener 

10. Rob Earle 

11. David McGarry 

12. Bill Taylor 

13. Andy Lassiter 

14. Dan Coffey 

15. Steve Broudy 

16. Brian McMahon 

17. Will Clemens 



18^ Ken Sledd 

19. Bruce Cauthen 

20. Bob Bergmann 

21. Hunt Shuford 

22. John Sadd 

23. Bruce Wilmot 

24. Chuck Fadus 

25. Pete Taylor 

26. Landon Wyatt 

27. Will Deeley 

28. Rick McDaniel 

29. Rick Hughes 

30. Charlie Hinkle 

31. Bill Ewing 

32. Joel Loving 

33. Bill Burton 

34. Eric Detlefs 

35. Mike Maddocks 

36. Mike Wallis 

37. "Handsome" Scott Douglas 

38. Randy George 

1. Jeff Sone 

2. Don Nolle 

3. Bill Joost 

4. Chip Naus 

5. Chip Hoke 

6. Keith Romlch 

7. Smitty Hyslop 

8. By Steele 

9. Scott Duff 

10. Bob Newcomb 

11. Brad Kesel 

12. Lloyd Sams 

13. Bob Jones 

14. David Williams 

15. Chris Haley 

16. Eddie Adier 

17. Willie Wendt 

18. John Phillips 

19. Lee Cave 

20. Don Cowser 

21. Bob Brewer 

22. Steve Stahl 

23. Scott Zackowski 

24. Dick Yancy 

25. Walter Sneed 

26. Steve Handy 

27. David Cook 

Phi Delta Theta 

1. Rik Kirkland 

2. Jim Hinson 

3. Syd Farrar 

4. Alex Richards 

5. Preston Waldrop 

6. Doug Johnston 

7. William Taylor 

8. Keith Calhoun 

9. Tom Coleman 

10. Jim Gouldon 

11. Mell Duggan 

12. Henry Taylor 

13. Frank Friedman 

14. Jim McNider 

15. Tommy Tift 

16. Jay Schaeffer 

17. Brice Williams 

18. Bill Pritchard 

19. Bobby Walters 

20. Chester Taylor 

21. Richard Drennam 

22. Sidney Simmons 

23. Tad McDonough 

24. Andrew Saunders 

25. David Newman 

26. Jeff Milstead 

27. Willie Hartness 

28. Gary Schaeffer 

29. Chris Meneffe 

30. John Plowden 

31. Jack Wilhite 

32. Kelly Ryan 

33. George Ballentyne 

34. Bear McCubbin 

35. Mac Flowers 

36. Ben Butts 

37. Myles Kelly 

38. Mitch Wynne 

39. Phil Mangum 

40. Win Ryan 

41. Robert Ballentine 

42. Hill McAllister 

43. Greg Vaughan 

44. Clyde Mull 

45. David Proctor 

46. Hank Hall 

47. Jim Snedden 

48. Tom Pritchard 


H/ HO 1^9 1^ 




Phi Gamma Delta 


1. Jerry Broccoli 

2. Randy Plitt 

3. Chug Puryear 

4. Gil Pearsall 

5. Pete Pearl 

6. Valerie 

7. Bob Baskin 

8. Dick Zink 

9. Steve Calabro 

10. Clay Kingsberry 

11. Andy Irvine 

12. Kevin McGowen 

13. Ed Tutak 

14. Skiff Bailey 

15. Steve Heird 

16. Dan Knitten 

17. Jim Duplessie 

18. Holmes Ginn 

19. Joe Letosky 

20. Jim Malone 

21. Tom Turco 

22. Mike Mrlik 

23. Ray McNulty 

24. Jeff Neuman 

25. Carl Foleik 

26. Bill Bryant 

27. Mike Silverman 

28. Doug Seitz 

29. Scott McLam 

30. Pete Kingsberry 

31. Steve Kern 

32. Charlie Brown 

33. Keith VanLanen 

34. Bill Cranshaw 

35. Dana Samuelson 

Not pictured: 

