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S^si^Vi^^ 'j^S^'^*4SL*Mi 

I'M H-M 




Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

The Calp 

Washington and Lee University 
Lexington, Virginia 

Volume 102 



Opening I 


\v C 




, n 



■:^ \ 






SEP 9 1999 

Table of Contents 


Campus Life 















4 Opening 

■ I 



6 Opening 


Opening 7 

8 Opening 

Opening 9 

10 Opening 

Opening II 

12 Opening 

Opening 13 

Opening 15 

16 Openin 

f 9- 

Opening 17 


Students dance at the 250th Ball 
photo by Hollister Hovey 


jSr . 


^ft ^ 

h0' ^^^UJ^ki- ^ ' 


^ Ml^Sm ^^^ 


w^j^ Mst.-^'m^ ^^^^^ 

. V 

f ^H^ .^^^^^^--^m^^B 


r. '^^^ 

1 ' 

w rw^. 

Move In 

20 Campus Life 

^i^WiSTOW?'-^;: , : r v ' . . ..v; v . t.: v .tt7^ :-T7'; :.,,, ' :; r.\ :~ , 

Washington and Lee embraced the arrival 
of the freshman class of 2002 with both hope 
and exhilaration as the once-quiet streets of 
Lexington came to life on move-in day. Karly 
in the morning, cars waited in front of the 
BDG quad for their turn to begin unloading, 
while the doors to the dormitories remained 
open for students to move personal belongings 
into their new homes. 

The unusually warm day made moving in 
somewhat uncomfortable, especially for those 
that needed to climb innumerable flights of 
stairs, lugging cinder blocks and heavy trunks. 
From registration lines to the lines at the 
computer help tent, students stood baking 
underneath the sun. Names and faces blurred 
before the day was through. Nevertheless, the 
Freshman Orientation Committee welcomed 
the incoming class with reassuring smiles and 
helped in any way they could. 

Roommates and hallmates made their first 
apprehensive hellos in the midst of unpacking 
and rearranging. In between the welcome, 
tours, and orientations, parents made quick 
stops to Wal-Mart for some last-minute 

As the day came to a close, the streets began 
to empty and the earlier commotion eased into 
an anxious interim. As families departed, the 
class of 2002 came into their ow n. For many, 
tears and emotional farewells awaited. F'or all. 
the coming night signaled the beginning of a 
new life at Washington and Lee. 

Campus Lite 21 

22 Campus Life 

Homecoming Weekend 1998 con- 
tinued the tradition of being one of 
the biggest party weekends of the 
year. The October weather proved 
wonderfid, as students, faculty, and 
alumni gathered at the Liberty 
Hall ruins for tailgating. Although 
the football team fell to Randolph 
Macon, the weekend was quite 
successfid and enjoyable. The SAB 
offered a fabulous concert on Fri- 
day night featuring God Street 
Wine, while Saturday was packed 
with cocktail parties and great 
bands at the fraternities. Con- 
gratulations to Anna Lowden, who 
won the honor of being crowned 
1998 Homecoming Queen by the 
ever-so-popular skydivers. 

Campus Life 





Campus Life 

'^T ^ 


Parents' Weekend: Three days in 
October to show Mom and Dad the 
best of what W&L and Lexington 
have to offer. Take them tailgating. 
Show them the party scene. Make 
them bring you to Wal-mart to stock 
up on the essentials. If you're brave, 
I let them come to class with you. 
Maybe then they'll believe you 
when you try to explain it's the 
piojcssor's fault you never made it to 
ihat SAM class... 

Parents' Weekend is the first 
chance for most freshmen to meet up 
with the family since September and 
to calm any fears the 'rents might 
have about college life. For upper- 
classmen, it's a fun opportunity to 
find out exactly why your friends act 
the way they do. 



Campus Life 




The Halloween spirit could be felt 
throughout campus this October 
thanks to the Chi Omegas who deco- 
rated the Hill with carved pumpkins. 
The Co-op ladies also spread the 
excitement by dressing as witches 
and handing out candy. Lexington 
children paraded the streets seeking 
sweets while the Thetas, for their 
anual witch watch project, made sure 
that no trouble was raised. Thanks 
to the SAB, W&L students got 
dressed in costume to hear Jupiter 
Coyote at Zollman's . It was quite an 
interesting night as the costumes 
ranged from the Backstreet Boys to 
guys in tu-tus. 

26 Campus Life 

Campus Life 27 

28 Campus Life 

Definitely one of the wildest week- 
ends of the year. Christmas weekend 
gave frats another good reason for a 
party. Set on the last weekend before 
finals, the short respite from studying 
was well worth it. Students welcomed 
any diversion from studying, and, with 
an abundance of cocktail parties, a 
Gran Torino concert at the Pavilion, 
Secret Service playing at the Lenfest 
center, a presentation of A Taste of 
Cherry by the Film society, and a 
special 250th basketball tournament, 
finding reason to go out was not diffi- 
cult. As the final celebration of the 
term, Christmas weekend allowed 
everyone to escape from the cram- 
ming-induced frenzy characteristic of 
finals week if not just for a little while. 

Campus Life 

Women's Rush 

30 Campus Life 

Once again, the freshmen girls spent 
four nights in the University Center 
during rush. The first night was 
Philanthropy Night. This was the first 
year of having philanthropy in rush 
and it was a huge success. At each 
different sorority the girls did all kinds 
of arts and crafts for the community. 
From making cancer awareness rib- 
bons to painting t-shirts. Philanthropy 
Night offered a variety of fun and 
rewarding activities. 

The second night of rush was Skit 
Night and it proved to be as hilarious 
as always with the actives dressed in 
costume and acting as various charac- 
ters, such as David Letterman. 
Wednesday night was Sisterhood Night 
where the older members spoke about 
what it truly means to be a sister, and 
Thursday night was Pref Night. 

This past fall the ground breaking 
ceremony for the new soroity houses 
took place next to the tennis courts. 
The houses are scheduled to be com- 
pleted by the fall of 2()0(». So next 
year's freshmen could be the first 
sisters to live in the houses. 

Campus Life 3 1 

32 Campus Life 

Campus Life 33 

The theme of this year's Fancy Dress 
Ball took the Washinton and Lee commu- 
nity back to the medieval times. The 
Doremus Gymnasium and the Warner 
Center were transfoiTned into a castle 
with an elaborate banquet scene and king 
and queen size thrones, thanks to Calder 
Britt and her helpful Fancy Dress con- 
struction crew. Masks were handed out 
to all ball-goers and some daring souls 
dressed in full medieval attire. The fes- 
tivities began with a Black Crowes con- 
cert on Thursday night at the Pavilion. 
The ball kept everyone entertained on 
Friday night, and Saturday night was 
filled with crazy fraternity house parties 
until the wee hours of the morning. After 
experiencing this year's amazing Fancy 
Dress Ball, one can only imagine how 
fantastic Fancy Dress 2000 will be! 

Campus Life 

Campus Life 

Lenfest Productions 

The audiences were large and. in some cases, overflow- 
ing as the performing arts drew more than 30.000 patrons 
into the seats of Lenfest this year. Completing its eighth full 
season, the Lenfest Center for the Performing Arts once 
again showcased talented performances from not only W&L 
faculty and students, but also world renowned entertainers. 
Indeed, in addition to the Theater and Music Departments" 
productions, the season boasted artists such as the The 
Russian National Ballet, The Acting Company. The 
Canadian Brass and The Berlin Philharmonic Woodwind 

Roseiicramz and GiiiUienstein are DeaclY\cV£.i off the 
Theater Series, followed by Secret Seirice. Eccentricities of 
a Nightingale and. around the end of March, the five 
student-directed One-Act Plays. Several times during the 
year, recitals by faculty and students, the University 
Symphony and our celebrated a capella groups graced the 
stages of Lenfest. Nevertheless, it was the Broadway 
musical Candide that served as a capstone to an amazing run 
of shows, bringing both Theater and Music talents together 

Lenfest' s director, Michael Gorman, considered this year 
to have been, if anything else, characterized by learning and 
discovering limits, given the staff, room and time available. 
In fact, sold-out performances of Cannina Biirana presented 
by the Music Department set a record with the number of 
performers it needed on stage. In any case, audiences look 
forward to another quality season of the performing arts. 








1 1A 

lib 1 










36 Campus Life 

Campus Life 37 

38 Campus Life 




1999 proved to be a banner year for 
guest speakers on campus. From the 
250* observance to the Mock Con 
spring kickoff, students could fmd 
lectures on almost any topic. Keynote 
speakers included everyone from 
MTV's Kennedy to the famed poet 
Maya Angelou. Alumnus Tom Wolfe 
commenced the 250"' reunion weekend, 
while Republican presidential candidate 
Lamar Alexander addressed the student 
body at the Mock Convention 2000 
I kickoff. The diversity among these 
I speakers provided the W&L community 

I with an an'ay of ideas as well as helped 
I celebrate the schooFs 250"" year. 

Campus Life 39 

40 Campus Life 

This year the work hard, play hard tradition 
continued at W&L. Actually, there was 
even more playing thanks to all of the 250"' 

At least three nights a week, music from 
the fraternity houses could be heard across 
town (which oftentimes brought noise 
violations along with it). In addition to the 
typical DJ parties, there were also some 
special weekends. The Sigma Chis had their 
Sweethearts Ball at The Homestead and the 
SAEs had their annual Virginia Beach 
Weekend. Phi Kap celebrated 1 00 years as 
Beta welcomed us all to the jungle. Phi Delt 
celebrated over alumni weekend and there 
was always late night at Chi Psi. 

Then there were mixers where it is always 
proven that people in costume can get a little 
out of control now and then. From Chi O 
with their Headbangers" Ball and Anything 
for Money with Kappa, the sororities com- 
bined with the fraternities to make this one 
of the best party years ever! 

Baccalaureate Services ^ 

ikJ- # 


42 Campus Life 

Campus Life 43 





With its 250th year drawing to a close, W&L threw 
one more celebration filled with banners, speeches, 
and traditions, this time to honor the Class of 1999. 
With the country's "most beautiful campus" as a 
backdrop, this year's graduates accepted their aun 
thentic sheepskin diplomas from President Elrod in 
the company of family and friends. History Profes- 
sor Lamar Cecil and Senior Class President Mandy 
Stallard provided the inspirational and sentimental 
words that brought four years of college life to an 
end for another class of W&L graduates. The next 
time they return to Lexington it will be as alumni, 
but no one will forget their days as students. From 
orientation to exams with countless parties, all-l 
nighters, date functions, and friendships in be- 
tween, the Class of 1999 left a unique mark on 
W&L that will never be forgotten. As this year's, 
seniors said goodbye to each other, the rest of W&L) 
said goodbye to them as students, but more impor- 
tantly as friends, and wished them the best of luck 
in the "real world," no matter how long it takes foi 
them to find it. i 

44 Campus Life 


Campus Life 45 

46 Campus Life 

Campus Life 47 


r STf 

Linda Salerno. Cecily Reynolds. Leah Robinson, 
Lindley Spaht, Amanda Yates & Brooke Easton 

Year in Review 

■ ■ ■ ■ 9/16/98 ■ ■ ■ ■ 
Local Hot Spot Closes 

The date will live in W&L infamy, August 30, 
1998. That night. Lexington's popular Staircase 
restaurant closed. 

The owners. Sam McArthur and Linda Reed, 
unable to negotiate a rent agreement with their 
landlord, decided to close their business. 

The closing of the bar and grill, where pictures 
of W&L students adorned the walls and fraternity 
banners hung from the rafters, left some students 
surprised, some bereaved and some out of a job. 

"1 was sad to see it go," senior Andy Scott said. 
"I had worked there since my freshman year, and 
I was hoping to enjoy my senior year there." 

El Pueito, a Mexican restaurant, opened in the 
location at the Nelson Street and Lee Avenue 
comer in the spring. 

compiled from The Trident 

enson and Da\id Watson ('9^ 

Pi Bcia Phi Seniors 

Ainlionv Dsarskas and Jason Hahi 

Kcilic Hill/ .iikl I .mu'ii W'L-eilon 

■ith Arthur. Rachel Giiddii. Keri Diiriph\ and Lisa Brennan 

Darrick Alford and Suzy Blum COO) 

Washington and Lee, I applaud you. With bold white 
letters and rayon cloth the Colonnade tastefully pro- 
claims that we were founded on the basis of learning. 

What a way to distinguish us from other schools 
founded on things like "fallacy," "error," and 
"Copernicism." At least these hot air balloon remnants 
didn't read, "work hard, play hard." 

On the upside, second floor students now have the 
opportunity to grab a pen, dig it in and slide Pirate-style 
down to take a quick break from learning and pursue 
something else. 

Like all the Vassar art students that will visit thinking 
we were visited over the summer by the Christo fairy. 
Maybe if we get lucky these banners will blow down 
like Christo's did and maybe take out a jogger or 

What's next? Library strippers with 
"bicenquinquagenary" written on their bosoms. B&G go 
all the way, sell the Singer, buy back the lawn clippers, 
and let's have some hedge animals. 

Hey, there's a place on Route 11 that sells lawn tlamin- 

--Rusty "Rugged Like Rwanda" Blackwell, The Trident 

Booing the Banners 
■ ■ ■ ■ 9/16/98 . . . . 

Year in Review 

Sallv, Brad and Maggie Bake 

lack Row: Jon Wright, Blake Jones, T.W. Leshner 

ront Row: Steve Birdsall, Mac Li\'ingston and Cooper Robertson 

D;ivc Lehman. Ashley Copp.s and Joe Kerr 

David Cooper, Wes Givens, 
Andy Heckler, Ben Didier, 
Peter Dodge 

Year in Review 

I ■ ■ ■ 9/30/98 ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Chapel Renovation 

Lee Chapel, home to the tomb of Confederate 
general and University president Robert E. Lee, 
received a $L5 million face-lift in time for the 
250th Celebration. 

An October rededication ceremony, headlined by 
Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, marked a new begin- 
ning for the museum, as Patricia Hobbs, the new 
director of the Lee Chapel and Museum, took over 
the post held Capt. Robert Peniston. 

The year-long renovation, finished in May 1998, 
completely revamped the downstairs museum. 
Outside, new landscaping and a cobblestone 
visitor's parking lot, complete with University 
crest in the brick work, were added. 

The Chapel, a National Historic Landmark since 
1961, remains one of Lexington's most popular 
tourist attractions with 55,000 visitors a year. 

fro]u The TiidciU 

Jann Rhea and Jenny Stone 

Stephen Guenther, John 
Boothby and John Freyer 

Mary Dickinson and 
Amy Gray 

Alvssn Koutnitiii and Bret Bowernian 

"hristine Wong COO) and 
i-eonard Rorrer 

Top; Elizabetli Huston. Rosic Munger, Ashley Higher, Alyssa Kaufman. Megan 
Carelton. Sue Osnato Bottom: Megan Snodgrass. Michelle Dalvechia. Amy 
Greenburg. Megan Davis 

Year in Review 

■ ■ ■ 10/21/98 ■ ■ ■ ■ 
Students Steal Cars, Phis 

Former student Ellen Elliott is bemg charged with felony grand 
larceny in the theft of 1,500 copies of the Oct. 12 issue of The Ring- 
turn Phi. The issue had a front-page story about Elliot and fellow 
former sophomore Stephanie Fortener's arrest for felony unautho- 
rized use of a vehicle. 

On Monday, Oct. 12 at about 4 p.m., 1,500 of the 2,000 issues of 
The Phi were taken from the University Center before distribution to 
the campus. 

Director of Security Mike Young said he saw a car illegally parked 
behind the gym near Gaines dormitory and found 25 copies of the 
missing Phi lying on the front seat floorboard. 

In an attempt to recover the stolen papers, Young had the car 
towed and told the towing company not to release the car until after 
he questioned the owner. 

Young said that when he confronted both women, they admitted 
to their involvement in the papers' disappearance, but. Young said, 
"thev didn't think they'd stolen 1,500 copies." 

Young said the women told him they put the missing papers in a 
dumpster behind Frank's Pizza and Subs on Nelson Street. When 
ordered to retrieve the papers, they found the trash had already been 
picked up. 

When asked how the school would handle the incident. Young said, 
"When they stole the papers, they were no longer students at the 

He said the case would be handled by the Lexington Police 
Department and not by any W&L disciplinary committee. 

To ensure the story could be read. The Phi printed another 1,000 
copies to replace the stolen papers. The cost to print 1,500 copies of 
the Phi is approximately $300.The Commonwealth of Virginia 
classifies theft of over $200 in goods as felony grand larceny, 
compiled from Vie Trident 

Matthew Ritter and Carin Ritter ' 

Caroline Keen, Matt Theodorakis, James 
Wilkins {'98) and Beth Perry 

Alysia Graber and Rachel Nitsche 

Alyssn Sellers, Christine 
ff Z'* Hr.ii;i;, t.irolyn Lee, Shelley 
AJ.ims, M.itt Kirby-Smith 
,ind Katie Heinz. 

Tarah Grant, Erin Kraal, Cliff Wooley 
and Lisa Brennan 

Laura Cohen and Peggy Stuntz 

Amy Stovvell, Caroline Simon 
and Valerie Widener 

Nefertiti Phipps-Smith, Dnwn M. 
Coulthurst, Isiiris Bonilln, Tiffany Miles 
and Slianntonnette Wade 

Becky Bruggeman, Erin Ruane. Calder Britt. Martlia Kiecktiefer. Ryan 
McDaniel, Corey Stephens, Shannon Upchurch and Aimistead Lemon 

Jon McElhaney ('96) ancj 
Anne McElhaney 

Hudson Smith, JohnFarringer, 
Mike Nolan, Mark Averyt and 
James Haslam 

Lauren Werddii <ind 
C hrissv l!uri;h,irdl 

linn and Jake Sewall ('98) 

A;e Cockrum and Anthony Dvarskas 

Karin Treese and Kevin Treese | 

Heath Galloway, Cooper Robertson, Whit 
Morris and Drew Schaumber 

Amy Stowall and Tom Cox 

BrLtBouurman.RichicSnelliind Amy Greenburg and Down Coiilthurst 

Trey Suggs 

1 Faderewski COO) and David Balsley 

Year in Review 

■ ■ ■ ■ 11/4/98 ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Greeks Clean Up Area 

One November weekend, 200 fraternity men and 
30 sorority women tackled local trails, removing 
fallen branches from the remote Saint Mary's Wilder- 
ness Area and clearing litter from Goshen pass. 

The fraternity-wide effort to improve community 
trails was drummed up by fraternity presidents, IFC 
president Mikel Parker said. 

The maintenance efforts are sorely needed on the 
Saint Mary's Wilderness Area where the trail is 
littered with tree falls and branches. Outing Club 
director Nick Tatar said. 

"(Saint Mary's) hasn't been cleared since the 
blizzard of'96," Tatar said, adding that the Forest 
Service is overloaded with work. AThe reason (the 
project) is so great is that it will be the first major trail 
clean up ... in the past seven years." 

Originally, the trail maintenance project was to be a 
one day project focusing on the wilderness area. But 
with the overflow of volunteers, the project ex- 
panded to two days and two trail sites. 

"This is a huge group Greek effort," Chi Psi 
president Reed Kuhn said. "It is a chance to give back 
and improve our recently tarnished Greek image." 

Gallows Seniors 

Lindley Spaht, Leah Robinson, Line 

Salerno, Jenny Stone and Amanda Yat 

Sam Horstman, Ryan McDaniel, Chris 
Looney, Emmie Kinder, Chad Reynolds 
and Hampton Yeilding 

Dough Peddle and ScoH Morris 

K.ite Luskey, S.irah Rectcir ,iiid 
Sam Chase, Mikel Parkerand BrcntChnst ^,,,^^, McElhaney 

Year in Review 

I ■ ■ ■ 11/11/98 ■ ■ ■ ■ 
Students Celebrate 250th 

The 250"' Observance Committee broke out the 
bubbly for the Bicenquinquagenary celebration in 

The Student Activities Board sponsored Widespread 
Panic in the Pavillion Friday, Nov. 12 to kick off the 
weekend's event. The Bicenquinquagenary Ball, 
featuring bands General Johnson and Chairmen of the 
Board, was held in Doremus Gymnasium on Saturday, 
Nov. 13. 

"The idea was to keep it simple. We didn't want the 
Ball to overshadow or compete with FD, while keeping 
it a fitting and enjoyable event" Neil Penick said. 

And like FD, much of the planning for the Ball has 
been accomplished by students. Three years ago, Wes 
Armstrong, Greta Richter and Nate Tencza began 
meeting with the 250th Planning Commission and 
presently head the sttident committee. According to 
Tencza, the committee's job was to generate enthusiasm 
in the student body for the 250th celebration as a whole. 

Fraternities hosted cocktail parties before the event. 
How ever similar the Ball seems to FD 
and other school formals, the celebration liad its own 

"It's a different thing — a schoolwide thing — and 
unique to us. The band is fantastic and the small gym 
will be set up differently, similar to the way FD used to 
be. The student committee was designed to make the 
Ball fun, and 1 think we've succeeded," Tencza said. 

compiled from The Trident 

(clockwise from bottom) Leonard Rorre 
Greg Bank, Lisa Brennan, Mike Lease 
Erin KraaL .Nathan Hager, Rachel Godc' 
and George Urban 

Linda Salerno, Cecily Reynolds, Leah 
Robinson, Lindley Spaht, Amanda Yates 
and Brook Easton 

Cooper Robertson and 
John Michael Barclay 

Liiidlcy Spalil, Nicole DeBruin, Lauren 
Francis, Brooke Easton, Courtney Tyler, 
Cecily Reynolds and Greta Richter 

Pamela Herbert, Dawn the Security guard 
and Keri Dunphy 

^^>Ie jcihnson and Jen Reimer 

Year in Review 

■ ■ ■ ■ Yll^l^% ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Dean McCloud Retires 

Associate Dean of Students Anece 
McCloud is retiring after 14 years at Wash- 
ington and Lee. 

McCloud came to 1985, entering with the 
first class of undergraduate women. When 
she was hired, she became the director of 
minority affairs. This title was abolished 
over time, she said, in part because of 
McCloud's desire to portray the office as one 
that was available to all students. 

Her position, in addition to advising "non- 
traditional students," such as minority and 
international students, included acting as 
University Mediator and providing study 
skills program. 