Hank Wall 
Chris Leiser 
Stu Atkinson 
Larry Kanavas 

1. J. Hemby 

2. Buck Buckner 

3. Marty Piccoli 

4. Jay Blumberg 

5. Paul Daugherty 

6. Randy Sacks 

7. Jerry Maatman 

8. Rich Bird 

9. Mark Klaus 

10. Doug Dorsey 

11. Tommy Morville 

12. Bill Towler 

13. Bill Matthai 

14. Rich Allen 

15. Steve Siana 

16. Marc Ottinger 

17. Duke Cancelmo 

18. Scott Caddell 

19. Andy Fitzgerald 

20. Dave Meyers 

21. Jeff Brown 

22. Paul Hendry 

23. Art Caltrider 

24. Bob Piazza 

25. John Hendler 

26. Chip Childs 

27. Doug Pinotti 

28. Steve Hallowell 

29. Rick Baxter 

30. Willie Mackie 

31. Doug Hassinger 

32. Craig Burns 

33. John Quia 

34. Ed Vorwerk 

35. Kevin Carney 

36. Bill Hutton 

37. Steve Everett 

38. Tom Coates 


Phi Kappa Psi 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

1. John Bruch 

2. Freeman Jones 

3. Dirk Pieper 

4. John McMahon 

5. Ben Johns 

6. Stuart Vogel 

7. George Booth 

8. John Wall 

9. Chuck Vanhorn 

10. Greg Dyer 

1 1. Tom Alfano 

12. Tom Galvin 

13. John Saunders 

14. Kurt Fischer 

15. Geoff Sisk 

16. Stuart Neff 

17. John Wheatley 

18. Whit Welch 

19. David Low 

20. Rob Brooke 

21. Doug Davis 

22. Andy Wiley 

23. Hov\/ard Smith 

24. Chip Sisk 

25. Jesse Shaver 

26. Ab Boxley 

27. Beau Dudley 

28. Ricky Moran 

29. John Gordon 

30. Wells Goddin 

31. Maz Rutland 

32. Johnny Black 

33. Doug Wilhs 

34. Bill Reighley 

35. Bob Thomas 

36. Jim Moyler 

37. Bobby Clements 

38. Jim Lancaster 

39. Jim Davis 

40. Drew Sims 

41. Jim Feinman 

42. Andy Bodenstab 

43. Jeff Christovich 

44. Jeffrey Bartlett 

45. Dee Keesler 

46. Rud Moore 

47. Robbie Suit 

48. Rodney Cook 

49. Paul Cobb 

50. John Crutcher 

51. Jon Morris 

52. Sandy Bishop 

53. Gary Booth 

54. Matthew Calvert 

55. Pete Meem 

56. Bobbie Womble 

57. Robert Calvert 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

1. Banks Wannamaker 

2. Chuck Plowden 

3. Cantey Heath 

4. Monty Briscoe 

5. Andy Grisebaum 

6. Darnall Boyd 

7. Mark Pennell 

8. David Williams 

9. Craig Ferry 

10. Chuck Sipple 

1 1. Richard Duncan 

12. Chuck Plowden 

13. Nash Francis 

14. Derrick Woods 

15. Ross Newell 

16. Robert Sundberg 

17. Pete Williams 

18. Brew Houston 

19. Jim Underhill 

20. Huck Hough 

21. Cliff Sondock 

22. Jim Brock 

23. Tommy Wornom 

24. Bart Clark 

25. Jay Lutins 

26. Scott Hood 

27. Faculty Advisor 

28. Gary Pouch 

29. Scooter Lowder 

30. Jimbo Grisebaum 

31. Dave Donahey 

32. Phil Kaplan 

33. Kendall Jones 

34. Chris Greatwood 

35. Gene Shepherd 

36. Tom Savage 

37. John Pritchard 

38. Tom Goss 

39. John Woods 

40. John Fox 

41. Alan King 

42. Frank Knowlton 

43. Norris Laffitte 

44. Hub Kennedy 

45. Bob Colvin 

46. John Wilkerson 

47. Kirby Tompkins 

48. Tommy Turner 

49. John Psillas 

50. Tuck Laffitte 

51. Herb Smith 

52. John McAlister 

53. Pat Robmson 

54. Frank Ellerby 

55. Les Cotter 
Not pictured: 
Ben Easton 

'^i,* '■>»'■ 

Pi Kappa Phi 

1. Jim Brossy 

2. Glen Stanford 

3. Kevin McCusty 

4. John Cole 

5. Mark Kinniburgh 

6. Dick Barron 

7. Alan Bauer 

8. Madison Woodward 

9. Skip Franck 

10. George Polizos 

11. Walton Clark 

12. Bill Bourne 

13. Jim Hicks 

14. Tom OHara 

15. Gray Coleman 

16. Coach Lord 

17. Sara 

18. Carl Perry 

19. Holcombe Baird 

20. Dutch Waldbauer 

21. John Stathakis 

22. Cove Geary 

23. Alan Pryor 

24. Tom Bartlett 

25. Edwin Wright 

26. Chip Gates 

27. Charles Hulfish 

28. Grant Leister 

29. Jim Mendoza 

30. Bob Jackson 

31. Frank Jones 

32. David Goldstein 

33. Denny Byrne 

34. Jack Green 

35. Pete Schott 

36. Ben Newsom 

37. John Risch 

38. Rainey Booth 

39. Parke Ellis 

40. Ron Moore 

41. Bob Binder 

42. Fletcher Harkrader 

43. Parker Potter 

44. Arturo Melian 

45. Chris Volk 

46. John Hamilton 

47. Ken Bewick 

48. John May 

49. Larry Gumprich 

50. Jim Leisy 

51. Art Bloom 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Mike VanAmburgh 
Andy Bertron 
Cody Davis 
Gerrald Giblen 
Bruce Moore 
Bob Schuler 
Miller Kennedy 
Carter Tucker 
Richard Salmons 
Clay Crumbliss 
Tobin Cassels 
Ed Morrison 
Mike Airheart 
Marshall Clark 
George Stadler 
Dick Schoenfeld 
J. Ed Bever 
Donny Smith 
Marshall Dougherty 
Jean Pierce 
Freddy Moore 
Mason Hawfield 
Murray McClintock 
Jim McClintock 
Holman Head 
Bill Paxton 
David Constine 
Richard Taylor 
Lee Davies 
Billy Webster 
Jack Wilcox 
Bobby Pearce 
Chip Sites 
Raymond Mclntyre 
Paul Brock 
Jett Ingram 
Daniel Herbert 
Jimmy Walter 
Hagood Morrison 



1. Jerry Baird 

2. John Hill 

3. Richard Essex 

4. Danny CaruccI 

5. George Irvine 

6. Pete Clements 

7. Tim Brooks 

8. Dave Scott 

9. Robert Neely 

10, Peter Stanford 

11. Mike Cleary 
12 Harvey Kay 

13. Tim Lavelle 

14. Heartsill Ragon 

15. Ed Curry 

16. Willie Howard 

17. Jim Gray 

18. Homer Bliss 

19. Jack Schew/el 

20. Jeff Powers 

21. Eric Nord 

22. Jim Shoemaker 

23. Sam Rogers 

24. Bruce Poole 

25. Sam Campbell 

26. Tobie Suit 

27. Jim Flippen 

28. Chris Gammon 

29. Dave Greer 

30. Charles Terry 

31. Douglas Bird 

32. Mike Monaghan 

33. Stu Jackson 

34. Robert Firnberg 

35. Mark Hampton 

36. Carl Kirkpatrick 

37. Ricky Wallerstein 

38. John Pigue 

39. Ed Jordan 

40. Marsh Merriman 

41. Charlie Smith 

42. John Billmyre 

43. Mark Putney 

44. Rip Heenan 

45. Jim Tommins 

46. Dave McDonald 

47. Peter Eliades 

48. John Martin 

49. John Volk 


Sigma Chi 

I— ■MMIMa«M — — M— m m} B^^SB 

1. Rob Walton 

2. Larry Connolly 

3. Mark Turner 

4. Phil Swirbul 

5. John Hollinger 

6. John Craig 

7. Ben Swan 

8. Jim Ladky 

9. unknown 

10. Doug Wyatt 

11. Boice McGrew 

12. David Chester 

13. Jamie Small 

14. Edward Brooks 

15. Baker Spring 

16. Rob Bates 

17. Powell Jones 

18. Todd Tyson 

19. Howie Collier 

20. Joe Connor 

21. Murphy Gregg 

22. Luis Dehechavarria 

23. Luke Megna 

24. Bill Irvm 

25. Mickey McCabe 

26. Charles Tucker 

27. Charles Noble 

28. Frank McDonald 

29. Ed Graham 

30 Jared Bernhardt 

31. Dave Tyson 

32. Harry T. Jones 

33. Scott Shelton 

34. Bill Davis 

35. Gus Fritchie 

36. Mike Devine 

37. Rich Formato 

38. Bruce Whipple 

39. Mike Missal 

40. Rich Grace 

41. Dave Baynard 

42. Joe Dashiell 

43. Ted Kerr 

44. Pete 

45. Greg MacDonald 

46. Mac McCoy 

47. Jim Weatherstone 

1. Ty York 

2. Stoney Caulter 

3. Rob Wendt 

4. Madison Spencer 

Sigma Nu 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 


1. Steven Hufnal 

2. Jack Dorsey 

3. Bev Mauck 

4. Robert E. Lee 

5. Marc Birenbaum 

6. Steve Baldwin 

7. Skip Kamis 

8. Dave Kuhn 

9. Bob Sillman 

10. Al Fernandez 

11. Steve White 

12. Mike Karctier 

13. Doug SwatskI 

14. Steve Douglas 

15. Gary Goodenow 

16. Steve Dummlt 

17. Tom Gillen 

18. Rex Nyquist 

19. Jay Norfleet 

20. Clark Ferryman 

21. Bill Porthi 

22. Tom Dutton 

23. John Follansbee 

24. Larry Bryant 

25. Alex Philpott 

26. Marcus Brinks 

27. Clem Carter 

28. Mark Danos 

29. Alan Drennen 

30. Joel Segall 

31. Chris O'Connor 

32. Goetz Eaton 

33. Peter Quinn 

34. Kevin Dwyer 

35. Tom Hendricks 

1. Dave Bryant 

2. Gordon Copland 

3. Doug Peckham 

4. Joe Scott 

5. Dave Weaver 

6. Al Hintz 

7. Paul Nathan 

8. Doug Reas 

9. Doug Shipman 

10. Robby Smitherman 

Zeta Beta Tau 


1. Phil Marella 

2. Mark Walker 

3. Bill Murphy 

4. Bob Palmer 

5. Dick Latture 

6. Spencer Jackson 

7. Jaime McElroy 

8. Jaime Paige 

9. Onil Cote 

10. Tim Heldman 

11. Henry Helzberg 

12. Gardner Umbarger 

13. Pat Hinton 

14. Hank Clark 

15. Mark Firestone 

16. Mike Canavan 

17. Gordon Lewis 

18. Will Bernart 

19. James Hawkins 
20- Alan Guyse 

21. Peter Engel 

22. Mike Harvey 

23. Tom Raymond 

24. John Yale 

25. John McGovern 

26. Doug Werth 

Chris Reid 
Terry Shadrick 
Dave Kent 
Dave Addison 
Howard Rubel 
Howell Perkins 
Roger Rak 
Morgan Walker 
Billy Fishback 
Jeff Nielson 


TrTfyfR^rnn V K-*^^Wilson Field l i^/ '"''^ 

Front Row; Left toRight: M. Duncan (Co-captain), J. Slatcoff (Co-captain). Second Row: J. Norberg, K. McGowan, T. 
Hissey, L. Kanavas, B. Szczecinski, B. Frear, P. Bailey, E. Johnson, D. Crossley, K. Steele, J. Letosky, S. Smith, S. 
Johnson. Third Row: B. Clemens, D. Kniffen, J. Guynn, G. Ballantyne, C. Folcik, G. Lilly, T. Baynham, G. Fisher, G. 
Berry, D. Thompson, K. Smith, M. Travers, J. Ryan. Fourth Row: S. McLam, B. Burkholder, S. Swope, R. Wiles, L. 
McNulty, D. Hamra, M. Lewis, V. Sheperd, M. Mrlick, C. Walsh, G. Nerz, D. Kingman. Fifth Row: S. Farrar, B. Butts, S. 
Atkinson, M. Piccoli, K. MacMillan, S. Caddel, J. Newman, K. Bell, M. Louden, L. Davis, T. Coates, B. Willis. Sixth 
Row: C. Cheatham, J. Weatherstone, B . . Gordon, L. MJnetree, T. Alfane, C. Nunley, D. Edward, R. Morrison, B. Dale, 
A, Wiley, W. Pritchett, T. Griffin, C. Bates. Seventh Row: J. Snedden, C. Leiser, J. Hendler, J. Wallace, J. Forte, E. 
Vorwerk, K. McClernon, D. Williams, J. Scott, W. Barber, J. Herbert, B. Collins, S. Stafford. Eighth Row: L. Newell, 
(Equip, mgr.), T. Jones, B. Williams, C. O'Connell, B. McHenry, B. Leslie, T. Thunder, N. Aldridge, J. Emmer, J. Taylor. 

1977 Recoid 



Loch Haven State 



Davidson College 



Centre College 










Univ, of South 






Emory & Henry 









Wilson Field 

Front Row, Left to Right; Roger Yale, Nick Martin, Kelly Ryan, Doug Seitz, Doug Dorsey, Larry Kanavas, Mark 
Bennet, Mark Derbyshire, Bill Stone, Dave Williams, Mark Turner, Howie Collier, Dana Samuelson, Homer Bliss. 
Second Row: Kevin Carney, Woods King, Todd Tyson, Ben Easton, Doug BinuchI, Chuck Dauria, Doug Adams, Andy 
Bodenstab, Sandy Bishop, Shawn Levesque, Greer Barriault, Ace Dods, Rolf Piranian. 



k.. ^ # A 


W'T ^*1* %^^. 



1 P # -1 1 Ji i * 1 'Jk 

Front row left to right: Marv Odum, Howard Herudon, Bill Morris. Hans Furuland, Bob Bates, Bill Welch (co-captaIn), Alan Weeks (co-captain) 
Chris Daniel. Kevin Grimm. Richard Bird. Back row left to right: Coach Dick Miller, Sean Smith, Carl Kirkpatrick, John Plowden, Brian Adams, 
Doug Shipman, Tom Gillen. Dan Becque. Ray Best, Stu Nibley (ass't coach). 




Front row left to right: Paul Koehler, Scoott Duff, Mitcfn Dugan, Mike Foley, Chip Hoke, Bill Brown. Back row: Coach Bill Staerns, Kevin Dickey. 
Biff Martin, Keith Romich, Bob Newcomb, Pete Stanford- Not shown: Will Hodges. 

V ^ ir^'^'j? 






Castleton Stale 






Clinch Valley 



Eastern Mennonite 






York College 



Emory & Henry 


















Bluefield College 












Jersey City State (NJ)- 



Eastern Conn 






Kean College (NJ)* 



Staten Island 



Eastern Mennonite 



Case Reserve 











Season Record: 22-6 





Emory & Henry 


■NCAA South Atlantic Regional Tourn 




Front Row, L to R: Mike Wenke, Bruce Williams, Tracey Hodge, Jim Berlin, Pat Dennis, Bob Forlenza, Tom Jeffries, Larry Meyer, Carby Hoy, Pete 
Farrell. Back Row, L to R: Head Coach Verne Canfield, Asst Coach Dennis Bussard, trainer Carol Chrzanowski, Dave Leunig, Chris Ware, Bob 
Smitherman, Ardith Collins, Paul Hendry, Student Ass't Coach Eamon Cassell, managers Mac Rein and Brad Lewis^ 

As Washington and Lees basketball team captured another ODAC 
crown and a national reputaton for college respectability this past winter. 
senior guard Pat Dennis emerged as the Generals top hoopster Dennis cap- 
ped hjs collegiate B-ball career by setting a new school record for points 
scored m a single season at an even 700 

After the final buzzer had sounded at Kean College, thus ending Dennis' 
superb career, Pat was selected tor several high honors To begin with Pat 
was named the Most Valuable Player of the Southeast Regional NCAA. 
Division III Tournament. The O.D AC followed by naming him M V P of the 
conference In addition Dennis was selected first team All-Amencan (Div III) 
by both the Basketball Weekly magazine and the National Association of 
Basketball Coaches 

Although his W&L basketball days were over. Pat still had some collegiate 
ball playing left for him as he was selected for the highly regarded 
Portsmouth Invitational Tournament The tournament is a series of round- 
robin playoff games between pick-up teams drawn from the top 64 seniors (in 
all divisions) m the nation Although his team lost the series opener, Pat 
dropped m twelve points Dennis also played for the Virginia all-stars m a dual 
with their peers from North Carolina Finally, and perhaps most exotic of all. 
Dennis, in early April, played m Mexico City for a Division II and III all-star 
team representmg the United States 

Looking back over the year, Pat expressed a strong appreciation to his 
friend and valuable team-mate, Mike Wenke "I definitely could not have done 
it without him He created a lot of situations to get me open," Dennis said 
Dennis' praise is well placed, for Mike Wenke set a school record in assists 
this year with 259 Next year Pat will continue his basketball career by playing 
professionally in Europe 






Front Row. L to R: Mike Monaghan. How Knipp, James Flippen, Vincent Rospond, Ray Gross, Ed Foy, Mike Deighan, Ed Kramer. Back Row. L to 
R: Coach Gary Franke. Ed Rodgers. Lesley Heart, Charles Terry, Warren Mowry, Tom Oxendine, Dave Stoeffel, Dan Kniffen, Ass't Coach Herb 




W&L Invitational 4th 











Eastern Mennonite 


Citadel Invitational 8th 





Liberty Baptist 















Newport News 






Lowell Tech 





O.D.A.C. Tournament 


American U. 



James Madison U. 


Season Record: 9-8 





Front Row, L to R: Will Hodges, Bill Ash, Jay Diesing, Mike Foley, Chip Hoke, Scott Duff, David Scott, Peter Meem. Back Row, L to R: John 
Hudson, Doug Dickey, Bob Newcomb, Keith Romich, Gordon Ross, Drew Pillsbury, Coach Bill Stearns. 

iHi\ai. -!-_?i3p\ 






Iff f If f < f 

* * • ' : * 


Logging 11,000 yards per day between meets and swimming competitively fifty 
weeks every year point out three things about John Hudson's personality: his 
perseverence, his love for the water, and, most importantly, the abiding faith that 
all this rigor will pay off. Quite predictably, this faith, and swimming meets since 
the age of eight, has wreaked a possibly unmatchable dividend for Hudson. 