After a search, a committee selected Asso- 
ciate Dean of Admissions Courtney Penn to 
suceed McCloud. He will take over Aug. 1, 
1999. McCloud said she and her husband 
will retire to Arizona. 

mipik'J liniii The Tinh: 

PeriUiat, Sarah Saalfield.KatherineWheelock, 
Lizzie Munson, Catherine Ruth Felton and 

Mike Leaser and 
Nathan Hager 

Sigma Nu Seniors 

in Review 

from the ■ ■ ■ 

back page 

Generation Gap 

B\ Megnn Carleton and Lauren Weedon 

Freshmen are dorks. We can tell because their answering 
machine messages suck. The following are actual messages, 
with only minimal exaggeration. 

For example: "Hey. This is Slick. You know the drill. (BEEP)" 
Or this: "Hello, you have reached Ernest's dormitory room. 1 
am either out partying or out studying. But regardless, please 
leave vour name, telephone number, the time you called, and a 
brief message including your social security number, your 
astrological sign, and your GPA at the tone. (BEEP)" Or the 
activist message: "Hey guys, thanks for calling. I'm either out 
saving the whales, petitioning for women's rights, tying myself 
to a large oak, eating nuts and twigs at the Blue Heron, or just 
embracing my fellow man. Please leave your number because 
vour call is important to me even though I am busy saving the 
world. (BEEP)" 

Campaigning seems to be the pastime of choice for this class. 
Stickers were the big accessory at Parent's Weekend cocktail 
parties. While getting a drink at the bar, I even had the pleasure 
of meeting a campaign manager! 

Some freshmen were worried about dirty campaigning as 
well. An anonymous freshman expressed great concern over 
the possibility of candy bribing going on behind closed doors. 

One campaigner is reported to have visited a girls' hall 
several times in his attempt to drum up votes. He wasn't even 
trying to score! 

compiled from The Trident 

Senior Broadcast lournalism IVlajors 
Nate Tencza, Nathan Hager, Eli/.alieth 
Huston, Megan Davis, Beth Perr\', Sarah 
Rector, Jen Reimer and Catherine Ruth 

Mike] Parker with fiancee Dina Bagby [ 

John Wilhers, Dnie Pretila, 

Will Cniii, Norm Lee ('98), Katie Hinz, Rebecca 

Seth Kellerman and Mike Makkai, Shelley Adams 

aklev .mil R.irhacl Barlow 

Blum COO), Darrick Alford, Aaron 
herman, Keri Dunphy, Alice Cockrum 
i Anthony Dvarskas 

Cenietary Ridge 

Molly McGregor, Jann Rhea. Courtney 

Stovall. Mandy Stallard and Ashley Smith 

Paul Saupe and Mollie Harmon 

Anna Lowden and 
Mark Avervt 

Chi Omega Seniors 

Senior Tlieatre Majors 

Front: Cliff Woolley, Matthew Kirby- 

Smitli, Wes Armstrong 

Back: Alyssa Sellers, Shelley Adams, T.W. 


Margaret Hoehl and Neeley Russell CDD) 

1 Hate House 

r.ike Hasten, Elizabeth Richev, Cecily 

ieiolds and Lindley Spaht 

Year in Review 

I ■ ■ 1/13/99 ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Tragedy Strikes 
Class of 2002 

Freshman Jonathan Nabors died in a 15-vehicle 
pile-up on Interstate 81 while returning to school 
from his home in Alabama Jan. 3. 

The van carrying the Nabors family ran into an 
over-turned tractor trailer that had lost control on 
the icy road near Natural Bridge. 

Jonathan's sister, Leah Marie, 15, also died in the 

The accident, one of the worst in the history of I- 
81, killed four and injured over 30. 

About 8 a.m.,Virginia State Police Sgt. R.A. Black 
arrived on the scene of a minor accident between a 
tractor trailer and two cars. 
Black's patrol car was parked on the shoulder, 
when a tractor trailer slammed into it car and then 
hit the other cars. A chain reaction followed. Other 
drivers could not see the wreck ahead because of 

Black said that the wreck was "really a disaster 
you can't prepare for." 

compiled from Tin- Trulciii 

Howie Lowden (VMI '98), Anna Lowd 
and Berry Lowden ('02) 

Jill Jamieson and Jennifer Frost 

Phi Kappa Sigma Seniors 

Caroline Keen, Beth Perry, Mary Scott 
Wall, Hampton Yeilding, Happy Vaughn 
and Emmie Kinder 

Fu'Clu Fitzsimmons. Erika Woodson. 
t l.ii> Coombs and Erin Kraal 

Year in Review 
I ■ ■ ■ 1/13/99 ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Elrod Fights Kidney Cancer 

University President John Elrod successfully under- 
went surgery to remove a cancerous kidney Jan. 7 at 
New York Presbyterian Hospital. 

Dr. Darracott Vaughan, a 1961 W&L graduate and 
head of urology at Cornell University, performed the 
surgery and and said it went as anticipated. 

Elrod was first diagnosed with a transitional cell 
carcinoma in his right kidney at the Augusta Medical 
Center. He sought a second opinion from Dr. 
Vaughan, who confirmed the early diagnosis. Though 

was first diagnosed in early December, he made no 
formal announcement of his condition until a Jan. 4 
faculty meeting. 

"His presentation of his condition was very factual," 
said German professor Kirk Folio. "It was done with a 
lot of dignity." 

Elrod received support from faculty and students 
upon his return from New York. After the surgery, he 
underwent chemotherapy as an additional precaution 
against any further developments. As a sign of solidar- 
ity, the faculty donned baseball caps at their regular 
meeting. Professor David Parker of the history depart- 
ment, went so far as to shave his head in support of 

compiU-il from The Triclcnr 

AshlfV Smith, Cnurtnuv Stmall 
Katherine Wheelock and Fran Gilbert 

S.Trii McCroiif, Christy 
Shumate, Jennifer Mandeville 
iiiiti Christine Starer 

Aaron Haberman 
and Keri Dunphv 

'K i^ 

^^ ^a Cathi Price, Laura Knapp. Margaret Hoehl. Jennifer Mande\ille and Christin 

^ ■ Sta rer 

3ca Harris and Sarah N. Meldrum 

Maciej Golubiewski and Rebecca Brooi 
(Sarah Lawrence, '03) 

Nicole Johnson, Ashley Higher, Elizabeth 
James, Rachel Nitsche and Jennifer 

On the Mountain 
M.irrakech, Morocco 
Abrahim and 
Carl E. Schulze 

Top: Megan Davis. Susan Grayh, Valerie Widener, Liz Meloy, Jenn Vallidis and 
Cammie Tuskey Bottom: Amy Stowell, Emily Pipkin, Heather Bradley and Caroline 

111 hnkins, Marv Hemmer, Lauren 
1- 1' J on , Kelly Benson, Cathy Moore and 
rah .-\iman 

Year in Review 

I ■ ■ ■ 1/20/99 ■ ■ ■ ■ 

High GPAs for Freshmen 

The Class of 2002 got off to a good start 
with a GPA of 2.99, the highest fall term GPA 
for freshmen in the last five years. 

"We have an exceptionally bright group of 
students," said Dean of Freshmen Mark 

He commended dorm counselors and 
faculty advisors for the efforts at providing 
academic counseling for the freshmen. 

"Many students find their first term of 
college the most difficult," he said. "Fresh- 
men should benefit from the new study skills 
program, tutoring lists and peer mentoring 
program which started last fall term." 

Dean of Students David Howison said the 
Class of 2002 were very similar to 
theprevious three classes They maintained 
the high level of social involvement and 
student leadership seen in the last three 
years, Howison said. 

vnpiltd fi III Tin Tiiihiit 

J. P. Scurry, Chris Noland, Sloan Evanb, 
William Culpepper and Bert Barne 

Brendan Breen-Combes, Tcini Cox, Jeff 
IVterMcCirtlivandCiriilvnCnrlMinCIIO) c^off Veale 

\shley Smith, Megan Davis, Cammie 
Tuskey, Claire Cannon, Amy Gray, Mary 
Dickinson, Valerine Widener and Hallet 

ir in Review 
J MTII^'^ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Juniors Compile 
95 Theses 

Two juniors are preparing W&Ls equivalent to Martin Luther's 
95 Theses. 

Wilham Kanner and Roshni Nirody surveyed students students 
about what irks them most about W&L. 

"The goal of the 95 theses is two-fold," Kanner said. "We want to 
sho^v what needs to change, and then to address how to resol\'e the^ 

Kanner and Nirody said there was a good amount of overlap in 
the answers. The most common gripes around campus include the 
Greek system, hazing, recycling, diversity and career opportunities. 

Kanner came up with the idea for the project because he said he 
has a few complaints to bring up with administration. As he talked 
with other students, including Nirody, he realized that he was not 
alone in his thoughts. 

"I realized they overlapped with a lot of people," he said. 

Nirody said that their interviewing process they found many had 
deep-rooted sentiments about the university and its policies. 

"People volunteer their emotions quite freely, e.g. pounding tables, 
crying during the interviews and getting really angry," she said. 
"When we are editing we try to pull the constructive comments out 
of what they said and downplay the emotion." 

compiled from The Triilt'itt 

Pi Kappa Phi Senior 

Mike Callaghan, Joe Kerr. Dav 
Lehman and Adam Ingols 

Rugby Minks Seniors 
Scott McClave, Trevor Reed, Ryan Elliott, 
S. Morse, Nate Tencza, Lyie Ross and 
Roh Allen 

kob Brigance, Greg Esposito 
COO) and David Cooper 

leeAnn Gschwind, Ashley Copps, Caroline Simons 
Kecily Reynolds 

Year in Review 

I ■ ■ 2/3/99 ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Angelou's Visit 

"When it looked like the sun wasn't going to shine anymore, 
God put a rainbow in the clouds." 

Wearing a blue-print turban that made her six-foot height even 
more impressive, a thick necklace of six tear-shaped stones and 
wearing a ring showing a silver bird with outstretched wings, 
Maya Angelou strode onto the stage of Lee Chapel and began to 

Looking back were the members of the packed Chapel crowd, 
each of whom had waited in a long line to get a prized seat. Other'- 
not so fortunate looked on from broadcast sights across campus. 

In her speech, "a medley of poetry, song, story, words of 
wisdom and comedy," Angelou spoke of hope in the meanest, most 
drearv of times. That hope, Angelou said, is a rainbow in the 

"I was moved by the power of her words," Contact president 
Jason Hahn said. "Dr. Angelou's effect on those in the audience was 
incredible. I had many people tell me they felt she was speaking to 
them personally during her performance." 

Without looking at the page or putting on her thin, black- 
rimmed glasses, she recited both her own poetry and that of other 
great writers. Angelou performed at times with animated joy and at 
others with the expression of deep sorrow. With her rich, low voice 
cadencing through the chapel, Angelou gave her interpretation of 
Edgar Allen Poe's poem, "The Raven." 

Angelou encouraged students in the audience to devour poetry. 
She said that poetry's power is the hope it contains and its ability 
to move humans through hard times. "There comes a time when 
vou will need something that you must pull up. I would call you to 
look at poetry," she said. "It will put scars on your backbone." 

compileil from The Trident 


Jen Selder, Anna Lowden and Lauren Weedon! 

Molly McGregor, Mandy Stallard, Jann 
Rhea and Susan Gray 

Lhi Onieea Seniors 

imie Kalista nnd Sarnh Brown 
Virginia Tech, '02) 

Darren Pohlmann, lason 
Hahn, Jon Hughes and Matt 

b Weston, Bret Bowerman, Ja\' .Arnold, 
Blair and Travis Winfrey 

The North Pole 

Leed Silverfield, Travis Winfrey, Rolii 

Allen and Sean Fierke 

Mark Averyt, Anna Lowden, Hudson Kathleen Moroney COD, Kristine Bordei 
Smith, Amy Gray, Veronica Langhofer Erin Moroney, Ashley Copps and Brigett. 
and John Farringer Berry 

John Fiirringer, Amy Gray, Hudson 
Smith, Mnry Dickinson, M.irl^ Avcryt, 
Anna Lowdcn, J.inu's Ihislam, Sarah 
Wood, Chris F.dwards and CammiL' 

John Beattiu and Andrew Hartnagel 

y Pfeilcr, K\an Bl'Wu, J-Bo Wall, \\\ 
^11 takens" Givens 

Year in Review 

■ ■ ■ 2/10/99 ■ ■ ■ 

Case Raises Questions on 
Honor System 

Preslon Sartelle. Edwin 
Wilson, Matt Woti?,, 
John Michael Barclay 
and Daniel H, 

Katie Schweider. Emil;. 
Pipkin, Elizabeth James 
and Heather Bradlev 

Approximately 65 students altoncied an Executive Committee 
meeting February 8 to show their disapproval of a recent EC decision 
finding sophomore Richard Balzer guilty of an Honor Violation. 

According to an EC bulletin posted just one hour after the meetini;, 
a member of the student body withdrew from school after he was 
found to have knowingly avoided his obligation to pay for his meals- 

At the beginning of the meeting EC president Beth Formidoni said 
no details of the case could be discussed because of the policies 
outlined in the White Book. 

"I presume that your are in disagreement with our verdict, but we 
cannot address your concerns at this time," EC President Beth 
Formidoni said. "We are not able to discuss the facts of this case at 

The audience then participated in a question-and-answer session 
with the EC that became heated at times. Most of the comments and 
questions concerned the secretive nature of the EC and the account- 
ability of its members. 

"We all know how damaging rumors are and how they spread, it is 
very easy to rush to judgement and not know all the facts," freshmen 
EC representative Charlie Miles said. "The only people who know all 
of the facts are the 13 of us. I appeal to you not to rush to judgement 
unless you know all the facts." 

Formidoni pointed out that only the accused could open the case ti 
the public by bringing it to an open trial. Balzer withdrew from school 
instead of taking his case to an open trial. 

"The closed hearing alone was the most emotionally shattering 
experience of my life," he said. "1 wouldn't subject myself or my 
girlfriend, who was a key witness, or any other of the witnesses on my 
behalf to that process on a grand scale." 
compiled from The Triclt'iit 

Sarah Saalfield, kalhenne Wheelock, 
Gwendolyn Perilliat, Fran Gilbert, Sarah 
Feinburg, Mary McFall, Catherine Ruth 
Felton and Courtney Tvler 

Reed Kuhn Ciistoph Kemniade, 
Tom Sto\er Scott Zimmerly, 
John Welltord Josh Davis and 
Jeremy Boggs 

rcy Suggs, Green Chambless, Chase 
Carsman and Sloan Evans 

Chris Bond. Greg Bank. George 
Urban and Erik Bittner 

Year in Review 

■ ■ ■ ■ 3/3/99 ■ ■ ■ ■ 
Debate Spurs Candidates 

Seven undergraduate students and one law student 
ran for Executive Committee president during the 
Spring Term. The increased number of candidates 
seemed to show a renewed interest in the EC. 

Apathy is one of the major problems seen during 
campaign time, EC Vice-President Wen Hutchinson 
said. Last year, only the positions of president and 
vice-president were contested. The controversy 
surrounding an EC honor trial is the main reason for 
the increased concern about the EC's workings, he 

Several candidates also felt the increased interest 
stems from the controversy, and several indicated they 
woulci ncit have run for the position otherwise. 

Many of the presidential candidates indicated their 
desire to reform the EC, hoping change will benefit the 
student body. While nearly every candidate wants the 
student body to be more informed about EC activities, 
each proposes different means to achieve this goal. 
Se\'eral provided means to do this in their speeches 
and others did so in interviews. 

Sophomore Jeff Cook beat junior Erin McGrain in 
the election for EC President. 

Elizabeth Spencer, Emily Pipki ' 
Heathier Bradley and Liz Melt 

Steve Birdsall, Blake Jones, Chris Noland and Mac Livingston 

Jennifer Mandeville, Christine Starer, Stephanie Frank, Laura Knapp and 
Margaret Hoelil 

Susan Gray, Hallel Davis 
and Valerie Widcner 

i Hazlett, MikeCarter ('48), Dan 
1 shing ('98) and Trevor Reed 

Year in Review 

I ■ ■ 3/17/99 ■ ■ ■ ' 

Let it Snow 

After an unseasonably warm winter, stu- 
dents awoke March 15 to the pleasant surprise 
— school was cancelled. 

According to Director of Communications 
Brian Shaw, President John Elrod canceled 
school for the day after evaluating the 

Considering the hazardous driving condi- 
tions those living outside the city, Elrod made 
his decision at about 7 a.m. 

"In view of the accident [on 1-81] in January, 
the president thought it better to err on the 
side of safety," Shaw said. 

The last time school was canceled was 
during the severe snow storms in January 
1996. Virginia Power requested school be 
canceled in order to save power, Shaw said. 
Temperatures at the time had dropped to 
10 degrees. 

Prior to the 1996 blizzard, the last time 
W&L shut down due to snow was in the 
early '60's, Shaw said. 

compiled from The Trnlciii 

Christine Bragg, Alyssa Seller 
and Alysia Graber 

Anne McElhaney and Kate Luskey 

Erik Bittner, George Urban, Greg 
Bank and Leonard Rorrer 

Andy Buckler and 
David Cooper 

Geobuddies Erin Kraal and Jameb Sanimons 


ary Coombs, Beth Arthur, Keri 
phv, Laura Goodwin, Erika Woodson 
Sunda Wells ('98) 

lennv Ann Kneisel COD, Mary Hemmer and Susan Smith COC 

Seth Kellerman. Mike Beakly, John Wilbers. 
Dale Pretila. Norman lee and Will Cain 

Dan Hendricks, Matt Ritter, Dixie, Darren 
Pohlmann, "The Sentinel," Scott Morris 
and Jon Hughes 

Greta Richter, Kimmv Lubin, Bn.)t)ku 
Erika Woodson and Jennifer Mendocha Easton and Courtney Tyler 

llary Coombs and James Sammons 

Year in Review 

I ■ ■ 3/24/99 ■ ■ ■ ■ 
ht to Remember 

The IFC, Panhellenic, and LIFE joined forces to 
sponsor "A Night to Remember," a non-alcohoHc 
party open to every student. 

"The point of the event is to offer alcohol-free 
alternatives for students seeking things to do," said 
Steering Committee member Kelly Sewell. 

Along with Sewell, senior John McAllister and 
juniors Shay Ansley and Anna Parris were LIFE 
members heading the effor. The Steering Committee 
held an auction in the gym, and gathered donations 
to fund it. The grand prize of a Thanksgiving break 
condominium in Saint Thomas, complemented by 
airfare from Dulles Airportwas donated by Trustee 
Ed Bishop. Other prizes include a free tow from 
Baner, get-out-of-a-parking-ticket-free cards, and a 
free oil change from a 

local mechanic. 

"We're trying to promote the ideal that it is pos- 
sible to have fun at W&L in a non-alcoholic setting 
and look toward the future where several fraternities 
may be forced to go dry on campus," McAllister 

said. "This should adjust W&L and help promote 
the idea that there are... alternatives.' 

mpilnlfnmi The Triden 

John Boothby, John Huntington, 
John Freyer and Stephen Guenther 

Catherine Ruth Fallon, I.1//1 
Munson and Sarah Saalfield 



^ «»» »•' 
1 1 • *'■ 

» i ■ * » * *' 

, s s « « » s ' 
,» » s s » » « 

Kimara Bonhomme, Dawn Coulthurst, 
Isaris Bonilla, Nefertiti Phipps-Smith, 
Shaniitonnette Wade and Tiffany Miles 

,1 Brennan, Bailey and Rachel Goddu 

Hallett Davis, Claire Cannon, Campbell Tuskev, Magen Davis, Mary Dickinsor 


Nicole Johnson and Joshua Herrity CUD) 

'ipkin and Chris I'rice COD 

Year in Review 

I ■ ■ 3/24/99 ■ ■ ■ 
Spring Time 

Something has been missing from this campus for most 
of this academic year. Our Colonnade, recognized by 
students, faculty and nearly everyone associated with 
this University for its unciuestionable beauty, has re- 
mained stripped of its most heart-warmingly attractive 
feature since early in the school year. Majestic red- 
bricked buildings with awe-inspiring white columns 
just don't do it for me (especially when the things are 
covered with that damned white stuff). When it comes 
to putting a smile on my face, nothing works better 
than one of the same on someone else's. I hope the day 
is not too far in the future when our Colonnade is 
decked with which crazy, happy faces. 
A hypocritical grin from someone walking all bundled 
up in a big jacket and burdened with far too many 
books isn't the smile I'm looking for. I'm looking for 
smiles from students so involved in their glee that they 
don't even notice you and the speaking tradition doesn' t 
even cross their minds. Well, the "Keep off grass" signs 
are gone. Hopefully that means we can once again 
enjoy the rich, cool feeling of green grass between our 
toes. Frisbees, footballs, lacrosse sticks, heat exhaus- 
tion, these are the things that make the Colonnade so 
beautiful. Give me a run-down group of gray and 
brown shacks with a pick-up game of touch football on 
a green field. You can have Lee Chapel and Washing- 
ton Hall. 

In any case, if there is a good and loving God, then 
Spring and warmer weather are coming soon, so stu- 
dents can once again grace the Colonnade with their 
jovial charm. Freshman who have not yet experienced 
the splendor of a sunny day on the front lawn will soon 
realize that Washington and Lee's Colonnade can truly 
be the most beautiful place on Farth. The difference 
between stressed-out students walking to their next 
dreaded class and carefree students running around 
like wacked-out monkeys on speed is truly remark- 

I've sensed a cold dreariness cloaking the campus for a 
while now. This recent bit of nasty weather has dimmed 
my spirits to do much of anything. I don't know about 
you guys, but I can only function amidst unpleasant 
weather for so long. That capuchino in the Co-Op can 
only keep me going for so much longer. Hopefully with 
a new lawn and some brighter weather, the whole 
campus will revive with resplendent ardor. 

mmpilcti from The Riiik Turn Phi 

Ashley Copps and Joe Kerr 

htt Theodorakis and Caroline Keen 

Bottom Row: Catherine Ruth Felton. Sarah Funherg. Gwendolyn PennilHatt. Fran 
Gilbert. Sarah Sallfield 

Top Row" Susan Gray, Lizzie Munson. Mary Somers Burger, Katherine Wheelock, 
Lindley Spaht. and Mary McFall 

Cammie Tuskey, Megan Davis, Amy Gray, Valerie Widene 
Mary Dickinson, Claire Cannon, and Hallett Davis 

Kelley Herning, Catherine Ruth Felton, and Hampton Yeilding 

G\vendolyn Perrilliat, Fran Gilbert, Lizzie 
Munson, Sarah Saalfield, Cartney Stovall, 
and CR Felton 

Michael Beakley. Seth Kellerman, Norman Lee. John 
Wilbers, Dale Pretila, Kelley Gilbert '00, Will Cain 

hn Moore '8? and Sarah Moore '99 

Johnny Gilman and Courtney Nolan COD 

Elizabeth James, Mary Kathryn Willi 
and Amy Stowell 

Cassie Shaner, Veronica Langhoffer, 
Sarah Rector, kate Luskev 

.'th Arthur and Rachaol Bartow 

ieai in Review 

■ ■ ■ 5/5/99 ■ ■ ■ 

Alumni Weekend 

The biggest party in W&L history was a tremendous success as 3,200 
people crowded into tents near the Liberty Hall Ruins over Alumni 
Weeknd. They were joined by 10,000 alums worldwide. 