The proud, but self-disciplined, Pennsylvanian has been named Ail-American 
seventeen times in his four years at W&L. Added to that, he has set four school 
records on his own, (the 200, the 500, the 1,000, and the 1650 yards freestyle) and 
two with the help of his fellow Generals in the four and eight hundred yard frees- 
tyle relays. 

Hudson led his team well in their attaining of a record smashing 10-1 dual meet 
tally this year and by capping the season with an impressive tenth place finish in 
the National College Division swimming championships held at Grinnell College. 
Added to his preceding three years, Hudson has led Washington and Lee to an 
enviable 33-9 mark on dual meets and to many self-feeding rumors of the makings 
of a college level aquatic dynasty right here in Lexington. 

Although Hudson Is, as Coach Bill Stearns says, 'by far and away the best 
swimmer this school has ever seen," his contributions to W&L are also above 
sea-level. For one, Hudson, relying on his stern self-regulation, his capacity for 
objective self-appraisal, his abiding faith in his abilities, and his love of, and thirst 
for, competition, has made the Dean's List every term in his junior and senior 
years; a formidable task for a Business Administration major. 

Applying his talents of the pool to the realities of campus life, Hudson has been 
a standout leader by being assistant head dorm counselor. But even with all these 
personal achievements, the sturdy easterner does not lose sight of his college 
experience, "I feel that W&L has given me a lot in that I have been able to compete 
on a high level in athletics and in academics." 

Looking back over his four years of explosive swimming. Hudson, who will join 
the Intelligence apparatus of the U.S. Army upon graduaton, explains pensively 
why he conditioned himself so thoroughly, partly to the exclusion of other ac- 
tivities, "It wasn't all for the personal glory. If somebody else on the team did well, 
it got me excited and made me want to do better. " The articulate photography 
buff, who hopes to become a swim coach eventually, affirms this sentiment by 
saying candidly, "The newspaper write ups and the personal congratulations are 
just icings on the cake. " On a final swimming note, the Ail-American attributes his 
collegiate success to coach Bill Stearns and to the long-distance assistant coach 
Lieutenant Colonel Louis P. McFadden. 


Front Row, LtoR: K. McFadden, W. Pritchett, P. Roberts, G. Santos, R.Willis, J. Broccoli, B. Peaslee, R. Eisdorfer, J. Kemp, M. Dugan, R. Hiltz, J. 
Olive. Second Row, L to R: M. Derbyshire, J. Foster, C. Walsh, S. Johnson, R. Kupecky, J. Hooper, J. Herbert, D. Rigger, G. Brent, D. Pieper, S. 
McLam, T. Cox. Third Row, L to R: Coaches J. Emmer and C. O'Connell, manager P. Clarke, C. Stieff, B. Williams, B. Clements, C. Brown, J. 
Sindler, S. McDonald, J. Fritz, J. Black, statistician L. Lamotte, trainer T. Jones, eqp. mgr. L. Newell, coach R. Piranian. 



fc.. .. t^'^^^^B 






:.>♦»*♦';' *-•»*»*■ 


V « 




Front left to right: Doug Hassmger. Chuck D Auna. Ted Hissey (co-cap), Andrew Schutrumpf, Dan Kingman, Rich Wiles (co-cap^), John 
Stagmaier, Don Swagart, Peter Restamo. Back, left to right: Coach Joe Lyies. Victor Shepherd, Bob Szczecinski, Mike Busby, Scott Stafford, Chip 
Childs, By Steele, Assistant Coach Rich Arnold, Lawrence Loveridge (manager). 


«, «4itij>:a'ilMkWt{fe«i.i»*i5^t*«^-e' 







Front, left to right: Bob Bates, John Plowden, Jeff Slatcoff, John Colmus, Jack Norberg (Captain), Phil Dunley (Captain), Norvell Scott, Tony 
Ciucci, Jon Morris, Bill Welch, Scott Swope, Henry Hairston. Back, left to right: Coach Norris Aldridge, Bill Morris, R.J. Scaggs, John Vancott, Karl 
Cheatham, Baker Spring, Howard Metzger, Jim Parker, Jim Vines, Hamilton Davis, Rich Bird, Bob Campbell, Paul Henry, Stew Atkinson, Carl 
Kirkpatrick, Dave Sheridan, Marvin Oden, Ray Best, John Schmidt, Chris Daniel, Bob Hoffman, Chris Leiser, Jeff Brown, Howard Herndon, Coach 
Bill Stearns. 

!fV X:j^!S^&3i?<f^ 


^ ...iatLjiijili 


Left to right: David Constine, Cody Davis, Ben Johns (captain), Stewert Jackson, Robert Schuler, Pat Norris, Doug Gaker. 



Back, left to right: Dave Leunig, Gerry Maatman, Bo Morehead, Jim Walter, Coach Emmett Leslie, Front, left to right; Jerry Barousse. Terry 
Shadrick, Andy Fitzgerald, Bruce Harvey. 


Contact, SAB 

^ /S^ ^ WLUR to 

^•-^ '^'^ expand 

Parties ; 

EC requires 


In Trouble 








oi % 






Executive Committee 

Left to Right: Jim Davis, Chris Gammon, George Griffin, Steve Abraham, Jack Bovay, Jackie Boyden, Rick Goddard, 
Doug Perkins, Mike Missal, Jim Underhill, Andy Bodenstab. 


student Control Committee 

Bob Willis, Julian Good, Dutch Waldbauer, Jim McNider, Bruce Perrone, Mike Cleary, Chuck Sipple, Dave Constine and Les Cotter. 

Inter-Fraternity Council 


John Gordon. John Bruch. Richard Huck. Howdy Knipp, Mac Flowers. Mark Hampton. Steve Jones and Steve Mattesky. 

Mock Convention 

Front Row: Jim McNider, Carol Chappell, Mike Missal Back Row: Craig Cornett, Ned McDonnell, John Trump, Sid Simmons, Dick Schoenfeld 

Mike Cappeto, John Follansbee. Chip Welch, Carlo Carlozzi, Jr. 

Pre-Law Society 

student Recruitment Committee 

Standing, Left to Right: Bill Tucker, Dave Hamra, Rob Nichols, Dan Carucci, Bill Thistlethwaite, Richard 
Wallerstein, Kevin Lamb, Shirley Floyd, Ed Dougherty. Tom Wall, Charles Terry, Doug Bird. Kneeling: 
Syd Farrar. Mark Putney, Dave McDonald, Steve Jones, Paul Daugherty. 


^Tie Otauenl/ ^Ictimtie^ ^(xir^/ 

Left to Right: Bill Tucker, Charlie Hulfish, Bill Ridge, Carole Chappell, Jim Foreman, Glen Stanford, Tony Carii, 
George Polizos, Matt McNearney, Hank Hall, Steve Mangum, Tom McCarthy. 


Left to Right: Walter Granruth, Pete Abitante. Dick Schoenfeld, Bill Webster, Richard Makepeace, Tom Salley, 
JimTommins, Charming Hall, Keith Van Lanen, Mike Cameron. 

University Federation 

Rich Stein, Carole Chappell. Mike Cappeto, Mark Broughton. 

Big Brothers 


Gil Pearsall, Ed Kamis, Bev Mauck, Mad Dog, Nils Hedelln, David Hemenway, Brian Carroll, Miller Kennedy, Guy 
Beavins, Doug Perkins. Ray Mclntyre, Al Fernandez 


<f ifBif?! %i^^ 


^-^:^ * Lm— 





-^..jmrn. .#-*• 


Front row: Debbie Capps (Asst coach), James Worth (Head Coach) Back row, left to right: Rob Earle, Jose Amonn, Will Wendt, Paul Nathan, Will 
Mackie, Larry Dwight, Dave Bryant, Bill Sherwin, Herb Jennings, Sam Harrison, Chuck Stinnett, Bill Hill, David Garner, Phil Welch, John 


Left to right: Bob Trembley. Bruce Wilmot, Chuck Strome, Ed Burgess, Steve Mattesky, John Kingston & Shawn Levesque, Meegan Hanrahan, 
Mark Mainwaring, Cornelia Graves, IVlike Lavitt, Andy Drewer, William G. Turner. Spencer Leffel, Les Gillen, Sandy Bishop, Tom Gillen. 