The event included a live broadcast from the Lenfest Center, a 
video on the history of the school, 
a dinner for many of those who attended and three bands. 

AThis was the biggest thing we=ve ever done... We thought it 
was nearly flawless. The show came off without a hitch,® Neil 
Penick said. Al thought we tried to create a show that is accurate 
about W&L students today,® he said. AWe wanted the alums to 
understand that today=s students follow the same traditions of 
learning, leadership and honor. We wanted to connect with the 
alumni and tell them W&L is strong and is still a great place to be.@ 

Students and alumni enjoyed dancing to the music of The Bo 
Thorpe Orchestra, Spectrum and Casper. 

Alt was a lot of fun, probably more fun than l=ve ever had at 
FD,@ junior Matt Thurlow said. 

Thurlow said the elaborate party was consistent with the spirit 
of the school that the students and alumni celebrated. 

Al think it showed W&L=s true character,® he said. AWe always 
want to have the best and biggest parties. It was the biggest party 
we=ll probably ever go to in our entire lives.® 

Another highlight of the weekend was Tom Wolfe=s address on 
the weekend=s opening night. A 1951 graduate, Wolfe is the re- 
nowned author of Vie Bonfire of the Vanities, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid 
Test, and a new novel, A Man in Full. 

compiled from The Trident 

Jenny Stone, Jann Rhea 

Emmie Kinder, Caroline ktx 
Kelley Herning, Beth Peny, Han- 
ton Yeilding, and Happy \'augh 

Lee Gschwind and Megan Snodgrass 
(Volleyball Captains) 

Liren VVeedon and Jen Selder 

Third Floor Gilliam -QS-'Oe 

Back Row: Fran Gilbert, Rebecca Mcaii. Susan Osnato. Kate Luskey, Cathy Price 

Front Row: Anne McElhaney. Christine Staler. Sarah Rector, and Anna Lowden 

1 11 Wadlow and Statue of the tallest 
i n wlioever lived-Robert Wadlow 
I, 'Ills' Cousin) 

Year in Review 

■ ■ ■ 5/10/99 ■ ■ ■ 

Rehnquist Speaks 

More than 100 prospective lawyers will venture 
out from the confines of the W&L community this 
Sunday with a send-off from the top judicial figure in 
the land. 

The Honorable William H. Rehnquist, Chief 
Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court will deliver the 
address at the Washington and Lee University 
School of Law commencement this Sunday at 2:30 
on the lawn in front of the Lee House. 

Before presiding over the Senate impeachment 
trial of President Bill Clinton. Rehnquist served as an 
associate justice of the Supreme Court for 14 years. 
from 1972-1986. He was named chief justice in 
1986 under administration of former President 
Ronald Reagan. He was appointed by President 
Ni.xon as assistant attorney general, office of legal 
counsel, in 1969. 

This marks Rehnquist ' s second official visit to 
the W&L law school in recent years. He delivered 
the keynote address at the dedication of the Lewis 
F. Powell Jr. Archives in the spring of 1992. 

The commencement ceremony will begin at 
2:30 p.m. on the lawn in front of Lee House. In the 
event of rain, the ceremony will be held in the 
Warner Center. 

ctinipiU'ii from The Rin^ Tiini Phi 

Rick Burrice, Craig Penny, Sarah 

Nash COO) Adam Ingols, 

and Rob Wilson 

iflyR. Hemmer, and Katy Harding COD 

Courtney Stovnll, Aslilcv Smith, Molly 
McGregor, and M.indy Stallard 

Caioline Simmons. Amy Stovell, Anna Lowden, 
Valerie Widener 

lysia Braber, Christine Bragg, and Shellev Adams 



II w 







Kathie Soroka 

at WLUR 
photo by Hoi lister Hovey 


; Alford 

Anchony Allen 

Shay Ansley 

Orphanidys Arnold 

Ted Bailey 

Taylor Beaupain 
Lauren Beckenhauer 
Emily Belcher 
Pete B( 

Gavin Dean 
John Devine 
Theodore Dickson 
Walker Diddle 
Chuck Dietzel 

Al Dominick 
Colin Dougherty 
Chris Dyson 

Sean Eddy 

Erin Eggers 

Michael Elder 

Charles Elrod 

Eric Engelbart 

Ken Ervin 

Gregory Esposito 

Holly Estes 

Brian Eurermoser 

Michael Faber 

Megan Fink 

Dre Fleiin- 

Karherine Francklc 

Grady Frank 

Jared Fribush 

James Gadiel '" 
Noclle Gamble 
Kirk Garrett 
Oleta Garrett 
Tom Garrett ^ "* 

Lindsay Gatling 

Elizabeth Gay 

Ray Geisler 

Kathryn Giard 

Keliey Gilbert 

Carl Gintht 

Alex Gontcharo 

Sara Kate Goodvvi 

Daniel Gratta 

Adam Hagfo) 

HaylLV Hall 
Sonia Hall 
Krisra Harkrcader 
Ann Marie Hanill 
Elizabeth Harvey 

Chrii Hatzis 
Joseph Hawkins 
Geoffrey Haydon 
Daniel Hayes 
Michael Heaiey 

Warren Hedges 
Robert Hendricks 
Joshiia Herrity 
Mar>' Hight 
Megan Hobbs 

Wes Hoke 
Lew Holloway 
Scott Hook 
John Hope 
Stephen Hopkii 

Taylor Horner 
Julie Hor\vitz 
Hollister Hovey 
Scott Hudson 
Jennifer Jackson 

Matt Jackson 
Ryan Jancaitis 
Gtnny Jerniga, 
Chris Johnson 
Cynthia Johns 

Cavelle Johnston 

Andrew Jones 

Gary Justice 

Michael Kaczka 

Amy Kane 

Ross Kcstcr 

Scott King 

Matt Klimas 

Jeremy Knezek 

Whitnev Knicr 

Jady Kocl. 

Matt LaMottc 

Kelley Landn 

Gtant Langston 

Jeffrey Lee 

Scott LeToutneau 


David Levinson 

Aaton Love 

Carrie Ltiria 

Megan Macy 

Jonathan Madden 

Maggie Maher 

Athena Mahoney 

JT Malatesta 

Michael Malone 
Ryan Markish 

Meghan Mazour 
Wilham McGettigan 


Michael McGlue 
Lauren McKecver 
James McKnight 
Kevin McManemln 
Warren Meehan 

Ji^ M^ MSIk 
^ f^ j^ 

Gregory Meyers 
J.lson Miller 

|,iM,n Miller 
lel(;h Miller 
Meredith Mlynar 

Justine Moncrief 
Jordan Morris 
Jessica Morton 
Christian Myers 
Carly Nasca 

Sarah Nash 
Matthew Neumayer 
Ross Niblock 
Jason Nichols 
Chris Nielsen 

Ryan Noble 
Dalton Norwood 
Gregory Nouza 
Tabor Novak 
Autumn Oczkowski 

Anna Parris 
Erin Partridge 
Hansel! Pasc'o HI 
Brooks Paulsen 
Renita Perkins 

Richard Pecerson 

Martha Pettyjohn 

Whit Pollcv 

WK Prusek 

Billy Putnam 

Jeff Rankin 

Keith Ranch 

Heather Reid 

Ellen Reynolds 

Carolyn Richardson 

Brian Ricketts 

Katherine Riddle 

Jacob Roche 

Brian Rogers 

Tiffany Rolling 

Oneal Russell 

Michael Sandusky 

Chad Scarborough 

Stacie Schneider 

Marshall Schreeder 

Emily Schuiz 
Mark Schweppe 

Matthew Seals 
Natasha Sedlock 

Mike Seganish 

Chuck Sevigny 

Kelly Seweil 

David Shepard 

Heather Sheppard 

Holly Shiyer 

Tim Showaltcr 
Ashley Shreves 
Kristi Slafka 
Neil Slatiery 
Elizabeth Slonake 

Jason Smith 
Robert Smith 
Will Smith 
JJ Solot 
Lindsay South 

Joe Speicher 
Paul Spencer 
Callie Scarbuck 
FW Stearns 
Caleb Steiner 

Andrew Stewart 

Kelly Stewart 

Alex Stiles 

Blair Stowe 

John Warren Sullivan 

Christopher Sutton 
Kevin Swenson 
Jesup Szatkowski 
Susan Terzian 
Andrew Thomas 

John Thomas 
Andrew Thompso 
Ben Thompson 
Bennett Thompso 
Matthew Thurlow 

John Tidey 

Gerald Titus 

Jennifer Titus 

Bob Tuliis 

Nathan Urquhart 

Meredith VelHnes 

K.D. Vo 

Turner Vosseller 

TJ Wagner 

Mary Scott Wall 

Denise Waliin 
Dylan Walsh 
Lauren Walter 
Andrew Ward 
Jim Waskovich 

Elizabeth Watkins 

Thomas Weatherly 

Meredith Welch 

Ted Wells 

Mary Elizabeth Whipple 

Virginia Whitne\' 

Doug Williams 

Mary Elizabeth Winfrey 

Barrett Witkm 

Amy Wood 

Sara Wood 

Maggie Yates 

John Zimmer 

Dan Zink 


Tim An^ 

Zev Anstel 

Lee Anne Applegate 

Encka Bahn 

Adam Baker 


Jeff Barnes 

Carey Baugher 

Jackson Beardslcy 

Allison Becknell 

Craig Benjamin 



Daniel Birdwhistcll 

etsy Boardn 


28 Sophomores 

Jeoir Bodenhorst 
Liz Borgcs 

Jocclyn Bo 



Virginia Brumby 
Lauren Bradshaw 
Mary Brookby 
Kathleen Brothers 

Alhson Bruneau 
Hillary Bryant 
Meredith Bryk 
Thomas Burke 
Kane Busch 

Ruth Caldwell 
Scott Cameron 
Michael Capron 
Nicola Carpenter 
Alison Cartwri^ht 

Wendy Case 
Anne Castello 
Joshua Chamberlain 
Clayton Chandler 
William Christ 

Nicholas Cimino 

Faith Collins 

John Comly 

Jeff Cook 

Margaret Jane Courtney 

Sophomores 1 29 

Matthew Cowie 
Jordan Coyle 
Evan Cranier 

j\ndy Crawd^ord 


^i^ffcjMii li 

Mike Crittenden 

Sean Cronin 

Meritt Crosby 

Kristen Crowley 

Ward Dax-enport 

Jen Davis 

Kathleen Duprey 

Christopher Dewhurst 

Derek Dodson 

Elizabeth Doerries 

Matt Dugan 
John Dumas 
Jason Dunahoe 
John Duncan 
Ruth Duncan tl-» 

Becca Dupps 

Brian Eachus 

Katherine Eagan 

Dana Early 

Britt Eastland 

Sam Evans 

Adam Faillace 

Joel Fechisin 

John Fidler 

Thomas Field 

130 Sophomores 


Josh Fisher 
Andrew Fiske 
Colin Firzgibbons 
Jessica Ford 
Fmilv Forman 

Samantha Garbisch 
John Gardner 
Caroline Gee 
Torey Gerwin 
Rvan Gielcn 

Karv' Gieselma 
Jason Giffen 
Jordan Ginsbe 
Matt Gooch 

Sanders Goodrich 

Tyler Green 

Adams Greenwood©Ericksen 

Elizabeth Grenfell 

Frances Grobcrt; 

David Grossman 
Susan Groves 
Mina Guiahi 
Bisrat Halemicha 
Amy Hall 

Turnev Hall 
Matthew Hallor: 
Jessica Hanks 
Sarah Hardee 
Phelps Harmon 

Sophomores 1 3 1 

Carson Harris 
Lauren Harris 
Page Harrison 
^\Iiison Har\'ey 
Colin Hayes 

Fred Heiser 

John Hcrberr 

Lindscy Herman 

Marrhew Herman 

Ross Hinlde 

Justin Holton 

Matthew Howenstein 

Lovancy Ingram 

Maxim Ivankov 

Peter Iwancio 

Meischa Jackson 

Evan James 

Jeffrey James 

John Jensen 

Tyler Jorgensen 


Christina Julian 
Mark Kennedy 
Tyler Kenning 

Katherine Kline 

Aaron Knoll [ 

Roman Koshkin 

Timothy Koss 

Seon Kum 

Jane Lacy 

i 32 Sophomores 


Sofia Lamhro 
Ashley Lane 
Maria LaRoo 
Ryan LaRuc 

Carter Lee 
Etan Levint 

Shana Levine 
Spencer Liles 
Jayson Lipsey 
Rob Little 
Scott LoFranct 

Chris Lue 
Kirsten Malm 
Michel Marcoux 
Thomas Markha 
Brock Marts 

Lee Ann Maur 
Amanda McD. 
David McD. 
David McDivitt 
Matt McKenzie 

Stac)' McLoughlii 
Catherine Mead 
Elizabeth Medina 
Scott Meistet 
Kate Metznik 

Sophomores 133 

Mike Miraglia 

Patrick Mitchell 

Tom Monaco 

Price Moncrief 

Kathleen Moronev 

Jacek Mucha 

Elizabeth Murchison 

Kathn-n Muter 

Camille Mwaisela 

Elizabeth Olson 

Trey Overdyke 

Mills Palm 

David Patterson 

Margaret Peon 

Krisri Peterson 

Sarah Petrey 

Bryan Petriila 

Ginger Phillips 

Stephen Philipson 

Michael Pidgeon 

Scott Pippin 

Sarah Pollan 

Liz Powers 

Frank Previti 

134 Sophomores 

C:hris Price 
HLiir Priest 
DaliiLtte Prothr 
Rebecca I'ullen 
Hugli Rabb 

TiK.mas Ragsdale 
Faniry Rakotoarisoa 
Matt Raley 
Emily Ramey 
Reagan Rcaiid 

Anna Regensi 
Sarah Rjggs 
Ellen Ritsch 
Cassie Ritter 
Andv Robins^ 

Zeke Roeser 
Angela Roma 
Brent Rosenf 
Jean Rowan 
Kmiberly Ru 

Nicholas Ryan-Long 
Adam Santosuosso 
Pamela Saulsbim- 
Leah SaiM-er 

Hanley Sayers 

Aaron Schneider 

Laura Schramm 

Carson Schroeder 

Megan Schwarz 

Alexander Sedgwick 

Sophomores 135 

David : 

Nick Silve 

^AJison Sii 

.Andrew Simmons 

Cn-staJ Simpson 


left" Sloan 

.\lthea Smiley 

Brian Smiih 

Harrison Smith 

lonachan Smith 

Max Smith 

Rebecca Smith 

Zac Smith 

Kathie Soroka 

Caroline Sozzi 

Rob Spatzer 

Juhe Spencer 

Gina Spezialecci 

Nicholas Stawasz 

John Stewart 

Patrick Stowe 

Jennifer Strawbridge 

Louis Stryker 

Neil Sullivan 

Stephanie Sweet 

Natalie Swope 

Colin Tate 

Janakan Thiagarajah 

136 Sophomores 

Ryan Truax 
Kimberly Tucker 
Margaret-Hunter Tu 
Julieann Ulin 
Zach Usher 

Mary Vaden 
William Vail 
Gregory Valentine 
John Valentine 
Christine van den To 

Andrew Vendig 
Chris Wahl 
JC Waldron 
Brent Walker 
Robert \X alker 

Betsy Wallace 
Jason Ward 
Caia Watridge 
Marc Watson 
Missy Weathersby 

Keenan Wesrc 
Lisa Wetzelbe 
lenna White 
Jim Wilbourn 
Lindsay Willi: 

Ben Wilson 
Lacey Winford 
Annabelle Wirth 
Thomas W^ood 
'^-* Patfick Wright 

Sophomores 137 

Philip Wriglit 
Laurel Yanow 
Dorothy Yuan 

Ashley Acker 

Amanda Adams 

Michael Agnello 

Doug Aldridge 

Elizabeth Alford 

Jennifer Alley 
Jack Arnold 
Justin Arnold 
Will Atkinson 
Tom Atwater 

Greg Aurit 

David Averyt 

Megan Babst 

Michelle Backus 

Kathleen Baird 

Neely Baker 

Corey Bakken 

Ann Cabell Basker\'ille 

Lochlan Baskm 

Tarik Batteh 

Brad Batista 
Frank Bazzel 
Brooke Belasco 
Gerard Best 
Kate Bidwell 

Rick Black 
Price Blair 
Robert Bland 
Kate Blocher 
Jessica Blowers 

esse Bohnet 
Paisley Boney 
Kristen Bonner 
Alicia Brandt 
Matt Brill 

Slade Broom 
Garth Brown 
Lionel Brown 
Valerie Bruneau 
Elizabeth Brustin 

Adam Burchette 
Amy Burke 
av Campbell 
Amanda Cannon 
Philip Carey 

Kristin Carroll 
Julie Corskadon 
Katie Cedarholm 
Lee Charbonnet 
John Ciminia 

Clifton Cislak 
Chris Clark 
Meagan Clement 
rah Cohen 
Beth Collier 

Matthew Connei 

Lindsay Cooper 

Steele Cooper 

Josh Cants 

John Creek 

Joe Cressartv 

Alex Curlet 

Andrew Dagliesh 

Marisa Davis 
Martin DeLaureal 

Grant Dickson 

Reptar Dietzman 

Emily Dixon 

Helen Downes 

Corhin Dosvnev 

Jack Doyle 

Mary Drennen 

Caroline Dumas 

Bess DuRant 

Andy Eaton 

Courtney Emich 

Noelie Evans 

Brooke Evenson 

Margaret Fagan 

Shelby Fierke 

Leslie Firchbech 

Amanda Fischer 

Courtnay Fisher 

Caitlin FitzRandolph 

Silvana Flinn 

140 treshmen 

David French 
Graham Frankel 
Matthew Gallo 
Kristen Gladding 
Marco Goicochea 

Taylor Graham 
Veronica Griffith 
Ehse Groves 
Gerald Guilbert 
Erin Gwara 

Eline Haenebalcke 
Christopher Hagan 
Kyle Hankey 
Gray Harden 
Bill Helander 

Andy Henson 
Brandon Herd 
Kristin Herman 
Scott Hettema 
Sara Heusel 

Brooke Hickman 
Ricka Hildebrand 
Mike Hodge 
Charron Hodges 
Graham Holding 

Lily Holleman 
Diana Hoshell 
Shabboo Hosseini 
Stephen Hosteller 
Katherine Houston 

Freshmen 141 

Bobby Hunt 

G-\bon Im 

Dan IngersoU 

Matthew Jacobs 

Eric James 

Rhys James 

Jean Marie Jennings 

Ben Johns 

Katie Johnson 

Tracey Johnson 

Kevin Johnston 

Ben Joll\- 

Allen Jones 

Lisa Jones 

Lauren Kearney 

William Keene 

Wesley Keller 

Amanda Kellev 

Julie Kelley 

Elizabeth Kelsey 

Clayton Kennedy 

Andre Keresates 

John Kerkering 

Jesse Kimball 

Summers Kimbrough 

Whit Kinder 

Mark King 

Jeremy Kirkland 

Sylvia Kokis 
Eric Kontargyris 

lU 1^11 W^ ^ 

Matt Kozora 
Christina Lakatos 
Samuel Langholz 
Alex Large 
Jennifer Law 

Baxter Lee 
Ryan Lepine 
Lee Lester 
I-Chun Lee 
Hillary Lockemer 

Benjamin Losi 
Berry Lowden 
Sarah Lyon 
Alexis MacDonald 
Kate Mahan 

Heather Mahaney 
Michael MaHnzak 
Blair Manning 
Matthew Marks 
Elianna Marziani 

Thaxton Mauzy 
Denise Mayo 
Sally Mays 
Ames McArdle 
Amanda McConnell 

Ryan McGee 
Shelby McGrain 
Samantha McLemore 
Lee McMillan 
Jessica Mentz 

Freshmen 1 43 

Douglas Metcalt 

Peter Metzger 

Charlie Miles 

Brent Miller 

Christian Miller 

Jimmv Miller 

John Miller 

George Milinine 

Darlene Mitrano 

Divva Mohan 

John Moore 

Robert Moynihan 

Morgan Murray 

Liz Nacoz\' 

Roh Naftel 

Elizabeth Nelson 

Kayse Nelson 

Tripp Nelson 

Blair Newman 

Beth Newton 

Stuart Noel 

Justin Novalv 

Ji-Won Oh 

Eric Olson 

Tolulope Olubunmi 

Rebecca Ostendorff 
Shelby Overstreet 

Lilian Pace f 

1 44 Freshmen 


Whitney Parsons 
Tom Patterson 
Scott Patton 
Lauren Paxton 
Haley Pendergass 

Kathlyn Perez 
Nick Peters 
Bethany Petrofsky 
Brent Philpot 
Robert Policello 

Will Postma 
Jeff Powell 
John Power 
Robert Powers 
Kristen Pranke 

Caroline Pridcty 
Eloise Priest 
Lat Purser 
Tripp Quinn 
Tom Radcliff 

Lucy Rankin 
Wavne Richey 
Wes Rankin 
Bergen Rebello 
Emily Reid 

Bob Reitinger 
Wes Rentz" 
Michael Reynold 
Dan Riberkof 
John Robb 

Andrew Roberts 

Chris Roche 

Foil Rogers, III 

lude Rolfes 

Justin Ruhenstein 

Lindsay Ruckert 

Susan Ruge 

Blair Sale 

Nick Savers 

Nicholas Sberna 

Sarah Schmidt 

Rick Schnatz 

Daniel Schreeder 

Emily Scale 

Ben Segal 

Hal Shaw 

Laura Sigismind 

Glenn Singleton 

Benton Smallpage 

Meredith Sorenson 

Joseph Speight 
Quincv Springs 
Brian Stearns 
Lauren Stearns 
Michael Stefan 

Louis Strerchi 

Kevin Strachan 

SalUe Gray Strang 

Jonathan Stroebel 

Elizabeth Swann 

148 Freshmen 

Clairhorne Taylor 
Darby Taylor 
Elizabeth Thomas 
Carter Thomas 
David Thornhill 

Taylor riuirman 
Regan Tomiord 
Suzanne Toussaint 
Abram Trotsky 
Robert Turner 

Kyle Ult-p 
Marietta Urquhart 
Zac Vuncannon 
Stephan Waldheim 
Philip Watson 

Michael Weil 
Rachel Welch 
Lauren Wendell 

Mike Wienick 
Emilv Whitmire 

Brad Wiginton 
Alex Wiikins 
Manning Willard 
Matthew Wilson 
Will Wilson 

Scott Woodward 
Marshall Woodworth 
Doug Wright 
Ivan Zdanov 

Freshmen 1 47 

A Tribute to 
Jonathon O. Nabors 


148 Freshman 

The call came late Sunday night, January 3, 1999. I 
'learned that a few hours before, Jonathon Nabors, a 
freshman who had just completed his first term at 
|W&L, had lost his life along with his sister in a car 
accident. As I interacted with his family and class- 
mates over the next weeks and months, it was 
readily apparent that in his all too brief life Jonathon 
Nabors left a legacy of love and laughter that bright- 
ened the lives of all who knew him. A mentor to a 
young boy in a Lexington school, a roommate who 
shared the joys and trials of the freshman year, a be- 
loved son who cheered with his dad at Alabama 
football games, Jonathon Nabors left behind an ex- 
ample we would all do well to emulate. We miss 
you Jonathon, and we always will. 