Southern Comfort 

David Goldstein. Rick Stewart, John Volk, Wade Forsman, Chip Colonna, Robert Firnberg, Keith Teel, Dan Coffey, Henry Hauptfuhrer, Danny 
Carucci, Terry Frankenberger, Art Bloom. 

Brass Ensemble 

Left to right: Douglas Reas, William Watson, James Coyle, James Rayhorn, Lawrence Thaul, Steven Hufnal, Eric Frey, Thomas Lisk, Phillip Eikner. 

Publications Board 

Left to right: Patnck Hinely (standing m for Temp Webber), Chris Volk, Pete Goss, Ryland Owen, Mike Gallagher, Dave McLean, Grant Leister. 

^Ae (Da^a> 

Left to right: John Craig, Boice McGrew, Neil Sheehan, Plater Robinson, John Cole, Temp Webber, Grant Leister, Tracy White, Chris Volk, Jim 
Shoemaker, Greer Barriault. 

Editor-in-Chief: Temp Webber 
Business Manager: Grant Leister 
Layout Editor: Jim Shoemaker 
Photography Editors: Stuart Craig, Greer Barriault 
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Neil Sheehan, Bob Mucciola, Richard Essex 
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9lcri^-tum/ ^^ 

Sitting, L-R: Gray Coleman. Jim Barnes, Mike Gallagher, Lee Howard, Pete Goss, Rob Sartelie; Standing, L-R: Chris Fay, Dave Talley, Ken 
Mastrllli, Randy Smith, John Cole, Jim Ingham, Bob Bates. 

Tucker, Bovay and Bruch criticize 

4th estate 

In conclusion your newspaper 
has once again printed unfound- 
ed remarks and resorted to sen- 
sationalism. Such erroneous 
reporting week after week is 
causing the RtP to join the 
ranks of Hustler and Midnight 
Magazine. As evidenced by 
other student publications on 
this campus, controversy is not 
a requisite for quality. 

Hopefully in your remaining 
issues the quality of your stories 
and accuracy thereof wOl im- 
prove The W&L community is 
very much in need of a respec- 
table student-nin newspaper of 
which they may be proud. The 
RtP owes such respect not only 
to its readers but also to its 


John L. Bruch III 


Contact "77 

You are in the position among 
student groups to be able to 
stand in front of the proverbial 
fan with the shovel of prover- 
bial fertilizer aiming at 
whichever peer group you 
desire. That position is akin to 
having your cake (a position of 
authority in a student group) 
and eating it too ( being able to 
degrade peer groups). Now 
since the EC has voted to allow 
salaries, you will be paid for 
eating your cake. It is not that I 
am desiring a piece of the cake, 
I just want a little less fertilizer 
and a little more quality in 
future Ring-tum Phi's. 

Bill Tucker, 79 

Dear Editor: 

I was greatly dismayed by 
your editorial of last week, in 
which you incorrectly stated 
that I had accused the Student 
Activities Board of abusing 
study body funds. The use of 
this second hand information as 
the basis for an editorial, 
without even talking to me 
about the matter, is actually an 
abuseof your editorial powers. 

Mike, I hope that in the future 
you will follow more acceptable 
journalistic practices 


Jack Bovay 

Junior E. C. Representative 

Glee Club 

Jose Amorin 
Davis Ayers 
Robert Binder 
Arthur Bloom 
Jay Brackin 
Daniel CaruccI 
Michael Chiarappa 
Dan Coffey 
Claude Colonna 
Andy Crowson 
Tom Dutton 
Kevin Dwyer 
Robert Firnberg 
John Follansbee 
Wade Forsman 
Terry Frankenberger 
David Goldstein 

David Harpole 
Henry Hauptfuhrer 
Steve Heird 
Perry Heitman 
John Herman 
Lee Howard 
Steve Hufnal 
Richad Johnson 
Page Kelly 
Larry Lacina 
William Light 
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Robert O'Donnell 
Seth Oserin 
Jon Pine 
Mike Pow/ell 

Peter Quinn 
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Jay Taggart 
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Phillip Timp 
John Volk 
Robert Watson 
Doug Webb 
William Wendt 
Edwin Wright 
Steve Yeakel 

Cable Nine 

Chuck Strome, Shaun Levesque, Rob Hedelt, Tommy Williams, Cornelia Graves 

Young Christians 

Young Republicans 

Sitting: Steve Yeakei, John Baylor; Standing: Dave Talley, Joe Baker, Charles Talley, Charles Stinnett. 

Young Democrats 

Left to right: Bob Gurval, Sam Harrison, Lee Cave, Ben Winn, Tony Carii, David Garner, Walker Mayo. 

student Association for Black Unity 

Front row: Lloyd Boykin, Larry Crocker, Curtis Stewart, Back row: Ardie Collins, Tom Jeffries, Stan Packer, Wilbur Barber, Ken Cassell, Karl 
Cheatham, Bill Dale, Jimmy Herbert, Bruce Williams, Ray Bolding. 

Music Union 



Spencer Leaffel, Bill Stewart, Ed Blomquist, Keith Leper, Bill Welch, Ken Rose, Ron Spain, Tony Carii, Galen Trussell, Eric Sella. 

Mongolian Minks 

.if. .^J,:..:- 

Left to right: Haygood Morrison, Jim McClintock, Jim Goulden, Fred Moore, Clay Crumbiiss, Bill Roper, Murry McClintock, Denny Smith. 
Kelly Ryan, Wm. G. Turner, Plater Robmson, Brice Williams, Tommy Tift, Richard Huck, Henry Taylor. Sandy MacDonald, Lex Dyer. David 
Trice, Jay Schaetfer, Maurice Adams. Mac Kennedy, Steve Smith, Charlie Habliston, Jeff Fletcher, John Long. 


Sigma Society 

L to R- Hagood Morrison, Charlie Stieff, Jim Moyler, Bob Thomas. Bill Reighley. Will Pierce. Bill Mauck. Richard Taylor, Tom Wiseman. I^ichael 
Airheart. Holman Head. Bill Turner, Stowe Rose — President. Donny Smith. Rob Couch — Secretary Treas.. Jim McCimtock. Ben Johns. Absent: 
Cotesworth Simons. Frank Rogers. 

Sigma Society Circa — 1900 



CadcvveA ^cudu 


David Thomas Adams 

Francis Girault Addison IV 

Gregory H. Adier 

Andrew J. Archie 

Robert E. Atkinson Jr. 

Percy Davis Ayres III 

Richard Madison Barron 

Robert W. Bates 

Thomas Elliott Baynham III 

Robert Bentield 

George Augustus Berry 

John Charles Bovay 

Robert F. Brewer 

Frederick Andrew Brimberg 

James Scott Brockenbrough 

Class of 1979 

Brian Wesley Brooke 

Lowell Ross Buckner III 

Douglas Ashby Byrd 

Dennis Keith Calhun 

Jean-Jacques Landers Carnal 

Earl C. Caruthers Jr. 

O. Lee Cave III 

Lambuth Palmore Clarke 

John Peter Clements 

M.G. Coleman 

Richard Christopher Collins 

John Jefferson Copper 

Neil Cote 

Donald Wayne Crossley 

Robert Edward Lee Davies 

gk % dMdiih 

J-^ *c^ 

^«W ^ I 

Lawrence G. Davis 
William R. Deeley II 
Robert Howard Devilbiss 
Michael James Doody 
Scott Kyle Douglas 

James Philip Edwards 
Shawn W. Ellsworth 
Peter Kenneth Engel 
Charles Joseph Fadus 
J. Andrew Fitzgerald 

James H. Flippen III 
Carl Kenneth Folcik 
Michael Folio 
James S. Frantz Jr. 
James Michael Gallagher 

Paul Whitmore Gerhardt 
Peter Heywood Goss 
Cornelia Walton Graves 
James Douglas Gray 
Alan S. Guyes 

Jim H. Guynn Jr. 
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Henry Young Hamilton 
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Meegan E. Hanrahan 

R. Taylor Harbison Jr. 
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Scott Worthington Hood 

Daniel Andrew Hosage, Jr. 
Harry Graham Hudgins 
Richard D. Hughes 
Charles Stewart Hulfish 
James Eraser Humphreys III 

William George Hyland Jr. 

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Victor Alfred Jaramillo 

Herbert Raymond Jennings 

Ralph T. Jones 

Toshikuni Kaneto 
Harvey Leiand Kay I 

Edward U. Kissel III 
Edward L. Kuczynski 
Douglas Bassett Lane 

Michael O. Lavitt 

James Keith Leeper 

Grant Everhart Leister 

John Robert Lewis Jr. 

Gregory Alan Lilly 


David M. Persson 
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Jotin Samuel Plowden Jr. 
Gary Joseph Podesta 

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James Michael Powell 
George Russell Pruitt III 
Andrew Lane Radcliffe 


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William Leitch Rodgers Jr. 

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William Strickler 

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Will Hill Tankersley Jr. 


H^ Mk^mMk 

Phillip Joseph Timp 
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h it 

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Richard Kevin Johnson 
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Michael Ramer Karcher 

Singleton Dewey Keesler Jr. 

Myles Harris Kelley 

William Watkins Kelly Jr. 

Bradley Kemp Kesel 

Peter Christopher Klngsbery 

Mark Alan Kinnlburgh 

John Christopher Kisalus 

Mark Edward Klaus 

Paul Koehler 

David Franklin Koogler 

Andrew Allsion Lassiter 

James Penner Leisy 

Kevin Kent Leonard 

Richard Mark Lewis 

Thomas Alan Lisk 

Mark Edward Lockhart 

Mark Stuart Louden 

Andrew Duncan Lowe 

Mark Brian Mainwaring 

Richard Austin Makepeace Jr. 

.V >/1( /, 


Eugene Philip Mangum Jr. 
Thomas Fletcher Mann 
Theodore B. Martin Jr. 
William Henry MatthI Jr. 
Walker Porter Mayo III 

Stephen James McCabe 
M. Garrott McClintock 
Michael Robert McCraney 
Matthew K. McCusty 
Barksdale Warwick McNider 

Ken K. McPheeters 
R.M. Merriman 
Howard M. Metzger 
David Edward Meyers 
Carl Watson Miller 

R.K. Moir 

Michael James Monaghan 

Hugh Montgomery 

Michael J. Mrlik 

Paul Allan Nathan 

L.T. Negna 

Benjamin Byrd Newsom 

Jay Everitt Norfleet Jr. 

Raymond Charles Nugent 

Robert James ODonnell 

Joseph E, Olive 

Marc Willson Ottmger 

R. Ownby 

Russell Bogert Parmele 

William W. Paxton 

Gilbert Houghton Pearsall Jr. 

Carl Edward Perry 

Clark Leonard Perryman 

Richard Corbm Pierson 

Howard Andrew Pillsbury 

Joseph Douglas Pinotti 

Jeffrey Taylor Powers 

William Pritchard III 

Millard N. Radford 

William B. Rector III 



K* \ 







^H/ ^t^SL Mi»- ^OT^ ^^^^bHHI^^^^^^^h 



^ ^ I ^.w^^^H 


v- tPBi'V/ 

1^ " '^^ ^ ^^^1 


^ tvf ; f 


. 1 


JIB^^ Sm 


J^dM dM^ 

William S. Ridge 
John Raymond Risch 
William Lee Robertson Jr. 
Kenneth Rodman Robson III 
Samuel Hamilton Rogers III 

Walter Keith Sanford 
Richard Holleman Schoenfeld 
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Victor Wray Shepherd 

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Sidney Searle Simmons III 
Reid Matthews Slaughter 
Mark Donald Smith 
Walter Sneed 

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Jesse Fletcher Suber 
Peter Brookins Taylor 
William Bruce Taylor 

Charles V. Terry 

Richard Thompson 

Vail Tucker Thorne 

Kenneth William Tolley Jr. 

Michael Belts Van Amburgh 

George Douglas Vermilya 

Mark G. Walker 

Thomas R. Wall IV 

Joseph K. Wallace 

Richard Strouse Wallerstein Jr. 

Robert Livingston Walter 

William Taylor Watson IV 

David L. Weaver Jr. 

Kenneth Paul Webber 

David Walter West 

1^ ^1 

MliAl^ Al^k 



Class of 1981 

John Carnes Willhite 
Scott Alan Williams 
Adrian Williamson III 
Bruce D. Wilmot 
John Thomas Woods 

Thomas Amory Wornom 
Harry Wright IV 
Mitchell Stephens Wynne 
Richard Harrison Yancey 
Scott W. Zackawski 

James Frederick Abeloff 
Charles Ottis Adier 
Thomas Gildo Alfano 
W.M. Atchison 
Don Scott Baker 

Peter Frederick Bariteau 
Thomas Martin Bartlett 
Richard A. Baxter 
Kevin Ryan Bell 
Peter Hans Benda 

Raymond Karl Best 
Clarke Stephen Bigler 
John Gary Billmyre 
Robert D. Bmder 
Jeffrey S. Blanchard 

Homer Austin Bliss 
Edwm Renden Blomquist Jr. 
John G.P. Boatwnght Jr. 
John W. Soger 
William Wheeler Bourne 


John Marvin Brackin 

Nicholas J. Brady 

Geoffrey Harrison Brent 

Julian Francis Breslin 

William Montgomery Briscoe 

Willey Richard Broaddus IV 

Gerard Louis Broccoli 

James Gilbert Brock Jr. 

Robert Lawrence Brooke 

Edward Gautler Brooks 

Jeff Buntrock 
Barry Burke 

Winston Watts Burks III 
William Craig Burns 

Dennis Byrne 
James Sands Campbell 

Samuel Henegar Campbell IV 

Michael P. Canavan 

James Scott Cardozo 

Kevin Patrick Carney 

William Tobin Cassels III 

Michael Joseph Chiarappa 

Todd Herbert Chisholm 

Jeffrey James Christovich 

Marshall A. Clark 

Charles Fenton Clarke Jr. 




i^ F^\^ I .1 t?^^^5l 

Thomas K. Coates 
Thomas Coleman Jr. 
Claude B. Colonna 
David Brewster Cook 
Vincent Coviello 

James T. Coyle Jr. 
William Warren Crowdus III 
John Patrick Daly 
Christopher James Daniel 
Cyril Douglas Davis 

Jay Allan Diesling 
John David Donahey Jr. 

David Richard Donahue 
John Fort Dorsey 

Brian Clark Doub 
Charles Steven Douglas 

Richard Hagood Drennen 
Eldon Steven Dummit III 
James John Dupplessie 
Lawrence E. Dwight Jr. 
Kevin Barry Dwyer 

Bennett Nicholas Easton 
George Lee Echols 
Clark S. Edgar 
Philip B. Eikner 
Peter Dean Eliades 


Parke Ellis 

Steven M. Everett 

George Davidson Fagan 

Michael Joseph Farrand 

Richard Allan Formato Jr. 