- Mark Dalhouse 
Dean of Freshmen 

Freshman 149 




Professor Folio on nature trails behind tlie Pavillion 

showing nora to a Phys Ed class 

photo by Amy Frazier 

■1 ■>?», ^IliH, 


(yohn W. EIrod 



Lexington, Virginia 24450-0303 

Office of the I'rcsidcnt 1749«bi^19' 

(540) 463-8700 ^^^iR 

Dear Members of the Washington and Lee Student Body: 

This year has been one of the most special in the University's history. 
Washington and Lee University has now joined a small and select rank of 
universities which have celebrated a 250^^ birthday. We have taken time this 
year to recall our long past and to remember with gratitude its key founding 
moments and those great individuals who were part of it. We have thoughtfully 
considered those values and traditions which have sustained Washington and 
Lee throughout its history and have committed ourselves to preserve them as we 
step into a new century. We have planned for our future and set goals whose 
realization in the years ahead will insure a strong and vibrant Washington and 
Lee for those generations of students who will follow you. In short, this year has 
been one devoted to memory and anticipation. 

The Calyx is, of course, a book about memories too. The memories captured on 
these pages do not reach back into the long history of the University but are 
clustered around your own time as a Washington and Lee student. One of the 
mysteries of time is that its passage often warms our recollections of important 
events and periods now past. Perhaps this is so because life's experiences help 
us to appreciate ever more deeply these important moments in our pasts. 
Certainly, your time at Washington and Lee will occupy a permanent place in 
your life's story, as it unfolds into the scores of years before you. 

This wonderful book will be a reminder of the special and unique place 
Washington and Lee was for you in your time here. I hope that it will always 
kindle warm memories. 


oiird of Tarstees 

John W. Elrod 

Washington and Lee University 

President's Address 153 

Laurent Boetsch Steve Desjardins Larry Peppers 

Dean of the Associate Dean of Dean of the 
College the College WilHams School 

Elizabeth Oliver 

Associate Dean of 

the Williams 


William M. 

Hartog Dean of 

Admissions and 

Finiancial Aid 

Anne Schroer- 

Associate Dean 
of Students 

Anece F. Leroy "Buddy" David LJSowison 

McCloud Assoc. Atkins Assoc. Dean of Students 
Dean of Students Dean of Students 

Mark Dalhouse 

Dean of Freshmen 

James Frank Surface, Rector 
Jacksonville Florida 

John William Elrod, President 
Lexington Virginia 

Gray Charles Castle 
Lexington, Virginia 

Harold FitzGerald Lenfest 
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania 

Maurice Theodore Van Leer 
Jersey City, New Jersey 

Thomas Harris Broadus, Jr. 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Julius Stephen Marks, III 
Houston, Texas 

John Hardin Marion, 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Suzanne Foster Thomas 
Alexandria, Virginia 

Charles DuBose Ausley 
Tallahassee, Florida 

Edward Leonard Bishop, III 
Flourtown, Pennsylvania 

Vernon Wilson Holleman, Jr 
Chevy Chase, Maryland 

William Reed Johnston 
Far Hills, New Jersey 

John William Robinson, IV 
Tampa, Florida 

Pamela Janice White 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Glenn Oswald Thomhill 
Salem, Virginia 

Margaret Jones Steurt 
Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Thomas Ringgold Shepherd 
Stow, Massacusetts 

John Rowland Farmer 
London, England 

Donald Beury McFall 
Houston, Texas 

William Penniman Boardman 
Columbus, Ohio 

Rupeit HaiTis Johnson, Jr 
San Mateo, California 

Philip Weltner Norwood 
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Warren Amerine Stephens 
Little Rock, Arkansas 

Samuel Brinson Hollis 
Memphis, Tennessee 


David West, 
Kevins Green, 
Lyn Wheeler, 
Elizabeth Oliver 
(not pictured) 


Langdon Quin, Lany Stene, Joan O'Mai^a, Pamela Simpson, 
Not Pictured: Geroge Bent, Kathleen Olson- Janjic 

56 Faculty 


Mario Pellicciaro, 
Herman Taylor 


Teresa Hanlon, John Hufnagel, Larry Hurd, Mary 
Anne Simurda, Darcy Russell, Tom Nye, Helen 
r Anson, John Knox, John Wielgus (not Pictured) 

Cs Ba La Hf Ta W Re Os ir Pt Au Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn 

_ 871 sa 

Fr Ra 

•• est 104 105 

KHil 107 lOBj 

I 58] S9: bO: f-i •>.-^ •:.! • : 

CePr Nd Sm Eu Gd 

Er Tm Yb Lu 

fuchler. Settle, Erich Uffelman, J. Brown Goehiing,, Lisa Alty, Steven Desjardins, 
vlicahel Pleva, Michelle Davis, Marcia France 


Tom Whaley, Pam Vermeer, Ken Lambert, Jacque Bruce 

Molly, Ann Rogers, Tomoko Hisano, Shin Shin Fu, 
Ken' Ichi Ujie, Harold Hill 

158 F^itully 


Linda Hooks, Micahel 
Anderson, A.J. 
Holliday, Larry Peppers, 
John Winfrey, Bmce 
Herrick, Carl Kaiser, 
Chuck PhilUps 


Marc Conner, Jim War- 
ren, Heather Miller, 
Edward Adams, Kary 
Smout, John 
Evans,Dabney Start, Ed 
Craun, Suzanne Keen, 
George Ray, Lesley 
Wheeler (not pictured) 


Bob Thren, David 
§0^^ i Harbor, Elizabeth 
'0 9& ^ Knapp, Ed Spencer, 
Deborah Hubbard 

Faculty 159 


Robert Youngblood, Greta McCaughrin, Lisa Dunlap, Anna 
Brodsky, David Dickens, Roger Crockett (not pictured), Kirk 
Folio (not pictured) 


Jenifer Ashworth, Lamar Cecil, Robert McAhren, Barry 
Machado, Holt Merchant, Roger Jeans, Marshall Jarrett, Ri- 
chard Bidlack, Roberta Senechal, Aaron Haberman, Dave 
Futch, David Parker, Theodore DeLaney, Not Pictured: 
Jefferson Davis Futch, Henry Porter, Irwin Sanders 

Jim Raper, Melissa Cox, 
Claudette Artwick, Ann 
Murchison, Lou Hodges, 
Bob deMaria, John 
Jennings, Brian 
Richardson, Ron 
MacDonald, Not Pic- 
tured: H.H. Smith, 
Edwin Yoder 

PhiUp Cline, A.J. 
Holliday, John Devogt, 
Roger Dean, Kiphng 
liiil Pirkle, Not Pictured: 
Joseph Goldsten, L.M. 
Lamont, Ronald Ander- 


Wayne Dymacek, 
Michael Evans, Alan 
McRae, Gregory 
Dresden, Sylvia Kirgis, 
Paul Bourdon, Robert 
Johnson, Thomas Vinson 


Scott Williamson, Cynthia Penne, Dymphna Alexander, 
Shuko Wantanabe, Gordon Spice, Timothy Gaylard, Terry 
Vosbien, Barry Kolman (not pictured) 

Jack Wilson, Lad Sessions, Harrison Pemberton, C.T. Boggs 


Norris Aldridge, R. Craig Appleby, 
Charleata Beale, Chistopher Budvitis, 
Verne Canfield, Richard Cerone, J. 
Gavin Colliton, Patricia Colliton, 
Kristen Couper, Terri Dadio, Karen 
Emrey, Gary Franke, Elizabeth Gra- 
ham, Janine Hathom, Joellen Haynes, 
Kiki Jacobs, Jerry Jusianiec, Brian 
Logue, Joseph Lyles, Carolyne Mayo, 
Frank Miriello, Ann Mohler, Kevin 
Moore, Chuch O' Connell, James 
Phemister, Rolf Piranian, Cinda 
Rankin, A. Page Remillard, Bryan 
Snyder, James Stagnitta, M. Jeffries 
Stickley, Lars Tiffany, John Tucker, Jill 
Walker, Michael Walsh 


Kenneth Van Ness, James Donaghy, Ronald Reese, Barlow Newbolt, Not pictured: 
H.T. Wilhams, Robert Akins 


Eduardo Velasquez, Marshall Zeringue, William Connelly, 
Kenneth Ruscio, Mark Rrush, John Handelman, Bob Strong, 
Andrew Grant Thomas, Lew John, Craig McCaughrin 


Robert Stewait, Jeanine Stewart, Jacque Bruce, David Ehnes, 
Nancy Margand and Thatcher, not pictured: Joe Thompson, 
Tyler Lorig, Beverly Bower, L.E. Jarrard 

Hal Ryan 


Winifred Sullivan, Timothy Lubin, Alexandra 
Brown, Winston Davis, Richard Marks, 
H.R.Beckley (not pictued) 

Jeff Bamett, Jim Williams, Dominica Radulescu, A.G. Fralin, Kathy Koberstein, 
Russell Knudson, Francoise Fregnac-Clave, Gwyn Campbell, Ellen Mayock, John 


John McDaniel, Krzysztof Jasiewicz, David Novae, 
Owen White (not pictured) 


Tom Ander- 
son, Joseph 
Tom Zeigler 
(on maga- 
zine), Gary 
Humiston, Al 
Miher Louise 

Bill Hartog, Jamie Turner, Kelly Kopcial, Judith Kozack, 
Nikki Magaziner, Maryanna Phipps, Dan Murphy, Not Pic- 
tured: Courtney Penn, Adam Branson, Brandon Ferguson 

Owen Barker 









1 ^1.1 







Frannie Rhodenizer, Tidge Roller, Jamie Moore, Jackie Davis, Susan La Rue, 
Brenda Reese 

Faculty 169 




Alice Smiley, 
Rebecca Chittum, 
Linda Agner, 
Mark Fontenau, 
Scott Beebe, 
Randolph Hair 

Diane Johnson, Martha Rowsley, Dolly Cash, MeUssa Southers 
Kristel Clark, Deborah Caylor, Jane Stokes, Sue Bryant, Don 

1 70 Faculty 


Amy Hitlin, Amy 
Hartzell, Beverly Long, 
Suzanne Wade 


Carol Calkins 

Faculty 171 


Christina Bennington, Dwight 
Bitz, John Bowser, Frances 
Brown, Shawn Brown, Pam 
Clark, Roy Clark, Danielle 
Coffey, Sharon Coffey, Dora 
Coleman, Linda Cooper, Fail 
Dixon, Romero Dunn, Jamie 
Floyd, Mary Hawkins, Bobby 
Henderson, Nadine Higgins, 

Carol Hostetter, Kelly Jones, 
Dave Kessler, Rena Lawson, 
Deanna Meade, Vera Merchant, 
Wanda McDaniel, Dee Miriello, 
Barbara Mollica, Michael 
Moore, Patty Owens, Chef 
Pearce, Wesley Roberts, Brian 
Rogers, Rodney Rogers, Brenda 
St. Clair, Pete Sweet, Susan Wa- 
ger, CharUe Ware, Rodney Watts, 
Eric Wheeler, Melissa Wooding 

172 Faculty 

.^L'""'i3 wfA%n yr ^ 




* e 


Earns Hotchkiss 

Betty Johnstone, Bemadette Crews RN, 
Dr. Jane Horton, Dr. David Copeland, 
Jan Asbury RN 


Wendy Richards, Melanie Renter, Carol Blair, Wanda Swartz, Tony Murray, Dave 
Badertscher, John Tombarge, John Blackburn, Hugh Blackner, Vicki Sessions, 
Audrey Hawkins, Betsy Brittigan, Terry Forquer, Cricket Brittigan, Yolonda War- 
ren, Lisa McCown, Carole Bailey, Annette John, Barbara Brown 


Thomas Litzenburg 






^ Aj^^^y 

Frank Parsons 


Christina Julian, Scott Dittman, Leah Robinson, Joanna 
Smith, Karen Plogger, Jeannette Jarvis 


Ruth Stewart, Shannon Stiltner, Lorraine Defino, Dawn Riley, Steve Tomlinson, 
Fred Ryan, Al Tkacik, Joe Pelter, Thomas Bane, Fred Coffey, Melvin Davis, 
Tony Stinnnet, Larry Stuart, Rodney Early, Scott Rowe, Michael Young 


Brian Shaw 

Dr. James Worth 


Southern Comfort sings at Lee Chapel 
photo by EmilyBarnes 

Phi Beta Kappa 

Joseph Michael Bestic 

Minton Truitt Cooper 

LilUan Hallett Davis 

Keri Anne Dunphy 

Anthony Charles Dvarskas 

Pamela Gray Herbert 

Marium Grace Holland 

Sara Anne McCrone 

Anne Elizabeth McElhaney 

Margaret Houston McGregor 

Catherine Barry Quinn 

Elizabeth Anne Rodd 

Carl Edward Schulze 

Richard Adam Storch 

Jennifer Marie Vallidis 

Stephanie Ripley Wolfe 

Sergei Alexandrovich Antonov 

Kendra Louise Archer 

Elizabeth Anne Arthur 

Scott Joseph Babka 

Rachael Elizabeth Barlow 

Michael John Beakley 

Hillary Beth Coombs 

Christopher Alan Edwards 

Ryan Mark Elliott 

John Lee Farringer IV 

Lauren Ann Francis 

Maciej Benedykt Golubiewski 

Tarah Shana Grant 

Lee Ann Gschwind 

Nathaniel James Hager 

Daniel Ewell Hendricks, Jr. 

James Gowen Johnson 

Teresa Kelley Joy 

Daniel Ewell Hendricks, Jr 

Alyssa Rachel Kaufman 

Christoph Arne Kemnade 

Michael Joseph Leaser 

David Andrew Lehman 

Christopher Boyd Looney 

Rebecca Rose Makkai 

Kristoffer Johan Neville 

Linda Marie Salerno 

Ashley Claire Smith 

Robert Renton Baldwin, Jr. 

Taylor Beaupain 

Suzanne Miriam Blum 

James Andrew Browne 

John Brandon Chalk 

Michele Kim Connors 

Brian Jeffrey Eutermoser 

Jennifer Carol Fisher 

Riley Erickson Greene 

Cynthia Ann Johnson 

William Alexander Kanner 

Ellen Sue Klenk 

Jill Elizabeth Kosch 

Jason Allyn Nichols 

Roshni Mona Nirody 

Jennifer Pinyan 
Heather Melcher Reid 
Leah Camille Schaefer 
Steven Charles Staub 
Khanh Dong Nhat Vo 
Emilie Beth Wiesner 
John Philip Zimmer 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Mark Wesley Armstrong 

David Edward Sugerman 

Scott Josheph Babka 

Nathaniel Gordon Tenczza 

Jason Edward Hahn 

Shannon Elizabeth Bell 

Martha Mason Kieckhefer 

Sean Eddy 

Charles drake Leddy 

Warren Hedges 

David Andrew Lehman 

Sula Jacobs 

Sara Anne McCrone 

Herbert Kuppin 

Greta Anne Richter 

Athena Mahoney 

Courtney B. Stovall 

Roshni Nirodi 

Phi Hta Si 


Bryant Edward Adams 

Didem Akyel 
Ashley Aliene Anderson 

Lee Anne Applegate 

Kathryn Rhett Baldwin 

William Evan Ballard 

Allison Leigh Becknell 

Craig Morgan Benjamin 

William Lynn Bible 

Emily Thomas Forman 

Jordan Samuel Ginsberg 

Henry Robert Gola 

Matthew Lee Gooch 

Charles Tyler Green 

Laura Anne Green 

Susan Ellen Groves 

Catherine Ann Harding 

Kathleen Morone 

Erica Neyland 

Rachel Alaina Perdue 

Stephen Matthew Pesce 

Sara Kristen Peterson 

Stephen Lewis Philipson 

Ginger Renee Phillips 

Hugh Kirkpatrick Rabb 

Daniel Moffitt Birdwhistell 
Elizabeth Eleanor Borges 

Rachel Leanne Bowes 
Jocelyn Hendry Bowman 

Virginia Ann Brumby 

Allison Michelle Bruneau 

Hillary Rose Bryant 

Joshua Donald Chamberlain 

William David Christ II 

Jeffrey Kenneth Cook 

Timothy Francis Cormier 

Andrea Marie Creech 

Ellen Rebecca Dupps 

Katherine Derbes Eagan 

Dana Marie Early 

Joel Patrick Fechisin 

Erin Kathleen Ferguson 

Brendan Norman Harrington Selanga Nandum Ranawaka 

[ Colin Patrick Hayes Reagan Allison Reaud 

Anne Cummins Hazlett Angela Christine Roman 

Shari Noelle Henderson Kimberly Ann Russell 

Nathan Rollins Hoot Nicholas Robert Ryan-Lang 

Matthew James Howenstein Megan Lindahl Schwarz 

Tyler Scott Jorgensen Alexander Young Sedgwick 

Chrstina Anne Julian Crystal Ann Simpson 

n Christopher William Althea Kendall Smiley 

Kauffman Kathie Soroka 

HyeWon Kim Gina Lynn Spezialetti 

Timothy Allen Koss Jennifer Ruth Strawbridge 

Seon Brian Kum Julieann Veronica Ulin 

Lauren Elizabeth LaFauci Nathan Kyle Urquhart 

Katherine Caulkins Lamb Mary Elizabeth Woodarrd 

Robert Mathias Marmorstein Patrick Beaumont Wright 

Christine Anne Metzger 
Stephanie Miller 

Adam David Yablonski 
Dorothy Yuan 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 

Pre-Med Honor Society 

William Evan Ballard 

Evan Wareing Beale 

Elizabeth Eleanor Borges 

Rachel Leanne Bowes 

Margaret Jane Courtney 

John Hicks Dumas, III 

Katherine Derbes Eagan 

Joel Patrick Fechisin 

Jefferson Monroe Golden, IV 

Susan Ellen Groves 

Matthew James Howenstein 

Tyler Scott Jorgensen 

Tyler James Kenning 

Lauren Elizabeth LaFauci 

Joe Spencer Liles 

Elizabeth Anne Meyers 

Brittany Ann Palmer 
Mindee Catherine Perdue 

Patrick Joseph Renton 

Angela Christine Roman 

Kimberly Ann Russell 

William Michael Seganish, Jr 

Allison Leigh Smith 

Brian Carr Stisser 

Janakan Lawrence Thiagarajah 

Leroy Brown Vaughan 

Patrick Beaumont Wright 

Pi Mu Epsilon 

Mathematics Honor Society 

J. Brandon Chalk 

Rebecca H. Fitzsimmons 

James Gowen Johnson, IV 

Sara Anne McCrone 

Ehzabeth H. Vaughan 

Edward Cantey Clarkson 

Amber Lea Hinkle 

Isis Calculus Kirby-O'Connell 

Matthew P. Neumayer 

Emilie B. Wiesner 

Brian Jeffrey Eutermoser 

Ginny Jernigan 

James Andrew McCliggott 

Steven Charles Straub 

Pi Sigma Alpha 

Politics Honor Society 

Katherine C. Boening 

Isaris Bonilla 

Jennifer Frost 

Meredith Mlynar 

Carly Nasca 

Susan Osnato / 

Nancy Reinhart 

Kelly S. Scott 

Kristi Slafka 

Susan Terzian 

James Waskovich 

Organizations 181 

Beta Gamma Sigma 

Business Honor Society 

Michael Beakley 
Taylor Beaupain 

Joshua Davis 

Ryan Elliott 
Cynthis Johnson ' 
Catherine Moore 
Matthew Neumayer 

Heather Reid 

George Urban 

Omicron Delta Epsilon 

Economics Honor Society 

John T. Arnold 

Bret D. Bowerman 

Rebecca Ann Bruggeman 

David W. Clements 

Brooke Easton 

Ashley Higher 

John E. Freyer, Jr 

Gregg J. Genetti 

John D. Grumbine 

Kevin M. Kimmel 

Elizabeth H. Meloy 

David A. Saunders 

Paul J. Saupe 
Mary E. Winfrey 


Sean McManus, Joshua Carpenter, Chip Westerman, Trey Suggs, 

Riley Greene, Max Smith, Matthew Gooch, Anne Sharett, EHza- 

beth Harvey, Roy Burns, Andrew Nash, Bryan Berry, Roshni 

Nirody, Jason Hahn 

Executive Committee 

The Executive Committe is Responsible for 
administering the Honor System and supervising 
nearly all student-related campus activities. 

Student Activities Board 

Wes Armstrong, Christopher Noland, Heath Galloway, Dave Levinson, Elizabeth Watkins, Caroline 
Cobb, Jay Pfeifer, Emmie Kinder, Chris Edwards, Rob Allen, J-Bo Wall, Charles Allen, Drew 

Wendelkin, J.B. Redenbaugh, Kelly Herring, Beth Perry, Hampton Yielding, Walter Coker, Meredith 
Vellines, Ann Marie Harrill, Turner Vosseler, Heather Reid, Rob Hendriks, Pullen Daniel, Drew 
Dodson, Ross Niblock, Tully Blalock, Lindsay South, Amanda Thayer, Trey Kuppin, Don Weir, 

John Hope, Gavin Dean, Clayton Hall, Dan Grattan, Megan Fink, Ginger baker. Clay Colton, Jason 

Miller, William Wade, Harry Brookby, Kimberly Tucker, Andrea Creech, Adam Yablonsky, Ellen 

Ritsch, Lauren Ivanick, Sanders Goodrich, Jeff Sloan, Kristi Peterson, Sallie Ball, Max Smith, 

Missy Weathersby, Tyler Green, Mathew Herman, Ruth Caldwell, Scott Meister, Jim Wilbourn, 

Elizabeth Murchison, Michael Crittenden, Susan Slim, Emily Forman, Crystal Simpson, Sam Evans, 

Fred Heiser, Mac Everist, Caroline Windfelder, Ann Baskervill, Sarah Schandler, Lisa Jones, Anne 
Lachiewicz, Rebekah Ahn, Hal Shaw, Lindsay Miller, Allen Jones, Rob Naftel, Carling Dinkier 

W&L Film Society 

(not pictured) 

The W&L Film Society offers students a chance to see films at 
W&l's Troubador Theatre throughout the year. Films include cur- 
rent blockblusters as well as foreign and independent films. 