John Joseph Fox III 

Edward Robert Foy 

Robert Randall Frantz 

C.J. Fry 

Douglas L. Gaker 


Andrew Maurice Grisebaum 
Steven Clay Groh 
C. Paul Gubbin IV 
Channing Moore Hall III 
Jeffrey Walte Hamill 


Lesley Prince Heart 
John Cantey Heath Jr. 

Nils Jeffrey Hedelin 
Robert Lee Height 

Steven William Hellberg 
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Jonathan M. Handler 
John Wells Herbert 

Howard William Herndon 
James F. Hicks 111 

Terry Wayne Hamilton 
Charles Tandy Hammes Jr. 
Stephen N. Handy 
Matthew Jeffrey Harris 
Douglas Lambert Hassinger 

Ronald Michael Hiltz 

James Patrick Hinson 

Alfred Richard Hintz 

Robert Lyn Hite 

Robert Winslow Holliday 

William Templeton Howard Jr. 

Richard Koppe Hoy 

Kevin Dale Humphries 

William Kivlighan Hutton 

George Bonner larossi 

David Benjamin Irvin 

George R. Irvine III 

Edward Arthur Johnson 

Frank Shriver Jones Jr. 

William Powell Jones 

Dean Constantine Kalamaras 

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k. i'mmm t££. 

ttdiM^ I 


4ikir^ ^M^^^ 

Douglas Shipman 
Richard Brian Silberstein 
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Joseph D. Sloboda 
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L.B. Wannamaker 

Charles Hamilton Warner 




-•s ' ■■ rl 

i vrliw i^ ■■■> 

■•» ^l|'>«»"*».»l 


.m c^jJ 


James William Weatherstone III 
Douglas Thurston Webb 
Lawrence B. Weiner 
J, Whitcomb Welch 
Phillip Ray Welch 

Douglas Walter Werth 
Herman Roy White 
Andrew Taylor Wiley 
John Hamilton Wilkerson Jr. 
Robert Alan Willis 

Robert Harold Willis Jr. 
Warren Whitacre Woodring 
Madison T. Woodward III 
Jonathan Robert Yale 
Daniel Valentine Young 

Last spring, after the withdrawal of the then newly appointed editor. Joe Fitzgerald, 
the Publications Board picked sports editor J. Michael Gallagher, a math major with 
little first hand knowledge of the inner workings of a newspaper, to lead the Ring-tum 
Phi. The Phi had been losing a lot of prestige over the years for being too inhibited, 
too staid, and not extensive enough. The rather innocent, business as usual' ap- 
pointment of Gallagher would eventually bear a great deal of importance for the 
1977-1978 year. 

The Phil stood as the catalyst, or at least the amplifier, for the majority of the 
controversy which deluged the ordinarily quaint and quiet colonnade. Although many 
claimed the divisive snarling was purely the fault of the newfangled editor, much of 
this year's controversy had actually been seething beneath the placid surface of 
W.&.L. life. But Gallagher, with his tough minded (at times closed minded) approach 
to campus issues and anxieties, provided the green light for these undercurrents to 
explode into the open. 

At its base, much of the controversy had nothing to do with Gallagher, his editorial 
policies, or his staff but emerged after the Ring-tum Phi. through investigative report- 
ing and a lack of deference to percieved campus elites, had set the tone for campus 

The Phi set the tone of controversy in the first issue of the year in a lead article 
entitled "SAB. UNDER FIRE" where news editor Lee Howard quoted charges, to be 
reported to the Executive Committee, made by Rick Goddard. senior law school 
representative to the E.G.. of funds mismanagement, questionable financial transac- 
tions, and high level incompetence and laxness within the Student Activities Board. 

The charges were directed particularly at last years co-chairmen Mike Armstrong 
and John Berley. Amid threats of libel suits by Berley and Armstrong and critisism of 
the Phi by the newly appointed S.A.B. co-chairman Bill Tucker. Goddard clarified his 
charges. But with this clarification came new accounting guidelines to make different 
student organizations fiscally efficient and more responsibly accountable to the E.C, 
Charlie Hulfish. a co-chairman of this years S.A.B. also came under attack for his 
failure to repay promptly a personal loan extended to him by the S.A.B. the previous 
spring. Goddard. questioning the loan itself and Hulfishs delay in repaying it. moved 
for the removal of the co-chairman. After revealing his personal prolJlems behind his 
decision to accept the loan. Hulfish was barely retained 
by an EC, vote of 5-4-1, 

Also in late September, second year law student 
Daniel G. Beyer sparked a shortlived controversy by 
writing a letter to the editor which was caustically de- 
rogitory of the undergrads. Beyer's closing paragraph 
capped his academic snobbism. "I guess the moral of 
the story is this: at Washington and Lee. boys will be 
boys but men (and capable women) will be law stu- 
dents." But Beyer loomed as a lone eagle. The students 
at Lewis Hall did not share his view while several sca- 
thmg responses, from different segments of the cam- 
pus, appeared in the following weeks letters to the 
editor column. Within a couple of weeks homecoming 
diverted students" attention away from Beyers harsh 

But even Homecoming Weekend was not exempt 
from controversy. Just prior to the weekend, a Gal- 
lagher editorial discussed rack-dates and common 
techniques used by upper classmen to attain them. The 
now notorious "Rack Date Editorial" spread a wave of 
resentment throughout the girls" schools leading some 
feminists at Hollins to mimeograph the article and post 
it around the Hollins campus. Beneath the reproduced 
editorials, the feminists added their personal opinion 
with a one sentence indictment of the "W.&L, gentle- 

The incident proved to t)e a polarizing force between 
the Ring-tum Phi under Gallaghers leadership and the 
student body. Many of the students felt Gallagher had 
acted with no sense of taste while the few "j.m,g," bac- 
kers countered that the anti-traditionalist editor merely reflected upon an embarrass- 
ing fact of W,&L, life with college humour. 

At this time, the Lexington Police Department entered the act by raiding late night 
fraternity parties and issuing citations for noise violations. The raids upon the S,P,E. 
and Fiji houses set off a shouting match between the Inter Fraternity Council with the 
help of the Ring-tum Phi and the Lexington Police Department. Town-Gown relations 
became more strained as a Phi Kapp hurled an egg at squad in the middle of an arrest. 
Pi Kappa Phi was arrested for having a loud party, "gunshots ". and "yells"". A house 
brother later felt his firecrackers may have been mistaken for gunshots. 

As the police continued to approach the W.&L. community with a hard line attitude, 
the long and undying faculty debate was laid rest as that particular body favored their 
retention. The stormy month of October ended turbulently as the "Nose Knows" col- 
umn disparaged many students in applying an article in the U, Va, Cavalier to W.&L. 
about varying degrees of preppyness. More damaging to Gallaghers falling reputa- 
tion and to the Phi was the Nose's belittling reference of Adair Mutton. The stores 
manager. Leon Worley, withdrew his $1 ,800 account from the newspaper thus creat- 
ing considerable tension and dissension (mainly Ijetween Gallagher and Business 
Manager Peter Goss) among the ranks of the staff-workers. Eventually. Barry Godin. 
the writer responsible for the controversy and the flagrant personal attacks, had to 
step down as the venerable nose. 