Oiaanizations 185 


Xi Pi Xi is an organization for independent 
ii^ women at Washington and Lee 

Becca Harris, Jennifer Mendocha, Lisa Chew, Renita Perkins, 

Heather McDonald, Jenny Law, Alison Trinidad, Jennifer Quail, 

Andrea Ewing, Elizabeth Slonaker, Nadiyah Howard 



Student Judicial Council 

(not pictured) 

The SJC investigates and acts upon complaints of 
alleged student misconduct except for dishonor- 
able acts that involve the general categories of ly- 
ing, cheating, stealing, other breeches of trust, or 
sexual misconduct. 

186 Organizations 

R.E. Belles 

The R.E. Belles Dance Team was founded for the 

purpose of performing at the halftime of W&L 

basketball games. The group choreographs and 

performs several dances each year. 

Charron Hodges, Bethany Petrofsky, Cyndi Johnson, Bentley 
Knight, Ashley Tyson, Sybil Prince (not pictured) 


Fridays! is a committe that 
offers students an alterna- 
tive to conventional frater- 
nity parties. Fridays! spon- 
sors events ranging from 
movies to bands to interac- 
tive murder mysteries 

The Society 

for Creative 


(not pictured) 

The Society studies 

and recreates pre- 

17th century Europe 

Organizations 187 


P.R.I.D.E. is a group that sponsors discussions and 

activities to promote diversity on the campus of 

Washington and Lee. 

The W&L Riding Team 

The W&L Riding Team offers students a chance 
to compete in various riding events against other 

college teams. 

Habitat for Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity seeks to provide housing to low income 
families in Rockbridge County. Most recently we have worked 
with the Timber Framer's Guild of North America and the VMI 

cadets to help build the Project Horizon Battered Women's Shelter 
in Lexington. The shelter provides a place of refuge for women 

and their children who have been victimized by domestic violence. 

Prof. Brian Richardson, Josh Chamberlain, Grant Dickson, Billy Putnam, Ann Rich- 
ard, Stephanie Bianco, Blair Manning, Christie Phillips, Russ George, Josh Beckham, 
Danica Oliver, Tim Koss, Dave Sugerman, Lisa Jones, Courtney Emich, Casey 
Gilmore, Jake Field-Marsham, Stephen Philipson 

The International Club 

(not pictured) 

The I-club is a group of both foreign and Ameri- 
can students dedicated to learning and teaching 
about international issues and multiculturalism. 

Orsanizations 189 

The Arete 

The Arete is an Academic Humanities 
Journal at W&L. 

Anna Regenstein, Bryan Petrilla, Andrew Nash 

The Ring-Turn 

(not pictured) 

The Phi is a student 
newspaper that's been 
a part of the W&L tra- 
dition for over 100 

The Trident 

(not pictured) 

The Trident is an inde- 
pendent, general inter- 
est newspaper pub- 
lished weekly by 


JubiLee celebrated W&L's 250th and our 14th 
year with the releaseof our new CD, "Last Call." 
In the afterglow of this accomplishment, we en- 
joyed a laid-back year and the annual highlight, 
the Parents' Weekend Concert. 

Leyla Custer, Enid Dean, Ryan McDaniel, Ashley Smith, Shannon 

Upchurch, Sally Baker, Katie Baldwin, Hillary Bryant, Ruth 

Caldwell, Sarah Heatherington, Sarah Riggs, Megan Hazard, 

Alhson Smith, Emily Reid, Darby Taylor 

Minority Student Association 

(not pictured) 

The MSA affords minority students at W&L a fo- 
rum to express their concerns and promote cul- 
tural awareness on campus. 

Organizations 191 

Sorority house groundbreaking 
photo by Amy Kane 


\ iy4 Campus Life 

Campus Life 195 

rom Reed" s Fall Temi claim to Speakeasy ' s final campus tour, Chi Psi " s year can be summed up with two words - Social Domination, 
ealizing this, Nathan (from The Real World) showed up to our annual Margaritaville mixer with Chi O- that guy sucked! A few weeks 
Iter, yet another Homecoming lawn dinner was running smoothly until "some jackass" started yelling "Who" s talking?" But Fighting Gravity 
apped off the night with their best 90 minutes ever. When the 250"' Ball rolled around Salty Dog and the Texan found themselves manning 
lebaronce again. Christmas Weekend saved our Fall Term when we realized what a record numberof Lodge girlfriends had done to our 
■attiness. After another round of Secret Santas, the Jew finally saw the wonders of Christianity and Hilfiggertook his gift all the way to the 
ospital. With .363. the Lodge record, and an FD date in hand, he felt no need to continue his Santa duties, so the rookie stepped it up . . . 
toSanta! Go Santa! He loves all his little children ... 

After the scare of Fall Term" s highest GPA, the Lodge returned to its roots of anti-social, destructive, alcoholic behavior. Following 
immerly ' s lead, we brought another 1 2 to 1 7 solid guys to the Lodge, with the likes of Suckboy , Buckwheat, Ruprick the Idiot Monkey 
oy, and abunch of foreigners . . . Dietertlnally foundalittlebrother! Before allowing these little punks into ourcircus we held the first North- 
outh drink off- Yeah South ! No one quite remembers Chi Psichotic - let the mayhem begin. FD brought another sketchy lawn party with 
lany champagne-inducedhumanpyramidscollapsing to the musicofHumunculus. The giant blizzaid of "99 set the scene foraratherslippeiy 
3ledge""-active football game where we tried to kill our only tw o varsity athletes. And soiry about the lack of Late Nights . . . but we" re broke 

We kicked offspring Term with some great croquet tournaments that brought on a lot of strange looks and comments like "Now F ve 
;en it all." But when Alumni Weekend rolled around (you think we" re sketchy now ! ) we realized we had to stop wasting Spring Term and 
art drinking. After passing out and becoming a trash pile, the Phi mistook Thropper for a40 year old in its quote of the week. But in all 
jriousness, the first Chris Main award was presented and a tree was planted in his honor. 

After sparse attendance at Dukes of Hazzard we realized that we had not been promoted to the empty spot in the Big 5. Showing the 
ew initiates what unity is all about, the Townie and the Jew left Stover, our # 1 . and the freshman at JMU. Unable to make a decision by 
imself, the Giant Question Mark first called the Lodge Whore before providing a rescue. And Buffalo Creek. What to say about Buffalo 
reek . . .just one giant f#ck up . . . yeah Cappy ! Outside of our Lexington bubble, Ethiopian wars brought back the Great Minshew to aid 
1 our demise. And the end of Spring Term brought about the completion of the pledge project . . . thanks Knezek and Barrett. 

The Lodge regretfully says goodbye to the Mad Shitter, the Self-proclaimed Greatest Drinker the Lodge has Ever Seen, the Jew. the Texan, 
lieter. Stover, Zimmerly, our # Land the Townie (sort of). Thanks for the memories! 



^sUUUA^A i887 

Inderthe "blood and iron" regime of Thomas "Trey" Carr, the 1 998-99 Phis once again brought new levelsof frattitude to Wasliington and 
ee. The Phis were truly everywhere this year: On the girdiron "Dick" Ritchey and Chas Chastain captained the Generals to within inches 
fan ODAC championship; the electric inteiplay of Matt Jackson and captain Brian Ricketts drew record crowds to W&L basketball games; 
lan'y Hill rebounded from a career-ending injury to serve as an assistant coach on the soccer team, and John Grumbine was captain of the 
'restlingteani. As expected. Bob Weston shattered nearly every pitching record at W&L and threw the General's fisrt no-hitter in SOyears. 
inally, years of discipline and haid work paid off for the cerebral Phis Chris Looney and Jim Johnson as they were inducted into Phi Beta 
[^appa this spring. 


larry stars in Sir-Mix-a-lot's new video . . . Sully foozes, flirts with two-thirds . . . Reclusive Dumas experiments with facial hair; Reclusive 
bkerexperiments with cholesterol . . . Dave gets "crazy" in Fort Lauderdale . . . Big Texans can't stop touching each other . . . Phi Delt seniors 
eacti vate, form Gaines Supper Club . . . Dawson receives Canie Nation award for moderation and temperance; to the dismay of sophomores 
nd freshmen, the "office" closes . . . Barclay Honey wood tours Kosovo . . . Chadwick. when drinking, destroys things . . . Sunbeam goes 
jrgold in Sidney ... A waif-like Ward battles eating disorder . . . Rod begins reign of tenor . . . The Omelette considers afifth . . . Frat Stowe 
:ages Rockbridge pancake expo ... Big Mike brings "kind soul" mentality to Lex underworld . . . Gober' s defunct body finds renewal at 
larlene' s . . . Who ordered the Fat Italian? . . . Burnt Phi haunts pledges . . . QVC lingerie model tames Waterloo. 

^fCt ^^mm^ ^^etU 

A long time ago, in a Preston Street galaxy far, faraway from respectable fraternities... 
Episode LXIX 

What does one say upon looking back on the past year through Phi Gam goggles? We saw so many amazing, stupid, and amazingly 
stupid things happen. The year started like it ended — by losing even more members of the 2000 pledge class; farewell Phantom & 
Atari ! We rebounded from our loss at the beginning of the year with a shagadelic Homecoming party that saw the Penguin put as many 
holes in the ceiling as Ding-Dongs in his mouth. As the autumn days passed and the "weeks without Burger" count increased, the Fiji 
played host to many a fine time. Who could forget Parent's Weekend, Heaven and Hell, or the seemingly endless number of tailgate 
imixers with Kappa — thanks ladies, see ya again next fall ! Phi Gam wrapped up the fall term with Christmas Weekend and another fine 
gift exchange that witnessed cardboard Texans, go-go-gadget genitalia, and more obscene Ken dolls for Sean. 

In the winter tenn, rush brought the Phi Gam house 16!(no wait, he went Beta)... 15 !(nope, he left afterthe first week)... 14!(oh 
yeah.. .let us never SPEak of him again)... 1 2 pledges and one Heggerator. Tear night was, once again, a SMASHING event as FIJI 
established a new mark for chairs destroyed; kudos Mr. Eddy ! Champagnes also sparkled this year, setting yet another new record for 
most Kappas under our roof at one event. And finally, the biggest event of the winter had to be the 2 1 st birthday of Brother W.l.S. 
We apologize again to the Palms and its fine ATM machine; we meant it no disrespect. And congratulations to Klimas. for opening up a 
can of whoopass on Wes. 

Unfortunately.thisyearmarkstheendofacareerformostofourseniors, except Tony who still hasn't passed stats. Brother Genetti 
and Brother Granger have opted to skip the messy surgery that would detach their hips and go to Martha' s Vineyard where they will sit 
in a hotel room instead of actually going out to the beach. Unfortunately, surgery has become a must for the Three-headed Monster, 
seeing as Chuck has decided to stick around and graduate. However, Brother Race and Brother Trey plan to rebound and add 
Brother Tony to the monster. The monster" s future plans remain on hold, seeing as Tony still has 5 exams to take and 3 papers to write 
as of commencement. Brother Button — excuse me, Sutton — will continue to colect dust, spit, and be swarthy. Finally Brother 
George has decided to pass on his many job offers and go pro in foosball. 

Well, that's it! See you next year at "Sherman's March to the Sea" party (soiTy JT. no KAs allowed). 

MarkAveryt Binningham.AL 
Scott Babka Duluth.GA 
Richard Eunice Louisville. KY 
David Clements Valhalla, NY 
Chris Edwards Binningham.AL 
JohnFarringerlV Nashville, TN 
Sean Fowler Raleigh, NC 
James Haslam Thomasville.GA 
Adamlngols Novi. MI 
Joseph Kerr Southside. AL 
Kevin Kimmel Chappaqua. NY 
DavidLehman Skillman.NJ 
John McAllister Palos Heights, IL 
ZebulonMellet Potomac. MD 
Silas Morse White City. OR 
Michael Nolan Princeton, NJ 
Craig Penny Hampton Bays, NY 
Hudson Smith Shaker Heights, OH 
David Sugerman Richmond, VA 
NateTencza Meriden. CT 

Robert Wilson Damestown,MD 
PeteBentson Manassas, VA 
Harry Brookby Kingswood, TX 
Jeff Golden Thomasville.GA 
MattLaMotte Easton,MD 
MattLeventhal Chicago, IL 
Bill McGettigan King of Prussia, PA 
LeighMiller Garden City, NY 
Ross Niblock Dover, MA 
WhitPolley Nashville.TN 
Keith Prusek Richmond. VA 
Chad Scarborough Jacksonville, PL 
Jason Smith Casablanca, Morocco 
Frank Stearns Purcellville,VA 
Turner Vosseller Jacksonville, FL 
Dylan Walsh Hull, MA 
Jackson Beardsley Jacksonville, FL 
Brian Ceneviva Winston-Salem, NC 
John Gardner Glasgow, KY 
David Grossman Charlotte, NC 
RossHinkle Tallahassee, FL 
Brock Man-s Glasgow, KY 

David McDermott Annapolis, MD 
Frank Previti Cheshire, CT 
Matthew Raley McGregor, TX 
Nick Silverman Gainesville, FL 
Andrew Vendig Arlington, VA 
Chris Wahl Gaithersburg, MD 
David Averyt Birmingham, AL 
JohnCimina Fairfield. CT 
Allen Jones Binningham.AL 
Brent Keene Rome. GA 
Jeff Mclntyre Montgomeiy, AL 
Peter Metzger St. Petersburg. FL 
Robert Naftel Binningham.AL 
Jeffrey Powell Binningham,AL 
Christopher Roche West Nyack, NY 
Nicholas SbemaCinncinnati. OH 
Glenn Singleton Ravenswood. WV 
Brian Steams Purcellville. VA 
David Tliomhill Salem, VA 
KyleUlep Annapolis, MD 

^staUls^A, f8^^ 

Charlie Antrim. Steve Birdsall. Brandon Boilner. Brian Carney, Mark Chatham, Clay Colton. Andy Dalovisio, Pullen Daniel. Lee Fentress 
Scott Guggenheimer. Pope Hackney. Wes Hayes. James Hoak. Casey Huke. Blake Jones. Trey Kuppin. T.W. Leshner. Mac Livingston 
Ben Lucas. Jim Mahan. Scott McClave. Scott Moses. Josh Myerberg, Mike Navalkowsky, Ryan Nelson. Jeff Paul. Greg Pleasents 
Brackett Priddy . Kelly Radford. Mark Raeder. Cooper Robertson, Grant Shaip, Chailey Snyder, Joe Speicher, Zander Strong. Bo Vaughn 
Don Weir. Jon Wilson. Jon Wright. Jeff Bahl. Andrew Barnett. Richard Bendall, Curtis Bethea. Charlie CaiTocio. John Colfry, Drev 
Crichton. Carling Dinkier, Eddie Eichler, Curtis Gallagher, Andrew Grimes, Dave Kodak, Scott Link, Marshall Schutt, Chris Shortall, Davie 
Skeen, Matt Smith. Paul Wallace 


^st^^CisAcA iSSy 


e ^ 

Lurt Acker. Tim Angelillo. Tank Bateh, John Boothby. Rob Brigance. James Browne. Clayton Chandler. Chris Clark. Da\ id Cooper. 
46011 Crosby. Walker Diddle, Britt Eastland. Greg Esposito. Brian Eutermoser. Sean Fierke. Shelby Fierke. Andrew Fiske. John 
reyer. Matt Gallo, Stephen Guenther, Adam Hagfors. Phelps Harmon, Bill Helander. Matt Howenstein. Bobby Hunt. John Huntington, 
ohn Jensen. Gary Justice, Michael Kaczka, Whitney Kinder. Charles Leddy , Thaxton Mauzy . Ames Mc Ardle. Ryan McGee. Sean 
IcManus. Price Moncrief. Stuart Noel. Mills Palm. Hansell Pasco. Dave Passavant, Nick Peters. Brent Philpot. Wes Rankin, Reagan 
Leaud, Andrew Roberts. Nick Sayers, Rob Smith. Will Smith. Rob Spatzer. John Stewart. Matt Thurlow, John Titley. Ben Wilson. 
4att Wilson. Scott Woodward. Dan Zink 

^sU^thAcA i882 


Captain Roy "Pelican" Burns, Daniels; "EX-2500R" Alford, Todd "I Hate Fun" Poole, Pat "Eyore" McCormack, Gyrocount And\ : 
Poopenscott the 92nd, Doug "'Gubu" Peddle, Ryan "Hoot" Walker, Jason "Comrade" Hahn. Anthony "Twan" Dvarskas, Matt ""Paj 
Ritter. Darren "Whipped" Pohlman, Dan "Mr. Fun" Hendricks, Jon "Mama" Hughes, Scott "The Earl of Portsmouth" Morris, Hugh 
"Mungus" Farrish, Chip "I Could'a Been'a ..." Westemian, Chad "Mojo" Casto, James "Cooter" Gadiel, Geoff "Club Sandwich" 
Haydon, K.D. "Oooooh Baby" Vo, Jon "Doof " Barker, Sexy Bob "EX-3000CT" Walker. Nathan "F.T." Urquhart, Matt "Hearts" : 
Herman, Ryan " 1 0-Foot Pole" LaRue, Sam "B AMF" Langholz, Matt "Can" t Get Cooler" Jacobs, Mike "MIA" Stefan, Justin "Dan j 
Party U.S.A." Rubenstein, Rob "Doublewide-Crack" Ludwig, Joel "Oprah" Dietzman, Eric "Ewok" James. Ryan "Who Knows?" 
Lepine, Marshall "Slag Jr." Woodworth, Dan "Bramanto Stagnifana" Riberkof, Ben "Pec" Segal. Wayne "Wookie" Richey 

he 1 998- 1 999 school year proved to be another spectacular one lor tlie Knights of the SNii World Order. All the brothers began the year 
nthiisiastically supporting the South American dictatorial-style rush ot'Brother Mungus. After picking up Pledges Reptar, Shopkeep, 
mokey. and Slag Jr. on the fust day. everyone contributed to rush in their own particular way: the Doof abided, the Count pooped. Mungus 
rank. Eyore Jr. fought for a "New" rush. Eyore Sr. fought for the days of old. and the Pelican tlew the coop. Brother Hughes showed us 
II how mildew can make afashion statement. Also, although he would laterbe blinded by Ana. Sexy Bob led Fall Term in total destruction, 
omplete with donut slinging, door smashing, and composite breaking. All of this was in addition to Fruity Sumo wrestling. After the dust 
jttled, and the Vultures had feasted, the House ended up with 1 6 of the pukinest. smokinest, pizza-eatinest pledges ever. Driven by Der 
urer Poole, assisted by one angry helper monkey, organized by Pledge Coreleone. and inspired by Pledge Brow, the pledge class bumbled 
irough eight weeks ofpledgeship, suffering only minorcasualties and deportations. Socially, the term was highlighted by Doug Clark and 
)ieHot Nuts on Tear Night, a White Rose Fireside Chat with the Earl of Portsmith. and Rubenstein Dance Party USA. Gubu's bottom- 
leding antics caused the Web to expand in numbers and poundage. Due to the pwethowa of pathetic dwunken idiots. Captain SNu lost 
IS shoes. Pledge Doublewide lost his underwear, and Brother 4 1 1 found the answer to the question. "Do pledges have hearts?" Brother 
all also lit himself on fire, learned the intricacies of checkbook finance, and fought it out with the Wookie for the hand of La Condescenda. 
s Winter Tenn ended, the ever-shrinking j unior class all ied itself with the Fat Man Conspiracy to sweep the Fanish ticket into office, and 
ipture such important offices as Philanthropy Chair. Spring Temi Kickoff allowed the Mack- Aroni to take a brief respite from consulting 
id realize that "Drinking is cool." Honorretumed to Sigma Nu on Alumni Weekend, although all possible donations to the house had already 
en spent on booze and whores. We were, however, given an opportunity to think back to the good old days when IMF reigned supreme, 
hipwreck "99 was also a success, despite the deactivation of "Mr. Cool." Brother Skjellyfetti. possibly due to a bad trip. All this fun did 
ave a price, though — $4400 to be exact. However, as next year" s budget has been approved by the High Council, things are looking up 
)rthe future. We even managed to be number one among fraternities for grades, due largely to Brother Hendricks's 587.4 GPA. So, as 
le year ends, we wish our seniors good luck in getting high paying jobs so as to eventually make reparations for four years of general 
icompetence. But. in the end. "You may not be able to tell by looking at us, but we're the best there" s ever been."" And besides. Jacobs 
L)uldn"t possibly get any cooler. 

^ l^m^ ^fu ^p scion 

The 1998-99 academic year witnessed the ascendeiKy of Sig Ep to unparalleled levels of simultaneous social greatness and thwarted sexual ambitions. Sig Ep iiyhiencd ii'. tyrannical 
isp on the baseball, track, football, soccer, and swimming programs, and witnessed its Lenfesl juggernaut continue to sweep aside the theatrical ambitions of all other Iraternities. 
11 Term was chalk full with Homecoming, Parent's Weekend, the Halloween Blowout, Caveman, 250th, Christmas weekend, and the mixers. With the arrival of the new calendar 
:ar in January, we turned our communal attention towards the cognitively insufficient field of pledges which entered during the rush dates. Their spirits were sadly broken but 
e built them up stronger and more insensitive than they ever could have imagined before their association with Sig Ep. We took brief respites from hazing to entertain our sorority 
tests, to exchange friendship bracelets and hearty laughter with our Davidson Park neighbors at our Sigma Chi Reconciliation BBQ. and to enter the fray of FD weekend. 

The junior class, under the Spartan guidance of Matt Seals, took the reigns of power and began fining everything that breathes. These people, small animals, or Sigma Chis 
hich remained insolent were subsequently head-butted in ritualized ceremonies. Thompson's leadership proved indispensable as the leader of the Geology Cougars and as the 
ess Agent for the country residence formerly known as Out Billy, in conjunction with Senior Cooper inaugurated the 30-pack Sturday tradition with inuch fanfare while 
rant was deflowered in a heinous "below the belt" sex-crime incident. Our most extreme congratulations must be offered to the occupants of the Apartments, whose accelerated 
illapse of sexuality won us two blue ribbons at country fairs for their sticky buns. Truly, boys, those were wild things! Representing the more forcefully masculine and less intelligent 
intingent of the Apartments, Matt Clynier successfully defeated burning platforms at Buffalo Creek, and his own leg hair in the process. The men of Death Valley continued 
e tradition of the late Eric Guiness with their pool policies; and, in other news, Pete finally got to ride a big roller coaster and Sanducket continued to breathe. 

for the sophomores, Zeke "PIKA Liaison Officer" Roeser lived off the comfort zone of House and Nash-Truax beer, and his roominate Adams was positively identified 
tually being in the House on five different occasions. Fech got a great car. ruined it, got a new one and also managed to spearhead our IM efforts. Jordan made a mess of love 
angles as well as the upstairs bathroom while Scurvy entertained all with his considerable inusical talents. Truass reigned for a second year as the Anheuser-Busch Investment 
anager, and Benno as the figurehead of the Universe's severely defunct humor. Fool disappeared (again) in the dead of winter back to the Great White North and Balzer got 
e big shaft in the other trial of the century. Incense was burned and goats were sacrificed daily by the sophomores in order to gain spiritual sanitation from their iconic leader, 
e Ultimate SPE Dog George Benson. Pigpen sought professional help for his slight odor "condition" and received proper, though ultimately unsuccessful, medical attention, 
innan reigned as Hazer-in-Cheif and Dirty Juanita ascended the ladder of campus politics to become the University Dictator. 

We discovered the shortcomings of our laissez-faire rush .strategy this year when we found ourselves invested with sixteen of the least intelligent homo sapiens ever produced 
jm the degrees of human genetics. Fortunately, through the implementation of holy violence their souls were cleansed, though they remained the ugly specimens of disdain 
hich we fell in love with and bid in the first place. Freshman John "I'm Not A Mexican Immigrant" Power hazed the brotherhood during the pledge period with his severely 
ifunny humor while his pledge brethren Rippy and Pizza the Hut fell hack upon medical excuses to sustain themselves through their eight weeks of glory. Woman Robb dominated 
e Casanova rankings, Mrs. Estrogen proved too aloof for proper sphincter control, the Schnook single-handedly dropped the G.P.A. by an entire integer, Spulch (against 
uch popular protest) did not give up religion for Lent, Private Pyle volunteered his ex-girlfriend as a personal flotation device, Cressaty continued his reputation as as shifty 
mey by butchering his leadership role in the botched Vail kidnapping, Hagan said something around week five, Greg Looseanus terrorized the highway travelers of the Eastern 
aboard, Pet-yor-sak & Milhouse were beaten into bloody masses of broken flesh for being too damn friendly, Metcalf followed Dark Lord Brother Sig into the internal cult of 
il, and Spiccolli and Bert .served the well with their connections to the Columbian cartels. Though more morally upright and virtuous, they all remain victims of stupidity. 

We must offer our most sincere gratitude to our cook, Linda, whose culinary abilities were a source of constant appreciation. Also, Patricia did an outstanding job on the cleaning 
le and Sue did her mother part well serving as the Administration's mole in our midst, furthering the Washington & Lee University Politburo's efforts to control us. Doc 
oliday also made his presence known with frequent appearances at our dinners and galas. Finally, we must curse Sue's dog. Cinnamon, who annoyed the hell out of us and was 
ily saved when we dissuaded the Lieutenant of Evil from decapitating her and sending her limbs to the four corners of the world. 

Sig Ep bids farewell this year to one of its most under accomplished classes ever. Of course, we bid farewell to most of these guys years ago, so the graduation formalities actually 
ily saw the dramatic exit of six Sig Ep heroes. We wish the graduates good luck in the future: Truit with Medicine, Drew with Law, Beakley with Business, Bestic with Bio, Bradshaw 
ith Bitterness, and Paul with Corporate Whorring. They were the spine that maintained the house back in the much-fables days of the Lex Eight, and the men we sadly but with 

h pride now entrust to the world. Go forth, propogate. and remember your roots here in the halls of 218 East Nelson 


Proving once again that more is more, Chi Omegas celebrated their 1 Oth birthday at W&L with a year long party. 

Burning up the social scene like the hot tamales they are, Chi Omegas proved they could paity the hardest and the best with parties like 
Headbangers' Ball, Anthing for $$$, Cell Block 31 3, MardiGras. our "Let's get lucky!" St. Patty's Day mixer. Back to the Playground, 
Cincode Mayo, assorted lawn parties, Margaritaville, Persephone's Gala and White Carnation. 

Chi-Os also tlaunted their hot bods on many of W&L' s athletic teams such as track, volleyball, tennis, basketball, x-country, lacrosse, 
field hockey and the riding team. 

It was impossible not to feel the heat of the Chi O fire on campus. Chi Os ruled in such activities as Peer Counselors, Donn Counselors/ 
Resident Assistants, GCF, WIS, Mock Convention, The Trident, The Ring-turn Phi. Student-Faculty Hearing Board, LIFE, SRC. FOC, 
FLC. SAB, Fancy Dress Steering Committee, Jubilee, Kathekon and Class Leaders. 

Despite everything else going on in their lives, red hot Chi Os still managed to smoke the competition in academics with such honors as 
Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Eta Sigma. 

Our seniors have been an integral part of our sassy sisterhood. We will miss them dearly and wish them the best of luck in all of their 
endeavors. Just remember, the sisters of Chi Omega will always have a place right here for you. New initiates and old, we still have that 
Chi-0 look from head to feet. 

2et/i jotti 

^sUUls^A, 1^8^ 

' j^i/?j^^'^ 

i jj 

»j%y ^ms! 


The Zeta Iota Chapteiof Kappa Alpha Theta had an exciting 1998- 1 999 school year. Thetas excelled academically, socially and 
athletically under the leadershipof President Mandy Stallard and our newest President, Noelle Gamble. 

Thetas were everywhere on the W&L campus this year. Theta athletes helped lead the volleyball, soccer, swimming, tennis, and 
lacrosse teams to vistoi-y . Thetas also held many leadership positions in student groups such as SAB , Mock Convention, Kathekon, Student 
RecRiitment Committee. Fancy Dress Steering Committee, Dorm Counselor Staff, big sisters, small group leaders, and lots more. Theta 
also had several members initiated into ODK. Phi Beta Kappa, and Phi Eta Sigma. 

Thetas also managed to tlnd time to have some fun. too ! Our social calendar included tailgates. Twin Stars Ball. Tacky Prom. Kite 
and Key. BetaThetaToga Paity. Supemiixers. and the Spring Fonnal. Thetas ser\ ed the community through projects such as the Halloween 
Witch Watch and the Valentine" s Day Rose Sale. 

Theta's 1 999 Rush snagged 32 fun and awesome girls ! We are so excited to have them ! As for the Seniors, we love them and will 
miss them next year as they make the move into the real world. Good luck ! 

Rebekah Ahn, Laura Adelman. Fiances Alfoid, Ashley Anderson, Shay Ansley . Elhe Antrim. Erika Bahn. Tyler Bates. Michele Backu; 
Ann Cabell Baskervill, Lauren Beckenhauer. Brooke Belasco, Emily Belcher. Juliet Bickford. Kristen Binette. Betsy Boardman. Am 
Bergman, Lisa Brennan, Virginia Brumby, Allison Bruneau. Valerie Bmneau. Katie Busch. Childs Cantey. Julie Carskadon. Wendy Casi 
Andrea Ceccarelli. Carson Chambers. Beth Clark, Faith Collins, Hillaiy Coombs, Lindsay Cooper, Margaret Jane Courtney, Jen Da\ i : 
Marisa Davis, Enid Dean, Caroline Dumas, Becca Dupps, Brooke Evenson, Megan Fink. Amanda Fischer. Caitlin FitzRandolph. Katherin 
Franckle. Graham Frankel. Jen Frost. Lindsay Catling. Kelley Gilbert. Kirsten Gladding. Laura Goodwin. Hayley Hall. Gray Harden. Krist 
Harkreader. Page Hanison. Elizabeth Harvey . Taylor Homer. Katherine Houstoun. Jennifer Jackson. Tracy Johnson. Lauren Keame} 
Summers Kimbrough. Sylvia Kokis. Sophie Lambrou. Peyton Lane. Marlea Leary. Allie Lee. Came Luria. Sarah Lyon. Meghan Mac\ 
Maggie Maher. Katie Mason. LeeAnn Maurer, Stacy McLoughlin. Catherine Mead. Kate Metznik. Di vya Mohan. Jess Morton. Meredi t 
Mlynar. Carly Nasca. Kayse Nelson. Danica Oliver. Becky Ostendorff, Emily Owens, Lillian Pace. Erin Partridge, Lauren Paxton. Bel 
Perry. Saiah Pollan, Lucy Rankin, Ellen Reynolds, Carolyn Richardson, Katherine Riddle, Stacie Schneider, Laura Schramm, Emily SchuL 
Emily Scale, Kelly Sewell, Holly Shiver, Kristi Slafka, RebeccaSmith, Caroline Sozzi, Julie Spencer, Lauren Steams, Kelly Stewait, Susa 
Terzian, Jenn Titus, Meredith Vellines, Mary Scott Wall, Lauren Walter, Lisa Wetzelberger, Annabelle Wirth, Amy Wood, Sara Wooc 
Erika Woodson, Laurel Yanow 

The Zeta tan Chapter of Kappa Delta had an exciting 1 998- 1 999 school year. Under the leadership of President Chi Ids Cantcy and 
the next President, Carson Chambers, our third year on campus was a tremendous success here at Washi ngton and Lee. Kappa Deltas 
continued to be heavily involved in campus activities, holding leadership positions all around W&L. Wo had members on the Executive 
Committee. Dorm Counselor and RA Staff. Kathekon, LIFE, Student Recruitment Committee, Women's Forum, Fancy Dress Steering 
Committee, Freshman Orientation Committee, FC A, Sophomore Leadership Committee, Mock Convention, General Admission, 
Jubilee, and many others. We also shined in athletics, participation in lacrosse, tennis, cross country, track, and swimming. 

Thanks to the other sororities and fraternities on campus. Kappa Delta' s social calender was packed the whole year. We started off 
the year with our Fall Ball and kept the party going with Tacky Prom, Breakfast of Champions, "Jeny Springer" mixer, Derby Days, 
Spring Semi-fonnal, and plenty of other parties, tailgates and mixers. Kappa Deltas also supported the community with our successful 
'99 Shamrock Project, out second annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament. With the help of more than 75 enthusiastic basketball players, 
we were able to raise money to support our philanthropies, the National Committee to prevent Child Abuse, the Richmond Children' s 
Hospital and Project Horizon. 

The final highlight of the 1 998- 1 999 year was Rush which turned out to be a huge success ! We could not be happier with our won- 
derful Gamma pledge class composed of 35 of the finest women on campus. 

Kappa Delta wants to thank everyone who helped make this a awesome year fur us. We also want to welcome our great new 
initiates and bid a fond farewell to our seniors - Best of Luck - we' II miss you ! 




f- , 






' ' » L 


1 iQ 



^^HH - 

^H'<^' ^"^ 

Mary Sommers Burger, Calder Britt, Becky Bmggeman, Claire Cannon, Hal leii Dav is, Mary Dickinson, Sarah Feinberg, Catherine 
Ruth Felton, Lauren Francis, Fran Gilbert, Amy Gray, Kelley Hennng, Liza Jamison, Armistead Lemon, Kimmy Lubin, Martha 
Kieckhefer, Emmie Kinder, Mary McFall, Sarah Moore, Lizzie Munson, Gwendolyn Peirilliat, Elizabeth Richey, Greta Richter, Erin 
Ruane. Sarah Saahieid, Ashley Smith, Lindley Spaht, Corey Stephens, Courtney Stovall, Courtney Tyler, Shannon Upchurch, Happ\ 
Vaughan, Katherine Wheelock. Hampton Yielding, Ginger Baker, Ashley Buck. Caroline Cobb, Ann Marie Hairill. Athena Mahone\ . 
Meghan Mazour, Sarah Nash, Dalton Norwood, Martha Pettyjohn, Lindsay South, Elizabeth Watkins, Mary Elizabeth Wipple, Virguii 
Whitney, Mary Elizabeth Winfrey, Maggie Yates, Anna Baker, Katie Baldwin, Sallie Ball, Juliet Beiry , Lee Bowles, Hillary Bryant, 
Ruth Caldwell. Anne Castello, Ruth Duncan, Katherine Eagan. Jess Ford, Caroline Gee. Katy Gieselman, Sanders Goodrich. Elizabetl 
Grenfell, Amy Hall, Carson Haixis, Jane Lacy, Katie Lamb, Beth Medina, Kathleen Moroney, Kristi Peterson, Liz Powers, Blair Priesi 
Anna Regenstein, Sarah Riggs, Ellen Ritsch, Althea Smiley, Christine van den Toom, Missy Weathersby, Keenan Weston. Lindsay 

The Zeta Tun Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma had a fun and exciting year. Under the outstanding leadership of "98 President 
builney Stovall and "99 President Mary EHzabeth Whipple, the Kappas continued to shine in athletics, academics, leadership, and 

On the hill. Kappas held leadership positions in groups such as the SJC, EC, Class Officers, SAB, Student Recruitment, 
Cathekon, Dorm Counselor Staff, Jubilee, Fancy Dress, and more, all the while attaining Kappa' s highest GPA ever. We were thrilled 
have several initiates into ODK, Phi Beta Kappa, and Phi Eta Sigma. Making their mark on the field. Kappas participated in la- 
:rosse, soccer, tennis, cross-country, basketball, swimming, and track. 

Kappa's social calendar was once again packed. We enjoyed a number of great events such as Fall Formal, Kite and Key, 
Monmouth Duo, Kappa Valentines, Anything for Money-Dark Side of the Moon, tailgates, Supermixers, the Foxfield buses, and 
>pring Eonnal. Kappas also had a blast lending a hand to the community while making Valentines at the Mayflower, carving pumpkins, 
ind participating in the annual Easter Egg hunt. 

1 999 brought 34 awesome new pledges ! This great group of young new Kappas will definitely have some huge shoes to fill, 
)ut seem sure to uphold the strength of the sorority. The seniors will be missed incredibly, and we thank them for all that they have 
lone for Kappa and wish them all the luck in the world. 

Amanda Adams, Lee Anne Applegate, Kendra Archer, Melanie Baker, Emily Barnes, Jess Blowers, Suzy Blum, Kristen Bonnema. 
Meredith Bryk, Amy Burke. Kiisten Buit, * Anna marie Burt, Mandy Cannon, Nicola Carpenter, Alison Cartwright. Erika Cassutti. 
Meagan Clement, Alice Cockrum, Laura Cohen, Kristen Crowley, Kitty Dickerson, Elizabeth Doerries, Corbin Downey, Keri Dunph 
Holly Estes, * Jen Fisher, Rebecca Fitzsimmons, Stephanie Frank, Veronica Griffith, Erin Gwara, Jessica Hanks. Mollie Harmon, 
Allison Harvey, Sara Heusel, Chan^on Hodges, Margaret Hoehl, Elizabeth James, Cy ndi Johnson, Lisa Jones, Julie Kelley, Laura 
Knapp. Lauren LaFauci, Christina Lakatos, Ashley Lane, Carolyn Lee, Hillai7 Lockemer, Kirsten Malm, Jen Mandeville, Amanda 
McConnell, Sara McCrone, Kate Muter, Liz Nelson, Beth Newton, Shelley Parks, Anna Panis, Margaret Penn, Mindee Perdue, 
Sarah Petrey , Bethany Petrofsky, Cathi Price, Becky Pullen, Heather Reid, Cassie Ritter, Elizabeth Rodd, Angela Roman, Jean Rowa 
Kim Russell, Megan Schwarz, Ashley Shreves, Christy Shumate, Laura Sigismund, Alison Simmons, Meredith Sorensen, Chiistine 
Starer, Amy Stowell. Peggy Stuntz, Natalie S wope, Elizabeth Thomas, Regan Tomtbrd, Suzanne Toussaint, Kimberly Tucker, Mai^ 
Vaden, Rachel Welch, Jenna White, Mary Kathryn Williams, Stephanie Wolfe, Mary Wright, Raijah Yarborough, Dorothy Yuan 

*abroad for veai' 

^^^^^HC ^ 



















not ^Ive plctKYCS: 


^ - K. -_e^ 


7^ ^p p ^ ^l^PH^ 

^/ /C^fjp^ ^k\ 


^St^HhkcA i^20 

Dennis Colins 

Rob Allen. Travis Winfrey, Brad Baker, Leed Si 1 vcrlield. Casey Gilmore, and Shane Dever 

Elizabeth Richey, Lindley Spaht, Brooke Easton. Cecily Reynolds 

Nick Silvemian and 
Joe Kerr 

Peggy Stuntz and 
Natalie Welle 

Jill Kosch, Chris Zarek. and brother 

Liz Melov. Jen Vallidis, Chris Price, and Enid Dean 

Johnny Oilman 

Brad Bai<ei", Judd Harper and 
Hamton Richards 

David Lehman and Craig Penny 

Keri Dunphy and Lisa Brennan 

Rachel Nitsche, Siisanah Cam and Cassie Shaner 

Erin Ferguson, Sarah Heatherington. Stephanie Bianco, 
Susan Smith and Mesan Davis 

Kelly Norton, Cory Mette, Eliabeth Spencer, LeeAnn 
Gschwind. Ashley Copps, Kristine Borden, Cecily Reynolds, 
and Erin Moroney 



The Duchossois Tennis Center 
photo by Arne Holick-Kuhhiiann 





With corps of receivers, backs, and tight ends, the Generals were poised for a great offensive season. Althou, i 
with only five starters returning, things were not so sure with the defense. Under the leadership of captains seni • 
linebacker Brad Baker, senior wide receiver Chas Chastain, tight end David Ritchey and junior quarter ba : 
Christian Batcheller, the team managed to go 4-6 this season. After dropping the first two games the Genera ; 
fought back to win against Centre College. Along with the usual stellar performances of Batcheller and Ritche', 


these games showcased the breakout of sophomore running back Marc Watson into a consistent performer. Tl 
next week brought Will Baker his second interception in as many games. The next few weeks brought gi'e 
performances by juniors wide receiver J. T. Malatesta and full back Scott Moses. The season ended in a win again 
Swathmore with the teams best offensive game all season. The end of the season brought 10 nominations to tl 
all ODAC team with quarter back Christian Batcheller, sophomore running back Marc Watson, senior offensi^ 
tackle Marc Granger, and sophomore safety Will Baker earning first team honors. 


O A R D 

Johns Hopkins 

23-43 L 


20-27 L 


21-20 W 

Randolph Macon 

6-34 L 


7-29 L 

HamptoAn Sydney 

14-21 L 


23-21 W 


20-12 W 

Emory and Henry 

23-30 W 


37-7 W 

234 Sports 

Vont Row: Ben Middendorf, Marc Granger, Chas Chastain, Christian Batcheller, Head Coach Frank Miriello, Brad Baker, David 

litchey, Lee Swomley, Geoff Gober, John McAUister. 

iecond Row: Scott Moses, Josh Myerberg, Ross Kester, Jady Koch, Doug Wilhams, Scott King, Keith Prusek, Harry Brookby, J.T. 

lalatesta, Warren Hedges, Matt Seals. Bill McGettigan. 

^'hird Row: Russell Wrenn, Harrison Smith, Scott Humpheys, Will Baker, Joel Frechisin, Andy Robinson, Hanley Sayes, Andy 

^endig, Wesley Hardy, James Person, Jason Giffen, Marc Watson. 

i'ourth Row: Mike Navalkowsky, Roman Koshkin, Carter Lee, Jim Wilbourn, Jayson Lipsey, Colin Fitzgibbons. Ryan Gielen. 

|UStin Holton, Andrew Simmons, Tom Monaco, Mike Crittenden, Nick Cimino, 

Wfth Row: James Rippy, Jeff Powell, Graham Holding, Brad Wiginton, Hal Shaw, Jeff Bahl, Andy Henson, Will Wilson, Jeff 

/Iclntyre. Mike Hodge. Kyle Overstreet. 

Sixth Row: Bert 0;Neal. Paisley Boney, Jack Arnold, Matt Jacobs, Brian Green, Stephen Hostetler, Jude Rolfes, Christopher 

Jhortall, Michael Riley, Wesley Rentz, Alex Large, George Eichleay. 

Cop Row: Norris Alridge, Gavin Colliton, Jeff Stickley, Gene McCabe, Toby Stange, Robert Walker. 









&.■ .* ■. 

Sports 235 

Starting the season by winning the Washington and Lee Inivitational tournament for the first time since 1996, 
the Generals quickly fell into a familiar rhythm of winning. Returners Nancy Reinhart, Megan Snodgrass and 
Pam Saulsbury performed all season long. In this record breaking season Reinhart broke her own single game 
digs record, the W&L career digs record with 1,041, and set the record for digs in a season with 361. Snodgrass 


also set the record for most W&L career games played. New to the team, freshmen Lindsay Ruckert and Ricka 
Hildebrand performed exceptionally all season, with Ruckert earning all tournament team honors at the 
Goucher Invitational. The Generals ended the season by going into the ODAC tournament seeded number one 1 
and coming out with the tournament championship. Reinhart and Ruckert were named to the first team all , 
ODAC with Ruckert earning Rookie of the Year. Head Coach Terri Dadio Campbell earned his fourth straight 
Coach of the Year honors from ODAC. 

-36 Sports 


Southern Virginia 

3-0 W 


2-3 L 


3-2 W 

NC Wesleyan 

3-0 W 

NC Wesleyan 

3-0 W 


3-0 W 


3-0 W 


3-2 W 

Randolph Macon 

3-0 W 

Mary\'ille Tournament Win 3 of 4 


3-0 W 


3-2 W 

Sports 237 

Men's Socce r 

Under the leadership of captains E.J. Murphy and Mikel Parker the generals had another great season. Sar 
Chase set the tone for season scoring his first goal 6:32 into the first game and setting the career goals record. Th 
team came close to breaking the most consecutive win record but could only tie it at six. They did however brea. 
the most consecutive games with out a loss at nine. Goal Keeper E.J. Murphy recorded six shut outs in seven game 
and pushed his career total to 14. The season ended with four generals earning first team All ODAC honors an 
Mikel Parker being named the ODAC player of the year. Jamie Parker was All ODAC and second on the tear 
in goals (9) and tied for second all time (40). Sam Chase was the all-time leading scorer (52) and points (112). E.«; 
Murphy may have had the finest season of any goal Keeper in W&L history with eight shutouts and a goals agains 
average of 0.64. Mikel Parker was named the Virginia College Division Men's Soccer Player of the Year. 