The credibility of campus organizations came under fire once again in November as 
the Executive Committee called the S.A.B. and the Contact Committee to testify. 
Apparently, the S.A.B. had not adequately followed the financial guidelines adopted 
by the EC earlier in the year Rick Goddard felt the SAB should be held for an 
automatic honor violation '. The source of the investigation, junior representative 
and S.A.B. ad hoc member Jack Bovay. later claimed that the Ring-tum Phi had 
misquoted him. Although Rick Goddard affirmed the Phi's understanding of what had 
said, the junior rep chastised Gallagher for "an abuse of . . . editorial powers. " S.A.B. 
co-chairman Bill Tucker joined Bovay in critisizing the Phi for sensationalism. The 
SAB. found the EC. sympathetic to its contention that an interval of administrative 
lag time had occurred between the time of the institution of the accounting guidelines 
and the time of their actual implementation. Bovay, as ad hoc member, attributed 
much of this lag to a lack of communications within the activities board and added 

that treasurer Jim Foreman had done a good job. The investigation into the 
Contact Committee revealed that the committee had directly violated an E.C. 
mandate, to liquidate all assets at the end of an academic year, by maintaining a 
secret $500 account over the summer. The committee also held galas at the 
student body expense. Last year's Contact co-chairman John Bruch defended 
the dinners and the summer accounts as standard operating procedure, dis- 
puted to no avail the amount of money in the balance, and castigated the Phi 
claiming Gallagher's editorial policies were causing the paper to join the ranks 
of "Hustler and Midnight Magazine,'" The E.C. rejected a Goddard motion 8-1 to 
make unapproved parties an honor violation. The I F.C. joined the Contact de- 
bate by passing a motion to require a year-end balance sheet and list of expendi- 
tures to determine what, if any, contribution the fraternities would make to the 
program for the next year With Gallagher using the student body constitution to 
exert editorial pressure for EC. action, the EC passed a motion the next week 
to require its approval for all campus organizational blasts and that Contact 
would have to diwy up remaining cash balances at the end of each year on a 
percentage of contribution basis between the EC. and the I. F.C. with Contact 
holding onto the remaining percentage attributable to outside contributions. 

The Phi scored a major victory for W.&L. students after Thanksgiving break by 
debating the acclaimed right of the police to withold relevant arrest information 
pertaining to fraternity parties. The implementation of certain guidelines de- 
signed for the release of more police information all but ended the town-grown 
frat music battle. 

The new year started off briskly with a short but heated intellectual debate 
sparked by a Phi assertion that the university indirectly supported apartheid in 
South Africa by holding large endowment investments in american multi na- 
tional corporations which are heavily invested, and therefore providing eco- 
nomic sustenance, in that oppressive nation. President Huntley quickly resolved 
the controversy by stating officially, "In my view, it would not be feasible or wise 
for the university to organize itself in such a way as to formulate or implement 
ethical, political, or diplomatic policies through its investment management," 
January closed with the E,C, passing a modified version of a pre-rejected pro- 
posal of sophomore representative Steve Abraham 
which mandated open meeting until a vote of all cam- 
pus organization meetings. 

Student government controversy rocked the campus 
in February as the EC. called in Student Control Com- 
mittee chairman Jim McNider to testify about certain 
procedures. While Ring-tum Phi editor Mike Gallagher 
critisized the S C.C for being too zealous and imping- 
ing upon the rights of the accused as dictated by the 
U.S. Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona. McNider 
counter attacked the paper for defying a Publications 
Board order to confront a per- against whom allega- 
tions have been made. The main result of the E.C. in- 
vestigation was the request, and McNider's compliance 
with the request, for the S.C.C. to clarify its powers and 
procedures along with the delineation of the accused's 
rights. Fancy Dress heralded the end of the Hulfish' 
saga. The former S.A.B. co-chairman refused to leave 
campus after an honor violation. Neither the E.C. or the 
administration felt it had the power to remove the obs- 
tinate Hulfish (remaining on campus to sell F.D. tee 
shirts into which he had invested $500). Gallagher 
critisized both parties for inaction. The article of the 
crash landing of Hulfishs turbulent and aborted W.&L. 
career touched a less than cordial exchange between 
the Ring-tum Phi and The Executive Committee. E.C. 
president Jim Underhill. along with other committee 
members, felt that Gallagher had been editorially irres- 
ponsible and subsequently had violated the confidence 
of the Honor trial. Members of the Phi staff answered 
the allegation by pointing out that the story dealt with 
events after the trial and not with the trial itself. The Phi staff countered that it 
had excersized sufficient restraint in not revealing the details of the trial which 
had been made known to many students by EC. members in direct violation of 
the White Book. 

The winter drew to a close with the rattling discovery by Delta Tau Delta rep to 
the I. F.C. Bill Thistlethwaite of a Red Square' machine composed of SAE, PHI 
Kapp, Beta. Phi Delt. DTD, KA, and SNU. Thistlethwaite discovered the "secret- 
ive" organization when he realized that Delt president Biff Martin had partici- 
pated in I.F,C, elections without his house brothers knowledge or approval. The 
"Red Square Machine' captured six of seven top l,F,C. posts (Martin getting one 
of them). The politics gave way to new elections and Martin's resignation from 
his newly attained post. The attacks directed toward the machine were not 
directed toward any malevolence inherent in the machine but for its lack of 
being representative of all fraternities. Excluded fraternities exhibited consider- 
able resentment toward the machine and tested out the possibility of an anti- 
Red Square coalition. 

As this yearbook goes to press the traumatically climatic controversy, the 
Rank-tam Poon incident continues to unfold in all its complexity and publicity. 
The student body remains divided over relevant questions concerning the Gal- 
lagher's humour magazine and his subsequent dismissal. In this growing at- 
mosphere of distrust and dislike, the budding critics and the knee jerk suppor- 
ters of jmg may overlook the impact (e.g. the right of the accused) of Gallagher's 

Fini! Fine! Am Ende! Terminado! Done! Unbelievable! 
Another year of W&L madness compiled into 300 
pages. Well maybe not all madness, but nonetheless a 
maddening experience to put it all together. Remember 
freshman camp? Barely huh. Or Charlie Hulfish. A 
beer-less Homecoming. The Four Tops . . . WOW. 
Penn Plummer and Dick Miller. Grain. The Rank Tam- 
Poon. Labs. Another losing football season. Rush. An 
aborted concert. Drug busts. Fancy Drunk. Pat Hinely 

... $6 please. The B that gave you a "Dog" 

Losing to U.Va for the first time. Country parties 
Exams. Goshen . . . often. Hollins, Sweet Briar . . 
more often. A long winter. Snow, snow and more snow 
The Lexington police. The Red Square "machine". All 
those soul groups. Fraternity hypocracy. Booze. Khaki 
pants. A newfangled co-op. "We gotcha comin' back?" 
Lacrosse games. Rack dates. The Pub Board ... ha, 
ha. Controversy and Mike Gallagher. Sound typical? 
Well maybe you've hit on something. The set remains 
the same, only the faces change. In any event most of 
what makes W&L is here in this book: a positive and 
tasteful reflection of the 1977-1978 school year. (For 
those interested, the DTD picture is on page 172.) Hope 

you enjoy it. 

Thanks to the many who helped make this book a 
reality. Thanks to Ned McDonnell for his written pieces; 
Howie Collierfor his faculty drawings; John Cole for his 
cartoons; our patrons; Stuart Craig, Greer Barriault and 
Neil Sheehan for the many hours in the darkroom; Mike 
and Dave down at Andre Studios; and to Carole Chap- 
pell for her typing skills and a cheerful attitude. 

Special thanks to Pat Hinely for his patience, cooper- 
ation and general (in) sanity; to C.L.C for the seminars, 
bingbos, lots of good music and God forbid . . . 
Tracer; to the pumpkin cutters, Boice, Va, Doug, Andy 
and Harry T. (sorry but that picture never came off); to 
Mrs. Cook for a well-learned lesson; the boys in 
Zollmanville for being themselves and putting up with 
me; and finally to Charlie Garrison and all the people at 
Hunter Publishing Co. for another fine job. 

Well Shoe, its all yours now. Have fun with it. 

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