Front Row: Micheal Kazcka, Scott LeTourneau, Sam Chase, Mikel Parker, E.J. Murphy, John Wright, Jamie Parker, 

Ben Thompson. 

Second Row: Assitant Coach Rich Daughtridge, Lat Purser, Jacek Mucha, Paul Wallace, Andy Novak, Scott Lofranco, Jayson 

Miller, Jon Wilson, Andy Crawford, Ryan Nelsom, Asstiant Coach Gerry Hill. 

Back Row: Head Coach Rolf Piranian, Greg Allen, Ben Jolly, Rock Schnatz, Evan Cramer, Jordan Ginsberg, David Kodack, Jon 

Stroebel, Matt Wilson, Trainer Beth Buttever. 

S C O R 

E B O A R 



4-1 W 


5-0 W 

Emory and Henry 

0-0 T 


1-0 W 


.5-1 W 


2-2 T 

Eastern Mennonite 

1-2 L 


3-0 W 


5-1 W 

Randolph Macon 

1-0 W 

Savannah College 

4-3 W 


0-0 T 


5-0 W 


1-2 L 


1-0 W 


1-2 L 

238 Sports 

Women's soccer 

Captains Eli/.abelh Richey, Nicole Johnson, and Karen Treese led the 
generals to another spectacular season. The season started out 
perfect, literally as the generals did not allow a single goal in the first 
live games. For the first time they secured the ODAC Championship 
w ith a win against Randolph Macon. The team set the record for most 
goals in a game with 1 4 against Hollins where Ginny Jernigan tied the 
W&L record of goals in a game with four. Nicole Johnson and Karen 
Treese were named third team All-South. Johnson was the first 
female to do so for four consecutive seasons. She anchored a defense 
that allowed ten goals in 1 4 games with eight shutouts. For Treese this 
was her third nomination. She was the Ail-Time leading scorer (72) 
and total points (167). 

ront Row: Lauren Harris, Elizabeth Richey, Karin Treese, 
icole Johnson, Stephanie McKnight. 
jcond Row: Dieirdre Coyle, Liz Olson, Drew Powers, 
argaret Hunter Turner, Courtney Nolan, Samantha 
arbish, Amanda McDermott, Kate Bidwell, Ki-isten Pranke. 
ack Row: Head Coach Jon Hathorn, Manger Amber 
dnkle, Noelle Beckman, Elizabeth Kelsey, Kate Blocher, 
'aana Levine, Lindsay Williams, Jocelyn Smith, Lauren 
endell, Ginny Jernigan, Assistant Coach Lorraine Taurassi 





R D 

Randolph Macon 

5-0 W 

College of Notre Dame 7-0 W 


14-0 W 

Emorv and Henrv 

10-0 w 


10-0 W 

Randolph Macon 

3-0 W 


1-2 L 

Emorv and Henry 

7-0 W 


0-1 L 


1-2 L 


2-1 W 

SporLs 239 

M EN'S Cross 

Led by Darrick Alford, the Generals had another successful season. Alford highlighted the season with a fir; 
place finish at the Southern Virginia Cross Country Invitational leading the team to a second place finished 
overall. The team ended the season with a strong showing at the ODAC championship and earned a birth 
into the NCAA tournament. 

Front Row: Head Coach John Tucher, Ryan Bowe, Frank Stearns, Josh Beckliam, Ken Jackman, Darrick Alford. 
Back Row: Rob Naftel, Bryant Adams, Thomas Markham, Zach Usher 

O A R C 


Mary Washington 

Dickinson Invitational 

Virginia State Meet 

Southern Virginia Cross Country Invitational 2"'' of 3 teams 

Gettysburg 22"'' of 36 teams 

ODAC 5'h 

NCAA 15"'of 21 teams 

39-18 W 

22°'' of 31 teams 

6"" of 1 1 teams 

240 Sports 

'he Generals started the season off right with a win against Mary Washington and a strong showing at the 
)ickinson Invitational. The season was highlighted by a first place finish at the Southern Virginia Cross 
Country Invitational and a second place run by Gretchen Tenzca. The season concluded with Wendy Case 
nishing seventh at ODAC's leading the team to an overall second place. The team earned a NCAA bid and 
nished 12 of 17 teams. 



mn Richard, Deena Johnson, Lauren Paxton, Gretchen Tenzca, Rachel Gaddu, Lisa Brennan (captian), Ashley Smith (captian), 
]mily Pulisifer (coach), Jessica Parrillo, Lucy Rankin, Selen Okcuoglu. Not Pictured: Wendy Case 



R D 

Mary Washington 

50-15 W 

Dickinson Invitational 

2P' of 25 teams 

Virginia State Meet 

3"* of 9 teams 

Southern Virginia Cross Country Invitational L 

of 4 teams (tied) 


20"^ of 32 teams 


2™' place 


12"> of 17 teams 

Sports 241 

Becoming a member of the Centennial Conference this year, the Generals earned their first conference win again 
Johns Hopkins University. The season started with both Chad Casto and Josh Camberlain earning first plai 
victories in their weight classes at the VMI Invitational. Chamberlain went on to dominate all season long goii 


on a 3-0 victory run at the Swathmore Quadrangle and making it to the finals of the Newport News Apprenti 
School Invitational. The team faired well all season coming in fifth in the Centennial Conference Championshif 


Lebanon Valley College Wrestling Tournament 15* of 19 team 

Johns Hopkins 37-12 W 

Davidson 10-32 L 

Pensacola 21-31 L 

Swathmore Invitational 

W&L Invitational 6'" of 8 teams 

Swathmore 22-19 W 

Ursinus 6-36 L 

Maryland 7-41 L 

Newport News Apprentice School Invitational 

Gettysburg 17-26 L 

Muhlenberg 12-33 L 

Delaware 3-48 L 

Centennial Championships 5* of 7 

242 Sports 

JVont Row: Ben Segal, Brent Keene, J-Bo Wall, Josh Chamberlin, Doug Panzer, Chad Casto, Aaron Schneider. 

Jack Row: Gary Franke, Greg Valentine, Todd Poole, Wayne Richey, Ezra Morse, Alix McMannimon, Ivan Zdonov, John Valentine 

Sports 243 

E N 



Suffering from defensive troubles the generals had tough time again this season. The addition of transfer Cha 
Braley greatly helped the offense. Rich Peterson, Scott Hudson, and Will Ballard were all also consister 
performers. The defense had trouble maintaining leads and the generals suffered from late comebacks. No on 
can claim a lack of heart as the team attempted many comebacks of their own that come up short. With a cor 
returners the generals must wait and hope for next season. 

Front Row: Chad Braley, John Herbert, Quincy Springs, Kevin Cobbin, Walt Plyer, Ben Johns, Mike Faber, Matt Jackson 
Back Row: Assistant Coach Barry Machado, Assistant Coach Jeff Lafab, Eric Owsley, Bob Bustamante, Rich Peterson, Brian 
Ricketts, Tom Royce, Scott Hudson, Don Cotter, Will Ballard, Head Coach Kevin Moore 


R E 


R D 


73-91 L 

St. Mary 

63-81 L 


65-79 L 

Hampton Sydney 

59-80 L 


67-55 W 


87-69 W 


59-84 L 


66-59 W 



Virgina Wesleyan 

71-80 L 


65-66 L 

Eastern Mennonite 

78-84 L 

Emory and Henry 

80-70 W 

Randolph Macon 

44-81 L 

Virginia Weslyan 

75-82 L 


56-52 W 

Eastern Mennonite 

65-77 L 


64-72 L 


63-72 L 


61-75 L 


53-60 L 

Hampton Sydney 

72-89 L 


60-72 L 

Ranolph Macon 

54-59 L 

244 Sports 

This team was a definite mix of veteran and freshmen with 
four freshman receiving significant time on the floor. With so 
many young players it may first be thought that this was a 
"rebuilding" year. By winning more games in a season than 
ever before ( 13 ) and more ODAC wins (11) than ever before this 
season was anything but a rebuilding year. Senior Chrissy 
Burghardt showed leadership all season long. She was hon- 
ored at the W&L 250th tournament by being named to the All- 
Tournament team. She also finished the season earning 
honorable mention for the All ODAC and breaking the 1,000 
point mark for her career. Freshman Jessica Mentz earned all 
ODAC second team honors and Rookie of the year. She broke 
the school record of points in a game (30) and season (385). 

yV O M E N ' S 




Sheniiiidoah 53-62 L 

Bridgewater 53-70 L 

Villa Julie 5.5-44 W 

Guilford 63-61 W 

Randolph Macon 59-65 L 

Lynchburg 82-54 W 

Middlcburv 40-52 L 

Emory and Henry56-55 W 

Skidmore 52-65 L 

Randolph Macon 55-54 W 

Randolph Macon 79-86 L 

Roanoke 65-74 L 

Virginia Weslyan75-85 L 

Emory and Henry 65-70 L 

Eastern Mennonite 71-41W 

Hollins 71-52 L 

Roanoke 56-71 L 

Eastern Mennonite 66-6 IW 

Lynchbura 78-62 W 


Hollins 76-59 W 

Randolph Macon 56-36 L 

Randolph Macon 67-90 L 

Sports 245 

Front Row: Ken Ervin, Rick Black, James Browne, Matt Gooch, Head Coach Andrew Pulsiter 

Back Row: Assistant Coach Scott Reed, Cohn Hayes, Jared Fribush, Mike Miragh, Rob Little, Brett Miller. 

Where most collegiate programs have 18-20 members the generals performed exceptionally well with only a nin 
member squad. Junior Jared Fribush and Sophomore Colin Hayes regularly turned in first place finishes in thai 

Men's Swimming 

matches. The most impressive win came against VMI where the generals took first place in 10 of 12 events 
winning by 136-104. The 200 free relay team of jared Fribush, James Browne, Ken Ervin, and Colin hayes tiet 
the school record of 1:25.42. The season was capped off with Hayes placing 17 in the 100 butterfly at the NCA/ 



64-23 W 


53-44 W 


42-53 L 


132-104 W 


105-96 W 

Johns Hopkins 21-124 L 


48-97 L 

Mary Washington 109-73 W 


75-160 L 

Southern States Championship 9th place 

246 Sports 



lie generals returned seven swimmers this season while also adding nine newcomers. Freshman newcomers were expected 
immediately contribute to the team as Caitlin FitzRanolph did by winning 2 events in the first meet against Marymount. 
ietuming after a one year sabbatical junior Lauren Beckenbauer contributed greatly. But as in most years the team was 
Bad by Margaret Hohel. She helped the team win the ODAC championship by setting three school and meet records. Despite 
hese outstanding individual performances the most impressive part about this team was the total team dominance it 
lisplayed at times. The generals won every event against Sweet Briar and went 1-2-3 in three events. The season ended with 
iohel going to the NCAA tournament. She came in 11th in the 500 fi^ee breaking a school record with 5:03.57. She broke 
mother school record in the 1650 fi:'ee with 17:35.21 and placed 10th. She also placed 28th in the 200 fi:-ee. 

?ront Row: Lezael Haynes, Anne Lachiewicz, Margaret Hoehl, Jennifer Mandeville, Lauren Beckenhauer, Beth Newton, Allison 


Second Row: Cynthia Smith, Jen Selder, Caitlin FitzRandolph, Blaine Clarke, Kristen Bonnema, Laura higoldsby. 

rop Row: Head Coach Kiki Jacobs Moore, Courtney Tyler, Rebecca Pullen, Laura Goodwin, Maggie Fagan, Lauren McKeever, 

\.ssistant Coach Scott Reid. 


Catholic 96-109 L 


112-S4 W 

Hollins 137-71 W 


61-33 W 

Radford 125-93 W 


29-66 L 

Johns Hopkins 42-103 L 


59-124 L 

Sewanee 38-106 L 


icon 150-69 W 

Mary Washington 68-1 17 L 

Sweet Briar 

176-71 W 

Emory 80-167 L 

.Spurls 247 

Men's Tennis 

Returning seven lettei'winners from last season the generals felt very secure this season. The only questions wer 
with the doubles because they proposed many partnerships that had never competed together. All expectation 
were filled as the generals won their fourth straight ODAC title and #2 Kelly Radford, #3 Scott Babka, #4 Rhy 
James, #5 David Lehman and #6 Andrew Roberts all claimed singles titles. All fears for the double teams wer 
quitted with #1 Dale Pretila/Babka, #2 James/Radford, and #3 Roberts/Tom Washburn all claiming titles. ' 

Front Row: Head Coach Gary Franke, Jimmy Miller, Dale Pretilla, Scott Babka, David Lehman, Rob Reitinger, Hampton Paslcy 
-John Jensen. 

Back Row: Assistant Coach Gavin ColHton, Zach Vuncannon, Matt Howenstein, Andrew Roberts, Rhys James, Kelly Radford, 
Tom Washburn, Bob Moynihan, John Winfrey (not pictured: John Freyer). 

Scoreboard I 


6-1 W 


6-1 W 


6-1 W 


7-0 W 


5-2 W 


3-4 L 


7-0 W 


2-5 L 

Mary Wsahington 

7-0 W 


3-4 L 


2-5 L 


6-1 W 


6-1 W 


.5-2 W 

248 Sports 

n another strong season the generals brought home another ODAC title. By suffering only four regular season 

)ses all season and zero ODAC losses the title was won without question. 11 of their 16 wins came by the generals 

dnning all 9 matches. The biggest win of the season came against Kenyon where Brooke Hartzell defeated the 

econd ranked player in the nation. The season ended with a quarter final loss in the NCAA tournament. Hartzell 

jompeted in the singles and also teamed up with Freshman Melissa Hatley to compete in doubles. Hatzell won 


he intercollegiate tennis association Arthur Ashe sportsmanship/leadership award. Hatley won the IntercoUe- 

iate tennis association Rookie of the year award. 


Women's Tennis 

1 — — — — — — iJSi 

'ront Row: Christina Campbell, Diana Hoshall, Virginia Brumby, Brook Hartzell, Tori Hays, Jen Strawbridge, Laura Schramm, 
lack Row: Assistant Coach David Detwiler, Melissa Hatley, Sallie Gray Strang, Manning Willard, Erin Eggers, Annie Castello, 
Imily Ramey, Head Coach Cinda Rankin 



3-6 L 

Virginia Wesleyan 

9-0 W 


9-0 W 


5-2 W 


7-2 L 

Sweet Briar 

9-0 W 


9-0 W 

Mary Washington 

6-3 W 


9-0 W 

Emory and Henry 

9-0 W 


9-0 W 

Eastern Mennonite 

9-0 W 


9-0 W 


8-1 W 


4-5 L 


9-0 W 


9-0 W 

College of Charleston 

0-9 L 


9-0 W 

Sports 249 

EN'S Lacrosse 

The Generals started the year with high hopes with a preseason rank of seven and attackman Cohn Dougherty 
sophomore midfielder Matt Dugan and sophomore defensman Pete Iwancio being named to the All Americai 
Team. BY Blowing a 3-0 lead and a late 8-6 lead the team suffered only one regular season loss in their secom 
games against Washington. The rest of the season was an offensive onslaught with things like 13 consecutive goal; 
against Dickinson in 14:32. Usually the generals would take the lead early as with 3-0 run in the first 1:32 agains 
Franklin and Marshal but it did not really matter because even when they started down 2-0 to Lynchburg the; 
ended with a 19-5 win. They defeated Hampton-Sydney to claim the ODAC crown and then proceed to embarrasij 
VMI in the Lee-Jackson lacrosse classic. The season ended with Matt Dugan being named the ODAC Player o 
the year and Coach Jim Stagnitta being named the Coach of the Year. Chris Brown, Pope Hackney, Charlii 
Antrim were all named to the ODAC first team while Pete Iwancio, Colin Dougherty and Bernie Norton al 
received second team honors. Dugan, Hackney, Iwancio and Antrim also received Ail-American Honors. 

Front Row: Pete Iwancio, Greg Meyers, Charlie Antrim, Johnny Gihnan. Mike O'Neill, Tom Super, Zeb Mellett, Steve Birdsall, 

Stephen Puckett, Dan Grattan, Chris Brown, Curt Gallagher. 

Second Row: Marco Goicichea, Andrew Sharp, Bernie Norton, Colin Dougherty, Wes Hays, Tom Burke, Pope Hackney, Matt 

Dugan, Adam Baker, Sean Rump, Mark Raeder, Dan Ingersoll, David Skeem. 

Back Row: Assistant Trainer Beth Butterer, Assistant Coach Greg Carroll, Mike Wienick, Eric Kontargyris, John Comly, John 

Hanson, Kevin Johnston, Andrew Jones, Russell Hewit, Andrew Barnett, Scott Link, John Moore. Mike Holmes, Assistant Coach 

Gene McCabe, Head Coach Jim Stagnitta. 


Cabrini26-4 W 
Washington 8-9 L 
Gettysburg 6-4 W 

Guilford 23-1 W 
Goucher 15-5 W 
Western Maryland 

20-8 W 

Dickinson 24-2 W 



9-6 W 

Fanklin and Marshal 
Lynchburg 19-5 W 
Roanoke 11-.5 W 

18-2 W 

VMI 9-3 W 
Denison 17-7 L 

15-2 W 

250 Sports 

pe started the season with a preseason ranking of six and sophomore attack Liz Bordges, junior Goal Keeper 


rinny Jernigan, senior defender Kimmy Lubin and senior defenseman Cory Matte being named to the All- 

jnerican team. The mix of overall total team performance and individual performance made for a very exciting 

eason. Either 6 different people would score like against Denison or individuals would take over as did Katherine 

liddle and Liz Bordges did against Hollins with each scoring four goals. This season witnessed many great 

jffensive feats like seven goals against Bridgewater in 19:25 and ending the season against Virginia Wesleyan 

dth a 21-13 win. The team also had many close heart breaking losses like overcoming a three goal deficit against 

■ranklin and marshal only to lose in overtime. The team found their stride in the ODAC tournament and made 

, all the way to the semifinals before losing to Randolph-Macon. 


m^ r ^c 

ront Row: Katherine Riddle, Karin Treese, Kimmy Lubin, Lauren Francis, Cory Mettee. 

econd Row: Emily Owens, Selen Okcuoglu, Liz Borges, Elizabeth Murchsion, Kate Bidwell, Ellen Ritsch, Caroline Gee. 

lack Row: Trainer Holly Rose, Head Coach Jan Hathorn, Courtenay Fisher, Ansley Miller, Shana Levine, Ginny Jernigan, Julie 

arskadon, Martha Cornbrooks, Eloise Priest, Assitant Coach Lorraine Taurassi. 




Denison 6-12 L 


6-5 W 

Hollins 15-5 W 


15-6 W 

Bridgewater 13-1 W 


5-6 L 

Franklin and Marshall 13-14 LSweet Briar 

12-7 W 

Lynchburg 6-5 W 

Virginia Weslyan 

21-13 W 

Randolph-Macon 5-10 L Roanoke 

5-6 L 

Middlebury 5-13 L 


17-4 W 

Mary Washington 9-11 L Randolph-Macon 

6-10 L 

Trinity 6-17 L 

Spoil-. 251 

The season started at Lebanon with Derrick Alford leading the men's team with a second place finish in the 
500. In the Bridgewater meet Alford set a meet record in the 8000 meter with a time 16:20.41. Joe Bestic 
also earned a first place in the 400 hurdles. The Royal Invitational brought Marc Granger a win in the shot 
put. Taking this momentum. Granger earned first place at the ODAC championship, leading the team to an 
overall fourth place. 






Led by Lisa Brennan, the women Generals had another good season. Season highlights include Brennan and 
Wendy Case coming in first and second in the 1,500 at the Lebanon meet. The season also included the Royal 
Tournament where Brennan finished first in the 800, Sarah Schmidt second in the javelin, and Amy Calce ' 
second in the long jump coming only a half inch short of the W&L record. Schmidt ended the season winning 
the javelin at the ODAC with Meredith Mlynar coming in second, leading the team to an overall third place. 



N ' 





ODAC Indoor Cha 

mpionship 3' 



Royal Invitational 

3"' place 


4"' place 


VMI Indoor Tournament 

Lebannon Valley 

ODAC Indoor Championship 4"' place 


Royal Invitational 2"'' place 

ODAC 3"' place 

Sports 253 

This season began as unique and different as it ended. With Bob Weston throwing the first no hitter since 19^ 
the Generals secured Coach Jeff Stickley's 100"' career W&L win. In addition to pitching, the season witnesse 
the typical onslaught of offense by E.J. Murphy, Christian Batcheller and Patrick Hall. Perhaps the best part 
the season was the opening of the new Dick Smith field. With the new field the Generals broke the W&L recoi 


for wins in a season (21) and secured an ODAC Championship bid for the first time since 1996. The season ende 
with Coach Stickley being named the ODAC Coach of the year, Patrick Hall and David Sigler being named to fir: 
team all ODAC, and E.J. Murphy and David Hanson being named to the second team. Hall set the W&L recoi 
for hits ( 142), runs (93) and RBI (90) while Sigler set the record for strike outs (74) and tied for wins (8). The fin; 
honor bestowed on this team was Christian Batcheller being drafted 46* by the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

254 Sports 



1 1 »^(l^^ir 




fir- ' 


P^^iir^fifl^feir^^- ■-. n 

/ '^ 


ront Row: Casey Nixon, John Ezbionasky, E.J. Murphy, Partick Hall, Bob Weston, Mike Elder, Brian Jamison. 

econd Row: Chris Stakem, Russell Wrenn, Andy Thompson, David Hanson, Will Ogilvie, Schuyler Marchall, Mike Nolan, Jon 

[adden, Jason May, Bryan Lewis. 

ack Row: Assistant Coach Jack Baizley, Head Coach Jeff Stickley, Matt Kozora, Brian Ceneviva, Christian Batcheller, Al 

ominick, Chris Hagan, Bill Christ. David Sigler, Kevin Swanson, Tim Angelillo, Assistant Coach Jeff Lafave 

S C O R 

E B O A R D 


1-0 W 


9-3 W 

Pomona Pitzer 

0-16 L 


1-0 W 


7-5 W 


2-1 W, 4-1 W 

Washington and Jefferson 13-2 W, 17-2 W | 

Virginia Wesleyan 

2-7 L, 1-15 L 


19-20 L 

West Virginia Tech 

2-0 W, 13-1 W 


12-3 W 


13-4 W 

Emory and Henry 

1-0 L, 2-1 W 

Eastern Mennonite 

7-6 W 


3-2 W 


3-10 L 

Eastern Mennonite 

7-6 W 

Randolph Macon 

1-3 L, 9-5 W 


9-3 W 

Hampton Sydney 

21- 3 W 


5-1 W, 4-8 L 

Virginia Weslyan 

2-3 L 

Emory and Henry 

9-6 W 

Virginia Weslyan 

13-6 W 


10-0 W, 2-13 L 

Sports 255 





Lead by Rick Berrice's second place overall finish, the Generals started the season with a second place finish 1 
the Washington and Lee Fall Golf Classic. Throughout the season W&L won a number of tournaments includin 
the Ferrum Invitational, Guilford Invitational, and the Virginia Weslyan Invitational. The season was toppe 
off with a first place finish at the ODAC championship. Rick Burrice was one of five individuals selected to compel 
in the NCAA Division III tournament and came in tied for 86"". 


W&L Fall Golf Classic 2"'' of 11 

Randolph Macon/ODAC Invitational 2"'' of 6 

Ferrum Invitational 1'^' of 14 

Greensboro Invitational 5"' of 11 

Guilford/ODAC Invitational 1" of 7 

Pfeiffer Pine Needles Invitational 18"' of 19 

W&L/OD AC Invitational 2"'' of 6 

Virginia State Division III Championship 6"* of 14 

Virginia Weslyan/ODAC 1-^' of 6 

Navy Invitational 3'-'' of 12 

ODAC 1" of 9 

Golf Team Members: Curtis Bethea, Rick Burrice, Clayton 
Chandler, Geoff Cooper, Nathan Hoot, Brock Marrs, Brooks 
Paulsen, Jefferey Sloan, Kyle Ulep, T.J. Wagner, Ben Wilson, 
Philip Wright 


256 Sports 

Spons 257 

PORTS Awards 

Parker and Treese highlight 
award ceremony 

Mikel Parker (Marietta, Ga.AValton) and Karin Treese (Frederick, Md./Thomas Johnson) headed the Hst of I 
honorees at the annual Washington and Lee University Athletic Awards Ceremony. Parker and Treese were ' 
named the Pi-es Brown Outstanding Senior Male and Female athletes, respectively. 

Parker was a four-year letterwinner and three-year captain in men's soccer for the Generals. He started 67 
of 68 career games in the W&L defense and earned First Team All-ODAC honors all four years. This past 
season, he was named the ODAC and Virginia State Player of the Year. 

In addition, Parker is a three-time First Team All-State selection and a four-time member of the All-South 
Region team, three times as a first team pick. He also earned Third Team All-America honors as a sopho- 
more. Parker tallied four goals and six assists for his career. 

Treese earned four letters in soccer, two in lacrosse and two in basketball. She was two-year captain in 
soccer and either owns or is tied for eight records in the sport including career goals (72), assists (23), and 
points (167). 

Four times, Treese has been named All-ODAC, including three first team selections. She also earned All- 
South honors three years and was named First Team All-State as a junior and senior. 

Treese totaled 10 goals and eight assists as a defensive player for the lacrosse team and scored 165 career 
points on the basketball team. 

In other major awards handed out at the ceremony, senior men's tennis player David Lehman (Belle 
Meade, N.J./Montgomery) received the William McHenry Scholar-Athlete Award. Lehman carries a grade 
point average in excess of 3.7 and has been inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. He is a two-time ODAC singles 
champion, who posted a 43-11 career record at No. 5 and No. 6 singles. 

Senior Zeb Mellett (Potomac, Md./Bullis) was named the recipient of the Wink Glasgow Spirit & Sports- 
manship Award. Mellett was a captain for the 1999 men's lacrosse team that went 13-2, won the ODAC 
Championship, and advanced to the NCAA Tournament Quarterfinals. 

Volleyball player Lindsay Ruckert (Metairie, La./Sacred Heart) and men's soccer player Paul Wallace 
(Roanoke, Va./Patrick Henry) were named the Outstanding Freshman Female and Male Athletes. Ruckert | 
earned ODAC Freshman of the Year honors in addition to ODAC Tournament MVP accolades. She was also 
selected First Team All-ODAC and First Team All-State after leading the team in kills (318) and hitting 
percentage (.344). 

Wallace started all 17 games for the menls soccer team, earning First Team All-ODAC and ODAC Rookie 
of the Year honors. He was fourth on the team in scoring with three goals and five assists. 

Former W&L coach and administrator Dick Miller was honored with the R.E. "Chub" Yeakel Memorial 
Service Award for his support of W&L athletics. Senior Veronica Langhofer (Bayard, Neb.) received the Lefty 
Newell Memorial Award for her work assisting the swimming teams and junior Alex McManimen (Rosemont, 
Pa./Radnor), a wrestler, received the Richard Miller Physical Education Scholarship. 


W&L wins ODAC Commissioner's Cup 
for overall excellence 


Washington and Lee received the Old Dominion Athletic Conference Commissioner's Cup for overall 
ixcellence in athletics for the third straight year as announced by the conference on Monday evening. 
Vinners are determined by a points system awarded for finishes by each sport in the conference standings. 
V&L accumulated 107 total points as opposed to Roanoke, who totaled 104.5 points, to take the overall title. 
rhe Generals also took the title for men's athletics, edging Hampden-Sydney, 47-44. Roanoke took the 
somen's title by narrowly defeating W&L, 62-60. Washington and Lee compiled a record of 158-103-3 (.604) 
ind claimed six conference championships (golf, men's lacrosse, men's tennis, women's tennis, volleyball), 
nore than any other school in the ODAC. 

I Tom Jones to receive award from 

national athletic trainers accociation 

W&L head athletic trainer Tom Jones is slated to receive the Most Distinguised Athletic Trainer 
Ward from the National Athletic Trainers Association at its national convention in Kansas City this month. 

The award is presented to those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of athletic train- 
ng and nuturance of future leaders in the profession. 

Sporls 259 


Hanging the banners along liie Ctilonnade 
photo by Amy Frazier 

"I'm standing on the hill in my mountain 
of dreams telling myself it's not as hard as 
it seems." 

Led Zepplin 

Congratulations, Heather, on climbing 
that nfiountain; we are very proud of you. 
May you continue to enjoy success, good 
health, and happiness in the future. 
Thanks for the "special" memories. 


Mom, Dad, Christy, Mimmy, and Kiki 
^, (Pippytoo) 

(H, remember Mt. Timpanogas?) 

It was a princess who stood outside but slie was 
in a terrible state from the rain and the storm. The 
water streamed out of her hair and her clothes; it ran 
in at the top of her shoes and out at the heel, but she 
knew that she was a real princess. 

Hans Christian Andersen 

Congratulations Caroline, 
thank you for being yourself. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Crews, Zan, and Jordan 


Success is a journey not a destination. 

You continue to be successful 

Throughout your journey! 

We are proud of you!! 

Mother, Dad, Evan, Anne, Bryan, & Madalyn 

Congratulations, Trey 

And AU of the Phi Delta Theta Seniors! 

Mom, Dad, Patrick, and Chris 

Congratulations to Brooke 


and herfamikj at tJjefiateJ-ioiise. 

Were enjoijed these four shon ijears 
as much as you have. 

Hove ijoul 
Mom, Dad, Blair, Iimrid, Borne and -felix 

Senior Ad^ 26; 




Congratulations, Megan... 

You've made your parents 
and brother very proud! 

Best Wishes to the Pledge Class 

From Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lusardi 

Senior Ads 365 


lA/e wish you all the best in the 

future in all you do. 

Love, Ner and Uncle Jimnny 


Congratulations, Alyssa Christine Sellers! 

This is "where the sidewalk ends." 
but we're with you and proud of you. 
Love, Mom and Dad 



Mom and Dad 

Casey and Todd 

Maff your faith and strength of 
character guide you u^ith 
grace through the future. 

We to(/e you, Mary! 
Mow, bad, Kim and Stephen 



"Be what you are, and become what 
you are capable of becoming. " 

-Robert Louis Stevenson 

With Love, 

Mom, Dad and Gretchen 


we are so 

proud of 


Love, Mom, 

Dad and 


Senior Ad- 267 

To the giris at Cemetary Ridge, 

Ihanks for the 
Parents' Weekend Memories! 







Simms & Rascoe Rhea Judy & Don McGregor 
Susan & Stan Smith Maria & Don Stallard 
Debbie & Dave Stovali 

.and Beasley 

isi ii 


Friends from day one!! 
We're so proud of you! 

Your Moms 

Congratulations, Race. 
Go and take on the world. 

Love from Pooker 






Love, Mom, Dad and Marcte 

Senior Ads 2W 



You Came A 

Long Way 

AND We Are 

Proud of You 

J^^^^^^^^^^H Welcome 

^^P^H Asylum 



Awesome performance and now 
on to Medical School 

With Love and Pride 
Mom and Dad 

270 Senior Ads 









, \ .: 











For the man you have 


We couldn't be more 

proud of you and your 


on and off the field! 

Congratulations! ! 

Soccer Records Broken: 

All Time Career Points 
All Time Career Goals 
Most Team Wins in a Career 
Virginia All State 
First Team ODAC 
All South 


Deans List 
Honor Roll 
Student Athlete Award 

To our Artist; 

You've come 
a long way 



Grad School 


Love ya lots. 
Mom, Dad, 
Jenna £r 


We are proud of you 
Mom and i)ad 

VAminviuvtATiimsi "(jiixkrai/ 



We are proud of all that you 

have done and of the man that 

you have become. 

May all your dreams come true. 


We are proud of all your 

God bless you in all your 
future endeavors! 


Dad, Mom, Kevin, 

Grandpa and Grandma 

We love you very much. 
Mom & Kara 



your diligence and hard work 
have made us veiy proud! 

your Biggest -J^aus! 


^ad, Mom, Wayne and Cisa 

Senior Ads 273 






Way to go, Ryan! 
We're so proud of you! 



Mom and Travis 

1 f ^ove and Best 

Love and Best 
Wishes fop a 


Mom & Dad, 
Amy, Laura, 
Brian, (Wish 
and 8no^, 


Congratulations "The Gallows' Girls" 
Linda, Jenny, Amanda, Lindley, & Leah 

;"4 Senior AJ^ 

We are proud of you!! 
Love, Your Parents 


Suftcmyidh/ Virginia/ Carr 


We Love You! 

Mom, Daddy, Cleo, Nellie, Millie, Pretty Kitty, Cydney, Stanley, Miss Kitty, Shy Guy, 
Giulietta,& Michelangela 


We are all so happy for ijou 
and for all you]pe accoiuplished. 

jind do follow your rainbow... 

Moi}}. Dad. Greg and ^rian 

Congratulations Stephanie! 

Proud of all 
you've done, 


From '70 to '99 

a.ka. Rambo 

Good Luck and Congratulations 
upon your graduation at 


June 3, 1999 


Mom, Dad, Sarah, Mike, & Bailey 



You have crossed the finish Hne and 
We are very proud of you! 

We love you: 

Dad, Sarah, Laura, Binky, and Carohne 

Kace, Conqmtutations on a job 
vOett done. I am so proud of 
you and so pleased u/ith you. 
Alt my lo(/e, 


^'|l ' .^ipilii| 

* .v<»^,.v«*>. 

-vn ii i ii iiii i 

Do not miss the purpose of this Hfe, 
and do not wait 
for circumstances to mold your fate. 
In yourself lies destiny, know that you are 

Love gready Hold to universal good- 
may these be your aim. 
All joys are yours, so put forth your claim. 


Mom and Dad 

Jolin (J=Bo) Wall 

Senior Ads 277 





Congratulations Denis! 

We are so proud of all your ac- 
May success continue to follow 
you always. 

Mom, Dad, and Peggy 


Daniel Alden 

John, Ivy, Alana, James and 

John And Joan, Mario, Tony 

and Julie 

Are proud of you as always. 

Jus" fishin' 

Congratulations Matthew 

The future is yours. 

You deserve it! 

We all love ya and 

we are with you! 



Iret} Fra^ata 

and the 

Ctass of 1999 

On the 

250th Anniversary 

of Washington & Lee UniVersiti^ 

Powell, Fra0ala &" Associates, Inc. 

consulting planners 

Best Wishes 

Mr. ii Mrs. Augustine M. Fra^ata, Jr. 

Senior Ads 279 



280 Senior Ads 


From i/our Familif 

Senior Ads 2SI 


You've come a long way and 
we are very proud of you!! 


(and ^easley!) 

Congratulations to Judd and friends at Bunker Hill. 
Judd. we're so proud of you! 

Mom. Butch and f)ndrew 

2S2 Senior Ads 




Nothing is beyond your 



Mom, Dad, Melissa, Alec 

and Jill 





Congratulations Keril 

We are so very proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Katie, Aunt Toots and Gerri 


Loi^e from 

Bad, Mom and John 

Grandma and Grandpa 

Sing tfiat song, 
sweet Cedh! 

We love you, 
Mom and T)ad 

I -S4 Senior Ads 

(^ongmtulations and continued succtBS to 

Matthew Theodorakis and all the Beta Boys! 

All our best wishes for the future 

Micheal, Ronnie, Andrew and Thomas Theodorakis 



Congratulations on your 
graduation. We are proud 
of you and wisin you tine 
best. Love and mucin 
happiness in all your 


God bless you 

MOM and DAD 

Adolf, Karen, Sonja 

& Abuelita 

enior Ads 285 


The only way from here is up. 

Congratulations son, 

All our love. 
Mum, Dad and Chris 



Dear Drew, 

You are a wonderful, thoughtful, 
studious, and adventuresome son and 
brother. We ai'e proud of you and a job 
well done. May God continue to bless 
and guide you in your future. 

Love, Dad, Mother, Kathleen 
and Alexandra 

Congratulations Sean, 

North Pole 


Sigma Chi 

Love. Mom, Dad & Shelby 

S.-nior Ads :s7j 


Congratulations, Anne 

We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad and Jon 

Toiiit Gaines 




OF YOU!!! 


CoitgratulaUonSy Patrick 

" Wfjstudff taak If£ utmajst care and 

Nat am warb Bpakt Ije man tifm 
mas Ifw need; 

And tlfat mas said in fullest reverence 

And sifart and if nick and tall aflfiglf 
gaad sense. 

(Iflfauglfts afmaral virtue mas If is 

And glad Iff mauld Ife learn, and 
gladlff teacifr 

SJC Secty, EN Vice-CDR, IFC Rep 
BA in Politics &Classics 

For Turner: 

Happy are those 

Who dream dreams 

And are ready to 

Pay the price 

To make them 

Come true 

With love 

and Congratulations, 

Mom, Dad, John and Nana 


to our first female graduate 

Courtney Elizabeth Tyler 

Uncle Gwathmey (1964) 

Uncle Billy (1969) 

and your dad 

Terry (1972) 

Congratulations^ Amy! 

Fm so proud of you. 

Have fun in Atlanta. 

I love you. 


Senior Ads 21S'-' 

Way to go Greta! 

Were so proud of 


Mom (^Jiuben 
Grandma (§'John 



BEST Wishes, 





Cliff Woolley 

Washiiiaton and Lee 

l^ovc. Mom,, Dad, Katie and llol 

il-i'^ Scni.TAds 


These past four years have gone by so 
quickly! You hav/e made us very proud 
and happy. That beautiful smile of 
yours has brought us so much joy! 

Thanks for the memories!!!!!! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Senior Ads 241 





^uena suerte, mi hermana 

I miss you already. 

Con amor, 

in Senior Ads 

With pride {or ail i^ou'iJe 

With joy far a(t i^ou are, 
With hope for all you'tt 


And lo(/e...for atu/aifsf 
Mow, Dad & Dorothif Ann 

TOM #9, STEVE #29, JOHNNY #8, 
ZEB #20, STEVE #2 and MIKE #33 


Tom, Mary Lou St Dorothy Ann Super 

7/7 things essential, unity. In things non-essential, 
dimsity. In all things, charity, " 

Honorable l/l/illiam E. Brock III 

Fall Convocafion 
September 9, 1998 




250th Graduation Class 

Love, PAP, MOM and TIM 

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be. " 

William Shakespesare 

Senior Ads 2"^^ 

Congmtiilations, Jay, 
on your gi^aduation. 
you are a wondeijul 
son and your family 
lopesyou. Jivm 
Mom, ^ad, Teddie, 
^illy and Molly 

:9i Senior Ads 



Senior AJv 245 







lE-'^ , -^ 


-.?-«=■, ■•. 






"~n^.;- V^j^^v'Vr 




7 i 








Ub^r - 








1 m. jy^-" ♦ 

•-. -j 




•^^Z -t 







1^ '■'■■*:• 


s. ^ 

Thomas K. Angelillo 

Carl and Mieke Bouckaert 

Mr. and Mrs. William E Buckley 

Mr. and Mrs. Williard L. Dean 

William Downey 

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Eggers 

Louise Fragala 

Katharine T. Gray 

Gary and Ollabelle Hall 

George and Marilyn Hoke 

Elizabeth C. Hopkins 

Duane J. and Andrea Streck McCliggott 

Matthew! Mills 

Earl and Marette Myers 

Stanley Overstreet 

Jeflfrey and Rebecca Parsons 

Parents of Walter Plyler 

Wa}^e and Dana Reaud 

Mr. and Mrs. James K. Richards 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Riggs 

Alex and Harriet Speight 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Theodorakis 

James and Martha Waskovich 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Yevich 


John and Anne Allen 

W.S. and Joan Ansley 

Mr. and Mrs. Biyan Bddwin 

Mr. H. Walter Barre 

Mr and Mrs. ThomiLS G. Bhiir 

Myi'on iuid Julie Boncaroskv' 

Lester and Jean Borden 

Ms. Patricia G. Carey 

Shai'leen and Leonicio Ceccarelli 

James and Monica Cimina 

Mr and Mrs. William J. Conners 

John P. and Wendy R. Counts 

Robert R. Dyson 

G.F. Eiclileay 

Carlos and Rosemaiie Fernandez 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan H. Floumoy 

Mr and Mrs. Charles T. Franckle 

Mr and Mrs. WiUiam S. Gee 
Mr and Mrs. Richard H. Hagfors 

Guenter and Juanita Herd 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jarecki 

John and Judy Petrofsky 

Phil PleiLsants 

Jern' and Carolyn Powell 

Dr and Mrs. Oneal E Russell 

Mr and Mrs. M.L. Sandy Jr 

Mr and Mrs. John V. Schweppe, Jr 

Dr Bernard M. Swope 

Mr. Glenn 0. Thornhill, Jr 

Tern' and Amanda Tyler 

Tinkliam Veiile, III 

Gingie Watson 

Mr and Mrs. William R. Wilson, Jr 

Roger imd Linda Wrenn 

Mr Danny Yates 

John and Joan Kozora 

Kiitherine W. Lamb 

Dr and Mrs. Lloyd G. Langston 

Anita and Howard Lowden 

The Marcoux Family 
Mr and Mrs. John M. Nolan 

Mr H.M. Palm 

Steven and Ehzabeth Patterson 

Kenneth and Debra Slafka 

Richard aiid Joan Agnello 
Charles A. Atkinson, Jr. 
A.H. and Shai'on Avervl 

Ann M. Berry 

Heniy and Pegg\ Boening 

Robert and Katlileen Brookby 

Mr. and Mrs. Ricliard P. Bnineau 

John and Janet Bubb 

Veronica and Oregon Burghardt 

Dr. and Mrs. James Busch 

John and .-Vnn Chalk 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Chamberlain 

Oregon and Catherine Cislak 

Stephen and Peggy Courtney 

Ratik and Patt}' Cressatv' 

Mehssa S. Crosby 

Gregoria T. Curameng 

Robert and Kathleen Davis 

Ms. Manjo Doig 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Field 
Jack Ericksen and Pamela Greenwood 
Ms. Kathy Quina Foster 
F. Richard and Diane Enin 
Joseph and Laura Esposito 
Broox and Elizabeth Garrett 


Stephen and Minna Geisler 

Mr. Dai-yl W. Genvin 

Joseph and Lois Goddu 

Kenneth and Carol Gould 

Nancy and .\llen Grimes 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis T. Hall III 

Daniel and Elizabeth Hedges 

Wilhard R. Helander 

Dr. and Mrs. I.L. Hemmings, Jr. 

Thomius Henson 

,\lan and Pamela Herman 

GaiT and Teriy Hermiui 

Ehzabeth H. Hope 

James and .\nne Hon\itz 

Kiithnn and Thomius Kcrkering 

.Mrs. Diane M. Kimble 

Barbara Mueller ;md Etan Le\ine 

B.R. MacQueen. "0 

Bruce D. Mason 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. McKenzie 

fciren and John Mentz 

Creighton T. Miles 

Allen ;ind EU\ti Miller 

Theresa G. Miller 

Fnuik and Virginia Holmes Miraglia 

Jaiues ;md Ellen Myerberg 

Janet and Ron;ild .Noble 

Ursula and Wilham .\ouza 

Mr. ;md Mrs. W.B. Ogilve, Jr. 

J. Gan and Elizabeth Parker 

Sara Luin Posma 

Russell L. Rabb, Jr. 

Roddie and Judy Reed 

Merle luid Russell Richey 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Rippy 

Ellen Ruckert 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Sale 

Elizabeth G. Schramm 

Mr. ;md Mrs. John H. Sigler, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith 

Joseph and Suzanne Speicher 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Steams 

Jon and Joyce Swenson 

Jiunes and Barbara TuUis 

John Hardin Ward I\', '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Welch 

Dr. and Mi's. Robert A. WiUianis 

Christopher and Virginia Wilson 

Alexander and Elena Zdanov 

The 1999 qalp StafF 


Kathryn Giard 

Stephen Hopkins 

Business Managers 
Ted WeUs 
Christian Myers 

Campus Life 

Sallie Gray Strang, Section Editor 

Liz Borges 


Katherine Frizzell, Section Editor 


Kathryn Giard 

Amy Kane 

Stephen Hopkins 
Emily Schulz 

David Dainiani, Section Editor 


Stephen Hopkins 
Liz Borges 

Katherine Frizzell, Section Editor 

Kathryn Giai-d 

Special Thanks 

to Amy Frazier for taking senior pictures 

to The Trident and The Ring-Turn Phi for pictures 

to Aaron Haberman, Carl Trask and Max Burns for random tasks 

to Carol Calkins for all her help and advice 

;0-i Colophon 

> > i.ijl 


^ ^^\''^'-^'s'\n 


1 1 


, . , ,, ^ 


' 7 


1 / ' 

\ .